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v " i . v X - - r ;;- : V.- x f. -U ' i i v sv-i- its fSsiespR . fWnsgSE ??? -O.V iS " --lf- " -r " --- --V---- 7- - -- ? i?; - - -v Pi- ; r - - Mf: " f --; ; X " " - ; --.- : " r ; -.-; " -:-: : -- " " - r v - vi- rx r t - - " -5C-J " - f " 1 v : j --:i fc ilf P - T " ll " f- : W t i J? CACTUS 940 TEXAS LITERATURE NUMBER - ------ - I JIJRING THE BONANZA DAYS of California, when a favorite entertainer might ex- pect eagles, double eagles, and half eagles to be tossed at her feet as an accent to applause, a certain soprano had this kind of golden recep- tion. Then she met old Governor Vallejo. After gracious compliments he said, " But, madam, you are not the first prima donna, you know, in Cali- fornia. " She wondered who could have preceded her across the Great Plains. " The coyotes were here a long, long time ago, " Governor Vallejo said. He spoke a parable. Historians of nearly anything of Texas and the Southwest usually start in with Spanish discoverers, colonists, mis- sionaries, incidentally bringing in the Indians they were obliged to fight and baptize. As a matter of fact, the northers roared their song, the dry weather locusts sizzled their chorus, and the coy- otes made their music over the lone prairie long before either Indians or Spaniards came. Nature has had a far stronger and more abiding effect on what is now the civilization or " culture " of Texas than the Spaniards ever had. To consider one representative example of Nature, the coyotes taught their song to the Indians, and when the Indians mingled their blood with the Spaniards, they kept that song. One of the fine harmonies of Texas is to hear the Mexican vaqueros. or cow- boys, sing at night, hear the coyotes respond, and then hear both choruses wail their long-drawn- out, quivering, barbaric notes up to the pulsing stars. It may be some time yet before the rustling of the cottonwood leaves are properly translated, before books interpret the mesquite, the jack rabbit, the rattlesnake, the moss on the live oaks down in the Brazos bottoms, the horned toad in the sand hills overlooking the Pecos, the Spanish dagger, the sweet gum and a thousand other in- habitants of the plant and animal world. Just the same, long, long, before Columbus sailed, the coyote and his mate sang that mournful duet to the ageless Texas moon and stars. , -, ' iw CACTUS TEXAS LITERATURE NUMBER UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AUSTIN THE TEXAS SWORD, bringing to mind the heroes who have wielded it in Texas ' colorful history, is ever in the con- sciousness and tribute of true Texans. As expressed by I- Frank Dobie: " . . . the point of Travis ' sword like the moving finger of Time still moves across the earthen floor of the Alamo . . . " We are justly proud of our heroic swordsmen. But the Texas pen, reflecting the land as it was and is, from the mournful howl of the coyote to the contented chug of the oil well, deserves a full measure of tribute and recognition, for it has been wielded with the same spirit, individuality, vigor, and courage that has won immortality for our memorable sword. In this, the 1940 Cactus, we do honor to our illustrious Texas penmen, for the point of Texas ' pen like the moving finger of Time still moves across the colorful pages of our literature. . N 1528 Cabeza de Vaca was shipwrecked on the Texas coast. For six years he and three companions existed in the re- gion, some of the time as slaves, again as medicine men, making excursions with In- dians to eat " tunas, " the apples of the prickly pear. They were the first Europeans to put foot on the soil of Texas. Wandering west in 1 536 they met fellow Spaniards near the Gulf of California. Almost immediately, it seems, Cabeza de Vaca wrote the " Narrative " of his adventures. It was published in Spain in 1842 but had been widely circulated before publication. Standard translations of it are by Buckingham Smith and Fanny Bandelier. Besides being the first book relative to Texas, it remains one of the human documents of the world. Cabeza de Vaca ' s oral accounts of the Seven Cities of the Cibola resulted in Coro- nado ' s expedition, 1540-1541, in search of the fabled gold. One of his men named Castan- eda wrote an extraordinary narrative de- scriptive of the Staked Plains, mirages, buffalo, etc., and of many adventures within what are now the confines of Texas. " Cbro- nado ' s children " still tell and believe in the golden dreams that impelled Coronado. Spanish military explorers and missionaries consistently kept diaries; government officials of Mexico followed with other reports. A mass of chronicles in the Spanish language covers the centuries from the time of Cabeza de Vaca to that of the Texas Revolution; most of them make weary reading except to spe- cialists. I THE JOURNEY OF ALVAR NUNEZ CAREZA OE VACA I.VJ.:J6) Tran, laird b, MNM K MU.1.II.K . . . " But they advi- -d me to keep it --. r.-t I plot to ewa|w 1 from the " They I the linlian-l are a very merry people, and e en when Indian- le-t they wnuld kill me forthwith, and that to avoid thi it a- lami-hed do not ea- to dam-e and -elehrate their feasts and cere- nrtrsary to remain ith them for -i month ' longer, after which time moniaU. Thiii Ix-l time- are when " tumas " I (irirkly pear-l are ripe, tliev Hiinld remove to amitliei -ertioti iii order to eat prirkly pear . hei an-e then they have plenty to eat and spend the time in dancing I hex- are a fruit of the -i e of ej:n-. red and lilai k and ta-te very good. and eating day or night . . . " Y r three month- the -nlci-t upon them e rlnively. eating nothing S O VIEWS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES SENIORS JUNIOKS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN CHRONOLOG CAMPUS ACTIVITIES PUBLICATIONS FINE ARTS STUDENT GOVERNMENT LIMELIGHT ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS HONORARIES CLUBS SORORITIES AND FRATERNITIES DORMITORIES MEDICAL SCHOOL Copyrighted TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC. ALFRED A. KING Editor-in-Chief CHARLES PETET Associate Editor FRANKIE XELBORN Production Manager HURT DYKE Business Manager V Art Work by BRUNO LORE Literary Commentary by J. FRANK DORIC Portraits Finished by CHRISTIANSON-LEBKHMAN Engravings by STAFFORD ' S Printing by GvLt PI-BUSHING COMPANY Views A DAY ON THE CAMPUS L PACE 10 Garrison Hall THE DAWN fi Science Row C M E S II P PACX 11 X Geology Building PACK 12 DAY BEGINS Main Building THE INSTANT B ETWE E N Pici 14 Engineering Building . M. AND P.M. IS Journalism Building THE CAMPUS DROWSES PACE 16 Hall IN MID-AFTERNOON Put 17 u B Vtt Chemistry Building THE KNELL OF PACE 18 Geology Building PARTING DAY PiCt 19 Gregory Gymnasium NIGHT OVER ftct 20 Littlefield Dormitory THE FORTY ACRES Pci 21 Engineering Building NINE O ' C LO C K PACE 22 Littlefield Memorial Fountain AND ALLS E L L PICE 23 Tower Clock THE STROKE OF MIDNIGHT : ri HERE is nothing official about Peter Ellis Bean ' s " Memoir. " He had nobody to convert; no superiors to impress with his virtues and abilities; no axe to grind. He wrote because he loved life, including him- self, and had a story to tell. He did not know B from Bull ' s foot about spelling and gram- mar; but he had vitality, imagination, lust for living. His life story was first published, after having been polished and otherwise " doc- tored, " in Yoakum ' s " History of Texas " (1855). The original document would be priceless now. Peter Ellis Bean was the Casanova of Texas. He came here, about 1800, on a mus- tanging adventure with Philip Nolan, was captured by the Spaniards, drew a white bean, was taken prisoner to Mexico, became a patriot in the war against Spain, finally got back to Texas and settled down in Nacog- doches. He had a wife in Tennessee, another in Mexico, and one or two in Texas, all at the same time, though his " Memoir " omits mention of them. What it is strong on is the way the Mexican senoritas and widows were attracted to him while he was prisoner; also his extraordinary escapes from prisons, and the white lizard that became his pet in the dungeon at flcapulco. Bean ' s " Memoir " is the first in a series of remarkable adventure narratives written by Texans on their experiences as prisoners in Mexico. They are unique in the chronicles of America, vigorous, plain, full of fire and blood. They include Thomas Jefferson Green ' s " Journal of the Mier Expedition, " which re- lates the dramatic story of the drawing of the black beans at Salado, and George W. Ken- dall ' s " Narrative of the Texan Santa Fe Ex- pedition. " No fictionist of America has been able to invent situations more absorbing than are contained in these personal narratives. IV 7 . MMKIIBS OF (MIL. ELLIS P. BEAN Ediird r W. P. YO KfM . . . " I he next day the parxms tame again, and drought with them a olonel who read to us the king ' s order which was. that every rifth man wa- to M hung, for hring on the king ' s troops: but. as some were dead, there wen- hut nine of us and. out of the nine, hut one had to die. This v.a- ti, I,, ,|e, ided by throwing dice on the head of a drum. Whoever threw the low.M HI- ! ' . ! executed. " It u- then agreed that the oldest muM throw hr t. I was the youngest and had to throw | a -t. The hr-t wa- blindfolded, and tw i dice put in a gU tumbler. He was led to the drum which was put in the room, and there rast the dice on the head of the drum. And so we went up one by one. to cast the awful throw of life or death. All of my companions, except one. threw high: he threw four. A- I was the last, all his hopes were that I should throw lower than he. As for my part. I wj- indifferent about it. for I had resigned myself to fortune. I took the glass in my hand, and gained the prize of life, for I threw h e. M x r companion, who threw four, was led away from us. urrounded |jy rlerc). to ! e ei uteil the next day. . . . " by THE BOOK CLUB OF GOVERNOR O ' UANIEL To THE 1940 CACTI : The diMreing human confusion and turmoil existing throughout the world today, and the unsolved social and economic problems in our own Nation and State are certainly challenges to our red-blooded American young manhood and womanhood. Age-honored and time-tested customs, rules, privileges and rights are being . in-lied underfoot without reason or apology-, and no improvement in our social structure has been accomplished by such brutish methods. Surely all this indicates to healthy, normal, educated minds that some element in our human relationships i- larking or deficient. I iidcr normal conditions University students strive diligently for that higher i-iliiratinn which will tit them for pleasant and profitable life ' s work. Under these abnormal National and International conditions, University students must sense llu- all to something greater. Certainly this is no time for radical ideas or fanciful theories. Of such, the world already has too much. To you serious-minded University students who are ambitious to become useful leader in moulding the greater civilization of tomorrow from the wreckage of tmlay. let me Miggest that you delve beneath the camouflaged surface of freakish thought- .in. I fancies and start building your plans on the solid foundation of true Democracy, -inrere Religion, and high Morality. To men and women of your ability, the mere problem of making a comfortable lump i- not such a complex problem or such a full-time job as it has been for other- in the past. This will give you more time to develop your greatest heritage which is the OPPORTUNITY to elevate the TORCH OF CIVILIZATION and the Kl. (- OK FREEDOM to ever higher and higher pedestals. Texas has unbounded faith in you. and the world is waiting for you. Sincerely, GOVERNOR W. I.EE O DANIEL PACE 25 PRESIDENT HOMER P. RAINEY 1 ' RESIDENT RA1NEY To THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS: What shall I do to make the years to come my own? As you read this Cactus when it is first released, you will be more concerned with its immediate interest than its future value, but I want to say to you that in my opinion this is a book that will increase in value for you each passing year. Two, three, four or more decades from now you will take up this Cactus, leaf through its pages and remind yourself of happy days at The University of Texas, of the friends of 1940. You will wonder where they are; how they are getting along; whom they married; how many children or grand children they have; whether that young lad with the Longhorns " this year " is the son of good old Buck. These have been days that have meant much happiness to you. This book reflects much of your personal joy, as well as that of your associates. To me it is a pictorial record of my first year as President of the University; for many of you it is the record of your last year. Regardless of whether we are new or old, I hope that this year for each of you has been a profitable and happy one, and that in the years to come, when you look back on your days here, you will appre- ciate having been a member of that great host of men and women who have been a part of The University of Texas family. And when you do, " the age to come " will not only be your own, but the " age of 1940 " will again live in happy memory. ff. President PACE 26 HOAR I) OF REGENTS THE REGENTS of The University of Texas are the directors in all matters that concern the University. To this group of people, who have the interest of the University foremost in their minds, go all things, whether large or small. The nine members, under the able leadership of Major J. R. Parten. meet at least four times a year in regular sessions and in numerous called sessions. Their work includes making appointments, accepting resignations, and granting leaves of absence. In addition to this routine work, this year they have had to contend with the Union Fee as well as a petition for an extra holiday at Christmas. An outstanding member and former chairman of the Board, Dr. Edward Randall of Galveston, resigned in January. Governor W. Lee O ' Daniel appointed Fred Branson of Galveston, a former state banking commissioner, to fill the unexpired term. J. R. PARTEN Left to right: PARTEN. GEORGE MORGAN, H. J. LUTCHER STARK. E. J. BLACKERT, H. H. WEINERT. PRESIDENT HOMER P. R4INEY. LESLIE U ' AGCENER. DR. K. H. AYNESWORTH, DR. EDWARD RANDALL. MRS. I. D. FAIRCHILD. LEO C. HAYNES, secretary. PACI 27 AUDITOR ' S OFFICE Franklin Hutter, Erin Stafford, Charles H. Sparenberg, E. R. Cornwell, C. L. Lindahl. ADMINISTRATION COMPTROLLER ' S OFFICE Mabel Smith, J. W. Calhoun, G. J. Stephens, Missy Doss, C. D. Simmons, Nellie Harrison, Fannie Davis, Mary Ruth Jackson, Maebess Matthews. REGISTRAR ' S OFFICE Louise Barekman, Ethel Burch, Max Fichtenbaum, E. J. Mathews, Byron Shipp, Ruth Gafford, Alice Root, Peggy Miles. J. W. CALHOUN. Comptroller E. J. MATHEWS. Registrar PACE 28 CHARLES H. SPARENBERC. Auditor ADMINISTRATION STUDENT GUIDANCE Josephine Evans. Katharine Votaw. R. R. Rubottom. Dorothy Gebauer. V. I. Moore, Kathleen Bland. Mary Louise Weir, Arno Nowotny. LIBRARY STAFF E. W. Winkler, Alexander Moffit, Donald Coney. V. I. MOORE. Dran of Strndrnt Life OONAIJ CONEY. Librtriat UNIVERSITY HEALTH SERVICE Dr. Simon Clark. Dr. R. Allwyn Cooper. Dr. Harris Williams. Dr. Harry L. Klotts. Dr. Paul L. White. Dr. Sam Key. Dr. Joe Gilbert, Dr. Katharine McCormick. Dr. Caroline Crowe) f. DR. JOE GILBERT. Krrctar Vmirmity HrflOt S " , . . UNIVERSITY COMMONS Janice Campbell, Mary Frances Mykland, Anna Janzen, Florence Frederickson, Eva Tiroff. ADMINISTRATION PUBLIC RELATIONS Carolyn Malone, Lorena Drummond, Howard Lumpkin, Cecil Cook, A. L. Brandon, Ed Syers, Lois Sager, William Hornaday. EXTENSION DIVISION J. 0. Marberry, Le Noir Dimmitt. Laura Mur- ray, T. H. Shelby, Mrs. Charles Joe Moore, Jeanie Pinckney, Roy Bedichek. . ' A. L. BRANDON. Director of Public Relations T. H. SHELBY, Dean of Extension Division ANNA JANZEN, Director of University Com mons ADMINISTRATION MEN ' S INTRAMURALS Louis Levinson. Jack Michaelson, Franklin Hicks. Charles Lipscomb. Frank Singer, Harry Goodman. Joe Corbin, B. R. Reynolds, Thur- man Barrett. PHYSICAL TRAINING FOR MEN R. J. McLean. S. Y Ekdahl. Ed. Barlow, Harry Leinbach. Wiley E. Glaze. L. Thep. Bellmont, Mary Lee Anderson. BKKKY WIIITAKER. Director of Men ' s Intramurals L. TIIEO. BELL.MO.NT. Director of Physical Training or Men PHYSICAL TRAINING FOR WOMEN Margaret Hodgins, Wanda Potter. Mary Wat- son. Elizabeth Long. Mary McKee. Tooley Williamson. Jennie Schaefer. Anna Hiss, Shiela O ' Gara. Thelma Dillingham. Leah Gregg. Midge Van Ryn. Frances Seybolt, Lucile Walker. Roberta Nevland. NN HISS. Director of Physical Training, for Women PACE 31 ADMINISTRATION EX-STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION Ann Fichtenbaum, Lola Jones, John A. Me- Curdy, Ray Perrenot, Frances Mueller. TEXAS UNION Katherine MacDowell, Marjorie Vogan, Charles Langdon, Charles N. Zivley, Gladys Hender- son, John Singleton. UNIVERSITY PRESS John Callan, Jess Carlton, A. C. Wright, Dora Dill, Earl Webb. JOHN A. McCURDY. Secretary of Ex-Students ' Association A. C. WRIGHT. Manager of University Press CHARLES N. ZIVLEY. Manager of Texas Union H. T. PARLIN Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Parlin, dean of the largest college of the University, is that smiling gentleman who always has time to exchange a few words with his proteges on the hill. He is a graduate of Colorado University and received his doctor- ate from the University of Pennsylvania. J. ANDERSON FITZGERALD Dean of the School of Business Administration Down Waggener Hall way, Dean Fitz- gerald directs the activities of the fastest grow- ing school, and one that has been recognized as a source of trained men for the business world. Dean Fitzgerald is a nationally known authority on insurance and is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma. B. F. PITTENGER Dean of the School of Education Dean Pittenger directs the training of would-be teachers of American youth, and sees that each student knows how to teach little Johnny his ABC ' s. He is a member of I ' hi Delta Kappa, and served on the Psycho- logical Examining Board during the World War. W. F. GIDLEY, Dean of the College of Pharmacy The boys who mix pills are supervised and instructed by Dean Gidley. The Dean has made his college one of the outstanding pharmacy schools in the Southwest. He is a member of the American Chemical Associa- tion, American Pharmaceutical Association, and the Association of American Bacterolo- gists. PACE 34 IRA P. HILDEBRAND, Dean of the School of Law Down in the southeast corner of the " Forty Acres, " Dean Hildy keeps tab on the boys who will become the lawyers and statesmen of to- morrow. Dean Hildebrand is a life member of the American Law Institute and a member of Phi Delta Phi. He became Dean of the Law School in 1924. W. R. WOOLRICH, Dean of the College of Engineering Dean Woolrich not only directs his pros- pective engineers and architects, but also handles the activities of the Bureau of Engi- neering Research. Among Dean Woolrich ' s other activities are membership in A. S. M. E., A. S. R. E., Tau Beta Pi, and Eta Kappa Nu. E. WILLIAM DOTY Dean of the College of Fine Arts The Dean of the newest college of the University is one of the youngest professors. Dean Doty studied in Germany and is a mem- ber of Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Mu Alpha, and the Michigan Composers ' Club. H. W. HARPER Dean Emeritus of the Graduate School With red tie and umbrella, Dean Harper has won a memorable spot in the heart of every student. Dean Harper has made several studies for the Legislature and is a member of the National Geographic Society. He is a professor of chemistry. T. U. TAYLOR Dean Emeritus of the College of Engineering After half a century the University ' s " Grand Old Man " remains one of its most staunch and active supporters. Dean Taylor has membership in Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Chi Epsilon, and is an honorary member of the Sons of Alec. This year he became the first Texan to receive honorary membership in A. S. C. E. PICE 35 OUR FACULTY PAINTS L. L. CLICK former president of the Fortnightly Club, Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and professor of English are three titles he holds ... He is one of th e South ' s foremost authorities on contemporary literature. R. H. MONTGOMERY has a surplus of brainpower hidden under those bushy curls ... He is one of the very few who can dress up corporate finance into an interesting course . . . Tests his true and false exams out on negro shine boys. STUART MAcCORKLE genial associate professor of government and competent Director of the Bureau of Municipal Research. Since the fall of 1937 the Bureau under his direction has done admirably in its field. WARD LOCKWOOD studied in France and summers in Taos, New Mexico . . . has work in the permanent collections of Whitney Museum of American Art, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Denver Art Museum, and California Palace of Legion of Honor. DfiWITT REDDICK was once selected as the students ' favorite pro- fessor . . . lectures authoritatively on propaganda ... his course on Feature Story Writing is one of journalism ' s best. PACE 36 WHITES AND KESEARCHES .1 1ES B. WHAREY besides being an outstanding professor of Eng- lish, specializes on John Bunyan and his works . . . has written an , rllent interpretation of " Pilgrim ' s Progress. " EUGENE C. BARKER This distinguished professor of American his- ti r is author of several outstanding texts . . . has done important research on Stephen F. Austin ... He is a recognized authority on Texas hi lorv. J. FRANK DOBIE once managed a big ranch on the Nueces River . . . author of " Coronado ' s Children, " " Apache Gold and Yaqui Silver " . . . wrote the material on Texas literature for the main division pages of the 1940 Cactus . . a true an. 1II.TON K. ;i TSCH This likeable history professor delivers his lec- iiin-s at a mile-a-minute pace . . . very friendly, but his History 4 is mi nap . . . Spices his classes with songs at Christmas time. I . JEFFRESS | ' - . -hology professor who experiments on the audi- liility of overtones and music . . . dabbles with photography and music during hi- -pare hmir . . . aids campus organizations in the stage lighting problems for their productions. PCE 37 SUPERVISES AND STUDIES R. PRESTON SHIRLEY is an authority on Workmen ' s Compensation . . . lays out the law in concise terms: " The majority rule is ... The minority rule is ... The Texas rule is . . . " He is one of the friendliest professors in Law School. KATHLEEN BLAND Assistant Dean of Women, has an M.A. in So- ciology ... is the sympathetic counselor and friend of every girl on the campus . . . supervises social functions and chaperones graciously innumerable parties and dances. FRED M. BULLARD one of the well-liked geology professors who has made Geology I among the most popular courses at U.T. ... an author- ity on mineralogy and a full-fledged globe trotter . . . went to Hawaii last summer to study a volcano in eruption but it stood him up. ROBERT W. STAYTON ... is author of " Texas Form Book " and " Methods of Practice " . . . formerly judge on the Texas Commission of Appeals bench . . . calls on his law students by drawing names from a box. H. H. POWER a petroleum engineering professor with a wide practi- cal experience . . . came to the University direct from his post of chief production engineer of the Gulf Oil Corporation . . . member of Ameri- can Petroleum Institute, American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers. PACE 38 LEO HIKES AND LEARNS .. I . MH (.1IIN Tlii- i-onnoisseur of fine poetry has no love for the engineers because they write their verse with greasy hands . . . He ' s one of the University ' s most talented and best-liked English professors. I. liKNi !E A. WILEY Chairman of the Agricultural Economics Sec- tion of the Department of Economics . . . interested in peace and a leader of youth in this field . . . resigned a directorship of the Texas Rural Rehabilitation Administration to serve the University. J. C. DOLLEY Chairman of the Intercollegiate Athletic Council and a fair-to-middlin ' tennis player besides ... He takes a firm stand against the t mve-i-ity ' - committing the football team to any one bowl game . . . Mi- -indents say, as a teacher of banking and investment, he ' s one of the I..-1. W. E. GETTYS Director of the Bureau of Research in Social Sciences . . . has proved an able Chairman of the Department of Sociology . . . is co-author with Carl A. Dawson of " An Introduction to Sociology, " an important text. SAMUEL E. GIDEON professor of Architectural Design and Archi- tectural History ... is interested in preservation of historic landmarks . . . author of " Historic and Picturesque Austin " . . . writes feature arti It--, paint-, and is an amateur photographer. PACE 39 . . PLANS AND PLAYS A. W. WALKER, JR. well-known authority on Oil and Gas Law . . . a law professor who finds time for many outside activities ... a member of Chancellors and Friars ... an all- ' round fellow with a keen legal mind. L. THEO BELLMONT Director of the Men ' s Physical Training De- partment . . . one of the founders of the Southwest Conference . . . was a captain in the air service during the World War . . . outstanding example of an excellent alumnus. W. PAGE KEETON spices his lectures with legal aphorisms and ener- getic humor: " Is that the law or just a judicial hunch? " " Equity does not stoop to pick up pins! " He is a Docto r of Social Jurisprudence and one of the most interesting professors in Law School. LUCY RATHBONE professor of Home Economics . . . co-author of " Fabrics and Dress, " a textbook for home economics . . . national presi- dent of Omicron Nu, honorary home economics fraternity . . . member of executive committee of the American Home Economics Association. C. P. BONER a professor of physics who takes quite a fancy to the structure of pipe organs ... He has written several magazine articles on the harmony structure of this instrument . . . with some assistance he built the pipe organ in the Physics Building. PACE 40 MMORTALITY is a big word, As Lawrence of Arabia remarked, " immorality " is more within human conception. Reviewing with wise skips the quintillions of words that have been composed by Texans and concerning Texas, a judicious man might predict something approaching i mmortality not only for the Alamo but for two passages that it inspired. The authorship of both is un- certain. The first is: " Thermopylae had her messenger of defeat; the Alamo had none. " The second is the cry raised by the Texans at San Jacinto: " Remember the Alamo! Re- member Goliad! " with its Mexican antiph- ony, " Me no Alamo, me no Goliad! " Ranking perhaps with these distillations of human drama is Travis ' s letter of doom with its " I shall never surrender or retreat. " One feels, too, like including Reuben M. Pot- ter ' s noble " Hymn of the Alamo " and an anonymous snatch of song about the final siege: It was on one Domingo morning. Just at the break of -day. That holy Sabbath morning When Christians went to pray. Historians still war over the tradition that Travis drew a line, made a fervent speech, and invited all who would remain and die fighting with him to cross the line. The tradi- tion has been vindicated, but irrespective of documentary facts, the point of Travis ' s sword like the moving finger of Time still moves across the earthen floor of the Alamo, and Bowie on his cot, with his Bowie knife by his side and the secret of the " Lost Bowie Mine " locked up inside him, is still lifted across the line. Novelists have tried to write of the Alamo, but traditions that seem to have sprung of themselves from the drama there and words that the stones of the old fortress themselves might have emanated are what live in human consciousnesses and in litera- ture. CiriL. WILLIAM B. TRAMS ' FAMOUS LETTER FROM THE ALAMO T the people of Texas and all Americans in ihe tcorU. Fellow Citizens and Compatriot--: I am besieged by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna. I have sustained a continual bombardment and cannonade for ' 24 hour and have not lost a man. The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise, the garrixm are to be put to th- -word, if the fort is taken. I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, and our flap still waves proudly from the walls. I -hall m-trr -urrender or retreat. Then. I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism, and everything dear to the American character. ' our aid with all dispatch. The enemy i- receiving reinforcement;- daily and will no doubt increase to three or four thousand in four or five days. If this call is neglected I am determined to u-tain m s-lf as long as possible and die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor and that of hi country. Victory or Death. WILLIAM BAUET TA I P.S. The Lord is on our side. When the enemy appeared in -ight we had not three bushels of corn. We have since found in deserted 80 or 90 bushels and got into the walls 20 or 30 head of beeves. Graduates and Seniors It ne iiier ' s Texas - ' ' r -rl ' i Described by Dr. Ferdinand Roemer (1847) Translated by Oswald Mueller . . . " t this time the election of congressmen to Washington also took place, which was the first to be held since the annexation to the Lnited States. The State of Texas had been divided into an eastern and western district for this purpose and each district was to elect a congressman. For the position in the western district two candidates announced, who in quick succession visited New Braunfels on an electioneering tour . . . The citizens, however, displayed very little interest in this election, although they had shown considerable interest in the previous ones for county officers. This may be explained by the fact that the people understand the significance and importance of a congressional election even less than the county elections . . . " ' Copyright 1935 PACE 41 fe Class of Graduates APSTEIN, THEODORE, Mexico City, Mex. Spanish, I ' BK, ZAII, President; Mexican Literary Club BATIZ, JUAN DE BIOS, JR., Mexico City, Mex Mechanical Engineering, Club de Mexico BEASLEY, RUTH, Austin English BOGGS, HERSCHEL, San Angelo History, Tennis, West Texas Club, Century Class University Presbyterian Church BROWN, ALLEN BISCHOFF, Trinity English CAFFERY, MARY CATHERINE, Baton Rouge, La. Special Student, AZ CHERRY, HAL, Brownwood Journalism, A4 Q, University Press Club DOBSON, W. J., Sherman Zoology, University Science Club EANES, ELLAGENE, Georgetown English, ZTA, Southwestern Club FELPS, MRS. SELETY CATHERINE, Johnson City English, AKF, Graduate English Club, Alliance Francaise, Christian Church, Austin LeHg;ic of Women Voters, Texas Linguistic Society FINLEY, ELMER WALTER, Meadow Physical Education, P.E.M. Club, President; Basketball, T. Association FORD, MARGARET GRAY, Fort Worth Personnel Management, AZ, XIE FRANTZ, JOE B., Weatherford History, ZAX, The Daily Texan FRY, CORNELIA KLIPSTEIN, Lubbock Business Statistics, West Texas Club GUESS, ROY H., JR., Beaumont Geology, ZI ' E Southwestern Geological Society, Southeast Texas Club HILLYER, LOUIS D., Louise Petroleum, A. I. M. E. HOVER, WILLIAM ADGATE, III, Denver, Colo. Geology, BOH HUFF, MARTHA REBECCA, Austin Spanish, BK, H.A6, Sin, Association for Childhood Education Mexican Literary Club HYER, BILLIE RALPH, Wichita Falls Government, MI, Present Day Club, Monitor Club JACKSON, JAMES ROY, JR., Montgomery Geology, 3TE, PK, Treasurer; University Science Club, Southwestern Geological Society, A. A. P. G. JAMISON, ALONZO W., JR., Denton Government, The Daily Texan, University Press Club LANGHAM, LOUCILLE GRACE, Mission Nutrition, M. ON, ISH, Home Economics Club LIGHTFOOT, RUBEN PATTON, JR., Austin Chemical Engineering, A.I.M.E., A nerican Chemical Society, Chemistry Club. Vlesley Foundation McCURDY, IONE LAY, Lockhart Spanish PACE 42 Class of (midiicites MAPES. ELEANOR MARIE. Fort Smith, Ark. English, l ' ni rr.ity Symphony Orchestra. Graduate English Club MARSHALL, PATRICIA JANE, Anahuac lli.lory. Xfl. +BK. 1AI1. Mortar Board. Sidney Lanier Literary Society. Clee Club. VK.D. H..UK- Council MARTIN. HOWARD NATHAN, Livingston Educational Administration. A+B. A1II, +AK. Ruk Literary Society. B.S.I ' . Council METCALFE, EMILY ANTOINETTE. Austin Nutrition. OX. IS!!. AKP METCALFE, JOHN DELPHIN. Austin Cnemical Engineering. +.VT. Chemistry Club. American Chemical Society MOORE. NELLIE CARRETT, Richland Springs Education N ( K. MARGARET LOUISE, Tulsa. Okla. Education. XB r- KKS. ALTA BEATRICE. Chester Education PEARSON. RICHMOND GREER. JR., Austin Zoology. 1AK. Austin Club. Chew Club, President: University Science Club. Teus Academy of Science. Aeronautical Society POPE. ZELMA. Malone Enflish K NDLE. WIN SLOW ALLHANDS. Port Sulphur, La. Mechanical Engineering. A.S.M.E. SHIREMAN, JULIA HELEN, San Antonio ilnjlUh IAD. Reporter; IIAQ. Meiican Literary Club. Vice-Presi- dent : Crefg House Players SIMMON . N NINE. Mexia Spanish and Enflish. AAA. President: +BK. EAR. II A6. AAA. Orange Jackets. Pres- ident: Wortar Board. L.T.S.A. Council. Y.W.C.A. Cabinet. Liltlefield Upperelats- men. Sidney Lanier, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and UniTersitie . Racquet Club -MITH. FLOYD CLARENCE, Hillsboro Insurance and Finance. A II THAMES. LEWIS ALBERT, Sanatorium. V Chemistry TROSPER, EARL JOSEPH, Austin Lav. Hildebrand Lav Society. Wrestling. Swimming AZQUEZ, ALFREDO GUARDIA, El Paso Languages. IAII. Pan- American Student Forum. President: Mexican Literary Society. Rusk Literary Society, Latin-American Club KA F.Y. HAROLD WOODROW, Van Alstyne History WALSER. BILL DUKE. Austin Accounting. BA . President: Student Assistant WELLBORNE. LEROY, San Angelo Trn porttion. West Texas Club. Studrnt AMitanl ILCOX, ERIN ELNORA, Stephenville Foods. Home Economics Club W II KONG. GREGG, Winnsboro Corenuftrat Wll.IE. KN1I) KVKI. ' iY Au-tin Oology. II B+. II Aft. ST. Foo k oi HIM iN. REBECCA MABEL, Austin Educational Psychology. I ' nivenily Light Opera Pace U Class nl 194(1 ABBOT, FRANK CARRIGAN, JR., Houston Arts and Sciences, English, All Saints Chapel, Sunday Cluh, Acolyte Guild, Student Vestry ADAMS, MARGARET, Fort Worth Arts and Sciences, Jcurnalisra, Turtle Club, Klip Klub, Fort Worth Club ADKINS, GALE ROY, Austin Education. English and History, IIPZ, Austin Club, Curtain Club, Fool light Club, Camera Club, Extra-Curricular Activities Club ALEXANDER, NEIL KENTON, Nocona Business Administration, Accounting, AZIT, B. Hall Association, DeMolay, Wichita Falls Club ALEXANDER, RUTH BOULDIN, Taylor Law, Hjldebrand Law Society ALKEMEYER, VIOLET VALERIE, Corpus Christ! Arts and Sciences, Government, JBK, TTSA, Cap and Gown, Upper- class Advisors, President Newman Hall House Council, Glee Club, Coed Assembly, Sidney Lanier, Newman Club ALTMAN, BELLA, Mexia Arts and Sciences, English. Cap and Gown, Association for Childhood Education, Big Brother and Sister Club, Bistone Club AMACKER, ROBERT B., JR., Dallas Business Administration, Credit, A4 , President : Dallas Club, Judiciary Council ANDERSON, CLINTON GIDDINGS, Brenham Arts and Sciences, English. 9E, A Q, Curtain Club Board of Governors ANDERSON, MARJORIE G., Tulsa, Okla. Arts and Sciences, English, AAA, Chaplain; Pierian, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Relays Queen Nominee, N.U.T.T. ARCHER, NORMA ELINE, Baytown Arts and Sciences, EnglUh. Tee Club, Inter-Cooperative Council, Co- ordinator Hal stead House, Chairman Games and Recreation Committee of Texas Union, Scribblers, Y.W.C.A., Panhellenic Scholarship ARMSTRONG, NORMAN HAGOOD, Paris Business Administration ATHANAS, GUS, San Angelo Pet i oleum Engineering, TBII, TIE, President ; Sons of Alec, A.I.M.E. AYRES, FRANK, JR., Dallas Business Administration. Prat her Hall Association Preshlrnt : Rustlers BABIONE, HERBERT ALLEN, Austin Arts and Sciences, Geol ogy BAGWELL, WILFRED GEORGE, Dublin Flectrical Engineering. A.I.E.E.. West Texas Club. Sons of Alec BAILEY, CHARLIE NICHOLS, Clyde Business A (i mi ni- trill ion. Public Accounting, 4 " K . BA , BF BAILEY, WILLIAM MARVIN, Tyler Business Administration. Insurarrce, A M?, Treasurer ; Tyler Club, Rustlers, Longhorn Band BAKER, DORIS EDITH, Seguin Arts and Sciences, English, KK1 ' , BK, SAII, AAA, President S.R.D.. Uppcrclass Advisors S.R.D.. Coed Assembly BALDWIN, JOE, Austin Arts anil Sciences, English, 1 ' AK, Curtiiin Club, T Association, The Daily Texan, Texas Ranger, Freshman Football, Varsity Track, Varsity Cross- Country BANKS, RICHARD JAMES, Houston Business Administration. Accounting and Management, XIK, Schreiner Club BARNES, CARLIE LOUISE, Amarillo Arts and Sciences. English, ZTA, Coed Trio, Glee Club. Radio House Staff. Pan- hellenic BARNETT, MILDRED EUGENIA, Galveston Arts and Sciences. Nursing BARRIER, LARUE, Seminole Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, A AIT, University Light Opera, Home Economics Club Council, Y. W. C. A., Cap and Gown Chiss of HMO BARTELS, BERNHARD JULIUS. Taft Mechanical Engineering. TBII. IITI. A.S.M.E.. Little Campui Aaaoriation BARTHOLOW. JACK W.. Dallas Engineering. +FA. XE. TBI1. A.S.C.E.. Axembly. Engineering Awcmbly BARTLETT. DAVID, Marlin and Science . Phir . Loot born Band BASS. FAE. Paris B.S.U. Council. Home Economic Club Couaril BATES. MARY SUE, Houston Arta ail Seirmm. French. A+. +BK. II A9. AAA. PmideM Fmhrnu Cl Sid T LUMT. BlarboniK-t B Mr Vominrr. Y.W.C.A. C.bin -l. Oranjc Jickr OwDoorh. Pr - id -nl : Cap mod Gown Council. Mortar Board BAYLEY. JAMES X_ Goldthwaile BEARD. VUYEN. Wharton An nd Sricom. Hoirc t ooomir. Cap aid Conn. Horn? Eronomi Clab BERLY. BETTY. Harlinpen Ant d Srirara. Eafluh. HB+. Foo. Cap and Con BEML, JACK NUGENT. HuM. ntrt. ZoolofT. Oln- Club. Br.rl nridjr Hall Aaaariatioo. Tri-Dora AMorutioa BEVILLE. JANE CATHERINE, Waco XMHnUvrratioa. Real E1att and In-urancr BIEHL. MARGARET EUGENIA. Galveston Art. and Science . Engluh. KAO. Frethman Fellowship Clnb. CaUeaton Clnb. Cap and Con. Sophomore Club BISBEE. JAMES ROBERT, Benjamin BMWCM Administration. Commercial Teaching. +AK BOCK. MARY FRANCES, Sealy Art. .ad Srirare. Eafliah BOECK. CHARLOTTE GROESBEECK, Austin Lw. M. Pmidcnl: KBIT. Pmidral: II A6. Mortar Board. Pan- Ix-llrnir. S-rrtarT.Trraorrr of School of Law. PrNFDt Da; Club. Cap mmd Con. Hildrbraad Lair Sorirti. Cord AMcrably BOND, FRED SMITH. Stephens, Art BonUar AdminUt ration. Accounting BOSL, ERNEST ANDREW, JR.. Schulenberg La . X . Pretident: Hildebrand Lair Society. President: Quiz Muter, Young Dentocral. BOST, HOWARD LEE. Raymondville BWUCM Admiautration. Bankia( aid Finance. AK+, BOWDEY ANDY JAMES. JR.. Weatherford An and Sf ' iratf . Zoology. Wcalberford Club BOWLES. I ER M., JrL, Houston Petroleum Production Engineering. AKE. A.I.M.E. BOYD, CLYDE HAMILTON, JR , Abilene Art. and Science.. Phyuea. Phy.ic. Colloquium. Abilene Clnb, Southwestern Geological Society, Intramural Tenni., Phyrio Seminar BLAIR. BETTY HELEN Pittsbureh, Pa. BRADRELD. JAMES Y_ JR Daingerfield Arta and Science., BRANDES. ALLAN P, East Bernard niinrii Adminitfration. Accounting. A1H BRAN-KOKD. FRANCES LESAYERS. Fort Worth " Amad Sciercm. Covrmmriit. A ATI, Ri l TlaptlinTprweat D Bc u. Pabel]-ic. Cap mad GOWD. Srretary. Senior ClaM Pace 15 Class of 1940 W k hjl f BRIDGES. HAL. JR.. Luling Arts and Sciences, Journalism, Y7M.C.A., Campus Guild, Athenaeum, Chairman Public Relations Committee of Texas Union BRIGGS. MELTON LEE, Lampasas Business Atlministration.TTibTTc ccoun ' tTng BRITT, KELLY MORGAN. JR., Texarkana Pharmacy. The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association. Texarkana Club JBROUSSARD. VERTA IDELLA. Goose Creek_ Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Cap and Gown, University Choral Club, Home Economic!! Club BROWN CHARLES OTHO San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Journalism, i.iX, University Press Club RROWN | FRANK Rfl.SS, F or t Worth Business Administration, Credit Finance. AZTT, Headmaster ; The Cact us, Business Administration Council, Texas Union Open House Committee BROWNING, WILLIAM ERNEST. Yoakum Arts and Sciences, tiovernment, ATQ, DeWitt-Lavaca County Club, The Cactus BROWNLEE. MARY BANFORD. Austin " Srts and Sciences, English KAW, Ownooch, Austin Club, Panhellenic, N.U.T.T., Ashbel, Cap and Gown Council, Freshman Fellowship Club BROYLES ROY I.ATfJAM Austin Business Administration BRYAN, PAT, JR., Graham Business Administration, Insurance, Longhorn Band, Athenaeum BRYSON. LAVERNE LILLIAN, Bastrop, Education, ZTA, 6 i, Board ofDirectors Texas Student Publication?, U.T.S.A. Council, Assembly, The Cactus, Freshman Fellowship Club. Sophomore Class Council, Cap and Gown, The Daily Texan BUCKALOO. LILA STONE, Three Rivers Secretary; Arts and sciences, tngl Cap and Gown, Y.W.C.A. BULLION, J. WADDY, Eden Law, ITKA. t . Historian ; Chancellors, Grand Chancellor; Texas Law Review. Editor-in-Chief; Hildebrand Law Society, President Second-Year Laws BURT, MARGARET CLARE. Stephenville Arts and Sciences, English, 4 M, Treasurer ; Present Dayf Newman Club, Cap and Gown BURT, WILMA JANE, Wichita Falls Arts and Sciences, History, Wichita Falls Club BUTLER CHARLES FRANK, Crockett Arts and Sciences, Zoology BYERS. BOWLING, Austin Arts and Sciences, Journalism, ZAX, 4 H . Freshman and Sophomore Clubs. Austin Club BYRD, JOE, Winter Haven Civil Engineering, Winter Garden Club, A.S.C.E. BYROM, FAY KATHRYN, Gatesville Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Cap and Gown. Home Economics Club BYROM, RAY HARMAN, Gatesville Business Administration, Public Accounting CADENA, CARLOS CHRISTIAN, San Antonio LawT TancTTTorsrTexa Ta KeTiew, Hildebrand Law " Society, Newmatj ' Club, San Antonio Club CALLAWAY, MERLE ELIZABETH, Temple Arts and Sciences, English, A4, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisors, Newman Club CALLENDER, CATHERINE V College Station Arts and Sciences, Hen e tconornics. University Light Opera, Home Economics Club CARLTON. GERALDINE, Ganado Arts and Sciences, English, ASJ PACE 46 CARTER, ORRIS EARL, JR.. Austin Education, hiss nl I ' 140 CAMS. EUGENE HACOOD, Galveston Alt. and Science.. Economic.. KI. BK. AKA. IAII. Intramural.. All SainH Chapel. Sludrnl nr . Scribe. Junior Warden: College Senate ARV F Elementary Education. .i iation for Childhood Education. West Teia Club CHI N. WILBUR HOttF Austin Pharmacy, The t ' niveri ity of Trvas Pharmaceutical Association CLARK. KENNETH COURTRIGHT. Austin y t d Science.. Physics. BK. Hl. ttesley foundation. V . M. C. A. Cabinet. Fr thman Fellowship Club. Sophomore Club. President; Club. - CLAYTON, GWENDOLYN ZOE, Carrollton Art and ScirBcc . H it-tor v CLEM KM . MARGARET ELIZABETH, Wichita Falls An. and Science., English. ASC. Cap and Gown. Wichita Falls Club CLEVENGER. OLIVER LOOMIS. San Angelo Civil Encineering. XK, A. S. C. E.. Student A i tant COCKRELL. MARY ALICE (Mackie), Dallas An. and Science.. Home Economics. AAA. Cap and Gown. Coed Assembly. I ' . T. S. ... Prr.i.irnt : Freshman Fellowship Club. Asb- bel, V. W. C. A. Cabin et. Mortar Board. Upperclau Adviaon, Leader Bow and Arrow. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee. Dallas Club. Girl Scout Leader COLEM Y NNA MRGINI A, Temple Eduiation. English. Temple Club COLLIER, ROBERT ARTHUR. Wichita Falls Law. ATA. A+U. Curtain Club, Board of Governors; Athenaeum. Hilde- brand Law Society COLLINS WHITF1ELD JAMES. Dallas Law. ATA. President ; +A . Chancellors. Honor Council School of Law. Teia. Law Reriew, Comment Editor; Quiz Matter. Hogg COMER. GENE FRANCES. Au-tin Arts and Science.. Hone Economic., AATI. Home Economic. Club. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee. Be.1 DreMed Girl. Cap and Gown CONLEY. FRANCIS ALBERT, Ranger Art and Science . HUtory. X+. Inter-Fraternity Council, President; Cow- bore. Judiciary Councjl. Bip Brother and_SUter_C ub, Student Assistant. Newman Club ' iiNNKIL. MARTHA MAUDE, Dallas Art and Science . History. AO1T, Colonizer; Cap and Gown. Y. W. C. A. COOK. WILLIAM BOYD. Abilene ind Science . Chemistry. A +2. RuMlen. B. S. I.. Preaident : Inter-Church Relifiou. Council COR RIG AN. GLEN LEE. Aneleton Petroleum Production Engineering. TMT E. CORTES. HENRY CORNF.i ir.s 1R An and Science . Ceolofr. IAE COTTEN. JAMES MADISON. Weatherford Arts and Science , Plan II. Manager Lonfhorn Band COX, MARGARET, Hou-t.m Art. and Science.. English. AI " . Houston Club. Frohnun Fello.ship Club COX, MARY LUCYLLE. Waco Art. and Science,. English. AAA. Taco Club. Cap and Gown. Pierian --- . GRAIN, E. B., Lonp i. TIOO. Ad ' Kl CHAIN. - M H RRIMIN. Amarillo Electrical Engineering. HEX. .T.t.1.. A. I. E. E.. Vice-Pretident Engineer. AMOcUtio . Panhandle Club. Camp . Guild. Union Open Houe Committee CRAWFORD. NELLIE JAMES, Fort Worth Art. and Science., Home Economic.. AAII. Home Economic. Club : 47 Class of 1940 P CRAWFORD. WILLIAM SCOTT. JR. Law, IIKA, Panola County Club, Hildebrand Law Society CROSBY, ELWYN B. Greenville Chemical KngineenngT rnericari Chemical Society CROSSON. THOMAS ADAM. Dallas Physical kducanonT toUerts Hall Association, President ; P.E.M. Club, Freshman Fellowship Club, Tri-Dorm Council CROW, MARY FRANCES, Houston Arts and Sciences, Journalism. ZTA, Pierian, Houston Club, University Press Club CULLEY, ERWIN GRAY, Austin Arts ant Sciences Treek, PH , Y . NT. C . A . Upperclass Croup, Classical Club, Consul . TOHN D. Gainesville. Petroleum Engineering, TIE, A.I.M.E., Assistant Scout Master GULP, KATHERYNE NOBLE, Gainesville Arts and Sciences, English, Reagan CUNNINGHAM. IDA MAE. Navasota Arts and Sciences, History, Canter Club, Reagan, Big Brother and Sister Club CURTIS. BETTY RUTH, Fort Worth Education, ZTA, ForT PortrCTurjTGleeCliib, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Cap and Gown CURTIS. SARA KAY. San Antonio. Arts and Sciences. History, A . Cap and Gown, San Antonio Club, University Light Opera, Big Brother and Sister Club DAKIN, CARREL, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, English, 4 AK DANQUARD, CARL OLIN, Rosebud Electrical Engineering, TBH, HKN, H2, A.I.E.E. DARBY, JESSIE LORENE, Beev ille Arts and Sciences, English, Sidney Lanier PARPEN MARY. Waco Arts and Sciences, English, KKF, Panhellenic, Secretary; Cap and Gown. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee PARPEN, RUTH ELIZABETH, Beaumont Arts and Sciences, Government, F PB DAVANAY, DORIS JANE, Goose Creek Business Administration, Commercial Teaching, Tri- Cities Club, Cap and Gown, Swing and Turn DAVID. JULIUS HUIE. JR.. Orange. Petroleum Engineering. TBIT, TIE, A.I.M.E., Sons of Alec DAVIDSON, FAYE MAIN, Austin Arts and Sciences. English, AZ, IIA9, Austin Club, Association for Childhood Education DAVIDSON, ROLLO EUGENE, Electra Business Administration, Accounting. 4 KS DAVIS ALFRED. JR.. Johnson City. Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E. Sonsof Alec DAVIS EUGENE WOOD, Fairbanks. ArtsandSciences, History Houstor CTffl ffgTjrother and Sister Club DAVIS, HENRY PHILLIP, Houston Petroleum Engineering, A.I.M.E., Student Associate; Houston Club DAVIS. HILTON KUNZE, Dallas " Civil Engineering, A.STcTT. DEETER, BRUCE THORNTON. Fort ..Worth __ Artsand Sciences, History and Economics PACE 48 DELANCEY, CHARLES j., Houston Act. and Science.. Geology. X . SHE. +H1. A.I.M.E.. Southwestern Class of I ' 14(1 KORCK WASHLNT.TON. JR.. San Antonio, ITEconTUJT 1 ,. KI. +BK. HI. Track " " " DENENV MINME, Bryan Art. and Science.. Hi-torv. eman Club. Frethmaa Fellow.hip Club. South-Central Te a Club. I ' pperclaa. Adviora, Houae Council Woman . Buildinf DEPUTY. HAZEL ROSS. Brownsville Art. ind Science . Plan II. AAA. Cantrr Club, dp nd Gown, Valley Club DERBY. JULIUS FRAXCIS Vlonterrey. rB8ff " " o U ll,.e.t -rn Drolofir.l Society, A.I.M.E. DE EESE. CHARLES R., Paris Education. Covcrnment. Lon(horn Band. Freshman Advisor; Paria Club. Pmidrnt DEWHLRST. DAVID HENRY, San Antonio BuuntM Adminutration. Public Accounting ASH. BA+. Sn-tary-Trea.urfr Buiincx AdminUtration Council DI. Z. JOAQLIN BASILIO. Arecibo. P. R " Srt and Scir ' ner . Pure M thcm tic . vBK. DIAZ. THEODORE E.. Texas Gt r Arts an SciTiicr niRRELL. HARVEY EVERALL, Seguin m aud Science . Economic! KleTToundItionTRuk. Religioui Round Table DICKENSON. JOHN E., Waco Bttftnru Administration. Acrounliof DINN. JAMES RANKIN Corpus ChristL Buine AdmJni-.lrat.on, Real Estate and Insurance DOBKINS, ROBERT EGAN, Fort Worth Petroleum Production Encineering, A.I.M.E. DODSON. LOUITA GARNER. Del Rio Ar a5 eieDcrTr oToJ?yTlntrr-CitT Council. Frrshman Fellom-ship Club. Blucbonnct Belle Nominee. Curtain Club. Gnff Home Player.. Wel TeM Club DOLLAHON. W1LLARD EUGENE. Andice TrrTrmPfrTmnTdebrandl-aw Society, McLaurin Law Society. Athenaeum. Southwetern Club DONAHUE. BOB. Houston Art. and Sciences. Government. Tyler Club. Young Democrat.. Newman Club DONNELLY. GEORGE ARTHUR, JR., Fort Worth Art. and Science.. Geology. El DUDLEY. CARTER GREER foklahoma City, OklaT DUNCAN. JULIA LYNNE. Kilgore ArtTan ' 3 rience TS5TTJBrTCW GreK K u t County Club. Reagan DUNKLIN. DON PLANE. Clebume Mechanical Engineering. TIT . Treasurer ; A.S.M.E. PANNING, SUZANNE ROBERTSON. Gonzales Art an Science.. Engli.h. ZTA. +BK. 1TAO. Mortar Board. President: Orange jacket., Reagan. House Council. Andrew. Dormitory: Leader of OrchnU. r.T.S.A. Council, Who " . Who in American College, and 1 ' niver.iliea IM -KK. OTTO LOUIS, Rosenberg Administration, Accountinc. ALII. Treasurer; Treasurer of Senior CIM EASTLAND, HERM N. HI. Hillsboro Buainea. Adminutration. B3II. Wealey Foundation Cabinet. Y.M.C.A. Cabinet. Big Brother and SUler Club. T.L.O.K.. B. Hall Auociation. AMistaBt Bureau of Bu.ine.. Research. Athenaeum EDEL, LOIS ELLEN, Houston Ana and Science.. History. AE+. President: Glee Club, Present Day. Coed A-embly. Cap and Gown Pace 49 Glass of 1940 . EDGERTON, GEORGE HEADLEY, Rio Grande City Petroleum Engineering. TBII, TIE, A.I.M.E. EDMUNDS, DAVID WRIGHT. Dallas. Arts and Sciences " Geology. A4 Q, T Association, Brackenridge Hall Association, Southwestern Geological Society, A.I.M.E., Track EGCE, (JOHN) WILLIAM, Hibbing, Minn. Arts and Sciences, Government. Rusk ELLIOTT. ROSS LILES. Breckenritke Law, ATA, Intramural Manager; McLaurin Law Society, Hildebrand Law Society ELLISON, JACK KEITH, Detroit Business Administration, Accounting, A2II, BA , Student Assistant EMBRY, FRANCES, Philadelphia, Pa. Business Administration. Secretarial , KA0, Pierian, Y.W.C.A., President ; Orange Jackets, Mortar Board EMMERT, FRANK RAYMOND, Chicago, 111. Arts and Sciences, French, AK, EAR, French Club, Glee Club ENGLE, JANET LOUISE, Corpus Christ! Arts and Sciences, Spanish. AE4 , " tDK, SAII. ITA9. Cap and Gown, Sidney Lanier, Present Day ESTILL, JANE CATHERINE, Austin Arts and Sciences, Applied Design and Textile. AAIT, Sidney Lanier, Home Economics Club, Glee Club ESTRADA, RAMIRO PADILLA, San Antonio Pharmacy, PX, Latin-Amerirun Club, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association EVANS HUNTICE VELIE Beeville Elementary Eaucation ASSRciation for Childhood Education, President; University Chorus EVANS. TRAVIS CLAY. Austin Business Administration, Account jngTAill, Austin Club, Intramural Manager, University Safety Council EVERETT, CHARLES R., Austin Chemical Engineering EAHRENTHOLD. MILTON H.. Poth. Business Administration, Accounting, Little Campus Association FASULLO, FRANK JOSEPH, Houston Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association FAUBION, DARRELL BROWN, Austin Arts and Sciences, Zoology FAULKNER, MARIANNA, Austin Arts and Sciences, History, AAA, Curtain Club, Austin Club, Panhellenic FERRELL. JOHN MILTON. Belton Petroleum Production Engineering, Sons of Alec, A.I.M.E., Longhorn Boxing Club, Student Assistant IELD. SAM H.fMission wTSNTPresident ; BK, III A, 4 H2, Rio Grande Valley Club FIELDS, ELBERT KIRVEN, Austin Business Administration, Accounting and Insurance, Baseball FILES, JOHN THOMAS, Itasca Chemical Engineering, TBII, K T, fH, Longhorn Band ILES, SIDNEY JAMES, JR., Itasca Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E., Campus Guild, Vice-President ; M.I.C.A., District President; Y.M.C.A. FISHER, CHARLES IRWIN, Austin Arts and Sciences, Chemistry, Tejas, ' frBK, AEA, 4 H FLETCHER, MARY FRANCES, Fort Worth Arts and Sciences, Sociology, AAA, Sports Manager; Glee Club, Racket Club, Pierian, U.T.S.A., Treasurer PACE 50 FLORENCE, WALTER WESLEY, New London Petroleum Engioecrinj. I.onihorn Baling Club IjJJV ORrFAFTH A.. JR.. Hondo Pharmacy. The L ' niversity of Texas Pharmaceutical Association FLY, WILLIAM MADDEN. Gonzales Bn-in. AdmiimTraTion, ATA. Intramural Manager FORCHHEIMER. FLORENCE, Alpine Arts and Sciences. Spanish. i+E. President; Coed Assembly, Cap and Cown FORDTRAN, EDITH LOUISE, Galveston Arts and Sciences, English. AAIT, IIA9, Sidney Lanier. Cap and Cown. Racket Club, Upperclass Advi-or. Bluehonnet Belle Nominee FORSMAN. MARION EDWIN, Austin Electrical Engineering. TB1I. HKN. President: A. I. E. E.. Chairman FOXHALL, HAROLD, Memphis Arts and Sciences. Geology. KA. +BK. II ' E. +HS. Southwestern Geological Society FRANKEL SYLVIA, Wink Arts and Sciences. Sociology. +BK. AKX Vice-President FRANZ, LESLIE JAMES, Houston A ( t and Science . Geology FRA7.AR, EDWARD DEAN, Wink Arts and Sciences. Zoology FRECH, SAMUEL HENRY, Corpus Christ! B ' j inee Administration. Advertising and Marketing. A II. President Chris- tian Science Organization. Curtain Club. Glee Club FREEMAN. JULIAN EDWIN, Austin Law. A0+. Hildebrand Law Society FREEMAN. VIRGINIA 1C. Austin. bonret Belle Nominee (toryTjT ' fr. Ownooch, Austin Club, Pierian. The Cactus. Blue- FRIEDMAN, SAUL, Houston Law. +1.1. Vice-Master Fraler: Intramural Manager. Hildebrand Law Society. Assistant Football Manager, Houston Club. McLaurin Law Society FROMME DOLORES MAURINE, Goliad. " Education, Tj, Freshman FeTTowsni and Gown FRUEHOLZ, MARGARET, New Braunfels Art. and Sciences. English, +BK. Freshman Fellowship Club, Deulscher Verein. Bow and Arrow FRYER, DOROTHY CORENE, Mineral Wells Arts and Sciences. Home Economics. Kirby Hall House Council, Home Economics Club, Parker P.I o Pinto Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee. JUESS. CARL ANDREW. JR. Dallas Arts and Science . Economics. l al Us ClnDirte Club FULLER, ALFRED SMITH. Austin, KviltnJjneenngTTrirXE, A. S. C. E. FULLER, WARREN PHILLIPS. Austin Art ndScieDce, Geology, LfE. President Inter -Cooperative Council GADOL, SAM LOUIS, Austin Art and Science . EnglUh GAGE, HUBERT COY, Austin Admini tr tion, Real Etate and Insurance, Austin Club GAINES. MICHAEL C., Houston Adminlctr-ition. Arcountinj, A P GAINES. TOM. Houston Petroleum Engineering. TBII. TIE. Sons of Alec, A. I. M. E., Rusk, n Club. M. I. C. A. PACE 51 Cl.iss oT l ( )4() Class of 1940 f f fl . f O x S -I .w " ib? 7 ic ? F GALINDO, LEO, San Antonio Pharmacy, Wesley Foundation. Latin-American Club, Little Campus Association, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association GANGWER, RICHARD ALFRED, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Geology, San Antonio Club, M. 1. C. A., Southwestern Geological Society GANTT, FRANCES ELIZABETH, Texarkana Arts and Sciences, English. Cap and Gown, Texarkana Club GARCIA, DIONISIO, San Antonio Pharmacy, Latin- American Club, President; GARCIA, JOSE ISABEL, JR., Brownsville Arts and Sciences, Zoology and Pharmacy, Valley Club, Latin- American Club, Pan-American Club, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Associa- tion, Newman Club, Big Brother and Sister Club GARDENHIRE, GEORGE WALTER, Wichita Falls Business Administration, Marketing GARDNER, MARY TERESA, Houston Business Administration, Commercial Teaching, Newman Club, Houston Club, Cap and Gown GARRETT, MARY JANE, Kerrville Arts and Sciences, History, KA6, Pierian GARTMAN, GEORGE WELDON, JR., Lampasas Business Administration, X4 , Ail IT GIESEN, EUGENE MAX, Cleburne Business Administration, Accounting GILLILAND, MADELINE, Raymondville Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, AiA, Valley Club, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club GI.A.SFORn r.I F.NN n Electrical Engineering, TBJT, HKX, President; A. I. E. E., Secretary GLENN, THOMAS OLIVER, Austin Business Administration, Secretarial, Longhorn Boxing Club, President; Austin Club, GLOVER, MAUDE ALICE, Dallas Business Administration, Retailing, AAA, Dallas Club, Bow and Arrow GOLDMANN, JUANITA, Austin Arts and Sciences, Sociology, Canter Club, Kirby Hall House Council, Social Problems Council GOLDTHWAITE, NORMA LAROY, Galveston Arts and Sciences, Zoology, AAA, TAA, Turtle Club, Leader; U. T. S. A. Council, Freshman Fellowship Club, Upperclass Advisor, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee GOODMAN, JOHN McCOY, Goose Creek Business Administration, Commercial Teaching. AIT, Tri-City Club, Assist- ant Yell Leader, Business Administration Council, President Junior Class, Vice-Presidcnt Senior Class GOODWYN. HF.I.FN F Arts anil Sciences. EnelisJi. A , Freshman Fellowship Club, Kl l-lub, l-urtain Club, French " Club, Sidney Lanier, Newman Clu Cap and Gown, Judiciary Council, Radio Wo Belle Nominee L LEON B.. Bradford, Pa. S Z-ty ' Z GORDON. MARY GWENDOLYN. Coleman Arts and Sciences English, Cap and Gown GRANT, MARVIN A., Fort Worth Business Administration, Law GRA L LEFFEL EWING, JR.. Ranger Petroleum Production Engineering, A. I. M. E. GREEN, J. BERNARD, Houston Arts and Sciences, Government, Glee CI ub, B. S. U. Council GREER, SAM, JR., Water Valley Arts and Sciences, Chemistry and Zoology, AEA, Captain Fencing Team, Studenj Assistant PACE 52 GREESON, NEVA M At KINE. Lampasas Art and Science . Home Economics. Cap and Gown. Home Economic Club GREGG. LUCIE LEE. El Paso Art and Sciences. Psychology. KKI " , Glee Club. Sunday Club. Daughters ( Class of 1940 of the Kinj GRIFFIN, DOROTHY NELL. Brownwood Art And Science . Zoology. XQ. Cap and Gown r.RISSOM BEN. Lufkjn Art and Science . Economic GRUBBS. OSCAR COLUMBUS. Houston, Petroleun-. Production Engineering. A. I. M. K. GUELDNER, LOUIS, JR., San Antonio Mechanical Enjinrrrlns. TBII. HIT, A. S. M. E. GUERRERO. NELDA. Austin Ph iral Education. P. E. M. Club. Cap and Gown. Latin ' American Club. Swing and Turn. Mexican Literary Club. Pan-American Club GUESS. JOHN EITEL. JR.. Austin (.1 MP. RICHARD ANTHONY. Dallas Law. IIKA. Interfraternilv Council, Newman Club. Dallas Club GUYETTE. PHYLLIS MARGARET. Galveston md Scienee, Sociology. Kirby Hall House Council. Calvetton Club. Freshman F -ll.hi|- Club HABARTA. A. W.. Bryan ArU and -Science . Geology. Newman Club, M. I. C. A.. University Czerh Club. President HADDOCK. WILLIAM SPRONG, Houston Petroleum Engine - ring. X4 . A. I. M. E.. Robert Hall Association. Tri-Dorm Association. Houston Club HALEY. ALAN BEAUCHAMP Wichita Falls. Law. Athenaeum. Prr-ii.ent Wichita Fall Club. Pre ident : Inter-City Council, Pan- handle Club. McLaurin Law Society. Hildebrand Law Society HALEY. BETH. Dallas - and Sciences. Home Economic . XQ. Tee Club, Dallas Club, Cap and Gown. Blur bonnet Belle Nominee HALL. MARY HELEN Hico Art and Science-. English, XO. Coed Assembly. Reagan. Prr i.) -nt : Glee Club. Manager; Upperclacs Advisor, Bluebonnet B Me Nominee. Cap and Gown HAMM. MARY ELIZABETH. Clarendon All and Sciences. English. Cao and Gown. Panhandle Club HAMMOND. LEE R.. El Paso Electrical Engineering. A. I. E. E. HAND. I. B.. Weatherford Law, Longhorn Band. Parker-Palo Pinto Club H KINS. ALTON B.. Lubbock Uw. Ho HANMN-. MARY. Paris Art and Science . Journalism. Pari Club. The Daily Texan. L " nitrr ity Club HARDIN. PROCTOR, Qakwooi Ar ' . and Sciences. Journalism HARDUH k. I U IN( ENT. Knox City Art- md Science . Geology HARRIS. JAMES G.. Orange n c!ngmeering, UK. Son of Alec HARTON. VERLEE SIDNEY. Tyle L An and Science . English. Tyler Club PACE S3 Class of 1940 HAWKES, MILDRED, Eagle Pass Arts and Sciences, English, AAA, IIA9 HAWKINS, JOHN WILLIAM, JR., Waco Business Administration, Banking and Finance, M. I. C. A. HAYNES, MARY KATHERINE, Tyler Arts and Sciences, Government, Present Day, VI ' omen ' s Cooperative Society HAYS, NITA BETH, Teague Arts and Sciences, Home Economics. Smith-Hughes, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, Vice-President Andrews Dormitory HEAD, THOMAS FRANKLIN, San Angelo Arts and Sciences, Geology, ZFE, West Texas Club HEISCH, HELEN BERTHA, Wiergate Elementary Education, Wesley Foundation, Association for Child- hood Education, Lon Morris Club, League for Evangelical Students HENDERSON, BESSIE EARLE, Galena Park Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Home Economics Club HENDRIX, PHILIP LOREN, Dallas Business Administration. Banking and Finance, AIM. Longhorn Band, Secre- tary Senior Class, Dallas Club HENDRIX, ROBERT COWGILL, Galveston Arts and Sciences, Zoology HENKE, EMILIE BERTHA, Kerrville Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Teacher Training, ON, Home Economics Club HENNEBERGER, WAYNE, Austin Civil Engineering, XE, A. S. C. E. HEROD, MARY LOUISE, Atlanta, Ga. Arts and Sciences, Physics, 4 BK, AAA, President; Mortar Board, Orange Jackets. Chairman Littlefield Dormitory House Council, Coed Assembly, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Student Assistant HERRMANN, GEORGEANNA WILLIAMS, Galveston Arts and Sciences, English, TAA, Coed Assembly, Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown HERSHEY, ANNE MARIE, Rockville Centre, N. Y. Business Administration, Freshman Fellowship Club HEWELL, JOHN AFTON, JR., Nixon Business Administration. Accounting, Southwestern Club HICKMAN, MARY FRANCES, Woodville Law, XS2, Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown, Hildebrand Law Society, Secretary Treasurer First- Year Laws HIGHTOWER, JACQUELINE, Austin Arts and Sciences, Government, Glee Club, Curtain Chtli HILL, ERNEST CLIFTON, Baird Petroleum Engineering. J H, A. I. M. E. HILL. LUTHER CREED. Wellington Business Administration HILL, MARGARET REBECCA, Eldorado Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Smith- Hughes, Home Economics Ctub HOILAND, PAUL, Austin Business Administration. International Relations, Scandinavian dull, Y. M. C. A. HOKANSON, DORIS MARGUERITE, Austin Pharmacy, Scandinavian Society, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Lutheran Student Association, Cap and Gown, Coed Assembly, Blue bonnet Belle Nominee HOLEMAN, JOAN LOUISE, Austin Physical Education. Freshman Fel low ship Club, Te- Wai -Hiss. Curtain Club, P. E. M. Club, Orchesis, Cap anil Gown. Intramurals, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee HOT.T ANH | HAN F. ARD. Abilene Arts and Sciences, Geology PACE 54 ft HOLLINGKR, JOE, Houston Business Administration HOI.LINGSWORTH, WILLIAM ROBERT, Pleasanton KIrrirical Engineering. HKN. A. I. E. E., Little Campus Association. Engi- neering Student Council, Student Assistant HOUSTON, MARTHA BEA, McKinney An and Science . Zoolo gy, KAO, TAA HOWARD, CATHERINE, Moody Arts and Sciences, Journalism, Southwestern Club, Cap anil Gown, Press Club, Glee Club. Inter-City Council HOWARD, GLENN ORVILLE, Corpus Christ! Petroleum Engineering HOWARD, KATHLEEN MARIE, Corpus Christ! Art! and Science.. English. AAII. Corpus Chrimi Club. Y. W. C. A.. Glee Club, L ' pperclass Advisor, S. R. D. House Council HOWARD, RAYMOND ESTES, Tyler Petioleum Engineering. A. I. M. E.. Southwestern Geological Society, Tyler Club, Frr.hman Football and Track. Varsity Football HUBBARD, JOHN BARRY, Sweetwater Law, Glee Club, University Light Opera. Varsity Swimming, Robert Hall Association. President ; Tri-Dorm Council , President ; Rustlers, Student Ih-. iplinary Panel. Texas Union Public Relations Committee HUFF. HELENE ADELE, Mason Arts and Sciences, EnglUb. Press Club, West Texas Club, Curtain Club, The Dail y Texan, Texas Ranger, Fashion Editor ; Cap and Gown. Student Opinion Surveys of America, Secretary HUGHES, MINNIE MARGARET, Plainview Art and Sciences. English, Cap and Gown, Newman Club. Panhandle Club, Plain- view Club HUGHES, VIRGINIA LOUISE, Brady Arts and Science . Nutrition, AHA, Home Economics Club, Newman Club, Cap and Gown HULETT, RANNIE CATHERINE, Austin Art and Sciences, Home Economics, Smith- Hughes, OX, Home Economic Club HULL, RUTH MARGARET, Houston Physical Education. A4 , Orange Jackets, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Uppcrclas Advisor. U. T. S. A. HUMLONG, MARY LEE San Angela. 7TPIanll7TnR T President ; 4 BK, AAA. Ashbel, Cap and Gown HUNGATE. FRANK PORTEHTChenev. Wash. Arts and Science . Zoology HURT. WTI.RI R W.. Dall Art and Science , Chemistry HUTCHINSON EVERETT, Hempstead Law, 4E, Friar . Interf raternity Council, Pres.iTent ISENHOWER, JODIE, Putnam Chemical Engineering, Sons of Alec. Chemistry Club, American Chemistry Society, A. I. Ch. E. ISENSEE, GEORGE WILLIAM, La Porte Art and Srim-e, Geology, 5.TK. S iulhwf tern Geological Society JACKSON, NED F., JR., Kaufman Buine Administration, Accounting. BA JACOBS, MOSELLE, Port Arthur Art and Science . Bacteriology, Present Day, Cap and Gown, South- east Texas Club JANSSEN, VERDA GERTRUDE, M, Allen Art. and Scienrr.. 1. 1..- Club. Big Brother and Sister Club JOHNSON, BETTY MARY. Los Angeles, Cal. Art and Science . English, A$. Cap and Gown. Freshman Fellowship Club. Sophomore Club. Y. Ml. I N-wman Club. Ownooch. The Cactua JOHNSON, CHARLES VANDIGRIFF, Henderson Buin-- Adminintration. Accounting, Ruk -Gregg CIuli PAGE 55 Class of l ' )4() Class of 1940 ' ' - JOHNSON, CLYDE B., JR., San Antonio Business Administration, Accounting, N JOHNSON, EMMA JEAN, San Angelo Elementary Education, Association for Childhood Education JOHNSON, FRANCES LOUISE, Austin Business Administration, Commercial Teaching, A A A, President : Assembly, Panhellenic, Board of Publications, Student ' s Safety Council, Present Day, Cap and Gown, Coed Assembly, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee JOHMSON. JAMES LONGING, Jackshoro rts and Sciences Zoology. KA JOHNSON, MARGARET JAYNE, Wichita Falls Arts and Sciences, History and Education, Racket Club JOHNSON, NAOMI RUTH, Wichita Falls Business Administration, Commercial JOHNSON, PATRICIA MARJORIE, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Journalism, Cap and Gown, Newman Club, San Antonio Club JOHNSON, WILLIAM DEVERS, Austin Arts and Sciences, Spanish, f BK, 4 H, SAIL President; Mexican Literary Club, President JOHNSTON. ALFRED THRALL. Austin Wfs m Sciences, Chemistry JONES, EARL WOOTFN 1 Ahileife Petroleum Engineering, AKG JONES, JO, Grand Rapids, Mich. Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, A4 , OX. Sunday Club. Gregg House Players, Swing and Turn, Y.W.C.A., Van Zandt County Club, Inter-City Council, Home Economics Club, University Aeronautical Society JONES, MARY ANN, Dallas Arts and Sciences, Economics JOSEPH, SAMUEL WILLIAM, Houston Pharmacy KAINER, JOHN E., El Campo Mechanical Engineering. IITZ. Sons of Alec, Chairman A.S.M.E. KALLINA, LEON PHILLIP. Garwood Chemica tngirieenng Thernistry Club, N.T.S.T.C. Club, Viva Club. Chemi-al Engineering Society KEEFE, DORIS MARIE, San Antonio Business Administration, Commercial Teaching. BT-, BBA, AAA, San Antonio Club, Freshman Fellowship Club, Student Assistant, Cap and Gown KEITH, MARY FRANCES, Austin Arts and Sciences, History, A , Ownooch. Reagan, Panhellenic, Bluebonnet Bel le Nominee KENNEDY, BILL COLLIER, Dallas Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association KEPPLE, MARY MARGARET, Fort Worth Business Administration, Secretarial, XT, Upperclass Advisor KESSEL, BERTRAM, Slaton Business Administration, Marketing KIESSLING, ZODIE ANN, Crockett Arts and Sciences, English XSJ, Glee Club, Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown KIRKPATRICK, SAM WALTER, Dimmitt Business Administration, Accounting, All! KLEIN, VERNON ALFRED, Marion Chemical Engineering KLINE, THOMAS JOSEPH DENIS, Austin Business Administration, Public Relation , Nt-w man Club, UniM-r-it Chamber of Commerce, Secretary : Director. National Intercollegiate Chamber of Commerce PAGE 56 I JS if 4 KLOSE. HERBERT OTTO, Bertram pry. M odation CouneiT. Southwestern Club. % c Bif Brother and Sister IN1B KNIGHT, KATHRYN GENE, Little Rock, Ark. At and Sciences. Spanish. 10. BK. SAII. AAA. Coed Assembly. Oranfe Jackets. Arkansas Club. Clee Club. President Sophomore Class KNOWLES. ZULMA GAY. Goose Creek Artcaod Sciences. Spanish. Glee Club KM DSON, DONALD B., McAllen Chemical Enfineerinf . M. I. C. A.. Bif Brother mad Sixer Club. Valley Club. fhimiillj Club. American Chemical Society. Chemical Engineering Society KOEN, CLEO, Hamilton Pharmacy. The University of Tea Pharmaceutical AMOeUtion. Ca|. an l Cowl KOLIUS, MRS. JOY WALDRIP. Austin Arts and Science . History KRAUSE, WALTER THOMAS. Tyler Art and Science . Cbeminry KREAN, WILLIAM R.. Wichita Falls Business AdminUtratioo, B.nlung and Finanrr, WirhiU Fall Club KROLL. MAURICE. Mariin AdnunUtratioa. Banking anJ Finance LA_WHON, IRj Arts u sn?nc. Journalism, Soulbwestem Club, Cap and Gown LAWRENCE. MAGGIE DELL Goose Creek, Art and Science . History. Cuitain Clui . Tri-Citv Club. Cap and Gown LEA, ELM A. HenHprsnn vnnc Adnunist ration. Commercial Teacbinf. Cap and Gown LEAR, TOM H., Austin U, Ain. V.M.C.A.. Hocc. Eitempore Speakin( Champion " 38, Debate. Hildebrand Law Society. Bailiff; Frethman Football. Intramural Boiinf LEBLANC, MATTYE SUE MARIE, Dallas Phy.ical Education. Newman Club, U.T.S.A.. Dallas Club. Swinf and Turn. Auulant Leader Orchesi . P.E.M. Club. Bluebonnet Belle Nominee LEEL, MADELEINE SARAH, San Antonio Elementary Education. Association for Childhood Education. San Antonio Club LEHMANN. ERNEST LOUIS, JR., Austin Law LENOIR, LADY KATHERINE. San Antonio Art and Science . Chemistry. I H. IIAO. Club. Reafan. Pre ent Day I.ENTZ. MARGARET JANE, San Antonio An and Science . Journalism. AAA. Cap and Gown, Cpperclaa Adrior. Editor " Sardine LETHCO, WILLIAM CONNERY. Houston Am and Science.. Spani h. +BK. SAH. H1. Brackeuridce Hall Astociation LEWIS. BENIAM1N KF.RI FV Austin i Adminutration. IAE. P.E.M. Club. Fre hman Football and Ba eball Vanity Football LEWIS. FRANCIS EDGAR. Austin nenncal tncineeiini;. TBIT, +AT. TATAmerican Chemical Society LjWRIGHT. JOSEPHINE. San Antonio Art and cicnce. Hone tconomTrT A. Home Economic Club LINDLEY. J. G., Lnbbock Law. IX LOCKE, PEGGY, San Antonio Phyueal Education. ZTA. P.E.M. Clnb. Cap and Gown. Preident: Bow and Arrow. Clee Club. President; Texa Union Miuic Committee PACC 5T Chiss nl l ' )4l) Class of 1940 ] .OFTTS TOWN LANDRUM. JR.. Abilene Arts and Sciences, SFE LONGREN. HARVEY FREDERICKes Petroleum Engineering, TIE, 4 M, A. TET " ' " 1 LOOMIS, JANE HONTO, El Paso Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, AP, Posture Awards. Cap and Gown, Curtain Club, Glee Club, Home Economics Club LOONEY, FRANCES RUTH, Dallas Arts and Sciences, Psychology, XQ, Cap and Gown LUBBOCK, C. W. (Bill). Houston Mechanical Engineering, TITS, A.S.M.E., Prather Hall Association LUEDECKE, WILLIAM HENRY, Austin Mechanical Engineering, Xf , A.S.M.E., Intramural Handball, Football and Tennis LYLE, MARJORIE ANN, Shamrock Arts and Sciences, Sociology, ZTA, Ownooch, Cap and Gown, Panhandle Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee MCALLISTER, CHANNING c., Wichita, Kan. Petroleum Engineering, HE, A.I.M.E. McANDREW, MAXINE ELLIOT, Bertram Arts and Sciences EngUsn rreshman FellowshiplJIuD McANELLY, FANNIE PAULINE, Yancey Education, Public Speaking, Association for Childhood Education, Cap and Gown, Glee Club, Home Economics Club, Wesley Foundation McBRIDE, GUY THORNTON, JR., Boling McBROOM, WILLIAM ERNEST, Wichita Falls, Arts and sciences, Ideology MCCARTY, JAMES E., ' s c huyierviiie, N. Y7 JfrTsand Sciences, English, AXA, Glee Clul MCCARTY, MARY DORIS, ciebume Business Administration, Secretarial, Cleburne Club, Cap and Gown McCASLAND, MARGUERITE, Lassater Arts and Sciences, English, Cap and Gown McCLARAN. OLIVER RTCCS Tvl j Chemical Engineering, Tyler Club, Tumbling Club, Weight-lifting Club, American Chemical Society, A.S.Ch.E. McCLUNG, ALTON, Kerens Arts and Sciences, Physics McCLURE, GLADYS BYRD. San Angelo ETementaryrJaucation, Association for Childhood Education McCLURE. JOHN ROBERT. San AngeJo. Arts and Sciences, Zoology McCONNICO, MARY ISABELLE, Port Lavaca Arts and Sciences, History, Sunday Club McCUTCHAN, ROY THOMAS, El Paso Chemical Engineering, 4 AT, Sons of Alec, Swing and Turn, Sunday Club, American Chemical Society cDERMOTT. JAMES EDWARD. Houston Business Administration, Accoun MCDOWELL, SARAH ANN, Dallas Arts and Sciences, Geology, BK, XT, AAA MrF.T.ROY | JOHN F Wavnliflphifi Business Administration, Federal, State and Municipal Service, Brackenridge Hall Association, Tri-Dorm Association PiCE 58 McFARLAND, MARION MORELAND, Austin Arts and Sciences, Sociology, AXO. Cap and Gown, Y.W.C.A. McGIVNEY, FELIX, JR., Galveston Arts and Sciences, English, 1AX. The Daily Texan, Newman Club Secretary: Classical Club, Actuarius; Reporter for Public Relations Office McGLASSON. IRVY LEE. Waco Artaandsciences, Government, M.I.C.A., Upperclass Croup, Sophomore Club McKEE. JAMES WRIGHT. Pamrj Society , Panhandle Club, American Chemical McklNLEY. ROBERT BRUCE. Fort Worth BiasmessjCaniinittration, A FT, Longhorn Boxing Club Fort Worth Club McLEAN, WILLIAM WALTER, El Paso Chemical Engineering. AXA. TBH, AT. Sons of Alec, American Chemical Society, Chemical Engineering Society McMAHON, EDNA GEORGE, San Antonio Arts and Sciences. English. AAIT. Wesley Players, Reagan, Cap and Gown McMAHON, ROBERT DAVID, Cleveland Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association McNATT ERNIE GLEN. Dublin Bu i ness AdmTnisTrs ' tTonT Federal. State and Municipal Service, BF1. HS. Shangri-La McSPADDEN. THOMAS ALEXANDER, Austin An Tn Sf cnccr fm ry. i V k ScV fos Countrj. Freshman Football, Intramural , Austin Club, Sophomore Club, Presbyterian Student ' s Association MAcDONALD, ETTA MAE, Houston Pharmacy. PX. Secretary: BK. ISII. AAA. Cap and Gown. The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Y.W.C.A., Chemistry Club MANES, CHARLES VICTOR, Dallas Arts and Sciences, Economics, Longhorn Band MARMOLEJO, SANTOS ELODIA, San Antonio Art and Science , History, All MARRIOTT, KATE GILL, Terrell Arts and Sciences, English, FIB . Pierian, Y.W.C.A. MARSH. CLARON C.. Livingston Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association MARTIN, ALVIN RANDOLPH, Houston Law, X . Cowboys, Hildebrand Law Society, Interfraternity House Managers, Round-Up Parade Committee MARTIN, DALE FRANCES, Waxahachie Business Administration. AAA, Pierian, Tee Club Busines Administration, Account ingT I AMES TOMMY. Itasca Buftines Administration, Life Insurance, John Tarleton Club, Regional Interest Club, Hill County Club MARTIN, JOHN ADAMS, Livingston, Business Administration l RTIN, RAYMOND JOHN, Wichita Falls Law, AIII, President: M.I.C.A., Longhorn Band, Business Administration Council MARTIN, WALTER MADDOX, JR.. Austin _ Business Administration, sfanagement, AXIl, 1K, Treasurer MEADOWS, JAMES HOWARD S.n BuslnSs Adniinistration, B.I.U. MEER, JULIAN MILTON. San Antonio Rusk, Hildebrand Law Society, McLauniiLawSociety, Chancellors. Interfraternity Council PACE 59 m.iss or 1940 Glass of 1940 MELLINA, LILLIAN CECILE, Galveston Arts and Sciences, History, Cap and Gown, Freshman Fellowship Club MELVIN, MAXINE MARIE, El Paso Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Home Economics Club MICHAEL, ROBERT JULIUS, Big Spring Chemical Engineering, MIILLER, RUBY, Valley Mills Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Der Die Das Club, German Club, Home Economics Club MILLER, FRANCES MARIE, Brenham Arts and Sciences, Plan II, Glee Club MILLER, GAY. San Angela Physical Education KA6, P.E.M. Club MINTER, ROBERT LEE, JR., Fort Worth MITCHELL, HAZEL, Tyler Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Tyler Club, Home Economics Club, Secretary MITCHELL, LOYAL CLYDE, Beaumont Business Administration, Public Accounting MITCHENER, WILLIAM CARROL, Mount Pleasant Business Administration, Insurance MONTES, GUSTAVO EDMUNDO, El Paso Chemical Engineering, Newman Club,. Cosmopolitan Club, American Chemical Society MONTGOMERY, BEN JOE, Henderson l f J | " ET T ' i MOODY. WILLIAM DAN. Houston, Petroleujn ngineering] ATL Lc Eident Brackenridge Hall, Sons of Alec, TrTnorrnCourrW " MOORE, BEAL, Austin Mechanical Engineering, 4 HZ, University Aero nautical Society, President; A.S.M.E. MOORE, TOM EDWIN, Fort Worth Arts and Sciences, Chemistry, 4BK, 4AT, Student Assistant MORENO, ALFREDO, JR., Beeville Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Latin-American Club MORRIS, DWIGHT LUTHER, Lamesa Arts and Sciences, English, Curtain Club, Mexican Literary Club MORRIS, HENRY M., San Luis Potosi, Mex. Arts and Sciences, Geology, Southwestern Geological Society MORRIS, WILLIAM CLINTON, Port Arthur Arts and Sciences, Government, 4 BK, TTSA, 4 H2, Swimming MORTON, MARY ANNA, Bay City Arts and Sciences, English, TIB4 , Pierian, Cap and Gown, Y.W.C.A., Bluebonnet Belle Nominee MOSELEY, JOHN DEAN, Greenville Law, IIXA, Counselor Presbyterian Student League; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet MOUNGER, WILLIAM ISAIH, Smithville Arts and Sciences, Geology, i HZ MUELLER, LEROY WILLIAM, San Antonio Business Administration, Accounting, Intramurals, Wild Life Club MUERY, SAM JAMES, Brenham Chemical Engineering, TEH, 4 AT, American Chemical Society, Chemistry Club, South-Central Texas Club PACE 60 MIRRAY. MARJORIE, Galveston Phoiral Education. Racket Club. Leader: Frr.hrrun Fellowship Clnb. InlrarauraK. Cap and Cown. P.E.M. Club. Cal.e.ton Club. Cord AMembly. U.T.S.A. Ml XiKUE. DOROTHY NAOMI. San Antonio Botine AdmioUlrafion. Secretarial. XQ. Trra-urrr: T-e Club. Cap an i Con. Su Antonio Club N VLOR. RUTH ADELE, Dallas An aid Science . EnglUh. M V Dalla. Club. I ' ppercla Adruor SKILL. ELMER THOMAS, Yoakum Chemical Engineering, TBII. AT. American Chemical Society. Sou of Alee NEISER, JOSEPH BERT. Miami. Fla. and Scirmctt. Jonnul Urn. Pro Club. Pralhcr Hall A orUlioo. Tbr Smmmel Tan. Tkr DaiU Trua. A oriatr Editor of Tnu Rnjrr. Ku.ll.r- NELSON. EVELYN i-KNKVIEVE. Beaumont An and Sfirucr . Httory. Braumonl Club. Big Brother and Sitrr Clb. Car and Go.u NELSON. VIVIAN. Austin Bi in timini trjtion. Secretarial. Cap and Gon. Clee Club. Scandinavian Club NE 1 V SOL. Temple Kl-rtriral Entin frini. TBII. HKX. A.I.E.E.. t nii rtity Aeronautical NESTOR. JACK T Corpus Christi Baainr m Adnuautration. Banking and Finance. M.I.C.A.. President Clnb NEL BALER. WILLIAM H.. Taylor Elerlrical Enpior -rin?. A.I.E.E.. Little Campu A xK-Ution. IntramuraU NEWELL. JOHN HUNTER. New London Petiolenni EngiiieTring. A i!. HE. A.I.M.E.. Longborn Boiing Clob NEWKIRK, MRS. JANE ELLEDGE. Houston Arts and Science . Hi tory. Reagan. Turtle Clnb, Radio Player . Hoo ton Club. U.T.S.A. MCHOI-S RORFRT AVERS Bu ifH " Adnintstration. Law. ALII. Atbenaeum. Panhandle Clnb. Preiden Hildebrand Law Society. M.I.C.A.. Inter-City Council. Axembly NILAND. PAT BARRY. Galveston M-chanical Engineering. AKE. HTI. CaKeton Club NOLAN. TOM HILARY. San Antonio Education. History. Newo DeWitt-Lavaca Club Clnb. San Antonio Clnb. NORWOOD. EARL BROOKS, Austin Mechanical Enjioe Tin-. A.S.M.E. NnWLIN. ROBERT FRANK. Au-tin Pelrolenai Engineering. A.I.M.E.. M.I.C.A.. Secretary Junior Cla. Anociate Circulation Manager Journal of Engineering. Architecture and lndu try O ' CONNOR. LESLIE LEE. Houston Art and Science . Sociology. AKA. +HI. Student Pastor OKI M. BARDWELL D E WITT. Austin Law. Track. Cfox Country. T. Aocition OGE, GEORGE WOOD WARD. San Antonio Meckankal Enfinecrinc. A.S.M.E.. Trf urrr OGLE, INA JO, Wichita Falls tmnmtm Admini.tration. it KKEFE. J. PAT. Panhandle Fine Art . Drama. Friar . A " Hi. Pre ident: Curtain Clnb. President: A embly. Light Opera. KouD.l-l .. Ru.tlrn. Prr.ident : Panhandle Club. M.I.C.A.. I Safety Council OLD. EMM . Mount Pleasant n- and Science.. Home Economic . A . Big Brother and Ster Clnb. Cap and Cown Reagan. Home Economic Clnb. OLLIS. MADELYN HARDE. Houston Art and Science . Journal i m 01,-iss ol I ' )4I) Pace 61 w Class of 1940 O ' NEAL, FRANCES JANE, Fort Worth Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Fort Worth Club, Glee Club, Home Economic Club, Wesley Foundation, Upperclass Advisor OSTERWALDER, OLIVETTE, Houston Arts and Sciences, Journalism, OS4 , Houston Club, Newman Club, Press Club OTRADOSKY, GEORGIE ANNE, Wharton Physical Education, P.E.M. Club, Progressive Czech Club, Cap and Gown OTT, ANNE THERESE, Dallas Arts and Sciences, English OWEN, JANICE, Malakoff Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Smith-Hughes and Home Demonstration Plans, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Valhalla PACE, EDWIN LANCASTER, Marshall Mechanical Engineering, TBII, IITS, Longhorn Band, Sons of Alec. A.S.M.E., Assistant Student Editor, Journal of Architecture. Engineering and Industry PACK, COLEMAN SANDERS, Newgulf Petroleum Engineering, HE, HS, A.I.M.M.E., T. Association, Track PAINTER, ELIZABETH TYLER, Austin Arts and Sciences, Plan II, A f , President; 4 BK, AAA, Freshman Fellowship Club, Orange Jackets, Y.W.C.A., Mortar Board, Sophomore Cabinet, Upperclass Club Cabinet, Round-Up PALMORE, GERALD W., DeKalb Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association PALMQUIST, RUBY ANNA, Austin Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Home Economics Club and Council, Scandinavian Club PAPACEK, ARNOLD RUDOLPH, Moulton Business Administration, Cotton Marketing, Newman Club, Longhorn Band. Inter-City Council, DeWitt-Lavaca County Club, Athenaeum PAPLACZYK, CORNELIA FRANCES, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, English, Cap and Gown, Newman Club, San Antonio Club PARKER, ANNA LEE, Austin Business Administration, Secretarial PARKER, GAULVIN A., Princeton Education. Public Speaking and English, Rusk, M.I.C.A., Wesley Players. Young Democrats, Chess Club, Wesley Foundation PATTERSON, A. BALFOUR, Dallas Arts and Sciences, Geology PATTERSON, HELEN JOSEPHINE, Galveston Arts and Sciences, Geology, XT, Galveston Club PATTERSON, NIRAM FLAD, Austin Business Administration, Finance PATTESON, DON, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Journalism, Press Club, Associate Sports Editor, The Daily Texan PATTON, DOROTHY HELEN, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Sociology, ZTA, Cap and GO VD, Keagan, Bow and Arrow PATTON, JEAN MARGARET, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Psychology, ZTA, Glee Club, Bow and Arrow, Cap and Gown PAYNE, HARRY EDWARD, Austin Arts and Sciences, History PAYTON, JOY TRUMAN, Austin Petroleum Engineering, A.I.M.E. PEMBERTON, ADA, Houston Arts and Sciences, History, Cap and Gown, Monitor Club, Houston Club PENDLETON, THOMAS ELMER, Fort Worth Business Administration, Public Accounting PAGE 62 W.iss ol 1 l ' )4() PERDUE, VERNON, Port Arthur Business Administration. Accounting PEREZ, ROMEO, Rio Grande City Electrical Engineering. Latin-American Club, German Club. Valley Club Newman Club, A.I.E.E. PERRY, EDNA BELLE, Robstown Arts and Sciences. Journalism, XQ, N.U.T.T., Cap and Gown, Glee Club PETTY, VAN ALVIN, JR., San Antonio Arta and Science!. Geology. II ' E, Southwestern Geological Society PF1TSCH, JOHN ALFRED, Pflugerville Arta and Science., Zoology. P.E.M. Club PFLUGER, LUCILE, Bishop Art and Sciences. Home Economics, Home Economics Club PHILLIPS, BETTINEL, Mexia Arts and Science.. Journalism. AAA, Kuh Captain; 6! , President; AAA, Aabbel, Preaident; Mortar Board, Chairman Ijpperclass Advisors, Freshman Fellowship Club, Orange Jackets, The Daily Texan, Coed Assembly, Round-Up, Cap and Gown PHILLIPS, EDWIN L., JR., Ennis Petroleum Production Engineering, UK. A.I.M.E. PICKLE, JUDITH MARY, Big Spring Art and Sciences, English PIGMAN, BETTY JEAN, Dalhart Business Administration, Commercial Teaching, A AIT, Cap and Gown, Reagan, Bow and Arrow PILLET, JOHN PERSHING, Dallas Electrical Engineering. I ' A. A.I.E.E., Wrestling PITTENGER, JO ANNE, San Antonio I Sciences, Geology. AXQ, AAA, Southwestern Geological ;. 37 + x- + PITTMAN, ANNE MYRTLE, Beaumont W Physical Education, AXQ. P.E.M. Club, Upperclasa Sponsor Y.W.C.A., U.T.S.A., Cap and Gown, Intramural. Sports Manager PLATTER, HERBERT LINGO, JR., Austin Arts and Sciences, English, ZAE, BK, SAII, +H2, T. Association, Baseball Manager POSEY, GLORIA AILEEN, Pampa Art and Sciences, Home Economics, Te- Wai -Hiss, Panhandle Club, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown POTASH, MELVIN LEONARD, El Paso Law, IAM. nZA. +HI. Chancellors, Texas Law Review POTTER, CHARLES GAUNT, Pine BluF, Ark. Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E. POWERS, EMORY E., Austin Arts and Sciences, Physics. The Cactus, The Daily Texan, University Light Oprra. Buirtes Manager PRICE, HAROLD CLAY, Millersview Arts and Sciences, English, West Texas Club, Track, Cross-Country PRIEST, JOHN LAWRENCE, Kermit Chemical Engineering, Chemistry Club, American Chemical Society RABEL, OLIVIA ADELYN, Weimar Business Administration, Commercial Teaching, TA. Cap and Gown H AHM, EMMETT J., San Antonio Law, N4 , San Antonio Club. Athenaeum RAMSDELL, PEGGY, San Antonio Art. and Sciences. Spanish. AAA, President; AIH, 4 BK, Cap and Gown. Coed AsMmbly. Ashbel RATHER, EDWARD BRANCH, Sugar Land Buitine Administration. Real Estate and Insurance-, 4 0, AIM PACE 63 Class of 1940 , O dt%( R RATLIFF, ED E., Strawn Business Administration, Marketing RECORD RUSH HAMIL, Childress Law, A , ADI ' , Chancellors, Texas Law Review. Note Editor: Debate, Hogg REYNOLDS, BETTE GAIL, Houston Arts and Sciences, Mathematics. A4 . Houston Club, Cap and Gown, Freshman Fellowship Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee RICHARDS, FLOYD HOLT, Dalhart RICHARDSON, DONALD ROBERT, Canadian Business Administration, Life Insurance, X4, ASH, Longhorn Band. Panhandle Club, Regional Interest Club RICHARDSON, GEORGE, Dallas Business Administration, S ' frE, Rustlers, Tri-Durm Association RIENSTRA, MARIE INEZ, Nederland Business Administration, Commercial Teaching, Cap and Gown RIGSBEE, HERBERT K., Fort Stockton Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E., Glee Club, Sons of Alec RILEY, Arts and Sciences, English, ZTA, West Texas Club, Cap and Gown, Schreiner Club RILEY, RAYMOND AUGUSTUS, Houston Art Tffn ci nTe ' s e ' oTogy, A.I.M.E., Southwestern Geological Society RISKIND, PAUL JAMES, Eagle Pass Civil Engineering, MI , A.S.C.E., Sons of Alec, Winter Garden Club ROBERTS, IRVENE, Wichita Falls Business Administration. International Trade, AT, Wichita Falls Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee ROBERTS, MORRIS ROLAND San Antonio Business Administration, Marketing, 2. pE, Sail Antonio Club ROBERTSON. DOROTHY AGNES, Corpus Christi, Chemistry, Cap and Gown ROBERTSON, KOKKEST E.. Wichita Kails Business Administration, Banking and Finance, KA, Wichita Fall;! Club ROBINSON. RUBY. S " A nm-fL Business Administration, Cap and Gown, Freshman Fellowship Club, Y.W.C.A., Wesley Foundation ROLLER, ERIE NELL, Ennis Arts and Sciences, English, AAA, BK, IIAO. SAIL Cap and Gown ROSAMOND, CECIL HORACE, Frisco Law .ROSS JASPER ARCHIBALD, JR., Austin Law, JvT ' residentandl5istrictArchon 1 ROTTENBERG. LIONEL HAROLD. Wharton Arts and Sciences, Zoology, T;1 P, Intramural Manager ROWE, LESLIE MANLY, Wharton Engineering, Architecture7 A.S.A.. Sphinx Ciub RUETZ, FRANKLIN JAMES, JR., Waco Arts and Sciences, English, Sunday Club, Gregg House Players RUNDELL, ESTELLE MARIE, Houston Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Wesley Foundation, Home Economics Club RUSS, FREDDIE H., San Angelo Business Administration, International Trade, West Texas Club PACE 64 RUSS. RODERICK SEAL. JR Biloxi, Miss. w. 5S, School of Law Honor l.ouncil. rllllKUIIIIIl Caw Society RUTHERFORD. HOWARD KEYS, Waxahachie 5? RUTLAND, MILDRED EUGENIA, Austin, ome Economics Club. U .-.!.- Foundation, Freshman Fellowship Club, Prevent Day Club S I.IN S. NK.I.l KM I-K. I uedo Art- 411.1 Sciences Sp.ani-h. 1AII, rnnerrlau Advior. Bluebonnel Bflle Nominee SAMPLE, RICHARD LANGFORD, JR., El Dorado Business Administration. Public Accounting SAMPSON, R. C.. JR.. Arlington Buine Ad ministration. Accounting SANDERS, JOE G.. Harlinpen Buitincnit Alminitratinn, Marketing. IN. Valley Club. IntramuraU, Tri-Dorm A oriation SAUNDERS, DANIEL. Austin Chemical Engineering. frAT. Chemistry Club. American Chemical Society SAUNDERS, WILLIAM B., Waco Engineering. Architecture. A.S.A.. Sphinx SCARBOROUGH. GRACE, Kenedy - Administration. Commercial Teaching. Cap and Gown. Glee Club SCARBOROUGH, JESSE W., JR., Luling Petroleum Production Engineering, TIE, Sons of Alec, A.I.M.E., mil hwe. tern Geological Society SCHIEFFER, HUNTER HERBERT. Austin Administration, Public Accounting. BIT. BA+. HI SCHIMMEL, SURI MOLLY, Houston Art- and Sciences, Zoology SCHLITZKUS, SAMUEL C., Austin Arts and Sciences. Government and Economics. A4 1?. Freshman Fellowship Club, Sophomore Club, Rustlers, P re -Law Society, Austin Club SCHULTZ, HATTIE GRACE, Taylor Bii-im--- ilministration, Wesley Foundation Council SCHULZE, WESLEY NORMAN, Austin rt- ,in i -ifin -., Zoology. AKA SCHWARTZ, ALBERT J., El Paso Buaice Adminifttration, Retailing, HAM. Cowboy . Basketball Manager. T. Association SCHWEIKHARDT, MADONNA LILLIAN, Iraan Business Administration, Secretarial. Glee Club. University Light Opera, Cap and Gown. West Texas Club SCOTT, JOHN M.. Waco Mechanical Engineering. ITT, A.S.M.E., Sons of Alec, I niv.