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n r-4 ! I ' Copyrighted. TEXflS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS INC. CHflRLES PETET, Editor-in-chief flRTHUR STEEL, flssociate Editor FRflNKIE WELBORN. Production Manager BURT DYKE, Business Manager flrt Work by BRUNO LORE Portraits Finished by CKRISTIHNSON-LEBERMflN Engravings by WflLLflCE ENGRflVING COMPflNY Printing by GULF PUBLISHING COMPflNY It is our fervent hope that between these covers lie words and pictures that are at least satisfactory at present and which will become more and more dear to you as years pass until one fine day in the future a mere glance at them will bring flooding from the backwash of a dormant memory the poig- nant essences of college life. - , ' . : 11 Administration Classes GRflDUflTES AND SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Feature Organizations STUDENT GOVERNMENT PUBLICATIONS FRATERNITIES SORORITIES CLUBS DORMITORIES Personalities Athletics FOOTBALL BASKETBALL BASEBALL TRACK TENNIS INTRAMURALS MEDICAL SCHOOL f -. t Y Texas Union f f c-c f A x V S X - f ' x ' V ,f GovGRnoR in. Lee Governor W. Lee O ' Daniel was elected for a second term as the highest officer of the State and as such has much influence on the policies of the University. Appropriations for the University are made by the legislature and are approved by the Governor. This year Governor O ' Daniel appointed two new regents. Orville Bullington replaced Dr. George Morgan, and Dan J. Harrison replaced Major J. R. Parten, chairman. Fred C. Branson was re-appointed, having been appointed earlier to fill the unexpired term of Dr. Edward Randall, former chairman. Page 10 vice-pResiDenT j. flLion BURDIRG J. ftlton Burdine, professor of government, became the first Vice-President of The Univer- sity of Texas in the history of the school in January through appointment of the Board of Regents. He has been a member of the teaching staff since 1926. For the main part Vice- President Burdine ' s duties are in connection with the internal administration and the fac- ulty. His work also concerns the formulation of budgetary procedures and policies that affect each department. Pag :: Top row: BLflCKERT, PflRTEN, BRflNSON, flYNESWORTH. Second row: STflRK, WflGGENER, FfllRCHILD, MORGflN, WEINERT. THG BOARD OF RGGGRTS The Regents of The University of Texas, who direct all matters con- cerning the University, have worked this year on a United States defense unit for the campus and a hospitalization project. Major J. R. Parten, chairman since 1939, retired ' in January and- was succeeded ' by Leslie Waggener. Governor W. Lee O ' Daniel appointed Orville Bullington of Wichita Falls and Dan J. Harrison of Houston to the Board to replace Dr. George Morgan of San flngelo and Major Parten, retired. Fred C. Branson was re-appointed. The Board which consists of nine members is now as folk?ws7 H. J. Lutcher Stark, H. H. Weinert, Dr. K. H. flynesworth, Mrs. I. D, Fair- child, Bullington, Harrison, Waggener, and Branson. HOMER P.flCE RfllMEY President of Th University of Texas MflJOR J. R. PflRTEN Page 12 A freshman boy and girl take the first step in regis- tration - - a visit to the Health Service for vacci- nation. Next a trip to the Regis- trar ' s Office to see if cred- its are in order this must be done before registra- tion day. The wise freshman Ed makes a visit to the Dean of Men ' s Office and gets acquainted with the deans. Page 14 Then comes the trip that all must take the one to the Auditor ' s Office to pay fees. The freshman boys must sign up for physical train- ing, so this first year man goes over to Gregory Gym. Both freshman Eds and Co-Eds, as well as other classmen, find much of their time is spent in the library. The co-eds take time out right after registration to pay a visit to the Dean of Women ' s Office. Freshman girls must also take physical training - and registration is held at the Women ' s Gym. Page 15 After registration a visit is paid to the Comptroller ' s Office to arrange for a room in Garrison Hall for a club meeting. CHARLES SPARENBERG Auditor C. D. SIMMONS Comptroller E. J. MATHEWS Registrar DOROTHY GEBAUER Dean of Women ARTHUR L. BRANDON Director of Public Relations ANNA JANZEN Director of University Commons V. I. MOORE Dean of Student Life ' Page 16 E. R. CORNWELL Bursar DR. JOE GILBERT Director o{ University Health Service CARL J. ECKHARDT Superintendent of Utilities T. H. SHELBY Dean of Extension Division A. C. WRIGHT Manager of Universi .y Press DONALD CONEY Librarian L. THEO BELLMONT Director of Physical Training for Men BERRY WHTTAKER Director of Men ' s Intramurals ANNA HISS Director of Physical Training for Women PTTO 1 " H. T. PARLIN DEflN OF THE COLLEGE OF flRTS flND SCIENCES Dr. Parlin gives his full time to the job of being the students ' friend. Always will his cherubic face and kindly advice be remembered by his thousands of students. He attends all the dances, entertains with never-to-be-forgot steak-frys, teaches a popular English Novel course. J. ANDERSON FITZGERALD DEflN OF THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS flDMlNISTRflTION Proponent of military preparedness and out- standing authority on insurance, Dean Fitz- gerald directs the destiny of the aspirants to the degree of B.B.fl. Main source of recreation is taking care of his beautiful home. B. F. PITTENGER DEflN OF THE SCHOOL OF EDUCflTION Teaches would-be teachers how. He is a mem- ber of Phi Delta Kappa and other honorary societies. Paints landscapes in his spare time and is good at it. Page 18 CHARLES T. McCORMICK DEflN OF THE SCHOOL OF LflW The new dean of law is not new to the Univer- sity, having received his B.A. here. He took his LL.B. at Harvard and returned to teach here from 1922 to 1926. Again he returned to the University in 1940 to take his present posi- tion. Likes picture shows. WILLIAM FRANCIS GIDLEY DEAN OF THE COLLEGE OF PHHRMflCY The outstanding pharmacy school of the South- west is directed by progressive Dean Gidley. Member of the American Chemical Association, American Pharmaceutical Association, and the Association of American Bacteriologists, the Dean gets away from his work by playing with optical instruments such as the Abbe Refrac- tometer. W. R. WOOLRICH DEflN OF THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Dean Woolrich has taken an active part in the nation ' s rush toward preparedness. His is the job of turning out men capable of planning and running our vital industries. He has a great interest in the Civil Aeronautics Author- ity and is an expert on air-conditioning. Page 19 E. WILLIAM DOTY DEflN OF THE COLLEGE OF FINE flRTS Genial Dean Doty enjoys the distinction of be- ing the youngest dean and of the youngest college. He teaches organ and a grand course in music appreciation. Would spend his free time fishing if he had any free time. Is shown inspecting the new Fine Arts Building-to-be. HENRY W. HARPER DEflN EMERITUS OF THE GRflDUflTE SCHOOL Professor of chemistry and beloved character of the campus, Dean Harper will always be remembered for his red tie and ever-present umbrella, fln avid movie fan, he is particularly fond of Greta Garbo. T. U. TAYLOR DEflN EMERITUS OF THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING The University ' s " Grand Old Man " came here 7hen the Forty Acres resembled a pasture and has watched and helped it grow for fifty years. The story of U. T. is the story of Dean Taylor. He loves good strong tea. Page 20 W. PAGE KEETON Professor of Low Added to his regular chores this year is the job of Assistant Dean of the School of Law. Foremost Texas graduate on the subject of Tort Law. Enjoys as recrea- g bridge with his attractive wife and read- ing to his children. R H. MONTGOMERY Professor of Economics Best known for his bushy hair and interesting course in corporate finance. Outside the schoolroom his inter- est is in his beautiful home and garden and his two bushy-haired dogs. SAMUEL E. GIDEON Professor of Architectural Design and His- tory " A man ' s home is his castle " is literally true here as the Gideon home is built in the style of a medieval castle. Interested in pho- tography and early Texas archi- tecture. Writes a regular column for an Austin paper under psuedo e S.E.G. W. E. METZENTHIN Professor of Germanic Languages Extremely interested in University Sports, he spends a majority of his spare time working with ath- letes. Is faculty sponsor of the Longhom Boxing Club. HOWARD CALKINS Assistant Professor of Government Plays at tennis, golf, and fishing when not teaching citizens of to- morrow how to run their govern- ment. Is shown mixing mortar for the retaining wall which he is building. G. W. STUMBERG Professor of Law Outstanding authority on Conflict of Laws and author of a book on that subject, he is better known for his teaching of the J.A. course of Criminal Law. Has been known to ask the one-word question, " why, " at least fifty times in one hour. WALTER T. ROLFE Professor of Architecture Genuinely interested in the affairs of his students. Has a pleasing way of making good advice easy to take. Relaxes by carving wood. CHARLES A. TIMM Professor of Government A rugged idealist. Teaches a course in International Politics and is against the present trend in Europe. Works extremely hard in his yard and enjoys it. SIGURD N. EKDAHL Instructor in Physical Training for Men. Lt. Col. Ekdahl was decorated by King George V during last war. Has numerous medals for shoot- ing and fencing. Hunts deer and has a cottage on Lake Inks where he fishes. A. E. COOPER Professor of Applied Mathematics and Astronomy Noted for his informal classroom manner and hard exams. He is a man of few words. Loves good horse flesh. ARTHUR DEEN Professor of Geology Perhaps the best dressed man on the campus and surely one of the most compelling lecturers. Used to shock freshmen with his enlightening course in Gen- eral Geology. Makes very good amateur movies. EDWARD CRANE Professor of Law Good-natured and understanding, professor Crane is director of the new Legal Aid Clinic and a member of the Board of Publications in addition to teaching his regular classes. Obtains great pleasure from his pre- view of the Ranger, of which he is one of the censors. CAPT. H. W. UNDERWOOD Pro- fessor, Naval Science and Tactics New to the campus, he is com- mandant of the new Naval R.O. T.C. unit. He is an expert archer. GRANVILLE PRICE Assistant Professor of Journalism Graduate of the University and erstwhile editor of The Daily Texan he is well-known for his scrapbook of newspaper blunders and interesting courses. Gets his exercise on the handball court and walking the floor with his young son. CLARENCE MORRIS Professor of Law Comparatively new to us, he is spending his second year here teaching lawyers how to think. His functional theory of the study of law and fascinating lecture procedure are outstanding char- acteristics. L. L. CLICK Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences This professor of English is known for his drollness and preciseness. Always glad to help the embroiled student get scholastic difficulties straightened out. Authority on Contemporary Literature. W. A. NIELANDER Associate Professor of Marketmc When not in the classroom or attending to professoric duties, he can most likely be found fiddling with on of his cameras. Especially interested in making movies A. W. WALKER Professor of Law Outstanding authority on Oil and Gas Law. Especially fond of fresh water fishing and hunting. A Texas graduate, he is a member of Chancellors, Friars, and a for- mer editor of the Texas Law Review. DEWITT C. REDDICK Associate Professor of Journalism Author of one of the most used high school journalism texts in the state and of the crack regard- ing " wide-open faces. " Makes the wheels go around in the Inter- scholastic Press competition. Gives all his free time gladly to his charming daughter. S. L. BROWN Professor of Physic; Inventor of the strangest machine of our age. His brain-child re sembles one of Rube Goldberg ' : nightmares but differs in that i is useful; it will solve equation; that are so difficult that it wouk take a man a lifetime to obtair the result CHARLES W. RAMSDELL Professor of American His ' His library of Texas history, numbering around two usand volumes, is one of the most complete private collections in the state. He is an expert on the history of the South. Enjoys golf and gardening. WALTER P. WEBB Professor of History Author of two historical novels " The Texas Rangers " and " Divided We Stand. " He has quite a collection of old guns and a good library. Swims and hikes for exercise. :: _: re - : .: ; STUART A. MacCORKLE Associ- ate Professor of Government. Ten- .ind golf are his recreation outlets. Specialty is municipal government and in addition to teaching is director of the Bureau of Municipal Research. R. A. LAW Professor of English Edited one of the Arden editions of Shakespeare, and wrote a book entitled " Written English. " Is a member of the American Institute of Genealogy and pursues gene- ology as a hobby. We see him here taking a work-out with ax and wood-pile. GEORGE E. HURT Director of University Bands At every all-University event you will find the Colonel. He gives untiringly of his energy to the development of the best band in the South. His work is play to him so for rest he works some more. Likes to compose and arrange pieces for his boys. Plays a good violin. J. FRANK DOBIE Professor of English Spinner of tall tales, he enjoys campfire feeds with close friends, Author of many best sellers, he is very interested in the Texas Folklore Society. Insists that a true Texian pronounces it Texian and he ought to know. WARD LOCKWARD Professor of Art Spends as much of his time as possible painting. Has had his work exhibited in many well-known galleries. Trout fishing is his first hobby with duck hunting a close second. Recently had one of his pictures printed in " Life. " FRED C. AYER Professor of Edu- cational Administration Co-author of a recent text-book on his specialty. Was a good ath- lete when in college and still plays exceptional golf. T. S. PAINTER Professor of Zoology Is constantly amazed at his gar- den. He looks to it for entertain- ment as well as exercise and spends most of his time with his flowers. Is nationally known in his field and holds many hon- oraries after his name. CHARLES W. HACKETT (right)- Professor of Latin-American His- tory His main interest is in his work and in improving the relations between the United States and the South American countries. At present he is on a special com- mission of the government trying to effectuate his aims. Deep sea fishing is his time-killer. ft LFD T- m 3t ! ,, Hoyy Memorial fludiiorium IF C-C A V A X, M GRADUflTCS f I r 1 ,f - . f BOGGS, PflUL EDWIN, Commerce Recounting, A O BAILEY, CHflRLIE NICHOLS, Clyde Public flccounting, K2, BFZ, BA flDKINS, GALE ROY, flustin Educational fldministration, AK, PIIZ, M.I.C.fl., flustin Club, Curtain Club, Radio Workshop, Wesley Foundation, Swing and Turn, Rod and Gun, Extra-Curricular Activities Club, flustin Camera Club BOWLING, BEULflH McKAUGHAN, Houston American History COLE, ALPHATIQUE, Jacksonville Education CORRIGAN, GLENN LEE, Angleton Petroleum Engineering, HE, fl.I.M.E., University Science Club GOTTEN, JAMES MADISON, Weatherford Marketing, KK , Manager Longhorn Band, Parker-Palo-Pinto Club, Austin Camera Club DEETER, BRUCE THORNTON, Fort Worth History and Economics, t AK, Southwestern Historical Society FELPS, MRS. SELETY CATHERINE, Johnson City English, AKf, Graduate English Club, Alliance Francaise, Christian Church, flustin League of Women Voters, Texas Linguistic Society FIELD, SAM HOUSTON, Mission Government, 2N, President; BK, IISA, H1, flssembly, Chairman Assembly Employment Survey, Research Assistant, Bureau Municipal Research; Student Assistant, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Rio Grande Valley Club, Goodfellows. Intramurals, Round-Up FRANCIS. WILLIAM ALVAH, JR., Kingsville Mathematics GARRETT, MARY JANE, Kerrville History, KA0 GROESBECK, JAMES DOUGLAS, Austin Economics, Tejas, IISA, HZ, Student Secretary Y.M.C.fl. HARP, WILLIAM LEE, Brownwood Education HARTRICK, WADE JAMES, Austin Marketing and Statistics HEDRICK, L. W., JR., Dallas Finance and Statistics, BFS, Dallas Club, Cyclops, M.I.C.fl. JAMISON, ALONZO WESLEY, JR., Denton Government, IISA, 2AX, The Daily Texan, Press Club JONES, JAMES HOMER, Forney Chemistry, AT, IS Page 28 GRflDUflTGS LEWIS, DflVID EDMOND. Austin Public Accounting, AII, BA+, BP1, 4 HE, Business Administration Council, Vice-President Junior Class, Student flssistant. Tutor LIGHTFOOT. REUBEN PATTON, Fort Worth Chemical Engineering, American Chemical Society, A.I.M.E. MARTIN, HOWARD N., Livingston Educational Administration. A+Q, AZII, AK, Rusk. B.S.U. Council MITCHELL, LOYflL CLYDE, Beaumont Public Accounting and Statistics MIER, CARLOS flLBERTO, El Paso Zoology, Latin-American Club, Newman Club, M.I.C.A. PflTTERSON, A. BflLFOUR, Dallas Geology, ATO, IFE, Triarthrus PERRY, EDNfl BELLE, Robstown JournaUsm, XQ, President. 81+ , N.U.T.T.. Co-ed Assembly, Assembly PRUITT. BESS CHflRLESTON, Breckenridge Administrative Education RflSOR, MRS. LEOMA H., Beaumont Education and English, AKP, A A.U.W., Chairman Southeast Texas English Teachers Association RICHARDSON. RUPERT, JR., Abilene English and History. K. West Texas Club, Graduate English Club SCHOW, JOHN BUTLER, Austin Business Administration and Law, Hogg. Scandinavian Society, Austin Club. Wesley Foundation SIMMONS, BILLIE, Mexia English, AAA, +BK, IU0. ZAII, AAA. Orange Jackets. President; Pzatlx. Secretary Students ' Association. Mortar Board, Y.M.-Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Ashbel. Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, " Texas Union Board, Dance Committee, Social Calendar Committee, Co-Ed Assembly. Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisors. Committee on Student Life SKRIVANEK. JESSE E., Ennis Government, M.I.C.A., University Czech Club, Tutor STOVER, EDWARD BANKS, JR., Orange Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E. VEAZEY. HAROLD WOODROW, Van Alstyne History VELASCO, RAOUL TERRES, Mexico City, Mex. Economics, Banking, Rusk VOGEL. HANS WILHELM, Mexico City, Mex. Civil Engineering, XE, A.S.C.E., Roberts Hall Association. Club de Mexico. Latin-American Club. Newman Club WADDELL, RICHARD KENT, Austin Geology, SFE WELLBORNE, KYLE ROQUE; San Angela Spanish, +BK, IAII, El Club tsterario Mexicano, Latin-American Club, Inter-American Association, International Relations Club, Romance Languages Club WHITESIDES, WASHINGTON M., Troup Economics, Lon Morris Club, Wesley Players WILLIAMS, DELBERT DWAIN, Wolfe City Banking and Finance, BIT. Research Assistant Page 29 seniORS flCOSTA, GONZfiLO, Bogota, Columbia, S. A. Petroleum Engineering, HE, Mexican Literary Club, President ADAIR, KELLY B., JR., Handley Public flccounting, M. I. C. fl., Cyclops flDAMO, DOMINICK C., Houston Zoology flDflMS, BONNIE GRACE, Wheeler Home Economics, Home Economics Club ADflMS, ELZAH FRANK, Georgetown Electrical Engineering, fl.I.E.E., Sons of fllec, Southwestern Club ADERMAN, BILLIE, Houston English, ZTA, Reagan Literary Society ADKINS, CHARLES FRANKLIN, Austin Zoology, Longhorn Band, H1 AGNEW, VIVIAN, San Marcos Speech, Cap and Gown, Forensica ALBERT, DOROTHY GEORGIA, Austin Bacteriology and Chemistry, TAA, IZII, Freshman Fellowship, Lutheran Student flssociation, Co-Ed flssembly Cap and Gown, Der Die Das Deutscher Verein ALDRIDGE, JULIA ELLIOTT, Brownsville Physics, AAP, Cap and Gown, Upperclass fldvisor. Valley Club, Daughters of the King ALLARDYCE, ROBERT E. LEE, Texarkana Geology, Southwestern Geological Society ALLISON, DANIEL JOSEPH, Dallas Civil Engineering, fl.S.C.E., Newman Club, Sons of fllec AMMONS, REGINALD, Austin Public flccounting, -J H2, BA , ASH AMSTEAD, BILLY HOWARD, Austin Mechanical Engineering IITZ, fl.S M.E. ANDERSON, DOROTHY LILLIAN, San Antonio History, PA, Cap and Gown, Co-Op Council Representative ANDERSON, LYNN FOSTER, Brady Government, KK , H1A, Longhorn Band, Scandinavian Society, Freshman Orientation ARLEDGE, WILLIAM F., JR., Dallas Mechanical Engineering, fl.S. M.E. ARLITT, JACK WALTER, Austin Mechanical Engineering, fl.S.M.E., Monitor Club, Intramurals ARMINTOR, ALINE ADELLE, Port Arthur English, Cap and Gown, Dormitory Council, Light Opera, Student Employment Survey ARMSTRONG, CURTIS MOODY, San Antonio Pharmacy, University of Texas Pharmaceutical flssociation, M.I.C.fl. ASHCROFT, LAWSON A., Weatherford Government and Economics ASKEW, RUAL, JR., San Antonio English X4 , Silver Spur AYER, JACK KEATING, Austin Law, S E, Track, Intramurals, University of Texas Badminton Club, President, flustin Club BAETHE, RONALD J., Houston Banking and Finance, AXII BAIN, FRANK L., Stockdale Banking and Finance, IN, ASII, Silver Spur, Intramurals BAKER, MARVIN S., Chase, Kans. Marketing BALFANZ, EDWIN CHESTER, Abilene flrchitectural Engineering, fl S.C.E., Newman Club, Sons of fllec Page 30 senioRS BALL, DOROTHY ELIZABETH, Houston " Textiles and Design, IIB , Orange Jackets, FOO, Racket Club Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown Council, Bluebonnet Belle, Freshman Fellowship, Houston Club BflRBEE. LLOYD HENRY, San flntonio Law, JIKA A . Chancellors, Texas Law Review, Quizmaster BARGE. MARY GENEVIEVE, Austin Commercial Teaching, BBA, Glee Club, Y.W.C.fl., Queen of Finance Nominee, Cap and Gown BARKER. RUTH ELLEN, Henrietta Chemistry +BK, I2H, AAA, Wesley Foundation Cabinet, Student Assistant, Cap and Gown BARNES, MARGARET ELLEN, Austin Home Economics, Home Economics Club, Cap and Grown BARNES, MAUREEN, Jacksonville Journalism, Press Club, Wesley Foundation, Texas Ranger, Reporter for Grace Hall BARNEY. ROBERT OWEN, Ennis Journalism, Press Club, The Daily Texan, Young Democrats, M.I.C.A., Southwestern Club BARNSTON, JACK, Houston Business Administration BARTHOLOW. TED O., Dallas Civil Engineering, FA, TBH, XE president, +HI, Students Assembly, Engineering Student Council BARTLETT, JAMES F., Clarendon Accounting, BA+ BAYER, ALMA EMILIE, Paige German BEDFORD. JOHN PERSHING. Port Arthur International Trade, Light Opera, Inter-American Association, M.I.C.A.. Intramurals BEELER, AMOS E., Houston Public Accounting BELL. DOROTHY MARY. Tyler English. KKT, Tyler Club, Stephens Club. Cap and Gown BELL. EDITH ARUNDEL, Dallas Advertising, BBA. AAA, Dallas Club, Sidney Lanier. Upper- clan Advisor, Cap and Gown. Student Assistant BENNETT, INA MAE, Lamesa Bacteriology, Cap and Gown BENNETT. MARY LEE, Goose Creek History, Tri-City Club BENTON. BARBARA RUTH, San Antonio Nutrition, KA8, Y.W.C.A., President, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets. University Co-Op Board, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Cactus Staff, Ashbel, Freshman Fellowship, Co-Ed Assembly. Freshman Orientation Council, Round-Up, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Home EC Club, Uni- versity Safety Council, University Religious Council BERDICHEVSKY, HOPE, Mexico City. Mex. English, Daily Texan, French Club, Hillel Senior Council, Hillel Scribe, Editor; Pan American Club, Cap and Gown, Press Club, Mexico Club. Union Music Committee, Student Religious Council, Inter-American - : ; : : - : -. BERNAT. JULIAN FRANK. Austin Law. Texas Law Review, Legal Aid Bureau BEVILL, EDITH MARIE, Taylor Education, Cap and Gown. Williamson-Bell County Club BIALKOWSKI. ALBERT WILLIAM. Wichita Falls Geology, SFE, Triarthrus Club, Newman Club. Wichita Falls Club BIALKOWSKI, MARY MARGARET. Houston Dress Design, Home Economics Club, Newman Club. Upperclass Advisor. Newman Hall House Council, Wichita Falls Club BIESELE. GRACE ANNETTE, Austin Bacteriology, +BK, IIH, AAA, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet. Glee Club, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board, Co-Ed Assembly, President, Cap and Gown, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities BILLINGS, RICHARD LLOYD. Dallas Zoology BIRD, BETTY ANN. San Antonio Psychology, KKT, Intramurals, Canter Club, Poona Club, Co-Ed Assembly, San Antonio Club, Senior Class Reporter. Cap and Gown Council. U.T.S.A. Council. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee BIVINS, JAMES MAURICE, Longview Banking and Finance, Kl, BI " 1, Cowboys Page 31 semoRS BLANCHETTE, VERNON GENE, Beaumont Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E., Young Democrats, East Texas Club, Longhorn Band BLOCK, LEONE CECILIfl, Dallas Business Administration, AE I , BBA, AAA, Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown BLUMBERG, JANE, Seguin Public Speaking and Drama, ZTA, FOO Club, Pieran, Curtain Club BOGflRTE, ROBERT HENRY, JR., Dallas Real Estate and Insurance, ATfi, Freshman and Sophomore Clubs, Dallas Club BOND, FRflNCES CORINNE, flustin American History BONNER, DAVID, San Antonio Chemical Engineering, TBIT, Chemical Engineering Society, San Antonio Club, YM.C.A. BOUCHARD, MARIE LOUISE, Dallas Sociology, Cap and Gown BOWLES, MADALENE ELDRIDGE, Austin English, Cap and Gown, Association for Childhood Education, Freshman Fellowship BOWMAN, JOYCE FLORENCE, Houston Geology, AT, Houston Club, Freshman Fellowship, Present Day Club, Cap and Gown BOWNDS, BETTY SUE, Utopia Home Economics, Freshman Fellowship, Home Economics Club, Upperclass Advisor, Chairman Littlefield Dormitory, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly BOYD, BETTY, Terrell Chemistry, AF, Iin, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor, Y.W.C.A. BOYD, TRENTON DEAN, Kilgore Banking and Finance, AQ, B. B. A. Council, Treasurer Junior Class BRALY, RUBY NELLE, McCamey Government, Curtain Club, Cap and Gown, Present Day Club, Inter- American Association BRANCH, WILLIAM MILTON, El Paso Zoology and Chemistry BRANDS, BERNARD C., Amarillo Pharmacy, University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Newman Club, Panhandle Club, Orientation Committee BRANSFORD, SARA SCOTT, Fort Worth English, AAIT, Co-Ed Assembly, Reagan, President, Cap and Gcwn Council, Cactus Staff, Present Day Club, Round-Up BREAUX, FRED RANDOLPH, JR., Houston Banking and Finance, AZIT, Freshman Fellowship, Sophomore Club, Newman Club, Upperclassman Club, Houston Club, Prather Hall Association, M.I.C.A. BREWSTER, JOAN, Temple Business Administration Secretarial, Glee Club, Cap and Gown BRIN, ROYAL H., JR., Dallas Law and Government, EA, BK, IIZA, HE, Texas Law Review, Editor- in-Chief, Chancellors, Grand Chancellor BROOKS, JOHNNIE MAE, Bertram History, AKA, Freshman Fellowship Club, Cap and Gown BROOKS, JUNE, Shafter Zoology BROULLIRE, JOHN MERLIN, Iron Mountain, Mich. Public Accounting, AIR, BA BROUSSARD, VERTA IDELLA, Goose Creek Home Economics, Home Economics Club BROWN, DELBERT, JR., Crockett Zoology, Southwestern Club Page 32 senioRS IRVING LYNN bring Civil Engineering. A.SCE. , Intromurals, Sons of Alec, President, Athletic Council. Inter-City Club BROWN, SIDNEY JflCKSON, Rosenberg Low BULLS. JflMES WOODROW, Clarendon Chemical Engineering, M.l.C.fl-. ftmerican Chemical Society, Panhandle Club BURKE, GEORGE ROSWELL, JR., Bay City Zoology and Chemistry. Pre-Med, University fl Cappella Choir. Swing Chorus. Glee Club . BURLESON, LOWREY WflLDENE, Gatesville Journalism, 81+, 30 Club, Southwestern Club, Cap and Gown. Press Club, Daily Texan Staff. Cactus Staff, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee BUTLER, ALflN WILSON, JR.. McAllen Pre-Med and Zoology, Rio Grande Valley Club BUZflN. MIKE, JR.. Taylor Geology, Southwestern Geological Society, Newman Club, Williamson-Bell County Club BYflRS, ELDON CARTER. San flngelo Pharmacy, PX. University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association BYBEE, BOB BILL, flustin gy IX, SP Texas Club Geology IX, SPE, APQ, Southwestern Geological Society. West Tex BYBEE, HflLBERT H., flustin Geology. IX. Southwestern Geological Society, American Association of Petroleum Geologists CflGE, FRflNK, flustin Electrical Engineering. HKA TBII. HKX. +HI, Glee Club, A.I.E.E. CflLHOUN. EVELYN, fldrian English, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Panhandle Club CflMERON. CflTHERINE WILSON, Son ftntonio Spanish. Cap and Gown. San Antonio Club. Y.W.C.A.. Upperclass Club, Presbyterian Student League, Big Brother-Big Sister Club, Inter-City Council CflMERON, ROBERT PRUITT, JR., fltlanta Law CflMIflDE, IDfl LUCILLE, Seguin Spanish, ZAII, Chairman Newman Hall Upperclass Advisors, Co-Ed Assembly, Orientation Committee, Newman Club CflMPBELL. GERflLDINE MflRIE. Houston Chemical Engineering AOn, President, Chemical Engineering Society, American Chemical Society, Co-Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown CflMPBELL, HELEN ELIZflBETH. Houston Commercial Teaching, BBA, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee CflMPBELL, JOHN PEflRCE, Dubuque. Iowa Advertising. RKA A+Q CflNflDY. LILLIE MflRIE. Liberty Hill Nutrition AAX OX, Chemistry Club, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club. Scholarship Loan, Association of Cooperative Houses for Women. Williamson-Bell County Club CflNDELfl, flLVTN fl., Galvesion Geology, Galveston Club. Southwestern Geological Society, sSSE. M.I.C.A. CflNNflN, MRS. MILDRED FISHER. Pasadena English. Southwestern Club. Wesley Foundation, Cap and Gown CflPP. DEflN J.. New Braunfels Law. +E, Longhorn Band CflRD. flNNON M., Lufkin Business Administration CflRLSEN, FLORfl MflE. El Paso Sociology. AXQ, El Paso Club. Glee Club. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee Page 33 scmoRS CflRPENTER, HELEN JEflNNE, Fort Worth Sociology, AOII AKA, Cap and Gown, Present Day Club, Inter " - . American Association CARR, JUNE, Dallas Psychology, N.U.T.T., High Worthy; Dallas Club, Cap and Gown, " Pierian CARROLL, JflCK R., Midland Public Accounting, A2IT, Midland-Odessa Club, Prather Hall Association, Tri-Dorm Association CflRTER, ANNA LOIS, Luling History, AAIT, Cap and Gown, Present Day Club, S.R.D. House Council, Upperclass Advisor, International Relations Club, Daughters of King CASTLEBERRY, BOBO, Wellington Zoology, Panhandle Club CAVEN, WALTER THOMAS, Marshall Plan II, ATQ Prather Hall Association, Tri-Dorm Council, Round-Up, Cowboys, Assemblyman CHAPPELL, GLYNN RILEY, Jacksonville Zoology, Oak Grove Dorm, Longhorn Band, Lon Morris Club, Wesley Foundation, Der Die Das Klub CHEESEMAN, ESTEL LEE, El Paso Electrical Engineering, HKN, A.I.E.E., University Presbyterian Century Class CHEW, JACK FUN, El Paso Chemical Engineering, M.I.C.fl., American Chemical Society CHIODO, CHESTER HAROLD, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, Rubicon Club, A.S.M.E., M.I.C.A., Campus Guild, Intramurals CHOATE, DONALD LINTON, Fort Worth Geology 62, Fort Worth Club CHRISTENSON, JOHN PERSHING, Clifton Journalism, Press Club, Public Relations Reporter CLARK, I. E., Schulenburg English, ATA, SAX, President; BK, HL, Round-Up, The Daily Texan Staff, The Summer Texan, Y.M.C.A. Council, Freshman Fellowship, Upper- class Advisor, Orientation Council, Associate Editor, Freshman Handbook; Alcaldes COLE, JAMES W., JR., Kilgore Chemical Engineering COLE, MARTHA SUE, Sherman Pure Mathematics, AAIT, Inter-American Association COLEMAN, PAT, Miles English, Upperclass Advisor COLLINS, CLARA PATRICIA, Corpus Christi Spanish AAH, 2AII, Turtle Club, Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown, Round-Up CONWAY, MARGARET MARIE, Waco Spanish, AAA, AAA, Cap and Gown, Ashbel, Waco Club, Wesley Foundation, S.R.D. House Council COOLEY, DENTON ARTHUR, Houston Zoology, K, BK, AEA, J H2, T Association, Varsity Basketball, Assembly COONER, VERNA LARUE, Dallas lournalism, 6 I , Press Club COONEY, JACK B., Roswell, N. Mex. Geology COOPER, BETH, Fort Worth English, AAIT, Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown, Fort Worth Club COPE, FRANCES ORDETTE, Burkburnett History CORBIN, JOSEPH HAYMOND, Wichita Falls History, ATA, Curtain Club, Wichita Falls Club, Glee Club, Stage Manager and Librarian, Intramurals Page 34 scniORS COUCH, SARAH JANE. Italy Home Economics, Horns Economics Club, Cap and Gown COULSON, EDWARD DONALD. Houston Law, +A9. +A+, Texas Law Review COX, EILEEN. San Angela Pure Mathematics, Progressive Czech Club, Christian Endeavor Society, Intramurals COY, PAUL HENRY. Amarillo Architectural Engineering, TIA, H, fl.S.fl., M.I.C.A. CRAIG, BILLY, Miami Marketing, Retailing, A1H, Panhandle Club CREWS, HELEN LOUISE, Tivoli Pbannacy. ATA. Freshman Fellowship, University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Cap and Gown CROCKETT. SARA MARGRET. San Antonio Plan II, TAA, ISM, AAA, Sidney Lanier, Wesley Foundation, Cap and Gown CRONQUIST. EDNA VIVIAN, Genoa, Neb. Botany and Bacteriology, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly, Scandinavian Club, Wesley Foundation. The Association of Co- operative Houses 3OM SO ?. -r , . for Women. President- D.A.R. Scholarship. CROUCH. DOROTHY ELIZABETH, Austin Home Economics, AOIT. Cap and Gown, Freshman Fellow- ship, Austin Club. Home Economics Club, The Cactus. Panhellenic Scholarship CROWELL, CHARLES MBCE. Raymondville Economics, Lon Morris Club, Rio Grande Valley Club. Wesley Foundation CROWELL, WILL DAVIS. Dallas Law and Accounting, Dallas Club CULLINGS, RUBY MAE. Memphis. Tenn. English, Curtain Club, Varsity Shows CULPEPPER. VIRGINIA RUTH, Temple Education and Speech, 10. Reagan Literary, Glee Club, Cap and Gown. Swing Chorus. Interfratemity Sing Song CULWELL, JERRY HYDE, Abilene Biology, Abilene Club CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM B., JR.. San Antonio Journalism. y T . Longhom Boxing Club, The Daily Texan DAHL. PENUEL JOSEPH. Clifton B0OG " " " - - ; r " . r. . 7. . , r. . 7 ' DANIEL, ROSEMARY, Dcdlas Home Economics, AOH Home Economics Club. Dallas Club, Cap and Gown. Presbyterian Student League, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee DANIEL, THOMAS ALLEN, Port Necfaes Mechanical Engineering, A S.M.E. DARTER, BILLY MILDRED. La Grange Sociology, Orchesis. Student Religious Council, Swing and Turn. Y.W.C.A. DAVID, JEANETTE. Dallas English. . Dallas Club, Cap and Gown DAVID. LEO M.. Houston Business administration. IAM DAVIS. EDWIN IRVIN. Hillsboro Accounting DAVIS. HILTON KUNZE. Dallas Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E., Sergeant-at-Arms DAVIS. OLIVER BUSBY, JR., Palestine Business Administration. Palestine Club. M.I.C.A.. South- western Club, Upperdassmen Club 35 senioRS DflWSON, LOYCE IVY, Roscoe flrt, APA, House President; Wesley Foundation Council, louche, A.C.E V Swing and Turn, Orientation Committee DEBORD, STEVE, JR., Schulenburg mm Engineering, HE, Freshman Fell A., fl I.M.E., President DE LEON, flLFREDO, El Paso Petroleum Engineering, HE, Freshman Fellowship, Sophomore Club, M.I. C. ft., fl I.M.E., President Chemical Engineering DENNIS, EARL, Port Arthur Recounting, AEII, 2IE, Southeast Texas Club, Tri-Dorm association DESHOTELS, DOROTHY LOIS, Newgulf Business Administration, BBA, Cap and Gown DEUTSCH, MELVIN ELLIOTT, Caldwell Physical Education, P.E.M. Club, T association DIEBEL, RAY CLARK, Berclair Public Accounting, Intramurals DIGGLE, SUSAN JEANNE, Dallas English, IIB t , Dallas Club, Cap and Gown DINWIDDIE, WILLIAM COURTENAY, New Orleans, La., Greek DIXON, J. G., JR., Wichita Falls Architecture, Sphinx, A.S.A. DOflK, MARGARET LOUISE, Claude Home Economics, Home Economics Club DOBY, ROBERT M., Longview Accounting DODSON, PATTIE MAY, Woodsboro Zoology, 4 M, Present Day Club, President; Judiciary Council, Orange Jackets, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly, Y.W.C.A , Junior Class President, Bit and Spur, Wesley Foundation DOLPH, JACK C., Dallas Journalism, ZAX, Press Club, M.I.C.A. DOMASCHK, WILFERD W., Port Arthur Banking and Finance, University Aeronautical Society, Southeast Texas Club, Roberts Hall Association DONAHO, KATHERINE ELISABETH, Refugio Elementary Education, A.C.E., Swing and Turn, Cap and Gown DOUGLAS, LEON B., Chillicothe Law, IIZA, fltheaneaum DOUGLAS, ROBERT, JR., Spearman Chemical Engineering, M.I.C.A , President; Independent Students Association, National Chairman, National Executive Board; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities DOWNIE, EDWARD R, Sanderson Banking and Finance, 2N DUCKWORTH, FRANCES LEE, Post Home Economics, AAII, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, Glee Club, Reagan DUKE, WILLARD, Belton Geology, Southwestern Geological Society, Bell County Club, M.I.C.fl., Pre-Med Club, Der Die Das Klub DULANEY, DON L, Austin Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Society DURHAM, HUBERT S. BUCK, JR., Morse Biology, A t , President; B.S.U. Council, Amiga, President; J.O.Y., President; University Baptist Church Choir, Lattimore Memorial Class, Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 20; Little Buddies Teacher, M l.C. A., Big Brother-Big Sister Club, West Texas Club, Amarillo Club, Orientation Committee, Freshman Fellowship, Y.M.C.A., Round-Up, Rustlers, Shangri-La, M Manor, Intramurals, Cultural Entertainment Committee, Chairman ECHLIN, ROBERT F., El Paso Insurance Page 36 s e n i o R s EHLERS, JflNE MflRIE. Yorktown Elementary Education, Glee Club, Cap and Gown, Present Day Club, DeWitt-Lavaca Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee Association for Childhood Education EOT, EILEEN ELIZABETH, San Antonio Physical Education San flntonio Club, Upperclass fldvisors, Orchesis, P.E.M. Club ELLISON. WILSON M., JR.. Harlingen Business Administration Rio Grande Valley Club, Austin Club ELY, JEAN ALLENE, Amarillo Spanish, F+B, Glee Club, West Texas Club ENGELKE, LOUIS BENNO. Galveston Journalism . IAX. Press Club, Galveston Club, The Daily Texan, Longhom Boxing Club, Newman Club, Freshman Football and Basketball ESPINOSA, ALFREDO J., Brownsville Chemical Engineering, American Chemical Society EVERETT, FRED EUGENE, Austin Insurance and Real Estate, T Association, Baseball FAGAN, NOAL E.. Norton Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Assembly FIELD. BERTHA LENORA. Van Horn Dress Design and Textiles, AAFl. Bluebonnet Belle, Upper- class Advisor, Home Economics Club, Panhellenic FIELDS, CHARLES B.. El Paso Law FILES. JOHN THOMAS, Itasca Chemical Engineering. TBI1. +AT. +HI, American Chemical Society. Chemical Engineering Society, Longhom Band. M.I C A. , District President. Y.M C.A , Texas Union Orientation Committee. Ramshorn FILES. SARA, Itasca Home Economics, OX, HAS. Home Economics Club, Y.W.C.A., Texas Union Orientation Committee FINCHER, MAURICE ROBERT, Austin Business Administration and Psychology, +BK. BA+, I AH, +HZ, Captain of Tennis Team. T Association FINNEGAN. MARY MARGARET. Houston English. KA0. Foo. President, Houston Club, Freshman Fellowship. Cap and Gown FISHER, MARGO. Harlingen Physical Education. Glee Club. P E.M- Club. Student Religious Council. Y.W.C.A , Curtain Club FOOTE, HELEN MARGUERITE, San Antonio Commercial Teaching, BBA FORD, JOHN CALVIN. Fort Worth Law and Business Administration. N.T.A.C. Club, Fort Worth Club. PHA. Board of Directors Texas Union; M.I.C.A.. Prather Hall Association. VIVA FORT. HOMER T.. Hot Springs, Ark. IAX A Cappella Choir, Glee Club, The Daily Texan. Wesley Foundation FOWLER. LESLIE EARNEST. Austin Geology, Southwestern Geological Society FRANCIS. WILLIAM B.. Spur Cotton Marketing. Rusk FRANK. EDWIN HENRY, Galveston Public Accounting. BA+, Galveston Club, Inter-City Council, Shorthorn Tennis FRIEDLANDER, ADELE LILLIAN, Dallas Advertising, AE+, Present Day Club, Intramurals, Mortar Board FRULAND, WALTER S , JR., Chicago, 01. Management, SIE Student Assistant. Glee Club, Intramurals, Round-Up Committee FUGITT, JOE MANEBELL. Greenville Banking and Finance, KK+, Longhom Band, Paris Club Page 37 scniORS e GALLAGHER, RIflL FREDERICK, El Paso Zoology, Longhorn Band FUQUflY, CLflUDE RflYMOND, San flntonio Business administration, Rod and Gun Club GflRNER, CUSTIS ROBERT, JR., Amarillo Business Pdministration, AE GARRETT, flDDIE flVERY, Angleton Business fldministration, Swing and Turn Club GflRRETT, JOE S., Raymondville Economics and Business fldministration, T Association, M.I.C.fl., Track, Cross Country GflRRETT, W. ].. Jayton Zoology, flbilene Club GARTMflN, NIHLA LOUISE, Goldthwaite Journalism, T t B, OS Press Club, Forensica, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed flssembly GflSTON, MARY HANNAH, Baytown English, Inter-flmerican flssociation, Sunday Club, Glee Club Tee Club GAY, NAN LEE, Coleman English, AAA, BK, JIA6, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Cap ana Gown, Co-Ed flssembly, Glee Club, Light Opera, Big Brother-Big Sister Club, Mortar Board Scholarship Cup, Upperclass fldvisor GILLILAND, PHINEAS EARL, Austin Sociology GILLILAND, ROBERT M., Austin Zoology, AEA HS GIRDLEY, B. C., JR., Midland Spanish, Midland-Odessa Club, Prather Hall flssociation, Tri-Dorm flssociation GOEHRING, LLOYD A., El Campo architecture, TZA, Sphinx Club, fl.S.fl. GONZALEZ, RAUL GARZA, Mission Zoology and Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical flssociation, Latin-flmerican Club, Newman Club GOODMAN, HARRY, Lampasas flccounting and Finance, TA , Intramurals, T flssociation, West Texas Club, Hill Country Club GRflCE, DORIS, Pharr English GRAF, MARIOLIVIE ELIZABETH, San Antonio Chemistry, Newman Club, Carothers Dorm, President GRAHAM, MRS. LUCILE, Corpus Christi English, Cap and Gown GRAHAM, RALPH JAMES, Corpus Christi Law GRAHAM, ROBERT CLIFFORD, Corpus Christi Business fldministration, X , ASH GRANT, DURWARD, Corpus Christi Pharmacy, Tejas, University of Texas Pharmaceutical flssociation GRATZEL, ALVIN HAROLD, Dallas International Trade and Relations, AZII, 2AII, f H2, Longhorn Quartette GRAVES, JOHN STUDER, Uvalde architecture, fl.S.fl., President; TA, Sphinx, Staff of Journal o| flrchitecture and Industry GRAY, HAZEL, Wharton flnthropology, Cap and Gown, University of Texas Anthropological Society Paae 38 seniORS 3REGG, MflRY BROOKS. El Paso English, KKT, Reagan, Y.W.C.A. GRIFFIN, NANCY KflTHERINE, Italy Speech and Drama, Curtain Club, Cap and Gown GRIGGS, CHARLES RANDALL, Sweetwater Law, AZP, Tarleton Club, Debate, Athenaeum GRIGGS, MARY VIRGINIA, Houston Zoology, AAA, Curtain Club, Sidney Lanier. Orange Jackets Upperclass Advisors, President; Co-Ed Assembly. Orientation Committee, Cap and Gown, Mortar Board, Grace Hall, President: Bluebonnet Belle Nominee GROVE, DONALD WAYNE, Birch Tree, Mo. Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Senior Class, President ' GRUBER. NATHAN. Dallas Marketing GUELDER. JACK RUSSELL, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M E. GUNN, KATHRYN, Houston Sociology GUNNARSON. MARY JEAN, Eagle Pass English, IIA6. Sidney Lanier, Winter Garden Club Classical HACKNEY, LEO, Greenville International Trade of Latin America, Curtain Club HAGER, ROSE FERGUSON. Mercedes Civil Engineering. IE. A.S.C.E.. Sons of Alec. Engineers Association HAHN, PETER HENRY. Columbus Business Administration HAILEY, SAM KING. Conroe Pharmacy. The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association HALE. L. MADELLE, Fort Worth English HALL, ROBERT LEE, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, ITTZ, A.S.M.E. HALLMAN, CLARICE. Sapalo. Brazil Spanish AAA IAII, Intro-American Association, Turtle Club HAMPTON. CECILE, Clyde Home Economics Nutrition. T+B. Home Economics Club Cap and Gown, West Texas Club HANBY, HELEN LOUISE, Kansas City, Mo. Sociology HANKAMER. LESLIE FANELLE, Sour Lake Spanish. T+B. Cap and Gown, Southeast Texas Club HANSON, WENDELL H.. Austin Business Administration, Management, A+B, President- Election Judge, Rustlers, Orientation Council HARDER, BANHART PETE, Henrietta Geology. Triarthrus Club, Southwestern Geological Society HARLOW, L C., JR., San Angelo Accounting, BA+ HARNEST. NORMA ANSON, San Antonio English HARRIS, GLENN, Heame Federal, State and Municipal Service. AJI, Prather Hall Hssociation, Wesley Foundation, Student Assistant Page 39 seniORS HflRRIS, MORRIS RflY, Twelta Public accounting, M.I.C.A , Schreiner Club HflRRIS, MURRflY LEE, Corsicana Law HflRRISON, flDINE HELEN, Wharton English, BK, HA6, IAH, AAA, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Cap and Gown, Present Day Club, Upperclass Advisor HflRRISON, MRS. MflRY McLflIN, Bonham Commercial Teaching AAA, BBA, IIAft, AAA, Cap and Gown, flshbel, Co-Ed Assembly, Student Assistant, Freshman Fellowship, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Upperclass Advisor HflRT, DflVID LOUIS, Brookeland Petroleum Engineering, A.I.M.E., Sons of fllec, Southeast Texas Club HflRTIN, RflCHEL ELLIOTT, Galveston English, AAA, Ashbel, Panhellenic, Assembly, Association for Childhood Education, Freshman Fellowship Club HflRVEY, SflM B., Mount Vernon Management, AXA, 2IE, Orientation Committee HflSSELL, MORRIS WILLIAM, Jacksonville Law, SN4 , President; Rusk, Lon Morris Club, President; Rustlers, Campus Guild, President; Wesley Foundation HflTCHER, JflCK, Tyler Accounting, ASH, BA , M.I.C.A., Tyler Club, Tumbling Club, Business Administration Council, Assembly HflUBOLD, ROBERT EGON, Fort Worth Mechanical Engineering, HTI, M.I.C.A., A.S.M.E. HflWKINS, JOHN WILLIflM, JR., flustin Banking and Finance, HflY, HOWflRD GLEN, Port flrthur Zoology, Southeast Texas Club HEMPHILL, DflRRELL L., Littlefield Law HENDERSON, flNNfl SUE, flustin English, Home Economics Club, Y.W.A., President; B.S.U. Council, Amiga, Kaufman County Club HENNESSEY, PETER JOHN, San flntonio Insurance, SAE HENRY, FRED GRADY, Center Advertising, Marketing and Retailing, Swimming, Texas Aquatic Club, Shelby-San Augustine County Club, Student Assistant, Little Campus Association HENRY, WflLTER BRUCE, Center Banking and Finance, Little Campus Association, M.I.C.A., Shelby County Club HEROLD, BERTHfl flNNfl, Corpus Christi Home Economics, ON, President; Home Economics Club, Orientation Council, Cap and Gown, Interhouse Council HIGHflMS, KflTHERINE, Houston English, KKT, N.U.T.T., Pierian, Cap and Gown HILL, JERflLDINE, Dallas Secretarial, BBA, President; BI ' S, AAA, Mortar Board, President; Pierian Literary Society, Foo, Upperclass Advisor, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Faculty-Student Relations Committee, Student Assistant, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities HILL, WILLIflM McDOWELL, Conroe Public Accounting, Conroe Club, M.l.C.A. HINDS, DflN HflLL, Nacogdoches Law, 4 A I , Chancellors, Case Editor, Texas Law Review HINKLE, flLLEN O., Goose Creek Business Administration HODDE, LOUIS fl., Brenham Government and Foreign Relations, Young Democrats, South Central Texas Club, Y M.C.A Page 40 senioRS HODSON. JOHN R . Houston Chemical Engineering, TBH, +AT, A+Q, +HE, Roberts Hall Association, Engineers Journal. Chemical Engineers Society HOFFMAN. LEO JflYE. flustin Law, TA+. +BK, HSA, HI. Chancellors Longhom Band, Texas Law Review HOLLAND. JOHN GRflHAM, Alpine Geology, rA West Texas Club HOLLOWflY, JflMES PORTER. Dallas Public Accounting, ilKA HOLLOWflY, ROSS RAYMOND, flustin Chemical Engineering, IX, HI, Assembly HOLMES. HOWflRD HflTHflWflY, flustin Electrical Engineering and Business Administration, A+Q, A.I.E.E., Sons of Alec. University Aeronautical Society, Young Democrats. M.I.C.fl. HOLMSLEY, FRED HOLMflN, Pittsburg Commercial Teaching, +HI HORflDflM. WEYMflN WILSON. Yoakum Federal, Stale and Municipal Service, Newman Club HOUGH. DOROTHY PflTRICIfl, Lowville. N. Y. Retailing, BBA, Brat Regiment, Cap and Gown HOUSE, JOHN DICKSON, Paris Retailing, A II Paris Club, President; Intramurals HUNTER, WILLIflM RflNDOLPH. Gainesville Civil Engineering, fl.S-C.E-, Student Conference HUNTINGTON. MflRY RUTH. Rosenberg Journalism. AP; President. 8I+, Ashbel Literary Society, Assembly, Board of Student Publications, Orientation Committee, The Cactus, Co-Ed Assembly, Upperclass Advisor HUTCHINSON. MRS. MERRY OWENS, DeKalb Home Economics INNIS, GRflCE. Port Lavaca Home Economics, APA ON, Home Economics Club. Cap and Gown ISBELL. GROVER JIM, Fort Worth Geology, I+E ISENSEE, CLflRENCE THEODORE, Kames City Public Accounting, ASII. BA+. Longhom Band, Band Hall Drive. Chair- man; Prather Hall Association rrZ. HOWflRD MflX, San flntonio Chemical Engineering. American Chemical Society, Glee Club JflCKSON, ROBERT REID. Canadian Business Administration JflNZEN, HERBERT H., Orange Grove Zoology. +BK. AEA. President; +HI JEFFERY, FINIS BRECKENRIDGE. Bluff Dale Transportation JOHNSEN, MflRJORIE MflRIE. Dallas History. AAA, President; +BK, HA8, A-VA, Mortar Board. Orange Jackets, Pierian, Assembly, Upperclass Advisor JOHNSON. BEN F.. Tyler Law. Athenaeum, Legal Aid Society JOHNSON, CHARLOTTE ROSE, Flatonia Commercial Teaching. BBA, Cap and Gown, Vesper Committee at Kirby Hall, Freshman Fellowship, Intramurals JOHNSON. SflRflH FRANCES, flustin Home Economics, OX. I1A8, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown Page 41 seniORS JOHNSON, WILLIE RUTH NICKS, Eldorado Spanish and Education, IIA6, EAII, Cap and Gown, University Junior League of Women Voters JONES, BARBflRfl, Houston English, AXQ, Sidney Lanier, The Daily Texan, Cap and Gown JONES, EDWARD WINFIELD, Oglesby Recounting JONES, GEORGE WENDELL, Taft Zoology, Longhorn Band, Rod and Gun Club, Prather Hall flssociation JORDAN, GROTE, Mason Marketing, West Texas Club, University of San flntonio Club, M.I.C.fl. JORDAN, JUNE OLIVIA, Brady Sociology, KKT, N.U.T.T., Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Bow and flrrow, West Texas Club, U.T.S.fl., Young Democrats, University League of Women Voters JOSEPHS, ZELIG MAURICE, Marshall Zoology JURESKI, WALTER F., Bandera Transportation and Industry, Newman Club JUSTICE, APPLETON DOYLE, Post Law, HKA KAPLAN, BEN, Waco Journalism, ZAX, The Daily Texan, Waco Club, Liter-City Council, Inter- Co-Op Council, M.I.C.fl., Rustlers, Press Club, President; Big Brother-Big Sister Club, Shangri-La KASCH, NORMA MARIE, Austin Secretarial, A , BBA, Reagan, The Cactus, Badminton Club, Austin Club, Y.W.C.fl., Intramurals KASTROP, JULIAN EDWARD, Houston Petroleum Engineering, IIE, fl.I.M.E., Intramurals, Manager; Little Campus flssociation, Freshman Swimming KEE, ELIZABETH ELLEN, Austin Home Economics, OX, IIA0, AAA KEEPER, JAMES WILLIS, St. Petersburg, Fla. Business Administration KEEN, GEORGE RICHARD, JR., Bay City Law, Hogg, Counsellor, Hughes Law Club, School of Law Honor Council KEETON, MARY ALICE, Bonham Commercial Teaching, BBA, AAA KENNELLY, JESSIE MAE, Rosenberg Commercial Teaching, BBA, Upperclass fldvisor, Intramurals, Cap and Gown KIMBALL, HENRY A., JR., New Iberia, La. Geology, Southwestern Geological Society, Triarthrus Club, fl.I.M.E. KING, KENNETH RAY, San Antonio Marketing, A2II, Varsity Basketball, Freshman Fellowship Club KIRK, JAMES TRUEMAN, Floydada Business fldministration, Tejas, Freshman Fellowship Club, Sophomore Club, M.I.C.fl., Student flssistant KIRK, MRS. JAMES TRUEMAN, Houston Physical Education, XJ2, IIA6, Orange Jackets, Upperclass fldvisor, Freshman Fellowship, Sophomore Club, Cap and Gown, Poona Club KIRKLAND, JACK, Houston Chemistry KLAEVEMAN, IVIE MILTON, Nordheim Public flccounting, BA , DeWitt-Lavaca County Club KLAEVEMAN, LESTER HERBERT, Nordheim flccounting, BA Page 42 scniORS KNAGGS, FREDNA KEY. Cotulla English, ATA, Winter Garden Club, Pan-American Club, Y.W.C.fl-. Cap and Guwii KNIGHT. JflCK GOREE, Beeville Economics and Government +A+, H2A, Texas Law Review. Athenaeum, Judiciary Council, Hildebrand Law Society KNOX, SARAH BETH, Corsicana English, HB . IIAe, Bow and Arrow, U.T.S.ft-, T.R.F.C.W.. Cap and Gown, Hollins Club, Y.W.C.fl. KOEPSEL, JUNE E., Seguin Economics, Cap and Gown KOURI, ERNEST, Wichita Falls Law, Y.M.C.H. Dormitory, President KRAUSE, JflMES ARTHUR, Austin Accounting, S+E, BA+ KREJCI, VINCENT FRANK. Flatonia Law. Government and Economics, Newman Club, University Czech Club, Athenaeum, Little Campus Association KUYKENDALL, OLLIE MAE, Coleman History. Cap and Gown LAMB. MARJORIE, Texarkana Journalism, Glee Club, Co-Ed Trio, Accompanist: Press Club, Williamson-Bell County Club. Texarkana Club, Ranger Staff, MICAphone Staff, League of Women Voters, Cap and Gown LAMBDIN, GRIFFITH DELANO. Electro Law, A6+, Hogg. President, Texas Law Review, Student Editor; Law School Honor Council. Quizmaster, Law School President LANDIN, KENNETH ALVIN. Sugartand Zoology. M.I.C.A. LANDRY. HAROLD H., Port Arthur Manufacturing, HE. President; M.I.C.A. LANKFORD, LIVIUS LEE. Cisco Bacteriology. A+O, AEA, Bacteriology Lab Instructor, Rustlers, M.I.C.A., . --.-. -s juud LASATER, I. ALLEN. Dallas Pharmacy University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Dallas Club. M.I.C.A. LAVIN. IRA LOEB, Chicago, m. History, Curtain Club, The Daily Texan, Radio Workshop. Swimming LEAHY, DORIS ISABELLE, Houston Public Accounting, AIB, BBA, Cap and Gown, Glee Club, Houston Club LEBER, EVA MAE. Mathis English and Education, Cap and Gown, Freshman Fellowship, Big Brother-Big Sister Club LEDBETTER, GEORGIE ELISABETH, Dallas Botany, A+, Council member Wesley Foundation; Dallas Club, Assembly. Honor Roll, Cap and Gown LEETON. JAMES R , Overton Law, Texas Legal Aid Clinic LEHMANN. MAURICE ARTHUR. Rosenberg Law. +H3. President Senior Law Class. Chancellors, Texas Law Review, Quizmaster LeMAY, ERNEST GILPIN. JR., Austin Mechanical Engineering, OS, Sons of Alec, A.S.M.E., Austin LEVY, DOROTHY, Galveston Education and Public Speaking, A+E, Freshman Fel:: .-E. " .:r Panhellenic LEVY. MAHNE BEATRICE Austin Public Speaking and Education, A+E, Present-Day Club. Cap and Gown, Association for Childhood Education. Freshman Fellowship LEVY, RENE HARRY, San Antonio Recounting, TA+ Page 43 seniORS C LEWIS, R. B., Little Rock, flrk. Insurance, ASH LEWIS, ROBERT E., flmarillo Business fldministration, E LIGON, ELOISE MflRGflRET, Eastland Commercial Teaching, BBA, Cap and Gown LINDEMflN, JflNIE MflRGflRET, flustin Health and Physical Education, P.E.M. Club, Swing and Turn, Cap and Gown LINDLOF, EDWflRD flXEL, El Paso Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E. LINDSflY, EflRL VOGELSONG, Enola, Penn. Petroleum Engineering, A Si, fl.I.M.E., Sons of fllec, Swing and Turn, President LONG, ROBERT HflNOVER, flbilene Law, Hogg LOSTflK, TOMMIE HflROLD, Crosby Geology, Southwestern Geological Society, Little Campus Dormi- tory Association, Progressive Czech Club, Cross Country, Captain; Intramurals LUDWIG, ERNEST EflRL, flustin Chemical Engineering, TBII, AT, KK , +H2, Longhom Band, Engineering Students flssociation LUKE, THOMflS EDWflRD, Hearne Marketing, Collegiate Chamber of Commerce, M.I.C.fl. LUNDBERG, BETTY MflRGflRET, Beaumont English, KA9, Southeast Texas Club, Sophomore Club, Upperclass Group, Cap and Gown LUSCOMB, BENJflMIN RflLPH, JR., San flntonio Petroleum Engineering, HE, fl.I.M.E., Assembly McflFEE, MflRGUERITE CflLFEE, Port flrthur Zoology, Orange Jackets, Reagan, Y.W.C.A. Council, Chairman Upper- class Advisors, flndrews Dormitory; Music Committee of Students Union, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly McCflNN, DOROTHY DELL, Texarkana Business Administration, AXSi, BBA, FIA8, Cap and Gown McCflRTY, PERSIS SOPHIfl, flustin Sociology, Freshman Fellowship Club, Y.W.C.A. McCflRTY, WILLIflM DUDLEY, Paris Commercial and Transportation, Paris Club McCOY, HflZEL, Eddy Home Economics, Home Economics Club, Klip Klub, Intramurals, Tarleton Club McCRflBB, HflROLD STflNLEY, San flntonio Business Administration McCULLOUGH, MflRJORIE, Galveston French, KKF, Hollins Club, Cap and Gown, Galveston Club McCULLOUGH, RUTH BEflTRICE, flustin Spanish, Cap and Gown McCULLY, EDWflRD NICHOL, flustin Government, EN McDONflLD, JOSEPH B., JR., Victoria Pharmacy, University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Newman Club, Victoria Club McDONflLD, MORRIS T., flbilene Business fldministration McFflRLflND, HflTTIE VEIGH, Port flrthur Sociology, AAA, Bow and flrrow, Southeast Texas Club Page 44 TdcGflHEY, VERNON FREDERICK, Pompa Journalism, Panhandle Club, Baseball McGEHEE, MflRY CHflRLINE, San flntonio Bacteriology, XC, TAA, Curtain Club, Ashbel, Freshman Fellowship, Sophomore Council, Y.W.C.A.. Round-Up, Judiciary Council McGUFFIN, JOHN GRRHflM, flustin Law, Texas Law Review, Law School, Honor Council, Legal flid Clinic McJIMSEY, ILYNE, Kerrville Journalism, 6E+, -30- Club, Press Club, Cap and Gown, Curtain Club, The Daily Texan, The Cactus, Schreiner Club McMURTRY, LaVERNE fl.. Clarendon Sociology, KA6, N.U.T.T., Panhandle Club McQUOWN, MflRY KflTHLEEN, flustin Home Economics, XO, OX. Home Economics Club, Y.W.C.fl., Freshman Fellowship, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Cabinet McREE, KENNETH ODIE, San flntonio Mechanical Engineering, fl.S.M.E. McSPflDDEN, JflMES HILTON, Dallas Pharmacy, A+Q, Freshman Baseball, University of Texas Pharma- ceutical Association, Dallas Club MflCK, JOHN HERMflN, flustin Transportation, AIII, flustin Club MflCKIN, BERNflRD JOHN, flustin Law, +A+, All ' , Chancellors, Quizmaster, Law School, Honor Council, Debate MflCUNE, DENNIS, Kenedy Music, Longhom Band, M.l.C.fl., University of San flntonio Club MflCY, MORRIS MflRTIN, Bloomfield, N. J. Recounting, Intramurals, Hillel MflDELEY, ETTfl MflRGflRET, Conroe Home Demonstration and Teacher Education, Conroe Club, Home Eco- nomics Club MflGLIOLO, URSULfl MflRY ELIZABETH, Galveston Zoology and Chemistry, Co-Ed flssembly. Cap and Gown, Blue- bonnet Belle Nominee, Galveston Club, President; Newman Club, Y.W.C.fl. MflHER, GEORGE T., Laredo Law MflLIK, RUDOLF, Dallas Mechanical Engineering, R.S.M.E. MflLLISON, RONflLD LORENZO, Houston Spanish, Latin-flmerican Club, University Czech Club MflNN, MORRIS DUKE. Brady Pre-Med MflPES, LILLIflN ROBERTfl, San flntonio Home Economics, Home Economics Club MflRTIN, JOHN flDflMS, Livingston Business Administration MflRTIN, LEONflRD PRESTON, flustin Business Management, HE, Roberts Hall Association MflRTINEZ, CLflUDIO flNTONIO, Mexico City, Mex. Mechanical Engineering, AX, Club de Mexico, Latin-American Club, Newman Club, Intramurals MflSON, MIKE ROBERT, flustin Law MflTHIS, ROBERT WflRREN, flustin Plan II, A Q, Southwestern Geologic Society seniORS a Page 45 senioRS A c tto A HH IiH J HHHHHI MflTLflGE, SflYYLE ANITA, Sugar Land Smith Hughes in Home Economics, AXQ, Freshman Fellowship, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, Wesley Foundation MflUD, TOM OLIVER, Austin Business fldministration, A1II MflY, FRflNCIS BARNS, Tyler Insurance and Statistics, BIT, MflYS, FULBRIGHT FRY, JR., Henderson Public Recounting, Rusk-Gregg Club MEflDOWS, JACK EDWARD, Dallas Chemical Engineering, I1KA MEERS, ROBERT J., Pampa Petroleum Engineering, TBII, nE, fl.I.M.E. MEINRATH, AUGUST HERMAN, Beeville Chemical Engineering, 4 HS, flmerican Chemical Society, Chemical Engi- neering Society, Presbyterian Student League, President MELOT, JAMES T., Belton Petroleum Engineering, fl.I.M E., Ramshorn MERIDETH, THOMAS RICHARD, JR., Sulphur Springs Architecture, Sphinx, fl.S.fl. METCALFE, MARY {CATHERINE, Marfa History, A4 , Inter-flmerican flssociation, Cactus Staff, The Daily Texan, Y.W.C.fl., Reagan MICHAEL, WILLIAM T., El Paso Electrical Engineering, AXA, Longhorn Band, fl.I.E.E., Sons of Alec MIKUSEK, MARY AGNES, Austin Czech, University Czech Club, Progressive Czech Club, University Light Opera, Intramurals, Co-Ed Assembly MILES, JAMES FRANK, Midland Business fldministration, Midland-Odessa Club MILLER, CLARENCE O., JR., Waco Journalism MILLER, DOROTHY M., Honolulu, Hawaii Bacteriology, A Cappela Choir, Swimming MILLER, FRANCES ELIZABETH, Park Ridge, 111. Botany, II A6, Cap and Gown MILLER, MARSHALL ROBERT, JR., Austin Public Accounting, BA , KK , t H, Longhorn Band MILLER, VIGGO, Austin Civil Engineering, TBH, XE, A.S.C.E. MILLER, WILLIAM RANDOLPH, Lancaster Accounting, M.I.C.A., N.T.A.C. Club MILLIKEN, MARY JANE, Weatherford Education, A , Newman Guild, Parker-Palo Pinto County Club, Newman Club, Cap and Gown, The Cactus, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee MILLS, JAMES OWEN, Sonora Economics, Choral Club First Baptist Church MIMS, ARTHUR TROW, Palestine Zoology MIMS, BILLYE GWEN, San Angela Sociology, AAII, Reagan, Cap and Gown MITCHELL, MARY MYLES, Houston Spanish, AI , SAII, Ownooch, Reagan, Freshman Class Council, Y.W.C.A., Union Public Relations Committee, Union Activity Files Committee, Goodfellow, The Cactus, Blue- bonnet Belle Nominee Page 46 seniORS -MOFFATT. MURRflY, Brady Petroleum Engineering, A.I.M E. MOFFflTT, ROBERT JflMES, Fort Worth Geology, A.I.M.E., Southwestern Geological Society, West Texas Club, Triarthrus Club MOLENAER, HARRIET, Austin English. +BK MONROE. DONflLD McGILL. El Paso MONTAG, MILLER. Henderson Federal, State and Municipal Service, AH, Rusk-Gregg County Club MONTGOMERY, JO BETH, flustin English, A Dewitt-Lavaca Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee MONTGOMERY, LEON. JR ., flmarillo Marketing MOORE. JOHN W., Brenham Engineering, QZ. President; TBn. Sans of fllec. Student MOORE. NflNCY ISABEL, Aransas Pass Home Economics. ZTA, Home Economics Club, Freshman Fellowship Club. Y.W.C.fl.. Association for Childhood Education, Presbyterian Student League MORGAN. WALTER PERRY, JR.. Wichita Falls Transportation, Wichita Falls Club MORRILL. JUNIUS HOUGHES. Beeville Geology. A6. STE, Intramurals, Triarthrus, Southwestern Geological Society MORRIS. JOHN READER, Fort Worth Oology MORROW. BELLE ELIZABETH. Houston Commercial Teaching, BBA, Upperclass Advisor, Lirtlefield Dormitory; Cap and Gown MORTER. CLAUDE HAROLD, Hubbard Marketing, Hogg, Hubbard Club. Y.M.C.A MOSER, LOLABETH, Menard Nutrition, AAH, Glee Club. Home Economics Club. Reagan, West Texas Club MOYNAHAN. MAURICE GLYNN, San Antonio Accounting, Newman Club, Freshman Baseball MUEGGE. WILLIAM H., Brenham Pre-Medical, M.I.C.R MUGGLEY, J. M., Harlingen Public Accounting, Rio Grande Valley Club, Newman Club MURRAY, MAXINE. San Antonio English. Bow and Arrow. Association for Childhood Education, San Antonio Club. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee MUSE. THOMAS FRANK, Dallas Geology, Triarthrus MYERS, SEYMOUR. Dallas Business Administration, IAM NASH, THOMAS WTLLARD, San Antonio Pharmacy, University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association NATHAN, RICHARD, Houston Business Administration NAUMANN, MARY LOUISE, Smithville Home Economics, AOH. Home Economics Club Home Demonstration Club. Teacher Education and Child Develop- ment Association. Cap and Gown, Big Brother-Big Sister Club. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee Page 47 semens IB t , NEELY, STANLEY EUGENE, Dallas Law, A0, J A , 4 H, Friars, Cowboys, T flssociation. Football, Track, Students flssociation, Vice-President NEWTON, ELDON CHflRLES, flustin flccounting and Secretarial, fHE NEY, EDMUND FRANCIS, Hondo Public flccounting, Ain, H2, Newman Club, Tri-Dorm flssociation NICHOLS, MflRVIN L, Maxwell Pharmacy, University of Texas Pharmaceutical flssociation NIEBUHR, ELINOR E., Industry English NIEMEYER, EBERHARDT VICTOR, JR., La Porte Government, ATO, Naval ROTC NOTLEY, MARY ELIZABETH, Teague Government, J BK, II2A, AAA, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Present Day Club, Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown NOTTINGHAM, CECIL ERNEST, Fort Worth Zoology NOTZON, EDMUND MATTHEW, San Antonio Business Administration and Law, A8t , Hogg, San flntonio Club, President NUSOM, LON LIPSCOMB, JR., Corpus Christi Transportation, ASH, Headmaster OGDEN, EMMA LOU, Winnie Commercial Teaching, AXQ, Glee Club OLIVEIRA, CRESCENCIO G., Benavides Chemistry, Latin-flmerican Club, Pan-flmerican Society O ' NEAL, LEONORA, Port Arthur Home Economics, Home Economics Club ORMAN, FREEMAN L., JR., Austin Geology, ZFE, Triarthrus Club, flnthropology Club, fl.I.M.E. ORTEGA, DANIEL FLORES, Austin Sociology, Latin-flmerican Club, Intramurals OWEN, CHARLES SIGLER, Birmingham, Ala. Economics, 4 H, Student Assistant PACE, JONNIE BEAN, Houston Physical Education, P.E.M. Club, Folk Dancing Demonstration Club PACE, KATHRYN ELIZABETH, Marshall English, Glee Club, College of Marshall Club, Cap and Gown PALMER, HELEN LUCILLE, Austin Secretarial, BB A, Cap and Gown PARHAM, MYLDRED MERLE, Austin Nutrition, Home Economics Club Council, Cap and Gown PARKER, MATT WHITFIELD, Carthage Mechanical Engineering, fl.S.M.E., Panola Club PARKHILL, LEE ALICE, Llano English, F4 B, Cap and Gown, West Texas Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee FARMER, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH, Rangerville English, IIAe, Wesley Players, Present Day Club, Rio Grande Valley Club, Gregg House Players, Cap and Gown PARTLOW, VOE ELIZABETH, Liberty Commercial Teaching, BBA, Southwestern Club, Wesley Foundation, Cap and Gown Page 48 PAYNE, ALFRED DAY, Boytown Mechanical Engineering, TBH, Chairman; fl.S-M.E-; ITTE, President; President, Senior Class; The Journal of Architectural Engineering and Industry, Editor PEflRCE. PAUL, Edcouch Accounting and Commercial Education PEEK, GILMER HOUSTON, JR.. Greenville Government and History, Longhom Band, Profiler Hall Association, Tri-Dorm Association PELS, ELYSABETH CONWftY, Temple Business fldministration , BBA. Cap and Gown, Williamson-Bell County Club, Newman Club, University Symphony Orchestra PENNINGTON, SARA ELIZABETH, San Antonio Education, XO, San Antonio Club, Goodfello-w, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee PERRY. RAIFORD LAVRN. Lufkin Retailing PERRY, WILLIAM COX, Houston Law, +A6, +BK, +A+, Magisler; Chancellors, Texas Law Review, Comment Editor; Law School Honor Council, Quizmaster PETERS, HAZEL OLIVE. Schulenburg Home Demonstration, XAII, President; Freshman Fellowship, Sopho- more Club, Intramurals, Home Economics Club. President; Glee Club, Bow and Arrow. Leader; Upperclass fldvisor, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed flssembly, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee PHELAN. FRANK, JR.. Memphis flccounting, KA PHILLIPS, WILLIAM BRYAN, Morlin Petroleum Engineering, A.I.M.M.E.. Longhom Bond, Sons of Alec, Centex PINK, JANE. Horlingen Sociology, AKA, Klip Klub. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee. Cop and Gown. Christian Youth Fellowship PINKSTON, WILLIAM RICHARD, Center Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Society, Shelby County Club PINSON, ROBERT M., Dallas Geology, A+, Southwestern Geological Society POLK. JUDITH CHRISTIAN, Corsicana Physical Education and Zoology Racket Club Poana Club U T S A Council. President; P.E.M Club, President. Co-Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown. Orientation Committee, Upperclass fldvisor, Big Brother and Big Sister Club, Freshman Fellowship POLLAY, HARVEY, Eagle Pass ' . " T. ; . POOL. MARY ELLEN. San Antonio English, KA6, AAA. San flntonio Club, Cactus, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee POOL. WILLIAM CLAYTON. Austin Social Science, Football Manager. T Association. M I.C.A. POOL. WILLIAM EDGAR, Sweetwaler Law PORTER, DOROTHY JANE, Bangs Accounting and Commercial Teaching, BBA, Upperclass Advisor Program Committee, Kirby Hall; Cap and Gown POTTER. CLAUDE LEE. JR., Beaumont Government. Mexican Literary Society, LCD. Association, Inter- Amencan Club PULLIAM, NANCY WILLS, Dallas Home Economics. ZTA. Home Economics Club, Y.W.C.A., Dallas Club, Cap and Gown, Presbyterian Student League PUMP, ADRIAN CARL, San Antonio Marketing, San Antonio Club. Prcrther Hall association PURL, FRED WALLACE. Georgetown Petroleum Engineering, Southwestern Club, President; A I.M.E. RABEL, HYLDA MERLE, Weimar Geology, Cap and Gown, Freshman Fellowship Club senioRS r r i - m. ,W3 Page 49 seniORS RflETZSCH, CflRL W., JR., Seguin Chemical Engineering, AKE, Intramurals, flmerican Chemical Society RAMEY, MADISON LOUIE, Gladewater Civil Engineering, TBII, XE, fl.S.C.E., Sons of fllec RflMSDELL, FRED LEE, Haverford, Penn. [ournalism, S E, Pros Texan, T Association Journalism, t E, President; Track Team, Captain; The Daily Te RANDflLL, L. JflMES, Mart Electrical Engineering RANDOLPH, ROBERT TED, Fort Worth Marketing RATLIFF, INA flNNE, Austin Elementary Education and Sociology, Association of Child- hood Education, Wesley Foundation, Y.W.C.A., Austin Club RAY, OMA LUCILLE, Austin Pure Mathematics, 2AII, FIAe, AAA, Cap and Gown REAGAN, SYDNEY C., JR., Austin Law and Economics, A84 , A4 n, AEII, President, Students Associa- tion; President, Men ' s Inter-Community Association; Student Religious Council; President, Campus Guild; Inter-Cooperative Council; President, Wesley Foundation and Players; Cultural Entertainment Co mmittee, Executive Council of National Inde- pendent Students Association, Round-Up, Friars REAL, BERTHA, Kerrville English, XQ, Cap and Gown, Upperclassman " Y, " Schreiner Club REICHERT, E. L., Rosebud Architecture and Engineering, Sphinx, A.S.A.; Art Editor, Engineering Journal RENDON, LEANDRO, Port Lavaca Zoology, La tin -flmerican Club, President REYNOLDS, B. R., JR., Houston Physical Education, P.E.M. Club, L.C.D. Association, Assistant Director Intramural Activities REYNOLDS, JACK JULIAN, Snyder Petroleum Engineering, A.I.M.E. RHODE, LUCILLE MARGARET, Charlotte Home Economics, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown RIBBECK, DOLLIE ELIZABETH, Austin Psychology RIDDELL, J. MURRAY, JR., Duluth, Minn. Zoology, University Aeronautical Society RIEFLER, LOUIS JOSEPH, Dallas Government and Foreign Relations , Dallas Club , Young Demo- crats, Inter-American Association, Discipline Committee, Rangers, Intramurals RIES, MARY SUE, San Antonio Applied Design and Textiles, r B, Glee Club, Sextette, Co-Ed Trio, Wesley Foundation RIGGS, SUZANNE JANE, Saint Louis, Mo. Zoology, Stephens Club, Cap and Gown RILEY, MYRNA, Corpus Christi Home Economics, ON, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown ROBERDEAU, ANN ELIZABETH, Austin History, IIB , Austin Club, Y.W.C.A , Cap and Gown, Austin Junior Women ' s Club ROBERTSON, LAKE, Kerrville Petroleum Engineering, ATQ, TBII, HE, HE, Ramshorn ROBERTSON, NORMADA LEE, Weatherford English ROBINSON, MARY LEE, Portales, N. Mex. History, HAG, Cap and Gown Page 50 seniORS ROBISON, MAXINE, Austin English, KA9, Austin Club, Ownooch, Foo ROCKWELL, MAXINE ELOISE, Brownsville Bacteriology, AXQ, Bow and Arrow, Sunday Club, Cap and Gown, Rio Grande Valley Club RODDY, TOMMIE EVERETT, Fort Worth Accounting RODE, CARL FREDERICK, Port Arthur Accounting, ASH, BA+, Southeast Texas Club, Senior Class Business Administration, President ROLAND, HELEN MARIE, La Feria Dietetics, Home Economics Club, Valley Club, Cap and Gown ROLLE, HELEN MARGARET, Houston English, KAO, Pierian, Foo, Cap and Gown ROSECRANTS. JOHN PAUL , Austin Law ROSS, JOSEPH ANTHONY, JR., Greggton Petroleum Engineering, Student Assistant, A.I.M.M.E. ROTH, ORVTLLE THAYNE, San Antonio Chemical Engineering RUCKER, JAMES HOWARD, Austin Accounting and Finance RUMMEL, HOLLICE MERCEDES, Marble Falls Government, Mexican Literary Club, Inter-American Association, Freshman Fellowship Club RUSHING, ELLISON D., Stephenville Pharmacy, University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association RUSSELL, ANNIE JO, Daingerfield Home Economics RUSSELL, JOHN SINCLAIR, Bryan Petroleum Engineering, TBII. HE. A.I.M.E., Prather Hall, President; Students ' Assembly, Tri-Dorm Association SAGEBIEL, VICTOR H., Fredericksburg Law SANSING, BILLY M.. Dallas Journalism, IIKA. 1AX, Cowboys, T Association, Basketball, Manager; Track, Manager; The Daily Texan, Cactus, Ranger, Round-Up, Freshman Fellowship, Dallas Club SANSING, SARALEE CHAPMAN, Austin Teacher-Education and Home Demonstration, Freshman Fellowship, Home Economics Club, Baptist Student Union SANTI, ALBERT LAWRENCE, Mingus Business Accounting. Parker-Palo Pinto County Club SARTAIN, FRANK WILSON, San Angela Public Accounting, M.I C.A., Intramurals SAWYER, WESLEY ERIC, Sonora English, West Texas Club, President SCARBOROUGH, BERTHA VON ENDE, Paris English, KA9, AAA, Ashbel Literary Society, Mortar Board, Tee Club, Cap and Gown SCARBOROUGH, JESSE WILLIAM. JR-, Luling Petroleum Engineering, HE, Sons of Alec, A.I.M.E., Southwest Geological Society SCHERZ, LOLA MAE, San Angela Commercial Teaching, BBA, Cap and Gown SCHILLER, EDWARD O., JR., Cameron Pharmacy, University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association Page 51 senioRS a D SCHMEDES, CURTIS OTTO, Austin Civil Engineering, flustin Club, XE, HE, H.S.C.E. SCHNEIDER, OLIVER WILLIAM, Fredericksburg Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E., Sons o( Alec, Swing and Turn SCHOENERT, GERALD, San flntonio Mechanical Engineering, fl S.M.E. SCHULTZ, RUTH MARIE, Taft Commercial Teaching, BBA, Light Opera, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee SCHUMACHER, ANN, Houston History, KKI President; Racket Club, Leader; Foo, Pzatlx, Pierian, Badminton Club SCHUMANN, VIVIAN AUGUSTA, New Braunfels Commercial Teaching and Secretarial, BBA, AAA, Cap and Gown, Glee Club, Upperclass Club, Present Day Club, Orientation, Texas Union Music Committee, Cactus, Blue- bonnet Belle Nominee SCHWAB, JOHN STEWART, Galveston Executive Management, XI E, Junior Class President, Business School Council, Christian Youth Fellowship, President; Big Brother and Sister Club, Glee Club SCHWARTZ, BEATRICE, St. Louis, Mo. Drama (Directing), Curtain Club, Radio Workshop, Cap and Gown, Glee Club, Hillel Players, President; Hillel Council SCHWARZ, GEORGE, Mexico, D.F., Mex. Architecture, fl.S.fl., Sphinx, Club De Mexico, International Relations Club SCRUGGS, DORTHY MARGUERITE, Houston Journalism, 0E f , Cap and Gown, -30- Club, The Daily Texan, Houston Club, Press Club SEALE, HARDY, JR., Marquez Pharmacy, University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association SEALS, PHYLLIS MARION, Austin Sociology, AF, Panhellenic, Newman Club SEAMANS, DOUGLAS CAMPBELL, Chester Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E., Intramural Basketball SEAMANS, LYNN ANDREW, Chester Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E., Intramurals SEARCY, MAULICE HARRYETTE, Bryan History, AMI, Southeast Club, Y.W.C.A., Sing Song SEBRING, LOUIE, JR., Alice Geology, Southwestern Geological Society, Triarthrus Club SHAIN, CHARLES CARL, Wichita Falls Fine Arts, Hillel Players, President; Curtain Club SHELLY, MARIE LOUISE, San Antonio English, AF, Curtain Club, Newman Club SHELTON, RAYMOND DELL, Alvarado Business Administration, M.I.C.A., Johnson County Club, Intramural SHERMAN, GUINDAL, Centerville Zoology SHRIVER, WILLIAM BRENT, Dallas Mechanical Engineering, 1 A0, A.S.M.E., Aeronautical Society, Christian Science Organization SHUPTRINE, VENNIE LEE, Dallas Sociology, Kirby Hall House Council SIDDONS, MARY CLARA, Hillsboro Elementary Education, XO, Cap and Gown SILVERMAN, FRED NAT, New York, N. Y. Physical Education, P.E.M. Club, Varsity Basketball Page 52 seniORS SIMMONS. ANNA ELIZABETH, Menord Low. ran SIMMS. EDWflRD TAYLOR, JR., San Antonio Resources and Industries, EX, Intramurals SIMPSON. ANDREW REAGAN, El Paso Chemical Engineering , Sons of filer. University of Texas Chemical Engineering Society SKAGGS, GLADYS MAE, Baytown English, Tee Club. Cap and Gown. Present Day Club SKINNER. EUGENE, Dallas Electrical Engineering, Utes Club; Ukhuwwat-I-Sharof, President; HKN, A+a. H+T, T.L.O.K., Dallas Club, M.I.C.A., Sons of fllec, A.I.E.E., Curtain Club, Los Panamericanos SKOLAUT, MILTON WILBERT, San Antonio Pharmacy, University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association, : - . . SKRIVANEK, DANIEL A., Caldwell Zoology. University Czech Club, M.I.C.fl. SLAVHC, ALBERT THOMAS. Runge Economics. 9H, T Association. Czech Club, Prather Hall flssociation, Newman Club, Baseball. Manager SMALLING, JACK WARREN. Baytown Chemical Engineering. TBII. +AT University of Texas Chemical Engineering Society SMELKER, THOMAS V , Beaumont Insurance and Real Estate. AEn, Christian Science Organization, M.I.C.A., Southeast Texas Club, Monitor Club SMITH. EDWm N.. Davenport Mechanical Engineering. HT2, A.S.M.E., Sons of Alec, Sunday Club, Swing and Turn SMITH. ELAINE WHITE, Hillsboro Elementary Education. A.C.E.. S.R.D. House Council, Presi- dent; Upperdass Advisor, Co-Ed Assembly SMITH. ELWAYNE ELDEN, Marlin Transportation, Langhom Band. Intercollegiate Chamber of Commerce SMITH, EMMA OWEN, Dawson English. ZTA. Cap and Gown, Southwestern Club SMITH. HERBERT RANDOLPH. Palestine Business Administration, +HE, Ranger, Freshman Fellowship Wesley Foundation. L.C.D. Association. Young Democrats, r .- SMITH. JAMES DALLAS, Amarillo Geology. M.I.C.A., Southwestern Geological Society. Anthropology Society, Triarthus, A.I.M.E. SMITH. J. STANLEY. Yoakum Accounting and Marketing Retailing, +HZ Newman Club. Intramurals. DeWitt-Lavaca County Club, Student Assistant . Assembly. Judiciary Council SMITH. LANDRIA CECIL. Baytown I-: . : -- V. : SMITH, LUCILLE AILEEN, Newgul} Secretarial. BBA, Cap and Gown SMITH. MARY LOU, Corsicana English. AOD, +BK, HAe, AAA, Tee Club, U.T.S.A. Council, Upper- class Advisor. Texas Union Music Committee, Classical Club, Cap ap . e, a and Gown. University League of Women Voters SMITH. MOSE ALLEN. JR.. Port Arthur Government. A+O, Rustlers, Southeast Texas Club SMITH, ROY THOMAS, JR.. Austin Civil Engineering. A.S.C.E., Minister of Propaganda, Sons of Alec SNAPKA, GEORGE WILL, Corpus Christi General Accounting, Czech Club SPANN, MARY GRACE, Narasota History. KKT Newman Club. Sophomore Class, Freshman Fellowship, Y.W.C.A . Cap and Gown senioRS SPELL, OLIVER EflRL, Beaumont Applied Mathematics, Southeast Texas Club STAFFORD, ELIZABETH, Palestine English, IIB , ITA9, League of Women Voters, Racquet Club, Cap and Gown, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee STANTON, EDWIN MORRIS, Austin Business Administration, A9 i , Athenaeum, Y.M.C.A., Young Democrats, M.I.C.A., University Chamber of Commerce STEVENS, V. H., JR., Denison Latin American Studies, KK 1 ! ' , Longhorn Band, Inter-American Association, M.I.C.A., Latin-American Club. STOCKARD, WILMA RUTH, Frost Speech, Glee Club STOCKLAS, FRANCES, Rosebud Elementary Education, Association for Childhood Education, Southwestern Club, Cap and Gown STOLL, PATRICIA ANN, Dallas Home Economics, AOII, Home Economics Club, Dallas Club, Radio Workshop Chorus, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor, Orientation Committee, Glee Club STONE, CHARLES TURNER, Galveston Zoology STONE, WALTER EUGENE, Robstown Petrol eum Engineering, A.I.M.E., Schreiner Club STOREY, ROBERT GERALD, JR., Dallas Government, Tejas, Cowboys, Assembly, Upperclass Advisor, Y.M.C.A., Orientation Committee, Track STRIBLING, NEWMAN PERRY, Houston English and Law STRIEBER, JESSE EDWIN, Yorktown Elementary Education, Present Day Club, Cap and Gown, DeWitt-Lavaca County Club, Association for Childhood Education STRIPLING, WINFREY FRANCES, San Augustine English, Freshman Fellowship, Glee Club, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Trio, Orientation Committee, Shelby-San Augustine County Club SULA, HELEN MARIE, West Physical Education, Newman Club, University Czech Club, P.E.M. Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee SULLIVAN, HENRY CLAY, Wellington Chemical Engineering, " tK , University of Texas Chemical Engineering Society SULLIVAN, TILLFORD B., JR., Granger Law BUTTON, JOHN F., JR., San Angela Law, Hogg, Texas Law Review, Quizmaster SUTTON, NANCY EWING, San Angela Law, A , KBIT, Reagan SWAIN, CHARLES B., JR., Austin Petroleum Production Engineering, A I.M.M.E. SWANSON, LEONARD ARCHIE, Taylor Petroleum Engineering, TBII, President; HE, H, Engineering Student Association, President; Journal of Architectural Engineering and Industry TALLICHET, JULES HENRI, Houston Law and Business Administration, KA, President; f BK, I ' HS, Interfraternity Council, Law School Honor Council TALLY, CAROLYN RAY, Austin Pharmacy, AFA, Austin Club, University Pharmaceutical Association, American Pharmaceutical Association, Wesley Foundation TANNER, ROBERT WILLIAM, Houston History, 6H TARPLEY, RICHARD H., Edinburg Journalism, The Daily Texan, Director Student Opinion Surveys, Rio Grande Valley Club, M.I.C.A., Press Club Page 54 seniORS -TAYLOR, ALLEN LEE, Houston Accounting, AZII, University Chamber of Commerce, Director; Inter- collegiate Chamber of Commerce, Director; Houston Club, Brackenridge Hall Association. TflYLOR. DflYTON REED, Bertram Management, EN, SIE, Silver Spur TEETER, KEITH GflRTEN, Follett Zoology, AEA TERRELL, KflTHRYN, Waco English, AAA, Waco Club, Cap and Gown, Y.W.C.A. THOKEY, JftMES WILLIflM, Union City. Ind. accounting, AX, A Q, Glee Club THOM, HAROLD W.. Wichita Falls Secretarial, Wichita Falls Club THOMPSON, FLORENCE, Dallas Plan II, IIB+, Co-Ed Assembly, Pierian, President: Bow and Arrow, Pzatlx. Upperclass Advisor, Y.W.C.A., Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Cap and Gown THOMPSON, TRAVIS L, JR., Dallas Transportation, ASH, Dallas Club, N.T.A.C. Club THORN, LESLIE DURON, Austin Accounting, QZ, PHA, West Texas Club, Prather Hall Association TIGNOR, BERYL, Pampa Plan II, Cap and Gown, Monitor Club, Christian Science Organization TIGNOR, MARY MARGARET, Pampa Plan II, II1A, Christian Science Organization, Monitor Club, Sidney Lanier Literary Society, Co-Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown TILLERY, CHARLES L. Arlington Marketing, AIH, N.T.A.C. Club TOLAND, BILLIE RAE, El Campo Commercial Teaching, XQ, Reagan Literary Society, Cap and Gown TREYBIG, LUCILLE EVELYN. Austin Geology, +BK, 1AH, XT, President; AAA, Southwestern Geological Society, Cap and Gown TRIPPE, HOUSTON TISSIER, Dallas English, HB+, Canter Club, Cap and Gown TURPEN, DOROTHY ELIZABETH, Austin Sociology, AKA, Christian Youth Fellowship ULBRICH, FERN DOYLE, Hondo Education, A.C.E., Cap and Gown, Anthropology Club USRY, RALEIGH SIMS, JR.. Dallas Accounting, UKA, BA+, Dallas Club VALDES, CARLOS M., Havana, Cuba Spanish, IAH, President VAUGHAN, DEWITT MASON, Amarillo Marketing VAUGHAN, ROY GARRETT, Amarillo Accounting VAUGHAN, VIRGINIA FRANCES, Houston Plan II, Mortar Board, AXQ, President; +BK, II A6. AAA, Houston Club. Orange Jackets, Sidney Lanier, Co-Ed Assembly, Upperclass Advisor VEHLE, WILLIAM RICHARD, Menard Physics, West Texas Club, Physics Colloquium VICKERS, DOROTHY ELIZABETH, Seguin Physical Education. Cap and Gown, House Council, Turtle Club, U.T.S.A., P.E.M. Club Page S3 scnioRS VOGELSflNG, CflRL EWALD, Burton Petroleum Engineering, fl.I.M.E., M.I.C.A., Intramurals VOLZ, CHflRLES EDWflRD, flustin Accounting, ASH, flustin Club, Y.M.C.fl. WflGER, DOROTHY JEAN, Jennings, La. Pharmacy, AAII, PX, AAA, Orange Jackets, Co-Ed Assembly, President; Mortar Board, University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association; Sidney Lanier, President; Upperclass Advisor, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee WflGNER, ROBERT EDWflRD, JR., Brownsville Chemical Engineering WflLKER, LOUIS MflRSHflLL, Dallas Electrical Engineering, HKN, HS, Engineering Student Council, M.I.C.fl., fl.I.E.E., Eta Kappa Nu Award, BRIDGE Correspondent WflLTERS, EDWflRD EflRLE, Waco Chemical Engineering, fl.S.C.E. WflNDER, VERNfl, Brookshire Life Insurance, BBA, Cap and Gown WflRE, TOL, flmarillo Business Administration, AE, Cowboys WflSSERMflN, R. I., Louisville, Ky. Pharmacy, PX, University Pharmaceutical Association WflSSON, MILDRED MflRJORIE, Texas City Journalism, 91 , -30- Club, Press Club, Daily Texan Staff, Forensica Cap and Gown WEflVER, LflVERNE, Rule Commercial Teaching WEflVER, SflMUEL EUGENE, DeLeon Pharmacy, Longhorn Band, University of Texas Phar- maceutical Association WEBB, MILDRED flLICE, flustin Plan II, Mathematics, History and English, SAII, Light Opera, Glee Club Reagan, Cap and Gown, D.A.R., D.R.T., U.D C. WEBER, ELMER HENRY, Blanco Pharmacy, Newman Club WEBER, H. CflRL, Port flrthur Marketing, Retailing, and Advertising, University Rod and Gun Club, Southeast Texas Club WEINHEIMER, THOMflS WILLIflM, Stonewall Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E., Newman Club, T.L.O.K., Intramurals, M.I.C.fl. WELCH, WILLIflM ROWDEN, Wills Point History, Van Zandt County Club, Extra-Curricular Activity Club WELLS, JOHN HOWflRD, flustin Government, K , President; II2A, President; Judiciary Council, Cowboys, Interfraternity Council, Cactus, Good- fellow, Round-Up WHflRTON, ELIZflBETH flUSTIN, flustin Journalism, 6S . Freshman Fellowship, Press Club, flustin Club The Daily Texan, Society Editor; Cactus, -30- Club, Cap and Gown WHITE, BEVERLY ESTELLE, Terrell Government, AAA, Cap and Gown, Present Day Club, Inter- American Association WHITE, C. MICHflEL, Port flrthur Economics, 6H WHITEMflN, MflRTHfl flLICE, Dallas Journalism, 9 WILDER, flLICE flNN NITSCHKE, flustin English, KKP, 1AII, AAA, Curtain Club, Orange Jackets, Ashbel, Mortar Board, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee Page 56 senioRS -.VILEY ) MORRIS - Mechanical Engineering, DTI, fl.S.M.E WILKENING. MflRVIN CHARLES, Austin Chemistry, TA, Progressive Czechs WILKERSON, JEANNE ELIZABETH, Kerrville English WILKES, WALTER JACKSON, Fort Worth CiTil Engineering, A+Q, A.S.C.E WILKINS, ANN ELIZABETH, Houston Journalism, IO, O+, The Daily Texan, Press Club, -30- Club, Freshman Orientation Committee, Freshman Fellowship WILKINSON. CLARK NEWTON. JR. Longview Life Insurance, WILLIAMS. EDITH CLARKE, Paris English, Cap and Gown, Paris Club WILLIAMS. ROBERT L.. JR . Beaumont Electrical Engineering, HE, Young Democrats, A IE E. