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m m Mm -yr ' -- , ( I i 4, ■ h •f? ■U X Texas Student Publications, Inc. robert f, townsend Editor-in-chief ALFRED A. KING Associate Editor FRANKIE WELBORN Production Manager BURT DYKE Business Manager Portraits finished by ChrISTI ANSON -LebeRM AN Color Photography and Special Work by Paralta Studios Art Work by Bruno Lore Engravings by Stafford ' s Printing by Gi ' LF Publishing Company % ■ CACTUS r ADMINISTRATION CLASSES CHRONOLOG LIMELIGHT ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS ( ri )b Adininistratiuii il N AUVIINISTRATION CLASSES CHlUliNOHHi MPLIGWT OKGANIZATIONS V n J I 1 - 5lf loot A jifBffi IN MEMORIAM Out over an infin- ity of space and time look the graceful figures of Little field Memorial Fountain. Heavenward, as time stands still, the New Main Building points an inquisitive finger. Doors flung tvide. Garrison Hall in- vites all to inspect its offices and class- rooms. i| TUBES AND TELESCOPES The Physics Building, with its offices, ap- paratus, and observatory, is one of the best equipped buildings of its kind. ■ ■iswrci AJ- ' ¥t i ■-.j m -mmym MM W ' ' n 11 n v.Tif. .Jir f elkSn i. ' » ' . dl ' •■■V PORTALS TO PULCHRITUDE Littlefield Dormitory for freshman girls. ENTRANCETO EDUCATION Sutton Hall, home of education and psychology. m- . 3. " r» •:i. Sm-. iV -- i.. mf. I « 3 ' :ttLSa,mi . 1 GIRLS ' GATEWAY The W Oman s Building, oldest dormitory. BOOKS AND BUSINESS Main Building houses administra- tion and Library. Although superseded by the New Main Building, the Old Library re- mains one of the most beautiful structures on the campus. REFRESHMENT Daily the Chuck Wagon and its neighbors, the Fountain Room and the Commons, afford respite to countless students. AUDITORIUM Hogg Memorial Auditorium furnishes equally well a stage for history lectures, productions, and concerts. ' M •».» r ■ -rr X ' n Tgum 7: ' ' ' HI ■ Ihb F 1 ' ni l li ' filTT33l P H 1 Hi H !:■ nur pmij B M 1 ' - M r ' - " DREAMY DOMESTICITY. ..« ie Home Economics Patio. Y AC A HE ... the Old Library Building. SPACIOUS SPLENDOR... Scottish Rite Dormitory. LONG SHOT... view of Waggener Hall. SCIENTIFIC APPROACH North entrance to the Chemistry Building whose long halls contain numerous offices and many laborato- ries. LEGAL APPROACH The Law Building pre- sents proudly its time-worn portals through which gen- erations of students have passed. GOOD ARCHITECTURE The Architecture Build- ing on the western edge of the campus is a most grace- ful structure. GOOD ARCHITECTS Inside these impressive portals are trained the mas- ter builders of tomorrow. Behind the Com- mons of the Texas Union is this beautiful court with its lily pond. Out of wooded grounds rises the im- pressive dome of the State Capitol. SLIDE RULES This building, covering many square feet of the campus, houses the College of Engineer- ing. EAST ENTRANCE Spacious steps from two directions lead up to the east door of the Chemis- try Building. m U cc ROCKS AND RILLS The Geology Building houses offices, lecture rooms, and various laboratories. M From its position on the heights, the new Museum looks down proudly on The Univer- sity of Texas. I Executives W. LEE fniANTEL To the 1989 Cactus: By representing the lives, the hopes, and plans of nearly eleven thousand students, 1939 Cactus symbolizes Texas of the future. This Cactus, which portrays so vividly the life of University men and women, reveals a living picture of the Texas that will be. It is a State possessing resourcefulness, courage, and, above al ambition. Your great University will breed the ambition, courage, and resourcefulness that will be so essen- tial in building a Greater Texas. It is within your power to fashion out of this vast domain of natural wealth an agricultural and industrial State un- rivalled in all the world. That is your heritage; it has come from those who carved our civilization from a bleak wilderness. They have given you the courage to carry the Torch higher. Your University has fortified you with Knowledge and Wisdom. ' hen the future of Texas is placed in the hands of University men and women, Texans need not fear its fulfillment. Sincerely, Uji lW M. ..t Governor J. W. CALHOUN PRESIDENT J. W. CALHOUN TO THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS: It is a commonplace to call your attention to the fact that you are most fortunate in being citizens of the United States of America in the year 1939. Few people on this distracted earth are so lucky. If you lived in the parts of the world where most white people live, where those nearest to you by blood and culture dwell, you would not even have the privilege of choosing whether you would go to college. Your parents would not be free to decide whether they would send you. That would be decided by the state and usually would depend on the social stratum in which your birth had placed you. It is no merit of yours that you were born in Texas instead of Europe. That piece of good fortune just came to your providentially. But since you are in Texas and at The University of Texas, you can show that you appreciate the country of your birth and can justify your presence in this institution by preparing for useful citizenship and admirable living. It sounds like bombast to say that we live in the greatest country on earth, but it is the simple truth. The Country, the State, The University of Texas are all your good fortune. Remember this when there is a temptation to speak slightingly of your country, your State, your school. Think of the hundreds of thousands who have no country, no state, no school and of the millions of others who, having them, have still no liberty. Very sincerely yours, President Pace 27 President-Elect HOMER P. RAINEY !■ DR. HOMER PRICE RAINEY, President-Elect of The Univers ity of Texas Dr. Homer Price Rainey, director of the American Youth Commission, has been appointed President of The University of Texas by the Board of Regents. He will take office on June 1. J. W. Calhoun has been serving as President Ad Interim since the death of President H. Y. Benedict on May 10, 1937. Dr. Rainey is a native Texan and is a graduate of Austin College at Sherman. He took graduate work at the University of Chicago. He has been a member of the faculties of the University of Chicago, the University of Minnesota, the University of Oregon, and was for a summer term a member of The University of Texas faculty. Prior to his appointment as director of the American Youth Commission in 1935, Dr. Rainey was for four years president of Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsyl- vania. The American Youth Commission is a non-govern- mental agency working under the supervision of the American Council on Education. As director of the Com- mission, Dr. Rainey has conducted extensive research programs on the problems of youth. t 4 - ' x rwr %9yfi m BOARD OF REGENTS DR. EDWARD RANDALL Left to right: PARTEN, MORGAN, STARK, WEINERT, C. D. SIMMONS, CALHOUN, AYNESWORTH, WAGCENER, FAIRCHILD.LEO C. HAYNES, RANDALL. The Board of Regents, consisting of nine members ap- pointed in groups of three every two years by the Governor with the consent and approval of the State Senate, is the governing body of the University. Fourteen standing com- mittees work continually on various phases of University administration. The retiring chairman of the Board is Dr. Edward Randall of Galveston, distinguished member of the medical profession and administrator of the famous Sealy-Smith Foundation. Other members are Major J. R. Parten of Houston, newly elected chairman of the Board and chairman of the legislative committee; Mrs. I. D. Fairchild of Lufkin, gracious and capable supervi sor of University building activities, and promoter of the fine arts program and cultural activities; H. J. Lutcher Stark of Orange, Texas, educational program leader, member of the General De- velopment Board and chairman of the auditing and the complaints and grievances committees of the Board. Leslie Waggener of Dallas, son of the first president of the University, is chairman of the finance committee; H. H. Weinert of Seguin, lawyer, banker, farmer, oil man, and civic leader is chairman of the athletics committee and the museum committee; Senator E. J. Blackert of Victoria is chairman of the public relations committee and Dr. K. H. Aynesworth of Waco is chairman of the library committee of the Board, and a successful physician; Dr. George Morgan of San Angelo, prominent geologist and holder of a Doctor of Philosophy degree, supervises the management and development of the 2,000,000 acre University land endowment. " " iirr ' .• " ' " I " . ' ' Ti ' r ' l ' " ■ jj ., if.iLiL iii- PRESIDENT ' S STAFF Leil to right: McMATH, RUBOTTOM. BACKSTROM The president ' s staff and the service it performs may rightfully be called the switch-box of the Main University. All personal contact work with regard to the instructors, the professors, the officers, and the Regents of the University is handled through this office. It is only natural that the detailed work of the President ' s staff should be closely tied to the work of the office of Leo C. Haynes, Secretarj " of the Board of Regents. The three women who constantly strive to keep the activities of both offices running smoothly are Mrs. Frances Little McMath, secretary to the President; Mrs. Billy Ruth Rubottom, assistant to the secretary to the President; and Miss Florence Backstrom, assistant to the secretary of the Board of Regents. LEO C. HAYNES UJLJLJLJ v»,-i -gssr - ' ST ' saai COMPTROLLER ' S STAFF Left to right: MABEL SMITH, MARY RUTH JACKSON. MISSY DOSS. GEORGE STEPHENS, SIMMONS, NELLIE HARRISON, MAEBESS MATTHEWS, FANNIE DAVIS. C. D. SIMMONS The Comptroller, custodian of all property belonging to the Main University, rarries on with the help of his staff, the business management of the University. C. D. Simmons is acting Comptroller. Duties of his office, as designated by the Board of Regents, include all business operations not specifically assigned to some other office, and supervision over the accounting and auditing office of the University. All general supplies and materials used in the Main University, except the few purchases assigned to particular officers, are super- vised, subject to state law, by the Comptroller. Also, he supervises minor improvements and repairs of the buildings and grounds. The Comptroller, with the advice and direction of the finance committee of the Board of Regents, invests the trusts and endowment funds in the possession of the University, manages the State and privately donated endowment lands and attends to the leasing and renting of these properties as well as their upkeep. Ill i . ,r " fmi ' i Mg5 " T Fr7 REGISTRAR ' S STAFF AUDITOR ' S STAFF H II H II H 1 1 11 ■ ' ■ E. J. MATHEWS. Registrar sparenberc, .Auditor Hp m STUDENT GUIDANCE STAFF CniyiMONS ' STAFF ANNA W. JANZEN Director of the University Common. EXTENSION STAFF ■ •; " -l ri " 1 H. T. PARLIN Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences SCHOOLS . . . ;■ I- J. ANDERSON FITZGERALD Dean of the School of Business Administration and COLLEGES IRA P. HILDEBRAND Dean of the School of Law W. R. WOOLRICH Dean of the College of Engineering W. F. GIDLEY Dean of the College of Pharmacy Schools and Colleges " ■V ' i J f 1 " 1 fl P m li 1 r « « « ■ t i - iim PHYSICAL TRAINING FOR MEN L. THEO BELLMONT Director of Physical Training for Men niRECTORS OF RESinENOE HALLS UNIVERSITY FHESS A. C. WRIGHT Manager of the University Press 1 I Ghronolog 1938-1939 Ui IIMVERSITY PRESS , C. VIKII.I! llINinN STAFF - § -m V , , - 1 1 11 111 t I 11 f CtfARLKS ZIV1.EV J),r„cto, „f r f r.- . Vni ■■ w :;5 ' I IM " ( it I All the Lulus are back in town and all the Joes are there to meet them. Some arrive on trains (unpaid adv.), some in cars like the lady in the dark cheaters, and some just arrive like the un- lucky lad in the two, too, too dis- consolate poses in the middle of the page. When the migration is all over, there are approximately 10,000 bright and eager youths in Austin .... Almost at once sorori- ties begin to fete their newly- arriving rushees. At the top of the page, Tri Delts are seen, or rather caught, by a snooping photogra- pher as they smile happily over something in fancy glasses. We assume for now that it is coffee .... At the new Chi Omega manse four charming young ladies pause to pose despite the more important business of the afternoon .... Afternoon finds A.D.Pis lolling coyly and prettily before a mantle of cups about which the rushees are doubtless being carefully in- structed .... The curtain rises next on a stage tastefully set at the Pi Phi house for a little night charming. It ' s hard to say whether the charmers or the charmed are the more charming. Anyway, who are we to say? Came the dawn, and here the Tri Delts are up again — still drinking coffee, too. Idanell Brill, the rested-and-luscious-look- ing blonde, seems to be telling for- tunes in the coffee grounds of the lassie on her right. Probably in- sidiously telling her she ' s destined to wear the crescent and stars .... The boys have not been idle all this time either. At the Kappa Sigma house Rushees Fred Flato, athlete, and Will Perry, scholar, express justified distrust of our photographer ' s motives. Rush Cap- tain Bill Deaderick (definitely one of the better boys) smiles confi- dently .... Notice the purposeful looks on the faces, handsome faces, too, of the Betas as Tommy Taylor edifies the group with a nifty from the periodical files and Bob Doherty and J. B. Griffith close in on their victim .... Be- fore a spacious fireplace. Delta Gammas are genteelly amused at the dramatic expression assumed by the pretty little lady on the end .... Phi Delt, Friars, Joe Greenhill and Ben Powell, bend an appraising eye on a very intri- cate pool maneuver as Rushee Bill Kennedy watches speculatively . . . The coffee in the Kappa Kappa Gamma picture at the bottom of the page has already been drunk. Auban Adele Tenison thought it was swell — imagine feeling as happy as that! It ' s only fair to tell you that most of the lovely girls in this picture are already key-carriers .... Flash — back to the boys — Rushee Steve Blount gets the benefit of flashing smiles from fine fellows Dub Yarborough and Al Martin over at the Chi Phi house. Dick Rolle and Doug demons seem to be getting the job done, too .... The Sigma Nus took some of their best prospects and retired to the cellar (Rock Room to you ! ) Prize Rushee Albert Mc- David saw the light and took the vows. Congratulations! The kegs are used only for tables .... The Five Horsemen of Delta Tau Delta, Harry Reading, Jack Sims, Dub Singleton, Tom Law, and Joe Wilson, demonstrate their infal- lible technique. It functions not only with rushees! .... Althougli our photographer didn ' t get up in time for it, the girls drank coffee this morning, too. By afternoon they were all grouped nicely around like the comely lassies at the Alpha Xi Delta house. Under the fancy hat in the foreground is a cutie in an utterly charming pose .... At the ATO house we see assembled some more Good Joes and rushees. Among the Good Joes are Charlie Cappel and Lew Borden. Among the rushees are Barry Rudd and Amon Carter, Jr. The heat has driven all to their shirtsleeves .... Ptct 45 Well, here we have Thursday morning — Sigma Nu Tommy Taylor and Rushee For- rest Allen seem to be enjoying themselves despite the fact that this is the third day of Rush Week for boys .... Herbie (Robert Benchley) Clarkson appears in a short one-picture skit entitled " How To Enjoy Rush Week " and shows us in a symbolic photo what all the boys would rather be doing .... At the Alpha Phi house the gals are tripping lightly and fantastically as the shades of night are falling. We ' d like to cut in on these lassies .... A glance at the middle of the page reveals Mary Anna Morton and Anne Campbell and a bevy of other beautiful rushees turning their devastating smiles on the lucky cameraman. Such an assemblage of pulchritude! .... By the way, where was that coffee this morn- ing? Oh well, never mind, who wants coffee when the Pi Phis have assembled their loveliest and fetchingest to turn their thousand- watt smiles on Lila Stone Bucka- loo, the rushee that beautiful Jeanne Richey has a firm grip on ... . A SEA of fine feminine faces expresses everything from perplexity to boredom as the girls gather in Hogg Memorial Audi- torium to direct their destinies. Everybody seems at ease despite the tenseness of the situation .... Their decisions made, the girls rush happily, like the four smiling maidens at the top of the page, out into the warm night air and their new life at The University of Texas. A moment that comes but once in a lifetime is over. Tempus fugit .... Since the try- ing days of Rush Week are over, celebrations are in order. Off to a flying start are Billy Steele, Florence Thompson, John Floeter, and Frank Keith — a lovely lady and gentlemen .... Coming oul of Hogg after signifying their choices, the boys don ' t look as carefree as the girls. Everything from sophistication to fatigue is shown here as the lads file slowly out .... At the Tower a tableful of happy faces testifies to the jollity of the occasion. Lovely Emily Marshall seems especially delighted .... Pui 47 Did You Ever see a freshman orientating? Well, here you have them. At the top of the page, Dean V. I. Moore, beloved of all students, gives a brunette lad a few pointers on something or other .... As the pre-school fun draws rapidly to a close, the shadow of education falls over everything. An inquisitive and comely miss calls at a campus booth for her registration card. Let ' s hope she doesn ' t have to get up at 8 A. M. and register. Horrors! .... Banked around by imposing-looking files. Professor Paul J. Thompson advises an ori- entating student about her courses. Newcomers do better in their work when started out on the right foot .... One of the first things the ambitious freshman must learn is the noble art of playing bridge in the Texas Union. This quartet seems engrossed in their game . . . Assembled in the Union for a freshman party, the boys turn obligingly to the camera while being exhorted over the sound system .... Like cattle through a chute, registering students on reg- istration day are whipped through Gregory Gymnasium and past a battery of sectionizers where they are directed into the correct sec- tions for their courses. Here we see two perplexed ladies probably trying to figure out how they ever got put into those horrible 8 o ' clock sections . . . Some day some one should erect a monu- ment to the sectionizers who yearly smile pleasantly on student after student and do their part amiably and efficiently to make registration as painless as possible. Even on the hottest days and after reason- ing long hours with baffled reg- isterers, they seem to maintain an unruffled and sympathetic mien . . . Even over the mass of students in search of the elusive education, the great god. Mam- mon, watches with a careful and impersonal eye. Here at a long table we see countless checks scorching the woodwork. Payment of fees signifies the end of regis- tration and seems almost welcome to the weary matriculator ... As soon as he reserves his copy of The Cactls he can go get a coke. Now THAT REGISTRATION IS OVER, some students go to class like better-boy Harry Quin and beau-u-tiful Eloise DuBois (who seem to like the idea) ; others go on picnics like the smiling peasant girls, Jean Sanders and Mary Lewis Scott who obviously aren ' t doing a lick of work) and their gallant escorts, mess-boy Sam Cappel and Safari Jeff Copeland, the lucky dogs . . . What ' s this? ' e thought we were through with people registering. Well, these weary matriculators, reluctantly parting with their checks are late- comers. Let that be a lesson to you! From now on maybe you ' ll get here on time!,. . . Coming, happily from " " class as college gets under way (it ' s really the Texas Union) is Ann Painter — she of the fetching smile and lovely curls. Note the stack of books and the studious look ... In the fall a young student ' s fancy turns eagerly to thoughts of football. The band, surrounded by a mob of cheering enthusiasts, blows lustily and expertly at the pre- Kansas pep rally . . . Then comes that night of nights — Pledge Night! Appar- ently enjoying the Pledge Night German immensely are vivacious Alice Ann Nitschke and Clyde Logue, who sway gracefully to the swing strains of peppery Joe Reichman and his group of mad- men . . . Ahhhhh! All slicked out in shimmering satin are the Zeta Tau Alpha lovelies. Even Pledge Night German would be enjoyable with one of these pledges . . . Joe Belden and Helen Huff seem to have plenty of room — wonder of wonders at a P. N. German. Maybe the photographer has scared the dancers away ... A flash back to the afternoon ' s game — partially filled stands at Kansas indicate that not many loyal Longhorn sup- porters had the requisite coin to follow their warriors . . . Pledge Night again — The night shall be filled with beautiful gals, as exemplified by the bevy of Pi Phi pledges standing like fauns in the spacious Pi Phi garden. To look at the happy faces in these pic- tures, one would never guess the drama, struggle, heartbreak, and joy that has passed in the last week . . . Pace 51 Cheer Leader Presley Werlein, taking charge of a riotous pep rally, exhorts the as- sembled multitudes to choose by their applause two girl yell leaders from a luscious group of pros- pects. Responding nobly, the throng chose two of the peppiest aspirants — Glenn Appling, the lovely on the left end. and Doris Billings, the lassie fourth from end . . . Then, down in the middle of the page, we see Coach Dana X. Bible, looking like Paul White- man, as he introduces to the as- sembled cheering students the in- dividual members of the football team . . . When this huge and successful pre-L. S. U. rally was over, six of the happiest people there got together and smiled simultaneously into the camera — Clifford and Lansing Thome, George E. Hurt, Presley Werlein. Doris Billings, and Glenn Ap- pling . . . The two charming Kappas near the top of the page are Anne Baker, president, and Sarah Wilburn. The notebooks that each clutches firmly seem to indicate that they are going to class . . . Pauline Gill and Jane Arnold, using the same one-note- book-in-arm formation, set off pur- posefully to make some lucky pro- fessor ' s class enjoyable . . . On the Kappa front porch are the new pledges who are being royally entertained by their happy sistern . . . The Day at last De- termined Longhorns are ready to pounce on a suitable helmet in preparation for the L. S. U. fray. Whatta day! The stands are play- ing, the band is packed — not a cloud in the sky. Wish you could all be here, folks . . . Watch out! There ' s that pass! Beef us Bryan draws back for a mighty heave which was completed before the camera could be snapped again . . . Tommy Cook, for- getting a very exciting play, turns into the sun and the camera at the same time . . . Let ' s hope beautiful Mary Lewis Scott put her hat on that way to keep the vicious sun out of her pretty eyes . . . Dorothy Ball looks sweet despite the ter- rible heat and glare ... By this time the stands have retreated be- hind a battery of dark glasses, hats, newspapers, etc. Will Perry seems to have the idea . . . Fan mah brow and pass me a julip, Rastus! . . . Some sun-heckled lad, closely followed by The Uni- versity of Texas, is vitally inter- ested in that last minute play . . . At the bottom of the page, the Longhorn Band does some expert tooting to the pleasure of the as- sembled onlookers . . . [PlEHSfnS- Pace 53 Brrrr! Here ' s Monday again. Funny how the days glide by. Monday or not, though, there ' s life on the old campus yet. A jolly group of cos and eds in penny- pitching line-up taunt the camera- man . . . Behind the scenes — Pro- fessor Lucien LaCoste pores over what looks like a portable beer- cooler but which really is a grav- ity meter. How ' s gravity today, Prof? . . . Maxine Dietzel, sending a record-breaking smile toward us, idles prettily somewhere or other. Arise, ye knaves, and help the lady select a killer-diller disc . . . Men and women may come and men and women may go, but you can ' t get a coke in the Fountain Room for nothing. Ye who enter these portals abandon all loose change. Let ' s hope you are lucky enough to have with you as cute a girl as this handsome lad has . . . What ' s this? Where are all the books, girls? Oh, so you have been studying in the Library and just dashed out for a bit of refreshment. Hurry up or you ' ll be late for that Chuck Wagon date . . . And so to class! Two worshippers at the altar of knowl- edge trudge, books in hand (as few as possible), to some rapidly- filling classroom . . . The mighty men of Kappa Sigma feel the call of the wild and murmur Mother Nature ' s Lullaby in the shell-like ears of the University ' s most beautiful girls . . , Paoe 3t iy[n-inflfi[n Off to the famous and infamous Oklahoma-Texas foot- ball classic. Nice to have known you, boys. Have fun and remem- ber the boys back home . . . On the train Bully Gilstrap looks con- tented and utterly at home ... A very absorbing game of bridge or pinochle or something whiles away the trip for Dallas-bound sports ' lovers and pleasure-seekers . . . Glenn Appling puts umph in a lusty Texas cheer. Don ' t you wish you could jump like that? You did a swell job, Glenn! . . . Grind- ing out a few hard-earned yards is some enterprising Oklahoma back. Judging from the resolute and earnest expression on the Texan in the foreground, however, you can bet the ball-carrier is about to bite the sod . . . Ho, ho! What ' s this? Behold yon white-capped, thirst- quenching, heavenly brew. Seize yo ' self a flagon, whisk in a little salt, and quaff off a liter or so . . . Now that the starter is down and out of the way, let ' s get on to the real fun. Here ' s a little whoopee being raised somewhere or other. Note the glazed, pleasure-seeking look on the face behind the horn. Looks like a helluva good party . . . Jack Busby embodies the spirit of the 0. U. week-end in a hi-de-ho pose. If you weren ' t there. Jack, old fellow, you should have been . . . Truck on down ! . . . Drift on, dream on! The week-end is over, but the malady lingers on. Wheels, Austin- bound, whirl busily under you, but you care not. Bacchus rides with you; Morpheus has slugged you. Drift on, dream on — sleep in the new week! . . . Well, boys and girls, school again! Monday is always with us. Scintillating Doris McReynolds, a lovely addition to anybody ' s class, glides toward the Main Building with Nashe Phil- lips . . . Charles Taylor leaves the campus with a gracious smile . . . On top of the Home Economics Building, Jeannette Dickson sits coyly giving her notes that last minute lookover . . . John Crabb and Shirley Kerr walking into the shadows. Looks like you charmed John into carrying your books, Shirley, or did you have any? . . . Pledging eternal friendship or something in front of the Main Building are the Marys Hearne and Armstrong . . . Merle Calla- way, Rosemary Scott, and Stancie ' hitner, a trio of cuties, exchange pleasantries before resigning themselves to class . . . Intramural athlete G. D. Hinson looks over the situation and seems pleased . . . Staley Hawkins rips up the H.O at Lake Austin in a rented speedboat. How about a ride, pal? . . . Cowboy Dick Kleberg appears pleasantly occupied with canoeing . . . At the Journalism Jamboree Adolph Kiefer, with the Beechnut smile, proposes to Jane Eiledge while her fiance, Bill New- kirk referees. Bill ' s grin seems to indicate that everything is accord- ing to Marquis of Queensbury rules . . . Out of the darkness into the light — Bob Lockart and John Hicks seem to be glad they are coming from where they are com- ing from and going where they are going . . . Clinging tenaciously to that last delicious morsel, Margie Medley glides gracefully out of some building or other . . . Ahha! Looks like a called meeting of the Lotus Eaters ' Club. Don ' t disturb yourselves, folks! . . . An exciting moment at the Arkansas game. Somebody from Arkansas has the ball and various Texas players are in hot pursuit of him. The weather is still awful . . . And here ' s a chummy night scene. A charming foursome out for a lot of fun! Is everybody happy? . . . Jane Stroud smiles hospitably — beautiful girl, beautiful dress, good party — what more could one want ... A good picture of a couple of good people. Helen Rathbone (what beautiful brown eyes you have!) and Earl White and their shadows . . . Idanell Brill, Sweetheart of the Univer- sity, is all wrapped up in her work. Let Dub Singleton imagine himself in the shiny shoes of L E. Clark . . . Pace 57 Walter " Boy " Hasskarl views skeptically an artful carica- ture of himself . . . The open door policy, eh? Let ' s leap behind the wheel and drive madly off with fetching (and we do mean fetch- ing) Jane Bickler . . . Election day at last! Students gang noisily around the ballot boxes to exercise their franchise. Notice all the en- ticing billboards . . . Luscious Mary Nell Sharp and John Arm- strong are fatigued and perplexed respectively upon coming from a lough exam. How could a mean old professor give you anything but a great big A, darling? . . . Unperturbed by election day ex- citement, Mary Nell Gilmore (an- other charming Mary Nell) and Freddie Chambers idle toward class . . . Jerry Owens and Cissie Wheat, as indicated by the stack of books, are off to several classes . . . Voting, voting, voting — every- where people voting! Here Arts and Science students are signify- ing their choices . . . Students in- nocently entering the campus are pounced upon immediately by persuasive and charming can- vassers . . . What ' s this? Bobby Lockart again. Luck to you! The dusky gents with the instruments are giving out a hot number on a successful serenade. Get in the groove, boys! . . . Inset: And here is the law of gravity being rudely defied. Andy Carter, the genial gentleman in the stern of the canoe is being held up by his own imagination . . . Pace 58 All the boys and gals that couldn ' t make it down to Houston for the Rice game stayed at home and had much fun, too. Here they are congregated in the Texas Union treading a measure to the sweet swing of Clyde Mit- chell ' s orchestra. Grab yourself a partner and let ' s go! . . . Well, well, the bell must have rung. Here are some eager students surg- ing out of the Union and rushing to lectures, labs, etc. ad infinitum. Discernible in a snappy fur crea- tion is Jetty DeLong ... In the checked coat and cute smile is Marion Schneider . . . Dub Single- ton, legal volumes firmly in hand, has undoubtedly been extending his knowledge of the law over a coke in the Chuck Wagon. Don ' t be late to class, judge! ... A vision of quiet loveliness, Jean- nette Russell charms us with a smile as delicate as the flower in her hair . . . High Worthy Nutt, Cissie Wheat, gives us a worthy smile and shows how a representa- tive Nutt puts life in the party . . . Ready for the night ' s frolic and fun are Dorothy Turner and Adele Richards, two beautiful lassies. Between them we see that suave and gracious couple, Margaret Leachman and Barry Rudd . . . And here ' s an exclusive action shot of the Rice game that many students journeyed many miles to witness . . . The pulchritude be- hind the sweet smiles belongs, of course, to Clissy Smith and Kay Kleberg, who, with huge armfuls of thick tomes, are classward bound. Pace 59 President ad interim J. W. Calhoun, starts the week off right by celebrating his sixty-seventh birthday. Many happy returns of the day, Mr. Calhoun . . . The safety cam- paign gets off to a flying start as Loraine Fraser has the first sign put on her car. The lucky man shaking Lorry ' s hand is Police Chief Thorp. Pleased over the whole thing is Pat O ' Daniel ... At the Phi Delt party there ' s a lot of fine farm fun being had by all. A co-ed, in bucolic garb, is hav- ing the time of her life . . . Well, well, here ' s school again. Class is always with us. The pretty smile belongs to Chris- tine Stone ... In the hilarious Chuck Wagon crowd you, of course, recognize the pleasing countenances of Mary Nell Gilmore, Cissie Ligon, Mary Brownlee, Dorothy Schneider. Eloise DuBois (we see youooo) and Joe Wilson . . . Tripping vivaciously down the steps to- ward that Thursday class is bright-eyed, smiling Auban Adele Tenison . . . That happy and attractive trio seem to be hurrying to get to an 8 o ' clock on time ... In celebration of Hallowe ' en a couple, at least, of rollicking parties were thrown. At the ATO function a lot of good-natured apple-bob- bing is going on. An unbiased observer might even go so far as to say that the pretty little lady is about to get ducked . . . Thursday night finds the Fort Worth Club on a picnic. Looks like fun. Keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings is gam- bler-coated Bert Phillips, prexy. Saturday night is al- ways a time for fun and frolic. The enjoyment of the students on this particular Saturday is photo- graphically expressed by the va- rious shots of the German and other parties. At the joyous Kappa Alpha function the camera catches Arabella Wofford with a wistful looking gentleman, who, upon closer inspection, we find to be none other than Betterboy Suttles, Harvey to you ... At the same party, Pauline Gill is trying to look tough, but Reagan Cartwright and Bill Clements don ' t seem to mind a bit. Come on, Pauline, we know you are only kidding . . . Then skipping down to the bottom of the page, we catch Mary Casey smiling sweetly as Dick Lucas does a snappy rendition of the " Sugar Blues " on a horn . . . Read- ing last week ' s funnies just to get up to date are Elizabeth Sharp, Mary Jane Potter, Jeff Copeland, and Cornelia Merriman. Moral: Be sure to keep plenty of funny papers on hand, boys . . . Despite the ' orrible ' eat sports-loving spec- tators at the Smoo game are very much interested in what is going on. Note dark glasses, sunshades, and towels around heads . . . Ap- parently amused about the whole situation is Merrill Winsett, one of the many disguised behind smoked cheaters . . . All in all, everybody seems to be having a fine time. One sees happy faces everywhere. Helen Rathbone and Evelyn Wilie are smiling very prettily and happily. Perhaps every one is pleased over the prospect of tearing up cards after using them in a number of deft card tricks. Camera! lights! action! Before your wonderstruck eyes is unreeled a tense moment from the Curtain Club ' s exciting November production, " Idiot ' s Delight. " Con- sensus of opinion is that this was a most interesting and exciting drama . . . Down in the middle of the page we have Bob Doherty in a typical pose. Red is giving her that old Doherty telephone tech- nique that always succeeds . . . Here ' s that long awaited shot! Don ' t tell a soul. Two earnest U.T. students are caught studying — Franklin Jones and Carloss Mor- ris .. . The hand and paddle are almost quicker than the eye. Tommy Taylor performs a diffi- cult shot on the ping pong court and takes it all out on his tongue . . . Here you have a very inside photo of Glenn Appling putting the finishing touches on that dazzling blonde beauty of hers. The Zetas might find her close to the University ' s heart . . . The happily smiling O ' Daniel boys surround Dorothy Schneider as they wend their way classward. What was the story about the O ' Daniels and two SAE ' s at a pic- ture show? . . . And here ' s a Bastrop house party group. Every- body seems to be waiting for Harvey Weil to finish that funny paper . . . Mary Denman holds a group of admirers spellbound . . . Jack Phillips, Charles Schmidt. and Park Tunnell, classes over. homeward wend their weary way. $i A BEAUTIFUL CELEBRITY comes to town to lecture in Hogg Memorial Auditorium. Elissa Landi is greeted at the train by Pal Moreland, Mildred Clopton, Hazel O ' Quinn, and Clifford Snow- den . . . Gordon George registers annoyance at being disturbed at his morning ablutions . . . Betty Trammell, with one of the most genuine and charming smiles you ever saw, stands proudly in the midst of some lovely Kappa pledges . . . Bet this is the first time you ever saw so many beauti- ful girls in one group. If you have your pencil and paper handy, take down these names: Elizabeth Baugh, Mary Hurlbut, Jane Blum- berg, Katherine Schlafli, and Jane Stroud . . . For an afternoon ' s sport, how about a good exciting intramural contest? Dekes, fra- ternity Softball cham pions, are playing the Independent cham- pions in the University finals . . . And more intramurals — when the Kappa Sigs played the Delts in touch football, they were cheered on by these competent and in- spired cheerers . . . Eloise DuBois seems to have the situation well in hand . . . Watching the Longhorns and the Bears tear at each other horn and claw is a goodly crowd. Dark glasses and sun-protectors are still much in evidence. Will winter never come? . . . The crowd sits transfixed as a racing Bear snatches a pass out of the thin air over the Texas goal line. Bubba Karkowski, abbot of Friars, is registering delight at a snappy Longhorn play . . . Pace 63 And here we have some- thing in the nature of Art and Beauty. From the picture it is ob- vious that the time is 3:33 and that Sue Joe Roberts is a pretty girl . . . Hike, signals 1,2,3 — the Phi Gam touch football team lines up for a swift play . . . " Jocund day stands tiptoe on the rosy hill- tops, " and Hal Woodward stands tiptoe before his trusty shaving mirror . . . The bell rings and three lovelies rush out of the Union and beat the sidewalks to class . . . Wait a minute, Connie Gossett, go straight home and get your books. Maybe with that smile, though, you won ' t need any . . . Why the serious expres- sions, fellow students? What if the quiz was a little harder than you anticipated? . . . Wait up for us, girls! The owners of these beauti- ful smiles are Jean Tulloss, Caro- lyn Barwise, Doraine Geiger, and Margie Ann Lyle ... On Novem- ber 11, students were treated to an excellent production of " Bury the Dead. " Filing out of Hogg Audi- torium after the show are a mob of appreciative students . . . Guess what! This is somebody standing on something or other and looking at something or other around Mar- shall Ford Dam or something . . . Dean Ira Hildebrand of the Law School reflects in his expression the sorrow of all law students upon hearing of his resignation after thirty-one years of service on the law faculty, fourteen of which were spent as Dean. Dean Hilde- brand ' s resignation becomes effec- tive August 31, 1939 . . . 5 No MATTER what One does college always starts again the next day (with some obvious exceptions, such as Sunday, holi- days, etc.) Happy and cheerful as they swish to lecture are Belty Ruth Curtis, Minnie K. Holmes, and La Verne Bryson . . . Jules Constantin cocks a suspicious eye at the cameraman as Jimmy Craig and Bill Farrar devote themselves earnestly to the important business of destroying the evening vic- tuals . . . With a determined do-or- die look this earnest student strides grimly from class . . . Margaret Murray, beautifully gowned in a sleek creation, is torn between two ardent swains . . . Now for some football photos — A husky Long- horn goes into the air to snare a pass that netted Texas six points. Nice work! . . . After looking at this picture of a line plunge in the T.C.U. game, maybe you ' ll get some idea of the exertion, brawn, and muscle that goes into each play ... At the German, Roy Pennycuick enjoys dancing with a gracious and lovely partner . . . Saturday night finds Bill Tide- mann concentrating on an in- volved billiard shot . . . Laden with all sorts of profound-looking texts, Margaret Staniforth, smil- ing demurely, is off to make some class hour brighter and hap- pier . . . And here are those joy- and-spirit spreading cheer leaders. This time they ' re riding high down the streets of Fort Worth . . , Melvin Majtindale entertains an appreciative audience with a novel hat-and-jig dance . . . Pace 65 Ah! Ye Dayye of Reste, Peace, and Quiette, and Pietyye! Before Sunday dinner Dred Wood and Bob Martin exchange pleas- antries on the Phi Gam front stoop . . . The Chi Phi lads have assembled a classy group to break bread with them this Sabbath. Practically all your friends and sweethearts are in this picture . . . Students on Sunday make their way to various Austin churches according to their denominations or interests . . . Cool zephyrs ca- ress the velvety cheeks of Sunday- night - under - the - stars - east - of -the- sun - west - of - Barton ' s-Springs din- ers . . . Twelve good men and true await with appropriate sobriety the trying of the case of State V. Nichols in Hildebrand District Court . . . Jeanne Richey is duly sworn in as a witness in the same case . . . Applying themselves assiduously to the arduous task of accumulating knowledge (study- ing) are Bill Rutledge and Hal Woodward . . . Pleased with life and contented for the nonce, Jack Benda surveys the contemporary scene ... A daring expose of the clandestine crockery that goes on even when one is gambling with oneself. This moral monster art- fully cheats himself when he isn ' t looking . . . Bill Farrar looks bravely into the future and re- flects great depth of character and nobility of spirit ... A venture- some band of Kappas explore their new mansion -in -the -mak- ing . . . Over the radio comes the eerie, terrifying news-flash of the Martian invasion. Here ' s Andy Carter beside himself with excite- ment. Si T C iiiiiiitiiiiiiiiii (1 _-__ n jjjj 1 .ikbd Lft I ' l .; 1 »• " — W Jl.. f t ft. Pace 66 Heigh ho! Heigh ho! It ' s off to play we go. The Wes- ley Foundation roars off for a gala picnic . . . Between classes charm- ing Sue Spivey dashes off either some homework or some notes to her thousands of admirers . . . Beautifying Littlefield front steps are three cheery smiles belonging to Martha Ann Kessler, Rebecca Abney and Jacqueline Hood. Good afternoon, ladies! . . . One, two, button your shoe; three, four, don ' t get sore; five, six, pick up sticks; seven, eight, partner ' s late; nine, ten, cuss him again. Sheffy Mahan runs through his nurs- ery rhymes while tying his golf shoe . . . Roy Bronson and Buddy Schoellkopf rest momentarily on the intramural greensward before plunging fiercely into the thick of some touch football game . . . Chees, guy, get a load of dis jane! Yair! And just lamp dat tough she ' s wit. Chees! Virginia Moore and Charles DeLancey guzzle something in beer mugs at the Chi Phi Bowery party . . . Cupie Jones and Ramsey Moore are en- joying the drollery of Everett Shirley at the Deke function . . . Dorothy Ball reflects the fun to be had at an ATO party as she smiles prettily and heartily ... At the Engineers ' dance a couple dance soulfully to the blue strains of African music ... To the smooth rhythms of Frankie Trum- bauer, Sam Lee and Mary Louise Williamson swing and sway . . . Also swinging and talking and laughing and having a swell time are Jimmy Watson and Mary Jo McAngus . . . Sonny Potter casts a supervising and artistic eye on Val Jean Aldred ' s art work. At the Deke formal one must look one ' s best, which in this particu- lar case is simply stunning . . . Lending distinction to the rooters at a lively touch football game are cheerers Margaret Bachtel and Jack Linthicum . . . Page 67 Here we have the gala A. M. rally in front of the Main Building on Tuesday . . . Yea, Longhorns! . . . Like the spirit of every student the bonfire roars and crackles in the night. With every spit and flame it croaks, " Beat A. M., Beat A. M. " . . . Jack Rhodes, captain for the A. M. game, gives assurance at the final rally that the Long- horns will win . . . The student body, resolute and determined, has gathered in Gregory Gymnasium for its pre-game show of spirit. Cheering and yelling, students urge the Longhorns on to vic- tory . . . The old tradition that Texas has never been defeated in Memorial Stadium must not fall . . . Come on, Longhorns! The A. M. twelfth man roars in on the train. The farmers came in like lions and went out on the lam . . . Everywhere the Univer- sity has sprung to life as the day of the game approaches, and its pulse beats with the monotonous refrain, " Beat A. M., Beat A. M. " . . . And so it came to pass . . . Turning to other aspects of University life , we see the Dekes working up an enormous appetite for Sunday dinner by dashing circularly on the front lawn . . . Leaving the Alpha Phi house for church are Chuck Clark, Doris Carrothers, Ruth Stuart, and E. T. Summers . . . Now that church is over, the sun is shining, the birds are twittering, and Helen Patton and Cecelia Jane Metzger stroll slowly home . . . Here are some more Aggies arriving by train. Confi- dently they expect an A. M. vic- tory. Pax vobiscum . . . Down the street the Aggies parade. Bands are blaring, flags are flying, and every minute the historic struggle draws nigher . . . Into the valley of defeat marched the six hundred or seven hundred or some num- ber . . . The game is at hand at last! Into the air goes the fatal coin, spinning, spinning. Faces are tense with excitement as the silver comes whirling down . . . Up in the stands a battery of dark glasses obscures a battery of smiling faces. The Longhorns are plough- ing steadily toward the Aggie goal . . . More interested and ardent watchers. Hello, there, Mary Priscilla Goodrich and Olive Thomas! The lovely lady in the smoked cheaters is meditating seriously over the strategy of that last play. What ' s the verdict? . . . A tense moment on the field — the Longhorns take to the air in their march to the Aggie goal . . . And here ' s a close-up action shot of a Longhorn power play. Inspired by the united spirit of the University students, the Longhorn team plays the best game of its career. For a hard-fought, clean-cut, well-played game on Thanksgiving Day, the Longhorn team and Coach Dana X. Bible deservedly won the ap- plause and acclaim of every- one . . . After the game comes the Thanksgiving Ball celebrating the victory. To the solid swing of Anson Weeks couples glide rhythmically over the floor of Gregory Gymnasium . . . And so it came to pass that the holidays came. And all the students did go somewhere, and they did take off in their dream ship, as in the picture at the bot- tom of the page. And it also came to pass that the holidays came to pass . . . Returning to the Forty Acres becomes a pleasure, how- ever, if one can witness such things as the lively deck tennis game that Jane Brainard and Eloise DuBois are playing at the top of the page ... In front of the sorority house. Buzz Weill, Tootsie Jacobs, Sonia Goldstein, and Golda Wertheimer are evidently having much fun ... In the cool grey dawn, Ruth Kokernot hurries off to class . . . There ' s nothing like a good sturdy piano to hide under. When the gals begin throw- ing things, Jean Chilton takes to cover under the old clavichord. It must be horrible, though, to dodge under some furniture and find a candid camera fiend lying in wait for you . . . Got any lawns you want raked? Here are probably some of the most charming lawn- rakers you ever saw. Marjorie Bowen and Boots Riedel say " Leave it to us! " . . . Monday morning always comes and thai old cold shower is all that stands between the Bacchus-beat stude and OBLIVION. Morpheus reluc- tantly releases his lethal hold on a nude . . . The Ballet Caravan danced to a large and appreciative audience in Gregory Gymnasium on December 2. Especially ap- preciated was the Filling Station Ballet . . . There are approxi- mately 384 teeth, barring acci- dents and abnormalities, in this picture just waiting to sink in the evening victuals. The owners of these lovely incisors are the comely residents of S. R. D. Noth- ing like a good solid meal after a day of cutting class . . . And here we have some more S. R. Dieties. This little gathering of pulchritude might pretty accurately be diag- nosed as a bull session . . . [nMEC[HI[ Here we have a Satur- day night University broadcast in Hogg Memorial Auditorium. Two talented performers are caught by the camera as they whip off a few witticisms before the mike . . . Just below are more radio artists amusedly reading their scripts. Perhaps the villain is just now stalking in. Heh, heh, heh! . . . The lovely back belongs to a little lady at the Alpha Xi Delta dance who is either (1) playing hide- and-seek (2) mad and petulant (8) blowing her nose (4) crying or (5) bashful ... At the German Saturday night we find many couples treading a measure while lights are low. Some are whisper- ing sweet nothings, some converse spiritedly, and some dance for the joy of dancing . . . Resting after a swift round of tennis, Mary Jane Potter looks glamorous and dis- plays a very attractive set of limbs. Let ' s hope her sets of tennis are as good . . . Tripping lightly down the steps are Mary Paul, Mary Lou Hunter, and Betty Lundberg. Looks like they are running out to greet the postman ... A burst of activity on the KA front porch shows Dick Lucas and R. B. Bald- win reading notices from the Dean ' s office, Gus Wright telling them how to get out of the whole mess, and Bob Vaughan counting his change . . . Shelley Blount sits dreamily and happily waiting for some one or some thing. Wish that smile of welcome was for us . . . mil -II Pace 71 An action shot of a touch football game shows vari- ous people running in various directions for various reasons. Somebody is going to throw a pass to somebody in a minute . . . Jimmy Newman gives us an in- fectious victory smile after a Sigma Nu intramural victory . . . Herbie Clarkson seems to be trying to get a new angle on things. His charming companion, as every one can see is Cissie Ligon . . . Paus- ing on the sidelines of the same football contest, Emily Marshall turns her pretty blue eyes on the camera . . . Coming out of the Commons at the top of the page are Jean Scales and Itasca Stewart . . . Before the perform- ance of " The Fortune Teller " by the University Light Opera Com- pany, one of the participants care- fully adjusts his make-up. Just a touch of sideburn here and there and lo! we have a gypsy . . . And now we see a lovely lady putting on the camouflage. With the per- formance about to start, an actress puts on the finishing touches . . . The finale! Grouped colorfully on the stage is the entire cast at the conclusion of a very entertaining and amusing production of " The Fortune Teller " . . . Bonnie Ruth Taylor, capable actress and song- stress is snapped in a coy pose after the show. Congratulations on a fine performance, Bonnie Ruth . . . Two pictures and five charming girls — as you no doubt recognized, they are Dorothy Lehrer, Ann Ward, Sylvia Riner. Janet Daniels, and Sally Duncan. They all seem very happy . . . Well, well, what have we here? Could this be Staley behind the broad and wholesome smile? Begad and begorra, it is! . . . JtUl milimm mm AM A 4-D[C[MB[fi How ' s THIS for excite- ment? A glance at the odd angle on the railroad car to the right should prove to you that some- thing ' s screwy some place ... As a matter of fact, as the previous photo shows, a rather nasty train wreck occurred on December 8 about fifteen miles out of Austin. Fortunately, most of the damage was to the cars only ... To the scene of the catastrophe sped a number of adventure-seeking stu- dents. The quintet gathered on the barren flats is composed of George Graham, Joyce Zapp, Frank How- ard, Buck Herndon, and Carter McGregor . . . Came the week-end. Hooray! Direct now your appre- ciative gaze, dear reader, to the lovely porcelain figure of Kath- erine Odell in the shiny black and her serious-looking escort. These two made the A. D. Pi dance a very enjoyable place to be . . . Next we see a gay scene at the Women ' s Dormitories Formal. The little lady with the beautiful flower in her hair seems to be having one whale of a good time . . . Flash! Back to the A. D. Pi dance — To this business of having his hand- some countenance snapped Johnny Shepherd seems to say: " Confi- dentially, it ' s awful! " Take your eye off the birdie, Johnny, and concentrate on those two beautiful girls with you ... An All-Univer- sity German livens the Saturday night of the dance-lovers in the next picture ... At the Kappa Tea Dance great fun was had by all. Anne Baker, president, turns on that sweet and inimitable smile as she and Jimmy Smyth sway to the rhythm of George Hamilton and his Music Box Music ... To prove that he knows a pretty girl when he sees one, Walter Mathis cuts in on Eva Keller, charming and nimble-footed pledge from San Antonio ... At the Alpha Phi Tea Dance, a gala function, Betty Johnson smiles happily as she and her partner pause momentarily to greet the cameraman . . . A DISTINGUISHED VISITOR on the campus was Dr. Bronislow Malinowski, noted anthropologist. As the camera clicks, he enjoys a cigarette and a chat ... Ye who want to enter here abandon all hope — such is the motto of B. B. Neans, veteran gatekeeper for the University campus, as he artfully and efficiently segregates the sheep from the goats among would-be enterers . . . Come one! Come all! The Varsity Carnival is now under way. The taxi-dance, naturally one of the biggest attractions, boasts such beauties as Glenn Appling . . . Ah yes! And Connie Delavan, who seems to have her heart in her work. Breathes there a man with soul so dead who says this ain ' t worth at least a dime? . . . Luring the lucky dancers to the scene of the fun is this loud-coated barker, complete with cigar and mega- phone, not to mention a wooly mustache . . . This is no bull. folks — Alpha Chi Omega drama- tized successfully and riotously the sad, sad story of " Ferdinand. " Three of the cast relax after a hard session of histrionics . . . And here ' s a tense little scene en- titled " Two Gents in Two Doibies and a Loidy. " Isn ' t she cute and aren ' t they mean and meaningful- looking? Tsk! ... In the upper- most corner of the page carnival- goers Boy Hasskarl, Kathryn Owens, and Pat Daniels pause for a snapshot. Hi, folks! P«i.t 74 The ablest actors and scenario writers of Kappa Sigma combined their talents to produce an hilarious presentation of " Ferdinand the Bull. " For just this once Ferdinand, played by Walter Woodul, looks tough, while the proud matador stands proudly by . . . Behind the wire are three Zeta Tau Alpha lovelies who, whenever the target in front of them was struck by an accurately hurled baseball, fell over in the hay as shown in the middle of the page. This is a good game in any man ' s language, and, as might be expected, was very popular throughout the evening . . . Do you believe in signs? Take a look at the few displayed here advertis- ing a humorous and lucrative side- show. Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! ... In the choruses of some of the shows were such devastating cuties as the two with the gent in the checkered shirt. What a thrill! No wonder tickets sold like hotcakes . . . Station G.I.N., illegally operated by Delta Tau Delta and Chi Phi, broadcast all the latest radio entertainment. Oh yea! . . . Wanna buy a duck? Beefus Bryan and Catherine Ewing, proudly display the one they won at the Deke ring toss . . . Harpo Marx, late of Hollywood, etc., was seen in the Pi Kappa Alpha satire . . . Madame Tell-U- Ski, an inscrutable and enigmatic look on her face, poses outside the Phi Mu booth . . . Bob Park, Eva Keller, and Henry Taliaferro are all enjoying each other ' s com- pany — with good reason, too . . . For the very entertaining floor show, Bonnie Ruth Taylor sang well and beautifully . . . What ' s this? Dissen- sion in the ranks! Striking waiters in front of an eating establish- ment display their typical signs . . . There was quite a little furore un- til the law, represented by the nice-looking fellow in the fancy cap, came on the scene. Then there was more furore. Since all these entertaining goings-on were on the Drag, many students were fortu- nate enough to witness them . . . Then with a slight sliding sound, as the crowd held its breath, Pat Daniels, the roving reporter and editor of " The Daily Texan, " ar- rived. As luck would have it, he was just in time to scoop Pat Daniels, editor of The Daily Texan, a rival sheet. Ta, da. da, da, da . . . The crowd displays amusement at the whole spectacle and is glad to have some valid excuse not to study . . . Jesse Milam, with a little expert aid. shows how a gentleman slips easily into his evening attire. What do you say we make a night of it, eh, Jesse? . . . You aren ' t even safe from candid camera fiends in the bawth these days, girls. This lovely, ebon-haired, sudsy creature is Emalynn Smith ... To enter- tain the Forty Acres royally the Curtain Club produced High Tor. An able cast is seen in the dressing room putting the finishing touches on the make-up ... A tense mo- ment — two of the characters go for a ride in a steam shovel. The serious and attentive looks on the faces of the rest of the cast testifies to the gravity of the occasion . . . Sneak, sneak, sneak — So! You thought you could get away with coming in at this hour, eh!! Jo Anne Pittenger demonstrates the correct technique for that late and dramatic entrance . . . Scottie Beasley looks bravely into the fu- ture as the shadows slide playfully over her cheek . . . Pace 76 EC[MB[fiH-D[C[iB[n] The week-end comes again and along with it some very enjoyable parties. Having fun at the Pi Phi Tea Dance are Ned Sweeney, Emily Marshall, Baby Sister Hayter, and Ben White. The pleasure reflected by these happy countenances testifies to the suc- cess of the dance . . . Nancy Filgo, Freddie Roe, Jodie Trigg, and Billy Steel, good people all, pause to smile for the camera at the Phi Gam open house, another very fine function . . . Caught in a tete-a tete at the Pi Phi dance are Betty Blankenbeckler, beautiful lady, and Howard Williams, member of Cowboys and a Goodfellow from last year. Howard seems to be his usual entertaining self . . . Mary Nancy McElhannon seems to be getting the benefit of a multitude of sweet nothings from her ardent swain, as she sways to the strains of Don Bestor and his Orchestra at the Pi Phi party . . . Jeanne Kichey, lovely as the flowers on her shoulder, turns the old per- sonality on for us at the Chi Phi Formal. The handsome young man on whom she has such a firm grip is Beau Goddard . . . Just below is a happy-looking trio at the same function. Ruth Collins, the pretty little lady with the flower in her hair, has a flashing smile ... By cracky, hyar ' s two shots of the hilarious Prather Hall Barn Dance. Colorful costumes and gaiety reigned supreme on this joyous occasion . . . Pace 77 Jingle bells, jingle bells, Christmas is in the air! With Christmas comes a round of Christmas parties as students get in shape for the holidays. At the Tri Delt Christmas Party we see, among others in an animated and interesting conversation, Barbara Kelly, Virginia Moore, Sally Lips- comb, Charles DeLancey, and John McCully . . . The five nomi- nees in the University Ugly Man contest all get together for a camera-breaker. They are George Mandoki, Dub Si ngleton, Tom Wetherly, Davy Crockett, and Sam Butler. Deke ' s Sam Butler, nephew of Smedley Butler, is the lucky King Ug ... A gala crowd as- sembled for the Charity Ball, a very fine affair as the couple in the foreground can tell you ... A lucky newsreel cameraman visited the campus and got a huge ova- tion. If it is beautiful girls he is looking for, he has certainly found them. Just a good example of the good old U.T. pulchritude . . . Opening a Christmas package Jackie Rayburn discovers some- thing that evokes enthusiastic laughter . . . Santa Claus Carter at the KA party smiles benignly . . . Leaning on the rail and expressing facially their enjoyment of the party are a host of beautiful and handsome guests . . . Other rev- ellers are busy choosing a tasty morsel from the bountiful buffet. Select for us a heaping platter of goodies. Beautiful One . . . Heigh ho! Heigh ho! It ' s off to home we go. Put in a couple of gallons of gas, twenty-five suitcases, and a couple of pretty girls, and away we go. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year . . . [C[IIB[n8-1[t[MB[l Now THAT EVERY ONE is back from a fine Christmas frolic, we can all settle down to the old routine again. One of the pleasanter parts of the old routine is eating, a hallowed old Anglo- Saxon pastime. A joyous group around the SRDinner table smiles in anticipation of the impending edibles . . . Another dearly loved part of the old routine is sitting, a sport that has been popular since the days of Beowulf and is becom- ing more popular every day. Three different postures, together with the correct disinterested facial ex- pressions are demonstrated by the lads on the Kappa Sig couch . . . The gentleman on the right swings a mean Intramural protest ... A new pastime gaining rapidly in favor but which will never dis- place eating and sitting is Chinese Checkers which J. C. McKinney, Eugenia Lee. Ruth Cribble. Janice Owen, Hazel Scott, Frances Heard, and Lois Douglas will be glad to show you how to play ... At Halsted House Carol Hoi lister, Telia Price, and Nancy Cooper go about their domestic duties with alacrity ... A little routine that is popular at certain periods of the year is study, as shown by Al Tatum and Rod Russ . . . Some of the daily activity in a Co-op house is demonstrated by Dwight Norris and William Hoot. More power to you! . . . Frank Smith and Sears McGee in a couple of conventional study positions ... He who labs last may get to use some of his predecessors experience. Jo Jones and partner are hard at work . . . Dick Thornton, Charles DeLancey, Doris Dickinson, and Bub Yeager in another popular sport — conver- sation or shooting the bull ... A trio of outdoor lovers get in some last minute study before that quiz ... In Hogg Memorial Audi- torium on January 6, music lovers were privileged to hear Jascha Heifitz. master of the violin. In this photographic study, Mr. Heifitz expresses the soul and feel- ing that characterizes his play- R!2-Jflliy!J Pace 79 In Hogg Memorial Auditorium on the nights of Janu- 10. 11. and 12, Theta Sigma Phi. national honorary and profes- sional journalism fraternity for women, presented ' ' Time Staggers On. " representative of the best en- tertainment on the campus. This year ' s presentation was the third annual one. The charming assem- blage in the first picture is from the Light Opera " Viennese Nights " number . . . Exhibiting a remark- able co-ordination of mind and muscle, the Bronze Act poises symmetrically . . . Chile Lipscomb and Bobby McKinley put on a comedy tumbling act that was a riot . . . Kicking up their heels are the lovely members of the chorus of the " Blue Serenade " number . . . The Co-ed Trio cluster around the lucky microphone to render a snappy song to the great enjoyment of the audience. Tlie combination of beauty and music is irresistible . . . Yoo hoo! O. boys! Clad in the spinach are the dainty lads of the football team as they appeared in the Hawaiian number . . . Again the beauties of the " Blue Serenade, " this time in a still life pose . . . Gene Hemmie and Bonnie Ruth Taylor smile appreciatively at the en- thusiastic round of applause that followed their number . . . Just a babe in arms — Chile Lipscomb and Bobby McKinley again ... A member of the cast gets the fin- ishing touches of her make-up ap- plied with an expert touch . . . Two beautiful girls and a big tough football player from Hades. ith two lovely lassies like these beside him, old demonpuss should feel much, much happier than he looks . . . Pms m And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have something never before attempted in stage, screen, or yearbook — a daring expose of the way the University student lives during the days pre- ceding Exams. This page alone is worth the price of the whole book (No remarks, please.) . . . Picture A, in this analysis, shows The Breakfast-Studier, one of a small group who likes to do his study- ing while he eats. This is all very well if one just eats often enough . . . Picture B is of a very rare species — The Corridor-Cram- mer. Members of this group seem to think better on their feet with their backs to the wall. Whether there is anything symbolic or ata- vistic in this nobody knows. This species is rapidly becoming ex- tinct, as its members are constantly being trampled in a corridor stampede . . . Picture C shows the conventional Desk-Drudge, a group to which three-fourths of all students belong. The particu- lar member in this photo is in research formation, a maneuver which invariably results in the progression of the book you want to the bottom of the stack . . . Picture D shows students trying to write down what they thought they just learned . . . Picture E shows a couple more Breakfast-Studiers, a group that has already been commented on . . . Picture F is of the interesting Lounge-Learner, positions A and B. One starts out in position A, shown on the right, and gradually progresses to posi- tion B and comfortable oblivion. Members of this group are prob- ably the healthiest on the cam- pus . . . Picture G shows the Foun- tain-Room Philosopher, a group that is becoming more prevalent every day. By studying in this manner one can work in a maxi- mum of side comments about spring styles, the boy friend, etc. Recommended for between class studying . . . Picture H illustrates a method of studying that makes the most of everything the Uni- versity has to offer. Students learn the value of co-operation and mu- tual helpfulness . . . Then we have more people trying to prove that they should remain at dear old U.T. . . . The Arkansas basketball game presented a thrill a minute. Yea, Longhorns! . . . Pace 81 The inauguration of W. Lee O ' Daniel as Governor of Texas afforded Austin and its environs, not to mention the rest of Texas, a great deal of excitement and celebration. Governor O ' Daniel, Mrs. O ' Daniel, and their daughter, Molly, are seen here in a group picture . . . Every one from busi- ness man to farmer attended the inauguration. Two typical specta- tors are caught as they attentively watch the proceedings . . . Molly O ' Daniel demonstrates one of her favorite indoor sports — bannister- sliding. The Governor ' s Mansion is purported to afford very excel- lent equipment for this activity . . . Down Congress Avenue toward the Capitol proceeds the inaugu- ral parade. Note the avid spec- tators thronging the streets . . . The Governor and his Hillbilly Band, which stood him in such good stead in the old campaigning days, swing out with a rhythmic and tuneful selection. Come in on the downbeat, boys . . . From the air Memorial Stadium looks like an ant-hill during the ceremony. The immense crowd present can be seen at once in this picture. Even on the field itself there are quite a number of people . . . Demonstrating his famous slogan, Governor O ' Daniel and family say, " Pass the biscuits. Pappy. " Looks like this tasty batch is going to be on the house — a flash back to the days when knighthood was in flour . . . On the inaugural plat- form, the First Family of Texas poses for the battery of newsreel cameramen shown below. In the picture are Mrs. O ' Daniel, Gover- nor O ' Daniel, Molly, Pat, and Mike. All express their happiness with becoming smiles . . . Out- going Governor Allred congratu- lates Governor O ' Daniel as Molly, smiling joyfully, looks on. The reins of government change hands. Tempus fugit ... In the foreground of the battery of news- reel cameras is Amon Carter, Jr., camera in hand, ready to snap every event of note. Nice work, Amon . . . Chief Justice Cureton of the Texas Supreme Court gives Governor-elect O ' Daniel the oath of office. Perhaps, as Governor- elect O ' Daniel recites this impres- sive oath, he is vizualizing in his distant gaze the great empire at the head of which he now stands. From the cattle ranches of the Southwest and the orchards of the Rio Grande Valley to the commer- cial centers of the North and from the rich oil lands of the East to the vast sheep ranches of the West, Texas is a great state in every sense of the word. Its boundaries encircle a little of everything from hell to heaven. To be Governor of so great a state is no small task . . . From far and near came people from all walks of life to witness the inauguration of their Gover- nor. The two ladies express pride and pleasure at the proceedings. The old gentleman is inscrutable but evidently approves. The Eyes of Texas are all on Governor O ' Daniel . . . On January 29 in Hogg Auditorium, Walter Gieseking, fa- mous pianist, played a vigorous and distinguished concert . . . Sarita, Spanish dancer extraordi- nary, swayed rhythmically to exotic dance music in Gregory Gymnasium on February 2. The audience appreciated thoroughly her beautiful performance . . . Back in the groove again. On Saturday, February 4, spring foot- ball training began. Yea, Long- horns! . . . Behind the counter are those second semester registerers. There seems to be quite a clamor to get in the old institution . . . Raymond Goodman experimental- ly swings a golf stick on the Phi Sigma Delta front terrace. Bet that last swing was good for at least 200 yards, eh, Cheevo? . . . Polo season is here at last! Mar- garet Barron shows the correct technique for beautiful ladies on horseback . . . Dorothy Ball and Margaret Bachtel are two lovely reasons to stand outdoors and chat. Looks like they are soon to grace some classroom . . . Helen Butler ripples over the keys for Sunny Murphey and Catherine Cade, an appreciative audience . . . Spring! Ah, Spring! Bootsie Trigg and Spring! With the zephyrs frisking through her hair, Bootsie. lovely girl that she is, warms our hearts with that sweet smile of hers . . . Joe Wilson, Cissie Ligon, Mary Nell Gilmore, and Walter Babel outside the Commons . . . And who are these people so wrapped up in each other? Un- fortunately the young lady didn ' t enroll for the second semester. Names and addresses of these lucky individuals will be sent on request. Please enclose fifty cents in stamps for return postage . . . On the Alpha Phi front porch are Betty Johnson, Cathryn Long, Vir- ginia Freeman, Mary Ann Lennox, Rosemary Scott, Jane Pace, Lucille Plumb, and Ruth Stuart . . . -mum Coach of the U. T. swimming team is handsome Tex Robertson. Here he poses for a moment beside the pool . . . Adolph Kiefer, ace Longhorn swimmer gets a toe-lock on the starting stand and tenses him- self for the race. Good going, Adolph! . . . Lois Sager, U.T. ' s most beautiful cup-presenter, ten- ders a symmetrical statuette to U.T. ' s handsomest athlete, Bob Tarlton, who is seen smiling tri- umphantly below after he has re- ceived his prize. Congratulations, Bob! Let ' s hope Hollywood hears of this . . . Porky Williams in the riotous clown act drags a col- league out of the pool feet first. Porky is modeling one of the new 1939 bathing suits and demon- strating the correct procedure for removing your mother-in-law from any pool . . . Adolph Kiefer demonstrates his record-breaking backstroke. With a swish of his arm, Adolph slips through the water with the greatest of ease. Poised alligator-like on the diving board, Ralph Flanagan, another record-breaker, looks inquisitively into the camera. Congratulations to you, too, Ralph . . . Professor S. L. Brown shows his uncanny mathematics machine to the news- reel cameraman and an admiring group of onlookers. The machine, resembling a backgammon board, figures something or other out. Looks like a good thing to have along on a quiz. Pace 85 Marion Carnes beats out a daily ditty on the c arillon bells in the tower to put everybody in a good mood for lunch ... In the sleek open job at the airport are Dodo Schreiner, Bootsie Trigg, Dorothy Jones, and Mary Nancy McElhannon ... At the Phi Gam open house Betty Jean Lytle grace- fully sips punch while Bill Fraser looks seriously on the whole pro- cedure . . . Mary Lewis Scott, at the same party, turns her flashing smile on Ed Cornwell, one of the better boys . . . Aroused from a lovely dream, Sleeping Beauty looks up like a startled faun . . . Jimmy Valentine, he of the fine tenor voice, chats with Maxine Dietzel, she of the charming and vivacious personality . . . George Nalle and Ria Cortes take a little time out on the back steps to teach Rover or Bowzer some clever tricks or something . . . The seri- ous and expressive countenance behind the cigar stub belongs to Bob Northcutt, who seems to be observing something rather close- ly .. . Roland Chatham settles down for a little serious study- ing — maybe . . . Surprised by the camera flash is pretty Anne Baker. Exotic Nancy Filgo, in a lovely white dress, entertains David Bland, a scholar and a gentleman, with her conversation . . Dorothy Anne Dooley and Eloise DuBois somewhere doing something . . . Adjusting her dark glasses, Jean Scales prepares for a dash from the Commons to class . . . Mary Lou Hunter and Mary Paul set out for college one bright and happy morn . . . i!5-f[Byy! Tau Delta Phis are the proud owners of a new house. At their house-warming, Dean Parlin is an honored guest. Attendance at such functions as this gives Dean Parlin the familiarity with student life and problems, that enables him to understand and solve student problems and to make and hold a multitude of student friendships . . . Turning to girls ' sports now, we see the follow through of a satisfying drive down the fairway during the tryouts for women ' s golf . . . Girls trying out for Racquet Club are receiving a few last minute in- structions before settling the whole thing in court. May the best girl win! . . . Oops! Did you run into something, pal? The gentleman on the left is about to become supine as the result of a rather nasty blow from the gentleman on the right. Scene from the Golden Glove matches . . . And here we have a close-up of some one whose countenance is obscured by a glove. Happy landing with that haymaker! These boys are really tearing after each other ... At the decisive S.M.U. -Texas basketball game, six thousand spectators watched excitedly as the Long- horns fought their way to vic- tory . . . Despite all the people in this picture there is only one foot on the floor. Texas and S.M.U. men struggle for the ball in an exciting moment of play . . . At 10:15 o ' clock every night the Texan News Broadcast brings to the students the news of the day on the campus. These two pictures show you how it ' s all done. In the first scene Margarette Garrison shufifles through some papers. Next you see a broadcast in progress with Murray Moffatt reading and Ben Kaplan standing by . . . Modeling in the Helping Hand Style Show are three U.T. lovelies: Mary Katherine Scofield, Virginia Ford, and Ann Painter. Mary Katherine is showing a beau- tiful white creation, made of some- thing or other; Virginia Ford shows a chic dress with hat to match and leopard skin for the arm; Ann Painter wears a cun- ning hat at a 45 degree angle with veil to match ... A lively bridge game keeps these Gamma Phi Betas smiling. What system are you using, girls? . . . Carter McGregor engrossed in the fun- nies ... A vivacious tumbling act keeps the spectators entertained between halves at the Baylor . Looks like a goal! moment at the Baylor game ... To the Longhorn basket- ball team — congratulations on a successful and entertaining sea- son! . . . And now for some of the University ' s better people at play. Lois Sager, again, with that charming smile. The handsome lad is John Roberts, chairman-elect of the Judiciary Council . . . Then Tom Wheat and Dorothy Perkins, two welcome additions to any party . . . And Connie Delavan and Jimmy Windham, a beautiful lass and a fine fellow . . . game . A tense Gene Comer, voted UT ' s best-dressed girl, shows us two of the ensembles that helped her win this honor. First she appears in a lovely white evening gown and seems ready to glide out on the dance floor. Then, clad in a snappy suit, she indicates her readiness to go to the game ... On Wednesday, February 22, the Pasquier Trio entertained a large audience in Hogg Memorial Auditorium with a delightful concert. Here they are shown as they appeared on the stage during the performance . . . In a classic pose, Lucille Marshall, Duchess to the Galveston Mardi Gras, reflects the poise and gracious sobriety requisite to fill such a position . . . On Monday, February 20, the Alpha Chi Omegas moved into their new home on the corner of Wichita and Twenty-sixth Streets. The house is a handsome, rambling structure that .seems to combine comfort with beauty and, as can be seen from the pictures, is furnished to provide the maximum of eflficiency and comfort. The desks provide a place for two girls to study with their books within easy reach. On the sleeping porch the girls make good use of the beds for a combi- nation reading, eating, and bull session. If the walls only had ears we could tell you what they are saying. Home, Sweet Home . . . Pace 1)9 Friday, February 24, was the night of the annual Junior Prom, a function to which the girls of the Junior Class escort the girls of the Senior Class. This rev verse party, which the gals seem to enjoy very much, has been occur- ring once a year since 1910. A general shot of the dance shows that a goodly crowd is in attend- ance this year, as usual . . . Frances Cooper, dressed as Martha Washington, courtseys for Eliza- beth Swift, dressed as George. These girls are president of the Senior and Junior class respec- tively ... A variety of costumes, representing a variety of charac- ters, lend color and distinction to the occasion ... A little outdoor chat session with Elizabeth Law- son, Billie Hyer, Beverly Boison, Margaret Burt, and Edith Fox . . . Gazing triumphantly on a newly- acquired cup are Cora Lee Barnes and Elizabeth Baugh . . . Amon Carter, Jr., picnics in the great out- doors . . . Representatives of the House of Cooley and the House of Robinson (Helen to you) set out resolutely to class. Lurking in the shadows may be Sam Cruse . . . One of the thrills in the thrill-a- minute Rice-Texas basketball game is shown here as members of both teams go into the air to get posses- sion of the ball . . . Initiation of twenty- three new members into The Uni- versity of Texas Cowboys gave rise to a little good-natured tobacco- chewing as the sun was setting in the Golden West. In the center photo, Roger Sullivan, J. B. Griffith, Kenny Ford, and Morgan Nesbitt portray various degrees of concentration on the task at hand while Charles Prothro stands con- veniently near with his trusty package of Beechnut (no adv.) . . . Nothing like an afternoon of cool relaxation at the bridge table say Frances Dilley, Thad Grundy, Gordon Broyles, and Jean Edge . . . In front of the Theta house prob- ably waiting to mob the lucky mailman, are Martha Louise Bell, Kathryn Roach. Evelyn Storm, Dorothy Ann Dooley . . . Taking a moment ' s respite on the comfort- able Alpha Chi Omega sofa are Doris Ann Daniel, Ruth Thomas, Maxine Blackmar, and Lucille Bodine . . . The next two pictures, a study in beautiful girls coming out of various shaped doors, shows Mary Townsend, Ann Ward, and Dorothy Lehrer, and Cissie Wheat and Margie Medley . . . Sur- rounded in his busy office, where for many months he has executed faithfully and efficiently the mani- fold duties of his position. Presi- dent John Connally of the Stu- dents ' Association is interrogated upon the subject of his retirement. Forced to retire so that he may have time to pursue his studies more diligently. John is neverthe- less able to smile good-naturedly about it all. Congratulations on a successful and commendable year. John ... An innovation at the University Germans are the tables seen in the last two pictures on this page. Creating an atmos- phere and adding greatly to the enjoyment of the dancers, these tables were welcomed by student revellers. Paci 91 In March Dr. Frank Guy Armitage, in his lecture on " Dickens and His Queer Folk, " dons the guise of the despicable Scrooge and grinds out: " If I could work my will, every idiot who goes about with ' Merry Christmas ' on his lips should be boiled with his own pudding. " . . . It was indeed a night of fun and frolic as the Phi Gams gave their annual Costume Formal, pre- senting this year " The Parade of the Romancers. " Seen in the two pictures are Dred Wood and Betty Jane Cunningham as Captain John Smith and Pocahontas; Bob Mar- tin and Mary Lewis Scott as De- Lesseps and Eugenia, Mary Cox and Tommy Quick as Lil Abner and Daisy Mae, and Dorothy Marks and Milliard Thomas as Louis XIV and Madame Du- Barry ... The U.T. basketball team, having cleaned up the South- west Conference, leaves for Cali- fornia and new fields to conquer. From front to back we see Moers. Nelms, Hull. Wiggins, King. Spears, Finley, Granville, Roach. Cooley, Tate, Haupt, Schwartz, Kelley, and Gray. Good luck, boys! . . . Came File Nile and with it the graceful fencing matches and the groaning wrestling bouts. Both, with other entertaining events, helped to keep a huge crowd amused for hours . . . Re- ceiving his trophy the same night, is Dick Kleberg, one of the better boys and golfer. The cup is for intramural golf . . . Expressions at the Pre-Med Banquet seem to indicate that the speaker has just cracked a good physiological joke ... ui-m Nominees for Sweetheart of the School of Business Admin- istration are the Misses Weinert, Dumble, Embry, Byrne, and Chandler. Of these, Geraldine Chandler, the charming lassie on the right end, was finally chosen Sweetheart ... At the B. B. A. Banquet, Dr. J. C. Dolley, first- rate professor and classroom en- tertainer, takes pleasure in pre- senting something or other to the victorious and happy Miss Chand- ler. Congratulations! Geral- dine! . . . Table set for action at the B. B. A. Banquet . . . Looking like Anthony delivering his fam- ous speech beginning " I come not to praise Caesar but to bury him, " Pat O ' Keefe poses on a balcony. The alluring lady is, of course, Idanell Brill, Sweetheart of the University. Looking very serious about it all is Prentice Hill, artist and expert set-designer. These three are some of the Curtain Club ' s most valuable members, the Club being now in the produc- tion of the O ' Neill super-spectacle, " Marco Millions " . . . Getting a new angle on life are June Adams and Ann Wilkins, lervely parapet- sitters . . . Carolyn Sue Barwise, Catherine McDonald, and Ruth Land are all looking in different directions for something — a hor- net, maybe . . . The cozy group before the fireplace consists of Charline Yaeger, Elizabeth Law- son, Marjorie Bowen. Edith Fox, and Margaret Burt . . . Man the switches, men. " Marco Millions " is now in progress — behind the scenes at the Curtain Club pro- duction . . . Betty Trammell and Al Wadsworth out somewhere or other. Judging from all the tracks behind them, one might even say somebody has been spinning his wheels . . . Surrounded by a row of handsome cups and a pretty girl. Julian Meer smiles his ap- preciation of the whole situation. Close Your Eyes, fel- lows; now, open them. Three guesses. It ' s not Palm Beach; it ' s not Galveston; and it ' s not the Rockettes. In fact, it ' s the posture contest. The three winners, Glenn Appling, Ruth Spargo, and Jane Loomis show the girls here how to sit, stand, and walk down stairs. All are fine upstanding young women. Sitting prettily on the bench is Glenn; standing by the stairs are Jane and Ruth and com- ing down the stairs so gracefully are all three . . . Jerry Paul gives us the old victory smile as she bat- tles her opponent to defeat in a swift round of Ping Pong. Don ' t be too hard, Jerry; let her get a cou- ple of points . . . Gathered around the festive board are the Gamma Phi Beta maidens actively engaged in getting their ratio of vitamins and calories . . . Ramsey Moore is getting ready to take a mean cut at the ball. Unless we miss our guess, that ball is about to go for a long ride. Just ask the Dekes . . . And now for a couple of nights of partying and fun. First we see a jolly foursome in the Country Club at the fine Phi Delta Theta Formal . . . Then, at the Feder- ated Clubs Building, we see the sextet from Kappa Sigma, six handsome people from among the many enjoying dancing to the music of Nick Stuart and his Or- chestra . . . Saturday night finds the SAE ' s expressing sartorially their suppressed desires at their merry Suppressed Desire Party . . P cc 94 lyn 11 - If The Week-end to end all week-ends! The busiest seventy- two hours in the school year! The Round-Up Week-end. To get every- thing off to a flying start, Dr. Homer Price Rainey, soon to be- come President of the University, is introduced to a cheering mob of students at 10:45 Friday morn- ing. The students feel that in Dr. Rainey they will have a capable and well-liked President, a man who can ably fill the shoes of his predecessor, the beloved Dr. H. Y. Benedict — which is about the high- est praise a President could re- ceive. Standing to the left of Dr. Rainey as he addresses the as- sembled students is Stan Neely, who succeeded to the presidency of the Students ' Association, a position left vacant by the resigna- tion of John Connally. One of the best-liked students at the Univer- sity, Stan is to be congratulated for his efficient and well-managed completion of the presidential term . . . Friday afternoon brought the Round-Up Parade — the spec- tacle of the age. Inset is the Deke float with Earl White, Tommy Cook, Earl Jones, and Tex El- liott . . . Then comes the KA float, winner of the Most Humorous award . . . The Sweetheart float with the five Sweetheart nom- inees . . . Alpha Tau Omega cleverly mimics the Sweetheart float with its Five Fine Fillies entry — depicting an hilarious bawth scene is the SPE float . . . Pace 95 And Still They Come! Winner of the cup for the Best All-Around Float is the Phi Gam- ma Delta entry, beautifully and classically done. The three sil- vered figures, representing suc- cessively the college graduate, the American doughboy, and the crip- pled veteran selling flowers, are done by L. E. Guillot, Barney Hopkins, and Bert Phillips. Con- gratulations! ... A closer shot of the Sweetheart float. Such beauti- ful girls. My! My! The closer the better . . . Symbolizing the desire of Texas to go places in football next year is the Chi Phi entry, a skilfully executed and cleverly thought out float ... A general view of the parade gives some idea of its tremendous length and pretentiousness. Wending for sev- eral miles down the street and making its serpentine way down town and past the judges stand on the Austin Hotel balcony, the parade resembles a huge, vari- colored reptile. The popularity of the spectacle is shown by the huge and enthusiastic crowds lining the sides of the streets ... A colorful welcome is given Dr. Rainey by the Sigma Chi float with its miniature tower and cov- ered wagon, reflecting the progress of Texas. The foregoing are but a few of the beautiful, humorous, educational, and unique floats which make up the Round-Up Parade . . . And Here we have, be- lieve it or not, some more parade. The same one, too. Helen Robin- son and a bevy of other mem- bers-elect of Ownooch tramp for miles in black gowns . . . Luckier are the members of Orange Jackets who get to ride in snappy open cars, as shown in these exclu- sive Dissociated Press photos . . . Ann Painter, with an Hawaiian whatchamacallit (bet you can ' t spell it. either. Lucky to spell Hawaiian) around her neck, lends her beauty to the Alpha Phi float . . . More island magic — Babs Rathbone and Eva Keller decorate effectively the Kappa Hawaiian number . . . Candid shot of some feminine spectators . . . Friday night and the Round-Up Revue occurred simultaneously as was planned. One of the highlights of the Revue is the presentation of the Bluebonnet Belle nominees, some of UT ' s fairest flowers, a small group of whom are seen clustered together like choir- girls . . . Jean Cranberry, chosen Sweetheart of the University, steps happily out on the stage amid thunderous applause . . . Later she receives deserved congratulations from Cene Hurt, president of the Glee Club, and others. Accept, please, our congratulations amid the thousands of others . . . As- sembled before your astounded eyes are the young ladies who, by popular vote, are the most beauti- ful in the schools of the South- west Conference. Jean Cranberry, the four other Texas nominees, Connie Delavan, Eloise DuBois, Marjorie Osborne, and Helen Rathbone, and the Sweethearts of the other Universities and Col- leges . . . Such pulchritude! . . . Paci 97 And Now we meet in- formally Sweetheart Jean Gran- berry and nominees Marjorie Osborne and Helen Rathbone. Charmed, I ' m sure . . . Four visit- ing Sweethearts turn a battery of smiles on the camera that are enough to make a man ' s heart melt within him. Ain ' t Texas a wonderful place in which to live . . . Watch where you are putting that shot, my friend. Let ' s hope you are putting it somewhere way to hell-and-gone out on the field. This scene and those follow- ing show contestants at the famed Texas Relays, Round-Up Satur- day . . . Jud Atchison flys through the air to take the broad jump title. Nice going, Jud . . . There ' s bars on them thar posts, and here ' s a man that can really get over them. Exciting moment in the life of a high jumper . . . The end of a long grind. These lads show at the finish the strain they have been under for the last few mo- ments. This finish isn ' t exactly photo, but it ' s close for a long race . . . Hurdlers here step high and set their eyes on their goal. For the next few seconds life will be just one thing after another . . . And here we have what appears to be a dash finish. All these lads are putting everything they have in that last second drive. All the foregoing events occurred before a huge crowd in Memorial Sta- dium. At the Opening of the Texas Relays, Cowboys escort visiting Sweethearts and nominees for Queen of the Relays into the stadium. Joe Wilson, foreman- elect of the Cowboys, leads the march . . . Sweethearts and nom- inees cluster around the lucky Dr. Rainey as the proceedings get under way . . . Dr. Rainey crowns Queen Cranberry of the Texas Re- lays . . . And seals it with a kiss. Such goings-on! This is absolutely the only picture taken of this mo- mentous moment and will soon become a collectors item. Save your Cactus, folks, and someday it will be worth millions . . . Sat- urday night the Cowboys hold their annual Dinner Dance in honor of the visiting Sweethearts and the Texas Sweetheart and nominees. First, we have Miss Martha Cecil Graves of T. C. U. and escort . . . Then, looking very regal, is Edyth McDonald, Sweet- heart of Baylor. The handsome lad nervously fingering his tie is Frank Conley . . . Ann Hughston of S. M. U. smiles at the camera from under a big flower. Looking off in the distance is Roger Sulli- van . . . Apparently very delighted about the whole thing is Mary Lucille Stevens of Rice. Wallace Lawson is delighted that she ' s de- lighted. We are all delighted that they are both delighted . . . Pace 99 Oh, To Be somewhere or other now that spring elections are here. Say, buddy, how about votin ' for Joe Schmaltz for Chief Camp- usbum? How about it, huh? And then we have those endless signs, some clever, some just signs. Of the former variety is this Anne Finch rabbit . . . The candidates for office are given a close-up view of the bottom of Memorial Fountain. Every candidate should know every inch of his campus . . . Storming the Governor ' s Mansion the same night, perhaps to capture another candidate, are some fun- loving students . . . Molly smiles gleefully at the whole thing . . . Demonstrating the correct stance and approach for soliciting a strange girl to vote for your candi- date is this enterprising lad. It ' s often advantageous to get in a good word for yourself, too, like: Whatta ya doin ' tonight, babe ! . . . Sydney Reagan, victorious presi- dential candidate, reflects the so- briety inherent in his office . . . Signs, signs, everywhere, and no chance for a body to think. Take a gander at all these billboards cluttering up the greensward . . . Here we have a battery of vote- getters. Standing on a busy campus walk are Jimmy Windham, Dub Singleton, and Joe Wilson. The beautiful lady vote-getters are Lucile Campbell, Maggie Whisen- ant, and Dodo Schreiner . . . The ballot box at last. Perhaps we can cast our vote and get out of all this. One vote for Joe Schmaltz! Pace 100 Bet you ' d never guess who this is. Well, you poor dope, just to keep you from beating your brains out on the sidewalk, we ' ll tell you. It ' s none other than Ann Painter, comely mermaid . . . More guessing games! You get at least five guesses on this one. Clue: Her first name is Mary, her second name has only two letters , and her last name is Scotch. (She ' s not Mary Whitehorse, either!) Also, she is pretty, and vivacious, and Phi Beta Kappa . . . Now here ' s a picnic that is a picnic. Porky Williams, Walter Gillis, Fred Strong. Pat Holloway. Pres- cott Allen, Mrs. Bill Newkirk. Bob Eckhart, and Ed Gardner show us how it ' s done. Here ' s mud in your eye . . . Ray Grasty and Tookie Hilliard get caught by the roving lens . . . From these next shots even a groundhog can tell that spring (Ahhhhhhh!) is definitely here. Amid the confusion of pic- tures we see Lois Crow, Anida Chumley, Mary Nell Gilmore in the chummy circle; and sunbaking are Arch Scurlock and Connie Gossett; and smiling behind the cheaters is Frances Utley . . . Clyde Logue pits brain and muscle against the intricacies of an out- board motor. Right now it looks as if he has the situation well under control . . . Pace 101 Enthusiastically put- ting away the evening victuals are the boys at Unit I Co-op House. Looks like plenty of healthy ap- petites here . . . Amon Carter, Jr.. photographer extraordinary, tries to study with his boots on. If Amon is as good with the pen and pencil as he is with the camera, he has nothing to worry about . . . Even with spring finals almost at hand. Dorothy Schneider just can ' t make it home to study. Lying out in the bright sunshine is just too much fun . . . Out for fresh air are Ralph Flanagan, Norma Hodge, Margie Wilson, and Johnny Musselman . . . An intense figure in pajamas, symbolic of all students trying to master their courses before finals, sits silently at his desk writing, writing, writ- ing, as the tower clock tolls three- bongggg, bongggg, bongggg . . . Francis Winter still likes his mag- azine and his easy chair better than his trusty textbook . . . Get- ting in a few good licks at Shan- griha are John Street and Elmo Fisher. Good luck, fellers . . . Night scene at Swing-Out, annual ceremony . . . Then comes the night of nights, the turning point in the lives of a select number of students — graduation! J. W. Cal- houn, President Ad Interim, ap- pears on the graduation scene . . . For the last time as students of Texas, these gowned figures stand. Who knows what thoughts, what memories are crowding through their minds. Tonight they are to- gether as they have been for one. two, three, or four years; tomor- row they will be gone, perhaps never to meet again. As the years roll by in their minds, let us hope that there are many pleasant scenes there, scenes that have made life richer and fuller and that will linger forever in their memories. It is the sunset of college days; the sunrise of a new life. May there be not one among you who goes out without The University of Texas stamped indelibly on his heart . . . Adios, amigos, hasta la vista . . . f k Classes •rvwi mmmmfmiwinim i FmH! SIASTICALLV put- ting away iIip evening victuals are the boys at tnit I Co-op House. Looks like plenty of healthy ap- petites here . . . Anion Carter. Jr.. photographer extraordinary, tries to study with his boots on. If Amon is as good with the pen and pencil as he i.s with the camera, he has nothing to worry about . . . Even with spring finals almost at hand. Dorothy Schneider can ' t make it home to study. Lying out in the bright sunshine is just too much fun . . . Out for fresh air are Ralph Flanagan, Norma Hodge, Margie Wilson, and Johnny Musselman ... An intense figure in pajamas, svmbolic of all students trying li courses before fii at his desk writiii ing. as the iowf " bongggg. bo: Francis Winti ,= azine and his r... i ' ' ' •!•- ■ •: • ,n...-„ , ,,,,- ' i licks at Shan- er;( :■ .!■, iiii Street and Elmo rufiti ?.