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.- ?fS ' • ■ K ' ■j ' t .a k imLim ' Mi.f m f m t M!:msfmm«mu -T ' -rr ' « " i " i iB aMi i4.rSugl u.?-.! - - m M " X ' -IT ■» -« ' » . " ' A ' - " .r ' " » yw ■xr ? = » ?- . " ' Ji - : f : ' y a % t •fi: " T— r- ' .-- - -?rx :;r ' =« - LAMBDIN PRATHER I -TTT ■ k r-r ' j .jrf r-t a pp Ml r fc . 1 M) DEDICflTION, This volume of the Cactus is dedicated to WILLIAM LAMBDIN PRATHER. who was a Retrent of the University of T«xas ttom the 17th day of February, 1887. to the 4tli day of Noveiiiber. 1899, when lie was unanimously elected President of that nstltution and filled the position till the day of his death. June 24. 1905. During the twelve years of his regency he was one of the most active and earnest members of the Board of Regents. In the midst of large professional and private affairs, he was never too busy to give prompt attention to every Interest of the University. He was never absent from a meeting of the Board; a fact which demonstrates the unflagging zeal with which he performed the onerous duties of his office. To these duties he subordinated every other consideration. As committeeman, he was always ready with an exhaustive report on the matter in hand. Cautious in his conclusions, his judgments rarely failed to win the approval of the Board. To such a coadjutor it was meet that the Regents should accord the highest honor in their gift,— the Presidency of the University. As President, the University was to him the student body and the State of Texas, To them he devoted the love of his heart, the energies of his mind and body. With all the passion of his soul he wrought for the welfare of the students and the glory of the commonwealth. To him they were inseparable. The prosperity of the State, achieved through the worthy deeds of her children, was the dream of his ambition. By tradition and birth of the South, a pupil of Robert Edmund Lee — nomen preclarum et venerabile ! — lofty and pure In character, he was a fit guardian and ensample for the youth of Texas. The young men and young women who were students in this University during the years uf his presidency, will never the tenderness with which he regarded them, nor the passionate solicitude with which he gave his very life for their -. ell-being. They do not know how often and how steadfastly he stood between them and less compassionate judgments. He felt only too deeply the responsibility of his high position. To few men is it given to make the sacrifice which he made,— to abandon the home and the friends of a lifetime; to relln- iuish his profession: to sever the ties which bind a man like him to his accustomed life, and to found a new home among strangers, bringing with him only the loving group at his fireside. Nor may words express with what courage and Imper- shable devotion they stood by him and met with him every assailing trouble, until, suddenly, he was not. In every act or aim which becometh a gentleman he was steadfast as a star! ii lSfe ' - COPYRIGHT. 1906, BY THE CACTUS BOARD OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS. Patic ' Board OF Keoexts, opposite page President Houston 10 Faci-lty Ac-ADEMIf Dei ' ARTMENT Engineering Department _., Law Department Fraternities, opposite page J23 Societies IM 169 Student Organizations Publications 201 ATHLETIfS 210 Varsity Views, opposite page Literature Grinds 2SI1 Mebioai, Department m Adyektisements % muMcbH he lale that the Blue Bonnet %li3 a „jsbM Erneitlf.Smltfr _ :5 ' ai,«Pope P felt fte sto old - And tt,e " h - «f •; _ T . -qn T- - - ' ' ' " ' J ' ' =bd X i 1 ' lii M rUM s. i y £ AN ANNUAL PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS PUBLISHED IN AUV, NINhTEtN HLINDKLD AND SIX BOARD OF EDITORS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF JSINESS MANAGER LITERARY EDITOR ART EDITOR ATHLETIC EDITOR f WILLIAM FRANK BUCKLEY LUCIAN W. PARRISH - LYNN BOYD MILAM - LILIAN JESSIE WALKER - MARY WILLIS STEDMAN - PAUL V. MONTGOMERY ALMA PROCTOR W. O. KINSOLVING : ASSOCIATE LITERARY EDITORS GROVER JONES LOUISE TEMPLE I LEL WAGGENER | LUCIAN HENDERSON j HELEN GARRISON j McFALL KERBEY I FRED W. HOUSEHOLDER - ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER ASSOCIATE ART EDITORS ggiggiH ..•-■V. »- . di2 ! ib mmmmmBsxaisy i misiiSimmmm Chaiiman Tom S. f cndcT.s, Soard of ' Regenti Seactan [James S. Clark Austin BcaurLyaiJ Bryan El Paso George W. Brackenridge ... San c ntonio Thomas W. GregurY . cJi stin [fames N. Brow ' ning [Imarilki Ben B. Cain - - - Tyk-r Henry M. Chapman Fort Worth M E. Kleberg Galveston M iiMWMMWfMM WWnWWiMMfiMfMM ' ft ff Q s: e) ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS DAVID FRANKLIN HOUSTON. M. A.. LL. D. PRESIDENT JAMES BENJAMIN CLARK. B. A.. JOHN W. HOPKINS. WILSON WILLIAMS. ROBERT E. LEE SANER. LL. CHARLES B. WINN. BEN M. BARKER. W. L. COOK. BURFORD K. ISAACS, W. GILL SHAW. P (9 S residont 2)avid U ranlilin iouston. FTKK six yi ars of as devoted service as ever man gave to institution President William L. Prather died yV on the :;4th oi July, 1905, in the fullness of manhood, suddenly, as he desired, his lite shortened by the strain of a new and laborious task. The University paused fi ' om its work to lay his body to rest and to honor his memory, but then its work must needs go on. The Dean of the Faculty took the reins for the j time, many supposed for a year at least, but the Board of Regents at its meeting on the 16th of August decidcil that an interregnum was harmful and needless and proceeded at once to the election of a now President. A number of names were considered. In the end the unanimous choice of the Board rested on President Houston, of the Agricultural and Mechanical College. He was then at Beverley, Massachusetts. Being informed of his election by telegram, to the great gratification of the University he accepted the position, and on the tirst of September assumed its duties. President Houston is no stranger to the University, but his return as President renders appropriate a review of his life and work. In the first half of the eighteenth century three Houston brothers, of Scotch descent, came from Ireland to Virginia. There they separated, one going north to Pennsylvania, the second settling in North Carolina, the third pushing still further south. All three are represented l)y a numerous band of descendants. Among the Pennsyl- vania Houstons the most noted is perhaps the late Henry H. Houston, the well known philanthroiiist of Chest- nut Hill, Philadelphia. Among the representatives of the third brother is to be counted Sam Houston, the most famous name in Texas history. The second brother ' s descendants, living for the most part in Mecklenburg County, Noi-th Carolina, and the neighborhood, have been foremost among the citizens of that sturdy Scotch- Irish community. Prom this stock comes our new President. David Franklin Houston was born in Monroe, Union County, North Carolina, on the ITtli of February, 1) (36, the son of William Henry Houston and Cornelia Ann Stevens. When he was six years old his parents removed to Darlington, South Carolina, and there he was brought up, in the simple life of an old Southern town, where if money was scarce standards were high. Young Houston was prepared for college at the old St. John ' s Acad- emy, a school that even yet lie looks back to as the best preparatory boys ' school he has known. It was not a public school in the ordinary sense, for there was a tuition fee of forty-five dollars a session, but it was k-ei)t up by the better class of citizens, who believed that a thoroughly good school was a necessity to the wellbeing of JT DAVID FC tlH comimuiit.v. 0 vnin r no in-operty, save its buildini;s and };-rounds, it luid ;i better endowment in its trustees and teaoliers. In recent years the Academy has been transformed into a pubHc graded school of the usual type, to the advantage, perhaps, of more chikh-en, but to its hurt as a preparatory school for college. Young Houston ' s studies at St. John ' s Academy were interrupted by a year ' s teaching in a country school at Dovesville, undertaken from the necessity of contributing to his own support; but when, in 1884, he left the Acad- emy, he was so well advanced that he was able, even after a year ' s w ' ork i n a drug store, to enter the South Car- olina College at Columbia witli sufticient credit to enable him to graduate with honor after two years in the class of I ' - ' T. During liis college course he was editor of the college magazine, the South Carolina Collegian; Captain in a volunteiT military company, holding a conmiission from the Governor in the Palmetto Regiment, and finally Pres- ident of the Senior Class. He was a member of the Euphradean literary society and of the Phi Delta Theta fra- ti ' i-nity. )r. J. M. McBryde was then President of the South Carolina College, and his faculty contained such men as .laiiK ' s Woodrow in Geology and Benjamin Sloan in Matliematics. men whose superiors in the essentials of useful manhood President Houston has never found. After graduation ' Sir. Houston was appointed to a tutorship in Greek and Latin in the South Carolina College, and for a year taught freshmen classes in these languages, doing at the same time graduate work in History and Economics. Reappointed for a second year, he resigned to accept the superintendency of the Spartanburg city schools. In this position he ser ed with great acceptability for thi-ee years. In l ' .ll he went to Harvard with the idea of entering the Law School but decided to continue his studies in economics, history, and government. The character of his work at Harvard is shown by his being given a five hundred dollar Morgan fellowship in the spi-ing of 1892 and his being reappointed to the fellowship for the two following years. In 189 ' 2 he received the degree of Master of Arts. During that summer he was employed to write a leading chapter for the Democratic National Campaign Textbook on the repeal of the ten per cent tax on State Banks, and in 1S94 he edited the Doc- uments of Ordinances of Secession for the American History Leaflets. Yet Mr. Houston was, while at Harvard, in no sense a " grind. " He saw life broadly, acquiring that knowledge of men and things that has meant so much in his later life. An evidence of his standing among his fellow stijdents, men gathered from over all the United State and Canada, may be found in his election as President of the Graduate Club for the year 1893-94. Leaving Harvard in ls94 Mr. Houston came to the University of Texas as Adjunct Professor of Political Science, a subject now for the first time separated from Philosophy. As Adjunct Professor in charge of the School he developed a work so strong and sound that at the end of his three years ' appointment he was as a mat- er of course advanced to Associate Professor. In l!-i96, on the coming of President Winston to the University, he was in ett ' ect made dean of the Academic Faculty, but his duties were not clearly detined rmr the title u:iven till IMi--. In those days associate-professorships were for five years, but Pi ' ofessor Houston was niadc lull professor wiien he liad served only two years as Associate. In 1900 came a further recognition of his woilc in lijs appoint ment as Visitor to West Point, along with such men as Congressman Slayden, of Texas, Senator Carter, of Mon- tana, Ex-Senator Manderson, of Nebraska, and General Anson J. McCook. In this capacity he wrote the i-eport of the sub-committee on changes in entrance requirements, making recommendations that subsequently found their way into law. Spoken of for President of the University when President Prather was elected, he continued to hold his double position of Professor of Political Science and Dean of the Faculty till .Tuly 1, IDOi ' . when lie re- signed to become President of the Agricultural and Mechanical College at College Station. Into the details of President Houston ' s work at College Station we cannot enter, but it is worth while to note the progress of the institution in general during his three years ' administration. The legislative appropriation for maintenance when he went to College Station was twenty-five thousand dollars; by the next legislature it was made sixty thousand. The total appioiniation for the two years, ]903-190. ' i, was fixed liy the legislature at three hundred and sixty-six thousand dollars, and, though the Governor cut out one huiiihed thousand of this amount the net sum was far in excess of any previous biennial appropriation. Thoroughgoing repairs were made in the buildings; four new professors ' houses, a new dairy barn, and a textile building were erected; the textile building was provided with twenty thousand dollars worth of machinery, largely without cost to the State; laboratories were equipped in entomology, farm crops, soil physics, electricity, civil engineering and drawing, chemistry and veterinary science, at a total cost of sixty thousand dollars. The new departments were added of animal husbandry and daii-ying, of farmers ' institutes, of textile industry. The teaching staff was increased by the addition of four- teen new professors and instructors. Moreover, the sum of ten thousand dollars annually was secui-ed from the government at Washington for co-operative work in cotton and other crops, bringing the total annual national ap- propriation to fiftj -two thousand five hundred dollars. In all this improvement of plant and facilities the other in- terests of the institution were not neglected. The courses of study were completely overhauled; the general science course was abolished and technical courses only retained. The admission requirements were made equal for all courses, being brought to the standard of the engineering, which had itself been raised a full year shortly before President Houston went to the college. Last, but not least, student welfare was looked after with great care; sound standards of work and conduct were enforced, and athletics were provided for by the appointment of a Physical Director. One result of this last movement is the rise of the A. M. to be our chief Texas competitor in football. It is needless to comment on such a record of progress. It was recognized in the honorary degree of i LL. D., conferred by Tulane University in llldB. Its effect on the State at larj e is shown by the fact that the hist year of President Houston ' s adniinistriition tlicre were seventy moi ' e apphcants for admission than could be accommodated. No wonder that friends of the A. M. regi-etted to lose a head so active and yet so sane. President Houston has been tco much concerned with administrative work to have time for extensive reseai-ch, but he has nevertheless made publications that have received commendation in the highest quarters. The most considerable is a monograph entitled " A Study of Nullification in South Carolina " : New York, l Oo. His latest is a paper on Cotton Production, read befoi ' e the American Economic Association in 11104. President Houston was married December 11, 1K95, to Miss Helen Beall, of Austin, a grand-daughter of ,?udge E. B. Turner, long federal judge of the Austin district. They have two children living, David Franklin, Jr.. and Helen Elizabeth, having lost their first child. Duval, at the age of two. President Houston on returning to the University of Texas found it in good condition. To (luote from the University of Texas Record for February: " The institution was in a condition of greater solidarity and its wheels running more easily than ever before. The conservative yet progressive administration of President Prather had at once given confidence to the existing Faculty and student body, laid the foundations for active expansion, and brought home to the people of the State a feeling of proprietorship and pride in the University as a real factor in the commonwealth. The path of the new- President, whoever he might be, was marked out for him and, to a great degree, made easy. Pi-esident Houston for his part posses.sed manifest advantages for the vacant post. He was a Southern man, of botli Sdutlicin and Northi ' rn training: a man acquainted with the best University work in America, and withal of large and successful administrative experience. Better yet, he was thoroughly familiar with conditions at the University of Texas, and possessed the regard and confidence of both Faculty and student body. Most of the former had been his colleagues before he went to College Station; the latter still preserved the tradi- tion of his capacity and fairness as Dean of the Academic Department. He did not have to waste time studying the situation, or employ the politician ' s arts to win the University ' s confidence. He began at once therefore to di- rect the institution ' s affairs with a sure hand and the end of his first term shows no false step. He continues the quiet, business-like methods of his predecessor; has introduced no startling novelties; has been ready to hear ad- vice, yet the fruits of his careful thought on educational problems are already beginning to appear. A full an- nouncement of his policy may be expected in his coming inaugui ' al address. In the meantime one thing is .sure: Never were the confidence in the President and hopetullness about the future of the University .so widespread or so d( eply felt as now. " i ■g George Pierce Garrison, Ph. D., Professor of History. burgh, 1881; Ph. D., University of Chicago, L. A., University of Edin- Fkedkric WiLr.iAM SiMONDS, Ph. D., Professor of Geology.- B. S., Cor ' ncll University, 187i3; M. S. Cornell University, 1876; Ph. D., Syracuse University, 1879; D. Sc, University of Ark. Morgan Callaway, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Eriglisli. —A. B., Emory College, (Georgia), 1881; A.M.. s;mic. Ph. D., The Johns Hopkins Unu isi of English. Soiuhu,,, of English, Univpisity B; Professor of English " William James Battle, Ph. D., Professor of G-reek.—A. B., Univer sity of North Carolina, 1888; A. M., 1889; A. M., Harvard University, 1 91; Ph. D., 1893. l«i:i-OK; Profess. Sidney Edward Mezes, Ph. D., Dean of the Faeiilttj of the Mniu faivi of rhilosophi .—B. S., University of California, 1HH4; A. li., Harvai ls90; A. M., 1H91; Ph. D., Harvard University, l«9a. tij, Professoi ' University, Hi nry Winston Hakpek, Pli. G., M. D., Professor of Cheinis- ti ij. Pli. (;;. Philadelphia Coll( sf of Pharmacy, 1881; M. I)., University of Vii-L:iiii;i. I ' .i.. ?t Professor of Chemistry, University of 7: Assoc. Professor of Cliemi.stry. 1897- fessor of Chemistry, University of Texas, William Skneca Sutton, M. A., Pm- fessor of Eduvalion. — A. B., University of Arkansas, 1878; same, 1H84. Edwin Whitfield Fay, Ph. D., Professorof Latin.— M. A., Southwest- ern Presbyterian University, 1883; Fellow in Sanskrit, The Johns Hopkins University, 1888-90; Ph. D., 1890; Student in Leipsic, 1891-92. Mn.TON Brockett Porter, Ph. D., Professor of l of Texas, l.s92; M. A., Harvard University, IMi ssistiint Profcssiir of Mathematics, Yale University. lsa7-l!Hi:i: Prol Matin iiintn-s.- . S., University Pli. D., IsliT. 1- of Matliematics. fn Thomas Harrison Montgomery, Ph. D., Professor of Zoology. — Ph. D. University of Berlin. Zoology. University of Pennsylvania, 1897-98; Lecturer in Zoology, same, 1898-99; As it Professor of Zoology, same, 1899-190a; Director of Museum, and Professor of Biol- :y Jit Wagner Free Institute of Science. 1898-1903; Instructor in Research, Woods Holl " ' ine Laboratory, 1898-1900; Professor of Zoology, University of Texas, 1903. Sylvester Primer, Ph.D., riate Professor of(lenii iiii -l. (ji((i( es. — A. B., Harvard Univ., 1 74; Student at Leipsic and Gottinjien, ]s79 Ph. D., Strasburg, 1880. Teacher in Strasburg. 1880; Professor of Modern Languages at College of Charles South Carolina, l«Sl: Professor of ilodern Languages at Colorado College. Col Springs, 183l)-91: Associate Professor of Germanic Languages, University of Texiis, isin. Alexander Caswell. Ellis, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Kdurafio ' . —A. B., University of North Carolina, 1894; Ph. D., Clark University, isl) TvLKK Mather, Pli. D., Ass,, •, issii; M. A., 1 91; Ph.D., Tl nf f n sirs. B. A., Amhcr-st ns University, 1H97. , ' and Physics, Lpioester Aca(iem,v. Leicfst I Somiiiary ' , Easthampton. Massaohusetts, 1887-i)2: Practieing Chemist, BosUm Hopkins University, 1897-08; Associate Professor of Physics, University of Te. as, 1 ' William L. Bray, Ph. D., Asuoriate Pro graduate Student, Cornell Uiiiver.sit. University, 1893; A. M.,L;ikt ' i ' V vst V Graduate Student, University of Berl versity of Chicago, 1898. T n(l( ndiiii ' .tl; D. Uni- Edwin Dl ' Bois SmUTKR, Ph. B., Assioirate Professor of Oratory.— Ph. B,, Cornell Univer- sity, 1892; Graduate Student in En o-| is and Elocution, StanfordUni (i sii . r in English and Elocution, Stanfon I Oratory, Cornell Universi 1896-99; Adjunct Professor of Oratory, V Professor of Oratory, University of Texas, Harry Y, Benedict, Ph. D., Associate Professor of .Matliciiuitii ' s „,nl .iw, ,„„„„, ,— B. S., U. ofT., ' 9-2:M. A., ' ' .i: ' .: Ph. D. Harvard, i. ' itics. University of Texas, y ' W - I ; ' ., 1 m, ;uid Applied Mathematic: ' ■ McConnJi k ' ' ■ ii I i.iM-rsity of Virginia, rsity, 1896-97: Thayer Scholar, -n-n ' I-.; ' - I n ti ii.-tor in charge ad ii ■ " " atheni;ili. - an.! A inii...iiiy, University of Texas, f Texas. 1900-02; Associate Professor, LiiivcrMty of Texas, 1902. m LiXDLAY W. Kkasbey, Pli. D., Professor of Politiciil ScieiKr. — Graduate from Harvard University, 18H8; Ph. D., Columbia University; K. P. D., Kaiser Wilhelm University, Strassburg, Germany. til 1B!I4; Professor of Politii-al Scieni-e in Bryn Mawr .Tames Robinson Bailey, Pli. D. — B. A., University of Texas. 1 rl I ' rnf ' ssnr nf ( ' In l h. D.. Munieli. 12: Tutor, s:imf, WVl ' M LiLiA Maky Casis, M. a., Ailjinirf Professor of S xmis ,.— B, Lit,, University of Texas, Ibijr) M. A., 1H96. Student at University of Chicago Summer Sessions, 1H97, 189H and r.iO Helen Mary Kikbv, : I, A. College (Ga,), -M, A., Wesleyan Female Herbert Eugene Bolton, Ph. D., Adjunct Profennor ofHiMory. — B. L., University of Wisconsin, lf 9a; Pli. D., University of Pennsylvania, 1899. 1: Prinnipnli 1 of Schools at Faiirliild, Wisi-nii Economics at State Normal i of History in the Univei-sity of Texas. 1110105: Adju at Kankaiina. Wisconsin. 1S95 i)C; Teacher of Hist History, Alhion College, 1890: Instructor Px-ofessor of History in the I ' liiversity of Texas, 190. ' . Thomas Ulvan Taylor. M. C. E., Professor of Civil Eiif ivccrhxj. — University of Virfrinia, Ihh;}; M. C.E., Cornell University, Ensineering, Miller Institute. Virginia, 1H8:M888; Mathematics, Univei-sity of Texas, 1888-81: Professor ol .itics. University of Texas, 1897-lUO:); Professor of Civil Arthlti Curtis Scott, Ph. D., Professor of Electriral Eiigiin-erin! . — B. S., Rhode Island College, 189. ' :.; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1902. Instructor in Chemistry in Rhode Island College, 1894 9:.; Instructor in Physi 97: Professor of Physics and Klectrieal Engineering, Rhode Professor of Electrical EnErineering, University of Texos, 199;J. John Charles Townes, LL. D., Professor of Law. — LL. D University, 1898. " Townes on Texas Pleading: " " Townes ( WiT LiAM Stewart Simkins, Professor nf L i EQuity in Federal Court. " Pro- (I h)Mh H MjLLLK, LL B. VioW- oi of Line. umJ I)r ni (if the Cnlhyc of I nil — :M a , Uni eiMt ot Edmbuigh, 1SS4; LL. B., University of Texas, Professor of Law, Ui Benjamin Dudley Taki pon, LL. B., Professor of Law.— A.B., St Cbarles College, Louisiana, 1868; LL. B., University of Louisiana, 1872. Member Commission of Appeals. See. B . 1891; Chief Justice of the ( Appeals for the Seeond Supreme .ludieial District of Te.Kas, 1832; C Hoard of LeRal Examiners; Professor of Law.s. Uiversity of Te. as John W. Hopkins, Jvspector of Schools. — A. B., Kentucky Univer- " : A M.. s;iiiM ' . 1S90. E- in G K ' -eisler. .TKSSIE ANDREWS. T . Lit., IiistriicU,,- ii, (hniMn. , B. Lit., nive: sit,v of Texas, isso. EUGKNE PAUL SCHOCH, C. E , M. A.. Ph. D., li,stnirl,,r }„ Chuinslrji. C. IC. University of Te.xas, 1894. and M. A.. ISiiil; Ph. D., University of Cliicago, lltU2. DANIEL ALLEN PENIC ' K, .M. A., Ph. D., InstrnrUu- Ih Lain, and B. A., University of Texas, Lsyl, andM. A., IsiiJ: Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, ISitS. AUGUSTA RUCKER, B. A., M. A., Instructor of Zauhn, B. A., University of Te.xas, 1896, and M. A., l!Mii). ERNEST JOSEPH VILLA VASO, M. A., h.sV: M. A., Tulane University, 189( , Snstructors KILLIS CAMPBELL, Ph. D., lmna-u„- i„ K„ lish. ... William and Marv College, 1894: Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1898. CHARLES D. RICE, B. S., M. S., Instructor in Pure :}Iithimiitks. B. S., Vanderbilt University. 1891, and M. S., 1892. ALEXANDER McGOWEN FERGUSON, M. S., Instructor In Hot B. S. H., Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, REc; 1894, and M. S., 1896. EUGENE CAMPBELL BARKER, B. A., M. A., Instr B. A., University of Texas, 1899, and M. A., EDWARD C. H. BANTEL, C. E., Instructor in Civil Emjin C. E., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1897. [NALD HARVEY GRIFFITH, M. A., Instructor in EnylisI,.. M. A., Furman University, 1892. CJEORGE ALBERT ENDRESS, B. S., Instructor in Drairiiaj. B. S., University of Texas, 189.-5. WARNER FITE. Ph. D.. Instructor in Phiiosoiihu. A. B.. Haverford College, 1889: Ph. D., University of Pennsylvania, 18114. JOHN MATTHIAS KUEHNE, M. S., Instructor li, Physics. B. S., University of Texas, 1999, and M. S., 1901. LULU BAILEY, M. S., Instructor in Physics. B. S., University of Texas, 1899. and M. S., 1901. ROBERTA F. LAVENDER. B. Lit., M. A.. Instructor in Latin. B. Lit., University of Texas. IsiHi, and .M. A., I9o2. ' k ' . -. J m TIORNTON MILLER, M. A. B. A., University of Texas, 1!I0 M. A., Harvard Univei ' -, and M. A.. IHOI: ity, 1903. RAYMOND DURBIN MILLf:R, Ph. D., Instfurl,,,- In Kniilish. A. B., .Johns Hopkins University, 1S98; Ph. U., 11104. HERBERT WYNFORD HILL, M. Ph., In. tnidnr ,„ E,„jlish. B. L., University of California, 1903: M. Ph., UniveiMtv „ ( hii-af o. lliiil. BLYDON ELLERY KENYON, B. S., In.slnirlo, h, Eln-lrin:! KitijimTynuj. B. S., Rhode Island College, 1S99. E1) VARD EVERETT RALL, B. A., Ph. D., Inslmdor !„ Edurnthn. B. A., University Of Louisiana, 1900; Ph. D., Yale, loici. .TOSIAH MOSES, B. A., M. A., Ph.D., Imtnirlnr h, Ediinitioa. B. A., Richmond College, 1899: M. A.. 19ii(}: Ph. D., Clark University, 1904. CHARLES READ BASKERVILLE, B. A., M. A., Instructor !n Eni Hsh. B. A., Vanderbilt University, 189(5: M. A., 1898. S. P. FINCH, C. E., Instructor in Civil Emjincti B. S., University of Texas, 1903; C. E., 1905. (■HARLES KLMER ROWE, E. M., Instructor in Mining Enyineering. B. S., C. E., University of Colorado, 1900; E. M., Colorado School of Mines, 1902. CLEMENT ACKERMAN, B. A., Instructor, in Ge, B. A., University of Geortria, 1898. ALEXANDER DEUSSEN, B. S., M.S., Instructor:,! r;, „ „, , ,r,i( [rtcl• B. S., University of Texas, 1903: M. S.. 1!m)4. instructors BENNIE LEON GLA.SCOCK, B. S., Tutor and Stortkx B. S., University of Texas, 1904. MARY E. DEl ' HARD, M. A., Tutor in Pure Slatlmnatics. B. Lit., University of Te.xas, 1892: M. A., 1897. ALICE PHILENA HUBBARD, B. S., M. A.. Tul ,r in Spouish. B. S., University of Texas, 1900; M. A.. I9ii2. CALHOUN, B. A.. Tutor in Mothemntics. n. A., University of Texas. 191)4. %Jutors 1 i " ' - 1 .0 1 ' - ' " i I AlT- D ellows and Jlssistants. Jt .jft J ellows. LILLY BESS CAMPBELL, B. Lit., l ] i,i - in Enijlish. B. Lit., Univ JAMES FINIS JOHNSON, B. S., • ' . » " ■ in E,l ,n,i;n„. 1!. S., 1 FANNIE WEST HARRIS, B. S.. Filh,,:- i„ (;.