-r-iiv Aeronautical Society. Engineers Coum it SCOTT. STANLEY_L. Al.iUn.. BusinesH Administratinn. Arn.unting, A II. Chancellor; BA . President : President Senior Class, Business Administration Council SCOTT, VIRGINIA. DeLeon r rt and Sciences. BactenoTogy AjH, Cap and Gown SEBASTIAN. HENRY JAMES. Miles buainrws TnTiniMration. Accounting SEELY. PHOEBE IANP;, Dallas An and Science,. Plan II. Dallaa Club. Cap and Gown SHADE. MERRILL ELIZABETH, Smithville Elementary Education PACE 65 Illiiss nl I ' l-tll at tat . Class of 1940 SHAPIRO, IRVING TONATHON. Galveston I.IIW SHIFFER, FAYE ELIZABETH, Dallas Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, ON, Clce Club, Cap and Cown, Home Economics Club SHIPMAN, EILEEN FRANCES, San Antonio Business Administration, Commercial Teaching, AAII. Sidney Lanier, Glee Club SHLESS, CHARLES DANIEL, Lufkin Business Administration, Banking and Finance SIMKINS, MARGARET EVELYN, Dallas Business Administration, Secretariat, Newman Club, Dallas Club, Cap and Gown SIMMONS, ELOISE PAXTON, Waco Arts and Sciences, English, 11B P SIMPSflfV. ANDREW H. El Paso Arts and Sciences, Chemistry, Song of Alec SIMMS. LILLIAN. Port Arthur Arts and Sciences, Sociology, AXfi, Southeast Texas Club SIMS, JACK, Hillsboro SKOOG, CARL FORREST, Austin Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E., Treasurer SLAUGHTER, JOHN ARTHUR, Edgewood Pharmacy, Longhorn Band, Van Zandt Club SLOOP, CARRIE RUTH, Houston Physical Education, XS2, Sidney Lanier, Wesley Foundation, P.E.M. Club Arts and Sciences, Government 63;, A4S2, Big Brother and Sister Club, Union Orientation Committee, Orientation Council, Wesley Foundation SLUBICKI, CARROLL JAMES Austin d Sciences, Government 62;, A4w, Big on Committee, Orientation Council, Wesle SMALL, ELLIOTT ELDRED, Dallas Business Administration, Judiciary Council, Dallas Club, President ; Inter-City Council, Election Judge, Round-Up, M.I.C.A., Silver Spur SMALL. WINIFRED ANN. Amarillo Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology, KA9, Bit and Spur, Mortar Board, U.T.S.A. Council, Ashbel SMART, BEN O., Farwell Arts and Sciences, Spanish, Athenaeum SMITH. ALICE LORRAINE. Dallas Arts and Sciences, English, 4 BK, A A A, Mortar Board, Glee Club, Accompanist ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, University Light Opera, Accompanist ; Mortar Board Sophomore Cup SMITH. CHARLES EDWIN, Jr., San Antonio SMITH, EDWARD, New York, N. Y. SMITH. HENRY HERMAN. Amarillo Pharmacy nfe University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Treasurer Senior Class gMITH, HUGH F., San Antonio PetroleTnTTroa ' u ' ciTonErigineering, A S2, Rustlers, A.I.M.E. SMITH JOHN BYRON. Palestine Arts and Sciences, Chemistry SMITH, JOHN DAVID, Terrejl Business Administration, Retailing, AZIT, Treasurer Junior Class, Business Administration Council, Inter-City Council, Kaufman County Club, President SMITH KATHERINE ANGELINE. Wharton Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Cap and Cown, Home Economics Club PACE 66 r- .-=.: m stfl ' S wr y " 9 V- . 1 - % i- !1TH, LILLIE MARIE, Sonora Ant tad Sciences. Encli.h. ZTA. West Teias Club. Pmident: Cap and Gown. Rcatan. Cord Assembly, Upperclass Advisor SMITH, ROBERT HAROLD. Pari- Chemical Engineering. TBfl. +AT. Paris Club. American Chemical Society. Chemistry Club - IITH, SALLIE JOY. Austin Business Administration. Accounting SMITH. WILLIAM ALLEN. Floresvilk BvriratT ' jUmiaiistration.xTr Freshman Fellohip Club, Brackenridfe Hall Aasociation. Tri Dorm Association SMITH. WILLIAM NELSON. Fort Wortk CK?5S AM cialion. Chemical Socirtr SOSA, ALFONSO J Presidio Phannarv. The I ' nivri ity of Tr Pharmaceutical Association SPECKMXN. N A RACHEL. Chrie man Ai1 and Sciences. History. Association for Childhood Education. Cap and Govn SPORE, VIRGINIA VALENTINE, Austin ArU and S -irnfr . Enjli-h. Frrhinan Frllowsli.p Club. Cap and Gown STAFFEL. MARY NEL. San Antonio Administration. Cap and Con. San Antonio Club STAMM. AURELITA MARIE. RayiM . La. Education, AA11. Association for Childhood Education STAMM. ELISKA ELLEN, Rayne, La. Education. AAII. Association for Childhood Education A.TI.BEY n I F n. Glee Club, Y.W.C.A.. Association for Childhood Education STEIGER, CARL WILLIAM. San Antonio Binc Admininration. Marketing. Saa Antonio Club. Praident; Y.M.C.A.. Inter- Citv Council. M.I.C.A. STEIN, CECLILA. Needville Art and SciDC. Hittorr. I ' pperclao Advisor, Present Day. Cap and Gown. Axwriatioc for Childhood Education STEINKA.MP. RUTH CHRISTINE. Little Rock, Ark. Art and Science . Nutrition. +M. ON, President; Home Economics Club. Coed Assembly STEINLE. LEON F., Jourdanton. n. " STENBERG, BEATRICE NOBLE. Austin Arts and Science.. English. AX ' J. BK. AAA. Orchesis STERLING. CHARLOTTE ANN. Anahuac, TtnsTai3T?iences TnjntnTTnrCBrtain Club. Southwestern Club STEWART. WII.I.I M CURTIS. JR.. Electra AMOciation -IIKRNBERG, HELEN LOUISE, Seadrift Elementary Education, Cap and Con. . ssociation for Childhood Education STILWELL, THOMAS HERBERT. Texarkana Bosiaves. Administration. Manafement. All]. HE. Glee Club, r: Teiarkana Club. Student Assistant STlNMtV JEAN, Conroe Arts and Sciences. Geology. XT. President: Coed Assembly, Upperclass Advisor. President of Andre . Dormitory. Cap and Gon. Southwestern Geological Society STITT, JACK, El Paso Petroleum Engineering. M.I.C.A.. A.I.M.E.. Southwestern Geological Society. Intramufals ST1TZELL, JOHN FRED, Denbon Administration. Governmental Accounting Pad t 7 mass of 1940 H D jfc _ , ' r ' " r " fc C Class of 1940 STOCKTON, ZACK, Kerens Business Administration, Marketing STOLAROFF, F. LEONARD, Roswell, N. Mex. Law, Curtain Club, University Wrestling Club STONE, ALBERT, JR., Brenham Law, K2 STONE, ALPHA MAE, Amarilln Arts and Sciences. Home Economics. Nutrition, Bit and Spur, Cap and Gown, U ' _l? ' " ? Home. Economics Club :Ssd " = STORK, ESTHER CLARA, Austin Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology. TAA, Deutscher Verein, Der Die Das, Cap and Gown STRANGE, OLIVE JANE, Temple Arts and Sciences, English STRIBLING, ELLENDER, Waco Arts and Sciences. English, KKF, Ashbel. Cap and Gm n STRINGER, JEAN, Houston Business Administration, Cap and Gown STRUSS, RUBY ANNA, Columbus Business Administration, Commercial Teaching. XS2. Glee Club, Upperclass Advisor STUART, LESLIE VERRY, Harlingen Business Administration, Marketing, SN, Valley Club SVVJDA, JEROME FRANK, Wallis Arts and Sciences, Geology, Progressive Czech Club, Newman Club, Southwestern Geological Society SVAJDA, LEONARD JOE, Wallis Arts and Sciences, Geology, Newman Cluh, Progressive Czech Club, Southwestern Geological Society SWANSON, MARTHA ANNE, Dallas Arts and Science, English, ATA, President ; f BK, Panhrl [cnic. Christian Science Organization, Coed Assembly, Monitor Club SWAYZE, WILLIAM STEPHEN, Kelly Field Business Administration, Accounting, BA , H SWEET, EDWIN L., Blackwell Law SWIFT, F. ELIZABETH, Palestine Arts and Sciences, Plan II, KKF. 4 BK. Orange Jackets, Foo, Y.W.C.A., Mortar Board, Ashbel, President Junior Class, President Coed Assembly; Judiciary Council TARLTON, ROBERT STEPHEN, Fort Worth Physical Education, T. Association. P.E.M. Club TARMAN, CHARLES WAYNE, El Dorado, Kan. Business Administration, Marketing TATUM, WILLIAM ALBERT, Beaumont Law, ATA. i t . Honor Council School of Law TAYLOR, DUKE RICKS, JR., Center Law, A9 f , Rusk TAYLOR, EDWARD GRAY, Dallas Law, KA TAYLOR, JOSEPHINE WELLS, Brownsville Arts and Sciences, 0S i , Valley Club. Cap and Gown, Press Club TEDFORD, CHARLES CALVIN, JR., Aransas Pass Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E.. University Aeronautical Society, Brae ken ridge Hall Association, Intramural Manager TEEL, HENRY ROGERS, Sanger Law PACE 68 IK1NKKI. MONROE G., Copperas Cove Civil Engineering. A.S.C.E. THOMAS, LOUIS NATHANIEL, Plainview Business Admini.tralion. M.I.C.A.. Inter-City Council THOMPSON. CHARLES EVERETT, San Angelo Civil Engineering. TBH. XE, President: A.S.C.E.. Student Assistant THOMPSON. ROY C, JR., Dallas Art! and Sciences. Chemistry. +BK. Little Campos Association. Student Assistant THORNTON, POWELL DICKSON, Mount Pleasant Btuines Administration. ZN J TIPTON. F. EARL. JR., Wichita, Kan. Art and Science . Psychology. Glee Club. Young Democrat!, DrMol.v. Y.M.C.A. TOBIAN. LOUIS, JR.. Dallas Art. and Science.. Pre- Medical. A. Master Frater: AEA. President: +BK. +HS, Curtain Club. Atbenaeum. Dallas Cluh. The Daily Texan. Interfraternity Honse- snanagers Association TOD, JOE L., Austin Chemical Engineering TOLBERT, WILMA. Dallas Education. Spanish. AAIT. Latin-American Club, Reagan, Cap and Gown TRAINER, RUBY U Blanco BusineM Administration, Banking and Transportation TREADWAY, BETTY JEANE. Greenville Arts and Sciences. English. AXS. Glee Club. Cap and Gown, Dallas Club TRONRUD, ROY WALTER, Austin Art. aid Science.. Geology. 2TE II MLINSON, JOSEPH EMANTEL, Lampasas Education, Anthropology. +AK. West Texas Club. Student Assistant TURNER, W. JONES, JR Houston Petroleum Production Enginerinf, A.I.M.E., Tri-Dorm Association URBANEK, DAN, Austin Chemical Engineering. American Chemical Society. Newman Club IT1.EY, GEORGE K., Dallas Administration. AII. Dallas Club. Robert. Hall Association VANCE, D. KIRBY, Borger Law. N+. Hildefarand Law Society. AsKmbly VAUGHAN, CAROLYN, Austin Arts and Sciences. Journalism, AAA, N.L.T.T.. Austin Club, Texas Ranger VAUGHAN, MALCOLM S M Austin BtttincM Administration. AIM, President; BA . Inter-City Council. Assembly. Aastin Club. President; Biuiness Administration Council. President ; Student AMI tan t, Who ' Who American Colleges and Universities. VOGEL, HANS WILHELM, Mexico City, Me . Civil Engineering. XE. A.S.C.E. Roberts Hall Association, Latin-American Club. Newman Club, Club de Mexico WADLEY, JOYCE ANN, Arlington Art and Science . Home Economics. Cap and Gown. Home Economics Club (;i,iss of HMO WA.AER. JOHN WILLIAM, Austin ' id Sciences, Journalism. AX, Shangri-La. High Lama; Young Democrats WALES, PHILIP ARTHUR, Florence Art and Science , Zoology F JR., Corpus Christ. 9 j urin Law Society Pact 69 class ni I ' WALTER, KENNETH, Abilene Business Administration, Abilene Club, West Texas Club WALTON, WAHNEZ, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Geology, XT WASHINGTON, WILBUR MAXWELL, Brownsville Education, Government, A4 Q, Valley Club, Sophomore Club, Inter- Cooperative Council, M.I.C.A., Wesley Foundation, Big Brother and Sister Club, Extra-Curricular Activity Club WATTS, HARRY A., Pettus Business Administration, Transportation and Industry, Baseball, Longhorn Band WEBB, HENRY BARRIGER, Austin Pharmacy, Microbiological Symposium, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association WEINTRAUB, MARGARET LOUISE, Austin Arts and Sciences, Psychology, Upperclass Advisor, Big Brother and Sister Club, Cap and Gown, Tennis Club, Hillel Chorus WELLS, H. PEYTON, JR., Dallas Arts and Sciences, Geology, M.I.C.A., President; Cowboys, Dallas Club, Presbyterian Student League, Union Publicity Committee, Who ' s Who American Colleges and Universities WERTHEIMER, GOLDA RAYE, Houston Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology, AE I , Big Brother and Sister Club, Cap and Gown, Houston Club, Curtain Club, Canter Club WESLEY, HELEN LOUISE, Austin Arts and Sciences, Psychology, 4M, President; Fresbman Fellowship Club, Austin Club, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Coed Assembly WESTERMAN, MACKIE KATHRYN, Llano Arts and Sciences, History, HAG, A A A, Upperclass Advisor, Wesley Foundation Council, Cap and Gown, Student Assistant, Upperclass Club WHEELER, CARROLL BURKE, Texarkana Liw, 2AE, A , n2A, Texas Law Review WHELESS, CHESTER LEE, Austin Petroleum Engineering, A.I.M.E., Intramural Handball WHITE, DORIS FRANCES, Kerrville Business Administration WHITE, GWYNDOLYN, Malone Arts and Sciences, Zoology WHITSON, WARREN PICKARD, JR., Denton Business Administration, N.T.S.T.C. Club, The Cactus WRITTEN, ROBERT HOLT, Austin Arts and Sciences, Journalism, 4 E, SAX WHITTENBURG, ROSS ELMORE, McAllen Arts and Sciences, Pre-Medical, ZX, BK, AEA, Curtain Club WIDEN, ALMA, Austin Business Administration, A AIT, President; A A A, Y.W.C.A., Orange jackets, Mortar Board, Sidney Lanier, President ; Cap and Gown, Coed Assembly, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee WIEMERS, MERLIN EMIL, San Antonio Business Administration, Accounting, Al II. BA WILBANKS, HUGH, JR., Olmito Petroleum Production Engineering, A.I.M.E., Sons of Alec, Valley Club, Southwestern Geological Society WILBORN, ALICE ORENE, Austin Art and Sciences, Home Economics, Home Economics Club, President; Coed Assembly, Cap and Gown, Texas Union Open House Committee, Presbyterian Student League WILHELM, EUGENE STANTON, Comanche Arts and Sciences, Physics, BK, HS, Campus Guild, M.I.C.A. WILKERSON, ZORA CLARK, Austin Arts and Sciences, English WILLIAMS, BERT DAVID, Minden, La. Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association PACK 70 (I hiss of l ' )4() WILLIAMS, DELBERT DWAIN, Wolfe City Business Adminitrtioo WILLIAMS, FRANK CLAIR, JR., Los Fresnos Arts and Sciences, Zoology. A4 Q. Rustlers WILMOT, WILLIAM BOWEN, Austin Law. IN . +HZ WILSON, EDNA FLORENCE, Moody Aru and Science . English, Southwestern Club, Cap and Gown WILSON, JAMES CARROLL, Austin Business Administration, Public Accounting, IAE WILSON, WILLIAM WALTER, JR., Fort Worth Art and Science , Geology WINDHAM, JAMES MARVIN, Livingston Arti and Science . Geology. IIKA, Il ' E, PK, Cowboys, Round-Up, Coodfellow, Southwestern Geological Society WINE, SAMUEL FLOYD, Arlington Businesa Administration, Accounting, IIKA, Lonjborn Band, N.T.A.C. Club WINOGRADOF, MAYNARD H., San Antonio Business Administration. Prat her Hall Association, Tri-Donn Association, Student Assistant WISE, M. SMITH, JR., Pampa Petroleum Engineering. A.I.M.E., Sons of Alec WOOD, INEZ EUELDA, Austin Elementary Education, Association for Childhood Education, Palletc and Mallete Art Club WOODALL, OLGA, Longview Business Administration, Commercial Teaching WOODFIN, GENE M., Paris Law, IIKA. President; +A . Chancellon, Texas Law Review. Hildebrand Law Society WOODY, HELENE PRISCILLA, Pharr Arti and Science . Zoology, XO, Bit and Spur, Valley Club, Cap and Gown WOOLRICH, WILLIS RAYMOND, JR., Austin Mechanical Engineering, IIT2, President; A.S.M.E., Secretary WORTHAM, THOMAS CARLTON, Paris Buiine Administration, Accounting, Paris Club WRAY, HAL HOLTON, Greenville Electrical Engineering, Longhorn Band, A.I.E.E. WRIGHT, CLARENCE RUFUS, Austin Business Administration, Accounting, 0A, Auftin Club, Big Brother and Siller Club WRIGHT, ROBERTA OPAL, Katy Pharmacy, Wesley Foundation, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Chemistry Club, Kirby Hall Vesper Committee, Houston Club, Cap and Gown WROBLE, VINCENT, Perry, N. Y. Physical Education. A G. P.E.M. Club. Swing and Turn, Football. Track, Cross-Country YARBOROUGH, HUNTER, JR., Navasota Arts and Sciences, Geology, FE, Southwestern Geological Society YARBOROUGH, WILLIAM BLAKE, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Geology, X+, President; PK, President; Cowboys, Baseball YOUNG, JOHN WITCHER, Austin Fine Arts. Playwriting, Curtain Club YOUNG, LADY IONA, Roscoe Arts and Sciences. English, XQ, I1A9. Bit and Spur, Gl ee Club, Asbbel. Cap and Gown Council, University Light Opera Pace 71 9 1 Students JOHN MARTIN AINSWORTH WILLIAM H. BROOKS JAMES RALPH FERGUSON JEROME CYRIL GAFNEY JOE EDWARD MACK J. FAIN MOORE DOROTHY MAY MOYER JEFFERSON DAVID PINKARD ROBERT GIRARD PROVOST HERBERT OSCAR SKARKE PAUL OTTO THEDFORD JOHN EDWARD WISE University Staff ERNEST WILLIAM HOFFMAN JOHN W. SWENSON Journey Through Texas Juniors By Frederick L. Olmsted " We have no city, except, perhaps, New Orleans, that can vie, in point of the picturesque interest that attaches to odd and antiquated foreignness, with San Antonio. Its jumble of races, costumes, languages and buildings; its religious ruins, holding to an antiquity, for us, indistinct enough to breed an unaccustomed solemnity; its remote, isolated, outposted situation, and the vague conviction that it is the first of a new class of conquered cities into whose decaying streets our rattling life is to be infused, combine with the heroic touches in its history to enliven and satisfy your traveler ' s curiosity ... " Copyright 7857 73 Class of 1941 li. f fTW Ja k r,k SECOND-YEAR LAWS Coulson, Edward Donald, Houston Fields, Charles B., El Paso Hinds, Dan Hall, Nacogdoches King, Alfred Ashbrook, Corpus Christi Lehmann, Maurice Arthur, Rosenberg Mason, Mike R., Austin Rodgers, Edward Wesley, Dallas Watson, Stuart, Bowie FIRST-YEAR LAWS Bryant, William Randolph, Sherman Carson, Willis T., Austin Cartwright, Robert Stephens, Fort Worth Chandler, Robert Lewis, Dallas Crausbay, Clyde, Crosbyton Cross, Glyn F., Royse City Dennard, Norris, Henderson Edling, Manuel James, Dallas Endel, Max, Houston Gillentine, Raymond Truett, Fort Worth Gillespie, S. E., Sherman Gray, John Herbert, Wichita Falls Henson, W. C., Amarillo Irby, Elmo Sledd, Fort Worth Jackson, Randall Calvin, Baird Junell, William Edward, Wichita Falls Justice, William Wayne, Athens Kilgore, Joe Madison, Mission Levy, Adrian F., Jr., Galveston Lewis, McKinley Clayton, Hot Springs, Ark. Loomer, Perry Douglas, Jr., Beaumont Lucas, Richard Martin, Berclair McWhorter, Frank Ripy, Houston Mazur, Gerald R., San Antonio Mercer, Tom William, San Angelo Newman, Tom Blachley, El Paso O ' Connor, Robert Burns, San Antonio Peacock, Joe Val, Fort Worth Petet, Charles F., Austin Ray, Ellis Bernard, Floyd Stark, J. Wayne, Winters Watts, Paul Edward, Tyler Webb, James Edward, Odem Weiler, James Frederick, Austin Weiler, Joseph Franklin, Austin Whittington, John Harold, Dallas Class of IM4I Abbey, William A., Tylfr Adams. Bonnie Grace, Wheeler Allen, William Emil, Hallettsville Anderson, Marvis Louise, LaFeria Arlitt, Clara Louise, San Antonio Armen. Elizabeth Ann, Milford Armintor, Aline Adelle, Port Arthur Amett, K. Kenneth, Lufkin Baker, Farrel K., Garland Barker, Bruce Weldon, Sherman Barker, Ruth Ellen, Henrietta Barnes, Maureen, Jacksonville Barney, Robert Owen, Ennis Barnhart, Joe M-, Beeville Bass, James Peter, III, Gainesville Bedford, John P., Port Arthur Beeler, Amos Edward, Houston Bell, Louise, Milford Bennett, Mary Lee, Goose Creek Berdichevsky, Hope, Meiico City, Mex. Bernard, Lynn Allen, Houston Bialkowski. Mary Margaret, Wichita Falls Blair, Dolores, Clarksville Bond, Frances Corinne, Austin Boon, George Murr . Arkadelphia, Ark. Bourn, Robert, Waco Bownds, Betty Sue, Utopia Boyd, Betty, Terrell Braly. Ruby Nelle. McCamey Brands, Bernard C.. Amarillo Branham. Virginia Elizabeth, Houston Brewster, Joan, Temple Brooks, June Estelle, Shafter Brown, Delbert, Jr Crockett Brown, Evelyne Marie. Au-tin Brown. Marjorie Elizabeth. San Angelo Brubeck, Marajean, Natalia Bun hard. Margaret May, Gonzales Burk -, George Roswell, Bay City Burleson, Lowrey Waldene, Gatesi ' ille P cx 73 Class of 1941 Busbee, William, San Antonio Butcher, Lorene Elizabeth, Austin Butler, Alan Wilson, Jr., McAllen Calhoun, Evelyn, Adrian Cameron, Catherine Wilson, San Antonio Campbell, Geraldine Marie, Houston Campbell, Helen Elizabeth, Houston Carpenter, Helen Jeanne, Fort Worth Carroll, Jack R., Midland Carter, Anna Lois, Luling Chavannes, Etienne A., Austin Chenault, Sidney, Austin Chenault, William Hall, Austin Chorpening, Doris Gertrude, Alamo Christoffel, Lewis Wilson, Raymondville Clark, I. E., Schulenberg Coleman, Pat, Miles Conway, Margaret Marie, Waco Cooner, Verna LaRue, Dallas Corbin, Joseph Haymond, Wichita Falls Couch, Sarah Jane, Italy Cox, Mary Farquhar, Austin Crockett, Sara Margret, San Antonio Crouch, Dorothy Bess, Austin Crowe, Marion Kathleen, San Benito Culwell, Jerry, Abilene Dalager, Alton B., Noonan, N. D. Daniel, Rosemary, Dallas Davis, Olga, Hot Springs, Ark. Dawson, Edwin Earl, Roscoe Dawson, Loyce Ivy, Roscoe DeLeon, Alfredo, El Paso Denman, James Burton, Brownwood Dew, Joe Knoblauch, Ysleta Domaschk, Wilferd W., Port Arthur Douglas, Robert, Jr., Spearman Duckworth, Frances Lee, Post Dunagan, Robert Louis, Midland Dunaway, Elizabeth Mae, Harlingen East, Agnes Brandon, Austin PACE 76 Eaton, Jamie Evelyn, Decatur Elliott. Jean Eloise. Austin Ellis. Martha Jane. Beaumont Emslie. Donald Wayne. Fort Worth Engelke. Louis Benno, Galveston Engle, Eloise, San Antonio Fagan, Noal Earl. Norton FarrelL C A Jr., Paris Fi -her. Jack Charles. Houston Fisher. Mildred Ann, Liberty Fitzgerald. Elsie Floreine. Mont Belvieu Foote, Helen Marguerite. San Antonio Fort. Homer Thomas. Fayetteville. Ark. Fuquay. Claude Raymond. San Antonio Gager. Mortimer Dahlgren. Jr., Port Arthur Gibson, Howard A.. Abilene Gibson. John Richard, Jr.. Athens Gidley, Andrew Jackson. Jr., Lytle Gillis, Shannon, Fort Worth Girdley, B. C, Jr.. Midland Goodman, Harry, Lampasas Gordon, Flora, Wharton Grace, Doris, Oklahoma City, Okla. Grady. Byron Truman, Brownwood Graf, Mariolivie Elizabeth, San Antonio Green, Mary Frances, San Angelo Griggs. Mary Virginia. Houston Grisham, Dortha Fay, Hamilton Grounds, Dorothy Lee, Houston Guerra, Abelardo, Jr., Monterrey, N. L., Mex. Haaker. Annabelle Marie. La Feria Hamilton. Mary Gail, Port Lavaca Hardie, Elizabeth, El Paso Hardin. Beryl, San Antonio Harrison. Adine Helen, Wharton Martin. Rachel Elliott, Galveston Hay, Glen, Port Arthur Hf Hand. Luc ile Trabue, San Antonio Henderson, Sue, Terrell Hendrix, Jean Cowgill, Galveston (Mass of 1941 Pict. " Class of 1941 Henry, H. B., Jr., Luling Hickerson, Leona Marie, Baytown Hillyard, Virginia, Fort Worth Hillyer, Leroy W., Cameron Hillyer, Mary, Tampico, Mex. Hinman, Genevieve Louise, New Braunfels Hoehn, Albert Donnelly, Muenster Hollman, Clarice, Sao Paulo, Brazil Hough, D. Patricia, Lowville, N. Y. Huff, Taylor Eugene, Wichita Falls Humphrey, Jessie Mae, Baytown Hunt, Thurman Arthur, Monahans Huntington, Mary Ruth, Rosenberg Hutter, Marie Alice, Austin Ingram, Thomas Patrick, Houston Isensee, Clarence Theodore, Karnes City Johnson, Charlotte Rose, Flatonia Johnson, Jean Elizabeth, Kerens Johnson, John Osborn, Navasota Johnson, Mrs. Willie Ruth Nicks, Eldorado Jones, Manton Pruett, Lufkin Joyce, Ruth Judy, San Antonio Kairis, Paul Athanasse, Athens, Greece Keeton, Mary Alice, Bonham Kenley, David Crockett, Lufkin Kennelly, Jessie Mae, Rosenberg Kilgore, Lillian, Goliad Kirk, James Trueman, Floydada Koberg, Camille, Big Spring Lamb, Marjorie, Texarkana Lancaster, Gordon Gus, Jal, N. Mex. Lange, Augusta L., Mason Lanier, J. Armand, Jasper Leaton, Lily Mae, Cleburne Leiper, William Harper, Houston Levy, Maxine Beatrice, Austin Lewis, Donald Record, Paris Lewis, Russell Austin, Jr., Austin Ligon, Eloise Margaret, Eastland Lundberg, Betty, Beaumont PACK 78 Class i.T I ' 141 Lytle, A. Ben, Jr., Dallas MrAfee, Marguerite C-, Port Arthur Mi Campbell. Robert F.. Jr.. San Antonio McCann, Dorothy Dell. Texarkana McClelland, Gene Allen, Cilmer V. Cormick. Ray Foster, Austin McDugald, William Clifford, Austin McGahey, Fred, Pampa Mcjimsey, Dyne, Kerrville MrKinney. Hugh, Olney McLain. Mary Steger. Bonham Mackenzie. Ellen Pickford. Weatherford Madeley. Etta Margaret, Conroe Magliolo. Ursula Man- Elizabeth, Galveston Mahlie. James Albert, Fort Worth Majors, Johnny A_ Jr.. Dallas Mapes. Roberta, San Antonio Martin. John Gilchrist, Dallas Martin. Leonard P.. San Antonio Mason, Rodney Russel. Henderson Massey. Marschal Wilson, Wichita Falls Mays. F. F-, Henderson Merkt, Emest F-, Wichita Falls Miller. Emily Elizabeth, Shrereport, La. Miller, Weta Ellen, Dallas Milliken. Mary Jane, Weatherford Mills, James Owen, Sonora Minter. Ruth. Fort Worth Montag. Miller, Henderson Moore, Lewis, McAllen Morgan, Walter Perry. Jr.. Wichita Falls Morris. Martha Alma, Austin Morrow, Belle Elizabeth, Houston Moser, Lolabeth Atrelle, Menard Moss, Marjorie Mae, Llano Muggli. Jake Martin, Harlingen Murray, Maxine, San Antonio Murrell, Robert E, Fort Worth Myatt. Mary Lucille, El Campo Edmund F.. Hondo Oft Class of 1941 Jr Noonan, Martin O ' Connor, Hondo Norman, Earl, Wildorado Odem, Mary Elizabeth, Sinton Ogden, Emma Lou, Winnie O ' Neal, Leonora E., Port Arthur Ormsby, George Stonewall, Alvin Orr, Aubrey E., Jr., Beaumont Orr, Franklin Mattes, Balboa, Orrill, Margi, Port Arthur Oualline, Judd H., Conroe Palmer, Jean, Normangee Park, Phocion Samuel, Jr., Houston Parkhill, Lee Alice, Llano Farmer, Virginia Elizabeth, Rangerville Partlow, Voe Elizabeth, Liberty Paul, Frank Allan, Panhandle Pechal, Elsie Fay, La Grange Pels, Elysabeth Conway, Temple Perkins, Judith, El Paso Perry, Marjorie Lucille, Lufkin Perry, Raiford Lavan, Lufkin Peters, Hazel Olive, Schulenburg Pfanstiel, Herbert Andrews, Jr., San Antonio Philips, Nancy Bell, Big Spring Phillips, William Bryan, Marlin Pirkey, Will Pharis, New Boston Pittard, Frances Lee, Anson Poetter, Mary Helen, Cuero Polk, Judy, Corsicana Porter, Dorothy Jane, Bangs Pump, Adrian Carl, San Antonio Purcell, Stuart McLeod, Austin Purl, Fred Wallace, Georgetown Randolph, Robert Ted, Fort Worth Reavley, Tom, Nacogdoches Redding, Charles Hart, Jr., Dallas Reeder, G. D., Crowell Reynolds, Yvonne, Jacksonville Riddell, J. Murray, Jr., Duluth, Minn. Ries, Mary Sue, San Antonio PACE 80 c. z Class of 1941 Roach, Fred A., Jr.. Nederland Rolerdeau. Ann Elizabeth. Austin Robertson, Bird C-, IL, Jr ., Denton Robertson, Normada Lee, Weatherford Robinson, Laek Leroy, Houston Robinson. Weldon Booth, Austin Robison, Maxine. Austin Rockwell, Maxine Eloise. Brownsville Rode, Carl F., Port Arthur Roland. Helen Marie, La Feria Rudnick, Sarah, Dallas Sawyer, Wesley Eric, Sonora Soherz, Lola Mae, San Angelo Schlafli, Katherine Elmere, Seguin Schley, Lavinia Adair, George Schreiber, Myron Paul, Beaumont Schultz, Ruth Marie, Taft Schumann, Vivian Augusta, New Braunfels Schwab, John S.. Calveston Schwartz, Beatrice, St. Louis, Mo. Scott, Hazel Raney, Edna Scruggs, Dorothy Marguerite, Houston Scruggs, Willard Ray, Jr., Houston Shaller, Walter Stanley, Amarillo Shaw, Kathleen Faye, Wichita Falls Sherman, Cuindal. Centerville Sherrill, Marvin F., Henrietta Siddons, Frank, Jr., Dallas Simmons, Billie, Mexia Singleton, Edward Bivens, Calveston Skaggs, Gladys Mae, Baytown Smelker, Thomas V.. Jr., Beaumont Smith, Elaine White, Hillsboro Smith, Emma Owen, Dawson Smith, James Dallas, Amarillo Smith, Man, Lou, Corsicana Smith, Mose Allen, Port Arthur Smith, era. Buffalo Smyth, Olin Teague (Jack), Cleburne Spann, Mary Grace, Navasota P ct 81 Class of 1941 Stephens, Merian, Houston Stevens, V. H. (Jimmie), Denison Stewart, Bertha Lillian, Gatesville Stocklas, Frances, Rosebud Stoll, Patricia Ann, Dallas Stripling, Sue Allyn, Nocona Stumpf, Virginia Carolyn, West Palm Beach, Fla. Tally, Carolyn R., Austin Taylor, Kerns Bowman, Austin Thompson, Joan, Clarendon Tignor, Beryl, Pampa Tignor, Mary Margaret, Pampa Tillery, Charles L., Arlington Tobleman, Mary Eugenia, Pharr Trotter, Johnnie Clayton, Eldorado Tucker, Maury, Dallas Ulbrich, Fern Doyle, Hondo Vaughan, Virginia Frances, Houston Vehle, William Richard, Sonora Vernon, Conrad, Jr., Temple Wager, Dorothy Jean, Jennings, La. Walk, Joe Decker, Sherman Wallace, Beryl Camille, Arlington Walling, Marguerite, Childress Wasson, Bob F., Odessa Wasson, Mildred Marjorie, Texas City Watterworth, Elizabeth Field, Dallas Watts, Marguerite, Silsbee Weaver, LaVerne, Rule Webb, Mildred Alice, Austin Willhite, Dorothy, Dallas Williams, C. R. Pete, Breckenridge Williams, Marie Elizabeth, Kansas City, Mo. Willmon, Gloria Louise, Weatherford Wilson, Janet, Slaton Wood, Martha Jane, Austin Wood, Robert A., Galveston Yates, Rosemary, Cameron Young, Jacob Clemmons, Austin Zuniga, Alex, Laredo PACE 82 Sophomores Fkwers and Fruits By Z. ft. MorreU " ... The old bear, without doubt, was after me (Z. N. Morrell). The weeds cracked and shook, and soon she stood on her hind feet, and, in an angry, threatening attitude, walked erect towards me, turning first one side and then the other. Her hair was all turned the wrong way and her ears laid back, presenting a frightful appearance . . . " My nerves were now all unstrung, and for my life I could not hold my gun steady, as I pointed it towards the bear . . . " By waving the gun up and down I finally succeeded in getting the range of the body, and not until the animal was within less than ten feet of me did I succeed in getting a steady aim that rendered it safe to shoot. The bear was in the very act of springing on me when the gun fired. At the crack of my rifle the bear, which had received a shot near the heart, ran away, and my trembling ceased, knowing from the manner in which she ran off that the shot was fatal. " Copyright 1872 Pici ! Class of 1942 Adams, Catherine (Kaye), Dallas Agar, Elsie Jean, San Benito Amundsen, Robert F., Galveston Anderson, Billy Dixon, Austin Arledge, Mary Virginia, Roscoe Atkinson, Norman, Houston Ball, Bettye, Lillian Barber, Mary Frances, Grand Saline Barnwell, Norma Gene, Johnson City Barrel!, Betsy Ware, Houston Barrier, Olivia, Seminole Bishop, Eleanor, Abilene Blum, Henry F., Temple Bohls, Flora Julia, Pflugerville Booth, Norma Adrienne, Red Rock Bowman, Estil Arthur, Dallas Bovd. Clifford Lane- Henrietta Boydstun, Ward L., Fort Worth Breeding, Crystal Dawn, Red Rock Brelsford, Regina Marjorie, Austin Bright, Betty, Dallas Brown, Jack Pearson, Balboa, C.Z. Brubaker, Louise, Lebanon, Pa. Brundrett, George Lee, Rockport Bruton, Ray Lee, Eldorado Bryson, John Bennett, Bastrop Burcham, Richard Lusk, Alpine Burnett, John Williams, Midland Bush, Rebekah Jane, San Antonio Cabaniss, Lou Es, Yorktown Cain, Helen LaVerne, Cleburne Cameron, Russell J., Linden Campbell, Betty Jo, Houston Cangelosi, Robert John, Jr., Galveston Cannon, George J., Jr., Phillips Carpenter, Frances Lucile, Austin Carpenter, Leslie, Austin Carter, Edith, Houston Casten, Pete, Sherman Chatmas, Penelope, Hearne Coleman, Billy, Texon Colletti, Paul Frank, Port Arthur Colquitt, Jerry, Cleburne Coltharp, Chester Arthur, Newport, Ark. Conrad, Kathryn Louise, Dallas Coquat, Robert Henderson, Three Rivers Creighton, John Roy, Mineral Wells Crowell, William Henry, Austin Crowson, Mary Frances, Weldon Crozier, Mary Ella, Waelder Cruce, Kathryn Gene, Ardmore, Okla. Daniels, Mary Caroline, Del Rio Danklefs, Elsa Lucille, Elgin Darwin, Henry Chester, Normangee Davis, Betty Louise, Dallas Davis, Buford Bernice, Texas City Davis, Florence Janet, Austin Demere, Georgina, Sterling City Dickie, Sarah Jane, Austin Dickson, John Charles (Jack), Houston PACE 84 Dobie. Eunice Mae, Austin DoelU Oscar T., Wichita Falls Draper, Helen, Pampa Dye, Pat, Joinerville East, Margaret Sue, London, Ky Eckert, Mildred, Mason Edmonson, Billie. Calveston Egozcue, Edward Joseph, Cristobal, C.Z. Elizondo, Cesar Manuel. San Antonio Ellis, John Taylor, Harlingen Elrod, Alex Warren. Dallas Engel. Anne Marie, Houston Evans, Herschel Daniel, Little Rock, Ark. Earner, June Whiting, Arkadelphia, Ark. Fenske, Mary Adel, New Braunfels Fisher, Marjorie, Utopia Fleckner, Stanley C., Pueblo, Colo. Foster, Randolph Nelson, Austin Fox, Dorothy Louise, Brownsville Franklin, Rose Mary, Pleasanton Frazer, Ed, San Antonio Freeborn, Jack. Houston Fullerton, Raymon Dawkin, Kingsville Gallagher, Richard Michael, Houston Gait, John Leland, Santa Rosa Garza, Gustavo, Brownsville Gideon, Roger, Coleman Gifford, William Oakman, Brownwood Gilbert, Pauline Lois, Fort Worth Gilbert, Raymond Lee, Pueblo, Colo. Gilmer, Frances, Lake Charles, La. Glasberg, Ruth, San Antonio Glazer, Marvin, Fort Worth Glenn, Robert Lee, McKinney Goad, Tom Lloyd, Mineral Wells Gomez, Modesto, Jr., El Paso Gonzalez, Jorge Reyna, Torreon, Coah., Mex. Gordon, Winifred, Coleman Greer, Lotty Eleanor, Oakland, Calif. Griffin, Edward, Galveston Crupp, Stanley R., Mason City, Iowa Hackett, Charles W., Jr., Austin Hall. Aileen Barbara, San Antonio Hanke, Mildred Novelle, Aspermont Hardy, Jessie Jean, Corpus Christi Harris, Truett Wilson, Dallas Harrison, William Thomas, Electra Harrod. Hazel Louise, Otto Hart, Grace Junell, Austin Harwood, Winston, Jr., Harlingen Herht, Edna Dorothy, Aspermont Hempel, Jacqueline Sylvia, Galveston Hemphill, Nancilu, Kerens Henniger, Verlynn El Grace. La Grange Herzog, Erna Rosalie, Kerrville Hines, Nancy June. Hobbs, N. Mex. Holland; Hal H.. Palestine Hood, Jacqueline Claire. Galena Park Hooper, Hilton Arthur, Houston Hopf, Mary Irene, Harper Class of Class of 1942 a feir% f - x r - JiJ Howard, Polly, Davenport, Iowa Huhhard, Raymond Ellsworth, Dallas Hudson, Adrienne, Big Lake Hunsucker, Frances Lillian, Dallas Hunt, Gene Spencer, Nacogdoches Huth, Dwight Eugene, Phillips Jackson, Lois Ellen, Houston Jacoby, Nesbitt Freddie, Fredericksburg Jarvis, Rosemary, Hubbard Johnson, Dorothy, Carrizo Springs Johnson, Margaret, Navasota Jones, Florene, Austin Jones, Floyd Raymond, Palestine Judson, Taylor C., Dallas Kebelman, Lenore, Weatherford Kelly, B. Franklin, Austwell Kepple, Patricia Anne, Fort Worth Kerr, Jeanne Elisabeth, San Antonio Kestenbaum, Dana I., Cameron Larcade, John Edmond, Cuero Lemon, Mary Frances, Clarksville Leonard, George Walton, Jr., Navasota Lewis, Helena, Houston Lierman, Ona Lee, Houston Light, Margery Columbine, Dallas Linz, Mary Elizabeth, Austin Lippman, Mervin Robert, Yonkers, N. Y. Lockett, Hudson Coleman, Dallas Lowrey, Anita Lillian, Gatesville McCall, Eleanor C., Waco McConnell, Gladys Ethel, El Paso McCrary, Helen George, Wichita Falls McCutcheon, Josephine Ethel, Austin McLellan, John Wesley, San Benito McPhail, Sarah Eloise, Tyler MacKenzie, Ann, Fort Russell Mackey, Charles Franklin, Dallas Mahler, Frances Ann, Rogers Martin, Dan Lee, Cleveland Martin, Gwen Edward, Houston Martin, Margaret Moseley, Hearne Martin, Virginia Julynn, Austin Mathis, May, Austin May, C. E., Jr., Ranger Meadows, Wade, Jr., Abilene Mezzetti, Bernice Pauline, San Antonio Mitchell, Reginald Peter, Fort Worth Moffatt, Robbie Mae, Houston Montgomery, Lucile Jeanne, Alamo Moore, Patricia Ann, Crystal City Morton, Eva Maurine, Dallas Moser, Coty, Abilene Mount, Joan, Houston Murphy, Morris Brown, Cleburne Musil, Annette, Stamford Myers, Archie S., Jr., Monroe, Wis. Nelson, Jack Cecil, Fort Worth Neuhaus, Marjorie Elizabeth, Houston Niblo, Virginia Fahner, Dallas Niemann, Frederick, Yoakum Norman, Wyatt Thomas, Rusk Nornhausser. Margie May. San Antonio Nuwierski. Leon W., Jr., Yorktown Obenhaus, Rirhard A., Clifton O ' Donnell, Patricia Leone, Ranger Officer, Herbert G., Tulsa, Okla. Olsen, Virginia Marie. Gatesville Pabst, Richard Edward. San Antonio Palmer. Ada Margaret, Fort Worth Parker, Jerome H., Jr., Fort Worth Patman, Connor Wright, Texarkana Patton, Peter, Dallas Pearson, Glen T., Fort Worth Peden, Anna Louise. Victoria, B. C. Person, Milton Thomas, Jr., Stockdale Persons, Ruby Sue, Haskell Pesek, Edwin J., Hallettsville Petrusek, Benjamin J.. Wallis Pickett, Andrew Greer, Floresville Piercy, Wilburne, Lubbock Pirkey, Oval Byron. New Boston Pou. William Bamford, Tampa. Fla. Powers, Chester, Corpus Christ! Prewit, Frances Faye. Stamford Pruter, Douglas Arnold, Orange Pugsley. Frank Burruss, Corpus Christ! Pullin, Carlton Wade, Whitsett Purl, Mary Virginia. South San Antonio Ouillian. Roy D., Pleasanton Ray, William Lowell, Sweetwater Raymer, Warren J., Kenedy Reasonover, Vashti Louise, Austin Rebstein, Dolores Marion, Yoakum Reed, John Charles, San Benito Reinhardt, Hazel Marie, Luling Ressmann, Christine, San Antonio Richburg, J. H., Clovis, N. Mex. Rochs, Alfred Robert, San Antonio Rock, Frances Inez, Woodville Rolley, Bobby Jeanne, Joinerville Rollins, Gloria Lee, Austin Rosenberg, Shirley Reva, Malverne, N. Y. Rucker, Harriett Patsy, Fort Worth Rudeloff, Walter F., Beeville Rummel, Emmett, Marble Falls Rummel, Sue Elma, Marble Falls Rylander, Wilfrid Few. Bloomington Sansom, Charles Culberson, Jr., Palestine Sartain, Frank Wilson, Rankin Schoenvogel, Elaine, Brenham Schulz, Catherine, Eden Schwenker, Harry Frederick, Brady Scott, Rosemary, Houston Scruggs, James H.. Jr., Roscoe Seith, Marcella Veronica, West Sexton, Richard Arthur, Tampa. Fla. Mirfiield. Lendon Stewart, Fort Worth Shiller, Imogene Marrion, Caldwell Sluirlcy. Rena Glen. Sonora Class of I94 ' J Pct 87 Class of 1942 Sivley, Roy Elmer, Jr., San Antonio Smith, Frederick Adair, Dallas Smith, Ida Ruth, Dallas Smith, Mrs. Mary Ellen Whelchel, Austin Smith, Owen R., Aberdeen, S. D. Spillar, Margaret Jean, Austin Spore, Harry B., Austin Standifer, Margaret Alleen, Austin Steagall, Tom, Belton Sleeker, E. Elizabeth, Austin Stephens, Elyse, Tyler Steusoff, Dottie Marie, Liberty Stewart, Winona Anita, Corsicana Stinson, Mary Agnes, Conroe Strom, Margaret Ann, Borger Strowbridge, Frederick John, Jr., Port Arthur Struss, Roberta, Columbus Stuckert, J. Lamar, Jr., Fort Worth Stutsman, Lorraine, Saint Joseph, Mo. Svacek, Dorothy Marie, West Szurek, Joe, Galveston Tausend, Paul Lester, Houston Taylor, Alfred C., Baytown Taylor, Dorris Elmo, Texarkana Thaxton, Mary Ellen, Mason Thompson, Doris Lucille, Wolfe City Thompson, Mary Lucille, Yoakum Tipton, William Leroy, Conroe Tomkies, Margaret Evelyn, Dallas Turner, Dorothy Grace, Seguin Vance, Gertrude Trigger, Midland Vine, Harry, III, Austin Wakefield, Maunsell Clark, Dallas Walters, Shirley Winona, Denver, Colo. Warner, Florence Lillian, Houston Wathen, Evan H., Athens Watkins, Charles Arthur, Borger Watson, Gavin, Clarksville Webster, Jimmie Burton, San Angelo Weeks, Jeannette Lee, Rosenberg Welch, Jack Lawrence, Mineral Wells Wertz, Mary Ellen, Lebanon, Pa. Whaley, Joyce, Sweetwater Wheat, Grady Cecille, Paris White, James Irven, Brownsville Whitmore, William Rogers, Fort Worth Wied, Dorothy Eloise, Kerrville Williams, Talbot Adams, Bay City Williford, Eunice, Houston Willis, Louise, Dallas Wilson, Charlena, Mexia Windrow, Robert David, Hondo Winn, Edward Burton, Dallas Winters, Leona Lorraine, Texas City Wolens, Dorothy Marcelle, Palestine Wood, Martha Winifred, Cleburne Wood, Thomas B., Temple Wortham, Clinton Dudley, Texarkana Yaeger, Charline G race, San Antonio Freshmen On a Mexican Mustang By Alex E. Sweet and ]. Armoy Knox " ... The norther is a copious breeze that comes to Texas from the north. It is like the Assyrian who came down and caught the wolf in the fold, or the wolf that caught the Assyrian, whichever it was . . . " The following pictures, now in my mind ' s eye, will illustrate what I mean. A chromo representing in the foreground a man dressed in a linen suit. His shirt is open at the neck; and he is sitting on a refrigerator, fanning himself with his sombrero. In the background, a soda-water fountain, and in the middle-distance a perspiring negro waiter coming with an iced lemonade. We might call this picture " Yesterday in Texas. " Next, the same man dressed in winter clothes, a buffalo robe on his shoulders, and a seal-skin cap with ear-flaps on his head. The man is sitting cooking his half-soles at a large wood- stove; while the same waiter, with his teeth chattering at every pore, is bringing him an oyster-stew with red pepper in it. We may call this picture " Today inTexas. " Copyright 1883 PACT 89 Class of 1943 a Adam, Maurice, Dallas Adami, Gilbert Ernest, Winters Adams, Mary Jo, San Antonio Adams, William (Bill), Alice Allen, James Percelle, Lytle Alton, Charles F., Jr., Houston Amsler, Walter Scott, Jr., McGregor Anderson, Wade Maples, Barksdale Andrews, Tom S., Fort Worth Arneson, Anita, San Antonio Arnold, Ann LaRue, Alice Arnold, Augustus William, Jr., Houston Ashmore, Ruby Delle, Austin Atkins, Evelyn Laurence, Austin Atkins, Joyce Elaine, Beeville Atkins, Mary Lee, Christoval Atkison, Frances Jayne, Austin Austin, John Florea, Richmond Austin, John Lewis, Eagle Lake Bailey, James Howard, Port Arthur Barton, Wayne Alton, Bertram Bashara, Virginia Frances, Houston Beddoe, Helen Alyne, Dallas Beilharz, Frances Margaret, Dallas Bellamy, Mary Elizabeth, Dallas Benson, Frances Ellen, Austin Beyler, Anna Ruth, Brookshire Birge, Lily Eloise, Austin Bissett, Eldon, San Antonio Black, Kenneth Parker, Cypress Blackwell, Harold Alfred, Cristobal, C.Z. Blades, Duncan, Beaumont Blanchette, James Grady, Jr., Dallas Blanton, Ira Yates, Austin Blend, Harvey, Boston, Mass. Boaz, Willis, Fort Worth Boone, Kiel, Wichita Falls Boone, Pat Henry, Jr., Littlefield Boone, Robert Earl, Fort Worth Bostick, Alton Frankie, Big Spring Bowles, Mary Margaret, Big Wells Bracht, Fred A., Jr., Rockport Bradfield, Tom Walling, Austin Bridge, Glen W., Del Rio Brinkley, Dorothy Jane, Galena Park Brown, Juaneva, McAdoo Brown, William (Bill) Alley, Austin Brunson, Donald Lyons, Baytown Buller, Lillian Esther, Brookshire Bunkley, Claude, Stamford Bunnell, Nancy Winifred, Taylor Burks, Claracita Charlotte, Austin Busby, Claude Robert, Dilley Busch, Frances Elaine, Austin Bush, Peggy, Harlingen Buster, Jo Margaret, Junction Byers, Charmian, Denison Cain, Doris, Austin Cain, Frances Marcyle,Cleburne Callan, ' Eddie Lou, Austin _ Campbell, Helen, Kermit Carmichael, Mickie, Tyler Carr, Joe, Floresville Carr, Sam Brown, Jr., Floresville Carrington, Mary Margaret, Marquez PACE 90 Class of lf)4:J Carroll, Malcolm Dallas Carson, David Costley. Dallas Carson, Helen, Eagle Pass Carter, Claire Freda, Galveston Carter, Robert Daniel, Grand Rapids, Midi. Chrnault, Sadie. Austin Chilton. Martha Lear, Beeville Click, Mary Anne, Austin Cobb, S. William, Dallas ( . ' nl burn. Emma Jane. Orange Colletti. Ben Matthew, Port Arthur Collins. Charlotte Harriet, Fort Worth Collins, Nollie Maurine, Winnsboro Colunga, Berta, Dilley Commer, Esther Naomi, Hamilton Conn, Alvie Patrick. Bronson Connor, James Reagan, Abilene Conselyea, Adele DeLeon. Houston Cope, Marjorie Ann, Odessa Corchine, Selma, Dallas Corrick, Ann Marjorie. Detroit, Mich. Cowan, Richard Donald, Fort Worth Grain. Warren Hudspeth, San Antonio Craven, Clyde Coates. San Antonio Crockett, Ann, San Antonio Crosby, Vivian, Collinsville Crump, A. B., Mobeetie Cullers, Jerry, Megargel Cypert, Reynold LeMoyne, Austin Davis, Adrian Averil, Port Arthur Davis, Charles Robert. Buffalo Davis, John Alex, Benbrook Davis. Mary Kathleen, Austin Davis. Thomas Champ, Shamrock Dawson, Frances. Austin Dennis. Margaret Mills, Cleburne Deterly, Earl M.. Jr., Dalhart Deveny. Cinda Florence, Austin Dignowity. Helen Doris, Austin Dillon. Clifford Brien, Amarillo Douglas. Bruce, Spearman Douglas. Marjory Nell, Austin Douglas, Rachel Elizabeth, Electra Douglass. James Elliot, Dallas Duke, Mack Simpson, Port Arthur Duty. Norma Jene, Eagle Lake Egg. Marjorie, Edna Ehlers. Betty Jo, Carrizo Springs Eidson, Jack Leigh. Houston Elder, Carl Dyer, Coleman Elder, Jane. Austin Elliott. Betty June. Moran Elliott. Donald Ancil, Frisco Eng, Phillip, San Antonio England, Geneva Elizabeth, Salado Estes, La Verne, Austin Evans, Waunita. Hagerman, N. Mex. Evans, Wilbur, Mexia Eversberg. Connie Shirley, Houston Ferguson, Mary Jewel, Pharr PACE 91 ? Class of 1943 Fields, Florence, Wink Finch, Mary Mallory, Austin Finck, 0. H., Austin Fleishman, Shirley B., Tampico, Mex. Flynn, Lorene Jo, Marquez Foote, George Wilson, Jr., Port Arthur Franklin, Charlie Ann, Pleasanton French, Lillian, Abilene Fulmore, Sterling Robertson, Jr., Austin Gallaway, Jeanne, San Antonio Gallia, Jay Robert, Woodsboro Garner, Stone, Cameron Galling, Lynn, Somerville Gibbons, Joe Knox, Pittsburg Gibbs, Pauline, Buniet Giberson, Dorothy Louise, Austin Gidley, Dorothy Jane, Lytle Gillespie, Frances Jane, Austin Gist, Elmar, Cleburne Glass, Evelyn Bernice, Eagle Pass Classman, Irene Faye, Kansas City, Mo. Glassman, Norma Elaine, Lubbock Goeth, Joe, Austin Goldbeck, Robert Eugene, San Antonio Graham, Eugene Marie, Cleburne Gray, Minnie Ellen, Three Rivers Gray, Peggy, Wichita Falls Greeman, Glenetta, San Antonio Green, Arthur Clair, Harlingen Greenwood, Bennie Love, Bowie Greer, James, Whitesboro Greer. Waynie Meredith, Austin Gresham, Dorothy, Austin Griffin, Helen Jeanette, Bellville Griffin, Pat Rudisill, Orange Grundy, Robert Frank, Quitaque Guerra, Evangeline Mary, Rio Grande Hagan, Virginia Mae, Houston Hajek, Mildred Leona, Schulenburg Hall, Ruth Adeline, Tulsa, Okla. Hall, Seidel Seale, Jr., Austin Haltom, Silva Dee, Grapeland Hamblin, Kathaleene Nancy, La Porte Hardie, Jack, San Antonio Hardy, Bill Ward, Dallas Harmon, Dennis Buford, Tyler Harmon, Fred Ingersoll. Houston Harrell, Hazel, Holland Harris, Clara Barton, Calvert Harris, Clara Louise, Austin Harris, Isabell Julia, Abilene Harris, William Phillip, Graham Hawn, Joe Verne, Athens Herod, Varina Ann, Houston Hicks, Robert, Lufkin Hight, Florence Ruth, Austin Hightower, Jesse Brothers, Port Arthur Hill, Gregory A., Floresville Hill, Jim Dan, Grapeland Hill, Marguerite Karolyn, Austin PACE 92 Class of 194:) Hin-haw. Myrle. Abilene Hodge. " Henry Pope. Jr.. Wichita Falls Holax-k, ' Doris Mae. West Holden. Cleo. San Antonio Hollaway. Martha Miriam, Waelder Holloman. B. Kaye, Lockhart Holton. Rayburn Robert. Wellington Hopkins. A. James. Temple Hughes. Ruth Adelaide. Port Arthur Hunt. Clifford Jane, Corpus hri-li lies. Blanrhard. Oakdale. La. Ilfrey. (ienevieve Hortense. Goose Creek Barbara Ellen. Van Itz. Warren Bernard. San Antonio Jackson, Anne Ruth, Rockport Jane. Marie Louise. Richmond Janukowicz. Raymond Walter. Trenton. N. J. Jennings, Ima Gena, Abilene Johnson. Milton Mason. Cleburne Jones, Patricia Prideaux. Austin Joyce, Marie Louise. Austin Keese. Nila, Somerville Keller. Wynona Gradine. Snyder Kellis. Jim H.. Canton Kelly, Dorothy Nell. San Sal.a Kelsey. Johnny, Deport Kendall. Martha Sue. Topeka, Kans. Kr-ndall. Thomas Alfred, George West K. es, Jack H_ Tulsa, Okla. king. Mar - Margaret. Anson King. Miriam Anne. Dallas Kinsburg. t-ra Louise. Cincinnati. Ohio Kirby. Kay. San Angelo Kin henwitz. Edell Claud. Rockdale Kirk, Stanley, Brecken ridge Kocurek, Elenora Angeline. Dime Box Koeprke. Marie, Dallas Kreisle, Leonard! Ferdinand. Austin Kubecka, LeRoy John. Burkhohs Kynette, Adele, Alice Lambeth. Mary Ellen. Colorado City Langford. Aline. Bryan Lankford. Bille Mae, Cleburne Larsen. V ictoria Frances, Galveston Lawley. Mary Elizabeth, Gonzales Leahy. Mary Frances, Austin Levinson. Helen Lillie. Menard Le -y. Dorothy Paula. El Paso Lide, Geraldine. Mount Pleasant Lifshutz. Eleanor. San Antonio Lindau. Warren, Miami Beach. Fla. Lindsay. J. W_ Dallas Long. H. Jane. Louisville. k . Lorino, Classy Merle. Houston Lucas, John Parker, Houston Luce, Joan, Graford Lutteman. John Eric, Port Arthur Lynn, Katherine. Wellington Lyons. Frank J.. El Paso M Adams, Horace Ware, Muleshoe Pux 93 Class of 1943 McBride, Gerald J., Realitos McCampbell, William (Bill) Pancoast, Aransas Pass MoCarty, Pat, Abilene McCullough, Gladys, Houston MeCutehin, Verna Lee, Tyler McHolme, Duncan Caird, Houston Mclntyre, Dorothy Estaleen, Gladewater McKinney, Jeff Milam, Van Alstyne McKinney, Robert T., Mount Calm McLemore, Katherine Ernestine, Dallas MrMillian, Earl Thomas, Houston McMurry, J. Geoffrey, Hickman McNiel, James Samuel, Dallas Mack, Joe, San Antonio MacNaughton, William A., Austin Magliolo, Albert Matthew, Galveston Malach, Abraham, Mexico City, Mex. Mallini, Charles Thomas, Galveston Mann, Dorothy May, Corpus Christ! Manuel, Mary Lynne, Mexia Mapes, Doris Lee, Fort Smith, Ark. Marullo, Frank Clayville, Galveston Mash, Margaret Ann, Hillsboro Mason, Richard Stewart, Sanford, Fla. Massie, Jean, Vernon Matthews, Edwin Coll, Houston May, Doris, Ranger Millen, Leonard Francis, Trenton, N. J. Miller, William Douglas, Owens Mills, Jack W., Smithville Millsaps, Magdalen, Austin Mitchem, Stanley C., Clinton, Mo. Mohrle, Charles Dennis, Galveston Monroe, Morris Bowman, Iraan Montgomery, Lois Loine, Brazoria Montgomery, Vernon, Jr., Beeville Moore, James Franklin, Roswell, N. Mex. Moore, Margaret Lee, Fort Worth Moreland, Margaret, Silsbee Morgan, Martha Joanna, Weslaco Morris, Jack S., Naples Morrison, Joyce, Katy Morton, Beulah Kathryn, Katy Moss, Delia, Llano Music, Joe, Hillsboro Myatt, Julia Helen, Houston Myers, Margaret Virginia, Henrietta Nacol, Mary Regina, Port Arthur Newton, Josephine Dreis, Cameron Nickel, Doris Marie, Sioux Falls, S. D. Niemeyer, Norma Elise, La Porte Noble, Billy Graves, Midland Obar, Gloria, Austin O ' Daniel, Molly, Austin Oliver, Jack H., Buffalo Ott, Jean Marie, Austin Parks, Mary Love, Somerville Pate, Mattie Pauline, Hemphill Patrick, William H., Jr., Corsicana Patterson, Edward Clinton, Houston PACE 94 Class of 194:5 Petrucci, Frank Robert. Yonkers, N. Y. Pierce, Edgar Eugene, Menard Pinnston, Mary Jane, Dallas Poole, Ophelia Shaw, Cotulla Pounds, Billie Leonora, Sulphur Springs Prause, Gilbert Dallas, Valley Mills Praytor. Veryl Norine, El Campo Prell, Eulalie Blanche, Brazoria Price, Thomas E., Cincinnati, Ohio Provost, Robert Girard, Ancon, C. Z. Radtke, Donald E., Elgin Ramsey. Genevieve, Eldorado Rather, Katheryn Nelle. Austin Rawls. Jean McGregor, San Antonio Reid, Helen W., Junction Reid, Joe Lee, Goose Creek Reinhardt. Ray Brooks. Luling Rendall, Norman Edward, III, Ozona Ridout, Robert Gladstone, Kansas City, Mo, Riley, Ashby A., Jr., Houston Riley. Helen Sue, Abilene Rives, Wayne W., Borger Robbins, John, Athens Roberts. Marian Frances. Baytown Roberts, Mary Ann, Whitesboro Rogers, Charles Franklin, Dallas Roper, George Mann, Jr., Austin Rosenberg. Janet Louise, Austin Rosner, George, New York, N. Y. Russell, Frances Marie, Cleburne Russell, Norris, Stamford Rylander, Arlee, Buda Sackett. Fred, Jr.. Coleman SaflSr, Gloria Anne, Dallas Saladino, Mary Rosalyn, Mercedes Samfield, Edwin, Port Arthur Schumann. Mary Ann, Austin Schwartzenburg, Lilian, Austin Scott, William Allen, Little Rock, Ark. Shand, Alister F., Kerrville Shelton, Robert Lewis, Dallas Sheppard, Frank Bates, Cuero Shield, Donald Lee, Coleman Shrecengost, Donald Judson, Roswell, N. Mex. Shumate, Nancy Jane, Dallas Simmons, Perry Marshall, Baytown Simpson, Tyler. Llano Smedley, Gordon Leanard, Houston Smith, Alice Mae, Kerrville Smith, Argie Fa, Austin Smith, Carolyn Beth, Laredo Smith, Margaret Fay, Sonora Smith, Polly, Spearman Smith. William Clarence, Yorktown Speegle, Margaret Louise, Rochelle Spence, David William Bil|i, Bryan Spies. Betty, Ladonia Squires, Anne Elizabeth, Mercedes Sralla, Thclma Kathyrne, Crosby Stahlhut, Virginia Arlene, Wichita, Kans. Class of 1943 Stayton, Betty Beverly, Austin Stayton, Virginia Elizabeth, Ardmore, Okla. Steffen, Fred R., Monroe, Wis. Stein, Faye, Frederirksburg Steinhart, Eugenia Love, Cristobal, C. Z. Stell, Tommie Faye, Stamford Stevenson, Robert James, Ranger Stidham, Myrtle Eleanor, Cameron Stiff, James H., Big Spring Storkard, Catherine Lee, Dallas Stockton, James E., San Angelo Stork. Willie Mae, Austin Stripling, Sarah Elizabeth, San Augustine Stroter, Clara Louise, Houston Stroud, Milton Lee, Waco Sturdivant, Robie Nell, Beeville Sukman, Robert, Port Arthur Summers, Fabian, Cuero Sutton, Anne, Austin Swanson, Joel Oliver, Port Arthur Swinny, Patricia Ann, Victoria Swirce, Esther, Mercedes Tate, Billy, DeLeon Taylor, Herman, Fort Worth Terry, Lois Watts, Wharton Thomas, Janet Ruth, Big Rock, 111. Thorn, Robert Peyton, Big Lake Tittsworth, James Lem, Bonham Treaccar, Charlotte Jane, Galveston Trimble, Ruth Jeanne, San Angelo Turner, Betty Jo, San Saba Tyson, Roberts Kenny, Calvert Umstattd, Mac, Detroit, Mich. Upchurch, Robert L., Bedias Veatch, Mary Virginia, Garwood Vogel, Alfred J., Midland Vogt, R. Jeanne, Austin Walker, Elizabeth Louise, Saratoga Walker, R. E., Jr., Port Arthur Ward, Neva Adele, Austin Warner, Gloria Jane, Austin Wendlandt, Margaret Eloise, Austin White, Betty Bayne, Fort Worth White, Earl Joe, Austin White, Frances Suzanne, Anson Whiteside, Kathleen Abigail, Electra Whitfield, Victoria Marie, Dallas Whittington, Fay Brunner, Port Arthur Williams, Mary Elizabeth, Fabens Williams, Harry F., San Antonio Wilson, Thomas, Luling Wilson, Violet Elaine, Electra Wingo, Eleanor, Lockney Winkel, Marjorie, Fort Worth Wiskochil, Margaret, Dallas Wood, Harriet Elizabeth, Austin Wood, Marjorie Collier, Nixon Wilhite, Langford, Coleman Yoder, James Robert, Weimar Zeigler, Julius B., Jr., Shamrock PACE % i HE MAN of finance to be suc- cessful must judge the future: politicians are opportunists of the present. Generally, though not always, it is the pageant of the past that fires literary imagination. John C. Duval was the first Texan conscious of the art of writing to write about Texas themes with literary in- tent: that is, with the purpose of amusing, entertaining, illuminating a scene for its own sake. In 1835, at the age of nineteen, he came to Texas from Kentucky to fight Mexicans. His brother was killed in the Goliad Massacre, but he escaped, completed his education at the University of Virginia, and then returned to Texas to become a ranger under Jack Hays and to spend many years surveying lands. Soon after the Civil War. in which he fought on the Confederate side, he published in magazine form the three narratives on which his fame rests. " Early Times in Texas " is the story of his escape from Goliad. It has the quality of ro- mance associated with " Robinson Crusoe, " and forty years ago Duval ' s first biographer predicted that " some day this will be a Texas classic, and it will be the joy of every Texas boy ' s heart to possess a copy. " It is certainly far better known now than when the predic- tion was made. Its sequel, " The Young Ex- plorers, " takes a party of hunters beyond the frontiers of the Texas Republic and teaches them the lore of wild life, Indians, and a pris- tine land. Bigfoot Wallace was one of the most original characters not only of Texas but of America. He could tell a story, drink out of a jug, eat jerked beef, poultice wounds with prickly pear, scalp an Indian and make his old rifle " Sweetlips " up a Mexican with more gusto than could be found in all the oil fields owned by John D. Rockefeller. He and Duval were compadres for half a cen- tury. Duval ' s " Adventures of Bigfoot Wallace " has a truth that is beyond facts and read- ability that only the proper blending of the tamed and the untamed can give. Bigfoot was one of the Mier prisoners and this nar- rative belongs also in the category illustrated by Peter Ellis Bean ' s " Memoir. " THE ADNENTURES OF BIG FOOT WALLACE iW by . Nothing else could be heard except the snoring of Ben Wade in camp, who was one of the most provident men. where eating and sleep- ing were lon-erned. I ever met with . . . One night when Ben and I were on a spying expedition in one of the Xao villages, the dogs discovered, us. and soon roused the whole tribe with their barking . . . and we concluded we could find a healthier locality a few miles off. and made tracks for the bottom timber. . . . But just as we were passing the last lodge. Ben discovered a side of buffalo ribs masting ... in front of it. -a - he. " lei ' - -top and take a bite: . . . .g 1 made no signs of stopping he said: B. JOHN C. [)l V M. lf...r ui Rrhrcc . Smith " If you won ' t wait. I must take the ril s along with me . . . " - soon as I thought we were out of immediate danger. I stopped to catch my breath a little, and said to Ben: " lien, as you would bring those ribs along. I believe I ' ll take one of them now . . . " " I ' m sorn. " -ays he. " ' lap. but you spoke too late: I ' ve polished them all. " And if you ' ll believe me. it was a fact! While we were running for dear life, with a down red de il wreeching after us. Ben had picked the rib as clean of meat as the ivory handle of my six-shooter. . . . Copyright. ]936 h TARDY Prm.isniNf. Co. MONDAY 11 SEPT. 1939 The Tower, the first thing glimpsed by students, new and old. arriving in Aus- tin. Students arrive on the train . . . Crowd in taxis . . . Forget their trunks in the general confusion . . . Stroll on the campus like comely Gene Comer. And stick their noses in the mail box like Jack Grain. TUESDAY 12 SEPT. 1939 P 97 WEDNESDAY 13 SEPT. 1939 And then Rush Week at the Kappa Sigma house, members and rushees ob- serve intently an interest- ing billiard game. At the S.P.E. house they chat animatedly in the shadow of the deer and cups. Betas entertain with a lively card game. Hal Woodward, president, watches in the back- ground. A. T. O. ' s Raymond Har- rison, Lou Borden and Jack Linthicum talk over the general situation while George Northing- ton samples a house smoke. Phi Sigma Deltas gra- ciously take a time out in their rushing to array themselves and rushees symmetrically for the cameraman. Looks like a round of good jokes are being ex- changed at the S.A.E. house. FRIDAY 15 SEPT. 1939 PACE 98 WEDNESDAY 13 SEPT. 1939 An outdoor bull session passes time quickly and pleasantly at the Sigma Nu house. Delta Sigma Phis and rushees are charmed by a little boogie woogie. Clif- ford Swearingen seems especially intent on the lad in the groove. A close decision in a horse shoe game at the Delta Tau house calls for a general conference. Refreshments in the Phi Gam garden help pass the warm afternoons. Gilbert Cox bends the elbow while Bill Kennedy and Johnny Meyer look on convivially. Chi Phis and guests gather merrily for some lively conversation. George Nalle. amateur magician and prestidigi- tator, extracts from the well-known hat the well- known hare to the amaze- ment and amusement of all at the Deke house. Gathered around the viand and victual laden board are the Pi K. A. ' s and rushees. J. Waddy Bullion in the foreground. FRIDAY 15 SEPT. 1939 P.ti 99 r WEDNESDAY 13 SEPT. 1939 And now to something more interesting the girls ' Rush Week. Nita Ligon, president of Gam- ma Phi Beta, carefully combs her curly locks for that pre-rush party. To a Theta pre-rush party goes beauteous Patty Wills. Stepping through the door with Patty, we find the Theta pre-rush well under way. Waiting on the steps of the Geology Building for Pre-Rush Convocation are these four beauties. And such charm! Pi Phis gather for a little plain and fancy rushing. Adele Neely, president, takes the lead with a lovely smile. Before the large mirror in their new house, Alpha Chi Omegas rush. FRIDAY 15 SEPT. 1939 PACE 100 WEDNESDAY 13 SEPT. 1939 During Freshman Ori- entation Week, Dorothy Moss and Jane Watkins receive the desired info from Stuart Purcell. Freshmen loiter outside Hogg Auditorium before an orientation convoca- tion. Orientated freshmen leave Hogg. And here are some of the orientators Orange Jackets, who showed in- quisitive newcomers what building was what " Attaboy Bill, glad you joined Zeta Mu Mu! " Hearty congrats go the rounds at the men ' s Rush M eek Convocation, at which rushees indicated their choice of fratern- ities. More of the same. FRIDAY 15 SEPT. 1939 fux 101 SATURDAY 16 SEPT. 1939 Tri Belts Francis Har- ris, Maxine Dietzel, Mary Pearl Roller, Idanell Brill, and Mary Julia von Blucher express great glee. Thetas are delighted over the whole situation as shown by the charming smiles. At the Alpha Phi house members and rushees sit in a convivial circle on the floor. Hazel Dawa Nunn and an attractive rushee converse at the A. D. Pi house. Chi Omega Helen Cox explains how Joyce Whaley gets all those lovely melodies out of that accordion. Alpha Epsilon Phi rushees with a smile. Poised statuesquely be fore the mantelpiece Delta Gamma Ruth Por ter. TUESDAY 19 SEPT. 1939 PACE 102 y ftW9A i ffffj ' f ;Sf M, S SATURDAY 16 SEPT. 1939 Tickets to register are procured from the Arts and Sciences booth. And now the girls have their turn at convocation and congratulations. Mar gie McEnnis and Mar- jorie Sinclair are the pledges being greeted. KTBC interviews fresh- men on registration day. Here Betty Boucher of Abilene is being inter- rogated. " More interviews each hour on the hour throughout the day. " Having trouble making up your mind what courses to take? Just leave it to the able corp of sectionizers at Gregory Gym. " We who are about to pay. salute you! " Here the dancers are paying the fiddler. Exclusive photo of mil- lions and millions of Cactuses and a couple of Daily Texans being sold on registration day. Rang- er? Never heard of it! TUESDAY 19 SEPT. 1939 103 ife I WEDNESDAY 20 SEPT. 1939 During registration stu- dents gang up on the Registrar ' s Office. After the grueling task of registering, students relax jangled nerves by reading their informative Texans and their humor- ous Rangers. (Note well. Max Skelton and Joe James. ) MICA, with Pat Wells, president, officiating, signs up new members. Pete Layden gets a little early punting practice. Exclusive Cactus Press photo of freshmen stoical- ly receiving the results of their psychology tests. The Texan Radio Broad- cast gets off to an auspi- cious start on its opening night from the new campus studio. Gathered around the great god Mike are Ben Kaplan. Oma Ray Walker, John Stephen, and Bill New- kirk. SUNDAY 24 WEDNESDAY 20 SEPT. 1939 Pledge night arrives and sorority open houses are in full swing everywhere. In the Kappa pledge line are smiles and happy looks. Chi Omegas serve punch in the garden. In the Theta garden are these charming pledges. Study in white in the Pi Phi patio. Anne Talley ladles punch at the Zeta open house. East is East and West is West but everybody is at the Pledge Night German. SUNDAY 24 SEPT. 1939 MONDAY 25 SEPT. 1939 At the Florida rally the Cowboys, campus honor- ary service organization, contributes to the success of the occasion. Elected to assist Jimmy Graves, head yell leader, were Robert Boone, Billy Keenan, Dick Bender, and Charles Lipscomb. Jimmy smiles from behind the spotted tie. President Rainey ad- dresses the Florida rally. Kappa Sigmas take to the wide open spaces. Kneeling in the back- ground is Amon Carter. Jr. Heigh ho! Heigh ho! It ' s off to class we go. Jack Fant and Roger Sullivan treading the last mile. And some more picnic! Henry Talliaferro is en- tranced by the lullaby of Flower Mills as Penelope Hayter harmonizes. SUNDAY i OCT. 1939 Picz 106 MONDAY 25 SEPT. 1939 Revellers at Jan Garber tea dansant. Off to the Florida foot- ball game with banners flying are Louise Pincus and Shirley Bennett. Texas romps over Florida. Score: 12 to 0. R. B. Pat- rick has the ball. A husky Floridan grap- ples with line-plunging Longhorn Nelson Puert. Jack Grain shifts around end. Sunday morning students attend church. SUNDAY i OCT. 1939 PACE 107 MONDAY 2 OCT. 1939 Wallie Lawson and Mar- tha Lutz stroll from the Commons, University re- freshment center. In pursuit of the elusive legal knowledge are Stan- ley Neely, Longhorn end, .and Bill Billings. Students check out books at the Reserve Library desk. Free bridge classes are Tield in the Union. A point of some interest, having to do with one ' s partner ' s ace, is here being ex- plained. And now to the Journal- ism Jamboree. In the kimono is Porky Wil- liams; around the table .are grouped Ben Kaplan. John Wagner, and Joe James. Professor Paul J. Thomp- .son and Max Skelton par- take of liquid refresh- ment, as Anita Cook ladles and Mrs. Leila Haines Keeling opens a can of cookies. More Jamboree. Clyde LaMotte, Bettinel Phillips and MacRoy Rasor ad- dress the microphone. SUNDAY 8 OCT. 1939 PACE 108 MONDAY 2 OCT. 1939 Dick Bender, assistant yell leader, pauses at the Delta Tau front portals. The Wisconsin send-off. Footballers go by bus to the train and . Go by train to the game. Goodbye and good luck, Longhorns! Tearing their hair and a mess of paper in their ex- citement, students listen to the game at the Wiscon- sin Union Party. Harkins runs between two eager Wisconsonians. Anniversary party for William D. Hornaday given by the Klip Klub in celebration of Mr. Horna- day ' s twenty-five years of service for the University. Joy Ray smiles coyly from behind a pillar. SUNDAY 8 OCT. 1939 PACE 169 MONDAY 9 OCT. 1939 Basil Bell. University Longhorn Band president, buys his ticket to the Marine Band Concert. Joe James, Ranger editor, consults Burt Dyke on a serious problem. The Journalism Building gets its annual bat eradi- cation much to the amuse- ment of the onlookers. Jim Langdon before class. meditates Dick Bender, assistant cheer leader, does a back flip that even a fast lens can ' t stop. Lieutenant W. F. Santel- mann, director of the Marine Band, says a few words of greeting to Aus- tin as Governor W. Lee O ' Daniel looks on ap- provingly. Colonel George E. Hurt explains to genial Direc- tor Santelmann. A moment that thrilled the large audience packed in Gregory Gymnasium : Colonel Hurt leads the Marine Band. SUNDAY 15 OCT. 1939 PACE MONDAY 9 OCT. 1939 The Band freshmen have fun on the 0. U. trip and are accorded all sorts of privileges. Students listening to the 0. U. game in the Union enjoy a between the halves paper fight. Jethro Meek, behind the dark glasses, attends the game. Spectators are all decked out in their best despite the heat. The Oklahoma yell leader is poised ready for action. Jack Grain shakes off an aggressive Sooner. A burly Oklahoman gath- ers in a pass. In a long pass play the pigskin sails toward a waiting Oklahoma end. SUNDAY 15 OCT. 1939 I ' m 111 MONDAY 16 OCT. 1939 Fall elections are wel- come when they bring out such charming campaign- ers as Elizabeth Niggli. She ' s all wrapped up in her work, too. Bossie comes in for a bit of exploitation as Billy Seay ' s campaign gets into full swing. Jeannette Dickson, Flor- ence Davis, Edwina Good- wyn, and Frances Mc- Connell get in a huddle on a little election strategy. Bertha Field and Dorothy Jean Wager are sur- rounded by admirers and campaign literature. The Latin-American good- will delegation groups around smiling Dr. C. E. Castaneda. At the Tejas open house J. Ward Fouts and Frances Utley are enjoy- ing themselves immensely. Ruth Spargo gets a new dancing partner. Howard Townsend is the unlucky lad cut in on. SUNDAY 22 OCT. 1939 PACE 112 " SEflY FOR .OWIH CvODWW MONDAY 16 OCT. 1939 Listening intently at the Arkansas rally are Jack Grain. Texas backfield flash, and Joe Wilson, foreman of the Cowboys. Razorback reserves and coach beetle at the scene of their defeat. Park Myers hurls words of encouragement at the assembled rallyers before the Arkansas game. Jimmy Graves, cheer leader, lurks in the back- ground. Texas smashes over for a touchdown. A galloping Razorback crosses the Longhorn goal-line. Arkansas unleashes its aerial attack. Coach Dana X. Bible stands dumbfounded with amazement as. in the last thirty seconds of play. Jack Grain scurried seventy-one (71 1 yards to convert a 13-7 defeat to a 14-13 Longhorn victory. Note the uninhibited ex- uberance of the Longhorn behind Coach Bible. A cheering mob rushes out on the field to bear Grain, who had just booted the extra point, awav on their shoulders. SUNDAY 22 OCT. 1939 PACE 113 MONDAY 23 OCT. 1939 V Officers of the Freshman Fellowship Club pose with their talented Ha- waiian entertainer. Delta Sigma Pi, profes- sional business fraternity, gives an open house in the Union. To the assembled guests from the Business Administration School are shown motion pictures of the Texas-Wisconsin game. Dean J. Anderson Fitz- gerald enjoys the show. Guests observe the techni- cal workings of the movie machine. Kappa Kappa Gammas formally open their new house with a reception. Jimmy Watson engages Jean McEniry in conver- sation at the Kappa recep- tion. Guests dine at the Co-Ed Assembly training school for campus officers. TUESDAY 31 PACE 114 MONDAY 23 OCT. 1939 Clyde Littlefield, fresh- man football coach, shows Ray McKay and Fritz Lobpreis. freshman football stars, how to grasp the pigskin. Student government gets under way with the first meeting of the Students ' Assembly. In the middle foreground are President Sydney Reagan and Sec- retary Anne Finch. Mr. and Mrs. Chase Ba- romeo at the Fine Arts ' Faculty Concert. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Donato. Mrs. Adelaide Dazey, res- ident director of Prather. Roberts, and Bracken- ridge Halls, with Pinky Higgins, Texas Ex and noted baseball player. Rice Pep Rally. In the background is the mak- ings of the huge bonfire. Arno Nowotny addresses the crowd at the Rice Rally. On the steps of Hill Hall football players and spec- tators view the proceed- ings. TUESDAY 31 OCT. 1939 MONDAY 23 OCT. 1939 Delta Chis entertain with a festive and enjoyable Hallowe ' en party. SPE ' s and guests frolic at their open house. General and generous smiles at the Phi Gam open house indicate a suc- cessful party. In the Texas Union. Houston Clubbers enter- tain with a dance. D. W. Springer, secretary of the Association of the Governing Boards of Uni- versities, explains to David Ross, president of the Board of Trustees of Purdue University. Mr. and Mrs. Grain watch Jack perform at the Rice game. Between them is Jim Tom Petty, Jack ' s high school football coach. Maurice Angly, editor of the 1923 Cactus, and his mother observe the game with interest. Texas ' capable yell lead- ers pause between cheers. Newspaper carrier pigeon with action pictures of the game takes off, goes into a vertical bank, and heads for San Antonio. The boys return to field after the half. The crowd goes wild with excitement as Texas scores again. TUESDAY 31 OCT. 1939 PAGE 116 MONDAY 23 OCT. 1939 Texas carries the ball to the Rice two-vard line. A Rice pass from Lain to Cordill is snapped in mid- air bv the camera. X atching the game from the sidelines are Jack Gray, with the head phones and mouthpiece, Shelby Buck. Jimmy Grubbs. Nelson Puett, Coach Bible, and Jack Grain. Morris Basey and R. L. Harkins. after the game, receive the plaudits of the crowd as they leave the Stadium. Ned McDonald presents Texas ' mascot with a foot- ball inscribed with the record of the defeat of Rice. Bob Taylor comes to Aus- tin to set the little co-ed hearts a-palpitating. President Homer P. Rainey receives for the University Longhorn Band an American flag from Joe Dacy. represent- ing the American Legion, as Basil Bell. Band presi- dent, looks on. TUESDAY 31 OCT. 1939 tta :r ..... ' WEDNESDAY i NOV. 1939 v The thrill of putting on a Curtain Club play is re- flected in the eyes of the switchboard operators for A Beggar on Horseback. Curtain Club make-up crews swing into action. A humorous scene from the play itself. This pro- duction was a laugh riot from start to finish. Prentice Hill, talented stage set designer, poses with veteran Curtain Clubber Idanell Brill. At the Newman Club dance are Margaret Rich- ardson and Pat Harkins, both law students. Mary Louise Ware plays Eve at the Delta Gamma party. Joy Ray and Dick Gump are having a very enjoy- able time at the Pi K. A. formal. Margaret McKee is about to go out of this world as Lansing Thome laughs appreciatively. Margaret Barren and Bill Webb are having fun, too. SUNDAY 5 NOV. 1939 PACE 118 WEDNESDAY i NOV. 1939 Three gentlemen of great renown, Dub Singleton, Joe Wilson, and Bob Strauss, wend their way classward. Johnnie Coselli, Law School assemblyman, lis- tens attentively. A quick shave before that 8 o ' clock class is seldom a welcome chore but is always in order. Jeannette Dickson talks on the phone. Margaret Rolle expresses great surprise and aston- ishment. Theta Sig pledges. June Broe. Lela Haines Keel- ing, and Estine Dorwood, have to sell Daily Texans. A huge crowd is on hand to witness the Texas-S. M. U. football game. Layden plunges forward toward the S. M. U. goal- line. SUNDAY 5 NOV. 1939 MONDAY 6 NOV. 1939 Andy Carter and his faith- ful setter catch up on a little shut-eye. Ruth Spargo recuperates from a strenuous week- end Sleeping Beauty. John Peterson proudly displays his catch. Louis White waves as he hurries in the Commons. Whitfield Collins is en- grossed in a touch foot- ball game. Arch Ross is ready for a little soft ball competi- tion. Interested spectators view the movies of the S. M. U. football game. Richard Kleberg pauses on the steps of the La v Building to deliver a part- ing remark to some of his friends. In the main reading room of the Library students prepare for their mid- term exams. SUNDAY 12 NOV. 1939 L PACE 120 MONDAY 6 NOV. 1939 Amalia Mil Ian entertains in Geology Auditorium with Spanish songs and dances. At the Academy of Science meeting E. F. George and 0. A. Ullrich, newly-elected president, check over their notes. At the S.R.D. formal Gloria Dawn Blue has a firm grip on four en- thusiastic escorts. Jane Stroud and Kenny Ford smile happily at the Zeta formal. At the same function arc Florence Fannin and Ross Elliott. The happy group at the Jessie Andrews open house are Bob Amundson, Ivy Lee Jones. Joe Flack, Ursula Magliolo. and Bob CongelosL Friday night finds the Little Campus Dormitory dance in full swing. 0. D. Weeks addresses the large crowd in attendance in Hogg Auditorium for the Armistice Day pro- gram. Slopping through the mud at Waco are the hard- fighting Baylor and Texas teams. SUNDAY 12 MONDAY 13 NOV. 1939 The Don Cossack Choir delighted students and Austinites with their choral skill and wide range of voices. Alexander Woollcott, who lectured in Hogg Me- morial Auditorium, stands before the mike that has carried his voice from coast to coast to millions of appreciative listeners. Cowboys carry torches at the T. C. U. rally. Jimmy Weiler plays at the Chi Phi open house. SUNDAY 19 Ubbe Johnson cuts in on Ann Painter and Joe Cor- bin at the Alpha Phi dance. Mary Myles Mitchell, dancing at the Alpha Phi formal with Buzz Tipton, makes cobra-eyes. As thousands cheer, the T. C. U. rally proceeds. MONDAY 13 NOV. 1939 A charging T. C. U. Horned Frog is about to be severely stiff-armed by Longhorn Noble Doss. Running on the ground isn ' t fast enough for Jimmy Grubbs : to clear a prostrate Frog, he takes to the air with the greatest of ease. Doss intercepts a T. C. U. pass as Grain backs him up. The Faculty Club holds a reception for new mem- bers. At the Phi Delt barn dance Russell Leonard, Jean McEniry. Bill Tuck- er, and Jeannette Russell are having a lot of good farm fun. Phi Psi barn dancers show great merriment ; the angelic expression be- longs to Kathryn Dial. Flash back to the Phi Delt party Eugenia Mc- Murrey and Frank Blank- enbeckler. SUNDAY 19 NOV. 1939 M v P.CE 12J MONDAY 20 NOV. 1939 Dale Carnegie is making friends with Marion Key, Janet Long, and Hal Bridges and influencing them to laugh. Dr. Alexander Ruthven, president of the Univer- sity of Michigan, reads as Dr. Rainey peeks over his shoulder. Witnessing an intramural football game are Mar- gery Ligon and Jane Copeland. Early in the morning life is real and life is earnest. Figure this one out your- self. Clue: it came off a Physics blackboard. Backstage, waiting to go on, are Madeline Birdwell .and 0. G. Wellborn, per- formers in the Light Op- tra ' s production of Fol- low Through. A drink of water is in order for another member of the cast of Follow Through. Dean Emeritus T. U. Tay- lor prepares to say a few words into the mike at the ' Society of Professional Engineers banquet in his honor. SUNDAY 26 NOV. 1939 (PACE 124 MONDAY 20 NOV. 1939 At the Kappa Sigma for- mal. Bill Getzendaner croons to Mary Hilman as Bill Deaderick and Mary Brownlee look on. Dancing classes at the Texas Union in full swing. The Texas Ranger is passed out to a mob of clamoring students. Editor Joe James thinks the crowd is after his scalp; therefore, he trav- els incognito. At the A. T. 0. open house Clara Sansom ex- plains to Bill Riley and Bill Miller. Louise Cherry on her way to class. Libbie Lawson drops her books. Lewis McDonald. Eloise DuBois. Bill Samuels, Jane Copeland. and Goree Waugh at the Theta for- mal. Intermission at the Theta formal. Kenny Ford dances with Jean Johns at the Cowboy formal. Dick Kleberg and Mary Lewis Scott enjoy the Cowboy formal, too. SUNDAY 26 NOV. 1939 MONDAY 27 NOV. 1939 Rudolf Serkin, distin- guished pianist on a Com- munity Concert program, played brilliantly and in- telligently for a large appreciative audience in Hogg Auditorium. The Warren House dinner brought happy smiles to these pretty faces. Alpha Gamma Deltas cluster around their presi- dent, Martha Swanson, seated on the floor. Ted Bellmont looks serious. At the Alpha Chi Omega house, Anna Marie Hieser- man and Ruth Thomas re- cuperate from an automo- bile accident. Coach Dana X. Bible dons his new gift boots at the A. M. rally. Gilly Davis, Bullet Gray, Stan Neely, Shelby Buck, Park Myers, and Ned Mc- Donald, all seniors, par- ticipate in the rally. President Rainey ad- dresses the A. M. rally gathering. SUNDAY 3 DEC. 1939 PACE 126 MONDAY 27 NOV. 1939 Elizabeth Painter smiles into the telephone. Connie Gossett sees eye to eye with us. Blake Stroud and Presley Werlein pose for the in- quisitive camera. Billy Sansing pounds out a good story for the Texan. Zeta ' s cruise around in " Frankenstein. " Thanksgiving vacation and time to go home. Between apple bites Jack Grain explains the game to Blair Cherry. Gilly Davis pursues with avengeance a ball- carrying Aggie at the Texas- A. M. game. SUNDAY 3 DEC. 1939 MONDAY 4 DEC. 1939 Allen Ludden, Curtain Club star, and Cleora Rohrbough emerge from the Commons and hurry to class. Having an enjoyable bull session at the Chi Phi house are Beau Godard. Dub Yarborough, and Jules Damiani. Dr. Rainey buys the first Varsity Carnival ticket from Ruth Spargo and Bob Strauss. Coach Dana X. Bible sits between Ted Dawson and Jimmy Grubbs, captains- elect of the football team. Fun at the Sigma Nu frolic. At the Beta formal Betty Munson and Bill Kuhn converse as Bill Kennedy glides up to cut in. Eloise Logan and Mor- gan Nesbitt are enjoying themselves at the Kappa tea dance. SUNDAY 10 DEC. 1939 PACE 128 MONDAY 4 DEC. 1939 The setting for the in- auguration of President Homer P. Rainey. At the inauguration Mrs. Rainey sits with President Rainey ' s mother and father. Dr. George W. Truett de- livers the invocation. Major J. R. Parten. Chair- man of the Board of Regents, introduces Presi- dent Rainey. Major Parten congratu- lates President Rainey. President Rainey delivers a vigorous, thought- provoking speech, typical of the man. Clarence A. Dykstra, President of the Univer- sity of Wisconsin, shakes hands. Dr. Americo Castro in the background. John Erskine. noted author, and President Rainey are seen at the in- auguration banquet as John W. Calhoun tells a fish story in the back- ground. At the S. P. E. tea dance Maxine Robison dances with Bill Webb. SUNDAY 10 DEC. 1939 PACE 129 MONDAY 11 DEC. 1939 The annual Varsity Carni- val comes to bring fun and frolic to the students of the University. Delta Chi ' s skit was titled " Secrets of Six. " In the Kappa booth are June Jordan, June Carr, Ruth Darden, Jane Bailey, and Blanche Page. The Kappa Sigs give a realistic re-enactment of " The Shooting of Dan McGrew. " Alpha Xi Delta won first prize in the sorority di- vision. Taxi-dancers, male and female, dance together Bertha Field, Jack Grain, Bill Merritt, and Gilly Davis. And here is the complete line-up of the Phi Psi taxi-dancers. If you have a dime, step up. In the Delta Theta Phi booth Tom Unis, prose- cutor, interrogates John- nie Coselli as " Judge " Marion Key looks on suspiciously. Caught in the act! Mrs. Kathleen Bland and Miss Dorothy Gebauer gamble at the Bingo table. THURSDAY 14 DEC. 1939 PACE 13C X MONDAY 11 DEC. 1939 Zetas in blackface enter- tain at the Varsity Car- nival. The Theta Xi booth runs wide open. Around and ' round she goes; where she stops nobody knows. Dr. Rainey enjoys trying to win a turtle. Convivial scene at the A. T. O. booth during the Carnival. A touching scene from the Curtain Club ' s excellent production of Devtfs Dis- ciple. Jimmy Parke. director of the Curtain Club produc tions. explains to Bob Mc- Cutchin and Idanell Brill. Hanging scene from Dev- iFs Disciple. Backstage an actor steals a slight nap. Gilly Davis receives the outstanding senior foot- ball player award from Charles Howell. repre- senting the Junior Cham- ber of Commerce, at the football banquet. THURSDAY 14 DEC. 1939 PACE 131 FRIDAY 15 DEC. 1939 At the Pi Phi tea dance Miggie Burchard and Bob Doherty dance. . . . and Jane Green and Weldon Porter converse and discuss. At the A. T. 0. black and white formal a merry group communicate ani- matedly. Cleve Bachman, Betty Munson, Betty Beall, and Lou Borden intermit to- gether. Jane Taylor clings to Bob Fain and T. P. Hewitt at the Chi Phi formal. Henry Cortes, King Ug to you, reigns over the Charity Ball. The Texan staff crowds around in the middle of their Christmas party. At the same party were seen Santa Claus, Clyde LaMotte, and Oma Ray Walker. FRIDAY 22 DEC. 1939 PACE 132 FRIDAY 15 DEC. 1939 The Texas Union gets its annual Christmas decora- tion. Santa Glaus appears at the Shangri-La Christmas party and brings plenty of gifts with him. President Rainey gets his fingerprints taken during Fingerprint Week. The two gentlemen surround- ing Dr. Rainey are not from the F. B. I. Phi Delta Thetas are hard at work decorating their Christmas tree. Dorothy Strickland con- verses at the Phi Gam Cuban open house. Murray Faskin cuts in on Mary Pearl Lynn and Dick Knight at the Phi Cam open house. At the K. A. Christmas party Elizabeth Stafford listens intently. Dancing at the Phi Psi formal are Anne Talley and Leland Thompson. FRIDAY 22 DEC. 1939 PACE 133 WEDNESDAY 3 JAN. 1940 Joe Corbin and Ann Painter tread a measure at the Delta Tau formal. At the same function are Bill Webb, Maxine Robi- son, and Bill Guyette. John Holland and Jo Bickley are enjoying the Chi Omega formal. Also having a wonderful time are Jetty DeLong and Clyde Johnson, who seem to be " putting their little feet. " And now for some scenes from the comedy Time Staggers On. First we have the Tower Clock scene. Then the great big foot- ball squad does what looks like a spring dance. Jack Sucke, narrator, and Bill Newkirk confer hastily. Clint Anderson, much to the amusement of the audience, impersonates a University professor. SUNDAY 14 JAN. 1940 WEDNESDAY 3 JAN. 1940 And still more T.S.O. (Time Staggers On to you). Ben Kaplan, the Co-Ed Trio, and John Hicks do their bit to make the evening thoroughly enjoyable. Behind all those whiskers is Bob McCutchin. Betty Lee dances for the T.S.O. audience. Final exams are coming, tra-la. tra-la. Laura Wil- liams is going to be all set for them. And so is Harold Spears. Lewis Foxhall read? a couple of quick cases be- fore class. A brief respite from the business of study. Phi Delts Carter Dudley, Bill Lang. Joel Park, and Billy Harvin relax with a game of bridge. Billy is right pleased with that last play. In the Chemistry Library Lester Epstein and Mar- garet Lilyan Walker do a little serious studying. Bob Morgan takes it easy at the Delta Sigma Phi house, but gets the job done. SUNDAY 14 JAN. 1940 PAC US MONDAY 15 JAN. 1940 Another talented Com- munity Concert artist, Robert Virovai, plays for a large audience in Hogg Auditorium. Glen McNatt, and John and James Street brush up on their courses for final exams. Under a Michigan banner at the Delta Phi Epsilon house, Dorothy Levy studies assiduously. Tri Delt ' s Ina Jo Ogle and Virginia Cruser seem to get a lot of enjoyment out of their courses. Charles Peterson, billiard expert, shows a crowd of interested onlookers just how it is done. At Carothers Dormitory Doraine Geiger, Betty Boyd, Virginia Busby, Sue Miller, Moselle Jacobs, and Miriam Ra- binowitz study together. Students get their chance to prove what they know. Journalism 12 students take their final. Milford May and Glynn Cross trade legal knowl- edge in the Law Library. SUNDAY 28 JAN. 1940 PACE 136 MONDAY 15 JAN. 1940 And now for a pictorial study of a strange Austin meteorological occur- rence. One day it was rather warm and spring- like. Agnes Pricer studied in umbrella and shorts. And David Bland lolled in the warmth of the day. But the next day! David Bland plows through the snow in his overcoat. Brrrr! And playful students frolic in the snow. And Sears McGee stands proudly by the Phi Delt snow woman. And a great time is had by all. Boy meets girl; boy throws girl in snow. And the fountain freezes over. The scoop of the year! Southbound robin is amazed by the snow and wishes he was with his Uncle Joe in California. The snowfall was general enough to cover the entire campus with a thick blanket. But exams went on just the same, and these stu- dents had to take their business law final. President Hutchins. dis- tinguished president of Chicago University, and Dr. Rainey confer before a large photograph of the University and environs. SUNDAY 28 JAN. 1940 Pcc 137 MONDAY 29 JAN. 1940 The campus was startled by a fire in the Chi Omega house. The locality was a confusion of trucks . . . And people and ladders. Sara Pennington surveys the scene with dismay as Murray Faskin lights her cigarette. Tom Beauchamp, Associ- ate Justice of the Court of Criminal Appeals, admin- isters the oath of office to Fred Branson, appoint- ed by Governor W. Lee O ' Daniel to the Board of Regents to fill the un- expired term of Dr. Ed- ward Randall who re- signed. Dr. Rainey and Governor O ' Daniel look on. And Regent Branson signs his oath before Mr. Beau- champ and Governor O ' Daniel. From Karachi, India, came M. R. Thadani to instruct in Cotton Market- ing at the University. Students gather around Dr. E. T. Miller, econom- ics professor, after class. SUNDAY 4 FEB. 1940 PACE 138 MONDAY 5 FEB. 1940 Le penseur, 1940 style. Thinking is done with clothes on these days. Mary Nell Sharp, beauti- ful art student, works diligently on her " ab- stract woman. " Very pleased about some- thing is Jack Howard, Texan feature writer, night editor, etc. At the Tau Delta Phi house Burton Grossman, Milton Nurick, Gerson Cohen, and Aaron Hessel gather around Dave Apol- lon. entertainer. The centers jump high at the Texas-Baylor game. Zelphia Kelly contempla- tively combs her hair. Reaching for his trusty gat or his not-so-trusty cigarette lighter is Burt Breath, editor of the Med- ical School section of the 1940 Cactus. At the Phi Gam open house Mary Priscilla Goodrich and Bob Martin frolic. Bob. who has taken some of the pictures for this feature section, seems to be a little flash shy. Bob Thompson, Betty Park. Johnny Meyer, and Betty Finnegan seem to be having fun. Bill Tucker and Tom Morrill shoot a game of billiards at the Phi Delt house. Margie Anne Hall is escorted by Stanford Busby and Ben White. SUNDAY 11 FEB. 1940 PAU 13 MONDAY 12 FEB. 1940 Arno Nowotny and Jim Langdon do a scene for the Cowboy Varsity Min- strels. At the same performance the Merritt sisters and Munrex Alcorn dance. The complete chorus par- ticipates in the smashing finale. Pat O ' Keefe in blackface assumes just the right ex- pression and pose to sing " Mammy! " Chase Baromeo gesticu- lates for the camera. And a little pig is given away to the audience. M.I.C.A. awards are given out at the annual banquet. SUNDAY 18 FEB. 1940 PACE 140 MONDAY 12 FEB. 1940 At the aquacade, T. Ter- rell dives. In a Paul Revere dive are Babe Papich and Henry Chapman. Bob Tarlton does a slot machine slide. The Swing and Turn Club swings and turns. And a great time was had by all at the Phi Sigma Delta open house. This heart-shaped hiero- glyphic was discovered on the Pi Phi house by our wandering photographer. What does it mean? Who done it? The shadow knows! At the SAE ' ' Come as a Song " open house are Tol Ware and Jack Fant. Jack is " These Little Things Remind Me of You. " Caroline Brownlee and Thad Hutcheson enjoy a good laugh. SUNDAY 18 FEB. 1940 P cc 141 MONDAY 19 FEB. 1940 Ralph Spence and Bill Lang enjoy a luscious cud of chewing tobacco in the Cowboy initiation. And here is the complete line-up of the happy con- testants in the expectorat- ing contest. Harry Wilder tries to think about something else while Pat Wells wrinkles his nose at a fresh supply of tobacco. When dawn comes, can class be far behind? Manson Harris and Fred Chambers are on their way from class. Looks as if Manson is about to throw that book away. " Let ' er eat cake, " says this gallant white-hatted culinary artist. The lady objects. Mary Elizabeth Hayter dances with Jimmy New- man. Jack Buster muses dreamily to appreciative Beth Haley. SUNDAY 25 FEB. 1940 PACE 142 MONDAY 19 FEB. 1940 Sol Roosth demonstrates the correct early morning pre-shower expression. Bertha Field strolls to class. Chester Granville smiles. These diligent and compe- tent car washers are Alpha Phi pledges. The correct technique for getting on the books is shown by this dormant outdoor student. At the Junior Prom. Kath- ryn Dial and Mary Ellen Pool are having a fine time. An imposter is forcefully ejected from the Junior Prom by a couple of arms of the law. Mary Sneed. Bette Schutze. Brenner Ham- mann. and Joy Ray dis- play various and sundry clever costumes and charming smiles. Confucius say this look crazy as hell. And the girls had just barrels of fun. SUNDAY 25 FEB. 1940 1 3 MONDAY 26 FEB. 1940 At six o ' clock on the eve- ning of the Rice-Texas basketball game this huge crowd of would-be spec- tators had massed. r J Av Bobby Moers gets the ball in the Rice-Texas game. Before a paper -strewn table John Stephen re- ports the game while Bill Newkirk watches and Ira Lavin thinks, " Chees, boys, look at the time! " Mr. Holt, newspaper pub- lisher from Gatesville, at- tends the Press Dinner. Lloyd Gregory, Paul J. Thompson, and Walter Buckner chat. The Country Club cat is caught cleaning his claws. At the SPE formal are Everett Hutchinson and Elizabeth Stafford. Jim Nance cuts in on Bobby Moers and Betty Broussard. The winners of the " Put Your Little Foot " contest at the Vincent Lopez Ger- man are Margaret Harris and Forrest Allen. SUNDAY 10 MAR. 1940 I PACE 144 Tex Elliott ruminates. Norma Goldthwaite smiles. Tsk! Tsk! On File Nite, when nobody was look- ing, somebody put this pup of a car up on the Brackenridge terrace. Here you see a husky crew of lads removing it. Mary Virginia Arnold bids farewell to Sue Brooks. Bill Haddock and Jim White confide and confer. At the Phi Gam " Gone With the Wind " formal a trio of stags in Klu Klux attire ignite a flaming cross and read a procla- mation. Bill Frazier and Bob Wooldridge and ladies ar- rive in a spiffy vehicle, suh! In the midst of these old South revellers is Abra- ham Lincoln and his two sunburned angels. Lois Highams chats ani- matedly on the phone. SUNDAY 10 MAR. 1940 fux 1 5 MONDAY 11 MAR. 1940 Mason Johnson, Regina Cassidy, William Morgan, and Ethel Golman, mem- bers of the cast of the Curtain Club production of Our Town, pose for their tintypes. Pat O ' Keefe, president of the Curtain Club and star of Our Town, seems to be doing a little autograph- ing for Hortense Yarno. On File Nile the SPE basketball team, winners of Men ' s Intramurals in basketball, defeat a Bay- lor team composed of football players. In the heavyweight wres- tling event, Park Myers easily tosses Thomas Mor- rill. At the Henry Busse Ger- man are Mary Jo Adams and Jay Gallia. The finalists in the girls posture contest seem to be demonstrating the correct way to sit. A reveller at the Kappa Sig advertising party is getting his beard ex- amined. And the Phi Psis had fun at the Barn Dance. And Scottish Rite Dormi- tory had an enjoyable formal. SUNDAY 17 MAR. 1940 PACE 146 MONDAY 18 MAR. 1940 Here ' s what the freshman law grades looked like last year. Walter Florence. Long- horn boxer, trades punches with a few shadows. Phi Psis hold their " Easter-Egg Hunt. " Comes the night of the fraternity -sorority Sing Song and the Nu Upsilon Tau Taus do a few antics for the audience. And the Pi Phis win first place among the girls ' choruses. And the SAE ' s win first place for the fraternity choruses. Second place honors go to the Dekes . . . And to the A. D. Pis. SUNDAY 31 MAR. 1940 PACC 147 MONDAY 18 MAR. 1940 Theta Sig pledges are told to go peddle their papers. Jerrel Davis makes a graceful backhand drive. And here are the nomi- nees for sweetheart of the Business School : Helen Campbell, Dorothy Mus- grave, Helen Berman, Genevieve Barge, and Jacqueline Fouls. At the B.A. banquet Stan- ley Scott, right, president of the Senior Class passes Hermes to John Schwab, president of the Junior Class. Professor Lanier Cox con- gratulates Dorothy Mus- grave, sweetheart of the B. A. school. At the SAE formal Kittie Ruth Jackson, Houghton Brownlee, Dorothy Gres- ham, and Curtis Bliss are seen in the Conga line. Enjoying the ATO open house are Margie Ann Hall and Ben White. Marvin Collie, Cissy Ligon, and Dub Singleton are having lots of fun at the Delta Tau Delta South Sea party. SUNDAY 31 MAR. 1940 PACE 148 .Ward fOt PRESIDEN - QUOLIFI MONDAY 1 APR. 1940 In accord with the idea that politicians are all wet, Brackenridge Hall sponsors a ducking party for them just before elec- tions. Here Johnnie Latham is getting tossed in Littlefield Memorial Fountain. And Boyd Sinclair gets his, too. Election day students flock to the polls. Signs are everywhere. Pat O ' Keefe. presidential candidate, enjoys some of the viands dispensed by Fouts campaigners. An ardent Simmons fol- lower campaigns on the campus. Margrette Grubbs. Haden Upchurch. Joe Kilgore, and J. P. Wheeler confer. And at the end of the day the votes are counted. SUNDAY 7 APR. 1940 IV. i 149 MONDAY 1 APR. 1940 Work is begun on the set of the next Curtain Club play, Johnny Appleseed. On Disch Day the Univer- sity pays tribute to Uncle Billy Disch, coach of Longhorn championship baseball teams for the last thirty years. Under the American flag flies the pennant repre- senting the twenty South- west Conference Cham- pionships that Uncle Billy ' s teams have won in the twenty-five years the Conference has been existence. in And Texas beats S. M. U. to commemorate the oc- casion. Cowboys bring out the pennant that is flying in the picture above. A thrilling moment Jim Langdon tells Maxine Robinson that she has been elected Sweetheart of The University of Texas. At the Round-Up Revue the Band boys and Dean Harper salute the Belle nominees and the Sweet- heart nominees. Presentation of the Blue- bonnet Belle nominees. SUNDAY 7 APR. 1940 PACE 150 MONDAY 1 APR. 1940 Ralph Spence rides in the Round-Up Parade. And " Destry " Singleton rides again. Hi-yo, Paint. Hi-yo. Billy Deaderick motors with the Sweetheart of Baylor. The Alpha Chi Omega float won first prize for " most beautiful. " And the Phi Delts won first prize for " most unique. " Ownooch pledges have to walk in the parade. Mary Myles Mitchell and Vir- ginia Vaughn are in the foreground. The Delta Sigma Phi float presents the J. Frank Dobie Memorial Foun- tain. The Phi Mu float glides down the street. The Kappa Sig float gets under way. SUNDAY 7 APR. 1940 PACZ 151 MONDAY 1 APR. 1940 The Phi Gam Fiji Island float won first prize for " best all-round. " The KA float mocks the presidential candidates. Candid cameras were everywhere. John T. Jones wields his while John | Wells looks on. Anthony and Cleopatra repose on the Sigma Chi entry. The Tri Delts entered this beautiful flower float. Pi Beta Phis go round and round. Alpha Gamma Deltas pre- sented this charming young lady. SUNDAY 7 APR. 1940 PACE 152 . - ' -, MONDAY 1 APR. 1940 At the Texas Relays Julian Garrett heaves the shot. Beefus Bryan wins the pole vault with inches to spare. Queen-elect Maxine Robison and her court preside over the Texas Relays. President Rainey crowns Maxine Robison Queen of the Texas Relays. Maxine presents Don Lash with a medal for winning the two mile run. The visiting sweethearts are feted at a dinner given by the Cowboys. Barbara Smith, Baylor sweetheart, is with Robert Nelson, All-Southwest Conference center. Mildred Fletcher is sweet- heart of Arkansas. And Anne Hutton is sweetheart of T. C. U. And Mary Louise Lewis is sweetheart of A. and M. The eclipse of the sun is recorded here for you and future generations. The first view shows the be- ginning of the eclipse; the second view shows stage of total eclipse. SUNDAY 7 APR. 1940 PACE 153 I MONDAY 8 APR. 1940 Lon Sailers and Frank Stephens come from class. Barton Springs weather is here again. Tex Elliott and Albert Maverick take advantage of it. Helen Robinson suns at Bartons. Intramural baseball is in full swing. Lionel Rotten- berg tries out a couple of bats. Roger Hoffman cycles. Examining the Chi Omega scrapbook are Jetty De- Long and Jane Young. John Peterson and Glenn Appling engage in a few acrobatics. Spring brings outdoor studious collaboration. Ahhhh! Gene Woodfin approaches the Law Building. Frank Covert quenches his thirst. MONDAY 3 JUNE 1940 PACE 154 MONDAY 8 APR. 1940 Raymond Goodman, Dave Silverman, and Ben Weil engage in a little good- natured horseplay. Betty Blair poses with Buddy, the parrot. Enjoying a good joke on their way to class are Hal Woodward and Jimmy Watson. Clifford Swearingen wres- tles with a box of un- known and mysterious content. Ahhh! Touch a fevered lip to the golden brew and torget the temperature is 90 in the shade. At the Delta Sigma Phi house, Bill Edmondson makes a few last minute calls with the help of his three secretaries. Fred Downs, Roy Lee Emken, and Vernon Larson. Cynthia Sheffield seems to be having a hard time deciding which record to play. With Dead Week here once again, Mary Bond Wilkirson starts her prep- aration for exams. And Tom Sewell is hard on the books, too. Dorothy Jane Evans and Lucille Adams take a lit- tle time out for a quick round of bridge. MONDAY 3 JUNE 1940 PACE 155 MONDAY 8 APR. 1940 Ivan Belknap, relaxing upon his couch, reads aloud . . While Prentice Hill lis- tens attentively. Preparing for his philos- ophy exam is Charles Widdecke, a scholar and a gentleman. Charles DeLancey, Jim White, and Norton Wells collaborate on a little studious endeavor. " % ? _ Y Norma Kasch smiles and wonders what every one is so busy about. And exam time comes at last the day of reckon- ing is at hand. For those who have com- pleted all the require- ments of the University comes graduation and the coveted diploma. Crowds of proud mothers and fathers, brothers and sis- ters, friends and relatives attend the graduation ceremony. And the faculty turns out en masse to view their handiwork. Graduation over, all stu- dents bid farewell to the Forty Acres as the Tower Clock, heartbeat of a great institution, moves interminably on. And so once again, amigos, it ' s adios and hasta la vista. U Q ' - MONDAY 3 JUNE 1940 V " v I 7- PACE 15ft HE OCCUPATION of American cowboys really started with the Texas Revo- lution. The cowboy tradition found its way into composition through folk tales and songs before competent writers put it into books. The songs had been sung on drives up cattle trails that had been plowed under and over ranges that had been fenced into fields be- fore a man arrived to collect them and pre- serve them. That man was John A. Lomax. Texan, whose " Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads " appeared in 1910. The work went into various editions and has recently been much enlarged. Songs and tunes out of it have been put on records and sung over the radio to the whole world. Very few of the cowboy songs have known authors. They were simply " made up. " They tell the dogies to lie down. They narrate daily events along the Chisholm Trail. They tell of outlaw steers, bad horses and badder men like Jesse James, Sam Bass, and Billie the Kid. They celebrate stampedes fatal to certain riders. They express the loneliness of lone men who, nevertheless, did not want to be cooped up. They are sentimental over " the gal I left behind me. " In the aggregate they lack the universal qualities inherent in the border ballads of Scotland and England, but they express the range; their words and tunes will always quicken the blood in a man who loves the soil and grass out of which they sprang. While the songs were still being made up and sung to Longhorns, cowboys began composing their reminiscences. The first sig- nificant cowboy autobiography was pub- lished by Charles A. Siringo in 1885 under the title of " A Texas Cowboy, or Fifteen Years On the Hurricane Deck of a Spanish Pony. " Siringo rewrote his rollicky chronicle several times and it is now in print under the title of " Riata and Spurs. " Dozens of other cowboy autobiographies have been written, but none better than Siringo ' s. ' THE OLD CHISHOLM TRAIL " It ' - cloudy in the weM. a-lcK king like rain And my damned old -li ' ker ' - in the wagon again. N " .haps and no -licker. and pouring down rain And I -wear. liy God. that I ' ll never night herd again. in the -tirruiis and seat in the saddle I hung and rattled them longhorn cattle. Last night I a- m guard and the leader broke the rank- I hit my horve down the -houliier- and I -purred him in the Hank-. The wind rommenred to blow and the rain began to fall. Hit looked, by grab, like we was goin ' to lose ' em all. I popped my foot in the stirrup and gave a little yell. The tail cattle broke and the leader went to hell. I don ' t give a damn if they never do -4op I ' ll ride as long as an eight-day dork. Foot in the stirrup and hand on the horn. MI--I damn cowtxij e .