( od luck, fellers . . . ■iif at Swing-Out, annual y . . . Then comes the iiiefil of nights, the turning point in the lives of a select number of students -graduation! J. W. Cal- houn. President Ad Interim, ap- pears on the graduation scene . . . For the last time as students of Texa.s. these gowned figures stand. " lio knows what thoughts, what i " « snories are crowding through their minds. Tonight thev are to • " •ilier a they have been f- ! three, or four years; roH she) will be go?i never to meet again. A ,us roll by in their minds, iet us hope that there are many pleasant ■s there, scenes that have made ill ' richer and fuller and that will Jinger forever in their memories. fit is the sunset of college davs; the sunrise of a new life. May there be not one among you who goes out without The University of ' Texas stamped indelibly on his heart . . . Adios, amigos, hasta la vista . . . t » M2 I I Graduates and Seniors GRADUATES ACORD, THAYER ELMO, Clarendon Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E., Wesley Foundation AGEE, MYRTLE RATCHFORD, Paint Rock English ARROYO-SCHAEFER, IRENE, El Paso Spanish, 21AII, Newman Club BISCHOFF, HELMUTH ALBERT, San Antonio Foreign Trade, German Club, Chess Club, Pan-American BOYD, MATTIE LEE, Austin Educational Administration, AKF, AKA, A.A.U.W., N.T.S.T.C. Club BOYER, JACK WESLEY, Fort Worth Personnel Managomt-nt. BBII. AZTT, SIK, T. Association, Fort Worth Club, Football CALL, TOMME CLARK, Teagiie Government, SAX. TSA, The Daily Texan, Night Editor, Columnist CASTILLO, HENRIETTA AMPARO, Kerrville Spanish, £AII, Newman Club CHEN, DORA TSENG-FONG, Shanghai, China CLARK, CHARLES TALIAFERRO, Austin Marketing, A4 i2, Friars, Presbyterian Student League, President COLE, C. TAYLOR, Midland Geology, Sa. SFE, Southwestern Geological Society, University Science Club CONWAY, EDWARD SPURGEON, Beaumont Geology, Southwestern Geological Society, Beaumont Club, IntramuraU COX, HELEN KATHERINE, Hillshoro Psychology, XC COX, THOMAS L., Wichita Falls English CROUCH, AUSTIN LEE, Fort Worth Economics, A4 S2, Fort Worth Club, Athenaeum, Scribblers DAHLBERG, GUNNARD ALVIN, Taylor Banking and Finance, Y.M.C.A. DOBSON, WILLIS BORING, Bethany, Oklahoma English DORWARD, THEO ESTINE, Snyder Journalism, AAA, Southwestern Club, Vice-President EANES, EVLYN LUCILE, Georgetown English, Southwestern University Club EAST, KENNETH CLARENCE, London, Kentucky Education, 4»AK FELPS, SELETY CATHARINE, Johnson City English, Central Christian Church FOUTS, JOHN MARTIN, JR., Dallas Geology, Tej ' as, SFE, Friars, Southwestern Geological Society, Golf GREER, JAMES EDWARD, Dallas Genetics HIGHLEY, MONA P., Manila, P. I. English, Newman Club, Cosmopolitan Club GRADUATES LEDBETTER, LLEWELLYN HARPER, Jacksonville Soriologv, Wesley Foundation, Y.M.C.A., University Linht Opera, Loti Morris Club, Kusit McCROCKLIN, ANDREW JACKSON, JR., Austin Electrical Engineering, TBII. HKN, A t n. A.I,E.E. McGregor, carter, Wichita Falls Economics, AKE MacWILLIAMS, JAMES, Austin Geology MARTIN, JAMES BRYSON, Dallas Accounting. AMMcmiily. Board of Dirfctors, University Co-Op ; Inter-City Council, President ; Dallas Club, President ; Round -Up, Wesley Foundation Cabinet, Athenaeum MAYER, JAMES, .San Benito Mechanical Engineering, ' I ' BK, A.S.M.E., Valley Club MERRILL, SAMUEL JOHN, Brownsville Zoology MURRAY, LILLIAN ANNABEL, Austin Journalism MU.SSELMAN, GEORGE ABRAHAM, Salem Geology, SFE, Secretary-Treasurer; A.I.M.E., Southwestern Geological Society, A.A.P.G., Uni -ersity Science Club PAGENSTECHER, CHARLES ALEXANDER, San Antonio Organic Chemistry, 4 rA RATHER, ROY LAMAR, JR., Austin Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Production Engineering, I A0, IITS, A.S.M.E., A.I.M.E., Swimming READING, BONNIE BETH, El Paso English, t M, Graduate English Club SEARS, FLORENCE IRENE, San Antonio Enelish. 1 M, HAG, A+S. Panhellenic, Pre»i.lent : Present Day, Curtain Club, Co-Ed Assembly, Graduate English Club SLAUGHTER, GEORGE OWEN, Austin Marketing, K£, Business Administration Council, Y.M.C.A. SLAVIK, EDWARD WILLIAM, Runge Mathematics. Gi. Czech Club. Newman Club, T. Association, Varsity Basketball Manager, Assistant Varsity Football Manager, Tri-Dormi- tory Association SMOOT, JANE, Austin English. i BK. IIAO SNIDER, HARRY C, Austin Englii h STEELY, THOMAS BRAZELTON, Paris Education TROSPER, EARL JOSEPH, Austin Law, Hildebrand Law Society. Swimming WALTER, WOODROW JAMES, Abilene Banking and Finance. A2illl WILLIS, ALVIN HURD, Austin Mechanical, GH. TBII. -frK , A,S.M.E., A.I.E.E., A.M. A., Sons of Alec WOOD, JEAN HARRISON, Dallas English, Glee Club WOODSON, MARTHA MAITLAND, Caldwell Journalism, IIAO, Reporter; Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown ZEISS, GEORGE HENRY, Brenham Business Administration, AlII SENIORS ABERNATHY, JAMES ARTHUR, Aledo Arts and Sciences. Economics, MICA ABNEY, JAMES KENNETH, Marshall Law ■ , ADAMS, JOSEPHINE, Gladewater Education, Physical Education, Newman Club, Orchebis P.E.M. Club ADAMS, JUNE, Austin Arts and Sciences, Journalism, XQ, Austin Club, Glee Club, Cap and Gown, The Daily Texan, Society Editor; Bluebonnet Belle Nominee ADDY, ERVIN ELDRID, Winnsboro Arts and Sciences, Zoology ADKISSON, MARY WISE, Greenville Arts and Sciences, English AGNOR, MARTHA VIRGINIA, Marshall Arts and Sciences, History, ZTA, Association for Childhood Education, Upperclass Advisor AIKEN, MARY FRANCES, Sweetwater Education, Education and Mathematics AKIN, GRACE VIRGINIA, Austin Arts and Sciences, English, Glee Ctub, Glee Club Sextette, Austin Club, Cap and Gown ALDRIDGE, GUY DALTON, Littlefield Business Administration, Accounting, Student Assistant, Baseball AMES, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Houston Arts and Sciences, English, AAA. N.U.T.T., Sidney Lanier ANDERSON, GEORGIA KATHLYN, Sherman Arts and Sciences, Sociology ANDERSON, JAMES FLOYD, Dallas Arts and Sciences, Government, ZAX, Vice-President ; Assembly, The Daily Texan, Night Editor; The Summer Texan, Issue Editor; Director, Bureau of Student Opinion; Ruund-Up ANDERSON, LAWRENCE WORTHINGTON, Grapevine Law, A9 ANDREWS, LYNNIE LOUISE, Grand Saline Education, Public Speaking, KKF, Assembly, Association for Child- hood Education, President ; Cultural Entertainment Committee. Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor; Co-Ed Assembly, Andrews Dormitory, President. House Council; Sophomore and Junior Class Councils, Curtain Club, Bluebonnet Belle ANDRUS, HOMER JAMES, JR., Port Neches Engineering, Petroleum Production, A.T.M.E., Beaumont Club, President; South-East Texas Club APSTEIN, THEODORE, Mexico City, Mexico Arts and Sciences. English, 4»BK, ZAII, Curtain Club, Gregg House Players, Mexican Literary Club, President; Pan-American Club, Playwriting AUSTIN, GERALD WINSTON, Nixon Engineering, Architectural Engineering, A.S.C.E., A.S.A, AUSTRIA, RAMON SANTOS, Manila, P. I. Arts and Sciences, Government, International Relations Club. Vice-President; Cosmo polilan Club, Vice-President; Wesley Foundation Council, Los Pan-Americanos, Latin-American Club AUVENSHINE, PAULINE, Mount Pleasant Arts and Sciences, English AYERS, ALTON CARTER, Corpus Christi Business Administration, Banking and Finance, AS , International Relations Club, Corpus Christi Club, Athenaeum BAGWELL, JEWELL ESTELLE, Claude Business Administration, Upperclass Advisor BAKER, ANNE BROWN, Houston Arts and Sciences, English. KKP. Pierian, Freshman Fellowship Club. Co-Ed Assembly, Cap and Gown, Round-Up, Goodfellow, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee BAKER, JOE DEE, Fort Worth SENIORS BAKER, VERVYL VIRGINIA. Donna Business Ailtninistration, Lower Rio Crtintle Valley Club, Wesley Foundatron BALDRIDGE, DOROTHY ELLEN, Clifton Arts and Sciences, Journalism, AAA, Secretary; QZ , P.U.N. K., Racket Club, Leader; Reagan. Judiciary Council, U.T.S.A. Council, Cap and Gown BALLERSTEDT, LOUISE HILMA, Elgin Arts and Sciences, Government. 4»BK, AAA, 2AII, Wesley Players, Secretary; Scandinavian Club, Reporter, Secretary-Treasurer; Fresh- man Fellowship Club, Sophomore Council, Y.W.C.A., Cabinet, Executive Council; Upperclass Advisor BALZER, RICHARD KARL, Houston Engineeri ng, Architecture, APX, A.S.A.. Architectural Camera Club BANKHEAD, FREDERICK WARD, Weatherford BARBER, EULELA, San Angelo Education BARNES, ERMA EULA, Chester Business Administration, Commercial Teaching, Y.W.C.A. BARREDA, ELOY AUGUSTINE, Brownsville Chemical Engineering, Newman Club, Rio Grande Valley Club BARRINGTON, FRANCES CORNELIA, Richmond Business Administration, Cap and Gown, Hillsboro Club. Klip Klub, Vice-President BARROW, BEN EVELYN, Laredo Arts and Sciences, Home Economics. Smith-Hughes Home Demonstration, Border Club, Home Economics Club BARROW, EMMITT CONNOLLY, Marlin Business Administration, Accounting, Longhorn Band, Varsity Tennis, University Light Opera BATTLE, VIRGINIA ESTELLE, Beaumont Business Administration, Beaumont Club BAUGH, ELISABETH GAINES, Temple Arts and Sciences, English. ZTA, AAA, Reagan, Temple Club, Association for Childhood Education, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee BAUR, HERMENE NELL, Austin Business Administration, Bm, Tee Club BAXTER, JOSEPH WESLEY, Cleburne Engineering, Architecture, A.S.A., Sphinx BAYLIS, DOROTHY OLETA, Austin Pharmacy, PX, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Cap and Gown, Austin Club BEALL, CAMILLA LEE, Fort Worth Arts and Sciences, French, KKF, Pierian, Fort Worth CUil), Panhellenic, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee BEAN, TILFORD H., Lampasas Chemical Engineering BEARD, KATHERYN DOLORES, Wharton Education, Physical Education, Lon Morris Club, Cap and Gown, F.E.M. Club BEDNAREK, MARY AGNES, Schulenburg Education, Elementary Education, Newman Club, Czech Club, Association for Childhood Education BEERY, ROY F., JR., Houston Petroleum Production Engineering, AKE, TBII, HE. I HS, Friars, Cowboys, Interfraternity Council, Individual Intramural Troi)hy BELDEN, JOE, Monterrey, Mexico Arts and Sciences, Journalism, ZAX, President; The Daily Texan, Associate Editor; Newman Club, President; Bureau of Student Opinion, Editor; Rusk, Student Opinion Surveys of America, Editfn-; West Texas Club, University Press Club, President; Manager Swimminj Team, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, Sophomore Club, Co-Chairman Freshman Fellowship Club BELLOWS, WARREN S.. JR., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Civil Engineering, XAE, A.S.C.E. BENNETT, DEAN AVERILL, Houston Petroleum Production Engineering, A.I.M.E, 1 f m i.w m 4 1 I H flu N.I. IE ■ I II n n n n ■■ Ti SENIORS BENNETT, SHIRLEY, Shreveport, Louisiana Arts and Sciences, Spanish, AE I», Cap and Gown BERTCH, THOMAS MAGUIRE, San Antonio Petroleum Production Engineering, IIK, A.I.M.E. BESSERER, BILL, Austin Mechanical Engineering, IIT2, A.S.M.E., Sons of Alec BETTIS, SID, Brownwood Business Administration BICKLER, JANE HARRIET, Austin Arts and Sciences, Anthropology, 1IB , Scholarship Chairman ; V.W.C.A., Austin Club, Intramurals BIESELE, RENO GOSWIN, Seguin Petroleum Production Engineering, TBII, HE, A.I.M.E. BLACK, MOZELLE, Joaquin Education, Elementary Education BLAIR, DAWN, Austin Arts and Sciences, Plan II, KKF. P.U.N. K., Freshman Fellowship Club, Y.W.C.. . Cabinet, Orange Jackets, Pierian BLOCK, CLARA JOSEY, Austin Alts and Sciences, Sociology, AE ' i , AKA, Glee Club, University Light Opera, Cap and Gown BLOMQUIST, ANNA JEN, Austin Arts and Sciences, Journalism, Austin Club, Scandinavian Club, Press Club, Cap and Gown BLOSS, BETTY ANNE, Beaumont Business Administration KA6, Bl ' S, Beaumont Club, Glee Club, Ashbel BOHNER, ELIZABETH JANE, San Benito Arts and Sciences, English, Valley Club, Monitor Club, Cap and Gown BOMBA, ONUFRY JOSEPH, JR., Poth Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association BOND, GEORGE CLAUDE, JR., Austin Chemical Engineering BOONE, GEORGE WADE, JR., Weslaco Arts and Sciences, Government BORTH, FRED REINHOLD, Austin Pharmacy, FA, Entertainment Chairman; The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association BOSWELL, MILTON MORRIS, Plainview Business Administration, Plainview Club, President BOWMAN, WALTER CLARKSON, Austin Engineering, Architecture, Design, AAT, T2A, Sphinx BOYD, JOHNNY GREENE, Pittsburg Arts and Sciences, Physics, Student Assistant BOYER, CHARLES MARCELLUS, Goose Creek Chemical Engineering, Tri-City Club, Co-Operative Council, Chemistry Club, Sons of Alec BRAUBACH, JOHN H., San Antonio Business Administiation, Accounting, BA ' I ' BRAUNIG, JANE, Shreveport, Louisiana Education, Spanish, AE , IIA0, Sidney Lanier, Panhellenic, Cap and Gown SENIORS BREWER, ANN MARGARET, Fort Worth Business Adininistratinn, AAII, AAA, Gregif House Players, President; Sunday Club, University Aeronautical Society BRICE, MRS. ARTHURINE, Austin Arts and Srit-nces. English BROGAN, MARY RICE, Austin Arts anil Srienrcs. English, AAIT, Panhellenic, Asscmldy, Cap ani! Gown Council, Curtain Club BROOKER, JEAN FLORENCE, Cleveland Heights, Ohio Education, Phy»ical Eilucalion, U.T.S.A.. Turtle Club, P.E.M. CIuli Council, Editor News Bulletin: Girl Scout Leadership, Co-Ed Assembly BROOKS, ELLEN DOUGLAS, Wharton Arts anil Srienre, History, KKF. Treasurer: President Freshman Girls, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Sophomore and Junior Councils BROOKS, ELLEN DOUGLAS, II, Evant Business Administration, Southwestern Club, Cap and Gown BROOKS, MARVIN VANCIL, Denton Engineering, Civil and Architectural; XE, Sons of Alec, Engineering Students Association, A.S.A., A.S.C.E. BROOKS, VIRGINIA BURDINE, Okolona, Mississippi Arts and Sciences, Spanish and Education, Glee Club, University Light Opera, Curtain Club, Cap and Gown BROOKSHIRE, DOROTHY AILEEN, Tyler Education, Public S peaking, Cap and Gown, Tyler Club BROWN, CARL BERT, Corpus Christi Arts and Sciences, English, X I BROWN, CARROLL EDWARD, M.Allen Business Administration, Accounting, A2II, President; President Senior Class. Business Administration Council, President BRUMBELOW, J. B., JR., Kirkland Law and Arts and Sciences, Texas Law Review, School of Law Honor Council BRUSH, BETTY, Austin Arts and Sciences, English. KKI ' , Curtain Club, Cap and Gown, Sidney Lanier BRYANT, GEORGE FITZGERALD, JR„ Denton Business Administration BRYSON, LA VERNE LILLIAN, Bastrop Arts and Sciences, Journalism, ZTA, G2 l , U.T.S.A. Council, Fresh- man Fellowship Club, Reagan, Sophomore Council, The Daily Texan, Society Editor. Night Editor; The Cactus, Assembly, Board of Direc tors, Texas Student Publications; Cap and Gown BUCHANAN, GEORGE RIDDLER, Austin Chemical Engineering, TBII, I AT, Longborn Band BUIE, NEIL DUGALD, JR., Marlin Arts and Sciences, Zoology, Longborn Band BULLARD, FRANCES MARGARET, Galveston Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, A4», ON, Freshman and Sopho- more Clubs, Home Economics Club, Bow and Arrow, Cap and Gown Council, Senior Class Reporter, Reagan BUNATA, VICTOR OSCAR, Waro Civil Engineering, XE, A.S.C.E, BURKE, WARD RANKIN, Lufkin Law BURKETT, AUBREY V., Texarkana Arts and Sciences, Government, Y.M.C.A., Campus Guild, Athenaeum, Secretary BURNS, LILLIAN, Austin .Arts and Sciences, English, Tarleton Club, Cap and Gown BURNSIDE, ROBERTA BAILEY, Dallas Arts and Sciences. Spanish and English, SAII. ITAG, Dallas Club. Y.W.C.A. BURWITZ, DOROTHY JANE, Temple Arts and Sciences, English, Temple Club m f ' i i ' KiJiiJ-fi -n R SENIORS BUSBY, STANFORD ALLEN, San Antonio Architectural Engineering, ATfi, TBII, " HS, A.S.C.E., Assembly, Student Assistant BUSH, MARY ANNICE, Harlingen Arts and Sciences, History, r4 B, Rio Grande Valley Club, Cap and Gown BUSSEY, DAN ROCKWELL, Timpson Pharmacy. Assembly, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical As- sociation, Shelby County Club, President; Inter-City Council, MICA BUTLER, JACK LAWRENCE, Mineral WeHs Arts and Sciences, Journalism, ZAX, Press Club, Palo Pinto Club, Intrr-City Council BUTLER, MARY NELL, League City Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology BUTLER, WILLIAM BROWN, Houston Law, X , ' i A4», Texas Law Review BUTTRILL, ANNIE RUTH, Lometa Education, Education and History BUZZO, EVELYN CLAIRE, Austin Arts and Sciences, Sociology. A4», Orange Jackets, Upperclass Advisor, Student Assistant All Saints ' Chapel, The Daily Texan, Society Editor BYRD, JOE, Winter Haven Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E., Winter Garden Club BYRNE, JOHN EARL, Dallas Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E. CAIN, BYRON WILSON, Quitman Business Administration, Account ing. ATA, BA , I»HS, BPS, Longhorn Band, Drum Major; Businesit Administration Council, President ; Assrmbly, Union Dance Committee, Junior Class President, Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class, Student Assistant CAIN, ALFRED GORDON, Jasper Business Administration CALHOUN, WELDON O ' NEIL, Denton Law CAMPBELL, CRAIG DEWITT, Austin Business Administration, Statistics CAMPBELL, LESTER HAMPTON, Wellington Arts and Sciences, Journalism, SAX, HS, Press Club, The Daily Texan, Exchange Editor, Panhandle Club CAMPBELL, LUCILE, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, French, IIB i», Ashbel, Mortar Board CANADY, IMA MAE, Lometa Arts and Sciences, English, Cap and Gown CANALES, ELIZABETH PELHAM, Brownsville Arts and Sciences, Spanish, Glee Club, University Chorus, Curtail Club, Mexican Literary Society, Valley Club CANFIELD, JULIETTE JANE, Gladewater Arts and Sciences, Spanish, BK, XMI, CIce Club CARDWELL, MARTHA ELIZABETH, Luling Arts and Sciences, English, Cap and Gown CARGILE, JOHN WILLIAM, Mount Pleasant Business Administration, Public Accounlin};. BA ' I ' BTS CARNAHAN, PRESTON DON, San Antonio Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association, San Antonio Club CARRELL, ROSS, Cedar Hill Business Administration CARROTHERS, DORIS ELEANOR, Kansas City, Mo. Business Adminislralion. A , Sill, Rca! an, Y.W.C.A. hM SENIORS CARSON, LAWRENCE BRADY, Sonierville Arts and Sripncea and Law. A9 l», Hildebrand Law Society, Athenaeum, Newman Club, South Central Texas Club CARVER, BESSIE RUTH, Austin Education, Public Speaking, IIAO, Sophomore Y Club, Girl Scout Leaclerfehip Club, B.S.U. Council CASEY, MARY FRANCES, Mullin Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club CASSLE, HENRY OLIVER, JR., Hamlin Business Administration, Insurance CASTLES, CHARLES CONRAD, Al)ilene Business Administration CASWELL, WILLIAM THOMAS, Austin Business Administration, Foreign Trade, X fr CECIL, BRICE WINSTON, Cleburne Business Administration. A4 Q, Glee Club, Cleburne Club, Inter-City Council. Shangri-La, The Daily Texan CELAYA, ALBERT, Brownsville Arts and Sciences, Zoology, Rio Grande Valley Club CHAFFIN, CHARLES WELDON, Austin Chemical Engineering, American Chemical Society f CHAMPION, JOE AUGUST, Brownsville Arts and Sciences. Geology, SFE, Latin-American Club CHANCE, PATIENCE WILLIAMSON, Bryan Education, English, KKF, N.U.T.T., Cap and Gown, Sweetheart of A. M. CHANDLER, GERALDINE, Weslaco Business Administriition. Secretarial Training. Business Administration Sweetheart of 1939 CHANEY, MARY CHESTLEY, Vicksburg, Mississippi Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology CHARLES, ALDA FRANCES, Mirando City Arts and Sciences, Journalism, Cap and Gown, Deiitscher Verein, Upperclass Advisor, Hillel Dramatic Club CHATHAM, JOHN R., Plainview Business Administration CHERKAS, EVELYN RUTH, Sealy Business Administration. A J E, President; BPS. AAA, Orange Jackets. Mortar Board, Historian; Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown CHEW, JOSEPHINE Y., El Paso Law CHILCOTE, LYNN EDWIN, Tyler Law CHILDS, WESLEY ALAN, Austin Arts and Sciences, Chemistry, ALA CLARK, HERMAN KELLEY, Hillsboro Chemical Engineering, AT, Chemistry Club, HilUhoro Club CLARK, IDA FRANCES, Hillsboro Arts and Sciences, Sociology, XJJ, Glee Club CLARKE, ROBERT RICHEY, McAllen Electrical Engineering. A C. HKN. A.I.E.E.. A.S.M.E.. Valley Cluli Engineering Student Association CLOPTON, GERALD M., Austin Civil Engineering, Highway Engineering, A.S.C.E., American Road-Builders Association, Austin Technical Club COLE, NED ANSEL, Austin Engineering, Architecture, A.S.A., Sphinx. Architectural Camera Club, DeMolay SENIORS COLE, RICHARD RAY, Houston COLLIER, MARGARET ANNE, Marlin Education, Physical Education, AXQ, P.E.M. Club COLLIER, MARY ANNETTE, Plainview Arts and Sciences, English, Xfl, Ashbel, Glee Club Sextette COLLINS, IVA ELAINE, Austin Arts and Sciences, History CONE, HELEN HOLMES, Kerrville Arts and Sciences, ApplitMl Mathematics COOK, FLORA SUE, Devine Arts and Sciences, English COOKSEY, EDWARD J., Houston Arts and Sciences, Pre- Medical COOPER, FRANCES MARIE, Ralls Arts and Sciences, Home Economics. Nutrition. XSi. Vice-President; Cap and Gown, President; Co-Ed Assembly, Glee Club, Texas Tech Club, Home Economics Club COPE, MARY LOUISE, Baytown Arts and Sciences, Fhiglish, Cap and Gown, Tri-Cities Club CORRELL, ELOISE, Austin Engineering, Interior Architecture, AAP, A.S.A., Co-Ed Assembly CORRELL, MARGARET JEANNETTE, Austin Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, T ' l ' B. Orange Jackets, President Sopho- more Class, Secretary Junior Class, Treasurer Senior Class, President Home Economics House Council, Turtle Club, Cap and Gown Council COSNER, SARA JEAN, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, English, Orchesis, Leader; U.T.S.A. Council, Co-Ed Assembly COWDEN, WRIGHT ELLIOTT, Midland Business Administration COX, EDWIN J. R., Clarendon Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E. CRADDOCK, JUDITH ARLEDGE, Austin Arts and Sciences. Government, A , Reagan, Home Economics Club, Austin Club, Canter Club CRANE, JAMES DREHER, Mathis Arts and Sciences, Spanish, 4»BK, Classical Club CREWS, MARGARET NELL, Plainview Arts and Sciences, Engli -h, AAA, Glee Club. Cap and Gown Council CRITZ, ELLA NORA, Austin Business Administration, AAA, Freshman Fellowship Club, Curtain Club, Cap and Gown CROCKETT, DAVID STANLEY, Dallas Business Administration, Credit, IlKA, Golden Gloves, Newman Club, Athenaeum, Dallas Club CROCKETT, HAROLD BROWN, Austin Mechanical Engineering, TBII. IITS. i»HS, University Aeronautical Society, President; A.S.M.E.. Secretary; Univer.Hitv I.icht Opera, Y.M.C.A.. Sopho- more Club, Wesley Foundation, Austin Club, IITS Sophomore Prize CROW, LOIS FAIRFAX, Dallas Arts and Sciences, Journalism, KA9, Orange Jackets, Dallas Club, Pierian, Freshman Club Sponsor, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet CROWELL, JAMES BURGUS, Oakwood Arts and Sciences, Government CROWELL, JOHN CHAMBERS, Claremont, California Arts and Sciences, Geology, A4 S2, SFE, Glee Club CRUMLEY, LOIS LEONORA, Austin Arts and Sciences. Home Economics, A , Austin Club, Home Eco- nomics Club. Upperclass Group of Y.W.C.A, Pierian, Cap and Gown, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee ■a A i SENIORS CUKOVICH, MARY JANE, Galveston Business Admir.istralion, Commercial, Newman Club, Galveston Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee CULLEY, MILTON HUTTON, Harlingen Electrical En{{ineerinK, A.I.E.t. GULP, JAMES FRANKLIN, Temple Business Admini.strution, Commercial, llAK GURTIS, THOMAS MOBLEY, Hattiesburg, Mississippi Petroleum Production Engineering, A.l.M.E. DANIEL, GHARLES DAVIS. Greenville Petroleum Production Engineering. A6 . Head Drum Major Longhorn Dand, All-University Dance Committee, A.l.M.E. DANIEL, DOROTHY LUGILLE, Mount Pleasant Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Home Economics Club DAVIS, DOROTHY UTA, StephenviUe Arts and Sciences. History, Glee Clul), Soloist; Tarleton Club. Cap and Gown DAVIS, KEITH, Thorndale Business Administration, Accounting, BA ' I ' , BI ' l, 1 H1, Business Adminis- tration Council, B.S.II.. Y.M.C.A. DEES, MARY GONE, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, English DILLEY, LUGIE FRANGES, Palestine Arts and Sciences, History DISMUKES, NEWTON BRADFORD, Hou.ston Chemical Engineering DITTERT, EDGAR EDWARD, Bellville Business Administration. Sunday Club. Secretary; South Central Texas Club DITTMAR, RUTH, Geronimo Business Administration, Cotton Marketing. Cap and Gown DODD, YSLETA FRANGES, Shreveport, Louisiana Education, English, Association for Chiidhood Eilucation, Cap and Gown DOLD, VINA LOUREE, Nederland -Arts and Sciences, Spanish, Cap and Gown, Latin-American Club, Y.M.C.A. DONNELL, EARL ROE, JR., Dallas Mechanical Engineering. University -Aeronautical Society, Brackenridge Hall -Associa- tion, A.S.M.E. DORSEY, THAD JAMES, Houston Petroleum Production Engineering DOSS, ETHEL VIRGINIA, Wadsworth Education, History, Newman Club, Cap and Gown DOWLEN, DORRELL NELL, Windom Arts and Sciences. Home Economics, Y.W.C.A., Cap and Gown. Home Economics Club, President Texas Association of College Home Economics Clubs DOWLING, AUGUSTA JANE, Brady Business Administration. Secretarial and Commercial Teaching. Cap and Gown, University of San Antonio Cluh, West Texas Club DOWNS, W. DEE, Dallas Business A4l ministration. Dallas Club. Round-Up Committee, Long- horn Band DRAPER, MARTHA HONAKER, Memphis Arts and Sciences, EnsliMb, A4». Wesley Foundation, Mexican Literary Society. Cur- tain Club, Austin Little Theater DRURY, DORIS MAXINE, Galvert Business Administration, Commercial Teaching, Y.W.C.A., Bow and Arrow, Cap and Gown DUGKWORTH. JAMES WALTER, Austin Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Society .ir SENIORS DUGGAN, MARY KATHRYN, Dallas Arts and Sciences, Journalism, AAA, Cap and Gown, Texas Ranger, Fashion Editor; Dallas Club DUMBLE, ELEANOR, San Antonio Business Administration, ZTA, Cap and Gown, Bow and Arrow DUNCAN, DOROTHY KNOX, Bellville Business Administration, Glee Club, Cap and Gown DUNKLIN, DON DUANE, Henderson Mechanical Engineering, IITi , A.S.M.E. DUNLAP, CASWELL LANIER, Dallas Business Administration, Law and Insurance, A l , Dallas Club, Athenaeum, Inlcr-City Council DUNN, S. ALTON, San Antonio Business Administration I DuONG, LEE, Brownsville Business Administration, Banking and Finance DUPREE, MARGARET LAVERNE, Belton Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, President ; IClip Klub, Co-Ed Assembly DURBAN, MOULTRIE LEE, Nashville, Tennessee Business Administration, Accounting, Athenaeum, Y.M.C.A., Wesley Foundation DURHAM, FLOYD SAMUEL, Austin Arts and Sciences and Law, Government, AO t, Austin Club, McLaurin Law Society. Athenaeum DUSHEK, FRANCES PAULINE, Caldwell Arts and Sciences, Pure Mathematics, 4»BK, TTAG, ZAVL. AAA, Mortar Board. Sidney Lanier, Upperclass Advisor, Woman ' s Building House Council, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, Cap and Gown Council EASTLAND, LAURENCE, Fort Worth Business Administration, Accounting, ZX, BA EASTMAN, FLORENCE, Bellville Arts and Sciences, English EDELSTEIN, RUBEN HAROLD, Brownsville Business Administration, Management, 1AM, Rio Grande Valley Club, Inter- City Council EDWARDS, GRACE EICKE, Millersview Business Administration, Secretarial, Klip Klub EDWARDS, MARTHA ELIZABETH, Beaumont Arts and Sciences, English, Cap and Gown, Beaumont Club, Pierian, Secretary An- drews Dormitory EIBAND, CHRISTIANA H., New Braunfels Arts and Sciences, English, ZTA, Cap and Gown, Reagan ELIASSOF, WILLIAM ROBERT, Tyler Law, McLaurin Law Society, Tyler Club, Texas Law Review ELLETT, MRS. MARY ARNETT, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, AAA, Home Economics Club EMKEN, ROY LEE, Texas City Business Administration, Finance, A2 ' } ENGEL, THRACE OLA, Travis Arts and Sciences, Plan II, Reagan, Press Club ETHERIDGE, WHITSON BEAZLEY, Conroe Arts and Sciences, Journalism, Conroe Club, B.S.U. Council, Austin Camera Club EVANS, J. BILLY, Corpus Christ! Petroleum Production Engineering, A.I.M.E., President; Corpusi Christ! Club, Schreiner Club EVANS, SAMUEL ALLEN, Pampa Petroleum Production Engineering Q£M F) P SENIORS FAUNTLEROY, JACK, Breckenridge Arts and Sriences, Government, A Q, Tarleton Club FELDER, JOHN LAWSON, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, £X, A.I.E.E. FERGUSON, MABEL ELIZABETH, Austin Arts ant! Sciences, English, Cap and Gown FERRIS, MARY ELIZABETH, Houston Arts and Sciences. History, Cap and Gown FILES, SIDNEY JAMES, JR., Itasca Electrical Engineering, Campus Guild. Hillsboro Club, A.I.E.E, FINLEY, ELMER WALTER, Meadow Education, Physical Education, T. Association, Tarleton Club, P.E.M. Club. Basketball FINUCANE, JOHN LESLIE, Dallas Arts and Sciences, Zoology FISHER, MARGARET BARROW, Austin Arts and Sciences, Plan II, 4»BK, AAA, Mortar Board, Orange Jackets, Pres- ident ; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Wesley Foundation Cabinet, Student Religious Council, Co-Ed Assembly, Sidney Lanier, Freshman and Junior Class Councils FLATT, WILLIAM WOODS, Cleburne Education, Government and Economics. Rusk, Cleburne Club, Young Democrats, DeMolay. MICA. Inter-City Council, Poet ' s Club FLORES, IGNACIO DECIDERIO, JR., Floresville Pharmacy, Newman Club. The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association FLOYD, CECIL REID, Harper Education, History, r I B, Cap and Gown, Association for Childhood Educa- tion, Glee Club FLOYD, LOIS JEAN, Dallas Arts and Sciences, Latin, Classical Club, Sidney Lanier, Ward -Bel- mont Ex-Students Club, Cap and Gown FLY, MARGARET LORRAINE, Odessa Arts and Sciences, Plan II. Freshman Fellowship Club, Midland-Odessa Club FOOTE, KATHRYN, Houston Arts and Sciences, Geology, XT, Glee Club, Houston Club, Treasurer FORD, STEVE, JR., Fort Worth Petroleum Production Enijineering, 0i, TBII, A I»S2. TIE, Sons of Alec, A.I.M.E. FOSTER, JACK COX, Canton Arts and Sciences, Journalism, Inter-Cily Council, Round-Up, Van Zandt County Club, President; B.S.U. Council, frtsident; t,,attimore Memorial Class, Vice-President FOX, EDITH ADEL, Houston Arts and Sciences, Spanish, I M, Houston Club FRANKS, HARRIET, Dublin Pharmacy, AAA, TAA, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Tee Club, Cap and Gown. Reagan, Junior Class Council, The University of Texas fharmaccuti- cal Association, Upperclass Advisor, Freshman Fellowship Club FRED, EDWARD BERNARD, Waco Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology, Hillel Foundation, Avukah Society FREDRICH, MARGARET JO, Austin Arts and Sciences, English, Glee Club, Klip Klub, University Chorus, Cap and Gown FREY, HERBERT HALE, Stephenville Business Administration FULLER, ROY LALLIER, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering. A.S.M.E. GANGWER. RICHARD ALFRED, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Geology, San Antonio Club, University Aeronautical Society ist H K. GARRISON, W. ARTHUR, Tyler Law, Tyler Club SENIORS GARTMAN, KAIHERINE FLORENCE, Lampasas Arts and Sciences, English, Cap and Gown GARZA, REYNALDO G., Brownsville Law, Latin-American Club, Rio Grande Valley Club, Newman Club GEER, JOHN TAYMAN, Dallas Arts and Sciences, Physics GEESLIN, BEN DAVIS, Brady Law. ATH GEORGE, GORDON NAPIER, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, English, BOH, The Daily Texan, The Cactus, San An tonic Club, Austin Camera Club GEORGE, LORRAINE, Blooming Grove Arts and Sciences, Engli-th GEORGE, THOMAS M., Tyler Law GERAGHTY, WADE PAUL, Wichita Falls Business Administration, Wichita Falls Club, Vice-President; International Relations Club, Athenaeum GIDLEY, MARGARET LYTLE, Lytle Arts and Sciences, Engli sh. IIAG. Glee Club, San Antonio Club, Secretary; Curtain Club, Biuebonnet Belle Nominee GILLESPIE, FRANCES LUCILLE, Little Rock, Arkansas Arts and Sciences, Mathematics, Arkansas Club, Secretary ; Y.W.C.A., Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor, Intra murals GILLILAND, INEZ VIRGINIA, Eagle Pass Business Administration, Commercial Teaching, A t», Sidney Lanier, Winter Garden Club GIMBLE, FRANCES, Tyler Business Administration, Advertising, Freshman Club, Tyler Club, Zephyr Intramural Club, Manager; Y. Upperclass Group, The Daily Texan GOAD, EDNA, Temple Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, Y.W.C.A. GOLENTERNEK, SYLVIA, Tyler Elementary Education, A E, Cap and Gown, Association for Childhood Education GOODRICH, ROBERT RAYMOND, Fort Worth Arts and Sciences, Journalism, K , Secretary; Golden Gloves, Pres- GORDON, MARY ELIZABETH, Austin Arts and Sciences, Journalism. AAA, Reporter; Round-Up, Tee Club GRAGG, DOUGLAS MAYO, Austin Arts and Sciences, Pure Mathematics GRAY, J. HARRY, Houston Arts and Sciences, Physics, Houston Club, Athenaeum, MICA, Inter City Council, Tri Chi GREENFIELD, DAVID, Houston Business Administration, SA GREENHILL, JOE ROBERT, Houston Law, I Ae, A , Bri. tJ-BK. -Mil. Friar . Abbot; Cowboys, Foreman; Intramurals, Senior Manager; The Cactus, Editor 1937; Student Assistant, Texas Law Review GREGG, DAVIS WEINERT, Austin Business Administration GRESHAM, LEWIS, Glen Rose Business Administration. Tarleton Club, Regional Interest Club GRIBBLE, RUTH DALE, Houston Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Institutional Management. Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, President Valhalla; Inter-Cooperative Council GRIFFIN, RUTH, McAllen Arts and Sciences, History. A , Glee Club, Pierian, Upperclass Advisors £f- ' •■ " R .. " 1 . W li 1 11 O , . , L? L, 1 1 1 I S GRIFFING, GLENN THOMSON, Dallas GRIGGS, HALL WESLEY, West Columbia Law ' dbd Arts and Sciences, Geology GROSSMAN, FRANCES DEE, Corpus Christi Arts and Sciences, Sociology, A K GUDE, JOSEPH A., Corpus Christi Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmareutical Association, Little Campus Association GUERRA, JOE CHARLES, Roma Business Administration, Accountinu, Latin-American Cluh, Newman Club, St. Austin ' s Chapel Choir GUESS, ROY HAYES, Beaumont Arts and Sriencpy, Geology. ZFE, Soiitheai t Texas Club, I.onghorn Band GUILLOT, LAWRENCE ELIE, Dallas Business Administration, I rA, Newman Club GUSTAFSON, WINFRED OLIVER, Austin Engineering, Archilerture Design, A.S.A., President; Sphinx GUTIERREZ, EMETERIO, JR., Robstown Arts and Srienres, Government and Education. lATI, Latin-American Clui), Prather Hall Association. Newman Cluh, Mexican Literary Society HAGGARD, GEORGE EARL, Jefferson Arts and Sciences, Zoology, 8 , Glee Club, Schreiner Club HAJEK, SYLVIA ANN, Srhulenberg Arts and Sciences, Home Economic s, Smith-Hughes and Home Dem- onstration. Czech Club, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, His- torian and Councilor HALL, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH, San Antonio Education, XS? HALLETT, NEZ CONRAD, JR., Fort Worth Arts and Sciences, Economics HALLMAN, ERNEST LEROY, JR., Grandview Law, A0 I». Texas Law Review, President Senior Class HAMMONDS, HILLARD FRANCIS, Fort Worth Business Administration, Accounlinp, Fort Worth Cluh, Football HARBER, MILTON TAYLOR, San Saba Electrical Engineering HARBIN, JOHN PICKENS, Waxahachie Business Administrution. Accounting. ATA. BA , Longhorn Band, Curtain Club, Business Administration Council, Vice-President; Stu- dent Assistant HARD, MARY JANE, Beaumont Arts and Sciences, English, Beaumont Cluh, Cap and Gown HARDEY, EDITH HICKS, Houston Arts and Sciences, History, Xfi, President; TTA0, Glee Club, Vice-President; Sidney Lanier, Mortar Board. Co-Ed Assembly. Cap and Gown, President Junior Class HARPER, LLOYD ANDREW, McGregor Business Administration. Brackenridge Hall Association, Tri-Dorm Association HARRISON, MAX DONNELLY, La Porte Business Administration, R oberts HaU Association, Tri-City Club HASCHKE, MARVIN MILTON, Austin Business Administration HASSELL, LEONARD REUBEN, Palestine Business Administration, Public Accounting, Rusk, Palestine Club SENIORS HASSELL, WILLIE MAE, Arcadia, La. Business Administration, Marketing, Upperclass Ad isor, Chairman; Kirby Hall House Council HASSKARL, WALTER FRED, JR., Brenham Arts and Sciences, Plan II. KX, Cowboys, Judiciary Council, Chairman HAUSCHILD, EDWARD GEORGE, Victoria Business Administration, Managf ment, AXFI. Sunday CIiil HAWKINS, HOWARD H., Angleton Pharmacy HAWKINS, JANE LANELL, San Antonio Business Administration, Accounting, Student Assistant HAWKINS, STALEY, Wichita Falls Business Administration, KA HEARNE, WILLIAM MILBRA, Teague Low, IIZA, Athenaeum, Hildebrand Law Society HEDRICK, CORNELIA JEANNETTE, Abilene Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology, A AIT, Glee Club, Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown HEDRICK, L. W., JR., Dallas Business Administration, Statistics and Finance, Dallas Club HEFFNER, HARRY MILLER, Port Arthur Business Administration, Management, Southeast Texas Club, Intramurals HEFLEY, HENRIEM, Cameron Arts and Sc iences. Journalism. AAA, Reagan, Y.W.C.A., Southwestern Uni- versity Club, Milam County Club HEJTMANCIK, MILTON RUDOLPH, Giddings Arts and Sciences, Physics, I BK, 4 HZ, Longhorn Band and Orches- tra, Physics Colloquium HELBING, LESLIE JAMES, Fort Worth Arts and Sciences, Pre-Medical, N.T.A.C. Club, Fort Worth Club HENDRIX, FRANCIS WILLIAM, Mexico City, Mexico Business Administration, Banking and Finance HEREFORD, NETTIE RUTH, Austin Arts and Sciences, English, ZTA, Glee Club, Association for Child- hood Education HERMAN, ADELINE STELLA, McAUen Arts and Sciences, Journalism, AAA, Rio Grande Valley Club, Vice-President; South western University Club, Curtain Club, Cap and Gown, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee HERRING, LOUISE CALDWELL, Tyler Arts and Sciences, Journalism. Tyler Club, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor HICKS, BERNICE GELENE, Corsicana Arts and Sciences, Mathematics HICKS, JANETTE ELIZABETH, Fort Worth Arts and Sciences. English, ZTA, -i-BK. Fort Worth Club, Glee Club, Reagan, Christian Science Organization, Cap and Gown, Upperclass Advisor HIGDON, WILFORD DAIN, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Botany, Glee Club HIGGINS, SAM EDITH, Bastrop Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Freshman Fellowship Club, Gregg House Players, Home Economics Club, Swing and Turn Club, Cap and Gown HILL, BENJAMIN LEE, Waco Law, Aln, B.i-l ' , C.P.A. HILL, MARGARET REBECCA, El Dorado Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Smith-Hughes, Home Economics Club, West Texas Club, University of San Antonio Club HIRSCH, FRANCES, Marshall Arts and Sciences, Sociology, AVA , Cap and Gown, Sidney Lanier. Co-Ed Assembly J iifc . ' » t w., ,:m:. ii i- rltl " ! ' , ' ? !!:i! JT SENIORS HIRSH, BERNARD, Granger Law, ZBT, Freshman Football Manager, Classical Club, Ilildebrand Law Society HODGES, JUDSON LYNN, Troup Bu.siness Administration HOFFMAN, MAURICE JACOB, Comanche Law, nXA, «I HZ, University Symphony Orchestra, McLaurin Law Society, Texas Law Review, Longhorn Band, Chairman Board 1936, President, 1937-1938 HOLLINCSWORTH, LUCILLE, Pleasanton Arts and Sciences, Home Economic!. Cap and Cnwn, Home Economics Club, Y.W.C.A., Presbyterian Student League, Upperclass Council HOLLO WAY, WALTER CARROLL, JR., Longview Law HOLMES, SHIRLEY, Dallas Arts and Sciences, Spanish, XAII, Sidney Lanier, Dallas Club, Los Pan Americanos, Mexican Literary Society, Curtain Club HOPKINS, HAROLD NEWTON, Silsbee Business Administration, Finance, Beaumont Club, Southeast Texas Club. Inter-City Council HORNE, BROCKMAN, Austin Law, 4 BK, ITS A, frHS, Manager Brae ken ridge Hall, University Centennial Exposition, Quizmaster in Law, Student Assistant, Texas Law Review HOTING, EVELYN O ' NEAL, Brenham Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Chemistry Club, Home Eco- nomics Club, South -Central Texas Club, Upperclass Advisor HOUSDEN, ALICE VIRGINIA, San Antonio Physical Education, P.E.M. Club, Upperclass Advisor HOWARD, CALVIN BOYD, Houston Law, A0 , Debate, Co-Op Board, Houston Club, Little Campus Association HOWELL, FRANCES REBECCA, Rankin Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, West Texas Club, Home Eco- nomics Club HOWLE, WINN THOMAS, Fort Worth Petroleum Production Engineering HRUSKA, DANIEL ARTHUR, Brenham Law, South -Central Texas Club, McLaurin Law Society, Hildebran4l Law Society HUFF, MARTHA REBECCA, Austin Arts and Sciences, Spanish, I BK, HAG, AAA HUGHES, ANN PURYEAR, Roaring Springs Arts and Sciences, English, Glee Club HUGHES, HAROLD, Waco Law HUGHES, ORAN LEROY, Phillips Petroleum Production Engineering HULL, BARBARA MARY, Saint Louis, Mo. Arts anil Sciences. English, ZTA, President; 1 DK, AAA, N.U.T.T., Ashbel, Glee Club, President; Mortar Board, Co-Ed Assetnbly HURT, EUGENE SAM, Austin Law, Clee Club, President; Prather Halt Association, Tri-Dorm Association IRBY, MARY KATHERINE, Rising Star Arts and Sciences, Government, Wesley Players, Head of Workshop ; Eastland County Club JACO, EVERETT LEE, Fort Worth Business Administration, Accounting, AXII, Little Campus Association. Iniramurals JACOBS, SARA PEARL, Goose Creek Business Administration, AL4 , Cap and Gown. Present Day, Tri-Citios Club JANAK, BENEDICT JOSEPH, Hallettsville Pharmacy, Czech Club. The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Newman Club nnS35S 111.11 ■■. !!.■..■ S Ksr ' ' ? SENIORS JAY, DOROTHY MARIE, Fort Worth Arts and Sciences, English, Cap and Gown, Newman Club, Association for ChiUlhood Education, Fort Worth Club, N.T.A.C. Club JENKINS, JAMES HOYT, Tyler Arts and Sciences, Pre-Medical, AEA JENKINS, WALTER WILSON, Wichita Falls Business Administration, AZII, Curtain Club, Wichita Falls Club, Radio Dramatic Croup JENSEN, FRANCINE, Houston Arts and Sciences, Zoology JOHNSON, E. M. JR., San Angelo Mechanical Engineering, IITS, A.S.M.E., University Aeronautical Society JOHNSON, HELEN SOPHIA, Austin Arts and Sciences, Economics. AKA, University Light Opera, Cap and Gown JOHNSON, JACQUELINE, Mercedes Arts and Sciences, English, Valley Club, Cap and Gown, Association for Childhood Education JOHNSON, PATRICIA MARJORIE, San Antonio Arts and Sciences. Journalism, Newman Club, San Antonio Club, Cap and Gown, Chairman Newman Hall Advisors JOHNSTON, DAVE JAMES, Tyler Business Administration, Banking and Finance, AKE, Tyler Club, Football JONES, MARTHA MAY, Temple Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology. f»BK, Upperclass Advisors. Y. W. C. A. Council, Temple Club, Secretary; Chemistry Club JONES, MAXINE, Austin Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Smilh-Hughes, Home Economics Club JONES, NANCY ELIZABETH, Paducah Arts and Sciences, English JONES, ROY ALEXANDER, Paducah Arts and Sciences, Economics JORDAN, JOHN LEWIS, San Angelo Chemical Engineering JUDGE, JANE, Tyler Arts and Sciences, Economics, AAIT, BK, Sidney Lanier, Cap and Gown KAINE, DAVID A., San Antonio Petroleum Production Engineering, TBIT, HE, A.I.M.E., Football KEEN, ROBERT EARL, Palacios Petroleum Production Engineering, A.LM.E.. Glee Club KELLY, GORDON CAMERON, West Allenhurst, N. J. Business Administration KENLEY, MARY LEE, Austin Physical Education, ZTA, Bit and Spur, Cap and Gown, P.E.M. Club, Reagan. Turtle Club KENNEDY, JOE C, Dublin Business Administration, Statistics and Accounting, Tarleton Club, President KEY, JULIAN MERRILL, Texarkana Arts and Sciences, Zoology, AEA KIDWELL, ROBERT NEAL, Mart Chemical Engineering. Gi, Chemistry Club. American Chemical Society KIKER, GEORGE GRAYDON, Colorado Business Administration, Accounting KINARD, JACK, Van Alstyne Pharmacy, Regional Interest Club, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Intramural Golf SENIORS KING, IRVING NORWOOD, Austin Business Administration, Longhorn Band KINNEY, JOHN PATRICK, Dallas Business Administrntion, Accounting, A IT KITCHELL, MARY, Coleman Business Administration KLEINMAN, DANIEL, San Angelo Business Administration, 1AM, T Association, Track Manager KLOPPE, WILLIE, Thorndale Education, Physical Education KNIVETON, ELIZABETH KATHLEEN, Tyler Arts and Sciences, Journalism, Adll, Secretary Students ' Association, Board of Directors, Texas Union ; Co- Ed Assembly, Panhellenic, Relays Queen Nominee, Junior Council KOCH, ROBERT OTTO, JR., Seguin Law, Texas Law Review KOTHMANN, HELEN, Mason Arts and Sciences, English, West Texas Club, Freshman Fellowship Club, Deutscher Vercin, Woman ' s Building, President, Treasurer, Chairman Upper- class Advisors ; Bluebonnet Belle Nominee KREITER, DOROTHY LEE, Houston Business Administration, BFS, AAA, Turtle Club, Treasurer; Sports Manager, Woman ' s Building LaGRONE, WILLIAM TAYLOR, Austin Law, Rusk, Hildebrand Law Society, Panola County Club, N.T.S.T.C. Club LAIRD, IRA NEAL, Kilgore Petroleum Production Engineering, A.LM.E. LANE, WILLIAM ALLEN, Vernon Mechanical Ent;i nee ring, IITS, A.S.M.E. LANG, LARUE ALFRED, Austin Engineering, Architecture, A.S.A., Sphinx, Austin Club LANGHAM, LOUCILLE GRACE, Mission Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, 4»M, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Present Day, Bow and Arrow, Secretary LaRUE, FRANCES MARIAN, Fort Worth Education and History, Curtain Club, Fort Worth Club, Cap and Gown LAUDAN, JAMES ALVA, Austin Business Administration, Marketing LAW, ELSTON R., JR., Dallas Law, Hildebrand Law Society, High Sheriff; Treasurer Senior Class LAW, JAMES PIERCE, JR., Omaha Chemical Engineering, American Chemical Society, Chemistry Club LAW, THOMAS HART, Austin Arts and Sciences, English, ATA. 4 BK, ITS A. 4 H2, President; T Association, Assembly, Chairman Judiciary Council, Chairman Cultural Entertainment Committee, Cowboys, Track, Cross Country, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet LEE, SAMUEL HUNT, JR., Grand Saline Chemical Engineering, I rA, TBII, " tAT, Secretary; HS, Freshman Tennis, Assembly, Prcsiilent Junior Class LEFF, ETTA, Houston Arts and Sciences, Sociology, A tE, Association for Childhood Education, Cap and Gown LEFLER, MAURICE LLOYD, JR., Beaumont Law, SN, Beaumont Club, Southeast Texas Club LEVINE, BEATRICE, Houston Education, Cap and Gown, French Club, Tee Club, Houston Club ijiiini IJ ' llil Ii " l Il ililii ili ' l IWiiiilii n LEVY, DAVID JACOB, Houston Arts and Sciences, Geology, Southwestern Geological Socielr. A.I.M.E. SENIORS LEWIS, ALFRED GOODHUE, Austin Pet rote urn Production Engineering, A.I.M.E. LEWIS, JACK ADAMS, Waco Petroleum Production Engineering, A.I.M.E., Sons of Alec LIGHTFOOT, RUBEN PATTON, Austin Chemical Engineering, Y.M.C.A., Chemistry Club, American Chemical Society LIGON, MARGERY LEE, Austin Arts and Sciences, Sociology, KAO, N.U.T.T., Ownooch, Cap and Gown, Tutsa Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee LINDSEY, ROBERT EARL, Bertram Business Administration, Accounting, Temple Club LIPOFF, JULIETTE BLANCHE, Port Arthur Education, History, Glee Club, Curtain Club, University Light Opera. Port Arthur Club, Hiilel Dramatic Players, Association for Childhood Education, Cap and Gown LIPSCOMB, SARAH LOUISE, Bonham Arts and Sciences, Mathematics, AAA, President; t BK. AAA, Mortar Board, Treasurer; Secretary Students ' Association, Assembly, Board ol Dircctorw. I ' t as Uiiioii; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Ashbel, Orange Jackets, Mortar Board Scholarship Cup LLOYD, ROGER MILTON, Washington, D. C. Business Administration, ATA LOEHR, HARRY CHRISTIAN, JR., Corpus Christi Arts and Sciences, Geology, Intramurals LONG, CY, JR., Vernon Arts and Sciences, Journalism, XAX, Treasurer; The Daily Texan, Night Editor; The Summer Texan, Issue Editor, Exchange Editor; Cultural Entertainment Committee, M.I.C.A., Intramural Manager, House President; Vernon Club, Reporter LOOS, HELEN MARGARET, Bay City Arts and Sciences, Pre-Medical, Intramurals LOPER, JOE WILLIAM, Port Arthur Business Administration, Management and Marketing, X l», SIE, Presi- dent; BFS, " tHS, Assembly, Port Arthur Club, Grader in Marketing LOPEZ, MARY LUZ, San Angelo Arts and Sciences. Spanish and English, West Texas Club, Newman Club, Latin- American Club, Pan-American Club, Mexican Literary Society LYLE, DOROTHEA LOUISE, Wichita Falls Arts and Sciences, Journaliam, AEA, G2 , Reagan, Wichita Falls Club LYNN, LADY CLEO, Austin Education, Sociology, AAA, Curtain Club, Austin Club McCARTER, ROBERT RAY, Arlington Business Administration, Management, IIKA, SIE, N.T.A.C. Club McCRARY, CECIL CAROL, Roby Business Administration, BrX McCRAY, HELEN JEANNETTE, Austin Art: and Sciences, History, FA McCUNE, WESSON KILPATRICK, Houston Business Administration, Accounting McDANIEL, PATTI GENE, Wichita Falls Arts and Sciences, Journalism, 9S4 , Secretary; Christian Science Organization, President; Monitor Club, The Daily Texan, Wichita Club McDERMOTT, MARIE ELIZABETH, Goldthwaite Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology, Newman Club McDowell, WILLIAM R., Dallas Law, Athenaeum, McLaurin Law Society, President Brackenridge Hall, President Tri-Dorm Association McINTIRE, JOHN HAROLD, Brownsville Business Administration, Banking and Finance, AZII, Rio Grande Valley Club McKENZIE, CHRISTINE, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, A , Y.W.C.A., Cap and GowU; Home Economics Ctub 1 I I rv " f ' f w nE f " ! mrr i mhd SENIORS McKINLEY, ROBERT BRUCE, Fort Worth Business Administration, Management, Fort Worth Club, Coltien Gloves, President; Instructor in Boxing McKINLEY, WILLIAM ALBERT, Dallas Arts and Sciences, Physics, 4»BK, AEA McLIN, LUTE MICHAEL, Austin Business Administration McMICHAEL, JAMES ERNEST, Cason Mechanical Engineering, IITS, A.S.M.E. McNEELY, ANITA ELIZABETH, Beaumont Business Administration, Accounting McNEILL, DAVE ETHERIDCE, JR., Tenaha Law, 2X, Shelby County Club, Rusk, Debate, McLaurin Law Society MABERRY, DALLIE, Gilmer Business Administration, Te-Wai-Hiss, Swing and Turn, Cap and Gown MACKEY, ANNE CATHERINE, Gladewater Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Smith-Hughes, ON, Secretary; Home Economics Club, Newman Club MAHAFFEY, HOWARD A., HiUsboro Business Administration, AZII MALLORY, CAROL LEE, Winnsboro Business Administration, Insurance, East Texas Club MALONE, CAROLYN JANE, Odessa Business Administration, Klip Klub, West Texas Club, Y.W.C.A., Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assembly MALONE, JAMES NORMAN, Brady Electrical Engineering, Tarleton Club, Longhorn Band MANNING, CHARLES NELMS, Trinity Business Administration, Accounting, M.I.C.A. MANZ, RUTH ALVINA, Austin Arts and Sciences, English, TA, 4 BK, AAA, Cap and Gown, Classical Club MARSHALL, PATRICIA JANE, Anahuac Arts and Sciences. History, BK. Sdll, Clee Club. Cap and Gown MARTIN, HOWARD NATHAN, Livingston Business Administration, AZII, A i»fl, Rusk. Lon Morris Club, B.S.U. Council MARTIN, JAMES TIMMONS, Dallas Petroleum Production Engineering, TBII, HE, Sons of Alec MARTIN, MARY ELIZABETH, Goliad Arts and Sciences, History MARTIN, ROY YOUNGBLOOD, Wichita Falls Law, Longhorn Band MARTINEZ, ARNULFO S., Rio Grande City Arts and Sciences, Spanish. ZATT, Vice-President; Latin-American Club, President; Mexican Literary Society MA RWIL, DORIS CAROLYN, Henderson Education, Spanish, A4 E. Hillel Scribe, Cap and Gown, Los Pan Americanos, Junior Class Council. Association for Childhood Educa- tion, Freshman Fellowship Club, Gregg-Rusk County Club, Secretary; Intramural Sport Manager MASSMAN, IRWIN, Beaumont Law, SAM, i E2;, Beaumont Club MATTHEWS, BESSIE LOU, Crosbyton Arts and Sciences, History, IIAG MATTHEWS, CLAUDE LECLERE, Houston Law SENIORS MATTHEWS, MARGARET MILLS, La Feria Arts and Scienres. Journdlism, Cap and Gown, Rio Grande Valley Club, Upperclass Advisor MAUERMANN, LENORA, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Chemistry MAYFIELD, ELLIS, El Paso Law, TIKA, Interfraternity Housemanagers Association, El Paso Club MAYFIELD, GEORGE MALCOLM, Austin Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E. MAZE, RICHARD RAYMON, Rock Island Architectural Engineering, A.S.A., Sphinx, Inlramurals, University Centennial Exposition, Power Show MELTON, CATHRYNE GRACE, Pharr Business Administration, Commercial Teaching, F ' frB, Treasurer; Inter-City Council, Upperclass Advisor, Valley Club, Glee Club MERRITT, MARY ELIZABETH, Austin Arts and Sciences, Geology, AT, XT, Cap and Gown METZGER, CECELIA JANE, Dallas Arts and Sciences, Psychology, ZTA, 2IE, Dallas Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee MILLER, FRANK HAMPE, Houston Petroleum Production Engineering MILLER, JOHN BELLIS, Austin Business Administration. Banking and Finance, Athenaeum, Treasurer; Austin Club Freshman Fellowship Club, Sophomore Club MILLS, BALLINGER, JR., Galveston Law, KS MITCHELL, BOBBY JOY, Longview Business Administration, N.T.A.C. Club, President; Gregg County Club, Inter-City Council MOBLEY, MARY HELEN, Dallas Arts and Sciences, Sociology, AAA, Dallas Club MOHLE, ANNA ELISABETH, Lockhart Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Home Economics Club MONKHOUSE, GEORGE SEDBERRY, San Antonio Petroleum Production Engineering, A.I.M.E. MOORE, EDWARD LAIRD, Parks Arts and Sciences, Zoology MOORE, FRANKLIN GORDON, Corpus Christi Business Administration, Marketing. Corpus Christi Club MOORE, HAROLD EL WOOD, Mission Business Administration MOORE, JASON PRIOR, Denton Engineering, Architecture, T2A, Sphinx, A.S.A. MOORE, RAMSEY L., Dallas Law and Business Administration, ' l K ' I ' . President; ' i»A , BVL. f H2, Texas Law Review, Cowboys, Straw Boss; Judiciary Council, Dallas Club, Editorial Advisory Council of The Daily Texan MOORE, VIRGINIA MAUDE, Navasota Arts and Sciences, Journalism, AAA, Vice-President; 6!1l+, N.U.T.T., Pierian, Assembly. House Council, S.R.D.; Editor of Sardine, Ail- University Dance Committee, Cap and Gown Council SENIORS MORRIS, WILLIAM CARLOSS, JR„ Houston Law, ATfl, Chancellors, Texas Law Review, McLaurin Law Society ; MORSE, NORMA EMETTA, Jennings, Louisiana Arts and Sciences, Geology, i M, Present Day, Southwestern Geological Society MOWERS, PEGGY L., San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Journalism, Cap and Gown, Press Club, San Antonio Cluh, Upperclass Advisor MULKEY, HOMER TEMPLE, Coleman Pharmacy, PX, Glee Cluh, Y.M.C.A., Wesley Foundation, University Light Opera, Prather Hall Association. The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Uni- versity Methodist Choir MURPHEY, NINA DERRY, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, English, ZTA, 4 ' BK, Cap and Gown, Mortar Board, Sidney Lanier, President; Bow and Arrow, Secretary Freshman Class. President Sophomore Class, Junior Council, Upperclass Advisor. French Club MURPHY, CHARLES ALFRED, Houston Arts and Sciences MURR, EDWARD GEORGE, Houston Arts and Sciences, Chemistry, Pre-Medical MURRAY, MARGARET, Austin Arts and Sciences, Home Economics. Smith-Hughes, XO, ON, Ashbel, Mortar Board. Glee Club, Y.W.C.A. MUSIL, MINNIE ANTOINETTE, Stamford Arts and Sciences, Plan H, Czech Club NAGLE, DOROTHY LOIS, Houston Arts and Sciences, History, KKF, Houston Club, Cap and Gown NEISER, JOE B., Miami, Florida Arts and Sciences, Journalism, The Daily Texan, The Summer Texan, Press Club NELSON, EUGENE WALTER, Manor Law, Chancellors, Athenaeum, Scandinavian Society, Texas Law Review. Chairman, School of Law Honor Council NELSON, JOSEPH RAY, Goose Creek Chemical Engineering, Chemistry Club, Tri-City Club NEMIR, RUTH, Navasota Education, Public Speaking, Gregg House Players, Cap and Gown NEWTON, LILLIAN LAKE, Texarkana Business Administration NICKEL, JUNE PHYLLIS, Superior, Wisconsin Arts and Sciences, English, Cultural En tertainment Committee, Secretary; Cap and Gown, Classical Club, Secretary NIEBUHR, RALPH WALDO, Brenham Arts and Sciences, Journalism, XAX, The Daily Texan, Associate Director Bureau of Student Opinion, News Editor Texan Reporter of the Air, South- Central Texas Club, Student Opinion Surveys of America, Longhorn Band NIELSEN, HEARTHA, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Chemistry, I»BK, Chemistry Club, University of San Antonio Club NORMAN, JOHN LAWRENCE, San Antonio Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E., San Antonio Club NORMAN, JOHN VELOS, JR., Abilene Arts and Sciences. Geology, SFE, Southwestern Geological Society, Intramurals, Little Campus Association, Vice-President NOVAK, JOHNNY LEROY, Palestine Business Administration, Finance and Marketing, Palestine Club, President; Inter-City Council, Athenaeum, Intramurals, Baseball O ' BANNION, GEORGE THOMAS, Vernon Arts and Sciences, Physics O ' BRYAN, RAYMOND HILL, Amarillo Arts and Sciences, Zoology OCHOA, LUIS FELIPE, JR., Laredo Education. Physical Education, Newman Club, Latin-American Club. P.E.M. Club En5 lft.l|-l ■.!!.■..■ G SENIORS O ' HARA, RUTH BALDERSTON, San Antonio Arts and Sciences. Zoology, V ' B, San Antonio Club, Cap and Cuwn O ' KEEFE, JOHN JEROME, San Antonio Law, Texas Law Review PAINTER, ERLE VANSANT, Dallas Chemical Engineering, TIKA, TBFI, t»AT, I»HS, American Chemical Society, Secretary Engineering Students ' Association. Chemistry Club PAINTER, EVELYN CLEMOW, Houston Business Administration PAINTER, JOHN PAUL, Longview PALMER, EULA LEE, Buda Arts and Sciences, Home Economics PALMORE, JESSE GEORGE, DeKalb Pharmacy, M.LC.A., The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association PALMOS, BILL, Hearne Law, Athenaeum, Hildebrand Law Society, South-Central Texas Club PAPACEK, ARNOLD RUDOLPH, Moulton Business Administration, Cotton Marketing, Longhorn Band, ewman Club PARIGI, SAM, Beaumont Arts and Sciences, History, Newman Club, M.LC.A., South-East Texas Club PARKINSON, ALAN LEE, Austin Arts and Sciences, Zoology and Chemistry, BGH PARKS, GILBERT ALVIN, Edna Petroleum Production Engineering, TIE, A.LM.E. PARTON, VIRGINIA, Pampa Arts and Sciences, Journalism, 024», Cap and Gown, Grace Hall, Reporter. House Council ; Parker-Palo Pinto Club, Reporter; The Daily Texan, Nighl Society Editor. Night Telegraph Editor PASHKOFF, LILLIAN, San Antonio Business Admini ' stration, Accounting, San Antonio Club. University of San Antonio Club PATTERSON, FRANK. San Antonio Petroleum Production Engineering PATTERSON, MARCEL, Rotan Arts and Sciences, Zoology, AX, " B " ; Glee Club PAYNE, LEON MATHER, Dallas Law, ' i K , $A4», President; i BK, Texas Law Review PAYNE, WALTER EDWARD, Dallas Mechanical Engineering PEACE, JOHN R., JR., East Bernard Law, Tejas, Debate, Lattimore Sunday School Class, President; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, B.S.U. Council PEACOCK, ROBERT BOHON, Dallas Business Admini.stration, Latin-American Trade, Dallas Club PEARCE, NANCY REBECCA, Abilene Arts and Sciences, Plan IL 4»BK, AAA, Orange Jackets, Classical Club, Sidney Lanier, Der Die Das, Sophomore Club, Upperclass PEARSON, RETHA MAE, Austin Arts and Sciences, Geology, XT, University Light Opera, South we.- tern Geological Society. Cap and Gown PECHACEK, RAYMOND EDWARD, Flatonia Mechanical Engineering, Czech Club, A.S.M.E. PENNYCUICK, ROY ALFRED, Crystal City Arts and Sciences, Journalism. 0a, The Daily Texan. Texas Ranger, Glee Club, Manager: Wesley Foundation Cabinet. Gre«{; House Players, Winter Garden Club, Hildebrand Law Society, The Cactus, Mavericks SENIORS PETERSON, DUDLEY WILKES, Hillsboro Law, XX, McLaiiriii Law Society PETITFILS, GRACE VIRGINIA, Galveston Arl-i ami Sciences. Malht-matics PETRY, HERBERT C, JR., Carrizo Springs Law, d0 f . Board of Director! , University Co-Op ; Athenaeum, Presi- dent; University Young Democrats, President; Winter Garden Club. President; Inter-City (Council, President: University of San Antonio Club, President; Hildebrand Law Socit ty. Debate, MICA PETTY, VAN ALVIN, JR., San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Geology, XTE, Southwestern Geological Society PFLUGER, WERNER MARTIN, Pflugerville Pharmacy PHELPS, JIM STANLEY, Abilene Law, •i ' HS PHELPS, NONA MORMAN, Abilene Law, KBIT, AAA, Sidney Lanier, Mortar Board, Secretary Senior Class PHILLIPS, BERT LIONEL, JR., Fort Worth Business Administration, 4 V1. Fort Worth Club, Inter-City Council. Roberts Hall Association PHILLIPS, THOMAS MARION, Marlin Law, 4 A 1 . Chunrcllora. Hildebrand Law Society, Texas Law Review, Discipline Committee, President Senior Class PIERCE, MARY FRANCES, Bowie Arts and Sciences, English PILE, JOSEPHINE, Dallas Arts and Sciences. En- ' Iish. XI?. I»BK. AAA. i lortar Board. Orange Jackets, Ashbel, Co-Ed Assembly, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, Upperclass Ad%ist r, University Light Opera PILE, MARY VIRGINIA, Harlingen Arts and Sciences, History, XS3, Cap and Gown, Rio Grande Valley Club PLUMB, LUCILLE HENRIETTA, Legion Arts and Sciences, English, A , Sthreiner Club, Glee Club, Pierian, Cap and Gown POKORNY, ALEX DANIEL, Taylor Arts and Sciences, Zoology, BK, AEA, Czech Club. Glee Club. Progressive Czech Club, President POLK, GRACE JOSEPHINE, Corsicana Physical Education. Racket Club, U.T.S.A. Council. P.K.M. Club. Cap and Cown POOLE, MARVIN JAMES, Marlin Arts and Sciences, Government, K , I»BK. T12A, 4 HS. Curtain Club, Y.M.C.A.. Roberts Hall. Vice-President; Tri-Dorm Council POPHAM, JEWEL, Austin Arts and Sciences, Pure Mathematics, i BK, HAG. ZAII, AAA, Sidney Lanier, Los Pan Americanos, Home Economics Club, Student Assistant, Y.W.C.A., Cap and Gown PORTER, M. JONES, Longview Law, XX, ' I ' A ' I?, Vice-President Senior Class. Hildebrand Law Society, Vice-President PORTER, WILLIAM ROBERT, Milano Law, Hildebrand L.iw Society, McLaurin Law Society. Baseball, S immiiig POST, HENRY LOVELL, Baytown Electrical Engineering. TBH. HKN. A.I.E.E., Radio Club, Tri-Cily Club POTTER, FRANK BEE, JR., Fort Worth Arts and Sciences, Government. Fort Worth Club, N.T.S.T.C. Club POWELL, BENJAMIN HARRISON, JR., Austin Law, 4»A9. President; ) ' A f», Friars, Honor Council. .Srhool of Law; Assembly, Texas Law Review, Board of Directors, Texas Student Publications; The Cactus, Roun l-Up, (joodfellows PRICE, ANDREW STERLING, JR., Laredo Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association " £ :.... PRICE, THOMAS ALBERT, JR., Fort Worth Arts and Sciences. Government. XAII, McCabe Association. President SENIORS PROCK, GLEN CLEVE, JR., Austin Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association RACKI, FRANCES ELIZABETH, Beaumont Business Administration, Beaumont Club, Newman Club, Cap and Gown RAMIREZ, ENRIQUE C, Realitos Arts and Sciences, Economics, Latin- American Club, Newman Club, Mexican Literary Club RANEY, OLIVE RUTH, Houston Arts and Sciences, English, XS2, Bit and Spur, University Light Opera, Y.W.C.A., Freshman Fellowship Club, Houston Club, Cap and Gown, Glee Club RANSOM, MARJORIE, Austin Business Administration, KAG, Cap and Gown RATCHFORD, DOROTHY ANNE, Paint Rock Arts and Sciences, English RAY, SAMUEL CLYDE, Austin Arts and Sciences, Sociology, 1 BK, AK, AKi, 4 H1 REHMET, VINCENT WILLIAM, JR., Moulton RENEGAR, C. BRYANT, Fort Worth Bu.siiies8 Administration, Accounting, S4»E, N.T.A.C. Club, Fort Worth Club REYNOLDS, LORETTA, Beaumont Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Smith-Hughes, Newman Club, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown RHODES, ROBERT GRANT, Cleburne Chemical Engineering, Parker-Palo Pinto Club, Chemistry Club RIBE, MARSHALL LOUIS, San Antonio Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E., San Antonio Club RICHARDSON, DONALD ROBERT, Canadian Business Administration, Accounting, AXII, Longhorn Band, Regional Interest Club, Panhandle Club RICHEY, JEANNE, San Antonio Education, English, IIB f , Historian; Foo, Association for Childhood Educa- tion. Reporter; S.R.D. House Council, San Antonio Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Freshman Fello .ship Club, Y.W.C.A., Cap and Gown RIEDEL, MARY RUTH, Fort Sam Houston Physical Education, 4 M, Scholarship Chairman, Vice-President; Te- Wai-Hiss, Publicity Manager, Associate Leader; Tee Club, Turtle Club, Leader; Freshman Fellowship Club, Girl Scout Leadership Club, P.E.M. Club, San Antonio Club, Swing and Turn, Secretary, Cap and Gown RIENSTRA, MARION J., Nederland RIGGS, HAROLD BEAUFORD, Pelly Electrical Engineering, TBII, HKN, Tri-City Club RIPPLE, BEATRICE FRANCES, Bellville Business Administration, Commercial Teaching, XSi, Intramural Sports Manager; Cap and Gown, Y.W.C.A, RIVIERE, HARVEY STEPHEN JOSEPH, Port Arthur Law, Newman Club, Port Arthur Club, Soulh-East Texas Club ROBERDS, CLARK FREDERIC, Rising Star ROBERTS, EDITH LOLA, Alvin Arts and Sciences, Bacteriology, Sidney Lanier, Co-Ed Assembly, Littlefield Dorm, President; Chairman, Upperclass Advisors, Little- field; Student Assistant ROCHS, PAUL ARTHUR, JR., San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Geology, Freshman Fellowship Club, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, San Antonio Club, Sunday Club, Brackenridge Hall Association RODGERS, CHARLES BERNARD, Dallas Electrical Engineering, AAT, A.I.E.E.. Dallas Club, Cashier Universil- Commons, Proctor Brackenridge Hall ROOS, MRS. FRANCES B., Borger Elementary Education, Public Speaking, Glee Club, Association for Childhood Education, Curtain Club, President Kirby Hall, University Light Opera, Borger Club, University Chorus, Cap and Gown I vr SENIORS ROSENTHAL, MINETTE ADELE, Tyler Kleincntary Education, Tyler Club, Association for Childhood Education, Cap and Gown, Kirby Hall Vesper Committee RUBIN, MIRIAM, Amarillo Business Administration, Glee Club. Accompanist; Upperclass Advisor, Cap and Gown RUPEE, LAWRENCE QUINCY, Austin Business Administration. Finance, IIKA, Football RUSCH, ADELE IRENE, Comfort Arts and Sriences. Mathematics, W.A.A., T.O.C., Te-Wai-His9, Councillor; Junior Orchesis, Dcutscher Verein, Treasurer; Cap and Gown RUSSELL, MARJORIE CLARK, Bryan Arts and Sciences, Botany and Bacteriology, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee SADA, ROBERTO GERARDO, JR., Monterrey, Mexico Mechanical Engineering, Latin-American Club, Newman Club, SAMFORD, FINIS MACK, Marble Falls Arts and Sciences, Geology SAMPLE, MARY ROSE, Galveston Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Smith-Hughes, Cap and Gown, Home Economics Club, Kirby Hall House Council, Secretary SANDERS, EVELYN JEAN, Nacogdoches Arts and Sciences, History, ITB SCHMIDT, MARGARETE LINA LOUISE, Fredericksburg Arts and Sciences, English, Deutscher Verein SCHOW, DORIS DELL, Austin Business Administration, Glee Club, University Light Opera, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Wesley Players SCHULTZ, ROY HENRY, Taft Business Administration, Banking and Finance SCHULZ, ANNA MARIE, Austin Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, FA, Home Economics Club, Deutscher Verein, Cap and Gown SCHWARTZ, AMY LORRAINE, Schulenburg Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Institutional Management, German Club, Home Economics Club, Glee Club SCHWARTZ, HERBERT MATHIAS, El Paso Business Administration, BFS, H£ SCHWEIKHARDT, MARCELLA LOUISE, Iraan Arts and Sciences. Home Economics, Glee Club, University Light Opera, Home Economics Club SCHWEND, FRED SEATON, Dallas Chemical Engineering, Chemistry Club, American Chemical Society SCOTT, JOHN LINN, Buffalo Architectural Engineering, A.S.A. SEGAL, IRENE HELEN, Port Arthur Arts and Sciences, Sociology, 4 ' BK, AKA SELLERS, WALTER, Eagle Pass Education, Botany, A I ' Q, Natural History Society, Glee Club, University Chorus, University Light Opera, Symphony Orchestra, Wrestling, Texas Inter- collegiate Champion, Intramurals Champion; Swimming SETTEGAST, MARY KATHERINE, Houston Arts and Sciences, History, ZTA, Houston Club, Secretary: Treasurer Junior Class, Vice-President Senior Class, Cap and Gown, Judiciary Council, Bit and Spur, Pierian, S.R.D. House Council SEWELL, TOM RANDELL, Midlothian Arts and Sciences, Government SHARP, LAWRENCE, R., Beckville Arts and Sciences, History SHARPE, ERNEST ALONZO, Cameron Arts and Sciences, Journalism and English, BK, XAX J Vk SENIORS SHEAFFER, WALTER HENRY, Austin Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E. SHIELD, LEONE, Coleman Arts and Sciences, Geology SHIREMAN, JULIA HELEN, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, English, ZAH, Mexican Lilerary Club, Vice- President; Deutacher Verein, Gregg House Players, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee SHURLEY, JAY TALMADGE, Sonora Arts and Sciences, Zoology, AEA, Upperciass Club SHUTT, LILLIAN EMILY, San Angelo Arts and Sciences, English SIBERTSON, ELIZABETH ANNE, Austin Arts and Sciences, Anthropology, Glee Club, University Light Opera SIEBERT, WENDELL TRIS, Eastland Physical Education, Tejas, Track SIEN, LOIS VIRGINIA, San Antonio Elementary Education, Association for Childhood Education, Cap and Go SIMMS, LILLIAN BYRDIE, Port Arthur Arts and Sciences, Sociology, AXS2, Port Arthur Club SKOOG, CARL FORREST, Austin Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E. SLAVIN, CLYDE CHARLES, Clarendon Law SLOAN, MARY, Mexico City, Mexico Arts and Sciences, Home Economics. Institutional Management. Home Economics Club, Newman Club, Latin-American Club, French Club, Upperciass Advisor, Intramurals SMALLING, CLAUDE WILLIAM, JR., Baytown Chemical Engineering, AT, American Chemical Society, Tri-City Club SMITH, A. GILBERT, Elgin Arts and Sciences, History, Scandinavian Club, Debate SMITH, ADELLE, Buffalo Arts and Sciences, Government, JIFM, A i S, Y.W.C.A. SMITH, ELIZABETH MARIE, Austin Arts and Sciences. Philosophy, Scandinavian Club, Symphony Orchestra, Glee Club, University Chorus SMITH, EMALYNN, Houston Alts and Sciences, Sociology, A l , President; Cap and Gown SMITH, FARRELL DEE, Corpus Christi Law and Business Administration, AZIT, Newman Club, Atb; ' naeun Corpus Christi Club SMITH, VERNON ZAY, Houston Arts and Sciences, Geology, X f», STE, Southwestern Geological Society, Student Assistant, Swimming SMITH, VIRGINIA EVERETT, Munday Arts and Sciences, English SMITH, VIRGINIA GAYLE, San Angelo Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Smith-Hughes SNYDER, ROY EDWIN, Fort Worth Arts and Sciences, Zoology, M.I.C.A., intramurals SOLCHER, KEMP DAVID, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Geology, ZFE SOUTHER, ROBERT EUGENE, Wichita Falls Petroleum Production Engineering, TBH, IIE, A.I.M.E., Wichita Falls Club I i SENIORS SOWELL, JIM WILEY, Leona Law, Hildebrand Law Society, Rusk, South-Central Texas Club, McLaurin Law Society SPINDLER, FRANK MacDONALD, Brazoria Arts and Sciences, English, Gregg House Players, PrcBidcnt; Sunday Club, President; Student Religious Council STAHL, CELIA RAUMA, Gonzales Arts and Sciences, SAT, AKA, AAA, Glee Club, Association for Childhood Education, Hillel Dramatic Club, Cap and Gown STANBERRY, QUINTON CURTIS, JR., Austin Chemical Engineering, American Chemical Society STANFORD, HELEN JULIA CAROLINE, Houston Arts and Sciences, History, Houston Club, Cap and Gown, University Chorus STARNES, GRADY C, Tulia Business Administration, Accounting STASSWENDER, ANNE ANTOINETTE, Austin Arts and Sciences. German, Cap and Gown, Der Die Das, Newman Club, Deutscher Verein STEINMANN, CORA MARIE, Corpus Christi Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, AHA, Present Day, Home Economics Club, Cap and Gown, Panhellenic STEPHENS, ADA DAVID, Dallas Arts and Sciences, Journalism, AAA, Freshman Fellowship Club, The Cactus, Reagan, Curtain Club, Cap and Gown, Dallas Cliib STERLING, PHILIP HUFFMAN, Anahuar Business Administration, Retailing, A ' fi, University Light Opera, Schreincr Club, University Chorus STEWART, WILLIAM W., Kirbyville Law and Arts and Sciences, BPZ, BA , USA STILL, NAOMI, Longview Arts and Sciences, Sociology, Cap and Gown, Y.W.C.A., Gregg County Club, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee STOLTZ, JACK ULRICH, Wichita, Kansas Business Administration, Accounting, A i fl, Treasurer STONE, CHRISTINE, Fort Worth Arts and Sciences, History, IIB f , University Light Opera STONER, MARY MARGARET, Laguna Elementary Education, Victoria Ciub, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee, Association for Childhood Education STOOL, BERTHA, Wink Education, Public Speaking, A4 ' E, Glee Club, Association for Childhood Education, University Light Opera, Hillel Dramatic Club, Present Day STRACHAN, DOROTHY ELIZABETH VIRGINIA, Galveston Arts and Sciences, Journalism, 9£ i , AAA, Sidney Lanier, Andrews Dormitory House Council, Galveston Club STRIPLING, JOHN LEWIS, Big Spring Arts and Sciences, Geology, West Texas Club STRONG, FRED CHANDLER, San Antonio Business Administration, Accounting, 2X, Longhorn Band STUART, RUTH LEE, Lamesa Business Administration STUART, RUTH ROBERTA, Houston Arts and Sciences, English, A f, President; Association for Childhood Education, Y.W.C.A., Ownooch, Co-Ed Assembly, Reagan, Vice- President STUDER, ORIS HOPE, Round Rock Elementary Education, Association for Childhood Education, Cap and Gown SULLIVAN, JOSEPH LEWIS, Beaumont Arts and Sciences, History, i BK, Shangri-La, President; Inter-Cooperative Council, President; South-East Texas Club, M.I.C.A., District President; Student Assistant, Der Die Das SWANSON, CATHERINE ELIZABETH, Houston Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Smith-Hughes, Scandinavian Club, Home Economics Club SENIORS SWIFT, HAZEL JANE, Cleburne Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Smith-Hughes, Nutrition, ON, AAA. Home Economics Club, Home Economics House Council, Cap and Gown, Co-Ed Assemblv. Cleburne Club SWINT, ELWIN ODELL, Paducah Business Administration, Management, AZTI, President; £IE, Regional Interest Club TAYLOR, AGNES RUTH, Baytown y Business Administration, Tri-Cities Club, Freshman Fellowship Club. Y.W.C.A., Cap and Gown TAYLOR, DONALD H., JR., Pittsburg Business Administration TEDFORD. CHARLES CALVIN, JR., Aransas Pass Mechanical Engineering TEEL, DICK, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Geology, M.I.C.A., San Antonio Club, Southwestern Geological Society TERREL, COETA MARIE, Darrouzett Arts and Sciences, English, Cap and Gown, Curtain Club, Business Scnetary TESTON, MRS. REBECCA O ' DONNELL, Galveston Arts and Sciences, Chemistry, Cap ond Gown, Chemistry Club, Vesper Committee Kirby Hall THAMES, ERNESTINE HOLT, Santa Anna Business Administration THOMAS, HILLIARD SMITH, Cameron Business Administration, Banking and Finance, 4 rA, H2 THOMAS, HINDS VICTOR, Tye Arts and Sciences, Journalism, Abilene Club. Vice-President; Tarleton Club. Inter-City Council, Regional Interest Club, Bureau of Student Opinion. Journalism Congress of Southwest, Vice-President THOMAS, LLOYD ALTON, Tulia Business Administration, Accounting THOMAS, LOUIS NATHANIEL, Plainview Business Administration, Marketing, Inter-City Council, Plainview Club, M.I.C.A. THOMPSON, DOLL, Lufkin Arts and Sciences, Journalism, ZTA, G2 , Bow and Arrow, Reagan THOMPSON, JESSE ELDON, San Benito Arts and Sciences, Chemistry and Zoology, f»BK, AE A, tH2. T Association, Freshman Cross-Country and Track, Varsity Cross- country, Captain; Varsity Track, Der Die Das, Rhodes Scholar THOMPSON, MORRIS DAVID, Austin Petroleum Production Engineering, Austin Club, A.I.M.E. THURMAN, JULIA LaVERNE, Austin Business Administration, Commercial Teaching and Accounting, Austin Club THURMAN, MACE BAXTER, JR., Austin Law and Business Administration, A0 l , Athenaeum, McLaurin Law Society, Hildebrand Law Society, Austin Club TIPTON, F. EARL, Wichita, Kansas Arts and Scienres, Psychology, Young Detnocrats, Glee Club. DeMolay, T. W. Club, Y.M.C.A. TOBOLOWSKY, MINETTE, Alvarado Elementary Education. A ' f ' E, Association for Childhood Education, Hillel Council, Panhellenic, Cleburne Club TOLLETT, WESLEY DODSON, Wichita Falls Business Administration, Wichita Club, M.I.C.A. TONN, W. H., JR., Austin Chemical Engineering, IIKA, ' l»H2, Power Show Committee TOUCHTONE, MAYDELL, Teague Business Administration, Commercial Teaching, Te-Wai-Hiss. Cap and Gown TOWLE, BARNABY LEDYARD, San Antonio Chemical Engineering. TBfl. AT SENIORS TRAINER, MAE, San Antonio Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, XQ, Home Economics Club. Cap and Cown Crunril, N.U.T.T., S.K.D. House Coun.-il. Uppcrrluss Advisors TRAVIS, ROBERT HARRIE, San Antonio Budineas Administration, 4 rA TUCKER, CAROLYN MATILE, Kansas City, Kansas Education, History, Cap and Cown, Te-Wai-Hiss, Association for Childhood Education, Upperclass Advisor TUCKER, LUCY LORRAINE, Bowie Business Administration TUCKER, MARY ELOISE, Tyler Arts and Sciences, Government, AAII, Cap and Gown TUCKER, VIRGINIA ESTEEN, Teague Arts and Sciences. Sociology, Freshman FeMowship Club, Sophomore Council, Upperclass Advisor, Cap and Cown, Bluebonnet Belle Nominee TUFFLY, MARY ANN, Houston Arts and Scienres. French, AAA. Vice-Precident. Secretary, Rush Captain: »I»BK. AAA, P.U.N.K., Co-Ed Assembly, President; Pierian, President; Cap and Cown TUOHY, .JOHN DERMOD, Fort Worth Arts and Sciences, Geology, SFE, Fort Worth Club TURK, JOHN GRAHAM, Hillsl)oro Chemical F.nRincering, TBII, 4»AT. Hillsboro Club, Chemistry Club UTLEY, FRANCES ELIZABETH, Sinton Arts and Sciences, Plan 11, ZTA, N.U.T.T,, Corpus Christ! Club VAUGHAN, ROBERT CHARLES, Denton Business Administration VERHEYDEN, FLOYD H., Waxahachie Pharmacy, Wesley Foundation, The University of Texas Pharmaceuti- cal Association, Campus Guild, Vice-President VERNOR, THOMAS ALVIN, Taft F lcctrical Engineering, Longhorn Band, A.I.E.E., Wesley Foundation Cabinet, Sec- retary-Treasurer Senior Class VICKREY, JACK, Hico Law, 4 ii0. tA I», Track, T Association, Cowboys, Honor Council, School of Law; Proctor, Brackenridge Hall; Texas Relays Committee; Hildebrand Law Society VRANA, WILLIAM, Schulenburg Arts and Sciences, Geology, Southwestern Geological Society, Czech Club, South-Central Texas Club WAGNER, CLIFFORD MAXON, Bowie Petroleum Production Engineering, TIE, A.LM.E., Ram ' s Horn WALDROP, RUTH, Rankin Arts and Sciences, Geology, Cap and Gown, Co-Op Council WALKER, LUCILE, Graham Physical Education. IIAO, Orchcsi,, P.E.M. Club. President Kirby Hall, Co-Ed Assembly, Swing and Turn WALKER, MARGARET. Bryan Arts and Sciences, Zoology, AATI, Y.W.C.A., Sidney Lanier WALSER, BILL DUKE, Austin Business Administration, Accounting, BA WATKINS, WALTER CHARLES, Amarillo Arts and Sciences, Chemistry and Zoology, Longhorn Band and Orchestra, Panhandle Club WATSON, CHARLES ALLAN, Hughes Springs . rts and Sciences and Business Administration, Accounting and Government, 4 BK, BPl, BA+, President; 1 H2 WATSON, WILLIAM, JR., San Antonio Chemical Engineering, Chemistry Club WATSON, WINSTON ELERY, Clarendon Physical Education, Aquatic Club SENIORS WATTS, V. B., JR., Livingston Business Administration, IlKA WEAVER, SARAH LOUISE, Donna Arts and Sriences, History, ITAG, Valley Club, Sunday Club WEBB, LOIS EMMA, Beaumont Arts and Sriences, Government, AXSJ, South -East Texas Club WEBSTER, JAMES RICE, Cleburne Law, Rusk, Cleburne Club, Hildebrand Law Society WEEKS, WINIFRED, Claude Bui iness Administration WEETH, HARVEY GLENN, Panhandle Business Administration, Finance, Athenaeum, Regional Interest Club, Panhandle Club, New Mexico Military Institute Club WEIL, MOISE HARVEY, Corpus Christi Law, ATS2, ' A , Cowboys, Texas Law Review, The Cactus WEINERT, MARGARET MARIE, Brownsville Business Administration, Real Estate and Insurance, ZTA, Association for Childhood Education, Cap and Gown, Valley Club, Reagan, Glee Club WELLBORNE, LEROY, San Angelo Business Administration, Transportation and Industry, West Texas Club. Schreiner Club WELLS, LUCILE MARIE, Edinburg Elementary Education, Association for Childhood Education, Valley Club WELSH, JAMES REDMOND, Dallas Chemical Engineering, TBIl, «frAT, Reporter; Chemistry Club, Vice-President WESTBROOK, MARY LOUISE, Waco Arts and Sciences, English, KKF, N.U.T.T., Pierian, Cap and Gown Council, Upperclass Advisor WESTCOTT, HOYT SLOAN, Dallas Electrical Engineering, HKN, A.I.E.E., Sons of Alec WEYERMAN, WILLIAM CURTIS, Austin Chemical Engineering WHEAT, TOM H., Bellville Business Administration, Government, 21 " tE, AZIT, South -Central Texas Club, Athenaeum, Junior Intramural Manager, Freshman Swimming WHITESIDE, MARY JO, Alpine Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Smith-Hughes, Home Economics Club WHITING, ROBERT LOUIS, Austin Petroleum Production Engineering, TIE, Glee Club, Austin Club, DeMolay. Sons of Alec WHITTINGTON, GENE CHARLES, El Paso Engineering, Architecture, 2I I E, Texas Ranger, Sons of Alec, A.S.C.E.. Ram ' s Horn, A.S.A., Regional Interest Club WILBURN, SARAH ELLA, Houston Arts and Sciences, English, KKT, Pierian, President; Co-Ed Assembly, Junior Coun- cil; President, Andrews Dormitory; Cap and Gown, Freshman Fellowship Club, Secretary WILLENS, SUMNER HAROLD, Temple Arts and Sciences, Zoology, ZAM, AEA, Hillel Council, Hillel Players WILLIAMS, EUGENIA, Mabank Arts and Sciences, Spanish, Cap and Gown SENIORS WILSON, JACK EDWIN, Corpus Christi Arts and Sciences, Chemislry WILSON, JAMES FORT, Dallas Mechanical Engineering. TBII, IITS, A.S.M.E. WILSON, KITCHENER J., Mexico City, Mexico Petroleum Production Engineering WILSON, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Galveston Arts and Sciences, Knglish, Reagan, Bow and Arrow, Cap and Gown WINDHAM, JAMES MARVIN, Livingston Arts and Sciences, Geology, ITKA, SFE. Southwestern Geological Society WISEMAN, CLAUDE ERNEST, Sudan Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association WITHERS, DOROTHY LOUISE, Palestine Arts and Sciences, Home Economics, Smith -Hughes, Home Economics Club WITHERS, MARGARET J AMICE, San Angelo Arts and Sciences, English WOOD, CHARLOTTE JOSEPHINE, Houston Education, French, XU, Cap and Gown, Houston Club WOOD, CLINT B., Wichita Falls Business Administration, KA WOODRUFF, HELEN MARIE, Houston Arts and Sciences, Sociology, KA0, Tee Club, Houston Club, Upperclaas Club, Curtain Club, Cap and Gown WOODS, RUTH MOREHEAD, Devine Arts and Sciences, English, 4 BK, Glee Club, Sextet; University of San Antonio Club, Cap and Gown WOODS, VELDA VIOLA, Austin Business Administration, Accounting, BFS WOODWARD, NANCY, Austin Business Administration, ZTA. Cap and Gown, Bow and Arrow WOODY, HELENE PRISCILLA, Pharr Arts and Sciences, Zoology, Bit and Spur, Cap and Gown, Valley Club WORD, OLA MAE, Palestine Business Administration, Y.W.C.A. WUENSCHE, JOHN CUSTAVE, Texas City Arts and Sciences, Economics YANTIS, ELLEN ELIZABETH, Brownwood Arts and Sciences, English, KKF, Upperclass Advisors, S.R.D, Housi Council YANTIS, MURRY SLOAN, Austin Architectural Engineering, A.S.A., A.S.C.E. YARBOROUGH, WILLIAM HUGH, Corpus Christi Busine ss Administration, Marketing, X YEARGAN, DORIS KENYON, San Antonio Business Administration YOUNG, JACK, Jonesboro Arts and Sciences, Zoology ZAMBRANO, ROBERTO, Monterrey, Mexico Buifinesg Administration, Newman Club, Latin-American Club ZAPALAC, ESTELLA VLASTA, FayetteviUe Pharmacy, The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Pro- gressive Czech Club, Newman Club, Cap and Gown IN MEMORIAL Faculty JAMES EDWIN PEARCE Students BRANCH L. ARCHER HAROLD LEO BONEY TED JEROME WHEELER Class of 1940 JUNIORS SECOND-YEAR LAWS Bosl, Ernest Andrew, Jr., Schulenburg Hubbard, John Barry, Sweetwater Odum, Bardwell DeWitt, Jacksonville Yelvlngton, James LeGette, Hunt FIRST-YEAR LAWS Bailey, Scott Field, Houston Camiade, Ida Lucille, Seguin Cartwright, John Reagan, Beaumont Corbin, Joe Haymond, Wichita Falls Coulson, Edward Donald, Houston Dillender, Clyde Milton, Jr., Louisiana, Missouri Flahive, Terrence Paul, Holyoke, Massachusetts Grissom, Joe Bryan, Jr., Houston Hamlett, Johns Barham, Jr., Shreveport, Louisiana Hereford, Odis Gerrie, Conroe Martin, Herbert Esten, Jr., Lanexa, Virginia Moore, James Edwin, Frost Neel, Fredric Thomas, Menard Nichols, Robert Ayres, Clarendon Shafer, Marion Edward, Beaumont Smith, Berl Spencer, Jonesboro, Arkansas Sutton, John F. Jr., San Angelo Treaccar, Heiman Hugo, Galveston Webster, John Bookhout, Dallas Yeiser, John Taylor, Austin JUNIORS Abbot, Frank Carrigan, Jr., Houston Allums, Weldon Floyd, Kountze Alvarez, Hernan, Jr., San German, P. R. Arledge, William Fisher, Jr., Dallas Arnold, Douglas Harold, Crockett Ault, Mary Maxine, San Antonio Austin, Mildred Lorraine, Austin Aycock, John Cleveland, Austin Baethe, Ronald J., Houston Baker, Doris Edith, Seguin Ball, Edna Fae, Houston Barnes, Carlie Louise, Amarillo Barnes, William Edward, Waelder Barnett, Harriet Virginia, Houston Baum, Priscilla Camille, Corsicana Bevil, Jack Nugent, Hull i ' ' dM WMM Binnion, John Edward, Sweetwater Blair, Betty Helen, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Bock, Mary Frances, Sealy Bond, Fred Smith, Stephens, Arkansas Bond, Mona Dell, Groesbeck Bowden, Andy James, Jr., Weatherford Brandenberger, Sidney Oliver, Seguin Breaux, Fred Randolph, Jr., Houston Bridges, Leonard Hal, Jr., Luling Brooks, B. Phil, Bagwell Brooks, Eugenia, Bagwell Brown, Arnold Lee, Dalhart Brown, Charles Henry, Jr., Breckenridge Brown, Charles Otho, San Antonio Brown, Frank Ross, Dallas Brown, Marion Martin, Mexia Burda. Edith Eleanor, San Antonio Byers, Howard Earl, El Paso Byrom, Fay Kathryn, Gatesville Callaway, Merle Elizabeth, Temple Castile, Billie, Foreman, Arkansas Castillo, Pete Joaquin, Kerrville Cavin, Eugene Hagood, Austin Chaffin, Mrs. Lola Mae Sherrod, Austin Chiodo, Chester Harold, San Antonio Clark, Kenneth C, Austin Clarkson, Wiley Gulick, Jr., Fort Worth Cobb, Mary Helen, Hillsboro Cochran, Helen Mosettee, Corpus Christi Cofer, Crawford Joseph, Brownsville Coffey, Clovis Wade, Austin Coffman, Stella Joy, Cleburne Coleman, Anna Virginia, Temple Cornelius, George Louie, Blessing Gotten, James Madison, Weatherford Cox, George Lewis, Fort Worth Cox, Margaret, Houston Crawford, Nellie James, Fort Worth Creager, Rentfro Banton, Brownsville Crouch, Dorothy Bess, Austin WV ' ' ' ' 1gi i ' ! i j 4iHp ' JUNIORS Crowe, Helen Florence, San Benito CuUey, Erwin Gray, Harlingen Cunningham, Ida Mae, Navasota Curtis, Betty Ruth, Fort Worth Dakin, Carrel, San Antonio Darby, Jessie Lorene, Beeville David, Julius Huie, Jr., Orange Davidson, Rollo Eugene, Elertra Deathe, Mary Kathryn, Baytown DeCoux, Edmond Jacque, Bay City Delavan, George Washington, San Antonio Denena, Minnie, Bryan Deputy, Hazel Ross, Brownsville Dickson, Betrena Jeannette, Cleburne Dittmar, Arthur Carl, Doss Dolph, Jack Covell, Dallas Doniler, Kathleen Powell, Galveston Dunagan, Lorena Blanche, Midland Duncan, Julia Lynne, Kilgore Durham, Hubert Singleton, Jr., Morse Dusek, Otto Louis, Rosenberg Epperson, Edna Earle, Tyler Evans, Travis ( " lay, Austin Ewing, Guy Wesley, Breckenridge Field, Howard Franklin, I ' leasantville, N. J. Files, John Thomas, Itasca Fite, Leonard Albert, Beaumont Flenniken, Emily Elizabeth, Kerrville Fletcher, Mary Frances, Fort Worth Fly, William Madden, Gonzales Forwood, Virginia, Taylor Foster, Abncr Lipscomb, Houston Franklin, Elvin Kay, Port Neches Franklin, Melvin Ray, Port Neches Freeh, Samuel Henry, Corpus Christi Fromme, Dolores, Goliad Fryer, Dorothy Corcne. Mineral Wells Gallagher, Rial Frederick, Jr., El Paso Gait, Betty Jane, Ardmore, Oklahoma Gantt, Frances Elizabeth, Texarkana i - JUNIORS Gardner, Mary Teresa, Houston Garrett, Mary Jane, Kerrville Gartman, George Weldon, Jr., Lampasas Gault, James Andrew, III, Shreveport, La. Gilliam, Hilhurn Doyle, Lamesa Gilliland, Madeline, Raymondville Gilliland, William Elbert, Jr., Houston Ginsberg, Estha Lee, Athens Glenn, Thomas Oliver, Brownsville Goldthwaite, Norma LaRoy, Galveston Gooch, Virginia Odell, San Antonio Goodman, John McCoy, Goose Creek Grant, Marvin Albert, Fort Worth Graves, Theron James, Cisco Graves, Thomas Albert, Cisco Gray, John Herbert, Wichita Falls Grayson, Laurabeth, Marquez Gregory, Kathleen, Austin Gregson, James Randolph, Jonesboro, Ark. Gross, James Oakland, Texarkana Grubbs, Oscar Columbus, Houston Gueldner, Louis Oscar, Jr., San Antonio Guin, Margaret, Beeville Haley, Emmett Leeland, Dallas Hall, Mary Helen, Hico Hankins, Mary Adeline, Paris Hanshaw, Elizabeth Angell, Nederland Harrell, Elizabeth Ann, Tyler Harris, Martha, Houston Harris, Morris Ray, Tuleta Hart, David Louis, Brookeland Hartsfield, James Luther, Jr., Quitman Heard, Frances Loraine, Georgetown Henderson, Bessie Earle, Galena Park Hendrix, Philip Loren, Dallas Henke, Emilie Bertha, Kerrville Herndon, Madeline Fay, Bastrop Herold, Bertha Anna, Corpus Christi Herring, Garven Thomas, Jr., Dallas Hetherington, Charles Stephen, Dallas I Pace 111 T» ■-. " T ' t W ( W « I I i It H H ■.R.i.a --j j::;! b r K4JJJj;[4 p. ; JUNIORS Hieserman, Anna Marie, Iowa Park Hightower, Jacqueline, Austin Hinds, Mary Margaret, Lamarque Hoffman, Roger Harry, San Diego Hollingsworth, Robert, Pleasanton Holt, Fred Dryden, Jr., Hebron Howard, Kathleen Marie, Corpus Christi Huff, Helene Adele, Mason Hughes, Lura Fredericks, Waco Hutcheson, George Charles, Bay City Innis, Grace, Port Lavaca Irby, Elmo Sledd, Fort Worth Itz, Howard Max, San Antonio Jackson, Randall Calvin, Baird Jackson, Robert Reid, Canadian Jarvis, Leslie Ford, Woodsboro Johnson, Emma Jean, San Angelo Johnson, Frances Louise, Austin Johnson, Jane Marie, Midland Johnson, John Osborn, Navasota Johnston, Alfred Thrall, Austin Jones, Clifford Edwin, Paducah Jones, Edmund Parsons, Moscow Jones, H. Colby, Fort Stockton Jordan, Geneva Mathilda, Mason Jordan, Grote, Mason Judge, Walter Eugene, Dallas Junell, William Edward, Wichita Falls Jung, Richard Stanley, Seguin Kepple, Mary Margaret, Fort Worth Knight, Thomas Turner, Hillsboro Koen, Cleo, Hamilton Kothmann, Ruth, London Kroll, Maurice, Marlin Kugle, William Virgil, Houston Lawhon, Irene Howard, Moody Lawrence, Maggie Dell, Goose Creek Ligon, Eloise Margaret, Eastland Lillard, Carroll Ervin, Jr., El Paso Lillie, Gordon Vandervoort, Goose Creek i i I I JUNIORS Lindner, August Culbertson, Beaumont Looney, Frances Ruth, Dallas Love, Thomas W., Paris Lowrey, Oliver Wendell, Gatesville Lowrey, Terrell, Henderson Lucas, Richard Martin, Berclair Lundell, Virgil Vern, San Antonio McAnelly, Fannie Pauline, Yancey McBride, Guy Thornton, Jr., Boling McCall, Dorothy Lorraine, Waco McCall, Hobby Halbert, Dallas McConnico, Mary Isabelle, Port Lavaca McCutchan, Roy Thomas, El Paso McFarland, Marion Moreland, Austin McKinney, Claude Greer, Henrietta McNeill, Peyton Wade, San Antonio Malik, Rudolph J., Dallas Manes, Charles Victor, Eastland Marriott, Kate Gill, Terrell Martin, Dale Frances, Waxahachie Matthews, Sammy Louise, Carthage Mayer, Claire Louise, Austin Mayfield, Virginia Ethel, Manila, Ark. Meadows, James Howard, San Angelo Meeks, Poland Clinton, Texarkana Miller, Dorothy Maxine, Honolulu, Hawaii Miller, Frances Marie, Katy Mitchell, Loyal Clyde, Beaumont Moffett, Louella Grace, Dilley Montgomery, Ben Joe, Henderson Moon, Charles Gardley, Seguin Morelock, Frances Stones, Alpine Morris, Dwight Luther, Lamesa Morris, William Yoakum, Karnes City Morse, Frederic Clarke, Austin Moss, Ann Etta, Llano Muery, Sam James, Brenhara MuUins, Alfred Thomas, Henderson Murdock, William Ernst, Houston Murray, Mavis Virginia, Ranger Paue 143 lit II I I fl TTTl i l HPg M . tW W i i- ■ f i IL ■ ■■.HI. JUNIORS Murray, William, Jr., El Paso Nipper, Maude, Brackettville Norris, Ronald Frederick, La Porte Odell, Kathryn N., Hillsboro O ' Donnell, Marjorie Grace, Austin Ceding, Margerey Virginia, Houston O ' Keefe, Joe Pat, Panhandle Ollis, Madelyn Harde, Houston O ' Neal, Frances Jane, Fort Worth Ormsby, George Stonewall, Alvin Osterwalder, Olivette, Houston Owen, Janice, Malakoff Pace, Edwin Lancaster, Marshall Pace, Lemuel Richard, Thatcher, Arizona Paplaczyk, Cornelia Frances, San Antonio Parsons, Isabel Peggy, Weatherford Patterson, Nirani Flad, Austin Patton, Dorothy Helen, San Antonio Pemberton, Ada, Houston Perkins, Judith, El Paso Perrine, Nat Smith, Austin Perry, Edna Belle, Robstown Peters, Amos, Jr., Taylor Peters, J rankie Emil, Bellville Phillips, Bettinel, Mexia Pittman, Anne Myrtle, Beaumont Platter, Herbert Lingo, Jr., Austin Pollard, Charles Hardin, Cameron Potter, Charles Gaunt, Pine Bluff, Arkansas Price, Harold Clay, Millersview Frock, George Doyle, Austin Provine, Joe Finley, Jr., Van Horn Pruitt, Jack, Atlanta Puis, Otto Leland, Seguin Raeber, Marguerite, San Antonio Randle, James Bates, Hillsboro Reilly, Anne Elizabeth, Baytown Reilly, Peggy, Baytown Reynolds, Bette Gail, Houston Rice, A. D. ( Lonnie ) , El Paso J U N I n R s MM Richards, Martha Adele, Tulsa, Okla. Rienstra, Marie Inez, Nederland Riley, Myrna Karolyn, Corpus Christ! Roherts, Frances Irvene, Wichita Falls Roberts, Tom Ray, Crowell Robertson, Forrest E., Wichita Falls Robey, Erskyne Victoria, Coleman Rudnick, Frances Selma, Mabank Ryals, Bessie Katherine, Dallas Sampson, Robert Carl, Jr., Arlington Sanders, Joe Goolsby, Harlingen Saunders, Carroll Yvonne, Shreveport, La. .Saunders, John Dickson, Frankston Saunders, Watt Lafayette, Jr., Austin Sawyer, Wesley Eric, Sonora Scarborough, Jesse William, Jr., Luling Schroeder, Clarence Charles, San Antonio Schweikhardt, Madonna Lillian, Iraan Scott, Stanley James, Alibene Scott, Virginia Sue, DeLeon Seamans, Douglas Campbell, Chester Seamans, Lynn Andrew, Chester Seely, Phoebe Jane, Dallas Sheaffer, Mrs. Walter H., Harlingen Shelton, Earl, Austin Shipman, Eileen Frances, San Antonio Shless, Charles Daniel, Lufkin Sims, Ethelene Smith, Paris Skinner, Larkin Peyton, Jr., Silsbee Slaughter, George William, San Augustine Slavik, Albert Thomas, Runge Sloop, Carrie Ruth, Houston Small, Elliott Eldred, Dallas Smith, Alice Lorraine, Dallas Smith, Herbert Randolph, Palestine Smith, John David, Terrell Smith, Lillie Marie, Sonora Smykal, Bennie Jerome, Yoakum Staffel, Mary Nel. San Antonio Steinkamp, Ruth Christine, Little Rock, Ark, " ww - r JUNIORS Stewart, William Curtis, Jr., Electra Stiernberg, Helen Louise, Seadrift Stilwell, Thomas Herbert, Texarkana Stinson, Jean, Conroe Stone, Alpha Mae, Amarillo Strange, Olive Jane, Temple Strein, Joy Marcille, Brownsville Stripling, Winfrey Frances, San Augustine Svrcek, Edwin Randolph, La Grange Taylor, Josephine Wells, Brownsville Thomas, Ruth Elizabeth, Wichita Falls Thompson, Roy Charles, Jr., Dallas Tillery, Edwina Jane, Arlington Treadway, Betty Jeane, Greenville Tumlinson, Joseph Emanuel, Lampasas Umsted, William Paul, Wichita Falls Vacek, Sylvester Samuel, East Bernard Vaughan, Malcolm Samuel, Austin Votaw, Harriette Diana, Dallas Webb, Margaret Alexander, Galveston Weber, Raymond Westbrook, San Antonio Wesley, Helen Louise, Austin Wilkes, Lowell Lyndon, Jr., Hubbard Williams, Delbert Dwain, Wolfe City Williams, Frank Clair, Jr., Los Fresnos Wilson, Charles Howe, Wichita Falls Wine, Samuel Floyd, Arlington Womack, Jack Irion, Conroe Wood, Eloise Ruth, San Antonio Woodhouse, Edgar Ralston, Port Arthur Wright, Charles Henton, Alto Wright, Roberta Opal, Katy Yates, Maidie Ethel, Rosenberg York, Gerald Onus, Panhandle Youens, Willis George, Columbus Young, G. B., Mount Pleasant Young, John Witcher, Austin Young, Lady lona, Roscoe Yznaga, Delia Olivia, Edinburg Zirkel, Emma Dorothy, San Antonio Class of 1941 c ■ ■ H ■..