„h„j,i. W. S. EVELYN B. WRIGHT. B. A., FlIIuh- in Udia und i rsity of Texas. VM5. liversity of Te.xas, 1904. Univer.sity of Texas, 1905. ' reck. B. A., University of Texas, 1904. ERNEST WINFRED BREIHAN, B. S., Fellow in Physics. MARGARET MARSHALL, B. S., Fellow in Zoology. S., University of Texas, 1905. , S., University of Texas, 1905. i Stiiclettt Jlssistants. D. ROBERTSON. .s7»J.„( A Ui Jlislnri . F. W. HOrSlCII(_)LUER. Sluihid Ansi.-liinl hi Ui lnni. NANNIE L. CALDWELL, SUhJuiI A sishi,, hi l ' . ,U,„ii. MAY MASON JARVIS, Slu,}i„l A ishml hi Zniih,, , . JOHN HLNDMAN KEEN. Shnli „l AsKishmthi I ' uhlir Spiid-hiij. LUKE CRATEN HOUEi;T.S )N. Shnh ,il Assist, ml hi Ch-il Eiiifiw, rinii. WHITNEY WEATHERSBY WILSON, ShuJi nl Assist, ml in Ciril CARL FELIX K. VON BLUCHER. Stmhut Assistnut in Ci, .r. L. STANACE, NtmUiit Assistant in Ciril Emjint-Krini HUCiO FRANZ KUEHNE, StmUnt Assistant in l)i OLAF SVERDROP JOHN ELLINGSON, .S CLAUDE O. SMITH, Slii ' hnt Assist. m EMILY MAVERIi ' K, StiiiludA. Kiiifm, il E„i, nil lit Assis in lUitimn. ,jt. Jl Quiz-SKasters. M. H. BENSON, LL. B., iniz-Mnstev in Laa: B. A., LL. B., University of Texas. ROBERT JEFFERSON CHANNELL, LL. B., Quiz-Master In Law. LL. B., Uni WILLIAM FRANK BUCKLEY, LL. B., Quis-Maslcr In Law. B. S., Ui ■ of Te.xas, 190.5. ty of Texas, I ' ,i04: LL. -Cibrarians. J- J- PHINEAS L. WINDSOR, Libi!AKIan WARY E. DUNHAM, First Assistant Librakian WILLIE DAVIS, Second Assistant Librarian NELLIE M. HALL. Cataloguer H. E. BELL, Day Law Librarian E. B. GRIFFIN, Nii;ht Law Librarian Jlthletie Offu RALPH F. Hl ' TCHINSON, Director of Outdoor Athletics JOHN PAUL HOWSER, B. S., Gymnasium Director E. L. WILKERSON, ASSISTANT IN Gymnasium J. E. JONES, Assistant in Gymnasium LOUISE H. WRIGHT, Instructor in Physical Culture EUNICE ADEN, Assistant Instructor in Physical Culture i l .. k L.. 4 .- lMr. (i EUNEST WiNiFKED Bkeihan, M. A., 1 ' .a I ' t h ' tt, T ' xas. B. S., ITniver.sityof Texas, ' 05; Fellow in Physics, 1905-00; Member of Texas Academy of Science. Sub- jects: Major, Physics; Minor, Mathematics. 7 ' k.s «.- The Efficiencv of Iron Ma; A., University of h; Minor, Philosopliy. .JoHX " WiLi.i.v.M Calhoun, ' " b K; M. A., Arlington, Texas. B. A.. Uni- versity of Texas, ' 05; Tutor in Pure Math ematics, 1905-06. Lilly Bess Campbell, K a «; M. A., San Antonio, Texas. B. Lit., University of Texas, ' 05; Fellow in English, 1905-06. Subjects: Major, English; Minor, Philosophy and Gsri 77it i v.- Browning ' s Treatment of the Grotesque: Is It ♦ . " it a oandiuate for degree, 1906. Vr« .■Pfi ' ' ' ' t ' ' «f» Cecil Eugkne Evans, M. A., Merkel, Texas. B. A., Oxford College, Alabama, Subjects: Major, Education: Minor, Philosophy and Latin. Tluula: Education and Crime. Fannie West Haruis, " KKT; M. A., Hendenson, Texas. B. S., Uni- versity of Texas, ' 05: Fellow in Geology, 1905-06. Subjects: Major, Geology; Minor, Political Science. James Finis Johnson, a t A; M. A., Milburn, Texas. B. S., University of Texas, ' 04; Fellow in Department of Education, 1904-06. Subjects: Major, Education; Minor, History. Thesis: The Teacher ' s Institute, with Special Reference to Ti Frederic Morse, M. A., Emporia, Kansas. B. A., Emporia College, ' 04. Subjects: Major, Political Science: Minor, History. Thesis: The Commerce and Commercial Policy of Texas. Not a camlidate for degrfe, 1906. Silas McDenny Sewell, M. A., Merkel, Texas. B. A., Daniel Baker College, 1895; University of Texas, ' 05. Subjects: Major, Mathematics; Minor, Education. ' ihe.ii.i: Ruled Quadrio Surfaces. Robert Augustus Smith, M. A., Stephenville, Texas. B. A., Poly- technic College, ' Oi; University of Texas, ' 05. Subjects: Major Latin; Minor, English. ' J ' hatis: A. Study of the Pronoun " Ipse. ' ' Helen Wooten Thoknton, xn; M. A., Au.stin, Texas. B. S., University of Texas, ' 05. Subjects: Major, Education; Minor History. EvELYX WkiCtHT, B K; M. A., Austin, Texas. B. A., University of Texas, ' 04; Fellow in Greek, 1905-06. Subjects: Major, Greek; Minor, Latin. I candidate for degree. 19(1(3. C it K Palmkk M UiiON Akchkk, - X; B. A., Houston, Texas. President Senior ( " lass. Margaret Beadi.i;. 1!. A., Clarksville, Texas. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Secretary Sidney Lanier, 1905-06; Vice-Pres ' t Sophomore Class; Vice-Pres ' t Tennis Association, 11)05-06; Basketball Team, 1903-04, 1904-05. Eleanor Brackenridge, B. A., Austin, Texas. Ashbel; Associate Editor Magazine, 1904-05. ' the pricking of Claudia C. Brahm, B. A., El Paso, Texas. Y. W. C. A.; Sidney Lanier; Basketball Team, 1902-ua. Florence R. Brooke, B. A., Austin, Texas. Principil Palm School. G. Brown, KA; B. A.. San Antonio. Texas. Athen;eum: Associate Editor J (»f ((2 )(c, UlUO-Ol: Substitute Half-Back Foot- ball Team, 1901-0-2; Athletic Council, 1901-02; Pres ' t Sopho- more Class; Associate Editor Cactus, 1903-04; Editor- in-Chief Texan, 1904-5; President Final Ball; Students ' Council, 1904-05. ' ■Consistency? I never changed m.v uiiud. " WlLLL M CULLEN BrYANT, B. A Itasca, Texas. Y. M. C. A.; Rusk; Glee Club; Secretai-y Rusk, ' 04; Secretary Oratorical Association, ' 04; Wortham Declau Contest, ' 04; Delegate Ruston Conference; Ci ' 05; President Y. M. C. A., 1905-06. ' -■•ifi ' j ' i ' l ' iil nky pair of glasses on a dinky little nose, add to liis look of culture and statucsaue rcliose. " jilj l,!}! E. Gilbert Callaway, 2 NO; B.A., Comanche, Texas. Executive Committee, Students ' Association, 1902-03; Track Team, 1902-05; President Sophomore Class; Vice-President Athenaeum, 1904-05; Pres ' t Oratorical Association, 1905-06; Rusty Cuss ; Senior Class Orator, -u is certain I am loved of all ladies, only you exee„ted. " KnwAKi) Ckank, -X; I?. A., Austin. Texas. Wai.kkk Fhancis DoT-(iHTY, B. A., Austin, Texas. George Michael Cox, a t n; B. A., Hico, Tcxa " Lean as a starved ghost, long .ts the niorjil l;tw. " Eik;au L. ( iia ' kkkst, HM II; B. a,, Gainesvillo, Texas. Arrow Head: Varsity Track Team. 1 ' .I04-0. " ; Class Track ' I ' caiii. I ' .inl n. ' .: (. ' aptain Junior Track Team, 1905: Holder of State Kccdrd in Hull Mile, ' n:.: St iidcnt Assistant in Zoology, ' 06: Pi-esidciit Ccniian Club. I ' .ioj-di;; ( ' liairmaii Final Ball, ' 06. Lucy Colkman Goodwin, B. A., Hutto. Texas. Y.W.C. A. Sidney Lanier; Secretary Class, Si)rin.u- Term. ' 04. Clifton Welsh Gray, Ki; b. A., Little Rock, Arkansas. Rusk; Member Students ' Council, 1905-06; Quartette, Glee Club, 1904-05, 1905-06. Cathioiune Louise Hauuis, H. A., Austin, Texas. Y. W. C. A.; Trt urer Class, Fall Term, ' o. ' i. Te.mi ' i.kIIakhis. B. A.. Austin. Texii Mary Edenboro Hart, B. A., San Antonio, Texas. Y. W. C. A.; Ashbel. William Brooics Hicks, B. A., Matingburg. Texas. Capitol Club; Athena3um: Band, 1904-05; Secretary Y. M. C. A., lllDoOti President Junior Class. " His ht-art tlie lowliest duties un itself (li l I.iy. ' Fked Walter Householdek, B. A., Byers, Texas. President Sophomore Class; Secretary Oratorical Association, ' 04; Vice-President Rusk, ' 05; Treasurer Y. M. C. A., ' O, ' ); Football Team, 1904-05; Assistant Business Manager Cactus, ' 06; Vice-Presi- dent Oratoi-ical Association, ' 06; President Senior Class. " To t!ie solid gromul of N.lture trusts the iniml that l.uihls for aye. " May Mason Jarvis, k k r; b. A., Denisor,, Texas. Ashbel; Sec. Women ' s Council, IM- ' Oo; Sec. Women ' s Athletic Associafn, ■04- ' 05; Student Assistant Zoology, ' )- " 06; Editor Magazine, " OD- ' Oe. May Hopkins, B. S., Austin, Texas. Sidney Lanier; Honorary Scholars Zoology, ' 05-iiri: I ' n ' s ' l l.aiii Pres ' t Women ' s Athletic Association. ' O5-0 Captain Basketball Team, ' 04-05; Vice-President Freshman Class, ' 00-01; Vice-Pi-es ' t Sophomore Class ' 01-02; Vice-Pres ' t Senior Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. " Ricli ill good works. " Alice Adele Johnson, B. S., Austin, Texas. Vice-Pre Class; Vice-Pres ' t Women ' s Athletic Association, ' 05-06 ;ident Sophomor Women ' s Counei clouded ray t-an make orrow chf-prful ! .lOHX HiNDMAN KEEN, B. A., Austin, Texas. Secretary Rusk, ' 03; President Rusk, M. ' : President Oratorical Association,. ' 05; Treasurer Rusk, ' 04; Secretary Public Speaking Council, ' 05-06; Assistant Editor Texan, ' 05-06; Student Assistant Public Speaking, 1905-06; Member Debating Team vs. Tulanc, " 06. Mary Lambdin, B. A., Waco, Te.xas. Aslih l; Y. V. C. A.: Treasurer Aslibel, ' 04-0. " ); Secretary .Junior Class, ' 04-05; President Ashbel, ' 06; Member Advisory Board Wo- men ' s Council, ' 03-04, ' 04-05, ' 05-06. ' " The power of thought— the iiiagie of the iniiul. " Christina E. Littlefield, k k r ; B. A.,Roswell, New Mexico. Y. W. C. A Secretary Junior Class. Arthur Mathis, •! ' aw: B. S., Rockport, Tex Emily Maverick, II B 1 ; San Antonio, Texas. Basketball Te Editor M i(i iziiic, " 03; Secretary Sophomore Class: Treasure President, ' oii; Warden, ' 06; Senior Class Historian; Y Assistant in Spanish, ' 06. l ' .M.i: -();i: Associate Ashbel, ' O.-i; Vice- W. C. A. ; Student J. Viola Mizell, B. A.. Waxahachie, Texas " Witli iiKili.-e iH.,1,., C. Ulysses Moore, B. A., Austin, Texas. M. Di., Iowa State Normal College; Glee Club; Junior Class Track Team; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Rusk. I!. A., Belton, Texas. Treasurer Woman ' s Council, ' 05- ' 06; Class; Secretary Senior Class. IE Stekle Murray, B. A., Floresville, Texas. Y. W. C. A. Luther Nickels, B. A., Mount Calm, Tex " He lias the stamp of an nratnr. " LiNA Peklitz, B. a.. Saratoga, Texas. Y. W. C. A.: Sidney Lanier; Vice-President Sidney Lanier, " Oj- ' CKj; Sons of Hermann Scholarslii]!, ' 04- ' 0r), ' 05- ' 06. LuciAN Wat.ton Pakkish, B. a., Joy, Texas. Capitol Club; Y. M. C. A., ' 02- ' 06; Pres ' t Y. M. C. A., l)4- ' ()5; Varsity Football Team, ' 03, ' 04, ' 05; Varsity Track Team, ' 03 ' 04, ' 05; Southern and Southwestern Record Hammer Throw; President Freshman Class; Director Co-op., ' 05- ' O6; Student ' s Councih j.,«,»,j,»jij ' 03- ' 05; President Junior Class; Business Manager Cactus, ' 05- ' 06; J lll ' ljl ! ! ! ! Rusk; Worsham Declamation Contest; Captain Track Team, ij[i »i ijlji}l»J r»; ' 05- ' 06: Senior Key Orator. Austin, Texas. Carrie Pfeiffer, B. A., Gainesville, Texas. Ashbel; Treasurer Ashbel, ' 05; Treasurer Class, ' 06; Vice-President Women Council, ' 05- ' 06. Edwin Dkfaw =»?«T ; i»JK rA; B. A.. Huntsville, Texu Student Assistant Nathaniei. E. Reed. B. A., Loc Texas. Capitol Club; President Liquor Leaj ue, ' 04- ' 05; President Rnsk, ' 05; Inter-Society Debate ' 06; Debating Council, ' 06; Junior Key Orator, " 04 Isabel Rae Reynolds, B. A., Northfteld " Warned by the sylph. O pions maid, bewarel This to disclose is all til Beware of all, but most Mary LoriSK Rogers, B. A., Austin, Texas. Y. W. C. A.; Keusan Literary Society. Ei.siE RuTLEDGE, B. A., Austin, Texas. Y. V. C. A. Laura Marie Sal ' e, Xti; B. A., Slieniian, Texas. Y. W. C. A.: Basketball Team, ■(»i --|);i; Secretary Junior ( ' lass, ' ()4- ' 05: Secretary Senior Class, ' 05- ' 0(l Katherine Andrews Searcy, KKT; B. A., Brenham, Texas. Sec ' y Freshman Class, ' 02; Secretary Sophomore Class, ' 03; Basketball Team, y or say soenis wisest, J2» . Bu rhee ScIk .larslii] ) for best ■o and .[unioi- ( lasses Women ' s ZooU.-v. •n.Vui; Y.W. ' .A.: Sid- B. S., Maystield, Texas. Laljoratory Secretary and Treasurer Atlienteum; Austin, Texas. Symin(;ton, B. A., San Antonio, Texas. Lll IAN- .Tkssiic W.m.k Austin, Texas. Y. Associate Editor 7 Cactus, ' 05- ' 0fi. " How far the- little ciiTid Dick Parker Wai.i,, HW ll; B. A., Honey (irove, Texas. Glee Club; Y. M. C. A.; Medalist in Gymnasium; Music Committee Y. M. C. A. President Glee Club, ' 04- ' 05; President Senior Class. " My only books were women ' .s looks and folly ' s all they ' ve taught me. " «a:jtitu:tii " iM IjYun M. WiLi.iAMS, B. A., Gainosvill( Tox; :? Officers of the junior Cla Presidext VicePhesidext SEfliETAliY TliEAsntEK SEI!liEANT-AT-. i;; Presidext Vice-Presidext TliEASrUER SE1!(;KAXTAT-A|!MI= lOinler Uerm Spriiifi Derm iiniii i,nriii ' ,(ii - MISS (;i;a( K XAsii MISS VIltDIAX I ' .AKIIA.M - S. I. lOnWAKDS - ]., I ' . RUSt- AT I, V. MONTGOMERY. MISS MAIE BORDEN. - MISS HELEN KNOX. - L. F. RUSS. - M. S. GARDNER. - S. I. EDWARDS. MISS CALDWELL. S EDNA HOFSTETTER. - D. A. SKINNER. N. B. TAYLOR. ■ S HELEN KNOX. 1!1) V. BURGHER. s, jieadei AdEX, ElNICE Baer, Rachel Barham. Virdiax Beck, Gexie Blalock, W. M. Bordex, XJaie Phila Browx, W. R. Burgher. B. . Caldwell, Naxxie I Carmax, EixiCE COCKRELL, ELLOVISE Coiix. J. D. Fekgcsox, Nellie FoL.soM, C. S. T. Foi.soM. Ermina FOIXTAIX, E. ima Gardxer. JI. S. Garriso.x, Helex G1B.SOX, W. B. Giesex. Margaret ll l:i;] -. I.ILLIE lllKM li. Al.CAN lUVIXK. MiXXIE .Iacksox, Bertha .lACOFlS. .T. R. .Tacoiiy, T oi is .lA.MES. AXXIE Jones, Ella Jones, M. B. Kaczer. Mary Keith, T. A. Kelleher, Mary A. Kent, G. W. Kerbey, J. C. Key, Sam King, C. D., Jr. LaPreli.e, John Lewis. Stella Lockett. .Alice LoTiiRoi ' , High Montgomery. Pail V. Nami. I. mi (;i; ri: Nelsux. .r. K, Newtox, F. H. Odam. G. A. OLII ' HAXT, Janie Pkrkkct. Floy I ' hew ITT. Ollie Prik iiett. W. E. Rather, Roy L. RVIIPEL, Anx ' ie Shelby. T. H. SiMONDS, Anna W. Skinner, D. A. Small, Rosanna Smith, Frances C. Smith, Mabel Smith, Mus. y . : I, Smith, Myrtii: Smith. Ri itv Thompson. T. . TiiVRMOxi), Charlie Topiiam, I aira J. Waggener, Lel West, Ben.iamin W. Whitehani). Effie Endora W yxne, Angus G. ZiMMERMANN, JlILIVS C. ail r.i fr V JM Li ' £ l ' K - M i V l K • 1 M ' " IHti ' W llS. V ( ' I ;.cr. ■ Rf f ■ mi IHHi Bk l f1 ' EUKJXT MlI.F ,()Tiii!ur r. iJ -.. ' ..I .-- (.1 Officers of Sopliomore Class, ' 08. Presipent ■ Vice-President Secretary ■ Treasvrer - President - Vice-President Secretary - Treasiuer - Prksident Vice-President Secretary - Treasi ' rkr - Winter Dei Spring Uerm. IIOISAKT KEY. KOHEKT ] ' .Al;( ' I.AY. M1- S AXXIE STKATTOX. MISS (IIEI.S AnnuE. - (iROVER COLE. - MISS ABBIE CRANE. .MISS :marie oraiiam. - H. r.. SEAY. Ml ' -- MISS I ' EITIT. ;ii vx. iWAN. T[AN. DOROTHY HOWELL. L. C. :MrREYXOLDS. McAkek HowK Stark WiuEX HoLDEX Williams rLf SOPHOMORE ROLL CALL ME E.Nta.isii. Ma r.l-.NNIE EVAN.S. ].:m .A :. I ' EARI. F4NT ] (Hist .. L. Fekui-so-n. E. . Eleanor Fei-ii.le, Fka I.. J. D. FisiIEH. F. K N. I.TT,I,IA - FlilK E. .lENM Adoxe. ClEI.S •iisHY. Annie Lee Alexamiei!. Mvitn.E on 11. llALI.IE Lena OXVAN. I ' ' I.0REX(. ' E Andrews, Eeaii rani:. Alirie Austin, ' R..SS. IllTII lUlLEY. F. A. )m ' .m;y. Lie y Baker, Hirke ). MS, ( ' . S. Bakeu, C. L. ) ls, i:i.IZABETII Ball, T. J. llT.MiMii:. liRACE IUrbee. Willie )k im:. Kitty Barclay, R. D. )llAV.)l;lll. LVLA Barnes, W. M. ■ ' .hWAKIIS. C. K. Barret. .Minnie •:i,i: (IRMA 3o ) h jlcade UURTU.N. ADELE Lam-,. ei.i.a V. llOliTON. tiuLIHE LiAMs. Caroline HoiiTON. L. Pearl Howe. Una lloWi.l.L, DoiiOTUY Lrss. Leon Fair III i:i III. Florence ScHIEMl. JiEULAH III 1. niN«s, Elizaretii Seay. 11. B. . U.NL,,. E. H. ft;EELi(,. iAN, Helen Jones, J. E. Sims. AV. 1. IvELL, Sadie Singleton. Virgil Key. Horart Smith. Bettie R, .SlIIRLIERI Nellie X. B. LOVISE r. Katiierine li K w II, , i. i. i .,111 i . i;i N M. i;iA N -, !.. 1 . lAART. U. H. 1 1 KK. SALLIE BEI AlIN,,, H. B. ARY () ' ( ' .. ,,l;. K villi MA .IN. Hilda K. 1 ii; M. . - I; II.. Hilda ARY •:li.en l ' ii;i;i . Mv 1 .i ' ..M. W. A- IIMMS. CxU.SSIE III ' .MS. P. K. Ill A. MS. T. J. Leila I ' li.E. W. A. Porter. Essie fkirIi. H. V. .T. Qi-Ain. J. E. Raet.zscii. C. M. on. 1. P. :rrK. T. V. . S. Kamsmei.l. F. L. oisKY. Beatrice Lamsey. .L M. (| ;k. Minnie Lee Boyd Fhcibks r.VRI.TO ' Raetzoit Andrews .M( lilllDE Davis Barton Bkeeden lAtSkJf i lii m Jreshman Class Mistory. m C URGHDRs. " A Freshman Class history! The idoa of snch a thing! " somo onp may exolaiin on seeing the heading of this page. You ai-e quite right, my friend; tlie Freshman Class hasn ' t a liistory, yet. (live us time— we arc just starting, but we are making history. We liave done things in the University world which we may put down in our annals when we liave n history. We are not going to mention them here, nor say the same old things that Class Histi riftn has said about his flass sint-e time immemorial. We are Freshmen; we know it, and we are proud of it. Bye and bye— why even next year— we won ' t be Freshmen any longer, and others will be along te) take our places. But Seniors. .Juniors, yea. even Sophomuros, by tlie time nhl Naughty-nine wears cup and gown you ' ll be willing to say it ' s the best elass ever. F. D. W. Nelson Pop.TKR Samx-els Platter (.MMiOTilAM HeI.N.SOH.N WllKhLLl! Pod XlCHOLS SOMMERVILLE CoN.NALLV DyEII KiusE Gould Landers Alexaxdek -J-i •- « . _J u_ . lit PRESlnEXT Vice-Phesidext Secretary Axn Treasurer Serjeant- AT- Arms President Vice-President PRESIDEN ' T etary axd Treasirer eant-at-Arms Sreshvmii Officers. lOinter Uerm. Spring Uerm. C ' ACTis Representative illKE HOGG. - W. P.. KING, JR. CAMILLA LAHATT. RAYMOXn F. DICKSON. ■ T110:MAS J. DEVINE. ETHEL SYKES. - JOHX R. BEALL. RALPH ROBINSON. EUGENE L. HARRIS. WTLLETTE BROWN. FRANCIS B. DUNCAN. .JOHN W. TURNER. Wl dUt ' M„HH I»i iur-j -r : D-roshman Class. — Continued. Schmidt, I ' iiaules F. Sen NELL, TlIEODOltA. SCIU ' IIMAXN, Reinhai Seauc ' Y. Iaymie E. Seaks. (. ' Eom.E D. Sill LIS. William C. TllOMI ' SOX, VlLLL M. TiioKNE, Lilly. Thrasher. Jmogexe. TlIREAUGILL. VlLLIAM A. TiiRooPE, William N. TiMMiNS, Ethel. Trkiiette. J. W. SMITH, SE.NEDA. SdM.MKRVILLK, HEXUY C. Spears. Ioxe P. Spell. Hea. Spe.n ' Se. Linda. Sl ' OONEK. E. Spri-ce. KOI ' ERT E. Stanley. iL iD S. Stark. Henry J. L. EL ]?. ( ARRIE ]?. E. 1 I ' E I). Stiorke ■1 . ( ' . Steimii s. !■ Ste« a 1 .III 1 ' . STlMi• i 1 ST..rK l:ii. W . IELSEN. .McrsTA. Xorrell, George W. XoKTii, James " W. SCIIAEFER. ELLIE C. )LNEY W. niY R. Bessie H. .1. FlI.TOX Campbei.i. B. Thatcher Slaute 1 ' KESCOTT !■.. l- ' l ' LTOX ll(.)YSTO; V. Thatchkh W ' lTnEitsruox McLEOI) l.tlMAX DlI.I.I.XGH, J i » ..jmj _ . .G S ei, 2 — «W ; gffljftfff fffft Jamks Pekrik Alvey, ' I ' AW; C. E., Galveston, Toxas. Vice-President Senior I 1 1 1 1 T ' i SfflOr ' i Class, Akthuu G. Baek, C. E., San Antonio, Texas. President Sophomore Class. I ' l ' i ' i ' i ' f ' r ' iS Charles Arthur Bissell, C. E., Navasota, Texas. Secretary Senior Class " Sileut .Hs thought. " Carl Felix K. von Blucher, C. E., Corpus Christi, Texas. B. S., ' 05; S. S. S. Sorority: Student Assistant in Engineering, ' 05- ' 06; Band; Director Co-op., ' 04- ' 0o. r.tUUU AtTiur-ji «.: «. . Conrad Meuly von Blucher, C. E., Corpus Christi, Texas. B. S., ' 05; Vice- President Junior Class. George Garret Edwards, 5 X; C. E., Ennis, Texas. S. S. S. So- rority; Vice-President Sopliomore Class; Secretary Senior CI •■M.-(I e hastes Ernest Hart well Elder, C. E., Cheapside, Texas. Student Assistant in Engineering, ' 06; Y. M. C. A.; Vice-President Soplio moi-e Class. ■■Tl.-reissdii Olae John Sverokop Et.lin(;sox, C. E., Austin, T( Assistant in Drawing, ' OS- ' Oti. George Buchanan Finley, ( ' . E., Ivoscland, Texas. P. K. C. ; S. S. S. Sorority; Treasurer Freshman Class; Treasurer Sophomore Class: President EiiKineering Department, ' 05. Vice-President Engineering Department, ' Oti; Students ' Coun- cil, ' 05- ' 06; Business Manager Univerfiitii of Te.ras 3 ' k.ig(ixme, ' Ou- ' Oil. RoscoE Roderick Po.ster, E. M., Taylor, Texas. Presi- dent Mining Engineers, ' 04; President Engineering Di ' iiartment, ' 05. Herman Henry Fox, C. E., Austin, Texas. Vice-President Sophomore Class; Vice-President Junior Class; Clerk Engineering Co-op., ' Oo- ' OB " Wliat obvious truths the wisest heads may miss. " Walter Edward Giesen, a t n; C. E., Austin, Texas. S. S. S. Soi ' ority; Chairman Engineers ' Banquet Committee, ' 04- ' 05; Sec- ' retary Sophomore Class; Chairman Arrangements Committee Final Ball, " 05; Chairman Finance Committee Final Ball, ' 06. " Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst after knowledge, for they s l-i- ' iUr-J -.: ' •-. .:r _. . . Edwin ' Hkkman Jahn, C. E., Gonzales, Texas. Treasurer Sophomore Class; Vice- President Junior Class; Vice-President Senior Class; Cactus Committee, ' 06. HXE, -X; C. E., Austin, Texas. Secretary Sopho- Student Assistant in Drawing, " Ori-THi. Wii.LiAM Tayi ok Lkk, .Jk., Comanche, Texas. P. E. C. ; Sec ' y ' ' ' ' . SfTtnfftT " ' ' 1 Junior Clas ; President Senior Class; 5HSffii« ' ; Secretary Senior Class; Pres ' t Engineering ' i»i»i i Department, " 08; Captain Freshman Engineers ' Track Team; Captain Junior Track Team; Cactus Committee, ' 06. GiiOVER Cleveland Lewis, C. E., Austin, Texas. Secretary Junior Class; President Junior Class; Treasurer Junior Class; Engineers ' Footbal Team, ' 02; Varsity Track Team, ' 02- ' 03. J:t!l td!ijhI a John Kobekt Nagel, C. E., Soguin, Texas. Tivasuivr Sopliomoro Class; Pivsidi ' iit lor Class; Vice-President Senior Class; Co-op. Director, " 05; Cactus Com- ittee, " 06; Engineers " Football Team, " 02. Charles John Nibbi, -N ; C. E. ; Mexico City, Mex. S. S. S. Soror President Junior Class; Treas ' r Junior Class: Trcastirci Senior Class; Vice-Pres ' t Engineering Department. iCi. ' •Whi n oni ' is truly in love, oue not i Everett DeFau Phillip.s, E. E., Cameron, Texas. " My (lomiuiuu ends where that of conseienr ' S John Waller Pritchett, C. E., Huntsville, Texas, Junior Class; Secretary Senior Class. Luke Ckaten Robertson, C. E., Austin, Texas. B. S., ' 04; Student Assistant in Engineering, ' 04-05, ' 05-06; Manager Cactus, ' 05; Students ' Council, ' 03-04, ' 04-05; Brackenridge Hall Committee, ' 04-05. Edwin Davis Sanders, E. E., Moody, Texas. B. S., ' 05 George Wallace Smith, E. E., Corpus Christi Texas. B. S., ' 05. Willis Dowl Peck Warren, ATA; C. E., Denton, Texas. S. S. S. Sorority; Rusty Cuss; Vice-President Junior Class; Treasurer Senior Class; Director Co-op., ' 04-05; Phililulu Band; Junior and Senior Football Teams; Captain Junior Track Team; Varsity Track Team, ' 02. i.MES Bowie White, 2AE; e. E., Bellville, Texas. Secretary Engineers ' Club, ' 03-04; Students ' Council, ■03-04; Cactus Committee, ' 04-05; Pres ident Senior Class; President Engineering Department, ' 06. Whitney Weathersby Wilson, C. E., Alvin, Texas. P. E. C. ; Vice-President Fresh man Class; Secretary Junior Class; President Senior Class; Students ' Council, ' Oo-OH; Student A aiit in Engineering, ' 05-06. " There never a lookiiig-Kl.n!is tliat told him he was ugly. " ■ M., ' j»ur. --r-«. ..2 . junior Stiginoors PllESlDENT - Vice-Presidknt Secretary Treasurer - Sergeant- at-Arms President Vice-President Secretai ' .y Treasvrer Seroeant-at-Arms President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer - SERCii:ANT-AT-AH Officers. J ' cill Jerni. Win Sprii L. W. PUrrCHKTT. • lUIIX C. IIOLLMAX. R. J. WILLIAMS. LOUIS GARliRECHT. - JACK STAXA(;E. WERSTEi; ilcEVOY. R. J. WILLIAJIS. J. G. WEBB. ED. JIcCALL. J. L. STAXAGE. ARTHUR HARRIS. HEKHERT SUTTOX . ED. McGRATH. r -j i ..i .j . w . junior Sugineers. ,lrr tllr lialli of tllV fret. " ■■■ i II lion without: 1 sluill l.r s inkrtli with hi .•vos. aii.l t:llk( An uii-ndly num li.u-rtli i vil 1 littlr sKvp. a lilll,. -luiiiliri-. a u Tii: ■■An lie ,no„t against wlioiii tlicrc is no ris- voy: " Tllr lilioral oul -hall hr made fat. " " I ' iii-; ' ] " !-; -Kvcn a ihiM shall li, ' known l.v hi- ' - ' m:v.: - ' I ' hr wi.kc.l Ihv when no man inirsu. ' th. " ox: " A nau-htv iiorson. a witkr.l man. walkoth with A a uhii-Uvin.l that |iassrth. " mon-v h.Mi-t makoth a ■Man Mvk th Williams. W. .].: - . uoo, Wkhii: " Kiivv llioii luit th Wool.: " WIkm. ko,M. ' ' lli 1 ii;: tlioivtoi-o. get wino s snout. ikoth thr l.ones fat. " ' It thr fruit l.(ML N- : ■■.Ml t [((■al l: " Wh, Iltollllol k! ' Win Williams. B. M.: ■■Jd-ink ■■Oi.ii Man " : ■■.V a roann wu-ko(l nilov ,, ,T th.. i..,..i- 1., i-n cistern, hear : so i Sophomore Sngineers. Offie Preside.nt Vice-President - Secretary Treasurer Sergeant- AT-Aiai s PltESIIlKNT Vice-Presiiient Secretary Treasirer SeRGEANT-AT-A|!MS Presiiient Vice-President Secretary Treasurer SeRCEANT-AT-. I!! lOinter Uerm. Opring der C. ( ' . nUFF. C. R. ISAACS. (■. A. .IllXES. li. L. TOOMIiS. J. 1. I ' .VltXK. 1.. ka:msi)Ell. H. V. Kl.DEK. :. r;. fuuher. OlIS VA(JXER. WILL KRAHL. - H. FIXK. •T. ( ' . STEN ' EXSOX R. il. ROBERG. - il. WRIGHT. WVATT THOjrAS. Anderson WfMJDS Keli.ebeuueii ElBANKS DlFF . i _ .. Sopfn Sngim Civil Siifjineers. tlllANCE, a. G. chockett, r. l. Duff, C. C. Duncan. A. B. El.DEK. H. W. Farris, a. G. Frost, V. O. f!n..MKii, .1. v.. CiiMi ' .iur .1 (; ICelleberger, a. ( i;i;i;i:i:. M. C. Kreisle, M. F. lililKN. .. A. Madeley, G. E. Haskkll. C. ti. McClellan. G. a. Hefley. J. P. McKlNNEY, S. Hexderson, T. ilORRIS, E. M. Hendrickson. V. U. Pextck. S. T. Hii.L. H. P. Pirnsnx. Pmt Ilixi.s. ,T. (II l ll s 11 W. H iKs. S. L. i; vM-iii 1 1 , i; 1,. Iiivi.xK. V. i;. liiiHNcKi; K. W. ROBERG, R. ' M. RoBixsox. H. G. Rogers, P. B. Stevexsox. J. C. Thomas. Wyatt E. TlIOKXTOX, J. E. Thrasher. T. E. Tyler. R. G. Toombs. A. G. L. Wrxoo. W. H. W ' RUiiiT. Margin ' A(iXER. Louis Ha RNI ICTT. Hi.i HER Ho: NE. , B. ' Hr SI lER By IIX E. .1. 8leetrieal Sngiiieers. Tiiorxe. J. H. VAU(iHAX. A, jr. Voelcker, B. E. White, ,T. H. WOLFSOX. E. ' Woods. B. M. 5}ciiiiiu) Siiffiiieers. mF ' Hi ft MK I W I r KL . J teHfej-iL B SCIII.EXKKI! Va(;xkii Vri(;iit Cl ' .OrKETT Kii ES! 73r7 D ' rcshman Sngincers. President - Vice-President Secretary- - TliEASrUEK - Seiuieant-at-Aio President - Vice-President Secretary - Treasirer ■ •Sergeant- at- Arm Offh J-all derm. " Winter Derm. S ' XOX R. WATKINS. FORD Mccormick. SCOTT BRO rM. PAUr. V. CRKACER. PAX C. IJPSCOMIi. (i. HAWKIXS. R. R. RISE. R. R. WEAR. . E. SCO(!(!IXS. R. S. RREYER. . II. HASITXOS. C. V. ( A.. . A. BECKWTTH. V. H. RAXKIX. ROBERT WOOD. lauALjr-j -.? ::4,i-.i..j.. . ir LXti ■T ' iiMllrri Mfe M ' li Ky t ' B ' ' ' ' Hj l mm Iml l£r ' c ' ' ' lj HS " ' ■is ' iKi - 1 p p f r f f _i n tfTA . _ _Jpt M i £lNNP Hmi f H K ' JHj rltf " TOtf l yi . 1 K ' HE ' B ' JK " ' 4ali ' K9 ILikV V ' ■ Hh ' HHv t E I Kk ' ' v ' ' K !■( iiBU ' S fe il . " SK BAlS«jr- ..:... . U rcsliman Sngincers. Civil Stifjineers. I . KiMliALL, Ross C. l Kv K. ] j!AiiL. William .K. luciEXK 11. Lewis. ' .T. B. IS W . Lii ' sccnrn, D. ( V. SiMi ' SON, Eakl H. Slaughtek, Eowari) Smith. William B. Sparks, Rvfvs B. Talley, Spencer A. Tenmiscx, L. E. Ti-RKER. Pavi. a. B. Clarkson. William Ram)I.e. 1;uiiard il. .Vl.LXAMlKR. A. J. Slo e trieci I Siif in o crs . iinxsox L. I ' AUL E. I.TER A. Ill N.,i;, IlKXKY .T. KriAN. Edward C. llvnxsKi, Morris li. SAMiEix, Walter SCIIMIIIT. " UTOIi SCOti(;lXS. t ' lIARLES E. Shlddemagen, He.vry 1 Smith, William E. Stockard. .Joel L. TiioMPSos, Ralph W. TowNSKXi). .Jay L. Treaccer, Charles J. Watkin, Shaxnox R. Watkins. Edward X. Williams, Charles R. Yqvxg, Clarexce Feldiiake, Lawrexc-e H. Sfiining Sngineerg. t H r f H 1 ■ ' s l Hmh Si ' s it EBM uK ' ' Knm iS Hk jJ -. ' « _2 ..» s %w.» « » _ «fc.-! .. - _( _ ::d , C ' - ' ' Pt ' - J X - ■ " J Jiistory of the Senior J2aio Cla 1906. -Well: V,4i: C.iiR. in: close the .In,.,-. V„u Irllns rnu think Till talivin " to the whole country. Hrre: Take off mh hat. Well ! Well ! This is no smoking car. You ' re the noisii set a fcUcr:; on the top side of earth. Abhott — Ailoue — . i merman — " grant me your inilulgeut permission 1 siuill occiipv a lew moments of your time in attempting in my poor way to suii mit to your consideration a cursory review of the importani matter which claimed our attention upon yesterday. As voi will recall, I endeavored at the last meeting to explain ti you that ' Damnum absque injuria ' signifies. ' It ' s a ilam v ease for the jury, — if you will pardon the peilantrv of a Lain quotation. Ha ' i Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! " MeCulloel " Mr. Crane, will you kindly state the Maryland ? " ■ ' Xot prepared today. Judpe. " " Thank you. ilr. Burney, will you kindly state the case ••Xot prepared today. .Tudse. " " Thank you. .Mr. ' Holl.rook. yill ynu kindlv .tat, ' t case ? " ' " The amount involved, " said Holbrook. " was $1(1-1. H cents. " (Twenty minutes for facts.) " Thank you, ilr. Holbrook. Mr. Brady, will you kin- give the d -vision in that case? " " Xot prepared today. Judge. " " Mr. Abbot? " ■•Xot prepared today, Judge. ' " Mr. Landers? ' ' " 1 had too much on private corporation. " " Thank you. ilr. Amirerman? " " Xot prepared today, Judge. " And so on down the roll. " Young gentlemen, be honest, good, true me honor to your profession. Be true to yourself, do lii ' luofession and yt :is the ig th " ngth of the second toe nail lielongeil to the third female ition hay( on the l-lghl InnI , , t tl cousin of the Mian who hcou-li " Two illelle.