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM MACKERNESS, JR , Hillsboro Law, ATA WILSON, JACK MARCELLUS. Temple accounting. M.I.C.A., Temple Club WILSON, JANET, Slaton Nutrition, r+B. West Texas Club, Home Economics Club, Texas Tech Club, Cap and Gown WOOD. RAY PEARL. Houston History. +M. Y.M.C.A. Council. Bow and Arrow Club, Houston Club, Present Day Club WOODS. JAMES GERALD, Bayiown Chemical Engineering, Sons of Alec, University of Texas Chemical Engineering Society WOOLDRIDGE. RICHARD C.. Gainesville Business Administration, X WUKASCH. MARTIN CHARLES. Austin Chemical Engineering. +H1. Freshman Football, Chemistry Club. Austin Club, M.I.C.A. WUNSCH, RAYMOND SAUNDERS, Paris Accounting and Retailing, +E, Paris Club, Intramurals YANTIS, MARIA JANE. Austin Home Economics, OX, AAA YARNO, HORTENSE, Brsnham Drama, Directing, A E Curtain Club, South Central Texas Club, Present Day Club. Co-Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown, Cultural Entertainment Committee, Assembly YATES, ROSEMARY, Cameron Physical Education. P.E.M. Club YATES. WILLIAM FLOYD. Houston Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E., L.C.D. Association, President. Assembly. Glee Club, President; University Chamber of Commerce. Texas Union, Houston Club YEAGER, SARAH JEANNETTE. Thomdale Pure Mathematics, B.S.U. Council, Cap and Gown YELDERMAN, GEORGE R., Denton Mechanical Engineering, im, Student flssembly, A.S.M.E., Student Religious Council, Student Assistant YOUNG. JACOB CLEMMONS, JR.. Austin English, Glee Club, Radio Workshop, Light Opera Co., University Chorus; Photographer, Department of Drama.- Beaumont Club Pag S 3n jHemortam FACULTY JAMES ROBINSON BAILEY WILLIAM BRICEN DUNCAN STEWART WALSH HORNE FRANK BURR MARSH FREDERIC WILLIAM SIMONDS DR. S. S. TEMPLIN STUDENTS MARJORIE LOUISE EVANS CHARLES RECTOR McCOLLUM CHARLES SUMMERS MOBLEY SANDER BAILEY SMITH EDWIN ROY WOOD Page 58 Beta Alpha Psi lorary and Professional Accounting Frater: is, Februc -3 Chapter Established May 31, 1924 Twenty Relive Chapters OFFICERS President . .... Permanent Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer . DAVID EDMOND LEWIS . . JOHN ARCH WHITE PAUL A. FANKHAUSER HONORARY MEMBERS I. E. Allred Walter C. Burer A. C. Upleger T. W. Leland I. A. Phillips Leo Guy Blackstock Halsey N. Broom Robert H. Greg: Leo C. Haynes L. L. Jones FACULTY MEMBERS George W. Lafferty James S. Lanham Chester F. Lay G. H. Newlove C. D. Simmons C. Aubrey Smith 3 M. Sowell Charles Sparenberg Vern H. Vincent John Arch White Charles T. Zlatkovich Reginald Harris Ammons Charlie Nichols Bailey James Frederick Bartlett John Merlin Broullire Ralph Ilbert DeLoach John Pitman Eddleman Jack Keith Ellison Paul Alvin Fankhauser MEMBERS Guido Albert Feroce Edwin Henry Frank, Jr. L. C. Harlow, Jr. John Andrew Halcher Allen O. Hinkle, Jr. Clarence Theodore Isensee Lester Herbert Klaeveman Clifford Stanley Knape James Arthur Krause Leroy William Krauthoff David Edmond Lewis Doughty LeNeil Miller Marshall Robert Miller, Jr. Carl Frederick Rode Malcolm S. Vaughan Charles Carter Williams Page Beta Gamma Sigma National Honorary Business Administration Fraternity Founded, University of Wisconsin, February 26, 1913 Alpha of Texas Established June 3, 1922 OFFICERS President Secretary-Treasurer . ...EVERETT G. SMITH .FLORENCE STULLKEN J. Anderson Fitzgerald Dorothy flyres Hermene Baur James C. Dolley Alice M. B. Holmes Chester F. Lay E. Karl McGinnis FACULTY MEMBERS Maebess Matthews G. H. Newlove W. A. Nielander Edwin W. Olle C. D. Simmons C. Aubrey Smith Everett G. Smith Ellis M. Sowell Charles Sparenberg Florence Stullken Stella Traweek Vern H. Vincent John Arch White Ambrose P. Winston Maude L. Cuenod GRADUATE STUDENTS George W. Delavan Robert Henry Gregory Edith Arundel Bell James Robert Bisbee John Merlin Broullier Maurice Robert Fincher James Hutchings Foster SENIOR STUDENTS Fred Holman Holmsley Karl Kenneth Kendall James Arthur Krause William Connery Lethco R. B. Lewis Robert Michael Martin, Jr. Dorothy Dell McCann Morris Tippett McDonald Phebe Elizabeth Myers Walter Stanley Shaller Josephine Stanley Smith Harold Baer Hoffman JUNIOR STUDENTS Naomi Beulah Howerton Page 60 Chancellors Honorary Society of the School of Law Founded, The t exas, 1912 OFFICERS Grand Chancellor Vice-Grand Chancellor. Clerk Keeper of Peregrinus. . ROYflL HENRY BRIN, JR. ROBERT ERNEST KEETON VILLIAM COX PERRY DflN HALL HINDS Edward Weldon Bailey lames Daffan Caldwell G. M. Hodges William Orr Huie FACULTY MEMBERS Joseph Augustus Wickes W. Page Keeton Covey T. Oliver Benno Charles Schmidt A. W. Walker Royal Henry Brin, Jr. Robert Ernest Keeton William Cox Perry Dan Hall Hinds Leo Jaye Hoffman Lloyd Henry Barbee MEMBERS Maurice Arthur Lehmann Sam Mintz Samuel William Cruse Edward James Kremer Bernard John Mackin Harold Marsh, Jr. .aamRufusChocrte Gilbert Morgan Denman. Jr. Alonzo Douglas Rice Baine Perkins Kerr Tom Burton Rhodes Friars To confer the honor oj membership upon the eight most eligible men chosen from each senior class Founded, The University of Texas, 1911 Major William Tillory Andrews Louis F. J. Baethe Morris Burke Barefield William Arthur Barton William A. Cunningham Richard Burt Dyke J. Ward Fouts Ernest Joseph Godard D. B. Hardeman Jackson Ceivers Hinds Jack Bruce Howard Robert Ernest Keeton Thomas Hart Law William Lawrence McGill William Walter McLean Stanley Eugene Neely Arno Nowotny Edwin W. Olle James H. Parke Sydney Reagan Chandler, Jr. John Gates Seaman William Boyd Sinclair William Edward Syers A. W. Walker James Cunyus Watson Joe Davenport Wilson Page 62 Phi Beta Kappa tic and Honorary Fraternity for Men and Women .Vjlliair. and Mary College, 1776 -. of Texas Es: .905 - and Twenty-tvrc flcm-e Ch : OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer Marion Martin Brcv.T. John Pitman Eddlerr. ar. Mildred Hcrwkes CHARLES FLINN flRROWOOD CLARA M. PARKER - . - FLORENCE STULLKEN CLASS OF 1940 Roland BeU Holt Adele Nell Neely Joseph Harold Rush Billie Simmons Kyle Rogue V ellborne Zora Clark Wilkerson Ruth Ellen Barker Grace Annette Biesele Royal Henry Brin, Jr. Lucille Hortense Brov.T.e Virginia Wilson Buckner Caylos Wendel Chapman Isaac Edgar Clark Denton Arthur Cooley Nan Lee Gay CLASS OF 1941 Adine Helen Harrison Forest Garrett Hill Leo Jaye Hoffman John William Hrissikopoulos Jack Thomas Hughes Herbert Henry Janszen Marjorie Marie Johnsen Clifford Stanley Knape Ellen Pickard MacKenzie Harriet Molenaer Frank William Murray Mary Elizabeth Notley Robert Whittaker Schmied Michael Mola Sigel Lucille Evelyn Treybig Virginia Frances Vaughan Charles Fred Widdecke Charles Franklin Adkms Dorothy Georgia Albert Clara Patricia Collins Sara Margret Crockett Edna Vivian Cronquist Faye Main David cr. Dorothy Lorraine Dickey Joe Clarence Evans Alvin Louis Frericks Robert McMurtry Gilliland SPRING INITIATES Nancy Joy Gribble Mary Virginia Griggs James Douglas Groesbeck Blanche Bernice Hall Charles Oscar Hucker Jane Logue Robert Warren Mathis _dus L. Murphree Frances Kellie O ' Neill Robert Erie Payne Idel Rapoport Oma Lucille Ray Mary Lee Robinson Estelle Miller Rogers Katherine Elmere Schlafli Vennie Lee Shuptr.r.e Mary Lou Smith Edward Garrison Spinks Edward Donnall Thomas Alice Ann Nitschke Wilder Phi Delta Phi Honorary Legal Fraternity Founded, University of Michigan, November 22, 1869 Roberts ' Inn Established February 28, 1909 Fifty-eight flctive Inns OFFICERS Magister Exchequer Clerk Historian Faculty Advisor. Edward Weldon Bailey James Daffan Caldwell Ira P. Hildebrand G. M. Hodges William Orr Huie WILLIAM COX PERRY ROBERT ERNEST KEETON . . . DAN HALL HINDS .. ' .. ANDREW BEN WHITE . .A. W. WALKER FACULTY MEMBERS W. Page Keeton Charles T. McCormick Covey T. Oliver Benno Charles Schmidt Bryant Smith A. W. Walker Lloyd Henry Barbee Earl Appleton Brown, Jr. William Rufus Choate Amrie Denson Clark, Jr. Crawford Joseph Cofer Marvin Key Collie Edward Donald Coulson Samuel William Cruse Robert West Decker Gilbert Morgan Denman, Jr. Arthur Delma Dyess James Ward Fouts MEMBERS Edward Lysaght Francis Dan Hall Hinds Holman Jenkens Bill Edward Junell Robert Ernest Keeton Baine Perkins Kerr Jack Goree Knight Bernard John Mackin Harold Marsh, Jr. William Franklin Martin James Kinchen Nance Stanley Eugene Neely William Randolph Niblack William Cox Perry Herbert Lingo Platter, Jr. Robert Eley Rain, Jr. Tom Burton Rhodes Robert McDonald Rutledge William Kimbrough Rutledge John Gates Seaman Jack Carr Staley John F. Sutton, Jr. Andrew Zilker Thompson Algie Aaron Wells Andrew Ben White Page 64 Sigma Iota Gpsilon Honorary and Professional Business Management Fraternity cur.ded. University of Illinois, January, 1927 Texas Chapter Established 1928 Four flctive Chapters OFFICERS General Manager Assistant General Manager Comptroller . Finance Manager . Personnel Manager HAROLD HALL LANDRY JOHN STEWART SCHWAB . SAM BROWN HARVEY WALTER SIDNEY FRULAND, JR. ..DAYTON REED TAYLOR Chester F. Lay FACULTY MEMBERS John R. Stockton MEMBERS Joseph Ramsey Bienvenu Earl Dennis Eldon Eugene Erwin Walter Sidney Fruland, Jr. Sam Harvey Jack Herod Harold Hall Landry Leonard Preston Martin Constantine Mims, Jr. John Stewart Schwab Dayton Reed Taylor Raymond Frank Wallace Herman Henry Wiebusch, Jr. Robert Louis Williams, Jr. Tau Beta Pi Honorary Engineering Fraternity Founded, Lehigh University, 1885 fllpha of Texas Established, 1916 Sixty-seven flctive Chapters OFFICERS President Vice- President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer Cataloguer GUS ATHANAS ..JOHN THOMAS FILES . . JOHN DURRETT BOOKER LflKE ROBERTSON, JR. .WILLIAM WftLTER McLEAN . . JOHN SINCLAIR RUSSELL Carl J. Eckhardt Phil M. Ferguson FACULTY ADVISORS R. V. Vittucci W. A. Cunningham E. C. H. Bantel Leland Barclay Leonard R. Benson S. L. Brown C. M. Cleveland A. E. Cooper W. F. Cottingham W. A. Cunningham Carl J. Eckhardt Phil M. Ferguson FflCULTY MEMBERS John Arnold Focht Roscoe Guernsey, Jr. E. W. Hamlin Archie S. Kasperik L. J. B. LaCoste Jack Lenhart J. D. McFarland Banks McLaurin W. H. McNeill Harry H. Power C. E. Rowe Eugene P. Schoch E. H. Schulz Byron E. Short J. S. Swearingen T. U. Taylor R. V. Vittucci R. W. Warner E. P. Whitlow W. R. Woolrich Gus Athanas Ted O. Bartholow John Durrett Booker George Drexell Carr Lincoln Fel ' ch Elkins John Thomas Files Carl Moss Furgason Ernest Joseph Godard John Henry Hill John R. Hodson MEMBERS Charles R. Houssiere Francis Edgar Lewis Philip Harry Lipstate, Jr. Ernest Earl Ludwig Roy Thomas McCutchan William Walter McLean James William Morris Sam James Muery Joseph Brewer Plaza John Blakely Pope, III Robert Clay Prim, III Lake Robertson, Jr. Miguel Fermin Rodriguiz Fritz Manfred Rosenbusch John Sinclair Russell Arch Chilton Scurlock Leonard Archie Swanson Barnaby Ledyard Towle Charles Francis Van Berg Chapin Winston Yates Frank Laurense Anderson James Robert Bissett Ernest Bruce Blount David Zora Banner Joseph Franklin Cage, Jr. Oran William Collier Thomas Edward Cook FALL INITIATES Bryan Leslie Denson Wilson Leland Dyer James Harling Means Robert J. Meers Viggo Miller Francis Eugene Mitchell John Williamson Moore Lloyd Alvino Nelson, Jr. Joseph B. Oliphint, Jr. Alfred Day Payne Madison Louie Ramey Jack Warren Smalling James W. Smith Walter Kenneth Victor Page 66 % junioRS SECOND-YEflR LfiWS Conner, William Curtis, Arlington Crausbay, Clyde, Crosbyton Gray, John Herbert, Wichita Falls Hutchinson, Bunyan Lee, DeKalb Irby, Elmo Sledd, Fort Worth Justice, William Wayne, flthens Lewis, McKinley Clayton, Jr., Hot Springs, Ark. Loftin, C. L., Graham Loidold, Joseph Dryden, Port Arthur Loomer, Perry Douglas, Jr., Beaumont McCormick, fllvin Futch, Austin Mazur, Gerald R, San Antonio Morris, Starling Thomas, Maypearl O ' Connor, Robert Burns, San Antonio Schlieman, Albert Horton, Corpus Christi Stark, John Wayne, Winters Page 68 FIRST-YEAR LAWS Blalock, Harold Carlisle, Beaumont Bourke, Geraldine H., Weatherford Broome, William Wallace, Tulsa, Okla. Brown, William Vincent, Jr., Texarkana Campbell, Warren Franklin, Austin Chambers, John R., Jr., Wichita Falls Collier, Henry W., Fort Worth Frazee, Charles Clifford, Jr., Wichita Falls Ingram, Thomas Patrick, Houston Jacobs, Earl Winter, Lamesa Kight, Morris L., Fort Worth McMillan, Claude Carter, Austin Moore, Roy Junior, Corsicana O ' Reilly, James J., Dallas Patman, Connor Wright, Texarkana Prothro, John Elwyn, Big Sandy Shaller, Walter S., Amarillo Wynne, Joe, Houston juniORS flbney, Rebecca. Lampasas fldams, Vivian Theresa, Benavides Albrecht, Ruby Mae, LaGrange flllgeh, Mary Fredericka, Beaumont Amundsen, Robert Fred, Galveston finders, Corinne, Cuero Andersen, Aksel Robert, Victoria Anderson, George, Jr., Wichita Falls Clara Louise. San Antonio Atkinson, Rosemary, Edinburg Avary, Kenneth, Barstow Avent, Richard Gray, Houston Baldridge, Freeman, Dallas Banta, lohn, San Angela Barber, Mary Frances, Grand Saline Bear, Fay, Bowie BCHT. Gay. Bowie Barrell, Betsy Ware. Houston Barrier, Olivia, Seminole Bartlett. Martin H , Brownsville or ok =. ' tn - Barton, John Wesley, Jr., Mt. Pleasant Baum. Henrietta, Ardmore, Okla. Becker, A. C., Jr.. Galveston Begeman, Robert L., Austin Behner, Vernon L., Harlingen Bennett, Laddie J.. San Antonio Bills, Thelma Kathryne, Auslir. Bingham, Anne Elizabeth, Rio Hondo Black, Martyne, Albany Blann, Anna Lou, Dallas Blann, Joe H., Dallas von Blucher, Mary Julia, Austin Blum, Henry F., Jr., Temple Bolt, Tom Dixon, Austin Booth. Nonna Adrienne, Red Rock Bourke, Gayle. Weatherford Bowman, Dorothy, Austin Bowman. Estil Arthur, Jr., Dallas Boydstun. Ward L, Fort Worth Bracey, Helen Louise, Bellville Page 69 juniORS Breeding, Crystal Dawn, Red Rock Breneman, Regna Fulton, Wichita Falls Bridges, Thelma Eleanor, Goose Creek Brown, Billie, Crowell Brown, Gwendolyn Gay, San Angela Brown, Hazel June, Corpus Christi Brown, Jack Pearson, Balboa, C.Z. Brown, Juanita, Austin Bryson, John Bennett, Bastrop Bunkley, Claud Elmer, Stamford Burcham, Richard Lusk, Alpine Burleson, James Meldon, Meadow Burton, Perry R., Houston Butler, Jack, Mission Butler, John Earl, Groesbeck Caesar, Betty Lou, Houston Cain, Helen La Verne, Cleburne Caldwell, Marian A., Dallas Calliham, Mauna Loa, Conway Campbell, Dorothy Atwood, San Antonio Page 70 Cangelosi, Robert John, Jr., Galveston Carnathan, Bill, Carthage Carpenter, Frances Lucile, Austin Carpenter, Leslie, Austin Carr, Edith Lucille, Fort Worth Carter, Edith Loraine, Houston Casillas Richard, El Paso Catching, Wayne, Sweetwater Celhay, Pedro, Jr., Madero, Tamps., Mex. Chapman, Sarah, Pecos Charpiot, Dorothy, Bellville Chick, Betty Lou, Dallas Clagett, Jane, Wichita Falls Clardy, Frances, Roswell, N. M. Clark, Aleene, Austin Colbert, Charles Ralph, Alvin Coleman, William P., Texon Colletti, Paul Frank, Port Arthur Colley, Hub, Jr., Vernon Comer, Dorothy, Abilene Copelond, Horace Victor, Jr., Grand Prairie Cox. Edwin Lochridge, Dallas Creighton, Charles William, flustin Creighton, John Roy, Mineral Wells Crozier, Mary Ella, Waelder Cueto, Manuel, Jr., Brownsville Dakin, Dorothy Julia, Dallas Dallneyer, Elvera, Brenham Daniels, Mary Caroline, Del Rio Danklefs, Elsa Lucille, Elgin Davis, Betty Louise, Dallas Davis, Henry R., Dallas Day, Clyde Wickliffe, Floyd Dean, Dorothy, Poteet Delgado-Vega, Vicente, Madero, Tamps. Mex. Demere, Georgina, Sterling City Denman, James Burton. Brownwood Dickie, Beth, Woodson Dickie, Sarah Jane, Denton Dickson, John Charles (Jack). Corpus Christi junioRS jft d Dillard, Nancy Elizabeth, Fort Worth Dillon, Howard Clay, Dallas Dockrey, James Beeman, Colorado City Dodgen, William Thomas, Jr., flustin Doell, Oscar T. Brady Dye, Pat, Joinenrille Eagle, Dorothy Elizabeth, Lufkin East, Sue, London, Kentucky Eckert, Mildred, Mason Eckert, Ruby Violet, Mason Edmonds, L. Loyd, Waco Elliott, James Webster, Sonora Ellis, John T., Weslaco FJrod, Alex Warren, Dallas Emslie, Donald Wayne, Fort Worth Eppler, James Layton, Eastland Erickson, Homer B., Odessa Erwin, Eldon Eugene, Fort Worth Estes, Burnett, Corsicana Fausset, Guy F., Jr., Houston Page 71 junioRS Favors, James, San flngelo Feagan, Dick, Hamlin Fischer, Newton, San Antonio Fleckner, Stanley C., Austin Foster, Randolph Nelson, Jr., Austin Foulk, Mary Ellen, San Antonio Franey, Catherine Jane Franklin, Rosemary, Christine Freeman, Harold Maurice, Little Rock, Arkansas Fulkerson, Edgar Vivian, Dallas Gall, John Leland, Santa Rosa Garbrecht, Marjorie, El Paso Garrett, Jack, Dallas Garza, Gustavo, Brownsville Gehring, Alice Madeline, El Paso Gensberg, Rose, Sweetwater Gilmore, Gail Ruth, Kalamazoo, Michigan Glasberg, Ruth, San Antonio Glaze, Wesley Ogden, Corpus Christi Goad, Tom Lloyd, Mineral Wells Gold, Harry Lee, Georgetown Gonzalez, Jorge Reyna, Torreon, Coah., Mex. Goodlett, Margaret Elizabeth, Henderson Gordon, William H., Galveston Gordon, Winifred, Coleman Goyne, A. V., Longview Green, Glena Jane, Kilgore Gregory, Kathleen, Austin Grisham, Winona, San Antonio Grupp, Stanley R., Mason City, Iowa Habenicht, Harold Guido, Fredericksburg Hackett, Charles W., Jr., Austin Haden, John, Ladonia Hammond, Billie Lou, Wichita Falls Hargett, Marion, Texarkana Harris, Jack H., Corpus Christi Harris, Truett W., Dallas Harrison, William Thomas, Electra Harrod, Hazel Louise, Otto Haskins, Edd Lee, Dallas Page 72 junioRS Motherly, Janice, flustin Hays, Harvey L., Jr., Abilene Hecht, Edna Dorothy, ftspermont Henniger, Verlynn El Grace, La Grange Hereford, Odis Gerrie, Conros Herzog, Erna Rosalie, flustin Hewett, Chlorys Elgie, Highlands Hicks, Charles Edwin, Waco Hilburn, Marvin, Lubbock Hillegeist, Gayle Virginia, Corpus Christi Hines, Nancy June, Hobbs, New Mexico Holcomb, Frank Edwin. Jacksonville Hood, Jacqueline Claire, Galena Park Hufstutler, Martha Eugenia, Lampasas Hynds, Robert Henry, Austin Isbell, Clay McWhirter. Fort Worth Jackson, Lois Ellen, Houston Jacobs, Carol, Lamesa Jacoby, Nesbitt Freddie. Fredericksburg Jarvis, Rosemary, Hubbard Jines, Sidney Merl. Perryton Johnson, Arthur Ubbe, Galesburg, 111. Johnson, Dorothy, Carrizo Springs Johnson, Robert Milton, Jr., Palestine Johnson, Ruth Ednalie. Iraan Johnson, Theodora W., Meno-d Johnson, Walter Ray, Uiralde Jones, Floyd Raymond. Palestine Jones, Gloria Kcrthryn, Dallas Kagel, Elaine, San Antonio Kebelman, Lenore, Weatherford Kelley, Onys Andrews, Jr., Austin Kelly, Frank, Austwell Kennard, Claude L, Longview Kepple, Patricia Anne, Fort Worth Kerr, Jeanne Elisabeth, San Antonio Kestenbaum, Dana I., Cameron Kiblinger, Quincy N., Jr., Abbott Kincaid, Elaine, Austin Kinney, L. Eugene, Celina Page 73 junioRS Kirchner, Bessie Merle, Edinburg Kitowski, Vincent J., San flntonio Kitzmann, John ft., Cypress Knolle, Mildred Elaine, Industry Lacy, C. Woolsey, Galveston Langdon, Marjorie flnna. Glen Rose Lanier, Betty Sue, El Paso Larson, Louis Everett, Tahlequah, Okla. Lawler, Gerald, Brady Lawrence, Calvin Leonard, Houston Lee, Eugenia Sheppard, McGregor Lemon, Mary Frances, Clarksville Leonard, George Walton, Jr., Navasota Lewis, Helena, Houston Lewis, Howard Henry, Houston Lierman, Ona Lee, Houston Lillard, Carroll Ervin, Jr., Albuquerque, N. M. Lissner, Philip David, flustin Little, Fisher, Uvalde Littlejohn, Margaret, Springfield, 111. Page 74 Lockett, Hudson Coleman, Dallas Lohec, Joseph Wesley, fllta Loma Long, flrchie Trueitt, flustin Luther, Millard, Wichita Falls Lynch, William Raymond, Longview McCabe, Eloise, Water Valley McCutcheon, Josephine Ethel, flustin McEntire, L ' Jean, Sterling City McGehee, Frances, Genoa McLendon, Mary Elizabeth, Freeport McMichael, Thomas Collins, Cason McMinn, Talmage Dewitt, Clovis, N. M. McMurrey, Lula Belle, Tyler McPherson, flreda Rebecca, Hillsboro McRae, ft. D., Fort Worth McVay, William Horace, Van Horn Mackey, Charles Franklin, Dallas Madeley, Billie Sue, Conroe Main, Richard Frank, Rusk Mann, Walter Leon, Longview junioRS Marcus, Paul M., Long Beach, Col Markley, Ward William. Jasper Martin, Dan Lee. Cleveland Martin, John Edwin, Houston Mask. Bill Glenn, Perrin Mason, Hodge Elijah, Shreveport, La. Mathis. May, Austin Maxwell, Walter Lee. Toft May, Henry King, San flntonio Mayfield, {Catherine, flustin Meadows, Wade Hampton. Jr., flbilene Mehta, Rbdul Khaliq, Qadian, Punjab, India Mikeska, Grace Leslie, Taylor Miller, Mary Beth, Fabens Moon, Brunelle R., Gilmer Moore, Jane Katherine, Dallas Moorman, Richard Harry, Jr., Dallas Morgan, Charles Winters, Roanoke, Va. Morrow, John William, Brady Moss. William Samuel, Henderson Mueller. Ervie, flustin Muller, Beatrice, Pampa Mumm, Kurt flgustin, Monterrey, Mexico Murphy, Morris Brown, Clebume Musil. flnnette, Stamford Nance, Herschel, Long-view Neely, Robert flllen, BellvUle Nelson, Otis. Jr., Wichita Falls Newman, Eugene Kirk. Alpine Nicholson, John Hirston, San flntonio Noland, Ada Lee. Whitesboro Nornhausser, Margie May, San Antonio Nowierski, Leon W., Jr.. Yorktown Obenhaus. Richard A., Clifton O ' Daniel, Mike, flustin O ' Daniel, Pat, Fort Worth Odeen, Marshall Henry, Nacogdoches Offutt. Dorothy May, Tyler Oglesby, Ethel firm, Eldorado Oliver, Rufus Walker, Groesbeck Page 75 juniORS Olsen, Virginia Marie, Dallas Oppenheimer, Alexander Joske, San flntonio Pabst, Richard Edward, San flntonio Palmer, Jean, Normangee Parker, Harry Baxter, Mineral Wells Pate, flmanda Louise, Sulphur Springs Payne, Gerrye Elaine, Louise Payton, Homer Leon, flustin Pelphrey, Nauty Byrd, Gladewater Perkins, Judith, El Paso Persons, Ruby Sue, Bryan Pesek, Edwin J., Hallettsville Peters, Polly Maree, Longview Phillips, Lillian Elisabeth, Houston Piercy, Wilburne Ennis, Lubbock Pirkey, O. Byron, New Boston Polhemus, John Glenn, Wichita Falls Powell, Mildred Portia, Beaumont Powers, Carlie Vera, Corpus Christi Powers, Thomas Chester, Jr., Corpus Christi Pratt, Frank Hiram, Del Rio Pugsley, Frank Burruss, Corpus Christi Pullin, Carlton Wade, Whitsett Quillian, Roy D. Pleasanton Ramsey, Mel Ruth, Detroit Rash, Robert, Terrell Raymer, Warren J., Kenedy Reck, Herbert, Jr., McAllen Renz, Stagg, Dallas Reynolds, Edward M., Jr., Eldorado Rhodes, Jane, Breckenridge Richburg, J. H., Jr., Clovis, N. M. Robinowitz, Miriam Louise, Rosenberg Rochs, fllfred Robert, San flntonio Rock, Frances Inez, Woodville Ross, Jane Elayne, Center Rucker, Glenn Derreld, Troup Rudeloff, Walter F., Beeville Rupe, Charles Bullard, Seymour Ruetz, Ruth Elizabeth, Waco ft ft Page 76 junioRS Russell, Frances Ellen, Longview Scdter, Forrest fl., Kerrville Sanders, Bernie Roy, Harlingen Sansom. Charles Culberson, Jr., Palestine Scarborough, Catherine, El Paso Scarborough, Quenton Duane, Oakwood Scarbrough, William Edwin, Jr., Austin Schiebel, William John, Dallas Schoenvogel, Elaine, Brenham Scott, Rosemary, Houston Seager, Scott E., Somerville, Mass. Seith, Marcella V., West Sewell, John C., Nampa, Idaho Sexton, Gloria, Austin Shellon, Edgar Greer, Jr., Austin Shepperd, Alfred, Gladewater Shipman, Helen Irma, San Antonio Shudde, Helen Louise, Washington, D. C. Simmang, Doris Elaine, San Antonio Simpson, R. Homer, Lamesa ) (5 Sivley, Roy Elmer, Jr., San Antonio Sluder, Marianna, Paris Smith. Frederick Adair. Dallas Smith, George Blucher, Edinburg Sneed, Jessie Louise, Austin Spoonts, Paul R. A., Me gargel Stafford, Sadie Gray, San Antonio Staley, Elizabeth Jeanne, Topeka, Kans. Stoddard, Margaret, Dallas Strawbridge, E. Jeane, Austin Struss, Roberta, Columbus Stuckert, J. Lamar, Jr., Fort Worth Sutherland, John Wesley, Alice Sutherland, Mary Elizabeth, Austin Svacek, Dorothy Marie, West Tally, Louis Homer, Weatherford Tausend, Paul Lester, Houston Taylor, Dorris, Texarkana Thomas, Martha Faye, Post Thompson, Doris Lucille, Wolfe City Thompson, Edwin D., Beaumont Page 77 unions Throckmorton, Robert Evans, Midland Thweatt, Mary Virginia, Wichita Falls Tiller, Lloyd Dewitt, Bethany Tipton, William L, Conroe Tully, Peggie, Dallas Turner, Alice Ruth, flustin Twiss, Frances Jeanette, El Paso Vela, Estela, Port Lavaca Vine, Harry III,, flustin Wagner, Betty Ruth, Port Neches Walker, Carroll Preston, Houston Wall, Grace Evalyn Walschak, Beatrice, Buckholts Walters, Mary Helen, Jasper Warner, Florence Lillian, Houston Watson, Mary Jo, Bowie Watt, Edward R., Jr., Weatherford West, Margaret, Mission West, Mary Loraine, Fairmont, W. Va. West, Samuel L., flmarillo Whealdon, Joseph Yauger, flustin Wheeler, Frances Evelyn, Tilden Whiddon, Eugene P., Brenham White, Emogene, East Bernard Whitson, William Douglas, Denton Whitworth, Ruby, Noxville Williams, Thomas, flbilene Wilson, Charlena, Mexia Wilson, R. G., Fort Worth Winters, Leona Lorraine, Texas City Wood, Thomas B., Temple Worthing, Louie F., Jr., Wharton Wright, Mary June, Fort Worth Wright, Randolph Earle, Harlingen Wyche, Virginia Lee, Temple Wylie, Betty, fllbany Yeiser, fllta Frances, flustin Yerger, Robert E., Donna Yolton, Jesse Marie, Houston York, Thomas fldams, Dallas Young, Dorothy, flustin Page 78 Chi Gpsilon Honorary Civil Engineering Fraternity OFFICERS lehl Vice-President Treasurer Ass: ' . ' ay !922 Cr. May, 1934 ..TED O. BflRTHOLOW .DJSON LOUIE Rfi: 3EORGE DREXELL CARR ..VIGGO MILLER .THOMAS EDWARD COOKE FACULTY MEMBERS E. C. H. E M. Fergi son S. P. Finch John flmold Focht Banks McLc T. U. Taylor MEMBERS Ted O. Bartholow Samuel Edward Bills George Drexell Carr Thomas Edward Cocie Viggo Miller Francis Eugene Mitchell Madison Louie Ramey George Doyle Prock Wayne Henneberger 5 s flubel James Robert Bissett Robert Pattison Felger FflLL INITIATES WiUiam Wayne Huff. Jr. Rafael Gutierrez Negrete Curtis Otto Schmedes John Weldon Simpson Joe Grisler Terrill, Jr. Richard Henry Berryhill SPRING INITIP.: Rose Ferguson Hager Edwin Mathew Grimes Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Administration Fraternity Founded, New York University, November 7, 1907 Beta Kappa Chapter Established December 13, 1930 Fifty-five Active Chapters OFFICERS Headmaster. . Chancellor . . Treasurer Scribe . . .LON LIPSCOMB NUSOM, JR. RONflLD J. BAETHE CARL FREDERICK RODE . .ALVIN HAROLD GRATZEL William P. Boyd F. Lanier Cox James C. Dolley J. H. Frederick FACULTY MEMBERS Leo C. Haynes Watrous H. Irons Everett G. Smith Fladger F. Tannery J. H. Frederick FACULTY ADVISORS F. Lanier Cox Neil Kenton Alexander Reginald Harris Ammons Ronald J. Baethe Frank Leslie Bain Basil Bernard Bell George Phillips Blevins, Jr. Fred Randolph Breaux, Jr. John Merlin Broullire Jack Ray Carroll William Jenkins Craig William Errett Cummings Earl Dennis Felix Hicks Driskill Lester Loyd Edmonds, Jr. Jack Keith Ellison Donald Wayne Emslie George Weldon Gartman, Jr. MEMBERS Robert Clifford Graham Alvin Harold Gratzel Harold Guido Habenicht Glenn Harris, Jr. Edd Lee Haskins John Andrew Hatcher John Dickson House William James Hudson Robert Franklin Hunter Clarence Theodore Isensee Sidney Merl Jines Kenneth Ray King Charles Cecil Langdon David Edmond Lewis R. B. Lewis Henry Standford McPherson John Herman Mack Tom Oliver Maud Miller Montag Richard Gurnett Nathan Edmund Francis Ney Lon Lipcomb Nusom, Jr. Ray Lusk Pollock Sydney Chandler Reagan, Jr. Donald Robert Richardson Carl Frederick Rode Thomas Vernon Smelker, Jr. Barney McCoy Smith, Jr. John David Smith Billy Torn Stewart Allen Lee Taylor Travis Loftin Thompson, Jr. Malcolm S. Vaughan Charles Edward Volz James Patrick Wolf James Grady Blanchette, Jr. Richard Donald Cowan Tom Lloyd Goad Everett Wayne Green Walter Ray Johnson SPRING INITIATES Frederick William Knight LeRoy John Kubecka Fisher Harper Little Jerome Henry Parker Arch Ernst Perkins William Henry Raschke Hugo William Schoeilkopf, Jr. William Dorman Smith Charles Louis Tillery Page Iota Sigma Pi Honorary Chemical Fraternity of California, 1900 Established 1931 Twen;y-twc Active Chapters OFFICERS Ccrtalysi Equivale Reducer Mordant Permanent Hi Sponsor UPS. E. P. WHITLOW RUTH ELLEN BARKER SARA MflRGRET CROCKETT .DORTHEA ELISE NEUBAUER MARIE MORROW H L. LOCHTE Marie Morrov.- Jet Winters FACULTY ADVISORS Ruth Leslie H. L Lochte Hilda Florence Rosene Leta Henderson Weber MEMBERS Dorothy Georgia Albert Ruth Ellen Barker Grace Annette Biesele Betty Boyd Sara Margret Crockett Catherine Donnell Loma Roe Gregory Ruth Perla Harrison Margaret Jane Hofer Miriam Lee Hollander Katherine Kasch Ruth Adele Koenig Etta Mae MacDonald Ellen Pickard MacKenzie Dorothea Elise Neubauer Elizabeth Patterson Fannie Laura Powell Dorthol Ernestine Queries Margaret Ann Weaver Leta Henderson Weber Caroline Webster Mrs. E. P. Whitlow Page 81 Pi Lambda Theta Honorary Educational Fraternity for Women Founded, University of Missouri, 1910 Psi Chapter of Texas Established 1927 Thirty-five Active Chapters OFFICERS President NAN LEE GAY Vice-President LORfllNE DOROTHY DICKEY Recording Secretary FAYE MAIN DAVIDSON Corresponding Secretary MflRY LEE ROBINSON Treasurer OMA LUCILLE RflY Faculty Sponsor CLARA M. PflRKER Corrie W. flllen Annie Webb Blanton Lurline Brady Connie G. Brockett Mildred Elizabeth Baker Eebekah Jane Bush Ann May Campbell Faye Main Davidson Dorothy Loraine Dickey Kathryn Louise Dial Sara Files Etha Reagan Forman Nan Lee Gay Margaret Eunice Grasty Leona Grimes Mary Jean Gunnerson FACULTY MEMBERS Cora Martin Mildred P. Mayhall Gertrude Xavier Mooney Marie Morrow MEMBERS Adine Helen Harrison Dorothy Nan Harrison Margaret Jane Hofer Marjorie Marie Johnsen Sarah Frances Johnson Willie Ruth Johnson Ruby Charlotte Kavanaugh Dorothy Lee Kirk Sara Elizabeth Knox Margaret Erie Leslie Lucile Mick Clara M. Parker lone P. Spears Florence Spencer Mrs. J. G. Umstattd Frances Elizabeth Miller Virginia Elizabeth Parmer Oma Lucille Ray Mary Lee Robinson Jeannette Markle Russell {Catherine Elmere Schlafli Clara Pauline Serger Billie Simmons Mary Lou Smith Peggy Stover Virginia Frances Vaughan Elizabeth Nan Weinert Mary Carter Lucile Clark Edna Vivian Cronquist Hiawatha Crosslin Verna Lee Deckert Doris Marwil Frost Margrette Zuleika Grubbs Mary McLain Harrison Mary Fern Hawkins Natalie Werner Jones Elizabeth Ellen Kee Edith Peal Kitchens SPRING INITIATES Gladyce Babcock Kurtz Lillie Mae Leaton Dorothy Mae Lockwood Etelka Schmidt Lynn Dorothy Dell McCann Billie Lee Miller Sharlie Ruth Muckelroy Ruth Morris Neyland Patti Duggan Nolen Margaret Elizabeth Penn Ruby Sue Persons Mrs. Clifford Craig Poindexter Pauline Martz Rojas Mary Elizabeth Russell Martha Jane Shelby Helene Estelle Silverman Elizabeth Stafford Helen Marie Sula Margaret Brice Sullivan Mary Margaret Tignor Clara Abbott Treadaway Eleanor Ann Van Zandt Emogene White Maria Jane Yantis Page 92 Pi Sigma fllpha Honorary Government Fraternity Founded, The University of Texas, 192C Thirty-t-vro Active Chap OFFICE President Vic 1 - " Sec: . . JOHN HOWARD WELLS .ROSCOE CULLIS flDKINS . SUNSHINE NEELY FACULTY MEMBERS J. Alton. Burci: Howard Calkins Delavan Evans G. L Field Stuart A. MacCorkle H. Malcolm Macdonald ' !echam C. P. Patterson E. S. Redford D S Strong Charles A. Timm O. D. Weeks R. L. Biesele William Lawrence McGill MEMBERS Roscoe Cullis Adkins Violet Valerie Alkemeyer Lynn Foster Anderson Rovery Earl Burns Alonzo Wesley Jamison, Jr. Jack Goree Knic: Henry Jack Naumann Mary Elizabeth Notley Roy Richard Rubottom, Jr. James Cunyus Watson O. J. Weber, Jr. John Howard Wells York Young Willbern FALL INITIATES John Crouder Carvey Edley Wilbur Cox James Douglas Groesbeck Nathaniel Harris McClamroch William Colson Steubing, Jr. Mary Margaret Tignor OFFICERS Pi Tau Sigma Honorary Mechanical Engineering Fraternity Founded, University of Illinois, March 16, 1915 Texas Kappa Chapter Established flpril 16, 1931 President ALFRED DAY PAYNE Vice-President WELLBORN ROYSTON HUDSON Recording Secretary JOSEPH NORRIS WILEY Corresponding Secretary GEORGE ROBERT YELDERMAN Treasurer . . . . ROBERT EGON H AUBOLD Rinaldo A. Bacon Myron L. Begeman Leonard R. Benson Howard E. Brown FACULTY MEMBERS Howard E. Degler Venton L. Doughtie Carl J. Eckhardt Harry L. Kent Byron E. Short T. U. Taylor W. R. Woolrich Billy Howard Amstead Charles Holmes Crosby Jo Wilmeth Hardgrave Robert Egon Haubold Garven Thomas Herring, Jr. MEMBERS Wellborn Royston Hudson Ike LaRue Kibbe Austin Felix Leach John Wilson Medlin Joseph B. Oliphint, Jr. Alfred Day Payne Billy Perkins Robertson Edwill Neipert Smith Joseph Norris Wiley Chapin Winston Yates George Robert Yelderman FALL INITIATES Karl Friederich Bartels Fred David Griffin Robert Lee Hall Robert Clay Prim Jackson Fritz Manfred Rosenbusch Terrell Jackson Small Walter Kenneth Victor Joseph Patterson Wier Page 84 Theta Sigma Phi Honorary Journalism Fraternity for Women Founded, University of Washington, 1909 Texas Xi Chapter Established in 1919 Thirty-nine flctive Chapters OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Keepers of Archives . MARY RUTH HUNTINGTON . . ANN WILKINS NORMfl GENE BARNWELL . . HflRRIET ELAINE CUNNINGHAM . ALICE LEE BEEMAN Marguerite Harrison HONORARY MEMBERS Edna St. Vincent Millay Molly Connor Cook Ruth Cross ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Daisy Thome Gilbert Margaret lohansen Ruth Lewis Martha Stipe FACULTY MEMBERS Lorena Drummond Gladys Whitley Henderson Norma Gene Barnwell Alice Lee Beeman Harriet Elaine Cunningham Norene Vernetta Dam Lowrey Waldene Burleson Verna LaRue Cooner Maureen Howie Fain MEMBERS Nihla Louise Gartman Mary Ruth Huntington Edna Belle Perry Dorothy Marguerite Scruggs SPRING INITIATES Doraine Louise Geiger Irma Cecilia Hansen Laura Ilyne Mcjimsey Catherine Elizabeth Miller Frankie Mae Welborn Afton T. Wynn Margaret Louise Simpson Ann Marie Ward Mildred Marjorie Wasson Ann Elizabeth Wilkins Ali ce Marjory O ' Hara Mary Elizabeth Sutherland Elizabeth Austin Wharton Page 85 -30- Club Organization for Women Journalists Founded, The University of Texas, November 26, 1940 OFFICERS (President) Editor . . .MARIANNA SLUDER (Vice-President) Associate Editor MILDRED MARJORIE WASSON (Secretary) Editorial Writer CORA THEA BIESELE (Treasurer) Business Manager LOWREY WALDENE BURLESON (Social Chairman) Society Editor GERRYE ELAINE PAYNE (Publicity Chairman) Advertising Mgr. . . .DOROTHY MARGUERITE SCRUGGS (Parliamentarian) Head Copy Reader CATHERINE HOWARD (Faculty Sponsor) Censor AFTON T. WYNN MEMBERS Cora Thea Biesele Lowrey Waldene Burleson Mary Bess Dorsey Catherine Howard Laura Ilyne Mcjimsey Helen Marjorie Murrie Alice Marjory O ' Hara Gerrye Elaine Payne Dorothy Marguerite Scruggs Marianna Sluder Mildred Marjorie Wasson Elizabeth Austin Wharton Ann Elizabeth Wilkins PLEDGE Nell Ruth Minter Page 86 SOPHOmORGS fldams, Tom Armstrong, Brenham fldkins, Jack Scott, Austin Alton, Charles F., Houston Ames, Jean Morton, San Antonio Amsler, Walter Scott, Jr., McGregor Anderson, Karl, Hillsboro Andrews, Tom Scarbrough, Houston Arneson, Anita, San Antonio Atkins, Evelyn Laurence, Austin Baer, Ruth Alys, Bay City Ballew, Adrienne, Houston Bass, Egbert Harroll, Marshall Benson, Frances Ellen, Austin Berry, Joe Hansford, Rogers Beshell, Jean {Catherine, Coahoma Beyler, Anna Ruth, Brookshire Bird, Mary Elizabeth, Austin Black, Albert H., II, Houston Black, Kenneth Parker, Houston Blake, L. F., Vernon Boaz, Willis, Fort Worth Bogel, Barclay Ann, Brownsville Boone, Oliver Kiel, Wichita Falls Boone, Pat H., Jr., Littlefield Borgeson, Charles Leroy, Jr., Dallas Basque, Virginia, Bryan Bostik, Alton F., Big Spring Bowles, Mary Margaret, Big Wells Boyd, Elvin Marvin, Dallas Bradfield, Tom Walling, Austin Bramlette, Gloria, San Antonio Brinkerhoff, Mary Harrington, Waco Briscoe, Dolph, Jr., Uvalde Britain, Ben, Wichita Falls Brooke, Clyde A., Conroe Bryant, Joe C., Dallas Busby, Claude Robert, Dilley Bush, Peggy, Harlingen Buster, Jo Margaret, Junction Byers, Charmian, Denison Caldwell, Jeanne, Irving Campbell, Helen, Kermit Campbell, William Todd, Houston Carl, James Larimer, Llano Carmichael, Mickie Marie, Tyler Carroll, Malcolm, Dallas Chambers, Mary Louise, Sweetwater Chastain, Oletta Myrle, Oklahoma City, Okla. Chiles, Charlotte, Hillsboro Cluck, John M., Jr., Georgetown Cochran, Alice C., Dallas Cohenour, Eula Jane, Orange Collins, Mary Floyd, Humble Collins, Nollie Maurine, Winnsboro Connolly, Ernest Allen, Groesbeck Conselyea, Adele DeLeon, Houston Cooper, Carolyn, Fort Worth Cowan, Richard Donald, Tyler Craven, Clyde Coates, San Antonio Croom, Nancy Gene, Lufkin Crosby, Vivian, Collinsville Crouch, Janet Katherine, Austin Culver, George Albert, Corpus Christi Cypert, Reynold Lemoyne, McAdoo Dougherty, T. Jackson, Dallas Page sopHomoRes (T 1 C) f o = . Davis. Adrian flveril. Port Arthur Davis, Hattie flldora (Jack), Beaumont Davis, Mary Kathleen, Austin Davis, Norman O., Palestine Dougherty, Maxir.e Rae, Omaha. Neb. Douglass, Helen Elizabeth, Lexington Edwards, Marjorie flnne, Dallas Elder, Carl Dyer, Coleman EUiott. Don flncil. Frisco Elliott, Mary Elizabeth, Sonora Emery, Virginia Lee, Dallas Eng, Phillip, San flntonio Evans, Marjorie Louise, Columbus Evans, Waunita S-, Hagerman. N. M. Files. Janice, Itasca Files, Joyce, Itasca Finch, Mary Mallory, Austin Fly, Geraldine, Victoria Foote, George Wilson, Jr., Port Arthur Fox, Jimmy, Waxahachie Franklin, Charlie flnn, Christine Frerichs, Mildred Glyn. San flntonio Fulmore, Sterling R.Jr.. Austin Galloway, Jeanne. San flntonio Gathright, Thomas Ebert, Victoria Galling, Lynn, Somerville Gayle, Dorothy, San flntonio Giberson, Dorothy Louise, flustin Gidley, Dorothy Jane. Lytle Gillespie, Frances Jans, flustin Goldbeck, Robert Eugene. San flntonio Goldman, Sally Rae. Shreveport, La. Gordon, Wanda, Fort Worth Gott, Preston Frazier, flthens Graves, Claude B , Jasper Gray. Peggy, Wichita Falls Greeman, Glenetta, San Antorio Greenwood, Frankie Lee, Del Rio Greer, Waynie Meredith, Wills Point Grell, Clinton Lewis, Hondo Gresham, Dorothy E., flustin Griffiths, Ruth Fletcher. San Antonio Hall, Ruth Adeline, Tulsa, Okla. Hall. Seidel Seale, Jr., flustin Hamblin, Kathaleene Nancy, La Porte Harris. Geraldine. Eastland Hasskarl. Dorothea, Brenham Heiskell. Reba, Dallas Hempe, Arthur Robert, Jr., Austin Hsmpel, Charles William, Port Arthur Herod, Varina Ann, Houston Higgins, Virginia DuVal, Victoria Hirscher. Lovie Eugene, Dallas Hodge, Henry Pope, Jr., Wichita Falls Hunter. Bertie Belle, Batesville lies. Sunny, Oakdale. La. Isett. Barbara Ellen. Van Jackson, Anne Ruth, Rockport Jennings, George Richard, Fort Worth John, Nina Andriana. Austin - - SOPHOmORGS or ' Johnson, Milton Mason, Cleburne Johnson, Robert, San Antonio Joyce, Marie Louise, Austin Keene, Katha Lea, Sonora Keese, Nila, Somerville Kelsey, Johnny, Deport Kendall, Thomas Alfred, George West Kenley, Luella Nixon, Austin Kessler, Marthann, Tulsa, Okla. Kinsburg, Vera Louise, Cincinnati, Ohio Kirk, Stanley, Breckenridge Klein, Marion, Navasota Klinger, Paul E. J., San Antonio Kocurek, Elenora Angeline, Dime Box Koepcke, Marie, Dallas Kreuzer, Richard Blair, Chicago, 111. Kalhanek, Dorothy, Orange Kynette, Lois Adele, Alice Larsen, Victoria Frances, Galveston Lee, Ruth Dolores, Edna Levinson, Helen, Menard Levy, Dorothy Paula, El Paso Lewis, Anne Elmhirst, Amarillo Lewis, Donald Dewitt, Houston Lorino, Classy Merle, Houston Lucas, John Parker, Houston Lunn, William Wayne, Olney McCauley, Margery, Dallas McCormack, Robert, Ancon, C. Z. McCormick, Hettie Elizabeth, Austin McCullough, Gladys, Houston McDermott, Maxine, Houston McElroy, Howard D., Jr., Dallas McGill, Elizabeth Howe, El Paso McGinnis, Lady Perry, Dallas Mclntyre, Do rothy Estaleen, Gladewater McKinney, Robert Thompson, Mount Calm McLaughlin, Frank Moore, Amarillo McLeod, Boyd Brown, Dallas McNay, Don Denton, San Antonio McNeil, James Samuel, Dallas MacNaughton, Jim H., El Paso MacNaughton, William Alexander, Galveston Main, Floyd Harold, Rusk Makins, James Edward, Port Arthur Malach, Abraham, Mexico City, Mex. Mapes, Doris Lee, Fort Smith, Ark. Marcus, Dorothea Eleanor, El Campo Maricle, Mary Jane, Schulenburg Mauermann, Julia Annette, San Antonio Merrem, Esther LaDelle, Yoakum Miller, Floyd G., Jr., Dallas Miller, Thomas H., Jr., George West Molloy, Mimi, Timpson Monroe, Morris B., Iraan Montgomery, Lois Loine, Brazoria Morris, Helen Bradford, Palestine Morris, Jack S., Naples Music, Joe, Hillsboro Nalley, William Frederic, Waco " =- 5? t?C sr ' Page 90 SOPHOmORGS Novor, Juan Manuel. El Paso Navar, Miguel flngel. El Paso New. Leo, Houston Nichols, Harry E., Llano Nickel, Doris Marie, Sioux Falls, S. D. Nored, Clarence Eugene. Corpus Christi Norton, Billy, Bay City Nummy, Bonnie Bess, San Antonio Obar, Gloria, Austin O Bryan, Bettye Jo, Freeport O ' Hara, Frank T., Little Rock, flrk. Oliver, Jack H., Buffalo Page, Melton, Jr., flbilene Paige. Dick Russel, Coral Gables, Fla. Palmer, Cathryn, Normangee Parker, James W., Houston Parks. Mary Love, Somerville Patterson, Edward Clinton, Houston Peevey, Dial Hike, Burkburnett Petm ecky, Ben Joe, Jr., Lytle Pierce, Edgar E., Menard Pinkston, Mary Jane, Dallas Pounds, Billie Lenora, Sulphur Springs Powell, George Clifton, Llano Powell, William Vemon, San Antonio Pracht, Mary Jane, Elsa Prell, Eulalie Blanche, Brazoria Prentiss, Dorothy Anne, San Benito Price. Don, Rochelle Puckett. Marilyn, Buffalo, N. Y. Queen, Maxine. Weatherford Randolph, Metz Ann, Austin Raschke, William Henry, Brenham Rather, Katheryn Nelle, Austin Rawls, Jean McGregor, San Antonio Reid, Helen W., Junction Reid, Joseph Lee. Goose Creek Rhome, Rom, Jr., Fort Worth Riley, Helen Sue, Abilene Roberts, Joe, Tyler Robertson, Alzira Eugenia, Elmo Rosenberg, Janet Louise, Austin Saffir, Gloria Anne, Dallas Saladino, Mary Rosalyn, Mercedes Sansom. Thomas Edward, Mart Schumann. Mary Ann, Austin Schutze, Carl Ahrendt, Jr., Austin Scott, Philip Douglas, Fort Worth Scott, Virginia Randolph, Buffalo Shinn, Ralph Edward, Austin Shirley, William Thompson, Houston Shoss, Isadore Hyman, Houston Simpson, Margaret Jeanne, Fort Worth Smith, Alice, Kerrville Smith, Argie Fa, Austin Smith, Lon L., Brownwood Smith. L. T., Houston Smith, Margaret Fay, Sonora Smith, Marguerite Browning, Brownwood Smith, William Clarence, Yorktown Page 91 SOPHOmORGS William Gramann, Port Lavaca .sad, Jim, Brownsville Sparks, Jasper Eugene, Tom Bean Spies, Betty, Ladonia Spooner, Patricia Evelyn, Rosita, Mex. Squires, Anne Elizabeth, Mercedes Stahlhut, Virginia flrlene, Wichita, Kans. Stein, Faye, Fredericksburg Stevenson, Robert James, Ranger Stewart, Peter, Dallas Stiff, James H., Big Spring Stripling, Sarah Elizabeth, San flugustine Strobel, Emma, Highlands Stroter, Clara Louise, Houston Sukman, Robert, Port flrthur Sundell, Carl Harold, Brownsville Surles, Burnell, Dallas Swanson, Joel Oliver, Port flrthur Swinny, Patricia flnn, Victoria Tate, Ben, Jr., San flntonio Taylor, flline Mae, Vernon Taylor, Herman, Jr., Fort Worth Thompson, Charles fllton, Carol Gables, Fla. Thompson, Grace, Dallas Tillery, Marilyn, Beaumont Tillman, fl. Y., Jr., Menard Travis, Richard Edward, San flntonio Treaccar, Charlotte Jane, Galveston Tubbs, George Gilbert, White Deer Tunnell, Bill Kerr, Tyler Umstattd, Mac, flustin Upchurch, Robert L., Bedias Vogt, Ruth Jeanne, flustin Von Bose, Robert Joseph, Poteet Walenta, Dorothy Jean, Rosenberg Walker, Charles fllborn, flustin Watkins, George Hall, San Saba Watkins, Harold Edward, Borger Watson, Thomas, Jr., Center White, Betty Bayne, San flntonio White, Bob Hanner, Houston Whiteman, Virginia, Clarksville Whitfield, Victoria Maria, Dallas Whitney, Fred L., Fort Lupton, Colo. Wilkinson, Susybelle, Shreveport, La. Willhoite, Warren fl., Huntsville Williams, Dorothy Lee, flustin Williams, Mary Elizabeth, Fabens Wilson, Eleanor flnne, Fort Worth Wilson, Glen P., Jr., Houston Wood, Elbert Owen, flustin Wood, Jeanne Shirley, Corpus Christ! Wood, Marjorie Collier, Nixon Wood, Mary Dell, Hearne Wood, Mary Louise, Big Spring Woodard, Bonita June, flustin Worley, Gertrude Moree, Mercedes Wotipka, Barney, Flatonia Yancy, Doris Rose, Lufkin Yoder, James Robert, Weimar Page 92 Alcaldes Honorary Service Organization {or Upperclassr OFFICERS President First Vice-Presic Second Secretary Treasure: Reporter Sergeant-at-Arms EDGAR GREEK SHELTON, JR. CHfiRLES GILES PURNELL GUS RALPH .: F-flNK LEE SNODGRASS CHARLES FREEDflMflN flLTON MARVIN BENSON HILBURN. JR. ROGER MURPHY GIDEON James Nick Adc: Charies Freedaman Alton John Webster Bishop Jack Russell Bu ; David Calvin C : William Todd C Isaac Edward Clark iin Sam Houston Field Hercer I Roger Murphy Gideon D. B. Horde; . Hardy Jack Marshale Hestilow Marvin Benson Hilburn, Jr. Jackson Ceivers Hinds King Hopk : Bruce Howard :rd Stanley Jung Joe Madison Kilgore Arthur Lee Kramer . James Wallis Lcng Edward Nichol McC Felix Francis McGivney, Jr. Jack Cecil Nelson Leslie Clay Procter Charles Giles Pumeil Carl Rudolph Runge Harry Frederick Schwenker Edgar Gree- lackCavett Sne .lliam Boyd Sinciair Frank Lee Snodgrass Gus Ralph Spence Robert Gerald Storey Davis Frank Strickland Douglas Richard Zwiener Page 33 Alpha Gpsilon Delta Honorary Pre-Medical Fraternity Founded, University of Alabama, flpril 28, 1926 Texas fllpha Chapter Established January 10, 1929 Thirty flctive Chapters :ERS President . . -a iMu l Vice-President Secretary, Fall Term . . . . Secretary, Spring Term. Treasurer Historian Faculty Advisor . .HERBERT HENRY JANSZEN ROBERT GILLILflND WILLIAM GORDON . .WILLIAM THOMAS ARNOLD PAUL ADRIAN HABER EDWIN TORRANCE ..C. R. JOHNSON James Robinson Bailey W. S. Carter D. B. Casteel HONORARY MEMBERS Henry W. Harper H. R. Henze T. S. Painter J. T. Patterson Eugene P. Schoch C. R. Johnson FACULTY MEMBERS Gordon Worley A. N. Taylor James McCullough Anthony William Thomas Arnold John Lane Baskin Harold Buttery Vernon Claude Caver Graham McDonald Coffman Herschel Dailey Milton Victor Davis Edward Downing Futch Robert McMurtry Gilliland William Hendon Gordon Paul Adrian Haber Lawrence Wayne Hart MEMBERS James Harold Hejtmancik Bob Hollan John William Hrissikopolous Herbert Henry Janszen John Dudley King Livius Lee Lankford Alfred Edgar Luckett Albert Mathew Magliolo Charles Eldon McKenzie Jack Leon Mendel Craig Wallace Morris Robert Vincent Murray Robert Allen Neely William Taylor Newsom Leon W. Nowierski Robert Erie Payne Rhesa Lee Penn, Jr. William Nathan Roddy Mola Michel Sigel Lex Burke Smith Rufus Alfred Stevenson Kenneth Stewart Tabb Edward Donnall Thomas Edwin Torrance Jack Raymond Walton Gilbert Ernest Adami Charles Ariemus Baker George Albert Culver SPRING INITIATES George Ellis Granville Henry King May Arthur Trow Mims Murphy Nelson George Theodore Nicolaon James Ernest Robinson Jack Luther Webb Page 9 The Cowboys Honorary Service Organize: OFFICERS Foreman Straw Boss -e-V. ' rar. Camp Cook . .JAMES CUNYUS WATSON ROGER CHflRLES SULLIVflN . JOHN VIRGIL SINGLETON JOHN GATES SEP.: Dane X. Bibie HONORARY MEMBERS Disch Robert Maurice filter: lames Maurice Bivins Walter Thomas Caver. Charles Frederick Chambers am Cariton Church Denton Arthur Cooley William Bowden Deader J. Ward Fouts Ernest Joseph Godard Chester Wooter .ie Raymond Cloud Harrison Tack Hemdon Jackson Ceivers Hinds Alfred Ashbrook King MEMBERS rrles Cecil Langdon Carl Ernil Lauer Thomas Hart Law sell James Leonard William Clifford McDugald Howard Russell McFarland Wallace Chamberlain Montgorr. :ene Neely Morgan Nesbitt James Edward Newman John Clarke Roberts. Jr. Billy Moss Sensing John Gates Seaman William Hinckley Seay Virgil Singleton J. Burleson Smith Gus Ralph Spence Robert Gerald Storey Robert Schwarz Strauss Roger Charles Sullivan Robert Foard Townsend Tol Ben Ware James Cunyus Watson . Howard Wells :rew Ben White Harry Stanley Wilder Joe Davenport Wilson .an Windham, Jr. Morris Burke Barefield William Arthur Barton Ted Lutcher Bellmont Lloyd Millard Bents = Dolph Briscoe, Jr. Ben Pittman Denm an Clifford Brien Dillon red Lansing Dei- Seaborn Eastland, Jr. SPRING INITIATES Jack Herod Jack Marshale Hestilow Jack Bruce Howard Ike Simpson Kampmann. Jr. Malcolm James Kutr Julian Constantine LaRc Maurice Aaron Leminons Richard Martin Lucas Kay Marsene Noien Herbert Lingo Platter, Jr. James William Porter Thomas E. Price John McReynolds Seay Kenneth Dale Seibert H. L :-n Arthur Eugene Steel Mac Umstattd mas Wilson. Ill Phi Lambda Upsilon Honorary Chemistry Fraternity Founded, The University of Illinois, 1899 Pi Chapter Established 1920 Thirty-five flctive Chapters OFFICERS President .... Vice-President . . . Secretary .... Treasurer. . . . Alumni Secretary Social Chairman. Faculty Sponsor. EUGENE PAYNE WHITLOW ROLAND BELL HOLT ANDREW PATTERSON ARCHIE STANLEY KASPERIK EDWIN D. REDDING WILLIAM WALTER McLEAN . .GEORGE WILLARD WATT Robbin C. Anderson James Robinson Bailey William A. Felsing Emory D. Fisher FACULTY MEMBERS Clifford S. Garner John Griswold Lewis F. Hatch H. R. Henze C. R. Johnson H. L. Lochte Eugene P. Schoch George Willard Watt Roger J. Williams David Andres John D. Breaker Vernon Hendrum Cheldelin Willie Woodward Crouch Benjamin Peter Dailey John Franklin Draffen Joe Clarence Evans John Thomas Files Carl Moss Furgason Richard Alvin Glenn Everett James Hardgrave John R. Hodson Henry Alvin Holcomb Charles Burt Holder Roland Bell Holt Joe Thomas Horeczy Walter Burke Howard Arthur Furman Isbell MEMBERS James Homer Jones John Edward Kasch Archie Stanley Kasperik Edward Albert Kelso Harry Alexander Kornberg Leon Vernon Larsen Joe Fred Lemmons Billy B. Leslie Francis Edgar Lewis Roy Thomas McCutchan Aubrey Rew McKinney William Walter McLean Tom Edwin Moore James William Morris Sam James Muery William Oscar Ney Leslie Grey Nunn Andrew Patterson, Jr. John Blakely Pope Chessie Elmer Rehberg William Woodrow Robertson Leslie Millard Schenck Lewis Charles Sellers Billie Shive Jack Warren Smalling Robert James Speer Ray Clint Stiff Roy Charles Thompson W. H. Tonn, Jr. Charles Francis VanBerg George Wash George Mario Watson Lemuel Dory Wright John L. Weeks Eugene Payne Whitlow Robert Curtis Wilson Page 96 Pi Gpsilon etroleum Engineering Fraternity -.- o: Texas, Noveaber 26, 1935 OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary Treasure-: Catalogs . LEONARD ARCHIE SWANSON . . LAKE ROBERTSON, JR. STEVE DeBORD, JR. JAMES WAGNER SMITH ..JOHN SINCLAIR RUSSELL Harry H. Power Frederick B. Plummer FACULTY George Fancher Robert L. Whiting T. U. Tavlor r: E. Sweeney Jack I. Lcrudermilk George B. Cor less E. DeGolyer HONORflRY MEMBERS Charles A. Warner Daniel C. Jackling John R. Suman Gonzalo Acosta Gus Athanas Ellis LeClair Anders Hub Colley, Jr. Glenn Lee Corrigan Steve DeBord, Jr. Bryan Leslie Denson Ernest Joseph Godard Charles Rene Houssiere Julian Edward Kastrop MEMBERS Phillip Harry Lipstate, Jr. Ben Ralph Luscomb, Jr. William Clifford McDugald Edward Lafaye Massman Robert J. Meers Ernest Edward Merkt Samuel Curtis Oliphant Joseph Brewer Plaza John Waller Pritchett, Jr. Lake Robertson, Jr. John Sinclair Russell Jesse William Scarborough, Jr. James Wagner Smith James Bertil Sorenson William Stuart Stovall, Jr. Leonard Archie Swanson Barnaby Ledyard Towle Turgut Ulug Bruce Sanborne Weaver Page 97 Sigma Delta Pi Honorary Spanish Fraternity Founded, University of California, November 14, 1919 Zeta Chapter Established, March 1, 1935 OFFICERS President . . CARLOS MflNUEL VALDES Vice-President KYLE ROQUE WELLBORNE Secretary IDA LUCILLE CAMIADE Treasurer . . .CLARA PATRICIA COLLINS Faculty Sponsor. CONNIE G. BROCKETTE Connie G. Brockette Lilia M. Casis Carlos E. Castaneda C. C. Glascock Charles W. Hackett Rex D. Hopper Margaret K. Kress FACULTY MEMBERS Chester F. Lay Ramon Martinez-Lopez C. M. Montgomery Covey T. Oliver George I. Sanchez E. R. Sims Matthew I. Smith Jefferson R. Spell R. C. Stephenson Nina Lee Weisenger Lillian Wester Lucile Williams Ambrose P. Winston Eleanor Bishop Ida Lucille Camiade Mary Josephine Cannizzo Christina Cloe Christie Clara Patricia Collins Robert Emmet Cunningham George Washington Delavan Marian Frances De Shazo Frank Raymond Emmert Maurice Robert Fincher Helen Fine Luis Ezequiel Gamez Ida Gandler MEMBERS Alvin Harold Gratzel John Herbert Gray Lillian Gregg Adine Helen Harrison Patricia Sue Hengy Baxter Finch Holland Clarice Georgette Hollman Willie Ruth Johnson Ruby Charlotte Kavanaugh Mary Alyne Key William Connery Lethco Mary Myles Mitchell Oma Lucille Ray Reginald Carl Reindorp Billie Simmons Sydney Scout Sorensen Margaret Jean Spillar Sue Spivey Claire Elizabeth Stanley Margaret Ruth Studhalter Lucille Evelyn Treybig Carlos Manuel Valdes Grace Evelyn Wall Mildred Alice Webb Kyle Roque Wellborne Suletta Ovella Wiler Samuel Woodrow Wilson Laurie Timmons Callicut Margaret Marie Conway Elsa Lucille Danklefs Fred Pittman Ellison James Monroe Falkner SPRING INITIATES Vernon Myers French Nihla Louise Gartman Milton Goldstein Charles W. Hackett, Jr. Milton Mack Heath Bess Strange Pruitt Lyman Alonzo Ripperton Pauline Martz Rojas Helene Estelle Silverman Eleanor Ann Van Zandt Page 98 Sigma Ru Phi Honorary Inl Legal Fraternity Four. - .- Law School. Wa; D. C, February 12, 1903 :bhshed 1936 OFFICERS Chancellor Vice-Chancellc Second Vice-Chancellor Registra; Master of the Roils. . .MORRIS WILLIAM HASSELL . WALKER JULIRN HENRY .JOHN CLEVELAND AYCOCK .POWELL DICKSON THORNTON, JR. STERLING EDWARD KINNEY John Cleveland Aycock Eldredge Carson Carver, Jr. Richard H. Craig Leonidas Gordon Dexter Sam Carlton Green Morris William Hassell MEMBERS J. D. Hemphill Ross Hugon Hemphill Walker Julian Henry Louis Elmer Huff Carl William Jones Sterling Edward Kinney Walter Stanley Shaller Kelley Smith Powell Dickson Thornton, Jr. John Ogden Walters William Franklin York Earl Kenneth Adams Lewis Her den Arnold, Jr. David Barti-; Fred Yancy Boyer SPRING INITIATES Charles Hale Storey James Curtiss Brown Charles Lee Cavness Albert Earl Coneway Bob Donahue Silver Spur Honorary Service Organization Founded, The University of Texas, November 15, 1938 OFFICERS President . . JOSEPH MacDONALD DEALEY Vice-President CLAUDE ELMER UPCHURCH Secretary DAYTON REED TflYLOR Treasurer. . . .ROBERT DAVID WINDROW Wallace Ewing Adams Frank Leslie Bain William Steele Crombie, Jr. Wayne Burke Davis Joseph MacDonald Dealey William Clyde Johnston SPURS Joe Madison Kilgore Hayden Louis McDonald Tom Burns Moore Jack Cecil Nelson William Bruce Robinson Jean Wiley Spears Robert Earl Strelsky Dayton Reed Taylor Thomas Charles Unis Claude Elmer Upchurch William Madison Webb Jesse Paul Wheeler Robert David Windrow Maurice Adam Henry G. Andrews David Calvin Campbell William Ellis Cook John Wesley Dorsey Maurice Robert Fincher ROWELS Randall Calvin Jackson William Townsend Keenan Harding Luther Lawrence Pete John Layden Dick Jones McCampbell John Edward Metzenthin Kyle Edward Muennink Robert Hitchcock Sharpless William Boyd Sinclair John Thomas Steen Davis Frank Strickland Page 100 FRGSHmen fldams, Leta Jo, Caldwell fllff, Adeline, flustin flllen, Dewey Eugene, flustin fllsup, Iris Elizabeth, Houston flltgelt, Minetta, New Braunfels fllvarez, Luis Hector, Juarez, Mex. flngel, Bertha Louise, flllen flppling, fldreain Nell, Luling flrnold, John, San flntonio flshendorf, Freddye Mas, Waco Baker, Beverly, Junction Barbour, Virginia, flustin Barker, Jimmie Lee, Crystal City Barnes, Jerry June, Waelder Barnes, Sally Metzula, Galveston Barrier, Catherine, Seminole Barrow, Edward Ewing, Houston Baxley, W. Warren, Big Spring Beachy, William Nicholas, San flntonio Beck, John Dee, Dallas Begley, Mary Louise, Shamrock Beilin, Gertrude Gale, Mirando City Belt, {Catherine, Corsicana Bertch, Mary Beth, San flntonio Bevil, Dorothy Gene, Hull Blackburn, Bill Robert, Victoria Blessing, Dorothy flnn, Dallas Block, Sadie Rose, Houston Bloomer, Jimmy, flustin Boatman, Donald J., Peoria, 111. Bodine, Cora Mae, Colorado City Banner, Martha Nell, Eureka Boulden, Cecil Foard, flustin Brady, Julia Markham, flustin Brady, June Elizabeth, flustin Braly, Henry L, Wynne, flrk. Braly, Jean, Waco Brunson, Emma Jean, Barnsdall, Okla. Bucher, Raymond Kasper, New Braunfels Bunch, June, Houston Burditt, Carolyn Lee, La Ward Burke, John Lord, Dallas Burkhart, Elizabeth flnne, flrcher City Burnett, Doris flnn, Brenham Burney, Natalie Wilma, Sherman Burns, Mary Helen, Cuero Butler, Joyce M., Crockett Butt, Charles Sam, Kerrville Byrd, Kenneth Kee, flrcher City Cage, June, San flntonio Campbell, fllta Belle, Smithville Caplan, Estelle Marie, Corpus Christi Caraballo, Leopoldo, Mexico City, Mex. Cariker, Joe Bill, Childress Carpenter, Willis Tessier, Miami, flriz. Cawthon, William Connell, Paris Chatmas, Dorothy Hearne Clark, Byron, Dallas Clause, Sarah Elizabeth, Dallas Cloward, Davis Thomas, flustin Page 102 FRCSHmen Coates, Settle Lou, Ozona Coghill, Hazel Marie, Houston Cohn, JoLeigh, Bishop Cole, Jack Lewis, Denton Colmey, James Weir, Webster Groves, Mo. Colvin, Jay W., Houston Conlisk, Carolyn, Brownwood Connolly, Betty e K , Groesbeck Connelly, Miriam Gordon, Austin Cornforth. Dorothy Louise, Taylor Coston, Adelle, Uvalde Cottle, Nell Maurice, Moron Courtney, Glen Wilson, flustin Covo, Georgette Elaine, San Antonio Covo, Jacqueline Marie, San Antonio Craig. Jane, East Columbia Crorwley, Bob, Lamesa Crist, Medora Woodson, Blanco Crittenden, Martha Lavinia, Houston Curtis, Lewis Scott, Austin Cuthbertson, Dorothy, Austin Daniel, Betty Elaine, Dallas Danklefs, Kenneth, Elgin Davidson. Marilla T., New London Davidson, Marilynn, Balboa, C. Z. Davis, Cecile, Tulsa, Okla. Davis, Frances Elaine. Austin Davis, Juanice, Gonzales Davis, Mary Ernestine, Brownwood Davis, Mary Louise, Beeville Davis. Neil, Thomdale Delaney. Robert M.. ftbernathy Delgado-Vega. Enrique. Madero, Mex. Dever, Bebe Jo. Waco Dey. Virginia Dorothy. Nicholls. Ga. Dillard. Roy Earl, Dilley Dinwiddie, Ballard Alvin, III, Marshall Dismukes, Benne Frances, Woodville Donnell, Helen Glover, Mexia Donzis, Jerome Milton, San Antonio Doss, Doris Flo. Colorado City Dougherty, Fred Allen. Center Doughtie. Horttie Lucy, Tomball Douglas, Betty Lou, Van Douglas, Bruce, Spearman Dozier, Allen, San Antonio Duncan, John Kirk, Pampa Dunlap, Julia Adella, Qeburne Dunning. Elizabeth West, Gonzales Dyer, Marian Elizabeth. Baird Eason, John Harold Gilmer, San Antonio Eaton, Blanche Lillian, San Antonio Elliott, Benge, Austin Emmetl, Eleanor. New Orleans. La. Engel, Genevieve, Asherton Esterak. Joyce, Wallis Evans, James O.. Pampa Ewing. Joseph Shelby, Paris, Marjorie Nell, Edna Ferguson, John Ernest, Eldorado, Ark. Page 103 FResHmen Pinlayson, Charles, Tyler Fleishman, Miriam firm, St. Louis, Mo. Fleming, Bryan, Center Florman, Lloyd, Blytheville Fontaine, Elizabeth, San flntonio Foster, Robert D. (Bob), Gatesville Freed, Itta Louise, Crystal City Freeman, Juanita, Fort Worth Friedman, Ruth, Eldorado, flrk. Gantt, Mary Lou, Fort Worth Garnett, Estella Elizabeth, Spearman Garrett, De Vere flnn, Dallas Garza, Raoul, San flntonio Gentry, Jacqueline, flrkadelphia, flrk. Gibbs, Bess, Burnet Gibson, luanita, flustin Gibson, Lucy Ellen, Sherman Gibson, W. E., Jr., Big Spring Givens, Delma Lavinia, George West Glover, George Edward, Jr., flustwell Goldbeck, Eddie, San flntonio Goldberg, Shirley Frances, Mercedes Goldstein, Estelle, San flntonio Goodner, Jim Box, McKinney Graham, Julie, flustin Gray, Lee William, Caldwell Green, Gloria flnn, Dallas Gunn, Thomas Herbert, Cayuga Guthrie, Rufus K., Mullin Hall, John Henderson, Jr., Fort Worth Hall, Rosemary, Waelder Hamilton, flrthur G., Jr., Fort Riley, Kans. Hargis, Lovey Lucille, East Bernard Harkrider, Jane Elizabeth, flustin Harmon, Nita Karl Ott, Dallas Harris, James Leonard, Fort Worth Harvill, Katherine, El Paso Hastings, Betty Jo, Dallas Hatfield, flnnie Lee, Irving Havens, Becky, Orange Hawkins, Jerry fllfred, flustin Heiman, John Lewis, Garwood Heller, fldelaide Lucas, fllexandria, La. Helton, Mary Jane, Houston Hendrix, William Clarence, Jr., Fort Worth Heroman, George F., Monticello, flrk. Hickman, Kathleen, Millville, Del. Hicks, Helen Ruth, Waco Higginbotham, Warren Hamilton, Houston Highsmith, Maurine, Junction Hightower, Jeanne, Houston Hillman, flnn, Edna Hoeflich, Bert J., Houston Holcomb, fllice Maurine, flustin Holland, Mary Loreen, Houston Holmes, Roy Willis, Shamrock Hornak, flnna Frances, College Station Howell, Grace Louise, flustin Howeth, Glenn, Wichita Falls Howser, Dorothy, St. Louis, Mo. Page 104 FRGSHmcn Humphrey, James Brittain, Dallas Huntington, George, Jr., Rosenberg Hulcheson, Billy Gouts, Fort Worth Jacobi, Bemiece, Dallas Jacobs, Betty Claire, Houston James, Dorothy, Groveton Jarvis, William Tanner, Hubbard Jinkins, Jack, Galveston Johnson, Dorothy Louise, Dallas Johnson, Lois Josephine, Hutto Johnston, Robroy, Aliceville, flla. Jones, E. J., Houston Jones, Theodore Lawrence, Dallas Jordan, Virginia Neal, Austin Kan-en, Josephine Evelyn, San flntonio Karsteter, Mrs. Ola May, Bellevue Keeton, Kenneth, Stamford Kendall, Ruth Harlan, Houston Kennedy, Edward R., Sentinel Butte, N. D. Kennelly, Thelma, Rosenberg Kennon, I. G., Jr., Cleburne Kessler, Florence Lorraine, St. Louis, Mo. Kimbrough, William Duke, Midland Kinsel, George Davie, Hebbronville Klingelhoefer, Mary Louise, Fredericksburg Kolar, Mildred Elizabeth, Nixon Kotzebue, Augustine Frances, West Columbia Koy, Douglas, Sealy Lacy, Judy Devereaux, Hondo Larson, Helen, Dallas Lasater, Eleanor, Mineral Wells Lea, Sarah, San Antonio Leary, Alice Gordon, Laredo Lemon, Thomas Marshall, Austin Lensky, Paul, Houston Lewis, Dorothy Nell, Austin Lewis, George N., Moundsville, W. Va. Lewis, Jean, Midland Lewis, Randolph Huson. Alexandria, Va. Liang, Naomi. San Antonio Lipscomb, Branch Coleman, Lockhart Long, Jerry Travis, Carthage Lott, Jessie Lorrein, Austin Loveless, L. E., Stamford Lowry. France Louise, Frederick, Okla. Loyd. Deanor Ann, Dallas Ludwig, Gloria M., New Braunfels Luedemann, Jewell Kathleen, Schulenburg Lundgren, Martha Jean, Marinette, Wis. McAfee, R. Raymond, Wharton McBride, Annetta Grace, Dallas McBride. Janice, Dallas McBride, William E.. Baling McCall, Lizzie Louise. Austin McCarter, Marjorie Ann, Vernon McClellan, Baker, Ben Wheeler McClusky, Elinore Catherine, Dallas McCormick. Gwyneth Anne. Austin McCullen. Murff. Port Arthur McDonald, Henry C., Jr., Dallas FRGSHmcn McGee, James Sanders, Center McKay, William Harold, Fort Worth McMahan, Marietta Colburn, Houston McManemin, Billy Lee, Dallas McMillan, Warren K., Fort Worth Magliolo, flmedeo fl., Galveston Magliolo, Joe, Jr., Galveston Mahler, Ida Louise, Gonzales Maierhofer, Dorothy flgnes, San Antonio Mandell, Ida Rose, El Paso Manly, Walter Marion, Cotulla Marshall, Jane Lynette, Baytown Martin, Betty Brice, Austin Martin, Lou-Edith Ray, Austin Mason, Elizabeth Marie, Markham Mathias, Bette Ruth, Dallas Melton, Alan S., Wallace, Neb. Mercer, Jacquelyn Delvene, Chicago, 111. Michaux, Macon Craig, Balboa, C. Z. Miller, Bernice Beatrice, Marble Falls Miller, Frances Louise, San Antonio Miller, Louis Cameron, McKinney Miller, Robert Lambie, Austin Mills, Allene, Floresville Mitchell, Jack Eugene, McGregor Mitrovich, Josephine, Galveston Moore, Margaret Alice, Longview Moore, Felicia, Austin Morelos-Zaragoza, Jorge, Mexico City, Mex. Morris, Thomas Leon, Sonora Moss, Catherine Louise, Waco Moss, Joe Henry, Fort Worth Muehlberger, Constance, Wichita Falls Mullen, Brooks William, Galveston Nail, Virginia, Dallas Naler, John Lawrence, McGregor Nash, Joe W., Jr., Kaufman Nevman, Rosie, Tuxedo Nipper, Kay, Brackettville Noack, Thelma, Rockdale Olander, Johanna, Hutto Oldham, Doris LaRue, Silsbee Oliveira, Carlos, Benavides Oliveira, Luis, Benavides Owsley, William Clinton, Austin Parks, Etta Grace, Somerville Parrish, Peter Prince, Downers Grove, 111. Patterson, Jack, Austin Pelphrey, Rose Marie, Gladewater Perkins, Margaretta Peggy, El Paso Perry, John Jackson, Sweetwater Pettengill, Russell A., Jr., New York, N. Y. Plume, Henry Horace, Yoakum Pool, Glen L., Moran Porter, Mary Jane, Waco Porter, Robert Wilson, Graham Potts, Sara Jane, Fort Worth Powell, Harold Dean, Beeville Pressly, Rachel Elliott, Cuernavaca, Mex. Price, Luna Fay, Price Page 106 FRCSHmen Price, Nancy Elizabeth, Colorado City Pumphrey, flaron fl., Taylor Purl, Eugenia Marie, San flntonio Pyeatt, Nancy, Dallas Quicksall, Maribel, flustin Rack, Lillian Elizabeth, Santa Rosa Ragon, Dixie Lee, Marshall Raney, Dayton B., Rio Grande City Ravkind, Mozelle Florence, Dallas Rawls, Nancy June, San Antonio Real, Edna Ettie, Kerrville Reed, Harry Lowe, Houston Reid, Jerry Campbell, Gilmer Reid, Frances Marian, Pilger, Neb. Reinhardt, Vera Jon, San flntonio Rsnz. Jack R., Dallas Repper, Gail, Fort Worth Rhea, Dorothy Jane, Wood, Wis. Richey, Robert Lee, flustin Rigby, flnna Bell, Uvalde Rodgers, Mary flnnette, Burnet Rogers, Charles flnthony, Chicago, 111. Roman, fllice Sue, Bryan Rose, Martin, Del Rio Rudloff, flrcher Lee, Newgulf Ruffin, Clyde, Pittsburg Russell, Betty fllene, San flntonio Russell, Mary Jo, Odessa Rutledge, Virginia, San flntonio Sada, Patricia, Monterrey, Mex. Sanderford, Emily Eloise, flustin Schaeffer, Eva Mae, Happy Schellhase. Frances Louise, Washington, D. C. Schletze, Ruth Esther, Encinal Schroder, Henry William, Hot Springs, flrk. Scott, Franklin Thomas, Ladonia Scurlock, Robert L. Lorance, Fort Worth Seipel, June, San flntonio Sellers, Clyde, Jr., Del Rio Senter, Carl Conway, Forney Seymour, flnnie Lou, Dallas Shanly, John Stuart, Binghampton, N. Y. Sherman, Mary Marcelline, Fort Collins, Colo. Shipp, Margaret Jean. Idaho Falls, Idaho Shudde, Weldon, Houston Shumake, George C., Wichita Falls Silberstein, Minnette Frances, flustin Simms, William Paul, flustin Slaughter, Betty Jane, flustin Slicker, fllice Louise, Cisco Smith, flubrey Harris, Goldthwaite Smith, Forrest B., Jr., McCamey Smith, Genevieve, Center Smith, Geraldine, Covington Smith, Jean Milton, Dallas Page 107 mith, Junith Shelbourne, Austin Smith, Ned M., Dallas Smith, William Lee, Peoria, 111. Sneed, Robert Carter, Austin Sparks, Jim, Tom Bean Stallings, John, Leonard Stapp, LaNeil, flndice Steen, Roy L., Moran Stephens, Ellis Glynn, Overton Stifft, Sidney, Little Rock, Ark. Stolz, Leola Alma, La Grange Stripling, Martha Anne, San Augustine Sutton, William Mimms, Uvalde Tate, Eugene Marsh, San Antonio Taylor, Donald R., Wilmette, 111. Taylor, Juanita Elizabeth, Haynesville, La. Tempel, Kathleen G., Dallas Thomas, Jerry, Pampa Thorp, June Elizabeth, ' Austin Thrasher, Catherine, Houston Timm, Phyllis Lynette, Austin Tinnin, Helen Lou, Elgin Tracy, Paul Aubrey, San Antonio Turner, Clifton, Jr., Dawson Varga, Yolanda Elizabeth, Franklin Park, N. J. Vaughan, Tommy, Bertram Viar, Nathan, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Walthall, Martha, Houston Walton, Martha Ann, San Antonio Ward, Victor Wallace, Fort Worth FResHmen mi Warren, Shirley Phillips, Austin Watson, Billy, Dallas Weaver, Alminice, Rule Webb, Juanita Grace, Fort Worth Weingarten, Bernard Louis, Houston Welch, Charles W., Mineral Wells Welmaker, Felix E., Austin West, Carey Keene, Breckenridge Wheeler, Mary Gay, Flatonia White, Arthur C., McKinney White, Frances Earle, Greenville Wiener, Esther, Robstown Wild, Claude, Jr., Austin Wilder, Mary Jane, Ann Arbor, Mich. Williams, David Raworth, Austin Winston, Susie, Bay City Winters, Robert Gemmill, Hanover, Penn. Woeltel, Carl, Austin, Minn. Woodcock, Helen, Austin Woodley, Doris, Wright, Emma Lou, Farmersville Wueste, Leojune, Eagle Pass Yates, Ivy Estelle, Corpus Christi Yates, Jo Ann, Austin Zang, Louis C., Dallas Zinn, Natalie, Galveston Page IDS Alpha Lambda Delta Honorarv C :sn Women Four. Texas OFFICERS President . Vice-President . . Secretary Treasurer Historian Reporter Faculty Sponsor. CflTHERlNE LEE STOCKflRD FRflNCES MflRGflRET SEILHftRZ ,RY ELECTRfl CRISSEY . BETTY JUNE ELLIOTT ELIZflBETH ftNNE LflNGSTON IRIS HELENE BENNETT DORORTHY GEBflUER Joyce Elaine fltkins Frances Margaret Beilharz Iris Helene Bennett Frances Ellen Benson Jo Margaret Buster Guadalupe Cardenas Oletta Myrle Chastain Mary flnne Click Mary Electa Crissey Rebecca ftnn Crockett Marjo Vane Davis Betty June Elliott Mary Mallory Finch Geraldine Gillespie Margaret Mary Gurley Clara Louise Harris Varina flnn Herod MEMBERS -jckson !ma Gena Jennings Elizabeth Rose Kenr e Koepcke Elizabeth Anne Langston Fauna Ruth Long Lida Ruth Long Jean McCandless Lady Perry McGinnis Dorothy Estaleen Mclntyre Rosemary Marsh Dorothy Elaine Mar Dorothy Elizabeth Matthews Ruth Lynn Nicholson Katherine Kerrigan O ' Neill Margaret Helen Osoba Marv Love Parks Mary Ethel Posey Metze flnn Randolph Jecn McGregor Rawls Virginia Mabel Reich Nancy Jane Shumate Frances Spence Smith Charlotte June Stevenson Catherine Lee Stockard Emma Julia Strobe! Grace Thompson r cedes Trevmo Jean de Forest Vinson y Pauline Waltmon Harriet Elizabeth Wood Marjorie Collier Wood flnnie Christine Zarafonetis Mary Louise Begley Ruth fllthea Belt Mary Helen Burns Betty Cade Dorothy Chatmas Jo Leigh Conn Nell Maurice Cottle Georgette Elaine Covo Jacqueline Marie Covo Sara Louise Dalkcv. SPRING JNITIflTES Marvel Jean Snow Halden Katherine Brownson Harvill Gretchen Sophia Herrmann Josephine Evelyn Karren Judy D. Lacy Dorothy flnn Laffe: Jean Le Lillian Diana Luckett Carol Ruth McElroy Nancy Lee Martin Mary Kathryn Nipper Nancy Elizabeth Price Lenore Marienne Rebstein Ruth Frances Schumm fllice Louise Slicker Hertha Szigeti Marion Elizabeth Thomas Mary Jane Wilder Martha Wilkerson Susie Marie Winston Page 109 Alpha Phi Omega Honorary Scouting Service Fraternity Founded, LaFayette College, December 16, 1925 fllpha Rho Chapter Established May 25, 1935 Ninety-one Chapters OFFICERS President First Vice-President Second Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer . . . WILLIAM ARTHUR BARTON . .GEORGE SAMPSON NALLE CHARLES GROVER TRENCKMANN RICHARD STEWART MASON ..THOMAS SIDNEY SLIGH SENIOR FACULTY ADVISOR F. I. ADflMS H. P. Bybee FACULTY ADVISORS C. R. Cranberry flrno Nowotny F. Lanier Cox SCOUTING ADVISORS H. W. Newman Herbert Gaskin ALUMNI ADVISOR Charles T. Clark J.W. Calhoun John fl. McCurdy HONORARY MEMBERS William Lawrence McGil! V. I. Moore E ). Mathews H. T. Parlin Richard C. Watts William Edward Syers Robert Martin fldams Jack Scott fldkins Dick Emory Anderson William Marvin Bailey William flrthur Barton William Roger Belden Charles Edward Belson Paul Edwin Boggs Charles Garner Bowen Dolph Briscoe, Jr. Chester Bryan Buford Claude Robert Busby Vernon Caver William Sneed Clark Luther Joyce Cranford Lewis Scott Curtis George Louis Dacy John Lavert Dashiell Frank Lipper Dover H. S. Buck Durham Wilson Leland Dyer William Edward Dykes Edward Joseph Egozcue Emmett flmberg Ehiers Jack Leigh Eidson MEMBERS Ernest HUliard Fincher, Jr. John flrnold Focht, Jr. William Hague Foster, Jr. Ralph Edward Frede Wilborn Grimes Kenneth Clayton Hanson Wendell Holmes Hanson Harvey L. Hays Oriz Dale Hewgley Charles Davis Johnson Clyde Elkins Kay George Morgan Keith Robert Fairhurst Kniffin Bert Jarvas Knight Livius Lee Lankford Louis Everett Larson, VI Charles fllton Lawler Earl Vogelsang Lindsay Winston Southgate Lindsay Joseph Henry Loewenstein Walter Marion Manly Richard Stewart Mason Robert Warren Mathis fllfred Covington Miller Richard Marshall Mischke James flndiew Montgomery, Jr George Sampson Nolle Jarnes Blackstone Newman John Hirston Nicholson R. C. Norris Lewis Glynn Owens Marven Wesley Petty Newton Joseph Rabensburg, Jr. Henry Stagg Renz George Lowell Rich Eugene Haze Sanders Samuel Clarence Schlitzkus Carl flhrendt Schutze, Jr. Robert Lewis Shelton, Jr. Thomas Sidney Sligh Carroll James Slubicki flrthur Louis Smalley Owen Robert Smith James William Thokey Charles Grover Trenckmann Thomas John Uhl Harry Vine, III feff Lee Vining. Jr. Walter Jackson Wilkes Vincent Wroble Page 110 Association for Childhood education National Founding 1930 ablished 1932 OFFICERS President Vice-Presiaent Secretary-Treasurer Reporter [ATHRYN LOUISE DIAL . .WINNA GENE LEE CATHERINE MORGAN :NA flNNE RflTLIFF CORA .TIN Martha Jean flckerman Ruby Mae fllbrecht Mara Lee fingel! Phyllis Elouise Axelrod Carolyn Sue Barwise Margaret Lurline Brady Christine Pnscilla Burns Rebecca Jane Bush Sarah Chapman Meda flleene Clark Loyce Ivy Dawson Kathryn Louise Dial {Catherine Donoho Sue Ezell Orville Kathryn Francis Ruby Geraldme Gassaway Leona Johnson Grimes MEMBERS Tilda Jayne Grover Mittie Emily Gulley Margaret Harns Rachel Elliott Hartin Marie Hanna Holland Helen Howard Ruth Hyde Alice Irene Jones Bertha Margaret King Winna Gene Lee Anna Lee McAnnelly Betty Jo Maloney Milton Marie Men-it! Ellen Miblack Catherine Morgan Julia Drake Morris Maxine Murray Betty Park Ann Catheryne Pearson Elizabeth Pickering Ina Anne Ratlifj Christine Ressman Dorothy firm Schneider jfeiifcjeen Elaine Scott Elaine White Sr. Frances Stoo Peggy Stover Roberta Struss Margaret Mary Thorpe Fern Doyle Ulbrich Eleanor Ann VanZandt Barbara Hodges Warner Jeannette Lee Weeks Marie Werly Nell Wilson Page 111 Folfa Omicron Omega GRflND COUNCIL FOOEY! Helen Sharpless Butler Margaret Neil Carlisle Mary Margaret Finnegan Mary Mina Hilman Eloise Logan Marguerite Walling FOO MflNCHOO Mary Helen Burr FOGEYS Katherine Raynolds flnderson Dorothy Elizabeth Ball Jane Knolle Blumberg Margaret May Burchard Helen Sharpless Butler Margaret Neil Carlisle Mary Margaret Finnegan Virginia Myrle Ford Geraldine Gillespie Margaret Mary Gurley Jeraldine Hill Rosemary Susan Milliard Mary Mina Hilman Margaret Humlong Betty Jean Jones Dorothy Jane Lehrer Eloise Logan Betsy Kate Moors Gloria Obar Maxine Robiso Helen Margaret Rolle Jeannette Markle Russell firm Schumacher Jane Lee Stroud flnne Woodruff Talley Marguerite Walling I ' d rather be a FOO than ! ! ! Page 112 Ru Upsilon Tau Tau Honorary Organization {or Junior and Senior Women Founded, The University of Texas, 1917 High Worthy NUTT JUNECflRR Anna Hiss FflCULTY MEMBERS Dorothy Gebauer Alice Clyde Beakley Betty Beall Suzanne Buckingham June Carr Ruth Ann Chaney Elizabeth Ann Chizum Jetty Grace DeLong Marjorie Iris Dodd Betty Katharine Finnegan MEMBERS Louise Mary Gardner Constance Rlmeta Gossett Frances Wynne Harrison Katherine S. Highams Margaret flnn Littlejohn Martha Elizabeth Lutz Eugenia McMurrey La Verne Agatha McMurtry Helen Elizabeth Munson Edna Belle Perry Joy Ray Mary Norma Sheehy Mary flnne Stedman Leola Virginia Trotter Mary Julia Von Blucher Joyce Whaley Elizabeth Patton Will Marie Elizabeth Williams Lydia Moore Bryant Polly Chilton Jacqueline Davis Becky flda Dougherty Connie Eversberg GOOBERS Mary John Grelling Lois Evelyn Highams Jane Jordan Jester Mary Frances Johnson Frances Gale Jones June Olivia Jordan Margaret Eleanor Kelly Frances Jeanne Mullis Noncy Abernathy Peebles Josephine Upchurch Barbara Hodges Warner Page 113 Ownooch Mary Io fldams Margaret May Burchard Jean Marguerite Champion Ruth Marie Clark Jane Copeland Connie Shirley Eversberg Virginia Myrle Ford Margaret Mary Gurley Betty Mary Johnson Frances Barton Harris Mary Frances Keith Eugenia McMurrey Eleanor Schuyler Mills Mary Myles Mitchell Judith Christine Moffatt flnna Blanche Munger Molly O ' Daniel Jerry Owen Elizabeth Park Jerry Hoke Peacock Helen Naomi Robinson Maxine Robison Marjorie Dee Sinclair Dorothy Schneider Mary Julia von Blucher Page 114 Phi Gta Sigma Honorary Scholastic Fraternity for Freshman Men OFFICERS President Vice- President Secretary Historian Faculty Sponsor Founded, University of Illinois March 22, 1923 Texas Chapter Established February 17, 1931 Thirty-six flctive Chapters GUS RALPH SPENCE JflCK CECIL NELSON SPURGEON KYLE BRTTT DOLPH BRISCOE. JR. ..V. I. MOORE Robe: Recfir. Frank Lawrence fir iker 3cs.- Zarl Belknap r. Bern cm an Clarke Bic. R G Bour. : geon Kyle Pritt Jack Brook. Kenneth r: Bob Steve Bryan Robert Earl Burns Jack Russell Buster Wilh ers Cage. Jr. ey 7 r Clark -.on Cook James Coleman Cock Denton Arthur Coc. Paul Her.ry Coy Wil. Cher oily :n Davenport rough Davis Charles} De Lancey r: Delavar. -oach Gilt Jan; e Frank Craic James We Hero) Plea-- Warren We 3avid s Brooks V. ::ST Miller rd George 1. CH3 vj Campbell W on Swearir Henri Tallichet .vay S e Daniel Theodore He lames McDonald Heflm r. Ceivers Hir- Roger Weldon Hodce Leojaye Hoffman Ross Rayrr.or.d Holteway olman Hclrr.sley Howard CarMon Wade ;eOrer. r Bruyere ianson borough Stepr.en ' ) :-5 Rec Jack- Robe- zer ' .yde lonr. 1 P.snbrcor. Maurice Klae- Jar.e.- Gerard Lee ----- Alfred : Joseph Scott flrch Chilian Scurlock Gates Searr. ' Joseph Stanley Srr Kill; r.Jr Frar.- igrass ' -ji r S Dears " ... Le Roy E i t Leigh E CailDy Marshal! Le- Wilhara Edv. Joe Fenley Flack A r ard Dcv. Os " a r C . f,f-. flrb- Joe AcJolph O -y Lipetcle Jg erpxir.-y Stree- JohnW: I 11 U ' ' Fack Ford Hardie Edward Greer Hardwicke Bill Benson Hardy Bob Hollan :olzschuher Jr. :m Faulkner Keefer Kellis ert Joe Kovar : Ferdinand Kreisle Kushner Georc Jr. Lewis Pat v .erson -d Metzer ent Murray rylorNewsom .do Graves Noble William E Peach -home. Ir. ond Maurice r ' Ronev Fran i M nappard :liam Spence Robert Theodore Stenberg Rob- Sarr. Weidajanr. Richcrd Orvi! P. George Ross . -ere Elwc e D. Cooley tney Stuart Dickson Currie ObieU RayHa--- r. SPRING INITIflTES Role- raid on i Landrum Rober ;McPJ:: . Ow h-- ps Jack: ;; r - mas Robinson Claude Wilde, Jr Page 115 Pzcrtlx Founded, The University of Texas, March, 1940 OFFICERS President, . . . Vice-President. Secretary Treasurer . flNNfl BLANCHE MUNGER . , ..MARJORIE IRIS DODD MARY VIRGINIA ARNOLD ..FLORENCE THOMPSON Mary Jo fldams Mary Virginia Arnold Doris Louise Billings Grace Leake Dexter Marjorie Iris Dodd Jane Worthington Duls Josephine Bell Fordtran Mary Frances Johnson MEMBERS Josephine Cannington Kerbey Jean McCandless Hortense Keller Miller Anna Blanche Munger Norma Elise Niemeyer Frances Ann Parks Jeannette Markle Russell Katheryn Nelle Rather Ann Schumacher Shirley Scott Billie Simmons Dorothy Sory Mary Anne Stedman Florence Thompson Leola Virginia Trotter Page 116 Tau Delta fllpha Honorary Pre-Medical Fraternity for Women Founded, The University o Texas, November 12. 