■ D SOPHOMORES ifi - Acreman, Molly, Austin Adams, Bonnie Grace, Wheeler Aderman, Billie, Houston A!l)ie ht, Ruby Mae, La Grange Alff, Josephine, Austin Allen, Theodore Lytton, Yorktown Angell, Mara Lee, Cleveland Archer, Carl Marion, Spearman Arlitt, Clara Louise, San Antonio Armen, Elizabeth, Milford Bain, Frank L., Stockdale Banks, John W., Fort Worth Banks, Nancy Louise, Austin Barker, Ruth Ellen, Henrietta Barnes, Maureen, Jacksonville Barnhart, Joe Monroe, Beeville Bedford, Anna Beth, Midland Beeson, William Henry, Shepherd Benton, Barbara Ruth, San Antonio Berdichevsky, Hope, Mexico City, Mexico Bernard, George Wesley, Corsicana Bills, Thelma Kathryne, Austin Bland, John Billy, Pittsburg Blatherwick, Janette, Coleman Blue, Gloria Dawn, San Antonio Bockstein, Annette, Fort Worth Bodziner, Laurette, Savannah, Georgia Bond, Frances Corinne, Austin Boster, Ray, Dallas Bowman, Joyce Florence, Houston Bownds, Betty Sue, Utopia Braly, Ruby Nelle, McCamey Brands, Bernard C, Amarillo Brent, Virginia, Bonham Brown, J ane Elizabeth, Pearsall Brownfield, Jane Alice, Lubbock Brubeck, Marajean, Natalia Brunson, Wallace Edward, Baytown Burleson, James M., Meadow Busby, Myrle, San Antonio Butler, Alan, Jr., McAllen Cameron, Catherine Wilson, San Antonio Campbell, Geraldine Marie, Houston Cayton. Martha Beth, Groesbeck Cessna, Lois Joanna, Liberty Chandler, Robert Lewis, Dallas Chavannes, Etienne A., Austin Chilton, Jean Marie, Austin Chumney, Anita, Dallas Clapp, Kathryn Virginia, El Campo Cline, Felice Mozelle, Victoria Coffman, David, Jr., Austin Cole, James Watson, Jr., Kilgore Colley, Hub. Jr., Vernon Collins, Patricia, Corpus Christi Cook, Hazel Mary, Austin Cooper, Beth, Fort Worth Cotham, Doris Wells, Austin Crews, Helen Louise, Tivoli Cunningham, Charles, Lewisville ISflQ I- i - ' SOPHOMORES Curtis, Lanell, Bay City Davidson, Faye Main, Austin Davis, Mary Jane, San Antonio Davis, 01p;a, Hot Springs, Arkansas Dealey, Joseph McDonald, Dallas Delgado-Vega, Vicente, Cd. Madero, Tamaulipas, Mexico Dennard, Norris, Henderson deVries, Louis S., McAIlen Diebel, Ray Clark, Berclair Dildy, Jacqueline Runnels, Talco Dodson, Pattie May, Woodsboro Donaho, Katherine, Refugio Douglas, Robert, Jr., Spearman Duckworth, Frances, Post Dunagan, Robert Louis, Midland East, Agnes Brandon, Austin Edling, Manuel James, Dallas Ehlers, Jane Marie, Yorktown Engelke, Louis Benno, Galveston Engleman, Betty Ann, Dallas Escott, John Hampton, Austin Evans, Huntice Velie, Goliad Everett, Jeanne Louise, Memphis, Tennessee Ewing, Catharin, Robstown Faubion, Carlos Bradford, Marble Falls Faubion, Frances Alameda, Austin Fife, T. Margaret, Sweetwater Fisher, Margaret, Harlingen Fitzgerald, E. Floreine, Mont Belvieu Flood, Nick, HL Waco Forney, Charles M., Houston Foster, Lela Claire, Houston Eraser, Loraine, Galveston Fugitt, Joe M., Greenville Gager, Mortimer Dahlgren, Jr., Port Arthur Garcia, M. Angela, Mercedes Garnett, Wesley, Spearman Garrett, Joe, Raymondville Gidley, Andrew Jackson, Jr., Lytle Gillis, Shannon, Fort Worth Gilmer, John T., Graham Girdley, B.C., Jr., Midland Gohmert, Dorothy, Cameron Good, Seth Alfred, Clyde Gordon, Flora, Wharton Gracey, Nancy Ann, Houston Gratzel, Alvin Harold, Dallas Gray, Dorothy Elizabeth, Fort Stockton Griffin, Maurine Eva, Leesville Griggs, Mary Virginia, Houston Groesbeck, Douglas, Austin Grubbs, Margrette Zuleika, Dallas Guerra, Abelardo, Jr., Monterrey, Mexico Gunnarson, Mary Jean, Eagle Pass Harrison, Adine Helen, Wharton Heflin, James McDonald, Jr., Houston Henderson, Sue, Terrell Hiatt, Walker Haws, Victoria Hildenbrand, Van, Dallas Hill, Alyce R., San Antonio Pace 149 |l gsS it.,11 .R ■:.ii.i..a e SOPHOMORES Hill, Jeraldine, Dallas Hill, Jesse Wright, Barksdale Hinman, Genevieve Louise, New Braunfels Hirsh, Nathan Joe, Austin Hoehn, Albert Donnelly.Muenster Holland, Baxter Finch, Brownsville Hollman, Clarice Georgette, Sao Paulo, Brazil Holmsley, Fred Holman, Pittsburg Hooks, Charles Guy, Houston Howard, Helen, Devine Hudson, Helen Guy, Yorktown Huffman, Araminta, Eagle Pass Huntington, Mary Ruth, Rosenberg Hutchins, Teresa Jane, Dallas James, Charles Walker, Jr., Houston James, Margaret, Wills Point Johnapelus, Angelina, Corsicana Johnson, Charlotte Rose, Flatonia Johnson, Naomi Ruth, Wichita Falls Jones, Ladye Dee, Roswell, New Mexico Justice, William Wayne, Athens Juvenal, Chester G., Encinal Kalteyer, Walter William, San Antonio Kelley, E. B. Parsons, Abilene Kennelly, Jessie Mae, Rosenberg Keuper, Charles Stuercke, Schulenburg Kirk, James Trueman, Floydada Kirkpatrick, Van Evers, Austin Kittrell, Louise Wasson, Dallas Klein, Bonnie, Kerrville Kleuser, Geraldine Helen, Dallas Kliewer, Donald E., Longview Knippa, Edgar A., Austin Koberg, Camille, Big Spring Krueger, John Herff, San Antonio Leahy, Doris Isabelle, Houston Ledbetter, Georgia Elizabeth, Dallas Lee, Eugenia Sheppard, McGregor Lee, Mary Helen, Wink Leiper, William Harper, Houston Levy, Marjorie Jean, Waco Levy, Maxine, Austin Little, Dorothy, Dublin Loper, William Warren, Glen Rose Love, Evelyn, Kerrville Lutz, Martha Elizabeth, San Antonio Lytle, Ben, Jr., Dallas McAfee, Marguerite Calfee, Port Arthur McCormick, Ray Foster, Austin McCuistion, Robert M., Nacogdoches McCully, Edward Nichol, Little Rock, Arkansas McKee, Mary Catherine, Crosbyton McLain, Mary Steger, Bonham McSpadden, Raymond C, Nevada Magliolo, Ursula Mary Elizabeth, Galveston Mahlie, James Albert, Fort Worth Marcus, Maurice, S., New York, New York Mason, Raymond C, Dallas Mathias, Jane Cray, Dallas Matlage, Sallye Anita, Sugar Land Bafli ' B. . ' ■■■■■■■ QQG£ SOPHOMORES Matthews, Ann Louise, Dawson Maupin, Peggy, Gainesville Mikusek, Martha Emma, Corpus Christi Milling, Mary Ella, Mineral Wells Mills, Glenn Howard, Rockport Mills, James Owen, Sonora Minor, Dorothy Louise, Houston Minter, Nell Ruth, Fort Worth Mitchell, Charles Randolph, Corsicana Mitchell, Mary Myles, Austin Montgomery, Inez, Taft Morrow, Belle Elizabeth, Houston Moser, Mary Louise, Dallas Moss, Clellen Gaston, Mineral Wells Muggli, Reginald Franklin, Austin Murph, Julia Inez, Houston Murphy, Alice Louise, Houston Mussina, Hugh Oliver, Dallas Nash, William Perkins, San Antonio Nisson, Richard Montgomery, Tustin, California Nitschke, Alice Ann, Austin Nix, Alton, Paris Noonan, Martin O ' Connor, Hondo Notley, Mary Elizabeth, Teague Odem, Mary Elizabeth, Sinton Oehler, Laura Alma, Harper O ' Neal, Leonora, Port Arthur O ' Neal, Willmer, Newgulf O ' Neill, Ewart, Houston Orman, Freeman L., Jr., Austin Orr, Aubrey E., Jr., Houston Pace, Nat, Jr., Baytown Paris, LeRoy Alvin, Austin Park, Evalyn Elizabeth, Jacksonville Parks, Patricia, Corpus Christi Passur, Helen Janis, Crane Patterson, A. W., Dallas Patterson, Renotta, Austin Pegues, John Leonard, Crystal City Pennington, Sarah Elizabeth, San Antonio Pfanstiel, Herbert Andrews, Jr., San Antonio Philips, Nancy Bell, Big Spring Pirkey, Will Pharis, New Boston Poetter, Mary Helen, Cuero Polk, Judith, Corsicana Porter, Dorothy Jane, Bangs Porter, Mary Barbara, Houston Ransom, William Albert, Westfield, New Jersey Reynolds, Jack Julian, Snyder Rice, Jane Montez, San Antonio Ritter, W. P., El Paso Rolle, Helen Margaret, Houston Rounsaville, Johnie Carlos, Alto Ruetz, Ruth Elizal)eth, Waco Russell, Sammie, Austin Sailors, Joel Warren, Jr., Paint Rock Sansing, Saralee Chapman, Austin Sauer, Emilita Victoria, Frankfurt, Germany Scarborough, Bertha, Paris Schlafli, Katherine Elmere, Seguin SOPHOMORES Schlieman, Albert Horton, Tyler Schultz, Ida, Taylor Schultz, Ruth Marie, Taft Schumann, Vivian Augusta, New Braunfels Schwab, John Stewart, Galveston Schwartz, Beatrice, Saint Louis, Missouri Scruggs, Dorothy Marguerite, Houston Scruggs, Willard Ray, jr., Houston Sharp, L. R., jr., Beckville Shirley, Daisy Edith, Port Arthu Silvers, Jean Naman, Marlin Simmons, Billie, Mexia Skinner, Eugene E., Dallas Smelsey, Samuel 0., San Antonio Smith, George Conwell, Kaufman Smith, Mose Allen, Port Arthur Smith, Richard Russell, Austin Smith, Vera, Buffalo Solis, Anna, Mercedes Sosolik, Helen Marie, Bryan Spearman, George Wesley, Pittsburg Spoonts, Paul, Megargel Stasny, Elaine Frances, Taylor Steede, Vaudean, Houston Stephens, O. J., Atlanta Stevens, Virgil Homer, Denison Stewart, Bertha Lillian, Gatesville Stewart, Jane, Grapevine Strieber, Jessie Edwin, Yorktown Tally, Carolyn, Austin Taylor, Dayton Reed, Bertram Taylor, Kerns Bowman, Austin Tignor, Beryl, Pampa Tignor, Mary Margaret, Pampa Tulloss, Jean, San Antonio Vaughan, Virginia Frances, Houston Velasco, Raoul Terras, Mexico City, Mexico Wager, Dorothy Jean, Jennings, Louisiana Walker, Edith Marie, Houston Walker, Louis Marshall, Dallas Walton, Wahnez, San Antonio Webb, Frances Barnett, Jefferson Webb, Hugh McDowell, Dallas Weber, 0. J., Jr., Stockdale Westfall, William E., Rusk Class of 1942 ■ i -Hj-jri- w i-ar » ' - II II lu •n If I M. ■. ' .R.i.a. c i.S ■ il Ti --toijii i rp iWr ii ijfii ■p i FRESHMEN Aldridge, Julia Elliott, Brownsville Alexander, William Little, Dallas Allen, John Rivers, Dallas Archer, Mrs. Opal, Spearman Auvenshine, W. Leland, Mt. Pleasant Baer, Hattie Louise, Matagorda Baer, Ruth Alys, Matagorda Bailey, Robert V., Iraan Baker, Ethel Harriett, Rio Grande City Banks, C. Stanley, Jr., San Antonio Bannahan, Jane Clare, Houston Barber, Mary Frances, Grand Saline Barnett, William Oliver, Dallas Barnhill, Myra D., Austin Barnhill, Willie D., Austin Bashara, Vivian Mae, Waco Beeler, Richard Maxwell, Topeka, Kansas Begeman, Robert Louis, Austin Berry, Elmer Loyal, Lufkin Bingham, Elizabeth, Rio Hondo Birdwell, Madeline Elise, Tyler Bishop, Eleanor, Abilene Black, Nell Martha, Dallas Blalack, Mary Louise, Dallas Bloom, Louis Martin, Ferris Blucher, Mary Julia, Austin Blum, Henry Frederick, Temple Boulton, Jaequelyne Elaine, La Junta, Colorado Bowen, Imogene, Post Bowman, Estil Arthur, Jr., Dallas Bownds, Dorothy Sue, Houston Boydstun, Ward L., Fort Worth Brandes, Verla Mae, East Bernard Brandon, Melba, Lee ' s Summit, Missouri Breeding, Crystal Dawn, Red Rock Brookshire, Jack, Beaumont Brown, Chester Dewey, Austin Brown, Grace Christine, Mason Brown, Jerry Lou, McGregor Brown, Malcom Orval, Austin Brownfield, Mallie, Jr., Raymondville Brundrett, George Lee, Jr., Rockport Bryant, Robbie Locke, Austin Bryson, John Bennett, Bastrop Bumar, Genevieve, Beaumont Burnett, John Williams, Fort Worth Bush, Rebekah Jane, San Antonio Buzzo, Daniel Clare, Austin Cabaniss, Lou Es, Yorktown Cain, Helen La Verne, Cleburne Caldwell, Marian, Dallas Callison, General Duwaine, San Angelo Cameron, Russell Johnson, Linden Cangelosi, Robert John, Jr., Galveston Carpenter, Frances Lucile, Austin Carpenter, Leslie, Austin Cass, Phyllis, Dallas Caston, Homer, Jr., Leonard Celhay, Pedro, Jr., Cd. Madero, Tamps., Mexico Chalmers, Richard E., Bastrop SSiQ M £Q£vs i£i££ m fi mr ' W ' Bg££ FRESHMEN Chandler, Lewis Legette, Groveton Chatmas, Penelope, Hearne Cheatham, Paul Neyron, Burnet Chicotsky, Sara Jean, Fort Worth Christopher, S. Gevers, Fort Worth Clark, Meda Aleene, Austin Clark, William Kalar, San Antonio Cobb, Arlene Ruby, Beaumont Colbert, James Edward, Granger Colbert, Ralph, Alvin Coleman, Billy, Texon Collins, Mary Floyd, Humble Colunga, Alicia, Dilley Conley, Katherine Jane, Ranger Cook, William E., Del Rio Cooke, Henry Austin, Galveston Coon, Exell Leon, Edna Craig, John Austin, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Creighton, John Roy, Mineral Wells Cribb, Josephine Denis, San Antonio Crowson, Mary Frances, Weldon Crozier, Mary Ella, Waelder Dahlstrom, Robert Elwood, Edna Dahme, Doris Lee, Yorktown Dakin, Dorothy Julia, San Antonio Daniel, Barbara, Del Rio Danklefs, Elsa Lucille, Elgin Darden, William Harmon, HoUiday Davis. Charles Turner, Jr., Dallas Davis, Dimple Del, El Campo Davis, Florence Janet, Austin Davis, Mable Irene, Austin Davi.s, Wallace Kimbrough, Austin Demere, Georgina, Sterling City Denman, Billie, Lubbock Denton, Arthur Lee, Jr., Cleburne Dickie, Floy Beth, Woodson Dillard, Nancy Elizabeth, Fort Worth Dodgen, William Thomas, Jr., Texarkana. .Arkansas Doering, Clarence Milton, Georgetown Donigan, Norma Frances, Whitewright Donovan, Richard, Jr., San Antonio Dorfman, Mildred Charlyn, Brownsville Downs, Fred, Dallas Dreier, Barbara Ann, Sugar Land Duffie, Ben C, Houston Duls, Jane Worthington, Dallas Duncan, John Roberts, Mission Easley, Edwin, Tulsa, Oklahoma East, Margaret Sue, London, Kentucky Eckerl, John Byron, Mason Eckert, Mildred, Mason Edwards, Bette Jane, Gladewater English, Barney L., Mineola Ezell, Sue, Cleburne Fausset, Guy F., Houston Fenske, Mary Adel, New Braunfels Fitzgerald, Evelyn, Mont Belvieu Fitzgerald, Toby. Jr., Santa Rosa Flanagin, .Mary Edith, Teague FRESHMEN Fleming, Kennard Palmore, Naples Ford, Jon C, Dayton Foster, Randolph Nelson, Jr., Ennis Frambach, Jack Andrew, Houston Franklin, Rose Mary, Pleasanton Fraser, William Lantz, Fort Worth Friedman, Ruth Carolyn, San Antonio Garrett, Julian Wesley, Raymondville Gildersleeve, Dale Lynford, Yorktown Givens, E. A., San Antonio Glasberg, Ruth, San Antonio Goad, Tom Lloyd, Mineral Wells Goin, Charles W., Bonham Gomez, Modesto, Jr., El Paso Gonzalez, Jorge Reyna, Torreon, Coah., Mexico Goolsby, Henry Odell, Fort Worth Grasso, Jennie Rose Marie, Galveston Graves, Ethel, Uvalde Grebe, Helen, Austin Grigoleit, Juneann, Ranger Grupp, Stanley R., Mason City, Iowa Guiler, Mona Dennis, Houston Gutierrez, Maria Elsa, Robstown Habenicht, Harold Guido, Fredericksburg Hackett, Charles Wilson, Jr., Austin Haden, John, Ladonia Hanke, Mildred Novelle, Aspermont Hardy, Jessie Jean, Corpus Christi Harrison, William Thomas, Electra Harrod, Hazel Louise, Otto Harwood, Winston, Jr., Harlingen Headington, Joseph Edward, Dallas Heath, Iva Earl, Cameron Hecht, Edna Dorothy, Aspermont Hempel, Jacqueline Sylvia, Galveston Henderson, Scott L., Jr., Quanah Henniger, Verlynn El Grace, La Grange Herring, Mary Hellen, Cuero Hill, Donna Beth, Camp Wood Hill, La Verne, Mont Belvieu Hirsh, Bettie Neal, Austin Hodge, Homer James, Winters Hodgin, Betty D., Chihuahua, Mexico Hood, Jacqueline, Galena Park Hooper, Hilton Arthur, Houston Horstman, Lydia Florence, Houston Hubbard, Raymond Ellsworth, Dallas Huey, Jack Dickens, Longview Hunt, George Wesley, Jr., Humble Hunter, James Newton, Tulsa, Oklahoma Hyltin, Marjorie, Austin Jackson, Lois Ellen, Houston Jackson, Robert Winston, Orange Jacoby, Nesbitt Freddie, Fredericksburg Jarvis, Rosemary, Hubbard Jay, Wallace C, Marble Falls John, Nina Andriana, Brady Johnson, Arthur Ubbe, Galesburg, Illinois Johnson, Charles Davis, San Antonio Johnson, Dorothy, Carrizo Springs i .. BE £Si aiS£ iSiS FRESHMEN Johnson, Robert Milton, Palestine Johnson, Robert Ray, Davenport, Iowa Johnson, Wallace Sjoberg, Taylor Johnston, William Clyde, San Angelo Johnston, William Russell, Fort Worth Jones, Charles R. G., Livingston Jungman, Seraphin Anthony, Hondo Kaufman, P]dwina Lillie, El Paso Kebelman, Lenore, Weatherford Kent, George Alan, Dallas Kent, Loyce Owens, Richardson Kepple, Patricia Anne, Fort Worth Kerbey, Josephine Carrington, Washington, D. C. Kestenbaum, Dana I., Cameron Knippa, Evelyn Marie, Austin Kornfeld, Thelma Elaine, Wichita, Kansas Kothmann, Edith Eileen, Mason Kutner, Malcolm James, Dallas Lakin, Elizabeth Howard, Palo Alto, California Lamb, Robert Bowden, Lockhart Lander, Jane Conn, Austin Landers, James Alfred, Mineola Landrum, Janet Ruth, New Ulm, Minnesota Larcade, John Edmond, Cuero Leavitt, Charles John, Jr., West Orange, N. J. Leber, Eva Mae, Mathis Ledbetter, Anice Myrl, Dallas Lehman, Elfrieda May, Paige Lemmons, Maurice Aaron, Ozona Levy, Helen, Seguin Lewis, Mona, Menard Lierman, Ona Lee, Houston Light, Margery, Dallas Lindsay, Winston S., Jackson, Mississippi Linz, Mary Elizabeth, Austin Little, Fisher Harper, Uvalde Lockett, Hudson Coleman, Dallas Lott, David Hix, Mineola Louis, Dorothy, Fort Worth Lynch, Henry Arthur, Jr., Gainesville McAnelly, Anna Lee, Yancey McAtee, Ruth Edna, Waco McCall, Eleanor C, Waco McCarthy, James Francis, Dallas McClellan, James Edward, Austin McCormick, Charles Allen, Florence McCormick, Everett Clarence, Palmer McCurdy, Elliott Lee, Lockhart McCutcheon, Josephine Ethel, Austin McDowell, Clifton Ailor, Jr., Beeville McKellar, Edwin Irwin, Jr., Austin McMahon, Dorothy Jean, Silsbee McMurrey, Robert James, Tyler McPhail, Eloise, Tyler Mahler, Frances Ann, Rogers Maloney, Betty Jo, Houston Marroquin, Minita, Laredo Marshall, Lucille Starr, Waco Martin, Billy, Wichita Falls Martin, Margaret Moseley, Hearne I cn? W f ' w i» i_ae — wui a ■ R ■.!!■,■ FRESHMEN Martin, Mary Margaret, Brookshire Martin, William McFadden, Ponca City, Oklahoma Mathews, Clinton Arlo, Austin Mathis, May, San Antonio Meadows, Wade, Jr., Abilene Merritt, Bill G., Hondo Mezzetti, Bernice Pauline, San Antonio Moore, Patricia Ann, Crystal City Moreland, Lester Lee, Goldthwaite Morgan, Robert Harvey, Pecan Gap Moroney, James McQueen, Dallas Morris, Craig Wallace, Winnsboro Morton, Eva Maurine, Dallas Moskowitz, Selma Esther, Port Arthur Moss, Dorothy, Llano Mumm, Kurt Agustin, Monterrey, Mexico Munger, Anna Blanche, Houston Murphy, Morris Brown, Cleburne Murrell, T. J. Campbell, Amarillo Musil, Annette, Stamford Nelson, Jack Cecil, Fort Worth Nettleton, Dathene Dawson, San Angelo New, Margaret Eloise, Franklin Newman, Frances Jane, San Antonio Nixon, James Frank, Midland Nixon, Walter E., Corpus Christi Nornhausser, Margie May, San Antonio Nowierski, Leon W., Jr., Yorktown Oakes, Louise, Santa Anna Oberg, Paul C, Houston O ' Brien, Patricia, Dallas O ' Daniel, Mike, Fort Worth O ' Daniel, Pat, Fort Worth O ' Donnell, Patricia Leone, Austin Offer, Emil Arthur, San Antonio Ogletree, Georgia, Livingston 0 " Neil, Beth, Wellington Owen, John Edward, Taft Pace, Jane, Fort Worth Padgett, Caprice, Austin Palmer, Ada Margaret, Fort Worth Parish, L. A., Jr., Dallas Parmley, Ouida, Houston Pate, Alice Cornelia, Austin Persons, Ruby Sue, Haskell Peters, George, Donna Petty, Marven W., Jr., Cleburne Phillips, Lillian Elisabeth, Houston Pickett, Andrew Greer, Floresville Pinckney, Robert Paxton, Houston Pirkey, Oval Byron, New Boston Prock, Mrs. G. Doyle, Austin PuUin, Carlton Wade, Whitsett Purl, Mary Virginia, South San Antonio Quota, Henrietta, San Antonio Ray, Jane Maurine, Graham Ray, William Lowell, Sweetwater Raymer, Warren J., Kenedy Reardon, Patrick Herbert, Monroe, Louisiana Reasonover, Vashti, Austin 1 - i £: w I J M ■ F R E S H M E N i££££ Pi£££ ik. Herbert, Jr., MrAllen Reinhardt, Hazel Marie, Lnliiig Reynolds. (Clifford R.. Hamlin Richard.son, Harry Leland. Honston Ritchie, Virginia Almira. Eagle Pas Rizzotto, Flora Nell, Waco Rol)ertson, Joe Thaddeus, Austin Robertson, Tom C, San Antonio Robinowitz, Miriam Louise, Rosenberg Robinson, Leroy, Houston Robison, Helen Hutli. Dallas Rock, Fran ' es Inez, Woodville Rogers, John D., Pearsall Rude, Selma, Dallas Rollett, Sybil, San Antonio Ruiige, Harriett, Mason Rupe, Charles, Seymour Russell, William Lee, Spearman ■Salinas, Robert, Laredo Sanders, Joseph A., Joiuervi Saunders, Mildred Jane, San Antonio Scarborough, Henry, Jr., Palestine Schmidt, Mary Elizabeth, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Schofield, Royce B., Austin Schrott, John Benton, Marshall Scott, Barbara Catherine, Hollywood, California Scott, Rosemary, Houston Seager, Scott E., Somerville Seith, Marcella, West Sharp, Thomas H., Beckville Sharpless, Robert Hitchcock, Port Arthur Shaver, Dorothy, DeLeon Shelton, Edgar, Jr., Austin Sheppard, Herbert Barton, Mexico City, Mexico Sherman, Dana Marie, Wells Slierrod , Johniniae. Ciiero Shidler, Sarah Adele, Houston, Pennsylvania Shinn, Ralph Edward, Austin Shudde, Helen Louise, Washington, D. C. Shiirley. Rena Glen, Sonora Sillings, Bill Thomas, Houston Sims, William A., Cement, Oklahoma Smart, Margie Jane, Fort Worth Smith, Frederick Adair, Dallas Smith, James William, Port Arthur Smith. Phoebe True, Winchester Sneed, Jessie Louise, Austin Spillar, Margaret Jean, Austin .Stallard, John Otto, Texon Starnes, Jasper Leon, Dallas Starnes, Thomasine, Tulia Stacker, Elizabeth, Austin Steele, Robert Kirby, Wichita Falls Stephens, Mrs. Christine Walker. Atlanta Stephens, Marie Hutson, p ' ort Worth Stevens, Mildred Louella, I ' alestine Stewart, Winona Anita, Corsicana Stolz, Marion Elizabeth, La Grange .Stone, Samuel R. B., Austin Storey, Robert Gerald, Dallas FRESHMEN Strom, Margaret Ann, Borger Strowbridge, Frederick John, Port Arthur Suggs, Charles Edwin, Abilene Svacek, Dorothy, West Szurek, Joe, Jr., Galveston Tallal, Shirlie, Dallas Taylor, Conway Attfield, Humble Taylor, Hugh Monroe, Snyder Taylor, Jane, Fort Worth Thaxton, Mary Ellen, Mason Thomas, Isabel, Rirhards Thom[)son, Doris Lucille, Wolfe City Thorpe, Margaret Mary, Austin Tibbetts, Tommy, San Antonio Tomkies, Margaret Evelyn, Dallas Torres. Emile Louis, Jr., Houston Tostmann, Dorothy Riith, Riesel Trainer. Cathryn Frances, Sonora Trent, Bret, Keithslmrg, Illinois Tribbey, Roy Jackson, Jr., Sinton Trueblood, Glenn Robert, Decatur, Illinois Tucker, William Carroll, Houston Turner, Dorothy Grace, Seguin Umland, Patricia, Waller Underwood, Mildred Lucyl , Sand Van Zandt, Eleanor Ann, Victoria Vernon, Martha M., Fate Victor, Walter Kenneth, Abilene Vine, Harry, III, Austin Wakefield, Maunsell Clark, Dallas Wall, Grace Evalyn, Dallas Walter.s, Shirley W inona, Denver, Colorado Wander, Verna, Brook.shire Warner, Florence Lillian, Houston Watkins, Charles Arthur, Borger Weaver, Imogen Minier, Donna Webb, Jack L., Farmersville Weems. Monard Dereld, Fort Worth Weinblatt, Frances, Temple Wentworth, Harry Allen, San Diego, California Wertz, Mary Ellen, Lebanon, Pennsylvania West, Clarence Rayford, Dallas Wever, John Piner, New Boston Whealdon, Joseph Yanger, Foreman, Arkansas White, Emogene, East Bernard Whitmore, William Rogers, Breckenridge Wilkerson, Corinne, Kerrville Willhoite, Warren A., Huntsville Williams, Talbot Adams, Bay City Williford, Eunice, Houston is, Louise, Dallas Wil.son, Charlena, Mexia Wilson, Jack, Van Wilson, Nell, Tyler Wood, Martha Winifred. Cleburne Woodley, Betty, Sabinal Woodruff, Charlsie, Coleman Woodul, J. Ross, Pine Bluff, Arkansas Yeiser, Aha Frances, Austin Zimmer, Jane Marie, Hou.ston liNv I Linieligiit ...BrUEBONNET BELLES ..OUTSTANOrNG PEOPLE . GOdDEELLOWS : F H E S H M t N .Stjom, Margaret Ann, Borger Strowbridge, Frederick John, Port Artlmr Suggs, Charles Edwin, Abilene Svaeek, Dorothy, West Szurek, Joe, Jr., Galveston Tallal, Shiilie. Dallas Taylor. (Conway Altfield. Humble Taylor, Hugh Monroe, Snyder Taylor. Jane. Fort Worth Ihaxton, Mary Ellen. Mason Thomas, Isabel, Riehards Thompson, Doris Lucille, Wolfe City Thorpe. Margaret Mary, Austin Tibbelts. Tommy, San Antonio ToDikies, Margaret K.velyn. Dalla Torres. Eniile Louis, Jr.. Houston Tostmann, Dorothy Ruth, Riesel Trainer, lathrvn Frances, Sonora Trent, Bret. Keithsburg, Illinois Tribbey. Roy Jackson, Jr., .Sinton Trueblood, Glenn Kober T.„kf.. William C; i. ndrt otni, Mtbi an Zandt, Eleanor Ann, Victoria Vernon, Martha M., Fate Victor, Waller Kenneth, Abilene ine, Harry, IH, . ustin Waketield, Mannsell ;lark, Dallas Wall, Grace Evalyn. Dallas Walters. Shirley Winona, Denver, Colorado Wander, Verna, Brookshire Warner, Florence Lillian. Houston Watkins, Charles Arthur. Borger Vi caver. Imogen Minier, Donna Webb. Jack L.. Farmersville Weems, Moiiard Dereld, Fort Worth Wciiililatl. Frances, Temple W I ' ntworth. Harry Allen, San Diego, California Wert ., Marv I West, 11 Wev. Jfl»- Whitmore. William iuiiicr-. Bi Wilkerson, (j Willhoi Wi lliariis, I liSiil Adams, Bay .ity Willis. Louise. Dallas Wilson, Charlena, Mexia Wilson, Jack, Van Wilson, Nell, Tyler Wood. Martha Winifred. Cleinirne Woodley, Betty, Sabinal W oodniff. Charlsie. Coleman Woodul, J. Ross, Pine BhiflF, Arkansas Yeiser, Alta Frances, Austin Zimmer, Jane Marie, Houston !i I f J.£,an ianl7£,%iu Sweetke-uxt of 17li£ lJ.niu£.ti.itij of CTkx-ai i c yu{axLnz :::J olji±on -ff l xvo,. i IMS :.. .... ,. . i: w.f i r ' 1 ffi; -n t »«.- IjzancEi LLtLE. W Mm " i I A ' l ll x: Jean ::y {aclni%ij Helen Rathbone rr«r 8 a aP ' i M .«r ' r«i i%ir ' J ' 8 c g Sweetheart Nominees • w fj - Eloise DuBols 1 Connie Delauan Marjorie Osborne HI lie ho 11 net Belle Nominees Helen Ruth Robison Alice Ann Nitschke Mary Lewis Scott Jane Plowman Marjorie Osborne Elizabeth Stafford Frances Gwendolyn Seigle Martha May Jones Eva Margaret Keller Helen Louise Johnson Jeanne John Dorothy Folsom Kathryn Jane Owens Anna Mary Pierce Mary Elizabeth Schmidt Mary Margaret Stages Hluebonnet Belle Nominees Cornelia Helen Merriman Elaine Watel Phoebe True Smith Virginia Frances Vaughan Virginia Wilson Jane Marshall Mary Anna Morton Dorothy Jean Wager Irene Lynch Eleanor Claudia McCall Mary Charline McGehee Sara Nell Savage Winnie Jo Ramsay Billie Beryl Rathbone Jeanne Rickey Harriet Reich a A Blueboiinet Belle Nominees Forrest Isabelle Anderson Cassie Mae Springfield June Adams Bertha Field Doris McReynolds Marjorie Anderson Virginia K. Freeman LaVerne Agatha McMurtry Virginia Marie Olsen Mary Jane Garrett Adele K. Peak Edith Slid Norma Bida Garrett Ann Trimble Painter Patsy McGregor Frances Virginia Golden Bluebonnet Belle Nominees Bette Lynn Hamilton Marjorie Clark Russell Myra Katherine Tschudin Frances Louise Chandler Ruth Johnston Stancie Whitner Anita Lillian Lowrey Cissie Ligon Ruth Allison Catharine Mackey Daisy Jane Pranger Lucille Plumb Elizabeth Mai Rachal Lily Mae Leaton Mary Alice Lee Maggie Dell Lawrence Bluebonnet Belle Nominees Jane Green Vaudean Steede Mary Pitts Katherine Hamilton Margaret Staniforth Lorena McElyea Frances Harris Doris Dell Schow Ouida Kathryn Parmley Martha Harris Dorothy Ann Schneider Evalyn Elizabeth Park Adeline Herman Ruth M. Woods Frances L. Heard Marie Holland Blueboniiet Belle Nominees Dorothy Katherine Horak Mary Elizabeth Ferris Mickey Stekoll Martha Bea Houston Margaret Fife Josephine Schreiner Margaret Bachtel Nancy Filgo Geraldine Wright Eleanor Bishop Dorothy Corene Fryer Loraine Eraser Janelte Elizabeth Hicks Arline Dorothea Bolm Marcy Camille Gaston Jean Cranberry Bluebonnet Belle Nominees Elizabeth Louise Braden Marjorie Gates Gertrude Hill Eoline Brown Margaret Lytle Gidley Jeraldine Hill Lethale Capland Kathleen Gregory Doris Marguerite Hokanson Martha Beth Cayton Margrette Zuleika Gruhbs Hallie Houston Margaret Jeannette Correll Marie Elsa Gutierrez Barbara Mary Hull Ruth Gotten Rluebonnet Belle Noiiiiiiees Jeannette David Mary Belle Hall Irene Jackson Julia Lynne Duncan Mary Helen Hall Dorothy Glenn Jamison Betty Baker Alice Joy Ellington Carlene Durrett Hickman Anne Baker Mary Barbara Durham Edith Hicks Hardey Barbara Anne Arnold Mildred Eckman Florence Harris Louise Eunice Baier Bluebonnet Belle Nominees Cornelia Fawcett Katherine Highams Alice Beakley Mabel Elizabeth Mestayer Clarice Hollman Mary Kathryn Beck Margaret White Margaret James Betty Helen Blair Fredna Key Knaggs Geraldine Kleuser Betty Blankenbeckler Elizabeth Kniveton Betty Banner Gloria Dawn Blue Joyce Whaley Bluebonnet Belle Nominees Jane Weinert Margaret Elizabeth Barron Lucile Bodine Peggy Parsons Frances Sarah Bernstein Merle Elizabeth Callaway Jane Cray Mathias Marjorie Bowen Lucile Campbell Mary Lucille Kuhn Barbara Brad field Ria Gaillard Cortes Betty Ann Broussard Florian Label Ann Margaret Brewer JohanrM Cristol Bluebonnet Belle Nominees Pansy Lee Porter Mary Brownlee Lois Fairfax Crow Nita Ligon Claere Buckhalter Margaret Lillian Darby Margie Anne Lyle Dorothy Buckley Frances Darsey Jane Ellen Rauch Margaret Burchard Janet Louise Engle Bette Gail Reynolds Helen Butler Frances Irvene Roberts Evelyn Claire Buzzo I If Bluebonnet Belle Nominees : Jetty DeLong Mary DeWitt Mary Katherine Sco field Dorothy Dickey Doris Dickinson Nancy Alyne Self Eloise DuBois Jane Dulaney Betty Jean Pigman Betty Engleman Anita English Margaret Tomkies Mary Aubyn Townsend Frances Dushek Leona Elkins Bonnie Ruth Taylor Rluebonnet Belle Nominees Rosella Riskind Elizabeth Virginia Chandler Eugenia Morris Ruth Edna McAtee Helen Cochran Lolabeth Atrelle Moser Helen Jeannette McCray Gene Frances Comer Mavis Virginia Murray Velma Louise Johnson Hazel Cook Adele Nell Neely .- Sarah Elizabeth Pennington Corinne Cutchin Mary Bond Wilkirson Julia Lee Daniel Hiuebniinet lieile JNomiiiees Ellender C. Stribling Ruth Wheat Margaret Lanford Lois Emma Webb Nancy West Clare Lorraine Lawler Jocelyn Helena Stamm Julia Helen Shireman Libby Lorraine Lande Matty e Sue Le Blanc Joy Dolores Stamm Jane Stroud Ann Elizabeth Lary Martha Elizabeth Lutz Margaret Walker Aerial Bret Vess Ann Lavinia Powell Bluebonnet Belle Nominees Maxine Wilson Alma Widen Lucille Aileen Smith Margaret Ross Whisenant Hazel Dawn Nunn Margaret Mills Matthews Gladys Keuper Powell Patricia Sentz Emilita Victoria Sauer Helen Marie Sula Hazel Jane Swift Barbee Taylor Barbara Kone Jane Taylor iUuehoimet Belle Nominees Oris Hope Studer Evelyn Marie Knippa Betty Munson Annie Frances Foyt Northa West Albina Migliavacca Cecelia Jane Metzger Una Lillian Ross Jeannette Russell Naomi Still Dorothy Grace Turner Clara Sansoni Jean Tulloss Anna Solis Minnie Antoinette Musi I Roberta Munson Neyland Virginia Vaughn Good Fellows DICK ROLLE HAROLD MILLER BOBBY LOCKART DUB YARBOROUCH JO HOUSTON HAL WOODWARD JOE WESSENDORFF BOB STRAUSS BILL DEADERICK I Good Fellows STERN FEINBERG JIMMY WINDHAM JOHN PETERSON CHARLIE SHARP MARY MYLES MITCHELL KENNY FORD ROGER SULLIVAN MARY BROWNLEE FRANK BLANKENBECKLER Good Fellows BILLY McDUGALD LUCILE CAMPBELL TOMMY U. TAYLOR JEFF CO PEL AND JANE ARNOLD TEX ELLIOTT EARL PETERSON JEANNETTE RUSSELL JOHNNY SEAMAN Good Fellows WALTER HASSKARL BETTY TRAMMELL REAGAN HOUSTON CISSIE LIGON JANE COPELAND HERBY CLARKSON TOMMY F. TAYLOR HARRY READING CHARLES PETET Good Fellows HARRY HOLMES AI, BIEDENHARN HELEN ROBINSON G. D. HINSON CHARLIE CAPPEL LEW BORDEN GILBERT DENMAN FRED CHAMBERS DAVID BLAND I Good Fellows FRANK CONLEY JACK STALEY DAWN BLAIR BILLY HARVIN SONNY BOWMAN CHESTER GRANVILLE ERNIE GAMMAGE RAY GRASTY BURLEY SMITH Outstanding People EARL WHITE, Judiciary Council JIM LANGDON, Friars DAFFAN CALDWELL, Chancellors BARBARA HULL, President of the Girls ' Glee Club RAYMOND GOODMAN, McLaurin Law Society JOHN CONNALLY, President of the Students ' Association ' 38- ' 39 LEROY DENMAN, Chancellors DICK KLEBERG, Cowboys JOE WILSON, Cowboys JACK FOUTS, Golf Captain ' 37- ' 38 TOM LAW, Judiciary Council Chairman ' 37- ' 38 BOB DOHERTY, Cowboy Foreman IDANELL BRILL, Sweetheart of the Univer- sity ' 37- ' 38 WHITFIELD COLLINS, Chancellors BEN POWELL, Friars LOIS SAGER, Mortar Board I Outstanding People VAL JEAN ALDRED, Mortar Board BOB KEETON, Beta Alpha Psi ANIDA DARST, Mortar Board J. WARD FOUTS, Golf Captain ' 38- ' 39 BOB PARK, Interfraternity Council President CISSIE WHEAT, High Worthy NUTT ALBERT MAVERICK, Cowboys RAMSEY MOORE, Friars ROY BEERY, Friars BUBBA KARKOWSKI, Friars JIM WATSON, Cowboys STAN NEELY, Vice-President of the Stu- dents ' Association ' 38- ' 39 THAD HUTCHESON, Phi Delta Phi MICKEY WEST, Cowboys JETTY DeLONG, Sweetheart Nominee ' 37- ' 38 ANNE BAKER, Kappa President Outstanding I eopie SYDNEY REAGAN, President-elect of the Students ' Association ADELE NEELY, Orange Jackets HARVEY WEIL, Cowboys RAY LYNCH, Friars HELEN RATHBONE, Sweetheart Nominee ' 38- ' 39 GEORGE JUNEMAN, Cowboys NINA MURPHEY, Phi Beta Kappa JACK JOSEY, Cowboys LOIS CROW, Orange Jackets LELAND PROWSE, Calvary Club SAM LEE, Tau Beta Pi AL KING, Cactus Editor-elect ' Jijk M BOBBY MOERS, Three-letterman (basket- ball, baseball, football) EVERETT SHIRLEY, Phi Beta Kappa JOE GREENHILL, Friars LEWIS FOXHALL, Varsity Debate .a !n0 ■ ' - I Athletics i€ Oiitstandin People SVlJNt KtAGA.N, President-elect of the Slwh utin ADELE NEELV, Orang. HAKVKN . r.... I lil-iil.Nr.. .• uri thcait ■ " " iiiife ' 38- ' 39 MM V . r,„iho s MNA MURPHEY. Phi Beta Kappa JACK JOSEY, Cowboys LOIS CROW, Orcmge Jackets l,AND PROWSE, Calvury Club M LEE, Tau Beta Pi L KING, Cii.ius I-:, III r-elect i BOBBY MOERS, Three-lettcrman (basket- hall, hwieball. football) FVERETT SHIRLEY, Phi Bitn Kappu JOE GRFENHU-L, Frian LEWIS FOXH LL, :i 1 { J ATHLETIC COUNCIL J. C. DOLLEV Left to right: OLLE, NEELY, BIBLE, DOLLEY, RICHARDSON. CRANBERRY, COOPER. The Athletic Council is the executive body for all intercollegiate sports at the University. The Council is composed of three faculty members, one ex-student, and one student. J. C. Dolley. professor of banking and investments, is chairman, and the other faculty mem- bers are Read Cranberry, professor of electrical engineering, and A. E. Cooper, professor of applied mathematics. Stanley Eugene Neely, the student member of the Council, was appointed by the Students ' Assembly. W. H. Richardson represents the ex-students. Dana X. Bible, athletic director and head football coach, and Edwin W. Olle, business manager of intercollegiate athletics, attend the Council meetings. COACHING STAFF W. J. DISCH D. A. PENICK Dana X. Bible, athletic director and head football coach, is considered one of the top ranking mentors in the nation. He piled up an enviable list of victories at Nebraska and at Texas A. M. College. Although his first two years at the University have not been in accord with his previous record, there is plenty of reason to hope that the next few years will see more victories added to his long list. Coach Bible has been greatly handicapped by a lack of experienced players and by a lack of reserve strength. However, the Bible plan of encouraging high school athletes to come to Texas is scheduled to relieve the situation. The large freshman squad proves that the plan is already working. Blair Cherry, former coach of Amarillo teams, and H. C. (Bully) Gilstrap, former Longhorn lineman and coach of Schreiner Institute, are the assistant football coaches. While at Amarillo, Cherry coached his team to the high school state championship. Gil- strap ' s Schreiner teams also won a long string of junior college championships. Edwin B. Price, freshman football coach, seems to be a triple threat man. He also coaches freshman basketball and baseball. I I TEXAS LONGHORNS JACK CRAY HARVEY PENICK CLYDE LITTLEFIELD W. J. (Uncle Billy) DiscH, the " grand old man " of the Longhorn diamond, has long dominated baseball in the Southwest Conference. Uncle Billy came to the University back in the dim days when baseball was getting its start in Southwestern colleges. Since then he has coached Longhorn teams to nineteen Southwest Confer- ence championships. D. A. Penick is recognized nationally as one of the very best tennis coaches in the country. In his career he has developed not only outstanding play- ers but several intercollegiate cham- pions. Coach Penick ' s teams have never failed to win a title, either singles or doubles, in the Southwest Conference competition. Clyde Littlefield, track coach and " B " football coach, is rated as one of the top track mentors and has made a name for himself as being one who produces championship teams. His trackmen have taken fourteen South- west titles, including six consecutive flags since 1932. Jack Gray, a former star Longhorn cageman who received All-American rating, directs the basketball aspira- tions of the University. Gray was ap- pointed basketball coach immediately after his graduation from the Uni- versity and this year, his third, the Longhorns won the Southwest Con- ference title. . T. (Tex) Robertson, swimming coach, has done much to get swim- ming recognized as one of the big events on the sports calendar of the University. His coaching ability has brought a number of the best mermen in the United States to Texas. The Longhorns regularly win the South- west Conference title. Harvey Penick, golf professional at the Austin Country Club and coach of the Longhorn golf team, has directed the careers of a number of nationally ranking stars. His teams have won their share of the Conference titles and have placed high in the National Intercollegiate Meet each year. J. T. (TEX) ROBERTSON (, T ASSnCIATION f . .l.: ! ;? fief !.■■ ' n i Mam OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Sergeant-at-Arms Dana X. Bible H. C. Gilslrap Blair Cherry John Burchell Allinson Judson Atchison Robert Roy Baines Joseph Burkette Baldwin Jack Wesley Boyer B. F. Bryan Shelby Othello Buck Warren Christner Denton Arthur Cooley Jack Clements Conway John Russell Crouch Malcolm Kelso Dabney Bond Davis Gilbert Ardis Davis Ted Roosevelt Dawson Gilbert Denman George Edward Dullnig David Wright Edmunds Bernard Joseph Esunas Robert F ason Evans Elmer Walter Finley Cordon Henderson Fisher STAFF MEMBERS civile Liltlcficld W. J. Jack Gray MEMBERS Wallace Dunk Lawson Robert Roy Baines Max Beck Skelton Park Leslie Myers Ned McDonald D. a. Penick Edwin B. Price Edwin W. Olle Joe Lee Fitzsimmons William IL Forney Bovce Albert Gatewood John Ellis Gill Gilliam (; Graham Chester Wooten Granville Lewis Allen Cray Joe Robert Greenhill Burton Edward Grossman Charles Frederick Haas Nelson Tucker Hall Joseph Peck Hart John Henry Hill Walter Dennis Houpt Thurman Beuford HuH Robert Kreplin Kamrath Bernard Karkowski Crover Cleveland Keeton William Denton Kilman Daniel Kleinman Melvin Elliot Lapman Thomas Hart Law Wallace Dunk Lawson Hendricks Wilson Lewis Ned McDonald Way ne Hafele Middleton Henry Carl Mittermayer Robert Oswald Moers George Cooper Morris Nelson John Munger Park Leslie Myers Charles Richard Naiser Stanley Eugene Neely Tom McCiure Nelms Bardwell DeWitt Odum Hays Warren Osborne Coleman Sanders Pack Leo John Peterson Clarence Walter Pfeil Adolph Melvin Preibisch Nelson Puett Joyce Fischer Rawe Allen Oneal Reed William Jackson Rhodes Joe Wilson Roach Burl Gordon Rogers Albert James Schwartz Wendell Tris Siebert Max Beck Skelton Edward William Slavik Clint Charles Small Michael Andrew Sojka Oran Thomas Spears Michael James Sweeney Ned Hardy Sweeney Robert Stephen Tarlton Willie Lee Tate Jesse El don Thompson Jack Vickrey Albert Hodges Wadsworth William Welch Edgar Ottway Weller Gerald Warren Wiggins Don Donoho Williams Reagan Wiseman WALLACE DUNK LAWSON Composed of lettermen on all varsity athletic teams, the T Association conducted a full year of activities for the first time in several years. The Association, headed by Harris Van Zandt, was reorganized near the end of the 1937-1938 term. Wallace Lawson was elected president the following September. With Homecoming activities for the Thanksgiving A. M. game the first big problem for the group, the T men served as hosts at a reception and luncheon for the Alumni lettermen returning for the game. Stanley Neely, as social chair- man, made arrangements for a dance held at the Austin Country Club in the early spring. The Association entered a float in the Round- Up parade. The year ' s activities were concluded late in May with a special meeting during which the new lettermen for spring sports were initiated into the group. Football .,■ ■ B.ii.i a 8 iqg?nr 4Fr Season Review The Southwest Conference is fast becoming one of the truly great football circles in America because of its type of play. Since the days of Texas ' own Bohn Milliard, the Southwest has been noted for its speedy backs and " sling shot " forward passers. And 1938 did not let this reputation fall. Quick stepping speedsters like Gilly Davis and Beefus Bryan of Texas, Bill Patterson of Baylor, and Dick Todd of Texas A. M. are looked upon as tops among the broken field runners of the country. Nowhere in the nation is the passing of little Davey O ' Brien of T.C.U. equaled. His eagle eye and unfailing aim led his team to victory in the Sugar Bowl and brought to T.C.U. the ranking of the greatest team in the country. The short, quick passes and laterals puzzled the opponents of the Southwest in intersectional games. The University of Texas upheld the laurels of the Southwest in its inter- sectional game with Kansas, losing by a slim one-point margin. Texas Christian beat the best teams in the country, all of which shows that the Southwest is the conference to look to when choosing the teams for the post-season games next year. The competition in the Southwest is the greatest of any conference. Be- cause of this competition, serious upsets are not infrequent. When the Longhorns defeated the Texas A. M. Aggies, it was looked upon by some as an upset; but others respected it as a typical Southwest Conference game full of thrills and excitement up to the final gun. FOOTBALL SQUAD I Pre-Conference Games UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS The Lonchorns began their 1938 season on September 24 with a thrill-packed battle with the University of Kansas in Lawrence. Although the Longhorns came out on the short end of a 19-18 score, their last period rally brought thrills and chills to everyone. The Jayhawkers scored twice in the first quarter, but failed to convert both times. Their third counter came in the second period, and the kick by Gibbons was good. Led by John Peterson, Wally Lawson, and Beefus Bryan, the Longhorns came back in the third period with a typical Southwest Conference aerial attack. Bryan passed to Peterson for the first touchdown; Lawson hit the line for the second, and Lawson passed to Bobby Moers for the third tally. All conversions failed leaving the final score: Kansas 19, Texas 18. LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY The second game of the season was played in Texas Memorial Stadium on October 1 with Louisiana State University. The Longhorns were defeated to the tune of 20 to 0. Little Gilly Davis was the undisputed star for the Longhorns, and he had the Tigers watching his every move. The first half was slow, and the Longhorns seemed to be keeping up with the boys from Louisiana; but the second half the smaller Texas team fell under the pressure of L. S. U. ' s supreme reserve power. Sophomore Mike Sweeney was the best end on the field, and Bouncing Bobby Moers turned in another fine performance. UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA The Oklahoma game in Dallas on October 8 was the Longhorn ' s last pre-Conference game, and again a stubborn forward wall proved too much for the Steer offense. Oklahoma won 13 to 0. The best offensive threat of the I onghorns was a pass from Bullet Gray to Bryan who lateraled to Peterson. This attempt netted forty-one yards, but further damage was stopped by the incompletion of three passes. Roy Baines, Park Myers and Jack Rhodes played nicely in the line, and Moers did fine defensive work in the backfield. LAWSON I FOOTBALL LETTERMEN fc£-7: ' 7»-»! ' as?sr. i!M« Bottom row: RIIODKS, ESU.NAS, .NAISEU, 1 OUNLY, liAl.NES. I ' ETLRSO.N. LAWSO.N, KOACll, liOYtK. Second row: BIBLE, McDONALD. MOERS, SWEENEY, KILMAN, JACKSON, BUCK, MYERS, D. WILLIAMS. DABNEY. Third row: KELLEY, PUETT, GILL, CRAY, DAWSON, BRYAN, GILSTRAP. Pjce 207 THEY... Stand Out ROBERT ROY BAINES— Roy played center and was captain of the Longhorns in the Arkansas game. He blorked the kick in the A. M. game that gave Texas a one-point victory. JACK WESLEY BOYER— right halfback from Fort Worth and captain in the T. C. U. game. Wes stood out in the S. M. U. and Kansas games. JOE WILSON ROACH — left end from Decatur and captain in the Baylor game. Joe ' s best playing was in the A. M. game. WILLIAM (BILL) FORNEY— quarterback from Valparaiso, Indiana, and captain for the S. M. U. game. Bill played best in the Baylor and A. M. games. CHARLES RICHARD NAISER— right guard from El Campo and cap- tain of the Rice game. Charlie was also outstanding in the L. S. U. and S. M. U. games. JACKSON (JACK) RHODES— Texas ' All-Conference left guard from Lexington and captain of the A. M. game. Jack was one of Texas ' outstanding players in every game. BERNARD (BERNIE) E.SUN AS— right tackle from Dallas and captain of the Oklahoma game. Bernie was outstanding in the Rice and L. S. U. games. WALLACE (WALLIE) LA WSON— fullback from Cleburne and captain in the L. S. U. game. Wallie stood out in the Rice and A. M. games. LEO JOHN PETERSON — right end from Amarillo and captain in the Kansas game. Johnny also stood out in the Arkansas and T. C. U. games. B. F. (BEEFUS) BRYAN— left halfback from Richmond and kicker for the Longhorns. Beefus played well in the A. M. and S. M. U. games. EDWARD GILMORE (GILLY) DAVIS— fast running halfback from San Benito. Gilly stood out in the L. S. U. and Oklahoma games. A Pace 208 ESU.NAS FORNEY THEY...Stciii(inut GLENN JACKSON— big center from Corpus Christi. Glenn ' s best playing was in the A. M. and Baylor games. LEWIS (BULLET) GRAY— halfbark from Gorman. Bullet was spark- plug for the Longhorns in the Kansas game. PARK LESLIE MYERS— left tackle from Austin and co-captain for 1939. Park stood out in the L. S. U. and Rice games. ROBERT (BOBBY) MOERS— fast halfback from Houston, great de- fensive player. Bobby stood out in the Oklahoma and L. S. U. games. NED McDONALD— end from Houston and co-captain for 1939. Ned played nicely in the Rice and A. M. games. MICHAEL (MIKE) SWEENEY— left end from Amarillo and great prospect for 1939. Mike was star for the Longhorns in the L. S. U. and S. M. U. games. NELSON PUETT— fleet-footed back from Fentress. Nelson was star of the A. M. game, making the Longhorns ' touchdown. WILLIAM (BILL) KILMAN— right tackle from Fort Worth. Bill played very well in the S. M. U. and Baylor games. DON WILLIAMS — left tackle from Amarillo. Don was outstanding in the Baylor and T. C. U. games and was a great all round offensive and defensive player. JOHN GILL — quarterback from Amarillo. John played a good defensive game against Oklahoma. TED ROOSEVELT DAWSON— guard from Hondo. Ted stood out in the games with T . C. U. and S. M. U. SHELBY OTHELLO BUCK— sophomore end from Morton. Big Shelby played well in the Oklahoma and T. C. U. games. KELSO DABNEY — Kelso did a fine job managing the Longhorns all year long. BRYAN NAISER ' I he prettiest and most important touchdown of the Longhorn ' s entire season was this one made by Nelson Puett, sophomore, in the A. M. game here Thanksgiving Day. It spelled defeat for the Aggies. Football Squad The 1938 football squad included Nelson Puett, Gilly Davis, Jack Rhodes, John Peterson, Robert Moers, John Gil], Robert Evans, B. F. (Beef us) Bryan, Carl Bage, Ned McDonald, Ted Thomas, Larry Rupel, Mike Sweeney, Walter Williams, Ted Dawson, Shelby Buck, Lewis (Bullet) Gray, Dudley Underwood, James William, James Watson, Roy Baines, Wallace Lawson, Bill Kilman, Bernard Esunas, Clyde Prestwood, Charles Naiser, Glenn Jackson, Wesley Boyer, Bill Forney, Fred Flato, Don Williams, Joe Roach, Park Myers, James Grubbs, Lee Hammond, J. P. Hilliard, and David Kaine. DAVIS DAWSON Face 210 The Texas Longhorns try to stop a wide around end run being made by a determined Oklahoma Sooner in the annual game at Dallas. The run was good for a long gain. Football Lettermeii The 1938 football lettermen were Jack Rhodes, Wallace Lawson, Charles Naiser, Bernard Esiinas, Bill Forney, Roy Baines, John Peterson, Joe Roach, Wesley Boyer, Ned McDonald, Robert Moers, Mike Sweeney, Bill Kilman, Glenn Jackson, Shelby Buck, Park Myers, Don Williams, Nelson Puett, John Gill, Lewis (Bullet) Gray, Ted Dawson, B. F. (Beef us) Bryan, Gilly Davis, and Kelso Dabney, manager. Reserve lettermen were Larry Rupel, Carl Bage, Fred Flato, Dudley Underwood, James Watson, and David Kaine. Football managers were Kelso Dabney, senior manager, Estey Young- blood, Neil Alexander, Norton Wells, Chester Ledbetter, Bill Pool, Ed Lehecka, Bill Brown, and Gates Steen. Wallace Lawson, one of the very best Longhorn ball-carriers, starts toward tbe Baylor goal-line but is stopped by the Bear ' s quick-working defense. KILMAN 1938 Football Schedule SEPTEMBER 24 OCTOBER 1 . OCTOBER 8 . OCTOBER 15 . OCTOBER 22 . OCTOBER 29 . NOVEMBER 5 NOVEMBER 12 NOVEMBER 24 University of Kansas in Lawrenre L.S.U. in Austin Oklahoma in Dallas Arkansas in Little Rock Rice in Houston S.M.U. in Austin A good example of an excellent defense. The T.C.U. line ends a Longhorn play by breaking through quickly and spilling ball-carrier and interference. 1939 Football Schedule SEPTEMBER 30 OCTOBER 7 . OCTOBER 14 . OCTOBER 21 . OCTOBER 20 . NOVEMBER 4 NOVEMBER 11 NOVEMBER 18 NOVEMBER 30 University of Florida in Austin Wisconsin University in Madison Oklahoma i n Dallas Arkansas in Austin Rice in Austin S.M.U. in Dallas Baylor in Waco T.C.U. in Austin A. M. in College Station DABNEY A Day with Bible Dana X. Bible, athletic director and head football coach of the University, starts a typical day by discussing his plans for the team with ' eldon Hart, publicity director for University athletics. The information to be released about the Longhorns ' progress is usually decided upon over a cup of coffee. After reading the paper and going over his morning mail, CoACH Bible dictates a few letters to his secretary. Plenty of letters from prospective grid stars find their way to the Coach ' s desk and each must have its individual answer. The many other duties that belong to an athletic director must be crowded into these morning hours. One of those prospective grid stars, a high school senior, visits the campus and Coach Bible puts the Bible plan to work. He shows the boy around the campus and gives special attention to athletic trophy rooms which contain cups won by many famous Longhorn teams of the past. Then comes the football business. Coach Bible calls his class of football players together and gives them a lecture on plays and formations for the next game. Black- board talks are important to good football playing. •■ !i ' i A )ay with liible Coach Bible shows the team pictures of the last game. Motion pictures are made of all the games and are then shown in slow motion to the players. The Coach, in this way. can point out the errors and the good plays made by the individuals. It is a big help in teaching the game. After the blackboard talks and the motion pictures comes the time to actually run through the plays they have been discuss- ing. Coach Bible sits on the bench sur- rounded by a group of players waiting their turn. All are intently watching the activities that are taking place on the field. Coach Bible moves out to the field to point out the mistakes the team was making on that last play. The football heroes of Saturday must absorb a lot of punishment during the week in order to have the plays down perfectly. Any small mistake will probably ruin the carefully laid plans. Then comes Saturday and Coach Bible again sits on the bench, this time sur- rounded by substitutes who are eager to try out what they have learned against a real foe. The smile on the Coach ' s face indi- cates that all is going well. Coiifereiue Games ARKANSAS In their first Conference game the Longhorns suffered their worst defeat in forty-five years, receiving a 45-to-6 setback from the University of Arkansas on October 15 in Little Rock. However, the Longhorns drew first blood; they made their first score of the Conference on a spectacular play by John Peterson. Peterson blocked a Razorback punt on the Texas 40-yard line and galloped 60 yards to a touchdown. Before the end of the first period, the Razorbacks had scored and kicked goal, and the lead was theirs for keeps. The Porkers scored three times in the second quarter and two times in the third. The Longhorns tightened their defense and held the Arkansas boys scoreless in the last period. Jack Rhodes, hefty left guard, did a good job for Texas and broke up some fast plays. Peterson and Roy Baines also did good work in the line. RICE On October 22 in Houston a much improved Texas team went on the field against the Rice Owls only to be edged out in the last two minutes of play by a score of 13 to 6. A strong Texas line held the much favored Owls to a single score until the last two minutes when Scat Sullivan broke the 6-to-6 deadlock with his scoring plunge from the 2-foot line. Starting off early, the Longhorns worked the ball past midfield in the first quarter, and Wally Lawson shot a 31-yard pass to Bullet Gray for the opening touchdown. Big Ernie Lain passed to Cordill for the Owls ' first tally. The Texas guards were the bulwark of a defense that was the best Texas showed all year. Jack Rhodes, aided by Charlie Naiser, stopped Rice backs time and time again as he turned in one of the best games of his career. Wally Lawson catches a pass in the Kansas game. Dobby Moers carries the bait against Kansas. Longhorns stop Sooner attack in O. U. game. Wally Lawson makes a run in the Rice game. SOUTHERN METHODIST On October 29 for the sixth straight time the Longhorns failed to convert, and consequently lost their sixth straight game. It was S.M.U., playing in Memorial Stadium, that capitalized on the inaccuracy of the Longhorns ' placekickers to win 7 to 6. The Mustangs gained the lead in the second quarter on a pass and successsful conversion. But Game Captain Bill Forney almost brought the game out of the fire when he intercepted Ray Mallouf ' s pass on the 15-yard line and raced across the goal-line. Beefus Bryan ' s kick was wide, leaving the score 7 to 6 in favor of the Ponies. In the Texas line it was Rhodes and Don Williams who stood out in both offense and defense. In the backfield it was Forney and Wes Boyer who turned in the best performances. I I Pauf: 216 4 4 (lOnfereiice (icimes BAYLOR Bullet Bill Patterson led the Baylor Bears to a 14-to-3 victory over the Longhorns in Austin on November 5, atter the Longhorns had held a 3-to-O lead for two quarters. The fans were amazed when Lawson elected to try a field goal with a strong wind in his face. However, the kick was good, and the Longhorns were in the lead. Once again the fans were thrilled when Wes Boyer almost got away on an off tackle play that was finally stopped by the Baylor secondary. The Bears scored twice on the same pass play from Patterson to Boyd. This combination proved too much for the Longhorn defense which seemed to melt under Patterson ' s uncanny accuracy. Standouts for Texas were as usual Rhodes and Naiser in the line and Wally Lawson in the backfield. TEXAS CHRISTIAN The Longhorns fell victim of diminutive Davy O ' Brien ' s passes in Fort Worth on November 12. T.C.U. won easily by a score of 28 to 6. The Longhorn defense stiffened and stopped the Frog running attack very nicely. John Peterson and Don Williams rushed O ' Brien quickly and made him work fast. Peterson also led the way for the Longhorns ' lone tally by intercepting an attempted lateral. A pass brought the ball to the 2-yard line and Gilly Davis plunged over for the touchdown. The excellent line backing of Glenn Jackson and Bill Forney was a big factor in the inability of the Frogs to gain through the line. Davis reeled off some nice gains for the Longhorns, and right tackle Bernie Esunas turned in a good defensive game. TEXAS A. M. It is written in the books of football destiny that the mighty maroon warriors of Texas A. M. shall not trample the Orange and White of Texas on the Longhorns ' own field. Thursday, November 24, 1938, proved this to be true, for the shattered forces of Dana Bible rallied for two glorious hours and accom- plished the impossible, Texas 7, Texas A. M., 6! The Longhorn defense was working perfectly and the men were all fighting their hardest. When Kimbrough, Todd or some other Aggie back cracked into the line, somebody else met him. Many times it was Bernie Esunas, playing by far the greatest game of his career, who stopped the big boys. But it was good old Roy Baines who dashed through and blocked the kick that gave Texas the victory. Texas ' victory march started 46 yards from home. Wally Lawson ripped through the Aggie line twice to the 30-yard line and Bryan swung around end to the 17. Lawson gave the ball to Puett who went to the 3-yard line and over for the score on the following play. Lawson ' s kick was good and the score was 7 to 0. The Aggies scored near the end of the game on a punt blocked behind the goal-line. itrfi h - .- A Longhorn is stopped by Baylor. Texas attempts to rush T.C.U. passer. Wesley Boyer runs to catch pass in A. M. game Bill Forney makes a gain against the Aggies. FRESHMAN SEASON Bottom row: HERMAN, MAINORD, WATSON, CIBB, I.ANG, RATCLIFF. FRITZ, GLASS, JUHECKA, BAKER, SMITH, GLASS, LEAVFTT, PARKHURST, FLEMING. Second row: LITTLEFIELD, J. HALL. RICKS, HARKINS, FREEMAN, HAWTHORNE, FLANAGAN, V. BASEY, STEPHENS, BURNS, J. GRAIN, DOSS, MARTIN, LOWREY, HOLCHAK, HAWKINS, MAYES, BOWMAN, DAVIS, OWEN, TOLBIN. Third row: PRICE. PATRICK, WEEDON, CAIN, TOLBERT, ARNOLD, SWANSON, PEVETO, ISBELL, WOOD, CARNEGIE, BAKER, GARRETT, COLEMAN, F. GRAIN, R. HALL, KELLEY, M. BASEY, MORRIS, HARRELL, ATCHISON, GRAY. Foanh row: DANIEL. SCHWARTING, PENNOCK, GRUBBS, THAYER, BARRINGER, WESTMORELAND, GOODWIN, LONG, HODGE, KYLE, HILMAN, ROBERTS. DAICLE, COHE.NOUR, DUERR. FASELER, PARRETT. HART. SMALL. The largest and most promising group of freshmen in many years answered the summons to start football practice shortly after school opened. Ed Price, freshman coach, had twelve complete teams to send against the Varsity in practice sessions. The freshmen played three games, winning two, and the rest of the time they spent learning the plays of Conference foes to use in scrimmage with the Varsity. The Yearlings defeated Seguin Lutheran College 20 to 3 and lost to the Rice Slimes by the narrow score of 3 to 0. The third game was played against the freshmen from Texas A. M. on Wednesday before the big Varsity game and was won by the same score as the Varsity game, 7 to 6. A real upset, that caused considerable speculating as to next year ' s team, was the Yearling- Varsity game which the Yearlings won by a score of 13 to 12. This game and the many practice sessions as well as the three games with outsiders revealed many prospective Varsity players for next year ' s team. Among the outstanding freshman players were Jack Crain, captain of the freshman squad, R. B. Patrick, Jesse Hawthorne, Raymond Mayes, Cam Harrell, Noble Doss, Chal Daniel, Malcolm Kutner, Joe Schwarting, and James Stephens. Freshman coaches are Price. Jack Gray, Jud Atchison, and Clint Small. Clyde Littlefield coaches the " B " team. JACK GRAIN Basketball Season Review The 1939 University of Texas basketball team, winner of the Conference championship, enjoyed the most successful season it has had since the promotion of its youthful coach, Jack Gray, to the varsity helm in 1936. In the course of the season the Longhorns succeeded in making three accomplishments at which future Texas cagers can shoot. The Longhorns not only drew more people to one game, the Baylor, than ever before attended a game in the South, but they also smashed all attendance records for one team in the Southwest Conference, drawing more than 58,000 fans into Gregory Gymnasium. Thirdly, the Longhorns ran up the fine record of nineteen victories in a total of twenty-three games and received the nomination from the Southwest area to go to the N.C.A.A. championship playoff in San Francisco. The showing of the team in the opening games did not predict the winning of the Conference championship, but it did show that Texas was likely to be a determined contender. Texas and Arkansas became the favorites for the title after Southern Methodist. Baylor, and Rice were finally put out of the running. Rice stayed in the race until the last few games when a defeat by Texas put the Owls out of the running. The last week of play saw the Razorbacks with a chance at the title provided they won their two games with Rice and the Longhorns should lose to A. M. However, Texas didn ' t lose to A. M. and that victory gave the Longhorns their first Southwest Conference basketball title in a long time. The Longhorns did not fare so well at the N.C.A.A. Tournament in San Francisco losing to Oregon the first night. However, Oregon went on to win the National Championship. JACK GRAY i liuuum row: SPEAKS, NELMS, MOEKS, TATE, KINLEY, V.TGGI.NS, ROACH. Second row: KELI.EY, CREER, KING, SIMMONS. HULL, MOORE. GRANVILLE, SCHWARTZ, CRAY. Tkird row: GARRISON, ANDERSON, HOUPT, COOLEY. I Page 220 r Conference Standing TEXAS (Conference Champion) 833 Arkansas 750 Southern Methodist 667 Baylor 583 Rice 500 A M 167 Texas Christian 000 Letlermen: WILLIE TATE, OR AN SPEARS, ROBERT (BOBBY) MOERS, TOM NELMS, ELMER FINLEY, WALTER D. HOUPT, DENTON COOLEY, THURMAN HULL, CHESTER GRANVILLE, ALBERT SCHWARTZ, manager. Reserve Letlermen: JOE ROACH, WARREN WIGGINS, KENNETH KING, UDELL MOORE. Milton Kelley is trainer for all LJniversity intercollegiate athletics. WILLIE TATE CheHter Granville (H) shoots for a basket in the Arkansas game while Tburinau Hull (11) and Bobby Moers stand ready to help the ball in. Basketball 1939 The Longhorns opened the basketball year with a pre- Conference game in San Marcos against the Southwest Texas State Teachers ' College Bobcats. The Texas team displayed great offensive power and won easily. Following this encounter the Longhorn cagers defeated the American Liberty Pipeliners of Kilgore and a few days later won a second game from the Bobcats. Then, on December 16 and 17. the Texas team faced the powerful Kansas Jayhawks from Lawrence with Coach Gray matching wits with the dean of all basketball mentors. Phog Allen. In this series, the Longhorns defeated the mid- westerners in the opener, but lost the second game when the Kansans opened up a blistering offense. The Longhorns next took off for a trip to Oklahoma City during the Christmas holidays to enter the All-College Tournament, one of the strongest pre-season meets in the country. In a field of thirty-two entries, the Longhorns were seeded second behind the Oklahoma A. M. team, defending champions. The Texas team blasted through their bracket, defeating the Southwest Teachers of Oklahoma, Westminster College of Missouri, Emporia Teachers of Kansas, and Baylor. In the finals the Longhorns, weary and battered from four close games, were nosed out by the Warrensburg Teachers of Missouri, the National Intercollegiate cham- pions last year. Bobby Moers ' tricky dribbling won for him a place on the All-Tournament team. Other Texas stars of that meet and of the season were Oran Spears, Willie Tate, captain, Elmer Finley, Thurman Hull, Chester Granville, and Denton Cooley. Thurman Hull, Chester Granville, and Captain Willie Tate all try to get the ball from a Rice player under the haskct. ( Pace 222 Basketball 1939 RICE The Longhorns opened the Conference season with a de- feat administered by the Rice Owls in Houston on January 7. The Owls took the game with a spot passing attack in the second half, winning by a score of 45 to 41. Texas was leading 20 to 19 at the half. Bobby Moers and Thurman Hull put up a grand fight to tie for scoring honors with eleven points each. The Texas cagers met the Rice Owls again on February 25 in Gregory Gymnasium and this time the story was different. Texas, already in the lead for the title, clinched a tie by defeating Rice 50 to 41. It was rough going all the way for the Orange and White and the outcome remained in doubt until the last minutes when Texas moved out in front with a comfortable lead. Levi Craddock of Rice took the scoring honors with fifteen points. Chester Granville was high point man for Texas with thirteen points. ARKANSAS The Longhorns played their second and third games against the Conference favorites, the Arkansas Razorbacks, on January 13 and 14 in Gregory Gymnasium. The series was split with the Longhorns taking the first game, 41 to 37, and Arkansas winning the second by the overwhelming score of 65 to 41. This was the largest score made against Texas during the season. The Arkansas team had been missing easv shots all season until the second game with Texas when the Razorbacks suddenly started finding the basket without any trouble. Thurman Hull jumps for Texas at the start of the secotid half of the Rice game I ' iCE 223 Basketball BAYLOR The Longhorns started their northern road schedule on January 18 in Waco with a victory over the Baylor Bears. The Texas cagers trailed for the first thirty-three minutes but finally came through to win, 36 to 31. It was Baylor ' s first defeat in three starts in the Conference race, but it was the second time Texas had defeated the Bears, the first time being in the Oklahoma tournament. Texas met Baylor again on February 18 in Gregory Gymnasium before a record crowd. It was a dramatic, high- geared game from the start and left the enthusiastic crowd in a state of nervous exhaustion as Texas won 41 to 39. The Texas playing was typical of most of their games with the entire team sharing honors. The lead changed eight times and was tied five times. SOUTHERN METHODIST The Longhorns continued their victory march by defeating the S.M.U. Mustangs in Dallas on February 6, by the score of 33 to 27. It was the Mustangs first Conference defeat. The game see-sawed throughout the first half with the period ending in a 14-to-14 draw. The Mustangs held the lead in the second half until Bounding Bobby Moers broke into a last-minute sprint to play the Mustangs to a standstill. Bobby Moers again stole the show when the Mustangs were defeated by the Longhorns in Gregory Gymnasium on February 15 by a score of 38 to 21. This game placed the Longhorns in a definite role as favorites for the cham- pionship. A defense that refused to yield and a calm offense that never got rattled decided the game for Texas. Oran Spears limited J. D. Norton, all-Conference forward, to a meager four points. - Bobby Moers tries some of his very excellent dribbling against S.M.U. P r - i. I Basketball TEXAS CHRISTIAN Bobby Moers engineered a five-point spurt in the last four minutes of play against T.C.U. in Fort Worth on February 7 to give the Longhorns a 32-to-28 victory. This triumph gave the Texas cagers a sweep of their North Texas in- vasion. The Longhorns held the edge throughout the first half with Moers, Elmer Finley, and Denton Cooley scoring on slick plays. In the second half the Frogs pulled up steadily until the last five minutes when Moers finished things up. In the game with the Frogs on February 22 in Gregory Gymnasium, the Longhorns won easily, 53 to 26. It was the eleventh straight loss for the Horned Frogs and placed Texas nearer to the title. Virtually every man on the Texas team played and the Longhorns won as they pleased. A. M. The Longhorns downed the fighting Aggies at College Station, 41 to 37, on February IL The Longhorns had a twelve-point lead for some time but midway in the second half the hustling Aggies started finding the basket and had whittled the margin to four points as the gun sounded. The Orange and White basketball team won its first Conference championship since 1933 when it crushed the Aggies on March 3 in Gregory Gymnasium, 66 to 32. The entire team was right; the shots and plays just couldn ' t miss. Wee Willie Tate ended his eligibility by turning in his best performance. He scored twenty points. Warren Wiggins and Joe Roach also finished their basketball careers. V SCHWARTZ ROACH Chester CranviMe takes the center jump for Texas at the atart of the Baylor g«me. Bobby Moerit is waiting for the baH. FRESHMAN SEASON Bollom row: SMALLEY BACCETT, HAILEY. KING, KUTNER, HINDS, BRAHANEY, LEVY. SrcortJ row: MEDLEY, AMUNDSEN. HEADINGTON, FLEMING. CROUCHER. BOWMAN, COKER. Third row: WEYLANDT, WHITE, WEAVER, KLAERNER, PARKKR. BARRINGER, PRICE. I i I The Freshman basketball squad, while not quite so outstanding as last year ' s, had a very good season and showed promise of providing some good sophomores for next year ' s varsity. The team defeated Schreiner Institute twice, once in Gregory Gymnasium preceding the Texas-Baylor game. The Yearlings lost to the Rice Slimes in Houston, 50 to 35. the same night that the Varsity lost its Conference opener to the Owls. The Texas freshmen also defeated Texas Lutheran College at Seguin. 35 to 23, and the A. M. Slimes, 32 to 31, at College Station. There were many high school stars on the freshman team and all played well. Leslie Croucher was named captain of the squad. Others on the team were Malcolm Kutner, George Peabody. Robert Amundsen, Ed Headington, Robert Rustin, Joe Weaver, Curtis Klaerner, Ralph Raggett, Frank Brahaney, Jackson Hinds, C. J. Coker, Arthur Bowman, Joe Fleming, George Medley, Elton Hailey. Dudley King, A. L. Smalley, Harold Levy, John Barringer, Bill Parker. C. B. Wh ite, and Elwood Weylandt. Edwin B. Price is freshman basketball coach. I I LESLIE CROUCHER Baseball fe-S -VJs . J t ' SSB® ' ' ™ ' Season Review Unparalleled in the history of college baseball is " Uncle Billy " Disch ' s record. In the space of twenty-seven years, he has piloted the Longhorns to nineteen champion- ships, and many of his former players have attained the highest of ambitions in base- ball — that of playing for a major league club. Coach Disch placed a baseball nine in the 1938 Conference race that ran roughshod over most of the opponents to win eleven straight Conference games before undergoing a late season slump of two games. The team then won the Conference championship by beating A. M. 12 to 7 on May 21. Five lettermen were on hand at the beginning of the season. They were Captain LeRoy Westerman, Zane Lawhon, Vernon McMurrey, Jack Conway, and Wallace Lawson. Newcomers showed up very well to give Texas a well-balanced, hard-hitting team that won out over its closest rivals, Baylor and A. M. Fifteen baseball players received letters at the close of the season. They were Jack Conway, Joyce Rawe, Jim Maegden, Zane Lawhon, John Garnett, Ned McDonald, John Hill, Vernon McMurrey, Robert Moers, Robert Evans, Clarence Pfeil, LeRoy Westerman, Wilson Smith, Wallace Lawson, and Bill Cousins, manager. COACH W. J. DISCH BASEBALL SQUAD ■ " f« iM ' --« ' -- ' - Left In Kight: I ' KKKl. KAWK, McMUKKKY. KVA.NS, MAKDGK.N. LAWHON, CONWAY, WtSTKKMAN, HU.L, VAKBKULGH, S1A]HAK05, LAWSON, FIELDS. GARNETT, DEUTSCH, MARLING, BROWN, McGAHEY, LANGERHANS. WATTS, STILL, PFEIL, McDONALD, MOERS, SMITH, SCHUCK, EVERETT, SMITH, ARMSTRONG, NAISER, ALDRIDGE, MARTEL, DISCH. Conference StandiniS TEXAS 12 Baylor . A. M. S. M. U. T. C. U. Rice . . . 9 10 7 3 1 ,o«t Percentage 2 .846 4 .692 5 .667 6 .538 11 .214 14 .067 ALL-SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE BASEBALL TEAM {Selected by Southwest Conference Coaches) First Base First Base Second Base Third Base Shortstop Utility In fielder. . Left Field Center Field Right Field Utility Outfielder. Catcher Catcher Pitcher Pitcher Pitcher Pitcher :)■ " ! John Hii.l TEXAS Bob Williams A. M. Johnny Nolen A. M. Bob Stone A. M. Jack Conway TEXAS Bob Moers TEXAS Woody Bell A. M. Francis Churchill S. M. U. LeRoy Westerman TEXAS Ross HiCHTOWER Baylor Charley Crenshaw Baylor Joyce Rawe TEXAS Tommy Fine Baylor John Garnet? TEXAS Harry Cohn A. M. J. C. WOFFORD S.M.U. leroy wksterman 1938 VARSITY BASEBALL LETTERMEN Bottom row: PFEIL, SMITH, KOERS. LAWHON. Second row: DISCH, McDONALD. MAEDCEN. EVANS, M MURREY, RAWE, COUSINS. Third row: CONWAY, HILL, GARNETT, LAWSON, WESTERMAN. Pace 229 McMURREY An Aggie rounds the ba:jes- Out of Conference Games Pre-Conference games did not forecast a championship for the Longhorns, for they lost the first four games played. The Tulsa Oilers were the first opponents that Texas met, and the Texas Leaguers got an early lead, kept it, and won, 6 to 4. The highlight of this first game was the brand of ball displayed by both teams. An errorless ball game was played, and the Longhorns completed six double plays to stop many Oiler threats. Texas lost its next two games to one of the best college teams in the United States, Oklahoma University, on March 21 and 22 at Clark Field. Oklahoma won the first game of the series by a score of 8 to 7, but it took the Sooners all of nine innings to win, as Texas went to bat in the last inning trailing by three runs. In the last inning, Texas made two runs, and had the bases filled when the last out was made. Oklahoma University won the second game 4 to by scoring four runs in the first inning off Charles Still, who was relieved by John Garnett. After the first, Garnett had complete control of the Big Six batters. On March 23, Texas went to Seguin to play Tulsa again, and the Oilers won 12 to 5 by getting fifteen hits off the Longhorn pitchers. If baseball scores can be compared, the Longhorns were World Champions on April 9 when they defeated the Houston Buffs, who had just beaten the New York Yankees the previous week. In a story-book finish, Texas got three scores in the ninth inning after two outs had been made. Garnett went the full route and Robert Evans led the hitting for the Longhorns with three hits out of four times at bat. A Texas batter ings and missi Conference Games RICE The first Rice game opened the Conference season on March 26 in Houston with a 5-to-2 victory for Texas. The erratic Rice nine never got into the lead after Texas pushed across the first run in the first inning. Garnett had one of his invincible days, allowing only four hits. The first fourteen men to face him were retired in order. On April 28, the Longhorns blanked Rice 9 to in their second game with the Owls. Garnett again pitched and gave only five scat- tered hits, while picking three Owl runners off first base. This was the second straight shut-out for Garnett, having blanked Baylor 5 to on April 22. TEXAS CHRISTIAN The Texas nine won three easy games from T. C. U. in 1938. The first victory was won by a score of 21 to 2 with Garnett, Johnny Langerhans, and Fields facing the T. C. U. batters in Austin on March 31. Garnett also showed that he could hit by getting two hits in two times at the plate. The second game also went to Texas 13 to 5. The same three pitchers of the first game pitched for the Longhorns. The features of the game were Johnny Hill ' s terrific drive over the right field wall and Captain Westerman ' s four-base blow. A pitching duel between Ned McDonald and Durwood Horner of T. C. U. marked the third Frog game in Fort Worth on May 9. McDonald gave only six hits and finally won 3 to 0. RAWE I.AWHON Baseball SOUTHERN METHODIST Only two games were played against Southern Methodist University in 1938, but the Longhorns won both of them. Guy Aldridge won the first game in Dallas on May 6, 10 to 3, with all of the Mustang scores being unearned. Four walks by Garnett and errors by the Texas team gave S. M. U. its three runs in the fourth inning. Wester- man was the batting star of the game, getting four hits out of five times at bat. The remaining game of the series was played in Austin during Easter vacation. The Longhorns, with good fielding and hitting in the pinches, got a 5-to-2 victory. BAYLOR April 22 opened the crucial series in Waco with the Bears. Behind the shut-out pitching of Garnett, the title-bound Longhorns won 5 to 0. Garnett was the star of the game both defensively and offen- sively. He gave only one questionable hit, and the big pitcher got a triple, double, and single in four times at bat. Johnny Hill, who also got three hits, made a home run for Texas ' second score. The next day, " Uncle Billy " and his Longhorns defeated Baylor 11 to 1. They got five runs across in the first inning to give an early lead to Ned McDonald who went the full distance for Texas. Only three hits were obtained from him. Bobby Moers handled seven chances in the field without an error and got three hits to lead the hitting for the afternoon. Friday the thirteenth jinxed the Longhorns when they encoun- tered Baylor for the third time. Texas ' victory streak of eleven vic- tories was broken by Tommy Fine, the Bear ' s pitcher, who won the game by a score of 9 to 7. i The throw to first base was good. 1 4 Baseball A. M. The Longhorns traveled to College Station on May 3 for their first game with the Aggies. They returned to Austin with a hard-hitting, high-scoring 18-to-13 victory after a three-hour battle. Five times the lead changed hands until Bob Evans, hitting star of the after- noon, hit his second long home run of the day scoring Westerman ahead of him. Evans also hit three singles to drive in six of the scores. John Garnett started the game for Texas as pitcher, but was replaced by Langerhans and McDonald. The latter received credit for winning the game. The Aggies came to Clark Field on May 20 and 21 for two games that would decide the champion team of the Conference. A. M. won an eleven inning game 13 to 9 the first afternoon. After ragged and brilliant playing, smart and bonehead playing, fruitless and successful rallies, the Longhorn nine gave way to the furious assaults of the A. M. sluggers. Alsobrook of the Aggies broke up the game in the eleventh inning with a homer with two teammates on base. The next day Texas trounced the Aggies 12 to 7 to win the Con- ference title. Garnett won the last game before an overflow crowd of more than 4000 persons. The Cadets got four runs off McDonald in the first four innings, but the championship team showed it could come from behind to win the game. Garnett relieved McDonald and held A. M. until a safe seven-run lead was piled up. A six-run splurge by Texas was accomplished by only one hit in the eighth when the Aggies made five errors. Four seniors, Garnett, Jim Maedgen, McMurrey, and Westerman, thus ended their Longhorn careers by bringing the Conference flag back from College Station. MOERS GARNETT FRESHMAN SEASON BoUom row: MOORE, STONE, RAUP, KOSCHAK, MEITZEN, MATTHEWS, HYBAKGEK. KLAEVERMAN. Second row: DEUTSCH, SIMMONS, HOUPT, WENDLINC, ROSENBERG, ALLEN, MILLIARD, PIPER. Third row: PRICE. POOL. ALLERT, HOWIE. WORTHINCTON. SKARKE, THOMPSON, MOYNAHAN, PEACOCK, JACKSON. The Texas Yearlings had neither a good nor a poor season in 1938. On April 13 they rallied in the ninth inning to down the Aggie Fish 4 to 3 behind the deceptive change of pace displayed by Pitcher Udell Moore. A. M. came back, however, the next month to tie the series by winning 6 to 3 in a game full of errors. Texas also split a series with Holy Cross Hall of Saint Edward ' s University when it won the second game on May 4 by a score of 6 to 2. St. Edward ' s had won the first game 2 to 1 on April 20 in a seven-inning game. Captain John Koschak led the Freshmen through the season, and Udell Moore and Dave Rodiguez were the most con- sistent pitchers on the squad. Ed Price is freshman baseball coach. ; JOHN KOSCHAK Track CLYDE LITTLEFIELD Track It took seven years to do it, but Rice finally moved Texas off the top of the Conference in track and field events. For six straight years, the Longhorns had monopolized the Southwest Conference, but injuries, ineligibilities, hard luck, and a fellow named Fred Wolcott took the crown from the Longhorns in 1938. The Texas monopoly was due largely to the efforts of Clyde Littlefield, coach of the track team. Littlefield, one of the most famous track coaches in America, has been coaching the Longhorns since 1921, and, in that time, he has placed eleven championship teams on the field, has taken five second places, and one third. He was an all-around athlete in U. T., taking part for four years in football, basketball, and track. He was basketball captain in 1916, played on two undefeated teams, and broke the world ' s record in the high hurdles. Littlefield was a member of the National Collegiate Association Track and Field Committee from 1932-1936 and is now on the Olympic Committee. Largely through his efforts the Texas Relays have become one of the outstanding athlete events in the country. Eight lettermen returned in 1938 to form the nucleus of a well-balanced track team. These men were Hugh Graves, and Merwin Seay, co-captains, Jud Atchison, Wendell Siebert, Sam Patillo, Hugh Wolfe, George Morris, and Wilson Lewis. Consistent track men such as Beefus Bryan, Milo Cox, George Delavan, Boyce Gate- wood, Gilliam Graham, and Bernie Esunas joined the regulars to form a team that got within two and one-fifth points of the championship. TRACK LETTERMEN ,„i,., ,. ,,.,.. ilul;lil3, LEWIS, CHOVANEC, SEAY, CRAVES, ATCHISON, WOLFE, I ' ACK. Second row: KELLER, ESUNAS, GATEWOOD, COX, PATTILLO, SIEBERT, KLEINMAN. TMrd row: LITTLEFIELD, THOMPSON, ODUM, LAW, EDMUNDS, GRAHAM. Pace 236 ■4 - -4 - Season Review The Texas team passed its first test on March 5 when it nosed out Rice Institute for a one-half point victory in the Sixth Annual Border Olympics at Laredo. Superiority in the field events gave the Longhorns the victory. Beefus Bryan pole- vaulted 13 feet for a new record, Milo Cox made a record-breaking high jump of 6 feet, 6 inches, Hugh Wolfe won the discus with a heave of 141 feet, and Graham completed the sweep of field events by winning the javelin throw. The Longhorn 880-yard relay team set a new record of 1 minute, 29 seconds. This meet gave notice that the Conference was to be a battle between Texas and Rice. On March 19 in Fort Worth, Texas easily regained the title of the University class of the Southwestern Exposition Track and Field Meet when the Longhorns got nine firsts, seven seconds, and a scattering of thirds and fourths to make seventy points. The Aggies were second with thirty-four, and T. C. U. was third with twenty-one points. H. C. (BULLY) GILSTRAP Bottom row: MARKETTE, R. SLOVACEK, OUALLINE, BAREKIELD, SANDERS, C. SLOVACEK. CONNER. Second row: NOBLE, HILL, GILLAM, DAVIDSON. ADAIR, JONES, HART, STEWART. Third row: ELLISON, EDMINSTER, SEAY, RIDDLE. ATCHISON, McREYNOLDS, WARD. GILSTRAP. CRAVES Quadrangular Meets On March 27 the Texas tracksters made their first home appearance a success by winning a quadrangular meet with San Marcos State Teachers ' College, Howard Payne, and A. M. Minnesota University, training here for the Texas Relays, unofficially entered the meet and took three firsts. Boyce Gatewood won the high scoring honors of the after- noon with thirteen points. The tall Texan took second in the 100-yard dash, won first in the 120-yard high hurdles, tying the Conference record of 14.5 seconds, and then took first in the 220-yard low hurdles with a time of 24 seconds flat. Gilliam Graham, ineligible, gave a fine exhibition by break- ing the javelin Conference record every time he hurled the spear. Bryan, Wolfe, Cox, Morris, and Graves all won their specialties, and Wilson Lewis won the javelin throw for Texas. Score of the meet: Texas, 75; A. M., 45; Howard Payne, 28; San Marcos, 22. Another quadrangular meet was won in Austin on April 9 when Texas overwhelmed Baylor, S. M. U., and T. C. U. in Memorial Stadium. The well-balanced, point- getting squad piled up 1071 2 points while second place T. C. U. got only 41. The Longhorns won fourteen of the sixteen events. Wendell Siebert, track captain-elect for 1939, was the high scorer with 111 4 points. He won the 440-yard dash, half-mile, and then ran a fast quarter-mile on the winning mile relay team. Gatewood was the other double winner, winning both the 120-yard high hurdles, and the 220-yard low hurdles. « ;?! i V Hugh Craves and Milo Cox warm up. Three Longhorn prospects. Pace 238 CATEWOOD Conference Meets One week before the Conference meet, Rice, A. M., and Texas held a triangular meet in Austin to decide who would be the favorite to win the Conference crown. The Longhorns swept through this " Little Conference " meet for a twelve-point advantage over the Owls. After Hugh Wolfe had won the discus, he was presented the T Association cup for the year ' s outstanding contribution to University athletics. The Conference meet held in Dallas on May 13-14 was a different story. Hard luck handicapped the Texas tracksters throughout the afternoon as Bryan and Seay could not compete, Graham was declared ineligible, and the 440-yard relay team was disqualified for an illegal baton exchange. Nevertheless, stellar performances by the rest of the team constantly scared the Owls who won by the slim margin of two and one-fifth points. The mile relay team for Texas composed of Gatewood, Morris, Cox, and Siebert set a new record of 3 minutes, 16.7 seconds. The old record was one set by another Texas quartet in 1927. As throughout the season, most of the Texas points came in the field events with Wolfe winning the discus. Cox winning the high jump, Atchison and Cox taking the broad jump, and Edmunds tying for first in the pole vault. Thus Texas was knocked from the top of the Southwest Conference as track cham- pions. The score of the Conference meet was: Rice, 55-2 5 points; Texas, 53-1 5; A. M., 25-1 5; T. C. U., 16; S. M. U., 13; Arkansas, 9; and Baylor, 4-1 5 points. Beefus Bryan breaks the pole vault record. Milo Cox takes the high jump. MORRIS Tom Law warms up. 1938 Texas Relays On April 2, 1938, Texas invited the cream of the nation ' s track stars to the world-famous Texas Relays and then preceded to grab off the lion ' s share of the points. The entries for the 1938 Relays broke all former records as 1,175 athletes from 121 schools converged upon Memorial Stadium to thrill an estimated crowd of seven thousand persons. Fred Wolcott of Rice was the star and high-point man of the afternoon. He started the events off by stepping the 120-yard high hurdles in 13.9 seconds — one-tenth of a second better than the world ' s record. The " Blonde Flash " later won the 100-yard dash and ran on two relay teams to score 11% points. While Wolcott was the individual star, the Texas Longhorns put the best track squad on the field. They won two relays, were first in three special events, and tied for first in two other events to lead the University division. Beefus Bryan grabbed a first for Texas when he made a new record of 13 feet, 101 inches in the pole vault. Graham won the javelin with a throw only one foot short of the Olympic mark set by Alton Terry but far over the Conference meet. His distance was 218 feet, 5 inches. Jud Atchison and Bob Hubbard of Minnesota continued their rivalry in the broad jump and tied for first in that event with a record-bre aking leap of 24 feet, 734 inches. Hugh Wolfe was another individual winner for Texas, winning the discus event with a heave of 143 feet, 2 inches. The Texas relay teams showed smooth baton passing to win both the 440-yard and 880-yard relays. Graves, Gatewood, Morris, and Cox won the half-mile relay, and Graves, Atchison, Morris, and Cox made up quartet that took the quarter-mile relay. Cox also was one of the six who tied for first in the high jump with a 6-foot. 2-inch jump. Gatewood, one of the best hurdlers ever to wear a Texas uniform, starred in the opening event by taking a very close second to Wolcott in the 120-yard high hurdles. He also placed second in the 220-yard low hurdles. Two of the foremost hurdlers in the United States, Wayne Tolmich and Sam Allen, gave a special 120-yard high hurdles race, and Tolmich won the event. His time, however, was four-tenths of a second slower than that made by Wolcott earlier in the afternoon. w ■ WOLFE Jesse Thompson, distance runner. National Meets The University of Texas trackmen did credit to their school and the Southwest on April 23 when they won three firsts in the Kansas Relays to top the field in the unofficial scoring. Bryan broke the Relays record by pole-vaulting 13 feet, 11% inches; Graham won the javelin throw, 212 feet, 6 inches; and Wolfe took the discus event, 147 feet, 5 inches. The Texas quarter-mile relay team got second, the half-mile relay team placed third, Atchison was third in the broad jump. Cox third in the high jump, and Gatewood ran fourth in the 120-yard high hurdles. The next week-end, Texas tracksters traveled to Des Moines, Iowa for the Drake Relays. Graham again won his favorite event — the javelin throw, and the Longhorn quarter-mile relay team finished second to Rice after setting a new record in the preliminaries. The 880-yard quartet ran second behind Michigan State. Jud Atchison won the broad jump, Wolfe placed second in the discus, but Bryan, favorite in the pole vault, pulled a muscle and could not compete in the finals. Five Texas men toured the big-time meets of the nation in June when Atchison, Gatewood, Cox, Graham, and Wolfe went to the Central Collegiate meet in Milwaukee and the National Intercollegiate meet in Minneapolis. They fared much better in the first meet held in Marquette stadium on June 11. Wolfe set a new discus record, and Cox and Atchison placed second in the high jump and broad jump, respectively. Gatewood finished the scoring for Texas when he placed fifth in the 220-yard low hurdles. The University of Southern California captured the Intercol- legiate meet on June 19. Texas ' only chance was lost when Vt ' olfe, off ' form, failed to qualify in the preliminaries. 1938 Track Lettermeii VARSITY LETTERMEN Jud Atchison, B. F. Beefus B ryan, Henry Chovanec, Milo Cox, Dave Edmunds, Bernard Esunas, Boyce Gatewood. Gilliam Graham. Hugh Graves, Earl Johnson, Tom Law, Wilson Lewis, George Morris, Bardwell Odum, Coleman Pack, Sam Pattillo, Merwin Seay, Wen- dell Siebert, Jesse Thompson, Hugh Wolfe, David Kleinman, manager. ESUNAS RESERVE LETTERMEN George Delavan, Leo Gravis, Charles Haas, Louis McDonald, Park Myers, Stanley Neely, Kibbe Porter, Emmett Rowe, Presley Werlein, Sam Webb. FRESHMAN LETTERMEN Garland Adair, Morris Barefield, W. R. Davidson, William Gillam, Joe Garrett, James Edminster, Joe Hart, Jack Hughes, Forest Hill, Billy Markette, W. C. Riddle, W. H. Sanders, R. W. Slovacek, Wil- liam Seay, Judd Oualline. ;i ' - I I .5- ■- JOHNSON Wendell Siebert passes the baton to Jud Atchison. Pace 242 s ■ 1939 Texas Relays SUMMARY Texas Relays — April 1. 1939 120-yard High Hurdles— Wolcott, Rice 14.1 100-yard Dash — Greer. Michigan 9.5 Shot Put — Hackney, Kansas 52 feet, 31 4 inches (New Record) Discus — Hughes, Texas 151 feet, 6 inches High Jump — Hunt. East Texas Teachers and Stoland, Kansas 6 feet, 5 inches Davidson, Texas, Third. Pole Vault — Bryan, Texas and Bird, Kansas 13 feet, 6 inches 3000 Meter Run— Feiler, Drake 8:57.6 Javelin — Graham, Texas 205 feet, 9 inches One-Mile Team Race — North Texas Teachers 4:22.2 Broad Jump — Atchison, Texas 24 feet, 8 inches (New Record) Two-Mile Relay — George, Pepperdine College (Los Angeles) .7:50.3 Quarter-Mile Relay — Rice 41.5 (New Record) Texas. Third. Distance Medley — North Texas Teachers 10:17.6 Half-Mile Relay— Oklahoma 1:26.1 Sprint Medley— Rice 3:28.4 (New Record) One Mile Relay— L. S. U 3:18.8 Texas, Fourth. JUNIOR COLLEGE-FRESHMAN DIVISION Quarter-Mile Relay — Texas Freshmen (Hewell, Roberts, Smith, Hill) (New National Record) One Mile Relay — North Texas Teachers ' Freshmen 3:19.6 (New Record) Texas Freshmen, Third. 100- Yard Dash— Hill, Texas 9.6 (New Record THOMPSON Hugh Wolfe seta a new record in the discus. PACK KLEINMAN CROSS COUNTRY I Bottom row. HILL, LOSTAK. THOMPSON. HART, EDMINSTER. Second row: LITTLEFIELD, McSPADDEN, GARRETT, ODUM, REED. The University of Texas cross country team has triumphed again. Under the guidance of Coach Clyde Littlefield and Assistant Coach O ' Neal Reed the team won the Southwest Conference meet for the ninth consecutive year. The meet, which was held November 19 in Dallas, was won by Texas when Joe Hart edged out his teammates, Joe Garrett and James Edminster, to come in first. Bard well Odum, Tommie Lostak, Jesse Thompson, Longhorn captain, Thomas McSpadden, and Forest Hill placed. Meets were held with A. M. College and with the University of San Antonio earlier in the season; and again the team was victorious as it has been for the past two years. Joe Hart received the official Varsity letter. The following received the qualified " T " winged letter for placing in the first ten of the Southwest Conference meet: Joe Garrett, James W. Edminster, Bardwell Odum, Tommie Lostak, Forest Hill, Jesse Thompson, and Thomas McSpadden. JESSE THOMPSON Pace 244 Minor Sports TENNIS 1938 Bottom row: PENICK, NALLE, BKIDGES. BEKCSTKOM, BLALOCK, MOORE, GHRISTNER, LAPMAN, HICKMAN, CRAVES. Second row: CARDNER, PURNELL, POOLE, KAMRATH, McGIVNEY, BATJER, BILLINGS, FINCHER, RISKIND, JUSTICE. From coast to coast come players solely to get the expert tute- lage of Dr. D. A. Penick, recognized throughout the world as one of the outstanding tennis coaches of this era. The " Good Gray Doctor " began his tenure in 1899, but in his forty years of coaching, he has never yet been officially appointed to the position by th e Athletic Council. He received his doctor ' s degree from John Hopkins University, and, in addition to coaching the tennis team to victory after victory, he is a professor of Classical languages and assistant dean in the College of Arts and Sciences. A tennis team under the leadership of Coach Penick has never failed to win a championship. Many of his players climbed to inter- national fame while under his sponsorship. Wilmer Allison, Berk- ley Bell, Martin Buxby, Bruce Barnes, and Karl Kamrath all put their names in the record book. He has tutored five men to the National Intercollegiate Championship — the most coveted crown in college tennis. Bell and Allison dropped out of the University to play on the Davis Cup tennis team. Coach Penick ' s teams have won eighteen singles titles and have lost only four since 1916. Nineteen Conference doubles crowns have been grasped and only three have been lost — the last one twelve years ago. It is doubtful if any other tennis coach ever built up such a record. f I I D. A. PENICK LETTERMEN Bottom low: WELLEK, KAMKATll. CHRISTNER, WALTHALL. Second row. PENICK, ROGERS, LAPMAN, BLANKENBURC. BUR S. McGINNIS, WILLL MS. Third row: JONES, DULLNIG, HILLEY, MURPHEY, STUART, DENMAN. Led by Captain Paschal Walthall, eight lettermen returned in 1938 to keep the Conference doubles title won the previous year. The Longhorns won their first pre-Conference meet by blanking the East Texas State Teachers ' College. The first real test of the season came when Tulane University invaded Penick Courts. Tulane won, four matches to two, in a listless afternoon of play. Texas became a major threat in national intercollegiate play on March 26 when Miami University, one of the strongest teams in the United States, came to Austin. This was the most important non-Conference meet for the Longhorns, and the team came through to gain an unexpected triumph by a score of five matches to four. Gardner MuUoy, star of the Miami group, beat Robert Kamrath, 6-4, 6-1 in the number 1 match. Edgar Waller, Warren Christner, Melvin Lapman. and Walthall won their singles matches to tie the score at four-all. The outcome of the meet hinged on the result of the final doubles. Two sophomores, Lapman and Christner, got off to a poor start, recovered and won the match 2-6, 6-3, 6-2. It was Lapman who stole the whole show from Mulloy and Kamrath. Miami U. returned from a California trip to meet the fast travel- ing Texans again. Darkness halted play with the score standing four-all. Each team had won three singles and one doubles match. The remaining pre-Conference meets saw Texas swamping Texas Tech and San Marcos Teachers ' College. The team also won every division in the Southwest Intercollegiate Invitation Tourney held in Austin. PASCHAL WALTHALL CHRISTNER t . ' WELLER Tennis Review The Longhorn team was undefeated in Conference play in 1938. Baylor opened the season on April 17, but all Texas players showed good early-season form and blanked the Bears in seven matches. Southern Methodist University was the next opponent for the Texas netters, and again Texas won every match. On April 29, the Aggies came to Austin in an attempt to upset the Texas team, but they were also blanked by the well-balanced and well-trained Longhorn players. Texas won all seven of the matches played. Texas met the strong Rice Owls next in the dual meet which was to give an indication of the decisions in the Conference meet. The two teams were on equal terms throughout the afternoon, but the Longhorns finally came out as winner, four matches to two. Frank Guernsey, star for the Owls, could not be stopped, and he beat Kamrath, 6-3, 6-4. He then teamed with Lucia in a doubles match to win over Kamrath and Waller, 2-6, 6-3. 6-1. The Texas team got off to a good start, but wasn ' t able to hold the lead it obtained in the first set. Christner and Walthall led the Longhorns to victory by winning their singles matches and then teaming up to win a doubles match. Weller won the other singles for Texas. BURNS HILLEY 1 Pace 248 Tenuis Review The Southwest Conference meet was held in Austin on May 12, 13, 14. Texas and Rice were the favorites with Guernsey and Kam- rath being seeded number 1 and number 2 in the tournament. As predicted, these two went into the finals through virtue of Guern- sey ' s victory over Weller, and Kamrath ' s win over his teammate Christner. Again, Kamrath could not stop the Rice star and lost 6-2, 6-2. 