-. • " Mr. .Scott?- ■ " One and one-half inches? ' " Mr. Robinson? " " One inch and one-quarter. " Wliv? " " Beeause the charter says power to borrow money. " " That ' s good reasoning. Mr. Blocker, I ' ll give you a hypothetical If a hen that is hatched from an egg sold by a Wlloi.KSALF CxROCERY COMPAXY, duly ' incor- porated undei- g.iiei-al law, should die before attaining — should die liefore In. — Ijcfore she was fifteen years old. would a man wlio ate one of her ehiekeiis ami get sick have good cause of action for doetoi- ' s hills? " " 1 think so. sir. " " Why? " " Beeanse. the rule is that a_e n-poration is liable f..r all acts " Yes. But remendjcr that the decisions are all wrong. If they had men like nie in the Legislatures the laws would all be perfect. I teach the case .system. I am a firm believer in the system. Xow. for instance, when I was in a law office — " Boys, they ' ve given us h — at times, but. taken all in all. they haven ' t been so bad. ami many a time. I ' m sure (when we snatch a moment of leisure from our clients), we ' ll re- member them and each other with a feeling of kindness and a longing will come to us for the old days in the cellar. Peace and success to all of vou. ■Mlb V! _2 ..» , t » ..3 :. ir Jean Baptiste Adoue, Ju., ' I ' AW; LL. B,, Dallas, Texas, .lohn C. Townes Law Society; President Senior Law Class: Director Mandolin Club: Glee Club: Var- sity Band; Arrow Head. A: LL. B., Cisco, Law Society; Glee Jefferson Davis Atwood, Texas. B. Lit., ' Oo. William Baktlett Blocker, iiX; LL. B., San Antonio, Texas. Goo lioo; P. E. C. ; President Senior Law Class; Varsity Football Team, 04. Varsity Track Team, ' 04; John C. Townes Law Society. niscliief ho had : ( 96 ) E. BOYETT, LL. B., Chappel, Texas. K. S. Gould Law Society. LL. B., San Antonio, T(!xas. •lit Final Ball, ' 05; Substitute ef of Texan, •04-Oa; Ath- Snphoinore Class; Athletic Coun- Kopresentative, " Oa-OS; Students ' ' 0-1-05; Associate Editor Magazine, :!; Associate Editor Cactus, ' 03- 04; Author " Ramrod Jones. " Ic tlu; Tiurrow world like a Livius Henry Bkowne, K:i; LL. 15., San Marcos, Texas. Rusty Cuss; A. B., Southw crn University; Athenaeum; Class Football ■04; Class Track Team, " 04; John C. Townes I M(i(ia- Board, ' 06; Vice-President Senior L; ■ ' Cut and come again. " John Craig Browder, LL. B., Waverly, Tex Society; Secretary and Treasurer of Junior, ■When you thought you knew him. ; When yon thoueht it was he. it wa: When you thought it was his broth as. Ru Middle, Joseph Milton Burfokd, LL. B., Cookville, Texas. B. S., " 04. •NUY Prather Burney, a TO; LL. B., Kerrville, Texas. Atheiiceum; President Senior Law Class; John C. Townes Law Society; Bracken- ridge Hall Executive Committee. m ' Hh UABUE Carswell, LL. B. , Decatur, Texas. A. B. ; President Bracken i ' kU Executive Committee; Chief Justice of Moot Court; Students " Council, ( K Lkstkr Charlton, - N ■ Football Team, ' 04, ' 05. LL. B., Houston, Tex; Tlioii more tlliii. ' ,1 Ifjjl,. f 1 S 3 3 ijj l " l ah j;.. John Ritchie Clendenninc;, LL. port, Texas. " He might have pro%-ed a useful .idjunc-t, if n. Edward Crane, 5X; LL. B., Dallas, Texas. Goo Roo; M. M. ' ' ' ' l j | ' iiJJJ ; !J M. ; President Students ' Association, ' 04-05, ' 05-06; Cactus Board, ' ' i . . ' ! ' 03-04, ' 04-05; Students ' Council, ' 08; rp.rai. Board, ' 03-04, ' 04-05; Football Team, ' 03, ' 05; John C. Townes Law Society: Athenicum. " This, the Czar of the Varsity. Wlien they weren ' t looking, he t Tlie ' Wall of Fame. ' and, alas, c « » » « 1 « J Albert Covington Dulanky, LL. B,, Austin, Texas. Ph. B., Ogden College, Kentucky; Treasurer and President of Rusk; Class Football Team, " 04; Class .i-I.l lTTri, " . fnnt. mnvp li rlif, u st. T. n.MVf trilt- ■ r from the heath- 4 Robert Houston Foster, LL.B., McKinney, Texas. A. B.; :!i;;) ljtj Jolm C. Townes Law Society; Secretary Brackenridge iJfSifc Hall Executive Committee. Geokce TjADimi Grany-c. Tiwa K HAinuKEK, LL. B., La s. Associate .Justice of Moot Co urt Edmund IU ' kkk (iuiPFiN, LL. B., Van Alstyne, T ' 0(i; Rusk;.Iohn C. Townes Law Society; Uni ' 0. " ); Winner Gammel-Statesman Prize in Dec ti st in Oratory, ' 03; Winner Southern Inter-St sistant in Oratory, ' 03-04, ■04-05; Law Librar Full nwuiy a tingling shokfti hath he won. " Antonio, Texas. Atlipnteum. )MAs Jefferson Holbrook, LL. B., Cisco, Texas. John C. Townes Society; President Rusk; Inter-Society Debating Team, ' 05. RuFus Written King, 2X; LL. B., Austin, Texas. Rusty Cuss; President of Law Dep ■QyOe; John C. Townes Law Society. M.Mx ' or.M Henry Landers, LL. B., Mineola, Texas Society. SsaKH8i8geeSH8? ■Tf- -1H iMORE, LL. B., Dublin, Texas. Ph. B., Baylor University, iiiii, ' 05; Inter-Society Debating Team, ' 06; Winner Evans Team, ' 05; Vice-President Oratorical Association; John Townes Law Society. e an Amevii ' jiii. Hiiri-iili! Hm-ralil i: :i:a:i:i:a:i:»:i: : l iSJ ' liliijJiliJlJ:! 1 1 1 1; Albert P ' ' i;a in Club. Mason nviUc, Cai)itol Club: vN Boyd Milam, K A; ll. B., Df C: Glee Club, " 0:j()4; Cactus Bo: Oactus, ' 05-06. " O. putrid, O, fudge! This lock it won ' t, ' .-, I prithee. .lolm, ()jn ' ii tin- dimr. (ioo Roo; P. E. Literary Editor Melvlx Milton Millek, 2 N Texas. Rusk. John William Minton, LL. B., Hemphill, Texas. Ti porter for Rusk; Treasurer Junior Law Class. Lawkknce Lkwis Montgomery, LL. B., M;i. iim; John C. Townes Law Society; Treasiii-i Oratoi-ical Contest, " O-t; Worthain D-clamation Contt: urer Middle Law Class, ' O ' k Vire-President Athenee- Vssociation; Ross-Rotan it, ' 04; Secretary-Ti-eas- MoKHis Meyer Mothner, LL. B., Beaumont, Texa Junior Law Baseball and Football To; Si: VAr,i, xMv Vice-Pres 06; Track B., Sli( ER. K i; LL ident Middle Team, " 03-04; lieavcnly , B., Houston, Texas, (ioo Roo; Law Class; Manager Baseball Team, ' OJ ; Rusk. wm Bkx.iamin Gk ' ady O ' Ni Nashville, JS ' JS; Pn ,1AM E. Orgain, LL. B., IJastrop, Texas. A. B.. TTnive Texas, ' 06; Goo Roo; Rusty Cuss; Vice-President Student ciation, ' 05-06; Football Team, ' 05-06; Prcsid.Mit Mid( Class, ' 0-t; John C. Townes Law So.i.-ty: Cli Class Football Team, ' OH. ity of •sity of ; ' Asso- ]f Law impion Thomas Jeffkksox Rich, LL. B Kouiitze, Texas. Athenaeum. Albert Duke Robertson, LL. B., Denison, Texas. President John C. Townes Law Society; Baseball Team, ' 03, ' 04, ' 05; Captain Baseball Team, ' 05; Athletic Council; Law Librarian, ' 04-05; Student Assistant in History, ' 05-06; Rusk. John Benjamin Robertson, 2 N; LL. B., Austin, Texas. Arrow Head; Chairman Arranpcoraent Committee Final Ball, ' 04; Supervisory Chairman, ' 05; Class Foot- ball Team, ' 04; Cactus Representative, " 05; Gould Law Society; Athenaeum. I» " Hail til tlie i-liief who in triumph advaiic Warren Townsend Robertson, 2N; LL. Gould Law Society; Athenaeum. " 1 have Kiven you an argument; I am not obliged to fii Austin Texas. lerstaiiding. ' mm LL. B.. Hico, Tex; Athenteum. onimjoiv, vTA; LL. B., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 11 S., University of Pennsylvania; Secretary Athenaeum, ' 05. H ■ workjil artliiously ami without tiring. He worked ovortini ' ! in his hot air factory. " Wat.ker Stephens, 2 AE; LL. B., Temple, Texas. Athenicum: Track Okcak Mii.ton Si-ttij:. IJ.. 1!., SIk-H.-.v. N. C. - «?!!! ;, Ph. U. ; Univei-sity of North Carolina: John C. Townes Law Society. Dick O. Teukei.i-, X ; LL. ! ., San Antonio, Texas. A.ssi.stant Man- afier Trac-k Team, " 05; Manager Track Team, ' 06; Exchange Editor Jlaij- ' 05-06; ' NothiiiK c Athengeum. itiiothiiiK. ' m Iviislc: .loliii ( ' . Towncs Law wSt. ' no-ri.plHT, ' ()4-0ri, Egbert NucKOLS Watkin, I ' AW; ll. b., Dall Club; Mandolin Club; Class Football Team, ' 04 , Toxas. Band; Glee Robert S. (jould Law Society. , mother ' s pride. - v -« LL. B., Granger, Texas. Ph. B. , Baylor Uni 2AE; LL. B., Waco, Texas. AthenEEum. Maurice Wolf, LL. B., Houston, Texa.s. " With (.■ouiiteiii Ho liuhujiis til Joseph A. Woksham, :iN ' l ' ; LI.. U., Siil]iliui- S|)rintis. Texas. Atlieii;i ' uin: Athc nicum Debating Team, ' 05; Missouri Debating, ' Team, ' 0 ' ; President Athenieum, )K. N Maxsox Wkok, ::iN ; LL. B., Mexia, Texas. James Sidney O ' Keefe, 5 N ; Texas. Class President, ' 04-0; Vice-President Athenaeum, ' 01 President Oratorical Associati " . s Irish as a potato. " LL. B. ; White Deer i; P. E. C; Athenseu ■02; Students ' Couno u v p SKiddlc cCaw, . Oifh President ViCE-PnESIUEXT Skcretauy THEASIKET! Sehgeaxt-at-Aism i ' resident Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant- AT- Arms President Vice-President Secretary Treaslrer Sergeant- AT-ABifs lOiiitvr 1 Spriiifi Derm. J. V. PATTERSON Wll.l.lAM FRAXCIS JOHN L. SlIEl ' PARD - OTTO TAl ' l? .7. ] . SIMPSOX tTlARLP:S M. ROBARDS - W. . . WEATHERED -E. L. : nLLER .1. I!. r.All.KV VIL1.1A [ FRANCIS JOHN I.. SHEPPARF) WAIT.ACE TOIUN - -I ' llMMV ((ii;! ' .- iARI.ES . F i;n|;AI!l)- Beast EV. Wiliur C. Bell, Holland E. Campbell. Forrest Cox. Jxo. R. Dyer. Fritz M. Francis. Vm. H. Franklin. Clifton J. Greenwood. 1 Griffin. F.i i[ H.vrrel. Wm. Hankixs. . Kerciievii.le. -IMI Lf ;lie. -m. p. Miller. Kenneth Sti eiiibon en. Price W ■i ' lKis. F. . Wallace lll.Kl;i:ltT M ..N. Kmm ;tt L. Wooi.EY. Clyde ' . u% 1 n 4.1:4 ' J . U. lMh» .lu.NES M, l,E ( ' AMPltKM. I.KSI.If: (Al.l.AWAV HAII.EY Heasley Wilson- Wooeey KllirllEVlI.I.E STEVEiN-S SlIEPPAHI) - -vr- -1 junior J atvs. Offu President Vice-Presiuent SErRETARY - Treasikeh SERCEANT-AT-Ar;, President Vice-Presid Secretary Treasirer- Serceaxt-a ' President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Serjeant-at-Arms " Winter Uerm. Spring I NO. P.. MARSHALL • ' HAXK . 1. KVBURN W. F. DUNCAN L. (J. ZIXXECKEPv - Fl.KET T. WHITE llJKl.AXn (IKAVES W . IC. ALLEN I ' 1:AXK H. SWEET .AL I;SIL LL. V. r. nVBURX -IAS. A. 11A1M.I:V IIS. w. .mi:xi:I ' I:k NKWMAX WALKKli ClIAS. . MllMMlV. I ' Air.lCK .M. FAUEV Kemdert Mil oi.i.r.M W ' ai 19 111 % ' ' NSTOX ZlNXECKER Jones n ■■■ ■■ ! um - ' i Junior J aios. Sti embers. Ar.n ' oi.m. !■ ;i 11 V. Bkli.. .Iam Jam Hoi.iNciKi;. l)i; VI I 1 Bitow.N. H Ki MKR BrCKI.KY. IDK BlUKII. UT II VKRY Cappei.. S. Ci AS., Cautkr. .1 . 1 Cateu. K. Cr •i CT.AUK. r Y -1 Clements Cl AS. COBH. .(oil N 1 Cox. .lOIlN u M . Dahrocii. Tn( . C. Dami.son-. W i.iiri lii;, .J4 . P. . Horace . .Tac-k 0. . M. Frederick .JOII.NSTON, J. H. .foxES, J. Marvin .J(.XE.s, R. Delrert .loNES. Worth Key. V. Orlvxdo KlNli, AlWYX P. KlKTT. K. S. KoiiKF. Walter C. I.ovKTT, James Wm. Mali.ory. .James A. jrAR.siiAT.L. .John B. Mmiee. D ' vid E. ROW. .T. Taiu.tox l.l KK. H. V. ', S m a.. .Ill )n Vi:l.l.. (iEURtlE I. lEEKK. TIK S. W. iiiiws. Artiu ' r L. .nou. P.KNM. F. MiRRAY, J. Roy Moore. R. Henry MiRiMiY, Chas. a. Xevvtcn, 0. I. Xe vt(.n, Wallace H. Nickels, Luther O ' Ccnner, J. Robert ODonnel. Chas. F. Oldham, D. M. Polk. Li cii .s Jlnius. Pool. .John Edward Pope. F. M. llEMiiERT. Wm. Adair i;KNKiio, Caul E. IldWI.ANll. .I.NO JI. Short, Hoya B., Jr. Htephen.son, Homer E. Stone. Hriiii Lamak KORFF JON-KS NeWTIIX KkV CaRTKH ilARTIN HaTCIIEI.I. Cobb Geissler Russei.i. Weathered York Bei.i. llAVMK Clements Ahnold MiNTON VlCKERS MaLLORV urVJTy junior Jlaws — 190S-06. •I urn mil ill Ihr mil of niiiiiiiini men. " .Il Nioi; l.Aw: An intelk-etual ; ili)i-; an apostle of progress. .Junior Law Class, ' 05-06: A of jiii-ked men from all the tribes of Israel. Purpose: To de- M ' lop leaders of the people, warriors, medicine-men, and jirophets; to train the " j ' oiing men " whose hereditaiy func- tion is the government of " the tribes, " the captaincy of in- dustry, the promotion of commerce; to constitute a Imlwaik against " that day " ; to lick the stuffin ' out of that vast and varied assortment of puny and pusillanimous iiillinniillirojii I ' lrrli wearing the odoriferous noiii ilr ihniir ( ' . !•;. " d ' .i. H.MHLEM: I ' crcgrinus. Motto: -In Ihis siijn irr nm- i iicr. " Slogan: Make Oood! Battle Cry ( l ' iV(|U( ' nlly nsrd ) : ' J ' o hell with the enc ineers! AcillKVHMENTS: This organization has met with ]ihenom- cual success in the fulfillinont of its ])urposes, A long and unbroken string of valorous and intellectual deeds establishes tlu! contention that it has gatliered unto itself the brains of Texas. Its intellectual and political triumphs are matters of record. — household words. High authorities are unaniniou.- in their opinion that the Class of ' O. -Ofi is the suprior of any that has been, the model for all yet to be. Without doiiht, old Perry is now on the pinnacle ! At the opening of the current .session the conditions in Enginerica were simply horrible, n ' he festive ( ' . E. ' s. c.xuljer- ant over their newly acquired ability to jabber a few syllables of coon dialect, and to toss a cocoanut with something like accuracy, made night hideous with their loud guffaws. Be- sides the odor from their nabitat, " that ancient fish-like smell, " was terrific. No man ' s hen-roost was safe; the C. E. ' s were out! The lusty Junior Law stands for progress and cleanliness, and, tliercfore. resolved to abate the nuisance. The opportunitv came wla n a -ilibeMn- Inl.e .neaked to the water-tank, broke n|,en the nn j ni- nt M ' Veial nf ihe inmilicrs tbei-eof. took the while, iniishv ul. lanee I lie|-elVuiii. and dis- graced, defamed, and defaced said water-tank with aforesaid odoriferous " C. E. ' 09. " The noble Law " i ' e«t-ed, vidi-eA, rii i-ed, " — and straightway C. E. ' 09, stood up at his meals. For many days thereafter every ■•engineer ' s " knee bowed when he met a noble Law. But a new tribe arose " that knew not Joseph. ' ' A new leader with an abnormally long tail i nd thick slmll, appeared, — and Haynie was kidnaped. Then did the lusty Laws arise as one man, and did swear mightily. ■■ ' Gainst tlie deep damnation ,,r his taking off. " And thi ' U. it is said that certain ■•.Specimen " took to their old habits of climbing trees, and some actually sweated pure s irglHnii. and some sprouted pin-feathers. The .hniior Law ' n.Viiil is Making Goo,l. A l lM « »l W l - " VJ. ' ' %M 5 hi IDclta Ulieta. Uexas Sleta Chapter. Rev. J. W. FitAxz Fis J. H. CALr Uratres in lirbe. Mai.cot.m Graham J. P. W ' AfiOENER V. L. Jkwett Jratres in Saeultate. 3rutros in llniversitate. Jlcadi ' i Arthur JIathis, ' 06 Ballard Y. Burgher, ' i XoRMAN B. Taylor, " 07 Hugh Lothrop. ' 07 HoBART Key. ' 08 lilKKE Haker, ' 08 Thomas Oeorge Leachm.i Krwcis Bowie Duxcax. RWMCJNII KUAXriS DlCK.S( Wit.i.iAM Curry MtCuTcnEON, ' 09 KORERT Spaldino Buddy. ' 09 Chas. irrCoRMic-K, ' 09 Roni-KT TTowAKi. McMeaxs. ' 09 Sngineering. James Perry Alvey, ' Oti Hal Helm Looax, ' 07 Herrert Hill Suttox. " i !R0 •ER Jones, ' 07 DoxALD Hall, ' 07 Bruce Walton Tevhardex, ' 07 Rembert. ' 0,S T i. A. wi i i i r - 1 ■iP5a : .. SJ eta J wta SPi. SBeta Oinieron Chaptei Uralreg in llrhe. WnifiHT OHli, ,Tl{. I im;i-: S. K. Fishfr H. 1-. Pollard C. D. Johns Harry Thornto - Bishop Kiksolvi Oscar Robinso.n J. W. Hawkins William Orr Dr. J. A. French Ew ' Ell Nalle J. F. Clark J. E. Pearce Collins Bradley Tom J. Caldwell R. S. Brown G. M. Jarvis K. E. illETII Joe C. Kerbey. Jr. Frank V. Lanham Jratres in J ' aeultate. Uratren in llninorsilale. Jicademic. Sngineering. J2aw. . Haytkr. ' o; ii.creest. ' 0!1 iHi ( %ik C Ti P wlf ' l S ly B ' H - JE fe f Krv- ' ' ' - - ■ -■ w Kei ' .bey Ti) v Diappa Sigma. -il-iiiia ill IKK Uau Chapter. ni;. .Tt)K (ilUlKRT I)K. W. A. IIarpeh T. V. Maxwkii. Sralreti in llrhe. l;. A. lllllMl ' SdN- K. J. MCPCHIK. .lis. JriHiK VUTOI! 1,. liKdOKS (iEOIiGE S. DoW-ELI, F, ( ' . Von Rosexkerg .1. H. Hart •Tasi ' er Wooldridre W. M. Thornton 11 A. Si.ArcHTER S. V. Fisher RiiisoN ])R. James R. Ba Jralres in Jaeultate. sirBEi.L Prof. T. U. Taylor Jhratres in llninersilate. jlcademic. Ci.iETON V. Oray. ' (1(1 Royal V. King. ' 08 r. V,. JoxES. -CIT l.Kwis V. Orinnan. ' 08 Sam Key, ' 07 John -ii!(,n. Singt.etox. ' OS .loiix LaPreli-E. Jr.. ' 07 A. M. Scott, ' 0. ' Patl V. Montgomery. ' o7 Ai.hkrt W. Tow.vsem). ' O.S Fred K. Fisher. ' 07 (J. . 1. (;raiia.m. ' os I ' RANK IIICKS, ' OS (JKOKGE . . I ' .iiAXnOX. JR.. ' 08 r. Xeal atiiex, ' 00 r. AW Raii.ey. ' 00 ' . V. Bailey. ' O!! .. C. Felrer. " 09 J. if. CoLQt-iTT, ' on Pared P. Hill. ' 00 iOGEU (JriLAN ASTCN. Snfiineering. Kdward H. Bell, ' on .Ioiin E. I ' i sv ' Sigma jllplia Spsilon. Jexas 5lho Chapter. 3ratro» in lirlw. 1) A. CIMKKITTS Jralri ' ti in J-acultato. v.. . I " av i)i:. II. Y. Be ;edict 5-rafn ' K in llnii ' crsi atc jifadomic. Wai.kkk Steve.ns. ' OC) L. J. Winter, " DC E. W. SAiirELr., ' 07 D. C. Bolixcer. Jr., O.s Sngine J. B. White. im il.OVER RiCHEY Sigma Chi. Jllpha DCu Chapter. Uratres in lirhe. Jratri ' s in J-aeultute. 3raln t in llniiwrsilale. Jicademic. :ATiiiN(is Walker Al.KHEI) Ki.Ei ' .riiG, " OS Sngineering. riM. F. Keiii: £n,o. WnV.VM ROWE. -07 Ai.wvx p. KiXG. ' OS Wn.iuu S. Davidson, KlEIl.NK J ' .LOCKER JCappa jllplia. Oniicron Chapter. K. I.. V. K!... K S- ( ' . A. l. D ' ratreti in llrhe. . .1. W. l!i;. iiFii;in 1 " I .1- r,. Hamilton- Dl!. TTORACE OlI.BERT _ . fi. S;mo()t A. S. Walker Jratrps in J-aeultate. nil. I). A, I ' iMi K Hi;, a. c. Ellis J ' ratres in llniiH ' rsilate. Jtcailcmic. V. DlXSMORE. ' OS i:sT E. T.iMrKiN-. ' (I , Watkixs. ' OS Sngineering. Roi;e:;t.s;n Si:ai!s ii.kki!s ). - ; WKiiii Watki.ns V ;i!;::;: :. Stonk l)iNSM:.iti: Sigma DCu. ipsilon Chapter. ratroit in ' ilrhe. Jratres in J ' cieultale. EVREXE P. SclKH II Cl-EMKNT ACKEItJIA ratres in llnivert ' !i a fc Jlcaclonuc. V,. V. WOEFOHI). ' OS llAN l;. Ml i:i IIISHN, ■ii: Vm. C. Ti l luMP SOX. -09 Smgineering. )it(iE C. Ei.wAiiDs. -(Ili - Iai;mx Wiucht. -0 ;liGE A. JIcfEEEEAN, ' OS Kins 1!. Spakks. •(Ml -ESTAI, Vi: .T. Raymom nan 1) ]!a ,i.mVii«E. ' 00 £au,. J. Ben RditEKTSOX. ' 00 Fi Wakhen T. Robektson. ' 0(i J. ilTZ M( n wiisoN, ' ii; Chi SPhi. Dill Chapter. J ' rcilri ' .i ill llrhe. Jratn ' K in J-acultale. Dii. S. E. Mi-ZEs i)i;. 1 ' . |).,ii Dk. M. li. I ' oKTKi; Piid. E. Vi 3ratrefi in llniiwrttitate. Jiccnlc •Toiix E. Pauks ' 0(1 W. i B j l k mJ fl Jro ■i ' If 1 w jhlpha Uau Omega. %Jexas Samma Sta. Jraln-x in llrhe. v. 1,TKI! IJUEMONn K. N. Watts • 1. ( ' . 1 KKV L. l;i:,Tnl! T. . (IKH, Jratres in liniversitate. Jicndumic. lK(Uvx, ,li;.. -IIS (:.:,,K(;|.: M. i Snpineering. Ai;n:i! K. (!iiosen. ' m . J2a,o. J-K.NE.ST VlNSO. WIM. Wkst :ux. ' Ill; i;. . 1. . 1( Mii.i LAN, (Ml 1|i:M!V 1 lilTiXEV, ' 00 5 hi Samma 3)elta. Jail eiiteroii Chapter. Wn.iiiR n. Y. %rbo. Jrater in J-aeultate. Iratrct in llniiwrxitalc. jicademic. Wn.iiANr M. Tow IlilKlKKT 1. IIIICIIH S. ' O; O. FOSTKR Bl!( ' 07 Aitiiiii: M. CiTTiiMi:. ' OS Robert D. V,s KijiAs S. lldijiEN. ' IIS Aai:i) Pleasants. ' OS ON V. I " Ki;ca SON. ' {IS liAi.i ' ii II. WoFFnnn. ' on CTIAHI.E.S W. . 11]!C1TT. ' 07 Wesley B. . mmi:kmax. Hai!oli . SiiKv. TK. -im; James H. Jdiixston. ' OS Sngineering. WCIFFOISD J A COB Y Kerciievili.e iJ%M Sigma Din S lii. ( £aiD Sraternity. Estalilislied 19114. o tii Ji. Sieac an Chapter. Srater in lirbe. .T. D. Atwchid, -Of J. J. AVKKITTK. -i Geo. L. C ' I. J. CrKTsiN.;i:i:. E. G. C ' AI.IOWAY, ir. JI. Miller, ' ui O. M. Wroe. ' 06. D ' ratres in llniversitate. A. Weatiikkheii. Ti:. W . P. Brady. ' 07. V. C. Callaway. ' 09. I. ],. JIartin, ' OS. K. L. Walker. ' OS P. V. Harrell, ' 07. . . I. Edwards. ' 07. E. A. Holland, ' 09. If Ifi - IJ f 2)elta Uau 3elta. Sainma Sota Chapter. J-ratrofi in ' iir ie ;k S. -. ER p. ' OOLDRinGE. Joiix Brackexkidck. Jrciler in Jaeultate. Sratres in llnivergitate. Sraciuate Sliidentfi. ' . I.TER L. Gahxett, ' 07. a. Barxe.s, " OS. Paul H. Breedex, ' OS. Jicademic. £a,n. Snginecring. u I. V. Flatter, ' 09. I.VIIK FAKiHT. ' Oil. )iix W. Laxe, ' 09. iU%J- 5Phi Jicippa SPsi. %Jexas Jilpha C iapto 3ralros in llrhe. J-rater in J-aeullate 11. 1 ' . Vi.KTCiii;!!. r. K. .1. .1. KlBAXK. E. K.. ' . 1!. Irvine. C. V... ' (I 3ratn ' s in llnioersitate. Jlcnh.mic. Snqineering. ( . P. Smith. ' 09 r. E. KARXK.S, ' 09 J. .T. Matthews, ' 09 T. F. riTciiEi.i.. C. E.. ' 09 .1. V. Biiow.N. (■■. E.. ' 09 V. B. Smith. C. E.. ' 09 S ' i S eta SPhi. %7exas Jllpha. Sorores in ILrhe. _ ll:s. Will (a; Sorores in D aeultale. 1)1 MIAM K.MIl.V MaVERKK WiLI.ETTE Bt! Sorori ' , in llniversitate. Mauoaret Robertson, ' 08 SrsAX 8PYKEU SlIELTON, ' 0 I ' EARi. Hall. " 09 IjOttie Harris. " 07 Xellie Harris, ' 08 llEi.Ex Oaii.t Hood, ' 07 W ' niiT,. -ns Hi II Pendleton r ' l-|arn5 ■ rldolpb g g ' 3lldvh-iolC . — r . J)u,;ham .mU :i mm _x )- - rour s JCappa Jiappa Samma. SBeta SCi Chapter. iorores in ILrbe. Soror in 3acultate. ilAUY E. DEV( Eleanor Brai f ' niiiSTTXF Lr Oorores in llniversitate. Ar.MIK I ' K.l FUISSIE V. Ma1!V M( ' ( Hattie Pahks, ' 09 ilARGARET RlXOE, ' 09 Mary Stephens. ' 09 Fi.oREXCE West. ' 09 .May Mason .Iahms. -oij I-:tiii:i. . . .MoRKY. ' (Hj iWfm. m Chi Omega. Sota Chapter. |:N I.D.MAX. -01) :ss ! l - ' lsll. I.MlilK M. .Tl.:. NKTTK li. l!T(IX. ' On M. ltV M. l{l!.UiKT GlIiSE.X, s.siK Williams. ' OS 1 7 Otii ' Omega y-- ( t7 qatl;)Lj n Hukhiuos J{appa jllplia Ulieta. Jllpha Ulieta Chapter. sr Soror , lUe. Mi:s. I ' liiX] VS L. WiMiSllU Soror in 3n cut late. 1 i) MS Sorori ' tt in ILniversitale _Myi;i F Cakkett. ' ns l.iiv r.i;s S i: IVNU, -OS I.I , W I An, a V,.,n) SiMiiM.s, -(17 .ll N M s I.IMI SlMXCE. Mil II ' l 1 11 Kati i:i!1m: Fi.ack, ' (I!) Siiii:i II Ki M( PlIAir -IIS Wl Si ' ENCE McPll.A r - STELLA LEWIS ANNABEL IRION ■I.. --. Jl X Uhe 5lustic Order oi the Jlneient and Sionorable Order of Slusty Cusses. lift! outside the Garden ■ Motto: ' " Down Wit i A Trusts: Oppose All Musts: Avoid All Busts Cffn LANPLOUn - - - ■ - . - - - - CdTTOX WETflllER Storekeeper ■ - . - Hen Setter - - . ■ Pig Slopper . - - . Roustabout - - - - Water Boy .... Plow Shaker - - - . Cow JVICER ... - C ' orke.sponde.nt to ■•The Ponr: Hai. Brown Scott Browx " . F. BrCKLEY (i. I,. Ciiarltox T. T. CllRlSTIAN Weeki.y Gazette. Sleubens. V. E. I.IMPKIN ' . r. JiAlNLAKD B. M. MuNsoN GEORGE ODAM S. I. EDW.4RDS - C. R. 1S. .ACS GEORGE CH. RLTOy WILLET STOCKARD - T. T. CHRISTIAN - LEO E. NEV - HAL BROWN - R. R. SMITH - E. G. CALLAWAY - A. L. TOOMBS Leo E. Ney Bill Orgain George Odam R. R. Smith WlI.I.ETT StocI C. 0. Smith Charlie Truitt A. L. Toombs W. n. P. Warren G. P. We1!I! iMiiiiiT, Adam. In fact, this qualifi- |i ill that order. 1 ilic barn recently and while they out. the camera man made it possible an array of husky beauty as it will iiization vsliip in uted the Browx Orga 8. C. U. Ihill. Si. r popularity of this organization tl ts membership and raise the stainl [■li a degree that it talies sonietliin. to time, by a ' lit whieh forma I i l)Ut tlie P. E. C. have always stood for law and order, and have ff victorious. The greatest thing we have had to contend against le invasion of Mr. J. Adrian Pool to our sacred precincts during lortant meeting. Xeedless to say, Jlr. Pool was promptly dealt iiid. altlinii ' .;!! Ill ' IkiIiiI vit nuich to unbend his dignity, he was In i;ii out ill tlir ' u-nal ' way. At another time, the " brutes " rlniiihi iHiiiir tiMiii tli.ii ■fi ' eding auxiliary " and when they I ];. ll;ill iIh .li rii , ' ir.i iliat some misguided youths had ■il " tlirir iiiniii-.; lirii-u|Hin a hasty action was taken, which il in a ' ■iiilil wall 1 liatli " In even or eight of the most probably iiiii ' . ami 11 fi ' « ilii.iie ■■lieks " counted and carefully divided by til let till-Ill ■nil .-a-y " were administered by the Sheriff. litr tlii ' si ' ami a lr minor events, the order has maintained its . ami lia . ' lij(ul together as one man on all questions where ml of a iiiiiiilier is concerned, and among the members, the old iinu, anil till- younger ones are not long in finding out, that the i ' l|.fal tiling in their B. Hall existence is the fact that they are l.ia i.f the 1 ' . E. C. 5toll. vv. . istant Sheriff VXACE. J. P. T.cft •TUX. Sheriff V Copitol Club. 5}l emhor». . PAimiSH !. I ' TETZSCII VILI,AI-,I .M. ]!ai! Janes Y, . ]!o. E John W. CALHOV! Exos G. Garv Basil Gi BSOX I ' .RODIE I Familtox James A . HAlilEV William v.. Hick CAPITOL CLU Jiead. V liirXREEST, E. L. LaPrei.le, Jo II is Blockeu, W. B. Watson, Joei, F. MONTEITII, M. K, Isaacs, B. FiSIlEl!, F. K. SlX(iLETOX, .lolIN Braly, C. Crane. En. ROHERTSOX, Ben Jacomy, L. XlRW. C. J Samiei.i,. V. B. ItlCllEY. H. ilc. KiNc;. . I, vi N Iniversitij Seriuan Club. KIUST IIAl.K. E. L. GILCREEST J. F. WATSON - JOHN LAPRELLE, JR. Offii PliK.SlDE.N T - Vice-President Secretary-Tbeasukeb E. L. GIl.CREEST H. M. RICHEY - C. J. NIBBl Silemhers. Alex. Pope r. M. KoliARDS Aktihu M. Tins Sam li. Key Wai.uce Tvler John LaPheixe. Jr. J. F. JOIIXSON L. S. Poi.K MiituAY Jones T.ElinY Street T. D. COBBS V . X. P. Warren 1,. H Milam J. r. TOWNES (;. w Aeeott 11 T. . Logan J. McLeod k G. Wynne V ANK Hicks A. F. Watson A , V1 N King W IJ J. Gabnett XlBlil .1. 1 ' . . LVEY 11 11 1) L ' Riiomvs T.otiibop Terrell IvSTILL T„ Charlton !• ' . K Fisher J. S. O ' Keefe V. R. Irvine RoBT. McBride I I T ( a A A V Oratorical dissociation. Officers. Sail dorm. PliKSIDKNT - - E. B. (. ' RIFFI.S- VirE-PKK.siiiKNT - - SAM LATTlMilUl-: Si;ci;etai:y - E. F. I ' KlHU ' SdX TiiEASiiiEK - J. I. KKR( IIF.X ll.l.K lOinlor Uorm. PitESIDEN-T - - ■ E. G. CAFl.OWAY VlCE-I ' l!ESIDE. T ....-.._ V . . 11( ll ' S KHOI ,1 ) lOK Secretary - - - - T. .1. IX CDl ' .B Theasi-rer R. V. HAYXIE Spring Uerm. President - .1, 1. K l-.Ui 1 1 1: I Ll.K Vice-Presidekt - - C. 11. AI.I.AI ' K Secretary JuUX P. DlXSMoi;K Treasirer ■ - - W. L. f ' (:)OK Sntercolloffiote debates, 1906. Uexas-5}Ci.isouri IDehale jll Columbia , 5}lo. Ai.KX Piii ' E Sam Latti.mukk .1. I. Kkki iik ii.ik, AltiMiintf Je. a.i-vu aiw S ' ebale- Jil Jiuslin, Uexas. .1. H. Keen k. W. Htmei: Xickei.s. Alleniate C ie Winner of Jnler-Sociely debate— Jll ienacnm Socie i . All X I ' CM ' K Winner. of itie Sliinner SPricc. .1. II. Keen p. W . IIav.nii; Sam Lattimuue jltlionaeum J iterary Society. Cffic Amurosk, C. B. Adams, G. C. IJaker. B. ]?EAK, G. Bki.i.. H. E. Bem,, J. B. Vice-Presiue.nt - SECRETAr.Y ■ Sehgeaxt-at-Aums Citiric • irE-Pi:ES!iiE? Casey, L. . Cai.uweli. Ci.emexts, fox, J. R. lOintor Uerni. Spring Uei A. WORSHAil S. GARDXER C. DARROCH [. LATTUIORE K. D. JOXES L. NICKELS G. C. ADAMS J. R. BELL A. WOKSHAM P. niXSMOliR .1, l .h i l- - 11 I- i (.i:i: L. X1C1 E1, M. S. GARDXER Asn:;:: - G. U. FERGUSON. Siiembers. ' Eur.usox. E. F. Jones, R. T . ilcCCTCIIEON, V. C Renero. C. SOMERVILLE, H. ' liVER, G. W. Jones. J. M. i IcDoWELL. G. XI. ROISERT.SON. ' . Stephekson. H ' reus, J. V. Jones, H. V. MCCIARE Royston. W. D. Taylor, V. W. i;avi:s, L Kerbey. si. ilcKEAN Rose. .7. H. TOWNES .ai;i m:i:. L S. Key, -. 0. ilENEFEE. T. V. RrssEi,. J. Threadgill, V. insiiN. W. 1!. King, A. P. :Mont(;omery. L. L. Ryri RN. E. il. Thompson, V. i-iivi:i:, ( ' . Keahey. T. E. ilrsE. J. A. Scnii.d. D. 0. Wallace. C. D. iidliwIX Lattimork, S. 11. MONTEITH. E. SiiAW, W. G. Walker lAI THM. ( ' . T. I.ii-sr...Mn. E. 1 . NUKEI.S, L. Shryoc-k, H. a. Weinert, H. H l.uFi.ANi.. 11. v.. (11,1. HAM. D. M. Smith. G. Worsham. J. A lAia.iv .1 Martin. J. 1.. (I-GONNOR. J. R. Smith. R. R. Webb, J. R. [aymk. R. -. ?llAOEE. n. E. Perkins. V. R. SIMF.SON. E. H. Webb. G. L. Iaynes, p. L. Marsiiai.i.. J. 11. Pool,. C. L. Stone. 