1937 Motto: " Glaube im Leben " OFFICERS President Vice-President . . Secretary ?: Treasurer . Reporter Keeper of the Bones . Sponsor. Dr. Caroline Crowell Dr. Elizabeth Gentry Dorothy Georgia filbert Sara Margret Crockett Lorna Rae Gregory Mary Gail Hamilton Erna Rosalie Herzog .DOROTHY GEORGIA fiLBERT MARY GfllL HAMILTON LORNA RflE GREGORY HAZEL RANEY SCOTT . . CAROLINE WEBSTER ELLEN PICKRRD MacKENZIE . DR. CAROLINE CROWELL HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Margaret Schoch MEMBERS Miriam Lee Hollander Maxine Audrey Jett Ida Sophie Kuritz Etta Mae MacDonald Dr. Katharine McCormick Hilda Florence Rosene Ellen Pickard MacKenzie Ruth Lynn Nicholson Hazel Raney Scott Zuleika Elizabeth Stanger Caroline Webster Billie Carolyn Edmonson Gretchen Sophia Herrmann Lois Adele Kynette SPRING INITIATES Willya Davye Lucas Evelyn Rae Powers Hertha Szigeti Myra Katherine Tschudin Ruth Helen Wilhelm Thusnelda Louise Zuch Page 117 . . , . . sv .. Si - ! - W -dJ LFD 6666 13iolo(jic(d Laboratory c-c A V A , s. RUSH WEEK, Orientation, and society attract earlycomers the chumps. They come by auto, bus, and train. Baby Sis Hyter and Flower Mills unpack at the Pi Phi House. Deke Bowman with his book-satchel at the bus station. Excited train-travelers pick out their baggage while our friend in the upper left has his hands full of it. Freshmen girls arrive at Littlefield. ' MEN ' S RUSH WEEK is in full swing with the Pi K. A. ' s holding forth for the first time in their new location. Delta Chis have as an added attraction a badminton court. K. Sig. ' s John Hicks and H. L. Simpson show the view from their front walk. Eddie Cravens and Morgan Nesbitt sweat through a ping-pong match at the Sigma Chi house. Rushees almost always win such games. fl. T. O. ' s lawn tete-a-tete is in the able hands of John Seaman while Bennie Benson steps upstairs from the Sigma Nu " Rack Room " for a fleeting try at marksmanship. Ben Denman, Lambda Chi ' s " Mr. Big, " and Bill McLean escort a rushee into the house. New arrivals at the S. A. E. house. Sig Eps ' Matthews and Cook have a visitor well in hand. CLOSE ON THE HEELS of the fraternities, the girls pounce on their prey at luncheons, teas, dinners, and coffees. Kappas show off their beautiful garden, and informality is the note at the Zeta House. Tri Delts proudly entice rushees with a new house. Pi Phis had a hard time finding places to sit with so many girls around, even in their large house. Phi Mus bring one into their midst. Chi Omegas balance a meal on their laps. ALTHOUGH OUT OF SCHOOL, Helen Rath- bone and Kay Kleberg help out with the K.K.G. ' s rushing Mary Lucile Wicker, fit the top we see Mary Myles Mitchell and Judith Craddock at their best at the Alpha Phi House. A mock-wedding takes up the slack for tired rushees at the Chi Omega House. Another Pi Phi arrives. Thetas wel- come a future wearer of the kite. Alpha Chi Omega ' s pretty ranch- style home lends itself well to entertaining. The tilted picture shows Gam- ma Phi Betas exercising their limbs instead of their tongues. VOLUNTARY SUBSCRIPTION , Texas Ranger SCHOOL officially begins with registration, buying of books and activity tick- ets, and standing in nu- merous long lines. KUTNER here early for football practice and prexy Fouts and secretary Simmons get things lined up for student government. Freshman Orientation gets under v ay. -I PLEDGE NIGHT German-goers saw this hula. Intramural flthlete Harry Bracker is victim of a slung bat. Betsy Kate Moors and Katherine flnderson. Col. Hurt and the band at the rally before the Colorado game. Head yell leader Lipscomb and his new assistants. Upper right flee Alsup and Jim Stathakos. PLEDGE COLORS are in evidence every- where and the boys are introduced to all the girls by going down the line at the different houses. Katheryne Rather shows it isn ' t too late to swim. Ladd entertains in front of the Union. Mob at the German. Dr. Meachum, government professor, lec- tures. Upper right Kutner and Daniel. JOHN PETERSON and Phi Psi brothers get ready for the Indiana trip. Heap and Grain and a scared porter leave for the same place. Harrison and Clements. Sunday lunchers at the Sig Ep House. Leaves have started falling. Ownooch attends the D. T. D. Open House. The Sigma Nu-fl. T. O. ballgame. CHILI LIPSCOMB. fill-night waiters for O. U. tickets. Borden, Tidwell, Hancock, and Wyatt watch the game. Kate Black, Jetty DeLong, Jean McCandless. Chairman Billy Seay and Judiciary Council ruling on the Constitu- tion. Mauldin is hurt. Flanagan, Parks, and Gill. Texas Union between classes. WE BEflT ARKANSAS. Jimmy Craig takes up C. fl. A. course. Hal Kemp ' s band entertains at the week-end dance. Registration for the draft. Fall elections. President and Mrs. Rainey hold their annual reception in the Texas Union. Bill Barton rides herd on his vote counters. BETH O ' NEIL and John Wells. Drum Major Curtis Popham. The Band gives an informal concert before the Rice game in Houston, fl bunch of Kappas. Look close-by it ' s Kilgore. Bubba Cooley and Joy Ray. Elyse Stephens distributes the Ranger to it ' s avid readers. Naval R. O. T. C. gets under way. The K. A. dinner gong rings. See these clockwise: COflCH BIBLE and his boys. The S.M.U. rally, second largest rally of the year. Florence Woodfin. Sadie Hawkins Day with the N.U.T.T.s chasing the Cowboys. The cast makes up for " Manana Is An- other Day. " Jimmy Young and Ray Smith at peace with the world. June Jor- dan is initiated into the N.U.T.T. Clockwise also: NflT PEKRINE plays for his last German before leaving for Army Camp. Footballers playing their last year for Texas are honored at a rally before the Baylor game. James Stiff makes all the games. Exhibition race between halves at the Baylor game. Cowboy Section at the game. Dealy Day Dinner. Kappa Sigma Open House. Sig. Ep. Open House. START with the idyllic scene on the right just above one reason people " bust-out. " flth- lete Pete Layden on the books. We see the inimitable Grain outrun some Froggies. H. G. Wells is escorted over the Campus during his visit. These three boys walk their way through College carrying the faculty mail. On No- vember 11, we had a round-table discussion on the world situation. Joe D. Wilson. Here ' s Peggy Stover. COMES THE END of intramural football with the Tejas battling the fl.T.O. ' s for fraternity championship. Kappa Sigmas hanged " Jawin " John " in effigy. Censored word was tsk! tsk! HELL. More inj-amurals. fin interested quar- tett at the A. M. game. The funny looking gent in the next picture is Joe Neuhaus with a mask on, naturally. We caught a shot of a corner table at the Thanksgiving German. Tri- Dorms express their belief in the team. The Rose Bowl jinx as D. T. D. showed it. Bonfire before the game. OUR TEAfl IS RED HOT iHI Start above and go counter-clockwise: THIS YEAR ' S football captains congratulate the captains - elect. Mor- tar Board has its an- nual showing of sil- ver. Al Donahue and his singer. " Manana Is Another Day " hit the local boards and was very much a success. The basket- ball team is already working out. Coach Gray looks like one of the boys. Bob Douglas with the pis- tol at the MICA ' s highly successful barn dance. Pi Phis have their much publicized fire. Spec- tators at the Sigma Nu vs. the A.T.O. ball game were en- tertained by a swing band. Another pair at the MICA dance. CHE VflRSITY CAR- NIVAL, where every- ane blew off money and steam, brings to light talent long hidden. Sigma Nu ' s mellerdrama. Sig- ma Chi ' s prize win- ning strip-tease show with swimmer Morgan Nesbitt in the middle. Joy Ray served as a taxi- dancer and Stan Mauldin gives her a whirl. Phi Gams ran a good gambling joint and bar which served root beer. The Delts Dictators show was rowdy enough to please. Pi K.A. ' s pitch - a - penny coined the money. The Kappa Conga Chorus, with Bobs Rathbone at the mike. Phi Delta Theta ' s escape artist. CHRISTMAS PARTIES and flu came hand in hand. Mary Myles Mitchell made it down-stairs for the Al- pha Phi party in spite of her illness. Myra Tschudin wasn ' t so lucky. Roberts Hall ' s San ta spreads a lit- tle cheer to under-privi- leged tots. Right below is Pete Layden being hon- ored at the T banquet. On the left is the Delta Sigma Pi party Elizabeth Nig- gli in the center and Dr. Irons smiles from the right. Below is Alpha Phi ' s party. We wish the pho- tographer had been a lit- tle later or sooner on the Kate Black picture. The Texan has its Christmas brawl. DEFENSE-MINDED engineers get a special course. Sarah Holmes crams for finals. Naval R.O.T.C. boys inspecting new gun racks. Fred Ramsdell took the gory bullfight scene in Mexico during the Christmas holidays. Exams are really on the way witness the thinker. Clarence Williams and Marvin Bergstrom toot around in this " Texas Special. " O ' Daniel ' s in- auguration and barbecue at- tract thousands. The little one is Jack Geddie. We even had cigarette girls at the Germans this year. Ralph Frede buy s books and sells books at As- sembly book exchange. iv NELL JACK presents R. B. Patrick with the trophy he won as the most hand- some athlete at the Aqua- cade. The T.C.U. basket- ball game. Prepping for Time Staggers On. Miss Gebauer and Jessie Sneed sign up Panhellenic dele- gates. Bob Nesbitt, Aggie Editor, puts out the Texan with the aid of Lowrey Burleson and Editor Sin- clair. Morgan Nesbitt and Pat Robertson put lights on Jane Dillard for an Aquacade event. Gloria Obar and Frances Car- penter. JAN GflRBER played for the German. Texas and S.M.U. engage in a basket- ball contest. M ' liss Vaughan and Janet Long won first prize at the Junior Prom for the best costume. Joy Ray was presented with a prize at the Cowboy Minstrels a little negro boy. A group at the Junior Prom. Dean Shorty gives out at the Minstrels. The Students ' Assembly conducts an investigation into working conditions on the campus. Page 141 RflDIO HOUSE at work, Ira Lavin directing. The finalists in girls ' Posture Contest. Nancy Rawls, Luella Ninley, Margaret Littlefield, and Jane Jarvis, Bit and Spur members. Work is coming along on the new Engineering build- ings. The singer with Bernie Cummings band entertains Bernie himself is in the back- ground. The Orange against the White in spring football practice. Below, Texas takes fl. M. at basketball too. Laura Krey, well- known ex and author makes a visit. JOYCE BATTENFELD and Sam McBirney. The Fite Nile crowd, fl hot boxing bout on the Fite Nite card, George Stautz is the referee Hank Truby and Robert Goldbeck battle it out for the table tennis crown; Roy Snodgrass is at the tele- phone. The Fine flrts Building gets under way. The President of the University gives a reception for the new vice-president, J. Alton Burdine. President Rainey addresses Boy Scout sponsors. CAMPUS as classes change, fin act from the circus. Dick Lane at the control board of the Union P. A. system. Action in the game between the Minneapolis Millers and the Boston Bees which was sponsored by the Ben Hur Shrine. Pitcher Deutsch and brother catcher Deutsch. President Rainey buys first ticket to the Varsity Circus. Count Basey ' s band. THE A.T.O. ' S CHORUS at Sing-Song. The NUTTS gave their usual recital. MICA Sweet- heart, Gloria Obar, is presented at the Inde- pendent Students ' Association national con- vention held at the University. Chi Omega won first place in Sing-Song and receives a cup from Mrs. Bland. A part of the convention group. Triad Grundy receives the Delta Tau ' s trophy for the best fraternity entry in Sing- Song. N.I.S.A. saw these boys receive honors for being outstanding independent men on the campus. The Sweetheart line at the N.I.S.A formal ball. FREDNIEMAN FOR PRESIDENT ..ft tl ARTHUR STEEL and Wayne Stark, candidates for Cactus editorship. A little campaigning with a megaphone. One of George Leonard ' s clever ideas. Some of Fred Nieman ' s workers. Anna Munger ' s " Rain or Shine " campaign. Hurly-burly on the main walk. The gardeners had to clean up the mess. One of Jack Brookshires ' signs which helped him gain office. The long count under supervision of the A.P.O. ' s. WE EVEN HflD ft DONKEY campaigning. Johnnie Latham served punch. The busy Union box. The not so busy one at Geology Building. Buddy Givens supporters. Jimmy Craig ' s Rancho where he held drawings for free airplane rides. These little ducks got votes for Liz Sutherland. Ralph Spence files his expense account. THE ROUND-UP parade is here. The float judged the best all-around entry was fl.T.O. ' s United We Stand. The Sigma Nu ' s entry. The Zeta float was the Most Beautiful. Prize for the Most Educational went to Phi Gamma Delta. Delta Tau Delta won the award for the Most Comical with its rush week take off on Uncle Sam. Pi Phi ' s beauti- ful Peacock. Most Unique entry was that of Delta Sigma Phi. flLPHfl PHI ' S CHARM BRACELET. Alpha Xi Delta entered a Teddy Bear. The Betas emphasized Pan-American unity. The parade detoured so that T. U. Taylor might see it from his sick bed. The exquisite entry. Alpha Gamma Delta ' s play house. Kappa Sigma ' s Ship. RAY COFFIN on the Theta ' s Green Pastures float. The Sweetheart of Texas, undisclosed at the time of the parade, Gloria Obar. Pi K.fl. ' s Show- boat, ft. D. Pis, Uniting The Americas. Gamma Phi Beta had an airplane entry. Chi Omega ' s King Neptune. DOROTHY GILLJS, Bluebonnet BeUe Nominee. The Sweetheart Nominees await the news as to who is IT. Some of the faculty at the Revue. Finale presentation of the visiting Sweethearts, Belle Nominees, Sweet- heart nominees, and Gloria Obar, Sweetheart of Texas. The Sweetheart float. THEN CflME the greatest Texas Relays. Topmost event of the day was the setting of a new world record by this team composed of Umstattd, Ramsdell, Seay, and Bare- field. Rainey crowns the Re- lay Queen, Miss Obar. Coach Littlefield and the day ' s honor guest, Coach Lawson of Pennsylvania. Captain Ramsdell with his father, the first great Texas track star. Champion Jack Hughes. Lonnie Hill finishes on his hurt leg. The very good announcers. FINISH 50 YARD DASH 100 YARD DASt-i 120 YARD HURDLES ENTERING the Architecture patio. Cowboy initiation. Boxer Ray Wallis. Lowrey Burleson and Elizabeth Whar- ton getting initiated into Theta Sigma Phi, honorary journalism fraternity. Dean Capp. fl.P.O. party. Coach Little- field. Frances Jackson, Inez Stockton, and fllice flrcher at the Burdine re- ception. HOWELL STEWflRT and Betty Beckham. Vice- President J. fllton Burdine, Mrs. Rainey, Mrs. Burdine, and President Rainey. Stags at the last German. Spring is in the air. fit last the great day arrives for some Commencement. I II H MB ' IS Ill I - I I f foniL j c couomics TSuilding f f - C-C ' ' V l v -f -0 f A " r STUDCRTS ' ASSOCIATIOn OFFICERS President J. WflRD FOUTS Vice-President IDUS L. MURPHREE Secretary.. . .BILLIE SIMMONS Ted O. Bartholow STUDENTS ' ASSEMBLY ARTS flND SCIENCES Walter Thomas Caven Mary Ruth Huntington Denton Arthur Cooley Russell James Leonard Rachel Elliott Hartin Mary Elizabeth Sutherland BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Boyce filbert Gatewood Gus Ralph Spence EDUCflTION Grady Cecille Wheat ENGINEERING Thomas Edward Cook George Robert Yelderman FINE flRTS Hortense Yarno GRADUATE Edna Belle Perry LAW John William Brandenberger John Gates Seaman PHARMACY Noal Earl Fagan THE STUDENTS ' ASSEMBLY is the legislative body for the Students ' Association. J. Ward Fouts, president of the Students ' Association, presided over the Assembly. Idus L. Murphree served as vice-president of the Association and Billie Simmons as secretary. Highlights of this year ' s work were a book exchange organized by Mary Elizabeth Sutherland and a student labor survey conducted by Sam Houston Field. A committee to investigate the campus political expenditures was established by the Assembly during spring elections. Sam Houston Field J. WHRD FOUTS Front row: WHEflT, YflRNO, MURPHREE, FOUTS, SIMMONS, SUTHERLflND. Second row: LEONARD, PERRY, YELDERMflN, HUNTINGTON, HflRTIN. Third row: FIELD, COOK, BflRTHOLOW, GflTEWOOD, BRflNDENBERGER, FflGflN. Page 156 JUDICIARY COUnCIL Cbodnnoa WILLIAM HINCKLEY SEflY MEMBERS Thornton Hardie Mary Chan-line McGehee Charles Giles Pumell Jeannette Markle Russell Jean ftnn Templin John Howard Wells WILLIflM HINCKLEY SEflY THE JUDICIARY COUNCIL has exclusive and final jurisdiction in all cases arising under the Constitution and by-laws of the Students ' Association. The reauirement for the chairman, who is elected in the spring, and the other six members, who are elected in the fall, is junior standing. The membership is always composed of three women and three men in addition to the chairman. Front row: McGEHEE. TEMPUN. RUSSELL. Second row: WELLS. SEHY, PURNELL. HARDIE. union BOARD Chairman.. J. WARD FOUTS FACULTY MEMBERS V. I. Moore Dorothy Gebauer STUDENT MEMBERS William Bowden Deaderick John Calvin Ford Lon Clayton Sailers Billie Simmons EX-STUDENT MEMBERS John A. McCurdy Fred W. Adams Union Director GLADYS WHITLEY HENDERSON Assistant. . . .ESTINE DORWOOD BLAKEY THE UNION BOARD, the governing body of the Texas Union, makes the budget and all major plans for the operation and supervision of the Union. The board appoints all Union committees. During the year, the social committee has brought such " big-name " bands to the University as Hal Kemp, Count Basie, Jan Garber, and Jimmy Lunceford. GLflDYS WHITLEY HENDERSON Front row: SIMMONS, HENDERSON, BLflKEY. Second row: FOUTS, DEflDERICK, McCURDY, GEBflUER, FORD, MOORE. Page 15S CULTURAL COmmiTTGG Chairman. . . .H. S. BUCK DURHAM FACULTY MEMBERS Advisor. ... WALTER THOMAS ROLFE Cashier. . . DARWIN BROWNLEE HOLLAND William Bowling Byers STUDENT MEMBERS Horfense Yamo Jean Ann Templin THE CULTURAL ENTERTfllNMENT COMMITTEE is composed of three student members. chosen by the chairman, who is appointed by the president of the Students ' Association. The faculty members are appointed by the president of the University. This year the Committee sponsored the appearance of the Fiske Jubilee Singers, the Graf Ballet, and the Houston Symphony Orchestra. - : ;ght: YflRNO. BYERS. DURHAM, TEMPLIN LOOK flT THESE counter clockwise. Citizen Cain filing his report with Billie Simmons. The vote count. The next two are of the mob of vote-getters on the main walk, while the next two are of busy polling places. Boyce Gate- wood, assemblyman. The Garrison Hall box. t . . Top row: CRflNE, SINCLfllR, SPENCE, THOMPSON. Bottom row: IRONS, LflTHflM, FOOTS, PETET, HUNTINGTON. TGXflS STUDGRT PUBLICflTIORS Bordering on big business, Texas Student Publications, Inc., supervises the activities of The Daily Texan, campus newspaper; The Cactus, student yearbook, and the Texas Ranger, humor magazine. A non-profit enterprise created in 1921, the corporation is controlled by a Board of Directors, composed of three faculty members appointed by the President of the University; the editors of the three publications; two representatives from the Students ' Assembly, and the president of the Students ' Association, who acts as chairman. Board members this year were Paul J. Thompson, professor of journalism; Edward Crane, professor of law; Watrous H. Irons, associate professor of business administration; William Boyd Sinclair, editor of The Daily Texan; Charles Floman Petet, editor of The Cactus; Johnnie Latham, editor of the Texas Ranger; Gus Ralph Spence and Mary Ruth Huntington, Students ' Assembly representatives, and J. Ward Fouts, student president. The Board acts upon matters of policy, approves the budgets, and names the director. I. WflRD FOUTS Page 162 RICHflRD BURT DYKE Texas STUDGHT PUBLICflTIOnS Acting under the director. Pilchard Hurt Dyke, is a large staff that carries on ihe work of the business office. Louis Baethe is acting busi- ness manager; his assistant, Brice Cecil. Randolph Mitchell is assistant to Mr. Dyke; Virginia Garrison, cashier; Elyse Stephens, secretary, and Benny McGlothlin, Texan circulation manager. Advertising staff for the Texan is headed by Francis Burt, man- ager; assisted by William T. Dodgen, classified ad manager, Warren Beaman and W. C. Mathews, advertising salesmen; Raymon D. Fuller- ton, ad copy reader. Ronald Baeihe is mailing clerk. Joseph Belden is night supervisor and Clarence La Rcche proofreader for the Texan. Frankie-Mae Welborn is Cactus production manager, and Bow- man T. Littleton served as Cactus studio photographer. Advertising salesmen for the yearbook were Stanley Neely and Fred Chambers. Ranger advertising manager was Scottie Garrison. Nell Andrews is manager of the reference department. Switchboard operators this year were Josephine Hoover, Jack Huber, Ruby Smith, and Robert Walter. Top row: L. BftETHE. STEPHENS, CECIL, HOOVER, MflTHEWS. Second row: BURT, BEEMflN. S GflRRISON, V. GHRR1SON, MITCHELL. WELBORN. Third row: R. BflETHE, WflLTER, HUBER, SMITH, FULLERTON, DODGEN. Fourth row; McGLOTHLIN, BELDEN, Lfl ROCHE. LITTLETON, CHAMBERS. NEELY. Page Top row: Niggli, Jung, Mitchell, Leonard, Siark, Brookshire, Pool, Bransford, Sansing, Kasch. Second row: Carpenter, Howard, Stover, McCrummen, Chatmas, fldams, Simmons, Hackett, flrneson, Briscoe. Third row: Peyton, Perry, Milliken, Holder, Mcjimsey, Burleson, Cochran, Eckert, H. Davis, Bowden. Fourth row: Shepherd, ftvent, Sanderford, MacNaughton, F. Davis, Nipper, Whitmore, Smith, Niemeyer, Harmon. Fifth row:- ' Wheeler, Davidson, Rice, Loyd, Joyner, Frey, Bruton, Johnson, Brown, Fore. flRTHUR EUGENE STEEL Page 164 THG CflCTUS THE STflFF Editor-in-chief CHARLES FLOMAN PETET flssociote Editor flRTHUR EUGENE STEEL Secretary MARGflRET ELIZABETH NIGGLI Administration Editor SARA SCOTT BR ANSFORD Publications Editor JACK BRUCE HOWARD Fine Arts Editor PEGGY STOVER Student Government Editor LESLIE CARPENTER Athletics Editor GEORGE WALTON LEONARD Basketball Editor BILLY MOSS SANSING Honorary Editor NORMA MARIE KASCH Club Editor JOHN WAYNE STARK Sorority Editor MARY MYLES MITCHELL Fraternity Editor RICHARD STANLEY JUNG Dormitory Editor MARY ELLEN POOL Index Editor. . JACK BROOKSHIRE CHflRLES FLOMflN PETET ADMINISTRATION SECTION Richard Gray Avent Henry Robert Davis Mary Jeanne McCrummen PUBLICATIONS SECTION Kathryn Louise Dial FINE ARTS SECTION Nita Karl Harmon Jane Lee Joyner Marjorie Eleanor Wheeler STUDENT GOVERNMENT SECTION Hope Berdichevsky ATHLETIC SECTION William Keith Davidson William Alexander MacNaughton Mary Jane Milliken Polly Langhorne Smith William Rogers Whitmore STflFF flSSISTflNTS HONORARY SECTION Floyd William Holder Mary Kathryn Nipper John Jackson Perry CLUB SECTION Lowrey Waldene Burleson Harriet Kimbro Gates Marjorie Marie Johnson Eleanor Ann Loyd Laura Ilyne Mcjimsey Darrell Adelle Rice Helen Claire Simmons Florence Stoeltje SORORITY SECTION Lily Anita Arneson Fairy Netholyn Bowden Florence Janet Davis Emily Eloise Sanderford FRATERNITY SECTION Tom Armstrong Adams David Hunter Brown John Byron Eckert Jerry Burke Frey Charles Wilson Hackett, Jr. Dorvid Raworth Williams DORMITORY SECTION Mary Ellen Fore Betty Mary Johnson Norma Elise Niemeyer INDEX SECTION Dolph Briscoe, Jr. Bettye Ann Bruton Dorothy Chatmas Alice Charleene Cochran Pat Talmage Peyton Marjorie Shepherd It is our heart-felt desire that the 1941 CACTUS please all the students in the University. It has been our aim to put out a book which will accomplish the end of any good annual that end being a permanent record of one year of our too brief stay on the Forty Acres. At the same time we attempted to present the material in a pleasing and memory-twitching manner. It is true that we have not been successful in getting many new ideas worked into the book more and more it becomes evident that there is nothing new under the sun but by use of varied lay-outs, attractive inks, and much photography we have endeavored to escape the stereotyped annual of old. Our staff has been unusually hard-working and cooperative. Needless to say, without them there would have been no book. Special thanks to Elizabeth Niggli who acted as secretary and chief assistant, and to the section editors, Stanley Jung, Mary Myles Mitchell, Wayne Stark, Norma Kasch, Jack Brookshire, Leslie Carpenter, Mary Pool, George Leonard, Jack Howard, Peggy Stover, Sara Scott Bransford, and Billy Sensing. Page 165 Top row: SflNSING, RflSOR, OWENS, HOWflRD, WHflRTON, KflPLflN, CflRlTHERS, CflRPENTER. Second row: GEIGER, BYERS, TflRPLEY, flLTERMflN, PflYNE, MINTER, flDKINS, DOUGLflS. Third row: JflMISON, LONG, LEflVITT, GRIFFIN, LflVIN, SCRUGGS, SUTHERLflND, CLflRK. Fourth row: BROOKS, KNOWLES, BRINKERHOFF, WHITMORE, WILLIflMS, WILKINS, BflRNWELL, BURLESON. Fifth row: ZIMMERMflN, DflVISON, HflLL, BERDICHEVSKY, CUNNINGHflM, McJIMSEY, McGIVNEY, PITTS. THG DAILY TGXfln Page 166 JflCK COVELL DOLPH THG DAILY TGXfin THE STflFF Editor-in-chief Associate Editor. . Editorial Assistants. Sports Editor Associate Sports Editor Society Editor Associate Society Editor Amusements Editors Associate Amusements Editor. . Telegraph Editor Radio Editors IRA LOEB Feature Editors Associate Feature Editor Exchange Editor Student Opinion Editor. Capitol Correspondent WILLIAM BOYD SINCLAIR . . . JACK COVELL DOLPH JACK BRUCE HOWARD WILLIAM BOWLING BYERS LOWREY WALDENE BURLESON BILLY MOSS SANSING ISAAC EDGAR CLARK ELIZABETH AUSTIN WHARTON GERRYE ELAINE PAYNE ALONZO WESLEY JAMISON, JR. LESLIE CARPENTER JEANNE MARGARET DOUGLAS . .ARTHUR DORIAN CARITHERS LAVIN, ROBERT ALLEN OWENS . CHARLES JOHN LEAVITT, JR. ROBERT MAURICE ALTERMAN JACK SCOTT ADKINS . . DORAINE LOUISE GEIGER RICHARD HENRY TARPLEY ALONZO WESLEY JAMISON, JR. NIGHT EDITORS MacRoy Rasor Arthur Dorian Carithers Jack Covell Dolph Leslie Carpenter Truman McMahan Jack Bruce Howard WILLIAM BOYD SINCLAIR Ben Kaplan EDITING Richard Lusk Burcham Guy Fontane Faussett, Jr. Stanton William Fitzner Walter E. Nixon James Eldon Pitt Dryden L. Prentice Henry A. Zimmerman SPORTS L. W. Brooks William Burt Cunningham Tom Seale Davison Robert Sherwood Martin Bill Arvin Rosamond Texas Edward Schramm, Jr. William Rogers Whitmore VOLUNTEER STflFF SOCIETY Jo Leigh Cohn Ann Wilkins Nell Ruth Minter Lowrey Waldene Burleson Norma Gene Barn well Dorothy Marguerite Scruggs Marianna Sluder Alice Marjory O ' Hara RADIO Doraine Louise Geiger Irma Cecilia Hansen Hope Berdichevsky Jean Katherine Beshell Verna Larue Cooner Edith Clarke Williams Arthur Gordon Kidd AMUSEMENTS Kenneth Baxter Ragsdale Charles Taylor Joseph Brennan Mary Elizabeth Sutherland Hope Berdichevsky Felix Francis McGivney, Jr. Ralph Edward Frede Edward Beckwith Griffin Paul Marcus Laura Ilyne Mcjimsey TELEGRAPH Robert A. Long John Edwin McFarland Polly Hall FEATURES Clint Pace Anne Morgan Stacy Elgin Williams While it was not dodging charges of " un-Americanism, " The Daily Texan under the editorship of William Boyd Sinclair devoted its columns to impartial cooperation with every student and administration project for the betterment of the University. A leader in pointing out the poor housing conditions about the campus, the Texan vigorously aided the Students ' Assembly in its efforts to bring out a vote on the Texas Union fee question, to effect construction of a campus hospital, and to survey student working conditions. It also worked with all groups backing the intramural field lighting project and the Band hall campaign. And, as newspapers over the state testified in story and headline, it was writings in the Texan which ended in Congress- man Dies ' public announcement that there " are no subversive groups on the Forty Acres. " Preferring to give its readers a more steady flow of news throughout the year, the Texan resorted to only two special issues: a 38-page Freshman Edition before the beginning of the Long Session, and a 38-page Round-Up Edition. Typifying the modernity of the paper declared in a national contest to be one of the three best college dailies in the country were the introduction of easier-to-read headline type and the adoption of a new method for printing pictures. Page 167 Top row: GRIFFIN, RflSOR, CflRPENTER, DOUGLflS, CRfllG, MflRCUS. Second row: CHANDLER, Lfl ROCHE, WILLIHMS, Z. ZINN, HflRPER. Third row: flDKINS, OWENS, SCOTT, CflRROLL, JflCOBS. TGXflS RflnGGR Its home is a room whose walls are covered with grotesque drawings, but the Texas Ranger during 1940-41 continued its climb from the depths into national superiority. Edited by Johnnie Latham, the publication not only contained an ever- i mproving store of cartoons, stories, and jokes, but also was the birthplace of " Flybait, " a chinless idiot whose pen-and-ink antics have already brought nation-wide recognition to Creator W. L. (Whiskey) Harper, who will edit the magazine next year. Building up its photograph section, the Ranger looked for pictures to Edwin Milton Jacobs and Malcolm Weldon Carroll. Stories were turned out by Mac Roy Rasor, Leslie Carpenter (next year ' s associate editor), Zelda Zinn, Clarence LaRoche, Paul Marcus, Jack Scott fldkins, Edward Beckwith Griffin, Tolmer McKinley, Elgin Williams, and Robert Allen Owens. Chief joke-clippers were Carpenter, Zelda Zinn, and Owens each of whom too occasionally contributed a quip of his own. Led by Harper and Latham, the cartoon corps consisted of Henry Grady Chandler, Charles Stewart, and Patsy Berry, fllmost all of the covers were done by Editor Latham. Make-up and proof-reading was handled by Rasor and Carpenter, Marjorie Lamb, and Morin Scott. Behind the whole magazine, of course, were Latham and Jimmie Craig, associate editor. JOHNNIE LflTHflM Page 168 JOHN fl. McCURDY THG ftLCALDG In alumni and ex-student groups, the medium of contact with the campus is the monthly magazine. The Alcalde, official publication of the Ex-Students ' Association of The University of Texas, ranks well among the one hundred and fifty alumni magazines published in the United States. It was in April, 1913, that The Alcalde made its first appearance on the campus, having as its editor the first year, Fritz G. Lanham, now and for many years a representative from Texas in the National Congress. Its business manager was E. J. Mathews, registrar of the University. Through the twenty-eight years, from 1913 to the present, The Alcalde has continued to serve as the principal medium of contact between a growing University and that interested and loyal group of Texas Exes which comprise the membership of the Association. The Alcalde is definitely a news organ, designed to keep ex-students up to date on University affairs and devoting much of its space to news about individual ex-students. An informed ex-student body, sympathetically awake to the needs of the University, is the goal which The Alcalde has set for itself. The staff of this magazine, issued monthly from October to July, consists of the following: John A. McCurdy, executive secretary of the Association, managing editor; Frances Louise Mueller, assistant editor, and William B. Ruggles, editorial writer. Page 169 THE LINOTYPES in action. The route boys get the paper on its way. The press. Make-up men in full swing. Journalism Build- ing 108. Ruth Minter and Jack Dolph. Josephine Hoover, the even-tem- pered switchboard oper- ator. The advertising staff at work. Paul J. Thompson and three student journal- ists at their Jamboree. Louis Baethe in the gone- but-not-forgotten car. So- ciety Editor Elizabeth Whar ton. Everyone seems to be interested in Hyder ' s pipe. The fl.T.O. scrapbook is their best " rusher. " Betas let their prospectives soak up a little sun. Bob Alterman gets a light over at the S.fl.M. house. President Ward Fouts and the Storey brothers go down the receiving line. A small crowd of Kappa Sigs on their front stoop. Sharpless gets a coke, of all things, from the Phi Gam porter. Phi Psis. inTGRFRflTGRIlITY COUnCIL OFFICERS President JOE DAVENPORT WILSON Vice-President CLIFFORD BRIEN DILLON Secretory-Treasurer ROBERT SCHWflRZ STRflUSS MEMBERS flLPHfl EPSILON PI Ralph Balasco PHI DELTfl THETfl Julian Constantine LaRoche flLPHfl TflU OMEGfl . . . Le wallen Borden P ffl GflMMfl DELTfl William Baylor Steele BETfl THETfl PI William Clifford McDugald PHI KRPPR rel .Clifford Brien Dillon CHI PHI Gus Ralph Spence PHI SIGMfl Robert Stewart PHI SIGMfl DELTfl Leonard Sheldon Spitzer DELTfl CHI Charles Randolph Mitchell PI KflPPfl flLPHfl James McNutt Umstattd DELTfl KflPPfl EPSILON Richard Donovan, Jr. SIGMfl flLPHfl EPSILON. Thornton Hardie, Jr. DELTfl SIGMfl PHI William Earl Peavy, Jr. SIGMfl flLPHfl MU Robert Schwarz Strauss DELTfl TflU DELTfl Joe Davenport Wilson SIGMfl CHI Gilbert Morgan Denman, Jr. DELTfl THETfl PHI Edward Wood Burnett u _, , SIGMfl NU William Carlton Church K " a " 5 Iohn ReQ 9 an Cartwright SIQMfl pH , EpsILQN EUon Maryin Ryder KflPPfl SIGMfl William Bowden Deaderick Tflu D ELTfl PHI Edwin Milton Jacobs LflMBDfl CHI flLPHfl . . . .Ben Pittman Denman THETfl XI Jean Wiley Spears JOE DflVENPORT WILSON Top row: STRflUSS, CflRTWRIGHT, STEELE, G. DENMflN, HYDER, B. DENMflN, WILSON, BORDEN, McDUGflLD. Second row: SPEflRS, CHURCH, DEflDERICK, STEWflRT, UMSTflTTD, SPENCE, DILLON, MITCHELL. Third row: BURNETT, HHRDIE, LaROCHE, BflLflSCO, DONOVflN, PEflVY, JflCOBS, SPITZER. Page 173 M. Levin, Lasky, Kalb, S. Goldstein, Balasco. Harris, Miller, Night, M. Goldstein, Freed. S. Levin, Golf, Bloom, Waldman. Kaplan, Kasper, Greenberg, Farb. OFFICERS Master LOUIS MARTIN BLOOM Lt. Master BENJflMIN SOLOMON FREED Scribe HflROLD LflSKY Exchequer STANLEY EDWARD GOLDSTEIN Chapter Advisor MORRIS S. GOLDSTEIN Page 174 ALPHA GPSILOn PI MEMBERS GRADUATES Theodore Edward Harris, Dallas Henry Albert Kasper, Austin SENIOR David Louis Kaplan, Dallas FIRST YEAR LAWS Ralph Balasco, Houston Benjamin Solomon Freed, Galveston JUNIORS Louis Martin Bloom, Ferris David Farb, Texas City Stanley Edward Goldstein, Beaumont Harvey Night, Beaumont Carl Jack Waldman, Beaumont SOPHOMORES ' Jack Golf, Houston Harold Lasky, Houston Max Levin, Galveston FRESHMEN Milton Greenberg, Bay City ' Joseph Kalb, Galveston Sam Levin, Harlingen Jack Miller, Galveston ' Julius Jacob Ribnick, Houston 212Elmwood LOUIS MflRTIN BLOOM Page 175 Borden, Morris, Byars, Tracey, Holt, Edwards, Adams, Ratliff. Smith, Eidman, Ross, Goeth, flbbey, Harrison, Bogarte, McCampbell. Wild, Fly, Linn, Tunnell, Wood, Basket!, Busbee, Picket!. Brown, Worthing, Shannon, T. Armstrong, Craven, Barrow, Oldham, Hancock. Bachman, Couch, J. Armstrong, Holland, White, Seaman, Blades, Clements. Noonan, Nixon, Eastland, Hoeflich, Mac- donald, Caven, Decker, Black. Bronstad, Henderson, Glauser, Burney, Cochran, Manley, Jacobe, Frey. Robertson, West, flllen, Patton, Shudde, Kolstad. I " r = + - OFFICERS Worthy Master RflYMOND CLOUD HflRRISON Worthy Chaplain JOHN GflTES SEAMAN Worthy Scribe JAMES LAWRENCE WOOD Worthy Keeper of the Exchequer JOHN BARCLAY ARMSTRONG FACULTY E. G. FLETCHER Assistant Professor of English WALTER T. ROLFE Professor of Architecture H. MALCOLM MACDONALD Instructor in Government GEORGE W. STOCKING Professor of Economics Page 176 ALPHA TflU OfllGGA GRflDUflTE Todd Denmon Bumey. Son flntonio SENIORS William fllexander flbbey, Tyler Sidney Moss fldams. Jr., Nacogdoches John Barclay flrmstrong, flrmstrong Grover Cleveland Bachman, Fort Worth Robert Dudley Baskett. Marshall Robert Henry Bogarte, Jr., Dallas Lewallen Borden, Corpus Christi William Scott Busbee, San flntonio Walter Thomas Coven, Marshall Thurman Spencer Clements, Wharton John William Hancock, El Campo Thomas fllva Linn, Denison Charles Patrick Pickett, Liberty Lake Robertson, Jr., ftustin Andrew Ben White, Tyler SECOND YEAR LflWS Joseph O. Terrell Couch. San flntonio ' Robert West Decker. Fort Worth William Stoner Fly, Victoria Raymond Cloud Harrison. Wharton John Gates Seaman, Houston FIRST YEflR LflWS Frank Gregory Eidman, Houston Baxter Finch Holland, flustin Stewart Morris. Houston Martin O ' Conner Noonan, Hondo JUNIORS Walter McLean Byars, Tampa. Flo. Fielding B. Cochran. Jr., Corpus Christi Seaborn Eastland. Jr., Kerrville Jerry Burke Frey, Dallas William Joseph Holt. Dallas Benjamin Nixon, San flntonio Edward H. Patton, Jr.. Kerrville James Lawrence Wood, San flntonio SOPHOMORES Joseph Duncan Blades. Beaumont William fllley Brown, flustin Clyde Coates Craven, San flntonio Edwin David Edwards, Wichita Falls Joe fldolph Goeth, flustin Howard William Jacobe, Jr., Houston Dick Jones McCampbell, Corpus Christi Forest Robert Oldham. Jr., Beaumont James William Porter, Houston William Durrag Ratliff. Jr.. Fort Worth J. Milton Richardson. Dallas James Robertson Ross, Fort Worth William Clarence Smith, Yorktown William flrthur Tracey, Fort Worth Brent Warren, Houston Louie Fabian Worthing, Wharton FRESHMEN Thomas Murphy flllen, San flntonio Tobin flrmstrong, flrmstrong Edward Ewing Barrow, Houston fllbert H. Black, II, Houston Morris Theodore Bronstad, Denison Jack Walton Glauser, Houston Donald Veitch Henderson, Houston Bert Joseph Hoeflich, Houston ' Peter flndrew Kolstad, Palestine John David Manley, Jr., Corpus Christi Eorl Edwin Reynolds, Tyler flrthur Walter Shannon, Wharton Weldon Glenn Shudde, Houston William Kerr Tunnell, Dallas Carey Keene West, Breckenridge Claude Charles Wild, Jr., flustin 601 West Twenty-fourth Page 177 McDugald, Lockwood, Skelley, Root, Howard, W. Rutledge, Craig. Sander, Caperton, Casey, McFarland, Muehlberger, P. Russell, Ratcliff. flustin, L. Humphrey, Rapp, J. Humphrey, R. Rutledge, Sprinkle, Mims. Chiles, Chilton, McNew, McDonald, Gober, Horton, McLean. Franks, Johnson, Huper, Mortimer, Walker, Howeth, Ellis. Mann, Garner, Bobbitt, Thompson, Camp- bell, R. Russell, Rustin. Purnell, Constantin, Learned, Corby, Hall, Parker, Happel. Coffman, Kemp, Taylor, Holman, Tubb, Hodge. . ,= OFFICERS President HOWflRD RUSSELL MCFflRLflND Vice-President CHflRLES GILES PURNELL Secretary DAVID CALVIN CAMPBELL Treasurer CHARLES THOMAS LOCKWOOD FACULTY HENRY W. HARPER Dean Emeritus of the Graduate School HARRY H. POWER Chairman of Petroleum Engineering Dspartment BRYANT SMITH Professor of Law Page 178 BGTfl THGTfl PI GRADUATE Earl Appleton Brown, Dallas SENIORS Carrol Prescott Learned, Houston Charles Thomas Lockwood, Brownwood Jack Bruce Howard, San Antonio Robert Homer McNew. San Antonio Robert McDonald Rutledge, Dallas William Kimbrough Rutledge, Dallas JUNIORS Earl Bowen Austin, Dallas Thomas Berry, St. Petersburg, Fla. Robert Lee Babbitt, San Antonio David Calvin Campbell, Fort Worth Joseph Franklin Caperton. Indianapolis, Ind. Graham McDonald Coffman, San Antonio Joe Harry Corby, Calvert Oscar Jack Casey, Galveston Raymond Franks, Dublin Forrest Gober, Coleman Franklin Elija Hicks, San Antonio Henry Pope Hodge, Wichita Falls Paul Bradfield Horton, Dallas Virgil Lee Humphrey, Wichita Falls Glenn Jackson, Corpus Christi Arthur Ubbe Johnson, Galesburg, DL John Gordon Kuhn, Austin William Clifford McDugald, Austin Howard Russell McFarland, Dallas Constantine Mims, Jr., Laredo Charles Giles PumeU, Dallas Robert Hudson Rustin, Austin Lawrence Skelley, Austin Clark Wallace Thompson, Galveston David S. Thayer, Houston Lester W. Sander, Madison, Wis. James Herbert Skinner, Ironwood. Mich. SOPHOMORES James Alfred Constanta, Tyler James David Craig. Oklahoma City, Okla. Raymond Austin Corcoran, Laredo Leigh Ellis. Jr., Austin John Henderson Hall. Fort Worth William L Lupher, Austin r. Mortimer, San Antonio Francis Scott Ratcliff. Fort Worth Arthur Sprinkle, Austin FRESHMEN Charles Dwight Chiles, Austin Thomas Chilian. Beeville John Hamilton Garner, Dallas ' Henry Howard Happel, Houston Richey Higgins Holman, Austin Glenn Howeth, Wichita Falls John Hawood Humphrey, Wichita Falls Henry Conrad Huper. Wichita Falls Thomas Miles Kemp, Kansas City. Mo. A. J. Mann. Laredo ' Clarence Muehlberger, Wichita Falls ' Claude Douglas McDonald, Dallas William Stark Parker. Wichita Falls William Michael Rapp. Raymondville Lambert Cortney Root, Mineral Wells Randolph Tucker Russell, St. Louis, Mo. Robert Perry Russell, Coleman Lon Little Smith, Brownwood Summerfield Moon Taylor, Austin John Henry Tubb, Sweetwater Roscoe Walker, Jr.. Pawhuska, Okla. Philip Donald Windrow, Laredo ' -: - : ran BDSSEU MCFBRLQI i Page 179 G. Metzenthin, McGowan, Windrow, Spence, Godard, Peters, Dunnam. flskew, Wheat, Gill, Roach, Briscoe, Park, Minto. Wilke, Reser, Gomez, Morse, McDowell, Eckhardt, Gartman. Fleming, Lewis, Ramirez, White, J. Metzen- thin, Yaeger, Itz. May, Taylor, Kalteyer, Graham, Wright, DeLancy, Hvass. M. Dainiani, Huntington, Crow, Popham, Brandenburger, J. Damiani, Brown. Powell, Patrick, Simons, Andrews, Perry, Griffin, Kies. Heard, Keck, Buschardt, Huder, Lay, Hunt. OFFICERS fllpha GEORGE WELDON GARTMflN, JR. Beta FRED CLflRKE MORSE Gamma GUS RALPH SPENCE Delta ERNEST JOSEPH GODflRD FACULTY VENTON L. DOUGHTIE Professor of Mechanical Engineering M. B. PORTER Professor of Pure Mathematics C. E. ROWE Professor of Drawing Page 180 CHI PHI MEMBERS GRADUflTE Charles J. DeLancey, Houston SENIORS Rued Askew, Jr., San Antonio John William Brandenberger, Houston Thomas (Ted) Dunnam, Houston Ernest Joseph Godard, Galveston Robert Clifford Graham, Corpus Christi Wcl .teyer. Jr., San Antonio j Clarke Morse. Austin e s Kinchen Nance, Fort Worth Alton Roach. Nederland s Wier Taylor, Houston William Calvin Wheat. Kansas City. Mo. SECOND YEAR LAWS D. B. Hardeman, Austin Bill McGowan. Brownfield Amos Peters, Jr., Taylor FIRST YEAR LAWS Jules Verne Damiani, Galveston George Weldon Gartman, Jr., Lampasas John Francis Heard, Refugio George Ernest Metzenthin, Austin 1 JUNIORS Carlos Albert Gomez. Houston Fred David Griffin, Austin George Wesley Hunt. Jr.. Humble Homer Irvin Lewis, Dallas Elnar May, Ranger -.:lor McDowell, Jr., Shreveport, La. Phocion Samuel Park, Jr.,Houston Joe Ramirez, Jr., Beeville . Reser, Jr., San Antonio Gus Ralph Spence. Austin -. er White, Del Rio Wilke. Jr.. Sweetwater Robert D. Win drow. Hondo SOPHOMORES Karl Anderson. Charlotte, Mich. Henry G. Andrews, Jr., Stamford Dolph Briscoe, Jr.. Uvalde Peter Buhmann, Evanston, W. Michel Stuart Damiani, Galveston ' John Link Eckhardt, Houston Foy Burwell Fleming, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Truman Floumoy Gill, Beeville ' Roger Carstens Huder, Houston Charles Thomas Hvass. Lubbock Warren Bernard Itz, San Antonio John Edward Metzenthin. Austin Harry de Nemours Minto, Austin William Henry Patrick, Jr.. Corsicana Irwin Curtis Popham, Austin Willis Maynor Powell, Austin Robert Lyttleton Simons, Austin Peter Stewart, Dallas Robert Roy Yaeger, Hebbronville FRESHMEN Gilmer Carter Buschardt, Houston William Clinton Crow, Houston William Green Houston, Floresville ' George Huntington, Jr., Rosenberg Ray M. Keck, Jr., Cotulla ' Clifford Thomas Kies, Austin Coy Lafayette Lay, Austin Falcor Watson Perry, Lufkin Robert Lee Wright, Austin 1704 West Avenue GEORGE WELDON GflHTMflN W. Brunson, Lackey, Walsh, Moore, Taulbee, Coffey, Grissom. Hargroue, Borrett, Krippendorf, Offer, O. Davis, Ridout, Lawson. Redding, Clark, Patman, Buell, Mitchell, Felps, Daniel. E. Glass, Joel Johnson, John, Comer, Lipp- man, Terrell, B. Johnson. Tibbs, Brewster, fl. Davis, Roberts, W. Glass, Dacy, D. Brunson. O. Jelks, Beck, Jesse Johnson, flnderegg, E. Jelks, Kilgore, Chamberlain. Ragland, Carter, Peveto, Cooke, Sitton, Ashley, Hopkins, Thokey. Zimmer, Halbert, Jackson, Williams, Brown, Dunlap, Niblo, Doole. OFFICERS fl B C D E F WALLACE EDWARD BRUNSON CONNER WRIGHT PATMAN WILLARD GRIFFITH GLASS CHARLES RANDOLPH MITCHELL GRADY NIBLO JACK WILLIAM DANIEL FACULTY RICHARD BURT DYKE GEORGE V. GENTRY IRA P. HILDEBRAND JAMES H. PARKE Director, Texas Student Publications, Inc. Professor of Philosophy Professor of Law Professor of Drama Page 182 DGLTfl CHI A MEMBERS SENIORS Erwin flrchie Anderegg, Fredericksburg Lloyd Milburn Borrett, El Paso Robert Walker Brewster. Brownsville ' William Wayland Halbert, Corsicana Randolph Mitchell, Corsicana James William Thokey, Union City, Ind. Harry Irving Zimmer, Jr., El Paso FIRST YEAR LflWS William Vincent Brown, Jr., Texarkana ?r Jacobs, Lamesa Conner Wright Potman, Texarkana JUNIORS Lewin Buell, Jr., Austin Wallace Edward Branson. Baytown William Deryl Comer. Beaumont George Louis Dacy, flustin Jack William Daniel, Houston Ora Manford Davis, flustin Willard Griffith Glass, Weslaco Cecil Bryant Hargroue. Houston Oliver Robinson Jelks, flustin Jesse Breland Johnson, Galveston Joel Hartman Johnson, Round Rock Raymond fllfred Krippendorf , Flushing, N. Y. Emil Offer, San ftntonio Derwood Leard Peveto, Port flrthur Sam Shelton Ragland, Jr., Texarkana Howard Franklin Roberts, Houston Robert Sitton, Longview flnselm M. Tibbs, Jr., Valley Mills SOPHOMORES -. Marvin Ashley, Dallas flugust Henry Beck, Jr., San Antonio Donald Lyons Brunson, Baytown Robert Daniel Carter, Grand Rapids, Mich. -.e Butler Cooke, Dallas .an Averil Davis, Port Arthur Howard Dunlap, Dallas Newton O ' Brien Felps, Port Arthur ard Townsend Glass. Washington, D. C. -ey Grissom, Jr., Dallas ' King Hopkins, Dallas Charles Joseph Jackson, Alexandria. La. Edward Baker Jelks, Austin Joseph R. John, Jr., Dallas Alan Fehrman Lippman, Valparaiso, Ind. Grady Niblo, Dallas Robert Gladstone Ridout, Jr.. Dallas Thomas Edwin Taulbee, Fort Worth Roy Alfred Terrell, Kingsville Douglas Ernest Walsh, Jr., Dallas Elgin Williams, Austin FRESHMEN Dennis Farrell Blalock, Alexandria, La. ' Peter M. Chamberlain, Temple Ben Hammond Clark, Jr., flustin John Rumsey Doole, flustin William Otis Johnson, Corpus Christi John Dowell Lawson, flmarillo John Max Minor, Tahoka James Earle Moore, flustin 2400 Rio Grande WflLLflCE EDWflRD BRUNSON Page 183 Hilburn, Grain, Font, E. Johnson, Doherty, Ch ambers, Watson, Spears. Paul, Ellison, Herndon, Stevenson, C. Rhodes, Whitworth, Gary, Maverick. Denison, W. Covert, Stathakos, T. Rhodes, Granville, Guiberson, Cook, Perry. McBirney, Smith, Simpson, Francis, Bowen, Rabon, Berry, Manning. Holland, Dyess, Gilmore, Potter, Bellmont, Buckley, flldred, Bell. Raetzsch, Connor, Woolley, Starcke, Morse, Nolle, Harwood, Blanton. Hagen, Runge, Whitehead, fllsup, O. John- son, Kreisle, Gleckler, Wilson Brooks, Whitworth, Benham, Donovan, F. Covert, Procter, Holmes. OFFICERS Housemanager ROBERT EUGENE WflTSON Interfratemiiy Council RICHARD DONOVflN FACULTY DANfl X. BIBLE Athletic Director J. W. CALHOUN Professor of Applied Mathematics T. P. HARRISON Professor of English PAUL C. RAGSDALE Instructor in Speech POWELL STEWART.. ..Instructor in English Page 184 DGLTfl KflPPfl GPSILOn MEMBERS GRADUATE William Henry Grain, Jr., Victoria SENIORS Jack flldred, Austin Edmund Longford Buckley, Houston Charles Fred Chambers, Dallas Thomas Edward Cook, Austin Knox Font, Weatherford Edward Lysaght Francis, Dallas Chester Wooten Granville, Austin Jack Hemdon, Tulsa, Okla. Allen Hilbum, Houston Elmer Drexel Johnson, Harlingen Phil Dietz Manning, Houston George Sampson Nolle. Jr., Austin John Henry Perry, Sherman Jack Rabon, Luling Carl William Raetzsch, Seguin James Frank Stathakos, Dallas Robert Eugene Watson, Houston SECOND YEAR LAWS Arthur Delma Dyess, Houston Nat Greene Guiberson, Jr., Dallas Coke Horn Rhodes, Dallas Tom Burton Rhodes, Dallas FIRST YEAR LAWS Alexander Stuart Walker, Leander Robert Brooks Whitehead, Fort Worth JUNIORS Ace Hill Alsup, Temple Richard Judd Bell, Denton William Harry Brooks, Denton William Alexander Daniel, Houston Frank Willis Denison, Bastrop Richard Donovan. Jr., San Antonio Robert Cris Hagen, Brownsville Orrin Wendell Johnson. Harlingen ' Pete John Layden, Dallas Robert Emmett Morse. Houston Frank Allan Paul, Jr., Panhandle Byron Loy Potter, Tulsa, Okla. John Miller Spears, Tulsa, Okla. James Slaughter Whitworth, Houston Homer Charles Wilson, Jr., Baytown SOPHOMORES Ted Lutcher Bellmont. Austin John Frank Benham, Austin Ira Yates Blanton, Austin James Reagan Connor, Abilene Frank Mortimer Covert, Austin Wilfred Lansing Doherty, Houston Fred Pittman Ellison, Denton Otis Bain Gary, Dallas Joe Carroll Gilmore, Houston ' William James Gleckler, Sherman ' Barney Bowie Holland, Anetta Samuel Pendleton McBimey, Tulsa, Okla. Maury Maverick, Jr., San Antonio Leslie Clay Procter, Austin Damon Philip Smith, Jr., Llano Walter Hugo Starcke, San Antonio John William Stevenson. Beaumont Harry Philip Whitworth. SmithviUe FRESHMEN William Jackson Bowen, Waco ' Daniel Simpson Chessher, Luling William Richard Covert, Oil City, Penn " George Cartlege Harwood, Austin Thomas Jarvis Holmes, Houston ' Matthew Ferdinand Kreisle, Austin Carl Rudolph Runge, Jr., Houston William Simpson, IV, Dallas Bennett Lawrence Woolley, Dallas 2614 Rio Grande r -. ' - ' : -: I DGENE WBTSON Swearingen, Wood, Parish, Morgan. Harris, Dabney, Peavy, Boone. Downs, Jefferson, Loidold, Stumpf, Kitts. Emken, Feagan, Ford, Scudday, Wilson. McFarland, Pinson, Futch. Truby, Larson. OFFICERS President CLIFFORD WILSON SWEflRINGEN Vice-President WILLIAM EflRL PEflVY Secretary JOHN EDWIN McFARLAND Treasurer THOMAS SCOTT DABNEY FACULTY WILLIAM BRAMLETTE Instructor in Geology ARTHUR DEEN Professor of Geology Page 186 DGLTfl SIGfllfl PHI MEMBERS GRADUflTES Roy Lee Emken, Texas City Richard Wynne Feagan, Hamlin Henry David Wood, Stephenville SENIORS Thomas Scott Dabney, Lake Village Paul filbert Harris, fiustin John Edwin McFarland, Jacksonville William Earl Peavy, Garland Robert MacKintosh Pinson, Dallas Clifford Wilson Swearingen, Corpus Christi Henry Mayer Truby, Paris SECOND YEAR LAW Joseph Dryden Loidold, Port Arthur JUNIORS Jon C. Ford, Dayton William Wayne Kitts, Sulphur Springs Vemon Douglas Larson, Alexandria, La. Robert Harvey Morgan, Pecan Gap ' Charles Wayne Parish, Big Lake SOPHOMORES Brady Bartlett, Houston Patrick Henry Boone, Littlefield Fred Downs, Dallas Edward Downing Futch, III, Corpus Christi Wayman Britton Jefferson, Dallas Roy Sheppard Scudday, Sweetwater Clarence Henry Stumpf, Austin ' Aubrey Charles Wilson, San Antonio ' Mitchell Wright, Beaumont FRESHMAN ' Martin Marvin Rose, Jr., Del Rio 1910 Rio Grande CLIFFORD WILSON SWEflRINGEN Page 187 Miller, Osborn, Vaughon, Mobley, Single- ton, McCurdy, Etheridge, J. Wilson, Clark. Leveridge, Lauer, Jung, Keuper, Mueller, Corbin, Kutner, McKenzie, Hill. Franklin, Chewning, Wadleigh, Estes, Montgomery, Banks, Law, Bielstein, Browning. Groff, Haarmann, fl. Britain, fldam, Knight, Craig, McHolme, Williams, Nelson. Baskin, R. Wilson, Babel, Burford, Chandler, Ellison, Knowles, Kittrell, T. Wilson. Gurley, Kelley, Murphy, Knott, Horn, Strelsky, Roos, Barth, West. Joiner, Rowe, Simmons, Woody, flbernathy, Leach, J ohnston, Sneed, Grundy. Broyles, Hobbs, Penick, Moore, B. Britain, Nash, Hart, Evans. OFFICERS JPresidsnt IOHN VIRGIL SINGLETON Vice-President THflDDEUS GRUNDY Secretary WILLIflM CLYDE JOHNSTON Treasurer WALLACE CHAMBERLAIN MONTGOMERY FflCULTY H. T. PARLIN Dean of Arts and Sciences KENTKENNAN.. . .Instructor in Music Page 188 DGLTfl TAU DGLTR M GRADUATES Gordon Barrett Broyles, Palestine Homer Clifford Mueller, Austin SENIORS Ben Burford, Dallas -s Edgar Clark, Schulenburg Joseph Haymond Corbin, Wichita Falls ., Austin : Haarmann, Jr., San Antonio Roger Chilton Hill, San Antonio .es Stuercke Keuper, Schulenburg Austin Felix Leach, Jr., Wichita Falls Wallace Chamberlain Montgomery, Palestine Duncan Lewis Moore. McAllen William Byron Osbom, San Antonio Emanuel Farley Roos, Eagle Lake Hal Francis Simmons, Kerens John Virgil Singleton, Houston Fred Lawder Wadleigh, Joplin, Mo. William Madison Webb, Luling William Mackemess Williams, Jr., Hillsboro Joe Davenport Wilson, Luling SECOND YEAR LAWS Walter Edgar Babel, Jr., Austin Thaddeus Grundy, Galveston Joseph Peck Hart, San flntonio Richard Stanley Jung, Seguin Thomas Turner Knight, Hillsboro Thomas Hart Law, Austin Aubrey Leveridge, East Bernard Bill Arnold McKenzie, Denton James Kleiber Vaughan, Jr., Hillsboro FIRST YEAR LAW Clinton Stanley Banks. San Antonio JUNIORS Wilbur Clarence Barth, Seguin Morris Burke Barefield, San Antonio x Harwcod Britain, Wichita Falls ert Loraine Carmichael, East Bernard - y Grady Chandler, Jr., Austin John Austin Craig, Pittsburgh, Perm. Lintc r - Estes, Jr., Wichita Falls ' Lawrence Edward Etheridge, Jr. us Christi exander Franklin. Jr., Wichita Falls William Albert Groff, Victor, Mont. -rles Robert Gurley, Happy Robert Hobbs, Fort Worth William Clyde Johnston. San Angela Malcom James Kutner, Dallas Carl Emil Lauer, Port Arthur Elliot Lee McCurdy, Lockhart Marshall Bums Miller. San Antonio Morris Brown Murphy, Clebume Jack Cecil Nelson, Fort Worth Martin Decatur Rowe, Jr., Wichita Falls Robert Ear l Strelsky, Texas City ' George Fred Taylor, McAllen William Beverly West, III. Fort Worth Robert Gould Wilson, Fort Worth Lloyd Cameron Woody. Pharr SOPHOMORES Maurice Adam, Dallas Jean Edwin Bielstein, New Braunfels Ben Moseley Britain, Wichita Falls Walter Acker Browning, Jr., Dallas William Clinton Haydon Gamett, Mexico; D. F. Bernard Earl Knott, Seguin Richard Covell Knowles, Dallas ' Phillip Edward Laughlin, Houston Duncan Caird McHolme, Houston Charles Sumners Mobley, Dallas Robert Morrison Penick, Austin ' Charles Edward Shepherd, Houston ' Thomas Wilson, III, Luling FRESHMEN Jewell Abernathy, McKinney James Dollar Baskin, Austin John Berkley Chewning, Austin ' Arthur Newton Evans, Jr., Columbus William Sullivan Horn, Fort Worth Alex Homer Joiner, Jr., Fort Worth ' Robert L. Kelley, Austin William Kittrell, HI, Dallas John Edwin McFarland, Greenville Joe Ware Nash, Jr., Kaufman Robert Carter Sneed. Austin 2801 San Jacinto JOHN VIRGIL SINGLETON J. Brown, Fitts, Coselli, Laurence, Flahive. Kilgore, Reynolds, Reagan, Jones, Dennard. Hemphill, Kremer, Unis, flltaras, Mudgett. Hughes, Harris, Lambdin, W. Brown, McWhorter. Muggli, Granville, Hodge, Craze, Notzon. fldams, Darden, Cook, Hardy, Burnett. OFFICERS Dean JOHNNIE flNNIBflLE COSELLI Vice-Dean WflLLflCE EWING ADflMS Clerk of the Rolls GRIFFITH DELflNO LflMBDIN Clerk of the Exchequer. . . HERBERT SNOW HflRRIS Page 190 DGLTfl THGTA PHI MEMBERS SENIORS Wallace Ewing fldams, Austin Jack Clinton flltaras, Cleburne Joe Frazier Brown, flustin 3m Dewitt Brown. Tyler " Zrr.est Jewell Browne, Beaumont Johnnie flnnibale Coselli, Houston Merrill Albert Craze, flustin Terrence Paul Flahive, flustin Herbert Snow Harris, Jr., Galveston Roger Weidon Hodge, Del Rio Melville Marcus Hughes, Floresville Edward James Kremer, San flntonio :h Delano Lambdin, Electra William fllan Mudgett. Vernon Edmund Matthew Notzon, San flntonic Sydney Chandler Reagan, Jr., flustin George L. Schubert, flustin Thomas Charles Unis, Tyler SECOND YEflR LflWS Edward Wood Burnett, San flntonio J. Frank Norris Dennard. Henderson Herman flndrew Fitts, Mineral Wells James Benjamin Granville, Jr., Brady Darrell Lee Hemphill, Littlefield Guilford Lavendar Jones, flustin Joe Madison Kilgore, Mission fllvin Futch McCormick, flustin Frank Ripy McWhorter, Houston Reginald Franklin Muggli, flustin Basil Lynn Reynolds, Shiner Callaway Sanford Vance, Edna FIRST YEftR LflW Harding Luther Laurence, Gladewater JUNIOR William Harmon Darden, Holliday SOPHOMORES William Ellis Cook, Del Rio Bill Benson Hardy, flustin James Dudley Harmon, Dallas Thomas Bennett Johnson, San flntonio 200 East 26i 2 JOHNNIE flNNIBflLE COSELLI Page 191 Cartwright, Wright, Bowers, Kealhofer, Elliott, White, Suttles, Buffington. Taylor, Marsh, Hutchings, W. Kendall, Ivers, Wood, Calkins, Webster. Brookshire, S. Harris, Bevan, Bruce, Wheless, Watson, J. Harris, Davison. Carter, S. Kendall, Slator, Terry, Braud, G. Covert, Davis, Cuny. Sears, Lucas, Tallichet, Cloud, Reagan, Gray, Little, Scurlock. Thomas, Blalock, Moss, Beck, McNay, Stewart, Gilmer, Scruggs. Peyton, Phelan, Sterett, C. Covert, Stroud, Haden, Kinslow, Whitten. Barnes, Breaker, Meredith, Nash, Stephens, Ferguson, Campbell. f f c r 4 -. J n e r f a 4. - ;ji i ' OFFICERS I JULES HENRI TflLLICHET, JR. II RICHARD MflRTIN LUCflS III JESSE MflRTIN HflRRIS FflCULTY R. fl. GfllLBRfllTH flssistant Professor of Electrical Engineering R. fl. LflW Professor of English CLYDE LITTLEFIELD Track Coach COVEY T. OLIVER flssociate Professor of Law D. fl. PENICK. . Professor of Classical Languages Page 192 KflPPfi flLPHfl MEMBERS GRADUATE John William Reagan, Beeville SENIORS George Patrick Buffington, Navasota Ernest Anderson Carter, Dallas John Reagan Cartwright, Houston Christian Malford Gotham, Jr., San flntonio Tom Scale Davison, Nacogdoches David Gray Elliott, Houston Stevens Thomas Harris, Jr., flustin Charles William Kinslow, Jr., Memphis Richard Martin Lucas, Berclair Frank Phelan, Jr., Memphis Roy Lee Rines, Jr., Wichita Falls Arch Chilton Scurlock, Beaumont Edward Lillo Suttles, Houston Jules Henri Tallichet, Jr., Houston Edward Gray Taylor, Dallas Jerome Thomas Terry, Beaumont James Cunyus Watson, Dallas John Bookhout Webster, Dallas Clint Bailey Wood, Dallas Augustus Bacon Wright, Jr., Dallas SECOND YEAR LAWS William Orrin Bowers, Beaumont Harold Marsh, Jr., Tyler FIRST YEAR LAWS Worley Newton Barnes, Terrell ' William Clarke Blalock, Fort Worth Henry Blair Breaker, Houston Dick Conroy Calkins, Fort Worth George Hugh Covert, Austin Thomas Bacon Curry, Hempstead William Theodore Kendall, Houston Willard Ray Scruggs, Jr., Houston James Moss Slator, Houston George William Stroud, Fort Worth JUNIORS John Harold Bevan, Fort Worth Jack Brookshire, Beaumont John Thompson Gilmer, Graham John Haden, Ladonia Jesse Martin Harris, Austin Robert Edward Harris, Dallas Sidney Sherman Kendall, Houston John Joss Little, Dallas Alan Theodore McCleery, Fort Worth Pat Talmadge Peyton, Beaumont Merry Veazey Williams, San Antonio SOPHOMORES Billy Joe Baxter, Austin Homer Lindsey Bruce, Houston Billy Bruce Campbell, Dallas Clarence Covert, Jr., Austin ' John Stoddard Ferguson, Mexico City, D. F. ' William Lewis Hutchings, Houston Wayne Franklin Ivers, Beaumont Starr Kealhofer, Jr., Austin ' Leo New, Jr., Houston Sandiford Ring, Houston William Evans Rowe, Austin ' Phil Knox Thomas, Fort Worth ' William Meade Wheless, Houston FRESHMEN ' Walter Hartwell Beck, Fort Worth ' Charles Leroy Borgeson, Jr., Dallas ' Roland Joseph Braud, Jr., Beaumont ' Guy Maurice Cloud, Austin ' Wallace Kimbrough Davis, Austin ' Don Den ton McNay, San Antonio ' Carlton Meredith, Dallas ' Clifton Lowther Moss, III, Dallas ' John Harvey Nash, Jr., Austin ' Redford Davis Sears, Houston ' Lewis Dale Stephens, Wichita Falls ' Malcolm Forbes Sterett, Dallas ' John Bruce Steward, Wichita Falls ' Fred Carroll Stone, Beaumont ' Rupert Edward Theobalt, Port Arthur ' Clarence Edward Thunnon, Dallas 2211 Red River JULES HENRI TflLLJCHET, JR. Page 193 Rex Baker, Gibson, Coleman. Erwin, Cooley, Delavan, Duffield, Thompson, Grant, Parker. Carter, Holland, Wathen, flshcroft, Stewart, Walter-worth, Moore, Jester, Cruse, Binion. Woodul, Suman, Lipscomb, Cain, Flana- gan, Reardon, Getzendaner, Worrel, Man- ford, Tappan. Miller, Rain, Dorsey, McMahon, G. Boll- man, Wheelock, flnderson, McReynolds, J. Rudd. Hooks, Steen, Hickman, Moore, Koschak, Crombie, Hicks, Flack, Isaacs. Frank, Slade, Simpson, Belew, Youens, Grain, Daniel, Powell, Roberts, B. Rudd. Pierce, fldams, Sellers, Storey, McLeod, Deaderick, Crowley, Finlayson, Hudson. Smith, McCormick, Scott, Duson, Peckin- paugh, Eklund, Beeler, Britton, Powers. McCarter, Kultgen, Upchurch, Crusemann, McMurrey, J. McMahon, Brooks, Gallia, Harrison. Randolph, Roberts, Maddox, Jones, Wilson, Clark, Llewellyn, Bienvenu, Sanders. Robert Baker, Rea, Rhome, Steel, Peck, Swope, Bivins, Cunningham, Swann. OFFICERS Grand Master. . . .RICHflRD GEORGE MILLER Grand Procurator JflMES M. BIVINS Grand Master of Ceremonies DENTON ARTHUR COOLEY Grand Scribe JOHN BARRY RUDD Grand Treasurer FRANK CRAIG ERWIN FACULTY ROBERT A. COX Instructor in Economics ERNEST R. HARDIN Instructor in Public Speaking IRA P. HILDEBRAND Professor of Law DONALD JOSEPH Assistant Professor of Romance Languages STUART A. MacCORKLE Assistant Professor of Government V. I. MOORE Dean of Men and Student Life HARRY H. RANSOM Assistant Professor of English T. U. TAYLOR Dean Emeritus of the College of Engineering Page 194 KfiPPA SIGfllA MEMBERS GRADUATES George Washington Delavan, San Antonio John Robert Suman, Houston SENIORS Guy Townsend Anderson, Calvert Cavett Sayers Binion, Lufkin John David Birdwell, Beaumont James Maurice Bivins, Longview George Hubert Bollman, Jr., Dallas Dixon Hill Coin, Houston Dento n Arthur Cooley, Houston Edward Bruner Grain, Longview William Steel Crombie. Jr., El Paso Samuel William Cruse, Houston William Bowden Deaderick, Houston Frank Craig Erwin, Waxahachie William Hamilton Getzendaner, Waxahachie Joseph Henry Hickman, Waxahachie Charles Guy Hooks. Houston Commodore Perry Hudson, Dallas Burford King Isaacs, Fort Worth Homer Bates Jester, Corsicana Robert Raymond Kelly, Houston John Crawford Llewellyn, Fort Worth Alfred Thomas Lucas, Beverly Hills, Calif. Jack Polk Maddox, Houston Thomas Durwood Manford, Smiley Richard George Miller, FJ Paso William Thomas Peckinpaugh, Houston William Randolph, Schertz William Harrison Storey. Galveston Elam Franklin Swann, Tyler Robert Lloyd Wheelock. Jr., Corsicana Walter Frank Woodul, Houston Ernest Louis Youens, Navasota SECOND YEAR LAWS Amrie Denson Clark, Jr., Tyler John Axford Hicks, Sulphur Springs Quay Bayard McMahon. Longview Robert FJey Rain, Jr., Dallas John Barry Rudd, Waskom Claude Elmer Unchurch, Tyler FIRST YEAR LAWS Robert Henry Baker, Houston Rex Gavin Baker. Jr., Houston Harry Buntin Beeler, Jr., Austin Thomas Marvin Britton, Jr., FJ Paso Fred Ross Crusemann, Fort Worth Billy Peck Gibson, Corsicana Hilmar Guenther Moore, Richmond Bascom Lynn Sanders, Corsicana JUNIORS Benjamin Franklin Ashcroft, Sulphur Springs Fritz Grant Barnes, Little Rock. Ark. David Owen Belew, Fort Worth Joseph Ramsey Bienvenu, Houston Peter Gautier Brooks, Wharton Amon Gary Carter. Jr.. Fort Worth Choi Nueton Daniel. Longview John Wesley Dorsey, Houston Carl Edgar Duff ield. Jr.. Tulsa. Okla. Raymond Philips Elledge, Jr., Houston Preston Simms Flanagan, Longview Edwin Randolph Ivy, Waco John Karl Koschak, Jr., Galveston Robert James McMurrey, Tyler Jack Powell, Jr., Tyler Patrick Herbert Reardon, Monroe, La. Morin Montagu Scott, Houston Hubert Lyle Simpson. Houston :nk Hearin Slade. Longview Arthur Eugene Steel, Fort Worth Malcolm Graeme Stewart, Dalhart Robert Sealy Swope, Beaumont Ben Tappan. San Antonio Joe Sidney Thompson, Sherman Thomas Neal Walthen, Dallas Earle Field Watterworth. Dallas Charles William Worrel, Houston SOPHOMORES Tom Armstrong Adams. Brenham Howard Birch Dies, Houston ' Curley Pharr Duson. Jr., El Campo Joe Fenley Flack, Galveston Jay Robert Gallia, Woodsboro Dan Jefferson Harrison. Houston James Hans Helland. San Antonio Jay York Jones, Austin Grady Slyvester McCarter, Galveston Arthur Dana McKinney, Corpus Christi Ewing Sinks McLarty. Jr., Galveston Boyd Brown McLeod. Dallas Jack Richard McMahon, Longview Gifford Cleveland Parker, Tulsa. Okla. William Hartwell Pierce, Jr., West Columbia William Neal Powers, Jr., Tyler ' Frank T. Rea, Longview Rom Rhome. Jr., Austin Joseph James Roberts, Tyler William Lee Rudd, Waskom Jack Skipper, Longview John Thomas Steen. San Antonio Parker Frank Wilson, Dallas FRESHMEN William Wheeless Bollman, Dallas John Thomas Crowley, Houston David Wynn Cunningham, Houston Walter Driver, El Paso William Andrew Eklund. Houston Charles Robert Finlayson, Tyler Lloyd Jefferson Gregory, Houston James Statham Huff. FJ Paso David Burks Kultgen, Waco Branch Coleman Lipscomb, Lockhart Charles Northrop Peck, HI, Houston Walton Simpson Roberts, Tyler Arthur Clyde Sellers, Del Rio Jack Marion Skeen, Tyler Jimmie Hannaford Smith, San Antonio " . ' . ' - .-: RICHflRD GEORGE Page 195 Tucker, Rust, Feray, Deputy, Brooks. McCarty, Mays, Logue, Lytle, Wolford. McLean, Fleming, Gibbs, R. Oualline, Tipton. Rieck, Harvey, Johnson, K. Wood, Wilson. Pruitt, Camp, Minor, Lichte, E. Wood. Saegert, Michael, B. Wood, Gaither, J. Oualline. Ware, Mason, Denman, Shytles, Blair. O OFFICERS President JAMES EDWARD McCflRTY Vice-President WILLIflM WflLTER McLEflN Secretary WILLIflM LEROY TIPTON Treasurer BEN PITTMflN DENMflN FACULTY CURTIS I. ALDERSON Instructor in Physical Training ROBBIN C. ANDERSON Instructor in Chemistry SIGURD N. EKDAHL Instructor in Physical Training J. ANDERSON FITZGERALD Dean of the School of Business Administration SCOTT GAINES Attorney for University Lands WILLIAM WflLTER McLEAN Research Fellow, Bureau of Industrial Chemistry R. R. RUBOTTOM flssistant to the Dean of Student Life TAMES H. SLEDD Instructor in English Page 196 LAdlBDA CHI ALPHA MEMBERS GRflDUATES William Walter McLean, El Paso James Leroy Minor, Tahoka Clarence Emil Saegerl, Seguin SENIORS ' Joseph Alexander Camp, Houston Robert Dee Deputy, Dallas Sam Brown Harvey, Mt. Vemon William Tolbert Michael, El Paso James Edward McCarty, flustin Judd Hamner Oualline, Conroe French Strange Pruitt, flustin Edwin Roy Wood, Louise SECOND YEflR LAW Doyle Harris Gaither, El Paso FIRST YEflR LAWS Leon Border. Blair, Lubbock Lloyd Gates Rust, Jr., Wharton William Leroy Tipton, Conroe JUNIORS Morris flustin Brooks, Brownwood R. D. Lancaster, Stephenville Clyde Cecil Logue, San flntonio Andrew Benjamin Lytle, Jr., Dallas Edwin Jasper Mays, Mineral Wells James Jefferson Tucker, Austin ' Ralph W. Wilson, San Angelo ' Albert Marion Wolford, Jr., McKinney ' Bertram Oliver Wood, San Angelo SOPHOMORES ' William Dean Chapman, Jr., Houston ' William James Cotterell, Houston Ben Pittman Denman, Brownwood George Edson Feray, Beaumont Walton Clem Fleming, Jr., Houston Douglas Roger Johnson, Smithville Richard Stewart Mason, Boston, Mass. ' James Patterson Rieck, Roosevelt Harry Maurice Shytles, Jr., Waco Kenneth Cecil Wood, Louise FRESHMEN ' Samuel Moore Gibbs, Seguin ' Carl Laurent Lichte, Cleburne ' Royce Evans Oualline, Conroe ' Jack Blacker Ware, Austin 711 West Twenty-first JflMES EDWflRD McCflRTY Page 197 Kerr, Thompson, Wadsworth, J. Morrill. Prendergast, Pratt. Blankenbeckler, Neely, Hulsey, Perry, Munnell, C. Gannon. LaRoche, Wynne, Parker, Jordan, Roberts, T. Morrill. Dealey, Robinson, Cox, Seay, Houseman, Baker. Manning, flndeck, Williams, Meriwether, Bishop, Leonard. Park, Worsham, Howard, Rain, Tucker, Tuck. Thomas, Gates, Russell, Rembert, Camp- bell, F. Gannon. J. Hemmingson, G. Hemmingson, Snod- grass, Bell, Leftwich, Storey. ] OFFICERS President ................................. FREDERICK JOSEPH SCOTT Warden ..................... FRflNK flLDERSON BLflNKENBECKLER, JR. Secretary ................................ flNDREW ZILKER THOMPSON Housemanager ................. ... JUNIUS HUGHES MORRILL FflCULTY EUGENE C. BARKER ............. . .Professor of American History ROY BEDICHEK ............................ Director of Bureau of Public School Extracurricular Activity D. B. CflSTEEL ..................................... Professor of Zoology KENNETH C. DAVIS ................................... Professor of Law FRANK L. JEWETT .................................... Instructor in Bible CHARLES T. McCORMICK ............... ..... Dean of the School of Law E. T. MILLER .................................... Professor of Economics ROBERT W. STAYTON ................................ Professor of Law A. W. WALKER ........................................ Professor of Law Page 198 PHI DGLTfi THGTfi MEMBERS Louis Lester Tuck, Ml. Vernon, I1L SENIORS Burchell Rllinson. El Dorado, Ark. Charles Craig Coles, Bay City Joseph McDonald Dealey, Dallas George Kimball Meriwether, Jr., Dallas us Hughes Morrill, Beeville y Eugene Neely, Dallas William Cox Perry, Houston Russell Stevenson Rembert, Dallas Henry Lamar Roberts, Macon, Ga. Albert Hodges Wadsworth, Jr., Bay City SECOND YEAR LAWS Frank Alderson Blankenbeckler, Jr., Austin Baine Perkins Kerr, Houston Frederick Joseph Scott, Austin Andrew Zilker Thompson, San Antonio F:RST YEAR LAWS Benjamin Prater Manning, Jr., Amarillo Lucian Morrill, Beeville Talbot Rain, Dallas Cullen Sheppard Thomas, Dallas JUNIORS Andrew Andeck, IV. Des Moines, Iowa Lochridge Cox, Dallas Clair Hildreth Gannon. Jr., Dallas ' George Theodore Hemmingson, Dallas : Carol Hulsey, Forney ell James Leonard, Houston !es Joel Parker, Houston George Prendergast, Jr., Marshall James Ernest Robinson, Temple Frank Lee Snodgrass, Coleman William Carroll Tucker, Houston Buck Jim Wynne, Jr., Wills Point SOPHOMORES John Webster Bishop, HI. Dallas Robert Henry Baker, Houston Frederick Gilbough Gannon, Dallas Henry Grady Jordan, Jr., Austin Julian Constantino LaRoche, Dallas Hugh Emmett Munnell, Dallas Houston Wallace Pratt, Frijole John William Russell, Jr., Fort Worth John MacReynolds Seay, Dallas Jean Mills Worsham, Houston FRESHMEN ' Jeremiah Arch Bell, Austin Robert Fariss Campbell, Jr., Houston James Lemuel Hemmingson, Dallas ' Donelson Marion Houseman, Dallas William Duncan Howard, Waco Snowden Marshal Leftwich, Jr., Dallas Charles Porter Storey, Dallas 411 West Twenty-third FREDERICK JOSEPH SCOTT Page 199 D. Martin, Patterson, Buster, Self, O ' Hara, Seay, Gibbs, Swanson, Walsh. Fleeter, Widdeoke, Rettig, Wooldridge, Schoellkopf, Kennedy, Smith, Spence, Holland. Sharpless, Steele, Blanchette, Seibert, Meyer, McDonald, Cooper, Main, Salter. Greer, Mathis, Jinkins, Imhoff, Thompson, D. Miller, Heiser, Cullum, Watson. Murray, Raney, Hall, Arnold, Powell, Price, Bartholow, Weatherford, Hamilton. Dwyer, Meachum, Greer, Moore, Bishop, Johnson, Gehring, Nemir, Schleyer. Campbell, McCaul, Finney, Schneider, P. Miller, Bronson, Bridges. Kinney, Sponsel, McMahon, Borden, Clark, Bradfield, R. Martin. OFFICERS President JACK RUSSELL BUSTER Historian WILLIAM BAYLOR STEELE Corresponding Secretary TED O. BARTHOLOW Recording Secretary WILLIAM BUCK ARNOLD Treasurer WILLIAM HINCKLEY SEflY FflCULTY WINSTON ADAIR Tutor in English H. C. GILSTRAP Assistant Football Coach THEODORE HORNBERGER Professor of English JETHRO A. MEEK Tutor in English GERALD M. STAFFORD Instructor in Geology BERRY WHITAKER Director of Men ' s Intramurals Page 200 PHI Gflfllflm DGLTfl MEMBERS GRADUATES Frank Florer Finney, Austin Tommy Cole Main, San flntonio SENIORS Ted O. Bartholow, Dallas Roy Bernard Bronson, Jr., Luling Richard Charles Cooper, Port Arthur Robert Harris Heiser, Dallas John Graham Holland, Alpine William Duncan Kennedy, Dallas Robert Michael Martin, Jr., Brownwood Scott McDonald, Fort Worth Walter Mathis, San Antonio John Carl Meyer, Scarsdale, N. Y. Thomas Venor Patterson, Decatur William Hinckley Seay, Dallas Gerald Edward Self, Midland William Baylor Steele, Jr., Dallas Charles Fred Widdecke, Dallas Arthur Robert Wooldridge, Austin SECOND YEAR LAW Charles Montague Gibbs, San Angela FIRST YEAR LAWS Jack Russell Buster, Dallas Killough King Smith, Fort Worth Henry Stude Walsh, Houston JUNIORS William Buck Arnold, Houston Guy Borden, San Antonio William Kalar Clark, San Antonio David Lee Fleeter, Houston Wendell Edwin Hall, Port Arthur George William Imhoff, Jr., Port Arthur John Leonard McMahon, Dallas Orville Bullington Miller, Dallas Paul Bentalet Miller, Jr., Houston John Homer Moore, Jr., Houston Paul Nemir, Jr., Navasota Robert Bernard O ' Hara, Dallas Joseph Yancey Powell, Jr., Houston John Wilson Rettig, Houston Forrest Allison Salter, Kerrville Hugo William Schoellkopf, Dallas Kenneth Dale Seibert, Houston Robert Hitchcock Sharpless, Port Arthur William Wallace Swanson, Washington, D. C. SOPHOMORES John Webster Bishop, Houston James Grady Blanchette, Dallas Tom Walling Bradfield, Austin Wallace Russell Campbell, Jr., Houston Landen Haynes Cullum, Wichita Falls John William Greer, Jr., Houston Winburn Dale Martin, Oklahoma City, Okla. Winfree William Meachum, Austin Robert Vincent Murray, Austin Thomas E. Price, Cincinnati, Ohio Robert Ewing Raney, Dallas Robert Charlton Thompson, Dallas ' Robert Ssarcy Watson, Houston FRESHMEN Robert Rawlins Bridges, Fort Worth William Graves Dwyer, Houston ' Herman Fred Gehring, Jr., Houston John Bachman Greer, Jr., Waco ' William Norman Hamilton, Dallas ' Julius Luther Jinkins, Jr., Galveston ' William Parks Johnson, Great Neck, N. Y. ' William George Kinney, Austin ' James Addington McCaul, Jr., Fort Worth ' Otis Schleyer, New Braunfels ' Charles Raymond Schneider, Dallas ' Joseph West Spence, Jr., Waco ' Thane Tyler Sponsel, Duluth, Minn. ' Sam Hardin Weatherford, Fort Worth 300 West Twenty-seventh JflCK RUSSELL BUSTER Page 201 Peterson, Schramm, K. Thompson, Garrett, J. Wells, Cox. J. Jones, L. Thompson, Weston, Keyes, Williams, Kimmel. M. Wells, J. Kendall, Dillon, Officer, G. Flowers, Nicholson. Malone, Schoolfield, Pace, Shepperd, Eidson, Shimeall. Childers, Hunnicutt, S. Jones, H. Davis, Oberg, Jacob. Griffin, Harrington, Remick, Coffin, John- ston, Bryant, Jewell. Carvey, Cheney, Nelson, Eades, L. Flowers, Teasdale, Turner. f t l C. fc AA . %tfe ' , " . .-( f ? OFFICERS President JOHN HOWARD WELLS Vice-President HENRY C. SULLIVAN Secretary FRED JOHN WESTON Treasurer ROBERT H. EADES FACULTY W. H. BRENTLINGER Assistant Professor of Psychology H. V. CRAIG Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics E. E. HALE Professor of Economics G. M. HODGES Professor of Law J. L. HENDERSON Professor of Education C. P. PATTERSON Professor of Government O. D. WEEKS Professor of Government Page 202 PHI KflPPfl PSI MEMBERS GRflDUflT ES David Brear Remick, Philadelphia. Perm. Marshall Foch Wells, Wellington SENIORS Ray Thornton Coffin, Jr., Dallas Robert Howard Eades, Menard Joe Harvey Eidson. Hamilton Charles Scranton Harrington, Jr., Houston Thomas Franklin Harwood, Taft filbert Edward Hayward, Jr., flmarillo John Tilford Jones, Jr., Houston Lyle Harris Kendall, Houston Nelson John Munger, Houston Nelson Puett, Jr., Luling Henry C. Sullivan, Wellington Kinman Bud Thompson, Houston John Howard Wells, flustin Fred John Weston, Houston SECOND YEflR LflWS William Randolph Bryant, Sherman Leo John Peterson, flmarillo Stewart William De Vore, flustin FIRST YEflR LflWS John Crouder Carvey, Converse, Ind. ' Darwin Truette Cook, Lufkin George De Witt Jacob, Jr., Houston JUNIORS Richard Caleb Davis, Rosita, Mex. " Leslie Doak Flowers, Uvalde Pearson (Jack) Garrett, Jr., Dallas Charles Henry Griffin, flustin Jary Jack Hunnicutt, Fort Worth ' George Hiram Jewell, Jr., Fort Worth ' Scranton Boulware Jones, Fort Worth William Russell Johnston, Fort Worth Holt Malone, Dallas ' Otis Eley Nelson, Jr., Wichita Falls flrthur Clyde Nicholson, Jr.. Dallas Paul Clyde Oberg, Houston Herbert George Officer, flustin Clint Pace, Vernon Leland Thompson, Jr., Dallas SOPHOMORES ' John Gresham Burnett, Dallas James Talley Cox, Temple ' Henry Roberts Davis, Dallas Clifford Brien Dillon, flmarillo ' George Watts Flowers, Uvalde Joe Barry Kendall, Houston John Humphrey Keyes, Tulsa, Okla. ' Richard Farris Kimmel, Mason City, Iowa ' Dick Russel Paige, Coral Gables. Fla. Texas Edward Schramm, Jr., San Gabriel, Calif. ' Wallace Henry Scott, flustin ' fllfred Edgar Shepperd, Gladewater Kermit Wayne Shimeall, Houston ' William Kerr Teasdale, Mcflllen Edd Royal Turner, Jr., Houston ' Clifford Byron White. Rosita, Mex. FRESHMEN George Ross flnderson, flustin ' Harris Graham Cheney, Coleman ' Jack Durrett Childers, flmarillo ' William Mooney Gambrell, flustin ' John William Petrovich, fllhambra, Calif. Harold Richards, Jr., flustin ' Charles Featherstone Schoolfield, Fort Worth ' David Raworth Williams, flustin 1710 Colorado IOHN HOWARD WELLS Page 203 Smith, Klaerner, Hackett, Carl, Bailey. Kniffin, Beaman, Caldwell, Winn, Gant. Lewis, Eidson, flnderson, McMillan, Harri- son. Patterson, Swartz, flllen, Norton, R. Stewart. Sanderson, Richardson, Kimbrough, Britt, Eardley, Cayton. Young, Taylor, Bryson, Holder, Meyer, Hereford. OFFICERS fllpha.. ..ROBERT STEWflRT Beta PHIL WILLIflM TftYLOR Sigma EDWflRD BURTON WINN Upsilon CHflRLIE NICHOLS BAILEY Tau SPURGEON KYLE BRITT FACULTY CHARLES FLINN ARROWOOD Professor of Education ARTHUR L. BRANDON Director of Public Relations L. L. CLICK Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences ROBERT CRAWFORD COTNER Instructor in History C. C. GLASCOCK Professor of Romance Languages C. R. CRANBERRY Professor of Electrical Engineering CHARLES W. HACKETT Professor of Latin-American History HARRY L. KLOTZ Associate Physician W. E. METZENTHIN Professor of Germanic Languages ARNO NOWOTNY Assistant Dean of Men HERBERT WHITWELL UNDERWOOD Professor of Naval Science and Tactics Page 204 PHI KAPPA SIGfllfl MEMBERS Chan-lie Nichols Bailey, Clyde Rupert Nonral Richardson, Jr., RbOene :ORS James Stewart Allen, Austin Spurgeon Kyle Britt, Dale Lloyd Ray Gant, Austin Robert Fairhurst Kniffin, Seguin Thomas Edward Lewis, Bay City Phil William Taylor, Stephenville James Elgin Young, Houston SECOND YEflR LAW Danie! Saul Lumian, Cambridge, Mass. T YEAR LAW n Milton Beaman, Dallas -;::::- Bennett Bryson, Bastrop 53 W. Hackett, Jr., Austin Willi- I is Harrison. Electro -I :cks Holland, Palestine -. Ivey, Jr., Toft -urice JQaemer, San Antonio -11 Lee Norton, Roswell. N. M. Pence, Brady Rufus Walker Oliver, Groesbeck A. W. Patterson, Dallas Truman Hubert Sims, Jr., San Angela Ray Holcombe Smith, Jr., San Antonio Robert Stewart, Port Arthur John August Wacker, Jr., Bartlett Carroll Preston Walker, Jr., Houston Edward Burton Winn, Dallas SOPHOMORES Paul Donald Anderson, Midland John Gillis Carl, Waco Van Craddock Cayton, Groesbeck Albert Edwin Eardley, Carrizo Springs Jack Leigh Eidson, Houston William Robert Fuge, Jr., Austin Carl Hereford, Aus::r. Floyd William Holder, Breckenridge ' Charles Duncan McMillan, Paris Jimmy Victor Meyer, Houston Charles Earl Sanderson, Austin FRESHMEN Don Starr Caldwell, Jr., Mezia William Connell Cawthon, Paris Warren Hamilton Higginbotham, Houston William Duke Kimbrough, Midland Peter Prince Parrish, Downers Grove, ffl. Robert Arnold Swartz, Newgulf 711 West 22% BOBEB1 STEWBi . Pag KB B. Marks, Friedman, T. Marks, Erin, Spitzer. Lechenger, Oppenheimer, Nast, fl. Marks, Witz. H. Hoffman, Kallison, Hirsch, E. Hoffman, Friedlander. David, M. Marks, J. Weil, B. Weil, Daily. Levy, Susholtz, Stahl, Katz, Benenson, Klar. Joseph, Tobolowsky, Golding, Blum, Goldman, Freeman. Weingarten, Shwarts, Handelman, Block, Tallal, Dover. OFFICERS Master Frater STANLEY MILFORD DAVID Vice-Master Frater BERNARD HASS MARKS Secretary LOUIS CHARLES LECHENGER Treasurer.. .. CHARLES JULIUS KATZ Page 206 PHI SIGfim DGLTfl MEMBERS SENIORS Royal Henry Brin, Jr., Dallas Stanley Milford David, Dallas Silas Friedlander, Jr., Tyler Ben Handelman, Marlin Charles Julius Kcrtz, San Antonio Alvin Jerome Marks, Corsicana Bernard Hass Marks, Dallas Maurice Daniel Nast, Corpus Christi fllvin Lawrence Shwarts, Corsicana Leonard Sheldon Spitzer, Oak Park, 111. FIRST YEflR LAWS Myron Bergson Marks, Marshall David Aaron Witz, Denison JUNIORS Herschel Daily, Richmond Harold Maurice Freeman, Little Rock, ftrk. filbert Friedman, Houston Sylvan Henry Golding, Spur James Morris Kallison, San flntonio Louis Charles Lechenger, Houston Theodore Nussbaum Marks, Dallas fllexander Joske Oppenheimer, San Antonio Edwin Samuel Tobolowsky, Dallas Joseph Lyon Weil, Jr., Corpus Christi SOPHOMORES Lawrence Har old Blum, Beaumont Felix B. Goldman, Jr., Dallas Joe Hirsch, Marshall Edmund Meyer Hoffman, Oklahoma City, Okla. Lester Arnold Levy, Dallas Joseph Tallal, Dallas Bernhard fllexander Weil, Corpus Christi FRESHMEN Roy Nathan Beneson, New York City, N .Y. Richard Edward Block, Dallas ' Frank Lipper Dover, Beaumont Frank Raymond Hoffman, Jr., Oklahoma City, Okla. Jay Bernard Joseph, Dallas ' Herman Klar, Dallas Bill Alvin Rips, San Antonio ' Henri Edward Stahl, Gonzales Adolph Otis Susholtz, Houston ' Bernard Louis Weingarten, Houston 2626 Speedway STANLEY MILFORD DflVID Page 207 R. Gump, Camp, Rash, Hammock, Meadows, Durham, Tucker. Moore, Martin, Usry, Roberts, Sensing, Brooke, Lowry. Hershey, Clark, Umstattd, McNutt, Weller, Pope, McCullough. Norman, Lucius, Richard Jackson, Polk, Mahan, Ledyard, Gatewood. Mcfllmon, Burton, Wolf, flrnold, Kremer, Shannon, fldams. W. Wisener, Bayer, Felder, Barbee, Long, Grady, Kelly. Scruggs, M. Jackson, Lyons, Barfield, H. Gump, Robert Jackson, Holloway, Carter. Marshall, Kinsel, J. Wisener, C. Thome, L. Thome, Windham, Patterson, Hilburn. BBOH M BOH r PI i- ! V OFFICERS President LLOYD HENRY BARBEE Vice-President ERNEST ODELL PATTERSON Secretary HARRY ANTHONY GUMP Treasurer JACK EDWARD MEADOWS FflCULTY L. THEO BELLMONT Director of Physical Training for Men G. K. EIFLER Instructor in Geology L. W. PAYNE, JR Professor of English C. M. MONTGOMERY Professor of Romance Languages Page 208 - PI KflPPfl fiLPHfl MEMBERS GRADUATE Charles Frank Butler, Crockett ::-: :: - : Douglas H. flmold, Crockett Lloyd Henry Barbee, San Antonio Bill Norris Camp, San Antonio on Crawford Carter, Smithville Zack Lamar Felder, Dallas Boyce filbert Gatewood, Wichita Falls Robert Joseph Gump, Dallas James Porter Holloway, Dallas William Franklin Martin, Hamlin Jack Edward Meadows, Dallas Ernest Odell Patterson, Tulsa, Okla. John Blakely Pope, HI, Austin Earl Keith Preston, Childless William Paul Hitter, El Paso Raleigh Sims Usry, Dallas Wyman Windham, Jr., Livingston SECOND YEAR LAW John Clarke Roberts, San Antonio FIRST YEAR LAW Sheffy Mohan, Childress Jaek King Wisener, Wells James Patrick Wolf, San Antonio JUNIORS Edwin Dietrick Bayer, Paige, Ala. ' axey Burton, St. Louis, Mo. Rollin Floyd Clarke, El Paso ::m George Eyres, San Antonio Robert Vernor Hammock, Paris ' Donovan Hershey, El Paso ' Marvin Benson Hilbum, Jr., Lubbock ' ackson, Jr., San Angela ' Richard Eugene Jackson, El Paso Robert Prim Jackson, El Paso Darius Lowry, El Paso Ray Everett McNutt, El Paso Schuyler Bailey Marshall, El Paso ' Robert Roberts Rash, Austin Billy Moss Sensing, Dallas James Harry Scruggs, Jr., Roscoe George Clifford Thome, Lubbock Lansing Stephen Thorne, Lubbock Joe L. Tucker, Jr., Austin William Turner Wisener, Wells SOPHOMORES William Adams, Alice Joe Willis Barfield, St. Joseph, Mo. Clyde Andrew Brooke, Conroe ' Rodney Jason Camp, San Antonio Roy Lee Davis, Jr., El Paso ' Pete Brice Durham, Austin Harry Anthony Gump. Dallas ' Lawrence Nicholas Kremer, Houston Frank Joseph Lyons, FJ Paso James William Mahoney, San Antonio ' Peter Wyatt McAlmon, El Paso ' James Franklin Moore, Roswell, N. M. Wyatt Thomas Norman, Rusk ' Thomas Harding Polk, Fort Worth ' Brady Shannon, Ysleta James McNutt Umstattd, Austin FRESHMEN John Francis Grady, El Paso John Arlington Hargis, Nacogdoches Arthur Benjamin Kelly, Dallas George Davie Kinsel, Hebbronville Gilbert Charles Ledyard, Dallas Sam James Wallis Long, Mexico City, D. F. John Joseph Lucius, Austin Earle Dilliston McCullough, Austin Bobby Reddin, Austin Clarence MacLeary Weller, Austin 1712 Rio Grande LLOYD HENRY BflRBEE Pag 209 Sullivan, Hanlon, Small, Georgi, Fulmore, Spence, Collie, Dale. Bliss, Staley, Garner, Schmid, Boyd, Hopkins, I. Wilkinson, Jennings. Stephens, Grambling, McGaughey, Jack- son, Zuber, fldkins, Hammer, J. Hardie. Kritser, Wilson, C. Wilkinson, Nail, Brown, Platter, Brownlee, Glenn. Tucker, Garrett, Whittington, Kampmann, Moroney, Ernst, Hennessey. Grain, Wallace, Flewellen, Hudson, Har- man, J. Bell, Crawford. Brelsford, Holmes, Hebdon, Pace, Kuyken- dall, Hilty, Miller. Bellows, F. Bell, Wortham, Thomas, Stapp, DuBose, Griffith. OFFICERS Eminent flrchon ROBERT WILLIflM SPENCE Eminent Deputy flrchon TOL BEN WflRE Eminent Recorder EDWflRD GREER HflRDWICKE Eminent Treasurer ROGER CHARLES SULLIVflN FflCULTY JflMES DflFFflN CflLDWELL flssistant Professor of Law C. AUBREY SMITH Professor of Accounting JAMES BLANTON WHAREY Professor of English Page 210 SIGfim flLPHfl GPSILOn MEMBERS GRADUATES William Hogue Cousins, Austin Sam Nail Webb, Dallas SENIORS Henry L. (Jack) Adkins, Amarillo David Cannon Boyd, Dallas Marvin Key Collie, Amarillo Jack Fanl, El Paso Gates H. Brelsford, Tornillo Cyrus Burleson Frost, Jr., Eastland Custis Robert Gamer, Jr., Amarillo Howard Mason Georgi, Dallas Peter John Hennessey, San Antonio Joe Lee Hensley, Jr., San Antonio John Lenoir Jackson, III, Wichita Falls Ike Simpson Kampmann, Jr., San Antonio Hugh E. Longino, Magnolia, Ark. Herbert Sharp McGaughey, Greenville Edwin Joseph Reeves, Dallas Jack Can- Staley, Wichita Falls William Edward Stapp, Dallas Roger Charles Sullivan, Dallas Maury Gano Tucker, Dallas Tol Ben Ware, Amarillo James Connellee Whittington, Eastland Clark Newton Wilkinson, Jr., Longview Jack G. Wilkinson, Fort Worth Charles Barry Zuber, Dallas SECOND YEAR LAWS Hardie, Jr., El Paso Richard McGee, Minot, N. D. FIRST YEAR LAWS James Ross Bell, Childress .as Joseph Hanlon, El Paso Herbert Lingo Platter, Jr., Austin Robert William Spence, Tyler John Samuel Wallace, Austin John Ross Wilson, Texarkana JUNIORS Frank Frederick Bell, III, Dallas ' Philip Sydney Carrington, San Antonio William Severne Crawford, Jr., Dallas Clyde Winston Garrett, Washington. D. C. Robert Benjamin Glenn, Amarillo John Allen Grambling, El Paso Lloyd Allen Hammer, Jr., Houston Jack Caldwell Hebdon, San Antonio Richard Curtis Hudson, Houston ' Tom Moylan Kritser, Amarillo Roger Lynn Kuykendall, Lubbock James McQueen Moroney, Dallas Rayburn Noll, Sherman Daniel Parker Pace, Houston R. B. Patrick, Jr., Austin Walter Atkins Scott, Jr., Memphis, Tenn. Terrell Jackson Small. Austin Lowell Webster Taylor, Jr., Memphis, Tenn. SOPHOMORES ' Frank Williams Bellows, Corpus Christi Curtis Tiennan Bliss, Kansas City, Mo. John Houghton Brownlee, Jr., Austin ' William Rathbone Grain, Cuero ' Warren Alfred Dale, Houston Sterling Robertson Fulmore, Jr., Austin Jack Ford Hardie, San Antonio Edward Greer Hardwicke, Fort Worth Roy Willis Holmes, Shamrock ' Albert James Hopkins, Temple ' Walter Amsdale Schmid, Jr., Fort Worth Charles Leon Stephens, Fort Worth FRESHMEN " Franklin Marsh Bell, ffl, Tyler ' William Brown, Houston H. Jay DuBose, Belton ' Richard Edwin Ernst, Houston ' Wilbur Carl Flewellen, Belton ' Charles Coleman Griffith, Austin ' Robert Adlia Harmon, Jr., San Antonio ' Leonard Franklin Hilty, Houston ' James Rogers Jennings, Peoria, HI. ' Vernon Miller, Houston ' Alex Roscoe Thomas, San Antonio Robert Raymond Wortham, Fort Worth 509 West Twenty-sixth ROBERT WILLIflM SPENCE foot -.. Lemmons, Roddy, Heller, Goldberg, Ravicz, Davis. Goidl, Crystal, Lipstate, Ravel, Sylvan Mellinger, Budow. Muslow, Riskind, Miller, Epstein, Sidney Mellinger, Calisch. Berlinger, Donzis, Levy, Samuel Mellinger, Massman, Florman. Fichtenbaum, Lieberman, Myers, Herring, Kaliff, H. Novy, Strauss. J. fllterman, Shaenfield, Gilbert, Good- friend, Goldfarb, David, Daitch. Gordon, D. Novy, Blaugrund, Mayper, Lynch, Messinger, R. fllterman. OFFICERS Prior ROBERT SCHWARZ STRflUSS Vice-Prior EDWIN FREDERICK BERLINER Recorder ROBERT SIMON RflVICZ Exchequer EDWflRD LflFAYE MASSMAN FflCULTY AARON SCHAFFER. .Professor of Romance Languages Page 212 siGfim ALPHA mu MEMBERS GRADUATES Philip Harry Upstate. Jr., Tyler James Muslow, Dayton, Ohio SENIORS Edwin Frederick Berliner, El Paso Charles filbert Calisch, El Paso Leo David, Houston Lester Barnett Epstein, Bay City Nathaniel Goodfriend, Austin Jack Louis, Kansas City, Mo. Edward Lafaye Massman, Beaumont Sidney Mellinger, Big Spring Sylvan Mellinger, Merkel Seymour Myers, Dallas Reuben Saul Riskind, Eagle Pass Robert Schwarz Strauss, Stamford FIRST YEflR LAW Melvin Crystal, Caldwell JUNIORS Robert Maurice Altennan, San Antonio Herbert Edward Daitch, Brookline, Mass. Milton Victor Davis, Wichita Falls Julius Goldberg, Houston ' Stanley Erving Gordon, El Paso William David Goldfarb, El Paso Maurice Aaron Lemmons, Ozona Harold Gilbert Levy, El Paso Arthur Manuel Miller, Fort Worth ' William Bernard Potash, El Paso William Nathan Roddy, Waco SOPHOMORES ' Richard Melvin Albert, Dallas Bernard Irving Budow, San Antonio Morton G. Fichtenbaum, Austin Irvin Sir Goidl, Dallas ' Morton Heller, Wichita, Kans. David Lieberman, Houston Stanley Mayper, Omaha, Neb. Gene Philip Ravel, Austin FRESHMEN ' Jerome Wittles Alterman, San Antonio ' Morton Leonard Blaugrund, El Paso ' Jerome Milton Donzis, San Antonio ' Lloyd Harold Florman, Blytheville, Ark. ' Harold Stanley Gilbert, Houston ' Earl Leonard Herring, Amarillo ' Mendel Selig Kaliff, San Antonio ' Stanley Herbert Karotkin, San Antonio ' Bert G. Lynch, Louisville, Ky. ' Samuel Marvin Mellinger, Big Spring ' Herbert Mesinger, Houston ' Dave Howard Novy, Austin ' Harold Cyril Novy, Austin ' Bernard Wolf Shaenfield, San Antonio 1914 Nueces ROBERT SCHWflRZ STRflUSS Page 213 Graves, Denman, Guthrie, Bell, Kuhn, Cravens. Stanberry, Brink, Murta, Russell, Merkt, Keenan, Musselman. Wear, Arnold, Burns, Gillis, Goldsmith, Goodman, Schroeder. Wooldridge, Martin, Randall, Boreaux, Luckett, Chiles, Towner. Nesbitt, Kinney, Brodhead, Masters, Battaile, Ebner, Downs. Holloway, Gardner, Milburn, Church, Greiner, flllen, Sanders. Hoeflich, flllison, Colvin, Coley, Gibson, Sandstedt, Robertson. J. Leonard, E. Leonard, Early, Ragsdale, Nolen, Payne, Eckert. C OFFICERS President MORGAN NESBITT Vice-President GILBERT MORGAN DENMAN, JR. Secretary JOE MEANS LEONARD FACULTY B. B. CARSTARPHEN : Instructor in English EDWARD CRANE Professor of Law A. E. COOPER Professor of Applied Mathematics A. P. FINCH Professor of Civil Engineering JACK GRAY Basketball Coach HUGH McMATH Assistant Professor of Architecture Page 214 SIGdlfl CHI MEMBERS GRADUATE Allen Early, Jr., Amarillo SENIORS Billy O. Brink, Detroit, Mich. Hugh Bums, San Antonio Jack Tarver Chiles, Dolores Ericb Collings Downs, Dallas Jack Allen Gant. Wichita Falls Carl William Hoeflich, Jr., Houston Ross Raymond Holloway, Austin John Edward Keppler, San Antonio William Leo Kuhn, Austin Joe Means Leonard, Gainesville ed Edgar Luckett, San Angela Malcolm Long Milbum, San Antonio Pat Murta, Tulsa, Okla. Musselman, Paris Robert Erie Payne, Midland -. McArthur Ragsdale, San Angelo Lester James Randall, Mart Moritz Julius Schroeder, Jr., Monterrey, Mex William Burks Stanberry, Austin Richard Clay Wooldridge, Gainesville SECOND YEAR LAWS Gilbert Morgan Denman, Jr., San Antonio C. A. Goldsmith, Midland Kay Marsene Nolen, Hemphill William Clifton Russell, Odessa FIRST YEAR LAWS Edmund Powell Cravens, Austin Pleasant Fowler Graves, Jr., Houston Wallace Newton Masters, Wichita Falls Morgan Nesbitt, Dallas JUNIORS William Prescott Allen, Jr., Laredo .n Bell, Wichita Falls Robert Carnal Church, Houston Oscar Thomas Ebner, Houston rkert, Mason :rd O ' Meara Gardner, Corrizo Springs Del Rio :r. Edward Greiner, Dallas ward Merkt, Wichita Falls -.say Robertson, Dallas " lewitt Sanders, Orange Leonard Sandstedt, College Station Leslie Atchison Thompson, HI, Austin James Hugh Wear, Louisville, Ky. SOPHOMORES John Terrell Allison, Kings ville ' Augustus William Arnold, Jr.. Houston ' Clarence Jackson Butler, Mission Thomas Harold Coley, Jr., Houston Robert William Gibson, Dallas Eugene Carl Goodman, Dallas Roger Williams Guthrie, Houston William Townsend Keenan, Houston ' William Smith Martin, Wichita Falls FRESHMEN ' John Francis Batlaile, Jr., Houston ' Bobby Edward Boreaux, Brownsville ' Howard Brodhead, Gainesville ' Roland Wendell Bush, Houston Jay Wallace Colvin, Jr., Houston ' Robert Camp Coke, Dallas ' Norman Wurzbach Eckhardt, Austin ' Harvey Cooper Kinney, Jr., Houston ' Earle Mayfield Leonard, Gainesville ' John Darding Towner, San Antonio 408 West Twenty-seventh MORGflN NESBITT Page 215 Newman, Smith, Field, Clark, Church, McCully, Knust. Bentsen, Bybee, McDonald, Russell, Davidson, Foulds, Brashear. Grant, Jarrel, fldams, Street, Mines, Cofer, Porter. Karper, Puls, Waugh, Bain, Herbert, Routon, Wandel. Holstein, Eason, DeuPree, Rodgers, Elrod, Sheffield, Mitchell. Reid, Fulton, Uhl, Lea, E dwards, Mast, Simms. B. Samuel, Strickland, Scott, flllen, Vaughan, Kyle, J. Samuel. Sanders, Taylor, Reed, Judge, Wilson, Cole, Goodwin. . OFFICERS President SflM HOUSTON FIELD Vice-President JflMES EDWflRD NEWMflN Secretary TRflVIS MORAN SCOTT Treasurer J. BURLESON SMITH FACULTY MflLCOLM COLBY Professor of Physics HENRY G. DflMON Assistant Professor of Geology GEORGE FANCHER Professor of Petroleum Production Engineering EUGENE P. SCHOCH Professor of Chemistry Page 215 MEMBERS nu GRADUATES Sain Houston Field, Mission J. Burleson Smith, San Antonio SENIORS Clay Willis Allen, Jr., Canadian Frank Leslie Bain, Stockdale Thomas Finney Brashear, Austin Halbert Homer Bybee, Austin Hamlin Kennedy Elrod, San Angela Robert Cook Herbert, Nacogdoches Willis Evert Jarrel, Tyler Edward A. Karper, Lubbock Edward Nichol McCully, Austin Hoyden Louis McDonald. Wharton James Edward Newman. Wichita Falls Austin Allen Routon, Beaumont Travis Moron Scott, Raymondville Edward Taylor Simms, San Antonio Davis Frank Strickland, Jr., Mission Dayton Reed Taylor, Bertram Goree Edward Waugh, Bluefield, W. Va. SECOND YEAR LAWS Lloyd Millard Bentsen, Jr., Mission William Carlton Church, Jr., San Antonio FIRST YEAR LAWS William Keith Davidson, Houston Fritz Klifton Knust, San Antonio Otto Leland Puls, Seguin JUNIORS Robert Crosby Adams, Austin George Foote Clark, Jr., Nacogdoches Duncan Kilgour Foulds, Ontario, Canada Tommy Holstein, Victoria Robert Wiley Mitchell, Roswell, N. M. John Charles Reed. San Benito Raymond Richard Russell. San Antonio William Edward Samuel, Tyler Bernie Roy Sanders, Harlingen SOPHOMORES William Thomas Cole, San Antonio Renfro Banton Creager, Jr., Brownsville Alfred Alexander Grant, Los Angeles, Calif. Robert Carter Hines, Kansas City, Mo. Edwin Pierce Lea, Houston Joseph Lee Reid, Jr., Goose Creek Robert Dean Rice, Tyler Julian Melton Samuel, Tyler Charles Upton Sheffield, Austin John Corby Tatum, Corsicana Arthur Gustave Uhl, Jr., San Antonio John Philip Wandel, Dallas James Arthur Wilson, San Antonio FRESHMEN George Hume Gofer, Austin Julius Morgan DeuPree, Crockett John Harold Eason, San Antonio George Garrett Edwards, Austin Dyer Fulton, Gilmer Glenn Marvin Goodwin, San Antonio Curtis H. Judge, Dallas George Clayton Kyle, San Antonio Adlai Travis Mast, Nacogdoches Charles Raleigh Porter, Corpus Christi Billy Milton Rodgers, Tyler Joseph Gray Street, San Antonio Thomas Doak Vaughan, Bertram 214 Archway SflM HOUSTON HELD Page 217 Lynch, Perrine, Petet, Ramsdell, Matthews, Reid. Lofland, Craig, Frambach, Guyer, Shelton, Cutler. Lewis, DeGeorge, Stone, Swenson, Gaines, flyer. Hurlburt, Cantrell, Hyder, McGraw, Ziegel- meyer, Schroder. Drone, Clark, House, Smalley, Kimple, Wunch, Winters. Ferguson, Capp, Powell, Miller, Isbell, Emmott, Cook. Anderson, Brown, Osmund, Lewis, Green, Miller, Gossett. OFFICERS President FRED LEE RflMSDELL Vice-President JULIUS EMMET ZIEGELMEYER Secretary McKINLEY CLAYTON LEWIS Treasurer . . RAYMOND SAUNDERS WUNSCH Page 218 SIGfllA PHI GPSILOn GRADUATES Richard Newton Lane, Austin Frank Pershing Wipff. Eagle Pass SENIORS lack Keating flyer. Austin Dean Jacob Capp. New Braunfels La Mert Rex Guyer, Dallas Grover Jim Isbell. Fort Worth Robert Elmer Lewis, Amarillo Harry August Miller, Jr., Houston Fred Lee Ramsdell. Austin :n Reid, ID. Dallas Jack Porter Stone, Sudan Raymond Sounders Wunsch, Paris SECOND YEAR LAWS McKinley Clayton Lewis, Jr., Springs, Ark William Isaac Lofland, Rockwall Joe Val Peacock, Fort Worth .es Floman Petet, Jr., Austin William Gardner Winters, Houston FIRST YEAR LAWS John Cecil Cutler, Crosby John Jerry McGraw, Fort Worth Elton Marvin Hyder, Austin JUNIORS James David Brown, Liberal, Kans. David Clemen Cook, Sinton James Andrew Drone. Pecos Jack H. Emmott, Jr., Fairbanks Jack Andrew Framback, Houston William Zeta Gossett, Dallas John F. Green. Jr., Hamlin Ewald Kuhn House, Fort Worth Danforth Shaw Johnson, San Antonio William Raymond Lynch, Longview Nat Smith Perrine, Jr.. Austin Jack Covert Shelton. Austin Kenneth Edward Webel, El Paso Julius Emmet Ziegelmeyer, Jr., Dallas SOPHOMORES Robert Earl Boone, Fort Worth :ver Cantrell. Jr., Sherman Lansing Clark, Sunburst, Mont s Louis Craig, Fort Worth Billy Ferguson, Evanston. HI. Eugene Gaines, Sinton Laurence F. Grimm. Donna Zeh Harvey Hurlburt, Ola, Ark. Louie Trost Kimple, Dallas ' Eugene Ralph Lemmon, Amarillo Edward Matthews, Palestine Rufus Ernest Powell, Navasota Arthur Lewis Smalley, Houston Richard Russell Smith, IE, Austin FRESHMEN Joe Larocque Anderson, San Antonio Michael John DeGeorge, Houston Robert Lambic Miller, Austin John Chambers Osmond, Upper Darby, Perm. Henry William Schroder, Jr., Hot Springs, Ark. Connie William Swenson, Jr., Austin Robert Brice Vickers, New Braunfels William Wiley Youngblood, Del Rio .