6-2. Guernsey, who later became National Intercollegiate Champion, was the star of the meet with his expert splitting of the base l ines. In the doubles tournament, Kamrath and Weller entered the finals by coming from behind against Holden and Campbell of Rice to win the semi-final match, 4-6, 10-12, 6-3, 6-2, 10-8. The exhausted Texans then met Guernsey and Lucia in the final matches and won before a large, enthusiastic crowd. The score was 7-5, 4-6, 6-3, 6-1. The two Longhorn netters played air-tight tennis, volleying accur- ately and breaking up the net attack of the Owlmen with well-timed lobs. The Texas team showed much better teamwork than the Rice men. By winning the doubles Kamrath and Weller upheld the old tradition of University tennis that Longhorn net teams never fail to win at least one of the Conference titles. LAPMAN McCINNIS DENMAN DULLNIG BLANKENBURG Tenuis Bobby Kamrath, upper left, is one of the nation ' s outstanding players. In 1938, he was ranked number 8 in the national intercollegiate rankings and number 23 in national singles. Reuben Riskind, upper right, was num- ber 1 on the 1938 freshman squad. He will lead the sophomores on the 1939 Varsity. William Blalock, center, intently eyes the ball for a forehand drive. Melvin Lapman, a very fine player, is shown in the lower left. He reached his peak of the 1938 season to upset the strong Miami University team. The lower right picture is a good action shot of Blalock serving a fast ace. Lellermen: PASCHAL WALTHALL, EDGAR WELLER, ROB- ERT KAMRATH, WARREN CHRISTNER, GEORGE DULLNIC, MELVIN LAPMAN, RALPH BURNS. ROB- ERT McGlNNlS, R. C. MURPHEY, ROBERT BLANK- ENBURG, GORDON ROGERS, JACK JONES, GORDON HILLEY, RUPERT STUART; GILBERT DENMAN, Resfrve Utlermen: JAMES MOORE, BRENT KUMM, V. J. VAN CLEAVE. ■ . s - Pace 250 ( Tennis Warren Christner, upper left, was one of the " Big Four " of the 1938 net squad. Melvin Lapman, upper right, was one of the best first-year men on the 1938 Varsity. He is from New York City. Harry Hickman, center, was a fine player on the 1938 freshman team and will aid Texas netters the next three years. Maurice Fincher, lower right, was an excellent recruit from the freshman squad for the 1938 season. Robert Kamrath, lower left, is a brother of Karl, a Texas star of several years back. Bobby is the captain of the 1939 tennis team. Squadmen: GEORGE NALLE, HAL BRIDGES, WILLIAM BLALOCK, HARRY HICKMAN, FRED PURNELL, GAR- LAND POOLE, FELIX McGIVNEY, HENRY BATJER, WILLIAM BILLINGS, MAURICE FINCHER, REUBEN RISKIND, WAYNE JUSTICE, MARVIN BERCSTROM, JAMES GARDNER. Pace 251 MIKE SOJKA ADOLPH KIEFER RALPH FLANAGAN SWIMMING Tex Robertson, Longhorn swimming coach, has not only brought the University to the top in aquatic honors, but he has done a great deal for swimming throughout the State. Under him the Longhorns have won the Southwest Conference title four years in a row and have jumped from somewhere in the first thirty to third place in the nation ' s aquatic line-up. Tex learned to swim in Sweetwater, Texas, and attended the University of Michigan, where he became the Big Ten champion and record-holder in the middle distance events. • Among the campus entertainment features of the year was the annual Texas Aquacade which opened the local swimming season. This year the show was presented three nights to accommodate the crowds which squeezed into Gregory Gymnasium pool. Toni Yantis, shooting at targets over the water; Billy Brink and his spectacular fire dive; H. B. Howard and Billy Shirley in trapeze stunts; double dives by Brink and Hank Chapman; and the breaking of sixteen records by such stars as Ralph Flanagan, Adolph Kiefer, Mike Sojka, and Jane Dillard, all made up the biggest aquatic show ever seen in the Southwest. ROBERT TARLTON P«CE S-W SWIMMING When representatives from six of the seven Southwest Conference schools met in Baylor University ' s new pool to decide the swimming champions for another year, the Longhorns were right on hand to take a first place in every event. A. M. placed second and the rest of the teams trailed with a few points apiece. The Conference meet closed the sixth season during which Texas mermen have come through undefeated by another South- western school. The only event they lost throughout the 1938-39 season was a water polo game with A. M. JOHN (HONDO) CROUCH WILLIAM (BILLY) SHIRLEY LONCHORN DIVERS After romping victoriously through a schedule of dual meets with Southwest Conference schools, the Longhorns invaded the swimming powers of the north, competing in the National Intercollegiates at the University of Michigan. Here they jumped from fifth place in the nation ' s aquatic line-up to third, due mainly to the points captured by Adolph Kiefer in the free style events and to Billy Brink ' s fourth place in the three- meter diving. Others who took part were Mike Sojka, Wally Hoffrichter, Bob Tarlton, Hondo Crouch, captain; Bill Choniski, Babe Papich, Merrill Hickey, and Harris McClamrock. JOHN (HONDO) CROUCH, Captain GOLF WITHERSPOON The Longhorn goi.f team under the able tutelage of Coach Harvey Penick. Austin Country Club professional, took its seventh consecutive Southwest Conference title in 1938. Before the Conference matches in May the Longhorns met and defeated three schools. The Longhorns played A. M. at the Austin Country Club on April 13 and defeated the Aggies four matches to two. They also defeated Rice and Southern Methodist. Texas Tech came to Austin on April 28 with what was considered a very strong team but the Tech team lost all six matches to a stronger Longhorn group. The team was composed of John Martin (Jack) Fonts, captain ; J. Ward Fonts, Wayne Middleton. Guy Witherspoon, Walter Benson, and Ralph Sharpless. Members of the team were decided by a 72 hole medal play qualifying tournament. Outside the state the Longhorns did not fare quite so well as with the Southwest Conference schools. Texas tied with Louisiana State, one of the strongest teams in the nation, and placed third in the Fourth Annual Southern Intercollegiate Golf Tournament held April 2L 22. and 23 at Athens, Georgia. The Southwest Conference matches were held in Dallas on May 12 with Texas winning the team title and Rufus King of S.M.U. taking the indi- vidual title. 1 Iiitramurals Fight Nite File Nite, the big show of the year for the unknown athlete — the intramuralist, was held March 15 in Gregory Gymna sium. Berry Whitaker, director of intramurals for men, acted as the " ring-master " for the " circus. " Much of the success of Fite Nite this year was due to the efforts of the senior intramural managers (below) Joe Frazar, Alfred Schulman, and Evans Munroe. Cauliflowers in the Makini Although boxing, wrestling, and basketball, as usual, received the most attention at Fite Nite, fencing, ping pong, and volley ball also received their share of the spotlight. Dean V. I. Moore presented the awards to the winners in these sports and to the winners in the intramural sports that were completed before Fite Nite. , Pace 257 Intramural Athletics For Men I .-■■Si TENNIS DOUBLES Champions: Charles Stewart, Bob Townsend. Delta Kappa Epsilon. HANDBALL DOUBLES Champions: John O ' Connell, Eugene Rogers. GOLF DOUBLES Champions: Harvey Weil, Richard Kleberg. Alpha Tau Omega. 1r BADMINTON Champion: (right) Chester Granville, Delta Kappa Epsilon. Runner-up : Leo LaBorde, Beaumont Club FENCING Champion: (right) Sam Greer, Rangers. Runner-up: Clifton Rogge. JUNIOR INTRAMURAL MANAGERS Intramural Athletics For Men Intramural Athletics For Men PLAYGROUND BALL Champions: Rustlers (front) Earney, Erwin, Hailey, Moon, Brahaney. (back) Granville, Brummett, Clau- don, Mann, Sparks, Malone. BASKETBALL " B " Champions: West Texas Club (front) Wooley, Jones, Head. (back) Cooper, Garrett, Elliott, Russ. WATER POLO Champions: Kappa Sigma (front) Donnelly, Miller, Anderson, (back) Tom Curlin, Hasskarl, Dar- den. Jack Curlin, Wheelock. TABLE TENNIS Champion: Jack Akin, Beaumont, Club s- Intramural Athletics For Men BASKETBALL " A " Champions: Pi Kappa Alpha (front) Siemoniet, May field, Meadows. (back) Kodgers, Killen. Forney, Pringle. VOLLEYBALL Champions: Phi Gamma Delta (front) Seay, Cooper, Ainsworth. (back) Kennedy. Frazar, Bartholow, Smyth, Bland. HANDBALL SINGLES Champion: A. E. Hoffman. Cham Club. TOUCH FOOTBALL Champions: Progressive Czechs (front) Deutsch, Conway, Eckert, E. Slovacek, Pagach, Mayfield. (middle) Svajda, Wroble, R. W. .Slovacek, Schuck, Stasney, Malish, Hlavaty. (back) Horak, Claxton, Spruiell, Hegar, Schutts, Osoba, Novosad. Pace 261 Left to right: Harvey Smith (145-lb. Boxing Champion), Howard, Monroe Smith (165-lb.), Harvey Hebert (118-lb. Wrestling Champion), Kingsbury (126-lb. Wrestling Champion). Kreil- ing (145-lb. Wrestling Champion), Countz, Harris (155-lb. Wrestling Champion). Intramural Athletics for Men BOXING AND WRESTLING Left to right: Ferrell, Mahon, Tolleson, Buck (Heavyweight Boxing Cham- pion), Bayer. Left to right: Florence (155-lb. Boxing Champion), Navies, Parker, Thurber, West (175-lb. Wrestling Champion), Kleinman, Williams. Left to right: Shepherd (118-lb. Boxing Champion), Navies, Cargill (126-lb. Boxing Champion), Crosson, Benn (135-lb. Boxing Champion), Shade (175-lb. Boxing Champion), Pellet (135-lb. Wrestling Champion), Slova- cek. FREE THROW Champion: Charles Freeman. Cardinals. ■1: 1 t 4. % ■ I Intrcuniircil Atliletics for Women TENNIS DOUBLES Left to right: Dobbs, Murray (winner), Fordtran, Johnson (winner). TENNIS DOUBLES Champions: Johnson, Murray. BADMINTON SINGLES Champion: (left) Rowlett. Runner-up: Murray. FENCING Roberta Neyland ARCHERY FINALISTS Champion: (left) Brainard. Second: Houston. Third: Mackey. Intramural Athletics for Women DECK TENNIS DOUBLES Left to right: Olsen, Raymond, Baier, Foil. GOLF Champion: Murray. Third: Johnson. Second: Beasley. BADMINTON DOUBLES Rowlett (winner), Dobbs, Ford- tran, Rutan (winner). I- j .t TENNIS SINGLES Yeager, Brown Intramural Athletics for Women SWIMMING Front: Mitchell. Back: Thomas, Couch, Hulett, Clapp, Alff, Raymond. a -o -; BASKETBALL (Non-Sorority Division) Front: Kelly, Mills, Foit, Svacek. Back: Pemberton, Jones, Terrel, Martinets, Baier. U. T. S. A. COUNCIL Front: Walker, Cosner. Middle: Baker, Beasley, Slaughter. Back: Appling, Mackey, Hiss, Brainard, Bald- ridge. BASKETBALL WINNERS Front: McKilvey, Roach, Townsend, Kokernot. Back: Houston, Burt, Small, Duls. SHUFFLEBOARD Settegast, Appling. . r »,,-« — Intramural Athletics For Women ORCHESIS Left to right: Grubbs, Webb, Wade, Dunning, Smalldon. Standing: Cosner, Waggoner, Walker, Neyland, Stenberg, Watkins. Sitting: Aschner, Adam, LeBlanc, Adelman, Jones. RACKET CLUB Front: Runge, Paul, Stafford, Schriewer, Baldridge, Pittman, Murray, Fletc her, Judy Polk, Town- send. Back: Schumacher, Ball, Duls, Chilton, Yeager, Fordtran. Brown, Jo Polk, O ' Gara. TEE CLUB Sitting: Brauer, Martin, Barrett, Thompson, Cun- ningham. Standing: Edge, Woodruff, Woodson, Walker, Gordon, Thomas, Blount, Watson, Peggy Reilly, Beasley, Archer, Nan Reilly. BOW AND ARROW Sitting: Jean Patton. Houston, Frederich. Standing: Peters, Muckelroy, Perkins, Glaner, Clark, Brewer, Ransome, Cockrell, Helen Patton, Langham. INTRAMURAL MANAGERS Front: Slaughter, Walker, Yeager, Vondrak, Ford- tran, Galloway. Middle: Pittman, Foit, Tenison, Grounds, Levy, Marwil. Back: Penick, Appling. Bowman, Kisten, Werby. TURTLE CLUB Front: Grimes, Miller, Raymond, Holly, Steinkamp, Newkirk, Alff. Middle: Riedel, Brooker, Mitchell, Slaughter, Baker, Munga, Porter. Back: Griffin, Galloway, Dillard, Ward, Redfern, Scales, Goldthwaite, Adams. tifs ilJridfe. t To»ii- in. (.m Glmr. , Lev) ' , ;rbv. I Oriicinizations i Intranniiiil Athleliis For Women ORCHESIS Leji la right: Siiialldon. Standing: Cosner, Waggoner, V. . Stenberg, Watkins. Sitting: Aschner, Adam, LoBlaiu: RACKET CLUB Front: Runge, Paul, Stafford. Schriewer, Baldridge, Pittman, Murray, Fletcher, Judy Polk, Town «cnd. Schumacher, Ball, Duls, Chilton, Yeager. . " ' ■ ,. ' Rrovvo. To Polk. O ' Gara. Sitting: Brauer, Martin, Barrett, Thomp.soii. C un- ningham. Stan ' finf:: Fa p:p. Woodruff. t ' oodson. Walker, las, Blo:. Peggy . ()W AND ARROW Sitting: Jean Patton, Houston. Fredericli. Standing: Peters, Muckelroy, Perkins, Claner. Clark. Brewer, Ransome, Cockreli, Helen Patton, Langham. INTRAMURAL MANACIEKS Front: Slaughter. Walker, Y ' k. Ford- ' Tenisoii: Grounds, Levy, •Dwman. Kislen, Weiby. iniMirm TURTLE CLUB Front: Grimes, Miller, Raymond, Holly, Sleink rk, AlfF. Middle: Riedcl, Bnxikpr, Nfitchell, Slaughter, Huai i, .nuira, Portor. Back: Griffin, Galloway. Diilard, Ward, Redfem, .S.-ales, t» ildthwaiti ' , Adams. ■ t lUi I I Publications TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS ' i-iS. ' MBmmsiimissm Top rou-: CRANE, WATTS, THOMPSON, FITZGERALD, Second row: WILKES, TOWNSEND, BRYSON, DANIELS. Business Affairs and general management of the three student publications, The Cactus, The Daily Texan, and the Texas Ranger, are supervised by the Texas Student Publications, Inc., a non-profit corporation organized in 1921 under the authority of the Students ' Assembly. The Board of Directors of the corporation consists of three faculty members appointed by the President of the University, the editors of the three publications, two repre- sentatives from the Students ' Assembly, and the president of the Students ' Association. The Board acts upon matters of general policy, approves the budget, and names the director of the Student Publications, who serves as executive officer of the organization. Members of the Board this year were Edward Crane, professor of law; J. Anderson Fitzgerald, dean of the School of Business Administration; Paul J. Thompson, chairman of the Department of Journalism; Pat Daniels, editor of The Daily Texan; Robert F. Townsend, editor of The Cactus; Alice Mary Adams Watts, editor of the Texas Ranger; John Bowden Connally, president of the Students ' Association; Lillian La Verne Bryson and Lowell Lyndon Wilkes, representatives from the Students ' Assembly. JOHN BOWDEN CONNALLY V ■ aammammmmm s l.a..l.ll.:a.:l. im TEXAS STUDENT PUBLICATIONS J Top row: DYKE, BAETHE, BASFORD, BURT, WALTER, MITCHELL. Second row: PEARCE. RIMMER. HART, WHITTINGTON, CAHOON, McINTOSH, CECIL. Third row: WRIGHT. HILL, LITTLETON, GARRISON, RODGERS. JOHNAPELUS, WELBORN. Serving under William L. McGili, director of the Texas Student Publications, Inc., is a staff which carries on the duties incident to the business of issuing the publications. Included in the duties of the staff is the supervision of the Reference Department where cuts and photographs from all three publi- cations are filed along with biographical material on University staff members. Richard Burt Dyke is business manager of the publica- tions, Louis Baethe is comptroller, Mildred Basford is office manager, and Francis Burt is advertising manager. Other members of the staff are Woodrow Walter, Randolph Mitchell, Nancy Rebecca Pearce, Frankie Mae Welborn, William Mcintosh, Raymond Rimmer, 0. P. Whittington. Kenneth Hart, Edward Rodgers, Brice Cecil, Larry Gaboon. Cox Wright, Prentice David Hill, Virginia Garrison. Angelina Johnapelus, and Nell Andrews. B. T. Littleton was the Cactus studio photographer this year. WILLIAM L. McGILL The 1939 The Cactus staff this year was one of the largest and most capable staffs in many years. Al King, the associate editor, had one of the biggest tasks as editor of the chronolog section. It fell to his lot to think of clever things to say about several thousand students whose pictures appear in the feature section. He also wrote the information about the buildings in the view section. Capable work was also done by Charles Petet, editor of the fraternity section, and Elizabeth Niggli, editor of the sorority section, who compiled and wrote the copy for their parts of the book. Petet was assisted by Julius Seligmann, Warren Whitson, and Herbert Fisher. Jeanne Schneider, Mary Borden, Barbara Benton, and Betty Johnson assisted with the sorority section. Mary Myles Mitchell, a very dependable and capable worker, had the task of editing three sections of the book, the campus section, stage and platform, and the dormitory division. She was assisted by Norma Kasch and Mary Katherine Metcalfe. Most of the athletic section was compiled and written by Ross Brown. He handled all sports except football, which was written by H. L. Simpson, cross country, written by Homer Bly, and swimming, which was written by Paul Williams. The honorary section was edited by John Wells with the very able assistance of Charles Keuper and Stanley Jung. Oma Ray Walker edited the club section. She was assisted by Jack Howard and Virginia Freeman. Virginia Parton handled the limelight section and Walter Mathis and Anita Darst were editors of the administration section. Photography assistants on the staff were Amon Carter, Arthur Steel, Joe Demic, and Mary Hearne. Other members of the staff were Clyde La Motte, La Verne Bryson, Leslie Carpenter, Marjorie Osborne, Russell Leonard, Stanley Banks, Thomas U. Taylor, Gates Brelsford, Bill Harvin, James Slator, and Clyde Garrett. ROBERT F. TOWNSEND, editor ALFRED KING, associate editor H. L. SIMPSON and MARY MYLES MITCHELL asi ist BOB and AL. ' m - Cactus ... A PICTORIAL RECnUI) Since the 1939 Cactus is really an attempt to give a chronological picture of the year at The University of Texas, it has no formal theme. The enlarged feature section carries the greater part of the load of providing this picture of student life. It starts with registration and proceeds to give an almost day by day pictorial account of events having to do with the student body of the University. Every effort was made to have this section as representative as possible. Simplicity is the keynote of this year ' s annual. Color is furnished by the borders, the natural color photographs on the main division pages, and the lime- light section. All pictures of outstanding students, the Goodfellows, Bluebonnet Belles, the Belle candidates, and Sweetheart and Sweetheart nominees have been placed in one section this year. The football, tennis, and feature sections have been enlarged and a view section has been added. A panel of informal pictures has been used on all fraternity and sorority pages to give variety to this section of the book. Production of the book was speeded up this year through the opening of the Cactus Studio. This studio was operated by the Cactus in its office. All studio pictures for classes and the fraternity and sorority section, as well as a number of posed informal pictures, were made in the studio by B. T. Littleton, Cactus photographer. Pictures of the Bluebonnet Belles, the Belle candidates, and the Sweetheart and Sweetheart nominees were made by Mrs. Virginia Leberman at the Christianson-Leberman Studio. All finishing work on pictures made in the Cactus Studio was also done by Christianson-Leberman Studio. The natural color photo- graphs, the views, and many of the athletic and other informal pictures were made by Elwood Payne of Paralta Studios. The engraving was done this year by Stafford ' s of Fort Worth and much of the credit for speeding up pro- duction of the 1939 Cactus is due to the efforts of Bill Murphee of Stafford ' s. The printing was done by Gulf Publishing Company of Houston. Bill Hudspeth of this firm gave the Cactus his time and personal attention, and his able assistance in the selection of type, colors, paper, and in generally getting the book printed, has added much to the annual. Bruno Lore of Fort Worth again designed the Cactus. f fi- Top row: Freeman, Petct, Mitchell, Mathis, Parton, DarsI, Niggli, Wells, Walker. Second row: Fisher, Jung, Howard. Kciiprr, Borden. Carter. Whitson, Kasrh. Seligmann. Third row: Johnson. Simpson, La Motte, Williams, Osborne, Benton, Schneider, Steel, Bryson. Fourth row: Slator, Brelsford, Ely, Brown, Taylor, Carpenter, Harvin, Garrett, Leonard, Banks. " i;:.;i. O ' f 13 The Daily Taking advantage of " special opportunities, " the 1938-39 Daily Texan published a record number of special editions. Starting in the summer of 1938 with the Freshman Edition of thirty pages, the list this year contains the Registration issue of thirty- six pages; College of Fine Arts section of four pages, published on slick yellow paper in brown ink; the ' " Beat A. M. " edition of four pages, printed in orange and white; the O ' Daniel Inaugu ration, twelve pages; Thanksgiving issue, twenty pages; President Rainey special, eight pages Round-Up. forty-two pages, with the main interest centered around the Bluebonnet Belle section pub lished on slick paper using " Bluebonnet Blue ' ink — the most elaborate pictorial section the Texan has ever attempted. The editorial policy of the Texan was con- cerned mainly with campus subjects, and the paper waged several fights to secure better conditions for student government. Strong support was given to the band hall drive of the Longhorn Band, to the proposed Pan-American Institute, and to an in- crease of University appropriations. The biennial fight against the R.O.T.C. for the campus was conducted. A second clean-up campaign was conducted, in cooperation with the city and state health de- partments; and. rather than carrying inspections only to the cafes, Texan urged the health units to take the campaign to boarding, fraternity an d sorority houses, and dormitories as well. As a member of the Austin and University Safety Councils, the Texan paid particular attention to traffic safety conduct of students, and urged strict adherence to safe driving methods throughout the year. The campus paper also did much to get obsolete traffic rules abolished by the Austin City Council, and a uniform system of traffic fines was adopted. The Texan was presented an award by the Austin and United States Junior Chambers of Com- merce in recognition and appreciation for outstand- ing civic and social work. Special stress was placed on athletic events, and more sports pictures were published. The Texan was given much credit, because of the " Aggie Adjustment Act " fight and the " Beat A. M. " special, for creating much interest in the Thanksgiving game with A. M. The campus radio program, sponsored by the Texan, consisted of 15-minute news broadcasts and interviews each night, with a 30-minute variety pro- gram on Saturday nights. The Bureau of Student Opinion, started by the paper last year, was continued, and worked in cooperation with the Student Opinion Surveys of America. As a result of the efforts of the Texan to give complete and accurate news coverage, reader in- terest was increased. Because of the vigorous, out- spoken editorial stands taken, the paper continued to deserve its title as a " fighting Texan. " ntr ' ». " wm m ' :t ' ' ii W ' y- Texan VOICE OF THE STUOENT BODY The Daily Texan staff, increasing annually, this year again reached a new peak, with more than two hundred and fifty students taking an active part in the production of the campus newspaper. Serving as night editors were Max B. Skelton, La Verne Bryson, Tomme Call. Jim Anderson. Lois Sager. Cy Long, Helen Fay Passmore, and Everett Shirley. June Adams was society editor and Anita Cook was her assistant. The sports editor was Clarence La Roche, and serving as his assistants were Clyde LaMotte and V. J. Van Cleave. Vernon (Skinny) Childers was the edi- torial counselor. Radio editors were Dick Vi ' atts and Margarette Garrison. Boyd Sinclair served as amusements editor, with Jack Dolph as his assistant. Oma Ray Walker was telegraph editor. Jim Anderson managed the Bureau of Student Opinion with Waldo Niebuhr as his assistant. Max Skelton also served as feature editor. The exchange editor was Lester Campbell. Pat Holt, in addition to his duties as special assignments reporter, served as politi- cal editor. Other students who did outstanding work on the paper this year were Bill IXewkirk. Virginia Parton. Clifford Snowden, Hal Bridges. Charles 0. Brown, L E. Clark. Mary Cone Dees. Bill Durnal. Elizabeth Gordon. Elizabeth Ann Harrell. Pat Hanna. Dorothy Jean Hous- man. Ben Kaplan, Harper Leiper. Burke McGinty. Joe James, Joe Neiser, Don Patteson, J. Olcutt Sanders. Margaret Schonerstedt, Harold Shelansky, Nella Mae Steussy, John Wagner, Bob Syler, Shirley Wallace, Bernard Seigle, Arthur White, Royce Yancey, Mac Roy Rasor. Ernest Sharpe. Elizabeth Wharton, J. C. Gresham, Joe Malec, Duke Sutherland, Jack Butler, Bob Whitten, Mary C. Smith, Harriet Samon, Bob McEwen, Gene Legler, Bill Stringer, Alfred Landers, Bobby McKinley, Fred McGahey. Herschel Kornblatt, Ann Wilkins, Lucy Brown. Dorothea Lyle. Truman MacMahan, Patti Mc- Daniel, Henry Zimmerman, Paul Williams, Dorothy Strachan, Bill Cowan, Mary Aubyn Townsend, Billy Sansing, Ann Ward, W. B. Etheridge, Grover Waterman. Wiley Clarkson, Bob Alterman, Raymond White, Miriam Rives, Bob Goodrich, Christine Evans, Mary Katherine Metcalfe, Doraine Geiger, Flora Gordon, Lawrence Liberty, Lillian Mueller, Joe Whitley, Bob McKena. Jack Scharnberg, Sterling Robertson, Joel West- brook, Doll Thompson, Jack Foster, Jack Guinn, Evelyn Yates, Betty Baker, Albert Vanzura, Mary Maxine Ault. Bob Frederick, Anne L. Graves, Florence Heller, and Bettinel Phillips. The staff personnel would not be complete without mention of ' illiam (Bill) Mcintosh, night supervisor, who added much to the efficiency and general appearance of the paper. TEXAS RANGER u I . I _ _J _ ' I A Top row: LANFORD, ECKHARDT, HILL, HUFF, GUINN, DEMIC, JAMES. Second row: McKINLEY, VICK, PENNYCUICK, CARPENTER, ALEXANDER, HARNESS, WESTFALL. On a few square feet of the Journalism Building — Room 5, we quaintly call it — the nefarious staff of the Texas Ranger plans evil attacks upon Student morals. Here the Old Guard gathers to regret the passing of the good old days, and tomorrow ' s Old Guard begins to develop. The present 0. G. consists of Bob Eckhardt, ex-editor and creator of the Hobbs Boys ; Jack Guinn, cartoonist and writer of merciless satire ; Bobby McKinley, cartoonist and writer; Curtis Bishop, ex-editor, ex-student, who contributes copy from East Texas; Alice Mary Adams Watts, editor; and Margaret Lanford, associate editor. Active staff members include Prentice David Hill, cartoonist, critic, and creator of the silly Little Ranger; Helene Huff, fashion editor; Joe Demic, photography editor; Roy Pennycuick, gossip editor; and Joe James, this year ' s cartoonist and writer, next year ' s editor. His associate, Joe Neiser, has likewise been an occasional contributor of satiric wit. Undoubtedly a part of tomorrow ' s Old Guard are Burke McGinty, master of gentle humor; Hal Bridges, verbal caricaturist; Earl Simms, whose fine pen illustrations add zest to anybody ' s story; Billy Westfall, cartoonist of beautiful women; and Leslie Carpenter, who has suffered much. Music critic honors go to Pat Harness for the first semester, and Cy Long for the second. Honorable mention goes to Shock-Absorbers Paul J. Thompson, Edward Crane, John Connally, Stanley Neely, and Sidney Reagan, who, as censors, have unselfishly endangered their own morals to preserve those of the peepul. ALICE MARY ADAMS WATTS Editor lir tr THE ALCALDE FRANCES LOUISE MUELLER, JOHN A. McCURDY JOHN A. McCURDY Executive Secretary Ex-Students Association The Alcalde, which has been published regularly as a monthly magazine since April, 1913, is the official publication of the Ex-Students ' Association of The University of Texas. The name " Alcalde " was borrowed from the Spanish and means mayor or chief. Governor O. M. Roberts, who played a large part in the establishment of the University and who was a member of its first faculty, was affectionately known to the students as " the old Alcalde. " It was in December, 1895, that a student publication called the " Alcalde " appeared on the campus. After several years, other student publications replaced the weekly journal. The name " Alcalde " was not used again until it was adopted in 1913 by the Ex-Students ' Association for its official publication. The Alcalde serves as the principal medium of contact between the University and that loyal and interested group of exes which constitute the membership of the Ex-Students ' Association. The publication is definitely a news organ, containing information about students, faculty and University affairs as well as news items about the activities of ex-students. It keeps exes in closer touch with their growing University and with each other. The goal of the Alcalde is to have an informed ex-student body, sympathetically awake to the needs of the University. THE DAILY TEXAN The Daily Texan, first college daily in the South, has for the second successive year been awarded AU-American Pacemaker rating, the highest possible. In October the Texan will celebrate its thirty-ninth birthday as a paper and on September 24, 1939, its twenty-sixth anniversary as a daily. There were two forerunners to the Texan proper. The University Calendar and The Ranger. The Calendar was first published on March 21, 1899, with the motto " By the Students, For the Students. " The Ranger was a " Weekly Journal of College Life, " and also appeared in 1899. As an organ of the student body the Texan first appeared on October 8, 1900, when the enrollment was 582. After four issues as a private enterprise, it became the official school paper. It had five column sheets and appeared on Saturday. After two years the Students ' Association was formed and in 1904-05 it took over as one of its specific duties, the control of the publications. In the fall of 1907 the paper became a semi-weekly issued on Wednesday and Saturday. The first daily paper was distributed in September, 1913, when S. E. Mezes was President of the University and 1,953 students were registered. The first seven column Texan appeared on January 14, 1920. The Summer Texan was begun in 1919. On July 6, 1921, the Texas Student Publications, Inc., was granted a charter and took over supervision of the paper. Other amendments were added to the charter in 1930 to give the paper its present set-up. And so after a period of thirty-nine years the Texan has become the publication of a student body numbering 11,000. It is edited, written, and read by University students. • ,a P t F fJ , , . jm. j m s m j r j ' « 4«««j ' .JM- . jMB aaaBB I I i;.:4.E2.3 ii t - Honoraries arar f0 Founded, Chicago, Illinois, March 12, 1916 Kappa Chapter Established April 18, 1931 Sixteen Active Chapters PI TAU SIOIHA Honorary Mechanical Engineering Fraternity Bottom row: Woolrich, Scanlan, Hill, D. Wilson, Niland, Johnson, Besserer, Powers. Second row: Malone, Scott. Pace, Lary, F. Wilson, Bartels, Dunklin. Third row: Moss, Payne, Vance, Crockett, Lane, Begeman. Fourth row: Goerner, Marsh, Bodemuller. OFFICERS President Davis Douglas Wilson Vice-President Joseph Frances Hill Recording Secretary William Henry Marsh Corresponding Secretary Rudolph Bodemuller Treasurer James Ernest McMichael FACULTY MEMBERS M. L. Begeman J. L. Bruns H. E. Degler V. L. Doughtie Bernhard Julius Bartels Bill Besserer Rudolph Bodemuller Harold Brown Crockett Don Duane Dunklin Frank Anderson Goerner Louis Oscar Gueldner Gerald Adolph Gustafson Joseph Frances Hill E. M. Johnson Carl Eckhardt M. M. Heller Alfred Kettler MEMBERS J. Ford Johnston John E. Kainer William Allen Lane Frank Byrd Lary James Ernest McMichael James Leland Malone William Henry Marsh Edward Harry Moss Pat Barry Niland Edwin Lancaster Pace Byron Short T. U. Taylor W. R. Woolrich Alex Vallance Walter Edward Payne Ralph Elwood Powers Jack Scanlan John Milton Scott Brady Virgil Tunnell John T. Vance Davis Douglas Wilson James Fort Wilson Willis Raymond Woolrich, Jr. Pi Tau Sigma has as its object the fostering of the high ideals of the engineering pro- fession, the stimulating of interest in mechanical engineering activities, and the promoting of the mutual, professional welfare of its members in college and in practice. Members are chosen on a basis of sound engineering ability, scholarship, personality, and probable future success in their chosen field of mechanical engineering. Members are elected twice a year from the junior and senior classes of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. At the fall election, members are chosen from the upper thirty-three per cent of the senior class and from the upper seventeen per cent of the junior class; at the spring election, only from the upper twenty-five per cent of the junior class. DAVIS DOUGLAS WILSON SIGMA IOTA EPSILON Honorary and Professional Business Management Fraternity Founded, University of Illinois, January, 1927 Texas Chapter Established 1928 Four Active Chapters LAY. I.OPER. PATTEN, METZGER. Second row: McCARTER, SUMMERS, SWINT, BOYER. OFFICERS General Manager Joe William Loper Assistant General Manager Robert Ray McCarter Controller Cecelia Jane Metzger Finance Manager Emmett Tobias Summers Personnel Manager Neal Eskew FACULTY MEMBERS Chester F. Lay Julian Baldwin Jim Tom Barton Jack Wesley Boyer Hunter Cherry Sam Cook Neal Eskew Keith Davis Thomas Francis Edwards John R. Stockton MEMBERS Huhert Jones WiUon Lewis Joe William Loper Robert Ray McCarter Cecelia Jane Metzger Frances Patten W. A. Quinn Emmett Tobias Summers Elwin Odell Swint Nolvin Ward Lee Jesse Willborn Tim Williams SPRING INITIATES Harry Miller Heffner Walter Maddox Martin Robert Mullins Moore Ernest Lee Sanford James Sylvester Watkins JOE WILLIAM LOPER SiCMA Iota Epsilon has as its purpose the promotion of a high standard of scholarship and the maintenance of an active interest in managerial activity among the students registered for this course in the School of Business Administration. Requirements for membership demand at least a " B " average in all managerial courses, a high general average in other courses, and that the new members be selected from the senior class or from those doing graduate work. HI ■!!■.■! M Alpha Epsilon Delta Honorary Pre-Medical Fraternity ♦ OFFICERS President William Franklin McLean Vice-President Jesse Eldon Thompson Secretary Charles Irwin Fisher Treasurer Marion Eugene Lahey Historian Lewis Tobian Faculty Advisor C. R. Johnson ] J. R. Bailey W. S. Carter D. B. Casteel H. W. Harper HONORARY MEMBERS H. R. Henze T. S. Painter J. T. Patterson E. P. Schoch Alfred Abramson Lawrence Barnett William Don Battle Robert Heniy Boe Raymond Gowdy Boster Arnold Lee Brown Wesley Alan Childs Denton Arthur Cooley Jack Ray Cox Charles Irwin Fisher Edward Ellas Garber Robert Grady Garrison Hilburn Doyle Gilliam Sam Jones Greer Ben Ainsworth Hammack Capres Stripling Hatchett MEMBERS Charles Counce Hightower John William Hrissikopoulos Herbert Henry Janszen James Hoyt Jenkins Julian Merrill Key Marion Eugene Lahey Livius Lee Lankford Lucius Rash Lindley Walter Kaapke Long Oliver Wendell Lowrey Alfred Edgar Luckett William Albert McKinley William Franklin McLean Ralph Dominic Mahon Warren Woodman Moorman Walter Samuel Parks Howard Roderick Pearce Alex Daniel Pokorney Charles Oakley Ramsey Raymond Jaye Rimmer Leonard Marshall Rosengarten Jay Talmadge Shurley Ervin Jacob Skrivanek Keith Garten Teeter Jesse Eldon Thompson Lewis Tobian John Wesley Whitten Ross Elmore Whittenburg Sumner Harold Willens Daniel Charles Wunderman Elmer Staten Wynne Alpha Epsilon Delta has as its purpose the binding together of students with the same interest, to encourage scholastic excellence in pre-medical work, to crystallize any movement for the good of the pre-medical student, and to bridge the gap between pre-medical students and those in the School of Medicine. To be eligible, a student must have completed one year at the University, and have maintained a general average of " B, " and also a " B " average in sciences. Each candidate must receive a favorable vote from the three-fourths of the active members after due con- sideration of personality, character, industry, dependability, and general ability. ftn Alpha Lambda Delta Honorary Organization for Freshman Women Founded, University of Illinois, May 31, 1924 Texas Chapter Established December 13, 1935 Thirty-seven Active Chapters OFFICERS President Virginia Frances Vaughan Vice-President Billie Simmons Secretary Grace Annette Biesele Treasurer Nan Lee Gay Reporter Susan Shelton Walker Historian Julia Lee Daniel CLASS OF 1941 Estelle Angelina Ashton Ruth Ellen Barker Helen Anne Berman Grace Annette Biesele Leone Cecilia Block Mary Rhodes Borden Lucille Hortense Browne Virginia Wilson Buckner Lillie Marie Canady Myrtle Jeanne Clark Margaret Marie Conway Joy Margaret Corl)in Sara Margret Crockett Julia Lee Daniel Margaret Doggett Nan Lee Gay Willa Mae Gidley Lorna Rae Gregory Mary Virginia Griggs Blanche Bernice Hall Adine Helen Harrison Dorothy Nan Harrison Jeraldine Hill Mary Ruth Huntington Marjorie Marie Johnsen Ruby Charlotte Kavanaugh Elizabeth Kee Mary Alice Keeton Mary Steger McLain Ellen Pickard MacKenzie Virginia Arniinta Mahan Virginia Hudson Martin Rickie Ino Mezger May Moore Alice Ann Nitschke Mary Elizabeth Notley Mary Elizabeth Odem Frances Kellie O ' Neill Floy Elizabeth Ottinger Oma Lucille Ray Roselle Maud Riskind Katherine Elmere Schlafli Hildegard Schmalenbeck Billie Simmons Sarah Snyder Jonell Stewart Edith Louise Thurston Evelyn Gladys Timm Lucille Evelyn Treybig Virginia Frances Vaughan Dorothy Jean Wager Susan Shelton Walker Jane Yantis Vivian Louise Whites CLASS OF 1942 Myra D. Barnhill Edith Arundel Bell Eleanor Bishop Waldine Brogan Jane Elizabeth Caplen Billie Carolyn Edmonson Esther Mae Erickson Zuella Gibbons Hazel Louise Harrod Noami Beulah Howerton Nina Andriana John Martha Kennard Bernice Pauline Mezzetti Ervie Lucille Mueller Patti Duggan Nolen Dolores Marion Rebstein Frances Inez Rock Mary Elizabeth Schmidt Helene Estelle Silverman Frances Gertrude Simpson Marianna Smith Margaret Jean Spillar Margaret Brice Sullivan Jean Ann Templin Margaret Evelyn Tomkies Eleanor Ann Van Zandt Shirley Rita Wallace Caroline Webster Emogene White Louise Willis Leona Lorraine Winters Alpha Lambda Delta provides stimulation, development, and recognition of scholarship among first-year women of the University and encourages further high scholastic attainment throughout the remainder of their University life. An average of three " A ' s " and two " B ' s " in fifteen hours of work or four " A ' s " in twelve hours the first semester of the freshman year is the requirement for membership. : H ' M; ' " ! Ill-: - " il.b P- r Vtif. - Beta Alpha Psi Honorary and Professional Accounting Fraternity Founded, University of Illinois, February 12, 1919 Theta Chapter Established, May 31, 1924 Eighteen Actiye Chapters : • OFFICERS President Charles Allan Watson Vice-President Bill Duke Walser Permanent Vice-President John Arch White Secretary -Treasurer JOE Frank Boydstun I Leo G. Blackstock William F. Farrar S. P. Garner Leo C. Haynes Chester F. Lay George H. Newlove FACULTY MEMBERS C. D. Simmons C. Aubrey Smith Charles Sparenberg Ellis M. Sowell Fladger F. Tannery John A. White J. B. Allred HONORARY MEMBERS J. A. Phillips A. C. Upleger Floyd Bailey Joe Frank Boydstun Byron Wilson Cain John William Cargile Hunter Cherry Keith Davis Benjamin Foster Dunlap John Christopher Dunlap Jack Keith Ellison Maurice Robert Fincher Douglas Mayo Gragg MEMBERS Laurence Eastland William Lloyd Fanning William Paul George Maurice Dudley Gowland Sara Frank Graham Joe Francis Gray George Breece Greenfield John Pickens Harbin SPRING INITIATES Ned Franklin Jackson Hunter Herbert Schieffer Alton Lester Sears Robert Ernest Keeton James Richard Moore Robert Anthony Moran Herschel Ira North Herman Lee Schieffer Bill Duke Walser Charles Allan Watson Perrin Glenn Williams ii Lem Edwin Smith William Stephen Swayze Vern Hargrave Vincent Beta Alpha Psi, honorary and professional accounting fraternity, strives to promote the study of accounting according to highest ethical standards, to encourage fraternal relations between professional men, instructors, and students of accounting, and to develop high moral, scholastic, and professional attainments of its members. The membership requirements are a " B " average in accounting courses and a " C " average in all other courses. Personality and interest in the accounting profession are considered along with the scholastic requirements. Beta Ganiina Sigma National Honorary Business Administration Fraternity OFFICERS President E. Karl McGinnis Vice-President Dorothy Ayres Secretary -Treasurer Everett G. Smith J. Anderson Fitzgerald Dorothy Ayres J. C. DoUey Ruth Estelle Gold Alice M. B. Holmes Harold Burke Horton Chester F. Lay FACULTY MEMBERS E. Karl McGinnis Maebess Matthews Jean D. Neal George H. Newlove William A. Nielander Edwin W. Olle C. D. Simmons C. Aubrey Smith Everett G. Smith Charles Sparenberg Florence M. Stiillken Stella Traweek John A. White Leah Wilson A. P. Winston Ralph Melot Burns Joe Robert Greenhill Robert Ernest Keeton LAW STUDENTS Alfred Ashbrook King Julian Milton Meer Ramsey Lycurgus Moore Robert Roland Poston Clint Charles Small, Jr. Hugh Lynn Steger Virginia Lee Dickson GRADUATE STUDENTS Herschel L North William Paul George Hermene Nell Baur Evelyn Ruth Cherkas UNDERGRADUATES William Eugene Collins Keith Davis Velda Viola Woods Dorothy Lee Kreiter Joe William Loper Betty Anne Bloss Byron Wilson Cain John William Cargile Benjamin Foster Dunlap John Christopher Dunlap Wiley Neil Johnson SPRING INITIATES Cecil Carol McCrary Robert Anthony Moran Edwin William Morris Josephine Jane Paylor Herbert Mathias Schwartz Frances Lucille Sibley OUie Roy Stevenson Vern Hargrave Vincent Charles Allan Watson Jane Weeren Perrin Glenn Williams Emmett Cecil Wilson Hunter Herbert Schieffer The purpose of Beta Gamma Sigma is to encourage and reward scholarly accomplishments among students in American collegiate schools of commerce and business administration. Active membership is limited to graduate and undergraduate students of either sex who are candidates for a degree in commerce or business administration. New members are elected at the beginning of the second semester in each academic year and after the June and August commencements. Those who rank in the upper tenth of the graduating classes are eligible for membership. Juniors who rank among the highest two per cent may be elected in the second semester of that year. Chancellors Honorary Society of the School of Law Founded, The University of Texas, 1912 OFFICERS Grand Chancellor Walter Brooks Morgan Vice-Grand Chancellor James Daffan Caldwell Clerk Raymond Augustus Lynch Keeper of Peregrinus Leroy Gilbert Denman FACULTY MEMBERS E. W. Bailey W. 0. Huie W. Page Keeton Covey T. Oliver Benno C. Schmidt Preston Shirley A. W. Walker Joseph A. Wickes Walter Brooks Morgan James Daffan Caldwell Raymond Augustus Lynch Leroy Gilbert Denman William E. Ward Thomas Marion Phillips MEMBERS Eugene Walter Nelson Louis Reshin Frumer William Carloss Morris Clinton Charles Small Frank L. Merrill J. Waddy Bullion Whitfield James Collins Thad Thomson Hutcheson Julian Milton Meer Rush Hammell Record Carlos Christian Cadena Chancellors is a local organization founded to provide a means of honoring those students who, through a combina- tion of consistent scholarship, personality, and achievement, have shown themselves most likely to become a credit to their profession and to their alma mater. It is the most coveted scholarship society in the School of Law. Only those law students who stand at the top of their class are eligible for membership in Chancellors, and a unanimous vote is required for admission. The maximum number of new members to be elected each school year is twelve although the usual number is ten, five in the fall and five in the spring. New members are notified of their election by being tapped on Tap Day. Chi Epsilon Honorary Civil Engineering Fraternity OFFICEHS President Marvin Vancil Brooks Vice-President Oscar Kelfer Secretary Victor Oscar Bunata Treasurer DeVerne Reed Kittles Associate Editor of the Transit Burley Davis Richmond E. C. H. Bantel P. M. Ferguson S. P. Finch FACULTY MEMBERS J. A. Focht Banks McLaurin T. U. Taylor MEMBERS Birge Davis Alexander Darrell Jesse Bandy Jack Wharton Bartholow Ted Ohmstead Bartholow Marvin Vancil Brooks Victor Oscar Bunata Oscar Kelfer DeVerne Reed Kittles George Doyle Prock Burley Davis Richmond Charles Everett Thompson Purpose: To place a mark of distinction on those civil and architectural engineers who have distinguished themselves by high scholastic records and personal leadership. Character, scholarship, practicality, and sociability are the four principles which form a basis for the selection of members. Only those seniors and juniors in the upper third of their respective classes are eligible. En5 ifmmJm-i,4imimm »k»itm.%wm mm ■m.M » m-M.n mu Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Administration Fraternity Founded, New York University, November 7, 1907 Beta Kappa Chapter Established December 13, 1930 Fifty-five Active Chapters OFFICERS Headmaster Carroll Edward Brown Chan-cellar Robert Beegle Kemp Treasurer Donald Robert Richardson Scribe Malcolm Samuel Vaughan Faculty Advisor William P. Boyd William P. Boyd Franklin L. Cox J. C. Dolley FACULTY MEMBERS John H. Frederick Leo C. Haynes Watrous H. Irons Everett G. Smith Fladger F. Tannery Neil Kenton Alexander Ronald J. Baethe Robert Roy Baines Basil Bernard Bell Jack Wesley Boyer Melton Lee Briggs Carroll Edward Brown William Jenkins Craig Travis Clay Evans Lewis Eichholt George Weldon Gartman John McCoy Goodman John Andrew Hatcher Edward George Hauschild MEMBERS Raymond O. Horn Everett Lee Jaco Walter Wilson Jenkins Robert Beegle Kemp John Patrick Kinney Charles Cecil Langdon Tom Hanney Lear John Harold Mclntire Howard Albert Mahafifey Howard Nathan Martin Richard Gurnett Nathan Robert Ayres Nichols Edward Branch Rather Sydney Chandler Reagan Donald Robert Richardson Edward Joseph Russell Stanley James Scott Thomas Emerson Sears Floyd Clarence Smith Ferrell D. Smith John David Smith El win Odell Swint Malcolm Samuel Vaughan Woodrow James Walter Wendel Eugene Wendt Tom H. Wheat Louis Booth Williams George Henry Zeiss Emmitt Connolly Barrow Frank Ross Brown Richard Harrison Craig William Jenkins Craig PLEDGES Otto Louis Dusek Jack Keith Ellison Philip Loren Hendrix Sam Walter Kirkpatrick James Albert Martin Lon Lipscomb Nusom Hilliard Smith Thomas Charles Edward Volz Merlin Emil Wiemers i Delta Sigma Pi encourages the study of business in universities, fosters scholarship and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; it promotes close affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce and attempts to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture for the practical betterment of the community. The prospective member must be registered in the School of Business Administration and must have maintained at least a scholastic average of " C " in his work. New members are selected by secret ballot twice each year, and while the number of men admitted to the fraternity is not limited, usually only ten men affiliate each semester. f gJi-B w ■■ m Eta Kappa Nu Honorary Electrical Engineering Fraternity Founded, University of Illinois, October, 1904 Psi Chapter Established April, 1928 Thirty Active Chapters OFFICERS President Marion Edwin Forsman Vice-President Harold Beauford Riggs Treasurer John Griffith Traxler Recording Secretary Raymond Winfield Farr Corresponding Secretary Rufus Thomas Malin Bridge Correspondent Henry Lovell Post Read Cranberry J. W. Ramsay FACULTY MEMBERS Joe E. Ward W. R. Woolrich William Kenneth Barton Robert Richey Clarke Sam Harrison Crain Carl Olin Danquard Frank Ramsey Dickey Raymond Winfield Farr Marion Edwin Forsman MEMBERS Glenn Glasford Wilbur Edward Gustafson James Milton Headrick Harold Beauford Riggs Andrew Jackson McCrocklin Rufus Thomas Malin Henry Lovell Post Myron Bond Pence Robert Francis Romero Jack Edward Schrameck John Griffith Traxler Hoyt Sloan Westcott Gifford Elmore White Eta Kappa Nu elects its members from students and others in the profession who have manifested, by their attainments in college or in practice, exceptional interest and marked ability in electrical engineering. Qualifications also include scholarship and personal qualities which seem to indicate success in the profession. Its purposes are to stimulate and reward high scholarship among electrical engineering students; to serve as integrating and motivating force in electrical engineering departments of colleges; to serve the engineering division and college at large; to aid members after graduation ; to foster closer cooperation and bring mutual benefits to students, teachers, and others in the profession ; and to advance the profession by contributing services of lasting value. " •■ " I ij; ' Iota Sigma Pi Honorary Chemical Fraternity Founded, University of California, 1 900 Tellurium Chapter Established 1931 Twenty-two Active Chapters OFFICERS President Margaret Roberta Brown Vice-President Emily See Metcalfe Recording Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Ann Weaver Corresponding Secretary Fannie Laura Powell Historian Marie Morrow Faculty Advisor Jet Winters f Leta Henderson Hellen King FACULTY MEMBERS Jet Winters Marie Morrow Hilda Rosene ASSOCL TE MEMBERS Mary Lou Cole Evelyn Rose Koemel Margaret Roberta Brown Ruth Perla Harrison Doris Mildred Hughes MEMBERS Mary Lou Mcllhany Emily See Metcalfe Fannie Laura Powell Peggy Edwards Rehm Madge Townley Margaret Ann Weaver Iota Sicma Pi has as its purpose the promotion of the mutual scientific, scholastic, and social advancement of its members in chemical fields. The local chapter consists of two groups, active members enrolled in the University and alumnae members who now live in Austin. The chapter holds supper meetings each month. Meml)ers are elected twice yearly from those girls who have credit for at least twenty hours in chemistry, a " B " average in chemistry, and a general " B " average. Among the activities of the organization are the sponsoring of various scientific functions and an annual tea honoring girls taking chemistry and the staff members of the Department of Chemistry. XI I! Muaesi WR M I »-M.m:m.m. ■.. N Omicroii Nu Honorary Home Economics Fraternity Founded, Michigan State College, January, 1912 Upsilon Chapter Established March 28, 1924 OFFICERS President Hazel Jane Swift Vice-President Frances Margaret Bullard Secretary Anne Catherine Mackey Treasurer Peggy Edwards Rehm Reporter Margaret Murray Faculty Sponsor Elizabeth Tarpley MEMBERS Frances Margaret Bullard Caroline Grace Hendon Anne Catherine Mackey Emily Antoinette Metcalfe Margaret Murray Anna Bess Ratliff Peggy Edwards Rehm Hazel Jane Swift SPRING INITIATES Ilene Webster Clark Nancy Cooper Jo Jones Selette Jacks Wash Loucille Grace Langham Velma Lois Schulz Ruth Christine Steinkamp Omicron Nu is a national organization which has for its purpose the promotion of scholarship, leadership and research in the field of home economics. At present there are thirty-two chapters. Membership is based on scholarship, character and the promise of future achievement. Second semester juniors and seniors having a " B " average are eligible for membership. Each year Omicron Nu entertains honor students in the Department of Home Economics with a tea. Together with the Home Economics Club it sponsors open cultural meetings throughout the year and a traditional Christmas program. .f] ! r 1 - Phi Beta Kappa Scholastic and Honorary Fraternity for Men and Women Founded, William and Mary College, 1776 Alpha of Texas Established 1905 One Hundred and Twenty-two Active Chapters OFFICERS President Florence M. Stullken Secretary Arnold Romberg Mary Caroline Casey Stanley Lewis Clayton James Wendell Dibrell L. L. Dinkins Marilee Eddins Hibernia Hassell FALL INITIATES Class of 1938 Henry John Hauschild Aubrey Row McKinney Genevieve B. Morrow Pearl Betty Paul Seth Hamilton Parsons Marienne Reed Class of 1939 Louise Hilma Ballerstedt Ivan Carl Belknap John Julius Biesele David Smith Chambers William Rufus Choate Frances Pauline Dushek Margaret Barrow Fisher Alfred Searcy Frobese Milton Rudolph Hejtmancik Carol Fausdick HoUister Martha Rebecca Huff Barbara Mary Hull Maude Anabel Lee Sarah Louise Lipscomb William Albert McKinley William Franklin McLean Helen Herminia Machemehl Ralph Dominic Mahon Bernice Stephens Myers Josephine Pile Jewel Popham Ernest Alonzo Sharp Everett Lee Shirley Jesse Eldon Thompson Ernest Joseph Villavaso Charles Allen Watson Johanna Thusnelda Winkler Leon Herman Adickes Theodore Apstein Juliette Jane Canfield Horace Chesterfield Davis Kenneth W. Erickson Ida Candler Edward Elias Garber Theodore Edward Harris Janette Elizabeth Hicks SPRING INITIATES Class of 1939 Lloyd Nicholas Jeffrey Martha May Jones Jane Judge Leon Alfred Kent Baine Perkins Kerr Marion Eugene Lahey Thomas Hart Law Mary Lou Mcllhany Ruth Alvina Manz Phi Beta Kappa was originally a social fraternity but it soon came to be recognized as the leading honorary society in America. The purpose of the fraternity is shown in its motto, " Wisdom, the guide of life. " Scholarship requirements for membership are an average halfway between an " A " and a " B " in all courses, and a somewhat higher average for transfers. Only grades made in the University are used as a basis for membership in this chapter. A nominee must be in the upper one-tenth of the graduating class to be considered for membership, and no more than the number in the one-tenth may be admitted. Members are selected twic e each year. Elections are held usually in October and March. Patricia Jane Marshall Charles Wright Mills Nina Derry Murphey Hertha Mae Nielsen Nancy Rebecca Pearce Alex Daniel Pokorny Marvin James Poole Samuel Clyde Ray Elliott Bradford Roberts James Olcutt Sanders Alfred Schulman John Gates Seaman Irene Helen Segal Edwin Hartzel Styron Joseph Lewis Sullivan Cora Lee Terry Mary Ann Tuffly Jeanette Wertheim Ruth Morehead Woods r-1-M " ' - ' ■ ar; s» ' ' ' v »)! € , Phi Delta Phi Honorary Legal Fraternity Founded, University of Michigan, November 22, 1869 Roberts ' Inn Established February 28, 1909 Fifty-eight Active Inns OFFICERS Magister Leon Mather Payne Exchequer . . Leroy Gilbert Denman Clerk James Daffan Caldwell Historian Benjamin Harrison Powell FACULTY MEMBERS E. W. Bailey Ira P. Hildebrand W. 0. Huie W. Page Keeton Covey T. Oliver Benno C. Schmidt Preston Shirley Bryant Smith A. W. Walker J. Waddy Bullion William Brown Butler James Daffan Caldwell Leroy Gilbert Denman Alfred Peyton Dohoney William Rudolf Eckhardt, III. Troupe Earnest Gammage Joe Robert Greenhill Thad Thomson Hutcheson Roland Forrest Johnson MEMBERS Franklin Clifford Jones Raymond Augustus Lynch Albert Maverick, III. Ramsey Lycurgus Moore Frank Wilbur Nesbitt Leon Mather Payne Thomas Marion Phillips M. Jones Porter Benjamin Harrison Powell Angle Frank Smith Ben Hicks Stone Jack Vickrey William E. Ward Moise Harvey Weil Edgar Ottway Weller Milton Horace West Carroll Burke Wheeler William Reagan Wiseman To BE ELIGIBLE for membership in Phi Delta Phi the student must have a seventy-five or better average in all law courses. Members are elected in the fall and in the spring. Third-year law students and some second-year law students are eligible in the fall, but in the spring only second-year students are elected. Phi Delta Phi brings students of law into contact with active practitioners. The goal of the fraternity is to promote a higher standard of professional ethics and culture. Following the old English custom of inns, the fraternity is divided into local chapter inns for the students and barrister inns for alumni. The University chapter honored 0. M. Roberts, former governor and former justice of the Supreme Court of Texas, by adopting the name of Roberts ' Inn. Phi Eta Sigma Honorary Scholastic Fraternity for Freshman Men OFFICERS President Warren Woodman Moorman Vice-President William Don Battle Secretary . . Edwin William Morris Treasurer William Baylor Steele Faculty Sponsor V. I. Moore MEMBERS Alfred Abramson Joe Kennedy Adams Reginald Harris Ammons Robert Witt Amsler Frank Lawrence Anderson William Franklin Ash Harry J. Baker William Edward Barnes Ted Ohmstead Bartholow Koy McLaurine Bass William Don Battle Walter Collins Beardsley Ivan Carl Belknap Gerson Berman David Jackson Biard William Clarke Blalock Milton E. Bolding Raymond Gowdy Boster R. G. Bounds, Jr. Spurgeon Kyle Britt Charles Otho Brown Kenneth Brown William Brown Ralph Melot Burns Robert Earl Burns Stanford Allen Busby Jack Russell Buster William Bowling Byers Joseph Frank Cage James Walker Cain Ode Thomas Carlisle George Edward Castillo Caylos Wendel Chapman William Rufus Choate Charles Taliaferro Clark Isaac Edgar Clark Kenneth C. Clark James Coleman Cook Denton Arthur Cooley Paul Henry Coy William Henry Grain James Franklin Adams Charles Franklin Adkins Robert Maurice Alterman William George Baker Clinton Stanley Banks John Lane Baskin Don Fred Billingsley Jack Brookshire John William Burnett Robert Auburn Casey Watt Matthews Casey Harold Brown Crockett Charles Holmes Crosby Erwin Gray Culley David Mitchell Currie Carl Olin Danquard Joe Jean Davenport Dudley Perdue Davis Keith Davis Lee Judson Davis Charles J. DeLancey George W. Delavan Ralph Ilbert DeLoach Gilbert Morgan Denman James Dibrell William Robert Dickens L. L. Dinkins Hugo Dominguez Benjamin Foster Dunlap Frank Craig Erwin Sam H. Field John Thomas Files Maurice Robert Fincher Paul Finkelstein Charles Irwin Fisher John Martin Fonts James Ward Fonts Harold Bell Foxhall Carl Moss Furgason Harold Lloyd Gaither Robert McMurtry Gilliland Frank Anderson Goerner Alvin Harold Gratzel Pleasant Fowler Graves Joe Robert Greenhill Allen Seattle Griffin Lindsay Ira Griffin James Douglas Groesbeck Thaddeus Grundy James Luther Hartsfield Capres Stripling Hatchett John Mason Chapman David Clemon Cook Stephen Franklin Crumb Martin Grossman Ettlinger Edward David Fikany Billy Cyrus Frost Milton Sidney Goldstein Warren Walter Gremmel Fred David Griffin Harold Guido Habenicht Charles Wilson Hackett J. Reginald Harlan James McDonald Heflin Daniel Theodore Hegar Roger Weldon Hodge Leo Jaye Hoffman Ross Raymond HoUoway Fred Holman Holmsley Walter Burke Howard Jack Thomas Hughes Ben Bridges Hunt Herbert Henry Janszen William Devers Johnson Carl William Jones Earl Jones Baine Perkins Kerr Robert Ernest Keeton Alfred Ashbrook King James T. Lane Thomas Hart Law Maurice Arthur Lehman David Edmond Lewis William Connery Lethco Philip Harry Lipstate Albert Augustus Long Walter Kaapke Long Harvey Frederick Longren Joe William Loper Alfred Edgar Luckett Ernest Earl Ludwig Alvin Reed Lyle Raymond Augustus Lynch Guy Thornton McBride James Wright McKee William Walter McLean Ralph D. Mahon William Henry Marsh Edward Lafaye Massman Irwin Massman James M. May William Randolf Mayne Julian Milton Meer SPRING INITIATES Jackson Ceivers Hinds Harold Hoffman Robert Prim Jackson William Clyde Johnston Curtis Maurice Klaerner John Edmond Larcade James Gerard Lee Russell J. Leonard Rubin William Ludwig William Rinehart Miller T. J. Campbell Murrell Robert Allen Neely Tom Brookes Metcalfe John Edwin Meyers Marshall Robert Miller Richard George Miller Charles Randolph Mitchell Beal Pumphrey Moore Dean Wesley Moore Ramsey Lycurgus Moore Warren Woodman Moorman Edwin William Morris William C. Morris William Isaih Mounger Homer Clifford Mueller Marshall Evans Munroe William Murray, Jr. Stanley Eugene Neely Morgan Nesbitt Eldon Charles Newton Edmund Francis Ney Leslie Lee O ' Connor Coleman Sanders Pack Walter Samuel Parks Robert Carroll Patterson Herbert Lingo Platter Marvin James Poole Melvin Leonard Potash Charles Nelson Prothro Warren Dee Pruitt Orville Owen Rice Emmet Dean Riggs Elliott Bradford Roberts Lake Robertson, Jr. Donald Hill Russell Victor Herman Sagebiel Lon Clayton Sailers Jack Scanlan Hunter Herbert Schieffer Curtis Otto Schmedes Robert Whittaker Schmied Alfred Schulman Jack Cecil Nelson Milton Thomas Person Harry Stanley Phillips John Walker Pritchett Carlton Wade Pullin Charles Culberson Sansom Henry Herbert Scarbrough Thomas Tyler Schroeter Frank Lee Snodgrass John Miller Spears Joe Dewey Spradlin Arbon Weimer Stratton Ted Schulz Herbert Mathias Schwartz Fred Joseph Scott Arch Chilton Scurlock John Gates Seaman Charles Stanton Sharp Thomas 0. Shindler Everett Lee Shirley Edward William Smith Herbert Randolph Smith Joseph Stanley Smith Killough King Smith William Jordan Smith William Baylor Steele Hugh Lynn Steger James Harry Street Leonard Archie Swanson William Stephen Swayze Clifford Wilson Swearingen Jules Henri Tallichet Hilliard Smith Thomas Andrew Zilker Thompson Jesse Eldon Thompson Lewis Tobian W H Tonn, Jr. Callaway Sanford Vance Ernest Joseph Villavaso Louis Marshall Walker Charles Allan Watson James Cunyus Watson Edgar Ottway Weller Algie Aaron Wells James Edward White Eugene Payne Whitlow Charles Fred Widdecke Eugene Stanton Wilhelm Emmett Cecil Wilson Jesse Womack Jack Devereaux Wrather Daniel Charles Wunderman Joseph Keith Young Robert Watts Syler Charles Grover Trenckmann Carlos Felipe Trevino Victor Pat Tumlinson John Royall Vorhies James Lawrence Walker Robert Van Osdell West Robert David Windrow Edward Burton Winn Fowler Redford Yett Lindsey S. Youngblood Phi Lambda llpsilon Honorary Chemical Fraternity Founded, University of Illinois, 1899 Pi Chapter Established, 1920 Thirty-four Active Chapters OFFICERS President George Wash Vice-President Eugene Payne Whitlow Secretary Samuel Hunt Lee Treasurer Archie Stanley Kasperik Reporter James Redmond Welsh Social Chairman Charles Thomas Wells Faculty Sponsor H. R. Henze Alumni Secretary Monroe Werner Kriegel W. B. Duncan W. A. Felsing John Griswold FACULTY MEMBERS H. W. Harper H. R. Henze C. R. Johnson H. L. Lochte E. P. Schoch G. W. Watt Simon Ray Alexander Howard Albert Alves Earl Franklin Arnett Alvis Layton Barrier Milton E. Bolding George Riddler Buchanan Herman Kelley Clark Fred McKee Garland Kinney Hancock Theodore Edward Harris Arthur Ernest Hoffman Henry Alvin Holcomb Joe Thomas Horeczy Walter Burke Howard Odie Sylvester Jenkins Bruce Jones David Andres Charles Marcellus Boyer John Thomas Files Carl Moss Furgason Joe Fred Lemons MEMBERS John Edward Kasch Archie Stanley Kasperik Stanley Marion Kozar Monroe Werner Kriegel Samuel Hunt Lee Sherman D. Lesesne Shirley Powell Lingo Herbert Klossner Livingston Guy Thornton McBride Franklin Drew Mayfield John Delphin Metcalfe Vesta Fletcher Michael Morris R. Morrow Erie Vansant Painter Ed. Davis Parsons Loyd Wilfred Piester SPRING INITIATES Billy Leslie James Wright McKee William Walter McLean Douglas F. Mayfield Bernie Bruce Morgan Edwin Diet Redding Ira Clifford Roberts Daniel Saunders Leslie Millard Schenck Billie Shive Claude William Smalling Robert James Speer Barnaby L. Towle John Graham Turk Charles Van Berg Charles Allen Walker George Wash George Mario Watson Charles Thomas Wells James Redmond Welsh Eugene Payne Whitlow William Morris Sames James Muery Andrew Patterson Robert Harold Smith W. H. Tonn, Jr. Phi Lambda Upsilon has as its purpose to give recognition to those students who have made unusual progress in scholarship and in original research in pure and applied chemistry. New members are elected at the beginning of each semester from men students majoring in pure chemistry or chemical engi- neering and are required to pass ballots on both scholarship and personality. Business and social meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of each month. Fall activities are usually limited to formal and informal initiations and supper meetings. .- ' -f i U |: j-rw-i-n -i Pi Epsilon Honorary Petroleum Production Engineering Fraternity Founded, The University of Texas, November 26, 1935 OFFICERS President Roland Gouldy Vice-President Steve Ford Secretary Bruce FoNES Grant Treasurer Roy F. Beery Harry H. Power Frederick B. Plummer George H. Fancher FACULTY MEMBERS T. U. Taylor Albert E. Sweeney George Y. McCoy George B. Corless E. De Golyer HONORARY MEMBERS Charles A. Warner Daniel C. Jackling John R. Suman Roy F. Beery Thomas Maguire Bertch Reno Goswin Biesele Roland Krezdorn Blumberg Marshal Carter Coleman George Headley Edgerton Gordon Henderson Fisher Steve Ford Roland Gouldy MEMBERS Bruce Fones Grant Oliver Kenton Jones David A. Kaine Thomas William Keating Herbert Klossner Livingston James Tim Martin Joseph Francis Moore Glen Adams Nelle Gilbert Alvin Parks Robert Benedum Parriott Eugene Strode Pennebaker Jesse I. Roberts Harry David Schwarz Paul Lerner Shelton William Darus Smith Robert Eugene Souther Clifford Maxon Wagner Robert Louis Whiting Newton James Winn Gus Athanas Julius Huie David Kenneth Bowen Ford Tom Gaines SPRING INITIATES Ernest Joseph Godard William Thomas Harris Alfred Goodhue Lewis Harvey Frederick Longren Rodolfo Martinez Coleman Sanders Pack Jesse William Scarborough Charles Stewart Turgot Ulug Pi Epsilon was founded at The University of Texas on November 26, 1935. The purpose of the organization is to develop among its mem- bers and other engineering students an added interest in liberal culture and to promote among these students a feeling of good fellowship. The fraternity selects members from petroleum engineering students and others of the profession who possess outstanding qualities of scholarship, character, and personality. Pii:e 294 -li III II BPg 5nj| LUULULJUB y vuv " " Pi Lambda Theta Honorary Educational Fraternity for Women Founded, University of Missouri, 1917 Psi Chapter Established 1927 OFFICERS President Margaret Jane Hofer Vice-President Anabel Lee Corresponding Secretary Enid Evelyn Wilie Treasurer Frances Pauline Dushek Reporter Martha Maitland Woodson Faculty Sponsor Clara May Parker FACULTY MEMBERS Corrie W. Allen Ruth I. Bass Annie Webb Blanton Connie C. Brockette Cora Martin Mildred Pickle Mayhall Gertrude Mooney Marie Morrow Clara May Parker Leigh Peck Ella Viola Quante lone Pettey Spears Florence Elizabeth Spencer Mrs. James G. Umstattd MEMBERS Marjorie Boon Jane Braunig Charlotte G. Boeck Mina Montgomery Boggess Bessie Ruth Carver Frances Pauline Dushek Ida Gandler Margaret Lytle Gidley Edith Hicks Hardey Martha Rebecca Huff Margaret Jane Hofer Doris Mildred Hughes Anabel Lee Bessie Lou Matthews Mary Louise Mogford Helen Elizabeth Netzer Roberta Munson Neyland Jewel Popham Florence Irene Sears Kathryn Spence Florence Olga Weed Lucile Walker Sarah Louise Weaver Enid Evelyn Wilie Martha Maitland Woodson The purpose of Pi Lambda Theta is the fostering of the highest standards of scholarship and professional training in the field of education, the encouragement of graduate work and research in this field, and the promotion of a spirit of fellowship among women engaged in the profession of teaching, and the furtherance of a sincere interest in educational affairs with emphasis on their application to social progress. The theme of the year ' s study program was " Personal Problems of the Beginning Teacher, " To be eligible for membership, one must have made a high " B " average in courses in the School of Education and corresponding grades in other courses for at least seventy-five hours of work. The social activities of the organization include banquets in December and March, following the initiation of new members, and a picnic in the spring. Sigma Delta Pi Honorary Spanish Fraternity Founded, University of California, November 14, 1919 Zeta Chapter Established March 1, 1935 OFFICERS President Emeterio Gutierrez Vice-President Arnulfo Simeon Martinez Secretary Gloria Yzaguirre Treasurer Frances Pauline Dushek Reporter DoRis Eleanor Carrothers Faculty Sponsor Connie G. Brockette FACULTY MEMBERS Connie G. Brockette Lilia M. Casis Carlos E. Castaneda Clyde C. Glascock Charles W. Hackett R. A. Haynes Rex D. Hopper Margaret K. Kress C. M. Montgomery Covey T. Oliver Dorothy Schons E. R. Sims Matthew I. Smith Jefferson R. Spell R. C. Stephenson Theodore Apstein Doris Edith Baker Louise Ballerstedt Evelyn Blair Jane Wilson Brainard Julia E ulalie Byrnes Juliette Jane Canfield Mary Caroline Casey Henrietta Amparo Castillo Sij ma fiamma Epsilon Honorary Geological Fraternity Founded, University of Kansas, March 30, 1915 Zeta Chapter Established April 30, 1920 Thirty-one Active Chapters OFFICERS President Taylor Cole Vice-President Jay Miles Frost, III Secretary-Treasurer George Abraham Musselman Editor Kemp David Solcher MEMBERS Cyrus Emerson Brenneman Joe August Champion Amil Blake Cockrum Taylor Cole Robert Peyton Cooper John Martin Fonts Jay Miles Frost, III. Warren Phillips Fuller Thomas Franklin Head William Gibson McCampbell Johnny Bob Moorhead George Abraham Musselman Milton Frank Reedy Kemp David Solcher Warren Calvin Tharkston James Marvin Windham Stephen Edmund Clabaugh John Chambers Crowell Louis H. Dixon Charles Gardley Moon John Velos Norman FALL INITIATES Alfred Dexter Zapp Travis Jay Parker Harold Meeks Power Henry Clay Reichert Vernon Zay Smith Harold Edgar Ward SPRING INITIATES Benjamin Monroe Anderson Earl Bescher Charles Victor Bintliff Billy Lloyd Bloodworth John Daniel Boon Richmond Lee Bronaugh James Walter Cain Edward Spurgeon Conway Hugh McDade Cunningham Horace C. Davis Charles J. DeLancey Hunter Yarborough Herbert Edward Eitt Norris Wilbur Gibson Roy Hayes Guess Bill Taylor Hudson James Roy Jackson John Brittian Means Frank Wiley Morgan Bill Payne Van Alvin Petty Roy Walter Tronrud John Dermond Tuohy SiCMA Gamma Epsilon, national honorary fraternity for geology, mining metallurgy, and ceramics, has as its object the social, scholastic, and scientific advancement of its members. Activities consist of bi-monthly meetings at which papers are read or talks of professional interest are given. Membership is chosen from men students of junior standing or better who fulfill the scholarship and personality requirements. The student must have at least three courses in geology, mining metallurgy, or ceramics, and the serious intention of making one of these sciences his life ' s work. Tail Beta Pi Honorary Engineering Fraternity Founded, Lehigh University, 1885 Alpha of Texas Established 1916 Sixty-seven Active Chapters I OFFICERS President Barnaby L. Towle Vice-President John Griffith Traxler Recording Secretary Roland Gouldy Corresponding Secretary J. Ford Johnston Treasurer Archie Stanley Kasperik Carl Eckhardt P. M. Ferguson FACULTY ADVISORS J. A. Focht R. V. Vittucci FACULTY MEMBERS H. A. Alves Earl Arnett E. C. H. Bantel Leland Barclay L. R. Benson S. L. Brown C. M. Cleveland A. E. Cooper W. F. Cottingham Carl Eckhardt P. M. Ferguson J. A. Focht E. H. Koepf C. H. KoUenberg M. W. Kriegel L. J. B. LaCoste J. D. McFarland Banks McLaurin W. H. McNeill F. D. Mayfield T. J. Parker Harry H. Power E. P. Schoch E. H. Schulz Byron E. S hort E. G. Spinks T. U. Tavlor R. V. Vittucci C. A. Walker Joe E. Ward G. M. Watson C. T. Wells E. P. Whitlow A. H. Willis W. R. Woolrich MEMBERS Birge Davis Alexander Roy F. Beery Reno Goswin Biesele George Riddler Buchanan Stanford Allen Busby Harold Brown Crockett Roland Gouldy Wilbur Edward Gustafson James Milton Headrick J. Ford Johnston Bruce Jones David Kaine Archie Stanley Kasperik Oscar Keller Samuel Hunt Lee Guy Thornton McBride Andrew Jackson McCrocklin James Tim Martin Joseph Francis Moore Erie Vansant Painter Henry Lovell Post Edwin Diet Redding Burley Davis Richmond Harold Beauford Riggs Robert Francis Romero Jack Edward Schrameck Cecil Woodward Simpson William Darus Smith Edward Garrison Spinks Barnaby L. Towle John Griflith Traxler John Graham Turk John T. Vance George Mario Watson James Redmond Welsh Alvin Hurd Willis Davis Douglas Wilson Ford Wilson Jack Wharton Bartholow Ted Ohmstead Bartholow Rudolph Bodemuller Herman Kelley Clark Frank Ramsey Dickey SPRING INITIATES George Headley Edgerton John Thomas Files Marion Edwin Forsman Glenn Glasford Odie Sylvester Jenkins James Leland Malone James Wright McKee William Walter McLean Winford Arnold Neill Edwin Lancaster Pace Benjamin Austin Phillips Harry Davis Schwarz Robert Harold Smith Charles Everett Thompson Charles Francis Van Berg Newton James Winn Tau Beta Pi undergraduate members, representing all engineering branches in the College of Engineering, are selected from the upper quarter of the senior class, and from the upper eighth of the junior class. The seniors are chosen from the scholastically eligible men on the basis of all around activities and interests, exclusive of engineering. Only one junior, the outstanding man of his class, is chosen. The organization meets twice a month, one of which is a dinner meeting. During the spring term a formal dance is given. Besides giving an award to the highest ranking freshman, Tau Beta Pi also adds to a collection of non-technical books in the Engineering Library. 1 Tau Delta Alpha Honorary Pre-Medical Fraternity for Women Founded, The University of Texas, November 12, 1937 Motto: " Glaube im Leben " OFFICERS President Martha Bea Houston Vice-President Nell White Barr Secretary Mary Lou McIlhany Treasurer Helen Rankin Sponsor Dr. Caroline Crowell HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Caroline Crowell Dr. Elizabeth Gentry Dr. Katharine McCormick Hilda Rosene Dr. Margaret Schoch MEMBERS Dorothy Albert Nell White Barr Dorothy Winifred Brewer Sara Margret Crockett Norma LeRoy Goldthwaite Georgeanne Williams Herrmann Martha Bea Houston Wilma Adelaide Kellner Mary Charline McGehee Mary Lou McHhany Ellen McKenzie Helen Rankin Esther Stark UBuml " % b- fSTi ;?- The objects of this fraternity are to promote a higher scholastic standing, to encourage closer friendship, and to advance a higher prestige among the women pre-medical students of the University. Members must have sophomore standing, a general " B " average, and must have had Zoology 1 and Chemistry 1, Theta Sis ma Phi Honorary and Professional Journalism Fraternity for Women Founded, University of Washington, 1909 Xi Chapter Established 1919 Thirty-Nine Active Chapters i OFFICERS President Helen Fay Passmore Vice-President Oma Ray Walker Secretary Patti Gene McDaniel Treasurer Virginia Parton Keeper of the Archives Clifford Pearl Snowden Reporter Doll Thompson Faculty Sponsor Gladys Whitley Henderson Alumna Advisor Lorena Drummond FACULTY MEMBERS f Lorena Drummond Gladys Whitley Henderson Afton T. Wynn Sara Lockwood Williams ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Molly Connor Cook Ruth Cross Daisy Thorne Gilbert Margaret Johansen Ruth Lewis Martha Stipe Marguerite Harrison HONORARY MEMBERS Edna St Vincent Millay MEMBERS Alice Mary Adams Dorothy Ellen Baldridge La Verne Lillian Bryson Anita Cook Margarette Garrison Elizabeth Ann Harrell Dorothea Louise Lyle Patti Gene McDaniel Bess Moore Virginia Maude Moore Lillian Marie Mueller Olivette Osterwalder Kathryn Jane Owens Mattie Harrington Palmer Virginia Parton Helen Fay Passmore Bettinel Phillips Margaret H. Schonerstedt Clifford Pearl Snowden Dorothy Elizabeth Strachan Doll Thompson Oma Ray Walker Theta Sigma Phi aims to unite in bonds of good fellowship University women who are now studying journalism, to confer honor upon women who distinguish themselves in their profession, and to accomplish definite achievements as a group in the field of letters. This year Xi Chapter has sponsored a series of six lectures by nationally known men and women of letters. Other activities included the yearly Journalism Jamboree, a Christmas party for The Daily Texan staff, the third annual " Time Staggers On, " and the annual Matrix Table. Members are selected in October and March. Qualifications are junior standing, " B " average in journalism, " C " average in other courses, leadership, high character, and such desirable traits as would indicate success in journalism. i ifc ■ ■ ■ :» ' - v ,i.- M | a .■.■.R.-n .■. n Clubs Ashbel Literary Society OFFICERS President Adele Nell Neely Vice-President Frances Elizabeth Swift Secretary Josephine Pile Treasurer Emily Katherine Marshall Reporter Anida Loise Darst ADELE NELL NEELY Margaret Ellen Bachtel Barbara Ruth Benton Betty Blankenbeckler Betty Anne Bloss Mary Banford Brownlee Lucile Campbell Mary Alice Cockrell Mary Annette Collier Margaret Marie Conway Anida Loise Darst Anne Townes Finch Elsie Elliott Holmes MEMBERS Barbara Mary Hull Mary Lee Humlong Katherine Gene Knight Sarah Louise Lipscomb Mary Charline McGehee Mary Steger McLain Emi ly Katherine Marshall May Moore Velma Gene Moore Margaret Murray Adele Nell Neely Alice Ann Nitschke Bettinel Phillips Josephine Pile Margaret Evelyn Ramsdell Helen Dufour Rathbone Lois Sager Billie Simmons Margaret Thatcher Smith Peggy Stover Ellender Catherine Stribling Frances Elizabeth Swift Ruth Eloise Wood lona Jane Young AsHBEL Literary Society, organized November 22, 1888, was the first literary and dramatic organization on the University campus. Its purpose is to further the study of good literature, to recognize high standards of scholarship in the field of English, and to promote friendship among members. To be eligible for membership a girl must be taking English at the time of entrance and must have maintained during the previous semester a " B " average, with a " B " in English. Programs consist of studies in drama, poetry, fiction, and music. Bottom row: Hull, M. Moore. Bachtel, Campbell, Wood, Neely, Finch, Swift, Simmons, Lipscomb. Second rotv: McLain, Pile, Ramsdell, McCehee, Collier, Benton. Young, Cockrell, Phillips, Kathbone, Holmes. Third row: Knight, Blankenbeckler, Humlong, V. Moore, Darst, Brownlee, Stribling, .Nitschke. A. I. E. E. OFFICERS President Andrew Jackson McCkocklin Vice-President - Rufus Thomas Malin Secretary Myron Bond Fence Treasurer Milton Hutton Culley Faculty Counselor J. W. Ramsay B. N. Gaffortl Ralph A. Calbraith Thayer Elmo Acord William Kenneth Barton James Donigcr Brown Homer Roscoe Gaston Arthur Chafetz Robert Richey Clarke Edwin J. R. Cox Sam Harrison Grain Milton Hulton CuUey Scott Dabney Thomas Emmett Daniels Carl Olin l anquard Alfred Davis Edwin Daviu Frank Ramsey Dickey H. A. Donnelly John Whitley Evans Raymond Winfield Farr Carlos Bradford Faubion John Lawson Felder Sidney James Files Marion Edwin Forsman Jack Frost B. N. Cafford Santiago Garcia FACULTY MEMBERS Read Cranberry E. H. Sohulz MEMBERS Kirby Carson Gee Glenn Clasford Charles Clayton Gumm Wilbur Edward Gustafson James Milton Headrick Albert Donnelly Hochn Alsede Walter Hogan Robert Hollingsworth Thomas Lee Hood Stephen Wallace Kershner Joseph John Kolodzey Leonard Berger Lipson William Ewell Love Andrew Jackson McCrocklin Fletcher Elder McLane Charles Harrison McLean Rudolph J. Malik Rufus Thomas Malin Raymond Clyde Mason Theodore V. Montgomery Byron John Nankervis Sol Neman William Herman Neuhauer Thomas Louis Novosad Joe E. Ward Robert W. Warner Brent Ottinger Myron Bond Pence Romeo Perez John Pershing Pillet Henry Lovell Post Milton McArthur Ragsdnle Harold Beauford Riggs Robert Francis Romero Jack Edward Schrameck Eugene Elam Skinner Francis Patrick Smerke Arthur Frank Spero Ernest Martin Storm Don Tanneberger Jack Griffith Traxler Thomas Alvin Vernor Fred Edmund Vidaurri Walter Woodrow WalHn R. W. Warner Joe C. Watkins Hoyt Sloan Westcott Alvin Hurd Willis Frank Preuit Wood Hal Holton Wray ANDREW JACKSON McCROCKLLN The American Institute of Electhical Engineers was founded in 1884. Its purposes are to advance ihe theory and practice of electrical engineering and of applied arts and science:!, and to imbue members with a professional spirit. Membership is open to all students working toward a degree in electrical engineering. The primary function of the local chapter is to bring the student closer to the work and to the men in his profession. Guest speakers appear at every meeting, and several inspection trips are made to near engineering projects. Besides this, the group entertains with socials occasionally, and helps back other College of Engineering social affairs. i t Bottom row: Ragsdale, Uar.l. Kari:say. Schrameck, Glasford, McCrocklin, Neuhauer. Neman. Danijuaril, Perez. Second rou: : Files, Guhtaf on, IIdI lingsworlh. Pillet. Culley, Riggs, Traxler, Westcott. Kolodzey. Gaston, Warner, Gafford. Third row: Wallin, A. Davis, Lipson, Gumm, Farr, Acord, Grain, Wray, Frost, Ottinger, Malin. Fourth row: Vernor, Clarke. Nankervis, Wood, Daniels, Faubion, Barton. Headrick, Romero. Cox, Hood, Kershner. nr f ■ .W f f 1 iT 3 .■..■JLJLJLJLI A. S. 0. E. OFFICERS President Marvin Vancil Brooks Vice-President Darrell Jesse Bandy Secretary John Franklin Redus Treasurer Oscar Kelfer MARVLN VANCIL BROOKS E. C. H. Bantel R. F. Dawson P. M. Ferguson John Martin Ainsworth Birge Davis Alexander Daniel Joseph Allison Gerald Winston Austin Darrell Jesse Bandy Jack Wharton Bartholow Ted Ohmstead Bartholow Warren Sylvanus Bellows Darrell Boatright Houston Frederick Brooks Marvin Vancil Brooks Victor Oscar Bunala Stanford Allen Busby FACULTY MEMBERS S. p. Finch Q. B. Graves MEMBERS Joe Byrd John Earl Byrne Oliver Loomis Clevenger Melvin Prince Field Alfred Smith Fuller Burleson Graham John Tanner Hooker William Hunter Oscar Kelfer William H. Kilgore DeVerne Reed Kittles George Malcolm Mayfield Robert Glen Pope J. A. Focht Banks McLaurin T. U. Taylor John Franklin Redus Richard Clinton Reynolds Burley Davis Richmond Harry Hammond Short Robert Stemmons Charles Everett Thompson Jeff Lee Vining Jack Warhaftig Frederick Allyn Webster Gene Charles Whittington Robert Eugene Wilson Murray Sloan Yantis The Purposes of the American Society of Civil Engineers are to advance the science of engineer- ing in its several branches, to advance the professional improvement of its members, to encourage intercourse between men of practical science, and to establish a central point of reference and union for members. Besides attempting these things, the group also sponsors all civil engineering functions of the year. The student chapter here is one of the 118 affiliated with the national society, the oldest engineering organization in the United States, having been founded in 1852. Bottom row: Bantel, Ferguson, Boatright, H. Brooks, V. Brooks, Bandy, Redus, Kelfer, Byrne, Focht. Second row: Bellows, Ucbster. CItvcmfcr, Hooker, Allison. Mayfield, Alexander, J. Bartholow, Kittles. Third row: Ainsworth, Bunata, T. Bartholow, Thompson, Austin, Wilson, Richmond. % A. S. M. E. OFFICERS President Joseph Frances Hill Vice-President Rudolph Bodemuller Secretary Harold Brown Crockett Treasurer William Henry Marsh Faculty Advisor Carl Eckhardt German Cecil Adrian John Douglas Barberie Bernhard Jutius Bartels Bill Besserer Rudolph Bodemuller Roy L. Brown William James Brown Chester Harold Chiodo Robert Richey Clarke David Andrew Cook Harold Brown Crockett Earl Roe Donnell Don Duane Dunklin James C. Ellis Roy Lallier Fuller Herbert Becker Funk Frank Anderson Goerner Louis Oscar Gueldner Lloyd Jasper Halpenny William Abram Harris Frank Woodrow Herzik Jack Evans Hicks Joseph Frances Hill Wellborn Royston Hudson E. M. Johnson MEMBERS J. Ford Johnston William Moore Lancaster William Allen Lane Frank Byrd Lary John Franklin Lehman Ernest Gilpin LeMay Charles William Lubbock William Henry Luedecke Thomas Collins McMichael James Albert MahUe James Leiand Malone William Henry Marsh John Wilson Medlin Beal Pumphrey Moore George Cooper Morris Edward Harry Moss William Murray Pat Barry Niland John Lawrence Norman George Woodward Oge George Stonewall Ormsby Edwin Lancaster Pace Walter Edward Payne Franklin Joseph Peabody Raymond Edward Pechacek Andrew Culhbert Porter George Porterfield Ralph Elmwood Powers Tom Isaac Ramsey Jack Scanlan Joe Mac Scott Charles Donnally Schmidt Gerald Schoenert Walter Henry Sheaffer Cecil Woodward Simpson Carl Forrest Skoog Charles Edwin Smith Roy Thomas Smith Clarence Adolph Stoermer John Emil Toma William Turner James Alex Vallance John T. Vance Sidney Weintraub Alvin Hurd Willis David Douglas Wilson James Fort Wilson Willis Raymond Woolrich George Robert Velderman JOSEPH FRANCES HILL The American Society of Mechanical Engineers seeks to imbue each of its members with a spirit of professionalism, a task made murh easier by the fellowship which exists because each man is vitally concerned with happenings in the field of mechanical engineering. I n meetings each mem- ber has a chance to express his views or hear views expressed by outside speakers. Among those who spoke this year were Robert J. Smith, vice-president of Braniff Airways; T, U. Taylor, dean emeritus of the College of Engineering; and R. W. Warner, new chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineering. In a semi-social, semi-educational way illustrative motion pictures were shown, and inspection trips were made to Marshall Ford Dam, Tips Engine Works, Austin Disposal Plant and Randolph Field. Association For Chiltlhootl Eriuiation OFFICERS President Lynnie Louise Andrews Vice-President Dawn Paulus Secretary Dorothy Lee Perkins Treasurer Mary Bond Wilkirson Reporter Jeanne Richey LYNNIE LOUISE ANDREWS Lucile Emerson Lynnie Louise Andrews Gwjnne Irvin Barrett Mary Agnes Bednarek Margaret Lurline Brady Roberta CoUard Margaret Cox Sylvia Engler Cecil Reid Floyd Sylvia Golenternek Nettie Ruth Hereford FACULTY MEMBERS MEMBERS Evelyn Jaffe Dorothy Marie Jay Dorothy Ray Levinson Margie Ann Lyle Betty Jean Lytle Dawn Paulus LaTrelle Atchison Pechacek Dorothy Lee Perkins Jeanne Richey Frances L. Butts Roos Minette Adele Rosenthal Cora Martin Mary Katherine Settegast Lois Virginia Sien Cecilia Stein Bertha Stool Jane Lee Stroud Oris Hope Studer Minette Tobolowsky Dorothy Tomme Jeanette Wertheim Mary Bond Wilkirson The University branch of the Association for Childhood Education plays an active part in the School of Education. Its purposes are in accord with those of the national organization ' s — to secure information regarding the education of young children: to promote the progressive type of educa- tion in nursery school, kindergarten, and primary grades; and to raise the standard of the profes- sional training for teachers in this field. i Boii.mi r„u: TOMMK. HOSEMIIAI.. STOOL. EMJI.KK. IJ;V1N.S(}N, ( OI.ENTEKNEK. I ' ECHACKK. DKDNAKEK. ANDREWS. Second row: FLOYD. STROUD. SETTEGAST, SIEN. STEIN. ROOS. BRADY, WILKIRSON. COLLARD. Third row: PERKINS. BARRETT. COX. STUDER. LYLE. PAULUS. Fourth row: HEREFORD, TOBOLOWSKY, JAY, MARTIN, WERTHEIM, JAFFE. fifir ' r:, ? T Business Administration Cnuniil OFFICERS President Carroll Edward Brown Vice-President John Pickens Harbin Secretary-Treasurer Byron Wilson Cain MEMBERS Business Administration Assemblyman Byron Wilson Cain Business Administration Assemblyman Joe William Loper Senior Class Representative John Pickens Harbin Junior Class Representative John McCoy Goodman Junior Class Representative Stanley James Scott Junior Class Representative Malcolm Samuel Vaughan Junior Class Representative John Smith Beta Alpha Psi Bill Duke Walser Delta Sigma Pi Carroll Edward Brown Beta Gamma Sigma Keith Davis Sigma Iota Epsilon Emmett Tobias Summers The Business Administration Council, the executive board of the School of Business Administration, was organized to help create a spirit of friendliness and cooperation among students of that school. The principal duty of the Council is the planning and directing of the annual banquet of the school and supervising the election and corona- tion of the Queen of Finance. The Council is composed of one representative from the Senior class, four representatives from the Junior class, the Business Administration assemblymen, and one representative from each of the honorary and professional societies in the School of Business Administration. Its officers are selected from the members of the Council itself; the president of the Council automatically becomes the president of the entire School of Business Administration. CARROLL EDWARD BROWN Cap and Gown Cap and Gown Council OFFICERS President Frances Marie Cooper Vice-President Mahy Katherine Settecast Secretary Mary Louise Westbrook Treasurer Virginia Maude Moore Reporter Frances Margaret Bullard Sponsor Kathleen Bland Burt Valentine Aschner Barbara Belknap Mary Rice Brogan MEMBERS Margaret Nell Crews Doris Esther Dickinson Frances Pauline Dushek Valerie Kirk Rosenthal Mae Trainer FRANCES MARIE COOPER Cap and Gown initiates all senior women who wish to belong to it. Officers of the organization serve as senior class officers and are chosen by members of the class at the regular class elections. The president selects eight outstanding senior women to complete the Council. Cap and Gown acts as a service organization for all University women, standing for de- mocracy and dignity as well as sociability among all co-eds. The organization assists underclassmen by giving them traditions and by aiding them in adjusting themselves to social affairs on the campus. Cap and Gown also supervises all class elections, sponsors a freshman party, plans and presides during senior week, especially for Swing-Out, sponsors a senior supper, contributes to the Co-operative Houses, and maintains a loan fund available to any University girl. Czech Olub OFFICERS President Vincent Frank Kbejci Vice-President Ai.phonse William Habarta Secretary-Treasurer Helen Marie Sula Reporter Yarosla EliasZivney Sergeant-at-Arms Charles Henry Chernosky Sponsor Edlard Micek MEMBERS Leo Ahi Andrew Klepach Raymond Edward Pechacek Harry Rudolph Barton Evelyn Rose Koemel Benjamin John Petrusek Mary Agnes Bednarck Ella Koemcl Eisie Fay Pechal Gertrude Bohac Frank James Kokas Frank Louis Fetter Frances Sarah Bernstein Viola Kolos Victor W. Pochobradaky Julia Ann Ceska Ludma Kopecky Marcella Veronica Seith Charles Henry Chernosky Vincent Frank Krejci Daniel Adolph Skrivanek William John Choniski Louis D. Kubecka Erwin Jacob Skrivanek Eleanora Anna Drozda Edwin Frank Kubena Frank Julius Skrivanek Mary Josephine Dvoracek Ann Stephana Kutalek Albert Thomas Slavik Otto Louis Dusek Elizabeth Kutalek Harriet Smith Annie Frances Foyt Mary Frances Kutalek George Will Snapka Anton Foyt Eleanor Malec Michael Andrew Sojka Pauline Mary Foyt Joseph James Malec Helen Marie Sosolik Margaret Frucholz Richard John Malec Helen Marie Sula Alphonse William Habarta William Marshall Malish Dorothy Marie Svacek Irene Amalia Haidusek Jerome Marek Joseph Frank Svacek Sylvia Ann Flajek Viola Anne Martinets Tony Tuma Daniel Theodore Hcgar Martha Mazoch John Roman Vacek Floreine Georgie Holly Martha Emma Mikusek Sylvester Samuel Varek Dorothy Katherine Horak Annette Musil Felix Vendillion Vinklarek Emil Leo Jan Minnie Antoinette Musil Alice Frances Vondrak Alois Peter Janak Joe Stephen Musil William Vrana George Albert Janda Ernest Beno Pechacek Martha Eller Zaruba Clarence Ertel Klein LaTrelle Atchison Pechacek Yaroslav Elias Zivney VINCENT FRANK KREJCI Altholch old Upon the campus, the Czech Club is non-political in character. Its purposes are to promote culture, to observe the tradition and respect the heritage of the Czech people; to promote the study of the Czech language and literature at the University; and to provide many social functions for the Czech students and their friends. Its membership is composed mainly of students of Czech origin. Social activities included the Bi-Annual Czech Parent and Ex-Student Banquet November 23, many Sunday hikes and picnics, and the spring formal. Noted speakers and entertainers appeared at the meetings held semi-monthly. v Bottom row: Vinklarek, Mikusek. Micek. Krejci. Annie Foyt, Sula, Holly, A. Kutalek. Kokas. Second row: E. Kutalek. Sosolik, A. Musil, Petrusek, Bednarek, E. ■■ : Koemel. Drozda, M. Kulalek, P. Foyt. Third row: Hajek, M. Musil. Slavik. Zivney, Barton, Marek, Janda, Jan, R. Pechacek, Vondrak. Fourth row: Vrana, Anton r ' Foyt, Habarta, J. Musil, Klepach, Hegar, Snapka. } ' •■ ' T ? Dallas Club ELLIOTT ELDRED SMALL OFFICERS President Elliott Eldred Small Vice-President Robert Burns Amacker Secretary -Treasurer Georgia Elizabeth Ledbetter Social Chairman Bette Lynn Hamilton Parliamentarian James Bryson Martin Sergeant-at-Arms Caswell Lanier Dunlap Underlying Purpose of the Dallas Club is to help Dallas students become acquainted on the campus. In pursuance of this aim, the club has worked out an orientation program exclusively for new students from Dallas. In addition, the group works hand in hand with the Dallas Ex-Students ' Association to acquaint the members with the exes living in the home city. Several activities are promoted to further the club ' s purpose. One day each semester is designated as Dallas Day, when everyone from that city wears an identification tag. These days are usually the same as those for the fall and the spring fornials. Besides being a self-helping club, the group acts as a service organization upon the campus. I i S Lonjjhorn Hoxinj; Club OFFICERS President Robert Bruce McKinley Secretary-Treasurer Thomas Oliver Glenn Sponsor Rev. John Riach Billy Bryan Ashlock Joe Monroe Barnhart George Albert Benn Charles Senters Bond Raymond David Brown Shelby Othello Buck George Patrick Buffington Andrew Long Chilton Paul Colletti David Stanley Crockett Robert Thomson Cunningham Louis Steven DeVries Jesse John Elshick Norman Elwell MEMBERS William Harvey Goldwire Robert Raymond Goodrich Henry Odell Goolsby Thomas Oliver Glenn Laurence Franklin Grimm Jackson Ceivers Hinds Oran Leroy Hughes Jim Pearce Johnson Abraham Kazen William Ernest Lanford Bill Leonard Robert Bruce McKinley Beverly Nance John Hunter Newell Thomas Richard Overstreet Franklin Darby Orgain Granville A. Rush Claude Winston Scruggs Dan Shade Charles Howard Sherman Harvey Daniel Smith Monroe Elwood Smith Sherard Atterbury Sorenson Luis Ramiro Volpe Ray Ware Wallis William Webb Charles Joseph Worrel Roberto Zambrano ROBERT BRUCE McKINLEY Hos g Debating Club OFFICERS President Bert Horace Tunks Vice-President Tom Hanney Lear Secretary -T reasurer James McDonald Heflin Reporter John Henry Mitchell Parliamentarian Donald Gideon Wiginton Wallace Ewlng Adams Earnest Houston Brown Richard Edison Chalmers Mason Douglas Harrell James McDonald Heflin Louis Elmer Huff MEMBERS Edgar Victor Kunkel Frederick Wilbert Lasater Tom Hanney Lear Lowry Clark Loveless John Henry Mitchell Thomas Lucian Morrill Franklin Darby Orgain John Butler Schow Ciharles LeRoy Short Bart Horace Tunks Donald Gideon Wiginton BERT HORACE TUNKS The Hogc Debating Club is the oldest forensic organization on the campus. Its historic background dates back to the days of Governor James Hogg, for whom it is named. The purpose of the club is to encourage, develop and promote all the different phases of public speaking: debating, extemporaneous speaking, oratory, impromptu speaking, and argumenta- tion. Its second interest is the study and exercise of parliamentary procedure. a r mg a a Home Economics Club OFFICERS President Margaret LaVerne Dupree Vice-President Anna Bess Ratliff Secretary Margaret Lucille Rhode Treasurer Louise Eunice Baier Historian Janice Owen Louise Landes Armstrong Sara Chaffin Brooks Alberta Dodson L. Lucile Emerson Mary E. Gearing FACULTY MEMBERS Bess Heflin Rosalie Godfrey Anna W. Janzen Hellen King Berenice Mallory Lucy Rathbone Josephine Staab Elizabeth C. Swingle Elizabeth Tarpley Jennie S. Wilmot Jet Winters The prime purpose of the Home Economics Club, composed of students and teachers in the home economics field, is to collect $300 to be used as a scholarship fund to put some worthy student through the department for one year. In addition, meetings have been taken up with discussions upon present day opera stars, radio, cosmetics, books, hobbies, journalism, and institutional work. Social activities have consisted of a tea, picnic, Christmas party, Valentine party, and the Silver Anniversary Final Banquet. MARGARET LaVERNE DUPREE Bottom row; Dupree, Ratliff, Rhode, Baier, Leaton, Dowlen, Owen, Hajck, Ellis, Wilborn. Second row: Wertz, Canady, Loomis, Grisham, Byron, Tuma. Connell. Hollings- worlh. Old, Shiffer, Adams, Henke, McAnelly, M. Jones, Schwartz. Third row: V, Smith, Davis, Higgins, , Matlage, Umland, Jarvis, Hood, Henderson, Howell, Graves, Eckert, H. Mitchell, Myers, Little, Pfluger, Sample. Fourth row: Gunn, Lane, Bogan, Sloan, Flake, Goad, Muss, Steinmann, M. Rutland. Barnett, Steinkamp. Wither- spoon , L. Barrier, Stone, Schweikhardt. Weir, Morgan, Moffett. Fifth row: Kaplan. Eberhart, Bullard. Crozier. Bass. Lehmann. Hoting. H. Moore. Lowrey. Langfeldt, Langham. Dodson, Starcke, M, Rutland, Carver, Gilliland, Sixth row: Pinson, Couch, Wadley, A, Schuiz, V. Schuiz, Casey, Swift, Cran ley, Moran, Wern, Peters, Grebe, J. Jones, King, Cribble, Hays. nff H H ■ H.II.I.I.S jLLJi-i ii III II ii 11 a ri t; Latin-American Club OFFICERS President JosE Roman Alamia Vice-President Nicolas Escarcega-Perea Secretary Anna Sous Treasurer Arnulfo Simeon Martinez Reporter Arnold Salvador Guerra Sponsor C. E. Castaneda MEMBERS JOSE ROMAN ALAMIA Jose Roman Alamia Hernan Alvarez Gregorio Manuel Canales Lola Cantu Joe August Champion Hesiquio Cuellar Aniado Gomez de la Torre Domingo Lopez De Lara Louree Dolde Nicolas Escarcega-Perea Alfredo Julian Espinosa Ramiro Padilla Estrada Adalberto Rafael Flores Jesse Castillo Flores Angela Garcia Dionisio Garcia Joe Garcia Gustavo Garza Raul Garza Gonzalez Arnold Salvador Guerra Oscar Huniberto Guerra Delia Emmory Guerrero Emeterio Gutierrez Lauro Dennis Gutierrez Maria Elsa Gutierrez Carmen Ised Delia Iznaga Alberta Jones Mary Luz Lopez Evaristo Madero Francisco Jose Madero Nathan Ronald Mallison Rafael Manterola-Salceda Arnulfo Simeon Martin- z David Leal Martinez Antonio Jose Medina Jose Charez Montemayor Librado Montemayor Antonio Horta Morales Alfredo Moreno Sue Nally Avelino Olivares Daniel Flores Ortega Oscar Gonzalez Palacios Felix Luis Ferez-Majul Enrique C. Ramirez Nyman Alonzo Ripperton David Rodriguez Hesiquio Rodriguez Roberto Gerardo Sada Nella Louise Salinas Imogene Schiller Anna Solis Thomas Sutherland Rafael Flores Torres Emma Vela Estela Vela Grace Evalyn Wall Roberto Zambrano The Latin-American Club is an organization of Spanish-speaking students who meet to maintain social and intellectual contact with those of their own heritage. Serving not only as custodian for the mother tongue and civilization, it also — with a logic parallel to Pan-Americanism — seeks to win friendship and respect for Latin-America. Bottom rou-: A. Garcia, S. Vela, Alamia, E. Vela. J. Flores. Cantu, Olivares, J. Gutierr-z. L. Montemayor. Sevoii-i rou : Matit-Tola, Mailix.n, Schiller, Solis, Nally. M. Gutierrez, Ortega, Zambrano. E- Gutierrez, Chester Lay. Third row: Sutherland, Morales, A. Martinez, Sada, Ramirez, J. Montemayor, Canales. Fourth row: D. Garcia, A. Flores, Ripperton, Medina, Estrada, H. Rodriguez, E. Madero. [■.;. ri-l i ' ' " ;i. ' ' ' ! ' i;-J r ' ?.