11. L. EATH erred, p. lAKKIS. E. L. ilAYER. G. . I ' OI-E. A. Stinson. il n. York, J. B. lAcoits, L, A, :mcLk.oi]. .r. w. RErroR. M. .• TORMS. G. C. YOING, S. H. Pope, A., Mis-souri Rep. Snicr-Socielti IT ' ebalers. S. H.. Xri. si. Nickels. L.. Alt. Inter-Col. Teams. Ulie jltlienaeum Organized during the first year of our great University ' s history, growing as the University has grown, the Athensuni Society has become a most important element in University life. Xo single phase of college training is more productive of good results than literary society work, and the Athenaeum, counting among her sons many of the foremost men of Texas, may well be called the mother of debaters and orators. Each year she takes into her protecting care the rustic and unso- phisticated but sterling recruits from among the piney forests and razor-backed hogs of East Texas, the cayotes and prairie dogs of the West, the cotton fields and boll weevils of the South, or the wheat fields and greenbugs of the North. From these apparently unpromising Freshmen who want to know how street cars can be run with fishing poles, who wrote Black- stone, or on what floor of the University lliry can lind Dr. Pool ' s offiee. the Athenaeum succeeds in ilcvcl(i|iiiig men who do honor to themselves, their societv. anil the rnivcrsity. The Athcmcum has reason to be proud of her past record and present condition. Her history has been a record of vic- tories with but few defeats. Both last year and the year previous three out of the four men on the intercollegiate de- bates were members of the Athenteum. Both the teams which beat Missouri were composed wholly of Athenaeum men. In the Evans contest last year two of the three winners were of the Athena um. So was the winner of the Worsham contest. This year ' s inter-society debate proved a sweeping victory, the Athenseum winning the debate, first honors, and three of the four places on the college teams. Never before has the inter- est in the society work been so great nor the attendance so large. With a past so glorious, and a present so splendid, the Atheun?um has before her a futu re radiant with promise of greater and better tilings that are yet to come. — S. TT. u.. r. IT ' S lii ' iircsentrttive. Slush Jlitcrarij Society. OffL 9 President Vice-Phesidej SeC1!ETARY J. H. KEEN (i. A. ODAM J. P. MARKS C. DULAXEY N. E. REED Treasurer Sergeant- AT- Arms Texan Reporter President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Critic - Sergeant- AT- Arms Texan Reporter Prksidext VUE-PliESIDEXT Secretary Treasurer Critic - Sergeant- at- Arms Texan Reporter lOinter Derm. Spring V. W. HOUSEHOLDER T. J. HOLRROOK W. A. SILVEUS - P. N. FAHEY A. C. DULANEY H. W. STILWELL J. H. KEEN •T. V. MIXTOX C. DULAXEY ALEXAXDER W. E. ALLEX C. S. DAVIS C. D. KING J. HOLBROOK . " . C. BRYANT jlusk cCiterary Society. Allen. VV. E. Alexander, C. BaII£Y, J. Blalock, W. C. Brooks, .T. R. Bryant, W. C. Ball, T. J. Campbell, R. F. Cole, G. C. Cook, W. L. Crawford. J. A. Cobb. J. J. D. Clark. T. T. D.uis, C. S. Davis, H. L. DlLANET, A. C. Duncan. H. Duncan, W. F. Dunn, W. E. Emmett, C. Fahet, p. N. Gary, E. G. Gray, C. W. SHembers. Griffin, E. B., H. V. Hankins. M. L. Heath. A. C. HOI.LInAY. K. 1 . HlirSEUOI.DEK. F. Howell, .J. V. Jones. M. B. Kendall, C. Keith. J. N. Keen, J. H. Kerciieville, J. I Lewis. G. C. Marrs. J. P. rAsoN-. A. F. AIFM.OWS. A. L. Ml M..IKS. I!. F. MnuKK, C. V. Mi.NTo.N. .r. W. Xewton. 0. I. Odam. G. A. O ' DONNELL, C. F. Owr W. S. Patton, J. M. Quaid, M. QuAiD. J. E. Reed, N. E. Rust, R. L. Strickland, J. J. Scott, A. E. SiLVEUS. W. A. Symington, R. C. Sweet, F. H. Shelby. T. H. Thompson, K. L. Tiro.Mi ' SdN. T. W, TiioiiNK. I!. .T. VlCKEMS. ,7. F. Wkm. .1. A. l MIIIKI.-II.. V. M. Jishbol cCiterarij Society. Officers. President Vice-President Secretary Treabtrer President Vice-President Secretary Treasi ' rer President Vice-Presid Secretary Treasi-rer IDinter Derm. Spring derm. LEL WAGGEXER HELEX KNOX FLOY PERFECT CAKItlK PFEIFFER l.II.V ( ' A.MPBFLL ■AX XV WEST HARRIS - -MARY LAMBDIX EMILY MAVERICK -AXXIE STRATTOX ilAV .TARVIS IIELEX seelig:v[ax " noRA TTIORXTOX HELEX KXOX ilEl.EX GARRISOX I : RACE PRATHER .lAXE AHERXATHY EMILY :MAVERICK MARY LAMBDIX Shembers. IIary Stedsia COCHKAX Rrxf.E La JiAVEliICK CaMI ' B Sidnvij J i Societij. The Sidney Lanier Society was organized June 7, llH)ii, U, the pur- use of promoting lielpful, pleasant intercourse among its members, 1(1 of establishing a students ' loan fund. It has attained both these ijeets. but lis work lius bicii ui ' --ueh a nature as to be little known ) many cMciii il ' .i-i- i- pi.ially i umcrned. The loan fund, which has ii ' icasi ' d rapi(ll witb tlir ihn-. and additional money pledged by Til. ' inlire t of the Society has been maintained by regular programs every two weeks on some one subject of literary study. This year tlie ninels of George Eliot were chosen for the reason that Lanier manifests such great love for them in his study of the English novel. The programs have been varied by the reading of Lanier ' s poems, because the Society wishes to keej) constantly before its members the Offu PliESIOEXT Vice-Presiden ' t Secretary Treasurer Seroeam-at-Arms Critic ■ Eepouteu Ci.ArDiA Hhaiim El.IZAIlETII I ' KIil.ITZ Nancy Lee Swann Mabel Smith Mary Coopeh Edna Hopstetter Annie Ri ' mpel Nannie Lee Caldwell Sflembers. dissociate SKembors. - MAY HOPKINS CLAUDIA BRAHM - MAltCARET HEADLE - NANCY LEE SWANN NURMA EGG NANNIE LEE CALDWELL ANNIE RUMPEL Alva Cakiuth :Margveiiite Stlj A dele Horton ohn Ji. Sieagan -Citerari Socieli . SdWKI.I. Ulio olin C Uownes Jlciw Sociotij. Offu President- SECRETAItY-TKEASDREri Clerk J ' oll tjerm. ]!. C. ONEAL A. I). ROBKiri II. L. AVRIK-I Winter Uerm. R. J. CHANNELL U. il. SUTTLE W. A. SILVEUS Spring Uerm. L. D. ROBERTSON L. ilOXTCOMERY - R. H. FOSTER S}l eniben KoslEU .1. 1 (IKIKI ' -I.N ].. 1 . Ml. B. ( KlXG W. E. O Lattimoue A. 1 ). R( . A. SILVEUS B. Simmons M. SVTTLE J. TlIORNE W. Wayman inn, .■,.nii ill Texas. Tlie membership is lini- t li e ;inil in (|uaIifications to members of the ely a vuluiiteer student organization, and, from ining factor, lias become as much a part of the II as the literary societies, which were organized the institution. T.. Cj ;-.s Re , ,C ji r4 Pl ■fl k Bi ' H H r ' K J I V ' " ¥ H| ,. . a Uhe Slobort S. Soiild cCaw Society. Ofiic Pl!ESlnE -T Vick-Phesiiikxt Secretaky ami ■ Cr.EHK PlIESIl VlCE-1 President - Vice-Presidext 10 inter Uerm. S print) :t TAri! IMPSOX TIPTON W. G. SHA A- K. liOYETTE P. snipsox T. L. TIPTOX OTTd TAUB S. J. XOP.VELL .1. II. JOXES E. T. MILLER Bailey, J. . Boyette, S. E. Browder, W. B Brady. W. P. Isaacs, B. K. Jones, J. H. Kerciieville. MlI-T.ER. K. C. 5 L embers. hHK) tml KL H K bk! Ht ' f Ji si ' iwa ' : ' " " -« iri T ' WlI.KERSON 39 ' i - K, M. BESSIE HUTCHINGS % M (3 I Vcirsitii SBoncl. Officers. Sti embers. Qlar ViW. E. r. Sl ' lK ATMPKIX V. r. Hkn-dhuksox K. C. : In.r.Eii (!. M. rcDDNVf ill.KS Di-FF J. : I. WlXFREY j-luteti and J iccolo. JlllO. ' i. E. F. jrcCAi.i. c. v. rcci,Ei.i.AND Violinx. E. P. Coi.UNs A. UiKSCH n. GERHAnn G. C. Leciien ' oer li. V,. Mouse ,I. R. FnonEsi rrrm m Bi.ixiiKR lii.rni Bi.rciiEK ' liiiscit Bi SciiocH Lechencek He: Morse HiRstii Collins ( M, KinV W. She Club. Officers. DiUKCTDR GEORGE P. WARNER Presidkm ' - - DICK P. WALL Business Manager - A. L. TOOMBS Secretary S. L. WARE SHembers. irsl UenorK. iml W. A. M. 15. Hamlett N. TirROOP W. RAETZSf Secon d Cenor A. S. WllITK W. A. Wiisox B. L. nil.I.iNciiAJt Second SSasses. r. W. Gray First Tknur Second Tenor First Bass Second Bass First Tenors D. P. WALL J. b. hamlet A. M. McAfee A. L. Toombs B. Y. Bcugher H. H. Brown Quartette. ( ' . W. Mti ' i.Ki. J. M. Patton L. E. Widen C. E. Tri ' itt JPoufy e Quartette. Second Tenors First Basses B. Y. Bl ' P GHER C. A. [ATTHEWS A. L. TOOMBS V. SCHMIDT DICK P. WALL A. L. TOOilBS C. A. L TTHEWS - C. W. GRAY Second Basses C. W. GRAY J. Si. PATTON HUT KAsTiuitNE I i;i I] Dyku (attiii: vs towx Hasii.ktt BntiniKi! t K. f s - U Sluunlobn Club. tude flofl ' otioftS edw,n e Mreijic ij C ♦ . . ••i Students ' jtssociation Uhe liniversitii of Ui ' xas. Sxecittive Committee. President ■ Vice-President - Secretauy-Treasireu James K. Jdhnso: |) " A1!I) (KANE F. . t. KYRURN W " . E. ORGAIN B. E. (iEASCOCK jleademic SJtlembers. Sngineering 5}lemberK. (;. v.. FINI.EY ;k W. W. Wii.siiN £au 5)lembers. WiLMAM P. I ' .KADY W. C. SlIAW ' l-UAlil K CAIiSWEI.l. §TUDtNT ;4sSP4 ' ATlON j Di ' eksonJ) Iliiiversitu Jiall Commitli ' i . I ' ATTKKSC CKOHCE OllAM K. H. Foster UNIVERSITY HALL 14 V liiiivorsitii Co-Operalivo Socii ' li . ., C. W Wncl.KV, rlr I. SlIKI.IlY. CU ' lk !)U4-Ur) $H),44!).24 . 3c. C. Jh. Officers. Presidekt V. C. P.RYANT Vice-President - - r. . i;i;ay Secretary - - - V. b. HFCKS Treasvhek F. W. HOUSEHOLDER Committees. Siible Slue . D ' inance. B. L. GLASnii K, Lliaiiniaii K. V. Hen sk .i,i:u. ( iKiirman C. W. Gray .(. 11. Kkk.n . , C. D. King, Jr. W . li. IIhks L. VV. PaRUISII I ' . II. SlIKI.IiY Magniis Mainland ( ' . W. H.mkett L. A. Casey Sfiusie Siissionary. c. W. Gray, Chairman T. A. Keith, Chairman E. W. Breihan W. B. Hicks A. if. McAfee B. M. Wood C. V. : I iore J. E. Hickman J. : I. I ' attox J. B. Atkinson _ Jinnouneement. Steligious SUeelingg. r. h. Elder, ( Iniirinan L. V. Parrisii, Cliairman Carl Pool C. VV. Raetzscii W. E. Orgain W. E. Allen J. R. Smith R. H. Rice R. M. Randle E. Heinsoiin _ , D. A. Skinner J ' ersonal Work. S. L. Ware T. H. Siielry. Leader R. B. Wear _. _ W. S. Poi ' E Jtand Jiooh. _. , , . D. A. Frank jnembemhip. w t Pope C. r. :Mi«ikk. ( liainnan T. ' A. ' Keith B. L. Glasccmk R. W. RiiJiMER SmploymenI Jiureau. W. S. Pope Burke ISakkh. Chairinan E. G. Gaby T. H. Siikm!v Henry Robinson Robert IIolhiay E. H. Elder ,T. H. Keen (190) 2 . 7 . C. Jl. Cabinet. President Oexerai. Secretary - Vice-President ■ Secretary - ... Treasirer .... Chairman REi.Kiiois Committee Chairman Bible Stcdy Committee Chairman Missionary Committee Chairman Social Committee Chairman Intercollegiate Commit ' Chairman Practical Service Comm Chairman Mejipersmii ' Commiti EC XI . DE. - . I.1CK I ' ,. T(]1EL1)ER - LILY ca:mpbell - AXXIE RUMPEL NANNIE LKE CAI.nWELL l.EL WAncEXEP, - XAX(A l.KK SWAXX IE ' E.MllA- .MAVERICK LILIAN WALKER MAY HOPKINS - LILY CAMPBELL !■ eiglit regiili rommittee lii ivnient for youiio wonu ' ii to defray their expenses I- tlie University. Tlie inn can he l)est sliown Ijy Steeeiplx: The greatest need of the perhaps was realized in it- witli tlie help of some of tli •lies, to procure this year, tor time, a General Secretary. Batchelder, a Smith College wi)Ln(g ' iiirn(S)iif m M . u I m.. B. m w , B M ' m m m m m m m Ulie Cactus. Sioard of Sdilors. El)ITOK-IN-( ' llIEF A I FRANK ]!rCKLEY HI IAN V. l Al!i:iSH Literary Editok LYNN BOYD MILAM Art Editor LUJAN JESSIE WALKER Athletic Editor : IARY WILLIS STEDMAN Associate Literary Editors PAUL V. ilOXTnOMERY ALAiA rnnc ' TOR W, ii iii K l SiilA ' ING lli:i,i: r. i;i;lsr)N LUCLW U. IIKNDKRSON McFALL KERBEY Assistant Business Manager FRED W. HOUSEHOLDER m m m s m ' m. m m !9 Uhe Uexan. Ki.iToK-TN-ciiiEF - - Jdlix 1 ' mw i;v, .11; Business Manager - - - (.111 l:irni-; Assistant BrsiNESs Manager lii|;i;i- l:n mi; Athletic EniToi! Ill 1. II l.iilllKdl ' Kn, han,;k MISS MAIE UOliDKX Jissociate Sdilors. Miss Liiian Wai.kei! Miss Sally Belle Weller Iiiamev Hiumk ,1. 1 . SiMi ' scN MrFALL Keubey .IciiiN H. Keen- A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE UNI- VERSITY OF TEXAS. TEXAN BOARD 0M ' U Editoimn-Ciiief ASSISTANT Editor- Exchange Euitok Business Manageu Uhe S agazine. - : IAY MASOX JARVIS nnXALD HALL SBoard of Si ifors. - K. C. JIILLER Lii.LiE Bess Campbell High Lamar Stone Jissoeiate Sditors. Anna Gannett Stratton I.rcirs Hknuy ISrowne, Jr. E. H. Jones R. R. Smith Kjf ' 4 I GEILS ADOUE WILLIE PEGRAM Sinai Slall. ISOUY ( ' llAinSI.N i ' i:i ' ;i). K, I ' lsiiEi; .1.1 AM r.. r.l.MCKKl; Al.rKK Iv i;iKSE, - l.oriS .I.VCOBY . MES Iv .rilllXSON - U. H. KOSTEK i;. i: I.. UII.CKEEST (I. . WROE .i(ii-:i. V. . rsnx W. B. SAMrEl.l, -•» •» • TT CAMILLA LABATT l DA BELLE WILLIPORD ■■1 jltlilctic 3)iroctot SKembers of the jitlihtie Coiineil. Ghe 1lnioer.silti of Uexas. 1906-07. faculty 5}icmher . r:. v E. C, 11. JSantki. II. Y. I ' ,i:m:iii. i .l n. i ■. rowxKs P.u i. lIowsEit R. F. Hutchinson jl untiii 5)Lembers. • llll U.XKT Jdll.N- I ' .RAllV W. ].. KlClI.MilJSON Student Sfii ' mhors. S OOt SBall. Manageu, 1!i(i. ' ). Fi.siiKi! ( Ai ' iAiN. Iinii;. I ' AKin.sIl A.SSIST.VXT Ma.XA ;KU. IIMI. ' ). I.rMI ' KIX .MAXACiKi;. I ' Hii;. LrMIM-CIN C ' AI ' TAIN. 11III.3, KoillNKdN A.SSISTANT : 1AXA(;EI!. lllOli, ClIIU-.R CoAcir. Ralph F. Hutchinson . ssISTA -T Coaches, Blocker and Crane Siase S all. Captain, 1005, Rorertson (M tai . I ' .idii. Francis Manager, 1005. Connor Ia A(.i:i;. liHKi. Myer Assistant .Manager. 1005. Mviu ssista t Manager, lOOfi. Wynne I n , 11. |lnrlllNS,,N Uraeh. (AIMMN. 111(1.-,. IJNM IM ' TALN. 1 ' .KMI, FUANCIS .MxN ..ii:. IIMI.-,. Il,„,-,i IT .XUnagek. loili). Teriiem. Siasket Slall. Cai-tain. 100(1. Von lli.rc heu . I aa(;i:i:. Iihk;. . I.m i m, sl-l M M a acei;, 1 00(5. S( (,tt T.iiowN Co.U ' n, IIainland Jeunis Jlssoeiation. am 5 i J jlthletic 2)irectorij. C. H. Bantel SfCembers of the jlthletic Council. tjhe llniuersilii of Uexax. ?Pc ' r Vacuity SEembers. H. Y. Beneout Jxo. C. Tow: jllumni SfCembers. lAUT JOIIX BUADY- W. L. Student Siiemberg. 5oot Sail. iAGi;i!. 1!IU.), I.IMPKI.V .MAN Komxso.N Assi; Coach, Kalimi F. Hutchinson AssisTAKT Coaches, Blocker and Siase Siall. Captain, 1 )05. Rohektson Caitain, M Njvr.ER. 1005. Connor Manager. AS.SISTANT ilANAdER. 100.3. MvER ASSISTANT CoAi II. Hutchinson Uraek. Capt.un. Man.vgei:. .ASSl.STAN I CURTISS Slasket SialL JlANAfiER. lOOfi. Jl.( xJennis Jlssoeiation. R. F. Hutchinson lAcn, Mainxand A.I.SOCIATI " oot a l Jeam, 190S. L. V. Pakuish W. B. Hamilton M. Mainland R. Ramsdell Gkovkk Jones W. B. Blocker F. W. Householder TCDWARD ( ' KANK Don Rohinson, ( ' apt. V. H. Francis E. L. WiLKERSON H H. Weinert . HENDRK ' KSON W. E. ORCiAIN C. H. HASTINCiS Ballard fALnwELL ,Io.v, Te.xa.s Manjfum, Oklahoma Oi-kne.v, Scotland Austin, Texas Houston, Texas San Antonio, Texas Rvers Texas Dallas, Texas ?ek. Uenton. ' Waco, Tt Secfuin, ' Kedlands D oot S all Sclwdulo, 1905. October i:{. ' J ' exas 0, HASKELL Indians 17, at Austin. Texas (.)ctober 21, TEXAS 39, BAYLOR University 0, at Austin, Texas (Jctober 28, TEXAS 0, Vaxdeiuult University . ' iii, at Nashville. Octobei-:)!, Texas +, University op . rkansas o. at P ' ayettevllle. Ai ' kaii Novendier .3, TEXAS 0, OKLAHOMA llNIVKKsri ' v 2, :il oklahnma City. Okl November 10, TEXAS 0, KENTUCKY Cniveksi-iv i;. ai Au lin. Trxas November 17, TEXAS 17. Sewanee UNIVEHSi-l ' V 10. al . usliii. ' I ' exas November 22. TloXAs 27. . . AND .M. i ' olleok 0, al . ustin, Texas Ulie football Season of 190S. ff ' ff From the standpoint of him who measures the success of a team by th ' number of points scored against oppos- ing teams, the Football Team of 1905 can not be classed among the foremost teams of the South. Judged by less material but loftier standards, the eleven of 1905 is entitled to as much l)raise as any of its predecessors. From the beginning Adversity was its god-father. Conceived amid the gloom of poor prospects, and nurtured under the rigors of a hard and exact- ing schedule, its early career was one of humiliation and defeat. From the outset Coach Hutchinsonhad to face conditions that would have discouraged any ordinary man. But, with the true Princeton " never-give-up " spirit, he sorted and shifted the material at his command, and whipped a team into shape that for pluck, endurance and fighting qualities has never been excelled in the annals of any institution of learning. In nearly every instance, from the standpoint of weight and endurance, Texas was outclassed in every game. She lost to the Haskell Indians early in the season. Vanderbilt ' s champions defeated her decisively after a desperate struggle. By the hardest of luck, only four points were registered against Arkansas. An inefficient and partial referee presented Oklahoma with the palm of victory in the struggle between that institu- tion and Texas. Kentucky ' s victory over the orange and white was tainted with |)r()fossionalism. Sewanee and A. and M.— Texas ' traditional rivals had to how to the inevitable and acceiJt crushing didVats at tiic hands of Texas. Passing from this hricf summary of the season ' s defeats and victories, it will not he inai)ropos to spend a few re- marks upon one or two characteristics that have become salient in Texas athletics. The first of these is the entire absence of anything smacking of corruption. Th ' s is in- deed cause for self-gratulation. While athletics have been turned topsy-turvy in other institutions, while charges of rottenness have been made against many of the football teams of 1905, not one word of scandal or innuendo has been heard in the college world football as it exists and is played at the University of Texas. The cry has not gone up from Tex; along with the general wail fro other portions of the Union " i change the rules, modify the gam have more open play, " etc. Facu! S ' ties of other colleges may find it necessary for the preservation of t fair names of their institutions a of the lives of their students to ah ish or modify the game. But such a step has not been contemplated by Texas. Her athletics are on a plane too high to make such a step necessary. Football is neces- sarily a rough game. No modification of the game will itU obviate tliat feature. But foul play, which characterizes the same as played by many teams, can be obliterated. A change in rules is not the remedy. The sure and only cui-e for this cancer- ous growth is to confine the game to gentlemen. When " sport for sporfs sake " " becomes the motto of college athletics, in place of " win at any cost, " then, and then only, will this cry for cleaner athletics be stilled. Texas has long had eligibility rules which the authorities have enforced rigidly. A wholesome student sen- timent against violations of the rules of fair play guarantees that he who represents Texas is a bona fide student. Not only on the ideal side though has football at the Univer- sity realized its expectations. The most satisfactory results are obtained in this world by a blending of the material and the ideal. This is another way of saying that football at the University is free from professionalism, and that it has paid in dollars and cents. The end of the season found all debts paid and a hand- some surplus in the treasury. The realization of this profit has brought with it an inci-eased responsibility upon the student-body. The faculty, which has heretofore seen to the financing of ath- letics, has turned the control over to the students. Paternalism can only be justified on the ground of necessity. Now that the necessity for the faculty ' s handling athletics no longer exists, the student-body, which by steady progress has learned the lesson of self-regulation of purely student undertakings, has now assumed control of athletics. ■ uVr " XDliat 3(appened to Sew a nee. Jiti Sli ' lalccI in a 5}ianuscript Diot Sound in a Seattle. lOilh Jlixilogies lo Dlobodii. .Iwrit ' HI a 1 ntaiii Y towanl the lllr l.nllollnnN nlirr i ■ aU. " ' Hicn ,-|iak, ' the ehief of the wiirlik (■ i;riii ' i ' al .m. Tl .■v war ScwaiKvlt. ' S. -I., ' ! It 1» ■ en s, . for, heliohl. iiiv father dwelleth 11.1 al Slllld larass,.,! llu ' lll .■xnv.l- alllnlm- Ihr l.nnullnni-. 1 ntis tn llllii and li,. liati nd th sent ir presence is exceedingly griev- inepsage to nie that this season |ilaii .■MUiitr Iviii- U r to 111, ' Vi t tlii ' V are weaker and m n-c 111 warlike than is their wont, and llh he Missis. ■ai- ..r th ip|.i. ,r ' I ' r that they are ripe Inr .1 Xow. when thesr tid iui;lilr irli. ' il tfic l.oiii horns. Lireat fear Sll.l icii of val .1- an.l 11 ■■(in in nnw. akc an rii,l nl fell iipnii th. ' iii and Ihcv ,|Uakr " Mo, 1 in thrir hoots rNCM.dinoly. But iii; " tlu ' ehirf man nf the Long- I t V ; • ; r horns, rnllr.l iou,.|li,.|- lli. ' warriors nf liis Imsl iiii.l .-uor oatli ( " Hv Ciini ' ' ). an,l sanl. " Wr will -iw llic tl. ' sji Scwaiipcitt ' s to the fowls of the air and the beasts u( i the men took courage among themselves and said. " " Sd Xow. there dwelt in the land of the r.on-lu.rn- : Tllr r Moreover, the Sports took counsel among themselves am " Come, let us wager our shekels on the Sewaneeites, for. I do thev not always defeat the Longhorns? " And it wa? Xow it liappenod that on the seventeenth day of the cL month, oven Xovemher, the Sewaneeites gathered their and went down in to the land of the Longhorns. And they met them in a jilace called Clarke Field a great hatt fought. In the first part of the battle it went sore agaii Longhorns. for the Sewani ' ritcs prcvailcil against tlici wounded them grievously nn all sides. ' I ' ln ' S|i.prts luoki .altl. ' had n iir the dead. l.,ld. enth took ironi the .Mrxuans an,l -avc ii make a breach in the ranks of the irces vhen wagon, yea even an ox wagon, to go horns heard this thev took heart an t the •rni.- . n.l it was so. nw whrn Lunan f. ' ll upon thr low. 1 ough fo I ' t US Mil and at ■nt th the h ] ' .;(sluni. mid trampled tlu ' in uiid, H illbilly iiini of valor and siiinic I (he shiiiLiliirr was very great. Nn the Sewanneites were worsted li ' d ' i the battle was lost, they be.uaii in there was found not even an ■ " licdu Thus it eanie to pass that on the same day in which the Sewaneeites were overcome the Scripture was fulfilled, which sayeth, " The fool and his shekels are soon parted. " And it was so. Selah. % ,iJ I S Sames with Sewaiiee. Jexa,. Se aneo IMIs-lsiH) 4 I ' .KU I ' .lii2 11 I ' .IO.V llKMl 17 11 «J l f ' A T-gp Hawkins Tarlton f -AJ ©i£cj £§ © acfe©tc ® ' i S asc S a l Schedule, 190§. Texas vs. St. Edward ' s 7-11 Texas vs. St. Edward ' s 1-2 Texas vs. Austin League 4-1 Texas vs. Austin League 2-1 Texas vs. Austin League 1—2 Texas vs. Austin League 5 3 Texas vs. St. Edward ' s 11-2 Texas vs. A. and M. 5-4 Texas vs. A. and M. 14-7 Texas vs. Baylor 5-1 Texas vs. Mis.souri (i-O Texas vs. Missouri 2—7 Texas vs. A. and M. 0-1 Texas vs. St. Edward ' s 1—0 Texas vs. St. Edward ' s 2-0 Texas vs. Beaumont League 0—2 Texas vs. Beaumont League 0-1 Texas vs. Southwestern 9—1 Texas vs. D. and D. Institute 2-0 Texas vs. Southwestern 4-0 Texas vs. Vanderbilt 3-2 Texas vs. " Vanderbilt 2-6 Texas vs. Mississippi 3 — 2 Texas vs. Mississi|ipi 4-1 Texas vs. Mississip])! 5—0 At Austin At Austin At St. Edward ' s At College Station At College Station At Austin At Austin At Austin At Austin At Austin At Austin At Austin At Austin At Austin At Austin At Georgetown At Nashville At Nashville At Oxford At Oxford At Oxford f p f f f J A Jrack Jeam. 100-yard dash .... Henduicksox, 1.) 2. «;-?; ; ; - - f t. 1. Hendrickson, U. of T., .3: 4,o-,ard dash .... H...KK.KSO., .2 3-5 .. . 2. Wjme,. M. . M. 1. Lamb, W. U.,2 7 r-iT fnwTT ' iT ■MO ... 2. Moore, W. U. 880-yard run e,iLC RM l. - lo . Gilcreest, U. of T. 1. Ramsdell, U. of T., 4 55 l-mile run SHUDDEM. GK 4 .» 4-. " , 2. - [{ ' ' ll y- _ 1. Smilli. W. U., 2(i2-5 220-yard hurdle . . Pantebmuehl, 28 1-5 ... 2. W. U. 1. Brvan, U. of T., 5 6 High jump bL. M, .: ,.: + , Laichin-or. W. V. L. William-. V. I ' ., 21 2 Broad jump GILLETTE, 20 2. || [l ' ;;., ,y- " j ' , , 1. Lechmann, W. U., 3(1 2 l- l».sh0t MAUSH.LL,30 10 | l ;S: If. 1. Tribbev, Okla. Diseu. POWELL, 110 I Sr iiyu?o?r. 1. Parrish, U. of T., 135 8 in-lb. hammer . . .PakRISH, 13 " S 2 . ) ; ' .||;;; ' ;-, ]- 1. K.lani. r. ofT. Pole vault Elam, 10 4 ' - [ ' ' ' ' ' i ' , " ;,,,,,,;..!,]; it. of T. 1. HriHli ' ii-k-.on, U. of T., 220-yard dash . . . .Hendrickson, 22 4-5. . . 2. K°; ' ' - J;; U v° ' ;j; .... 1. Texas. Relay Gilcreest. Bryan, Robinson and Fink w ' tmrn. Slocord of Urack Ueam, 190§. Second J lace in Southmestern Championship. 5)LedalK TDo. •Win. Sold Silver Hendrickson :f Robinson 1 GiLCREEST 1 Fink 1 Elam (CaptainI Ramsdell 1 Parrish 1 Bryan L ' 5lro„l. 1 B ' I i — n. a GYMNASIUM TEAM GYMNASIUM VIEWS a ■ jsXtf BEiiuY Thompson Campbell MmM NU BKVAN IteNNEf oN RonEU.: (iAUUENEK ■ • Tn ' oMPSON THRASHER BLrCHER__ GOO.MA.N KE.VI Krahl Kolinger Ai H jCsStNti Sxecutive SBoard of TOo men ' s jlt iletie jlssoeiation. President ------ A ice-President Secretaky ------ Treasvker - - - ■ ■ ilANAGER OF THE BASKETBALL TeAII Vk-E-Pi:K«!I KXT nF THE TeNMIS . SS(ICI Semi!i; Ki ri:i i i mive on Board - .TiNici; l, ' i i;u i I TivE ON Board Sopiin.Mi.i;!- i;i ri:iM;NTATiVE ON Board Freshman Uepresentative on Board Director ----■ " MAY HOPKINS ADELE JOHNSON - IIKI.EN KNOX LILY - 1 MAK V ■ KKi; ■9M . •» TTB i«i tennis dourncimcnt. Sntries Knox Borden Beadle Shvddemagen Aden Kei.i. finals in 3oubles. S!U-ddema ,en and Beadle Wiiiiio Knox and Boiuien » ' ■ " ' Coffin Frieze Amsler Kirkland Romberg riciiter Urinals in Singles. Borden Winncn— Borden Score— 7 - ' ■ " F m id itiaswti . W m W Pfvt.? t r ;ll Hahkktt bearers of the " U. " Glasscock, ' 04 Robinson, ' Of, Pai:i WiLKKIiSOS, ' 06 OliCiAIN. ' 00 Fisher, ' 07 Hamilton. ' 08 Dl-NCAN, ' 0!) EOIIKUTSON, ' 00 Caliiouk, ' 00 i3« . |AST1N ;S. Il ' .l Weineut. -OS liLOCKER. " (Ill IIOISEIIOLIIEK, ' 00 X, ' 07 H. Ramsdeix, ' 07 ( ' ALinVELL, ' 08 Avekitte, ' 0:i P.uehian, ' 05 HEXniiicKsaN, ' 07 : Iiss JUiK BouiiEN, ' 07 Miss Helen Knox, ' 07 ■■■■I u.y aiioim-n ' s ah)il;iiiu Llirjnir;il " iiubornloni ■I (240) CamjpMs 2ii.Tiik ELT I rr u F . p fl " ii ' Hiii s Couri 2C0. 1 a ii-]inis (i-ujirt 3s " o. -f-- ? r-r ' (CaDi.iJua .]Ju,,u,iji (Tbr rriyjjJos Wlb i gitTt A ■,■ ' ' ir.iflf-VtJ» .Y V z ' r.?- ' vn« opitiiifus Mint JSonnels (247) am U . . , m9 0.0 llniVrrsihi l all A olly Students. WV ' rc a ,-n.w,l ,,f jolly sfii.lrnts. IV,,- t Thru Irl us all 1,,. mrn-v. In,- tni -lu Fnr fn,„un-o»- wr inav w, luit lln v ih And «!■ will sing our sonus until tlio i Let the (vlioo? all make an.-w,r m tl,o Siiue Father Time is flyini; and th. ' h Thr hour-; are on the w ' inu; and th.av ■ tide of life is high. Ao may die: pulse of life goes hy, hoes make reply, lerry songs we sing, irs are on tlie wing — nothing that i-aii hring Chonis: Jolly students of the Varsity, the Varsity, We are a merry, merry crew ; . nd almoft every one that sees us says we arc ■i;ah ' : -llah: -Rah! The lie.-t th.ov ever knew. And every da Or von ' ll tiiii ou Wodl hoar you when v.ui call; hut « You-11 seek in vain hecaus. wo arcu Then here ' s to good old Texas, wh, gay, -And here ' s to those of other cars. We recall them still today, although And here ' s to those who follow us when we have gone away.- For -ive are Chorus: ■ night liegms to tall, rhere at all. hearts are light and liered still today— s thev conld not stay. mm tlnrsUii JJrijK ■■ l£an6a ' s Jark I£an6a ' s J;. € t ' torntii-firsi cf ril m ATTLE de thrat, de thrat, de thratt ? J( Rattle de thrat, de thrat, de thratK Long horn! Cactus thorn! Texas! Texas! Texas! Moo — — — o! Texas! ■ii.5i.rti ' s ' Ciif |5ir1u of ili!iVirrsiI|» in Jiall of Same. MEZES, T HE JUSTICE OF PEACE 3(all of Same. TAYLOR, READY TO LECTURE SIMONDS, THE PHILOSOPHER amk 3iall of U ame. iLS ' .Jf ' L ' 3-| Lr.i gn_GPr) (Id) BATTLE, THE CREEK HERR PRIMER AND HIS CHORUS mm q] il Ulie 3ierpicides jI SKelodrama of ILniversitij Politics. Time: The Present. Place: The University. Dramatis Person.e : Everybody. ACT I. Second Student: ' Tis said SCEXK TTIH FlItST. He earlv dolV.vl u 1 Snniniis- pi . ' .isant garb. (The rotunda crowded. . Varsitv student appronelu ' s iin- And to tlir ,. ,al hiirnVd luni a uay. other. looks furtively around for .lud,ue Clark, then lights a Nor is ii all. Til. ' liiiii ■! of ill. ' Laws. One Diinran. ln ' ,l of ladir . in.,. Iialli sj-ied pipe.) Tnt.i th. ' .