-.: FRED LEE RflUSDELL Page 219 Levinson, M. Stool, Cohen, Levin, Marmar, Krakower. Kalish, Glass, Wiener, Watelski, Palmer, Singer. Zindler, Harris, Prashner, Sandgarten, Shoss, Kress. Levy, J. Stool, Cersonsky, Kolodny, Collins, Berler. Snyder, Eicoff, Gold, Garonzik, Roosth, Eisenberg. Ladin, Schulman, R. Greenberg, Nurick, Ruttenberg, Jacobs. Michaelson, Leon, H. Greenberg, Good- man, Holland, Lerner. Blum, Levit, H. Hoffman, Shulman, Juran, Kessel. , J OFFICERS Consul MflURICE RANDOLPH SHULMflN Gustos ALFRED SCHULMflN Scribe ' SOL ROOSTH Co-Quaesters HflRRY GOODMflN, SOL LEVIN Co-Historians.... STflCY BENNET WATELSKI, EDWIN MILTON JACOBS Page 220 TflU DGLTA PHI MEMBERS GRADUATES Sylvan Julian Kaplan, San Antonio Rene Harry Levy, San Antonio SENIORS Horold Cohen, San Antonio Joe Davidson Eisenberg, San Antonio Harry Goodman, Lampasas Harold Joseph Harris, Alice Leo Jaye Hoffman, Austin Leonard Maurice Holland, Houston Lester Louis Klein, Austin Harold Uriah Leon, Houston Lewis Sidney Levinson, Fort Worth Milton Louis Nurick, Houston Stanly Donald Robinson, Austin Maurice Randolph Shulman, Austin Stacy Bennet Watelski, Houston SECOND YEAR LAW Alfred Schulman, Bryan FIRST YEAR LAWS Sol Roosth, Tyler Frank Bernard Singer, Venice, Calif. JUNIORS Alvin Brent Berler, Austin Leonard Swede Cersonsky, Williston, N. D. Robert Greenberg, San Antonio Harold Baer Hoffman, Austin Edwin Milton Jacobs, Dallas Milton Kessel, Slaton Eugene Samuel Prashner, Corpus Christi Chester Melvin Snyder, Austin SOPHOMORES Manuel Collins, Houston Alvin Maurey Eicoff, Lewiston, Mont. Herbert Garonzik, Steelton, Penn. Walter Glass, Vienna, Austria Stanly Charles Kolodny, Brooklyn, N. Y. Sidney Ladin, Houston Sol Levin, Dallas Jack Milton Michaelson, Dallas sm in Ruttenberg, San Antonio Isadore Shoss, Houston FRESHMEN Manuel Blum, Houston Harry Lee Gold, Georgetown Herschel Victor Greenberg, Detroit, Mich. Dan Benjamin Juran, Houston Paul Jack Kalish, San Antonio ' Sidney Hershel Krakower, Houston Marvin Mayer Kress, Dallas Julian Arihur Lemer, Galveston Milton Harris Levit, Houston Aaron Charles Marmar, Tyler Manuel Irving Palmer, La Grange Julius Samuel Sandgarten, Elgin Joseph Morris Stool, Del Rio Max Stool, Del Rio Marcus Wiener, Robstown ' Warren Manko Zindler, Houston 606 West Twenty-sixth MflURICE RANDOLPH SHULMflN Page 221 Touts, Keeton, McCarthy, Wells, Sailers, Hinds. Gibbs, Turner, Kirk, Baskin, Roberts, Reav- ley. Hoiley, Scarborough, Yzaguirre, Everett, Grain, Bertram. Storey, Cobb, Choate, Cofer, Sansom, Herod. Shelton, Sheffield, Parhom, Groesbeck, Wilson. OFFICERS President Vice-President. . Secretary Treasurer. . ALGIE AARON WELLS .ELLIOTT BRflDFORD ROBERTS, II . .ARCHER KILLOUGH WILSON, JR. ..JOHNNY FRflNK TURNER FACULTY W. PAGE KEETON ROBERT NESBITT THARP. HOWARD TOWNSEND. . Professor of Law Instructor in Public Speaking Instructor in Public Speaking Page 222 TGJRS CLUB MEMBERS GRADUATE Durwood Daniel Grant, Corpus Christi SENIORS James Ward Fouts, Dallas James Douglas Groesbeck, Austin Robert Ernest Keeton, Stamford James Trueman Kirk, Floydada rmas Morrow Reavley, Nacogdoches iotl Bradford Roberts, II, San Benito Lon Clayton Sailers, Jr., Dallas Algie Aaron Wells, Dallas Archer Killough Wilson, Jr., Austin SECOND YEAR LAWS William Rufus Choate, Mart Crawford Joseph Cofer, Brownsville FIRST YEAR LAWS John William Bertram, Mobeetie Elton Glen Hailey, Abilene James Samuel Mahon, Eastland JUNIORS John Lane Baskin. Cameron Estil Arthur Bowman, Jr., Dallas Forest Burr Crain, Henderson Thomas Edward Gibbs, Brownwood Jack King Herod, Atlanta, Ga. Jackson Ceivers Hinds, Houston James Francis McCarthy, Dallas O. B. Parham, Jr., Austin Charles Culberson Sansom, Jr., Palestine Henry Herbert Scarborough, Palestine Robert Gerald Storey, Dallas Johnny Frank Turner, Joshua Lauro Antonio Yzaguirre, McAllen SOPHOMORES Stephen William Cobb, Dallas William Edward Everett, Fort Worth Roy Sherrill Sheffield, Dallas Robert Lewis Shelton, Jr., Dallas 307 West Twenty-sixth KLGIE AARON WELLS Page 223 White, LeMay, Woolen, H. Jones, Burton, Hawn, A. Jones. Wheeler, Choate, Wright, Barr, Turner, Christner. O ' Neal, Johnson, E. Simms, J. Moore, Glass, Callaway. Brown, Wilborn, R. Moore, Long, flnder- son, fltwell. finders, Billingsley, Thompson, Duncan, Spears, Foster. Sada, Platt, L. Simms, Tanner, Howard, Mainland. Jacobs, Hargis, Cree, Terry, Sewell, Ged- die. Baker, Carpenter, R. Jones, Foreman, Har- xell, Heflin. ft .O OFFICERS President JOHN WILLIAMSON MOORE Secretary JflMES McDONflLD HEFLIN Housemanager ALFRED BLflKELY JONES First Steward ERNEST GILPIN LeMflY Second Steward DONALD LINTON CHOATE FACULTY LEO GUY BLACKSTOCK. .Associate Professor of Business Administration JOHN MALCOLM FORSMAN Instructor in English GORDON BEACH MAINLAND Tutor in Zoology Page 224 THGTfi XI MEMBERS GRADUATES Clinton Giddings flnderson, Brenhom Henry Lam or Jones, Hallsville Gordon Beach Mainland, Austin SENIORS James Allen Ahlgrimm, Austin Ben Dodson Atwell, III. Hutchins John William Carpenter, Austin Donald Linton Choate, Fort Worth John Bruce Erwin, Jacksboro John Sidney Foster, Houston William Hewit Hawn. Corpus Christi Charles Cooper Hubbard, Kilgore Alfred Blakely Jones, Hallsville Ernest Gilpin LeMay, Austin William Francis Lucas, Kilgore John Williamson Moore, Brenham Roger Moore, Dallas John Arthur Platt, Jr., Houston Robert William Tanner, Houston Jesse Paul Wheeler, Austin Francis Allan White, Texas City SECOND YEAR LAWS James McDonald Heflin, Houston Tom Randell Sewell, Midlothian JUNIORS th Baker, Garland en Henry Barr, Austin Olen Clifton Billingsley, Jr., Jefferson Herbert Drue Christner, Fort Worth ' George Benson Cree, Pampa Clyde Bayard Foreman, Livingston Robert Alexander Long, Jr., Dallas Earl Drayton Morris, Austin Willmer O ' Neal, Newgulf Earl Edward Simms, Austin Jean Wiley Spears, Jacksboro John Edward Terry, Stamford Carl Michael White, Port Arthur William Aaron Wilborn, Austin Clarence Rufus Wright, Austin SOPHOMORES ' Douglas Carl Anders, Newgulf Robert Garland Brown, Carthage ' Joseph Daniel Burton, Austin Oliver Galloway, Jr., Austin ' Aurelous Vaden Hargis, Birthright ' George Benton Howard, Grapevine Harry Ralph Jacobs, Jr., Grand Saline Royce Munford Jones, Austin ' Richard Benjamin Rainey, Houston Leonel John Simms, Jr., Austin ' Robert Lincoln Turner, Nacogdoches FRESHMEN ' John Kirk Duncan, Pampa ' Thurman Burl Geddie, Austin ' Charles Ries Glass, Houston ' Cadwell Tabb Harrell, Austin ' Franklin Beaumont Johnson, Austin ' Patricia Sada, Monterrey, Mex. ' Robert Francis Thompson, Austin ' Elbert Woolen, Coleman 2802 Rio Grande JOHN WILLlflMSON MOORE Page 225 - The Delts ' beautiful punch table at their open house. Jerry Owen and Dan Ryan (now of the Navy). Tau Delts grab a hurried bite. Cruse, Binnion, and Deaderick loaded with books as usual. They threw Beau Goddard into the fountain after the Sadie Hawkins Day Race. K.A. ' s Harry Tallichet decorates the statue of Robert E. Lee. Sig Eps. A rare sight indeed is the Sigma Nu ' s study hall. Bob Rain and Baine Kerr. Next we see a couple at the Delta Chi party. Sigma Chi ' s exceplional cos- tume ball at the Country Club. S.fl.E. ' s. The Chi Phis enjoy a football broadcast in their basement. Some Theta Xi boys. Jim Watson and Mary J. Blucher. Delta Sigs decorated for rush week. The Dekes and A.T.O. ' s. have at it in an intramural set-to. On around the page we see next Mary Anne Sted- man and James McCarty. A bunch of Sigma Nus and dates. Phi Gams. The Phi Psi fall costume party. Royal Brin and his date at the Phi Sig formal. The S.A.E. ' s took a trip to the Tower en masse before their cos- tume party. A couple of Delta Sigs play table tennis. The Kappa Sig formal. Here we have a comic strip party. Below is Sonny Taylor and Bertha Scarborough. The Pi K.fl. ' s on their southern exposure. Above them Jimmie Newman and Bennie Benson. Virginia Ford and Clyde Foreman at the Theta Xi formal. THETAS during rush week. Pi Phis have a buffet supper. Alpha Gamma Deltas. Some Chi Omega pledges. A. E. Phis on their front steps. Elizabeth Ann Peterson, Kay Hamblin, and Lady Perry McGinnis. Tri Delts. Alpha Chi Omegas. SUE EflST and Ray Scruggs. Kappa pledges on the wall, ft foursome at the Sigma Delta Tau winter formal. Chi Omegas playing bridge. Johnny Car- penter takes some girls for a spin. Crowd at the game. Kathleen Gregory, Jean Tulloss and Bob Bogarte. Maxine Robison at a costume party. TOP ROW: Margaret Penn tells her date how that last play was run. This young Chi Omega learns to fly. Floy Beth Dickie. Middle row: Mary Coffery, Delta Zeta president. Johnny Craig and Sue Ezell. Bottom row: The fllpha Phis rush-week coffee. Helen Wesley. Delta Gammas have their Spring Formal. Page 234 KATE BLACK models a dress with a navy motif at Time Staggers On. Betty Finnigan, June Carr, and Joe Wilson, after the Sadie Hawkins Day Race. R. J. McMurrey and Julia Faye Cook at a football game. The two pictures you can ' t see are of Kappas. The next one is of some Thetas just before re- tiring, fit the bottom we see some ft. E. Phis. The Chi Omegas end up an open house. The Tri Delt booth at the Carnival. Page 235 THE TflXI-DflNCE at the Var- sity Carnival Dick Smith played as you can plainly see. Cowboy Minstrels wouldn ' t be complete without the fairer sex. Part of the crowd at the Colo- rado football game. Pi Phi rush party. Virginia Ford helps dress a model at Time Stag- gers. Ingrid Berkman and Sue East. Kappa rush week. Jean Rawls. OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary ..JESSIE LOUISE SNEED .LflURfl PEflRL GARDNER .ELSIE ELLIOTT HOLMES JESSIE LOUISE SNEED SORORITY Alpha Chi Omega fllpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Phi Alpha Xi Delta Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Zeta Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Kappa Gamma PhiMu Pi Beta Phi Sigma Delta Tau Zeta Tau Alpha MEMBERS SENIOR Jeanne Dorothy Goines Bertha Lenora Field Muriel Doloris Selber Martha Anne Swanson Kathleen Gregory Myrtle Jeanne Clark Virginia Hudson Martin Eleanor Ann Van Zandt Rachel Elliott Hartin Phyllis Marion Seals Dorothy Levy Mary Catherine Caffery Jessie Louise Sneed Bertha Von Ende Scarborough Betsy Kate Moers Laura Pearl Gardner Ann May Campbell Shirlie Tallal Elsie Elliott Holmes JUNIOR Helen Hughes Olivia Nettie Barrier Ann Susan Rauch Nona Frances Rundell Helen Lucile Lindseth Winniefred Margaret Anderson Margaret Eloise Wendlandt Frances Barton Harris Helen Levy Mariorie Hortelle On-ill Josephine Ethel McCutcheon Virginia Myrle Ford Myra Katherine Tschudin Ray Pearl Wood Constance Almeta Gossett Mildred Charlyn Dorfman Jeannette Lee Weeks Top row: CAMPBELL. GOINES. MflRTIN. SELBER, GREGORY, CAFFERY, TALLAL. Second row: HOLMES, GARDNER. FIELD, SCARBOROUGH, D. LEVY, CLARK. Third row: SEALS, SWANSON, MOERS. SNEED. HARTIN, VAN ZANDT. Page 237 Vaughan, Berg, J. Perkins, Gulp, Ballew, Thrasher. Leahy, Murphy, Hughes, M. Perkins, Wil- kins, I. Jones. Wilson, Miller, McKim, Carter, Timm, Lis- enby. Pope, Garbrecht, Nitschke, McKean, Og- den, Graves. Carlsen, fllsup, Glenny, B. Jones, Reason- over, Cline. Carpenter, Davis, Jordan, Benson, Bunch, Haenel, Howell. Beddoe, McLendon, Kirby, Proctor, Mc- Cann, Innes, Spooner. Crittendon, Phillips, Goines, Rockwell, Schmidt, Sanders, Heiser. OFFICERS President VIRGINIfl FRflNCES VflUGHflN Vice-President VflSHTI LOUISE REflSONOVER Secretary ALICE LOUISE MURPHY Treasurer JUDITH PERKINS Page 238 flLPHfl CHI SENIORS Anne Lovinia Graves, Arlington Doris Isabella Leahy, Houston Mary Uaenbj Sr n Dorothy Dell McCann, Texarkana Alice Louise Murphy, Houston Emma Lou Ogden, Winnie Judith Perkins. El Paso Marine Eloise Rockwell, Brownsville Edith . ' . == Sancbn 7--- ' . ' . ' -:-. Virginia Frances Vaughan, Houston JUNIORS Flora Mae Carlsen, El Pose ' Texas Joy Carter, San Angelc Felice Mozella Cline, Houston Betty Bird Gulp, Gainesville Marjorie Garbrecht, El Paso Catherine Louise Innes, Austin Jerry Jones, Beaumont Lillian Elizabeth Phillips, Houston Vashti Louise Reasonover, Austin SOPHOMORES Jean Morton Ames, San Antonio Adrienne Madora Ballew, Houston Helen Alyne Beddoe. Dallas Frances Ellen Benson, Austin ' Bennie Jacque Carpenter, San Angela Marijane Nancy Davis, Rosita, Mexico Wilma Glenny, Independence, Iowa Jeanne Dorothy Goines, Austin Martha Alice Heiser, Dallas Helen Hughes. San Benito Helen Kathryn Kirby. San Angelo Mary Elizabeth McKean. Mexico City, D. F. Mary Elizabeth McLendon, Freeport Margaret Sue Miller, Columbus Mary Alice Nitschke, Austin Billye NeU Proctor, Dallas ' Patricia Evelyn Spooner, Rosita, Mexico Mildred Rowine Wilkins, Chicago, 111. ' Eleanor Anne Wilson, Fort Worth FRESHMEN ' Iris Dizabeth Alsup, Houston Muriel Ruth Berg, El Paso June Marie Bunch, Houston ' Martha Lavinia Crittenden, Houston Clara Louise Haenel, Austin Iris Marie Howell, El Paso ' Dorothy Howser, St. Louis, Mo. ' Virginia Neal Jordan, Austin ' Meredith Aline McKim, Kansas City, Mo. ' Margaretta Perkins, El Paso ' Lucylle May Pope, Palestine ' Frances Ann Schmidt, Plainview ' Catherine Thrasher, Houston ' Phyllis Lynnette Timm, Austin 100 West Twenty-sixth VIRGINlfl FHflNCES VflUGHflN Page 239 D. Stamm, J. Stamm, Field, Hinds, Wager, Mims, Mash. Brumby, Ramsdell, Hedrick, Grogan, Bransford, Nacke, Duckworth, E. Coulter. Haish, Carter, Lockhart, flrmintor, Made- ley, Collins, Ivey, MacKenzie. Sellers, Irwin, B. Cooper, Scott, Mikeska, Shudde, Roebuck, Ellsworth. lies, Spillar, King, Martha Rutland, Con- lisk, flnderson, L. Coulter, Meador. McConnico, Colley, Hughes, Kilpatrick, Owens, Moser, Duffer, Queen. Kallus, C. Cooper, Cheney, McGehee, Shipman, Mcflfee, Dallmeyer, Metzke. Brubeck, Gormley, S. McCrummen, Roman, Webster, Wilson, Skeen, Speed. Luedemann, Townsend, Mildred Rutland, Searcy, Jacobs, Morrison, O ' Brien, Braly. Humphreys, Bishop, Barrier, Stein, Glass, Hicks, Peters, Roquemore. Parks, Baggett, Conselyea, Dougherty, Terry, M. McCrummen, Wroe, Broderson. OFFICERS President HAZEL OLIVE PETERS Vice-President SARA SCOTT BRflNSFORD Secretary MARY JEANNE McCRUMMEN Treasurer MARY ANN HUGHES FACULTY LUCILE WILLIAMS Instructor in Romance Languages JET WINTERS Professor of Home Economics Page 240 flLPHfl DGLTft PI MEMBERS SENIORS flline Adelle flrmintor, Port Arthur Sara Scott Bransford, Fort Worth Marajean Brubeck, Natalia Martha Sue Cole, Sherman Clara Patricia Collins, Corpus Christi Beth Morton Cooper, Fort Worth Frances Lee Duckworth, Post Ruth Edna Ellsworth, Austin Bertha Lenora Field, Van Horn Mary Evelyn Glass, Rosebud Mary Catherine Ivey, flustin Marguerite Caljee McAfee, Port flrthur Ellen Pickard MacKenzie, Weatherford Billy e Gwen Mims, San Angela Lolabeth Atrelle Moser, Menard Mary Emma Owens, Fort Worth Hazel Olive Peters, Schulenburg Mildred Eugenia Rutland, Austin Amelle Shudde, Houston Jocelyn Helena Stamm, Rayne, La. Joy Dolores Stamm. Rayne, La. ' Dorothy lean Wager, Jennings, La. SOPHOMORES Posey Baggett, Ozona -nay Brumby, Houston Eula Jane Cohenouer, Orange Marian Benson Colley, Lockhart Adele De Leon Conselyea, Houston ' Carolyn Christine Cooper, Fort Worth Lucy Page Coulter, flustin Myra Lea Duffer, Brownwood Bernice Kathryn Grogan, Fort Worth Mary Hedrick, Abilene ' Marjorie Holland Humphreys, Houston Blanchard lies, Oakdale, La. Marilyn Edythe Irwin, Columbus JUNIORS ' Forrest Isabelle flnderson, Asherton Olivia Nettie Barrier, Seminole Eleanor Bishop, Abilene Margaret Jane Broderson, La Marque Edith Lee Coulter, Austin Anna Lois Carter, Luling Mary Katherine Cheney, Fort Worth Elvera Louise Dallmeyer, Brenham ' Katherine Dougherty, Bay City Martha Louise Haish, Odessa Mary Ann Hughes, Dallas ' Carol Jacobs, Lamesa ' Louise King, Canadian ' Mary Frances McGehee, Genoa ' Grace Leslie Mikeska, Taylor ' Phyllis Moore O ' Brien, Fort Worth Le Ruth Roquemore, Fort Worth Martha Elizabeth Rutland, Austin Maulics Harryette Searcy, Bryan ' Kathleen Elaine Scott, Comanche ' Helen Irma Shipman, San Antonio Margaret Jean Spillar, Austin Marjorie Frances Templin, Austin Caroline Webster, flustin ' Nell Wilson, Tyler ' flra Jean McConnico, Port Lavaca Mary Jeanne McCrummen, Austin ' Sara Frances McCrummen, Austin Billie Sue Madeley, Conroe Margaret Mash, Brandon Marilyn Annette Meador, Austin Joyce Aurleia Morrison, Katy ' Barbara Lee Parks, Fort Worth ' Maxine Queen, Weatherford Joy Ramsdell, San Antonio ' Maxine Roebuck, Houston ' Helen Bess Sellers, flustin ' Estelle Elizabeth Speed, Sayre, Okla. Faye Ruby Stein, Fredericksburg Lois Watts Terry, Wharton Ella EUzabeth Townsend, flustin FRESHMEN ' Jean Braly, Waco ' Carolyn Kate Conlisk, Brownwood ' Grace Maria Gormley, Dallas ' Helen Ruth Hicks, Waco ' Dorree Kallus, Schulenburg ' Billie Jean Kilpatrick, Thornton ' Helen Jane Lockhart, San Antonio ' Jewell Kathleen Luedemann, Schulenburg ' Lois Virginia Metzke, Beaumont ' Emma George Mohle, Lockhart ' Valerie Paul Nacke, San Antonio ' Alice Sue Roman, Bryan ' Ruth Eugenia Skeen, Denver, Colo. ' Loudell Wroe, Groesbeck 1803 West Avenue HAZEL OLIVE PETERS Page 241 I. Levy, Rosenwasser, Weinblatt, Godlove, Handleman, Pincus, Friedman. Friend, flxelrod, Rosner, Selber, May Levy, Penchina, Brown. Simpkins, Mittentahl, Freidson, L. Block, Joseph, Heller, Ostrow. Herman, Winkler, Marks, Fleishman, R. Block, Frank, L. Kaufman. Bomash, Jarrett, Lieber, D. Levy, Rieger, Tillman, flshner. Blum, Gellman, Holland, Greenman, Rauch, Kleban, Rosenberg. Myers, Friedlander, Jaco bson, Cahn, Wolfe, M. Kaufman, Schoenmann. Brand, Victor, Russ, Maurene Levy, Levis, Kroll, Samisch. OFFICERS Dean HELEN ANN HERMAN Sub-Dean MIRIAM RUTH WINKLER Scribe ROSSLYN REGINA BLOCK Treasurer.. . .MARIE HANNAH HOLLAND Page 242 ALPHA GPSILOn PHI MEMBERS SENIORS Helen flnn Bermon, Henrietta, Okla. Helen Dolores Blum, Goose Creek Leone Cecilia Block, Dallas fldele Lillian Friedlander, Dallas Reva Leah Godlove, Houston Miriam Ruth Winkler, Fort Stockton JUNIORS Phyllis Elouise flxelrod, Borger SOPHOMORES Rosslyn Regina Block, Galveston ' Dorothy Lorraine Bomash, Denver, Colo. Pauline Celeste Brand, Houston . Regina Cahn, Shreveport, La. ' Shirley Bon Fleishman, Tampico, Mex. Hortense Ruth Freidson, San flntonio Mina Louise Jacobson, Birmingham, flla. Dorothy Paula Levy, FJ Paso Maurene Hattie Levy, Marlin May Levy, Dallas ' Jacqueline Romney Lieber, Shreveport, La. Mamye Claire Myers, Palestine Ih Leah Ostrow, Austin Ruth Carolyn Friedman, San flntonio Joyce Evelyn Levis, Houston Marie Hannah Holland, San flntonio Denise Fenchon Penchina, Chicago, 111. Helen Rosenwasser, Stamford Bemice Marie Schoenmann, Houston Muriel Dolores Selber, Shreveport, La. Ruth Victor, Houston Frances Celeste Weinblatt, Temple Renee Rachel Wolfe, Houston Louise fldele Pincus, San flntonio flnn Susan Rauch, Shreveport, La. Janice Esther Rosner. Shreveport, La. Jane flnn Rosenberg, Kansas City, Mo. Betty Ellen Russ, Houston ' Shirley Jeanne Samisch, Leavenworth, Kans. FRESHMEN ' Josephine Lois flshner, Dallas ' Elizabeth Catherine Brown, San flntonio ' Natalie Lois Frank, flustin ' Marilyn Weiler Friend, Lincoln, Neb. ' Golda Jean Gelhnan, flustin ' Barbara Greenman, New York, N. Y. ' Ruby Eva Handleman, Marlin ' fldelaide Lucas Heller, fllexandria, La. ' Jean Jarrett, Houston ' Rose Dorothy Joseph, flustin ' Mary Frances Kaufman, Dallas ' Lucille Kaufman, San flntonio ' Joy Elaine Kleban, Shreveport, La. ' Jewel Kroll, Marlin ' Marjorie Roe Marks, San flntonio ' Emmy Lou Mittentahl, Shreveport, La. ' Marilyn flvery Rieger, Houston ' fllleyne Simpkins, Tulsa, Okla. ' Delphine Kahn Tilhnan, Natchez, Miss. 2007Whitis HELEN flNN BERMflN Page 243 Metcalfe, Kasch, Mitchell, Mauermann, P. Chatmas, Gardner, H. Chandler, Carr. Hammond, J. Craddock, Ward, Stanger, Wheeler, Deahl, Moritz, Hardwicke. G. Ledbetter, fl. Sutlon, Marshall, P. No- len, Johnson, Worley, Loyd, Hank. fl. Ledbetter, Baldwin, Kessler, S. Crad- dock, Curtis, Davies, Clark, Hulmes. Hopkins, Simmons, D. Smith, Finley, Fran- ces Davis, flnderson, B. Chandler, Jean Rawls. Cage, Bowden, Niblo, Scrimgeour, Bruton, fltkins, N. Button, Keith. Scott, H. Nolen, Nancy Jane Rawls, Sey- mour, K. Warner, Mills, Coghill, Pace. Goodwyn, Faris, Harkrider, fl. Smith, Slicker, B. Smith, Fraser, Blessing. Fletcher, Milliken, Nachman, N. Smith, Florence Davis, Lair, C. Davis, Rigby. West, J. White, Nancy June Rawls, Shipp, Lacy, Stafford, G. Warner, F. White. Hendrick, Staehely, King, J. Smith, Shef ' field, Cochran, Sitzman, Kelly. pt tf flfe " Kk. f fl A A Isj| :l % HT OFFICERS President CYNTHIA WHITE SHEFFIELD Vice-President MflRY KflTHERINE METCflLFE Secretary PHYLLIS CRITTENDON CflRR Treasurer NORMfl MflRIE KflSCH FflCULTY NftNCY KflTE BROflDNRX Instructor in Home Economics MflRY ERNESTINE GOLDMflNN. . .Assistant Professor of Home Economics GOLDIE HORTON PORTER. . . .Assistant Professor of Pure Mathematics Page 244 RIPER PHI MEMBERS GRADUATES Sara Kay Curtis, San Antonio Helen Edwina Goodwyn, Austin Betty Mary Johnson, Los flngeles, Calif. SENIORS Phyllis Criltendon Can, San Antonio -.3 Marie Kasch, Austin Mary Frances Keith, flustin Zelphia Alice Kelly, Dallas Georgie Elizabeth Ledbetter. Dallas Mary Katherine Metcalfe, Marfa Mary Jane Milliken, Weatherford Mary Myles Mitchell. Houston .a White Sheffield, Houston Nancy Ewing Sutton, Austin SECOND YEAR LAW Myrtle Jeanne Clark, Houston FIRST YEAR LAW . Arledge Craddock, Austin SOPHOMORES Joyce Elaine Atkins, Beeville ' Barbara Spencer Baldwin, Duluth, Minn. Alice Charleene Cochran, Dallas Sue Craddock, Austin Mary Alice Fletcher, Austin Harkrider, Austin Kessler, Tulsa, Okla. ' Julia Annette Mauermann, San Antonio Jean McGregor Rawls, San Antonio ncy r.e Rcrwls, Marfa . " .a Burgess Rigby, Houston Albe: Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; Mae Smith, Kerrville Beisy Rosse Smith, Fort Davis Ar.r.r $jy.;r. .-. Ward, Austin Gloria Jane Warner, Austin JUNIORS Winniefred Margaret Anderson, Galveston Fairy Netholyn Bowden, Austin Penelope Chatmas, Hearne Florence Janet Davis, Austin Billie Lou Hammond, Wichita Falls Jean Marion Hendrick, Chicago, DL Jane Hopkins, Weatherford Doris Barbara Hulmes, Houston Barbara Ann King, Fort Sam Houston Anice Myrl Ledbetter, Dallas Bette Janet Moritz, Austin Virginia Farmer Niblo, Dallas Parti Duggan Nolen, Austin Mary Jane Pace, Grandview Rosemary Scott, Houston Barbara Scrimgeour, Galveston ' Helen Claire Simmons, Wichita Falls Marianna Smith, Marfa Sadie Gray Stafford, San Antonio Zuleika Elizabeth Stanger, Brazoria Mary Elizabeth Sutherland, Austin Helen Stanley Warner, Austin Mary Loraine West, Fairmont, W. Va Marjorie Eleanor Wheeler, Gainesville Annis Eugenia Worley, Austin ' Frances Anne White, Meridian Joyce White, Robstown FRESHMEN ' Dorothy Ann Blessing, Dallas ' Bettye Ann Bruton, Dallas ' Gloria June Cage, San Antonio ' Billie Jane Chandler, Corpus Christi ' Henry Ann Chandler, Austin ' Dorothy Chatmas, Hearne ' Hazel Marie Coghill, Houston ' Virginia Lee Davies, San Antonio ' Cecile Little Davis, Tulsa, Okla. ' Frances Elaine Davis, Austin ' Mary Jane Deahl, San Antonio ' Margaret Helen Faris, Houston ' Lila Dean Finley, Austin ' Alice Eloise Fraser, Austin Jacqueline Gardner, Austin ' Dorothy Ann Hank, Austin ' Margaret Mary Hardwicke, Mexico, D. F. ' Jean Jones, Tulsa, Okla. ' Betty Sue Koch, Dallas ' Judy Lacy, Hondo ' Virginia Elizabeth Lair, Austin ' Eleanor Ann Loyd, Dallas ' Jane Lynette Marshall, Baytown ' Mary Lou Mills, Austin ' Mary Kathryn Nipper, Brackettville ' Helen Claire Nolen, Austin ' Nancy June Rawls, San Antonio ' Annie Lou Seymour, Dallas ' Margaret Jean Shipp, Idaho Falls, Idaho ' Virginia Mae Sitzman, Randolph Field ' Alice Louise Slicker, Cisco ' Dolce Dee Smith, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ' Junith Shelbourne Smith, Austin ' Carolyn Staehely, Austin 2005 University Avenue CYNTHIfl WHITE SHEFFIELD Page 245 Wheat, East, Powell, Beswick, Z. Linz. Gidley, Davis, Hatherly, Thorp, Gates. Martin, Engel, Eichelberger, M. Linz, Pipe, Moller. Persons, McCormick, Berkman, Dickie, Wendlandt, Harrison. OFFICERS President Vice-President. Secretary. ... Treasurer. . WILLR MAE GIDLEY .VIRGINIfl LENNOX PIPE FLOY BETH DICKIE ..RUBY SUE PERSONS FACULTY JACQUELINE ECKERT MARY ELIZABETH WYNNE. .Research Associate . .Loan Librarian Page 246 flLPHfl XI DGLTA MEMBERS GRADUATE Dorothy Louise Beswick, Des Moines, Iowa SENIOR Virginia Lennox Pipe. St. Louis, Mo. JUNIORS Ingrid Joyce Berkman, Austin Floy Beth Dickie, Woodson Margaret Sue East, London, Ky. Anne Marie Engel, Houston Willa Mae Gidley, Austin Helen Janice Hatherly, Austin Mary Elizabeth Linz, Austin Virginia Hudson Martin, Austin Ruby Sue Persons, Haskell Ann Lavinia Powell, Austin Grady Cecille Wheat, Paris SOPHOMORES Marian Virginia Davis, Austin Elna Blanche Harrison, Austin lane Adele Moller, Houston Margaret Eloise Wendlandt, Austin FRESHMEN Marjorie Eichelberger, Austin Zoe Linz, Austin Gwyneth McCormick, Austin Betty Ann Oates. Stennett June Thorp, Austin 1903 Rio Grande WILLfl MflE GIDLEY Page 247 Perry, Toland, Whaley, Gilmer, M. Wilson, Stutsman, M. Tarry, Preston, Moss. DeLong, Brown, Pennington, Beall, Cul- pepper, Goss, Real, Watkins, Randolph. Ray, Ratliff, B. Ehlers, Wilkins, fl. Bedford, Neely, Mathews, Siddons, Rhodes. Priscilla Jones, flrledge, Renfro, Gray, Whitmire, Harrison, Woldert, E. filling, F. Jones. Manford, Ramsey, Breedlove, C. Wilson, Kinzbach, Warner, Lowery, Presley, Woolen. Tynes, Officer, M. filling, Smith, Dearmin, Hull, Littlejohn, Fly, Horton, N. Bedford. Jenkins, Sherman, Courtney, Schwartzen- burg, Carter, Peterson, Stanley, flrmacost, Dennis, Thweatt. Neblett, Boucher, M. Ehlers, flshley, Jameson, Bush, McGehee, Benford, Gayle, Putnam. Burnett, Farrar, Brqnham, Hammann, Dakin, Struss, Jarvis, Gildemeister, Hodgin, Ransom. Thomas, Sheldon, Patsy Jones, Lawhon, Mathis, Filkins, Nail, Modrall, Tarver, Walthall. fl. Tarry, Taylor, Davis, Mayer, Glover, Cromwell, McQuown, Earnest, Hanley, Plummer. Tomkies, Maloney, Pond, Jack, Holland, Mcfltee, Clark, E. Jones, Hahnel, Sisk. McCullough, Martin, Hawkins, Harvill, Langston, Mercer, Campbell, Gorsuch, Grover, Van Zandt. OFFICERS President . " EDNfl BELLE PERRY Vice-President MflRY CHflRLINE McGEHEE Secretary MflRY LOUISE FILKINS Treasurer.. ..BETTY DeVERE HODGIN FACULTY KflTHLEEN BLflND. .flssistant Dean of Women Page 248 CHI MEMBERS GRADUATE Edna Belle Perry, Robstown SENIORS Evelyn Ailing, San Antonio Virginia Mae Ashley, Dallas Edith Louise Beall, Fort Worth Anna Beth Bedford, Midland Virginia Elizabeth Branham, Houston Frances Knoble Brown, Orange Virginia Ruth Culpepper, Temple Jetty Grace DeLong, Eldorado Louise Adelaide Earnest, Dallas Brenner Hammann, Austin Shirley Elizabeth Jenkins, Kilgore Margaret Ann Littlejohn, Chandlerville, 111. Mary Kathleen McQuown, Austin Mary Charline McGehee, San Antonio Virginia Lili Martin, San Antonio Sarah Elizabeth Pennington, San Antonio Dorothy Fae Ratliff, Fort Worth Joy Ray, Del Rio Bertha Elizabeth Real, Kerrville Mary Clara Siddons, Hillsboro Claire Elizabeth Stanley, Eagle Pass Mary {Catherine Tarry, Wichita Falls Billis Rae Toland, El Campo Joe Anne Whitmire, Ganado Ann Elizabeth Wilkins, Houston JUNIORS Mary Virginia Arledge, Roscoe Carolyn Benford, Beaumont Rebekah Jane Bush, San Antonio ' Mary Corinne Campbell, Laredo Nell Courtney, Lake Charles, La. Carlene G. Cromwell, San Angela Dorothy Dakin. San Antonio Helen Elizabeth Dearmin, Fort Worth Betty Jo Ehlers, Carrizo Springs Margaret Farrar, Austin Mary Louise Filkins, Dallas Nancy Fortner, Sweetwater Frances Ebey Gilmer, Lake Charles, La. Barbara Ann Gorsuch, Abilene Tilda Jayne Grover, Austin Betty DeVere Hodgin, Chihuahua, Mex. Virginia Jo Holland, Alpine Clemens Jameson, Dallas Julietta Jarvis, Troup Eva Mae Kinzbach, Houston ' Anita Lillian Lowrey, Gatesville Ruth Edna McAtee, Waco Betty Jo Maloney, Houston Mae Mathis, Austin Dorothy Moss, Llano ' Evangeline Murchison, Grapeland ' Virginia Nail, Dallas Bessie Neblett, Stephenville Adelle Neely, Tyler Jane Plummer, Beaumont Jean Lucille Putnam, San Antonio Madeline Ann Ransom, Fort Worth Alyce Jeanne Reed, Austin ' Catherine Jane Rhodes, Breckenridge Mary James Sisk, Bay City Roberta Struss, Columbus Lorraine Stutsman, San Antonio ' Ann Tarry, Wichita Falls Mary Virginia Thweatt, Wichita Falls Margaret Evelyn Tomkies, Dallas Eleanor Ann Van Zandt, Victoria Florence Lillian Warner, Houston Joyce Whaley, Sweetwater Margaret Wilson, Wichita Falls Helen Gordon Wooten, Columbus SOPHOMORES Emily Jane Armacost, Austin Alice Lucille Bailey, Iraan ' Elizabeth Elaine Boucher, Abilene ' Martha Moshelle Burnett, Dallas ' Jacqueline Davis, Beaumont ' Marjorie Ehlers, Carrizo Springs ' Geraldine Fly, Victoria ' Dorothy Gayle, San Antonio ' Olivia Lee Glover, San Antonio ' Charlotte Blakley Goss, Houston Peggy Gray, Wichita Falls Alice Mahala Hanley, Fort Worth Alice Lucile Hawkins, Fort Worth ' Mary Olive Hull, San Antonio ' Nell Buchanan Jack, Dallas Frances Gale Jones, Austin Esther Mae Jones, Groesbeck ' Priscilla Gifford Jones, Wharton Elizabeth Anne Langston. Dallas ' Lillian Claire Manford, Austin Dorothy Elizabeth Mathews, Austin ' Margaret Louise Mayer, Austin Harriet Modrall, Austin Helen Violet Officer, Tulsa, Okla. Imogene Gelle Presley, Brady ' Janet Irene Preston, San Antonio Helen Genevieve Ramsey, Eldorado ' Mary Elizabeth Sheldon, San Antonio Lillian Schwartzenburg, Austin Marguerite Browning Smith, Brownwood ' Martha Arlene Tarver, Shreveport, La. ' Jane Louise Watkins, Llano Connie Wilson, Austin ' Sarah Lee Woldert, Tyler FRESHMEN ' Marjorie Ailing, San Antonio ' Nell Ruth Bedford, Midland ' Audrey Carolyn Breedlove, Houston ' Peggy Lou Clark, Houston ' Norma Gene Dennis, Robstown ' Judith Ann Gildemeister, San Antonio ' Eleanor Love Greet, El Paso ' Virginia Hahnel, Dallas ' Lucy Lee Harrison, Houston ' {Catherine Brownson Harvill, El Paso ' Glenn Errol Horton, Houston ' Patsy Jones, Austin ' Billie Sue Lawhon, Tyler ' Mary Ella McCullough, Hico ' Jacqueline Mercer, Chicago, 111. ' Betty Ann Peterson, Houston ' Peggy Joe Pond, Wichita Falls ' Gloria Delano Randolph, Austin ' Mary Ann Renfro, Wichita Falls ' Mary Sherman, Fort Collins ' Doris Jean Taylor, Austin ' Marion Elizabeth Thomas, Dallas ' Patsy Tynes, Houston ' Martha Nell Walthall, Houston 2613 Wichita EDNA BELLE PERRY Page 249 Sheehy, Johnsen, Fouts, Simmons, D. Billings, F. Harris, Lutz, Forwood. McDonald, Cox, Hunsucker, Johnson, Cristy, fl. Billings, Rather, M. Harris, von Blucher, Atkins. Crissy, Montgomery, Stinson, G. Green, Templin, David, Hartin, Varner, N. Green, Jackson. Coffield, N. Martin, E. O ' Hair, Eversberg, Harrison, Hollman, Blakeney, Zwerneman, Carroll, M. Green. B. Green, Buckingham, Mackey, Spencer, Kelley, B. Martin, Peebles, N. Donnell, J. Booth, Brooks. Sanderford, Evans, Standifer, Powers, N. Booth, Newkirk, Stockard, Gunn, Croom, Douglas. E. fldams, Brill, fl. Carter, Ponton, fl. O ' Hair, Fuller, Slaughter, Longford, Blair, Terrell. Forman, Christenberry, Metcalfe, Bickford, Seago, Wheat, B. Smith, Wright, M. fldams, Kinney. Lafferty, Wood, Cypher, K. Carter, Bogan, Fleming, H. Donnell, P. Smith, Burnett, Hardy. Lowdon, Leahy, Turner, Berry, Nummy, Shumate, Yglesias, McDermott, Dorman, Holloway. OFFICERS President MflRJORIE MARIE JOHNSEN Vice-President BILLIE SIMMONS Secretary BETTY SLAUGHTER Treasurer.. . .MONA ELIZABETH McDONALD FACULTY MARGARET BATJER. .Assistant Professor of Home Economics Page 250 DGLTfl DCLTfl DGLTA MEMBERS GRADUATES Mary Lucylle Cox, Waco Billie Simmons, Mexia Frances Barton Harris, Mexia SENIORS Doris Louise Billings, Nixon Jeanette David, Dallas Joyce Dohlman, Cuero Dorothy Louise Dorman, Dallas : Reagin Forman. Longview Jacquelyn DeNese Fouls, Dallas Virginia Forwood, Taylor Mary McClain Harrison, Bonham Rachel Elliott Hartin, Galveston Clarice Georgette Hollman, Sao Paulo, Brazil Marjorie Marie Johnsen, Dallas Martha Elizabeth Lutz, San ftntonio :e Veigh McFarland, Port Arthur Jo Beth Montgomery, Austin Mary Nonna Sheehy, Waco Mary Agnes Stinson, Conroe .ryn Lorannia Terrell, Waco Mary Blacklock Varner, El Paso JUNIORS Mary Kathleen Christenberry, Dallas Patricia Linsley Cristy, Galveston Sarah Lou Cypher, Kingsville Glena Jane Green, Kilgore ' Phyllis Joyce Gunn, San Diego, Calif. Mary Elizabeth Harris, Calvert " Frances Lillian Hunsucker, Dallas Lula Margaret Johnson, Navasota Jane Frances Kelley, Galveston ' Margaret Jean Lowdon, Fort Worth Mono Elizabeth McDonald, San Antonio ' Carol Patricia Mackey, Temple ' Edna Ward O ' Hair, Gainesville, Fla. ' Nancy flbernathy Peebles, Dallas Mary Frances Seago, Brownsville Betty Slaughter, Austin Margaret flilleen Standifer, Austin ' Mildred Pauline Smith, Fort Worth ' Alice Estel Spencer, Cisco Jean Ann Templin, La Marque Mary Julia von Blucher, Austin SOPHOMORES Evelyn Mottie Adams. Austin ' Margaret Anna Adams, Corpus Christi Maggie Belle Atkins, Shreveport, La. Mary Margaret Blair, Austin ' Lucille Foster Bogan, Shreveport, La. ' Jeanne Booth, Temple ' Mary Belle Brooks, McAllen Suzanne Buckingham, Houston ' Ann Amelia Carter, Austin ' Mary Martha Coffield, Marfa Mary Electa Crissey, Austin ' Nancy Jean Croom, Lufkin ' Nell Donnell, San Antonio ' Bernice Hazel Evans, Houston Connie Shirley Eversberg, Houston ' Nancy Green, Brenham Clara Barton Harris, Calvert Alixe Minallen Longford, Bryan ' Mary Frances Leahy, Austin ryn Dorris Mowery, Corpus Christi Katheryn Nelle Rather, Austin ' Nancy Jane Shumate, Dallas ' Bettyejane Smith, Bonham Catherine Lee Stockard, Dallas ' Betty Jo Turner, San Saba Corinne Elizabeth Wetzel, Freeport ' Jeanne Shirley Wood, Corpus Christi ' Marguerite Louise Yglesias, Brownsville FRESHMEN ' Carolyn McKay Berry, Austin ' Parri Sue Bickford, Corpus Christi ' Dorothy Virginia Blakeney, Dallas ' Nancy Jane Booth. Longview ' Sheba Kathleen Brill, Austin ' Doris Ann Burnett, Brenham ' Grace Carroll, San Antonio ' Kathleen Carter, Harlingen ' Helen Glover Donnell, Mexia Jane Emily Douglas, Houston ' Ruth Barbara Fleming, Corpus Christi ' Lady Myra Fuller, Austin ' Barbara Ruth Green, Harlingen ' Martha Green, Austin ' Mary Margaret Hardy, Austin ' Phyllis Holloway, Houston ' Virginia Rose Jackson, Hollywood, Calif. ' Dorothy Ann Lafferty, Fort Ringgold ' Lorraine Kinney, Paris ' Maxine Pearl McDermott, Houston ' Betty Brice Martin, Austin ' Nancy Lee Martin, Dallas ' Eleanor Elizabeth Metcalfe, Belton ' Helen Jane Newkirk, Houston ' Bonnie Bess Nummy, San Antonio ' Anne Charlene O ' Hair, Gainesville, Fla. ' Virginia Elizabeth Ponton, Fort Worth Rae Evelyn Powers, Bryan ' Emily Eloise Sanderford, Austin ' Clara Louise Wheat, Houston ' Emma Lou Wright, Farmersville ' Doris Zwememan, Houston 41 1 West Twenty-seventh MflHJORIE UflRIE JOHNSEN Bl Ware, Hightower, Brownfield, Carmichael, Davis. Hamblin, McGinnis, Graham, D. Shaw, Huntington. Oberg, Stripling, Grubb, Peterson, Byers. Collins, Seals, Myers, Bowman, Brice. Greeman, R. Porter, Mines, Campbell, Vilbig. Edwards, Scarff, Clark, M. Porter, Carnes. K. Shaw, Willis, Braselton, Miller, Davant, Boyd. OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer .MflRY LOUISE BRflSELTON MflRY LOUISE WflRE JOYCE BOWMflN ..JflNE ALICE BROWNFIELD FACULTY flNNfl HISS CORfl MflRTIN JOSEPHINE STflflB. .... Director of Physical Training for Women . flssociate Professor of Elementary Education . . Instructor in Home Economics Page 252 DGLTfl Gflfllfim GRflDUflTE ' Jane Mazier, New York, N. Y. SENIORS Joyce Florence Bowman, Houston Betty Boyd, Terrell Jane Alice Brownfield, El Paso Mary Louise Braselton, Greenville Madelon Anne Campbell, Fort Worth Mary Ann Collins, Greenville Mary Anne Davant, Bay City Mary Ruth Huntingdon, Rosenberg Elizabeth Ann Peterson, Austin Phyllis Marion Seals, Austin Kathleen Shaw, Wichita Falls Mary Louise Ware, Fort Worth Ruth Willis, El Campo JUNIORS Marian Anderson Caldwell, Dallas Frances Jewell Edwards, Dallas Nancy June Hines, Hobbs, N. Mexico Katherine Mayfield, Austin Ruth Jane Porter, Waco Bette Jo Scarff, Austin Sue Alleyn Stripling, Nocona SOPHOMORES Mary Lee Byers, Houston Mickie Marie Carmichael, Tyler Elizabeth Comes, Houston Eloise Davis, Marfa Jean Emerson Graham, San Antonio Glenetta Greeman, San Antonio Frankie Lee Greenwood, Del Rio Jackie Grubb, Houston Kathaleene Nancy Hamblin, La Porte Varina Ann Herod, Houston Lady Perry McGinnis, Dallas ' Corabel Miller, Waldrip ' Catherine Monissey, Fort Worth Virginia Myers, Henrietta ' Florence Mae Ober, Houston Delight Shaw, Mercedes ' Doris Rose Yancey, Lufkin FRESHMEN ' Peggy Brice, Dallas ' Joy Clark, Galveston ' Elmira Donoho, Austin ' Jeanne Hightower, Houston ' Mary Lorraine Holland, Houston ' Mary Jane Porter, Waco ' Ann Vilbig, Dallas ' Frances Earle White, Greenville Chapter Room, Federation of Women ' s Clubs Building MARY LOUISE BRflSELTON Page 253 Freed, Bernstein, Franklin, Buchhalter, Smith, Massman, Kalina. Wolfert, Schmidt, Ackerman, Moskowitz, Levinson, Glassman, Swirce. D. Levy, Green, Rapoport, Stein, Commer, Chicotsky, Golden. Corchin, Jacobs, Siegel, Saffir, Caplan, Golman, Wade. Wolens, Yarno, Goldman, Fleishman, E. Levy, Baum. Robinowitz, Goldberg, M. Levy, H. Levy, Pinken, Wiener. OFFICERS Regina FRflNCES SflRflH BORNSTEIN Vics-Regina MflXINE BEflTRICE LEVY Secretary SHIRLEY WOLFERT Treasurer.. .. SALLY RflE GOLDMflN Page 254 DGLTfl PHI GPSILOn MEMBERS SENIORS Frances Sarah Bornstein, San Saba Ethel Golman, Dallas Dorothy Levy, Galveston Maxine Beatrice Levy, Austin Anne Pinken, San Antonio Idel Rapoport, San Antonio Ruth Wade, Galveston Shirley Wolfert, Dcdlas Hortense Yarno, Brenham JUNIORS Henrietta Baum, Ardmore, Okla. Claere Buchhalter, Chicago, 111. Sara Jean Chicotsky, Fort Worth Margaret Helen Golden, Dallas Helen Levy, Seguin Selma Esther Moskowitz, Port Arthur Miriam Louise Robinowitz, Rosenberg SOPHOMORES . ' .e Marie Caplan, Corpus Christi Esther Naomi Commer, Hamilton Selma Theresa Corchin, Dallas Frances Brenda Fleishman, St. Louis, Mo. Irene Faye Glassman. Houston Sally Rae Goldman, Shreveport, La. ' Helen Lillie Levinson, Menard ' Gloria Saffir, Dallas lean Ethel Smith, Calumet City, DL Esther Swirce. Mercedes FRESHMEN Rosalie Ackerman, Dallas ' Jeanne Beulah Franklin, Houston Itta Louise Freed, Crystal City ' Shirley Frances Goldberg, Mercedes ' Betty Green, Dallas ' Betsy Claire Jacobs, Houston ' Virginia Kalina, Rock Island, 111. ' Estelle Ruth Levy, Galveston ' Sophie Mae Massman, Becumont ' Edythe Rose Schmidt, Austin ' Betty Sclar, Shreveport, La. ' Marilyn Pauline Siegel, Dallas ' Annie Stein, Pampa ' Esther Wiener, Robstown ' Phyllis Ruth Wolens, Waxahachie 1811 Colorado FRANCES SflRflH BORNSTEIN Page 2S5 Ely, Moffett, Merrill, Gartman, Sneed, Sullivan, Schutze. Rock, Miner, McLemore, R. Patterson, C. Franklin, B. Davis, D. Patterson. Duncan, Hankamer, Williams, Parkhill, Snider, Clagett. Thome, Burr, Barbour, McCutcheon, R. Franklin, Williams. Thompson, Ries, Sartor, Graham, Wilson, Woodward. Miller, M. Davis, Chambers, Hampton, Newton, Cuthbertson. OFFICERS President NIHLfl LOUISE GARTMflN Vice-President LEE flLICE PRRKHILL Secretary FRflNCES INEZ ROCK Treasurer JOYCE PENICK FflCULTY LORENfl BflKER Loan Librarian flNNIE HILL Reference Librarian KflTHERINE VOTflW Secretary to the Dean of Women Page 256 Gamma PHI BGTA MEMBERS GRADUATE Margaret Elizabeth Newton, Muskogee, Okla. SENIORS Jean Allene Ely, Amarillo Nihla Louise Gartman, Goldthwaite Cecile Hampton, Clyde Leslie Fanelle Hankamer, Sour Lake Louella Grace Moffett, Dilley Lee Alice Parkhill, Llano Renotta Margaret Patterson, Austin Mary Sue Ries, San Antonio Mary Nette Snider, San Antonio Elizabeth Corinne Thome, Port Arthur Janet Wilson, Slaton JUNIORS Eunice Brooks Bun, Austin Jane Clagett, Wichita Falls Elizabeth Louise Davis, Dallas Rose Mary Franklin, Christine Mary Beth Miller, Fabens Josephine Ethel McCutcheon, Austin Frances Inez Rock, Woodville Jessie Louise Sneed, Austin " Frances Evelyn Wheeler, Tilden SOPHOMORES " Mary Louise Chambers, Sweetwater Mary Kathleen Davis, Austin Bonnie Jean Duncan, Killeen Charlie Ann Franklin, Christine " Eugene Marie Graham, Cleburne Lois Mildred Merritt, Galveston {Catherine Ernestine McLemore, Dallas Dorothy Marie Patterson, Austin Patricia Viola Sartor, Dallas Bette Jane Schutze, Austin Lenora Ann Thompson, San Antonio Mary Elizabeth Williams, Fabens Bonita June Woodard, Austin FRESHMEN " Virginia Ruth Barbour, Austin Dorothy Mae Cuthbertson, Austin " Jacqueline Hazlett Miner, River Forest, 111. Jean Sullivan, Dallas " Catharine Louise Williams, Fabens 2607 Whitis NIHLfl LOUISE GflRTMflN Page 257 B. Finnegan, Berry, Jones, Heep, J. Griffin, flrneson, M. Finnegan, Rolle. McMurtry, Overton, Hardendorf, Center, Sory, Suehs, Benton, McCullough. Wier, I. Wright, H. Harrison, Russell, Ward, K. Hall, Lundberg, Pool. Guleke, Mclntyre, Lewis, Hilman, Conly, Duls, M. Robison, Fore. F. Harrison, Beilharz, Morrel, O ' Neil, Owen, Scarborough, Tyler, Walling. Copeland, Hilliard, Ford, Myatt, Joyner, E. Will, M. Wright, N. Jennings, Garrett. Voelcker, Marie Williams, Park, Martha Williams, S. Will, Gallaway, Hill, Hughes, Stone. Gray, Boatright, M. Hall, Meriwether, Herndon, Niemeyer, Heaney, McMurrey, Volkel. Johnson, Doscher, fl. Jennings, Clement, Sanford, Toline, Francis, Lasater, Bell. D. Griffin, Rice, Henderson, D. Wright, Busby, J. Covo, G. Covo, G. Robison, Sawyer. Florey, Exall, Simons, Keith, Terrell, Brannen, Robertson, Pipkin, Moyar. OFFICERS President HELEN MflRGflRET ROLLE Vice-President BETTY RUSSELL Secretary MflRY MflRGflRET FINNEGflN Treasurer JflNE WORTHINGTON DULS FflCULTY MflRY KIRKPflTRICK Education Librarian MflRY TOM OSBORNE Librarian, Rare Book Collection HILDfl FLORENCE ROSENE flssistant Professor of Zoology LOIS SflGER Secretary to the Public Relations Department Page 258 KAPPfi flLPHfl THGTfi MEMBERS GRflDUflTE Mary Jane Garrett. Kerrville SENIORS Margaret Elizabeth Barron, El Paso Barbara Ruth Benton, San flntonio Virginia Bell Berry, Fort Worth Pattie Sue Clement, Waco Mary Margaret Finnegart, Houston leanne Elizabeth Griffin, Houston Kathryn Jane Guleke, Amarillo Mary Mina Hilman, Dallas Nancy Jennings, Houston Jane Lee Joyner, Harlingen Betty Margaret Lundberg, Beaumont La Verne flgatha McMurtry, Clarendon Wilhelmina Meriwether, Nacogdoches Mary Lucille Myatt, El Campo Nannie Margaret Overton, Lubbock Mary Ellen Pool, San flntonio Marine Robison, flustin Helen Margaret Rolle, Houston Betty Russell, Denton Bertha Von Ende Scarborough, Paris Marguerite Walling, Childress flnn Marie Ward, Fort Worth Elizabeth Patton Will. Corpus Christi Maria Elizabeth Williams, Kansas City, Mo. JUNIORS flnn Claire Brannen, flmarillo Frances Helen Center, Shreveport, La. Janet Conly, Laredo Jane Copeland, Frederick, Okla. Edwina Lovelady Deutz, San Luis Potosi, Mex. Jane Worthington Duls, Dallas Betty Katherine Finnegan. Houston Virginia Myrle Ford, flustin Marilee Gray, Wichita Falls Katherine Norris Hall, Dallas Dorothy Hardendorf, Houston Frances Wynne Harrison, flustin Eula Kathryn Heep, Buda Peggy Littlejohn Hilliard, Marshall Mary Frances Johnson. Vemon Dorothy Jane Lehrer, Garwood Helen Lee McCullough, Wichita Falls Mary Virginia Mclntrye, fllpine Lula Belle McMurrey, Tyler Leelah Beth O ' Neil, Wellington Jerry Owen, San flntonio Elizabeth Millard Park, El Paso ' Betty Ben Sanford, flustin ' Carmen flngela Sawyer, Port flrthur Mollie Mantooth Simons, Tyler Dorothy Sory, Houston Margaret flnn Stone, flmarillo Ruth Loraine Suehs, flustin ' Helen Catherine Terrell, Fort Worth ' Elizabeth flnne Toline, Dallas Rosemary Tyler, flustin ' Selma Louise Voelcker, Wichita Falls ' Sara Ellen Will, Corpus Christi ' Martha Mayde Williams, flmarillo Mary June Wright, Fort Worth SOPHOMORES Lily flnita flrneson, San flntonio Frances Margaret Beilharz, Dallas :e Barrell Doscher, Sweetwater ' Betty May Exall, Dallas Mary Ellen Fore, Houston ' Martha Francis, Houston Jeanne Galloway, San flntonio ' Mary Howard Hall, Dallas Harriett Harrison, Dallas ' Marian Patricia Heaney. Corpus Christi .3tte Elise Hemdon, Tulsa, Okla. Betty Jean Jones, Lubbock Mary Chilton Morrel, El Paso Norma Elise Niemeyer, La Porte ' Patricia flnn Pipkin, flmarillo Darrell fldelle Rice, Dallas Mary Margaret Wier, Houston ' Doris Wright, Paris FRESHMEN ' Patricia Emmilyn Bell, flustin ' Barbara Jeanne Boatright, Houston ' Emily Lewis Busby, flustin ' Georgette Elaine Covo, San flntonio ' Jacqueline Marie Covo, San Antonio ' Jean Caroline Florey, flmarillo ' Dorothy Griffin, Houston ' Lois Douglas Henderson, Houston ' Cynthia Hill, Laredo ' Mary Jane Hughes, Jacksonville, Fla. ' flrny Sidney Jennings, Houston ' Joanna Keith, Houston ' Eleanor Lasater, Mineral Wells ' Emma Beatrice Moyar, Fort Worth ' Ruth Carla Robertson, Kerrville ' Gloria Robison, Houston ' Gloria Volkel, Fort Worth 2627 Wichita HELEN MflRGflRET ROLLE Page 259 Niggli, Schumacher, Tschudin, Kerbey, Scott, Bird, Stone, Curtin. C. Smith, Herrick, Peck, C. Boyle, Lang- don, Towns, Pickering, Houston. Duff, Carr, Logan, Moors, Parks, B. Beall, Cortes, L. Smith. McCord, M. Kelly, Spann, Munger, What- ley, Swanson, C. Grain, Powell. Woodfin, Folk, Patterson, Derby, Brinker- hoff, Long, Stayton, fl. Boyle. Bobbins, Denton, Baldwin, Hildebrand, Cherry, Stover, Boswell, Buckley. Jennings, Young, E. Grain, Ferguson, Chilton, Hasskarl, Bertron, flnderson. Jordan, E. Groos, Sansom, Runge, K. Highams, Dowd, Bell, Jalonick. L. Highams, Isaacs, Thompson, Bratten, Harris, McEnnis, Thome, Daniels. Heffley, Belt, Sinclair, Rathbone, Wicker, Stacy, F. Beall, McCracken. McCullough, Gillespie, Vaughan, F. Kel - ley, H. Groos, Orgain, Ross, Gregg. ' ttWm k. .flHa 1 OFFICERS President flNN SCHUMACHER Corresponding Secretary BETTY BEflLL Secretary MflRY GRflCE SPflNN Treasurer ANNA BLflNCHE MUNGER FACULTY MAY BROOKSHIER Resident Business Director, Andrews and Carothers Dormitories MARGARET PECK Social Director, Women ' s Dormitories LUCY RATHBONE Professor of Home Economics Page 260 KAPPA KAPPA GAmmA MEMBERS GRADUATES Mory Elizabeth Kelley, Houston Orissa Stevenson, Houston SENIORS Katharine Reynolds Anderson, Fort Worth Margie Claire Baldwin, Houston Betty Beall, Fort Worth Dorothy Mary Bell, Tyler Betty Ann Bird, San Antonio Wilma Ann Boyle, San Antonio Beryl Buckley, Houston June Carr, Dallas Consuelo Elizabeth Derby, Monterrey, Mex. Louise Gordon Duff, Beaumont Mary Brooks Gregg, El Paso {Catherine S. Highams, Houston Mary Janet Jalonick, Dallas June Olivia Jordan, Brady Marjorie McCullough, Galveston Betsy Kate Moors, Webster Groves, Mo. Margaret Elizabeth Niggli, Austin Drusilla Allene Orgain, Beaumont Catherine Elizabeth Pickering, Victoria Lillion O ' Leary Powell, San Antonio r-.r.r. Sd m ::her, Houston Mary Grace Spann, Navasota Peggy Stover, Tulsa, Okla. Viola Thomas, Cameron ;S Vaughan, San Antonio JUNIORS ' Virginia May Bratten, Dayton, Ohio Mary Belle Chilton, Fort Worth Ria Gaillard Cortes, Dallas Catharine Barry Grain, Cuero Emily Grain, Victoria Hallie Bolinger Groos, San Antonio Martha Frankland Hildebrand, San Antonic Frank Andrews Kelley, Houston Margaret Eleanor Kelly, Waco Josephine Cannington Kerbey, Washington, D. C. Katherine Ross Langdon, Hutchins FJoise Logan, Lancaster, N. Y. Janet Long, Austin Bertie Mae McCord, New Orleans, La. Martha McCracken, Fort Worth Nancy Carlton Meredith, Dallas Anna Blanche Munger, Houston Billie Beryl Rathbone, Austin ' Marion Robbins, Houston Catherine Ross, Waco Jeanne Runge, Galveston Rebekah Rogers Scott, Austin Almeda Towns, San Antonio Myra Katherine Tschudin, Houston SOPHOMORES Frances Vamer Beall, Fort Worth Sarah Burwell Bertron, Houston ' Pauline Thornton Boswell, Evanston, Mary Harrington Brinkerhoff, Waco Lula Jane Curlin, Houston Julia Huston Denton, Houston -.ces Elizabeth Dowd, Galveston ' Mary Love Ferguson, Dallas Geraldine Gillespie, Houston ' Mary John GrelUng, Tyler ' Elise Harrison Groos, San Antonio Clara Louise Harris, Austin ' Dorothea Louise Hasskarl, Brenham ' Virginia Evelyn Herrick, Waco Lois Evelyn Highams, Houston HI. ' Catherine Houston, Austin Margie Ann McEnnis, Houston ' Rosalie Ann Meador, Houston Suzanne O ' Leary, Houston ' Frances Ann Parks, Dallas ' Suzanne Peck. Houston ' Idella Karen Peterson, Dallas Marjorie Dee Sinclair, Houston Carolyn Beth Smith, Laredo Lucy Becd Smith. Austin ' Anne Morgan Stacy, Hunt Betty Beverly Stayton. Austin Mary Ann Whatley. Dallas ' Mary Lucile Wicker, Austin Florence Sonia Woodfin, Houston ' Ruthie Davis Young, Fort Worth FRESHMEN ' Ruth Althea Belt, Houston ' Carolyn Joan Boyle, San Antonio ' Mary Virginia Briggs, San Antonio ' Susan Jane Cherry, San Antonio ' Alice Lou Daniels, Tulsa, Okla. ' Elizabeth Louise Falk, San Antonio ' Mary Montgomery Heffley, San Angela ' Annabeth Isaacs, Fort Worth ' Jane Batjer Jennings, Abilene ' Wilbur Lou Sansom, Plainview ' Edna Swanson, Navasota ' Betty Jane Thompson, Fort Worth ' Margaret Marquand Thome, San Antonio 2001 University Avenue fiNN SCHUMflCHER Dodson, Hansen, Elliot, Pate, Simmons, Miller, Lawson. Steede, Martin, Rundell, Eyoub, Gardner, Williams. Farr, Robbins, Moerke, Slataper, Kendall, Hodges. Poulson, Bowen, Wood, Bliss, Muckelroy, McDonald. Wesley, Jenkins, Schiebel, Boysen, Hyer, flutrey. Brelsford, Yaeger, Guiler, Hinkley, Shepherd, Sauer. OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer. . ...MAMIE MflRJORIE BOWEN .GRACE ELIZABETH HODGES ARLEEN RUNDELL ..VIRGINIA JULYNN MARTIN FACULTY LOUISE ARMSTRONG. .Instructor in Home Economics Page 262 PHI mu MEMBERS GRADUATES Billie Ralph Hyer, Wichita Falls Mary Louise McDonald, Lubbock Alice Valborg Slaiaper, Houston SENIORS Evelyn Maud Autry, Houston Mamie Marjorie Bo-wen, San flntonio Pattie Mae Dodson, Woodsboro Doranne Louise Poulson, Clifton Vaudean Steede. Houston .en Louise Wesley, Austin Ray Pearl Wood, Houston JUNIORS Regina Marjorie Brelsford, Austin jra Pearl Gardner, Waco Mona Dennis Guiler, Houston ' Inna Cecilia Hansen, Houston Helen Elizabeth Hinkley, Austin Grace Elizabeth Hodges, Gortun, C. Z. Elizabeth Lorraine Lawson, San Antonio Virginia Julynn Martin, Austin Letitia Carolyn Moerke, Austin Sharlie Ruth Muckelroy, Lockhart Arleen Rundell, Walnut Springs Eniilita Victoria Sauer, Washington, D. C. Mary Jean Schiebel, Dallas ' Sarah Lucile Shepherd, Houston Hazel Jewell Williams, Carthage Charlene Grace Yaeger, San Antonio SOPHOMORES Barbara lean Bliss, Austin ' Betty Jane Boysen, Houston ' Peggy Jo Elliot, Dallas ' Patricia Daine Francis, Fort Worth ' Virginia Lee Farr, Goose Creek ' Virginia Frances Jenkins, Austin ' Mattie Pauline Pate, Hempstead ' Juanita Simmons, Austin FRESHMEN ' Dorothy Jean Bevil, Hull-Daisetta ' Lelia Lisette Eyoub, Austin ' Ruth Harlan Kendall, Houston ' Eugenia Ruth Miller, Houston ' Juanita Louise Robbins, Austin 2100 Rio Grande MflMIE MflRJORIE BOWEN Page 263 Campbell, Burchard, Stafford, Russell, Harris, Minor, Arnold, Schneider, Hill. Warner, Penn, Robinson, Click, Strickland, fl. Roberdeau, Brooks, Denman, Carlisle. McCandless, Ball, Thompson, Humlong, Gresham, Rowan, Waltmon, Williams, B. Cartwright. Jackson, Spivey, Payne, Holmes, Jarvis, Berry, Winton, Marriott, Hilliard. Hayter, Chizum, Knox, Hargrove, Burnside, Lytle, Helms, S. Scott, Weddington, Park. Henry, Westervelt, Kerr, M. Cartwright, B. Scott, Turner, Mildred Caldwell, Hale, Mills, Quarles. Wilson, Hickman, Small, Jones, Mary Caldwell, Wright, McCarter, Moore, Turner, Monteith. Bassett, Erhard, Barrier, Wilkinson, Nored, Pope, Chastain, Early, Lively, McElhannon. Dexter, Peareson, B. Walker, R. Walker, McLeod, Gill, Brady, Cook, Rice, Bryant. Hilty, Jester, Stuckey, Yaggy, Roche, Ransom, Gamer, flmidon, Marshall, Evans. Paschal, Cade, McMurrey, Fordtran, Miller fl. Jones, Seale, Paine, Cottingham, Sansom. Shepherd, Stubbs, Mailander, flbernathy, Morgan, Carter, Townes, Gorman, Bidel- spach, Mitchell. OFFICERS President JEflNNETTE MflRKLE RUSSELL Vice-President SUE SPIVEY Secretary HELEN NflOMI ROBINSON Treasurer ' DOROTHY ELIZABETH BALL FACULTY DOROTHY FOWKES LUCKER. . Tutor in English TOOLEY ELISE WILLIAMSON. .Instructor in Physical Training for Women Page 264 PI BGTA PHI MEMBERS GRADUATES Laura Jean Edge, Austin Kate Gill Marriott, Terrell SENIORS Dorothy Elizabeth Ball, Houston Margaret May Burchard, Gonzales Mildred Pickett Cold-well, San Antonio Ann May Campbell, San Antonio Elizabeth Ann Chizum, Fort Worth Mary Claire Denman, Lufkin Elizabeth Hardie, El Paso Eleanor Hargrove, Shreveport, La. Mary Elizabeth Hayter. Nacogdoches Rebecca Jones Henry, Yazoo City, Miss. Carlene Durrett Hickman, Fort Worth Margaret Jane Jarvis, Troup Jeanne Elma John, Galveston Sara Beth Knox. Corsicana Betty Jean Lytle, San Antonio Margaret Edith McLeod, Dallas Jane Ellen McWhorter. Roswell, N. M. Emily Maverick Miller, Austin Eleanor Schuyler Mills, Austin Dorothy Louise Minor, Houston rme Morgan, Paris Elizabeth Park, Port Arthur Janice Louise Ransom, Richmond Ann Elizabeth Roberdeau, Austin Patricia Lee Roberdeau, Austin Helen Naomi Robinson, Corpus Christi Jeannette Markle Russell, Houston Laura Sleeper Somes, Laredo Frances Jeanne Schneider, Austin Elizabeth Sherley Scott, McKinney Sue Spivey, Bonham Claire Monday Smith, Longview Elizabeth Stafford, Palestine Pauline Elisabeth Strickland, San Antonio Florence Thompson, Dallas Frances Elizabeth Walker, Beaumont Laura Blount Williams, Nacogdoches JUNIORS Katharene Abemathy, Dallas Mary Virginia Arnold, Houston Ann Barrier, Fort Worth Barbara Giles Bassett, El Paso Nonna Ruth Berry, Greenville Dorothy Louise Bibelspach, Waco Sue Carleton Brooks, Houston Lydia Moore Bryant, San Antonio ' Lillian Wood Bumside, Wichita Falls Margaret Neil Carlisle, Waxahachie Alma Reed Chastain, Beaumont Julia Faye Cook, Tyler Pattie Rose Early, Waco Elizabeth Ann Evans, Fort Worth Jeanne Elizabeth Gannon, Dallas Suzanne Clinton Gorman, Waco Constance Almeta Gossett, Austin Marjorie Rowell Helms, Austin Rosemary Susan Hilliard, Houston Sara Isabel Holmes, Corsicana Mary Rhydonia Jones, Richmond Beryle Ann Longino, Lufkin Jane McElhannon, Sherman Lucille Starr Marshall, Waco Eugenia McMurrey, Tyler Louise Fredrika Mailander, Waco Carolyn Elizabeth Monteith, Houston Mary Martha Nored, Fort Worth Mary Marjorie Payne, Houston Nancy Helen Queries, Fort Worth Margaret Elizabeth Perm, Austin Patricia Ayne Roche, San Antonio Jeanne Lorena Rowan, Wharton Virginia Elizabeth Turner, Houston Ruth Ann Walker, Beaumont Virginia Nell Wilkinson, Washington, D. C. Florence Montgomery Wilson, Nacogdoches Mary Alice Weddington, Bryan {Catherine Edmund Winton, Waco SOPHOMORES ' Charlene Jeanette Amidon, Harlingen : ria Bramletle, San Antonio ' Mary Bell Caldwell, San Antonio Jane Fellon Carter. Dallas Betty Fleming Cartwright, Chattanooga, Tenn. !. ' c:ry Ann Click, Austin Mary Pearl Erhard, Bastrop Mary Mallory Finch, Austin Josephine Bell Fordtran, Stockdale Genevieve Garner, Amarillo Gloria Gill. Terrell Dorothy Elaine Gresham, Austin Harriet Martha. Hale, Houston Margaret Terry Harris, Galveston Betty Hill, Austin Margaret Humlong, San Angela Kitty Ruth Jackson, Wichita Falls ' Margaret Kerr, Corsicana Marjorie Mary Lively, Dallas Jean McCandless, San Angela Martha Louise Marshall, Dallas Dolly e Jane Moore, Vemon Hallie Kelley Peareson, Richmond Ruthie Caldwell Pope. Tyler Frances Elizabeth Rice, El Paso ' Betty Aldridge Scott, Houston Florence Anne Seale, Benchley ' Helen Jean Stubbs, Dallas Jane Reese Stuckey, Houston ' Ann Townes, Houston Barbara Turner, Austin Mary Pauline Waltaon, Hearne Barbara Hodges Warner, Mercedes Elizabeth Craig Westervelt, Corpus Christi Dela Tuleta Wright, San Antonio ' Sarah Adeline Yaggy, San Angela FRESHMEN Barbara Brady, Corpus Christi Betty Cade, Houston Katherine Meek Cottingham, Houston Grace Leake Dexter, Dallas Annis Kay Hilty, Houston Jane Jordan Jester, Corsicana ' Audrey Louise Jones, Houston Marjorie Ann McCarter, Vemon Joan Webb Miller, Mineral Wells Marjorie Dale Mitchell, Fort Worth ' Helen Frances Paine, Boston, Mass. Ladie Jane Paschal, San Antonio Laura Elizabeth Pettingill, Dallas Marjorie Shepherd, Beaumont Sybil Elizabeth Small. Austin Patricia Swigart, Houston Martha Virginia Tidwell, Waco Marilyn Vyne Tillery, Beaumont Suzybelle Wilkinson, Shreveport, La. San Antonio JEflNNETTE MHHKLE RUSSELL r i r - " : Johnson, Wright, Butler, Dial, Minter, Schneider, Farner, Stroud, Jackson. Roberts, Mohr, Wagner, Grisham, Slaughter, Gurley, Weeks, Welch, Fannin. Carter, Simpson, Egg, Engle, Higgins, B. Hall, Hunt, McMurray, Stoer. Pulliam, Smith, Stedman, Doggett, Lowry, Barnes, Gillis, Kennard, Talley. Ezell, M. Hall, Ryan, Urban, Bowyer, Gardner, Hardy, Hester, Tulloss. Jeanne Davis, Tillotson, Blumberg, Critz, Gilliam, Geiger, Grogan, Dodd. Chaney, Graham, Pearson, Kenley, Pea- cock, Hillyer, Folk, Park, O ' Brien, Oglesby. Sheehan, Holmes, Blalock, Crum, LaNeve, Sasser, O ' Hara, Jean Davis, Schalfli. Martin, Shudde, Beakley, fldams, Batten- field, Strasburger, Moore, Hinman, Simcox. flppling, Alexander, flderman, Gates, Frizzell, Mullis, Stevens, Turner, F. Hall OFFICERS President MARY flNNE STEDMAN Vice-President BILLIE ADERMAN Secretary ' . JEAN TULLOSS Treasurer.. . MARTHA KENNARD Page 266 ZGTA TflU ALPHA MEMBERS SENIORS Billie fldennon, Houston Dorothy Frances fllexander, Jacksonville fllice Clyde Beakley, San flntonio Kate Holly Black, El Paso Jane Knolle Blumberg, Seguin Helen Sharpless Butler, Eastland Kathryn Louise Dial, San flntonio Marjorie Iris Dodd, Tyler garet Doggett, Dallas Eloise Engle, flustin Margaret Ann Hall, Sherman Mary Hillyer. Tampico, Mex. Genevieve Louise Hinman, New Braunfels Elsie Elliott Holmes, Yazoo City, Miss. Nell Ruth Minter. Fort Worth Nancy Isabel Moore, flransas Pass fllice Marjory O ' Hara, Diboll Evalyn Elizabeth Park, Jacksonville Rose Marie Poole, Marlin Nancy Wills Pulliam, Dallas Ka-.herine Elmere Schlafli, Seguin Gene Simcox, Fort Worth Jane Lee Stroud, flustin flnne Woodruff Talley, Kerens Jean Tulloss, San flntonio JUNIORS Irby Lee Blalock, Marshall Edith Loraine Carter, Houston Ruth flnn Chaney, Little Rock, flrk. Sue Ezell, Clebume ' June Whiting Farner, flrkadelphia, flrk. Doraine Louise Geiger, Corpus Christi Wanda Elaine Grogan, Liberty ' Barbara Jane Hardison, Berclair Jessie Jean Hardy, Corpus Christi Edna Elizabeth Howell, Beaumont Gene Spencer Hunt, Nacogdoches Lois Ellen Jackson, Houston Jean Elizabeth Johnson, Kerens Martha Kennard, Sherman flnnette Martin, Cotulla ' Dorothy Jane Mohr, Houston ' Ethel flnn Oglesby, Eldorado Jerry Hoke Peacock, Jacksonville Maurine Mable Sasser, Nixon Marion Frances Schneider, Dallas Frances Gertrude Simpson, Nacogdoches Helen Louise Shudde, Washington, D. C. Emma Owen Smith, Dawson Mary flnne Stedman, Beaumont ' Susan Marshall Stoer, Shreveport, La. ' Betty Ruth Wagner, Port Neches Jeannette Lee Weeks. Rosenberg SOPHOMORES Mary Jo fldams, flustin Betty Jo Barnes, Trinity Virginia Wells Bowyer, Dallas Marian Hoffard Crum, Dallas Jeanne Conway Davis, Midland Marjorie Anna Egg, Edna Jean Demis Davis, Fort Worth Florence Louise Fannin, San flngelo Virginia flnn Frizzell, Mcflllen Louise Mary Gardner, Houston ' Harriet Kirr.bro Gates, Houston Mary Wylie Grisham, flbilene Margaret Mary Gurley, Dallas Bette Hall, Sherman Frances Mildred Hall, Sherman .e Hester, Houston Virginia DuVal Higgins, Victoria Luella Nixon Kenley, flustin Maurine LaNeve, Mineral Wells Ruth flnn Lowry, San flntonio Frances Jean Mullis, Galveston ' Margaret Lois Noble, Texas City ' Mary Suzanne O ' Brien, Fort Worth Rosemary Pearson, Houston Diana Rebecca Roberts, Corsicana ' Shirley Scott, Houston ' Lois Mildred Sheehan, Houston ' Mary Jane Stevens, Fort Worth ' Hilda Waltz Tillotson, San flntonio ' Jane Guilford Tully, Cuero ' Fredda Fay Turner, Midland Kathryn flnn Urban, Houston ' Frances Virginia Walker. Littlefield ' Fay Carter Wright, Houston FRESHMEN fldrian Nell flppling, Luling Joyce Carolyn Battenfield, Dallas Helen Critz, Dallas Lady Rosemary Folk, El Paso ' Dorothy Virginia Gilliam, flustin Dorothy Gillis. Del Rio Julie flnita Graham, flustin Mary Vivian McMurray, San flntonio ' Patricia Constance Ryan, San flntonio Betty Jane Slaughter, flustin ' Jeanne Strasburger, Dallas flnn Welch, flustin 2711 Nueces MflHY flNNE STEDMflN Rundell, Elliott, M. Swanson, Tally, Smart, Chandler, Dawson. Schletze, Ogletree, Mathews, Innis, Davis, Wallace, Greenwood. Shidley, Bowles, Crews, Pounds, Snoddy, H. Swanson, Poole. Knaggs, Schley, Holasek, Brooks, Hoffman, Callahan, Templeton, Pittard. ALPHfl DGLTA GRADUATE Martha Anne Swanson, Dallas SENIORS Helen Louise Crews, Tivoli Loyce Ivy Dawson, Roscoe Grace Innis, Port Lavaca Fredna Key Knaggs, Cotulla Frances Lee Pittard, flnson Lavinia fldair Schley, George West Carolyn Ray Tally, Austin JUNIORS Susan Frowine, Bowling Green, Ohio Rose Claire Mathews, West Nyack, N. Y. MEMBERS Georgia Roberta Ogletree, Livingston Nona Frances Rundell, Austin Sarah Adele Shidler, San Benito Margie Jane Smart, Fort Worth Iris Mae Wallace, Asherton SOPHOMORES Mary Margaret Bowles, Big Wells Betty Jane Callahan, Austin Marjo Vane Davis, Cotulla Betty June Elliott, Moran Bennie Love Greenwood, Bowie Doris Mae Holasek, West Doris Marie Nickel, Sioux Falls, S. D. Ophelia Shaw Poole, Cotulla Billie Leonora Pounds, Sulphur Springs ' Rachel Ann Snoddy, Graham FRESHMEN Bettie Jane Brooks, Austin ' Carolyn Chandler, Austin ' Dorothy Jean Hoffman, Austin ' Elizabeth Marie Mason, Markham ' Helen Lucile Swanson, Dallas Ruth Esther Schletze, Encinal ' Billye True Templeton, Austin OFFICERS President MARTHA ANNE SWANSON Vice-President FREDNA KEY KNAGGS Secretary MARJO VANE DAVIS Treasurer ROSE CLAIRE MATHEWS FACULTY OLIVE BETTS Instructor in Home Economics ALBERTA DODSON Instructor in Home Economics FRANCES SEYBOLT Assistant Director of Intramurals for Women MflRTHfl flNNE SWHNSON Page 268 Noumonn, Crouch, Smith, Helland, B. Campbell. Worthington, G. Campbell, Clements, Carty, Lindseth, StolL Carpenter, Mathis, Bertch, Gassett, Daniel. Gregory. omiCRon PI MEMBERS GRADUflTE Evelyn Carry, Knoxville, Tenn. SENIORS Geraldine Marie Campbell. Houston Helen Jeanne Carpenter. Fort Worth Margaret Elizabeth Clements, Wichita Falls Dorothy Elizabeth Crouch, flustin Rosemary Daniel, Dallas Marguerite Lena Gassett. Houston Mary Louise Naumann, Smithville Mary Lou Smith, Corsicana JUNIORS Kathleen Gregory, Austin Lucile Trabue Helland, San Antonio Peggy Rene Mathis, Midland Patricia Ann Stoll, Dallas SOPHOMORES ' Betty Io Campbell, Houston Janet Elaine McCluer, San Antonio Josephine Monah Worthington, Dallas FRESHMEN Mary Elizabeth Bertch, San Antonic Helen Lucile Lindseth, Sioux Falls. S. D. OFFICERS President GERALDINE MARIE CAMPBELL Vice-President HELEN JEANNE CARPENTER Secretary LUCILE TRABUE HELLAND Treasurer.. ..MARGUERITE LENA GOSSETT FflCULTY ELIZABETH TARPLEY. .Assistant Professor o} Home Economics Page 289 E. Pechal, M. Pechal, Davidson, Caffery, Smith. Ferguson, Orrill, Adams, V. Grubbs, Dowdy. Walenta, Mcllroy, Lee, M. Grubbs, flrsenault, Dorsey. DGLTfi ZGTfl GRADUATES Mary Catherine Caffery, Baton Rouge, La. Dorothy Dowdy, Junction City, Ark. SENIORS Faye Main Davidson, Austin Mary Bess Dorsey, Port flrthur Elsie Pechal, La Grange Vera Ann Smith, Buffalo MEMBERS SECOND YEAR LAW ' Virginia Ernestine Grubbs, Dallas JUNIORS Jessie Lynn Ferguson, Navasota Margrette Zuleika Grubbs, Dallas Sarah Evelyn Lee, Austin Marian Joyce Mcllroy, Pampa Marjorie Hortelle Orrill, Port Arthur SOPHOMORES Emily Evelyn Adams, Bryan Helen Carolyn Arsenault, Orange Mary Helen Pechal, La Grange Dorothy Jean Walenta, Rosenburg OFFICERS President MARY CATHERINE CAFFERY Vice-President FAYE MAIN DAVIDSON Secretary SARAH EVELYN LEE Treasurer.. ..VERA ANN SMITH MflRY CflTHERINE CftFFERY Page 270 Dorfmon, R. Stifft, Lcmde, S. Stifft, Tollol, Kessler. Burg, Richker, Bennett, Golden, Davidson, Newman. Lieberman, Siegel, Reich, Landman, Rosenthal, Browne. siGrrm DGLTA TAU MEMBERS SE:;IORS Libby Lorraine Lande, San flntonio Sara Maryn Lieberman, San flntonio Harriet Reich, Sweetwater Rosalyn Rebecca Stifft, Little Rock, flrk. JUNIORS Mildred Charlyn Dorfman, Brownsville Shirlie Tallal, Dallas SOPHOMORES Iris Helene Bennett, Houston Ruth Elaine Golden, Corsicana Geraldine Rosenthal, Houston FRESHMEN Roslyne Lois Browne, San flntonio Cecile Burg, San flntonio Shirlee Davidson, Fort Worth ' Florence Kessler, St. Louis, Mo. ' Pauline Cecile Landman, Fort Worth fludrey Jean Newman, Waco " Felice Ruth Richker, Fort Worth Marilyn Siegel, Davenport, Iowa Sidney Herold Stifft. Little Rock, flrk. OFFICERS President LIBBY LORRfllNE LflNDE Vice-President HflRRIET REICH Secretary SHIRLIE TflLLflL Treasurer.. . .SflRfl MflRYN LIEBERMAN LIBBY LORRfllNE LflNDE Page 271 rr V HE am " GLENN HORTON and date at the Chi Omega house. Suzanne Buckingham, flfter the Delta Gamma Formal. S.M.U. foot- ball game. Alpha Chi Omega ' s side show. Mary Julia Blucher at a German. Tony Billings. Getting ready for Time Stag- gers On. A. i. e. e. OFFICERS Chairman EDWARD HORACE ELDRIDGE Vice-Chairman FLETCHER ELDER McLflNE Secretary ARTHUR ROBERT TEflSDRLE Treasurer LOUIS MARSHALL WALKER Counselor. . RflLPH ARTHUR GALBRAITH Robert Wilberforce Warner Ralph Arthur Galbraith Burns Newman Gafford Elzah Frank fldams Theodore Lytton flllen Lonnie Leslie Anthony, Jr. Oscar Claudio Benavides Weldon Archibald Berry Vernon Gene Blanchette James Starley Campbell, Jr. Joseph Frank Cage Arthur B. Chafetz Estel Lee Cheeseman Cullen Malone Grain Stephen Franklin Crumb Thomas Scott Dabney Alton Benjamin Dalager John Newton Daniel Alfred Davis, Jr. John Leigh Davis June Earle Doyen Edward Horace Eldridge Jack Frost Robert Earl Hamilton Walter Fred Hardgrave Herbert Nelson Hickok Robert Gordon Hoffmeister FACULTY MEMBERS Collier Read Cranberry Edwin Woodworth Hamlin Elmer Harry Schulz Ernest Maurice Siegel MEMBERS Alsede Walter Hogan Howard Hathaway Holmes William Joseph Holt William Clyde Johnston Floyd Raymond Jones William Ewell Love Robert Milton McCuistion Fletcher Elder McLane William Garland Marquardt William Tolbert Michael Richard Edward Pabst Milton McArthur Ragsdale Miguel Fermin Rodriguez Emmett Clair Rummel Oliver William Schneider Eugene Elam Skinner Francis Patrick Smerke Edward Banks Stover, Jr. John William Tarpley Arthur Robert Teasdale Roy Edward Troell Thomas Burrows Tucker Louis Marshall Walker Willard Harris Wiederspahn Robert Louis Williams, Jr. EDWflRD HORflCE ELDRIDGE THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS has student and non- student chapters in Mexico and Canada as well as in the United States. Front row: HflMLIN, GflLBRfllTH, CRUMB, SCHNEIDER, JONES, ELDRIDGE, McLflNE, PflBST, FROST, WflLKER. Second row: HflMILTON, BENflVIDES, WILLIflMS, TEflSDflLE, HICKOK, LOVE, CHEESEMflN, CflMPBELL, SKINNER. Third row: HOLT, JOHNSTON, i rflRNER, BLflNCHETTE, STOVER, HOFFMEISTER, WIEDERSPflHN, flLLEN, CRfllN. Page 274 A.i.m.e. OFFICERS President STEVE DeBORD, JR. Vice-President LAKE ROBERTSON, JR. Secretary LEON BORIS AVNET Treasurer JOHN SINCLAIR RUSSELL Faculty Advisor HARRY H. POWER FACULTY MEMBERS George Fancher Frederick B. Plummer MEMBERS Gonzalo Acosta Jack Aldred 3-5 tUb . .= Lean Boris Avnet Julius Allen Blum Mark Joseph Brannon Selby Eli Bryant Jack Burks Dixon Hill Cain Chariet Albert Calisch Ernest Anderson Carter Riiunil Casillas Oscar Long Chenoweth Herbert Drue Christaer limmie Drue Christoer Ornlle Paul Clark, Jr. ----- -_-, -. - . , Hub Colley. Jr. Jtotgt If rii - OOM Glenn Lee Conigan -- ' . ' . ' : :--:- . : := William Alexander Daniel William Hill Doris Sieve DeBord, Jr. Charles J . DeLancey John William DenhoUem :-:!- - --.:-.- Robert Egan Dobfcms Bennie Fred Duncan Lincoln Feltch Elkms . J. Faseler. Jr. Richard Wynne Feagan James Dudley Ford :.---;- jaMpi 3c tad Robert Lee Green James Randolph Gregson .-. pi OHM v. " --. Bal - - David Louis Hart Fred Danes Henderson. Jr. W am S m n H Charles Houssiere Glenn Orrille Howard William Russell Johnston Walter William Kalteyer Julian Edward Easbop Clyde If arion Keithly, Jr. Charles Wynn Kilgore Edward Arthur Kistenmacher Frank James Kokas Gordon Gus Lancaster Ruben Patton Lightfoot Earl Vogelsang Lindsay Philio Harry Upstate. Jr. Ben Ralph Luscomb Jr- William Anthony Lytle William Clifford McDugald George Willis UcMurry, Jr. Tommy Cole Main Phil Dietz Manning Edward Lowe Martin Edward Lafaye Massman Marshall Louis Uasteison Robert T. Meers Abdul Khalig Mehta James Tom Melot Emest Edward Merkt Lloyd Erling Metz Malcolm Long Milbum Philip Marstellar Milbum Charles Robert Miller Harry August Miller. Jr. Louis Tarlelon Moffat Murray Moffot Robert James Moffat James Whitcomb Nicholas Milton Louis Nunck Richard Obenhaus Samuel Curtis Oliphant John Martin Pavne William Bryan Phillips Jack Henry PresneU John Waller Pritchett, Ir. Fred Wallace Purl William Randolph Jack Julian Reynolds Harry H. Power filbert E. Sweeney Robert Eugene Ritchie J ake Robertson, Jr. Clarence Aaron Rogers, Ir. Joseph Anthonv Ross Ignaz Warren Russek John Sinclair Russell George Flint Sawtelle Jessie William Scarborough , Jr. Cleophas Joseph Scheffler Robert Lee Scott, Jr. Trans Moron Scott Harold Simpson Raymond Homer Simpson William Denman Sims Arthur James Smith James Dallas Smith James Bertil Sorenson Wilford Lee Stapp James Blair Steele Walter Eugene Stone William Stuart Storall, Ir. John Robert Suman, Jr. John Wesley Sutherland, Ir. Joseph Frank Svacek, Ir. Charles Bunker Swain Leonard Archie Swanson Mauritz Swenson Paul Franklin Tapp Kinman Bud Thompson Kye Trout, Jr. Alfred Jacob Vogel Carl Ewald Vogelsang Albert Hodges Wadsworth, Jr. Joe Dominic Watzlavick Bruce Sanbome Weaver Chester Lee Wneless Robert Louis Whiting Robert Earl Walters Bertram Oliver Wood Arthur Robert Wooldndge Randolph Earle Wnght Carl Breed Yantis Charles Otto Zagst Robert Paul Humphreys THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERS was ;ed in 1871 and the student chapter was established here in 1930. Fiont row: LINDSAY, SUTHERLAND, LANCKSTER, RUSSELL, VOGELSANG. YANTIS, DeBORD, ACOSTA, L. MOFFAT, PRITCHETT, J. D. SMITH, McMURRY, PURL, MERKT. Second row: SVACEK. BUM. MELOT. CORRIGflN, ROGERS, CLARK. LUSCOMB. R. SIMPSON, SWANSON ROSS, H. SIMPSON ATHANAS, ROBERTSON KASTROP, HART. Thud row: RUSSEK. WOLTERS. SCHEFFLER. PAYNE. COFFIELD. M. MOFFAT, MASSMAN KALTEYER MEERS H CHR1STNER TAPP, DENSON. Fourth row: PHILLIPS. ALDRED, GREEN. GHEGSON. C. MILLER, McDUGALD, SWAIN. MARTIN, SCARBOROUGH REYNOLDS. FEAGAN. r :;e DS A S. C. G. OFFICERS President JflMES ROBERT BISSETT Vice-President WILLIAM HUNTER Secretary CHARLES ALTON LAWLER Treasurer DANIEL JOSEPH ALLISON Faculty Advisor JOHN ARNOLD FOCHT FACULTY MEMBERS E. C. H. Bantel Leland Barclay Raymond Fillmore Dawson Phil M. Ferguson S. P. Finch John Arnold Focht Quintin Branson Graves Roscoe Guernsey, Jr. Banks McLaurin T. U. Taylor MEMBERS Dowell Vann Allen Daniel Joseph Allison Henry Thomas Aubel Edwin Chester Balfanz Ted O. Bartholow Herbert J. Beadle, Jr. Richard Henry Berryhill Samuel Edward Bills James Robert Bissett Irving Lynn Brown Lewis Wilson Christoffel Maurice Coburn Thomas Edward Cook Vernon Oscar Darr George Ferrel Dougherty George Follin Davenport Hilton Kunze Davis Philipp George Dieter, Jr. Robert Pattison Felgar Morton G. Fichtenbaum Max Flatow Raymond Albert Fraim Rose Ferguson Hager William Wayne Huff, Jr. Cecil Lee Hunt William Hunter Emmett Gilbert Jackson Joseph Edwin Jenkins Paul Athanasse Kairis John Wilbur Keith Bobbie Gene Keyser Charles Alton Lawler Viggo Miller Francis Eugene Mitchell Henry Hardt Nau Victor Lewis Nixon Juan Pablo Pedretti George Doyle Prock Madison Louie Ramey Frank William Richardson Michael Assad Saad Curtis Otto Schmedes Howard Glen Scott Douglas Campbell Seamans Lynn Andrew Seamans Theodore Homer Settles James Milton Shaw Roy Thomas Smith, Jr. Hollis Barclay Spiller Louis James Stranahan Jeff Lee Vining, Jr. James Russell Walker Edward Earle Walters Thomas William Weinheimer August Louis Weiss JflMES ROBERT BISSETT THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS, Student Chapter, was established on the campus in 1921. Front row: FERGUSON, FRflIM, COBURN, RICHARDSON, RflMEY, KEITH, CHRISTOFFEL, MILLER, SflflD, flLLEN, FICHTENBflUM. Second row: BftNTEL, SHflW, SMITH, SETTLES, VINING, KfllRIS, COOK, DflVIS, WEINHEIMER, BERRYHILL, PEDRETTI, NIXON, WflLKER. Third, row: HUNTER, GRflVES, FLflTOW, LflWLER, SCOTT, DflUGHERTY, L. SEflMflNS, BROWN, NEU, WEISS, McLflURIN, GUERNSEY. Fourth row: FOCHT, FINCH, flLLISON, SPILLER, DflVENPORT, FELGflR, BflRTHOLOW, HflGER, BISSETT, D. SEflMflNS, DIETER. Page 276 fl.s.m.e. OFFICERS Chairman ALFRED DAY PflYNE Vice-Chairman ROBERT EGON HflUBOLD Secretary AUSTIN FELIX LEACH Treasurer BILLY HOWARD AMSTEAD Faculty Sponsor MYRON L. BEGEMAN FACULTY MEMBERS Rinaldo A. Bacon Myron L. Begeman Leonard R. Benson Carl J. Eckhardt W. R. Woolrich flLFRED DflY PflYNE Billy Howard Amstead William Fisher Arledge Jack Walter Arlitt Luis Hamilton Barlett Karl FriederichBartels Norris Edwin Black George Hubert Bollman, Jr. Thomas Richard Casberg Orville Woodrow Chandler Chester Harold Chiodo John M. Cluck, Jr. Hub Colley, Jr. Alvis Ray Cox James Jefferson Crayton, Jr. Charles Holmes Crosby Thomas Allen Daniel Travis Edward Day Harvey Clarence Depwe Jay Wilson Edwards Phillip Eng Bobby L. Evans Grady Faubion, Jr. George Watts Flowers Herbert Becker Funk Harry Samuel Goldberg, Jr. Fred David Griffin Wilborn Grimes Fred Grissom Jack Russell Gueldner Rudolph Guenzel Robert Lee Hall MEMBERS Jo Wilmeth Hardgrave Arlton Nelson Hatch Robert Egon Haubold Robert Henry William A. Hensarling Garven Thomas Herring, Jr. Clarke Norman Hewitt Wellborn Royston Hudson Robert Clay Prim Jackson Jesse Frank Jenkins Henry Clay Johnson H. G. Johnson Harold Thurston Johnson David C. Kenley Onys Andrews Kelley, Jr. John Edward Keppler John Humphrey Keyes Ike LaRue Kibbe Robert William Laakso Austin Felix Leach Ernest Gilpin LeMay, Jr. Edward Exel Lindlof Thomas Collins McMichael Don Denton McNay Kenneth Odie McRee Dan Lee Martin Claudio Antonio Martinez Rudolph Malik John Wilson Medlin Joseph Irvin Mills Stanley Clark Mitchem THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS members with a spirit of professionalism. Reginald Peter Mitchell Charles Edwin Neu Paul Clyde Oberg Joseph B. Oliphint, Jr. Daniel Parker Pace Phocion Samuel Park, Jr. Matt Whitfield Parker Alfred Day Payne Frank Burruss Pugsley Beaufort Marion Quigley Eugene Forrest Reedy Billy Perkins Robertson Roy Coleman Rogers Arthur Rosenbaum Fritz Manfred Rosenbusch Lonnie Connor Rushton Gerald Schoenert Milton Schultz William Brent Shriver Terrell Jackson Small Raymond Sponberg Clarence Adolph Stoermer Alfred Holt Summers Orbry Dee Tatsch Robert Lincoln Turner, Jr. Elmer Jay Voorhis Norman Wheelis Weaver J. P. Weir Joseph Norris Wiley Jack Williamson William Floyd Yates George Robert Yelderman seeks to imbue each of its Front row: LflflKSO, CLUCK, H. G. JOHNSON, ENG, FflUBION, FUNK, flMSTEflD, YELDERMflN, HERRING, SMflLL, HflUBOLD, BLOCK, MflRTINEZ, STOERMER, BEGEM3N Second row: ROSENBUSCH, MflRTIN, SCHULTZ, MILLS, CHIODO, flRLEDGE, KIBBE, EVflNS, BflRTELS, MITCHELL, LeMflY, PflYNE, KENT, BENSON. Third row: TURNER, JENKINS, SHRIVER, WILEY, OLIPHINT, REEDY, GRIMES, LEflCH. SCHOENERT, QUIGLEY. Fourth row: McREE, ECKHflRDT. COX, KELLEY, HflROLD JOHNSON, GUENZEL, SPONBERG, COLLEY, OBERG, DflNIEL, flRLITT, PUGSLEY, BOLLMflN. Fifth row: BflCON, MITCHEM, WOOLRICH, YflTES, CROSBY, JflCKSON, ROGERS, McNflY, MHLIK, PflRKER, CflSBERG, H. C. JOHNSON, CHflNDLER. Page 277 ASHBGL LITGRflRY SOCIGTY OFFICERS President PEGGY STOVER Vice-President JEANNETTE MflRKLE RUSSELL Secretory JflNET LONG Corresponding Secretary BERTHfl VON ENDE SCflRBO ROUGH Treasurer.. . .MflRY McLflIN HARRISON MEMBERS Frances Margaret Beilharz Rebekah Jane Bush Margaret Doggett Mary Mallory Finch Geraldine Gillespie Margaret Mary Gurley Clara Louise Harris Mary McLain Harrison Rachel Elliott Hartin Alice Lucile Hawkins Eula Kathryn Heep Rosemary Susan Hilliard Elsie Elliott Holmes Margaret Humlong Mary Ruth Huntington Frances Gale Jones Martha Kennard Janet Long Dorothy Elizabeth Matthews Jean McCandless Helen Lee McCullough Mary Charline McGehee Leelah Beth O ' Neil Margaret Elizabeth Penn Lillion O ' Leary Powell Diana Rebecca Roberts Jeannette Markle Russell Bertha Von Ende Scarborough Nancy Jane Shumate Billie Simmons Peggy Stover Jean Ann Templin Margaret Evelyn Tomkies Myra Katherine Tschudin Eleanor Ann Van Zandt Mary Julia Von Blucher Mary Pauline Waltmon ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY, the first literary and dramatic group on the campus, was organized November 22, 1888. PEGGY STOVER Front row: VON BLUCHER, O ' NEIL, FINCH, HflRRIS, TSCHUDIN, POWELL, RUSSELL, HILLIflRD. Second row: LONG, HflRTIN, SIMMONS, VflN ZflNDT, HUMLONG, STOVER, TEMPLIN, KENNflRD. Third row: BUSH, HUNTINGTON, McCULLOUGH, SHUMflTE, McGEHEE, WflLTMON, McCflNDLESS, HflRRISON. Page 273 BGTfl BGTfl ALPHA OFRCERS President JERALDINE HILL Vice-Presidenls MARY McLflIN HARRISON LUCILLE AILEEN SMITH Secretory MARY ELIZABETH HARRIS Treasurer ELOISE MARGARET LIGON Faculty Sponsor FLORENCE STULLKEN JERALDINE HILL Nelia Fox Mary Fredericka Altgelt Katharine Raynolds Anderson Mary Genevieve Barge Leona Cecilia Block Jane Elizabeth Caplen Helen Elizabeth Campbell Frances Helen Center Doris Gertrude Chorpening Mary Kathleen Christenberry Laura Lee Clark Sue Shepperd Cox Mary Caroline Daniels Katherine Wood Dougherty Dorothy Lois Deshotels Blanche Edna Farquhar Helen Marguerite Foote Cather ine Jane Franey Adele Lillian Friedlander Mary Teresa Gardner Rose Gensberg Mary Virginia Purl Goodson Mary Elizabeth Harris Mary McLain Harrison FACULTY MEMBERS Stella Trcrweek MEMBERS Jeraldine Hill Dorothy Patricia Hough Naomi Beulah Howerton Charlotte Rose Johnson Norma Marie Kasch Helen Lenore Kebelman Mary Alice Keeton Zelphia Alice Kelly Jessie Mae Kennelly Jeanne Elizabeth Larson Eloise Margaret Ligon Marjorie Jane Lloyd Dorothy Mae Lockwood Catherine McKee Laakso Minita Marroquin Belle Elizabeth Morrow Phebe Elizabeth Myers Sydney Muriel Neece Patricia O ' Leary Virginia Marie Olsen Helen Lucille Palmer Voe Elizabeth Partlow Elysabeth Convoy Pels Florence Stullken Dorothy Jane Porter Margaret Gaylord Richey Jane Elayne Ross Patricia Rodolf Jeanne Lorena Rowan Edith Mae Sanders Lola Mae Scherz Hattie Grace Schultz Ruth Marie Schultz Vivian Augusta Schumann Shirley Ann Sherman Lucille Aileen Smith Ruth Loraine Suehs Janice Ruth Tale Elizabeth Fairchild Taylor Mary Louise Taylor Mozelle Henretta Taylor Lucita Trevino Mary Helen Walters Verna Rose Wander Marjorie Eleanor Wheeler Emogene White Myrtle Marie Woodbeck BETA BETA ALPHA is a professional club for junior and senior women in the School of Business Administration. Front row: MflRROQUIN. LOCKWOOD, KELLY, BLOCK, BARGE, HILL, OLSEN, R. SCHULTZ, JOHNSON. Second row: SUEHS. ROWAN, WHEELER, CflMPBELL. DAUGHERTY, SMITH, O ' LEARY, GOODSON, PflRTLOW. SCHERZ, WALTERS, FOX. Third row: KASCH. MORROW, LAAKSO. RICHEY, CAPLEN, COX, PORTER, DESHOTELS, GARDNER, HOUGH, KENNELLY, TREVINO. Fourth row: STULLKEN. TRAWEEK, CHORPENING, NEECE, LARSON, PELS, E. TAYLOR, WOODBECK, DANIELS, CLARK, FRANEY, GENSBERG, SCHUMANN, LIGON. Page 279 BIT flHD SPUR OFFICERS President MARGflRET ANN LITTLEJOHN Vice-President MARGARET JANE JARVIS Treasurer LUELLA NIXON KENLEY Secretary FRANK ANDREWS KELLEY Reporter ELSIE ELLIOTT HOLMES Faculty Sponsor GLADYS WHITLEY HENDERSON MEMBERS Betty Anne Bowlen Jeanne Conway Davis Lady Myra Fuller Marilee Gray Peggy Littlejohn Milliard Julietta Jarvis Priscilla Gifford Jones Frank Andrews Kelley Luella Nixon Kenley Judy D. Lacy Margaret Ann Littlejohn Janet Long Nancy Jane Rawls Wilbur Lou Sansom Sarah Adele Shidler Doris Elaine Simmang Betty Jane Slaughter Patricia Swigart Selma Louise Voelker Mary Neil Ward Helene Woody BIT AND SPUR, riding club, was founded December, 1929. MflRGflRET flNN LITTLEJOHN Front row: FULLER, HILLIflRD, LflCY, LONG, SIMMflNG, JONES. Second row: WflRD, SLflUGHTER, GRAY, SHIDLER, DflVIS. Third row: RflWS, KENLEY, LITTLEJOHN, JflRVIS, KELLEY, SflNSOM. Page 280 Business RDmmiSTRATion council OFHCERS President JOSEPH STANLEY SMITH Secretory-Treasurer GUS RALPH SPENCE Reporter CHARLES RANDOLPH MITCHELL MEMBERS Senior Class Representative Joseph Stanley Smith Junior Class Representative Ingrid Joyce Berkman Junior Class Representative Henry Davenport Reynolds Junior Class Representative .... Janice Ruth Tote Junior Class Representative Joseph Yauger Whealdon Beta Alpha Psi John Andrew Hatcher Beta Beta Alpha Jeraldine Hill Beta Gamma Sigma. Charles Randolph Mitchell Delta Sigma Pi Lon Lipscomb Nusom Sigma Iota Epsilon Harold Hall Landry Business Administration Assemblyman Boyce Albert Gate wood Business Administration Assemblyman Gus Ralph Spence THE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COUNCIL, the executive board of the School of Business Administration, was organized to help create a spirit of friendliness and cooperation among students of that school. The Council plans and directs the annual banquet of the school and supervises the election and coronation of the Queen of Finance. The Council is composed of one representative from the senior class, four representatives from the junior class, the Business Administration assemblymen, and one representative from each of the honorary and professional societies in the School of Business Administration. Its officers are selected from the members of the Council itself; the president of the Council automatically becomes the president of the entire School of Business Administration, front row: HflTCHER, BERKMflN, SMITH. HILL. MITCHELL Second row: LftNDRY, WHEflLDON. REYNOLDS, SPENCE. Page 281 Gomn OFFICERS President Vice-President. . Secretary Treasurer Reporter Faculty fldvisor. ALICE CLYDE BEAKLEY HELEN flNNE HERMAN .VIRGINIA EDNfl LENNOX PIPE MARY NORMA SHEEHY BETTY ANN BIRD ..KATHLEEN BLAND MEMBERS Dorothy Elizabeth Ball Alice Clyde Beakley Helen Anne Berman Betty Ann Bird Sara Scott Bransford Helen Sharpies Butler Pattie May Dodson Bernadine Viola Hamann Virginia Edna Lennox Pipe Mary Norma Sheehy Marguerite Walling Betty Marie Wellenkamp CAP AND GOWN initiates all senior girls who wish to become members. Officers of the organization serve as senior class officers. Front row: BIRD, PIPE, BERMflN, BRflNSFORD, BEflKLEY. Second row: HflMflNN, BflLL, SHEEHY, BLflND, WELLENKflMP, BUTLER, WflLLING. Page 282 1 CLUB DG mejico OFHCERS President KURT flUGUSTJN MUMM Vice-President JUflN DE DIOS BATE, JR Secretary MERCEDES MARGARET SCHOENER Treasurer GEORGE SCHWARZ Reporter JORGE REYNA GONZflLES 7 .