- ' , ' vr-.j .?vM«rr i ' 1» ' ' i::::ri li ' ' - Newman Club OFFICERS President Harvey Stephen Riviere Vice-President Patricia O ' Leary Secretary Virginia Runyon Corresponding Secretary Louise Martin Treasurer Ethel Virginia Doss Chaplain Rev. John Riach The Newman Club is an organization of Catholic students bound together for a three-fold purpose: the advancement of each member spiritually, intellectually, and socially. In pursuance of the religious aim of the club, weekly lectures are a part of the activities. Intellectual activities include intra-club debates, dramatics, and tuition, in addition to talks given by prominent men at each meeting. Socially, activities consist of suppers, parties, dances, open houses, and picnics. Besides these activities, Newman Club also engages in Intramural sports. HARVEY STEPHEN RIVIERE Pierian Literary Society OFFICERS President Sarah Ella Wilburn Vice-President Jane Lee Stroud Secretary Camilla Lee Beall Treasurer Julia Rice Lacy Reporter Margaret Faerol Smith SARAH ELLA WILBURN Marjorie Gertrude Anderson Anne Brown Baker Ktta Baugh Camilla Lee Beall Martha Louise Bell Dawn Blair Mary Lucylle Cox Lois Fairfax Crow Mary Frances Crow Lois Leonora Crumley Lucy Lee Dickson Martha Elizabeth Edwards Nora Frances Embry Mary Frances Fletcher Virginia K. Freeman Mary Jane Garrett Jeanne Gracey MEMBERS Jane Green Ruth GrilTin Mary Virginia Hearne Katherine Schwandcr Highams Jeraldine Hill Jean Hudson Elizabeth Gary Huggard Patricia Marjorie Johnson Katherine Searcy Kleberg Jet.nne Alensworth Lacy Julia Rice Lacy Mary Ann Lennox Mary Pearl Lynn Doris McReynolds Kate Gill Marriott Dale Frances Martin Virginia Maude Moore Ann Trimble Painter Lucille Henrietta Plumb Stella Margaret Prude Carol Rogers Betsy Bradford Russell Margaret Jean Scales Katherine Elmere Schlafli Ann Schumacher Mary Katherine Settegast Margaret Faero! Smith Ruth Mildred Spargo Cassie Mae Springfield Jane Lee Stroud Mary Ann Tuffly Mary Louise Westbrook Sarah Ella Wilburn Bette Young I I The purpose of Pierian Literary Society is to bring together girls interested in the study of modern literature. Faculty members and other authorities in the field of literature are invited to discuss various literary works at meetings held twice each month. Requirement for membership is a general " C " average with a " B " average in English. New members are elected twice a year by unanimous vote of the society. Membership is limited to fifty. I Bottom row: Prude. SlrouJ, Huggard. Schlafli, Wilburn, Lynn, Painter, Wcstbrooli, Smith. Second roui: Gn-cn, Sittcgast, Beall, Baker, Tuffly, Hearne, Bell, Rogers, Embry, Johnson. Third row: Jeanne Lacy, Edwards, Moore, Plumb, Freeman, Crumley, Spargo. Fourth raw: Martin, Hudson, McReynolds, Blair, Young, Springfield, Schumacher, Marriott. rmj .1 ii.H ■ R n liN n Present Day Olub ITfl OFFICERS President Jacolyn Alexander Vice-President Charlotte Boeck Corresponding Secretary Frances LeSayers Bransford Recording Secretary Johanna Charlotte Cristol Treasurer Frances Katherine Brunner Faculty Sponsor Marie Morrow Jacolyn Alexander Betty Jane Berman Charlotte Boeck Beverly Boysen Frances LeSayers Bransford Frances Katherine Brunner Margaret Clare Burt Johanna Charlotte Cristol Patty May Dodson MEMBERS Lois Ellen Edel Janet Louise Enple Adele Louise Fridner Adele Lillian Friedlander Lela Claire Foster Sonia Harriett Goldstein Helen Natalie Jacobs Shirley Eleanor Mayer Norma Emetta Morse Mary Louise Mogford Leona Maude Rawlings Mildred Eugenia Rutland Grace SchuUe Florence Irene Sears Cecilia Stein Cora Marie Steinmann Ray Pearl Wood JACOLYN ALEXANDER The Present Day Club is an organization for girls interested in current problems. Its membership is limited to fifty, new members being chosen semi-annually. A luncheon meeting is held the first Wednesday of each month, and a business meeting at 5 o ' clock of the third Wednesday. Activities this year included the presentation of gift baskets of food and clothing to two needy families at Christmas, and the annual banquet held in April. Speakers at the meetings includ- ed Mrs. Sara Lockwood Williams, associate professor of journalism, and Howard A. Calkins, instructor in government. Progressive Czech Cliih OFFICERS President Frank Adolph Horak Executive Secretary Joseph A. Hegar Secretary-Treasurer Lillian Anne Foit Financial Secretary Irvin Frank Pagach Reporter-Historian Albert T. Vanzura Mrs. J. M. Matejek FRANK ADOLPH HORAK Louise Eunice Baier Jack Wiiburn Cherry Raymond Cherry Bill Claxton Jack Clements Conway Melvin Elliott Deutsch June Earle Doyen Mary Josephine Dvoracek William Ascher Eckert Lillian Anne Foit Chester Fronczek Seth Glasscock Kli Carwin Greer Daniel Theodore Hegar Joseph A. Hegar Johnny Albert Hlavaty Edward Victor Hodanek Arnost Arnold Horak Frank Adolph Horak Ru lol)ih Alois Horak SPONSORS MEMBERS Ervin Arthur Jaster Frank Cyril Kallina James George Klecka Eugene Lamar Kopecky Louis D. Kubecka John Edward Kunz Tommie Harold Lostak William Marshall Matish Delphine Edward Marek Viola Anne Martinets Georgie Mae Matejek Lorraine Matejek John Alex Mayfield Lee Knight Mitchell Sol Neman Thomas Louis Novosad Joe Osoba Irvin Frank Pagach Frank Parma Alex Daniel Pokorny Mrs. Bea Vanzura Clyde Sansing Francis Joseph Schuck Lawrence Ernest Schuiz Eugene Woodrow Slovacek Rudolph WilHam Slovacek Durward Lance Spruiell Floyd August Stasney Edward Joseph Strout Dorothy Marie Svacek Joseph Frank Svacek Jerome Frank Svajda Leonard Joseph Svajda Coeta Marie Terrel Tony Tuma Albert T. Vanzura La Verne Weaver Marvin Charles Wilkening Vincent Wroble Estella Vlast Zapalac The Progressive Czech Club was founded at The University of Texas in the spring of 1937 by a group of interested students. The aims they set for the Club were to bring about closer relation- ship and better understanding between the students of Czech origin and other students on the campus: to promote the study of the Czech language, literature, and culture; and to develop in the members knowledge and responsibility concerning the conduction of organization and business, social, cultural, and athletic activities. At the semi-monthly meetings cultural and social entertain- ments are presented, with prominent speakers usually on hand. Also, the club enjoys picnics, open houses, formals, and other socials, and participates in University intramurals. Bottom row: Hodanek, D. Horak, R. Slovacek, Kunz, F. Horak, Foit, Kubecka, Baier, Doyen, Mrs. Matejek. Second row: Fojt. Pagach, Martinets, Marek, Malish. Dvora- cek, Mayfield. Tuma, Fronczek, Zapalac. Third row: Terrel. Lostak, Schuck. Mitchell. Spruiell, Stasney, J. Svacek, Novosad, Hlavaty. Weaker. Fourth row: Pokorny, Conway, J. Hegar, Deutsch, Osoba. Schuiz. D. Hegar, Wroble, A. Horak. w» V ». ' ■ — t ' ln w ' yy I H W ff Pffif mff WJ Jk j qjl m ■M W Reajjan Literary Society OFFICERS President Janette Elizabeth Hicks Vice-President Ruth Roberta Stuart Secretary Suzanne Robertson Dunning Treasurer Betty Johnson Sergeant-at-Arms Dorothy Ellen Baldridge Miriam Dozier Annie S. Irvine Eleanor Claire Anthony Dorothy Ellen Bahiriilge Elizabeth Gaines Baugh Sara Scott Bransfoni La Verne Lillian Bryson Frances Margaret Bullard Elizabeth Antoinette Campbell Dori» Eleanor Carrothers Martha Beth Cayton Sara Frances Connell Judith Arledge Craddock Frances Lee Duckworth Julia Lynne Duncan Suzanne Robertson Dunning Christina Hulda Eiband Jane Elledge FACULTY MEMBERS Mildred Pirkle Mayhall MEMBERS Thrace Ola Engel Christine Adele Evans Dorothy Jane Evans Shannon Gillis Mary Helen Hall Frances Loraine Heard Janette Elizabeth Hicks Irene Barnes Jackson Betty Johnson Norma Marie Kasch Lady Katherine Lenoir Dorothea Louise Lyle Mary Katherine Metcalfe Billye Gwen Mims Mary Myles Mitchell Clara May Parker Margaret Peck Lolabeth Attrelle Moser Dorothy Helen Patlon Betty Jean Pigman Mary Charlotte Ransom Leona Maude Rawlings Hazel Raney Scolt Litlic Marie Smith Ada David Stephens Ruth Roberta Stuart Doll Thompson Wilma Julianne Tolbert Dorothy Tomme Elizabeth Tomasine Torrence Mildred Alice Webb Margaret Marie Weinert Margaret Elizabeth Wilson JANETTE ELIZABETH HICKS Reagan Literary Society, named for the chairman of the first State Railroad Commission, was founded in 1902 at the suggestion of Helen M. Kirby, first dean of women. Its intents are to foster literary interest and to promote friendship among the members. To be eligible for membership, a girl must be a second-semester freshman, and must have a " B " average in English. New members are elected in October and March. At the meetings held twice monthly, programs are given by members and various faculty members are asked to speak from time to time. In the fall the society joins with the three similar girls ' groups to give new members a tea, and in the spring gives a picnic. ShanUri La OFFICERS High Lama Joseph Lewis Sullivan Secretary-Treasurer Elmo Leroy FisCHER JOSKPH LEWIS SULLIVAN Ward Truett Blacklock Brice Winston Cecil Hubert Singleton Durham Elm o Leroy Fischer James Garey Homer Wade Goode Cecil Landon Hamilton Edward Tracy Harper Maurice Litton Melvin William Luersen Ralph Waldo Niebuhr MEMBERS Bardwell DeWitt Odum George William Osborn Myron Bond Pence Russell Edgar Roy Laurie Marshall Sloan James Harry Street John Reinhardt Street Edwin Hartzel Styron Joseph Lewis Sullivan John William Wagner George Henry Zeiss Shangri-La is the name of one of the several boys ' co-operative houses around the campus. It is located at 206 East Twenty-Second Street, and is distinguished from others of its kind in that it operates as an organization, electing two officers who preside over regular meetings of the association. Jit- » - - Buitoni row: Sloan, O ' sborn, Wagner, S.illii;tii. .i . Hlacklock, Garey, Harper. Second row: Othim. James Sirett, Niebuhr, l.uersen, l.itton, Koy, Hamilton, John Street. Third row: Pence, Goode, Durham, Cecil, Styron, Fischer. li g: Sidney Lanier Literary Society OFFICERS President Alma Gustava Widen Vice-President " . . . Elizabeth Louise Braden Secretary Jane Judge Treasurer Frances Pauline Dushek Historian Cornelia Jeannette Hedrick lone Peltey Sjicars Estelle Angelina Ashton Mary Sue Bates Helen Anne Berman Leone Cecilia Block Elizabeth Louise Braden Jane Braunig Betty Brush Virginia Wilson Buckner Evelyn Ruth Cherkas Myrtle Jeanne Clark Sara Margaret Crockett Jessie Lorene Darby Frances Pauline Dushek Janet Louise Engle SPONSORS MEMBERS Jane Catherine Estill Lois Jean Floyd Edith Louise Fordtran Jamie Eleanor Fraser Helen Edwina Coodwyn Flora Gordon Mary Virginia Griggs Edith Hicks Hardey Cornelia Jeannette Hedrick Jean Cowgil! Hendrix Frances Hirsch Jule Marion Jacobsen Jane Judge Ellen Pickard MacKenzie Florence Elizabeth Spencer Nina Derry Murphey Mary Elizabeth Notley Mary Elizabeth Odem Elizabeth Tyler Painter Jewel Popham Rosella Maud Riskind Dorothy Elizabeth Strachan Virginia Frances Vaughan Dorothy Jean Wager Margaret Anna Walker Margaret Alexander Webb Alma Gustava Widen Martha Maitland Woodson ALMA GUSTAVA WIDEN The Sidney Lanier Literary Society, founded in honor of the Southern poet, was organized for the purpose of creating pleasant and helpful associations for girls interested in cultural literature. The society maintains a student loan fund, consisting of accumulated donations from alumnae and also a portion of the dues. Members are chosen twice yearly from girls who have a " B " average with excellence in English. At the meetings held twice monthly, various faculty members and prominent Austin persons speak, as well as members. In the fall the Club joins with the other literary groups in giving a tea for new members, and in the spring gives a picnic honoring the seniors. T. U. TAYLOR BANKS McLAURIN Sons of Alec Founded, The University of Texas, February 2, 1937 OFFICERS Secretary Wayne Allen Grant Treasurer Charles Clinton Smith Faculty Advisor Banks McLaurin EDWIN CHESTER BALFANZ JAMES BUFORD GRIFFIN JAMES ROBERT RICH COUNCILMEN HONORARY MEMBERS JEFF LEE VINING RICHARD GORDON WALTON ALVIN HURD WILLIS T. U, Taylor J. Clarke Blankenship Charles Henry Allen Lee Franklin Allison Ripley Birmingham Archer Edwin Chester Balfanz Darrell Jesse Bandy Bill Besserer Charles Marcellus Boyer Marvin Vancil Brooks Lynn Brown Henry Eugene Cline Thomas Leroy Cook Alfred Davis Robert Bruce Day Elder Pattison DeTurk Claiborne Alexander Duval Steve Ford Wayne Allan Grant MEMBERS Ray Brundrett Grasty James Buford GrifHn Joseph Edwin Hollis Jodie Isenhower Jack S. Josey W. H. King Ernest Gilpin LeMay Bernard Haas Marks Theodore Nussbaum Marks James Tim Martin William Moody Joseph Virgil Moore Drayton Earl Morris Edward Harry Moss Ruben Adam Mund Erie Van Painter William Edwin Parker James Rober t Rich Hurley Davis Richmond William Harry Rosser Oliver William Schneider Stephen Ernest Schubert Charles Clinton Smith Robert Stemmons Charles Richard Taylor Joe Crisler Terrill Jeff Lee Vining Richard Gordon Walton John Lowry Ward Fredrick Allyn Webster Hoyt Sioan Westcott Robert Louis Whiting Alvin Hurd Willis Jesse Samuel Wilson The Sons of Alec was organized to further genuine loyalty and a more expressive school spirit among students in the College of Engineering. Business meetings are held twice each month, and the club sponsors several stag and date socials every year. Alexander Frederick Claire, patron saint of all engineers, is represented by Alec. Active membership in the organization is open to all male students in the College of Engineering, with the understanding that the only requirements for admission are fellowship and a genuine loyalty to the traditional spirit of the College of Engineering. Bottom rote: BOYER. WHITING. GRANT, BESSERER. SCHNEIDER. VIMNG. BROWN. Second row: WESTCOTT, ISENHOWER. WARD, ROSSER. TAYLOR. GRASTY. Third row: BALFANZ, SCHUBERT, GRIFFIN, CLINE, DAVIS. ■ .■..■.■. ' ■. ' ■.- jn ' Southwestern Club OFFICERS President Hobby Halbert McCall Vice-President Theo Estine Dorward Secretary Irene Howard Lawhon Treasurer Kate Zachary Reporter Virginia Forwood Earl Kenneth Adams Elzah Frank Adams Franklin Thomas Baldwin David Paul Bergin Paul Herman Bohmfalk Verlin Bonner Ellen Douglas Brooks Frances Enloe Darsey James Albert Dickie Theo Estine Dorward Ellagene Eanes Evlyn Lucile Eanes Virginia Forwood Albert Gould MEMBERS Henriem Hefley Paul James Henderson Adeline Stella Herman John Afton Hewell Catherine Howard Elsie Marian Hroch Eugene Henry Ischy Irene Howard Lawhon Sherman D. Lesesne Hobby Halbert McCall Grady Fly Mercer Virgil Cassell Morelle John Clair North Carruth Palmer Charles Irvin Perrin Marjorie Lucille Perry Fred Wallace Purl Erie Nell Roller Sara Nell Savage Iris Stearns Charlotte Ann Sterling Anne Woodruff Talley James Imes Tyree Edna Florence Wilson Milton Edward Wilson Wynell Lee Woodall Benjamin Woodrow Wyatt Kate Zachary HOBBY HAI.BF.RT McCALL The Southwestern Club, organized last year on the campus, and consisting of ex-students of Southwestern University, has a predominantly social character. Of the two meetings held each month, one is in the nature of a social function. Although the fall months were spent chiefly in organization, finances, and business, several picnics and socials were sponsored during the spring months. Bottom rotv; Savage, Evlyn £ane». Dorward. Howard, Talley. Perry, Lawhon. Second rou- Tyree, E. Wilson. Berlin. Kor ,ooJ. UaKiwin. Zachary. Third row: Ellagene Eanes, Hroeh, North, McCall, Gould, £. F. Adams, Purl. Twin Club OFFICERS Co-I ' residcnis Elvin Kay Franklin Melvin Ray Franklin Secretary-Treasurer Jocelyn Helena Stamm Reporter Jqy Dolores Stamm Student Advisor Peter Michael Curry Senator Doss Hardin HONORARY MEMBERS ELVIN KAY FRANKLIN MELVIN RAY FRANKLIN Viola Margret Anderson Myra D. Barnhill Willie D.Barnhill Fay Barr Gay Barr Mildred Bogan Jeanne Louise Everett Virginia Joy Everett MEMBERS Elvin Kay Franklin Melvin Ray Franklin Theron James Graves Thomas Albert Graves Hue Edgar Nunnallee Bert Moore Nunnallee Jonnie Bean Pace Albert Joe Saegert Representative Ross Hardin Louis Fritz Saegert Joy Dolores Stamm Jocelyn Helena Stamm Aurelita Mary Stamm Eliska Ellen Stamm George Clifford Thome Lansing Stephen Thome The University of Texas Twin Club was organized in the fall of 1938 for the purpose of promot- ing a more friendly relationship among the twins on the campus. The idea was to organize a club to further educational, spiritual, and social values for twins in the University. The first meeting brought together almost every set of twins on the campus. Pete Curry, an outstanding leader in campus activities, was selected as student advisor. In the spring the Club held a joint meeting in Waco with the Baylor Twin Club. Bottom row: Fay Barr. Cay Barr, Aurelita Stamm, Eliska Stamm, Jocelyn Stamm, Joy Stamm, Virginia Everett, Jeanne Everett. Second row: Mildred Bogan, Viola Anderson, Jonnie Pare, Lansing Thorne. Clifford Thome, Willie D. Barnhill, Myra D. Barnhill. Third row: Bert Nunnallee, Hue Nunnallee, Elvin Franklin, Melvin Franklin, Theron Graves, Thomas Graves. im mmrT W - N , University Aeronautical Society OFFICERS President Harold Brown Crockett Vice-President Joseph Frances Hill Secretary-Treasurer Beal Humphrey Moore Faculty Advisor J. W. Ramsay Tommy Black Ann Margaret Brewer Jack Fun Chew Harold Brown Crockett Grace Virginia Decker Earl Roe Donnell Richard Alfred Gangwer Frank Anderson Goerner Frederick Richard Hall MEMBERS Frank Woodrow Herzig Joseph Frances Hill Edward Victor Hodanek Clyde Carey Holder E. M. Johnson Billy Henry Krumpock Frank Byrd Lary William Allen McLaughlin Alfred Manz Edward Hale Martin Reginald Peter Mitchell Beal Pumphrey Moore Vernon Alton Rawlings Walter Monroe Sellers Lendon Stewart Sheffield Gordon Bullitt Williams Davis Douglas Wilson HAROLD BROWN CROCKETT In attempting to fulfill its intended purpose — the promotion of interest in and knowledge of aviation — the University Aeronautical Society this year sponsored a series of twenty-seven lectures upon the subject. Speeches were delivered by University professors. Army Air Corps officers, and the vice-president of a passenger-carrying airline; and subjects included simple aerodynamics, air- plane structures, engines, instruments, radio, meteorology, and navigation, almost a ground school course. Social activities consisted of a Christmas party and the annual banquet. Inspection trips were made to Randolph and Duncan fields in San Antonio. The Club entered exhibits in the Engineering and Power Show. Bottom row: Ramsay. Hill, Moore, Brewer, Crockett, Decker, Manz, Chew. Second row: Sellers, Hodanek, Gangwer, Johnson, Donnell, Rawlings. Third row: Sheffield, Mitchell, McLaughlin, Goerner, Wilson. DURWARD DANIEL GRANT U. T. Pharmaceutical Association OFFICERS President Durward Daniel Grant Vice-President Gyle McMurry Secretary Anna Mary Pierce Treasurer Lawrence Henry Power Reporter Josephine Van Zandt Evans FACULTY MEMBERS Carl C. Albers William R. Neville James T. Riehards W. F. Giilley Louis W. Schleuue MEMBERS Milton Thomas Acker Edward Joseph Egozcue Carl t ' illiam Hoeflich Melvin Louis Pfenning Hcrnan Alvarez Robert Allen Epperson Uoris Marguerite Hokanson Anna Mary Pierce Ralph Truitt Amoss Ramiro Padilla Estrada Owph Holland James Harvey Porter Curtis Moody Armstrong Josephine Van Zandt Evans Julius Wolters Hollmann Laurence Henry Powell Cecil Albert Baer Junius Anthony Evans Reddell James Irby William Henry Pursley Charles Edward Belson Frank Joseph FasuUo Alois Petor Janak i -r ii d j i Enrique Fernando Benavides Marion Henry Finck Benedict Joseph Janak " VV Kandals Joseph Maury Besse Ignacio Decidrio Flores Charles William Jones Raymond Jaye Rimmer Fred Reinhoid Borth Paul Floyd David Louis Kaplan Ellison Dumas Rushing Ward Lundy Boydslun Leo Galindo Fields McKee Keyser Edward Otto Schiller Bernard Carl Brands Dionisio Ramirez Garcia Jack Kinard Dana Marie Sherman Dan Rockwell Bussey Joe Isabel Garcia Cleo Koen Millon Wilbert Skolaut William Patterson Buttery Raul Garza Gonzalez Paul Gerhert Krause Alfonso Julian Sosa Preston Don Carnahan Durward Daniel Grant William James Krayer Judie Spence Clarence Maurice Carter Donald Wayne Grove Gordan Leonard LaRue Louis Franklin Tate Pete Joaquin Castillo Joseph Alonso Gude Robert Edward Lea William Joseph Urban James Lawrence Cavanaugh Feinan lo Domingo Gutierrez Chester Jack McKay John Roman Vacek Wilber Howe Chunn Sam King Hailey Etta Mae Macdonald Floyd H. Verheyden Helen Louise Crews Almo Halamicek Claron C. Marsh Dorothy Jean Wager Woodrow Wilson Davis Leon Hale Librado Montemayor Arthur Warhaftig Grace Virginia Decker Hugh Henderson Hanson Hector S. Moreno Bert David Williams Enrique de la Garza Edward Tracy Harper Juan Raul Moreno Claude Ernest Wiseman Amado Gomez de la Torre Walter Clyde Hastings Homer Temple Mulkey Roberta Opal Wright James Walter Duckworth Howard H. Hawkins Avelino Olivares Estella Vlasta Zapaiac Owen Lester Dunlavy Charles Maurice Hill Ray Frank Paige Leland Frank Zatopek Rufus Lee DuPree Arthur Gayle Hilley Jesse George Palmore Norbert Edmund Zatopek The membebs of The University of Texas Pharmaceutical Association have as their purposes the advancement of pharma- ceutical knowledge, the elevation of the professional status of pharmacists, and the furthering of the interests of the College of Pharmacy by developing good fellowship among the students of the College, by stimulating better acquaintance between faculty and students, by maintaining a close relationship between students and exes, and by cooperating whole- heartedly with other agencies dedicated to the service of The University of Texas. Bottom row: Powell. Schleuse. Albers. Hill. Benavides. Pierce. Castillo, Floyd, Porter. Grant. Harper. DuPree, Duckworth. Besse. Jones. Flores, Hale. Wiseman. Wager. Macdonald, Crews, Wright. Second row: Gidley. Neville. Alvarez. Kaplan, Brands, Verheyden, Hastings, J. Evans. J. A. Evans, Grove, Epperson. H. Moreno. Hawkins. B. Janak. Finck, Hokanson. Zapaiac, Koen, Sherman. Paige, Carter, Armstrong. Third row: McKay. Urban. Baer. Lea. Randals. Sosa. Irby. Marsh, Hailey, Dunlavy, Krayer, Pfenning. Buttery. Boydstun, Keyser, Hilley, Fasullo, Decker. Olivares, D. Garcia, de la Torre. Carnahan. Fourth row: Vacek. L. Zatopek. Palmore, Tate, Schiller, Holland, Hollmann. Warhaftig. Rushing. A. Janak. Belson, Hoeflich, Bussey. W ' illiams. Gude, Spence. J. Garcia. J. Moreno. Hanson, Montemayor. Fifth row: Acker. N. Zatopek. Chunn, Krause, Galindo, Amoss, Borth. LaRue, Halamicek, Davis, Mulkey, Gutierrez, Rimmer, Skolaut, Gonzalez, Egozcue, Estrada, Pursley, Kinard. Cavanaugh, de la Garza. fit i " ' » " , ' ? ' , ' - Valhalla OFFICERS President Ruth Dale Cribble Vice-President Ruth Waldrop Secretary-Treasurer Mary Louise McKimmey Reporter Eugenia Sheppard Lee Dorothy Gebauer Bernice Moore Jennie Lois Douglas Ruth Dale Gribble Annabelle Haaker Weta Julia Harris Frances Loraine Heard SOCIAL ADVISORS MEMBERS Elsie Marian Hroch Mattye Sue LeBlanc E ugenia Sheppard Lee Annalee McAnelly John Clyde McKimmey Jennie Wilmot Mrs. Boyd Wells Mary Louise McKimmey Janice Owen Hazel Raney Scott Elizabeth Tomasine Torrence Ruth Waldrop RUTH DALE CKIBBLE Valhalla, a branch of the cooperative movement, was organized in 1937 under the supervision of Dorothy Gebauer, dean of women. The purpose of this organization is to enable worthy girls to attend the University at a minimum cost with high standards of living. Active membership is limited to fifteen, the members being chosen on the basis of character, scholarship, and the ability to cooperate. Work and expenses are managed on a cooperative basis under the supervision of the president who is a senior student. Bottom row: HEARD, SCOTT, McANELLY, CRIBBLE, HROCH, J. McKIMMEY, WALDROP, LEE, Second row: LeBLANC, HAAKER, L. McKIMMEY. TORRENCE, HARRIS, OWEN, DOUGLAS. " |j; " .;i ' L yJ J r J ■. J r. J r. J r. J J J ' w wwJr.J■. J .J OAMI ' lIS ORGANIZATIONS I ! Approximately ninety per cent of the students of The University of Texas belong to one or more campus clubs. University organizations include many types such as social, religious, debating, political, professional, honorary, entertainment, athletic, or literary. Many of these organizations are open to all students; others have certain qualifications that must be met by the member. The social group is composed mostly of the fraternities and sororities but nearly all of the clubs offer some type of social activity. The religious groups play a large part in campus life. Situated near the campus are churches of almost every denomination which have special workers who devote themselves to student organiza- tion. These clubs usually branch out into other activities such as drama and music. For the serious-minded .student who desires to cultivate his knowledge in the professional field in addition to that learned in class rooms there are a number of professional and occupational gro ups. Some of these admit any student interested in the field covered by the club but many of them have certain scholarship and professional requirements. The clubs with the largest total membership are the home-town or regional clubs. These clubs meet for home-town rallies, picnics, dances, or for a program featuring a home-town speaker. These clubs serve to keep together students from the same town. The literary societies for girls and the debating societies for the men students supply another interest for the students. There are also a number of service organizations on the campus whose main activity is being of service to the University. These organizations usually select their membership from the outstanding students on the campus. The group includes such organizations as the Friars, Orange Jackets, the Cowboys, Alpha Phi Omega, and Mortar Board. The best known of the entertainment groups are the Curtain Club, the Glee Clubs, the Longhorn Band, the University Symphony Orchestra, and the University Light Opera Company. For the athlete there are such organizations as the Turtle Club, the Longhorn Boxing Club, and for the athlete with a University " T, " there is the T Association. There are foreign language groups for students who speak or are interested in a certain foreign language. Each college and school in the University has its own honorary fraternities with their various requirements for membership. Most of these groups are national organizations of which Phi Beta Kappa is perhaps the best known. I 1 tjC Stage and Platform Curtain Club JOE PAT O ' KEEFE OFFICERS President Joe Pat O ' Keefe Vice-President Prentice David Hill Secretary Idanell Brill BOARD OF GOVERNORS Joe Pat O ' Keefe Mary Katherine Scofield Prentice David Hill Gordon Minter Idanell Brill James H. Parke Arno Nowotny Clinton Giddings Anderson Joseph Burkette Baldwin Idanell Brill Mary Rice Brogan Betty Brush Elizabeth A. Campbell John Bowden Connally William Henry Grain Florence Sue Dodson Mary Virginia Griggs Prentice David Hill Shirley Holmes Conde Raquet Hoskins Donald Calvin Jackson Carl Varney Lieb ACTIVE MEMBERS Lewis Varney Lieb Jane H. Loomis Robert Milo McCutchin Mary Charline McGehee Charles Lewis Morgan Dwight Luther Morris James Fitch Neel Alice AnfF Nitschke Margaret Virginia Ceding Joe Pat O ' Keefe Melvin Eugene Pape Marvin James Poole Winnie Jo Ramsay Eugenia Faye Roberdeau Cleora D. Rohrbough Robert Elliott RoUin Frances L. Roos Mary Ann Schneider Mary Katherine Scofield Elaine A. Scott Zack Scott Florence Irene Sears Ada David Stephens F. Leonard Stolaroff Alton Parker Thomason Jane Weinert Dudley Brooks West Joe Frank Whitley Ross Elmore Whittenburg Joyce Wickline Virginia Lee Wilke The Curtain Club, working in cooperation with the Department of Drama of the new College of Fine Arts, successfully presented a most pretentious season of plays. Robert Sherwood ' s Pulitzer Prize play, " Idiot ' s Delight, " was presented November 1, 2, 3, and 4. Maxwell Anderson ' s " High Tor, " a blend of fantasy and realism, was given December 13, 14, 15, and 16. It was followed on March 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 by a very successful production of " Marco Millions. " The final play was " Front Page. " The Longhorn Band OFFICERS President Director John C. Dunlap George E. Hurt Charles Adkins Lynn Anderson William Bailey Emmitt Barrow David Bartlelt Basil Bell Willie Biggers John Binnion Ben R. Blair Cene Blancbette George Blcvins W. G. Bohannon Spurgeon Britt Kenneth Brown George Brundrett Pat Bryan John Bryson George Buchanan John Burnett Jack Buster Byron W. Cain Russell Cameron George Drexel Carr Lewis Christoffel L. Todd Clark David H. Coffman David Cook James M. Gotten Wilburn Cunningham Tom Cuny Charles Daniel Creighton Davis Milton Davis Charles DeWeese Philipp Dieter Leo Duflot Robert Dunagan Ben Dunlap John C. Dunlap Cesar Elizondo Hampton Escott William Eyres Randolph N. Foster George Franklin Joe M. Freeman John Friedet MEMBERS Joe Fugitt Rial Gallagher Jack Gait Preston Garrett Dale Gildersleeve Hilburn Gilliam Charles Goin Travis Green Charles Griffin Fred Griffin Stanley Grupp Udo Haarmann Norris Hamilton Isaac B. Hand David B. Hargis William T. Harrison Milton Hejtmancik Philip Hendrix Bluford Hestir William Highsmith Van Hildebrand Harold Hoffman Leo Hoffman Maurice Hoffman Norman Hoffman Clyde Holder Merritt Hopson Clarence Isensee William Jack James Jackson Eiwood Jacobs Joel Johnson Wallace Johnson Charles Jones Earl Jones George Jones Robert Jordan John E. Kasch H. J. Kelly Claude King Van Kirkpatrick Harold Kissinger Ferril Kline William Krayer Maurice Kroll Jimmie Lee Fred Leisering Oliver Leppin Ben Leutwyler Russell Lewis Ernest Ludwig James McCarthy Gene McClelland Elliott McCurdy Roy McCutchan Herbert McGaughey William McLean Dennis Macune Howard Mahaffey James Malone Norman Malone Charles Manes Raymond Martin Roy Martin Robert Matthews Sidney Mendel William Michael Robert Miller Jack Morgan Morris Murphy Frank Murray James Newman Joe Norman Richard Obenhaus W. D. Owens E. Lancaster Pace Maurice James Page Arnold Papacek Walter S. Parks Andrew Patterson Bill Pearce Gil met Peek Nat Perrine Frank Petter William Phillips Sterling Price Robert C. Prim Jimmie Rigsbee Lloyd M. Roach David Roberson Clarence Saegert John Sandstedt Watt Saunders James Settle Edgar Sbelton John Slaughter Elwayne Smith George C. Smith Richard Smith Paul Spoonts Howard Stansell Virgil Stevens Fred Strong John Sullivan Randle Tankersley Billy Tate Floyd Taylor Robert Teasdale Carroll Tharp George Tharp Roy Thomson James Tidwell Kyle Vick Walter Victor Frank Wadley Dayton Walkup Leonard Warren Meredith Warren Walter Watkins Sam Weaver O. J. Weber Monard Weems Gradon Willard Frank Williams John Williamson Floyd Wine Conan Wood Porter Woodard Joe Worden Hal Wray Hodge Wren Leland Yeager Evan Yoes James Young Joseph Zucht JOHN C. DUNLAP Bottom row: Bell, J. Dunlap, Cain, Bartlctt, Busier. Second row: Watkins, DeWeese, Barrow, Roy Martin, M. Hoffman. Third row: B. Dunlap, Hejtmancik, N. Malone, Daniel, Kasch, Sullivan, Buchanan. Sfc::vj vi r- fifsfi i Girls ' Glee Club BARBARA MARY HULL OFFICERS President Barbara Mary Hull Manager Janette Elizabeth Hicks Secretary Edith Hicks Hardey Accompanist Miriam Sammy Rubin Director Chase Baromeo MEMBERS Edwina Akin Grace Virginia Akin Violet Valerie Alkemeyer Mary Maxine Ault Marjorie Louise Bach Paula Jeanne Bach Martha Jane Baker Mary Genevieve Barge Carlie Louise Barnes Grace Annette Biesele Thelma Kathryne Bills Clara Josey Block Elizabeth Louise Braden Joan Brewster Margaret Jane Broderson Dorothy Jean Burkett Lou Es Cabaniss Elizabeth Pelham Cana les Martha Beth Cayton Ida Frances Clark Mary Annette Collier Babe Collins Sara Frances Connell Flossie Crow Virginia Ruth Culpepper Mary Elizabeth Cunningham Betty Ruth Curtis Hortense Resale Davidson Dorothy Uta Davis Alma Susanna Dietel Vivian Caroline Doeppenschmidt Dorothy Knox Duncan Margaret Sue East Lois Ellen Edel Janet Louise Engle Sue Ezell Margaret Fisher Mary Frances Fletcher Cecil Reid Floyd Mary Eraser Margaret Jo Frederick Edith French Marcy Camille Gaston Doraine Louise Geiger Margaret Lytle Gidley Frances Gorham Clara Jean Cranberry Nancy Joy Gribble Maurine Neva Greeson Ruth Griffin Mary Ann Gustine Mary Helen Hall Edith Hicks Hardey Cornelia Jeannette Hedrick Clare Helbing Janette Elizabeth Hicks JacLjueline Hightower Betty DeVere Hodgin Minnie Katherine Holmes Nette Ruth Hereford Barbara Mary Hull Ann Puryear Hughes Marie Alice Hutter Moselle Jacobs Margaret James Zodie Ann Kiessling Thelma Elaine Kornfeld Nelly Kulisher Eugenia Sheppard Lee Mary Alice Lee Margaret Jean Locke Alta Lois Lyons Mary C. McKee Patricia Jane Marshall Isabel Martin Margaret Moseley Martin Virginia Hudson Martin Cathryne Grace Mellon Frances Marie Miller Marv Tom Morgan Josephine Elizabeth Muhl Aancy Marie Oden Frances Jane O Neal Mattie Harrington Palmer Mona Lae Parkinson Martha Jane Pier Mary Ann Prothro Elizabeth Mai Rachal Olive Ruth Raney Mary Sue Ries Maye Marie Rollins Seima Rude Marion Frances Schneider Amy Lorraine Schwartz Beatrice Schwartz Madonna Schweikhardt Marcella Schweikhardt Marcel la Veronica Seilh Louise Marie Self Gloria Sexton Joan Shambaugh Faye Elizabeth Shiffer Eileen Frances Shipman Rose Frances Skibs Margie Jane Smart Mary Frances Smith Margaret Standifer Iris Stearns Audrey Dale Steel Cecilia Stewart Winfrey Frances Striplini Roberta Struss Huby Struss Betty Stroker Ruth Suehs Margaret Brice Sullivan Bonnie Ruth Taylor Betty Jeane Treadway Dorothy Grace Turner Helen Moore Waggoner Mildred Alice Webb Felice Rose Weill Margaret Marie Weinert Iris De Nelle Williams Jane Wood Winifred Wood Rulh Morehead Woods Hildegard Wupperman Bottom row: Holmes, Marcella Schweikhardt, Helbing, Pier, Biesele. Smart, Rubin, Davis, Hardey, Hull. Baromeo, Hicks. Cranberry, Self, Suehs, Skibs, Dietel, Griffin, Steel, Brewster, Lyons. Second row: Wupperman. Schneider. B. Schwartz, Rachal, Hutter. M. Martin, Seith, Collier. G. Akin. Ries. E. Akin, Woods. Collins. A. Schwartz, Williams, Turner, Rollins, J. Wood. Stroker, Bills, Jacobs, Oden, Miller. Third row: Stearns. Weinert. Duncan, Cunningham. Brooks, Hightower. Floyd, Smith, Madonna Schweikhardt, P. Bach. James, Standifer. Waggoner, Ctark, Shiffer, Edel, Hereford, East. Fourth row: Hodgin, Barge, Marshall, O Neal. Baker, Burkett. Eraser. Cabaniss. Culpepper. Gidley. Greeson. Treadway, Weill. I. Martin. Curtis, Ault, Cayton. Hall, Bioderson, E. Lee, French. Fifth row: Webb, Hedrick, Davidson, Connell, Ezeil, Shipman, Sexton, Block. Fredrick. Kulisher. Braden. Geiger. Hughes. Barnes. Engle, W. Wood, Doeppenschmidt, Ruby Struss. Sixth row: Stripling, Stewart, Chilton, Gorham, Parkinson. Fisher, Melton, J. Wood. Roberta Struss. Prothro, Palmer. W ' 1i Gills ' Glee Club Under the leadership of a new director. Chase Baromeo, pro- fessor of voice in the College of Fine Arts, the Girls ' Glee Club started the 1938-39 season with a membership of approximately one hundred and fifty. Mr. Baromeo succeeds Gilbert E. Schramm, who directed both the Men ' s and the Girls ' Glee Clubs for many years. He resigned this fall because of ill health. The Glee Club opened its season officially by joining with the Men ' s Glee Club for a concert November 29 in Hogg Memorial Auditorium. During the spring the Glee Club made its customary tour, giving concerts at Texas A. M. College and in Kerrville. Another concert with the Men ' s Glee Club on March 29 closed the official season of the Club. However, throughout the school year individual members of the Girls ' Glee Club, the trio, and the sextet appeared on many pro- grams. Many members of the Club took part in the annual musical revue, " Time Staggers On, " in which both the sextet and the trio were featured. The Club also took part in Round-Up activities. The trio is composed of Clara Jean Cranberry, Ruth Suehs, ' and Louise Marie Self. Dorothy Uta Davis is soloist. The sextet is com- posed of Flossie Crow, Ruth Morehead Woods, Grace Virginia Akin, Edwina Akin, Mary Sue Ries, and Mary Annette Collier. JANETTE ELIZABETH HICKS MIRIAM SAMMY RUBIN, accompanUl; DOROTHY UTA DAVIS, soloist. Trio: CLARA JEAN CRANBERRY, LOUISE MARIE SELF, RUTH SUEHS; VIRGINIA DONOHO, accompanist. Ajj.m. .w tm I . m i ..■-.■ ' ..■:.ll. ■..■.( Men ' s Glee Club EUGENE SAM HURT OFFICERS President Eugene Sam Hurt Manager Howard Max Itz Librarian Jack Nugent Bevil Historian Charles Cleland Harris Director Chase Baromeo Accompanist Lee Benton Norrell Second Accompanist Merrill James Allen Jack Nugent Bevil William Bivins Edgar Allan Burrows Joseph Franklin Cage Brice Winston Cecil Lee Len Clardy Peter Michael Curry Rohert Howard Eades Connie Lee Eaves Louis Richard Emerson Frank Raymond Emmert Conrad Frederick Fath Samuel Henry Freeh William Cruse Fuqua Frank Johnson Gardner John Paul German Andrew Jackson Gidley Victor Truman Griffin MEMBERS George Earl Haggard Howard Hagood Lloyd Jasper Halpenny Charles Cleland Harris Archie Maxwell Heap Gene Hemmle Wilford Dain Higdon Charles Kenneth Holloway Eugene Sam Hurt Frank Ray Hutchison George Washington Irwin Howard Max Itz Richard Wilford Johnston Guilford L. Jones Robert Lloyd Lumpkin Richard Ralph McKay Byrne McNeill George McNeir Raymond Clark McSpadden George Mandoki Reginald Franklin Muggli Archie Myers Arthur True Nicholas Walter Lee Porter James Leonard Rea Cleanthur Victor Rochelle Austin Allen Ronton Lenn Gene Sellers Walter Monroe Sellers Thomas Herbert Stilwell James William Thokey F. Earl Tipton William Bret Trent William Vincent Wickham Bottom row: Bevil, Harris, Itz, Hurt, Heap, Baromeo, NorrclI, Griffin, German, Gage, McKay. Second row: McSpadden, Nicholas. Stilwell, Emmert, Muggli, Halpenny, Irwin, W. Sellers. lohnston. Thokey, Rea, Rochelle. Third row: Lumpkin, Gidley, McNeir, Myers, Hutchison, Tipton, Curry, Higdon, L, Sellers, Holloway, Burrows, Haggard. Fourth row: Fath, Mandoki, Allen, Bivins, Fuqua, Freeh, Cecil, Emerson, Eades, Ronton, Trent, McNeill. %, Men ' s Glee Club Under the able direction and splendid leadership of Chase Baromeo. professor of voice in the newly created College of Fine Arts, the Men ' s Glee Club strengthened its claim to the title of " Finest Male Chorus in the Southwest. " Concerts presented by the Club displayed a touch of professionalism seldom reached by amateur choristers and fully merited the praise accorded them. Special praise is due the fine work done by Frank Gardner, tenor soloist; Archie Heap and Gene Hemmle, baritone soloists. These three members were much in demand as entertainers in Austin musical circles. Having as one of its primary purposes for existence service to the University, the Men ' s Glee Club gave meaning to that purpose by furnishing its talents to all worthwhile campus and civic organizations. The Club was honored by having the privilege of singing the opening numbers for the Round-Up Revue. Members from the Club appeared as entertainers on various radio programs, before numerous hometown clubs, and at luncheons. They also appeared in the annual production, " Time Staggers On, " and were active in the Inaugural pageant for Governor W. Lee O ' Daniel. The high spot of the season was the concert presented in the San Pedro Playhouse in San Antonio on February 24 under the sponsorship of the San Antonio chapter of the Twenty-Thirty Club. In addition to fine soloists, the Club boasts the Longhorn Quartet composed of Richard McKay, Frank Cage, Paul German, and Truman Griffin. Lee Norrell, accompanist for the second year, merits much praise for the fine work contributed to make the Club ' s year a success. Charles Zivley, former member and business manager of the Club, is the faculty advisor. HOWARD MAX ITZ ALBERT HODGES WADSWORTH Light Opera Company OFFICERS President Albert Hodges Wadsworth Vice-President GuY Wesley Ewing Secretary -T rea surer Barbara Kone Val Jean Aldred Mavis Elise Alexander Jack Sherman Ambrose Mildred Lorraine Austin Paula Jeanne Bach Carlie Louise Barnes John Pershing Bedford Madeline Elise Birdwell Jaciiuelyne Elaine Boulter Viola Maude Bowman Mary Elizabeth Browder Frances Knoble Brown Catherine V. Callender Pete Joaquin Castillo Roberta Dea Clark Willis Cole Mary Floyd Collins Enrii[ue de la Garza Jenny Lee Dibrell Alma Susanna Dietel E lith Anne Dyer Connie Lee Eaves Guy Wesley Ewing Mary Ruth Ewing Cecil Reid Floyd Samuel Henry Freeh Cyrus Frost Helen Fuller Frank Johnson Gardner Marcy Camille Gaston Roger Murphy Gideon Dortha Fay Grisham MEMBERS Walter Guin Harley Harry Halstead Jean Elizabeth Hamilton Elizabeth Angell Hanshaw Gene Hemmle Carl Hereford Nancy June Hines Shirley June Horning Pauline Huddlestor Margaret Hutchison George Washington Irwin Helen Johnson Katherine Helen Kisten Barbara Kone Nelly Kulisher Austin Felix Leach Mary Alice Lee Charles Jackson McCIendon Mary Elizabeth McMullen Margaret Mallett Jean Frances Malone George Mandoki Martha Emma Mikusek Josephine Elizabeth Muhl Kendall Mullin Thelmalee Murphy Aline OUnda Nemir Frank Mondrik Newton Marjorie Grace O ' Donnell Georgia Roberta Ogletree Joe Pat O ' Keefe Joe LaRose O ' Rillion Marjorie Josephine Paduh Carruth Palmer Patricia Blanche Parks Walter Lee Porter Paul Henderson PoweH Emory E. Powers Jim Edward Pridgen Jack Proctor James Leonard Rea Frances Rich Josephine Schreiner Monroe Walter Sellers Cynthia White Sheffield Julia Helen Shireman Velma Lois Shultz jack Sparks Jack Hall Speegle Emma Elizabeth Sleeker Christine Stone Bonnie Ruth Taylor Charles Taylor Dorothy Grace Turner Ruth Victor Bill Vorkies Albert Hodges Wadsworth Mary Ann Walker Mildred Alice Webb Leta Alice Weed Joe Frank Whitley Eugene Edward Wood Jeff Woodruff The Light Opera Company opened its season with Victor Herbert ' s gypsy operetta, " The Fortune Teller, " with Bonnie Ruth Taylor, Albert Hodges Wadsworth, and Gene Hemmle singing the important roles. The operetta was presented December 7, 8, and 9. In the spring the Company gave its annual " Night of Stars " in which some of the best voices on the campus were heard. The Light Opera Company closed its season with its largest musical production to date, the famous Broadway show, " Rio Rita. " Scenes from the Light Opera Company ' s production of " The Fortune Teller " : the attractive ballet scene, Bonnie Kuth laylor in the ! ■ Albert Hodges Wadsworth as male lead, the finale. :v i r% i Varsity Debate Squad Captain JoHN Erle Stephen ilarnld Alberts Witliam Beale Dean Kellia Thomas Diljrell Lewis Lyles Foxhall Julius Goldberg Charles Randall Griggs James McDonald Hetlin Leo Jaye Hoffman Calvin Boyd Howard Roland Forrest Johnson Guilford L. Jones Tom Hanney Lear Jack Edward Love Edwin Irvin McKellar Bernard John Mackin N. Edd Miller Kay Marsene Nolen John R. Peace Herbert C. Retry Rush H. Record Fred Schmidt A. Gilbert Smith John Erie Stephen Derol Todd David Aaron Witz The 1939 Intercollegiate Debate Squad of twenty-four men was chosen from a field of eighty contestants after two rounds of preliminary competition. Of the twenty-four squad mem- bers, eleven were lettermen from last spring ' s championship teams. Thomas A. Rousse is debate coach, and Jesse Villarreal is assistant coach. Stephen and Nolen constituted the team which won both the University of Iowa Tournament and the Missouri Valley Debate Meet. Record was also a member of the championship Missouri Valley team. Miller, Love and Petry were the winners of the Southwest Invitation Tournament, held on the campus. Included on the spring debate calendar were four major tournaments: the Iowa Invitation Tournament in Iowa City, Iowa; the Missouri Valley Forensic Meet in Boulder, Colorado; the Southeastern Debate Tournament in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and the Southwestern Invitation Tournament in Austin. Individual debates were with the University of Kansas, University of Illinois, University of Iowa, Tulane University, University of Southern California, Sophie Newcomb College, and a radio debate over a coast-to-coast network of NBC with the University of Wisconsin. Of these tournaments, the University won all but the Southeastern, which it entered for the first time. This is a competitive record which has given The University of Texas a national ranking among the three top debating schools in the United States. JOHN ERLE STEPHEN Bottom row: ROUSSE. TODD, HOWARD, WITZ. HOFFMAN, MILLER, ALBERTS, VILLARREAL. Stcond raw: PEACE, JONES, STEPHEN. HEFLIN. DEAN, GOLD- BERG, LOVE. Third row: MACKIN, GRIGGS, SCHMIDT, FOXHALL, SMITH, JOHNSON, Fourth row: McKELLAR, LEAR, PETRY. ' • tu " ,;i ' " r i i V i e « e g a r a i--ar f ' a p- i ' - a r ai a r ' ji --ai .«y,«y. .J ' . . MUSIC AND DRAMATICS The University of Texas has a number of musical and dramatic organizations which provide a quality of entertainment that compares well with that of professional organizations. Two of the oldest and best known organizations on the campus are the Men ' s and Girls ' Glee Clubs. Both clubs make several tours over a fairly wide area each fall and spring and have become quite famous over the state for their fine choruses. Both groups have always been able to boast of excellent soloists. The Men ' s Quartet and the Co-Ed Trio are in demand for almost all musical entertainment on the campus. Another well-known but much younger musical organization is the University Light Opera Company. The company was organized in 1931 by a group that felt the need of student activity in a combined dramatic and musical field. Many fine voices have been heard in the various light operas that have been presented each year. The club ' s best work has been in the comic operas of Gilbert and Sullivan. The Longhorn Band and the University Symphony Orchestra are two other musical organizations which offer entertainment to students. The Band plays at all athletic events, most University receptions, parades, for entertainments of other organizations, and gives several concerts a year as well as doing a number of other things. This year the Band has given a series of radio programs over a state-wide net work. The Symphony Orchestra has just recently been organized and is now under the supervision of the College of Fine Arts. This group also has been helpful in assisting with the entertainments of other organizations. It is a welcome addition to the University ' s musical groups. In the field of drama the Curtain Club is the means of entertainment. It is considered one of the best dramatic organizations in Texas and was formed in 1909. The Curtain Club has grown steadily since its founding and each year has tackled a harder type of play to produce. The plays draw a full house for each performance, the number of which it has been necessary to increase yearly. Each of the four plays presented this year were given four nights. B aSB M iPMM Campus STUDENTS ' ASSEMBLY Bottom row: ALDRED, KNIVETON. CAIN, CONNALLY, LIPSCOMB, BUSBY, LEE. Second tow: BROCAN, LOPER, JOHNSON, WILKES, LOCKART, BRYSON, GRASTY. Third row: BUSSEY, MARTIN, WADSWORTH, OKEEFE, PRUITT, DAVIS. The Students ' Assembly is the legislative body for the Students ' Association. John Bowden Connally, as president of the Students ' Association, presided over the meetings of this year ' s Assembly. Stanley Eugene Neely, as vice-president of the Association, and Elizabeth Kathleen Kniveton, as secretary, also served on the Assembly. Other members of the Assembly are Robert Riesner Lockart, Lowell Lyndon Wilkes, Albert Hodges Wadsworth, Mary Rice Brogan, Val Jean Aldred, and Elizabeth Gale Lipscomb, Arts and Sciences; Joe William Loper and Byron William Cain, Business Administration; Frances Louise Johnson, Education; Stanford Allen Busby, Ray Brundrett Grasty, and Samuel Hunt Lee, Engineering; Gordon Henderson Fisher and James Bryson Martin, Graduate; La Verne Lillian Bryson. Journalism; Warren Dee Pruitt and Dudley Perdue Davis, Law; Dan Rockwell Bussey, Pharmacy. « ■ m -y A 1 ' «t , » ■ « t JOHN BOWDEN CONNALLY liNv; JimiCIARY COUNCIL Bottom row: BALDRIDGE, NUNN, APPLING, WHITE. Second row: ROBERTS. HASSKARL, TAYLOR. WALTER FRED HASSKARL The Judiciary Council has exclusive and final juris- diction in all cases arising under the Constitution and laws of the Students ' Association. The requirements for the chairman, who is elected in the spring, and the other six members, who are elected in the fall, is junior standing when they take office. The member- ship is always composed of three women and three men in addition to the chairman. The chairman of the Judiciary Council this year was Walter Fred Hasskarl, and the members were the following: Glenn Frances Appling, Hazel Dawn Nunn, Dorothy Ellen Baldridge, Earl Alfred White, John Clarke Roberts, and Thomas Ulvan Taylor II. T " ;; r.i f UNION BOARD ,-AJ Left to right: ADAMS, CONNALLY, SINGLETON, VOGAN, CEBAUER, McCURDY KNIVETON, ZIVLEY, MOORE, UNIS, LIPSCOMB. The Union Board is the governing body for the Texas Union. The Union budget and all major plans for operation and supervision of the Union, including the appointment of the director, are made by the Board. The president of the Students ' Association, John Bowden Connally, served as chairman of the Board. Other student members were Elizabeth Kathleen Kniveton, secre- tary of the Students ' Association, William Blake Singleton, Thomas Charles Unis, and Sarah Louise Lipscomb. Other members of the Board included V. L Moore, Dean of Student Life; Dorothy Gebauer, Dean of Women; Fred Adams and John A. McCurdy, representatives of the Ex-Students ' Association. Charles Zivley, director of the Union, is a non-voting member of the Board. Marjorie Vogan is the assistant to the director of the Union. CULTURAL ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Boltom row: ANDERSON, NICKEL. REAGAN, LONG. Second row: ROLFE. HOLLAND, COMPERE. SANDERS. Every Year the Cultural Entertainment Committee brings to the University campus companies and organi- zations producing educational, historic, and modern plays, and speakers and entertainers. Among the presen- tations this year were the Ballet Caravan, Thomas Wil- fred at the Clavilux keyboard, the Pasquier trio, and the Spanish dancer, Sarita. Dr. Frank Guy Armitage gave a lecture on Dickens on March 8. The Committee is composed of one faculty member, at present Walter T. Rolfe, who is appointed by the President of the University for a term of two years; one member selected by and from the Students ' Assembly for one year. One student is appointed by the president of the Students ' Association to serve one year as chair- man of the Committee. The chairman for 1938-1939 was Sydney Chandler Reagan. The following were selected by him to assist the Committee: James Floyd Anderson, June Phyllis Nickel, Cy Long, Jack Louis Holland, Pow- ell Butler Compere, J. Olcutt Sanders. The functions, operations, and expenditures of this Committee are under the supervision of the Board of Directors of the Texas Union. SYDNEY CHANDLER REAGAN ALPHA PHI OMEGA Bottom row: Reagan, iTankford, C. Clark, Sloltz, Fischer, Martin, Kniffin, Durham, Sligh, Brown, Schlitzkus, Skinner, Jack Sargent, Newman, Bailey. Second row: Leiper, Scott, Smalley,.. Cecil, Chesley. Cook, Slovacek, Bost, Surles, Sebring, Sellers, Stewart, Naile, Vining. Rich, Faunt- leroy. Third row: II. Newman, Edmunds, ' Hoot, H. Smith, Ehlers, Ntilson, Harrison, Hanson, Thomas, Williams, Washington, Hodson, Wroble, Chavannes. Fourth row: R. Moore, Zivlfey, Malhis, Lehecka, Drummond, M. Smith, Byers, W. Clark, Hungate, Quebedeaux, Egozcuc, Dacy, Herod, Vine. Fifth row: Nowotny, Clarke, Adams. J. Moore, Haney, O Neal, Joniisc.n, rvemp, H. Bybee, Waters, Slubicki, Jones, Fu |ua. OFFICERS President Robert Fairhurst Kniffin First Vice-President Howard Nathan Martin Second Vice-President Hubert Singleton Durham Secretary Elmo Leroy Fischer Treasurer Jack Ulrich Stoltz Historian William Wells Brown F. J. Ada J. W. Calhoun William L. McGill L. M. ONeal William Marvin Bailey William Wells Brown Robert William Bybee Howard Earl Byers Brice Winston Cecil Etienne Andre Chavannes Edgar Leo Chesley Charles Taliaferro Clark William Kalar Clark Robert Richey Clarke William Boyd Cook Albert Ewell Cupp George Louis Dacy Pat Daniels Leon Ellis Drummond Hubert Singleton Durham David Wright Edmunds Edward Joseph Egozrue Emmctt Amberg Ehlers Thomaa Daniel Bost Robert Boyd LadJ FACULTY ADVISORS H. P. Bybee Arno Nowotny H. T. Parlin HONORARY MEMBERS John A. McCurdy W. E. Crozier SCOUTING ADVISORS Noel P. Amstead E. J. Mathews V. I. Moore MEMBERS Jack Fauntleroy Ernest Hilliard Fincher Elmo Leroy Fischer William Cruse Fui)ua William Clifton Gray Wendell Holmes Hanson Richard Paul Haney William Arch Harrison Jack Herod John R. Hodson William Francis Hoot Frank Porter Hungate Charles R. G. Jones Charles Davis Johnson Robert Beegle Kemp Robert Fairhurst Kniffin James Malcolm Lamb Livius Lee Lankford Charles Edward Lehecka William Harper Leiper Andrew Jackson McCrocklin James Hilton McSpadden Howard Nathan Martin Robert Warren Mathis Robert Mutlins Moore George Sampson Nalie Jack Cecil Nelson James Newman Lewis Glenn Owens Walter Arnim Quebedeaux Sydney Chandler Reagan George Lowell Rich Samuel C. Schlit kus Kincy Julius Scott Louie Sebring Walter Monroe Sellers Eugene Elam Skinner Thomas Sidney Sligh H. W. Newman Eugene Woodrow Slovacek Carroll James Slubicki A. L. Smalley Hugh Ferries Smith Mose Allen Smith Edward Garrison Spinks Philip Huffman Sterling William W. Stewart Jack Ulrich Stoltz James William Thokey Harry Vine Jeff Lee Vining Cone Johnson Waters Wilbur Maxwell Washington Frank Clair Williams William Raymond Wood Vincent Wroble Charles Zivley PLEDGES Jack Scott Sargent James Homer Sargent Donald Carroll Surles Edward Donnall Thomas ROBERT FAIRHURST KNIFFIN Nar- ' -iy ' THE COWBOYS Founded, The University of Texas, 1922 Bnltom r,„ : IjiiisiJuii. 1urtiii. ft, .11. Kark i«,ki. Klch.-ri!, llchi-rly, I.a«. S. aniiili. Srhivailz. I ' , l ' . ' l i l,,r. il,.iii. S.i,„„lr. !,: Winkler. Woodward, Smith. Maverick, Staiiffer, Bowman, Singleton. Third row: ProtJiro, Townsend, Biedenharn, Houston, Vickrey. Fourth row: Miller, West, Neely, Moore. ROBERT PACK DOlltKIY OFFICERS Foreman Robert Pace Doherty Straw Boss Ramsey Lycurgus Moore Horse Wrangler JoE Davenport Wilson Camp Cook Jack Tibaut Bowman MEMBERS Roy F Beery Albert Milton Biedenharn Lloyd Willis Birdwcll Jack Tibaut Bowman Walter Thomas Cavcn Charles Fred Chambers Herbert Kelso Clarkson Frank Albert Conley William Bawden Deaderick I eroy Gilbert Denman Robert Pace Doherty John Kennedy Ford James Ward Fouts Chester Wooten Granville Kay Brundrett Grasty Joe Robert Greenhill Joe Blocker Griffith William Charles Haivin Walter Fred Hasskarl Reagan Houston Jack S. Josey George Morgan Juneman Bernard Karkowski Alfred Ashbrook King Richard Mifflin Kleberg Charles Cecil Langdon Jim Calhoun Langdon Thomas Hart Law Wallace Dunk Lawson William Clifford McDugaUl Alvin Randolph Martin Albert Maverick Harold August Miller Pete Montgomery Ramsey Lycurgus Moore Stanley Eugene Neely Morgan Nesbitt Robert Homer Park Charles Nelson Prothro John Clarke Roberts Albert James Schwartz John Gates Seaman Everett Lee Shirley John Virgil Singleton J. Burleson Smith Ralph Douglas Stauffer Robert Schwarz Strauss Roger Charles Sullivan Robert Foard Townsend Henry Garland Taliaferro Tom Frank Taylor Thomas Ulvan Taylor H Jack Vickrey James Cunyus Watson Moise Harvey Weil Milton Horace West Andrew Ben White Thomas Harvard Williams Joe Davenport Wilson James Marvin Windham Halbert Owen Woodward Edward Meyer Winkler William Blake Yarborough Members are selected for Cowboys on the basis of leadership, ability, campus accomplishments, and scholastic standing. To be eligible for membership a student must be in the second semester of his sophomore year. The roll is limited to forty-five active members and elections are usually held twice a year. The Cowboys came into existence in 1922 when the need for a men ' s service organization, dedirated to an ideal service on the campus, became apparent. It has since been one of the most coveted honors in the University. 3 B BIMm k Honorary Organization for Senior Women Founded, Syracuse, New York, February 16, 1918 Texas Chapter Established 1923 MORTAR ROARD Bottom row: MURPHEY, CAMPBELL, DUSHEK, ALDRED, FISHER, LIPSCOMB. Second row: CHERKAS, HARDEY, HULL, PILE, DARST, STEVENSON. OFFICERS President Val Jean Aldred Vice-President Nina Derry Murphey Secretary Josephine Pile Treasurer Sarah Louise Lipscomb Historian Evelyn Ruth Cherkas Reporter Anida Loise Darst FACULTY ADVISORS Annie Hill Dorothy Gebauer Val Jean Aldred Lucile Campbell Evelyn Ruth Cherkas Anida Loise Darst Frances Pauline Dushek MEMBERS Margaret Barrow Fisher Edith Hicks Hardey Barbara Mary Hull Sarah Louise Lipscomb Helen Herminia Machemehl Lucy Rathbone Nina Derry Murphey Josephine Pile Lois Sager Orissa Stevenson VAL JEAN ALDRED MoRTAR Board, national honorary organization for senior women, was formed for the recognition and encouragement of leadership among women. The requirements for membership are at least a " B " average, active participation in campus activities, and an adequate exhibition of the qualities of leadership. Not more than twenty or less than five women are chosen by unanimous vote of the chapter each spring. New members are announced by a traditional tapping service just before Senior Week. The principal activity of the organiza- tion this vear has been the establishment of the Benedict Memorial Fund. " jr w •iif- ' - sS r mr ORANGE JACKETS Founded, The University of Texas, 1923 Bottom row: GROUNDS, WIDEN, EMBRY, SWIFT, NEELY, BACHTEL. Second row: DUNNING, PHILLIPS, BATES, PAINTER, WEBB, KONE. Third row: McAFEE, KNIGHT, YOUNG, VAUGHAN, BIESELE. OFFICERS President Bette Young Vice-President Anne Townes Finch Secretary-Treasurer Adele Nell Neely Historian Margaret Alexander Webb Reporter Elizabeth Tyler Painter Faculty Sponsor Dorothy Gebauer MEMBERS Margaret Ellen Bachtel Mary Sue Bates Grace Annette Biesele Suzanne Robertson Dunning Nora Frances Embry Anne Townes Finch Dorothy Lee Grounds Mary Louise Herod Kathryn Gene Knight Barbara Kone Marguerite Calfee McAfee Adele Nell Neely Bettinel Phillips SPRING INITIATES Elizabeth Tyler Painter Elizabeth Frances Swift Virginia Frances Vaughan Margaret Alexander Webb Alma Gustava Widen Bette Young BETTE YOUNG Dorothy Elizabeth Ball Alice Ann Nitschke Virginia Wilson Buckner Cynthia White Sheffield Billie Simmons Orange Jackets is composed of those twenty girls who are considered most representative. Eligibility is based on scholastic standing, qualities of leadership, and all-round ability. Only sophomores and juniors with a " C " average are eligible for membership. The organization has no specialized field of work and is active in many projects of the University. Orange Jackets are noted for their willingness to serve the University. Members are especially prominent in holding campus elections and in conducting tours of the campus for visitors. Elections are held in the fall and in the spring. FRIARS To confer the honor of membership upon the eight most eligible men chosen from each senior class Founded, The University of Texas, 1911 Major William Tillory Andrews Louis F. J. Baethe Roy F. Beery Stanford Allen Busby Charles Taliaferro Clark John Bowden Connally Richard Burt Dyke Gordon Henderson Fisher James Ward Fouts Joe Robert Greenhill Bernard Karkowski Jim Calhoun Langdon Raymond August Lynch William Lawrence McGill Stanley Eugene Neely Arno Nowotny Edwin W. Olle James Hambright Parke Benjamin Harrison Powell Sydney Chandler Reagan, Jr. Benno Charles Schmidt Max Beck Skelton Edward Syers A. Wilson Walker Joe Davenport Wilson Harris Van Zandt OWNOOCH Val Jean Aldred Mary Julia Armstrong Mary Sue Bates Betty Blankenbeckler Mary Buford Brownlee Mary Nell Gilmore Mary Virginia Hearne Jean Hudson Mary Ann Lennox Margery Lee Ligon Emily Katherine Marshall Anne Trimble Painter Lois Sager Ruth Roberta Stuart Gloria Yzaguirre y tiiMSB S FALFA OMICRON OMEGA Foo to You t GRAND COUNCIL— FOOEY! Doris Esther Dickinson Doris McReynolds Katherine Searcy Kleberg Jeanne Richey Jean Ellen McEniry Mary Earle Sansom Enid Evelyn Wilie FOO MANCHOO— Mary Helen Burr LITTLE FOOEYS Margaret Ellen Bachtel Frances Louise Chandler Jane Copeland Mary Lucille Kuhn Jeannette Markle Russell Clara Gees Sansom Lois Marie Starkey Jane Lee Stroud Mary Katherine Underwood Vd rather be a Foo than ! Nil UPSILON TAII TAU Honorary Organization for junior and Senior Women Founded, The University of Texas, 1917 High Worthy NUTT . . . . . . Ruth Wheat FACULTY MEMBERS Anna Hiss Dorothy Gebauer MEMBERS Margaret Elizabeth Ames Marjorie Gertrude Anderson Betty Blankenbeckler Mary Banford Brownlee Patience W. Chance Pauline Allen Gill Kathleen Marguerite Joerger Margery Lee Ligon Emily Katherine Marshall Virginia Maude Moore Marjorie Osborne Edna Belle Perry Anna Mary Pierce Helen Dufour Rathbone Lois Sager Margaret Faerol Smith Hallie Randolph Stayton Frances Elizabeth Utley Mary Louise Westbrook Ruth Wheat GOOBERS Ann Harlan Jetty Grace DeLong Dorothy Lee Perkins Mae Trainer Nu Upsilon Tau Tau is one of those select (?) organizations which everyone tries to comprehend, but never quite can, members not excepted. When it was founded in 1917 by Miss Alice Miller and Miss Kathleen Molesworth, the non- existent constitution was destroyed and the motto became " A stitch in time gathers no moss " or " If the shoe fits, lie in it. " In order to discuss the problems with which they are not confronted, the members congregate for lunch twice each month, and goobers are elected bi-annually. Rumor hath it that a keen sense of humor, campus activities, and a certain degree of scholarship are the basis for membership, but one can never know these days. It seems that things like Mr. Browning ' s poetry and Nu Upsilon Tau Tau are simply not meant to be understood, but must remain forever in the realms of the mvsterious. m PI UPSILON NU KAPPA Founded, The University of Texas, October 31, 1938 Patron Saint Hollow Weenie Colors Black and Bruisey Blue Sponsor Agnes Stacy MEMBERS Dorothy Ellen Baldridge Dawn Blair Mary Louise Braselton Idanell Brill Eoline Herndon Brown Dorothy Buckley Mary Alexander Darden Connie Delavan Maxine Eleanor Dietzel Florence Sue Dodson Eloise DuBois Ruth Remy Johnston Cissie Ligon Sarah Louise Lipscomb Mary Katherine Scofield EUender C atherine Stribling Betty June Trammell Mary Ann TufFly Purpose: To further cordial and amicable relations among campus groups. «! ■■ i mt-it-m i-att A iai » «■- Sororities and Fraternities PANHELLENIC Top row: BEALL. BRASELTON, ROSENTHAL. MARKS. OSBORNE, YZAGUIRRE, EDELSTEIN. BRAUNIG. Second row: JOHNSON, STEINMANN, SEARS, BROCAN. GILL, YOUNG. CHILTON, PARKINSON. OFFICERS President Florence Irene Sears Vice-President Mary Jo Johnson Secretary Valerie Kirk Rosenthal Treasurer Mona Lae Parkinson Sponsor Kathleen Bland MEMBERS SORORITY Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Phi Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Delta Phi Epsilon Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Mu Pi Beta Phi Zeta Tau Alpha Sigma Delta Tau SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Jean Marie Chilton Mary Rice Brogan Jane Brau nig Cora Marie Steinmann Gloria Yzaguirre Lady lona Jane Young Mary Jo Johnson Mary Louise Braselton Valerie Kirk Rosenthal Mona Lae Parkinson Dorothy Marks Camilla Lee Beall Florence Irene Sears Pauline Allen Gill Marjorie Oshorne Petrice Edelstein JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Judith Perkins Frances Le Sayers Bransford Lethale Rose Capland Louise Frances Johnson Ruth Mildred Spargo Evelyn Marie Brown Martha Faye Parr Eddie Smith Frieda Nell Liehman Margaret Jeanette Correll Mary Banford Brownlee Margaret Faerol Smith Pattie May Dodson Jane Green Ella Mae Starcke FLORENCE IRENE SEARS INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL i Top row: PARK, PHILLIPS, WALKER, KING, DEADERICK, BIEDENHARN, HUTCHISON. Second rou-: SIMMS, COKE, GUMP, FRITZ, McDUGALD, STRAUSS, WEST, PETERSON. Third row: KLEBERG, CONLEY, SHEPPEKD, FEINBERG, BEERY, GROSSMAN, WILSON. NEELY. OFFICERS President Robert Homer Park Vice-President Alfred Ashbrook King Secretary-Treasurer Everett Hutchinson Reporter Albert Milton Biedenharn MEMBERS Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Chi Phi Delta Chi Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Tau Delta Delta Theta Phi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Sigma Delta Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Nu Phi Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Delta Phi Theta Xi Richard Mifflin Kleberg William Clifford McDugald Frank Albert Conley Lester Wait Fritz Roy F. Beery Joe Davenport Wilson Albert Monroe Walker John Ben Shepperd William Bawden Deaderick Stanley Eugene Neely Alfred Ashbrook King Leo John Peterson Stern Feinberg Richard Anthony Gump Albert Milton Biedenharn Robert Schwarz Strauss Jack Lawson Coke Milton Horace West A. A. Wilson Phillips Everett Hutchinson Burton Edward Grossman Earl Edward Simms ALPHA CHI OMEGA t STt Top row: Williams, Webb, Martin, Pinson, Harrison, Collier, Simms, Deaton, Perkins, Wagenschein. Second row: C. Ayres, Clemei Warren, Smith. M. Ayres, Stenberg, Jones. Third row: Elliott. Leahy, Engleman, Vaughan, Cline, Blackmar, King, Walker, Bodine, Murphy, Chilton, Pranger. Garrett, Hutter. Phillips, Srolt. Kilman. Sanders, Rogers. nts. McFarland, Treadway, Pittenger, Thomas, Adkins. Fourth row: Graves, OFFICERS President Jean Marie Chilton Vice-President Felice Mozelle Cline Recording Secretary BEATRICE NoBLE Stenberg Corresponding Secretary Lois Emma Webb Treasurer MuRIEL Ayres Muriel AyrcB Vada Lucille Bodine Jean Marie Chilton Felice Mozelle Cline Margaret Anne Collier Doris Ann Daniel Thelma Pearl Deatoo Jean Eloise Elliott MEMBERS Anne Lavinia Gravea Erie Nell Harrison Alice Marie Hutter Barbara Boutwell Jonei Doris Isabelle Leahy Janette Wynona Martin Marion Moretand McFarland Judith Perkins Rebecca Elizabeth Ptnson Jo Anne Pittenger Lillian Byrdie Simms Beatrice Noble Stenberg Edith Marie Walker Elizabeth Ann Warren Lois Emma Webb Iris De Nelle Williams JEAN MARIE CHILTON ALPHA CHI OMEGA A rush party at the Alpha Chi Omega house. Catharine Ayres. left foreground, looks very wistful. Janette Martin has a fine time at the sorority ' s fall formal. In the right hand corner we find the girls inspecting the grounds and plans of their new chapter house. A row of pictures showing Alpha Chi Omegas having bull sessions, entertaining, and studying. PLEDGES Willelene Marie Adkins Catharine Ayrea Leta Maxine Blackmar Margaret ClementB Reva Elizabeth Crockett Betty Ann Engleman Winifred Estelle Garrett Margaret Kilman Thejis Ann King Alice Louise Murphy Lillian Elizabeth Phillips Dorothy Pittman Daisy Jane Pranger Betty Lois Rogers 100 WEST TWENTY-SIXTH Kathleen Adair Sanders Barbara Catherine Scott Gerat(iine Dolores Smith Ruth Elizabeth Thomas Betty Jeane Treadway Virginia Frances Vaughan Carol Letila Wagenschein •• ;;;i. -V ALPHA DELTA PI C1 OFFICERS President Mary Margaret Stages Vice-President Alma Gustava Widen Recording Secretary Mildred Eugenia Rutland Corresponding Secretary .... Jane JuDGE Treasurer Cornelia Jeannette Hedrick MEMBERS Valeska Inez Adams Frances Le Sayers Bransford Sara Scott Bransford Ann Margaret Brewer Mary Rice Brogan Margaret Louella Coan Gene Frances Comer Nellie James Crawford Ann Elizabeth Dabbs Frances Lee Duckworth Ruth Kdna Ellsworth Jane Catherine Estill Christine Adele Evans Bertha Lenora Field Edith Louise Fordtran Cornelia Jeannette Hedrick Kathleen Marie Howard Lynda Lea Houchins Hurst Mary Catherine Ivey Jane Judge Elizabeth Kathleen Kniveton Mary Lucille Kuhn BiMie Lewis Ellen Pickard MacKenzie Albina Figari Migliavacca Hazel Dawn Nunn Hazel Olive Peters Mary Charlotte Ransom Mildred Eugenia Rutland Daisy Edith Shirley Genia Leota Segars Mary Margaret Stages Mary Virginia Steadham Aurelita Mary Stamm Eliska Ellen Stamm Joy Dolores Stamm Jocelyn Helena Stamm Martha Faye Thomas Mary Eloise Tucker Dorothy Jean Wager Margaret Anna Walker Alma Gustava Widen Virginia Lee Wilke MARY MARGARET STAGES Pace 358 iMM.M:U ■ ■ H ■II f ' 1-Mr " !, ' !!S! T ALPHA DELTAPI Oib 5i!dl£J The D Pis celebrat.- th,- M. ;:anu- uiili a i.nll.i hiiirh.-..ii. Don ' t argue boys. Posed or playing while Mary Ransom looks on. Cups and scrapbook show the honors ' that have been bestowed. Well known and a frequent visitor is " Harky " (sitting by the window). Rush Week and these lovely girls did pledge. Tea for three-- Mary Margaret. Ellen, and our school secretary, Elizabeth. You are not looking double, it is only the two sets of Stamm twins all reaching [or the phone from Jeannette Hedrick This ping pong game would be most interesting without the game. Hal Rawlins, Florence Dorsey, and Mary Ransom ara playing a hard game ol bridge. FACULTY 1803 WEST AVENUE LuciLE Williams Jet Winters . Instructor in Romance Languages Professor of Home Economics Marjorie Rose Baldwin Larue Barrier Olivia Barrier Eleanor Bishop Imogene Elizabeth Bowen Marajean Brubeck Margaret Nan Cazell Mury Kalherine Cheney Mary Floyd Collins Edith Lee Coulter Norma Frances Donigan Helen Francis Draper Mary Barbara Durham Maxine Durrett Rosemary Foudray Shannon Gillis Juneann Crigoleit PLEDGES Erlene Rose Henshaw Barbara Holt Lydia Florence Horstman Gladys Maurine Kcuper Gladys Ethel McConnell Sara Frances McCrummcn Edna George McMahon Jean Frances Malone Billye Gwen Mims Lolabeth Atlrella Moser Kathryn Odell Dorothy Jean Orand Adele Kennedy Peak Betty Jean Pigman Betty Jo Ray Martha Elizabeth Rutland Virginia Sue Scott 1 ' i KjUByMi Eileen Frances Shipman Margaret Jea n Spillar Marjorie Frances TempMn Wilma Julianne Tolbert Caroline Webster Lois Frances Williams Virginia Belle Wilson iOfi FSMUM PB . S ai ' Top row: Goldstein, C. Block, Wertheim, Aschner, F. Hirsch, H. Jacobs, Cristol, Joseph, Braunig, S. Jacobs. Second row: Alexander, Harris. Bennett, Kaplan, Roainger, Edel, Wertheimer, Goudchaux, Weill. Herman. Third row: Fridner, Engle, Capland. H. Berman, Winkler, Rosenwasser. Ranch, Stiffl, Blum, Friedlander. Fourth row: Mayer, B. Berman. L. Block. Adelman, Selber, Given, Philipson, Anson, Bacharach, Werby. Fifth row: Krupp, Edelstein, Schoenman, Holland, Label, Wolfe, Friedman, Axelrod, J. Hirsch, Davidson, Bell. OFFICERS Dean Frances Hirsch Sub-Dean Burt Valentine Aschner Secretary Leone Cecilia Block Corresponding Secretary Helen Anne Berman Rush Captain Clara Josey Block MEMBERS Jacolyn Alexander Leone Cecilia Block Frances Hirsch Burt Valentine Aschner Helen Dolores Blum Sara Pearl Jacobs Shirley Bennett Jane Braunig Helen Natalie Jacobs Betty Jane Berman Lethale Rose Capland Jule Marion Jacobson Helen Anne Berman Johanna Charlotte Cristol Regina Hortense Joseph Clara Josey Block Lois Ellen Edel Dorothy Kaplan Janet Louise Engle Shirley Eleanor Mayer Adele Louise Fridner Ruth Merle Rosinger Adele Lillian Friedlander Felice Rose Weill a m.flK. Sonia Harriet Goldstein Jeanette Wertheim hH B ' Dorothy Goudchaux Golda Raye Wertheimer tHB ■ Marion Harris Miriam Ruth Winkler FRANCES HIRSCH ALPHA EPSILON PHI Rushing these girls was fun, but better still to have the ribbons on. Colda Wertheimer and Jane Rauch look powerfully worried. A good picture of smiles. After a good Sunday dinner at the chapter house, it is customary to gather in friendly little groups on the front lawn to discuss leisurely the many plans for the afternoon and maybe to discuss last night ' s date. Rows of evening dresses . . . what could be the matter with the tuxes — are they blind? PLEDGES r J Betty Adelman Jean Lucy Anson Phyllis Elouise Axelrod Elise Bacharach Madelyn Rose Bell Hortense Rosale Davidson Helen Edelstein Ruth Carolyn Friedman Mildred Louise Given Geraldine Phyllis Herman Jeanne Mina Hirsch Marie Hanna Holland June Millicent Krupp Florian Label Rosalind Bernice Philipson Jane Ellen Rauch Helen Estelle Rosenwasser Bernice Schocnmann Muriel Doloris Selber Rosalyn Rebecca SlifTt Lorraine Werby Renee Rachel Wolfe 2007 WMITIS r )W 5 ALPHA PHI Top row: Wickline, Ramsay, Buzzo, Crumley, Armstrong, Lennox, E. Smith, McKenzie, Griffin, Hull, Bullard. Plumb, Craddock. Second row: Baugh, Carrothers, Hearne, Stuart, Yzaguirre, Draper, Parker, Ewing, Curtis, Callaway, Fraser, Goodwyn, Reynolds. Third row: Marburger, Bates, Webb, E. Painter, Spargo. Brace, Johnson, J. Jones, Old, Nachman, M. Jones, Shepard, Clark. Fourth row: Freeman, G. Ledbetter, Kasch, Long, Stearns, Kelly, Mitchell, Hollingshead, Metcalfe, Kisten, A. Ledbetter, Kessler, Pace. Fifth row: Barlow, Pricer, Caldwell, Word, M. Smith, Whitner, Scott, Niblo, Chatmas, Moritz, Nolen, Anderson, Worley, McKim. OFFICERS President Ruth Roberta Stuart Vice-President Ruth Margaret Hull Secretary Judith Arledge Craddock Corresponding Secretary Laura Linn Brace Treasurer Etta Baugh I Eating is a serious business to Mary Sheehan. Etta Baugh. Christine McKenzie. and Florence Dulaney. Mary Julia Armstrong assists Betty Johnson in fixing her hair. A bull session at the Alpha Phi house. Jo Jones, Emalynn Smith, Doris Carrothers, and Mary Katherine Metcalfe agree that this business of eating is serious. Zelphia Kelly. Cynthia Sheffield. Florence Dulaney. Calhtya Long, and Jo Jones relax after lunch. Ruth Hull, Lucille Plumb, Mary Hearne, and Mrs. Eva Prendergast, house- mother, seem to be slow eaters. GOLDIE HORTON PORTER EuLA Nagle FACULTY Assistant Professor of Pure Mathematics Instructor in Shorthand Winniefred Margaret Anderson Lu Neil Barlow Mary Gill Caldwell Merle Elizabeth Callaway Penelope Chatmas Myrtle Jeanne Clark Sara Kay Curtis Jamie Eleanor Fraser Helen Edwina Coodwyn Morna Jones Martha Ann Kessler PLEDGES Anice Myrl Ledbetter Janet McKim Bette Janet Moritz Vera Michael Nachman Virginia Fahner Niblo Patti Duggan Nolen Mary Jane Pace Agnes Alberta Pricer Rosemary Scott Betty June Shepard Marianna Smith Stancie Randolph Whitner Martha Gordon Word Annis Eugenia Worley 2005 UNIVERSITY AVENUE " rV ' i I r 1 n ALPHA XI DELTA Top row: DICKSON. RAWLINGS, DISCH, GOLDEN. LYLE, STEINMANN, MOGFORD, COFFEY. Second row: FARQUHAR, BLAIR, BRUNNER. DARBY. CILLILAND. BROWN. JOHNSON, MARTIN. Third row: EDDLEMAN. GIDLEY. HATHERLY, BERKMAN, GAINES. FULLER. POWELL, PIPE. OFFICERS President Mary Louise Mogford Vice-President Sarah Cornelia Darby Recording Secretary Blanche Edna Farquhar Corresponding Secretary Leona Maude Rawlings Treasurer Frances Louise Johnson MEMBERS Frances Kathcrine Brunner Sarah Cornelia Darby Anita Mae Disch Virginia Lee Dickson Blanche Edna Far(|uhar Frances Virginia Golden Frances Louise Johnson Dorothea Louise Lyle Mary Louise Mogford Leona Maude Rawlings Cora Marie Steinmann MARY LOUISE MOGFORD VJ Anita Disch leans lazily back with satisfaction. You see it ' s this way, I can see over your point. What could be a better reason to look behind bushes than to find a group like this. The girls read all about it preparing for Round-Up. Their second mother, Mrs. L. O. Graham. Say. can ' t you push harder? Mary Louise Mogford and Azile Coffey go strolling. FACULTY Jacqueline Clara Eckert Tutor in Government PLEDGES Ingrid Joyce Berkman Betty Helen Blair Roberta Brown Faegene Eddleman Helen Fuller Glory Lipscomb Gaines Willa MaeCidley Madeline Gilliland Helen Janice Hatherly Virginia Hudson Martin Virginia Lennox Pipe Ann Lavinia Powell I ' lMiy Will lis n CHI 0ME6A iPiPIE | £ Mifi222 Top row: L. Blown. Cox, Hardey, V. Hall, J. Pile, Trainer, Adams, M. Murray, Cooper, Ripple, Raney, C. Wood, Collier, Sloop, Clark, Hickman, Shafer. Second row: Rayburn, Hendon, Charlton, Carlton, De Long. Pier, Home, Braden, English, M. Pile, Mayer, Kiessling, Martin, Hilburn, Cunningham. Griffin, Evans. Third row: R. Wood, M. Hall, Perry, Gustine, Ruby Struss, Young, Jones, Haley, Zirket, Knight, Rodgers, J. Everett, Earnest, Wilkins, Beall. B. Murray, E. Brown. Fourth row: Carter, Lyons, Grounds, Horton, Musgrave, Br-inham, Cranberry, V. Everett. Farmer, McCehee, Ratliff, Cayton, Ray, F. Brown, Toland, Heiskell. Taylor. Fifth row: Rector, Dotson, Scott, Parks, Demere, Whaley, Albert, Dattner, Wooten, Parmley, Dakin, Kinzbach, Van Zandt, McAtee, Painter, Mathis. Sixth row: Farrar, Douglass, Culpepper, Maloney, Turner, Tomkies, Lowrey, Roberta Slruas, Booth, Filkins, Bush, Cromwell, Warner, Morrison, Brady, Leatherbury. OFFICERS President Edith Hicks Hardey Vice-President Frances Marie Cooper Secretary Josephine Pile Treasurer Jacquelyn Rayburn Pledge Mother Helen Katherine Cox MEMBERS • ll.M,,IKOj June Adams Edith Louise Beall Elizabeth Louise Braden Virginia Elizabeth Branham Evelyne Marie Brown Frances Knoble Brown Louise Mable Brown Willa Geraldine Carlton Armenia Mary Carter Ida Frances Clark Mary Annette Collier Frances Marie Cooper Helen Katherine Cox Jetty Grace DeLong Peggy Hortense Dotson Louise Adelaide Earnest Jeanne Louise Everett Virginia Joy Everett Maryann Gustine Alice Beth Haley Mary Helen Hall Virginia Elizabeth Hall Edith Hicks Hardey Virginia Laird Heiskell Carolyn Grace Hendon Mary Frances Hickman Rose Hilhurn Johnetta Barbara Home Zodie Anne Kiessling Kathryn Gene Knight Frances Ruth Looney Altah Lois Lyons Mary Charline McGehee Claire Louise Mayer Margaret Murray Naomi Dorothy Musgrave Edna Belle Perry Josephine Pile Olive Ruth Raney Dorothy Fae Ratliff Joy Ray Jactjuelyn Rayburn Nancy Jane Rector Beatrice Frances Ripple Roseanne Rodgers Patricia Scott Ruby Anne Struss Eileen Guthrie Shafer Carrie Ruth Sloop Doris Elmo Taylor Ella Preble Taylor Mae Trainer Ann Elizabeth Wilkins Charlotte Josephine Wood Lady lona Jane Young EDITH HICKS HARDEY CHI OMEGA Dorothy Jane Evans talks on the phone while Dorothy Dell Douglass, pledge president, turns a cold shoulder toward her. Pledges in the pictures on the left are making preparations for the Christmas party. Helen Wooten, Dorothy Griffin, and Betty Jo Maloney seem interested in what they are doing. Anita English ' s smile gives you that come hither look. Helen Cox illustrates the rule " brush your teeth regularly. " Gracious, what hig feet you have, Olive Raney and Jane Young. Chi Omega ' s in a new car. Doris Taylor and Barbara Home are two attractive members. And here ' s a whole group of attractive Chi Omegas. FACULTY 2507 WICHITA Kathleen Bland Helen Donovan Barnard Isabel Fain .... Sara Lockwood Willl-vms Lucille Frances Adams Cora Frances Albert Virginia Mae Ashley Eleanor Marie Booth Katheryne Lee Brady Rebekah Jane Bush Martha Beth Cayton Teas Ailine Charlton Carlene Cromwell Virginia Ruth Culpepper Betty Jane Cunningham Dorothy Julia Dakin Elaine Dattner Dorothy Ruth Day Georgina Demere Dorothy Dell Douglass Anita English Dorothy Jane Evans Dorothy Jane Farmer Margaret Farrar Mary Louise Filkins Assistant to the Dean of Women Curator of the Anthropology Museum Instructor in Home Economics Associate Professor of Journalism PLEDGES Clara Jean Cranberry Dorothy Nell Griffin Dorothy Lee Grounds Brenner Hammann Sarah Elizabeth Horton Florene Jones Ladye Dee Jones Eva Mae Kinzbach Rebecca Fred Leatherbury Virginia Lee Anita Lillian Lowrey Ruth Edna McAtee Betty Jo Maloney Virginia Lili Martin May Mathis Mary Celeste Morrison Betty Steele Murray Mary Lou Painter Patricia Blanche Parks Ouida Katherine Parmley Sara Elizabeth Pennington Martha Jane Pier Mary Virginia Pile Roberta Struss Billie Rae Toland Margaret Evelyn Tomkies Dorothy Grace Turner Eleanor Ann Van Zandt Florence Lillian Warner Joyce Whaley Ruth Eloise Wood Helen Gordon Wooten Emma Dorothy Zirkel i DELTA DELTA DELTA u QggBP QQ Top row: Ellis, Tuffly, Baldndge, Stephens, Duggan, Gordon, Ames, Critz, Votaw, Cockrell. Franks, Helbing, V. Moore, Barrett. Second row: Parr, Mary Johnson. McAskill, Crews, Mobley, Wilkins, Fleming, Brill, MacKinnon, M. R. Billings, L. Lynn, Bennet, S. Lipscomb, Naylor. Third row: DuBose, Lentz, Hoey, Slaughter, Coppock, Glover, Phillips, Foots, Martin, Cloud, Sutton, Bolm, Bryant, B. Kelley, Goldthwaite. Fourth row: F. Harris, Fletcher, Roller, Deputy. Ramsdell, Vaughan. Simmons, Dahlman, E. Lipscomb, M. Lynn, Hartin, Cruser, Brent, Little, Conway. Fifth row: Dingle, Rachal, Simon, C. Delavan, D. Billings, McLain, Dietzel, David. Faulkner, Waddell, M. Harris, Bering. Montgomery, M. Moore, Johnsen. Sixth row: Sheehy, M. Delavan, Shambaugh. J. Kelley, Standifer, Wilson. Cox, Von Blucher, Norwood, Templin, RoUetl, Vaughn, Harder, Darby, Margaret Johnson. OFFICERS President Sarah Louise Lipscomb Vice-President Vir ginia Maude Moore Recording Secretary Dorothy Ellen Baldridge Corresponding Secretary Margaret Evelyn Ramsdell Marshall Harriet Mary Franks [: ' MEMBERS Margaret Elizabeth Ames Martha Louise Cloud Elizabeth Gale Lipscomb Marjorie Gertrude Anderson Mary Alice Cockrell Sarah Louise Lipscomb Dorothy Ellen Baldridge Margaret Marie Conway Lady Cleo Lynn Gwynne Irvin Barrett Nancy Coppock Mary Pearl Lynn Beulah Margaret Bennet Margaret Nell Crews Marilyn McAskill Mary Cornelia Bering Ella Nora Critz Mary Steger McLain Doris Louise Billings Mary Virginia C ruser Georgia Martha MacKinnon Mary Ruth Billings Connie Delavan Mary Helen Mobtey Arline Dorothea Bolm Hazel Ross Deputy Jo Beth Montgomery Gladys Virginia Brent Maxine Eleanor Dietzel May Moore Idanell Brill Adele Katherine DuBose Virginia Maude Moore Dorothy Evelyn Bryant Mary Kathryn Duggan Ruth Adele Naylor Frances Lee Ellis Martha Faye Parr Mary Edna Fleming Bettinel Phillips Harriet Mary Franks Margaret Evelyn Ramsdell Maude Alice Glover Erie Nell Roller Norma LaRoy Goldthwaite Billie Simmons Mary Elizabeth Gordon Betty Slaughter J B V Mary Elizabeth Harris Ada David Stephens jm j jS k Rachel Elliott Hartin Sue LaVonne Sutton (r k y tefc Clare Louise Helbing Mary Ann Tuffly i ' AvSM L- ifil Adeline Stella Herman Carolyn Vaughan 1 l i " j l Marjorie Maiie Johnsen Harriette Diana Votaw ' cdSti m. ' ' la y Mary Jo Johnson Martha Anita Waddell s ' ■ x y Barbara Elizabeth Kelley Eleanor Anne Ward Xm l gj Margaret Jane Lentz Frances Day Wilkins SARAH LOUISE LIPSCOMB r- " i-r-r " !i " ' ' ' ' ! ! t! ' ' V- ' DELTA DELTA DELTA Mrs. Word, the Tri Delt housemother. Some of the girls such as Jeanette David, Julia Lee Simon, Elizabeth Wilson, Jackie Foots, and Adele Martin show us how to study. Bridge, bridge, and more bridge, it surely must be interesting. These Tri Delts really study, or appear to. Nothing like a good old meal is there? — Virginia Moore, Harriet Franks, Peggy Ramsdell, and Nancy Coppock. Virginia Moore sits all by herself, but appears to be satisfied. You know these good old football games — well, Tony Billings is one of the girl cheer leaders. FACULTY Margaret Batjer . Virginia Welch Sharborough Assistant Professor of Home Economics Parental Education Specialist DELTA GAMMA First row: DODSON, J. DULANEY, MERRITT. SCOFIEI.D, CRAY. BROWNFIELD. VINEYARD. MARTIN, BROWN, LOOMIS. M. JONES. Second row: BRASELTON, BOWMAN, B. COTTER. SEALS, E. SMITH, BURGER, WILSON, WARE, PETERSON, ALLISON, A. DULANEY. Third row: CHAPMAN, RAGSDALE, MATTHEWS, SWAN, BIERMAN, CHILTON, SHAW, M. SMITH, MORRISSEY, H. JONES, R. COTTER. OFFICERS President Mary Katherine Scofield Pledge Captain Ruth Elizabeth Allison Secretary . Jane Honto Loomis Treasurer Phyllis Marion Seals Rush Captain Mary Louise Braselton MEMBERS Ruth Elizabeth Allison Mary Louise Braselton Eoline Herndon Brown Joyce Florence Bowman Florence Sue Dodeon Jane Honto Loomis Corinne Martin Mary Elizabeth Merritt Elizabeth Anne PetersoD Amele Ragsdale Phyllis Marion Seals Mary Katherine Scofield Eddie Smith MARY KATHERINE SCOFIELD DELTA GAMMA fn " !r„ ' " ,!l ' r°M " ' " Vt ' " ' ' r " ' ' ° " ' " ' .I, ' " ' »°™ " y ' ' ™« ' ine Pl«ce. the Texa. F.,l,,ati„n „i Women ' , Clul,, Huil.ling. Riding i, so much fun, eh boys? They are ready lo go to College-Why? Coming up the walk are Margaret, Beth, Ruth, and LaNelle. Mary Katherine Srotield, the president, and Eddie Smith pose for us. Margaret Cox and Anne Bierinan look very pretty. Margaret Jones on her way lo meeting. FACULTY Josephine Staab Leah Gregg Anne Bierman Jane Alice Brownfield Billie Louise Burger Isabel Webster Chapman Harriet Pauline Chilton Mary Elizabeth Cotter Carlin Ruth Cotter Margaret Cox KEDtKATEI) CLUB BUILDING Instructor in Home Economics . Assistant Professor of Physical Training PLEDGES Ann Dulaney Jane Dulaney Sarah Genevieve Gray Helen Elizabeth Joneg Margaret Ready Jones Myrtle LaNell Matthews Catherine Ann Morrissey Evelyn Ruth Phillips Frances Irvene Roberts Kathleen Fayc Shaw Mary Frances Smith Helen Bringhurst Swan Doris Isabelle Vineyard Mary Louise Ware Evelyn Ruth WiL Anale Wilson Top row: Cherkas, Tobolowsky, Rosenthal, Levinson, Engler. Marwil, Grossman. Stool, Leff. Second row: Colenternek, Wade, Forchheimer, Leibman, Pinken, D. Levy, Fishman, Bornstein, Golman. Third row: Yarno, M. Levy, Rapoport, Solomon, Golden. Arbetter, Winner, Joseph, Charles. Fourth row: Stekoll. Bockstein, Rubin, Replio. Buckhalter. Steinberg, Goodman, Fleishman, Cohn. OFFICERS Regina Valerie Kirk Rosenthal Vice-Regina Sylvia Golenternek Corresponding Secretary Diane Fishman Recording Secretary Sylvia Engler Treasurer Frances Sarah Bornstein „ , „ . Frieda Nell Leibman Lo-Rusn Captains „ n in ' Doris Carolyn Marwil MEMBERS Frances Sarah Bornstein Evelyn Ruth Cherkas Sylvia Engler Diane Fishman Florence Forchheimer Sylvia Golenternek Frances Dee Grossman Etta Lefif Frieda Nell Leibman Dorothy Ray Levinson Dorothy Levy Maxine Beatrice Levy Doris Carolyn Marwil Q Valerie Kirk Rosenthal Bertha Stool Minette Tobolowsky VALERIE KIKK ROSENTHAL y DELTA PHI El ' SILON Minette Tobolowsky and Hortense Yarno show you sisterly love. Pin it on straight. Stair-steps. . . . These girls look downward as the stag tine forms to the right. Hold tight while I take your picture. Hear no, see no, speak no evil. Rush Week comes and the rushee goes. Bridge is a pleasant pastime. I. PLEDGES Eleanor Marian Arbetter Sylvia Bockatein Claere Buckhalter Bettina Charles Rosalee Cohn Doris Sylvia Fleishman Idelle Mildred Goodman Margaret Helen Golden Lucille Joseph Ethel Golman Anne Pinken Idel Rapoport Cecile Replin Betty Rose Rubin Mildred StekoU Marjorie Solomon Ruth Wade Hortense Estelle Steinberg Jane Elizabeth Winner Hortense Yarno GAMMA PHI BETA • Top row: LigOD. Black, Rozelle. Lawler. Melton, Floyd. Barr, White, Barbe. Second row: Bryan, Pennycuick, Powell, Parkinson, O ' Hara, Co Third row: Snider, Parkhill, Smith, Gorham, Benke, Neunhoffer, Underwood, Cartman, Penick, Dummit. Fourth row: Wertz, Taylor, Mille Wiggen, Schutze, Burr, Rack. rell. Bush, MofTett, ■, Sneed, Schmidt, Darden. Stecker, OFFICERS President MoNA Lae Parkinson Vice-President Mary Gene White Secretary Sara Bennie Bryan Treasurer Cathryne Grace Melton MEMBERS Claudia Marie Barbe Erma M. Black Sara Bennie Bryan Mary Annice Bush Margaret Jeannette Correll Cecil Reid Floyd Nihla Louise Cartman Nita Ligon Cathryne Grace Melton Ruth Balderston O ' Hara Mona Lae Parkinson Joyce Penick Elouise Pennycuick Mary Frances Smith Mary Nette Snider Mary Gene White I MONA LAE PARKINSON Rush Week brings you new girls and new pledges as some of them pose with old members. In their Suiiilay lifst are Binnie Bryan and Mary Nette Snider. Arms around each other, two look on. Frances Powell and Binnie Bryan watch approvingly. Don ' t crowd, boys. Let ' s go to Hawaii. Gene and Claudia smile for us. The long and the short of it. Some more examples of Gamma Phi Betas. FACULTY LoRENE Baker . Loan Librarian Annie Hill . PLEDGES Nell White Barr Mildred Lenora Benke Eunice Brooks Burr Ruth Elizabeth Darden Mae Louise NeunhofTer Dixie Jo Dummit Lee Alice Parkhill Frances Gorham Laura Frances Powell Clare Lorraine Lawler Lott e Virginia Rack Agnes Lee Miller Jean RozcUe Louella Grace Moffett Mar f Elizabeth Schmidt Bette Jane Schutze Doris Elmo Taylor Jessie Louise Sneed Dorothy Elaine Underwood Emma Elizabeth Stecker Mary Ellen Wertz Gertrude Elaine Wiggen 2506 WHITIS iJ mms i KAPPA ALPHA THETA Top row: Center, Owens, Marks. DuBois, B. Owen, Cook, While, Dooley, Scales, M. Ligon. Weymouth, Black, Sager, Bloss, Roach. Second row: Reed, Surman, Ransom. Brainard, Crow, Paylor, Woodruff. Small, Avee, Paul, McCelvey, Buescher, Burt, Gilmore, Merriman. Third row: Morelock, Houston, Brownlee, Wheal, Plowman, Stovall, Nibbi, Morgan. Banner, Lundberg. Cave, Hunter, Biehl. Monning, Storm. Fourth row: Barron, Embry, Bell, C. Ligon, Smith, Harris, Townsend, Medley, Rii-hards, Robison, Benton, Rivers. Benson, Scarborough, Jennings, Kokernot. fifth row: Hilman, Suehs, Garrett, RoUe, Harrison, Webb, Russell, Rogers, J. Owen, Williams, Finnegan, Cope- land, Duls, Lott, Tyler, Ford. OFFICERS President Lois Sager Vice-President Winifred Ann Small Secretary Marjorie Ransom Treasurer Betty Anne Bloss Editor Carol Rogers Corresponding Secretary Mary Ann Weymouth Florence Louise Ave, Betty Jean Banner Margaret Elizabeth Barron Martha Louise Bell Margaret Eugenia Biehl MEMBERS Betty Bowman Black Betty Anne Bloss Jane Wilson Brainard Mary Banford Brownlee Sara Cave Burnice Elizabeth Center Frances Louise Chandler Marie Elizabeth Cook Lois Fairfax Crow Dorothy Ann Dooley Eloise DuBois Lura Vista Dunn Nora Frances Embry Mary Nell Gilmore Martha Harris Martha Fauntleroy Harwood Mary Mina Hilman Martha Bea Houston Nancy Jennings Margery Lee Ligon Natalee Cissie Ligon Alice Lee McCelvey Dorothy Marks Cornelia Helen Merriman Gay Miller Elizabeth Ann Nibbi Barbara Belknap Owen Kathryn Jane Owens Josephine Jane Paylor Jane Plowman Marjorie Ransom Aletha Lipscomb Reed Katherine Dee Roach Carol Rogers Helen Margaret Rotle Lois Sager Margaret Jean Scales Winifred Ann Small Margaret Thatcher Smith Evelyn Storm Helen Louise Stovall Ruth Loraine Suehs Rosemary Surman Mary Ann Weymouth Margaret Gladys White Helen Marie Woodruff LOIS SAGER KAPPA ALPHA THETA Smile for the birdie. Cissie I.igon. Don ' t feel that way about it, Mary Nell, it ' ll come out all righr. J he ninti i ot ihe iN.L.l.l.. Kiitri fthcui. Martha Houston, Winifred Small (the new president). Eloise IJuBois, and Mary Nell Gilmore enjoy looking on from the outside. Let ' s see what does the club say. It must be nice to have so many pretty girls ' interest. It looks to be a hot game ot bridge or something. Here we are, ji ' st sitting, says Margaret Smith to Lois Sagcr, Mary Nell, Eloise, and Martha. i FACULTY Mary Kirkpatrick . Education Librarian Hilda Rosene . Assistant PLEDGES Professor of Zoology Florence Delphine Benson Ruth Kokernol Bertha Scarborough Barbara Ruth Benton Laura Ashworth Lott Mary Aubyn Townsend Ann Genelle Buescher Betty Margaret Lundberg Rosemary Tyler Wilma Jane Burl Margery Bess Medley Margaret Webb Jane Copeland Jane Monning Ruth Wheat Jane Worthington Duls Martha Frances Morelock Lillian Margaret Williams Mary Margaret Finnegan Mary Tom Morgan Virginia Myrle Ford Jerry Owen Mary Jane Garrett Mary Paul Helen Johnson Hannay Martha Adele Richards Frances Wynne Harrison Lucy Cordon Rivers Mary Lou Hunter Maxine Robison r Martha Eileen Kelly Betty Russell 2627 WICHITA agj jjuuiiijii: LiMiii KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA . Top rote: Beall, M. Sansom, Wilkirson, Wilburn, Johnston, Darden, Yantis, Blair. Brooks, Andrews, Nagle, Brown, S. Blount, Maclay, Corbett. Second row: Westbrook, Puckett, Pitts, A. Baker, Brush, Kleberg. J. Blount, Dimick, J. Duncan, Haibert, Wis man. Vaughan. Trammel!, H. Houston, Tenison. Third row: Cassin, Riner, P. Bach, Keller, Cherry, H. Rathbone, Bailey, M. Bach, Bothwell, Stribling, Kolstad, J. Houston, Jalonick, Swift, McElhinney. Fourth row: D. Baker, Lary, Highams, Thomas. Orgain, McEniry, Duncan, Von Bergen. Borden. Stover, McDermott, Powell, Martin, Spann, C. Sansom. fifth row: Williams, Niggii. Schumacher, Stephenson, Boyle, Smith, Hagen, Stayton, Starkey, Nitschke, E. Grain, M. Anderson, Runge, West, Tschudin. Sixth row: Jones, Cortes, B. Rathbone, Munger, K. Anderson, Kerbey, Logan, Reib, Kelley, C. Grain, Daniels, Scottf Long, Johnson. OFFICERS President Anne Brown Baker Secretary Mary Craycroft Pitts Corresponding Secretary Ellen Yantis Treasurer Ellen Douglas Brooks Pledge Advisor Helen Dufour Rathbone Lynnie Louise Andrews Jane Davis Bailey Marjorie Baldwin Doris Edith Baker Anne Brown Baker Priscilla Baum Camilla Lee Beall Lillian Scott Beasley Dawn Blair Shelley Regina Blount Jane BothweH Mary Rhodes Borden Anne Wilma Boyle Ellen Douglas Brooks Nancy Rebecca Brown MEMBERS Betty Brush Mary Grace Spann Dorothy Buckley Lois Marie Starkey Patsy Chance Hallie Randolph Stayton Louise Bell Cherry Orissa Stephenson Kitty King Corbett Ellender Catherine Stribling Mary Alexander Darden Peggy Stover Bashie English Dimick Frances Elizabeth Swift Fanne Haibert Auban Adele Tenison Justine Hansen Betty June Trammell Katherine Schwander Highams M ' Liss Vaughan Josephine Houston Jane Weinert Mary Janet Jalonick Mary Louise Westbrook Ruth Rene Johnston Sarah Ella Wilburn Mary Ellen Kirven Mary Bond Wilkirson Katherine Searcy Kleberg Dorothy Cousins Word Howard Kolstad Ellen Yantis Daphene Gordon McElhinney Dorothy Nagle Margaret Elizabeth Niggii TRANSFERS Alice Ann Nitschke Mary Craycroft Pitts Paula Jean Bach Mary Jack Puckett Margaret Bach Helen Dufour Rathbone Sara Louise Delay Mary Earle Sansom June Kathryn Knorpp Ann Schumacher Ann Elizabeth Lary Margaret Faerol Smith Jean Blount ANNE BROWN BAKER A bunch of smiles on a bunch of girls. Nothing seems to bother the Kappas while eating. Jean and Katherine at a football game. My, but the girU are hungry. Nagte. Icky. and Pitts prepare dinner for the girls — for references ask the house girls. In the corner are Kappa versus Kappa Sigma. Margie answers the phone while the others listen in. My, what a fascination this bridge does have. Elizabet h Baker Long Lucy Rathbone . Acnes Stacy . FACULTY Pianist in Physical Training for Women Professor of Home Economics Instructor in Physical Training for Women PLEDGES Katherine Anderson Mary Jo Anderson June Carr Helen Elder Cassin Ria Ciatlard Cortes Catherine Reynolds Grain Emily Crain Janet Daniels Julia Lynne Duncan Olive Shelmire Duncan Beret Marguerite Hagen Haltie Bremond Houston Betty Johnson Elizabeth Jones Eva Margaret Keller Frank Andrews Kelley Josephine Cannington Kerbey Eloise Logan Janet Long Alice Patricia McDermott Elizabeth Lawrence Maclay Jean Ellen McEoiry Isabel Martin Anna Blanche Miinger Drusilla Allene Orgain Lillian O ' Leary Powell Billie Beryl Rathbone Jane Reib Jane Montez Rice Sylvia Marie Riner Jeanne Runge Clara Gees Sanaom Rebekah Rogers Scott Ellie Louise Semple Viola Thomas Myra Katherine Tschudin Elsa Von Bergen Nancy West Laura Fisher Williams Meriam Carolyn Wisen FHI MU 0£SOS Tow row: RIEDEL, FOX, BLACKSHEAR, SEARS. LANGHAM, MORSE, READING, SCHULLE, LAKE, BOECK, WESLEY. Second row: BOYSEN, HYER, AUTRY, BURT, STEPHENS, MUCKELROY, WOOD, FOSTER, HODGES, DODSON, YAECER. Third row: CUILEK, SLATAPER, NORNHAUSSER. WOODLEY, LAWSON, STEWART, NEWMAN, MARTIN, BRELSFORD. OFFICERS President , Charlotte G. Boeck Vice-President . Mary Ruth Riedel Secretary . Lela Claire Foster Treasurer . MEMBERS Marguerite L. Blackshear Evelyn Maud Autry Marguerite L. Blackshear Charlotte G. Boeck Pattie May Dodson Leia Claire Foster Edith Adel Fox Grace Irene Lake Norma Emetta Morse Mary Ruth Riedel Bonnie Beth Reading Grace Mildred Schulle Florence Irene Sears Helen Louise Wesley Ray Pesrl Wood CHARLOTTE G. BOECK .t S s I PHI MU Margie May Nornhausser reclines on the Phi Mu porch. Arm and arm they stroll. New pledges pose before the Pledge Night German. Raking the yard always precedes Round-Up. The music must be sad. More resting on the porch. " Wait, " 8a 8 Cecilia Stewart. A camera shy Phi Mu. FACULTY Louise Landes Armstrong Instructor in Home Economics PLEDGES Mamie Marjorie Bowen Beverly Blake Boysen Rfgina Marjorie Brelsford Margaret Clare Burt Arnette Hope Chote Mona Denis Guiler Grace Elizabeth Hodges BiHie Ralph Hyer 2100 RIO GRANDE Loucille Grace Langham Elizabeth Lorraine Lawson Virginia Julynne Martin Sharlie Ruth Muckelroy Frances Jane Newman Margie May Nornhausser Louise Leah Slataper Helen Walker Smartt Vaudean Steede Merian Stephens Cecilia Carlstrom Ste Betty Woodley Charline Yaeger ■ ■ an B. ■ : r, LM Sr ' lEF trm n PI BETA PHI i t Top ■ohj: Stuart, Wilie, McEIhannon, Carver, Henry, Darst, Pierce, Schneider, Butler, Marshall, Dilley, Moore, P. Campbell, Whlsenanl, J. Arnold. Second row: Childs, Gill, Cartwright, McReynolds, Richey, Sanders, L. Campbell, Cheeves, Sibley, Staniforth, Bickler, Dickinson, Aldred, E. Cochran, Humlong. Third row: Green, Trigg, Hall, Marriott, Brewer, Blankenbeckler, Kreisle, Harris, Finch, Neely, Hudson, WilHams, McWhorter, K. Hamilton, P. Hayter. Fourth row: Edge, Morton, A. Campbell, Buckaloo, Caldwell, M. Hayter, Hickman, Ransom, Robinson, Burchard, Scales, Cockrell, J. Russell, Yaggy, Springfield. Fifth row: B. Russell, Holmes, E. Miller. Bachtel, A. Crimes, John, Ball, Park, Knox, Spivey, Lytle, Cade, M. Arnold, Helms, Nowlan. Sixth row: Webb, B. Hamilton, Windrow, Scott, Penn, Sykes, Mills, E. Grimes, L. Miller, Gossett, Brooks, Hilliard, Payne, Weddington, Heaton, Minor. OFFICERS President Emily Katherine Marshall Vice-President Lucile Campbell Recording Secretary Anida Loise Darst Corresponding Secretary Betty Blankenbeckler Treasurer Mary Jane Arnold I !i Val Jean Aldred Mary Jane Arnold Margaret Ellen Bachtel Dorothy Elizabeth Ball Jane Harriet Bickler Betty Blankenbeckler Dorothy Winifred Brewer Margaret May Burchard Frances Camille Butler Mildred Pickett Caldwell Lucile Campbell Peggy Campbell Anne Cartwright Barbara Faye Carver Carolyn Cheeves Phyllis Childs Edith De Lespine Cochran Anida Loise Darst Doris Esther Dickinson Lucie Frances Dilley Anne Townes Finch Pauline Allen Gill MEMBERS Jane Green Katherine Howard Hamilton Penelope Hayter Mary Honoure Henry Sara Isabel Holmes Jean Hudson Mary Lee Humlong Jeanne Elmo John Dorothy Albertha Jones Peggy Margaret Kreisle Margaret Leachman Mary IVancy McEIhannon Elizabeth Carroll McPherson Doris McReynolds Kate Gill Marriott Emily Katherine Marshall Emily Maverick Miller Velma Gene Moore Marjory Lenore Morgan Adele Nell Neely Charlotte Patton Anna Mary Pierce Jeanne Richey Helen Naomi Robinson Betsy Bradford Russell Jcannette Markle Russell Evelyn Jean Sanders Mary Ann Scales Mary Ann Schneider Frances Lucille Sibley Sue Spivey Cassie Mae Springfield Margaret Frances Staniforth Mary Lou Stuart Florence Thompson Evie Rush Trigg Susan Shelton Walker Enid Evelyn Wilie Eleanor Williams TRANSFERS Martha Ruth Adams Virginia Ruth Angus Ruth Claire Collins Mary Claire Denman Edith Anne Dyer Betty Jane Gait Isabelle Johnston Terry Kennon Jones Patsy McGregor Mary Hurley Mackey Peggy Catherine Maupin Jerry Paul Alice Elizabeth Sharp M ary Nell Sharp Maxine June Sill Eloise Simmons Elizabeth Stafford EMILY KATHERINE MARSHALL What Mary Ann Srale-s is holding appears vrry interesting. A nice Coca-Cola helps cool the girls off. Jane Arnold. Pauline Gill and Jane Green play hridge Jane Green and Lunle Campbell grace the head of the table and what could be better. Anna Mary Pierce and Velma Moort are hostesses at the other table. Goodness how uould you like to be in Rushee Lila Stone Buckaloo ' s shoes with all those girU around you. 2300 SAN ANTONIO Frances McMath TooLEY Williamson Mary Virginia Arnold Sue Carleton Brooks Lyla Stone Buckaloo Kleanor Cade Anne May Campbell Helen Mosette Cochran Jean Vardeman Cockrcll Laura Jean Edge Nancy Lee Filgo Jeanne Elizabeth Gannon Mary Priscilla Goodrich Constance Almeta Gossett Adele Grimes Eleanor Crimes Marguerite Anne Hall Florence Harris Mary Elizabeth Hayter Bette Lynn Hamilton Elizabeth Virginia Heaton FACULTY Secretary to the President Instructor in Physical Training for Women PLEDGES Marjorie Rowell Helms Carlene Durrelt Hickman Joanne Van den Berge Hill Rosemary Susan Hilliard Sarah Beth Knox Betty Jean Lytle Margaret Ophelia McCord Jan Ellen McWhorter Lucille Starr Marshall Lucia Jane Miller Eleanor Schuyler Mills Dorothy Louise Minor Mary Anna Morton Helen Elizabeth Munson Patricia Jane Nowlan Elizabeth Park Mary Marjorie Payne Margaret Elizabeth Penn Janice Elizabeth Ransom Mary Lewis Scott Maiia Margaret Sykes Josephine Trigg Dorothy Imogene Webb Mary Alice Weddington Margaret Ross Whisenant Nancy Ann Willis Mary Anne Windrow Christelle Yaggy -- ' ' -:■ ZETA TAU ALPHA QBii OFFICERS President Glenn Frances Appling Vice-President La Verne Lillian Bryson Recording Secretary Barbara Mary Hull Corresponding Secretary Ann Harlan Treasurer Dorothy Lee Perkins MEMBERS Anna Josephine Abney Glenn Frances Appling Elizabeth Gaines Baugh Bonita Rolsten Blundell Mary Lewis Blundell La Verne Lillian Bryson Helen Sharpies Butler Bessie Catherine Cade Frances Hubbard Cook Mary Frances Crow Betty Kuth Curtis Doris Marie Day Lucy Lee Dickson Margaret Doggett Eleanor Dumble Suzanne Robertson Dunning Christiana Hulda Eiband Ann Foster Ann Harlan Nettie Ruth Hereford Janette Elizabeth Hicks Mary Hillyer Elsie Elliott Holmes Minnie Katherine Holmes Barbara Mary Hull Mary Edwards Hurlbut Peggy Ann Jackson Rubye Youngblood Kelso Mary Lee Kenley Harriet Virginia Kerr Shirley Beall Kerr Jeanne Allensworth Lacy Julia Rice Lacy Doris Lawhon Josephine Lewri{;ht Margaret Jean Locke Mary Jo McAngus Cecelia Jane Metzger Nancy Gabel Moore Eugenia Orrick Morris Nina Derry Murphcy Mavis Virginia Murray Marjorie Osborne Dorothy Helen Fatten Jean Margaret Patton Dawn Paulus Dorothy Lee Perkins Grace Josephine Polk Stella Margaret Prude Katherine Elmere Schlafli Mary Katherine Settegast Gene Simcox Ella Mae Starcke Jane Lee Stroud Lucile Blake Stroud Doll Thompson Frances Elizabeth Utley Pattie Sue Valentine Marjorie Allen Wadley Margaret Marie Weinert Nancy Woodward Joyce Aline Zapp TRANSFERS JuHette La Rue Stancliff Dorothy Tomme BARBARA MARY HULL Ijit i.nL. ' i.. L.