■.aillha iiimUi. ■. ' all till- -In-. First Student: ' I ' l 1 1 ] _ Ir ii ' l ' I ' ll. ' iT " rniin.l What means this eoil? , 1 „ ' ' ,r- ' ,.. ,r ' ii , . i,„, . ii ■ .11 ' ., 1 - " ■ " And wlint nM in-jiP ' j cmwds tlint hutton-hole Tlinii ' 1 -1 I ' laii awrv. .Mark y.iii against yon post. F.arli |,a.-,.V-l, :- Until A. Sinnr made a course? W ' lH ' fn l.iniii- III. ' r.ra.iv ' s h. ' a.l .-d i.iv. ' tile throng. Ilatli I ' l I ' lii- ' -lam a Kappa r I ' ntlir.. say, See vou that siiiil. ' . Ii..w f.ire. ' .l, 1 I..W sicklv. too? N K ' nl.lar ' - -iiiil. ■A v ? (Ir .an H « ' Somethinij ' s amiss that irk him much, indeed: Are charijed with whisp ' nii- tun-ia- that ihitnhlv strive Pool ' mongst the m. ' n. and Dune an " mongst the maids. To tells us-what? First Student: Second Student: Bahl What can. { ' i (■,, tli.ui . my ehi.k. Aw, coz, come off ! Awav to Fat ' s and let tli. ' -rat. ' fi il stream tlnnr ears In tinne rves to see? Suhnierge all traces of this w.ird; war I ril tril thrr llaai. (WIll-pW,-) " ri pnlitieS. Second Student: Foul faeti.m rears alntt eiiviinoied Content I Lead on. And Barhs are dropping Greek. The serried frats Are torn with iealousie.s, — and Pool ' s a-fiekl ! (Kxrnnt.) First Student: A-field ? Kow this is seriou.s (Fnter a hand of frat men, each wearing a frat pin rampant and a haughty look applique.) Men: 1 tn the i|iin is uoose O. lo sake ! High low! high let ' ! higli ve higli (And also jack in the game.) We ' re frat men. every mother ' s son But we get there just the same. We " vo eome to run the Varsitie 111 rile way .she should be run, ' I ' n griitlv can the uncombed IBarb, Auil ]iut bim on the bum. Hio-h leel hidi 1. This ends the In The Barb must } We ' re out to cool The day of Barb dominion is Xo more nor shall lie. shall it? On. t;allants ' For your ladies fiion them with the ballot It red.) U]i from the farm come we. And tip from the leafy sticks. Up to find the Yarsitie In the midst of a terrible fix. Of all tlie dangers that she has. You are the greatest evils, And we are here to certify That we hate you worse ' n weevils. AVe can ' t blow our dough for shows. And cotillions quite affright us, We wouldn ' t know a two-step from The dance known as St. Yitus ' . But even if the co-eds smile On you and do not note us. We ' re free and white and twenty-one, And be damned if vou can vote ns ! i lie rauycii rascals rai;ina rip and roar. At which my boiling i loo(I dotb burst its linunds, And fiercely fumes forth in m li w nin- face. Howe ' er, I ' ll hush their hoarse (i,il r-hiim:iii lium, With the mild murmurs of mv musing; mouth. (To the B,irl»:). First Baub : () iufaiiK Unto tlie • ome seven seasons since — si lu t we ai ain give heed ocal cov,K tliat oft have tilled ■itb h vcd phrase? Out I Out! I i ling s co|ihaiit. unto the timber line! Awav with liim! •- (, for us! FiiiST B. i!B : Frithee. Ho fat man thou fat man 1 vender, fa cil. refined, though earnest They gaze on the frat Wi!Ok; T a 11 a frat i lan. First Barb : Ar trulv a f ■at man. f; To what frat. T prav thee, does thine avoirdupois Owe allegiance? Wroe : Sigma Xu Fhi. (A silence. Barbs look into one another ' s faces. Suddenly thev 1 Hirst into laughter, in wliich the other frat men in volun- tarily join.) First Barb: Thii fKinJon. fnit man. ' (A shower of dodgers falls from the fourth floor npon the throng. Bill Brady picks one np and reads) : Brady : ' Vbo is F.litor-in-Chief of the Cactus? Bucklev. A Frntman. SBtai la Wlio is Pivsideiil of thr Stuilrnts ' Ass.K-iation ? Crane. .1 Fmlnnui. Wh„ is to 1h- Presi,l,.nt ..I ' the Kiiial I ' .all? Fislici ' , .1 Fnihiini,: ' ' ()U ' : FKn.M THE Ckowh: Wli.. stolr Charlie L ' oss? Another Voice: A F ml man. Voice fkoji the Ceowd: Who stniek Williaiti I ' atti ' rson? The S.viiE Voice: A Fraiman. Brady : this hath worn my jiatieiice to a shred! And even nnw in nrnud patrician nose, Hued with the lilu h. ' of the new-born day. Doth eiirl in lii. li (hsduni. It grieves me sore That I am e ' en a frat man. Voice froji the Crowd : Grieve not too much, fair coz! (Maurice Wolf steps to the front and hurls a joke at the Barbs, which on cracking brings down the house, including the curtain.) Scene the Second. (Enter Hickeys, left; Goo Rocs, right, in an advanced stage of decom|iositioii.) HiCKEY AND Goo Eoo Chorcs : A Goo Eoo bold was Adam old. Like ev ' ry man of mark. And Xoah was a Hiekov when H.. huilr til. ' hl.HnMii,- ark. OM l;; ■Mv- :,ii,l Sn, rates, And .liiini- [■-.v.-Av. In,,; r.ill Sh;,k, -|„.;liv u:l- :l TliekeV, i;, ' n .i,,ii-,ui :i (;,.,, K ' no, Napoleon joined the Goo Eoos, Wliile marching o ' er the Alps. Though yet a boy. in ancient Troy, They took vouiil ' I ' .iris in: And Cleopatra . ' if i ' .i vpt v,,re : rai-k . .ilMny- C,,, );.„, |,in. . i,,e i;,,,, .iivjiii,-,! ;! ,hv;Mii and saw- Th, ' N-u Well,! Ill hi Iiinihers. He i;,,! ih, ' nieney from Ferdy ' s honey; The I h.ip ' .- iiiinu ' was Columbus — A 111, key 1,111 It the telegraph, Also the telephone, By which the Kappa Sigmas rush The Pi Phis wdien at home. Old Hannibal.— the animal!— Once tnvne,! ih, ' lliik, ' V- ,i,, vn. For wliieli the G,,,. K ' ..., S.ipio Bnrned IhiiiimV ii;ili , ' l,,wii. Ya.-v -ilejle in:, 11 ,,r ii,,l, ' . les around the stage a large sign 1 1 !•: XEW BISMAECK. FEEE ke - t.iiii|iede for the stage exits. ii-. iiL;ht. clad in football uni- ,|l-liwes.) Or Ike Cnn I, ' ,,,, (Enter a sniall k,, . » kn readinff, ' " BOCK Hl lli; A ' LUXCH. " Goo Eoos and Lights low. Enter cons)ii forms, clean shaves, and ot EOBBIE : Hist ho ! Who goes ! Advance, thou shape, clad in thv sable robe ! Or else, by gum, I ' ll bearhug thee straightway ! The word ! Crane, Orgain and E. E. Smith (throwing off their disguises) : Floini with Pool! M n, tis wf We meet tonial The arc lights To seek the iiu To vu Ww ' iii-silv ,r tliij. (Icspot ' s swav. 11 1111 (In I liat,. iH. ' -aiis,. Ur is a Bnr . A l,l..,.iimr. Millin-in-. hairv-lian.liMl Rarh. Xo iiiavk-: In:- |ia--aL ' . ' ' l lii-..ii ' jli tli,- halls An.l .-iasps li,.|- hail, I- an,] sn - : -l.nnk. ain ' t h lie IICMT tl s 111- Irrl ,1, llllllcllll |M,-,. I ' litn III,, n rniis u.nlmij nf tlir s|i,|,. tn.iiilinnc Wlial ni ht hath I,.-. I |irav. In thus i,siii-|, Tim |.i-nil.-,.s u-liKli shnuM tn hc ' tU-r lurii— WInmi ! cniilil nnnu— he -iviai? In |iniiit nf (MiKuivd s|HV(h anil trnk nf Innffue. Kai- iiiniv than hn? Tim ii.vil is hciv ami I. 1 am thn man to snrvr it ! Lnavr I,, mr Thn ilnlails. Let us then ,lis|, Ts,. nnlil The hmir is ni-h. il-.rnnil.} in soeVt. Hn. Pool ; awake ! nf the hreakfast hell iloth snimil. (,1 „ ' ;.v hrnnl) I ' neasv lies II Methnimht 1 Ami heani ih Then next a i ■■Bi ' inirr ■.VuNslnini hurrnnl „ n,—: " What means that. Lt ' iir Pool: Fnfsnnth. I llivanleil. re dreams!- ' I ' nine then with me. ACT II. It ! ,. Hall; Because he even now raisin I Fixed me with laeklnsti ' v eve " If Dr. Oarrison hail heiai ;i lleM he a Ka|i|ia nnw. " A. ,ke with unseen thins Ha! Sigma Nn ! Tmieh imt me! I slew thee not! Thori traitor from the enulle. 1 kmnv (I ' Southron frat! Vn,, Lnifrd inc. 11a. ' II, i! Ouch. { Enter a numher of stmh hers of the Eno-lish faoultv their semi-human features.) Ciioiics OF B. A. ' s: Mister Wnrl.l has hnn aire. .And man " s ir- and Liiiwns. The mem- ith eritieal exjiressions on a sien: " Wanted a Mi hnneful heaffs made an i!i ttmi;- iinwerhil " 1 want a man that ' s a Freshman once. Sophomore, Junior, and Senior once, Jollv, care free nndernraduate once. The fellow who is B. A. " These are the letters Mister World ' s dec-ided he ' s got to see: In the fi-ee masonrv of success, they ' re a thirty-third degree ; Out nf II, AlV lint ( V aiv tl ■ln w: ' I ' lioiii;!! llicrc ' s iiiaiiv a on,, whn sets liis mavk to,i higii for a mortal aim. Ami lia-n ' t tlir urv r to imll n ,|,,wii. ii,,f tlio iron in the lilo,„l to -.|a : WoAv .i ivoii th.aii I ' lvsi.l. nls moiv than r.m-.-. Senators, ( ' oii-iv»i,,,ii. mnre than once. Generals, Ailmiial-. moiv than once. AVo oliap- wl,o aiv B. A. So it ' s inirl.-. ' irarl.-. ' inirlr. ' Show that dn " i-o ont for gore. Stow voiii- ili-css suit awav on th,. sh, ' !! ' . Don ' t ilraw on Da.l aiiv nioiv; Yon tan,l in .lolit t,, tli, ' Imnian ra,, ' ; -. ' t l.nsv now and |.av. Your ,av,lit ' s u 1. hilt Irrp it y- I. v,ai oliaps who are 1!. .V. Dr. Kill, IS Camiibell shrieks ont, " The son- is ivmutelv Kip- ii ' alistiiave. " At the hated name, all ,ait llieir throat ' s with lir of iiareuthescs, except Callawav. who I ' alls into a eoinical Scene the Secoxd. (Enter the flossy Professors, right: enter the co-eds, left.) Chokls of the Flossy Peofs: What chance has a poor unattractive yonng maid. To capture an . in nnr classes ' N " o! No! Stall a -radr ran never h. ' made By any but heaunriil l.i--,-. Now if a voiiiiL ehap ehaiHv- llrst in the race For a rn-,.,r. _:,.„| uill--liow ah-iinl !— he Will .o ihr l-iir maid i ot an . lor her oniih ' . While thereV olll all F lor Volinn ' K(.,-,lv. Ho! AV lor the maidiais hiir All, I hiist Ihos, ' uho .lisplease. W,. (p,ieklv of our yoiinuc With ,.ase. Ho, sirs! with ' E ' s. I ; llossy i ' rofossors, right in a long e •. to (he Vai-sitv, Ho! (E .sort a 1 Choi: And this -a ,.- „ a world id ' tn r.v our Morkim:. virls. While Ihe I ' r.d ' s. hiad ' lathers dot (», girl ' s I Look at Ihos,. dear .ait, prisli on th.. . ri-,iwli,.a,ls: (,tV lo ivet s,,ni,. ,. ,avis,.s. hovs. ■nut I ' rofs.. a lamo 11, m protriuli ■ar. Kill, a- . rro« li,..a ls. ,-,aiter: o dt. 01- Tin: . i, ' ianvtii;.u)s: We ar,. Ih- .liih ,d ' the Xarrow Heads. A mosi ,A,tiisi v .-,4. In eolle-,. ,„ iH raiMii- Xed, With mann. 1- , in ran, in- and verv well hred. Tlie idols ,,r . rv :;av ,-,.-ed. ) ' .., „■ . ' hi IMS,, that v,ui iloiihl w,. ari. Narrow Heads, i! .|u,l,l li,iw ,a-v hiase ' lull of tlie Narrow Heads ever seen. ft. . «. We iiicrrilv ilaiiec the niciit awav. From luilf ' inist ei-lit tillbreak of dav, If aske.l to joiii, (I. .n ' t say: • ' Nay, nay I ' aulin, ' !- First Nakkow JIeah: Why is the Narrow Head Cluh like a t( All: We g-iye it iq FiKST Naki!Ow Head: Because no one knows wliei Charley Abbott : The club «ill u-ive wav t(, ,1 Hask (il)inson-oiJ- Why it is go irtv sc, uo " to oiye its next (At the ex|iiratni ful attitudes and si d ' tlic all inient. inies crrace- .|)S, Hops Hist ! Hark ! Keep it dark ! Pray don ' t tell ! Keep it well ! Don ' t let on to the vuigar herd ! Don ' t breathe even a single word ! Keep the secret, my dear co-eds. About the hops of the Narrow Hrads (Henry enters and announces, " Stag leai Curtain. ACT Til. Scene the First. mt! " ) aimers , locks, (Enter ' al•sify Football Team and scrubs: two are carried across the stage, one covered with lawn the other blazoned with a huge 33.) Football Chorus: Wliose are von i;.irv wavini; scalps, said i;..binson-off-side. They aiv the xalps the UaskilN to,,k. ilie quarter-back replied. They todk as many as tliev wisIi.mI, ihc ,|uai-tci--ba. ' k replied. For liiaek IS. ' ar and Ib.t . ir. Slinuid. ' i- Ilia uid Ace of With ice Civaiii and Slint Ciin and Nac Divam and Hot Bun, Went romping thn iii;li the line in a wav that was divine, And Hutch trill marl Ihr L,j,i, I,,,n,s n, Ihr morning. What is that glittering thirty-three, said Eoliinson-ofE-side. It is the score of Vanderbilt, the quarter-back replied. What was the score that Texas made, said Robinson-off- side. They made a wheel with the sjiokes knocked out, the quar- ter-back replied. Though the line held like a wall when VandN ' had the ball, inretrcnerate And our tackles ami our ciids phiy( ' (l fiends, It ' s a wonder that tlir scorr wasn ' t scvi n hundred more. And Hutch n-ill ,n,,rl Ihr Lon.jhnrus in the morning! (Enter Coach Ilutchinson. The team doffs headgear in salute. Hutch kowtows.) The Team : Banzai the Coach. Hutch (sings) : Who is it has the welfare of the Varsity at heart. Chorus : It (-.s the Coach! Hutch : lio is it has the .lietion that is Billingsgate and tart? Chorus : It .s (-■ Coach! Hutch : Who gets the blame for every score that Texas doesn ' t make. nio to think up souietliiug new to say would stay all night awake, Wlio even tries to keep [dgiil fnun going down to Jake ' s? Nine hoehs der Coach ! (Hutch falls into a maze of Princeton memories; suddenly becomes aware of the team ' s presence, starts, but recovers him- self quickly.) Hutch (to the team ) : Ah, good afternoon, gentlemen ; I trust you are all well ? The Team : yes, Mr. Hutchinson. Hutch (insinuatingly) : Do you feel strong enough for some practice today, gen- tlemen ? The Team (eagerly) : Yes, 3 ' es, Mr. Hutchinson. Hutch : Very well. Kindly assume the baiks-iMglil-lcl ' t-tackle- ' over formation. Jlr. Blocker, will miu iln mo the honor to act as i|uartev-backy 1 thank vmi. Reg pardon, Mr. b ' Min-drll, l.nt allnw to siiggc.-t that your chargin- l.:i r- - ctliiiig ii ! " ■ di ' sinM. Fie, fie, 5[r. Or;:ii!ii; ilic iii;innrr in wlii.-li von impeded tlie ].n.i iv- of III,, riitlriiirn .•ni ai r,! m that mass- (in-tiii-klc ,il:i ut ' ll-ni-li,! ii|h,ii iIh ' putrescent, ilr. MrM.ihon. iiiiLiiit I ask v.,u m trv lor goal? Ah, excellently done, sir! Permit me to offer you my congratulations. Will that be enough practice for today, gentlemen? Yes? I thank yon again for vour presence and your kind attention. Team (lines up and sings) : XothiuL ' we do excites him. All llMt Wr do drlil lll. hilll. N,, tiling Ih ' s,.os ,nMt,. liiiii Ha ! Ha ! To our iilav ! Hutch (bows and sings) : It is my dream to make my team The creamiest of the creme du creme, A model nf sjond breedincr and politeness. For this ' 1 sihi ' iiic and tlius I seem To gvnilv In- on niv inai-liine. When I ' m a little harsh, " tis reconditeness ! (IIalf-back« " chorus enters.) Hutch : Tell me. gentle half-liacks. how many of your games won you ? Half-Backs: IIV won a few, l-ind Coach, with Baijl ,r and wiili T. C. Uf Hutch : Then tell me, gentle half-backs, how the dickens did you manage to? Half-Backs ; H ' r foiii hl lil,-( finnJs hiciirnati ' . and not like ilie same Prnd hrir,:- t Enter Dr. Benedict.) I ' l!. P.!: i:in( r (reads from a paper) : Tlio . tlilrti. ' Council finds itself, for the first time in its history, in debt! (Hutch and the team di ' op dead with surprise.) CURTAIX. Scene the Second. (A forest by Waller Creek: storm in the dist ance; thunder,. Enter Pool with Fiidev and Lump.) Gone is my glory, gone my refill sway ! Lear-like I wander in this Icary wmn]. Al)andoned, vet l)y no means ddwii ami out! I tVel within iiiv ' hreast the ol,l hrail rise III answer t.. the n.lliiii; thiindcr-|iiav. A.uain 1 |ilan. 1 ]il.,t. and I cniilnv,. ' ! i(i. Lump, call in thr hosls of ( I ivrkdnni. to And ..llVr them lh l(.rd hi|. nf the Morni. Or aii.ylit else they may ask. lie olt I (Exeunt Liimn and Finlev.) Wine enemies " downfall. Tliiis j dd ' v The cloud or aught else Imlds. 11. ih Who touches me, rends it I up. a vaulting ]io]e eoneealeil in his clotliing. Engineer.- m the distance: " He ramhled. didn ' t he ramlile l— . " ) E. E. Ssirnr ; ind tied with triple knot! i;. Siiiitli creeps Pool : Christ was! (Turns.) Et tu, lieaut ! (Falls.) (Enter Finh ' V ami Lump.) FlNLKY (to Lump) : W. ' ll. wniildn ' t that kill you! Pool : of Jor Ilatrkiii: Onlrr Jrlnks for two! I come! (Lies.) (En-ineer «nii. lirard lainllv in the distance. ' ■He randiled till the hutchers cut him down! " " ) C ' UIiT- IX. msujmmm Sen esis. AFTER MOSES — SIX THOUSAND YEARS. In the Beginning Kioik and the Earth was v upon the face of the I)r(| Fountain of Knowleil ic i: I.isht out of Darl ness. " . le Heavens and the Earth. id void and darkness wat mos said, ' " Let tliere lie a tliereof. Miid h ' t it Wnvi An the Morning were Entrance Examination Day. And Kronos said, " Let tliere he an Auditor to divide the simple ones from iheir Shekels, " and, hehold, it was very good. And the Even- iUi; and Morning were Matriculation Day. . n,l ronos set two great Lights in the Finiiaiiient — the B ? Ppiiii tn ru iiinde the I tn ethor in scenes. Fak of Cc the ( |.nss,.s. tl„.n. Xnw thr (• S., wll,.n ilr .. n|„,n t ..(■ tl,.. nXrHui if the town an. I ips round ahout it. Xow there were gatliered ' arnival. Port Arthur and other Voluptuous 1 similar Vermin, Wild Beasts, fowls of the - and other Birds, likewise the neigh of tlie - liiard 111 the land. So when the Students iii: wrvr pirating in (lie eve. thi ' v ran to of ihrlM. Mi.Mv -nl.tlr tlian anv other P.east of tlie ii. ' l.l. Ii " II nuinin- tn seiz,. Port Arthur, to in- Ihat for the most part they were of a fierce Countenance, his heart misgave him and he called loudly for Help. Xow it came to that such a multitude gat themselves upon the back of the Flying Jenny that the ])oor beast of bur- den could endure no longer ; so she snorted a great snort and fell down and gave up the Oliost. 1ien this happened a Tuumlt iiro c and tlie Cops, being now increased in numbers, set valiantly ii|)i)ii tliree of the meekest and most inoffensive looking ' " f tlic bystanders and dragged tbeiii away and thrust them into tlie inner prison and made their feet fa t in the stocks. lllldlliulll, Whll. ' tbrv I ' l- " " " ' 1 ■ ' ' " ' ' ' ' • " ! " ■ and thr .lailer) .stood by them. Aft. tlie .lail.T took off their shackles dc]iarl ill peace and as ni tiiiic the Tiiiiiult wiC ..lit had lieen growii more violent. Shouts yells, and remarks cal- culated to wound sensitive nature of the gentls Cops filled the air round about. Sf ' the cliier nt tlK Hu to-etl swearing ( regory IVclinos of It repented ipen this wicked and perverse generation, that tl nil tlie face of the earth. " ■eizi ' d a wrench and opened the floodgates of the wat man «(.i-k . an.l Ilir I ' liunlains nf tlir Cdldrailo wnv hn.krn u|. aii.l llie Flood foveml tho face of thf ami the lacos .,r siuli of the rioters as were not providc.l wiili iiniKi ' i ' llas. Now llie water ii-ushed foctli for forty ecnid . al ilic rn n( wliirli lime there was a mail h ' ff : after this th. ' vatei- were ahaleil. New on the ,,1,,1-n.W Ih.. three snn of men were hn„l,uht hefniv the Asuuis MaNiiiiiis to see what . ' Xen-e thev eouhl give for stiil hein.a- alive. Hut thev answereil ne ei- a w.ird. Then said the Asimis ifaxiiims. " (io vniir wa ' fm- thi time; at a more con- But on the same ,hiv. (Vi ' tain of the Cliief Men and the Khiers eame tn il,e Asinus Jlaximus to speak in beliaif of tlie allheteil Students, and when they were come togethei ' in his ■ Ihi e. he fell iulii a great Rage, saying that the Students were a perverse and a wicked Generation: that thev walk. ' d npeiily in the streets clad onlv in the uarli .d ' Miselmd ' and a Xeeturnal ■|, with linpiin, Manv ,,ther gr u k id ' Ih. i.iw Ik Sun even to the going dnw w to have patience with th 1 of • I ' hl he same ' ; ' And if " ■ ' ■ - " " " .- ht yon endure the shorten mil,- of { u«i ' n( voiir Wli 11 the Asmus Maximiis la.inl tl ,s he said with a loud iee: ■■All H,st thnu persnadest me t.i he a ' nelld te the I ' ni- tha ev fell len he railed together the ,.n eaeh othei- ' s Neeks and wa the Senpture fullilled Cop. ■ept ; and the Sliidents. g 1 while. .Vnd 1 saith " liirils of Fea her ti, ek t.i-ether. (nr I ' elitUS nil ke st- anee lied fellows. " a ' f J ic Siiillabaloo with Old 2)octor SPiig i. l -i There ' s many a tale_, uncanny and queer. Of love, of adventure, of freedom, of strife, Which lurks undisclosed ' neath the foam of the bee Awaiting a drinker to brin.ii; it to life. I ' t jolly boys meet, — let jolly Ijoys treat. — Tins rmmtain (if -ossi|i will 11. . v at thrir will And fnv fr.mi th. ' a!. ' I ' a.-h shiinlirriu- talc TIhmv laiinrs iiiav siiiniiK.n ill. mi- s|iH-its to thrill: Tbr wil.l. idl. ' |ii-ank-s ..r lu r,-s an. I .-ranks ; The daring of lead. ' rs ami men m th. ' ranks: The smiles and tlu ' -l. ' ams. tli. ' an.l dreams Of royal intriguer.s with shrewd, cunning schemes; The art and finesse and pleasing address Of statesman and diplomat playing the press; ' I ' hc ras. ' an.l th. ' -ra.v an.l radiant face or til. ' fair .leliutantc in th. ' Fast s.-.i-ial chase; In truth, without nuinli.T .m.. sl.irv and all Of church and of stat,. whu h th. ' nun.l wonlil reca II. Tonight, all alone. I sit at my stein In mood reminiscent, inihihing its cheer, In quest of the stori.-. i|s huhlilcs confine. Of days and of tn my iM. ' inory dear. Of days and of wh. ' u .l.iunias and creeds And things problemati. al all went for naught: W lien life ' s one desire w-as but to conspire With good college cronies without getting caught. With Trapper and liill an.l Charlton and Phil.— It is strange how th. y .ling t.i my mem.iry still! With ,Vrthur and Len and and Ben,— Alas that 1 never shall see them again!, I ' ll never forget that jolly old set; The tricks that we played whenever we met : The pranks and the jokes and each clever hoax We planned to astonish the faculty folks. But tonight, as the bitter to mix with the sweet. The beer brings the thought of our single defeat. Ife ITL The notion ]iivvnils and spreads all aruiiii.l That never on earth since thr woihl lii-st hr-an. On the land, on the sea, has any one I ' oiiml A mathematician a practical man. He juggles with digits and gives you the fidgets And harps on his theories morning and night. Or stays close at home with some musty tome And reads on his topic with all of his might. Yet, strange to report, a man of this sort Succeeded in checking the course of our s]jort And routing a crowd as liaui;lity and pmud .- s ever attempted a ih ' cil imt allowcil. ' Twas old Doctor Pu ' jh. .d ' Kalaiiiazod. Who knew mathematics well all tl ' .e «ay throng] So well that the cla-ss had trouble to pass The quizzes he gave with intent to harass. And none of us dreamed that so solemn a soul Could eVr keep " the gang " " from a cnveted goal. IV, Now such ,1 vocation quite probably would Ihnc yii ' Idi ' d the doctor a drearisome life Had lie iiiit ndiipted. as everv man should. As y The He 1 He . ig " but every one else, in praise of Maria ds wbieh her love did inspir For iisunllv i In shapiii,.j all And forming i Most any com But no sort ol To measure hi His love grew so great in the course of events That, reacliing- a climax, it led him one day (Thoiigli doubtless displaying more dollars than s T(i Imy Inr Maria a handsome coupe. Its make and design were costly and fine, Its mountings and trappings of elegant style, .-Xud never its like liad rolled on the pike ' Tuas sueh a choice cliaise in so many ways It set the whole neighborhood singing its praise, And old : Irs. Pugh because of it grew 80 hapjiv sh,- lianllv kurw just wliat t.. do. In franti. ' deli-bt hr hmI,. day n;id ni-ht. Wliil. ' |icn|,l,. wh.. sl.ipiH.d In look nn at the sight Were ready to hnast ihat it was tlie most jMagnitieent carriage from coast unto coast. In fact, it was hinted the doctor ne ' er made In all of his life a more excellent trade. VI. I l)lush to confess that so s -Vs tliis little cc.stlv and uj a thing itc coach liaprieiied to To our sturdy l)and all its shame and reproach. Xow just out of town — a mile or so down The oyster-shell ])ike and then oil to the right A good riid iir lun— tliere stood an old slough, A very unwclcunn. and wearisome sight. Td this ugly spot we made up the plot T(i jiull the cou]..e frojn the old doctor ' s lot; . nd. just to conspire a joke on Maria, To leave the chaise standing out there in the mire. No way we had tried to weaken her pride Had offered the chances wliieh this one supplied ; And really the jest of all of the rest AVe ever hail ventured we thought was the best. For certain it seemed that so artful a game Would yive us the lauuh on both doctor and dame. VII. Of course, it was easy to nia]i mit the mode Of making successful so sim))le a lark As drawing a chaise down an oyster-shell road At two in the morning, with everything dark. In less than a wink, a novice cniild think Of deeds of more daring and hazard and fun. And tell in a trice some sihcin ' nr ih-viee Surpassing the project wliicli we had hegun. No one could be near to spy or to hear, — In factj the adventure held little to fear. And just to take part in hauling a cart Was wholly unint ' resting right from the start. And yet, without shame, we planned such a game, (Although it appeared so decidedly tame) Because we well knew that, when it was thnnigh. The things which the people would say and wimld di- Would amply rei)ay every effort we made In carrying out such a mild esea]iade. YIII. Tlic plot was iicrfcctcd with caution and care, Till- plan |ini in rradiness jjending the night; F(jr iMili srt aliimt with a zest to prepare Whatever was needed to do the thing right. No one seemed to shirk his part of the work )r falter i r fear that the entnre would fail. X..r .lid it n,T,n- to us in tlie stir Our frolicsome spirit might lead us to jail. The world was asleep when we met to keep The compact so ilear to our herd of black sheep, Wh.i i;ron|ir,l in a dock and walked round the block Tn Dr. I ' li-irs stahlc and off the lock. We iuistle.l insidr; the c(.u|m-. was tied And pulled to the roadway without being spied. And, laughing in glee at thought of the spree. We soon were both ready and eager to flee. Then grabbing the rope we set off at a jog Down the oyster-shell pike to the scene of the bog. ril never i oriret to tlie dav that I die ' Phe merry remarks that were made on tlie w Tlie unple sant thin-s whieh Maria v,.nhl s; A jollier s ■t yon never have met. For men o ' more mischief ne ' er traveled the Than that happy throng who hurried along With jest II vr and joking to lighten the loa l. So jolly w ■ arew. almost ere we knew We roun.U 1 the eurve to the left of the s1ou,l We |iulle(l to the right with all of our might. And then- -j;ood heavens! we sto])])ed in afVi All taken diaek; alas and alack! The hoa.l { the popped oi;t of the h: ••i thank on. vonni;- men ! " ■ he sh.mlel. and -j-ll le you. please, for a ride hack aga while in surprise all the fellow ' s stood mut ' iloetor drew in and hesan a cheroot. I ' ll never The sense Wlliell fo And 1, ' fi Turned But stdl Our hea And eac Just ho. Thon,i;li UntU w Whero . With th Bnt nev (.)ne we X. ;i ' t. whether living or dead. dismay and the shame and chagrin illowed his words; the infinite dread n would prove the result of our sin. or a word at wdiat had occurred. ies ol ' old. tliongh with spirits cast down without we tugged at the rope, ■ouiid the eoupo and trudgrd haek t.nvard the no on,, spok.. ,r lanohod at our jok,.._ ■ts in our thr.iats M-omcl to stiHe and ehoke.