--; } _ - e: HERBERT rARTT:: SHEPPArl Faculty Sponsor RflMON MARTINEZ LOPEZ Luis Hector Alvarez Juan de Dios Batiz, Jr. Leopoldo Santander Caraballo Julio D ' Acosta Shirley Bon Fleishman Jorge Reyna Gonzalez Adelaide Lucas Heller Grace Virginia McCaskill Evaristo Madero, Jr. Claudia Antonio Martinez Mary Elizabeth McKean Abraham Moloch Jorge Morelos Lilla Lois Moyle Kurt Augustin Mumm Rafael Gutierrez Negrete Francisco Bruno Rocha Patricia Sada Herbert Barton Sheppard Mercedes Margaret Schoener George Schwarz Patricia Evelyn Spooner Hans Wilhehn Vogel Leona Lorraine Winters Jorge M. Zaragoza Carlos Zorilla. Jr. CLUB DE MEJICO was founded September, 1939, by a group of students from Mexico. Front row: MOLOCH. McCflSKILL, ROCHfl, MOYLE, LOPEZ, SC Second row: SCHWORZ, McKEflN, NEGRETE. SPOONER. VOGQ Third row: SflDfl, D-BCOSTfl, COROBOLLO. MORELOS, MODER ZB3 nu OFFICERS President FLETCHER ELDER McLflNE Vice-President ESTEL LEE CHEESEMflN Recording Secretary THEODORE LYTTON Corresponding Secretary EUGENE ELflM SKINNER Bridge Correspondent LOUIS MflRSHflLL WflLKER Treasurer : ROBERT flRTHUR TEflSDRLE Faculty fldvisor EDWIN WOODWORTH HflMLIN FACULTY MEMBERS Willis Raymond Woolrich Robert Wilberforce Warner Theodore Lytton flllen, Jr. Estel Lee Cheeseman Edward Horace Eldridge Fletcher Elder McLane Collier Read Granberry Ralph flrthur Galbraith MEMBERS Miguel Fermin Rodriguez Eugene Elam Skinner flrthur Robert Teasdale Louis Marshall Walker Joseph Frank Cage Cullen Malone Grain Willard Harris Wiederspahn FALL INITIATES Stephen Franklin Crumb Edward Daskam Richard Clement Fernandez FLETCHER ELDER McLflNE PSI Chapter of ETA KflPPfl NU, honorary electrical engineering fraternity, was estab- lished April, 1928. There are thirty-three active chapters. Front row: ELDRIDGE, FERNflNDEZ, HflMLIN, McLflNE, DflSKflM, WflLKER. Second row: CRUMB, RODRIGUEZ, CHEESEMflN, TEflSDflLE, WIEDERSPflHN. Third row: GflLBRfllTH, SKINNER, WflRNER, flLLEN, CRfllN. Page 284 FORGnSICfi OFFICERS President JOSEPHINE ETHEL McCUTCHEON Vice-President DOROTHY JEflNNE GOINES Secretory ROSE MARY FRflNKLIN Treasurer JOYCE LEVIS Faculty Sponsor. . HOWflRD WILLIAM TOWNSEND Mrs. Homer Price Rainey HONORARY MEMBERS Dorothy Louise Gebauer Mrs. Howard William Townsend Vivian flgnew Corinne Marie finders Frances Jayne fltkison Cora Thea Biesele Dorothy Lorraine Bomash Ann Claire Brannen Sara Louise Dalkowitz Mary Kathleen Davis Rosemary Foudray Dunkelberg Rose Mary Franklin Nihla Louise Gartman Dorothy Jeanne Goines Bemadine Viola Hamann Kittie Ruth Jackson Joyce Levis Mona Bosworth Lewis Carolyn Lofland Jewell fidell Low Marjorie Ann McCarter Josephine Ethel McCutcheon Elizabeth Howe McGill Dollye Jane Moore Molly O ' Daniel Dorothy Mae Richards Florence Anne Scale Muriel Doloris Selber Lenora Ann Thompson Mildred Marjorie Wasson Mary Alice Weddington Virginia Marie Whiteman ;CSE?H:::I ITKEL McCDTCHI : Marie Elizabeth Williams FORENSICA was founded to further speech activities among girls on the campus. SELBEH. BS Home economics CLUB OFFICERS President . , HAZEL OLIVE PETERS Secretary MflRTHfl ELIZABETH RUTLAND Adelaide Anne Aschmann Louise Armstrong Sara Chaffin Brooks Elizabeth May Brookshier FACULTY MEMBERS Helen L. Corbitt Helen Norwood Deathe Mary Edna Gearing Ruth Elizabeth Leslie MEMBERS Bonnie Grace Adams Dorothy Frances fllexander Ethel Lenea flnderson Elizabeth flnn flrmen Cleo Mae Arnett Mary Virginia flrnold Helen Carolyn flrsenault Virginia Mae flshley Evelyn Maud flutry Merle Spies Babb Beverly Jo Baker Betty Jo Barnes Lois Lake Barnes Olivia Nettie Barrier Frances Barton Henrietta Baum Mary Margaret Bialkowski Doris Evelyn Bissett Dolores Blair Barclay flnn Bogel Martha Nell Banner Elizabeth Elaine Boucher Betty Sue Bownds Margaret Jane Broderson Verta Idella Broussard Marajean Brubeck Courtenay Brumby June Marie Bunch Ruby Elizabeth Buratti Mary Francis Burmeister Catherine V. Callender Lillie Marie Canady Mary Louise Cavett Julia Lucille Clifford Betty Jo Collins Eva May Colson Sarah Jane Couch Lucy Page Coulter Katherine Irene Crenshaw Rebecca flnn Crockett Dorothy Bess Crouch Mary Ella Crozier Rosemary Daniel Martha Elizabeth Darnell Jean Demis Davis Norma Gene Dennis Margaret Louise Doak Marguerite fllice Dryden Frances Lee Duckworth Ruby Violet Eckert Mozelle Catherine Evans Betty May Exall Margaret Helen Faris Teresa flnn Ferris Bertha Lenora Field Sara Files Lynn Gatling Jacqueline Gentry Willa Mae Gidley Gloria Gill Delma Lavinia Givens Grace Maria Gormley Leonor Giussani Mary Steussy Gray Helen Margaret Grebe Kathleen Gregory Dortha Fay Grisham Margaret Winona Grisham Virginia Mary Grugan Maria Elsa Gutierrez Harriett Martha Hale Ruth Adeline Hall Silva Dee Haltom Bernadine Viola Hamann Cecile Hampton Patricia Wade Hampton Lovey Lucille Hargis Margaret Terry Harris Hazel Bill Harrell Mercedes Evelyne Hart Dorothea Louise Hasskarl Helen Janice Hatherly Lucille Trabue Helland Mariam Hennessy Julia Ellen Henry Bertha Anna Herold Mildred Rivers Hewatt Maurine Highsmith Iris Marie Howell Mary Winifred Hughes Blanchard lies Grace Innis June Mozelle Ischy Mary Catherine Ivey Mina Louise Jacobson Rosemary Jarvis Ann Louise Genora Johnson Katheryn Mae Johnson Mary Frances Johnson Sarah Frances Johnson Norraine Miriam Joseph Nila Grace Keese Barbara Ann King Louise King Elenora flngeline Kocurek Marjorie Gertrude Lane Margaret Catherine Lattimore Lily Mae Leaton Maxie Louise Lewis Helen Louise Lockwood flnita Lillian Lowrey La Rue McCanne Hettie Elizabeth McCormick Hazel McCoy Martha McCracken Ann Margaret McCurdy Nettye Cleveland McGee Mary Vivian McMurry Ruth Grace McPhail flreda Rebecca McPherson Carol Patricia Mackey Etta Margaret Madeley Dorothy Agnes Maierhofer Mildred Louise Manz Lillian Roberta Mapes Lucille Anita Marick Jane Lynette Marshall Martha Louise Marshal l Annette Martin Dorothy Elizabeth Matthews Olga Frances Meadows Gertrude Ann Miller Mary Beth Miller Dorothy Joyce Mitchell Louella Grace Moffett Nancy Isabel Moore Shirley Morgan Joyce Aurelia Morrison Lolabeth Atrelle Moser Dorothy Ethel Moss Marciel Elizabeth Mueller Ruth Neal Dorothy Florence Nixon Laura Alma Oehler Myldred Merle Parham Dorothy Marie Patterson Mary Frances Payne Berenice Mallory Lucy Rathbone Elizabeth Tarpley Jennie S. Wilmot Beatrice Estelle Pearlman Hazel Olive Peters Polly Maree Peters Elizabeth Anne Peterson Laura Elizabeth Pettengill Mrs. Clifford Craig Poindexter Nancy Wills Pulliam Barbara Madelyn Purcell Lillian Elizabeth Rack Metze Ann Randolph Nancy Jane Rawls Edna Ettie Real Margaret Lucille Rhode Myrna Karolyn Riley Frances Inez Rock Helen Marie Roland Gloria Lee Rollins Le Ruth Roquemore Jane Anne Rosenburg Omadell Ross flnnie Jo Russell Martha Elizabeth Rutland Mildred Eugenia Rutland Arlee Rylander Esther Sandgarten Saralee Chapman Sansing Mary Frances Schoeps fllice Estel Spencer Sadie Gray Stafford Jackie Lee Stearns Edna Earle Stinson Patricia flnn Stoll Signe Marie Swanson Emma Jean Taber flline Mae Taylor ferry Elaine Taylor Eleanor Rebecca Thompson Mary Ethel Trawalter Kathleen Regina Twenhafel Margaret West Elizabeth Craig Westervelt Frances Evelyn Wheeler Marie Elizabeth Williams Janet Wilson Dorothy Gray Woodruff Marie Jane Yantis fllta Frances Yeiser Dorothy Mae Young Johnnie Louise Ziriax HAZEL OLIVE PETERS Front row: GENTRY, DUCKWORTH, MOSER, PEARLMAN, MAPES, McCANNE, GUTIERREZ, WEST, HARRIS, RILEY, ZIRIAX, HEROLD. Second row: HART, RANDOLPH, GREGORY, CROZIER, DARNELL, D. GRISHAM, McCOY, LOWREY, CROCKETT, YANTIS, F. JOHNSON, MILDRED RUTLAND. Third row: BRUMBY, FIELD, RHODE, MITCHELL, SWflNSON, HIGHSMITH, BflKER, GflTLING, THOMPSON, WILLIAMS, HALTOM, KEESE, MARTHA RUTLAND. Fourth row: H. PETERS, JflRVIS, GREBE, ECKERT, BRODERSON, HflTHERLY, MANZ, KOCUREK, BARRIER, BOGEL, YEISER, BONNER, BIALKOWSKI. Page 286 CLUB OFFICERS President LEANDRO RENDON Vice-President. MARIE ELSfl GUTIERREZ Secretary ESTEFANA MARGARITA GARCIA Treasurer ALICIA GARCIA Sponsor . REX D. HOPPER Luis Hector Alvarez Alfred Cisneros Anzaldua Cecilio Arredondo, Jr. Frank Cano Barron lima Arambula Benavides Eulalia Cantu John Winter Davis Collins Anita Perez Cortez Gerardo Cowley Hesiquio Villarreal Cuellar Manuel Cueto. Jr. Cesar Manuel Elizondo Shirley Bon Fleishman Adalberto Rafael Flores, Jr Jesse Castillo Flores Ruben Fuentes Adela Garcia Alfredo T. Garcia Alicia Garcia Estefana Margarita Garcia MEMBERS Jesus Arambula Garcia Gustavo Garza Raul Garza Gonzales Jose Albar Gutierrez Lauro Gutierrez Maria Elsa Gutierrez Billie Lou Hammond Milton Mack Heath Robert Neill Jones Leonore Ann Kellersberger Claude L. Kennard Joe William Lazarine Aroldo Omar Lerma JoelLozano Minita Marroquinn David Leal Martinez Felix Trinidad Martinez Carlos Alberto Mier Gustavo Edmundo Monies Jorge Morelos-Zaragosa Juan Manuel Navar Crescendo Garcia Oliveira Billie Leonora Pounds Major Charles Quinn Leandro Rendon Octavio Rodolfo Riddle Juan Medina Rivera Jose Mauro Rodriguez Leopoldo Stein Salazar Sylvia Idell Schwartz Esther Swirce Antonio W. Tobin Diana Tobin Fausto Isidro Trevino Ricardo M. Vela, Jr. Elisa Castaneda Villareal Roque Wellborne Suletta Ovella Wiler Vicente Ximenes Lauro Antonio Yzaquirre Mario Yzaquirre Delia Aurora Yznaga LEQMDRC REHI 3 THE LATIN AMERICAN CLUB was organized for all students interested in the cultural and linguistic heritage of Latin students. Front row: SCHWflRTZ. M. GUTIERREZ. flLICIfl GflRCIfl, RENDON, FLEISHMflN. POUNDS, flDELfl GflRCIfl. Second row: I. FLORES. XIMENES, RODRIGUEZ, QUINN. VELA, fl. TOBIN. flNZALDUfl, MIER. Third row: ELIZONDO, L. YZRGUIRKE, MONTES, LflZRHINE, TONES, SflLflZflR, COWLEY, fl. FLORES, LOZflNO. Pag .- LORGHORn BOXinG CLUB OFFICERS President RAY WARE WALLIS, JR. Vice-President WILLIAM EDWIN SCARBROUGH, JR. Secretary FINUS A. FLORENCE, JR. Faculty Sponsor . .W. E. METZENTHIN FACULTY ADVISORS Arthur L. Brandon F. Lanier Cox George E. Hurt C. Harry Leinbach MEMBERS George Benn Paul Frank Colletti Billy Cunningham Gilbert Andis Davis Phillip Eng Finus A. Florence, Jr. Clair Hildreth Gannon, Jr. Fred Gilbough Gannon Fred Brannon Green, Jr. Thomas Rodney Glenn Bill Bums Hockaday James Edward Kattner Daniel Edmond Kilgore William Ernest Lanford Richard Frank Main Miguel Angel Navar Nick Lawrence Pomonis William Edwin Scarbrough, Jr. Harry Frederick Schwenker Richard Palmer Shepherd Byron Field Sherrill Monroe Elwood Smith William Lee Smith Ray Ware Wallis, Jr. THE LONGHORN BOXING CLUB, formerly the Golden Gloves Club, was founded in 1930. RflY WflRE WALLIS, JR. Front row: SCfiRBROUGH, SHEPHERD, METZENTHIN, ENG, DflVIS. Second row: POMONIS, NflVflR, CUNNINGHHM, F. GflNNON, WflLLIS, C. GflNNON, KILGORE, HOCKflDflY. Page 288 mORTflR BOflRD OFFICERS President JERALDINE HILL Vice-President ANNETTE GRACE BIESELE Secretary. JEANNETTE MARKLE RUSSELL Treasurer HELEN flNNE HERMAN Historian DOROTHY JEAN WflGER Editor BERTHA VON ENDE SCARBOROUGH Barbara Ruth Benton Helen Anne Berman Annette Grace Biesele Anne May Campbell Mary Virginia Griggs Jeraldine Hill MEMBERS Marjorie Marie Johnsen Jeannette Markle Russell Bertha Von Ende Scarborough Billie Simmons Virginia Frances Vaughan Dorothy Jean Wager Alice Ann Wilder (ERBLDDiE HILt MORTAR BOARD, national honorary organization for senior women, was established on the campus in 1923. From row: BE Back row: Cf as Front row: YflRNO, ROHRBOUGH, PflRKE, MINTER, TERREL, NOWOTNY. Second row: PflLMER, PflPE, flNDERSON, CRflIN, KNIFFEN. CURTftin CLUB OFFICERS President CLINTON GIDDINGS ANDERSON Vice-President MELVIN EUGENE PflPE Secretary COETfl TERREL Business Manager ROBERT FfllRHURST KNIFFEN Faculty Director . JAMES H. PARKE , William Henry Grain, Jr. Gordon Minter Clinton Giddings Anderson Sybil Margaret Bender David Gleason Benjamin lack Bostic Regina Cassidy Penelope Chatmas William Henry Grain, Jr. William Thomas Foster Ethel Golman Mary Virginia Griggs Robert Blakely Harris Ella Bess Haygood J. B. Hubbard, Jr. BOflRD OF GOVERNORS Arno Nowotny Ada Margaret Palmer MEMBERS Milton Mason Johnson Miriam Anne King Ira Loeb Lavin Betty Lee Allen Ellsworth Ludden William Alfred Matthews William Fowler Middagh Martha Joanna Morgan William Rhea Morgan Louise Sneed Nixon Ada Margaret Palmer Melvin Eugene Pape George Rayburn Quick Lyman Alonzo Ripperton Cleora Deitz Rohrbough Hortense Yarno Cleora Deitz Rohrbough Ruth Elizabeth Ruetz Harriet Ann Samon Katherine Elmere Schlafli Charles Albert Schmidt Beatrice Schwartz Charles Carl Shain Mary Norma Sheehy Sarah Lucile Shepherd Harriet Smith Northa Belle West Joe Ann Whitmire Hortense Yarno CLINTON GIDDINGS flNDERSON THE CUR-TAIN CLUB, dramatic organization, was founded in 1909 by Stark Young, well- known n ovelist. It was " for men only " until 1916 when women were also admitted to membership. The Curtain Club has presented four productions this year: " Key Largo " by Maxwell Anderson; " Manana Is Another Day " by Theodore Apstein and Dwight Morris, " Twelfth Night " by William Shakespeare, both of which attracted Hollywood talent scouts; and " A Woman Wronged, " a revival of a Nineteenth Century melodrama. The club also added to the season ' s entertainment by bringing to the campus Dorothy Sands, impersonator, and John Mason Brown, lecturer. Page 290 Front row: HOFFMflN, WITZ. LflW, BOONE FULMORE. Second row: flLBERTS, SNEED. DflVIS, flDflMS. RHOME, SEIBERT. BROWN. Third row: DEflN, HODGE, WILSON, HVflSS, ROUSSE, McKELLflR, GRAMBLING, HEFL1N VARSITY DGBATG SQUflD mouas mm LOW OFFICERS Captain. . Faculty Sponsor THOMAS HART LAW THOMAS A ROUSSE James Nick Adams Harold Alberts Oliver Kiel Boone David Hunter Brown William H. Darden Dick Leon Davis William Beale Dean Sterling Robertson Fulmore, Jr. John Allen Grambling MEMBERS James McDonald Heflin Henry Pope Hodge, Jr. Leo Jaye Hoffman Charles Thomas Hvass Joe Madison Kilgore Thomas Hart Law Edwin Irwin McKellar, Jr. Bernard John Mackin Clifton FJwayne Mitchell Leslie Clay Procter Rom Rhome, Jr. Kenneth Dale Seibert Robert Carter Sneed John Erie Stephen William Beverley West, III James Lee Wilson David Aaron Witz Coached by Thomas A. Rousse, the Varsity Squad has set an enviable record of " wins " in tournaments and in individual debates. This year the squad has won eighty-five to ninety per cent of the debates in which it has participated. Tournaments in which the University has taken part are the Iowa Invitation Meet, where the University, represented by Tom Law and Joe Kilgore, won first place in the Meet; the Missouri Valley Forensic League, where the University, represented by John Mackin, John Stephen, Leo Hoffman, and Harold Alberts, won first place; the Southwestern Debate Tournament, where the University acted as host to five visiting Universities. In addition to being host to teams from several Universities, the squad has taken part in debates with the University of Missouri, the University of Kansas, the University of Wichita, Texas Christian University, Baylor University, Southern Methodist University, St. Mary ' s University. East Texas State Teachers ' College, Southwest Texas State Teachers ' College, Louisiana State University, Sophie Newcomb College, and the University of Iowa. The squad has also taken part in an international debate with a team from the University of Toronto. 7:: .7. GIRLS ' GLGG CLUB OFFICERS ROBERTfl STRUSS President Business Manager. Accompanist Director Faculty Sponsor. . . ROBERTfl STRUSS MARGARET flLLEEN STflNDIFER . . EDNfl ELIZflBETH NUNN CHflSE BAROMEO ..DOROTHY GEBflUER Leta Jo Adams Violet Valerie fllkemeyer Minetta Ottilie Altgelt Joyce Elaine Atkins Mary Genevieve Barge Charlotte Frances Batt Parri Sue Bickford Grace flnnette Biesele Thelma Kathryne Bills Barbara Jean Boatright Jeanne Liane Boettcher Mamie Marjorie Bowen Carolyn Brown MEMBERS Marajean Brubeck Elizabeth Anne Burkhart Flora Mae Carlsen Texas Joy Carter Mary Floyd Collins Carolyn Kate Conlisk Georgette Elaine Covo Jacqueline Marie Covo Laura Catherine Creps Helen Hunt Crowell Virginia Ruth Culpepper Elvera Louise Dallmeyer Marilynn I. Davidson Cecile Little Davis Eloise Davis Jeanne Conway Davis Bebe Jo Dever Kathryn Louise Dial Frances Lee Duckworth Myra Lea Duffer Margaret Sue East Jean flllene Ely Doris Jane Engelking Rosemary Erter Alma Agatha Espey Sue Ezell Front row: RflCK, DUCKWORTH, CULPEPPER, NUNN, ROLLINS, B. JONES, RIES, STRUSS, BflROMEO, STflNDIFER, M. SMITH, GOODWYN COVO HIGGINS, JOHNSON. Second row: " POWELL, SPEED, M. PELPHREY, TflRVER, CONLISK, O ' BRIflN, GflRDNER, flTKINS, GflTLING, SflLflDINO, SCHUMflNN, OGDEN, CflRLSEN, E. SMITH, Third E w R flDflMS fl BARGE N PELPHREY, flLTGELT, WOOTEN, WEBB, VflN ZflNDT, BICKFORD, ELY, M. GRISHflM, HUTTER, PflCE, PORTER, SHflW, E. DflVIS, SWflNSON. Fourth row: MULLER, McflNELLY, LEE, GRIBBLE, F. STRIPLING, M. PflRKS, BURKHflRT, BflTT, PETERS. GIRLS ' GLGG CLUB Jacqueline Gardner Lynn Catling Lucy Ellen Gibson Syna Leah Glasser Dorothy Jean Gomes Ruth Elaine Golden Helen Edwina Goodwyn Nancy Joy Gribble Lucy Ellen Grisham Mary Wylie Grisham Pat Honey Dorothy Ann Hank Claudia Pierce Harris Alice Lucile Hawkins Mary Elizabeth Hedrick Virginia DuVal Higgins Marie Alice Hutter Mina Louise Jacobson Shirley Elizabeth Jenkins Amy Sidney Jennings Betty Jean Jones Estermae Jones Lula Margaret Johnson Gillie Jean Kilpatrick Doris Isabelle Leahy Eugenia Sheppard Lee Katherine Louise Lynn Jacqueline Martin Margaret Moseley Martin Anna Lee McAnelly Mary Elizabeth McKean Mary Elizabeth McLendon Esther LaDelle Merrem Lois Virginia Metzke Grace Leslie Mikeska Lolabeth Atrelle Moser Helen Louise Muller Valeria Paul Nacke Josephine Dreis Newton Edna Elizabeth Nunn Betty Ann Dates Phyllis Moore O ' Brian Alice Lorraine Odeen Margaret Christine Odeen Emma Lou Ogden Kathryn Elizabeth Pace Barbara Lee Parks Mary Love Parks Mildred Parvell Rosemary Cecilia Peabody Ruth Peake Nauty Byrd Pelphrey Rose Marie Pelphrey Hazel Olive Peters Mary Jane Porter Mildied Portia Powell Maxine Queen Lillian Elizabeth Rack Nancy Jane Rawls Jane Montez Rice Mary Sue Ries Patricia Burgess Rigby Maxine Roebuck Gloria Let Rollins Dorothy Lou Rupert Mary Rosalyn Saladino Vivian Augusta Schumann Barbara Scrimgeour Clara Pauline Serger Nancy Mildred Shankland Aubra Delight Shaw Frances Gertrude Simpson Edith Elizabeth Smith Marianna Smith Vera Smith Estelle Elizabeth Speed Margaret Alleen Standifer Martha Anne Stripling Sarah Elizabeth Stripling Winfrey Frances Stripling Roberta Struss Rubie Nell Sturdivant Lorraine Alace Stutsman Helen Lucile Swanson Esther Swirce Martha Arline Tarver Marian Elizabeth Thomas Fredda Fae Turner Eleanor Ann Van Zandt Olivia LaSueur Vaughan Mildred Alice Webb Johnnie Bryant Wilburn Renee Rachel Wolfe Martha Jane Wood Helen Gordon Woolen MflRGflRCT flLLEEN STfiNDIFER Front row: J. MflRTIN, HIGGINS, GOODWYN. Second row: L. M. JOHNSON, M. SMITH, J. COVO. THE GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB joined the Men ' s Glee Club to open the 1940-1941 season with something new in choral work. Under the direction of Chase Baromeo and Conrad Fath, the clubs presented the first combined swing and classic concert on The University of Texas campus. Other activities of the organi- zation included participation in various camp- us shows and in " Time Staggers On, " the spring concert, and the annual trip to Schrei- ner Institute and A. M. College. Page 293 Front: NUNN. Back: RIES, STRUSS. B. JONES. WILLIflM FLOYD YflTES men ' s GLGG CLUB OFFICERS President WILLIflM FLOYD YATES Business Manager IflCOB CLEMMONS YOUNG, JR. Assistant Business Manager TRUETT WILSON HARRIS Librarian ROBERT HENRY HYNDS Director CHflSE BAROMEO Assistant Director CONRAD FREDERICK FATH Accompanist LOUIS GARDNER LANE Faculty Sponsor . .WALTER THOMAS ROLFE William flllen George flnderson Raymond Leonard Barclay William Nicholas Beachy Robert Hugh Beck Eldon Bissett Jack Lawrence Braden fllfred Lester Braun MEMBERS George Roswell Burke Edgar Allan Burrows J. E. Canady Pete J. Castillo Lee Len Clardy Joe Hamond Corbin William Rathbone Grain Peter Michael Curry Front row: SIMONS, MUGGLI, JENNINGS, CHSTILLO, YOUNG, BflROMEO, FflTH, YflTES, CORBIN, JflCKSON, STIFF. Second row: BISSETT, LUMPKIN, NIBLO, ITZ, BURKE, LEWIS, HflRRIS, R. SMITH, TIBBETTS, HYNDS, EVflNS. ' Third row: STIRMflN, ROCHELLE, GOTT, ODEEN, McCONNELL, flLLEN, BRflUN, ROWflN, KING, ANDERSON, SINCLfllR. Page 294 men ' s GLGG CLUB James Oscar Evans Homer Thomas Fort Cyrus Burleson Frost, Jr. Walter Sidney Fruland, Jr. Jack flllen Gant Andrew Jackson Gidley. Jr. Preston Frazier Gott Truett Wilson Harris Robert Henry Hynds George Washington Irwin Howard Max Itz " ::.r. Ler.: .: ' :.:- : . ' . ' . ' . James Rogers Jennings Joe Brand Jessel Karl Esterly Jones John Dudley King Robert Edward Lewis Jack flllen Ligon Mervin Robert Lippman Jimmie Williams Lumpkin John Edwin McConnell Reginald Franklin Muggli Grady Niblo Marshall Henry Odeen Qeanthus Victor Rochelle Norman fl. Rowan David Louis Sessums John George Sinclair Robert Lyttleton Simons Fred Thomas Smith. Jr. Richard Dean Smith William Benjamin Smith James Harrison Stiff Ralph Lee Stirman Frederick Rogers Tibbetts Robert Wilson William Floyd Yates Jacob Clemmons Young. Jr. JflCOB CLEMMONS YOUNG, JR. CHflSE BflKOMEO THE MEN ' S GLEE CLUB won much praise this year for their two fine con- certs as well as for the work of individ- ual members and the Longhom Quar- tet in other campus musical activities. The Swing Chorus, under the direction of Conrad Fath, was an innovation that proved very popular with audiences. EEM. COKBIN .- -;r OS LonGHORn B fl n D OFFICERS President GEORGE PHILLIPS BLEVINS, JR. Senior Councilor SflMUEL EUGENE WEflVER Junior Councilor VflN EVERS KIRKPflTRICK Councilor JflMES BLflCKSTONE NEWMflN Freshman Councilor IRWIN CURTIS POPHflM Drum Major IRWIN CURTIS POPHflM Manager . JflMES MflDISON GOTTEN GEORGE PHILLIPS BLEVINS, JR. Gilbert Earnest fldami Clarence Cecil fldamietz Walter Scott flmsler Lynn Foster flnderson Fred flltman Thomas Wynne flnderson Ray Edwin flnglin Lonnie Leslie flnthony, Jr. William Nicholas Beachy Herbert J. Beadle Walter Collins Beardsley Ben Rogers Blair George Phillips Blevins, Jr. Basil Bernard Bell John Edward Binnion Harry fllfred Bouchard, Jr. Jack Pearson Brown Raymond Kasper Bucher Jack Butler Marion flndrew Carnes Orville Woodrow Chandler MEMBERS Van Bain Chapman Glynn Riley Chappel) Jeter Dee Chappell William Connell Cawthon Todd Clark Bernard John Cocek James Madison Gotten Richard Donald Cowan Jack Cunningham Lewis Scott Curtis Glenn Rice Criswell fldrian flveril Davis Neil Davis Temple Jackson Dougherty Bollard fllvin Dinwiddie Thomas Clinton Douglass Jay H. Dubose Wilson Leland Dyer William fldolph Farek, Ir. Curt Emil Forkel Randolph Nelson Foster William LeRay Fowler George Edward Franklin Sam Randall Friedsam William Robert Fuge, Jr. Joe Manebill Fugitt Rial Frederick Gallagher John Leland Gait Elmar Lafyette Gist William Elmer Gibson, Jr. Travis Cochran Green Leon Magil Grisham Stanley Robert Grupp Walter Wade Haberlin David Bruton Hargis William Thomas Harrison Tilden T. Head, Jr. James Harold Hejtmancik Leland Kenneth Henslee H. Guy Hines Harold Baer Hoffman Frank Edwin Holcomb LONGHORN BflND COUNCIL Front row: KIRKPflTRICK, POPHflM, BLEVINS, NEWMflN. Second row: GOTTEN. Page 296 LOHGHORn BARD Robert Franklin Hunter Clarence Theodore Isensee William Terry Jack Joel Hart man Johnson Wallace Sjoberg Johnson Richard Stanley Jung Ray M. Keck. Jr. Charles Stuercke Keuper Win. Duke Kimbrough Edward R. Kennedy Ishan George Kennon, Jr. end Arthur Kistenmachei Van Evers Kirkpatrick William Chester Knock Florian flugustan Kolodzie William James Krayer Edwin Pierce Lea George William Leisering Oliver Gustave Leppin Russell Austin Lewis, Jr. Raymond Shield Logan Howard L. Lombard Jerry Travis Long Ernest Earl Ludwig erick Ludwig Hervey Lazenby, Jr. Murff McCullen Robert Jack McLean Charles Duncan McMillan ::cune. Jr. Floyd Harold Main Sidney Samuel Mendel Robert Miller Jack Eugene Mitchell Frank Overall Murray Joe Henry Music, Jr. John Lawrence Naler Richard Fredman Need -shall Edwin Neill Lester Cur- James Blackstone Newman Kenneth Martin Nuhn Thomas Jackson Parker Howard Roderick Pearce John Jackson r James H Peterson William Bryan Phillips Irwin Curtis Popham Clay Louis Price Robert Clay Prim, HI Donald Eugene Radtke Bruce Spurgeon Reed Joseph Lee Reid, Jr. George Lowell Rich Graham Holmes Robertson Homer Eugene Robinson Murray Oliver Roe William Sanders Joseph A. Sanders Paul Mitchell Saverio William John Schiebel Samuel Clarence Schlitzkus Joseph Schoen Carl Ahrendt Schutze. Jr. Leonard Howard Seahohn Walter Stanley Shaller Donald Judson Shrecengost Eugene Woodrow Slovacek Aubrey Harris Smith Elwayne Elden Smith Tom Steagall Howell Slaton Stephens Virgil H. Stevens, Jr. Bob Suddath Louis Homer Tally Charles William Tankersley Handle Tankersley Arthur Robert Teasdale George Edwin Thorp Douglas Robert Vair Edward Frank Wadley Billy Harold Walker Charles Edward Walker Howell Lee Walker Jack Raymond Walton Harold Edward Watkins Samuel Eugene Weaver Kenneth Edward Webel O.J.Weber Roy Franklin Weise, Jr. Felix Eustace Welmaker Shirley Carl White James Kenneth Wiley Harold Longford Wilhite Gradon Fuller Willard Wilbur Alfred Wilson WUliam Hodge Wren Barrett Houston Wyont, Jr. Alfred Zoch, Jr. At the rally in Houston before the Rice game. Page 297 The Concert Band in Dallas after the O. U. game. Front row: SCHULTZ, GLflSSMflN, McMULLEN, WOOD. Second row: WEBB, RUBOTTOM, YOUNG, WflLL, DOUGLASS, BROWN. UniVGRSITY LIGHT OPGRfi COfllPAIlY OFFICERS President ROBERT PERRY DOUGLflSS Vice-President CONflN T. WOOD, JR. Secretary MflRY ELIZABETH McMULLEN Treasurer FRANCES KNOBLE BROWN Business Manager JACOB CLEMMONS YOUNG, JR. Director HERBERT WALL Faculty Sponsor . . R. R. RUBOTTOM Marjorie Elsie Abernathy Stephen Ladislaw Basamanowicz Charlotte Frances Batt Barbara Ellen Beecher Beryl Elien Beecher Elsie Lucio Biggers Frances Knoble Brown Pete J. Castillo William Dean Chapman, Jr. Martin Hooper Clark Roberta Dea Clark Stuart Dickson Currie Robert Perry Douglass Alma Agatha Espey Frances Brenda Fleischman Jacob Manuel Fuentes Irene Faye Glassman Barbara Greenman MEMBERS Hertha Heider Mina Louise Jacobson Natasha Kubisher Mildred Fern Leslie Helen Hoover McMullen Mary Elizabeth McMullen John J. Marse Jacqueline Martin Thelma Bernice Mayes Mary Agnes Mikusek Patricia Leone O ' Donnell Georgia Roberta Ogletree Nona Frances Rundell Leopoldo Stein Salazar Donald Dean Sawyer Hudson Schlueter Edythe Rose Schmidt Ruth Marie Schultz Philip Douglas Scott Gloria Sexton John Conrad Simms Mose Tyler Simpson Wanda Rowena Smith Benjamin Herrera Soto, Jr. Betty Stecker Lorraine Bernice Stein Howell Slaton Stephens Hertha Szigeti Olivia LeSueur Vaughan William Lloyd Vorhies Martin Robert Walton Mildred Alice Webb Olin Guy Wellborn David Morris Wheat Robert Gould Wilson Conan T. Wood, Jr. Jacob Clemmons Young, Jr. THE UNIVERSITY LIGHT OPERA COMPANY, one of the youngest organizations of its kind on the campus, was started in 1932 under the direction of Lester Brenizer and an advisory council composed of W. E. Metzenthin, Dorothy Gebauer, Everett Smith and V. I. Moore. In 1934 Herbert Wall became director. _ This year ' s musical activities of the Light Opera Company have included " The Gon ' doliers, " " Night of Stars, " and " Blossom Time " which ended the s eason on a high note. ROBERT PERRY DOUGLflSS Page 298 UniVGRSITY SYmPHORY ORCHGSTRfl OFFICERS President ... Secretory .... Librarian. . . . Conductor. . Conductor . VIOLIN Marjorie Ruth Hoyt Louis Frank Monts Doris Jean Taylor Miriam Lee Hollander Natalie Wilma Burney Margaret Eugenia Malhews David Charles Spicer Marvin Millard Meadors Laura Catherine Creps Kenneth Barter Ragsdale William Edward Borowiak Dennis Buford Harmon Edith Elizabeth Smith Bill Gilfillan Merritt Victoria Frances Larsen Julia Adella Dunlap Miriam Gordon Connelly Manuel Machado VIOLfl James Franklin Crow John Marvin Montgomery Jack Cummings Dorothy Louise Love CLINTON ARLO MATHEWS MRRJORIE RUTH LOVE JUANA MARIE BROUSSARD HOMER ULRICH ALBERT T. LUPER MEMBERS VIOLINCELLO Walter Barton Coleman Marjorie Ruth Love Wanda Rowena Smith Louis Gardner Lane BASS Merlon Grimes Ben Cobble Westbrook FLUTE Charlotte June Stevenson Joseph Carl Augustus Eckhardt, Jr. Janet Ruth Thomas OBOE Oscar Lee Rigsby Howard Clay Dillon George Williams Leisering ENGLISH HORN Josephine Dreis Newton CLARINET Frank Wade George Rebecca flnn Crockett BASSOON Randolph Nelson Foster, Jr. Margaret Jean Shipp HORN Clinton Arlo Mathews John C. Sandidge Fred Vernon Burns Van Evers Kirkpatrick TRUMPET William Prather Royce Henry Janszen Warren Augustus Willhoite TROMBONE Wesley Hope Tilley Bruce Spurgeon Reed Richard Russell Smith, III Juana Marie Broussard PIANO Fred Akin TYMPANI Mary Louise Begley THE UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA was founded three years ago in connection with the College of Fine Arts. The aims of the Symphony are to give orchestral experience to music students and to provide them with an opportunity of learning symphonic literature. It is also intended as a source of enjoyment for music-minded people of the community. Membership is open to both students of the University and members of the faculty. The con- ductors of the symphony are Homer Ulrich and Albert T. Luper. fog 299 neinmAn CLUB OFFICERS President. . . .TERRANCE PAUL FLAHIVE Vice-President CHARLOTTE JANE TREACCAR Treasurer BERNARD CARL BRANDS Secretary BERNICE PAULINE MEZZETTI Chaplain REV. VINCENT F. HOLDEN MEMBERS Clarence Cecil Adamietz Margaret Anna Adams Violet Valeria Alkemeyer Dorothy Marie Allen Adeline Marie Alff Mary Fredericka Altgelt Corinne Maria Anders Frank Cano Barron Walter Collins Beardsley Adolph Carl Becker, Jr. Thomas Samuel Behr Albert William Bialkowski Mary Margaret Bialkowski Joseph Bidlemann Bissell Dennis Farrell Blalock Thomas Max Blume William Edward Borowiak John Henry Bory Marie Louise Bouchard John Eraste Boudreaux Bernard Carl Brands Peggy Lou Brice John Merlin Broullire Kathryn Brown James Edwin Browne Beryl Buckley Edmund Langford Buckley Elliot Ross Buckley Mike Buzan, Jr. Jack Benjamin Caesar Larry Edward Cahoon Robert John Cangelosi, Jr. Ida Lucille Camiade Mickie Marie Carmichaei Gordon Domingo Casey Pete J. Castillo Jean Marguerite Champion Ruth Ellen Clark Mary Evelyn Clemons Frank Craft Catharine Barry Grain Peter Michael Curry Sarah Lou Cypher Dorothy MacGregor Dickson Joseph James Dolan Richard Donovan, Jr. Mary Elizabeth Douglas Anne Marie Engel Louis Benno Engelke Alma Agatha Espey Earl John Finear Catherine Ann Fischer Terrence Paul Flahive Richard Angus Flume, Jr. David Lidstone Fridge Carl Jacobs Fuchs Cesare Joseph Galli Clair Hildreth Gannon, Jr. Fred Gilbpugh Gannon Jeanne Elizabeth Gannon Estefana Margarita Garcia Mary Teresa Gardner Robert Joseph Goodwin Helen Edwina Goodwyn Grace Maria Gormley Charlotte Blakely Goss John Francis Grady Maholivie Elizabeth Graf Mary Jane Graham Daphrene Kathryn Gray James Harper Green James Greer Earle Francis Gray, Jr. Ellwood Griscom, III Kathaleene Nancy Hamblin Elna Blanche Harrison Katherine S. Highams Lois Evelyn Hignams Carl William Hoejlich, Jr. Catherine Louise Innes Cecilia Nora Joseph Norraine Miriam Joseph Walter Frank Jureski Frank Joseph Kadanka Donald Thomas Keene Mary Elizabeth Kelley Frank Andrews Kelley Claude L. Kennard Edward R. Kennedy Clifford Thomas Kies Ralph George Kies Marion Klein Vincent Frank Krejci Theo Emmery Kulhanek John Theodore Kunz Anne Stephana Kutalek Blanche Elizabeth Labit Mary Bernadine Lahey Phillip James LaSalle Mary Frances Leahy Mary Elizabeth Linz Zoe Nicholas Linz William Anthonv Lytle Annetta Grace McBride Janice McBride Elinore Catherine McClusky Doris Nell McCullough Margie Ann McEnnis James Sanders McGee Felix Francis McGivney James Alvin McKay Roy McNaughton Albert Matthew Magliolo Ursula Mary Elizabeth Magliolo Tom Harrington Maher James Edward Makins Louise J. Martin Elizabeth Ruth Mathias John Burke Matthews Elbert Drew Mayes Lois Virginia Metzke Bernice Pauline Mezzetti Gladys Emilie Mikeska Mary Jane Milliken James Franklin Moore Homer John Moore Margaret Louise Mueller Jacob Martin Muggli Kurt Augustin Mumm Patricia Mae Murphy Tom Hilary Nolan Juan Manuel Navar J.eon W. Nowierski, Jr. Paul Offer James Joseph O ' Reilly Louis Matthew Orlando Emanuel Gale Pacetti Rauel Norman Papich Cornelia Frances Paplaczyk Phocion Samuel Park, Jr. Jerome Henry Parker Erin Winifred Patrick Charles Mitchel Patureau Charles Robert Perrone, Jr. Edwin Joe Pesek Francis Xavier Prior Billie Beryl Rathbone Octavio Rodolfo Riddle Alice Louise Robinson Charles Anthony Rogers Edward Rogers Robert Runyan, Jr. Michael Assad Saad Charles Marion Sacco Louise Marie Sagstetter John Thomas Sanders Mary Ann Schumann Phyliss Marion Seals Marcella Veronica Seith Brady Shannon Mary Norma Sheeny Mary Elizabeth Sheldon Marie Louise Shelly Ernest W. Slaninger Mary Grace Spann John Lamar Stavinoha Eugenia Love Steinhart John Daniel Stepan John Lee Stepan Heiman Hugo Treaccar Charlotte Jane Treaccar Lewis Robert Troiano Thomas Burrows Tucker Thomas John Uhl John Roman Vacek Yolanda Elizabeth Varga Ann Vilbig Dorothy Jean Walenta Joe Dominic Watzlavich Katharine Anne Whyte James Kenneth Wiley Charles Stenius Young Charles Theodore Zlatkovich TERRENCE PAUL FLAHIVE NEWMAN CLUB, organization for Catholic students, was established in 1910. Front row: INNES, J. TREACCAR, FLAHIVE, FATHER HOLDEN, H. TREACCAR, SEALS, CARMICHAEL. Second row: METZKE, SACCO, BRANDS. Page 300 OAK GROVG COOPGRATIVG DORTIIITORY OFFICERS President Business Manager. Councilman Councilman Councilman Councilman- . JACK MARSHALS HESTILOW ELMO LEROY FISCHER MARSHflLL HENRY ODEEN J. CRUSE BURTON RALPH EDWARD McCONNELL STARLING THOMAS MORRIS Bert Wesley Agon Frank Lawrence Anderson James Robert Bond Henry Lee Braly Frank Grant Bryant lames Meldon Burleson I- Cruse Burton Alan Eugene Carmichael Glynn Riley Chappell Jeter Dee Chappell John Franklin Clark Martin Hooper Clark Horace Victor Copeland Masil Bryan Danford Earle Dwane Davis Milton Wayne Denson Francis Madison Engle Elmo Leroy Fischer Robert Dewitt Foster Walter Sidney Fruland, Jr. Elmar Lafyette Gist Preston Frazier Gott Warren Walter Gremmel MEMBERS Raymond Otto Haas Sam Brown Harvey Garven Thomas Herring. Jr. Jack Marshale Hsstilow Robert Franklin Hunter Robert Lee Johnson. Jr. Walter Ray Johnson Isham George Kennon, Jr. Terrell Widmer Kirksey Pete Knapp. Jr. Thomas Dewitt Knight Richard Blair Kreuzer Charles Woolsey Lacy James Audavee Lively Robert Lynn Ralph Edward McConnell Billy Lee McManemin Robert Lee Mahoney Otto William Mittag Richard Harry Moorman, Jr. Jack Stewart Morris Starling Thomas Morris Elgin Clarence Moughon Charles Gordon Nashold Melbourne O ' Banion Marshall Henry Odeen Frank Eugene Parker Darwin Guy Pegues Gordon Elwood Peterson Glenn Everett Phillips Edgar Eugene Pierce A. Q. Plummer Ray Lusk Pollock Harold Dean Powell Frank Burruss Pugsley Dayton Billy Raney Joe Simpson Reed Ralph Edward Roberts Allen Reid Robertson Fred Sackett, Jr. Murrel Horace Scott Charles Aiken Stacey Joe Dean Steed James Gilmore Steussy William Prather Stewart Melvin Lee Tegge Travis Loftin Thompson, Jr. Howell Lee Walker Front row: TEGGE, AGflN. HERRING Bccood tarn LYNM PETBBjOH VU Third row: NASHOLD, SACKETT, McC Fourth row: I. MORRIS, FOSTER, HEJ Fifth row: GOTT. ANDERSON. ODEQ [HOMPSON. W. JOHNSON. POWELL. PLUMMER, DANFORD, RANEY. :R. MOORMAN. BRYANT. McMANEMIN, FRULAND. T. MORRIS. G. CHAPPELL. ENGLE, CLARK, REED. R JOHNSON. BOND. MRS. G. A. HIGHT. LY. GIST. DAVIS, MITTAC. BURTON, KNIGHT, PUGSLEY. 3PELAND. ROBERTS. STACEY. J. CHAPPELL. FISCHER, PARKER. MQUGHON. .-- omiCRon nu OFFICERS President ,., ' ,, BERTHfl flNNfl HEROLD Vice-President MARIA JANE YANTIS Secretary LILLIE MflRIE CANADY Treasurer ELIZABETH ELLEN KEE Editor LILY MflE LEATON Faculty Sponsor . ' JOSEPHINE STAAB FflCULTY Adelaide Anne Aschmann Bess Heflin Berenice Mallory Cleo Mae Arnett Lil lie Marie Canady Sara Files Mary Steussy Gray Bertha Anna Herold Grace Innis Lucy Rathbone Josephine Staab Elizabeth Tarpley Jennie S. Wilmot MEMBERS Mary Frances Johnson Elizabeth Ellen Kee Lily Mae Leaton Mary Kathleen McQuown Myrna Karolyn Riley Beatrice Noble Stenberg Maria Jane Yantis UPSILON CHAPTER OF OMICRON NU, national honorary home economics fraternity, was established March 28, 1924. There are thirty-two chapters. BERTHfl flNNfl HEROLD Front row: CflNflDY, FILES, HEROLD, RILEY, JOHNSON. Second row: KEE, flRNETT, LEflTON, GRflY, YflNTIS. Page 302 ORflnGG JflCKGTS OFFICERS President MARTHA KENNARD Vice-President ANNA BLANCHE HUNGER Secretory-Treasurer RENEE RACHEL WOLFE Historian LULA MARGARET JOHNSON Reporter.. .. MARY ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND MEMBERS Frances Margaret Beilharz Rebecca Ann Crockett Martha Louise Haish Kathaleene Nancy Hamblin Lula Margaret Johnson Martha Kennard Anna Blanche Munger Patti Duggan Nolen Dorothy Jean Orand Margaret Elizabeth Penn Helen Louise Shudde Catherine Lee Stockard Roberta Struss Mary Elizabeth Sutherland Mary Ellen Thaxton Margaret Evelyn Tomkies Eleanor Ann Van Zandt Mary Ann Whatley Renee Rachel Wolfe Annis Eugenia Worley ORANGE JACKETS, a service organization, was founded in 1923. mmrm WORLEY, KENN N, CROCKETT, P SHUDDE, WHflTLEY. : ' : p. G. m. CLUB OFFICERS President JUDITH CHRISTIAN POLK Vice-President RAUEL NORMAN PAPICH Secretary BEATRICE VIOLA CAIN Treasurer SARAH RUDNICK Faculty Advisor. . . .DAVID KINGSLEY BRACE FflCULTY MEMBERS David Kingsley Brace Ruth Isabella Bass John Garland Adair Leo Ahr Morris Burke Barefield Harry Rudolph Barton Estil Arthur Bowman, Jr. Helen Louise Bracey A. T. Bratton Mrs. Capitola R. Bratton Regna Fulton Breneman Hazel June Brown Jane Elizabeth Brown Perry Brown Eunice Brooks Burr Beatrice Viola Cain Edward Anthony Gardner William John Choniski John R. Crouch Catherine Marie Davis Nancy Elizabeth Dillard Becky Adna Dougherty lona Mildred Echols Eileen Elizabeth Eitt Frances Louise Galloway Christopher C. Curtis J. Alderson Gertrude Xavier Mooney Williams gam MEMBERS Bennie Love Greenwood James Grubbs William Doyle Hardy Nancy Lou Hemphill Walter Dennis Houpt Walter Lee Howard Thurman Beuford Hull Martha Regina Hunter Henry Idema Pete John Layden Leo Oscar LaBorde Ruth Edna McAtee Margaret Mary McMillan Marguerite May Sharlie Ruth Muckelroy Jimmie Pace Rauel Norman Papich Mildred Peake Glenn Appling Peterson Mary Jane Pinkston Judith Christian Polk Robert William Prikryl Martha Lei Purcell Benjamin Robert Reynolds Robert Rindfleisch Alfred Robert Rochs Sarah Rudnick Clarence Emil Saegert Clem Edward Sounders Ann Stein Sebring John Thomson Shane Fred Nat Silverman Robert Wilson Smith Michael Andrew Sojka Helen Marie Sula Zula Pearl Terry Dorothy Elizabeth Vickers lames Claude Wallace Elwood Weylandt Grady Cecille Wheat Celia Williams Dorothy Williams Gloria Louise Willmon Fern Mildred Yarbrough Rosemary Yates JUDITH CHRIST P.E.M. CLUB is open to all physical education majors. Front row: RUDNICK, POLK, YflTES, SILVERMflN, SHflNE, BURR, HEMPHILL, GREENWOOD. Second row: DflVIS, WEYLflNDT, SULfl, DILLflRD, BflRTON, VICKERS, YflRBROUGH, PflPICH. Third row: H. BROWN, BflSS, CflIN, PflCE, C. BRflTTON, EITT, BRENEMflN, WILLIflMS, REYNOLDS, PRIKRYL, flLDERSON. Fourth row: BRflCE, McMILLflN, CHONISKI, MflY, Lfl BORDE, SOJKfl, ROCHS, C. C. WILLIflMS. Page 30-1 PIGRIfln LITGRARY SOCIGTY OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretory Treasurer Reporter Faculty Sponsor FLORENCE THOMPSON . . . .KflTHERINE S. HIGHAMS SUE EZELL CATHERINE LEE STOCKARD MflRY ANN WHATLEY L. W. PAYNE, JR. Mary Virginia Arnold Mary Margaret Blair Jane Knolle Blumberg Mildred Pick ett Caldwell Anne May Campbell Margaret Neil Carlisle Phyllis Crittendon Can- Mary Electa Crissey Florence Janet Davis Kathryn Louise Dial Lucy Lee Dickson lane Worthington Duls Sue Ezell Betty Katherine Finnegan Virginia Myrie Ford lacqueline Gardner Nancy Green MEMBERS Dorothy Hardendorf Barbara Jane Hardison Jane Elizabeth Harkrider Frances Wynne Harrison Katherine S. Highams Lois Evelyn Highams Jeraldine Hill Catherine Houston Marjorie Marie Johnsen Lula Margaret Johnson Mary Ellen Lambeth Kate Gill Marriott Betsy Kate Moors Bette Janet Moritz Norma Elise Niemeyer Frances Ann Parks Rose Marie Poole Billie Beryl Rathbone Helen Naomi Robinson Helen Margaret Rolle Katherine Ehnere Schlafli Ann Schumacher Barbara Scrimgeour Mary Norma Sheeny Helen Claire Simmons Frances Gertrude Simpson Sue Spivey Catherine Lee Stockard Florence Thompson Leola Virginia Trotter Jean Tulloss Betty Jo Turner Mary Ann Whatley Annis Eugenia Worley PIERIAN LITERARY SOCIETY requires its members to have a general " C " average and a " B " average in English. 3UMGEOUR - ::- PRG-LfllD SOCIGTY OFFICERS President EDGAR GREEK SHELTON, JR. Vice-President DOLPH BRISCOE, JR. Secretary STERLING ROBERTSON FULMORE, JR. Treasurer CHflRLES FREEDflMflN flLTON Faculty fldvisor H. MflLCOLM MACDONALD MEMBERS James Nick fldams James Kyle flllen Charles Freedaman Alton Henry G. Andrews, Jr. Bruce Brock Baker, Jr. Dolph Briscoe, Jr. Harold Dexter Buchanan Sam Brown Carr, Jr. Robert Fariss Campbell Warren Alfred Dale Edward Ferrell Herbert Grayson Forgason, Jr. Sterling Robertson Fulmore, Jr. Roger Murphy Gideon Truman Flournoy Gill Bill Benson Hardy Charles Frank Heye Lewis Edgar Hill King Hopkins Charles Thomas Hvass Ray M. Keck Edwin Pierce Lea George Walton Leonard, Jr. Homer Arthur Littell Millard Henry Luther Marion Roy McClanahan William Alexander MacNaughton Harry Poynter Mathis, Jr. John Marion Naff, Jr. Glen Kenneth Norman Blake McDonald Orman Dick Russel Paige Edward Clinton Patterson Francis Xavier Prior Herman Reynolds Rom Rhome, Jr. Ashby Autrey Riley, Jr. William Lee Rudd Edgar Greer Shelton, Jr. Seth Smith Edwin Morris Stanton Harry Vine, III Elizabeth Louise Walker Leona Lorraine Winters Douglas Richard Zwiener EDGflR GREER SHELTON, JR. THE PRE-LAW SOCIETY was founded November 10, 1939. Front row: MflTHIS, BflKER, LUTHER, SMITH, SHELTON, WflLKER, RILEY, HEYE, LEfl. Second row: PfllGE, RHOME, RUDD, DflLE, BUCHflNflN, flLTON, KECK, NORMflN, FULMORE. Third row: MacNflUGHTON, BRISCOE, MflCDONflLD, COOK, HVflSS, GIDEON, CflMPBELL, PflTTERSON, LITTELL. VINE. Page 306 PRGSGRT DflY CLUB OFFICERS President , PATTIE MAY DODSON Vice-President ADINE HELEN HARRISON Secretary ADELE FRIEDLANDER Reporter and Historian RAY PEARL WOOD Faculty Advisor. . MARIE MORROW Phyllis Elouise Axelrod Ruby Nelle Braly Rosslyn Regina Block Joyce Florence Bowman Regina Marjorie Brelsford Anna Lois Carter Betty Regina Cahn Sara Jean Chicotsky Margaret Elizabeth Clements Elvera Louise Dallmeyer Pattie May Dodson lane Marie Ehlers Ruth Edna Ellsworth Anne Marie Engel Virginia Lee Fair Adele Lillian Friedlander Laura Pearl Gardner Margaret Helen Golden Ruth Elaine Golden Mono Dennis Guiler Billie Lou Hammond Aaine Helen Harrison Leona Marie Hickerson Marie Hanna Holland Doris Barbara Hulmes Billie Ralph Hyer Marine Beatrice Levy Mary Jeanne McCrummen Mary Louise McDonald Letitia Caroline Moerke Margie May Nomhausser Mary Elizabeth Notley Mary Jane Oates Virginia Elizabeth Farmer Doranne Louise Poulson Jean McGregor Rawls Miriam Louise Robinowitz Helen Estelle Rosenwasser Dorothy Lou Rupert Emilita Victoria Sauer Mary Rosalyn Salaaino Vivian Augusta Schumann Gladys Mae Skaggs Betsy Rosse Smith Betty Jo Spies Jessie Edwin Strieber Esther Swirce Mary Alice Weddington Beverly Estelle White Frances Anne White Ruby Whitworth Hazel Jewell Williams Ray Pearl Wood Hortense Yarno P8TTI THE PRESENT DAY CLUB was organized in 1913 and is a member of the Texas Federation of Women ' s Clubs. Front row: BLOCK. POULSON. SflUEH. WOOD Second row: M. GOLDEN. STHIEBEH. EHLERS Third row: SPIES. OflTES. WILLIAMS, F. WHI : --- - ' . ' .- : :;:- : :- - IRISON. DODSON. CHICOTSKY, R. GOLDEN, HflMMOND. ROSENWASSER- RROW. SWIRCE. RUPERT. HOLLAND. NORNHAUSSEH. YAHNO, RABINOWTTZ. LEVY. B. WHITE. BWLS. MCDONALD, CARTER, WHITWORTH. DALLMEYER. MOERKE. CAHN. = ::.-. 3 3; iOCXERSOt) m RGAGfin LITGRflRY SOCIGTY OFFICERS President Vice-President- Secretary Treasurer. . SflRfl SCOTT BRANSFORD - . ELIZflBETH TORRENCE NORMfl MflRIE KflSCH ROBERTA STRUSS Sponsor. . .GLADYS WHITLEY HENDERSON MEMBERS Billie Aderman Winniefred Margaret Anderson Mary Elizabeth Arledge Alice Clyde Beakley Anna Beth Bedford Sara Scott Br ansford Margaret Jane Broderson Alice Charleene Cochran Edith Lee Coulter Catherine Barry Grain Frances Lee Duckworth Eloise Engle Mary Alice Fletcher Frances Ebey Gilmer Mary Brooks Gregg Mary Ann Hughes Margaret Hunt Betty Mary Johnson Estermae Jones Norma Marie Kasch Katherine Ross Langdon Elizabeth Anne Langston Betty Jo Maloney Virginia Hudson Martin Virginia Lili Martin Billye Gwen Mims Mary Myles Mitchell Lolabeth Atrelle Moser Peggy Neece Adelle Neely Ruby Sue Persons Jean Lucille Putnam Marion Frances Schneider Rosemary Scott Hazel Raney Scott Roberta Struss Nancy Ewing Sutton Billie Rae Toland Elizabeth Tomasine Torrence Mildred Alice Webb Jeannette Lee Weeks Margaret Eloise Wendlandt Helen Gordon Woolen REAGAN LITERARY SOCIETY was founded in 1902 at the suggestion of Helen M. Kirby, first dean of women. SHRfl SCOTT BRflNSFORD Front row: SCHNEIDER, BERKLEY, BRflNSFORD, flNDERSON, TOLflND, PERSONS. Second row: MflLONEY, FLETCHER, R. SCOTT, STRUSS, WOOTEN. Thitd row: WEBB, WENDLflNDT, LflNGSTON, COCHRflN, COULTER, V. H. MflRTIN. Page 308 RHO GTfi DGLTA OFFICERS President Vice- President Secretaries. . Treasurer PflTRICIfl LINSLEY CRISTY MARY BLACKLOCK VflRNER IVY LEE JONES MflRIO VANE DflVIS BARBARA TURNER MEMBERS Jean George Baker Sally Metzula Barnes Willis Boaz, Jr. A. L Byrne Sarah Chapman Patricia Linsley Cristy Rollin F. Clarke Forrest Burr Grain Florence Janet Davis Frances Elaine Davis Marjo Vane Davis Pat Dye John Calvin Ford Josephine Bell Fordtran Robert William Gibson James William Goodwin Dorothy Mae Gordon Bobbie Lee Graham Benny Love Greenwood Will Alexander Madden Robert Huff Hardie {Catherine Brownson Harvill Virginia Jo Holland Sally Homer James Statham Huff Julietta Jarvis Ivy Lee Jones Mary Elizabeth Kelley Elizabeth Rose Kennedy Vera Louise Kinsberg Fanny Lou Lucketl Frank Joseph Lyons Katherine Ethel Mayfield Leon Polk Montgomery James Franklin Moore Leon W. Nowierski, Jr. Janet Irene Preston Henry Willard Quinius Frances Ann Schmidt John David Smith William Stuart Stovall, Jr. Leslie Duron Thorn Barbara Turner Rosemary Tyler Mary Blacklock Vamer Jack Luther Webb Joyce Whaley Milton Alston Whitworth RHO ETA DELTA, organized this year, is composed of the redheads on the campus. :r: r: v -:-::: :-::--:i? r?,:s7Y lOMEE FLORENCE DOTS RBMEI CHflPUftN. FRANCES DflVIS. GIBSON, M. DflVIS, STOVflLL, BOflZ, BflKER, MflYFIELD. 5OMERY THORN, GOODWIN. LYONS, NOWIERSKI, KELLEY, DYE. Page 309 SIDRGY LfiniGR LITGRARY SOCIGTY OFFICERS President MARGflRET JEflN SPILLflR Vice-President MARIflNNfl SMITH Secretary PflTTI DUGflN NOLEN Treasurer CLRRfl PATRICIA COLLINS Faculty Sponsors IONE SPEflRS and FLORENCE SPENCER MEMBERS Violet Valerie fllkemeyer Joyce Elaine Atkins Helen fllyne Beddoe Frances Ellen Benson Edith flrundel Bell Madelyn Bell Helen Anne Berman Grace flnnette Biesele Eleanor Bishop Leone Cecilia Block Frances Sarah Bornstein Myrtle Jeanne Clark Clara Patricia Collins Beth Morton Cooper Sara Margret Crockett Dorothy Julia Dakin Jennie Lee Dibrell Billie Carolyn Edmonson Dorothy Jeanne Goines Helen Edwina Goodwyn Ruth Glasberg Mary Jean Gunnarson Marie Hanna Holland Barbara Boutwell Jones Marie Koepcke Mary Jeanne McCrummen Ellen Pickard MacKenzie Margaret Sue Miller Patti Duggan Nolen Mary Elizabeth Notley Dorothy Jean Grand Lillian Elizabeth Phillips Idel Rapoport Jean McGregor Rawls Virginia fllmira Ritchie Martha Elizabeth Rutland Helene Estelle Silverman Marianna Smith Jessie Louise Sneed Margaret Jean Spillar Zuleika Elizabeth Stanger flnnie Stein Lois Watts Terry Mary Margaret Tignor Virginia Frances Vaughan Dorothy Jean Wager Caroline Webster Leona Lorraine Winters Renee Rachel Wolfe MflRGflRET JEflN SPILLflR SIDNEY LflNIER LITERARY SOCIETY was founded in 1900. Front row: BENSON, BERMflN, BLOCK, COLLINS, TERRY, WflGER, BISHOP, MacKENZIE. Second row: SNEED, WOLFE, GUNNflRSON, VflUGHflN, ORflND, NOLEN, HOLLflND, KOEPCKE. Third row: flTKINS, EDMONSON, RflWLS, SPILLflR, WEBSTER, TIGNOR, WINTERS, IONES, SMITH. Page 310 SFHinx OFFICERS President JflMES EARL WALKER Vice-President JOHN HOWARD PRYOR Secretory-Treasurer LLOYD ALFRED GOEHRING Sergeant- it-Anns CASPER SAMUEL NEER Faculty Advisor WALTER C. HARRIS I FUMES Eflia WflLKEF Philip Kearney Buskirk Vicente Delgado-Vega Frederick William Dieter Jesse Garnett Dixon Josh Ewing John Sruder Graves Lloyd Alfred Goehring Mims Jernison Jackson, Jr. Daniel Webster Martin Thomas Richard Merideth, Jr. Jack Hubert Morgan Casper Samuel Neer William Robert O ' Connell John Howard Pryor Edward Lee Reichert Charles Jones Richardson William B. Sounders George Schwarz Jack Arthur Schutts William Duane Strawbridge James Earl Walker James Lawrence Walker Clifford Kilborn Williams Billie Jack Wisdom SPHINX, an organization for architecture students, was founded October 30, 1930. Front row: SCHWflKZ, WISDOM. GRflVES. DELGADO-VEGfl, J. E. WflLKER. DDCON, IflCESON. Second row: STRflWBRIDGE. J. L. WflLKER. PHYOR, O ' CONNELL, SCHUITS. WIUJflMS. Third row: SflUNDERS, MERIDETH, NEEH, GOEHRING. Page 31 1 STGPHGI1S COLLGGG ALUmnAG CLUB OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian.. . .LORRfllNE flLICE STUTSMflN GERTRUDE flNNE WINDSOR . ..BflRBflRfl flNN GflRSUCH . .KflTHERINE JflNE RHODES . JEflN WOOD MEMBERS Evelyn filling Marjorie filling Sadie Unice Bashara Dorothy Mary Bell Margaret Jane Broderson Frances Gertrude Clardy Nancy Gene Groom Betty Bird Gulp Mary Ellen Foulk Marjorie Garbrecht Barbara flnn Gorsuch Gayle Virginia Hillegeist Virginia Jo Holland Doris Barbara Hulmes Marjorie Holland Humphreys Carol Jacobs Julietta Jarvis Gloria Kathryn Jones Priscilla Clifford Jones Lula Belle McMurrey Mary Beth Miller Billye Gwen Mims Dorothy Jane Mohr Marilynne fllice Montague Florence May Oberg Ethel flnn Oglesby fllice Marie Reischman Helen Marie Repschleger Katherine Jane Rhodes Helen Bess Sellers Bettyejane Smith Rachel flnn Snoddy Lorraine fllice Stutsman Martha flrline Tarver Marilyn Vyne Tillery Viola Thomas Mary Virginia Thweatt Marjorie Dale White Susybelle Wilkinson Marie Elizabeth Williams Florence Montgomery Wilson Gertrude flnne Windsor Bettye Nona Wood Jean Wood GERTRUDE flNNE WINDSOR STEPHENS COLLEGE flLUMNflE CLUB was founded October 2, 1940. r ' ront row: JflCOBS, G. JONES, MIMS, WOOD, McMURREY, OGLESBY, GULP. Second row: FflULK, THWEflTT, OBERG, CLflRDY, ' TILLERY, WILLIAMS, JflRVIS, GflRBRECHT, RHODES. Third row: MILLER, BRODERSON, HILLEGEIST, SNODDY, REISCHMflN, WINDSOR, HULMES, TflRVER. Page 312 UniVGRSITY CZGCH CLUB OFFICERS President Parliamentarian Secretary-Treasurer Reporter-Historian Sergeant-at-Arms - Faculty Sponsor Chaplin ALPHONSE WILLIflM HABARTA . .VINCENT FRANK KREJCI ELSIE BERNARDINE CHALUPNIK HELEN MARIE SULA JEROME JAMES WIESNER EDUARD MICEK REV. VINCENT F. HOLDEN MEMBERS flLPHONSE WILLIflM HflBflRTfl Harry Rudolph Barton William Edward Borowiak Ervin Albert Cerveny Julia Ann Ceska Elsie Bemardine Chalupnik Johnny Lee Chervenka Albin Adolph Fojt Alphonse William Habarta Mildred Leona Hajek Doris Mae Holasek Anna Frances Homak Rudy J. Horsak. Jr. Marie Louise Jane George Albert Janda Elenora Angeline Kocurek Frank James Kokas Viola Kolos Victor Louis Krejci Vincent Frank Krejci Dorothy Kulhanek Theo Emmery Kulhanek Ronald Lorenzo Mallison Gladys Emilie Mikeska Martha Emma Mikusek Mary Agnes Mikusek Hermina Marion Mokry Lucille Augustine Morris Annette Musil Emory Benjamin Musil Frank Miles Musil Joe Stephen Musil Rosie Neuman Doris Marie Nickel Victoria Marie Petrasek Benjamin John Petrusek Margery Ann Plost Charles Bolthel Robinson Frank Schoppe Evelyn Pearl Schovajsa Marcella Veronica Seith Martha Janice Shelby Daniel Adolph Skrivanek Jesse Ellen Skirvanek Ernest William Slaninger Albert Thomas Slavik William Roman Slovak Helen Marie Sula John Roman Vacek Yolanda Elizabeth Varga Cornelia Evangeline Veselka Alice Frances Vondrak Charlie Lewis Vychopen Dorothy Jean Walenta Victoria Marie Whitfield Jerome James Wiesner Richard Zaruba, Jr. Jaroslav Elias Zivney Front row: NICKEL. KOCUREK. BflRTON. MICEK. CHflLUPNIK. KOKflS, SULfl. VflCEK, PETRUSEK. Second row: MORRIS. HOLflSEK. VESELKfl. NEUMAN, JflNC, MIKESKA. fl. MUSIL. HflJEK, SEITH. VONDRAK. Third row: SHELBY. D. KULHANEK, PETRASEK, MOKRY. SLflVIK, M. E. MIKUSEK, E. MUSIL, J. SKHIVANEK, M. fl. MIKUSEK, MfllUSON. Fourth row: J. MUSIL, ZIVNEY, SLflNINGER, VYCHOPEN CHERVENKA, D. SHRIVANEK, F. MUSIL, SLOVflK. Page 313 U. OF T. PHARfilACeUTICAL ASSOCIftTIOn OFFICERS President Vice-President. Secretary Treasurer ..MILTON WILBERT SKOLflUT ..WARREN EUGENE CASTEEL .FRANCES SARAH BORNSTEIN ..PAULA LOUISE SLAUGHTER William Francis Gidley Carl Clarence fllbers Robert Giles flgee Carlos flguilar. Jr. Elaine Marvin flnderson Curtis Moody flrmstrong Lloyd Kenneth flrnett Ulysses Joseph flrretteig Bertha Baron James Ernest Bauerle John Lewis Beck Charles Edward Belson Enrique Fernando Benavides Frances Sarah Bernstein Charles Cole Boyd Ward Leendy Boydstun Bernard Carl Brands Mary Elizabeth Brown Charles Foxworth Bullock Claud Elmer Bunkley, Jr. Edgars Burrows Eldon Carter Byars flllan Eugene Carmichael Clarence Maurice Carter flth Carville Warren Eugene Casteel James Campbell Chapman Ben Matthew Colletti Paul Frank Colletti William Thomas Coussons De Witt Walker Cox Luther Joyce Cranford Helen Louise Crews Helma Cuellar Mard Sue Davis Roy Conoly Dossey Charles Thomas Earle Edward Joseph Egozcue Cesar Manuel Elizondo Noal Earl Fagan Marion Henry Finck Newton Duncan Fischer FACULTY MEMBERS Louis William Schleuse William Rust Neville Marie Morrow Charles P. Hardwicke MEMBERS Morris Lee Floyd Alfredo T. Garcia Alicia Garcia Gustavo Garza Emery Wright Glass Jack Golf Raul Garza Gonzalez Thomas Eldon Goodrich Durward Daniel Grant Travis Cochran Green Donald Wayne Grove Francis Edwin Haag Marvin Dunlap Hall Sam King Hailey William Roland Hancock Elray Norwood Hardy Frank Marion Harmes Lawrence Wayne Hart James Barry Hatch James Cleveland Hawkins Morton Heller Robert Henry Carl William Hoeflick, Jr. Julius Welters Hollmann Rudy J. Horsak, Jr. George Benton Howard J. D. Howard, Jr. Edward Jefferson Jones David Louis Kaplan Augustine Frances Kotzebue Clyde Elkins Kay Guy Terrel Kelly Carl Eugene Keltner Carter Glass Kraege William James Krayer Edward Kuczynski Cyrus Hill Lambert James Allan Lasater Malon Bruton Lentz Raymond Sheid Logan Archie Trueitt Long Orville Waco Lucas Paul Kenzie Lynde Horace Ware McAdams Gene Allen McClelland Bill Wesley McClendon Joseph Benjamin McDonald, Jr. Herbert Sharp McGaughey Robert Thompson McKinney William Caldwell Manicom David Leal Martinez Sidney Marks Bill Glenn Mask Wade Hampton Meadows, Jr. Virginia Inez Miller Otto William Mittag Librado Montemayor, Jr. Lester Lee Moreland Thomas Willard Nash Alton Arnold Nelson Aurel John Neese Clarence Theodore Nelson, Jr. Jefferson Davis Nichols Marvin Lee Nichols Ralph Laurin Nichols Clarence Eugene Nored Roy Leon O ' Daniel Walter Wood Oliver Avelino Olivares Louis Mathew Orlando Laurence Henry Powell Oran Douglas Price John Henry Quebe Glen Don Reader Curtis Grady Robertson James Leon Rout Ellison Dumas Rushing Leopoldo Stein Salazar Edward Otto Schiller, Jr. Mercedes Margaret Schoener Richard Stockton Etta Mae Macdonald John Benton Schrott Jess Knoz Scroggin Hardy Seale, Jr. Abner Kinsey Settle Robert Holmes Sharp Dana Marie Sherman Sarah Adele Shidler Milton Wilbert Skolaut Paula Louise Slaughter Ernest Grady Smith Luke Thomas Smith Mary E. Whelchel Smith William Louis Smith Joe Dean Steed Robert James Stevenson Charles Franklin Stringer Gordon Boone Sullivan Carolyn Ray Tally Frances Irene Tankersley Handle Tankersley Louis Franklin Tate Howard Wesley Thornton John Roman Vacek Dorothy Jean Wager Ramuel Irvin Wasserman Arthur Warhaftig R. G. Watkins James Powell Weaver Samuel Eugene Weaver Elmer Henry Weber Clarence H. Weise Billy Ray Whitten John Henry Williamson Edith Ottillie Walters James Samuel Woodyard Earnest Selman Yett Mario Yzaguirre Leland Frank Zatopek MILTON WILBERT SKOLflUT Front row: TflLLY, BORNSTEIN, SLflUGHTER. Back row: CflSTEEL, KRflYER, SKOLflUT, flRMSTRONG. Page 314 UJGST TGXAS CLUB OFFICERS President WESLEY ERIC SAWYER Vice-President LOLflBETH ATRELLE MOSER Secretary ... HELEN GENEVIEVE RAMSEY Corresponding Secretary MARGARET FAY SMITH Treasurer JOHN WAYNE STARK Faculty Advisor JOHN ANDERSON McCURDY MEMBERS WESLEY ERIC SflWYER Posey Baggett Beverly Jo Baker Barbara Giles Bassett William Warren Bazley Morris Edwin Black Herschsl Jefferson Boggs Elizabeth Elaine Boucher Francis Marion Box Mauna Loa Calliham Helen Elizabeth Campbell Sarah Chapman Bertie Lou Coates Mary Martha Coffield Thomas Earl Davenport James Edward DeMoville Anner Fred Earwood Mary Elizabeth Elliott James Webster Elliott William Marian Elliott Hamlin Kennedy Elrod Wade Willie Gardner Rose Gensberg Frankie Lee Greenwood Mary Wyley Grisham Katherine Brownson Harvill Edna Dorothy Hecht Mary Montgomery Heffley Maurine Highsmith John Graham Holland Margaret Humlong John Patrick Ivey Jane Jennings Grote Jordan June Olivia Jordan Katha Lea Keene Dorothy Paula Levy Jean McCandless Mary Louise McDonald George Washington Meglasson Joe Nell Miers Robert James Moffatt Morris Bowman Monroe Thomas Leon Morris Lolabeth Atrelle Moser Mary Kathryn Nipper Lee Alice Parkhill Raymond Pence Helen Genevieve Ramsey Frances Qizabeth Rice Wesley Eric Sawyer Eva Mae Schaeffer Donald Lee Shield Truman Hubert Sims, Jr. Margaret Fay Smith Alice Estel Spencer John Wayne Stark James Elbert Stockton Alvin Young Tillman. Jr. Mary Catherine Leedy Vehle William Richard Vehle Sarah Adeline Yaggy WEST TEXAS CLUB is composed of students from towns in West Texas. Front row: SflWYER, HARVILL. SMITH. J. JORDAN. If. VEHLE. E. ELLIOTT, MOSER. Second row: LEVY, MOFTATT. IVEY, McDONALD, BAKER, COFHELD, CHAPMAN. PARKHTLL. DAVENPORT. Third row: SHIELD, raGHSMTTH. HECHT, HUMLONG, ELROD, G. JORDAN, RAMSEY, McCANDLESS, BOGGS, BAXLEY. Fourth row: PENCE. MONROE, R. VEHLE. TILLMAN. GARDNER. DeMOVILLE, EARWOOD, MORRIS. STARK. J. ELLIOTT. Page 315 R.O.T.C. CflDET OFFICERS LT. ROBERT JflMES STEVENSON Company Commander LT. (lunior Grade) WILLIAM ALVIN BURNS Company Sub-Commander ENSIGN ROM RHOME Company Adjutant ENSIGN TOM HEflRNE FELKER 1st Platoon Commander ENSIGN WILLIE DONflLD PRICE 2nd Platoon Commander ENSIGN JOHN N. COWflN 3rd Platoon Commander 2nd PETTY OFFICER BEN RAYBURN TATE 1st Platoon Mustering P.O. 2nd PETTY OFFICER ELWOOD ELIflS COOK 2nd Platoon Mustering P.O. 2nd PETTY OFFICER JflCK ROY TIPTON 3rd Platoon Mustering P.O. 3rd PETTY OFFICER ALBERT MARION WOLFORD 1st Platoon Right Guide 3rd PETTY OFFICER CHRIS HAROLD KOCKOS 2nd Platoon Right Guide 3rd PETTY OFFICER ROBERT GATES PETER 3rd Platoon Right Guide 4th PETTY OFFICER FREDERICK CHARLES KRAUSE 1st Squad Leader 4th PETTY OFFICER JERRY TERRELL DENNIS 2nd Squad Leader 4th PETTY OFFICER CHARLES LeROY BORGESON 3rd Squad Leader 4th PETTY OFFICER JOHN TILTON WEIR 4th Squad Leader 4th PETTY OFFICER HARRY FRANKLYN WILLIAMS 5th Squad Leader 4th PETTY OFFICER MORTON LEE McGEE 6th Squad Leader 4th PETTY OFFICER WILLIAM BRETON WINGFIELD 7th Squad Leader 4th PETTY OFFICER HUGH GRANT STODDARD 8th Squad Leader 4th PETTY OFFICER CHARLES FRANK HEYE 9th Squad Leader 4th PETTY OFFICER NED MANSELL SMITH 10th Squad Leader 4th PETTY OFFICER WALTER MELVILLE FOWLER. . . . llth Squad Leader FIRST PLATOON CflPT. HERBERT WHITWELL UNDERWOOD Front row (kneeling): STEVENSON, FELKER. First Rank: WOLFORD, KRflUSE, BLflLOCK, GflRNER, McGINNIS, TORMOLLflN, J. PflRKER, BURNETT, FULBRIGHT, TflTE. Second Rank: FOWLER, MITCHELL, BUFORD, RULE, MOBLEY, RflPP, WHITLEY, COLE. Third ' -Rank: DENNIS, McNflY, CHILTON, COOLEY, BLflKELY, SCHUTZE, BERGSTROM, BRHDSHAW. Fourth Rank: BORGESON, TflYLOR, McREYNOLDS, HflYS, SCHLEYER, flRNOLD, SlflCEY, TERRY. Page 316 Lyle Maeyers Alexander James Eblen Allison, Jr. Vincent Robert Arnold William Telford Bamhouse Stephen Ladslaw Basamanowicz Arthur Karling Bergstrom David Henry Blakely Dennis Terrell Blalock Bayne Blankenship William Thomas Bradshaw Chester Bryan Buford, Jr. Richard Eugene Burnett Horace Thomas Chilton, Jr. Julian Francis Cole Stone Deavours Cooley John Rumsey Doole Seaborn Eastland, Jr. Raymond Swezey Edmunds, Jr. John Ernest Ferguson Murray Fuchs Lawson Wilh ' am Fulbright John Hamilton Gamer R.O.T.C. CADETS Louis Chamberlain Gilliam, Jr. John Dave Gould, Jr. Reginald Lee Hays James Lemuel Hemmingson Paul Bradfield Horton O. B. Hudson Harry Walker Johnston Donald Thomas Keene William Kittrell Theodore Emmery Kulhanek Graham Gordon Landrum Thomas Marshall Lemon, Jr. Carl Laurent Lichte Gerald Nicholas McAllister William Wayne McGinnis Don Denton McNay Billy McReynolds Garland Ned Martin Clifton Dwaine Mitchell O ' Neal Childs Mobley Kenneth George Morris Clarence Eugene Nored Renfro Cole Norris - . ' . ' - SECOND PLATOON -. ' - ' ' ::-:: - i .-LI::.- :i- L: ;:-:P.ILI POLHEUUE XXX KEENE, PETMECKY, SUDERMflN. DOOLE. RflUBER, flLUSON. HORTON, P. PARKER. KULHBNEK. REEVES. raiJJftlf R.O.T.C. CADETS James Forrest Parker Paul Wooley Parker Charles Robert Perrone, Jr. Ben Joe Petmecky, Jr. William Lee Pike, II John Coningsby Polhemus Earnest Clerence Pretz William Michael Rapp Vincent Murray Rauber David Andrew Reeves John Dunne Richardson Murray Oliver Roe Henry Burt Rule, Jr. Otis Schleyer Carl Ahrendt Schutze, Jr. William Walter Scurlock Charles William Settles Charles Corbet Shadle Richard Palmer Shepherd R. A. Smith, Jr. Charles fliken Stacey Charles Leon Stephens, Jr. William Wyman Stephens fldolph Donald Suderman, Jr. William Mimms Sutton Summerfield Moon Taylor, Jr. John William Ternus Thomas Morris Terry Francis Charles Tormollan, Jr. Edward Clendenen Wagon Felix Eustace Welmaker Shirley Carl White, Jr. Jack O ' Neal Whitley Thomas Kelbert Wood NflVAL OFFICERS Capt. Herbert Whitwell Underwood Professor of Naval Science and Tactics; Commandant Lt. Robert F. Martin Assistant Professor of Naval Science and Tactics Lt. Charles fl. Whiteford Assistant Professor of Naval Science and Tactics PETTY OFFICERS Lawrence M. Parker Frank Moulis Eugene E. Carl Albert J. Taylor LT. CHflRLES fl. WHITEFORD THIRD PLflTOON Front row (kneeling): RHOME, COWflN. First rank: PETER, N. M. SMITH, LEMON, SHEPHERD, EDMUNDS, PERRONE, NORRIS, HEMMINGSON, TIPTON. Second rank: STODDflRD, WflGON, BflRNHOUSE, WOOD, WELMflKER, ROE, SCUF LOCK. Third rank: HEYE, W. W. STEPHENS, EflSTLflND, RICHflRDSON, HUDSON, BLHNKENSHIP, MORRIS. Page 318 Clockwise: Bill Wingfield, June Corr. Chris Kockos. Louise Duff. T. E. Kulhonek. fl bull session just before time to fall in for drill. E. E. Carl, Chief Quartermaster. Frank Moulis, Chief Boatswain ' s Mate. Presenting the flag are Bill Wingfield. Chris Kockos. and T. E. Kulhanek. L M. Parker. Chief Yeoman, fl. J. Taylor, Chief Guninaster. The Drum Corps gets tuned up. fl.E.D. ' s pre-med smoker. Oak Grove ' s powerful touch football team in action, ft brace of cowboys at the M.I.C.fl. bam dance. Barbara Turner takes a little target practice at the Delta Sigma Pi party. Below is the Club de Mexico loaded for a trip into the country. The Girls Trio and accompanist at Theta Sigma Phi ' s annual production. The fl.P.O. ' s costume party. Sissie Volkner attends Bit and Spur meeting on a horse. START with the little one on the left. Snapped on the Club de Mexico pic- nic. Above, is a picture of some members of The Swing and Turn Club, A NUTT initiation. Girls get- ting ready for Theta Sig- ma Phi ' s Time Staggers On. Bob Douglass and Gloria Obar at the MICA barn dance. Bit and Spur takes a vote at a regular meeting. The Oak Grove Club. Cowboy Jim Wat- son climbing out of the Fountain. FROM THE CURTflIN CLUB ' S production of " Key Largo. " George Blevins, Band presi- dent, with two ace baton twirl- ers. Curtain Club ' s production staff for one of its dramas. The Symphony practices. Freshman band members get initiated. Bill Yates, Men ' s Glee Club president and date at the club ' s dance. Bobby Simons, Glee Club soloist. ? i Front row: BROOKSHIER, EHLERS, HILL, flRMINTOR, HflRDWICKE, POLK, ST1NSON. Back row: McCflULEY, HfllSH, McflFEE, FLINN, SMITH, BRODERSON, DICKSON. JGSSIG flnDRGUJS STflFF Social Director HELEN FLINN Business Director MflY BROOKSHIER flssistant Social Director. . .LUCY LEE DICKSON HOUSE COUNCIL President JERflLDINE HILL Aline fldelle Armintor Margaret Jane Broderson Betty Jo Ehlers Martha Louise Haish Jeraldine Hill Mary Margaret Hardwicke Marguerite Calfee McAfee Margery Ann McCauley Elizabeth Edna Nunn Judith Christian Polk Mary Lou Smith Mary Agnes Stinson Page 324 Front row: KEETON, GRflF, BOYD. Back row: BROOKSHIER, CflRSON, EITT, CflMPBELL, NEflL. CflROTHGRS DORmiTORY STflFF Social Director CATHERINE NEflL flssistant to Social Director LELIfl HOLCOMB Business Director.. . .MflY BROOKSHIER HOUSE COUNCIL President.. . MftRIOLIVIE ELIZflBETH GRflF Betty Boyd Helen Elizabeth Campbell Helen Elizabeth Carson Helena Lewis Eileen Elizabeth Eitt Margaret Terry Harris Mary fllice Keeton Page 325 Front row: STflYTON, flLTGELT, CflRTY, MORREL, CHILTON, CHRISTIE, McDONflLD. Second row: WYCHE, DflVIS, STEUSSOFF, LUCKEY, McMULLEN, BRflCK, WIGGEN, PflRMER, EflGLE, TflSKER. Third row: SCHONERSTEDT, B. SMITH, HOWELL, DflVIDSON, R. PELPHREY, KING, MIKESKfl, MILLER, PflCE, DflUGHERTY, DYE, fl. SMITH, CflMPBELL, GflRBRECHT. Fourth row: GRIGGS, SKflGGS, flLDRIDGE, N. PELPHREY, DURflNT, LOWENSTEIN, STOLL, GEHRING, SPOONER, TWISS, PERKINS, STEIN, LIERMflN, DIRKS, BELL, FOULK GRACC HALL STflFF Director. .MflRTHfl CflVIN HOUSE COUNCIL President MARY VIRGINIA GRIGGS Julia Elliott Aldridge Nelda Katharen Murphy Edith Arundel Bell Virginia Elizabeth Stayton Mary Chilton Morrel Patricia Ann Stoll Gertrude Elaine Wiggen Page 326 Front row: PRICE. DflVIS, FLY. WflLSCHflK. Back row: MRS. CORLETTE. CRAWFORD, SHUPTRINE, BROWN. WINSTON. KIRBY HflLL STAFF Director MRS. D. M. CORLETTE Business Manager . .ESTHER CHRISTIANSON HOUSE COUNCIL President .CATHERINE MARIE DAVIS Carolyn Brown Pat Coleman Virginia Kathleen Crawford Julia Lee Daniel Alice Elaine Fly Mary Ruth Huntington Jessie Mae Kennelly Shirley Marie Kiker Margaret Moseley Martin Dorothy Jane Porter Nancy Elizabeth Price Vennie Lee Shuptrine Margaret Brice Sullivan Wanda Lee Turner Dorothy Genevieve Walschak Susie Marie Winston Page 327 Front row: BEILHflRZ, PINKSTON, FRUEHOLZ, BOWNDS, POUNDS, WILLIflMS, ROBERTS. Back row: GflTLING, WHflTLEY, STOCKflRD, ELLIOTT, DUNCflN, PflRKS, LflNGDON, MORROW. flLICG LITTLGFIGLD DORmiTORY STflFF Social Director MflRGflRET PECK Business Director.. ..ROSflLIE S. GODFREY HOUSE COUNCIL President.. ..BETTY SUE BOWNDS Lily flnita flrenson Margaret Frances Beilharz Betty Sue Bownds Bonnie Jean Duncan Betty June Elliott Margaret Frueholz Lynn Gatling Marjorie flnna Langdon Elizabeth Belle Morrow Mary Love Parks Mary Jane Pinkston Billie Leonora Pounds Marian Frances Roberts Catherine Lee Stockard Mary flnn Whatley Mary Elizabeth Williams Page 328 Front row: BLUMEL, VILB1G. GflRDNER, GRflY, MUELLER. BIflLKOWSKI, CLflRK Back row: GflRCIfl, TRAWflLTER, JflNSING, MflRTIN, DICKIE, O ' BRIEN. nemmfln HALL STAFF Director. . . Chaperone SISTER MflRY SflBINfl ELIZflBETH JflNSING HOUSE COUNCIL President . flNNfl LOUISE MflRTIN Mary Margaret Bialkowski Johanna Blumel Ruth Ellen Clark Sarah Jane Dickie Eglantine Rosalinda Garcia Mary Teresa Gardner Daphrine Kathryn Gray Margaret Louise Mueller Patricia Louise O ' Brien Mary Ethel Trawalter Ann Vilbig Page 329 Front row: HUNSUCKER, JENKINS, PUTNflM, WflRNER, JflCKSON. Second row: DflKIN, LEWIS, BROWN, OVERTON, THORNE, MflLONEY Third row: WflLLflCE, COLLINS, CflRTER, McMILLEN, SWIRCE, STRUSS, McMILLIN. SCOTTISH R I T G DORmiTORY STAFF Director Business Director. MRS. ft. P. DOHONEY . .SELMfl STREIT HOUSE COUNCIL President . . Rosalie Brown Anna Lois Carter Mary Ann Collins Dorothy Julia Dakin Frances Lillian Hunsucker Kittie Ruth Jackson Shirley Elizabeth Jenkins Mona Bosworth Lewis Betty Jean McMillen Betty Sue McMillin Betty Jo Maloney JEflN LUCILLE PUTNflM Nan Overton Roberta Struss Esther Swirce Corinne Elizabeth Thorne Beryl Camille Wallace Barbara Hodges Warner Page 330 UPPGRCLflSS ADVISORS President MARY VIRGINIfl GRIGGS MflRY VIRGINIfl GRIGGS JESSIE flNDREWS Aline Armintor Margaret Jane Broderson Betty Io Ehlers Martha Louise Haish Jeraldine Hill Marguerite Calfee Mcflfee Judith Christian Polk Mary Lou Smith Mary flgnes Stinson LITTLEFIELD Lily flnita flrneson Frances Margaret Beilharz Betty Sue Bownds Bonnie-Jean Duncan Betty June Elliott Margaret Frueholz Lynn Galling Helen Hughes Marjorie Anna Langdon Ruth Edna Mcfltee Belle Elizabeth Morrow Mary Love Parks Mary Jane Pinkston Billie Leonora Pounds Marian Frances Roberts Catherine Lee Stockard Mary Ann Whatley Mary Elizabeth Williams CAROTHERS Betty Boyd Helen Elizabeth Campbell Helen Elizabeth Carson Eileen Elizabeth Eitt Mariolivie Elizabeth Graf Margaret Terry Harris Mary fllice Keeton Helena Lewis KIRBY HflLL Pat Coleman Julia Lee Daniel Mary Ruth Huntington Jessie Mae Kennelly Shirley Marie Kiker Margaret Moseley Martin Dorothy Jane Porter Margaret Brice Sullivan GRflCE HALL Julia Elliott flldridge Edith Arundel Bell Mary Virginia Griggs Mary Chilton Morrel Nelda Katharen Murphy Virginia Elizabeth Stayton Patricia Ann Stoll Gertrude Elaine Wiggen NEWMAN HALL Mary Margaret Bialkowski Ida Lucille Camiade Rosalinda Garcia Daphrene Kathryn Gray Anna Louise Martin Bernice Pauline Mezzetti Virginia Inez Miller Marjorie Mueller Patricia O ' Brien SCOTTISH RITE Rosalie Brown Anna Lois Carter Mary Ann Collins Dorothy Julia Dakin Frances Lillian Hunsucker Kittie Ruth Jackson Shirley Elizabeth Jenkins Mono Bosworth Lewis Betty Jo Maloney Betty Jean McMillen Betty Sue McMillin Nannie Margaret Overton Jean Lucille Pu tnam Roberta Struss Esther Swirce Elizabeth Corrine Thome Beryl Camille Wallace Barbara Hodges Warner Front row: JENKINS. MEZZETTI. CflMIflDE. HflRRIS, BROWN. GRIGGS, CftMPBELL. BIflLKOWSKI, ROBERTS, IflCKSON. WILLIAMS. Second row: PUTNflM, McMILLIN. KENNELLY, PORTER. COLEMflN. MflRTIN. BELL, BEILHflRZ, flRNESON, WflRNER, LEWIS. Third row: MORREL, MURPHY, flLDRIDGE, POLK, SULLIVflN, MILLER, GflTLING, BOWNDS, THORNE, POUNDS, PINKSTON. Fourth row: WHflTLEY, WflLLflCE, STOCKflRD, DflKIN, BRODERSON, FRUEHOLZ, HILL, MflLONEY, STRUSS, HfllSH. ELLIOTT, HUNTINGTON. Fifth row: MORROW, STINSON, CflRTER, GRflF, EITT, PflRKS, SMITH, STOLL, DUNCflN, LflNGDON, McflFEE, SWIRCE. Page 331 PRATHGR HALL JOHN RUSSELL SINCLAIR FIRST ROW: John Thompson Gilmer, Richard Romeo Morales, John Henderson Hall, Jr., Lauro Gutierrez, Thomas Donnelly, George Hugh Moore, Jack Ward Mills Walter E. Nixon, Luke Thomas Smith, Edmund Francis Ney, flbelardo Carlos Guerra, Wilbur Gross Ostrum, George Stroud. SECOND ROW- Randall Calvin Jackson Everett Wayne Green, Amanda Villarreal, Willie Zuniga, Scott Elijah Seager, C arl Edward Rogers, John Sinclair Russell, Robert Samuel Singleton, Hudson Coleman ' Lockett Jr., tnnque Fernando Benavides fllberto Enrique Garcia, John Jackson Perry, Gilmer Houston Peek, Edward Glenwood Butler, James William Parker, Sam Hardin Weatherford THIf ' ROW: Charles Edwin Hicks, Alexander Zuniga, Claudio Antonio Martinez, Jerry Travis Long, Don Culwell, Jack Ray Carroll, Billy Harold Walker, William Todd Campbell, Clarence Young Mills, Pete Salvador Solito, Robert flllen Neely, Keith Murray Manroe, fldrian Carl Pump Joe Herschel Brand Walter Bowe-- master Forrest Allison Salter, Oval Byron Pirkey. FOURTH ROW: Douglas Roger Johnson, Mose flllen Smith, Oscar Zuniga, John Cecil Cutler, Martin Wheeler Simonton Irving Sir Goidl, Donald Rhone Taylor, Charles Freedaman fllton, John Butz, Clarence Theodore Isensee, Edd Lee Raskins, James Frank Miles, Jerome Henry Parker Conrad White, Norman fl . Rowan, firmer Fred Earwood. FIFTH ROW: Stephen Franklin Crumb, Ray Henry Keenan, Billy Couts Hutcheson, James Edwin Smith, Fisher Harper Little, William Henry Bruyere, Henry Frederick Blum, Harold Joseph Harris, Lyman fllonzo Ripperton, Louis Benno Engelke, Oliver William Fannin, George Wendell Jones, William Parks Johnson, Jim Harmon, John fllan Bruyere, Weldon Glenn Shudde FRONT ROW: Bernard Louis Weingarten, lames Rogers Jennings. Robert Baxter, Edwin Randolph Ivy, Paul Lensky, George W. Anderson, George Oliver Ferguson, Harry Lowe Reed, Joe West Spence, Frederick Andrew Douglas, Edwin Pierce Lea, Bernie Roy Sanders, James Edward Makins, Bob Craddock, George Hubert Bollman. Jr. SECOND ROW: John Wayne Stark, James Wayne Horn, Tom Moylan Kritser, Edwin Samfield, Earl Dennis, Glenn Howeth, Henry Hardt Nau, Jorge Morelos-Zaragoza, Norman George Pauling, Milton Greenberg, C. R. Sutton, Jr., Rafael Gutierrez Negrete, Hans Wilhelm Vogel, John Charles Reed, Pat McCarty, Adrian Sada, Paul Clyde Oberg, Hugh Schroder. THIRD ROW: Alex Seabourne, Leonard Martin. Francis Shakes, Cleophas Joseph Scneffer. Wayne Loyle Catching. Howard Brodhead. Jon Ford, David Park, Sam N. Keller, Lewis Dale Stephens, William Edward Everett. William Mimms Sutton, Glen Don Reeder, Mrs. Adelaide Dazey, Darrell Chester Donaldson, Patricio Sada, Rodney Whitmore, William Beale Dean, Stanley Cain Kirk, Luis Hector Alvarez. FOURTH ROW: Charles Turner Stone, Dick Conroy Calkins, Carl Frederick Rode, Robert Runyon, Jr., Norman E. Montgomery, Vonno Rayford Lapscomb, Bob Suddath, Henry Conrad Huper. Grady Niblo. Kenneth Hugh Keeton, Dick W. Beard, Jr., Earnest Hilliard Fincher, Jack Warren Smalling, Howard Max Itz, John Lord Burke, Clayton Stone Garner. Robert Lee Jackson, Joe Ware Nash, Robert Edward Lewis. ROBCRTS HALL STflFF Business Director . .MRS. ADELAIDE DAZEY HOUSE COUNCIL Spring President. . Fall President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer . .JOHN WAYNE STARK .WILLIAM SMITH MARTIN ROBERT LEE JACKSON .ELTON GLEN HAILEY PROCTERS John Wayne Stark Elton Glen Hailey Page 333 Robert Lee Jackson Andrew Davis Grant ONE OF THE FRESHMEN at Littlefield catches up on her reading not studying, incidentally. These two are studying as you can plainly see because one of them is sound asleep. S.R.D. girls make a last minute check-up before making class. Someone sent their son a box of fruit over at Roberts Hall. Santa Glaus dis- tributes the gifts to the underprivileged children at the annual affair at Roberts. This young S.R.D. miss does her knitting in bed. The switchboard operator at Grace Hall. Below is Daphrene Jray at Newman. The patio of Prather Hall. Signing out at S.R.D. . - - Plit stcs liuihluuj r c-c A x XX A v I V liaht line tig Sweetheart of Texas Bluebonnet Belles Sweetheart nominees Bluebonnet Belle Fl oodfeiiows tuder I - c-c A -n BDxeT to toeiiteewS tennodeuI9 toerltsewS aeeniraofl elieS tennodeuiS awolietbooD atnebutS gnibnDtstuO :vv s ria Obar Sweetheart of The University of Texas T -C - Wliss Katharene flbemathy ss Florence liss Jane Knolle IBlumberg 1 iss Zuleika hmbeth Stanger miss Leelah ' Beth OUell Uell Jack Wliss Kathleen iss Wlarion Klein miss Sidney Stifft Wliss Sheba Kathleen " Brill Miss Qimbeth Stafford 1 Wliss (Sathennc Houston ft T l ' liss Kate Holley Black Sweetheart Nominees I Hiss Virginia ford Dorothy Ball ll iss ( on nit c versberq Sweetheart I lominees Bluebonnet Bell N ommees Lowrey Waldene Burleson Mary Pauline Waltmon Margaret Eleanor Kelly Dorothea Louise Hasskarl Louise fldele Pincus Myrtle Eleanor Stidham Mary flnn Whitlow fllice Lucile Bailey Mildred Fern Leslie Opal Wilson Constance fllmeta Gossett flnna May Hillman Florence Lillian Warner Betty Jean Jones Foye Davis Hoefgen Mary Lou Mills Ser.r.e; Dismukes Sara Elizabeth Pennington Bertha Von Ende Scarborough Danell fldelle Rice flnn Schumacher . - - r re: Ziizrie: ' " r-j.-.r. Jean McCandless Joanna Keith Lois Evelyn Highams M ' liss Vaughan Mary John Grelling Dorothy Gillis Dorothy Jeanne Goines Eleanor Elitia Sansom Elisa Castaneda Villarreal Imogen Minier Weaver Eunice Devreaux Wolfe Nonna Elise Niemeyer Bluebonnet N omnees Margaret Moseley Martin Milton Marie Merritt Mary Virginia Briggs Mary Eraser Townsend Estela Vela Nell Ruth Minter Rose Mary Franklin Charlotte Rose Johnson Floy Beth Dickie Mary Mina Hilman Dorothy James Betty Sue Bronstad Carlene G. Cromwell Elizabeth Carroll Woolfolk Page 368 Dorothy Jane Rhea Dorothy Jean Walenta lur:!-e .-. - r -stine Manu Dorothy FaeRatliff Ida Lucille Camiade Sadie Gray Stafford Patricia Constance Ryan Hele n Jane Lockhart .- ,-.-. : ' - : - Jeanne Conway Davis Patricia Louise O ' Brien Betty flnn Bird Clara Patricia Collins Elizabeth Anne Langston Jeanne Galloway Margaret Wilson Elizabeth flnne Burkhart Bluebonnet B elle N ommees Louise Fredrika Mailander Dorothy Katherine Horak Nihla Jeanne Hightower Kathleen Regina Twenhafel Elenora flngeline Kocurek Anita Lillian Lowrey Pauline Cecille Landman Mary Jane Porter Mary Frances Seago Florence Ruth Hight Mary Brooks Gregg Ruth flnn Chaney feanette David Marjorie Marie Johnsen Page 370 Mary Jeanne McCrummen Fannie Lou Luckett Peggy Strieber Mary Virginia Veatch Hellen Lee McCullough Martha Emma Mikusek Mary Jane Milliken Marian Joyce Mcllroy Roberta Struss Betty Slaughter Marguerite Louise Yglesias Rosemary Daniel Laura Catherine Creps Mary Electro Crissey Barbara Turner Marjorie filling Delia flurora Yznaga Mary Ethel Trawalter Helen Janice Hatherly Wilbur Lou Sansom Bluebonnet B N e e ommees June Elizabeth Thorp Lula Belle McMurrey Patricia Linsley Cristy Mary Louise Stone Helen Margaret Rolle Gloria Volkel Bernice Hazel Evans Helen Estelle Rosenwasser Martha Anne Stripling Helen Genevieve Ramsey Virginia Jo Holland Gayle Bertha Bourke Mary Belle Brooks Dorothy Ethel Moss Page 372 Leta Jo fldams Lucy Lee Harrison Mary Chilton Morrel Mary Ellen Pool fldrienne Madora Ballew Dorothy Nell Lewis Helen Louise Shudde Margaret Jean Spillar Jeraldine Hill Betty Green Vivian Augusta Schumann Ruth Marie Schultz Mary Virginia Nierman fldine Helen Harrison Barbara Ruth Benton Jessie Marie Yolton Flora Mae Carlsen Consuelo Elizabeth Derby Frances Lee Duckworth Virginia Ruth Barbour Bluebonnet Bell N ommees Marian Benson Colley Mary Loraine West Nan Lee Gay Marjorie Collier Wood Margaret Sue Miller Mary Marcelline Sherman Carolyn Ray Tally Carmen flnne Cockrill Betty Hill Marilla Thomson Davidson Dorothy Elizabeth Ball Dorothy Howser Elizabeth Marie Mason Betty Sue Koch Page 374 Helen LaVeme Cain . ' ar:ha Louise Haish y flnn Velasco Helen Elizabeth Campbell Marjorie Dale Mitchell Mary Lee Byers Betty Ruth Wagner Elsa Mae Leaks Lorraine fllace Stutsman Mary Elizabeth Notley Elizabeth Louise Folk Jane Marie Ehlers Jane Ta liaferro McElhannon Clara Louise Haenel Virginia DuVal Higgins Betty Jo Ehlers Marjorie Bryant Mary Jans Oates Mary Hannah Gaston Grace Virginia McCaskill Bluebonnet B elle N ommees Edna Elizabeth Howell Kathaleene Nancy Hamblin Ursula Mary Magliolo Varina Ann Herod Virginia Marie Olsen Claudia Pierce Harris Mary Norma Sheehy Helen Carolyn flrsenault Hazel Olive Peters Mary Elizabeth Bertch Rebekah Jane Bush Mercedes Margaret Schoener Joy Ramsdell Jane Clagett Page 375 Leslie Fonelle Honkomer Vera Smith Helen Marguerite Foote Margaret Mary Gurley Julia Annette Mauermann Ruth Carla Robertson Doraine Louise Geiger Frances Lucile Carpenter Grace Christine Brown Emily Lewis Busby Iris Marie Howell {Catherine Meek Cottingham Helena Lewis Dorothy Jean Wager Mary Katherine Tarry flnnie Lou Seymour Martha Elizabeth Elliott Virginia Evelyn Herrick Margie Jane Smart Olivia Nettie Barrier r Bluebonnet Bell N ommees Doris Nell McCullough Margaret Humlong Margaret Neil Carlisle Martha Louise Gibson Helen Levy Virginia Elizabeth Stayton Jeanne Louise Jarett Dorothy Marguerite Scruggs Joyce Levis Bette Janet Moritz Mary Louise Neumann Elouise Pharries Ruth Jane Porter Dorothy Bertrand Henry Page 378 Hazel Marie Coghill Gloria Obar Elaine Ruth Lowenstein Jean Demis Davis Hazel Jewell Williams Pauline Josephine flvera Evelyn Lawrence fltkins Susan Jane Cherry Carolyn Sue Barwise Helen Frances Paine Mary Elizabeth Whitaker Nancy June Hines Betty Jane Slaughter Leonor Giussani Charlotte Cope Joyce Whaley Mona Bosworth Lewis Sara Margret Crockett Marjorie Lee Ehlers Charlotte Blakely Goss Bluebonnet Bell N ommees (jppt Margaret Elizabeth Niggli Jane Batjer Jennings Virginia Frances Vaughan Charlie flnn Franklin Minita Marroquin Frances Kellie O ' Neill Frances Lee Pittard Elizabeth Ruth Mathias Rosemary Yates Glena Jane Green Mary Myles Mitchell Geraldine Fly Helen Marie Baxter Shirlie Tailed Page 380 z.r..