-r wa lorn. " From a collection of cowboy songs edited by John A. Lomax Copyriffit. 1938 by MACMILLAN COMPANY Publications Cowboy Life in Texas By IP. S. James " Many of the boys fall into the habit of gambling, and during the winter months, while " rusticating in town, " they will engage in that sort of a thing, but as a rule he is a hard character to get anything out of before a Grand Jury . . . One young fellow who it was known had been gambling, was summoned to appear before the Grand Jury. When the bailiff served the summons the young fellow said: " Well, take mr. " The officer took hold of him but he simply fell to the floor. By calling some help he was carried bodily before the " august " body and laid in a heap on the floor. The foreman proceeded to question him concerning his knowledge of gambling in the town, but all the answer he got was " Oh Kerwhacky! " They finally took him before the judge and that was all the information he could get, so he sent him to jail, where he was kept for some time. They eventually became so disgusted they released him . . . . " Copyright 1898 M. A. DONOHUE AND COMPANY PACI IS7 TEXAS STUDENT I ' UULICATIONS ALL of the University ' s official student journals are supervised by Texas Student Publications, Inc., a non-profit enterprise created in 1921 under the authority of the Students ' Association. Although normally activities of the publications are under one business head, this year they were, for the first time in many years, under two. William L. McGill, director for nine years, took a leave of absence for the second semester, and Burt Dyke, business manager, was named acting director. The Board of Directors consists of three faculty members appointed by the President of the University; the editors of the three publications, two representatives from the Students ' Assembly, and the president of the Students ' Association, who acts as chairman. Directors this year were Edward Crane, professor of law; W. H. Irons, associate professor of business administration; Paul J. Thompson, professor of journalism; Max B. Skelton, editor of The Daily Texan; Alfred King, editor of The Cactus; Joe James, editor of the Ranger; Boyd Ladd and Virginia Buckner, Students ' Assembly representatives; and Sydney Reagan, president. The Board acts upon matters of policy, approves the budgets, and names the director. SYDNEY REAGAN Top row: CKANE, IRONS, THOMPSON, LADD. Bottom row: BUCKNER, KING, SKELTON, JAMKS. 8 PACI 158 TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS WORKING under the director is a staff, most of whom are students, which performs the duties of the business office, the Cactus office, reference department and switchboard. Burl Dyke is business mana- ger and Randolph Mitchell serves as assistant to him. Louis Baethe - ashier. Brice Cecil, assistant cashier, and Francis Burt. adver- tising manager. Mrs. Mildred Basford Yule resigned as office mana- ger in Februar). Office assistants are Nancy Pearce. Elyse Stephens, and Virginia Garrison. Assistants in the advertising department are Kenneth Hart, in charge of classified ads; Edward Rodgers. in charge of part of the display advertising, and John Burnett, office worker. Frankie-Mae X elborn is Cactus production manager and has charge of the Cactus Studio. Ronald Baethe is mailing superin- tendent. The night supervisor of the Texan is William Mclntosh. For the first semester. Joe Frantz served as proofreader; for the second. Boyd Sinclair. - itchboard operators this year have been Mrs. Josephine Hoover. irginia Garrison. Kenneth Walter. Prentice Hill, and Angelina Johnapelus. Nell Andrews manages the reference depart- ment. B. T. Littleton served as Cactus Studio photographer again this year. WILLIAM L. McCILL DYKE. L. BAETHE. PEARCE. Bl ' RT. YULE. MITCHELL. CECIL. R. BAETHE. t: STEPHFNs. P Ss. HILL. HART. McINTOSH. ROOCERS. FRA.NTZ, JOHNAPELUS. ro : BURNETT. HOOVER. LITTLETON. GARRISON. NEELY, WELBORN. WALTER. PA.! To CARRY OUT the Texas Literature theme of the 1940 Cactus, an attempt has been made to present in chronological order the charac- teristic and representative works that make up the literature of our State. Since any truly native literature has its roots in the environ- ment and background in which it is conceived, the literature of Texas springs from the song of the coyote, expressive of all the various ramifications of our individual and picturesque culture and history. From the song of the coyote to the most recent Texas work, our literature, originating in this individual and picturesque cultural background, has been similarly individual and picturesque. To J. Frank Dobie, without whose help the presentation of our theme would have been impossible, The Cactus is grateful. The selection of the literature (with the exception of his own excellent and representative work, " Coronado ' s Children " ) and the literary commentary accompanying the main division watercolors are the result of Mr. Dobie ' s invaluable work and generous co-operation. To the 1940 section editors and volunteer staff, whose painstaking work has been characterized by a spirit of interest and genial co- ordination. The Cactus is also grateful. The volunteer secretary and editor of the club section, Mary Myles Mitchell, and the section editors, Ross Brown, Billy Sansing, Warren Whitson, Stanley Jung, John Wells, Elizabeth Niggli, Mary Borden, Jack Howard, Norma Kasch, and Virginia Freeman are especially to be congratulated for their efficient work and timely accomplishment. Top row: WELLS, MITCHELL, HOWARD. NICGLI. SANSINC, JUNG. Second row: FREEMAN, BROWN, BORDEN, STEEL, KASCH, WHITSON. Bottom row: STARK, METCALFE, BROOKSH1RE. LEONARD, BROWNING, SCHUMACHER. PACE 160 THE STAFF Editor-in-chief ALFRED A. KING Associate Editor CHARLES PETET Secretary MARY MYLES MITCHELL Administration Editor WARREN WHITSON Publications Editor JACK HOWARD fine Arts Editor VIRGINIA FREEMAN Student Government Editor NORMA KASCH Athletic Editor Ross BROWN Basketball Section Editor BILLY SANSINC Hni rar Editor STANLEY Jl ' NC Club Editor MARY MYLES MITCHELL ity Editor ELIZABETH Niccu Fraternity Editor JOHN WELLS Dormiton- Editor MARY BURDEN Index Editor ARTHUR STEEL STVFF ASSISTANT- Administration Section Sara Scott Bransford Jack Brookshire Fine Arts Section Evelyn Calhoun Frances Center Athletic Section George Leonard Dormitory Section Betty Johnson Honorary Section Mary Katherine Metcalfe Mary E. Pool Ann Schumacher Club Section Wayne Stark Curtis Bliss Dolph Briscoe Leslie Carpenter George Lake Jean Hendrick Vivian Schumann Index Rom Rhome Sorority Section Peggy Stover Kathryn Dial Marguerite Walling Jeanne Schneider Jean Tulloss Fraternity Section Bill Browning John Jones James Blanchette Seaborn Eastland Arthur Head Top r m: BRADFORD. STOVER. EASTLA ND. POOL. DIAL, BLANCHETTE. rov: LAKE. HENDRICK. BLISS. JONES, m ALLINC, CALHOUN. row: HEAD. CARPENTER, SCHNEIDER, TULLOSS, BRISCOE, JOHNSON. Surrounded by club sec- tion assistants. Editor King and his chief as- sistant, Mary Myie Mitchell, work up the feature section. The t- ngravt- r does hi part. The Cactus- goes to JrsA Ptt 161 THE DAILY TEXAN University Officially Gets 12th President Today John Erskine Hits SnwTobltnl Huimion. (twines PREFERRING to specialize in recording the news rather than in creating it, The Daily Texan concentrated this year on seeking better means of obtaining and presenting information of the University. The results of this policy were more efficient coverage of major happenings and movements, more pictures of University events, a larger daily paper on the average, more feature stories, and better-written news. Under Editor Max Skelton ' s direction, the Texan has published three special editions: a forty-two page Freshman Edition before the opening of school; a sixteen-page Inauguration Edition when President Rainey took office in December; and an eighty-six page Round-Up Edition in April. During the football season, " early extras " were distributed on special trains coming to Austin for the Rice and T. C. U. games. Allergic to crusades, the Texan nevertheless vigorously opposed the compulsory Union fee, subjecting itself to organized criticism by those who held the paper to be " an organ of student opinion. " Helping to form the editorial policy of the paper was a council composed of Vernon Childers, Pat Holt, Tomme Call, Ernest Sharpe, Jack Dolph, Boyd Sinclair, La Verne Bryson, and Skelton. Other projects the Texan backed editorially were the Longhorn Band Hall drive, the Benedict Memorial Fund drive, and the intramural field lighting plan. Top row: SINCLAIR, LA MOTTE, CALLE, COOK, SHARPE, DOLPH. Bottom ,ow: WHITTEN, HOLT, WALKER, KAPLAN, STEUSSY, HOWARD. THE DAILY TEXAN University Officiolly Gets 12th President Today !s THE STAFF Editor-in-chief MAX B. SKELTON A n-iate Editor LA VER.NE BRYSON Editorial Assistants PAT M. HOLT JACK DOLPH, LAVERNE BRYSON Sports Editor CLYDE LA MOTTE Associate Spurts Editor DON PATTESON Society Editor ANITA COOK Associate Society Editor CHRISTINE EVANS Amusements Editor JACK DOLPH Associate Amusements Editor AI.ONZO JAMISON Radio Editor BEN KAPLAN Associate Radio Editor BILL NEWKIRK Feature Editor JACK HOWARD Associate Feature Editor C. O. BROWN Telegraph Editor BOB WHITTEN Aaociate Telegraph Editor LESLIE CARPENTER Exchange Editor NELLA MAE STEUSSY Associate Exchange Editor FLORA GORDON Pat Holt .lark Dolph Jack Howard NIGHT EDITORS Ernest Sharpe Tomme Call Boyd Sinclair Oma Ray Walker Billy Sansing VOLUNTEER STAFF Editing Bob Owen Dryden Prentice Henry A. Zimmerman Sftrts Billy Sa nsing I. E. " Clark L. W. Brooks Al I.ari ' l ' -i- Clarenre LaRoche Tom Davison irk Tarpley Herschel Kornlilatt Society Elizabeth Wharton Louise Gartman Mildred Inks Ann Wilkins Amusements Felix McCivney Jai k Adkins Claude Scruggs Martha Word Radio Wallace Masters John Sandstedt Harper Leiper Doraine Geiger Features Bluford Hestir Bob Alterman Joe James Telegraph Fred Ewing Elizabeth Sutherland Top ro : PATTESON. EVANS. JAMISON, BROWN. CARPENTER. NEWKIRK. Part of the Texan night staff at work ; Ernest Sharpe in the slot. The carrier prepare the papers for distribution. The Texan has gone to bed. Bottom rou: M,. ;iVNEY. N |N ;. WHARTON. CLARK. CARTMAN. U1II.DERS. BROOKS. PACE 163 JOE NEISER ACCORDING to the sign on the door of Journalism Building 5 7 8, inside were " geniuses at work. " According to random readers of the Texas Ranger, University " humor " magazine, inside were sharp scissors and an old brush at work. Some will admit, though, that there was a little creative work done. Either that, or about three dozen students wasted a lot of good time in the office. Johnnie Latham, a student of Petty, did some splendid covers. W. L. Harper drew numerous cartoons. And those left over after John Burnett cleaned up, Editor Joe James sketched. Embryo writer-humorists kept the door swinging most, though. In and out were Clarence LaRoche, graduate of the Texan sports department; Al Landers, ghost writer; Martha Word, critic of life; Herbert Smith, philosopher; MacRoy Rasor, local literatus; Leslie Carpenter, smiling scribbler; Joe Neiser, associate editor, who was graduated at midterm; Bob Alterman, and Elgin Williams. To blame for the jokes were Bob (Owen, Owen Gone) Owen, Colby Jones, Jack (Austin) Adkins, and Suzanne (Suzy) Dunning, Porky Williams, and Maureen Barnes humorized the verse way. Billy Sansing, Marjorie Dodd, and Peter Michael Curry handled the sewing circle chatter. Behind the snapshots were Jimmie Craig, picture editor, and assistants Joan Pappa and Molly O ' Daniel. Correcting everyone ' s errors were copy and proof-readers Owen, Pappa, Adkins, and Harper Leiper. Joe Belden and Harold Shelansky did the make-up work for the Ranger. Top TOW: LANDERS. LATHAM, JONES, BELDEN. PAPPA, HARPER. Second row: DODD, E. WILLIAMS, DUNNING, ADKINS, BARNES, ALTERMAN, O ' DAMEL. Bottom row: SHELANSKY, OWEN, LA ROCHE, P. WILLIAMS, BURNETT, WORD, SMITH. PACE 164 WHKN former Governor 0. M. Roberts, who helped establish the University and who was a member of its first faculty, walked about the campus, students used to call him " the old Alcalde. " They took the word from the Spanish one for " mayor " or " chief. " In December, 1895. when the students decided to start a magazine, they remem- bered their old friend and named it after him. Later that venture failed. But when the Ex-Students ' Association in 1913 began to publish an official organ, they resurrected the old term and called their publication The Alcalde. In that year and the next, about five hundred ex-students subscribed. In 1939-40 over twenty-five hundred persons subscribed to this chronicle of news about and of interest to ex-students. Between its orange and white covers, it has carried each month stories of outstanding University events and personals about former students. Although the entire staff of the Ex-Students ' Association cooperates in selecting material for the publication, the actual editors are John A. McCurdy. executive secretary of the Association. Frances Louise Mueller, his secretary, and William B. Ruggles. associate editor of the Dallas Morning News, who contributes editorials. JOHN A. McCURDY FRANCES LOUISE Ufl lo riekti McCURDY. MUELLER. P. 163 Some Well-known University of Texas Authors J. FRANK DOBIE, born in Live Oak County, Texas, September 26, 1888, was educated at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. From that university Mr. Dobie received a B.A. and an M.A. degree. Today Mr. Dobie is an eminent historical and folklore writer of Texas and the Southwest. A list of his works includes " Legends of Texas, " " Texas and Southwestern Lore, " " A Vaquero of the Brush Country, " " Coronado ' s Children, " " On the Open Range, " " Tongues of the Monte, " " The Flavor of Texas, " " Tales of the Mustang, " and " Apache Gold and Yaqui Silver. " To enable Mr. Dobie to travel in northern Mexico to collect folk-tales of the Sierra Madre region, the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation awarded him a fellowship in 1932-33. Recognition of his priority among folk-lorists is shown also by his editorial work for the publications of the Texas Folk-Lore Society, all of which have been unusual, entertaining, and instructive. WALTER P. WEBB is another widely-known author-professor of The University of Texas. Inter- national recognition has come to Dr. Webb for his three outstanding works, " The Great Plains, " " The Texas Rangers, " and " Divided We Stand. " As a result of Dr. Webb ' s work and his interest in the relationship between democratic government and the open frontier, he was awarded by the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation in 1938 a fellowship to continue his studies in this field. In the spring of 1938 Dr. Webb delivered at the University of London in London, England, a series of lectures on Texas and the Southwest. He is an authority on the Big Bend region of Texas and has explored several little-known canyons of the Rio Grande in that section. Dr. Webb is a member of the American Historical Society and Town and Gown. MODY C. BOATRIGHT, born in Colorado, Texas, October 16, 1896, was reared on a ranch near Sweetwater. His education, begun with a B.A. degree from West Texas State Teachers ' College, was completed with an M.A. and a Ph. D. degree from The University of Texas. Drawing on his amazing stock of yarns, Dr. Boatright has written " Tall Tales From Texas Cow Camps, " a book whose title suggests the humorous anecdotes and unusual stories to be found within its covers, and is now preparing a new work of the same type, " Folk Laughter. " Dr. Boatright is also a contributor and assistant editor of the Texas Folk-Lore Society publications. PACE 166 Fine Arts The Atavism of John Tom Little Bear From ROLLING STONES By O. Henry 1 . . . What I see is a Cherokee brave, and the warpath is what he has been traveling. Firewater and other things have got him going. His buckskin is hanging in strings, and his feathers are mixed up like a frizzly hen ' s. The dust of miles is on his moccasins, and the light in his eye is the kind that aborigines wear. But in his arms he brings that kid, his eyes half closed with his little shoes dangling and one hand fast around the Indian ' s collar . . . Copyright, 1912 DOUBLEDAY, DORAN AND COMPANY, INC. PACI 167 THE CURTAIN CLUB OFFICERS President . Vice-President Director . Executive Director PAT O ' KEEFE PRENTICE HILL JAMES H. PARKE COETA TERREL BOARD OF GOVERNORS Idanell Brill Clinton Anderson Arno Nowotny Clinton Anderson David Gleason Benjamin Idanell Brill William Henry Grain Ruby Mae Cullins John Dashiell Mary Virginia Griggs Virgil Ory Hagy Prentice Hill ACTIVE MEMBERS Elsie Holmes Donald Calvin Jackson Betty Lee Carl Varney Lieb Louis Varney Lieb Allen E. Ludden Robert Milo McCutchin William Morgan Alice Ann Nitschke PAT O ' KEEFE William Henry Grain Robert Milo McCutchin Margaret Virginia Ceding Pat O ' Keefe Gleora D. Rohrbough Harriet Ann Samon Katherine Elmere Schlafli Beatrice Schwartz Leonard F. Stolaroff Hortense Yarno John W. Young THE CURTAIN CLUB, working with the Department of Drama of the College of Fine Arts, this year presented four plays, all major productions. Far different from any production ever given on the Forty Acres, was the first show, " Beggar on Horseback. " The second production was Bernard Shaw ' s " The Devil ' s Disciple. " Also quite different from anything yet attempted on the campus was the third play, " Our Town, " which was produced without the use of scenery. Clos- ing its biggest and most pretentious season, the Curtain Club presented the world premiere of " Johnny Appleseed, " the work of Dr. E. P. Conkle, associate professor of drama and noted playwright. Top row: McCUTCHIN, GRAIN, ANDERSON, HILL. Bottom row: NOWOTNY, BRILL, O ' KEEFE, TERREL. PACE 168 1 VARSITY LIGHT OPERA CO OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor JOE O ' RiLLiON KENDALL MULLIN EMMA ELIZABETH STF.CKEK BARBARA KONE R. R. R i BOTTOM Dorothy Jean Ammons Aline Adelle Annintor John Austin Ross Baumann Madeline Birdwell Viola Maude Bowman Adelaide Patricia Boyd Elizabeth B. Brown Frances Knoble Brown Lou Es Cabaniss Roberta Dea Clard Robert Perry Douglass Dixie Jo Dummit Bonnie-Jean Duncan Rosemary Erter Katharine Francis Irene Faye Classman Mary Catherine Groves MEMBERS Will Madden Louis Haenel Jean Hamilton Baxter Finch Holland Homer Yale Jones Barbara Kone Peggy Margaret Kreisle Henry Kuehne, Jr. Louise Maxie Lewis Oscar E. Linstrum, Jr. Elizabeth McMullen Helen Hoover McMullen Jean Frances Malone William Clyde Montandon Truman Montandon Kendall Mullin William Frederick Nalley Alfred Wilson Nolle Georgia Roberta Ogletree Patricia Leone O ' Donnell Joe O ' Rillion Patricia Parks Zlata Rose Prywitch Nona Frances Rundell Leopold Stein Salazar Madonna Schweikhardt Rose Frances Skiles Claire Smith Benjamin H. Soto, Jr. Jack Sparks Emma Elizabeth Sleeker Robie Nell Sturdivant Mildred Alice Webb Leta Alice Weed Olin Guy Wellborn Gertrude Anne Windsor Rebecca Mabel Woodson JOE O ' RILLION THE UNIVERSITY LIGHT OPERA COMPANY presented " Follow Through, " for three nights in November and in February sponsored the annual " Night of Stars " in which many of the best voices on the campus were heard. The spring produc- tion of the opera company was " The Mikado. " Herbert Wall, Austin voice in- structor, trains the singers for their roles. Top row: O ' RILLION. E. McMLLLEN, BROWN, RUBOTTOM. Bottom n,u: MJNL, WELLBORN, STECKER. PACE 169 GIRLS ' GLEE CLlfl . ;rvss PEGGY LOCKE OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Business Manager Accompanist Director Mary Jo Adams Jean Agar Isabel! Aicklen Edwina Akin Violet Alkemeyer Genevieve Barge Carlie Barnes Charlotte Batt Elsie Biggers Marjorie Bowen Joan Brewster Carolyn Brown Marajean Brubeck Gwendolyn Bryant Martha Beth Cayton Elaine Chalberg Doris Chorpening Rowena Clark Ann Corrick MEMBERS Virginia Culpepper Eloise Davis Kathryn Dial Alma Dietel Sue East Marjorie Egg Doris Jane Engelking Sue Ezell Margaret Fisher Patricia Francis Lorraine Garrett Mary Gaston Nan Lee Gay Jane Gidley Jeanne Goines Edwina Goodwyn Brooks Gregg Lucie Lee Gregg Nancy Gribble PEGGY LOCKE JANE MARSHALL MARY HELEN HALL ALICE LORRAINE SMITH CHASE BAROMEO Mary Helen Hall Betty Hodgin Seawillow Holmes Mary Jane Holston Catherine Howard Edna Howell Jane Hughes Alice Hutter Barbara Isett Mina Louise Jacobson Verda Janssen Dorothy Johnson Margaret Johnson Betty Jean Jones Estermae Jones Ann Kiessling Connie Kisten Zulma Gay Knowles Marjorie Lamb MARY HELEN HALL Top row: B. Gregg, H. Wood, Shipman, Batt, Webb, Palmer, Alkemeyer, Stoll, Whitner, McMillen, Chalberg, Ruby Struss, Gribble, Whitwell. Knowles. Second row: S. Stripling, Patton, Pidgeon, Gidley, Schumann, Sexton, Isett, Betty Treadway, Akin, Van Zandt, Seith, Martin, W. Wood, D. Johnson, Cayton. Third row: Scarborough, Stell, Rice, Hutter, " Culpepper, Speed, L. Gregg, Engelking, Yarborough, Dietel, Standifer, Turner, Smart. Steele, Odeen, Gay. Fourth row: Chorpening, Holston, Dial, B. Jones, Strieber, McConnell, Davis, M. Smith, Kisten, Goodwyn, Agar, Montgomery, Miller, O ' Neil. East. Bottom row: Lamb, Ries, Roberta Struss, Barnes, Locke, Baromeo, Hall, Marshall, Taylor, Rollins. A. Smith, Biggers. PAI;E 170 KIRLS ' GLEE CLUli M KM HERS Mary Alice Lee Mary Jane Lewallen Man Elizabeth Lewelling Peggy Locke Billie MrLeod Frances McConnell Betty Jean McMillen Jane Marshall Margaret Martin Frances Miller Helen Montgomery B-tt - Moritt Evangeline Murchison Louise Nixon Margaret Odeen Helen Officer Beth O ' Neil Ada Margaret Palmer Patricia Parks Jean Patton Elizabeth Pidgeon Minnie Ratliff Mary Sue Ries Jane Rice Gloria Rollins Grace Scarborough Vivian Schumann Marcella Seith Pauline Serger Gloria Sexton Eileen Shipman Margie Smart Marianna Smith Ruth Spargo Etre He Speed Emma Elizabeth Sleeker Margaret Standifer Audrey Steele Tomntie Stell Patricia Stoll Peggy Strieber Frances Stripling Sarah Stripling Roberta Struss Ruby Straw Lorraine Stutsman Bonnie Ruth Taylor Helen Travi? Betty Treadway Jean Tulloss Dorothy Turner Eleanor Ann Van Zandt Mildred Webb Jeanette Weeks Stancie Whitner Fern Whitwell Renee Wolfe Harriet Wood Jane Wood Winifred Wood Hildegard Wupperman Marineal Yarborough THE GIRLS " GLEE CLUB opened its 1939-1940 season by join- ing with the Men ' s Glee Club for a concert January 5 in Hogg Auditorium. The concert had been scheduled for mber originally but was twice postponed. The spring concert of the two groups was given April 12. Members of the club again took part in various campus shows including die annual musical revue " Time Staggers On. " The club took its annual spring trip, singing at Schreiner Institute and A. M. College. Gloria Rollini, Alice Lorraine Smith. Bonnie Ruth Taylor. Elm Bier. Co-Ed Trio: M.ry Sue Rio. Roberta Stnm, Carlie Banes; Uarjorie Lamb, arrooipaoict. Srxtfl: Jean Afar, Eloice Dtvi . Mirianna Smith. Connie Kiclen. Fr.nre. MrConnell. Edvuu Codyn. PACT 171 e. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB IN ADDITION to joining with the Girls ' Glee Club for the annual fall and spring concerts, the Men ' s Glee Club has furnished singers for most of the campus musical programs and for many programs given off the campus. Individual members of the club have appeared in " Time Staggers On, " " Night of Stars, " " Follow Through, " the Round-Up Revue, and many special entertainments. Members have also given a number of programs over local radio stations. Archie Heap, soloist, has been one of the busiest of the club members this year, singing one of the leads in the musical revue, " Time Staggers On, " and presenting some of the most difficult numbers ' in the concerts, as well as working with the University Light Opera Company and the Curtain Club. Other soloists were Frank Gardner, always in demand for his popular rendition of Spanish songs; Orville Carr, and John Collins. The Longhorn Quartet was composed of John Collins, Frank Gardner, Cleo Scheffler, and Joe Watson. The trio of Frank Cage, Billy Jarrell, and Bill Yates. Chase Baromeo, professor of voice, was director of both Glee Clubs. THOMAS ST1LWEI.L 1 op row i Clardy, Harris, Busbee, Burke, Freeh, Baker, Taylor, German, Nichols. Second row: House, Parker, Lumpkin, Scheffler, Penn, Charlier, Nihlo. Hereford, Green, Fort, Irwin. Third row: Bell, Cannady, Cant, Young, Goleman, Schwab, Muggli, Lamb, Burrows, Emmerl, Tucker. Bottom row. Curry, Myers, Collins, Baromeo, Stilwell, Simons, Jackso.n, Hyntls. 172 MEN ' S OLEE CLUB OFFICERS President . Business Manager . Librarian . Historian . Accompanist Director Faculty Sponsor . Gi II.FORD JONES THOMAS STILH ELL ARCHIE MYERS GEORGE IRWIN GARDNER LANE CHASE BAROMEO CHARLES Y ZIVLEY Lon Baker John Bell K.-well Burke Edgar Burrows William Busl-f Frank Cape J. E. Cannady Orville Carr George Charlier Len Clardy John olljri- Walton Crymes Peter Curry- Milton Davi- Frank Emmert Homer Fort Sam Freeh Walter Fruland Jack Cant Paul German Jack Gidley Bruce Goleman J. B. Green John Guion Bob Hagen Ben Hammack Truett Harri- Archie Heap Carl Hereford Ewald Hou- John Huhbard Robert H nd- MFMBERS George Irwin J. L. Jackson Guilford Jones Art Kramer Malcolm Lamb Robert Lumpkin Dan Luper Frank Marullo Reginald Muggli Archie Myer- Grady Niblo Edgar Nirhols Jerome Parker Rhesa Penn Charles Purnell Cleanthus Rochelle Cleo Scheffler John Schwab Bob Simons Jim Slaughter Tommie Solomon Thomas Stilwell Kerns Taylor Bret Trent Matthew Tucker Joe Watson Jim Whitworth Bill Yatr- A. W. Y-at- Clemmons Young Irwin. Gardner Lane. Archie M T.. Chae Baroneo. Director. (Quartet: Joe tl-on. Frank Gardner. John Cnllin.. Cleo Srheffler. Pct 173 THE LONGHORN BAM) OFFICERS President Manager Director COUNCIL BASIL BKI.I. Joe Fupitt I. B. Hand Clarinets Thomas Anderson Robert Barge George Blevins .). Brown George Buchanan C. Chambers .lames Gotten Charles DeWeese Wilson Dyer J. Edison Randolph Foster George Franklin William Fuge Thomas Gibbs Issac Hand John Haney T. Head Milton Johnson Hervey Lazenhy, Jr. John Ludwig Floyd Main Charles McMillan R. Miller James Netts Joe Novak, Jr. James Pattillo Curtis Popham Lloyd Roach J. Sanders MEMBERS Fred Schroeder Carl Schutze Francis Shelton Donald Shrecengost Jimmie Sousares Virgie Stevens Roy Thomson Kenneth Webel Albert Wilde Harold Wilhite Kenneth Wilson R. Wilson Victor Wilson Donald Winegar Harry Zimmer, Jr. Trumpets anil Cornets Clarence Adamietz Scott Amsler Lynn Anderson Kenneth Brown Glynn Chappell Lewis Christoffel Richard Cocek David Coffman Donald Cowan A. Davis William Eyres J. Ford H. Grav BASIL BELL JAMES GOTTEN Ray Martin Randle Tankerslev Travis Green Stanley Grupp Richard Haney William Harrison James Hejtmancik Philip Hendrix Clarence Isensee Sidney Jines J. Johnson Wallace Johnson Van Kirkpatrick Ernest Ludwig William McCampbell James McCarthy- James McKelvy Lewis Morgan J . Music Richard Neal Charles Neu Samuel Pattillo William Phillips Murray Roe James Settles John Slaughter T. Stegall Lem Tittsworth Howell Walker Paul Walker L. Warren G. Willard PACK 174 THE LONGHOKN BAND MEMBERS Saxophones Gilbert Adami Robert A. Casey Orville W. Chandler Phillip Dieter Sylvan Dunn Cesar Manuel Elizondo Dale Gildersleeve John Goolsby . Hatch Stanley Jung Edward Kistenmacker EL Lea S. Levin Ray Martin Robert Prim Sam Ragland Randle Tankersley R. Teasdale Edward Frank Wadley Charles Watkins O. J. Wel,er Trombones William Bailey David Bartlett Robert L. Dun apart Nanton Fitzner John Friedel Charles Coin Pat Griffin I.onnie Crisham William Kielman William Krayer Oliver Leppin Dennis Macune Eldon Mahon Harold Ranzau Louis Rhoads Billy Tubbs Hal H. Wray Dedrick Yoes Harms Fred Vernon Burn?- Dean Clift Leslie Colwell 1 . Fergerson Elmar Gist Oran Jones Samuel Weaver Drums Basil Bell E. Berry John E. Binnion Glenn Criswell J. Ellper John Gait Ben Owens J. Parker Nat Perrine Robert J. Phillips C- Price James Rirhliurp Walter Shaller George Tharp Floyd Wine Ernest Winstel Baritones I harle- Adkins Jack Buster Wilborn Grimes Florian Kolodzie Arthur Monzingo J. Newman Donald Radtke Joe Reid Harold Watkins Basses Walter Beardsley Bruce Blake William Dickerson Merton Grimes David Hargis Harold Hill F. Taylor Richard Wauph Flute and Picollo C. A. Farrell Bluford Hestir Frank Holcomb Claude Lively Nelwin Moore Leonard Seaholm Joseph Tallal Glenn Trimm Ohofs William Jack Ben Leutwyler Frank Murray Bell Lvres Spurgeon Britt Marion Carnes Drum Majors urtis Popham I Head I Joe Norman K.ndlr T.nkrr.lcv. Buil Bell. Becky H.vcn of Orufr. I. B. Hnd. Ray Martin. Bell rrmrmto fill Iron tbe Bud to Lieatnum . F. Snlel- nunn. Marine Band leader. Ray Mania, lame Conefl. I. B. Hand. The University Symphony Orchestra FRANK MONTS OFFICERS President Secretary Librarian Conductors Concert Master First Violins Sam Allison .lark Bradbury James Halhouty Miriam Hollander Marjorie Hoyt Marjorie Love Paul Lynde Margaret Mathews Marvin Meadors Frank Monts Francis Mowery Frances Smith Gloria Jean Taylor Kenneth Vradenburg Second Violins Yvonne Blodgett Jean Dale Dennis Harmon Angelina Johnapelus Russell Lewis Eleanor Mapes Kenneth Ragsdale Edith Smith Charles Stacey ORCHESTRA Violas James Crow Barbara Davis John Montgomery ' Cellos Walter Coleman William Hoyt Clinton Mathews Wands Smith Basses Randolph Foster, Jr. Merton Grimes D. B. Hargis, Jr. Flutes Joe Eckhardt John McGaughey Charlotte Stevenson Janet Thomas Clarinets Ann Crockett Frank George Gladys Gillig Randolph Foster, Jr. FRANK MONTS RANDOLPH FOSTER, JR CLINTON MATHEWS HOMER ULRICH ALBERT T. LUPER MARJORIE HOYT Ohoes Jerry Davis Josephine Newton Lee Rigshy Bassoons Jack Combs Burke Kirkpatrick Donald Winegar Horns Vernon Burns Dean Clift Clinton Mathews Edith Wolters Trumpets Van Kirkpatrick John Sandidge Warren Willhoite Trombones Evan Yoes Tympani Nat Perrine George Rosner THE UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA is in its second year of existence in connection with the College of Fine Arts of The University of Texas. The aims of the symphony are to give orchestral experience to music students and to provide them with an opportunity of learning symphonic literature. It is also intended to be a source of enjoyment for all music-minded people in the community. Membership in the orchestra is open not only to the students of the Uni- versity, but to the members of the faculty as well. Homer Ulrich is the conductor and Albert T. Luper is associate conductor, in orchestra. harge of the string section of the PACE 176 Captain Rcm RECORD VAKSITY DEBATE SQUAD James Nick Adams Harold Alberts Oliver Kiels Boone William Harmon Oarden Winston Hardie Davis Beale Dean Julius Goldberg Charles Randall Griggs MEMBERS James McDonald Heflin Leo Hoffman Guilford Jones Joe M. Kilgore Thomas Han Law Jack Love Edwin Irwin McKellar John Mat-kin Edward Miller Clifton Mitchell Kay Marsene Nolen Rush Record John Erie Stephen Paul Lee Stubbleneld Derol Todd David Aaron Witz or THE MA JOB MEETS entered by the Varsity Debate Squad this year was the Iowa Invitation Debate Tournament held in Iowa City, Iowa, February. :N through March 2. Of the fifteen universities competing. Texas was the only one which ranked in every contest. Jack Love and Leo Hoffman, negative team debating on isolation, were ranked in the upper 25 per cent of teams par- tii ipating. Hoffman tied for first place in the discussion contest, and Love was second in the after-dinner speaking contest. Julius Goldberg of the affirmative team, was second in original oratory and was ranked in the upper 25 per cent of speakers in the tournament. Guilford Jones tied for first place in extempora- neous speech. Members of the squad met several teams in no-decision debates. These in- cluded teams from Iowa State College, Newcomb College of New Orleans, Louisiana State University, and St. Mary ' s University of San Antonio. Louis Goldberg and Guilford Jones defeated a team from the University of Kansas in Lawrence on March 6. debating on isolation. Other questions debated during the year were reciprocal trade agreements and presidential third term. Thomas A. Rousse is debate coach. MUSH RECORD Top rmm tuemii Mitrbcll. Cricf.. MrKrllmr. MrU, Slrpbro. r: ColdWrc. Dvi . Dude . AlWru. BOOM. Jon. tammc. .: H.(ma.. MilUr. Todd. Record. Witt. Dcu. StubbUStld. PIE 177 Entertainment on the Forty Acres October 10 - - United States Marine Band Concert 25 - - Fine Arts Faculty Concert 30-31 -- " Beggar on Horseback, " Curtain Club play November 1- 4 - - " Beggar on Horseback " 5 - - Fine Arts Faculty Concert 14 -- Austin Symphony Orchestra Concert 16 -- General Platoff ' s Don Cossack Choir 17 - - Alexander Woollcott, lecturer 18 - - Richard Bonelli in concert 19 - - Fine Arts Faculty Concert 21 - - Dale Carnegie, lecturer 22-23 " Follow Through, " University Light Opera Company 27 - - Rudolf Serkin, pianist December 3 - - Fine Arts Faculty Concert 8 - - Houston Symphony Orchestra Concert 9 -- John Erskin, speaker 11 - - Varsity Carnival 11-17 " Devil ' s Disciple, " Curtain Club play 19 -- Austin Symphony Concert January 5 - - University Glee Clubs Combined Concert 10-12 - - " Time Staggers On, " annual musical revue 15 - - Robert Virovai, violinist February 4 - - Fine Arts Faculty Concert 14 - - Varsity Minstrel and Revue 16 -- Austin Symphony Orchestra Concert 19 -- Simon Barer, pianist 20 -- Martha Graham, dancer March 1 - - " Night of Stars, " University Light Opera Company 11-16 " Our Town, " Curtain Club play 18 -- Maurice Eisenberg, ' cellist 28 -- Sing-Song April 1 - - St. Louis Symphony Orchestra Concert 4- 7 -- Round-Up 7 - - Chase Baromeo Concert 10 " Night of Opera " 15 -- Luboschutz and Nemenoff, duo-piano team 16 -- Austin Symphony Orchestra Concert 22-28 " Johnny Appleseed, " Curtain Club play May 7- 9 - - " The Mikado, " University Light Opera Company 10 -- Austin Symphony Orchestra Concert Student Government I ' M. i ti and Spurs By Charles Siringo ' . . . During the winter a pretty little half-breed girl got me (Charles Siringo) ' plumb locoed, ' and I came within an ace of marrying her. All that prevented was the fear that being a squaw-man might ruin my chances of becoming President of these glorious United States. My schoolbooks had taught me that every boy has an equal chance of becoming President . . . Copyrights 1912, 1931 HOUCHTON ln H IN COMPANY . ' . .. 17 STUDENT ' S ASSEMBLY THE STUDENTS ' ASSEMBLY is the legislative body for the Students ' Association. Sydney Reagan, president of the Students ' Association, presided over the Assembly. Roger Sullivan served as vice-president of the Association and Anne Finch as secretary. Members of the Assembly were Alice Beakley, Virginia Buckner, Marjorie Marie Johnsen, Robert O. Moers, Frederick A. Niemann, Robert Gerald Storey, Arts and Sciences; William (Billy) Seay, Malcolm S. Vaughan, Business Administration; Georgia Elizabeth Ledbetter, Education ; Jack Wharton Bartholow, Sam Harrison Grain, Ross Raymond Holloway, Engineering; Robert Vernor Hammack. Fine Arts; Keith Davis, Robert Boyd Ladd, Graduate; Clyde La Motte, Journal- ism; Johnnie A. Coselli, Uurward Kirby Vance, Law; William Henry Pursley, Pharmacy. SYDNEY REAGAN Top row: VAUGHAN, HAMMACK, COSELLI, PURSLEY, STOREY, GRAIN. Second row: BUCKNER, SEAY, SULLIVAN, BARTHOLOW, VANCE, NIEMANN, I.ADD. Bottom roui: HOLLOWAY. REAGAN. JOHNSCN. MOERS, FINCH, DAVIS. PACE 180 JUDICIARY COUNCIL THE jimciARY COUNCIL has exclusive and final jurisdiction in all cases arising under the Constitution and laws of the Students ' Association. The requirement for the chairman, who is elected in the spring, and the other six members, who are elected in the fall, is junior standing when they take office. The membership is always composed of three women and three men in addition to the chairman. The chairman of the Judiciary Council was John Clarke Roberts, and the members were Stanford Allen Busby. Francis Albert Conley. Pattie May Dodson. Helen Edwina Goodwyn. Frances Elizabeth Swift, and Thomas Frank Taylor. JOHN CLARKE ROBERTS Tp w. TAILOR. iHM.t.Y. ROBERTS. Bottom ,ox- DODSOX, SWIFT. COODfYH. Pitt 181 SYDNEY REAGAN UNION BOARD THE UNION BOARD is the governing body for the Texas Union. The Union budget and all major plans for operation and supervision of the Union, including the appointment of the director, are made by the Board. The president of the Students ' Association, Sydney Reagan, served as chairman of the Board. Student members were Jamie Eleanor Fraser, Thomas Charles Unis, Lon Clayton Sailers, and Anne Finch. Other members of the Board included V. I. Moore, Dean of Student Life; Dorothy Gebauer, Dean of Women; Fred Adams and John A. McCurdy, representatives of the Ex-Students ' Association. Charles Zivley, director of the Union, is a non-voting member of the Board. Marjorie Vogan is the assistant to the director of the Union. Catherine Mac- Dowell is assistant to the Social Director of the Union. . Top row: ZIVLEY, VOGAN. MOORE, McCURBY, GEBAUER, ADAMS. Bottom row: FRASER, MAcDOWELL, t ' NIS, REAGAN, SAILERS, FINCH. PACE 182 Cultural Entertainment Committee THE CII.TIRAI. KNTERTMNMF.NT COMMITTEE is Composed of 3 chairman appointed by the president of the Students ' Associa- tion, a faculty member, who serves two years, appointed by the President of the University, and two students selected by the chairman. Powell Compere served as chairman this year and Oma Ray Walker and Robert Hammack were the student members. Walter T. Rolfe is the faculty member. Each year the Committee brings to the University speakers, dancers, singers, musicians, or other types of entertainers. This year General Platoff ' s Cossack Choir and Dancers opened the program on November 16 in Gregory Gymnasium. Two other entertainments were sponsored by the Committee. Martha Graham was presented in a modern dance recital in February and the concert by the duo-piano team of Luboschutz and NemenoflF in April closed the season. POWELL COMPF.RK Lr l la tifki: WALKER. IIAMM4CK. COMPEHE. ROLFE. Pit I 1X3 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COUNCIL OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary-Treasurer MALCOLM VALGHAN JOHN SCHWAB DAVID DEWHURST MEMBERS Business Administration Assemblyman Billy Seay Business Administration Assemblyman Malcolm Vaughan Senior Class Representative Stanley Scott Junior Class Representative John Schwab Junior Class Representative David Lewis Junior Class Representative Trenton Boyd Junior Class Representative Myron Marks Beta Alpha Psi David Dewhurst Beta Gamma Sigma Jane Paylor Delta Sigma Pi Ross Brown Sigma Iota Epsilon Tom Edwards THE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COUNCIL, the executive board of the School of Business Administration, was organized to help create a spirit of friendliness and cooperation among students of that school. The Council plans and directs the annual banquet of the school and supervises the election and coronation of the Queen of Finance. This year, 1939- 1940, the Council has sponsored the establishment of a Business Adminis- tration Employment Bureau. The Council is composed of one representative from the Senior Class, four representatives from the Junior Class, the Business Adminis- tration assemblymen, and one representative from each of the honorary and professional societies in the School of Business Administration. Its officers are selected from the members of the Council itself; the president of the Council automatically becomes the president of the entire School of Business Administration. Top row: BOYD, MARKS, DEWHURST, BROWN, SCHWAB, SEAY. Bottom row: EDWARDS, LEWIS, SCOTT, PAYLOR. VAUGHAN PACE 184 IKE SAM BflSS. Andy Adams came to Texas from Indiana, " a cowboy for to be. " For ten years he traded horses in the brush country and drove up the trail to Dodge City and other cow towns. Then he mined fourteen more years. One night about the beginning of this century he saw in Colorado Springs. Colorado, where he was living and continued to live until his death in 1935, a cheap play called " The Texas Steer. " fit one place in the play an imitation cowboy, dressed in mail order regalia, stepped out and emptied both six-shooters into the air. The crowd went wild. " I went to my room. " said Andy Adams, " wondering how people would like some of the real thing about cowboys. " Experiences of range and trail had been soaking in him for twenty years. He was an alert gatherer of words and phrases belonging to cowboy lingo. He began writing stories, " The Story of the Poker Steer, " and others, subsequently assembled into a book called " Cattle Brands. " His first novel, " The Log of a Cowboy. " appeared in 1903. It reads so much like an autobiography that many readers never re- alize that it is fiction. It is a straight-away narrative of a trail herd received from Mexico on the Rio Grande, pointed toward the North Star, and delivered in Montana. There are no women in it. Andy Adams said he couldn ' t put a woman where she didn ' t belong no matter what the movies demanded. Five other novels are " The Outlet. " " Reed An- thony, Cowman, " " The Texas Matchmaker, " " Wells Brothers, " and " The Ranch oh the B eaver. " Owen Wister ' s " The Virginian " is better known than " The Log of a Cowboy. " It is the story of a cowboy without any cows; it has in it more of drama and more of human nature; but Andy Adams wrote the classic of an occupation. THE LOU OF A COWBOY . . . buffalo calf. I had aUa heard, made delicious veal, and as w - had had no fresh meat since we had started, I proposed to Priest that - ft one. Ht- suggested trying our rope , for if we could ever pet within eflec- ti r -i hooter range, a rope was much the surest ... I came in sight " f lh- band first, my partner having a farther ride to make, but had only a few moments to wait, before I noticed the quarry take the alarm, and the next in-taut Priest dashed out from behind a spur of the hill and was after them. I following suit. They turned westward, and when the Rebel Priest and I came together on the angle of their course, we were several hundred yards in their rear. After the chase had con- tinued over a mile, the staying qualities of my horse began to shine, but while I was nearing the lead, the Rebel tied to the largest calf in the bunch. The calf he had on his rope was a beauty, and on overtaking him. I reined in my horse, for to have killed a second one would have been sheer waste. . . . Copyright, 1931 h AMIY AHAM- t... SWEETHEART OF TEXAS Hi BLUEBUNNfcl BFL BLUEBONNFT HELCfe-fflUMIJNF SWEETHtAHT NOMINEES liOOnFELLOV - nUlSTAM)lA PEOPLF . . . Jrijiile miJ HAX3T 3U TflA3HT33WH R3JJ3K O I 3JJ3H 833 r !IMO I THA3HT33WH -- ' ' " y " ;!-. .. i 1 " - ' - ' - Q m 1 ' A rsi; =. - La-, -Tn ff -SVjiiril SAV " , I ' X Jacqueline Anderson Norma Eline flrcher Frances Margaret Beilharz Frances BomsteuJ I H Barbara Pearl Bradfield | Merle flnn Booe Eoline Brown Regina M. Brelsford Frances LeSayers Bransford Margaret May Burchard Louise Brubaker Rebekah Jane Bush Martha Vivian Burton Mary Eleanor Buschardt Dorothy Sue Bushart Anne Campbell Evelyn Calhoun g Lethale Copland Penelope Chatmas Mary Beth Cartwright Leewai Chanc - -mm - j Mary Alice Cockrell 1 Mary Anne Click Artymae Connelly Sara Frances Connell Marian Colley Charlotte Cope t Marjorie Ann Cope jm Marion Kathleen Crowe f W Cl A Jane Copeland Mary Virginia Cruser Dorothy Dickie I Helen Draper Louise Adelaide Earnest Jean Dale Dorothy McGregor Dickson Betty Jo Ehlers Eloise Eng 11 flnita English JH I Edna Earle Epperson Mary Faraklas Connie Shirley Eversberg Marjorie Fisher Slice Elaine Sara Files flnne Finch Rose Mary Frankli Virginia Fora Charlie Ann Franklin Edith Louise Fordtran Jeanne Gallaway Virginia Freeman fidele Louise Fridner Jamie Fraser Doraine Louise Geiger Irene Fave Glassman ne Edith Garrett Madeline Gi liland tsv Goodman Norma LaRoy Goldthwaite Constance Gossett Mary Virginia Griggs Nancy Gribble Margie Gurley me Green Martha Louise Haish Mildred Leona Hajek I Betty Harmon mm f Varina flnn Herod Lois Evelyn Highams Jeraldine (Jerry) Hill Joan Louise Holeman Doris Holasek Mary Hilman i Barbara Home Margaret Humlong Ruth Adelaide Hughes hy Katherine Horak Genevieve Ilfrey Mary Lou Hunter Frances Hunsucker Frances Louise Johnson Naomi Ruth Johnson I Evalynn Hodges Jordan Sweetheart Nominees I ' lliss Wlarqaret IButckard j Wlissjane Stiroud Sweetheart Nominees Ulissjoy l aij 1 1 1 iss Katherine Klehenj Clifford Swearingen Raymond Goodman Sara Pennington I Bill Kennedy Mary Myles Mitchell Frank Smith Jimmy Watson Albert Schwartz Sam Field OUTSTANDING STUDENTS l K li TKS-Phi Beta Kappa. Pi Lambda Theta. Alpha Lambda Delta. Sidney Lanier. V. W. C. A. Cabinet. Orange Jackets. O nooch. Cap and Gown Council. Mortar Board. Alpha Phi. BOB STRAUSS Cowboys. Interfraternity Council. Varsity Car- imal Committee. Sigma Alpha Mu. PRENTICE HILL Curtain Club yice-president. board of gov- ernors; Alpha Pi Omega. Ranger staff, outstanding student set- JM.K BARTHOLOW Chi Epsilon. Tau Beta Pi. A. S. C. E.. S tudents ' Assembly. Engineering Assembly. Phi Gamma Delta president. KHANCKS EMBRY Y. W. C. A. president Orange Jackets. Mortar Board. Pierian Literary Society, Kappa Alpha Theta. PACE 22S OUTSTANDING STUDENTS TOM LAW Friars, Phi Beta Kappa. Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, T Association, track letterman, former assemblyman, former chairman of the Judiciary Council, former chairman of the Cultural Entertainment Committee, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, cross country team, Cowboys, Delta Tau Delta. NORMA ARCHER Inter-Cooperative Council Co-ordinator. Scribblers, Y. W. C. A., holder of Panhellenic Scholarship, chairman of Texas Union Recreation Committee. BOB TOWNSEND Cowboys. 1939 Cactus Editor, former mem- ber of Board of Publications, intramural tennis doubles cham- pionship (37-38), Delta Kappa Epsilon. MAX SKELTON Editor of the 19-10 Pacemaker Daily Texan. T Association, former basketball manager, Friars, Sigma Delta Chi. Press Club. CLYDE LA MOTTE Press Club president. Sigma Delta Chi, Daily Texan sports editor, Cactus staff, Athletic Council, Students ' Assembly, West Texas Club president. PACE 2 OUTSTANDING STUDENTS JOHN ROBERTS Chairman of the Judiciary Council. Cowboys. Sigma Delta Pi. former member of the Students ' Assembly, former Judiciary Council member. Pi Kappa Alpha. VIRGINIA F. VAIGHAN Alpha Lambda Delta. Sidney Lanier Literary Society. Orange Jackets. Houston Club, Alpha Chi Omega president. EVERETT HITCHINSON Friars, Interfraternity Council pres- ident. Houston Club, Round-Up Committee. Varsity Carnival chairman. McLaurin Law Society. Inter-City Council, former member of Hogg Debate Society. Texan staff. Cactus staff. CHARLOTTE BOECK Kappa Beta Pi president. Pi Lambda Theta. Mortar Board. Panhellenic. secretary-treasurer of the School of Law. Present Day Club. Cap and Gown. Hildebrand Law Society. Co-Ed Assembly. Phi Mu president. H ROLD FOXHALL Phi Beta Kappa. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Phi Eta Sigma. Southwestern Geological Society. Kappa Alpha. i-. V OUTSTANDING STUDENTS ROGER SULLIVAN Vice-President of the Students ' Association. Cowboys, Plan II student, Dallas Club, former president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARY HEROD Phi Beta Kappa. Alpha Lambda Delta presi- dent, Mortar Board. Orange Jackets. Chairman of Littlefield Dormitory House Council. Co-Ed Assembly, Y. W. C. A. Cabi- net, Cap and Gown. CHESTER GRANVILLE Basketball captain-elect, basketball letterman. an intramurals champion. Cowboys. T Association. Delta Kappa Epsilon. TOMMY TAYLOR Cowboys, golf team. Judiciary Council member, Goodfellow, Sigma Nu. LOUIS TOBIAN Alpha Epsilon Delta president. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Curtain Club, Athenaeum Literary Society, Dallas Club, Phi Sigma Delta president. PACE 228 OUTSTANDING STUDENTS IH B YAKBOROUGH Rho Kappa president. Cowboys. Good- fellow. Chi Phi president. ELIZABETH SWIFT Judiciary Council member. Orange Jac- kets. Co- Ed Assembly president. Mortar Board. Ashbel Literary Society. Phi Beta Kappa. FOO. Cap and Gown. Kappa Kappa Gamma. BOBBY MOERS All-American Basketball Team, letterman in football, basketball, and baseball. T Association award as out- standing senior athlete. T Association, assemblyman. Silver Spurs, i;_ ' ma Phi Epsilon president. LA VERNE BRYSON Theta Sigma Phi. Associate Editor of The Daily Texan. U. T. S. A. Council, former assemblyman, former member of Board of Publications. Cap and Gown. Cactus staff. Zeta Tau Alpha. J K WILSON Cowboys foreman. Round-Up Committee. Friars. Interfraternity Council. Goodfellow. Delta Tau Delta president. -. as .- OUTSTANDING STUDENTS PAT WELLS Men ' s Inter-Community Association president. Cowboys. JIM LANGDON Friar abbot, Cowboys, Round-Up Committee, resident manager of Prather Hall. J. WARD FOUTS President-elect of the Students ' Association, Friars. Cowboys, T Association, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Eta Sigma, golf captain (38-39), Tejas Club. STAN NEELY Friars, football letterman, vice-president of the Students ' Association (38-39), Athletic Council (38-39), Phi Eta Sigma, T Association, Cowboys, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Delta Theta. SYDNEY REAGAN President of the Students ' Association, Friars, Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Sigma Pi, Delta Theta Phi. former chairman of the Cultural Entertainment Committee (37-39). PAI.K 230 OUTSTANDING STUDENTS BILLY McDUGALD Cowboys. Interfraternity Council. Good fellow. Beta Theta Pi. LETHALE CAPLAND Panhellenic president. Present Day Club Cap and Gown. Southeast Texas Club. Alpha Epsilon Phi. JACK GRAIN All-Southwest Team (Grantland Rice), outstand in sophomore football star, T Association, football letterman BETTINEL PHILLIPS Theta Sigma Phi president, Alpha Lambda Delta, Ashbel Literary Society president. Mortar Board. Upperclass Advisors. Orange Jackets. The Daily Texan staff. Round-Up Committee. Co-Ed Assembly. Cap and Gown. Delta Delta Delta. ANNE KIN ' CH Secretary of the Students ' Association. Ashbel Literary Society. Orange Jackets. Mortar Board. Pi Beta Phi. Pact 231 IBluebonnet Belle ft nominees Shirley Kerr m mm June Jordan Lois Jacqueline Judson I Peggy Kreisle j Howard Kolstad Fredna Key Knaggs Maggie Dell 1 Elizabeth Lawson Elizabeth flnne Langst Mae Lankford Elizabeth Lipscomb Dorothy Lehrer finice Myrl Ledbetter flnita Lillian Lowrey Marqot Littlejohn Jean McCandless Marjorie flnn Lyle Martha Elizabeth Lutz Ruth flnn Lowry Mary Steger McLain Josephine Ethel McCutcheon Grace Virginia McCaskill I i Eugenia McMurrey Betty Jean McMillen Edna McMahon Ellen Mackenzie 13lueboiniet Belle Vlominees A Kate Marriott Ursula Mary Magliolo Viola Anne Martinets Virginia Julynn Martin Patricia Jane Marshall Barbara Delores Merreii Martha Emma Mikusek rothv Louise Minor Mary Anna Morion Venola Morgan Ruth Minler Maxine Murray ( Lolabeth Moser Marv Regina Nacol Maurine Morion m Mary Louise Naumann Ruth fldele Naylor Virginia Fahner Niblo ilice Hnn Nitschke Emma Lou Ogd Jo Ogle [ Virginia Marie Olsen ISluebonnet Belle Dorothy Jean Orand Mary Marjorie Payne Eulalie Blanche Prell Mary Virginia Purl Jean Lucille Putnam I Virginia Rainey I Toni Redfern Reasonover Vashti Louise Kathervn Nelle Rath Helen Robinson Frances Irvene Roberts Frances Jeanne Schneider Nella Louise Salinas Mildred Rutland Betty Rose Rubin Norma Sheehv Hazel Ranev Scotl Bette Schutze Mercedes Margaret Schoener ISluebonnei Eileen Frances Shipman I Cynthia White Sheffield | I flnne Marie Siegel Barbara Ruth Smith I ' Lillie Marie Smith Emma Owen Smith Rosalyn Rebecca Stifft Margaret Jean Spillar Mary Anne Stedman Peggy Stover Ellender Stribling lane Stroud Strawbridge llian Street lane Taylor Jean Ann Templin Doris Tatom Mary Lucille Thompson k Margaret Evelyn Tomkies Virginia Frances Vaughan Dorothy Grace Tumei Myra Tschudin Dorothy Vickers Mary Julia von Blucher Virginia Vaughn Ruth Victor V Mary Louise Marguerite Walling Dorothy Jean Wager Verna Wander 1 Gloria Jane Warner Mary Ann Whitlow Margaret Wendlandt Mary Ellen Wertz Alma Gustava Widen Norma Winans Stancie Whitner Jit Florence Sonia Woodfin , Devreaux Wolf Ola Mae Word IKE THE COWBOY TRADITION, the rangers are an integral part of Texas. In their day of glory they were a riding and shooting class of men, many of them from the range. They could " ride like Mexicans, trail like Indians, shoot like Tennesseans, and fight like devils. " One of them became the subject of a song that was sung to a million Longhorns. His name is Mustang Gray, and thereby hangs a tale. He ne ' er would sleep within his tent No comforts would he know; But like a brave old Texian fl-ranging he would go. Captain Jack Hays, best known of all the rangers, left no autobiography, and no one else has satisfactorily told his story-book life. The remembering autobiographers, however, have been fairly plentiful, though some of them were more powerful with the six-shooter than with the pen. Two narratives stand out for readability and to other virtues: " Six Years with the Texas Rangers, " by James B. Gillett, who was also a cowman and a great camp -meeting leader, and " The Texas Ranger, " by N. R. Jennings, who quit ranger- ing for journalism. " Captain Bill McDonald, Texas Ranger, " by Albert Bigelow Paine, added to the tradition. Some of the personal narratives go back to times before the Alamo fell; such is A. J. Sowell ' s bully " Rangers and Pioneers of Texas. " The beginning and just about the end of the subject was in 1936 summed up by Walter Prescott Webb in a compendious volume entitled " The Texas Rangers. " Mr. Webb, Professor of History in The University of Texas, had already interpreted the West in his history-making work, " The Great Plains. " To understand the rangers six-shooters on the side of the law one must know the out- laws, gunmen on the other side. A volume of literature about Sam Bass, John Wesley Hardin, and other bad men who felt at home in Texas belongs, in a way, with the literature of rangers and cowboys. THE TEXAS HANGERS By WALTER PRESCOTT WEBB . . . hilt- the-.- prt i.araticm- were being made Sam Bass. Seaborn Barnes, Frank Jurkxm and Jim Murphy were in camp near the cemetery out lieyind Old Round Ruck. They had looked over the Round Rock bank iwiie ami decided to rob it on Saturday. July 20. They fame in on Friday afternoon in order to look oier the situation a third time. On the way in. Jim Murphy managed to drop out in Old Round Rock, hut the other three rode in and hitched their horses in an alley on a -Mr- -tr.-et. I he rr., -d the main -trcct (.. the Kopperel store which stood beside the hank. Deputy Sheriff (Crimes and Morri- Moore saw them and decided that me of them wa- armed. When the officers entered the -tore. Has- and his companions were purchasing tobacco and talking with Simon Jude. the i l.-rk. (.rime- placed his hand on Barnes and a-ked him if he had a gun. Crimes was killed instantly for his inquisi- theness. and Moore was shot through the lungs and disabled. Bass received a shot in the hand, but otherwise the robbers were unhurt. As the robbers dashed from the store and ran for their horses, the Rangers came from their hiding and opened fire on them as did several citizens. Major Jones came on a run from the telegraph office and joined in the tiring. One bandit fired at him, but the bullet went high and was embedded in the stone wall to his rear. Just before the outlaws reached their horses. Sealtorn Barnes fell with gunshot through the head. Bass wa- mnrlall) wounded, but with the aid of Frank Jackson, gained hi- saddle and the two men rode out under a fusillade towards Old Round Rock. --t. ifi ri iht. 9.1.5 y WALTER PRESCOTT WEBB THE ATHLETIC COUNCIL to rifkl: COOPER. LA MOTTE, OLLE. DOLLEY, BIBLE. RICHARDSON, CRANBERRY. THE ATHLETIC COUNCIL, composed of three faculty members, one ex-Student, and one student, is the executive body for all inter- collegiate sports at the University. J. C. Dolley. professor of banking and investments, is chairman. The other faculty members are Read Cranberry, professor of electrical engineering, and A. E. Cooper, professor of applied mathematics. Clyde La Motte is the student member of the Council and was appointed 1 the Students ' Assembly. W. H. Richardson represents the ex-students. Dana X. Bible, athletic director and head football coach, and Edwin K . Olle. business manager of intercollegiate athletics, attend the Council meetings. j. c. DOLLEY PACE 241 THE T ASSOCIATION v ' v W Top row: Moers, McDonald, Myers, Pfeil, Bryan, Spears, Hart, Odum, Tarlton, Fincher. Second row: Middleton, Lawson, Neely, Buck, Gray, Davis, Peterson, Dawson, Doss, Layden. Third row. Thayer, Kilman, Williams, Gill, Goodwin, Puett, Daniel, Patrick, Peveto, Kutner. Fourth row: Sojka, Crouch, McClamroch, Skelton, Finley, Cooley, Stathakos, Fitzsimmons, Rodriguez, Hill. Fifth row: Haas, Rawe, Everett, Hofernick, Graham, Hughes, Barefield, Law, Pack, Seay. Sixth row: Davidson, Gatewood, Adair, Edmunds, Stewart, Garrett, Wadsworth, Baldwin, Welch. Seventh row: Fouts, Kamrath, Lapman, Youngblood, Gross- man, Schwartz, Platter, Dabney, Denman. NED MCDONALD OFFICERS President NED McDoNALD Vice-President CHESTER GRA.NVILLE Secretary PARK MYERS Treasurer ALBERT SCHWARTZ Sergeant-at-Arms THURMAN HULL Dana X. Bible H. C. Gilstrap Blair Cherry Football J. B. Allinson V. D. Basey B. F. Bryan Shelby Buck Jack Grain Kelso Dabney, Mgr. Chal Daniel E. Gilmore Davis Ted Dawson Noble Doss Jack Freeman John Gill J. W. Goodwin Lewis Gray Jimmie Grubbs Charles F. Haas R. L. Harkins Glenn Jackson William D. Kilman Malcolm Kutner Wallace D. Lawson Pete Layden Ned McDonald Bobby Moers Park Myers Stanley Neely R. B. Patrick Leo John Peterson Derwood Peveto Nelson Puett THE T ASSOCIATION is composed of the lettermen on all varsity athletic teams. As the Thanksgiving Game was played at College Station this year, the annual Home-Coming Day dinner for former letter- men was held just before the game with Texas Christian University. New members are initiated in the fall after the football lettermen are announced and in the spring after the announcement of the lettermen on the spring sports ' teams. STAFF MEMBERS le Clyde Littlefield D. A. Penick P W. J. Disch Edwin B. Price Jack Gray Edwin W. Olle MEMBERS Football Basketball Swimming David Thayer Denton Cooley Harris McClamroch Don Weedon Elmer Finley Mike Sojka Don Williams Chester Granville Robert Tarlton Estey Youngblood, Mgr. W. D. Houpt Thurman Hull Tennis Track Bobby Moers Henry Batjer John G. Adair Joseph B. Baldwin Morris Barefield Albert J. Schwartz. Mgr. Max B. Skelton, Mgr. Oran Spears Bill Billings Bob Billings Gilbert Denman, Mgr. B. F. Bryan W. R. Davidson David Edmunds Boyce Gatewood Joe Garrett Gilliam Graham Joe P. Hart Jack Hughes Baseball Melvin Deutsch Fred Everett Joe Fitzsimmons Charles F. Haas John Hill Wallace D. Lawson Pete Layden Maurice Fincher Thomas Rodney Glenn P. F. Graves, Jr., Mgr. Burton E. Grossman Harry Hickman Gordon Hilley Bob Kamrath Melvin Lapman Reuben Riskind Bardwell Odum Coleman Pack W. H. Seay W. C. Stewart Ned McDonald Bobby Moers Lingo Platter, Mgr. Joyce F. Rawe David Rodriguez Cross Country Harry Hafernick J. P. Hart Golf James Stathakos Charles Still Senior Intramural J. Ward Fouts Clarence Pfeil Managers Buck Luce Wayne Middleton Swimming Joe Frazar Burton E. Grossman Nelson Munger Billy Brink Evans Monroe Bill Welch John Crouch Alfred Schulman FOOTBALL I:J PARK MYRK NED MCDONALD PCE 2U I YEARLINGS YEARLINGS A M FISH VISITORS TEXAS LUTHERAN COLLEGE RICE SLIMES LOBPRIES McKAY FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SCORES TEXAS Texas Lutheran College 40 TEXAS Rice 9 2 TEXAS Texas A. M. 2 FRESHMAN SEASON The chief duty of any freshman football team in a college is to pro- vide scrimmage material for the varsity, and the Texas squad of 1939 was no exception. About fifty candidates composed the material of Coaches Clyde Littlefield, Ed Price, and Wallace Lawson. Besides engaging the Varsity in practice, the Yearlings managed to play three games. The first of these was against Seguin Lutheran College which Texas won 40 to 0. The next game came the night before the Longhorns played the Rice Owls, with the Yearlings defeating the Rice Slimes 9 to 2. They closed the season by defeating the Aggie Fish 2 to on November 30. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL NUMERAL WINNERS BILL ADAMS, ALTON BOSTICK, TOMMY BROOKS, WESLEY CANTRELL, ZUEHL CONELY, HOWARD CORBETT, WELDON CUMMINS, E. W. GOSS, HUGH HARRISS, WALTER HEAP, JAMES HOLMANS, J. M. JOHNSON, GRADY JORDAN, VIC JORDAN, VANCE LENZ, FRITZ LOBPRIES, STANLEY MAUL- DIN, LEWIS MAYNE, CHARLES MIFFLETON, JOHN SWANNER, JACK WEST, HUGH MUNNELL, ROY McKAY, EARL McMIL- LIAN, RALPH PARK, DALE RICHARDSON, WALLACE SCOTT, TEXAS SCHRAMM, JACK SEALE, JOHN SEAY, HARRY SHY- TLES, TOMMIE SOLOMON. Top row: Lawson, Alexander, Hazel wood, Miffleton, W. Johnson, Scale, Flack, Heap, Dean, Colvin, Richardson, Bergstrom, Wood yard. Buck, Hawn, Peebles, Ivers. Second row: Jungmichel, Lobpries, Adams, Knott, Crump, Sheridan, Shy ties, Mauld- ing, Park, Scott, Corbett, Swanner, Cantrell, West, Lenz, Munnell, Littlefield. Third row: Brooks, Boatick, Mayne, Evans, Harriss, R. Johnson, Pierce, Watkins, Cummins, V. Jordan, McKay, Conely, Hoi mans, Jacobs, G. Jordan, Solomon, Waldman. Bottom row: Carr, Seay, Carr. PACE 24t FORECASTS BEFORE THE GAME Associated Press Texas The Daily Texan Texas ACTION DURING THE GAME Beneath a scorching sun. the home town fans saw The University of Texas Longhorns open their 1939 football season with a 12-to-O victory over the Florida Gators on September 30. The Florida offense failed to click during the entire 60 minutes, but Sophomore Jack Grain opened Texas ' scoring in the second quarter. After gaining ! ' ! yards the first time he carried the ball. Grain ran from the 12-yard line for the score. The final score came in the last quarter when Derwood Peveto. substitute tackle, blocked a punt and recovered Jhe ball behind the goal-lin e. DAVIS STATISTICS AFTER THE GAME Score by quarters: Texas Florida Texas 6 3 9 130 48 178 15 5 6 5 35 1 2 6 4 6 n First Downs Rushing First Downs Passing Total First Downs Yards Gained Rushing ards Gained Passing Total Yards Gained Forward Passes Attempted Forward Passes Completed Number of Fumbles Number of Penalties Yards Lost on Penalties Total 12 Florida 1 4 5 31 67 98 12 4 3 7 45 GRAY Jack Grain eludes Florida tacklers. r i Ml FORECASTS BEFORE THE GAME Associated Press Texas The Daily Texan . ...... . . Wisconsin ACTION DURING THE GAME The University of Texas battled the University of Wisconsin in Madi- son on October 7 before 25,000 fans. Out-fighting the Badgers during the first half and holding them with brilliant punting, the Longhorns won 17 to 7. Gilly Davis slipped over the goal from the 3-yard line in the third quarter, and Neely and Patrick made two more points when they tackled Cone for a safety. Then Grain went 54 yards for a touchdown and kicked the extra point. Texas scored another safety in the last quarter. In the final minutes of the game Wisconsin threw a short pass for a touchdown. STATISTICS AFTER THE GAME Score by quarters: 1 2 3 4 Total Texas 15 2 17 Wisconsin 00077 Letteimen: V. D. BASEY, SHELBY BUCK, JACK GRAIN, CHAL DANIEL, GILLY DAVIS, TED DAWSON, NOBLE DOSS, JACK FREEMAN, JOHN GILL, J. W. GOODWIN, LEWIS GRAY, JIM- MIE GRUBBS, R. L. HARKINS, MALCOLM KUTNER, PETE LAYDEN, NED McDONALD, PARK MYERS, STANLEY NEELY, R. B. PATRICK, DERWOOD PEVETO, NELSON PUETT, DAVID THAYER, DON WEEDON, and DON WILLIAMS: ESTEY YOUNGBLOOD, senior manager. Reserve Lettermen: BO COHENOUR, PRESTON FLANAGAN, JULIAN GARRETT, JESSE HAWTHORNE, BILL KILMAN, VER- NON MARTIN, RAYMOND MAYES, JOW SCHWARTING, and TED THOMAS. Wisconsin fumbles. FORECASTS BEFORE THE GAME Crantiaiui Rice Oklahoma The Dailr Texan Texas ACTION 1)1 KING THE GAME On October 14 in Dallas 25.000 football-mad fans witnessed the annual battle between The University of Texas and the Universit) of Okahoma. They saw the powerful Sooners roll up 17 points by the third quarter. Then the Longhorns suddenly came to life as Jack Grain took a basket pass on his own 29-yard line and out- stepped the secondary for a dazzling touchdown. A few plays later he again got into the open and bewildered the opponents with a quick change of pace to score six more points. The Sooners scored again in the closing minutes. STATISTICS AFTER THE GAME v THAYER Score by quarters: Texas Oklahoma Texas 3 2 5 193 29 222 12 6 1 3 15 2 10 I u - First Downs Rushing First Downs Passing Total First Downs Yards Gained Rushing Yards Gained Passing Total Yards Gained Forward Passes Attempted Forward Passes Completed Number of Fumbles Number of Penalties Yards Lost by Penalties Longhorns stop a Sooner back. CHAIN M.uNv AW FORECASTS BEFORE THE GAME Associated Press Texas The Daily Texan Texas ACTION DURING THE GAME With only 30 seconds remaining and Arkansas ahead, 13 to 7, in Memorial Stadium on October 21 Jack Grain took a 71-yard jaunt to tie the score and send spectators roaring onto the field. He then kicked the extra point that gave the exciting victory to the Long- horns. The play started as a short pass from R. B. Patrick to Grain, who gathered the ball in over his shoulder, reversed the field, and was away. Arkansas scored soon after receiving the kickoff. Texas lead in the fourth quarter after Grain took a quick kick on the Longhorn one-yard line and ran to the Arkansas 7-yard line from where Patrick scored. Grain converted. Arkansas ' second touchdown came in the fourth quarter. STATISTICS AFTER THE GAME LAYDEN Score by quarters: Texas Arkansas Texas 4 4 83 76 159 3 6 7 55 First Downs Rushing First Downs Passing Total First Downs Yards Gained Rushing Yards Gained Passing Total Yards Gained Forward Passes Completed Forward Passes Attempted Number of Penalties Yards Lost by Penalties Gilly Davis blocks an Arkansas pass. 4 Total 7 14 7 13 Arkansas 17 4 21 279 62 341 7 22 2 20 PACE 248 TEXAS TEXAS VISITORS T.C.U. BAYLOR 1 RICE FORECASTS BEFORE THE GAME Associated Press Texas The Daily Texan Texas ACTION DURING THE GAME Texas whipped Rice Institute. 26 to 12, in Memorial Stadium on October 28 in a game full of thrills. Rice scored first on Ernie Lain ' s long touchdown pass in the second quarter. Pete Layden scored for Texas from the one-foot line after Noble Doss had carried the ball in three straight plays. Grain converted. Immediately after the half. Grain took the ball on his own twenty and scored after a spectacular run. Again he converted. Rice came back for six more points on a pass to make the score 14 to 12. Gilly Davis put the game on ice with a 57-yard touchdown run. The kick was no good. With two minute? left to play Davis scored again. IIAMEI. STATISTICS AFTER THE GAME Score by quarters: Texas Rice Texas 9 1 13 14 7 3 45 1 " 7 6 4 12 First Downs Rushing First Downs Passing First Downs by Penalty Total First Downs Forward Passes Attempted Forward Passes Completed Number of Fumbles Yards Lost by Penalties Total 26 12 Rice 4 4 1 9 21 10 4 38 DOSS The Lonphorns convert. ; 24 PUETT FORECASTS BEFORE THE GAME Associated Press Texas The Daily Texan Texas ACTION DURING THE GAME On November 4, in Dallas 23,000 people saw the hard-charging Mustangs beat Texas, 10 to 0. The Longhorns threatened first, get- ting down to the S. M. U. 9-yard line where the Mustang defense stopped them. The S. M. U. touchdown came in the second quarter after a drive from their own 47. The parade ended with a pass from Clement on the 5-yard line to Keeton standing deep behind the goal-line. Sanders converted. Their last scoring play came late in the fourth quarter when Johnson kicked a field goal. The S. M. U. defense, organized to stop Jack Grain ' s touchdown gallops, proved successful insofar as he didn ' t cross the goal-line, but his 10-, 15-, and 20-yard runs amazed the crowd. STATISTICS AFTER THE GAME Scon: by quarters: Texas S. M. U. Texas 6 2 8 141 46 187 20 6 1 20 1 (i First Downs Rushing First Downs Passing Total First Downs Yards Gained Rushing Yards Gained Passing Total Yards Gained Forward Passes Attempted Forward Passes Completed Number of Fumbles Yards Lost by Penalties 4 Total 3 10 S. M. U. 10 1 11 219 30 249 6 3 4 20 Pete Layden passes deep in S. M. U. territory. FORECASTS BEFORE THE GAME Associated Press Texas The Daily Texan Texas ACTION DURING THE GAME A muddy field, steady rain, and a wide-awake Baylor team stopped the Texas eleven. 20 to 0. on November 11 in Waco. Texas threatened in the first quarter when Layden and Doss alternated plays to take the ball to the Bears ' 15-yard line. A field goal was wild at that point and Baylor took over the ball. Baylor ' s Jack Wilson, the star of the game, threw a touchdown pass to Lummus. and Nelson kicked goal for the first seven points. X ilson added six points. The last touchdown was the result of a pass. Texas ' " scat " backs had a hard time getting started in the mud. and the slippery ball kept Layden ' - | a -e from being effective. ciu - 1 TISTICS AFTER THE GAME Score by quarters: Texas Baylor Texas 1 1 8 138 5 143 9 2 2 2 10 2 13 . I First Downs Rushing First Downs Passing Total First Downs Yards Gained Rushing Yards Gained Passing Total Yards Gained Forward Passes Attempted Forward Passes Completed Number Fumbles Number of Penalties Yards Lost bv Penaltie- Tolal 20 Baylor 8 8 151 12 163 3 2 3 4 20 HAKKIV Grain slops through Baylor mud. fna. SI L FORECASTS BEFORE THE GAME Associated Press T. C. U. The. Daily Texan Texas ACTION DURING THE GAME Texas defeated Texas Christian University, 25 to 19, in Austin on November 18 to complete an unbeaten home season. From the open- ing play when Grain ran 65 yards for a touchdown, to the last minute, when Davis intercepted a pass to end the Frogs ' threat, the 15,000 spectators were not allowed to relax. Immediately after Grain ' s long gallop T. C. U. pushed over three touchdowns. The Longhorns scored again with a short pass from Davis to Grain. Texas fought so hard the second half that T. C. U. chose to give two safeties in order to push the Longhorns back. In the closing minutes of the game, Davis outran the T. C. U. secondary for the 64-yard touchdown that brought delight to Longhorn rooters. STATISTICS AFTER THE GAME Score by quarters: 123 Texas 770 T. C. U. 6 13 4 11 Texas 6 243 105 348 20 7 3 25 First Downs Rushing and Passing Yards Gained Rushing Yards Gained Passing Total Yards Gained Forward Passes Attempted Forward Passes Completed Passes Intercepted by Yards Lost by Penalties Total 25 19 T. C. U. 14 252 108 360 17 6 54 Grain and Davis angle around end. PACE 252 FORECASTS BEFORE THE GAME Associated Press A. M. The Daily Texan A. M. ACTION DURING THE GAME For 30 minutes the fighting Longhorns held the Number One Team of the Nation to a scoreless tie in the rain at College Station on Thanksgiving Day. only to lose. 20 to 0. All-American John Kim- broudi a held to less than two yards per try. With their running attack stopped. A. M. turned to passing and a 46-yard pass from the old hide-out play at the start of the second half set the stage for the first touchdown. In the same quarter, Conatser climaxed an Aggie 51- ard march by smashing through tackle for six points. Because of a Texas foul. A. M. took the ball on the Longhorns ' 14-yard line and three plays later Kimbrough scored. KUTNER STATISTICS AFTER THE GAME Score by quarters: Texas A. M. Texas 1 2 3 77 4 81 10 2 1 3 22 2 3 13 First Downs Rushing First Downs Passing First Downs by Penalty Total First Downs Yards Gained Rushing Yards Gained Passing Total Yards Gained Forward Passes Attempted Forward Passes Completed Number of Fumbles Number of Penalties Yards Lost by Penalties Total 20 A. M. 7 1 1 9 123 125 248 13 7 1 5 45 FREEMAN . M. closes in on Noble Doss. BIBLE All Southwest Conference Team, 1939 (Composite of Associated Press, United Press, International News Service, and The Daily Texan All-Conference Teams.) End Herb Smith, A. M. End Durward Horner, T. C. U. Tackle Joe Boyd, A. M. Tackle Jack Sanders, S. M. U. Guard Marshall Robnett, A. M. Guard Leonard Akin, Baylor Center Robert Nelson, Baylor 7 Quarterback Jack Grain, TEXAS Halfback Olie Cordill, Rice Halfback Kay Eakin, Arkansas Fullback John Kimbrough, A. M. WILLIAMS BASKETIIALL 1941) JACK GRAY ORAN SPEAKS PACI 255 Longhorns 52, Razorbacks 33 Razorbacks 54, Longhorns 44 ARKANSAS THE GAME IN FAYETTEVILLE Showing a wide reversal of form on the different nights, the Steers crowded a highly-rated Razorback team off the floor, and breezed along to win 52 to 33 in the opener. With odds fairly even until the middle of the second half, Big dies Granville turned on the heat to lead a rally that assured victory. THE SECOND GAME ALSO IN FAYETTEVILLE Going into their first Conference defeat, the Longhorns would start and stop, and finally faded late in the second half before a withering attack by the Hog ' s magnificent John Adams. Adams slipped through 21 points while showing the Steers to a 54-to-44 defeat. Granville again paced the Texans by hanging up 12 points. MOERS Razorbacks and Longhorns scramble for the ball. HOUPT PACI256 Longhorns 51. Bears 17 l onghorns 60, Bears 19 COOLEY :K NVILLE BAYLOR THE GAME IN AUSTIN Displaying some of the year ' s best ball. Coach Jack Gray maneuvered his five to a brace of wins over the ultra-potent Bears. In the opener, at Austin, Bobby Moers and W. D. Houpt combined to make 34 points between them, and to haul in a narrow 51 to 47 lead. A last minute stall, instigated by the Bounder, put the game away. THE GAME IN WACO W ith their championship hopes hanging on a win. Texas invaded Baylor and played one of the best ball games of the year, tripping the Bruins. 60 to 49, in a game that was far closer than the score indicated. Moers and Granville lead the Longhorns into camp, scoring 13 points each. It ' s anyone ' s ball as it bounces off the backboard. Longhorns 68, Horned Frogs 28 Longhorns 59, Horned Frogs 30 T. C. U. FINLEY THE GAME IN AUSTIN Luckless T.C.U., after eking out their first Conference victory in three years over the Aggies, ran into the Steers on two of the Longhorn ' s hottest nights. At Austin, the starting five for Texas rolled up 42 points in 21 minutes, with Houpt and Moers leading the tallying. Reserves added to the slaughter to make it 69 to 28, the year ' s most decisive score in Conference competition. THE GAME IN FORT WORTH Smarting under the Southern Methodist upset, Texas hit the Christians to the tune of a 39 to 16 first half, and then slowed to a walk as the reserves carried in a 59 to 30 victory. Moers and Thurman Hull accounted for most of the scoring with 15 and 13 points, respectively. Walter Houpt jumps for the ball. KUTNER PACE 258 Longhorns 31, Ponies 24 Ponies 45. Longhorns 42 KING S. M. U. HULL THE GAME IN AUSTIN After dragging behind by a 12 to 2 count early in the game, the Steers took their second Conference game of the year by closing off the Methodists. 31 to 24. Captain Oran Spears stepped from his usual defensive role into the high scorer ' s spot with 9 points, and Moers ' last minute stall put the game on ice. THE GAME IN DALLAS Getting full revenge for past season defeats, the Mustangs helped Rice towards the championship when they caught the Steers in Dallas and wrung out a 45 to 42 overtime victory. Trailing 3 points with a half-minute to play. Texas tied the score, then went ahead, only to see a last-minute goal drop through to tie the game. S.M.U. gained the lead in the overtime and never let go. Slue Hull tries for a basket and two points. Longhorns 50, Owls 46 Owls 42, Longhorns 41 RICE THE GAME IN HOUSTON Flush with a successful pre-Conference slate, the Steers hit Houston for their Conference opener determined to down a jinx that the Bayou City held for them. In their top shape of the year, physically and mentally, the Steers crashed to a 28 to 16 half-time margin, and then coasted in ahead of the Owls ' closing spurt, 50 to 46. Thurman Hull ' s 15 points paced the Longhorns. THE GAME IN AUSTIN Nine thousand fans, the largest crowd to see a basketball game in the South, filled Gregory Gym on February 27 to witness the championship battle. Rice carried the lead throughout, and lifted the title when a magnificent spurt, pushed by All-American Moers ' 19 points, fell a single point short, and the Steers lost, 42 to 41. Longhorns and Owls fight for the ball under the basket. SANS1NC Longhorns 42. Farmers 31 Farmers 53. Longhorns 52 A. M. THE GAME IN AUSTIN With a close defense thrown around their set plays, the Steers worked hard to get a lead over the Aggies and then beat the Farmers at their own game. Houpt led the way to a 42 to 31 victory with 13 points. Though reasonably close throughout, the Cadets never seriously threatened Texas ' lead. THE GAME IN COLLEGE STATION With championship hopes gone, the Longhorns ended a disappointing yet successful season at College Station by dropping a 53 to 52 decision when an Aggie sub ' s center court shot bombarded through the basket with two seconds left. W. D. Houpt pushes the ball in for two points. Longhorns 55, Manhattan 33 Temple 47, Longhorns 37 THE TRIP EAST THE LONGHORNS IN MADISON SQUARE GARDEN One of the year ' s outstanding accomplishments was the trip to the East during the Christmas holidays for a test against the highly publicized Temple and Manhattan squads. Playing Manhattan in Madison Square Garden before 18,000 fans, the largest crowd ever to see a basketball game, the Steers brought prestige to Southwestern cagers by trouncing the Jaspers 55 to 33 for the worst defeat ever handed a New York team in the Garden. THE LONGHORNS IN PHILADELPHIA Traveling down to Temple, too much sightseeing and lack of practice caught up with the Longhorns and they went far off form to lose to the Owls 47 to 37. ALL-AMERICAN BOBBY MOERS Lettermen DENTON COOLEY ELMER FINLEY CHESTER GRANVILLE W. D. HOUPT THURMAN HULL MALCOLM KUTNER ROBERT (BOBBY) MOERS UDELL MOORE BILLY SANSING, Manager ORAN SPEARS Reserve Lettermen LESLIE CROUCHER KENNETH KING ELTON HAILEY JACKSON HINDS Eastern scribes were so impressed by Bobby Moers ' bouncing and spirited style of play in Madison Square Garden that in spite of Texas ' failure to win the Southwest Conference title, Bouncing Bobby was selected on the N.E.A. All- America Team. Moers is the second Longhorn to win All-American honors. His coach, Jack Gray. was named to the All-America in 1935. Captain Oran Spears bewilders Manhattan with his quick playing. ' : ! ' Pv U BASEBALL 1939 W. J. (tNCI.E BIl-LVl HTM II JACK CONWAY PACE 263 VOLUME 40 Z-720 AUSTIN, TEXAS. WEDNESDAY. MAY 17. 1939 T Pugu T4i No. 19l) f Steers End First Unbeaten League Year Since 1919 With 7-5 Victory Over Aggie Conference Standings Team TEXAS Won 15 Lost o Percentage 1 000 A. . M 8 7 533 Baylor 8 7 533 S. M. U 5 10 333 T. C. U 5 10 333 Rice . 