- 1 of the guvs tried hard to surmise ■ he ' d keep sipiarc in the old people ' s eyes, (uie mill ' or more, it seemed half a score ' luilli ' I u]i at the hig stalile door. Id llr. I ' n-h steppe.l out an,l withdrew ■ Parthian shot. " Xow 1 think that will do! " •r from him ilid " the gang " ever hear d of reproof. Waiter! Bring me some heer — FiiiTz G. La IflHI Uhc Jlaw Students ' 2)i Aiiililii C iRTclhi. a gay S|ianisli niaidrii. To young Scire Facias i|uite lost her lieart ; Said she: " Tho ' you ' re poor, you may habeas corpus, 1 am yours in fee simple till death doth us part. " But her uncle;, gruff Venire Facias de Novo, To love ' s ardent pleading made haste to demur; He said ' twas a case of misjoinder of parties, ' I ' liat none but a noble could ever have her. Qua re ejecit the youth fmm the freehold. Vi et armis he kicked him W- Inintli nf the Imll; He did not have time to rc|ilevy Ins tup (nat. Nor could he respondeat ouster at all. But love can never be barred or non-suit. He met her per noete at de Novo ' s place; As demandants her lips did not traverse liis kisses, As tenant he held her in loving emljrace. At last he said softly: " Audita, darling, I fear in repleader we may lind no hope. It is up to your Scire that exeat re nio. — Adil similiter, loved one, and let us elope. " " To this the fair maid pleaded naught in abatement, Though her blushes gave color to cheeks, rosy red; She filed no demurrer nor asked an imparlance, But alleged a disclaimer and thus to him said : " Though Uncle de Novo may damn with mandamus, And ask quo warranto you take me away. Absque hoe he is right to demand my appearance I deliver you seisin for ever and aye. " Said he: " To mv arms. Audita, Beloved One, No writ (if (li. tringas shall keep us apart; No ntlicr ?linll ever lirins ' writ of ejectment To oust vou. my dear, from the close of my heart. " " He urgv.l her to flee, hut the maiden nil .licit. Her soul was possessed by divers alarms. Until, fearing the uncle would come and liring trover. Assunqisit the maiil down the stairs in his arms. From that venue the twain departed instanter To ijav for a license the requisite toll. And vvhen daylight on darkness enforced a continuance Audita had ceased to he a feme sole. In a neat little messuage they live, and are happy, From the world all secluded, its cares and its sins, Their joinder of issue has proved most successful. — Thev are tenants in niinnion of beautiful twins. The one is nam. lost amiable And you can he He alwaNs is ifert (his pa wi o-.s{er that man ispla M( The moral of this is to know well your ]ileading. You must prove your scienter, certain and sure ; If you do, the exam, will descend on you molliter, If not you must suffer the peine forte et dure. Jt SPo itical Sable. And lo! ill the heijinniim there va a Hateiiett, shar|. and .if well-tempered metal, aiiil il caiae tn |ias niie .hiv tliat this Hatehett did resolve thai he wmihl w hm.uvr I hicil anieii.u many to(ds. Imt weuh! Be a hi,;: One. and his hrethivn shonhl lie Ins tools. And h. I lie took unto himself another name and called himself John P.ull llatihett: hut he grew fearful that the last two words of his name miuht he construed by some to show inordinate conceit — in jjlain words, the Big Head — and might hurt his political aspirations. So he used his initials only, and called himself jilain " J. B. " And sr he has come down to posterity. And further, it is handed down in the erhs that this Hatehett was of strenuous and andutions iiatun . and that he was afraid lest liis name and fame should he fort. oil, Ml hy those who should come after him. And so it canie to lass that when this Hatehett went the wav ..f all worhllv thin-s . it was found that he left behind him. to eommemorate his me uory ami keep his name in the minds (d ' those who should succet d him, a Pool, deep, and well-dug, and well-nigh permanent in its nature. And it was likewise found that the Pc.d did t ■em— aye. was verily alive — with fish of the choicest and most ( ' ( ( ( ' ■ ; s,nu]H varieties. Xor was it likely, as the Hatehett had that this Pool sliouhl long remain unknown to the woi And so it is written that one day a Crane diil pere bank of the Pool, and look long and fondly upon its t )Ugllt lire gorges. And so there hy the Pool he l.uilt Ilis iiest. and there he stayed. And he wax.Ml fal and larg. ' on the lisli h. ' from Ihe Pool. lint lo! there came a lime when the Pool for some unknown reason heeame di |ili ' ted of its tish. ' I ' hen llie Crane, being a wise hird. tli w away to another place where ho could find fish in p]enl . and tln ' re he huilt himself another nest. But some months later the Crane tlew again by the Pool, and noted that, during his absence, the Pool had become stocked anew with fish. And so the Crane alighted, and again took his abode hy the Pool. And one lav there ( anie hv the Pool a Fisher with a reel in each hand. . nd. ga .inu- m the elear deplhs. he saw a fish of heautifid colors, and the lM lier desired the lisli with all his soul, and tished and lished for the hi ' aiitiful Ireasure, uutil at last he caught it. and jiut it in his pan. and w.ait on his way satisfied. And then a strange thing happened. For while the Fisher was sating his desire, the Crane had fiown olf a little piece, as he eared naught for the lish that the Fisher di ' sirrd so anlently. But now that the Fisher was gone, lie returned, and, peering loiind. foiinil that the I ' lsher had left behind him a flask, open, hut not ipiite empty, ' i ' hen the temptation that comes to all men came also to the I ' rane and he yielded, and reaching his huig Bill ilown into the bottle, he drained it to the last drop. icii !iis I ' ve wiitoR ' il. nnil he wns ovcrrciine with givat amotion. rii the num. " " tin thus— -7 have i! " t the Crane tienetvati ' il lat li ' vi ' hums the man. And ujinn the decision of the Pope there arose a great dis- ssien (if the question. And the great concourse was at length -enihleil to liear the two sides, and decide the question. And ! the (ii(e of the ( ' rane " s Bill, liis vocal Organ, seemed to 1,1 iih:re favor with 111. ' mutely cmwd tlian that of the learned i|« ' . and th. ' i-altiM-s ranu- with the ileeisinn of the multitude— Jve hums the man. " ' ■■■■ , Mis irst ear. ' Twas Texas., and tho gaiiiljoling steers Did browse and flossy on the plain; The cotton bolls were white as snow, The weevils disappeared again. " Forbear to join. " the father said. Forbear, for tln ' v arr mckhis things, And to be shunned, everv one. " He took his carpet-bag in hand. For Austin bound, all verdant he ; At Building B he got a Iniuk, And registered in Varsity. In time, this verdant green young man Experience gained in subtle art Of politics, of war, of love, — To vote, to slog, to lose his heart. His father ' s sage advice he kept, — Heroically, as he himself would say, — But never was he given cause To think of throwing it away. So home lie caiiic in .June ' s cool days. In vri-diince, lighter liy a sliade; In icai-ning. — not a scholar made. ' ! ' .. j.a he told all what he ' d done. His cnnstancy to h is advice; I ' a just looked u|i: ' T thought you sai( . Rusty Cuss that you had been? " ' Twas Texas, and the gamboling steers Did browse and Hossy on the plain; The cotton liolls were fresh and green. The weevils had come back again. W. 0. K. Slamrod ones jl Story of the Uexas Slevolution. Jjt Skinton Jiiddings Srown. Tl I keil au epoch in (. That the few persons : strikes his frieinl the book may li; 1 purchase the cloth- The canvas flap of the .lonos Hacieuda aside. cant lllc ' . tl y and s ilen.-. ' s uninitiated th itli a oesture. tliinj;- is s ' oiiiK le crowd holds Immediately the aii- crowd. Eajnrod Idushes imen It is plain even to t to drop. Hoping it will he the piice of aaiiardii ' ntt its fragrant hroath. But, no ! Down the road marches a cnluinn (d ' tin Ramrod ' s eagle eye sees that it is up to liini. Immediately he has their leader covered with his ] peerless poppers. Bang I The Mexican colonel reels in his saddle and shivers. Bang ! He reels and shivers some more. " 0 horrors! " the stricken man chatters. " Ivun. calii run! His pistols arc loaded irUh ai iir i rniis. " ited invi The Mexicans scatter in jianie. V;» Anfonio is snrrd. ' Part II. Kamrod Jones sits in the shade of a mesquite hush, fanning himself with a cactus thorn and reading a letter from Santa Anna. " Dear Earn: I regret to inform you that since you rotten- egged our General Cos you have heen in bad odor with the Mexican Government, of which I am a large proportion of whom. This will be the only warning I can give you. Ee- memtier my name is Santa Anna not Santa Clans. E. S. Y. P. (Euu!) (Scoot!) (Vamos!) (Pronto!) S. A. " That night sees Eamrod .Tones riding into exile from the land he has fought to free. Part III. All day the Mexican army of 2000 generals, 423? colonels. 482 captains, and G5 first lieutenants has marched in the broil- ing sun. Eamrod Jones, ambushed upon their flanks, hears naught but the pants of the enemy. Their coats and waistcoats, tliough very ornate, are strangely silent. As the sun sinks, the Mexicans go into camp. Each wraps his robe de nuit about him and lies down to pleasant dreams. From tent to tent steals Ramrud Jones, the enemy ' s count- less trousers draped upon his good right arm. Applying the torch, to a vast pyramid of nether garments, he chuckles in huge glee. The flames are a signal to a cohort of dusky damsels of the Xavajo denomination. They advance upon the camp singing " Hiawatha. " Aroused from their slumbers, the Mexicans find an impor- tant factor of their toilets missing. The sun comes up. A vivid blush decimates the Mexican ranks. They turn and flee. For fhe seventy-ninih time tlie cunning of Ttamrod Jones has saved his native land. Part IV. It is the Battle of Pepperminto. For ninety-three long seconds, the small array of heroic Texans have assailed the overwhelming battle front of their foes. But the cravens, contrary to Mexican etiquette, stand pat. . t length, in the Texan ran!;s, is raised the slogan, " Jones is down I Eevenge Eamrod I ' " Like a torrent they burst upon the enemy. The slaughter is terrific. The Mexicans fall upon their knees and beg for quarter. " Me no Eamrod ! Me no Jones ! " ' Night falls ! Texas is free ! Part . But Rami-..,l is «„ .lead. He has only gone to cut off the Mexican sui)ply of chile con carne and tamales. He is found uninjured. Great rejoicing in the Texan camps. General Gooseton presents him with a fountain pen for gal- lantry njjon the field. " I will be revenged ! " hisses Santa . nna, in a falsetto voice through a false set ' o teeth. Part VI. to issinate Eamrod, The Indians, hired by the Mt are foiled by the hero ' s address. This address is Brattleboro, Vermont. He marries a New England heiress, and lives unhappily ever afterward. He dies while drinking a glass of water. Part VII. He is buried. Ulie Sni mortal Siglity-S ' Our. sft sS iA I. i)l ,io,ni,j „„.l Inuirr , r,„-.v. 11(7 , hair ,rrll-l,r,islir,l. Ilirir fnn-s rinnt. (. ■ ,.„,, ' rrni ir„sh,,l Uirir r,ir.- ). C,nnr.,in„ r pprr Clnss.n r„ ! For Ihrsr irrll ifu;- III,:; ' rhrns! V. Xow. such a start was bad enough. But worse was yet to come; I ' licy tried to walk like Franklin, which. Yon know, is walking some. They even swore like Eobby, saying Fiercelv, " Yes, by Gum ! " II. Each marched to Wilson ' s windo And handed in his name : The deed was done, the die was v Himself alone to blame That while this great old college He ' ll ne ' er die in its fame. VI. Alas, their swear-words soon grew worse. And merited reproach ; They tried with sizzling expletives To every subject broach, Until the blind mistook them for Our angry footba ll Coach. III. It ' s often provt ' il that tVcslinien come Not far from the Mi mii- Link; Again ' twas provcil; cxccpiKins none. Each was observed to wink And mutter, " Will I study? Well, I don ' t think ! " VII. Hal Logan and " Ben ' ' Milam Were copied in their turns; Yes, all these foolish freshmen Grew silky red side-burns ; — It ' s strange what low-down meanness A real green freshman learns. IV. This oath thus made to study not, Was kept through thick and thin; They sported much, tliey toiled not. Neither did they spin. But in Cohn ' s .style arrayed themselves. Nay, gloried in the sin. VIIT. In all such things these freshmen green Were given too much rope; Their heads swelled up almost as large As that of Alex Pope. We one and all will now agree. For them there ' s no more hope. IX. Xow, these degradrd fiwlnncn tlimic By cheating and liy lies. That on some far-off day perhaps Thrv would to seniors rise, lidastiii.a; " We have Mezes ' whiskers Tangleii in his eyes. " The ni ctiiii: was most noisy. But tl, s we cuidd have guessed. For is, •t i ' .ndivss noisv, . n,l v. . ' ,1 at Ins l„.st. WlvM 1 (■ calls a whisper friLditens Birdlii i;s fniin fhcir nest? X. Alas for hopes! They played with Fate, And Fate had stacked the deck ; The rules that govern freshmen are As stiff as Villi ' s neck. And strong the hand of him who saves His scholarship from wreck. XIII. It was at last agreed upon (To give a short summation) To ask tile eighty-four from school AIsM th. ' [Iran del luivc them all To aivcpt thr invilation. XT. The profs all inrl ,Mn l .,,l,.|mdv. The Porters, Sulloii , Sclmrl,.; And Pr. Hat 1 1, ' s nude pale glared At Kucliih ' V tangled locks. All w, av ih.av. ves, Mather, too. Alias -Ked Fox ' XIV. The example of the eighty-four. Like a beacon in the skies. Will in the future oft be shown To fcu-fnl frcshiiH.u eyes. Heii ' V III tlir aliaut eighty-four! Their I ' amc! It never dies. XV. Foiu-,nnl-ri„hl, fnshinrii Sta,i,lni,i nn,r u, Inns: FniiH Wil nnn - h.iinl nirl, dniicx his doom. The,, f.rrrrr ,1 isn ,, rr„ r.. Conn.rnin rCl.ssnnn! For Ihc cigh Ill-four. Ihrcc cheers! m wm Uhe Creeks Waller and Shoal. We arc the haunt of I ' rex and Dean. A j3lace whore youngsters gather. Where many freshmen lose their green. Painting town the liuc of Matlier. Our solid banks are jiirrcil witli Of EalFs and Schoeirs ereatio: Our near-by groves are filled wi And Shurter in oration. And tluis we -atlier a- we ti.. v Fair drops from Wisdom ' s river. With bdvs that come and Imvs that Wliile we go on forever. We ripple over Callaways, O ' er Simonds and o ' er Primer In Battle with tlie freshmen jays The merry Andrews glimmer. We curve about green fields of Bice Wliere graze voracious Campbells, We pass the stately Garrison Containing hosts of annals. We pass these by and then we floT To join the brimming river. For girls may come and girls may But we go on forever. seelc lis out and look about. You ' ll find botanic Brayling, Arnmid our banks tbree lillers flout. And lii ' i-e and tliore a Fayling. And liere and there are Townes on Hills With Lavender on trellis, We bolt on by fair Basker-villes, But Fite quite shy of Ellis. We pass them by and then we flow To join the brimming river. For boys may come and toys may go. But we go on forever. We steal by Labs and tennis courts, Are charmed by tunes of Harper, We know the woes of term reports. We licar our only Barker. Omitted nam.- wc ' v in mclau.-b.ilv sin Y(.u-|! Ilnd thrill, ir Most brainblv wild So out again we curve and flow To join the brimming river. For girls may come and girls may go, But we go on forever. — Alfred Dixyfil s. Willie Sreen ' Writes 3iome. Austin, Texas. October 5, 190- Siife and sound londuy iiinriiint;. 1 had siimc anmnd Ihmv tliat look likr thrv nii-lit l.r thr rnivcrsity. 1 didn ' t want Mlows to think I was •;iv,ai. s,, 1 ,hvidr,l to go right straight, t " the l ' ni ersity without asking anyhody the way. But iirst 1 took a hiok up ami down thr l.ig street here that they call Congress Avenue. — and it ' s a hroad. nearly, as the courthouse square in Bushvillc — to see wlmh dircetion ti ' take. Up at one end of the street was the 1 knew that from the |Heture in my ge,,era|.hv. At the other end (d ' the street was a hi-i.lye. not verv far froui tli. ' st; the hrid;;e was a great hig luiildmg. wi that h.oked hk,. it mi-ht he the Tni ho„ e Inoke.l hke the UniversitV. 1 d. ation. Aeross II smoke-stack. 1 mean the III the snioke- W •If. ■■Thafs the riuversitv. TU li without saying a word to anyhod When 1 got there, which was some time after 1 started, as th place was farther off than it looked, and there was a hriilge t go over, where you could see the fellows in mad. ' me want to uo in. too. 1 tell vou. Vh there. 1 saw a fellow with l.lue soldier clothes on. and 1 says " How dye; can you tell me where tl (for there were tw., h grunt.M and talked I to myself, and went . I met another fellow wi the Registrar ' s oltiee w his finoers. Then 1 In ings). But he never said a word; his fingers. " Deaf and duml.. " " says ni 1 got to the first liuildini:. There 1 snldier coat on. I ask.-d hiiiiwhere . nd hi ' just grunted and talked on 1 ui. at the sien over the front door of the biggest building, and there it was writti ' U. in big letters. ••STATE INSTITUTE FOR THE DEAF AXD DUMB. " Well. I felt lik. ' a dummv. T t.dl you. 1 iust hiked It baek to tlie station, across that bridue where folks and the noise was, I I savs. just as meek as you to the rniversitv? " And lat ear to get on and askeil ■Xo. but thafs niv present sick. When 1 got to where all " went up to the first fellow 1 saw please. " Can you tell m. ' bow to he was awful nice, and showeil m me was I a Freshman, and 1 sa intention. " and he just laughed. Well, the University as ch ar out at the other end of town fn.m where 1 went the hrst ti me. It is a great big place. It has three buildings and two big houses for the hoys and girls to eat and sleep. They call the girls ' place " The Woman ' s Build- iig. and it ing. " and they call the boys " place " B. Hall. " Somebody told m as I got me I must go to B. Hall Iirst and ask for the T. Sipiare Com- littee. It was a mean triek. 1 went, ami they didn ' t treat strar ' s ottiee is? " me verv nice. You know a fellow hasn ' t much of a show up ii ... _ i . .. .-r-i - - - : against so many othert . Tlicy ,u;ivc nic a licking. Pa: liut needn ' t tell anybody iiIhiiii it. Tin almiit wvll now. I got matriculated all right, as they call it. It siirrjy d take a long time, but I had a ' . M. ( ' . . . hdnk that an awl nice fellow, who can talk in hi- stuniaili. snhl m,. for a .|uartc and that honk tuld nic what to il.i. ' I ' lii.s same Irlhiw was awf good to nit " . Ill ' sold nic an elevator ticket at halr-|.riee. ai is going to take nie to meet Mrs. Kcrhy I.aii iir.. v. .Mrs. Kcrl is the lady who bosses the girls. She ' s an awful nice ladv. th say, and, if I want to go with the girls. I ' ll have to he intr duced to her and get her |iciiiiissi(in. The worst time Fvc had has been in getting me a hoardii house. This same fellow who was so nice to me. that ever body calls Lump, sold me a list of boarding houses. They st everything up here. It costs like Christmas te get along. i have to pay $-5.00 to get to go in the library. Hut the hoai ' ing houses are the things that get your money. Why. eve place 1 went te T VH T ' - dolhii Why. Mi s .Mulle lnn-t she;- . nd here ai . nstiii. like It. IM like ciiit. But fill ni fflr larders for i ti.t than any of t l)lace for $1.5. le some of : lil Willie Gkkkx. 5 yin Jlmbitioiis freshman. )ung freshman to ci: 1) social knowledge. Once there ca Who began to " In the CAcTrs.- said he. I would sure like to be. For the grinds show you ' re well known at college. Xow if ever his ambitions totter, . nd he ceases to he a fame-trotter, Wi ' ll. it may ,-lianee that then Some tierce Cactus will pen Just a few liiU ' s of fame for i)oor Potter. Ulw SJlumpetting Slime of the Sluslicaneers. I. Afar ill th.; Laud of tlie HuavK ' st Wnir The Dog Star barked at the t ' at-d-Xinr And, at the sound (though ' twas The liiishcaneers awoke with a shriek. The Stork to the Widow expressed a w To go to the Ocean and try for fish. S " thcv baited their hooks with a (piai While the widow ' s eves sparkled with a But the rest never ceased to ludlyva- hi Till she bagged a carp with a rai|irl-li; Now the Matting KnioJit and tlir Imv Kx|.v.-se,l the .i rawst of all Lirave teai- Tla.v lieid that rrou,, would InllnW the Tuhnvulnsis and viieuniat isni. S.. the Kush.-aneers exelainied t., a n,a ■t s •n ai I ' iien Ihev packed their trunks and saili (In a |.anier that cleared for Biscuital Thev plawd cm the anvil and tweaked tl Mide the Hand ( rL;an elianted seine ( ' twilt.avd a twit in th ' kev ..t K; Some sharped and flatted in Minor 1) ; But most in the key of K.K.ti. As they floated on and on and on To the mvstical Kingdom of Prester .Tt II. Here they found the lio,,k and Her (iracc. the Dookess, Engaged in the dickens and all of a rookus. " My dear! " he was bawling, " Pray tell me the use Of the deuce being ace and ace being device? (,)uod ,Taf deinoei-alie; parlez vous, n ' est ce pas, non. ' hieli i onl the h.ii ' thaiid for salving ' You ' re wrong. ' She iji-inned wiih ehai;i-in. hiit she couldn ' t gainsay it, a Lafavette. Now the W ' s of Al-ier.- had a inmd to usurp The polyglot post of the Punkitive Purp. So he set him to work with incredible zeal, Made a huge megaphone out of orange peel. Ami tlmni-h it. he eiied with a whimative roar: •■Ali..y. ihe i)ook,». the 1 k. and the Shore. Will yon prav do ihe kindness to tell us where is The teiitaeleil ' I ' lijer who lives on gin-fizz? " The Dookess responded: " Hoot, mon. Dinna ken. The tentacled Tiger is not in his den. For he ' s gone to muster his regiment ' s quota Of rocketive rabbits in South Dakota. " The ship made a bow and on they proceeded. The Dookess ' glad tidings in no way they heeded; And soon in the dun,i;le d ' High Ball there The tentacled Tiller espied ill his lair. III. His eyes were the softest purplish green; His liair and his whiskers were crepe du Chine; His lips were smiling and grim and troiililod; A glass o{ champagne in each earring luiliMcil. And he moaned as he said, with a nuuuiuuivc iiu " As sure as Pin tViiidcr of gin than of lieer. Here is tlir gnud sliip Ihishcaneer, And here is its crui.siu " crew. " Then the Matting Kniglit and tlic duke of York Beforehand prompted bv Widow and Stork. Saiii: to . -other a tenor duet; How ihc Rushcaneers sailed over tlic wet; With :i cargo of pen-knives and F iii-t;iiiidy wine; How tlu ' V came to grief on a snlmiariiii ' iniiic. Hut drifted as straight as an arrow coiil,! wliiz To the tentacled Tiger wlio lives on uin-lizz. Then the Tiger began to i|iii ( ' i ' anil (niakc; So he sent for his Auntii ' . a scnsitivo Snake, Wlio straightway turned on an electrical fan (A liiiiliday gift from the Court of Japan), Wbicli IjJew the ship out of sight of the coast. Then the Tiger fell down and ijave up the ghost. IV. A council wa hckl at wliidi ' twas decided To make for the ' land wheie the Crow Hops resided; And .ni-e Ihev ai-nved theiv. the (|uest thcv began For a really and Ivuly and ru hablo Can. The ' I ' ead in the |ia|ji ' rs an elepliant charmer Had sued for ili ( i-ee fnim a ferretal Farmer ' the -nnnids -he alleiiod were: the limperate man Was loo iinieh addii-ted to rushing the Can. And when the .In.l. e leanie.l how he ' d treated his wife, He hnrned hei- to death loi- the rest of her life. ' idle h ' lislK ' aiii ' ers shoute.l with joy and then ' i ' ook the ii-ain to the farm at a (|uarter of ten. lint thev found that the i ' ariiier in anguish of soul Had iiioi ' li aeed hi-, farm and erawled into a bole. When tli. ' V told this the Widow she start. ' d to weep. At tile very first tear all the eivw fell asleej). EXVOI. . nd tliere in tlie gloaming they lie in their gore, Witli not the least notion of tving the score. SBallacl. $ $ $ A pn.v.-l. ' iit lia.l tli..u-ht a tli.amht (() ,.i- iir, ' tzrl aii.l and In. m,. S,, hr |ia.-kc(l lii son ' , trunk an.l s, ' (With pivtzrU an.l luvr an.l Ins i,,,.. I ' .nt .■:.■ Ii. ' .l.rart.-.!. la- iva.l Inn, ll Ij ' n.. i,,n.. tVil,.. IVvil. iV.-aiis.. ..f 11,. l,Mrii...l r.i . ' at liivail with the twenty-first stein. (With iirctzcis an.l !,.. ' ! ' an.l his nieersehaunt pipe.) That tw.i nail- will i v ry heat three of a kind. ( . .,i ' |ii ' .t . ' i- an.l !,.■.!■ and liis meer. chauni iii|)C.) Til V.II til tl,. ' w Is with three hearts in the flusli ; ' I ' .i .at nut l.i; . ' siiint . nr a girl who can ' t hlnsh : T.i i.l. ' -sti ' ii th. ' wniii.Ts in anv .-lass rush. Ilr wa-n t 111 da Ur pai.l lor Ins «isdniii. whi.-li isn ' t - hi, K.,r h. ' uas a Ivpi- id ' th.- Collrui ' Man. Wdin IS riv.|u..inl lam., us, iIliiv it win, .-an; a Mail IS th. ' nnhh ' st work i,r (d.l. v.. nivtz.ds and h.-rr an.l a iii,M.|-sriianni pii.. ' .) Thus h.- .-a tn till- arsitv i.f Ins diva.iii-. (Ovrr ],rrt .rl. and hrrr and his i, pip — . n.l «. ' all i.r n kn.iw h.,w lin-. it sr.Mns.— ,I!..r.,r.. pivtzidsan.n, ...r and a nnvr idiauin nip . n.l t ' lvat.M ' thr irnwd m a wav drl.ninair (T., pivtz.dsaii.l h.vr and Ins n,r.a-s.-haui,i i,i],.0. a .-.,-...1 l,i. iiii ' t. whnx. whims .In-vr hini .piit. ' (Tl. nivlzids and l,i ' i.r and Ins irnHM-Mdiaum pipr). Till Ins Fati ' hi ' ar,— whieh ha.l l.c. ' ii plain in .si-lit.- (Spite .,r pr. ' Iz.ds ami heer and his meerschaum pipe.) His fan. lis a-whirl. his resolves in a rout, Sh.. ' .l th. ' y.intirs most extravagant dotilit. ' I ' h. ' «r.,l. ' heme I. ddinii-h hi l»a,l V While his s,,n wa For a Mail ,s lli. ' nuhk (Sav,. pretz.ds an,l he pipe.) He ' s all For a W. (Sav.. pr. inil a m.. ' . ' rschauin pipe.) Lump ja d Henry ifter the Seyy NEE Game. Uhe 3iiteh. There is no one I have met That I love so much Just yet. As this airy, fairy, jimp and iK ' aehy ii But she has one failino- sad. Which makes me aught but glad. — She has made it quite apparent tliat ( Hv a Freshman. ) She ' s th. ' dearest little creature. Not a tiaw in anv feature. Stu, With the eharmingest of manners, and the eovest, sweetest smile : She Jias eves of bluish grav, — a .!( Large and dreaniv? I should sav ! And as she talk and looks at vou thev cl arm vou all tlie Mr. T turn 1 Ji i •: ilAX Ul ' lilGIIT. ♦ ♦ ♦ Sitry! 5Ctry. ' tV will be llnl-nlied t 11. Sl,l- Mrk. " e te o rl;l- . lie ua attu. o learn of the nar- dav. while on his ed hv a large and nniis injury. At- rie for assistance, .. the resi-ue. onlv ti ■ndenl. Itnll, studel I- w.miid had nul 11 on the other ,de , iVIevV waiklllg dnw he alta( ked in his ts wniihl iiudoubt- he si|iiin-el caught r theeaiimus. He was di eited from 1 the |ien|i. Great fellow students is doesn ' t care for me. ■ jI Uerrible Calamity. Tt,-i Irortd Sniitli .-(-iviis ■nun th, ( ' i ' Trs lina ,1 ' .■nrm 1- wilh which the ( ■vcxrsi. conncete 1. It is (•aus( 1 in litrrarv -uu 1,-. I ' lV-l.l. ' l t aii.l Dran o ■ the I ' llivrr- ,hmhth whnh. 1- the I ' lin ■IHt Wll IVCONC from tl e shock. sitv vnit iiiion Mr. Simtli and rii ivat him to 1 ivonsnlor Ins .V [ir- as scon m Mr. Sm th " s n ..n last 11 -lit. On sending rash action. IJailroa.l will IMit IC .1 to cntivati. -. hut stamls our n ' |i( rtor to ] ivi ' sti-atc. VC llisco ( red that the note 1 author firm. The dass rooms aiv a(aiit. iml -roii|,s of stn.lcnts nia - and hni lorist h d huvncl itcrai- - H irk sai, to he V lined hv 1)0 so en in the eorriilni ,li •IISsillLI ' his .■xtranrdii arv l.ohavioi-. himself It thons inds ,,r dol ars: hi olc ohjc et was tn prevent Tl uv aiv niiiicrs tn tlir cttVvt tl at then, will ic no Cactcs this liv IslUT fl ,.m fallini; into th cd- the Cactus this ..•ar. Thciv an- als:, riinini-s as to ihsajnio iit.MJ htoran- h.iard. Eir AvcRitk There once Confronted Each goat a .lust notice And each one sent her a ljid_. The bewildered, perplexed little Freshman — Now what do yon s ' pose that she did? S. G. THE EVOLUTION O F SPORT HICKS, - •0 -U Sec tU 6n vilr § ? ncl Fe-i ' tvve nQ( gl He KaS Veen C etied T ' -esLciev ir W e cow c r t tc more tcckleA l) (3ttV c UvNLtcci States Co uU We, C ' c U y e v ? Si € t W bt " K t Prt V ut wK-at else coulA o n e ex lett " 6 . L t oi- Fz.r ,,s. F1?ED BAMSDELL. i- ' or a liciid li " has a knot on his nock. His iiuisclcs make Sandow look like a wreck, Vnm- IVct (j! air arc lutween his knees. For lie walks aluuit an )iarentheses. .lACOBY. His lieight is three feet and a little more. But be puffs out his chest till it seems nearly four. And when his arm is free from kinks. Before Re !