- : : T r :-.-= r. :T.V V ?3:e7:r Dickson Betty He ' .er. Wmte Dorothy Mary Bell Katheryne Nelle Rather Elizabeth lane Lee Ruth Harlan Kendall Lee fllice Parkhill Gwendolyn White Emma Owen Smith Connie Shirley Eversberg Rosalie Sinkin Irma Cecilia Hansen Eileen EUzabeth Eitt Virginia Myrle Ford Mary Frances Johnson Sara Files Betty Ellen Russ GOODFCLLOUJS John Howard Wells Dorothy Louise Minor Jackson Ceivers Hinds Mary Charline McGehee Charles Cecil Langdon Lewallen Borden William Clifford McDugald Margaret Elizabeth Niggli John Forrest Green, Jr. 382 GOODFGLLOUJS Herbert Lingo Platter John Clarke Roberts James Cunyus Watson Stanley Eugene Neely Connie Wilson Robert Maurice ftlterman Willis Evert Jarrel Morgan Nesbitt Mary Elizabeth Sutherland Page 383 A GOODFGLLOUJS Jack Keating flyer Ralph Edward Frede Helen Margaret Rolle fllfred flshbrook King Gus Ralph Spence Robert Schwarz Strauss Ben Kaplan Sara Scott Bransford Isaac Edgar Clark 384 " v GOODFGLLOtUS Hilmer Guenther Moore Clifford Wilson Swearingen Ross Raymond Holloway Charles Wilson Hackett, Jr. Nan Lee Gay Alice Clyde Beakley Pattie May Dodson James Frank Stathakos Mac Roy Rasor CHESTER WOOTEN GRANVILLE Basketball captain, T Association, Cowboys. J. WflRD FOUTS President of the Students ' Association, Friars, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa. JERflLDINE HILL President of Mortar Board, president of Beta Beta fllpha, president of Andrews Dormitory, Orange Jackets. BILLIE SIMMONS Secretary of the Students ' Association, Orange Jackets, Sigma Delta Pi, Pi Lambda Theta. ROYflL HENRY BRIN, JR. Grand Chancellor, Editor of Texas Law Review. WILLIflM BOYD SINCLAIR Editor of The Daily Texan. Friars. Sigma Delta Chi. JERNNETTE MARKLE RUSSELL Judiciary Council, Bluebonnel Belle, Foo, Rshbel, president of Pi Beta Phi. JOE DAVENPORT WILSON Friars, Interfratemity Council president Foreman of Cowboys. Round-Up Committee. H. S. BUCK DURHAM Chairman of the Cultural Entertainment Committee, past president of fllpha Phi Omega, former election judge. FRED LEE RAMSDELL Co-captain of the track team, Sigma Delta Chi, T Association, former president of Sigma Phi Epsilon. MflURICE ARTHUR LEHMANN Texas Law Review, Chancellors, Phi Eta Sigma. MARY RUTH HUNTINGTON President of Theta Sigma Phi, Assembly, Board of Publications. THOMAS HART LAW Friars, Phi Beta Kappa, captain of the Varsity Debate Squad, T Association. DENTON ARTHUR COOLEY Basketball letterman, Phi Beta Kappa, T Association Alpha Epsilon Delta. JACK BRUCE HOWARD Editor-elect of The Daily Texan, president of Sigma Delta Chi, Cowboys. THURMAN BEUFORD HULL Basketball lettennan, T Association. MARY MYLES MITCHELL Ownooch, Reagan, Sigma Delta Pi, Goodfellow. ANN SCHUMACHER Former president of Kappa Kappa Gc: Racket Club Leader, U T.S.fl . Cactus Staff. WILLIAM HINCKLEY SEAY Chairman of the Judiciary Council, track letterman. Cowboys. ROBERT ERNEST KEETON Chancellors, Phi Delta Phi, intramurals Champion. V HORTENSE YARNO flssembly, Curtain Club Board. MAURICE ROBERT FINCHER Tennis captain, Phi Beta Kappa, T Association. PETE JOHN LAYDEN Football letterman, baseball letterraan, T Association, scored the touchdown that beat fl. M. JOHN GATES SEAMAN flssembly, Friars, Phi Delta Phi. BILLY MOSS SANSING Track and basketball manager, sports editor of The Daily Texan. ( lienristnj J3uild ' mg f -f IF . c-c S ' V Front row: BIBLE, OLLE, CRANBERRY. Back row: FOOTS, RICHARDSON, DOLLEY, COOPER. THG ATHLGTIC COUHCIL Chairman JAMES C. DOLLEY FACULTY MEMBERS A. E. Cooper James C. Dolley C. R. Granberry EX-STUDENT MEMBER W. H. Richardson STUDENT MEMBER J. Ward Fouts ATHLETIC DIRECTOR Dana X. Bible BUSINESS MANAGER, INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS Edwin W. Olle JflMES C. DOLLEY 191 Top row: McClamroch, Grubbs, Fincher, Goodwin, Ramsdell, Barefield, Granville, Layden, Dawson, Williams, Gill, Puett. Second row: Grain, Patrick, Thayer, Doss, Peveto, Daniel, Basey, Julian Garrett, Flanagan, Mauldin, Cohenour, Hawthorne. Third row: Sanders, Jungmichel, Kutner, Cooley, Croucher, Moore, Nelms, Houpt, Fitzsimmons, Everett, Hill, Deutsch. Fourth row: Stathakos, Haas, Law, Graham, Gatewood, Davidson, Seay, Terry, Jacques, Hughes, Sparks, Roberts. Fifth row: Smith, Wadsworth, Barnes, Joe Garrett, fldair, Hart, Hafernick, Unstattd, Billings, Hilley, LaBorde, Batjer. Sixth row: Blalock, Ball, Nixon, Brink, Sojka, Croucher, Poole, Sansing, Denman, Platter, Neely, Peterson, Fouts. T flSSOCIfiTIOn OFFICERS President : NELSON PUETT Vice-President , DENTON COOLEY Secretary. . MflLCOLM KUTNER Sergeant-at-flrms I. W. GOODWIN Dana X. Bible H. C. Gilstrap Blair Cherry STflFF MEMBERS Clyde Littlefield W. J. Disch Jack Gray D. fl. Penick Edwin B. Price Edwin W. Olle FOOTBflLL J. B. flllinson V. D. Basey Donald Cohenour Jack Grain Chal Daniel Ted Dawson Noble Doss Preston S. Flanagan Jack Freeman Julian Garrett John Gill J. W. Goodwin Jimmie Grubbs R. L. Harkins Jesse Hawthorne Glenn Jackson Harold Jungmichel Malcolm Kutner Pete Layden Vernon Martin Stanley Mauldin Stanley Neely R. B. Patrick Ralph Park Leo John Peterson Derwood Peveto Billy Pool, Mgr. Nelson Puett Orban Sanders David Thayer Don Weedon Don Williams BflSKETBflLL Denton Cooley Leslie Croucher Chester Granville Walter D. Houpt Thurman Hull Malcolm Kutner Udell Moore Tommy Nelms Billy Sansing, Mgr. TRflCK John Garland fidair Morris Barefield Harold C. Barnes W. R. Davidson Boyce Gatewood Joe Garrett Gilliam Graham Harry Hafernick Joe P. Hart Jack Hughes Douglas C. Jaques Thomas Hart Law Nelson Puett Fred Lee Ramsdell Charles F. Roberts William Hinckley Seay J. W. Smith Joe F. Sparks Carlton Terry A. H. Wadsworth TENNIS Joe Ball Henry Batjer Robert Billings Bill Blalock Gilbert Denman Maurice Fincher Thomas Rodney Glenn P. F. Graves, Jr., Mgr. Harry Hickman Gordon Hilley Leo LaBorde Ben Nixon Reuben Riskind GOLF J. Ward Fouts Nelson Munger BflSEBflLL Leslie Croucher Melvin Deutsch William Eckert Fred Everett Joe Fitzsimmons Charles F. Haas Thornton Hardie John Hill Pete Layden Udell Moore Lingo Platter, Mgr. James Stathakos SWIMMING Billy Brink John Crouch Harris McClamroch Mike Sojka CROSS COUNTRY Harry Hafernick Joe P. Hart Mac Umstattd DflNfl X. BIBLE Director of Intercollegiate flthletics NELSON PUETT Page 392 Bible and the iron men after the A. M. game. Chile Lipscomb. Lay den and Garrett. Crowd at the Colorado game. Right be- low is some action at the same game. Bully Gil- strap takes a lesson in backfield play. Grain and Flanagan. Walter Heap. Upper left: Court-side crowd at the A. M. basketball game. The scorekeeper and offi- cia l timer ' s table. Upper right: Coach Jack Gray can be seen on the end of the players ' bench. Action in the S.M.U. game. To the left is Bobby Moers making a shot. Farther to the left is the T.C.U. game. Lower right is the Press table with Billy Sansing keeping notes, assisted by Peggy Gray. Clark Field home of the Steers. Layden rounds third. John Hill throws from first. Jack Stone is welcomed after a home run. Clarence Pfeil comes in. A score in the Baylor game. The Band plays as the flag is raised on open- ing day. The team at the presentation of the Conference pennant. FOOTBALL - - 1940 i i! DflNfl X. BIBLE i ffi i i i i? ' i JflMES GRUBBS TED DflWSON Page 398 LOnGHORRS STflmPGDG! 1940 THE DAWN OF A NEW DAY The 1940 Texas Longhorns ended the most successful football season the school has enjoyed since 1932 by defeating five state universities and losing only two Conference games. Texas finished in a tie for third place in the Conference race, with A. M. and S.M.U. tying for first and second. The most gratifying victory was that over A. M. on Thanksgiving Day, but the followers of the team also appreciated the seven other victories to the fullest. HEROES OF THE NEW ERA Lettennen: V. D. BflSEY, JflCK GRAIN. DONALD (BO) COHENOUR. TED DAWSON, CHAL DANIEL, NOBLE DOSS, PRESTON FLANAGAN. JOHN GILL, J. W. GOODWIN. JULIAN GARRETT. JAMES GRUBBS, R. L HARKINS, JESSE HAWTHORNE, HAROLD JUNGMICHEL, GLENN JACKSON. MALCOLM KUTNER. PETE LAYDEN. VERNON MARTIN, STANLEY MAULDIN. RALPH PARK. NELSON PUETT, ORBAN (SPEC) SANDERS, MIKE SWEENEY, DAVID THAYER. DON WILLIAMS, WILLIAM C. POOL. Manager. Reserve lettermen: ZUEHL CONOLY, HARRY GOWER, HENRY HARKINS, WALTER HEAP. WOODY JOHNSON, FRITZ LOBPRIES. LEWIS MAYNE, ROY DALE McKAY. DERWOOD PEVETO, R. B. PATRICK, CHARLEY RICHARDSON, JACK SEALE, WALLACE SCOTT. JACK WEST. Front row: FLANflGflN. BflSEY. CRflIN, DANIEL. GRUBBS. DflWSON JflCKSON WILLlflMS GILL SWEE Second row: BIBLE, JUNGMICHEL. SflNDEBS. GftRRETT, COHENOUR, MflULDIN. MflRTIN, GOODWIN, McKflY. LOBPRIES, BLfllR CHERRY, assistant coach. Third row: M. W. KELLEY. trainer; POOL, manager, R. L. HARKINS, DOSS, SCOTT. HAWTHORNE THAYER. rUTNEH, LAYDEN, PARK. GILSTRAP. ' : . : TEXAS 39 COLORADO 7 flustin, Texas SEPTEMBER 28. 1940 TEXAS COLORADO 22 First Downs 352 Yards Gained Rushing 35 Forward Passes Attempted 17 Forward Passes Completed 232 Yards Gained Passing 4 Passes Intercepted By 28 flverage Distance Punts 25 Yards Lost, Penalties 39 FINAL SCORE 3 JrlEffin? l [g fesfC ' fess)! TEXAS 9 106 13 10 | 1 3 ! : a i j j ' ; - i 1 I i j 2 -=H= 09 OZ. _- 20 rj 4 48 isi i mi i ;w i i8 i i si , - ' !IIIIIIIIUIillHlllllll uffi j " TEXAS 13 INDIANA 6 Bloomington, Indiana OCTOBER 5, 1940 INDIANA First Downs 15 Yards Gained Rushing 11 Forward Passes Attempted 35 Forward Passes Completed 19 Yards Gained Passing 234 Fumbles 1 FINAL SCORE 6 BflSEY HflWTHORNE WILLIflMS DOSS Page 400 R. L. Hen-kins goes through the Colorado line Jack Grain runs circles around Indiana GILL JflCKSON Page 401 TEXAS 19 OKLAHOMA 16 Dallas, Texas OCTOBER 12, 1940 TEXAS 16 First Downs 96 Yards Gained Rushing 27 Forward Passes Attempted 1 6 Forward Passes Completed 1 7 1 Yards Gained Passing 2 Passes Intercepted By 43 Average Yardage Punts 25 Yards Lost Penalties 19 FINAL SCORE OKLAHOMA 8 201 1 ft TEXAS 13 68 24 16 F 164 I 1 (rffi 4 HTl 1 , IT ' S i 9 d 7 49 | j ( 1 j i | j T | ]; i i 3 3: 1 =r " =E 4 AA qp ijjj 27 16 86 21 i 181 i ai in i 19 i i N), - ' niiiiinuiiiiiiiiiiii :iiiiii! ' " ,! ., TEXAS 21 ARKANSAS Little Rock, Arkansas OCTOBER 19, 1940 ARKANSAS First Downs 1 2 Yards Gained Rushing 43 Forward Passes Attempted 23 Forward Passes Completed 9 Yards Gained Passing 151 Passes Intercepted By Average Distance Punts 31 Yards Lost Penalties 40 FINAL SCORE! PflRK SflNDERS DflNIEL lUNGMICHLX Page 402 A Longhora back is tackled from behind by a Sooner Pete Layden scores against Arkansas GRAIN GOODWIN Page 403 TEXAS RICE 13 Houston, Texas OCTOBER 26. 1940 TEXflS 1 1 First Downs 94 Yards Gained Rushing 24 Forward Passes Attempted 8 Forward Passes Completed 1 02 Yards Gained Passing 1 Passes Intercepted By 35 Average Distance Punts FINAL SCORE RICE ITTSIL i. ' 1 .1 TEXflS 7 201 i 3 4 J 2 38 -=== a ; 19 n = = I ! J Q H t, I 5 1 i 173 34 [j i j 5 38 13 Mg, i ffl i fH i - ' iin M ' ' " er 13 TEXflS 13 S.M.U. 21 Austin, Texas NOVEMBER 2. 1940 S.M.U. First Downs 1 2 Yards Gained Rushing 77 Forward Passes Attempted 28 Forward Passes Completed 1 6 Yards Gained Passing 206 Passes Intercepted By Average Distance Punts 39 Yards Lost Penalties 30 FINAL SCORE 21 LflYDEN GflRRETT MflRTIN KUTNER Page 404 Pete Loyden mokes yardage against Rice Jack Grain tries a run against S.M.U. COHENOUR SWEENEY Page 405 fEXflS 13 BflYLOR Austin, Texas NOVEMBER 9. 1940 TEXflS 13 First Downs 170 Ground Gained Rushing 1 2 Forward Passes Attempted 6 Forward Passes Completed 75 Ground Gained Passing 1 Passes Intercepted By 43 Average Distance Punts 65 Yards Lost Penalties 13 FINAL SCORE BH 1 LUn y Ji. AA l ; in hovi " Jtets.; 128 25 4 = 63 I B Q i t j i 3 fl rt ' i ] j ,1 2 T . ' 30 . 35 o TEXflS 21 T.C.U. 14 Fort Worth, Texas NOVEMBER 16. 1940 TEXflS T.C.U. 8 First Downs 12 186 Yards Gained Rushing 175 1 3 Forward Passes Attempted 3 1 6 Forward Passes Completed 1 95 Yards Gained Passing 120 4 Passes Intercepted By 33 Average Distance Punts 38 50 Yards Lost Penalties 35 21 FINAL SCORE 14 TEXflS 26 FLORIDfl Gainesville, Florida DECEMBER 7, 1940 TEXflS FLORIDfl 22 First Downs 263 Yards Gained Rushing 42 16 Forward Passes Attempted 12 10 Forward Passes Completed 120 Yards Gained Passing 36 4 Passes Intercepted By 1 40 Average Distance Punts 38 20 Yards Lost Penalties 45 26 FINAL SCORE HflRKINS FLHNflGflN THflYER PUETT Page 406 Pete Loyden off on a long run against Baylor T.C.U. isn ' t running interference for Grain! MflULDIN POOL Page 407 IH i THG BIG GAfllG Just 58 seconds told the story Texas 7, fl. M. of football ' s biggest upset of 1940 and the most spectacular victory in 47 years of Longhorn gridiron history. From Layden to Grain; from Layden to Doss; and Layden scored. It was just that quick. Then thirteen magni ficent Longhorns held off the charges of Kimbrough and com- pany, one of the greatest teams in Southwest Conference history and the then leading Rose Bowl contender. fill-Americans meant nothing on November 28, 1940, a real Thanksgiving Day. Reputations of football greats faded before the Memorial Stadium tradition that held true to its biggest test. STATISTICS TEXflS fl. M. 1 1 First Downs 1 1 150 Yards Gained Rushing 155 52 Yards Lost Rushing 9 97 Yards Gained Passing 51 10 Forward Passes flttemp ted 18 6 Forward Passes Completed 5 5 Passes Intercepted By 33.3 flverage Yardage Punts 42.3 1 Fumbles 20 Yards Lost Penalties 15 7 FINflL SCORE Page THE IMMORTAL THIRTEEN Pete Loyden Jack Cretin Noble Doss Vernon Martin Malcolm Kutner Preston Flanagan Ted Dawson Stanley Mauldin Choi Daniel Julian Garrett J. W. (Red) Goodwin Glenn Jackson Don Williams Page 409 THG FRGSHHien UJGRG GOOD, TOO! HflROLD (SPOT) COLLINS RESULTS OF 1940 SEASON YEARLINGS 18.... YEARLINGS 19.... YEARLINGS 31.. .fl. M. Fish 7 .Rice Slimes . flllen Academy Under the leadership of Harold (Spot) Collins and Jack Sachse, co-captains, the Yearlings went through an undefeated season and were crowned the unofficial Conference freshman cham- pions after defeating the Aggies here on Thanksgiving Day Number 1. Spot Collins was the sensational find of the season with his super blocking, signal-calling, and line-backing. Squad members: WALTON ROBERTS, CARADINE DIPPREY, WALTER SANDY, F. B. SMITH, JACK SACHSE, WILEY DAVIS, ROY McCLANAHAN, BENTON HARRIS, HAROLD FISCHER, HAROLD KING, W. C. COFFEY, HAROLD COLLINS, HENRY (DEMP) HARRIS, GEORGE GOODMAN, JIMMIE HODGES, HUBERT ALLEN, JIM COLLINS, COY TONEY, KENNETH MATTHEWS, JACKIE FIELD, DARREL KING, EUGENE LARSON, E. G. WENDORF, ROBERT CRAWLEY, R. G. CANDLER, JOE PARKER, MAX MINOR, CHARLES JUNG- MICHEL, RAYMOND STRUBING, VICTOR CRAWLEY, HULON HUFFMAN, AUDREY GILL, LAWRENCE GRANT, JACK HARRIS. M.GttnGWS cornes in ball acfctinst ins H. ot M. r rssnmen Page 410 BflSKGTBflLL-1941 CHESTER GRflNVILLh IT IDAS ft season FULL OF THRILLS Lettermen DENTON COOLEY LESLIE CROUCHER CHESTER GRANVILLE WALTER D. HOUPT THURMAN HULL MALCOLM KUTNER UDELL MOORE TOMMY NELMS LES SANDER HAROLD LEVY. Manager In an otherwise not-so-good season. Texas won two basketball games from fl. M. ' ff KUTNER RICE Texas 48, Rice 37 Texas 64, Rice 73 The finest game that Texas played during the ' 41 season came in Austin ' s first the Ste 1 Rice gest cro Texas h ing magnr from the star venge for the o " Gym last year that ship. The defeat started the Owls on the road to the loss of their title. f the year with highly big- 00 saw .d shoot- horns led sweet re- in Gregory champion- The highest scoring game in all of Southwest Conference basketball that was the xwilt when Texas met on ' s closing final in Hous- seum, the after an- eading all the und the second Sander lead- ing the way to come close but never close enough. Final score: 73-to-64. was 5 game; standin ton ' s v game other, with way. Texas g half with Sop! HULL ARKANSAS Texas 38, Arkansas 50 The towering Razorbacks from Arkan- sas, presenting one of the finest teams in Southwest Ssinference basketball a two-game (ion- Steers ' y played a pair damage, were ed close until and Arkansas history, came t series ship second well, bu of sophomore unbeatable the fading Texas 34, Arkansas 44 In their second game opposite the Razorbacks, Texas played one of the best games of k season. The Steers within a ' ith ml went away, winning, 50-to-38. hel range minute; and Jo kansas a su to win the c, and gained national championship. our points, made Ar- They went on hip undefeated i-finals in the MOORE T.C.U. Texas 43, T.C.U. 39 Texas 58, T.C.U. 39 In thayear ' s mo Texas yame Christl parently fouls at t a sembL going on in new Conferen 43 but that was pened. rnical ball game, ' sing to Texas h nothtffg ap- s called ocation, with their all game re was a fouls set Sll that hap- Adding seaso speed t ' sion by that coul was a splend and the Long .T.C.U. ' s winless .rst of submis- -to-39 score higher. It e reserves lor regulars took a night ' s rest for the most part. SflNDER Page 414 RICE flRKflNSflS T.C.U. NELMS BflYLOR Texas 45, Baylor 44 Into Waco for their annual battle at Tying hopes to uins .g. The Baylor- on finish ' e last-min- flpfnlle led the way and Texas squeezed by with but a one-point margin in the year ' s most breath-snatching game. Texas 48, Baylor 52 Ending a three-year Longhorn basket- ball dominatioftJHittle Grady Vaughan finally boosted his Bruins to a victory flustin.NSaedlB kitting osjEji ylinders, by four points 52-t 4o at the end, and that was( he_vfltiest margin be tween the te J dLring the entire game. Texas played well, but the Bruins ' backboard work was a bit better. HOUPT S.M.U. Texas 35, S.M.U. 39 Texas 42, S.M.U. 36 Laying near-complete demolition to any champio ente the last-minu f spree to ' game of cally, it was little Rusty Ba started the plans that Texas nsas series, las put on a scoring the first trip. Ironi- roach ' s brother, se ball-hawking ifall. Texas led briefly but could not hold to their margin. Returning the compliment, Texas scotchT " " were c flus ' in smart, hea ' the offense wor up a 42-to-36 m a wild, high-fouling g 1 near-riot add to the evening ' s liveli- ness. :OOLEY fl. M. Texas 42, R. M. 22 Texas 53, ft. M. 36 Holding the Cadets to the lowest total score in a single Conference game for the in Coll heckling spurted twelve desperately Texas with Thurman (Sleu) H " hottest " night of t basketball. He scored In the closing game of the season, the seven senior cagers were honored be- a fine game ite the rs Steers the first gies were he basket, the books, ' 1 having his |ine years of 19 points, as Cooley and Granville also pitched in with brilliant defensive games. fore the wind u undisput Conferen fine Billy Henderson Cadets in the ville was playing Sleu Hull pulled himself into the circle of the " first five " in the Conference scoring race. out to trounce e to inch an the final the figs ' hold the hile, Gran- game and CROUCHER Page 416 BflYLOR S.M.U. fl M FRGSHnmn seflson 7 WON, 1 LOST YEARLINGS 34 Schreiner 18 YEARLINGS 42 Rice Slimes 35 YEARLINGS 58 San Angela 18 YEARLINGS 40 Tyler Junior College 73 YEARLINGS 63 Allen Academy 47 YEARLINGS 51 Aggie Fish 36 YEARLINGS 67 Aggie Fish 31 YEARLINGS 45.. ..Rice Slimes 36 Freshman numeral winners: J. D. CHILDERS, JACK FITZGERflLD, LLOYD GREGORY, JR., JOHN HflRGIS, LUKE KENT, JOHN LEE STEPflN, ED WENDORF, DON WOOTEN, DUDLEY WRIGHT, ART FflLKIN, manager. HflRGIS Front row: DON WOOTEN, DUDLEY WRIGHT, JOHN HflRGIS, LUKE DENT, JflCK FITZGERflLD, J. D. CHILDERS. Second row: LflVOICE SCUDDflY, JOHN TOWNER, OTIS RICHEY, D. R. PEEVEY, JOHN GRflDY, HERSCHEL GREENBERG, JIMMIE LUMPKIN. Third row: ED WENDORF, VICTOR KREJCI, CHflRLES TflNKERSLEY, CHflRLES STOREY, JOHN BURKE H C BROWN JOHN LEE STEPflN LLOYD GREGORY, JR. Page 418 BASCBflLL---1940 W. J. (UNCLE BILLY) DISCH CLflRENCE PFEIL Page 420 CHflmpionsHip numBeR TtuenTY-onen SCORES OF CONFERENCE GAMES TEXAS 14 10 28 Baylor OPPONENTS 2 4 26 18 6 Rice 7 4 7 9 19 19 fl. M. 3 6 a n 8 4 S. M. U. 4 2 16 10 21 T. C. U. 4 5 3 Front row: SLOVflK. McDONflLD, MOORE. STONE, EVERETT, STILL. Second row; ECKERT. HAAS, LflYDEN, PFE1L, MOERS, RflWE. Third row: DISCH, HILL, DUMKE, DEUTSCH. CROUCHER, FflLK. Page 421 THGIR HITS BROUGHT VICTORY! 1940 ALL-CONFERENCE BASEBALL TEAM POSITION Catcher .... Catcher .... Pitcher Pitcher Pitcher First Base . . Second Base NflME SCHOOL . . Everett TEXAS . . Doran fl. M. ..Deutsch TEXAS . . Bumpers A. M. . . Atchison S.M.U. . .Hill TEXAS . Stone . ..TEXAS Shortstop Witt . . . . Baylor Third Base Moers TEXAS Left Field Alsobrook A. M. Center Field Pfeil TEXAS Right Field Haas TEXAS Utility Infielder Stone A. M. Utility Outfielder Looney T.C.U. McDONflLD STILL MOERS STONE Lettermen: PETE LflYDEN, FRED EVERETT, JOYCE RflWE, MELVIN DEUTSCH, UDELL MOORE, BILL DUMKE, CHARLES STILL, NED McDONflLD, JOHN H. HILL, JflCK STONE, BOBBY MOERS, LESLIE CROUCH- ER, CHflRLIE HflflS, CLflRENCE PFEIL, WILLIflM ECKERT, WILLIflM SLOVflK, Manager. LflYDEN EVERETT HflflS RflWE Page 422 BLOVBI Captain Clarence Pfeil comes into home. Pete Layden at bat. Jack Stone crosses home plate :ng fellow player round third. Les Croucher touches third and heads for home. M. DEUTSCH Page 423 FResHfimn season TEXflS 3 Austin High 6 TEXflS 14 Austin High 25 TEXAS 10 Allen Academy TEXAS 6 Baylor Freshmen 2 TEXAS 7 Austin High 8 TEXAS 10 St. Edwards ' 1 1 TEXAS St. Edwards ' 2 TEXAS 7 St. Edwards ' TEXAS 7 St. Edwards ' 4 TEXAS 14 Baylor Freshmen 3 TEXAS 21 A. M. Freshmen 9 TEXAS 8 Somerville High 2 TEXAS 15 Gatesville High BIBB FALK, who took over the coaching of the Longhorns when Uncle Billy became ill at the first of the season. Coach Falk is a former Major League star and also a former Longhorn player. Bobby Moers receives trophy as the " Best All-Around Athlete " from Nelson Puett, president of the T Association. Uncle Billy looks on as the team starts on its twenty-first championship route. Former Longhorns present the University with a huge pennant in honor of Uncle Billy ' s teams, having won twenty championships. Page 424 . T R ft C K 1940 Page 426 THG CHflmpionsHip comes Home EVENT SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE TRflCK MEET Houston, Texas MflY 10, 11, 1940 WINNER TIME 440-Yard Dash Barefield, TEXAS 49.1 100-Yard Dash . . . .- Wolcott, Rice 9.8 One Mile Run Gibson, S.M.U 4:23.2 220- Yard Dash Ramsdell, TEXAS 21.3 120- Yard High Hurdles Wolcott, Rice 13.9 880- Yard Relay Baylor, Rice 1:57.5 440-Yard Relay TEXflS 41.7 Two Mile Run McColl, Arkansas 10:08.5 220-Yard Low Hurdles Wolcott, Rice 23.5 One Mile Relay TEXAS 3:18.7 Shot Put Wilson, Baylor 46 feet, 8 ' 2 inches High Jump Walters, Baylor, and Creasy, Baylor, tie 6 feet, 4% inches Pole Vault Bryan, TEXAS, and Edmunds, TEXAS, tie 13 feet Broad Jump Puett, TEXAS 22 feet, 5 ' 4 inches Discus Hughes, TEXAS 163 feet, 2 ' 4 inches Javelin Smith. A. M 198 feet Final Score: TEXAS 62; Rice 39; S.M.U. 24; A. M. 20V 4 ; Baylor 14l 2 ; Arkansas 10; T.C.U. 6. Front row: TERRY, SMITH, EDMUNDS, STEWBRT, PflCK, BRYflN, GflTEWOOD, McSPflDDEN, PRICE. RflMSDELL, HflFERNICK. Second row: LITTLEFIELD, PUETT, BflREFIELD, FLflNAGflN, DflVIDSON, flDfllR, HUGHES, BflGGETT, ROBERTS, GILSTRflP Third row: MILTON W. KELLY, trainer, SPflRKS, SEflY, HILL, JflCQUES, BflRNES, SflNSING. Page 427 gh es throwing d flP RU 20- I 940 TIME E , TFXflS Gatevood, 1 S 3 to . EVENT 120 .Yard High 440 -Yard , d1 Page 428 TEXAS RELAYS flustin, Texas APRIL 6. 1940 EVENT WINNER TIME Two Mile Relay Indiana 7:35.5 100- Yard Dash Williams, North Texas 10 flat 120- Yard High Hurdles. Owens, Howard Payne .. 14.5 440- Yard Relay Oklahoma 41.7 Distance Medley Relay. . . .Indiana 10:33.3 880- Yard Relay Oklahoma 1:26.7 Mile Relay L.S.U 3:18.4 880- Yard Run B. Rideout, North Texas 1:54 3000 Meter Run Lash, Indiana 8:34.1 Shot Put Hackney, Kansas State 50 ft.,33 4 in. High Jump Devall, L.S.U. and Boydston, Oklahoma fl. M.. tie 6ft., 31 2 in. Discus Hughes, TEXflS 155 ft., 1 1 in. Pole Vault Bryan. TEXflS 13 ft. Javelin Mikeska, North Texas 202 ft. Broad Jump . Yates, S.F. flustin. .23 ft., 5y 2 in. SPHRKS BfiBNES Page 429 Sweetheart of the University, Maxine Robison, reigns as Queen of the Texas Relays. Nelson Puett tries the broad jump and Joe Garrett takes part in the shot- put event. Beefus Bryan, captain, wins the pole vault. Garland Adair throws the javeline. THEY SET THE RECORDS Lettermen: J. GARLAND ADAIR, RALPH BAGGETT, MORRIS BAREFIELD, HAROLD BARNES, B. F. BRYAN, W. R. DAVIDSON, DAVID EDMUNDS , PRESTON FLANAGAN, BOYCE GATEWOOD, HAROLD HAFERNICK, LONNIE HILL, JACK HUGHES, DOUGLAS JACQUES, TOMMIE McSPAD- DEN, COLEMAN PACK, H. CLAY PRICE, NELSON PUETT, FRED RAMS- DELL, CHARLES ROBERTS, W. H. SEAY, CARLTON TERRY, BILLY SANSING, manager. Left to right: RAMSDELL, ROBERTS, SMITH, PRICE, PUETT, JACQUES H. C. (BULLY) GILSTRAP TRIflnGULAR fllGGTS Baton Rouge, La. APRIL 13. 1940 EVENT WINNER TIME 220- Yard Dash Ramsdell, TEXAS .... . 22.2 Two-Mile Run Hafernick, TEXAS 10:18 Pole Vault Bryan, TEXAS and Wonacott, L.S.U 13 ft., 6 in. Discus Hughes, TEXAS 151 ft., 4V 2 in. Javelin Adair, TEXAS 191 ft.. 7 in. Austin, Texas MflY 31. 1940 440- Yard Dash Barefield, TEXAS 48.8 100- Yard Dash Ramsdell, TEXAS 9.6 220- Yard Dash Ramsdell, TEXAS 21 One-Mile Run Hafernick, TEXAS i 4:35.8 Two-Mile Run Price, TEXAS " 10:38.9 Discus Hughes, TEXAS 164 ft. High Jump . . . Raggett, TEXAS and Barnes, TEXAS 6 ft., 1 1 2 in. Pole Vault Bryan, Texas 13 ft. FRESHMAN SQUAD First row: KREMER. QUILLIHN, COVERT, UMSTATTD (captain), FLACK, DAVIS, SMALL. GRE1F. Back row: DOLINSKY. AUSTIN. SMITH, WATKINS. CALDWELL, MILLER GILSTRflP. Page 431 1 CROSS COUI1TRY SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS Results of 1940 Season (Low Score Wins) Date Place Teams and Scores October 26 flustin TEXflS 28; flbilene Christian College 28 (tie). TEXflS 16; S.M.U. 43. TEXflS 19; fl. M. 37. TOMMY LOSTflK November 2 flustin November 13 flustin November 20 flustin TEXflS 20; fl. M. 41; S.M.U. 62. LETTERMEN Regular T: MflC UMSTflTTD. Qualified T: HflRRY HflFERNICK, TOMMY LOSTflK, EMMET GRIEF, JOHN CflLDWELL, JOE FLACK. rfi m H I 1 Ill Front row: FLACK, GRIEF, LOSTflK, UMSTflTTD. Back row: LITTLEFIELD (Coach), HflFERNICK, CflLDWELL. Page 432 Tenms---i940 Front row: NIXON, BILL BILLINGS, FINCHER, LflPMflN. BLflLOCK. Second row: ROBERT KflMRflTH, Lfl BORDE, HILLEY, GLENN, BflTIER, RISKIND, PENICK. MflURICE FINCHER Page 434 MELVIN LflPMflN an:;:: BALL R!SK!ND Page 43S TOMMY GLENN TEXflS 6 4 7 CONFERENCE MATCHES Baylor S.M.U. ft. M. Rice OPPONENTS 1 3 6 SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE MEET Semi-finals of singles: Curtis, Rice, defeated Riskind, 3-6, 6-0, 6-2, 7-9, 6-1. Semi-finals of doubles: Morris and Rodgers, Rice, defeated Fincher and Batjer, 6-4, 2-6, 10-8. REUBEN RISKIND LflPMflN BLflLOCK Lfl BORDE BOB BILLINGS Page 436 NIXON BflT ' EH UU f BILL BILLINGS MAURICE FINCHER OUT-OF-CONFERENCE MATCHES TEXAS 7 9 6 5 7 4 6 University of Colorado Wayne University University of Oklahoma Oklahoma fl. M. Texas Tech North Texas Teachers Tulane OPPONENTS 1 1 2 Tennis Lettermen: JOE BflLL. HENRY BATJER. BOB BILLINGS, BILL BILL- INGS. BILL BLflLOCK. JOE BRADLEY, MAURICE FINCHER, TOMMY GLENN. GORDON HILLEY. LEO LA BORDE, MELVTN LAPMAN, BEN NIXON, REUBEN RISKIND. BEN NIXON - McCLflMROCH TflRLTON siuimminG flOUflCflDE Gushing forth from a gigantic water faucet, The University of Texas swimming team opened the sixth annual flquacade and its 1941 season. Highlighting Tex Robertson ' s successful water show was the record-breaking performances of Mike Sojka and Jane Dillard. Sojka won the Individual Trophy Breaststroke Race as well as setting a new American record in the 400-yard event. Jane, in three night performances, swam three breaststroke events to set three American records. Paced by Freddie Gass and Charles Weitzel, freshman prospects, the six-man relay team established a record in the 600-yard backstroke, and Sojka led the 400-yard relay team in a record-shattering breaststroke event. R. B. Patrick, football team representative, re- ceived the trophy as the most handsome athlete and Babe Papich wound up the performance in his spec- tacular flaming torch dive from the tower. CONFERENCE MEET In the Southwest Conference championship meet, the Longhorn swimmers came through in a splashing finish to grasp their tenth Conference Championship from a fighting A. M. squad, 77-70. Page 438 Front row: CHONISKI, McCLflMROCH, PflPICH, KIDD. Second row: CHflRLES TflYLOR, DENTON, SMITH, BEELER. Third row: JflMES RflNDflLL, HflRRY WILLIAMS, TEX ROBERTSON (Coach), TflRLTON, NEWMflN. BEELE F EWMBH SMITH LETTERMEN LEO AHR RICHARD M. BEELER HflROLD I. BRELSFORD WILLIflM JOHN CHONISKI flRTHUR LEE DENTON THOMAS EUGENE DUNNflM HENRY IDEMA flRTHUR GORDflN KIDD N HARRIS McCLflMROCH, Captain NEVILLE S MOISE MORGflN NESBITT ROLAND R. NEWMflN RAUEL NORMAN PAPICH WADE MONROE SMITH KENNETH G. TARLTON Tex Robertson compli- ments Nancy Dillard on her fine swimming. Page 439 HflRVEY PENICK WflYNE MIDDLETON GOLF---1940 CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS MflTCHES TEXflS 5 Texas Tech 1 TEXAS 6 S.M.U. TEXflS 4 . . . ft. M. 2 TEXflS won first place in the Southwest Conference Lettermen: BUCK LUCE (Southwest Conference Champion), ANDY CHILTON, WAYNE MIDDLETON, TOMMY TAYLOR, LEONARD SPITZER. Squad Member: DAVID BELEW. SPITZER TflYLOR BELEW CHILTON LUCE Page 440 BORROW POMONIS ENG SCflRBROUGH HOCKflDflY DflVIS WflLLIS M. SMITH BOXIRG In their second year on the campus as a club, the Longhorn boxers, although they lost several veterans from the 1 940 team, showed enough improvement to win three of their six meets, tie one, and lose two. Opening the season with San flntonio Y in Gregory Gymnasium on January 17 the boxers drew their big- gest straight-boxing crowd in years, as 1,500 fans attended. The Longhorns won 5 to 0. Another meet with San flntonio Y, February 21, was also won by Texas, 3 to 1 . The meet on February 1 was lost to Victoria Junior College in Victoria, 3 to 4. Highlight of the season was the meet with Allen Academy. The bouts were staged after the T.C.U. -Texas basketball game on February 8 and ended in a tie. The meet with Temple Y on March 4 in Temple was lost 3 to 4, but the meet there on flpril 9 was won 6 to 3. Outstanding boxers were Ray Wallis, Nick Pomonis, Phillip Eng, Monroe Smith, Bill Smith, Frank Bar- ron, Fred Green, Edwin Scarbrough, Gilbert Davis, and Dick Hockaday. GREEN B. SMITH Finish of a race at the Texas Relays. Hundred- yard dash finish. Pool makes a shot. Beefus Bryan goes over. Three good dash men Rams- dell, Seay, and Gatewood. A baton pass in one of the relays. Leo LaBorde serves. Captain Maurice Fincher. Batjer drives one. CHflmpions OF 1940-41 3POR " S BADMINTON CHAMPION: Samuel McBirney, Delta Kappa Epsilon. HANDBALL DOUBLES: Bob Keeton, Lon Sailers, Tejas. SOFTBALL CHAMPIONS: Sigma Nu. SENIOR INTRAMURAL MANAGERS: Thurman Barrett, Lewis Levinson, Franklin Hicks. SWIMMING CHAMPIONS: Delta Kappa Epsilon. Page 444 TOUCH FOOTBflLL CHAMPIONS: Oak Grove Coop ::S DOUBLES: Felix McGivney, Jack Cun- -gham. Independents GOLF DOUBLES: William Roden, Theodore Roden, Independents FOUL THROW TEflM CHAMPIONS: Sigma Phi Epsilon FOUL THROW CHAMPION: James McCarthy HANDBALL CHAMPION: Bayard McMahon, Kappa Sigma BOXIIIG CHflmpions They Gave More Than They Received Ray Wallis (right), Longhorn Boxing Club president Lfl UFORD 20 s - Page 446 THGSG IHRCSTLGD THGIR UJAY TO THG TOP fl Fite Nile wrestling match Page 447 ' ENCING CHflMPION: fllex Thomas BflSKETBflLL CHAMPIONS (Class A): Kappa Sigma TABLE TENNIS CHflMPION: H. M. Truby BflSKETBflLL CHflMPIONS (Class B): Peck House VOLLEYBALL CHflMPIONS: Kappa fllpha BASEBALL CHAMPIONS: Blomquist Swedes WATER POLO CHAMPIONS: Barlows Boys GOLF SINGLES CHAMPION: Jim Bivins, Kappa Sigma TENNIS SINGLES CHAMPION: Randolph Gregson, Independent HORSESHOE PITCHING CHAMPION: Pat Lowry. Pi Kappa Alpha TRACK TEAM CHflMPIONS: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Deke-ATO touch football game Fencing finals TENNIS TEAM CHAMPIONS: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Howard Georgi, Peter Hennessey, Gene Carring- ton, Dick Lee .- ' Above: Alice Daniels ' . ' arble, a visitor here. Below: Betty Ann Bird, Precious Hams Top ce : Betty Slaughter, out- standing girl in intra- .-als. Center: Patty Berg, lectures to stud- Below: Charline Yaeger, ten- nis champion POONfl CLUB Left line, front to back: Betty Moody, Judith Perkins, Florence Wilson, Jo Kerbey, Barbara Bradfield, Jean Templin, Pat Roach. flcross back, left to right: Margy Sinclair, Judith Polk, Charline Yaeger, Ann Townes, Betty Moritz. Right line, front to back: Betty flnn Bird, Norma Kasch, Precious Harris, Beryl Buckley, Jane Brown, .flnn Schumacher, fllice Daniels. TEE CLUB Left to right: fllice Daniels, Jean Simpson, Mary Dell Wood, Nell Francis, Lorraine Winters, Mary Wat- son, Katherine Terrell, Frances Harrison, Valerie Frobese. RflCKET CLUB From front to back: Jean Graham, Judith Polk, Pat Patterson, Sarah Rudnick, Margaret Wendlandt, Norma Niemeyer, Bonnie-Jean Duncan. flround to right: Beryl Buckley, Louise Williams, Helen Swanson, Jeanne Davis, Ida Louise Mahler, Sheila O ' Gara, Edith Carter, flnn Schumacher, Charline Yaeger, Precious Harris, Becky Dougherty, Virginia Kolina, Jean Runge, Elizabeth Stafford. CANTER CLUB Front row: Muriel Kiester, flnn Vilbig, Jean Champion, Mary flnne Stedman, Catherine Grain, Tooley Williamson. Second row: Jane Brown, Tommy Barber, Julie Mauer- mann, Dorothy Mohr, Janice Ransom, Houston Trippe, Patricia Roberdeau, Jean Putnam, Lorraine Stutsman. Third row: Mrs. Jimmie Burr, Ruth Nicholson, Virginia Ponton, Mildred Eckert, Virginia Davies, Judith Craddock, Sarah Dickie. Page 452 ftRCHERY CLUB Front row: Anna Munger. Winniefred Anderson, Bar- bara King. Georgette GOTO, Hattie McFarland, Eleanor Bishop, Kathleen Christenberry. Second row: Carolyn Monteith. Kelly Pearson, Florence Thompson, June Jordan. Third row: Lucile W. Burkett, Martha Tidwell, Patricia Francis, Margaret Lowden, Mary Jones, Jane Pace, Marguerite Kerr, Jean Stubbs, Mariam Bobbins, Judith Perkins, Jean flmes, Martha Lei Purcell. TURTLE CLUB Front row: Dorothy Campbell, Dorothy Vickers, Ann Lewis, Jeanne Strawbridge, Brittle Neill, Dorothy Williams. Betty Johnson, Betty Bowlen. Second row: Jeanne Rawls, Nancy Lee Martin, Nell Courteney, Ann O ' Hair, Jane Douglas, Alice Slicker. Third row: Peggy Milliard, Betty Slaughter, Pal Collins. Edna O ' Hair. Roberta Lea. TOUCHE Left, front to back: Florence Heller, Dorothy Johnson. Dorothy Moss, Isabelle Anderson, Joyce White, Dorothy Lee Lange, Eugenia Worley, Jean Rawls, Mickie Carmichael, Judy Harris, Loyce Dawson, Edith Smith, Gail Hamilton. Billie Pounds, Ivy Lee Jones. ORCHESIS Arneson, Bullard, Chilian, Darter, Edwards, Eitt, Heiser, Holland, Lafferty, Lee, McAtee, Mayfield, Matthews, Shafer, Shepherd, Stenberg, Tomforde, Waggoner. Page 453 ARCHERY: Judith Perkins, winner; Mary Emma Owens. TENNIS DOUBLES: Renotta Patterson, Bonnie-Jean Duncan, Gamma Phi Beta, winners; Ruth Nicholson, Jane Brown, Zephyrs. TflBLE TENNIS SINGLES: fldele Friedlander, fllpha Epsilon Phi, winner; Iris flhup, fllpha Chi Omega. INTRflMURflL MflNAGERS (left to right): Mickie Carmichael, Dudy Brensman, Mariann Smith, Mary Jane Pinkston, Helen Levinson, Pauline Brand, Judith Perkins, Eleanor Harrison, Peggy Broderson, Mary Schiebel, Helen Osaba, Mary Mikusek, Peggy Bowles, Pat Patterson, Janet Copeland, Mrs. Seybolt (director), Precious Harris, Clarice Hollman, Jane Jarvis, flnnette Musil, Hazel McCoy, Florence Warner. VOLLEYBALL STRNDING. CZECH CLUB WIN- NERS: FIRST ROW: Viola Martinets, Mary Mikusek, Evelyn Scho- vajasa, Lenore Rebstein, Dorothy Horak. DECK TENNIS SINGLES: Billye Larson, Town Club, winner; Betty Slaughter, Delta Delta Delta. TENNIS SINGLES: Char- line Yaeger, Phi Mu, winner; Jane Brown, Zephyrs. DECK TENNIS DOUBLES: Jean Ott, Helen Osa- ba, Home Economics, winners; Chick flmi- don, Sybil Small, Pi Beta Phi. SECOND ROW: Mary Dvoracek, fldele Matejek, Eillen Cox, Martha Mikusek. SEflTED, KLIP KLUB, RUNNERS- UP: Viola Kolos, Olive Hum- ble, Carolyn Weiss, Hazel McCoy, Silva Holtom, flhce Beeman, Martha Schalen- bech. S flbove: Canter Club. SWIMMING CHflMPIONS: Delta Delta Delta, Clarice Hollman, Edna O ' Hair, Jane Douglass, Betty Slaughter, Dorothy Laf- ferty, flnn O ' Hair. POSTURE WINNERS: Sybil Catteral, Edna Real, Bertha Field. TABLE TENNIS DOUBLES: Helen Berman, Rdele Friedlander, fllpha Epsilon Phi, winners; flnn Schumacher, flnna Munger, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Mrs. Kathleen Bland. Dean D. A. Penick. Dean L. L. Click. Pharmacy lab. Campus at dusk. Home Economics class. L. Theo Bellmoni. Paul J. Thompson and Publisher Dealey. Milton R. Gutsch. Science Row. II c .44, t X " M _ ill Mill Garrison Hall. Robert P. Craw- ford. W. E. Gettys. Faculty reception for new members. Pre-Med Smoker. J. T. Patterson. Louis Baethe Dean Brogan. flrno Nowotny Old B. Hall. w v Physics Building. Coach Clyde Little- field, producer of champions in track for the last fifteen years. C. P. Boner. Gordon McNutt registers for the draft. Genial R. R. Rubottom. Watrous H. Irons. Typing Lab. Dorothy flyres. Cap Smith illus- trates a lecture. Waggener Hall Statistics lab. The Patron Saint of B.B.A. School, Hermes, flanked by a couple of students. John Arch White. James C. Dolley enjoys a fast game of tennis. A pair of students examine one of the many charts and graphs which cover the walls of Waggener. Dean J. Ander- son Fitzgerald teaches a class. - Sutton Hall. Education Class. Educa tion library loan desk. Dean Pittenger m T Htt Professor C. F. Arrowood com- ing out of the front door of his home. W. H. Brentlinger teach- ing. Students peruse the bulle- tin board. Office of the Dean of the School of Education. Getting ready to make a visit to the Appointment Commit- tee ' s Office. . ' ' TUOtEK ' Ammer W - : - % 1,1 Counter clockwise: Dean Taylor ' s portrait beams on some of his boys from the Engi- neers ' library wall. A chemistry lab. Third year architects in lab. Engineers in class. Defense training. The Architecture Building. E. C. H. Bontel. Bonks McLourin. The Engineering Building and Power House. Some Engineers talk over a knotty problem. Slide rules are in evidence in this class. More defense industry training. Class in Materials and Techniques. Directors of Radio House, and below, an R. H. production. Art class. Play- wright E. P. Conkle. 1 Gibson Danes in his Art History class. Chester Wallace. Radio House Orches- tra. Class working on murals. Conrad Path directing the Radio House Chorus. Mt fit the bottom is the Law Building. The office of the law secretarial service. A senior law class. Wells, White, and Rice check out some tomes. Reynolds and Choate. MBS " . Dean McCormick. Harding Laurence, Mickie Car- michael, and Johnnie Coselli. Class. The cockeyed pictures are of the usual crowd around the all- important announcement board, and one snapped in the library. Page 471 A pair of students exiting from the Chemistry Building. Dean Gidley. Two student pharmacists. Phar- macy lab. The Dispensary. More lab work. - 6 1 DGDICflTIOn DR. WILLARD RICHARDSON COOKE The School of Medicine Section of this Cactus is fondly dedicated to Dr. Willard R. Cooke, who is unequalled as a friend and teacher and whose ready wit and understanding of the students have alleviated many of the cares and worries of all those in Medical School who have had the good fortune of his influence. Page 474 FACULTY DR. J. E. WILLIAMS Assistant Dean, School of Medicine PAUL BRINDLEY, B.S., M.D., F.fl.C.P. Dlogy MEYER BODflNSKY, B.fl., M.fl., Ph.D., M.D. Prc ' essor of Pathological Chemistry W. R. COOKE, B.fl., M.D., F.flC.S. Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics DONflLD DUNCflN, B.fl., M.f l., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Anatomy RflYMOND GREGORY, M.D. Associate Prc j essor of Pharmacology T H. HflRRIS, B.fl., M.D., F.fl.C.P. Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry BYRON M. HENDRIX. B.S., Ph.D. Professor of Biological Chemistry GEORGE HERRMflNN, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., M.D., F.fl.C.P. Professor of Medicine MEMBERS OF THE FflCULTY JESSE B. JOHNSON. M.D. Associate Professor of Radiology SETH M. MORRIS, B.S., M.D., F.fl.C.S. Professor of Ophthalmology E. L. PORTER, B.fl., M.fl., Ph.D Professor of Physiology EDWflRD RflNDflLL, JR., B.fl., M.D. Professor of Therapeutics W. BOYD REflDING, M.D.. F.fl.C.P. Professor of Pediatrics H. REID ROBINSON, Ph.G.. M.D., F.fl.C.S. Professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology J. M. ROBISON, M.D. Associate Professor of Otology and Laryngology W. B. SHflRP, B.fl.. M.S., Ph.D., M.D. Professor of Bacteriology J. G. SINCLfllR, B.S., M.S., Ph.D Professor of Embryology and Histology fl. O. SINGLETON, B.S., M.D., F.fl.C.S. Professor of Surgery JOHN W. SPIES, B.fl., M.S., M.D. Professor of Public Health and Preventive Medicine W. F. SPILLER, M.D. Associate Professor of Dermatology and Syphilology C T STONE, B.fl., M.D.. F.fl.C.P. Professor of Medicine C. S. SYKES, B.S., M.D. Professor of Ophthalmology MRS. flNYCE WflLLflCE, R.N. Acting Director of College of Nursing JflRRETT E. WILLIflMS, B.S., M.D. Supt. of the University Diagnostic Teaching Clinic Top row: BODANSKY, BRINDLEY. COOKE. DUNCAN, GREGORY, HENDRIX. Middle row: HERRMANN. JOHNSON, PORTER, ROBINSON. SHARP, SINCLAIR Bottom row: SINGLETON. SPIES. SPILLER. WALLACE, WILLIAMS. Page 475 ALPHA OmCGA ALPHA HONORflRY MEDICflL FRflTERNITY OFFICERS Counselor . . President . Vice-Presjdent Secretary-Treasurer .ft. O. SINGLETON . .PflULBRINDLEY RflY K. DfllLY MflRTIN TOWLER CLASS OF 1 Ernest Alexander Hugh Arnold Jere Bauer Ronald Burnside Stanley Clayton Sam Cunningham la mes T. Downs, III Hanson Granger Sam Hoerster Robert Hurn William Levin Jack Lynn Thorpe Ray Jack Tausend George Woodfin Roy Baskin James Benton CLASS OF 1942 James Walker Louis Floyd Alfred Frobese T. G. Blocker, M.D Paul Brindley, M.D. Willard R. Cooke, M.D. Dolph L. Curb, M.D. George M. Decherd, Jr., M.D. John J. Delaney, M.D. G. W. N. Eggers, M.D. Raymond Gregory, M.D. Marvin Lee Graves, M.D. FACULTY MEMBERS George Herrmann, M.D. J. W. Hillsman, M.D. George T. Lee, M.D. Robert M. Moore, M.D. Seth M. Morris, M.D. Edward Randall, M.D. Boyd Reading, M.D. Edward H. Schwab, M.D. William B. Sharp, M.D. L. W. Sheckles, M.D. A. O. Singleton, M.D. C. T. Stone, M.D. S. R. Snodgrass, M.D. M. L Towler, M.D. Jarrett E. Williams, M.D. Page 476 seniORS fiLEXflNDER. JOHN ERNEST JR., B.fl., M.D.. Tylsr Osteon, AOA, +PX flLLEN. RUTH I . B.S , M.D., Dallas HB+. AEI flLTICK, FRANK J.. B.S., M.D., Dallas 6K+ flNDRUS, BfllLEY C., B.fl.. M.D.. Houston AKK flRNOLD. HUGH FULLER, M.D.. Hemphill +HZ, AEA. ACA. BflGWELL, ROBERT WflYNE. M.D.. Claude BfllLEY. C. C, MD, Palestine ATC. +BII BfllLEY. CHflRLES WILLIflM, B.fl . M.D.. flustin +X Osteon BflREKMflN. WILLIflM HflROLD. B.fl. MJ1., M.D., Stephenville, +BH BflUER, JERE M., M.D.. Fort Worth +BI1 AEA, AQA BRflNCH, GEORGE ROBERT, B.fl , M.D., Bryan +BFI BROWN, WILLIflM W., B.S., M.D.. Dallas 1AK. BH BURNETT, M. D., JR., B.fl.. M.D., Brenham BURSEY, PERRY LEROY, B.S.. M.D.. Fort Worth AEA, +HS. OK CflRflVflGELJ, MENELflUS fl., B.fl., M.D., Galveston AEA, 6K+ COLEMflN, JESSE L , M.D., Sanatorium +PI CUNNINGHflM, ERNEST SflMUEL, B.fl.. M.D., Gainesville 1 ' S AOA, +BH DICKERSON, JOE WESLEY, B.S., M.D.. Rockland 6K Page 477 senioRS DOWNS, JftMES TICKEL, III., B.A., M.D., Dallas X, H2, AEA, ABA, P2 ESTES, BATES B., M.D., Corpus Christ! OK FERGUSON, SflRflH, B.fl., M.D., Nacogdoches BK, AEI FITZWILLIflM, C. DENNIS, B.fl., M.D., Smithville AKK FUSTE, CflRLOS E., JR., M.D., Galveston OK GflLflTZflN, IDE, B.fl., M.D., El Paso AE GflRRETT, HENRY DODSON, B.fl., M.D., Marlin GORDON, MflRIE D., B.fl., M.D., Honey Grove AEI GRflNGER, W. HflNSON, B.S., M.D., flbilene AHA, OK HILL, W. J., JR., B.fl., M.D., Tenaha HOERSTER, SflM ft., JR., M.D., Mason N2N, AOA HUBNER, flLflN ERNEST, B.S., M.D., Houston HURN, ROBERT E., B.fl., M.D., Henrietta OBH, BH, AEA, AS2A HUTCHINS, SELWYN PERCIVflL RICE, B.fl., M.D., Marlin Osteon, P2 JOHNSON, NEUMON DflRREL, B.fl., M.D., Plainview AEA, 9K JONES, ELMER KNOX, B.fl., M.D., Wellington JOSLIN, BLOCKER HOWE, B.fl., M.D., fltlanta X, AEA KELLY, flLFRED JOHN, B.S., M.D., flustin , TBH, AEA, BH Page 478 scniORS KLECKfl, THEODORE flRTHUR, B.S., in Phonn., M.D.. Cuero KOLB. WELDON GflRRETT, BA, MD.. Lubbock LEATON, ROBERT EDWflRD, B.A., MJ ., Clebume AEA. +BK, +BH LEGET. CflREY. JR., M.D, Port Lovaca BE LEVIN. WILUflM C., B.fl.. M.D.. Galveston AEA, +BK. AOA, +AE McDflNflLD. EUGENE. BA. M.D.. Beaumont 8K+ McREE. EDGflR CORNELIUS. M.D.. Houston X MANHOFF. LOUIS J.. JR, M.D.. San flntonio AKK MEITZEN, TRAVIS CHARLES, BA. M.D., Denison NEWHINNEY, LOGAN U., B.A-, M.D., HoUand Octoca. BH, +PA MUSTAIN. RHOADS. BA, M.D.. Aubrey B A.P.B.. AA, AKK PICKETT. WILLIAM H.. B5.. M.D., Palestine Osleoa. +BH PRUTTT. CHARLES, JR.. M.D.. LaneviUe OK RAY, CLARENCE THORPE. B.A., M.D., Hutto . AEA, +BK AQA. +BH RESER. WAYNE ALLAN, M.D., Bryan ect RK, ROBERT ALVIN, B A., M.D., Commerce ROUNSAVILLE. JOHN QUINN. B.S., M.D., Hamilton 8K+ RUSSELL, WOOLWORTH, B5., M.D., Amarillo Poo 479 senioRs SflWTELLE, WILLIflM W., B.fl., M.D., San Antonio AKK SCflRDINO, P. LESTER, B.fl., M.D., Houston AKK SELKE, OSCAR, JR., B.fl., M.D., Houston OK SHflCKLETT, E. D., M.D., San Antonio SMYTH, RODGER G., B.A., M.D., Uvalde AKK STANFORD, HENRY, B.S., M.D., Mount Vernon t HS. B.B.B., B A, 6K SYKES, EDWIN M., B.A., M.D., San Antonio KZ, AKK, AEA TAUSEND, JACK H., B.A., M.D., Houston AS2A, AKK TIMMINS, O. H., JR., B.A., M.D., San Antonio M ' A, AKK TINTEROW, MflURICE M., B.A., M.D., Galveston AE TOTTENHAM, EDWIN PIER, B.A., M.D., Brenham Osteon, 4 X VASSALLO, HARRY ROSS, M.D., Galveston NSN WEATHERFORD, JACK M., M.D., San Antonio AKK WEBB, JOHN B., B.A., M.D., Donna AEA, AKK WILBORN, SAM W., B.A., M.D., Austin WILLIAMS, CARSON, B.fl., M.D., Houston Osteon, AKK WILSON, THELBERT, B.A., M.D., Liberty 9K WOODFIN, GEORGE S., B.S., M.D., Paris AKK ZEPEDA, RUDOLPH FELIX, B.A., M.D., Houston Page 480 GRflDUflTG nURSGS BflTTE, ELEANOR JANICE, G. N. Lake Charles, La. COMERFORD, RUTH, G. N. Wills Point ELLIOTT, ALPHA, G. N. Houston ERWIN. MYRTLE LOU, G. N. . T . -. : ' . GRIMM. JEAN, G. N. Harlingen HARDER, JOYCE, G. N. Beaumont HEflRTIG. EDNA, G. N. Woodsboro HENRY, BERNICE. G. N. Galveston HESTER, WILLENA, G. N. Clebume HODGES, MARIEMMA, G. N. Burkbumett HUNDLEY, CORRIE, G. N. Houston HURN, MARGARET, G. N. Henrietta MILLSAP, JEWEL VIRGINIA, G. N. Hillsboro ROBINSON, NELLIE, G. N. Galveston THOMAS. BETTY ROSE, G. N. Texarkana THORNHILL. GERALDINE, G. N. Orange TRIPLITT, LUCILLE AGNES. G. N. La Porte WILSON, ANNE MEREDITH, G. N. Ben Wheeler YELDERMAN, JANET. G. N. ---: 7 --- SCALY nURSGS Ji M X U )i 11 H II It JUNIOR STUDENTS Bottom row, Sawyer, Knocke, Agnew, Whisenhunt, A. Cox, M. Krueger, Kessler, Hardy, Sturm, Durham, Dial, Eiman, Schaefer, Compton. Second row: Walz, Rocque, Westbrook, Ballard, Tolar, Takano, Witte, Meyer, Parter, Hunt, N. Rose, P. Rose, Musgrove, K. Looney, M. Jarrett. Third row: Cooper, Rossy, Mauldin, Brenan, G. Clark, Milliken, Goza, flustin, Murph, Spears, Brandes, Legan, S. Brown, Donoho, Boyd Top row: Wright, Ulbrich, French, Frazier, Bell, Sturgis, Guess, Scifres, Rabstein, Evans, Fisher. PRELIMINflRY STUDENTS Bottom row: Green, Ostermayer, Woodall, Kirby, Beckett, Young, Dye, Thompson, Floyd, Temple- ton, Williamson, Cannon, Buzzo, Chisholm, Brown, Cole. Second row: Anthony, Jarratt, flmos, Taylor, Meadows, Darnell, Weiser, Ando, Helvering, Ives, Marvin, McClelland, Long, Cleveland. Top row: Behrens, Moser, Jennings, Cox, Smith, Grasso, Garcia, Graybeal, Sansom, Schilling, Wertenberger, Sloniker, Fisher, Humbile, Rocque, Gregory, Gudmonson, Bryant, Carpenter, Burns, Wilcoxen, Williams. JUNIORS I Jane flgnew, Abilene Lorraine flustin, Lake Charles, La. Marie Ballard, Haskell Ardith Bell, Iowa Park Jennie Mae Boyd, Woodville Verla Brandes, East Bernard Dora L. Brenan, Roswell, N. Mex. Sadie Brown, Santa Fe, N. Mex. Grace Clark, San flngelo Josephine Compton, Timpson Doris Cooper, Henderson Nora Agnes Cox, Uvalde Vanita Dial, Bryan Johnnie Donoho, Grandview Marie Durham, Bryan Rosalie Eimann, Brenham Ruth Fisher, Bellville Marvin Frazier, Carrizo Springs Eleanor French, Port Arthur Grace Guess, Houston Mary Lou Goga, Port Arthur Johnnie Hardy, jasper Ruth Hunt, Lubbock Margaret Jarrett, Timpson Charlene Kessler, Terrell Wells Florine Knocke, Fredericksburg Modena Krueger, Eagle Patricia Legan, San Antonio Kathleen Looney, Denton Ellen Mauldin, Abilene Gwendolyn Meyer, San Antonio Mary Millikin, Burkburnett Alpha Monke, Weinert Bertha Murph, Houston Margie Musgrove, Port Neches Mildred Paul, Franklin, La. Marjorie Perdue, Talco Ella Mae Perkins, Williston, Fla. Jean Marie Porter, Diboll Sylvia Rabstein, Trenton, N J. Eleanor Rocque, Pawhuska, Okla. Nadine Rose, Purcell, Okla. Pauline Rose, Purcell, Okla. Lucille Rossy, Corpus Christi Margie Sawyer, Pawhuska, Okla. Rose Schaefer, Marion Essie Mae Schwethelm, San Antonio Gwendolyn Scifres, Keifs Bluff, Ark. Rose Mary Spears, Alvin Mary Speck, Houston Esther Sturgis, Center Point Mabel Sturm, Arcadia Nellie Takano, Hawi, Hawaii Louella Tolar, Ennis La Verne Ulbrich, Hondo Luella Waltz, San Antonio Mary Elizabeth Westbrook, Ballinger Nellie Wisenhunt, El Paso Violet Witte, Fayetteville Mary Virginia Wright, Robstown Louise Caskey, San Antonio Glennel Cox, Elkhart Laverne Eiland, Munday Valenta Amos, Timpson Irene Ando, Almeda Ruth Anthony, Saffard, Ariz. Margaret Beckett, Dallas Martha Behrens, East Bernard Helen Brown, San Bernardino, Cal. Willa Bryant, Damon Mary J. Burns, Uvalde Evelyn Buzzo, Dallas Elizabeth Cannon, Galveston Laura Carpenter, San Benito Jessie Chisholm, Brownwood Jane Cleveland, Austin Agnes Cole, Stephenville JUNIORS II Dorothy Faulk, Galveston Jewel Fuller, Texarkana, Texas Bessie Hancock, Wapanucka, Okla. Louise Hoffman, Houston Christine Meadows, Beaumont Henrietta Newsome, Wichita Falls PRELIMINflRY STUDENTS Julia Cox, Fort Worth Lillie Bell Darnell, Galveston Johnnie Jean Dye, San Antonio Helen Fisher, Bellville Chloe Floyd, Pasadena Alma Gloria Garcia, Brownsville Billy Jean Graybeal, La Porte Kathryn Green, Hughes Springs Mary Gregory, Galveston Helen Grasso, Jewett Marion Gudmonson, Las Fresnas Lillian Harvin, Nacogdoches Gleneva Helvering, Texas City Elizabeth Humble, Houston Pearlie Mae Ives, Austin Virginia Jarratt, Timpson Charlsey Jennings, Kountze Mary E. Kirby, Houston Olga Long, Wichita Falls Waneta Meadows, Beaumont Fay Moser, Waco Evelyn McClelland, Brownwood Alice Ostermayer, La Marque Emily Rocque, Pawhuska Billye Sanson, Marathon Kathryn Schulling, Dayton Margaret Sloniker, Santa Barbara, Cal. Laurine Smith, Alvin Reva Lee Minton, Joshua Lasche Opel, Corpus Christi Ara Frances Sanders, Angleton Ruth Tew, Galveston Galye Taylor, Houston Dora Elizabeth Templeton, Combes Dorothy Thompson, McAllen Lorraine Wade, San Antonio Dorothy Weisser, New Braunfels B. Wertenberger, Barnes, Kan. Dorothy Wilcoxen, Legion Katherin Williams, Lake Charles, La Evelyn Williamson, Fairbanks lone Woodall, San Antonio Madge Young, Abilene Page 482 UnDGRGRflDUflTGS JUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS Page 483 The " Arcade " . . . Joe Woodward finally conquers the net . . . Jackson, Hegar, Ressmann, and a non-medic talking it over . . . McSween hidden behind two flitting butterflies . . . Logan Mewhinney really isn ' t a " bad girl " . . . Man, woman, or beast? . . . Surrealism at the Phi Sig ' s dance Gory Sherrill and Money Bags Pruitt . . . Gayle Taylor, God ' s gift to Fox . . . Pirkey, girl friend, Bentliff, and the Lieutenant dressed for a party. M - . -fcJT " - . ' Seoly Nurses: 1900 and 1940 ... John Sealy Hospital, as it seldom appears to a student . . . Phi Beta muggs and their molls . . . More surrealism!!! ... Dr. and Mrs. Hillsman laughing at Deacon Bailey behind the camera. : .- - STUDenT OFFICIflLS BfllLEY C. flNDRUS, AKK President, Senior Class JESSE COLEMflN, P2 Vice-President, Senior Class WILLIflM PICKETT, BII Secretary, Senior Class CHflRLES W. BfllLEY, X Senior Honor Council Representative HflROLD BflREKMflN, BII Editor of Directory STflNLEY CLftYTON, X Editor of Blotter EDGflR McREE, 4 X President, Students ' flssociation JERE BflUER, Vice-President, Students ' flssociation SELWYN HUTCHINS, 4 P2 Secretary-Treasurer, Students ' flssociation RODGER G. SMYTH, AKK Editor of Cactus JflMES T. DOWNS, Business Manager of Cactus BfllLEY C. flNDRUS, AKK Manager of Book Store ERNEST flLEXflNDER, Assistant Manager of Book Store flLVIN RIX, BH Editor of Medical JflMES LETT, X Business Manager of Medical WILLIflM W. SflWTELLE, AKK Chairman of Invitations EflRL CLflWflTER, PS President, Junior Class BRflDFIELD OXFORD, AKK Vice-President, Junior Class FRED SPENCER, X Secretary, Junior Class JflCK WflLKER, Bn Junior Honor Council Representative R. V. JONES, President, Sophomore Class LOUIS CflRTflLL, X Vice-President, Sophomore Class HOLMflN TflYLOR, AKK Secretary, Sophomore Class WflLTER PflRKS, Sophomore Honor Council Representative WILLIflM MILLS, X President, Freshman Class CHflRLES BINTLIFF, Secretary, Freshman Class CHflRLES SPRflGUE, Freshman Honor Council Representative Page 48S flLPHfi CPSILOn IOTP. Top row: YOUNG. NflSH. COLEMflN. WITT. WEBB, HEAVES. Second raw: MULLOY. MflCHLES, PALMER. MONK. JENSEN, HERRMANN. Bottom row: HEGAR, FELTER. ALLEN. FERGUSON. FARRELL. COOPER. BflRR. MEMBERS Ruth I. Alien Ruth Bain Nell Ban- Rose Coleman Betty Cooper Marjorie Farrell Georgia Felter Sarah Ferguson Marie D. Gordon Harriet Hegar Georgianna Herrmann Francine Jensen Fannie Machles Corinne Monk Mary Mulloy Jane Ruth Nash Delphine Palm Jeanne Palmer Frances Phillips Ponice Reaves Margaret Webb Mary Witt Bette Young flnnZachiy OFFICERS President RUTH I. flLLEN Vice-President GEORGIfl FELTER Recording Secretary ROSE COLEMflN Corresponding Secretary PONICE REflVES Treasurer SflRflH FERGUSON RUTH F. ALLEN President Page 487 flLPHfl KflPPA KflPPA 4441 1 . JL Top row: YOUENS, W., YOUENS, T., WOODWflRD, WOMflCK, WHITTENBURG, WOODFIN, WILLIflMS, WflLL, WEflTHERFORD. Second row: WEBB, TflUSEND, SYKES, WflLLIS, TIMMINS, TflYLOR, SPENCE, SNYDER, SMYTH. Third row: SflWTELLE, PONTON, MflTLflGE, MflNHOFF, SMITH, SEflRCY, SCflRDINO, RESSMflNN, OXFORD. Fourth row: LflMBERT, IOHNSON, HflLL, FOX, ENTZMINGER, NORTHINGTON, MUSTflIN, LOUIS MflNHOFF, IflCKSON. Bottom row: DeYOUNG, BRflZELTON, flNDRUS, HflSSKflRL, FROBESE, FITZWILLIflM, DODD, BEflCH, BERNARD, BflRNflRD. Bailey flndrus James Barnard George Bernard Paul Beach Berry Brazelton Richard DeYoung George Dodd Lindell Entzminger C. D. Fitzwilliam Jack Fox Robert Feamster fllfred Frobese Clifford Hall Walter F. Hasskarl Dudley Jackson, Jr. Leonard Johnson Carey King James Lambert Charles Manhoff Louis Manhoff MEMBERS W. T. Matlage Oliver S. Moore Rhoads Mustain Harold Northington Bradfield Oxford flrville Ponton flrthur Ressmann Charles Rumble William Sawtelle Lester Scardino Marshall Searcy Y. C. Smith, Jr. Rodger Smyth Ned Snyder Edwin Sykes Horace Spence J. R. Spencer Jack Tausend Holman Taylor O. H. Timmins Herman Wall Mac Wallis Jack Weatherford John Webb Ross Whitenburg Carson Williams Harry Womack George Woodfin Joe Woodward Thomas Youens Willis Youens OFFICERS President GEORGE S. WOODFIN Vice-President JACK TflUSEND Treasurer LESTER SCflRDINO Recording Secretary. .. LEONflRD JOHNSON Corresponding Secretary . WflLTER HflSSKflRL Historian JOHN WEBB Marshall JOE WOODWflRD Warden flLFRED FROBESE Chaplain GEORGE DODD Steward.. . .JflCK TflUSEND GEORGE S. WOODFIN President Page 488 nu siGiim nu Top row: WOLMfl, WIGGINS. VflSSflLLO, THOMPSON. STEPHENS, SNYDER. H., RUSSO. Second row: SNYDER, R., SHIELDS. THflDDEUS. RICHflRDSON. RODGERS, HOERSTER, FLOYD. Third row: McCARROLL. REVELEY. PEYTON. PETTfl. NEEL. JOHN ELLIS. DOMINEY. Bottom row: MARSHALL. LOMBARDO, HULL. JACK ELLIS. DAVENPORT. BLACK. GRAIN, BELLNOSKI. MEMBERS William Bellnoski Gordon Black Gay Carroll L. B. Grain Emory Davenport Joe Dominey Jack Ellis John Ellis L. C. Floyd John Halamicek Sam Hoerster Luther Hull Stanley Jaynes Roy Lombardo Howard Marshall Loy McCarroll J. C. Neel George Petta Ben Peyton Hugh Reveley O. J. Richardson Rodney Rodgers G. M. Russo J. M. Shields Hal Snyder Roy Snyder Bill Stephens fll Thaddeus Hardy Thompson Harry Vassallo Kenneth Wiggins Fred Wolma OFFICERS President SflM HOERSTER Vice-President LOY McCflRROLL Secretary J. M. SHIELDS Treasurer O. J. RICHflRDSON Steward EMORY DflVENPORT Historian KENNETH WIGGINS Custodian.. ..JOHN ELLIS President Page 489 PHI BGTfl PI in A.. Top row: Watkins, Walker, J., Upshaw, Talley, Shurley, Wilson, Wilborn, Sprague, Smyth, Shindler, Picket!. Second row: Shepperd, Sanders, Rix, Ray, Phillips, O ' Neal, Neighbors, Morrow, Newhinney, McMillin, McLean. Third row: Moorman, Miller, Kelly, Key, Leaton, Keith, Kauffman, Jones, E., Jenkins, Hum, Hargrove, E. Fourth row: Keene, Jones, R. V., Jones, E. K., Johnson, Hill, Hargrove, C., Greer, Fisher, Eden, Duflot, Dawson. Fifth row: Glass, Gilliam, Edge, Cox, Coleman, Campbell, Cunningham, Craddock, Connor, Carruthers, Brown, D. Bottom row: Brown, B., Branch, Berry, Beard, Bauer, Baskin, Barekman, Bailey, Boster, Benton, Bell, Barnhart. Clarence Bailey Harold Barekman Joe Barnhart Roy Baskin Jere Bauer Bruce Beard ' Jim Bell Jim Benton George Berry Ray Boster George Branch Bill Brown Dor Brown Ralph Campbell Spencer Carruthers Gabs Coleman Marvin Connor Jack Cox Wallace Craddock San Cunningham Roy Davis Da id Dawson Leo Duflot George Eden John Edge Charlie Fisher Hilburn Gilliam Walter Glass MEMBERS Sam Greer Carey Hargrove Eugene Hargrove W. J. Hill, Jr. Robert Hum Edward Jenkins Rlvis Johnson Edmund Jonss E. K. Jones R. V. Jones fldolph Kauffman E. L. Keene Alfred Kelly Frank Keith Julian Key Edward Leaton Bill McLean Rush McMillin Logan Mewhinney George Miller Warren Moorman Grady Morrow flllan Neighbors Ksrmit O ' Neal Jack Phillips Bill Picket! Thorpe Ray fllvin Rix Virgil Sanders Roy Shepperd Tom Shindler J. T. Shurley Jack Smyth Charlie Sprague Thurman Talley Jack Upshaw Jack Walker Jimmie Walker Dale Watkins Sam Wilborn Charlie Wilson OFFICERS President Vice-President. Secretary Treasurer Historian. . THORPE RflY BILL BROWN . . . . ROY SHEPPERD ROY BflSKIN . . EDWARD LEATON THORPE RflY, President Page 490 PHI CHI Top row WALLflCE, WAGNER, THOMAS. RUSSELL. McKAY, MOYAR, TOTTENHAM, STUBBLEFIELD, SPENCER. SMITH, SITTA. Second row: MIMS, MILLS, MEITZEN, LANCASTER, JARVIS, ROBERTS, T., ROBERTS, D., McREE, McNEILL, McCORMICK, KLECKA. Third row: GARRETT, D., FISH, DONALDSON. COLBY, CELAYA, CARTALL, IOSLIN. GARRETT, E., GARDINER, COVENTRY, CLAYTON. Fourth row: BURNETT, BROWN, A., BETTS. BETTIS. BAGWELL, CANTRELL. CALLAWAY, BURNSIDE. BUIE, BAILEY. ATKIN- SON, ALLENSWORTH. I. C. flllensworth G. N. Atkinson Wayne Bagwell Wm. Charles Bailey George Bain Sidney Baker Moody Bettis Floyd Betts Ned Boice ft. L. Brown J. R. Brown Charles Browne Neal Buie M. D. Burnett Ronald Burnside Frank Bussey Sam Callaway William Cantrell L. M. Cartall filbert Celaya James Clark Stanley Clayton Malcomb Colby, Jr. Vaden Coventry filan Grain J. R. Donaldson MEMBERS John Henry Fish Henry Gardiner Dodson Garrett Edward Garrett Charles Harris Renshaw Innis Walter Jarvis Blacker Joslin O. T. Kirksey Theodore Klecka filbert LaLonde York Lancaster Dick Leigh James Lett C. H. Mahaffey Travis Meitzen William Mills Luther Mims John Moyar James C. McBride T. C. McCormick J. V. McKay Joe McNeill Edgar McRee Donald Roberts Tom R. Roberts Woolworth Russell Elliott Sharp Raymond Sitta Rex ft. Smith Fred Spencer R. L. Stubblefield Skiles Thomas Edwin Tottenham Wilson Wagner John L. Wallace OFFICERS Presiding Senior THEODORE KLECKA Presiding Junior JOE McNEILL Secretary ALBERT CELAYA Treasurer CHARLES McCORMICK Judge Advocate ALBERT LaLONDE House Manager. . . .SAM CALLAWAY THEODORE KLECKA Presiding Senior Page 491 PHI DGLTfi GPSILOn Top row: COHEN, EISEN, GflLflTZflN, KflPLflN, GOLENTERNEK. Second row: MYERS, RABINOWITZ, LEVY, LEVIN, ROSENGflRTEN. Bottom row: ROBINOWITZ, ROTHENBERG, TINTEROW, WUNDERMflN, SCHflFFER, WERTHEIMER. MEMBERS Martell Benjamin Milton Cohen Louis Dailey, Jr. Herman Eisen Joe Galatzan Joe Golenternek Harry L. Kaplan William Levin Moise Levy, Jr. Ted Myers Jerry Newton George Rabinowitz Eli Robinowitz Leonard Rosengarten Lionel Rothenberg Randolph Schaffer William Smallburg Maurice M. Tinterow Haskell Wertheimer Dan Wunderman OFFICERS President MAURICE M. TINTEROW Vice-President WILLIAM LEVIN Secretary HflSKELL WERTHEIMER Treasurer JOE GOLENTERNEK House Manager.. . .RflNDOLPH SCHAFFER MflURICE M. TINTEROW President Page 492 PHI RHO SIGfim Top row: SHER1LL, PRU1TT, PICKEY, PflYNE, WILSON. WRITTEN. WELTY, TflYLOR. SINGLETON. Second row: McSWEEN, LORIMER, HUTCHINS. RODEN. PET1TFILS, PflRKS, OLEN, MflRSH. LONG. Third row: HEYE, HEJTMflNCIK. GOOLSBY, DOWNS. LflY, HRKPflTRICK. JOHNSON. GflRBER. ESS1N. Bottom row. DICKENS. BINTUFF, BflRNETT, ALEXANDER, COLEMAN, CLflWflTER. CflRRINGTON. BRUCE. BRflDFIELD. BERNflRD. MEMBERS Ernest Alexander Lawrence Barnett Lynn Bernard Charles Bintliff J. Y. Bradfield E. Ivan Bruce Cam Carrington Earl Clawater Jesse Coleman Billy Bob Dickens James T. Downs, III Emmett Essin Bill Fisher Peter Garber Jack Goolsby Milton Hejtmancik Randall Heye Selwyn P. R. Hutchins Joe K. Johnson Roy Kirkpatrick James Lay Walter Long Bill Lorimer George Marsh Jay McSween Walter Olin Walter Parks Beverly Payne Dick Petitfils Will Pirkey Jack Pruitt Jake Roden Marvin Sherrill Ed Singleton Tommy Taylor John Welty John Whitten Billy Wilson OFFICERS President Vice-President . . . Secretary House Manager. Steward. . ...ERNEST flLEXflNDER ...SELWYN HUTCHINS JflY McSWEEN GEORGE MflRSH .CflM CflRRINGTON ERNEST ALEXANDER. President Page 493 THGTfl KflPPfl PSI Top row: Watson, Whitson, Slataper, Evans, Reser, Thornton, Wales, White, Wilhite. Second row: Pruitt, Pokorny, Nash, Merrill, Thomas, Stewart, Stanford, Shepard, Skrivanek. Third row: Livengood, Leifeste, Legett, Lancaster, Selke, Rivas, Rape, Pennington, Orman. Bottom row: Holloway, Harris, Gott, Fuste, Fuqua, McDanald, Moore, Mills, Middlebrook. MEMBERS Frank J. Rltick Kenneth flrnett Hugh Arnold Paul Barker Otto Brandt, Jr. Leroy Bursey Victor Calma Menelaus Caravageli Chas. William Castle Presley Chalmers EUGENE McDflNflLD, President Wesley Childs Ira Clarkson Ralph W. Coltharp Ralph L. Crawford Joe W. Dickerson Fred Dorsey Mylie Durham Gerald East Bates Estes Junius Evans Edgar Ezell Monroe Fairchild Rollin S. Fillmore, Jr. Tom Foye Cruce Fuqua Carlos Fuste, Jr. Hansen Granger W. C. Gott Hugh Hanson Homer W. Harris Capres Hatchett, Jr. J. J. Hollomon Kenneth Holloway fllan Hubner M. C. Jackson Newman Johnson Lifford Lancaster Charles Lange Milton Laughlin Carey Leggett, Jr. Homer Leifeste Gerald Livengood Wendell Lowrey Truman Melcher Sam J. Merrill Francis Middlebrook Morriss Mills, Jr. Jack Moore Eugene McDanald Chas. Henry Nash Forrest Orman Jack Pennington Alex D. Pokorny Charles Pruitt Marvin Greer Rape Wayne Reser fll Rivas Quinn Rounsaville E. B. Sanford Oscar Selke Ernest Shacklett Groom Shepard Ervin J. Skrivanek Eugene Slataper Hay Smotherman Henry Stanford Alan Stuart Fred P. Thomas William Thornton Philip Wales Ralph Watson Weldon C. White Robert O. Whitson Hilton Wilhite Thelbert Wilson Page 494 THGTfl KflPPfl PSI Top row: ESTES. EAST. LOWREY, LflUGHLIN, LflNGE, JOHNSON. JflCKSON, HUBNER, MELCHER, ARNETT. Second row: DURHAM. DICKERSON. CRAWFORD, HOLLOMON. HATCHETT, HANSON, GRANGER, FOYE. FAIRCHILD, CHILDS. Third row: CLARKSON, CARAVAGELI. CALMA. BURSEY, ARNOLD, FILLMORE, EZELL. DORSEY, COLTHARP, CHALMERS. Bottom row: ALTICK. ROUNSAVILLE, SANFORD, SHACKLETT, SMOTHERMAN, CASTLE, BRANDT, BARKER. OFFICERS President EUGENE McDflNflLD Vice-President HANSON GRflNGER Bursar RflLPH COLTHflRP Recorder.. ..MflRVINRflPE Page 495 OSTGOn r, o o Top row: Spencer, Morrow, Keith, Buie, Hargrove, Glass, Clawater, Jarvis, Welty, Hasskarl. Second row: Jones, Cartall, Key, Northington, Roden, Kirkpatrick, Taylor, Wagner, Whittenburg, Talley. Third row: Mills, Lorimer, King, Edge, Bernard, Singleton, Neighbors, Colby, Fox, Downs. Bottom row: Brazelton, Frobese, Bagwell, Alexander, Hutchins, Mewhinney, Pickett, Syker, Tottenham. OFFICERS President JAMES T. DOWNS, P2 Secretary-Treasurer . . ..WALTER HflSSKflRL, AKK Alexander, Ernest, P- Bagwell, Wayne, " X Bailey, Bill, X Bernard, Lynn, P2 Brazelton, Berry, AKK Buie, Neil, X Cartall, Louis, I ' X Clawater, Earl, PS Colby, Malcolm, X Edge, John, i Bn Fisher, William, P2 Fox, Jack, AKK Frobese, Alfred, AKK Glass, Walter, BII Hargrove, Eugene, BII Hutchins, Selwyn, MEMBERS Jarvis, Walter, X Keith, Frank, BH Key, Julian, BII King, Carey, AKK Kirkpatrick, Roy, P3 Leigh, Dick, X Lett, Jimmy, X Lorimer, Bill, P2 McMillin, Rush, Bn Mewhinney, Logan, t BII Mills, Billy, X Moore, Ollie, AKK Morrow, Grady, BH Neighbors, Alan, Bn Northington, Harold, AKK Oxford, Bradfield, AKK Pickett, Bill, BH Roden, Jake, P2 Singleton, Eddie, P2 Spencer, Fred, X Sykes, Ed, AKK Talley, Thurman, BII Taylor, Holman, AKK Taylor, Tommie, P2 Tottenham, Ed, X Wagner, Wilson, ' I ' X Wallace, John, X Welty, John, P2 Whittenburg, Ross, AKK Williams, Carson, AKK Wilson, Charles, BII Woodfin, George, AK K Page 496 45 YEARS OF CONTINUED SERVICE TO THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Books - Stationery School Supplies UNIVERSITY CO-OP " The Student ' s Own Store " 2246 GUADALUPE STREET AUSTIN, TEXAS Page 498 E. M. Scarbrough Sons Congress Avenue at Sixth Street leaders in College Approved Fashions since 1893 . . with five specialized student shops . . . 1. the College Shop 2. the Junior Shop 3. the Sports ' Shop 4. the Students ' Shop 5. the Men ' s Store AUSTIN liSEEC rfsai! Page 499 (v) ijjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniii! TM liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil COMPLIMENTS OF 616 CONGRESS Austin ' s Leading Store for Men Page 500 EIGHT CONVENIENT DRUG STORES IN AUSTIN One Located at 2324 Guadalupe Street (Across the Street from Texas Union) Choose COOLGRflTOR These all important health and energy-giving vita- mins that mean so much to you and your family ' s health must be protected against deterioration . . . Foods kept in pure washed air of a modern Cooler- ator will retain their appetizing freshness over a longer period of time. Coolerator ' s patented Ice Conditioning Chamber prevents rapid drying-out of foods. Food gases are absorbed by water from melting ice and carried away. No covered dishes are necessary. Constant safe temperatures are maintained whether ice chamber is full or nearly empty. THERE IS ONLY ONI Phone 3523 SGRVICG company 107 W. 2nd St. Page 501 THG AUSTin nATionAL BAM of AUSTIN, TEXAS More than FIFTY YEARS OF FRIENDLY SERVICE Chartered May 9, 1890 Resources $20,000,000.00 MEMBER FEDERflL DEPOSIT INSURflNCE CORPORflTION U. S. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY Page 502 ughes Tool Company Products are used in the Drill ing Industry throughout the world . . . . They are Leaders HUGHES TOOL COMPANY HOUSTON, TEXAS UJITH GVGRY GOOD UJISH FOR THG SUCCGSS ARD HAPPIRGSS OF ALL STUDGRTS OF THG URIVGRSITY OF TGXAS The flmerican Rational Bank Austin, Texas MEMBER FEDERflL DEPOSIT INSURflNCE CORPORATION Page 504 Send Us Your MAIL ORDERS FOR Books Supplies WE PflY POSTAGE AND SHIP SAME DAY ORDER IS RECEIVED TEXAS BOOK STORE Across from University 2244 GUflDALUPE ST. Exclusive " HOME COOKING " On the Drag for 23 Years UJUKflSCH BROS. CfiFG - AIR COOLED - 2002 Guadalupe Phone 6305 Page 505 THG IN AUSTIN WALTER BREMOND, JR., President JNO. A. GRACY, Vice President WALTER BOHN, Vice President ED ONSTOT, Vice President LEO KUHN, Cashier JOE S. DUNLflP, Ass ' t. Cashier W. C. KENNEDY, Ass ' t. Cashier R. CARTER HOWELL, Ass ' t. Cashier U. S. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY MEMBER F.D.I.C. Page 506 Graduates of 1941.. Congratulations I loske ' s and the Youth of Southwest Texas have long been " good companions. " For Joske ' s is more than just a store, it ' s a personality . . . always hospitable, always ready to serve you through large stocks, newest fashions and values that let you keep to your budget. Young folks like the warm friendliness of this store and you see them here often, buying with the confidence they place in a real friend. Because of this deep friendship between Youth and a Store, Joske ' s has grown steadily greater. It ' s now considered one of the most beautiful stores in America . . . like a whole city of shops under one roof always waiting to please you, your family, your friends. JOSKE ' S San Antonio, Texas Thank you for your patronage this year . . . and in the future, remember, this is your home away from home. UNIVERSITY OF TEXflS HEflDQUflRTERS IN FORT WORTH Home of the Famous VENETIAN ROOM BLAC KJr WORTH ' S HOTEL OF DISTINCTION We Cater to the College Man We feature HART SCHAF FNER MARX CLOTHES STETSON HATS ARROW SHIRTS FLORSHEIM SHOES INTERWOVEN SOX Jas. K. UJilson Dallas Main at Field Page 507 Our First Line of Defense.. Today ' s young men and women constitute tomorrow ' s farmers, bankers, industrialists, lawyers and plain citizens who will continue in the " pursuit of life, liberty and happiness " in the time-honored American Way of Life. These young men and women are America ' s first line of defense against the inroads of foreign " isms " and beliefs contrary to our form of government. Because they hold dear the right of free speech, public assembly, and elective officials, the United States will remain the stronghold of a strong people. Congratulations to you as the class of 1941 ... to you who will fill the important role of citizenship in Texas and the nation. Page 508 RmmBRS TO scno SOLD BY BETTER STORES Compliments of ohn .A she FORT WORTH, TEXAS ' One of the South ' s finest shops for men " Page 509 TO A GREATER UNIVERSITY Compliments of J ESSE . J ONES NTERESTS HOUSTON, TEXAS Page 510 Compliments of D. Harold Byrd Dexter UJ. Scurlock L ft W Y E R 1404 Fort Worth National Bank FORT WORTH, TEXflS B.fl. - LL.D. 17 the largest store j Mheslargest city in the larqsst state Foley Bros, pioneered collegiate fashions in junior sizes for co-eds . . . and now offers as likely fashions for the " eds. " When in Houston . . . making the most of your allow- ance . . . come around to Foley Bros. TEXflS OWNED... TEXAS MINDED! evGRYTHina COnSIDGRGD Your Best Assurance of Complete Dining Satisfaction MIL AM Cafeteria AUSTIN FORT WORTH SflN flNTONIO Page 511 Adequate Certi [|uate WirincrfU ified Heating i f 1 1 Light fonditioning li Opens tkeT)oor to the | S ERYIC E Company CLOTHING FURNISHINGS HATS SHOES IIHILN PIIUII Page 512 Let ' s Talk LIFE INSURANCE This agency is prepared at all times to give you up-to-the-minute advice on your life insurance needs. Whether you want life insurance for protection or investment, I can give you ex- perienced counsel that will save you m oney. And, that is not all! When I write you a life insurance contract your service has just begun. Write, phone, or wire me. I ' ll be glad to call on you anywhere in Texas to give you the benefits of my years in helpfully insur- ing hundreds of policyholders. Call Me Anytime, Anywhere CHARLGS G. SGAY GRflDUflTE TEXflS UNIVERSITY, 1936 301 Southland Building Dallas, Texas fls Good for Your CflR . Mobilgas As " THE COMMONS " Is Good for YOU Mobiloil Magnolia Dealer Page 513 UJOLFF mfiRX . . . Quality! . . . Service! . . . Courtesy! Striving ever to bring to critical San Antonians the newest . . . the smart- est . . . the most important modern merchandise of the day ... at prices in keeping with the trend of the times! NA1 IONWI BANK MEMBER FEDERflL DEPOSIT INSURflNCE CORPORHTION Page 514 YOU LOOK MIGHTY SWANKY IN THOSE JUSTIN BOOTS On the Campus or on the Range, wear genuine Justins for Style Leadership LOOK FOR THE JUSTIN BRflND ON THE BOOTS YOU BUY Made only by the JUSTIN BOYS H. J. JUSTIN SONS FORT WORTH The Bootmaker ?L W j So JL c " Me ff Z f THE HOUSE OF DIAMONDS Fort Worth " FORT WORTH We Study the Seismograph for Class of 55 By the time these youngsters ore out of school and on their own, we ' ll need more fields of Natural Gas to han- dle the new crowd. So with home-made earthquakes, and seismographs, the geol- ogists are busy already try- ing to find fresh gas-deposits in Texas earth. We supply 301 of your smokeless towns with this cheap automatic heat. LONE STAR GAS CO. Producing and Distributing Natural Gas for Factory . . . Business . . . and Home Page 515 Institution of Fashion SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS C. B. O ' Beirne Co. ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE 511 Wilson Building DALLAS TEXAS Phone Central 2222 GUARDIANS OF YOUR BETTER LIVING Symbols not of war . . . but of SERVICE! The smoke stacks of our electric plants may resemble somewhat cannons but they are the tools of production not of destruction. They are sentinels of electric service and better liv- ing reminders of one of Amer- ica ' s great blessings. Twenty-four hours a day you have all of the electric service you want for better living to make your life more enjoyable. And the cost is only a few pen- nies a day one of the smallest items of your family budget. TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY Page 516 You ' re Always Welcome at HOUSTON ' S SMART STORE FOR MEN WOMEN BOYS! BUICK COVERT AUTOMOBILE COMPANY 321-323 West Sixth Street flUSTIN, TEXflS Kelly Smith CLEflNER DYER HflTTER FURRIER 209 W. Sixth St. Phone 2-3131 METfl ' S MTT.T.TNERY SflLON in the Marie Antoinette 504 Congress Avenue Page 517 " One of America ' s Really Fine Stores. " Specializing in Men ' s, Women ' s and Chil- dren ' s Apparel and Accesso- ries. Occupying six floors of the 35-story Gulf Building. HOUSTON TO THE 1941 GRADUATES We Extend Best Wishes for Success The Rationed Bank of Commerce Capital Surplus $2,500,000 $2,500,000 HOUSTON, TEXAS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Page 518 " Your Downtown Shopping Center " Better Wear for Men SEVENTH flND CONGRESS P. W. McFadden Claude E. Hill UNIVERSITY DRUG STORE P. W. McFflDDEN CO. Continuous, Satisfactory, Dependable Service SINCE 1885 Page 519 Compliments of YOUR FRIENDLY 5 lOc STORE HAGC CO. ON THE DRAG " There ' s Nothing Accidental About Quality " ' AWK OUTSTflNDING FOR ORIGINflL FOOD SPECIALTIES No. 1 336 So. Congress, Austin No. 2 20th and Guadalupe, Austin No. 3 Main Ave. Ashley, San Antonio " Always be Modern with Gas and let it do the Four Big Jobs in Your Home: namely, Cooking, Water Heating, House Heating and Refrigeration. " Texas Public Service Co. 422 Congress Ave. Austin, Texas Page 520 ' Style Center for the College Miss " 504 CONGRESS flVE. flUSTIN. TEXAS E. S. SWflNN WM. SCHULLE Compliments SUJAnn-SCHULLG FURniTURG CO. Home Furnishers and Office Outfitters flUSTIN, TEXflS Page 521 FRED W. flDHMS, BBfl, ' 19 The Adams Gxtract Co. SINCE 1909 Manufacturers of ' ADAMS BEST " flustin, Texas BALAGIA PRODUCG AND Milk Fed Chickens Corn Fed Beef Barbecue Every Day PHONE 3511 505 EflST 5TH ESTflBLISHED 1847 If her heart within does PANG And yours within does BURN, Consult Dan Cupid without fail; To PANGBURN ' S he will turn! Better CANDIES Compliments of Continental Rational Bank Fort Worth Texas Page 522 Specialists in the Examination of the Eyes and the Fitting of Glasses OPTOMETRISTS " Where the Students get their Glasses " SEVENTH flND CONGRESS AUSTIN, TEXAS NORGE REFRIGERATORS R. C. A. VICTOR AND ZENITH RADIOS NEW AND USED FURNITURE Stoves and Ranges Floor Coverings 204-206 EAST SIXTH STREET Phone 21109 Austin, Texas YOU must break the seal Call for BRYflnrs miLK AT YOUR GROCER ' S or Phone 4329 FOR HOME DELIVERY J. C. BRYflHT CRCAmCRY CO. RAnsonrs DRUG STORG We Appreciate Your Business FREE DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 5361 LUMBER MILLWORK and Other Building Supplies Our Specialty PAINT AND ENAMEL Brydson Lumber Co. 415 W. 19th TELEPHONES 5331-5332 Page 523 GREETINGS AND BEST WISHES TO UNIVERSITY STUDENTS FROM j. c. penney co. 513-15 Congress W. L. STflRK Manager AIR CONDITIONED CAFE COFFEE SHOP PRIVATE DINING ROOMS Austin Headquarters of the University, Faculty, Alumni and Student Body Page 524 Extend Thanks and Appreciation For Your Patronage Connellys Florists 209 West 19th AUSTIN, TEXAS QUALITY MATERIALS FAIR PRICES INTELLIGENT SERVICE Over Half a Century of Home Building in Austin CflLCflSieU LUmBSR CO. flUSTin LflUHDRY AND DRY C EANING COMPANY DIAL 3566 ' e do lamiJbj Washing DIAL 3566 1514 LAVACA STREET A. C. KNIPPA G. C. SEIDERS SELF SERVE GROCERY AND MARKET 100% Quality, Courtesy, and Satisfaction 1001 CONGRESS AVE. 3101 GUADALUPE ST. 412 WEST 6TH ST. Page 525 UJHY ROT START SAVII1G In the Mutual now that your university work is finished? Our current rate on Savings is 3% and your account is insured up to $5.000 fllutual Deposit Loan Co. Resources over $2,500,000.00 905 CONGRESS flUSTIN, TEXAS Preferred French Boot Shop shoes first with most Texas University girls. (fSbrenchBootShop JL_LJ ' __ 72O CONGRESS AVE flUSTIN J. R. RGGD music co. " Your Friends " SINCE 1901 Home of the Steinway YORK Ice machinery Corp. ftIR CONDITIONING REFRIGERATION " Offices and representatives in Houston (Southwestern Hdqtrs.) Dallas, San Antonio, and many other points. " YORK Headquarters for Mechanical Cooling since 1885 WE flRE GRflTEFUL FOR THE PRIVILEGE GIVEN US OF MflKING THE SEVERflL INSTflLLflTIONS IN THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXflS Send your trunk home via Gnglish Freight Lines Phone 8-2588 Page 526 GET WISE! For Good Things to Eat KflmP 1T1ARKGT GROCGRIGS PHONE 6835 Fruits, Vegetables and Meats IF IT ' S IN THE MflRKET. WE HflVE IT UJATSOn Floral Shop 2602 Guadalupe Phone 2-9294 BOOKS, SUPPLIES AND STATIONERY Send us your order for your correspondence needs HGITIPHILL ' S BOOK STORG Opposite Law Building AUSTIN, TEXAS THG SLAUGHTGR STORGS LOMIS SLAUGHTER Wholesale Retail FOODS Paintings Fine China Silver Gifts Ye Qualitye Shoppe The Art Shop of Austin Home Drug Co. " The Appreciative Place " 2230 GUADALUPE ST. FANNY M. ANDREWS AUSTIN, TEXAS Page 527 Stelf ox ' s DIAMONDS SILVER WATCHES Austin, Texas The Style Shop of Austin LGOR ' S SLIPPGR SHOP Beautiful Footwear for Co-Eds 604 Congress Rosser J. Coke Henry C. Coke, Jr. Julian B. Mastin Thos. G. Murnane John N. Jackson COKG COKG First National Bank Building ATTORNEYS AT LAW Rosser J. Coke, Jr. Arthur Hamilton Richard Henderson Dallas, Texas Best Wishes HIRSH DRUG STORGS ON CAMPUS SINCE 1925 WHERE THE VARSITY CROWD EATS Pure Foods Good Service A Pleasant Smile LOOKG ' S CAFG 815 CONGRESS Phone 3702 Adds to Your Comfort Pleasure Convenience and Satisfaction Page 528 msuRffliCG company GflLVESTON, TEXAS Organized 1905 W. L. MOODY, JR., President IT$ TOW 4 CLARKE COURTS Commercial Stationers Lithographers Printers Engravers GftLVESTON DflLLflS HOUSTON Compliments of PIPERI ' S BARBER SHOP 516 CENTER GflRBflLDE ' S PHARMACY American National Insurance Building DIflL 9451 GflLVESTON, TEXAS OSCAR SPRIIIGGR Printing Binding Stationery Commencement Invitations 2121-23 STRAND GALVESTON, TEXAS Dial 8821 The American Printing Company Lithographers, Engravers, Printers, Bookbinders, Stationers, Office Supplies, Furniture and Filing Equipment GALVESTON TEXAS 2018 Market St. Galveston mODGL LAUnDRY Quality Cleaning Died 5522 2502 Church St. Kneisly ' s COLLEGE INN Died 2-2013 Tenth C in. L. mooDY son BANKERS ( Unincorporated ) Established 1866 GALVESTON, TEXAS Galveston 2208 five. E Died 9441 PHOTOGRflVURG STUDIO OFFICIAL CflCTUS PHOTOGRAPHER FOR MEDICAL SECTION 2319 Broadway Dial 2-3613 Page 529 THANKS to you men of Texas for your fine friend- ship . . . and welcome, too, whenever you are in Dallas to this store for men and young men . . . rn M AIN AND ELM AT LAMAR DflLLflS HARRY LEWIS ' Triple XXX Famous Foods at the CIRCLE Page 530 ' What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to a human soul. " ADDISON TO THG CLASS OF ' 41 The Humble Oil Refining Company, a Texas institution, congratulates you upon the successful completion of your college career. May the joys of college days con- tinue with the joy of useful work well done in your chosen profession. HUMBLE FRED L. WILLIflMS JESSE I. LEE GEO. D. SEflRS IRL F. KENNERLY W. H. BLflDES FRED W. MOORE flLflN B. CflMERON T. E. KENNERLY ROBERT N. WILLIflMS SflM R. FISHER ROLflND B. VOIGHT SEflRS McGEE LAW OFFICES OF uiiLLiAms, LGG, SCARS KenneRLY STflRK BUILDING ORflNGE, TEXflS PETROLEUM BUILDING H OUSTON, TEXflS Page 531 R. J. Boyle J. D. Wheeler R. N. Gresham Robert W. B. Terrell Richard T. Davis BOYLG, UJHGGLGR, GRGSHAfll TGRRGLL RTTORNEYS AT LflW SAN flNTONIO, TEXAS LflW OFFICES BIRKHGAD, BGCMlAna STAHARD 6c VARCG 1512-35 MAJESTIC BLDG. SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Claude V. Birkhead Werner N. Beckmann LLB ' 17 Harold K. Stanard LLB ' 24 Edward J. Vance Louis E. Marshall W. Glendon Roberts LLB ' 32 John H. Wood, Jr. LLB ' 38 Cable flddress " BIRKHD " Roy C. Sewell Walton D. Taylor Larry W. Morris J. Toll Underwood Ben Connolly W. J. Knight Ben G. Sewell SGUJGLL, TAYLOR, II1ORRIS S COnnALLY SECOND NATIONAL BANK BUILDING ATTORNEYS AT LAW HOUSTON, TEXAS Ben H. Powell A. J. Wirtz J. A. Rauhut W. S. Gideon C. B. Jeffrey W. W. Fisher Ben H. Powell, Jr. POUJGLL, RAUHUT GIDGOH SUCCESSORS TO LflW OFFICES POWELL, WIRTZ, RAUHUT S GIDEON LITTLEFIELD BUILDING AUSTIN, TEXAS THOmPSOn, KniGHT, HARRIS, UJRIGHT $ ULJGISBGRG ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS REPUBLIC BflNK BUILDING DALLAS, TEXAS William Thompson Marshall Thomas Harold F. Thompson William R. Harris fldair Rembert William H. Neary George S. Wright Pinkney Grissom James E. Henderson fllex F. Weisberg Dwight L. Simmons Wm. fl. Rembert, Jr. Wm. C. Thompson J. Paul Jackson John W. Rutland, Jr. Thomas fl. Knight Theodore F. Morton Rhodes S. Baker, Jr. I. Hart Willis Sol Goodell William R. Harris, Jr Page 532 Howard Templeton S. J. Brooks Clinton G. Brown Wilbur L. Matthews Clinton G. Brown, Jr. (DECEflSED) Walter P. Napier W. F. Nowlin Harper Macfarlane BROOKS, I1APIGR, BROUJn mATTHGUJS ATTORNEYS AT LAW flLflMO NflTIONflL BUILDING SflN ANTONIO, TEXflS M. W. Terrell LeRoy Jeffers E. W. Clemens I. R. Davis fl. V. Knight I. C. Hall Theo. F. Weiss TGRRGLL, DAVIS, HALL CLGfllGnS ATTORNEYS AT LAW SOUTH TEXAS BANK BUILDING SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS LGG KIRKUJOOD ATTORNEY-AT-LAW TRINITY LIFE BUILDING FORT WORTH, TEXAS Compliments THompson BARUJISG ATTORNEYS AT LAW FORT WORTH TEXAS Thos. R. James Geo. M. Conner E. E. Sanders Calhoun Anderson Allen B. Conner jflmes MID connGR ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW 1601 W. T. Waggoner Building FORT WORTH, TEXAS Ralph W. Malone, ' 14 Curtis White, ' 23 John Plunket, ' 37 William Lipscomb, ' 16 George E. Seay, ' 32 Harry Shuford DQflLOne, LIPSCOfilB, UJHITG SGAY flTTORNEYS flND COUNSELORS Southland Life Building Dallas, Texas Page 533 IT ' S BEEN A PLEASURE We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Cactus Staff in the pro- duction of this volume. It is our hope that you who read this book will realize the year ' s effort that has been put forth by the staff to produce both an entertaining and attractive yearbook. Our organization, employing a large crew of experienced craftsmen and using the most modern printing equip- ment, has worked in the spirit of cooperation in the hope that we have aided the staff in carrying out its plans. THE GULF PUBLISHING CO. 3301 BUFFALO DRIVE Houston, Texas Page 534 Greetings from . . . GAL LANCERS ORfinGG HIGH SCHOOL- Orange, Texas AGAIN IN 1941 , We Salute You! H. J. Lutcher Stark Sponsor LUTCH STflRK BOYS, INC., UNIT! FRANK HUBERT, Director Page 535 d naex NAMES PACES Abbey. Bill 177 Abcrnathy, Jewell 189 Abernathy, Kay 265 Abernathy. Marjorie Elsie 298 Abney, Rebecca 69 Acker man, Martha HI Ackerman, Rosalie 255 Acosla, Conzalo 30, 97, 275 Adair, John Garland 304, 392, 427, 428, 430 Adair, Kelly B., Jr 30 Adair, Winston 200 Adam, Maurice 100, 115, 189 Adami, Gilbert Ernest 94, 296 Adamietz, Clarence Cecil 296, 300 Adamo, Dominick, C 30 Adams, Bonnie, Grace 30, 286 Adams, Earl Kenneth 99 Adams, Elzah Frank 30, 374 Adams, Emily Evelyn 270 Adams, Evelyn Mattie 251 Adams, F. J 110 Adams, Fred W 158 Adams, James Franklin 115 Adams, James Nick 93, 291. 