— f i w. " " »i. ■■ ajl ' n i m.MM:m-w. -wlm: A good example of Zeta intramural ability is Barli.; M ■.)■{ Cecilia Jane Mctzger playing ping pong. Eleanor Dumble says, " Pass the celery " to Dorothy Perkins. Bernice, Alice, Polly, and Koyemary, four pledge t, watch the arrival of spring. Jane Stroud illustrates that going to school is worth while after all. Old B. Hall serves as a background for two lovely Zetas, Marion Schneider and Carolyn Hutchins. Carnival time and the Zeta girls were put behind the fence, four girls smiling proudly at their hopeful Round- Up float winner. Marjorie Osborne, Zeta ' s sweetheart, answering the phone which is a frequent job. At the Christmas Tree party this year, the Zetas entertained m ny small children with toys and refreshments. 2711 NUECES Billy Ruth Rubottom Billie Aderman Dorothy Frances Alexander Carlie Louise Barnes Carolyn Sue Barwise Alice Clyde Beakley Jane Knolle Blumhcrg Martha Vivian Burton Edith Lorainc Carter Bettc Joel Chambers Sara Frances Connell Hflen Florence Crow Mary Eikcl Sue Ezcil Dcrie Inez Foster Mary Katherine Garrett Dorainc Louise Ceiger Margaret Ann Hall FACULTY Assistant to the Secretary to the President PLEDGES Genevieve Louise Hinman Carolyn Hutchins Lois Ellen Jackson Martha Kennard Ruth Land Bernice Emily Lehman Margie Ann Lyie Catherine Elaine McDonald Weta Miller Nell Ruth Minter Ann Moorhouse Martha Frances Morelock Rosemary Noble Evalyn Elizabeth Park Rose Marie Poole Polly Battle Robinson Marion FVances Schneider Helen Louise Shudde Mary Anne Stedman Jane Taylor Olive Evelyn Thomas Harriet Linden Tolar Jeanne Tullo " ' • " r SIGMA DELTA TAU Top row: EDELSTEIN, SEIGLE, LIEBERMAN, LANDE. Second row: REICH, TALLAL, GILBERT, DORFMAN. OFFICERS President Petrice Edelstein Vice-President Shirlie Tallal Secretary Gwendolyn Frances Seigle Treasurer Sara Maryn Lieberman Rush Captain Libby Lorraine Lande Historian Mildred Charlyn Dorfman MEMBERS Mildred Charlyn Dorfman Sara Maryn Lieberman Petrice Edelstein Thelma Elaine Kornfeld Pauline Lois Gilbert Harriet Reich Libby Lorraine Lande Gwendolyn Frances Seigle Shirlie Tallal PETRICE EDELSTEIN ' t fc ' ■ 3»_i. j TTii ' ' I il ■nrir.ii. ■.■.»: ■ " " ' " SSi FRATEIVNITY HUUSE MANAGERS i j fTj Cj c% M Top row: VON TRESS, FOXHAI.I., MtCI.F.I.LAM), DARDEN, BLAND, KERR, BIRDWELL. Second row: ARNETT, MAYFIELD, STAATS, SPEARS, WISEMAN, JUNEMAN, MARTIN. Third row: WEININGER, SMITH, TOBIAN, WHITE, ROSENFIELD, KLINCEMAN, GEESLIN. LLOYD ftlLLIb UIRDWELL OFFICERS President Lloyd Willis Birdwell Secretary-Treasurer WlITIiVr FnwiRn riinnirnj MEMBERS Alpha Tau Omega Ben Davis Geeslin Beta Theta Pi George Morgan Juneman Chi Phi Alvin Randolph Martin Delta Chi Robert David Von Tress Delta Kappa Epsilon Alfred Earl White Delta Tau Delta Lloyd Willis Birdwell Delta Theta Phi Fred Vernon Klingeman Kappa Alpha Harold Bell Foxhall Kappa Sigma William Edward Darden Phi Delta Theta Baine Perkins Kerr Phi Gamma Delta David Clarence Bland Phi Kappa Psi Earl Franklin Arnett Phi Sigma Delta Lewis Tobian Pi Kappa Alpha Ellis Mayfield Sigma Alpha Epsilon Reagan Wiseman Sigma Alpha Mu Paul Rosenfield Sigma Chi Clement Bramlette McCle lland Sigma Nu J. Burleson Smith Sigma Phi Epsilon Preston William Staats Tau Delta Phi Edwin Charles Weininger Theta Xi Harold Paul Spears ,- - ' - - ' -s ALPHA TAU OMEGA O O C HT D P (? P P tf 1 j ?! P O " Ci p O. I P j! O O- Top row: T. Tipton, Ash, Bergfeld, J. D. Sweeney, Cammage, J. E. White, S. Busby, Linthicum, Weil, J. Busby, Moore. Second row: Vineyard, Riley, Northington, Morris, B. Geeslin, Bracher, Kleberg. Bevil, Pickett, Cappel, Borden. Third row: Burney, A. White, Seale, Adams. Seaman, Wilder, G. Ramsey, Whilson, Clements, Hancock. Basket t. Fourth row: Browning. T. Ramsey, Linn, Downs, Bogarte, At wood Niemeyer, Armstrong, Kott, Brown, Cochran. Fifth row: Couch, Heap, Wood, Harrison, Kinsel, J, M. Sweeney, Richardson. Nixon, W. Tipton, Miller, Allison, HoU. p. p ( o. OFFICERS President Troupe Earnest Gammage Vice-President Crover Cleveland Bachman Secretary Joe Moore Housemanager Ben Davis Geeslin MEMBERS ■V . M: Sidney Moss Adams Lew Allen Borden Hays Warren Osborne ■■Htfli B K. John Barclay Armstrong Ed Bracher Nolan David Pickett Ri nH p William Franklin Ash Roy L. Brown Miller Brown Pitts R HBSHK V» A Harry Kirby Atwood Todd Denman Burney Jack Proctor ■ HiHw v v Grover Cleveland Bachman Stanford Allen Busby George Winship Ramsey B mmtr Jack Arthur Bergfeld Samuel Charles Cappel William Barnes Riley _ HvS Albert Randolph Bevil Thurman Spencer Clements James David Rollins H ' Ml RoJiert Henrv Bogarte Fielding B. Cochran John Arthur Seale ■ IV Troupe Earnest Gammage John Gates Seaman Ben Davis Geeslin Myrl Self Lee Gaddis Geeslin Roy Carnes Smith r HI Hk. Larry Gibbard James Daniel Sweeney Harry Joseph Glauser Tom Lafayette Tipton . H Ky H Raymond Cloud Harrison Robert L. Tripplehorn John William Hancock Robert Hawes Vineyard H ' w ' i Archie Maxwell Heap Moise Harvey Weil hMLdi Homer Yale Jones Richard Mifflin Kleberg Andrew Ben White Hf-T ' A Jack Linthicum John Hansford White Joe Moore Harry Stanley Wilder ra William Carloss Morris Robert Henry Williams Harold McCann Northington Walter Revere Zanes TROUPE EARNEST GAMMAGE Pack 388 — V «t ' m . ijij ,w,i7i m W 7jr A pair of ATO ' s coming in from class. A quartet with a Ramsey on each end. The non-players give moral support at an intramural game. Clements and a brother oflf to school. Harvey Weil, ATO tennis great. Charlie Cappell and his ever lovin ' Mary Jane Potter. Harry Wilder and Alice Ann Nitschke at fntramural Field. Ben White is quite taken up with what she has to say— wonder what it is. The ping pong table is never at rest. (Hii w KM itt KM Y-KOI ' KTU ! R FACULTY E. G. Fletcher Assistant Professor of English Walter T. RoLFE Professor of Architecture George W. Stocking Professor of Economics PLEDGES Sam Whips Allison Rudolph Louis Kott Kyle Vick Robert Dudley Basketl Thomas Alva Linn Warren Pickard Whilson William Ernest Browning William Rhinehart Miller James Lawrence Wood Jacit Elmer Busby Ebcrhardt Victor Niemeyer Joseph 0. Terrel Couch Benjamin Nixon William Newton Dorsett Thomas Edward Ramsey @) James Cade Downs Milton Richardson Baxter Finch Holland Ross White Stoddard William Joseph Holt John Milton Sweeney r Robert Russell Kinsel William Everett Tipton ll m Top row: Tiilemann, Langford, Doherty, George, Derby, Juneman, Sweeney, Greer, Merrill, Lindsay, Paddock. Second rou .• Woodward, W. Rutledge, Corby, NcNew, Heard, Potter, Winch, Taylor. Third row: Farrar, Lockwood, McLean, Griflith, Thompson, McDugald, Campbell, Howard. Fourth row: Bly, Wommack, Ratcliff, Craig, Broday, Kuhn, Haiwood, Bain, Spoonts, Ellis. Weber, Constantin. R. Rutledge McFarland, , Tennant. Ea itland, Lorimer, Parkinson, ? | I I AJ OFFICERS President Halbert Owen Woodward Vice-President Joe Blocker Griffith Secretary Gordon Napier George Treasurer George Morgan Juneman Recorder Robert McDonald Rutledge Jack Wesley Boyer Oscar Jack Casey J. Harry Corby Jack A. Derby Robert Pace Doherty James Robert Dougherty Herman Eastland MEMBERS William Fred Farrar Gordon Napier George Thornton Court Greer Joe Blocker Griffith Malcolm Warn Heard George Morgan Juneman David Kemp Langford Sidney Afton Lindsay Charles Thomas Lockwood Wishard Speer Lorimer Frank L. Merrill William Clifford McDugald Howard Russell McFarland William Pinckney McLean :■; ,jBr m..: « — tk-a ' im, , ' .«1-a 3313 i ■ ■ M MMULJI Robert Homer McNew William Buckley P addock Alan Lee Parkinson Raymond Pearson Robert McDonald Rutledge William Kimbrough Rutledge Ira B. Simmons Ned Hardy Sweeney Thomas Ulvan Taylor H Gail Borden Tennant Clark Wallace Thompson Richard Wilkins Tidemann Leslie S. Winch Halbert Owen Woodward .ra.nuMa J.: «.: HALBERT OWEN WOODWARD I ' fit r " " ' Ai i - BETA THETA PHI How ' s the pickin ' s. Rusty? ... In Sail Antonio, but the Camera Eye sees Alan Parkinson and Jack Howard . . . Couldst be pledge Johnny Kuhn thinks of " heels ' as he shines Gordon George ' s shoes. Bob McNew looking on? . . . What? no apples to polish, freshmen Weber and Howard? . . . Puzzle: is Tommy Wommack or Charlie Lockwood the driving force in this picture? . . . Roy Bain prepares to transform " Lockbox " into a rocket ship. 1801 LAVACA H. W. Harper Bryant Smith FACULTY Dean Emeritus of the Graduate School Professor of Law Roy Moats Bain Homer Becker Bly William Steve Brodtiy David Calvin Campbell Jules Joseph Contitantin James David Craig Leigh Ellis PLEDGES Winston Harwood Jack Bruce Howard John Gordon Kuhn Billy Hightower Martin Hugh Morris Potter Francis Scott RatclifF Leslie Spoonts Thomas Patrick Stanford Raymond Westbrook Weber Tom Campbell Wommack IF]. CHI PHI 1££ O P O Oi lifSi J aK . . h . k Toj) row: Lightfoot, Carnett. J. Spence, Caswell. V. Smith. Butler, Walker. Thornton, Godard, S. Wiley. Rolle, Dullnig. Second row: Cox, Perry, W. B. Yarborough, Eitt, Luedecke, Loper. Wessendorff, Eckhardt. Blanton, Martin, Bosl, demons. Third row: Conley. Kiefer, Gaines, Fain, W. H. Yarhorough, McMahon. Joe Weiler, James Weiler, Davis, Haddock, Morse, W. Smith. Dingle. Fourth row: DeLancey. Wells, Lassberg, Hopkins, Askew, Veal e, Patterson, Damiani, Gladney, Wheat, McGivney, Wheeler, Allen, fifth row: Metcalf, Stamets, E. Willson, J. Wilson, Alexander, Huder, Ramirez, G. Spence, Griffin, Yaeger, Gomez, Shelton, L. Wiley. OFFICERS Alpha Richard Edward Rolle Beta William Hugh Yarborough Gamma Charles J. DeLancey Delta Alvin Randolph Martin Zeta Frank Albert Conley hs :, ' MEMBERS Rual Askew Jack Brown Charles Leandro lightfoot Kurt George Badelt William Brown Butler Joe William Loper William Neal Blanton William Thomas Caswell William Henrv Luedecke Ernest Andrew Bosl Douglas Vaughn Clemons Alvin Randolph Martin Carl Bert Brown Frank Albert Conley William Goodwin McMahon J. Byron Brown Clarence Brant Cox Fred Clarke Morse Jules Verne Damiani Frederick David Patterson Charles J. DeLancey Jack Perry George Edward Dullnig Richard Edward Rolle B Thomas Eugene Dunnam Vernon Zay Smith K Herbert Edward Eitt Julius Hobb Spence A William Rudolf Eckardt III Robert Richard Thornton H . H Michael Chauncey Gaines Andrew Newton Walker t K m Mark McGee Garnett James Frederick Weiler Ernest Joseph Godard Joe Franklin Weiler ■ William Sprong Haddock Joseph Clyde Wessendorff Adolph J. Kiefer Jack Williams Edwin Kurt Lassberg William Blake Yarborough KICHARD EDWARD ROLLE ■w 9f -y !tB] |,- ' _|-ppf ' ' tl ' tl 41 ■■ tJ, ' ■ l " " . a. A crowd at one of Chi Phi ' s many open houses. Teddy Dunnam is on the right. Rual Askew accompanies big Jim Nance. Gabe Martel takes a dip. Three playing and three kibitzing, A bunch of the brothers on the stairs. FACULTY M. B. Porter C. E. RowE . Professor of Pure Mathematics Professor of Drawing William Little Alexander Forrest Cleveland Allen Julliard Vernett Carr James Kelley Davis Jack Ewing Dingle Kobert Snead Fain Albert Tatum Gladney Carlos Albert Gomez Fred David Griffin Tom William Hopkins Koger Carstons Huder Albert Russell Jacobsen Felix Francis McGivney PLEDGES Charles Wesley Metcalf Joe Charles Ramirez Edgar Greer Shelton William Allen Smith Gu8 Ralph Spcnce George Christian Stamet Carl Eric Swengon Edward Ray Veale Frederick Norton Wells William Calvin Wheat Clifton Damon Wheeler Lee Grandison Wiley Samuel Roger Wiley Robert Early Willson James Robert Wilson William Hugh Yarborough Robert Roy Yaeger 1704 WEST AVENUE Top TOW. CHILDS, RAWLINS, PATTERSON, FRITZ, VON TRESS, MOORE, DELANEY, ROBERTS, PHILLIPS. Second row: TOLLESON, MEADOWS, HARGROVE, MAY, ABERSON, JELKS, JOHNSON, HAUBOLD, THOKEY, Third row: BRUNSON, WILSON, THURBER, BUELL, ESCHBERGER, MILLER, COMPTON, WILLIAMSON, KENT. OFFICERS " A " Hal Milton Rawlins " B " William Liberty Childs " C " Lester Wait Fritz " D " Robert David Von Tress " £ " Marcel Patterson " F " Joe Edgar MEMBERS Joe Edgar Lester Wait Fritz Cecil Bryant Hargrove Oliver Robinson Jelks Lester Lee May A. H. Meadows RobtTt MuUins Moore Marcel Patterson Hal Milton Rawlins Howard Franklin Roberts James William Thokey Robert David Von Tress HAL MILTON RAWLINS f V ' - t- . v9wMMA ! . ' !-■ ' . ' ■•!i .,r-:.:r. ' tj»ji C W! r . " . ' v ' " " , ' »,ur i ' n» ' E — ■ — - - - itf -K DELTA CHI The boy-s t-nlertaiii some rushees. After lunch some of the brothers loll around the fireplace. The l clta Chis five most beautiful awards of which they are justly proud. Two of the boys seem to be impressed with the affairs of the world. After dinner the rush for dates begins. FACULTY 710 WEST TWKNTY-FIKST George V. Gentry James H. Parke . Associate Professor of Philosophy Professor of Drama Albert Doran Aberson Wallace Edward Brunson Ralph Lewin Buell Martin Eugene Complon Robert Arden Delaney Henry Edward Edgar Lamar Oscar Eschbcrger Robert Egon Haubold PLEDGES Jesse Brealand Johnson George Alan Kent Giles Edwin Miller Charles Randolph Mitchell Otis Phillips Jack Ralph Tolleso)! William Holland Thurber John F. Sutton Richard Elva Williamson Mumpford Maurice Wilson ■ R ■HI..! ; liCET FS: f DELTA KAPPA EPSILON m m Mk Mfb i u Mh Top row: Hubbard, Brown. Butler, C. Smith, McCuUough, Guess, Graham, Beery, Rhodes, Blumberg, White. Second row: D. Johnson, McGregor, Sarver, Chilcote, Werlein, Elliott, Townsend, A. Maverick, Blunt, Ragsdale, Simmons. Third row: Stathakos, S. Johnson, Francis, Chambers, Reynolds, Niland, W. Grain, Raetzsch, Whitehead, L. Smith, McNatl. Fourth row: McBirney, Bowles, Rabon, Kormeier, Cook, Watson, Aldred, Nalle, Manning, Herndon, Granville, O. Johnson. Fifth row: Donovan, M. Maverick, Denison, Spears, Fleeger, Reed, Starcke, Stephens, F. Grain, Sikes, Whitworth, Potter. ; OFFICER Housemanager Alfred Earl White MEMBERS Jack V. A. Aldred Roy F Beery Roland Krczdorn Blumberg Iver Moten Bowles Horace Frederick Brown S amuel Butler Lynn Edwin Chilcote Thomas Edward Cook. William Henry Grain Loran Lajoie Elliott George W. Graham A Chester Wooten Granville Walter Malcolm McNatt John E. Guess Phil Dietz Manning Harry Holmes Albert Maverick HI Frank Bonner Howard John Randolph Hubbard George Sampson Nalle Pat Barry Niland Elmer Drexel Johnson Paul Calhoun Ragsdale F Dave James Johnston Edward Dickens Reynolds ▼ Cornelius Louis Kormeier Coke Home Rhodes Williams McBirney James William McCullough James Lewis Sarver Louis Huggins Smith Carter McGregor George Franklin Smith Robert Foard Townsend Presley Ewing Werlein Alfred Earl White Robert Brooks Whitehead I U .dH ' ii- a Mi . » ■ T 1 1 WW l-M.M.M:Um-».. 52ri| 1 ALFRED EARL WHITE H ! f .tir ' n " ' - ' !-;-! ' r ' V. ' - ' . ' ' L-i-.! ' dKH _ m sm snk Bik l DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Buckley keeping warm in his sweat suit. Eubanks keeping warm by that brunette. Somebody drinking some- thing on the Deke ' s back porch. Aldred wants to be sure that Wilie ' s picture is taken. Cook watches a ball game. Pledges clean up the yard. " Big C " Granville, basketball great, tries tennis. " Pluto " Howard looking sly. Looks like its a serious case of studying here. McNatt with his hands full of woman. Dana X. Bible J. W. Calhoun . T. P. Harrison . Benno C. Schmidt Powell Stewart . Paul Boren Blunt Charles Fred Chambers Frank Harrington Grain Frank Willis Denison Richard Donovan John Burtner Fleeger Edward Lysaght Francis Jack Herndon Orrin Wendell Johnson 2614 RIO GRANDE FACULTY Athletics Director President Ad Interim of the University Professor of English Assistant Professor of Law Instructor in English PLEDGES Selwyn Douglas Johnson Maury Maverick Byron Loy Potter Jack Rabon Carl William Raetzsch Talmadgc DeWitt Reed Jack Day Sikes Blake Hanlon Simmons John Miller Spears Walter Hugo Starcke James Frank Stathakos John Foster Stephens Robert Eugene Watson James Slaughter Whitworth w DELTA TAU DELTA 1 jL, J r " ! •• Top row: Law. Brown, Cain, Bright, Knight, Broyles, Lloyd, Harbin, Puckett. West. Moore, Miller, BirdweU. Collier. Collins. Second row: Elliott, Wilson, Tatum, Sims, Rutherford, Reading, Cuyette, W. Williams, Corbin, Singleton, Scofield. D. Caldwell, Grimshaw, Eaton, Webb. Third row: Peterson, Vaughn, Grundy, Eilenberger, Jung, Hurkabay, Stack. Leveridge, Munroe, Lauer, Mueller, Valentine, Word, HoUoway, Fly. Fourth row: Leach, Babel, A. Caldwell, Keuper. Montgomery, King, Clark, Simmons, Rocs, Harrison, Mims, Abney, Haarmann, Bender, Wadleigh. Fifth row: Neely, Northcutt, Craig, Pope, Osborn, Penick, Wood, Hoffman, Thomason, McCurdy, Barrett, Chandler, Johnston. Kolstad. OFFICERS President Joe Davenport Wilson Vice-President James Whitfield Collins Recording Secretary John Virgil Singleton Housemanager Lloyd Willis Birdwell MEMBERS Walter Edgar Babel Robert Eaton Homer Clifford Mueller f K w K 1 Richard Kavanaugh Bender John Frederick Eilenberger Evans Marshall Munroe . K % 1 Lloyd Willis Birdwell Ross Liles Elliott Harry Graham Peterson mim William Roberl Bright William Madden Fly Clay Tompkins Puckett Clovis Auteen Brown William Ray Grimshaw Harry Louis Reading Gordon Barrett Broyles Thaddeus Grundy Emanual Farley Roos Wilson Byron Cain William John Cuyette Howard Keys Rutherford V j 1 Isaac Edgar Clark John Pickens Harbin Frank Lewis Scofield ■jmBno H Robert Arthur Collier Charles Kenneth Holloway Taylor Jackson Sims Whitfield James Collins William Beno Huckabay John Virgil Singleton Luckett Chester Kolstad William Albert Tatum Thomas Turner Knight James Philip Valentine ■ Thomas Hart Law James Spruill Vaughn " B B Aubrey Thomas Leveridge Fred Lawder Wadleigh B9 I HI Roger Milton Lloyd Maurice Eugene West Harold Ned Miller William Mack Williams Wallace Chamberlain Montgomery Joe Davenport Wilson Thomas Moore James Havens Word JOE DAVENPORT WILSON Sa ■- M -. JJK- H . ji. . , ff . ' .. i w DELTA TAU DELTA i A mass of happy Delts. Jodie Wilson enterlains Iilaiicll Brill, Sweetheart nl ttu ' I iiivti-ity last year. Some of the Cowhoys congregate at the Delt house before initiation. Bill Guyelte and John (Duh) Singleton. Tom Law and Carolyn Sue Barwise seem happy after Sunday dinner at the house. Chug trying to keep track of his pin. The Delts at feed. H. T. Parlin FACULTY Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences PLEDGES Frederick Sherwood Ahney Marcus Thurnian Barrett Albert Jefferson Caldwell Dudley Caldwell Henry Grady Chandler Joe Haymond Corbin John Austin Craig Udo Haarmann William Marshall Harrison Robert William Hoffman William Clyde Johnston Richard Stanley Jung Charles Stuercke Keuper Eph Forrest King Carl Emil Lauer Austin Felix Leach Elliott Lee McCurdy James Luther Mims L. G. Neely Robert Graham Northcutt William Byron Osborn Robert Morrison Penick James Stewart Pope Hal Francis Simmons 1712 RIO t KA.NLtl, John Elbert Stack Richard Barksdale Thomason WiHiam Madison Webb Percy Russell Wood DELTA THETA PHI « , ' i " Top row: J. Jackson, Thurman, Reagan, Durham, Wages, Carson, Morgan, Petry, Davis, Rati iff. Second row: Connaliy, Moore, Hall man. Klingeman, Morris, Sullivan, D. Jackson, Tate, Stockard, Cochran. Third rou:: Dobie, Hunt, A. Walker, Upchurch, Weeks. Freeman, Butler, Adkison, Davie, Hughes. Fourth row: Kimmel, Wade, James. J. Walker, Craze, Brown, Kilgore. Hobhs. Newton. I ri OFFICERS Dean James Herbert Moore Vice-Dean Dudley Perdue Davis Tribune David Jefferson Morris Clerk of the Exchequer Fred Vernon Klingeman Master of Ritual Melville Marcus Hughes Clerk of Rolls John Henry Sullivan Bailiff Richard Lee Dobie Hollis Leon Adkison Felix Edwin Butler Lawrence Brady Carson Dale Rupert Cochran John Bowden Connaliy William Howard Davie Dudley Perdue Davis MEMBERS Richard Lee Dobie Floyd Samuel Durham Leroy Ernest Hallman Frank M. Harrell Melville Marcus Hughes James Adair Hunt James Barton Jackson Fred Vernon Klingeman James Herbert Moore Walter Brooks Morgan David Jefferson Morris Frank Mondrik Newton Face 400 | 33L Jll Jl JULJULi M liiB ' i M; Herbert C. Petry John Cristie Ratliff Sydney Chandler Reagan Jerry Todd Stockard William Johnston Stringer John Henry Sullivan Willie Lee Tate Haden Jefferson Upchurch Faires Pelton Wade William Angus Wages Albert Monroe Walker James Weeks JAMES HERBERT MOORE DELTA THETA PHI These boys could be studying cold briefs except that they arc tou happy. Dudley Davis enlertains three of his brothers with an after dinner story. Who is that holding the big man up? This is not the Delta Theta Phi house, statements to the contrary notwithstanding. Some of the boys enjoy the sun. Peregrinus, patron saint of Texas Laws. Great White Father Connally of whom Delta Theta Phi is justly proud. FACULTY Dale Bennett Assistant Professor of Law William Dewitt Brown Merrill Albert Craze Julian Edwin Freeman Harry Wilber Hobbs Harold Newton Hopkins PLEDGES Donald Calvin Jackson Andy Maynor James Robert Dixie Kilgore James Hiram Kimmel Jonathan Benjamin Salla Duke Ricks Taylor Mace Baxter Thurman James William Walker 711 WEST TWENTY-FIRST • - -v- KAPPA ALPHA M B B M Top row: Ryan, Smith, Eyssen, Wood, Hawkins, Wright, Copeland, Jones, Martindale, J. Suttles, Prendergast. Second row: Thompson. Taylor, Hinson. Shepperd, Martin, Watson, Bowers, Vaughan, S. Harris, Cartwright, Bute. Third row: Lucas, Henger, Hurst, Clabaugh, Sherman, LaMontagne, H. Foxhall, R. Baldwin, E. BufBngton, G. Buffington, Kirk. Fourth row: Fuller, Brinkerhoff, Johnson, Slalor, Pollan, Holland, Terry, Elliott, Scurlock, Kinslow, Wilson. Fifth row: Sykes. E. Suttles, Barnes, Owens, Brit tain, Ring, O ' Banion, West brook, Bevan, Mc CI eery, Conrad, Hoi stun. hi ' il 1 IB I H If OFFICERS " " James Cunyus Watson " " James Harvey Suttles " " John Reagan Cartwright MEMBERS Pendleton Gaines Baldwin Robert Basil Baldwin George Patrick Buffington John Bute Ernest Anderson Carter John Reagan Cartwright Stephen Edmund Clabaugh Pace 402 Christian Malford Cotham Jefferson Lee Copeland James Thomas Drake William Herschel Eyssen Harold Bell Foxhall Lewis Lyies Foxhall Manson Harris Stephens Thomas Harris Staley Hawkins William Meginnis Henger George Dillard Hinson John Kennard Hursit Bruce Jones Charles William Kinslow Richard Lucas William Henry Marsh Jack Raymond Martin Louis M. Pearce Albert Calvin Prendergast Sterling C. Robertson Harris Varian Ryan Arch Chilton Scurlock John Ben Shepperd Charles Howard Sherman James Harvey Suttles Jules Henri Tallichct Edward Gray Taylor William Buchanan Thompson Robert Akers Vaughan James Cunyus Watson Clint Wood Augustus Bacon Wright JAMES CUNYUS WATSON sr ■«- KAPPA ALPHA A few of the K.A. ' s on their side porch. Andy Carter barking for the side show at th ai sin Carnival. K.A. entertains with a buffet supper. Kappa Alpha ' s very pretty house. Bet that is Andy playing Santa at the Christmas party. Just before lunch, faces are apt to be smilcless. Volleyball provides needed recreation. 2211 KKll KIVKK FACULTY R. A. Law Professor of English Clyde Littlefield Track Coach Covey T. Oliver Assistant Professor of Law D. A. Penick Professor of Classical Languages Frank Reedy Tutor in Geology Melvin E. Martindale .... Tutor in Applied Mathematics PLEDGES Worley Newton Barnes John Harold Bevan William Orrin Bowers Milford Hall Brinkerhoff Thomaa Manley Brittain Edward Anderson Buffington Thomas Simmons Conrad George Hugh Covert David Grey Elliott Wesley Edens Fuller Jesse Martin Harris Dominick Hart Jo Jack Holstun James Traylor Holland James Johnson Thomas Myron Kirk Maurire Rangel LaMontagne Alan Theodore MrCleery Robert William O ' Banion George William Owens Homer LaPrelle Pollan Sandiford Ring William Calvin Smith Edward Lillo Sultles Ira Davis Sykes James Moss Slatnr Jerome Thomas Terry Roy AHen Westbrook Bobbie Carson Wilson -. - ?il- KAPPA SIGMA .n f.££ Top rottj; Lary, Bewley. Johnson, Manford, Storey. Goodrich, Slaughter, Stone, Schmidt, Llewellyn, Hasskarl, Hicks, W. Chilton. Buescher, Scott, Binion. Second row: Upchurch, J. Curlin, Rudd. Deaderick, McMahon, Cruse, J. Phillips, Colhoun, Hannah, Tunnell, Gibson, Rain, Frazar, J. Cain, Gumm, Bivins. Third row: Ponton, Getzendaner, Clark, Lowdon, A. L. Chilton, Grain, D. Cain, Donnelly, Lockart, Walden, Isaacs, J. Moore, Youens, T. Curlin, Hudson, Anderson. Fourth row: Taylor, Darden, Magruder. Deiavan. Ford, Taliaferro, N. Phillips, Coleman, R. C. Baker, Koschak, Beeler, Woodul, BoUman, Powell. Honnet, Cavin. Fifth row: Erwin, Peckinpaugh, Hatchett, Allen, Ivy, Cooley, Jester, R. H. Baker, Miller. Maddox. Singleton. Swann, Stewart, Dooley, Watterworth. Belew, Wellborn. Hansen. Sixth row: Wathen. Duffield, McReynolds, Simpson, Randolph. Dies, Worrell, Dorscy. England, Carter, Ellis, Fitch, H. Moore, Steel, Grant, EUedge, Swanson, Sinclair. OFFICERS Grand Master Grand Populator . Grand Master of Ceremony William Bawden Deaderick Walter Fred Haaskarl William Ernest Chilton Floy Daley Allen Guy Townsend Anderson Robert Hines Baker Harry Buntin Beeler Edwin Elmore Bewley Cavett Sayers Binion James Maurice Bivins George Hubert Bollman Jack Flavell Buescher Dixon Hill Cain James Walker Cain Eugene Hagood Cavin Andrew Long Chilton William Ernest Chilton Amrie Denson Clark Robert Thomas Coleman Charles Alexander Colhoun Denton Arthur Cooley MEMBERS Edward Bruner Grain Jack Valentine Curlin Tom Watt Curlin William Edward Darden George Deiavan William Bawden Deaderick George Arthur Donnelly Frank Craig Erwin William Pilcher Fitch Kenneth Bowen Ford Joe Newton Frazar William Hamilton Getzendaner Billy Peck Gibson Robert Raymond Goodrich Charles Clayton Cumm Manton Hannah Walter Fred Hasskarl Robert Lee Hatchett John Oxford Hicks Norman Vaughan Honnet Commodore Perry Hudson Burford King Isaacs Edwin Randolph Ivey Homer Bates Jester Wiley Neil Johnson John Karl Koschak John Crawford Llewellyn Robert Riesner Lockart Robert Rutherford Lowdon Quay Bayard McMahon Jack Polk Maddox Lawson William Magruder Frank Byrd Lary Thomas Durwood Manford Richard George Miller William Thomas Peckinpaugh Jack C. Phillips Nash McDowell Phillips Arvel Rodolphus Ponton Jack Powell Robert Eley Rain Charles Donnelly Schmidt Alfred Malley Scott Edward Bivens Singleton George Owen Slaughter Albert Stone William Harrison Storey Jarrett Cook Swanson Henry Garland Taliaferro Holman Taylor Claude Upchurch William John Walden Walter Frank Woodul Ernest Lewis Youens WILLIAM BAWDEN DEADERICK Three Kappa Sigs laughing at one funny paprr. Three Kappa Sigs just laughing. One of the boys tries a sure shot. Inside the Kappa Sig sideshow at the Varsity Carnival. The boys were very attractively dressed for their roles. Just outside the show the ticket sellers attempt to sway the crowd into coming inside. One of the brothers finds an enjoyable method of getting out in the sun. This could be a fish story. m ||| i 203 WEST M.NETEENTH V. I. Moore T. U. Taylor . Ira p. Hildebhand David Owen Belew Rex Gavin Baker Amon Gary Carter Ray Cruse Chal Nueton Daniels Sam William Cruse Howard Birch Dies Joseph Brannon Dooley John Wesley Dorsey Carl Edgar Duflield Raymond Phillips Elledge James G. Ellis Henry Crockett England FACULTY Dean of Student Life Dean Emeritus of the College of Engineering Dean of the School of Law PLEDGES Preston Simms Flanagan Charles Brady Grant Jack Fremont Hansen Samuel Hill John Wilburn McReynolds Hilmar (Juenther Moore John Mat Moore William Randolph John Barry Rudd Hubert I-yle Simpson Robert Lloyd Sinclair Arthur Eugene Steel Malcolm Graeme Stewart Elam Franklin Swann Park Edwin Tunnell Earle Field Watterworth Tom Neal Wathen Olin Guy Wellborn Charles Joseph Worrell PHI DELTA THETA t f f t„u. K. Rather. Villavaso, Bennett, G. Bowman. Rembert. J. Kerr. Powell, Creenhill, McGee, Blalock, Sh Thomas. McElwrath, Blankenbeckler, Bailey. Perry. Neely. Williams. Dudley. Thir ' i row: E. Raf " " TV.«mr..nn " " ' " ■ ley. Fourth roio: Korn, Monning. Morrill, Meriwether, Gannon, Parker. Robi To Ilarvin. Roberts. Deale, uiaiuLA., jiiarp. Second row: Smith. Coulson, Anderson. Dil lender, E. Rather. Thompson, Moore. Gates, B. Kerr. Shriver. Lang, Schneider, Kemp, »on, Prendergast, Leonard, Tucker, Snodgrass. OFFICERS President Benjamin Harrison Powell Secretary Herbert McCelvy Seybold Warden Edgar Ottway Weller Chaplain Boyd Tanner Treasurer Baine Perkins Kerr Reporter Joseph MacDonald Dealey Librarian Russell Stevenson Rembert MEMBERS John Burchell Allinson Lawrence W. Anderson Wynn Millard Bennett William Azro Blalock Frank Alderson Blankenbeckler Gus Booty Bowman Jack Tibaut Bowman Charles Craig Gates Joseph MacDonald Dealey Clyde Milton Dillender Joe Robert Greenhill William Charles Harvin Robert Beegle Kemp Baine Perkins Kerr James Herman Kerr Andreas Franz Korn William Joseph Lang John Thompson McElwrath William Sears McGee Thomas Lanier McKnight George Kimball Meriwether Joe Bart Moore Junius Hughes Morrill Stanley Eugene Neely Benjamin Harrison Powell Roy Lamar Rather Russell Stevenson Rembert Henry Lamar Roberts Frederick Joseph Scott Herbert McCelvy Seybold Charles Stanton Sharp William Brent Shriver Angie Frank Smith Boyd Tanner CuUen Sheppard Thomas Andrew Zilker Thompson Ernest Joseph Villavaso Albert Hodges Wadsworth William Waggener Edgar Ottway Weller Thomas Howard Williams BENJAMIN HARRISON POWELL FHI DELTA THETA I- The fellows pose for the camera in their front room. Phi Delt ' s Stan Neely, athlete and politician. Boyd Tanner shows the boys a shot. Joe Bart Moore gets a shoe shine. Frank Blankenbeckler dressed up for a costume party. Creenhill and Harvia giving Seybolt and Gates a lesson. FACULTY 411 WtST TWENTYTHIHD Eugene C. Barker Roy Bedicheck D. B. Casteel . Frank L. Jewett . E. T. Miller . Robert W. Stayton A. W. Walker Scott Field Bailoy Edward Donald Coulson Carter Creer Dudley Clair Hildteth Cannon Rui sell J. Leonard Benjamin Prater Monning Professor of American History Chief of the Bureau of Public School Interest Professor of Zoology Instructor in Bible Professor of Economics Professor of Law Professor of Law PLEDGES Charles Joel Parker William Cox Perry George Prendergast Edward Branch Rather James Ernest Robinson Eric Henry Schneider Frank Lee Snodgrass William Carroll Tucker ■ u;:,;i ' ' -V ' mwr n w ■f-r ■f-i- ■f-r PHI GAMMA DELTA ££££ P S- ' ' P P (? P iP r P 9 £- lO ' 1 r j O- o Top roui: Thomas, Andrews, English, Peterson, Cuillot, Travis, Cannpbell, Phillips, Lee, Gibbs, Smyth. Second row: Cooper, King. Main, Matthews, T. Barlholow, Wood, Livers, H. Smith, Curran, Wooldridge, Knight. Third row: Arnold, Buster. Meyer, Mathis, Seay, Heiser, Roe, Battle, Patterson, Wilcox, Widdecke. Fourth row: Kennedy, R. Martin, Steele, Rettig. Borden, K. Smith, Williams, J. Walsh, W. Martin, Bishop, Winsett. Fifth row: Bronson, Schollkopf, Love, Seibert, Imhoff, O ' Hara, Rustin, H. Walsh, Miller. Townsend, Swanson, Clark, OFFICERS President Alfred Ashbrook King Treasurer David Clarence Bland Recording Secretary Jack Wharton Bartholow Corresponding Secretary Hilliard Smith Thomas Historian Earl Hancock Peterson MEMBERS John Martin Ainsworth Marlin Olmsted Andrews William Buck Arnold Jack Wharton Bartholo Ted Ohmstead Bartholow William Don Battle David Clarence Bland Guy Borden Archibald Roland Campbell Richard Charles Cooper Gilbert Edwin Cox Oscar B. English Robert Sidney Fisher Alfred Smith Fuller Charles Montague Gibbs Lawrence Elie Guillot Robert Harris Heiser Barney Hopkins Tommie Phillip Hull Roland Forrest Johnson Alfred Ashbrook King Samuel Hunt Lee Doyle McDonald Scott McDonald Tommy Cole Main Robert Michael Martin Walter Nold Mathis William Garland Ordway Earl Hancock Peterson Bert Lionel Phillips John Pershing Pillet Tommy Quick Ernest Adron Rees Killough King Smith Oran Floyd Smith James Edward Smyth William Baylor Steele Hilliard Smith Thomas Charles Fred Widdecke Dred Thompson Wood Arthur Robert Wooldridge ALFRED ASHBROOK KING PHI GAMMA DELTA Nancy Filgo and Betty Park smile happily in contemplation of a Phi Gam Sunday dinner, Johnny Meyer is the lucky lad. Mrs. Afiriaide Dazey pauses to adjust her chapeau. Aurora casts a 7 A.M. beam on beauty-sleeping Fijis. Breaking bread at noon are Dick Knight, Harrie Travis, and L. E. Guillot. L.E. again, Al Prendergast, KA, and John Fillet concentrate on appetizing evening victuals. David Bland swings playfully from the neck of Walter Mathis in an evening frolic. Ready and waiting for Sunday dinner is Kenneth Seibert, standing patiently on the Fiji front sidewalk. FACULTY Frederic Duncalf Professor of Medieval History H. C. GiLSTRAP Athletics Jethro a. Meek Tutor in English Gerald M. Stafford Instructor in Geology Berry Whitaker Director of Mens Intramurals PLEDGES John Webster Bishop Koy Bernard Bronson Jack Russell Buster William Kalar Clark Vincent Brian Curran George William Imhoff Bill Collier Kennedy Richard William Knight Richard Arnold Liveri Thomas Stafford Love William McFadden Martin Robert Raymond Matthews John Car! Meyer Orville BuUington Miller Robert Bernard O ' Hara Thomas Venor Patterson John Wilson Rettig Freddie Roe Robert Hudson Rustin Hugo William Schoellkopf William Hinckley Seay Kenneth Dale Seibert John Henry Shepherd Wallace Wells Shropshire Harvey Partridge Smith William Wallace Swanson George Milsted Townsend Robert Harrie Travis James Francis Walsh Henry Stude Walsh Billy Adison Wilcox William AHen Williams Euing Merrill Winsett 1 300 WEST TWENTY-SEVENTH PHI KAPPA PSI Top TOW. Arnett, Wilkir»un, U iikes, Donaldson, Koach, Payne, Fyfe, Smith, J. Moore, M. Wells. Second row : Bryant, F. Jones, Poole, Peterson, R. Moore, Ross, Ridgway, Eidt on, Woolrich, Shirley, Kendall. Third row: J. Jones, Beyer, Baxter Van Gundy, Weston, Haywood, Coffin. Eades. Collins. Fourth row: Thompson, Dickens, Cole, Sullivan, Adams, Robinson, J. Wells, Wood, Shimeall, Duffie. Fifth row: Harwood, Oberg, Zwiener, Stevens, Stokes, Burnett, Nicholson, Malone, Clark, Johnstoa, McGinty. OFFICERS President Jasper Archibald Ross Vice-President Franklin Clifford Jones Recording Secretary Everett Lee Shirley Corresponding Secretary Franklin Thomas Harwood Treasurer Marshall Foch Wells Joseph Kennedy Adams Earl Franklin Arnett Robert Patrick Baxter William Randolph Bryant Ray Thornton Coffin William Robert Dickens Joe Harvey Eidson Charles Edward Fyfe MEMBERS Franklin Thomas Harwood Albert Edward Hayward Robert Kimpton Jewett Franklin Clifford Jones Lyle Harris Kendall Raymond Augustus Lynch James Burke McGinty James Richard Moore Ramsey Lycurgus Moore Leon Mather Payne Leo John Peterson Marvin James Poole Nelson Puett Richard Edgar Ridgway Jim Edward Roach William Bruce Robinson Jasper Archibald Ro Everett Lee Shirley Edward William Smith Henry Clay Sullivan Kinman Thompson Robert Christian Van Gundy John Howard Wells Marshall Foch Wells Lowell Lyndon Wilkes Pat Temple Wilkirson Joe Bransford Wilson Thomas Jefferson Wood PHI KAI ' l ' A PSI Sully Sullivan and Buddy Thompson climb down after a second »tory job at the Phi Psi house. A fast game of dominoes attracts Baxter, Moore, Thompson, and Fyfe. Ramsey Moore, with two strikes already called, gets ready for another swing. Everett Shirley watches John Peterson throw a perfect one. Rush Week found Payne, Smith, and Shirley hard at work on some good boys. The Phi Psis make a few improvements on the house. 1710 COl.UKAUO W. H. Brentlinger H. V. Craig E. E. Hale . J. L. Henderson C. P. Patterson Preston Shirley 0. D. Weeks . William Chunn Ballow Alfred Fredrick Beyer John Cresham Burnett William Sneed Clark George Southward Cole Arch Dean Collins Thomas Hampson Donaldson Ben Cochran Duffie FACULTY Assistant Professor of Psychology Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics Professor of Economics Professor of Secondary Education Professor of Government Assistant Professor of Law Professor of Government PLEDGES Robert Howard Eades Charles Henry Griffin William Russell Johnston John Tilford Jones Holt Malone Arthur Clyde Nicholson Paul Clyde Oberg Kermit Wayne Shimeall William Thomas Stokes Dan George Stevena Fred John Weston Willis Raymond Woolrich Douglas Richard Zwiener o c? ipli Tow row: Wunderman, Koscoe, Rosengarten, Seigle, Levy, Seligmann, Srhwarz, Rosenman, Greenfield, Saul Friedman, Friedlander. Second row: Goodman, David, Brin, Straus, Finkelstein, Bullman, Feinberg, Jaffe, Tobian, Katz, Singer. Third row: Shwarts B. Marks, M. Marks, Spitzer, A. Marks, Handelman, Block, R. Reid, Weil, Witz, Tobolowsky. Fourth row: Myer, Kornblatt, T. Marks, Kallison, A. Friedman, Taubman, D. Reid, Pfeiffer, Moses, Daily. OFFICERS Master Fraier Raymond Julian Goodman Vice-Master Frater Stanley Milford David Treasurer Julius Seligmann Recording Secretary John Arnold Singer Corresponding Secretary .... Paul Lazarus Block Housemanager Louis Tobian Board of Governors Leonard Marshall Rosengarten Bernard Milgrom Rosenman MEMBERS Paul Lazarus Block Stern Feinberg Leonard Marshall Rosengarten Royal Henry Brin Paul Finklestein Bernard Milgrom Rosenman Abe Edward Bullman Silas Friedlander Harry David Schwarz Stanley Milford David Saul Friedman Bernard Marvin Seigle Raymond Julian Goodman Julius Seligmann David Greenfield Alvin Lawrence Shwarts JEK Ben Handelman John Arnold Singer BKB Moise Dreyfus Levy Leonard Sheldon Spitzer ■KHLIkvtf Alvin Jerome Marks Jack Bauman Straus tbPj Bernard Haas Marks Louis Tobian jDmK Myron Bergson Marks Edwin Samuel Tobolowsky ••CTMl George Melvin Myer Joseph Lyon Weil ZCj k Robert Emin Reid David Aaron Witz SMMM Arthur Milton Roscoe Daniel Charles Wunderman RAYMOND JULIAN COOUMAiN PHI SIGMA DELTA It ' s rush week in th ing. A quartet wood shots. B. H __ _ _ Sig ' s pretty living room. t(iiy irdo.iinan his st-conti homf. the law build- ing. A quartet of the boys pass the ball around. Catching up on the funny papers. Here they are practicing ' ' " " ' ■ Marks trying to study. Stern Feinberg gives that smile all he ' s got. PLEDGES Herschcl Daily Albert Freidman Irvin Jay JafFe Charles Julius Katz James Morriss Kallison Herschel Kornblatt Louis Leschinger Theodore Nussbaum Marks Bernhard Charles Moses John Julian Pfeiffer Donald Theodore Reid Morris Benard Taubman 2626 SPKEDWAY t r ' :.K.i tan Vi If i ' ! • i:::i i r r VsyiJ I ♦ •» I iT -t Sj: ' ■ " ll-l • " •-rZ i -r PI KAPPA ALPHA «»• P ' Q fP fc 1 f f.j} n d A Qp P KK5a iJiJ iii li 9 p O p fT-p p p rt Top row; Carter, Haring, Mayfield, Gowland, Summers, Houston, J. Windham, Painter, J. Roberts, Meadows, Crockett, Benda, Ward. Second row: E. Roberts. White, Kennemer, Watts, Ryan, S. Hamniack, Preston, Primeaux, German, McCarter, McKee, Tonn, Richard Gump, Third row: Woodfin, Martin, Barbee, Justice, Bell, Curl, Kline, Yarborough. Arnold, Taylor, Killen, Patterson, Michaels. Fourth row: Robert Gump, W. Windham, Sohle, Irwin, G. Jackson, Coffield, Mahan, Nevill, Felder, Belcher, Crouch, Reynolds, Marshall. Fifth row: Tullis, Boren, R. Hammack, Wine, Bartlett, R. Jackson, McNutt, Bayer, L. Thorne, G. Thome, Pope, Crosby, Tucker, Chote. OFFICERS President John Stuart McKee Vice-President James Marvin Windham Secretary William Franklin Martin Treasurer Maurice Dudley Gowland Housemanager Ellis Mayfield Robert Shiels Belcher John Holt Benda Joseph Franklin Cage William Hamilton Callaway Bill Norris Camp Stuart Chamberlain t 1 j J 1 :4 ■ n 1 MEMBERS Grady Curtis Clark David Stanley Crockett Carroll Amberson Curl Zack Lamar Felder Ray Kirk Freeman John Paul German Maurice Dudley Gowland Robert Joseph Gump Richard Anthony Gump Shelby Geron Hammack Louis Howard Haring George Washington Irwin Cordon Dealcy Jackson Morris Donald Kennermer Cortez High Killen Jack Wright McAninch Robert Ray McCarter John Stuart McKee Sheffy Mahan William Franklin Martin Ellis Mayfield Jack Edward Meadows Williams George Michaels Richard Allen Nevill Erie Vansant Painter Ernest Odell Patterson Walter Lee Porter Earl Kieth Preston James Oran Primeaux William Paul Ritter Edwin Rupert Roberts John Clarke Roberts Dan William Ryan Clinton Ben Smith Emmett Tobias Summers Fletcher Floyd Taylor W. H. Tonn William E. Ward V. B. Watts Robert Emmett White James Marvin Windham Wyman Windham Gene Mack Woodfin Owen Harold Yarborough JOHN STUART McKEE I i SDI •g-W.B MMWr n .il.l-iprp!,!?: " ; I Ml David Crockett, boxer, ugliest man contestant, and namesaiie of one of Texas ' forcfalhii,. Iliu,; J„uii. hearted Pi K.A. ' s. Seven light-hearted Pi K.A. ' s. One of their many social functions pleased this Pi K,A. and his partner. Ellis Mayfield wouldn ' t stop looking at his date even for the camera. The Thome twins practice for their assistant yell leader ' s johs. L.W.Payne . . L. Theo Bellmont C. M. Montgomery FACULTY Professor of English Director of Physical Training for Men Professor of Romance Languages PLEDGES Douglas Harold Arnoltl Lloyd Henry Barbee James Fredrick Bartlett Basil Bernard Bell Edwin Dietrirk Bayer Jark Bernard Boren William Junius Carter William Cage Chote Joe Martin Coffield Elwyn Barnes Crosby James Craig Croucb Robert Vernor Hammack William Lonnie Hill Joe Tom Houston Robert Prim Jarkson Appleton Doyle Justice Ferril James Kline Schuyler Bailey Marshall Ray Everett McNutt John Theodore Mitrou John Blakely F ojie Clifford R. Reynolds Herman Nelson Schleuter James Robert Siemoneit Frederick Victor Sohle George Clifford Thorne Lansing Stephen Thorne Joe L. Tucker 2504 RIO GRANDE Dick Anthony Tullis Murray Doyle Voss Thomas Marshall Weaver Samuel Floyd Wine 1 i SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON la m ■ P p p P p g|f 3 Top row: Gulp, Wolverton, Houston, Dohoney, Lee, Stale y. Weatbrook, Grenier, Wiseman, Daniel, Caldwell, Davis, Brenaii. Second row: Collie, Wheeler, Cunningbam, Hardie, Hutcbeson, Sullivan, Zuber. Hensley, Stapp, Middleton, Lyon, Tolleson, Devine. Third row: Longino, Laird. McFadden. Bellows, Cousins, Murpby, Ware, Baird, Caton, B. Frost, Pridgen, Platter, Cortes. Fourth row: McDermott, Wilson, Russell. Whittington, Jackson, Kittrell. McGaughey, C. Wilkinson, Carrington, Garrett, Stone, Boyd, Crawford. Fifth row: Small, Pace, Fletcher, Bryan, Brelsford, Winkler, Agee, Stayton, Crambling, Norwood, J. Wilkinson, Frazer, Hennessey, C. Frost. OFFICERS President Roger Charles Sullivan Vice-President Bond Davis Secretary Donald Hill Russell Treasurer Reagan Wiseman LaRoy Baird Warren Sylvanus Bellows Albert Milton Biedenharn David Cannon Boyd Walter Petty Brenan James Daffan Caldwell Eugene Gaddis Carrington Robert Lindsey Caton William Shepherd Cochran Marvin Key Collie Pace 416 MEMBERS Henry Cornelius Cortes Robert Barton Cousins Robert Houston Crockett Jamie Franklin Culp Robert Thomson Cunningham John Britt Daniel Bond Davis William Webb Devine Alfred Peyton Dohoney Jack Fant Billy Cyrus Frost Curtis Robert Garner Arthur Sylvester Grenier William Bradford Hardie Robert Clarke Heidrick Joe Lee Hensley Charles Counce Hightower Reagan Houston Thad Thomson Hutcbeson Dudley Jackson Merwin Wiley Laird Richard Rizer Lee Donald Record Lewis Hugh K. Longino Billy Frank Lyon Dominick Francis McDermott Sam Civens McFadden IJ . 1K-. ' • -M • W f. ' ,«i,.Lfc 333 f WPWilJEl Herbert Shark McGaugbey George Cooper Morris Robert Funk Murphy Herbert Lingo Platter Jim Edward Pridgen Henry John Rose Donald Hill Russell Robert William Spence Jack Carr Staley William Edward Stapp Robert Jerry Stone Roger Charles Sullivan William Thomason Jim Frank Tolleson Harris Faulkner Underwood Richard Davis Walker Tol Ben Ware Joel Whitsitt Westbrook Carroll Burke Wheeler James Connellee Whittington Clark Newton Wilkinson James Carroll Wilson Lyrn Burke Windham Francis Jordan Winter Reagan Wiseman Joe Benson Wolverton Charles Barny Zuber ROGER CHARLES SULLIVAN nm if ' ir; ilii ' ' !!f -i SmVlA ALPHA EPSILON S.A.E. ' s go in for costume parties and this was one of the best. A group of the boys and their guests at the " Suppressed Desire " party. A smiling Sig Alph. A pair of Sleep and Eat boys. Bob Cousins with wisdom tooth trouble and Terrell Small. Jerry and his pipe. Tol Ware takes in a football fray. FACULTY Everett G. Smith J. B. Wharey . Professor of Marketing Professor of English John Franklin Agee Gates Homer Brelsfoid George William Bryan William Severne Crawfoid Dick Earl Fletcher Edward Jordan Frazer Cyrus Frost Clyde Windston Garrett PLEDGES John Allen Grambling Peter John Hennessey Edwin Newton Kitlrell William Early MrDavitt John Mrlngvale Middieton Alan Quin Norwood Daniel Parker Pace Terrell Jackson Small William Freear Slayton Jack G. Wilkinson Fred William Winkler 509 WEST TWENTY-SIXTH SIGMA ALPHA MU Top row: Willens, Alexander, Edelstein, D. Kleinman, Brown, Winkler, I. Massman, Potash, Strauss, Berliner. Second row: May, Friedlander, Gurinsky, J. Schwartz, Muslow, A. Schwartz, Rosenfield, Calisch, Riskind, Schlinger. Third row: Horwitz, M. Kleinman, David, Sidney Mellinger, Ravicz, Myers, Sylvan Mellinger, N. Goodfriend, Davis, Lemmons. Fourth row: Miller. Lauterstein, Roddy, Swatt, W. Rosenwasser, Alterman, Levy, Zimmerman, Goldberg, M. Rosenwasser. OFFICE RS Prior Louis Reshin Frumer Exchequer Albert James Schwartz Recorder Simon Ray Alexander Simon Ray Alexander Edwin Frederick Berliner Reuben Harold Edelstein Raymond Friedlander Louis Reshin Frumer Irving Goodfriend Nathaniel Goodfriend MEMBERS Sylvan Gurinsky Bernard Karkowski Daniel Kleinman Maurice Kleinman Melvin Lachman Philip Harry Lipstate Edward Lafaye Massman Irwin Massman David Lee May Sidney Mellinger Sylvan Mellinger James Muslow Seymour Myers Melvin Leonard Potash Reuben Saul Riskind William Nathan Roddy Paul Rosenfield Henry David Schlinger Albert James Schwartz Joseph Mayer Schwartz William Aaron Smallberg Robert Schwarz Strauss Sumner Harold WiHens Edward Meyer Winkler LOUIS RESHIN FRUMER A quiet nook with a book gives this S.A.M. pleasure. A pair of studious brothers try to fathom their books. Five on one scarce magazine. A happy couple at the fall formal. Kleinman takes his date to get some punch. Rush talk was undoubtedly plentiful when this was made. Aaron Schaffer Robert Maurice Alterman Nathan Drown Charles Albert Calisch J. B. Colton Leo Max David Milton Victor Davis Julius Goldberg FACULTY Professor of Romance Languages PLEDGES Arthur Myron Horwitz Herbert Samuel Lauterstein Maurice Aaron Lemmons Harold Gilbert Levy Arthur Manuel Miller Robert Simon Ravicz Melvin Harvard Rosenwasaer William Roscnwasser Benjamin Lipman Swatt Henry Arthur Zimmerman fTfl 1914 NUECES Pace 419 SIGMA CHI ■ ■iMSP P p ?? " P ? (? ' . V-- ' 0| c i!j. .f p p o p f p . Top row;: Mayne, Grasty, Bowman, Coke, Kilcy, Peterson, Denton, Strong, Motley, Schubert, L. Denman, McNeill, Fourmy. Second roic: Keeton. Kerford. Cant, Ritter, Stanberry, Ragsdale, Craven, Keppler, G. Denman, Kirkpatrirk, Philquist, Day, Whittenburg. Third row: Nolen, Newkirk, Crome, Goldsmith. Pioch. Kuhn, Milburn, C. Church, Cline, J. Thompson, Brink, Flanagan, Williams, Greiner. Fourth row: Luckett, Col well. J. Gardner, Holloway, Graves, Coffield.Timmons. Bell, Payne, Nesbitt, Leonard, Cooke, Wear, Allen. Fifth row: West, Burr, Collier, E. Gardner, Sanstedt. Schafer, L. Thompson, R. Church, Hoeflich, Gillis, Burch. Woodburn, Houghton, Murta. OFFICERS President Ray Brundrett Grasty Vice-President Kay Marsene Nolen Secretary Edmund Powell Craven MEMBERS Benjamin Munroe Anderson Billy O. Brink Carroll Edward Church Henry Eugene Cline Jack Lawson Coke Leslie Charles Colwell Edmund Powell Craven William Fink Crome Gilbert Morgan Denman Leroy Gilbert Denman Ashlev Newton Denton John Lawson Felder Frank Campbell Fourmy Jack Allen Cant James Henry Gardner C. A. Goldsmith Ray Brundrett Grasty P. F. Graves James Buford Griffin Ross Raymond Holloway William Watson Harris Grover Cleveland Keeton John Edward Keppler William Leo Kuhn Joe Means Leonard William Randolph Mayne Clement McClelland Malcolm Long Milburn Howard Smith Motley Pat Murta Morgan Nesbitt William Sherman Newkirk Kay Marsene Nolen Curtis Lytton Perryman Dudley Wilkes Peterson Harris Eugene Philquist William Frederick Pioch Charles Nelson Prolhro John Brizendine Riley Victor Houston Ritter Stephen Ernest Schubert William Burks Stanberry James Ross Thompson James Cook Timmons Frank Nicholas Yochem RAY BRUNDRETT GRASTY Leroy Denman drinking some of the Sig ' s most format punch. Denman again. A couple of the boys. Bill Mayne and a pair of his brothers. This is another Denman. The pledges get ready for their annual dog race. Hondo Crouch makes an interesting still life study with some pond lilies. Mealtime at the Sigma Chi abode. 408 WEST TWENTY-SEVENTH FACULTY B. B. Carstarphen Instructor in English Edward B. Crane Professor of Law A. E. Cooper Professor of Applied Mathematics S. P. Finch Professor of Civil Engineering Jack Gray Head Basketball Coach Hugh McMath Assistant Professor of Architecture PLEDGES William Presfott Allen John Lynn Bel! Newton Harrison Bowman William Paul Burch Garey Davis Burr Thomas Rcddick Coflield Robert Church Thomas Gillespie Collier Henry Austin Cooke Thomas Wilkinson Day Ralph Drew Flanagan Edward O ' Meare Gardner Walker Gillis WiHiam Edward Creiner Carl William Hoeflich Stephen Jerry Houghton Francis John Kerford Waiter Sidney Kirkpatrick Alfred Edward Luckett Dave Etheldredge McNeill Robert Erie Payne Milton McArthur Ragsdale John R. Sanstedt Henry William Schafer Fred Chandler Strong Leslie Atchison Thompson J. Hugh Wear Robert Van Osdell West Ross Elmore Whittenburg Paul Thurston Williams Charles Woodburn J 9V ' ;;;i ««- ' :r SIGMA NU J . I ' L J Sh ' J !». . ' f Jm.- J U ti ' ' h V f- f d ... w, - A ihiJj ,i i i;y Top -oio; Bernhardt, Quin. Newman. L. Prowse, C. Prowse, Wrather, Wandel. McKay. Williams. Porter. Second row: N ' esbitl. West. J. Smith. Jarrel, Kelso. Field. Clarkson. DeuPree, McDonald. H. Smith. Third row: H. Bybee. Sanders. Hughes. Stuart. Quereau. Stauffer. McDavid. Karper. Gayle. Church. Fourth row: Herbert, Scott. R. Bybee. Skelton. Dodd. Waugh. D. Taylor. Bain. T. Taylor, Bentsen. Perkins. Fifth row: Redburn. Langworthy. Puis, Samuel. Hoffman, Brown, Chaney, Krueger, Harp, Coats, Blount. Il l OFFICERS Commander Herbert Kelso Clarkson Lieutenant Commander Lamar Frederick DeuPree Housemanager J. Burleson Smith Secretary Edward Alan Karper MEMBERS Moyd Millard Bentsen Halbert Homer Bybee George Allen Prowse Alexander Herman Bernhardt WiUiam Carlton Church Leland Alvunius Prowse Bob Bill Bybee Herbert Kelso Clarkson Allen Quereau Charles Lamar DeuPree Harry Carter Quin Sam H. Field Robert Holcombe Redburn A Ben Burton Gayle Travis Moran Scott ff4 ri Robert Cook Herbert J. Burleson Smith • Mf Willis Everts Jarrel Henry Wayne Smith tjBii .1 Edward Alan Karper Ralph Douglas StaufFer M y sf Winchester Kelso III Dayton Reed Taylor pjSfc ii Hayden Louis McDonald Tom Frank Taylor 5y Richard Ralph McKay John Philip Wandel Frank Wilbur Nesbitt Milton Horace West James Blackstone Newman Roger Haden Williams Weldon Leech Porter Jack Devereaux Wrather HERBERT KELSO CLARKSON I Pace 422 Wilson 9tdntia on the front porch. A hot ping pong game going on in the den. A fine pair of Sunday lunchers. Mickey West, old man of the mountain. Herbie Clarkson and Ella Mae Starckey watch the unlucky ones who have to go. Just as another couple arrive. A lucky Sigma Nu with Elizabeth Stafford. Mr. Porter pleased with a good play. FACULTY 214 ARCHWAY Malcolm Y. Colby . Henry G. Damon . George H. Fancher e. p. schoch . Frank Leslie Bain Stephen William Blount Chester Dewey Brown Reeder Chaney William Howard Coats Frederick Welborne Dodd Kelly Harp Harold Joe Hoffman Professor of Physics Assistant Professor of Geology Professor of Petroleum Production Engineering Professor of Chemistry PLEDGES Fred Edward Hughes John Herff Krueger Henry Preston Langworthy Albert Calhoun McDavid Mosser Maury Perkins Otto Leland Puis William Edward Samuel Joe Goolsby Sanders Kichard SkeltoQ LesHe Verry Stuart Goree Edward Waugh SIGMA PHI EPSILON - £J.i,I£ll!Ea J: kl O P D p 1 p Top row: Wheat, York, Hoffman. Weatherly, Barberie, Whittington, Simpson, Hutchinson, Wipff, Sanders. Second row: Aver, Nelms, Lane, Noble, Lofland, Hugh MiUer, Moore, Petet, Schooler, Whitten. Third row: Moers, Norman, Looke, Krause, Rollin, Standifer, Roberts, Lipscomb, Richardson, Grimm. Fourth row: Slaats, Metcalf, Green. Schill, Fisher, Crabb, Stone, Emmott, Reid, Rtnegar. Fifth row: Egan, Johnson, Brown, Harold Miller, Peterson, Cook. Gossett, Frambach, Ziegel- meyer. Lynch. OFFICERS President James Arthur Krause Vice-President Charles Floman Petet Secretary Manager Preston W. A. Staats Jack Keating Ayer John Douglas Barberie John Edward Crabb Roger Harry Hoffman Everett Hutchinson James Arthur Krause w MEMBERS Richard Newton Lane Charles Hawkins Lipscomb Charles Fred Looke Hugh Edward Metcalf Harold August Miller Hugh Milton Miller Robert Oswald Moers Tom McClure Nelms Charles Mervin Noble Thomas Hayward Norman Charles Floman Petet Sutton Reid Clifford Bryant Renegar George Richardson Robert Elliott Rollin James Paul Schooler John Roger Simpson Preston W. A. Staats Charles Herbert Standifer Jack Porter Stone Thomas Burdett Weatherly Thomas H. Wheat Robert Holt Whitten Gene Charles Whittington Frank Pershing Wipff William Franklin York JAMES ARTHUR KRAUSE Jim Krause entertains some rushees. John Crabb and Shirley Kerr at an open house. Thrce-letterman Bobby Moers starts on an end sweep. Four SPE ' s exercise in the sunehine. One of the brothers takes a whirl with his partner at the formal. P.W.A. Staata and Sleepy Reid walch Harold Miller dig up the lawn. George Y. McCoy 2610 RIO GRANDE Bart Eugene Brown David Clemon Cook William Ben Dob»on John Thomas Egan Jack Harold Emmolt Herbert Stanley Fisher Jack Andrew Framhach William Zeta Gossett FACULTY Instructor in Petroleum Engineering PLEDGES John Forrest Green Laurence Franklin Crimn Danforth Shan Johnson William Isaac Lofland William Raymond Lynch Jack Wyatt Moore Charles Meredith Parrett Joseph Kenneth Peterson Morris Roland Roberts Homer Shelton Sanders Richard Thomas Schill Julius Emmett Ziegelmeyer ' iL.fl ' 1 ' ..a ' .ii.i.i e wcmn iFT ' • • TAU DELTA PHI f! |r P Top row: Hessel, Meer, Klein, Leon, L. Hoffman, Grossman, Weininger, Schulman, Rottenberg, Nurick, Kaplan, Second row: Levy, Robl lik, Greenburg, Eisenberg, Snyder, A. Cohen, Singer, Harris. Third row; Holland, Beilin, Levinson, Rooslh. G. Cohen. Torchin, Prashner, nowitz, R , Pollak, obinson, Goodman, Hare H. Hoffman, Wilkenfeld. OFFICERS Consul Julian Milton Meer Custos Leo Jaye Hoffman Quaestor Alfred Schulman Scribe Harold Joseph Harris Co-Historians Robert Greenburg Frank Bernard Singer Alumni Scribe Burton Edward Grossman Steward Edwin Charles Weininger MEMBERS Abie Cohen Jack Goren Julian Milton Meer Joe Davidson Eisenberg Robert Greenburg Milton Louis Nurick Burton Edward Grossman Henry Replin Milton Joseph Harelik Stanley Donald Robinson M, Harold Joseph Harris Lionel Harold Rottenberg ifSHS, Aaron Hessel Alfred Schulman o oHlSfet. Leo Jaye Hoffman Maurice Randolph Shulman UmmjjD ' Theodore Lee Kaplan Frank Bernard Singer SS Lester Louis Klein Chester Melvin Snyder T Harold Uriah Leon Joseph Arthur Stool Rene Harry Levy Edwin Charles Weininger JULIAN MILTON MEER TAU DELTA PHI A hapity couple al the fall foimal. One of the boys waters the lawn with the help of six of the brothers. Tau Delta ' s three trumpeteers awing out on the front porch. A couple " sitting this one out. " A couple of mud-guard sitters in front of the house. Don ' t let that expression fool you — he likes for her to mess up his hair. Some of the fellows warming the steps of the Tau Delta ' s beautiful new house. PLEDGES Harry Leon Beilin Julius Allen Blum Gerson Cohen Harry Goodman Leon Barras Cordon Harold Hoffman Leonard Maurice Holland Lewis Sidney Levinson Fred Aaron Pollak Eugene Samuel Prashner Herbert Jerome Robinowitz Sol Roosth Charles Carl Shain Edward Louis Torchln Julian Hurley Wilkenfeld 706 WKSl IWtMV-SlXTH H r TEJAS Tup row: John Fouts. G. Fisher, Tharp, Townsemi, Mahon, Ashmore, Jones, Coleman, Pruitt. Second row: McCasland, McLean, Steger, Sithert, R. Keeton, Wells, Fouts, liarriM, Harrison. Third row: Turner, C. Fisher, Choate, Currie, Sorenson. Hicks, Moorman, J. Levy, Campbell, Parsley, Graves. OFFICERS President John Martin Fouts Vice-President Marshall Carter Coleman Business Manager Percy Lee Harris Secretary James Allen Graves Historian Algie Aaron Wells MEMBERS Leland Wayne Ashmore Earl Bescher Harold Vernon Brady Edward William Camphell William Riifus Choate Marshall Carter Coleman David Mitchell Currie Charles Irwin Fisher Gordon Henderson Fisher James Ward Fouts John Martin Fouts William Ross Giltam James Allen Graves Percy Lee Harris Thomas Winter Harrison Jack Evans Hicks Oliver Kenton Jones Robert Ernest Keeton Gus Charles Levy Jack Levy Willis Jack Lewis Gurney Smith McCasland William Franklin McLean Ralph Dominic Mahon Warren Woodman Moorman John R. Peace Warren Dee Pruitt William Henry Pursley Wendell Tris Siebort Hugh Lynn Steger Sherard Atterbury Sorenson Johnny Frank Turner Algie Aaron Wells JOHN MARTIN FOUTS Wendell Siebert, captain of the track team, steams around a lap or so. The boys warm up on some good Tejas songs. Jack Fouts and Bob Keeton listen to Professor Tharp expound one of his favorite theories. Four men and a guitar mean music. Two of Tejas ' best engrossed over a game of checkers. A couple of couples enjoy an open house. FACULTY W. Page Keeton . Robert N. Tharp Howard W. Townsend Associate Professor of Law Instructor in Public Speaking Instructor in Public Speaking 30; WKST I t:MV!-l IH PLEDGES John William Bartram John Lane Baskin Carroll Edward Brown Forest Burr Grain Durward Daniel Grant Elliott Bradford Roberts Robert Gerald Storey Archer Killough Wilson Top row: Willis, Hayes, Gilbert, Pennycuick, Haggard, Lucas, Tripp, H. Spears, Anderson, Ford, H. Jones, Slubicki. Second row: F. Peabody, R. Moore, Kidwcll, Krab- benschmidt, Kennon, Douglas, E. Slavik, E. White, LeMay, Wheeler, A. Jones, Agnew. Third row: Wilborn, Foreman, F. White, Hawn, Tanner, Flournoy, Orr, Simms, J. Moor e, Wright, Thorn, Carpenter. Fourth row: AtweU, Blackwell, A. Slavik, Long, Gossett, McDaniel, G. Peabody, Sheffild, Erwin, Highsmilh, J. Spears. Dameron. OFFICERS President Harry Lamar Jones Secretary Francis Allan White Treasurer Green Jackson OrR First Steward Jesse Paul Wheeler Second Steward William Hewit Hawn Corresponding Secretary Franklin Joseph Peabody Housemanager Harold Paul Spears MEMBERS Norman McKee Agnew James Allen Ahlgrim Clinton Giddings Anderson John William Carpenter LaRheu Jack Douglas Robert Seymour Gilbert George Eart Haggard William Hewit Hawn George Moore Hayes William Barnes Howell Joe K. Johnson Harry Lamar Jones Clement Read Kennon Ira Neal Laird Robert Alexander Long William Francis Lucas Wayne Hafele Middleton John Williamson Moore Roger Moore : v_rai7 Tjl rjTjjj E ij Green Jackson Orr Franklin Joseph Peabody Roy Alfred Pcnnycuick Earl Edward Simms Edward William Slavik Carroll James Slubicki Harold Paul Spears Robert William Tanner Bob Evens Tripp James McCIellan Wassell John Woodman Wassell Jesse Paul Wheeler Edgar Warren White Francis Allan White Clarence Rufus Wright HARRY LAMAR JONES THETA XI Rusheee get a cup shown to them. This looks like a good start for a bull session. The boys gather around to beat out a tune. Three of the fellows trying to find out why it won ' t go. Theta Xi ' s work out on the diamond. It ' s time to lake on a little nourishment. FACULTY r 2802 RIO GRANDE Leo G. Blackstock j. m. forsman . Ben D. Alwell Joe O. Blackwell James Russell Dameron John Drure Erwin Thomas Roy Flournoy Steve Ford Clyde Bayard Foreman James Gary Gossett William Edward Highsmith Alfred Blakely Jones Assistant Professor of Business Administration Instructor in English PLEDGES Robert Neal Kidwell Henry Krabbenschmidt Ernest Gilpin LeMay Jay Perry Lowery James Gifford McDaniel George Alvan Peabody Tom Randell Sewell Neal York Sheffield Albert Thomas Slavik Jean Wiler Spears Leslie Duron Thorn William Aaron Wilborn Alvin Hurd Willis ' H::;::i r rsVs fu Ki-i j.: •■■Mi-M ja !j r .j r. j r .J ! JKJ J ' JVW .jjrjCT»j ' «ir ' r«r ' f P ' «irap ' p ' r«8 riP ' ar ' f f B«eM FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES Beta Theta Pi is nationally the oldest Greek organization on the campus and Phi Delta Theta is the oldest locally. Beta Theta Pi was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, on August 8, 1839. Beta Omicron Chapter of the fraternity was established at the University November 22, 1884. Texas Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta was organized September 15, 1883. Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami University December 26, 1848. Among the sororities at the University Alpha Delta Pi, founded at Wesleyan Female College May 15, 1851, is the oldest nationally, and Pi Beta Phi, whose Texas Alpha Chapter was established February 19, 1902, is the oldest locally. Alpha Delta Pi established a chapter at the University June 7, 1906. Pi Beta Phi was founded at Monmouth College April 28, 1867. Chi Phi fraternity was founded formally in 1874. Nu Chapter was established March 10, 1892. Delta Chi was founded in 1890 at Cornell University, and Texas Chapter was established in 1907. Delta Tau Delta fraternity was formally organized in 1886 and Gamma Iota Chapter was established in 1904. Delta Theta Phi was founded in 1913 and Sam Houston Senate was chartered in 1916. Kappa Alpha was founded at Washington College, now Washington and Lee University, in 1865. Omicron Chapter was established in 1883. Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Virginia December 10, 1869 and Tau Chapter was established in 1884. Phi Gamma Delta was organized at Jefferson College in 1848 and Tau Deu- teron Chapter was formed in 1883. Phi Kappa Psi was founded February 19, 1852, at Jefferson Col- lege and Texas Alpha Chapter was established in 1904. Phi Sigma Delta was organized at Columbia November 10, 1910, and Lambda Chapter was established in 1920. Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Virginia in March, 1868, and Beta Mu Chapter was formed in 1920. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Alabama in 1856; Texas Rho Chapter was established in 1884. Sigma Alpha Mu was founded November 26, 1909, and Sigma Theta Chapter was formed in 1922. Sigma Chi was organized at Miami University June 28, 1855. and Alpha Nu Chapter was estab- lished in 1884. In 1868 at Virginia Military Institute the first chapter of Sigma Nu was formed. Upsilon Chapter was established in 1886. Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Richmond College in 1901 and Texas Alpha Chapter was established in 1930. Tau Delta Phi was founded at the College of the City of New York in 1910 and Rho Chapter was established in 1926. Tejas was organized at The Univer- sity of Texas in September, 1925. Theta Xi was founded at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute April 29, 1864, and Rho Chapter was established February 22, 1913. Alpha Chi Omega sorority was founded at DePauw University in 1885 and Alpha Phi Chapter was chartered in 1924. Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded at Barnard College in 1909 and Omega Chap- ter was established April 21, 1925. Alpha Phi sorority was founded October 10, 1872. at Syracuse University and Omega Chapter was established in May, 1920. Alpha Xi Delta was founded at Lom- bard College April 17, 1893, and Beta Alpha Chapter was established in 1929. Chi Omega was organ- ized April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkansas and Iota Chapter was formed in 1904. Delta Delta Delta was founded at Boston University in November, 1888, and Theta Zeta Chap- ter was established in 1912. Delta Phi Epsilon was formed at New York University March 17, 1917, and Chi Chapter was organized in 1934. Gamma Phi Beta was founded November 11, 1874, at Syra- cuse University and Alpha Zeta Chapter was established in 1922. Kappa Alpha Theta was founded at DePauw University in 1870 and Alpha Theta Chapter was organized in 1904. Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded at Monmouth College in 1870 and Beta Xi Chapter was established May 12, 1902. Phi Mu was founded at Wesleyan College in 1852 and was chartered at the University in 1913. Zeta Tau Alpha was founded October 15. 1898, at Virginia State Normal and Kappa Chapter was established in 1906. Delta Gamma was founded nationally in January, 1874, at Oxford Institute and installed at the University in May, 1938. Sigma Delta Tau, the newest sorority on the campus, was chartered in the fall, 1938. I I l ' JVJLjr.J J»V ' »v j%iP-jr.j ' jr.j y. . j -. j - . 1 Dnrniitories ' : ■ " •• " -J J f I ■; SCOTTISH RITE DORMITORY Sealed: LENTZ, SETTECAST, HICKS, BLUE. BAKER, HARRISON. Standing: WESTBROOK. THOMPSON, LEACHMAN, SMITH. TRAINER. BRASELTON. MacKINNON, GRIFFIN. President Doris Edith Baker HOUSE COUNCIL Doris Edith Baker Gloria Dawn Blue Mary Louise Braselton Ruth Griffin Adine Helen Harrison Janette Elizabeth Hicks Margaret Leachman Margaret Jane Lentz Georgia Martha MacKinnon Mary Katherine Settegast Elaine White Smith Florence Thompson Mae Trainer Mary Louise Westbrook DORIS EDITH BAKER " • SCOTTISH IIITE DORMITORY Left to right: DOHONEY, DAVIS. MILES, MUSE. MRS. A. P. DOHONEY STAFF Director Mrs. A. P. Dohoney Assistant Director Mary Jane Davis Assistant Director Marjorie Muse Assistant Director Mrs. William Miles Business Manager Thelma Strike ANDREWS UORMITORY I Seated: FLINN, SMITH, HUGGARD. PHILLIPS, BROOKSHIER. Standing: AVES, MURPHEY, DUNNING, EDWARDS, DICKSON, ANDREWS. DUNCAN. WEBB. STRACHAN. STAFF Resident Social Director Helen Flinn Assistant to the Resident Social Director . . . Lucy Lee Dickson Resident Business Director May Brookshier HOUSE COUNCIL President Mary Thompson Huggard Vice-President Julia Lynne Duncan Secretary-Treasurer Martha Elizabeth Edwards Reporter Dorothy Elizabeth Strachan UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Lynnie Louise Andrews Florence Louise Aves Suzanne Robertson Dunning Margaret Alexander Webb Nina Derry Murphey Bettinel Phillips Lillie Marie Smith MARY THO.MI ' SO.N IILCGAKD l m m mm sm. OARnTHERS nORMITORY i Seated: BROOKSHIKK, CRAMER, AGNOR. NEAI.. Slandine: MACLAY, HOUSTON, HERRING. STAFF Social Director Catherine Neal Assistant Social Director Mary Hope Westbrook Business Director May Brookshier HOUSE COUNCIL President Carolyn Hope Cramer Martha Virginia Agnor Louise Caldwell Herring Martha Harris Josephine Houston Elizabeth Lawrence Maclay CAROLYN HOPE CRAMER I I GRACE HALL Bottom row: JAY, WILLIAMS, SHIREMAN, B. TIGNOR, LIERMAN, BARNES, SCHLEY, BASHARA, COBB, BROUSSARD, NEUMANN, LANGHAM, E, McCALL. Second row: PARTON. MELTON, VOIERS, GRIGGS, VAUGHAN. M. TIGNOR, STERLING, McMAHON, RUSSELL, McCEHEE, RIGGS, L. McCALL, KUYKENDALL, PRICER, WITHERSPOON. STAFF Director Martha Cavin Assistant to the Director Georgia B. Bridgers HOUSE COUNCIL Hostess Mary Howle President Helen Haden Voters Vice-President EvELYN Yates Secretary-Treasurer Helen Ruth Robison Reporter VIRGINIA Parton Athletic Manager Jane Elizabeth Brown UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Cathryne Grace Melton Vivian Caroline Doeppenschmidt HELEN HADEN VOIERS lURBY HALL Bonom row: PIERCE. DANIEL. SAMPLE. SMITH, BROWN. ENGLISH, DAVIS. Secoad row: SHUPTRINE, WALKER. PORTER. STAFF Director Business Manager Mrs. a. B. Smith Esther Christensen HOUSE COUNCIL LUCILE WALKER President Secretary -Treasurer Grace Christine Brown Julia Lee Daniel Catherine Marie Davis LuciLE Walker Mary Rose Sample Anita English Mary Frances Pierce Pansy Lee Porter Vennie Lee Shuptrine VESPER COMMITTEE President ViRGiNL Gale Smith Secretary Erna Mae Muehlbrad Alice Lorraine Smith Nella Mae Steussy Jane Katherine Beville Rebecca O ' Donnell Teston Minette Adele Rosenthal Mary Adeline Hankins Roberta Opal Wright Pauline Auvensbine Barbara Daniel Kathleen Adair Sanders Mary Jane Cukovich LITTLEFIELD DORMITORY Bolium rou: CKOUNDS, FRUEHOLZ, BOWNDS, MOSER, ROBERTS, CAMPBELL, HEROD. Second rou: : SCHUMACHER. WALKER, SIMMONS, MORROW. N. HARWOOD, GAY. Third row: WESTERMAN, PETERS. LEE, PEARCE, PECK. STAFF Social Director .... Assistant to the Social Director Assistant to the Social Director Business Director .... Secretary Margaret Peck Margaret Grimes Martha Harwood Rosalie Godfrey Dorothy Mills UPPERCLASS COUNCIL President Edith Lola Roberts Secretary Ann Schumacher Betty Sue Bownds Helen Elizabeth Campbell Margaret Frueholz Nan Lee Gay Dorothy Lee Grounds Norma Gertrude Harwood Mary Louise Herod Mary Alice Lee Belle Elizabeth Morrow Lolabeth Moser Nancy Rebecca Pearce Hazel Olive Peters Billie Simmons Susan Shelton Walker Mackie Kathryn Westerraan EDITH LOLA ROBERTS NEWMAN HALL - . Cl x Bottom row: Flores, (ioulet, Kihnel, Kleiiser, Mathias, P. Kepple, O ' Leary, OstcrwaMer, O ' Brieii, Calniade. Johnson, Callaway, Votaw. Second row: Caslillo, Gardner, Hutchinson, Racki, Doss, N. Noel, Barr, Robertson, Broe, Fisher, Martin, Kain, Martinsen. Third row: Runyon, Salinas, Rohling, Muhl, Moser, M. Kepple, DeWitt, Ory, Reynolds, S. Noel, Stasny, Alkemeyer, Stavinoha, Burt, Sheehy, Sosolik, Schaefer. VIKGIMA RUNYON STAFF Director Sister Sabina Chaperon Mrs. E. T. Ory HOUSE COUNCIL OFFICERS President Virginia Runyon Vice-President Loretta Reynolds Secretary Mary Norma Sheehy Treasurer PATRICIA Anne Kepple Reporter Elizabeth June Broe Graduate Student Henrietta Amparo Castillo Merle Elizabeth Callaway Mary Margaret Kepple UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Helen Marie Sosolik Mary Louise Moser Patricia Marjorie Johnson Virginia Runyon I ' RATHER HALL Bottom row: Smith, Redding, Hinds, Hunt, G. Bates, Seager, Singleton, Hayes, McDowell, Solito. Torres, McMeang, Grant, Gildersleeve, Swarner. Guiterrez, Moore, Parker. Second row: Denson, Little, Caperton. Lockett, Pinkey, McNew, Womark, Brookshire. Apperson, Thomason, Peek. Neiser, Jackson. Loidold. Kissel. Q. Bates, Fossula, Parrish, Primeaux, Crumb, Maverick, Settles. Third row: Kniffin, Strowbridge, Mills. Kugh. Smith, Robertson, Blalork, Romirez, Nowierski, Coulson, Johnson, Green, Jenkins, Ramsey, C. Butler, J. Butler, Blum, Dorsay, Malone. Burni«. Milam, Randle, Myers, Alston. Nelson, W. Caven. STAFF Resident Manager . Resident Business Director Proctors .... 1 Jim Calhoun Langdon Adelaide Dazey William Rufus Choate Charles Garth Bates William Virgil Kugle Don Pinckney Webster OFFICERS FALL President . Vice-President . Secretary- Treasurer Intramurals Manager Editor Prather Patter William Azro Blalock Hunter Yarborough William Virgil Kugle Walter Thomas Caven Charles Walker James SPRING President William Virgil Kugle Vice-President Pete Salvador Solito Secretary-Treasurer Walter Thomas Caven Intramurals Manager Walter Thomas Caven Editor Prather Patter Charles Walker James WILLIAM AZRO BLALOCK WILLIAM VIRGIL KUGLE TSSmmBSvSffS I. WOMAN ' S lUIILIJINfi MARGARET MATTHEWS 3ji H|H 1 j Hp ' -i. 9! W%1M V j If ' It K f Bottom row: MATTHEWS, CHADWELL, BALLERSTEDT, FRANCES KERNODLE. Second row. JONES, DUSHEK, KOTHMANN, HOTING, DENENA. STAFF Assistant Social Director Pearl G. Chadwell Assistant Business Director Kate Zachary OFFICERS President Margaret Matthews Secretary-Treasurer Ruth Kothmann Louise Hilma Ballerstedt Minnie Denena UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Martha May Jones Frances Pauline Dushek Evelyn O ' Neal Hoting ■ I I n n jL i ' . " ■ 9 UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Bottom TOW. Herod, Denena, Murphey, Aves, Settegast, Callaway, Margaret Weintraub, L. Moser, Ballerstedt, Baker, Charles, Johnson, Carolyn Tucker. Second row: Cramer, Peggy Mowers, Estelle Bagwell, Harrison, Frueholz, Campbell, Bownds, M. Kepple, Jones, Hoting, Runyon, Sosolik, Westbrook. Third row: Matthews Leach- man, Peters, Walker, Dushek, Griffin, Gay, Morrow, M. Moser, Simmons, Phillips, Dunning. Whites, Frances Ulley. Fourth row: Houston, Westcrman, Herring, Harris, Maclay, Trainer. Hicks, Vaughan, Melton, Pearce, Lee, Smith, Andrews. President UPPERCLASS ADVISORS Janette Elizabeth Hicks LITTLEFIELD DORMITORY Betty Sue Bownds Helen Elizabeth Campbell Margaret Frueholz Nan Lee Gay Dorothy Lee Grounds Norma Gertrude Harwood Mary Louise Herod Mary Alice Lee Belle Elizabeth Morrow Lolabeth Moser Nancy Rebecca Pearce Hazel Olive Peters Edith Lola Roberts Ann Schumacher Billie Simmons Susan Shelton Walker Mackie Kathryn Westerman KIRBY HALL Frances Lucille Gillespie Willie Mae Hassell Alice Virginia Housden Mary Ruth Huntington Edna Martha Kandetzki Ruth Adele Naylor Una Lillian Ross Vivian Whites NEWMAN HALL Merle Elizabeth Callaway Patricia Marjorie Johnson Mary Margaret Kepple Mary Louise Moser Virginia Runyon Helen Marie Sosolik ANDREWS DORMITORY Lynnie Louise Andrews Florence Louise Aves Suzanne Robertson Dunning Nina Derry Murphey Bettinel Phillips Lillie Marie Smith Margaret Alexander Webb CAROTHERS DORMITORY Martha Virginia Agnor Carolyn Hope Cramer Martha Harris Louise Caldwell Herring .losephine Houston Elizabeth Lawrence Maclay Miriam Sammy Rubin SCOTTISH RITE DORMITORY Doris Edith Baker Gloria Dawn Blue Mary Louise Braselton Ruth Griffin Adine Helen Harrison Janette Elizabeth Hicks Margaret Leachman Margaret Jane Lentz Georgia MacKinnon Mary Katherine Settegast Elaine White Smith Florence Thompson Mae Trainer Mary Louise Westbrook GRACE HALL Mary Virginia Griggs Vivian Caroline Doeppenschmidt Doris Lawhon Cathryne Grace Melton woman ' s BUILDING Louise Hilma Ballerstedt Minnie Denena Evelyn O ' Neal Hoting Martha May Jones Ruth Kothmann Margaret Matthews JANETTE ELIZABETH HICKS ■1 i mmnM ' f i n . School of Medicine DEDICATION To DR. JOHN W. SPIES, Dean of the School of Medicine, we dedicate this section of The Cactus. Dr. John W. Spies Faculty MEYER BODANSKY, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., M.D. Professor of Pathological Chemistry PAUL BRINDLEY, B.S., M.D. Professor of Pathology WILLARD R. COOKE, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics W. T. DAWSON, B.A., M.A., Ph.G. Professor of Pharmacology TITUS H. HARRIS, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.P. Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology B. M. HENDRIX, B.S., Ph.D. Professor of Biological Chemistry GEORGE HERRMANN, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., M.D., F.A.C.P. Professor of Clinical Medicine HARRY 0. KNIGHT, B.A., M.D. Professor of Anatomy DORA MATHIS, R.N., B.S. Director of College of Nursing E. L. PORTER, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Physiology EDWARD RANDALL, JR., B.A., M.D. Professor of Therapeutics W. BOYD READING, M.D., F.A.C.P. Professor of Pediatrics JOHN GEORGE SINCLAIR, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Histology and Embryology WILLIAM B. SHARP, B.A., M.S., Ph.D., M.D. Professor of Bacteriology and Preventive Medicine H. REID ROBINSON. Ph.G., M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology W. F. SPILLER, M.D. Professor of Dermatology and Syphilology ALBERT O. SINGLETON, B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S. Professor of Surgery C. T. STONE, B.A., M.D., F.A.C.P. Professor of Medicine C. S. SYKES, B.S., M.D. Professor of Ophthalmology DICK P. WALL, M.D. Professor of Otolaryngology ■: ' Outstanitini Students EDWARD H. VOGEL, JR., President, Senior Class BASSEL BLANTON, Senior Representative, Honor Council LEONARD TWIDWELL, Vice-President, Senior Class GEORGE V. BRINDLEY, JR., President, Students ' Association ALLAN E. MARKOWITZ, Highest Scholastic Standing, Senior Class PHILIP A. BELLEGGIE, Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class ROSA LEE McDowell, President, Senior Class, Nurses Galyeston Days Another miss for Markowitz . . . Beaver makes a haul . . . Nurses turn sail- ors . . . Emergency Room crew . . . Jensen takes " pain- less " B. W. . . . The morning ifter . . . Guess who? . . . Out it first . . . Sisters of the Racquet . . . Dr. McMurray holds Pedi Clinic. I . .. Hiiffi wTip. r Galveston Days Anatomy lab . . . Withers and Jenkins do acro- batics on the beach . . . Student nurses on skates ... A severe case of sunburn . . . Bertha pauses in the patio ... A study in silhouette-ography . . . Freshmen clear the yard . . . Youngest member of Senior Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Medical Fraternity Founded, University of Illinois, 1902 Alpha of Texas Chapter Established 1920 OFFICERS Counselor Dr. A. 0. Singleton President Dr. E. H. Schwab Vice-President Dr. R. M. Moore Secretary -Treasurer Dr. T. G. Blocker, Jr. CLASS OF 1939 David M. Baker Philip A. Belleggie Virginia Irvine Blocker Stanley Bohmfalk Charles W. Braselton, Jr. George Maury Campbell Claude Carr Cody Horace E. Gill Ada L. Hatcher Mary E. Hoot William S. Hotchkiss Allan E. Markowitz Evri B. Mendel Herbert Schubert Albert 0. Singleton, Jr. Raul C. Soto William Cruce Charles Freundlich CLASS OF 1940 Mildred Stanley Maynard Knight Henry Poetter IN THE FACULTY Dr. T. G. Blocker, Jr. Dr. Paul Brindley Dr. James Chambers Dr. Willard R. Cooke Dr. Robert J. Dancey Dr. J. J. Delaney Dr. G. W. N. Eggers Dr. George Herrmann Dr. H. 0. Knight Dr. George T. Lee Dr. J. R. McMurray Dr. R. M. Moore Dr. Seth M. Morris Dr. Edward Randall Dr. Boyd Reading Dr. Edward H. Schwab Dr. William D. Seybold Dr. William B. Sharp Dr. L. Sheckles Dr. A. 0. Singleton Dr. Samuel R. Snodgrass Dr. C. T. Stone Dr. Morton L. Towler Dr. Jarrett E. Williams - — ii-- Class of lyTjy AMERSON, E. Y., Hillsboro B.S., M.D. ASTON, WILLIAM, Vernon M.D. " t-AE BACHTEL, MAY BRADLEY, Palestine B.S., M.D. A EI BAKER, DAVID MERCER, Ballinger B.A.. M.D. t A2, ASiA, ATA, -tHK, HZ BARNES, EARL BOWER, Houston B.A.. M.D. 1 BK, HA , AKK, Osteon BARNES, T. S., Port Arthur B.A.. M.D. GKH ' , BBn BEAVERS, A. J., JR., Fort Worth ' B.S., M.D. A2 BELLEGGIE, PHILIP, A., Houston B.A.. M.D., Secretary of Senior Class AKK, BK, AS2A BLANTON, BASSEL N., Belton B.A., M.D., Senior Honor Council AS, Osteon BLOCKER, VIRGINIA IRVINE, Austin B.A., M.A., M.D., Mortar Board AEI, AAA, ABA, t BK BOHMFALK, STANLEY W., San Antonio B.A.. M.D. ♦AS, K2, AfiA BOVERIE, R. F., Lubbock B.A.. M.D. i BII, Osteon BOWYER, MACK F., Anson B.S., M.D. AX, f AX BOYD, J. THYRON, Abilene B.A., M.D. ♦AS. WA BRASELTON, CHARLES W., JR., Fort Worth B.A., M.D. AfiA, NSN BRINDLEY, GEORGE VALTER, JR., Temple B.A., M.D. 4»AZ, Osteon BRYSON, J. GORDON, JR., Bastrop B.A.. M.D. AKK, AKE BURK, JOSEPH EDWARD, San Antonio M.D. eK+ BYARS, JANE, Fort Worth B.A., M.D. AEI, KKr CALHOUN, INA MOODIE, Dallas B.A.. M.D. AEI CAMPBELL, G. MAURY, Nacogdoches B.A., M.D. AKK, AS!A, AEA OE i.lw I MB..i .mr I , g, jLiiWi i W..I 171 ' ■ ! - ■ ' ■- r ; ■ ' 1 » ■ ■ " 1 t r-s r-» CT " " Class of 1939 CH ILDS, TILDEN L., JR., Austin B.A.. M.D. AKK. AEA CLARKE, EDWARD T., Houston B.A., M.D. AKK, ■t ' le CODY, CLAUDE C, Houston M.D. AKK, AS2A COLE, WILLIAM FRANK, Abilene B.A.. M.D. NSN COLGIN, MERCHANT W., Waco B.S.. M.D. 1 AS, KZ COOPER, WILFORD L., Childress B.S., M.D. AX, . 2 COSTELLO, CYRIL J., Temple B.S., M.D. ASP, 1 A2 COWAN, WILLIAM KENNETH, Dallas B.S., M.D. AZ CYRUS, E. M., Jr., Everman M.D. N2N DAVIS, DAVID WILLIAM, George West M.D. f eK, eK+ Df.LANGE, ARNOTT, Sherman B.A., M.D. I X DONALDSON, JAMES MACON, Bonham M.D. XB , eK FRENCH, JACK A., Galveston M.D., Bus. Mgr., Medical Section Cactus x GILL, HORACE E., Commerce B.A., M.D. AS2A, i AS GILLIAM, HUGHES, Haskell B.A., M.D. •f X GOFORTH, M. LOUISE, Brownsville B.A., M.D. AEI CRAMMER, RICHARD B., Pittsburg M.D. B.A.P.B., AKK GREADY, DONALD M., Houston B.A., M.D. AKK HALL, JAMES DIXON, Austin B.S.. M.D. XAS, AEA HIXSON, WILLIAM C, San Angelo B.A.. M.D. A2, l rA, Osteon HOOT, MARY E., Galveston B.A„ M.D. AEI, AOA Class of 1939 HOTCHKISS, WILLIAM S., Abilene BS.. MD. AX. A9A, AS JENSEN, ANDREW M., San Antonio Ph. C, M.D. eK , 2A KLINT, HUGO, Austin B.A.. M.D. GKI ' LAWSON, WILLIAM G., Houston B.A.. M.D. AKK LOGSDON, CHARLES, Palo Pinto M.D. f BII, Osteon McCARY, R. M., Jacksonville M.D. McKEE, R. D., Houston M.D. BII MARKOWITZ, ALLAN E., Abilene B.A., M.D. AEA, ♦AE. ABT. AQA MARTIN, SCOTT HARRISON, Strawn B.S.. M.D. NSN MENDEL, EVRI B., Galveston B.A., M.D. AQA, ■I ' AE MIXSON, WILLIAM, KirbyviUe B.A.. M.D. AKK, Osteon MONROE, MYRICK L., Jasper B.A.. M.D. eK MOODY, JOE v., Hawkins B.A.. M.D. f X NICHOLSON, WILLIAM D., Rosebud B.A., M.D.. Editor, Medical Section Cactus AEA. Bn PAGGI, LEONARD COLLIER, Port Arthur B.A., M.D. AEA, l Bn POWELL, JOHN C, JR., Tyler B.S., M.D. •tAS PRICE, STEPHEN P., Galveston B.S., M.D. •(■AS RICHARDSON, GEORGE S., Amarillo B.A., M.D. X, KS, AX£, Osteon RICHEY, HARVEY M., Waco B.A., M.D. X ROGERS, HARRIET, Commerce B.A., M.. ., M.D., Alpha Honorary Society A EI ROSS, M. LAMAR, Santa Rosa B.A.. M.D. AEA, eK fr Ml I Class of 1939 RYAN, WILLIAM G., Galveston B.S., M.D. SADLER, CHARLES B., Galveston B.A.. M.D. SALMON, GEORGE WILBUR, Atlanta M.D. AX, l Bn SCHUBERT, HERBERT A., Alice M.D. X, AQA, AEd SCOBEE, RICHARD G., Houston B.A., M.D. AKK SHAPIRA, JAKE, Crockett M.D. A2 SHAVER, BENJAMIN B., San Antonio M.D. AKK. SAE SHELTON, ELVIN LEE, JR., Alvarado B.A.. M.D. AKK. AEA SINGLETON, ALBERT O., JR., Galveston B.A., M.D. ABA. 4 AZ, KS SKARKE, EDWARD A., Galveston B.S.. M.D. Bn STRIPLING, ELIZABETH WRIGHT, Nacogdoches M.D. AEI TRITICO, JOSEPH JOHN, Port Arthur Ph. C, M.D. •t-Bir, px TWIDWELL, LEONARD, Henley M.D., Pies., Senior Class ♦X, BBB VICK, J. LOUISE, Houston B.A., M.D. AEI VOGEL, EDWARD H., JR., St. Paul B.S.. M.D., Pres.. Senior Class i Bn. AEA, H£, A-f-fi WHITE, FORREST A., Cleburne B.A., M.D., Assistant in Otolaryngology Bn WIESNER, WILLIAM A., Rowena B.A., M.D. eK WILSON, JAMES A., Mart B.A.. M.D. Bn WOOD, MURRAY, Colorado ZUSCHL. G, ELLA, San Antonio ■ — ' f 5a ■JJLlJULllf " -PT T-SM r n ol •■ ' ' ,J p ' f GRADUATE NUUSES COMSTOCK, WILMA JANE, G. N. Daisetta CRANE, ANNE ELIZABETH, G. N. Sabinal DICKERMAN, THERESA, G. N. Houston DU MONIL, BERTHA, G. N. Seguin HAMPTON, FRIEDA, G.N. Naples HILDERBRANDT, AUGUST, G. N. Brenham JOHNSON, ARTHUR JEAN, G. N. Vinton, La. JOSEY, CAROL, G. N. Conroe KOGER, CORINE, G. N. Taylor McDowell, rosa lee, g. n. Timpson MIKSOUSKY, MARTHA, G. N. Sealy MORRIS, ESTALEE, G. N. Corbon PALMER, GRACE, G. N. Uvalde PETERSON, BERTHA, G. N. Palacios PINCHAM, DELLE ELIZABETH, G. N. Timpson SCHELL, MARY KATHERINE, G. N. San Antonio SCHELPER, ANNA KATHERINE, G. N. San Antonio STEPHAN, ERA L., G. N. Austin TAYLOR, MARY LEE, G. N. Class Officers Sophomore Officers THEODORE KLECKA, GEORGE S. WOODFIN, JAMES T. DOWNS, WILLIAM W. BROWN Freshman Officers BRADFIELD OXFORD, RUSH McMILLIAN, MAGNUS McSWEEN, JOHN LEE WALLACE Junior Officers DAN JENKINS, W. T. ANDERSON, PAUL COLLINS, W. L. CARRINGTON Pace 156 - ; T . UNDERGRADUATES FRESHMAfS CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS !R- REBECCA SEALY NURSES FRESHMEN JUNIOR I JUNIOR II Louise Austin Lena Jane Barlett Janice Batte Fay Beall Jeanette Beck Frances Chumley Fay Clark Martha Clemmons Ruth Comerford Darcas Elizabeth Grossman Joice Duplechain Lorraine Eichart La Verne Eiland Myrtle Lou Erwin Jean Grimm Lorraine Hafler Adele Hanna Joyce Harder Willena Hester Mary Hodges Gorrie Hundley Margaret Hum Kathlyn Krueger Doris Lawrence Virginia Millsap Henrietta Newsom Nellie Robinson Ara Sanders Patti Smith Genevieve Stivner Betty Rose Thomas Lucille Triplett Yvonne Waggoner Winnie Williams Anne Wilson Janet Yelderman Ariel Zellmer Geraldine Thronhill Mildred Behrens Alvara Gampbell Dorothy Frost Margaret Hardage Edna Hoertig Adelia Henry Anna Ruth Moore Louise Pieper Alpha Elliot Violet Anderson Louis Bodemuller Dorothy Huber Jacqueline Kirsh Elmire Luiscome Edith Loesch Helen Looney Ruth O ' Neal Dorothy Schooke Virginia Shows Jane Lucas Betty Grimm Maurine Talley Esther Long Margaret Beard Mildred Barnett Jesse Miller ' Pace 458 OSTEON a L ?, y fA uJI ' ■• J Tp % V C«-T Top row: BRINDLEY, COLGIN. RICHARDSON, MIXSON. HIXSON. BOVERIE, LOCSDON, BOWER, BANNISTER, JENKINS. Seconcl row: STAMPFLI, J. M. WHITE, BREATH, SWEARINCEN, JINKINS. ARNOLD. CANON, C. C. JONES, BARNES, TOTTENHAM. Third row: SYKES, LETT, ALEXANDER, DOWNS, HUTCHINS, WOODFIN, BAILEY, BAGWELL, MEWHINNEY, PICKETT, MORROW. Bollom row: OXFORD, WELTY, GLASS, KEITH, CLAWATER, WALLACE, SPENCER, FROBESE, FOX, McMILLIAN, JARVIS. OFFICERS President Secretary -Treasurer George Richardson Logan Mewhinney MEMBERS Seniors E. B. Barnes Bassel Blanton R. F. Boverie G. V. Brindley M. W. Colgin W. C. Hixson Charles Logsdon W. C. Mixson George Richardson Juniors Jap Arnold Fred Aves Mortimer Bannister George Barnes Burt Breath Maurice Canon Dan Jenkins W. J. Jinkins C. C. Jones Bill Stampfli O. R. Swearingen John White Sophomore s Ernest Alexander Freshmen Wayne Bagwell Billy Bailey Earl Clawater James T. Downs William Fisher S. R. P. Hutchins Jack Fox James E. Lett Alfred Frobese Logan Mewhinney Walter Glass 0. S. Moore W. H. Jarvis Bill Pickett Frank Keith E. S. Sykes Rush McMillian E. P. Tottenham Grady Morrow G. S. Woodfin Brad Oxford Fred Spencer John Wallace John Welty I rr ! c ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA Top rou;; LAWSON, SCOBEE, CLAUDE C. CODY, CLARK, SHAVER, BELLEGCIE, HKYSON, MIXSON, CREADY, CRAMMER, BOWER. Second row: SHELTON, CHILDS, CAMPBELL, PARTAIN, OSBORN, M, L. CODY. KING, ABLE, JENKINS, BROYLES, BRADEN. Third row: C. C. JONES, WEBB, GEORGE B. BARNES, ALBERT, CARTER, ARMSTRONG. SMYTHE, FITZWILLIAM, SYKES, MUSTAIN, WOODFLN. Fourth row: LOUIS MANHOFF, WEATHERFORD. TAUSEND, WILLIAMS, SCARDINO, SAWTELLE, C. M. MANHOFF, JOHNSON, FOX, RESSMAN, FROBESE. Bottom row: HALL, SNYDER, MILBURN, MATLAGE, RUMBLE, OXFORD. ENTZMINGER, BEACH, LYNN, TIMMINS. OFFICERS President Ben B. Shaver Vice-President W. C. MixsON Treasurer E. L. Shelton, Jr. Recording Secretary William Lawson Corresponding Secretary R. G. Scobee Historian Johnnie Armstrong Marshal William W. Sawtelle Chaplain Rodger Smythe Warden Oliver H. Timmins ' ) - ' I i MEMBERS Seniors E. B. Barnes Philip Belleggie J. Gordon Bryson George Maury Campbell Tilden Childs E. T. Clarke C. C. Cody Richard B. Grammer Donald M. Gready William Lawson W. C. Mixson R. G. Scobee Ben B. Shaver E. L. Shelton, Jr. Juniors Luke Able Mayo Albert Johnnie Armstrong George B. Barnes Albert Braden George Dilley Broyle James Carter Arthur Clark M. L. Cody Dan Jenkins Charles C. Jones, Jr. Walter B. King Bob Osborn Jack Partain Sophomores Bailey Andrus C. D. Fitzwilliam Jack Lynn C. M. Manhoff L. J. Manhoff, Jr. O. S. Moore, Jr. Rhoads Mustain William W. Sawtelle Lester Scardino Rodger Smythe E. M. Sykes, Jr. Jack Tausend Oliver H. Timmins Jack Weatherford John B.Webb, Jr. Carson Williams George S. Woodfin Freshmen Paul Beach Eugene A. Entzminger Jack Fox Alfred Frobese Clifford Hall Leonard Johnson W.T. Matlage,Jr. Graham Milburn Bradfield Oxford Arthur Ressman Charles T. Rumble Ned Snyder f [ % iljff I NU SIGMA NU Top row: CYRUS, DEOMER, COLE, MARTIN, BRASELTON. BYARS, HUNTER. Second row: REVELEY, OSWALT, LOMBARDO, PETTA, SKIRPKA, KILCORE, McCARROLL. Bottom row: VASSALLO, PEYTON, FLOYD, SNYDER, MARSHALL. DAVENPORT, BELLNOSKI, WIGGINS. OFFICERS President Charles W. Braselton Vice-President Frank Cole Secretary James A. Hunter, Jr. Treasurer LoY McCarroll Historian Hugh Reveley Custodian Walter B. Petta Pledge Chairman Charles E. Oswalt MEMBERS Charles W. Braselton, Jr. Juniors J. C. Byars Frank Cole James A. Hunter, Jr. Munsey Cyrus Roy T. Lombardo Carl W. Deonier Charles E. Oswalt, Jr. Scott Martin Walter B. Petta Hugh Reveley Charles F. Skripka Sophomores Gay V. Carroll L. B. Crain Sam A. Hoerster Robin Kilgore Loy McCarroll Harry Vassallo Freshmen William O. Bellnoski Emory Davenport Louis C. Floyd John Halamicek Howard Marshall Ben Peyton O. J. Richardson Hal Snyder Kenneth Wiggins wr; PHI ALPHA SIGMA o ft Q ' iibisLi Alk I i i ; . Top row: BOWYEK, COWAN. BRINDLEY. SHAPIRA, SINGLETON. PETERS, HOTCHKISS. BAKER. BOYD. COLGIN. Second row: COSTELLO. HIXSON. BLANTON. PRICE, BEAVERS, POWELL. GILL. COOPER, HALL. ELLINGSON. Third row: SPRINGALL, COLEMAN. MrMILLAN. BANKHEAU. W. L. CARRINGTON. ADRIANCE. AVES. BEDFORD, BREATH. COX. Bottom row: HUTCHINS. ALEXANDER, GOOLSBY, D. C. CARRINGTON. RANDALL. MARSH. WELTY. CLAWATER, FISHER, McSWEEN. OFFICERS President M. W. Colgin Vice-President D.M.Baker Secretary A. J. Bankhead Treasurer Kenneth Cowan Seniors David Baker Lon Beavers Bassel Blanton Mack Bowyer Ty Boyd G. V. Brindley Merchant Colgin W. L. Cooper C. J. Costello Kenneth Cowan Horace Gill James Hall Bill Hixson Bill Hotchkiss Leo Peters John Powell Steve Price Jake Shapira A. 0. Singleton MEMBERS inioTS Sophomores Freshmen Carrol Adriance Ernest Alexander D. C. Carrington Jap Arnold James Downs Earl W. Clawater, Jr Fred Aves Selwyn Hutchins Bill Fisher Alexander Bankhead Jack Goolsby D. R. Bedford Randall Heye Burt Breath Jay McSween W. L. Carrington George Marsh Jesse Coleman John Welty Jeff Cox Eugene Ellingson Charles Goodwin Tom McMillan Jack Springall -K i PHI BETA PI w § mil 1 ' 1 % Seniors R. F. Boverie Charles Logsdon R. M. McCary Robert McKee W. D. Nicholson L. C. Paggi John Richards George W. Salmon Edward Skarke Joseph J. Tritico Edward Vogel Forrest White J. A. Wilson Murray Wood Top row: SKARKE, NICHOLSON. TRITICO, VOGEL, RICHARDS, LOCSDON, WOOD. McKEE. SALMON. WILSON. FORREST A. WHITE. McCARY. Second roui: BOVERIE. PACCI, POETTER, ROGERS, AVENT. KOBERG, KOONTZ, STRAUSS, SPECK, J. M. WHITE. DOW, JENKINS. Third row: JINKINS, BANNISTER. GRIFFIN, ARCHER, WICKENS, COLLINS. WITHERS. AINSWORTH. BAILEY. KEITH. CARRUTHERS. WALKER. Fourth row: GLASS. SHEPPERD. HARGROVE. CONNOR. BERRY. UPSHAW, BASKIN. McMILI.IAN. MORROW, SANDERS, KELLY. BAREKMAN. CUNNINGHAM. Bottom row: MEWHINNEY, BENTON, JONES, RIX, BRANCH, PICKETT, BROWN, LEATON, HILL, RAY, HURN, WILBORN, BAUER. OFFICERS President Charles Logsdon Vice-President Edward H. Vogel Secretary B. T. Withers, Jr. Treasurer Harold Griffin Historian Robert McKee Editor Alvin Rix MEMBERS Juniors Sophomores Freshmen William Ainsworth Harold Barekman Roy Baskin T. J. Archer J. M. Bauer George Berry Woodrow M. Avent James Benton Spencer Carruthers Clarence Bailey George Branch Marvin Conner Mortimer Bannister William Brown Walter Glass Paul Collins Sam Cunningham Cary Hargrove Harold Dow W. J, Hill, Jr. Frank Keith Harold Griffin R. E. Hurn Rush McMillian Marion T. Jenkins Elmer Knox Jones Grady Morrow W. J. Jinkins Alfred Kelly Virgil Sanders Fred Koberg Edward Leaton Roy Shepperd Lee Allen Koontz Logan Mewhinney Jack Upshaw Henry Poetter William Pickett Jack Walker Funston Rogers Thorpe Ray James Neal Walker C. D. Speck Alvin Rix Edward Strauss Sam Wilborn John Milton White B. T. Wickens B. T. Withers, Jr. I ' - -L PHI CHI MHMitlim lillllmUllLli Top row: SCHUBERT, MOODY, RICHARDSON, GILLIAM. RICHEY, FRENCH, AMERSON, DeLANGE , RIDDEL, THOMPSON, LOCKER, ANDERSON. Second row: CANON, CHORMLEY, DONALDSON, DIMMITT, GIBSON, GERLICH, BODENHAMER, FOLEY, STAMPFLI, SUMNER, SWEARINGEN, ROBERTSON. Third row: KNIGHT. McKINLEY. LETT. KLECKA. CALLAWAY. GARRETT. RUSSELL, BURNSIDE, BAGWELL, JOSLIN, McREE, BAILEY. Fourth row: TOTTENHAM, BURNETT, CLAYTON, CLARK, INNIS, THOMAS, BROWNE, COVENTRY, BOICE, McBRIDE, SITTA. Bollom row: WALLACE. JARVIS, McNEILL, BUSSEY, FISH, MEITZEN, SPENCER, WILSON, McCORMICK, LANCASTER, LaLONDE. ! OFFICERS Presiding Senior George Richardson Presiding Junior . James Robertson Judge Advocate Oliver Thompson Secretary Dodson Garrett Sergeant-at-arms Charles William Bailey Seniors Young Amerson Arnott DeLange Jack French Hughes Gilliam Joe Moody George Richardson Harvey Richey Herbert Schubert Leonard Twidwell MEMBERS niors Sophomores W. T. Anderson Wayne Bagwell James Bodenhamer William C. Bailey Maurice Canon M. D. Burnett Dean Dimmitt Ronald Burnside J. D. Donaldson, Jr. Sam Calloway Tom Foley James Clark Norman Gerlich Stanley Clayton William C. Ghormley Dodson Garrett H. Martin Gibson Renshaw Innis Maynard Knight Blocker Joslin Braswell Locker Theodore Klecka Frank McKinley James Lett Roy Riddel, Jr. Edgar McRee James Robertson Travis Meitzen Wendell Stampfli Woolworth Russell R. 0. Swearingen Edwin Tottenham W. W. Sumner Oliver Thompson Freshmen Edward Henry Boice Charles F. Browne Frank Bussey Vaden Coventry John Henry Fish Walter H. Jarvis, Jr. Albert LaLonde York Lancaster James 0. McBride T. C. McCormick.Jr. Joe Peele McNeill Raymond Sitta Fred Spencer Skiles C. Thomas William D. Toland, Jr. John Lee Wallace, Jr. John Jeff Wilson THETA KAPPA PSI .O ' .f!) ' ! O O ' If O; c , fry t iii Top foi«; TRAVIS SMITH, ROSS, KLINT, DONALDSON, JENSEN, KUYKENDALL, MONROE. DAVIS, BARNES, BOHMFALK, RYAN, SADLER. Second row: WIESNER, BURK, GILLESPIE, SCHLECTE, HIRAM ARNOLD, FUSTE, CRUCE, KNIGHT. OLSON. W. SMITH, WILSON. ROUNSAVILLE. Third row: TENERY, EZELL. McDONALD, ESTES, SELKE. HUBNER. STANFORD, BURSEY, ALTICK, PRUITT, GRANGER, HUGH ARNOLD. Fourth row: RESER, SHACKLETT, LECETT, MOORE, SHEPARD, JOHNSON, CARAVACELI, DICKEKSON, MELCHER, WILHITE, NASH, THOMAS. Bottom row: TYLER. CHALMERS, SANFORD. WATSON. LAUCHLIN. SLATAPER, COLTHARP. MIDDLEBROOK, LIVERGOOD, ORMAN, PARKER, CRAWFORD, LANCE. OFFICERS President Vice-President Bursar . T. S, Barnes Hugo A, Klint Marvin C. Schlecte Secretary W. H. Granger MEMBERS Seniors T. S. Barnes S. W, Bohmfalk J. E. Burk D. W. Davis J. M. Donaldson A, M. Jensen Hugo A. Klint H, D. Kuykendall M. L, Monroe M, L. Ross William G. Ryan C. B. Sadler Travis Smith W. A. Wiesner Juniors H. P. Arnold W. V. Cruce C. E. Fuste, Jr. C. H. Gillespie W. R. Knight, Jr. Nelse 0. Olson M. C. Schlecte W. L. Smith Sophomores Frank Altick Hugh Arnold Leroy Bursey Menelaus Caravageli Joe W. Dickenson Bates B. Estes Edgar Ezell W. H. Granger Alan Hubner Neumon Johnson Carey Legett, J r. H. J. Moore Eugene McDonald Charles Pruitt Wayne Reser Quinn Rounsaville Oscar O. Selke, Jr. Ernest Shacklett Groom Shepard Henry Stanford John Tenery T. R. Wilson Freshmen P. H. Chalmers Ralph Coltharp Ralph Crawford J. J. Hollomon, Jr. M. C. Jackson Milton Laughlin Gerald Livergood Charles Lange Truman Melcher Francis Middlebrook Charles Nash Forrest C. Orman Charles Parker E. B. Sanford Eugene L. Slataper, Jr. Fred Thomas R. D. Tyler, Jr. Ralph Watson Hilton Wilhite .H ■ ■.!!.■.