4 11 .267 Composite Box Score a. b. h. r. Pet. e. TEXAS 561 169 138 .301 21 Opponents 480 81 42 .189 59 Top row: DISCH, McDONALD, LAYDEN, EVERETT, DEUTSCH. HILL, PFEIL, PLATTER. Second row: HAAS, CONWAY. LAWSON, STATHAKOS, EVANS, MOERS. Bottom row: MEITZEN, RODRIQUEZ, STILL, LANGERHANS. SMITH. AND MASCOT. PACE 264 l ( ): ( ) All-Conference Baseball Team S 9 ! ECTED BY THE CONFERENCE COACHES) Position ante Catcher Doran . . Pitcher Deutsch Pitcher Fine . . . Pitcher Dewell . First Base . ..Hill . School .Texas A. M. TEXAS Baylor S. M. U. . .TEXAS - md Base Stone Texas A. M. Third Base Moers TEXAS Shortstop Conway TEXAS Left Field lsobrook Texas A. M. Center Field Pfeil TEXAS Right Field Haa TEXAS Cotton Evans rounds first base. PACI 2 S I. AW SON Texas David Rodriguez on the first lap to second base. Scores of Conference Games Opponents 8 6 8 Rice 5 2 17 2 4 Baylor 3 5 2 6 2 6 S. M. U. 4 5 2 LAYDEN STATHAKOS PACE 266 Pete Layden adds another score for Texas. Scores of Conference Games MCDONALD Texas 12 9 12 18 18 7 T. C. U. A. M. Opponents 2 2 6 3 5 : JACK CONWAY, MELVIN DEUTSCH, ROBERT EVANS, FRED EVERETT. CHARLES F. HAAS. JOHN H. HILL, WALLACE LAWSON. NED MCDONALD. ROBERT A. MEITZEN, ROBERT o. MOERS, CLARENCE PFEIL, DAVID RODRIQL ' EZ. CHARLES W. STILL, PETE LAYDEN. JIM STATHAKOS. DOC SMITH. JOHN LANGERHANS. LINGO PLATTER, manager. Rrsrr.t award,: IhH I. MOORE, CALVIN RAtP. BILL FORNEY. ALBERT SLAVIK, TOMMY I. INN. BILLY POOLE. SMITH MEITZEN STILL PLATTER PACE 267 FRESHMAN SEASON Results of 1939 Season TEXAS 7 Austin High School 3 TEXAS 10 A. M. Freshmen 7 TEXAS 9 St. Edwards 8 TEXAS 6 Baylor Freshmen 9 TEXAS 4 St. Edwards 1 TEXAS 19 Baylor Freshmen 1 TEXAS 4 A. M. Freshmen 7 TEXAS 4 Austin High School 2 TEXAS 18 . . . St. Edwards Freshmen Lettermen: JOE BURTON, LESLIE CROUCHER, W. A. ECKERT, IRVIN FORTUNE, HORACE GLENN, BILL GOSSETT, STEVE HOLCHAK, EUGENE W. JACOBS, GENE MASSEY, J. W. PEARCE, BOBBY ROTH, R. G. RUCKER, MAX SCHLEGEL. CLYDE SMITH, manager, and BOB ROCHS, HERSCHEL KORNBLATT, and BOB RUNYAN, assistant managers. W. A. (BOOTY) ECKERT Top row: ED PRICE, SMITH, MANES, BROWN, KLAERNER, JURECKA. HARKINS, RUNYON, ROCHS. Second row: JACOBS, GOSSETT, RUNNELLS, PEARCE, McCASLAND, THURBER. POLLAK, HERZOC, PRICE. Bottom row: ROTH, RUCKER, BURTON, SCHLEGEL, FORTUNE, PERRY, WILLIAMS, ECKERT, HOLCHAK, GLENN. PACI 268 _ TRACK 1939 CLYDE LITTLEF1ELD . SIEBKRT PACI 269 H. C. (BULLY) GILSTRAP AUSTIN, TEXAS, SUNDAY. MAY 14, 1939 Ten Page Today Longhorn Track Team Runner-Up In Southwest Conference Meet Sp.rfol U A COLLEGE STATION, My 1 Southwest Conference Track Meet COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS MAY 12-13, 1939 Event Winner 120- Yard High Hurdles Wolcott, 220- Yard Low Hurdles Wolcott, 100- Yard Dash Wolcott, 220- Yard Dash Blagg, 440- Yard Dash Sanders, 880- Yard Run Fowler, One Mile Run Bell, Two Mile Run Strother, 440- Yard Relay One Mile Relay Pole Vault Bryan, Broad Jump Atchison, High Jump Walters, Javelin O ' Neill, Discus Hughes, Shot Put Thomason, Time 14.3 24.2 9.8 22.1 48.9 Rice Rice Rice Rice Rice Rice 1 :59.0 Rice 4:23.0 A. M 10:11.5 TEXAS 42.4 Rice 3:23.9 TEXAS ... 12 feet, 6 inches TEXAS ... 23 feet, 41 2 inches Baylor .... 6 feet, 3 inches S. M. U. . . .216 feet, 8l 2 inches TEXAS ... 154 feet, 8y 2 inches A. M 49 feet, 5l 2 inches Final Score: Rice 56; TEXAS 45i 2 ; A. . M. 36; S. M. U.- Baylor 81 0 ; Arkansas 81 2 ; T. C. U. 6l 2 . -14; Top row: GILSTRAP, OUALLINE, STEWART, ODUM, GILLAM. ALSOBROOK, LOSTAK, EHLERS, KLEINMAN. Second row: ROWE, GRAHAM, WERLEIN, ESUNAS, HUGHES, GARRETT, ADAIR, HILL, DELAVAN, ROBEL. Bottom row: LAW. SEAY, CRAVES, McSPADDEN, DAVIDSON. CATEWOOD. ATCHISON, SIEBERT, HART, MORRIS. PCE 270 Dual Meet Texas vs. Texas A. M. COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS MARCH 25, 1939 KI.KINVUN Event Winner 440- Yard Dash Moser, A. M. 100- Yard Dash Cecil, A. M. Mile Run Garrett, TEXAS Shot Put Esunas, TEXAS 220- Yard Dash Cecil, A. M. High Jump Davidson, TEXAS Barefield, TEXAS, 120- Yard High Hurdles . .Dreiss, A. M. 880- Yard Dash Storms, A. M. Discus Hughes, TEXAS Pole Vault Bryan, TEXAS 440- Yard Relay TEXAS Two Mile Run Odum, TEXAS 220- Yard Hurdles Dreiss, A. M. Mile Relay TEXAS Javelin Potthast. A. M Broad Jump Seay, TEXAS Time 50.6 10.0 4:37.5 44 feet, 6% inches 22.1 and 6 feet tie 15.1 2:04.0 .... 144 feet, 4 inches 11 feet. 6 inches 44.0 10:35.0 24.6 3:29.0 172 feet, 7ft inches 22 feet. 534 inches HART AD AIR STEWART PACK MOKRIS PACE 271 Beefus Bryan sets pole vault r ecord. CATEWOOD 7939 Track LeHermen-JOHN GARLAND ADAIR, JUD ATCHISON, MORRIS BAREFIELD, B. F. BRYAN, W. R. DAVIDSON, BERNARD ESUNAS, BOYCE GATEWOOD, JOE GARRETT, GILLIAM GRAHAM, JOE HART, JACK HUGHES, GEORGE MORRIS, BARDWELL ODUM, COLEMAN PACK, W. H. SEAY, WENDELL SIEBERT, WILLIAM C. STEWART, DANIEL KLEINMAN, manager. 1939 Reserve Letterm en GEORGE DELAVAN, DAVID EDMUNDS, JAMES EDMINSTER, WILLIAM ROSS GILLAM, TOMMIE LOSTAK, TOMMY McSPADDEN, JUDD OUALLINE, H. CLAY PRICE, E. H. ROWE, R. W. SLOVACEK, JESSE THOMPSON, PRESLEY WERLEIN. Managerial Awards ROBERT HAVISZ, HERBERT LAUTERSTEIN, MELVIN ROSENWASSER. CARRETT BAREFIELD ESL ' NAS I ' ACE 272 Quadrangular Meet Baylor. S. M. U.. T. C. U.. Texas WACO. TEXAS APRIL 5, 1939 Event H inner 100- Yard Dash Morris. 220- Yard Dash Baccus, 1 in. Yard Dash Stewart. 880- Yard Dash Smith. Mile Run Smith. Two Mile Run (Mum. 1 li i Yard Sprint Relay Mile Relay 120- Yard High Hurdles Pack. 220- Yard Low Hurdles Pack. High Jump Walters. Pole Vault Bryan. Discus Hughes. Javelin Adair. Broad Jump Atchison. Shot Put Esunas. Time TEXAS 10.2 S. M. U 21.1 TEXAS 52.6 T. C U 2:1.59 T. C U 4:41.1 TEXAS 10:47.3 TEXAS 43.8 TEXAS 3.3 TEXAS 15.2 TEXAS 24.5 Baylor 6 feet. 1 inch TEXAS 11 feet 6 inches TEXAS. ... 142 feet, 10 inches TEXAS. ... 186 feet. 6 inches TEXAS. ... 20 feet. 3 inches TEXAS.. ..46 feet BHYAN GRAHAM TCHISO.N ODCM DAVIDSON HUGHES I ' ... ' Triangular Meet Rice, Texas A. M., Texas HOUSTON, TEXAS Event Winner 440- Yard Dash Sanders, 100- Yard Dash Wolcott, Mile Run Bell, 220- Yard Dash Blagg, 120- Yard High Hurdles. . .Wolcott, 880-Yard Run Bell, 440-Yard Relay Two Mile Run Strother, 220- Yard Low Hurdles Wolcott, Mile Relay High Jump Davidson, Broad Jump Atchison, Pole Vault Bryan, Shot Put Classic, Discus Hughes, Javelin Robnett, Time Rice 49.3 Rice 9.9 Rice 4:32.9 Rice 21.1 Rice 14.1 Rice 1:57.1 Rice 42.1 A. M 10:12.2 Rice 23.6 Rice 3:19.1 TEXAS 6 feet, l 8 inch TEXAS 23 feet, 5 inches TEXAS 12 feet Rice 46 feet, 3 inches TEXAS ... 155 feet, 7 inches A. M.. .192 feet, 8 inches Shots from the 1939 Texas Relays, Memorial Stadium APRIL 1, 1939 1. Elaine and Wayne Rideout, North Texas State Teachers ' College. 2. Hugh Graves of Texas, second from right. 3. Bernie Esunas and Jack Hughes, both of Texas. 4. Oklahoma A. M. anchor man, Steakley of Rice, and Church of L. S. U., finishing the one-mile relay. 5. Wilbur Greer, Michigan State sprinter, beats out Wolcott of Rice in the 100-yard dash. 6. Feiler of Drake finishing the 3000-meter run. Robert Moers of Texas is the judge. PACE 274 National Meets k S S RELAYS Lawrence. Kansas. April 22, 1939 Event ff inner Time 120- Yard High Hurdles . . Wolcott. Rice 14.5 Half Mile Relay Oklahoma 1 :26.6 Two Mile Relay Oklahoma A. M 7:52.5 Quarter Mile Relay Oklahoma 41.4 One Mile Relay. Oklahoma A. M 3:16.2 Discus Throw Hughes. TEXAS. . . 151 feet, 91 4 inches Pole Vault . . .Brvan. TEXAS. . . 14 feet. 2 inches DRAKE RELAYS Des Moines. louv. April 28, 1939 Erent If inner Time 120- Yard High Hurdles . .Wolcott. Rice 14.4 Four Mile Relay Oklahoma A. M 17:29.6 Pole Vault Bryan. TEXAS and Padwav. Wisconsin, tie. 13 feet. 8 inches N. C. A. A. MEET Los Angeles, California. June 16-17. 1939 Beefus Bryan. Jack Hughes. Boyce Gatewood. Gil Ham Graham, and Jud Atchison represented Texas. Atchison won the national broad jump title with a leap of 24 feet and 9 inches. Gatewood placed sixth in the 120-yard high hurdles and Graham was fifth in the javelin throw. Jud Atchison wins the broad jump. Morris (Red) Barefield. high jump. Ilernie Esunas throws the javelin. Gatewood takes a hurdle. Ptt 275 CROSS COUNTRY ODUM RESULTS OF 1939 SEASON (Low score wins) October 27 Austin TEXAS 31; Abilene Christian College 32; Rice, third. November 4 Dallas TEXAS beat S. M. U. in a dual meet. College November 10 Station TEXAS 18; A. M. 38. Conference Meet College November 24 Station TEXAS 19; A. M. 37; S. M. U. 80. Lettermen: REGULAR " T " , HARRY HAFERNICK QUALIFIED " T " , HAROLD PRICE, JOE HART, TOMMIE LOS- TAK, BARDWELL ODUM, TOMMY McSPADDEN, BENSON WROBLE. UAKT Top row: HAFERNICK, McSPADDEN, LOSTAK. Bottom row: PRICE, HART, CLYDE LITTLEFIELD, BARDWELL, WROBLE. . PICE 276 TENNIS 1939 Pier 277 GRAVES Top row: GRAVES. HIL- LEY, FINCHER, BILL BILLINGS, RISKINI), GLENN, BATJER, PENICK. Bottom row: BRAUBACH, K1CKMAN, LAPMAN, BOB BILLINGS, CHRISTNER. KAMRATH. Lettermen HENRY BATJER, BILL BILLINGS, BOB BILLINGS, JOHN BRAUBACH, WARREN CHRISTNER, MAURICE FINCHER, TOMMY R. GLENN, HARRY HICKMAN, GORDON HIL- LEY, ROBERT KAMRATH, MELVIN LAPMAN, REUBEN RISKIND, P. F. GRAVES, JR.; PRESTON JOHNSON and LESLIE THOMPSON, managers; JACK MEADOWS, reserve award. CHRISTNER BATJER GLENN BRAUBACH PACE 278 Out-of Conference Matches Texas Opponents 3 University of Chicago 3 5 Tulane 1 5 Oklahoma Teachers 1 9 Davidson College 1 7 San Marcos College 6 Dubuque University -0 6 Texas Tech 7 Texas School of Mines 1 North Texas State 2 9 St. Mar " University Conference Matches Texas 6 6 Baylor S.M.U. A. M. Rice Opponents 1 3 Southwest Conference Meet Singles: Rolxrt Kamrath. Texas, lost to Frank Guernsey of Rice, 0-6, 64, 6-4, 6-2. : Robert Kamrath and Reuben Riskind. Texas, lost to Frank Guernsey and Dick Morris of Rice. 6-0, 9-7. 5-7, 6-3. I i . .- Henry Batjer and Tommy Glenn of Texas, foreground; Wilkins and Dodson of S.M.U. Batjer smashes one over. Wilkins, S.M.U., fore- ground; Glenn, Texas Reuben Riskind serves. Warren Christner and Maurice Fincher, far court, versus Robert McGinnis and Paschal Walthall. Batjer and Smith Dodson, .M.U., foreground. Garland Poole returns a low one. Melvin Lapman of Texas, fore- ground, and Wilkins of S.M.t ' . The Coyote as Representative Animal of the Southwest . . . " The coyote, along with the cowboy and the rattlesnake, is an integral part of Western and South- western North America. Oren Arnold says he " probably is the one wild creature that is most associated with the West and the Southwest. He is part of our daily living here, an old timer likely to be seen or heard any day. " Ernest Ingersoll calls him ' ' a true westerner, " typifying the " independence, unrestrained gaiety, and brisk zeal which enter into the heart of him who sights the Rocky Mountains. " Charles F. Lummis identifies him with the very landscape, and to John C. Van Dyke, he belongs to the desert country as essentially as do the dry arroyos and the washes along which he skulks. James W. Steele thinks that the representative animal of the West should not be the buffalo but the coyote, because he comes closer than the buffalo to being the figurehead of the great West. He should, therefore, adorn its escutcheons. " The word coyote is an aztequismo, having no counterpart in Castilian. It comes from the Nahuatl word coyotl, the radical meaning of which, according to scholars, is variable. Robelo, after explaining that the word cocoyotla is plural, so made by the duplication of the first syllable, writes: " The name coyote can be a corruption of cocoyoctla, which is composed of cocoyoclic, hole or hollow thing, and of tla, a particle indicating abundance, and meaning, ' Where there are many holes. ' ' This explanation gives rise, perhaps, to Brinton ' s view that the root of the word coyote meant hole, the animal being so named because of his habit of burrowing his den. Fifteen years after making the explanation just given, Robelo issued this one: " The name properly is coyohuacca, which is com- posed of coyotl, from which has been formed the aztequismo coyote, and huaqui, meaning lean. This interpretation is authorized by the hieroglyphic, which consists of a coyote with bristling hair and tongue hanging out, indicating a lean and hungry animal. " Copyright, 1938 TEXAS FOLKLORE SOCIETY l ' r.E 282 SWIMMING AND 00 LF J. WARD FOUTS . SWIMMING WESTERN TRIP TKXAS 38 TEXAS 46 Fullerton Junior College 37 Stanford 29 California 371 0 U. C. L. A. 28 TEXAS 4U 2 TEXAS 46 CONFERENCE MEET TEXAS A. M. S. M. U. Baylor Top row: Tex Robertson, Jimmy Martin, Boh Kollin, Bill Choniski, Leo Ahr, Ira Lavin. Second row: Don Faver, Dick Beeler, Talmadge Reed, Neville Moise, Henry Iilema, Mike Sojka. Bottom row: Porky Williams, ilenry Chapman, Rauel Papirh, Bob Tarlton, Harris MrClamrock. John Crourh. Billy Brink. PACK 284 SWIMMING Tux ROBERTSON opened his 1940 Aquacade by having his swimmers slide out of a giant slot machine, considering his team a gamble after the loss of both Adolph Keifer and Ralph Flanagan. The gamble proved to be a safe one. however, when four American records fell during the three nights of February 13. 14. and 15. The backstroke relay team bettered the old record of 6:48.3 in the 600-yard distance by doing the same distance in 6:46.5. Jane Dillard broke the 100-yard breaststrokf mark, the 50-yard breaststroke record, and the 100-meter breast- stroke record during the show. Variety was plentiful with daring dives by Hank Chapman. Billy Brink, and Babe Papich who performed spectacular feats from the board and the tower. Bob Tarlton and Jane Dillard drew the applause of the audience -. eral times with their " Aquadonis and the Belle " act. On the last night Boyce Gatewood was presented with a trophy for being chosen the most handsome athlete of the Varsity Longhorn teams. ilKNKY CHAPMAN. RU ' EL PAPICH, BILLY BRINK HARRIS MtCI.AMROCK i . . . Top row: CHILTON, FOUTS, TAYLOR, BENSON. Bottom r,iu: SPITZER, LUCE. GOLF 1939 LUCE MATCHES TEXAS 5 . . . . . . . . Texas Tech 1 TEXAS 1 . Rice 5 CONFERENCE MEET First Rice Second TEXAS Third A. M. Fourth T. C. U. Fifth S. M. U. Lettermen: WALTER BENSON, ANDREW CHILTON, J. WARD FOUTS, ARTHUR LUCE, LEN SPITZER, TOMMY F. TAYLOR. CHILTON BENSON PACE 286 INTRAMURAL ATHLETICS FOR MEN Fencers David Small. Delta Chi right I, champion. J. C Spiller. Delta Tau Delta (left), runner-up. THE 1940 FITE NIGHT Pux 287 Progressive Czechs Win Handball Doubles,- Eight Wrestling Championships Awarded Handball Doubles (Center) A. E. Hoffman (left) and Lu- ther Randerson (right), Pro- gressive Czechs, champions. Wrestling Champions Top row: Wash Whitesides, 145-lb., Dark Horses Park Myers, heavyweight, Kinky Dinks Bottom row: Edwin Bayer, 127-lh., Pi Kappa Alpha Ted Thomas, 175-lb., Rinky Dinks Connor Patman, 165-11)., Delta Chi Milton Ferrel, 120-lb., Sons of Alec Charles J. Parker, 155-lb., Phi Delta Theta E. W. Slovacek, 135-11)., Pro- gressive Czechs PACE 288 P rather Hall Team Takes Golf Doubles Boxing Championships Decided Fight Night Golf Doubles F.iipem- Bryan I left I . and Jark Helm iriphtl. Pralher Hall, champion-. Champions Top rou : Frank Brahaney, 175- lh.. Independent Bill Kilman. heavyweight. Rinky I)mk- n u : f Simp-iii. ' 1 - Hi.. Sin- of Aler Milton Frrrell. 120-lb Sons of Ale, Frank Bell. 15-i-ll,.. S. A. E. Jim Tolle-on, 165-lb., 5. A. E. John Mhittington. U.i-lli.. Inde- pendent r. . .- . Jones House, Sigma Nu Win Foul Throw; Swedes Softball Ch.i m p i mis,- (I ope land House Takes Tennis Doubles; Hosenblad, Handball Singles Foul Throw Champion and Runner-up (Tied} H. Elrod (left), Sigma Nu, and J. Dusenbury (right), Jones House. Handbal l Singles Champion L. E. Rosenblad, Independent Tennis Doubles Champions C. H. Boyd (left) and Harry Thornberry (right), Copeland House Softball Champions Bloomquisi Swedes Bottom row: Burton Law- rence, Fred Pool, Bill Schie- bel. Second row: Eugene Joplin, Dick Overstreet, P ed Barrick- low, R. D. Stringer. Third row: Perry Hybarger, Leighton Cornell, Jack Jack- son, Clifford Boyd. Top row: Jim Hardwick, Mar- vin Sherrill, William Penn Jones. PACE 290 I 1 . E. M. Takes Ping -Pong Singles,- Mi linn k lin House Wins Badminton, Uekes Second; Little Campus Team Runner-up in Softball Champion Leo I-aBorde, P. E. M. Club 9 I Hmlminton Champion Leo LaBorde. Mi - raiklin House Runnrr-up John Spears. Del- la kappa Ep-ilon Runnrrs-up Little Campus ruu-: Joe Kirrhheimer, Jim Tartt. B. R. Reynolds, William hnni-ki. Bill Rodan. Second roic: Julian Kastrop. (,eti Martin. Bradley Bour- land. Welter Seider. Third rnu : Tommie I.o-tak. i . V. Leibscher. Marvin Mi - Cown. Top rote: Ocia Pond. I . Bfiwle . Robert Hi llinp irth. ;. , S.P. E. ' s Win Basketball ' A ' Championship, Betas Take B ' Title; P. E. M. Club Winner In Touch Football; Phi Hams, Vol ley Ball r ii ii n Basketball " A " Champions Sigma Phi Epsilon Bottom row: Gardner Winters, Bill Gossett. Jack Emmott, Guy Hawkins, Hewett Emmott. Top row: M. C. Lewis, Charles Zagst, Murray Smith, Edwin Staats, Jimmy Krause. Basketball " B " Champions Beta Theta Pi Left to right: Sonny Learned, Jack Casey. Bill McDugald, Les Sander, Raymond Franks. J. B. Griffith, Tommy Wommack. Touch Football Champions P. E. M. Club Bottom row: H. Barton, B. R. Reynolds, F. Poole, D. Barclay, Red Barefield. Top row: G. Saxon, V. Wrohle, F. Looke, M. Deutsch, H. Arm- strong, L. Hill, Babe Papach, W. Deutsch. Volley Ball Champions Phi Gamma Delta Bottom row: Billy Steele, Billy Seay, Jimmy Smyth, Ted Bartho- low. Top row: Bill Kennedy, Jack Bartholow, John Meyer, Bill Fraser, Boli Watson, Dick Livers. Foul Throw Team Champions Delia Kappa Epsilon Left to right: Joe Gilmore, Iver Bowles, Jack Herndon, Knox Fant. PiCE 292 1 NTH AMU HALS F II WOMEN Canter Club Matlom roit (tittinf): Juanila Gold- man. Rulk Nicholson. Sarab Dickir. Hrlrn Jo . (.illin.1: Mary VillU.- .. Marjoric Wil. .- Brtty Prk. Patricia Ko- brrdrau. Brlty niw Bird. Kr rr.- DapWie McElhiucT. Ida Mar Cunnia(lu . LillUa Po- rll. fup rr: Jrn-H- Burr ( paor). Mu(am My Barrb- .rd. 01. M. - urd. M.rv AMU Crrrn. Pliylli. Cur. lue Brova. rm Humphir . Jr.n Pulnam. ilrmkm mM in fiamrt: Linda Hodcc . Judith Craddork. Mary Lewi limt Harditoa. liufi: Mackic Cockrrll. - V Bou- and Arrow Club Bottom ram (riltiac) : Margaret Lrarhman, Flolrnrc TbompMin. Jan- ire Raluon. LiU Slonr Burkaloo. HvifDft Hfbrt. H.lti V i Mc- Farlaad. JUBC Jordan. Pry Lorkr. . brlufrn urfftt: Jan Parr. Sarah Brlh Knol. r.. ro : Anna Munftr. Rulh O ' Don- nrll. Marjorit Bo.rn. Pray Brodrr- MID. Hairl Prtrr. (Iradrrl. Jrannr Clark. Toolry Williamson (ipaMor). Jrannr Pattun. Brlly Iran Pifnun. Judith Prrkiu. Markk- Cockrrll. M.ry Enma O rnt. Maiinr Rork- .-11. K.y Prarl Wood. Membtrt mM M picture: Hrlrn Pat- tun. Jni- Hakin . V.T.S.A. Council m: Om Ray Walkrr, rrport- - iiannr Dunninf . trader of Or- rbr i: Brtt Slauffatrr. trcrrtar : Martin. Trc Club: Markir Corkrrll. preaidml : Nonna Cold- th.aitr. Tnnlr Club: Marjorir Mnr- ray. Rarkrt Clnk : Toolry VillUm- on. family njrfaor: Skriln O ' l.r.. farulty adviaor. ram: Mar? Flrtrhrr. trra-- urrr: Vrrna Hnmpkrry . Cantrr Club: Mary Ann Sralcn. mrmWr-t- larfr: Hazrl Prtrn. Bow and Arrow. Jfratfrrn mat i picture: Annr Pitt- nun. nrr-pmidmt : Anna Hi. fnr- ultr nnVnor. F ' A.. and the U. T. S. A. CLUBS Racket Club Bottom row: Carol Wagrnsrht-in, Phoebe Myers, Charlene Yaeger, Vir- ginia Baker. Second row: Ann Schumacher, Jane Duls, Judy Polk, Kdiih Fordtran, Bonnie- Jean Duncan, Pat Patterson, Mary Fletcher, Anne Pittman, Sheila O ' Gara, Margie Murray. Third row (on stand): Clara Har- ris, Edith Carter. Fourth row (on stand) : Aubyn Town- send, Elizabeth Stafford. Top rote: Jeanne Range, Luckie Pe- den. Turtle Club Bottom row : Virginia Myers, Luckie Peden, Patricia Collins, Jean RawU. Second row: Gloria Dawn Blue, Nan- cy I il l.ii .1, Jacqueline Gilrhrist, Jane Newkirk, Margaret Penn, Ethel Jarm-s. Top row: Norma Coljthwaite, Betty Slaughter, Koberta Ney land. Members not in picture : Margaret Adams, Adele Grimes, Peggy Hil- liard, Anna Munger, Mary Ann Scales, Jean Strawbridge, Dorothy Vickers, Grare Wai 1, Beatrice Cain. Tee Club Bottom row (sitting) : Margaret Neel Carlisle, Dorothy Musgrave, Beth Haley. Second row: Dale Martin, Corinne Thome, Betty Harmon, Lorraine Winters. Third row: Norma Archer, Dorothy Glenn Jamison, Etha Forman. Je- k- May Humphrey. Top row: Mary Elizabeth Watson (sponsor) , Mary Lou Smith. Orchesis Bottom row: Elizabeth Hardir, Mat- lye Sue LeBlanc, Margrette Grnbb.s. Second row: Billy Darter, Mary Bess Dorsey, Suzanne Dunning, Vir- ginia McCa kill. Third row: Eileen Eitt, Elizabeth Lee, Nancy Pratt, Betly Schntzt. Mary Lake. Top row: Marguerite Walling. Iirtt Walker, Claire Matllu-w . Helen Waggoner, Martha Haish, Jacqueline Hempel, Georgia nna Harmon, Joan Holt-man. PACE 294 I ni I ' d DIM I ' d I Managers Arrange Competition for Teams Archer W inner Hurl Prlrrt. M ,.h Drlu Pi Posture If inners - .! . Chi Omrfa rrnr H.rri.. Delia Drlta Delta Jr.. Putnam. Cki Table Tennis Singles iwrr. Mri Lr TB Rmmner-mf. Dorolby Lee Prriin Intramural Managers Pillm.n. R.tb Min- ' IUr. [VI Prrrll. Brth Dirkir. From Srrbolt. Sn Eld- wick. Dorothy V-TT. Hrlra CnW. HrrmM. Mry Draracik. Adrlt Crinn. A.bvo TowMra H.rmo.. Mary H.jck. Mai? Mm mfrri mat in . V-I.U Gvrfrrro. J- ic Nc aMa. HrlrD Broferirk. Crxlhu Sh M-ld. Jar R. Knih illi . Ow mh.r.. Viola Tana Mary SckicWI. Va. T. Srrtarr of l.lra- i . M Awards Given These Winners at Annual " T " Banquet Basketball It iruuTS .Scat : le t to right : l.m-kie Peden, Claracita Burks, Mar- garet O ' Deen, Jane Brown, Virginia !.. . IM Purr.-ll. lildr.-d KrholU, la inc Montgomery. Runners-lip Kappa Alpha Thrta: Bolt it m ruu : Virginia We,- ton, Nor- ma Neimeyer, Mary Aubyn Town- tul. Wilma Janr Bird. Jean Cuffin. Top row: W i n n i f red S nia 1 1 , Jane Duls, Mary KM en Lore. Golf Left to right: Lorraine Winters, win- ner; Dale Martin, third place; Mar- jorie Murray, second place. Tennis Doubles Left to right: Virginia Baker, Char- Icne Yaeger, runners-up; Jane Bruwn. Mar jorie Murray, winners. Badminton Singles Marjoric Murray (right), win Mary Ann Bird, runner-up. Swimming Winners Delta Delta Delta Left to right: Mackie Corkrell, Frances Harris, Betty Slaughter, Liza- !)fth Pain ton, Norma Goldthwaite, Catherine Storkard, Clarice Hollman. Tennis Singles Edith Fordtran, Alpha Delta Pi. PACE 296 _ OLK TflLES in their original form might be defined as the unwritten fiction of a people. This definition is not very accurate, however, for fiction often betrays like the extraneous Wild West fiction that has be- trayed Texas and Texans whereas all folk- lore is inherent and expresses the soil and the people of the soil, ft writer who truly reflects a folk translates into print, as it were, his own and his people ' s cultural inheritance. In the early 1920 ' s, J. Frank Dobie decid- ed he would collect the legends of his land as John Lomax had collected the ballads and songs. Thus, in 1924, as editor and main con- tributor, he issued, through the Texas Folk- Lore Society, a book called " Legends of Texas. " Thirteen other volumes issued by that organization bear his name as editor and co-editor, but the work that brought him wid- est recognition is " Coronado ' s Children " (1931), a collection of legendary tales about lost mines and buried treasures in the South- west. " Coronado ' s Children " was followed by " On the Open Range, " " Tongues of the Monte, " and recently, " Apache Gold and Yaqui Silver. " Frank Dobie, in his literature course at The University of Texas, in speeches, in magazine articles, and in books, preaches the doctrine that the coyote, the rattlesnake, the Texas Longhorn, roadrunners, mustang horses, and many other features of the land can be best understood and enjoyed through the tales that the folk living with these fea- tures have been weaving through the cen- turies. The earth remembers; the translator of the soil and of the people of the soil will listen to hear what the earth remembers al- ways something natural and hearty and fla- vorsome. If Texas ever has a great literature, this literature will belong to the backgrounds, the traditions, the soil of Texas and represent it as truly as Shakespeare represented Eliza- bethan England. When Texas becomes genu- inely civilized, her architecture will seem to grow out of the ground as oaks grow out of the limestone hills of Central Texas and pines grow out of the sands of East Texas and the coyote ' s howl, addressed to the changeless moon, will still be heard in the pages of her immortal literature. AJU CORONADO ' S CHILDREN By I. FRANK DOBIE . . . Search for the wondrous Cities was inevitable. The expedition led by Kranrjsro Yasquez Coronado was the first made by white men into what is now known as the Southwest and it was surely the most amazing of all expeditions ever made on the American continent. Fitted out at an immense cost, it included 300 Spaniards, 1000 Indians, 1000 extra hones, herds of swine and sheep. i -wivel puns, and a temperament as superbly sanguine as young men are capable of enjoying. Ahead of him Coronado sent a Franciscan monk known as Fray Marcos de Nizza, and ahead of Fray Marcos scouted Black Stephen, the Moor who had been with Cabeza de Vaca. If the gorgeous reports about the riches of Cibola turned out to be only partly true. Black Stephen was to send back a small cross " two handfuls long " : if the reports had not been exaggerated, and the Seven Cities really contained more wealth than the palaces of the Montezumas. he would send back " a larger cross. " Four days after he had ridden out, the Moor sent back a cross " as high as a man, " and the priest relayed the message to Coronado. . . . Copyright, 1930 by SOUTHWEST PRESS Honoraries The haven By Marquis James ' ... On the first day of December, 1832, Houston was at Fort Towson on the American bank of the Re d River, a sprawling, unfinished stream, normally more river-bed than river. On the other side billowed a vacant plain dressed in dirty red grass spotted with patches of jack-oak. This was Texas. On December second, while an eagle circled overhead, Sam Houston mounted the horse of the Fine Arkansas Gentleman and splashed into the muddier Rubicon . . . Copyright 1929 BOBBS-MERRILL COMPANY PiCl 297 Alpha Epsilon Delta Honorary Pre-Medical Fraternity OFFICERS President Louis TOBIAN, JR. Vice-President Lucius LINDLEY Secretary SAM GREEK Treasurer RAYMOND BOSTER Historian ALFRED LUCKETT Faculty Advisor C. R. JOHNSON HONORARY MEMBERS J. R. Bailey W. S. Carter D. B. Casteel H. W. Harper H. R. Henze T. S. Painter J. T. Patterson E. P. Schoch MF.MMF.RS Alfred Abramson William Arnold Lawrence Barnett John L. Baskin Don Battle Robert Boe Raymond Boster James M. Buie Denton Cooley Herschel Daily- Milton Davis David Dawson William Dickens Charles Fisher Robert Garrison Robert Gilliland William Gordon Silas W. Grant George Granville Sam Greer Paul Adrian Haber Hugh Hanson Charles Hightower John Hrissikopoulos Herbert Janszen John Dudley King Livius Langford Lucius Lindley Alfred Luckett Craig Morris Robert Neely Leon Nowierski Charles Ramsey William Roddy- Harry Schwenker Mola Sigel Keith Teeter E. Donnall Thomas Louis Tobian, Jr. Edwin Torrance John Whitten Ross Whittenburg Elmer Wynne Thomas Youens ALPHA EPSILON DELTA has as its purpose the binding together of students wilh the same interest, to encourage scholastic excellence in pre-medical work, to crystallize any movement for the good of the pre-medical student, and to bridge the gap between pre-medical students and those in the School of Medicine. To be eligible, a student must have completed one year at the University, and have maintained a general average of " B, " and also a " B " average in sciences. Each candidate must receive a favorable vote from three-fourths of the active members after due consideration of personality, character, dependability, and general ability. PACE 298 Alpha Lambda Delta Honorary Organization for Freshman Women Founded, University of Illinois, May 31, 1924 Texas Chapter Established December 13, 1935 Thirty-seven Active Chapters OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Historian . MARGARET SILLIVAN ELEANOR ANN VAN ZANDT EVELYN TOMKIES PATTIE NOLEN JEAN TEMPLIN Myra Barnhill Edith Bell Eleanor Bishop Waldine Brogren Grace Brown Jane Caplen Billie Edmonson Zuella Gibbons Laura Gardner Hazel Harrod Naome Howerton MEMBERS Martha Kennard Bernice Mezzetti Erne Mueller Pattie Nolen Beth O ' Neil Martha Pearce Ruby Persons Dolores Rebstein France Rock Martha Shelby Helene Silvennan Frances Simpson Marie Elizabeth Sivil Marianna Smith Margaret Spillar Margaret Sullivan Jean Templin Evelyn Tomkies Eleanor Ann Van Zandt Caroline Webster Emogene White Louise Willis Lorraine Winters SPRING INITIATES Joyce Atkin- Margaret Beilharz Iris Bennett Frances Benson Jo Margaret Buster Guadalupe Cardenas Mary Anne Click Mary Crissey Ann Crockett Mar jo Davis Bettv Elliott Mary Finch Geraldine Gillespie Margaret Gurley anna Ann Herod Kiltie Ruth Jackson Ima Gene Jennings Marie Koepsche Elizabeth Anne Langs-ton Fauna Long Lida Ruth Long Jean McCandless Dorothy Mclntyre Mary Lynne Manuel Dorothy Matthews Ruth Nicholson Kerrigan O ' Neill Helen Osoba Mary Love Parks Mary Ethel Posey Jean Rawls Virginia Reich Mary Pearl Roller Nancy Shumate Charlotte Stevenson Catherine Stockard Emma Strobel Mercedes Trevino Mary Virginia Veatch Jean Vinson Pauline Walt man Harriet Wood Marjorie Wood Christine Zarafonelis ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA provides stimulation, development, and recognition of scholarship among hrst-year women of the University and encourages further high scholastic attainment throughout the remainder of their University life. An average of three " AY " and two " BY in fifteen hours of work or four " AY " in twelve hours the first semest.-r of the freshman year is the requirement for membership. Alpha Phi Omega Honorary Scouting Service Fraternity Founded, LaFayette College, December 16, 1925 Alpha Rho Chapter Established 1934 OFFICERS President WENDELL HOLMES HANSON First V ice-President WILLIAM ARTHUR BARTON Second V ice-President CARROLL JAMES SLUBICKI Secretary WILSON LELAND DYER Treasurer WILLIAM MARVIN BAILEY Reporter WILLIAM HARPER LEIPER Historian ROBERT WARREN MATHIS Alumni Secretary EDWARD JOSEPH EGOZCUE F. J. Adams FACULTY ADVISORS H. P. Bybee Arno Nowotny SCOUTING ADVISORS Lloyd M. O ' Neal H. W. Newman MEMBERS Robert Martin Adams Jack Scott Adkins William Marvin Bailey William Arthur Barton Charles Bentson Bowen William Wells Brown Claude Robert Busby Bob Bill Bybee Vernon Caver Brice Winston Cecil Etienne Andre Chavannes Hal H. Cherry William Sneed Clark David Hill Coffman, Jr. William Boyd Cook Albert Ewell Cupp George Louis Dacy Milton Victor Davis Herbert Singleton Durham Wilson Leland Dyer David Wright Edmunds Edward Joseph Egozcue Emmet Ehlers Ernest Hilliard Fincher Elmo Leroy Fischer Ralph Edward Frede Richard Paul Haney Kenneth Clayton Hanson Wendell Holmes Hanson William Thomas Harrison Oriz Dale Hewgly Edmund Meyer Hoffman William Francis Hoot Frank Porter Hiingate Charles Johnston Charles Jones Clyde Elkins Kay Robert Fairhurst Kniffin Robert Boyd Ladd James Malcolm Lamb Livius Lee Lankford William Harper Leiper Bert Wetzel Lindsay Joe Henry Lowenstein Howard Nathan Martin Richard Stewart Mason Robert Warren Mathis Alfred Covington Miller Odie David Minatra Jack Cecil Nelson James Blackstone Newman George Sampson Nalle R. C. Norris Lewis Glenn Owens Marvin Wesley Petty Newton Joseph Rabensburg Sydney Chandler Reagan George Lowell Rich Eugene Haze Sanders Samuel C. Schiltzkus Eugene Woodrow Slovacek Carrol James Slubicki A. L. Smalley Hugh Ferris Smith Mose Allen Smith James William Thokey Charles Grover Trenckmann Thomas John Uhl, Jr. Harry Vine, III Richard Kent Waddell Walter 0. Washington Wilbur Maxwell Washington Walter Jackson Wilkes Frank Clair Williams William Raymon Wood Vincent Wroble ALPHA PHI OMEGA, an honorary service fraternity for those who have had scout training, dedicates itself to service in any worthy cause on the campus, and aids as best it can a continuance of the scouting spirit of the men in the University. The Alpha Rho Chapter, while not strictly an organization for Eagle Scouts, is composed mostly of scouts who have attained that rank. Beta Alpha Psi Honorary and Professional Accounting Fraternit Founded, University of Illinois, February 12, 1919 Theta Chapter Established, May 31, 1924 Nineteen Active Chapters OFFICERS President WILLIAM DUKE WALSER Vice-President WILLIAM STEPHEN SWAYZE Permanent V ice-President JOHN ARCH WHITE Secretan -Treasurer Hi NTER HERBERT SCHIEFFER FACULTY MEMBERS Leo G. Blackstock Leo C. Haynes Chester F. Lay George H. Newlove C. D. Simmons J. B. Allred HONORARY MEMBERS T. W. Leland J. A. Phillips C Aubrey Smith Charles Sparenberg Fladger F. Tannery Vern H. Vincent John Arch White A. C. Upleger Charlie Nichols Bailey Joe Frank Boydstun Melton Lee Briggs Keith Davis David Henry Dewhurst Jack Keith Ellison Guido Albert Feroce MEMBERS Sam Frank Graham Joe Francis Gray Robert Henry Gregory Wayne Willard Harpster Ned Franklin Jackson Arthur Bruce Keckley David Edmond Lewis Le Roy Alvin Paris Herman Lee Schieffer Hunter Herbert Schieffer Stanley James Scott William Stephen Swayze William Duke Walser Merlin Emil Wiemers Perrin Glenn Williams Andrew Leroy Anderson Ralph De Loach Henry K-- SPRING INITIATES Lester H. Klaveman Paul Fankhauser Edwin H. Frank, Jr. Charles North Henry J. Sebastian Malcolm Vaughan Charles Williams BETA AU-HA I ' M, honorary and professional accounting fraternity, strives to promote the study of accounting according to highest ethical standards, to encourage fraternal relations between professional men, instructors, and students of accounting, and to develop high moral, scholastic, and professional attainments of its members. The minimum membership requirements are a " B " average in accounting courses and a " C " average in all other courses. Personality and interest in the accounting profession are considered along with the scholastic requirements. P.ICI 301 Beta Gamma Sigma National Honorary Business Administration Fraternity OFFICERS President E. KARL McGiNNis V ice-President DOROTHY AYRES Secretary-Treasurer EVERETT G. SMITH J. Anderson Fitzgerald Dorothy Ayres J. C. Dolley Hermene Baur Alice M. B. Holmes Chester F. Lay E. Karl McGinnis FACULTY MEMBERS Maebess Matthews Jean D. Neal George H. Newlove William A. Nielander Edwin W. Olle C. D. Simmons C. Aubrey Smith Everett G. Smith Charles Sparenberg Florence M. Stullken Stella Traweek Vern Vincent John Arch White A. P. Winston Alfred King LAW STUDENTS Julian Meer Robert Keeten Keith Davis GRADUATE STUDENTS Glenn Williams Brice Cecil Edwin Morris UNDERGRADUATES Jane Paylor Hunter Herbert Schieffer Hilliard Smith Thomas Charlie N. Bailey James M. Bivins Melton Lee Briggs Paul Alvin Fankhauser Glenn B. Gross Jeraldine Hill Doris M. Keefe SPRING INITIATES David Edmund Lewis E. Glen McNatt Blanch M. Martyr Leonard W. Martyr Randolph Mitchell Charles C. North Le Roy Alvin Pavis Edgard Evans Ratliff John B. Riley Stanley Scott Frances L. Sibley Thomas H. Stilwell Delbert C. Williams Maynard H. Winogradof THE PURPOSE OF BETA GAMMA SICMA is to encourage and reward scholarly accomplishments among students in American collegiate schools of commerce and business administration. Active membership is limited to graduate and undergraduate students of either sex who are candidates for a degree in commerce or business administration. New members are elected at the beginning of the second semester in each academic year and after the June and August commencements. Those who rank in the upper tenth of the graduating classes are eligible for membership. Juniors who rank among the highest two per cent may be elected in the second semester of the year. PiCl 302 Chancellors Honorary Society of the School of Law Founded, The University of Texas, 1912 OFFICERS Grand Chancellor J. WADDY BILLION Vice-Grand Chancellor WHITFIELD JAMES COLLINS Clerk JULIAN MILTON MEEK Keeper of Peregrinus THAD THOMSON HLTCHESON E.W. Bailey James Daffan Caldwell W. Page Keeton Covey T. Oliver FACULTY MEMBERS Benno C. Schmidt Preston Shirley A. W. Walker Joseph A. Wickes J. Waddy Bullion U hitfield James Collins Julian Milton Meer Thad Thomson Hutcheson Rush Hammell Record Carlos Christian Cadena MEMBERS Gene Mack Woodfin Stuart Bowman Lumpkins William Rudolf Eckhardt, III Justin Robert Howard Melvin Leonard Potash Albert Maverick, III Royal Henry Brin, Jr. Robert Ernest Keeton William Cox Perry Dan Hall Hinds Frederick Wilbert Lasater Leo Jaye Hoffman LHAM.U.KIR i a local organization founded to provide a means of honoring those students who, through a combination of consistent scholarship, personality, and achievement, have shown themselves most likely to become a credit to their profession and to their alma mater. It is the most coveted scholarship society in the School of Law. Only those law students who stand at the top of their class are eligible for membership in Chancellors, and a unanimous vote is required for admission. The maximum number of new members to be elected each school year is twelve, six being elected in the fall and six in the spring. New members are notified of their election by being tapped on Tap Day. 303 Chi Epsilon Honorary Civil Engineering Fraternity Founded, University of Illinois, May, 1922 Texas Chapter Established, May, 1934 OFFICERS President C. E. THOMPSON Vice- President TED 0. BARTHOLOW Secretary 0. L. CLEVENGER Treasurer HANS VOGEL Associate Editor of the Transit JACK W. BARTHOLOW E. C. H. Bantel William S. Barrett FACULTY MEMBERS Phil M. Ferguson S. P. Finch J. A. Focht Banks McLaurin T. U. Taylor HONORARY MEMBER Leland Barclay Jack W. Barthol ow Ted 0. Bartholow Samuel E. Bills G. Doyle Brock Burleson Graham MEMBERS G. Drexell Carr O. L. Clevenger Thomas E. Cook Alfred S. Fuller PLEDGES Viggo Miller Wayne Henneberger Madison L. Ramey C. E. Thompson Hans Vogel F. E. Mitchell PURPOSE: To place a mark of distinction on those civil and architectural engineers who have distinguished themselves by high scholastic records and personal leadership. Character, scholarship, practicality, and sociability are the four principles which form a basis for the selection of members. Only those seniors and juniors in the upper-third of their respective classes are eligible. PACE 304 The Cowboys Honorary Service Organization for Men OFFICERS Foreman JOE WILSON Straw Boss RICHARD KLEBERC, JR. Horse W rangier BILL McDuGALD Camp Cook JOHN SEAMAN Lloyd Birdwell Walter Caven Fred Chambers Francis Albert Conley Bill Deaderick Bob Doherty Kenneth Ford J. Ward Fouts Chester Granville RayCrasty J. B. Griffith Bill Han in Reagan Houston Alfred King MEMBERS Richard Kleberg. Jr. Charles Langdon James C Langdon Tom Law Bill McDugald AI Martin Harold Miller W. C. ' Pete) Montgomery Stanley Neely Morgan Nesbitt John Roberts Albert Schwartz John Seaman John Singleton Burley Smith Ralph Stauffer Bob Strauss Roger Sullivan Henry ' Taliaferro Tommy Taylor James C. Watson A. Ben White Howard Williams Joe Wilson James Windham Hal Woodward W. B. (Dub) Yarborough Bob Alterman Jim Bivens Bill Church Denton Cooley Ernest Joseph Godard Raymond Harrison Jack Herndon Jack Hinds SPRING INITIATES Bill Lang Carl Lauer Russell Leonard Bill Lorrimer Russell McFarland James Newman Billy Sansing Billy Seay Ralph Spence Bob Storey Tol Ware Jack Watson John Wells Peyton Wells Harry Wilder Wyman Windham THE TEXAS COWBOYS, honorary men ' s sen-ice organization, was founded in 1922. The Cowboys have two purposes, service to the University and piomotion of the true Texas Spirit at the University. Men are selected to membership on the basis of leadership, ability, campus activities, scholarship and sen-ice to the University. The membership is limited to forty-five, both fraternity and independent. The faculty advisors, William L. McGill and Arno Nowotny, were the founders of the organization. i , . Delta Silvia Pi Professional Business Administration Fraternity Founded, New York University, November 7, 1907 Beta Kappa Chapter Established December 13, 1930 Fifty-five Active Chapters OFFICERS Headmaster MALCOLM VAUGHAN Chancellor STANLEY SCOTT Treasurer OTTO DUSEK Scribe . F. Ross BROWN J. H. Frederick FACULTY ADVISORS F. Lanier Cox William P. Boyd F. Lanier Cox J. C. Dolley Neil Kenton Alexander Ronald J. Baethe Basil Bernard Bell Allen Brandes Melton Lee Briggs Carroll Edward Brown F. Ross Brown Richard Harrison Craig William Errett Cummings David Henry Dewhurst Otto Dusek Lewis Eichholt FACULTY MEMBERS J. H. Frederick Leo C. Haynes MEMBERS Jack Keith Ellison Travis Clay Evans Samuel Henry Freeh Mortimer Dahlgren Gager George Weldon Gartman John McCoy Goodman John Andrew Hatcher Philip Loren Hendrix Clarence Theodore Isensee Kenneth Ray King Sam Walter Kirkpatrick Charles Cecil Langdon David Edmond Lewis John Harold Mclntyre Howard Albert Mahaffey James A. Martin Walter Maddox Martin Tom Oliver Maud William Bradford Morgan Richard Gurnett Nathan Edmund Francis Ney Robert Ayres Nichols Lon Lipscomb Nusom Edward Branch Rather Watrous H. Irons Everett G. Smith Fladger F. Tannery Sydney Chandler Reagah Donald Richardson Stanley Scott Floyd Clarence Smith John Davi d Smith Farrell D. Smith Thomas H. Stilwell Hilliard Smith Thomas George Knight Utley Malcolm Vaughan Charles Edward Volz Merlin Emil Wiemers Frank Leslie Bain George Phillips Blevins Fred Randolph Breaux Jack Ray Carroll Earl Dennis Robert Clifford Graham PLEDGES Alvin Harold Gratzel Glenn Harris John Dickson House William James Hudson John Herman Mack Maurice Joseph Picheloup Carl Frederick Rode Albert T. Slavik Thomas Vernon Smelker Allen Lee Taylor Travis Loftin Thompson James Patrick Wolf DELTA SIGMA Pi encourages the study of business in universities, fosters scholarship and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; it promotes close affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce and attempts to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture for the practical betterment of the community. The prospective member must be registered in the School of Business Administration and must have maintained at least a scholastic average of " C " in his work. New members are selected by secret ballot twice each year, and while the number of men admitted to the fraternity is not limited, usually only ten men affiliate each semester. PACE 306 Falfa Hmicron Omega Foo to You f GRAND COUNCIL FOOEY! Mary Margaret Finnegan Jeannette Markle Russell Florence Josephine Hebert Clara Gees Sansom Katherine Searcy Kleberg Jane Lee Stroud Enid Evelyn Wilie FOO MANCHOO Mary Helen Burr FOGEYS Katharine Raynolds Anderson Dorothy Ball Betty Berly Jane Knolle Blumberg Margaret May Burchard Helen Sharpies Butler Doris Esther Dickinson Mary Margaret Finnegan Virginia Myrle Ford Florence Josephine Hebert Rosemary Susan Hilliard Mary Mina Hilman Mary Janet Jalonick Katherine Searcy Kleberg Dorothy Jane Lehrer Maxine Robison Helen Margaret Rolle Jeannette Markle Russell Clara Gees Sansom Ann Schumacher Jane Lee Stroud Frances Elizabeth Swift Anne Woodruff Talley Enid Evelyn Wilie Genevieve Louise Benckenstein Margaret Neil Carlisle Tippy Foster LITTLE FOOEYS Katherine Elizabeth Gardner Eloise Logan Betsy Kate Moors Marguerite Walling I ' d rather be a FOO than ! ! ! Pici 30? Friars To confer the honor of membership upon the eight most eligible men chosen from each senior class Founded, The University of Texas, 1911 Major William Tillory Andrews Louis F. J. Baethe Stanford Allen Busby Richard Burt Dyke James Ward Fouts Ernest Joseph Godard James Allen Graves D. B. Hardeman Everett Hutchinson Jim Calhoun Langdon Thomas Hart Law Wallace Dunk Lawson William Lawrence McGill Stanley Eugene Neely Arno Nowotny Joe Pat O ' Keefe Edwin W. Olle James Hambright Parke Sydney Chandler Reagan. Jr. Benno Charles Schmidt Max Beck Skelton Edward Syers A. Wilson Walker James Cunyus Watson Joe Davenport Wilson PA E 303 Iota Si ma Pi Honorary Chemical Fraternity Founded, University of California, 1900 Tellurium Chapter Established 1931 Twenty-two Active Chapters OFFICERS President HEARTHA NIELSEN V ice-President LOUCILLE LANGHAM Recording Secretary-Treasurer ETTA MAE MACDO.NALD Corresponding Secretary FANNIE LAURA POWELL Sponsor JET C. WINTERS Hellen King Marie Morrow FACULTY ADVISORS Hilda Rosene Leta Henderson Weber Jet C. Winters MEMBERS Ruth Barker Elizabeth Chambers Sara Crockett Marjorie Ferrell Loucille Langham Lady Katherine Lenoir Evelyn Koemel Lesco Etta Mae Macdonald Ellen P. MacKenzie Dorothea Neubauer Heartha Nielsen Fannie Laura Powell Ruth Steinkamp Margaret Ann Weaver IOTA SICMA Pi has as its purpose the promotion of the mutual scientific, scholastic, and social advancement of its members in chemical fields. The local chapter i-mi-i-is of two groups, active members enrolled in the University and alumnae members who now live in Austin. The chapter holds a supper meeting each month. Members are elected twice yearly from those girls who have credit for at least twenty hours in chemistry, a " B " average in chemistry, and a general " B " average. Among the activities of the organization are the sponsoring of various scientific functions and an annual tea honoring girls taking chemistry and the staff members of the Department of Chemistry. PACE 309 Mortar Board Honorary Organization for Senior Women Founded, Syracuse, New York, February 16, 1918 Texas Chapter Established 1923 OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Reporter SUZANNE DUNNING ADELE NEELY MARY HEROD CHARLOTTE BOECK ELIZABETH SWIFT ALICE LORRAINE SMITH Connie Brockette FACULTY ADVISORS Dorothy Gebauer Annie Hill MEMBERS Mary Sue Bates Charlotte Boeck Mary Alice Cockrell Suzanne Dunning Frances Embry Anne Finch Mary Herod Patricia Jane Marshall Adele Neely Elizabeth Painter Bettinel Phillips Winifred Small Alice Lorraine Smith Elizabeth Swift Alma Widen MORTAR BOARD, national honorary organization for senior women, was formed for the recognition and encouragement of leadership among women. The requirements for membership are at least a " B " average, active participation in campus activities, and an adequate exhibition of the qualities of leadership. Not more than twenty nor less than five women are chosen by unanimous vote of the chapter each spring. New members are announced by a traditional tapping service just before Senior Week. The group this year has conducted a drive to increase the Benedict Memorial Fund and has aided the faculty and students of the University by various services. PACE 310 micron Nu Honorary Home Economics Fraternity Founded, Michigan State College, January, 1912 Upsilon Chapter Established March 28, 1924 Thirty-two Active Chapters OFFICERS President RUTH STEINKAMP Vice-Presi i -nt NANCY COOPER Secretary Jo JONES Treasurer LOUCILLE LANGHAM r ' .ilitor VELMA Lois SCHULZ Faculty Sponsor ELIZABETH TARPLEY MEMBERS Nancy Cooper Emilie Henke Rannie Hulett Jo Jones Loucille Langham Lily Mae Leaton Elouise Pennycuick Velma Lois Schulz Faye Shiffer Ruth Steinkanip SPRING INITIATES Lillie Marie Canady Bertha Anna Herold Frances E. Johnson Elizabeth Kee Kathleen McQuown Frances O ' Neal Emma Old Aerial Vess Joyce Wadley Jane Yantis OMICRUN Ni i- a national organization which has for its purpose the promotion of scholarship, leadership and research in the field of home economics. At present there are thirty-two chapters. Membership is based on scholarship, character and the promise of future achievement. Second semester juniors and seniors having a " B " average are eligible for membership. Kai-h year Omicron Nu entertains honor students in the Department of Home Economics with a tea. Together with the Home Economics Club it sponsors open cultural meetings throughout the year and a traditional Christmas program. 3 PACE 311 f Onooch Mary Julia Armstrong Sue Bates Betty Blankenbeckler Mary Brown lee Margaret May Burchard Jane Copeland Virginia Ford Jamie Fraser Virginia Freeman Sarah Holmes Betty Johnson Connie Kisten Marjorie Ann Lyle Judith Moffatt Val Jean Newman Jerry Owen Ann Painter Betly Park Helen Robinson Maxine Robison Dorothy Schneider Ruth Spargo Mary Julia von Blucher Phi Beta Kappa Scholastic and Honorary Fraternity for Men and ff omen X Founded, William and Mary College, 1776 Alpha of Texas Established 1905 One Hundred and Twenty-two Active Chapters OFFICERS President Secret an C. C. GLASCOCK FLORENCE STULLKEX Anna Ruth Bryan Katherine Ann Cook CLASS OF 1939 Maria Julieta Cruz Gert Ludwig Daniels William Edwin Dickerson Weldon Wayne Gee Ellen Beatrice Moore CLASS OF Doris Edith Baker Kenneth Courtright Clark George Washington Delavan Maurice Robert Fincher Charles Irwin Fisher Harold Bell Foxhall Jamie Eleanor Fraser Mary Lee Humlonp William Devers Johnson Richard Norris Jolly Richard Newton Lane William Connery Lethco Walter Kaapke Long Etta Mae Macdonald William Clinton Morris 1940 Marshall Evans Munroe Elizabeth Tyler Painter Herbert Lingo Platter Alice Lorraine Smith (I) William J. J. Smith Beatrice Noble Stenberg James Harry Street Louis Tobian. Jr. James .Arthur Watson Margaret Alexander Webb James Edward White Eugene Stanton Wilhelm Frank Pershing Wipff Bette Young Alfred Dexter Zapp Violet Valerie Alkemeyer William Edward Barnes Man Sue Bates Eugene Hagood Gavin David Mitchell Currie Gilbert Morgan Denman. Jr. Joaquin Basilio Diaz Suzanne Robertson Dunning Janet Louise Engle Jenelle Miller Ford James Ward Fouls Sylvia Harriet Frankel SPRING INITIATES Margaret Frueholz Hilburn Doyle Gilliam Homer Wade Goode Pleasant Fowler Graves. Jr. Margaret Eugenia Hathaway Mary Louise Herod Pat Mayo Holt Ben Bridges Hunt Kathryn Gene Knight Allen Ellsworth Ludden Sarah Ann McDowell Tom Edwin Moore Warren Woodman Moorman Homer Clifford Mueller Walter Samuel Parks, Jr. Margaret Evelyn Ramsdell Erie Nell Roller Hildegard Schmalenbeck Martha Anne Swanson Frances Elizabeth Swift Roy Charles Thompson, Jr. O.J.Weber, Jr. Algie Aaron Wells Ross Elmore Whittenburg PHI BETA KAPP wa- originally a social fraternity but it soon came to be recognized as the leading honorary society in America. The pur- pose of the fraternity hovm in it nmtto. " Wisdom, the guide of life. " Scholarship requirements for membership are an average halfway between an " A " and a " B " in all courses, and a somewhat higher average for tran-fer. Only grades made in the University are used as a basis for membership in this chapter. A nominee must be in the upper one-tenth of the graduating class to be considered for membership, and no more than the number in the one-tenth may- be admitted. Memlx-rr- are selected twice each year. Elections are held usually in October and Man-h. Pact 313 Phi Delta Phi Honorary Legal Fraternity Founded, University of Michigan, November 22, 1869 Roberts ' Inn Established February 28, 1909 Fifty-eight Active Inns OFFICERS Magister Exchequer Clerk . Historian THAD THOMSON HUTCHESON ALBERT MAVERICK, III ANGIE FRANK SMITH, JR. J. WADDY BULLION FACULTY MEMBERS E. W. Bailey James Daffan Caldwell Ira P. Hildebrand W. 0. Huie W. Page Keeton Covey T. Oliver Benno C. Schmidt Preston Shirley Bryant Smith A. W. Walker J. Waddy Bullion Lloyd Henry Barbee Marvin Key Collie Whitfield James Collins Edward Donald Coulson Samuel William Cruse William Rudolf Eckhardt, III James Ward Fouts MEMBERS Dan Hall Hinds Robert Howard Thad Thomson Hutcheson Robert Ernest Keeton Bernard John Mackin Albert Maverick, III James Kinchen Nance Stanley Eugene Neely John Goodwin Oliver William Cox Perry- Rush Hamil Record Angie Frank Smith. Jr. William Albert Tatum Algie Aaron Wells Carroll Burke Wheeler Andrew Ben White Gene Mack Woodfin To BE ELIGIBLE for membership in PHI DELTA PHI the student at present must have an eighty or better average in all law courses. Mem- bers are elected in the fall and in the spring from the second-year and third-year classes. Phi Delta Phi brings students of law into contact with active practitioners. The goal of the fraternity is to promote a higher stand- ard of professional ethics and culture. Its purpose in the University is to perform some service functions and have some social gatherings each year. Following the old English custom of Inns, the fraternity is divided into local chapter inns for the students and barrister inns for the alumni. The University chapter honored 0. M. Roberts, former governor and former justice of the Supreme Court of Texas, by adopting the name of Roberts ' Inn. PACE 314 I ' lii Eta Sigma Honorary Scholastic Fraternity for Freshman Men Founded. University of Illinois, March 22. 1923 Texas Chapter Established February- 17, 1931 Thirty-six Active Chapters OFFICERS President I. E. CLARK I ice-President JOHN L. BASK IN Secretary JACKSON HINDS Historian . EVANS MLNROE Alfred Abramson James F. Adams ' harle- F. Adkins R. M. Alterman Robert Fred Amundsen Reginald Harris Ammons Frank L. Anderson Harry Baker Ralph Balasoo Stanley Bank- William Edward Barnes Karl F. Bartels Ted O. Bartholow John L. Bask in Ky McLaurine Bass William Don Battle Richard Bean Walter ( ' .. Beard-ley Ivan I arl Belknaf ' b -rnam liard Don Fred Billing-I -y William Clarke Blal ' ock Ra Tnond Boster. Jr. R. ' ( ' ,. Bounds Jr. j ' -on Kyle Britt ' .rook-hire C. O. Brown Kenneth Brown -- - Bryan John W. Burnett Robert Earl Burns Stanford Busby Jack Bu-ter Bowling H h Frank Cage Ode Thomas Carlisle Roln-rt Auburn ' Watt ' George Edward Castillo . W endel Chapman John M. Chapman Maurice Adams D. Vann Allen Willam D. A-her Eldon Bi-set James G. Blanchette Charle Rex Bovd Dolnh Briscoe. Jr. William H. Bru Harold D. Buttery James L, Carl -. VI illiam Cobb James R. Connor .-n Dillon Ba-il .D. 1 inskv Bill Chote I. E. Clark Kenneth Clark David C. Cook James Coleman Cook Denton Cooley Erwin Gray Cooley Paul Henry Coy William H. Crain Charles Crosby Stephen Franklin Crumb David Mitchell Currie Herschel Daily Carl Olin Danquard Joe Davenport .Keith Davis allace K. Da i- ' Charles DeLancey George W. Delevan Ralph De Loach Gilbert Morgan Denman James Dibrell William Robert Dickens Frank Craig Erwin Martin G. Ettlinger Sam H. Field Edward David Fikany John Thomas Files Maurice Robert Fincher Paul Finklestein Charles Irwin Fisher J. Ward Fouts Harold B. Foxhall Billy Cyru- Fro-t .arl Moss Furgason Harold Lloyd Gaither Robert Gilliland Frank Anderson Goerner Milton Goldstein Alvin Gratzel P. F. Grave- Warren Walter Gremmel Le Roy Eck Jack L. Eidson Carl Elder M. L. Everett W. E. Everett JoeF.Fla.k Ed. I). Futch ' .I.Gary. Jr. Oscar C. Gilliland Walter Glass Joe Goethe John William Greer James J. Halbouty Jack Ford Hardie K. (ireer Hardwicke MEMBERS Fred David Griffin Douglas Groesbeck Thad Grundy Harold Habenicht Wilson Hackett, Jr. Latham Harle Daniel T. Hegar James Heflin Jackson Hinds Roger W. Hodge Leo Jaye Hoffman Ross Raymond Holloway Fred Holmsley Walter Howard Jack Thomas Hughes Ben Bridges Hunt Robert P. Jackson Herbert Janszen William D. Johnson William C. Johnston Carl William Jones Earl Jones Robert Keeton Baine Kerr Alfred Ashbrook King Robert Kinsella Curtis Maurice Klaerner Thomas Law James G. Lee Maurice Arthur Lehmann Russell J. Leonard Jack V. Le-nik David Edmond Lewis William Connerv Lethco Phillip Harry Lipstate Harvey Frederick Longren Alfred E. Luckett Ernest E. Ludwig Rubin William Ludwig Alvin Lyle Guy Thornton McBride James Wright M K--.- William Walter McLean Edward Lafaye Massman Julian Milton Meer Tom Brooks Metcalfe John Edwin Meyers Charles Randolph Miller Marshall Miller Richard Miller William R. Miller Beal P. Moore Dean W. Moore Edwin William Morris William C. Morris William Mounger Evans Munroe William Murray, Jr. J. Campbell Murrell Robert Allen Neely Stanley Neely Jack Cecil Nelson Morgan Nesbitt Eldon Charles Newton Edmund Ney Leslie O ' Connor Coleman Sanders Pack Milton Thomas Person Herbert Lingo Platter Melvin Potash John Waller Pritchett Carlton Wade Pullin O. O. Rice Emmett Dean Riggs Elliott B. Robert Lake Robertson Robert Runyon Donald Hill Russell Victor Sagebiel Lon Sailers. Jr. Charles Sansom Jack Scan Ian Henry Scarborough Hunter Schieffer Curtis Schmedes SPRING INITIATES Bill B-nson Hardv H. Stanford McPherson Bob Hollan Robert B. Mayer Carl Holzschuher. Jr. John E. Metzenthin William F. Keefer R. Vincent Murray Jim Henrv Kellis William T. Newsom Wilbert J. Kovar Gradv Niblo Leonard F. Kreisle Bill vG. Noble Theodore H. Kushner William E. Peach George Labban. Jr. Jack R. E. Phillips Robert Edward l-ewi- Rom Rhome I ' at Mr-Carty Hammond Rolph Charle- E. M Kenzie William M. Roney James W. McKie George Rosner Jeff Milam MrKinney Edwin Samfield James S. M ' -N -il C A. Schutze. Jr. Whittaker Schmied Thomas Tyler Schroeter Alfred Schulman Ted Schulz Fred Joseph Scott Arch Scurlock John Gates Seaman Charles Stanton Sharp Thomas O. Shindler Joseph Stanley Smith Killough Smith Frank Lee Snodgrass John Miller Spears Gus Ralph Spence William Steele Arbon Weimer Stratton James Street Leonard Swanson William Swayze Clifford Swearingen Jules Henri Tallichet J. Morton Taylor Milliard Thomas Louis Tobian. Jr. W. H. Tonn, Jr. Charles Grover Trenckmann Carlos Felipe Trevino Callaway Vance John Vorhies James W alker Louis Marshall Walker James Cunyus Watson Algie Aaron Wells Robert West James Edward White Eugene Payne Whitlow Charles Fred Widdecke Eugene Stanton Wilhelm Robert David Windrow Edward Burton Winn Fowler Redford Yett Joseph Keith Young Frank B. Sheppard David William Spence Robert T. Stenberg Robert A. Strain Sam S. Sutherland, Jr. Kenneth G. Tarlton Herman Taylor Mac Unstattd Robert Lee L ' pchurch Alfred Vogel A. W. Weidman Billy Witter Soon Yuck Wong Edwin D. Worthlev P.ct 315 Phi Lambda Upsilon Honorary Chemical Fraternity Founded, University of Illinois, 1899 Pi Chapter Established, 1920 Thirty-four Active Chapters OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . Councillor . EDWIN READING JOHN T. FILES ANDREW PATTKRSON ARCHIE KASPERIK G. W. WATT R. C. Anderson W. A. Felsing C. S. Corner FACULTY MEMBERS John Griswold H. R. Henze C. R. Johnson H. L. Lochte G. W. Watt R. J. Williams S. R. Alexander David Andres George R. Buchanan Willie W. Craneh John Franklin Draffen John T. Files Carl M. Furgason Richard A. Glenn Arthur E. Hoffmann Charles B. Holder H. A. Holcomb Joe T. Horeczy Walter B. Howard Odie S. Jenkins Bruce Jones J. Homer Jones John E. Kasch Archie Kasperik C. H. Kollenberg MEMBERS Leon V. Larsen Joe Fred Lemons Billy B. Leslie F. Edgar Lewis Guy T. McBride Ray T. McCutchon James W. McKee Aubrey R. McKinney William W. McLean Rapheal Matson Douglas F. Mayfield Franklin Drew Mayfield John D. Metcalfe Robert J. Michael Tom E. Moore J. William Morris Samuel J. Muery Elmer T. Neill William O. Ney Erie Vansant Painter Andrew Patterson. Jr. John B. Pope Walter A. Quebedeux Edwin Diet Redding William W. Robertson B. G. Rogers Leslie M. Schenck Lewis Charles Sellers Billie Shive Robert H. Smith Robert J. Speer W. H. Tonn Charles Van Berg Sam R. Venable Charles A. Walker George Wash George M. Watson John L. Weeks Eugene P. Whitlow PHI LAMBDA UPSILON has as its purpose to give recognition to those students who have made unusual progress in scholarship and in original research in pure and applied chemistry. New members are elected at the beginning of each semester from men students majoring in pure chemistry or chemical engineer- ing and are required to pass ballots on both scholarship and personality. Business and social meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. Fall activities are usually limited to formal and informal initiations and supper meetings. PACE 316 . QQ Pi Epsilon Honorar Petroleum Production Engineering Fraternity Founded. The University of Texas, November 26, 1935 OFFICERS President Gis ATHANAS I ice-President JILIIS Hi IE DAVID x ' rtary TOM GAIXES Treasurer HARVEY FREDERICK LONGREN Cataloger ROBERT Lous WHITING Harry H. Power Frederick B. Plummer George H. Fancher FACULTY MEMBERS T. U. Taylor Albert E. Sweeney J. I. Laudermilk George B. Corless E. De Golver HONORARY MEMBERS Charles A. Warner Daniel C Jacklinp John R. Simian thanas Charles R. Blomberp James Ralph Coleman Marshal Carter Coleman John Douglas Culp Julius Huie David Etheridpe Dibrell George Headley Edgerton Kenneth Bowen Ford Tom Gaines Stephen Partridge Gardner Ellis LeClair Anders Hub Colley. Jr. Steve DeBord. Jr. Louis D. Hillyer MEMBERS Ernest Joseph Godard Bruce Fones Grant James Allen Graves James Gus Harris Richard Donovan Harrell Earnest Clifton Hill Charles Rene Houssiere Harvey Frederick Longren Rodolfo Martinez John Hunter Newell SPRING INITIATES Phillip Lipstate. Jr. Channing C. McAllister R. J. Meers Samuel Curtis Oliphant Coleman Sanders Pack Robert Benedum Parriott Edwin Leslie Phillips, Jr. Jesse William Scarborough Leonard Archie Swanson Barnaby Ledyard Towle Turgut I ' lug Murray Doyle Voss Robert Louis Whiting Newton James Winn Lake Robertson. Jr. John S. Russell J. W. Smith J. B. Sorenson Pi Ei ' - - founded at The University of Texas on November 26, 1935. The purpose of the organization is to develop among its members and other engineering students an added interest in liberal culture and to promote among these students a feeling of good 1h - fraternity selects members from petroleum engineering students and others of the profession who possess outstanding qualities of rholar hi[i. character, and personality. Pct 317 Pi Lambda Theta Honorary Educational Fraternity for Women Founded, University of Missouri, 1910 Psi Chapter Established 1927 OFFICERS President JEWEL POPHAM Vice-President MINA M. BOGGESS Corresponding Secretary ELIZABETH REINDORP Treasurer MARGARET WITHERS Reporter THELMA A. BOLLMAN Faculty Sponsor CLARA MAY PARKER FACULTY MEMBERS Corrie W. Allen Ruth I. Bass Annie Webb Blanton Margaret Lurline Brady Connie G. Brockette Cora Martin Mildred Pickle Mayhall Mary Sue Bates Charlotte Boeck Mina M. Boggess Thelma A. Bollman Genelle Buescher Bessie Ruth Carver Mary Belle Carver Dorothy Dickey Lucy Lee Dickson Suzanne Dunning Janet Engle Edith Fordtran MEMBERS Ida Gandler Mildred Hawkes Margaret Jane Hofer Jermilee Holland Martha Huff Marjorie Johnsen Howard Kolstad Anabel Lee Lady Katherine Lenoir Mabel Payton Katherine Pittenger Jewel Popham Gertrude Mooney Marie Morrow Clara May Parker Leigh Peck Ella Viola Quante lone Pettey Spears Florence Elizabeth Spencer Mary Elizabeth Odcm Oma Lucille Ray Elizabeth Reindorp Erie Nell Roller Julia Shireman Billie Simmons Nanine Simmons Cora Lee Terry Edith Thurston Persis Werden Mary Bond Wilkirson Margaret Withers THE PURPOSE OF Pi LAMBDA THETA is to foster high standards of scholarship and professional training for teachers; to encourage grad- uate study and research in the field of education; to promote a spirit of fellowship among women engaged in the teaching profession; and to further an abiding interest in educational affairs, with emphasis upon their relation to social progress. This year ' s study has centered on the educational and cultural values of certain specified forms of leisure activities. In addition to the regular programs, the social activities of the chapter include a banquet each semester, honoring the initiates. The chief qualifications for membership are evidences of professional interest and superior scholarship. Women of junior, senior, and graduate rank with a high " B " average in at least nine hours in Education, three of which are advanced, are eligible for election upon recommendation by members of the faculty. PACE 318 , XVQ Pi Siiiniii Alpha Honorary Government Fraternity Alpha Chapter Established 1920 Thirty Active Chapters OFFICERS President . } ice-President Secretary-Treasurer Facult Advisor . THOMAS HART LAW SIDNEY T. COHEX SUNSHINE NEELY H. MALCOLM MACDONALD MEMBERS Spencer D. Albright Tomme Call Sidney T. Cohen Lucy Lee Dickson DeWitt Hale Jack Knight Donald R. Larson Thomas Hart Law- John D. Moseley Sunshine Neely R. R. Rubottom Margaret Davis J ebb Wilfred D. Webb Roscoe C. Adkins Violet Alkemeyer H. Max Cummings FALL INITIATES Thaddeus Grundy Alonzo W. Jamison William C. Morris John H. Wells Gregg Wilfong YorkY. Willbern - MA ALPHA is a national honorary government fraternity and has thirty chapters at present. Alpha Chapter at The University of Texas was organized in 1920. Students who have at least one free " A " above a " B " average in a minimum of twelve hours of govern- ment are eligible for membership. Alpha Chapter holds two initiation banquet ' a year. This chapter sponsors two projects, a short term loan fund and a registration scholarship. Rosroe C. Adkins was awarded the scholarship for 1939-1940. Tux 31 Pi Tail Sigma Honorary Mechanical Engineering Fraternity Founded, University of Illinois, March 16, 1915 Texas Kappa Chapter Established April 18, 1931 Eighteen Active Chapters OFFICERS President RAY WOOLRICH V ice-President BARRY NILAND Recording Secretary B. J. BARTELS Corresponding Secretary JAMES LELAND MALONE Treasurer . ' . DON DUANE DUNKLIN Rinaldo A. Bacon M. L. Begeman Leonard R. Benson H. E. Degler FACULTY MEMBERS Carl J. Eckhardt Harry L. Kent Byron E. Short T. U. Taylor Venton L. Doughtie W. R. Woolrich B. J. Bartels Robert Cooke Carson Don Duane Dunklin Frank Anderson Goerner Louis Oscar Gueldner Gerald Adolph Gustafson Robert Egan Haubold MEMBERS Royal C. Jackson John Emil Kainer Ike LaRue Kibbe Charles William Lubbock James Leland Malone Barry Niland Joseph B. Oliphint, Jr. Edwin Lancaster Pace Alfred Day Payne Ralph Edward Powers Jack A. Scanlan John Milton Scott Brady Virgil Tunnell Joseph Norris Wiley Ray Woolrich Pi TAU SIGMA has as its object the fostering of the high ideals of the engineering profession, the stimulating of interest in mechanical engineering activities, and the promoting of the mutual, professional welfare of its members in college and in practice. Members are chosen on a basis of sound engineering ability, scholarship, personality, and probable future success in their chosen field of mechanical engineering. Members are elected twice each year from the junior and senior classes of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. At the fall election, members are chosen from the upper thirty-three per cent of the senior class and from the upper seven- teen per cent of the junior class; at the spring election, only from the upper twenty-five per cent of the junior class. Sij ma Delta Pi Honorary Spanish Fraternity Founded, University of California, Noveml er 14, 1919 Zeta Chapter Established March 1. 1935 OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Faculty Sponsor THEODORE APSTEIX WILLIAM DEVERS JOHNSON NELLA LOUISE SALINAS JANET ENGLE JULIA SHIREMAN CONNIE G. BROCKETTE Connie G. Brockette Lilia M. Casis Carlos E. Castaneda C. C. Glascock Charles W. Harkett R. A. Haynes FACULTY MEMBERS Rex E. Hopper Margaret K. Kress C. M. Montgomery Covey T. Oliver Dorothy Schons E. R. Sims Matthew I. Smith Jefferson R. Spell R. C. Stephenson Nina Lee Weisenger Lillian Wester Lucile Williams Ambrose P. Winston MEMBERS Theodore Apstein Doris Baker Mary Cannizzo Elmer Carter Eugene Cavin Marian De Shazo Martha Draper Frank Emmert Janet Engle Ida Candler A. H. Gratzel John Gray Lillian Gregg Oscar Guerra J.Wright Hill Julia B. Hooker Jermilee Holland Martha Huff Jack Thomas Hughes W. D. Johnson Alyne Key Gene Knight William Lethco Santos Marmolejo Jane Marshall Adele Neely Woodrow Nielson Lingo Platter Jewel Popham Oma Ray R. C. Reindorp Erie Nell Roller Nella Salinas Julia Shireman Billie Simmons Nanine Simmons Sue Spivey Lucile Treybig Mildred Webb Evan D. Yoes Eleanor Bishop Dorothy Jane Brindley Ida Lucille Camiade Christina Christie Patricia Collins Robert Cunningham Ruth Darden George Delavan SPRING INITIATES Helen Fine Adine Harrison Patricia Hengy Clarice Hollman Kathleen Howard Charlotte Kavanaugh Zulma Knowles lone L. McCurdy MaryMyles Mitchell Dwight Morris Alice Ann Nitschke Virginia Rainey Claire Stanley Margaret P. Studhalter Carlos M. Valdes Roque Wellborne SIGMA DELTA Pi elects members twice a year. After the fall initiation the new members are entertained with a Christmas dinner. In the spring a banquet is given at which members of the faculty and new members are guests. Mi-mbers are chosen in the fall and in the spring by a unanimous vote of the chapter. These students must have a general " C " average with a " B " or better in an advance Spanish course or an " A " in Spanish 12. Pct 321 Silver Spur Honorary Service Organization Founded, The University of Texas, November 15, 1938 OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer J. P. WHEELER GOREE WAUGH DAYTON REED TAYLOR BILL WEBB Rual Askew John Brandenberger Ralph Cooley Joe Dealey Bob Eaton Frank Hunter Homer Jester SPURS Louis McDonald Park Myers Jim Nance John Neece Elliott Small Bob Tarlton Dayton Reed Taylor Tom Unis Claude Upchurch Haden Upchurch Goree Waugh Bill Webb J. P. Wheeler Gus Wright ROWELS Jeff Apperson Frank Baines Bill Crombie Wayne Davis Bob Hines Bill Johnston Bob Windrow Bain Kerr Tom Moore Jimmy Muslow Bob Northcutt Jean Spears Bob Strelsky THE SILVER SPUR is an honorary service organization, founded November 15, 1938. It was organized for the purpose of rendering service for the betterment of The University of Texas. PACE 322 Sphinx Honorary Architectural Fraternity Founded, The University of Texas, October 30, 1930 OFFICERS President WILLIAM R. LANE Vice-President JOHN YORK Treasurer WILLIAM SAINDERS Scrgeant-at-Arms LLOYD GOEHRINC MEMBERS Philip Buskirk Arthur Decker Frederick Dieter Jess. Dixon. John Graves Lloyd Goehring William R. Lane Daniel Martin Dick Moore Casper Neer William O ' Connell Word Pavne John Pence John Pryor Edward Reichert Orville Rice Charles Richardson Leslie Rowe William Saunders Jack Schutts George Shupee Roy Smith James Walker Allen Williams John York SPHINX SOCIETY is a local fraternity founded at The University of Texas for the purpose of promoting fellowship, scholarship, and a genuine interest in the architectural profession among new students. There are no definite grade requirements for membership in this organization but personality, fellowship, high scholarship, and a sincere interest in the profession are considered. An election of new members is held in the fall of each year. A unanimous affirmative vote of the old members who have returned to school is necessary to issue invitations to prospective new members. Three members are selected each year from the senior class of architecture, four from the fourth year class, four from the third year class, and one from the second year class. PiC 32J Tau Beta Pi Honorary Engineering Fraternity Founded, Lehigh University, 1885 Alpha of Texas Established 1916 Seventy-two Active Chapters OFFICERS President GUY T. McBmDE V ice-President BRUCE JONES Recording Secretary MARION FORSMAN Treasurer EDWIN PACE Cataloger EDWIN D. REDDING Carl J. Eckhardt FACULTY ADVISORS J. A. Focht Phil M. Ferguson H. A. Alves Earl Arnett E. C. H. Bantel Leland Barclay L. R. Benson S. L. Brown C. M. Cleveland A. E. Cooper W. F. Cottingham FACULTY MEMBERS Carl J. Eckhardt W. H. McNeill Phil M. Ferguson F. D. Mayfield J. A. Focht T. J. Parker E. H. Koepf Harry H. Power C. H. Kollenberg E. P. Schoch M. W. Kriegel E. H. Schulz L. J. B. LaCoste Byron E. Short J. D. McFarland E. G. Spinks Banks McLaurin J. S. Swearingen T. U. Taylor R. V. Vittucci C. A. Walker Joe E. Ward G. M. Watson C. T. Wells E. P. Whitlow A. H. Willis W. R. Woolric-h Jack W. Bartholow Ted 0. Bartholow Charles R. Blomberg Robert Cooke Carson George H. Edgerton John T. Files Marion Forsman Glenn M. Glasford MEMBERS Edwin A. Goldberg Odie S. Jenkins Bruce Jones S. A. Lynch James L. Malone Guy T. McBride James W. McKee William W. McLean Winford A. Neill Edwin L. Pace Erie V. Painter Edwin D. Redding Robert H. Smith Charles E. Thompson Barnaby L. Towle Charles A. Walker Newton Winn Gus Athanas B. J. Bartels Carl 0. Danquard Julius David Kenneth B. Ford Tom Gaines FALL INITIATES Ernest J. Godard James B. Holt Francis E. Lewis Rodolfo Martinez James A. May Douglas F. Mayfield James W. Morris Sam J. Muery Elmer T. Neill Sol Neman John B. Pope Walter A. Quebedeaux Jack A. Scanlan TAU BETA Pi undergraduate members, representing all engineering branches in the College of Engineering are selected from the upper quarter of the senior class, and from the upper eighth of the junior class. The seniors are chosen from the scholastically eligible men on the basis of all-around activities and interests, exclusive of engineering. Only one junior, the outstanding man of his class, is chosen. The organization meets twice a month, one of which is a dinner meeting. During the spring term a formal dance is given. Besides giving an award to the highest ranking freshman, Tau Beta Pi also adds to a collection on non-technical books in the Engineering Library. PACI 324 " V " V I ,iu Delta Alpha Honorary I ' rr-Medical Fraternity for Women Founded, The University of Texas, November 12, 1937 Motto: " Glaube im Leben " ' OFFICERS President GEORGEAXXA HERRMANN Vice-President SARA CROCKETT Secretary ESTHER STORK Treasurer NORMA GOLDTHWAITE Reporter DOROTHY ALBERT Dr. Caroline Crowell Dr. Elizabeth Gentrv HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Margaret Schoch Dr. Katharine McCormick Hilda Rosene Dorothy Albert Dorothy Brewer Marian Caldwell Sara Crockett " Surma Goldthwaite Lorna Gregory Gail Hamilton Georgeanne Herrmann Erma Herzog MEMBERS Martha Bea Houston Wilma Kellner Ellen MacKenzie Charline McGehee Helen Rankin Hazel Scott Esther Stork Caroline J ebster Linda Wharton THE OBJECTS of this fraternity are to promote a higher scholastic standing, to encourage closer friendship, and to advance a higher prestige among the women pre-medical students of the University. Members must have sophomore standing, a general " B " average, and must have had oology 1 and Chemistry 1. ! . , Theta Sigma Phi Honorary and Professional Journalism Fraternity for Women Founded, University of Washington, 1909 Xi Chapter Established 1919 Thirty-nine Active Chapters OFFICERS President BETTINEL PHILLIPS Vice-President LA VERNE BRYSON Secretary ANITA COOK Treasurer OLIVETTE OSTERWALDER Keeper of Archives . ' OMA RAY WALKER Reporter ESTLNE DORWARD Faculty Sponsor PAUL J. THOMPSON Alumna Advisor LORENA DRUMMOND Lorena Drummond FACULTY MEMBERS Gladys Whitley Henderson Afton T. Wynn Molly Connor Cook Ruth Cross ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Daisy Thorne Gilbert Margaret Johansen Ruth Lewis Martha Stipe Marguerite Harrison HONORARY MEMBERS Edna St. Vincent Millar June Broe La Verne Bryson Anita Cook Estine Dorward MEMBERS Ann Elizabeth Harrell Lela Haines Keeling Pattie Gene McDaniel Olivette Osterwalder Bettinel Phillips Myra Josephine Ray Margaret Schonerstedt Clifford Snowden Oma Ray Walker Norma Gene Barnwell Alice Lee Beeman Harriet Cunningham Louise Gartman SPRING INITIATES Flora Gordon Mary Ruth Huntington Edna Belle Perry Jacqueline Rayburn Nella Mae Steussy Josephine Taylor Martha Whiteman Ann Wilkins THETA SIGMA PHI aims to unite in bonds of good fellowship University women who are now studying journalism, to confer honor upon women who distinguish themselves in their profession, and to accomplish definite achievements as a group in the field of letters. This year Xi Chapter sponsored its fourth annual musical show, " Time Staggers On. " Other activities included the yearly Journalism Jamboree, a Christmas party for The Daily Texan Staff, the annual Matrix Table, and the awarding of a medal to the outstanding girl in the Department of Journalism, not a member of Theta Sigma Phi. Members are selected in October and March. Qualifications are junior standing, " B " average in journalism, " C " average in other courses, leadership, high character, and such desirable traits as uld indicate success in journalism. PACE 326 nru Clubs Planter ' s Charm By Fay M. Yauger " Slowly Nan the widow goes nd down the furrowed rows, Corn-bags chafing her waist, her hips, - the kernel fall from her finger-tips: " One for the buzzard One for the crow One to rot and One to Once she had dreamed (but not of late) Of another life, of a kinder fate: Of quiet streets in foreign towns, Of dancing tunes, and men, and gowns. But all her dreams were dreamed before Tim Slade drew rein outside her door. " One for the buzzard " Tim was dead With a bullet hole through his reckless head. Tim with his cheating ways and won)-. Marked from the first for the wart-necked birds. Tim who had left her sorrowing da . The farm, and a pair of sons to raise. Lon was her firsi-lwrn: " One for the crow! " Where had he gone? She ' d never know For therr v a- a price upon his head " A chip off the old block. " people said. Then " One to rot! " Her thoughts go back, Like hunting-dogs on an easy tr.-. To the girl she ' d been before she came To love Tim Slade and bear his name, And something as stinging and hot as sand Slides down her cheek and strikes her hand And she sees the field through a shimmering blur For what has marriage meant to her But a heel of bread in a roofless hut. Or a crawling course through a mouldy rut? As if in answer, over the ditch A child comes riding a willow switch : Her second-born, of whom no one Could say in truth. " His father ' s son. " For his chin is firm, and his mouth is grave. And the look in his eye is bright and brave. And she. remembering farm-hand talk: " You lose three seeds to get one stalk, " Stands tall and proud and her pale cheeks glov As she drops a kernel: " One to grow! " Slowly Nan the widow moves Up and lown the furrowed grooves. Peace in her heart and a smile on her lips A- the kernel- fall from her finger-tips: " One for the buzzard One for the crow One to rot and One to grotr. ' " Copyright 1935 THE KAI.EIIXH.RAPH PBESS . " A. I. E. E. Top row: Forsman, Grain, Hammond, Schulz, Cunningham, E. Davis. Second row: Galbraith, Gafford, Bagwell, Warner. Crawford, Skinner. Third row: Crumb, Siegel, A. Davis, Cranberry, Benavides, Allums. Fourth row: Teasdale, Hamlin, Hand, Frost, Perez, Lanyon. Fifth row: Adams, Drane, Hollingsworth, Danquard, Walker, Wray, Ncill, Files. Bottom row: Neubauer, Eldridge, McLane, Glasford, Goldberg, Fillet, Respondek, Ko lodzey, Neman. OFFICERS MARION FORSMAN President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Counselor B. N. Gafford R. A. Galbraith Frank Adams Weldon Allums Wilfred Bagwell Oscar Benavides Arthur Chafetz Sam Grain Clinton Crawford Stephen Crumb Joseph Cunningham Albert Cupp Olin Danquard Alfred Davis, Jr. Edwin Davis Merritt Drane Edward Eldridge Raymond Farr Read Cranberry E. W. Hamlin MEMBERS Sidney Files, Jr. Marion Forsman Jack Frost Dale Gilderaleeve Glenn Glasford Edwin Goldberg Lee Hammond Victor Hand Albert Hochn Robert Hollingsworth Floyd Jones Joe Kolodzey Alvin Lanyon William Love Jack McCrocklin, Jr. Fletcher McLane MARION FORSMAN SOL NEMAN GLENN GLASFORD WINFORD NEILL E. H. SCHULZ FACULTY MEMBERS E. M. Siegel R. W. Warner Herbert Meyer Winford Neill Sol Neman Bill Neubauer Thomas Novosad Romeo Perez John Fillet Al Respondek Gene Skinner Oavid Spence Arthur Spero Don Tanneberger Robert Teasdale Fred Vidaurri Louis Walker Hal Wray THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS was founded in 1884. Its purposes are to advance the theory and practice of electrical engineering and of applied arts and sciences, and to imbue members with a professional spirit. Membership is open to all students work- ing toward a degree in electrical enginering. The primary function of the local chapter is to bring the student closer to the work and to the men in his profession. Guest speakers appear at every meeting, and several inspection trips are made to near engineering projects. Besides this, the group entertains with socials occasionally, and helps back other College of Engineering social affairs. PACE 328 A. I. M. E Top TO : Cainet. Ro s Stilt. Kinnear. Robert . Russell. Hy. Trmarf raw: Harris, Stapp. Porter. Codard. Sorenson, Graves. Finley. r l row: Scarborough. Vo. Wilbanks. Gardner. A. J. Smith. Bowie . Moody. foirlk ro : Now! in. Davis. Simpson. Phillips. Randerton. Harrcll. Kalteyer. FiflJt ram:: Wise. Kastrop. Weaver. Pack. DeLancy. Haddock. McAllister. Sulk tor: H. Smith. Swanson. Edgenon. Wright. Stovall. Andergon. Howard, Oliphant. Setenra rotr: Filler, Athanas. Do bkins. Dibrell. Payton. Clark. Cray, Anders. Cornelia . rtm : Lightfoot, Ferrell. Purl, Corrigan. Crubbs. David, Whelesc, Longren. Gulp. Liodftay. OFFICERS President . yicc-PresuIent Secretary . Reporter . . FascWr Goaialr Aro.ti Dick Awfen E. A. Andertoo Cos Atkua Leon A met Tillian Borcn Iver Bolo Diion Cue E. A. Carter Jaroef Chew A. P. Clark Hob Colley Ccorfe tomrlju. C. L. Corrijan John Culp Juliui David Phillip Davit William Davis Charlet DeLaocey E. Dibrell R. E. Dofckio. David I illiam Finley FACULTY MEMBERS F. B. PU H. H. MEMBERS En e.t J. Codard Bncedut J. A. Craw. Theron Crave Orar Crubbt ' . S. Haddock R. D. Harrell J. C. Harru Alan Harp E. Clifton Hill L. D. Hillyer Charle Hoaoiere Ravmond Howard lark Hudsoa Walter Kalteyer Julian Kastrop Robert Kinnear W. C. Laf Pat I.ijhtfoot Earl Linduy Harvey Loafrra W. C. Loaf S. A. Lynch C. C. Me Al litter Edward MaaMun Rudolpho Martinet Jame, Melot Harry Miller M. C. Milbara Phillip Milburn L. L. Moffatt Murray K. I. William Moody L. C. NWly John Newell Frank Now 1 in Milton Nurick V. E. O ' Donnell Sam Oliphant John O ' Neil Coleman Pack Robert Parriot John Payne Joy Payton Ed. Philltpa Otto Piiler Hardin Pollard Kibbe Porter Wei don Porter H. M. Power Jack Premell Fred Purl Wintlow Handle William Randolph I- W. Reee Jack Reynold! J.R. Rich C.C. Robert, J. S. Ru ell lt t ScarborMfai JULIUS DAVID TOM GAINES E. CLIFTOX HILL Cox WRIGHT A. E. S.eeney C. J. ScheftW Eugene Schworzen m . J. Sike Raymond Simrxon Harry StMoa . ). Smith Hurh Smith J. B. Sorenon S. A. Soreaaoa Wilfred Stapp James B. Sleele J. H. Sleele Jack - Leonard Swansea Edward Swenson Mauritz Swrnhon Uilli.m Tarry W. J. Turner Turrut I ' luf A.M. Wadsworth Joe Watilavick Bruce Weaver Chester Whelesa Eliot White R. L. Whiting Hugh Wilbanks Rm Wilmi Newton Winn M. S. Wise Coi Wright jn.irs DAVID THE AMEKK N IN TIU IK OF MINIM. AND METALLI-RCICAL ENGINEERS, one of the four great national engineering societies, was organized at The University of Texas in 1930. It has steadily grown in membership. The organization meets twice monthly at which meetings noted men in the petroleum industry address the students. ; . . . A. S. C. E. Top row: Hunter, Spiller, J. Bartholow, Davenport, Terrill, Hintgen, Schulz, Walston, T. Bartholow. Second row: Nixon, Henneberger, Kilgore, Thompson, Wilkes, Kutzer, Allison, Settles, D. Seamans. Third row: Clevenger, Vogel, Teinert, Sims, L. Seamans, Shaw, Brown, Cook. Bottom row: Saad, Rigsbee. Battle, Fuller, Focht, Riskind, Woerner, Bills, Prock. OFFICERS President ALFRED FULLER V ice-President LYNN BROWN Secretary RALPH KUTZER Treasurer . PAUL RISKIND ALFRED FULLER E. C. H. Bantel R. F. Dawson Phil M. Ferguson Daniel Allison Jack Bartholow Ted Bartholow Joe Battle Samuel Bills William Brown Oliver Clevenger P. E. Cook George Davenport Adolph Focht Alfred Fuller Wayne Henneberger FACULTY MEMBERS S. P. Finch Q. B. Graves MEMBERS George Hintgen William Hunter Will H. Kilgore Ralph Kutzer Victor Nixon George Prock H. K. Rigsbee Paul Riskind Michael Saad Lawrence Schulz Douglas Seamans J. A. Focht Banks McLaurin T. U. Taylor Lynn Seamans Theodore Settles Elmo Sims James Shaw Hollis Spiller Monroe Teinert Joe Terrill A. T. Thompson Hans Vogel Thomas Walston Walter Wilkes Frank Woerner THE PURPOSES of the American Society of Civil Engineers are to advance the science of engineering in its several branches, to advance the professional improvement of its members, to encourage intercourse between men of practical science, and to establish a central point of reference and union for members. Besides attempting these things, the group also sponsors all civil engineering functions of the year. The student chapter here is one of the 118 affiliated with the national society, the oldest engineering organization in the United States, having been founded in 1852. PACE 330 A. 8. M. E. ill til lilt Top roar: Niland. Kleopie . Medlin. Payne. Schoenert, Secouf rex: Pinchin, Amrtead, Yelderman. L. Cueldner. Hick.. B. Bartel.. Nonfood. Tkird row: Porter, Barberie. Parker. Skooj. Cnttafco . Kibbe, Oge, Spooberf. Fomrtk m,: Pace. H.rrii. Grace. Eibe. LaakM. Wilef. n: Duaklia. J. Smith. Jneaul. Samay. Keyel. Tedford. Goeniel. Cullum. r.- White, Moore. Woolrich. Brown. Stocmer, Kainrr. Scon, Lubbork. OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Advisor Billy Aaxtetd Do(l a Barbaric JOHN KAINER EDWIN PACE RAY WOOLRICH GEORGE OGE V. L. DOUGHTIE MEMBERS Bcrabard Bancl Karl Band. jo Inn Brow. Clement Clark Lado.C.lhuB TVoouDaru DoaiDnnklU Bobby Erau LeoFeaoel lilborn Crime. LeaterCroce Jack GoeldncT Billy Howard CheMerJareDal JohaKaincr JackKeye. IkeKibbe HeT Klee ie. Robert Laak o Edward Lindlof Bill Lobboek Jame. M.lone John Medlin Reginald Mitchell Rndolpa Crenel Jerry Gtaf.o. Lloyd Halp , Ir. William Harri. Jack Hick. Damn Horadam Barry Niland Eari Norwood GearceOfe Edwin Pace Matt Parker Alfred Payne Harold Pnchia Charle. Potter Beaufort Qnifley Martha II Ribe Anhur Rcaubaum Jack Samway Gerald Scboenert Thoma. Schroeter John Scott Edwin South. Jr. Joplinj Smith Raymond Sponberf Clareoce Stoemer Chariea Tedford. Jr. Kenneth TolleMO Brady Tunnell Bob Whitaker Edcar hite JoKph Wiley Ray Woolrick Georte Yelderman JOHN KAINER THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS seeks to imbue each of its members with a spirit of professionalism, a task made much easier by the fellowship which exists because each man is vitally concerned with happenings in the field of mechanical engineering. In meetings each member has a chance to express his views or hear views expressed by outside speakers. 331 A8HREL LITERARY SOCIETY Top row: Euah, Knight, Stribling. Nitschke. Second row: McLatn, McGehee, Templin, Ramsdell, Kennard, Blankenbeckler, Humlong, Phillips, Hilliard. Third row: Long, Simmons, Hartin, Neely, Russell, Bentou. Bottom row: Cockrell, Campbell, Conway, von Blucher, Powell, Swift, Smith. BETTINEL PHILLIPS OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter . Barbara Benton Betty Blankenbeckler Rebekah Bush Peggy Campbell Mary Alice Cockrell Margaret Conway Margaret Doggett Anne Finch Rachel Hartin Rosemary Hilliard Elsie Holmes Mary Lee Humlong MEMBERS Martha Kennard Katheryn Gene Knight Janet Long Mary Charline McGehee Mary McLain Elizabeth Munson Adele Neely Alice Ann Nitschke Bettinel Phillips Lillion Powell Peggy Ramsdell Polly Robinson BETTINEL PHILLIPS MARY LEE HUMLONG ELLENDER STRIBLING MARGARET SMITH JANE YOUNG Jeannette Russell Bertha Scarborough Billie Simmons Winifred Small Margaret Smith Peggy Stover Ellender Stribling Elizabeth Swift Jean Ann Templin Myra Tschudin Mary Julia von Blucher Jane Young ASHBEL LITERARY SOCIETY, organized November 22, 1888, was the first literary and dramatic society on the University campus. Its purpose is to further the study of good literature, to recognize high standards of scholarship in the field of English, and to promote friendship among members. Programs consist of studies in drama, poetry, music, and fiction. To be eligible for membership a girl must be taking English at the time of entrance and must have maintained during the previous semester a general " B " average, with a " B " in English. PACE 332 ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION ' Tor ' - DoMho. Rallif. Daridson. Humphrey . MrClure. Nance, Gotttrhalk. rmt: Park, Brady. Chapman. Speckman. ETIHS. Storer, RotinftT. ram: Lee, Wood, Oirtrl. Critol. McAnnelly, Leel. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer HLNTICE EVAXS PEGGY STOVER Jo AG.NES BICKLEY MARGARET NANCE Lucile Emerson Louise Andrews Shirley Bennett Jo Agnes Bidder Anne Boyle Lurline Brady Man ' Ellen Chapman Johanna Cristol Faye Main Davidson NV11 Dear Kathryn Dial Alma Dietel Katherine Donaho Jean Edge FACULTY MEMBERS Cora Martin MEMBERS Huntice Evans Dorothy Klipple Cottsrhalk Helen Heisch Verna Humphreys Emma Johnson Ruby Poindexter Lackey- Gene Lee Madeline Leel Polly McAnnelly Gladys Byrd McClure Margaret Nance Betty Park Anne Bailiff Christine Ressman Janet Rosenberg Ruth Rosinger Anna Speckman Anrelita Stamm Eliska Stamm Mary Virginia Steadham Peggy Stover Rosemary Walling Mrs. Persis Davis Werden Nfar - Bond Wilkirson Ruth Willis Mozelle Black Winfee Inez Wood HL ' NTICE EVANS THE LMvtRsiTY BRANCH of the Association for Childhood Education plays an active part in the School of Education. Its purposes are in accord with those of the national organization ' s to secure information regarding the education of young children: to promote the progressive type of education in nursery school, kindergarten, and primary grades; and to raise the standard of the professional training for teachers in this field. P 333 HIT AND SPUR Top row: East, Stone, Kent, M. Kenley, Small, Woody, Shidler, Simmang. Second row; Henderson, Jarvis, Gibson, McLeod, Ward, Dodson, Slaughter, Kelley, Milliard. Bottom row: Hodge, L. Ken ley, Littlejohn, Long. OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer . Secretary . Reporter Sponsor MARY LEE KENLEY WINIFRED SMALL ALPHA MAE STONE HELENE WOODY VIRGINIA KURT GLADYS HENDERSON Pattie May Dodson Agnes East Virginia Gibson Hallie Gross Peggy Billiard Norma Hodge Jane Jarvis MEMBERS Frank Kelley Luella Kenley Mary Lee Kenley Virginia Kent Margo Littlejohn Janet Long Billie McLeod Doris Simmang Sara Shidler Betty Slaughter Winifred Small Alpha Mae Stone Mary Neil Ward Helene Woody Jane Young MARY LEE KENLEY BIT AND SPUR is the oldest riding club on the campus, having been organized in December of 1929 through the efforts of Miss Helen Hall, then a student in the University. Its purpose is to further interest in horses, perfect form and horsemanship, and sponsor annual demon- strations. The club sponsors an annual horse show which has received recognition throughout Texas and is now on the circuit of major horse shows in the state. Tryouts are held each September and February and very rigid examinations are given, restricting membership. The club colors are blue and black. Meetings are held on Wednesday of each week at four o ' clock. During the fall semester time is devoted to treasure hunts, polo practice, flag races, trail riding, and such activities. The entire spring term is devoted to preparation for and presentation of the horse show. PACE 334 CANTEh CLllll Top row: Craddock. Humphreys, Burr, Cunningham, Word. Second row: Ruuell. Green, Hodges, Williamson, McElhinnty. Bottom row: SiednuD, McEniry. HardUoa, Brauer, Carr, Wilion. OFFICERS Leader . Secretary Treasurer Reporter Instructor Rachael Bauer Betty Ann Bird Jane Brown Margaret May Burchard Phyllis Can- Judith Craddock Ida Mae Cunningham Hazel Deputy MEMBERS Juanita Coldmann Mary Anna Green Barbara Hardison Linda Hodges Verna Humphreys Daphine McElhinney Jean McEniry Lillion Powell VERNA HUMPHREYS JUDITH CRADDOCK OLA MAE WORD IDA MAE CUNNINGHAM MARY HELEN BURR Jeannette Russell Mary Lewis Scott Mary Anne Stedman Frances Utley Florence Warner Mary Williamson Marjorie Wilson Ola Mae Word VER-NA HUMPHREYS CA.MER CLUB is open to girls interested in good horsemanship who can pass the practical tests given at the October and February tryouts. The club is a member of The University of Texas Sports Association and was organized for the enjoyment of riding and for the promotion of interest in good horsemanship. Meetings are held each Wednesday afternoon at the Westenfield Riding Club. P.CE 335 CAP AND GOWN Top row: Brown lee, Hall , Bransford, Bates. Edel stein, Scofield. Bottom row: Herod, Stroud, Bland. Locke, Cherry. CAP AND GOWN COUNCIL OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter . Sponsor . PEGGY LOCKE MARGUERITE ANNE HALL FRANCES BRANSFORD ROBERTA BROWN SUE BATES KATHLEEN BLAND MEMBERS Mary Brownlee Louise Cherry Petrice Edelstein Mary Herod Mary Katherine Scofield Jane Stroud Jane Young PEGGY LOCKE CAP AND GOWN initiates all senior women who wish to belong to it. Officers of the organization serve as senior class officers and are chosen by members of the class at the regular class elections. The president selects eight outstanding senior women to complete the Council. CAP AND GOWN acts as a service organization for all University women, standing for democracy and dignity, as well as sociability, among all co-eds. The organization assists underclassmen by giving them traditions and by aiding them in adjusting themselves to social affairs on the campus. Cap and Gown also supervises all class elections, sponsors a freshman party, plans and presides during senior week, especially for Swing-Out, sponsors a senior supper, contributes to the Co-operative Houses, and maintains a loan fund available to any University girl. PACE 336 DEWITT LAVACA CLllli Top row: Johnson, Sauermilcb, Probst, Jaeggli, Rice, D. Fertsch. Second row;, F. Sheppard, Dufner, Suvinoha. Bell, Papacek, M. Feruch. Third rote: Pesek, Kolos, Terry, Summers, Pinchin, McCurdy, Fehrenkamp, Strieber. Bottom r m: M. Thompson, Rebstein, Parr, Nieman, W. Allen, Nolan, Miller. OFFICERS President First Vice-President . Second Vice- President Secretary Treasurer Reporter FRED NIEMAN BASIL BELL JOHN STAVINOHA DOROTHY FISCHER BUDDY SUMMERS EDWIN PESEK William Allen T. I.. Allen Corrine Anders Basil Bell Lou Es Cabaniss Douglas Dufner Dorothy Fehrenkamp Dan Fertsch Marvin Fertsrh Dorothy Fischer Herbert Funk Sam Jaeggli Roe Johnson Viola Kolos Dave Korezynski Roland Kraege MEMBERS Carter Kruege Ann McCurdy Lewis Mayne Curtis Mertz Lloyd Metz Elmer Neil Winifred Neil Fred Nieman Tom Nolan Carl Pagee Arnold Papacek Ralph Parr Harold Pinchin Edwin Pesek Victor Probst Dolores Rebstein Al Respondek Orville Rice E. R. Sauermilch Tom Schroeter Elmo Scoboda Frank Sheppard Joni Mae Sheppard Tom Smith Stanley Smith Byron Speckels Peggy Strieber John Stavinoha Buddy Summers Cora Lee Terry Mary L. Thompson Montie Thompson FRED MF.MAN THE DEWITT-LAVACA COUNTY CLUB was reorganized at The University of Texas in the fall of 1939 by a group of interested students. The main purpose of the organization is to bring about closer relationship and better understanding between students from the two counties. The club holds semi-monthly meetings and sponsors picnics and parties for its members. The club honors the ex-students of the University from its section with an annual Christmas holiday dance. PACE 337 ETA KAPPA Nil Top row: McCrocklin, Hamlin, Davis, Warner, Crawford, Grain. Second row: Danquard, Farr, Forsman, Neill , Hollingsworth. Bottom row: Glasford, Walker, Goldberg, Neman. Honorary Electrical Engineering Fraternity Founded, University of Illinois, October, 1904 Psi Chapter Established April, 1928 Thirty-three Active Chapters OFFICERS President GLENN GLASFORD Vice-President SAM GRAIN Treasurer OLIN DANQUARD Recording Secretary WINFORD NEILL Corresponding Secretary SOL NEMAN Bridge Correspondent JACK MCCROCKLIN GLENN GLASFORD R. A. Galbraith Read Cranberry Sam Grain Clinton Crawford Olin Danquard Edwin Davis Raymond Farr Theodore Lytton Allen E. L. Cheeseman Edward Eldridge FACULTY MEMBERS E. W. Hamlin MEMBERS Marion Forsman Glenn Glasford Edwin Goldberg Robert Hollingsworth SPRING INITIATES Miguel Rodriguez R. W. Warner W. R. Woolrich Jack McCrocklin Fletcher McLane Winford Neill Sol Neman Louis Walker Gene Skinner Robert Teasdale Willard H. Wiederspahn ETA KAPPA Nu elects its members from students and others in the profession, who by their attainment in college or in practice have manifested exceptional interest and marked ability in electrical engineering. Qualifications for membership include high scholarship and personal qualities which seem to indicate success in the profession. Its purposes are to stimulate and reward high scholarship, to foster closer cooperation among the students, teachers, and others in the profession, and to be a constructive force, helping members and non-members alike in improving the standards of the profession by contributing worthwhile services of lasting value. PACE 338 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Top ram: RyUad. Shane. Sloll, Stoat. Peten, Barrier, Field. Oehler, Brodenon. Second row: Darnell. Loomij. CardeD. Gidlev, Bownds. Lowrey. Owen. Third ram: Grebe. Moran. Boyd. Jar. Pafteraon. Powell. Conoell. Coin. FomnJt : Steinkamp. EnjUnd. Cilliland. Hulelt. B . Speecle. Kee. Wateratoa. Cray, Goldman. i rt row: Claiborae, Hatherly, Herold. Henderson. Catling, Melrin, Brard. Crouch. Baier. Ay. Araett. Morruon. Sniffer. Kleinman. Harrell. SiaJt rax: Crazier. W. Cidley. Keeae, Byrom. Biley. Comer. BonneUler. Old. Mitchell. S. Morgan, Mycn. Raell. Pate, Mapea. Langham. Sfffntk row: Shnrler, Gillnpie. Rummell. Robinowitz. Gruham. Dill. Sanring. Caplin, Rntledce. Johuon. Callender, Wood. Roland. Withera. Henke. Bauoam rote: Harru. Pfluger, Canady. Hofbea. Greeaon. Hinkly. Wilborn, ' Martha Rutland. T.ube. McCanne. McPhail. RoMnberf, N ' anmann. Fryer. OFFICERS President ORENE WILBORN Vice-President MILDRED RUTLAND Secretary HAZEL MITCHELL Treasurer JANICE OWEN Second V ice-President RANNIE HLLETT Assistant Treasurer RUBY PALMQLIST Historian VELMA LEE WEIR Parliamentarian FRANCES DLNLAP Senior Representative LA RUE BARRIER Junior Representative WILLA GlDLEY Sophomore Representative MARY ELLA CROZIER Freshman Representative MARTHA RUTLAND FACULTY MEMBERS Louise Landes Armstrong Sara Chaffin Brooks Alberta Dodson L. Lucile Emerson Mary EL Gearing Bess Heflin Rosalie Godfrey Anna W. Janzen Hellen King Berenice Mallory Lur y Rathbone Josephine Staah Elizabeth C. Swingle Elizabeth Tarpley Jennie S. Wilmot Jet Winters ORENE ILBOKN THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB is one of the oldest and largest women ' s professional clubs on the campus. It is twenty-six years old and has a membership of about two hundred, including faculty and alumnae members. The club has three purposes : to broaden the interest of club members along lines of home economics and related fields outside of classroom procedure; to promote acquaintance among the girls of the various divisions of the department; to provide a scholarship for an outstanding student in the department. LATIN AMERICAN CLUB Top row: Medina, J. Gonzalez, Lozano, Vasquez, Caballero, Yzaguirre, Giro Martinez, Torres. Second row: Wellborne, J. Garcia, J. Montemayor, Perez, Salinas, A. Guerrero, Mallen. Third row: N. Guerrero, Griffin, M. Faraklas, L. Montemayor, D. Guerrero, Arredondo, F. Trevino, Salazar. Fourth row: E. Garcia, Nalley, M. Trevino, Cuellar, E. Guerra, Miller, Acosta, Hopper. Bottom row: Marroquin, Galindo, E. Gutierrez, Estrada, Moreno, Flores, Greer, D. Garcia. OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Parliamentarian Historian . Sergeant-at-Arms Sponsor . MEMBERS H MIHO F.STKADA Claude Acosta Carlos Aguilar Jose Arredondo Mildred Baker Bertha Baron Enrique F. Benavides Roberto Caballero Isabel Cabrera Guadalupe Cardenas Americo Castro Helma Cuellar Cesar Elizonondo Ramiro Estrada Mary Faraklas Tom Faraklas John Faulk Jesse Flores Leo Galindo Dionisio Garcia Estefana Garcia Jose I. Garcia Martha X. Garcia Joaquin Gonzalez Raul Gonzales Mary Alice Griffin Lotty Greer Arnoldo Guerra Evangelina Guerra Alvaro Guerrero Delia Guerrero Nelda Guerrero Elsa Gutierrez Jose Gutierrez Lauro Gutierrez Julia Hooker Dorothy Lockwood Henry Lozano Salvador Gonzalez Mallen Rafael Manterola Claudio Martinez Ciro Martinez David Martinez Elsa Martinez Minita Marroquin Antonio Medina Carlos A. Mier Virginia Miller Salomon Molina Jose Montemayor Librado Montemayor Gustavo Monies Alfredo Moreno Sue Nalley Juan M. Navar Avelino Olivaros Daniel Ortega Samuel Ortega RAM mo ESTRADA JOE GARCIA ELSA GUTIERREZ JESSE FLORES JOE GUTIERREZ MARY FARAKLAS GIRO MARTINEZ REX HOPPER Carmela Ostos Romeo Perez Octavio Riddle Lymam Ripperton Vito Ruiz Leopoldo Salazar Bias Salinas Emilio L. Torres Carlos Trevino Fausto Trevino Mercedes Trevino Alfredo Vazquez Estela Vela Rose Vela Elisa Villareal Romeo Mario Volpe Roque Wcllborne Mario Yzaguirre Delia Yznaga THE LATIN-AMERICAN CLUB is dedicated to the end of perpetuating the cultural and linguistic heritage of the Latin students on the campus. Its membership also includes Latin-minded students who enjoy and participate in the activities and Spanish programs of the club. Besides several singularly delightful social activities enjoyed by its members during the current year, the club was well represented in the intramural sport competition. Outstanding feature of the year was the creation of a University Scholarship Fund for worthy Latin- American students of Texas. PACE 340 LONGHOKIN IMJXING CLUB Tap row: Joimaon. Shade. Eujrlkc. Collclti. Ftrfuton. Seeouf tarn: DarU. Sherrill. Smith. Green. McKinley. Crieenhe -k. Little. Tkird TOK: LieWrman. De George. Eng. Newell. Ferrell. Moore. Kazen. rom: Srarhroujh. Barnhart. Cunningham. Metxenthin. Clenn, Shepherd, Florence. OFFICERS President V ice-President TOMMY GLENN JOHNNY NEWELL W. E. Metzenthin A. L. Brandon Joe Barnhart George Benn Shelby Buck Paul Colletti Bob Cunningham Gilbert Davi- Bernard De George Phillip Eng Louis Engelke S. A. Ferguson SPONSORS MEMBERS Milton Ferrell Walter Florence Tommy Glenn Fred Green Jack Griesenbeck Pearce Johnson Abe Kazen David Lieberman John Little F.L-Cox George E. Hurt Robert MrKinley J. B. Moore Johnny Newell Ed Scarbrough Harry Sohwenker Earl Dan Shade Richard Shepherd Byron Sherrill Harvey Smith Ray Wallis TOMMY Cl INN THE LONCHORN BOXING CLCB was founded at The University of Texas by a group ol boys who were very interested in the promotion of boxing as an intercollegiate athletic event. To become a member a boy must be an intramural champion. The club holds its meetings the first and third Monday of every month in Gregory Gym. Elections are held every semester, and a party is given at the end of the boxing season. The ultimate goal of the club is to establish boxing as an official Southwest Conference intercollegiate sport. A large step in this direction was taken this year when the Assembly voted to award the club a portion of the Blanket Tax proceeds. Pat 341 NEWMAN CLIIH President for the Fall Semester . . . JOHNNIE COSELLI President for the Spring Semester . . JACK NESTOR Vice-President MARIOLIVIE GRAF Secretary FELIX McGiVNEY (DOROTHY FISCHER Lo-l reasurers ,. (MARTHA ANN STAVING HA Reporter KAY HAMBLIN Historian JANE MILLIKEN Chaplain ......... FATHER VINCENT F. HOLDEN JOHNNIE COSELLI ESTABLISHED THIRTY-ONE YEARS AGO to provide for the spiritual needs of Catholic students attending the University, the Newman Club has grown steadily under the guidance of the Paulist Fathers. The Newman Club Building, which houses a library, lecture rooms, and the chaplain ' s office, is available to the members. With its membership of more than two hundred students, the Club has expanded its facilities during the past year to include the auditorium above St. Austin ' s Chapel. Although its aim is primarily religious, the Newman Club has a well-rounded program of social functions, intramural sports, and dramatics. Working in cooperation with the University, the chaplain conducts a course in the Long Session on the Life of Christ, for which students get full academic credit. PiCE 342 NU UI ' SILON TAll TAU Tor ram: PotJM. Cur. Booty. Blaakeabeckler. Mum. Paul. Houto. Htrlu. ..- Bekley. AwlenOB. Hijlum.. Bculey. HMTMO.. Shmtp. MorrUo.. Honorary Organization for Junior and Senior Women Founded, The University of Texas, 1917 High Worthy WTT JERRY PALL Anna Hiss Marjorie Anderson Alice Beakler Scottie Beasley Betty Blankenbeckler Katherine Booty Mary Brownlee JuneCarr Jetty DeLong Betty Beall Ruth Ann Chancy Elizabeth Ann Chizum Carolyn Collins Connie Delavan Marjorie Dodd FACULTY MEMBERS MEMBERS Ann Harlan Frances Harrison Jane Hawkins Katherine Highams Hallie Houston Margaret Lentz Martha Lutz La Verne McMurtry GOOBERS Betty Finnegan Connie Cossett Margo Liltlejohn Eugenia McMurray Mary Lewis Scott Norma Sbeehy Dorothv Gebauer Celeste Morrison Elizabeth Munson Dorothy Perkins Edna Belle Perry Joy Ray Mary Aubyn Townsend Frances Utley Carolyn Vaughan Mary Anne Stedman Virginia Trotter Mary Julia von Blucher Joyce Whaley Patty Will Marie Williams JERRY PAUL Nc UPSILOH TAD TAU was founded in 1917 by Alice Miller and Kathleen Molesworth. The pin is a tiny gold peanut. The motto became " A stitch in time gathers no moss " or If the shoe fits, lie in it, " In order to discuss the problems with which they are not confronted, the members congregate for lunch twice each month, and goobers are elected bi-annually. Rumor hath it that a keen sense of humor, campus activities, and a certain degree of scholarship, are the basis for membership, but no one can know these days. It seems that things like Mr. Browning ' s poetry and Nu Upsilon Tan Tan are simply not meant to be understood, but must remain forever in the realms of the mysterious. : 341 ORANGE JACKETS Top row: Johnson, McAfee, Biesele, Vaughan, Griggs, Kennard. Second row; Sheffield, Buckner, Johnsen, Nitschke, Van Zandt, Munger, Benton. Bottom row: Tomkiea, Grounds, Wager, Simmons, Dodson, Blue. OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Secretary -Treasurer Historian . Reporter Faculty Sponsor BII.I.IE SIMMONS Dorothy Ball Barbara Benton Grace Annette Biesele Gloria Dawn Blue Virginia Buckner Pattie May Dodson Mary Virginia Griggs Patti Nolan Dorothy Jean Grand MEMBERS Dorothy Lee Grounds Marjorie Marie Johnsen Margaret Jayne Johnson Martha Kennard Marguerite McAfee Anna Blanche Munger Alice Ann Nitschke BILLIE SIMMONS GRACE ANNETTE BIESELE MARGUERITE MCAFEE DOROTHY LEE GROUNDS VIRGINIA FRANCES VAUGHAN DOROTHY GEBAUER Cynthia White Sheffield Billie Simmons Margaret Evelyn Tomkies Virginia Frances Vaughan Dorothy Jean Wager Eleanor Ann Van Zandt SPRING INITIATES Margaret Penn Mary Elizabeth Sutherland Renee Wolfe ORANGE JACKETS is composed of those twenty girls considered most representative, chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and general all-round ability. Only sophomores and juniors with a " C " average are eligible for membership. Elections of members are held in the fall and in the spring. The organization has no specialized field of work but is active in many projects. Orange Jackets are noted for their willingness to serve the University. Members are especially prominent in holding campus elections and acting as ushers and hostesses at official functions. PACE 344 F. E M. CLUli Top roar: V. Guerrero. Wroble. Deutsch. Finley, Bailey. Brace. S ' tonJ tax: Pat.ich. S.ion. Lapman. Still. Sloop. Sula. Yale . Third row: Hoag. Shane. Silvennan, Reynolds. Looke. Sracek. Radii. Bottom rotr: Grifin, Jones. Lewis. Crossoa. Alderaoo. Burr, Thomas. OFFICERS President . ] ice-President . Secretary-Treasurer Reporters . Faculty Sponsor Leo Abr Cordon Bailey Morris Ban-field Harry Barton P. K. Brace jaoe Brown Lunicr Burr Henry Chapman Bill Groer Clive Bill Crenshaw , . .. Catherine Gilmorc Davis Mrlrin DeMsch NancT Dillard BenDob on Edward DoernVr Bill I amke Eileen Eitt Mary F.r.kla. Elmer Finley MEMBERS Margo Fisher Fred Looke Cilliam Graham Marguerite May Lewi Gray Raymond Mayes Maurine Griffin Clarence McCarr-er Nelda Guerrero Ray McDowell Roy Guerrero Harriet Mitchell Georgianna Harmon Manorie Murray Dorothy Harruon Park Myers Louie Hill Anne Otradosky Petty Milliard Rauel Papich Lucy Mae Hoag 1. M. Pearce Joan Holeman Clarence Pfeil Walter Houpt John Putsch Rutb Hull Anne Pittman Thurman Hull Judy Polk Dona Lee Jones Fred Poole Mary Lee Kinley Dick Preston Melrin l.apman Joe Prowse Mattye Sue LeBlane Ben Reynolds B. K. Lewis Bob Roche janie Lindman Sara Rndnick Petty Locke Gene Savon ELMER FINLEY BOB TARLTON MARJORIE MURRAY HARRIET MITCHELL VINCENT WROBLE C. J. ALDERSON Katherine Schulz Jobn Shane Fred Silverman Rulb Sloop Murray Smith Oran Spear Jame Stem ; Charles Still Helen Sula Dorothy Svacek Bob Tarlton C. L. Teacne Pauline Tbomas DorolbT Vickera Elwood Weylandt Cerille Wheat Bill White Eugenia White Gloria Willman Vincent Wroble Cbarline Yae(er r Vales ELMER FINLEY THE P. E. M. CLUB is an organization composed of Physical Education major? whose purpose is to foster social contacts and develop a professional attitude toward Physical Education. Men and women majoring in Physical Education automatically become members when they entei the Department of Physical Education. Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month. PIEhlAN LITERARY SOCIETY Top row: Finnegan, Duls, Garrett, Harrison, Dial Top row: Finnegan, Duls, Garrett, Harrison, Dial. Second row: Caldwell, Johnson. Trotter, Schumacher, Robinson, Thompson, Moors. Third row: Highams, Spivey, Worley, Lambeth, Johnsen, Sansom, Joyce, Reib. Bottom row: Hardison, P. Carr, Blumberg, Stroud, Hill, Schlafli, Tulloss. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Jane Blumberg Mildred Caldwell Anne Campbell June Carr Phyllis Carr Ria Cortes Mary Lucylle Cox Florence Davis Mildred Delavan Kathryn Dial Lucy Lee Dickson June Duls Betty Finnegan Mary Fletcher Virginia Ford Mary Jane Garrett Jane Green Barbara Jane Hardison Frances Wynne Harrison MEMBERS Jean Hendrick Katherine Highams Jerry Hill Elizabeth Huggard Marjorie Johnsen Margaret Johnson Judy Joyce Mary Ellen Lambeth Dorothy Lehrer Mary Pearl Lynn Kate Marriott Dale Martin Ruth Minton Betsy Kate Moors Bette Moritz Mary Anna Morton Ann Painter Rose Poole Stella Prude Beryl Rathbone JANE STROUD ANN PAINTER ANN SCHUMACHER JERRY HILL FRANCES SIMPSON Jane Reib Helen Robins ' m Margaret Rolle Betsy Russell Clara Sansom Jean Scales Katherine Schlafli Ann Schumacher Barbara Scrimgeour Norms Sheehy Frances Simpson Ruth Spargo Sue Spivey Jane Stroud Florence Thompson Virginia Trotter Jean Tulloss Virginia Vaughn Eugenia Worley JANE STROUD THE PURPOSE OF PIERIAN LITERARY SOCIETY is to bring together girls interested in the study of modern literature. Faculty members and other authorities in the field of literature are invited to discuss various literary works at meetings held twice each month. Requirements for membership are a general " C " average and a " B " average in English. New members are elected twice a year by unanimous vote of the society. Membership is limited to fifty. PACE 346 PRESENT DAY CLUB Tor rote: Loaf, frirdlmaitr. Morrow, Victor. Srcaarf ram: Stria, M. Jacobf. Anon. rUrriton. Rutland. F. Bradford. Fridnrr. Bottom rom: Nachmin. Robinovitz. Cri tol, H. Jarobn. Dodon. OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Sponsor . Jean Anson Charlotte Boeck Frances Bransford Sara Scott Bransford Nancy Brown Regina Brelsford Margaret Burt Margaret Cox Johanna Cristol Pattie May Dodson Janet Engle Adele Fridner MEMBERS Adele Friedlander Laura Gardner Adine Harrison Mary Kathryn Haynes Helen Hinkly Helen Jacobs Moselle Jacobs June Krupp Lady Cathryn Lenoir Cathryn Long Julynn Martin V era Nachman JOHANNA CRISTOL PATTIE MAY DODSO.N FRANCES BRANSFORD ADELE FRIDNER MARIE MORROW Mary Notley Doranne Poulson Miriam Robinowitz Arlene Rundell Mildred Rutland Muriel Selber Cecilia Stein Ruth Victor Frances Weinblatt Victoria Chitfield Ray Pearl Wood Betty Woodley r JOHANNA CRISTOL THE PRESENT DAY CLI B is an organization for girls interested in current problems. Its membership is limited to fifty, new members being chosen semi-annually. A luncheon is held the first Monday of every month, and a business meeting at five o ' clock on the third Monday. Activities this year included the presentation of gift baskets to two needy families at Christmas: and the annual banquet held in May. Speakers at the meetings included prominent campus lecturers. : 347 PROGRESSIVE CZECH CLUI1 Top row: Le Roy Kubecka, Wroble, J. Svacek, Hegar, Barton, Stasney, Fojt. Second row: Holy, Schovajsa, D. Sv cek, Horak, A. Matejek, Kahler, R. Matejek, L. Svajda. Third row: Rebstein, Cox, Dvoracek, A. Vanzura, Mrs. Barton. Thompson, Mrs. Matejek. Bottom row: Mikusek, J. Svajda, Mrs. Vanzura, Louis Kubecka. V. Martinets, L. Martinets. OFFICERS President Louis KUBECKA Secretary-Treasurer VIOLA ANNE MARTINETS Financial Director JOHN E. KUNZ Social Director RUTH ANN MATEJEK Parliamentarian ARNOST HORAK Sergeant-at-Arms VINCENT WROBLE MEMBERS Louise Eunice Baier Josef A. Barton Mrs. Josef A. Barton Earl Bethke Raymond Brimble Eileen Cox Charles Davis Clarence Doering Mary Dvoracek Albin A. Fojt Daniel Hegar Bertha Ann Herold Johnnie Hlavaty Lucy Mae Hoag Martha Frances Holy Arnost Horak Dorothy Katharine Horak Rudolph Horak Donna Lee Jones Ernest Kahler Louis Kubecka Le Roy Kubecka John E, Kunz Glen Latham Delphine Marek Louie Martinets Viola Anne Martinets Adele Ann Matejek Ruth Ann Matejek Martha Mikusek Ruby Mills Clem Novosad Thomas Novosad Joe Osoba Georgie Anne Otradosky Robert Prikryl Dolores Rebstein Evelyn Schovajsa Lawrence Schulz Adolph Slovacek Eugene Slovacek Rudolph Slovacek Floyd Stasney Dorothy Marie Svacek Joseph Svacek Jerome Svajda Leonard Svajda Mary Lucille Thompson Albert Vanzura Bea Vanzura Nathan Wald Marvin V ' likening Gidden Word Vincent Wroble SPONSORS LOUIS KUBECKA Mrs. J. M. Matejek Mrs. Albert Vanzura THE PROGRESSIVE CZECH CLUB was founded at The University of Texas in the spring of 1937 by a group of interested students. The aims they set for the club were to bring about closer relationship and better understanding between the students of Czech origin and other students on the campus; to promote the study of the Czech literature and culture: and to develop in the members knowledge and responsi- bility concerning the conduction of organization and business, social cultural, and athletic activities. At the semi-monthly meetings cultural and social entertainments are presented, with prominent speakers usually on hand. Also, the club enjoys picnics, open houses, formals, and other socials, and participates in University intramurals. PAGE ?48 KEAGAN LITEKAKY SOCIETY Tor rote: Cayton. Shndde. Mrtin. F. R. Scott. Woolen. McMahon. Smith. Sinus. Maloney. SeconJ ran: Per on. S. Braniford. Milchrll. Metealte. Pieman. Daniel . Tolbert. Duncan. Moter. Mims. ro : Toland. An,!er on. Jackson. Johnson. Hall. Harmon. Duckworth. Beakley. Bedford. Culpepper. OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretory . Treasurer . Sergeant-at-Artns Reporter Winniefred Andcron Alice Beaklev Anna EVth Bedford France Bransford Sara Scott Branford Martha Gallon Sara France Connell Virginia Culpepper Janet Daniel. France Duckworth Julia Duncan ChriMine Evan Dorothy Jane Shannon Cilli. Mar. Helen Hall Betty Harman MEMBERS France Heard Irene Jackaoai Betty John on Norma Kach JoM-phine Kerbey Clare Kearney Lady Kalherine Lenoir Edna McMahon Virpnia L. Martin Virginia Hudson Martin Betty Jo Maloney Marr Katberine Metcalfe Billve Minn M.I. M.le. Mitchell Ann Moorbou e Lolabeth Moaer M KY HELEN HALL BETTY JOHNSON IRENE JACKSON FRANCES HEARD BETTY HARMAN CLARE KEARNEY Emma Old Helen Sue Person Betty Jean Pipman S.lvia Biner Haiel Scott Rowmary Scott Lillie Marie Smith Helen Shudde Mary Virginia Steadham Roberta Stnut Billie Toland Vilma Tolben Elizabeth Torrenre Mildred Webb Helen Wooten MARY HELEN HALL REAGAN LITERARY SOCIETY, named for the chairman of the first State Railroad Commission, was founded in 1902 at the suggestion of Helen M. Kirby. first dean of women. Its intents are to foster literary interest and to promote friendship among the members. To be eligible for membership, a girl must be at least a second-semester freshman, and must have a " B " average in English. New members are elected in October and March. At the meetings, held twice a month, programs are given by members and various faculty members are asked to speak from time to time. In the fall the society join with the three similar girls ' groups to give new members a tea, and in the spring a picnic. PACl3 9 SIDNEY LANIER LITERARY SOCIETY Top row; Shipman, Spillar, Sloop, Fordtran, Tignor, Smith. Second row; Engle, Marshall, Alkemeyer, Jones, Bockstein, Gordon. Third row: Painter, Bishop, Collins, Crockett, Block, Rapoport, Herrmann. Bottom row: Kiessling, Goodwyn, Wager, Dakin, Rutland, Glasberg. OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Violet Alkemeyer Estelle Ashton Sue Bates Edith Bell Helen Berman Eleanor Bishop Leone Block Sylvia Bockstein Frances Bornstein Virginia Buckner Jeanne Clark Patricia Collins Sara Crockett Dorothy Dakin Lorene Darby Janet Engle Jane Estill DOROTHY JEAN WAGER Mary Louise Filkins Edith Fordtran Jamie Fraser Ruth Glasberg Edwina Goodwyn Flora Gordon Mary Virginia Griggs Mary Jean Gunnarson Jean Hendrix Georgeanna Herrmann Barbara Holt Jule Jacobson Barbara Jones Ann Kiessling Ellen MacKenzie Ann McDowell Jane Marshall Patti Nolen DOROTHY JEAN WAGER ELLEN MACKENZIE EDWINA GOODWYN SARA CROCKETT Mary Notley Mary Oden Dorothy Jean Grand Elizabetb Painter Idel Rapoport Martha Rutland Eileen Shipman Carrie Ruth Sloop Marianna Smith Margaret Jean Spillar Margaret Tignor Virginia Frances Vaughan Dorothy Jean Wager Caroline Webster Alma Widen Martha Woodson Martha Word THE SIDNEY LANIER LITERARY SOCIETY, founded in honor of the Southern poet, was organized for the purpose of creating pleasant and helpful associations for girls interested in cultural literature. The society maintains a student loan fund consisting of accumulated donations from alumnae and also a portion of the dues. Members are chosen twice yearly from girls who have a " B " average with excellence in English. At the meetings held twice monthly, various faculty members and prominent Austin persons speak. In the fall the club joins with the other literary societies in giving a tea for new members, and in the spring a picnic -honoring the seniors. PACE 350 SIGMA IOTA El ' SILON Broom, Busbe . L. Mrti. JUityl. Sckwmb. W. M.rtin. , Stilwell, Undry. Ford. Edward . Dam. Honorary and Professional Business Management Fraternity toundeJ, Tjniversity of Illinois, January, IV Y Texas Chapter Established 1928 Four Active Chapters OFFICERS General Manager TOM EDWARDS Assistant General Manager R. M. MOORE Finance Manager WILLIAM MARTIN Comptroller MARGARET FORD Personnel Manager KEITH DAVIS FACULTY MEMBERS Chester F. Lay John R. Stockton MBERS Richard Banks f Jjal v Broom Margaret Ford DeWitt Hale Harold Landry Leonard Martin William Martin Leonard Martyr R. M. Moore John Schwab Thomas Stilwell William Busbee Krith L)a i Tom Edwards TOM EDWARDS SIGMA IOTA EPSILOS has as its purpose the promotion of a high standard of scholarship and the maintenance of an active interest in managerial activity among the students registered for this course in the School of Business Administration. Requirements for membership demand at least a " B " average in all managerial courses, a high general average in other courses, and that the new members be selected from the senior class or from those doing graduate work. SONS OF ALEC SR Top rote: Cook, Kutzer, Woods, Harris, Terrill, Athanas. Booker. Second row: McCImtock, Rigsbee, Hagood. Isenhower, Duncan, Lindsay, Bills. Bottom row: Pace, Scott, Adams, Brown, David, Ferrell, McCutchan. OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer Gus Athanas Samuel Bills John Booker Lynn Brown Julius David Ben Duncan LYNN BROWN WAYNE GRANT JODIE ISENHOWER MEMBERS John Ferrell Wayne Grant Howard Hagood Jodie Isenhower Ralph Kutzer Earl Lindsay John McClintock Roy McCutchan Ed Pace H. K. Rigsbee John Scott Joe Terrill James Woods LYNN BROWN THE SONS OF ALEC was organized to further genuine loyalty and a more expressive school spirit among the students in the College of Engineering. Business meetings are held twice each month, and the club sponsors several stag and date socials every year. Alexander Frederick Claire, patron saint of all engineers, is represented by Alec. Active membership in the organization is open to all male students in the College of Engineering, with the understanding that the only requirements for admission are fellowship and a genuine loyalty to the traditional spirit of the College of Engineering. PACE 352 UNIVERSITY AERONAUTICAL SOCIETY Tof rote: Frrftuon. Barrett, Kent. Secom ro : Hade . Nnc le. Leach. Moorr. Mitchell. Neman. e: Harlmao. Shrirer, Landau. Stablefocd. Goldberg. OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Facult Sponsor . BEAL MOORE T. J. JACKSON R. PETER MITCHELL H. L. KENT Jean Agar Thurman Barrett James J. Brady Walter Browning Ji mm ie Craig LemEzell Paul Ferguson Allen Goldberg John Haden Donald J. Hahn Fredrick Hall MEMBERS John Hartman Robert P. Jackson T.J.Jackson Jo Jones Austin Leach. Jr. Warren Lindau Luther Mini . Jr. R. Peter Mitchell S. C Mitchem Beal Moore Arthur Nelson Sol Neman Joe Nue " l- J. M. Riddell Joe E. Ross David L. Ses?um Bill Shriver Earl Sikes Jack Stableford Jack Van Scoyoc William WHIN Fred Wiseman BEAL MOORE THE UM KR ITY AEB.OXAI-TICAL SOCIETY consists of a group of aviation-minded University students. The meetings are held every Thur-day night and consist of lectures by various guest speakers as well as talks by local professors. After each lecture there is a ground school course given for those members, about twenty-five in number, who are interested in the actual flying that is offered by the club. The price of membership to the club is fifty cents a semester. The cost of flying, either dual or solo, is $4.00 per hour at the University Airport. Several of the members have already soloed and one member, T. J. Jackson, has his own plane. UNIVERSITY CZECH CLUB Top row: Pesek, Chervenka, Marek, A. Klepach, Foyt, D. Klepach, Slavik, Corek, Hejtmanek, Poohnlr;ul ky, Svrcek. Second row: J. Vacek, Kocurek, Ceska, Chalupnik, Holasek, Hajek, Mazoch, Vondrak, Borowiak. Third row: A. Musil, Mikeska, Haidusek, Janda, S. Vacek, Petrasek, Sigmund, Malik. Front row: Y. Zivney, A. Holly, M. Zivney, Szurek, Prasatik. Micek, Barton, M. Musil, Wiesner, F. Holly, Habarta. OFFICERS President . Secretary-Treasurer Reporter . Parliamentarian Sergeant-at-Arms . Sponsor . Harry Barton William Borowiak Julia Ceska Elsie Chalupnik Johnny Chervenka Bernard Cocek Anton Foyt Helen Fula Al Habarta Irene Haidusek Mildred Hajek Frank Hejtmanek Doris Holasek HAKKY BARTON MEMBERS Anna Belle Holly Florine Holly George Janda Andrew Klepach Dominik Klepach Eleanor Kocurek Viola Kolos Joe Malik Jerome Marek Martha Mazoch Gladys Mikeska Annette Musil Minnie Musil Edwin Pesek HARRY BARTON ALICE VONDRAK FLORINE HOLLY AL HABARTA BENJAMIN PETRUSEK EDUARD MICEK Victoria Petrasek Victor Pochobradsky Mrs. Raymond Prasatik Portress Sigmund Albert Slavik Edward Svrcek Joe Szurek John Vacek Sylvester Vacek Alice Vondrak Jerry Wiesner Marie Zivney Yaroslav Zivney ALTHOUGH OLD upon the campus, the Czech Club is non-political in character. Its purposes are to promote culture, to observe the tradition and respect the heritage of the Czech people; to promote the study of the Czech language and literature at the University; and to provide many social functions for the Czech students and their friends. Its membership is composed mainly of students of Czech origin. Social activities included the bi-annual Czech Parent and Ex-Student Banquet, many Sunday hikes and picnics, and the spring formal. Noted speakers and entertainers appeared at the meetings held semi-monthly. PAGE 354 OF T. PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION Top raw: Daris. McMurry. Stco d row: Pnrsley. Skolaut, Gibson. Cavrnaugh. Walton. Griffin. Carrille. Grove. Tliifd row: Nichols. ' Carubbi, Moreno. Mask. Norris. Bonkley. Nelson, N. Zatopck, Marsh. Fomrth row: Brand . Rushing. Scoggin. Scale. Holland. Abramson. Casteel. Thalman. Tale. Fifth rou: Reeder. Vacek. U Smith. Baer. Halrtead. McAdams, Martinei, MeMahon. Price. Yzmguirre. Salaiar. Estrada. Slaughter. Campbell. Butts. Sixth row: Schleuse, Webb, Oliver. Meadows. Arretteig, Ky. Long. McLure, Howell. Monlemayor, Moreno. Scboener, Nored. Hanson. Epperson. Dulaney. Whitley. Sereni row: CoelUr. Slaufhter. Fly. Chewn. Belson. Craft. Wasserman. Kuciynski. Ruzirka. Murray, Steren- soa. Ambler, Heath. Vhiteside. J. Garcia. Sherman, Macdonald. Tankersley. L. Zatopek. Bottom row: G.rcia, Bernstein. Mann. McDonald. Hancock. Coslolow. Steed. Wolf. Sosa. Miller. Cretri, Tally. Wacer, Garcia. Writht. Hokanson. Urban. Galindo. Palmore. OFFICERS President HLGH HANSON Vice-President WARREN CASTEEL Secretary CAROLYN TALLY Treasurer HELEN CREWS Reporter HELEN SftOLAUT Serpeant-at-Arms ROBERT EPPERSON Parliamentarian . WooDROW DAVIS CarlCAlbers V . K. Gidlry VI illiara R. Neville FACULTY MEMBERS James T. Richards Louis M. Schleuse John Richard Stockton THE PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION is the only organization in the College of Pharmacy which welcomes the membership of all students who expect to be a part of the profession of Pharmacy. This organization has as its unanimous interests and object the advance- ment of professional pharmacy. THE PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION permits the future pharmacists to meet, to know each other, and affords the training in acting as an organized body in the interest of their profession. The association takes part in campus activities, holds several social functions during the year, and takes part in national events pertaining to the profession. It is hoped that the four years each student spends as a member of this organization will be merely a stepping stone to a membership in the larger state and national organizations. There they will protect and raise the standards of professional pharmacy, and more adequately aid in the protection of the health and welfare of the public. Pice 355 UNIVERSITY PRE-LAW ASSOCIATION r JJl EDGAR SHELTON Top TOW: Hvass, J assiter, Snell, Kirklen. Second row; Vine rSffPrson, Hardy, Bryant, Briscoe, Zotos, J. Allen. Third TOW: Burton, Leonard, Lambe. Winters, N. Allen, Hopkins, Alton. Bottom row : Shaller, Gorman, Nurman, Holloman, Shelton, Fulmore, Lea, Baker. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian Nelson Allen James Allen Charles Alton Bruce Baker Dolph Briscoe, Jr. Joe Bryant Horace Burton Calvin Gorman Sterling Fulmore, Jr. MEMBERS Kaye Holloman Bill Hardy King Hopkins Charles Hvass Leland Kirklen Mafy Annlambe . MX VCr _ Joe Lassfter j Edwin Lea " ' EDGAR SHELTON, JR CHARLES HVASS ROBERT SNELL DOLPH BRISCOE, JR BRUCE BAKER George Leonard Glen Norman Ed Patterson Walter Shaller Edgar Shelton. Jr. Robert Snell Harry Vine Lorraine Winters Alexander Zotos THE UNIVERSITY PKE-LAW SOCIETY was organized November 10, 1939, to fulfill a need for a non-political organization of pre-law students on the campus. Its chief purpose is to promote fellowship among these students of the University. However, it has other purposes among which are the discussion of common interests, the study of common problems, the participation in campus activities as a service organiza- tion, and the encouragement of scholarship. In keeping with these purposes the organization has two banquets each year, open forums for discussion, and guest speakers from the Law School, the School of Business Administration, and the College of Arts and Sciences. This program of work is very effective in the creation of lasting friendships and the solving of pre-law problems. PACE 356 Sororities and Fraternities Charles Goodnight By J. Evens Haley " Never mind, son, " said Goodnight, as he stopped to throw his own saddle upon the powerful blue, " I ' ll ride him. " He cheeked the horse and stepped into the saddle. Immediately the blue fell in two and chinned the moon, but Goodnight sat above him with ease. He stopped pitching, broke into a run, headed for a ten-foot bluff along the creek, and went full drive over the top. Goodnight started to quit him as he left the ground, but, seeing he might ' light on his feet, stayed in the saddle. " He hit in the mud and bogged to the saddle skirts, " said the rider, but didn ' t turn over. He was so strong that he scrambled right out and ran back toward the house. I got off and told Gary I would take him; he was good enough for me. ' Copyright 1936 HOUCHTO.N MlFFLIN COMPANY PACE 357 PANHELLENIC OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor . LETHALE CAPLAND Sorority Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Phi Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Delta Phi Epsilon Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Kappa Gamma PhiMu Pi Beta Phi Sigma Delta Tau Zeta Tau Alpha MEMBERS Senior Barbara Jones Frances Bransford Lethale Capland Martha Swanson Louise Johnson Ruth Spargo Brenner Hammann Marianna Faulkner Mary Louise Braselton Frieda Leibman Nita Ligon Mary Brownlee Mary Darden Charlotte Boeck Anne Finch Harriet Reich Carlie Barnes LETHALE CAPLAND MARY BROWNLEE MARY DARDEN ANNE FINCH KATHLEEN BLAND Junior Jean Elliott Shannon Gillis Bernice Schoenmann Fredna Knaggs Beth Dicky Jeanne Clark Margaret Farrar Martha Lutz Phyllis Seals Dorothy Levy Jessie Louise Sneed Ruth Suehs M ' liss Vaughan Marian Stevens Anne Campbell Gwen Seigle Jean Tulloss Bransford, Boeck, Barnes, Jones, Faulkner. Hammann, Swanson, Brownlee, Spargo, Reich. Braselton, Liebman, Johnson, Finch. Darden, Ligon. PACE 358 INTEKFIIATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer EVERETT HLTCHINSO.N FRANCIS ALBERT COXLEY FRED CHAMBERS Alpha Tau Omega BeU Theta Pi Chi Phi [Vita Chi Delta Kappa Ep ilon Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tau Delta Delta Theta Phi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Sigma Delta Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Delta Phi Theta Xi MKMUERS Lewallen Borden William C. McDugald Francis Albert Conley Waller Collie Fred Chambers Bill Edmondson Joe Wilson Edward Kremer James C. Watson illiam Bawden Deaderick Russell J. Leonard William Steele John Howard Wells Stanley M. David Richard A. Gump Tol Ben Ware Robert Strauss Gilbert M. Denman William Church Roger H. Hoffman Burton Grossman J. P. Wlieeler EVERETT HtTCHINSON Welli. Str.n... Comp. David. Hof u. Cooler, Church. Collie. McDacaM. Kreaaer. Steele, W.IM.O. M Ware. IVom o. Boroem, Dead P.CE 359 ALI ' HA CHI OMEGA OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer .... VIRGINIA FRANCES VAUGHAN LUCILLE BODINE RUTH ELIZABETH THOMAS WlLLELENE ADKINS JUDITH PERKINS MEMBERS Seniors Willelene Adkins, Fort Worth Muriel Ayres, Austin Anna Marie Hieserman, Iowa Park Marion Moreland McFarland, Austin Judith Perkins, El Paso Jo Anne Pittenger, San Antonio Anne Pittman, Austin Beatrice Noble Stenberg, Austin Ruth Elizabeth Thomas, Wichita Falls Betty Jeane Treadway, Greenville Carol Letitia Wagenschein, Falfurrias Lucille Bodine, Colorado City Artymae Connelly, Sherman Doris Ann Daniel, Austin Juniors Jean Elliott, Austin Anne Lavinia Graves, Hutchins Evelyn Virginia Jay, Fort Worth Barbara Jones, Houston : October 15, 1835, at DePauw University Hieserman, MrFarlanil, Perkins, Ad- kins, Thomas, Ayr s, Pittenger. Daniels, E. Sari lri-. MrCann, Tread- way, Mat I age, Pitt man, Wagenschein. Stenberg, Jay, Graves, Elliott, Jones, Leahy. PACE 360 ALPHA CHI OMEGA MEMBERS Juniors Doris Leahy, Houston Mary Louise Lisenby, Austin Anita Matlage, Sugarland Alice Louise Murphy, Houston Dorothy Dell McCann, Texarkana " Emma Lou Ogden, Winnie Maxine Rockwell, Brownsville Edith Mae Sanders, Fort Worth Virginia France aughan, Houston Sophomores ' Jacqueline Gilchrist, Fort Sam Houston Marie Alice Hutter, Austin ' Catherine Louise Innes, Austin Mar - Ann Lambe, LaCrosse, Wis. Ona Lee Lierman. Houston Betty Phillips, Houston Yashti Reasonover, Austin Betty Lois Rogers, Austin Kathleen Sanders, Los Angeles, Calif. Freshmen Helen Alyne Beddoe, Dallas ' Frances Ellen Benson, Austin Mari jane Davis, Rosita, Mex. Jeanne Goine , Austin Mary Helen Hughes, San Benito Patricia Prideaux Jones, Austin Mary Jane Lewallen, Fort Worth Mary Alice Nitschke, Austin 63 Chapters Alpha Phi Chapter established September 13, 1924 Vaofkan. Rogera. Ljennu. Halt er. Murph., Luenbr, Rockwell. t..o.orer. loan. Umbe, tniuK. K. Suden. Phillip.. Dmiij. Beddae. Lewallei. PICE 361 ALPHA DELTA PI OFFICERS President ALMA WIDEN Vice-President LOLABETH MOSER Secretary HAZEL PETERS Treasurer LEOTA SEGARS MEMBERS Graduate Nina Evelyn Cole, Sherman Seniors La Rue Barrier, Seminole Frances Bransford, Fort Worth Lewai Chance, Kilgore Margaret Coan, Fort Davis Gene Comer, Austin Nellie James Crawford, Fort Worth Maxine Durrett, Post Jane Estill, Austin Christine Evans, Galveston Edith Fordtran, Galveston Julia Hooker, Center Kathleen Howard, Corpus Christi Edna McMahon, San Antonio Juniors Aline Armintor, Port Arthur Sara Scott Bransford, Fort Worth Marajean Brubeck, Natalia Patricia Collins, Corpus Christi Beth Cooper, Fort Worth Frances Duckworth, Post Ruth Ellsworth, Austin Bertha Field, Van Horn Shannon Gillis, Fort Worth Founded: May 15, 1851, at Wedeyan Female College Billye Gwen Minis, San Angelo Virginia Ceding, Houston Betty Jean Pigman, Dalhart Mildred Rutland, Austin Leota Segars, Strawn Virginia Scott, De Leon Eileen Shipman, San Antonio Hazel Smith, New London Aurelita Stamm, Rayne, La. Eliska Stamm, Rayne, La. Mary Virginia Steadham, Austin Wilma Tolbert, Dallas Alma Widen, Austin Evelyn Glass, Eagle Pass Betty Harmon, El Paso Barbara Hinds, Nacogdoches Catherine Ivey, Austin Ellen MacKenzie, Weatherford Marguerite McAfee, Port Arthur Lolaheth Moser, Menard Mary Emma Owens, Fort Worth Hazel Peters, Schulenburg Widen, Chance, Scott, Durett, Estill, McMahon, Ceding, F. Bransford. Hinds, Fordtran, Smith, Pigman, Craw- ford, Steadham, Coan, Evans. Hooker, Mildred Rutland, Shipman, L. Barrier, Tolbert, Field, Moser, Comer. E. Stamm, A. Stamm, J. D. Stamm, J. H. Stamm, S. Bransford, Stumpf, Townsend, Carter, McAfee. Collins, Harman, Howard, Ivey, Mac- Kenzie, Owens, Shirley, Gillis, Ellsworth. PACE 362 ALPHA DELTA I ' l FACULTY LLCILE WILLIAMS JET WINTERS . Instructor in Romance Languages Professor of Home Economics MEMBERS Juniors Daisy Shirley, Port Arthur Jocelyn H. Stamm, Rayne, La. Joy D. Stamm, Rayne, La. Carolyn Stumpf, West Palm Beach, Fla. Genevieve Taylor, Burleson Dorothy Jean Wager, Jennings, La. Sophomores Isabelle Anderson, Asherton Marjorie Baldwin. Austin Olivia Barrier. Seminole Eleanor Bishop, Abilene Margaret Broderson. La Marque Anna Lois Carter, Luling Mary " Katherine Cheney. Fort Worth Edith Lee Coulter. Austin Norma Donigan. Whitewright Helen Draper, Pampa Dorothy Dumas, Waco Lotty Greer, Austin Martha Haish. Odessa Barbara Holt, Henderson Lydia Horslman, Houston Mary Ann Hughes. Dallas Jean McConnico. Port Lavaca Gladys McConnelU El Paso Betty Jo Ray. Austin Martha Rutland. Austin Maulice Searcy. Bryan Margaret Jean Spillar. Austin Marjorie Templin. Austin Caroline Webster. Austin Lois Frances Williams, Post Freshmen Courtney Brumby. Houston Marian Colley. Lockhart A dele Conselyea, Houston Lucy Page Coulter. Austin Ruth Hughes, Port Arthur Blanchard lies, Oakdale, La. Gerry Lide. Ml. Pleasant Mary Jeanne McCrummen, Austin Joyce Morrison. Katy Irene Moser. Sheffield Joy Ramsdell, San Antonio Estelle Speed, Sayre, Okla. Faye Stein, Fredericksburg Lois Terry, Wharton Ella Townsend, Austin Margaret Wiskochil, Dallas 58 Chapters Delta Chapter established June 7, 1906 Scfmn. MorrUon. Wager. Brubeck, Petrw. Tiylor. iliou. Duckworth. Stein. Martha hdod. Brwnb.. Ray. Speed. Ranttdell _ -_.. Lide. Ilea. Baldwin. M. Hutbn. Armintor. Ill it 1 1 L. Coulter. Cner. McCooiico. blrr. Andrraoo. r. Terry. . O. Barrier. Duu . Hcratau. Cla. E. Coultrr, Searcy. Brodeno . Draper. Spillar. Cooper. R. Haf WillUm.. Baiah. McCrummrn. Holt. Pad 363 ALPHA EPSILON PHI OFFICERS Dean Lois EDEL Sub-Dean RUTH ROSINGER Scribe HELEN ANNE BERMAN Treasurer MARIE HOLLAND MEMBERS Graduate Shirley Bennett, Austin Seniors Lethale Capland, Port Arthur Johanna Cristol, Dallas Lois Edel, Houston Janet Engle, Corpus Christi A dele Fridner, Galveston Golda Wertheimer, Houston Juniors Helen Anne Berman, Henrietta, Okla. Leone Block, Dallas Helen Dolores Blum, Goose Creek Adele Friedlander, Dallas Sophomores Jean Anson, Tulsa, Okla. Phyllis Axelrod, Borger Madelyn Rose Bell, Dallas Elizabeth Blum, Paducah, Ky. Founded: October 24, 1909, at Barnard College Dorothy Goudchaux, Beaumont Geraldine Herman, Beaumont Helen Jacobs, Dallas Dorothy Kaplan, Houston Ruth Rosinger, Beaumont Janice Jacobs, Big Spring Helen Rosenwasser, Stamford Jean Silvers, Marlin Miriam Winkler, Fort Stockton Hortense Davidson, Galveston Helen Edelstein, Brownsville Ruth Carolyn Friedman, San Antonio Mildred Given, El Paso Bennett, H. Jacobs, Fridner, Wertheimer, Herman, Rosinger, Engle. Goudchaux, Krupp, Silvers, Winkler, J. Jacobs, Edel, Rosenwasser. Brand, Rothschild, Selber, H. Blum- Kaplan, Friedlander, Berman. Cahn, Schormtein, Caplin, J. Rosenberg, Cristoi, J. A. Rosenberg, Russ. PAGE 364 ALPHA EPSILON PHI MEMBERS Sophomores Bet-y Goodman, Houston Marie Holland, San Antonio June Millicent Krnpp, Big Spring Florian Label. Denison Frieda Milsten. Tulsa, Okla. Corinne Rosenberg, Ell Paso Bernice Scboenmann, Houston Muriel Selber. Shreveport, La. Ruth Victor, Houston Frances Weinblatt, Temple Lorraine Werby. Kansas City. Mo. Renee Wolfe. Houston Freshmen Charlotte Batt, Saint Louis, Mo. Rosslyn Block, Calveston Pauline Brand, Houston Betty Cabn. Shreveport, La. Elinor Caplin, Tulsa, Okla. ' Shirley Fleishman, Tampico, Mex. Mina Louise Jacobson, Birmingham, Ala. Dorothy Levy, FJ Paso Janet Levy. New Orleans, La. May Levy. Dallas Louise Pincus, San Antonio Jane Anne Rosenberg, Kansas City. Mo. Janet Rosenberg. Austin Miriam Rothschild, Kansas City, Mo. Betty Russ. Houston Beatrice Schornstein. Houston 32 Chapters Omega Chapter established April 25, 1925 UWI. Oplwd. l.cit.-. I. Lerr. D. Lery. Ctn . WctefcUn. B tt. E. Blam. Wolfe. R. Black. Friateu. Rat Alrod. Bell. C Pux 3 5 ALPHA PHI OFFICERS President . V ice-President Secretary Treasurer . ELIZABETH TYLER PAINTER MARY SUE BATES BETTE GAIL REYNOLDS NORMA MARIE KASCH MEMBERS Seniors Mary Julia Armstrong, Paris Mary Sue Bates, Houston Laura Linn Brace, Houston Merle Elizabeth Callaway, Temple Sara Kay Curtis, San Antonio Jeanette Dickson, Cleburne Florence Dulaney, San Antonio Jamie Eleanor Fraser, Austin Helen Edwina Goodwyn, Austin Ruth Margaret Hull, Houston Betty Johnson, Los Angeles, Calif. Jo Jones, Grand Rapids, Mich. Emma Old, Mt. Pleasant Elizabeth Tyler Painter, Austin Bette Gail Reynolds, Houston Ruth Mildred Spargo, Houston Second Year Law Nancy Ewing, Austin first Year Laws Judith Arledge Craddock, Austin Myrtle Jeanne Clark, Houston Juniors Grace Merle Bass, Ashdown, Ark. Netholyn Bowden, Austin Phyllis Crittendon Carr, San Antonio Virginia K. Freeman, Austin Morna Jones, Austin Founded: October 10, 1872, at Syracuse University Norma Marie Kasch, Austin Zelphia Alice Kelly, Dallas Katherine Helen Kisten, Houston Georgie Ledbetter, Dallas Cathryn Louise Long, Bay City Sheffield, Curtis, Dulaney, J. Jones, Spargo, E. Painter, Fraser, Reynolds. Metcalfe, Brace, Long, Dickson, John- son, Old, Hull, Bates. G. Ledbetter, A. Painter, McKim, Kelly, Craddock, Mitchell, Kasch, Freeman. Milliken, Kisten, Anderson, Armstrong, Callaway, Goodwyn, McConnell, Ewing. ALPHA PHI GOLD IE MORTON PORTER EULA NACLE FACULTY Assistant Professor of Pure Mathematics Instructor in Shorthand NUMBERS Juniors ' Frances McConnell, Houston Mary Katherine Metcalfe, Marfa Jane Milliken. Weatherford Ruth M in ton. Houston Mary Myle Mitchell. Hattiesburg, Miss. era Michael Nachman. Houston Ann Trimble Painter, Austin C -nthia White Sheffield, Houston Sophomores X inniefred Margaret Anderson, Galveston Penelope Chatmas. Hearne Florence Davis. Austin Jean HendricL. Chicago, 111. Anice Myrl Ledbetter, Dallas Belte Janet Moritz. Austin Virginia Fahner Niblo, Dallas Patti Duggan Nolen, Austin Agnes Alberta Pricer, Dallas Barbara Scrimgeour, Galveston Rosemary Scott. Houston Marianna Smith. Marfa Stancie Randolph Whitner. San Antonio Annis Eugenia Worley. Austin Freshmen ' Joyce Elaine Atkins. Beeville Merle Booe, Kenedy Jacqueline Gardner, Austin ' Jacqueline Judson. Tampico, Mex. ' Carolyn Lunsford. Pittsburgh, Pa. Nancy Jane Rawls. Marfa Patricia Burgess Rigby. Houston Alice Smith. Kerrville Anne Sutton. Austin ' Gloria Jane Warner, Austin ' Mary Niel Ward. Austin Joyce White. Robstown 37 Chapters Omega Chapter established May 10. 1920 M. low . Nx-bmu. Noln. Vliuer. CUrt. rricrr. Da.i.. Niblo. Moriu. A. LedJwtter. Scott. Smith. TarBcr, Pace. ffcln Cur. Sotto.. Bol. Hadrick. Corkrma. L...(ofd. Wut. Gntftt. awl.. Jwb .. AtkiM. BMC. 3 7 ALPHA XI DELTA OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Seniors Betty Helen Blair, Pittsburgh, Pa. Blanche Edna Farquhar, Austin Roberta Brown, Clovis, N. Mex. Madeline Gilliland, Raymondville Grace Edwards, Millersview " Virginia Hughes, Brady Louise Johnson, Austin Juniors Founded: April 17, 1893, at Lombard College LOUISE JOHNSON VIRGINIA PIPE ROBERTA BROWN WlLLA GlDLEY Virginia Pipe, Austin HP. - - .-. Blair, Gil 111 and, Edwards, Johnson, Brown. Farquhar, Hughes, Martin, Pipe, Cidley. PACE 368 ALPHA XI DELTA FACULTY JACQUELINE CLARA ECKERT . . Research Associate in Social Sciences MEMBERS Ingrid Berkman, Austin Floy Beth Dickie. Woodson Sue East, London. K . Willa Gidley. Austin Sophomores Virginia Hudson Martin. Austin Ruby Sue Persons, Haskell Ann Powell, Austin Marie Stephens. Fort Worth Cecille Wheat, Paris Freshmen Katherine Francis, Austin ' Elsie Patton. Austin Margaret Eloise Wendlandt, Austin Dickie. Slrphrnj. Wh -l. Eat. Powell Peraoa . Bcrkman. Fraacu. Palton. Tudludt. 54 Chapters Beta Alpha Chapter established May 24, 1929 Pitt 369 CHI OMEGA OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Graduates Jane Marshall, Anahuac Lucille Adams, La Feria Jo Bickley, Iraan Ceraldine Carlton, Canado Martha Beth Cayton, Groesbeck Betty Jane Cunningham, San Antonio Jetty DeLong, Eldorado Anita English, Dallas Dorothy Jane Evans, Fort Worth Dorothy Nell Griffin, Brownwood Beth Haley, Dallas Mary Helen Hall, Hico Seniors First Year Law Peggy Dotson, Longview Juniors Evelyn Ailing, San Antonio Virginia Ashley, Dallas Edith Beall, Fort Worth Anna Beth Bedford, Midland Virginia Branham, Houston Evelyne Brown, Austin Frances Brown, Orange Virginia Culpepper, Temple Dorothy Day, Austin Louise Earnest, Dallas Dorothy Lee Grounds, Houston Brenner Hammann, Austin Sarah Horton, Greenville Shirley Jenkins, Kilgore Dee Jones, Roswell, N. Mex. Mary Alice Lee, Houston Founded: April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkansas JACQUELYN RAYBURN CHARLINE MCGEHEE EDNA BELLE PERRY DOROTHY MUSGRAVE Margaret Nance, Tulsa, Okla. Mary Frances Hickman, Woodville Barbara Home, Dallas Ann Kiessling, Crockett Gene Knight, Little Rock, Ark. Dorothy Musgrave, San Antonio Edna Belle Perry, Robstown Jacquelyn Rayburn, Taylor Ruby Struss, Columbus Jane Toung, Roscoe Carrie Ruth Sloop, Houston Helene Woody, Pharr Charline McGehee, San Antonio KathIeen McQuown, Austin Virginia Martin, San Antonio Olcste Morrison, San Antonio Jean Putman, Fort Sam Houston Dorothy Ratliff, Fort Worth Joy Ray, Del Rio Bertha Real, Kerrville Patricia Scott, San Antonio Mary Siddons, Hillsboro Mary James Sisk, Bay City Claire Stanley, Eagle Pass Doris Taylor, Dallas Billie Rae Toland, El Campo Joe Ann Whitmire, Ganado Ann Wilkins, Houston R. Struss, Hall, Rayburn, Marshall, Eng. lish, Musgrave, Young, Bickley, Griffin. Perry, Woody, Kiessling, Cayton, Carl- ton, Adams, DeLong, Real , Hickman. Evans, Cunningham, Home, Martin, Ray, Putman, Jenkins, Haley, Ailing. Arnold, McGehee, Siddons, Bedford, Scott, V. Culpepper, Morrison, Lee, Douglass. Looney, Grounds, Sloop, Whitmire, To- land, Taylor, Earnest, Hammann, Beall. Brown, Ratliff, Horton, Ashley, Stanley, Day, McQuown, Wilkins, Connell. PACE 370 CHI OMEGA FACULTY KATHLEEN BUAND Assistant Dean of Women Jean Afar. San Bemito Con France Albert. Tula. Okl. Mary Virginia Arledge. Roaeoe Katneryne Brady. Au.ti. BrT-l Bu.b. Su Antonio Urn Cclpcpaer. Dallaa Dorothy Dakia. Su Antonio Dorothy Dell Doaglat . Su Antonio Margaret Farrar. AnstU Mary Loariae Filkins, Dallaa Tilda Jayne Crorer, Austin Belt- Hodgin. Chihuahoa. Mel. ViriinU Holland. Alpine Florene Joaea, Aastia Era Mar Kuofcacfc. HOMO. Marfo Utlltjoka. Sprintttld. 111. Anita Lowrcy. Galccrillc Brtl. Jo Maloa y. H J n- Armaf ol, Atutin LucilU BailrT. Irau B tty Boucher. Abilene Virginia Campbell. Amtin Eiaioe Dinner. Hoojto. Marjory Doofla.. Autii Betty Jo Ehler . Carrixo Sprinca Fraavn Cilmer. Lake Charle.. La. Charlotte COM. Houloa Pe xy Cray. Virhita Fall. Alice H.nler. Fort Worth France. Gale Joae.. Aottin Fjtermae loft . Crarafccck Aane Unj.IOD, Dalla. MOM. Crorer. Holland. Filkina, Little- John. Preit. Warner. Albert. McAfee. M - Tamiiil Van Zandt. Woolen. Pennine- ton. Hodfin. Tarry. Neely. McMillen. Baah. Afar. Farrar, Lovrey, Mathi.. N. Cnlpeppei. llnnnni Oden. Muchiaon. F. Joaea. Cromwell. Manheva. . Brady. Yarboronh. 11111- Tumer. R. Straw. Smith. Yett. Mont gomery. Bowber. Annaro.1. Cilmer. E. J Prealey. WilaM. Caa. Bailey. Logan. OaVcer. Cray. Sehoartxraburf. Watkin . Campbell. Mann. Modrall. Lancalon. Hanley. Doaglaa. 93 Chapters Iota Chapter established June 1, 1904 AGO ' Vc -, MEMBERS Sophomores May Mathif. Aiutin Ruth McAfee. Taco Belly Jean McMilleo. Breckenridfe Dorothy Moa. Llano Eraactline Marchiaon. Crapelud Adelle Neely. Tyler Naacy CWen. San Antonio Sara Penninflon. San Antonio France Previt. Stamford Madeline Ranwm. Fort Worth Roberta Straaa. Columbia Lorraine Stuliman. San Antonio Mary Katherine Tarry. Wichita Falla Erelyn Tomkic . Dalla. Dorothy Turner. Sefuin Eleanor Ann Van Zandt. Victoria Florence Warner, fiovaton Helen Woolen. Columbus Marineal Yarkorouch. Corpo. Cnri.ti Freshmen Nell Lo(U. San Angelo Dorothy Mann. Corpu. Chroti Dorothy Matthew . Austin Harriet Modrall. Anatin Lot Montgomery. Brazoria Helenita OCcer. Tnlu. Okla. Imogene Prealey. San Angelo Janet Preston. San Antonio Ceneviere Ramsey. Eldorado Alyce Jeanne Reed. Au.tin Lillian Sehwartaenbnrt;. Au-tii Marguerite Smith. Brownwood Jane Watkina. Llano Connie Wilton. Autin Carolyn Yell. Au tin Pan 371 DELTA DELTA DELTA OFFICERS President PEGGY RAMSDELL V ice-President MARGARET LENTZ Secretary NORMA GOLDTHWAITE Treasurer DALE MARTIN Maria Matala, Dallas Mackie Cockrell, Dallas Nancy Coppock, San Antonio Mary Lucylle Cox, Waco Hazel Ross Deputy, Brownsville Dorothy Dorman, Dallas A dele DuBose, Westhoff Marianna Faulkner, Austin Mary Fletcher, Fort Worth Virginia Forwood, Taylor Jackie Fouts, Dallas Maude Alice Glover, Dallas MEMBERS Graduates Seniors Norma Winans, Fort Worth Junior s Doris Billings, Nixon Margaret Conway, Waco Virginia Cruser, San Antonio Joyce Dahlman, Cuero Jeanette David, Dallas Connie Delavan, San Antonio Maxine Dietzel, San Antonio Etha Forman, Longview Founded: Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, at Boston University Nanine Simmons, Mexia Norma Goldthwaite, Galveston Mary Elizabeth Harris, Calvert Lela Haines Keeling, Bryan Catherine Ann Ladd, Fort Worth Margaret Lentz, San Antonio Dale Martin, Waxahachie Barbara K. Pence, Austin Bettinel Phillips, Mexia Peggy Ramsdell, San Antonio Erie Nell Roller, Ennis Carolyn Vaughan, Austin Rachel Hartin, Galveston Clarice Hollman, Sao Paolo, Brazil Marjorie Johnsen, Dallas Elizabeth Lipscomb, Bonham Martha Lutz, San Antonio Mary Pearl Lynn, Austin Mrytle McCollum, Port Arthur Hattie Veigh McFarland, Port Arthur Matala, Glover, Coldthwaite, Cockrell, Lentz, Ladd, Fouts. M. Harris, Dorman, Fletcher, Deputy, Keeling, Ramsdell, Vaughan. Cox, Coppock, DuBose, Phillips, Faulk- ner, Winans, Martin. Varner, B. Simmons, McLain, Roller, Pence, D. Billings, Hartin, Montgomery. Hollman, Conway, Lynn, Johnsen, Diet- zel, Cruser, Seago, Forman. PACE 372 DELTA DELTA DELTA MARGARET BATJER . Mary McLain, Bonham Jo Beth Montgomery, Austin Helen Repschleger, Port Arthur ' Betty Ann Broussard, Anahuac Kathleen Christenberry, Dallas Patsy Cristy, Galveston Mildred Delavan. San Antonio Francis Harris, Calvert ' Frances Hunsucker, Dallas Margaret Johnson, Navasota Frances Kelley, Austin ' Evelyn Adam . Austin An-eline Billings, Dallas Mary Margaret Blair, Austin Suzanne Buckingham, Houston Dorothy Bullock, Houston ' Mary Eleanor Buschardt, Houston Mary Crissey, Austin Marjorie Cobb, Dallas Connie Eversburg, Houston FACULTY Assistant Professor of Home Economics MEMBERS Juniors Mar) ' Frances Seago, Brownsville Norma Sheehy, )X aco Billie Simmons, Mexia Mary Varner, El Paso Sophomores ' Margaret Lewis, Waco Mona McDonald, San Antonio Joan Shambaugh, Houston Betty Slaughter, Austin Margaret Standifer, Aus tin Jean Templin, Calveston Virginia Vaughn, San Antonio Mary Julia von Blucher, Austin Freshmen Clara Harris, Calvert Alixe Langford. Bryan ' Elizabeth Painton. Port Arthur Katheryn Nell Rather. Austin Mary Pearl Roller, Ennis Joy Scurlock, Fort Worth Frances Smith, Fort Worth Catherine Stockard, Dallas ' Betty Jane Winkler, College Station Chapters Theta Zeta Chapter established January 23. 1912 McFirl.nd, LipKomb. Keller. SbeehT. fll T ' ' " J. Johmon. Criity. BrnanirJ. Lma, VauchB. D.iid. Hwuackcr. Ralber. Boiler. M. Dclnu. StUHiUcr. SUuehttr. Lri. Tcmplin, F. Harm, BcckiBfluJB. KrptcUfftT. Unjfotd. C. Delaru. Blair. Cobb. Skimb.uth. CriMcy. A. Billinj., Bullock, McDonald. Biuchardt. Slcckaid. oo Blocoer. Painlon. Winkler. Adit. Smith. Ennix l. C HarrU. $% r . 373 DELTA GAMMA OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Corresponding, Secretary Recording, Secretary Treasurer . MARY KATHERINE SCOFIELD MARGARET Cox HELEN B. SWAN EOLINE BROWN ANALE WILSON MEMBERS Seniors Founded: January 2, 1874, at Oxford Female Institute Eoline Brown, Houston Margaret Cox, Houston Jane Loomis, El Paso Irvene Roberts, Wichita Falls Ruth Allison, Canadian Lillian Baggett, Ozona Joyce Bowman, Houston Mary Louise Braselton, Greenville Jane Brownfield, El Paso M. Anne Campbell, Fort Worth Anne Bierman, Fort Worth Marian Caldwell, Dallas Mary Katherine Scofield, Austin Kathleen Shaw, Wichita Falls Doris Vineyard, Amarillo Mary Louise Ware, Fort Worth Juniors Mary Anne Davant, Bay City Mary McGehee Rogers, Wichita Falls Phyllis Seals, Austin Bertha Lillian Stewart, Gatesville Ruth Willis, El Campo Anale Wilson, Del Rio Sophomores Martha Clark, Wichita Falls Pauline Chilton, Marlin Ware, Brownfield, E. Peterson, Vineyard, Loomis, Scofield, Roberts. Rcdfern, Campbell, Seals, K. Shaw. Allison, Cox, Wilson. Morrissey, Hines, Rosanky, Jones, Bow- man, Braselton, Rogers. PACE 374 HELTA GAMMA LEAH JONES GREGG ANNA Hiss CORA MARTIN . JOSEPHINE STAAB . FACULTY Assistant Professor of Physical Training for ff omen Director of Physical Training for Women Assistant Professor of Elementary Education Instructor in Home Economics MEMBERS Sophomores ' Frances Edwards, Dallas June Hines, Hobbs, N. Mex. Helen Jones, Alpine " Catherine Morrissey, Fort Worth Elizabeth Anne Peterson, Austin Ruth Porter, Waco Toni Redfern. Austin ' Grace Rosanky. Smithville Betty Jo Scarff, Austin Helen Swan. Dalla- Margaret Wingate, Amarillo Freshmen Mickie Carmichael, Tyler Elizabeth Games, Houston Eloise Davis, Marfa Jean Graham, San Antonio Glenetta Greeman, San Antonio Doris Jean Peterson, Austin Delight Shaw, Mercedes Mary Daisy Wiley. Houston 56 Chapters Beta Eta Chapter established April 21, 1939 W Willu. Smart. Scarff. Swan, Bicnnaa, lloB. Dinnt. Clark. Crrrnitn. VileT. Edward.. Car-,1. Portrr. Caldwcll. Wugale. Caraa. Crakam. D. Pctrno . D. Ska.. Da.i.. Pad 375 DELTA PHI EPSILON Regina . Vice-Regina . Secretary Treasurer Florence Forchheimer, Alpine OFFICERS MEMBERS Seniors Juniors Frances Bornstein, San Saba Ethel Golman, Dallas Dorothy Levy, Galveston Maxine Levy, Austin Anne Pinken. San Antonio Sylvia Bockstein, Fort Worth Bettina Charles, Mirando City Sara Chicotsky, Fort Worth Margaret Helen Golden, Dallas Founded: March 17, 1917, at New York University 77 77, I FLORENCE FORCHHEIMER IDEL RAPOPORT HORTENSE YARNO SYLVIA BOCKSTEIN Frieda Leibman, San Antonio Zlata Rose Prywitch, San Antonio Idel Rapoport, San Antonio Ruth Wade, Galveston Shirley Wolfert, Dallas Hortense Yarno, Brenham Sophomores Idelle Goodman, Dallas Helen Levy, Seguin Florence Redman, Houston Cecile Replin, Dallas Forchheimer, Liebman, M. Levy, Pinken, Yarno, Col man. Rapoport, Wade, Prywitch, Bornstein, Wolfert, D. Levy. H. Taube, Robinowitz, Charles, Rubin, Kt ' tlman, Stekoll. PACE 376 DELTA PHI El ' SILON MEMBERS Sophomores Mirian Robinowitz, Rosenberg Betty Rose Rubin, Dallas Mildred Stekoll, Austin Annie Stein, Pampa Edna Taube, Calvert Helen Taube, Calvert Freshmen - Commer, Hamilton Selma Corchine, Dallas ' Irene Classman, Kansas City, Kan-. Norma Elaine Classman, Lubbock Sally Rae Goldman. Shreveport, La. Esther Goltz, Abilene Mildred Landau. San Saba Blossom Leff, Houston Helen Levinson, Menard Eleanor Lifshutz, San Antonio Margie Nevelow. San Antonio Sybil Oshman, Houston Gloria Saffir. Dallas Jean Smith, Calornet City, III. 14 Chapters Chi Chapter established in 1934 Sr. Lef. Goldman. Ufthutz. Coin. I. Cl.m.o. V - Goodman. H. UTT. Slein. Chieot.kT. E. Tubc. Commtr, Rep I in. PACE 377 GAMMA 1 ' HI BETA OFFICERS President NITA LIGON V ice-President JOYCE PENICK Secretary CORINNE THORNE Treasurer JESSIE LOUISE SNEED MEMBERS Seniors Dorothy Jane Brindley, Waxahachie Bennie Bryan, Cleburne Ruth Elizabeth Darden, Beaumont Nita Ligon, Richmond, Va. Louella Grace Moffett, Dilley Elouise Pennycuick, Crystal City Laura Frances Powell, Lubbock Mary Nette Snider, San Antonio Mary Gene White, Dallas Juniors Alice Brennan, Laredo Bobby Brookover, San Antonio Dixie Jo Dummit, Dallas Nihla Louise Gartman, Goldthwaite Fanelle Hankamer, Sour Lake Lila Lee Ketchum, Austin Lee Alice Parkhill, Llano Renotta Patterson, Austin Joyce Penick, Austin Corinne Thome, Port Arthur Founded: November 11 , 1874, at Syracuse University Bryan, Darden, White, Powell, Moffelt, Snider. I . Pennycuick, Brindley, Ligon, Penick. Brookover, Brennan. Dummit, Parkhill, Thome, Gartman, R. Patterson. PACE 378 GAMMA PHI BETA FACULTY LORENA BAKER Loan Librarian ANXIE HILL Reference Librarian MEMBERS Sophomores Eunice Burr, Austin Mable Irene Davis, Austin Mary Kathleen Davis, Austin Betty Davis, Dallas ' Josephine McCutcheon, Austin Frances Inez Rock, Woodville Mildred Jane Saunders, San Antonio B-tte Jane Schutze. Austin Jessie Louise Sneed. Austin ' Bettv Sleeker. Austin Mary Ellen Wertz. Lvbanon. Pa. Freshmen ' Louise Brubaker. Lebanon, P ' Bonnie Jean Duncan, Kileen ' Lois Merrill, Galveston ' Ernestine McLemore. Dal la- ' Delia Moss, Llano ' Dorothy Marie Patterson, Austin ' Patricia Sartor. Dallas 48 Chapters Alpha Zeta Chapter established May 29, 1922 :--. Mtrrilt. D. Ptteno. McLemore. Sartor, Bn !. i - KAPPA ALPHA THETA OFFICERS President .... V ice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . WINIFRED ANN SMALL MARGARET THATCHER SMITH MARY Lou HUNTER FRANCES EMBRY ALICE LEE MCCELVEY MEMBERS Graduate Josephine Jane Paylor, Dallas Seniors Margaret Biehl, Galveston Mary Brownlee, Austin Wilma Jane Burt, Wichita Falls Frances Embry, Trinity Mary Jane Garrett, Kerrville Martha Harris, Houston Mary Lou Hunter, Beaumont Eileen Kelly, Houston Margaret Elizabeth Barren, El Paso Barbara Benton, San Antonio Virginia Berry, Fort Worth Genelle Buescher, Smithville Mary Margaret Finnegan, Houston Jeanne Griffin, Dallas Nancy Jennings, Houston Jane Lee Joyner, Harlingen Betty Lundberg, Beaumont Alice Lee McCelvey, Temple Betty Russell, Denton Margaret Jean Scales, Marshall Winifred Ann Small, Amarillo Margaret Thatcher Smith, Austin Evelyn Storm, Amarillo Mary Aubyn Townsend, Dallas Mary Ann Weymouth, Amarillo Juniors Founded: In 1870, at DePauw University Le Verne McMurtry, Clarendon Mary Ellen Pool, San Antonio Maxine Robison, Austin Margaret Rolle, Houston Bertha Scarborough, Paris Ruth Suehs, Austin Betty Teel, Amarillo Marguerite Walling, Childress Ann Marie Ward, Fort Worth , Amarillo Paylor, Scales, Barton, Storm, Small, Hunter, McCelvey. Harris, Buescher, Townsend, Garrett, M, Smith, Embry, Biehl. Benton, Overton, Suehs, Cain, Berry. Center, Jennings, McMurtry. Will, Russell, M. Finnegan, Rolle Guleke, Lundberg, Plowman, Pool. Hilman, Griffin, Teel, Kelher, Scarbor- ough, Walling, Joyner, O ' Neil. KAPPA ALPHA THETA FACULTY MARY KIRKPATRICK MARY TOM OSBORNE HILDA ROSENE Lois SACER Education Librarian Librarian, Rose Book Collection Assistant Professor of Zoology Secretary to the Public Relations Department MEMBERS Sophomores ' Frances Center, Shreveport, La. Janet Conly, Laredo Jane Copeland, Frederick, Okla. Edwina Deutz, San Luis Potosi, Mex. Jane Duls, Dallas ' Betty Finnegan, Houston Mary Ruth Florey, Anaarillo Virginia Ford, Austin ' Dorothy Henry, Richmond ' Rosemary Hackney, Houston Katherine Hall, Dallas ' June Wright, Fort Worth Frances Harrison, Austin ' Katherine Heep, Buda Dorothy Jane Lehrer, Garwood ' Helen McCullough, Wichita Falls ' Virginia Mclntyre, Alpine ' Beth O ' Neil, Wellington Jerry Owen, San Antonio ' Dorothy Sory, Houston ' Margaret Stone, Amarillo ' Rosemary Tyler, Austin Patsy Williams, Mineral Wells Freshmen ' Anita Arenson, San Antonio ' Ruth Helen Beck, Houston ' Frances Margaret Beilharz, Dallas ' Lou Emily Blackstock, San Antonio Mary Ellen Fore, Houston ' Jeanne Gallaway, San Antonio ' Harriett Harrison, Dallas ' Charlotte Hemdon, Tulsa, Okla. ' Peggy Billiard, Marshall ' Betty Jean Jones, Lubbock ' Jean Massie, Vernon ' Mary Chilton Morrel, El Paso ' Peggy Newberry, Austin ' Helen Ransom, Austin ' Adelle Rice, Dallas ' Ilia Marjorie Ridgway, Austin ' Virginia Weston, Houston ' Mary Margaret Wier, Houston 63 Chapters Alpha Theta Chapter established in 1904 Hill, Bart, Copelind. Tyler, William., Dull. Hackney. Wird. Keep, Sory, Milliard. F. Harrison. Owen Ford, McCullough, Stone. Fore. Deutt. Henry, H. Harrison. Florey Mclntrre, Lehrer, Wecton. Ridfway, Hern don, B. Finnrgan, Morrel, Brilhan. Brck, MatIe. Arncion. Wier. Ramon, Wright, Blackstock, New berry, Jones. Rice, Callaway. PACE 381 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA OFFICERS President DAWN BLAIR Secretary JANE BAILEY Treasurer ELLEN DOUGLAS BROOKS Rush Captain ELLENDER STRIBLING Pledge Advisor ANN SCHUMACHER MEMBERS Dawn Blair, Austin Graduates Ellen Douglas Brooks, Wharton Katherine Kleberg, Corpus Christi Founded: October 13, 1870, at Monmouth College Jane Bailey, Dallas Doris Baker, Seguin Priscilla Baum, Corsicana Scottie Beasley, Beeville Jane Bothwell, Dallas Mary Virginia Bowles, Dallas Jean Chambers, Fort Worth Louise Cherry, San Antonio Mary Darden, Waco Julia Lynne Duncan, Kilgore Fanne Halbert, Corsicana Justine Hansen, Dallas Katherine Anderson, Fort Worth Margie Baldwin, Houston Betty Beall, Fort Worth Dorothy Bell, Tyler Betty Ann Bird, San Antonio Mary Borden, Austin Anne Boyle, San Antonio June Carr, Dallas Jean Champion, San Antonio Caroline Collins, Fort Worth Consuelo Derby, Monterrey, Mex. Seniors Janet Jalonick, Dallas Elizabeth Jones, Corpus Christi Howard Kolstad, Palestine Ann Elizabeth Lary, Dallas Daphene McElhinney, Eagle Lake Sylvia Riner, Wichita Falls Orissa Stevenson, Houston Ellender Stribling, Waco Elizabeth Swift, Palestine M ' liss Vaughan, San Antonio Mary Bond Wilkirson, Hillsboro Miriam Wiseman, San Antonio Juniors Louise Duff, Beaumont Brooks Gregg, El Paso Katherine Highams, Houston Hallie Houston, Austin June Jordan, Brady Clare Kearney, Dallas Marjorie McCullough, Galveston Jean McEniry, Houston Betsy Maxson, Dallas Elizabeth Niggli, Austin Alice Ann Nitschke, Austin Brooks, Blair, Kleberg, Halbert, Riner, Bothwell, Wilkirson, Darden. Hansen, P. Baum, L. Gregg, Jalonick, Stribling, Kolstad, McElhinney, Wiseman. Swift, McCullough, Boyle, Houston, Bailey, Beasley, Chambers, Cherry. Sansom, McEniry, Duff, Powell, Collins, Ross. Nitschke, Derby. Kearney, Bird, Stover, Bell, Pickering, Rainey, Baldwin, K. Highams. I. PACE 382 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA FACULTY ELIZABETH BAKER LONG Pianist in Physical Training for Women LUCY RATH BONE Professor of Home Economics KATHERINE SEARCY General Assistant in the Library MEMBERS Juniors Blanche Page, Columbus, Ohio Catherine Elizabeth Pickering, Victoria Lillion Powell, Houston Virginia Rainey, Bonham Clara Sansom. Fort Worth Ann Schumacher, Houston Mary Grace Spann, Navasota Peggy Stover, Tulsa, Okla. Viola Thomas, Cameron Laura Williams. Houston Mary Williamson, Lebanon, Tenn, " Gertrude Windsor, Tyler Sophomores Ria Cortes, Dallas Catharine Grain. Cuero Janet Daniels, Colorado Springs, Colo. Hallie Groos. San Antonio Polly Howard, Davenport, Iowa Betty Johnson, Dallas Frankie Kelley. Houston Josephine Kerbey. Washington, D. C. ' Katharine Langdon. Hutchins Eloise Logan, Lancaster Janet Long, Austin Nancy Meredith, Dallas Anna Munger, Houston Beryl Rathbone, Austin Jane Reib. Dallas ' Catherine Ross, Waco Jeanne Runge. Galveston Becky Scott. Austin Mary Stone. Brenham ' Lillian Street, San Antonio Myra Tschudin, Houston Nancy West, Austin Isa Baum. Corsicana Varner Beall, Fort Worth ' Julia Denton. Houston Gerre Gillespie, Houston Clara Harris. Austin Lois Highams. Houston ' Margie McEnnis, Houston Suzanne O ' Leary, Houston Freshmen Suzanne Peck, Houston Marjorie Sinclair, Houston Carolyn Beth Smith. Laredo Lucy Beall Smith. Austin Betty Stayton, Austin Almeda Towns. San Antonio Ann Whatley. Dallas ' Florence Woodfin. Houston Ruthie Young, Fort Worth 72 Chapters Beta Xi Chapter establishfd May 12, 1902 Moan. Vaafhaa. Pafe. B. Cr . Nili. Amiemm. Jordan. B.kfM, Bcib. J. Williamson. Ho.rd. Vindaor. Sehu- rhrr. Cur. Borden. Rufe, Tichadio. Cone . Kcllry. Spuin. B. Beall. Crow, r. Lof. Street. TUtler. Meredith. WoodSrn. CraU. D.nicli. Muster. C S.itm. Locaa. Peck. Stooe. Y Ton . V. Beall. H.rri.. Srott. StaTtoB. O ' Leary. Sinclair. DeD lo.. L. Smitk. I. Baum. F, i PHI Mil OFFICERS President HELEN WESLEY V ice-President PATTIE MAY DODSON Secretary GRACE LAKE Treasurer MARGARET BURT MEMBERS Billie Ralph Hyer, Wichita Falls Seniors Evelyn Maud Autry, Houston Grace Lake, Dallas Charlotte Groesboeck Boeck, Austin Ruth Christine Steinkamp, Little Rock, Ark. Margaret Burt, Stephenville Helen Wesley, Austin Juniors Mamie Marjorie Bowen, San Antonio Pattie May Dodson, Woodsboro Regenia Marjorie Brelsford, Austin Grace Elizabeth Hodges, Gatun, Canal Zone Founded: March 4, 1852, at Wesleyan College Graduates Loucille Grace Langham, Mission Lake, Autry, Boeck, Wesley, Hyer, Burt. Stephens, Bowen, Wood, DodgOB, Poul- son, Rundell. PACE 384 PHI Mil FACULTY LOUISE LAKDES ARMSTRONG .... Instructor in Home Economics MEMBERS Juniors Sharlie Ruth Muckleroy. Lockhart Doranne Poulson, Clifton Arleen Rundell, Walnut Springs Laura Pearl Gardner, Waco Mona Dennis Guiler. Houston Helen Elizabeth Hinkley, San Ben i to Elizabeth Lawson, San Antonio " audeen Steede, Houston Merian Stephens, Houston Ray Pearl Wood, Houston Sophomores Virginia Julynne Martin, Austin Margie Mae Nornhausser, San Antonio Mary Schiebel, Dallas Hazel Williams, Carthage Betty Woodley, Sabinal Freshmen Betty Jane Boysen, Houston Gladys McCullough, Houston Virginia McKee, Fort Worth 65 Chapters Phi Chapter established May 15, 1913, Tilli.=.. Nonkuucr. Hink UT. ScUckel. Woodlty. BoTra. McKee. Cnler. Mania. E-. - - PI BETA PHI OFFICERS President ADELE NEELY V ice-President JEANNETTE RUSSELL Secretary SUE SPIVEY Treasurer MARY LEE HUMLONG Pledge Advisor BETSY RUSSELL MEMBERS Graduates Jane Gracy, Austin Evelyn Wilie, Austin Seniors Betty Blankenbeckler, Austin Katherine Booty, Tyler Dorothy Brewer, San Antonio Lylia Stone Buckaloo, Three Rivers Peggy Campbell, College Station Doris Dickinson, Galveston Anne Finch, Austin Jane Green, Dallas Margery Anne Hall, San Antonio Penelope Hayter, Nacogdoches Joanne Hill, Houston Dorothy Schneider, Mary Lee Humlong, San Angelo Dorothy Jones, Comfort Peggy Kreisle, Austin Kate Marriott, Terrell Jane Ellen McWhorter, Roswell, N. Mex. Catherine Morgan, Paris Marjory Morgan, San Angelo Mary Anna Morton, Bay City Adele Neely, Dallas Val Jean Newman, Austin Jerry Paul, Dallas Austin Juniors Founded: April 28, 1867, at Monmouth College Dorothy Ball, Houston Margaret May Burchard, Gonzales Mildred Cal dwell, San Antonio Mary Beth Cartwright, Houston Anne Campbell, San Antonio Elizabeth Ann Chizum, Fort Worth Jean Cockrell, Dallas Mary Claire Denman, Lufkin Adele Grimes, Miami, Fla. Eleanor Hargrove, Shreveport, La. Doris Hamilton, Little Rock, Ark. Mary Elizabeth Hayter, Nacogdoches Rebecca Henry, Yazoo City, Miss. Jane Jarvis, Troup Jeanne John, Galveston Sarah Beth Knox, Corsicana Margaret Leachman, Dallas Emily Miller, Austin Eleanor Mills, Austin Dorothy Minor, Houston Betty Munson, Denison Betty Park, Port Arthur Laura Patton, Kerrville Janice Ransom, Richmond Ann Roberdeau, Austin Helen Robinson, Austin Betsy Russell, Austin Jeannette Russell, Houston Wilie, M. L. Humlong, Booty, Buckaloo, Dickinson, P. Campbell, Marriott, Gracy, Newman, Morton. Neely, Paul, Green, Patton, Pratt. P. Hayter, Morgan, McWhorter, Brewer. Blankenbeckler. D. Jones, Miller, A. Finch, D. Schneider, Hall, J. Schneider, Kreisle, A, Camp- bell, Caldwell, Scales. Minor, Thompson, Strickland, Spivey, R. Jones, Williams, B. Russell, Ball, A. Roberdeau, Windrow. M. E. Hayter, Walker, M. B. Cartwright, Mills, Grimes, Hargrove, Park, Simmons. PACE 386 PI BETA PHI TOOLEY WILLIAMSON FACULTY Instructor in Physical Training for If omen MEMBERS Juniors Laura Sanies, Laredo ' Eleanor Sansom. Fort Worth Mary Ann Scales, Del Rio Jeanne Schneider, Austin Eloise Simmons, Waco Janet Sims, Dallas Sue Spivey, Bonham Man- Virginia Arnold, Houston Lydia Bryant, San Antonio Eleanor Cade. San Antonio Margaret Neil Carlisle, Waiahachie Alma Chastain. Beaumont Connie GossetL Austin Marjorie Helms, Austin Ruth Hill. Smith ville Rosemary Milliard. Houston Elizabeth Stafford, Palestine Pauline Strickland, San Antonio Maria Sykes, San Antonio Florence Thompson. Dallas Susan Walker, Leander Betty Walker, Beaumont Laura Blount Williams, Nacogdoches Sophomores Katherine Winton, Waco Mary Jones, Richmond Barbara Ann Langworthy. Brownsville Carolyn Monteith, Houston Margaret Penn. Austin Lorena Rowan, Wharton Barbara Warner, Mercedes Imogene Webb. Bryan Mary Alice Weddington. Bryan Sara Windrow, Dallas Freshmen Genevieve Benckenstein, Beaumont Mary Bowers, Tulsa, Okla. Betty Cartwright, Chattanooga, Tenn. Mary Anne Click, Austin Mary Finch, Austin Dorothy Gresham, Austin Harriett Hale, Houston Margaret Harris, Galveston Betty Hill. Austin Margaret Humlong. San Angelo Kittie Ruth Jackson, Wichita Falls Marjorie Lively, Dallas Jean McCandless, San Angelo Billie McLeod. Dallas Virginia Moody, Galveston Betty Jane Nourse. Dallas Kelley Pearson. Richmond Patricia Roberdeau. Austin Jane Stuckey, Houston Barbara Turner. Austin Mary Pauline Waltmon, Hearne Dela Wright, San Antonio 81 Chapters Alpha Chapter established February 19, 1902 . Py-e. Leck. H.U. Hill. Sin. B. Cul- . M. Tuck. Scon. Cowrn. Iiinom. Vuver. SUMOOI, rfctttti Arnold. Koox. Penn 1L JOM . M Ua. Moodr. P ie... Kovu. Turner. Click. Cmcarn. Hairi.. (Urlille. HillUrd. Jr- Wekk. UxwonkT. NOUIK. Bcb rd. 1. RtMell. Stnckej. HiU. Winlon. Good- rick. Cocklell. LJ.eU. Helm.. M. H t cx 3(7 ZETA TAU ALPHA OFFICERS President ANN HARLAN V ice-President SUZANNE DUNNING Secretary ALICE BEAKLEY Treasurer HELEN BUTLER MEMBERS Graduates La Verne Bryson, Bastrop Anna Josephine Abney, Marshall Glenn Appling, Luling Carlie Barnes, Amarillo Mary Lewis Blundell, Lockhart Blanche Broderick, Keltys Martha Burton, Houston Sara Frances Connell, Kingsville Mary Frances Crow, Houston Helen Florence Crowe, San Benito Betty Ruth Curtis, Fort Worth Doris Day, Lockhart Eleanor Dumble, San Antonio Suzanne Dunning, Gonzales Margaret Hall, Sherman Ann Harlan, Austin Elsie Holmes, Yazoo City, Miss. Lucy Lee Dickson, Cleburne Seniors Irene Jackson, Kerrville Mary Lee Kenley, Austin Shirley Kerr, Houston Peggy Locke, San Antonio Margie Ann Lyle, Shamrock Mavis Virginia Murray, Ranger Jean Margaret Patton, San Antonio Dorothy Helen Patton, San Antonio Dorothy Lee Perkins, Bastrop Rose Poole, Marlin Stella Prude, Brownwood Lenore Riley, Junction Sara Nell Savage, Caldwell Gene Simcox, Fort Worth Lillie Marie Smith, Sonora Jane Lee Stroud, Austin Anne Talley, Kerens Juniors Billie Aderman, Houston Dorothy Frances Alexander, Jacksonville Alice Beakley, San Antonio Jane Blumberg, Seguin Helen Butler, Eastland " Kathryn Dial, San Antonio Marjorie Dodd, Tyler Margaret Doggett, Dallas Eloise Engle, San Antonio Tippy Foster, Austin Lorraine Garrett, San Antonio Mary Hillyer, Tampico Mex. Founded: October 15, 1898, at Virginia State Normal Bryson, Dunning, J. Patton, Connell, Kerr, M. Kenley, Miller. Abney, Pul- liam, Simcox. L. Smith, Crow, Barnes, Crowe, Minter, McDonald, Harlan, Stroud, H. Patton. Locke. Jackson. Morris, Burton, Dodd, Bowyer, Lacy, Schlafli, Eanes, Tulloss, Broderick. Ezell, Perkins, Day, Peacock, Park, Blumberg, Curtis, Poole, Butler, Mullis. Murray, Talley, Blundell, M. Hall. Beakley, Maverick, Pearson, Aicklen. PACK 388 ZETA TAU ALPHA MEMBERS Juniors Genevieve Louise Hinman, New Braunfels Jean E. Johnson, Kerens Jean Lacy, Dallas Weta Miller, Dallas Ruth Minter, Fort Worth Nancy Isabel Moore, Aransas Pass Ann Moorhouse, Beaumont Jean Tulloss, San Antonio Eugenia O. Morris, Houston Marjory O ' Hara, Diboll Evalyn Park, Jacksonville Jerry Peacock, Jacksonville Katherine Schlafli, Seguin Theresa Stewart, Dallas Susan Stoer, Shreveport, La. Sophomores Doris Adams, Magee Isabell Aifklen, Calveston Irby Lee Blalock, Marshall Edith Carter, Houston Ruth Ann Chancy, Little Rock, Ark. ' Barbara Coleman, Houston Sue Ezell, Cleburne Doraine Louise Geiger, Corpus Christi Betty Hall, Sherman Barbara Jane Hardison, Berclair Jessie Jean Hardy, Corpus Christi Edna Howell, Beaumont Gene S. Hunt, Nacogdoches Lois Jackson, Houston Jeannette Weeks, Martha Kennard, Fort Worth Mary Maverick, San Antonio Catherine McDonald, Fort Worth Lucille Miller, Cleburne Polly Ann Neece, Mexia Polly Robinson, Austin Maurine Sasser, Nixon Mae Bess Savage, Caldwell Marion Schneider, Dallas Helen Louise Shudde, Washington, D. C. Frances Simpson, Nacogdoches Phoebe Smith, Winchester Mary Anne Stedman. Beaumont Jane Taylor, Fort Worth Rosenberg Mary Jo Adams, Austin Frances Beam, San Angelo Virginia Bowyer, Dallas Marianne Crum. Dallas Martha Jane Dial, Dallas Jean DuBose, Victoria Parge Egg, Edna Florence Fannin, San Angelo Freshmen Margie Gurley, San Antonio Luella Nixon Kenley, Austin Ruth Dolores Lee, Edna Yvonne Etnyre Lewis, Austin Ruth Ann Lowry, San Antonio Jean Mullis, Galveston Rosemary Pearson, Houston Diana Roberts. Corsicana Betty Thomas, Dallas 77 Chapters Kappa Chapter established May 6, 1906 P. Smith. Carter. Lyle. Chancy, Blalock Aderman. Stewart, Kennard, Stedman Foster. Fannin. Moorhouse, D. Adam . Hillver, Curler, M. Dial, Aleunder, Lee. ECC, Carrett, Coleman. Hardy K. Dial. Shudde, Lowry, Dogfett. Cram. Neece. Moore. Schneider. L. Ken ley. M. Adami. Thorn. . DuBoM, Lewi Roberti, O ' Hara, Stoer, Hinman, Taylor, Robinson. B. Hall. Miller. Week . S. K. Sarafe. Jackson, Holmes, Ceifer. Sasser, Hardison, Hunt, Johnson, Emjlc. PACX 389 SIGMA DELTA TAU OFFICERS President PETRICE EDELSTEIN Vice-President SHIRLIE TALLAL Secretary GWEN SEIGLE Treasurer SARA MARYN LIEBERMAN MEMBERS Senior Petrice Edelstein, Richmond Juniors Libby Lorraine Lande, San Antonio Harriet Reich, Sweetwater Sara Maryn Lieberman, San Antonio Gwen Seigle, Tyler Rosalyn Stifft, Little Rock, Ark. Sophomores Mildred Dorfman, Brownsville Thelma Elaine Kornfeld, Wichita, Kans. Pauline Gilbert, Fort Worth Florence Betty Rice, Atlanta, Ga. Shirlie Tallal, Dallas Freshmen Founded: March 17, 1917, at Cornell University 17 Chapters Tau Chapter established March 4, 1939 Iris Helene Bennett, Houston Doris Freedman, San Antonio Ruth Elaine Golden, Corsicana Louise Klar, Fort Worth Gerry Rosenthal, Houston Dorothy Zarrow, Tulsa, Okla. Dorfman, Lieberman, Bennett, Reich, Edelstein, Stifft. Rice, Golden, Lande, Zarrow, Gilbert, Rosenlbal. Freedman, Kornfeld, Seigle, Tallal, Klar. PACE 390 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS President MARTHA ANNE SWANSON V ice-President FRED.VA KEY KNAGCS Secretary ROSE CLAIRE MATHEWS Treasurer HELEN LOUISE CREWS MEMBERS Senior Martha Anne Swanson, Dallas Juniors Helen Louise Crews, Tivoli Fredna Key Knaggs, Cotulla Nancy Adair Cartledge, Terlingua Frances Lee Pittard, Anson Lavinia Adair Schley, George West Sophomores Dorothy Jean Ammons, Lexington, Ky. Georgia Roberta Ogletree. Livingston Elinor Cartledge. Terlingua Sarah Adele Shidler, San Benito Rose Claire Mathews, est Nyack, N. Y. ' Doris Elaine Simmang. San Antonio Margie Jane Smart. Fort Worth Freshmen ' Man- Margaret Bowles, Big Wells Betty Jane Callahan, Carrizo Springs Marjo Vane Davis, Cotulla FACULTY OLIVE BETTS ALBERTA DODSON Instructor of Home Economics Instructor of Home Economics Founded: May 30, 1904, at the University of Syracuse 43 Chapters Alpha Gamma Delta Colony established May 19, 1939 Dark. Pittird. N. C rtledc, Bowl SI . E. Cutledfo. Picz 391 ALPHA TALI OMEGA OFFICERS Worthy Master . NOLAN PlCKETT Worthy Chaplain RICHARD KLEBERG Worthy Scribe Moss ADAMS Worthy Keeper of the Exchequer ........... STANFORD BUSBY MEMBERS Graduates Stanford Busby, San Antonio Cleve Bachman, Fort Worth Robert Dudley Baskett, Marshall Lewallen Borden, Corpus Christi William Ernest Browning, Yoakura Todd Denman Burney, San Antonio Archie M. Heap, San Antonio Walter Zanes, Dallas Second Year Laws Moss Adams, Nacogdoches Charles Cappel, El Campo First Year Laws Joseph 0. Couch, San Antonio John Arthur Scale, Nacogdoches Raymond Cloud Harrison, Wharton John Gates Seaman, Houston Willoughby Williams, Houston Juniors William Alexander Abbey, Tyler John Barclay Armstrong, Armstrong Robert Henry Bogarte, Dallas William Scott Busbee, San Antonio Founded: September 11, 1865, at Virginia Military Institute William Riley, Austin Homer Jones, Houston Richard Kleberg, Corpus Christi Nolan Pickett, Liberty lack Proctor. Waco Myrl Self, Silsbee Roy Carnes Smith, San Antonio Charles Patrick Pickett, Liberty Andrew Ben White, Tyler Walter Thomas Caven, Marshall Thurman Spencer Clements, Wharton John William Hancock, El Campo Baxter Finch Holland, Brownsville Burney, N. Pickett, Baskett, j roctor, Heap, Bachman, Borden, Browning. Bogarte. Niemeyer, Holland, Busby, Cap- pel, Jones, Couch, Riley. Busbee, Seaman, Robertson, Abbey, White, Linn, W. Caven, Hancock. Armstrong, Morris, Markley, Kott, Adams, Hyde, W. Williams, Wood. PACK 392 ALPHA TALI OMEGA FACULTY E. G. FLETCHER Assistant Professor of English WALTER T. ROLFE Professor of Architecture GEORGE W. STOCKING Professor of Economics MEMBERS Juniors ' Charles Hudson, El Campo BobHyde, Austin Ste vart Morris, Houston , , Eberhardt Victor Niemeyer, La Porte Rudolph Louis Kott. Houston Lake Rohertson, Kerrville Thoma:- Mva Linn, Denison Harry Stanley Wilder, Austin .In.- Sdney Markley, Beaumont Robert Henry Williams, McGregor James Lawrence Wood, San Antonio Sophomores Myron Blalock, Marshall ' Seaborn Eastland, Kerrville Jerry Burke Frey, Dallas William Joseph Holt, Dallas ' Richard Jones McCampbell, Corpus Christ! William Rhinehart Miller, Dallas ' Pendleton Jett Slaughter, Galveston Benjamin Nixon, San Antonio " Thomas Andrew Nixon, San Antonio ' Arthur Hugh Reid, Pasadena, Calif. Milton Richardson, Dallas ' James Robertson Ross, Fort Worth ' Harry Flato Schwethelm, Kerrville Freshmen ' Joseph Duncan Blades, Beaumont U illiam Alley Brown, Austin Mal.-olm Weldon Carroll, Dallas ' Clyde Coates Craven, San Antonio ' David Edwards, Corpus Christi ' Joe Adolph Goeth. Austin ' Allen Burroughs Hannay, Houston ' Raleigh Oliver Jackson, Beaumont ' Howard William Jacobe, Houston ' Earl Thomas McMillian, Houston ' Will Andrew Northington, Wharton ' Forrest Robert Oldham. Houston ' James William Porter, Houston ' William Durrah Ratliff, Fort Worth ' William Clarence Smith, Yorktown ' William Arthur Tracey, Fort Worth ' Joe Mac Walston, Austin ' Brent Warren, Houston 94 Chapters Texas Gamma Eta Chapter established October 26, 1897 Eastland, Frey, B. Nixon, Richardson, C. Pirkttt. R. William . T. Nixon, Har- T .