306 Adams, Leta Jo 102, 292. 373 Adams, Margaret Anna 251, 300, 369 Adams, Mary Jo 114, 116, 267 Adams, Moss, Jr 177 Adams, Robert Martin 110, 117 Adams, Tom Armstrong.. 88, 164, 165. 195 Adams. Vivian Theresa 69 Adams, Wallace Ewing 100, 191 Adams, William, II 209 Aderman, Billie 30, 267, 308 Adkin, Fred 299 Adkins, Charles Franklin 30, 63, 115 Adkins, Gale Roy 28 Adkins, Henry L. (Jack) 211 Adkins, Jack Scott 88, 110, 167 Adkins, Roscoe Cultis 83 Agan, Bert Wesley 301 Agee, Robert Giles 314 Agnew, Vivian 30, 285 Aguilar, Carlos, Jr 314 Ahlgrimm, James Allen 225 Ahr, Leo 304 Albers, Carl Clarence 314 Albert, Dorothy Georgia 30, 63, 81, 117 Albert, Richard Melvin 213 Albert, Richard Orvil 115 Alberts, Harold 291 Albrecht, Ruby Mae 69. Ill Alcaldes 93 Alderson. Curtis J 196, 304 Aldred, Jack 275 Aldridge, Julia Elliott 30, 326. 331 Alexander. Dorothy Frances 267, 286 Alexander, Lyle Maeyers 317 Alexander. Neil Kenton 80 Alff, Adeline Marie 102, 300 Alkemeyer. Violet Valerie 83. 292. 300, 310 Allardyce, Robert E. Lee 30 Allen, Clay Willis. Jr 217 Allen. Corrie W 82 Allen. Dewey Eugene 102 Allen, Dorothy Marie 300 Allen, Dowell Vann 115, 276 Allen. James Kyle 306 Allen, James S 205 Allen. Prescott 215 Allen, Theodore Lytton, Jr 274, 284 Allen. Tom 177 Allen. William 294, 295 Ailing, Eveline 249, 312 Ailing, Marjorie 249, 312, 371 Allinson. John Burchell 199, 392 Allison, Daniel Joseph 30, 276 Allison, James Eblen, Jr 317 Allison, John T 215 Allred. J. B 59 Alpha Chi Omega 238, 239 Alpha Delta Pi 240, 241 Alpha Epsilon Delta 94 Alpha Epsilon Phi 242, 243 Alpha Epsilon Pi 174, 175 Alpha Gamma Delta 268 Alpha Lambda Delta 109 Alpha Omicron Pi 269 Alphi Phi 244, 245 Alpha Phi Omega HO Alpha Tau Omega 176, 177 Alpha Xi Delta 246, 247 Aired, Jack 185 Alsup, Ace 185 Alsup, Iris Elizabeth 102, 239 Altaras. Jack Clinton 191 Alterman, Jerome Wittles 213 Alterman, Robert Maurice 95, 115, 167, 213 Altgelt, Mary Fredericka... 69. 279, 300 Altgelt, Minetta Ottilie 102, 292 Altman. Fred 296 Alton, Charles Freedaman 88. 93, 306, 332 Alvarez. Luis Hector... 102. 283, 287, 333 American Institute of Electrical Engineers 274 NAMES PACES American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers 275 American Society of Civil Engineers . .276 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 277 Ames, Jean Morton 88 Amidon, Charlene 265 Ammons, Reginald Harris 30, 59, 80, 115 Amsler, Walter Scott Jr 88, 296 Amstead, Billy Howard 30, 84, 277 Amundsen, Robert Fred 69, 115 Andeck, Andrew IV 199 Anders, Corinnc Marie 69, 285, 300 Anders, Douglas Carl 225 Anders, Ellis LeClair 97 Anderson, Aksel Robert 69 Anderson, Blainc Marvin 314 Anderson, Clinton Giddings 225, 290 Anderson, Dick Emory 110 Anderson, Dorothy Lillian 30 Anderson, Ethel Lenea 286 Anderson, Frank Lawrence 66, 115, 301 Anderson, George Ross 115, 203 Anderson, George W., Jr 69, 294, 333 Anderson, Guy 195 Anderson, Isabelle 241 Anderson, Joe Larocque 219 Anderson, Karl 88 Anderson, Katharine Raynolds 112, 261, 279 Anderson, Lynn Foster 30, 83, 296 Anderson, Paul 205 Anderson, Robbin C 96, 196 Anderson, Thomas Wynne 296 Anderson, Winniefred Margaret 237, 245, 308 Andres, David 96 Andrews Dormitory 324 Andrews, Henry C 100, 181, 306 Andrews, Major William Tillory 62 Andrews. Nell 163 Andrews. Tom Scarbrough 88 Angel. Bertha Louise 102 Anglin, Ray Edwin 296 Anthony. James McCuIlough 94 Anthony, Lonnie Leslie, Jr 274, 296 Anzaldua. Alfred Cisneros 287 Appling, Adreain Nell 102, 267 Arledge, Mary Elizabeth 249, 308 Arlcdge. William Fisher 30, 277 Arlitt. Clara Louise 69 Arlitt, Jack Walter 30, 277 Armacost, Jane 249 Armen, Elizabeth Ann 286 Armintor, Aline Adelle 30. 241, 324, 331 Armstrong, Curtis Moody 30, 314 Armstrong, John 177 Armstrong, Louise Landis 262, 286 Armstrong, Tubin 177 Arneson, Lily Anita.. 88. 164, 165, 259, 328, 331 Arni-tl, Cleo Mae 286, 302 Arnett, Lloyd Denneth 314 Arnold, Augustus William 215 Arnold, John 102 Arnold, Lewis Hayiicn, Jr 99 Arnold, Mary Virginia. 116, 265, 286, 305 Arnold, R. Douglas 209 Arnold. Vincent Robert 317 Arnold. William Buck 201 Arnold, William Thomas 94 Arredondo, Cecilio. Jr 287 Arretteig, Ulysses Joseph 314 Arrowood, Charles Flinn 63, 204 Arsenault, Helen Carolyn.. 270, 286, 376 Ashbel Literary Society 278 Aschmann. Adelaide Anne 286. 302 Ashcroft, B. F 195 Ashcroft, Lawson A 30 Ashendorf. Freddye Mae 102 Asher. William Dabney 115 Ashley, John 183 Ashley, Virginia Mae 249, 286 Ashner, Josephine Lois 243 Askew, Rual, Jr 30. 181 Association for Childhood Education 111 Athanas, Gus 66, 97, 275 Athletic Council 391 Athletics 391-456 Atkins. Evelyn Laurence 88, 379 Atkins, Jack 168 Atkins, Joyce Elaine... 109, 245, 292. 310 Atkinson, Rosemary 69 Atkison, Frances Jayne 285 Atwell. Ben Dodson. Ill 225 Aubel. Henry Thomas 79. 276 Auditor ' s Office 14 Austin. Earl 179 Autry, Evelyn Maud 263. 286 Avent. Richard Gray 69, 164, 165 Avera, Pauline Josephine 37? Avnet. Leon Boris 275 Axelrod. Phyllis Elouise... 111. 243, 307 Aycock, John Cleveland 99 Ayer, Fred C 26 Ayer, Jack Keating 30. 219 Aynesworth. K. H 12 Ayres, Dorothy 60 B NAMES PACES Babb, Merle Spies 286 Babel, Walter 189 Bachman. Cleve 177 Bacon, Rinaldo A 84, 277 llaer, Ruth Alys 88 Baethe, Louis F. J 62, 163 Baethe.Ronal.lJ 30, 80, 163 Bagget. Posey 241. 315 Baggett, Ralph 427, 428. 430 Bailey, Charlie Nichols 82. 59. 205 Bailey. Edward Weldon 61. 64 Bailey, James Robinson 58, 94, 96 Bailey, Lucille 366 Bailey. William Marvin 110 Bain, Frank Leslie 30, 80, 100, 217 Baker. Beverly Jo 102. 286, 315 Baker. Bruce Brock. Jr 306 Baker. Charles Artemus 94 Baker. Farrel Kenneth 225 Baker. Harry J 115 Baker, Jean George 309 Baker, Lorena 256 Baker, Mildred Elizabeth 82 Baker, Marvin S 30 Baker. Rex C.. Jr 195 Baker. Robert Henry 195. 199 Balasco, Ralph 115, 175 Baldridge, Freeman 69 Baldwin, Barbara Spencer 245 Baldwin, Margie 261 Bel fanz. Edwin Chester 30. 276 Ball, Dorothy Elizabeth 31. 112. 265 2fl2. 374 Ball. Joe 392, 434. 435. 437 Ballew. Adrienne 88. 239. 373 Banks. Clinton Stanley 115. 189 Banta, John 69 BanteI.E. C. H 66. 79. 276 Barbee. Lloyd Henry 31. 61. 64. 209 Barber. Mary Frances 69 Barbour. Virginia Ruth ...102. 257. 373 Barclay. Leland 66. 276. 294 Barefield, Morris Burke.. 62. 95. 304.392. 427. 428. 430 Barfield. Joe 209 Barge. Mary Cenevieve 31, 279, 292 Barlett. Luis Hamilton 277 Baker. Eugene C 198 Barker, Jimmie Lee 102 Barker. Ruth Ellen 31. 63, 81 Barnes, Betty Jo 267. 2R6 Barnes. Fritz 195 Barnes, Harold C 392, 427, 429. 430 Barnes, Jerry June 102 Barnes, Lois Lake 286 Barnes. Margaret Ellen 31 Barnes, Maureen 31 Barnes, Newton 193 Barnes, Sally 102. 309 Barney. Robert Owen 31 Barnhouse. William Telford 317 Klin-ton. Jack 31 Barnwell, Norma Gene 85. 167 Baromeo. Chase 294. 295 Baron. Bertha 314 Barr. Fay 69 Barr. Gay 69 Barr. Reiiben Henry 225 Barrel 1. Betsy Ware 69 Barrier, Ann 265 Barrier, Catherine 102 Barrier. Olivia Nettie 69. 237. 241. 286. 377 Barron. Frank Cano 287. 300 Barren. Edward Ewing 102. 177 Bartels. Karl Friederich 84, 115. 277 Barth. Wilbur 189 Bartholow. Ted O. ..31, 66, 79. 115. 156. 201. 276 Barton. Frances 2R6 Burton. Harry Rudolph 304, 313 Barton, John Wesley. Jr 69 Barton. William Arthur 62. 95. 110 Bartlett. Brady 187 Bartlett. David 99 Bartlett. James Frederick 31, 59 Bartlett, Martin H 69 Bartram. John 223 Barwise. Carolyn Ill, 379 Basamanowicz, Stephen Ladslaw . . . .217. 298. 317 Baseball 419-424 Baseball, Freshman Season 424 Basey, V. D 392, 399. 400 Bashara. Sadie Unice 312 Basketball 411-418 Basketball, Freshman Squad 418 Basket!. Dudley 177 Baskin, James 189 Baskin. John Lane 94, 115. 223 Bass, Egbert Harroll 88 Bass, Kay McLuarine 115 Bass, Ruth Isabella 304 Bassctt. Barbara Giles 265, 315 Batiz. Juan de Dios 283 Batjer, Henry 392, 434. 437 Batjer, Margaret 250 Bait. Charlotte Frances 292, 298 NAMES PACES Battaile, John F 215 Battenfield, Joyce 267, 369 Bauerle, James Ernest 314 Baum, Henrietta 69. 255, 286 Baur, Hermene 60 Baxley. William Warren 102, 315 Baxter. Billy 193 Baxter, Helen Marie 380 Baxter, Robert 333 Bayer, Alma Emilic 31 Bayer, Edwin 209 Beachy, William Nicholas 102, 294, 296 Beadle, Herbert J 276, 296 Bcakley. Alice Clyde.. 113, 267, 282, 308 Beat 1, Betty 113, 261 Beall. Edith Louise 249 Beall, Frances 261 Beaman, Warren, II 163, 205 Bean, Richard Gates 115 Beard, David Jackson 115 Beard, Dick W., Jr 333 Beardsley. Walter Collins.. 115, 296, 300 Beck, A. H. (Buddy) 183 Beck, John Dee 102 Beck, John Lewis 314 Beck. Robert Hugh 294 Beck, Walter 193 Becker, Adolph Carl 69, 300 Beddoe, Helen Alyne 239. 310 Bedford. Anna Beth 249, 308 Bedford, John Pershing 31 Bedford. Nell Rugh 249 Bedichek. Roy 198 Bcecher, Barbara Ellen 298 Beecher. Beryl Elicn 298 Beeler, Amos E 31 Beelcr, Harry 195 Hi-mi. in. Alice Lee 85 Been. George 288 Begeman, Myron L 84, 277 Begeman. Robert L 69 Beglcy, Mary Louise 102, 109, 299 Behner. Vernon L 69 Behr, Thomas Samuel 300 Beilharz. Frances Margaret 109. 259, 278, 303, 328, 331 Bcilin, Gertrude Gale 102 Belasco, Ralph 173 Belden. Joseph 163 Belclrn. William Roger 110 Belew, David 195, 440 Belknap. Ivan Carl 115 Bell, Basil Bernard 80, 296 Bell, Dorothy Mary 31. 261, 312. 381 Dell. Edith Arundel.31. 60, 310, 326, 331 lidl, Frank Frederick 211 Bell, Franklin Marsh 211 Bell. James Ross 211 Bell. Jeremiah Arch 199 Bell. John L 215 Bell. Madelyn 310 Bell, Patricia 259 Bell. Richard 185 Bellows. Frank Williams 2H Bellmont. L. Theo 17. 208 Bellmont. Ted Lutcher 95, 185 Bclson. Charles Edward 110. 314 Belt, Katherine 102 Belt, Ruth Althea 109, 261 Benavides, Enrique Fernando. . . .314, 332 Benavides, lima Arambula 287 Benavides. Oscar Claudio 274 Bender. Sybil Margaret 290 Beneson, Roy 207 Benford, Carolyn 249 Benham. John 185 Benjamin. David Gleason 290 Bennett, Ina Mae 31 Bennett. Iris Helene 109, 271 Bennett. Laddie J 69 Bennett. Mary Lee 31 Benson. Frances Ellen.. 88, 109. 239, 310 Bi-nson. Leland R 66. 84. 277 Henton. Barbara Ruth. ..31. 259. 289. 373 Bcnts.-n. Lloyd Millard 95. 217 Berdichevsky. Hope 31, 165, 167 Berg. Muriel 239 Bergstrom. Arthur Karling 317 Berilgen. Hulusi 115 Hcrkman. Ingrid Joyce 247. 2 Berler. Alvin 221 Berliner. Edwin Frederick 213 Bcrman, Helen Anne.. 243, 282, 289, 310 Bernam, Gerson 115 Bernat. Julian Frank 31 Berry, Carolyn 251 Bci iv. Joe Hansford 88 Berry. Patsy 168 Berry. Ruth 265 Berry. Thomas Eugene 115, 185 Berry, Virginia 259 Berry. Weldon Archibald 274 Berryhill. Richard Henry 79, 276 Bench. Mary Elizabeth 102. 269, 376 Bertron. Sarah 261 Beshell. Jean Katherine 88. 167 Beswick, Dorothy 247 Beta Alpha Psi 59 Beta Beta Alpha 279 Page 536 NAMES PACES Beta Gamma Sigma .................. 60 Beta Theta l-i .................. 178, 179 Belts, Olive ........................ 268 Sevan. John ........................ 193 Bevil, Dorothy Gene ............. 102. 263 Bevil, Edith Marie .................. 31 Beyler, Anna Ruth .................. 88 Bialkowski. Albert William ...... 31. 300 Bailkowski. Mary Margaret.. 31, 286, 300. 329. 331 Bible. Dana X. .95, 184, 391, 393. 398. 399 Bickford. Parri Sue ............ 2S1. 292 Bielstein. Jean ..................... 189 Biesele. Cora Thea ................. 86 Biesele, Grace Annette ...... 31, 63. 289. 292. 310 Biesele. R. L ....................... 83 Bienvenu, Joseph Ramsey ........ 65, 195 Bidelspach. Dorothy ................ 265 Biggers, Elsie Lurio ................ 298 Billings. Bill .................. 434, 437 Billings, Bob ......... 392, 434, 436, 437 Billings, Doris Louise ........... 116. 251 Billings. Richard Lloyd ............. 31 Billingsley. Olen Clifton, Jr ......... 225 Bills. Samuel Edward ........... 79. 276 Bingham. Anne Elizabeth ........ . 69 Binion. Cavett ...................... 195 Bird. Betty Ann ...... 31, 261. 282. 369 Bird. Mary Elizabeth ................ 88 Birdwell. David .................... 195 Bisbff. James Robert ............... 60 Bishop. Eleanor ............ 98. 241. 310 Bishop. John Webster ........ 93, 199, 201 Bi sell. Joseph Bidlemann .......... 300 Doris Evelyn ................ 286 Eldon ... .............. 115, 294 James Robert ........ 66, 79. 276 Bit and Spur ....................... 280 EMr,-. Jam.-. Maurice ....... 31, 95. 195 Black. Albert H .................... 88 Black. Bert ........................ 177 Black. Konneth Parker .............. 88 Black. Martyne ..................... 69 Black. Norri Edwin ............. 277. 315 Blackburn. Bill Robert ............. 102 Blackert. E. J ....................... 12 H ebtock. Lao C ............... 59. 224 Blades. Duncan ..................... 177 Blair. Mary Margaret ............ 251. 305 Blake. L. F 88 Blakely. David Henry .............. 317 Blak.-m- . Dorothy Virginia .......... 251 Blakey. Estine Dorwood ............ 158 Blalock. Dennis Farrell ____ 183. 300, 317 k. Harold Carlisle ............ 68 Blalnck.Irby Lee .................... 267 Blalock. William Clarke... 115. 193. 392. 434, 436. 437 Blair. Ben Rogers ................... 296 Blair. Dolores ...................... 286 Blair. Leon ......................... 197 Blanchette. Jame Crady. Jr. . . .80. 115. 201 Blanchette. Vrrnon Gene ......... 32. 274 Bland. Mrs. Kathleen ........... 248. 282 Blankenhecklrr. Frank A ........... 199 Blankenship. Bayne ................. 317 Blann. Anna Lou ................... 69 Blann. Joe II ....................... 69 Blanton. Annie Webb ............... 82 Blanton, Ira ........................ 185 Blaugrund. Morton Leonard ......... 213 Blessing. Dorothv Ann ......... 102. 245 BI.-viiK. George Phillips. Jr ...... 80. 296 Bliss. Barbara Jean ................. 263 Blis . Curtis Tierman ............... 211 Block, Leone Cecilia. . .32, 243. 279. 310 Block. Richard Edward .............. 207 Block. Rossi yn Regina ......... 243. 307 -..lie Rose .................. 102 Bloom. Louis ...................... 175 Bloomer. Jimmy ................... 102 Blount. Ernest Bruce ............... 66 Bluebonnel Bel lei .............. 338-363 Bluebonnel Belle ttminee, ..... 366-381 Blum. Helen Dolores ............... 243 Blum. Henry Frederick .......... 69. 332 Blum. Julius Allen ................. 275 Blum. l.awrence Harol d ............ 207 Blum. Manuel ...................... 221 Blumberg. Jane Knolle..32, 112, 267, 305 Blume. Thomas Max ................ 300 Bturm-1. Johanna .................... 329 Boatman. Donald J .................. 102 Boatright. Barbara Jean ......... 259, 292 Boaz. Willis. Jr ................ 88, 3O9 Bobbin. Robert Lee ................. 179 Bodine, Cora Mae .................. 102 Boettcher. Jeanne Liane ............. 292 Bogan. Lucille ...................... 251 Bogarte. Robert Henry, Jr ....... 32. 177 Bog. -I. Barclay Ann ................. 88 Bogg. Herschel Jefferson ............ 315 Boggs. Paul Edwin ............. 28. 110 Boll man. George Hubert. Jr. 195. 277, 333 Boll man. William W ............... 195 Bolt. Tom Dixon ................... 69 Bomash. Dorothy Lorraine ...... 243. 285 Bonil. Frances Corinne .............. 32 Bond. James Robert ................. 301 Bonner, David Zora .............. 32, 66 Bonner. Martha Nell ........... 102, 286 Booker, John Durrett ............... 66 Boone. Oliver Kiel ............ 88. 291 Boone. Patrick Henry ............ 88. 187 Boone. Robert Earl ................ 219 Booth. James ...................... 115 NAMES PACES Booth, Jeanne 251 Booth, Nancy Jane 251 Booth. Norma Adrienne 69 Borden, Guy 201 Borden, Lewallen 173, 177 Boreaui, Bobby 215 Borgeson, Charles Leroy, Jr. 88, 193, 316 Bornstein, Frances Sarah 255. 310, 314. 369 Borowiak. William Edward. .299, 300, 313 Borrett. Lloyd 183 Bory, John Henry 300 Bostic, Jack 290 Bostick. Alton F 88 Boswell, Pauline 261 Bouchard, Harry Alfred, Jr 296 Bouchard. Marie Louise 32, 300 Boucher. Elizabeth Elaine.. 249, 286, 315 Boudreaux, John Eraste 300 Boulden. Cecil Foard 102 Bounds, R. G. Jr 115 Bourke. Gayle 69, 372 Bourke. Ceraldine H 68 Bowden, Fairy Netholyn 164. 165. 245 Bowen, Charles Garner 110 Bowen. Jack 185 Bowen. Mamie Marjorie 263, 292 Bowen. Virginia Faye 381 Bowermaster. Walter 332 Bowers. William 193 Bowlen. Betty Anne 280 Bowles. Madalene Eldridge 32 Bowles. Mary Margaret 88, 268 Bowling. Beulah McKaughan 28 Bowman. Dorothy 69 Bowman. Estil Arthur, Jr 69, 304 Bowman, Joyce Florence 32, 253, 307 Bownds. Betty Sue 32, 286. 328, 331 Bowyer, Virginia 267 Box. Francis Marion 315 Boxing 441 Boyd. Betty 32, 81, 253. 325, 331 Boyd, Charles Cole 314 Boyd. Charles Rex 115 Boyd. David Cannon 211 Boyd. Klvin Marvin 88 Boyd. Trenton Dean 32 Boyd, William P 80 Boydstun. Ward Leendy 69, 314 Boyer, Fred Yaney 99 Boyle. Anne 261 Boyle. Carol yn 261 rl.. -.n. Betty Jane 263 Brace. David Kingsley 304 Bracey. Helen Louise 69. 3O4 Braden. Jack Lawrence 294 Bradfield. Tom Walling 88. 201 Bradshaw, William Thomas 317 Brady. Barbara 265 Brady. Julia Markham 102 Brady. June Elizabeth 102 Brady. Lurline 82. Ill Brady, Henry Lee 102. 301 Braly, Jean 102. 241 Braly. Ruby Nelle 32. 307 Bramby. Courteney 211 Bramlette. Gloria 88 Bramlette. William 186 Branch. William Milton 32 Brand. Joe Herschel 332 Brand. Pauline Celeste 243 Brandenberger. John William 156. 181 Brandon. Arthur 1 16. 204. 288 Brands. Bernard Carl 32. 300. 314 Branham. Virginia 249 Brannen. Ann Claire 259. 285 Brannon, Mark Joseph 275 Bransford. Sara Scott.. 32. 164. 165. 241. 282. 308 Branson. Fred 12 Brasf-lton. Mary Louise 253 Brashear. Thomas. Jr 217 Bratton. A. T 304 Bratton. Mrs. Capitola R 304 Bratton. Virginia 261 Braud. Roland 193 Braun. Alfred Lester 294, 295 Breaker. Henry 193 Breaux. Fred Randolph. Jr 32. 80 Breeding. Crystal Dawn 70 Breed I ove. Audrey 249 Brelsford. Gates H 211 Br.l-ford. Regina Marjorie 263. 307 Breneman. Regna Fulton 70. 304 Brennan. Joe 167 Brentlinger. W. H 202 Brewster, Bob 183 Brewster. Joan Temple 32 Brice. Peggy Lou 253, 300 Bridges, Robert Rawlins 201 Bridges. The) ma Eleanor 70 Briggs. Mary Virginia 368 Brill. Sheba 251 Brin. Royal Henry. Jr 32, 61. 63. 207 Brink. Billy 215. 392 Brinkerhoff. Mary Harrington . . .88, 261 Briscoe, Dolph. Jr. ..88. 95. 110, 115 164, 165, 181. 306 Britain. Alex 189 Britain. Ben 88, 189 Britt. Spurgeon Kyle 115, 205 Brilton. T. Marvin 195 Broadnax, Nancy Kate 244 Brockette. Connie G 82. 98 Broderson, Margaret Jane. .241. 286. 308. 312. 324. 331 Brodhead. Howard 215. 333 Bron-, m. Roy Bernard, Jr 201 NAMES Bronstad, Betty Sue 368 Bronstad. Ted 177 Brooke. Clyde A 88. 209 Brooker, John D 96 Brooks, Johnnie Mae 32 Brooks, June 32 Brooks, L. W 167 Brooks. Mary Belle 251, 372 Brooks. Morris 197 Brooks, Peter 195 Brooks. Sara Chaffin 286 Brooks. Sue 265 Brooks. William H 185 Brookshier, Elizabeth May.. 260, 286, 324. 325 Brookshire. Jack 115. 164, 165, 193 Broom, Halsey N 59 Broome, William Wallace 68 Broullier. John Merlin 32, 59, 60, 80, 300 Broussard, Juana Marie 299 Broussard. V ' erta Idella 32, 286 Brown, Bill 177 Brown, Billie 70 Brown. Carolyn 292, 327 Brown, David Hunter 164, 165. 291 Brown, Delbert, Jr 32 Brown, Earl Appleton, Jr 64 Brown. Elizabeth Catherine 243 Brown, Frances Knoble 249, 298 Brown, Grace 377 Brown. Gwendolyn Gay 70 Brown. Howard E 84 Brown. Hazel June 70, 204 Brown, Irving Lynn 33, 276 Brown. Jack Pearson 70. 296 Brown. James David 219 Brown, James Curtiss 99 Brown, Jane Elizabeth 304 Brown, Joe Frazier 191 Brown. Juanita 70 Brown. Kathrvn 300 Brown. Kenneth 115 Brown. Marion Martin 63 Brown. Mary Elizabeth 314 Brown, Perry 304 Brown. Robert Garland 225 Brown. Rosalie 330. 331 Brown. Sidney Jackson 33 Brown. S. 1 24, 66 Brown. William Dewitt 191 Brown. William Thomas 211 Brown. William Vincent. Jr 68. 183 Browne. Ernest Jewell 191 Browne. James Edwin 300 Browne. Lucille Hortense 63 Browne. Roslyne 271 Rrownfield. Jane Alice 253 Brownlee. James Houghton 211 Browning. Walter 189 Broyles. Gordon 189 Brubeck. Marajean 241. 286. 292 Bruce. Homer 193 Brumby, Courtenay 286 Brunson . Donnie 183 Bf iin-on. Emma Jean 102 Hrun.on. Wallace 183 Bruton. Beltye Ann 164. 165. 245 Bruyere. John Alan 115. 332 Bruyere. William Henry 115. 332 Bryan. B. F. (Beefus) 426. 427. 430 Bryan. Bob Steve 115 Bryant. Frank Grant 301 Bryant. Joe C 88 Bryant. Lydia 113. 265 Bryant. Marjorie 375 Bryant. Selby Eli 275 Bryant. William Randolph 203 Bry-on. lohn Bennett 70. 205 Buchhalter. Claere 255 Buchanan. Harold Dexter 306 Bur her. Raymond Kasper 102. 296 Buckingham. Suzanne 113. 251 Buckley. Beryl 261, 300 Buckley. Edmund Langford 300 Buckley. Elliot Ross 185. 300 Buckner. Virginia Wilson 63 Budow. Bernard Irving 213 Buell. Lewin 183 Burlington. Pat 193 Buford. Chester Bryan 110. US. 317 Bullock. Charles Foxworlh 314 Bulls. James Woodrow 33 Bunch. June Marie 102. 239. 2 Bunkler. Claud Elmer 70. 314 Burchard. Margaret May 112, 114. 265 Burcham. Richard Lusk 70, 167 Burditt. Carolyn Lee 102 Burdine. J. Alton 11. 83 Burer. Walter C 59 Burford. Ben 189 Burg. Cecile 271 Burke. George Roswell 33, 294 Burke. John Lloyd 102. 333 Burkhart. Elizabeth Anne 102. 292 Burks. Jack 275 Burleson. James Meldon 70. 301 Burleson. Lowrey Waldene 33. 85. 86 164. 165. 366 Burmeister. Mary Frances 286 Burnett. Doris Ann 102. 251 Burnett. Edward Wood 173. 191 Burnett. John Gresham 203 Burnett. Martha 249 Burnett, Richard Eugene 317 Bnrney. Natalie Wilma 102, 299 Burney. Todd 177 Burns. Christine Ill Burns. Fred Vernon 299 NAMES PACES Burns, Hugh 215 Burns, Mary Helen 102, 109 Burns, Robert Earl 83, 115 Burns, William Alvin 115. 316 Burnside, Lillian 265 Burr. Eunice Brooks 257, 304 Burr. Mary Helen 112 Burrows, Edgar Allan 294, 314 Burl. Francis 163 Burton, Collins ....209 Burton, J. Cruse 301 Burton, Joseph Daniel 225 Burton, Perry R 70 Busbee, Bill 177 Busby, Claude Robert 88, 110 Busby, Emily 259, 377 Busehardt, G. C 181 Bush. Peggy 88 Bush. Rebekah Jane 82, 111, 249, 278, 376 Bush. Robert Paine 115 Business Administration Council 281 Buskirk, Philip 311 Buster, Jack Russell 93, 115, 201 Buster, Jo Margaret 88, 109 Butler, Alan Wilson, Jr 33 Butler, Edward Glenwood 332 Butler, Helen Sharpless ..112. 267, 282 Butler. Jack 70, 296 Butler, John Earl 70 Butler. Joyce M 102 Butt, Charles Sam 102 Buttery. Harold Donop 94, 115 Butz, John 332 Buzan. Mike. Jr 33. 300 Byars. Eldon Carter 33, 314 Byars, Walton 177 Bybee, Bob Bill 33 Bybee, H. P 110 Bybee. Halbert H 33. 217 Byers, Charmian 88 LU.I-. Mary Lee 253, 375 Byers, William Bowling 115, 159, 167 Byrd, Kenneth Kee 102 Cactus, The 164, 165 Cade. Betty 109. 265 Caesar, Betty Lou 70 Caesar, Jack Benjamin 300 Caffery. Mary Catherine 237, 270 Cage, Joseph Franklin, Jr. ..33, 66. 115, 274. 284 Cage, June 102, 245 Cahn. Betty Regina 243, 307 Cahoon. Larry Edward 300 Cain. Dixon Hill 195, 275 Cain. Helen LaVerne 70. 375 Cain. Beatrice 304 Caldwell.Don 205 Caldwell. James DafTan 61, 64, 210 Caldwell, Jeanne 88 Caldwell, Marian A 70, 253 Caldwell. Mary Bell 265 Caldwell. Mildred Picket! 265. 305 Calhoun, Evelyn 33 Calhoun. J. W 110, 184 Caliseh, Charles Albert 213. 275 Calkins. Dick Conroy 193.333 Calkins. Howard 21. 83 Callahan. Betty 268 Callaway. Ol iver, Jr 225 Cal lender. Catherine V 286 Callicut, Laurie Timmons 96 Calliham. Mauna Loa 70, 315 Cameron, Catherine Wilson 33 Cameron. Robert Pruitt, Jr 33 Camiade. Ida Lucille 33, 98, 300. 331. 369 Camp. Joe 197 Camp. Rodney 209 Campbell. Aha Belle 102 Campbell. Ann May 82. 237. 265.289,305 Campbell. Betty Jo 269 Campbel 1 . Bil ly 193 Campbell. David Calvin 93. 100. 179 Campbell, Dorothy Atwood 70 Campbell. Ceraldine Marie 33. 269 Campbell. Helen Elizabeth... 33, 88. 279. 315. 325. 331. 375 Campbell. James Starley, Jr 274 Campbell. John Pearce 33 Campbell. Madelon Anne 253 Campbell. Mary 249 Campbel I . Robert Farris 199, 306 Campbell. Wallace Russell, Jr 201 Campbell, Warren Franklin 68 Campbell, William Todd 88. 93, 332 J. E 294 Canady. Lil lie Marie 33, 286, 302 Candela, Alvin A 33 Cangelosi. Robert John. Jr 70. 300 Cannan. Mr,. Mildred Fisher 33 Cannizzo, Mary Josephine 98 Cantrel). Crover, Jr 219 Cantu. Eulalia 287 Cap and Gotcn 282 Caperton. Joe 179 Caplan. Estelle Marie 102, 255 Caplen. Jane Elizabeth 279 Capp. Dean Jacob 33. 219 Caraballo, Leopoldo, S 102.283 Card. Annon M 33 Gardner, Edward Anthony 304 Cariker. Joe Bill 102 Carithers, Arthur Dorian 167 Carl, Eugene E 318 Carl. James Larimer 88. 115 Carl, John 205 Page 537 NAMES PACES NAMES PACES NAMES PACES NAMES PACES Carlisle, Margaret Neil. 112, 265, 305, 378 Chiles, Jack Tarver 215 Connally, Betlye K 103 Crisey, Mary Electra ..109,251,305,371 Carlsen. Flora Mae 33, 239, 292,375 Chilton, Andy 440 Connally, Ernest Allen 88 Crist, Medora Woodson 103 Carmirhael, Alan Eugene 301,314 Chilton, Horace Thomas 179,317 Connelly. Miriam Cordon 103,299 Cristy, Patricia Linsley 257,309,372 Carmichael, Mickie Marie 88,253,300 Chilton, Mary Belle 261 Conner, William Curtis 68 Criswell, Glenn Rice 296 Carnathan. Bill 70 Chilton. Polly 113 Connor, James Reagan 115,185 Crittcnden, Martha Lavinia 103,239 Carnes, Elizabeth 253 Chiodo, Chester Harold 34,277 Conoly, Zuehl 399 Critz. Helen 267 Carnes, Marion Andrew 296 Chizum, Elizabeth Ann 113.265 Conselyea, Adele DeLeon 88, 241 Crockett, Rebecca Ann 109,286,299,303 Carpenter, Bennie 239 Choate, Donald Linton 34,225 Conntantin, Jim 179 Crockett, Sara Margret. .35, 63, 81, 117, Carpenter, Frances Lucile 70.377 Choate, William Rufus 61 Conway, Margaret Marie 34,98 310.379 Carpenter, Helen Jeanne 34,269 Choniski, William 304 Cook, Darwin Truette 283 Crombie, William Steele, Jr 100,195 Carpenter, John William 225 Chorpening, Doris Gertrude 279 Cook, David Clemon 115,219 Cromwell, Carlene C 249,368 Carpenter, Leslie.. 70, 164, 165, 167,168 Church, Robert 215 Cook, Elwood Elias 215,316 Cronquist, Edna Vivian 35,63,82 Carpenter. Willis Tessier 182 Church, William Carlton 95,173,217 Cook, James Coleman 115 Croom, Nancy Gene 88,251,312 Carr, Edith Lucille 70 Christenberry, Mary Kathaleen 251, 279 Cook, Julia Fay 265 Crosby, Charles Holmes 84,115,277 Carr, George Drexcl 66,79 Christcnson, John Pershing 34 Cook, Thomas Edward 66, 156, 185, 276 Crosby, Vivian 88 Carr, June 34, 113, 261 Christiansen, Esther 327 Cook, William Ellia 100,191 Cross Country 432 Carr. Phyllis Crittendon 245,305 Christie, Christina Cloe 98 Cooke, Lane 183 Crosslin. Hiawatha 82 Carr. Sam Brown, Jr 306 Christner, Herbert Drue 225,275 Cooke, Thomas Edward 79 Crouch, Dorothy Elizabeth ...35,269,286 Carrington, Philip Sydney 211 Christner, Jimmie Drue 275 Cooley Denton Arthur 34 63 95 115 Crouch, Janet Katherine 88 Carroll, Grace 251 Christoffel, Lewis Wilson 276 19$, ' 392, 413, 416 Crouch, John 304,392 Carroll, Jack Ray 34, 80, 332 Claggett, Jane 70,376 Cooley, Stone Deavours ' , , 115 317 Crouch, Willie Woodward 96 Carroll, Malcolm 88, 168 Clardy, Frances Gertrude 70.312 Cooner, Verna Larue. . . 34 85167 Croucher, Leslie 392,413,416, Carson, Helen Elizabeth 325,331 Clardy, Lee Len 294 Cooney, Jack B 34 421,422,423 Carstarphen, B. B 214 Clark, Amrie Denson, Jr 64,195 Cooper, A. E 22, 66 214 391 Crow, James Franklin 299 Carter. Amon, Jr 195 Clark, Arville Paul 275 Cooper, Beth Morton 34 241310 Crowell, Dr. Caroline 117 Carter, Andy 193 Clark, Ben 183 Cooper Carolyn 88241 Crowell, Charles Mike 35 Carter, Ann 251 Clark. Byron 102 Cooper, Richard Charles . ..201 Crowell, Helen Hunt 292 Carter, Arminta 249 Clark, Charles T 110 Cope Charlotte , 379 Crowell, Will Davis 35 Carter, Bob 183 Clark, George 217 Cope! France. Ordette ' ! ' . ' . 34 Crowley, Tom 195 Carter, Clarence Maurice 314 Clark, Isaac Edgar 34, 63. 93. 115, Copeland, Horace Victor, Jr 71, 301 Crozier, Mary Ella 71,286 Carter, Crawford 209 167.189 Copeland, Jane 114259 Crum, Marianna 267 Carter, Edith Loraine 70,267 Clark, John Franklin 301 Corbin. Joseph Haymond 34 179 189294 Crumb, Stephen Franklin ...115.274,332 Carter, Ernest Anderson 275 Clark, Joy 253 Corbitt, Helen L 286 Cruse, Samuel William 61,64,195 Carter, Jane 265 Clark, Laura Lee 279 Corchin Selma . 255 Cruseman, Fred Ross 195 Carter, Kathleen 251 Clark, Lucile 82 Corlette Mr D M 327 Crystal, Melvin 213 Carter, Mary 82 Clark, Martin Hooper 298,301 Cornelius ..275 Cuellar, Helma 314 Carter. Texas Joy 239,292 Clark, Meda Alleene 70.111 Cornforth, Dorothy Louise . 103 Cuellar, Hesiquio Villarreal 287 Carter, W. S 94 Clark, Myrtle Jeanne 237,245,310 Cornwell, Earl 17 Cuenod. Maud L 60 Cartwright.Betty 265 Clark, Peggy 249 Corrigan. Glenn Lee 28, 97.275 Cueto, Manuel, Jr 71,287 Cartwnght, John Reagan 173,193 Clark, Roberta Dra 298 Cortes, Ria 261 Cullings, Ruby Mae 35 Cartwnght. Mary Beth 265 Clark, Ruth Ellen 300,329 Cortez. Anita Perez . 287 Cullum, Landen Haynes 201 Cany, Evelyn 269 Clark, Ruth Marie 114 Co,elli, Johnnie A. ...191 Culp, Betty Bird 239,312 Carver, Lldrcdge Carson, Jr 99 Clark, Thomas Lansing 219 Coston, Adelle 103 Culpepper, Virginia Ruth ....35,249.292 Carvey, John Crouder 83,203 Clark, Todd 296 Cotham, Malford 193 Cultural Entertainment Committee ...159 Carville.Ath 314 Clark, William Kalar 201 Cotner, Robert Crawford 204 Culver, George Albert 88.94 Casberg Thomas Richard 277 Clark, William Sneed 110 Gotten. James Madison 28,296 Culwell, Jerry Hyde 35 Casey, Gordon Domingo 300 Clark, Rollin F 209,309 Cotterell, James 197 Cummings, Jack 299 Casey, Oscar 179 Clement. Pattie Sue 259 Cottingham. Katherine 265,377 Cummings. William Evrett 80 Casey, Robert Auburn 115 Clements, Margaret Elizabeth. .. .269, 307 Cottingham. W. F 66 Cunningham, Billy 167,288 Casillas Richard 70,275 Clements, Thurman 177 Cottle, Nell Maurice 103.109 Cunningham, David 195 Casis, Lilia M 98 demons. Mary Evelyn 300 Couch. Sarah Jane 35.386 Cunningham. Harriet Elaine 85 Cassidy, Regina 290 Cleveland, C. M 66 Couch, Terrell ...177 Cunningham, Jack 296 Castaneda, Carlos E 98 Click, L. L 24,204 Coulson, Edward Donald 35.64 Cunningham, Robert Emmet 98 ; a8t r,, ' . 94 ' 198 Click, Mary Anne 109,265 Coulter, Edith Lee 241,308 Cunningham, William A 62,66 Castillo, Pete J 294,298,300 Clifford. Julia Lucille 286 Coulter. Lucy Page . ..241.286 Cunningham, William B 35 Castleberry Bobo ... 34 Cline, Felice 239 Courtney, Glen Wilson 103.115 Cuny, Tom 193 Catching Wayne Loyle 70, 333 Cloud, Maurice 193 Courtney, Nell . .249 Currie, Stuart Dickson 115,298 Cates, Charles Craig 199 douse, Sarah Elizabeth 102 Cousins, William Hogue .. ..211 Curry, Peter Michael 294,300 Caven. Walter Thomas... 34, 95, 156. 177 Cloward. Davis Thomas 102 Coussons. William Thomas ,..314 Curtain Club 290 Caver, Vernon Claude 94,110 Club De Mejico 283 Covert, Clarence .. ...193 Curtin, Jane 261 Cavett, Mary Louise 286 Club, 273-322 Corert, Frank . . 185 Curtis, Lewis Scott 103,110,296 Cavm. Martha 326 Cluck. John M., Jr 88,277 Covert, George ...193 Curtis. Sara Kay 245 Cavness. Charles Lee 99 Coaates. Bettie Lou 103.315 Covert. William 185 Cuthbertson, Dorothy Mae 103,257 Cawthon WHIiamConnell 102,296 Cobb, Stephen William 115,223 Covo, Georgette Elaine 101. 109 259 292 Cutler, John Cecil 332 Cayton.Van 205 Coburn. Maurice 276 Covo, Jacgueline Marie 103, 109, 259. 292 Cypert. Reynold 86 ru. DJ " i 163 Cocek. Bernard John 296 Cowan, John N 316 Cypher, Sarah Lou 300 Celnay. Pedro, Jr 70 Cochran, Alice Charleene ..88, 164. 165. Cowan. Richard Donald 80. 88,296 Center, Frances Helen 259,279 245, SOS Coubors. The 95 n Cersonsky Leonard 221 Cochran. Bee, Jr 177 Cowley. Gerardo 2R7 Cerveny Emn Albert 313 Cockrill. Carmen Anne 374 Cox. Alvi, Ray Ceska JuliaAnn 313 Cofer, Crawford Joseph 64,223 Cox, DeWitt Walker 314 Dabney. Thomas Scott 18,, 27. Chaetz. Arthur B. 274 Cofer. George Hume 217 Cox, Edlwy Wilbur 83 Dacy, George Louis 110, 183 Chalupmk, Elsie Bernadmc 313 Coffield. Mary Martha 251.315 Cox, Edwin Lochridge 71,199 D Acosta, Julio 28j Chamherla.n Pete ... . 183 Coffield. Tommy Reddiek 275 Cox, Eillen 35 Dahl. Penuel Joseph 35 Chambers, Charles Frederick 95, 163, 185 Coffin. Ray Thornton 203 Cox, F. Lanier . . ...80,110.288 Dailey, Benjamin Peter 96 Chambers, John R., Jr 68 Coffman, Graham McDonald 94,179 Cox, James Tallev ..201 Dailey, Herschel 94,115,20 Chambers, Mary Louise 88,257 Coghill. Hazel Marie 103,245,379 Cox. Mary Lucylle 251 Daitch. Herbert Edward 213 Champion, Jean Marguerite 114,300 Cohen, Harold ..221 Cox, Robert A. 194 Dakin, Dorothy Julia ... .71, 249, 310, 330 Champion, John C 115 Cohen. Lewis Benjamin 115 Cox, Sue Shepperd . . .279 Dalager, Alton Benjamin 274 Uumcrllor, 6 I Cohenour. Donald (Bo) ... .392, 399, 405 Coy. Paul Henry 35.115 Dale, Warren Alfred 211. 306 r " ' l , " ' r f Jane 245 Cohenour, Eula Jane 88 Craddock, Boh . .333 D.lkowitz, Sara Louise 109,28 rK 8 " ,, " ' S " y 1 268 Cohn.JoLeigh 103,109.167 Cr.ddock, Judith Arledge 245 Dallas, William Woodrow 2,: rt " " j " ' S e " ry " " , 245 Colbert. Charles Ralph 70 Craddock, Sue 245 Dallmeyer, Elvera Louise 71. 241, 292, 307 Chandler, Henry Crady 168.189 Colby. Malcolm 216 Craft, Frank ..300 Damiani, Jules Verne 181 (.handler. Orville Woodrow 277, 296 Pole Alnhntinnp 9 Craia Rillv 5? Damiani, Michel 181 Chaney. Ruth Ann 113,267,370 SfcuJkuS. ' . " ' . [ [ Craig, H. V. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' " Damon. Henry C 216 Chapman, B,ll 197 Cole, James W.. Jr 34 Craig, Jack Louis 179 Danford. Masil Bryan 301 Chapman, Caylos Wendel 63,115 Cole, Julian Francis 317 Craig. James ...179 Daniel, Betty Elaine 103 Chapman, James Campbell 314 Cole, Martha Sue 34 Craig. Jane ...103 Daniel, Chal 195,392,399.402,409 Chapman, John Mason 115 Cole. William T 217 Craig, Jimmie H 168 Daniel, Jack 183 Chapman, Sarah. . 70.111.309,315 Coleman, Pat 34, 327, 331 Craig. John 189 Daniel, John Newton 274 Chapman, Van Bam ... 296 Coleman, Walter Barton 299 Craig, Richard H. ..99 Daniel, Julia Lee 327.331 Chapman. William Dean, Jr. 293 Coleman. William P 70 Craig. William Jenkins 80 Daniel, Rosemary 35,269,286,371 Chappe , GlynnRilry 34, 296, 301 Coley. Harold. Jr 215 Crain, Catharine Barry 261, 300, 308 Daniel. Thomas Allen 35.277 Chappe! I.Jeter Dee 296,301 Colletti, Paul Frank 70,288,314 Crain, Cullen Malone 274,284 Daniel. William Alexander 275 Charpiot, Dorothy 70 Colley. Hub, Jr 70,97,275,277 Crain. E. B. . 191 Daniels, Alice Lou 261 Chastain. Alma Reed 265 Colley. Marian 241.374 Crain. Emily . ...261 Daniels, Mary Caroline 71,279 Chastain, OlettaMyrle " " J8.WJ Collie, Marvin Key 64,211 Crain, Forest Burr 93,223309 Danklefs, Elsa Lucille 71 Chat mas. Dorothy 102,109,245 Collier, Henry W 68 Crain Jack 392399403409 Danklefs. Kenneth 103 Chatmas, Penelope 245,290 Collier. Oran William 66 Crain. ' William Henr ' y. ' jr ' . . ' .115. ' las ' 290 Dannelly. Thomas 332 Cheeseman, Estel Lee 34, 274, 284 Collins, Betty Jo 286 Crain, William Rathbone 211.294 Darden. William Harmon 191. 291 Chcldelin, Vernon Hendrum 96 Collins, Clara Patricia. .34, 63, 98. 241, Crane. Edward ....23.162.214 Darnell, Martha Elizabeth 286 Cheney, Harris Graham 203 310,369 Cranford. Luther Joyce 110. 3H Darr. Vernon Oscar 276 Cheney, Mary Katherine 241 Collins, Harold (Spot) 410 Crausbay, Clyde 68 Darter. Billy Mildred 35 Chenoweth. Oscar Long 275 Collins, Manuel 221 Craven, Clvde Coates 88,177 Dashiell, John Lavert 110 Cherry, Blair 399 Collins, Mary Floyd 88,292 Cravens. Edmund 215 Daskam, Edward 284 Cherry, Susan 261,379 Collins, Nollie Maurine 88 Crawford, Virginia Kathleen 327 Daughcrty, George Ferrel 276 313 Colmey. James Weir 103 Crawford. William Severne 211 Daugherty. Katherine 241,279 Chew, Jack Fun 34 Colson, Eva May 286 Crawley, Bob 103 Daugherty, Temple Jackson 88,296 Chewning. Jack 189 Colvin, Jay W 103,215 Crayton, James Jefferson 277 Davant. Mary Anne 253 Chi Epsilon 79 Comer, Deryl 183 Craie, Merrill Albert 191 Davenport, George Follin 276 Chi Omega 248,249 Comer, Dorothy 70 Cree, George Benson 225 Davenport. Joseph Jean 115 Chi Phi 180,181 Commer, Esther 255 Creighton, Charles William 71 Davenport. Thomas Earl 315 Chick, Betty Lou 70 Comptroller ' s Office 16 Creighton, John Roy 71 David. Jeanette 35,251.370 Chicotsky, Sara 255,307 Conewav. Albert Earl 99 Crenshaw. Katherine Irene 286 David. Leo M 35,213 Childers. Jack Durrett 203 Coney. Donald 17 Creps, Laura Catherine 292.299.371 David. Stanley 207 Chiles, Charlotte 88 Conley. Janet 259 Crews, Helen Louise 35.268,314 Davidson. Faye Main 63.82,270 Chiles, Charles 179 Conlisk, Carolyn K 103,241,292 Crimes, Wilborn 110 Davidson. Marilla Thompson 102,374 Page 538 NAMES PACES Davidson, Marilynn J 103, 292 Davidson, Shirlee 271 Davidson, William Keith 217 Davidson. W. R 392, 427, 429. 439 Davies, Virginia Lee 245 Davis, Adrian Averil 89, 183, 296 Davis, Alfred, Jr 274 Davis, Betty Louise 71 Davis, Catherine Marie 304, 327 Davis. Cecile Little 103. 245, 292 Davis, Dick Leon 291 Davis, Earle Dwane 331 Davis. Edwin Irvin 35 Davis. Elizabeth Louise 257 Davis, Eloise 253, 292 Davis, Florence Janet 154, 165, 245. 305.309 Davis. Frances Elaine 103. 245. 309 Davis. Gilbert Andis 288 Davis, Hattie Aldora (Jack) 89, 249 Davis, Henry Robert 71, 164, 165, 203 Davis. Jeanne Convray . .267, 280, 292. 369 Davis. Jean Dennis 267, 286, 379 Davis, John Leigh 274 Davis, Juanice 103 Davis, Kenneth C 198 Davi,. Mard Sue 314 Davis, Marian Virginia .247 Davis. Marijane .239 Davis, Marjo Vane 109,268,309 Davis, Mary Ernestine 103 Davis, Mary Jane 330 Davis, Mary Kathleen 89, 257, 285 Davis, Mary Louise 103 Davis. Hilton Kunze 35. 276 Davis, Milton Victor 94. 213 Davis. Neil 1D3. 115. 296 Davis. Norman 89 Davi,, Oliver Busby. Jr 35 Davis. Ora 133 Davis. Richard Caleb 213 Davis. Wallace Kimbrough 115. 193 Davi,. Wayne Burke 100 Davis. William Hill 275 Davison, Tom 167, 193 Dawson. Loyce Ivy 36, 111. 268 Dawson, Raymond Fillmore 276 Datrson. Ted 392, 398. 399 .409 Day. Clyde Wickliffe 71 Day. Travi, Edward 277 Deaderick. William Bowden 95. 158. 173. 195 Deahl. Mary Jane 245 Dealey. Joseph MacDonald 100. 199 Dean. Dorothy 71 Deab. William Beale 291,333 Dean of Men ' s Off if t 14 Dtan of Women ' s Office 15 Dearmin, Helen 249 Dealhe, Helen Norwood 286 deBord. Steve. Jr 36.97.275 Decker. Robert West 64. 177 Deckert, Verna Lee 82 Deen. Arthur 23. 186 Deeter, Bruce Thornton 28 De George, Michael John 219 Degler, Howard E 84 De Lancey. Charle, J 1 15. 181, 275 DeUney. Robert M 103 Delavan, George Washington 60, 98. 115. 195 de Leon. Alfredo 36 Delgado- Vega. Enrique 103 Delgado-Vega. Vincente 71. 311 DeLoach, Ralph Ilbert 59. 115 [ !. ong. Jetty Grace 113. 249 Delta Chi 182, 183 Delta Delta Delta 250. 251 Delta Gamma 252. 253 Delta Kappa Efsilon 184, 185 Delta Phi Epsilon 254, 255 Delta Sigma Phi 186, 187 Delta Sigma Pi 80 Delta Tau Delta 188. 189 Delta Thela Phi 190. 191 Delta Zeta 270 Demere. Georgina 71 !(.- loville. Jame, Edward 315 Denhollem. John William 275 Denison, Frank 185 Denman. Ben Pittman 95. 173. 197 Denman, Gilbert Morgan M. 115. 173 215, 287. 392 Denman, James Burton 71 Denman. Mary 265 Dennard. J. Frank Norris 191 Dennis, Earl 36. 65. 80, 333 Dennis, Jerry Terrell 316 Dennis. Norma Gene 249.286 Denson, Bryan Leslie 66, 97. 275 Denson, Milton Wayne 301 Denton, Julia 261 Deputy, Robert 197 Depwe, Harvey Clarence 277 Derby, Consuela 261, 373 De Shazo, Marian Frances 98 Deshotels, Dorothy Lois 36. 279 DeuPree. Juliu 217 Deutsch, Melvin Elliott 36. 392. 421. 422. 423 Dever. Bebe Jo 103. 292 DeVore. Stewart William 203 Dexter. Grace Leake 116. 265 Dexter. Leonidas Gordon 99 Dey. Virginia Dorothy 103 Dial. Kalhryn Louise ....82. 111. 165.267 292, 305 NAMES FACES Dibrell, James Wendell 115 Dibrell, Jeannie Lee 310 Dickey, Dorothy Lorraine 63, 82 Dickie, Floy Beth 71,247,368 Dickie, Sarah Jane 71, 329 Dickson, Dorothy MacGregor 300, 381 Dickson, John Charles (Jack) 71 Dickson, Lucy Lee 305, 324 Diebel, Ray Clark 36 Dies, Howard 195 Dieter, Frederick 3ll Dieter, Philipp George, Jr 276 Diggle. Susan Jeanne 36 Dillard. Nancy Elizabeth ....71, 304, 439 Dilliard, Roy Earl 103 Dillon, Clifford Brien ..95. 115. 173, 203 Dillon, Howard Clay 71, 299 Dinwiddie, Hal lard Alvin. Ill ....103, 296 Dinwiddie, William Courtenay 36 Disch, W. J. (Uncle Billy) ...95. 420. 424 Dismukes. Benne Frances 103, 367 Dixon, Jesse Carrett 36, 311 Doak, Margaret Louise 36, 286 Dobie. J. Frank 26 Dobkins. Robert Egan 275 Doby, Robert M 36 Dockrey, James Beeman 71 Dodd, Marjorie Iris 113, 116,267 Dodgen, William Thomas, Jr 71 Dodson, Alberta 268 Dodson, Paltie May 36, 263, 282, 307 Doell, Oscar T 71 Doescher, Nettie B 259 Doggct, Margaret 267. 278 Doherty, Wilfred Lansing 95, 185 Dohlman, Joyce 251 Dohoney, Mrs. A. P 330 Dolan, Joseph James 300 Dolinsky, Basil Victor 115 Dol ley. James C 60, 80, 391 Dolph, Jack Covell 36. 167 Domaschak, Wilfred W 36 Donaho. Katherine Elizabeth 36. Ill Donahue, Bob 99 Donaldson, Darrell Chester 333 Donnell, Catherine 81 Donnell. Helen Glover 103,251 Donnell. Nell 251 Donoho. Elmira 253 Donovan. Richard. J r 1 73. 185, 300 Donzis, Jerome Milton 103. 213 Doole, John Rumsey 183, 317 Dorfman, Mildred 271 Dorman, William 80 Dormitories 323-324 Dorsey. John Wesley 100, 195 Dorsey. Mary Bess 86.270 Doss. Doris Flo 103. 381 I)..... Noble 392, 399, 400, 409 Dossey, Roy Conoly 314 Doty. E. W 20 Dougherty, Becky Adna 113, 304 Dougherty. Fred Allen 103 Dougherty. Maxine Rae 89 Doughtie, Hattie Lucy 103 Doughtie. Venlon L 84. 180 Douglas. Betty Lou 103 Douglas. Bruce 103 Douglas, Frederick Andrew 333 Douglas, Jeanne Margaret 167 Douglas. Leon B 36 Douglas. Mary Elizabeth 300 Douglas, Robert, Jr 36 Douglass. Helen Elizabeth 89 Douglass. Jane Emily ?51 Douglas,. Robert Perry 298 Douglass. Thomas Clinton 296 Dover, Frank Lipper 110, 207 Dowd. Frances Elizabeth 261 Dowdy. Dorothy 270 Downie, Edward R 36 Downs. Erick MS DOM n,, Fred 187 Doyen. June Earle 274 Dozier. Allen 103 Draffen. John Franklin 96 Drane. James Andrew C19 Driskill. Felix Hicks 80 Driver. Walter 195 Drummond, Lorena 85 Dryden, Marguerite Alice 286 Du Bo -. H. Jay 211. 296 Duckworth. Frances Lee 36.241,286. 292. 308. 373 Duff. Louise 261 Duffer. Myra Lea 241,292 DufEeld. Carl. Jr 195 Duke. Willard 36 Dulaney. Don L 36 Duls. Jane Worthington 116. 259. 305 Dumke, Bill 421.422.423 Duncan, Bennie Fred 275 Duncan. Bonnie-Jean 257. 328. 331 Duncan. John Kirk 103. 225 Duncan. William Bricen 58 Dunkelberg. Rosemary Foudray 285 Dunlap. Jimmy H3 Dunlap. Julia Adella 193,299 Dunning. El izabeth West 103 Durham. H. S. Buck 36. 110. 159 Durham. Pete 209 Duson. Pharr 195 Dwyer, William Graves 201 Dye, Pat 71 , 309 Dyer, Marian Elizabeth 103 Dyer. Wilson Leland 66, 110, 296 Dyess, Arthur Del ma 64.185 NAMES Dyke. Richard Burt 62. 163, 182 Dykes, William Edward 110 Eades, Robert H Eagle, Dorothy Elizabeth . Eardley, Albert Edwin . . . Early Allen, Jr Early Pattie Rose Earle, Charles Thomas ... Earnest, Louise Earwood, Armer Fred .... Eason. John Harold Gilmer East. Margaret Sue Eastland, Seaborn, Jr Eaton, Blanche Lillian . . . Ebner. Oscar Echlin, Robert F Echols, Mildred Eck, Le Roy Eckert. Carl J. Eckardt, Carl John, Jr. Eckert, Jacqueline . . . Eckert. John Byron Eckert, Ruby Violet . . Eckert, William 392.421. Eckhardt, Joseph Carl Augustus, J Eddleman, John Pitman Edmunds, Raymond Swezey, Jr. . Edmunds, David 427, Edmonds, L. Loyd Edmondson, Billie Carolyn Edwards, David Edwards, Frances Edwards, George, Jr Edwards, Jay Wilson Edwards, Marjorie Anne Egg, Marjorie 203 NAMES FACES Everett, William Edward 333 Everett, Marshall Lee 115 Eversberg, Connie Shirley 113, 114. 251,381 Ewing, Joseph Shelby 103, 115, 311 Eyoub. Lelia Lisette 263 Exall, Betty May 259. 286 Ezell, Sue Ill, 267, 292, 305 1 ..164, ..... 249 .315, 332 .103. 217 247, 292 177. 317 ..... 103 ..... i!5 ..... 26 ..... 304 ..... 1.5 7, 66. 84 ..... 277 ..... 246 165. 215 ...... 71 422, 423 r. ..299 . .59, 63 ..... 317 428, 430 ...... 71 .117,310 ..... 177 ..... 253 ..... :i7 ..... 277 ..... 89 Egozcue, Edward Joseph 11), 314 Enters, Betty Jo 249.324.331.375 Ehlers, Emmett Amberf 110 Enters, Jane Marie 37, 307, 375 Ehlers, Marjorie Lee 249. 379 Eiehelberger. Margie Dawn 247 Eicon 1 . Alvin Maurey 221 Eicson. Jack Leigh 110, 115,205 Eidman, Frank 177 Eidson. Joe Harvey 203 EiBer. C. K 208 Eisenberg. Jodie 221 Eilt. Eileen Elizabeth 37. 304, 325. 331.381 Ekdahl. Sigurd N 22. 196 Eklund. Bill 195 Elam. Norene 85 Elder. Carl Dyer 89, 115 Eldridge, Edward Horace 274. 284 Elizondo, Cesar Manuel 287, 314 Elkir,.. Lincoln Feltch 66. 275 Elledge. Raymond P.. Jr 195 Elliott. Benge 103 Elliott. Betty June 109. 268. 328. 331 Elliott. David 193 Elliott. Don Ancil 89 Elliott. James Webster 71. 315 Elliott. Mary Elizabeth 315 Elliott. Martha Elizabeth (Betty) ...377 Elliott. Peggy Jo 263 Elliott. William Marian 315 Ellis. John T 71 Ellison. A lfred 1 9 Ellison. Fred Pittman 98. 185 Ellison. Wilson M.. Jr 37 Elrod, Ales Warren 71 Elrod. Hamlin Kennedy 217. 315 Ellsworth. Ruth Edna 241. 307 Ely. Jean Allene 37,257. 292 Emkrn, Roy Lee 187 Emery. Virginia Lee 89 Emmrrt, Frank Raymond 98 Emmett. Eleanor 103 Emmott. Jack H., Jr 219 Emslie. Donald Wayne 71.80 Eng. Phillip 89. 277, 288 Engel. Anne Marie 247. 300 Engle. Eloise 267. 308 Engle. Francis Madison 301 Engelking. Doris Jane 292 Engelke. Louis Benno 37.300.332 Eppler, James Layton 71 Erhard. Mary 265 Erickson. Homer B 71 Ernst. Richard Edwin 211 Erter, Rosemary 292 Erwin. Eldon Eugene 65, 71 Erwin. Frank Craig 115, 195 Erwin. John Bruce 224. 225 E.pey. Alma Agatha 292, 298. 300 Espfeosa. Alfredo J 37 Esterak. Joyce 103 Estes. Burnett 71 Esteft, Linlon 189 Eta Kappa HU 2 " 4 Etheridge. Lawrence I " t9 Etheridge. Obie Leonard 115 Ettlinger. Martin Grossman 115 Evans, Ann 265 Evans, Arthur 119 Evans. Bernice Hazel 251, 372 Evans. Bobby L 277 Evans, James Oscar 103, 294 Evans. Joe Clarence 63, 96 Evans, Marjorie Louise 53, 89 Evans, Mozel le Catherine 26 Evans, Waunita S H9 Everett, Bill 223 Everett, Fred 3. 421, 422 Fagan, Noal Earl 37, 156,314 Fain. Maureen Homie 85 Fairchild. Mrs. I. D 12 Falfa Omicron Omega 112 Falk. Bibb 424 Falk. Elizabeth Louise (Betty) ..261, 375 Falkner, James Monroe 98 Fancher, George H 97, 275 Fankhauser, Paul Alvin 59 Fannin. Florence 267 Fannin, Oliver William 332 Fant, Jack 211 Fant. Knox 185 Farb, David 175 Farek, William Adolph, Jr 296 Faris. Margaret Helen 245, 286 Farner, June 267 Farqubar, Blanche Edna 279 Farr, Virginia Lee 2o3. 307 Farrar, Margaret 249 Faseler, E. J., Jr 275 Fath. Conrad Frederick 294 Faubion. Grady, Jr 277 Fausset, Guy F., Jr 71, 167 Favors, James 72 Fragan, Richard Wynne 72. 137. 275 features Section 119-154 Felder, Zack 209 Felgar, Robert Pattison 79. 276 Felker, Tom Hearne 316 Felps, Newton 183 Felps, Mrs. Selety Catherine 28 Felsing, William A 96 Fenner, Marjorie Nell 103 Feray, George Edson 197 Ferguson, Billy 119 Ferguson, George Oliver ..33 Ferguson, Jessie Lynn 270 Ferguson, John Ernest 103, 193, 317 Ferguson, Mary Love 261 Ferguson, Phil M 66, 79, 276 Fernandez, Richard Clement 284 Feroce. Guido Albert 59 Ferret). Edward 306 Ferris. Teresa Ann 236 Fichtenbaum, Morton G 213 Fikany. Edward David 115 Field, Bertha Lenora 37, 237, 241. 2tM Field, G. L 83 Field. Sam Houston .24. 93. 115. 156, 217 Fields. Charles B 37 Files. Janice 89 Files, John The, ma 37,66, 96, 115 Files, Joyce 89 Files, Sara 37, 82, 286, 302, 381 Filkins, Mary 249 Finch, A. P 214 Finch. Mary Mallory 89, 109, 278 Finch, S. P 79.276 Fincher, Ernest Hilliard.Jr 110.333 Fincher, Maurice Robert . .37. 60. 98. 100. 115, 392, 434, 437 Finck. Marion Henry 314 Fine. Arts 290-299 Fine. Helen 98 Finear, Earl John 300 Finlayson, Charles 134. 195 Finley. Lila Dean 245 Finnegan, Betty Katherine . .113. 259. 305 Finnegan. Mary Margaret 37, 112, 259 Finney. Frank Florer 201 First Year Lams 68 Fischer, Catherine Ann 300 Fischer, Elmo Leroy 301 Fischer, Newton Duncan 72, 314 Fisher, Emory D 96 Fisher, Jack 115 Fisher, Margo 37 Fills, Herman Andrew 191 Fitzgerald.!. Anderson 18. 60, 196 Fitzner, Stanton 167 Fitzsimmons, Joe 392 Flack, Joe Fenley 115, 195. 432 Flahive. Terrence Paul 191. 300 Flanagan. Preston S. ...195, 392, 399. 406. 409, 427, 429. 430 Flatow, Max 276 Fleckner. Stanley C 72 Fleischman, Frances Brenda 255, 298 Fleishman, Miriam Ann 103 Fleishman. Shirley Bon 243, 283, 287 Fleming, Bryan 104 Fleming. Fly B 181 Fleming. Ruth Barbara 2 1 Fleming. Walton C.. Jr 197 Fletcher. E. C 176 Fletcher, Mary Alice 245, 308 Flrwellen. Wilbur Carl 211 Flinn. Helen 324 Fleeter, David Lee 201 Flores, Adalberto Rafael, Jr 287 Florence, Finus A., Jr 218 Florey, Jean 259 Florman. Lloyd Harold 104,213 Flowers, George Watts 203, 277 Flowers. Leslie Doak 203 Floyd, Morris Lee 314 Page 539 NAMES PACES Flume, Richard Angus 300 Fly, Alice Elaine 327 Fly, Ceraldine 89, 249, 380 Fly, William 177 Fochs, Murray 317 Focht, John Arnold 66, 79, 110, 276 Folk, Lady Rosemary 267 Fontaine, Elizabeth 104 football 397-410 Freshman Football 410 Freshman Football Squad 410 Foote, George Wilson, Jr 89 Foote, Helen Marguerite 37, 279, 377 Ford, James Dudley 275 Ford, John Calvin 37, 158, 309 Ford, Jon C 187, 333 Ford, Virginia Myrle . .112, 114, 237, 259, 305, 381 Fordtran, Josephine Bell 116, 265, 309 Fore, Mary Ellen 164, 165, 259 Foreman, Clyile Bayard 225 Forensica 285 Forgason, Herbert Grayson, Jr. ...93, 306 Forkcl, Curt Emil 115, 296 Forman, Etha Reagan 82, 251 Forsman, John Malcolm 224 Fort, Homer Thomas 37, 294 Forwood, Virginia 251 Foster, Randolph Nelson, Jr. .72, 296, 299 Foster, Robert Dewitt 104, 301 Foster, James Hutchings 60 Foster, John Sidney 225 Foster, William Hague, Jr 110 Foster, William Thomas 290 Foulds, Duncan 217 Foulk, Mary Ellen 72,312 Fouts, Jacquelyn 251 Fouts, James Ward ...62, 64, 95, 115, 156, 158, 162, 223, 391, 392 Fowler, Lesl ie Earnest 37 Fowler, Walter Melville 316 Fowler, William LeRay 296 Fox, Jimmy 89 Fox, Nelia 279 Fraim, Raymond Albert 276 Framback. Jack Andrew 219 Francis, Edward Lysaght 64, 185 Francis, Martha 259 Francis, Orville Kathryn Ill Francis, Patricia Elaine 263 Francis, William Alvah, Jr 28 Francis, William B 37 Francy, Catherine Jane 72, 279 Frank, Edwin Henry, Jr 37, 59 Frank. Lois Natalie 243 Franklin, Byron Woodward 115 Franklin, Charlie Ann 89, 257, 380 Franklin, George Edward 296 Franklin, Jean 255 Franklin, Rosemary 72, 257, 285, 368 Franklin, Stephen 284 Franklin. Walter 189 Franks, Raymond 179 Fraser, Alice Eloise 245 Fraternities 171-230 Frazee, Charles Clifford, Jr 68 Frcde, Ralph Edward 110, 167 Frederick, J. H 80 Freed, Bernie 175 Freed, Itta Louise 104. 255 Freeman, Harold Maurice 72, 207 Freeman, Jack 392 Freeman, Juanita 104 Freidson, Hortense Ruth 243 French, Vernon Myers 98 Frerichs, Mildred Glyn 89 Frericks, Alvin Louis 63 Freshman 102-108 Frey. Jerry Burke 164, 165, 177 Friars 62 Fridge, David Lidstone 300 Friedlander, Adele Lillian 37, 243, 279, 307 Fricdlandcr, Silas, Jr 207 Friedman, Albert 207 Friedman, Ruth Carolyn 104, 243 Friedsam. Sam Randall 296 Friend, Marilyn Weiles 243 Frizzel. Virginia 267 Frost. Cyrus Burleson, Jr. ...115. 211, 294 Frost. Doris Marwil 82 Frost, Jack 274 Frowine, Sue 268 Frueholz, Margaret 328, 331 Fruland, Walter Sidney, Jr 37. 65, 294, 301 Fuchs, Carl Jacob 300 Fuentes, Jacob Manuel 298 Fuentes. Ruben 287 Fuge, William Robert, Jr 296 Fugitt, Joe Manebill 296 Fuji. Alben Adolph 313 Fulbright. Lawson William 317 Fulkerson, Edgar Vivian 72 Fuller. Lady Myra 251, 280 Fullerton, Raymon 163 Fulmore. Sterling R., Jr. 89, 211. 291, 306 Fulton. Dyer 217 Funk, Gerbert Becker 277 Fuquay, Claude Raymond 38 Furgason, Carl Moss 66, 96, 115 Futch. Edward Downing, HI ..94. 115, 187 Gafford, Burns Newman 274 Gaines, Scott 196 NAMES PACES Gaither, Doyle 197 Gaither, Harold Lloyd 115 Galbraith, Ralph Arthur 192, 274, 284 Callacher, Rial Frederick 38,296 Gallaway, Jeanne 89, 259, 369 Galli, Cesare Joseph 300 Gallia, Jay Robert 195 Galloway, Frances 304 Gait, John Leland 72, 296 Gambrell, William Mooncy 203 Gamez, Luis Ezgequiel 98 Gamma Phi Beta 256, 257 Gandlcr, Ida 98 Gannon, Clair Hildreth. Jr. . .199, 288,300 Gannon, Fred Cilbough 199, 288, 300 Gant, Jack Allen 294 Cant, Lloyd 205 Gantt, Mary Lou 104 Garbrecht, Marjoric 72, 239, 312 Garcia, Adela 287 Garcia, Alberto Enrique 332 Garcia, Alfredo T 287, 314 Garcia, Alicia 287, 314 Garcia, Eglantina Rosalinda 329,331 Garcia, Estefana Margarita 287, 300 Garcia, Jesus Arambula 287 Gardenas, Guadalupe 109 Gardner, Edward 215 Gardner, Jacqueline 245, 292, 305 Gardner, Laura Pearl 237, 263, 307 Gardner, Louise Mary 113, 267 Gardner, Mary Teresa 279, 300, 329 Gardner, Wade Willis 315 Garner, Clayton Stone 333 Garner, Clifford S 96 Garner, Custis Robert 38, 211 Garner, Genevieve 265 Garner. John Hamilton 179, 317 Garnett, Estella Klizabeth 104 Garonzik, Herbert 221 NAMES PACES I. iv. ii-. II, I in , Lavinia 104, 286 Giussani, Lconor 286, 379 Cla.berg, Ruth 72,310 Glascock, C. C 98. 204 Glass, Charles Ries 225 Glass, Ed 183 Glass, Emery Wright 314 Glass, Mary Evelyn 241 Class, Walter 115 Glass, Willanl 183 Glasscr, Syna Leah 292 Classman, Irene Faye 298 Glauser, Jack 177 Glaze. Wesley Ogden 72 Glecklcr, William James 185 Glenn, Richard Alvin 96 Glenn, Robert Benjamin 211 Glenn, Thomas Rodney 288, 392, 434, 435, 437 Clcnny, Wilma 239 Garrett, Addie Avery 38 Garrett, Clyde Winston 211 Garrett, De Vere Ann 104 Garrett, Joe S 38, 392 Carrett, Julian 392, 399, 404, 409 Garrett, Mary Jane 28, 259 Garrett, Pearson (Jack).Jr 72,203 Carrett, W. J 39 Garrison, Scotty 163 Garrison, Virginia 163 Gartman, George Weldon, Jr 80, 181 Gartman, Nihla Louise 38, 85, 98, 257, 285 Gary, Charles Lester 115 Gary, Otis 185 Garza, Gustavo 72, 287, 314 Garza, Raoul 104 Gaskin, Herbert 110 Gassaway, Geraldinc Ill Gaston, Mary Hannah 38, 375 Gates, Harriet Kimbro 164, 165, 267 Catewood, Boyce Albert ...156, 209, 281, 392, 427, 429, 430 Cathright, Thomas Elbert 89 Catling, Lynn 89, 286, 292, 328, 331 Gay, Nan Lee 38, 63, 82, 374 Gayle, Dorothy 89, 249 Gearing, Mary Edna 286 Gebauer, Dorothy 16, 109, 158, 285 Geddie, Thurman Burl 225 Gehring, Alice Madeline 72 Gehring, Herman Fred, Jr 201 Geiger, Doraine Louise . .85, 167, 267, 377 Gensberg, Rose 72, 279, 315 Gentry, Dr. Elizabeth 117 Gentry, George V 182 Gentry, Jacqueline 104, 286 George, Frank Wade 299 Georgi, Howard Mason 211 Getzandaner, W. H 195 Gibbs, Bess 104 Cibbs, Charles Montague 201 Gibbs, Tom 223 Giberson, Dorothy Louise 89 Gibson, Billy Peck 195 Gibson, Juanita 104 Gibson, Lucy Ellen 104, 292 Gibson, Martha 378 Gibson, Robert William 215, 309 Gibson, William Elmer, Jr 104, 296 Gideon, Roger Murphy 93, 306 Gideon, S. E 21 Gidley, Andrew Jackson. Jr 294 Gidley, Dorothy Jane 89 Gidley, Willa Mac 247, 286 Gidley, William Francis 19, 314 Gilbert, Harold Stanley 213 Gilbert, Dr. Joe 17 Gildemeister, Judith 249 Gill, Gloria 265, 286 Gill, John 392, 399, 401 Gill, Truman Flournoy 181, 306 Gillespie, Frances Jane 89 Gillespie, Cerre 261, 278 Gilliam, Dorothy 267 Cilliam, Louis Chamberlain 317 Gilliland, Oscar Coughan 115 Cilliland. Phineas Earl 38 Gillilan.l. Robert McMurtry 38, 63, 94, 115 Cillis, Dorothy 267 Gillis, Walter 215 Gilmcr, Frances Ebey 249. 308 Gilmer, John Thompson 193, 332 Cilmore. Gail Ruth 72 Gilmore, Joe 185 Cilstrap. H. C. (Bully) 200, 399, 431 Girdley. B. C., Jr 38 Girls ' Glee Club 292. 293 Gist, Elmar Lafayette 296, 301 Glover, George Edward, Jr 104, 115 Glover, Olivia 249 Goad, Tom Lloyd 72, 80 Gober, Forrest 179 Godard, Ernest Joseph 62, 66, 95, 97, 181, 275 Godfrey, Rosalie S 328 Godlove, Reva Leah 243 Goehring. Lloyd 38, 311 Goethe, Joe Adolph 115, 177 Goidl, Irving Sir 213, 332 Coines, Jeanne Dorothy 237. 239, 285, 292, 310, 367 Cold. Harry Lee 72, 221 Golda. Jean Gellman 243 Goldbeck, Eddie 104, Robert Eugene 89 Goldberg, Harry Samuel 277 Goldberg, Julius 213 Goldberg, Shirley Frances 104, 255 Golden, Margaret Helen 255, 307 Golden, Ruth Elaine 271, 292, 307 Coldfarb, William David 213 Colding, Sylvan Henry 207 Goldman, Felix B., Jr 207 Goldman, Sally Rae 89, 255 Goldmann, Mary Ernestine 244 Goldstein, Estelle 104 Goldstein. Milton 98, 115 Goldstein, Morris 175 Goldstein, Stanley 175 Colt 440 Golf. Jack 175, 314 Golman, Ethel 255, 290 Gomez, Carlos 181 Gonzales, Raul Garza 38, 287, 314 Gonzalez, Jorge Reyna 72, 283 Good ellows 382-385 Goodfriend, Nathaniel 213 Goodlett, Margaret Elizabeth 72 Goodman, Gene 215 Goodman, Harry 221 Goodner, Jim Box 104 Goodrich, Thomas Eldon 314 Goodson, Mary Virginia Purl 279 Goodwin, James William . . .309, 392, 399, 403, 409 Goodwin, Marvin Glenn 217 Goodwin, Robert Joseph 300 Goodwyn. Helen Edwina 245, 292. 300,310 Cordon, Dorothy Mae 309 Gordon, Stanley Erving 213 Cordon, Wanda 89 Gordon, William Hendon 72, 94 Gordon, Winifred 72 Gorman. Suzanne 265 Gormley, Grace Maria 241 . 286, 300 Gorsuch. Barbara Ann 249, 312 Goss, Charlotte BUkely 249. 300.379 Gossett, Constance Almeta . .113. 237, 366 Gossett, Marguerite Lena 269 Gossett, William Zeta 219 Gott. Preston Frazier 89, 294, 301 Gould, John Dave. Jr 317 Gourley, Lloyd Eugene 115 Cower, Harry 399 Coyne, A. V 72 Grace. Doris 38 Grace Hall 326 Graduates 28, 29 Crady. John Francis 209, 300 Graf, Mariolivie Elizabeth 38, 300, 325, 331 Graham, Bobbie Lee 309 Graham, Eugene Marie 257 Graham. Gilliam 292 Graham, Jean Emerson 253 Graham, Julie 104, 267 Graham, Mrs. Lucile 38 Graham, Mary Jane 300 Graham, Ralph James 38 Graham, Robert Clifford 38. 80, 181 Grambling. John Allen 211, 291 Cranberry, Collier Read 110, 204. 274. 284, 391 Grant, Alfred 217 Grant. Durward Daniel 38, 314 Granvillc, Chester Woolen . .95. 185, 392. 412, 413 Granville, George Ellis 94 Granville. James Benjamin, Jr 191 Grasty. Margaret Eunice 82 Gratzel, Alvin Harold 38, 80, 98, 115 Graves, Ann 239 Craves, Claude B 89 Graves, John Studer 38, 311 Graves, Pleasant Fouler 115. 215. 392 Graves, Quintin Branson 276 NAMES PACES Gray, Daphrene Kathryn 300, 329,331 Gray, Earle Francis, Jr 300 Gray, Hazel 38 Gray, Jack 214, 412 Cray, John Herbert 68, 98 Cray, Lee William 104 Gray, Marilce 259, 280 Gray, Mrs. Mary Steussy 286, 302 Gray, Peggy 89, 249 Grebe, Helen Margaret 286 Gregg, Lillian 98 Gregg, Mary Brooks 39, 261, 308, 370 Gregory, Kathleen 72, 237, 269, 286 Gregory, Lloyd 195 Gregory, Lorna Rae 81, 117 Gregory, Robert Henry 59, 60 Gregson, James Randolph 275 Greeman, Glenetta 89, 253 Green, Barbara Ruth 251 Green, Betty 255, 373 Gr.-rn, Kvt-n-tt Wayne 332 Green, Fred Brannon, Jr 288 Green, Ciena Jane 72, 251 , 380 Green, Gloria Ann 104 Green, James Harper 300 Green, John F., Jr 219 Green, Martha 251 Green, Nancy 251, 305 Green, Robert Lee 275 Green, Sam Carlton 99 Green. Travis Cochran 296, 314 Green, Wayne 80 Greenberg, Herschel 221 Greenberg, Milton 175, 333 Greenberg, Robert 221 Greenman, Barbara 243, 298 Greenwood, Bcnnie Love 268, 304, 309 Greenwood, Frankie Lee 89, 253, 315 Greer, James 300 Greer, John Bachman, Jr 201 Creer, John William, Jr 115. 201 Creer, Waynie Meredith 89 Crciner, William 215 Grell, Clinton Lewis 89 Grelling, Mary John 113, 367 Gremmel, Warren Walter 115, 301 Gresham, Dorothy E 89, 265 Cribble, Nancy Joy 73, 292 Grief, Emmet 432 Griffin, Charles Henry 203 Griffin, Dorothy 259 Griffin. Eddie 167, 168 Griffin, Fred David 84. 115, 181, 277 Griffin, Jeanne 259 Griffin, Nancy Katherine 39 Griffith, Charles Coleman 211 Griffiths, Ruth Fletcher 89 Griggs, Charles Randall 39 Criggs, Mary Virginia 63, 2K9, 29(1. 326. 331 Grimes, Edwin Mathew 79 Grimes, Mrs. Leona J 82, 111 Grimes, Merton 299 Grimes, Wilborn 277 Grimm, Laurence F 219 Griscom. Ellwood, III 300 Grissom, Fred 277 Grissom, Pinkney 183 Griswold, John 96 Giisham, Dortha Fay 286 Grisham, Leon Magil 296 Grisham, Lucy Ellen 292 Grisham, Margaret Winona 72,286 Grisham, Mary Wyley 267, 292, 315 Groesbeck, James Douglas 28, 63, 83. 115, 223 CrofT, William 189 Grogan, Bernice 241 Grogan, Wanda 267 Groos, Elise 261 Cross, Hallie B 261 Gross, Wilbur Ostrum 332 Grove, Donald Wayne 39, 314 Crover, Tilda Jane Ill, 249 Grubb, Jackie 253 Grubbs, James 304, 393, 398, 399 Grubbs, Margrette Zuleika 82, 270 Gruber, Nathan 39 Grugan, Virginia Mary 286 Grundy, Thaddeus 115. IH9 Grupp, Stanley Robert 72. 296 Gueldner, Jack Russell 39, 277 Guernsey, Roscoe, Jr 66, 276 Cuenzel, Rudolph 277 Gueraa, Abelardo Carlos 332 Guiberson, Nat 185 Guiler, Mona Dennis 263. 307 Guleke, Kathryn 259 Gulley, Mittie E Ill Gump, Harry 209 Gump. Robert 209 Gunn. Kathryn 39 Gunn, Phyliss Joyce 251 Gunn, Thomas Herbert 104 Gunnarson, Mary Jean 39, 82, 310 Gurley, Charles 189 Gurley, Margaret Mary .. ..109.112.114. 267, 278. 377 Guthrie. Roger, Jr 215 Guthrie, Rufus K 104 Gutierrez, Jose Albar 287 Gutierrez, Lauro 287, 332 Gutierrez, Maria Elsa 286. 287 Cuyer, La Mert Rex 219 Page 540 NAMES 11 PACES Haag, Francis Edwin 314 Haarman. Leo, Jr 189 Haas. Charles F 392, 421, 422 Haas, Raymond Otto 301 Habarta, Alnhonse William 275, 313 Habenicht, Harold Cuido 72, 80, 115 Haber. Paul Adrian 94 Haberlin, Walter Wade 296 Hacketl, Charles W 26, 98, 204 Hacket, Charles Wilson. Jr. . .72, 98, 115, 164, 165, 205 Hackney, Leo 39 Hadden, Will Alexander 309 Haden. John 72, 193 Haenel. Clara 239. 375 Hafernick, Harold 427, 428, 430, 432 Hafernick, Harry 392, 432 Hagen, Robert 185 Hager, Rose Ferguson 39. 79, 276 Hahn, Peter Henry 39 Hahnel, Virginia 249 Hailey, Elton 223 Hailey. Sam King 39. 314 Haish. Martha Louise 241, 303. 324. 331, 375 Hajek, Mildred Leona 313 Halbert, Wayland .183 Halbouty, James Jubron 115 Halden. Marvel Jean Snow 109 Hale. E. E 202 Hale, Harriett Martha 265, 286 Hale. L. Madelle 39 Hal ton. Silva 286 Hall. B.tte 267 Hall, Blanche Bernire 63 Hall, Frances 267 Hall, John Henderson, Jr. ..104. 179, 332 Hall. Katherine 259 Hall. Margaret Ann 267 Hall. Marvin Dunlap 314 Hall, Mary Howard 259 Hall. Polly 167 Hall. Robert Lee 39, 84. 277 Hall, Rosemary 104 Hall, Kuth Adeline 89, 286 Hall. Seidel Seale. Jr 89 Hall, Wendell Edwin 201 Mailman, Clarice 39 Hamann, Bernadine Viola 282, 285. 286 Hamblin. Kathaleene Nancy 89, 253, 300. 303. 376 Hamilton, Arthur C., Jr 104 Hamilton. Mary Gail 117 Hamilton. Robert Earl 274 Hamilton. William Norman 201 ll.i ml in. EiJMin Wood worth 66, 274 Hammack, Bobby 209 Hammann, Brenner 249 Hammer. Lloyd Allen 211 Hammond. Billie Lou ... Hampton. Cecile 39. 257.286 Hampton. Patricia Wade 286 Hanby. Helen Louise 39 Hancock, John 177 Hancock. William Roland 314 Handelman, Ben 207 Hamjleman. Eva Ruby 243 Haney. Pat 292 Hank. Dorothy Ann 245, 292 Hankamer, Leslie Fanelle ...39. 257, 377 Hanley. Alice 249 Hanlon, Thomas Joseph 211 Irma Cecilia 85, 167, 263, 381 Han-on. Kenneth Clayton 110 llapprl. Henry 179 Hardeman. I). B 62, 93. 181 Hirdendorf, Dorothy 259. 305 Harder. Banhart Pete 39 Hardgrave. Everett James 96 Hardgrave. Jo Wilmeth 84. 277 Hardgrave. Walter Fred 271 Hardie. Jack Ford 211 Hardie, Robert Huff 309 Hardie. Thornton. Jr. ..157. 173. 211. 392 Hardin. Ernest R 194 Hardison, Barbara Jane 305 Hardwicke. Charles P 314 Hardwicke. Edward Creer 115. 211 Hardwicke. Margaret Mary 245. 324 Hardy. Bill Benson ' .93. 115. 191, 306 Hardy. Doyle 304 Hardy, Elray Norwood 314 Hardy, Jessie 267 Hardy. Mary Margaret 251 Hargett. Marion 7J Hargis, Aurelous Vaden 225 Hargii, David Bruten 296 Hargis, Lovey Lucille 104. 286 Harkrider. Jane Elizabeth . . . 104. 245. 392 Harkini). R. L 392 Harle. Oliver Oatham 115 Harlow. L. C.. Jr 39. 59 Harman. James Dudley 191 Harman. Robert Adelia 211 Harmes. Frank Marion 314 Harmon. Dennis Hiifi.r.l 299 Harmon. Jim 332 Harmon. Nita Karl Ott 104 Harnest. Norma Anson 39 Harp, William Lee 28 Harper. Henry W 20, 94. 178 Harper. W. L 168 Harrell. Cadwell Tabb 225 Harrell. Hazel Bill 286 Harrington. Charles Scranton. Jr 203 Harris. Bob 193 NAMES PACES Harris, Clara Barton 251, 278 Harris, Clara Louise 109, 261 Harris, Claudia Pierce 292,376 Harris, Frances Barton 114, 237,251 Harris, Ceraldine 89 Harris, Glenn, Jr 39, 80 Harris, Harold Joseph 221, 332 Harris, Herbert Snow, Jr 191 Harris, Jack H 72 Harris, James Leonard 104 Harris, Margaret Terry . .256, 286. 325, 331 Harris, Martin 193 Harris, Mary Elizabeth 251, 279 Harris, Morris Ray 40 Harris, Murray Lee 40 Harris. Paul Albert 187 Harris, Robert Blakely 290 Harris, Steve 193 Harris, Theodore 175 Harris, Truett Wilson 72, 294 Harrison, Adine Helen 40, 63. 82. 98, 307, 373 Harrison, Dan 195 Harrison, Dorothy Nan 82 Harrison, Elna Blanche 247, 300 Harrison, Frances Wynne . . .113, 259, 305 Harrison, Harriett 259 Harrison, Lucy Lee 249. 373 Harrison, Mary McLain . .40. 82, 251, 378, 379 Harrison, Raymond Cloud 95, 177 Harrison. T. P 184 Harrison. William Thomas . . .72, 205. 296 Harrod, Hazel Louise 72 Hart. David Louis 40, 275 Hart.JoeP 189.392,432 Hart, Lawrence Wayne 94, 314 Hart. Mercedes Evelyne 286 Hartin. Rachel Elliott 40,111,156, 237. 251 Hartin. Ray 278 Hartrick. Wade James 28 Harvey. Sam Brown 40. 65. 197. 301 Harvill, Katherine Brownson 104, 109. 249 309. 315 Harwood. George 185 Harwood, Thomas Franklin 203 Haskins, Edd Lee 72, 80. 332 Hassell. Morris William 40. 99 Hasskarl. Dorothea Louise 89. 261, 286. 366 Hastings. Betty Jo 104 Hatch. Arlton Nelson 277 Hatch. James Barry 314 Hatch. Lewis F 96 Hatcher. John Andrew 40, 59. 281 Hatfield, Annie Lee 104 Halherly Helen Janice . .73. 247. 286. 371 Hatten, Ray 115 Haubold. Robert Egon 40. 84. 277 Havens, Becky 104 Hawkes. Mildred 63 Hawkins. Alice Lucile 249. 278. 292 Hawkins, James Cleveland 314 Hawkins. Jerry Alfred 104, 115 Hawkins. John William. Jfr 40 Hawkins. Mary Fern 82 Hawn. William Hewit 22S Hawthorne. Jese 392.399,400 Hay, Howard Glen 40 Haygood. Ella Bess 290 Haynex. Leo C 59. 80 Hays. Harvey L.. Jr 73. 110 Hays, Reginald Lee 217 Hayter, Mary 265 Hayward. Albert Edward. Jr 203 Head, Tilden T.. Jr 296 Health Service 14 Heany. Marian 259 Heap. Walter 399 Heard, John F 181 Hralh. Milton Mack 98. 287 Hebdon, Jack Caldwell 115, 211 Hecht. Edna Dorothy 73 315 Hedrick. L. W.. Jr 28 Hedrick. Mary Elizabeth 241. 292 Heep, Kathryn 259. 278 Heffley. Mary Montgomery 261, 315 Heflin, Bess 302 Heflin. James McDonald 115.225,291 Hegar, Daniel Theodore 115 Heider. Hertha 298 Heiman. John Lewis 104 Heiser. Martha 239 Heiser. Robert Harris 201 Hriskell. Reba 89 Hejtmancik, James Harold 94, 296 Helland. James Hans 195 Helland. Lucille Trabue 269. 286 Heller. Adelaide Lucas 104. 243 Heller. Morton 213, 314 Hflm.. Marjorie 265 Helton. Mary Jane 104 Hemmingson. George Theodore 199 Hemmingson. James Lemuel 199.317 Hempe. Arthur Robert. Jr 89 Hempel. Charles William 89 Hemphill. Darrell Lee 40, 191 Hemphill. J. D 99 Hemphill. Nancy 304 Hemphill. Ross Hugon 99 Henderson. Anna Sue 40 Henderson, Don 177 Henderson, Fred Davie . Jr 275 Henderson. Gladys Whitley 85, 158 280. 308 Henderson. J. L 202 NAMES PACES Henderson, Loise 259 Hendrick. Jean Marion 245 Hendrix. William Clarence, Jr 104 Hengy, Patricia Sue 63, 98 Henneberger, Wayne 79 Hennessy, Mariam 286 Hennessey, Peter John 40, 211 Henniger, Verlynn El Grace 73 Henry, Dorothy 378 Henry, Fred Grady 40 Henry, Julia Ellen 286 Henry, Rebecca 265 Henry, Robert 277, 314 Henry, Walker Julian 99 Henry, Walter Bruce 40 Hensarling, William A 277 Henslee, Leland Kenneth 296 Hensley. Joe Lee 211 Henze, H. R 94, 96 Herbert, Robert Cook 217 Hereford, Carl 205 Hereford, Odis Gerrie 73 Herndon. Charlotte 259 Herndon. Jack 95, 185 Herod, Jack 65, 95. 223 Herod, V ' arina Ann 89, 109, 253, 376 Herold. Bertha Anna 40, 286, 302 Heroman, George F 104 Herrick, Evelyn 261 Herrick, Virginia 377 Herring. Earl Leonard 213 Herring. Garven Thomas, Jr. 84, 277, 301 Herrmann, Cretchen Sophia 109, 117 Htrshey, Donovan 209 Herzog. Erna Rosalie 73, 117 Hestilow. Jack Marshale 93, 95, 301 Hestir, Lucile 267 Hewatt, Mildred Rivers 286 Hewett. Chlorys Elgie 73 Hewgley, OrisDale 110 Heye, Charles Frank 306. 316 H ickerson, Leona Marie 307 Hickman. Carlene 265 Hiekman, Harry 392 Hickman. Joe 195 Hickman. Kathleen 104 Hickok. Herbert Nelson 274 Hicks. Charles Edwin 73. 332 Hicks. Helen Ruth 104, 241 Hick.. John 195 Higginbotham. Warren Hamilton 104 Higgins. Virginia DuVal 89. 267. 292. 375 Hicham.. Katherine S 40. 113.261 300.305 Highams. Lois Evelyn 113, 261. 300 305. 367 Highsmith. Maurine 104, 286, 315 Hight. Ruth 370 Hightower. Jeanne 104 Hightower. Nihla Jeanne 253.370 Hilburn. Allen. HI 185 Hilburn. Marvin Benson. Jr 93. 2O9 Hildebrand. Ira P 64. 182. 194 Hildehrand. Martha 261 Hill. Annie 256 Hill. Betty 265 Hill. Billy 374 Hill. Cynthia 259 Hill. Forest Carrett 63 Hill. Jeraldine 40,112.279.281 289. 324. 331. 373 Hill, John Henry 66,392,421,422 Hill. Lewis Edgar 115. 306 Hill. Lonnie 427. 428. 430 Hill. Roger 189 Hill. William McDowell 40 Hill. William Stanley 275 Htllegeisl. Cayle Virginia 312 Hilley. Cordon 392. 434, 347 Hilliard. Peggy Littlejohn 259. 280 Hilliard. Rosemary Susan ...112. 265. 278 Hillman. Anna May 104. 366 Hilman. Mary Mina 112, 259, 368 Hillyer. Mary 267 Hilly. Annis Kay 265 Hilly. Leonard F 211 HinrK Barbara 241 Hinds. Dan Hall 40. 61. 64 Hinds, Jackson Ceivers 62, 93. 95. 115, 223 Hine. H. Guy 296 Hinrs. Mary June 379 Hines. Nancy June 253 Hines. Robert 217 Hinkle, Allen O.. Jr 40. 59 Hinkley. Helen Elizabeth 263 Hinman, Genevieve 267 Hirsch, Joe 207 Hirscher, Lovie Eugene 89 Hiss. Anna 17. 252 Hobbs, Robert 189 Hockaday. Bill Burns 288 Hodde, Louis A 40 Hodge, Henry Pope, Jr 89, 179. 291 Hodge, Roger Weldon 115, 191 Hodges. Grace Elizabeth 263 Hodge. Cus Macey 64, 202, 287 Hodcin, Betty 249 Hodson, John R 41, 66. 96 Hoefgen, Faye Davis 367 Hoeflieh, Bert J 104, 177 Hoeflich. Carl William 215. 300, 314 Hofcr, Margaret Jane 81, 82 Hoffman, Edmund 207 Hoffman. Harold Baer 60.221,296 Hoffman, Henry R., Jr 207 Hoffman, Jean 268 NAMES PACES Hoffman, Leo Jaye 41, 61, 63 115, 331, 291 Hoff meister, Robert Gordon 274 Hogan, Alsede Walter 274 Holasck, Doris Mae 268, 313 Holcomb, Alice Maurine 104 Holcomb, Frank Edwin 296 Holcomb, Henry Alvin 96 Holcomb, Lelia 325 Holden. Rev. Vincent F 300, 313 Holder, Charles Burt 96 Holder. Floyd William 164, 165, 205 Hot Ian. Bob 94, us Holland, Barney 185 Holland, Baiter Finch 98, 177 Holland, Darwin Brownlee 159 Holland, John Graham 41,201,315 Holland, Leonard 221 Holland. Marie Hanna ..111, 243, 307. 310 Holland, Mary Loreen 104, 253 Holland, Virginia Jo ...249, 309, 312, 372 Hollander, Miriam Lee Ill, 117, 299 Hoi 1 man, Clarice Georgette 98, 241 Moll man. Julius Wolters 314 Holloway. James Porter 41, 209 Holloway, Ross Raymond 41, 115, 215 Holman, Richey 179 Holmes. Alice M. B 60 Holmes. Elsie Elliott 237, 267, 278 Hoi mes, Howard Hathaway 41, 274 Holmes, Roy Willis 104, 211 Holmes, Sara 265 Holmes, Tommy 185 Holmsley, Fred Holman 41, 60, 115 Holstein, Tom, Jr 217 Holt, Joe 177 Holt, Roland Bell 63, 96 Holt. William Joseph 274 Holzschuher, Carl, Jr 115 Home Economics Club 286 Hoaorarits ...59-66, 79-86, 93-100, 109-117 Hood, Jacqueline Claire 73 Hooks, Charles 195 Hoover, Josephine 163 Hopkins, Albert James 211 Hopkins, Jane 245 Hopkins, King 93, 183, 306 Hopper, Rex D 98, 287 Horadam, W ' eyman W ; ilson 41 Horak, Dorothy Katherine 370 Horeczy, Joe Thomas 96 Horn, James Wayne 333 Horn, William 189 Hornak, Anna Frances 104 Hornberger, Theodore 200 Home, Stewart Walsh 58 Homer, Sally 309 Horsak, Rudy J., Jr 115.313.314 Horton. Glenn 249 Horton. Paul Bradfield 179. 317 Hough. Dorothy Patricia 41, 279 Houpt. Walter D 304, 392, 413. 416 House. Ewald Kuhn 219 House. John Dickson 41, 80 Houseman, Donelson Marion 115, 199 Houssiere, Charles Rene 66. 97, 275 Houston, Catherine 261, 305 Houston, William G 181 Howard. Catherine 86 Howard, George Benton 225, 314 Howard, Glenn Orville 275 Howard, J. D.. Jr 314 Howard, Jack Bruce 62, 93, 95, 164 165. 167, 179 Howard. W. L 304 Howard, Walter Burke 96, 115 Howard, William Duncan 199 Howell. Edna 376 Howe) I, Grace Louise 104 Howell. Iris Marie 239, 286, 377 Howerton, Naomi Beulah 60, 279 Howeth, Glenn 104, 179, 333 Howser, Dorothy 104, 374 Hoyt, Marjorie Ruth 299 Hrissikopoulos, John William 63, 94 Hnbbard, Charles Cooper 225 Huber, Jack 163 Hucker, Charles Oscar 63 Huder. Rober C 181 Hudson, Commodore Perry 195 Hudson, O. B 317 Hudson, Richard Curtis 21 1 Hudson, Wellborn Royston 84 Hudson, William James 80 Huff, James Statham 195, 309 Huff, Louis Elmer 99 Huff, William Wayne, Jr 276 Hufstutler. Martha Eugenia 73 Hughes, Helen 237, 239. 331 Hughes, Jack Thomas 63. 115, 392 127. 428. 430 Hughes, Mary Ann 241, 308 Hughes, Mary Jane 259 Hughes. Mary Winifred 286 Hughes. Melville Marius 191 Huie, William Orr 64, 287 Hull. Mary Olive 249 Hull, Thurman 304. 392. 413. 414 Hulmes. Doris Barbara 245. 307, 312 Hulsey, Ritter Carol 199 Humlong. Margaret 112. 265, 278. 315. 378 Humphrey, James Brittain 105 Humphrey, John 179 Humphreys. Marjorie Holland ...241, 312 Humphreys. Robert Paul 275 Hunnicutt. Jary Jack 203 Page 541 NAMES PAGES Hunsucker, Frances Lillian ..251, 330, 331 Hunt, Cecil Lee 276 Hunt, Gene 267 Hunt, George W., Jr 181 Hunt. Margaret 308 Hunter, Bettie Belle 89 Hunter, Martha 304 Hunter, Robert Franklin 80, 296, 301 Hunter, William Morgan 115 Hunter, William Randolph 41,276 Huntington, George, Jr 105, 181 Huntington, Mary Ruth.. 41, 85,156,162 253, 278, 327, 331 Huper, Henry Conrad 179, 333 Hurlburt, Zch Harvey 219 Hurt, George E 25. 288 Hutcheson. Billy Couts 105, 332 Hutchings, William 193 Hutchinson, Bunyan Lee 68 Hutchinson, Mrs. Merry Owens 41 Hutter, Marie Alice 292 Hvass, Charles Thomas 181, 291, 306 Hyde, Ruth Ill Hyer. Billie Ralph 263, 307 Hyder, Elton Marvin 173, 219 Hynds, Robert Henry 73, 294 Idema, Henry 304 lies, Blanchard 286 lies, Sunny 89, 241 I. nli, ,11. George William, Jr 201 Ingram, Thomas Patrick 68 In Memoriam 58 Innes, Catherine Louis 239, 300 Innis, Grace 41, 268, 286,302 Inter fraternity Council 173 I n 1 1 mil in nl or Men 443-450 Intramurals for Women 451-456 lulu Sigma Pi 81 Irby, Elmo Sledd 68 Irons, Watrous H 80, 162 Irwin, George Washington 295 Irwin, Marilyn 241 Isbell, Arthur Furman 96 Isbell, Clay McWhirter 73 Isbell, Grover Jim 41, 219 Ischy, June Mozelle 286 Isensee, Clarence Theodore 41, 59. 80 296, 332 Isett, Barbara Ellen 89 Isaacs, Annabeth 261 Isaacs, Buriorcl 195 Itz, Howard Max 41, 294, 333 Itz, Warren Bernard 181 Ivers, Wayne 193 Ivey. John Patrick 315 Ivey, Mary Catherine 241, 286 Ivy, Edwin Randolph 195, 333 Jack, Nell 249 Jack, William Terry 296 Jackson, Anne Ruth 89 Jackson, Charles 183 Jackson, Emmett Gilbert 276 Jackson.Glenn 392, 399, 401, 409 Jackson, John Lenoir, III 211, 294 Jackson, Kittle Ruth 109, 265, 285 330, 331 Jackson, Lois Ellen 73,267 Jackson, Mims, Jr 209. 311 Jackson, Randall Calvin 100, 332 Jackson, Richard 209 Jackson, Robert Clay Prim 84, 115 209. 277 Jackson, Robert Lee 333 Jackson, Reid 41 Jackson, Virginia Rose 251 Jacob, George DeWitt, Jr 203 Jacobe, Howard, Jr 177 Jacobi, Berniece 105 Jacobs, Betty Claire 105, 255 Jacobs, Carol 73, 241, 312 Jacobs, Earl Winter 68, 183 Jacobs, Edwin Milton 168, 173, 221 Jacobs, Harry Ralph, Jr 225 Jacobson, Mina Louise . .243, 286, 292.298 Jacoby, Nesbitt Freddie 73 Jacques, Douglas C 392, 427, 430 Jalonick, Mary Janet 261 James, Dorothy 105, 368 Jameson, Clemens 249 Jamison, Alonzo Wesley, Jr. . .28, 83, 167 Jane, Marie Louise 313 Janda, George Albert 313 Janseen, Royce Henry 299 Jansing, Elizabeth 329 Janszen, Arthur August 115 Janszen. Herbert Henry 63i 94, 115 Janszen, Royce Henry 115 Janzen, Anna 16 Janzen, Herbert H 41 Jarrel, Willis 217 Jarrett, Jeanne Louise 243, 378 Jarvis, Julietta 249, 280,309, 312 Jarvis, Margaret 265 Jarvis, Rosemary 73, 286 Jarvis, William Tanner 105 Jefferson, Wayman Britton 187 Jeffery, Finis Breckenridge 41 Jelks, Ed 183 Jelks, Oliver 183 Jenkens, Holman 64 Jenkins, Jesse Frank 277 Jenkins, Joseph Edwin 276 NAMES PACES Jenkins, Shirley Elizabeth 249, 292 330, 331 Jenkins, Virginia Frances 263 Jennings, Amy Sidney 259, 292 Jennings, Ima Gena 109 Jennings, George Richard 89 Jennings, James Roger 211. 294, 333 Jennings, Jane 261, 315, 380 Jennings, Nancy 259 Jcssel, Joe Brand 294 Jester, Homer 195 Jester, Jane Jordan 113, 265 Jett, Maxine Audrey 117 Jewell, George Hiram, Jr 203 Jewell, Frank L 198 Jines, Sidney Merl 73, 80 Jinkins, Jack 105 Jinkins, Julius Luther, Jr 201 John, Joe 183 John, Nina Andriana 89 Johnsen, Marjorie Marie . . .41, 63, 82, 164 165, 251, 289, 305, 370 Johnson, Ann Louise Genora 286 Johnson, Arthur Ubbe 73, 179 Johnson, Ben F 41 Johnson, Betty Mary 114, 164, 165 245, 308 Johnson, Bill 183 Johnson, Charles Davis 110 Johnson, Charlotte Rose 41. 279, 368 Johnson, C. R 94, 96 Johnson, Danforth Shaw 219 Johnson, Dorothy Louise 73,105 Johnson, Douglas Roger 197, 332 Johnson, E. Drexel 185 Johnson, Franklin Beaumont 225 Johnson, Henry Clay 277 Johnson, Jean 267 Johnson, Jesse 183 Johnson, Joel Hartman 183, 296 Johnson, Katheryn Mae 286 Johnson, Lula Margaret 292, 303, 305 Johnson, Lois Josephine 105 Johnson, Margaret 251 Johnson, Mary Frances 113, 116,259 286. 302, 381 Johnson, Milton Mason 90, 290 Johnson, Orrin 185 Johnson, Robert Lee 301 Johnson, Robert Milton, Jr 73 Johnson, Robert Wallace 90 Johnson, Ruth Ednalie 73 Johnson, Sarah Frances 41, 286 Johnson, Theodora W 73 Johnson, Thomas Bennett 191 Johnson, Wallace Sjoberg 296 Johnson, Walter Ray 73, 80, 301 Johnson, William Parks 332 Johnson, Willie Ruth 42, 82, 98 Johnson, Woody 399 Johnston, Harry Walker 317 Johnston, Robroy 105 Johnston, William 189 Johnston, William Clyde ...100, 115, 274 Johnston, William Russell 203, 275 Joiner, Alex 189 Jone, Alfred Blakely 225 Jones, Alice Irene Ill Jones, Audrey 265 Jones, Barbara Boutwell 42, 239, 310 Jones, Betty Jean 112, 259, 292. 366 Jones, Carl William 99, 115 Jones, Edward Jefferson 314 Jones, Estermae 249, 292, 308 Jones, Floyd Raymond 274 Jones, George Wendell 332 Jones, Floyd Raymond 73 Jones, Frances Gale 113, 249, 278 Jones, Gloria Kathryn 73, 312 Jones, Guilford Lavender 191 Jones, Harry Lamar 225 Jones, Ivy Lee 309 Jones, James Homer 28, 96 Jones, Jay Y 195 Jones. ' .! 245 Jones, Jerry 239 Jones, John Tilford, Jr 203 Jones, Karl Esterly 294 Jones, L. L 59 Jones, Mary 265 Jones, Natalie Werner 82 Jones, Patsy 249 Jones, Priscilla Clifford 249, 312 Jones, Robert Neill 287 Jones, Royce Munford 225 Jones, Scranton Boulware 203 Jones, Theodore Lawrence 105, 115 Jordan, Henry Grady 199 Jordan, June Olivia 42, 113, 261, 315 Jordan, Virginia Neal 105, 239 Jordon, Grate 42, 315 Joseph, Norraine Miriam 286, 300 Joseph, Cecilia Nora 300 Joseph. Donald 194 Joseph, Jay Bernard 207 Joseph, Rose Dorothy 243 Josephs, Zelig Maurice 42 Joyce, Marie Louise 90 Joyner, Jane Lee 159, 164, 165 Judge, Curtis H 115, 217 Judiciary Council 157 Junell, Bill Edward 64 Jung, Richard Stanley 93, 164, 165 189, 296 Juniors 68-78 Jungmichel, Harold 392, 399, 402 Juran. Dan 221 NAMES PACES Jureski, Walter Frank 42, 300 Justice, Appleton Doyle 42 Justice, William Wayne 68 K Kadanka, Frank Joseph 300 Kagcl, Elaine 73 Kairis, Paul Athanasse 276 Kalb, Joseph 175 KalifT. Mendel Selig 213 Kalina, Virginia 255 Kalish, Paul 221 Ka! I i-nri. James 207 Kal lus, Dorree 241 Kaltcyer. Walter W., Jr 181, 275 Kampmann, Ike Simpson, Jr 95, 211 Kaplan, Ben 42, 167 Kaplan. David Louis 175, 314 Kaplan, Sylvan 221 Kappa Alpha 192. 193 Kappa Alpha Theta 258, 259 Kapa Kappa Gamma 260, 261 Kappa Sigma 194, 195 Karotkin, Stanley Herbert 213 Karper, Edward 217 Karren, Josephine Evel yn 105. 109 Karsteter, Mrs. Ola May 105 Kasch. John Edward 96 Kasch, Katherine 81 Kasch, Norma Marie 42, 164, 165 245, 279, 308 Kasper, Henry 175 Kasperik, Archie Stanley 66, 96 Kastrop, Julian Edward 42, 97, 275 Kattner, James Edward 288 Katz, Charles Jul ius 207 Kaufman, Lucille 243 Kaufman, Mary Frances 243 Kavanaugh, Ruby Charlotte 82, 98 Kay, Clyde Elkins 110, 314 Kealhofc, Starr 193 Kebelman, Helen Lenore 73, 279 Keck, Ray M., Jr 181, 296, 306 Kee, Elizabeth Ellen 42, 82. 302 Keefer. James Willis 42 Keefer, William Faulkner 115 Keen, George Richard, Jr 42 Keenan, Ray Henry 332 Keenan, William Townsend 100, 115 Keene. Donald Thomas 300. 317 Keene, Katha Lea 90. 315 Reese, Nila Grace 90. 286 Keeton. Kenneth Hugh 105. 115, 333 Keeton. Mary Alice 42. 279. 325.331 Keeton, Robert Ernest 61. 62. 64 115. 223 Keeton, W. Page 21, 61. 64, 222 Keillor. Peter Thompson 115 Keith, George Morgan 110 Keith, Joanna 367 Keith, John Wilbur 276 Keith. Mary Frances 114, 245 Keithly, Clyde Marion, Jr 275 Keller, Sam N 333 Kellersberger, Leonore Ann 287 Kelley, Miss Frank Andrews 73, 261 280, 300 Kelley, Jane Frances 251 Kelley, M. W 399 Kelley, Mary Elizabeth 261, 300, 309 Kelley, Onys Andrews, Jr 73, 277 Kel ley, Robert Lee 189 Kellis, Jim Henry 115 Kelly, Guy Terrel 314 Kelly, Margaret Eleanor 113, 261. 366 Kelly, Robert Raymond 195 Kelly, Zclphia Alice 245. 279 Kelsey, Johnny 90 Kelso, Edward Albert 96 Keltner, Carl Eugene 314 Kemp, Thomas 179 Kendall, Joe Barry 203 Kendall, Karl Kenneth 60 Kendall. Lyle Harris 203 Kendall, Ruth Harlan 105, 263. 381 Kendall, Sherman 193 Kendall. Thomas Alfred 90 Kendall, William 193 Kenley, David C 277 Kenley, Luella Nixon 90, 267. 2PO Kennard, Claude L 73, 287, 300 Kennard, Martha 278. 303 Kennedy, Edward R 105, 296, 300 Kennedy. Elizabeth Rose 109. 309 Kennedy, William Duncan 201 Kennelly, Jessie Mae 42, 279, 327. 331 Kennelly, Thelma 105 Kennon, Ishan George, Jr 105. 115 296, 301 Kent, H arry L 84 Kepple, Patricia Anne 73 Keppler, John Edward 277 Kerbey, Josephine Canning ton ... 116. 261 Kerr, Bainc Perkins 61, 64, 199 Kerr, Jeanne Elisabeth 73 Kerr, Margaret 265 Kessel, Milton 221 Kessler, Florence Lorraine 105. 271 Kessler, Marthann 90, 245 Kestenbaum, Dana 1 73 Keuper, Charles Stuercke 189. 296 Key, Mary Alyne 98 Keyes, John Humphrey 203. 277 Keyser, Bobbie Gene 276 Kibbe, Ike LaRue 84, 277 Kiblinger, Quincy N., Jr 73 NAMES PAGES Kidd, Cordon 167 Kies, Clifford Thomas 181, 300 Kies, Ralph George 300 Kieth, Joanna 259 Kiker, Shirley Marie 327. 331 Kilgore, Charles Wynn 275 Kilgore, Daniel Edmund 288 Kilgore, Joe Madison 93, 100, 191, 291 Kilpatrick, Billie 241 Kilpatrick, Gillie Jean 292 Kimball, Henry A., Jr 42 Kimbrough, William Duke . .105. 205, 296 Kimnu ' l, Richard Farris 203 Kimple, Louie Trost 219 Kincaid. Elaine 73 King. Alfred Ashbrook 95. 115 King. Barbara Ann 245, 286 King. Bertha Margaret Ill King, John Dudley 94, 294 King, Kenneth Ray 42, 80 King, Louise 241, 286 King, Miriam Anne 290 Kinney, Eugene 73 Kinney, Harry Cooper 215 Kinney, Lorraine 251 Kinney, Sterling Edward 99 Kinney, William George 201 Kinsburg, Vera Louise 90. 309 Kinsel, George Davis 105, 209 Kinslow, William 193 Kinzbach, Eva Mae 249 Kirby, Kay 239 Kirrhner, Bessie Merle 74 Kirk, Dorothy Lee 82 Kirk. James Trucman 42, 223 Kirk, Mrs. James Truemann 42 Kirk. Stanley Cain 90. 333 Kirkland. Jack 42 Kirkpatrick, Mary 258 Kirkpatrick, Van Evers 296. 299 Kirksey, Terrell Widmer 301 Kistenmacher, Edward Arthur . . .275, 296 Kitowski, Vincent J 74 Kitchens. Edith Peal 82 Kittrell. William 189, 317 Kitts, William Wayne 187 Kitzmann, John A 74 Klaerner, Curtis Maurice 115, 205 Klaeveman, Ivie Milton 42 Klaeveman, Lester Herbert 42, 59 Klar, Herman 205 Kleban, Joy Elaine 243 Klein, Lester 221 Klein, Marion 90. 300 Klingelhoefer. Mary Louise 105 Klinger. Paul E. J 90 Klotz, Harry L 204 Knaggs. Fredna Key 43. 268 Knape. Clifford Stanley 59, 63 Knapp, Pete 301 Kniffin, Robert Fairhurst 110, 205 Knight, Bert Jarvas 110 Knight, Jack Gorce 43, 64, 83 Knight. Thomas Dewitt 189, 301 Knock, William Chester 296 Knolle, Mildred Elaine 74 Knott, Bernard 189 Knowles, Richard Covell 167, 189 Knox, Sarah Beth 43. 82, 265 Knust. Fritz 217 Koch, Betty Sue 245. 374 Kockos. Chris Harold 316 Kocurek, Elenora Angeline 90. 286 313, 370 Koenig, Ruth Adele 81 Koepsel, June E 43 Kopecke. Marie 90, 109. 310 Kokas, Frank James 275, 313 Kolar, Mildred Elizabeth 105 Kolodny, Stanley 221 Kolodzie, Florian Augustan 296 Kolos. Viola 313 Kolstad, Pete 177 Kornherg, Harry Alexander 96 Koschak, John Karl 195 Kotzebue, Augustine Frances ....105, 314 Kouri, Ernest 43 Kovar, Wilbert Joe 115 Koy, Douglas 105. 115 Kraege, Carter Glass 314 Krakower, Sidney 221 Kramer, Arthur Lee 93 Krause, Frederick Charles 316 Krause, James Arthur 43, 59, 60 Krauthoff. Leroy William 59 Krayer, William James 296, 314 Kreisle, Leonard! Ferdinand 115 Kreisle, Matt 185 Krfjci, Victor Louis 313 Krejci, Vincent Frank 43. 300. 313 Kremer, Edward James 61, 191 Kremer, Lawrence 209 Kress, Margaret K 98 Kress, Marvin 221 Kreuzer. Richard Blair 90. 