(.v AKKRMANX. lass he dimi)les and blushes,, wade millet the river rushes. Mill li;i c a case of the grumps, II iIm ' Co-lvls ' hearts bumping the They say that his hair wa When he lived in single bl Indeed, it is said. JloXTdDMEKY. What his face looks like we can not s l- ' or it is tw ' o miles up in the air. P)Ut his legs are keen and long enouti To make Routh several pair : Stolen— Jl Cake. O ©. ' i-atiuu of ' woinou-s Cluhs, in the University Aiiclitnrim c-arriage drew up to tlic In sity and its occupant disaitpc through a doorway, leaving posed to view, on the carriage seat, a large cake. Two Freshmen Engineers, Haynes and Mc- Kean, happened to pass the empty carriage, and. at the sight of the cake, the desire to do something " naughtv " once, came to Hayno. . who proposed to Mc- Kean that thev ■■(•up " that lakc No soonrr sanl Ilian ddiic The boys and their pri c -rurncd a,-ioss thr Canipus to a chiiiip of bushes near tlir " gii-ls " " tennis cdiirts. wIutc Ilicy hastily hid the cake and sallied forth to await further develojinicnts. It so happened that Lumpkin, who was standing around " ruliher- ing, " observed the actions of the wicked youths, and at once be- gan to plan to scare tlicm. .Vt IcnutJi. he apiivoaelieil the lioys and casually remarked that they wen ' in tmnlile miIi the Dean, and would soon he eaHed into his dUiee. ' [ ' lie siareii vduths at once began to picture " expulsion, " " home-and-.Viother. " ' etc., and retired to get up their courage to face the Dean. M eanwhile, l.imi|i was not idh- he saw Dr. Schoeh. and L ' ot hiiu to fore- stall tlie Dean, and all was ready IV.r the visit ..f tlie now tear- ful youths. In they manlied. and appmaelied the Dean, who received them with all possible se erii . The eonlession was soon made, and tlie e- pectant voutli li-iene.l uith hate. I breath for his decision. " Bovs, thi.i is a im.-i m i mmi- niTmse (at which both began to erv), and I cliai-e yon thai you must at once ]iroihi(v the cake and restore it to its rightful owner; moreover, yon nin l urile a letter of apology that will pass the censure of the entin ' ■|-;ngiish ' Faculty, and send it to the one from whom you stole the cake. " Thus the youths got out of their scrape at the hand of the Dean. They at once bought another cake and caused it to be sent to the rightful owner, whilst thev cut three ela es wi ' itiim ' lip the a|ioloe-v. which passed Ike ' Kn-li li I ' lof- Kn-li-h io the nine oi ■•D " ; and ••Equilihnnm wa onee e re ioivd. " lint Ihe end is not yet: rumor has it that the Dean, Dr. Schoch and Forrest Lump- kin enjoyed a feast of a large cake that evening. MoitAL: DON ' T STEAL, BUT TF YOU DO STEAL, EAT THE CAKE YOURSELF. Jh Glee C IvL Gives A Concert in Sftw Mortoi r.OST.— A (Mip ■ of ' J ' , r. ' 1 ' ivl ir-s " Fii-l 1 Book r f Siirvev- LO no-. " Fin.lrr w, f $ 1 - 1. 1 ivtuni tn tl 1 ' (iwnci-. an I rpepi e a reward G. A. ' I ' liiMv ' s a xMan that i nicu to Pi Phis- He goes with them all shape and size. Things arc not Ijike thev seem — Xdw ' wliAl is his s.-h,.m, ' ? 11.. von -Mauin,. hr still fon,l of rice? ill pl, " That we ' d hand down our glory to many an age But I have seen this last hope die. A path to the how-wows is all that I see. Two Barkers hold forth at tjie Varsity. And tliat is the reason wliv. " 1 ' o -arsi Excel, t a But he (Of hi be refined ani desire for " fr lessons in tlic ir F. Tom Wiiite. Preference will sii|i|ilv of blocks and rattles. Must id caiialde of repressing an abnormal ' ill he required to give elementary ' of |iolitieal wire-pulling. Compen- ladi ' liy an appropriation of the State izcd that this is a public necessity. If a Uroiiiv iicTt a Kroinv. Both tho DroiniVs drv. ' And :. i)n.i., a k a Droiiiv Wh, n- thr ,old drinks ii... Wouhi a Droiuy tell a Droiiiv " Jn that club-house nigh " ? Yea — but were one not a Dromv, Thirsty he ' d go by. •:• -S- ♦ " The Extinct Animals of America— The Bison. Tl and Times. " Bv .h.rl Franklin Watson: Iv ' ni.i. -fl. " And i; Imnt Havp voii St ■n ininy . . (losf-faced V. (i enrral V Mvii ar HIIIll till corridors, i ina- ir.nin. Wears 1 llrl ' hv except in ©rainv w. tl-r. wi,r„ li. ,lnns a l.lack slouch hat. (i,vat,.st hi.lio- man ui th. I ' n.vrvsil v ; alM, known, far an, I, anunm Ih. Iliuh School -iris as ••Hello. Hoscoc. " Favorite exjircssioiis: " Tliat old gal said, " " SIm said, " " 1 said. " etc. Quite a correspondent; get.s more letters from gals than any other boy in B. Hall. Fine entertainer; stiulies np on the j:ikc book for a week before going to call on his manv girls, tiood conversationalist; can actually tell a joke so that you wonder what he is driving at. Once paid hack tare home from a show; nearly broke his heart; has never forgotten it. Onlv advantage at present writing is that he is vouiig • " vet. " It is to lie hiiiie! that he will i;vt o ' ver it. thnuuh lie ' " ll ncvcr ' look There was once a traterni Phi Kappa Psi. It soon hi ' eaiiie .han-ed. Phi l . l ' l ' . I ' M. The De Ml lieenlMlll Hiter e Dcotiee. Beware of counterfeits I No copv of this •ar " s CArTis is iicnuine without at least a dozen etlin- el ' liiv lilt!- -eatteved t h roll -I lollt tile ., t oT-omment |iaii . 1 nose lor all class and - il ill, all with lis m time. t think of meals, dear ; ' i ' ' il never stop for weather, . nd every hour, except class-hour. Would we be found together. But my dream is .all a dream, love; ilrs. Kirby guards the hall. Would i were a dromedary .Xnd vou a billiard ball. wish Xo«- rioreuce lias a little man. His locks in cockserews grow ; Wliorevpr Flnronce may he seen. Ho follows iier about the si-li It makes the students laui li He ' s half tlie dav with h,-r. With him thr otiicr half. ■ns are found with roses; - name begins with R, ittle man is Moses. Witl Ob. Hi ;.ty-fl,p| Siamrod the Di. Ji. O. JCiller. ' And Ramrod was a mighty hunter before the Lord. " — Gen RAM ROD JONES. i ja Sfiagieiaiig Sxposed. IDholesale 5lohheri . M l.riii ' ii tlio tricks voursclf. and licconie an ex- Giuo SusiH ' cIs 3ii lcl on Suspicion. pert. I uiiarantcc t.i teach anv one how to short- chaiii;!- |Hv,|)|c in three h ' ssons. 1 make big ' Fniversity Hill. Austin. Texas. — The police department of r nioncv at it: win not you ' r- No hrains iv- the Universilv yoterday rccei cd five separate ' phone messages r_ j H ,|iiireil: all vou need i.s nerve and a few kun- from as main- dilfercnt ]irofessors concerning ontrageons rob- E, . ' fll ,lrv hilU. Dozens of boys in B. Hall are being bi ' ncs that ha e 1 n eoiuiiiitted. It is re|ioi-tcd that some mis- 2 V llceccd bv not being on to the game. My les- ereanr or Mieak ihicf has surreptitoiNh abstracted all the hair HC ..n b- ' uin with the distribntinn of barbef-sho|i from tb. ' re eren.l head.- of .Mc.-.-rs. liattlc. : lather. Primer. ca rds: then tln ' art of tossing vonr head ' ike a Krav. and Windsor. The Chief visited each ot these centle- l,uil. rv, 1 tlioiiuli vou nceil a hair cut ; and. tinallv. the liv|inoti:- and r. ' |M.rts that in every ease ibe tbief made a clean s vee|i. sli,.rt-rli uiLie act. ' Classes can get |n-actu-al traniing bv tollow- leaving behiml him a scene of coMi|.lete .lesolation. The matter illji MIC hen 1 ileli cr laniidr -. Trice |icr le -.on . " .n cent.-. Si ' c was put into the hands of ■■detecative- Heck, alia- Toomb-. who how ti. ' l bestirred himself so energeticallv that two suspects have already oniih.,ill V acilUire tbi Iio-e, and it will enable tllclll to lie (|uite been Indued in .iail. These iiiisci-cants " ivi- their names as Sim- s- man " ' in addition lo the bv|inoiic intiuenees before kins and Kuchne. Beck says thci-c is strong evidence that they lll ' Sfl-illl ' ♦ ♦ ♦ have committed the thelt. 1 ' i inr Wlln «,, polltu- I ' ool. I ' ld like the vvhul,. barb. v,,te to rule: Human •t!,-! ' anv barbs .siv . siiiic ' weet (la ; r : i; " MU an ( ' i, lor ciirioii- Crane. wS ' i t MS mi oti, barb, and Sale. Sponge book stores, tin ent Does It. " bv ). Mr. .Mvev IS latest I k. " How the I ' errv . lvey (C. E. and a (bivernment expert of ing been employed as three months a - ■■(•hain-dragger. All K IS b.r Keen-,-ii:bted Keen. With an .dd dispositu.n. and mean: In a voice no whit weak He gave aid to the Greek., And exposed all the tricks that he " d seen. Meart to Jioart Ualhs. My dear ' [-I•v Sf-v-ns, vdii Beta pin slimilil jjct iicniilssid other man. il;- ridin.u ' witli an- Ye . Pl-e-(l. I may state, with om authority, that you ean venture into the Law Department uneliajieronech ♦ T.-u-a S-1. my ehil.l. a P- P- and a K-p-- G-m- might be talkin i togc ' tlicr without plotting against you. ♦ ♦ ♦ Ar— r ll-r-is. vou are a nauahtv liov : it is not polite to talk K--|.a -li)h- Th-ta to a Fresliman. ' Jhe Diem Snglish SProfeggor. 1 hcanl his nai 1. r. 1 felt lis hand ]i ress mine. And tiirn mv , ain (lid re. . as thoutr 1 strong wine Had madr in.. , ■uuk; 1 th. ii-ht that 1 r must he My ideal ma.i. nv laic. Ill drstinv. II. I saw him in a mist as one who stands In early morning on the ocean strands, And fancies that he sees great Neptune rise Uphorne on clouds, and wafted to the skies. H-rf-d Is-cs: When you take a girl anywlieiv, you sliould he in a proper condition to kiKjw whctlier your hair is combed and vciiir tie on straiffht. B-n-ie Br-wn : After this. I Impc vou will know better than to lend your beaux (uit as ((iiisiilatioii prizes. ' I ' ciu may liave trouble in getting them back. ♦ Yes. my dear Fl-r-n-e W-st. after all you liave said. I am sure the wliole T ' nivcrsity must Ijc aware of your popularity. ♦ Dear L-nn .M-l-m. no; from what I can hear, not a single one of your schemes has l)een liroiiglit to light this year. Fl-r-u-e l!-b-: thafs a good iilea : I ' m sure Dr. Closes would eiii ' iv takiue- his meals at Grace Hall. .V-b-rt St-n-. .T-e K-r1i-v. D-ck W-11, ,T-]i- T-w-v. now be care- ful, vd-y careful, what yoi, do (n. ' xt rushing simsoii). That head! its poise, its sMmnetry. its grace, Would make fair Venus iai:e. nnd Juno pace The heavens in helpless wrath: his hair The gods did fashion nv a silken snare. To capti IV h •ar s; but lovelier. I v •ist. His habx lip. ha t-pouting to be kis sed In sweet inn JIVI ee. . nd next his eyes, Looking a loi t il 1 wondering surpri Y. e. But oh. alas tb ' se eharius will ne " ■r lie mine. ' I ' he -,,! ■ .li.l .it HM-wis.. I.H-IV..; 1 1 ne. And .pe N- 1 . r..r Fat.- lias ma. elm Ifi ■e feet tall— while I am f ve feet eight Anonj inoiis Ulie Colin-Slather Slombardiiieut. ©Thcv were AWm ' -s in ( ' liarlic ' s lani l;,n-.l,..r. I!nv UxW. an,l K ,1 Khuirlicl I ' ll uaiiic (It the law. I-.11- answer the exeite.l youths tiirneil tlicil- S|,imerill- eall.lles ,m the | i(il ieeniall. all,] ' he was driven aHav helnre tlie lire. . t len-lli thev hei:;m tn tire ,,r the tun anil linallv liie linn- eea e,l ami the ' vouths ,-re|,t awav in ih,- sniiike. ami after : tlier ehili at fharlieV- and a h,-er at Pat ' s, tliev si.paraleil Inr the niyht. The next dav four re].i ' ntant vnuih Inhered an.Lind the " Dean ' s offiee. eaiier tn ,.x|.lain an.l tell ;dl. Kather and Smith had made |.re|,arati .ns t " leave 15. Ilali. and had alreadv r,..-eived their Hall deposit and rebate. Cohn had arraii,L;enienl made to iart n|i a a rival to Oscar K ' ohin iii. and liuruher Ha- ' jniiiL: lo jmn an opera coni])any. ' " ,hev ' a,r " Kn ' allv ' he ;iave II,rth i, " " ' j ■Nj divjsinll. th ' Ixdd 1 M their i. ' are-devil leather flEw B«« ' nearlv ' Xeitement. KH H -|f -Vnnn. tm.t V R- H l,e,no„ I von ' r kfH ee Mr-. Carruthe.-. a| ol„„ze-. A ,.r. Ilie Iv smih n ' , ' alK " ' a mi ' . ' u ' i ' iied " ollie ' er " ua ' llo| ' , ' ed n|, to the seene just as a on tlwir laee.-. ihev departed to si|iiare themselves with the pro- ,.,,,. ' „i,id,,« pane -a e wav helui-e a hi.-iiii skvroeket. am! fessois. wlm-e cla-.-e- thev had cut, all lieeause tliey were at- iiid the rra h ot lalliii,!: ,i:la - and the -ereanis ut the excited tended hv the Woman ' s Building girls. ' eril.v. the wav oi the mim men. the ollieer ' d. ' maiided that thev -sto].. " in the transijres-or is hard. 0. 5i. 51. Court 2 oeket. Sh, ' chose tliel ' i I ' his— i:!(i(; rntversitv s doe llrown : Murder. Defendant ac- llieveai.tured the prize. ... .,,, ,,1 ,,|- |-iiij„„. ti„„, i ,,,„| ..nnehisive. Adjudged guilty. De you spos,. twas her ri-inal intention. Seiiteneed to stav awav from th.. Woman ' s Building for seven ♦ ♦ ♦ minute-. There oiithe watli a Mith Nellie Tlaiiith VMr,. I ' nivi-rsitv s. l!ii;:li Lamar Stone: Trespass to try II I, I ii nil ' u hinth to ill I ' arith title Ownership id ' premises known as 250fi Whitis Avenue. Hi ' r eli ' iii had I din ' ipk ' " ' ' ' oeeiipied as a .hai.ter hou e hv the Pi Beta Phi fraternity in Her ' lathe ne ' ei- ' i pimple. ipiestion. Defendant pleads his homestead exemptions, and is And I envv the man wlium ' tli. ' Marrith. sustained. Dismissed. Miiili. 1 I F formula sane person can uv so inixi. ' .l up; l)ut then it might lia class s])irit, yon know I wantiMl t ' always managed to boat them " ut ( Texan, too: why, by George, ymi ■ either; I just signed a blank |iioii never did it. If I had gotten the j have a free Texan, but as tlicv (li( abilities but i;ave the joli to an iulcr, Yarsitv. :ind am now in the nc v-|,n time 1 en- thi ' students aet so boislenms now: slci-iug for ated and lieeniiie a iiiciiiIht ..I ' IIk nl sec linw anv lib. 1. as it is to 1,1V bu-k of i-Mliin--. but I dii. ' s. and tliat as Ciii-tis sue ma ' n ' . ' l " , ' u ' st ' ' | Wbv. b,.f Ahiia Ml 1- of the Alumni of sonic ,-il • a degree. itv to exasserate cNcrvtbiii It ' as conspicuous as po-sibl Id iiic Mate. Mr. Morris, tl n ' a in-i-n iiim ti-cl. is tllc nll, 1 «oll|,lirt r thu c II II th, ' -ircct 111 crowd- of 111, ikc : fatb. I. " t I iiiid- ' i-slallil .Ic ivaliz, ' tbat oMcM work of dilN. naughty |o. ' ' !i ' m!,st of (f f " H ? ■ fej IH e Wiituliing tli ' li ulit. sanl. -Wl he has emuiiih. " ' " know twpen punches, ■■luit hr " s su word he savs. " Si. 3i. Foster Dcomi nates Sllr. Unreel D ishe lAi.lirs and GnitlemcH: I nominate Mr. Fred Fisher President nf mir Final Ilall. Iio- eause I think he is hetter qualified than any iithrr man. or at least as well qualified as any other man, to 1111 the plaee. Our Final Ball will be a great success, for Mr. Fisher is better quali- fied than any other man, or at least as well qualified as any other man, to fill the place. Mr. Fisher lives in Austin, and, hidies and gentlemen, Mr. FLsher is hetter qualified than any other man, or at least as well qualified as any other man, to fill the place. (For lack of space, we do not rejjort the entire speech. However, if you read the above over 11 times, you will get a faint idea of the great effort.) JDiinean, the J2adies ' SKi Brave Dinuaii alll li. ' l r ,.w the gi rls II, ' sai.l he ' d vol,, t too 11, ' M lead tllrin to t le ha lot box. As [Hiliricians dn. " If girls are wliat OU w lUt " he c ried, " I know ' em itfvsiti nihj. " Anil round eaeli h. ndsonie luni.u La v The -iris will sure y ral y. " So round al.out tli. towi h. flew And Inudlv did lie u-av To all til. ' -iris li,. saw L r 1 new ' JVi vote the Dunean way. And all the ladies ' heart w ere touched For all heard Dune an ' s n-a •er. And when the time for N oti ig can le. The ladies— thev w ■re th ■re From everv coi ' Uer (d ' the town. From every cliiiue and clap.. They came a hundred thousand strong To vote for Duncan ' s man. And when the hallots all were cast The ncw ri ' purtri- wrote: ■ " F. Marion Uylmru won the race Bv Duncan ' s ladies " vote. " There is a young man ua.ined Burney, .4nd if he contimics to learn, he Stands a good chance As his years do enhance To bs a i. P. Attorney. sauf Up CI quaff, tra la, I sauf up c) quaff tra Ibg, 3ay3 Jacoby to me. You may Sauf up yet three, Jacoby ' s for me, tra lo la lee- ■i Important Dates and Events: JaniKinj IS. — Big dinner at B. Hall to celebrate Ryburn ' s victory. VV. Ph. 1).. S?l, er. 9h. S). : iii las ;i rl.-iss of Kn-lish ■- ' . No - Miilcr till , ' ks his " ' ia s ' ,J ' l,.rv! ; ' .n AlK niilv Kni;] -h lias nr vnnts tn kn..« want to l)c hard on you. hlandl; ad Chaucer for tomorrow a day Miur note-l)ooks your appreeiatio] ■- ' i all we have. — you know. En-lish •. ' i all w. d Ihroirjli Sliak.-|„.aiv. and I ■nlluh 111- rlllliv wol-k- n,At ■!■! ■-J IS all wv luiM ' .— vou know. S ure jLogie. A professor asked Ins class, " tis said. Who the Goddo " ot Mirili miyht lie: . seholarshi], li-e.-hniaii M-nitelied his head .Vnd ••thuslv " reasoned ho: ■■At mere lir-t -i-lit it i o idont i|uite. (To a mind in lo-ir trained) That the |.ai-lv ivndorod i- loniininolv iivndered. And must ho IriMininolv named. And. n;:lit, lioth pivttv and vonn.i;: Thus, stranov is the name that a u ' oddess would take, . nd soft upon tho |on,::iio. Within it olf tin- nam,, slionhl show What the ;joddos stands tor. You see. To a man of m ln-aius. — (), ]irofessor. I know. Ifs Minnehaha: " (). K. 1 ). Jtinnanj ,?.7. — By dirty politics Sleepy Robertson beat out of his place on Athletic Council. He is greatly grieved. M„s H- — th K-iis: An.l li..w tall aiv vmi. Mr. Smith, in ask :- Mr. Smith: Ninr f,.rt. Ami h.iw Ion- is vnur run. .si Mi s ]■:. K. : Xim ' tVrt. A—,. Sti--t-ii: V, ' s. vmi .lul .|nitc ri-lil : it is always r, i.lrrstanl. Mr. ( ' — -. living near Shoal Creek. Mii; e-ts that Vdiiiiu kul eieiiiiie their prn|ionsity fm- tvelU m that ilireitKin. He In the Sweet Bye-and-Bye: S|ia wlin rush Freshman irirls for the l a]i|ia l a|i|ia (ia las ami the Pi Beta Phis. Xo, Mr. Y-11-V--0, I would not advise you to say to your com- panion just before entering a sorority house, " How many crea- tures do know here? " You niav he overheard. Mis M. : Is our new teacher any kin to old man Moses :• ' 111-. Sutton: " Yes, he ' s his sou. " Ae Sterna Question : " lOho lOrote Cfhe JCing of J(orea JanH(ir i -id. — Homer Rowe reluctantly withdraw.s from race for manager of Base Ball Team. Uhe SP ' syehologieal Stioment. Snap shot of N. E. Reed, caught at the moment when his whole soul and physical being experienced the emotions incident to an exciting badger tight, recently ' ■iiulled off. " (Full details will appear in ' 07 Cactus.) FebriKiri ;?.— Sleepy Robertson constitutionally debars all opponents, and g-ives it as his mature legal opinion that Rather and Tipton have a " cinch. " m %S 9 TliLTe ' s B. gentleman l ii(i vii as .Idc K ' rrliey, Who wears a gray liat ni ' a dcrhv. A VI Beta riii ' true— F,.i- hr ' s uotti ' ii them two, Tho- th. v ,nsl hiiii. I expect, iiiore ' n the .1. ' I ' hoiv was uii.v a hidv iianir,! Whn krjit nr,l,.|- III thr lihrarv. And with sk 1,,. s.vivts .,r Thcrr on.-, ' was a holv iiaincl D. B. 1!. In the Km- of Kovra sh.- was the star ; Anil all Ihrmmh the |ihn — I ' m giving fact Th ' |irnna iloiiiia was a-chcwing wax " Februanj ■ ' . — Cobbs and Wynne overwhelmingly elected. H ■■■ Mb: - 0 : Bull Ilitchrv. i.ur ,i;viiiiil ( ' ,,-()|,. ,.l,.rk. l,,st liis patieiu-e oiU ' e. It wns ill St. Louis Xiua- v(vk. It.ili and ii trionrt were walk- iil; iiIiuil: llrnadwiix . at tlic iimiii luiur. wlicii the city crowil ivas at its Iicil:]!!. lie was Ihisviiil: liiiiisdr looking in show fl B.Hall Cni (inilli ' iiH ' ii Willi M rs, and parents with incorri dau::ht(T- aiv ivs|ir,irull rrlnavd to W. F. (Beau) Hun i-iii. Mr. Iiim-aii is tlir iviiiraniatinii ..f a famous Eiiiilis: rliararirr ,,f tlic nainr ..I ' llrunini.d. Ills |,., v,ts uvrr tli weak,.,- s,A an- |,nu-ticallv ]iv|mntu-. Tivatni.-nt a.lnmi.stciv, siiii;lv or m lunu-lics. [Ir lias l,..i-ii known to al.soliiflv donii nat a vci-v lai-c aL ' n-alion ot lonniiiiir units kv tlir wink .. an cw or the wavr ot a hand. Ik ' , iin-d Ca-i,. (diadwirk o fhr it.di lor otkov |„.n|,k.-s nioiaw. On I,,.,- no | M-,t |o tl, Th Ills arc Kill (o 1 ' tliat llii- iadv ' iiovor Mioaks ii.ain. ' B A D NC MOMENTS Ffhriiiirij ■ ' , ' :i)ii . ,. — Pool prostrated; serious doubts as to his recovery — he can " t understand it. ]M " s for iiiimnifircnt : Iil;iiii, Who Ciills ( ' ' All! s Ml, vis tu ivvilc " en HoV .v:,IK ,|,nl. sa . For our of ll,.- ;, ... But bis viMxcsl (), liuw shall wr sf P is for dear s or whi. " I ' .ui r niov a. ' .iiiisifi (i is for (irirtith. so ai.hlv Who rric- tn liis ,.lasH . • 77 P SS A G OF 7LEX 7 VOER F EDER CK 6l ? f£ K is f(ir cuniiinL; yrccii Krrl Wlio n. vcr was scm in a .1.- llr ' s Kappa straiiilit tlinui lint hrtucrn me and von. II.. .-onhln ' t tnrn Hrown.—co (J is lor (JriHith. now or Ir.-lnros. a irarfnl w hr -ni ],is ,l..l Ffbruurij 6 — Rather returns, at a discount, six boxes cf bon bons he had bought to celebrate the victory. ss Q n Sacveb to the emor . . of . . IRo IRatbcr nnb XLom lUipton l lu• cl•c b ©ill 36ra v), 3. f. Sobnson. an 36UI ifrancis PALL BEARERS ACTIVE HONORARY FORRESTLUMPKIN ADRIANPOOL SLEEPYROBERTSON AND BOBRAMSDELL BILLORGAIN HEARSE-DRIVER - - MOGUL ROBINSON I I dJ J fcfe I i I Sngineoring 3)cimrtment. Thr Eiiniiicering Department is the most progressive depart- iiirtit ill the University of Texas, and it is ivith pleasure that vc chronicle the progress made diiriiii; l1n sc sii ii. Tlic niniilici of students enrolled to date ilmiiiii iiii . .mr mvoik! -r -ion in the new huilding, is 259 as a. ;aiii l Kl ' . ' iImiihl: r.iii:;-ii4. a i iim of 87 per cent in two years. This is indeed a good showing, and it is gratifying to know that the Board of Regents appreciate that the Engineering De- partment is the coming department. T.nst fall, to meet Ww demands for another Instructor in Civil Eni iiuvriii;:. tlic - ap- pointed Mr. S. P. Finch to that posiiHui. : lr. ! ' iii,l: i. nnc ..I ' our last year ' s graduates, and a nmsi ia|ialilr man. - t tlirii- January meeting, they created a 8rlic«il nl ' .Vniiitritiiral Imi- gineering. and latelv organized the Earult of ilic I ' jiL ini ' i ' iini: Department, and elected Prof. T. I ' . Tavim- ILmii ' ..f that Faculty, a tittiiii; ii ..i-nitinn of his seventei ' ii c:ii- nf laitlirnl service and sti- ' aiiioa- ilTuiis to make the lir|iarinani of V.w- gineering, not mily a -iicci s. Init a credit to ilir I iin.a-nx. Our stag hanquet at thr Uriskill tin- wai- rcli|.MM| nil tuniicv banquets. Covers werr laiil Fnr two IhiihIiviI lai-incci ' -. Tins yearly spread is a featurr ct ' which ila- I ' .n-na , i niv justly proud, as it is confined chiefly to tlie Engineering De])artiiiciit. and is one of the leading events in our school year. Our progress has not been confined to social events entirely. We have added a new testing machine to our •■Strength of Ma- terials " laboratory, and now have a coniiilete nii-tn-ilat ■ us. thus i iving the students ample means to gel praeti- i-ell as theoretical training during this course in Applied a.eount ol ' the city ' s inahillty to hll it. we luue installe ' i t-ilrlviii I I ' nli ' irni al |iinn|i. and intend to fill the tank ■p it lilled. thus iihiaining a good head of water f or v ie lahoratei nse. as v:ell as affording a strong water EnvineiTs. without doubt, have more spirit than any as- of stmlents in the Varsitv, but it is with regret that sentiment, and the sonner we quell dis- niong our Freshmen, the better it will the Department. We trust that all the ; for the good of the Department, and Ininre will not be marred by any un- ipari nts. but that, striving to main- as fjiLiineers, will be a credit to our- ■sity ..f Texas. r% EWS OF THE ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT. T»£ OaiNDER NOTICK. — Ladies, skip to the Medical Department. Slhimlets. 2 aily Sleport of Senior 2)rawing. tit ' orgt; Finlrv, a good-lookins swain. Was calling one time on a clame. His horse took a fright and ran off in the night. . n(l he had to walk home in the rain. You ' ve all heard of the famous " Back-Eow, " Whose recitations in Masonry are slow; But with Nihbi and Baer or Umlaut Von Blucher How can vou cxpeet tlicm to know. V. Hrndi Phiv- all B. Hall I. Mc Kerhev and (o,n-r a pair . re v.vll Cor „ imul, liot air: If tlieir suspcndors vou " d cut. lik, ' l,allo(nl : they ' d So thcvM l.rttor !„■ rarrful: l.owarr: Young Alvey. from (ialvesfm town. Is as M.ft (so the girls sav) as ilown. Thougli he thinks that he ' s wis,.; if lieM open his eyes, He wouldn ' t he done up o ;,•„, . George Washington Smith, so T-higineers say. Refuses to ride in a car on • " Church " day; This man, though so tall, is exceedingly small, But you bet when he dies, the devil he ' ll play. To thr ftnn, of thr En. uu-rniuj Drparlmait: Dkai, ' S( ri;i:iirx k : ' fhoiigh it pains me very nuieh. 1 find it neec»ai-y to suKiiut the foll.iwmg report: Alvey lost 1 min. devising means to reduce his hill for books for the Spring Term. Blucher devoted 1.5 sec. explaining the Y. . C. A. to Baku. BissELL delayed the class .-. sec. bv In- wood n Indian yell. Elder took out 3 min. thinking bow be would begin his ne.xt letter Iionu-. Ellixgsox absent. Class gained 1 ) min. FiNLEY put in -I min. foraging for tlnimli-tacks. Fletcheu present, but not working. .T.viix came in ■. ' sei-. late: lost the time combing his hair. I.KE left at 4:59 to take a w-alk with his girl. Lewis present and working: hut did not appreciate my sketch of the Bosche building on his bridge drawing. Nakel took out his pipe at 3 :37 ; last man recovered at 4 :22. NiBBi foolishly asked me several questions about his drawing; of course,. T gave him no information. PRlTi ' llETT consunicil l: min. of my time explaining his draw- WiLsox, to the surprise of all, was ju ' csent. ami worked till I began my lecture. XoTE. — The entire class wasted one hour and twenty-eight minutes listening to my discussion of my new book, entitled " The Values of " Hot Air, or Why My Plans for the Bosche Building Were A ccepted. " This report is absolutely true and correct, as I call the roll no less than eleven times during a drawing period. Eespectfullv subinittcd by your most painstaking Instructor in Drawing. GoAT-ipiE Asa Wixdress. jingles. Bi r i;nni8,lell Is a howlin.;- swell When dressed in his footUal When he wears his T If s look at ME : I tell vmi. Fill a licaut. A. Toombs Goes up like tov halloons When he trit-s to leurn : hitli. 4. But Ur. Uice. Suiiliiii; ' just as iiiee. Savs ' Poomls luust take it o ' er. Young Charlie Jones Will throw the hones. And always at the Crystal There, he and I ' liunl;, Lost forty plunk So Jackson got their pisto Beekwith, H. A. Was heard to say That the Engineers, ' 09, Made Jv nior Laws Cry for their Ma ' s i This class i riii ne. Say ! Stanley Finch Has got a cinch : He works ' bout half the But tlien he labors O ' er Freshman papers, S(i he certainly earns hi: Dinochs. II. II,. n. ' s i;. M. ;i ■■niniV linrn. " lie hnslirs th.ill U|. HI, A,i;; And Ih ' -II ask carli .liiinnr win lie sii.nt iniu-li liinc a-stu.lvin- ' When br ,nn-t |.nu,. -M,.— I ' l...- (HI 1 UK .ir SOAIvS TIIEJI. All Juiii,.r -.(lit l!u- McCall, And I),. r;its anmnii all ni iif. Iiivs ,.,l „|, ni Ills .Irrl.v hat. hr rrrtamlv is a sidit: Whri, -S:,,-!.,-.- llo!l,,i;,n work, ihr |,i-.,l, " l,.|iis .nil, . s hr i-atclirs hiMi .■ ,a-v liiiir; ■ v. ii. M OLD ski. xp:k. Mr. Bantd is W Sn|,li - tin., fnmd. A.S he certainly treats tlinii ]-i,l;1iI. .Viid t1i,.v lun-.. In WLirk at ni-h ' t ; Iln In.,., n,, tun,. wli,.ii h,. ,-alls th,. mil: Fi-nin An,l..r ,,n t.i Wiaulit. Ik. ' II llv. An, I ii,. s .n,ls 111,.]!, ,,nt 1,. Ii,.l,l-w, ' .rk wl„.n 111,. w,.athor ' s w, III-: SAYS ' I ' llKY XKHD IT. Wli,. s,.||s „s ,li.a vin- stiitr; V,,ir,| think rr.ini th,. wav h,. ,-liav,;...- 1 ' l,al h,. ,.,.ftaiiilv iiiak,.s ,.n,,u..:lK II,. ,iits In. paiMT a hall HH-h -hnrt. . n.i h,. ,,tli,.i.«is,. livats u V v , Kill, wli,.n v,ui :;,. I,a,-k an,l kn-k t,. I hnt Carl nn B Mav h,. iMit,- that f,.,„l awav. it ,.,.rtainl L nau- ,.11 a h,,n,. Iik,. a raiiii-h,.,! d„- ■W !.,, ,.at th,. iiKist: •WII.VT MOK ' K DO Yor W.VX ' IIK-S ALWAYS HUXOIJY.- S lOonder Sf JDreams Come Drue. Till ' ■■ )|i| Mmu " gave us a hard lessou today; Ir wa- lull of Hvdraulics galore; lie talked " nil wi ' M ' taken ten pauvs of notes. ' I ' llell II,M-le.l on 2l ine lis iiini-e; lie sllnued Imu I II llle H ' eeil , . f a elllTellt Bv the time- thai the lllel ' el- Weill, I rap. y " iwa- while I was iisl.aiiiie to this ilissertatien That 1 fell intn a ,-nni levlahle nap. U. 1 dreamed Foster had ceased his attentions to girls. I wonder if dreams come true ? That haldv .Tahn now had a fine head of curls. I wonder if dn%inis ,-nrne true? 1 divanied (in Meelianies) l.Mindius made l ' . 