--M.. Northineton. Rosa. Blades, Holt, Schwet- hrl-n. McCampbell, Reid, Miller. WaUton, Oldham. Tracey, Porter, Brown. Haonay, Carrol 1 , Jackson. Smith, R.tliff. Scale, McMillian. Corth. Jacobc, C. Craven. PAUE 393 U ETA THETA PI OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . HALBERT OWEN WOODWARD THORNTON COURT GREEK WILLIAM HUNTER FARRAR CHARLES T. LOCKWOOD MEMBERS Graduate William P. McLean, Greenville Seniors Roy Moats Bain, Houston Jack A. Derby, Austin Robert P. Doherty, Houston James R. Dougherty, Beeville William Hunter Farrar, Arkansas City, Kans. J. B. Griffith, Paris Jack Bruce Howard, San Antonio Sidney A. Lindsay, Austin Robert H. McNew, San Antonio Halbert Owen Woodward, Houston Robert M. Rutledge, Dallas Second Year Laws William K. Rutledge, Dallas First Year Laws Jules Constantin, Tyler Lambert Root, Mineral Wells Gordon Napier George, San Antonio Clark W. Thompson, Galveston Raymond W. Weber, San Antonio Juniors Joe Caperton, Indianapolis, Ind. Harry Corby, Calvert Herman Eastland, Hillsboro Thornton Court Greer, Houston Winston Harwood, Harlingen Malcolm Heard, Taos, N. Mex. Founded: August 8, 1839, at Miami University, to Oxford, Ohio .V Eastland, Thompson, Greer, Lindsay, Howard, McLean, McNew. Bain, Farrar, McDugald, R. Rutledge, Lorimer, Stephenson, Heard. Winch, Constantin, Lockwood, Worn- mack, W. Rutledge, George, Root. Paschal, Woodward, McFarland, Griffith, Weber, Corby, Mann. PACE 394 I1ETA THETA PI HENRY W. HARPER HARRY H. POWER BRYANT SMITH . FACULTY Dean Emeritus of the Graduate School Professor of Petroleum Engineering Professor of Law MEMBERS Juniors Glenn Jackson. Corpus Christi ' Carroll Learned, Houston Quincy Joe Lee, Wichita Falls Charles T. Lockwood, Brownwood Bill Lorimer. Fort Worth William C McDugald. Austin Russell McFarland, Dallas A. J.Mann, Laredo William H. Paschal, San Antonio Leslie S. Winch, Laredo Tom G Wommack, Palestine Homer Bly, Austin David Campbell, Fort Worth Graham Coffman, San Antonio Leigh Ellis, Austin Raymond Franks, Dublin William A. George, Iowa Park Forrest Gober, Coleman Paul B. Horton, Dallas Earl B. Austin, Dallas Robert Lee Bobbin. San Antonio Jimmie Craig, Fort Worth H. P. Hodge, Wichita Falls Sophomores Arthur Ubbe Johnson, Galesburg, DL John Gordon Kuhn. Austin Frank Murphy, Oak Park, 111. Charles G. Purnell, Dallas F. S. Ratcliff, Fort Worth Robert Rustin, Austin Randolph Russell, Webster Grove, Mo. David Thayer. Houston Freshmen John H. Stephenson. Houston Lee Humphrey, Wichita Falls Glenn Mortimer, San Antonio Perry Russell, Coleman Arthur Sprinkle, Austin 90 Chapters Beta Omicr on Chapter established May 18, 1886 lif . Elli.. Cucnoa. H.nrood. Cr.ii. H m . CAcr. Kj. Cunbell. . SpiukU. AMa. Unrf. K- CHI PHI OFFICERS Alpha . Beta . Gamma Delta . Zeta W. B. (DUB) YARBOROUGH FRANCIS ALBERT CONLEY ERNEST A. BOSL, JR. ERNEST J. GODARD JULES VERNE DAMIANI MEMBERS Graduate Jack Perry, Frankston Seniors William Neal Blanton, Jr., Houston Ernest A. Bosl, Jr., Schulenburg Francis Albert Conley, Ranger Charles J. DeLancey, Houston William R. Eckhardt, Houston Robert S. Fain, Mexia Michael Chauncey Gaines, Houston George W. Gartman, Jr., Lampasas Ernest J. Godard, Galveston William S. Haddock, Houston William H. Luedecke, Austin Alvin R. Martin, Houston William Goodwin McMahon, Houston Donald Robert Richardson, Canadian William Allen Smith, Floresville W. B. (Dub) Yarborough, San Antonio Second Year Laws John W. Brandenberger, Houston James Kinchen Nance, Fort Worth First Year Laws Founded: December 24, 1824, at the College of New Jersey (Princeton) Holman Jenkens, Abilene Bill McGowan, Brownfield Amos Peters, Jr., Taylor William Jeffries Apperson, Jr., Pharr Rual Askew, Jr., San Antonio Juniors Robert Richard Thornton, Galveston James Frederick Weiler, Austin Joe Franklin Weiler, Austin Jules Verne Damiani, Galveston Thomas (Ted) Dunnam, Houston Yarborough, Blanton, Gartman, Luedecke, Conley, Bosl, Perry, W. Eckhardt. Fain, Richardson, Godard, McMahon, Apperson. Smith, Haddock Jenkens, Johnson. James Weiler, Joe Weiler, DeLancey. Martin, Dunnam, Brandenberger, Patter- son, J. Damiani, Park. Gaines, Graham, Peters, Morse, Lassbcrg, Thornton, Nance, London, Ramirez. CHI PHI VENTON L. DOUGH TIE M. B. PORTER . C. E. ROWF. . Robert Graham, Corpus Christ! Howard Johnson, Houston Edwin Kurt Lassberg, Austin Fred Clarke Morse, Austin FACULTY Professor of Mechanical Engineering Professor of Pure Mathematics Professor of Drawing MEMBERS Juniors Phocian S. Park, Jr., Houston Fred D. Patterson, Jr., Galveston Fred A. Roach, Jr., Nederland Norton Wells, Ganado William Calvin Wheat, Kansas City, Mo. Bill Alexander, Dallas M. J. Brannon, Houston Dick Burns. Huntsville J. C. Chapman, Waxahachie W. B. Cummings, Houston Carlos A. Gomez, Houston Fred Griffin, Austin George Hunt, Jr., Humble Lyle London. San Antonio Henry G. Andrews, Jr., Stamford Dolph Briscoe, Jr., Uvalde Cleve M. Brown, Jr., Houston Michel Damiani. Galveston John Link Eckhardt, Houston Charles T. Hvass, Jr., Lubbock Douglas Keenan, Jr., Galveston Sophomores C. A. McDowell, Jr., Beeville Clarence E. May, Jr., Ranger Wilburne Piercy, Lubbock Joe Ramirez, Jr., Beeville Edgar Shelton, Jr., Austin Gus Ralph Spence, Hebbronville Clifton Damon Wheeler, Houston J. E. White, Jr., Del Rio Robert D. Windrow, Hondo Freshmen Clark Kimmel, Lubbock John Metzenthin, Austin Billy H. Patrick, Corsicana Irwin Curtis Popham, Austin Bill Powell, Austin Willis Sherin, Oklahoma City, Okla Phillip Tharp, Jr., Houston S 35 Chapters IVu Chapter established March 10, 1892 Raich. McGow.n. Wells. Askew. Wheat, Chapman, White. Gomez. Windrow. Wheeler. Piercy, May, Spence, Hum, McDowell. Aleiander. Shellon. Hrasi. Tharp. GriCn. Sherio, Powell, Popham. Andrews, Brown. Kimmr-I, M. Damiani. Burn . Krrnan. Patrick, J. Eckhardt, Metzenthin, Cum mine 1 " . Briscoe. PACK 3 7 DELTA CHI OFFICERS " A " LLOYD BORRETT " B " CECIL HARGROUE " C " JAMES THOKEY " D " ROBERT D. VON TRESS " E " LEWIN BUELL " F " WALLACE BRUNSON MEMBERS Graduates Einmett Blakemore, Dallas Charles Honig, Dallas Woodrow Bean, McNary William Brown, Texarkana Wallace Brunson, Baytown Joe Edgar, Jr., Austin Edwin Redding, Dallas Seniors R. M. Moore, Dallas Robert D. Von Tress, Dallas Second Year Law Lloyd Borrett, El Paso First Year Laws Waller Collie, Dallas Juniors Cecil Hargroue, Houston Jesse B. Johnson, Jr., Galveston Randolph Mitchell, Corsicana James Thokey, Union City, Ind. Sophomores Robert Brewster, Brownsville Lewin Buell, Austin Founded: October 13, 1890, at Cornell University Malvin Coffey, Houston Deryl Comer, Beaumont Collie, Redding, Borrett, Moore, Blake- more, Von Tress, Thokey. Sit ton, Hargroue, Comer, Johnson, Mit- chell, Honig, Brown. P ft Kilgore, O. Jelks. Lackey, Dacy, Buell, Mugg, Williamson. PACK 398 DELTA CHI FACULTY RICHARD BURT DYKE Business Manager, Texas Student Publications, Inc. GEORGE V. GENTRY Professor of Philosophy IRA P. HILDEBRAND Dean of the School of Law JAMES H. PARKE Professor of Drama MEMBERS George Dacy, Austin Jack Daniel, Houston Ora Davis, Austin Robert F. Eohlin, El Paso Willard Glass, Weslaco Oliver Jelks, Austin Charles Kilgore, El Paso John Ashley, Dallas Donald Brunson, Baytown Lane Cooke, Dallas James Dunlap, Dallas Pinkney Grissom, Dallas Edward Jelks, Austin Sophomores Clifton Lackey, San Antonio James Mugg, Higgins Emil Offer, San Antonio Robert Sitton, Longview Samuel R. B. Stone, Austin William H. Thurber, Providence, R. I. Richard Williamson, Dallas Freshmen Alan Lippman, Valparaiso, Ind. Fred Moss, Dallas Dick Neal, Cameron, W. Va. Grady Niblo, Dallas R. G. Ridout, Kansas City, Mo. Douglas Walsh, Dallas Elgin Williams, Austin 36 Chapters Texas Chapter established in 1907 Brewiter, Lippman, Walh. Thurber, Clasi, Davis, Echlin. Cooke, Neal, Aihler, Dunlap, Offer, Brunson, Coffey. Willia ma, MOM, E. Jelkj, Daniel, Niblo. Ridout. I ' ...I V DELTA KAPPA EPSILON House manager . OFFICERS MEMBERS Seniors Tver Moten Bowles, Houston William Henry Grain, Victoria Loran (Tex) Elliott, Jacksonville George W. Graham, Wichita Falls Earl W. Jones, Abilene Second Year Laws Fred Chambers, Dallas Blake Hanlon Simmons, Denton Edward Lysaght Francis, Dallas Robert Foard Townsend, San Antonio First Year Laws Paul Boren Blunt, San Antonio Rod McAlpin, San Antonio Arthur D. Dyess, Houston Coke Home Rhodes, Dallas Nat Guiberson, Dallas Tom Rhodes, Dallas James Frank Stathakos, Dallas Juniors Jack V. A. Aldred, Austin Thomas Edward Cook, Austin Knox Fant, Weatherford Chester Woolen Granville, Austin Jack Herndon, Tulsa, Okla. Allen Hilburn, Houston Cornelius Louis Kormeier Founded: June 22, 1844, at Yale University LORAN (TEX) ELLIOTT Albert Maverick III, San Antonio Williams McBirney, Tulsa, Okla. Pat Barry Niland, Galveston Ney Sheridan, Jr., Sweetwater Presley Ewing Werlein, Biloxi, Miss. Phil Dietz Manning, Houston George Sampson Nalle, Austin John H. Perry, Sherman Jack Rabon, Luling Carl William Raetzsch, Seguin Paul Calhoun Ragsdale, Denton Robert Eugene Watson, Houston Robert Brooks Whitehead, Fort Worth Hilburn, Grain, Niland, Whitehead, Sheridan, Jones, W. McBirney, A. Maverick. Guiberson, Fant, Simmons, Granville, Graham, Elliott, C. Rhodes, Bowles. Blunt, Cook, Spears, Manning, Aldred, Francis, T. Rhodes, McAlpin. Kormeier, Donovan, Werlein, Townsend, Rabon, Nalle, Herndon, Watson. PACE 400 DELTA KAPPA El ' SILON FACULTY I) . BIBLE . J. V. CALHOI . T. P. HARRISON . BEXXO C. SCHMIDT POWELL STEW KT Athletics Director Comptroller Professor of English Assistant Professor of Late Instructor in English l up. Temple Merritt Barton. Denton Watt Casey. Albany Bill Daniels. Houston Frank Willis Denison. Bastrop Richard Donovan. San Antonio Joe Gilmore, Houston Robert Hagen. Brownsville Norman Atkinxm. HoiMmi Dick Bell. Denton Ted Bellmont. Austin Robert Connor. Daingerfield Frank Covert, Au-tin Bill Doherty. Houston MEMBERS Sophomores Orrin Wendell Johnson, Harlingen Ed Miller, Denton Robert Morse, Houston Frank Paul, Mineral Wells Talmadge DeWitt Reed, Corpus Christi John Miller Spears, Tulsa. Okla. Wilson Vaughan, Jr., Panhandle James Slaughter Whitworth, Houston Homer Wilson, Baytown Freshmen Fred Ellison. Denton Otis Gary, Dallas Sam McBirney, Tulsa, Okla. Maury Maverick, Jr., San Antonio Leslie Procter, Jr., Temple Bill Stevenson. Beaumont 47 Chapters Omega Chi Chapter established March 2, 1913 Morv. Reed. EllUon. Paul, Dye... Chamber.. Stalhako.. Hafen. Barton. Denison. M. Maverick. Ca ey. Johnton. Miller. Vaugb.n. Whilworth. w p H O O f f Cur. Procter. Covert. Connor, Wilton. Atklnton. Raelix!h. S. McBirney. Perry. Bellm Doherty, Bell. Stevenaon, Gil more. PACE 401 DELTA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS President ROBERT B. AMACKER, JR. Vice-President SCOTT DABNEY Secretary CLIFFORD W. SWEARINGEN Treasurer JACK McCROCKLiN MEMBERS Graduates Roy Lee Emken, Texas City Robert B. Amacker, Jr., Dallas Bill Edmondson, Dallas Seniors Second Year Law Clifford Swearingen, Corpus Christ! First Year Law Joe Loidold, Port Arthur Juniors Scott Dabney, Lake Village, Ark. Paul Harris, Austin John McFarland, Jacksonville Founded: December 10, 1K99, at the College of the City of New York Jack McCrocklin, Austin Maurice J. Picheloup, New Orleans, La. Larkin Skinner, Silsbee Bill Peavy, Garland Robert M. Pinson, Dallas G. Con Smith, Kaufman McCrocklin, Wood, Emken, Amacker, Edmondson. Yelvington, Smith, Swearingen, Peavy, Pinson. Brock, Thomaa, Dabney, Skinner. PACE 402 DELTA SIGMA PHI FACULTY ARTHUR DEEN Professor of Geology BILLY BRAMLETTE Instructor in Geology H. H. WEINERT Member of Board of Regents MEMBERS Hughes Thomas, Austin Fred Downs, Dallas Jon C. Ford, Dayton Bill Kills Sulphur Springs Juniors Henry Wood, Stephenville Tom Yelvington, San Marcos Sophomores ' George Lake, Dallas Vemon Larson, Alexandria, La. Henry Truby, Paris Ray Wallis, Austin Stuart Brock, Dallas Edward Futch, Corpus Christ! Ed Crube, Dallas McF.rlud. M. Ed Hodges, Houston Bob Morgan, Pecan Gap Clarence Stumpf. Au-tin 43 Chapters Eta Chapter established May 12, 1907 Kin.. Pick ' loup. Downf, Ukt. Will... CraW. Loidold. H.rri.. DELTA TAU DELTA OFFICERS President WHITFIELD COLLINS V ice-President J OH N SlNGLETON Secretary HOWARD RUTHERFORD Treasurer LLOYD BIRDWELL Richard Bender, Houston Lloyd Birdwell, Shreveport, La. Dudley Caldwell, Austin Robert Collier, Wichita Falls Whitfield Collins, Dallas Robert Eaton, Palestine Ross Elliott, Breckenridge Madden Fly, Gonzales William Guyette, Galveston Harold Miller, Austin Walter Babel, Austin Gordon Broyles, Palestine Thad Grundy, Galveston Udo Haarmann, San Antonio William Harrison, Fort Worth Stanley Jung, Seguin ft) ft P O S L i 3k MEMBERS Seniors Homer Mueller, Austin Evans Munroe, Houston Graham Peterson, Dallas Clay Puckett, San Antonio Howard Rutherford, Waxahachie Hal Simmons, Kerens Jack Sims, Hillsboro Albert Tatum, Beaumont William Webb, Luling William Williams, Hillsboro James Word, Austin Second Year Laws John Singleton, Waxahachie Joe Wilson, Luling First Year Laws Thomas Knight, Hillsboro Carl Lauer, Port Arthur Thomas Law, Austin Aubrey Leveridge, East Bernard William McKenzie, Denton James Vaughan, Hillsboro M Montgomery, Collier, Williams, Peter- son, Word, Cuyette, Corbin, Fly. Eaton, Munroe, Collins, Ellison, Bur- ford, Wadleigh, Birdwell, Tatum. Leveridge, Vaughan, Knight, Roos, Muel- ler, Elliott, Sims. H. Miller. Grundy, Barth, Osborn, McKenzie, Puck- ett, Rutherford, Mims, I. Clark. Lauer, Knight, Neely, Simmons, Babel, Singleton, Haarmann, Broyles. PACE 404 DELTA TALI DELTA H. T. PARLIN FACULTY Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences MEMBERS Juniors Ben Burford, Austin 1. K. Clark, Schulenburg Alfred Ellison. Austin Robert Hoffman. Wichita Falls Charles Keuper, Schulenburg Austin Leach, Austin Fred Wadleigh, Joplin, Mo. Tate McCain, Palestine Luther Mims, Dallas Louis Moore, Denton L. G. Neely, Fort Worth John Rounsaville, Alto Richard Thomason, Memphis, Tenn. Sophomores Fredrirh Almey, Brownwood ' Austin Anderson, Fort Worth ' Willbur Barth, Seguin James Clark. Port Arthur Joe Corbin, Wichita Falls John Craip. I ' itt-lmrgh, Pa. ' Lawrence Ethridge, Corpus Christi Hal Horton, Greenville William Johnston, San Angelo .Stanley Banks, San Antonio ' Walter Browning, Dallas ' David Carson, Dallas Grady Chandler, Austin ' Joe Davis, Palestine ' Pete K-t --. Wichita Falls Neal King. Marfa ' Bernard Knott, Seguin E. F. King, Marfa ' Marshall Miller, San Antonio ' Elliott McCurdy, Lockhart Pete Montgomery, Palestine J. C. Nelson, Fort Worth ' Robert Northcutt, Austin Robert Penick, Austin Farley Roos, Eagle Lake Robert Strelsky, Texas City Freshmen ' Richard Knowles, Dallas ' Joe Lindsay, Austin ' Duncan McHolme, Houston ' Charles Mobley, Dallas ' Bill Osborn, San Antonio ' Vernon Scofield, Austin ' Leonard Warren, Houston ' Thomas Wilson, Luling 75 Chapters Gamma lota Chapter established in 1904 Caldwell. Moore. Law, Keuper, Jun 1 -cofield. Leach, Abney. J. Wilson, Hoffman. Northcutt. Warren Bender, Harrison, Thomason, McCain. Chandler, Johnston, Rounsaville. Estes. Craij. J. Clark. M. Miller, Nelson. HcCurdy. Horton, Bankt, E. Kine, Anderson. Mofcler. Dari , Knotl. Webb, Brownin,. tthridge, LJnd ay, Canon, T. V. Scofield. Knowlea, N. Kiaf. Me. Holme, Strelikjr. 1 ' v I DELTA THETA PHI Dean .... Vice-Dean Tribune . Clerk of Exchequer Leon Adkison, Choice Edwin Butler, Lubbock William H. Davie, Dallas Sy Dennis, Jr., Austin Richard Lee Dobie, Cotulla James A. Hunt, Austin Ewing W. Adams, Austin Joe T. Brown, Austin William DeWitt Brown, Tyler Winston P. Brummett, Lubbock Founded: In 1913, at Chicago, Illinois OFFICERS HADEN JEFFERSON UPCHURCH EDWIN BUTLER HARRY HOBBS LEON ADKISON MEMBERS Graduate Sydney C. Reagan, El Dorado, Ark. Seniors Herbert C. Petry, Carrizo Springs Duke R. Taylor, Senter Derol Todd, Austin Haden J. Upchurch, Tyler Faires P. Wade, Rockwall Albert M. Walker, Amarillo James E. Weeks, Claude Second Year Laws Johnnie A. Coselli, Galveston Merrill A. Craze, Austin Terrence Flahive, Dallas Julian Freeman, Austin Reagan, Hunt, Adkison, Taylor, Dennis, Wade. Petry, Dobie, Walker, Butler, Davie, Weeks. Todd, Kilgore, Kremer, Flahive, W. Brown, Upchurch, PACE 406 DELTA THETA PHI FACULTY DALE BENNETT Assistant Professor of Lau MEMBERS Second Year Laws J. B. Granville, Jr., Brady Herbert S. Harris, Galveston Harry W. Hobbs, Houston Roper Weldon Hodge, Del Rio Melville M. Hughes, Floresville Andy M. James, Hillsboro Marion T. Key. Lamesa Robert Dixie Kilgore, Lamesa James H. Kimmel. Jr.. Lubbock Edward Kremer, San Antonio Edntond M. Notion, Jr.. San Antonio Thomas C Unis, Tyler First Year Lous Edward W. Burnett, San Antonio Donald C Jackson, Cotulla Guilford P. Jones, Jr., Austin Lloyd Meyer Roach, Paris Sophomore Edwin Easley, Tulsa, Okla. 49 Chapters Sam Houston Senate established in 1916 Hfee. I. Bran. Hokb.. Colli, Bun . Cr.nvilU. Jicktoo. Kr. rC, ; . . KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS REAGAN CARTWRIGHT ANDERSON CARTER BRUCE JONES Housemanager JAMES C. WATSON MEMBERS Graduates Founded: December 21, 1865, at Washington and Lee University Bruce Jones, Fort Worth Harold Foxhall, Memphis Lewis Foxhall, Memphis Manson Harris, Dallas William Henger, Dallas Albert Prendergast, Dallas Reagan Cartwright, Houston Stevens Harris, El Paso Claude Bell, Dallas William Bowers, Beaumont Dick Calkins, Fort Worth Lon Baker, Fort Worth Newton Barnes, Terrell T. L. White, Corpus Christi Clint Wood, Dallas Seniors Forrest Robertson, Wichita Falls Edward Taylor, Dallas Jerome Terry, Beaumont William Thompson, Dallas Gus Wright, Dallas Second Year Laws J. Henri Tallichet, Houston James C. Watson, Dallas John Webster, Dallas First Year Laws William Kendall, Houston Dick Lucas, Berclair Harold Marsh, Tyler Charles Sherman, Houston Juniors M. H. Brinkerhoff, Dallas Ed Buffington, Navasota Robertson, H. Foxhall, Wright, M. Har- ris, Wood, Prendergast, Jones, Terry. Taylor, Webster, Johnson, Carter, T. White, Slator, L. Foxhall, Whitten. Cartwright, Sherman, Marsh, Bower?, J. C. Watson, S. Harris, W. Kendall, Tallichet. Gregory, Henger, Calkins, Kinslow, Bell, M. Brinkerhoff, Lucas, Lillard. PACE 408 KAPPA ALPHA FACULTY K. A. LAW . CLYDE LITTLEFIELD COVEY T. OLIVER . D. A. PEMCK . Professor of English Track Coach Assistant Professor of Law Professor of Classical Languages MEMBERS Juniors Pat Buffington. Navasota Andy Carter. Dallas George Covert. Austin Tom Davison. Nacogdoches Dave Elliott. Houston Jim Johnson. Jacksboro John Bevan. Fort Worth ' Manley Brittain. Terrell Jack Brookshire. Beaumont Tom Cuny. HempMead Bob Gregory. Austin J. Martin Harris, Austin ' Van Wyrke Brinkerhoff, Toledo, Ohio ' Homer Bruce. Houston William Campbell. Dallas ' Jimmie Craip. Dallas ' John Ferguson. Mexico City, Mex. ' Edward Fitzgerald. Houston ' William Hutchings. Houston Bill Kinslow. Memphis Frank Phelan, Memphis Arch Scurlork. Beaumont Ray Scruggs, Houston Ed Suttles, Houston Bob Whittington. Dallas Sophomores ' Sherman Kendall, Houston Warren Lillard. Dallas John Little, Dallas Jimmie Slator. Houston Jack D. Watson. Dallas Ray Whitten. Jacksonville. Miss. Freshmen Hugh White, Dallas ' Wayne Ivers, Beaumont ' Starr Kealhofer, Austin ' William Rowe, Austin ' William Schulle. Austin Phil Thomas. Fort Worth Ben Walker. Dallas Meade Wheless, Houston 69 Chapters Omicron Chapter established October 5, 1883 Corrt. J. M. Hmrri.. Elliott, Btkrr. u:il. lwi. Brr. Barn-. P. Buftnglun. Bull. in. Brook . S. Ktna.ll. Cuny. E. PtK-Un. Schnllf. H. Vlulr, Thorn... Srvlork. J. D. lt-on. LiMlr. Hutrbint.. a)krr. V. Brinkrrbofl. Roe. Crai( Bran. Canpkrll. Kcalbofrr. KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS Grand Master .... Grand Procurator . Grand Master of Ceremonies Grand Scribe .... Grand Treasurer MEMBERS Seniors Robert Hines Baker, Houston That! Alexander Barrington, Ennis James Maurice Bivins, Longview George Hubert Bollman, Dallas James Walker Cain, Houston Dixon Hill Cain, Houston Eugene Hagood Cavin, Galveston Andrew Long Chilton, Fort Worth Edward Bruncr Crain, Longview Thomas Watt Curlin, Waxahachie William Edward Darden, Waco. George Washington Delavan, San Antonio George Arthur Donnelly, Fort Worth Kenneth Bowen Ford, Houston Joe Newton Frazar, Eagle Lake Ernest Lewis Youent Laws Cavett Sayers Binion, Lufkin Amrie Denson Clark, Tyler Sam William Cruse, Houston William Bawden Deaderick, Houston John Axford Hicks, Sulphur Springs Quay Bayard McMahon, Longview Thomas Durwood Manford, Smiley uniors Floyd Daley Allen, Fort Worth Guy Townsend Anderson, Calvert Rex Gavin Baker, Houston Harry Buntin Beeler, Austin John David Birdwell, Beaumont Robert Thomas Coleman, Galveston Denton Arthur Cooley, Houston Ralph Clarkson Cooley, Houston Wiliiam Steel Crombie, El Paso Frank Craig Erwin, Waxahachie James Buck Ferguson, Albuquerque, N. Mex Founded: December 10, 1869, at the University of Virginia LAWSON WILLIAM MAGRUDER RICHARD GEORGE MILLER GUY TOWNSEND ANDERSON DENTON ARTHUR COOLEY WILLIAM EDWARD DARDEN William Peck Gibson, Corsicana Manton Hannah, Waco Norman Vaughan Honnet, Topeka, Kans. Burford King Isaacs, Fort Worth Homer Bates Jester, Corsicana John Crawford Llewellyn, Fort Worth Lawson William Magruder, Cleveland, Mis: Edwin William Morris, Dallas John Wharton Newton, Beaumont Arvel Rodolphus Ponton, Fort Worth Blythe Smith, Sulphur Springs Graham Stewart, Graham Albert Stone, Brenham John Robert Suman, Houston William John Walden, Houston , Navasota Jack C. Phillips, Austin Robert Eley Rain, Dallas John Barry Rudd, Waskom Fred Simon, Waco William Harrison Storey, Galveston Henry Garland Taliaferro, Calvert Claude Upchurch, Tyler William Hamilton Getzentlaner, Waxahachie Jimmie B. Haden, Fort Worth Raymond Edwards Hendricks. Fort Worth Joseph Henry Hickman, Waxahachie Charles Guy Hooks, Houston Commodore Perry Hudson, Dallas Robert Rutherford Lowdon, Fort Worth Alfred Thomas Lucas, Beverly Hills, Calif. John Wilburn McReynolds, Austin Jack Polk Maddox, Houston Richard George Miller, El Paso Fender, D. Cain, Helland, Darden, Powell, Hendricks, Deaderick, Hudson, Lowdon, McMahon. J. Cain, Clark, S. Cruse, J. B. Rudd, Chilton, Grant, Simon, Taliaferro, Rain, Steen. Ponton, Steel, Binion, R. H. Baker, Miller, D. Cooley, Frazar, Honnet, Delavan, Crombie. Haden, Ferguson, R. C. Baker, Bollman, Hannah, Suman, Wheel ock, Hicks, Don- nelly, Bivins. Randolph, Youens, Carter, Smith, Cur- lin, Watterworth, Cavin, Hyatt. KAPPA SIGMA V. I. MOORE T.U.TAYLOR . . . IRA P. HILDEBRAXD STUART A. MACCORKLE HARRY H. RANSOM . I)II LD JOSEPH . KRNKST R. HARDIN . ROBERT A. Cox Burns Moore. Sherman William Thomas Peckinpaugh. Houston Nash McDowell Phillips. Austin Jack J. Powell. Tyler William Randolph. San Antonio Clarence Walter Schoenvogel. Brenham FACULTY Dean of Men and Student Life Dean Emeritus of the College of Engineering Acting Dean of the School of Law Assistant Professor of Government Assistant Professor of English Assistant Professor of Romance Languages Instructor in Public Speaking Instructor in Economics MEMBERS Juniors Edward Bivens Singleton. Galveston Arthur Eugene Steel, Fort Worth Joe Sidney Thompson. Sherman Olin Guy Wellborn, Ah in Robert Lloyd Wheel ock. Corsicana Walter Frank Woodul, Houston Sophomores John Wallace Anderson , Houston Benjamin Franklin A-hrroft. Sulphur Springs David Owen Belew. Fort Worth Ma k Birdwett. Brauroon! Amon Gary Carter. Fort Worth Ray Cruse. Houston Chal Nurton Daniel, Longriew John Wr lry ! r- -y. Houston Carl Edgar Dufield. Tulu, Okla. Jame Ernest Fender, Fort Worth Pretton Simms Flanagan, Longview Charles Edmund Pierson Byara. Fort Worth Howard Bolen Corbett, Lufkin Joe Fenley Flack, Calveston Jay Robert Callia, Woodsboro Joe Jack Hall, Quannah Dan J. Harrison. Houston Charles Brady Grant. TuUa. Okla. David L. Harrison. Dallas Edwin Randolph Ivy, Waco Hilmar Guenther Moore, Richmond Glenn Daughtry Reading, Eagle Lake Patrick Herbert Reardon. Monroe, La. Hubert Lyle Simpson, Houston John Sylvester Stewart, Houston Elam Franklin Swann. Tyler Tom Neal Wathen, Dallas Earle Field Watterworth. Dallas Joseph Worrell, Houston Freshmen John Thomas Steen. San Antonio James Hans Helland. San Antonio John Clifton Hyatt, Austin Grady Sylvester McCarter, Calveston E. Sinks McLarty, Galveston Rom Rhome. Fort Worth Bill Lee Rudd. Waskom 114 Chapters Tail Chapter established September 18, 1884 R. Cruse. Beeler. Byars, Flanagan. DuSetd. Daniel. J. Anderson. Allen, Simpson. Hickman. t ' pehurch, Magruder, D. J. Hjrri- n, Getzendaner, Manford, Storey, Stewart. J. Phillips, X. Phillip . . c. r ft Ford. Hooks. H. Moore. Isaacs, D. L. . Erwin, T. Moore, Ashcroft, ' - Anderson. Callia, R. Cooley. Woodul, Coleman, Llewellyn. Belew. Reardon. Thompson, nolds. McCarter. B. L. Rudd. Schoentogel. Rhome, Peck- inpaugh. Singleton, Maddox, Flack. McLarty. PACE 411 PHI DELTA THETA OFFICERS President . Warden Secretary . Housemanager CHARLES STANTON SHARP ANDREW ZILKER THOMPSON JOSEPH MACDONALD DEALEY JUNIUS H. MORRILL MEMBERS Seniors John Burchell Allinson, El Dorado, Ark. Gus Booty Bowman, Austin Carter Greer Dudley, Oklahoma C ity, Okla. William Joseph Lang, Dallas William Sears McGee, Houston Edward Branch Rather, Sugarland Frank Alderson Blankenbeckler, Jr., Austin Edward Donald Coulson, Houston John P. Neece, Jr., Mexia Founded: December 26, 1848, at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio Thomas Howard Williams, Waco Second Year Laws Russell Stevenson Rembert, Dallas Erie Henry Schneider, Victoria Bobby Preston Scott, Houston Charles Stanton Sharp, Dallas A. Frank Smith, Jr., Houston Al Hodges Wadsworth, Bay City Eugene Stanley Neely, Dallas Will Cox Perry, Houston Frederick Joseph Scott, Austin First Year Laws William Charles Harvin, III, Houston Baine Perkins Kerr, Houston Andrew Zilker Thompson, San Antonio Juniors Charles Craig Gates, Bay City Joseph MacDonald Dealey, Dallas Chester Bernard Kilpatrick, Jr., San Antonio George Kimball Meriwether, Dallas Ben Prater Monning, Jr., Amarillo Joe Bart Moore, San Antonio Junius H. Morrill, Mobile, Ala. Talbot Rain, Dallas Henry Lamar Roberts, Macon, Ga. Bowman, Dudley, Sharp, Moore, Rather, Schneider, T. H. Williams, Rembert. Neece, Cates, Neely, Harvin, Monning, McGee, Coulson, J. Morrill. Blankenbeckler, Smith, Thompson, Kerr, Rain, Perry, Meriwether, Roberts. PACE 412 PHI DELTA THETA FACULTY EUGENE C. BARKER Professor of American History ROY BEDICHEK Director of the Bureau of Public School Extracurricular Activities D. B. CASTEEL Professor of Zoology FRANK L. JEWETT Instructor in Bible E. T. MILLER Professor of Economics ROBERT W. STAYTON Professor of Law . . WALKER ...... Professor of Law MEMBERS Sophomores Andrew Andeck, Des Moines, Iowa ( ' lair Hildreth Cannon, Dallas K i--ell J. Leonard, Houston Thomas Lucian Merrill, Mobile, Ala. Charles Joel Parker, Houston George Prendergast, Marshall James Ernest Robinson, Temple Frank Lee Snodgrass, Coleman William Carroll Tucker, Houston Freshmen Robert Henry Baker, Houston Webster Bishop, III, Dallas ' Fred Cilbough Cannon, Dallas Henry Grady Jordan, Dallas Julian Constantine LaRoche, Dallas Hugh Emmet t Munnell. Dallas Wallace Houston Pratt, Houston David Riggs Park, Houston Johnny MacReynolds Seay, Dallas Horace Bester Williams. Waco Buck Jim Wynne, Wills Point 106 Chapters Texas Beta Chapter established September 15, 1883 Buhop. Aadeck. Parker. Prcndrrja.t. T. Merrill. Kilpatrick. Uooard. IntliMn. Park. H. B. Wil- liiaii, Pratt. Jordan. LaRocbe. Baker. tta PHI GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS President JACK BARTHOLOW Secretary GILBERT Cox Corresponding Secretary WILLIAM STEELE Treasurer WILLIAM BATTLE MEMBERS Graduates Frank Finney, Bartlesville, Okla. Jethro Meek, Greensberg, Ind. Hilliard S. Thomas, Cameron Seniors John Ainsworth, El Paso Jack Bartholow, Dallas Ted Bartholow, Dallas Carl Biebers, San Antonio David Bland, Austin Roy Bronson, Luling Archibald Campbell, Galveston Gilbert Cox, San Angelo William Fraser, St. Louis, Mo. Alfred Fuller, Bonham Tommy Main, San Antonio Doyle McDonald, Galveston John Fillet, Dallas Harvey Smith, San Antonio James Smyth, Dallas Billy Wilcox, Sherman Second Year Laws Richard Cooper, Port Arthur Tommie Hull, San Antonio Charles Gibbs, San Angelo First Year Laws James McNamara, San Antonio Thomas Patterson, Decatur Juniors William Arnold, Houston Edward Cornwell, Austin Robert Heiser, Dallas John Holland, Alpine Founded: May 1, 1848, at Jefferson College William Battle, Dallas Jack Buster, Dallas Alfred Ashbrook King, Corpus Christ! Main, Finney, Wilcox, Pillett, T. Bar- tholow, Bronson, H. Smith, Cox. Biebers, Smyth, J. Bartholow, Fraser, Ainsworth, Bland, Meek, Thomas, Battle. Buster, McNamara, Steele, K. Smith, Holland, King, Arnold, Widdecke, Hull. Livers, Kennedy, Self, Rettig, Knight, Wooldridge, Seay, Cibbs, S. McDonald. PACE 414 PHI GAMMA DELTA FACULTY FREDERIC DLNCALF Professor of Medieval History H. C. GILSTRAP Assistant Football Coach THEODORE HORNBERGER Professor of English GERALD M. STAFFORD Instructor in Geology BF.RRV WHITAKER Director of Men ' s Intramurals MEMBERS Juniors Bill Kennedy. Dallas Richard knight, Conzales Richard Liver-. Kansas City, Mo. Robert Martin, Brown wood alter Mathis. San Antonio - : M. Donald, Fort Worth John Rettip, Wichita Falls John Childress, Ozona William Clark, San Antonio Rol ert Morris Disque, Houston David Lee Fleeter. Houston Thomas Garrett, San Antonio George ImhofT, Port Arthur John Carl Meyer, Scarsdale, N. Y. Orville Miller. Dallas William Seay, Dallas ' Gerald Self, Midland Killough King Smith, Fort Worth William Steele. Dallas Henry Walsh, Houston Charles Widdecke, Dallas Arthur Wooldridge, Orange Sophomores Will Chambers Tips, San Antonio Paul Miller, Houston Paul Nemir. Navasota Robert O ' Hara, Dallas Hugo Schoellkopf, Dallas Kenneth Seibert, Houston Robert Sharpless, Port Arthur ' Frederick Strowbridge, Port Arthur William Swanson, Washington, D. C. Freshmen ' James Blanchette, Dallas Tom Walling Bradneld, Austin ' Landon Cuilum. Wichita Falls John William Greer, Houston Dale Martin, Dallas ' Robert Watson, Houston ' Robert Welch Martin, Hearne ' Robert Vincent Murray, Austin ' Robert Raney. Dallas ' Harold Robb, Pasadena, Calif. ' Robert Thompson, Dallas 73 Chapters Tau Deuteron established November 11, 1883 Martin. WaUh. MathU. P.ttrrvon, Hriter, Meyer. P. Miller. ln.hoF. Stroirbridce. Clark. Sharpleo. Seibert Flatter. Svuuoa. O. Miller. Tip . Cirrnt. O ' Hara, OuldreM. .Vmir. Wat torn. D. Martin. Crccr. Srhorllkopf. Bradirld. Murray. B. W. Martin. Ranty. Rot b. Blanrh-ltf. Cullua. ThoapMB. Pad 415 PHI KAPPA PSI OFFICERS G. P BOB JEWETT V.G.P CHARLES FYFE 5. G HENRY CLAY SULLIVAN Housemanager P ROBERT PATRICK BAXTER MEMBERS Graduate Marshall Foch Wells, Wellington Seniors Robert Patrick Baxter, Dallas Tom H. Donaldson, Anthony, N. Mex. Charles Edward Fyfe, Amarillo A. E. Hayward, Amarillo Bob Jewett, Houston R. E. Ridgway, Dallas J. Arch Ross, Austin Second Year Law Joe Harvey Eidson, Hamilton First Year Laws William Randolph Bryant, Sherman Ray Thornton Coffin, Jr., Dallas Leo John Peterson, Amarillo Juniors Truette Cook, Lufkin William Robert Dickens, Greenville Robert Howard Eades, Austin Scranton Harrington, Houston John Tilford Jones, Jr., Houston Lyle Kendall, Austin Founded: February 19, 1852, at Canonberg, Pa. Nelson Puett, Jr., Luling Bill Robinson, Corsicana Henry Clay Sullivan, Wellington John Howard Wells, Austin Thomas J. Wood, Jr., Houston Kinman Thompson, Houston Conrad Vernon, Jr., Temple J. Wells, Donaldson, Ridgway, Wells, Eades, Hayward, Fyfe. Jewett, Baxter, Ross, Wood, Robinson, Dickens, Oberg. L. Kendall, Jones, Sullivan, Bryant. Griffin, Peterson, Coffin. PACE 416 PHI KAPPA PS1 W. H. BREXTLIXGER H. V. CRAIG . . . . E. E. HALE .... J. L. HENDERSOX . C. P. PATTERSON . ROBERT PRESTOX SHIRLEY . HOWARD HAIXES TURNER . O. D. WEEKS Charles Griffin. Corsicana Ben Cochran Duffie, Houston William R. Johnston. Fort Worth Holt Malone, Dallas Arthur Clyde Nicholson, Jr., Dallas Paul C. Oberg, Houston Bill Nile Browder, Amarillo James Cox, Temple " Clifford Brien Dillon, Amarillo J. Arthur Head, San Antonio FACULTY Assistant Professor of Psychology Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics Professor of Economics Professor of Secondary Education Professor of Government Associate Professor of Laic Instructor in Economics Professor of Government MEMBERS Sophomores ' Herbert G. Officer, Tulsa, Okla. Clint Pace, Vemon Kennit Shimeall. Houston Arbon Weimer Stratton, Austin Leland Thompson, Dallas Dou glas Richard Zweiner, Austin Freshmen Joe Kendall, Houston Jack Keyes, Tulsa, Okla. ' Texas Edward Schramm, San Gabriel, Calif. Ed Taylor, Jr., Austin Edd R. Turner, Jr., Houston 52 Chapters Texas Alpha Chapter established October 24, 1904 Slrallon. Cook. K- Tnompon. Eidaon L. Thompson. Shimeall. Harrington Pace. t. V-rnon. Zveiner, O c-r, Nirbol OB. I. Kendall. Johnston, Dillon. Head. Coi. Schiaamai, Malone. Brooder, Taylor, Keyea, Turner. PACE 417 PHI SIGMA DELTA OFFICERS Master Frater STERN FEINBERG Vice-Master Frater SAUL FRIEDMAN Recording Secretary JAMES KALLISON Corresponding Secretary GEORGE MYER Treasurer ROYAL H. BRIN, JR. MEMBERS Seniors Edward Bullman, Dallas Stern Feinberg, Texarkana Paul Finkelstein, Dallas Saul Friedman, Houston Raymond Goodman, Laredo Irwin Jaffe, Dallas Royal H. Brin, Jr., Dallas Sylvan Golding, Spur Ben Handelman, Marlin Charles Katz, San Antonio Alvin J. Marks, Corsicana Myron B. Marks, Marshall George Myer, Dallas B. H. Marks, Dallas Werner Nordlinger, Austin Bernie Rosenman, San Antonio Alvin Shwarts, Corsicana John Singer, Houston Jack Straus, Houston Louis Tobian, Jr., Dallas Second Year Laws Stanley M. David, Dallas Silas Friedlander, Jr., Tyler Juniors Maurice Nast, Corpus Christi David L. Silverman, Longview Leonard Spitzer, Oak Park, 111. Edwin Tobolowsky, Dallas Joe L. Weil, Corpus Christi David Aaron Witz, Denison Founded: November 10, 1912, at Columbia University B. Marks, Shwarts, Rosenman, S. Fried- man, Singer, Finkelstein, Taubman, Spitzer. Nordlinger, Goodman, Tobian, Straus, A. Friedman, Bullman, Pfeiffer, Katz. David, Feinberg, Jaffe, Oppenheimer, Handelman, Daily, Silverman, Myer. I ' HI SIBMA DELTA MKMBKKS Sophomores Herschel Daily, Richmond Albert Friedman, Houston James Kallison, San Antonio liel Kurn I t. Denton Louis Lechenger, Houston Jim Livingston, Dallas Theodore Marks, Dallas Bernard Moses, Dallas John Pfeiffer, San Antonio Don Reid, Dallas Morris Taubman, Dallas l.- ander Oppenheimer, San Antonio Freshmen ' Lawrence Blum, Beaumont Felix Goldman, Jr., Dallas Joe Hirsoh, Jr., Marshall Edmund Hoffman, Oklahoma City, Okla. Lester Levy, Dallas Robert Mayer, Dallas Joe Tallal, Dallas Ben Weil, Corpus Christ! R. !.,!, Col.iinj. T. Mark.. I.ivinjston. LtrhengT. J. Util, Hirsch, Blum. M. Mark.. Frirdlandcr. MOK . Korn blalt, I VT, N.l. Myrr. Brin. K.lli.on. Tohi.lixoLr. Hoffman. Reid. A. Marki. Goldman. iu. Tallal. 19 Chapters Lambda Chapter established June 5, 1920 PACC 419 PI KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS President RICHARD A. GUMP V ice-President W. F. MARTIN Secretary JOHN B. POPE Housemanager JAMES WINDHAM MEMBERS Seniors J. Waddy Bullion, Eden William Scott Crawford, Beckville William Callaway, Fort Worth Richard A. Gump, Dallas James Windham, Livingston Gene Woodfin, Paris Second Year Laws Lloyd Barbee, San Antonio Doyle Justice, Post Basil Bell, Cuero W. F. Martin, Hamlin John C. Roberts, San Antonio Sam Callaway, Fort Worth Jack Boren, Dimmitt Frank Cage, Austin William Camp, San Antonio James Crouch, Dallas Carroll Curl, Amarillo Zack Felder, Dallas Paul German, Austin Founded: March 1, 1868, at the University of Virginia First Year Laws George Irwin, Dallas Juniors Robert J. Gump, Dallas James Holloway, Dallas Wayne Huff, Austin Thurman Hull, Hughes Springs Gordon Jackson, Dallas Cortez High Killen, El Paso Jack McAninch, Dallas Jack Meadows, Dallas Cage, German, Ryan, Crawford, J. Wind- ham, Bullion, Woodfin. Killen, Curl, G. Jackson, Meadows, W. Windham, Camp, Voss. R. A. Gump, Bartlett, Wine, Crouch, Wolf, Burton, Barbee, R. J. Gump, Felder, Boren, Pope, Justice, Holloway, Irwin. PACE 420 PI KAPPA ALPHA FACULTY L. THEO BELLMOXT .... Director of Physical Training for Men G. K. EIFLER Instructor in Geology L. W. PAYNE Professor of English M. MONTGOMERY .... Professor of Romance Languages MEMBERS Juniors Richard Allen Nevill. Dallas Ernest Patterson. Tul a. Ok la. John B. Pope, Austin William Bitter. El Paso James Bartlett. Clarendon Edwin Bayer. St. Louis. Mo. Robert S. BeK her. Dallas Collins Burton, St. Louis, Mo. William Chote. Au tin Prt- Durham, Jacksonville William Eyres, San Antonio f Gatewood. Electra Robert Hammack. Paris Lonnie Hill. Dallas Bill Adam . Austin James Allison. Tulsa. Okla. Harry Gump, Dallas Joe Henderson. Enni- Dan W. Ryan, Houston Raleigh S. I sry. Dallas Murray Yoss, Austin Vvman Windham, Livingston Floyd Wine, Arlington Sophomores Robert Jackson. El Paso Ray McXutt, El Paso Sch ' uyler Marshall. El Paso B. Harrison Pabst, Brownsville Billy Sansing, Dallas James Scruggs, Roscoe Bob Siemoneit, Fort Worth Clifford Thorne. Lubbock Lansing Thorne, Lubbock Joe Tucker. Austin Freshmen Larry Kremer. Houston Wyatt Norman, Rusk Mac Umstattd. Austin Jimmie Wolf, San Antonio s 78 Chapters Beta Mu Chapter established March I. 1920 Mania. Riltrr. Bclrhcr. Stmtimt. Rofc o. Vvill. --. M.r.k.11 nc i.n. R. C. Thnc. L. PACE 421 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON OFFICERS Eminent Archon . Eminent Deputy Archon . Eminent Recorder Eminent Treasurer MEMBERS Seniors LaRoy Baird, Dickinson, N. D. William H. Brooks, El Dorado, Ark. Eugene Gaddis Carrington, San Antonio Robert Lindsey Caton, Jr., Tyler Henry Cornelius Cortes, Jr., Dallas Robert Thomson Cunningham, Mobile, Ala. John Britt Daniel, Jr., Temple Richard Earl Fletcher, El Paso William Cyrus Frost, Eastland Howard Mason Georgi, Jr., Dallas William Bradford Hardie, El Paso Reagan Houston, III, San Antonio Thaddeus Thomson Hutcheson, Houston Second Year Laws First Year Laws Marvin Key Collie, Amarillo Jack N. Fant, El Paso Joe Lee Hensley, San Antonio Edwin Joseph Reeves, Jr., Dallas Founded: March 8, 1856, at the University of Alabama CARROLL BURKE WHEELER JACK CARR STALEY CLYDE WINSTON GARRETT ROGER CHARLES SULLIVAN Richard R. Lee, Jr., Dallas Hugh Ellen Longino, Magnolia, Ark. John Mclngvale Middleton, San Antonio Robert F. Murphy, Texarkana, Ark. Herbert Lingo Platter, Jr., Austin Robert William Spence, Tyler James Frank Tolleson, Amarillo Tol Ben Ware, Amarillo Sam Nail Webb, Dallas Joel Westbrook, Austin Carroll Burke Wheeler, Texarkana Jack Golden Wilkinson, Fort Worth James Carroll Wilson, Austin Jack Carr Staley, Wichita Falls William Edward Stapp, Dallas Roger Charles Sullivan, Dallas Charles Barry Zuber, Jr., Dallas Robert Bartow Cousins, III, Austin Thornton Hardie, Jr., El Paso Robert Clarke Heidrick, Cincinnati, Ohio John Ray Morrison, Austin Francis Jordan Winter, Houston Ike Simpson Kampmann, Jr., San Antonio Samuel Givens McFadden, Dallas Brooks, W. Hardie, Houston, Murphy, Wheeler, Tolleson, Cortes, W. Frost. Caton, J. Wilkinson, Lee, Westbrook, Longino, Cunningham, Fletcher, Spence. Baird, Platter, Georgi, Middleton, Hutcheson, Daniel, Rogers, Collie. Webb, Ware, E. Carrington, Hensley, Wilson, Butcher, Zuber, C. Wilkinson. Cousins, Whittington, Richey, Fant, Kampmann, Stapp, Darden, Worthington. SIGMA ALPHA El ' SILON FACII.TY JAMES DAFFAX CALDWELL EVERETT G. SMITH . J. B. WHAREV . Assistant Professor of Law Professor of Marketing Professor of English MEMBERS Juniors Henry Levy Adkins. Amarillo Homer Gates Brelsford, Tornillo James William Butcher, Duluth, Minn. Robert Threet Darden, Waco i Robert Garner. Jr_ Amarillo Clyde Winston Garrett, Eastland Robert Benjamin Glenn. Amarillo Lloyd Allen Hammer, Jr., Houston Peter John Hennessey, Jr., San Antonio Dudley Jackson, Jr., San Antonio Herbert Sharp McGaughey, Jr., Greenville John Albert Majors, Jr., Dallas Frank Seley Richey, Waco ' Robert Guy Rogers. Amarillo Henry John Rose. Dallas Maury Gano Tucker, Dallas James Connellee Whittington, Eastland Clark Newton Wilkinson. Jr.. Longview Robert Stearns Worthington, Hamilton Field. Calif. William Severne Crawford, Jr., Dallas Cyrus Burleson Frost, Jr., Eastland John Allen Gramtiling. El Paso Edward Greer Hardwicke. Fort Worth John Lenoir Jackson, III, Wichita Falls Sophomores James McQueen Moroney, Jr., Dallas Daniel Parker Pace. Jr., Houston R. B. Patrick, Olney Terrell Jackson Small, Jr., Austin Frederick William Winkler, Jr., Houston Norman. Wernet. Muncie, Ind. Freshmen Curtis Tiernan Bliss, Kansas City, Mo. John Houghton Brownlee. Austin Phillip Sydney Carrinpton. San Antonio ng Robertson Fulmore, Austin Jack Ford Hardie. San Antonio Charles Robert Leslie, Eastland Weldon Mallette. Houston Lloyd Neblett, Texarkana, Ark. Sherrod Osborne, Shreveport. La. Charles Leon Stevens, Fort Worth Lowell Webster Taylor, Jr., Memphis, Tenn Webb Walker, Jr., Fort Worth 113 Chapters Texas Rho Chapter established June 10, 1884 ltt tm. Guxr. Brrl.forJ. M.jor.. MrC.ubr. HrnnrMcr. T. H.rJir. D. JtrkMM. Sulliv.n. MrF.ddrn. Sulty. Clrao. BOK, Tucker. C.rrrtt. ft ft I. J.rkuB. Cn.lord. Mx n c. Adkiu. Momca. C. Frort. tUraar;. Hudvirkr. Small. Taylor. Fulmorr. NeUett. Cnm- t. Carrinflon. inkl.r. c mrl. Hi. 1. Hwdk. Valkrr. Bravalc Pace. M.lll. ; . . .. SIGMA ALPHA Mil OFFICERS Prior ALBERT J. SCHWARTZ Vice-Prior ROBERT STRAUSS Recorder ........... SYLVAN GURINSKY Exchequer EDWARD MASSMAN MEMBERS Graduate Simon R. Alexander, Corpus Christi Founded: November 26, 1909, at the College of the City of New York Herman Eisen, Tyler Raymond Friedlander, Tyler Sylvan Gurinsky, San Antonio Philip Lipstate, Tyler David May, San Antonio Edwin Berliner, El Paso Charles Calisch, El Paso Leo David, Houston ' Lester Epstein, Bay City Nat Goodfriend, Austin Maurice Kleinman, San Angelo Edward Massman, Beaumont Seniors Jimmy Muslow, Dayton, Ohio Melvin Potash, El Paso Paul Rosenfield, Clarksville Albert J. Schwartz, El Paso J. M. Schwartz, Eagle Pass Second Year Laws Robert Strauss, Stamford Juniors Sidney Mellinger, Big Spring Sylvan Mellinger, Merkel Seymour Myers, Dallas Robert Ravicz, San Antonio Reuben Riskind, Eagle Pass William Smallberg, El Paso Friedlander, Strauss, Alexander, Berliner, May, A. Schwartz, Potash. Gurinsky, Muslow, Lipstate, Sidney Mellinger, Massman, J. Schwartz, Myers. Srhlinger, Riskind, Kleinman, David, Goodfriend, Sylvan Mellinger, Epstein. SIGMA ALPHA Mil AARON SCHAEFFER FACULTY Professor of Romance Languages MEMBERS Sophomores Robert Alterman, San Antonio Milton Davis, Wichita Falls Marvin Clazer. Fort Worth Julias Goldberg, Houston Maurice Lemmons, Ozona Harold Levy, El Paso Arthur Miller. Fort Worth William Roddy. Waco Melvin Rosenwasser, Caldwell Henry Schlinger, Dallas Heniy Zimmerman, Calveston Bernard Budow. .San Antonio Morton Fi htt-nbaum. Austin Jules Gordon. New York. N. " 1 . Altcrmmn. Ri in. Ziramtrraao. fcel l. D..I.. 35 Chapters Sigma Theta Chapter established October 14, 1922 Freshmen Morton Heller. W ichita. Kans. David Lieberman. Houston Gene Ravel. Austin Harry Wood, Waco . Oluch. Miller. Wood. Lilt. mi.. GordMi. Heller. . Cloer. p O ft p O fiii ttW Tua. 4 SIGMA CHI OFFICERS Consul KAY NOLEN Pro-Consul MORGAN NESBITT Annotator BILLY BRINK Quaestor CLEM McCLELLANii MEMBERS Graduate Clem McClelland, Fayetteville, Ark. Carroll Church, Houston Edmund Cravens, Austin Ashley Denton, Houston Frank Fourmy, Houston James Gardner, Tulsa, Okla. Raymond Grasty, La Porte James Griffin, Dallas Seniors John Keppler, San Antonio Alfred Kuhleman, Houston William Kuhn, Austin Malcolm Milburn, San Antonio Milton Ragsdale, San Angelo John Riley, Austin Moritz Schroeder, Monterrey, Mex. Ross Whittenburg, McAllen Second Year Law Jack Gant, Wichita Falls Jack Coke, Dallas Gilbert M. Denman, San Antonio C. A. Goldsmith, Midland First Year Laws Hunter Leverett, Paris Kay Nolen, Houston William Russell, Lubbock Juniors Founded: June 28, 1855, at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio John L. Bell, Wichita Falls Billy Brink, Detroit, Mich. Jack Chiles, Dolores Henry Cline, Wichita Falls Erich Downs, Dallas P. F. Graves, Jr., Houston William E. Greiner, Dallas Ross Holloway, Austin Joe Leon ard, Gainesville Keppler, Cline, Grasty, Whittenburg, Kuhn, Cravens, Newkirk, C. Church. Riley, Dent on, Murta, Fourmy, Kuhle- man, Mi I burn, J. Gardner, Stanberry. Cant, Leverett, HoIIoway, Wooldridge, McClelland, Payne, Masters, Luckett. ? p D - - ' t y. Brink, Nesbitt, Denman, Coke, Gold- smith, Bell, Nolen, Leonard. PACE 426 SWMA CHI FACULTY B. B. CARSTRAPHEN Instructor in English EDWARD B. CRANE Professor of Laic A. E. COOPER Professor of Applied Mathematics S. P. FINCH Professor of Civil Engineering JACK GRAY Basketball Coach Hi CH McMATH Assistant Professor of Architecture MEMBERS Juniors Alfred Luckelt, San Angelo Pat Murta, Tulsa, OkU. Morgan Nesbitt, Dallas William Newkirk, Detroit, Mich. William Allen. Laredo William Burch. Odessa Hugh Bums, San Antonio Robert Church. Houston Oscar Ebner, Houston John Eckert. Art Edward Gardner, Carriio Springs Robert Payne, Midland James Randall, Mart William Stanberry, Austin Riihard Wooldridge, Gainesville Sophomores Paul Williams, Detroit, Mirh. Walter Gillis. Del Rio Wallace Masters. Wichita Falls John Musselman, Paris Frank Robertson. Dallas John San dstedt. College Station Leslie Thompson. Tulsa, Okla. James Wear, Louisville, Ky. Freshmen Augustus Arnold, Houston Harold Coley. Houston Robert Gibson, Highland Park Eugene Goodman, Dallas Gary Goodwyn, Austin Louis Gunn. Austin Roger Guthrie, Houston John C. Henderson, Dallas William Keenan, Houston Austin McComb. Conroe 98 Chapters Alpha Nu Chapter established August 28, 1884 Schroofar. Cram. Doro. C.rdiT. Barck. Eckt. Cnimer. Alln. Ctilkric. CillU. IUod.ll. MfComb. Good.. C m. Coler. Burm.. Araold. PACI i27 SIGMA Nil OFFICERS Eminent Commander SAM H. FIELD Lieutenant-Commander LAMAR DEUPREE Recorder LLOYD M. BENTSEN Treasurer J. BURLESON SMITH MEMBERS Seniors James Chew, Baxter Springs, Kans. Lamar DeuPree, Dallas Sam H. Field, Mission Willis Jarrel, Tyler Clyde Johnson, San Antonio Edward Karper, College Station Winchester Kelso, San Antonio Louis McDonald, Wharton First Year Laws Lloyd M. Bentsen, Mission William Church, San Antonio George Goldsmith, Atmore, Ala. Juniors William Allen, Canadian Frank Bain, Stockdale Robert Bybee, Austin Hal Bybee, Austin Ross Chitwood, Tyler Founded: December 1, 1869, at Virginia Military Institute O ( 3 Weldon Porter, Hillsboro Allen Quereau, San Antonio Joseph Sanders, Harlingen J. Burleson Smith, San Antonio Ralph Stauffer, Tulsa, Okla. Leslie Stuart, Harlingen Thomas F. Taylor, Austin Roger Williams, Sterling City Edward Simms, San Antonio Frank Strickland, Mission Phillip Wandel, Marshall Welborne Dodd, Tyler Robert Cook Herbert, Nacogdoches Sam Hill, Tyler Fritz K. Knust, San Antonio John Herff Krueger, San Antonio Williams. Jarrel. Porter, Field, T. Taylor, Kelso, Quereau. Ketlburn, J. B. Smith. Sanders, Stuart, DeuPree, Karper, Stauffrr. Newman. R. Bybee, H. Bybee, Allen, Street, Chitwood, Herbert. Vandrl. Bentsen. Srott, Kmi-t. Davidson, D. Taylor, Church. SIGMA Nil FACULTY MALCOLM Y. COLBY Professor of Physics HENRY G. DAMON Assistant Professor of Geology GEORGE H. FANCHER . . . . . Professor of Petroleum Production Engineering, ANDREW Lot is Instructor in Germanic Languages E. P. ScHOCH Professor of Chemistry VERNON T. SCHIHARDT Associate Professor of Botany and Bacteriology MEMBERS Juniors Edward McCully, San Antonio William Samuels, Tyler Lamar Meadows, Harlingen Travis Scott, Raymondville James Newman, Tyler Joseph Street, San Antonio Robert H. Redbum. San Antonio Dayton Reed Taylor. Bertrcm Coree Waugh. Bluefield. W. Va. ' Chester Brown. Austin George Clark, Nacogdoches William Davidson. Houston Sophomores Duncan Foulds, Brantford. Canada Thomas Holstein. La Ward Ben Meadows. Harlingen Allen Routon. Beaumont Freshmen Hamlin Elrod, San Angelo Robert C Hines. Kansas City. Mo. Edwin Lea. Houston Bruce Reeve . Harlinpen Joseph Reid, Goose Creek Charles Sheffield. San Angelo Louis Smith. San Antonio Robert Taylor, Austin Arthur UhL, San Antonio James Wilson. San Antonio 93 Chapters Vpalon Chapter established December 1, 1884 Dodd. McDouU. McC.lly. Elrod. B. . Hill. Bro... L. S.itk. il SkCeld. R.-id. K. T.jlor. .I Uhl. ; . :. SIGMA PHI EPSILON OFFICERS President ROBERT 0. MOERS V ice-President ROGER H. HOFFMAN Secretary CHARLES M. NOBLE Treasurer HARRY A. MILLER MEMBERS Seniors Douglas Barberie, Chihuahua, Mex. Emil Fossler, Mercedes Roger H. Hoffman, San Diego Everett Hutchinson, Hempstead James A. Krause, Houston William V. Kugle, Houston Richard N. Lane, Austin Jack K. Aver, Austin Harry Elwell, Galveston M. C. Lewis, Hot Springs, Ark. William I. Lofland, Rockwall Founded: November 1, 1901, at the University of Richmond Robert 0. Moers, Houston Charles M. Noble, Oakland, Calif. Thomas H. Norman, Drexel Hill, Pa. Morris R. Roberts, San Antonio Homer Sanders, Silverton Robert H. Whitten, Navasota F. Pershing Wipff, Eagle Pass Second Year Laws Dean Capp, New Braunfels Jack Moore, Stamford First Year Laws Charles F. Petet, Austin Harvey Weeth, Panhandle Gardner Winters, Austin William York, Austin Noble, Krause, Hutchinson, Moers, Hoff- man, Fossler, Lane, Barberie. Norman, Moore, Wipff, Sanders, York, Metcalf, Kugle, Green. Preston, Whit ten, Standifer, I.ufiand, Stone, M. Lewis, Winters, Petet. Garrett, Roberts, J. Emmott, Perrine, Dobson, Shelton, Weeth, Ayer. PACE 430 SIGMA PHI EPSILON MEMBERS Juniors William Dobson, Fort Worth Preston Garrett. Paris Elton Hyder, Fort Worth Robert Lewis, Amarillo Jack Emmott, Houston Hugh E. Metcalf, Houston Harry A. Miller, Houston Nat Perrine. Austin Dick Preston, Grapevine Fred L. Ramsdell, Upper Darby, Pa. Jack Shelton, Austin ' William Stevenson, Houston Preston Staats. New Braunfels Jack Stone, Sudan Sophomores David Cook. Sinton Jack Frambai h. Houston La Mert Guyer, Dallas William Z. Gossett, Austin John F. Green. Hamlin Dan S. Johnson, San Antonio Robert Pennock, Fort Worth George Richardson, Dallas Joe T. Robertson. Austin James Tracy, Sinton Wirron Willson. Dallas Julius Ziegelmeyer. Dallas Freshmen Gevers Christopher, Austin Grover Cline. Fort Worth Jack Craig. Fort Worth Donald Douglas, Austin Hewett Emmott. Houston Hal Hillman. Dallas Edward Matthews, Palestine Mack Moreland. Austin C. A. Scbutze. Austin Karl Stalnaker. Austin Charles Standifer. Austin Ken WebbeL Austin William White. Dallas Harlin Winn, San Antonio 72 Chapters Texas Alpha Chapter established April 24, 1930 El ll. Willnm. Miller. Rickardmi, Capp. Staata. - II. Cuxtr. hile. Sulaakrr. Tracy. Ziet ScbutK. H.der. R. Lnri tkltbcn. Cnic. Hill- r. ! i : TAU DELTA PHI OFFICERS Consul LEO HOFFMAN Gustos MAURICE SHULMAN Scribe MILTON NURICK Quaestor RENE LEVY MEMBERS Seniors Leon Gordon, Bradford, Pa. Aaron Hessol, Mercedes Harold Leon, Houston Rene Levy, San Antonio Burton Grossman, Corpus Christi Leo Hoffman, Comanche Harry Friedman, Texarkana Ted Kaplan, Dallas Alfred Schulman. Bryan Founded: July 16, 1910, at the College of the City of New York ft Julian Meer, San Antonio Milton Nurick, Houston Lionel Rottenherg, Wharton Edwin Weininger, San Antonio Second Year Laws Lester Klein, San Antonio Maurice Shulman, Longview First Year Laws Weininger, Levy. Leon, Nurick, Schul- man, Cordon, Rottenberg. Shulman, Kaplan, Klein, Hessel, Fried- man, Singer, Hoffman. Goodman. Holland, Snyder, Watelskl, Meer, Grossman, Eisenberg. PACE 432 TAU DELTA PHI Harold Cohen. San Antonio Joe D. Eisenberp. San Antonio Harry Goodman. Lampasas Harold Harris. Alice Leonard Holland. Houston Gerson Cohen. Houston Max Goldfield. Goose Creek Edwin Jacobs, Dallas ' Herman Berger. AuMin ' Manuel Collins. Houston ' Jerrel Davis, Houston Walter Glass. San Antonio ' Sol Levin. Dallas Leriuon. H.rrit. H. Cohrn. J.fob,. GoidStld. MEMBERS Juniors ' Sylvan Kaplan, San Antonio Stanley Robinson. Austin Frank Singer. Dallas Chester Snyder, Austin Stacv Watelski, Dallas Sophomores Lewis Levinson. Fort Worth Eugene Prashner. Corpus Chris ti Sol Roosth. Tvler Freshmen Jack Michaelson, Dallas ' Seymour Richbook, Temple Man-in Rubin. Ballinger Gerald Sellinger, San Antonio ' Marcus Wiener, Robstown 21 Chapters Rho Chapter established January 17, 1926 Lr in. Collin,. C. Cohen. Rickkool, Pradux-r. Claw. irx-r. Brl. Rmbio. D.ri.. TEJAS CLU OFFICERS President . V ice-President . Secretary Business Manager BOB KEETON AL WELLS SHERARD SORENSON MARSHALL COLEMAN MEMBERS Graduate Robert Tharp, Pennsboro, W. Va. Seniors Earl Bescher, Jr., Austin Marshall C. Coleman, Eastland David Mitchell Currie, Austin Charles Fisher, Austin James Allen Graves, El Paso J. Ward Fouts, Dallas Percy Lee Harris, Fort Worth Tom W. Harrison, Stinnett Jack Evans Hicks, San Antonio William H. Pursley, Los Angeles, Calif. Sherard A. Sorenson, El Paso Carroll Brown, McAllen William Rufus Choate, Mart Tejas Club established September 27, 1925 Second Year Laws Bob Keeton, Stamford Al Wells, Dallas First Year Laws Crawford Gofer, Brownsville E. B. Roberts, San Benito Graves, Tharp, Bescher, Harris, Satterwhite. f Coleman, Wilson, Currie, Fisher, Harrison. Dawson, Choate, Pursley, Sorenson, Hicks. PACK 434 TEJAS CLUB FACII.TY W. PACE KEETON ROBERT THARP . HOWARD WILLIAM TOWNSE.ND Professor of Lau: Instructor in Public Speaking Instructor in Public Speaking J. W. Bartram, Mobeetie David Dawson, Mathis Billy Gillam, Mart MKMBERS Juniors Douglas Groesbeck. Austin Bill Satterwbite, Eastland Johnny Turner, Joshua Archer Wilson, Jr., Austin Sophomores John Lane Baskin, Cameron Forest B. Grain, Henderson Elton Hailey, Abilene Jack Herod, Atlanta, Ga. Jackson Hinds, Houston Wallace Jay, Marble Falls James F. McCarthy, Dallas O. B. Parham. Jr.. Austin Henry Scarborough, Palestine Robert G. Storey, Dallas Gofer, Foou. Well.. Toner. Roberto. Herod. Butna. Keetoo. CilUm. McCankr. Cnim. BiJrll. Sorkorootk. Croe eek. {_ I . , ; ' . THETA XI OFFICERS President WILLIAM HAWN Housemanager HAROLD SPEARS Secretary BEN D. ATWELL Treasurer JEAN W. SPEARS MEMBERS Graduates Gordon Mainland, Santa Barbara, Calif. Harold Spears, Jacksboro James Ahlgrimm, Austin Clint Anderson, Brenham John Carpenter, Austin William Hawn, Corpus Christi George Hayes, Kilgore William Highsmith, Prescott, Ark. Ben D. Atwell, Hutchins Roger Moore, Dallas James Heflin, Houston Roy Flournoy, Sour Lake Clyde Foreman, Livingston John Foster, Houston Founded: April 28, 1864, at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute Seniors Joe K. Johnson, Commerce Ernest LeMay, Austin Brady Tunnell, Grand Saline John Wassell, Austin Edgar White, Texas City Clarence Wright, Austin Second Year Laws Arthur Platt, Houston J. P. Wheeler, Austin First Year Laws Tom Sewell, Midlothian John Walters, Houston Juniors Alfred Jones, Hallsville Robert Long, Dallas Wayne Middleton, Fort Worth John Moore, Brenham Hawn, E. White, Carpenter, H. Spears, LeMay, Wheeler, Anderson. R. Moore, Tanner, Wright, Thorn, Main- land, Slubicki, Hayes. Platt, J. Moore, Foreman, Sewell, Foster, Walters, Hefiin. PACE 436 THETA XI LEO G. BLACKSTOCK . J. MALCOLM FORSMAN Wilson Ralston, Jefferson Earl Simms, Austin Carroll Slubicki, Austin FACULTY Assistant Professor of Business Administration Instructor in Geology MEMBERS Juniors Robert Tanner, Houston Leslie Thorn, Big Lake Francis White, Texas City Ritchie Wilson, Austin Sophomores Halbert Berry, Houston Clifton Billingsley, Jefferson Joe Bradley, Tulsa, Okla. Jack B. Brown, Austin John B. Erwin. Jacksboro James Gossett. Houston Harry Jacobs, Grand Saline James Kerr, Corsicana Reuben Barr, Austin Oliver Callaway, Corpus Christi Robert Lumpkin, Dalby Springs Drayton Morris, Austin George Peabody, Dallas B. E. Quinn, Beaumont Neal Sheffield, Alvin Jean W. Spears, Jacksboro John Terry, Stamford William Wilbom, Austin Freshmen Alvin Flury, Austin Leonel Simms, Austin 38 Chapters Rho Chapter established February 22, 1913 Bradley. Wilborn. Flurjr. Flournoy, Lone. Erwin, Simms. Alwell. ICerr, Sheffield. CoMett, Ahlsrimm. Terry, Berry. Peabody. Jacob . Qutnn, Brr, Wil on, LampLia. y, J. Sper. Hi(hmiib. INTEUFKATERNITY HOUSE MANAGERS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President WILLIAM E. DARDEN Secretary-Treasurer STANFORD BUSBY MEMBERS WILLIAM E. DARDE.N Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Chi Phi Delta Chi Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tau Delta Delta Theta Phi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Sigma Delta Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Delta Phi Theta Xi Meyer Jacobson Stanford Busby Charles Lockwood Ernest Godard Robert Von Tress Loran (Tex) Elliott Fred Downs Lloyd Birdwell Leon Adkinson James C. Watson William E. Darden Junius H. Morrill Walter Mathis Robert Patrick Baxter Paul Finklestein James M. Windham Roger Sullivan Nathan Roddy Billy Brink Burley Smith Harry A. Miller Edwin Weininger Harold Spears Weininger. Mathis, Busby, Roddy, Wind- ham, Godard, Morrill. Sullivan. Adkinson, Smith, Elliott, Wat- son, Finklestein, Birdwell. Downs, Brink, Baxter, Lockwood, Miller, Spears, Von Tress. PACE 438 Dormitories Family Style By Karle Wilson Baker " ... Without warning. Outrageously, incredibly. A roar that seemed to burst out of the silence like a beast out of a cave, filling the earth, the air, the sky. Then the leap of flame that followed the explosion. After that tongue of fire, a great burst of flame that roared and spread and mounted as if it were licking up the world. Great black billows of smoke like mountains, belching out as if all the inner fires were being disgorged at once. The whole roof of the sky was a gigantic rose, of deadly beauty. Duke, a grotesque figure in the wild light, leaped to his feet then sat down again on the side of the bed, with the ashy face of despair. " Copyright 1937 COWARD-MCCAN.V, INC. !. , ; ' ELAINE SMITH SCOTTISH RITE DORMITORY HOUSE COUNCIL Presid ent Secretary ELAINE SMITH CLARICE HOLLMAN Gloria Dawn Blue Anne Campbell Penelope Chatmas Margaret Conway Bertha Field Marv Helen Hall Adine Harrison Kathleen Howard Jane Marshall Betty Park Jean Tulloss Ruth Willis Top ram: CHATMAS, MARSHALL, WILLIS, HALL, HOWARD, FIELD. Bottom row: HOLLMAN, HARRISON, SMITH, CONWAY, PARK. PACE 440 SCOTTISH KITE DOIVMITOUY STAFF Director MRS. A. P. DOHONEY Assistant Director MARY JANE DAVIS Assistant Director MARJORIE MLSE Assistant Director MRS. WILLIAM MILES Business Manager THEL.MA STRIKE MRS. A. P. DOHONEY VI -I MILES. DOHONEY. STRIKE. PICE 441 ANDREWS DORMITORY STAFF Social Director HELEN FLINN Business Director MAY BROOKSHIER HOUSE COUNCIL President Secretary x. I - .- JEAN ST1NSON Betty Baker Lucy Lee Dickson Edith Fordtran Nita Beth Hays JEAN STINSON LOLABETH MOSER Marjorie Johnsen Marguerite McAfee Frances Simpson Lillie Marie Smith Dorothy Jean Wager Top row: Hays, Fordtran, McAfee, Flinn, Johnson, Dickinson. Bottom row: Simpson, Brookahier, Baker, Smith, Stinson, Wager. PACE 442 OAKOTHER8 DORMITORY STAFF Social Director CATHERINE NEAL Business Director . . . MAY BROOKSHIER HOUSE COUNCIL President MARY McLAi Secretary M RY ALICE KEETON Ruth Gotten Eileen Eitt Martha Harri- Marv Alice Lee Mar - McLain Mary Elizabeth Odem Cecilia Stein Bertha Lillian Stewart Evelvn Tomkies MARY McLAIX ,: STEIN McLAIN. HAKRIS. ODEM. EITT. COTTl N r m: TOMKIES. NEAL. kl.KTOV STE ART. BROOKSHIER. ; . . ;. ELIZABETH BASS GRACE HALL STAFF Director . MARTHA GAVIN HOUSE COUNCIL President Secretary Maureen Barnes Betty Ann Broussard Christina Christie Mary Virginia Griggs Nelda Murphy Vera Nachman Adair Schley Pat Stoll ELIZABETH BASS ZULEIKA STANGER Top row: BASS, CRIGGS. STOLL. STANGER. MURPHY. Bottom row: BARNES, SCHLEY. CHRISTIE, NACHMAN. PACE 444 KIUUY HALL STAFF Social Director MRS. A. B. SMITH HOUSE COUNCIL President AMTA ENGLISH Secretary CAROLYN LINSFORD Pat Loleman Rena Belle Crownover Barbara Daniel Catherine Davis Dorothy Fryer Phyllis Cuvette Man Ruth Huntinpton Ruth Nay lor Frances O ' Neill Pansy Lee Porter Lillian Ross Margaret Sullivan Emogene White ANITA ENGLISH . UTTE. WHITE. COI.F UV IUMH.. I.rNSFOIO. ..- DAVIS. ENGLISH. SMITH. FRVI R. 445 LITTLEFIELD DORMITORY MARY HEROD STAFF Social Director MARGARET PECK HOUSE COUNCIL President MARY HEROD Secretary MARTHA PEARCE Betty Sue Bownds Marian Caldwell Margaret Frueholz Margaret Johnson Marjorie Langdon Ruth McAtee Elizabeth Morrow Patsy Olsen Winona Stewart Sue Walker Top ran: FRUEHOLZ, MORROW, PEARCE, LANGDON, PECK, JOHNSON. Bottom row: STEWART, McATEE, HEROD, BOWNDS, CALDWELL. PACE 446 r NEWMAN HALL STAFF Director SISTER SABINA Social Director MRS. F. B. KILEY HOUSE COUNCIL President VIOLET ALKEMEYER Secretary MARGARET MLELLER Merle Callaway Lucille Camiade Lois Deshotels Evelyn Floerke Daphrene Gray Man Margaret Kepple Louise Martin Jane Mathias Patricia O ' Leary Dorothy Robertson Nella Salinas Lucille Smith Martha Ann Stavinoha Margaret Wiskochil VIOLET ALKEMEYER To f rott: SMITH. AI.Kt.MI.YKR. KllPI ' l.f.. KIUY. DESHOTELS. MATHIAS. MARTIN. Bottom ro : WISKOCHIL. UHUK. O ' LKARY. CRAY. SALINAS. STAVINOHA. CAMIADE. I ' .. . 447 PRATHEH HALL STAFF Business Director MRS. ADELAIDE DAZEY Resident Manager JIM LANGDON HOUSE COUNCIL President FRANK AYRES Vice- President PETE SOLITO Secretary-Treasurer . J. TURNER Sergeant-at-Arms W. A. HUGHES FRANK AYRES Top row: H. M. Helm, Belew, Fain, Harris, Carsner, Ayres, Coulson, B. Thorn, Carroll, L. Thorn, Fannin, Hinds, Grant, George Boone, Hailcy, Blum, N. S. Draughon, Bruyere, Caven, Bates. Second row: Wooldridge, E. Smith. Hughes, Green, James, Lubbork, Neiaer, Cohb, Jackson, Turner, Isensee, Spence, M. Draughon, Earwood, Hays, Winters, Schimeall, Imhoff, W. C. Smith. Third TOW: McLarty, Ramsey, J. Helm, Crumb, Frost, Nixon, Moody, Kessel. Lockett, Benavides, Zuniga, J. W. Parker, Pump, A. Johnson, Hopkins, J. H. Parker. Sud. K. Boone, Manterola. Dickens, Estes. I ' otirlh row: Nelson, Blalock, Peek, Irwin, W. Pirkey, Russell, Pearson, Bryan, Kroll, Noble, Nowierski, Gildersleeve, B. Pirkey. L. Jones, Wil- liamson, Sweeney, P. Boone, Winogradof. Biitlom row: Thomason, Gauss, Sharpless, Cox. PACI 448 KOHERTS HALL STAFF Business Director Social Director MRS. ADELAIDE DAZEY MRS. BERTHA EPPERSON HOUSE COUNCIL President THOMAS CROSSON V ' ice-President HARRELL CURLEE Secretary- Treasun-r NORMAN BAKER Sergeant-at-Arms ELTON HAILEY THOMAS CROSSON Top to : Jot MeConnirk. E. T. Jon .. Robert Lewi., C. T. Stone. Stone C.rner. Bill Holder. Al Babrlrh. Elmo Irbjr. Eid.on. Joe Sprk. ,,m: J.rk Fr.mbach. Pil MrC.tty. Lron.rd M.rtin. Vn Cyton. Billy Nerille. Cturle. Stephen!. Carl Hoera. Bob Parker, Dick Calkin,. jark Snullinf. Beale Dean. Stanley Kirk. B,l;m rent: William Haddork. Onrc.- i.r. Wilfrr.l Domax-hk. Paul Kairi.. Cro-.on. Daley, Eppenon. Joe Sander.. Mike Salina.. Hailey. Bill Whitmore. !. . 11- WOMAN ' S BUILDING SHIRLEY MORGAN STAFF Assistant Social Director Assistant to the Director MRS. PEARL G. CHADWELL FRANCES KERNODLE HOUSE COUNCIL President . Secretary . Dorothy Dickey Nan Lee Gay Maurine Morton SHIRLEY MORGAN MARCELLA SEITH Ruth Myers Annie Jo Russell Winifred Wood Top tow: WOOD, DICKEY, MORTON, SEITH. Bottom rou,: MORGAN, KERNODLE. CHADWELL, GAY. Pl 450 UPPER CLASS ADVISORS MARTHA HARRIS LITTLEFIELD Brtt Sue Bownds Marian Caldwell Margaret Frueholi Man. ' Herod Margaret Johnson Marjorie Langdon Ruth M. Ate Belle Elizabeth Morrow Patsy Olsen Martha Pearce Winona Stewart Sue Walker GRACE HALL Mar - Virginia Griggs Nelda Murphy Adair Schley KIRBY HALL Rena Bell Crownover Mary Ruth Huntington R u lli Nay lor Frances O ' Neal Lillian Ross Pan-y Lee Porter Margaret Sullivan NK M N MALL Violet Alkemeyer Merle Callaway Saphrene Gray Mary Margaret Kepple Pat O ' Leary Dorothy Robertson WOMAN ' S BUILDING Dorothy Dickey Nan Gay- Ruth Myers Shirley Morgan Maurine Morton Annie Jo Russell Mar. ella Seith Winifred Wood JESSIE ANDREWS Edith Fordtran Marjorie Johnsen Marguerite McAfee Frances Simpson Lillie Marie Smith Jean Stinson Dorothy Jean Wager SCOTTISH RITE DORMITORY Gloria Dawn Blue Anne Campbell Penelope Chatmas Margaret Conway Martha Field Mary Helen Hall Adine Harrison Clarice Hollman Kathleen Howard Jane Marshall Betty Park Elaine Smith Jean Tulloss Ruth Willis CAROTHERS Ruth Cotten Eileen Eitt Martha Harris Mary Mi-Lain Mary Odem Cecilia Stein Bertha Lillian Stewart Evelyn Tomkies MARTHA HARRIS Top raw: Odem. Pearce. Fordtran. SrcouJ row: RoberlMM. Fruebolz. Cottrn. Slin on. Smith. Langdon. Sullivan. fkird row: McLaia. Krpplr. Srilk. Morron. MrAfrr. Jhnwn. Gay. Johnaon. O Nral. Harrii. Foufttt row: Alkfmrvrr. O ' Leary. Smith. Gricc . Ifc a rr. Harriwon. Stein. HT H). B. Slrnart. Roaa. M.rr.. Bottom row: Huntinctnr. Morphy. Simpwa. Tomkin. Srhley. Olwa. Bo MrM.r. W. Stewart. MorgaM. Roarell. Pad til How Coyote Got His Name . . . " The Okanogan Indians tell a tale about how coyote got his name. The Spirit Chief, according to Mourning Dove, announced that on a certain day he would give names to all the Animal People. He who came first should have the choice name, and so on down to the last comer, who should get the least desirable name. Coyote, who did not like his name, Sin-ke-lip, or Imitator, was gleeful. He planned to stay awake all night and thus be the first to appear next morning. He decided on Grizzly- Bear, the name of the ruler of all four-footed people, as his first choice, on Eagle, ruler of birds, for second choice, and on Salmon, the good swimmer, for third. Half the night passed and he became sleepy. So he braced his eyes apart with two little sticks. " Now I can stay awake, " he said. But before long he was fast asleep, although his eyes were wide open. The sun was high when his wife called him. Only half awake and thinking it was just dawn, he ran fast to the lodge of the Spirit Chief. Seeing none of the Animal People there and smiling broadly at his cunning in being first, he asked for the name of Grizzly Bear. The Spirit Chief said, " That name was taken very early today. " Coyote could hardly believe anyone could have come earlier than he. Then he asked for the name Eagle, then for the name Salmon. At last it dawned on him that something was amiss. His gay spirit drooped and drooped when he found that all the names but Coyote had been taken. No one had wanted that name. The Spirit Chief at last said, " That is the only name left. You must take it. It is good for you. But to compensate you for the unpopular name, I shall give you special magic power, which will make you wiser than any other animal. I have important work for you to do: to conquer the People-Devour- ing Monsters. For doing that, for all the good things you do, you will be honored and praised; but for the foolish and mean things you do, you will be laughed at and despised. That you cannot help; it is your way. " So Coyote he is and wise he is today, being sometimes praised and often blamed and despised. And ever after that night his eyes were different. They grew slant from being propped open while he sat by the fire waiting for daylight. " Copyright, 1938 TEXAS FOLKLORE SOCIETY PACE 452 J-V-H: Medical School And Tell of Time By Laura Krey " ... Lucina knew what he was talking about the huge, humped Brahma bull that he had ordered of the herd James Hardenbrook, of the Democratic Committee, was raising .... " That damn bull, ' he (Gavin) said, ' was off like a streak o ' chained lightning. We ' d no sooner started back with him till he lit out, with his head down and his tail splitting the wind. Lord! ' he said, shaking his thick head of hair. ' Nothing stopped him. He broke through fences and swam the bayou, with me and Jake putting out hot after him, but never once getting close enough to head him off. ' . . . " ... ' He ran clean through a nigger house, through the hall and out the back door, and smashed the porch and a wall down doing it. They were all out in the field, thank the Lord, ' he explained, ' the niggers were. We cut around a clump o ' trees to head him off, and quick as he saw us, he made for us bellowing like a lion. Lord! ' he exclaimed forcefully, ' it never even occurred to me Jake ' d try to rope. You might as well-a tried to rope a couple o ' cyclones .... ' ' Copyright 1938 HOI ' CHTO.V MlFFLIN CoMPA.NY PAH 453 W. T. DAWSON, B.A., M.A., 1895-1939 Professor of Pharmacology, 1927-1939 H. 0. KNIGHT, B.A., M.D., 1880-1939 Professor of Anatomy, 1923-1939 PACE 4M FACULTY With great affection, Medical Section of The Caclu i dedicated to DR. A. O. SINGLETON, whose teaching? and principles are highly re- spected by students and alumni alike. MEYER BODANSKY. B.A.. M.A., Ph.D.. M.D. Frofciior of Pathological Chemistry PALL BRINDLEY. B.S., M.D. ProfeMor of Palbolofy WII.LARD R. COOKE. B.A, M.D.. F.A.CS. Profr or of Cynecology and Obstetric CHARLES H. TAFT, JR., B.A., M.A, Actiftg Prof or of Pharmacology TITUS H. HARRIS. B.A.. M.D.. F.A.C.P. Prof CM or of Psychiatry and Neurology B. M. HENDRIX. BA, Ph.D. ProfeMor of Biological Chet GEORGE HERRMANN. B.S.. M.S., Ph.D., M.D., F.A.CP. ProftMor of Medicine DONALD DLNCAN. B.A.. M.A Ph.D. Acting Profr or of AnIom JESSE B. JOHNSON, M.D. Profeveor of Radiology DORA MATHIS. R.N.. B.S. Dim-tor of Collcjc of Nur.inj DR. J. E. m-IUJAMS Srbool f Mrdiriae HERRMANN JOHNSON MATHIS PORTER ROBIN ' SHARP SINCLAIR SINGLETON SPIES SPILLER TAFT miLUAMS E. L PORTER, B.A M.A Ph.D. Profewor of Physiology EDWARD RANDALL. JR B.A M.D. ProfBor of Thrrai rir W. BOYD READING, M.D F.A.CP. Profeeeor of Prdialrir-. JOHN GEORGE SINCLAIR, B.S.. M.S., Ih.D. Profcor of Histology and tmbryoloey WILLIAM B. SHARP. B.A., M.S., Ph.D M.D. Prof or of Bactfriology and Preventive Mrdirioe H. REID ROBINSON. Ph.G., M.D F.A.CS. Profmor o( Clinin! Ob.lrlrir and CyBc -oloj W. F. SPILLER. M.D. Profoior of Dermatology and Sypbilulogy ALBERT O. SINGLETON, B ., M.D, F.A.CS. Professor of Surgery C. T. STONE. B.A.. M.D.. F.A.CP. Prof or of M- ii C S. SYKES, B.S.. M.D. Professor of Ophthalmology DICK P. WALL, M.D. Professor of OloJaryngology Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Medical Fraternity Founded, University of Illinois, 1902 Alpha of Texas Chapter Established 1920 OFFICERS Counselor President . Vice-President Secreta ry- Treasu rer A. 0. SINGLETON. M. D. G. W. N. EGGERS, M. D. F. H. LANCASTER, M. D. L. W. SHECKLES, JR., M. D. CLASS OF 1940 William V. Cruce Charles G. Freundlich Daniel Edwards Jenkins Wiley J. Jinkins, Jr. Lester Karotkin Maynard D. Knight William R. Knight, III Marie Louise Surgi Louis Branard Kost Robert Wallace Osborn Charles Edward Oswalt, Jr. Henry W. Poetter James Edwin Robertson Frederick Funston Rogers Mildred Stanley Jere Marklee Bauer Stanley Lewis Clayton T. G. Blocker. Jr., M. D. Paul Brindley, M. D. Willard R. Cooke, M. D. Dolph L. Curb., M. D. George M. Decherd, Jr., M. D. John J. Delany, M. D. G. W. N. Eggers, M. D. Marvin Lee Graves, M. D. George Herrmann, M. D. CLASS OF 1941 Clarence Thorpe Ray IN THE FACULTY J. W. Hillsman, M. D. William S. Hotchkiss, M. D. George T. Lee, M. D. James R. McMurray, M. D. Robert M. Moore, M. D. Seth M. Morris, M. D. Edward Randall, M. D. Boyd Reading, M. D. William D. Seybold, M. D. Wayne Hanson Granger William Cohn Levin Edward H. Schwab, M. D. William B. Sharp, M. D. Loyd W. Sheckles, Jr., M. D. A. O. Singleton, M. D. C. T. Stone, M. D. S. R. Snodgrass, M. D. Clyde E. Thomas, M. D. M. L. Towler, M. D. Jarrett E. Willams, M. D. ABLE, LUKE W.. B.A., M.D., Houston AXA. AKK ADRIANCE, CARROLL T., B.A., M.D., Galveston KI. +PS AINSWORTH, WILLIAM H., M.D., Georgetown MB Class of 1940 (? ALBERT. M 1t . M.D., Houston AKK IES, MARY DANIEL, B.A, M.D., Georgetown AEI ARCHER, T. J., JR., B.A., M.D., Holland +BII ARMSTRONG, JOHN WILLIAM, B.A., M.D., Houston AKK ARNOLD, HIRAM P., MJ)., Hemphill 8K+ ARNOLD, JAP, M.D., Gatesville S E. P2. Orteon AVES, FRED H., M.D., Dickinson +P. 0 1 ton BANKHEAD, ALEXANDER J., B.A, M.D., Tyler BANNISTER, MORTIMER H., B.A., MJ)., Del Rio AX. +BU, Oiteon BARNES, GEORGE BAYNE, M.D., Trinity AKE. AKK, (Hteon BEDFORD, D. R., B.B.A., M.D Fort Worth +PS BODENHAMER, J. G., B.A MJ), Brady BRADEN, ALBERT H., B.A., M.D., Houston AKK BREATH, BURT, B.A MJ), Port Arthur +FA. +PS. Oiieon BROYLES, GEORGE DILLEY, JR., B.A..M.D., Palestine ATO. AKK CANON, MAURICE A, BA., M.D., Amarillo +1. 0 teon CARRINGTON, W. L., B.S., M.D., Marquez PS CARTER, JAMES W., JR., B.A., MJ)., El Paso AKK CODY, MELVILLE L, M.D., Houston AKK COLLINS, ROBERT PAUL, B.A., M.D., Wichita Falls +BFI CRLCE, WILLIAM V, M.D., Texarkana 6K+, ADA DIMMITT, DEAN P., B.S, MJ), San Antonio +X Pct 457 Class of 1940 V n DOW, HAROLD D., B.A., M.D., Lubbock 4 Bn ELLINGSON, EUGENE A., B.A., M.D., Huntsville KZ. PS FOLEY, THOMAS H., B.A., M.D., Galveston X FREUNDLICH, CHARLES GILBERT, B.A., M.D., Houston AE, AQA GARCIA, HECTOR PEREZ, B.A., M.D., Mercedes GHORMLEY, WILLIAM CLAUDE, B.A., M.D., Abilene AX, X GHORMLEY, MRS. MARY O., B.A., M.D., Abilene AEI GIBSON, MARTIN H., M.D., Lubbock X GILLESPIE, CHARLES H., B.A., M.D., Temple 9K GOODWIN, CHARLES P., M.D., Port Arthur PS GRIFFIN, HAROLD E., B.A., M.D., Bloomington J BH JENKINS, DANIEL EDWARD, B.A., M.D., Dallas 2AE, AKK, AQA, Osteon JENKINS, MARION THOMAS, B.A., M.D., Hughes Springs BH JINKINS, WILEY J., JR., B.A., M.D., Galveston FA. BH. AOA, Osteon JONES, CHARLES C., JR., B.A., M.D., Comfort AE, AKK, i i-i,...,. KAMINSKY, PETER B., B.A., M.D., Galveston AE KAROTKIN, LESTER, B.A., M.D., San Antonio 2AM, AE, AOA KING, WALTER B., B.A., M.D., Waco AKK KNIGHT, MAYNARD D., B.A., M.D., Lubbock X, AQA KNIGHT, WILLIAM ROZELLE, III, B.S., M.D., Houston 6K . AQA KOBERG, FREDERICK J., B.A., M.D., Big Spring KOONTZ, LEE A., M.D., San Antonio KOST, LOUIS B., B.A., M.D., Houston AE. AQA LOCKER, S. BRASWELL, B.A., M.D., Brownwood McKINLEY, W. FRANK, JR., B.S., M.D., Marlin x PACE 458 ir Class of 1940 l. Mill . THOM S MOORE. B.S.. M.D.. Oakwood +AO. +PE OLSON, NELSE OLAF, M.D., Weatherford 9K+ OSBORN, ROBERT W., B.A., M.D., McAllen BK. AKK. AQA fr OSWALT, CHARLES E., JR., B.A., M.D., Fort Worth MX, AQA PAYNE. BEATRICE, B.A., M.D., Slaton AEI PETTA, WALTER B.. B.A., M.D., Fort Worth RAVEL, JEROME O., B.A., M.D., Austin MB RIDDEL. ROY J., M.D., Lubbock +1 ROBERTSON, JAMES EDWIN, B.S., M.D., Hillsboro +X. AQA ROGERS, FREDERICK FUNSTON, B.S., M.D., Dilley Bn, AQA ROOSTH, HAROLD, B.A., M.D., Tyler Ti . +iE SCHLECTE, MARVIN C., B.A., M.D., Houston 6K+ SCHLECTE, MRS. RUTH GARDNER, B.A., M.D., Waco AEI SKRIPKA, CHARLES F., M.D., Rosenberg NZN - IITH, WILLIAM LACEY, B.S., M.D., Sonora OK SPECK, CARLOS DALE, JR., M.D., Austin BK. +BII SPRINGALL, F. S., B.A., M.A., M.D., Dallas +P2 STAMPFLI, WENDELL P., JR., M.D., Monahans +X. Oileon 1 VM.KV MILDRED, B.A., M.D., Tyler BK. AQA STRAUSS, EDWARD H., M.D, Hallettsville MB l MNKK. WENDELL WESTON, B.S., M.D., Ft. Worth ME SWEARINGEN, R. O., M.D., Barnum +X. Otuoa THOMPSON, OLIVER H., M.D., INSON, T. CHALMERS, B.A., M.D., Houston WHITE, JOHN M., M.D., Port Arthur AKE. +BII. O.ICOD WITHERS, B. T., JR., B.A., M.D., San Angelo +K+. +BH PACE 459 Graduate Nurses ANDERSON, VIOLET, G. N. Manor, Texas HOGAN, CATHERINE, G. N. Galveston, Texas HUBER, DOROTHY, G. N. Port Arthur, Texas KIRSH, JACQUELINE, G. N. Burkhurnett, Texas LINSCOMBE, ELMIRA, G. N. Houston, Texas LONG, ESTHER MAUDE, G. N. Oakwood, Texas LOONEY, HELEN, G. N. Burlington, Texas LUCAS, JANE, G. N. Houston, Texas MILLER, JESSIE LEE, G. N. Careiicro, La. NORTON, KAY, G. N. Sugarland, Texas O ' NEAL, RUTH, G. N. Port Arthur, Texas LOESCH, EDITH, G. N. Brcnham, Texas PRINGLE, ELIZABETH, G. N. Dallas, Texas SHOWS, VIRGINIA, G. N. Edna, Texas TALLEY, MAURINE, G. N. Palo Pinto, Texas VINSANT, WILMA, G. N. San Benito, Texas WOODIER, WINIFRED, G. N. Vernon. Texas PACE 460 SEALY NURSES First rote: CroMman, Newsome. Eiland. Sandert. Meadows. Tew. Hancock. Erwin, Comerford. Duplech In, Fuller. Minion. Opel. Harder. Hester. row: Batte. Yelderman. Hanna, Crimm. Robinson. Thomas. Slivner. Knieger. Triplitt. Cox. Falk, Wilton. Clark. Third row: Hodge,, Hum. Millsap. Hoffman. Hafler. Tbornhill. Kick, it, Hundley, Wilson. Zellmer. Caskey. Ftrit raw: Jarrett. Compton, Pinner. Eimann. Cooper. Beckner. Whienhunt. Afnew. Rabstein. Evan . Roque. Sawyer. Cox. Loonry. Schaefer. Second rote: Manldin. Bell. Clark. Bachelder. Ballard. Milliki n. Roay. Brennan. Monk, Sehwethelm, Perdue. Takano. Porter. Dial. Austin. Third rote: U ' right. Hardy, Perkins. French, Frazier. Mutgrove. Spears. I ' lbrick. Keisler. Erwia. Paul. Knoehe. Tolar. Speck. Seifres. Guest. Westbrook, Hunt, Durham, Sturm . Fourth row: Meyer . Goza. Kruger. Sturgis, Waltz, Nadine Rose, Pauline Rose. Murph. Witte. Brandes. Legan. Donoho. Brown. Boyd. Seniors I Alpha Elliott, Eddy Mildred Behrenn. East Bernard Alvera Campbell, Galveston Dorothy Frost, Red Oak Edna Heartig, Woodsboro Marguerite Hardage, Alexandria, La. Bernice Henry, Calveston Anna Ruth Moore, Houston Louise Pieper, Brenham Juniors II Yvonne Beall. Beaumont Jeannette Beck, Fon du Lac, Mich. Eleanor Janice Batte, Lake Charles, La. Faye Clark, Menard Dorcas . ' mman. Hattif-lnirp. MU . Martha Clemmons. Grady, Ark. Ruth ( ' -omerford. Wills Point Joyce Duplechain, Galena Park Myrtle Lou Erwin, Galveston Erma Lorraine Eichert, El Campo Jean Grimm, Harlingen Mary Emma Hodges, Burkburnett Lorraine Hafler, Beaumont Virginia Adele Hanna. College Station Joyce Harder, Beaumont Willena Hester, Cleburne Corrie Lee Hundley, Houston Margaret Hum, Henrietta Kathryn Krueger, Velasco Jewel X ' irginia Millsap, Tyler Nellie Robinson, Galveston Genevieve Stivner, Galveston Betty Rose Thomas, Texarkana Geraldine Thornhill, Orange Lucille Agnes Triplitt. LaPorte Winnie Jean Williams, Alice Ann Meridith Wilson, Ben Wheeler Janet Yelderman. Rosenl erg Ariel Zellmer, Hattiesliurg, Mi--. Juniors I Florence Burmeister, San Antonio Louise Caskey, San Antonio Glennel Cox, Elkhart Laverne Eiland, Munday Dorothy Falk, Galveston Jewel Fuller, Texarkana Bessie Hancock, Wapunucki, Okla. Louise Hoffman, Houston Mary Virginia Knox, San Antonio Christine Meadows, Beaumont Reva Lee Minton, Joshua Henrietta Newsom, Wichita Falls Lasrhe Opel, Corpus C.hristi June Raggio. La Marque Ara Frances Samlers. nglcton Ruth Tew. Galveston DJpha V. il- m. I ' ur cll.Okla. 161 Undergraduates FKESHMAN CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS JUNIOR CLASS PACE 462 Student Officials TOM MCMILLAN, President. Senior Class WOODROW AVENT, +BH Vice-Presidenl. Senior Class MAYNARD KNIGHT, X Secretary -Treasurer, Senior Class MELVILLE CODY, A.K.K. Senior Honor Council Representative BOB OSBORN, A.K.K. President, Students Association MAURICE CANON, X Viee-President, Student Association ED STRAUSS, B1I Secretary-Treasurer, Students Association W. L. CARRINGTON, P2 Manager of Book Store FUNSTON ROGERS, BU Assistant Manager of Book Store WENDELL SUMNER, X Editor of Medical BURT BREATH, P2 Editor of Cactus HAROLD DOW, BH Business Manager of Cactus ALBERT BRADEN, A.K.K. Editor of Blotter DEAN DIMMITT, X Editor of Directory HAROLD BAREKEMAN, BU President, Junior Class WOOLWORTH RUSSELL, X Vice-President, Junior Class BILL SAWTELLE, A.K.K. Secretary- Treasurer, Junior Class SELWYN HUTCHINS, P2 Junior Honor Council Representative JOE McNEILL, X President, Sophomore Class LINDELL ENTZMINGER, A.K.K. Vice-President, Sophomore Class JACK GOOLSBY, P2 Secretary -Treasurer, Sophomore Class JACK UPSHAW, BII Sophomore Honor Council Representative HORACE SPENCE, A.K.K. President, Freshman Class BEVERLEY PAYNE, P2 Vice-President, Freshman Class CHARLES WILSON, BII Secretary-Treasurer, Freshman Class ALBERT CELAYA, X Freshman Honor Council Representative JACKIE KIRSH President, Senior Nurses Pice 463 Down in Galveston Walter Parks makes sure he ' s in the picture while Walter Long stays behind dark glasses. Northington, Hasskarl, and Woodward take their yields to the Chemistry lab. Branch and Mewhinney studying for Junior finals. Charley Parker poses for the Cactus photographer. Dr. Seybold at Anatomy demonstration. The Anatomy lab. Dorothy Huber and Jackie Kirsh pause out- side the Children ' s Hospital. McSween tags T. U. Taylor at home while Kirkpatrick looks on. Dr. Wall surround ed by a group of admirers, isn ' t really that alarmed. PACE 464 It ' s Not All Work Carey Hargrove in an " unclear " state. Ressman and Milburn study slides at the A. K. K. house. Dilley Broyles and Brad Oxford prepare for a short sail. Misses Burmeister, Hundley, Wilson, Knox, and Comerford enjoy the Galveston snow. Gabe Coleman throws a snowball at the cameraman. Dr. Bowen cools off while Nita Wichlep looks on. A group of the boys relax before supper with a domino game at the Phi Sig house, as John Welty and Tommy Taylor " kabitz. " A very wise freshman examines a dignified sophomore on the Phi Beta walk. The Theta Kappa Psis have a buffet supper. Clawater pauses as Goolsby finds the lecture " mysterious, " while Parker, Heye, and Welty take notes. PACK 46S- ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA Top row: Partain, Osborn, Albert, Braden, Able, Jenkins, Carter, Cody, Broyles, Barnes. Second row: Jones, Armstrong, King, Sykes, Manhoff, Andrus, Tausend, Mustain, Timmins, Lynn. Third row: Fitzwilliam, Smyth, Webb, Williams, Scardino, Sawtelle, Weatherford, Milburn, Snyder. Hall. Fourth row: Johnson, Fox, Entzminger, Beach, Frobese, Matlage, Ressman, Wall is, Oxford. Bottom row: Manhoff, Spence, Hasskarl, Dodd, Northington, Woodward, Youens, Gotham, Taylor. OFFICERS President CHARLEY JONES V ice-President JOHN ARMSTRONG Treasurer JACK PARTAIN Recording Secretary BOB OSBORN Corresponding Secretary JACK LYNN Historian CARSON WILLIAMS Marshal JACK Fox Chaplain LEONARD JOHNSON Warden GEORGE WOODFIN Dining Club Manager GEORGE BARNES MEMBERS Seniors Luke Able Mayo Albert John Armstrong George Barnes Albert Braden G. D. Broyles James Carter Arthur Clark M. L. Cody Dan Jenkins C. C. Jones Walter King Bob Osborn Jack Partain Juniors Bailey Andrus C. D. Fitzwilliam Jack Lynn L. J. Manhoff, Jr. 0. S. Moore, Jr. Rhoads Mustain Bill Sawtelle Lester Scardino Rodger Smyth Ed. Sykes, jr. Jack Tausend O. H. Timmins Jack Weatherford J. B. Webb, Jr. Carson Williams George S. Woodfin Sophomores Paul Beach Lindell Entzminger Jack Fox Alfred Frobese Clifford Hall Leonard Johnson C. M. Manhoff W. T. Matlage, Jr. Graham Milburn Brad Oxford Arthur Ressman Charles Rumble Ned Snyder Mack Wallis Freshmen Jimmie Barnard George Bernard Malford Gotham George Dodd Walter Hasskarl Harold Northington C. H. Spence Holman Taylor Herman Wall Joe Woodward Willis Youens PACE 466 ALPHA EPSILON IOTA P yac. Ane . Chorale . Saifi. Gorton. Sunler. Schleete. : Fro. Allen. Felter. Wilt. Reave.. VUchlet, Mulloy. : Nwh. Monk. Webb. ICBMB. Yoonf. Coleman. Bain. B.rr. OFFICERS President BEATRICE PAYNE Vice-President RLTH ALLEN Recording Secretary MARY LINDA GORTON Corresponding Secretary MARY WITT Treasurer GEORGIA FELTER MEMBERS Seniors Man Ames Mr-. Mary Ghormley Mary Linda Gorton Beatrice Payne Mary Louise Surgi Mildred Stanley Ruth Gardner Schlecte Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Ruth Allen Betty Cooper Sarah Ferguson Mi . Marie Gordon Georgia Felter Fanny Mackles Mary Mulloy Jane Nash Delphine Palm Poinice Reaves Mary Witt Ruth Bain Nell Barr Rose Coleman Franc ine Jensen Corinne Monk Margaret Webb Betty Young Ann Zarhary ; . i m NU SIGMA NU Top row: Petta, Oswalt. Skripka, Hunter, McCarroll, Vassallo, Hoerster. Second row: Davenport, Richardson, Wiggins, H. Snyder, Marshall, Bellnoski, Floyd. Bottom row: Shields, Russo, Ellis, Hull, R. Snyder, Dominey. OFFICERS President CHARLES OSWALT Vice-President C. F. SKRIPKA Secretary EMERY DAVENPORT Treasurer BEN PEYTON Historian SAM HOERSTER Custodian WILLIAM BELLNOSKI House Manager WALTER PETTA Seniors James Hunter Charles Oswalt Walter Petta Charles Skripka Juniors G. V. Carroll L. B. Grain Sam Hoerster Loy McCarroll Harry Vassallo MEMBERS Sophomores William 0. Bellnoski, Jr. Emery Davenport L. C. Floyd John Halamicek Howard Marshall Ben Peyton O. J. Richardson Hal Snyder Kenneth Wiggins Freshmen J. B. Dominey, Jr. John Ellis, Jr. Luther Hull, Jr. Galileo Russo J. M. Shields, Jr. Roy Snyder PACB 468 5ft ? -i J w--Vi- - i- f si -S S ' " " " " : " : I ' HI BETA IM Top row: Crin. Archer, Jukiu. Kobcrc, Ain.wonh. Wilbcn. Koonu, Wickeu. White, Rofera. Second rox: Avcnl. Slnuu, Dow, Speck. Poelter. Jiikini, Cellini. Picktlt. Ray, Horn. Tkird rote: Hill. Leilon. KelleT, Branch, Bluer. Jontt. Rii. Bireknun. Cunninch.m. Mrwhinnty. Founk rote: Wilborn. BukJn. Glut. W lker. Morrow. Upthaw, Sander.. Craddoek. Shepperd. Keith. Fiftit rott : Carmther . Connor. Berry. Benton. MrVfillin. McLean, Gillian. Coleman. Watklns. Bottom fotf: Johnson. Moorman, Wilson. Shurley. Jonea. Hargrove. Cox. Key. Bell. OFFICERS President MARION JENKINS Vice-President BILL AINSWORTH Secretary ALVIN Rix Treasurer W. J. HILL, JR. Historian-Editor . . WALTER GLASS MEMBERS Seniors Juniors Sophomores Bill Ainsworth Clarence Bailey Roy Baskin T. J. Archer W. H. Barekman Jim Benton Woodrow Avent Jere Bauer George Berry Mortimer Bannister George Branch Spencer Carnithers Paul Collins Bill Brown Marvin Conner Harold Dow Sam Cunningham Wallis Craddoek Harold Griffin W.J. Hill. Jr. Walter Glass Marion Jenkins Robert Hurn Gary Hargrove Wiley Jinkins E. K. Joi Frank Keith Fred Koberg Alfred Kelley Rush McMillin Lee Koontz Ed Leaton Grady Morrow Henry Poetter Logan Mewhinnev irpil Sanders Kunston Rogers Bill Pickett Roy Shepperd Carlos Speck Thorpe Rav Jack I. p-havk Eddie Strauss Mvin Ri ' Jack Walker John White Sam Wilborn Jimmie Walker Billv Wickens. B. f. Withers. Jr. Freshmen James Bell Gabe Coleman Jack Cox Roy Davis, Jr. Hilburn Gilliam Eugene Hargrove Alvis Johnson Roy Jones Julian Key William McLean Warren Moorman Jay Shurley Dale Watkins Charles Wilson ; . . I ' HI CHI I2ll 4 q a o . Q a .r AJfc A . l 4 IfN f 1 ' - " w . -: , v tfL - 4 . Garrett. Top raw: Knight, Gerlich, Locker, Sumner, Canon, Gholraley, Gibson, Robertson, Bodenhamer, Foley. Second row: Thompson, Stampfli, Dimmitt, Swearingen, Riddel, J. D. Donaldson, McKinley, Bagwell, Lett, Third row: Burnside, Klecka, Burnett, Callaway, Russell, Meitzen, McRee, Tottenham, Clarke, Clayton. Fourth row: Joslin, McBride, Jarvis, Lancaster, La Londe, Browne, Boice, Fish, McNeil 1, Baker. Fifth row: Spencer, Sitta, McCormick, Thomas, Coventry, Wallace, J. Brown, A. Brown, Atkinson, Allensworth. Bottom row: Joe Donaldson, Harris, Leigh, McKay, Cartall, Mahaffey, Smith, Wagner, Celaya, Roberts, Stubbleneld. OFFICERS Presiding Senior ROY RIDDEL Presiding Junior DODSON GARRETT Judge Advocate SAM GALLOWAY Secretary FRED SPENCER Treasurer NORMAN GERLICH MEMBERS Seniors W. T. Anderson James Bodenhamer Maurice Canon Dean Dimmitt J. D. Donaldson, Jr. Tom Foley Norman Gerlich William Ghormley H. Martin Gibson Maynard Knight Braswell Locker Frank McKinley Roy Riddel, Jr. James Robertson Wendell Stampfli R. O. Swearingen W. W. Sumner Oliver Thompson Juniors Wayne Bagwell Bill Bailey M. D. Burnett Ronald Burnside Frank Bussey Sam Callaway James Clarke Stanley Clayton Dodson Garrett Blocker Joslin Theo Klecka James Lett Edgar McRee Travis Meitzen Woolworth Russell Ed Tottenham Sophomores Sid Baker E. H. Boice Charles Browne Vaden Coventry John Henry Fish Walter Jarvis Albert La Londe York Lancaster James McBride Charles McCormick Joe McNeill Raymond Sitta Fred Spencer C. Skiles Thomas John Lee Wallace, Jr. Freshmen J. C. Allensworth G. N. Atkinson, Jr. Arnold Brown Jack Ross Brown Lewis Cartall Albert Celaya J. R. Donaldson Charles Harris Oscar Kirksey, Jr. R. E. Leigh, Jr. Cecil Mahaffey James Vernon McKay Tom Roberts W. E. Sharp Rex Smith, Jr. R. L. Stubbleneld Wilson Wagner PACE 470 : 6 PHI DELTA EPSILON IOC Top ro: Freundlich. Kot. Kamiiukr, Kmrolkin, iUtel, Rooslh. Second row. Tocker, Calatun, Lcrin, Tintcrow, Srhaffer, Colenternek. Ballon row: Rtbinowitz, Wcrtheimrr, Cohen, Kaplan. LTT, Ro9ngarlen. Wundcr OFFICERS President HAROLD ROOSTH Vice-president PETER KAMINSKY Scribe MAURICE TINTEROW Treasurer CHARLES FRELNDLICH Seniors Juniors Charles Freundlich Joe Galatzan Peter Kamin-ky William Levin Lester Karotkin Maurice Tinterow Louis Kost Jerome Ravel Harold Roosth Alfred Tocker MEMBERS Sophomores Joe Golenternek George Rabinowitz Randolph Schaffer H. M. Wertheimer Freshmen Milton Cohen Harry Lee Kaplan Moise Levy Theodore Myers Leonard Rosengarten Daniel Wunderman Pace 471 PHI RHO SIGMA 7 " op rou?; Arnold, W. L. Carrington, Adriance, Aves, Bedford, McMillan, Cox, Springall. Second row: Ellingson, Breath, Bankhead, Goodwin, Coleman, Hutchings, Downs, Alexander. Third row: Clawater, Marsh, Heye, Goolsby, McSween, D. C. Carrington, Payne, Parks. Bottom row: Welty, Roden, Taylor, Pruitt, Long, Kirkpatrick, Bruce, Garber. OFFICERS President JAP ARNOLD Vice- President FRED AVES Secretary SELWYN HUTCHINS Treasurer T. J. Cox PACE 472 Seniors Carroll Adriance Jap Arnold Fred Aves Alexander Bankhead D. R. Bedford Burt Breath W. L. Carrington T. J. Cox Gene Ellingson Charles Goodwin Tom McMillan Jack Springall Juniors Ernest Alexander Jesse Coleman James Downs Selwyn Hutchins MEMBERS Sophomores D. C. Carrington Earl Clawater Bill Fisher Jack Goolsby Randall Heye Jay McSween George Marsh Freshmen Ivan Bruce Pete Garber George Juneman Roy Kirkpatrick Walter Long Walter Parks Beverley Payne Jack Pruitt Jake Roden Tommy Taylor John Welty OSTEON r Top rov: Swearingen, Jenkins, Jones. C., Jinkinj, Broth, Ae. Sumpfli, Canon. Second rmc: Alexander. Bagwell, Hulchins, Mcwhinnev. Tottenham. Downs, Sykes, Picket!. Third row: Spencer, Class, Jan-is, McMillin, Clawater, Fox, Welty, Hasskarl, Juneman. Bottom rote: Frobese, Morrow, Key, Cartall. Jones. R. V., Woodward, Hargrove, Northington, Wagner. W. J. JINKINS, JR. JOHN WELTY OFFICERS Phi Beta Pi . Phi Rho Sigma . President Secretary -Treasurer MEMBERS Ernest Alexander Jap Arnold Fred Aves Wayne Bagwell Bill Bailey- Sydney Baker Mortimer Mannister George Barnes Burt Breath Arnold Brown Maurice Canon Louis Cartall Earl Clawater James Downs Bill Fisher Jack Fox Alfred Frobese Walter Glass Eugene Hargrove Walter Hasskarl Selwyn Hutchins Walter Jarvis Dan Jenkins Charles Jones R. V. Jones George Juneman Frank Keith Julian Key Richard Leigh James Lett Rush McMillin Logan Mewhinney Oliver Moore Grady Morrow Harold Northington Brad Oxford Bill Pickett Jake Roden Fred Spencer Bill Stampfli Sam Swearingen Ed Sykes Tommy Taylor Ed Tottenham Wilson Wagner John Wallace John White Carson Williams Joe Woodward George Wood fin PACI 473 44 YEARS OF CONTINUED SERVICE TO THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Books - Stationery School Supplies UNIVERSITY CO-OP " The Student ' s Own Store 2246 GUADALUPE STREET AUSTIN, TEXAS PACE 474 Just out of 12 o ' clock class, these hungry students are trying to get across the Drag and eat . . . Barbara Hardison, Marian Schneider, and Polly Ann Neece pose for the photographer on the Union Building steps . . . Grace Innis and Sam Field u-ere strolling across the S. R. D. lawn when this was taken. . . The Alpha Delta Pi float was one oj the best entered in the Round-Up parade . . . Johanna CristoL, Lois EdeL, Lethale Copland, and Janet Engle wonder u ' hy their dates are late. Austin ' s Leader in Campus Fashions Since 1893 Si lire the clays when the ten-year-old University of Texas had but 328 students and " Scarbrough ' s " was a small one-floor store, this Texas-owned department store has been headquarters for university students and Texas exes. Five individual shops offer fashions that meet the special demands of classroom, sports and social activities on the campus and are correctly keyed in weight and style for Austin ' s climate. carbrough Sons vj Congress Ave. at Sixth St. Austin. Texas PK.E 475 OMPLIMENTS OF 616 CONGRESS Austin ' s Leading Store for Men -.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim 477 Compliments of THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK AUSTIN, TEXAS Fifty Years of Service and Protection H. A. WROE . E. R. L. WROE . L. J. SCHNEIDER . V. P. PATTERSON . A. C. BULL . . L. D. WILLIAMS . W. W. SHROPSHIRE GORDON SMITH . W. R. LONG, JR. . BEN M. BRIGHAM J. H. MEYERS Chairman of Board President Vice President Vice President Vice President Cashier Assistant Cashier Assistant Cashier Assistant Cashier Assistant Cashier Assistant Cashier W. H. BADGER A. C. BULL W. S. DRAKE, JR. THEO. Low BOARD OF DIRECTORS TOM MILLER THEO. P. MEYER J. R. NICHOLS V. P. PATTERSON BEN H. POWELL L. J. SCHNEIDER E. R. L. WROE H. A. WROE A. J. ZILKER, JR. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation U. S. Depositary PACE 478 . Here at Reynolds- Penland, the Men of Texas are finding ... the year ' round... the smart, new and handsomely different first in clothes of unquestionable quality . . . styled by the nation ' s leading authorities on university clothes . . . tailored by leading manufacturers to our own high standards. We invite you to visit our store frequently for previews of " tomorrow ' s styles! " Reynolds-Penland Suits Fashion Park Suits Arrow Shirts Enro Shirts Bostonian Shoes Stetson Hats 7l4e Men AUSTIN DALLAS PCE 479 The Austin National Banl of AUSTIN, TEXAS FIFTY YEARS OF FRIENDLY SERVICE CHARTERED MAY 9, 1890 Resources $20,000,000.00 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION U. S. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITARY PACE 480 Jriski W. L. STARK MANAGES AIR CONDITIONED CAFE COFFEE SHOP PRIVATE DINING ROOMS Austin Headquarters of the University, Faculty, Alumni and Student Body P. W. McFADDEN CLAUDE E. HILL UNIVERSITY DRUG STORE P. W. McFADDEN CO. Continuous, Satisfactory, Dependable Service SINCE 1885 PACE 43J Send Us Your MAIL ORDERS FOR Books Supplies WE PAY POSTAGE AND SHIP SAME DAY ORDER IS RECEIVED TXAS BOOKSTORE " ACROSS FROM UNIVERSITY 2244 GUADALUPEST. Burton Grossman and date dance to Henry Basse ' s music . . . Adele Neely and Dorothy Ball were Pi Phi ' s envoys to Mardi Gras . . . Bill Morgan, Mason Johnson, and Ethel Golman take time out while rehearsing for " Our Town. " PHONE 3702 Adds to Your Comfort Pleasure Convenience and Satisfaction A. C. KNIPPA G. C. SEIDERS Self Serve Grocery and Market 100% QUALITY, COURTESY, AND SATISFACTION 1001 Congress Ave. 3101 Guadalupe St. 412 West 6th St. PACE 482 GREETINGS AND BEST WISHES TO UNIVERSITY STUDENTS FROM J. C. PENNEY CO 513-15 CONGRESS W r rf! JJJJU Roberta Struss, Mary Sue Ries, and Carlie Barnes provide harmony at the Cowboy Minstrel . . . Sereral of Basil BelTs campaigners gather around the party emblem . . . Mary Darden poses on the Kappa stairs. Specialists in the Examination of the Eyes and the Fitting of Glasses Seventh " Where the Students get their Glasses ' ' SEVENTH AND CONGRESS AUSTIN, TEXAS NORCE REFRIGERATORS R. C. A. VICTOR and ZENITH RADIOS New and Used Furniture Stoves and Ranges Floor Coverings 204-206 East Sixth Street Phone 6061 Austin, Texas YOU must break the seal Call for BRYANT ' S MILK AT YOUR GROCER ' S or Phone 4329 FOR HOME DELIVERY J. C. BRYANT CREAMERY CO. PACE 483 {Catherine Langdon pledges Kappa, much to the liking of Sally Duncan and Sylvia Riner, as well as her ou-n . . . Bill Peavy and Scott Dabney perform in the Delta Sigma Phi Minstrel at the Varsity Carnival . . . Lamar Dupree and Mary Elizabeth Hayter look over the Bull Creek scenery . . . Peggy Ramsdell and Nanine Simmons, together with two more reasons why Billie Simmons was elected Secretary. Luggage with Personality Robert Mueller Bros. 510 Congress Ave. AUSTIN, TEXAS Best Wishes HIRSH DRUG STORES ON CAMPUS SINCE 1925 ELDON POWELL FLORIST 2001 Guadalupe 2-9273 Mason Johnson dons cap and gown for Time Staggers On . . . Cameraman Edwin Jacobs demonstrates how he represents a Dallas newspaper on the campus , . . Regina Cassidy and Lyman Ripperton smile at something behind the scenes of " Our Town. " PACE 484 . MILLER. Bi.ri. Gaaunr WHERE THE VARSITY CROWD EATS Pure Foods Good Service A Pleasant Smile LOOKE ' S CAFE 815 CONGRESS MIKE BALAGIA PRODUCE MARKET " The House of Courtesy " 515 W. Sixth St. Phone 2-5419 PIT BAR-B-Q FRESH MEATS POULTRY EGGS - We Deliver - BARBECUED CHICKEN E. S. SWANN WM. SCHULLE Compliments SWANN-SCHULLE FURNITURE CO. Home Furnishers and Office Outfitters AUSTIN, TEXAS Exclusive " HOME COOKING " On the Drag for 23 Years WUKASCH BROS. CAFE - Air Cooled - 2002 Guadalupe Phone 6305 PACE 485 The Walter Shop 2262 GUADALUPE PHONE 8-2411 Air Conditioned 4% ON SAVINGS SHARES Mutual Deposit Loan Co. Member of Federal Home Loan Banking System it 8% PERSONAL LOANS 10-12 Monthly Payment FIDELITY TRUST CO. 905 CONGRESS AVE. CONNELLYS FLORISTS 209 WEST 19TH Extend Thanks and Appreciation For Your Patronage AUSTIN TEXAS Quality Materials Fair Prices Intelligent Service Over Half a Century of Home Building in Austin CALCASIEU LUMBER CO. Three Point Service CONVENIENCE- CURB- DELIVERY- ELDRIDGE MOORE DRUG CO. 12th Rio Grande " Style Center for the College Miss " 504 CONGRESS AVE. AUSTIN, TEXAS Compliments of YOUR FRIENDLY 5 lOc STORE Hage Co, ON THE DRAG Paintings Fine China Silver Gifts Ye Qualitye Shoppe The Art Shop of Austin FANNY M. ANDREWS AUSTIN, TEXAS PACE 486 WATSON FLORAL SHOP 2602 GUADALUPE PHONE 2-9294 MILLETT MANSION 900 BRAZOS " Best Family-style Meals in Austin " STELFOX ' S DIAMONDS SILVER WATCHES Austin. Texas COSETTE BEAUTY SHOP 2544 Cuadalupe Phone 2-1557 ROWELL ' S SHOE SHOP BOOTMAKER Jill Kind, of Footmw Skillfully Rtco ditionrd CURB SERVICE 1 0 LAVACA STREET Compliments C. A. Hyltin Funeral Home INVENT AMMLUNCE SERVICE Phone 5389 1104 Cuadalupe THURLOW B. WEED FUNERAL HOME AUSTIN PHONE 5159 2236 CLADALL ' PE Texas Cleaners Shoe Repair ACROSS FROM THE UNIVERSITY flUSTin LflUMDRY AND DRY C EANING COMPANY DIAL 3566 Wedo7amit V ntug -DIAL 3566 I5l f LAVACA STREET ; - Edison Dreamed . . . Of a day when every human task would be done by electricity. The incandescent lamp that first flickered more than half a century ago lighted the way to this goal. Today, practically every household task can be done quicker, safer and more economically with electric service. And the Electric Industry has made this great record of progress under private ownership with Public Regulation. SAN ANTONIO PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY EVERYTHING CONSIDERED Your Best Assurance of Complete Dining Satisfaction MILAM Cafeteria AUSTIN SAN ANTONIO Choose COOLERATOR FOR GENUINE ECONOMY FOR UNMATCHED BEAUTY Special Features of Our 1940 Models Welded steel cabinet (Bonderized) ; chromium trim; Coolerator ice-conditioning chamber; sliding shelves; nickel-plated copper drain system; removable base panel; concealed latches; durable rubber door seals; porcelain floor, rounded corners; large cupped leveling screws; high bake finish throughout (including ice compartment). o p| THERE VIS ONLY ONE Coolerator 3523 AMERICAN SERVICE COMPANY V. 2nd St. BALAGIA PRODUCE and MEAT MARKET milk Fed Chickens Corn Fed Beef Barbecue Eiery Day- Phone 3511 505 East 6th GET WISE! For Good Things to Eat KAMP MARKET GROCERIES PHONE 6835 Fruits, Vegetables and Meats It ' s in the Market, We Hate It EIGHT CONVENIENT DRUG STORES IN AUSTIN ONE LOCATED AT 2324 GUADALUPE STREET (Across the Street from Texas Union) ' There ' s Nothing Accidental About Quality " ' AWK OUTSTANDING FOR ORIGINAL FOOD SPECIALTIES No. 1 336 So. Congress, Austin No. 2 20th and Guadalupe, Austin No. 3 Main Ave. Ashley. San Antonio Alice Beakley and Jim Cheu trtrt snapped ttl the Sigma u formal . . . Sam Field lookt ut rifkt in ike tyt . . . John Janet and Ben Duf ie tnotr Phi Pti rutheet how to cool off. PACE 489 The Style Shop of Austin Leon ' s Slipper Shop Beautiful Footwear for Co-Eds 604 CONGRESS META ' S MILLINERY SALON in the Marie Antoinette 504 Congress Avenue RANSOM ' S DRUG STORE We Appreciate Your Business FREE DELIVERY SERVICE LUMBER - - MILL WORK and Other Building Supplies Our Specialty PAINT AND ENAMEL Brydson Lumber Co, 415 W. 19TH TELEPHONES 5331-5332 J. R. REED MUSIC CO. " Your Friends " SINCE 1901 KELLY SMITH CLEANER DYER HATTER FURRIER 209 W. Sixth St. Phone 2-3131 BUICK COVERT AUTOMOBILE COMPANY 321-323 WEST SIXTH STREET AUSTIN, TEXAS BOOKS, SUPPLIES AND STATIONERY Send us your order for your correspondence needs HEMPHILL ' S BOOK STORE OPPOSITE LAW BUILDING AUSTIN, TEXAS THE SLAUGHTER STORES LOMIS SLAUGHTER Wholesale Retail FOODS HOME DRUG Co. " The Appreciative Place " 2230 GUADALUPE ST. PACE 490 ESTABLISHED 1847 Junr Carr and Hrttrj Cortrt item to 6r enjoying thr SACt rottumt party . . . fho taid it nrirr tmout in Au-ttin? . . . Bob Cangrloti ind Iry Let Jontr posrj for tA our at (A Jan Garbrr dm cr . . . Brtnnrr Hammatt looltt oj I ihr ' s trying hard to mak? that clots AH time. llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIII- = S . . . always come to " your downtown shopping center . . . s MERRITT-NflBOURS CO. = . . . home of clothes by Don Richards. Hart Schaffner Marx. Kuppenheimer, Manhattan. Mansco. Enro. Nor-East, Knox. and other nationally known brands. Custom tailoring for men and women. | Share Our Values and Our Friendliness -tlllllMIIIIIIIIIIHIIIMIIIIMIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIItllllllMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIM Seventh and Congress 491 THE CAPITAL NATIONAL BANK IN AUSTIN U. S. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY WALTER BREMOND, JR., President JNO. A. GRACY, Vice President WALTER BOHN, Vice President ED ONSTOT, Vice President LEO KUHN, Cashier JOE S. DUNLAP, Ass ' t. Cashier W. C. KENNEDY, Ass ' t. Cashier R. CARTER HOWELL, Ass ' t. Cashier MEMBER F. D. I. C. Keep Modern with Gas Servel Gas Refrigerators are the newest in house- hold refrigeration. The Refrigerator you hear about but never hear. cvt- Texas Public Service Co. 907 Congress Ave. Austin, Texas PACE 492 MIAD-S INTAKT DTtT MATTRJAtS ARC ADVERTISED ONl.V TO PHr 1CIWV NO m NG OtRTCTKW ACOOMPANr TRADE PAtl-ACfS INrfWMATiOH IN RtGARn TO FEEDING IK SUPPIIFD j L TO THE MOTHFR V WRITTE " mfnaxtK MV niau HF nocroi VHO CHAncr? THE rrEmKCrt j nioM T1MF. TO TIME TO MEET J MOTt or THI ooiic INTAKT ' UTEHATVM U rUWSHDONl.TTO S PHTSCUM- DEPRESSION OR NO DEPRESSION in good times and in bad SERVAMUS FIDEM . . . " We are Keeping the Faith " (1) Numerous activities in the direction of keeping infant feeding in the physicians hands (example, public educational ads which have been published before and during the depression). (2) No public advertising f Mead Product. (3) No dosage direc- tions or formulae to laymen. MEAD, JOHNSON CO. EVANSMI.I.K. I l)l . U. S. A. I ' ioneers in Vitamin Research An Opportunity For The Future We want to help you plan for the Security of yourself and your present and future family. To some of you this help will come through the medium of some form of insurance. Others will find employment with us in one of our various departments. We opera te from coast to coast and from Canada to the Gulf. RmcRicon nfliioriRL msuRflncc company GALVESTON, TEXAS . . .W.L. MOODY, JR., PRESIDENT PHOTOGRAVURE STUDIO OFFICIAL CACTUS PHOTOGRAPHER 2205 MARKET DIAL 2-3613 Ccu DEPARTMENT STORE Galvestons Dominant Department Store 2208 Ave. E Dial 9441 GALVESTON MODEL LAUNDRY SANITOXE Dial 5522 2502 Church St. PACE 493 The American Printing Company Lithographers, Engravers, Printers, Book Binders, Stationers, Office Supplies, Furniture, and Filing Equipment GALVESTON TEXAS 2018 MARKET ST. Established 1881 KAHN LEVY Furniture, Radios and Floor Coverings Complete Line of Draperies Norge Electrical Refrigerators 2117 CHURCH ST. GALVESTON, TEXAS CENTRAL DRUG STORE We Deliver Dial 7419 SCOTT FLOWER SHOP ' ' Personal Sincere Service " Member of Florist Telegraph Delivery 2609 Broadway Dial 2-74512-7681 Calveston, Texas Compliments of ESQUIRE CLEANERS NURSES ' UNIFORMS CAPES COATS ACCESSORIES Catalog on Request BRUCK ' S Nurses Outfitting Co., Inc. 17 No. State St. Chicago, 111. Use MODEL MILK it ' s better Dial 7767 2327 AVENUE G Galveston CLARKE COURTS Commercial Stationers Lithographers Printers Engravers Dallas Houston Compliments of PIPERI ' S BARBER SHOP LEOPOLD SHAFER CO., Inc. 2311 MARKET Where Students Find Just What They Want Correctly Priced MARTINELLI BROTHERS Makers of " MOTHER ' S QUALITY BREAD " 3601 Ave. H Dial 2-2421 UNEEDA LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Market at 19th Dial 4647 Portraits by Photography CHRISTIANSON-LEBERMAN Austin PACE 494 Compliments of REX LAUNDRY GARBARDE ' S PHARMACY AMERICAN NATIONAL INSIKANCE BLDC. Dial 9151 Galveston, Texas MEDICAL STUDENTS . . For microscopes, dissecting sets and instruments of highest quality, you have at your disposal the resources of the world ' s largest surgical supply house. A. S. Aloe Company. See Aloe representatives F. F. Rogers and W. L. Carrington at the Students Cooperative Bookstore. A. S. ALOE COMPANY St. Louis, Mo. Los Angeles, Calif. Compliments of PURITY CREAMERY CO., Inc. o PLANTOWSKY ' S DU1 4378 Furniture Store Comrr 23rd and C QUEEN BARBER SHOPS Your Favorite Shop Bcrill W.hon H.n Ufty Rt Smith- B.k r No. 1107 21.1 Street No. 2 222 Mirkrl DUI 6723 PETER GENGLER CO., Inc. rkflttflr U fruit Groftr, t 4 2001-2007 Market St. Kneisley ' s COLLEGE INN Dial 22013 10th C KNAPPS SHOP FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Dial 2941 4105 Ave. O Compliments of HOTEL GALVEZ Chas. A. Schlotter, Mgr. Calveston, Texas OSCAR SPRINGER PRINTING BINDING STATIONERY Commemc r m ! IwilatioM 21.M 123 Strand Calveston, Texas Dial 8821 Compliments of THE HABERDASHER Dial 2-4122 419 21st 2ZM-2S A.-. B C. C. COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS Dill 7771 C]VOIOD. Compliments of TEXAS CLEANERS For Professional Appearance PARKER ' S PROFESSIONAL APPAREL Designed for the Interne EARL C. PARKER COMPANY 7 Houston Walgreen Drug Store DRUGS WITH A REPUTATION 22(12 Postoffice Street Galveston. Texas FREE MOTORCYCLE DELIVERY Dial 6348 MALLOY SON FUNERAL HOME Broadway at Thirty-first Galveston. Texas W. L MOODY SON BANKERS ( Unincorporated ) Established 1866 GALVESTON. TEXAS Pl , ;. ' The photographer got some good close-ups of Sarah Pennington and Tilda Jane Graver . . . Bill McBirney seems to feel pretty satisfied about having a date with Mary Catherine Groves . . . " You don ' t mean it! " says Eleanor Ann Van Zandt. " One of America ' s Really Fine Stores. " Specializing in Men ' s, Women ' s and Chil- dren ' s Apparel and Accesso- ries. Occupying six floors of the 35. story Gulf Building. HOUSTON To THE 1940 GRADUATES We Extend Best Wishes for Success The National Bank of Commerce Capital - Surplus - $2,500,000 $2,500,000 HOUSTON, TEXAS Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. PACE 496 GREETINGS from LUTCHER STARK BOYS ' BAND Orange, Texas To a ... GREATER UNIVERSITY We Salute You! H. J. LITCHER STAKK Sponsor LUTCH STARK BOY ' S INC. UNIT 1 FRANK HUBERT Director ! . Tony Billings, Nelson Puett, Charlie Fyle, and Mildred Inks in a cozy little get-together . . . Louise Johnson was caught just as she was leaving the Alpha Xi Delta house . . . Herb Petry takes a little strenuous exercise . . . W ' ilma Jane Burt, Mary Jane Garrett, and Barbara Benton chat in front of the Theta house. the largest store The largest aty f the iarassf state Foley Bros, pioneered collegiate fash- ions in junior sizes for co-eds . . . and now offers as likely fashions for the " eds. " When in Houston . . . making the most of your allowance . . . come around to Foley Bros. TEXAS OWNED... TEXAS MINDED! MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION PAGE 4M TO A GREATER UNIVERSITY Compliments of JESSE H. JONES INTERESTS HOUSTON, TEXAS PiOl 499 IM 71 MEN - MATERIAL MACHINERY The " Three M ' s " are responsi- ble for the world ' s advancement and certainly " Men " takes pre- cedence over Material and Machinery. The entire country should feel proud of its University of Texas - because it moulds men. Hughes Tool Company HOUSTON, TEXAS Wh en in Fort Worth Visit . THE BLACKSTONE FORT WORTH ' S HOTEL OF DISTINCTION RmmBRS TO SflD Chocolates SOLD BY BETTER STORES More Power at Your Finger Tip than in all the world ' s horses! Flip a switch and the light comes on. Plug in an electric appliance and elec- tricity does a host of things for you. But behind this ever -available electric service there is an organization of skilled men, operating modern generating ma- chinery and other electric equipment to provide you with this service. Good electric service doesn ' t just happen. Trained man- power and high-grade equipment working 24 hours a day, make your lights burn when you snap a switch. TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY PACE SOI " THE EYES OF TEXAS... " There s a thrill in the song because there ' s so much of truth in the thought to those who quit the campus with each graduating class. The eyes of Texas ARE upon you, looking to see how you will use the knowledge you ' ve gained. Whether you apply that knowledge to oppor- tunities within the Lone Star State, or whether you go farther afield, " The Eyes of Texas " will REMAIN upon yo u in pride, feeling a partnership with you in your achievements. The very factors which contribute to the greatness of Texas Univer- sity invite you to turn your abilities to the continued improvement of things as they are in Texas. PACE 502 THANKS to you men of Texas for your fine friend- -hip . . . and welcome, too, whenever you are in Dallas to this store for men and young men . . . i: H in u ni MAIN AND ELM AT LAMAR DALLAS Jfry Pr+rl Lvnm slept to f rnauph to smilr and say ktllo . . . Dottn tkf Cki Omfgm wmlk com? P f.fv Dodson and Dorothy Jmm TOHI . . . Elixmbetlt Swift. Sux nxr OmJtniaf. a d VwiMr Simmons tmlt it orrr by t fah pod . . . lUy McC tc x mad Elizdx-th fool folk Am rug- cut. MAJORING in CONSISTENT, OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE MOBILGAS MOBILOIL p.. i I. REINHARDT SON CHAS. R. TUCKER JNO. L. COTTINGHAM General Insurance Agents For 52 Years 200 First Natl. Bank Bldg. Dallas, Texas 2-1291 The Dekes couldn ' t lose any game with a rooting section like this one . . . Wally Lawson and Martha Lutz just finished a coke in the Commons . . . These are two of the costumes which found their way to the Junior Prom . . . Connie Kisten traded her horse for a bicycle. FRED W. ADAMS, BBA, ' 19 The Adams Extract Co. SINCE 1909 Manufacturers of " ADAMS BEST " Austin, Texas Page and Southerland ARCHITECTS Nalle Bldg. Annex LOUIS C. PAGE LOUIS F. SOUTHERLAND Compliments THOMPSON BARWISE FORT WORTH ATTORNEYS AT LAW TEXAS MORGAN BRYAN B. B. STONE J. B. WADE B. L. ACERTON B. G. MANSELL BRANDON STONE G. W. PARKER, JR. R. F. SNAKARD Associate A. E. BROOKS Tax Attorney Bryan, Stone, Wade Agerton ATTORNEYS AT LAW FORT WORTH, TEXAS PACE 504 trt ' nch Boot Shop l -TIN Beautiful SHOES (Campus display- across from Union YORK Ice Machinery Corp. AIR CONDITIONING REFRIGERATK N " OSice;- and representatives in Houston (Southwestern Httqrs.) Dallas. San Antonio, and many other points " YORK Headquarters for Mechanical Cooling since 1885 WE ARK CRATKFl ' l. KOR THE PRIVILEGE GIVIN I- lit UAKIV: THE SEVERAL INSTAI.I.ATIONS IN THE i: IVERSITV OF YOL- WILL NOT FIND BETTER WORK. SERVICE, OR PRICE THAN YOV C4.V GET COOK PRINTING CO. I6I LAV A OFFIOAL PRINTERS FOR CLUB - STUDENT AND ELECTION FISHBURN Offers EXPERT CLEANING on favorite evenirg dre-- - 1 IL ORDERS receive prompt attention 3200 Ross Ave. Dallas, Texas NDftCNDCMTif SMURPWEE ICE PRESIDENT Tku it mo t ' t jmt a nrophytr am a Eattfr Egg Hunt . . . Tkr startrr uituldn ' l xnrk, tn Barbara Hnmr and Sarah Pfnninptun kad to Foe lAu tknt, tkt pkotograpkrr got to look up into th prritv faces of Jerry Coition, An Kirttling, Jackie Raiburn, and Dorothv %f sgrm e . . . Tmrm Clmb JfmotuUmlei the Texas St r dan . . . Sererol of tJtr Chi Omtgm tee of . . . Spate tmicer. PACE 505 EDGRflUinGS in THIS BOOK UIERE PRODUCED By 5TRFFORD EncRRumc co. FORT WORTH EnCRflUERS FOR THE BETTER BOOKS IP T EHR5 i Thank you Al King, Burt Dyke, Frankie Welborn and the Board of Publications for giving us the opportunity of serving you this year. K We hctve thoroughly enjoyed working with the Cactus Staff in the production of this volume. It is our hope that you who read this book will realize the year ' s effort that has been put forth by the staff to produce both an entertaining and attractive yearbook. Our organiza- tion, employing a large crew of experienced craftsmen and using the most modern printing equipment, has worked in the spirit of cooperation in the hope that we have aided the staff in carrying out its plans. ! TIE UK Pill -R c. II 3301 BUFFALO DRIVE Houston, Texas i . L - Margaret Burchard, Jack Grain, Mary Julia von Blucher, and Gilly Davis arrive at the Varsity Carnival . . . Lois Highams. Julia Denton. and Lucy Bell Smith study in the Kappa basement . . . Pete Jordan looks a little sly as he heads for the Chuck Wagon. WOLFF MARX . . . Quality! . . . Service! . . . Courtesy! Striving ever to bring to critical San Antonians the newest . . . the smartest . . . the most im- portant modern merchandise of the day ... at prices in keeping with the trend of the times! Experienced Life Insurance Counsel Let me help you start your life Insur- ance program . . . I ' ll be glad to come and see you anywhere in Texas! CHARLES E. SEAY 200 Southland Annex Bldg. Dallas UNIVERSITY OK TEXAS G K A D U A T K Unii ' ersily-bound Alpha (. lit Outruns are Barbara Jones, I ' ir inia t aughn, and Anne Graves . . . Clyde LaMntte, Belinet Phillips, and Mac Roy Kasor give uul some neu ' s during the Texan hour . . . The members (if this happy t uartel are Paltie Mae Dodson, V v Locke, Anita Ariir. un, and Villa Gidley. PAGE 50 J IN- ' IITl T10N UK K HHN TOMO. TK - Compliments of W. F. FINCK I ' lBl.lC H M NT A l IIHTOR Offices: Rosenberg City Hall Rosenberg. Texas MKMBF-B AMERICAN ACCOI NTINr, B ' tti .. ' kflf X7. Wo I hold mf Ikr Pki WB ' J tthnl ulnr flfmjittg r Mc4 rkrr. R ' tt HmJgtmt mmJ C.ftrttf Morrison Aov tfifif rtfningt ml k ' tmr . . . Tliit itudrnt drcidril f ItUlr frrUl air mlont nlk kit math . . . Tkrtt flirt Juutrr gmiln fr ti4rm ir Lrm tarjr . Dnr,,ili, Hrxrr. J Clrir Birkmtn. The boys had to hold Mary Clyde to make her Aare her picture taken . . . Bob Strauss stopped tj see what un going on and got " shot " . . . John Hicks and Ben AU J.I introduce Composer John Ynung to the Texan Radio audience. TO THE CLASS OF ' 40 We hope that the grander, larger Joske ' s luu ' ldin- which your families and other families of Texa- ince 1873 helped make possible, will be looked upon by you as a reward from the public tn Joske ' s for honesty and usefulness. May it inspire you to pursue as we did, the course of integrity and service and may your reward be success comparable with ours, in any ti.-ld you deride to enter. JOSKE ' S VIONIO. TEXAS P...I StH I A sketch class works in front of the Physics Building . . . Helen Ann Berman, Rosalind Block, Janet Rosenberg, Dorothy Kaplan, Leone Block, Adtle Fudner, and Johanna Cristol take in Austin sunshine . . . The Phi Gams are smiling but they really want that dinner gong to sound . . . Chi Omegas take inventory after their fire . . . Sam Field and Lamar Dupree just stood up and posed . . . Never were more beauties together at one time than during the finale of the Round-Up Revue. ' y . ' ' . ' ' .-:- ' . ' . :!. ' - UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SAN ANTONIO ' S LARGEST HOTEL and ONE OF AMERICA ' S FINEST 4 FINE RESTAURANTS 3OO OF ITS SOO ROOMS AIR-CONDITIONED Gene ral Marnie xecutive A$$ ' tM No matter what the time or occasion, the Gunter ' s the place to meet your friends for any kind of gathering. Private rooms for dinners, dances, hops and meetings; complete staff of caterers, package house, circulating ice-water in every room garage in connection, plus every facility for comfort. CENTER of EVERYTHING " ' in. San Antonio THE HUMBLE COMPANY A TEXAS INSTITUTION extends to the class of 1940 its hearty congratulations. May you find in your life ' s work both happiness and success. FRED L. WILLIAMS JESSE J. LEE CEO. D. SEARS IRL F. KENNERLY W. H. BLADES FRED W. MOORE ALAN B. CAMERON T. E. KENNERLY ROBERT N. WILLIAMS SAM R. FISHER ROLAND B. VOIGHT LAW OFFICES OF WILLIAMS, LEE, SEARS KENNERLY -I KK BUILDING ORANGE, TEXAS PETROLEUM BUII.DIM. HOUSTON, TEXAS PACE 511 JAMES AND CONNER ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW 1606 W. T. WAGGONER BUILDING FORT WORTH, TEXAS THOS. R. JAMES GEO. M. CONNER E. E. SANDERS CALHOUN ANDERSON AI.I.EN B. CONNER Ralph W.Malone, ' 14 William Lipscomb, ' 16 Curtis White , ' 23 George E. Seay, ' 32 John Plunket, ' 37 MALONE, LIPSCOMB, WHITE SEAY ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS Southland Life Building Dallas. Texas William Thompson William R. Harris Wm. C. Thompson Marshall Thomas Dwight L. Simmons Sol Goodell James E. Henderson Robert E. L. Knight, 1865-1936 George S. Wright Thomas A. Knight Adair Rembert J. Paul Jackson Harold F. Thompson Wm. A. Rembert, Jr. Rhodes S. Baker, Jr. Rhodes S. Baker Alex F. Weisberg J. Hart Willis Pinkney Grissom Theo. F. Morton William H. Neary lohn W. Rutland, Jr. Will R.Harris, Jr. Thompson, Knight, Baker, Harris Wright ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS Republic Bank Building Dallas. Texas BEN H. POWELL A. J. WIRTZ J. A. RAUHUT W. S. GIDEON C. B. JEFFREY W. W. FISHER HOMER THORNBERRY LAW OFFICES POWELL, WIRTZ, RAUHUT GIDEON Littlefield Building AUSTIN, TEXAS PACE 512 ZENO C ROSS ATTORNEY AT LAW 703 Fort Worth National Bank Building Fort Worth, Texas LEE KIRKWOOD Attorney-at-Law TRINITY LIFE BUILDING FORT WORTH. TEXAS Rosser J. Coke Henry C. Coke, Jr. Julian B. Mastin Thos. G. Murnane John N. Jackson COKE COKE ATTORNEYS AT LAW First National Bank Building Rosser J. Coke, Jr. Arthur Hamilton Richard Henderson Dallas. Texas Howard Templeton S. J. Brooks Clinton G. Brown Wilbur L. Matthews Clinton G. Brown, Jr. (DECEASED) Walter P. Napier W. F. Nowlin Harper Macfarlane Albert S. B. Negley BROOKS, NAPIER, BROWN MATTHEWS I. MO NATIONAL BUILDING Attorneys at Law SAN ANTONIO. TEXAS M . W. Terrell J. R. Davis J. C Hall LeRoy Jeffers E. W. Clemens A. V. Knight Theo. F. Weiss TERRELL, DAVIS, HALL CLEMENS SOUTH TEXAS BANK BUILDING Attorneys at Law SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS R- J. Boyle J. D. Wheeler R. N. Gresham Robert W. B. Terrell H. M. Parker BOYLE, WHEELER, GRESHAM TERRELL ATTORNEYS AT LAW SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Roy C Sewell Walton D. Taylor Larry W. Morris J. Toll Underwood Ben Connolly W.J. Knight Ben G. Sewell SEWELL, TAYLOR, MORRIS CONNALLY SECOND NATIONAL BANK BUILDING ATTORNEYS AT LAW HOUSTON, TEXAS H INDEX AJ.E.E 328 AJMS. 329 AS.CJ: 330 -4-S.M.i 331 Akkey. William Aleuader 75.392 Abbot. Fr.nk Carrigan. Jr 44 Akaey. Aaaa Joaeahiae 383 Akaey. Fredrick 405 Akranuon. Alfred 298. 315 340 ale 329 Adair. John Garland 242. 271. 272 Adaum.Ma.rice 90 Adami. Gilbert Erne,. 9 . ITS Adaaaietz. Clarence 174 Adam.. Bonnie Grace 75 Adam.. Catherine 84 Adaau. Dori, 389 Adam.. Evelyn 373 W 40 . F. J 3 0 .Fred 182 Adam.. Jame, Franklin 315. 323 , Jaaae. Nick 17? 37J Adaau. Margaret 44 Adam.. Mary Jo 90. 17 . 389 Adam.. Maurice 315 Adam.. U 392 Adam.. Robert M.nin 300 -a (BUM 90. 421 Aderma.. Billie 388 Adkin.. Ckarle. F 175.315 Adkin,. Galen Roy 44 Adkin,. Henry Levi 423 Adkin.. Jack Scott 163. 1 4. 300 Adkin.. Rocoe C. 319 Adkia.. Willelene 340 .406. 438 i Section 25-40 Agar. Ele leu ...84. 170. 212. 353. 371 Ahlgrimm. 43 Ahr. Leo 345 Airklea. laakell 170.339 Aiaoonk. John Manin 72. 414 Akin. Edwina 212 Alker.. Carl C 355 Alben. Cora Fruee. 371 Albert. Dorwhy 325 Albert.. Harold 177 Albright. Spencer D 319 AlcmHr. Tkr 1 5 Aldenon.C- J 345 Aldred. Jack V. A 400 Alexander. Bill 397 Alexuder. Dorothy France. 383 Alexuder. Neil Keatoa 44. 306 Alexander. Balk Boaldia 44 Alexaader. S. R 316 AlkeaM-yer, Violet Valerie 44.170. 313. 319. 33 . 350. 447. 451 Allea. Corrie 318 Allen. I . Vun 315 Allea. Daley Floyd 410 Allen. Jame. K 356 Allen. Jame. Percelle 90 Allen. Nel 35 Allen. Tkeodore Lyttoa 337. 338 Allen. William (C. Willi.i 428 Allea. William Eamil 75. 337 Allen. William Prearott 427 Ailing. Evelyn 370 Alliaaonu Joka Barckell 242. 412 AlltaMM DntaViel Allison! Jame. . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' . ' .411 Alliaoa. Rath 374 Alliaoa. Sam 17 AMred.J. B 3 1 Allan,.. WeMon 328 Alflu Cki Omega 3 0. 3 1 Alflu. Drlu Pi 362. 3 3 AlfluEfiil Drlu 2 8 Alflu Eftilo Pki 3 4. 3 5 AlfkfCfmm Drlu 391 Alflu UmM Drlu 299 Alfk+ Pki 366. 367 Alflu Pki Omega 300 Alflu Tan Omega 392. 393 AlfkfXi Drlu 368. 3 9 Allan. Ace 401 Alterman. Roben M. (Bob) ...163. 305. 315. 425 Altmaa. Bella 44. 336 Altaa. Ckarle. F 90. 356 All .. H. A 324 Amacker. Robert B.. Jr 44. 402 Jean ....1 9. 212. 391 Amavaaa. Reginald Karri. 315 Aawler. Walter Scott 9 . 174 Aaaalead. Billy 331 Anranoaen. Roben Fred 84. SIS Aadeek. Andrew 413 Aaden. Corinne 337 Aaden. EIIU (Dick) ...317. 329 Andenoa. Andre. Lero. 301 a.Cny To.n-cBd 410 Aadenoa. Uakellc 363 Aadenoa. Jacqueline 212 Andenoa. Jokn Wallace 411 Aaderaaa, Katnarine Raynold. ..307. 382 Andena . Lyna 174 .Aadenoa. Marjoric C 44. 343 Aadenaa. Mar. i. Lvmixr 75 Aidmaa. M.rv Lee 31 Aaderaam. R. C 316 ndeno9.Tkonut 174 Aadertoa. M plr 90 nder o. (Billvl Di.on ... 84 Andenaa. inie(red; ..349. 367 ndrr.. Did 316 AmJrtmv Dormitory 443 A lre... Henry C.. Jr 397 ndres. Louiw 333 A.dre... Mljar illi.m Tillorr ....303 Andre. .. VII 159 A.drr.Ton S 90 Anaa. leu 347. 364 AppenoB. William Jrfrin. Jr 396 Apptiaf . Clenn 388 in. 42. 321 AqiiUr. Cariot 34J Arrkrr. Nonma Eline 44. 212. 226 Arled(e. M rr Vi.pnU 84. 371 Arlin. Clara Louire 75 Annaco !. Jane 371 Anaen. ElnaWtk Ana 75 ArauMor. Aliae Adelle 75. 169. 362 Armttro . Jokn Barclay 392 Aratroaf . Loui e Landn 339. 3K5 Am troac. Mar. Julia 312. 366 Norman Hafood 44 An r aa.Aiu 90.331 Arnelt. Eaxl 324 Arnell. R. Kevnetk 75 Araold. AafMaa 427 Arnold. Mary Virpoi. 387 Araold. William Buck 414 Arredoado. JOK 340 AAbrl Lamrf Socirn 332 A. hrroft. Benjamin Franklin 411 A.ker. millian D 315 A.kley. Jokn 399 Aaley. Virfiaia 370 Atkton, Ewelle 350 al. Jr 322. 396 for CkilJhooJ EdmcmUa . .333 Alrkioa. Jad 272. 273. 275 Atkana . Cut 44. 317. 324. 3 9. V AtUnia 241-294 AlUrtic Com til I Atkia . Evelyn La renre 90 AtkJaa. Joyce Elaine 299. 367 Atkint.Marr Lee 90 Alkin on. France Jiyne 99 AlkiariHi. Norman 84. 401 4i.ell.Bea D 436 Aonia. Earl B 395 Autin. Joka Floiea 90. 1 9 Au.lia. Joka Le i- 90 Aatrr. Erelyn Maad 384 Araet. Leoa 329 Aielrod. Pkvllis 364 ..r K 4- Ayer.. Muriel 3 0 Avaeoortk. Or. K. H 27 -. Frank Jr 44. 448 Bake). Waller Buefrk. Al Babioae. Herkert Allen Backnua. Qe e Bacoa. Riaaldo A Baetke. Looi. B.etke. Ronald J Lilliaa 392 320 .159. 303 .159. : 374 . Clinton Ciddiac.. -44. 1 . 43 E. A. 329 Aadin.a. Frut L. 315 Bagwell. Wilfred George 44 Baier. Louiae Eunice 212. 348 Bailey. Charlie Nichol. 44. 301. 302 Bailey. E. W 314 Bailey. Cordon 345 Bailey. J. R 298 Bailey. Jame. Howard 90 Bailey. Jaae 336.382 Bailey. Lucile 212.371 Uilli.m Marvin 44. 175. 300 Bain. Frank Lnlie 306. 428 Bain. Boy Moat. 394 Baird. LaRoy 422 Baker. Aloaxo (Loa) 173. 408 Baker. Brttv 212. 442 Baker. Brace 356 Baker. Dori. Editk 44. 313. 321. 382 Baker. Farrel K 75 Baker. Harry 315 Baker. Mildred 340 N -rmaa 449 Baker. Ret Cavia 410 Baker. Roben Henry 413 Baker. Robert Hiaea 410 Balaro. Ralph 315 Baldwia. Joaepk B l 212 MaME races Baldwia. Margie Claire 382 Baldwin. Marjorie Boae 3 3 Ball. Beltye 84 Ball. Dorothy 222. 307. 344. 38 Bank,. Richard Jame, 44. 351 Bank.. Stanley 315. 405 Butel.E. C. H 324. 330 Barkarie. Dougla. 331. 430 Rarkce. Lloyd Henry 314. 420 Barker. Mary France, _ 84 Barclay. L elud 324 Bareoeld. Mania (Bed, 242. 272. 275. 345 Barekman, Louiae 28 Barge. Genevieve 170 Barge. Roben 174 Barker. Brace Weldon 75 Barker. Eugene C 37 Barker. Ruth Ellen 75. 3O9 Barlow. Ed 31 Barne.. Carlie Louite -.44. 170. 35S. 3 ' 8 Barne.. Maureen 441 Barne . Newton 4 rg Barne.. William Edward 313. 315 Barnett. Law rrnce 29 I Barnett. Mildred Eugenia 44 Barney. Robert Oen 75 Barnhan. Anne 212 Bamk.rt. Joe M 75. 340 Barnhill. Myra 290 Barn well. Norma Gene 84. 326 Baromeo. Chae 17O. 173 Baron. Berth. 341 Baro.iak. William 351 Barr. Reuben 437 Barrel). Bet.y Ware 84 Barrett. Thurman 31. 353 Barrier. Larue 44. 336. 339. 362 Barrier. Olivia 84. 343 Barroa. Margaret Elizabeth 212. 380 BarteU. Bemkard Julio, 45. 330. 324. 331 BarteU. Karl F 315. 331 Bank. Wilkar 4O5 Bartkolow. Jack W 45. 180. 225. 304. 324. 330. 414 Bankolow. Ted 304.315. 324. 330. 414 Banlett. David 45. 175 Banlett, Jame, 421 Banon. Henry 345. 354 Banon. Joef A 348 Banoa. Mr.. Jc ef A 348 Banoa. Merrill 401 Barton. Wavne Alton 90 Banon. William Arthur 300 Bantam. John W 435 Bmtrbmll 263-26 Bary. V. D 242. 246. 2Si Badiara. Virginia France. 90 aiterci 255-262 Bakctt. Robert Dudley 392 Ba.tin. Clara 212 Baakin. Joka Lane 298. 315. 435 Bia.. Elizabeth 41 Baa. Fae Baaa. Grace Merle 366 Ban.. Jame. Peter. Ill 75 Btaa. Koy McLauriae 315 Baaa. Balk 318 Bale.. Mary Sue 45. 22S. 310. 312. 313. 318. 336. 350. 366 Batiz. Juan de Dio. Jr 42 Bat ier. Henry 242. 278. 280. 281 Bat ier. Margaret 373 Btt. Charlotte 170, 365 Battle. Joe 330 Battle. William Don 298. 315. 414 Baum. !a 383 Baum. Priacilla 382 .Boa. 1 9 Baiter. Robert Patrick 416. 438 Bayer. Ed. in 421 Bayley. Jame. N 45 Beaklev. Alice Clyde ..180. 343. 349. 388 Be.ll. Belly 343. 3 2 Be.ll. Editk 370 Beall. V ' amer 33 Beam. France. 309 Bean. Richard 315 Bean. Woodrow 399. Beard. Vivyen 45. 33 Beard.lev. Walter C ITS. 315 Bealey. Rulk 42 Bea.lev. Scottie 343. 382 Beck. Rulk Helen 38] Beddoe. Helen Alyne 90. 3 1 Bedford. Anna Beth 212. 349. 370 Bedford. Jokn P 75 Beeman. Alice Lee 32 Beeler. Amo. Edward 75 Bee Ier. Harry Baatia 410 Begeman. M. L 330 Beilkan. France. Margaret 9T 212. 299. 381 Belcher. Robert S 421 Belew. David Owen Ill elknap. Ivan Carl 223. 315 Brll. Bail Bernard 174. 175. 306. 337. 42 Bell . Claude 408 Bell. Dick 401 Bell. Dorothy 3(2 Bell. Editk 299. 35 Bell. Joka L. 173. 42 Bell.Loaiae 75 Bell.Madelyn Roae 3 4 Bellamy. Mary Elizabe th 90 Bellmont. Ted 401 Bellmont. I_ Tkeo 31. 40 Benavidet. Enrique F 340 Benavide . O-cr .328 Benckenlein, Genevieve Loaie..307. 387 Bender. Rickard 404 Benjamin. David Gleaeoa 1 8 Benn. George 341 Bennett. Iri. Helene 299. 390 Bennett. Mary Lee 75 Benaetl. Shirley 333 Beaton. France. Ellea 299. 3 1 BenKw. Leonard R 320. 324 BeBMM. Walter 28 Benloa. Barbara 332. 344, 380 Benleea. Lloyd M 428 Berdirkcasky. Hope 75 Berger. Herman 433 Berkman. Ingrid ..3 9 Berliner. Edwin 424 Berly. Bitty 45. 3 7 Berman. Helen Anae 350. 3 4 Bemam. Genoa 315 Bernard. Lynn Allen 75 Berry. E ITS Berry. Hal ben 437 Berr% . Virginia 212. 380 Betcher. Earl. Jr 434 BruAlflu, Pii 301 B+u G mmm Sigmu 302 Bru Tkru Pi 394-395 Betkke. Earl 348 Belt.. Olive 391 Bevan. John 409 Bevil. Jack Nugent 45 Seville. Jane Katkeriae 45 Bi.lko.rki. Mary Margaret 75 Bi.rd. Jack 315 Bible. Dana K 241. 242. 254 Bickley. Jo Agnes 333.370 Carl 414 Biekl. Margaret Eugenia 45. 336. 380 Bierman. Anne 374 Bieaele. Grace Annette 344 Bigger . 170 Billing.. Arveline 373 Billing.. Bill 242. 278. 279 Billing.. Bob 242. 278. 279 Billing.. Dori. 372 BilJing.ley. Clifton 437 Billing.ley. Don Fred 315 BilU. S.muel E 304. 330. 352 Binion. C.vett Savers 410 Binnion. Jokn E 175 Bird. Betty Ann 335. 382 Bin!. ell. John David 410 Bird.ell. Lloyd 311. 404. 438 Birdwell. Mack 411 Birdwrll. Madeline 1 9 Bitkee. Jame Robert 45 BUkop. Eleanor ..84. 299. 321. 350. 3 3 BUkop. Web.ter. Ill 413 Bnartt. Eldoa 90.315 Bit m d Saar 334 Birin.. Jame. Maurice 302. 305. 410 Black. Kate 213 Black. Kenneth Parker 90 Blacken. E. J 27 Leo C 301 Bl.ckstock. Lou Emily 381 Rla ' k ell. Harold Alfred 9 Blade.. Joteak Duncan 90. 393 Blair. Bettv Helen 45. 336. 368 Bltir. Doloro 75 Blair. Mary Margaret 373 Blake. Brace ITS BlaVemore. Emmett 39 BUIock. IrbT Lee 3 Blalock. William Clarke 31S Blanckette. Jame. Crady 90. 161. 315. 415 Bland. David 414 Bland. Kathleen ....29. 38. 336. 354. 371 Blankenbeckler. Betty 312. 332. 343. 3 6 Blankenbeckler. Frank Aldenoa. Jr...412 Blanton. Annie Webb 318 Blantoa. Ira Yate 90 Blutoa. William Neal. Jr 396 Blend. Harvey 90 Blevin . George Phillip. 174. 30 Bliw. Cunit Tiernan 161. 423 Block. Leone 350. 3 4 Block. Ro-!y. 3 5 Blodcetl. Mr.. Yvonne 176 Blomberg. Ckarlc. R. 317. 324 Blae. Gloria Da.n 344. 440. 451 .tefiei 186-211 Pacr. 515 NAMES PACES Bluebonnet Belle Nominees 212-220, 232-240 Blum, Elizabeth 364 Blum, Helen Dolores 364 Blum, Henry F 84 Btum, Lawrence 419 Blumberg, Jane Knolle 307, 346, 388 Blundell, Mary Lewis 388 Blunt, Paul Boren 400 Bly, Homer 395 Boatright, Mody C 166 Boaz, Willis 90 Bobbin, Robert Lee 395 Bock, Mary Frances 45 Bockstein, Sylvia 350, 376 Bodine, Lucille 360 Boe, Robert 298 Boeck, Charlotte G. ...45, 227, 310, 318, 347, 358, 384 Boggess, Mina M 318 Boggs, Herschel 42 Bohls, Flora Julia 84 Boll man, George Hubert 410 Bollman, Thelma A 318 Bond, Frances Corinne 75 Bond, Fred Smith 45 Boner, C. P 40 Booe, Merle Ann 213, 367 Booker, John 352 Boon, George Murry 75 Boone, Kiel 90 Boone, Oliver Kiel 177 Boone, Pat Henry, Jr 90 Booth, Norma Adrienne 84 Booty, Katherine 343, 386 Borarte, Robert Henry 392 Borden, Lcwallen 359, 392 Borden, Mary 161, 382 Boren, Jack 420 Boren, William 329 Bernstein, Frances 213, 350, 376 Borrett, Lloyd 398 Bosl, Ernest Andrew, Jr 45, 396 Bost, Howard Lee 45 Boster, Raymond, Jr 298, 315 Bostick, Alton Frankie 90 Bothwell, Jane 382 Boucher, Betty 371 Bounds, R. C., Jr 315 Bourn, Robert 75 Bowden, Andy James, Jr 45 Bowden, Netholyn 366 Bowen, Charles Bentson 300 Bowen, Mamie Marjorie 170, 384 Bowere, Mary 387 Bowers, William 408 Bowles, Iver M., Jr 45, 329, 400 Bowles, Mary Margaret 90, 391 Bowles, Mary Virginia 382 Bowman, Estil Arthur 84 Bowman, Gus Booty 412 Bowman, Joyce 374 Bowman, Viola Maude 169 Bownds, Betty Sue 75, 446, 451 Bowyer, Virginia 389 Boyd, Adelaide Patricia 169 Boyd, Betty 75 Boyd, Charles Rex . . . . f . . . 315 oyd, Clifford Love . tS tfTT%! -84 oyd, Clyde HaffiiHon, Jr 45 Boyd, Trenton 184 Boyd, William P 306 loydstun. Joe Frank 301 loydstun. Ward L 84 Boyle, Anne 333, 382 Boysen, Betty Jane 385 Brace, D. K 345 Brace, Laura Linn 336, 366 Bracht, Fred A., Jr 90 Bradbury, Jack 176 Bradfield. Barbara Pearl 213 Bradfield, James Y.. Jr 45 Bradfield, Tom Walling .; 90, 415 Bradley. Joe 437 Brady, James J 353 Brady, Katheryn 371 Brady. Margaret Lurline 318, 333 Brand, Pauline 365 Brandenberger, John W 322, 396 Brandes, Allen P 45, 306 Brandon, A. L 341 Branham, Virginia 370 Brannon, M. J 397 Bransford, Frances Le Sayers ..45, 213. 336, 347, 349. 358, 362 Bransford, Sara Scott.. 161, 347, 349, 362 Braselton, Mary Louise 358, 374 Braubach, John 278 Braver, Dorothy Rachael 335 Breaux, Fred Randolph 306 Breeding, Crystal Dawn 84 Brelsford, Homer Gates 423 Brelsford, Regenia Marjorie 84, 213, 347, 384 Brewer, Dorothy 325, 386 Brewster. Joan 170 Brewster, Robert 398 Bridge, Glen W 90 Bridges, Hal, Jr 46 Bright, Betty 84 Briggs, Melton Lee 46, 301, 302, 306 Brill, Idanell 168 Brimble, Raymond 348 Brin, Royal Henry, Jr 303, 418 Brindley, Dorothy Jane 321 Brink, Billy 242, 426, 438 Brinkerhoff, M. H 408 Brinkerhoff, Van Wycke 409 NAMES Brinkley, Dorothy Jane ... Briscoe, Dolph, Jr. ...161, Britt, Kelly Morgan, Jr. . Britt, Spurgeon Kyle Brittain, Manley Brock, C. Doyle Brock, Stuart Brockette, Connie G Broderick, Blanche Broderson, Margaret Broe, June Brogren, Waldine Bronson, Roy Brooks, June Estelle Brooks, L. W Brooks, Sara Chaffin Brooks, William H Brookshier, May Brookshire, Jack Broom. Halsey 315, 161, PACES 90 356, 397 46 .175, 315 409 304 403 .318, 321 388 363 326 299 414 75 163 339 ..72, 422 .442, 443 315, 409 351 Broussard. Verta Idella ... Browder, Bill Niles Brown, Allen Bischoff Brown, Carolyn Brown, Carroll Edward ... Brown. Charles Otho Brown, Chester Brown, Cleve M., Jr Brown, Delbert, Jr Brown, Elizabeth B Brown, Eoline Brown, Evelyne Marie .... Brown, Frances Knoble . . . Brown, Frank Ross Brown, Grace Brown, Jack B Brown, Jack Pearson Brown, Jane Brown, Joe T Brown, Juaneva Brown, Julian Brown, Kenneth Brown, Lynn Brown, Marjorie Elizabeth. Brown, Nancy Brown. Roberta Brown, S. L Brown, William (Bill) Allc Brown, William De Witt .. Brown, William James .... Brown, William V Brown, William Wells Brownfield, Jane Browning, Walter Browning, William Ernest . Brownlee, John Houghton . Brownlee, Mary Banford . . Broyles, Gordon Broyles, Roy Latham Brubaker, Louise Lebanon Brubeck, Marajean Brumby, Courtney Brummett, Winston P. ... Brundrett. George Lee . . . Brunson, Donald Lyons ... Brunson. Wallace Bruton, Ray Lee Bruyere, William H Bryan, Anna Ruth Bryan, B. F Bryan, John Steve Bryan, Pat, Jr Bryan, Sara Bennie Bryant, Gwendolyn Bryant, Joe Bryant, Lydia Bryant, William Randolph Bryson, John Bennett Bryson. La Verne Lillian . Buck, Shelby Buckaloo, Lila Stone Buchanan. George R Buckingham, Suzanne Buckner. Virginia . . Budow, Bernard Bucll, Lewin Buescher, Genelle Buffington, Ed Buffington, Pat Buie, James M Bui lard, Fred M Duller, Lillian Esther Bullion,!. Waddy 46, Bullman, Edward Bullock, Dorothy Bunkley, Claude Bunnell, Nancy Winifred . Burch, Ethel Burch, William Burcham, Richard Lusk ,. Burchard, Margaret May . . .75, 242, .46, 22 ' ), .212 ..46, .158, 180, 318, Burford, Ben Burke, George Roswell .... Burks, Claracita Charlotte . Burleson, Lowrey Waldene Burnett, Edward W Burnett, John W Burney, Todd Denman Burns, Dick Burns, Fred Vernon Burns, Hugh Burns, Robert Earl Burr, Eunice .75, 312, ..46, 336 417 42 170 .306, 434 ..46. 163 429 397 75 169 , 336, 374 ..75, 370 ..169, 370 160, 161, 222, 306 299 437 84 ..335, 345 406 90 331 .174, 315 352 75 347 .336, 368 324 ..90, 393 406 330 398 300 374 405 , 161, 492 423 312, 336. , 358, 380 404 46 ..84. 213 170, 362 363 406 84 .90, 399 398 84 315 313 272, 273 315 46 213 170 356 387 ..74, 416 84 163, 213, 326, 388 , 246, 341 336, 386 .174, 316 373 344. 350 425 398 336, 380 408 409 298 38 90 314, 320 418 373 90 90 28 427 84 213, 307, .HI 335, 386 405 ..75, 173 90 75 407 159, 315 392 397 .175, 176 427 315 345 NAMES PACES Burr, Mary Helen 307, 335 Burrows, Edgar 173 Hurt, Francis 159 Burt. Margaret Clare ...46, 336, 347, 384 Burt, Wilma Jane 46, 380 Burton, Collins 421 Burton, Horace 213, 356 Burton, Joe 268 Burton, Martha 388 Busbee, William Scott ..76, 173, 351, 392 Busby, Claude Robert 90, 300 Busby, Stanford Allen 181, 308, 315, 392, 438 Busch, Catherine 336 Busch, Frances Elaine 90 Buschardt, Mary Eleanor 213, 373 Bush. Peggy 90 Bush. Rebekah, Jane ...84, 213, 332, 371 Bushart. Dorothy Sue 213 Buskirk, Philip 323 Buster, Jack 175, 315, 414 Buster, Jo Margaret 90, 299 Butcher. James William 423 Butcher. Lorene Elizabeth 76 Butler, Alan Wilson 76 Butler, Charles Frank 46 Butler, Edwin 406 Butler, Helen Sharpies 214, 307. 388 Buttery, Harold D 315 Byars, Edmund Pierson 411 Bvbee. Bob Bill 300, 428 Bybee, H. P 300 Bybce. Hal 428 Byers. Bowling 46, 315 Byers. Charmian 90 Byrd. Joe 46 Byrom. Fay Kathryn 46, 336 Byrom, Ray Harman 46 Caballero, Roberto 340 Cabaniss. Lou Es 84, 169, 337 Cabrera, Isabel 340 Cactus, The 160. 161 Cade, Eleanor 387 Cadena, Carlos Christian 46. 303 Caffery, Mary Catherine 42 Cage, J. Frank 173, 315. 420 Cahn. Betty 365 Cain. Dixon Hill 329. 410 Cain, Doris 90 Cain, Frances Marcyle 90 Cain, Helen La Verne 84 Cain. James Walker 410 Caldwell, Dudley 404 Caldwell, James Daffan 314 Caldwell. Marian 325, 374, 446, 451 Caldwell. Mildred 346, 386 Calhoun, Evelyn 76. 161, 214 Calhoun. J. W 28 Calisch, Charles 424 Calkins, Dick 408. 449 Call. Tomme 162, 163, 319 Callahan. Betty Jane 391 Callan. Eddie Lou 90 Callan, John 32 Callaway. Merle Elizabeth 46. 336. 366., 447, 451 Callaway. Oliver 437 Callaway, Sam 420 Callaway. William 420 Callender, Catherine V 46 Cameron. Catherine Wilson 76 Cameron, Russel J 84 Camiade. Ida Lucille 321. 447 Camp. William 420 Campbell. Anne May 214. 346. 358. 386. 440. 451 Campbell. Archibald 414 Campbell, Betty Jo 84 Campbell. David 395 Campbell. Geral dine Marie 76 Campbell, Helen Elizabeth 76,90 Campbell, M. Ann 374 Campbell. Pegsy 332, 36 Campbell, Virginia 371 Campbell. William 409 Campus Activities 157-184 Canadv. Lillie Marie 311 Cangelosi. Robert John. Jr 84 Cannady.J. E 173 Cannizzo, Mary 321 Cannon. George J., Jr 84 Canter Club 335 Cap and Gown 336 Caperton, Joe 394 Capland. Lethale 214, 231, 336. 358, 364 Caplen, Jane 299 Caplin. Elinor 365 Capp. Dean 430 Cappel, Charles 392 Cardenas, Guadalupe 299, 340 Carl, James L 315 Carlisle, Margaret Neil 307,387 Carlisle, Ode Thomas 315 Carlton. Geraldine 46, 370 Carlton, Jess 32 Carmichael, Mickie 90, 375 Carnes, Elizabeth 375 Carnes, Marion 175 Carol, Lettitia Wagenschein 360 Carothers Dormitory 443 Carpenter, Frances Lucile 84 Carpenter, Helen Jeanne 76 Carpenter, John 436 NAMES PACES Carpenter, Leslie 84, 161, 163, 164 Carr, G. Drexell 304 Carr, Joe 90 Carr, June 214, 343, 346, 382 Carr, Orville 173 Carr, Phyllis Crittendon ...335, 346, 366 Carr, Sam Brown, Jr 90 Carrington, Eugene Caddis 422 Carrington, Mary Margaret 90 Carrington, Philip Sydney 423 Carroll, Jack Ray 76, 306 Carroll, Malcolm Weldon 91, 393 Carson, David Costley 91, 405 Carson, Helen 91 Carson, Robert Cookc 320, 324 Carson, Willis T 74 Carter, Amon G 411 Carter, Andy 409 Carter, Anna Lois 76, 363 Carter, Claire Freda 91 Carter, Edith 84, 389 Carter, E. A 329 Carter, Elmer 321 Carter, Orris Earl, Jr 47 Carter, Robert Daniel 91 Carter, W. S 298 Cartledge, Elinor 391 Cartledge, Nancy Adair 391 Cartwright, Betty 387 Cartwright, Mary Beth 314, 386 Cartwright, Reagan 408 Cartwright, Robert Stephens 74 Carver, Bessie Ruth 318 Carver, Mary Belle 318 Casey, Robert A 175 Casey, Watt 401 Casis, Lilia M 321 Castaneda, Carlos E 321 Casteel, D. B 298 Casteel, Warren 355 Casten. Pete 84 Casti 1 1 o. George Edward 315 Castro, Americo 340 Gates, Charles Craig 412 Caton, Robert Lindsey, Jr 422 Caven, Walter Thomas 305, 392 Caver, Vernon 300 Cavin, Eugene Hagood ..47, 313. 321, 410 Cavin, Martha 444 Cayton, Martha Beth 170, 349, 370 Cecil, Brice Winston 159, 300, 30 Center, Frances 161, 38 Ceska, Julia 354 Chadwell. Mrs. Pearl G 450 C hafetz, Arthur 328 Chalberg. Elaine 170 Chalupnik, Elsie 354 Chambers. C 174 Chambers. Elizabeth 309 Chambers, Fred 359. 400 Chambers, Jean 382 Champion, Jean 382 Chance. Lewai 214, 336, 362 Chancellors 303 Chandler, Crady 405 Chandler. Orville W 175 Chandler, Robert Lewis 74 Chaney. Ruth Ann 343. 38 Champan, Caylos Wendel 315 Chapman, Henry 345 Chapman, J. C 397 Chapman, Mary Ellen 47, 333 Chappell, Glynn 174 Charles. Bcttina 376 Charl ier. George 173 Chastain. Alma 387 Chatmas. Penelope 84, 214, 367, 440. 451 Chavannes, Etienne Andre 76, 300 Cheeseman, E. L 338 Chemistry Building 18 Chenault, Sadie 91 Chenault, Sidney 76 Chenault, William Hall 76 Cherry, Louise 336, 382 Cheney, Mary Katherine 363 Cherry, Hal H 42, 300 Chervenka, Johnny 351 Chew, James 329, 428 Chi Omega 370, 371 Chi Phi 396, 397 Chi Upsilon 304 Chicotsky. Sara 376 Chiltlers, Vernon 162 Childress, John 415 Chiles, Jack 426 Chilton. Andrew Long 286, 410 Chilton, Martha Lear 91 Chilton. Pauline 214, 37 Chilwood. Ross 428 Chiztitn, Elizabeth Ann 343, 386 Choniski. Bill 345 Chorpening, Doris Gertrude 76, 170 Chote. Bill 315 Chote. William Rufus 421, 43 Christenberry, Kathleen 373 Christie, Christina 321, 444 Christner, Warren 278. 281 Christoffel, Lewis Wilson 76, 17 Christopher, Gevers 431 Chronolog 97-156 Chunn, Wilbur Howe 47 Church, Carroll 426 Church. Robert 427 Church, William 305, 359, 428 Clard, Roberta Dea 169 Clardy, Len 173 Clark, A. P 329 PACE 516 Clark. Amric Denaoo. 410 Clark. Urmrml 331 Clark. George 429 Clark. I. E. 7 . 163. 31S. 405 Clark. Jame. 4OS Clark. Kenneth Court right ..47. 313. 31S Clark. Martha 374 Clark. Myrtle Jeanne 350.351.366 Clark. Rowcna 17 Clark. Dr. Simon 29 CUrt. William K 41S Clark. William Secd 380 Cl uri 41. 9 Clayton. Grndol.n Zoe 47 Cl a v ton. Van 449 Clement.. Marc.rrt Elizabeth ...47. 33 Clementt. Thurman Sputter 392 Cleveland. C. M 324 Oneafer. Oliver 330 Clevenger. Oliver Loomi. 47, 304 Click. U L. 3 Click. Mary Anne 91. 214. 299. 3 7 Clilt. Dean 17S. 176 Cline. Graver 315. 431 Clinc. Hrnry 426 Clmkt .... ' . 327. 3S6 Conn. Margaret 3 2 Cobb. Marjorie 373 Catfc. S. VHUuai 91. 31S Coeek. Bernard 354 ... Richard 174 Cockrell. Jeaa 386 Cockrell. Mar. Mire Markiel . .47. 214. 2Z3. 310. 332. 33 . 372 Cain. Crawford 434 Cofr.. Malvin 398 Coftn. Ra Thornton. Jr 416 Cofmaa. Hill. Jr 174. 300 Cofman, Graham 395 Cohen. Gcnoni 433 Cohen. Harold 433 Coke . Sidney T 319 Bo 24 Coke.Jack 42 Colbura. Emma Jane 91 Colemaa. Anna Virgin, 47 Coleman. Barbara 38 Colemaa. Billy 84 Coleman. Jame. Ralph 317 Coleman. Marshal Carter 317. 434 Coleman. Pat 76. 214. 445 -nan. Robert Thorn.. 410 Coleman. Virginia 33 Coleman. lalter 17 Coley. Harold 427 Col lent. Brn Matthew 91 Colletti. Paul Framk 84. 341 Colley. Hub. Jr 317. 329 Colley. Marion 214. 3 3 Collie. Marvin Key 224. 314. 422 Collie. Waller 359. 398 Collier. Robert Arthur 47. 404 Col I in,. Caroline 343. 382 Col I in.. Charlotte Harriet 91 Collia . Job. 173 Collin.. Mantel 433 Coll int. Not lie Manrinc 91 Col I UK. Patricia 321.350.3 2 Collin.. mhitfirld Janvr. 47. 224. 303. 314. 404 Colqaitt. Jenny 84 Coltharp. Cheater Arthur 84 Col well. Leslie 175 Colunga. Brrta 91 Combi. lark 17 Comer. Deryl 398 Corner. Gene Franco ... .47. 214. 33 . 3 2 Conner. Eater Naomi 91. 377 Coney. Donald 29 Cooley. Franci. Albert 47. 181 305.359.39 Conn. AUie Patrirk 91 Coaily. Janet 381 Connell. Martha Maud- 47.33 Conawll. Sara Franco 214.349.388 CoonelU. Artymae 214.3 0 Conor. Jantra Reagan 91.315 Connor. Robert 401 Conrad. Kathryn LonUe 84 CoBaelyea. Adele De Leon 91.3 3 fnnalialiii Jnln 394 Con.ay. Jark 2 3, 2 7 Coiway. Margaret Marie 76.332. 372. 440. 451 Cook. Anita 1 3.32 Cook. 431 Cook. Jane. Colemu 315 Cook. Kalhcrine Ann 313 Cook. Mol ley Connor 32 Cook.P.E. 330 41 47.300 399 242. 257. Cook. Tboma. Edward Cook. Trnelte Cook. William Boyd Cooke. Lane Cooler. Denton Arthur 29 . 305. 315. 410 Cooley. Erwin Cray ................. 31S Cooler. Ralph Clarkaon ........ 322.410 Cooner. Vena La Rne ............... 7 Ci.nrr. A. E ................... 241.324 Cooper. Beth ....................... 3 2 Cooper. Nancy ...................... 311 Cooper. Dr. R. Allwyn .............. 29 Cooper. Richard .................... 414 Cope. Charlotte .................... 215 Ope. Mariorie Ann .............. 91.215 Gothland, lane ............ 215.312.3(1 Coppock. Nancy 372 Coquat. Robert Hendermi 84 Corbett. Howard Bolen 411 Corbin. Joe Haymond 31. 7 . 405 Corby. Harry 394 Corchinc. Selma 91.377 Corleaa. George B 317 Gorman. Cal.ia 35 Comelin . George 329 Cornwell. E. R 28 Corawell. Edward 414 Corrick. Ann Marjorie 91. 170 Corrigan. Glen Lee 47.329 Carte.. Henry Cornelia.. Jr 47. 422 Carte . Ria 346.383 Coaaelli. Johnnie A 180.342.406 Gotten. Jane. Maduon 47.174 Cottingham. W. F 324 Cotton. Ruth 443.451 Coach. Joaeph 392 Couch. Sara Jane 76 Coul.00. Edard Donald 74.314.412 ' Comlter. Lacy Pace 3 3 Cowin.. Robert Barlow. Ill 422 Covert. Frank 401 Covert. George 409 Cowan. Richard Donald 91.174 Coaroor., Tk 305 Cox. Eileen 348 Cox. F. Lanier 306. 341 Com. Gilbert 414 Cot. Jame. 417 Co. Margaret 47.336,347.374 Cox. Mary Farquhar 76 Cox. Mary Lucylle 47.336.346.372 Coy. Paul Henry 315 Craddoek. Judith Arledge 315.366 Craig. Jack 431 Craif. Jame, Alliton 4O9 Craig. Jame. David 395 Craig. John 405 . Craig. Richard Harruoa 306 Crain. Catharine 383 Grain. Edard Bruner 47. 410 Crain. Foret B 435 Crain. Jack . 248. 251, 252 Crain. Sam Harriaon ... .47. 180. 328. 33S Crain. Warren Hudtpeth 91 Crain. William Henry 1 8,315.400 Craoe. Ed.ard 15S Craiubay. C. Clyde 74 Craven. Clyde Coate. 91.393 Craven. Edmund 42 Crawford. Clinton W 328.333 Crawford. Nellie Jame 47.336.362 Crawford. William Scott. Jr 48. 420 Crawford. William Serene. Jr. 423 Craae. Merrill A 4O6 Creightoo. John Roy 84 Crenthaw. Bill 345 Crew.. Helen Loaiac 355.391 Criaaey. Mary Electra 215, 299. 373 Cri.toi. Johanna 215.333,347.364 Criaty.Patay yf3 - _ K 373 Criawell. Clean .V .-. . r. . . . _175 TCTocTeTf T i 91,176.299 Crockett, Sara Margaret 76.309. 325.350 Crombie. William Steel 410 Croaby. Charlea 315 Croaby. Elwyn B 48 Croaby. Vivian 91 Crow Country 276 Crom.ClynF 74 Craaa. Ruth 326 Croaaom, Thoaaa. Adam 48.345.449 Crowh. Dorothy Be , 7 Cronch. Jame. 420 Cronch. John (Hondo) 242.284 Cnmchcr.Le.lic 261.268 Crow. Jame. 17 Crow, Mary France. 48, 388 Crowe, Helen Florence 388 Crowe. Marion Kathleen 76.215 Crowell. Dr. Caroline 29.325 Crowell. William Henry 84 Crownover. Rena Belle 445. 451 Crowton. Mary France. 84 Crazier. Mary Ella 84.339 Cr.ce, Kathryn Gene 84 Cram. Marianne 389 Crumb. Stephen Franklin 315.328 Cramp. A. B 91 Crane. Ray 411 Crane. Samel William 222,314.410 Crax. Maria Jnlieta 313 Crymea. Walton 173 Cuellan. Helma 340 Culler.. Jerry 91 Cul ley, Erwin Cray 48 Cull in.. Ruby Mae 1 8 Cullum. Landon ill. CIS Cnlp. John DongUa 48,317.329 Cnlp. Katheryne Noble 48 Culpepper. Nora 371 Cnlpeppcr. Virginia 170.349.370 Cnlwell. Jerry 7 H.Mai 319 B 397 William Errett 30 Betty Jane 370 .. Harriet 32 , Ida Mac 48.335 Caajriagham. Joaeph 32 Cunningham. Robert E. 341 ...321.422 Cuny. Tom 409 Cupp. Albert Ewcll 300.328 Curl, Carroll 420 Curlee. Harrell 449 Cnrlin. Thoma. Watt 410 Cnrrie. David Mitchell 313. 315. 434 Curry. Peter 173 Cmrui Clmb. Tkr 16S CunU. Betty Ruth 48.336.388 Curti.. Sara Kay 48. 336. 366 Cypcrt. Reynold LeMaync 91 D Dabney. Kelto 242 Dabney. Scott 402 Dacy. George Lout. 300. 399 Dahlman. Joyce 372 D ilj Trim,, Tkr 162,163 Dakin. Carrel 48 Dakin. Dorothy 350. 371 Dalager. Alton B 76 Dale. Jean 176. 215 Damiani. Jule Verne 396 IHmiani. Michel 397 Daniel. Barbara 445 Daniel. Chal Daniel. Dori. Ann 360 Daniel. Jack 399 Daniel. John Brill. Jr 422 Daniel . Ro mary 76 Daniel,. Bill 401 Daniel,. Cert Ludwig 313 Daniel,. Janet 349.383 Daniel.. Mary Caroline 84 Danklef,. Elu Lucille 84 Darby. Je ie Lorene 48.350 Darden. Mary 48.336.382 Darden. Robert Three! 423 Darden. Kuth Elizabrih .48.321.336 OarVtf n. William Edward ...223, 410. 438 HlTltenTW ' 1rt1InrlfInon 1 iM Da,hiell. John 168 Dattner. Elaine 371 Davanay. Don. Jane 48 Davant. ' Mary Anne 374 Davenport. George 330 Davenport. Joe 315 David. Jcanette 372 David. Julio. Huie. Jr 48. 317. 324. 329. 352 David. Leo 424 David. Stanley M 359. 418 Davidwin. Faye Main 48.333 Davidon. Horteaae 364 Davidaoa. Rollo Eugene 48 m. R. 242.272.273 Davidaon. William K 429 Davi.. Adrian Averil 91 Davia. Alfred. Jr 48, 328 Davu. Barbara 17 Davia. Betty Loaiae 84 Da. it. Bulord Beraice 84 Davia. Catherine 345, 445 Davia. Charlea Robert 91. 348 Davia, E. Cilmore (Gill. I . .242, 245. 246. 248. 252. 315 Davi,. Edwin 328.338 Davu. EloUc 170. 375 Davia. Eugene Wood 48 Davu. Fannie 28 Davu. Florence Janet 84.346.367 Davi,. Gilbert 341 Davia. Henry Phillip 48 Davia. Hilton Knuze 48 Davi,. Jerrel 433 Davit. Jerry 176 Davi.. Joe 405 Davi.. John Alex 91 Davu. Keith 301.302.315.351 Davi.. Mari jane 361.441 Davi,. Mario Vane 215. 391 Davi,. Mary Kathleen 91 Davi.. Milton Victor ...173,298.300,425 Davi,. Olga 76 Davi.. Ora 399 Davi.. Philip 329 Davit. Thoroat Champ 91,330 Davi.. Wallace K 315 Davi.. William H 329.406 Davi,. Winiton Hardie 177 Davi,. Woodrow 355 Daviton. Tom 163.409 Dawaoa. David 298. 435 Da.ton. Edwia Earl 7 DawMMD. France. 91 Dawon. Loyce Ivy 76 DaM n. R. F 330 Daw.oa.Ted 242.246.252 Day, Don. 388 Day. Dorothy 370 Dazey. Mr.. Adelaide 449 Deadrrick. Willam Bawden ..305. 359. 410 Dealey. Joaeph MacDonald 322. 412 Deaa. William Beale 177.449 Dear.Nell 333.33 DeBord. Steve. Jr 317 Decker. Arthur 323 Deeter. Bruce Thornton 48 DC Ceorge. Bernard 341 Degler. H. E 320 De Coyler. E. L. 317 DeLaacey. Charlea J 49.315.329.396 Delavaa. Connie 343. 372 Delavan. George Washington .49. 272, 313. 315. 321. 410 Delavaa. Mildred 34 . 373 AMCS races De Leon. Alfredo ................... 7 De Loach. Ralph ............... 301.315 DeLong. letty .............. 223.343.370 fle r. Cki ...................... 398.399 Drlu Drlu Dflu .............. 372.373 DrlU Cfmma .................. 374. 375 Drlu Kappa Ef titan .......... 400,401 Drlu Flu Eptilo ............. 376,377 Drlu Sifau i ..................... 30 Drlu Sifm Pki ............... 402, 403 Drlu Tan Drlu ............... 404, 405 Drlu Tkru Pki ................ 40 . 407 Demere. Georgina ................... 84 Denena. Minnie ..................... 49 Deniton. Frank Willi. ............... 401 Denman. Gilbert Morgan. Jr ..... 242. 313. 315. 359. 42 Denman. Jame. Burton .............. 76 Denman. Mary Claire ............... 386 Dennard. Norri. ..................... 74 Denni.. Earl ..................... 30 Denni.. Margaret Mill. ............. 91 Demon. A,hley ..................... 42 Demon. Julia .................. 215, 383 Deputy. Hazel ROM ..... 49.335.336,372 Derby. Goncuclo .................... 383 Derby. Jack A ....................... 394 Derby. Juliu, Franci, ............... 49 De Shazo. Marian ................... 321 Dehotel. Loi, ..................... 447 Deterly. Earl V. Jr ................. 91 Deupree, Lamar .................... 428 Dcnuch. Melvin ....... Deutt. Edwina ...................... 381 I ' v -ry. Dinda Florence ............. 91 Dew, Joe Knoblauch ................ 7 DeWee . Charle, R ............. 49.174 Dewhunt. David Henry . .49. 184. 301. 30 Drrill-Lataca Club ................. 337 Dial. Kalhryn ..... 161.170.333.346.388 Dial. Martha Jane .................. 389 Diaz. Joaquia Batilio ............ 49.313 Diaz. Theodore E .................... 49 Dibrell. Etheridge .............. 317 329 Dibrell. Harvey Everall ............. 49 Dibrell. Jame ...................... 315 Dickent. William Robert ...298.315.416 Dickencon. John E ................... 49 Dickerton, William Edwin Shapard ..175. 313 Dickey. Dorothy ....... 215. 318. 450. 451 Dickie. Floy Beth .............. 358.369 Dickie. Sarah Jane .................. 84 Dickiiuon. Don, Either ......... 307.386 Dickton. Dorothy M ................. 215 Dickun, leannette .............. 336.366 Dirkton. John Charle, ............... 84 Dirk on. Lucy Lee .318. 319. 346. 388. 442 Dietel. Alma ................... 170. 333 Dieter. Frederick .................... 323 Dieter. Phillip ..................... 175 Dietzel. Mazine ..................... 372 Dignowily, Helen Doria .............. 91 Dill. Dora .......................... 32 Dillard. Naucy ...................... 345 Dillingham. Thelma ................ 31 Dillon. Cliford Brien ....... 91.315.417 Dinn. lame, Rankin ................. 49 W. J ..................... 242. 263 Dijue. Robert Morri, ............... 415 Dixon, Jew ......................... 323 Dobie. Eunice Mae ................. 85 Dobie. J. Frank .................. 37. 16 Dobie. Richard Lee ................. 40 Dobkin.. Robert Egan ............ 49, 329 Dohaoo. Ben ....................... 34S Doiwon.W.J ....................... 42 DobMn. William B .................. 431 Dodd. Marjorie ................. 343,388 Dodd. Welborac .................... 428 Dodaon. Alberta ................ 339.391 Dodton, Louita Garner .............. 49 Dodaon. Panic May 181. 334. 344. 347. 383 Doell. O-car T ..................... 85 Doering. Clarence .................. 348 Doggett. Margaret .............. 332,388 Doherty. Robert P .............. 305.394 Doherty. Bill ....................... 401 Dohoney. Mr,. A. P ................. 441 Doliniky. V ................... 31S Dollabon. Willard Eugene .......... 49 Dolley. J. C ................. 39. 241. 306 Dolph. Jack .................... 162. 163 Domatrhk. Wilferd W ............ 76.449 Donaho. Katherine .................. 333 Donahue. Bob ....................... 49 Donaldaon. Tom H .................. 416 Donigan. Norma .................... 363 Donnelly. Ceorge Arthur. Jr ...... 49, 41O Donovan. Richard ................... 401 Dorf man. Mildred .................. 390 Donnan. Dorothy ............... 33 . 372 Dormitory Section ............. 439, 452 Done.. John Wealey ................ 411 Donrard. Eatine .................... 326 Doaa. Miaay ......................... 28 Dot,. Noble ........... 242. 24 . 249. 253 Dotton. Peggy ....................... 370 Doty. E. William .................... 35 Dougherty. Jame, R. ................ 394 Doughti -. Venton L. ............ 320,331 Dougla,. Bruce ..................... 91 Douglat. Donald .................... 431 Douglat. Dorothy Dell .............. 371 DoagUa. Marjory Nell ........... 91.371 Dooglaa. Rachel Elizabeth ........... 91 Donglaa. Robert. Jr .................. 7 r -17 NAMES PAGES Douglass, James Elliot 91 Douglass, Robert Perry 169 Doverfler, Edward 345 Downs, Erich 426 Downs, Fred 403. 438 Draffen, John Franklin 316 Dranc, Merrill 328 Draper, Helen 85, 215. 363 Draper, Martha 321 Drummond, Lorena 326 Druser, Virginia 372 DuBose, Adele 372 DuBose, Jean 389 Duckworth, Frances Lee 76, 349, 362 Dudley. Carter Greer 49, 412 Duff, Louise 382 Duffie. Ben Cochran 417 Duffield, Carl Edgar 411 Dufner, Douglas 337 Duke. Mack Simpson 91 Dulaney, Florence 336, 366 Duls, Jane 346, 381 Dumas, Dorothy 363 Dumble, Eleanor 388 Dummit, Dixie Jo 169 Dunagan, Robert Louis 76, 175 Dunaway, Doris J 336 Dunaway, Elizabeth May 76 Duncan, Ben 352 Dunean, Bonnie Jean 169 Duncan. Julia Lynne 49. 349, 382 Dunke, Bill 345 Dunklin, Don Duane 49, 320. 331 Dunlap, Mrs. Frances 339 Dunlap, James 399 Dunn, .Sylvan 175 Dunnam, Thomas " Ted " 396 Dunning, Suzanne Robertson 49, 310, 313. 318, 388 Durham, Herbert Singleton 300 Durham, Pete 421 Durrett, Maxine 336. 362 Dusek. Otto Louis 49, 306 Duty, Norma Jene 91 Dvomcek, Mary 348 Dye, Pat 85 Dyer, Wilson Leland 174, 300 Dyess, Arthur D 400 Dyke, Richard Burt 153, 308 Eades, Robert Howard 416 Eanes, Ellagene 42 Earnest. Louise 215, 370 Easley, Edwin 407 East , Agnes Brandon 76, 334 East, Margaret Sue 85, 170. 369 Eastland, Herman, III 49, 394 Eastland, Seaborn 161, 393 Eaton, Jamie Evelyn 77 Eaton, Robert (Bob) 322, 404 Ebner, Oscar 427 Eehlin. Robert F 399 Eck, LeRoy 315 Eckert. Jacqueline Clara 369 Eckert, John 427 Eckert, Mildred 85 Eckert. William (Booty) 268 Eckhardt, Carl J 320, 324 Eckhardt, Joe 176 Eckhardt. John Link 397 Eckhardt, William Rudolph. Ill 303, 314. 396 Edel, Lois Ellen 49, 364, 336 Ecielstein. Helen 364 Edelstein, Petrice 336, 390 Edgar. Joe, Jr 398 Edge. Jean 215.333 Edgerton, George Headley 50, 317. 324. 329 Edison, J 174 Edling, Manuel James 74 Edminster, James 272 Edmondson, Bill 359, 402 Eilmonson. Billie 85, 29) Edmunds, David Wright 50, 242, 272 300, 329 Edwards, David 393 Edwards. Frances 375 Edwards. Grace 368 Edwards. Tom 1 " 4, 351 Egg. Marjorie 91, 170 Egg. Parge 389 Egge. (John) William 50 Egozcue. Edward Joseph 85. 300 Ehlcrs. Belly Jo 91, 215, 371 Ehli-rs, Emmet 300 Eichholt. Lewin 306 Eidson, Jack L 91, 315, 449 Eidson, Joe Harvey 416 Eisen, Herman 424 Eisenberg, Joe D 433 Eitt. Eileen 345, 443, 451 Ekdahl. S. N 31 Elder. Carl 91. 315 Elder, Jane 91 Eldridge. Edward Horace 328, 338 Elizondo. Cesar Manuel 85. 175.340 Elliolt. Betty 91, 299 Elliott, Dave 409 Elliott. Donald Arcil 91 Elliott, Jean 77, 216. 353. 360 Elliott. Loran (Tex) 222. 400. 438 Elliott. Ross Liles 50, 404 Ellis, John Taylor 85 Ellis, Leigh 395 NAMES PACES Ellis, Martha Jane 77 Ellison, Alfred 405 Ellison, Fred 431 Ellison. Jack Keith 50, 301, 306 Ellsworth. Ruth 362 Klrod, Alex. Warren 85 Elrod. Hamlin 429 Elwell. Harry 430 Embry, Frances 50. 216, 225, 310, 330 Emerson. L. Lucile 333. 339 Emken. Roy Lee 402 Kmmert. Frank Raymond 50, 321 Emmott. Hewett 431 Emott. Jack 431 Emslie. Donald Wayne 77 Endel. Max 74 Phillip 91. 341 F.ngrl, Anne Marie 85 Engelke, Louis Ben no 77, 341 Engelking, Doris Jane 170 Engineering Building 15, 22 England, Geneva Elizabeth 91 Engle, Eloise 77, 216. 388 Engle, Janet Louise 50. 313. 318, 321, 336, 347. 350. 364 English, Anita 216. 370. 445 Ennert, Frank 173 Epperson, Mrs. Bertha 449 Epperson, Edna Earle 216 Epperson. Robert 355 Epstein, Lester 424 Erter. Rosemary 169 Erwin, Frank Craig 315, 410 Erwin. John B 437 Estes, La Verne 91 Estes. Pete 405 F.Mill. Jane Catherine ...50. 336, 350. 362 Estrada. Ramiro Padilla 50. 340 Esunas. Bernard 272. 274. 275 Eta Kappa Nit 338 F.thridge, Lawrence 405 Ettlingcr, Martin G 315 Evans, Bobby 33] Evans, Christine 163, 349, 362 Evans. Dorothy Jane 349, 370 Evans, Herschel Daniel 85 Evans, Huntice Velie 50, 333 Evans, Josephine 29 Evans, Robert (Cotton) 265. 266, 267 Evans, Travis Clay 50, 306 Evans, Waunita 91 Evans. Wilbur 91 Everett, Charles R 50 Everett, Fred 242, 265, 266 Everett, M. L 315 Everett. W. E 315 Eversburg, Connie Shirley 91, 216, 373 Ewing, Fred 163 Ewing. Nancy 366 Kvt.- . William 174, 421 Ezell. Lem 356 Ezell, Sue 170. 389 Faculty Informals 36,40 Fagan. Noal Earl ' 77 Fain, Robert S 396 Fairchild. Mrs. I. D 27 Fancher, George H 317 Fankhauser. Paul Alvin 301, 302 Fannin. Florence 389 Fant, Jack N 422 Faraklas. Mary 216, 340. 345 Faraklas. Tom 340 Farenthold, Milton H 50 Farner. June Whiting 85 Farquhar. Blanche Edna 336. 363 Farr. Raymond Wingfield 328. 338 Farrar, Margaret 358, 371 Farrar. William Hunter 394 Farrel, C. A 77, 175 Fasullo, Frank Joseph 50 Faubion. Darrell Brown 50 Faulk, John 340 Faulkner, Marianna 50. 353. 372 Fehrenkamp, Dorothy 337 Feinberg. Stern 418 Felder. Zack 420 Fclps. Mrs. Selety Catherine 42 Felsing. W. A 316 Fender. James Ernest 411 Fenske. Mary Adel 85 Fenzel. Leo 331 Ferg uson. C 175 Ferguson, James Buck 410 Ferguson. James Ralph 72 Ferguson, John 409 Ferguson. Mary Jewel 91 Ferguson, Paul 353 Ferguson. Phil M 324, 330 Ferguson. S. A 341 Feroee. Guido Albert 301 Ferrell. John Milton 50. 341. 352 Fcrrell. Marjorie 309 Fertsch. Dan 337 Fertseh. Marvin 317 Fichtenbaum, Ann 32 Fichtcnbaum. Max 23 Fichtenbaum, Morton 425 Field, Bertha 362. 440 Field, Marthl 451 Field. Sam H 51. 224. 315. 428 Fields. Charles B 74 Fields, Elbert Kirven 50 Fields, Florence 92 Fikany. Edward David 315 NAMES PA,tS Files, John Thomas 50, 315, 316, 324 Files, Sara 216 Files, Sidney James, Jr 50, 328 Filkins. Mary Louise 350, 371 Finch, Anne ...216, 231, 310, 332, 358, 386 Fineh, Mary Mai lory 92, 299. 337 Finch. S. P 330 Fincher. Ernest Hilliard 300 Fineher Maurice Robert 242, 278. 279, 281, 313. 315 Finck, O. H 92 Fine Art, 167-178 Fine. Helen 321 Finkelstein. Paul 315. 418, 438 Finley, Elmer Walter ...42. 242, 258, 345 Finley. William 329 Finnegan, Betty 343, 346, 381 Finnegan, Mary Margaret 307, 3! ' 0 Finney, Frank 414 Fischer. Dorothy 337, 342 Fischer, El mo Leroy 300 Fischer. Jack Charles 77 Fischer, Mildred Ann 77 Fisher, Charles Irwin 50, 298, 313. 315, 434 Fisher, Margaret 170 Fisher, Margo 345 Fisher, Marjorie 85, 215 Fitzgerald, Edward 409 Fitzgerald, Elsie Floreine 77 Fitzgerald, J. Anderson 33 Fitzner. Stanton 175 Fitzsimmons, Joe 242 Flack, Joe F 315. 411 Flahive, Terrence 405 Flanagan, Preston Simms 246, 411 Fleckner, Stanley C 85 Fleishman, Shirley B 92. 365 Fletcher. Mary 336. 346. 372 Fletcher, Richard Earl 422 Flinn. Helen 442 Floerke, Evelyn 447 Floeter, David Lee 415 Florence. Walter Wesley 51, 341 Flores, Jesse 340 Florey, Mary Ruth 381 Flournoy, Roy 436 Flury. Alvin 437 Fly, Alice Elaine 216 Fly, William Madden 51, 404 Flynn, Lorene Jo 92 Focht, J. A 324, 330 Foo 307 Football 243-254 Foote. George Wilson, Jr 92 Foote, Helen Marguerite 77 Forchheimer, Florence 51, 336, 376 Ford. Jenelle Miller 313 Ford. Jon C 403 Ford, Kenneth Bowen 305. 317. 324, 329, 410 Ford, Margaret Gray 42, 351 Ford. Virginia Myrle . . .307. 312, 346. 381 Fordtran, Edith Louise 51, 216. 318. 336, 350, 362, 442, 451 Fore, Mary Ellen 381 Foreman, Clyde 436 Forman, Etha 372 Forney, Bill 267 Forsman. Marion Edwin .51. 324. 323. 333 Fort. Homer Thomas 77. 173 Fortune, Irvin 268 Forwood, Virginia 372 Fossler, Emil 430 Foster, John 436 Foster, Randolph Nelson 85. 174. 176 Foster. Tippy 307. 388 Foulds. Duncan 429 Fourmy. Frank 426 Fouls. Jackie 372 Fouts, James Ward 230, 286. 305, 308. 313, 314. 315, 434 Fox, Dorothy Louise 85 Foxhall. Harold 51, 227. 313. 315, 403 Foxhall. Lewis 408 Foyt, Albin A 348 Foyt. Anton 351 Frambach. Jack 431. 449 Francis, Edward Lysaght 400 Francis, Katherine 169. 369 Francis. Patricia 170 Frank, Erwin H.. Jr 301 Frankel, Sylvia Harriet 51. 313 Franklin. Charlie Ann 92. 215 Franklin. George 174 Franklin. Rose Mary 85. 216 Franks. Raymond 395 Frantz. Joe B 42. 159 Franz. Leslie James 51 Fraser, Jamie Eleanor 182. 217. 312, 313. 336, 350. 366 Fraser. William 414 Fraternities 392-43 ' i Frazar. Edward Dean 51 Frazar. Joe 212 Frazar, Joe Newton 410 Fra-er, Ed fi5 Freeh. Sam 173 Freeh. Samuel Henry 51. 305 Frede. Ralph Edward 300 Frederick. J. H 306 Freeborn. Jack 85 Freedom, Doris 390 Freeman. Jack 246. 253 Freeman. Julian Edwin 51, 406 Freeman, Virginia K 51. 161. 217, 312. 366 French. Lillian 92 NAMES I ' M.I- Fieshman 89. 96 Frey, Jerry Burke 392 Friars, 308 Fridner, Adele Louise 217. 336, 347, 3M Friedel, John 175 Friedlander, Adele 347. 364 FrieHlander, Raymond 424 Friedlander, Silas. Jr 418 Friedman, Albert 419 Friedman, Harry 432 Friedman, Ruth Carolyn 364 Fneuman, Saul 51. 418 Fromme, Dolores Maurine 51 , 336 Frost, Billy Cyrus 315. 422, Cyrus Burleson, Jr 423 Frost, Jack 328 Fruttholz, Margaret 51, 313, 446, 451 Fruland. Walter 173 Fry, Cornelia Klipstein 42 Fryer, Dorothy Corene 51, 4 ' 5 Fuess, Carl Andrew, Jr 51 Fuge, William 174 Fugitt, Joe 174 Fula, Helen 354 Fuller. Alfred Smith ...51. 304, 330. 414 Fuller. Warren Phillips M Fullerton, Raymon Dawkin 85 Fulmore, Sterling Robertson, Jr 92. 356, 423 Funk, Herbert 337 Fuquay, Claude Raymond 77 Furgason, Carl Moss 315. 316 Futch. Edward D 315. 403 Fyfe, Charles Edward Ill, Gadol, Sam Louis 51 Gafford. Ruth 28 Gafney. Jerome Cyril 72 Gage. Hubert Coy 51 Gager, Mortimer Dahlgren 77, 306 Caines, Michael Chauneey 51. 396 Gaines, Tom 51, 317. 324. 329 Gaither. Harold Lloyd 315 Galbraith, R. A 328, 338 Galindo, Leo 52 Gallagher, Richard Michael 85 Callaway, Jeanne 92. 217, 381 Gallia. Jay Robert 92. 411 Gait. John Leland 85. 175 Candler. Ida 318. 321 Gangwer, Richard Alfred 52 Gannon. Clair Hildrelh 413 Gannon. Fred Gilbough 413 Gant. Jack 173. 426 Gantt. Frances Elizabeth 52 Garcia, Dionisio 52, 340 Garcia, Estefana 340 Garcia. Jose Isabel. Jr 52, 340 Garcia, Martha X 340 Gardner. Edward 427 Gardner, Frank 173 Gardner, James 426 Gardner, Jacqueline 367 Gardner, Katherine Elizabeth 307 Gardner. Laura Pearl 299, 347. 385 Gardner. Mary Teresa 52. 336 Gardner. Stephen Partridge 317, 329 Gardenhire, George Walter 52 Garner. Custis Robert 423 Garner, Stone 92, 449 Garrett, Clyde Winston 423 Garrett. Joe 242. 272 Garrett. Julian 2t6 Garrett. Lorraine 170, 217. 388 Carrett. Mary Jane 52, 346. 380 .431 Garrett, Thomas 415 Garrison Hall 10 Garrison, Robert 2 Garrison. Virginia 159 Girting. I.vnn 92 Gartman, George Weldmi. Jr 52. 306, 395 Gartman, Louise 163, 326 Gary. C. L., Jr 315 Gary. Otis 401 Garza, Gustavo 85 Gaston. Mary 170 Catewood. Boyce 242, 272. 27:.. 121 Gay. Nan Lee 170. 450, 451 Gearing, Mary E 339 Gebauer. Dorothy 29. 182. 343. 344 Gee. Weldon Wayne 313 Geiger. Doraine Louise 163, 217, 389 Gentry, Elizabeth 325 Geology Building 12. 19 George. Frank 176 George. Gordon Napier 394 George, William A 395 Georgi, Howard Mason, Jr 422 German. Paul 173 Cettys. W. E 39 Getzendaner, William Hamilton 410 Gibbons. Joe Knox 92 Gibbons. Zuella 299 Gibbs. Charles 414 Gibbs, Pauline 92 Gibbs. Thomas 174 Giberson. Dorothy Louise 92 Gibson, Howard A 77 Gibson. John Richard, Jr 77 Gibson. Robert 427 Gibson. Virginia 334 Gibson. William Peck 410 PACE 518 Gideon. Roger IS Ctdeoa. Samael E. 3 Cidle. . adre. JarUoa. jr 77 Cidlev. Dorothy Jane 92.170 Cidley.W. F 34.355 Cidley. Will. 339.3 9 Cir ea. Eageae Mai 52 Gifocd. William Oakama Rj Cikley. Jack 173 Gilbert. Daiay Taorae 32 Gilbert. Dr. Joe 29 Gilbert. Paaliae Loi. 85.3 0 Gilbert. Rayaaoad Lee 85 CilckriM. 3 1 Cildenleeve. Dale 175.33 Clll. Joha 242. 24 . SSI Gillam. Billy 435 l.illcntine. Raymond Twit 74 GilleBie. France Jaae 92 CilleaBie. Ceraldiae 299.383 Cille pic. S. E. N Cilliam. Hilbara Doyle 313 Cilliam. tilliam ROM 272 Cillig. Cl.dy. 176 Madeline 52.217.336.3 3 Cil liland. O rar C 315 ;,ll, land. Robert 298.315 ..!!,.. Sbaaaoa 77.349.358.3 2 CiMU. taller 427 Cilmer. France 85.371 Cilmore.Joe 4 1 Cil.trap. H. C. (Bull.) 242,270 l.irarJ. Ro-lle 33 Girdley. B. C.. Jr 77 Cult ' Git, Clmk 17t. 171 C. M. Elmer 92. ITS .ien. Mildred 3 4 Ruth 85.350 Claaeork. C. C 313.321 Ctaalord. Glenn M 52.324.328.338 Cla .. E.elyn Bernire 92,362 .!.. lt r 315 433 Claa . Willard 399 CUaaaaaa. Irene Faye ...92. 1 9. 217. 377 Claaamaa. Norm El. ID, 92.377 Claxe. ile, E. 31 Claaer. Karri 85, 425 Clean. Horace 2 8 .lrnn.Rirh.rd A 316 Clean. Robert Benjamin 423 Cieaa. Robert Lee 85 l.lenn. Thoma Oliver 52.341 Cleaa. Thorn., Kodncy 242. 278. 280 Clow. Maude Alice 52. 33 . 372 Goad. Tom Lloyd 85 Gobei. Forre t 395 Coddard. Eravnt Jowph ....305. 308. 317. 324. 329. 396. 438 Godfrey. Raaalic 339 Coehriag. Lloyd 323 Coeraer. Fraak Aadenoa 315.320 Coetk. Joe Adolph 92. 315. 393 Caaa, Charle 175 Catae . Jeanne 170.341 Coldteck. Robert Eugene 92 Coldberg. Allen 324.328. 338. 3S3 ColdWrg. Jaliaa 177.415 !dea. Helen 37 Coldea. Rath El.ioe 390 Coldfteld. Mai 433 Coldiag. Sylvaa 418 Goldman. Felii. Jr 414 Goldman. Sally Rae 377 Coldnuan. Jaaaita 52. 335 Cold.mith. C. A 42 Caldaatith. George 428 CoUucin. Milton 315 Coldthwaite, Norm. Uroy 52. 217. 325.336.372 CaV 28 ' --,- h i - Golmaa. Ethel 37 Coltz. .ther 377 Camn, Caarle A 397 Gomez. Mode,lo 8S Coazalez. Jorge Reyn. US r.ianlez. Raal 340 Coooe. Homer 313 Coodfrirad. Nat 424 Goodman. Bet.y 217.3 5 Goodmaa. Eageac 427 . H.rry 31.77.433 a. Idelle 37 Goodmaa. John McCoy 52.30 Coodataa. BU.moad 222.411 Goodwin. J. W 242. 24 . 25 Cood.rya.Cary 427 Coodwya. Helen Ed.ina ....52.170.181. 33 . 350. 3 6 173 CaaVa.Flora 77. Ii3. 32 . 3aO Cordoa.Jule. 425 Gordon. Uon B 52. 432 Cordoa. Mary Cweadolya 52.33 Cordoa. William 28 Gordoa. m iaifrrd S3 Coraer. C. S 316 Caaa. Charlotte 371 217.343.387 Caiirtt. lame. 437 Co-rtt. William Z. 2 8.431 Mn. Dorothy ...333 Coodchaai. Dorothy F 33 . 3 4 Grace. Dana 77 Croer Htll ...444 Craey. Jaae. 38 CroaWe 42.43 Crady. Byroa Traman 77 Cral. ' Hanoi ivte El izabetb 77.342 Graham. Burletoa 3O4 Graham. Eu(t e Marie 92 Graham. Oarf V 400 Graham. Cilliam Graham. Jrn 375 Graham. Robtfl Cliford 306.397 Graham.Sam Frank 301 Cr.mbliac.Joha Allen 423 CruWrry. Read 241.338 Craal. Brurr Fooea 317.329 Craat. Charla Brady 411 Grant. Marria A 52 Craat. Sila. 298 Grant. Wayot 352 Craa ' illr, Chntrr VootrB 228. 242. 257. 305. 400 Graarille. George 298 Cr.n ille. J. B 407 Graaty. Raymond 305. 42 Cr.tu-I. Alrin Harold 306.315.321 Crave . Aane Lavini. 360 Craret. Hofh 274 Crarea. Jamea Allen . . .308. 317. 329. 434 Crave . John ?? Crave . Pleaaut Fowler. Jr. . .242. 278. 313. 3IS. 426 Cravca. Q. B 330 Cray. D.phrene 447. 451 Cray. Jack 242. 255 Cray. Jo Fraaeta 301 Cray. John Herbert 71. 321 Cray. Uf el Ev ia . Jr 52 Gray. Lewi. Cray. Peor 92. 217. 371 Creemaa. Clenetla 92. 375 Green. Arthur 92 Green. Fred 341 Creea. J. Bernard X. 173 Green. 217.336.346.386 Green. John F 431 Green. Lotty Eleanor 85 Creea. Mary Anna 335 Gre a. Mary France 77 Creeo. Travi 174 Greenwood. Bennit Love 92 Creer. Jame 92 Creer. John William 315. 415 Greer. Lotty 341. 363 Greer. Sam. Jr 52. 298 Gr er. Thornton Coon 394 Greer. Tavnie Meredith 92 Creetoa. Neva Manriae 51.336 Greet. Brook. 170.382 Great. Leah 31.375 Greet. Lillian 321 Grecc. Lurie Lee 53 Crftorr Gjrmmmtium 20 Gregory. Lorna 325 Gregory. Robert Frederick 409 Crecory. Robert Henry 301 Cr-iaer. Will Urn E. 426 nel. Warren Walter 315 Gre.hua. Dorothy 92. 3 7 Cribble. Naaxr 170.217 C-i- enberk. Jack 341 GriCa. Charle 417 r.rin. Dorolhv Nell 53. 336. 370 Griftn. Edvard 85 G-iHr.. Fred David 315.397 CriCn. Helen Jeaaette 92 Cria. 426 Crin. J-anae Elizabeth 3M Crifia. Mary Alice 340 CriCa. Maariae 345 Crima. Pat Roduill 92.175 Criatth. J. B 222.305.304 Crico. Ckarl Randall 177 Grieg . Mary VireiaU 77.168.217. 344. 350. 444. 451 Crime . Meetoa 175. 176 Grime . Wilbora 175.331 Cri-haai. Dorthi Fay 77 Crikim. Loaaie 175 Cnom. Ben 51 Criaaom. Piakaey 399 Gritoold. John 316 Croce, Let-r 3M Craeahert. Doaclai 315. 3S Croo .HaIlie 334.3-3 Croa . Cleaa B 302 Croaaamaa. Burton 24 . 359. 43? Croaad . Dorothy Lee 77. 344. 3TO Crover. Tilda Jayae 371 Crove . Mary Catherine 149 Crabb . Jimmie 212. 1H Crabba. O rar Columbut 53. 329 Crabe. Ed 403 Craadv. Robert Fraak 92 Craady. Taaddeaa 315. 319. 404 Crapo. Stanley R 85.174 Caeldaer. Jack 331 Caeldaer. Loai . Jr 53. 320. 331 Caeaael. Rudolph 371 Caerra. Abelardo. Jr 77 Coerra. Arnoldo 340 Caerra. F.raateline Mary 92. 34 Caerra. O rar 321 Caerrero. Alvara 340 Caerrero. Delia 340 Caerrero. Nelda S3. 340. 34S Caerrero. Ray 345 Cor .. John Eitel. Jr 51 Cae ..Ray H.. Jr 42 Coibenoa. Nat 400 Cailer. Moaa Denni. 385 Cuioa. John 173 Camp. Harry 4II Camp. Richard Anthony. .53. 222. 359. 420 Camp. Robert J 420 Gunn. Loui 427 Gaaaaroa. Mary Jeaa 350 Caalt. France 33 Guriiuky. Sylvaa 424 Carley. Marc.ret 217. 299. 3 Cataf oa. Gerald Adolph 320.331 Culhrie. Roger 427 Catierrez. Elaa 340 Gutierrez. Lauro 340 Cut ch. Milloa R 37 Gayer. La Men 431 Guyette. Phylli Margaret ...53.336.445 Cuyette. ilium ...404 Cnyler. Armando 336 Haaker. Aaaabelle Marie 77 Haarmana. I do 404 Haa . Charle . F 242.264.267 Habarta. A. W S3. 35 Habenicht. Harold 315 Haber. Paul Adrian 29B Hacketi. Charle Wil oa. Jr.. 85. 315. 321 Hackaey. Roaemary 381 Hadden. Will 169 Haddock. William Sproag 53.329. 39). 449 Hadea. Jimmie B 410 Haden. John 353 Haeael. LouU 169 Hafernick. Harry 242. 276 Haga. Virginia Mae Hagen. Robert 173. 401 Hagood. Howard 352 Hagy. Virgil Ory 168 Haho. Donald J 35? Haidocek. Ireae 3S4 Hailev. Eltoa 435. 449 Haith. Martha 218. 3fJ Hajek. Mildred Leona 92.218.354 Halbert. Fanne 334. 382 Halbouty. J 176.315 Hale. DeWitt 319. 351 Hale. Harriet! 211. 3 7 H.lry. Alan Beauehamp 5} H.ley. Beth S3. 213. 370 Haliado. Leo 340 Hall. Aileen Barbara 85 Hal I . Betty 33 Hall. Frederick 353 Hall. Joe Jack 411 Hall. Katberiae 381 Hall. Margaret Ann 388 Hall. Marguerite Anne (Margie) 336.36 Hall. Mary Helen 53. 170. 218. 33V 349. 370. 440. 451 Hall. Rath. Adeline 92 Hall. Seidel Seale. Jr 92 Halpeany. Lloyd 331 Halrom. Silva Dee 92 Hamblin. Kathaleeae Nancy 92.342 Hamilton. Dori 386 Hamilton. Jean 169 Hamilton. Mary Gail 77. 325 Hamlia. E. W 328. 338 Hamm. Mary Elizabeth 53 Hammack. Ben 173 Hamauck. Robert Vernor 180.421 Hammaaa. Brenner 353. 370 Hammer. Lloyd Allen. Jr 423 Haarmond. Lee R 53. 328 Hancock. John William 392 Hand. Isaac B 53. 17 Haad. Victor 328 Handel man. Ben IS Haaey. Joha 174 Haoey. Richard Paal 17. U l Hanke. Mildred Novel le HI Haakini. Alton B S3 Haakin . Mary 53 Hannah. Maaton :10 Hanaay. Allen Barrough 393 Haaten. Ju.lioe 382 Haaaoa. Hugh H .X. ilS Haa oa. Kenneth Clayton 100 Haatoa. Wiadell Holme, 300 Haaaaea. Verda 170 Hardemaa. D. B 308 Hardie. Elizabeth Hardie. Jack Ford 92. 315. 423 Hardie. Thornton. Jr 422 Hardie. William Bradford 422 Hardia. Beryl 77 Hardia. Proctor S3 Harduoa. Barbara Jane 346. 389 Hardwirk. Jame Vincent 53 Hardwicke. Edward Creer 315. 423 Hardy. Bill Ward 92 Hardy. Je ie Jean 85. 218. 389 Hargia. David B 175. 176 Hargrove. Cecil 398 Hargrove. Eleanor 38 Harkiaa. R. L. 242. 246. 2S1 H.rlan. Aan 343. 388 H.rle. Latham 315 Hanaan. Betty 218. 349. 362 Haraaoa. Denai. Baford 92. 17 Haratoa. Fred lageraoll 92 Harmon. Georgianna 345 Harp. Alaa 329 Harper. H. W 35. 398 H.rp.ler. Wayne Willard 301 Hatred. Ann Elizabeth 32 Harrell. Hazel 92 Harrell. Richard Donovan 317. 329 Harrington. Scrantoa 416 H.rrU. Clara Barton ........ 92. 218. 373 H.rri . Clara Loaiae ............. 92. 383 Hani . Francia ..................... 373 H.rri,. Glean ...................... 306 Ham . Harold ..................... 433 Harrt.. Herbert S ................... 407 H.rrU. l abell Julia ................ 92 H.rri.. J. ax. Cua ......... S3, 317. 329 H.rri.. M.noa ..................... 4OT H.rri.. Margaret ............... 218, 387 Harri,. Martha ............ 380. 443. 451 H.rri.. M.rtin ...................... 409 H.rri,. Mary Elizabeth .............. 372 H.rri.. Paul ........................ 402 Harrit. Percy Lee .................. 434 Harrii. Steven ..................... 408 H.rri.. Truett Wil oa ........... 85. 173 HarrU, William A .................. 331 H.rri.. Willi.m Phillip ............. 92 Harriton. Adine Helen ...... 77.321.340. 347. 351 Harriton. Dan J ..................... 411 Harruon. David L. ................. 411 Harrion. Dorothy ................. .345 Harritoa. France Wynne... 343. 346. 381 Harruon. Harriett ............. 218. 381 Harriaoa. Marguerite ................ 32 Harriwn. Nellie .................... 28 Harriton. Raymoad Cloud.. 224. 305. 392 Harrison. Tom W ................... 434 Harruon. Willi.m Marshal ...... 174. 404 Harrison. William Thoma ....... 85. 300 Harrod. Hazel Louise ............ 85. 299 Hart. Grace Jaaell ................. 85 Han. Joe P ........... 242. 271, 272. 27 Hartin. Rachel Elliott ....... 77. 332. 372 Hartman, John . .................... 353 Harton. V ' erlee Sidney .............. 53 Harrin. William Cbarlei, III ........ 412 Harwood. Winnon ............. 85. 394 Hatcher. Joha Andrew .............. 306 Hathaway. Margaret Eugenia ..... 313. 33 Haubold. Robert Egan .............. 320 Haviaz, Robert ...................... 272 Hawke . Mildred ............... 54. 318 Hawkiat. Jane ...................... 343 Hawkim. John Willi.m. Jr ........... 54 Hawn.Joe Verne ................... 92 Hawa. William ..................... 43 Hawthorne. Jeaae ................... 246 Hay. Glen .......................... 77 Haye . George ...................... 43 H., ne . Leo C ............. 27. 301. 306 Hayae . Mary Katberiae ......... 54. 347 Hayne . R. A ....................... 321 Hay.. Nita Beth ........ 54. 21S. 336. 442 Hayter. Mary Elizabeth ............. 386 Hayter. Penelope ................... 33 Hayward. A. E ..................... 416 Head. J. Arthur ............... 161. 417 Head. Thomai Franklin ............. 54 Heap. Archie M ................ 173. 392 Heard. France ..................... 349 Heard, Malcolm .................... 394 Heben. Florence Jotephiae ......... 307 Hecbt. Edna Dorothy ............... 83 Keep. Kalherine . . . ' ................. 381 Heflin. Beaa ........................ 339 Heflin. J.met McDonald ____ 175. 315. 43 Hear, Daniel T ............... 31S. 348 Heidrick. Robert Clarke ............ 427 Heisch. Helen Bertha ........... 54. 333 Heifer. Robert ..................... 414 . Hejtmaaek. Fraak ................... 354 Hclland. Jame Haaa ............... 411 Helland. Lucile Trabac ............. 77 Heller. Morotoa .................... 425 Helms. Marjorie .................... 387 Hempel. Jacqueline Sylvia .......... 85 Hemphill. Nancy Lou ............... 85 Headerton. BeMle Earle ............ 54 Headeraoa. Clady. Whitley..32. 326. 334 Hendenoa. Joe ..................... 421 Hendenon. John C .................. 427 Header on, Sae ..................... 77 Hendrick. Jeaa 161. 346. 367 Hendrick.. Raymond Edward 411 Hendrii. Jeaa Cowgill 77. 35O Hendrii. Philip Lorea 54. 174. 306 Hendrii. Robert Cowgill 54 Heacer. William 408 Heagy. Patricia 321 Henke. Emilie Bertha 54. 311 Healey. Alice 371 Heaaeberger. 54. 304. 330 Heaaeaaey. Peter Joha. Jr 423 Heaaiger. Verl yaa El Grace 85 Henry. Dorothy 311 Henry. H. B.. Jr 78 Henry. Rebecca 386 Heaaley. Joe Lee 4J2 Hcaaoa. W. C 74 Hen-.,. H. R. 298. 31 Herbert. Robert Cook 42 " Hereford. Carl 173 Herman. Ceraldine 33 . 3 4 Heradon. Charlotte 381 Heradon.Jack 305. 4 0 Herod, Jack 43S Pact 51 " NAMES PACfcS Herod, Mary Louise ...54, 228, 310, 313, 336, 446, 451 Herod, Varina Ann 92, 218, 299 Herold, Bertha Anna 311, 348 Herrman, Georgeanna Williams ..54, 325, 336, 350 Hershey, Anne Marie 54 Herzog, Erna Rosalie 85, 325 Hessel, Aaron 432 Hestenbaum, Dana 1 86 Hestir, Bluford 163, 175 Hewell.John Aflon, Jr 54 Hewgly, Oriz Dale 300 Hickerson, Leona Marie 78 Hickman, Harry 243, 278, 279 Hickman, Joseph Henry 411 Hickman. Mary Frances 54, 336, 370 Hicks, Franklin 31 Hicks, Jack Evans 331, 434 Hicks, John Axford 410 Hicks. Robert 92 Hieserman, Anna Marie 336, 360 Highams, Katherine 343, 346, 382 Highams, Lois 218, 383 Highsmith, William 436 Hight, Florence Ruth 92, 218 Hightower, Charles 298 Hightower, Jacqueling 54 Hightower, Jesse Brothers 92 Hilburn, Allen 400 Hildebrand, Ira P 34, 314 Hill, Betty 387 Hill. Earnest Clifton 54, 317, 329 Hill, Gregory A 92 Hill. Harold 175 Hill, J. Wright 321 Hill, Jeraldine (Jerry) ... .218, 302, 346 Hill, Jim Dan 92 Hill, Joanne 386 Hill, John 242, 265, 267 Hill, Lonnie 345, 421 Hill, Luther Creed 54 Hill. Margaret Rebecca 54 Hill, Marguerite Karolyn 92 Hill, Prentice 159, 168, 225 Hill, Ruth 387 Hill, Sam 428 Hilley, Cordon 242, 278, 279 Hillman, Hal 431 Milliard, Peggy 334, 345, 381 Hilliard. Rosemary Susan... 307, 332, 387 Hillyard. Virginia 78 Hillyer, Leroy W 78 Hillyer, Louis D 42, 317, 329 Hillyer, Mary 78, 218, 388 Hilman, Mary Mina 219, 307 Hinds, Barbara 362 Hinds. Don Hall 77, 303, 314 Hinds, Jackson 305, 315, 435 Hines, Nancy June 85, 375 Hines, Robert C 429 Hinkley, Helen Elizabeth 347,386 Hinman, Genevieve Louise 78, 389 Hinshaw, Myrle 93 Hintgen, George 330 Hirsch, Joe, Jr 419 Hiss, Anna 31, 343, 375 Hlavaty, Johnnie 348 Hoag. Lucy Mae 345, 348 Hobbs, Harry W 407 Hodge, Henry Pope, Jr 93 Hodge, Norma 334 Hodge, Roger Weldon 315, 407 Hodges, Ed 403 Hodges, Grace Elizabeth 384 Hodges, Lenda 335 Hodgin, Betty 170, 371 Hodgins, Margaret 31 Hoege, H. P 395 Hoehn. Albert Donnelly 78, 328 Hoera, Carl 449 Hofer, Margaret Jane 318 Hoffman, Edmund Meyer 300, 419 Hoffman, Ernest William 72 Hoffman, Leo Jaye....l77, 303, 315, 432 Hoffman, Robert 405 Hoffman, Roger H 224, 359, 430 Hoffmann, Arthur E 316 Holland, Paul 54 Hokanson, Doris Marguerite 54, 336 Holasek, Doris Mae 93, 219, 354 Holchak, Steve 268 Holcomb, Frank 175 Holcomb, H. A 316 Holden, Clco 93 Holden, Father Vincent F 342 Holder, Bill 449 Holder, Charles B 316 Holeman. Jean Louise.. 54, 219, 336, 345 Holey, Martha Frances 348 Hollan, Bob 315 Holland, Baxter Finch 169, 392 Holland, Dan Edward 54 Holland, Hal H 85 Holland. Jermilee 318, 321, 336 Holland, John 414 Holland, Leonard 433 Holland, Marie 365 Holland, Virginia 371 Hollander, Miriam 176 Hollaway, Martha Miriam 93 Hollinger, Joe 55 Hollingsworth, William Robert 55, 328, 338 Hollman, Clarice.. 78, 321, 372. 340, 351 Holloman, B. Kaye 93, 356 Holloway, James 420 NAMES PACES Holloway, Ross Raymond. . .180, 315. 426 Holly, Anna Belle ................. 354 Holly, Florine ..................... 354 Holm ' es, Elsie ............. 18. 332, 388 Holmes, Sarah ...................... " Holmes, Seawillow .................. ' ' " Holmsley, Fred Holstein, Thomas Holston, Mary Jane Holt, Barbara " JJ NAMES PACES Huth, Dwight Eugene 86 Hutter, Franklin 28 Hutter, Marie Alice 78, 170, 361 Hvass, Charles T 356, 397 Hyatt, John Clifton 411 Hyde, Bob 393 Hyder, Elton 431 Hyer, Billie Ralph 42, 384 Hynds, Robert 173 Holt. James B. .324 nun, Jim " .,. Holt. Pat Mayo 162. 163, 313 Holt. William Joseph Holton. Rayburn Robert Holzschuher. Carl, Jr 315 Home Economics Club " Honig. Charles J J Honnet. Norman Vaughn lll ' JJi Honoraria Hood. Jacqueline Claire ?? Hooker, Julia B 219, 321, 340, 362 Hooks, Charles Guy " Hooper. Hilton Arthur Hoot. William Francis JU Hoover. Mrs. Josephine Hopf. Mary Irene ; Hopkins, A. James ] " Hopkins. King S? Hopper. Rex E " f Horadam. Darvan ' Horak, Arnost " oxo Horak. Dorothy Katherine 219. it Horak, Rudolph Horeczy.Joe T " Home. Barbara 219. 3,0 Horstman, Lois J? " Horton.Hal S Horton, Paul B |95 Horton. Sarah Hough. D. Patricia V V oii " Houpt. W. D 2. 256, 345 House, Ewald J House. John Dickson iV ' S Houssicre, Charles Rene 317. 3. Houston, Hallie 343, 38 Houston, Martha Bea 55, i Houston. Reagan. Ill 305,422 Hover. William Adgate, III Howard. Billy -3 " Howard, Catherine 55, 170, 336 Howard. Glenn Orville ' ' ' l, ' ' , Howard. Jack Bruce 161. 163, 39 Howard. Justin Robert -303 Howard. Kathleen Marie.... 55. 321. 336 362, 440. 451 Howard. Polly 86. 383 Howard. Raymond Estes 59. 11 Howard. Robert 314 Howard. Walter B 315, 3 Hoyt. Marjoric J Hoyt. William n " w Howell. Edna 170. 38 Howerton, Naomi 299 Hrissikopoulos, John 298 Hubhard.John Barry 55, 173 Hubbard. Raymond Ellsworth 86 Hudson. Adrienne 8 Hudson, Charles 393 Hudson, Commodore Perry 411 Hudson. Jack 329 Hudson. William James 30 Huff. Heene Adele 55, 336 Huff. Martha Rebecca 42, 318, 321 Huff. Taylor Eugene 78 Huff. Wayne - Hugeard. Elizabeth 336. 346 Hughes. Jack 242. 272, 273. 274 Hughes. Jack Thomas 315, 321 Hughes.Jane " Hughes. Mary Ann 363 Hughes. Mary Helen 361 Hughes. Melville M 407 Hughes. Minnie Margaret 55, 336 Hughes, Ruth Adelaide 93. 219. 363 Hughes. Virginia Louise 55. 336. 368 Hughes. W. A 8 Huie. W. 314 Hulett. Rannie Catherine 55. 311, 33 Hull, Ruth Margaret 55. 345, 366 Hull.Thurman 269, 345, 420 Hull. Tommie +1 Humlong, Margaret 219. 387 Humlong, Mary Lee 55, 313, 332, Humphrey, Jessie Mae 78 Humphrey, Lee 395 Humphreys, Verna 333, 335 336. 386 Hungato. Frank Porter 55, 300 Hunsucker, Frances Lillian.. 86, 219.373 Hunt, Ben Bridges 313, 315 Hunt. Clifford Jane 93 Hunt. James A 406 Hunt. Gene Spencer 86, 38 Hunt. George. Jr 397 Hunt. Thurman Arthur 78 Hunter, Frank 322 Hunter. Mary Lou 219, 336, 380 Hunter. William 330 Huntington, Mary Ruth. 78, 326, 445, 451 Hurt, George E 174, 341 Hurt, Wilbur W 55 Hulcheson, Thad Thomson 222. 303. 314, 422 Hutchings, William 409 Hutchinson, Everett 55, 227. 308, 359. 430 lies, Blanchard 11 frey, Genevieve Hortense Imhoff, George In Memoriam Ingram, Thomas Patrick Inks, Mildred Innes, Catherine Louise Interfraternity Council Interfraternity Housemanagers . lota Sigma Pi Irby, Elmo Sledd Irons, Watrous H Irwin, George Isaacs, Burford King Isenhower, Jodie Isensee, Clarence Theodore. .78, Isensee, George William Isrtt, Barbara Ellen Itz, Warren Bernard Ivers, Wayne Ivey, Catherine Ivy, Edwin Randolph ..93, 363 ..93, 219 415 72 78 163 361 359 438 309 ..74, 449 .158, 306 .173, 420 410 ..55, 352 174, 306 55 ...93, 170 93 409 362 411 Jack, William 175 Jackling, Daniel C 317 Jackson, Anne Ruth 93 Jackson, Donald Calvin 168,407 Jackson, Dudley, Jr. 423 Jackson. Glenn 242, 395 Jackson. Gordon 420 Jackson, Irene 336, 349, 388 Jackson, James Roy 42 Jackson, John Lenoir, III 173,423 Jackson, Kiltie Ruth 299,387 Jackson, Lois Ellen 86,389 Jackson, Mary Ruth 28 Jackson, Ned Franklin 55,301 Jackson, Raleigh Oliver 393 Jackson, Randall Calvin 74 Jackson, Robert P 315,353,421 Jackson, Royal C 320 Jackson. T. J 353 Jacobe, Edward William 393 Jacobs, Edwin 433 Jacobs, Eugene W 268 Jacobs, Harry 437 Jacobs, Helen 347, 364 Jacobs, Janice 364 Jacobs, Moselle 55, 336,347 Jacobson, Jule 350 Jacobson, Meyer 438 Jacobson, Mina Louise 170,365 Jacoby, Nesbitt Freddie 86 Jaeggli, Sam 337 Jaffe, Irwin 418 Jalonick, Mary Janet 307,382 James, Andy M 407 James, Joe 158, 163, 164, 222 Jamison, Alonzo W, Jr 42,163,319 Jane, Marie Louise 93 Janda, George 354 Janssen, Verda Gertrude 55,170 Janszen. Herbert 298, 315 Janukowicz, Raymond Walter 93 Janzen, Anna W 339 Jarrel, Willis 428 Jarvis. Jane 219. 334, 386 Jarvis, Rosemary 86 Jay, Evelyn Virginia 360 Jay, Wallace 435 Jeffress. L. A 37 Jelks, Edward 399 Jclks, Oliver 399 Jenkins, Holman 396 Jenkins, Odie S 316, 324 Jenkins. Shirley 370 Jennings, Ima Gene 93, 299 Jennings, Nancy 380 Jester, Homer Bates 322,410 Jewett, Bob 416 Jines, Sidney 174 Johansen, Margaret 326 John, Jeanne 386 Johnapelus 159. 176 Johnsen, Marjorie Marie 180, 318, 344, 346, 372, 451 Johnson, Alfred Thrall 56 Johnson, Arthur Ubbe 395 Johnson, Betty 383 Johnson, Betty Mary 55, 161. 312, 336, 349, 366 Johnson, C. R 298,316 Johnson, Charlotte Rose 78 Johnson, Charles Vandigriff 55 Johnson, Clyde B., Jr 56, 428 Johnson, Dan S 431 Johnson, Dorothy 86, 170 Johnson, Emma Jean 56, 333 Johnson, Frances E 311 Johnson, Frances Louise 56. 219. 336. 358. 368 NAMES PACES Johnson, Howard 397 Johnson, James Longino 56,409 Johnson, Jean Elizabeth 78,389 Johnson, Jesse B 398 Johnson, Joe K 456 Johnson, John Osborne 78 Johnson, Margaret 86, 170, 344. 373, 416. I ' ll Johnson, Margaret Jayne 56 Johnson. Mary Jo 336 Johnson, Milton Mason 93,174 Johnson, Naomi Ruth 56.219 Johnson. Orrin Wendell 401 Johnson, Patricia Marjorie 56, 442 Johnson, Pearce 341 Johnson, Preston 278 Johnson, Roe 337 Johnson, Wallace 174 Johnson, William Devers.56, 313, 315, 321 Johnson, Mrs. Willie Ruth 78 Johnston, Charles 300 Johnston. William C 315.405 Johnston. William R 417 Jolly, Richard Norris 313 Jones, Alfred 436 Jones, Barbara 350, 358, 360 Jones. Betty Jean 170. 381 Jones, Bruce 316, 324, 408 Jones, Carl William 315 Jones, Charles 300 J ones. Dee 370 Jones, Donna Lee 345,348 Jones, Dorothy 386 Jones, E. T 449 Jones, Earl Wooten 56.315.400 Jones. Elizabeth 382 Jones, Estermae 170. 371 Jones, Florene 86, 371 Jones, Floyd Raymond 86,328 Jones, Frances Gale 219,371 Jones. Guilford P 173. 177. in: Jones. Helen 375 Jcm,- . llcjiucT Yale 169.392 Jones, J. Homer 324 Jones. Jo 56. 