■ e ElmiT IFa ; ALPHA EPSILON IOTA Top row: Uyars. C Cbormley, Blocker, Cooper. i» forth, Zufichlag, Felter, Surgi, Rogers, Phillips. Second row: Vick, Calhoun. Fourth row: Hoot, Gardner, Allen, Machlei Bachtel, Payne, Ames, W . Bottom row: F ' erguson. tt, Hatf her. Third row: Stanley, Gorton, Mulloy, Nash, Reeves, m OFFICERS President May Bradley Bachtel Vice-President Ina Moodie Calhoun Recording Secretary Sar a Ferguson Corresponding Secretary Marie Louise Surgi Treasurer Mary Ghormley MEMBERS May Bradley Bachtel Virginia Irvine Blocker June Byars Ina Moodie Calhoun Louise Goforth Ada Lingo Hatcher Mary Hoot Harriet Rogers Elisabeth Stripling J. Louise Vick Ella Zuschlag JuTtiors Mary Ames Ruth Gardner Mary Ghormley Mary Linda Corlou Beatrice Payne Mildred Stanley Marie Louise Surgi Sophomores Ruth Allen Betty Cooper Marie D. Gordon Sara Ferguson Pat Messina Jackson Georgia Felter Fanny Machles Mary Mulloy Jane Nash Delphine Palm Francis Phillips Ponice Reeves Mary Witt p MAY BACHTEL, President y MEMORIAL FOUNTAIN WT Ltt 43 YEARS OF CONTINUED SERVICE TO THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Books - Stationery School Supplies i UNIVERSITY CO-OP " The Student ' s Own Store ' 2246 GUADALUPE STREET AUSTIN, TEXAS I! The Complete Fashion Store FOR UNIVERSITY MEN AND WOMEN — with the following specialized student shops, combining individ- ualized service plus the wide se- lections afforded by a large de- partment store . . . 1. the College Shop 2. the Junior Shop 3. the Sports Shop 4. the Men ' s Store M im r» y ' • " i , EM.Scarbrough Sons Congress Avenue at Sixth Street AUSTIN Keep Modern with Gas Servel Gas Refrigerators are the newest in household refrigeration. The Refrigerator you hear about but never hear. TEXAS PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY 907 Congress Avenue AUSTIN, TEXAS „ PATIO of ARCHITECTURE BUILDING COMPLIMENTS OF AUSTIN ' S LEADING STORE FOR MEN his Store and its predecessor have had the pleasure of serving the Stu- dents of The University of Texas for over fifty years. The business has been built and maintained through prompt, efficient and courteous serv- ice, and by featuring at all times the finest quality, newest and most stylish men ' s wear. NATIONALLY KNOWN BRANDS FEATURED HERE Shirts ARROW TROY GUILD DOBBS HATS Shoes NUNN-BUSH EDGERTON Clothing HICKEY-FREEMAN SOCIETY-BRAND HOLLYWOOD GRIFFON Complimenls of . The American National Bank Austin, Texas Forty- nine Years of Service and Protection • H. A. Wroe . . . Chairman of Board E. R. L. Wroe . President L. J. Schneider . Vice President V. P. Patterson . Vice President A. C. Bull . Vice President L. D. Williams . Cashier W. W. Shropshire . Assistant Cashier Gordon Smith Assistant Cashier W. R. Long, Jr. . Assistant Cashier Ben M. Brigham Assistant Cashier Board of Directors W. H. Badger Theo. P. Meyer L. J. Schneider A. C. Bull J. R. Nichols E. R. L. Wroe W. S. Drake, Jr. V. P. Patterson H. A. Wroe Theo. Low Ben H. Powell A. J. Zilker, Jr. • Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation U. S. Depositary f THE Austin National Bank OF Austin, Texas Resources in Excess of $16,000,000.00 OFFICERS WM. H. FOLTS, President MORRIS HIRSHFELD, Vice President T. H. DAVIS, Vice President C. M. BARTHOLOiMEW, Vice President SULLY B. ROBERDEAU, Asst. Vice Pres. C. C. CAMPBELL, Asst. Vice Pres. DENNIS W. MACKEN, Cashier B. C. TURNER, Asst. Cashier LEFFLER CORBITT, Asst. Cashier A. H. ATER, Asst. Cashier JAS. N. CASPARIS, Asst. Cashier WILFORD L. TURNER, Asst. Cashier E. C. BARTHOLOMEW, Asst. Cashier G. W. LACEY, Asst. Cashier R. B. FITZGERALD, Asst. Cashier DIRECTORS C. M. BARTHOLOMEW T. H. DAVIS WM. H. FOLTS R. C. GOETH IRELAND GRAVES M. HIRSHFELD E. H. PERRY J. R. REED SULLY B. ROBERDEAU JNO. C. ROSS E. S. SWANN IKE D. WHITE FACULTY AND STUDENT ACCOUNTS SOLICITED Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation U. S. Government Depositary ■ . ' " 1 TEXAS UNION I Styles for the Men of Texas REYNOLDS-PENLAND SUITS FASHION PARK SUITS ARROW SHIRTS • ENRO SHIRTS STETSON HATS BOSTONIAN SHOES and other nationally famous apparel for men RfynoiDS-rmnnD AUSTIN DALLAS ACCEPT COOLERATORS 10 DAY FREE TRIAL SAVE UP TO $100.00 There is one best way to select a refrigerator — that is to try the model of your choice IN YOUR OWN HOME. You don ' t have to take our word — or anybody ' s word — that Coolerator is the best refrigerator for you. Let it prove its own claims, before your eyes in your own kitchen. Coolerator is one of the few willing to make such a friendly offer. We do it because we know that Coolerator will prove in actual performance any claims we make for it. Cold Alone Is Not Enough 1 THERE VIS ONLY ONE Coolerator Ph.„.s523 AMERICAN SERVICE COMPANY lor w. 2„d s . PRODUCT Of I COOLERATOR OF Pace 475 YOUR FRIENDLY 5c and 10c Store On the Dras BALAGIA PRODUCE and MEAT MARKET Milk Fed Chickens Corn Fed Beef Barbecue Every Day Phone 3511 505 East 6th • HAGH CO. Austin, Texas GET WISE! For Good Things to Eat KAMP MARKET GROCERIES PHONE 6835 Fruits, Vegetables and Meats It ' s in the Market, JTe Have It Send Us Your MAL ORDERS FOR Books Supplies WE PAY POSTAGE AND SHIP SAME DAY ORDER IS RECEIVED GREETINGS AND BEST WISHES TO UNIVERSITY STUDENTS FROM J. C. PENNEY CO. 513-15 Congress TEXAS BOOK STORE The Students Book Exchanqe ' BETTER WEAR FOR MEN MERRITT-NABOURS CO. 7th at Congress .4 50 Custom Tailoring jar Men and Women SHARE OUR VALUES AND OUR FRIENDLINESS Compliments DIAL tAiiAtiiiXuihctUi y- 3566 BMiiiiMillT mfir l-inn 1514 Lavaca Street Austin, Texas A. C. Knippa G. C. Seiders Se Serve Grocery and Market 100% Quality, Courtesy, and Satisfaction 1001 Congress Ave. 3101 Guadalupe St. 412 West 6th St. The Walter Shop 2262 Guadalupe Phone 8-2411 " Paintings Fine China Silver Gifts Ye Qualitye Shoppe The Art Shop of Austin Fanny M. Andrews Austin, Texas Quality Materials Fair Prices Intelligent Service Over Half a Century of Home Building in Austin CALCASIEU LUMBER CO. J. C. Bryant Creamery Company GRADE A MILK Pasteurized Milk .. v«« ' «Sfi ■■,%«v ' %dw ja« Exclusive " HOME COOKING " On the Drag for 22 Years WUKASCH BROS. CAFE 2002 Guadalupe Phone 6305 Pau 478 pe Totf IV II p. W. McFadden Claude E. Hill University Drug Store p. W. McFADDEN CO. Continuous, Satisfactory, Dependable Service Since 1885 W. L. STARK Majcaceh AIR CONDITIONED CAFE — COFFEE SHOP PRIVATE DINING ROOMS Austin Headquarters of the University, Faculty, Alumni and Student Body Pack 479 CBmiinr iLUE PR1NTIN« _ uslin Three Point Service • Convenience — 9 Curb — Delivery — ELDRIDGE MOORE DRUG STORES 12th Rio Grande 1300 Congress 1013 Brazos St. WHERE THE VARSITY CROWD EATS Pure Foods Good Service A Pleasant Smile LOOKE ' S CAFE 815 Congress E. S. SWANN Wm. Schulle Compliments SWANN-SCHULLE FURNITURE CO. Home Furnishers and Office Outfitters AUSTIN, TEXAS Specialists in the Examination of the Eyes and the Fitting of Glasses Seventh St Congress " Where the Students get their Glasses " SEVENTH AND CONGRESS AUSTIN, TEXAS NoRGE Refrigerators R. C. A. Victor and Zenith Radios New and Used Furniture Stoves and Ranges — Floor Coverings 204-206 East Sixth Street Phone 6061 Austin, Texas ESTABLISHED 1847 The Style Shop of Austin Leon ' s Slipper Shop Beautiful Footwear for Co-Eds 604 Congress META ' S MILLINERY SALON in the Marie Antoinette 814 Congress Avenue RANSOM ' S DRUG STORE We Appreciate Your Business Free Delivery Service LUMBER — MILLWORK and Other Building Supplies Our Specialty Paint and Enamel Brydson Lumber Co, 415 W. 19th Telephones 5331-5332 Connellys Florists 209 West 19th Extend Thanks and Appreciation • For Your Patronage AUSTIN TEXAS " There ' s Nothing Accidental About Quality " ' AWK OUTSTANDING FOR ORIGINAL FOOD SPECIALTIES No. 1 — 336 So. Congress, Austin No. 2 — 20th and Guadalupe, Austin No. 3 — Main Ave. Ashley, San Antonio Books, Supplies and Stationery Send us your order for your correspondence needs hemphill ' s Book Store Opposite Law Building AUSTIN, TEXAS FIVE CONVENIENT nimmfriR DRUG STORES IN AUSTIN One Located at 2324 Guadalupe Street (Across the Street from Texas Union) Pace 481 i HOGG MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM rf WOT,FF MARX . . . Quality! Good Clothes Pay Big Dividends . . . Service! . . . Courtesy! The wearing of quality clothes ... the knowledge that one is well and correctly dressed at all times ... is of infinite value to the woman of this day and age. Clothes are available at all prices but it still remains a Striving ever to bring to critical San Antonians fact that FOR VALUE GIVEN, no clothes or accessories the newest ... the smartest ... the most im- portant modern merchandise of the day ... at are more satisfactory to wear than those you will find at Frost Bros. prices in keeping with the trend of the times! i i R thi • SAN ANTONIO WHAT HAPPENS Bi WhenYou Snap a Switch? 1 1 • Just a touch of your finger and k that switch puts millions of dollars worth of property and hundreds of Hk employes to work— FOR YOU! To F your home, electricity has brought H comfort, conveniences and health. To B industry It has brought better working W conditions and greatef efficiency, en- F abling better wages. -■■ Nothing You Buy Costs so Little Yet Does So much as Your Cheap Electric Service TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY Pace 483 Compliments of BYRD- FROST, Inc. D. HAROLD BYRD JACK FROST 4% ON SAVINGS SHARES Mutual Deposit Loan Co. Member of Federal Home Loan Banking System u 8% PERSONAL LOANS ' 10-12 Monthly Payment FIDELITY TRUST CO. 905 CONGRESS AVE. DAVID R. PENA Registered Production Engineer No. 2115 CIVIL AND CONSULTING ENGINEER Specializing in Oil Field Engineering Land Surveys 704 Citizens Bank Bldg. Tyler, Texas Telephone 3401-2534 When in Fort Worth Visit. . . THE Blackstone FORT WORTH ' S HOTEL OF DISTINCTION Edison Dreamed.,. Of a day when every human task would be done by electricity. The incandescent lamp that first flickered more than half a century ago lighted the way to this goal. Today, practically every household task can be done quicker, safer and more economically with electric service. And the Electric Industry has made this great record of progress under private ownership with Public Regulation. SAN ANTONIO PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY TO THE CLASS OF ' 39 " The Largest Store in the Largest State " established in 1873 and at once became part of the pioneer life of Texas. Today, having grown and prospered with its State, it is rated among America ' s lead- ing stores. We hope that the grander, larger Joske ' s building which your families — and other fam- ilies of Texas since 1873 — helped make possible, will be looked upon by you as a re- ward from the public to Joske ' s for honesty and use- fulness. May it inspire you to pursue as we did, the course of integrity and service — and may your reward be success comparable with ours, in any field you decide to enter. JOSKE ' S SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 4 Portraits by Photography ?? All portraits for the 1939 Cactus finished by Christianson-Leberman. 906 Congress (HRISTIANSON UB RMAN A Continuous Salute . . . : .HE PROGRESSIVE ACHIEVEMENTS of Texas Exes is a continuous salute to Texas Uni- versity, among the nation ' s greatest educational in- stitutions. Industrial, commercial, social and economic op- portunities beckon to Texas-trained men and women. Texas abounds in these opportunities and the joining of adequately trained men and women to these op- portunities results in a greater Texas with a greater future. Texans in all walks of life benefit by the achieve- ments made possible because of the training for leadership obtained at Texas University. Men and women, having this training, provide opportunities for others while exercising their own talents for service. i GREETINGS AND BEST WISHES TO UNIVERSITY STUDENTS F ROM MR. AND MRS. LUTCHER STARK m MEN - MATERIAL MACHINERY The " Three M ' s " are responsi- ble for the world ' s advancement and certainly " Men " takes pre- cedence over Material and Machinery. The entire country should feel proud of its University of Texas — because it moulds men. Hughes Tool Company HOUSTON, TEXAS To A Greater UNIVERSITY Compliments of Jesse H. Jones Interests HOUSTON, TEXAS F " = HUMBLE Humble Oil Refining Company A Texas Institution EXTENDS TO THE CLASS OF 1939 EVERY GOOD WISH FOR SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS IN THE PURSUIT OF THEIR CHOSEN CAREERS if: To THE 1939 Graduates We Extend Best Wishes for Success h II 1: The National Bank of Commerce Capital $3,250,000.00 Surplus 2.000,000.00 Houston, Texas Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. NATIONAL BANK ' QDi MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION " feutkt 917-19-21 Main Street HOUSTON, TEXAS The TEXAS STATE HOTEL IN HOUSTON becomes the natural and logical place for U. OF Texas Students to headquarter when visiting this city. More Comforts, More Conveniences Houston ' s Newest, Most Modern Down Town Hotel York Ice Machinery Corporation AIR CONDITIONING REFRIGERATION Offices in: Houston (Texas Headquarters), Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, El Paso " W 7 " T T 7 " Headquarters for Y f I Kv 1 Mechanical Cooling J- V XtJ-V Since 1885 We are grateful for the privilege given us of making the several installations in The University of Texas THE PORT OF HOUSTON GATEWAY TO THE GREAT SOUTHWEST REPRESENTED BY HOUSTON PORT TRAFFIC BUREAU akowitxj ro " One of America ' s Really Fine Stores. " Specializing in Men ' s, Women ' s and Chil- dren ' s Apparel and Accesso- ries. Occupying six floors of the 35-story Gulf Building. HOUSTON Have You Tried Better Light? Better light will help you in avoiding eyestrain. It will make your work easier because it will enable you to see faster, more clearly, and with less effort. Southwestern PUBLIC SERVICE Company ENTRANCE of GEOLOGY BUILDING LIVING ROOM of LITTLEFIELD DORMITORY THE INTERNA CAN J ON Style 1866 Style 357 Congratulations, Graduate . . . your diploma signifies achievement. As you climb the next rung of the ladder of your chosen career . . . you can depend on PARKER ' S to furnish you with the best in uniforms. . . . Our patterns for the Interne are tailored for sturdy wear . . . made only from laundry tested fabrics . . . PARKER ' S Professional Apparel Label assures you of the best. Earle C. Parker Company 511 DALLAS AVENUE HOUSTON, TEXAS 4 I DEPRESSION OR NO DEPRESSION MEAD ' S POLICY MTAirS IWANT DIET MATiniALS ARt ADVERTISFJI ON1.V ID PMySiaANS- NO iTF.n " TNC mRrcnoNS accompanv TRADE PACICA«r.S • INf ORMAT.ON IN REGARn TO rr.EDlNC IS SUPPLIF.D I TO THE .MOTHER BY- WRITTr.N IKSTRUCnONB FRCTM HKR DOCTOR J A WHO CHANCtF THr rrCDINGS MEKTB or THE GROWING INT ANT • UTERATURE iS rURNlSHEDOKl.YTO , ■ PHYSICTAN8 ' . in good times and in had SERVAMUS FIDEM . . . " We are Keeping the Faith " (1) Numerous activities in the direction of keeping infant feeding in the physician s hands (example, public educational ads which have been published before and during the depression). (2) No public advertising of Mead Product. (3) No dosage direc- tions or formulae to laymen. MEAD, JOHNSON CO. EvANSviLLE, Indiana, U. S. A. Pioneers in Vitamin Research AMERICAN NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY GALVESTON, TEXAS W. L. MOODY, JR., President With a Well Diversified Line of Modern Policy Contracts, Including Juvenile Policies, Retirement Income Policies, Salary Savings and All Types of Annuities, Our Representatives Render the Insuring Public a Complete and Efficient Life Insurance Service. Wit WER Studio PORTRAITS TELEPHONE 2-4821 Official Cactus Photographers COMMERCIAL Make Our Studio Your Downtown Headquarters C. F. WiTWER, Proprietor GALVESTON, TEXAS HOME PORTRAITS 21121, AVENUE E cMuM DEPARTMENT STORE GALVESTON ' S DOMINANT DEPARTMENT STORE 2208 Ave. E Dial 9441 PiOE 495 Compliments of REX LAUNDRY GARBADE ' S PHARMACY American National Insurance Building Phone 9451 Galveston, Texas DEMACK CO. Wholesale and Retail FRUITS AND PRODUCE — FISH AND OYSTERS 1928 Ave. D Phone 5559 Galveston. Texas Compliments of PLANTOWSKY ' S Galveston ' s Most ProK essiie Furniture Store Phone 4378 Corner 23rJ and C 1109 AVE. J LELSZ DUTCH GARDENS Flowers for All Occasions WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS Special Student Corsage and Boutonniere, $1.00 GALVESTON OSCAR SPRINGER Printing — Binding — Stationery Commencement Invitations 2121-2123 Strand Galveston, Texas Phone 8821 Compliments of TEXAS CLEANERS MALLOY SON Funeral Directors Broadway at Thirty-first Galveston, Texas W. L. Moody Co. BANKERS (UNINCORPORATKO) Established 1866 GALVESTON, TEXAS j _ 6 Cl 1 C 3. 1 Microscopes, Dissecting -. Sets and Instruments of high- otUClCIltS est quality, you have at your disposal the resources of the world ' s largest surgical supply house, A. S. Aloe Company. See Aloe representatives R. F. Boverie and A. D ' Lang at the Student ' s Cooperative Book Store. A. S. ALOE COMPANY St. Louis, Mo. Los Angeles, Calif. ISLAND CITY WOOD WORKING CO. Incorporated LUMBER AND MILL WORK Sash, Doors, Window and Door Frames, Moulding, Roofing, Wall Board — Sherwin-Williams Paints, Oil, Etc. Office: 1801 Mechanic Street Telephone 2-2622 GALVESTON, TEXAS BEST WISHES TO MEDICAL GRADUATES OF 1939 Galveston Model Laundry SAIVITONI CLEANING Phone 5522 2502 Church St. Established 1881 Kahn Levy Furniture, Radios and Floor Coverings Complete Line of Draperies Norge Electrical Refrigerators 2117 Church Street Phone 7421 GALVESTON TEXAS MARTINELLI BROTHERS Makers of " MOTHER ' S QUALITY BREAD " 3601 Ave. H. Phone 2-2421 The American Printing Company Lithographers, Engravers, Printers, Bookbinders, Stationers, Office Supplies, F " urnilurc and Filing Equipment GALVESTON TEXAS 2018 MARKET ST. Walgreen Drug Store Drugs with a Reputation 2202 Post Office Street Galveston, Texas FREE MOTORCYCLE DELIVERY Phone 6348 CLARKE COURTS Commercial Stationers Lithographers — Printers — Engravers GALVESTON DALLAS HOUSTON QUEEN BARBER SHOP Your Favorite Shop 407-2l9t Street Phone 6723 Beiial — Lefty — Rees Smith CENTRAL DRUG STORE WE DELIVER PHONE 7419 KNAPP ' S FLOWER SHOP Flowers for All Occasions Phone 2947 4105 Ave. COMMUNITY CASH MARKET, Inc. Where Quality Counts PHONE 7021 2621 MARKET ST. Lse MODhlT, Milk it ' s better • Telephone 7767 2327 Avenue G Compliments of PURITY CREAMERY CO., INC. Compliments of HOTEL GALVEZ Chas. A. Schlotter, Mgr. Galveston, Texas ABC RACKET STORE HARDWARE-HOUSEWARES-CUTI.ERY 510-21»t Si. Galveston, Texas UNEEDA LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Market al I9th Dial 4647 Nurses ' Uniforms CAPES COATS ACCESSORIES Catalog on Request BRUCK ' S Nurses Outfitting Co. Inc. 17 No. State St. Chicago, 111. HAZEL OWEN NURSES ' UNIFORMS — INTERNES ' SUITS Made to Measure 715 Stuart Dial J-2-1480 HOUSTON, TEXAS Pacb 497 eTfe i " Style Center for the College Miss " 814 Congress Ave. Austin, Texas BEAUTIFUL SHOES Definitely — the first choice of Texas University girls for more tha n fourteen years. IPrenchBoot Shop I ■ TIP CONGRESS AVE AUSTIN The Capital National Bank Growing with the Capital City OFFICERS Walter Bremond, Jr. President John A. Gracy Vice President Walter Bohn Vice President Leo Kuhn Cashier MEMBER F. D. I. C. Hubbard, Stafford Little Suite 1105-1114 Nixon Building CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS General Civil Practice SPECIALIZING IN OIL, GAS AND INSURANCE LAW TIIOS. R. JAMES (;K0. M. CONNER E. E. SANDERS CAl.HOl ' N ANDERSON ALLEN B. CONNER James and Conner ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW 1606 W. T. WAGGONER BUILDIMC FORT WORTH, TEXAS Compliments THOMPSON BARWISE ATTORNEYS AT LAW Fort orth Texas FRED L. WILLIAMS JESSE J. LEE GEO. D. SEARS IRL F. KENNERLY W. H. BLADES FRED W. MOORE ALAN B. CAMERON T. E. KENNERLY ROBERT N. WILLIAMS SAM R. FISHER ROLAND B. VOIGHT LAW OFFICES OF WILLIAMS, LEE, SEARS KENNERLY STARK BUILDING ORANGE, TEXAS PETROLEUM BUILDING HOUSTON, TEXAS O. O. Touchstone John N. Touchstone Allen Wight J. W. Gormley Hobert Price Henry W. Strasburger Philip L. Kelton Robert B. Holland Lucian Touchstone Claude R. Miller CliflFord Jackson James Sheerin Eugene J. Wilson Mark Martin Harvey Penland, Jr. Touchstone, Wight, Gormley, Strasburger Price Attorneys and Counselors Magnolia Buildino; Dallas. Texas Ralph W. Malone, ' 14 William Lipscomb, ' 16 Curtis White, ' 23 George E. Seay, ' 32 John Plunket, ' 37 MALONE, LIPSCOMB, WHITE SEAY ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS Southland Life Buildin " Dallas. Texas J. M. Burford Frank M. Ryburn Robert B. Hincks Allen Charlton Logan Ford W. M. Taylor, Jr. Frank M. Ryburn, Jr. Sam P. Burford BURFORD, RYBURN, HINCKS CHARLTON Attorneys at Law Interurban Building Dallas, Texas William Thompson William R. Harris Wm. C. Thompson Marshall Thomas Dwight L. Simmons Sol Goodell James E. Henderson Robert E. L. Knight, 1865-1936 George S. Wright Thomas A. Knight Adair Rembert J. Paul Jackson Harold F. Thompson Wm. A. Rembert, Jr. Rhodes S. Baker, Jr. Rhodes S. Baker Alex F. Weisberg J. Hart Willis Pinkney Grissom Theo. F. Morton William H. Neary John W. Rutland, Jr. Thompson, Knight, Baker, Harris Wright ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS Republic Bank Building Dallas, Texas H. L. Bromberg Paul Carrington S. M. Leftwich W. C. Gowan G. W. Schmucker P. B. Carroll B. G. Habberton Wiley Johnson H. L. Bromberg, Jr. I. J. Walker W. L. Leeds Bromberg, Leftwich, Carrington Gowan Attorneys Magnolia Building Dallas, Texas Rosser J. Coke Henry C. Coke, Jr. Julian B. Mastin Thos. G. Murnane COKE COKE ATTORNEYS AT LAW First National Bank Building John N. Jackson Rosser J. Coke, Jr. Arthur Hamilton Dallas, Texas S. E. DYER (1925) LAW OFFICES OF DYER SOR ' RELL JONES BUILDING CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS J. R. SORRELL (1931) Wichita Falls E. C. DeMONTEL Attorney at Law Texas A. H. Carrigan Luther Hoffman Joe B. Carrigan J. E. Prothro CARRIGAN, HOFFMAN CARRIGAN Attorneys at Law HAMILTON BUILDING WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS BULLINGTON, HUMPHREY KING ATTORNEYS AT LAW City National Building WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS ORVILLE BULLINGTON LESLIE HUMPHREY JOHN B. KING JOHN Q. HUMPHREY Pace 301 Howard Templeton (DECEASED) S. J. Brooks Walter P. Napier Clinton G. Brown W. F. Nowlin Wilbur L. Matthews Harper Macfarlane Clinton G. Brown, Jr. Albert S. B. Negley BROOKS, NAPIER, BROWN MATTHEWS Alamo National Building Attorneys at Law San Antonio, Texas LAW OFFICES OF GILL, JONES TYLER Frank C. Jones First National Bank Building HOUSTON, TEXAS Ansel M. Kahn LEE KIRKWOOD A ttorney-at-Law Trinity Life Building Fort Worth, Texas R. J. Boyle J. D. Wheeler R. N. Gresham Robert W. B. Terrell H. M. Parker BOYLE, WHEELER, GRESHAM, TERRELL Attorneys at Law San Antonio, Texas CLAUDE V. BIRKHEAD WERNER N. BECKMANN HAROLD K. STANARD EDWARD J. VANCE LOUIS E. MARSHALL W. GLENDON ROBERTS Cable Addrkss LAW OFFICES " " ' R ' Birkhead, Beckmann, Stanard Vance 1512-35 Majestic Bldg. SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS M. W. Terrell J. R. Davis J. C. Hall Ross Madole E. W. Clemens A. V. Knight Theo. F. Weiss TERRELL, DAVIS, HALL CLEMENS South Texas Bank Building Attorneys at Law San Antonio, Texas BEN H. POWELL A. J. WIRTZ J. A. RAUHUT W. S. GIDEON C. B. JEFFREY W. W. FISHER HOMER THORNBERRY LAW OFFICES POWELL, WIRTZ, RAUHUT GIDEON Littlefield Building AUSTIN, TEXAS INDEX NAMES FAl.t.S Abbot, Frank Carrigaa, Jr 138 Abernathy, Jatnea Arthur 106 Aberson, Albert Doran 395 Able, Luke ' » 0 Aboey, Anna Josephine 313, 384 Abney, Frederick Sherwood 399 Abney, James Kenneth 106 Abramson, Alfred 280, 292 Acker, Milton Thomas 326 Acord, Thayer Elmo 104, 303 Acreman, Molly 1 8 Adair, Garland 237, 242 Adams, Bonnie Grace 148, 313 Adams, Earl Kenneth 323 Adams, Elzah Frank 323 Adams, F. J 344 Adams, James Franklin 292 Adams, Joseph Kennedy 292, 410 Adams, Josephine 106, 315 Adams, June 106, 178, 272, 273, 366 Adams, Lucille Frances 367 Adams, Martha Ruth 382 Adams, Sidney Moss 388 Adams, Valeska Inez 358 Adams, Wallace Ewing 312 Addy, Ervin Eldrid 106 Adelman, Betty 361 Aderman, Billie 148, 385 Adickes, Leon Herman 290 Adkins, Charles Franklin 292, 331 Adkins, Willelene Marie 357 Adkinson, HoUis Leon 400 Adkisson, Mary Wise 106 Administration 9-42 Adrian, German Cecil 305 Adriance, Carrol 462 Agee, John Franklin 417 Agee, Myrtle Ratchford 104 Agnew, Norman McKee 430 Agnor, Martha Virginia 106, 437, 444 Ahlgrim, James Allen 430 Ahr, Leo 309 Aiken, Mary Frances 106 Ainsworth, John Martin 304, 408 Ainsworth, William 463 Akin, Edwina 332 Akin, Grace Virginia 106,332 Alamia, Jose Roman 314 Albers, Carl 326 Albert, Cora Frances 367 Albert. Dorothy 299 Albert, Mayo 460 Alberts, Harold 337 Albrecht, Ruby Mae 148 Alcalde, The 275 Aldred. Jack V. A 396 Aldred, Val Jean 198, 336, 340, 346, 349, 382 Aldridge, Guy Dalton 106 Aldridge, Julia Elliott 154 Alexander, Birge Davis ....285, 298, 304 Alexander, Dorothy Frances 385 Alexander, Ernest 459, 462 Alexander, Ethel 458 Alexander, Jacolyn 274, 317, 360 Alexander, Kott 313 Alexander, Mavis Elise 336 Alexander, Neil Kenton 211, 286 Alexander, Simon Ray 293, 418 .Alexander, William Little 154, 393 Alff, Josephine 148 Alkemeyer, Violet Valerie 315, 332 Allen, Charles Henry 322 Allen, Corrie W 295 Allen, Floy Daley 404 Allen, Forrest Cleveland 393 Allen, John Rivers 154 Allen, Ruth 466 Allen, Theodore Lyllon 148 Allen, William Preacott 421 Allinson, John Burchell 204, 40 6 Allison, Daniel Joseph 304 Allison, Lee Franklin 322 Allison, Ruth Elizabeth ...179,313,370 Allison, Sam Whips 389 Allred, J. B 282 Allums, Weldon Floyd 138 Alpha Chi Omega 356, 357 Alpha Delta Pi 358, 359 Alpha Epsilan Delta 280 Alpha Epsilon lota 466 Alpha Epsilon I ' hi 360. 361 Alpha Kappa Kappa 460 Alpha Lambda Delta 281 Alpha Omega Alpha 450 Alpha Phi 362, 363 Alpha Phi Omega 344 Alpha Tau Omega 388, 389 Alplia Xi Delta 364, 365 Alterman, Robert Maurice 292, 419 Altick, Frank 465 Alvarez, Herman 138, 314, 315, 326 Alves. Howard Albert 293, 298 Amacker, Robert Burns 310 Ambrose, Jack Sherman 336 A. I. E. E 303 A. S. C. E 304 A. S. M. E 305 Amerson. Ex Young 451, 464 Ames, Margaret Elizabeth ..106, 351, 368 NAMES FAtES Ames, Mary 466 Ammons, Reginald Harris 292 Amoss, Ralph Truitt 326 Amsler, Robert Witt 292 Amstead, Noel P 344 Anderson, Benjamin Monrtje ....297, 420 Anderson, Clinton Giddings 330, 430 Anderson, Frances 458 Anderson, Frank Lawrence 292 Anderson, Georgia Kathlyn 106 Anderson, Guy Townsend 404 Anderson, Isabelle Forrest 178 Anderson, James Floyd 106, 272, 273 Anderson, Katharine Raynolds ..313, 379 Anderson, Lawrence Worthington 106, 406 Anderson, Lynn 337 Anderson. Marjorie Gertrude — 178, 316 351, 368 Anderson, Mary Jo 379 Anderson, Viola Margret 324 Anderson, W. T 456, 464 Anderson, Winniefred Margaret 363 Andres, David 293 Andrews Dormitory 436 Andrews, Lynnie Louise ...106, 306, 378, 436, 444 Andrews, Marlin Olmsted 40B Andrews, Major William Tillory 348 Andrus, Bailey 460 Andrus, Homer James 106 Angell, Mara Lee 148 Angus, Virginia Ruth 382 Anson, Jean Lucy 361 Anthony, Eleanor Claire 319 Appling. Glenn Frances 384 Apslein, Theodore 106, 290, 296 Arbetter, Eleanor Marian 373 Archer, Carl Marion 148 Archer, Mrs. Opal 154 Archer, Ripley Birmingham 322 Archer, T. J 463 Architecture Building 16, 21 Arledge, William Fisher 138 Arlitt, Clara Louise 148 Armen, Elizabeth 148 Armstrong. Curtis Moody 326 Armstrong, John Barclay 388 Armstrong, Johnnie 460 Armstrong, Louise Landes 313, 381 Armstrong, Mary Julia 349, 362 Arnett, Earl Franklin. .293, 298, 387. 410 Arnold, Barbara Anne 183 Arnold, Douglas Harold 138, 415 Arnold, H. P 465 Arnold, Hugh 465 Arnold, Jap 459, 462 Arnold, Mary Jane 194, 382 Arnold, Mary Virginia 313, 383 Arnold. William Buck 408 Arroyo-Schaefer, Irene 104 Aschner, Burt Valentine 308, 360 Ash, William Franklin ....292, 315, 388 Ashbel Literary Society 302 Ashley, Virginia Mae 367 Ashlock, Billy Bryan 311 Ashmore, Leland Wayne 428 Ashton, Estelle Angelina 281, 321 Askew, Rual ....392 Association for Childhood Educationist) Aston, William 451 Atchison, Judson 204, 236, 240, 242 Athanas, Gus 294 Athletic Council 201 Athletics 201-266 Atwell, Ben D 431 Atwood, Harry Kirby 388 Ault. Mary Maxine 138, 332 Austin. Gerald Winston 106, 304 Austin, Mildred Lorraine 138, 336 Austria, Ramon Santon 106 Autry, Evelyn Maud 313, 380 Auvenshine, Pauline 106, 439 Auvenshine. W. Leland 154 Avent, Woodrow M 463 Aves, Florence Louise.. 313, 376, 436, 444 Aves, Fred 459, 462 Aycock, John Cleveland 138 . yer. Jack Keating 424 Ayers, Alton Carter 106 Aynesworth, Dr. K. H 29 Ayres, Catherine 357 Ayres, Dorothy 283 Ayres, Muriel 356 Axelrod, Phyllis Elouise 361 B Babel, Walter Edgar 398 Bach, Marjorie Louise 332, 378 Bach, Paula Jeanne 332, 336, 378 Bacharach, Elise 361 Bachman, Grover Cleveland 388 Bachtel, Margaret Ellen ...181, 302, 347. 350, 382 Bachtel, May Bradley 451, 466 Backstrom, Florence 30 Badelt. Kurt George 392 Baer, Cecil Albert 326 Baer, Hattie Louise 154 Baer, Ruth Alys 154 Baethe, Lo uis 269, 348 Baethe, Ronald J 138, 286 Bage. Carl 210, 211 Bagwell, Jewell Estelle 106 Bagwell, Wayne 459, 464 Baler, Louise Eunice 183, 313, 318 Bailey, Billy 459 Bailey, Charles W 464 Bailey, Clarence 463 Bailey, E. W 284, 291 Bailey, Floyd 282 Bailey, J. R 280 Bailey, Jane Davis 378 Bailey, Robert V 154 Bailey, Scott Field 138, 407 Bailey, William Marvin 331,344 Bain, Frank Leslie 148, 423 Bain, Roy Moats 391 Baines, Robert Roy 204, 208, 210 211, 286 Baird, LaRoy 416 Baker, Anne Brown 106, 183, 198. 316, 378 Baker, Betty 183 Baker, David Mercer 450, 451, 462 Baker, Doris Edith 138, 296, 378, 434, 444 Baker, Ethel Harriett 154 Baker, Harry J 292 Baker, Joe Dee 106 Baker, Lorene 375 Baker, Martha Jane 332 Baker, Rex Savin 405 Baker, Robert Hines 404 Baker, Vervyl Virginia 107 Baker, William George 292 Baldridge, Dorothy Ellen 107, 300, 319, 352, 368 Baldwin, Franklin Thomas 323 Baldwin, Joseph Burkette 204, 330 Baldwin, Julian 279 Baldwin, Marjorie Rose 359, 378 Baldwin, Pendleton Gaines 402 Baldwin, Robert Basil 402 Balfanz, Edwin Chester 322 Ball, Dorothy Elizabeth 347, 382 Ball, Edna Fae 138 Ballerstedt, Louise Hilma 290, 296, 443, 444 Ballow, William Chunn 411 Balzcr, Richard Karl 107 Bandy. Darrell Jesse 285, 304, 322 Bankhead, Alexander 462 Bankhead. Frederick Ward 107 Banks, John W 148 Banks, Nancy Louise 148 Banks. Stanley 154, 270, 271, 292 Bannahan, Jane Clare 154, 315 Banner, Betty 184, 376 Bannister, Mortimer 459, 463 Bantel, E. C. H 285, 298, 304 Barbe, Claudia Mari£ 374 Barbee, Lloyd Henry 415 Barber, Eulela 107 Barber, Mary Frances 154 Barberie, John Douglas 305, 424 Barclay, Leland 298 Barefield, Morris 237, 242 Barekman, Harold 463 Barge, Mary Genevieve 332 Barker, Eugene C 407 Barker, Ruth Ellen 148, 281 Barlow, Lu Neil 363 Barnes, Carlie Louise.. 138, 332, 336, 385 Barnes, Earl Bower 451, 459, 460 Barnes, Erma Eula 107 Barnes, George B 459, 460 Barnes, Maureen 148 Barnes, T. S 451, 465 Barnes, William Edward 138, 292 Barnes, Worley Newton 403 Barnett, Gladys Magee 313 Barnett, Harriet Virginia 138 Barnett, Lawrence 280 Barnett, William Oliver 154 Barnhart, Joe Monroe 148, 311 Barnhill, Myra D 154, 281, 324 Barnhill, Willie D 154 Barr, Fay 324 Barr, Gay 324 Barr, Nell White 299, 315, 375, 441 Barreda, Eloy .Augustine 107 Barrett, Floyd 394 Barrett, Cwynne Irvin 306, 368 Barrett, Marcus Thurman 399 Barrier, Alvis Layton 293 Barrier, La Rue 313, 359 Barrier. Olivia 313, 359 Barrington, F ' rances Cornelia 107 Barron, Margaret Elizabeth 185, 376 Barrow, Ben Evelyn 107, 313 Barrow, Emmilt Connally ..107, 286, 331 Bartels, Bernhard Julius 278, 305 Bartholo, Ted Ohmstead ..285,292,298, 304, 408 Bartholow, Jack Wharton 285, 298, 304, 408 Bartlett. David 331 Bartlett. James Fredrick 415 Barton, Harry Rudolph 309 Barton, Jim Tom 279 Barton, Nell 458 Barton, Wanda Louise 313 Barton, William Kenneth 287, 303 Bartram, John William 429 Barwise, Carolyn Sue 385 Baseball 227-234 Baseball Freshman Sqitad 234 Baseball Lettermen 229 Baseball Si uad 228 Basford, Mildred ....269 Baahara, Vivian Mae 154, 313 Basketball 219-226 Basketball Freshman Sijuad 226 Basketball S. uad 220 Baskett, Robert Dudley 389 Baskin, John Lane 292,429 Baskin, Roy 463 Bass, Fae 313 Bass, Koy McLaurine 292 Bass, Ruth 1 295 Bates, Charles Garth 442 Bates, Mary Sue 321, 347, 349, 362 Batjer, Henry 251 Batjer, Margaret 369 Battle, Virginia Estelle 107 Battle, William Don 280, 292, 408 Bauer, J. M 463 Baugh, Elizabeth Gaines ...107, S19, 384 Baugh. Etta 316, 362 Baum, Priscilla Camille 138, 378 Baur, Hermene Nell 107, 283 Baxter, Joseph Wesley 107 Baxter, Robert Patrick 410 Bayer, Edwin Dietrick 415 Baylis, Dorothy Oleta 107 Beach, Paul ♦60 Beakley, Alice Clyde 184, 385 Beall, Camilla Lee 107, 316. 378 Beall, Edith Louise 366 Bean,Tilford H 107 Beard, Katheryn Dolores 107 Beard, Vivyen 313 Beardsley, Walter Collins 292, 315 Beasley, Alice 458 Beasley, Lillian Scott 378 Beavers, A. J., Jr 451 Beavers, Lon 462 Beck, Mary Kathryn 184 Bedford, Anna Beth 148 Bedford, D. R 462 Bedford, John Pershing 336 Bedichek, Roy 407 Bednarek, Mary Agnes ...107, 306, 315 Beeler, Harry Buntin 404 Beeler, Richard Maxwell 154 Beery, Roy F 107, 198, 294. 298. 345, 348, 355, 396 Beeson, William Henry 148 Begeman, M. L 278 Begeman, Robert Louis 154 Beilin, Harry Leon 427 Belcher, Robert Shiels 414 Belden, Joe 107, 315 Belew, David Owen 405 Belknap, Barbara 308, 376 Belknap, Ivan Carl 290, 292 Bell, Basil Bernard ..286. 315, 331, 415 Bell, Edith Arundell 281 Bell, John Lynn 421 Bell, Madelyn Rose 361 Bell, Martha Louise 316. 376 Belle Candidates 176191 Belleggie, Philip A. ..447,450,451,460 Bellmont, L. Theo 40, 415 Bellnoski. William 461 Bellows, Warren S., Jr 107, 304, 416 Belson, Charles Edward 326 Benavides, Enrique Fernando 326 Benda, John Holt 414 Bender, Richard Kavanaugh 398 Benke, Mildred Lenora 375 Benn, George Albert 311 Bennet, Beulah Margaret 368 Bennett, Dale 401 Bennett, Dean Averill 107 Bennett, Shirley 108, 360 Bennett, Wynn Millard 406 Benson, Florence Delphine 377 Benson, L. R 298 Benson, Walter 254 Benton, Barbara Ruth 148, 270, 271, 302, 313, 377 Benton. James 463 Benton, Mayme 458 Bentsen, Lloyd Millard 422 Berdichevsky, Hope 148 Bergfeld, Jack Arthur 388 Bergin, David Paul 323 Bergstrom, Marvin 251 Bering, Mary Cornelia 368 Berkman, Ingrid Joyce 365 Berliner, Edwin Frederick 418 Berman, Betty Jane 317,360 Berman, Gerson 292 Berman, Helen Anne 281, 321, 360 Bernard, George Wesley 148 Bernhardt, Alexander Herman .. ..422 Berry, Elmer Loyal 154 Berry, George 463 Bench, Thomas Maguire 108, 294 Bescher, Earl 297. 428 Besse, Joseph Maury 326 Besserer, Bill 108, 278, 305, 322 Beta Alpha Psi 282 Beta Gamma Sigma 283 Pace 503 NAMES PACES Beta Theta Pi 390, 391 Bethea, Mrs. Inez 458 Bettina, Charles 373 Bettis, Sid 108 Bevan, John Harold 403 Bevil, Albert Randolph 388 Bevil, Jack Nugent 138, 334, 335 Beville, Jane 439 Bewley, Edwin Elmore- 404 Beyer, Alfred Fredrick 411 Bialkowski, Albert William 315 Biard, David Jackson 292 Bible, Dana X. ..201, 202, 214, 215, 397 Bjckler, Jane Harriet 108, 382 Biedenharn, Albert Milton 196, 345, 355, 416 Biehl, Margaret Eugenia 376 Bierman, Anne 371 Biesele, Grace Annette 281. 332, 347 Biesele, John Julius 290 Biesele, Reno Goswin 108, 294, 298 Biggers, Willie 331 Billings, Doris Louise 368 Billings, Mary Ruth 368 Billings, William 251 Billingsley, Don Fred 292 Bills, The! ma Kathryne 148, 332 Bingham, Elizabeth 154 Binion, Cavett Sayers 404 Binnion, John Edward 139, 331 BintlifF, Charles Victor 297 Birdwell, Lloyd Willis ....345. 387, 398 Birdwell. Madeline Elise 154, 336 Bischoff, Helmuth Albert 104 Bishop, Eleanor 154, 181, 281, 359 Bishop, John Webster 409 Bivins, James Maurice 404 Bivins, William 334, 335 Black, Betty Bowman 376 Black, Erma M 374 Black, Mozelle 108 Black, Nell Martha !..154 Black, Tommy 325 ' Blackert, E. J , ' " ' 29 Blacklock, Ward Truett ' . !!!320 Blackmar, Leta Maxine 357 Blackshear, Marguerite L 380 Blackstock, Leo G 282, 431 Blackwell, Joe O ' . A ' M Blair, Ben R 332 Blair, Betty Helen 139. 184 365 Blair, Dawn 108, 197. 316, 352, 378 Blair, Evelyn 296 Blalack, Mary Louise I54 Blalock, William Azro 406, 442 Blaiock, William Clarke 25l ' , 292 Blanchette, Gene 331 Bland, David 196, 387, 408 Bland, John Billy 143 Blankenbeckler, Betty 184, 302, 349, „, , , 351, 382 Blankenbeckler, Frank 193, 406 Blankenburg, Robert 249, 250 Blankenship, J. Clarke 322 Blanton, Annie Webb 295 Blanton, Bassel N. ...447, 451, 459, 462 Blanton, William Neal !.392 Blatherwick, Janette 143 Blevins, George [331 Bliznak, Lucy ] _ ' 453 Block, Clara Josey 108, " 332 ' 36O Bock, Leone Cecilia 281, 321. 360 Block, Paul Lazarus 412 Blocker, T. G., Jr ;;;45o Blocker, Virginia Irvine ...450, 451, 466 Blomquisl, Anna Jen 108 Bloodworth, Billy Lloyd ....291 Bloom, Louis Martin 154 Bloss, Betty Anne 108, 302, 376 Blount, Jean 375 Blount, Shelley Regina 373 Blount, Stephen William !!!.423 Blue. Gloria Dawn ...148, 184, 434, 444 Bluebonnet Belles 162-174 Blum, Helen Dolores 350 Blum, Henry Frederick .154 Blum, Julius Allen 427 Blumberg, Jane Knolle ..., [335 Blumberg, Roland Krezdorn 294, 396 Blundell, Bonita Rolsten . ' .384 Bl undel i , Mary Lewis 334 Blunt, Paul Boren ......397 Biy, Homer 270, 271, 391 Board of Publications 268 Boatright, Darrell . ' 304 Bock, Mary Frances 139 Bockstein, Annette 143 Bockstein, Sylvia 373 Bodansky, Meyer ! " !446 Bodemuller. Rudolph 278, 298, 305 Bodenhamer. James 454 Bodine. Lucile 185, 356 Bodziner, Laurette 149 Boe, Robert Henry 280 Boeck. Charlotte G 205, 317, 380 Bogan, Mildred 313, 324 Bogarte, Robert Henry ..388 Bogess, Mina Montgomery 295 Bohac, Gertrude 309 Bohannon, W. C 331 Bohmfalk, Paul Herman 323 Bohmfalk, Stanley W 450. 451. 465 Bohner, Elizabeth Jane 108 Boire. Edward Henry 4 ' i4 Bolding, Milton E 292, 293 Bollman, George Hubert 404 Bolm. Arline Dorothea 181, 368 Bomba. Onufry Joseph. Jr 108 Bond, Charles Senters 311 NAMES PACES Bond, Frances Corinne 148 Bond, Fred Smith 139 Bond. George Claude, Jr 108 Bond, Mona Dell 139 Bonner. Verlin 323 Boon, John Daniel 297 Boon, Marjorie 295 Boone, George Wade, Jr 108 Booth, Eleanor Marie 315, 367 Borden. Guy 408 Borden, Lew 196, 388 Borden, Mary Rhodes .270, 271, 281, 378 Boren, Agnes 313 Boren, Jack Bernard 415 Borino, John Wendell 315 Bornstein, Frances Sarah ...185. 309, 372 Borth, Fred Reinhold 108, 326 Bosl, Ernest Andrew, Jr 138, 392 Bost. Thomas Daniel 344 Boster. Raymond Gowdy .148, 280, 292 Boswell, Milton Morris 108 Bothwell, Jane 378 Boulton, Jacquelyne Elaine . . , l54. 336 Bounds. R. G.. Jr 292 Boverie, R. F 451, 459. 463 Bowden. Andy James. Jr 139 Bowen, Imogene 154. 359 Bowen, Marjorie 185, 381 Bowers, William Orrin 403 Bowles, Iver Moten 396 Bowman, Estil Arthur 154 Bowman, Jack Tibaut 197. 345, 406 Bowman, Joyce Florence 148, 370 Bowman. Maude Viola 336 Bowman, Newton Harrison 421 Bowman, Walter Clarkson 108 Bownds, Betty Sue 148, 440, 444 Bownds, Dorothy Sue 154. 313 Bowyer, Mack F 451. 462 Boyd, David Cannon 416 Boyd. Genevieve Irene 313 Boyd, J. Thyron 451 Boyd, Johnny Greene 108 Boyd, Mattie Lee 104 Boyd, Ty 462 Boyd. William P 286 Boydstun, Joe Frank 282 Boydstun, Ward L 154, 326 Boyer, Charles Marcellus ..108, 293, 322 Boyer, Jack Wesley. . .104. 204, 208, 210, 211, 279, 286, 390 Boyle, Anne Wilma 378 Boysen, Beverly Blake 317, 381 Bozarth. Lillian 313 Brace, Laura Linn 362 Bracher, Ed 388 Braden, Albert 460 Braden. Elizabeth Louise 182.321. 332, 366 Bradfield. Barbara 185 Brady, Harold Vernon 428 Brady, Katheryne Lee 315. 367 Brady, Margaret Lurline 306 Brainard, Jane Wilson 296, 376 Braly. Ruby Nelle 148 Branch, George 463 Brandenberger, Sidney Oliver 139 Brandes, Veria Mae 154 Brandon, Melba 154 Brands. Bernard C 148, 315, 326 Branham, Virginia Elizabeth 366 Bransf ord, Frances Le Sayers ..317, 358 Bransford, Sara Scott 319, 358 Braselton. Charles W.. Jr.. 450. 451, 461 Braselton, Mary Louise 352. 370. 434, 444 Braubach, John H 108 Braunig, Jane 108, 295. 321, 360 Brazil. Destimona 458 Breath, Burt 459, 462 Breaux, Fred Randolph. Jr 139 Breeding, Crystal Dawn 154 Breedlove, Marjorie 108 Brelsford, Gates Homer... 416. 470, 471 Brelsford, Regina Marjorie 381 Brenan, Walter Petty 108, 416 Brenneman, Cyrus Emerson 297 Brent. Virginia 148, 368 Brentlinger, W. H 411 Brewer. Ann Margaret. 109. 185, 325, 358 Brewer. Dorothy Winifred 299, 382 Brewster, Joan 332 Brice, Mrs. Arthurine 109 Bridges. Edward D 282 Bridges, Leonard Hal, Jr 139, 251 Briggs. Melton Lee 286 Bright, William Robert 398 Brill, Idanell 199, 330. 352, 368 Brin, Royal Henry ,412 Brindley. George V.. Jr 447. 451. 459. 462 Brindley. Paul 446, 450 Brink. Billy 420 Brinkerhoff. Milford Hail 403 Brins. J. L 278 Britt. Spurgeon Kyle 292. 331 Brittain, Thomas Manley 403 Brockette. Connie 295, 296 Broday. William Steve 391 Broderson. Margaret Jane 313. 332 Broe, Elizabeth June 315, 441 Brogan, A. P 38 Brogan, Mary Rice 109, 308, 330, 340. 358 Brogan, Waldine 281 Bronaugh. Richmond Lee 297 Bronson, Roy Bernard 409 Brooker, Jean Florence 109 Brooks, B. Phil 139 Brooks. Ellen Douglas ...109. 323, 378 Brooks, Eugenia 139 NAMES PACES Brooks, Houston Frederick 304 Brooks, Marvin Vancil 109, 285, 304, 322 Brooks. Sara Chaffin 313 Brooks. Sue Carleton 383 Brooks, Virginia Burdine 109 Brookshire, May 436, 437 Brookshire, Dorothy Aileen 109 Brookshire, Jack 154. 292 Broussard, Betty Ann 185 Browder, Mary Elizabeth 336 Brown, Arnold Lee 139, 280 Brown, Bart Eugene 425 Brown, Bill 211 Brown, Carl Bert 109, 392 Brown. Carroll Edward 109, 286, 307, 429 Brown, Charles Henry, Jr 139 Brown, Charles Otho 139, 292 Brown, Chester Dewey 154, 423 Brown. Clovis Auteen 398 Brown, Earnest Houston 312 Brown. Eoline 182, 352, 370 Brown, Evelyne Marie 366 Brown, Frances Knoble 336, 366 Brown, Frank Ross ...139, 270, 271, 286 Brown, Grace Christine 154, 439 Brown, Horace Frederick 396 Brown, J. Byron 392 Brown, Jack 392 Brown, James Doniger 303 Brown, Jane Elizabeth 148 Brown. Jerry Lou 154 Brown. Kenneth 292, 331 Brown, Louise Mable 366 Brown, Lucy 458 Brown, Lynn 322 Brown. Malcolm Orval 154 Brown, Margaret Roberta 288 Brown. Marion Martin 139 Brown, Nancy Rebecca 378 Brown, Nathan 419 Brown, Raymond David 311 Brown, Roberta 365 Brown, Roy L 305, 388 Brown, S. L 298 Brown, Sue 313 Brown. William 292 Brown. William DeWitt 401 Brown, William Wells 344, 456, 463 Browne, Charles F 464 Browne, Lucille Hortense 281 Brownfield, Jane Alice 148, 371 Brownfield, Mai lie, Jr 154 Browning, William Ernest 389 Brownlee, Mary Banford. .186, 193, 302, 349. 351. 376 Broyles, George Dilley 460 Broyles. Gordon Barrett 398 Brubeck, Marajean 148, 313, 359 Brumbelow, J. B., Jr 109 Brundrett, George Lee, Jr 154, 331 Bruni. Olivia Estelle 315 Brunner. Frances Katherine ...317, 364 Brunson. Wallace Edward 148, 395 Brush. Betty 109. 321, 330, 378 Brussard. Berna 313 Bryan, B. F 204, 208, 209. 210. 211, 241, 242 Bryan, George William 417 Bryan. Pat 331 Bryan, Sara Bennie 374 Bryant, Dorothy Evelyn 368 Bryant, George Fitzgerald, Jr 109 Bryant. Robbie Locke 154 Bryant, William Randolph 410 Bryson. J. Gordon, Jr 451, 460 Bryson. John Bennett 154. 331 Bryson, LaVerne Lillian ...109. 268. 270. 271. 272, 273. 300. 319. 340, 384 Buchanan, George Riddler 109. 293. 298, 331 Buchhalter. Claere 186. 373 Buck. Shelby Othello ...204, 209. 210. 211, 311 Buckaloo, Lyla Stone 383 Buckley, Dorothy 186, 352, 378 Buckner, Virginia Wilson ..281, 321, 347 Buell, Ralph Lewin 395 Buescher, Ann Genelle 377 Buescher, Jack Flavell 404 Buffington, Edward Anderson 403 Buffington, George Patrick 311. 402 Buie, Neil Dugald. Jr 109 Bullard, Frances Margaret. 109. 289. 308. 313. 319. 362 Bullion. J. Waddy 284, 291 Bullman. Abe Edward 412 Bumar, Genevieve 154 Bunata, Victor Oscar 109, 285, 304 Burch. William Paul 421 Burchard, Margaret 186. 382 Burda, Edith Eleanor 139. 315 Burger. Billie Louise 371 Burk. Joseph Edward 451, 465 Burke, Ward Rankin 109 Burkett, Aubrey V 109 Burkett, Dorothy Jean 332 Burleson. James M 148 Burnett. John Gresham 411 Burnett, John WilHam 154, 292 Burnett. M. D 464 Burney. Todd Denman 388 Burns. Lillian 109 Burns, Ralph 248, 250, 283, 292 Burns. Robert Earl 292 Burnside, Roberta Bailey 109 Burnside, Ronald 464 Burr, Eunice Brooks i. .. . 375 Burr. Garey Davis 421 Burrows, Edgar Allan 334, 335 NAMES PAGES Bursey. Leroy 465 Burt, Francis N 269 Burt, Margaret Clare 315, 317, 381 Burt, Wilma Jane 377 Burwitz, Dorothy Jane 109 Busby. Jack Elmer 389 Busby, Myrle 148 Busby, Stanford Allen ....110.292,298, 304, 340, 388 Bush, Mary Annice 110 Bush, Rebekah Jane 154, 367 Business Administration Council ....307 Bussey, Frank 464 Bussey, Dan Rockwell 110, 326, 340 Buster, Jack Russell 292, 331, 409 Bute, John 402 Butler, Alan, Jr 148 Butler, Felix Edwin 400 Butler, Frances Camille 382 Butler, Helen 186, 384 Butler, Jack Lawrence 110 Butler.Mary Nell 110 Butler, Samuel 396 Butler, William Brown 110, 291, 392 Buttery, William Patterson 326 Buttrill, Annie Ruth 110 Buzzo, Daniel Clair 154 Buzzo, Evelyn Claire 110, 186, 362 Byars, J. C 461 Byars, Jane 451, 466 Bybe. Robert William 344, 422 Bybee, Halbert Homer 422 Bybee, H. P 344 Byers, Howard Earl 139, 315, 344 Byers, William Bowling 292 Byrd. Joe 110, 304 Byrne, John Earl 110, 304 Byrne, Rose Mary 315 Byrnes. Julia Eulalie 296 Byrom, Fay Kathryn 139, 313 c Cabaniss, Lou Es 154, 332 Cactus, The 270, 271 Cade, Bessie Catherine 384 Cade, Eleanor 383 Cadena, Carlos Christian 284 Cage, Edwin Menton 315 Cage, Joseph Franklin 292, 334, 335, 414 Cahoon, Larry 269 Cain, Alfred Gordon 110 Cain, Byron Wilson ..110, 282, 283. 307, 331, 340, 398 Cain, Dixon Hill 404 Cain, Helen La Verne 154 Cain, James Walker 292, 297, 404 Caldwell, Albert Jefferson 399 Caldwell, James Daffan 199, 284, 291, 416 Caldwell, Marian 154 Caldwell, Mary Gill 363 Caldwell, Mildred Pickett 382 Calhoun, J. W 27, 292, 344, 397 Calhoun, Weldon O ' Neil 110 Calisch, Charles Albert 419 Call, Tomme Clark 104, 272, 273 Callan, Eddie Lou 315 Callan, Joseph Patrick 315 Callaway, Merle Elizabeth .139, 185, 315, 363, 441, 444 Callaway, William Hamilton 414 Callender, Cath ' rine 336 Callihan, Alma Lee 458 Callison, General Duwaine 154 Calloway, Sam 464 Cameron, Catherine Wilson 148 Cameron, Russell Johnson 154, 331 Camiade, Ida Lucille 138, 315 Camp, Bill Norris 414 Campbell, Anne May 383 Campbell. Archibald Roland 408 Campbell, Craig DeWitt 110 Campbell, David Calvin 391 Campbell, Dorothy Lucile 313 Campbell, Edward William 428 Campbell, Elizabeth Antoinette 319, 330 Campbell, George Maury ..450, 451. 460 Campbell, Geraldine Marie 148 Campbell, Helen Elizabeth 440, 444 Campbell, John 315 Campbell, Lester Hampton 110, 272, 273 Campbell, Lucile 110. 185. 194. 302. 346. 382 Campbell. Peggy 382 Campus 339-352 Canady, Ima Mae HO Canady, Lillie Marie 281, 313 Canales, Elizabeth Pelham 110, 332 Canales, Gregorio Manuel 314 Canavati, George Peter 315 Canfield, Juliette Jane 110, 290, 296 Cangelosi, Robert John 154 Canon, Maurice 459, 464 Cantu. Lola 314 Cap and Gown 308 Capitol, State 22 Capland. Lethale Rose 182. 360 Caplen, Jane Elizabeth 281 Cappel, Samuel Charles 196, 388 Caravageli. Menelaus 465 Garden. Edith Eleanor 313 Cardwell. Martha Elizabeth HO Cargile. John William ...110, 282, 283 Carlisle, Ode Thomas 292 Carlton, Willa Geraldine 366 Carnahan, Preston Don HO, 326 Carothers Dormitory 437 Carpenter. Frances Lucile 154 Carpenter, John William 430 ' NAMES PAGE Cmrpcntcr. Lwlie 154. 270. 271. 274 C«rr, George Drexell 331 Carr, Julliard Veroeit 393 Carr, June 379 Carrell. Km. UO Carrington, D. C 462 Carrington. Kugene GadJif 416 Carrington. W. L 456. 462 Carroll. Cay V 461 Carrolhors, DorU Eleanor 110, 296, 319. 362 Carruthero. Spencer 463 Car«on. Lawrence Brady 111. 400 Car tarphen. B. B 121 Carter, Amon Gary 270. 271. 405 Carter, Armenia Mary 366 Carter. Clarence Maurice 326 Carter. Edith Loraine 38S Carter, Ernest Anderson 402 Carter, James 460 Carter, W. S 280 Carter, William Junius 415 Cartman. George Weldon 286 Cartwright, Anne 382 Cartwright. John Reagan ...138, 296. 402 Carver, Barbara Faye 313. 382 Carver, Bessie Ruth Ill, 295 Casey. Mary Caroline 290, 296 Casey, Mary Francea HI. 313 Casey. Oscar Jack 390 Casey. Robert Auburn 292 Casey, Watt Matthews 292 Casis, Lilia M 296 Cass. Phyllis 154 Cassin, Helen Elder 315, 379 Cassle, Henry Oliver HI Castaneda. Carlos E 296, 314 Casteel, D. B 280, 407 Castile. Billie 139 Castillo. George Edward 29 2 Castillo. Henrietta Amparo 104, 296, 315. 441 Castillo. Pete Joaquin 139. 315. 326, 336 Castles. Charles Conrad Ill Caston. Homer Roscoe 154, 303 Caswell, William Thomas Hi. Cale, Amy Rose 368 Cates. Charles Craig 406 Caton, Robert Lindsey 416 Cavanaugh. James Lawrence 326 Cave, Sara 376 Caven. Walter Thomas 345, 442 Cavin, Eugene Hagood 139, 404 Cavin. Martha 438 Cayton, Martha Beth 148. 182. 319, 332. 367 Cazell, Margaret Nan 359 Cecil. Brice Winston 111. 269. 320 334. 335, 344 Celaya, Albert Ill Celhay, Pedro 154 Center. Burnice Elizabeth 376 Ceska, Julia Ann 309 Cessna, Lois Joanna 148 Chadwell. Pearl G 443 ChafeU, Arthur 303 Chaffin. Charles Weldon HI Chaffin. Mrs. Lola Mae Sherrod 139 Chalmers. P. H 465 Chalmers. Richard Edison 154, 312 Chamberlain. Stuart 414 Chambers. Bette Joel 385 Chambers. Charles Fred ...196. 345, 397 rhambers. David Smith 290 Chambers. James 450 Champion, Joe August 111. 297 Chance, Patience Williamson ...111, 351. 378 Chancellors 284 Chandler, Elizabeth Virginia 188 Chandler, Frances Louise ..179, 350. 376 Chandler, Geraldine HI Chandler. Henry Grady 399 Chandler, Lewis Legette 155 Chandler, Robert Lewis 148 Chaney, Mary Chestley HI Chancy. Reeder 423 Chapman. Caylos Wendel 292 Chapman, Isabel Webster 371 Chapman. John Mason 292 Charles, Alda Frances Ill Charlton. Tess Ailine 367 Chatham, John R HI Chatmas, Penelope 155, 363 Chavannes. Etienne Andre 148. 344 Cheatham. Paul Neyron 155 Cheeves. Carolyn 382 Chemistry Building 20. 23 Chen. Dora Tseng-Fong 104 Cheney. Mary Katherine 359 Cherkas, Evelyn Ruth .111, 321, 346. 372 Chernosky, Charles Henry 309 Cherry, Hunter 279. 282 Cherry, Jack Wilbnrn 318 Cherry, Louise Bell 378 Chesley. Edgar Leo 344 Chew, Jack Fun 325 Chew, Josephine Y HI Chi Epsiton 285 Chi Omega 366. 367 Chi Phi 392. 393 Chicotsky, Sara Jean 155 Chilcote, Lynn Edwin HI. 396 Childers. Vernon 272, 273 Childs, Phyllis 382 Childs. Tilden L.. Jr 452, 460 Childs. Wesley Alan HI, 280 Childs, William Liberty 394 NAMES PACKS Chilton, Andrew Long 311. 404 Cbilton, Harriet Pauline 371 Chilton, Jean Marie 148,356 Chilton, William Erneat. Jr 404 Chiodo, Chester Harold 139, 305 Choate, William Rufua 290. 292. 428, 442 Choniski. William John ; 30 ' Chote, Arnetle Hope 381 Chote, Witlittm Gage 415 Chovanec, Henry 236, 242 Christensen, Ealher 419 Christner. Warren 204. 248. 250, 251 Christoffel. Lewis Wilson 331 Christol, Johanna Charlotte 185, 317 Christopher, S. Gevers 155 Chronolog 43-102 Chumney, Anita 148 Chunn, Wilber Howe 326 Church. Carroll Edward 420 Church. Robert C 421 Church. William Carlton 422 Clabaugh. Stephen Edmund 297,402 Clapp. Kathryn Virginia 148 Clardy. Lee Len 334, 335 Clark, Amrie Denson 404 Clark. Arthur 460 Clark, Charles Taliaferro 104, 292, 344, 348 Clark, Grady Curtis 414 Clark, Herman Kelley 111. 293, 298 Clark, Ida Frances HI, 332. 366 Clark, llene Webster 289 Clark. Isaac Edgar 292. 398 Clark, Kenneth C 139, 292 Clark, L. Todd 331 Clark, Meda Aleene 155 Clark, Myrtle Jeanne 281, 321, 363 Clark, Roberta Dea 336 Clark. William Kalar 155. 344, 409 Clark, William Sneed 411 Clarke, Edward T 452, 460 Clarke, James 464 Clarke, Robert Richey 111,287.303. 305. 344 Ctarkson, Herbert Kelso ...195, 345, 422 Clarkson, Wiley Gulick. Jr 139 Classes 103-160 Clawater. Earl W.. Jr 459. 462 Claxton, Bill 318 Clayton, Stanley 464 Clayton, Stanley Lewis 290 Clements, Margaret 357 Clements, Mary Carolyn 313 Clements. Thurman Spencer 388 demons. Douglas Vaughn 392 Cleveland, C. M 298 Clevenger, Oliver Loomis 304 Cline, Felice Mozelle 148, 356 Cline, Henry Eugene 322, 420 Clopton, Gerald M HI Cloud, Martha Louise 368 Clubs 301-328 Coaching Staff 202-203 Coan, Margaret Louella 358 Coats, William Howard 423 Cobb. Arlene Ruby 155, 313 Cobb, Mary Helen 139, 315 Cochran, Dale Rupert 400 Cochran, Edith De Lespine 382 Cochran. Fielding B 388 Cochran. Helen Mosettee ...139, 188, 383 Cochran, William Shepherd 416 Cockrell, Jean Vardeman 383 Cockrell, Mary Alice 302, 313, 368 Cockrum, Amil Blake 297 Cody, Claude Carr 450, 452, 460 Cody, M. L 460 Cofer, Crawford Joseph 139 Coffey, Azile Wilma 364 Coffey, Clovis Wade 139 Coffield. Joe Martin 415 Coffield. Thomas Reddick 421 Coflfin, Ray Thornton 410 Coffman, David H., Jr 148, 331 Coffman, Stella Joy 139 Cohen, Abie 426 Cohen, Gerson 427 Cohn. Rosalee 373 Coke, Jack Lawson 355, 420 Colbert, James Edward 155 Colbert, Ralph 155 Colby. Malcolm Y 423 Cole, Frank 461 Cole. George Southward 411 Cole, James Watson, Jr 148 Cole. Mary Lou 288 Cole. Ned Ansel Ill Cole, Richard Ray 112 Cole. Taylor i04. ?97 Cole. William Frank 452 Cole. Willis 336 Coleman, Anna Virginia 139 Coleman, Billy 155 Coleman. Jesse 462 Coleman, Marshal Carter 20i. 42K Coleman. Robert Thomas 404 Colgin. Merchant W 452. 459. 4412 Colhoun, Charles Alexander 404 Collard, Roberta 306 Colletti, Paul 311 CoUey, Hub, Jr 148 Collie, Marvin Key 416 Collier. Margaret Anne 112. 356 Collier, Mary Annette 112. 302. 332. 366 Collier. Robert Arthur 398 Collier. Thomas Gillespie 421 Collins. Arch Dean 411 Collins, Babe 332 NAMES PACES Collins, Iva Elaine 112 Collins, Mary Floyd 155. 336, 359 Collins, Patricia 148 Collins. Paul 4.56. 463 Collins. Ruth Claire 382 Collins, WhitBcld James ...199, 284, 398 Coltharp. Ralph 465 Colton, J. B 419 Colunga, Alicia 155 Colwell, Leslie Charles 420 Comer, Gene Grances 188, 313. 358 Compton, Martin Eugene 395 Comstock, Wilma Jane 455 Cone, Helen Holmes 112 Coney, Donald 39 Conley, Catherine Jane 315 Conley, Frank Albert ....197, 315, 345, 355, 392 Conley, Katherine Jane 155 Connally, John Bowden. . .199. 268, 330, 340 342 348 400 Connell, Sara Frances. 313 ' . 319 . 332 ' , 385 Conner, Marvin 463 Conrad. Thomas Simmons 403 Constanlin, Jules Joseph 391 Conway, Edward Spurgeon 104, 297 Conway, Jack Clements ...204, 230, 318 Conway, Margaret Marie ...281, 302, 368 Cook, Anita 272. 273. 300 Cook, David Andrew 305 Cook, David Clemon 292, 331, 425 Cook, Flora Sue 112 Cook, Frances Hubbard 384 Cook, Hazel Mary 148, 188 Cook, James Coleman 292 Cook, Marie Elizabeth 296, 376 Cook, Molly Conner 300 Cook, Sam 279 Cook, Thomas Edward 396 Cook, Thomas Leroy 322 Cook, William Boyd 344 Cook, William E 155 Cooke, Henry Austin 155, 421 Cooke, Willard R 446, 450 Cooksey, Edward J 112 Cooley, Denton Arth-ir. - 20 . 292, 404 Coon, Exell Leon 155 Cooper, A. E 201, 298, 421 Cooper, Beth 148 Cooper, Betty 466 Cooper, Frances Marie. 112. 308, 313, 366 Cooper, Nancy 289 Cooper. Richard Charles 408 Cooper, Robert Peyton 297 Cooper. Wilford L 452. 462 Cope. Mary Louise 112 Copeland, Jane 195. 350, 377 Copeland, Jefferson Lee 194, 402 Coppock, Nancy 368 Corbett, Kitty King 378 Corbin, Joe Haymond 138, 399 Corbin, Joy Margaret 2S1 Corby. J. Harry 390 Cordaro. Joseph Thomas 315 Corless. George B 294 Cornelius, George Louie 139 Correll, Eloise 112 Correll, Margaret Jeannette. 112. 182,374 Cortes, Ria Gaillard 185, 379 Coselli.John Annibale 315 Cosner, Sara Jean 112 Costello, Cyril J 452. 462 Cotham, Christian Malford 402 Cotham. Doris Wells 148 Gotten, James Madison 139, 331 Gotten, Ruth 182 Cotter, Carlin Ruth 371 Cotter, Mary Elizabeth 371 Cottingham, W. F 298 Couch, Joseph 389 Couch. Sarah Jane 313 Coulson, Edward Donald 138, 407 Coulter, Edith Lee 359 Cousins. Robert Barton 416 Coventry. Vaden 464 Covert, George Hugh 403 Cowan, William Kenneth 452. 462 Cowboys, The 345 Cowden. Wright Elliott 112 Cox. Clarence Brant 392 Cox, Edwin J. R 112. 303 Cox, Franklin L 286 Cox, George Lewis 139 Cox. Gilbert Edwin 408 Cox, Helen Katherine 104.366 Cox. Jack R 280 Cox, Jeff 462 Cox. Margaret 139. 306. 371 Cox. Mary Lucylle 316, 369 Cox, Milo 236, 239, 242 Cox. Thomas L 104 Coy. Paul Henry 292 Crabb. John Edward 424 Craddock. Judith Arledge ..112, 319, . 62 Craig. H. V 411 Craig, James David 391 Craig, John Austin 155. 399 Craig. Richard Harrison 286 Craig. William Jenkins 286 Grain. Catherine Reynolds 379 Grain. Edward Bruner 404 Grain, Emily 379 Grain. Forest Burr 429 Crain. Frank Harrington 397 Grain. Jack 218 Crain, L. B 461 Grain, Sam Harrison 287,303 Crain, William Henry 3.30. 392, 396 NAMES PACES Cramer, Carolyn Hope 437. 444 Crandey, Lois 313 Crane, Anne Elizabeth 455 Crane. Edward 268, 421 Crane, James Dreher 112 Craven, Edmund Powell 420 Crawford. Nellie James 139, 358 Crawford, Ralph 465 Crawford, William Severne 417 Craze, Merrill Albert 401 Crcager, Rentfro Banton 1.39 Creighton, John Roy 155 Crews. Helen Louise 148. 326 Crews, Margaret Nell 112. 308. 368 Cribh, Josephine Denis 155 Cristol, Johanna Charlotte 360 Critz, Ella Nora 112. 368 Crockett, David Stanley 112, 311 Crockett, Harold Brown ...112, 278. 292, 298. 305. 325 Crockett, Reva Elizabeth 357 Crockett. Robert Houston 416 Crockett, Sara Margret 281, 299, 321 Crome. William Fink 420 Cromwell, Cartene 367 Crosby, Charles Holmes 292 Crosby, Elwyn Barnes 415 Cross Country 244 Cross, Ruth 300 Crouch, Austi n Lee 104 Crouch, Dorothy Bess 139 Crouch, James Craig 415 Crouch. John Russell 204, 253 Croucher, Lesl ie 226 Crow, Helen Florence 140, 332, 385 Crow, Lois Fairfax 112, 186, 200, 316, 376 Crow, Mary Frances 384 Crowell, Dr. Caroline 299 Crowe! 1, James Burgus 112 Crowell. John Chambers 112, 297 Crowson, Mary Frances 155 Crozier. Mary Ella 155. 313 Crozier, W. E 344 Cruce, William V 450, 465 Crumb, Stephen Franklin 292 Crumley, Lois Leonora ...112, 316, 362 Cruse, Ray 405 Cruse, Sam William 405 Cruser, Mary Virginia 368 Cuellar, Hesiquio 314 Cukovich, Mary Jane 113, 315, 439 Culley, Coleman C 282 Culley, Erwin Gray 140, 292 Culley. Milton Mutton 113. 303 Gulp, James Franklin 113. 416 Culpepper, Virginia Ruth 332. 367 Cultural Entertainment Committtee. .343 Cunningham, Betty Jane 367 Cunningham, Charles 148 Cunningham, Hugh McDade 297 Cunningham, Ida Mae 140 Cunningham, Mary Elizabeth 332 Cunningham. Robert Thomson ..311, 416 Cunningham, Sam 463 Cunningham, Wilburn D 331 Cuny, Tom B 331 Cupp, Albert Ewell 344 Curl, Carroll Amberson 414 Curlin, Jack Valentine 404 Curlin, Tom Watt 404 Curran, Vincent Brian 409 Currie. David Mitchell 292. 428 Curry, Peter Michael 324, 334. 335 Curtain Club 330 Curtis, Betty Ruth 140. 332. 384 Curtis, Lanell 149 Curtis, Sara Eleanor 363 Curtis, Thomas Mobley 113 Cutchin, Elizabeth Corrine 188. 313 Cyrus, E. Munsey 452, 461 Czech Club 309 D Dabbs, Ann Elizabeth 358 Dabney, Malcolm Kelso 204,209, 211, 213 Dabney. Scott 303 Dacy, George Louis 344 Dahlberg, Gunnard Alvin 104 Dahlman, Joyce 369 Dahlstrom, Robert Elwood 155 Dahme. Doris Lee 155 Daily. Herschel 413 The Daily Texan 272, 273 Dakin, Carrel 140 Dakin, Dorothy Julia 155, 367 Dallas Club 310 Dameron, James Russell 431 Damiani. Jules Verne 392 Damon, Henry 423 Dancey. Robert J 450 Danguard. Carl Olin 292. 303 Daniel, Barbara 155, 439 Daniel, Charles Davis 113, 331 Daniel, Doris Ann 356 Daniel, Dorothy Lucille 113 Daniel, John Britt 416 Daniel. Julia Lee 188, 281, 439 Daniels, Chal Nueton 405 Daniels, Janet 379 Daniels. Pat 268, 272. 344 Daniels, Thomas Emmett 303 Danklefs, Elsa Lucille 155 Darby, Jessie Lorene 140. 321 Darby. Margaret Lillian 186, 369 Darbv, Sarah Cornelia 364 Darden, Mary Alexander 352. 378 Page 505 NAMES rAOts Darden, Ruth Elizabeth 375 Darden, William Edward 387, 404 Darden. William Harmon 155 Darr, Vernon Oscar 315 Darsey, Frances Enloe 186, 323 Darst, Anita Loise 198, 270, 271, 302, 346, 382 Dattner, Elaine 367 Davenport, Emory 461 Davenport, Joe Jean 292 David, Jeanette 183, 369 David, Julius Huie 140, 294 David, Leo Max 419 David, Stanley Milford 412 Davidson, Faye Main 1 9 Davidson, Hortense Resale 332, 361 Davidson, Rollo Eugene 140, 315 Davidson, W. R 237. 242 Davie, William Howard 400 Davis. Alfred 303, 322 Davis, Bond 204. 416 Davis, Catherine 439 Davis, Charles Turner 155 Davis. David William 452, 465 Davis, Dimple Del 155 Davis, Dorothy 458 Davis, Dorothy Uta 113, 332 Davis, Dudley Perdue 292, 340, 400 Davis, Edward Gilmore.204, 208, 210, 211 Davis, Edwin 303 Davis, Fannie 31 Davis, Florence Janet 155 Davis. Horace Chesterfield 290, 297 Davis, Irma Belle 458 Davis, James Kelley 393 Davis. Keith 118, 279, 282, 292, 307 Davis, Lee Judson 292 Davis, Mary Jane 149, 313, 435 Davis, Milton Victor 331, 419 Davis, Olga 149 Davis, Wallace Kimbrough 155 Davis, Woodrow Wilson 326 Dawson, R. F 304 Dawson, Ted Roosevelt. 204, 209, 210, 211 Dawson, W. T 446 Day, Doris Marie 384 Day, Dorothy Ruth 367 Day, Robert Bruce 322 Day. Thomas Wilkinson 421 Dazey, Mrs. A. M 442 De Golyer, E 294 de la Garza, Enrique 326. 336 de la Torre, Amado Gomez 326. 314 de Lara, Domingo Lopez 314 Deaderick, William Bawden. . . .192. 345, 355, 404 Dealey, Joseph McDonald 149, 406 Dean, William Beale 337 Deathe, Mary Kathryn 140 Deaton, Thelma Pearl 356 Decker, Grace Virginia 325, 326 DeCoux, Edmond Jacque 140 Dees, Mary Cone 113 Degler. H. E 278 Dehoney, Alfred Peyton 291 DeLancey, Charles J 292, 297, 392 Delaney.J. J 450 Delaney. Robert Arden 395 DeLange, Arnott 452, 464 Delavan, Connie 175, 352, 368 Delavan, George Washington ...140, 242, 292, 404 Delavan, Mildred Myrtle 369 Delay, Sara Louise 378 Delgado-Vega, Vicente 149 DeLoach, Ralph Ilbert 292 DeLong, Jetty Grace. ..187, 198, 351, 366 Delta Chi 394-395 Delta Delta Delta 368-369 Delta Gamma 370-371 Delta Kappa EpsHon 396-397 Delta Phi Epsilon 372-373 Delta Sigma Pi 286 Delta Tau Delta 398-399 Delta Theta Phi 400-401 Demere. Georgina 155, 367 Demic, Joe 270, 274 Denena, Minnie 140, 315, 443, 444 Denison, Frank Willis 397 Denman, Billie 155 Denman, Gilbert Morgan 292, 420 Denman, Leroy Gilbert ..196, 199, 204, 249. 250, 284, 291, 345, 420 Denman, Mary Claire 382 Dennard, Norris 149 Dennis, Creighton 331 Denton, Arthur Lee, Jr 155 Denton, Ashley Newton 420 Deonier, Carl W 461 Deputy, Hazel Ross 140,368 Derby, Jack A 390 DeTurk, Elder Patlison 322 DeuPree, Charles Lamar 422 Deutsch, Melvin Elliott 318 Devine, William Webb 416 DeVries, Louis Steven 149, 311 DeWeese, Charles Reed 331 DeWitt, Mary 187 Dibrell, James Wendell 290, 292 Dibrell, Jenny Lee 336 Dibrell, Kellis Thomas 337 Dickens, William Robert 292, 410 Dickenson, Joe W 465 Dickerman, Theresa 455 Dickey, Dorothy 187 Dickey, Frank Ramsey 287, 298. 303 Dickie, Floy Beth 155 Dickie, James Albert 323 NAMES PACES Dickinson, Doris Esther 187, 308, 350, 382 Dickson, Betrena 140 Dickson, Dorothy MacGregor 315 Dickson. Lucy Lee 316, 384, 436 Dickson, Virginia Lee 283, 364 Diebel, Ray Clark 149 Dies, Howard Birch 405 Dietel, Alma Susanna 332, 336 Dieter, Philip, Jr 331 Dietzel, Maxine Eleanor 352, 368 Dildy, Jacqueline Runnels 159 Dill, Anna Belle 313 Dillard, Nancy Elizabeth 155 Dillender, Clyde Milton. Jr. ...138, 406 Dilley, Lucie Frances 113, 382 Dimick, Bashie English 378 Dimmitt, Dean 464 Dingle, Jack Ewing 393 Dingle, Laura Elizabeth 369 Dinkins. L. L 290. 292 Disch. Anita Mae 364 Disch, W. J 202. 228 Dismukes. Newton Bradford 113 Dittert, Edgar Edward 113 Ditlmar, Arthur Carl 140 Dittmar, Ruth 113 Dixon, Louis H 297 Dobie, Richard Lee 400 Dobson, William Ben 425 Dobson, Willis Boring 104 Dodd, Frederick Welborne 423 Dodd, Ysleta Frances 113 Dodgen, William Thomas, J r 155 Dodson, Alberta 313 Dodson, Florence Sue 330, 352, 370 Dodson. Pattie May 149, 317, 380 Doeppenschmidt, Vivian Caroline. . .332. 444. 438 Doering, Clarence Milton 155 Doggett, Margaret 281, 384 Doherty, Robert Pace 199, 345. 390 Dohoney, Alfred Peyton - " i • Dohoney, Mrs. A. P 435 Dold, Vina Louree 113 Dolde, Louree 314 Dolley, J. C 201, 283. 286 Dolph, Jack Covell 140, 272, 273 Dominguez, Hugo 292 Domler, Kathleen Powell 140 Donaho, Katherine 149 Donaldson, J. D., Jr 464 Donaldson, James Macon 452, 465 Donaldson, Thomas Hampson 411 Donigan, Norma Frances 155, 359 Donnell, Earl Roe, Jr 113, 305, 325 Donnelly, George Arthur 404 Donnelly. H. A 303 Donovan. Richard. Jr 155, 397 Dooley, Dorothy Ann 376 Dooley, Joseph Brannon 405 Dorfman, Mildred Charlyn 155, 386 Dormitories 433-444 Dorsett, William Newton 389 Dorsey, John Wesley 405 Dorsey, Thad James 113 Dorward, Theo Estine 104, 323 Doss, Ethel Virginia 113, 315 Doss, Missy 31 Dotson, Peggy Hortense 366 Doty, E. William 37 Dougherty, James Robert 390 Doughtie, V. L 278 Douglas, Jennie Lois 327 Douglas, LaRheu Jack 430 Douglas, Robert, Jr 149 Douglass, Dorothy Dell 367 Dow, Harold 463 Dowlen, Dorrell Nell 413, 313 Dowling, Augusta Jane 113 Downs, Fred 155 Downs, James Cade 389 Downs, James T 456, 459. 462 Downs, W. D 113 Doyen, June Earle 318 Dozier, Miriam 319 Drake. James Thomas 402 Draper, Helen Francis 359 Draper. Martha Honaker 113, 362 Dreier, Barbara Ann 155 Drozda, Eleanora Anne 309 Drummond, Leon Ellis 344 Drummond, Lorena 300 Drury. Doris Maxine 113 DuBois, Eloise 175, 187, 352, 376 DuBose, Adele Katherine 368 Duckworth, Frances Lee 149, 313, 319, 358 Duckworth, James Walter 113, 326 Dudley, Carter Greer 407 Duflie, Ben Cochran 155, 411 Duffield. Carl Edgar 405 Duflot, Leo S 331 Duggan, Mary Kathryn .... ' ..,. .114, 368 Dulaney, Ann 371 Dulaney, Jane 187, 371 Dullnig, George Edward. 204, 249, 250, 392 Duls. Jane Worlhington 155, 377 Dumble, Eleanor 114, 384 du Monil. Bertha 455 Dummit, Dixie Jo 375 Dunagan, Lorena Blanche 140 Dunagan, Robert Louis 149, 331 Duncalf, Frederic 409 Duncan, Dorothy Knox 114, 332 Duncan, John Roberts 155 Duncan, Julia Lynne 140, 183, 319, 379. 436 Duncan, Olive Shelmire 379 NAMES FACES Duncan, W. B 293 Dunklin, Don Duane 114, 278 Dunlap, Benjamin Foster 282, 283. 292. 331 Dunlap, Caswell Lanier 114, 310 Dunlap, Frances Birdwell 313 Dunlap. John Christopher... 282, 283, 331 Dunlavy, Owen Lester 326 Dunn. Lura Vista 376 Dunn, S. Alton 114 Dunnam, Thomas Eugene 392 Dunning, Suzanne Robertson ...319, 347, 384, 436, 444 DuOng, Lee 114 Duplan, Carlos Don 315 Dupree, Margaret Laverne 114, 313 DuPree, Rufus Lee 326 Durban, Moultrie Lee 114 Durham, Floyd Samuel 114, 400 Durham, Hubert Singleton.. 140. 320. 344 Durham, Mary Barbara 183, 359 Durrett, Maxine 359 Dusek, Otto Louis 140, 286, 309 Dushek, Frances Pauline... 114, 187, 290, 295, 296, 308, 321. 346. 443 Duval, Claiborne Alexander 322 Dvoracek, Mary Josephine... 309, 315, 318 Dyer, Edith Anne 336, 382 Dyke, Richard Burt 269, 348 E Fades, Robert Howard 334. 335, 411 Eanes, Ellagene 323 Eanes, Evlyn Lucile 104, 323 Earnest, Elizabeth 458 Earnest, Louise Adelaide 366 Easley, Edwin 155 East, Agnes Brandon 149 East, Kenneth Clarence 104 East, Margaret Sue 155, 332 Eastland, Herman 390 Eastland, Laurence 114, 282 Eastman, Florence 114 Eaton, Robert 398 Eaves, Connie Lee 330. 334, 335 Eberhard. Helen 313 Eberhart, Sibyl Terry 313 Eckert, John Byron 155 Eckert, Mildred 155 Eckert, Ruby Violet 313 Eckert, William Ascher 318 Eckbardt, Carl 39. 278, 298. 305 Eckhardt, Robert Christian 274 Eckhardt, William Rudolf, ill ..291, 392 Eckman, Mildred 183 Eddins, Marilee 290 Eddleman, Faegene 365 Edel, Lois Ellen 317, 332, 360 Edelstein, Helen 361 Edelstein, Petrice 386 Edelstein, Ruben Harold 114. 417 Edgar, Henry Edward 395 Edgar, Joe 394 Edge, Laura Jean 383 Edgerton. George Headley 294, 298 Edgington, Ruth Bourland 313 Edling, Manuel James 149 Edminster, James W 237, 242, 244 Edmonson, Billie Carolyn 281 Edmunds. David Wright 204, 236, 240. 242, 244 Edwards, Bette Jane 155 Edwards, Grace Eicke 144 Edwards, Martha Elizabeth.. 114, 316. 436 Edwards, Thomas Francis 279 Egan, John Thomas 425 Eggers, G. W. N 450 Egozcue, Edward Joseph. . . .315, 326, 344 Ehlers, Emmett Amberg 344 Ehlers, Jane Marie 149 Eiband. Christina Hulda.... 114, 319, 384 Eichholt, Lewis 286 Eidsen, Joe Harvey 410 Eikel, Mary 385 Eilenberger, John Frederick 398 Eisenberg, Joe Davidson 426 Eitt, Herbert Edward 297, 392 Eliassof, William Robert 114 Elizondo, Cesar Manuel 331 Elkins, Leona 187 Elledge, Jane 319 Elledge, Raymond Phillips 405 Ellett, Mary Arnelt 114, 313 Ellingson, Eugene 462 Ellington, Alice Joy 183 Elliot, Loran Lajoie 194, 396 Elliott, David Grey 403 Elliott, Jean Eloise 356 Elliott, Ross Liles 398 Ellis, Frances Lee 368 Ellis, Janes G 305. 405 El 1 is, Leigh 391 Ellison, Jack Keith 282. 286 Ellsworth, Ruth Edna 358 Elshick, Jesse John 311 E» vell, Norman 311 Embry, Nora Frances 316. 347, 376 Emerson, Louis Richard 334, 335 Emerson, Lucile 306, 313 Emkcn, Roy Lee 114 Emmert, Frank Raymond 334, 335 Emmolt, Jack Harold 425 Engel, Thrace Ola 114. 319 Engelke, Louis Benno 149 Engineering Building 23 England, Henry Crockett 405 Engle. Janet Louise 186. 296. 317. 321. 332. 360 NAMES PACES Engleman. Betty Ann 149. 187, 357 Engler. Sylvia 306, 372 English, Anita 187. 367, 439 English, Barney L 155 English, Oscar B 408 Entzminger, Eugene A 460 Epperson, Edna Earle 140 Epperson, Robert Allen 326 Erickson. Esther Mae 281 Erickson, Kenneth W. 290 Erwin, Frank Craig 292, 404 Erwin, John Bruce 431 Escarcega-Perea, Nicolas 314 Eschberger, Lamar Oscar 395 Escott, John Hampton 149, 331 Eskew, Neal 279 Espinosa, Alfredo Julian 314 Estes, Bates B 465 Estill, Jane Catherine 321, 358 Estrada, Ramiro Padilla 314. 326 Esunas, Bernard Joseph 204, 208, 210. 211. 236. 242 Eta Kappa Nu 287 Etheridge Whitson Beazley 114 Ett linger, Martin Grossman 292 Evans, Christine Adele 319. 358 Evans, Dorothy Jane 319. 367 Evans, Huntice Velie 149 Evans, J. Billy 114 Evans, John Whitley 303 Evans, Josephine Van Zandt 326 Evans, Junius Anthony 326 Evans, Robert Eason 204. 210. 232 Evans, Samuel Allen 114 Evans, Travis Clay 140. 286 Everett, Jeanne Louise ....149, 324, 366 Everett, Virginia Joy 324, 366 Ewing, Catharin 149 Ewing, Guy Wesley 140, 336 Ewing, Mary Ruth 336 Ewing, Nancy 362 Eyres, William George 331 Eyssen, William Herschel 402 Ezell, Edgar 465 Ezell.Sue 155, 332. 385 F Fain, Robert Snead 393 Fairchild. I. D. Mrs 29 Falfa OmicTon Omega 350 Fancher, George H 294, 423 Fanning, William Floyd 282 Fant, Jack 416 Farmer, Dorothy Jane 367 Farquhar, Blanche Edna 364 Farr, Raymond Winfield 287 Farrar, Margaret 367 Farrar, William Fred 282, 390 FasuUo, Frank Joseph 326 Fath, Conrad Frederick 334, 335 Faubion, Carlos Bradford 149, 303 Faubion, Frances Alameda 149 Faulkner, Marianna 369 Fauntleroy, Jack 115, 344 Fausset, Guy F 155 Fawcett, Cornelia 184 Feinberg, Stern 193, 355, 412 Feind, Carl Robert 315 Felder, John Lawson 115, 303, 420 Felder, Zack Lamar 414 Felps, Selety Catherine 104 Felsing, W. A 293 Felter, Georgia 466 Fenske, Mary Adel 155 Ferguson, Mabel Elizabeth 115 Ferguson, P. M 285, 298, 304 Ferguson, Sara 466 Feroce, Guido Albert 315 Ferris, Mary Elizabeth 115, 181 Field, Bertha Lenora 178, 358 Field, Howard Franklin 140 Field, Melvin Prince 304 Field, Sam H 292, 422 Fife, Margaret T 149, 181 Fikany, Edward David 292 Files, John Thomas. ...140, 292, 293, 298 Files, Sidney James, Jr 115, 303 Filgo, Nancy Lee 181, 383 Filkins, Mary Louise 367 Finch, Anne Townes 302, 347, 382 Finch, S. P 285,304,421 Fincher, Ernest Hilliard 344 Fincher. Maurice Robert 251, 282, 292 Finck, Marion Henry 326 Finkelstein, Paul 292, 412 Finley, Elmer 115, 204, 225 Finnegan, Mary Margaret 377 Finucane, John Leslie 115 Fischer, Catherine 315 Fischer, Dorothy Marguerite 315 Fischer, Elmo Leroy 320, 344 Fish, John Henry 464 Fisher, Bill 462 Fisher, Charles Irwin 280, 292, 428 Fisher, Gordon Henderson.. 204, 294, 340, 348, 428 Fisher, Herbert Stanley 270, 271, 425 Fisher, Margaret 332 Fisher, Margaret Barrow 115, 290, 346 Fisher, Robert Sidney 408 Fisher, William 459 Fishman, Diane 372 Fitch, William Pilcher 404 File, Leonard Albert 140 Fitzgerald, E. Floreine 149 Fitzgerald, Evelyn 155 Fitzgerald, J. Anderson 36, 268, 283 Fitzgerald, Toby, Jr 155 NAME PACES Fituimmon . Joe Lee 204 FiUwilliam , C. D 460 Flahive. Terrence Paul 138, 315 Flake, Emma Louise 313 Flanagan, Preston Simms 405 Flanagan, Ralph Drew 252, 421 Flanagtn, Mary Edith 155 Flato. Fred 210, 211 Flalt, William Woodi 115 Fleeger, John Burtner 397 Fleishman, Doris Sylvia 373 Fleming, Harry Lemual 315 Fleming, Kennard Palmore 156 Fleming, Mary Edna 368 Flenniken. Emily Elizabeth 140 Fletcher. Dick Earl 417 Fletcher. E. G 389 Fletcher. Mary Frances. 140, 316. 332. 369 Flinn, Helen 436 Flood. Nick. HI 149 Flores, Adalberto Rafael 314 Floras, Azucena 315 Flores, Ignacio Deciderio 115, 326 Flores, Jesse Castillo 314 Flournoy. Thomas Roy 431 Floyd. Cecil Reid.115, 306, 332. 336. 374 Floyd, Jack Edward 315 Floyd. Lois Jean 115, 321 Floyd. Louis C 461 Floyd. Mrs. Margaret 458 Floyd, Paul 326 Fly, Margaret Lorraine 115 Fly. William Madden 140. 398 Focht. J. A 285. 298, 304 Foit. Lillian Anne 318 Foley. Tom 464 Folsom. Dorothy 176 Football 205. 218 Football Letlermen 207, 211 Football Suuad 206, 210 Foote. Kathryn 115 Forchheimer, Florence 372 Ford, John Kennedy 345 Ford, Jon C 156 Ford, Kenny 193. 294, 404 Ford. Steve. Jr 115. 294, 332, 431 Ford. Virginia Myrle 377 Fordtran, Edith Louise 321, 358 Foreman, Clyde Bayard 431 Foresman, J. M 431 Forney, Charles M 149 Forney. William (Bill). 204. 208, 210, 211 Forsman. Marion Edwin 287. 298. 303 Forwood, Virginia 140. 323 Foster, Abner Lipscomb 140 Foster, Ann 384 Foster, Derie Inez 385 Foster, Jack Cox 115 Foster, Lela Claire 149,380,417 Foster, Randolph Nelson 156, 331 Foudray, Rosemary 359 Fourmy, Frank Campbell 420 Fonts. Jacquelyn DeNese 369 Fouts, James Ward 198, 254, 292. 345, 348. 428 Fouts. John Martin, Jr 104, 199, 254, 292, 297. 428 Fox. Edith Adel 115, 296. 380 Fox. Jack 459, 460 Foxhall. Harold Bell 292. 387, 402 Foxhall. Lewis Lyles 200. 337, 402 Foyt. Annie Frances 191, 309 Foy t, Anton 309 Foyt. Pauline Mary 309 Frambach, Jack Andrew 156, 425 Francis. Edward Lysaght 397 Franklin, Elvin Kay 140, 324 Franklin, George E 331 Franklin. Melvin Ray 140, 324 Franklin. Rose Mary 156 Franks, Harriet Marie 115, 368 Eraser, Jamie Eleanor 321, 363 Eraser, Loraine 149 181 Eraser. Mary 332 Eraser, William Lantz 156 Fraternity Home manager 387 Frazar. Joe Newton 404 Frazer, Edward Johnson 417 Freeh. Samuel Henry.. 140, 334, 335, 336 Fred. Edward Bernard 115 Frederirh. Margaret Jo 115, 332 Frederick. John H 286 Freeman, Joe M 331 Freeman, Julian Edwin 401 Freeman. Ray Kirk 414 Freeman, Virginia Kentucky ....178, 270, 271, 316, 362 Freidman. Albert 413 French. Edith 332 French, Jack A 452, 464 Freshman Football Season 218 Freshman Football Squad 218 Freshmen 153-160 Freundlich. Charles 450 Frey, Herbert Hale 115 Frey. Jerry Burke 315 Friars 348 Fridner. Adele Louise 317, 360 Fricdcl, John Noble 331 Friedlander. Adele Lillian 317, 360 Friedlander, Raymond 418 Friedlander, Silas 412 Friedman. Ruth Carolyn 156, 361 Friedman. Saul 412 Frier, James Henly 315 Fritz, Lester Waite 355, 394 Frobese. Alfred Searcy 290. 459, 460 Fromme. Dolores 140 Fronczek, Chester 318 NAMES PAUES Frost, Billy Cyrus 292, 416 Frost, Cyrus 336, 417 Frost, Jack 303 Frost, Jay Miles, III 297 Frueholz, Margaret 309, 440, 444 Frumer. Louis Reshin 284,418 Fryer, Dorothy Corene 140. 181, 313 Fuchs, Blanche Elizabeth 313 Fuess, Carl Andrew 315 Fugitt. Joe M 149. 331 Fuller, Alfred Smith 304, 408 Fuller, Helen 336. 365 Fuller, Roy Lallier 115, 305 Fuller. Warren Phillips 297 Fuller, Wesley Edens 403 Fulton, Jewel 458 Funk, Herbert Becker 305 Fuqua, William Cruse 334, 335, 344 Furgason, Carl Moss 292, 293 Fuste, C. E., Jr 465 Fyfe, Charles Edward 410 Gafford. B. N 303 Gager, Mortimer 149 Gaines, Glory Lipscomb 365 Gaines, Michael Chauncey 392 Gaines. Tom 294 Gaither. Harold Lloyd 292 Galbraith, Ralph A 303 Galindo, Leo 326 Gallagher, Rial Frederick, Jr 140, 331 Gallagher. Roy Milton 282 Gait, Betty Jane 140, 382 Gait, Jack L 331 Gammage, Troupe Ernest. .. .197, 291, 38 8 Gamma Phi Beta 374. 375 Gaudier, Ida 290, 295 Gangwer. Richard Alfred 115, 325 Gannon, Clair Hildreth 315, 407 Cannon. Jeanne Elizabeth 383 Gant. Jack Allen 420 Gantt, Frances Elizabeth 140 Garber. Edward Elias 280, 290 Garcia, Angela 314 Garcia, Dionisio Ramirez 314, 326 Garcia, Joe 1 315, 326 Garcia, M. Angela 149 Garcia. Santiago 303 Gardner, Andrew Jackson 334, 335 Gardner, Edward O ' Meare 421 Gardner, Frank Johnson 334, 335, 336 Gardner, James .Henry 315, 420 Gardner, Mary Teresa 141, 315 Gardner. Ruth 466 Garey. James 320 Garland, Fred McKee 293 Garner, Curtis Robert 416 Garner, S. P 282 Garnett, John 233 Garnett, Mark McGee 392 Garnett. Wesley 149 Garrett, Clyde Winston 270, 271, 417 Garrett, Dodson 464 Garrett, Joe 149, 242. 244 Garrett. Julian Wesley 156 Garrett, Mary Jane 141, 178, 316, 377 Garrett, Mary Katherine 385 Garrett. Norma Blda 178 Garrett. Preston W 331 Garrett. Winifred Estelle 357 Garrison Hall 10 Garrison, Margarette 272, 273, 300 Garrison, Robert Grady 280 Garrison, Virginia 269 Garrison. W. Arthur 115 Cartman. George Weldon, Jr 141 Cart man, Katherine Florence 116 Gartman. Nihia Louise 374 Garza, Gustavo 314 Garza. Kcynaldo G 116 Gaston. Marcy Camille 181, 332, 336 Gates. Marjorie 182 Gatewood, Boyce Albert 204, 336, 339. 342 Cault, James Andrew, HI 141 Gay. Nan Lee 281. 440, 444 Gayle, Ben Burton 422 Gearing, Mary E 313 Gebauer, Dorothy 327 Gee. Kirhy Carson 303 Ceer, John Tayman 116 Geeslin. Ben Davis 116, 387, 388 Geiger, Doraine Louise 332, 385 Gentry. Dr. Elizabeth 299 Gentry. Gpofcp V 395 Geology Building 24 George. Elizabeth 315 George. Gordon Napier 116, 390 George. Lorraine 116 (Jeorge. Thomas M 116 George. William Paul 282, 283 Geraghty. Wade Paul 116 Gerlich, Norman 464 German. John Paul 334, 335, 414 Getzendaner, William Hamilton 404 Ghormley. Mary 466 Ghormley. William C 464 Gibbard. Larry 388 Gibbons. Zuekla 281 Gtbbs, Charles Montague 408 Gibson. Billy Peck 404 Gibson. H. Martin 464 Gibson. Norris Wilbur 297 Gideon, Roger Murphy 336 Gidley, Andrew Jackson 149 Gidley, Margaret Lytic. 116, 182, 295, 332 Gidley, W. F 38, 292. 326 ;idley, Willa Mae 281, 365 Giesen, Eugene Max 315 Gilbert, Daisey Thorne 300 Gilbert, Dr. Joe 34 Gilbert, Pauline Lois 386 Gilbert, Robert Seymour 430 Gildersleeve, Dale Lynford 156. 331 Gill. John Elli« 204. 209. 210, 211 Gill, Horace E 450, 452, 462 Gill. Pauline Allen 351, 382 Gillam, William (Billy) 237, 242 Gillam. William Rohs 428 Gillespie, C. H 465 Gillespie, Frances Lucille 116, 444 Gilliam, Hilhurn Doyle 141, 331 Gilliam, Hughes 452, 464 Gilliam. Milburn Doyle 280 Gil li land, Inez Virginia 116 Gilliland. Madeline 141. 313. 365 Cilliland, Robert McMurtry 292 Gilliland. William Elbert, Jr 141 Gillis Shannon 149. 313. 319, 359 Gillis. Walker 421 Gilmer, John T 149 Gilmore, Mary Nell 349, 376 Gilslrap. H. C 204. 337, 409 Gimble, Frances 116 Ginsberg, Estha Lee 141 Giniley. B. C. Jr 149 Girls Glee Club 332, 333 Given, Mildred Louise 361 Givens, E. A 156 Gladney, Albert Tatum 393 Glasberg. Ruth 156 Glascock. Clyde C 296 Glasford, Glenn 287, 298, 303 Glasscock. Seth 318 Glass. Walter 459. 463 Glauser, Harry Joseph 315, 388 Glenn, Thomas Oliver 141, 311 Glover, Maude Alice 368 Goad, Edna 116, 313 Goad. Tom Lloyd 156 Godard. Ernest Joseph 294, 392 Godbehere, Mrs 458 Godby. Vera 458 Godfrey. Rosalie 41, 313, 440 Goerner, Frank Anderson 278, 292, 305. 325 Goforth. M. Louise 452, 466 Gohnert, Dorothy 149 Coin. Charles W 156 Gold. Ruth Estelle 283 Goldberg. Julius 336. 419 Golden, Frances Virginia 178. 364 Golden. Margaret Helen 373 Goldman. Mrs. Esther 458 Goldsmith. C. A 420 Goldstein, Milton Sidney 292 Goldstein Sonia Harriett 317. 360 Coldtbwaite, Norma LaRoy .141, 299, 368 Goldwire. W. H 311 Golenternek, Sylvia 116, 306. 372 Golf 254 Golman. Ethel 373 Gomez. Carlos Albert 393 Gomez, Modesto, Jr 156 Gonzalez, Jorge Reyna 156, 315 Gonzalez. Raul Garza 314, 326 Gooch, Virginia Ode 1 1 141 Good, Seth Alfred 149 Goode. Homer Wade 320 Goodfellows 192, 197 Goodfrienil. Irving 418 Goodman, Harry 427 Goodman. Idelle Mildred 373 Goodman. John McCoy HI, 286. 307 Goodman. Raymond Julian 199, 412 Goodrich, Mary Priscilla 383 Goodrich. Robert Raymond. .116. 311. 404 Goodwin. Charles 462 Goodwyn, Helen Edwina 321, 363 Goolsby. Henry Odell 156, 311 Goolsby Jack 462 Gordon, Flora 149. 321 Gordon, Leon Barras 427 Gordon. Marie D 466 Gordon. Mary Elizabeth 116, 368 Goren, Jack 426 Gorham. Frances 332, 375 Gorton, Mary Linda 466 Gossett, Constance Almeta 383 Gossett, James Cary 431 Gossett, William Zeta 425 Gould. Albert 323 Goudchaux. Dorothy 360 Gouldy. Roland 294, 298 Goulet. Mary Gertrude 315 Cowland, Maurice Dudley 282. 414 Grace Hall 438 Gracey. Jeanne 316 Gracey, Nancy Ann 149 Graduate ! ' urses , . .455 Graduates 104, 105 Greenfield, George Breecc 282 Gragg, Douglas Mayo 116. 282 Graham. Burleson 304 Graham, George W 396 Graham. Gilliam G 204, 236, 241, 242 Graham, Sam Frank 282 Crambling. John Allen 417 Grammer. Richard B 452, 460 Cranberry. Clara Jean 161, 181, 332, 367 Cranberry. Reed 201, 287, 303 Granger. W. H 465 Grant, Bruca Fones 294 Grant, Charles Brady 405 Grant, Durward Daniel 326, 429 Grant, Marvin Albert 141 Grant, Wayne Allan 322 Granville, Chester 197, 204, 222, 345, 396 Grasso. Jennie Rose Marie 156 Giasty, Ray 197, 322, 340, 345, 420 Gratzel. Alvin Harold 149, 292 Graves, Anne I rinia 356 Graves, Ethel 156 Graves, Hugh 236, 238, 242 Graves, James At len 428 Graves, Nannie Elizabeth 296 Graves, Pleasant Fowler 292, 420 Craves, Q. B 304 Graves, Theron James 141, 324 Graves, Thomas Albert 324 Gravis, Leo 242 Gray, Dorothy Elizabeth 149 Cray. J. Harry 116 Gray, Jack S 203, 204, 220, 421 Gray, Joe Francis 282 Gray, John Herbert 141 Gray, Lewis Allen ....204, 209, 210, 211 Gray, Sarah Genevieve 371 Gray, William Clifton 344 Grayson, Laurabeth 141 Gready. Donald M 452, 460 Grebe, Helen Margaret 156, 313 Green, Jane 180, 316, 382 Green, John Forrest 425 Green, Travis C 331 Greenburg, Robert 426 Greenfield, David 116, 412 Greenhill, Joe Robert .116, 200. 204. 283, 291, 292. 345, 348. 406 Greer, Eli Garwin 318 Greer, James Edward 104 Greer, Sam Jones 280 Greer, Thornton Court 390 Greeson, Maurine Neva 313, 332 Gregg, Davis Wfeinert 116 Gregg, Mary Lillian 296 Gregory, ElMe 458 Gregory Gymnasium 16 Gregory, Kathleen 141, 182 Gregory, Lorna Rae 281 Gregory, Malcolm R 282 Gregson, James Randolph 141 Greiner, William Edward 421 Gremmel, Warren Walter 292 Grenier, Arthur Sylvester 416 Gresham, Lewis 116 Gribble, Nancy Joy 332 Cribble, Ruth Dale 116, 313, 327 Griesen, Mariene 332 Griffin, Allen Bcattte 292 Griffin, Charles Henry 331, 411 Griffin, Dorothy Nell 367 Griffin, Fred David 292, 331, 393 Griffin, Harold 463 Griffin, James Buford 322, 420 Griffin, Lindsay Ira 292 Griffin, Maurine Eva 149 Griffin, Ruth 116, 316, 332, 362, 434, 444 Griffin, Victor Truman 334, 335 Griffing, Glenn Thomson 117 Griffith, Joe Blocker 345, 390 Griggs, Charles Randall 337 Griggs, Hall Wesley 117 Griggs, Mary Virginia 149, 281. 321, 330. 438, 444 Grigoleit, Juncann 156, 315, 359 Grimes, Adele 383 Grimes, Aubrey Lee 117 Grimes, Eleanor 383 Grimes, Margaret 440 Grimm, Laurence Franklin 311, 425 Grimshaw, William Ray 398 Grisham, Dortha Fay 313, 336 Grissom, Joe Bryan, Jr 138 Griswold. John 293 Groesbeck, James Douglas ....149, 292 Gross. James Oakland 141 Grossman, Burton Edward .204, 355, 426 Grossman, Frances Dee 117, 372 Grove, Donald Wayne 326 Grounds, Dorothy Lee.. 347, 367, 440, 444 Grubbs, James 210 Grubbs, Margrette Zuleika 149, 182 Grubbs, Oscar Columbus 141 Grundy, Thaddcus 292, 398 Grupp. Stanley R 156, 331 Gude, Joseph A 117 Guerra, Joe Charles 117 Gude, Joseph Alonso 326 Gueldner. Louis Oscar, Jr. 141, 278, .305 Guerra, Abelardo, Jr 149, 315 Guerra, Arnold Salvador 314 Guerra, Joe Charles 315 Guerra, Oscar Humberto 314 Guerrero, Delia Emmory 314 Guess. John E 396 Guess. Roy Hayes 117, 297 Guiler. Mona Dennis 156, 381 Guillot, Lawrence Elie 117. 408 Cuin, Margaret 141 Guinn, Jack 274 Guinn, Walter 336 Gumm, Charles Clayton 303, 404 Gump, Richard Anthony 355, 414 Gump. Robert Joseph 414 Gunn, Genevieve Lorraine 313 Gunnarson, Mary Jean 149 Gurinsky, Sylvan 418 Gustafson, Gerald Adolph 278 Gustafson. Wilbur Edward .287, 298, 303 Gustafson, Winfred Oliver 117 Gustine, Maryann 332, 366 Gutierrez, Emeterio, Jr 117, 296, 314 Pace 507 NAMES • " " ' Gutierrez, Fernando Domingo 326 Culierrei, Lauro Dennis •••••••; " •,}; Gutierrez, Maria Elsa 156, 182. 315 Guyette, William John J » Guyler, Amanda Frances H Haaker, Annabelle Ui ' ' OT Haarmann, Udo 331. 99 Haas, Charles Frederick 204, 242 Habarta, Alphonse William ■■■■■■■■• Habenicht, Harold Guido 156, 292 Hackett, Charles W. V fa, Hackett, Charles Wilson, Jr 156, 292 Haddock, William Sprong J Haden, John " ° Hagen, Beret Marguerite ' ' . ' n 5a|ga;d. George Earl.. 117, 334, 335, 4.0 Hagood, Howard 334. 335 Haidusek, Irene Amalia " ' Hailey. Sara King ViV ' W ' in Hajek, Sylvia Ann IH. 309, 313 Halamicek, Almo " ° Halamicek, John |? ' Halbert, Fanne . Hale, E. E __, Hale, Leon ?f? Haley, Alice Beth «? Haley, Emmelt Leeland " J Hall, Blanche Bernice Hall. Cliftord ■ « Hall, Frederick Richard • • • • ■ » Hall, James Dixon 52, 462 Hall. Margaret Ann " Hall, Marguerite Anne J " Hall, Mary Belle • ■ • ■ • ■ • • " ■ " ' ' Hall, Mary Helen ' ' ■ ' li ' Hall, Nelson Tucker yfA Hall, Virginia Elizabeth I " . 366 Hallett, Nez Conrad, Jr. ViVlnn Hallman, Ernest Leroy, Jr. ■•••■•HJ ' Halpenny, Lloyd Jasper ...305, 334. 335 Halstead, Harley Harry . . . .... ■ • ■ • • - o Hamilton, Bette Lynn 179, 310, Mi Hamilton, Cecil Landon f " Hamilton. Elizabeth Jean ■ ■ • • • " il ' -ej, Hamilton, Katherine Howard ...180, 38 Hamilton, Norris W " J Hamlett, Johns Barbara, Jr " ° Hammack, Robert Vernor « " Hammack, Shelby Geron " ' Hamraann, Brenner J?i Hammock, Ben Ainsworth ™ Hammond, Lee ,_ Hammonds, Hillard Francis • ' ' Hampton, Frieda Hancock, John William 3B» Hancock, Kinney " Hand, Isaac Benjamin JJ Handelman, Ben Haney, Richard Paul 344 Hanke, Mildred Novelle ;V, i,Q Hankins, Mary Adeline 141, 439 Hannah, Manton Tij Hannay, Helen Johnson ' Hansen, Jack Fremont Hansen. Justine , Hanson, Hugh Henderson Hanson, Wendell Holmes ;;; ' ,« Hanshaw, Elizabeth Angell 141, 336 Harber, Milton Taylyor .......•■•■••1 ' ' Harbin, John Pickens. 117, 282, 307, 398 Hard. Mary Jane ' ' Harder, Elizabeth Joyce 309 Hardie, William Bradford " O Hardin, Doss 4 S: , ' SlthHi;k;:ii7;m: ;- Hardy. Jessie Jean 15 Harelik, Milton Joseph Hargis, David Burton , Jr 3J1 Hargrove, Gary Hargrove, Cecil Bryant J ' » m ' T " ' A°„f " " " ' " ::::35i:l84 Harlan, Ann ' ' . ' ' _ Harlan, J. Reginald Harness, Pat ' Z Harp, Kelly i Jy lH Harper, Edward Tracy 320, 326 Harper, H. W 38.280, 293, 391 Harper, Lloyd Andrew ■ • • • • ' ' ' Harrell. Elizabeth Ann HI. 300 Harrell, Frank M » " Harrell, Mason Douglas V,V i« Harris, Charles Cleland " t ' ?« Harris, Florence 183, 3SJ Harris, Frances ' " " Harris, Francis Barton 30V Harris, Harold Joseph 4-0 Harris, Herbert Snow 3i» Harris, Jesse Martin WJ Harris, Manson JVf Harris, Marion ■•■•■• ' .W-, ' ' 7y, Harris, Martha ...141, 180, 376, 437, 444 Harris, Mary Elizabeth 368 Harris, Morris Ray J " Harris, Percy Lee ' " ' ' Harris, Stephen Thomas 4 " Harris, Theodore Edward 290, 293 Harris, Titus H " Harris, Weta Julia " ' Harris. William Abrara 30S Harris. William Thomas 294 Harris. William Watson 42 0 Harrison, Adine Helen .149, 281, 434, 444 Harrison, Dorothy Nan 281 MAMES PACES Harrison, Erie Nell 356 Harrison, Frances Wynne 377 Harrison, Marguerite 300 Harrison, Max Donnelly 117 Harrison, Nellie 31 Harrison, Rayraond Cloud 388 Harrison, Ruth Perla 288 Harrison, T. P 397 Harrison, Thomas Winter 428 Harrison, William Arch 344 Harrison, William .Marshall 399 Harrison, William Thomas 156, 331 Harrod, Hazel Louise 156, 281 Hart, David Louis 141 Hart, Dorainick 403 Hart, Joseph Peck 204, 237, 242, 244 Hart, Kenneth 269 Hartin, Rachel Elliott 368 Hartsfield, James Luther, Jr 141, 292 Harvin, William Charles ...197, 270, 271, 345, 406 Harwood, Franklin Thomas 410 Harwood, Martha Fauntleroy 376, 440 Harwood, Norma Gertrude 440, 444 Harwood, Winston, Jr 156. 391 Haschke, Marvin Milton 117 Hassell, Hibernia 290 Hassell, Leonard Reuben 117 Hassell, Willie Mae 118, U4 Hasskarl, Walter Fred, Jr... 118, 195. 345. 404 Hastings. Walter Clyde 326 Hatcher, Ada Lingo 450, 466 Hatcher, John Andrew 286 Hatchett, Capres Stripling 280, 292 Hatchett, Robert Lee 404 Hatherly. Helen Janice 313, 365 Haubold, Robert Egon 395 Hauschild, Edwaid George 118, 286 HauBchild, Henry John 290 Hawkins, Howard H 118, 326 Hawkins, Jane LaNell 118 Hawkins, Staley 118, 402 Hawn, William Hewit 430 Hayes, George Moore 430 Haynes, Leo C 30, 282, 286 Haynes, R. A 296 Hays, Nita Beth 313 Hayter, Mary Elizabeth 383 Hayter, Penelope 38- Hayward, Albert Edward 410 Head, Thomas Franklin 297 Headington, Joseph Edward 156 Headrick, James Milton ...287, 298. 303 Heap, Archie Maxwell 334, 335, 388 Heard, Frances Loraine 141, 180, 319, 327 Heard, Malcolm Warn 390 Hearne, Mary Virginia 270, 316, 349, 362 Hearne, William Milbra US Heath, Iva Earl IS Heaton, Elizabeth Virginia 383 Hecht, Edna Dorothy • ■ • ■ • 156 Hedrick, Cornelia Jeannette 118, 321, 332, 3. ' )8 Heffner, Harry Miller 118, 279 Hefley, Henriem 118, 323 Heflin, Bess ,•;■•„„„ Heflin, James McDonald, Jr. ...149, 292. Hegar. Diniel Theodore . . . .292. 309. 31P Heidrick. Robert Clarke 416 Heiligman. Anne Laura 458 Heiser. Robert Harris 408 Heiskell, Virginia Laird -SM Hejtraancik, Milton Rudolph 118, Helbing. Clare Louise 332, 368 Helbing, Leslie James H " Heller, M. M 278 Helms. Marjoric Rowell 38J Hemmie, Gene 334, 335, 336 Hempel, Jacqueline Sylvia " ,•,■■1,5 Henderson, Bessie Earle 141, 313 Henderson, Gladys Whitley 300 Henderson, J. L " J Henderson. Leta 8° Henderson. Paul James 323 Henderson, Scott L., Jr 156 Henderson, Sue W ' Izt Hendon, Caroline Grace 313, 366 Henger, William Meginnis 402 Hendrix, B. M Hendrix, Francis William 118 Hendrix, Jean Cowgill 321 Hendrix, Philip Loren ....141, 286. 331 Henke. Emilie Bertha 141, 313 Hennessey. Peter John 417 Henniger, Verlynn El Grace 156 Henry. Mary Honour 382 Henshaw, Eriene Rose 359 Hensley. Joe Lee ■■ il, Henze,H. R 280, 293 Herbert, Edna 458 Herbert. Robert Cook 4 2 Hereford. Carl -336 Hereford, Nettie Ruth 118, 306, 332, 384 Hereford. Odis Gerrie 138 Herman, Adeline Stella 118. 180. 323, 368 Herman, Geraldine Phyllis 361 Herndon, Jack 397 Herndon, Madeline Fay 141 Herod, Jack 344 Herod, Mary Louise 347, 440, 444 Herold, Bertha Anna 1 1 Herring, Garven Thomas, Jr 141 NAMES PACES Herring, Louise Caldwell 118, 437 Herring, Mary Hellen 156, 313 Herrmann, George 446, 450 Herrman, Ceorgeanne Williams 299 Herzag, Erna Rosalie 315 Herzik, Frank Woodrow 305, 325 Hessel, Aaron 426 Hestir, Bluford 331 Hetherington, Charles Stephen 141 Hewell, John Alton 323 Heye, Randall 462 Hiatt, Walker Haws 149 Hickman, Carlene Durrett 183, 383 Hickman, Harry 251 Hickman, Mary Frances 366 Hicks, Bernice Gelene 118 Hicks, Jack Evans 305, 428 Hicks, Janette Elizabeth 118, 181. 290, 319, 332, 384, 434, 444 Hicks, John Oxford 404 Hieserman, Anna Marie 142 Higdon. Wilford Dain 118, 334, 335 Higgins, Sam Edith 118, 313 Highams, Katherine Schwander 184, 316, 378 Highley, Mona P 104. 315 Highsmith, William Edward 331, 431 Hightower, Charles Counce 280, 416 Hightower, Jacqueline 142, 332 Hilburn, Rose 366 Hildebrand, Ira P 37, 291. 405 Hildebrand, Van K . 331 Hilderbrandt, August «5 Hill, Alyce R ' ' Hill, Annie ViV ' S, Hill, Benjamin Lee 118. .»• ' Hill, Charles Maurice 326 Hill, Donna Beth 156 Hill, Forest 237. 242, 244 Hill, Gertrude ■■•1»2 HilLJeraldine 150, 182, 281. 316 Hill, Jesse Wright 150 Hill. Joanne Van den Berge 383 Hill, John Henry 204, 231 Hill, Joseph Francis 278, 305, 32o Hill, La Verne V ' lf Hill, Margaret Rebecca 118, 313 Hill, Prentice David 269, 274, 330 Hill, Samuel 5 Hill, W. J.. Jr «63 Hill, William Lonnie 415 Hilley, Arthur Gayle 326 Hilley, Gordon 248, 250 Hilliard.J. P 210 Hilliard, Rosemary Susan 383 Hillyer, Mary 384 Hilman, Mary Mina V ■?„ Hinds, Jackson Ceivers 292, 311 Hinds, Mary Margaret 1 2 Hines, Nancy June • • ■ ■ .336 Hinman, Genevieve Louise 150, 385 Hinson, George Dillard 196, 402 Hirsch, Frances 118, 321, 360 Hirsch, Jeanne Mina 361 Hirsh, Bernard JJ ' Hirsh, Betlie Neal 156 Hirsh, Nathan Joe 150 Hiss, Anna ™ Hixson, William C 452, 459, 462 Hlavaty, Johnny Albert 318 Hobbs. Harry Wilber 401 Hodanek. Edward Victor 318, 325 Hodge, Homer James 156 Hodge, Roger Weldon • • • • -292 Hodges, Grace Elizabeth 313, 381 Hodges, Judson Lynn , " t Hodgin, Betty DeVere 156, 332 Hodson, John R •■ ' Hoeflich, Cari William ....315, 326, 421 Hoehn, Albert Donnelly 150, 303 Hoerster. Sam A J61 Hoey, Sarah Virginia 369 Hofer, Margaret Jane 295 HolTman, Arthur Ernest 293 Hoffman, Harold 292, 427 Hoffman, Harold Joe 331. 423 Hoffman, Leo Jaye . . .292. 331, 337, 426 Hoffman, Maurice Jacob 119, 331 Hoffman. Norman E 331 Hoffman, Robert William 399 Hoffman, Roger Harry 142. 424 Hogan, Alsede Walter 303 Hogan, Mary 458 Haee Debating Club 31 Hogg Memorial Auditorium 17 Hokanson, Doris Marguerite 182, 326 Holcomb, Henry Alvin 293 Holder. Clyde Carey 325, 331 Holland. Baxter Finch 150. 389 Holland. James Traylor 403 Holland. Leonard Maurice 427 Holland, Marie Hanna 180, 361 Holland, Owen 326 Hollingshead. Margaret Ethel 362 Hollingsworth. Lucille 119. 313 Hollingsworth, Robert 142, 303 Hollis, Joseph Edwin 322 Hollister, Carol Fausdick 290 Hollman, Clarice Georgette 150, 184 Hollmann, Julius Wollers 326 Holloman. Beth 58 Hollomon, J. J.. Jr 465 Holloway, Charles Kenneth 334, 335, 398 Holloway, Ross Raymond 292, 315, 420 Holloway, Walter Carroll, Jr 119 Holly, Floreine Georgie 309 NAMES PACES Holmes, Alice M. B 283 Holmes, Elsie Elliot 302, 384 Holmes, Harry 196, 396 Holmes, Minnie Katherine 332, 384 Hoi mes, Sara Isabel 382 Holmes, Shirley 119, 296. 330 Holmsley, Fred Holman 150, 292 Holstun, Jo Jack 403 Holt, Barbara 359 Holt, Fred Dryden, Jr 142 Holt, Pat 272, 273 Holt, William Joseph 389 Holtz, Ira Lee 458 Home Economics Building 18 Home Economics Club 313 Honnet, Norman Vaughan 404 Honoraries 277-300 Hopf, Mary Irene 313 Hopkins, Barney 408 Hopkins, Harold Newton 119, 401 Hopkins, Tom William 393 Hopper, Rex D 296 Hopson, Merritt M 331 Hood, Jacqueline Claire 156, 313 Hood, Thomas Lee 303 Hooker, John Tanner 304 Hooks, Charles Guy 150 Hooper, Hilton Arthur 156 Hoot, Mary E 450, 452, 466 Hoot, William Francis 344 Horak, Arnost Arnold 318 Horak, Dorothy Katherine 181, 309 Horak, Frank Adolph 318 Horak, Rudolph Alois 318 Horeczy, Joe Thomas 293, 315 Horkin, Patrick Joseph 315 Horn, Raymond 286 Hornaday, W. D 34 Home. Brockman 119 Home, Johnetta Barbara 366 Horning, June Shirley 336 Horstman, Lydia Florence 156, 359 Horton, Harold Burke 283 Horton, Sarah Elizabeth 367 Horwitz, Arthur Myron 419 Hoskins, Conde Raquet 330 Hotchkiss, William S 450. 453, 462 Hoting, Evelyn O ' Neal 119, 313, 443, 444 Houghton, Stephen Jerry 421 Houpt, Walter Dennis 204, 224 Housden, Alice Virginia ...119, 182. 444 Houston. Hallie Bremond 182. 379 Houston. Joe Tom 415 Houston. Josephine ...192, 378, 437, 444 Houston, Martha Bea 181, 299, 376 Houston, Reagan 195, 345, 416 Howard, Calvin Boyd 119, 323, 337 Howard, Frank Bonner 396 Howard, Helen 150 Howard, Jack 270, 271, 391 Howard, Kathleen Marie 142, 358 Howard. Walter Burke 292, 293 Howell, Frances Rebecca 119, 313 Howell, William Barnes 430 Howerton. Naomi Beulah 281 Howie. Winn Thomas 1I» Hrissikopoulos. John William 280 Hmska. Daniel Arthur 119 Hroch, Elsie Marian 323, 327 Hubbard, John Barry 138 Hubbard, John Randolph 396 Hubbard, Raymond Ellsworth 156 Huber, Alan 465 Huckabay, William Beno 398 Huddleston, Pauline 336 Hudson, Bill Taylor 297 Hudson, Commodore Perry 404 Hudson. Helen Guy 150 Hudson. Jean 316, 349, 382 Hudson, Wellborn Royston 305 Huey, Jack Dickens 156 Huff, Helene Adele 142, 274 Huff, Louis Elmer 312 Huff, Martha Rebecca 119, 290, 295 Huffman, Araminta 150 Huggard, Elizabeth Gary 316 Huggard, Mary Thompson 436 Hughes. Ann Puryear 119. 332 Hughes. Doris Mildred 288. 295 Hughes. Fred Edward 423 Hughes. Harold 119 Hughes, Jack Thomas 242, 292 Hughes, Lura Fredericks 142 Hughes. Melville Marcus 400 Hughes, Oran Leroy 119. . H Huie, W. 284, 291 Hulett, Rannie Catherine 313 Hull, Barbara Mary ...119, 182, 199. 290. 302. 332. 346. 3S4 Hull, Ruth Margaret 362 Hull. Thurman Beuford 204. 223 Hull.Tommie Phillip WS Humlong. Mary Lee 302. 382 Hungate. Frank Porter 344 Hunt, Ben Bridges 292 Hunt, George Wesley 156 Hunt, James Adair 400, 461 Hunter, James Newton 156 Hunter, Marv Lou 37 Hunter, William 304 Huntington. Mary Ruth ....150. 281, 444 Hurlbut. Mary Edwards 384 Hurn.R. E 63 Hurst. John Kennard 402 Hurst, Lynda Lea Houchins 358 Hurt, Eugene Sam 119, 334, 335 Pack SOB n HAXn Hulchcion, G oi|e Charle. ,•■■•■ ' ' ' ; " Hulch..on, Th.J Thoin.ou IW. iM Hutchln.. Carolyn i;, ' , " ' " Hutchin.. S. R. P « ' ' • Hutchln.. TereM J«oe 1 ' Hutchin.on. Annette Barb.m •■••■•• Hutchinson. Everett 355. Hutchin.on, Fiank Ray 3«. Hutchinson. Marjaret • • • ■ Hutter. Marie Alice 3 " Hyer. Billle Ralph Hyllin, Marjorie NAMES Johnson. E. M. 462 315 .315 424 335 .336 356 .381 .136 ImhoB. George William Innis. Grace ' Innii. Renshaw ?Z Inutlraumitr Council ' .VVS!? Intramurats. Girls ' jS " o2? Inlramurals, MtnS 2». 