301 Krippendorf. Ray 183 Krister, Tom Moylan 333 Kritser, Horn M 211 Kroll, Jewel 245 Kubisher. Natasha 298 Kucukutin, Adnan Mehmet 115 Kuczynski. Edward 314 Kuhn. William 215 Kulhanek, Dorothy 90, 313 Kulhanek, Theodore Emmery 300, 313, 317 Kultgen, David Burks 115, 195 Kunz, John Theodore 300 Page 542 NAMES FACES Kuriti. Ida Sophie 117 Kurtz. Gladyce Babcock 82 Kushner, Theodore Harris 115 Kutalek, Anne Stephana 300 Kulner. Malcolm James .95, 189, 392, 399 404. 409. 413. 414 Kuykendall, Ollie Mae 43 Kuykendatl. Roger Lynn 211 Kyles, George Clayton 217 Kynette. Lois Adele 90, 117 Laakso, Catherine McKee 279 Laakso, Robert William 277 Labban, George, Jr 115 Labit. Blanche Elizabeth 300 LaBorde, Leo 392.434.436,437 !...(. ,.-i.-. I.. J. H 66 Lacy. Charles Woolsey 74. 301 Lacy, Judy Devereaui . .105, 109, 245. 280 Ladin. Sidney Lafferty, Dorothy Ann 109, 251 Lafferty, George W 59 Lahey, Mary Bernadine 300 Lair, Virginia Elizabeth 245 Lamb, Marjorie 43, 168 Lambda Chi Alpha 196. J97 Lambdin. Griffith Delano 43, 191 Lambert, Cyrus Hill 314 Lancaster, Gordon GUI 275 Lancaster, R. D 197 Lande. Libby 271 Landin, Kenneth Alvin 43 Landman, Pauline Cecille 271, 370 Landrum. Graham Gordon 115, 317 Landry, Harold Hall 43,65,281 Lane, Louis Gardner 294, 299 Lane, Marjorie Gertrude 286 Lane. Richard 219 LaNeal. Maurine 267 Lanford, William Ernest 288 Langdon. Charles Cecil 80,95 Langdon, Katherine ROM 261,308 Langdon, Marjorie Anna 74, 328,331 Langford, AlUe 251 Langton, Elizabeth Anne 109, 249 308. 369 Lanham, James S 59 Lanier. Betty Sue 74 Lankford, Livius Lee 43,94,110 Lapman. Melvin 434, 435. 436. 437 LaRoche. Clarence 163. 168 LaRoche, Julian Constantine 95, 173, 199 Larsen, Leon Vernon 96 Larsen. Victoria Frances 90, 299 Larson. Helen 105 Larson. Jeanne Elizabeth 279 Larson, Louis Everett IV 74, 110 Larson, Vernon Dougla 187 LaSalle. Phillip James 300 Lasaler, Eleanor 105. 259 Lasater, James Al Ian 43. 314 Lasky. Harold 175 Latham. Johnnie 162. 168 Latin-American Club 287 Lattimore. Margaret Catherine 286 Laudermilk, Jack 1 97 Lauer. Carl 189 Lavin. Ira Loeb 43. 167. 290 Law. R. A 25. 192 Lao. Thomas Hart . .62, 115. 189, 291. 392 Lawhorn. Billie 249 Lawler. Charles Alton 110, 276 Lawler. Gerald 74 Lawrence, Calvin Leonard 74 Lawrence, Harding Luther 100, 191 Lawson, Elizabeth Lorraine 263 Lawson, John 183 Lay, Chester F 59. 60. 65 Lay. Coy 181 Layden, Pete John 100. 304, 392, 399 404, 409. 421. 422 Lazarine. Joe William 287 Lazenby. Hervey. Jr 296 Lea. Edwin Pierce 217. 296. 306. 333 Lea. Sarah Frances 10S Leach. Austin Felix 84. 189. 277 Leahy. Doris laabelle 43. 239.292 Leahy. Mary Frances 251. 300 Leake, Elsa Mae 375 Learned. Carroll 179 Leary. Alice Gordon 105 Leaton, Lillie Mae 82. 286. 302 Leavitt. Charlei John, Jr 167 Leber, Eva Mae 43 Lechenger, Louis Charles 207 Ledbetter. Anice Myrl 245 Ledbetter, Ceorgie Elizabeth 43, 245 Ledyard, Gilbert 209 Lee. Betty 290 Lee, Eugenia Sheppard 74, 292 Lee, James Gerard 115 Lee. Sarah Evelyn 270, 327 Lee. Ruth Dolores 90 Leeton. James R 43 Leftwieh. Snowden Marshall 199 Lehmann. Maurice Arthur 43, 61 Lehrer. Dorothy Jane 112 Leinbach. C. Harry 288 Leisering. George William 296,299 Leland, T. W 59 LeMay, Ernest Cilpin. Jr 43. 225. 277 Lemmon. Eugene Ralph 219 Lemmons, Maurice Aaron 95 Lemon, Mary Frances 74 Lemon. Thomas Marshall 105. 317 Lemons, Joe Fred 96 NAMES PACES Lenhart. Jack 66 Lensky, Paul 105, 333 Lentz. Malon Bruton 314 Leon, Harold 221 Leonard, Earle M 215 Leonard. George Walton, Jr 74, 164 165,306 Leonard, Joe Means 215 Leonard. Russell James ..95, 115. 156. 199 Leppin, Oliver Gustave 296 Lerma, Aroldo Omar 287 Lerner. Julian 221 Leslie, Billy B 96 Leslie, Margaret Erie 82 Leslie, Mildred Fern 298,366 Leslie, Ruth Elizabeth 81, 286 Lethco, William Connery 60,98,115 Leveridge. Aubrey .189 Levin, Herman 115 Levin, Max 175 Levin, Sam 175 Levin, Sol 221 Levinson, Helen 90, 255 Levinson, Lewis 221 Levis. Joyce Evelyn 243. 285, 378 Levit, Milton 221 Levy, Dorothy 43, 237. 255 Levy, Dorothy Paula 90, 243 Levy, Estelle 255 Levy, Harold Gilbert 213 Levy, Helen 237, 255 Levy, Lester Arnold 207 Levy, Maurene Hattie 243 Levy, Maxine Beatrice 43. 255, 307 Levy, May 243 Levy. Rene Harry 43, 221 Lewis, Anne Etmhirst 90 Lewis. David Edmond 29.59,80,115 Lewis, Donald DeWitt 90 Lewis. Dorothy Jane 259 Lewis. Dorothy Nell 105. 373 Lewis, Francis Edgar 66, 96 Lewis. George N 105 Lewis. H. 1 1B1 Lewis, Helena 74. 325, 331, 377 Lewis, Howard Henry 74 Lewis, Jean 105. 109 Lewis, Maxie Louise 286 Lewis, McKinley Clayton. Jr 219 Lewis. Mona Bosworth 285,330 331. 379 Lewis. R. B 44. 60, 80 Lewis, Randolph Hnson 105 Lewis. Robert Edward 1 IS, 294. 333 Lewis. Robert Elmer 44, 219 Lewis, Russell Austin, Jr 296 Lewis, Thomas 205 Liang. Naomi 105 Lichte. Carl Laurent 197. 317 Lieber, Jacqueline Romney 243 Lieberman, David 213 Lieberman. Sara Maryn 271 Lierman, Ona Lee 74 Lightfoot. Reuben Patton 29. 275 Ligon. Eloise Margaret 44, 112. 261.279 Ligon. Jack Allen 294 Lillard. Carroll Ervin. Jr 74 Limrlifhl Stction 335-390 Lindeman. Janye Margaret 44 Lindlof . Edward Exel 44. 277 Linn. Tommy 177 Lindsay. Earl VogeLong 44.110,275 Lindsay. Windston Southgate 110 Lindseth. Helen Lucile 237,269 Linz. Mary Elizabeth 247 Linz. Zoe Nicholas 247. 300 Lippman. Alan 183 Lippman. Mervtn Robert 294 Lipscomb. Branch Coleman 105, 195 Lipscomb, Vonno Rayford 333 Lipstale, Philip Harry, Jr 66. 97. 115 213. 275 Lisenby. Mary Louise 239 Lissner. Philip David 74 Lively. James Audavee 301 Lively. Marjorie 265 Littell, Homer Arthur 306 Little. FUher Harper 74. 80. 332 Little. John 193 l.ittlefield. Clyde 192. 426. 427 Littlejohn. Margaret Ann 74, 113 249, 280 Littleton, B. T 163 Llewellyn, John 195 Lloyd. Marjorie Jane 279 Lochte. H. L 81.96 Lockett. Hudson Coleman 74,332 Lockhan. Helen 241. 369 Lockwood. Charles 179 Lockwood. Dorothy Mae 82, 279 Lockwood. Helen Louise 286 Lockwood. Ward 26 Lobpries, Fritz 399 Loewenstein. Joseph Henry 1 10 Loflaod, Carolyn 285 Lofland. William Issac 219 l.oftin, C. L 68 Logan. Raymond Shield 296.314 Logue. Clyde C 197 Logue, Jane 63 Lohec, Joseph Wesley 74 Loidold. Joseph Dryden 68. 187 Lombard, Howard L 296 Long, Archie Trueitt 74, 314 Long. Fauna Ruth 109 Long. Janet 261. 278. 280 NAMES PACES Long. Jerry Travis 105, 296, 332 Long, LidaRuth 109 Long, Robert Alexander, Jr 167, 225 Long, Robert Hanover 44 Long, Sam James Wai Us 93. 209 Longhorn Band 296, 297 Longhorn Boxing Club 288 Longino, Hugh E .211 Loomer. Perry Douglas, Jr 68 Lopez, Ramon Martinez 283 Lorino, Classy Merle 90 Lostak, Tommy 44, 432 Lott, Jessie Lorrein 105 Louis. Jack 213 Love, Dorothy Louise 299 Love, Marjorie Ruth 299 Love, William Ewell 274 Loveless, L. E 105 Low. Jewell Adell 285 Lowdon, Margaret Jean 251 Lowenstein. Elaine 379 Lowrey, Anita Lillian 249, 286, 370 Lowry, Frances Louise 105 Lowry, Pat 209 Lowry, Ruth Ann 267 Loyd. Eleanor Ann 105,164,165,245 Lozano, Joel 287 Lucas. Al 195 Lucas, John Parker 90 Lucas, Orville Waco 314 Lucas, Richard Martin 95, 193 Lucas, Willya Davye 117 Lucas. William Francis 225 Luce, Buck 440 Lucius, John 209 Lucker, Dorothy Fowkes 264 Luckett. Alfred Edgar 94, 115, 215 Luckett, Lillian Diana 109 Lucketl, Fanny Lou 309, 371 Ludden, Allen Ellsworth 290 Ludwig. Ernest Earl 44,66,115,2% Ludwig. Gloria M 105 Ludwig, John Frederick 296 Luedemann, Jewel Kathleen 105. 241 Luke, Thomas Edward 44 Lumpkin, Jimmie Williams 294 Lundberg, Betty Margaret 44. 259 Lundgren. Martha Jean 10S Lunn. William Wayne 90 Luscomb, Benjamin Ralph, Jr 44,275 Luther. Millard Henry 74, 306 Lutz. Martha Elizabeth 113. 251 Lyle. Alvin Reed 115 Lynch. Ben C 213 Lynch. William Raymond 74. 219 Lynde, Paul Kenxie 314 Lynn, Etelka Schmidt 82 Lynn. Katherine Louise 292 Lynn. Robert 301 Lyons. Frank Joseph 209.309 Lytle, Ben 197 Lytle, Betty 265 Lytle, William Anthony 300 M McAdams, Horace Ware 314 McAfee, Marguerite Calfee 44. 241, 324, 331 McAfee. R. Raymond 105 McAll. Lizzie Louise 10S McAllister. Gerald Nicholas 115. 317 McAlmon. Peter 209 McKie. James Warren 115 NAMES PACES McCrummen, Sara 241 McCuistion. Robert Milton 274 McCulIy, Edward Nichol 44, 93, 217 McCullen, Murff 105. 296 McCullough. Doris Nell 300.378 McCul lough. Earle, Jr 209 McCullough, Gladys 90 McCullough, Marjorie 44, 261 McCnllough, Helen Lee 259, 279, 371 McCullough, Mary 249 McCullough, Ruth Beatrice 44 McCurdy, Ann Margaret 286 McCurdy, Elliott 189 McCurdy, John A HO, 158 McCutchan, Roy Thomas 66. 96 McCutcheon, Josephine Ethel 74, 237, 257,285 McDermott, Maxine 90 McDonald, Claude 179 McDonald, Hayden Louis 100 McDonald, Henry C.. Jr. 105 McDonald, Josephine Benjamin, Jr. .. 44, McDonald, Louis 217 McDonald, Mary Louise 263, 307, 315 McDonald, Morris Tippett 44, 60 McDonald, Ned 421, 422 McDonald, Scott 201 McDowell, C. A., Jr 181 McDugald, William Clifford ..95, 97. 173. 179, 275 McElhannon, Jane 265, 375 McElroy, Howard D 90 McElroy, Carol Ruth 109 McEnnis, Margie Ann 261,300 McEntire, L ' Jean 74 McFarland, Hattie Veigh 44, 251 McFarland, Howard 179 McFarland. J. D 66 McFarland. John Edwin 167, 187 McCahey, Vernon Frederick 45 McGaughey. Herbert Sharp 211,314 McGee, James Sanders 106,300 McGee, Morton Lee 316 McGee, Nettye C leveland 286 McCee, Richard 211 McGehee, France- 74, 241 McCehee, Mary Charline 45, 157, 249. 278 McCill. Elizabeth Howe 90.285 McCill, William Lawrence 62, 83. 110 McCinnis, William Wayne 317 McGinnis. E. Karl 60 McGinnis. Lady Perry 90, 109, 253 McCivney. Felix Francis, Jr 93, 167 MeGuffin. John Graham 45 McGlothlin, Benny 163 McGraw. John Jerry 219 McHolme, Duncan 189 Mcllroy, Joyce 270. 371 Mclntyre. Dorothy Estaleen 90, 109 Mclntyre, Mary Virginia 259 McJimsey, Laura Ilyne 45, 85. 86, 164. 165. 167 McKay, James Alvin 300 McKay. Roy Dale 399 McKay. William Harold 106 McKean. Mary Elizabeth 239, 283, 292 McKellar. Edwin Irwin. Jr 291 McKenzie. Bill 189 McKenzie, Charles Eldon 94, 115 McKie, James Warren McAnelly. Anna Lee 111,292 McAtee. Ruth Edna 249, 304. 331 McBirney, Samuel 185 McBride. Annelta Grace 105, 300 McBride, Janice 105. 300 McBride. William E 105 McCahe, Eloise 74 McCampbell. Dick Jones 100. 177 McCandless, Jean . .109. 116. 265. 278. 367 McCann, Dorothy Dell 44. 60. 82. 239 McCanne. La Rue 286 McCarter. Grady S.. Jr 195 McCarter, Marjorie Ann 105, 265, 285 McCarty. James 197. 223 McCarty, Pat 115,333 McCarty. Persis Sophia 44 McCarty. William Dudley 44 McCaskill, Virginia 375 McCaul, James Addington, Jr 201 McCauley, Margery Ann 90, 324 McClamroch, Nathaniel Harris 83 392, 438 McClanahan. Marion Roy 306 McCleery, Alan 193 McClellan, Baker 105 McClelland. Gene Allen 314 McClendon, Bill Wesley 314 McCluer, Janet Elaine 269 McCI usky. El inore Catherine 105. 300 McCollum. Charles Rector 58 McConnell. John Edwin 294 McConnell. Ralph Edward 301 McConnico, Jean 241 McCord. Beltie 261 McCormack. Robert 90 McCormick. Alvin Futch 68. 191 McCormick. Charles Tilford . . .19, 64. 198 McCormick. Cwyneth Anne 105. 247 McCormick. Hettie Elizabeth 90. 286 McCormick. Dr. Katharine 117 McCoy. Hazel 44,286 McCracken. Martha 261, 286 McCrabb, Harold Stanley 44 McCrummen. Mary Jeanne 241. 307 310, 371 McKim. Meredith 239 McKinney. Aubrey Rew 96 McKinney, Robert Thompson 90. 314 McKinney. Sonny 195 McLane. Fletcher Elder 274, 284 McLarty. Sinks 195 McLaughlin. Frank Moore 90 McLaurin. Banks 66, 79, 276 McLean. Robert Jack 296 McLean, William P 17 McLean. William Walter 62, 66,96. 115. 197 McLemore. Katherine Ernestine 257 McLendon, Mary Elizabeth . . .74, 239, 292 McLeod. Boyd Brown 90. 195 McLeod. Margaret 265 McMahan. Marietta Colburn 106 McMahan. Truman 167 McMahon. Bayard 195 McMahon. Jack 195 McMahon. John Leonard 201 McMath. Hugh 214 McManemin. Billy Lee 106. 301 McMichael. Thomas Collins 74. 277 McMillan, Charles Duncan 205, 296 McMillan. Claude Carter 68 McMillan. Margaret 304 McMillan. Warren K 106 McMillen. Betty Jean 330, 331 Mr Mill in. Betty Sue 330,331 McMinn, Talmage Dewitt 74 McMurtry. LaVerne Agatha . .45. 113. 259 McMurray, Mary Vivian 286 McMurrey. Eugenia 113. 114,265 McMurrey, Lula Belle . . .74, 259, 312, 372 McMurrey, R. J 195 McMurry. George Willis. Jr 275 McMul len. Helen Hoover 298 McMullen, Mary Elizabeth 298 McNaughton, Roy 300 McNay. Don Denton 90, 193, 217, 277 McNeil. James Samuel 90. 115 McMeill, W. H 66 McNew, Robert 179 MeNutt, Ray 209 Page 543 NAMES PACES McPhail, Ruth Grace 286 McPherson, Arcda Rebecca 74, 286 McPherson, Henry Stanford 80, 115 McQuown, Mary Kathleen 45, 249, 302 McKae, A. D 74 McRee, Kenneth Odie 45, 277 McReynolds, Billy 317 McSpadden, James Hilton 45 McSpadden, Tommie 427, 428, 430 McVay, William Horace 74 Me Whorter, Frank Ripy 191 MacCorcle, Stuart A 25, 83, 194 MacDonald. Etta Mae 117, 314 MacDonald, H. Malcolm 83, 176 MacFarland, Howard Russell 95 Machado. Manuel 299 Mack, John Herman 45, 80 MacKenzic, Ellen Pickard 63, 117, 310 MacKey, Carol Patricia 251, 286 Mackin, Bernard John 45, 61, 64, 291 MacNaughton, Jim H 90 MacNaughton, William Alexander .90,164 165, 306 Macunc, Dennis, Jo 45, 296 Maddox, Jack 195 Madero, Evaristo 283 Madelcy, Billie Sue 74, 241 Madeley, Etta Margaret 45, 286 Magliolo, Albert Mathew 94 Magliolo, AmedeoA 106 Magliolo, Joe, Jr 106 Magliolo, Ursula Mary Elizabeth 45, 300, 376 Mahan, Sheffy 209 Maher, George T 45 Maher, Tom Harrington 300 Mahler, Ida Louise 106 Mahoney, Robert Lee 301 Maierhofer, Dorothy Agnes 106, 286 Maitander, Louise 265, 370 Main, Floyd Harold 90, 296 Main, Richard Frank 74, 288 Main, Tommy Cole 201, 275 Mainlander, Gordon Beach 224, 225 Makins, James Edward 90, 300, 333 Malach, Abraham 90, 283 Malik, Rudolf 45 Mallison, Ro nald Lorenzo 45, 313 Mallory, Berenice 286, 302 Malone, Holt 203 Maloney, Betty Jo 249, 308, 330, 331 Mandell, Ida Rose 106 Manford, Lillian Claire 249 Manicom, William Caldwell 314 Manley, John, Jr 177 Manly, Walter Marion 106, 110, 115 Mann, A. J 179 Mann, Morris Duke 45 Mann, Walter Leon 74 Manning, Phil 185, 275 Manroe, Keith Murray 332 Manz, Mildred Louise 286 Mapes, Doris Lee 90 Mapes. Lillian Roberta 45, 286 Macy, Morris Martin 45 Marcus, Dorothea Eleanor 90 Marcus. Paul M 75, 167, 168 Marick, Lucille Anita 286 Maricle. Mary Jane 90 Markley, Ward William 75 Marks, A. J 207 Marks, Bernard H 207 Marks, Marjorie 243 Marks. Myron Berguson 207 Marks, Sidney 314 Marks, Theordore Nussbaum 207 Mat ku. nil. John Oliver 115 Marmar, A. C 221 Marquardt, William Garland 274 Marriot. Kate Gill 265, 305 Marroguin, Minita 279, 287, 380 Marse, John J 298 Marsh, Frank Burr 58 Marsh, Harold, Jr 61, 64, 193 Marsh, Rosemary 109 Marshall, Henry Odeen 301 Marshall. Jane Lynette 106, 245, 286 Marshall, Martha Louise 265, 286 Marshall, Schuyler 209 Martin, Anna Louise 329, 331 Martin, Annette 267, 286 Martin, Betty Brice 106 Martin, Bob 167 Martin, Cora 82, 252 Martin, Daniel 311 Martin, Dan Lee 75, 277 Martin, Dorothy Elaine 109 Martin, Edward Lowe 275 Martin, Garland Ned 317 Martin, Howard N 29 Martin, Jacqueline 292, 298 Martin, John Adams 45 Martin, John Edwin 75 Martin, Leonard Preston 45, 65, 333 Martin, Lou-Edith Ray 106 Martin, Louise J 300 Martin, Margaret Moseley 292, 327, 331, 368 Martin, Nancy Lee 109 Martin. Lt. Robert F 318 Martin, Robert Michail. Jr 60, 201 Martin, Vernon 392, 399, 404, 409 Martin, Virginia Hudson 237, 247, 308 Martin, Virginia Julynn 263 Martin, Virginia Lili 249, 308 Martin, William Franklin 64, 209 Martin, William Smith 215 NAMES PACES Martin. Winburn Dale 201 Martinez, Claudio Antonio 45, 277, 283, 332 Martinez, David Leal 287, 314 Martinez, Felix Trinidad 287 Martinez-Lopez, Ramon 98 Mash, Margaret 241 Mask, Bill Glenn 75, 314 Mason, Elizabeth Marie 106, 368, 374 Mason, Hodge Elizah 75 Mason, Mike Robert 45 Mason, Richard Stewart 1 10, 197 Massey, Marion Frances 381 Massman, Edward Lafaye 97, 115 213, 275 Massman, Sophie Mae 255 Mast, Adlai Travis, Jr 217 Masters, Wallace 215 Masterson, Marshall Louis 275 Mathews. Clinton Arlo 299 Mathews, E. J 16, 110 Mathews, Margaret Eugenia 299 Mathews, R. Claire 268 Mathcws, W. C 163 Mathias, Elizabeth Ruth . . . .106, 300, 380 Mathis, Harry Poynter. Jr 115, 306 Mathis, May 75, 249 Mathis, Peggy Rene 209 Mathis, Robert Warren 45, 63, 110 Mathis, Walter 201 Matlage, Sally Anita 46 Matthews, Dorothy Elizabeth 109, 249, 278, 286 Matthews, Edward 219 Matthews, John Burke 300 Matthews, Maebess 60 Matthews, William Alfred 290 Maud, Tom Oliver 46, 80 Mauermann, Julia Annette . . .90, 245, 377 Mauldin. Stanley 392. 399, 407, 409 Maverick, Maury, Jr 185 Maxwell. Walter Lee 75 May, C. E., Jr 181 May, Henry King 75, 94 May, Marguerite 304 Mayer, Margaret 249 Mayer, Robert B 115 Mayes. Elbert Drew 300 Mayes. Thelma Bernice 298 Mayfield, Katherine 75, 253, 309 Mayhall. Mildred P 82 Mayne, Lewis 399 Mayper. Stanley 213 Mays, Edwin 197 Mays, Fulbright Fry, Jr 46 Maysel, Jennings 115 Mazier. Jane 253 Meachum, Winfree William 201 Meador, Marilyn 241 Meador, Rosalie Ann 261 Meadors, Marvin Millard 299 Meadows, Jack Edward 46. 209 Meadows, Olga Frances 286 Meadows, Wade Hampton, Jr 75, 314 Means. James Harting 66 Mecham. J. L 83 Medical School 473-514 Medlin. John Wilson 84, 277 Meek, Jethro A 200 Meers, Robert J 46, 66, 97, 275 Meglasson, George Washington 315 Mehta, Abdul Khalig 75, 275 Meinrath, August Herman 46 Mel linger, Samuel Marvin 213 Mellinger. Sidney 213 Mellinger, Sylvan 213 Melot. James Tom 46, 275 Melton, Alan S 106 Mendel, Jack Leon 94 Mendel, Sidney Samuel 296 Men ' s Glee Club 294, 295 Mercer, Jacqueline Delvene 106, 249 Meredith. Carlton 193 Meredith. Nancy 261 Merideth, Thomas Richard. Jr 46, 311 Meri wether, George Kimball 199 Meriwethcr, Wilhclmina 259 Merkt. Ernest Edward 97, 215. 275 Merrem. Esther LaDelle 90, 292 Merritt, Bill Cilfillan 299 Merrill, Lois Mildred 257 Merritt, Milton Marie 368 Mesinger, Herbert 213 Metcalfe, Mary Katherine 46, 245 Metcalfe, Thomas Brooks 115 Metske, Lois Virginia 241, 292, 300 Metz. Lloyd Erling 275 Metzenthin, George 181 Metzenthin, John Edward . . .100, 115, 181 Metzenthin, W. E 21, 204, 288 Meyer, Jimmy 205 Meyer. John Carl 201 Mezzetti. Bernice Pauline 300, 331 Micek, Eduard 313 Michael, William Tobert 46, 197, 274 Michaelson. Jack 221 Michau . Macon Craig 106 Mick. Lucile 82 Middaugh. William Fowler 290 Middleton, Wayne 440 Mier, Carolos Ablerto 29. 287 Miers, Joe Nell 315 Mikeska, Gladys Emilie 300, 313 Mikeska, Grace Leslie 75. 241, 292 Mikusek, Martha Emma 313, 371 Mikusek, Mary Agnes 46, 298, 313 Milburn. Malcolm Long 215, 275 NAMES PACES Milburn, Philip Marstellar 275 Miles, James Frank 46, 332 Miles, Mrs. William 330 Miller, Alfred Covington 110 Miller, Arthur Manuel 213 Miller, Bernice Beatrice 106 Miller, Billie Lee 82 Miller, Catherine Elizabeth 85 Miller, Charles Robert 275 Miller, Corabel 253 Miller, Dorothy M 46 Miller, Doughty LaNeil 59 Miller, E. T 198 Miller, Eugenia Ruth 263 Miller, Floyd G., Jr 90 Miller, Frances Elizabeth 46, 82 Miller, Frances Louise 106 Miller, Gertrude Ann 286 Miller, Harry August 219, 275 Miller, Hortense Keller 116 Miller, Jack 175 Miller, Joan 265 Miller, Louis Cameron 106 Miller, Margaret Sue 310, 374 Miller, Marshall Robert. Jr. . .46, 59. 115. 189, 296 Miller, Mary Beth 75, 257, 286, 312 Miller, Orville Bullington 201 Miller, Paul Bentalet, Jr 201 Miller, Richard George 115 Miller, Robert Lambic 106, 115, 219 Miller. Sue 239 Miller, Thomas H., Jr 90 Miller, Vernon 211 Miller, Viggo 46, 66, 79, 276 Miller, Virginia Inez 314, 331 Miller. William Randolph 46, 115 Milliken, Mary Jane 46, 164, 165, 245 300, 371 Mills, Allene 106 Mills, Clarence Young 332 Mills, Eleanor Srhuylcr 114, 265 Mills, Jack Ward 332 Mills, James Owen 46 Mills, Joseph Irvin 277 Mills, Mary Lou 245. 367 Mims. Arthur Trow 46, 94 Mims. Billye Gwen 241, 308. 312 Mims, Constantine, Jr 65, 179 Miner, Jacqueline Hazlett 257 Minor, Dorothy 265 Minor, Max 183 Minter, Cordon 290 Minter, Nell Ruth 86, 167, 267, 368 Minto, Harry de Nemours 181 Mintz, Sam 61 Mischke. Richard Marshall 110 Mitchell, Charles Randolph 115, 163, 173, 183, 281 Mitchell. Clifton Elwayne 291, 317 Mitchell, Dorothy Joyce 286 Mitchell, Francis Eugene 66, 79, 276 Mitchell, Fred Marlin 115 Mitchell, Jack Eugene 106. 296 Mitchell. Loyal Clyde 29 Mitchell. Marjorie 265 Mitchell, Mary Myles 46. 98, 114, 164 165, 245, 308, 380 Mitchell. Reginald Peter 277 Mitchell. Robert 217 Mitcham. Stanley Clark 277 Mitrovich. Josephine 106 Mittag. Otto William 301, 314 Mittcntahl. Emmy Lou 243 Mobley, Charles Summers 58. 189 Mobley. O ' Neal Childs 317 Modrall. Harriett 249 Moerke, Lelitia Carolyn 263, 307 Moers. Bobby 421, 422 Moffatt. Judith Christine 114 Moffatt. Louis Tarleton 275 Moffatt. Murray 47 Moffatt. Robert James 47, 315 Moffett. Louel la Grace 257, 286 Mohr, Dorothy Jane 267, 312 Mokrv. Hermina Marion 313 Molenaer, Harriet 47, 63 Moller. Jane Adele 247 Molloy. Mimi 90 Monning, Benjamin Prater 199 Monroe, Donald McGill 47 Monroe, Morris Bowman 90. 315 Montag. Miller 47. 80 Montague, Marilynne Alice 312 Montieth. Carolyn 265 Montemavor, Librado.Jr 314 Monies. Gustavo Edmundo 287 Montgomery, C. M 98, 208 Montgomery. James Andrew, Jr 110 Montgomery. Jo Beth 47 Montgomery, John Marvin 299 Montgomery, Leon Polk 309 Montgomery, Lois Loine 90 Montgomery, Norman E 333 Montgomery, R. H 21 Montgomery, Wallace Chamberlain .. 95, 189 Monts, Louis Frank 299 Moon, Brunelle R 75 Mooney, Gertrude Xavier 82, 304 Moore. Dollye Jane 265, 285 Moore, Duncan 189 Moore, Felicia 106 Moore. George Hugh 332 Moore, Hilmar C 195 Moore, Homer John 201, 300 Moore, Jane Katherine 75 NAMES PACES Moore, Jimmy 183 Moore, James Franklin 209, 300, 309 Moore, John W illiamson . .47, 66, 224, 225 Moore, Margaret Alice 106 Moore, Nancy Isabel 47, 267, 286 Moore, Roger 225 Moore, Roy Junio 68 Moore, Tom Burns 100 Moore, Tom Edwin 96 Moore, Udell ..392, 413, 414, 421, 422, 423 Moore, V. 1 16, 110, 115. 158, 194 Moorman, Richard Harry. Jr 75, 301 Moors, Betsy Kate 112, 237, 261, 305 Morales, Richard Romeo 332 Morrland, Lester Lee 314 Morelos-Zaragosa, Jorge 106, 287, 333 Morgan, Catherine Ill, 265 Morgan, Charles Winters 75 Morgan, Dr. George D 12 Morgan, Jack 311 Morgan, Martha Joanna 290 Morgan, Robert Harvey 187 Morgan, Shirley 286 Morgan, Walter Perry, Jr 47 Morgan, William Rhea 290 Moritz, Bette Janet 245. 305, 378 Moroney, James McQueen 211 Morrel, Mary Chilton ...259, 326. 331, 373 Merrill, Junius Hughes 47, 199 Merrill, Thomas Lucian 199 Morris, Clarence 23 Morris, Craig Wallace 94 Morris, Earl Drayton 225 Morris, Helen Bradford 90 Morris, Jack Stewart 90, 301 Morris, James William 66, 96 Morris, John Reader 47 Morris, Kenneth George 317 Morris, Luella A 36 " Morris, Myron Eugene 115 Morris, Starling Thomas 68, 301 Morris, Stewart 177 Morris, Thomas Leon 106, 315 Morris, William Garret! 115 Morrissey, Catherine 253 Morrison, Joyce Aurelia 241. 286 Morrow, Belle Elizabeth .47, 279, 328, 331 Morrow, John W ; illiam 75 Morrow, Marie 82. 314 Morse, Fred Clarke 181 Morse, Robert 185 Morter, Claude Harold 47 Mortimer, Glenn, Jr 17 Moss, Clifton 193 Moscr, Lolabeth 47. 241 . 2H6 292, 308, 315 Moskowitz, Sclma 255 Moss, Catherine Louise 106 Moss, Dorothy Ethel 249, 286, 372 Moss, Joe Harry 106, 115 Moss, William Samuel 75 Mortar Board 289 Moughon, Eligin Clarence 301 Moul is, Frank 318 Mowery, Kathryn 251 Moyer, Emma 259 Moyle, Lilla Lois 283 Moynahan, Maurice Glynn 47 Muckelroy, Sharlie Ruth 82, 263. 304 Mudgett, William Alan 191 Muegge, William H 47 Muehlberger, Clarence 106, 179 Mueller, Ervie 75 Mueller, Homer 189 Mueller, Marcicl Elizabeth 286 Mueller, Margaret Louise 300, 329 Mueller, Marjorie 331 Muennink, Kyle Edward 100 Muery, Sam Jone 66. 96 Muggley, J. M 47 Muggli, Jacob Martin 300 Muggli, Reginald Franklin 191. 294 Mullen, Brooks William Iflfi Mullcr, Beatrice 75 Muller. Helen Louise 292 Mullis, Jeanne 267 Mumm, Kurt Agustin 75, 283. 300 Munger, Anna Blanche .114, 116, 261. 303 Munger, Nelson John 203, 392 Munnell, Hugh Emmett 199 Murphree, Idas L 63, 156 Murphy, Alice _. . .239 Murphy, Morris Brown 75, 189 Murphy, Nelda Katharen 326. 331 Murphy, Patricia Mae 300 Murray. Frank Overall 296 Murray. Frank William 63 Murray, Maxine 47 Murray. Robert Vincent 94. 115. 201 Murrell. T. J. Campbell 115 Murrie. Helen Marjorie 86 Murta, Pat 215 Muse, Marjorie 330 Muse, Thomas Frank 47 Music. Joe Heney. Jr 90. 296 Musil. Annette 75, 313 Musil, Emory Benjamin 313 Musil. Frank Miles 313 Musil . Joe Stephen 313 Muslow, James 213 Mussleman, John 215 Myatt. Mary Lucille 259 Myers, Mayme Claire 243 Myers, Phebe Elizabeth 60. 279 Myers, Seymour 47. 213 Myers, Virginia 253 Page 544 HAMES PACES Nacke, Valeria Paul 241, 292 Naff, John Marion, Jr 115,306 Nail, Virginia 106, 249 Naler, John Lawrence 106, 296 Nail, Rayburn 211 Nallc, George Sampson 110, 185 Nalley, William 90 Nance, Herschel 75 Nance, James Kinchen 64, 181 Nash, Jot- Ware, Jr 106, 115, 189, 333 Na-h. John 193 Na-h. Thomas Willard 47,314 Nashold, Charles Gordon 301 Nast, Maurice D 207 Nathan, Richard Gurnett 47, 80 Nau, Henry Hard! 276, 333 Naumann, Mary Louise 47, 269, 378 ai-al R.O.T. ' C 316, 317. 318 Navar. Juan Manuel 91, 287, 300 Neat, Catherine 325 Neal, Richard Fredman 296 .Neal, Ruth 286, 369 Neely, Stanley Eugene 48, 62, 64, 95 115, 163, 199, 392 NY.-l , Sunshine 83 NtftT, Casper 311 V - -, Aurel John 314 Nrgrcle, Rafael Gutierrez 79, 283, 333 N.-ill. Marshall Edwin 296 Ni ' irman, Virginia 373 Vims, Tommy 392, 413, 416 V 1-on, Alton Arnold 314 N. I -on, Clarence Theodore, Jr 314 N, 1-on, Jack Cecil 93, 100, 115, 189 V 1-on, Lester Curtis 296 V -1-. n, Lloyd Alvino, Jr 66 VI -on. Murphy 94 N.-l-on. Otis Eley, Jr 75, 203 Nemir. Paul, Jr 201 .-l.ilt. Morgan 95, 115, 215 Vu. Charles Edwin 277 N.-uman, Kosie 106, 313 Neville. William Ku-l 314 New, Leo 91, 193 New love, G. H 59.60 NVwman, Audrey 271 ' u niuit Club 300 New man. Eugene Kirk 75 nan, H. W 110 -u man Hall 329 ' nilin, James Blackstone 110,296 " man, James Edward 95, 217 m, William Taylor 94. 115 V -,.,, . Udon Charles 48.115 Newton. Josephine Orris 292. 299 V iv ton. Margaret Elizabeth 257 N. v K.lmond Francis 48, 80. 115, 332 N. v. William Oscar 96 Ne land. Ruth Morris 82 Niblack, Mrs. Ellen Ill Ml. lack. William Randolph 64 Nit.lo. Grady 115. 183. 294, 333 Nihlo. Virginia Fahner 245 l as, James W hitcomb 275 NirhoU. Harry E 91 Ni. tn l-. J. (T. i - m Davis 314 Nichol., Marvin Lee 48. 314 Nichols, Ralph Laurin 314 Nirhol.on, Arthur Clyde. Jr 203 Nicholson. John Hirslon 75. 110 Ni holson, Ruth Lynn 109. 117 Ni, Ul. I loii. Hula 91.268, 313 I .ion. George Theodore 94 Nit-liuhr, Elinor E 48 Nailuder, W. 24.60 Ni. in. .T. Eberhardt Victor, Jr 48 Ni. m, v, r. Norma Elise 116. 164. 165, 259, 305. 367 Niggli. Margaret Elizabeth 164, 165, 261. 380 Night. Harvey 175 Ni|,|..-i. Mary Kathryn 106. 109. 164. 165. 245. 315 Ni!-.hke. Mary Alice 239 Nix,, n . B.-n 177. 392. 434. 437 Nixon. Dorothy Florence 286 Nixon, Louise Sneed 290 Nix..n. Victor Lewis J7o Vix,,n. Walter 167. 332 Noack, Thelma 106 V.l.le. Billy Craves 115 Nolan. Tom Hilary 300 Noland, Ada Lee 75 Nolen. Helen Claire 245 Kai,-ne 95.215 Nolen. Patti Duggan 82, 245. 303, 310 N. ' onan, Martin 177 N ' ored. Clarence Eugene 91. 317. 314 Hand, Mary 265 Norman. Glen Kenneth 306 Norman, Wyatt 209 Nornhausser, Margie May 75 Norris. Renfro Cole 110. 317 Norton. Billy 91 Norton. Hassell Lee 205 Notley. Mary Elizabeth ...48, 63, 83. 307. 310, 375 Nottingham. Cecil Ernest 48 Nolznn. Edmund Matthew 48. 191 Novy, Dave Howard 213 Novy. Harold Cyril 213 Nowienki. Leon W., Jr. ..75.94.300.309 Nowotny, Arno 62. 110, 204, 290 .Vu Upiilon Tau Tau 113 Nuhn. Kenneth Martin 296 Nummy. Bonnie Bess 91, 251 NAMES PACES Nunn, Edna Elizabeth 292, 324 Nunn. Leslie Gray 96 Nurick, Milton Louis 221, 275 Nuaom, Lon Lipscomb 48, 80, 281 o Oak Grote Cooperative Dormitory . . . .301 Oates, Betty Ann 247. 292 Dates, Mary Jane 375 O ' Banion, Melbourne 301 Obar, Gloria 91, 113. 379 Obenhaus, Richard A 75, 275 Oberg, Florence Mae 253, 312 Oberg, Paul Clyde 203, 277. 333 O ' Brian, Phyllis Moore 241, 292 O ' Brien, Patricia Louise 329, 331, 369 O ' Brien, Suzanne 267 O ' Bryan. Bettye Jo 91 O ' Connel, William 311 O ' Conner, Leslie Lee 115 O ' Connor, Robert Burns 68 O ' Daniel, Roy Leon 314 O ' Daniel, Mike 75 O ' Daniel, Molly 114,285 O ' Daniel, Pat " 5 O ' Daniel, Governor W. Lee 10 Odeen, Alice Lorraine 292 Odeen, Margaret Christine 292 Odeen, Marshall Henry 75, 294 O ' Donnell, Patricia Leone 298 Oehler. Laura Alma 286 Offer, Paul 3OO Officer, Helen 249 Officer, Herbert George 203 Offutt, Dorothy May 75 Ogden, Emma Lou 48. 239. 292 Oglesby. Ethel Ann 75, 267. 312 Ogletree, Georgia Roberta 268. 298 O ' Hair. Edna Ward 251 O ' Hara. Alice Marjory 85, 86 O ' Hara, Frank T 91 O ' Hara. Marjorie 167. 267 O ' Hara. Robert Bernard 201 Olander, Johanna 106 Oldham, Doris LaRue 106 O ' Leary, Patricia 279 O ' Leary. Suzanne 261 Oliphant. Samuel Curtis 97. 275 Oliphint. Joseph B.. Jr 66.84, 277 Olivares, Avelino 314 Oliveira. Carlos 106 Oliveira, Crescendo Garcia 48, 287 Oliveira. Luis 106 Oliver, Covey Thomas 61. 64. 98. 192 Oliver. Jack H 91 Oliver. Rufus Walker 75 Oliver. Walter Wood 314 Olle, Edwin W 60. 62. 391 Omicrfin Vu 302 O ' neal. Leonora 48 O ' Neal. Willmer 22S il ' NVil. Leelah Beth 259. 278 I, Frances Kellie 63. 380 O ' Neill. Katherine Kerrigan 109 Oppenheimer. Alexander Jo-k- ...76. 207 Orand. Dorothy Jean 303. 310 Orange Jackets 303 O ' Reilly. James Joseph 68. 300 Orgain. Allene 261 Orlando. Louis Matthew 300, 314 Oman. Blake McDonald 3O6 Orman, Freeman L., Jr 48 Drill. Marjorie Hortelle 237.270 Olsen. Virginia Marie 76, 279, 376 Ortega, Daniel Flore 48 Osborn. William 189 Osborne. Mary Tom 2S8 Osmond, John Chambers 219 Osoba. Margaret Helen 109 Ostrow. Ruth Leah 243 Oualline. Judd 197 Oualline. Royce 197 Oustandini Students 386-390 Overton. Nannie Margaret . . .259. 330. 331 Owen. Jerry 111. 259 Owens. Lewis Clynn 110 Owens. Mary Emma 211 Owens. Robert Allen 167. 16R Owlsey. William Clinton. Jr. ...106. 115 Oifnoocti 114 Pabst. Richard Edward 76. 274 Pace. Clint 167.203 Pace. Daniel Parker 211, 277 Pace. Jimmie 304 Pace. Jonnie Bean 48 Pace. Kathryn Elizabeth 48. 292 Pace. Mary Jane 245 Pacetti. Emanuel Gale 300 Pack, Coleman 427, 428. 430 Paevy. William Earl 187 Page. Milton. Jr 91 Paige, Dick Russel 91 . 203. 306 Paine. Helen 265. 379 Painter. T. S 26. 94 Palmer, Ada Margaret 290 Palmer. Cathryn 91 Palmer. Elizabeth 307 Palmer. Helen Lucille 48. 279 Palmer. Jean 76 Palmer. Mauneul 221 Panheltenic 237 Pape. Melvin Eugene 290 Papich. Rauel Norman 300. 304. 438 Paplaczyk. Cornelia Frances 300 NAMES PACES Parham, Myldred Merle 48. 286 Parham. O. B 223 Parish, Charles Wayne 187 Park, Betty Ill, 265 Park, David 333 Park, Elizabeth 114,259 Park, Evelyn 267 Park, Phocion Samuel, Jr. . .181, 277, 300 Park, Ralph 392, 399, 402 Parke, Clara M 82 Parke, James H 62. 182 Parker, Charles Joel 199 Parker. Clara M 63. 82 Parker, Frank Eugene 301 Parker, Clifford 195 Parker, Harry Baiter 76 Parker, J ames Forrest 318 Parker, James William 91, 332 Parker, Jerome Henry 80, 300, 332 Parker, Lawrence M 318 Parker, Matt Whitfield 48, 277 Parker. Paul Wooley 318 Parker, Thomas Jackson 296 Parker. William. Jr 179 Parkhill, Lee Alice 48. 257. 315, 381 Parks, Barbara Lee 241, 292 Parks. Etta Grace 106 Parks, Frances Ann 116, 261, 305 Parks, Mary Love 91, 109, 292, 328 Parlin. H. T 18. 110. 188 Parten. J. R 12 Farmer. Virginia Elizabeth 48. 82 Parrish, Peter Prince 106 Partlow, Voe Elizabeth 48, 279 Parvell. Mildred 292 Paschal, La. lie Jane 265 Pate. Amanda Louise 76 Pate. Mattie Pauline 263 Patman, Connor Wright 68. 183 Patrick, Billy H 181 Patrick, Erin Winifred 300 Patrick. R. B 211. 392, 399 Patterson, A. W 205 Patterson, A. Balfour 29 Patterson. Andrew, Jr 96 Patterson. C. P 83, 202 Patterson. Dorothy Marie 257. 286 Patterson, Edward Clinton 9 1. 306 Patterson. E. O.. Jr 209 Patterson. Jack 106 Patterson. J. T 94 Patterson, Thomas Venor 201 Patterson, Renotta Margaret 257 Patlon. Ted 177 Patureau, Arthur Mitchel 300 Paul. Frank 185 Pauling. Norman George 115, 333 Payne, Alfred Day 49. 66. 84. 277 Payne. Gerrye Elaine 76. 86, 167 Payton, Homer Leon 76 Payne. L. W., Jr 208, 305 Payne. John Martin 275 Payne, Mary France! 265. 286 Payne, Robert Erie 63, 94. 215 Peabody. Rosemary Cecilia 292 Peach. William E 115 Peacock. Joe V ' al 219 Peacock. Jerry Hoke 114. 267 Peake, Mildred 304 Peake. Ruth 292 Pearce, Howard Rodrick 296 Pearce. Paul Edcouch 49 Pearlman. Beatrice K-t.-ll.- 286 Pearson. Hallie 265 Pearson, Rosemary 267 Peavy. William Earl. Jr 173 Pechal. Elsie 270 Pechal. Mary 270 Peck. Margaret 260. 328 Peck. Northrop 195 Peck. Suzanne 261 Peckinpaugh. Tom 195 Peebles. Nancy 113. 251 Peek. Cilmer Houston 49. 332 Peevey, Dial Rike 91 Pegues. Darwin Guy 301 Pels. Elysabeth Conway 49, 279 Pelphrey. Nauty Byrd 76,292 Pel phrey. Rose Marie 106. 292 Pence. Raymond 315 Penchina. Denise Fenchon 243 Penick. D. A 192. 434 Penick. Robert 189 Penick. Harvey 440 Penn. Margaret Elizabeth . . .82, 265. 278. 303. 367 Penn. Rhesa Lee. Jr 94 Pennington. Sara 49. 249. 367 Perkins. Arch Ernest 80 Perkins. Judith 76. 239 Perkins. Margaretta Peggy 106, 239 Perrine. Nat Smith. Jr 219 Perrone. Charles Robert 300, 318 Perry. Edna Belle ...,249 Perry, Falcor W 181 Perry. John Henry 185 Perry. John Jackson 106. 164. 165. 296. 332 Perry, Raiford Lavan 49 Perry. William Cox 49.61.64. 199 Person. Milton Thomas, Jr 115 Persons. Robert Hodge. Jr 115 Persons. Ruby Sue 76. 82. 247. 308 Peek, Edwin Joe 76. 300 Peter. Robert Gates 316 Peters, Amos. Jr 181 Peters, Hazel Olive. 49. 241. 286. 296. 376 NAMES PACES Peters, Polly Maree 76, 286 Peterson, Betty Anne 249 Peterson. Elizabeth Ann 253.286 Peterson, I.l.-lla 261 Peterson, Glenn 304 Peterson. Gordon Elwood 301 Peterson, James N 296 Peterson, Leo John 203, 392 Petet, Charles Floman ..162, 164, 165, 219 Petmecky, Ben Joe, Jr 91, 318 Petrasek. Victoria Marie 313 Petretti, Juan Pablo 276 Petrovich, John William 203 Petnisek, Benjamin John 313 Pettengill, Laura Elizabeth 286 Pettengill, Russell A., Jr 106 Petty, Marven Wesley 110 Peveto, Derwood 183, 392, 399 Peyton, Pat 164, 165 Pfeil, Clarence 420, 421,422 Pharries, Eloise 378 Phelan. Frank 49, 193 Phi Beta Kappa 63 Phi Delta Phi 64 Phi Delta Theta 198, 199 Phi Eta Sigma 115 Phi Gamma Delta 200,201 Phi Kappa Sigma 204, 205 Phi Kappa Psi 202, 203 Phi Lambda Upfilon 96 1 ' hi Mu 262, 263 Phi Sigma Delta 206, 207 Phillips. Bettye 329 Phillips, Glenn Everett 301 Phillips, J. A 59 Phillips. Jack R 115 Phillips. Lillian Elizabeth 76.310 Phillips. Wesley Harvey 115 Phillips. William Bryan 49. 275. 296 Physical Education Majors Club 304 Physical Training for Men, Office of . . 15 Physical Training for U ' omen, Office of 15 Pi Beta Phi 264, 265 Pi Epsilon 97 Pi Kappa Alpha 208. 209 Pi Lambda Theta 82 Pi Sigma Alpha 83 Pi Tau Sigma 84 Pickering. Catherine Ill, 261 Picket!, Pat 177 Pierce, Billy 195 Pierce, Edgar Eugene 91, 301 Pierce. Wilborne Ennis 76 Pierian Literary Society 305 Pike. William Lee. II 318 Pincus, Louise AdeU 243. 366 Pink. Jane 49 Pinken, Anne 255 I ' ink. ion. Mary Jane ... .91. 304. 328. 331 Pinkston. William Richard 49 Pirkey. Oval Byron 76, 332 Pinson. Robert MacKintosh 49. 187 Pipe. Virginia Edna 247. 282 Pipkin, Patricia 259 Pitt. Jimmy 167 Pittard. Frances Lee 268. 380 Pittenger, B. F 18 Plait. J. Arthur 22S Platter, Herbert Lingo. Jr. . . .64. 95. 115. 211. 392 Plaza. Joseph Brewer 66. 97 Plot, Margery Ann 313 Plume, Henry Horace 106 Plummer. A. Q 301 Plummer, Jane 249 Plummer. Frederick B 97, 275 Polhemus. John Coningsby 318 Polhemus, John Glenn 76 Pol lay. Harvey 49 Pollock. Ray Lusk 80. 301 Polk. Judith Christian . . .49, 304. 324. 331 Polk, Thomas 209 Poindexter. Mrs. Clifford Craig . . .82. 286 Pomonis, Nick Lawrence 288 Pond. Peggy 249 Pool . Glen L 106 Pool. Mary Ellen ...49. 164. 165. 259. 373 Pool. William Clayton ...49. 392. 399, 407 Pool, William Edgar 49 Poole. Ophelia Shaw 268 Poole, Rose Marie 305 Pope. Lucylle 239 Pope.JohnBlakely.III 66,96.209 Pope, Ruthie 265 Popham. Irwin Curtis 181. 296 Porter. Charles 217 Porter. Dorothy Jane 49. 279.327. 331 Porter, Goldie Horton 244 Porter, James William 95 Porter, Jim 177 Porter, M. B 180 Porter, Mary Jane 106. 253. 292. 370 Porter. Robert Wilson 106 Porter, Ruth Jane 253. 378 Posey. Mary Ethel 109 Potash. William Bernard 213 Potter. Byron 185 Potter. Claude Lee. Jr 49 Potts. Sara Jane 106 Poulaon. Doranne Louise 263. 307 Pounds. Billie Leonora 91.268.287. 328. 331 Powell. Ann Lavinia 247 Powell. Billy 181 Powell. George Clifton 91 Powell. Harold Dean 106. 301 Powell. Jack J 195 Page 545 NAMES PACES Powell, Joseph Yancey, Jr 201 Powell, Laurence Henry 314 Powell, Lillian 261,278 Powell, Mildred Portia 76, 292 Powell, Rufua Ernest 219 Powell, William Vernon 91 Power, Harry H 66, 97, 178. 275 Powers, Carlie Vera 76 Powers, Evelyn Rae 117 Powers, Neal 195 Powers, Thomas Chester, Jr 76 Pracht, Mary Jane 91 Prashner, Eugene 221 Prather, William 299 Pratt, Frank Hiram 76 Pratt, Houston Wallace 199 Pre-Lotv Society 306 Prell, Eulalie Blanche 91 Prendergast, George 199 Prentice, Dryden 167 Prentiss, Dorothy Anne 91 Present Dal Club 307 Presnell, Jack Henry 275 Presley, Imogene Belle 249 Pressly, Rachel Elliott 106 Preston, Janet Irene 249, 309 Pretz, Earnest Clerence 318 Price, Clay Louis 296 Price, Don 91 Price, Edwin B 418 Price, Cranville 23 Price, H. Clay 427, 430 Price. Nancy Elizabeth 107, 109, 327 Price, Luna Fay 106 Price, Oran Douglas 314 Price, Thomas E 95, 201 Price, Willie Donald 316 Prikryl, Robert W 304 Prim, Robert Clay, III 66. 296 Prior, Francis Xavier 300, 306 Pritchett. John Waller, Jr 97, 275 Prock, George Doyle 79, 276 Procter, Leslie Clay 93, 185, 291 Proctor, Billye 239 Prothro. John Elwyn 68 Pruitt, Bess Charleston 29 Pruitt, Bess Strange 98 Pruitt, French 197 Pryor. John 311 Publications 161-170 Publications, Texas Student 162, 163 Puckett. Marilyn 91 Puett, Nelson, Jr 203, 392, 399, 406 427, 430 Pugsley, Frank Burruss 76, 277, 301 Pulliam. Nancy Wills 49,267,286 Pullin. Carlton Wade 76, 115 Puls, Otto 217 Pump. Adrian Carl 49, 332 Pumphrey, Aaron A 107 Purcell, Barbara Madelyn 286 Purnell, Charles Giles 93, 157, 179 Purcell, Martha Lei 304 Purl, Eugenia Marie 107 Purl, Fred Wallace 49,275 Putnam. Jean Lucille . . .249. 308, 330, 331 Pyeatt, Nancy 107 Pzaltx 116 Quarrels, Nancy 265 Quebe, John Henry 314 Queen, Maxine 91, 241. 292 Quick, George Rayburn 290 Quicksall, Maribel 107 Quigley, Beaufort Marion 277 Quillian. Roy D 76 Quinius, Henry Willard 309 Quinn, Major Charles 287 R Rabel, Hylda Merle 49 Rabensburg, Newton Joseph, Jr 110 Rabon. Jack 185 Rack, L illian Elizabeth 107, 286, 292 Radtke, Donald Eugene 296 Raetsch, Carl, Jr 50, 185 Ragland, Sam 183 Ragon, Dixie Lee 107 Ragdale, Kenneth Baxter 167, 299 Ragsdale, Milton McArthur 215, 274 Ragsdale, Paul C 184 Rain, James Talbot 199 Rain, Robert Eley, Jr 64. 195 Rainey, Homer Price 12, 13 Rainey, Mrs. Homer Price 285 Rainey, Richard Benjamin 225 Ramey, Madison Louie 50, 66,79, 276 Ramirez, Joe 181 Ramsdell, Charles W 25 Ramsdell, Fred Lee .50, 219, 392. 427, 430 Ramsdell, Joy 241, 376 Ramsey, Helen Genevieve 249, 372 Ramsey, Mel Ruth 76 Randall, James L 50, 215 Randolph, Gloria 249 Randolph, Metze Ann 91. 109, 286 Randolph, Robert Ted 50 Randolph, William 195, 275 Raney, Dayton Billy 107, 301 Raney, Robert Ewing 201 Ransom, Harry H 194 Ransom, Janice 165 Ransom, Madeline 249 Rapoport, Idel 63, 255, 310 Rapp, William Michael 318 NAMES PACES Haschke. William Henry 80,91 Hash, Robert 76, 209 Rasor, Mrs. Leoma H 29 Rasor. Mac Roy 167, 168 Hatcliffe, Frances 179 Hathbone, Billie Beryl 261, 300, 305 Rathbone, Lucy 260, 286, 302 Rather, Katheryn Nelle . .91, 116, 251, 381 Hatliff, Ina Anne 50, 111 Ratliff, Bill, Jr 177 Ratlin " . Dorothy Fay 249, 369 Rauber, Vincent Murray 318 Rauch, Ann Susan 237, 243 Ravel, Gene Philip 213 Ravkind, Mozelle Florence 107 Rawe, Joyce 421, 422 Rawls. Jean McGregor 91, 109, 245, 307, 310 Rawls, Nancy June 107, 245, 280. 286. 292 Ray, Joy 113, 249 Ray, Oma Lucil le 50, 63, 82, 98 Raymer, Warren J 76 Rea, Frank 195 Keagan, John 193 Reagan Literary Society 308 Reagan, Sydney Chandler . .50. 62. 80, 191 Real, Bertha 50. 249 Real, Edna Ettie 107, 286 Reardon, Pat 195 Reasonover, Vashti 239 Reavlay, Tom 223 Heck, Herbert, Jr 76 Reddick, De Witt 24 Redford, E. S 83 Reed, Bruce Spurgeon 296, 299 Reed, Harry Lowe 107, 115,333 Reed. Joe Simpson 301 Reed, John Charles 217, 333 Reeder, Glen Don 314, 333 Reedy, Eugene Forrest 277 Reeves, David Andrew 318 Reeves, Edwin Joseph 211 Regents, Board of 12 Registrar ' s Office 14 Rehberg, Chessie Elmer 96 Reich, Harriet 271 Reich, Virginia Mabel 109 Reichert, Edward L 50, 311 Reid, Frances Marian 107 Reid, Helen W 91 Reid, Jerry Campbell 107 Reid, Joseph Lee 91, 217,296 Reid, Sutton III 219 Reiger, Marilyn 243 Reindorp, Reginald Carl 98 Reinhardt, Vera Jon 107 Reischman, Alice Marie 312 Rembert, Russell Stevenson 199 Remick, David Brear 203 Rendon, Leandro 50, 287 Renf ro, Mary Ann 249 Rennard, Martha 267 Renz, Jack R 107 Renz, Henry Staff 76, 110 Repper, Gail 107 Repschleger, Helen Marie 312 Reser, Ralph, Jr 181 Ressman, Christine Ill Rettig, John Wilson 201 Reynolds, Basil Lynne 50, 191, 304 Reynolds, Earl 177 Reynolds, Edward M., Jr 76 Reynolds, Henry Davenport 281 Reynolds, Jack Julian 50, 275 Rhea, Dorothy Jane 107, 369 Rho Eta Delta 309 Rhode, Lucille Margaret 50, 286 Rhodes, Coke 185 Rhodes, (Catherine Jane 76, 249, 312 Rhodes, Tom Burton 61. 64. 185 Rhome, Rom, Jr. 91. 115. 195, 291,306, 316 Ribbeck, Dollie Elizabeth 50 Rice, Alonzo Douglas 61 Rice, Darrel 1 Adel le 164- 165, 259. 367 Rice, Frances Elizabeth 265, 315 Rice, Jane Montez 292 Rich, George Lowell 110, 296 Richards, Harold, Jr 203 Richards, Dorothy Mae 285 Richardson, Frank William 276 Richardson, John Dunne 318 Richardson, Milton 177 Richardson, Donald Robert 80 Richardson, Rupert, Jr 29, 205 Richardson, W. H 391 Richarson, Charles 311, 399 Richburg, J. H., Jr 76 Richey, Margaret Gaylord 279 Richey, Robert Lee 107 Ricker, Felice 271 Riddell, J. Murray, Jr 50 Riddle, Octavio Rodolfo 287, 300 Ridout, R. G 183 Rieck, Jimmy 197 Riefler, Louis Joseph 50 Ries, Mary Sue 50, 257, 292 Ries, Anna Bell 107 Rigby, Patricia Burgess 245. 292 Riggs, Suzanne Jane 50 Rigsby, Oscar Lee 299 Riley, Ashby Autrey, Jr 306 Riley, Helen Sue 91 Riley, Myrna Karolyn 50, 286, 302 Rindfleisch. Robert 304 Rines, Roy 193 Ring. Sandy 193 NAMES PACES Ripperton, I.yman Alonzo ....98, 290, 332 Rips. Bill Alvin 207 Kiskind, Reuben Saul 213, 392, 434, 435, 437 Ritchie, Robert Eugene 275 Ritchie. Virginia Almira 310 Rivera, Juan Medina 287 Roach. Fred A.. Jr 181 Robbins, Juanita Louise 263 Robbins, Marian 261 Robedeau. Ann Elizabeth 50, 265 Roberts, Charles F 392. 427. 430 Roberts. Diana 267, 278 Roberts. Elliott Bradford 115. 223 Roberts Hall 333 Roberts. Henry Lamar 199 Roberts, Howard 183 Roberts, Joe 91, 195 Roberts, John Clarke, Jr 95, 195 Roberts, Marian Frances 328, 331 Roberts, Ralph Edward 301 Roberts, Walton Simpson 115, 195 Robertson, Allen Reid 301 Robertson, Alzira Eugenia 91 Robertson, Billy Perkins 64, 277 Robertson, Curtis Grady 314 Robertson. Frank L 215 Robertson, Graham Holmes 296 Robertson, Lake, Jr 50, 66, 97, 115, 177, 275 Robertson, Normada Lee 50 Robertson, Ruth Carla 259, 377 Robertson, Tex 438, 439 Robertson, William Woodrow 96 Robinowitz, Miriam Louise . . .76, 255, 307 Robinson, Alice Louise 300 Robinson, Charles Bolthel 313 Robinson, Helen Naomi 114, 265, 305 Robinson, James Ernest 94, 199 Robinson, Lawrence Thomas 115 Robinson, Mary Lee 50, 63, 82 Robinson, Homer Eugene 296 Robinson, Stanl y 221 Robinson. William Bruce 100 Robison, Gloria 259 Robison. Maxine 51, 112, 114, 259 Robstein, Lenore Marine 109 Rocha, Francisco 283 Roche, Patricia 265 Rochel le. Cleanthus Victor 294 Rochs, Alfred Robert 76, 304 Rock, Frances Inez 257, 286 Rockwell, Maxine 51, 239 Roddy, Tommie Everett 51 Roddy, William Nathan 94, 213 Rode, Carl Frederick 51. 59, 80, 333 Rodgers, Billy 217 Rodgcrs, Mary Annette 107 Rodolf, Patricia 279 Rodriguez, Jose Mauro 287 Rodriguez, Miguel Fermin . . .66, 274, 284 Roe, Murray Oliver 296, 318 Roebuck, Maxine 241,292 Rogers, Carl Edward 332 Rogers, Charles Anthony 107, 300 Rogers, Clarence Aaron, Jr 275 Rogers, Edward 300 Rogers, Estelle Miller 63 Rogers, Roy Coleman 277 Rohrbough, Cleora Deitz 290 Rojas, Pauline Martz 82, 98 Roland. Helen Marie 51, 286 Rolfe, Walter T 22, 159, 176, 294 Rollc, Helen Margaret 51, 112. 259, 305, 372 Rollins. Gloria Lee 286.292 Rolph, Hammond Maurice 115 Roman, Alice Sue 107, 241 Roney, William M 115 Root, Lambert 179 Roos, E. Farley 189 Roosth, Sol 221 Roquemore, LeRuth 241, 286 Rosamond, Bill 167 Rose. Martin Marvin, Jr 107, 187 Rosecrants, John Paul 51 Rosenbaum, Arthur 277 Rosenberg, Jane Ann 243, 286 Rosenbusch, Fritz Manfred 66, 84 Rosene. Hilda Florence 81. 117, 258 Rosner, George 115 Rosner, Janice Esther 243 Rosenthal, Geraldine 271 Rosenwasser, Helen Estelle ..243. 307.372 Ross, Catherine 261 Ross, Jane Elayne 76,279 Ross, Jimmie 177 Ross, Joseph Anthony, Jr 51, 275 Ross, Omadell 286 Roth, Orville Thayne 51 Rousse. Thomas A 291 Rout, James Leon 314 Routon, Austin Allen 217 Rowan, Norman A 294, 332 Rowe, C. E 66, 180 Rowe, Martin 189 Rowe, William 193 Rubottom. R. R 83, 196, 298 Rucker, Glen Derreld 76 Rucker, James Howard 51 Rudd. Barry 195 Rudd, William Lee 195, 306 RudelofT, Walter F 76 Rudloff, Archer Lee 107 Rudnick. Sarah 304 Ruetz. Ruth Elizabeth 76. 290 Ruffin. Clyde 107 Rule. Henry Burl. Jr 318 NAMES PACES Rumtnel, Emmett Clair 274 Rummel, Hollice Mercedes 51 Rundell, Arleen 263 Rundell. Nona Frances 237, 268, 298 Hunge, Carl Rudolph, Jr 93, 185 Runge, Jeanne 261 Runyon, Robert, Jr 115, 300, 333 Rupe, Charles Bullard 76 Rupert, Dorothy Lou 292, 307 Ruff, William Wayne, Jr 79 Rush, Joseph Harold 63 Rushing, Ellison Dumas 51, 314 Rushton, Lonnie Connor 277 Russ, Betty Ellen 243. 381 Russek, Ignaz Warren 275 Russell, Annie Jo 51, 286 Russell, Betty Alene 107, 259 Russell, Dub 215 Russell, Frances Ellen 77 Russell, Jeannette Markle ..82, 112, 116. 156, 265, 278, 289 Russell, John Sinclair 51, 66, 97, 275, 332 Russell, John William 199 Russell, Mary Elizabeth 92 Russell, Mary Jo 107 Russell, Perry 179 Russell, Randy 179 Russell, Raymond Richard 217 Rust, Lloyd, Jr 197 Rustin, Robert 179 Rutland, Martha Elizabeth . .241, 286. 310 Rutland. Mildred Eugenia 241, 286 Rutledge, Robert McDonald 64, 179 Rutledge, Virginia 107 Rutledge, William Kimbrough ...64, 179 Ruttenberg, Ben 221 Ryan, Patricia 267, 369 Rylander, Arlee 286 Saad, Michael Assad 276, 300 Sabina, Sister Mary 329 Sacco, Charles Marion 300 Sackett, Fred, Jr 301 Sada, Adrian 333 Sada, Patricio 107. 225. 283. 333 Saegert, Clarence Emil 197, 304 Saffir, Gloria Anne 91 Sagebiel, Victor Herman 51, 115 Sager, Lois 258 Sagstetter, Louise Marie 300 Sailers, Lon Clayton, Jr. ...115, 158, 223 Saladino, Mary Rosalyn 91, 292, 307 Salazar, Leopoldo Stein 287, 298, 314 Sailer, Forrest Allison 77, 201, 332 Samfield, Edwin 115, 333 Samisch, Shirley Jeanne 243 Samon, Hariet Ann 290 Samuel, Bill 217 Samuel, Julian 217 Sanchez, George I 98 Sander, Lester 179. 413, 414 Sanderford, Emily Eloise ...107. 164, 165 Sanders, Bernie Roy 77, 217, 333 Sanders, B. Lynn 195 Sanders, Edith 239. 279 Sanders, Eugene Haze 110 Sanders, John B 215 Sanders, John Thomas 300 Sanders, Joseph A 296 Sanders, Orban (Spec) 392,399,402 Sanders, William 296 Sandstedt. John L 215 Sanford. Betty 259 Sandgarten, Esther 286 Samlgarten, Julius 221 Sandidge, John C 299 Sansing, Billy Moss .51. 95, 164, 165. 167, 209, 392, 427, 430 Sansing. Saralee Chapman 51. 286 Sansom, Charles Culberson ..77, 115, 223 Sansom, Eleanor 265, 367 Sansom, Thomas Edward 91 Sansom, Wilbur Lou 261, 280, 371 Santi, Albert Lawrence 51 Sartain, Frank Wilson 51 Sartor, Patricia Viola 257 Sasser, Maurine 267 Sauer, Emilita Victoria 263 Saunders, Clem Edward 304 Saunders. William 311 Saverio. Paul Mitchell 296 Sawtelle. George Flint 275 Sawyer, Carmen 259 Sawyer. Donald Dean 298 Sawyer, Wesley Eric 51, 315 Schaffer, Aaron 212 Schaeffer, Eva Mae 107 Scarborough, Bertha Von Ende ...51, 237, 258, 278, 289, 367 Scarborough, Catherine 77 Scarborough. Henry Herbert 115. 223 Scarborough, Jesse William, Jr. . . .51. 97. 275 Scarborough. Quenton Duane 77 Scarbrough, William Edwin, Jr. . .77, 288 Scarff. Bette Jo 253 Scheffler, Cleophas Joseph 275, 333 Schellhase, Frances Louise 107 Schenck, Leslie Millard 96 Scherz, Lola Mae 51 Scbeuse, Louis William 314 Schiebel, Mary Jean 263 Schiebel, William John 77, 296 Schiller, Edward Otto, Jr 51, 314 Page 546 NAMES PACES SchliBi, Katherine Elmrrc . . .63, 82, 267. 290,305 Schletze. Ruth E-th.-r 107. 268 Schleuter, Hudson 298 Schley, Uvinia Adair 268 Schleyer, Oti 201. 318 Schlieman, Albert Horton 68 Sehlitzkus, Samuel Clarence 1 10, 296 Schmedts, Curli Otto 52. 79, 115. 276 Srhmid, Walter Arnsdale 211 Schmidt, Benno Charles 61. 64 Schmidt. Charles Albert 290 Schmidt. Edythe Rose 255,298 Schmidt, Frances Ann 239. 309 Schmied. Robert Whittaker 63, 1 15 Schmitt, Roland Walter 115 Schneider, Dorothy 111. 114 Schneider, Frances Jeanne 265 Schneider, Marion Frances 267, 308 Schneider. Oliver William 52, 274 Schoch, Eugene P 66. 94. 96, 216 Schoch, Eugene Paul, Jr 115 Schoch, Margaret 117 Schoellkopf. Hugo William 80,201 Schoen, Joseph 296 Schoener, Mercedes Margaret 283, 314, 376 Schoenert, Gerald 52. 277 Schoenmann, Bernice Marie 243 Schoen voge I, Elaine 77 Schoeps. Mary Frances 286 Schoolfield, Charles Featherstone 203 Schools and Colleges Feature . . . .357-372 Schoppe, Frank 313 Schovajsa, Evelyn Pearl 313 Schow. John Butler 29 Schrader. Hugh 333 Schrader, William Henry. Jr. ...107. 219 Schramm, Texas Edward J 167. 302 Schroeder, Moritz, Jr 215 Schroeter, Thomas Tyler 115 Schrolt. John Benton 314 Schubert. George L 191 Schulman. Alfred 115, 221 Schulz. Elmer Harry 66. 274 Schulz, Mai William 115 Schulz. Ted 115 Schultz, Hettie Grace 279 Schultz. Milton 277 Schul Iz. R uth Marie 52, 279. 298. 373 Schumacher. Ann 52. 112. 116, 261.305,367 Schumann, Mary Ann 91, 300 Schumann. Vivian Augusta . .52. 279. 292. 307. 373 Schumm. Ruth Frances 109 Schults. Jack 311 Schutzc. Bette Jane 257 Schultz.-. Carl Ahrendt, Jr. ..91, 110. 115. 296.318 Schwab. John Stewart 52, 65 Schwartz, Beatrice 52, 290 Schwartz, Sylvia Idell 287 Schwartzenburg. Lillian 249 Schwarz. George 52. 283. 311 Srhwenker. Harry Frederick 93. 288 Sclar. Belly 255 Scon. Betty 265 Scott. Franklin Thomas 107 Scott. Frederick Joseph 115. 199 Semi. Hazel Raney 117. 308 S, nil Howard Glen 276 Srott. Kathleen 241 Si .,11 Slorin 168. 195 Scott. Murrel Horace 301 Si-mi. I ' hilip Douglas 91. 268 Srott. Rebekah Rogers 261 Scott. Robert Lee. Jr 275 Kosemary 77. 245. 308 Srott. Shirlry 116. 265 Scott. Travis Moran 217. 275 Beat) irginiaRandolph 91 Scott. Wallace Henry 203, 399 Srott. Walter Atkins 211 Scrimgrour. Barbara 245, 292. 305 Scroggin, Jess Knox 314 Scruggs, Dorothy Marguerite . . .52. 85, 86. 167. 378 Scruggs, James 209 Scruggs, Ray 193 Scudday, Roy Sheppard 187 Scurlock. Arch Chilton 66. 116. 193 Scurlock. Robert L. Lorancc 107 Scurlock. William Walter 318 Seabourne. Alex 333 Seager. Scott E 77 S.-ago. Mary Frances 251. 370 Seaholm, Leonard Howard 296 Seale. Florence Anne 265. 285 Seale, Hardy, Jr 52. 314 Seale. Jack 399 Seal . Phyllis Marion . . .52. 237. 253. 300 Seaman. John Gates ; .62. 64. 95, 115. 156. 177 Seamans, Douglas Campbell 52. 276 Seaman-. Lynn Andrew 52 Searcy, Maulice Harryette 52.241 Sears. Redford 193 Seay, John McReynoldi 95. 199 Seay. William Hinckley 95. 157. 2(11 3V2. 427. 429. 430 Sebring, Ann Stein 304 Sebring. Louie, Jr 52 Second Year Lavs 68 Seibert. Kenneth Dale 95. 291 Seigle. Marilyn 255 Seipel .June 107 Seith. Marcella Veronica 77. 300. 313 NAMES PACES Selber, -Muriel Doloris 237, 243, 285 Self, Gerald Edward 201 Sellers. Clyde 107. 195 Sellers. Helen Bess 241. 312 Sellers. Lewis Charles 96 Seniors 30-57 Senter. Carl Conway 107 Serger. Clara Pauline 82, 292 Sessums, David Louis 294 Settle. Theodore Homer 276 Settle, Abner Kinsey 314 Settles, Charles William 318 Sexton. Gloria 77,298 Sewell, John C 77 Sewell, Tom Randell 225 Seybolt, Mrs. Frances 268 Seymour. Annie Lou 107, 245, 377 Shadle, Charles Corbet 318 Shaenfield. Bernard Wolf 213 Shain, Charles Carl 52. 290 Shatter. Walter Stanley . . .60. 68. 99. 296 Shane, John Thomson 304 Shankland. Nancy Mildred 292 Shanly, John Stuarl 107 Shannon, Arthur ..177 Shannon. Brady 209, 300 Sharp, Robert Holmes 314 Sharpless, Kenneth Dale 201 Sharpies.. Robert Hitchcock 100 Shaw, Aubra Delight 253, 292 Shaw, James Milton 276 Sheeham. Loi 267 Sheehy, Mary Norma 113, 251, 290 282. 300, 305. 376 Sheffield. Charles 217 Sheffield. Cynthia White 245 Sheffield. Roy 223 Shelby. Martha Janice 83, 313 Shelby, T. J 17 Sheldon. Mary Elizabeth 249. 300 Shelly, Marie Louise 52. 300 Shelton, Edgar Creer. Jr 77. 93, 306 Shelton. Jack Cavelt 93. 219 Shelton, Raymond Dell 52 Shelton, Robert Lewis. Jr 110. 223 Sheppard. Herbert Lewis US Shepherd. Marjorie 164. 165.265 Shepherd. Richard Palmer 288. 318 Shepherd. Sarah Lucile 263. 290 Sheppard. Frank Bate 115 Sheppard, Herbert B 283 Sheppard. Alfred Edgar 77, 203 Sherman, Dana Marie 314 Sherman. Guindal 52 Sherman. Mary Marcelline . .107. 249. 374 Sherman. Shirley Ann 279 Shrrrill. Byron Field 288 Shidler. Sarah Adeie 268. 280. 314 Shield. Donald Lee 315 Shi meal 1. Kermit Wayne 203 Shinn. Ralph Edward 91 Shipman. Helen Irma 77. 241 Ship. Margaret Jean 107. 245, 299 Shirley. William Thompson 91 Shive. Billie 96 Short. Byron E 66 Shoss. Isadore Hyman 91. 221 Shrecengost. Donald Judson 296 Shriver. William Brent 52. 277 Shudde. Arnelle 241 Shudde. Helen Louise . . .77. 267. 303. 373 Shudde. Welden Glenn 107. 177. 332 Shulman. Maurice Randolph 221 Shumake. George C 107 Shumate. Nancy Jane 109. 251. 278 Shuptrine. V ' ennie Lee 52. 63 Shwarts, Alvin Lawrence 207 Shytles. Harry M.. Jr 197 Siddons. Mary Clara 52. 249 Sidney Lanier Literary Society 310 Siegel. Ernest Maurice 274 Siegel, Marilyn 271 Sigel. Mola Michael 63.94 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 210. 211 Sigma Alpha Mu 212. 213 S,gma Chi 214. 215 Sigma Delta Pi 98 Sifma Delta Tau 271 Sigma fata Epsilon 65 Sigma Vu 216. 217 Sigma u Phi 99 Sigma Phi Epsilon 218. 219 Silberstein, Minnette Frances 107 Silkerson, Jeanne Elizabeth 57 Silverman. Fred Nat 52. 304 Silverman. Helene Estelle 82. 93 Silver Spur 100 Simcox. Gene 267 Simmang, Doris Elaine 77. 2KO Simmons. Anna Elizabeth 55 Simmons. Billie 29. 63. 82. 98. 116 156. 158. 251. 278. 289 Simmons. C. D 16, 59. 60 Simmon . Hal 189 Simmons. Helen Claire 164. 165. 245. 305 Simmons. Juanila 263 Simms. Earl Edward 225 Simms. Edward Taylor. Jr 53. 217 Simms. John Conrad 298 Simm-.. Leonel John, Jr 225 Simms. William Paul 107 Simonde. Frederic William 53 Simons. Mollie 259 Simons. Robert Lyttleton 181, 294 Simonlon, Martin Wheeler 332 Simpkins, Alleyne 243 Simpson. Bill 185 NAMES PACES Simpson, Frances Gertrude . .267, 292. 305 Simpson, Harold 275 Simpson. Hubert Lyle 95. 195 Simpson. John Weldon 79 Simpson. Margaret Jeanne 91 Simpson, Margaret Louise 85 Simpson, Mose Tyler 298 Simpson, R. Homer 77 Sims. E. R 93 Sims, Truman Hubert, Jr 315 Sims, William Denman 275 Sinclair, John George 294 Sinclair, Marjorie Dee 114. 261 Sinclair. William Boyd.62.93. 100, 162 , 167 Singer, Frank Bernard 221 Singleton, John Virgil 95, 189 Singleton, Robert Samuel 332 Sinkin, Rosalie 381 Sisk, Mary 249 Sitzman. Virginia 245 Sivley. Roy Elmer, Jr 77 Skaggs. Gladys Mae 53. 307 Skeen. Jack 19S Skeen, Ruth 241 Skelley, Lawrence 179 Skinner. Eugene Elam 53. 274. 284 Skipper. Jack 195 Skolaut. Milton Wilbert 53, 314 Skrivanek, Daniel Adolph 53. 313 Skrivanek. Jesse Ellen 29, 313 Slade, Frank 195 Slaninger. Ernest William 300, 313 Slataper. Alice Valborg 263 Slaughter. Betty 251. 371 Slaughter. Betty Jane . . .107. 267, 280, 379 Slaughter, Paula Louise 314 Slavik. Albert Thomas S3. 313 Sledd, James H 196 Slicker. Alice Louise 107. 109. 245 Sligh, Thomas Sidney 110 Slovacek, Eugene Woodrow 296 Slovak. William Roman 313.421. 422, 423 Slubicki. Carroll James 110 Sluder. Marianna 77. 86. 167 Small, Sybil 265 Small. Terrell Jackson 84.211.277 Smalley. Arthur Louis 110. 219 Smalling. Jack Warren . . . .53. 66. 95. 333 Smart, Margie Jane 268. 377 Smelker, Thomas Vernon 53. 80 Sroerke, Francis Patrick 274 Smith. Alberta Amelia 245 Smith. Alice 91 Smith, Argie Fa 91 Smith. Arthur James 275 Smith. Aubrey Harris 107.296 Smith. Barney McCoy. Jr 80 Smith. Betsy Rosse 245. 307 Smith. Beltyejane 251. 312 Smith. Bryant 64. 178 Smith. C. Aubrey 59. 60. 210 Smith. Carolyn Beth 261 Smith. Damon. Jr 185 Smith. Dolce D-e 245 Smith. Edith Elizabeth 292. 299 Smith. Edwill Neipert 53. 84 Smith. Elaine White 53. Ill Smith. Elwayne Elilen S3. 296 Smith, Emma Owen S3. 267. 381 Smith. Ernest Grady 314 Smith. Everett C 60.80 Smith. Frances Spence 109 Smith. Frederick Adair 77 Smith. Forrest B.. Jr 107 Smith. Genevieve 107 Smith. George Blucher 77 Smith. Harriet 290 Smith. Herbert Randolph 53 Smith. J. Burleson 95, 217 Smith. James Dallas SS. 275 Smith. James Edwin 332 Smith. James Wagner 66. 97 Smith. James William 392 Smith, Jean Milton 107. 255 Smith. Jimmv Hannaford 195 Smith. John David 80. 309 Smith. Joseph Stanley 53. 60. 115. 281 Smith. Junith Shelbourne 108. 245 Smith. Kelley 99 Smith. Kil lough King. Jr 115. 201 Smith. Landria Cecil S3 Smith. Les Burke 94 Smith. Lon L 91 Smith. Lucille Aileen S3. 279 Smith. Lucy Beall 261 Smith. Luke Thomas 91. 314. 332 Smith. Margaret Fay 91. 315 Smith. Marguerite Browning 91. 249 Smith. Marianna 245. 292. 310 Smith. Mary E. Whelchel 314 Smith. Mary Lou 53. 63. 82. 269, 324. 331 Smith. Matthew 98 Smith. Monroe El I wood 2K8 Smith. Mose Allen. Jr 53. 332 Smith. Ned Manuel) 108. 316 Smith. Owen Robert 110 Smith. Pauline 251 Smith. Polly Langhorne 164, 165 Smith. R. A.. Jr 318 Smith. Ray Holcombe 205 Smith. Richard Dean 294 Smith. Richard Russell. Ill 219. 299 Smith. Robert Wilson 304 Smith. Roy Thomas. Jr S3. 276 Smith. Ruby 163 Smith. Sander Bailey 53 NAMES PACES Smith, Seth 306 Smith. Vera 270. 292, 377 Smith, Wanda Rowena 298, 299 Smith, William Benjamin 294 Smith. William Clarence 91, 177 Smith, William Gramann 92 Smith. William Lee 108, 288 Smith. William Louis 314 Smith, William Newton 115 Snapka, George Will 53 Snead, Jim 92 Sneed, Robert Carter 108, 189 Sneed, Jessie Louise 77, 237. 257, 310 Snider, Mary Nette 257 Snoddy, Rachel Ann 268, 312 Snodgrass, Frank Lee 93, 115, 199 Snyder, Chester 221 Sojka. Michael Andrew 304, 392 Solito, Pete Salvador 332 Solomon, Sam ...US Sophomores 88-92 Sorensen, Sydney Scout 98 Sorenson, James Bertil 97, 275 Sororities 231-272 Sory, Dorothy 116, 259 Sota, Benjamin Herrera, Jr 298 Sowell, Ellis M 59, 60 Spann, Mary Grace 53, 261, 300 Sparenberg, Charles 16, 59, 60 Sparks. Jasper Eugene 92 Sparks, Jim 106 Sparks, Joe F 392 Spears, lone 82.310 Speara, Jean Wiley 173. 225 Spears. John Miller 115, 185 Speed. Estelle Elizabeth 241. 292 Speer, Robert James 96 Spell, Jefferson R 98 Spell. Oliver Earl S4 Spence. Gus Ralph 93, 95. 156. 162. 173. 181. 281 Spence. Joseph West. Jr 201, 333 Spence, Robert William 115. 211 Spencer. Alice Estel 251, 286, 315 Spencer. Florence 82, 310 Sphinx Club 311 Spicer, David Charles 299 Spies, Betty Jo 92, 307 Spillar, Margaret Jean . . .98, 241, 310, 373 Spiller, Hollis Barclay 27 Spinks, Edward Garrison 63 Spitzer. Leonard Shel don ... 1 73. 207, 440 Spivey, Sue 98, 265, 305 Sponberg, Raymond 277 Sponael, Thane Tyler 201 Spooner, Patricia Evelyn 92, 239,283 Spoonts, Paul R. A 77 Sprinkle. Arthur 179 Squires. Anne Elizabeth 92 Stabb. Josephine Helen 252. 302 Stacey. Charles Aiken 301, 318 Stacy. Anne Morgan 167, 261 Staehely. Carolyn 24S Stafford, Elizabeth 54, 82. 265 Stafford. Gerald M 200 Stafford. Sadie Gray 77, 245, 286, 369 Stahl. Henri Edward 207 Stahlhut. Virginia Arlene 92 Staley. Elizabeth Jeanne 77 Staley. Jack Carr 64, 211 Stalling!. John 108 Stamm, Dolores 241 Slamm, Jocelyn 241 Stanberry, Billy 215 Standifer. Margaret Aileen 251. 292 Stanger. Zuleika Elizabeth 245. 310 Stanley. Claire Elizabeth 98. 249 Stanton. Edwin Morris 54, 306 Stapp, Ja Neil 108 Stapp. Wilford Lee 275 Stapp. William Edward 211 Stark. H. J. Lutcher 12 Stark, John Wayne . .68, 164. 165. 315. 333 Starkc, Walter 185 Stathakos. Jame 185, 392 Stavinoha, John Lamar 300 Stayton. Betty 2 1 Slayton. Robert W 198 Stayton. Virginia Elizabeth -.326. 331. 378 Steagall. Tom 296 Stearns. Jackie Lee 286 Sleeker, Belly 298 Stedman, Mary Anne 113, 116, 267 Steed. Joe Dean 301. 314 Steede. Vaudean 263 Steel. Arthur Eugene 95. 164. 165, 195 Sleele. James Blair 27S Sleele, William Baylor 115, 173, 201 Sleen. John Thomas 100. 195 Sleen, Roy L 108 Stein. Annie 310 Stein, Faye 92, 241 Stein. Lorraine Bernice 298 Steinhart. Eugenia Love 300 Stenberg. Beatrice Noble 302 Stenberg. Robert Theodore 115 Slepan. John Daniel 300 Stephen. John Erie 291 Stephens. Charles Leon 211. 318 Stephens College Alumnae Club 312 Stephens. Ellis Clynn 108 Stephens, El yse 163 Stephens. Lewis Dale 193. 333 Stephens. William Wyman 318 Slephenson. R. C 98 Stejett. Malcolm 193 Stern. Milton Harold 115 Page 547 NAMES PACES Steubing, William Colson, Jr 83 Steussy, James Gil more 301 Stevens. Marion 267 Stevens, Vir gil H., Jr 54. 296 Stevenson. Charlotte June 109, 299 Stevenson, John 185 Stevenson, Orissa 261 Stevenson, Rohert James 92, 314, 316 Stevenson, Ruf us Alfred 94 Steward, Bruce 193 Stewart, Billy Tom 80 Stewart. Charles 168 Stewart. Malcolm 195 Stewart, Peter 92 Stewart, Powell 184 Stewart, Robert 173, 205 Stewart, William Prather 301 Stidman, Myrtle Eleanor 366 Stiff, James Harrison 92, 294 Stiff. Ray Clint 96 Stifft. Rosalyn 271 Stiff!, Sidney 108, 271 Still, Charles 421, 422 Stinson. Edna Earle 286 Stirman. Ralph Lee 294 Stockard, Catherine Lee 109, 251 , 305, 328, 331 Stockard, Wilma Ruth 54 Stocking, George W 176 Stocklas, Frances 54, 111 Stockton, James Elbert 315 Stockton, Richard 314 Stoddard, Hugh Grant 316 Stoddard, Margaret 77 Stoeltje, Florence 164, 165 Stoer, Susan 267 Stoermer, Clarence Adolph 277 Stoll, Patricia Ann . .54, 269, 286, 326, 331 Stolz, Leola Alma 108 Stone, Charles Turner 54, 333 Stone, Fred 193 Stone, Jack Porter 219, 421, 422 Stone, Margaret 259 Stone, Mary Louise 261, 372 Stone, Walter Eugene 54. 275 Stool, Joe 221 Stool, Max 221 Storey, Charles Hale 99 Storey, Charles Porter 199 Storey, Robert Gerald, Jr. 54, 93. 95, Z23 Storey. W. H 195 Stovall, William Stuart. Jr. ..97, 275. 309 Stover. Edward Banks. Jr 29, 274 Stover, Peggy ..82. Ill, 164, 165, 261, 278 Strain, Robert Aloysius 115 Stranahan, Louis Jame 276 Strasburger, Jean 267 Stratton, Arbon Weimer 115 Strauss, Robert Schwar 95. 173, 213 Strawbridge, Duane 311 Strawbridge, E. Jeane 77 Street, Joseph Gray 217 Streit, Selma 330 Strelsky, Robert Earl 100, 189 Stribling, Newman Perry 54 Strickland, Davis Frank 93, 100, 217 Strickland, Pauline 265 Strieber, Jessie Edwin 54, 307 Strieber, Peggy 371 Stringer, Charles Franklin 314 Stripling, Martha Anne 108, 292, 372 Stripling, Sarah Elizabeth 92, 292 Stripling, Sue Alleyn 253 Stripling, Winfrey Frances 54. 292 Strobel, Emma Julia 92, 109 Strong, D. S 83 Stroter, Clara Louise 92 Stroud, George 193, 332 Stroud, Jane Lee 1 12. 267 Struss, Roberta 77, 111, 249, 292, 303, 308, 330, 331. 371 Stubbs, Helen J 265 Stuckert, J. Lamar, Jr 77 Stuckey, Jane 265 Student Government 155-160 Students ' Assembly 156 Students Association 156 Studhal ter. Margaret Ruth 98 Stullken, Florence 60, 63, 279 Stumberg, G. W 22 Sturdivant, Rubie Nee 292 Stumpf, Clarence Henry 187 Stutsman, Lorraine Alace ...249, 292, 312 Suddath, Bob 296, 333 Suderman, Adolph Donald, Jr 318 Suehs, Ruth Loraine 259, 379 Sukman, Robert 92 Sula, Helen Marie 54, 82, 304, 313 Sullivan, Gordon Boone 314 Sullivan, Henry Clay 54, 203 Sullivan, Jean 257 Sullivan, Margaret Brice 82, 327, 331 Sullivan, Roger Charles 95 211 Sullivan, Tillford B., Jr 54 Suman, John Robert, Jr 275 Summers, Alfred Holt 277 Sundell, Carl Harold 92 Surles, Burnell 92 Susholtz, Adolph 207 Sutherland, John Wesley 77, 275 Sutherland, Mary Elizabeth ...77, 85, 156, 167, 245, 303 Sutherland, Sam Shelton, Jr 115 Suttles, Edward 193 Sutton, Anne 245 Sutton, C. R., Jr 54, 64 Sutton, John F., Jr 54, 64 NAMES PACES Sutton, Nancy Ewing 54, 245, 308 Sutton, William Mimms 108, 318, 333 Svacck, Dorothy Marie 77 Svacek, Joseph Frank, Jr 275 Swain, Charles Bunker, Jr 54, 275 Swann, E. Franklin 195 Swanson, Edna 261 Swanson, Helen Lucile 268, 292 Swanson, Joel Oliver 92 Swanson, Leonard Archie 54, 66, 97, 115, 275 Swanson, Martha Anne 237, 268 Swanson, Signe Marie 286 Swanson, William Wallace 201 Swartz, Robert 205 Swearingen, Clifford Wilson 115, 187 Swearingen, J. S 66 Sweeney, Albert E 97, 275 Sweeney, Mike 392, 399, 405 Sweetheart Nominees 364, 365 Sweetheart o Texas 335, 336, 337 Swenson, Connie William, Jr 219 Swenson, Mauritz 275 Swigart, Patricia 280 Swimming 438, 439 Swinny, Patricia Ann 92 Swirce, Esther 255, 287, 292, 307, 330, 331 Swope, Robert S 195 Syers, William Edward 62, 110 Szigeti, Hertha 109, 117, 298 Tabh, Kenneth Stewart 94 Taber, Emma Jean 286 Tallal, Joseph 207 Tallal, Shirlie 271, 237, 380 Talley, Anne Woodruff 112, 267 Tallichct, Jules Henri 54, 115. 193 Tally, Carolyn Ray 54, 268, 314, 374 Tally, Louis Homer 77, 296 Tankersley, Charles William 296 Tankersley, Frances Irene 314 Tankersley, Randle 296, 314 Tanner, Robert William 54, 225 Tannery, Fladger F 80 Tapp. Paul Franklin 275 Tappan 195 Tarlton, Kenneth George 115 Tarnower, William 115 Tarpley, Elizabeth 269, 286, 302 Tarpley, John William 274 Tarpley, Richard Henry 54. 167 Tarry, Ann 249 Tarry, Mary Katherine 249, 377 Tarver, Martha Arline 249, 292. 312 Tate, Ben Rayburn 92, 316 Tate, Eugen Marsh 108 Tate, Janice Ruth 279, 281 Tate, Louis Franklin 314 Tatsch, Orhry Dee 277 Tau Beta Pi 66 Tau Delta Alpha 117 Tau Delta Phi 220, 221 Taulbee, Tom 183 Tausend, Paul Lester 77 Taylor, A. N 94 Taylor, Albert J 318 Taylor, Aline May 92, 286 Taylor Allen Lee 55, 80 Taylor, Charles 167 Taylor, Dayton Reed 55, 65, 100, 217 Taylor, Donald Rhone 108, 332 Taylor, Doris Jean 77, 249, 299 Taylor, Edwar 193 Taylor, Elizabeth Fairchild 279 Taylor, Frank 181 Taylor, Herman. Jr 92, 115 Taylor, Jerry Elaine 286 Taylor, John Morton 115 Taylor, Juanita Elizabeth 108 Taylor, Lowell Webster 211 Taylor, Mary Louise 279 Taylor, Mozelle Henretta 279 Taylor, Phil 205 Taylor, Summerfield Moon 179, 318 Taylor, Tommy F 440 Taylor, T. U. . .20, 66, 79, 84, 97, 194, 276 Tcasdale, Arthur Robert 274, 284, 296 Teasdale, William Kerr 203 Teeter, Keith Garten 55 Teggc, Melvin Lee 301 Tempel, Kathleen G 108 Templeton, Billye True 268 Templin, Jean Ann 157, 159, 251, 279 Templin, Dr. S. S 58 Tennis 433-437 Ternus, John William 318 Terrell, Helen 259 Terrell, Kathryn 55, 251 Terrell, Roy 183 Terrill, Joe Grisler, Jr 79 Terry, Carlton 392, 427, 429, 430 Terry, Jerome 193 Terry, John Edward 225 Terry, Lois Watts 241, 310 Terry, Thomas Morris 318 Terry, Zula Pearl 304 Tejas 222, 223 Texas Ranger 168 Texas Student Publications 163 Tharp, George Edwin 296 Tharp, Robert Nesbitt 222 Thaxton, Mary Ellen 303 Thayer, David 392, 399, 406 Theobalt. Rupert 193 Theta Sigma Phi 85 Theta Xi 224, 225 NAMES PACES Thirty Club 86 Thokey. James William 55, 110, 183 Thorn, Harold W 55 Thomas, Alex Roscoe 115, 211 Thomas, Cullen Sheppard 199 Thomas, Edward Donnall 65, 94 Thomas, Janet Ruth 299 Thomas, Jerry 108 Thomas, John Uhl 300 Thomas, Martha Faye 77 Thomas, Marion Elizabeth . .109, 249. 292 Thomas. Phil 193 Thomas, Viola 261, 312 Thompson, Andrew Zilker 64, 199 Thompson, Betty Jane 261 Thompson, Charles Alton 92 Thompson, Clark W 179 Thompson, Doris Lucille 77 Thompson, Edwin D 77 Thompson. Eleanor Rebecca 286 Thompson. Florence 55, 116, 265, 305 Thompson, Grace 92, 109 Thompson, Joe 195 Thompson, Kinman Bud 203. 275 Thompson. Lenora Ann 257, 285 Thompson. Leland, Jr 203 Thompson, Paul J 162 Thompson, Robert Charlton 201 Thompson, Robert Francis 225 Thompson, Roy Charles 96 Thompson. Travis Loftin, Jr. . .55, 80, 301 Thorn. Leslie Duron 55. 309 Thome, Clifford 209 Thome, Elizabeth Corine . . .257, 330, 331 Thome, Lansing 209 Thome, Margaret 261 Thornton, Howard Wesley 314 Thornton. Powell Dickson. Jr 99 Thorp. June Elizabeth 108, 247, 372 Thrasher, C atherine 108, 239 Throckmorton, Robert Evans 78 Thweatt. Mary Virginia 78, 249. 312 Thurman, Clarence 193 Tihbs. Anse 183 Tibbetts. Frederick Rogers 294 Tignor. Beryl 55 Tignor, Margaret Brice 82 Tignor, Mary Margaret 55, 83, 310 Tiller, Lloyd Dewitt 78 Tillery. Charles Lewis 55. 80 Tillery, Marilyn Vyne 92, 312 Tilley, Wesley Hope 299 Tillman, Alvin Young 92, 315 Tillman, Delphine 243 Tillotson, Hilda 267 Timm, Charles A 22. 83 Timm, Phyllis Lynette 108, 239 Tinnin, Helen Lou 108 Tipton, Jack Roy 316 Tipton. William 1 78, 197 Tobin. Antonio W 287 Tobolowsky. Edwin Samuel 207 Toland, Billie 55, 249. 308 Toline. Elizabeth Ann 259 Tomkies. Margaret Evelyn . .249, 278. 303 Tonn. W. H.. Jr 96. 115 Torrance, Edwin 94 Torrencc, Elizabeth Tomasinc 308 Tormol Ian, Francis Charles, Jr 308 Towle, Barnaby Ledyard 66. 97 Townes, Ann 265 Towns. Almeda 261 Townsend. M ary Anita 368 Townsend, Ella 241 Townsend, Howard 222 Townsend, Mrs. Howard 285 Townsend. Robert Foard 95 Towner, John Harding 215 Track 425-431 Track, Freshman 431 Tracey. Bill 177 Tracy. Paul Aubrey 108 Travis. Richard Edward 92 Trawalter. Mary Ethel 286. 329. 371 Traweek. Stella 60, 279 Treadaway. Clara Abbott 82 Treaccar, Charlottle Jane 92. 300 Treaccar, Heiman Hugo 300 Trenckmann, Charles Grover . . . .110. 115 Trevino, Fausto Isidor 287 Trevino, Lucita 279 Trevino, Mercedes . 109 Treybig. Lucille Evelyn 55.63.98 Trimpi. Jack Dennis 115 Trippe, Houston Tissier 55 Troiano, Lewis Robert 300 Troell, Roy Edward 274 Trotter. Leola Virginia 113, 116. 305 Trout. Key. Jr 275 Traliy. Henry Mayer 187 Truett. Wilson Harris 294 Tubb. John 179 Tuhbs. George Gilbert 92 Tuck, Louis Lester 199 Tucker, Jeff 197 Tucker, Joe 209 Tucker, Maury Gano 211 Tucker, Thomas Burrows 274, 300 Tucker, William Carrol 199 Tulloss. Jean 267, 305 Tully. Peggie 78 Tunnel), Bill Kerr 92, 177 Turner, Alice Ruth 78 Turner, Barbara 265, 309. 371 Turner. Betty Jo 251, 305 Turner, Clifton, Jr 108 Turner, Edd Royal. Jr 203 NAMES PACES Turner, Fredda Fae 267, 292 Turner, Johnny 223 Turner, Robert Lincoln, Jr 225, 277 Turner, Virginia 265 Turner, Wanda Lee 327 Turpen, Dorothy Elizabeth 55 Tschudin, Myra Katherine 117, 237. 261, 278 Twenhafel, Kathleen Kegina 286, 370 Twiss, Frances Jeanette 78 Tynes, Patsy Anne 249 Tyler, Rosemary 259, 309 U Uhl, Arthur 217 Uhl, Thomas John 110 Ulbrich, Fern 55, 111 Ulug, Turgut 97 Umstattd, Mrs. J. C 82 Umstattd, James McNutt (Mac) . . .92, 95, 115, 173, 209, 392, 432 Underwood, Herbert Whitwell 23, 204, 318 Union Board 158 University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association 314 University Czech Club 313 University Symphony Orchestra 299 Upchurch, Claude El mer 100, 195 Upchurch, Josephine 113 Upchurch, Robert L 92, 115 Uuleger, A. C 59 Upperclass Advisors 331 Urban, Kathryn 267 Usry, Raleigh Sims, Jr 55, 209 V Vacek, John Roman 300, 313, 314 Vair, Douglas Robert 296 Valdcs, Carlos Manuel 55, 98 VanBerg, Charles Francis 66, 96 Vance, Callaway Sanford 115, 191 Van Zandt, Eleanor Ann 82, 98, 111. 237, 249, 27H. J ' ' U Varga, Yolanda Elizabeth ...108. 300. 313 Varner, Mary Blacklock 251, 309 Varsity Debate S ' luad 291 Vaughan, DeWitt Mason 55 Vaughan, Malcolm S 59, 80 Vaughan, M ' Liss 261. 367 Vaughan, Olivia LaSuerr 292, 298 Vaughan, Roy Garrett 55 Vaughan, Spruill James 189 Vaughan, Tommy 108, 217 Vaughan, Virginia Frances 55, 63, 82 239, 289, 310, 380 Veatch, Mary Virginia 109, 371 Veazey, Harold Woodrow 29 Vehle, Mary Catherine 315 Vehle, William Richard 55, 315 Vela, Estela 78, 368 Vela, Ricardo M., Jr 287 Velasco, Mary Ann L 375 Veselka, Cornelia Evangeline 313 Viar, Nathan 108 Vickers, Dorothy Elizabeth 55, 304 Vickers. Robert Brice 115, 219 Victor, Ruth 243 Victor, Walter Kenneth 66, 84 Vilbig, Ann 253, 300, 329 Villarreal, Amando 332 Villarreal. Elisa Castaneda 287,367 Vincent, Vern H 59, 60 Vine, Harry HI 78. 111. .lllti Vining, Jeff Lee, Jr 110, 276 Viii on, Jean de Forest 109 Vittucci, R. V 66 Voelcker, Selma Louise 259. 280 Vogel, Alfred Jacob 115, 275 Vogel, Hans Wilhelm 29, 79, 283, 333 Vogelsang, Carl Ewald 56, 275 Vogt, Ruth Jeanne 92 Volkel, Gloria 259, 372 Volz, Charles Edward 56, 80 Von Bluchcr, Mary Julia 69, 113, 114 251, 278 Von Bose, Robert Joseph 92 Vondrack, Alice Frances 313 Voorhis, Elmer Jay 277 Vorhies, John Royall Harris 115 Vorhies, William Lloyd 298 Votaw, Katherine 256 Vychopen, Charlie Lewis 313 W Waddcll, Richard Kent 29 Wade, Ruth 255 Wadleigh, Fred 189 Wadley, Edward Frank 296 Wadsworth, A. B 392 Wadsworth, Albert Hodges 199, 275 Wager, Dorothy Jean 56, 241, 289,310 314, 377 Waggener , Lesli. 12 Wagner, Betty Ruth 78, 267, 375 Wagner, Robert Edward, Jr 56 Wagon, Edward Clendenen 318 Waite, Betty 381 Waldman, Carl 175 Walenta, Dorothy Jean 92, 270, 300. 313. 369 Walker, A. W 24, 61, 62, 64, 198 Walker, Billy Harold 296,332 Walker, Carroll Preston 78 Walker, Charles Alborn 92 Walker, Charles Edward 296 Page 548 NAME9 PACE! Walker, Elizabeth Louise (Betty) 265, 306 Walker, Howell Lee 296,301 Walker, James E 311 Walker, James Lawrence 115, 311 Walker. James Russell 276 Walker. Louis Marshall ..56, 115, 274, 284 Walker, K.. ....... Jr 179 Walker. Ruth Ann 265 Wall, Grace Evalyn 78, 98 Wall. Herbert 298 Wallace, Beryl Camille 330, 331 Wallace, Iris Mae 268 Wallace. James Claude 304 Wallace, John Samuel 211 Wallace, Raymond Frank 65 Walling, Marguerite 112, 259, 282 Wallis. Ray Ware, Jr 288, 441 Walschak, Beatrice 78 Walschak, Dorothy Cenevieve 327 Walsh, Doug 183 Walsh, Henry Stude 201 Walter, Robert 163 Walters, Edward Earle 56, 276 Walter . John Ogden 99 Walters, Mary Helen 78. 279 Walthall. Martha 108.245 Waltmon. Mary Pauline 109, 265, 278.366 Walton, Jack Raymond 94, 296 Walton. Martha Ann 108 Walton. Martin Robert 298 Wandel. Philip 217 Wan. I. -r. Verna Rose 56, 279 War.l. Ann Marie 85.259 Ward. Mary Neil 245,280 Ward. VictorWallace 108 Ware. Mary Louise 253 War,-, Tol Ben 56. 95. 211 Warhaftig, Arthur 314 Warner. Barbara Hodges 111, 113, 265 330, 331 Warner, Florence Lillian 78, 249, 366 Warner, Gloria Jane 245 Warner, Helen Stanley 245 Warner. K. W 66.274.284 Warren, Brent 177 VUrr.-n. Shirley Phillips 108 Warren. Thomas Wayne 115 Wash, George 96 Washerman, Ramuel Irvin 56, 314 . Mildred Marjorie .56,85,86.285 Watelski. Stacy 221 Wathen. Tom 195 Watkins, George Hall 92 Watkins. Harold Edward 92, 296 W ' atkin . Jane 249 Watkinn. R. G 314 Watt. Edward R.. Jr 78 Watt. George Wi I lard 96 Watlerworth. Earle Field 115 Walts. Richard C 110 Billy 108 Watson, George Mario 96 Watson. James Cunyus 62, 83, 95, 115, 193 Watson. Mary Jo 78 Kol.ert 185 Kobert Searcy 201 Thomas. Jr 92 Walzlavirh. Joe Dominic 275, 300 Waugh. Goree 217 Wear. J. Hugh 215 Wealherford, Sam Hardin 201, 332 Weaver, Alminice 108 Weaver, Bruce Sanborne 97, 275 Weaver, Imogene 367 James Powell 314 Weaver, La Verne 56 Weaver, Margaret Ann 81 Weaver, Norman W heel is 277 Weaver, Samuel Eugene 56, 296, 314 Webb. Jack Luther 94. 3O9 Webb. J uanita Grace 108 Webb. Mildred Alice .56, 98, 292. 298. 308 Webb. Sam Nail 211 Webb. Walter P 25 Webb. William Ma.Ii.on 100 Weber. F.lmer Henry 56 314 Weber. H. Carl . . . ' 56 W . I..T. Kenneth Edward 219, 296 W . b.T. Leta Henderson HI Weber. O. J., Jr 83. 296 Web.ier. Caroline 81. 117, 241, 310 W.i.-i.r. John 193 Wed.lington. Mary 265, 285, 307 W, Don 392 .! -. Jeannette Lee ...111, 237, 267. 308 Week-. John L 96 VI eek-. O. I) g3_ 202 Wei.lmann. Adolph William 115 Weil. Ben 207 Weil. Joseph Lyon. Jr 207 Weinblatt. Frances Celeste 243 Wetnert, Elizabeth Nan 82 Weinert, H. H 12, 186 Weingarten, Bernard Louis . .108. 207. 333 Weinheimer. Thomas William 56. 276 J.P 277 Weir. John Tilton 316 ' larence H 314 Weise. Roy Franklin. Jr 296 Wei-encer. Nina Lee 98 Weiss, August Louis 276 Welborn, Frankie Mae 85, 163 Welch, Ann 267 Welch. William Rowden 56 Wellborn. Olin Guy 298 NAMES FACES Wei Iborne. Kyle Roque . . .29, 63, 98, 287 Wellenkamp, Betty Marie 282 Weller. Clarence 209 Wells, Algie Aaron 64, 115, 223 Wells, John Howard . .56, 83, 95, 157, 203 Wells, Marshall F 203 Wei maker, Felix Eustace ....108, 296, 318 Wendlandt. Margaret Eloise .237, 247, 308 Werly, Marie Ill Wesley, Helen Louise 263 West, Carey Keene 108 West, Jack 299 West, Margaret 78, 286 West, Mary Loraine 78, 245, 374 West, Northa Belle 290 West, Robert Van Osdel I , Jr 115 West, Samuel L 78 K ' fit Texas Club 315 West, William Beverley, III 189, 291 We.tervelt, Elizabeth Craig (Betty) .265, 286 Weston, Fred John 203 Welzel. Corinne 251 Weylandt, El wood 304 Whaley, Joyce 113, 249, 309, 379 Wharey, James Blanton 210 Wharton, Elizabeth Austin .56, 85, 86, 167 Whatley, Mary Ann 261, 303, 305, 328. 331 Wbealdon, Joseph Yauger 78, 281 Wheat, Bill 181 W heat, David Morris 298 Wheat, Grady Cecil le 156, 247, 304 Wheeler, Franco Evelyn 78, 257, 286 Wheeler, Jesse Paul 100, 225 Wheeler, Marjorie Eleanor 245, 279 Wheeler, Mary Gay 108 Wheelock, Bob 195 Wheless, Chester Lee 275 Wheless, Meade 193 Whiddon. Eugene P 78 Whitaker, Berry 17, 200 Whitaker, Mary 379 Whitaker, Nelson Bradley 115 White, Andrew Ben 64, 95, 177 White, Arthur C 108 White, Betty Bayne 92 White, Beverly Estelle 56. 307 White. Bob Manner 92 White. Carl Michael 56. 225 W hite. Clifford Byron 203 White. Conrad 332 White. Emogene 78, 82, 279 White. Frances Anne 245. 307 White. Frances Earle 108, 253 White. Francis Allan 225 W hite. Gwendolyn 381 White, James Edward 115 While. Jim 181 W hile, John Arch 59 W hite. Joyce 245 White, Marjorie Dale 312 White. Shirley Carl, Jr 296, 318 Whiteford. Lt. Charles A 318 Whitehead. Robert 185 Whiteman, Martha Alice 56 Whiteman. Virginia Marie 92. 285 Whitesides. Washington M 29 Whilfield. Victoria Marie 92, 313 W ' hiting, Robert Louis 97, 275 Whitley, Jack O ' Neal 318 Whitlow, Mrs. E. P 81 Whitlow. Kugene Payne 66. 96. 115 Whitlow, Mary Ann 366 Whitmire, Joe Ann 249, 290 Whitmore. Rodney 333 Whitmore. William Rogers ..164, 165, 167 Whitney. Fred L 92 Whitoon. William Douglas 78 Whilten. Billy Ray 314 W hitlington, James Connellee 211 Whitworth. Harry 185 Whitworth. James 185 Whitworlh. Milton Alston 309 Whilworth. Ruby 78 Whyle. Katharine Anne 300 Wilborn, William Aaron 225 Wilburn. Johnnie Bryant 292 Wicker. Mary Lucille 261 Wiekes. Joseph Augustus 61 W i.blecke. Charles Fred 63, 201 Wiebusch, Herman Henry, Jr 65 W i. .lerspahn, Willard Harris 274. 284 W iener, Esther 108, 255 Wier. Joseph Patterson 84 Wier. Mary Margaret 259 Wiesner. Jerome James 313 Wiggrn. Gertrude Elaine 326, 331 Wilde. Claude. Jr 108. 115. 177 Wilder. Alice Ann Nitschke ...56, 63, 289 Wilder. Harry Stanley 95 Wilder. Mary Jane 108. 109 Wilderson. Martha 109 Wiler. Suletta Ovella 98. 287 Wiley. James Kenneth 296,300 W iley. Joseph Norris 57. 84, 277 W ilhelm. Eugene Stanton 115 Wilhelm. Ruth Helen 117 Wilhile. Harold Langford 296 Wilke.H.C.. Jr 181 Wilkening, Marvin Charles S7 Wilkerson, Zora Clark 63 Wilkes. Walter Jackson 57, 110 Wilkins, Ann Elizabeth 57. 85. 86 167. 249 %ilkin, Mildred 239 Wilkinson. Clark Newton 57, 211 Wilkinson, Jack G 211 NAMES PACES Wilkinson, Susybelle 92, 312 Wilkinson, Virginia 265 Will, Elizabeth Patton 113, 259 Will. Sarah 259 Willard, Gradon Fuller 296 Willbern, York Young 83 Willborn, Royston Hudson 277 Witlhoite, Warren Augustus 92, 299 Williams, Catherine Louise 257 Williams, Celia 304 Williams, Charles Carter 59 Williams, Christopher C 304 Williams, Clifford 311 Williams, David Raworth . . .108, 115. 164 165,203 Williams, Delbert Dwain 29 Williams, Don 392, 399, 400, 409 Williams, Dorothy Lee 92 Williams, Edith Clarke 57. 167 Williams, Elgin 167, 168, 183 Williams, Harry Franklyn 316 Williams, Hazel Jewell 263, 307, 379 Williams, Laura 265 Williams, Lucille 98, 240 Williams, Marie Elizabeth ..113, 259, 285 286,312 Williams, Martha 259 Williams, Mary Elizabeth 92, 257 328, 331 Williams, Robert Louis, Jr. . . .57, 65, 274 Williams, Roger J % Williams. Thomas 78 Williams. Veazey 193 Williams, William Mackerness, Jr. ...57, 189 Williamson, Jack 277 Williamson, John Henry 314 Williamson, Tooley Elise 264 Willis, Ruth 253 Willmon, Gloria Louise 304 Wilmot, Jennie S 286, 302 Wilson, Archer, Jr 223 Wilson, Aubrey Char lei 187 Wilson, Charlena Woodfin, Florence 261 Woodley, Doris 108 Woodruff, Dorothy Gray 286 Woods, James Gerald 57 Woodul, Walter 195 Woody, Loyd 189 Woodyard. James Samuel 314 Wooldridge, Arthur Robert 201, 275 Wooldridge, Richard C 57, 215 Wool folk, Elizabeth 368 Woolley, Bennett 185 Woolrich. W. R 19,66,84,277,284 Woolen, Elbert 225 Woolen, Helen Gordon 249, 292. 308 Worley, Annis Eugenia 245, 303, 305 Worley, Gertrude Moree 92 Worley, Gordon 94 Worrel, Char I. Wilson, Connie 249 Wilson. Eleanor Anne 92, 239 Wilson, Florence Montgomery ...265, 312 Wilson, Glen P., Jr 92 Wilson, Homer C., Jr 185 Wilson. Jack Marcelliu 57 Wilson, James Arthur 217 Wilson, James Lee 291 Wilson. Janet 57, 257, 286 Wilson, Joe Davenport 62, 95, 173, 189 Wilson, John Rots 211 Wilson, Margaret 249, 369 Wilson. Nell m, 241 Wilson, Opal 365 Wilson, Parker 195 Wilson. R. C 78 Wilson. Ralph 197 Wilson, Robert Curtis 96 Wilson, Robert Gould 189, 298 Wilson, Samuel Woodrow 98 Wilson, Thomas, III 95, 189 Wilson, Wilbur Alfred 296 Windham, Wyman. Jr 95, 2O9 Windrow, Robert David 100, 115. 181 Windsor, Gertrude Anne 312 Wingfield, William Breton 316 Winkler. Miriam Ruth 243 Winn, Edward Burton 115, 205 Winston, Ambrose P 60, 98 Winston. Susie Marie 108, 109, 327 Winters. Gardner William 219 Winters, Jet C 81 , 240 Winters, Leona Lorraine 78, 306, 310 Winters. Robert Gemmill 108. US Winton. Katherine 265 Wipff. Pershing 219 Wisdom. Billie Jack 311 Wisener, Jack 209 Wisener. William 209 Witter. William Terry 115 Wilz. David Aaron 207, 291 Woeltel, Carl 108 Wolens, Phyllis 255 Woldert, Sally 249 Wolf. James Patrick 80 Wolfe. Devereaux 367 Wolfe, James 209 Wolfe. Renee Rachel . . .243, 292. 303. 310 Wolfert. Shirley 255 Wolford, Albert Marion 197, 316 Wollers. Edith Ottillie 314 Wong. Soon Yuck 115 Wood. Bette Nona 312 Wood, Clint 193 Wood, Conan T., Jr 298 Wood. Edwin Roy 58, 197 Wood. Elbert Owen 92 Wood. Harriet Elizabeth 109 Wood. Jean 312 Wood. Jeanne Shirley 92, 251 Wood. Kenneth 197 Wood. Lawrence 177 Wood. Marjorie Collier 92. 374 Wood. Martha Jane 292 Wood. Mary Dell 92 Wood. Mary Louise 92 Wood. Ray Pearl 57, 237, 263 Wood. Robert Oliver 197, 275 Wood, Thomas B 78 Wood. Thomas Kelbert 318 Woodard. Bonita June 92, 257 Woodbeck, Myrtle Marie 279 Woodcock, Helen 108 195 Worsham, Jean Mills 199 Wortham, Robert Raymond 211 Worthley, Edwin Dorr 115 Worthing, Louie F., Jr 78, 177 Worthington, Josephine Monah 269 Wotipka, Barney 92 Wren, William Hodge 296 Wright, A. C 17 Wright, Clarence Rufus 225 Wright. Dela 265 Wright, Emma Lou 108, 251 Wright, Fay Carter 267 Wright, CUB 193 Wright. Lemuel Dary 96 Wright, Mary June 78, 259 Wright, Mary Lucy 259 Wright, Mitchell 187 Wright, Randolph Earle 78, 275 Wright, Robert 181 Wroble. Vincent 110 Wroe. Laudell 241 Wueste, Leojune 108 Wukasch. Martin Charles 57 Wulwell, Don 332 Wunscb. Raymond Saunders 57, 219 Wyche, Virginia Lee 78 Wylie, Betty 78 Wynn, Afton 85, 86 Wynne, Buck Jim 199 Wynne, Mary Elizabeth 246 Wyont, Barrett Houston, Jr 296 Ximenes, Vicente 287 Yaeger. Charlene Grace 263 Yaeger, Robert R 181 Yaggy, Sarah 265 Yancy, Doris Rose 92 YanlU, Carl Breed 275 Yantis. Maria Jane 57. 82. 286. 302 Yarborough. Fern Mildred 304 Yarno. Hortense 57, 156. 159. 255 290.307 Yales. Chapin Winston 66, 84 Yates. Ivy Estelle 108 Yates. Jo Ann 108 Yates, Rosemary 57, 304, 380 Yates, William Floyd 57,277,294 Y eager. Sarah Jeannette 57 Yeiser. Alia France. 78,286 Yelderman, George Robert 57, 84. 156. 277 Yerger. Robert E 78 Yett, Earnest Selman 314 Yett. Fowler Redford US Yglesias. Marguerite 251. 371 Yoder. James Robert 92 Yol ton. Jesse Marie 78, 373 York. Thomas Adams 78 York. William Franklin 99 Youens, Lewis 195 Young, Charles Stenius 300 Young. Dorothy Mae 78, 286 Young. Jacob Clemmons, Jr. .57, 293, 298 Young. James 205 Young. Ruth 261 Youngblood. William Wiley 219 Yzarguirre. Lauro Antonio 223, 287 Yzarguirre. Mario 314 Yznaga, Delia Aurora 287, 371 Zagst. Charles Otto 27S Zang. Louis C 108 Zarafonetis, Annie Christine 109 Zaruba. Richard. Jr 313 Zatopek. Leland Frank 314 Ztta Tau Alpha 266. 267 Ziegelmeyer, Julius Emmet. Jr 219 Zimmerman. Harry 183 Zimmerman. Henry A 167 Zindler. Warren 221 Zinn. Zelda 168 Ziriax, Johnnie Louise 286 Zivney. jaroslav Elias 313 Zlatkovich, Charles Theodore 59, 300 Zoch, Alfred. Jr 296 Zorilla. Carlos 283 Zuber. Charles Barry 211 Zuch. Thusnelda Louise 117 Zuniga. Alexander 332 Zuniga. Oscar 332 Zuniga. Will ie 332 Page 549 I -. 1 - v

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