311, 353. 366 Jones. John T.. Jr 416 Jones, Lola 32 Jones, Manton Pruett 78 Jones, Mary Ann 56 Jones. Mary R 387 Jones, Morna 366 Jones, Oran 1 75 Jones, Patricia Prideaux 93,361 Jordan, Evalynn Hodges 219 Jordan, Geneva 336 Jordan, Henry Grady 413 Jordan, June 219. 382 Joseph, Samuel William 56 Joughin. G. L 39 Journalism Building 16 Joyce. Marie Louise 93 Joyce, Ruth Judy 78, 346 Joyner, Jane Lee 380 Judson. Jacqueline 219, 367 Judson, Taylor C 86 Junell, William Edward 74 Jung. Stanley 161.175.404 Juniors 73-82 Justice. Doyle 224, 420 Justice. William Wayne 74 Juvenal, Chester 331 K Kahler. Ernest 348 Kairie, Paul Athanasse 78.449 Kainer. John Emil 56.320.331 Kallina, Leon Phillip 56 Kallison, James 419 Kalteyer, Walter 329 Kampmann, Ike Simpson, Jr 422 Kamrath. Robert 242.2:7.2:8 Kaplan. Ben 163 Kaplan. Dorothy 336, 364 Kaplan. Sylvan 433 Kaplan, Ted 432 Kappa Alpha 408. 409 Kappa Alpha Thrta 380. 381 Kappa Kappa Gamma 382. 383 Kappa Sigma 410, 411 Karper. Edward 428 Kasch, John E 316 Kasch. Norma Marie 161,349. 366 Kasperik, Archie S 316 Kastrop. Julian 329 Katz, Charles 418 Kavanaugh. Charlotte 321 Kay. Clyde Elkins 300 Kazen. Abe 341 Kealhofer. Starr 409 Kearney. Clare 349.382 Kebelman, Lenore 86 Keckley. Arthur Bruce 301 Kee. Elizabeth 311 Keefe. Doris Marie 56. 302, 336 Keeling. Lela Haines 326,372 Keenan. Douglas, Jr 397 Keenan. William 427 Keese, Nila 93 Keeton. Mary Alice 78,443 Keeton. Robert Ernest 223. 302. 303, 314, 315. 434 Keeton. W. Page 40,314 Keith. Mary Frances 56 Keller. Wynona Cradine 93 Kellei. France 373 PACE 520 K.MCS Krllev. Frank A 334.383 Kellis. Jim Henry 93.315 Kelly. B. Franklin 8 Krll.. Dorothy Nell 93 Kelly. Eileen 380 Kellt.Zelphia Alice 3 6 Kelsey.John 93 Kelso! Wi.rbr.ter 42 Kendall. Joe 417 Kendall. L.le 416 Kendall. Martha Sue 93 Kendall. Sherman 409 Kendall. Thoma. Alfred 93 Kenlc . David Crockett 78 Kenley. Luella Niton 334.389 Kenle.. Mary Lee 334. 33 . 388 Kenn.rd. Martha 299. 332. 344. 3J9 Kennedy. Bill Collier 56 Kennedy. William D 223.415 Kennel ly, Je-ie Mae 78 Kent. Harry L. 320.353 Kent. Virginia 334 Kepplr. Mary Margaret 5 . 447. 451 Kepple. Patricia Anne 8 Keppler. John 426 Kerney. Josephine 349.383 Kemodle. Frances 450 Kerr. Baine Perkin 315.412 K.rr. James 437 nnr Elizabeth 86 - rlr. 232.388 Ke rl. Bertram 56 Keur-rr.. Charles 405 ne 321 iry 301 Kev. M.rion T 407 Sam 2 H 93.331.417 Kibbe. Ike LaRue 320.331 Kielman. William 175 Kilr . Mi.. F. B 447 Kjlgorr.Ch.rlr. 399 Kilgore. Joe Madiaon 74.177 Kilgorr. Lillian 78 Kilgore. Robert Diiie 407 Kilgore. Will H 330 Kilman. William D 242.246 Killen. Cortex High 420 Kilpatrick. Chester Bernard. Jr 412 Kimmel. Clark 397 Kimmel. J.mes H 4 7 King. Alfred Ashbrook 74. 158. 161, 302. 315. 414 Kin . E. F 405 King. Hrllrn 309. 339 King. John Dudley 298 King. Kenneth Ray 259. 306 King. Mary Margaret 93 King. Miriam Anne. 93 King. Val 405 Kinley. Mary Lee 345 Kinnear. Robert 329 Kuuburg. Vera Louise 93 Kinsella. Robert 315 Kinslow. Bill 409 Kinzbach. Eva May 371 Kirby. Kay 93 Kirbi Hfll 445 Kirchenwitz. Edell Claud 93 Kirk. Jame Trueman 78 nley 93.449 Kirklrn. Leland 356 Kirkp.lrirk. Burke 176 Kirkpatrick. Mary 381 Kirkpatrirk. Sam Walter 56.306 Kirkp.trick. Van 176 Kirkpatrirk. W al lace 174 Ki.tro. Connie 17O. 312 Ki.len. Katherine Helen 366 Kitleamarkrr. Edward 175 Hill 403 Klarrner. Curtis Maurice 315 Klar. Louise 390 Klavrman. Lester H 3 1 Klrberg. Katberine Searcy ..221. 307. 3 2 Kleberg. Richard. Jr 305.392 Kle pie . Henry 331 Klein. Letter 432 Klein. Vernon Alfred 56 Kleinman. Daniel 271. 272 Kleinman. Maurice 424 Kline. Thoma. Joseph Dennis 56 Kloae. Herbert Otto 57 Klotz. Dr. Harry L. 29 Knaggs. Fredna Key 232.358.391 KniCn. Robert Fairhurst 300 Knight. Jack 319 Knight. Kathryn Gene 57.313.321. 332. 370 Knight. Richard 415 Knight. Thonsa 404 Knott. Bernard 405 Richard 405 Knowles. Zulma Cay 57. 17 . 321 Knot. Sarah Beth 3 6 Kamnion. Donald B 57 K t. Fritz K 428 Koberg. Ca.illr 78 Koeurek. Eleanor 354 Kocurek, Elenora Angeline 93 Koen. Cleo 57.33 Koepcke. Marie 93.299 Koepf. E. H 324 Koliu . Mr.. Joy W.ldrip 57 Kollrnberg. C. H 316.324 Kolodzey. Joe 328 KaJoozfe. Florian 175 Kola . Viola 337.354 K c.l.l. J. Ho.ard 232.318.382 Kooe. Barbara 169 Korezynski. Dan 337 Kormeier. Cornelia Looi. 400 Kornblatt. Heracbel 163.268.419 Kornleld. Thelau Elaine 390 Kotl. Rudolph Loui. 393 Kovar. lilbcrt J 31S Kraege. Roland 337 Kramer. Arthur 173 Krause. Jame. A 430 Krause. Waller Thomas 57 Krayer. William 175 Leonard! Ferdinand 93.315 Krei.le. Petty Margaret . . . . 169. 232. 386 Kremer. Edward 359.407 Kremer. Larry 421 Kre... Marcaret K 321 Kriegel. M. W 324 Kiiian. William R 57 Kroll. Maurice 57 Kruexer. John Her 428 Krnpp. June Millicent 317.365 Kubecka. LcRoy John 93. 348 Knbeeka. Loui. 348 Kurhnr. Henry. Jr 169 Kufle. William V 430 Kuhleman. Alfred 426 Kuhn. John Cordon 395 Kuhn. William 426 Kunz. John E 348 Ku.hnrr. Theodorr H 315 Kutner. Malcolm 242. 246. 253. 253 Kutier. Ralph 330.352 Kynette. Adele 93 Laakto. Robert 331 Labban. George. Jr 315 Label. Florian 365 Lackey. Clifton 399 L. J. B 324 UCroMe. Mary Ann Lambe 361 Lacy. Jeanne 232. 3P9 Ladd. Catherine Ann 372 Udd. Robert Boyd 158.180.300 Lake. George 161.403 Lakr.Crare 336.384 Lamb. Jame. Malcolm 173.300 Lamb. Marjorie 78. 170 Lambe. Mary Ann 356 Lambeth. Mary Ellen 93.346 Lancade. John Edmond 86 Lancaster. Cordon Gu 78 Landau. Mildred 377 Lande. Libby Lorraine 390 Lander.. Al 163.164 Ludry. Harold 351 Lane. Gardner 173 Line. Richard Newton 313.430 Lane. William R 323 Lang. William Joseph (Bill) ....224.3ns. 329. 412 Lang. Catherine 341 Langdon. Cbarle. 32.305.306 Langdon. James Calhoun.. . .230. 305. 308 Langdon. Katberine 3 3 Langdon. Marjorie 446.451 Lance, Augusta C 78 Laneerhans. John 266. 267 Lanxford. Aliie 93. 373 Laneford. Livius 298 Lancham. Loueille 42.309.311.314 Lucaton. Elizabeth Anne. . .232. 299. 371 Langwortby. Barbara Ann 3H7 Lankford. Billie Mae 93.232 Lankford. Living Lee 300 Lanier. J. Annand 78 Lanyon. Ah in 328 Lapman. Melvin. . . .242. 278. 279. 281. 345 Lawn. Leon V 316 Lawn. Victoria France. 93 Larson. Donald R. 319 Lanon. Vernon 403 Larv. Ann Elizabeth 382 Laaater. Frederick Wilbert 303 Laaaberf, Edwin JCnrt. . M 397 miter. Joe ffLl . __ i LlrWrff CTen 348 Ijain-Amrrira Club 340 Laudermilk. J. 1 317 Lauer. Carl 305.404 Lantcrstein. Herbert 272 Law. Thoma. Hart 177. 226. 242. 305. 308. 315. 319. 4Ot Lawhon. Irene Howard 57.336 Lawley. Mary Elizabeth 93 Lawrence Maicie Dell 57.232.336 LawKHi. Elizabeth 232.385 Lawaon. Wallace Dunk. .242. 266. 267. 3ft8 Lay. Cbe.trr F 301.351 Layden. Pete... 242. 246. 248. 250. 266. 267 Lazenby. Kerrey. Jr 174 Lea. Edwin ... ' 356.429 Lea. Elma 57 Leach. Au.tin 3S3. 405 Leachman. Marcaret 3 6 Leahr. Do .361 Leahy. Mary Francea 03 Lear. Tom H 57 Learned. Carroll 395 Leaton. Lily Mae 78. 311 LeBlanc. Mattye Sue Marie 57.345 Lecbencer. Low. 419 Ledbetter. Anire Myrl 232. 367 Ledbetter. Ceorxie Elizabeth 180.366 Lee. Anabel 318 Lee. Betty 168.232 Lee. DeAi va 336 Lee. Jame C 315 Lee. Mary Alice 170.443 Lee. Quincy Joe 395 Lee. Richard R.. Jr 223.422 Lee. Ruth Dolore. 389 Lee I. Madeleine Sarah 57.333 Le. BloMom 377 Lehmann. Erneat Loui . Jr 57 Lrhmann. Maurice Arthur 315 Lehrer. Dorothy Jane. ..232. 307. 346. 381 Leibman. Frieda 336.358.376 Leinbach. Harry 31 Leiper. William Harper 78.163.300 Leland. T. W ....301 LeMay. Erne.1 331.436 Lemtnon.. Maurice 425 Lemon. Mary France. 86 Lemon.. Joe Fred 316 Lenoir. Lady Katberine 57. 309. 318. 347. 349 Lenrz. Marcaret Jane 57. 336. 343. 372 Leon. Harold 432 Leonard. Ceorce Walton 86. 161. 356 Leonard. Joe 426 Leonard. Ruatel I J 305.315.359.413 Lepkin. Oliver 175 Leaco. Evelyn Koemel 309 Lelie. Billy B 316 Lc.lir. Charle. Robert 423 Leanik. Jack V 315 Lethco. William Connery.57. 313. 315. 321 Leutwyler, Ben 175 Leverett. Hunter 426 Leveridge. Aubrey 4O4 Levin, Sol , 433 Levinton. Helen Lillie 93.377 Levinion. Loui. 31, 433 Levy. Adrian F., Jr 74 Levy, Dorothy 358.376 Levy. Dorothy Paula 93. 365 Levy. Harold 42S Levy. Helen 376 Levy. Janet 365 Levy. Letter 419 Levy. Maiiue Beatrice 78.376 Levy. May 365 Levy. Rene 432 Lewallen. Mary Jane in, 361 Lewellinx. Mary Elizabeth 171 Lewi . Benjamin Kerley 57,345 Lewis. David Edmond.. 184. 301. 302. 315 Lewu. Donald Record 78 Lewi . Franci. Edxar 57.316.324 Lewi.. Helena 86 Lewi.. McKinley Clayton 74.430 Lewi.. Mircarrt 373 Lewie. Maiie Louie 169 Lewis. Russell 78. 176 Lewu. Robert Edward 315 Lewis. Robert Elmer 431 Lewis. Ruth 326 Lewis. Yvonne Etnyre 389 Lewright. Josephine 57 Lide. Ceraldine (Gerry) 93.363 LJeb. Carl Vamey 168 Lieb. Louis Varney 168 Lieberman. David 341. 425 Lieberman. Sara Mary n 390 Lirrm.n. Ona Lee... " . 86.361 Lif.hutT. Eleanor 93,377 Lixht. Margery Columbine 86 Lifhl Opera Company 169 Ligbtfoot. Ruben Patton, Jr 42.329 Ligon. El oise Margaret 78 Lixon. Nita 224. 358 Lillard. Warren 4O9 Umrlifkl 185-240 Lindahl. C. L. 28 Lindau. Warren 93,353 Lindley. J. G 57 Lindley. Lucius 298 Lindlof. Edward 331 Lindman. Janie 345 Lindsay. Bert Wetzel 300 Lindsay. Earl 329.352 Lindsay.!. W 93 Lindsay. Joe 405 Lindsay. Sidney A 394 Line. Mary Elizabeth 86 Linn. Thomas Alva 267,393 Linstrum. Oscar E.. Jr 169 Lippmao. Alan 399 Lippman.Merviu Robert 86 Lip. comb, Charles 31 Lipscomb. Elizabeth 323. 372 Upstate. Philip 31S. 317. 424 Lisenby. Mary Louise 361 Little. John 341.409 Littlefield. Clyde 242.269 LiltlrfrlJ Donatory 21. 446 LiltlrtrlJ Memorial ' Fauttui 23 Littlejohn. Margaret Ann (M.rgo) . . .233. 334. 343. 371 Littleton. B. T 1S9 Livingston. Jim 419 Lively. Claude 175 Lively. Marjorie 387 Livers. Richard 415 Lobpries. Fritz 244 Lochte. H. L. 316 Locke. Margaret (Peggy I . . . .57. 170. 171. 233. 336. 345. 388 Manes races Lockett. Hudson at Lockwood. Charles T 395.438 Lockwood. Dorothy 340 Lockwood. Ward 36 Loftand. William 1 430 Lofti.. John Landrum. Jr 58 Logan. Eloise 307.383 Logan. Nell 371 Loidold. Joe 403 Lommark. Tom C 395 London. Lyle 397 Lfmgfiorn Band 175 Lomthan Boiiitf Club 341 Long. Catbryn Loune 366 Long. Elizabeth 31.383 Lone. Fauna 299 Long. H. Jane 93 Long. Janet 233.332.334.383 Long. Margaret 336 Long. Robert 436 Long. Ruth 299 Lone. W. G 329 Long. Walter Kaapke 313 Lonxino. Hugh Ellen 422 Longren. Harvey Frederick St. 315. 317. 329 Looke, Fred 345 Loomer, Perry Douglas 74 Loomis. Jane Honto 53. 336. 374 Looney. Frances Ruth 58.336 Larimer. Bill 305.395 Lorino. Merle 93 Lostak. Tommie 272. 276 Love. Jack Edward 177 Love. Marjorie 176 Love. William 328 Lowdon. Robert Rutherford 411 Lowrey. Anita Lillian 86.233.371 Lowry. Ruth Ann 233.389 Henry 340 Lubbock, Charles William (Bill) . ...53. 320. 331 Lucas. Alfred Thoma 411 Lucas, John Parker 93 Luc... Richard M. (Dick) 77. 408 Luce. Arthur 286 Luce. Joan 93 Lnckett, Alfred E 298.315.427 Ludden. Allen Ellsworth 168.313 Lud it. Ernest E 174.315 Ludwic. John 174 Lndwix. Rubin William 315 Lnedecke. William Henry 58.396 Lumpkin. Robert 173.437 Lumpkins. Stuart Bowman 303 Lundberg. Betty 78.380 Lunsford. Carolyn 367.445 Luper. Albert F 176 Luper. Dan 173 Lutteman. John Eric 93 Lutz. Martha 233. 343. 358. 372 Lyle. Alvin 315 Lyle. Marjorie Ann.. 58. 233. 312. 336. 388 Lynch. S. A 324.329 Lynde. Paul 17t Lynn. Katherine 93 Lynn. Mary Pearl 346.372 Lyons. Frank J 93 Lytle, A. Ben 79 Me Me Adams. Horace Ware 93 McAfee. Marguerite C 79. 344. 362. 442. 451 McAllister. Channinx C 58.317.329 McAlpin. Rod 400 Me Andrew. Marine Elliot 58 McAnelly. Fannie Pauline. . .53. 333. 336 McAninch. Jack 420 McAlee. Ruth 371.446.451 McBirney. Sam 410 McBirney. Williams 400 McBride. Gerald J 94 McBride. Guy Thornton. Jr 58. 315. 316. 324 McBroom. William Ernest 58 McCain. Tate 405 McCall. Eleanor C 86 McCampbell. Richard Jones 393 MrCampbell. Robert F 79 McCampbell. William P. (Bill) ..94, 174 McCandlrss. Jean 233.299.387 McCann. Dorothy Dell 79, 361 McCarter. Crady Sylverter 411 McCarthy. Jame F 174,435 McCarty. Jame E 58 McCarty. Mary Doris 58.33 McCarty. Pat 94. 315, 449 McCarver. Clarence 345 McCaskill. Grace Virginia 233 MrCasland. Marguerite 58 McCelvey. Alice Le 3 0 McClamroch. Harris 242 McCIaran. Oliver Brigxs 78 McClelland. Clem 426 McClelland. Gene Allen 79 McClintock. John 352 McClung. Alton 59 MrClnre. Clady. Byrd 58.333 McClurr. John Robert SS McCollum. Myrtle 372 McComb. Austin 427 McConnell. France 171. 367 McConnell. Gladys Ethel 8 . 3 3 McConniro. Jean 3 3 Pad 521 NAMES PACES McConnico, Mary isabellc 58 McCormick, Dr. Katharine 29.325 McCormick. Joe 449 McCormick. Ray Foster 29 McCrary, Helen George 86 McCrocklin, Andrew Jackson 328. 338, 402 McCrummen, Mary Jean 363 McCullough, Doris Nell 233 McCullough, Gladys 94, 385 McCullough. Helen 381 McCullough. Marjorie 382 McCully, Edward 429 McCurdy, Ann 337 McCurdy, Elliott 405 McCurdy, lone Lay 42, 321 McCurdy. John A 32, 165, 182 McCutchan, Roy Thomas 58,316,352 McCutchean. Josephine Ethel 86,233 McCutchin. Robert Milo 169 McCutchin, Verna Lee 94 McDaniel, Pattie Gene 326 McDermott. James Edward 58 McDonald. Catherine 389 McDonald, Doyle 414 McDonald. Etta Mae 336 McDonald. H. Malcolm 319 McDonald, Louis 322. 428 McDonald, Mona 373 McDonald, Ned 242. 243, 246, 267 McDonald, Scott 415 McDowell, C. A., Jr 397 McDowell, Ray 345 McDowell. Sarah Ann 58.313,350 McDugald, William C. (Billy) . .79. 231, 305. 359. 395 McElhinney. Daphene 335, 382 McElroy. John E 58 McEniry. Jean 335. 382 McEnnis, Margie 383 McFadden, Samuel Givens 422 McFarland. Hattie Veigh 372 McFarland. J. D 324 McFarland. John 402 McFarland. Marion Moreland 59. 336, 360 McFarland, Russell 305, 395 McGahcy. Fred 79 McGaughey, Herbert Sharp 423 McGaughey, John 176 McCee. William Sears 412 McCehee, Mary Charline 325, 332. 370 McGill, William Lawrence 158.308 McGinnis. Robert 281 McGivney, Felix 59, 163, 342 McGlasson, Irvy Lee 59 McGowan, Bill 396 McHolme. Duncan Caird 94,405 Mclntosh. William 159 Melntyre. Dorothy Estaleen 94,299 Mclntyre, John Harold 306 Melntyre. Virginia 381 Mcjimsey, Llyne 79 McKay. Roy 244 McKee, James Wright ...59.315.316,324 McKee, Mary 31 McKee. Virginia 385 McKeller. Edwin Irwin 177 McKelvy, James 174 McKenzie. Charles E 315 McKenzie, William 404 McKic, James W 315 McKinley, Robert Bruce 59,341 McKinney, Aubrey R 316 McKinney. Hugh 79 McKinney, Jeff Milam 94,315 McKinney, Robert T 94 McLain. Mary Steger 79, 233. 332. 373, 443, 451 McLane. Fletcher Elder 328,338 McLarty, E. Sinks 411 McLaurin. Banks 324, 330 McLean, R. J 31 McLean, William P 394 McLean, William Walter 39, 315, 316, 324 McLellan, John Wesley 86 McLemore. Katherine Ernestine 94 McLeod, Billie 171, 334, 387 McMahon, Edna George 59,233,339, 349, 362 McMahon. Quay Bayard 410 McMahon, Robert David 59 McMahon, William Goodwin 396 McMillan, Charles 174 McMillen. Betty Jean 171,233,371 McMillian, Earl Thomas 94. 393 McMullen. Elizabeth 169 McMullen, Helen Hoover 169 McMurrey, Eugenia 233, 343 McMlirry, J. Geoffrey 94 McMurtry. LaVerne 343, 380 McNamara, James 414 McNatt, Ernie Glen 59,302 McNeil, James S 315 McNeill, W. H 324 McNew, Robert H 394 McNiel, James Samuel 94 McNutt. Ray 421 McPhail, Sarah Eloise 86 McPhcrson, H. Stanford 315 McQuown, Kathleen 311, 370 McReynolils. John Wilburn 411 McSpadden, Thomas Alexander ..59,272, 276 McWhorter, Frank Ripy 74 McWhorter, Jane Ellen 386 NAMES i PA;FS MacCorkle, Stuart 36 MacDonald, Etta Mae 59,309.313 MacDowell, Catherine 32, 182 MacKenzie. Ann 86 MacKenzie, Ellen P 79,233,309, 325, 350, 362 MacNaughton, William A 94 Mack. Joe Edward 72,994 Mack, John Herman 306 Mackey. Charles Franklin 86 Mackin. Bernard John 177, 314 Macune, Dennis 175 Maddox.Jack Polk 411 Madeley, Etta Margaret 79 Magliolo, Albert Matthew 94 Magliolo. Ursula Mary Elizabeth 79, 234 Magruder. Lawson William 410 MahafTey. Howard Albert 306 Mahler, Frances Ann 86 Mahlie. James Albert 79 Mahon, Eldon 175 Main Building 14 Main, Floyd 174 Main, Tommy 414 Mainland, Gordon 436 Majors, John Albert. Jr 79,423 Malach, Abraham 94 Malik. Joe 354 Mallen, Salvador Gonzales 340 Mallette. Weldon 423 Mallini. Charles Thomas 94 Mai lory, Berenice 339 Malone. Holt 417 Malone, James Leland 320,324.331 Malone. Jean Frances 169 Malone). Betty Jo 234,349,371 Manes, Charles Victor 59 Manford, Thomas Durwood 410 Mann, A. J 395 Mann. Dorothy May 94,371 Manning. Phil Dietz 400 Manterola. Rafael 340 Manuel. Mary Lynne 94,299 Mapes. Doris Lee 94 Mapes, Eleanor Marie 43, 176 Mapes, Roberta 79 Marek, Delphine 348 Marek. Jerome 354 Markley. Joe Sidney 393 Marks. Alvin J 418 Marks, B. H 413 Marks, Myron 184, 418 Marks, Theodore 419 Marmolejo, Santos Elodia 59,321 Marriott. Kate 234, 336, 346, 386 Marroquin, Minita 340 Marsh. Claron C 59 Marsh. Harold 408 Marshall. Patricia Jane 43, 170. 171, 234. 310. 321. 350. 370. 444. 451 Marshall. Schuyler 421 Martin, Alvin Randolph .59, 223, 305, 396 Martin. Cora 318, 333, 375 Martin. Dale Frances 59,346,372 Martin, Dan Lee 86 Martin, Daniel 323 Martin, Given Edward 86 Martin, Howard Nathan 43,300 Martin, James A 59,306 Martin, James Tommy 59 Martin, John Adams 59 Martin. John G 79 Martin. Leonard P 79.351,449 Martin, Louise 447 Martin, Margaret 171 Martin, Margaret Mosely 86 Martin, Raymond John 59,174,175 Martin, Robert Michael 415 Martin, Robert Welch 415 Martin, Vernon 246 Martin, Virginia Hudson 349,369 Martin, Virginia Julynne 86, 234, 347, 385 Martin, Virginia Lili 349,370 Martin, W. Dale 415 Martin, Walter Maddox 59,306 Martin, William 351 Martin, William Franklin 420 Martinets, Lowie 348 Martinets. Viola Anne 234, 348 Martinez, Ciro 340 Martinez, Claudio 340 Martinez. David 340 Martinez, Rodolfo 317, 324, 329 Martyr, Blanch M 302 Martyr, Leonard W 302,351 Marullo. Frank Clayville 94,173 Mash, Margaret Ann 94 Mason, Mike R 74 Mason, Richard Stewart 94, 300 Mason, Rodney Russel 79 Massey, Gene 268 Massey, Marschal Wilson 79 Massie, Jean 94, 381 Massman. Edward Lafaye ...315.329,424 Masters. Wallace 163,427 Matala. Maria 372 Matejek, Adele Ann 348 Matejek, Ruth Ann 348 Mathews, Clinton 176 Mathews, E. J 28 Mat hews, Margaret 176 Mathews, Rose Claire 391 Mathias. June 234, 447 Mathis. May , 371 Mathis. Robert " Warren 300 .NAMES PAI;ES Mathis. Walter 415, 438 Matlage, Anita 361 Matson, Raphael 316 Matthews, Dorothy 299, 371 Matthews, Edward 431 Matthews, Edwin Coll 94 Matthews, Maebess 28 Maud, Tom Oliver 306 Maverick, Alfred, III 303,314,400 Maverick, Mary 389 Maverick, Maury, Jr 401 Maxson, Betsy 382 May, Clarence E 86.397 May, David 424 May Doris 94 May, James A 324 May, Marguerite 345 Mayer, Robert B 315.419 Mayes, F. F 79 Mayes, Raymond 246, 345 Mayneld, Douglas F 316,324 Mayfield, Franklin Drew 316,324 Mayhall. Mildred Pickle 318 Mayne, Lewis 337 Mazoch. Martha 354 Mazur, Geral d R 74 Meadows, Ben 429 Meadows, Jack 278, 420 Meadows, James Howard 59 Meadows, Lamar 429 Meadows, Wade. Jr 86 Medina, Antonio 340 Medlin. John 331 Meek, Jethro 414 Mcer, Julian Milton 59, 302, 303, 315. 432 Meers, R. J 317 Meitzen, Robert A 267 Median, Lillian Cecile 60,336 Mel linger, Sidney 424 Mellinger, Sylvan 424 Melot, James 329 Melvin, Maxine Marie 60 Men ' s tntramurals 287-291 Mercer. Tom William 74 Meredith, Nancy 333 Meriwether, George Kimball 412 Merkt, Ernest E 79 Merrcll, Barbara Dolores 234 Merritt. Bill 234 Mert-., Curtis 331 Mestayer, Mabel 234 Metca ' lf. Hugh E 431 Metcalfe, Emily Antoinette 43 Metcalfe, John Delphin 43,316 Metcalfe. Mary Katherine. .161, 349, 367 Me teal fe, Tom Brooks 315 Metz. Lloyd 337 Metzenthin. John E 315.397 Metzenthin. W. E 341 Meyer, Herbert 328 Meyer. John Carl 415 Meyers, John Edwin 315 Mezzetti, Bernicc Pauline 86,234,299 Micek, Edward 354 Michael. Robert Julius 60,316 Michaelson, Jack 31, 433 Mid.lleton, John Mclngvale 422 Middleton, Wayne 436 Mier, Carlos A. 340 Mikeska, Gladys 354 Mikusek. Martha Emma 234, 348 Milburn, Malcolm Long 329,426 Miles, Peggy 28 Miles. Mrs William 441 Millay. Edna St. Vincent 326 Millen. Leonard Francis 94 Miller. Agnes Lee 231 Miller, Alfred Covington 300 Miller, Arthur 425 Miller. Charles Randolph 315 Miller. Dorothy 234 Miller, Edward D 401 Miller, Edward W 177 Miller, Emily Elizabeth 79, 386 Miller, Frances Marie 60,171 Miller, Gay 60 Miller, Harold 305, 404 Miller, Harry A 329,431,438 Miller, Lucille 389 Miller, Marshall 315, 405 Miller. Orville 415 Miller, Paul 415 NAMES PAUFS Mitchell. Loyal Clyde .............. 60 Mitchell, Mary Myles ..... 161,223,321. 349, 367 Mitchell, Randolph ........ 159, 302. 398 Milrln II, Reginald Peter ____ 86,331,353 Mitchem, Stanley C ................. 94 Mitchener. William Carrol .......... 60 Mobley. Charles .................... 405 Modrall, Harriet .................... 371 Moers, Robert O. (Bobby) .180,229.242, 256. 262. 265. 267, 274, 430 Moffatt, Judith ..................... 312 Moffatt. Louis T .................... 329 Moffatt, Murray ..................... 329 Moffatt. Robbie Mae ................ 86 Moffatt, Robert James .............. 329 Moffit. Alexander ................... 29 Mohrl.-. Charles Dennis ............. 94 Monning, Ben Prater, Jr ............. HU Monroe, Morris Bowman ............ 94 Montag, Miller ..................... 79 Montandon, Truman ................. 169 Montanilon, William Clyde ......... lr 4 Monteiih, Carolyn .................. 387 Montemayor, Jose ................. ; Montemayor, Librado ............... 340 Monies, Gustavo Kdmundo ....... 60,340 Montgomery, Ben Joe ............... 60 Montgomery, C. M .................. 321 Montgomery, Helen ................. 17] Montgomery, Jo Beth ............... 373 Montgomery, John .................. 176 Montgomery, Lois Loine ......... 94, 371 Montgomery, Lucile Jeanne ......... 86 Montgomery, R. H .................. 36 Montgomery, Vernon, Jr ............. 94 Montgomery. W. C. (Pete) ..... 305,405 Monts, Frank ....................... 176 Monzigo, Arthur .................... 175 Moody, Virginia ..................... 387 , William Dan ............ 60,329 . Gertrude ................... 318 Beal P .......... 60.315,331,353 Dean, W .................... 315 Dick ........................ 323 Ellen Beatrice .............. 313 Hilmar, Guether ............. 411 J . Fain ..................... 72 Jack ........................ 430 James Franklin .............. 94 Joe Bart ................ 341,412 John ........................ 436 Louis .................... 79, 405 Margaret Lee ................ 94 Nancy Isabel ................ 389 Nellie Garrett ............... 43 Nelwin ...................... 175 Patricia Ann ................ 86 Robert M ............... 351,398 Rog Moody, Mooiir Moore. Moore, Moore. Moore, Moore, Moore, Moor,-. Moore, Mni.rr. Moore. Moore, Moo Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, oge 436 Moore, Tom Burns .................. Ill Moore, Tom Edwin .......... 60,313.316 Moore. Uilell ................... 260-267 Moore. V. 1 ..................... 29.192 Moorhouse. Ann ................ 349, 389 Moorman. Warren Woodman ......... 313 Moors. Betsy Kate .............. 307. 346 Moreland. Mack .................... 431 Moreland. Margaret ................. 94 Moreno. Alfredo, Jr .............. 60, 340 Morgan, Bob ....................... 403 Morgan. Catherine .................. 386 Morgan. George ..................... 27 Morgan. Lewis ...................... 174 Morgan, Marjory .................... 386 Morgan. Martha Joanna ............. 94 Morgan, Shirley ................ 450. 451 Morgan. Venola ..................... 235 Morgan, Walter Perry ............... 79 Miller, Richard George 315.411 Miller, Ruby 60 Miller, Viggo 304 Miller, Virginia 340 Miller, Weta Ellen 79,389 Miller. William Douglas 94 Miller. William Rhinehart 315.393 Milliken. Mary Jane 79,342,367 Mills, Eleanor 386 Mills, Jack W 94 Mills, James Owen 79 Mills, Ruby 348 Millsaps. Magdalen 94 Milsten. Frieda 365 Mims. Billye Gwen 336,349,362 Mims, James Luther 353,405 Minatra. Odie David 300 Minor, Dorothy 235, 386 Minter, Robert Lee, Jr 60 Minter, Ruth 79, 235, 389 Minion. Ruth 346. 367 Mitchell, Clifton E 177 Mitchell, F. E 304 Mitchell, Harriet 345 Mitchell, Hazel 60,339 Morgan. William Bradford 306 Morgan. William R 168 Moritz, Bette Janet 171.346.367 Morony. James McQueen 423 Morrel, Mary Chilton 381 Morrill. Junius 412, 438 Morrill. Thomas Lucian 413 Morris. Craig 298 Motri. Drayton 437 Morris. Dwight Luther 60,321 Morris. Edwin William 302.315,410 Morris. Eugenia 389 Morris. George 271. 272 Morris, Henry M 60 Morris. Jack S 94 Morris. James William 316.324 Morris. Martha Alma 79 Morris. Stewart 393 Morris. William Clinton. 60. 313. 315.319 Morri-i.n. Celeste 343. 370 Morrison. John Ray 422 Morrison. Joyce 94. 363 Morrissey, Catherine 375 Morrow. Belle Elizabeth 79. 446. 451 Morrow. Marie 309. 318 Morse. Fred Clarke 397 Morse, Robert 401 Mortar Board 310 Mortimer, Glenn 395 Morton, Beulah Kathryn 94 Morton, Eva Maurine ...86.235.450,451 Morton. Mary Anna. 60. 235, 336. 346. 386 Moseley. John Dean 60.319 Moser. Irene Coty 86.363 Moser, Lolabeth Atrelle 79.235.349. 442, 362 Moses. Bernard 419 Moss, Delia 94 PACE 5:2 Moa.. Dorotky 371 Mo .Fred 399 Mo . Marjorie Mae 79 Moaagcr. William laaih 60.315 Mouat. Jou 86 Mo. er. Dorothy Ma; 72 Muckelroy. Sharife Ruth 385 Mueller. Errie 299 Mueller. Fraace Loaise 32.1 5 Mueller. Homer Clifford 311. 04 Mueller. LeRoy William 60 Maellcr. Marzarrt 447 Muery. S.m Jame. 316. 324 Magg. lame. Maggli. Jane Mania Magfli. Reginald 173 Mullin. krad.ll 1 9 MallU. Jean 38 Meager. Ann. Bl.nrhe 344. 383 M.aocll. Hugh Emmelt 413 Munroc. Marshall Evan. 242. 313. 315. 4O4 MajMoa. Elizabeth (Betty) .332.343.386 Marchitoa. Evaagelioe 171.171 Mnrphy. Alice Louise 3 1 Murphy . Frank 3?S Marpky. Morn Browa 86 Marpky. Via. 4 4. 451 Maraht. Roben 422 Marray. Fraak 175 Marray. Marjorie 61. 33 . 345 Marray. Mavi. Virginia 388 Marray. Maiinc 79. 23S Murr... Robert Viacent 315.415 Marray. William. Jr 315 Marreil. Roben E. 79 Marta. Pat 427 Maac. Marjorie 441 Dorotky N.oaii . . .61. 33 . 370 Mu.ic.Joe 94 Aaaetle St. 354 Miaaie 3S Mu.!ow. Jiaiaiy 424 MaaaelBua. John 427 JulU Helea 94 M.ry Lucille 79 -orge 418 tacUa S 8 . 173 Margaret Virginia 94 ' rk 242.243.244,322.345 Kutk 450.451 -ynmr 424 N Narhmaa. Vera Mickael 347. 3 7. 444 Nacol. Mary Regiaa 94.235 Nagle. EuU 3 7 N.lle. Ceorie SaaipM. 300.460 Nalley. Sae 340 Nalley. William Frederick 169 Naace. Kiackea 314. 322. 396 Naace. Margaret Louise 43.333.370 Na t. Maurice 418 Nathan. Richard Caraett 306 Mary Louise 235 Nav.r. Juaa M 340 N.ylor. Ruth Adele 61. 235, 445, 451 Neal. Catherine 443 Ne.l. Richard (Dick) 174,399 Neb.ucr. Bill 328 Nebletl. Lloyd 423 Neeee. John P.. Jr 322,412 Neeee. Polly Ann 389 Veely.Adele 310.321.332.371.386 Neely. L. C 329.405 Neely. Robert Allen 298.315 .Neely. Staaley Eocene 230. 242. 305. 308. 314, 315. 412 Neely. Sunshine 319 Neer. Ca per 323 Neil. Elmer Tboavu 61.316.324.337 Neill. Wiaford A 324.328.337.338 Neiaer. Josepa Ben 61 Nel oa. Arthur 353 Nel.oa. Evclya Ceaeriere 61.33 Nelaon. Jack Cecil 86. 300. 315. 405 Nelaoau Viviaa 61. 336 Nemaa. Sol 41.324.338.353 Nemir. P.ol 415 Nnhitt. Morgan 223.305.315.427 Neator. Jack T tl. 342 174 baric. .Vmbaaer. Dorothea 309 H 61 Neahan.. Marjorie Elizabeth 86 Nevelow. Margie 377 Net -ill. Richard Allen 421 Neville. Willi.m B. (Billy) 449 N illr. Villiam R. 355 New berry. Peggy 38] Newell. John Huater 317.329 341 Newkirk. Mr,. Elledge 61 Newkirk. (Bill) 163.427 Haarlav . Caaaga H 301 .Vearaua Cla 342 ' Newataa. Jaaae Blacksloae 300 XewaaB. Jaw E. 305. 429 Newman. H. W 300 .Vea-awa Hall 447 Ne.maa. Ton, Blackley 74 Newamaa. Val leaa 312.38 William T 315 Ne.toa. Eldoa Ckarle 315 Nevtaa. Joha Wkaitoa 410 Newton. Joerphine Drew ......... 94.176 I Jmund Fr.aci. ....... 79. 306. 315 N Milli.m ..................... 316 Ncyland. Robcna ................... 31 Niblo. Cr.dv ............... 173. 315. 399 Niblo. Virginia F.kaer ...... 86.235.3 7 1 . Dori M.rie ................. 94 NichoU. Edgar ...................... 173 N ichol ,. Roben Aver. ........... 61 . 306 NirholMO. Artknr Clyde. Jr ........ 417 Nicholson. Ruth .................... 299 n. Hearth. .................... 309 n. Woodrow ................... 321 Nieaua. Frederick A ........ 86. 180. 337 Niemeyer, Eberhardl Victor ........ 393 Nirmeyer. Norm. Elite ............. 94 Niggli. Elizabeth ............... 1 1.382 Pat Barry ...... 61.320.331.400 ,ke. Alice Ana ....... 168.235.321. 332.344.382 nke. Mary Alice ............... 361 . Benjamin .................... 393 Nixon. Lowifte ....................... 171 Vvn, Thorn. Andrew .............. 393 Nixon. Victor ....................... 330 Noble. Billy Grate. ............. 94.315 Noble, Charle. M ................... 430 Nolan. Tom Hil.ry .............. 61.337 Nolcn. Kay M .................. 177.426 Nolen. P.tti Duggan ...299.344.350.367 Nolle. Alfred WilaoB ............... 169 Nooaan. Mania O Connor ........... 80 Nordlingcr. Werner ................. 418 Norley. M.ry ................... 347. 350 80 356 Norman. Earl Norman. Clea Norman. Joe .............. . ......... 175 an. Thorn.. H .................. 430 Norman. .................. 87. 421 Nornhausser. Margie Norris. R. C Mae ........ 87. 385 300 North. Charle. C ............... 301.302 Northcutt. Robert ................... 405 Nonhington, Will Andrew ........... 393 Norwood. Earl Brook. ........... 61.331 Notaoa. Edmond M.. Ir ............ 407 Noane. Betty Jane ................. 387 Novak. Joe. Jr ...................... 174 ..d. Clem ...................... 348 Novoud. Thoma ............... 328.348 V.ierki. Leon W .............. 87.298 V..] in. Robert Fraak ........... 61.329 Nowotny, Amo ......... 29.168.300.303 Nuessle. Joe ........................ 353 Nurick. Miltoa ................. 329. 432 v.r.r.r ............................ 343 O Obar. Gloria 94 Obenhaut. Richard A 87 Oberg.P.ul C 417 O Connell. William 323 (VCoBBor.Le.lic Lee 61.315 O ' Connor, Roben Burn. 74 O Daniel. Molly 94, 164.235 O ' Daniel. Governor W. Lee 25 Odeen. Margaret 171 Odem. Mary Elizabeth 80. 318. 350. 443. 451 Oden. Nancy 371 O Doaaell. Patricia Leone 86.169 (TDonnell.V. E 329 Odum. Bardwell DeWitl . . .61. 243. 272. 273. 276 Ceding. Margaret Virginia 168.362 Offer. Emit 399 Officer. Helenita 171.371 Oeer. Herbert C 87, 417 O ' Cara. Shiel. 31 O|den. Ernna Lou 80.235.361 Oge. George Woodward 61.331 Ogle. In . Jo 61.235 Ogletree. Georgia Roberta 169.391 O ' Hara. Marjory 389 O ' Hara. Robert 415 O-Keefe. Joe Pat 61.168.308 Old. Emma 61. 311. 349. 366 Oldham. Forrest Roben 393 O ' Leary. Patricia 447. 451 O ' Leary. Suxanae 383 Oliphant. Samuel Cuni. 317.329 Oliphint. Joeeph B.. Jr 320 Oli,. Madelyn Harde 61 Aielin. 340 Oliver. Corey T 314.321 Oliver. Jack H 94 Oliver. John Coodwia 314 Olle. Edwia W 241.242.308 OlrB. Pat.y 446. 4S1 Ol.en. Virginia Marie 87. 235 Oaurron Va 311 O Nral. Beth 171.299. 381 O Ne.l. Fraace. Jane ....62.311.445.451 O ' Neal. Leoaora E. 80 O ' Ne.l. Lloyd M 300 J,.hn 329 ITNeill. Kerrig.n 299 Omoock 312 Oppeaheimer. Alei.ader 419 Or.nd. Dorothy Je.a 236. 344. 350 Oraage JtcJlrti 344 0-Rillioo. Joe 169 80 Orr. Aubrey E.. Jr 80 Orr. Franklin Matte. 80 Orrill. Marjorie MO Onega. Daniel 340 Onega, Samuel 340 OOorn. Bill 405 Dakota . Mary Too 381 Gabon . Sherrod 423 O,hman. Sybil 377 OMba. Helen 299 Otoba. Joe 348 OMerwalder. Olivette 62. 32 Otoa. Carmela 340 Georgie Anne 62. 336. 345. 348 Ott. Anne Theme 62 Oil. Jean M.rie 94 Oualliae. Judd 80,272 OmlittmJint StaoVatt 225-231 Owen. Bob 163. 164 Owen. Janice 62. 336. 339 Owen. Jerry 312. 381 Owen.. Ben ' 175 Owen.. Lewis Glean 300 Owen., Mary Emm. 362 P.I..I. B. Harii.on 421 Pabst. Richard Edward 87 Pace. Clint 417 Pace, Daniel Parker. Jr 423 P.ce. Edwin Lancaster 62. 320. 324. 331. 352 Pachal. William H 395, Coleman Sanders 62. 242. 271. 272. 315. 317. 329 Pace. Blaacke 383 Paee. Carl 337 Painter. Ann Trimble . .236. 312. 346. 367 Painter. Eliiabeth Tyler 62.310.313. 336. 350. 36 . 373 P.inter. Erie Vansant 316.324 Painter. T. S 298 Palmer. Ada Margaret 87. 171 Palmer. Je.n 80 P.lmore. Ger.ld W 62 P.lmquist. Ruby Anna 62. 339 Pankellrntc 358 Paparek. Arnold Rudolph 62. 337 Papich. Rauel 345 Paplaciyk. Cornell. France. 62.336 Parham. O. B 435 Pri. LeRoy Alvia 301 Park, Betty . . .236. 312. 333. 386. 440. 451 Park. D.vid Riggs 413 P.rk. Ev.lyn 236. 398 Park. Phociaa Samuel 80.397 Parke. Jame. H 168.308 Parker. Anna Lee 62 Parker. Boh 449 Parker. Charle. Joe 413 Parker. Clar. M.y 318 Parker. Gaulrin A 62 Parker. Jerome H 87.173 Parker. M.It 331 Parker. T. J 324 P.rkhill. Lee Alice 80 Park , Alt. Beatrice 43 Parks. Mary Lore 94. 299 Parks. Patricia Pcar on. Glen T 87 Peartoa, Kel ley 387 Peanon. Richmond Greer 43 Peanon. Roaeaury 337 Pe.vy. Bill 402 Peck. Leigh 3 | Peck. Margaret laa. Peck. Suzanne ...................... JgJ Peekinpaugh. William Thoma. ...... 411 Pedea. Anna Louice ............... 87 Pel.. Elyubelh Con. ay ............ 80 P.E.H .............................. ,45. Pemberton. Ada ................. 2. 33 Pence. Barbara K ................... 372 Pence. John ........................ 353 Penderga.1. Alben .................. 408 Pendleton. Thoma. Elmer ............ 2 " Penick. D. A ............... 242. 277. 278 Penick. Robert ..................... 405 Penn. Margaret ............ . ____ 344. 387 Penn. Rheta ........................ 173 Pennington. Sara ........... 223.236.371 Pennock. Roben .................... 431 Pennycuick. Elouisc ................. 311 Perdue. V ' eraon ..................... 63 Perei. Romeo ............... 63 328 34O Perkin.. Dorothy Lee ...... 336.343.388 Perkins. Judith ............. 80.336.360 Perrenot. Ray ....................... 33 Perrine. Nat ............... 175. 176. 43F Perry. Edna Belle . .63, 326, 336. 343. 370 Perry. Jack ......................... 394 Perry. John H ...................... 400 Perry. Marjorie Lucille ............. 8 Perry. Raiford Lanan ............... fa Perry. William Coi ........ 303.314.412 Person. Milton Thomas .......... 87.315 Persons. Ruby Sue ......... 299.349.369 Pewk, Edward .. .................... 354 Pesek, Edwin J ..................... gj Peter . Amo.. Jr. ... ................ 396 Peters, Hazel ................. 80.362 Peterson. Doris Je.n ................ 375 Peterson. Elizabeth Aane ............ 375 Peterson, Graham ................... Peterson. Leo John ............. 242. 416 Petet. Charle F ............. 74, 161 . 430 Petnicci. Fr.nk Roben ............. . 95 Petnisek. Benj.min J ................ 87 Pelrusek. Victoria ................... 354 Petry. Herben C .................... loo- Petty . Marvin Wesley Parks. Halter Samuel 313 Parlin. H. T 33 Farmer. Virginia El izabeth 80 Patriot!, Robert Benedum 317.329 Parten. J. R. 169. 171 Philips 300 Petty. Van Alvin. Jr . ' . " . " . ' . 63 Peveto. Derwood 242. 246. 254 Pfanstiel. Herben Andrews 80 Pfeiffer. John 419 Pfiel. Clarence 242.265 267 Pfilsch. John Alfred 63.345 Pfluger. Lucile 63 Pharries. Elouise 23 Phelan. Frank 409 Phi Beta Kappa .... 311 Phi Drlla Phi ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .314 Phi Drlla Thrta 412. 413 Phi Eta Sigma 315 Pki Gamma Dflta 414.415 Phi Kappa P,i H6 ' 417 Phi Lambda Uptilon 316 Philips. Nancy Bell Partlow. Voe Elizabeth 80 Parr. Ralph 337 P.sek. Edwin 337 P.te. M.ttie Pauline 94 Patillo. James 174 Patillo. Samuel 174 P.lman . Connor Wright 87 Patrick. R. B Patrick. William H. (Billy) 94.397 Patterson. A. Balfour 62 Patterson. Andrew. Jr 316 Pattenon. Edward Clinton 94.356 Patterson. Ernest 421 Patterson. Fred D 397 Patterson. Helen Josephine 62 Pattenon. J. T 298 Patterson. Niram Flad 62 Patterson. Thomas V 414 Patteton. Don 63. 163 Patton. Dorothy Helen . .62. S3 . 349. 388 Patton. Eltie 3 9 PattoB. Jean Margaret . .62, 171, 33 . 388 P.lton. Liur. 38 P.tton. Pete 87 P.ul. Fr.nk Allen 80.401 P.ul. Jerry 224. 343. 386 P.ylor. Josephine Jane 184.302.381 Pay ne. Alfred D.y 320.331 Payne. Harry Edward 62 Payne. John 329 Payne. Mary Marjorie 236 Payne. Roben 427 Payne. Word 323 Paytoa. Joy Truman 42.329 Payton. Mabel 318 Peabody. George 437 Peach. William E. 315 Peacock. Jerry 389 Peacock. Joe Val 74 Pe.rce. J. M 345 Pe.rce. J. W 2 8 Pe.rce. Manha 299. 44 . 451 Pearee. Nancy Rebecca 159 Phillips. Bettinel 63. 231. 31(1. 32 . 332. 336. 372 Phillips. Betty 36 r Phillip.. Edwin Leslie 3. 317. 329 Phillip..!. A . ' SOI Phillips. Jack C 4H, Phillips. Jack R. E 315 Phillip . Nash McDowell 411 Phillips. Robert J 17S Phillips. William Bryan 80 Pki Jfa . ' 384. 385 Phi S, f ma Drlta 418. 419 Phvtici Building 13 Pi Bfta Phi 386. 387 Picheloup, Maurice Joseph 306. 402 Pickering. Catherine Elizabeth 383 Picket!. Andrew Green 87 Picket!. Charle. Patrick 392 Picket!. Nolan 224. 392 Pickle. Judith Mary 6J Pidgeon. Elizabeth 171 Pi Epiilon 317 Pierce. Edgar Eugene 95 Piercy. W ilburne 87, 397 Pierian Lilrrarv Socirly 346, Pigman. Betty 63, 336. 349. 362 Pi Kappa Alpha 4. 421 Pi Lambda Thrta 318 Pillet. John Perching 43.328.414 Pinchin. Harold 331, 337 Pincus. Louise 365 Pink. Jane 236 Pinkard. Jefferson D.vid 72 Piaken, Anne 376 Pinnston. M.ry 95 Pinmjo. Robert M 402 Pirkey. Oral Byron 87 Pirkev. Will Pkari. 80 Pi Sigma Alpha 319 Pi TOM Siemt 320 Pitl.rci. France. Lee 80. 391 Pittencer, B. F 33 Pittenger. Jo Anne 63. 334. 3 0 Pittenger. Katbe ' rine 318 Pittman. Anne Myrtle.. 63. 33 . 345. 3 0 Filler. Otto 329 Plait. Arthur 436- 523 NAMES PAGES Platter, Herbert Lingo 63, 242, 267, 313, 315, 321, 422 Plummer, Frederick B 317 Pochobradsky, Victor 354 Poetter, Mary Helen 80 Polk, Judy 80, 345 Pollard, Hardin 329 Ponton, Arvet Rodolphus 410 Pool, Fred 345 Pool, Mary Ellen Ill, 236, 380 Poole, Garland 281 Poole, Ophelia Shaw 95 Poole, Rose 346, 388 Pope, John Blakely 31S, 324, 421 Pope, Zelma 43 Popham, Irwin Curtis 174, 175, 397 Popham, Jewel 318, 321 Porter, Dorothy Jane 80 Porter, Goldie Horton 367 Porter, James William 393 Porter, Kibbe 329 Porter, Pansy Lee 236, 445, 451 Porter, Ruth 375 Porter, Weldon 329, 428 Posey, Gloria Aileen 63, 335 Posey, Mary Ethel 299 Potash, Melvin Leonard. 63, 303, 315, 424 Potter, Charles Gaunt 63, 331 Potter, Wanda 31 Pou, William Banford 87 Poulson, Doranne 236, 347, 385 Pounds, Billie Leonora 95 Powell, Ann 369 Powell, Bill 397 Powell, Fannie Laura 309 Powell, Frances 336 Powell, Jack J 411 Powell, Lillion 332, 335, 383 Power, H. M 329 Power, Harry H 38, 317, 324 Powers, Chester 87 Powers, Emory 63 Powers, Ralph Edward 320 Prasatik, Mrs. Raymond 354 Prashncr, Eugene 433 Prather Hall 488 Pratt, Mattie Mae 336 Pratt, Nancy 336 Pratt, Wallace Houston 413 Prause, Gilbert Dallas 95 Praytor, Veryl Norine 95 Prell, Eulalie Blanche 95, 236 Prendergast, George 413 Prentice, Dryden 163 Present Day Club 347 Presley, Imogene 371 Presnell , Jack 329 Preston, Dick 345, 431 Preston, Janet 371 Prewit, Frances Faye 87, 371 Price, Edwin D 242, 261 Price, Harold Clay 63, 272, 276 Price, Thomas E 95 Pricer, Agnes Alberta 367 Priest, John Lawrence 63 Prikryl , Robert 348 Prim, Robert 175 Pritchett, John Waller 315 Probst, Victor 337 Prock, George 330 Procter, Leslie 401 Proctor, Jack ... , , , , 7gresMw Czecn Club. .348 Provost, Robert Girard 72, 95 Prowse, Joe 345 Prude, Stella 346, 388 Pruter, Douglas 87 Pryor, John 323 Prywitch, Zlata Rose 169, 376 Publications 157, 166 Puckett. Clay 404 Puett, Nelson, Jr 242, 250, 416 Pugsley, Frank Burruss 87 Pullin, Carlton Wade 87,315 Pump, Adrian Carl 80 Purcell, Stuart McLeod 80 Purl, Fred Wallace 80, 329 Purl, Mary Virginia 87, 236 Purnell, Charles C 173, 395 Pursley, William Henry 180, 434 Putnam, Jean Lucille 236, 370 Quante, Ella Viola 318 Quebedeaux, Walter A 316, 324 Quereau, Allen 428 Quillian, Roy D 87 Quingley, Beaufort 331 Quinn, B. E 437 Rabel, Olivia Adelyn 63, 336 Rabensburg, Newton Joseph 300 Rabon, Jack 400 Radtke, Donald E 95, 175 Raetzsch, Carl William 400 Ragland, Sam 175 Ragsdale, Kenneth 176 Ragsdale, Milton 426 Ragsdale, Paul Calhoun 400 Rahm, Emmett J 63 Rain, Robert Eley 410 Rain. Talbot 412 Rainey, President Homer P 27 Rainey, Virginia 236, 321, 383 Ralston, Wilson 437 Ra mey, Madison L 304 Ramirez, Joe, Jr 397 Ramsdell, Fred L 431 Kamsdell, Joy 363 Ramsdell, Margaret Evelyn 313 Ramsdell, Peggy 63, 332, 336, 372 Ramsey, Charles 298 Ramsey, Genevieve 95, 371 Randall, Dr. Edward 27 Randall, James 427 Randle. Winslow Allhands 43, 329 Randolph, Robert Ted 80 Randolph, William 329, 411 Raney, Robert 415 Rankin, Helen 325 Kansom, Helen 381 Ransom, Janice 386 Ransom, Madeline 371 Ranzau, Harold 175 Rapoport, Idel 350, 376 Ratcliff, F. S 395 Rathbone, Beryl L 346, 383 Rathbone, Lucy 40, 339, 383 Rather, Edward Branch 63, 306, 412 Rather, Katheryn Nell 95, 237, 373 Ratliff, Anne 333 Ratliff, Dorothy 370 Ratliif, Edgar Evans 64, 302 Ratliff, Minnie 171 Ratliff, William Durrah 393 Raup, Calvin 267 Ravel, Gene 425 Ravicz, Robert 424 Rawe, Joyce F 242 Rawls, Jean McGregor 95, 299 Rawls, Nancy Jane 367 Ray, Betty Jo 363 Ray, Ellis Bernard 74 Hay, Joy 221. 237, 343, 370 Ray, Myra Josephine 326 Ray, Oma Lucille 313,321 Ray, William Lowell 87 Rayburn, Jacqueline 326, 336, 370 Raymer, Warren J 87 Reading, Glenn Daughtry 411 Reagan, Literary Society 349 Reagan, Sydney Chandler . .158, 182, 230. 300, 306, 308, 406 Real, Bertl.a 370 Heardon, Patrick Herbert 411 Reasonover, Vashti Louise ...87, 237, 361 Reavley, Tom 80 Rebstein, Dolores Marion 87, 299. 337, 348 Record, Rush Hamil 64. 177, 303, 314 Hedburn, Robert H 429 Ri-dilick. DeWitt 36 Redding, Charles Hart, Jr 80 Redding, Edwin Diet 316, 324, 398 Redfern, (Toni) Ola May 375 Redman, Florence 376 Reed, Alyce Jeanne 371 Reed, John Charles 87 Reed, Talmadge DeWitt 401 Reeder, G. D 80 Reese, L. W 329 Reeves, Bruce 429 Reeves, Edwin Joseph, Jr 422 Reib. Jane 346, 383 Reich, Harriet 237, 358, 390 Reich, Virginia 299 Reichert, Edward 323 Reid, Arthur Hugh 393 Reid, Don 419 Reid, Helen W 95 Reid. Joseph Lee 95, 175, 429 Reindrop, Elizabeth 318 Reindrop, R. C 321 Reinhardt, Hazel Marie 87 Reinhardt, Ray Brooks 95 Rembert, Russell Stevenson 412 Rendall, Norman Edward 95 Replin, Cecile 237,376 Repschleger, Helen 373 Respondek, Al 328, 337 Ressman, Christine 87, 333 Rettig, John 415 Reynolds, B. R 31 Reynolds, Ben 345 Reynolds, Bette Gail 64, 339, 366 Reynolds, Jack 329 Reynolds, Yvonne 80 Rhoads, Louis 175 Rhodes, Coke Home 400 Rhodes, Tom 400 Rhome, Rom 161, 315, 411 Ribe, Marshall 331 Rice, Adelle 381 Rice, Florence Betty 390 Rice, Jane 171 Rice, Orville 315, 323, 337 Rich, George Lowell 300 Rich, J. R 329 Richards, Floyd Holt 64 Richards, James T 355 Richardson, Charles 323 Richardson, Donald Robert . .64, 306, 396 Richardson, George 64, 431 Richardson, Milton 393 Richardson, W. H 241 Richbook, Seymour 433 Richburg, James H 87, 175 Richey, Frank Seley 423 Riddell, J. Murray, Jr 80, 353 NAMES PACKS Riddle, Octavio 340 Ridgway, Ilia Marjorie 381 Ridgway, R. E 416 Ridout, Robert Gladstone 95, 399 Rienstra. Marie Inez 64, 336 Ries, Mary Sue 80, 171 Rigby, Patricia Burgess 367 Rigga, Dean 315 Rigsbee, Herbert K 64, 330, 352 Rigsby, Lee 176 Riley, Ashby, A., Jr 95 Riley, Helen Sue 95 Riley, John B 302, 426 Riley, Lenore 64, 336, 388 Riley, Raymond Augustus 64 Riley, William 392 Riner, Sylvia 349, 382 Ripperton, Lyman 340 Riskind, Paul James 64, 330 Riskind, Reuben . . .242, 278. 279, 280, 424 Ritter, William 421 Rives, Wayne W 95 Roach, Fred A., Jr 81, 397 Roach, Lloyd Meyer 174, 407 Robb. Harold 415 Roberts, C. C 329 Roberts. Diana 3, 9 Roberts, Elliott B 315, 434 Roberts, Frances Irvene 64, 237, 374 Roberts Hall 449 Roberts, Henry Lamar 412 Roberts, John Clarke ...181, 227, 305, 120 Roberts, Marian Frances 95 Roberts, Mary Ann 95 Roberts, Morris Roland 64, 430 Robertson, Bird C., Jr 81 Robertson, Dorothy Agnes 64, 336, 447. 451 Robertson. Forrest E 64, 408 Robertson, Frank 427 Robertson, Joe T 431 Robertson, Lake 315, 317, 329, 393 Robertson, Normada Lee 81 Robertson. William W 316 Robbins. John " 5 Roberdeau, Ann Elizabeth 81, 386 Roberdeau. Pat 387 Robinowitz, Miriam 347, 377 Robinson, Bill 416 Robinson, Helen 237, 312, 346, 3S6 Robinson, James Ernest 413 Robinson, Lack Leroy 81 Robinson, Polly 332, 3S9 Robinson, Ruby 64, 336 Robinson, Stanley 433 Robinson. Weldon Booth 81 Robison, Dorothy 312 Robison, Maxine . . .81, 185, 307, 312, 380 Rochelle, Cleanthus 173 Rochs, Alfred Robert 87, 268, 345 Rock, Frances Inez 87, 299 Rockwell, Maxine Eloise 81.361 Roddy, William Nathan 298, 425, 438 Rode, Carl Frederick 81,306 Rodgers, Edward 74, 159 Rodriguez, David 242, 265, 266, 267 Rodriguez, Miguel F 338 Roe, Murray 174 Rogers, B. G 316 Rogers, Betty Lois 361 Rogers, Charles Franklin 95 Rogers, Mary McGehee 374 Rogers, Robert Guy 423 Rohrbough, Cleora D 168 Roland. Helen Marie 81 Rolle, Helen Margaret 307, 346, 380 Roller, Erie Nell 64, 313. 318, 321, 336, 372 Roller, Mary Pearl 299, 373 Rol ley, Bobby Jeanne 87 Rollins, Gloria Lee 87, 171 Rolph, Hammond 315 Roney. William M 315 Roos, Farley 405 Roosth, Sol 433 Root, Alice 28 Root, Lambert 394 Roper, George Mann 95 Rosamond, Cecil Horace 64 Rosanky, Grace 375 Rose, Henry John 423 Rosenbaum, Arthur 331 Rosenberg, Corinne 365 Rosenberg, Jane Anne 365 Rosenberg, Janet Louise . . . .95, 333, 365 Rosenberg. Shirley Reva 87 Rosene, Hilda 309, 325, 381 Rosenfield, Paul 424 Rosenman, Bernie 418 Rosenthal, Gerry 390 Rosenwasser, Helen 354 Rosenwasser, Melvin 272, 425 Rosingcr, Ruth 333, 364 Rosner, George 95, 176, 315 Ross, Catherine 383 Ross, James Robertson 393 Ross, Jasper Archibald 64, 223, 416 Ross, Joe 329, 353 Ross, Lillian 445, 451 Rothschild, Miriam 365 Rottenberg, Lionel Harold 64, 432 Rounsaville, John 405 Routon, Allen 429 Rowan, Lorena 387 Rowe, E. H 272 Rowe, Leslie Manly 64, 323 Rowe. William 409 .NAMES PACES Rubin, Betty Rose 237, 377 Rubin, Marvin 433 Rubottom, R. R 29, 319 Rucker, Harriet Patsy 87 Rucker, R. G 268 Rudil, Bill Lee 411 Ruild, John Barry 410 Rudeloff, Walter F 87 Rudnick, Frances 336 Rudnick, Sarah 81, 345 Ruetz, Franklin James 64 Ruggles, William B 165 Ruiz, Vito 340 Rummel, Emmett 87 Rummel, Sue Elma 87 Rundell, Arleen 347, 385 Rund-jll, Estelle Marie 64 Rundel 1 , Nona Frances 169 Runge, Jeanne 383 Runyon, Robert 268, 315 Russ, Betty 365 Russ, Freddie H 64 Russ, Roderick Seal 65 Russell, Annie Jo 450, 451 Russell, Betsy 346, 386 Russel 1 .Betty 380 Russell, Donald Hill 315 Russell , Frances Marie 95 Russell, Jeannette M. . .307, 332, 335, 386 Russell, John S 317, 329 Russell, Norris 95 Russell, Perry 395 Russell, Randolph 395 Russell, William 426 Rustin, Robert 395 Rutherford, Howard Keys 65, 404 Rutland, Martha 339, 350, 363 Rutland, Mildred Eugenia ...65. 237, 336, 339, 347, 362 Rutledge, Robert M 394 Rutledge, William K 394 Ryan, Dan W 421 Rylander, Arlee 95 Rylander, Wilfrid Few 87 Saad, Michael 330 Sabinal. Betty Woodley 385 Sackett, Fred 95 Saffir, Gloria Anne 95 Sagebiel, Victor 315 Sager. Lois 381 Sailers, Lon 315 Salad mo, Mary Rosalyn 95 Salazar, Leopold Stein 169, 340 Salinas, Bias 340 Salinas, Mike 449 Salinas, Nella Louise 65, 237, 321 Sames, Laura 387 Samfield, Edwin 95, 315 Samon, Harriet Ann 168, 336 Sample, Richard Langford 65 Sampson, R. C 65 Samuels, William 429 Samway, Jack 331 Sanders, Edith Mae 361 Sanders, Eugene Haze 300 Sanders, Homer 430 Sanders, Joe G 65. 428. 449 Sanders, Kathleen 361 Sandifer, Margaret 171 Sandige, John 176 Sandstedt, John 163, 427 Sansing, Billy 161, 163, 260, 305, 421 Sansom, Charles C 87, 315 Sansom, Clara Gees 307, 346, 383 Sansom, Eleanor 387 Sartain, Frank Wilson 87 Sasser, Maurine 389 Satterwhite, Bill 435 Sauermilch, E. R 337 Saunders, Daniel 65 Saunders. Mary Louise 336 Saunders, William 65, 323 Savage, Mae Bess 389 Savage, Sara Nell 388 Sawyer, Wesley Eric 81 Saxon, Gene 345 Scales, Mary Ann 387 Scales, Margaret Jean 224, 346, 380 Scanlan, Jack 315, 320, 324 Scarborough, Bertha 332, 380 Scarborough, Grace 65, 171, 336 Scarborough, Henry 315, 435 Scarborough, Jesse William . .65, 317, 329 Scarbrough, Ed 341 Scarff, Betty Jo 375 Schaefer, Jennie 31 Schaenert. Gerald 331 Scheffler, C. J. (Cleo) 173,329 Schenck, Leslie M 316 Scherz, Lola Mae 81 Schiebel, Mary 385 Schieffer, Herman Lee 301 Schieffer, Hunter Herbert 65, 301, 302, 315 Schimmel.Suri Molly 65 Schlafli, Katherine Elmere 81, 168. 346, 389 Schlegel, Max 268 Schleuse, Louise W 355 Schley, Lavinia Adair . . .81, 391. 444, 451 Schlinger, Henry 425 Schlitzkus, Samuel C 65, 300 Schmalenbeck. Hildegard 313 PACE 524 N.MI. I-AOIS Schmedes. Curtis MS Schroidl. Benn. Charle. 308. 314 Srhmi.d. Wiltakcr 315 Schneider. Dorolhy 312, 386 Schneider. Erie Henry 412 Schneider. France. Jeanne . .161. 23T. 387 Schneider. Marion 389 Schoch. E. P 293. 324 Schoch. Dr. Margin-! 325 S.-h. Hugo 415 Srhm-nrr. Mercedc. Margaret 237 Schocnmann, Bcrnice 358, 363 Margin I 326 Schonevogel. Clarence Waller 411 Schocnvogel. Elaine 87 Durulhy 321 Schorn.lein. Beatrice 365 SrhovaJM. Evelyn 348 Schramm. Texas Edward 417 Schreiiirr. Myron Paul 81 Schroeder. Fred 174 Schroedrr. Miirili 426 Sehnx-ier. Thoma. Tyler 315. 331 337 Schulle. William 409 Sehulman. Alfred 242.315.432 Schullz. Hatlie Grace 65 Sehuhz. Kulh Marie 81 Schuli. E. II 324.328 Sennit. Kalherine 345 Schuli. Lawrence 330, 348 Schulz. Ted 315 Schub. Velma l.oi 311 Srhulzr. X . .!. V 65 Schumacher. Ann 161. 221. 307, 346 Schumann. Mary Ann 95 Schumann. Vivian A 81. 161. 171 Schuli.. Jack 323 Srhutze. Bell.- Jane 237 Schutze. Carl A 171.315. 431 John S 81. 173. 184. 351 Schwarting. Jow 2W Schwartz. All.eil J 65. .. 305, 24 Schwartz. Amy 336 Schwartz. Beatrice 81. 168 Schwartz. J. M 424 S. , aru.-nl.urf. Lillian 95. 371 Schwrikhardt. Madonna Lillian ..65. 164. 336 Sch.enker. Harry 298. 341 Schwrlhclm. Harry Flato M Schworzen, Eugene 329 Science Row 11 Seoboda. Elmo 337 Sconeld. Loui. 404 Sconeld. Mary Kalherine 336. 374 Scofield. Vermin 405 Scon. Becky 383 Scott, ll.dil.v Pr.- ton 412 Scoit. Frederick Joe[,h 315. 412 -. ot, lla ' el Kaney 81. 237. 325. 349 S, ..IT. Miltoa 65. 320. 331, 352 Scott. lr l..-i, 335. 343. 386 1 ilricia 370 Sc.,it. R,...-marv 87. 349. 367 -Mnlev James 65. IK4. 301. 302. 306 Scotl. Travi, 429 rginia 65.336.362 Scoll. William Allen 95 StiHIKh Kite I i,mil: ry 440. 441 Jack Van 353 Scrimgrour. Barbara 346. 367 Scrugg.. Claude 163 Scruggs. Dorothy Marguerite 81 Scrugg.. Jam,-. H 87. 421 Scrugg.. Ray 409 Scnrlock. Arch 315.409 Scurlock. Joy 373 Seago. Mary France 373 Seaholm. Leonard 175 Seale. John Arthur 392 Seal.. Phylli 358.374 Seaman. John Gale: 305. 315, 392 Seaman.. Douglas 330 Seaman.. Lynn 330 Searcy. Katherine 383 Maulice 363 Seav. Johnny MacReynoldf 413 Seay. William H. (Billv) 180. 184. 222.242. 271. 272.305. 415 SebaMian. Henry Jame. 301 S.,-1,. Phoebe Jane 65. 336 Segar.. Lrota 336. 362 Kenneth 115 Seigle. Gen 358. 390 Scith. Marcrlla V K7. 171. 450. 451 Muriel 347.365 Self. Gerald 415 Self. Mvrl 392 Seller.. Lei. Charle. 316 Sellinger. Gerald 433 Senior II 71 Serger. Pauline 171 David 1 353 S. It Ir . Jame. 174 Settle.. Theodore 330 Sewell. Tom IV, Seiton. Gloria 171 Sexton. Hi, hit. I Arlhur 87 Seybolt. France 31 Shade. Earl Dan 341 Shade. Merrill Elizabeth 65 Shaller. Walter Stanley 81. 175. 356 Shambaugh. Joan 373 Shand. Ali.ter F 95 Shane. John 345 Shapiro. Irvi.ig Jonathon 66 Sharp. Charles Stanlon 315.412 Sharpe. Ernest 162. 163 Sharpie... Robert 415 Shaw. Delight 3 5 Shaw. James 330 Shaw. Kathleen Faye 81.374 Sh.-chy. Normi 237.343. 346.373 shcthrld. Charle 429 Sholfield. Cvnthia Whit.- ....237. 344. 367 Sheffield. Lendon Stew.rl 87 Sheffield. Neal 437 Shcll.v. Martha 299 Shelton. Edgar 355. 397 Mi.-llnn. Franci 174 Shelton. Jaek 4.11 Shelton. Robert Lewis 95 Shepherd. Richard 341 Sheppard. Frank B 95, 315. 337 Sheppard. Joni Mae 337 Sheridan. Ney 400 Sh.rin. Willi. 397 Sherman. Charle 408 Sherman. Guindal bl Sherrill. Byron 341 Sheriill. Marvin F 81 ShidU r. Sarah Adele 334. 391 Shield. Donald Lee 95 Sniffer, Faye Elizabeth 6i. 311. 336 Shiller. Imogene Marrion 87 Shimeall. Kermit 117 Shindler. Thomas 315 shipmn. Eileen Frances 65. 171, 23d. 3Jj. 350. 362 Shipp. Brvon 2.1 Shireman. Julia Helen 43. 31J. 321 Shirley. Dai.y 353 Shirley. R. Preston 38. 314 Shive. Billie 316 (. harles Daniel 66 Short. Byron E 320. 324 Shrecengo.t. Donald J 95. 171 Shriver. Bill 353 Shudde. Helen Louise 233. 349. 389 Shulman. Maurice 432 Shumate. Nancy Jane 95. 299 Shupee. George 323 Shurley, Rena Glen 87 Shwart.. Alvin 418 Sibley. Frances 302 Si.ldon.. Frank 81 Siddons. Mary 370 Sidney Lanier Lit ' rary Society 350 Siebert. Wendell .....269.272 Siegel. Anna Marie 238 Siemoneit. Bob 421 Sigel. Mola 298 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 422. 423 Sigma Alpha Hu 424. 425 Sigma Chi 426. 427 Sigma Delta Pi 321 Sigma Delta Tan 390 Sigma lota Epsilon 351 Sigma u 428. 429 Sigma Phi Epsilon 430. 431 Sigmund. Portress 354 Sike . Erl 353 SiU,. W. J 329 Silfer Spur 322 Silverman. David L 418 Silverman. Fred 345 Silverman. Helene 299 Silvers, Jean 364 Simeox. Gene 338 Simkins. Margaret Evelyn 66, 336 Simmang. Doris Elaine 334. 391 Simmons. Billie 81. 233. 313. 321. 332. 344. 373 Simmons. Blake Hanlon 400 Simmon.. C. D 28. 301 Simmons. Eloise Paxton 66. 387 Simmons. Hal 404 Simmons, Nanine 43, 313, 321. 372 Si mmons. Perry Marshal 1 95 Simms. Earl 437 Simm.. Edward 423 Simm.. Leone! 437 Simm,. Lillian 66 Simon, Fred 410 Simons. Bob 173 Simp,on, Andrew R 66 Simpson. Frances . .299. 346. 339. 442. 451 Simpson. Hubert Lyle 411 Simj.-nn. Raymond 329 Simp.on. Tyler 95 Sim.. E. R. 321 Sims, Elmo 330 Sims. Jack 66. 404 Sims. Janet 387 Sinclair. Boyd 159. 152, 163 Sinclair. Marjorie 383 Singer. Frank 31. 433 Singer, nger. John Singleton. Edward Bivii Singleton. John Si.k. Mary Jame. si., ..n. Harry Sitton. Robert Si il. Marie Elizabeth Sivlcy. Ray Elmer Skaggs. Gladys Mae . . Skarke. Herbert Owar Skelton. Mai Beck . Skiles. Rose France . SVinner. Eugene E. .. Skinner. Larkin .418 81. 411 32.305. 401 238. 370 329 399 299 88 81 1 ...158. 162. 153. 226. 242. 301 169 328.338 402 NAMES PACES Skolaut. Milton 355 Skoog. Carl Foster 66 Slator. Jimmi. 409 Slaughter. Bettv 334. 373 Slaughter. John Arthur 66. 174 Slaughter. Pen, Melon Jell 393 Slavik. Albert T 267. 306. 354 Sloop. Carrie Ruth 66,336,345. 350.370 Slovacek. Adolph 348 Slovacek. Eugene W odrow 300,348 Slovacek. Ru,,...|.h W 272. 348 Slubicki. Carroll Jame 66.300,437 Small. Elliott Eldred 66. 322 Small. Terrell Jackson 423 Small, Winifred Ann 222.310.332. 334.380 Smallberg. William 424 Smalling. Jack 449 Smart. Ben 66 Smart. Margie Jane ' ..171. 391 Smedley. Gordon Leonard 5 Sm.-lker. Thomas Vernon 81. 306 Smilh. Mr,. A. B 445 Smith. A. J 329 Smith. Angle Frank 223. 314. 412 Smith, Alice Lorraine 66, 170. 310 313, 336 Smith. Alice Mae 95 Smith. Argie Fa 95 Smith. Barbara Ruth 238 Smith. Blythe 41 " Smith. Bryant 314 Smith. Hurley 305. 438 Smith. Carolyn Beth 95, 333 Smith. Charle, Edwin 66 Smith. C. Aubrey 301 Smith. Claire 1C9 Smith. Clyde (Doc) 267. 268 Smilh. Edith 176 Smith. Edward 66 Smith. Edwin 331 Smilh. Elaine White 81. 440. 451 Smilh. Emma Owen 81, 238 Smilh. Everett G 306 Smith. Farrell D 305 Smith. Frances 373 Smith. Floyd Clarence 43 Smith. Frederick Adair 88 Smith. Or.. rge Conwell (Con) 402 Smith. Harvey 341. 414 Smilh. Ha . I 362 Smith. Henry Herman 66 Smith. Hugh F 66.300.329 Smith. Ida Ruth 88 Smith. J. Burle.on I2H Smith. James Dallas 81 Smith. James Wagner 317 Smith. Jean 377 Smith. John Byron 66 Smith. John David 66. 305 Smith. Jopling 331 Smith. Joseph Stanley 315 Smilh. Katherine Angeline 66. 336 Smith. KM lough King 115 Smith. Lillie Marie 67. 233. 336. 349. 388. 442. 451 Smilh. Louis 429 Smith. Lucille 23H. 417 Smith. Mabel 28 Smith. Mrs. Mary E. W ' helchel 88 Smith. Mary Lou 81 Smith. Margaret Fay 95 Smith. Margaret Thatcher 336. 380 Smith. Marguerite 371 Smith. Marianna 171.299.350.367 Smith. Matthew 1 321 Smith. Mose Allen 81. 300 Smilh. Murray 345 Smilh. Owen R 88 Smith. Phoebe 39 Smilh. Polly 95 Smilh. Robert Harold 67.316.321 Smilh. Roy Carnes 323. 392 Smith. Sallie Joy 67 Smith. Stanley 337 Smith. Tom 337 Smith. Verm 81 Smith. Wanda 176 Smith. William Allen 67. 39t Smith. William Clarence 95. 391 Smith. William J. J 313 Smilh. William Nelson 67 Smyth. Jame. Ill Smvth. Olin Teague PI Soika. Mike 242 Sol hi. Pete 448 Solomon. Tommie 173 Sons of Alec 352 Sophomores P3, 88 Sorenion. J. B 317. 329 Sorenson. Sherard A 329. 434 Sororities 357-391 Sory. Dorothy 381 Sosa. Al fonso J 67 Solo. Benjamin H U.9 Sousares. Jimmy 174 Sneed. Jessie Louise 353 Snell. Robert 356 Snodgrass. Frank Lee 315. 413 Snowden. Clifford 326 Sny.irr. Ch.-.t -r 433 Spann. Mary Grace 81. 3R3 Sparenberg. Charles H 28. 301 Spargo. Ruth 171. 312. 336. 344. 8. Mi Spark . Jack 169 NAMES PACES Sparks. Jot 449 Spears. Harold 436, 438 Spears, lone Peltey 318 Spear . Jean W 437 Spears. John Miller 315. 401 Spears. Oran 242. 255, 345 Speckels, Byron 337 Speekman. Anna Rachel 67, 333 Speed. Eslelle 171.363 Speegle, Margaret Louise 95 Speer. Robert J 316 Spell. Jefferson R 321 Spence. David W 95, 328 Spence, David W illiam 315 Spence. Cus Ralph 315, 397 Spence. Ralph 305 Spence. Robert William 422 Spencer. Florence Elizabeth 318 Spero. Arthur 328 Spies, Belt; 95 Spillar. Margaret Jean . .88. 299. 350. 363 Spinks. E. C 324 Spitzer. Leonard 2rt6. 418 Spivey, Sue 321. 346. 387 .s nin.i 323 Sponberg, Raymond 331 Spore. Harry B 88 Sj.or.-. Virginia Valentine 67. 336 Springlc. Arlhur 395 Stjuir.-.. Anne Elizabeth 95 Sralla, Thelma Kalhyrne 95 Slaab. Josephine 339. 375 Stalls. Preston 431 Stableford. Jaek 353 Stacey, Charles 176 SlaSel. Mary Nel 67.336 Stafford. Elizabeth 387 Staliord. Erw-in 28 Stahlhut. Virginia Arlene 95 Slaley. Jaek Carr 422 Slalnaker, Karl 431 Stamm, Aurelila 67. 333.362 Stamm. Eliska 333. 362 Slamm, Jocelyn H 36S Stamm. Joy 363 Slandifer. Charles 431 Standifer. Harry B 88 Standifer. Margaret 171. 373 Stanberry. William 427 Stanley. Claire 321. 370 Slapp. Wilford 329 St.tpp. Uilliam Edward 422 Stark. H. J. Lutcher 27 Stark, Wayne 74. 161 Stasney. Floyd 348 Stathakos. James 242. 266. 267 Si.iun.-r. Ralph 305. 428 Stavinoha. John 337 Stavinoha. Martha Ann 342. 447 Stayton. Betty V 95, 383 Stayton. Robert W 38 Stayton. Virginia Elizabeth 96 Steadham. Mary Virginia 33.349.362 Sleagall. Tom ' 88 Sleeker, Emma EILabeth 88. 169. 171 Stedman. Mary Anne . . .238, 335. 343, 389 Steede, Vaudeen 385 Steel. Arthur 161. 411 Steel. Audrey Dale 67. 171 Steele, J. H 329 Steele. James B 329 Steele. William B 315. 359. 415 Steen. John Thomas 411 SleBer. Fred R 96 Steiger, Car) William 67 Sti-in. Annie 377 Stein. Cecilia 67. 336. 347. 443. 451 Stein. Faye 96. 363 St inhart. Eugenia Love 96 Sleinkamp. Ruth Christine ..67. 3O9. 311. 336. 384 Stcinle, Leon F 67 Stekoll. Mildred 377 Stell. Tommie Faye 96, 171 Stenberg. Beatrice Noble 67, 313. 336. 360 Stenberg. Robert T 315 Stephen. John Erie 177 Stephen.. Charles 449 Stephen.. Elyse 88. 159 Stephen . G. J 28 Stephens, Marie 369 Stephen.. Merian 82. 385 Stephenson, John H 395 Stephenson. R. C 321 Sterling. Charlotte Ann 67 Stt-u.ofT. Dottie Marie 88 Sleus.y . James 345 Nella Mae 163. 326 Stevens. Charlea Leon 423 Stevens. J. H 82 Steven . Marian 358 Stevens. Virgie 1 74 Stevenson. Charlotte 176. 299 Stevenson. J. William (Bill) 401 Stevenson. 382 Stevenson. Robert James 96 M v. n-. in. William R 431 Stewart. Bertha Lillian 82. 374. 443. 451 Stewart. John Sylvester 411 Stewart. Theresa 389 Stewart. William Curtis (Billy) ..67. 242. 271. 272 Stewart. W inona A 88. 446. 451 Slidham. Myrtle Eleanor 96 Stir rnt.erg. Helen Louise 67 PACE 525 NAMES PACES Stiff. James H 96 Stifft, Rosalyn 238, 390 Still, Charles 242, 267, 345 Stilwcll, Thomas Herbert 67, 173, 302, 306, 351 Stinson, Jean 67, 336, 442, 451 Stinson, Mary Agnes 88 Stipe, Martha 326 Stitt. Jack 67, 329 Stitzell, John Fred 67 Stockard. Catherine Lee 96, 299, 373 Stocklas, Frances 82 Stockton, James E 96 Stockton, John Richard 351, 355 Stockton, Zack 68 Stoer, Susan 389 Stoermer, Clarence 331 Stolaroff, F. Leonard 68, 168 Stoll, Patricia Ann 82, 171 Stone, Albert, Jr 68 Stone. Alpha Mac 68, 334, 336 Stone, C. T 449 Stone, Jack 431 Stone, Margaret 381 Stone, Mary 383 Stone. Samuel R. B 399 Storey, Robert Gerald 180, 305, 435 Storey, William Harrison 410 Stork, Esther Clara 68, 325 Stork, Winnie Mae 96 Storm. Evelyn 336, 380 Stover, Peggy 161, 238, 332, 333, 383 Strain, Robert A 315 Strange, Olive Jane 68 Stranger, Zuleika 444 Stratton. Arbon Weimer 315, 417 Straus, Jack 418 Strauss, Robert 225, 305, 359, 424 Strawbridge, Jeane 239 Street, James Harry 313, 315 Street, Joseph 429 Street, Lillian 239, 383 Strelsky, Robert 405 Stribling, Ellender .68. 222, 332, 336, 382 Strickland, Frank 428 Strickland. Pauline 387 Strieber, Peggy 171, 337 Strike, Thelma 441 Stringer, Jean 68, 336 Stripling, Frances 171 Stripling, Sarah Elizabeth 96, 171 Stripling, Sue Allyn 92 Strobel, Emma Strom, Margaret Ann 88 Stroter, Clara Louise 96 Stroud, Jane Lee 222, 239, 307, 336, 346, 388 Stroud, Mihon Lee 96 Strowbridge, Frederick John 88, 415 Struss, Roberta 88, 171, 349, 371 Struss, Ruby Anna 68, 171, 370, 336 Stuart, Leslie 428 Stubblefield, Paul Lee 177 Stuckert, J. Lamar 88 Stuckey, Jane 387 Student Government 179-184 Studhalter, Margaret P 321 Stullken, Florence 313 Stumpf, Clarence 403 Stumpf, Virginia Carolyn 82, 363 Sturdivant. Robie Nell 96, 169 Sturt, Leslie Verry 68 Stutsman, Lorraine 88, 171, 371 Suehs, Ruth 358, 380 Sukman, Robert 95 Sula, Helen 345 Sullivan, Henry Clay 416 Sullivan. Margaret 299, 445, 451 Sullivan, Roger Charles 228, 305. 422, 438 Suman, John Robert 317, 410 Summers, Buddy 337 Summers, Fabian 96 Sutherland, Mary Elizabeth 163, 344 Sutherland, Sam S 315 Suttles, Ed 409 Sutton, Anne 96, 367 Svacek, Dorothy Marie 88, 345, 348 Svacek, Joseph 348 Svajda, Jerome Frank 68, 348 Svajda, Leonard Joe 68, 348 Swan, Helen 375 Swann, Elam Franklin 411 Swanson, Joel Oliver 96 Swanson, Leonard Archie . . .315, 317, 329 Swanson, Martha Anne 68. 313, 358 Swanson, William 415 Swayze, William Stephen 68, 301, 315 Swearingen, Clifford 222, 315, 403 Swearingen, J. S 324 Sweeney, Albert E 317 Sweet, Edwin L ; 68 Sweetheart of the University 185 Sweetheart Nominees 221,222 Swenson, Edward 329 Swenson, John W 72 Swenson, Mauritz 329 Swift, F. Elizabeth 68, 181. 229. 307, 310, 313, 332, 336, 382 Swingle. Elizabeth C 339 Swinny. Patricia Ann 96 Swirce, Esther 96 Syers, Edward 308 Sykes, Maria 387 Szurek, Joe 88, 354 NAMES T PACES T Association 242 Taliaferro, Henry Garland . .224. 305, 410 Tallal, Joe 175, 419 Tallal. Shirlie 390 Talley, Anne Woodruff 307. 388 Tallichet, Jules Henri 315. 408 Tally, Carolyn R 82, 355 Tankeraley, Randle 174, 175 Tanneberger, Don 328 Tanner, Robert 437 Tannery, Fledger 301, 306 Tarlton, Kenneth G 315 Tarlton, Robert Stephen 68. 242. 322, 345 Tarman, Charles Wayne 68 Tarpley, Dick 163 Tarpley. Elizabeth 339 Tarry. Mary Katherine 371 Tarry. William 329 Tale. Billy 96 Tatum, Doris 239 Tatum, William Albert 68. 314, 404 Taube. Edna 377 Taube, Helen 377 Tau Beta Pi 324 Taubman, Morris 419 Tatt Delta Alpha 325 Tan Delta I ' hi 432, 433 Tausend. Paul Lester 88 Taylor. Alfred C 88 Taylor. Allen Lee 306 Taylor. Bonnie Ruth 171 Taylor. Dayton Reed 322. 429 Taylor, Doris Elma 88, 370 Taylor, Duke Ricks 68, 406 Taylor. Edward Gray 68. 40S Taylor, Edward H 417 Taylor. Genevieve 363 Taylor. Gloria Jean 176 Taylor. Herman 96. 315 Taylor, J. Morton 315 Taylor, Jane 239. 389 Taylor. Josephine Wells 68, 326, 336 Taylor, Kerns Bowman 82, 175 Taylor, Lowell Webster 423 Taylor, Robert 429 Taylor. Thomas Frank 181, 228. 286. 305, 428 Taylor, T. U 35, 317, 320, 324, 330 Teasdale, A. Robert 328, 338 Tedford, Charles Calvin 68, 331 Teel. Betty 380 Teel. Henry Rogers 68 Teeter, Keith 298 Teinert. Monroe C 69.330 Tejas Club 434. 435 Templin, Jean Ann 299, 332. 373 Templin, Marjorie 363 Tennis 277-281 Terrel . Coeta 168 Terrill. Joe 352 Terry, Cora Lee 318. 337 Terry, Jerome 408 Terry, John 437 Terry, Lois 96, 363 Texas Ranger, The 164 Texas Student Publications 158, 159 Thames, Lewis Albert 43 Tharp. George 175 Tharp, Phillip 397 Tharp. Robert 434 Thaxon. Mary Ellen 88 Thayer. David 242, 246, 247, 395 Thedford. Paul Otto 72 Theta Sigma Phi 326 Theta Xi 436, 437 Thokey. James William 300, 398 Thomas, Betty 389 Thomas, E. Donnall 298 Thomas, Hilliard Smith 302, 306, 315. 414 Thomas. Hughes 402 Thomas. Janet Ruth 96. 176 Thomas, Louis Nathaniel 69 Thomas, Pauline 345 Thomas. Phil 409 Thomas. Ruih Elizabeth 360 Thomas. Ted 246 Thomas. Viola 383 Thomason, Richard 405 Thompson, A. T 330 Thorn pson. Andrew Zilker 412 Thompson. Charles Everett . .69, 304, 324 Thompson. Clark W 394 Thompson, Doris Lucille 88 Thompson, Florence 346, 387 Thompson, Jesse 272 Thompson. Joan 82 Thompson, Joe Sidney 411 Thompson. Kinman 416 Thompson. Leland 417 Thompson, Leslie 427 Thompson, Mary Lucille 88. 239. 337, 348 Thompson, Montie 337 Thompson. Paul J 158 Thompson. Robert 415 Thompson. Roy Charles 69, 313 Thompson, Travis Loftin 306 Thompson, William 408 Thomson, Roy 174 Thorn. Leslie 437 Thorn. Robert Payton 6 Thome. Clifford 421 Thome, Lansing 421 Thornton. Powell Dickson 69 Thornton. Robert " Richard 396 NAMES PAGES Thurber. William H 399 Thurston, Edith 318 Tignor, Beryl 82 Tignor, Mary Margaret 82, 350 Tillery. Charles L 82 Tipps, Will Chambers 415 Tipton. F. Earl 69 Tipton, William Leroy 88 Tittsworth, James Lem 96, 174 Tobian. Louis . .69. 228. 298. 313, 315, 418 Tobleman, Mary Eugenia 82 Tobolowsky, Edwin 418 Tod, Joe L 69 Todd, Derol 177, 406 Toland, Billie Rae 349, 370 Tolbcrt, Wilma 69. 336, 349, 362 Tolleson, James Frank 422 To] leson, Kenneth 331 Tomkies, M. Evelyn 88, 239. 299. 344. 371, 443, 451 Tonn, W. H 315, 316 Torrance, Edwin 298 Torrence. Elizabeth 349 Torres, Emilio L 340 Tower Clock 24 Towle, Barnaby Ledyard 317, 324 Towns, Almeda 383 Townsend, Ella 363 Townsend, Mary Aubyn 343, 380 Townsend, Robert Foard 226, 400 Tracey, William Arthur 393 Track 269-275 Tracy, James 431 Trainer, Ruby L 69 Travis, Helen 171 Treaccar, Charlotte Jean 96 Treadway. Betty Jeane ...69, 171, 336, 360 Trenckmann, Charles Crover 300, 315 Trent. Bret 173 Trevine, Carlos Felipe 315, 340 Trevino, Fausto 340 Trevino. Mercedes 299, 340 Treybig. Lucile 321 Trimble. Ruth Jeanne 96 Trimm, Glenn 175 Tronrud, Roy Walter 69 Trosper, Earl Joseph 43 Trotter, Johnnie Clayton 82 Trotter, Virginia 343, 346 Truby, Henry 403 Trumlinson. Joseph Emanuel 69 Tschudin. Myra 239, 332, 383 Tubbs, Billy 1 75 Tucker, Joe 421 Tucker, Mathew 173 Tucker, Maury Gano 82, 423 Tucker, William Carroll 413 Tulloss, Jean 161, 171, 346. 358, 389, 440, 451 Tunnell, Brady Virgil 320,331,436 Turner, Barbara 387 Turner, Betty Jo 96 Turner, Dorothy Grace . .88, 171, 239, 371 Turner, Edd R 417 Turner, Johnny 435 Turner. W. Jones 69, 329. 448 Tyler, Rosemary 381 Tyson, Roberts Kenny 96 U tlhl, Arthur 429 Uhl, Thomas John. Jr 300 Ulbrick. Fern Doyle 82 Ulrich. Homer 176 Ulug, Turgut 317, 329 Umstattd, Mac 96, 315, 421 Unis, Thomas Charles 182, 322, 407 University Aeronautical Society 353 University Czech Club 354 University Pre-Law Association 356 University Pharmaceutical Association 355 University Symphony Orchestra 176 Upchurch, Claude 322. 410 Upchurch. Haden J 322. 406 Upchurch, Robert Lee 96, 315 Upperclass Advisors 451 Urbanek. Dan 69 Usry. Raleigh S 421 Utley, Frances 335. 343 Utley, George K 69, 306 Vacek, John 354 Vacek, Sylvester 354 Valdes. Carlos M 321 Van Berg. Charles 316 Vance, Callaway 315 Vance, Durward Kirby 69, 180 Vance. Gertrude Trigger 88 Van Ryn. Midge 31 Van Zandt, Eleanor Ann 171, 299, 344, 371 Vanzura, Bea 348 Varner, Mary 373 Varsity Debate Squad 177 Vasqucz, Alfredo 340 Vaughan, Carolyn 69. 343. 372 Vaughan, James 404 Vaughan. Malcolms 69, 180, 184, 301. 306 Vaughan. M ' liss 358. 382 Vaughan. Virginia Frances . .82. 239. 344. 350. 361 NAMES PACES Vaughan. Wilson, Jr 401 Vaughn, Virginia 239, 346, 373 Vasquez. Alfredo Guardia 43 Veatch, Mary Virginia 96, 299 Veazey, Harold Woodrow 43 Vehle. William Richard 82 Vela. Estela 340 Vela, Rose 340 Venable. Sam R 316 Vernon, Conrad, Jr 82, 416 Vess, Aerial 311 Vickeis. Dorothy 239. 345 Victor, Ruth 239, 347, 365 Vidaurri, Fred 328 Views 9-24 Villarreal. Elisa 340 Vincent, Vern H 301 Vine, Harry, HI 88, 300, 356 Vineyard, Doris 336, 374 Vinson. Jean 299 Vittucci. R. V 324 Vogan, Marjorie 32. 182 Vogel, Alfred 96. 315 Vogcl. Hans 69. 304, 330 Vogt, R. Jeanne 96 Volpe. Romeo Mario 340 Volz. Charles Edward 306 Von Blucher. Mary Julia . . .239, 312, 332, 343, 373 V ' ondrak, Alice 354 Von Tress. Robert D 398, 438 V.,rhi,-. John 315 Voss. Murray Doyle 317, 321 Votovv, Katherine 29 Vradenburg. Kenneth 176 W Waddell. Richard Kent 300 Wade. Faires P 406 Wade, Ruth 376 Wadleigh. Fred 405 Wadley. Edward Frank 175 Wadley, Joyce Ann 69, 311, 336 Wadsworth. Al Hodges 242, 329, 412 Wagenschein, Carol 336 Wager, Dorothy Jean . . .82. 240, 344, 350, 363, 442, 451 U ' aggener Hall 17 Waggener. Leslie 27 Wagner, John William 69 Wakeficld, Maunscll 88 Wald, Nathan 348 Walden, William John 410 Wales, Philip Arthur 69 Walk. Joe Decker 82 Walker. Albert M 406 Walker. A. W.. Jr 308, 314 Walker, Ben 409 Walker, Betty 387 Walker. Charles A 316, 324 Walker, Elizabeth Louise 96 Walker. Howell 174 Walker. James 315 Walker. Louis Marshall 315, 328, 338 Walker, Lucile 31 Walker, Margaret 336 Walker. Oma Ray 163. 326 Walker. Paul 174 Walker, R. E., Jr 96 Walker. Sue 387. 446, 451 Walker. Webb. Jr 423 Wallace. Beryl Camille 82 Wallace. William F.. Jr 69 Walling. Marguerite 82, 161. 240. 307, 380 Walling. Rosemary 333 Wallis. Ray 341,403 Walser, William (Bill) Duke 43.301 Walsh, Douglas 399 Walsh. Henry 415 Walston. Joe Mac 393 Walston. Thomas 330 Walter, Kenneth 70. 159 Walters. John 436 Walters. Shirley 88 Walthall, Paschall 281 Waltmon. Mary Pauline 299, 387 Walton. Wahnez 70 Wandel. Phillip 428 Wander, Verna 240 Ward, Ann Marie 380 Ward, Joe E 324 Ward, Mary Niel 334,367 Ward, Neva Adclle 96 Ware, Mary Louise 240, 336, 374 Ware, Tol Ben 305,359,422 Warner, Barbara 387 Warner. Charles A 317 Warner. Florence L 88. 335. 371 Warner. Gloria Jane 96,240.367 Warner, R. W 328,338 Warren. Brent 393 Warren. Leonard 405 Wash. George 316 Washington, Walter 300 Washington, Wilbur Maxwell ....70,300 Wasscll, John 436 Wasson, Bob F 82 Wasson. Mildred Marjorie 82 Watelske. Stacy 433 Wathen. Evan H 88 Wathen, Tom Neal 411 Watkins. Charles A 88,175 Watkins. Harold 175 Watkins. Jane 371 PACE 526 W atton. Gavin 88 .t..,n. George M 316,324 Watsoa. Jack 305. 4C9 Watson. Jaaaet Arthur 313 . Jante. C 2S3.XS.XU. 315. 359. 408. 438 .Jo. 173 W.uo.. Mary 31 Walton. Robert Eugene )l Watson. Roberts 222.415 W attoai. Stuart 74 ;. 316 .nrr.orth. Uric Field 411 Walter. orth. Eliiabclh Field 82 Urry A TO .rg ' ueritc 82 .til Edward 74 W aulavick. Joe 329 Waugh. Gone 322.429 tt.uzh. Richard 175 Wear. James 427 Weathertord. K.o. Ful 400 Bruce 429 LaVernc tt.-j-.-r. Margaret Ann 309 W-bite . John Arch 1 While. J. E.. Jr 313.397 While. James Inren 88 bile. Joyce 367 White. Dr. Pul L. 29 m hite. Robert N.h 315 White. T. L 408 White. William 431 W hitehead. Robert Brook. 400 Whiteman. Martha 324 Whilfield. Victoria M 96. J47 Whiting. Robert Louis 317.329 Whitlo.. Kuzene Pa, ne ....315.316.324 Whitlow. Mary Ann 240 Whitmire. Joe Ann 370 tthitmore. William Rocen 88.449 hitncr. Staneie R 171.240.367 Whitson. Warren Pickard. Jr 70.161 W bitten. John 298 Whitten. Ray 409 W hitten. Robert H 70.163.430 W hittcnburg. ROM Elmore 70.298. 313.426 Whitlington. Bob 409 175 ill 322 .rl 32 Webb. Henry Barriger TO Webb. Imogeoc 387 Webb. Jame Edward 74 Margaret Alexander 313 W ebb. Marf are! I 4. i- 319 Webb. Mildred Alice 82. 169. 171. 321, 349 Webb. Sam Nail 422 Webb. Walter P 166 Webb. Wilfred D 319 Webb, William 4O4 Webel. Kenneth 174.431 Weber. Leta Henderson 309 Weber. O. J.. Jr 175. 313 Kaymond W 394 Caroline 299. 32S. 350. 363 W ebler. Jimmie Barton 88 WeUn-r. John 408 Weddington. Mar. Alice 387 Weed.Uta Alice 169 Weedon.Don 242. 246. 2S2 -.nnctte 88.171.389 L. 316 Weeth. Harvey 430 Weidnun. A. W 315 Weil. Ben 419 -e L 418 Jane Frederick 74.396 Joe Franklin 74.396 W einblatt. Franco 347. 365 Weincrt.H. H 27 W eininger. Edin 432. 438 Weintraub, Margaret Louise 70. 336 ' ry Louise 29 ma Lee 339 Weisenger, Nina Lee 321 Welborn. Frankie Mae 159 Welch. Jack Unrence 88 Wellborn, Olin Coy 169.411 Wellborne. Leroy 43 Wellborne. Roqae 321.340 Ugie Aaron ....313.314.315.434 T 324 ' P-.I..D (Pat) 70.230.305 Well,. John Howard 161.223.305. 319. 359. 416 ' .r.hall Foch 416 N.,non 397 Wendlandt. Margaret Eloiae 96. 240. 3tf l-orraine 365 Werden. Mr.. Perils Davis 318,333 Werlein. Presley 272. 400 Weraet. Norman 423 Wertheimer. Colda 70.336.364 Mary Ellen 88.240 Helen Louise 70.336.384 ,ney 383 Wetbrook. Joel 422 Lillian 321 n. Mackie Kalbryn 70.336 We.ton. Virginia 381 :t. Elood 345 We oath. Mary Ann 380 Whale,. Joyce 88. 343 Wharev. Jaatea B 37 Whartoo. Elizabeth 163 Wbatley. Ann 383 Wheat. Cecil le 88.345.369 Wheat. William 397 W heeler. Carroll Burke 70. 314. 422 Wheeler. Clifton Damon 397 Wheeler. J. P 322.359.436 Whcle . Cheater 70.329 W bele-. Meade 4 9 Whellnck. Robert Lloyd 411 W hitaker. Bob 331 While. Andrew Ben 305. 314. 392 White. Betty Bayne 96 ' I. II 345 W bite. Doric France 70 bile. Earl Joe 96 White, (.liar 331.436 W hile. Emoaxnc 299. 445 White. Elliot 329 White. Eof enia 345 While. France. Swzaawe 96 W kite. Franci. 437 White. Cwnna.lyn 70 While. Hath 4 9 Whil ; Whiltinzton. James Connellee 423 tthittinzton. John Harold 74 Whilwell. Fern 171 Whit-orth. James Slaughter 173. 101 Widdecke. Charlr Fred 315. IIS Widen. Alma 70.223.240. 310. 336. 350. 362 Wied. Dorothy Eloite 88 ie.lerpahn. Willard H 338 Merlin Emil 70.301,306 Wiener. Marcus 433 W ier. Mary Margaret 381 Wiener. Jerry 354 Wilbanks. Hugh. Jr 70. 329 Wilborn. Alice Orene 70.336.339 Wilborn. William 437 Wilcoi. Billy 414 Wilcox. Erin Elnora 43 Wilde. Albert 174 Wilder. Harry 305 Wiley. Clarence A 39 Wiley. J.-eph Norri. 320.331 Wiley. May Daisy 375 Wilfong. Gregg 43. 319 Wilhelm. Eugene Stamen ...70.313.315 Wilhite. Harold 174 Wilhite. Langford 96 Wilie. Enid Evelyn 43.307,386 Wilkenon. Zora Clark 70 Wilkes. Walter Jackson 300.330 Wilkening. Mar. in 348 milkin.. Ann 163.326.370 Wilkinson. Clark Newton. Jr 423 Wilkin,on. Jack Golden 422 Wilkirxm. Mary Bond 318.333.382 Will. Pally .. ' . 240.343.380 Willard. C 174 Willbern. York Y 319 Willhite. Dorothy 82 Willhoile. Warren 176 Willianu. Allen 323 William . Bert David 70 William . C. R. (Pete) 82 Wil lianu. Charle. 301 William.. Delbert C 302 William.. Delbert Dwain 71 William.. Don 242.246.254 William.. Frank Clatr 71. 300 William. Glenn 302 William.. Dr. Harm 29 William,. Harry F 96 William,. Haiti 385 William . Horace Beter 413 William.. Howard 305 William.. Talbot Adam 88 Willianu. Laura 383 Willianu. 1-ocile 363 William.. Marie Elizabeth 82.343 Willianu. Pat.y 381 William.. Paul 427 William . Perrin Clenn 301 William.. R. J 316 William.. Robert Henry 393 William. Roger 424 Willianu. Thomas Howard 412 William.. William 404 William.. Willoughby 392 Williamson. Laura Blount 387 Williamson. Mary 335.383 Williamson. Richard 399 Williamson. Tooley 31.387 Williford. Eunice 88 Will!.. A. H 324 Will!.. Loaite 88.299 Will!.. Lucile 321 Willi.. Ruth 374. 440.451 Will!,. William 3S3 Willmon. Cloris Loui-e 82.345 Willton. Wirron 431 W ilmot. Jennie S 339 Wilmot. William Brown 71 Wilaoa. Anale 374 Wilton. Archer 435 Wil on. Cbarlena 88 Wilton. Connie 371 WiUoa). Edna Florence 71.336 Wilm. Honwr 401 Wilton. Jante. Carroll 71.422.429 Wilton. Janet 82 Wilton. Kenneth .................... 174 Wilton. Marjorie .................... 335 Wilton. Ritchie ..................... 437 Wilton. Roy ........................ 329 WiUon. Thoma. ................. 96.405 Wilton. Victor ...................... 174 Wilton. Violet Elaine ............... 96 Wilton. William Walter. Jr ......... 71 Winan . Norma ................. 240. 372 W inch. Letlie S ..................... 395 Windham. Jame. Marvin 71. 305. 420. 438 Windham. W .man .............. 305. 421 Windrow. Robert D ......... 88.315.397 W indrow. Sara ...................... 387 Windsor. Gertrude Ann ......... 169.313 tt in-. Samuel Floyd ........ 71.175.421 Winegar. Donald ................ 174. 176 W ineeate. Margaret ................. 375 W into. Eleanor ..................... 96 Winkel. Marjorie ................ ' . . . . 96 W inkier. Betty Jane ................ 373 Winkler. E. W ...................... 29 Winkler. Frederick William. Jr ...... 423 W inkier. Miriam .................... 364 Winn. Edward Burton ........... 88.315 Winn. Harlin ....................... 431 Winn. V.ton J ............ 317.324.329 Winogradof. Maynard H ......... 71.302 Winttel. Ernett ..................... 175 Winter. Franci. Jordan .............. 422 m inter. Jet C .............. 309.339.363 tt ini-r . Gardner ................... 430 Winter.. Lorraine ........... 88.299.356 ttinton. Kalherine .................. 387 Wipff. Frank Penbing .......... 313. 430 ..rze ....................... 449 Wite. John Edward .................. 72 tti . M. S ......................... 329 Wite. M. Smilh, Jr ................. 71 Witeman. Fred ...................... 353 Witeman. Miriam ................... 382 Wi.kochil. Margaret ......... 96. 363. 447 Withers. Margaret ................... 318 Witter. Billy ........................ 315 Win. David Aaron .............. 177.418 Woeraer, Frank ..................... 330 Wolder. Harry Stanley .............. 393 Wolen.. Dorothy Marcel le ........... 88 Wolf. Jamet Patrick ............ 306.421 Wolfe. Devreaui .................... 240 171.344.365 .................... 376 176 9 fiman ' s Building .................. 450 Wong. Soon Yuck ................... 315 Wood. Clint ........................ 408 Wood. Harriet .............. 96.171.299 Wood. Harry ........................ 425 Wood. Henry ....................... 4O2 W ood. Inei Euelda .................. 71 Wood, James Lawrence ............. 393 Wood. Marjorie .................. 9 . 299 Wood. Martha Jane .............. 82. 171 Wood. Ray Pearl ............... 347, 385 Wood. Robert A ..................... 82 Wood. Thomas B .................... 88 Wood. Thomas J.. Jr ................ 416 Wood. William Raymond ........... 300 Wood. Winifred ............ 171. 450. 451 Woodall.Olga ...................... 71 Woodfin. Florence .............. 240. 313 Woodfin. Gene Mack ....71. 303. 314. 420 Woodley. Betty ..................... 347 Woods. James ....................... 352 Wood-on. Martha ................... 350 Woodton. Rebecca Mabel ........ 43.169 Woody. Helene Pritcilla ....71.334.370 Wooldridge. Arthur ................. 415 Wooldridge. Bob .................... 224 Wooldridge. Richard ................ 427 Woolrich. W. R.. Sr. ...34.320.324.338 Woolrich. William Raymond. Jr. ...71. 320. 331 Woolen. Helen 349. 371 Woodward. Halbert Owen 305. 394 Word. Gidden 348 Word. Jame. W.,r.l. Martha W 88.163.350 Ma Mae 240.335 Worley. Annis Eugenia 346.367 Worrell. Charle. Joteph 411 Wortham. Clinton Dudley 88 W ' ortham. Thoma. Carllon 71 Worthington. Robert Steam. 423 Worthley. Edwin D 315 Wray. Hal Holton 71.175.328 Wright. A. C 32 Wrizht. Clarence Rufut 71.436 W right. Cox 329 W right, Dela 387 W right. Gut 322. 408 tt rizht. June 381 Wolfe. Renee Wolfort. Shirley Wolten. Edith Wright. Roberta Opal 71.336 Wroble. Benson 276 Wroble. Vincent 71.300.345.348 Wupperman. Hildegard 171 Wynn. Afton T 326 Wynne. Buck Jim 413 Wynne. Elmer 298 Yaezer. Cbarline 88. 345 Yanti.. Jane 311 Yarborough. Hunter. Jr 71 Yarborough. Marineal 171. 371 Yarborough. William Blake (Dub) .71. 229. 305.396 Yarno. Hortente 168. 376 Yale., Bill 173 Yale.. Rotemary 82. 240. 345 Yeatt.A. W 173 Yelderman. George 331 Yelvtngton. Tom 402 Yett. Fowler Redford 315 Yoet. Evan D 175.176.321 Yoder. Jame. Robert 96 York. John 323 York. William 430 Yonens. Ernest Lewi 410 Youen-. Thomas 298 Young. Belle 313 Young, Clemmons 173 Young. Lady lona 71 Young. Jacob Clemmons 82 Young. Jane 334, 336. 370 Young, John Witcher 71.168 Young. Joteph Keith 315 Young. Ruthie 383 Youngblood. Ester 242.246 Yzaquirre. Marie 340 Yunaia. Delia 340 Zane.. W alter 392 Zapp. Alfred Deiter 313 Zarafoneli-. Chri-line 299 Zarrow, Dorothy 390 Zeigler. Julius ' B.. Jr 96 Zfta Tou Alpha 388. 389 Ztegelmeyer. Julius 431 Zimmer. Harry, Jr 174 Zimmerman, Henry A 163.425 Zirkel. Dorothy 336 Zi. ley. Charle. 32. 182 Zivney. Mr . Marie .........3S4 Ziyney. Yaroslar 354 Zuber. Charles Barry. Jr 422 Zuniza. Alex 82 Zweiner. Dongla. Richard 417 OALVESTON Wiltoa. Joe Davenport 229.305. 308.359.404 Able. Luke W 457.466 Adriance. Carroll T 457. 472 Ainorlh. William H 457. 469 Albert, Mayo 457.466 Alexander. Ernest 472.474 Allen. Ruth 467 Allenwonh. J. C 470 Altick. Frank 473 Ames. Mary Daniel 457.467 Anderson. W. T 470 Andru.. Bailey 466 Archer. T. J.. Jr 457.469 Armstrong. John W illiam 457. 466 Arnold. Hiram P 457. 473 Arnold. Hugh 473 Arnold. Jap 457. 472. 474 Arnold. Walter 473 Atkinson. C. V. Jr 470 Ave.. Fred 457.472.474 Avenl. Woodrow 463 B Bagwell. Wayne 470. 474 Bailey. Bill 470.474 Bailey. Clarence 469 Bain. Ruth 467 Baker. Sydney 470. 474 Bankhead. Alexander J 457.472 Bannister. Mortimer H 457.469 Barekman. Harold 463.369 Barnard. Jimmie 466 Barnes. George Bayne 457.466 Barr. Nell ' . 467 Baskin. Roy 46 Batle. Eleanor Janice 461 Bauer. Jere Marklee 456.469 Beach, Paul 466 Beall. Yvonne 461 Beck. Jeannette 461 Bedford. D. R 457.472 Behren.. Mildred 461 Bell. James 469 NAMES PACES Bellnoski, William O., Jr 468 Benton, Jim 469 Bernard, George 466 Berry, George 469 Blocker, T. G., Jr 456 Bodansky, Meyer 455 Bodenhamer, James 457, 470 Boice, E. H 470 Braden, Albert H 457, 463, 466 Branch, George 469 Brandt, Otto 473 Breath, Burt 457, 463, 472, 474 Brindley, Paul 455, 456 Brown, Arnold 470, 474 Brown, Bill 469 Brown, Jack Ross 470 Browne, Charles 470 Broyles, George Dilley, Jr 457, 466 Bruce, Ivan 472 Burmeister, Florence 461 Burnett, M. D 470 Burnside, Ronald 470 Bursey, Leroy 473 Bussey, Frank 470 Call a way, Sam 470 Calma, Victor 473 Campbell, Alvera 461 Canon, Maurice A 457, 463, 470, 474 Caravagelli, Menelaus 473 Carrington, D. C 472 Carrington, W. L 457, 463, 472 Carroll, G. V 468 Carrtithers, Spencer 469 Cartall, Lewis 470, 474 Carter, James W 457, 466 Carter, Melville L 457 Caskey, Louise 461 Celaya, Albert 463, 470 Chalmers, Presley 473 Childs, Wesley 473 Clark, Arthur 466 Clark, Faye 461 Clarke, James 470 Clawater, Earl 472, 474 Clayton, Stanley 456, 470 Clemmons, Martha 461 Cody, Melville L 457, 463, 466 Cohen, Milton 471 Coleman, Gabc 469 Coleman, Jesse 472 Coleman, Rose 467 Collins, Robert Paul 457,469 Coltharp, Ralph 473 Comerford, Ruth 461 Conner, Marvin 469 Cooke, Willard R .455, 456 Cooper. Betty 467 Cotham, Malford 466 Coventry, Vaden 470 Cox, Clennel 461 Cox, Jack 469, 472 Craddock, Wallis 469 Grain, L. B 48 Crawford, Ralph 473 Crossman, Dorcas 461 Cruce, William V 456, 457, 473 Cunningham, Sam 469 Curb, Dolph L 456 D Davenport, Emery 468 Davis, Roy, Jr 469 Decherd, George M., Jr 456 Delany, John J 456 Dickerson, Joe 473 Dimmitt, Dean P 457, 463, 470 Dodd, George 466 Dominey, J. B., Jr 468 Donaldson, J. D., Jr 470 Donaldson, J. R 470 Dow, Harold D 458, 463, 469 Downs, James 472, 474 Duncan, Donald 455 Duplechain, Joyce 461 Eggers, G. W. N 456 Eichert, Erma Lorraine 461 Ejland, Laverne 461 Ellingson. Eugene 458, 472 Elliott. Alpha 461 Ellis, John 468 Entzminger, Lindell 463, 466 Erwin, Myrtle Lou 461 Estes, Bates 473 Fairchild, Monroe 473 Falk. Dorothy 461 Felter, Georgia 467 Ferguson, Sarah 467 Fillmore, Rollin 473 Fish, John Henry 470 Fisher, Bill 472, 474 Fitzwilliam, C. D 466 Floyd, L. C 468 Foley, Thomas H 458, 470 Fox, Jack 466, 474 Frederick, Funston Rogers 456 Freundlich, Charles Cilvert .456, 458, 471 Frobese, Alfred 466, 474 Frost, Dorothy 461 NAMES PACFS Fuller, Jewel 461 Fuqua, Cruse 473 Fuste, Carlos 473 Galatzan, Joe 471 Garber, Pete 472 Garrett, Dodson 470 Gerlich, Norman 470 Ghormley, Mrs. Mary 458, 467 Ghormley, William Claude 458, 470 Gibson, Martin H 458, 470 Gillespie, Charles H 458, 473 Gilliam. Hilburn 469 Glass, Walter 469, 474 Golenternek, Joe 471 Goodwin, Charles P 458, 472 Coolsby, Jack 463, 472 Gordon, Mrs. Marie 467 Gorton, Mary Linda 467 Granger, Wayne Hanson 456, 4 3 Graves, Marvin Lee 456 Griffin, Harold E 458, 469 Grimm, Jean 461 H Hafler, Lorraine 461 Halamicek, John 468 Hall. Clifford 466 Hancock, Bessie 461 Hanna, Virginia Adele 461 Hardage, Marguerite 461 Harder, Joyce 461 Hargrove, Gary 469 Hargrove, Eugene 469, 474 Harris, Charles 470 Harris, Homer 473 Harris. Titus 455 Hasskarl, Walter 466, 474 Hatchett, C. S., Jr 473 Heartig, Edna 461 Hcndrix, B. M 455 Henry, Bernice 461 Herrmann. George 455. 456 Hester, Willena 461 Heye, Randall 472 Hill, W. J., Jr 469 Hillsman, J. W 456 Hodges, Mary Emma 461 Hoerster, Sam 468 Hoffman, Louise 461 Hollomon, J. J 473 Holloway, Kenneth 473 Hotchkiss. William S 456 Hubner, Alan 473 Hull. Luther, Jr 468 Hundley, Corrie Lee 461 Hunter, James 468 Hum, Margaret 461 Hum, Robert 469 Hutchins, Selwyn 463, 472, 474 Jenkins, Daniel Edward. 456, 458, 466, 474 Jenkins, Marion Thomas 458, 469 Jensen, Francine 467 Jinkins, Wiley J 456, 458, 469, 474 Johnson, Alvis 469 Johnson, Jesse B 455 Johnson, Leonard 466 Johnson. Neumon 473 Jones, Charley 466, 474 Jones, E. K 469 Jones, Roy 469, 474 Joslin, Block 470 Juneman, George 472, 474 Kaminsky, Peter B 458, 471 Kaplan. Harry Lee 471 Karotkin. Lester 456, 458, 471 Keith, Frank 469,474 Kelley, Alfred 469 Key, Julian 469, 474 King, Walter B 458, 466 Kirkpatrick, Roy 472 Kirksey, Oscar, Jr 470 Kirsh, Jackie 463 Klecka, Theo 470 Knight, Maynard D 456, 458, 463, 470 Knight, William Rozelle 456, 458, 473 Knox, Mary Virginia 461 Koberg, Frederick J 458, 469 Konze, Charles 473 Koontz, Lee A 458, 469 Kost, Louis Branard 456, 458, 471 Krueger, Kathryn 461 La Londe, Albert 470 Lancaster, F. H 456 Lancaster, Rogers 473 Lancaster, York 470 Lange, Charles 473 Laughlin. Milton 473 Leaton, Ed 469 Lee, George T 456 Legett. Cary 473 Leigh, R. E., Jr 470,474 Lett, James 470, 474 Levin, William Cohn 456, 471 Levy, Moise 471 Livengood, Gerald 473 Locker, S. Braswell 458, 470 Long, Walter 472 Lowery, O. W 473 Lynn, Jack 466 Me McBride, James 470 McCarroll, Loy 468 McCormick, Charles 470 McDanald. Eugene 473 McKay, James Vernon 470 McKinley, W. Frank 458, 470 McLean, William 469 McMillan, Rush 469, 474 McMillan, Thomas Moore ...459,463, 472 McMurray, James R 456 McNeill, Joe 463, 470 McRee, Edgar 470 McSween, Jay 472 M Mackles, Fanny 467 Mahaffey, Cecil 470 Manhoff, C. M 466 Manhoff, L. J., Jr 466 Mannister, Mortimer 474 Marsh, George 272 Mar-hall. Howard 468 Mathis, Dora 455 Matlage, W. T., Jr 466 Meadows, Christine 461 Meitzen, Travis 470 Melcher, Truman 473 Merrill, Sam 473 Mewhinney, Logan 469, 474 Middlebrook, Francis 473 Milburn. Graham 466 Millsap, Jewel Virginia 461 Minton, Reva Lee 461 Monk, Corinne 467 Moore. Anna Ruth 461 Moore, jack 473 Moore, Oliver 466, 474 Moore, Robert M 456 Moorman, Warren 469 Morris. Seth M 456 Morrow, Grady 469, 474 Mulloy, Mary 467 Mustain, Rhoads 466 Myers, Theodore 471 N Nash, Charles 473 Nash, Jane 467 Newsom, Henrietta 461 Northington, Harold 466, 474 O Olson, Nelsc Olaf 459, 473 Opel, Lasche 461 Orman. Forrest 473 Osborn, Robert 456, 459, 463, 466 Oswalt. Charles Edward 456, 459, 468 Oxford, Brad 466, 474 Palm, Delphine 467 Parks, Walter 472 Partain, Jack 466 Payne, Beatrice 459, 467 Payne, Beverley 463, 472 Pruitt, Charles 473 Pruitt, Jack 472 Pennington, Jack 473 Petta, Walter B 459, 468 Peyton, Ben 468 Pickett, Bill 469, 474 Pieper, Louise 461 Poetter. Henry W 456. 469 Pokorny, Alex 473 Porter, B. L 455 Porter, E. L 455 R Rabinowitz, George 471 Raggio, June 461 Randall, Edward 455, 456 Rape, Marvin 473 Ravel . Jerome 459, 471 Ray, Clarence T; 456, 469 Reading, W. Boyd 455, 456 Reaves, Poinice 467 Reser, Wayne 473 Ressman, Arthur 466 Richardson, O. J 468 Riddel, Roy J 459, 470 Rix, Alvin 469 Roberts, Tom 470 Robertson, James Edwin 456, 459, 470 Robinson, H. Reid 455 Robinson, Nellie 461 Roden, Jake 472, 474 Rogers, Funston 459, 463, 469 Roosth, Harold 459, 471 Rosengarten, Leonard 471 Rounsaville, Quinn 473 Rumble, Charles 466 Russell, Woolworth 463, 470 Russo, Galileo 468 Sanders, Ara Frances 461 Sanders, V irgil 469 Sanford, Booth 473 Sawtelle, Bill 463, 466 Scardino, Lester 466 NAMES PACES Schaffer, Randolph 471 Schlecte, Marvin C 459, 473 Schlecte, Mrs. Ruth Gardner 459, 467 Schwab. Edward H 456 Selke, Oscar 473 Seybold. William D 456 Shacklett, Ernest 473 Sharp, W. E 455. 456, 470 Sheckless, Loyd W 456 Shepperd, Roy j 469 Shields,!. M 468 Shurley, Jay 469 Sinclair, John George 455 Singleton, Dr. A. 455. 456 Sitta, Raymond 470 Skripka, Charles F 459, 466 Skrivanek. Ervin 473 Slataper, Eugene 473 Smith, Rex 470 Smith. William Lacey 459, 473 Smyth. Rodger 466 Snodgrass. S. R 456 Snyder, Hal 468 Snyder, Ned 466 Snyder, Roy 468 Speck, Carlos Dale 459, 469 Spence, C. H 463, 466 Spencer, Fred 470, 474 Spies. Dr. John W 455 Spiller. W. F 455 Springall, F. S 459 Springall, Jack 472 Stampfli, Wendell P 459, 470, 474 Stanford. Henry 473 Stanley. Mildred 456, 459, 467 Stivner. Genevieve 461 Stone. C. T 455, 456 Strauss, Edward H 459, 463 369 Stubhlefield. R. L 470 Sumner, Wendi-1 1 459, 463. 470 Surgi. Mary Louise 456, 467 Swcaringen. R. 459. 470 Swearingen, Sam 474 Sykes, Ed 466, 474 Sykes, C. S 455 Taft, Charles H 455 Tausend. Jack 466 Taylor, Holman 466 Taylor, Tommy 472, 474 Tew, Ruth 461 Thomas, Betty Rose 461 Thomas, Clyde E 456 Thomas. C. Skiles 470 Thomas, Fred 473 Thompson, Oliver H 459, 470 Thornhill. Geraldine 461 Timmins, O. H 466 Tinterow, Maurice 471 Tocker, Alfred 471 Tottenham. Ed 470. 471 Towler, M. L 456 Triplitt. Lucille Agnes 461 u Upshaw, Jack 463, 469 Vassallo, Harry 468 Vinson, T. Chalmers 459 W Wagner, Wilson 470, 474 Walker, Jimmie 469 Walker. Jack 469 Wall, Dick P 455 Wall, Herman 466 Wallace, John Lee 470. 474 Wallis. Mack 466 Watkins. Dale 469 Watson. Ralph 473 Weatherford, Jack 466 Webb, J. B 466 Webb. Margaret 467 Welty. John 472, 474 Wertheimer, H. M 471 White, John M 459, 469. 474 White, Weldon 473 Whitson, Robert 473 Wilborn, Sam 469 Wickens. Billy 469 W iggins, Kenneth 468 Wilhite, Hilton 473 Williams. Carson 466, 474 Williams. Dr. J. E 455,456 Williams, Winnie Jean 461 Wilson, Ann Meridith 461 Wilson, Charles 369, 463 Wilson, Delpha 461 Wilson. Thelbert 473 Withers, B. T 459,469 Witt. Mary 467 Woodfin, George 466, 474 Woodward, Joe 466, 474 Wunderman, Daniel 471 Yelderman. Janet 461 Youens, Willis 466 Young, Betty 467 Zachary, Ann ' 467 Zellmer, Ariel 461 PACE 528 - J A ! a P gfflH f r 7-x _ r ; ; tJ iS I - _ " - " " vl " - " - t " t " vl " " - V O- X X -- J " 7.-C " .r . ' - r-j " - " c: i X v v v v v J " I ; x " ' 1 "

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