2W tola Sigma Pi Irby. Elmo Sledd Irby. Mary Katherine J " Irby. Reddell James « Iron . Watrous H Irvine. Annie S Irwin. George Washington Johnson. Earl Johnson. Elmer Drexel . Johnson, Emma Jean ... Johnson. Kranccs Louise Johnson. Hflcn Louise Johnson. Helen Sophia . Johnson. Jaci|ueline Johnson. James Johnson. Jane Marie .. Johnson. Jesse Brcaland Johnson. Jim Pearce ... Johnson. Joe K Johnson. John Oaborn ■« Johnson. Leonard Wl Johnson. Margaret Jayne 369 Johnson. Mary Jo 3«) Johnson. Naomi Ruth Johnson. Neumon Johnson, Orrin Wendell Johnson. Patricia Marjorie 120, PACES 120. 278. 305. 325 242 396 142 .112. 340. 364 .176. 31.5. 3.36 120 120 403 142 395 311 430 426 403 377 379 NAMts " ■ " " Kaplan, David Louis , , " J! Kaplan. Dorothy 313. 360 Kaplan. Theodore Lee Kappa A Ipha • ■ • ■ Kappa Alpha Theta ' - • • • Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Sigma ■ • Karkowski. Bernard 198, Karper. Edward Alan Kasch. John Edward Kasch. Norma Marie ..270 Kasperik. Archie Stanley Katz, Charles Julius Kaufman. Edwina Lillie .402, .376, .378, .404. 405 204. 345. 348. 418 422 293 271. 319. 362 293, 298 413 157 .150 .465 .397 315. 288 142 119 ..286 319 334. 335. 336, 414 404 323 314 322 333 334, 335 404 .313. 358 314 Isaacs, Burford King Ischy, Eugene Henry Ised, Carmen Isenhower, Jodie Isensee, Clarence T ■•• Iti. Howard Max 1 " Ivey. Edwin Randolph Ivey. Mary Catherine Uhaga. Delia Jack. William T 331 J.ckling Daniel C WS, Jackson, Donald Calvin 330, 401 Jackson, Dudley ■ • • • ■ ■ • • • " J Jackson, Glenn 208, 210, 211 Jackson, Gorden Dealey iii ' tio Jackson. Irene Barnes 18 . -j;); Jackson. James Barton Jackson. James Roy . . Jackson. Lois Ellen .. Jackson, M. C Jackson. Mary Ruth .. Jackson. Ned Franklin Jackson. Pat Messina . Jackson, Peggy Ann 444 157 157 291. 337, 408 397 188 157 283 292, 296 142 120 278, 298. 305 382 296 334, 335 79, 352, 378 404 399 411 315 ...331, 400 297 156. 385 465 31 282 466 384 Jackson, Randall Calvin • ■ ■ ■ -J ; Jackson. Robert Prim 292. 415 Jackson. Robert Reid J Jackson. Robert Winston ■■ ' i, Jaco. Everett Lee 19. 2M Jacobs. Helen Natalie 317, 360 Jacobs, L. Elwood 331 Jacobs, Moselle Wa Jacobs. Sara Pearl l " . 360 Jacobsen, Jule Marion 321. 36U Jacobson. Albert Russell Jacoby. Nesbitt Freddie Jaffe. Evelyn JaBe. Irvin Jay Jalonick. Mary Janet 378 James. Andy Maynor ■,V„ " Jii James. Charle. Walker ■••••;5?.442 James. Joe ' James. Margaret 150 Jamison. Dorothy Glenn Jan. Emil Leo .393 .156 .306 .413 316. 441 Johnson. Robert Milton Johnson. Robert Ray Johnson, Roland Forrest Johnson, Selwyn Douglas . . Johnson, Velma Louise .... Johnson. Wallace Sjoberg . Johnson, Wiley Neil Johnson. William Devers ... Johnston. Alfred Thrall ... Johnston, Dave James Johnston, J. Ford Johnston, Isabelle ..... Johnston. Marjorie Cecil .. Johnston. Richard Wilford . Johnston. Ruth Rcmy Johnston. Wiley Neil •;••■•■ Johnston. William Clyde ..157. 292 Johnston. William Russell .157 Jones. Alberta 314. Jones. Alfred Blakely " 1 ]=:Er:; r. ' ' °rr:!.;:;2,3:298:g Jones. Charles R. C 157. 344 Jones. Charles William 326 Jones. Clifford Edwin IJ Jones. Dorothy Albertha Jones. Earl Jones. Edmund Parsons Jones. Elizabeth J ones. El mer Knox Jones. Florene ' • ■ Jones. Franklin Clifford ...291 Jones, Guilford Lavendar ..334, Jones. H. Colby Jones. Harry Lamar Jones. Helen Elizabeth Jones. Homer Yale Kavanaugh. Ruby Charlotte •■■ ' l Kazen. Abraham 311. JIS Keating. Thomas William 4 Kebelman. Lcnore ' j Kee, Elizabeth 281 Keen. Robert Earl ■■■■■ Keeton. Grover Cleveland 204, 420 Keeton, Robert Ernest 198. 282, 283. Keeton. Mary Alice 281 Keeton. W. Page 84. 291. 429 Keith. Frank 159. 463 Kelfer. Oscar 285, 298, 304 Keller, Eva Margaret Kellner, Wilma Adelaide Kelley, Barbara Elizabeth Kelley, E. B Kelley. Frank Andrews .. Kelley. Jane Frances Kelly, Alfred Kelly, Gordon Cameron .. Kelly. Martha Eileen Kelly. Zelpbia Alice Kelso, Rubye Youngblood Kelso, Winchester HI Kemp, Robert Beegle Kendall, Lyle Harris Kenley. Mary Lee ..176. ..315, ,286, 335, 273. 274 184. 332 183 309 Janak. Alois Peter ??? ' 5?$ Janak. Benedict Joseph 119. 315 Janda. George Albert „„„- «, Janszen, Herbert Henry 280,292 Janzen, Anna W 35, 313 Jarrel, Willis Evert «2 Jarvis, Leslie Ford j;! ' ,,, Jarvis, Rosemary 156, 313 Jarvis, Walter H 59, 464 Jaster. Ervin Arthur ■•■••■ ■,! " Jay. Dorothy Marie 120. 306, 31o Jay. Wallace C JS Jeffrey. Lloyd Nichola 290 Jelks. Oliver Robinson 394 Jenkins. Dan 456. 459. 460 Jenkins. James Hoyt 120. 28U Jenkins, Marion T " ; " iS? Jenkins, Odie Sylvester 293. 298 Jenkins. Walter Wilson 120. 286 Jennings, Nancy Jensen, Andrew M Jensen. Francinc Jester. Homer Bates ... Jewetl, Frank L Jewett, Robert Kimpton Jinkins, W. J Joerger. Kathleen Marguerite 382 292 142 379 463 367 410 337 .142 .430 .371 .388 Jones. Hubert V ' 1m Jones. Jack ■? ' ?™ Jones, Jo Jones, John Tilford .. Jones, Ladye Dee Jonea, Lynn Frank . . Jones, Margaret Ready Jone . Martha May ....120, 176. 443, 444 Jones, Maurice Jones. Maxine Jones. Morna . . - . Jones, Nancy Elizabeth • ■J Jonea. Oliver Kenton 294, 428 Jones, Roy Alexander Jones. Terry Kennon • ■ • • Jordan, Geneva Mathilda 142 Jordan. Grote Jordan, John Lewis Joseph, Cecilia Norah Joseph, Lucille Joseph. Regina Hortense Joseph, Norraine Miriam Josey, Carol ■ " Josey.Jack S 200.322. 345 Joslin. Blocker Judge. Jane 120 Judge. Walter Eugene Judiciary Council Judiesch. Margaret ™ Judiesch. Pearl Junell. William Edward Juneman. George Morgan .289, 362 411 150, 367 315 371 Charles 315 120, 313 363 .120 .382 , 313 .142 .120 .315 .373 ,.360 .315 ..455 379 299 .368 .150 .379 369 463 120 377 362 384 422 344. 406 410 120. 384 Kennar ' d, Martha 281, 385 Kennedy, Bill Collier 409 Kennedy, Joe C Jf " Kennelly, Jesse Mae 150 Kennermer, Morris Donald 414 Kennon, Clement Read 430 Kent, Leon Alfred Kent, Loyce Owens Kent, George Alan 157 Kepple, Mary Margaret 142, 315, 441. 444 Kepple. Patricia Anne 157. 315. 441 Keppter, John Edward 420 Kerbey. Josephine Carrington ..157. 379 Kerford. Francis John 421 Kershner. Stephen Wallace 303 Kerr, Baine Perkins ..290. 292. 387. 406 Kerr. Harriett Virginia 384 Kerr, James Herman 406 Kerr, Shirley Beall 384 Kessler, Martha Ann 363 Kestenbaum, Dana 1 157 Kettler, Alfred •„•„-„ Keuper, Charles Stuercke 150, 2 0, 271, 399 Keuper, Gladys Maurine 190, 359 Key,Julian Merrill 120, 280 NAMES PACEf Kleberg, Richard Mifflin 199, 345, 355, 3B» Klecka. James George 318 Klecka. Theodore 45j. 464 Klein. Bonnie ISO Klein. Clarence Eriel 309, 315 Klein. Lester Louis 426 Kleinman, Daniel 121. 204, 418 Kleinman, David 236. 242. 243 Kleinman. Maurice 418 Kleuser. Geraldine Helen ..150. 184. 315 Klepach, Andrew 309 Kliewer, Donald E L O Kline, Ferril James 415 Kline, Thomas Joseph 315 Klingeman, Fred Vernon 387. 400 Klint. Hugo A 453. 465 Klonne. Willie ' 21 Knaggs. Fredna Key 184 Knight. Harry 446. 450 Knight. Kathryn Gene .296. 302. 347. 366 Knight, Richard William 409 Knight, Ruth 458 Knight, Thomas Turner 142, 398 Knight. W. R.. Jr 465 KnilBn. Robert Fairhurst 344 Knippa. Edgar A 150 Knippa. Evelyn Marie 157, 191 Kniveton, Elizabeth Kathleen ..121. 184. 340. 342. 358 Knorpp. June Kathryn 378 Knox. Sarah Beth 383 Koberg. Camille 150 Koberg. Fred 463 Koch. Robert Otto. Jr 121 Koemel. Ella 309 Koemel. Evelyn Rose 288, 309 Koen,Cleo 142, 326 Koepf, E. H 298 Koger. Corine 455 Kokas. Frank James 309 290 157 395 Key. Mary Alyne 296 Keyser. Fields McKee UA ' ?:? Kidwell. Robert Neal 120. 431 Kiefer. Adolph J Kies. Ralph George ... Kiessling. Zodie Anne . Kiker. George Graydon Kilgdre. Robert Dixie . Kilgore. Robin Kilgore. William H .252. .332, 392 .315 366 .120 .401 .461 .304 290. .464 321. 358 142 341 .200. 387 376 ..453, 465 120 404 407 410 ..459. 463 351 Johansen. Margaret -V ' John. Nina Andriana 156. 281 John. Jeanne Elmo 176. 382 JohnapeluB. Angelina 150. 269 Johnsen. Marjorie Marie 281. 368 Johnson. Arthur Jean 455 Johnson. Arthur Ubbe 156 Johnson. Betty • ■ • • -3 Johnson, Betty Mary 2i0. 271. 319. 362 Johnson. C. R V.vV}. Johnson. Charles Davi 156. 344 Johnson. Charlotte Rose 150 Johnson. Danlorth Shan 4M Johnson. Dorothy 156 Jung. Richard Stanley 142. : 458 .142 345. 390 270. 271. 399 Jungman, Seraphin Anthony ....157. 315 lunior, » ' ?ij Juniors. Medical 456 Jureski. Waller Frank 315 Justice. Appleton Doyle ;;;„1? Justice. William Wayne 150. 251 Juvenal. Chester C 15U K Kain. Mary Eileen ■ ■• ■ • ■ • ■ • -SIS K.i-D.vidA ' - J Vis Kainer.John E 278 Kallina. Frank Cyril 318 Kallison. James Morriss 41 Kalteyer. Walter William ■ 150 Kamralh. Robert Kreplin 1 Kandelzki. Edna Martha i ' JIl Kaplan. Ben 2.2. 2,3 Killen. Cortez High 414 Kilman. Margaret ST Kilman. William Denton 204. 209. 210, 211. 212 Kimmel. James Hiram 401 K i na r d . J ack ' ? " ' „?, ' King. Alfred Ashbrook 200. 270. 283, 292. 345. 355. 408 King. Eph Forrest ■••■•399 King.Hellen 238. 313 King. Irving Norwood King. Kenneth . . . King. Thetis Ann King, Walter B. King. W. H Kinnel. Myrtle Clair 224 .357 .460 .322 315 Kokernot. Ruth 377 KoUenberg. C. H 298 Kolstad, Howard 378 Kolstod, Luckett Chester 398 Kolodzey, Joseph John 303 Kolos. Viola 309, 315 Kone, Barbara 190, 336, 347 Koontz. Lee Allen 463 Kopecky, Eugene Lamar 318 Kopecky, Ludma 309 Korioth, Sylvester Vincent 315 Korn. Andreas Franz 406 Kormeier. Cornelius Louis 396 Kornblatt. Herschel 413 Kornfeld. Thelma Elaine... 157. 332. 386 Koshak, John Karl 234, 404 Kothmann, Edith Eileen 157 Kothmann. Helen 121 Kothmann. Ruth 142. 443. 444 Kott. Rudolph Louis 389 Kozar. Stanley Marion 293 Krabbenschmidt, Henry 431 Krause. James Arthur 424 Krause. Paul Gerher 326 Krayer, William James 326 Krcisle. Peggy Margaret 382 Kreiter, Dorothy Lee 121 Krejci. Vincent Frank 309. 315 Kress. Margaret K 296 Kriegel, Lawrence H 282 Kriegel. Monroe Werner 293. 298 Kroll. Maurice 142 Krueger. John Herff 150. 423 Krumpock. Billy Henry 325 Krupp. June Millicent 361 Kubecka. Louis D 309, 318 Kubena, Edwin Frank 309 Kubula, Julius George 315 Kugle, William Virgil 142, 442 Kuhn, Mary Lucille 185, 350, 358 Kuhn, John Gordon 391 Kuhn. William Leo 420 Kullsher. Nelly 332. 336 Kumm. Brent 250 Kunkel. Edgar Victor 312 Kunz. John Edward 315, 318 Kunz, Joseph Marshall 315 Kutalek, Ann Stephana 309 Kutalek, Elizabeth 309. 315 Kutalek. Mary France s 309. 315 Kutner. Malcolm James 157 Kuykendall. H. D 465 Kinney. John Patrick 121 Kinnon, Georgia Mae 434. 444 Kinney. John Patrick 2S6 Kinsel, Robert Russell 389 Kinslow. Charles William 402 Kinzbach. Eva Mae 367 Kirby Hall 439 Kirk. James Trueman 150 Kirk. Thomas Myron 403 Kirkpatrick. Mary 377 Kirkpatrick. Sam Walter 286 Kirkpatrick. Van Evers 150 Kirkpatrick. Walter Sidney 421 Kirven. Mary Ellen 3.8 Kisten. Katherine Helen 336. 362 Kitchell. Mary 121 Kittles. DeVerne Reed 285. 304 Kittrell. Edwin Newton 417 Kittrell. Louise Wasson 150 Klaerner. Curtis Maurice 292 Kleberg. Katherine Searcy 296. 316. 350. 378 Label. Florian 185. 361 Lachman. Melvin 418 LaCoste. L. J. B 298 Lacy. Julia Rice 316. 384 Lacy. Jeanne Alensworth 316. 384 Ladd. Robert Boyd 344 LaGrone. William Taylor 121 Lahey. Marion Eugene 280, 290 Uird, Ira Neal 121.430 Laird, Merwin Wiley 416 Lake, Grace Irene 380 Lakin, Elizabeth Howard 157 LaLonde. Albert 464 Lamb. James Malcolm 344 Lamb. Robert Bowden 157 LaMontagne. Maurice Rangel 403 U Molte. Clyde ....270. 271. 272. 273 Lamberson. Ruth 458 Lancaster. William Moore 305 Lancaster, York 464 Und. Ruth 385 Lande. Libby Lorraine 189. 386 Pace 509 NAMES PACE8 Lander, Jane Conn 157 Landers, James Alfred 157 Landrum, Janet Ruth 157 Lane, James T 292 Lane, Marjorie Gertrude 313 Lane, Richard Newton 424 Lane, William Allen 121, 278, 305 Lanford, Margaret 189,274 Lanford, William Ernest 311 Lang, Larue Alfred 121 Lang, William Joseph 406 Langdon, Charles Cecil 286, 345 Langdon. Jim Calhoun .199, 345, 348, 442 Lange, Charles 465 Langfeld, Lorinda Katherine 313 Langford, David Kemp 390 Langham, Loucille Grace 121, 289, 313, 381 Langworthy. Henry Preston 423 Lankford, Livlus Lee 280, 344 Lapman, Melvin 249. 250 Larcade, John Edmond 157, 292 U Roche. Clarence 272, 273 LaRue, Frances Marian 121 LaRue, Gordon Leonard 326 Lary, Ann Elizabeth 189. 378 Lary, Frank Byrd ....278, 325, 305, 404 Lasater, Frederick Wilberl 312 Latin- American Club 314 Laudan, James Alva 121 Lauer, Car! Emil 399 Laughlin. Milton 465 Lauterstein, Herbert Samuel 419 Law Building 20 Law, Elston R.. Jr 121 Law, James Pierce, Jr 121 Law R A 403 Law! Thomas Hart -.121, 199. 204. 236. 242, 243, 290, 292. 345, 398 Lawhon, Doris 384, 438. 444 Lawhon, Irene Howard 142, 323 Lawhon, Zane 232 Lawler, Clare Lorraine 189, 315, 375 Lawrence, Maggie Dell 142. 179 First Year Laws 138 Second Year Laws 138 Lawson, Elizabeth Lorraine 381 Lawson, Wallace Dunk ...204, 207. 208, 210,211,231, 345 Law8on,William G 453, 460 Lay. Chester F 279. 282. 283 Lea, Robert Edward 326 Leach, Austin Felix 336. 399 Leachman. Margaret 382, 434, 441 Leahy. Doris Isabelle 150, 356 Lear. Tom Hanney ...286, 312, 337 Leatherbury. Rebecca Fred 367 Leaton, Edward 463 Leaton. Lily Mae 313 Leavitt. Charles John. Jr 157 Leber, Eva Mae 157 LeBlanc. Mattye Sue 189, 315, 327 Ledbetter. Anice Myrl 157. 363 Ledbetter, Chester 211 Ledbetter, Georgia Elizabeth 150, 310, 362 Ledbetter, Llewellyn Harper 105 Lee, Eugenia Sheppard ,...150, 327, 332 Lee, George T 450 Lee, James Gerard 292 Lee, Mary Alice 179, 332, 336. 440. 444 Lee, Mary Helen 150 Lee. Maude Anabel 290. 295 Lee. Richard Rizer 416 Lee, Samuel Hunt, Jr. ..121. 200. 293. 298, 340, 408 Lee. Virginia 367 Leeton, Lily Mae 179 Leff. Etta 121. 372 Lefler, Maurice Lloyd, Jr 121 Legett, Carey. Jr 465 Lehecka, Charles Edward 211, 344 Lehman, Bernice Emily 385 Lehman, Elfrieda May 157, 313 Lehman, John Franklin 305 Lehman, Maurice Arthur 292 Leibman. Frieda Nell 372 Leiper. William Harper 150, 344 LeMay, Ernest Gilpin 305, 322, 431 Lemmons, Maurice Aaron 157, 419 Lemons, Joe Fred 293 Lennox. Mary Ann 316, 349, 362 Lenoir, Lady Katherine 319 Lentz, Margaret Jane 368, 434, 444 Leon. Harold Uriah 426 Leonard, Agatha 458 Leonard, Bill 311 Leonard, Joe Means 420 Leonard. Russell J. ...270, 271, 292. 407 Leschinger, Louis 413 Lesesne, Sherman D 293, 323 Leslie, Billy 293 Lethco. William Connery 292 Lett. James E 459, 464 Leveridge. Aubrey Thomas 398 Levine, Beatrice 121 Levinson, Dorothy Ray 306, 372 Levinson, Lewis Sidney 427 Levy, David Jacob 121 Levy, Dorothy 372 Levy, Gus Charles 428 Levy. Harold Gilbert 419 Levy. Helen 157 Levy. Jack 428 Levy. Marjorie Jean 150 Levy. Maxine Beatrice 150, 372 Levy. Moise Dreyfus 412 Levy. Rene Harry .426 NAMES PACES Lewis, Alfred Goodhue 122, 294 Lewis. Billie 358 Lewis, Charles 315 Lewis, David Edmond 292 Lewis, Donald Record 416 Lewis, Hendricks Wilson 204 Lewis, Jack Adams 122 Lewis, Mona 157 Lewis, Ruth 300 Lewis, Willis Jack 428 Lewis, Wilson 236, 242, 279 Lcwright. Joitephine 313. 384 Lieb, Carl Varney 330 Lieb. Lewis Varney 330 Lieberman, Sara Maryn 386 Lierman, Ona Lee 157 Light, Margery 157 Lightfoot. Charles Leandis 392 Lightfoot, Ruben Patton 121 Ligon, Cissie 179. 195, 352. 376 Ligon, Eloise Margaret 142 Ligon. Margery Lee ...122, 349, 351, 376 Ligon, Nita 186, 374 Lillard. Carroll Ervin, Jr 142 Li I tie, Gordon Vandervoort 142 Limelight Section 161-200 Lindley, Lucius Rash 280 Lindner, August Culbertson 143 Lindsay, Sidney Afton 390 Lindsay, Winston S 157 Lindsey. Robert Earl 122 Lingo, Shirley Powell 293 Linn, Thomas Alva 389 Linthicum, Jack 388 Li nz. Mary Elizabeth 157, 315 Lipoff. Juliette Blanche 122 Lipscomb, Charles Hawkins 424 Lipscomb, Elizabeth Gale 340, 368 Lipscomb, Sarah Louise ..122. 290, 302. 342, 346, 352, 368 Lipson Leonard Berger 303 Lipstate, Philip Harry 292, 418 Little, Dorothy Grace 150, 369 Little. Fisher Harper 157 Littlefield, Clyde ....203, 236, 244, 403 Littlefield Dormitory 12, 440 Littlefield Memorial Fountain 9 Litton. Maurice 320 Livergood, Gerald 465 Livers. Richard Arnold 409 Livingston, Herbert Klossner ...293, 294 Llewellyn, John Crawford 404 Lloyd, Roger Milton 122, 398 Lochte, H. L 293 Lockart. Robert Riesner 192. 340, 404 Locke, Margaret Jean 332, 384 Locker, Braswell 464 Lockett, Hudson Coleman 157 Lockwood, Charles Thomas 390 Loehr, Harry Christian, Jr 122 Lofland. William Isaac 425 Logan, Eloise 379 Logsdon, Charles 453, 459. 463 Lombardo, Roy T 461 Long, Albert Augustus 292 Long. Cathryn Louise 313, 362 Long. Cy, Jr 122. 272, 273 Long. Elizabeth Baker 379 Long, Janet 379 Long, Robert Alexander 430 Long, Walter Kaapke 280, 292 Longhorn Band 331 Longhorn Boxing Club 311 Longino, Hugh E 416 Longren. Harvey Frederick 292, 294 Looke. Charles Fred 424 Loomis, Jane Honto 313, 330, 370 Looney. Francos Ruth 143, 366 Loos, Helen Margaret 122 Loper, Joe William 122, 150. 279, 292, 310, 340, 392 Lopez, Cruz Alexander 315 Lopez. Mary Luz 122, 314. 315 Lopez-Lira, Carlota 315 Lorence, Frances 458 Lorimer, Wishard Speer 390 Lostak.Tommie Harold 244, 318 Lott. David Hix 157 Lott. Laura Ashworth 377 Louis, Dorothy 157 Love, Evelyn 150 Love, lack Edward 337 Love. Mary Elizabeth 296 Love, Thomas Stafford 409 Love, Thomas W 143 Love, William Ewell 303 Loveless. Lowry Clark 312 Lowdon, Robert Rutherford 404 Lowrey, Anita Lillian 179. 313, 367 Lowrey, Jay Perry 431 Lowrey. Oliver Wenddl 143, 280 Lubbock, Charles William 305 Luckett. Alfred Edgar 292 Lucas, Richard Martin 143. 402 Lucas. William Francis 430 Luckett, Alfred Edward 280. 421 Ludwig, Ernest Earl 292 Ludwig. Rubin William 392 Luedecke, Mozell Vivian 313 Luedecke. William Henry 305, 392 Luersen, Melvin William 320 Lumpkin, Robert Lloyd 334, 335 Lundberg, Betty Margaret 377 Lundell, Virgil Vern 143 Lutz. Martha Elizabeth 150. 189 Lyle. Alvin Reed 292 Lyie, Dorothea Louise.. 122, 300. 319. 364 Lyle, Marjorie Anne 186, 306, 385 NAMES PACES Lynch. Henry Arthur, Jr 157 Lynch. Irene 177 Lynch, Raymond Augustus 200. 284, 291. 292, 348, 410, 425 Lynn, Jack 460 Lynn, Lady Cleo 122, 368 Lynn, Mary Pearl 316, 368 Lyon, Billy Frank 416 Lyons, Altah Lois 332. 366 Lytle, Ben. Jr 150 Lytle, Betty Jean 306, 383 M McAfee, Marguerite Calfee 150, 347 McAnelly, Anna Lee 157. 327 McAnnelly, Fannie Pauline ....143, 313 McAngus, Mary Jo 384 McAninch, Jack Wright 414 McAskill. Marilyn 368 McAtee, Ruth Edna 157. 188. 367 McBerney, Williams 396 McBride. Guy Thornton, Jr. ..143, 292. 293, 293 McBride, James 464 McCall, Dorothv Lorraine 143 McCall, Eleanor Claudia.. ..157, 177. 313 McCall, Hobby Halbert 143, 323 McCampbell. William Gibson 297 McCanne, La Rue 313 McCarroll, Loy 461 McCarter. Robert Ray 122, 279. 414 McCarthy, James Francis 157 McCary, R. M 453. 463 McCasland, Gurney Smith 428 McCelvey, Alice Lee 376 McClean, William Franklin 428 McCleery, Alan Theodore 403 McClellan, James Edward 157 McClelland, Clement Bramlette 387, 420 McClendon. Charles Jackson 336 McCollough. Lelia 458 McConnell. Gladys Ethel 359 McConnico. Mary Isabelle 143 McCord, Margaret Ophelia 383 McCormick, Ethel Mae 313 McCormick. Everett Clarence 157 McCormick. Dr. Katharine 299 McCormick, Ray Foster 150 McCormick, T. C, Jr 464 McCoy, George Y 294. 425 McCrary. Cecil Carol 122.283 McCray, Helen Jeannette 122, 188 McCrocklin, Andrew Jackson, Jr 105, 287. 298. 303, 344 McCrocklin, Violet Estelle 313 McCrummen. Sara Frances 313. 359 McCuietion, Robert M 150 McCullough, Doris Nell 315 McCul lough, James William 396 McCully, Edward Nichol 150 McCune, Wesson Kilpatrick 122 McCurdy, Ann Margaret 313 McCurdy. Elliott Lee 157, 399 McCurdy. John A 41, 275, 344 McCutchan. Roy Thomas 143 McCutcheon, Josephine Ethel 157 McCutchin. Robert Milo 330 McDanie! , James Gifford 431 McDaniel . Patti Gene 122, 300 McDavid. Albert Calhoun 423 McDavitt. William Early 417 McDermott, Alice Patricia 379 McDermott, Dominick Francis 416 McDermott. Marie Elizabeth ...122, 315 McDonald. Catherine Elaine 385 McDonald. Doyle 408 McDonald. Eugene 465 McDonald, Hayden Louis 242. 422 McDonald, Ned 204. 209. 210. 211. 212, 233 McDonald. Scott 408 McDowell. Clifton Ailor. Jr 157 McDowell, Rosa Lee 447. 455 McDowell. William R 122 McDugald. William Clifford ...194. 345. 355. 390 McEIhannon. Mary Nancy 382 McEIhinney, Daphene Gordon 378 McElwrath, John Thompson 406 McElyea. Lorena 180 McEniry. Jean Ellen 174, 350. 379 McFadden. Sam Civens 416 McFarland, Howard Russell 390 McFarland.J. D 298 McFarland, Marion Moreland ..143, 356 McGaughey. Herbert Shark 416 McGee, William Sears 406 McGehee, Mary Charline... 177, 299, 302. 330, 366 McGill, William 1 269. 344, 348 McGinnis, E. Karl 283 McGinnis. Robert 249, 250 McGinty, James Burke 410 McGivney. Felix Francis 251, 315, 393 McGregor, Carter 105, 396 McGregor. Patsy 178, 382 McIIhany. Mary Lou 288. 290, 299 Mclntire. John Harold 122. 286 Mcintosh. William E 269 McKay. Chester Jack 326 McKay, Richard Ralph ....334, 335. 422 McKee. James W ight 292. 293, 298. 315 McKee, John Stuart 414 McKee, Mary Catherine 150. 332 McKee. Robert D 453, 463 McKeilly, Genevieve 313 McKellar. Edwin Irwin, Jr. ...157. 337 McKenzie. Christine 122. 362 McKim, Janet 363 McKimmey. John Clyde 327 McKinley, Frank 464 McKinley. Robert Bruce 123. 311 McKinley. Robert Joseph ..272, 273. 274 McKinly, William Albert -.123, 280, 290 McKinney. Aubrey Row 290 McKinney, Claude Greer 143 McKinney, Herman E 282 McKnight, Thomas Lanier 406 McLain. Mary Steger .150, 281, 302, 368 McLane, Fletcher Elder 303 McLaughlin, William Allen 325 McLaurin. Banks 285, 298, 304. 322 McLean. Charles Harrison 303. 315 McLean, William Franklin 290 McLean, William Pinckney 390 McLean, William Walter ...292. 293, 298 McLin, Lute Michael 123 McMahon, Dorothy Jean 157 McMahon. Edna George 359 McMahon. Quay Bayard 404 McMahon, William Goodwin 392 McMath, Frances Little 30, 383 McMath, Hugh L 421 McMeans, Robert Howard 315 McMichael. James Ernest 123, 278 McMichael. Thomas Collins 305 McMillan, Tom 462 McMillian. Rush 456, 459. 463 McMullen. Mary Elizabeth 336 McMurray, J. R 450 McMurrey, Robert James 157 McMurtry. La Verne Agatha 178 McNatt, Walter Malcolm 396 McNeely, Anita Elizabeth 123 McNeill, Byrne 334, 335 McNeill. Dave Etheridge, Jr 123, 421 McNeill, Joe Peele 464 McNeill. Peyton Wade 143 McNeill, W. H 298 McNeir, George 334, 335 McNew, Robert Homer 390 McNutt, Ray Everett 415 McPhail. Eloise 157 Mcpherson. Elizabeth Carroll 382 McRee, Edgar 464 McReynolds, Doris ...178, 316, 350, 382 McReynolds, John Wilburn 405 McSpadden. James Hilton 344 McSpadden. Raymond Clark 150, 334, 335 McSpadden. Thomas 244 McSween. Jay 462 McSween. Magnus 456 McWhorter, Jane Ellen 383 Maberry, Dallie 123 MacDonald. Etta Mae 326 Machemehl. Helen Herminia 290 Machles, Fanny 466 MacKenzie. Ellen Pickard.. 281, 299, 321. 358 Mackey, Anne Catherine ..123, 179, 289, 313, 315 Mackey, Mary Hurley 382 Mackin, Bernard John 337 MacKinnon, Georgia Martha 368 Maclay, Elizabeth Lawrence . — 379, 437, 444 MacWilliams, James 105 Maddox, Jack Polk 404 Madero, Evaristo 314, 315 Madero, Francisco Jose 314 Maegden, Jim 23} Magliolo, Ursula Mary Elizabeth ..150. 315 Magner, Harold 315 Magruder, Lawson William 404 Mahaffey. Howard Albert 123, 286 Mahan, Ralph Dominic 280, 290, 292, 428 Mahan, Sheffy 414- Mahan, Virginia Arminta 231 Mahler, Frances Ann 15T Mahlie. James Albert 150, 305 Main Building 9. 13 Main. Tommy Cole 408 Major, Mary Anne 315 Major, Sallie Jane 315 Malec. Eleanor 309. 315 Malec, Joseph James 309, 315 Malec, Richard John 309, 315 Malik. Rudolph J 143, 303- Malin, Rufus Thomas 287, 305 Malish, William Marshall 309, 318 Mallett. Margaret 33 Mallison, Nathan Ronald 314 Mallory, Berenice 313- Mallory, Carol Lee 123 Malone, Carolyn Jane 123 Malone, Jean Frances 336, 359- Malone, Holt 411 Malone, James Leland 278, 298, 305 Malone, James Norman 125 Maloney, Betty Jo 157, 367 Mandoki. George 334, 335, 336 Manes. Charles Victor 14.3- Manford, Thomas Durwood 404- Manhoff. C. M 46 ' » Manhoff, L. J., Jr 460 Manning, Charles Nelms 123 Manning, Phil Dietz 396- Manterola-Salceda, Rafael 314. 315 Manz, Alfred 325 Manz, Ruth Alvina 123, 290 Marhurger, Billie Mac 362 Marcus. Maurice S 150 ' Marek, Delphine Edward 318 Marek, Jerome 309 Marirelli, Mrs. Ivey 458 Markette. Billy 237. 242 " NAMES PACES Markowiiz. Allan E 447. 450, 453 Marks. Alvin Jerome 412 Marks. Bernard Haas 322, 412 Marks. Dorothy 376 Marks, Myroo Dei son 412 Marks, Theodore Nussbaum 322. 413 Marriott. Kate GUI 143. 316. 382 Marroquin, Minita 157, 31S Marsh. Claron C 326 Marsh, George 462 Marsh. William Heary 278, 292. 305, 402 Marshall. Emily Kalherine 302. 349. 351, 382 Marshall. Howard 461 Marshall, Jane 177 Marshall. Lucille Starr 157. 383 Marshall. Patricia Jane 123, 290. 296. 332 Marshall, Schuyler Bailey 415 Martin. Alvin Randolph ...345. 387, 392 Martin. Billy Htghtower 157. 391 Martin. Cora M 295, 306 Martin, Corinne 370 Martin. Dale Frances 143, 316, 369 Martin, Edward Hale 325 Martin. Herbert Esten. Jr 138 Martin. Howard Nathan 123, 286. 344 Martin. Isabel 332. 379 Martin, Jack Raymond 402 Martin, James Albert 286 Martin, James Bryson 105. 310. 340 Martin, James Tim 123. 294. 298. 322. 356 Martin, Louise 315 Martin. Margaret Moscley 157. 332 Martin, Mary Elizabeth 123 Martin. Mary Margaret 158 Martin, Robert Michael 408 Martin, Roy Youngblood 123 Martin, Scott Harrison 453, 461 Martin. Virginia Hudson ...281, 332, 365 Martin. Virginia Julynne 381 Martin, Virginia Lili 367 Martin, Walter Maddox 279 Martin, William Franklin 414 Martin. William McFadden 158, 409 Martindale. Melvin 403 Martinets. Viota Anne 309. 318 Martinez, Arnulfo Simeon ..123. 296, 314 Martinez. Ctaudio Antonio 315 Martinez, David Leal 314 Martinez, RodoUo 294 Martinson. Marie Ellen 315 Marwil. Doris Carolyn 123. 372 Mason. Raymond Clyde 150, 303 Massman, Edward Lafaye 292. 418 Massman, Irwin 123. 292. 418 Matejek, Georgie Mae 318 Matejck, Lorraine 318 Mathews. Clinton Arlo 158 Mathews, E. J 32, 344 Mathews, Myrtle La Nell 371 Mathias. Jane Cray 150. 185. 315 Mathis, Dora 446 Mathis. May 158, 190, 367 Mathis. Robert Warren 344 Mathis. Waller Nold 270. 271, 408 Matlage. Sallye Anila 150, 313 Matlage. W. T.. Jr 460 Matteson. Caroline 458 Matthews. Ann Louise 151 Matthews. Bessie Lou 123. 295 Matthews. Claude Leclere 123 Matthews, Maebess 31, 283 Matthews, Margaret Mills 124, 190, 443. 444 Mathews, Robert Raymond 409 Matthews, Sammy Louise 143 Mattison, Myron Duane 315 Mauermann. Lcnora 124 Maupin. Peggy Catherine 151, 382 Maverick, Albert HI 198. 291. 345, 396 Maverick, Maury, Jr 397 May, David Lee 418 May. James M 292 May. Lester Lee 394 Mayer, Claire Louise 143. 366 Mayer. James 105 Mayer, Shirley Eleanor 317, 360 Mayfield. Douglas F 293 Mayheld, Ellis 124, 387, 414 Mayfield. Franklin Drew 293, 298 MayBeld, George Malcolm 124. 304 Mayfield, John Alex 318 Mayfield, Maurine 458 Mayfield, Virginia Ethel 143 Mayhall. Mildred Pickle 295. 319 Mayne. William Randolf 292, 420 Maze. Richard Raymon 124 Mazoch. Martha 309 Meadows, A. H 394 Meadows, Jack Edward 414 Meadows. James Howard 143 Meadows, Olga Frances 313, 315 Meadows, Wade, Jr 158 Means. John Brittian 297 Medical Faculty 446 Medical, Outstanding Students 447 Medical Section, Seniors 451-454 Medicine, School of 445-466 Medina, Antonio Jose 314 Medley. Margery Bess 377 Medlin. John Wilson 305 Meek, Jethro A 409 Meeks. Poland Clinton 143 Mcer, Julian Milton 283. 284, 292. 426 Meitzen, Travis 464 NAMES PACES Melcher. Truman 465 Mellinger, Sidney 418 Mellinger, Sylvan 418 Melton, Cathryne Grace ...124. 332, 374. 438. 444 Mendel. Evrl B 450. 453 Men ' s Glee Club 334. 335 Mercer, Grady Fly 323 Meriwether. George Kimball 406 Merrill, Frank L 284. 390 Merrill, Samuel John 105 Merriman. Cornelia Helen 177. 376 Merriman. Edwin E 282 Merritt. Bill G 158 Merritt, Elnora Elizabeth 313 Merritt. Mary Elizabeth 124. 370 Mestayer, Mabel Elizabeth 184 Metcalf, Charles Wesley 393 Mctcalf. Hugh Edward 424 Metcalfe. Emily Antoinette 288. 289 Metcalfe, John Delphin 293 Metcalfe, Mary Kathcrine 270, 271. 319. 362 Metcal fe, Tom Brookes 292 Metzenthin. George E 282 Metzger. Cecilia Jane 124. 191. 279. 384 Mewhinney, Logan 459. 463 Meyer. John Carl 409 Meyers. Archie 334, 335 Meyers. John Edwin 292 Mezger, Rickie Ino 281 Mezzetti, Bernice Pauline .,.158. 281. 315 Micek, Eduard 309 Michael, Vesta Fletcher 293 Michaels, William George 414 Middlebrook, Francis 465 Middleton, John Mclngvale 417 Middlelon, Wayne Hafele... 204. 254, 430 Migliavacca, Albina Figari 191. 348 Miksousky, Martha 455 Mikusek. Martha Emma 151. 309, 315. 336 Mitburn, Graham 460 Milburn, Malcolm Long 420 Miles. Mrs. William 435 Millay, Edna St. Vincent 300 Miller, Agnes Lee 375 Miller. Arthur Manue 419 Miller, Dorothy Maxine 143 Milter. Emily Maverick 382 Miller.E. T 407 Miller, Frances Marie 143. 332 Miller, Frank Hampe 124 Miller, Gay 376 Miller, Giles Edwin 395 Miller. Harold August 192, 345, 424 Miller. Harold Ned 398 Miller, Hugh Milton 424 Miller. John Bel Us 124 Miller, Larrhe 315 Miller. Lee 313 Miller. Lucia Jane 383 Miller. Marshall Robert 292 Miller. N. Edd 337 Miller. Orville Bullington 409 Miller, Richard George 292. 404 Miller. Weta 385 Miller. William Rinehart 292, 389 Milling, Mary Ella 151 Mills. Ballinger, Jr 124 Mills. Charles Wright 290 Mills. Dorothy 440 Mills, Eleanor Schuyler 383 Mills. Glenn Howard 151 Mills. James Owen 151 Mims, Billye Gwen 319. 359 Mims. James Luther 399 Minor. Dorothy Louise 151. 383 Minor Sports 245 Minter. Nell Ruth 151. 385 Mitchell, Mrs. Allice 458 Mitchell, Bobby Joy 124 Mitchell, Charles Randolph ....151, 269, 292, 395 Mitchell. Dorothy Joyce 313 Mitrheli, Hazel 313 Mitchell, John Henry 312 Mitchell. Lee Knight 318 Mitchell. Loyal Clyde 143 Mitchell, Mary Myles 153, 193, 270, 271, 319, 362 Mitchell. Reginald Peter 325 Mitrou. John Theodore 415 Mittermayer, Henry Carl 204 Mixson. William C 453, 459, 460 Mohle. Elizabeth 313 Mobley. Mary Helen 124. 368 Moers, Robert Oswald 200. 204. 209. 210. 211. 213, 222. 233. 424 MofTetl. Louel la Grace ...143. 313, 375 Mogford, Mary Louise 295, 317. 364 Mohle. Anna Elisabeth 124 Monkhouse. George Sedberry 124 Monning, Benjamin Prater 407 Monning. Jane 377 Monroe. Myrick L 453, 465 Montemayor, Jose Charez 314 Montemayor, Librado 314, 326 Montgomery, Ben Joe 143 Montgomery. CM 296, 415 Montgomery, Inez 151 Montgomery. Jo Beth 368 Montgomery, Pete 345 Montgomery. Theodore V 303 Montgomery. Wallace Chamberlain . .398 Moody. Joe V 453, 464 Moody. William 322 Moon, Charles Gardley 143, 297 Mooney, Gertrude 295 Moore, Beal Pumphrey 292, 305, 325 NAMES PACES Moore, Bernice 327 Moore, Bess 300 Moore. Dean Wesley 292 Moore, Edward Laird 124 Moore, Franklin Gordon 124 Moore. H. J 465 Moore, Harold Elwood 124 Moore. Helen Louise 313 Moore. Hilmar Guenther 405 Moore, Jack Wyatt 425 Moore, James 250 Moore, James Edwin 138 Moore. James Herbert 400 Moore, James Richard 282, 410 Moore. Jason Prior 124 Moore, Joe 388 Moore, Joe Bart 406 Moore. John Mat 405 Moore. John Williamson 430 Moore, Joseph Francis 294, 298 Moore. May 281, 302, 368 Moore, Nancy Isabel 313, 384 Moore. O. S.. Jr 459. 460 Moore. Patricia Ann 158 Moore, R. M 450 Moore, Ramsey Lycurgus. .124, 198, 283, 291, 292, 345, 410 Moore, Robert Mullins 279. 344, 394 Moore. Roger 430 Moore. Thomas 398 Moore. Velmu Gene 302, 382 Moore. V. 1 33. 344, 405 Moore, Virginia Maude ...124, 300, 308, 316, 351, 368 Moore. William Udell 224 Moorhead. Johnny Bob 297 Moorhouse, Ann 385 Moorman, Warren Woodman . . .280, 292, 428 Morales. Antonio Horta 314 Moran. Avis Marzell 313 Moran. Robert Anthony 282, 283 Moreland, Lester Lee 158 Morellc. Virgil Cassell 323 Morelock, Frances Stones 143 Moreno, Alfredo 314 Moreno. Hector S 326 Moreno, Juan Raul 326 Morgan, Bernie Bruce 124, 293 Morgan, Frank Wiley 29. 297, 330 Morgan, Marjory Lenore 382 Morgan. Mary Tom 313, 332, 377 Morgan, Robert Harvey 158 Morgan. Walter Brooks 124, 284. 400 Moroney, James McAueen 158 Morrey. Mary Agnes 315 Morrill. Junius Hughes 406 Morrill, Thomas Lucian 312 Morris, Anna Elizabeth 124 Morris. Craig Wal lace X58 Morris, David Jefferson 400 Morris, Drayton Earl 322 Morris. Dwight Luther 143, 330 Morris, Edwin William 283, 292 Morris, Estalee 455 Morris. Eugenia Orrick 188, 384 Morris, George Cooper 204, 236. 240, 242, 305, 416 Morrow, Grady 459, 453 Morris, Seth M 450 Morris, William C 292 Morris, William Carloss, Jr. 125, 284, 388 Morris, William Yoakum 143 Morrison, Mary Celeste 367 Morrissey, Catherine Ann 315, 371 Morrow, Belle Elizabeth ...151, 440, 444 Morrow, Genevieve B 290 Morrow, Marie B 288, 295, 317 Morrow, Morris R 293 Morse, Frederic Clarke 143. 392 Morse, Norma Emetta 125, 317. 380 Mortar Board 346 Morton, Eva Maurine 158 Morton, Mary Anna 177, 383 Mo»er, Lolabeth Attrelle 188, 319. 359. 440. 444 Moser, Mary Louise 151, 315, 444 Moses, Bernhard Charles 413 Moskowitz, Selma Esther 158 Moss. Ann Etta 143 Moss, Clellan Gaston 151 Moss, Dorothy Ethel 158, 313 Moss, Edward Harry 278, 305, 322 Mosteller, Ellen Louise 313 Motley, Howard Smith 420 Mounger, William Isaith 292 Mowers, Peggy L 125 Muckelroy, Sharlie Ruth 381 Muehlbrad, Erna Mae 439 Mueller, Ervie Lucille 281 Mueller, Frances Louise 275 Mueller, Homer Clifford 292, 398 Mueller, Lillian Marie 300 Muery, Sam James 143, 293 Muggli. Reginald Franklin .151. 334, 335 Muhi, Josephine Elizabeth .315. 332, 336 Mulkey, Homer Temple 125, 326 Mullane, W. J 315 Mullen. Dorothy 458 Mullen, Kendall 336 Mullins. Alfred Thomas 143 Mulloy, Mary 466 Mumm, Kurt Agustin 315, 158 Mund, Ruben Adam 322 Munger, Anna Blanche 158, 379 Monger, Nelson John 204 Munroe. Marshall Evans 292, 398 Munson. Betty 191 Munson, Helen Elizabeth 383 NAMES PAGES Murdock, William Ernst 143 Murph, Julia Inez 151 Murphey, Nina Derry 125, 200, 290, 321, 346, 384. 436, 444 Murphey, R. C 249, 250 Murphy, Alice Louise 151. 357 Murphy, Charles Alfred 125 Murphy, Morris Brown 158 Murphy, Robert Funk 416 Murphy, Thelmalee 336 Murr, Edward George 125 Murray, Betty Steele 367 Murray, Lillian Annabel 105 Murray, Margaret 125, 289. 302. 313. 366 Murray, Mavis Virginia 143, 188, 384 Murray, Rensselaer John 315 Murray, William, Jr 144, 292, 305 Murrell, T. J. Campbell 158, 292 Murta. Pat 420 Muse, Marjorie 435 Musgrave. Naomi Dorothy 366 Musil, Annette 158, 309 Musi I, Joe Stephen 309 Musil, Minnie Antoinette ...125, 191, 309 Muslow, James 418 Musselman, George Abraham 105, 297 Mussina, Hugh Oliver 151 Mustain, Rhoads 460 Myer, George Melvin 412 Myers, Bernice Stephens 290 Myers, Park Leslie 204, 209, 210. 211, 212, 242 Myers, Seymour 418 N Nachman. Bette Michael 363 Nagle, Dorothy Lois 125, 378 Naiser, Charles Richard ...204, 208, 209, 210, 211 Nalle, George Sampson 251, 344, 396 Nally, Sue 314 Nance, Beverly 311 Nankervie. Byron John 303 Nash, Charles 465 Nash, Jane 455 Nash. William Perkins !!!l51 Nathan, Richard Curnett 286 Naylor. Ruth Adele 368, 444 Neal. Catherine 437 Neal, Jean D 283 Neel, Fredric Thomas 138 Neel, James Fitch 330 Neely, Adele Nell 188, 200, 296, 302, 347, 382 Neely, L. G 399 Neely, Robert Allen 292 Neely, Stanley Eugene ...198. 201. 204. 242. 292, 340, 345, 348. 355, 406 Neill, Winford Arnold 298 Neiser, Joe B 125, 272, 273 Nelle, Glen Adams 294 Nelms, Tom McClure 204, 223, 424 Nelson, Eugene Walter 125, 284 Nelson, Jack Cecil 153, 292, 344 Nelson. Joseph Ray 125 Nelson, Ruth 45a Nelman, Sol 303, 318 Nemir, Aline Olinda 336 Nemir, Ruth 125 Nesbitt, Frank Wilbur 291, 422 Nesbitl, Morgan 292, 345, 420 Nestor, John Thomas 315 Nettleston, Dathene Dawson 158 Netzer, Helen Elizabeth 295, 296 Neubauer, William Herman 303 Neunhoffer, Mae Louise 375 Nevill, Richard Allen 414 Neville. William 323 New, Margaret Eloise 158 Newell, John Hunter 311 Newkirk. William Sherman 420 Newlone, George H 282, 283 Newman Club 315 Newman, Frances Jane 158, 381 Newman Hall 44I Newman. H. W 344 Newman, James 344 Newman, James Blackstone 422 Newton, Eldon Charles 292 Newton, Frank Mondrik 336, 400 Newton, Lillian Lake 125 Ney, Edmund Francis 292, 315 Nevland. Roberta Munson 191, 295 Nibbi, Elizabeth Ann 376 Niblo. Virginia Fahner 363 Nicholas. Arthur True 334, 335 Nichols. Robert Ayres 138, 286 Nicholson, Arthur Clyde 411 Nicholson, William D 453, 463 Nickel, June Phyllis 125 Niebuhr. Ralph Waldo 125. 272. 273, 320 Nielander. William A 283 Nielsen, Heartha Mae 125, 290 Niemeyer, Eberhardt Victor 389 Niggli. Margaret Elizabeth ..270, 271. 378 Niland, Pat Barry 278. 305, 396 Nipper, Maude 144 Nisson, Richard M 151 Nitschke, Alice Ann 151, 176, 281, 302, 330, 347, 378 Nix. Alton 151 Nixon, Benjamin 389 Nixon, James Frank 158 Nixon, Walter E 158 Noble. Charles Mervin 424 Noble. Rosemary 385 Noel. Norsen 315 Nolan, Thomas Hilary 315 NAMES PACES Nolen, Kay Marsene 337. 420 Nnlen, Patti Duggan 281. 363 Noonan, Martin O ' Connor 151 Norman, John Lawrence 125, 305 Norman. John Velos.Jr 125, 297 Norman, Thomas Hayward 424 Nornhausser, Margie May 158, 381 Norris, Ronal d Frederick 144 North, Herschelira 282, 283 North, John Clair 323 Northcutt, Robert Graham 39M Northington, Harold McCaiin 388 Norwood, Alan Quinn 417 Norwood, Mary Jane 369 Notley, Mary Elizabeth 151.281.321 Novak, Johnny Leroy 125 Novosad, Thomas Louis 303, 318 Nowierski, Leon W., Jr 158 Nowlan, Patricia Jane 383 Nowotny, Ar no 344, 348 Nu Sigma Nu 461 Nu Upsilon Tau Tau 351 Nunn, Hazel Dawn 190. 358 Nunnallee, Bert Moore 324 Nunnallee, Hue Edgar 324 Nurick. Milton Louis 426 Nusom, Lon Lipscomb 286 o Oakes, Louise 158 O ' Bannion, George Thomas 125 O ' Bannion. Robert William 403 Oberg, Paul Clyde 158, 411 O ' Brien. Patricia Louise 158. 315 O ' Bryan. Raymond Hill 125 Ochoa, Luis Felipe, Jr 125 OXonnell, William R 315 O Connor. Leslie Lee 292 O Daniel. Mike 158 O Daniel. Pat 158 O Daniel. W. Lee 26 Odell. Kathryn N 144. 359 Odem. Mary Elizabeth 151. 281, 315. 321 Oden. Nancy Marie 332 O ' Donnell. Marjorie Grace 144, 336 O ' Donnell. Patricia Leone 158 Odum, Bardwell DeWitt ..138, 204. 236, 242. 244. 320 Oeding. Margaret Virginia 144, 330 Oehler. Laura Alma 151 Offer. Emil Arthur 158, 315 Oge, George Woodward 305 Oglelree, Georgia Roberta 158, 336 OHara. Robert Bernard 409 O Hara, Ruth Balderston 126. 374 O ' Keefe, Joe Pat 144, 330, 336 O ' Keefe, John Jerome 126 Old, Emma 313, 362 Old Library Building 14, 18 O ' Leary. Patricia 315 Olivares, Avelino 314, 326 Oliver, Covey T 284, 291, 296, 403 Olle. Edwin W 201, 283, 348 Ollis, Madelyn Harde 144 Olsen, Virginia Marie 178 Olson, Nelse 465 Omicron Nu 289 O Neal. Frances Jane 144, 313, 332 O Neal. Leonora 151 ONeal, L. M 344 O ' Neal, Willmer 151 O ' Neil, Beth 158 O Neill. Ewart 151 O ' Neill, Frances Kellie 281 Orand, Dorothy Jean 359 Orange Jackets 347 Ordway, William Garland 408 Orgain, Drusilla Allene 379 Orgain. Franklin Darby 311, 312 Organizations 267-432 O Rillion. Joe LaRose 336 Orman, Freeman 151 Ormon, Forrest C 465 Ormsby, George Stonewall 144. 305 Orr, Aubrey E.. Jr 151 Orr. Green Jackson 430 Ortega. Daniel Flores 314 Ory, Mrs. E. T 441 Osborn. George William 320 Osborn, William Byron 399 Osborne, Hays Warren 204, 388 Osborne, Marjorie ...175. 176. 270. 271. 351. 384 Osburn, Bob 460 Osoba, Joe 318 Osteon 459 Osterwalder. Olivette 144. 300. 315 Oswalt, Charles E., Jr 461 Ottinger, Brent 303 Ottinger. Flov Elizabeth 281 Oualline. Judd 2 ' ' 7. 242 Outstanding People 198-200 Overstreet, Thomas Richard 311 Owen. Janice 144. 313. 327 Owen. Jerry 377 Owen, John Edward 15S Owens, George William 403 Owens. Kathryn Jane 176. 300. 376 Owens. Lewis Glenn 344 Ownooch 349 Oxford, Bradfield 456. 459, 460 Pace. Daniel Parker 417 Pace. Edwin Lancaster .144. 278. 298, 305 Pace. Jane 158 Pace, Jonnic Bean 324 Pace, Lemuel Richard 144 Pace, Mary Jane 363 Pace, Nat, Jr 151 Pack, Coleman Sanders ...204. 236, 242, 243. 292, 1 ' 94 Paddock, William 390 Padgett. Caprice 158 Paduh, Marjorie Josephine 336 Pagach, Irvin Frank 318 Pagenstecher, Charles Alexander 105 Paggi, Leonard Collier 453, 463 Paige. Ray Frank 326 Painter, Ann Trimble .178. 316, 349, 362 Painter. Elizabeth Tyler ...321, 547, 362 Painter, Erie Vanaant 126, 293. 298, 322, 414 Painter. Evelyn Clemow 126 Painter, John Paul 126 Painter, Mary Lou 367 Painter. T. S 280 Palacios, Oscar Gonzalez 314 Palm, Delphine 466 Palmer, Ada Margaret 158 Palmer, Carruth 323, 336 Palmer. Eula Lee 126 Pal mer. Grace 455 Palmer, Mattie Harrington 300, 332 Palmore, Jesse George 126, 326 PalmOS. Bill 126 Palmquist, Ruby Anna 313 Panhellenic 354 Papacek. Arnold Rudolph 126 Pape. Melvin Eugene 330 Paplacyk, Cornelius Frances 144 Parham. Myldred Merle 313 Parigi. Sam 126, 315 Paris. Leroy Alvin , .. ..151 Parish, L. A., Jr 158 Park, Elizabeth 383 Park, Evalyn Elizabeth 151, 180, 313, 385 Park, Robert Homer 198, 345. 355 Parke, James H 348, 395 Parker, Charles . . . .465 Parker, Charles Joel 407 Parker, Clara May 295, 319 Parker, Janis 362 Parker, Travis Jay 297, 298 Parker. William Edwin 322 Parkhill. Lee Alice 375 Parkinson, Alan Lee 126, 390 Parkinson, Mona Lae 332, 374 Parks, Gilbert Alvin 126, 294 Parks, Patricia Blanche 151. 336. 367 Parks. Walter Samuel 290, 292 Parlin, H. T 36, 292. 344, 399 Parma. Frank 313 Parmley. Ouida Katherine -.158. 180, 367 Parr, Martha Faye 368 Parr. Raymond Winfield 303 Parrett. Charles Meredith 425 Parriott, Robert Benedum 294 Parsons, Ed Davis 293 Parsons, Isabel Peggy 144, 185 ' Parsons, Seth Hamilton 290 Partain. Jack 46O Parten, J, R 29 Parton, Virginia 126. 270, 271, 272. 273, .300 Pashkoff. Lillian ]26 Passmore, Helen Fay 272, 273, 300 Paasur. Helen Janis 151 Pate, Alice Cornelia 158, 313 Patten, Frances 279 Patterson, A. W 151 Patterson, Andrew 293 Patterson, C. P 411 Patterson, Ernest Odell 414 Patterson. Frank 126 Patterson, Frederick David 392 Patterson, J. T 280 Patterson, Marcel 126, 394 Patterson, Niram Flad 144 Patterson, Renotta 151 Patterson, Robert Carroll 292 Patterson, Thomas Venor 409 Pattillo, Sam 236, 239, 242 Patton. Charlotte 382 Patton, Dorothy Helen 144, 319, 384 Patton, Jean Margaret 384 Paul, Pearl Betty 290 Paul, Jerry 382 Paul, Mary 377 Paulus, Dawn 306. 384 Paylor, Josephine Jane 283, 376 Payne, Beatrice 466 Payne, Bill 297 Payne, Leon Mather 126. 291, 410 Payne, L. W 415 Payne, Mary Marjorie 313, 383 Payne, Robert Erie 421 Payne, Sunshine 458 Payne, Walter Edward 278, 305 Peabody. Franklin Joseph 305, 430 Peabody. George Alvan 431 Peace. John R., Jr 126. 428 Peacock. Robert Bohon 126 Peak, Adele Kennedy 178, 359 Pearce. Howard Roderick 280 Pearce. J.E 33 Pearce. Louis M 402 Pearce. Nancy Rebecca ..126. 269. 290. 440, 444 Pearson, Raymond 390 Pearson. Retha Mae 126 Pechacek. Ernest Beno 309 Pechacek, LaTrelle Atchison 306. 309 Pechacek. Raymond Edward 126. 305, 309 NAMES PACLS Pechal, Elsie Fay 309, 313 Peck, Leigh 295 Peck, Margaret 319. 440 Pedigo, Mrs. Lillian 458 Pcgues, John Leonard 151 Pekinpaugh, William Thomas 404 Pemberton, Ada 144 Pence, Myron Bond 2H7. 303, 320 Penick, D. A 202. 246, 403 Penick, Harvey 203 Penick, Joyce ,. .374 Penick, Robert Morrison 399 Penn. Margaret Elizabeth 313, 383 Pennebaker, Eugene Strode 294 Pennington, Sarah Elizabeth 151, 188. 367 Pennycuick. Elouise 374 Pennycuick. Roy Alfred 126. 274. 430 Perez, Romeo 303 Perez-Majul. Felix Luis 314. 315 Perkins. Dorothy Lee 306. 351,384 Perkins, Judith 144, 356 Perkins, Mosser Maury 423 Perrin, Charles Irvin 323 Perrine, Nat Smith 144 Perrone, Charles Robert 315 Perry, Edna Belle 144. 351. 366 Perry, Jack 392 Perry, Marjorie Lucille 323 Perry. William Cox 407 Perryman, Curtis Lytton 420 Person, Milton Thomas 292 Persons, Ruby Sue 158 Peters, Amos. Jr 144, 315 Peters, Frankie Emil 144 Peters, George 158 Peters, Hazel Olive ...313, 358, 440, 444 Peters, Leo 462 Peterson, Bertha 455 Peterson. Dudley Wilkes 127. 420 Peterson, Earl Hancock 194, 408 Peterson, Elizabeth Anne 370 Peterson. Harry Graham 398 Peterson, Joseph Kenneth 425 Peterson, Leo John ...193. 204, 208. 209. 210. 211. 355. 410 Petet. Charles Floman 195, 270. 271. 424 Petitfils. Grace Virginia 127 Petrusek. Benjamin John 309 Petry. Herbert C 127. 337. 400 Petta. Walter B 461 Petter, Frank Louis 309 Petty. Marven W., Jr 158 Petty. Van Alvin, Jr 127. 297 Peyton, Ben 461 Pfanstiel. Herbert Andrews 151 PfeifTer. John Julian 413 Pfeil. Clarence Walter 204. 232 Pfenning. Melvin Louis 326 Pfluger, Lucile Miriam 313 Pfluger, Werner Martin 127 Phelps, Jim Stanley 127 Phelps, Nona Morman 127 Phi Alpha Sigma 462 Phi Beta Kappa 290 Phi Beta Pi 463 Phi Chi 464 Phi Delta Phi 291 Phi Delta Theta 406. 407 Phi Eta Sigma 292 Phi Gamma Delta 408. 409 Phi Kappa Psi 410. 411 Phi Lambda Upsilon 293 PhiMu 380. 381 Phi Sigma Delta 412, 413 Philips. Nancy Bell ' . 151 Philipson. Rosalind 361 Phillips, A. A. Wilson 355 Phillips. Benjamin Austin 298 Phillips, Bert Lionel. Jr 127, 408 Phillips. Bettinel ...144. 300. 302. 347. 368. 436. 444 Phillips, Evelyn Ruth 371 Phillips, Francis 466 Phillips. Harry Stanley 292 Phillips, J. A. 282 Phillips, Jack C 315, 404 Phillips, Lillian Elisabeth 158, 357 Phillips. Nash 315 Phillips, Otis. Jr 395 Phillips, Thomas Marion ...127. 284, 291 Pbilquist, Harris Eugene 420 Physics Building 11 Pi Beta Phi 382. 383 Pi Epsilon 294 Pi Kappa Alpha 414. 415 Pi Lambda Theta 295 Pi Tau Sigma 278 Pi Upsilon Nu Kappa 352 Pickett. Andrew Greer 158 Pickett, Nolan David 388 Pickett. William 459. 463 Pier, Martha Jane 332. 367 Pierce. Anna Mary 176. 326. 351. 3-2 Pierce, Mamie 458 Pierce. Mary Frances 127. 439 Pierian Literary Society 316 Piester. Loyd Wilfred 293 Pigman, Betty Jean 187. 319. 359 Pile, Josephine ...127. 290. 302, 346, 366 Pile. Mary Virginia 127. 367 Pillet. John Pershing 303. 408 Pincham, Delle Elizabeth 455 Pinckney. Robert Paxton 158 Pinken. Anne 373 Pinson, Rebecca Elizabeth 313, 356 Pioch. William Frederick 420 Pipe, Virginia Lennox 365 Pirkey. Oval Byron 158 Pirkey. Will Ph.»ris 151 NAMES PACES Pittenger. B. F 36 Pittman, Anne Myrtle 144 Pittman. Dorothy 357 Pitts. Mary Craycroft 180, 378 Pitts, Miller Brown 388 Platter, Herbert Lingo, Jr. ..144. 292, 416 Plowman, Jane 176, 310, 376 Plumb, Lucille Henrietta ..127, 179, 316, 362 Plummer, Frederick B 294 Pochobradsky, Victor W 309 Poetter, Henry 450. 463 Poetter, Mary Helen 151 Pokorny, Alex Daniel ..127, 280. 290, 318 Polk, Grace Josephine 127, 384 Polk. Judith 151 Pollak, Fred Aaron 427 Pollan, Homer LaPrelle 403 Pollard, Charles Hardin 144 Ponton, Arvel Rodolphus 404 Pool, Bill 211 Poole, Garland 251 Poole. Marvin James 127, 290. 292, 330. 410 Poole. Rose Marie 385 Pope, James Stewart 399 Pope, John Blakely 415 Pope. Robert Glen 304 Popham, Jewel ...127, 290. 295. 296. 321 Porter. Andrew Cuthbert 305 Porter. Dorothy Jane 151 Porter, E. L 446 Porter, James Harvey 326 Porter. Kibbe 242 Porter. M. B 393 Porter. M. Jones 127. 291 Porter. Pansy Lee 186. 439 Porter, Walter Lee, Jr 334. 335, 336, 414 Porter, Weldon Leech 422 Porter, William Robert 127 Porterfield, George SOS Post, Henry Lovell ...127. 287, 298, 303 Poston. Robert Roland 283 Potash, Melvin Leonard 292. 418 Potter. Byron Loy 397 Potter. Charles Gaunt 144 Potter. Frank Bee. Jr 127 Potter. Hugh Morris 391 Powell. Ann Lavinia 189, 365 Powell, Benjamin Harrison, Jr. .127. 199. 291. 348. 406 Powell. Fannie Laura 288 Powell. Jack 404 Powell, John C.Jr 453. 462 Powell, Laura Frances 375 Powell, Laurence Henry 326 Powell. Lillian O ' Leary 379 Powell, Paul Henderson 336 Power. Harold Meeks 297 Power, Harry H 294, 298 Powers, Emory 336 Powers, Marcella 458 Powers, Ralph Elmwood 278, 305 Pranger, Daisy Jane 179, 357 Prashner, Eugene Samuel 427 Prather Hall 4 2 Preibisch, Adolph Melvin 204 Prendergast. Albert Calvin 402 Prendergast, George 407 Present Day Club 317 Preston, Earl Kieth 414 Prestwood, Clyde 210 Price, Andrew Sterling 127 Price, Harold Clay 144 Price, Stephen F 453 Price, Steve 462 Price, Thomas Albert 127, 296 Pricer. Agnes Alberta 363 Pridgin, Jim Edward 336.416 Primeaux, James Oran 114 Pritchett, John Walker 292 Prock. Glen Cleve. Jr 128 Prock. George Doyle 144. 285 Prock, Mrs. G. Doyle 158 Proctor, Jack 336, 388 Progressive Czech Club 318 Protbro, Charles Nelson ...292. 345, 420 Prothro, Mary Ann 332 Provine, Joe Finley, Jr 144 Prowse, George Allen 422 Prowse. Leland Alvunius 200. 422 Prude, Stella Margaret 316. 384 Pruitt, Charles 465 Pruitt. Jack 144 Pruitt. Warren Dee 292. 340. 428 Publications 267-276 Puckett. Clay Tompkins 398 Puckctt. Mary Jack 378 Puett. Nelson ..204, 209. 210, 211, 213, 410 Pullin. Carlton Wade 158. 292 Puis. Otto Leland 144. 423 Purl. Fred Wallace 323 Purl, Mary Virginia 158 Purnell, Fred 251 Pursley. William Henry 326. 428 Q Quante. Ella Viola 295 Quebedeaux, Walter Arnim 344 Quick. Tommy 408 Quin, Harry Carter 422 Quinn. W. A 279 Quota, Henrietta 158 NAMES PAOEB Rabon. Jack 39? Rachal, Eliiabelh Mai 179. 332, 369 Rack. Lottie Virginia 375 Kacki. Frances Elizabeth 128, 315 Raeber, Marguerite 1 4 HaelKch, Carl William 397 Kagsdale, Amile 370 Ragsilale, Milton McArthur 303, 421 Rag.dalc, Paul Calhoun 396 Rain, Robert Eley 404 Rainey, Homer Price 28 Ramirez, Enrique C 128, 314 Ramirez, Joe Charles 393 Ramsay, J. W 287, 325 Ramsay, Winnie Jo ...177, 296. 330, 362 Ramsdell. Margaret Evelyn .296, 302, 368 Ramsey, Charles Oakley 280 Ramsey, George Winship 388 Ramsey, Thomas Edward 389 Ramsey, Tom Isaac 305 Randall, Dr. Edward 29, 446, 450 Randals, Lusk Tullus 326 Randle. James Bates 144 Randolph, William 405 Raney, Olive Ruth 128, 332, 36,i Rankin, Helen 299 Ransom, Janice Elizabeth 383 Ransom, Marjorie 128, 376 Ransom, Mary Charlotte 319, 358 Ransom, Wil liam Albert 151 Rapoport, Idel 373 Ratchford, Dorothy Anne 128 RatclifF, Francis Scott 391 Rathbone, Billie Beryl 177, 315, 379 Rathbone, Helen Dufour ..175. 200. 302. 315, 351, 378 Rathbone, Lucy 313. 379 Rather. Edward Branch 286, 407 Rather, Roy Lamar, Jr 105, 406 Ratliir, Anna Bess 289, 313 RatlifT, Dorothy Fac 366 Ratlilt. John Cristie 400 Ranch, Jane Ellen 186, 361 Ravicz, Robert Simon 419 Rawe, Joyce Fischer 204. 231 Rawlings, Vernon Alton 325 Rawlings, Leona Maude 317, 319, 364 Rawlings, Hal Milton 394 Ray, Betty Jo 313. 3.59 Ray. Jane Maurine 158 Ray. Joy 366 Ray. Martha Neal 313 Ray. Oma Lucille 281 Ray, Samuel Clyde 128. 290 Ray. Thorpe 463 Ray. William Lowell 158 Rayburn. Jacquelyn 366 Raymer, Warren Jaye 153. 280 Rea. James Leonard 334. 335, 336 Reading. Bonnie Beth 105.380 Reading, W. Boyd 446. 450 Reading. Harry Louis 195, 398 Reagan, Sydney Chandler 200, 266 344, 400 Reagan Literary Society 319 Reardon, Patrick Herbert 158 Reasonover, Vashti 158 Rebstein, Dolores Marion 281 Reck. Herbert. Jr 159 Rush. Hammell Record 284, 337 Rector, Nancy Jane 366 Redburn, Robert Holcombe 422 Redding, Edwin Diet 293,298 Redus, John Franklin 304 Reece, Geraldine 458 Reed, Aletha Lipscomb 376 Reed, Allen O ' Neal 204, 244 Reed, Marienne 290 Reed, Talmadge DeWitt 397 Reedy, Mihon Frank 297, 403 Rees, Ernest Adron 408 Reeves, Ponice 466 Reindorp, Reginald C 296 Rehm. Peggy Edwards 288, 289 Rehmet. Vincent William. Jr 123 Reib. Jane 379 Reich, Harriet 177, 386 Reichert. Henry Clay 297 Reid, Donald Theodore 413 Reid, Robert Emin 412 Reid, Sutton 424 Reilly, Anna Elizabeth 144, 315 Reilly, Peggy 144, 315 Reinhardt, Hazel Marie 159 Rembert, Russell Stevenson 406 Renegar, Clifford Bryant 128, 424 Replin, Cecile 373 Replin. Henry 426 Reser, Wayne 4J65 Ressman, Arthur 460 Retlig, John Wilson 409 Reuben, Riskind 251 Reveley. Hugh 461 Reynolds. Belte Gail 144.186,362 Reynolds, Clifford R 159, 415 Reynolds, Edward Dickens 396 Reynolds, Jack Julian 151 Reynolds. Lorclta 128. 313, 315 Reynolds, Richard Clinton 304 Reynolds, Roberta 441 Rhode, Margaret Lucille 313 Rhodes. Coke Home 396 Rhodes. Jack 204, 206, 208, 210, 211 Rhodes. Robert Gram 128 Riach. Rev. John 311, 315 Ribe, Marshall Louis 128 Rice, A. D. (Lonnie) 144 Rice, Fern 458 NAMES PACES Rice, Jane Monies 151, 379 Kice, Orville Owen 292 Rich, Frances 336 Rich, James Robert 322 Richards, James T 326 Richards, John 463 Richards, Martha Adele 145, 377 Richardson, Donald Robert 128, 286 Richardson. Frank William 315 Richardson, George 424 Richardson, George S 453, 459, 464 Richardson, Harry Leiand 159 Richardson, Margaret Jane 315 Richardson, Milton 389 Richardson. O. J 461 Richardson. W. H ' 201 Richey. Harvey M 453. 464 Richey. Jeanne ...128, 177, 306, 350, 382 Richmond, Burley Davis 285, 298. 304, 322 Riddel, Roy. Jr 464 Riddle, W. C 237, 242 Ridgway. Richard Edgar 410 Riedel. Mary Ruth 123. 380 Rienstra. Marie Inez 145 Rienstra. Marion J 128 Ries. Mary Lucille 332 Riggs. Emmet Dean 292 Riggs. Harold Beauford 128. 287. 298, 303 Riley, John Brizendine 420 Riley, Myrna Karolyn 145, 313 Riley, William Barnes 388 Rimmer, Raymond Jaye 269, 326 Riner, Sylvia Marie 379 Ring. Sandiford 403 Ripperton. Nyman Alonzo 314 Ripple, Beatrice Frances 128, 366 Riskind. Reuben Saul 418 Riskind. Rosclla Maud 188, 281, 321 Ritchie, Virginia Almira 159 Ritter, Victor Houston 420 Ritter. William Paul 151, 414 Riviere, Harvey Stephen Joseph 128, 315 Rivers, Lucy Gordon 377 Rix, Alvin 463 Rizzotto. Flora Nel 1 159 Roach, Jim Edward 410 Roach, Joe Wilson ...204, 208, 209. 210. 211, 225 Roach. Katherine Dee 376 Robcrdcau, Eugenia Faye 330 Roberds, Clark Frederic 128 Roberts, Edith Lola 128, 440, 444 Roberts, Edwin Rupert 414 Roberts, Elliott Bradford ..290. 292, 429 Roberts. Frances Irvene ..145. 186, 371 Roberts, Henry Lamar 406 Roberts. Howard Franklin 394 Roberts. Ira Clifford 293 Roberts, Jesse 1 294 Roberts. John Clarke 296. 345, 414 Roberts, Morris Roland 425 Roberts, Tom Ray 154 Robertson, Dorothy Agnes 315 Robertson. Forrest E 145 Robertson. J. T. (Tex) 203 Robertson, James 464 Robertson, Joe Thaddeus 159 Robertson, Lake, Jr 292 Robertson, Sterling C 272, 402 Robertson, Tom C 159 Robey, Erskyne Victoria 145 Robinowitz, Herbert Jerome 427 Robinwitz, Miriam Louise 159 Robinson, H. Reid 446 Robinson, James Ernest 407 Robinson, Leroy 159 Robinson, Polly Battle 385 Robinson, Stanley Donald 426 Robinson. William Bruce 410 Robinson. Helen Ruth 159, 176 Robison, Maxine 377 Rochelle, Cleanthus Victor 334, 335 Rochs, Paul Arthur, Jr 128 Roch, Frances Inez 159. 281, 313 Roddy, Vincent Jerome 315 Roddy. William Nathan 315. 418 Rodgers, Charles Bernard 128 Rodgers. Ed 269 Rodgers. Roseanne 366 Rodriquez. Hesiquio 314 Roe. Freddie 409 Rogers. Betty Lois 357 Rogers. Burl Gordon 204. 248, 250 Rogers, Carol 316. 376 Rogers. Funslon 463 Rogers, Harriet 453, 466 Rogers. John D 159 Rohling, Mary Agnes 315 Rohrbough. Cleora 330 Rolfc, Walter T 389 Rolle, Helen Margaret 151, 376 Rolle. Richard Edward 192, 392 Roller. Erie Nell 323, 368 Rolletl. Sybil Lorraine 159, 369 Rollin. Robert Elliott 330, 424 Rollins, James David 388 Rollins, Maye Marie 332 Romberg, Arnold 290 Romero, Robert Francis 287. 298. 303 Roos. Emanual Farley 398 Roos. Mrs. Frances 128, 306, 336 Roosth. Sol 427 Roscoe. Arthur Milton 412 Rose, Henry John 416 Rosene. Hilda 288, 299, 377 Rosenfield. Paul 387, 418 Rosengarten. Leonard Marshall ..280, 412 Rosenman, Bernard Milgrom 412 NAMES PACES Rosenthal, Minette Adele .129, 306, 439 Rosenthal, Valerie Kirk 308, 372 Rosenwasser, Helen Estelle 361 Roscnwasser, Melvin Harvard 419 Rosinger, Ruth Merle 360 Ross, Jasper Archibald 410 Ross, M. Lamar 453. 465 Ross, Una Lillian 191, 444 Rossenwasscr, William 419 Rosser, William Harry 322 Rottenberg, Lionel Harold 426 Rousaville, JohnieC 151 Rounsaville, Quinn 465 Ronton, Austin Allen 334, 335 Rowe, C. E 393 Rowe. Emmett 242 Roy. Russell Edgar 320 Rozelle. Jean 375 Rubin, Betty Rose 373 Rubin, Mariam Sammy 129, 444 Rubottom. Billy Ruth 30 Rudd, John Barry 405 Rude, Selma 159, 332 Ruder, Roger Carstons 393 Rudnick. Frances Sel ma 145 Ruetz, Ruth Elizabeth 151 Rumble, Charles T 460 Runge, Harriett 159 Runge, Jeanne 379 Runyon. Virginia 315. 441, 444 Rupe. Charles 159 Rupel. Lawrence Quincy 129. 210, 211 Rusch, Adele Irene 129 Rush. Granville A 311 Rushing. Ellison Dumas 326 Russell, Betsy Bradford ...316. 377, 382 Russell, Donald Hill 416, 292 Russell, Edward Joseph 286 Russell, Jeannette Markle 191. 194. 350, 382 Russell, Marjorie Clark 129, 179 Russell. Sammie 151 Russell. William Lee 159 Russell. Woolworth 464 Rustin. Robert Hudson 409 Rutherford. Howard Keyes 398 Rutland. Martha Elizabeth 313, 359 Rutland. Mildred Eugenia .313. 317, 3.58 Rutledge, Robert McDonald 390 Rutlcdge. William Kimbrough 390 Ryals, Bessie Katherine 145 Ryan, Dan William 414 Ryan, Harris Varian 402 Ryan, William C 454, 465 Ryland, Lowie Christie 313 Sabina. Sister 441 Sada, Roberto Gerardo, Jr. .129. 314. 315 Sadler. Charles B 454. 465 Saegert. Albert Joe 324 Saegert. Louis Fritz 324 Sagebiel . Victor Herman 292 Sager, Lois 199. 272. 273. 302. 346. 349. 351. 376 Sagstetter. Louise Marie 313, 315 Sailers, I.on Clayton 292 Sailors, Joel Warren 151 Salinas, Bias Mike 315 Salinas, Nella Louise 296, 314, 315 Salinas, Robert 159, 315 Sails, Anna 315 Sallas, Jonathan Benjamin 401 Salmon. George Wilbur 454, 463 Samford, Finis Mack 129 Sample. Mary Rose 129. 313, 439 Sampson. Robert Carl. J r 145 Samuel. William Edward 423 Sanders. Edna 458 Sanders. Evelyn Jean 129. 382 Sanders. Homer Shelton 425 Sanders. James Olcutt 290 Sanders. Joe Goolsby 145, 423 Sanders. Joseph A 159 Sanders. Kathleen Adair 357. 430 Sanders. Virgil 463 Sanders. W, H 237. 242 Sanford. E. B 465 Sanford. Ernest Lee 279 Sansing. Clyde 318 Sansing. Saralee Chapman 151 Sansom. Charles Culberson 292 Sansom. Clara Gees 191. .350. 379 Sansom. Mary Earle 350. 378 .Sanstedt. John R 421 Sargent. Jack Scott 344 Sargent. James Homer 344 Sarver. James Lewis 396 Sauer. Emilita Victoria 151. 190 Saunders. Carroll Yvonne 145 Saunders. Daniel 293 Saunders. John Dickson 145 Saunders. Mildred Jane ....159. 313, 315 Saunders. Watt Lafayette, Jr 145 Savage. Sara Nell 177. 323 Sawtelle. William W 460 Sawyer. Wesley Eric 145 Scales. Margaret Jean 316, 376 Scales. Marv Ann 382 Scanlan. Jack 278. 292. 305 Scarborough. Bertha 151. 377 Scarborough. Jesse William. Jr. .145. 294 Scarbrough. Henry Herbert 159. 292 Scardina. Robert Albert 315 Scardino. Lester 460 Schaefer. Irene 31.5 Schafer. Henry William 421 Schaffer. Aaron 419 Scharnberg, Jack 272, 273 Schell, Mary Katherine 455 Schelper, Anna Katherine 455 Schenck, Leslie Millard 293 Schieffcr, Hunter Herbert . .282. 283, 292 Schieffer. Herman Lee 282 Schill, Richard Thoma 315, 425 Schiller, Edward Otto 326 Schiller, Imogene 314 Schlafli, Katherine Elmere 151, 281, 316, 384 Schlecte, M. C 465 Schleuse, Louis 326 Schleuter, Herman Nelson 415 Schlieman, Albert Horton 152 Schlinger, Henry David 418 Schmalenbeck, Hildegard 281 Schme les, Curtis Otton 292 Schmidt, Benno C 284, 291, 348, 397 Schmidt, Charles Donnally 305,404 Schmidt, Fred 337 Schmidt, Margarete Lina Louise 129 Schmidt. Mary Elizabeth 159, 176, 281, 375 Schmied, Robert Whittaker 292 Schneider, Charles Joseph 315 Schneider, Dorothy Ann 180 Schneider, Erie Henry 407 Schneider, Jeanne Frances 270, 271 Schneider, Marion Frances 332, 385 Schneider, Mary Ann 330, 382 Schneider, Oliver William 322 Schoch, E. P 280. 293. 298, 423 Schoch, Dr. Margaret 299 Schoellkopf. Hugo William 409 Schoenert, Gerlad 305 Schoenman. Rosalind Bernice 361 Schofield. Royce B 159 Schonerstedt, Margaret 300 • Schons, Dorothy 296 Schooler, James Paul 424 Schow, Doris Dell 129, 180 Schow, John Butler 312 Schreiner. Josephine 181, 336 Schrameck. Jack Edward ...287. 298, 303 Schroeder, Clarence Charles 145 Schroeter, Thomas Tyler 292 Schrott. John Benton 159 Schubert. Herbert A 450, 454, 464 Schubert. Stephen Ernest 322, 420 Schuck Francis Joseph 318 Schulle, Grace Mildred 317, 380 Schulman, Alfred 290, 292, 426 Schultz, Ida Emma 152, 313 Schultz, Roy Henry 129 Schultz, Ruth Marie 152 Schulz. Anna Marie 129, 313 Schulz, Catherine Augusta 315 Schulz. E. H 298, 303 Schulz, Lawrence Ernest 318 Schulz, Ted 292 Schulz, Velma Lois 289, 313, 336 Schulze, Bernice 458 Schumacher, Ann 316, 378, 440, 444 Schumacher. Billie 444 Schumann. Vivian Augusta 152 Schutze, Bette Jane 375 Schwab, E. H 450 Schwab, John Stewart 152 Schwartz, Albert James ...204, 345. 418 Schwartz, Amy Lorraine 129, 313, 332 Schwartz, Beatrice 152, 332 Schwartz, Herbert Mathias .129, 283, 292 Schwartz, Joseph Mayei 418 Schwarz, Harry David 294, 298, 412 Srhwend. Fred Seaton 129 Schweikhardt, Marcella Louise 129, 313. 332 Schweikhardt, Madonna Lillian ..145, 332 Schwenker, Harry Frederick 315 Scobee. Richard G 454, 460 Scofield, Mary Katherine 187, 330, 352, 370 Scofield, Frank Lewis 398 Scott, Alfred Malley 404 Scott, Barbara Catherine 159, 357 Scott, Elaine A 330 Scott, Frederick Joseph 292, 406 Scott, Hazel Raney 319, 327 Scott, Joe Mac 305 Scott, John Linn 129 Scott, John Milton 278 Scott, Mary Lewis 176, 383 Scott, Patricia 366 Scott, Rebekah Rogers 379 Scott, Rosemary 159, 363 Scott, Stanley James 145, 286, 307 Scott, Travis Moran 422 Scott, Virginia Sue 145, 359 Scott, Zack 330 Scottish Rite Dormitory 19, 434. 435 Scrivanek. Daniel Adolph 309 Scruggs, Claud W 311 Scruggs, Dorothy Marguerite 152 Scruggs, Willard Ray 152 Scurlock, Arch Chilton 292. 402 Scaber. Scott E 159 Scale. John Arthur 388 Sealy Nurses 458 Seaman. John Gates 194, 290. 292. 345. 388 Seamans. Douglas Campbell 145 Seamans. Lynn .Andrew 145 Sears, Alton Lester 282 Seals, Phyllis Marion 370 Sears, Florence Irene 105. 190. 295. 317, 330, 380 Soars, Thomas Emerson 286 NAMES PACES Seay, Mervin 236. 238. 242 Seay. William Hinckley ...409. 237, 242 Seely, Phoebe Jane 145 Seeman. Louise 458 Segal. Irene Helen 129, 290 Segars. Cenia Leota 358 Seiberl. Kenneth Dale 409 Seigle, Bernard Marvin 412 Seigle. Gwendolyn Frances 176. 386 Seith, Marcella Veronica 159, 309, 315, 332 Selber, Muriel Dolores 361 Self, Louise Marie 332 Self, Myrl 388 Self, Nancy Alyne 187 Seligmann, Julius 270, 271, 412.. Selke. Oscar 0., Jr 465 Sellers, Lenn Gene 334, 335 Sellers, Walter Monroe 129, 325, 334, 335, 336 Semple, Ellie Louis 379 Seniors 106132 Sentz, Powell Patricia 190 Settegast, Mary Katherine 129, 308, 316, 384, 434, 444 Sewell, Tom Randell 129, 431 Sexton, Gloria 332 Seyhold, Herbert McCeIvy 406 Seybold, William D 450 Shacklelt, Ernest 465 Shade. Dan 311 Shafer, Eileen Guthrie 366 Shafer, Marion Edward 138 Shain. Charles Carl 427 Shambaugh, Joan 332, 369 Shangri-La 320 Shapira, Jake 454. 462 Sharborough. Virginia Welch 369 Sharp, Alice Elizabeth 382 Sharp, Charles Stanton 193, 292, 406 Sharp, L. R., Jr 152 Sharp, Lawrence R 129 Sharp, Mary Nell 382 Sharp, Thomas H 159 Sharp, William B 446, 450 Sharpe, Ernest Alonzo 129, 290 Sharpless, Robert Hitchcock 159 Sharpless, Ralph 254 Shaver, Benjamin B 454, 460 Shaver, Dorothy 159 Shaw, Kathleen Faye 371 Sheaffer, Walter Henry 130, 305 Sheaffer, Mrs. Walter H 145 Sheckles. L. W 450 Sheehan, Mrs. Elizabeth 458 Sheehy, Mary Norma 315, 369, 441 Sheffeld, Cynthia White ...336. 347, 362 Shefleld, Lendon Stewart 325 ShelTcId, Neal York 431 Sheffield, Carneal B 282 Shelby, T. H 35 Shelton, Earl 145 Shelton, Edgar Greer, Jr 159, 393 Shelton, Elvin Lee, Jr 454 Shelton, Francis Benjamin 315 Shelton, Paul Lerner 294 Shepard, Betty June 363 Shepard, Groom 465 Shepherd, John Henry 409 Sheppard, Herbert Barton 159 Shepperd, John Ben 355, 402 Shepperd, Roy 463 Sherman. Charles Howard 311, 402 Sherman, Dana Marie 159, 326 Sherrod, Johnimae 159 Shidler, Sarah Adele 159 Shield, Leone 130 ShilTer, Faye Elizabeth 313. 332 Shimeall. Kermit Wayne 411 Shindler. Thomas 292 Shinn, Ralph Edward 159 Shipman, Eileen Frances ...145, 332. 359 Shireman. Julia Helen 130. 189, 336 Shirley, Daisey Edith 152, 358 Shirley. Everett Lee 200, 272. 273. 290, 292, 345, 410, Shirley, Preston 284, 291, 411 Shirley, William James 315 Shive, Billie 293 ShleSB. Charles Daniel 145 Short, Byron E 278, 298 Short, Charles LeRoy 312 Short, Harry Hammond 304 Shriver, William BrenI 406 Shropshire, Wallace Wells 409 Shndde, Helen Louise 159, 385 Shulman, Maurice Randolph 426 Shuptrine, Vcnnie Lee 439 Shurley, Jay Talmadge 130, 280 Shurley, Rena Gl en 159 Shun, Lillian Emily 130 Shwarts, Alvin Lawrence 412 Sibertson, Elizabeth Anne 130 Sibley, Frances Lucille 283, 382 Sidney Lanier Literary Society 321 Siebert, Wendell Tris ....130. 204. 236. 238. 242. 428 Siemoneit. James Robert 415 Sien. Lois Virginia 130. 306 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 416, 417 Sigma Alpha Mu 418, 419 Sigma Chi 420, 421 Sigma Delta Pi 296 Sigma Delta Tan 386 Sigma Gamma Epsilon 297 Sigma lota Epsilon 279 Sigma Nu 422. 423 Sigma Phi Epsilon 424. 425 Sites. Jack Day 397 NAMES PACES Sill. Maxine June 382 Sillings, Bill Thomas 159 Silverman, Helene Estelle 281 Silvers, Jean Naman 152 Simcox, Gene 384 Simmons, Billie 152, 281, 302, 347, 368, 440 Simmons, Blake Hanlon 397 Simmons, C. D 31, 282, 283 Simmons, Etoise 382 Simmons, Hal Francis 399 Simmons, Ira B 390 Simpson, H. L 270, 271 Simon, Julia Lee 369 Simms, Earl Edward 355, 430 Simms, Lillian Byrdie 130, 356 Simpson, Cecil Woodward 298, 305 Simpson, Charla Mae 313 Simpson, Frances Gertrude 281 Simpson, Hubert Lyle 405 Simpson, John Roger 424 Sims, E. R 296 Sims, Ethelene Smith 145 Sims, Taylor Jackson 398 Sims, William A 159 Sinclair, Boyd 272. 273 Sinclair, John George 446 Sinclair, Robert Lloyd 405 Singer, Frank Bernard 426 Singer, John Arnold 412 Singleton, A. 450, 462 Singleton, Albert 0.. Jr. ...446, 450, 454 Singleton, John Virgil 345, 398 Singleton, Edward Bivens 404 Singleton, William Blake 342 Sitta, Raymond 464 Skarke, Edward A 454, 463 Skarke, Herbert Oscar 315 Skelton, Max Beck 204, 272, 273 Skelton, Richard 423 Skibs, Rose Frances 332 Skinner, Eugene Elam 152, 303 Skinner, Larkin Peyton, Jr 145 Skolaut, Milton Wilbert 326 Skoog, Carl Forrest 130, 305 Skripka, Charles F 461 Skrivanek, Erwin Jacob 280, 309 Skrivanek, Frank Julius 309 Slaninger, Ernest William 315 Slataper, Eugene L,, Jr 465 Slataper. Louise Leah 381 Slator. James Moss 270. 271, 403 Slaughter, Betty 368 Slaughter, George Owen 105, 404 Slaughter, George William 145 Slavik, Albert Thomas 145, 309, 431 Slavik, Edward Wil liam 105, 204, 315, 430 Slavin, Clyde Charles 130 Sloan, Laurie Marshall 320 Sloan, Mary 130, 313 Sloop, Carrie Ruth 145, 366 Slovacek, Eugene Woodrow 318 Slovacek, Rudolph William 237 242, 318 Slubicki, Carroll James 430 Small, Clint Charles 204, 283, 284 Small, Elliott Eldrcd 145, 310 Small, Terrell Jackson 417 Small. Winifred Ann 376 Smallbert, William Aaron 418 Smalling, Claude Williams, Jr. ..130, 293 Smart, Margie Jane 159, 332 Smarit, Helen Walker 381 Smelsey, Samuel 152 Smerke, Francis Patrick 303, 315 Smith, Mrs. A. B 439 Smith. A. Gilbert 130, 337 Smith, Adelle 130 Smith, Alice Lorraine 145, 439 Smith, Angle Frank 291, 406 Smith, Berl Spencer 138 Smith. Bryant 291, 391 Smith, C. Aubrey 282. 283 Smith. Charles Edwin 305 Smith. Clinton Ben 414 Smith. Charles Clinton 322 Smith. Eddie 370 Smith, Edward William 292, 410 Smith, Elaine White 434. 444 Smith, Elizabeth Marie 130 Smith, Emalynn Winnie 130, 362 Smith, Everett G 283, 286, 417 Smith, Farrcll Dee 130, 286 Smith, Floyd Clarence 286 Smith. Frederick Adair 159 Smith, George Conwell 152 Smith, George Franklin 396 Smith, Geraldine Dolores 357 Smith, Henry Wayne 422 Smith, Harriet 309 Smith, Harvey Daniel 311 Smith, Harvey Partridge 409 Smith, Herbert Randolph 145, 292 Smith, J. Burleson ...197, 345, 387, 422 Smith, James William 159 Smith, John David 145, 286 Smith, John 307 Smith, Joseph Stanley 292 Smith, Katherine Angeline 313 Smith, Killough King 292, 408 Smith, Lem Edwin 282 Smith, Lillie Marie ..145, 319, 436, 444 Smith, Louis Huggins 396 Smith, Lucille Aileen 190 Smith, Mabel 31 Smith, Margaret Faerol 316, 351, 378 Smith, Margaret Thatcher 302, 376 Smith. Marianna 281, 363 NAMES PACES Smith, Mary Frances 332, 371, 374 Smith, Matthew 296 Smith, Monroe El wood 311 Smith, Mose Allen 152 Smith. Gran Floyd 408 Smith, Patty Lee 313 Smith, Phoebe True 159. 177 Smith, Richard Russell 152 Smith, Robert Harold 293, 298 Smith, Roy Carnes 388 Smith, Travis 465 Smith, Vera 152 Smith, Vernon Zay 130, 297, 392 Smith, Virginia Everett 130 Smith, Virginia Gayle 130, 313, 439 Smith, W. L 465 Smith, William Allen 393 Smith, William Calvin 403 Smith, William Darus 294, 298 Smith, William Jordan 292 Smith, Wilson 230 Smoot, Jane 105 Smykal, Bennie Jerome 145, 315 Smyth, James Edward 408 Smythe, Rodger 460 Snatika, George Will 309 Sneed, Jessie Louise 159, 375 Snider, Harry C 105 Snider, Mary Nette 374 Snodgrass. Frank Lee 292. 407 Snodgrass. Samuel R 450 Snowden. Clifford Pearl 272, 300 Snyder, Chester Melvin 426 Snyder, Hal 46 1 Snyder, Ned 460 Snyder, Roy Edwin 130 Snyder, Sarah 281 Sohle, Fredetick Victor 415 Sojka, Michael Andrew ....204, 252, 309 Solcher, Kemp David 130, 297 Soils, Anna 152, 191, 314 Solito, Pete Salvador 442 Solomon, Marjorie 373 Sons of Alec 322 Sophomores 147.157 Sorenson, Sherard Atterbury 311, 428 Sororities and Fraternities 353-432 Sosa, Alfonso Julian 326 Sosolik, Helen Marie 152,309,315, 441, 444 Soto, Raul C 450 Souther, Robert Eugene 130, 294 Southwestern Club 323 Sowell, Ellis 292 Sowell, Jim Wiley 131 Spann, Mary Grace 378 Sparenberg. Charles H 32, 282, 283 Spargo, Ruth Mildred 316, 362 Sparks, John 336 Sparks, Jewel Maurine 458 Spearman, George Wesley 152 Spears, Jean Wiler 431 Spears, John Miller 292, 397 Spears, Harold Paul 387, 430 Spears, lone Pettey 295, 321 Spears, Oran Thomas 204, 223 Speck, C. D 463 Speogle. Jack Hall 336 Speer. Robert James 293 Spell, Jefferson R 296 Spence, Gus Ralph 393 Spence, Judie 326 Spence, Julius Hobb 392 Spence, Kathryn 295 Spence, Robert William 416 Spencer, Florence Elizabeth ....295. 321 Spencer, Fred 459, 464 Spero, Arthur Frank 303 Spies, John W 446 Spillar, Margaret Jean 159, 281, 359 Spinks, Edward Garrison 298 Spiller, W. F 446 Spindler, Frank MacDonald 131 Spitzer. Leonard Sheldon 412 Spivey. Sue 382 Spoonts, Paul 152 Spoontz, Leslie 391 Spradlin, Joe Dewey 292 Springall. Jack 462 Springfield. Cassie Mae ..178, 316, 382 Spruiell, Durward Lance 318 Staah, Josephine 313 Staats, Preston W. A 387, 424 Stack, John Elbert 399 Stacy. Agnes 379 Staflfel. Mary Nel 145 Stafford, Elizabeth 176, 382 Stafford. Gerald M 409 Stage and Platform 329-338 Stages. Mary Margaret 176. 358 Stahl. Cetia Rauma 131 Staley. Jack Carr 197.416 Stallard. John Otto 159 Stamets. George Ch ristian 393 Stamm, Aurelita Mary 324, 3.58 Stamm, Eliska Ellen 324, 358 Stamm. Jocelyn Helena 189. 324. 358 Stamm. Joy Dolores 189, 324, 358 Stampfli, Bill 459 Stampfli, Wendell 464 Stanberry. Quinton Curtis, Jr 131 Stanberry, William Burks 420 Stancliff, Juliette La Rue 384 Standifer, Margaret Aileen .313, 332, 369 Standifer, Charles Herbert 424 Stanford. Helen Julia Caroline 131 Stanford, Henry 465 Stanford. Thomas Patrick 391 Staniforth, Margaret Frances ,..180. 382 Stanley. Mildred 450, 466 Stapp, William Edward 416 Stark, Esther 299 Stark, H. J. Lutcher 29 Starcke, Ella Mae 313, 384 Starcke, Walter Hugo 397 Starkey, Lois Marie 350. 378 Starnes, Jasper Leon 159 Starnes. Grady C 131 Starnes. Thomasine 159 Stasney. Floyd August 318 Stasny. Elaine 152 Stasswender. Anne Antoinette ..131. 315 Stathakos. James Frank 397 Stauffer, Ralph Douglas 345, 422 Stavinoba. Martha Ann 315 Stayton. Hallie Randolph 351. 378 Stayton. Robert W 407 Stayton. William Freear 417 Steadham. Mary Virginia 358 Stearns. Iris 323. 332. 362 Stecker, Elizabeth 159 Stecker. Emma Elizabeth 336, 375 Stedman. Mary Anne 385 Sleede. Vaudean 1,52. 180. 381 Steel. Arthur Eueene 270. 271. 405 Steel. Audrey Dale 3.32 Steely. Thomas Brazeltnn 105 Steele. Robert Kirhy 159 Steele. William Baylor 292. 408 Steen, Gates 211 Steger, Hugh Lynn 283, 292, 428 Stein, Cecilia 317 Steinberg, Hortense Estelle 373 Steinbrink, Lucil le 458 Steinkamp, Ruth Christine .145. 289. 313 Steinmann. Cora Marie 131. 313. 317. 364 Stekoll. Mildred 181. 373 Stemmons. Robert 304. 322 Stenberg. Beatrice Noble 356 Stephan. Era L 455 Stephen. John Erie 337 Stephens, Ada David 131,319, 330, 368 Stephens, Mrs. Christine Walker 159 Stephens. George 31 Stephens. John Foster 397 Stephens, Merian 381 Stephens, Marie Hutson 159 Stephens, O. J 152 Stephens. Virgil Homer 152 Stephenson. R. C 296 Sterling. Charlotte Ann 323 Sterling. Philip Huffman 131 Stevens. Dan George 411 Stevens. Mildred Louella 159 Stevenson, OUie Roy 283 Stevenson, Orissa 346, 378 Steussy, Nella Mae 439 Stewart, Bertha Lillian 152 Stewart, Cecilia Carlstrom 332, 381 Stewart, Charles 294 Stewart, Jane 152 Stewart, Jonell 281 Stewart, Malcolm Graeme 405 Stewart, Powell 397 Stewart, William Curtis, Jr 146 Stewart, William W 131 Stewart, Winona Anita 159 Stiernherg, Helen Louise 146 Stifft, Rosalyn Rebecca 361 Still, Naomi 131, 191 Stilwell, Thomas Herbert ..146, 334, 335 Stinson, Edna Earle 313 Stinson, Jean 146 Stipe, Martha 300 Stockard, Jerry Todd 400 Slocking, George W 389 Stockton, John R 279 Stoddard, Ross White 389 Stoermer, Clarence Adolph 305 Stokes, William Thomas 411 Stolarof f , Leonard 330 Stoltz, Jack Ulrich 131 Stolz, Marion Elizabeth 159 Stone, Albert 404 . Stone, Alpha Mae 146, 313 Stone, Ben Hicks 291 Stone, C. T 446. 450 Stone, Christine 131, 336 Stone, Jack Porter 424 Stone, Robert Jerry 416 Stone, Samuel R. B 159 Stoner. Mary Margaret 131 Stool. Bertha 131, 306, 372 Stool, Joseph Arthur 426 Storey, Robert Gerald 159, 429 Storey, William Harrison 404 Storm, Ernest Martin 303 Storm. Evelyn 376 Stovall. Helen Louise 376 Stover, Peggy 302, 378 Strachan. Dorothy Elizabeth Virginia 131. 300. 321, 436 Strange, Olive Jane 146 Stratton, Arbon Weimer 292 Straus, Jack Bauman 412 Strauss, Edward 463 Strauss, Robert Schwarz 192, 345, 355, 418 Street, James Harry 292, 320 Street, John Reinhardt 320 Strein. Joy Marcille 146 Strieber. Jessie 152 Strike. Thelma 435 Stringer. William Johnston 400 Stripling. Elizabeth Wright 454. 466 HAMU ' »« " Slriblinc. Ellender Catherine ..189. 302, 352.378 Striplint. John Lewit 131 Stripling. Winfrey France 146, 3314 Slrolvr. B.lty 332 Strum. Margaret Ann 160 Strong. Fred Chandler 131. 421 Stroud. Jane Lee 189, 306. 316. 350,384 Stroud. Lucile Blake 384 Strout. Edward Joseph 315, 318 Strowbridge. Frederick Jo[»n 160 Stru»». Itoberta 332, 367 Stru»8. Ruby Anne 332. 366 Stuart, Leslie Verry 423 Stuart, Mary Lou 382 Stuart. Kupcrt 248, 250 Stuart. Ruth Lee 131 Stuart. Ruth Roberta 131,319. 349. 362 Stubblefield. Lourana Lucy 313 Stubblefield. Marie 458 Students ' Assembiy 340 Studer. Oris Hope 131. 191. 306 Stullken. Florence M 283. 290 Svrcek. Edwin Randolph 146 Styron. Edwin Hartael 290. 320 Sud. Edith 178 Suehs, Ruth Loraine 332, 376 Suggs. Charles Edwin 160 Sula.-Helen Marie 190, 309, 315 Sul livan, Roger Charlea 416 Sullivan. Henry Clay 410 Sullivan. John Henry 400 Sullivan. Joseph Lewi. ....131, 290. 320 Sullivan. Margaret Brice 281. 332 Sullivan. Roger 193, 345 Summers. Emmett Tobias . .279, 307, 414 Suman. John R 294 Sumner. W. W 164 Surgt. Mary Louise 466 Suries. Donald £arroll 344 Surman. Rosemary 376 Sutherland. Thomas 314 Suttles. Edward Lillo 403 Suttles. James Harvey 402 Su«on Hall 12 Sutton. John F.. Jr 138. 395 Sutton. Sue LaVonne 368 Svacek. Dorothy Marie 160, 309. 318 Svacek. Joseph Frank 309, 318 Svajda. Jerome Frank 318 Svajda, Leonard Joseph 318 Swan. Helen Bringhurst 315. 371 Swann. Elam Franklin 405 Swanson, Camilla Ruth 313 Swanson. Catherine Elizabeth ...131. 313 Swanson. Jarrett Cook 404 Swanson. Leonard Archie 292 Swanson. Signe Marie 313 Swanson. William Wallace 409 Swatt, Benjamin Lipman 419 Swayie. William Stephen 282. 292 Swearingen. Clifford Wilson 292 Swearingen. O. R 459. 464 Sweeney. James Daniel 388 Sweeney. Albert E 294 Sweeney. John Milton 389 Sweeney. Michael James 204, 209. 210. 211. 213 Sweeney. Ned Hardy 204, 390 Sweetheart of the University 161 Sweetheart Nominees 175 Swenson. Bertha Claire 313 Swenson. Carl Eric 393 Swift. Frances Elizabeth ...302, 347, 378 Swift. Haiel Jane 132. 190. 289 Swimming 252, 253 Swingle. El izabeth 313 Swint. Elwin Odell 132. 279. 286 Syers. Edward 348 Sykes. C. S 446 Sykes. E. M.. Jr 460 Sykes. Ira Davi. 403 Sykes. Maria Margaret 383 Syler. Robert Watts 292 Szurek, Joseph ..- 160, 315 T T. Association 204 Tacker, Mary 313 Talbot. Ruth 458 Taliafero. Henry Garland 345. 404 Tallal. Shiriie 160, 386 Talley. Anno Woodruff 323 Tallichet. Jules Henri 292. 402 Tally. Carolyn 152 Tanneberger. Ion 303 Tanner, Boyd 406 Tanner. Robert William 430 Tannery. Fladger F 282. 286 Tarlton. Robert Stephen 204. 252 Tarplcy. Elizabeth 289. 313 Tate. Louis Franklin 326 Tatum. William Albert 398 Tate. Willie Lee 204, 221, 400 Tau Beta Pi 298 Tau Delta Alpha 299 Tau Delta Phi 426, 427 Taubman. Morris Benard 413 Tausend. Jack 460 Taylor. Agnes Ruth 132 Taylor, Barbee 190 Taylor. Bonnie Ruth 187. 332. 336 Taylor. Charies 336 Taylor. Charles Richard 32? . Taylor, Conway Attfield 160 NAMES PACES Taylor, Dayton Reed 152, 422 Taylor, Donald H., Jr 132 Taylor. Doris Elmo 375 Taylor. Duke Ricks 401 Taylor. Edward Cray 402 Taylor. Ella Preble 366 Taylor, Fletcher Floyd 414 Taylor, Holman 404 Taylor, Hugh Monroe 160 Taylor. Jane 160, 190, 385 Taylor, Josephine Wells 146 Taylor. Kerns Bowman 152 Taylor, Mary Lee 455 Taylor. T. U 38, 278, 285, 292, 294, 298, 304, 322, 405 Taylor. Tom Frank 195, 345, 422 Taylor, Thomas Ulvan II ..194, 270. 271. 345. 390 Dick Teel 132 Teeter, Keith Garten 280 Teias 428, 429 Templin, Jean Ann 281, 369 Templin. Marjorie Frances 359 Tenery. John 465 Tenison. Auban Adele 378 Tennant. Gail Borden 390 Tennis 246-251 Tennis Lettermen 247 Tennis Squad 246 Ternus, John Wil liam 315 Terrel. Coeta Marie 132, 318 Terrill,Joe Crisler 322 Terry, Cora Lee 290 Terry, Jerome Thomas 403 Teston. Mrs. Rebecca O ' Donnell 132, 439 Texas Memorial Museum 24 Texas Ranger 274 Texas Student Publications 268, 269 Texas Union 10, 17. 22 Thacker, Juliet 296 Thackston. Warren Calvin 297 Thaddeus. Natalie Amelia 315 Thames, Ernestine Holt 132 Tharp, Robert N 429 Thaxton. Mary Ellen 160 Theta Kappa Psi 465 Theta Sigma Phi 300 Theta Xi 430, 431 Thokey, James William 334. 335, 394 Thomas, Cullen Sheppard 406 Thomas. Edward Donnall 344 Thomas. Fred 465 Thomas. Hilliard Smith 132. 286. 292. 408 Thomas. Hinds Victor 132 Thomas. Isabel 160 Thomas, Lloyd Alton 132 Thomas, Louis Nathaniel 132 Thomas, Mrs. Marie 458 Thomas. Martha Faye 458 Thomas. Olive Evelyn 385 Thomas. Ruth Elizabeth 146, 357 Thomas. Skiles C 464 Thomas. Ted 210 Thomas, Viola 379 Thomason, Alton Parker 330 Thomason. Richard Barksdale 399 Thomason, William 416 Thompson. Andrew Zilker 292, 406 Thompson, Charles Everett 285, 298, 304 Thompson, Clark Wallace 390 Thompson, Doll 132, 300, 319. 384 Thompson. Doris Lucille 160 Thompson. Florence 382. 434. 444 Thompson, James Ross 420 Thompson. Jesse Eldon 132. 204, 236, 242. 243, 244, 280, 290, 292 Thompson, Kathryn Elizabeth 313 Thompson, Kinman 410 Thompson, Leslie Atchison 421 Thompson, Morris David 132 Thompson, Oliver 464 Thompson, Paul J 268 Thompson, Roy Charles, Jr 146 Thompson, William Buchanan 402 Thorn, Leslie Duron 431 Thorne, Georjse Clifford 324,415 Thome, Lansing Stephen 324,415 Thornton. Robert Richard 392 Thorpe. Margaret Mary 160 Thurber. William Holland 395 Thurman. Julia LaVerne 132 Thurman, Mace Baxter, Jr 401, 132 Thurston. Edith Louise 281 Tibbets. Tommy 160 Tidemann. Richard Wilkins 390 Tignor. Beryl 152 Tignor. Mary Margaret 152 Tillery. Edwina Jane 313, 146 Timm. Evelyn Gladys 281 Timmins. Oliver H 460 Timmons. James Cook 420 Tipton, F. Eari 132, 334, 335 Tipton, William Everett 389 Tipton, Tom Lafayette 388 Tobian, Lewis 280, 292, 387. 412 Tobolowsky. Edwin Samuel 412 Tobolowsky. Minette 132. 306, 372 Todd, Derol 377 Toland. Billie Rae : 367 Toland, William D., Jr 464 Tolar, Harriet Linden 385 Tolhcrt. Wilma Julianne 319,359 Tolleson, Jack Ralph 395 Tolleson, Jim Frank 416 Tollett, Wesley Dodson 132 Toma, John Emil 305 Tomkics, Margaret Evelyn 160. 187, 281, 367 Tomme, Dorothy 306, 319, 384 Tonn. W. H 132, 292, 293, 414 Torchin, Edward Louis 427 Torre, Rafael Flores 314 Torrence, Elizabeth Tomasine ...319, 327 Torres, Emile Louis, Jr 160 Tostmann, Dorothy Ruth 160 Tottenham, E. P 459 Tottenham, Edwin 464 Touchtone, Maydell 132 Towie, Barnaby I.edyard ....132. 293. 298 Towler, Morton L 450 Towney. Madge 288 Townsend. George Milsted 409 Townsend. Howard W 429 Townsend. Mary Aubyn 187. 377 Townsend. Robert F.... 268. 270. 345. 396 Track 235, 243 Track, Freshman Squad 237 Track Lettermen 236 Trainer, Cathryn Frances 160 Trainer. Mac. 308, 313, 351, 366. 434, 444 Trammell, Betty June.. 190, 195. 352. 378 Travis, Robert Harrie 409, 133 Traweek, Stella 283 Traxler, John Griffith 287, 298, 303 Treaccar, Heiman Hugo 138 Treadway, Betty Jeane 146, 332, 357 Trenckmann. Charle Grover 292 Trent. William Bret 160, 334, 335 Trcvino. Carlos Felipe 292 Treybig, Lucille Evelyn 281 Tribbey, Roy Jackson, Jr. .160 Trigg, Evie Rtish 382 Trigg, Josephine 383 Trimble, Zella Davidson 313 Tripp, Bob Evcrs 430 Tripplehorn, Robert L 388 Tritico, Joseph John 454, 463 Tronrud. Roy Walter 297 Trosper, Earl Joseph 105 Trueblood, Glenn Robert 106 Tschudin, Myra Katherine 179 Tucker, Carolyn Matlle 133 Tucker, James C 282 Tucker. Joe L 415 Tucker, Lucy Lorraine 133 Tucker, Mary Eloise 358 Tucker, Virginia Esteen 133 Tucker, William Carroll 160, 407 Tuffly, Mary Ann... 133. 290, 316, 352, 368 Tullis, Dick Anthony 315,415 Tulloss, Jean 152, 191, 385 Tuma, Tony 309, 313, 318 Tumlinson, Joseph Emanuel 146 Tumlinson. Victor Pat 292 Tunks. Bert Horace 312 Tunnell. Brady Virgil 278 Tunnell. Park Edwin 405 Tuohy. John Dermod 133, 297 Turk, John Graham. 133, 293. 298 Turner. Dorothy Grace 160, 191, 332, 336, 367 Turner. John Frank 428 Turner. William 305 Twidwell. Leonard 447, 464 Twin Club 324 Tyler, R. D.. Jr 465 Tyler. Rosemary 377 Tyree. James Imes 323 u Uhl. Thomas John 315 lllug. Turgot 294 Umland. Patricia 160. 313 Umstattd. Mrs. James G 295 Umsted. William Paul 146 Underwood. Dorothy Elaine 375 Underwood. Dudley 210. 211 Underwood. Harris Faulkner 416 Underwood. Mary Katherine 350 Underwood. Mildred Lucylle 160. 313 Union Board 342 Unis. Thomas Charles 313. 342 University Aeronautical Society 325 University Light Opera 336 U. T. Pharmaceutical Association ... . 26 Upchurch. Claude 404 Upchurch. Haden Jefferson 400 Upleger. A. C 282 Upperclass Advisors 444 Upshaw. Jack 463 Urban. William Joseph 315. 326 Utley. Frances Elizabeth 133. 351, 384 V Vacek, John Roman 309, 315, 326 Vacek. Sylvester Samuel 146. 309, 315 Valentine. James Philip 398 Valentine, Pattie Sue 384 Valhalla 327 Vallancc, James Alex 278, 305 Van Berg. Charles Francis 293, 298 Vance, Callaway Sanford 292 Vance, John T 278, 298, 303 Van Cleave, V. J 250, 272, 273 Van Gundy, Robert Christian 410 Van Zandt, Eleanor Ann 160, 281, 367 NAMES PACE« Van Zandt, Harris 348 Vanzura, Albert T 318 Varsity Debate 337 Vassallo, Henry 461 Vaughan, Carol yn 368 Vaughan, Malcolm Samuel.. 146, 296, 307 Vaughan, M ' Liss 378 Vaughan, Robert Akers 402 Vaughan, Robert Charles 133 Vaughan, Virginia Frances... 152, 177, 281 321, 347, 357 Vaughn, James Spruill 399 Vaughn, Virginia 191, 369 Vcalc, Edward Ray 393 Vela, Emma 314 Vela, Estela 314 Vela, Rose Elizabeth 315 Velasco, Rauol Terres 152 Verheyden, Floyd H 133, 326 Vernon, Helen Kel logg 313 Vernon, Martha M 160 Vernor, Thomas Alvin 133, 303 Vess, Aerial Bret 189 Vick, Kyle 274, 389 Vick, J. Louise 454, 466 Vickrey, Jack 133, 204, 291, 345 Victor, Ruth 336 Victor, Walter Kenneth 160 Vidaurri, Fred Edmund 303 Views 9-24 Villavaso, Ernest Joseph 290, 292, 406 Vincent, Lillian May 458 Vincent, Vern Hargrave 282, 283 Vine, Harry, HI 160 Vineyard, Doris Isabelle 371 Vineyard, Robert Hawes 388 Vining, Jeff Lee 304, 322 Vinklarek, Felix Vendillion ,...309. 315 Vittucci. R. Victor 298, 315 Vogel. Edward H.. Jr 447, 454, 463 Voiers, Helen Haden 438 Voipe, Luis Ramiro 311, 315 Vollz, Charles Edward 286 Von Bergen, Elsa 379 Von Blucher, Mary Julia 154, 369 Vondrak, Alice Frances 309 Von Tress, Robert David 394 Vorkies, Bill 336 Vorhies, John Royall 292 Voss, Murray Doyle 415 Votaw, Harriett Diana 146, 315, 368 Vrana, William 133, 309 w Waddell, Martha Anita 368 Wade, Faires Pelton 400 Wade, Ruth 373 Wadleigh, Fred Lawder 398 Wadley, Joyce Ann 313 Wadley, Marjorie Allen 384 Wadsworlh, Albert Hodges 204, 336, 340. 406 Wagenschein. Carol Letita 357 Wager. Dorothy Jean... 152. 177, 221, 281 326, 358 Wages, William Angus 400 IVaggener Hall 15, 19 Waggener, Leslie 29 Waggener, William 406 Waggoner, Helen Moore 332 Wagner. Clifford Maxon 133. 294 Wagner. John William 320 Wakefield. Maunsell Clark 160 Walden. William John 404 Waldrop. Ruth 133, 327 Walker, A. W 284. 291. 407 Walker. Albert Monroe 355, 400 Walker, Andrew Newton 392 Walker, Charles Allen 293, 298 Walker, Edith Marie 152, 356 Walker, Jack 463 Walker, James Lawrence 292 Walker. James Neal 463 Walker. James William 401 Walker. Louis Marshall 152. 292 Walker. Lucile 133. 295. 439 Walker. Margaret 133.189 Walker. Margaret Anna 321. 336. 358 Walker, Oma Ray.. 270. 271, 272, 273, 300 Walker, Richard Davis 416 Walker. Susan Shelton. 281. 382, 440, 444 Walker. Wilson 348 Wall. Dick P 446 Wall. Grace Evalyn 160, 314 Wallace, John Lee. Jr 456, 459, 464 Wallace, Shirley Rita 281 Wallin. Walter Woodrow 303 Wallis, Ray Ware 311 Walser, Bill Duke 133, 282, 307 Walsh, James Francis 409 Walter, Woodrow James 105, 269, 286 Walters, Shirley Winona 160 Walthall. Paschal 247. 250 Walton. Richard Gordon 322 Walton. Wahnez 152 Waltzlavick. Joe Dominie 315 Wandel. John Philip 422 Wander. Verna 160 Wandless. Gloria 458 Ward. Eleanor Anne 368 Ward. Harold Edgar 297 Ward. Joe E 287. 298. 303 Ward. John Lowry 322 Ward. Nolvin 279 Ward. William E 284, 414 Ware, Mary Louise 371 Ware, Tol Ben 416 Pace 515 NAMES PACbS Warhaflig, Arthur 326 Warhaftig, Jack 304 Warner, Charles A 294 Warner, Florence Lillian 160, 367 Warner, Robert W 303 Warren, Elizahcth Ann 356 Wash, George 293 Wash. Selctte Jacks 289 Wassell, James McCleltan 430 Wassell, John Woodman 430 Waugh, Coree Edward 423 Wathen, Tom Neat 405 Watel, Elaine 177 Waterston, Mayme Frances 313 Watkins, Charles Arthur 160 Watkins, James Sylvester 279 Watkins, Joe C 303 Watkins. Martha 313 Watkins, Walter Charles 133 Watson, Charles Alan 133. 2«2. 283, 290. 292 Watson, George Mario 293, 298 Watson, James 210, 211 Watson, James Cunyus. 198, 292, 345. 402 Watson. Ralph 465 Watson. Robert Eugene 397 Watson, Wil liam, Jr 133 Watson. Winston Elery 133 Watt. G. W 293 Watterworth. Earle Field 405 Watts. Alice Mary Adams... 268. 274, 300 Watts, Dick 272, 273 Walts, V. B.,Jr 134, 414 Wear, J. Hugh 421 Weatherford, Jack 460 Weatherly, Thomas Burdett 424 Weaver, Imogen Minier 160 Weaver, La Verne 318 Weaver, Margaret Ann 288 Weaver, Sarah Louise 134, 295 Weaver, Thomas Marshall 415 Webh. Dorothy Imogene 383 Webb. Frances Harnett 152 Webb. Hugh McDowell 152 Webb. Jack L 160 Webb. John B.. Jr 460 Webb, Leta Alice 336 Webb, Lois Emma 134. 189. 356 Webb, Margaret Alexander 146. 321. 347. 362. 436. 444 Webh. Margaret Kathryn 315.377 Webb. Mildred Alice 319. 332. 336 Webb. Sam 242 Webb, William 311 Webb, William Madison 399 Weber. Henry Elmer 315 Weber. O. J.. Jr 152 Weber . Raymond Westbrook 116. 391 Webster. Don Pinckney 442 Webster. Caroline 281. 359 Webster. Fredrick Allyn 304. 322 Webster, James Rice 134 Webster, John Bookhout 138 Weddington. Mary Alice 313, 383 Weed, Florence Olga 295 Weeks, James 400 Weeks, O. D " 411 Weeks, Winifred !l34 Weems, Monard Dereld 160 Weeren, Jane 283 Weeth, Harvey Glenn 134 Weil, Joseph Lyon 412 Weil, Moise Harvey 134. 200. 291. 345. 388 Weill, Felice Rose 332, 360 Weinhlalt, Frances 160 Weinert, H. H 29 Weinert. Jane 185. 330, 378 Weinert, Margaret Marie 134, 319, 332, 384 Weinheimer, Jacob 315 Weinheimer. Thomas William !315 Weininger. Edwin Charles 387. 426 Weir. Velma Lee 313 Weiler. James Frederick 392 Weisinger. Nina Lee 296 Welborn, Frankie-Mae 269 Wellborn. Olin Guy 40S Wellborne, Leroy 134 Welch. William ;;;204 Weiler, Edgar Ottway 204. 248. 250. 291. 292. 406 Wells. Algie Aaron 292.428 Wells. Mrs. Boyd 327 Wells. Charles Thomas 293.298 Wells. Frederick Norton 393 Wells. John Howard 270. 271, 410 Wells, Lucile Marie 134 Wells, Marshall Foch 410 Wells, Norton 211 Welsh. James Redmond 134. 293. 293 Welty, John 459. 462 Wendt. Wendel Eugene 286 Wentworth, Harry Allen 160 Werby, Lorraine 361 Werlein, Presley Ewing 242. 396 Werlin. Nadine 458 Wern. Florence Evelyn 313 Wertheim, Jeanette 290. 306. 360 Wertheimer. Golda Raye 360 Wcrtz. Mary Ellen 160. 313. 375 Wesley. Helen Louise 146. 380 Wessendorff. Joseph Clyde 192.392 West. Clarence Rayford 160 West, Dudley Brooks 330 West, Italy Faye 458 West, Maurice Eugene 398 NAMES PACES West, Milton Horace 198.291.345. 355 422 West, Nancy I89! 379 West, Northa 191 West, Robert Van Osdell 292, 421 Westfall. William E 152 Westbrook. Joel Whitsctt 416 Westbrook, Mary Hope 437 Westbrook, Mary Louise ..134,303,316, 351. 378, 434, 444 Westbrook. Roy Allen 403 Westcott. Hoyt Sloan .134, 287, 303, 322 Wester, Lillian 296 Westerman, Leroy 229 Westerman. Mackie Kathryn 440. 444 Westfall, Billy 274 Westley, Helen 313 Weston, Fred John 411 Wever, John Finer 160 Weymouth, Mary Ann 376 Weyerman, William Curtis 134 Wharey, J. B 417 Whaley, Joyce 184, 367 Wheeler, Carroll Burke 291,416 Wheeler, Clifton Damon 393 Wheeler, Jesse Paul 430 Whealdon, Joseph Yauger 160, 315 Wheat. Ruth 189, 198, 351, 377 Wheat, Thomas H 134,286,424 Wheat, William Calvin 393 Whisenant, Margaret Ross 190, 383 Whitaker, Berry 409 Whitaker, Mildred Jeanne 313 While, Alfred Earl 199,387,396 White, Andrew Ben 345,388 White, Edgar Warren 430 White, Emogene 160, 281 White, Forrest A 454,463 While, Francis Allan 430 While, Ciflord Elmore 287 White, James Edward 292 White, John 459 White, John A 282, 283 White, John E 388 White, John Hansford 388 White, John Milton 463 White, Major 152 White, Margaret Gladys 184,376 White, Mary Gene 374 White. Robert Emmett 414 Whitehead. Robert Brooks 396 Whiles. Vivian Louise 281. 444 Whiteside. Mary Jo 134. 313 Whiting, Robert Louis 134,294.322 Whitlow. Eugene Payne ...292. 293, 298 Whitley, Joe Frank 330, 336 Whilmore, Jo Ann 152 Whitmore, William Rogers 160 Whitner, Stancie 179, 363 Whitson, Warren Pickard ..270,271,389 Whitlen, John Wesley 280 Whitten, Robert Holt 424 Whittenburg, Ross Elmore 280, 330, 421 Whiltington, Gene Charles .134. 304, 424 Whittington, James Connellee 416 Whiltington, O. P 269 Whitton, Anne 152 Whitworth, James Slaughter 397 Wickens, B. T 463 Wickham. William Vincent 334. 335 Wickline. Joyce 330. 362 Widdeckc. Charles Fred 292, 408 Widen, Alma Guslava 190. 321. 347. 358 Wiemers. Merlin Emil 286 Wiesner. William A 454.465 Wiggen. Gertrude Elaine 375 Wiggins. Gerald Warren 204,225 Wiggins, Kenneth 461 Wiginton, Donald Edison 312 Wikes. Joseph A 284 Wilborn, Alice Orene 313 Wilborn, Sam 463 Wilborn, William Aaron 431 Wilburn, Sarah Ella 134, 316 Wilcox. Billy Adison 409 Wilder, Harry Stanley 388 Wiley, Lee Grandison 393 Wiley, Samuel Roger 393 Wilhelm, Eugene Stanton 292 Wilhite, Hilton 465 Willhoite, Warren A 160 Wilie, Enid Evelyn 295. 350. 382 Wilke. Virginia Lee 330, 358 Wilkenfeld, Julian Hurley 427 Wilkening, Marvin Charles 318 Wilkerson, Corinne 160 Wilkerson, Zora Clarke 152 Wilkes, Lowell Lyndon, Jr. ..146, 268. 340. 410 Wilkins, Ann Elizabeth 366 Wilkins, Frances Day 368 Wilkinson. Clark Newton 416 Wilkinson. Jack C 417 Wilkirson. Mary Bond 188.306.378 Wilkirson. Pal Temple 410 Willborn, Lee Jesse 279 Willens, Sumner Harold ...134. 280, 418 William, James Edward 152 Williams, Bert David 326 Williams, Carson 460 Williams. Charles Raymond 152.315 Williams. Delberl Dwain 146 Williams. Don Donoho 204. 209. 210, 211. 213 Williams. Eleanor 382 Williams. Eugenia 134 Williams. Frank Clair. Jr 146 NAMES PACES Williams. Cordon Bullitt 325 Williams. Iris De Nelle 332. 356 Williams, Jack 392 Williams, James 210 Williams, Jarretl E 450 Williams, Laura Fisher 379 Williams, Lillian Margaret 377 Williams, Lois Frances 359 Williams, Louis Booth 286 Williams, Lucile 296 Williams, Paul Thurston ..270. 271, 421 Williams, Perrin Glenn 134, 282, 283 Williams, Robert Henry 388 Williams, Roger Haden 422 Williams, Sara Lockwood 3D0 Williams. Talbot Adams 160 Williams. Thomas Howard 345. 406 Williams. Tim 279 Williams, Walter Franklin 152,210 Williams, William Allen 409 Williams, William Mack 398 Williamson. Richard Elva 395 Williamson. Tooley 383 Williford. Eunice 160 Willis, Alvin Hurd 105,298,305, 322, 431 Willis, Evelyn Ruth 152, 371 Willis, Louise 160, 281 Willis, Nancy Ann 383 Willaon, Robert Early 393 Wilmot, Jennie S 313. 327 Wilson. Anale 152. 371 Wilson. Archer Killough 429 Wilson, Bobbie Carson 403 Wilson, Charlena 160 Wilson, Charles Howe 146 Wilson, Davis Douglas 134. 278. 298. 305. 325 Wilson. Edna Florence 323 Wilson. Emmett Cecil 134. 283. 292 Wilson. Ford 298 Wilson. Gerald Philip 152 Wilson. J. A 463 Wilson, Jack Edwin 135, 160 Wilson, James A 454 Wilson, James Carroll 416 Wilson, James Fort 135. 278. 305 Wilson. James Robert 393 Wilson, Jesse Samuel 322 Wilson, Joe Davenport 199, 345, 355, 398 Wilson, John Jeff 464 Wilson, Kitchener J 135 Wilson, Leah 283 Wilson. Margaret Elizabeth 135. 319, 369, 458 Wilson, Maxine 190 Wilson. Milton Edward 323 Wilson. Mumpford Maurice 395 Wilson, Myrtle Maxine 313 Wilson, Nell 160 Wilson, Robert Eugene 304 Wilson, T. R 465 Wilson, Virginia Belle 177,359 Wimberly, Jimmie Alonzo 152 Winch. Leslie S 390 Windham, James Marvin ..135. 193. 297, 345, 414 Windham, Lynn Burke 416 Windham. Wyman 414 Windrow. Mary Ann 383 Windrow. Robert Davis 292 Wine. Samuel Floyd 146, 415 Winkler, Edward Meyer 345,418 Winkler, Fred William 417 Winkler, Johanna Thusnelda 290 Winkler. Miriam Ruth 360 Winn. Edward Burton 292 Winn, Newton James 294,298 Winner, Jane Elizabeth 373 Winsett, Ewing Merrill 409 Winston, A. P 283.296 Winter, Francis Jordan 416 Winters, Jet 288, 313 Winters. John Merrill 152 Winters. Leona Lorraine 281 Wipff. Frank Pershing 315. 424 Wiseman. Claude Ernest 135. 326 Wiseman, Meriam Carolyn 379 Wiseman, William Reagan 204.291. 387. 416 Withers. B. T., Jr 463 Withers. Dorothy Louise 135. 313 Withers. Margaret Jamice 135 Witherspoon. Guy 254 Wilherspoon. Nancy Matilda 313 Witt. Mary 466 Witz. David Aaron 337,412 Woerner, Frank Joseph 315 Wolfe, Hugh 236. 241, 242 Wolfe, Renee Rachel 361 Wolfert, Shirley 152 Wolverton. Joe Benson 416 Womack. Jack Irion 146 Womack, Jesse 292 U ' oman ' s Building 13, 443 Somen ' s Gymnasium 15 Wommack, Tom Campbell 391 Wood. Charlotte Josephine 135. 366 Wood, Clint B 135,402 Wood, Dred Thompson 408 Wood. Eloise Ruth 146 Wood. Eugene Frank 336 Wood. Frank Preuit 303 Wood. James Lawrence 389 Wood. Jane 332 Wood, Jean Harrison 105 Wood, Martha Winifred 160 NAMES PACES Wood, Mavinee Elizabeth 313 Wood, Murray 454, 463 Wood, Percy Russell 399 Wood, Ray Pearl 152, 317, Wood, Ruth Eloise 302,367 Wood, Thomas Jefferson 410 Wood, Winifred 332 Woodall, Wynell Lee 323 Woodburn, Charles 421 Woodfin, Gene Mack 414 Woodfin. George S 456. 459. 460 Woodhouse, Edgar Ralston 146 Woodley, Betty 160, 381 Woodruff, Charlsie 160 Woodruff, Helen Marie 135, 376 Woodruff, Jeff 336 Woods, Ruth M 180 Woods. Ruth Morehead 135, 290, 332 Woods, Velda Viola 13S Woodson, Martha Maitland 105. 295, 321 Woodul, J. Ross 160 Woodul, Walter Frank 404 Woodward, Halbert Owen ..192. 345, 390 Woodward, Nancy 135. 384 Woody, Helene Priscilla 135 Woodyard. James 315 Wooldridge. Arthur Robert 408 Woolrich, W. R 37. 278. 287, 298 Woolrich, Willis Raymond, Jr. 152.278 292. 305. 411 Woolen. Helen Gordon 367 Word. Dorothy Cousins 378 Word. James Havens 398 Word, Martha Gordon 363 Word, Ola Mae 135 Worley, Annis Eugenia 363 Worrell. Charles Joseph 311,405 Wrather, Jack Devereaux 292,422 Wray, Hal Holton 303 Wright, A. C 42 Wright, Augustus Bacon 402 Wright, Charles Henton 146 Wright, Clarence Rufus 430 Wright, Cox 269 Wright, Geraldine 181 Wright, Roberta Opal 146, 326, 439 Wrinkle, Nancy 458 Wroble, Vincent 318 Wuensche, John Custave 135 Wunderman, Daniel Charles 280, 292, 412 Wupperman, Hildegard Viola ..313,332 Wyatl. Benjamin Woodrow 323 Wynn, Afton T 300 Wynne. Elmer Stayten 280 Y Yaeger, Charline 381 Yaeger, Robert Roy 393 Yaggy. Christelle 383 Yancey, Royce 272, 273 Yantis, Ellen Elizabeth 135,378 Yantis, Jane 281 Yantis, Murry Sloan 135,304 Yarborough. Hunter 297, 442 Yarborough, Owen Harold 414 Yarborough. William Blake 192, 345, 392 Yarborough, William Hugh 135, 393 Yarno, Hortense 373 Yates, Maidie Ethel 146 Yeargan, Doris Kenyon 135 Yeiser, Alta Frances 160 Yeiser, John Taylor 138 Yelderman, George Robert 305 Yelvington, James LeGette 138 Yelt. Fowler Redford 292 Yez, Joseph Martin 315 Yochem, Frank Nicholas 420 York, Gerald Onus 146 York, William Franklin 424 Youens, Ernest Lewis 404 Youens, Willis George 146 Young. Belte 316, 347 Young, G. B 146 Young. Jack 135 Young, John Witcher 146 Young. Joseph Keith 292 Young, Lady lona Jane 146, 302, 366 Youngblood, Estey , 211 Youngblood. Lindsey S 292 Yzaguirre, Gloria 296, 349, 362 Yznaga. Delia Olivia 146.313 z Zarhary. Kate 323. 443 Zagst, Charles Otto 315 Zambrano, Roberto ...135. 305, 311, 314 Zanes, Walter Revere 388 Zapalac. Estella Vlasta 135, 315, 318, 326 Zapp. Alfred Dexter 297 Zapp. Joyce Aline 384 Zarr, Mrs. Jewel 458 Zaruba. Martha Eller 309 Zatopek, Leiand Frank 326 Zatopek, Norbert Edmund 326 Zeiss, George Henry 105. 286, 320 Zeta Tau Alta 384. 385 Ziegelmeyer, Julius Emmett 425 Zimmer. Jane Marie 160, 315 Zimmerman, Henry Arthur 419 Zirkel, Emma Dorothy 146,313,367 Zivley. Charles 42 Zivney, Yaroslav Elias 309 Zuber. Charles Barney 416 Zuniga, Alexander 315 Zuschlag. Ella 454,466 Zwiener, Douglas Richard 411 Pa. E 516 ..i-l ' W f k ' J l| ' ' ' «tMll«rlP ' fi«lf iiK isi;! ,.j-«ife r ii mifli ' ' f -! i eit ' f ' ! .f w ■-3ff flf i ; ■fc r «. f i-ft »■ " 4 4 it ttft ' .iicM i K Nj. ' ' f! ' I ' ,1. iVl ri ' i ' " " ' .ii i ' ' ,«i, Ifl . " d [fl M« , -!! " « . ' JlH B I Ht! ' 7?? H ' ftj. - ' i 1. ■ " i . J. v •}: l-t y ■ ' ' .j ' . 1 J ' ' 1 1 ' s ' • 5. z n 1 K I - V ' .-, i . 1 . ' ' i-, ' ; , ' y r ' :«s

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