1 wonder if dreams eoiue true? That Charley on Saturdays gave chili free. I wonder if dreams come true ? Til. I dreamed that MeCall ma.le a hit in " Still WatiTs Run l)ee]i, I wonder if dreams enme truey That :Me Kerhv ' li have news Inr the Texan next week, 1 wnnd. ' r if ilreams enm.. true? I dream. ' d that Kllison had made f. E. I. I onder if dreams come true? That -Banty let us out of fiehl work for fun, I wonder if dreams come true? mI that I wond That Fatty Deen of Va,n had iirnHu mighl I wonder if dreams enme true? I dreamed that Professor Kndress stopped t I wonder if dreams conu ' true? That Stoekard and Breyee would make a g ' 1 wonder if dreams come true? •simian Keldiiake (to I ' . ' ter Wilson. Si r. please hold voiir hat over this e p; not hlow llle 11, ...die s Ilell. " • ♦ •:• ()!,! Man (I m): " .Mr. Wils, Old Man: " ' fhat is the most il,.|iiiil,. answer I have had from ihis ,.|ass siii,.e we began. I tak,. er,.al pl,.asiiT-e in giving this v.hole l,.ss,in ,i ' er. Class excuseil. " Mc Kerhv (in ( ' . K. 7): " l rol ' ess,,r ' i ' aylor. [ ean un.ler- stan,l how the a lr rs ean lahulat,. the distance of a star, its wiiL hl. il,.ii-it -. ,.olor. an, I all that, hut what gets me is, how ill. they know lis name? " (dass; " llaw! Haw! another of ♦ •:• ♦ Sinee Toomlis has made sueh a hit in (lie sliidv of the ehar- aeter ,d ' Mr. V. -vV. he has learned the exhilaral inu ellVit ,d ' up that ,.oiirs,.. It IS to h,. hopiMl that h,. will h,. a- Mi,-,.,.-.-riil in the pursuit of this siihjeet as 1, ' liodiiis. Irvine and Joe Brown. ♦ ♦ ♦ The Williams hovs. I!. M. atul H. J., have turned their room in H. Hall into a daminu aeadeiiiy. They now draw waltzing ste]is in place of I ' l ' id ' essor Ta lor " s stress diagrams. ♦ ♦ " MeCall, what is nothint, ? " asked MeCrath. just before a ipiiz last week. " Well. " savs ileCall. " it is the ere.lit vou re- eei e for answering, eorreetly. one of Pr.ifessor Taylor ' s ' off ' and -on " onestions. " Seott liroN mil ii " ,wn. ■ [here tor his in,l sit m Ihi it,, a number ol ' Senior Co-jvls. in eap S,iitt (of a .Inuior I ' lugineer, who was to,i). " wh ilon ' t the elioir get together Ji D eio Questions. 3iow Ulie Seniors Set drawing 2)esks. Mtvt-h.T-nn-tll.-C ir Y. M. t ' . A. on Sun- Ara.lrllllr s, Mrrt-llr l,nn- til. tlipin hdi Whv has 1! Wliv .li,l S, sua,. an,l t Whv .i.M., 1 Whv IS It ests t(i yet 7 V 7 :7fl5 « J ie farthest? Wilsiin Alvc ' V la- a IMM 1!. T. 1 C. P.. 1 a a . a- a 1 It ut Kn,.hn ■ lia 1,.. 1 Xa ;vl Wr ' wil rails . on 1 ahlv 1 as a Sf le. book Fox has made a ss lo ■i1. Baer a too -sqnare. ihat 1 ■ SNVI|.,. 1 s.,inowlirri lit-. -:iiiiii: . n as w,-ll. thai t !,■ ; ' ..-( |i.,ln-t so Kii.ln s. -11 n ■vcr ijU.-ss, till ra •h -I ' ts a .Irsk. " Pnirossiir Tavhn- (to ila-s m C. Iv. •. ' . " i )— " Tliis is imivlv a •tmv i-oTirs, ' ; hcforo rivilii i- i ivni. Ii.iwcvcr. a 1 k must ' ho . " ■111,.), althni, ), it will not hr lwo:|. I ' ricr. 4.(11). " " ♦ ♦ •:• I ' n.liloiii— Soiiioi-— The base uf rail over tho Gnadalnpo. ■ai- CiiiTo. is 4- " i foot above low water. Assuming track III ' horizontal for a ijiiartor of a mile, and tliat tank-bottom is ' fivt ahovi ' hasr of i-ail. find — the numhi ' r of ;;allons an •:- ♦ -:• H. . . Kndross (to Smii.r- )— " I f voii l„ivs don ' t (|uit aoinL ' to ih,. otbri ' r,„,in and takiii; thiiiiib-taoks from the Fresh- en, " tbi- " ro(]iii will hi ' liickod III! -o that ou will not be able A. (i ■ x. Eiiilross. will tlio Froshiiion rooi to (iiosi ' ll. -W; .straiybton iip; straight. " (ioi Waltor. " bnt wboV that En.lri ' ss— ■■Xo. " A. i. H.— ' -That ' s a good plan. : lr. Endross. " ♦ ♦ Wobh. in writing an ossav for an English I Professor, wrote: " Fironian save m - ohild. " " With one hand he held her beauti- ful hoad abovo the Haiiios. and with the other he called loudlv for assistaiioo,- . nil -till ho wonders whv lie can ' t maku Enolish 1. ' mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Sfledical 2)epart7nent. «36 .J« Sal vest on, Ucxas. %M.M..M.3 -1 " iC ' iC m m m m ■a y A y wm- w-j.j. . ' Yj,f y ( W: IM ' ' ' 1 | -S- F-V MEDICAL BUILDING. 5Pr elude. Although the Medical Do|iartiiii_ ' nt (.f I TexfTS is still in its infancy, its |n-nniiiii lur i more and more as the years pass. Many an ' liave been encountered by this school, b ' .vm own State discouraged the creation of a scIk the Tniversitv. Our State Ir-islatovs ha i ' farinu ' th. ' sr ami iiaiiv .iih, r ; Iv, ■s; ' IMITlin slanrr.-, till- ;■! has enjiiNcd a t. iilv ' ,i;n.wt 1. mil now nrrl pirs a llnsitlnn in advaii.r ..r tli ntlh ' ,- II, ■:|i ■a! ■nlli.ur- n ■ till ' Statn. an second to 111 lie ii til.- Snill :. The obstacirs 1 ,l r l.r, ' n rh iiin itiMJ nnr . - nnr till, pr; cally, only that u ■ ■■m-.ullir rll ai pi-npnatii is ' ivaiain-. ' 1 alone prevents oi r iiiakiii,;; (■ M ' InllS strides t have ahvalv I.,t 1 made. It is tn 1.,. ri ' U ivttn:! tlial vr neglected In d in- awiiiakcrs ti Sll b an rxti nt as tn ivtard growth of rhr ill tltlUlnll. w til hi. prn|,|. liminiial aid. i a few years wmi ,1 pass l„ iiii ■ t imlll Wnlllil l,r brightest star in t ..]■ tlin mi ' iliral - 1 Is nj- thr Y States. And «-h. not a sel on nt Iinm ' the many other advantages of uh rh vi ' Ti aii.- Iira t? With the exist ug condit on .• lunv a imbued with a iiii ( ' rsit ' -1 nt Karh 1 irml.rr 1- ;.iM- trained for his pa ■ticidar p i-t .r t III- Wnrk. . ml tbnv aiv s ing out, from yea r to vrar. a Iv numlie • of grailiiati ' s 1 each of the tliivi S,-Iln,il - M llr ne. Pharmacy, and Xiirs These graduate,-. wc aiv p nil 1 t. say, are taking- tbi ' ii- pi in the front rani s of tlici r. s.),. ftive prof ' ssions. A posi ■ 1 1 In. SlR-h -at living, iu- :li work. It mil pliarma- ' lil - traine d ili,i;litenment !■ pi-csi ' iit. to |-nivrl-sifv gl-nw. But instil 111 ion liv the mag- mran- a iriir criterion. irgin with. Ill- allowed IT this con- ■nts. Then I- future, be Iwd to coiKiU I them the W( entitle them re in combat . Ahiiut a score of th( i. ' iititic trai T. SdHie thirty o.ld (if tliis numl 11-earned ile.uree of Doctor of Mr to stand ready at any and all ti ng the many ills to which the h mu; and ich thei 111 ' care that must be exercis. IS it were — Doctor. Pharmacist —it can almost he said: Since the publication of I ' niversitv of Texas has n ..f .Tnlv. l!)nr,. T)i-. Wiiliai till- I ' nivorsitv. did. At the la-t oluille ol ' tllr CACTt-S. the llrivd a ,i;ivat ]o . On tlie ' i-ith dav I L. I ' rather, formerly President of iiis death the cause of higher edu- latioii lost a valiant su]i|iorter. His loyal patriotism, his edu- cational work and his force of character have comliined to leave a permanent monument to his memory. To our new President, Dr. David F. Houston, we offer a cordial welcome. He is well known through his work as a iiiciiiliii- of the Faculty and as Dean of the Main Department ill former years. We heartily commend the action of the Board of Regents in securing the services of Dr. Houston as Prcsi- ilcnt of the University of Texas. James Edwin Thompson, M. B., B. S., F. R. C. S., Profi-nsor of C. S., England, isnii; M. B. and B. S., London, 1887; F. R. C. S. Professor of Surgery, University of Texas, 1891. inyeri .-M. R. England, 1HS8; Skth Mabry Morris, B. I Ofiu in the Sclioo . ' of Mi B.S., University ' Snr-c(ir M. D., I ' nfrxsurnf Ch.mislril tliil To.rirol- iiir ,nn J ' uinii, !,■; : Lrrtiinr ni, UiHrtirs.— Vxas, 1888; M. D., ' College of Physicians s. Xcw York, 1891; Professor of Chemistry :icology, University of Texas, 1891. Raoul Rene Daniel Cline, M. A., Ph. G., Professor of Pharmacy, School, of Pharmucij: Lec- turer on Pharmacij, School of Medicine. — Ph. G., Med- ical College of Lille, France, 1887; B. S., University of Montpelier, France, 1889; A. M. Gettysburg College, Pennsyl- vania, 1896; Graduate in Pharmacy, New York School of Pharma- cy, 1890; Professor of Pharmacy, University of Texas, 1895. — mi Edward Randadd, M. D., J ' nijcf s„r of Jlntcria sMr(li, ' (, ami Therapeutics: Lecturer on Ihi .-iical Diagnosis: Professor of Materia Medica in Scliool of Pharmacij. — A. B., Washington and Lee University, 1K79; M. D., University of Pennsylvania, 1HM3; Interne. Philadelphia Hospital, 1883-84; Interne, Maternity Hospi- Municli. issfi: Professor of Materia Medica, Galveston College of Medicine. Isss; Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, University of Texas, 1891. William Kkillek, L. R. 0. P. and S., F. R. C. S., ' ■,. ' ,x.vv.,() .l(((y to . — Graduate Student Uni- versity of Edinburgh, 1877-81; Student Royal College Surgeons and Medi- cine. 1SS4-SS: Qualifled Licentiat of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Edinburgh, 1K90; Qualified Licentiate of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow; Fellow Royal College of Sur- geons, Edinburgh, IMQO; Lecturer on Anatomy, Edin- burgh Medicine School, 1H90; Professor of Anatomy, Uni versity of Texas, 1891. Marvin Lee Graves, M. A., M. D., Professor of Me Uci}ie.—M. A.. SoutI western University, 1886; M.D., Bellevue Hospital Medical College, N. Y; Supt. Sw. Insane Asylum, 1899-1905; Professor of Medicine, U. of T., 1905. si.lcnt I ' ll 111; iimz- li ' ssorof Wll.r.lAM SPKNCER C ' ARTRR, M. D., r ili of tlic ruriilhj iif the Mfiliriil Jlr If l ' lnjsi„li,(lil ami llijiii ' -nr. M. 1)., Uiii vi ' sity " f I •(•niis. Assisliint ' Asst. l)(• lun tl■;l1(ll■ I ' ;il lidlc .- ' v, I ' n ixiTsil v " T I ' .■nnsvl ;i ii i; master in 1 ' al lic.| .--y, Mrdu-al Inslilntc I - ' .iL ' - ' .iC: Assist isyKan ' ia. l ' .HMi;: l- ' rllowof I ' liiladclphia College «l( L;ist of Children ' s Hospital of iladclpliia. l-- ' ,i:; ' .Ml: I ' rofessor of Physiology, Uni- N Fannin Young Paine, M. D., Profe - yoi- of Obstetrics and Qynerologij. — Stu- dent at the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylva- nia, ls57-ril); M. D., Uni- versity of Louisiana, 1861: Chief Surgeon, Mobile Hospita " Professor of Materia Medi. ' a and T peutics, Tulani ' Uni i ' rsity, l- -ri-sC; . |,.ih- berof the Visiting Staff of thi ' (. ' iiarity Hospit New Orleans, lss5-8B; Obstetrician and Gynecolo gist of the John Sealey Hospital, and Professoi ot Ob stetrics and Gynecology, Medical Department, Unnoisity of Texas, 1890. Alfred Edward Thayer, M. D., I ' rofcsyor of Patlio ogi . Student at Wil- liams, 187 -Issl: M. 1)., Xew Ydi ' k C(ille ie (,f i ' liysieians and Surgeons; Columbia Univ. ' isity, l si; Hospital I ' l ' aeti.e, X,- v nv , 1ss1-h6; Graduate Student, University of Gottingen, (e ' lanaiiy, Issii s7: Univei ' sity of Vienna, Aus- tria, 1887-88 ; Fellow in Pathology, The Johns Hopkins University, 1889-1890; Instructor in Anatomy, Yale Col- lege, 1890-91; Vital Statistician, New York City Health Department, 1895-98 ; Assistant Surgeon Marine Hospital Service, 1894 and 1898-99; Assistant Professor of Materia Mediea, Pathology and Bacteriology, University of West Virginia, 1899-1900; Instructor in Gross Pathology, Cor- nell Medical College, New York. 1890-9:? ; Professor of Pathology, University of Ti ' xas, I ' .IOo. Snstructors, demonstrators and Gffi James J. Tekkeli., M. D., Ltrtitr, ' ,- mi Mnlivnl cihiHitulniiir, Ih ' iiioustnit or of l it ,nlnf ii.—M. D.. Univorsitv of Texas. David H. LaWKEXCE, M. D,, Lrrtmrr „„ :];,;!;,;, Jin-isin-u (Iciivc ' .—M. D., University of Texas, I ' .iOl ' . John Brannum Haden, M. D., Lecturer oh Oiihilinliiinhmii. — M. D., University of Pennsylvania, IML ' ; Licentiate. University of New York. Henry C. Haden, M. D., Leeiurer mi ofulni ij. iihiiiniiiiiii, mill Liinjiii olof ! . — M. D., University of Pennsylvania. M. ChAK ' M)TTH SCHAEFEK, M. D.. Lerlun-r uml Iriiiiiiistrii- tor of (Iriienil Biologij, Xoninil Nisloto, , . onil (inirnil Eiiibrijoloyij. — M. D., University of Ti ' Xiis. I ' .NHi. William Gammon, M. D., Assodntr in rut io ni ii. M. D.. University of Texas, 1893. Howard Ru.SK Dudgeon, M. D., Lirtunr on Diriinitn oi i : Denioiiiitrator of Siirr eni. M. D., Universitv of Texas, 1901. H. O. SaPPINGTON. M. D., Ihnioiistnitor of Ohstr .-irs a ml (!iiiierolo( ij.—y . D., University of Texas, li)()0. Wall. CE Rouse, M. D., Lertnnr on in FJniKlml Diiignosin: Deinoii ' triiti — M.D., University of Texas, I ' .K W. T. GaRBxVDE, Ph. G., Deinonstm G., University of Texas, 19o;i. Horace T. Aynesworth, M. D.. lit; . — M. D., University of Texas, Oscar H. Plant, M. D., Demonst, M. D., University of Texas, 1902 John C. Bugkner, Ph. G., Demon Ph. G., University of Ti ' Xiis, 100 Harvey B. Matthews, B. S., Ass Normal Histology.— B. S., Univer Majorie M. Taylor, Siij rintenihn Annie L. Rutherford. Assisinnt Sn Ethel D. A. Clay, Clinieul instmet AddiE Hill, Stenot mp irr uml l.iliru Thos. H. Nolan, I ' ronM. Peiliiilries ■of Clin ir ■ liisfi il Med llrfo n- of Chen istrij.- -Pll lt( In tor oj Phi, Phi iologi . rmiieij. s7r nt II, mo, siriilor it. ■ of ' i. Xiirs inlriii exa ent x. IIKC. ifNiirs INSTRUCTORS, DEMONSTRATORS AND OFFICERS mm Senior Sfledicine Class. Biiuci-: Allison, M. 1)., Mcxia, Texas. Yice-1 ' ivsiilciit M. 1)., Hildii, Texas. Viec-l ' ivsi,!..,,! S ,|. .Tiuiidi- Class. iiiiiMire Class; Sec ■i■taT■ M. D., Sulphur Springs, Texas. Seeretary P -eshiiiaii Class; II is. IV Class; Memliership (niinuittee Dinin.i: Chili. ■()4-( . " i ; Kditoi ' - iTHVENS Barham, -I X; B. S., a. anil : [. ; M. 1». ; Xaeo elies, Texas. Auditing Committee Dining Cliili. " (it-d Pailiiiliigist Sealy Hospital, " nii. Treasurer .lunior Class. " Can you see anythiug lovely about alitt!- ' L ' ;iil I. ' " CiiiiisTiE Bo Mi:x Cl.vkke, i X ; M. D., Whitesl.oro, Texas. Vice- President Freshman Class; Treasurer .hininr Class: Treasurer Seni Class. Wai.tlk Clay IHckly. ' X ; M. D., M i.l.lldnn. Texas. Seeretarv Supliunioiv Class; Seeretarv .lunior Class: Class Kditnr Cactus. " Self praise would be half condenmat inn. " John Fkancts Gibson, AMUH; B. S ' ., M. D., Taris, Texas. Interne Sealy linsi.ital. " Can you see beyond the stars? " RoiiKiiT Dennis Gist, ' ! X; M. I).. Aiiiiirilld, Texas. President Frosliman Class; Treasurer Students ' Counci ' (14: Treasurer nud ( ' a( i r ( ' la Ivlitor Sophomore Class; Vice-Presi dent Junior Class ; Executive Com mittee Dinintr Cluli. " iH-n. " . ; .Itmior Class Editor McdicaJ : Editor-in-Chief Cactus, ' ' 05. Ui;iFFix. AIMIin; : I. 1).. (ialvcstoii. Texas. P enior Class. ; should be buried and iint solved. " E. S. Hrnsox, A M nn; M. P.. Yoakum, Texas. " Till- fjods have certainly l ?en goo;l to me these four years, " iv ident Final Ba ]kliss J[-A.KG. iiET HoLLiDAY. B. S., i[. S., -M . D., Austin. Texa A Texas. TreasunT Junior i ' lass; X ' lee-l ' rcsidcnt Senior Class. " X sealed spriug and a pent-up fountain. " Gi!.A.xvn.i.i: ' l II i-i . I ' X: M. D., Big Springs, Texas. Secretary Freshman (la--; Smctarv and Treasurer Sophomore Class ; Business Mana.uci- ( ai ii-. ' iKi-o-i ; E.xecutive Com niittee Dining Club. " 03-04 : Chairman l- ' iiian.r Committee Final Ball. ' 05; President Junior Class; Manager Co-Uperative Book Store, ' 05-06. " The finaneier does it witliout a i-ow in a wonderful, wonderful way. " Amos MoKinnie Jones, ' . I)., (irandv Senior Class. " Works while you sleep. " Albekt Kii.vfSK. il. D.. Houston. Te To Tr .mt Junior (. ' la s; Sei T?n Senior Class. IJMMil ' - . . Walter Kleberg, AMriH: M. I)., (inlvcston, ' J xns. I ' rusitlmt StiidciiN " Coiiiic Ball Committee, ' 05. " Sleeps while you wni-k. " .lOWlS. :M. 1».. 1 ' , , ' xas. aying golf r " ui Arthur Lee, M. D.,, St. Jo, Te.xas. Yiee-Presiilcnt .]uni,,r Class. Ja.mes Clark Loveless, JI. D., Hillshoro, Texas. Treasurer Jiini r Walter Henry .Moi-rsind. M. 1».. Krc.lrri.ksliiiru, T. xa Treasurer S( ]ih,,niorc Class; Auditing: I ' omuiittcc Dniir Club, ' 03-04; President Students ' Council, " n.D ; Pres. Class. " No pent-up Attiea can contract my physical powers. " Jerry Wn.LTA:vr Oxford, M. D., Turnersville, Texas. Secretary-Treasurer Dining Hall, " iil-O:, ; Sccretarv-Trea urer Freshman Class; Secretary SophonKirc Class; ' Presidnii Hall Cliil). " 0.5-06. " The eattlemeu will use me a great deal when I begin to practice. " Estes Paine, A S ; M. D., Galveston, Texas. Chairman Final Bal l Committee, ' 04 ; Pres. Class. " There is a pain which opium does not relieve, but to which a holiday brings a smile. " Bkn- Hill Passmore. M. D.. Goliad, Texas. Vice-President and Treasurer Freshman Class. " Romeol " " AxniiEw Jackson ( " George Washiniitox " ) Piu ' k. ! A 2 : M. I .. Madisdiiville. Texas. Yice-Presidait Junior Class; Business Manager Malinil. " (i4-(i. " " i: Class Editor Mi Jit a]. " All work and no play has made Jack a dull Imv. " William Lahcel 8troziee. M. 1».. Willis. Texas. President Senior Class. fllT 11. ' 1 ' A 2 ; M. D.. Lewisville, Texas, Vice-President Stii- .-.; Chaii ' iiian Final Ball Cnininilter. ' (LS • Vice-President -n vs. i[. p.. Altair. Texas i;y Kekoix Speed, M. D.. Wnrthain. Texas. Meinliersli Committee Dining Chib, " OS-Ol! ; Seeretarv Senior Class " Pseudopads are my propelling agents. ' ? Bkn.iamix (»k n Wokks. . T).. II. .ward. T. Clul), ' o:U)4: Junior Class Editor Cacti : lemliershii, d Is.iAC Lafayette Wall, M. D., Altonia, Texas. Secreta Class ; Pathologist Bealy Hospital, ' 05. " There is no exeellence without great labor. " i fit for treasons, stratagems Class; Vice-President Se: A m ■■ junior Siiedicine Class. Gffu J ' lrst Jorm. PllESlnEXT VlfE-PUESIDEXT Secretak y-Trea SriiEH Serrean-t-at-Ahms - Second Uei PliESIDE.NT A ' ice-Pkesidekt Secret ARY-TiiEASTjRER Serceant-at-Arms ). V. LAWRENCE S. H. SPRUIELL H. F. PHILIPS (). H. JUDKIXS 0. H. JUJIKINS . V. LAWRENCE ■ C. C. COOKE R, H. HUVELLE Class % ll. W.C Wa! Va! Class Colors. Aves, C. M. Armii.ii, E. IL Bahn, C. a. Cooke, C. C. Cooke, F. D. Collier, J. . I ' LARKE, Simon Class Pioll. Davis. J. D. Haktman, Henry HrvELLE, R. H. JUDKINS, 0. H. Jones, J. G. Kemp. .J, 0. K.NuniT H. 0. lilNG.SLEY. ilSS W Lawren CE, 0. Morris. JIOORE. T. M. S. H. Philips H. F. JUNIOR, MED CINE CLASS IWI IW— y»w» Hm mmm JLTSBvAi Sophomore S edicine C lass. Offu Phksioent . F. E. HUDSOX ViCE-PliE.SinEXT C. il. BLOSS Secretary axd Treasii KR - - C. E. RAYBURN SEl! iEAXT-AT-Al;MS - Second Uerm. R. R. ALLEX PHESIUENT C. M BLUSS ' U E-PRESinE.NT R. R. ALLEX Secretary and Tkeasvi er - - ■ .1. E. FORTEXBERRY Seki:eaxt-at-Ai!MS - T. F. ilOORE Class fHoll. Allex, R, B. (iRAY. t ' . E. Merrk K. E. H. Argxsfeu). i:. H. HALliERT. Mis.S A. B. io(lRF T F Bexuow. E. a. HARRIS. J. [ ' . I ' OWEI.E. F. p. B:bb. L. R. Hayes. A. W. i ' Ainusii. Mrs. M. Bloss, C. M. Helm. H. M. Kayiu KX. r. K. Bramlette. F. B. nri.s(,x. E. E. Itdl 1F nrxoAX. R. A. Jacksox. L. B. Sykes. E. M. DixxAM. T. E. .ToxES. E. F. S.MIT1I. B. F. Eckel. G. il. . Foxes. R. L. Thomas. J. C. Eckiiardt. J. C. A. l.OXCMIKE. T. R. Tomkies. J. S. Ei.Ms. T. H. !axx. W. L. Welter. C. B. Fc.kti:xim:i;kv, -T. C. ArAYFIELIl. L. K. WiniK. A. E. iUKxiCHT. V. (■. WlXKIKLD. C. F. ( (K.i.M.x. T. X. : iE vsiiAW. R. E. L. YocxG. 0. D. SOPHOMORE. MEDICINE CLASS ■vn Hi l fillUxM lf- ' freshman Class. Officers. Sail Uerm. PRESIDENT J. H. VAUGHK VICE-PRESWEKT .....-- D.M. RUMPH SECRETARV-TREASVRER - ■ - - - H. L. KIRKHAM Serge. ntat-Arms - T. J. WOLF lOinter Uerm. PRESTOEN-T - - D.M. RUMPH Vke-Presiuen-t ... - C. C. HILL Secretary .Treasurer T. J. WOLF SEROEA.XT-AT.ARMS .-.----■ M. SW ' EARINGEX Spring Uerm. PRE.s,nE T - ■ C.Z.SMITH VKE-PRES,nK T - P. G. GAMBLE SECRETARV.TREASVRER ... H.W.HARDY SERGEAXT-AT.ARMS G.O. PRIEST CORRESPON-DENT TO Meo.cai. . . - . W. A. DUPREE CLASS Editor Cactus - . . ■ C.Z.SMITH U resliman Class SJloll. Ali.ex. 1 " RAXK (5 Andersc V, C. ' . Aycock. F. E. (U Badt, M B. BALDWI , J. V, (S Bergfem , A. W. C Boxn. .J. B. 17 ) BOXKEH, w. 1- (2( Browx. .. C. (22 Brock, ( . F. BRUfE, :iiwix (1 BOERNER ii. I . Bl-RKESS X. 1. Cade, V. V. (2 1) fALLOW V. K. K. Ctiamie s. Ka RI. EllLSOX, I.. ]i. Ferrell, Hiibebt Fisher, W. C. FORTSIIX. J. L. Camhi.e, p. 0. (iARRETT. H. S. (2in Hardy. H. V. 13) Hediey. Miss JI. Hill, V. C. H. ' ECMs-ER, W. I.. HrN.NiciTT. I!. .7. Mcrga.x, Miss Retta Odcm, J. A. (28) NORTHES, E. C. OwEX. D. B. Pace, Heriiert (9) Peter, L. J. Priest, C, O. (20) Rawkox, C. V. (Ki) Richards, V. F. Rcss, A. RlMFH. D. M. (Ifi) Saxdjieyei!, E. S, Saye, W. ]... .iR. Key, 11. H. Kh!KHAM. H. L. KXCILIE. K. C. Laxcaster. E. H. Letzerick. a. il. LuiiE. ].. .T. .Matthews. H. B. " 1IITE. F. WiTTE. B. FRESHMEN. MEDICINE CLASS i School of S hormacy. M ' 4 (■■Tni " ) BiMTTON. i X; Ph. G., Waco, Tc-ca . : l. ( ' (IX. ' I X: Til. a.. Ferris. Texas. Class F.diti.r Mr,lnvl. -(i-t-o.-i : .V.-s.K-iate Edi- tor Mr,li,vl. •(i:,-IH;; Statr I ' liannarcutical .Vssnciati.m Si holarshii. ; Hall C ' liil Edvv. rd Eaele ( " Eebai!1!y " ) Delaney. I ' ll Texas. Anti-Fraternitv League; Assuciati ' ' 06; President Class, ' 06; Secretary-Trrasiir ■■Silence is his Jos. II. ( " Zl Anti-Fraternitv I CliAs. I). EuuHAiiirr. I ' li. (i.. WVsttield, ' iVxas. Anti-Fraternity Leac iie. M. F. ( ' ■Haumcy " ) 1I()i,max. ' I X:B. S., S. W. T ' . : T ' li. G., (icciHretown. Texas. Class Eilitiir ( ' a(;tus, ' OG. 1 ' . M. ( " SPAGHETTr ' ) Haimes, X; Ph. (i.. Sail Antonio, Te.xai II. . . ( " P]fferve.scence " ) Heffeisman, I ' ii. C. Houston, Texa i fountain in a vast desert. " W. L. ( " RoBT. I. " ' ) Keown, X: Ph. (i., W Secretary and Treasurer, " (id. " The truest greatness is that which is nnst-t- ri. unknu Kurt Keidel, Ph. G.. Fredericksburo;, Texas. Anti-Frater nity Leaj;ue " A cheerful spirit, discerning the silver lining of the darkest clond, " C. L. ( " Bamk " ) Kewi!. i X: A. B., Trinity Universitv: Pii. G., Prns]ier. Texas. GIs President Third Term. •ii.- : First Term. " (Mi: I ' lvsidoiit P. . . V. T.. " ii.- : Vii- dent Students " Con Mattiiku . 1 ' }lr,r,rnl. •(I.--(I( Texas. Anti-Fratrruity Lrauur-. Pivsidwit P. A. U. T., ' OC : CI ( ' i.ii-i-(ini) " Maiiaffky. Ph. G.. Saliinal. Trxas. Anti-Fiaternitv Loamic; Editor-in-Chief ( ' ACTis: : lc.lical DriiartiiH ' iit. •(ill. I). (,)ri:iii:. Ph. G., Brenham, Toxa?. Anti-Fraternity Tjoagup. " Vniitli is lull of pleasure: age is full of evil. " Wesley S. ( ■•(W)Ri, junior S ' harmaei . i ' RKSIllE.NT Vice-President Secretary axd Treasihei! CORRESPOKDEXT TO MEnlCA SERCEAXTS- AT-Al!M S PRE.SiriENT Vice-Presibext SECRETARY AXI) TREASI RER Correspondent to Medical Officers. Sail Derm. JOinter Dern. SER(:EA AT-All - HAKTSlI.l. !L STEED MISS C A. SHIPE - PATRK ' K .7 lUUKoW (i. EVEKI- IT I ' dl.EV HEX A. ( " |IIX 1 F. H. FAI KEXP.Ei;(; - il. A rn vAHAii 7 .. A. HAVS P. -T BURROW G E. COLEY PAUL XI BET ( MAX WIESEXTHAL JUNIOR, PHARMACY CLASS — ■ junior J liannaetj Class Si oil. AvEiiA. .Tkfk. a. l!rj;ii(,«-. Patiiuk J. UiTTEitY. Albert J. Caytox. Bex A. COLEY. G. EvEliETT CnxE. Harney- K. C ' OPEI.AXD. T. X. .((INES. K. . Joseph. Irwi Kyzer, Tiid-M Xt.sret. p. Pfeiffer. RA5I.SEY. ■ Smith. V. E. SlIITHER.S. il. Steed. Stiles, Edwar Stromberc. E. Ta.n.xer. C. G. Tims. .J. E, Vaxie, ,T. T. Voss. Clyde Wamswortii. . ' ■ - invifctiiiinir • ' JUNIOR, PHARMACY CLASS Senior Dim •SOS. Mahv Leslie LrxNV. Fi-;uiklin. i.n. .luiiim- I ' n-sidcnt : Senior Historian. " Titles of liouor a.W not to lit-i- worth whn is h nsi-lf an liouor to lier titli-. ' ' Ei.i.A J. ( UAi.i.s Cox. (Toiizak ' s. Texas. Junior Vice-Presi- dent. ' ■ExcetMHiigly wise, fair-spoken anil persnadin;, ' ' KiTTii.; Belle Smith Auxold. Mt. Luke Park. : I I. AxxiK 0 " DoxxELL. Pallas. Texas. .Innior Secretary. Senior Vice-President. Waxda Rebecca SciirLZE, Henipstead, Texas. " Never idle a moment, but thrifty and thoughtful of others. " Elizahetli WAiiiiriiTOX. Houston. Texas. ..- ia ¥iMiiiiiiliiiife ' - ' — r iS STT- Dii Makv Inez IImsky. CoHa.l. Tcxa-. •Sliei, worthy. .th.-l-v... ■all. Ml ■■ Daikv X. Freeman, (ialvrston. ' Texas. Senior Secretary. Nan DiNSMOiiE Smith. Crnekett, Texas. Senior Treasni ' " .!. ■. Temppr.-i.i.-e iili.l Repose slam the door on the .loetor ' s nose. ■ Mai. ' V Main rATTEi. ' sox. Snyder. (). T. .Tunior Treasi Lr-riE May Glexn. : Iiaini, Texas. " Til. ' ' e .if her own merits make her way. " Mn;i i, Isoi.A Alexander, Hoii.«ton, Texas. Alycf Zapeix. ( ' oi|iii Christi, Texas. A ' Dci President Vice-President Sec retauy Treasurer Offii SlolL Hessie White Annie Laurie Van . C. Penner Frances .Vina Duty Irene Stimpson Cavi JosErniNE Barn ;MARY FERGUSON BRITNELL - C. PENNER MABEL LOTT HUMPHRIES AXXIE LAURIE VAX ARSDALE HARRIETTE tiEOKGE LOTT Leola Gaedcke Mabel Lott Humphries Mary Ferguson Britneli. Margaret Sealy- Ladd Marie Edna Neff JUNIOR NURSES — The lIuctctLe FEATURES OF STUDENT LIFE, ■■ ' JLiSli i- ' : M[y M Organizations and oocieties . . of the . . Sfle dical 2)epa rtm e n t. Wm ' M f - ' W (s ' n i : vWi i AvW P ■■■ HP S hi Chi 3iedical D raternity. Zeta Chapter. 3ratres in lirhe. H. llni,(;i;. M. D. Jratres in J ' aeullate. ilAIiVlN L. CliAVKS. : I. D. II. O. SAl ' riXl.TOX. M. D. ratres in llniversitate. Seniors. (i. 8. liAiiimi W. C. Dickey O. T. IIai.i. ( ' . B. Ci.auke R. n. juniors. H. n. Waki.i Soph H. C. Haktm. ' wiiTiiiii iiiJI» " ' ■ PHI CHI MEDICAL FRATERNITY 5 hi Jllpha Sigma (Medk-al Fraternity , ' llevue Hospital Medical C ' olle Spsilon Chapter. (Medieal Fraternity , ' Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New Yr D ' ratres in lirbe. Jratres in J ' aeultate. . S. Cautek, M. D. William, M 1). .1. E. TiuiMPSoN, M. 1). A. K. TIIAYEH, M. I). Sratres in llnivers Allen G. Heard, ih ' E. M Arnold, ' 07 EsTEs Paine, ' l.m C. M. Aves, ' 07 Andrew ,T. Pope. iKl H. 0. Knight. ' 07 Beknakd F. Smith. Mi F. B. Bramlette. T. H Ellis. -(IS iriM.EoN. M. T). [aydex. M. D. ' LA NT. ,M. n. ■E RorsE. y . D. 1. .. (.iOOD.SON. 08 Everett Jones, ' 08 ] f. H. BOERNEK. ' 00 H. B. : [attiie vs. " 0 taumntu amt- ' ■■ - PHI ALPHA SIGMA Jllpha 3Cu SPi Omega 3Cedical Jraternity. liniversity of Uexas Chapter. Sratres in ILrbe. Uratres in facilitate. .TULIVS P. RVHL. M. D. H. B. Stone, M. D. V. P. Breath, il. D. KlAVAIlll r.AM.AH. M. O l; 1 1). (LINE. M A.. Pll. G. s. : :. .MciHius, M. 1). .1. .1. Tkurili,. M. 1). ). II. l.ANV :r,N ii:. 1 11. li., M. D. D rat res ' Un versitate p. S. GriI ' Fin. " OU C. M. Eckel. ' 08 Walter Kleeerg. lui i;i Y F. Witt. B. S., ' 08 E. S. Hrnsox. " OO Hai-.old Kirkiiam. ' 09 ,T F Hirw N- 1 ' .. S.. ' W, E. M. Sykes. " OS J. K. Im.ynn; ' (Ki C. 1!. lU.iiss. -OS ilUIilUS liM T. -U!! (1. n. YurN. . ' OS E. H. Lancaster. B. S. ' 09 I.. B. BiBii, -OS JcE D. Davis. ' 07 E. C. Northern, ' 09 B. T. YovNu. ' 07 S. D. Johnson, Jr., ' 09 R. H. HuvELLE. ' 07 Vm. C. Fishek, Jr., ' 09 »fci MiiiMiiiitft- - - ALPHA MU PI OMEGA MEDICAL FRATERNITY S hi Chi. jOambda Chapter. Sit the 3aeullu. ; Ac cAoo . F. il. (ox W . L. l K() v. :. T. sm THE C. L. Kerr P. J. BVRROWS H. E. Ito 1NS( M. F. HOLMAN G. E. COT.EY ii. II. Sti El) P. M. Haines M. A. fiRAIIAM A. H. A IISW T. .M. Brittox Pavl XisriET H. I. SllIELII TERREI.!, . .UK 1?. S. Bruce, Ph. G. F. M. Cyrvs, Pn. G. A. B. .ToiTxsoK. Pn. G. J. H. McCajx. Pii. G. Sn the City. Pledges. B. Phelps, Ph. G. J. Rey.xoeds, Ph. G. WiLDTXo, Ph. G. PHI CHI PHARMACY FRATERNITY Jlnti- rat Organization. Siotio: " Ji 5uir IDeal. ' GffiCi PHESlllENT Vl(E-Pl!F.SlllENT Secketauy ANII Treasi Seugeant-at-Ahms - President - - - Vice-President - Secretary and Treasurer Rerceant-at-Arms Jirst Jerm. Second Uerm. H. W SSMOP.E H. - niHAX F. 1. -. .v. ■ E. . JONES J. . TTIIEWS L. C BRO N T. J i. MORRIS F. E. HUDSON I MlMiA ' i Sk embers. Allex. R. R. Al.LEX. 0. 1 ' . AVERA, Jeff. Anderson, C. C Aycoci . V ( ' . Brown L. (. ' . CUdMlMI, V. K. CliAWFOKU. J. L. Dei.axey, E. E. DiNXUM, T. E. Dl ' pree, W. a. DlNCAN, R. A. Di-NX. W. V. EiDSON, L. B. ElIKHAROT. C. D. Ei.nER, J. H. Edwards, R. Falkenberg, F. H. FORTENBERRY, J. C. GUENTHER, E. G. GOODALI., C. Harris, J. P. Hki.m. H. M. iNAIiNIT. 0. N. .lAlKSON. L. B. JriiKiNS. O. H. Jones. J. G. Jones. K. R. .loHIIAN, W. J. Ketdel. K. Key, H. H. Lawrence, O. V. Lee. •. A. LoN(iMIRE, T. R. LoVEf.KSS. J. C. La liAiiowE, J. G. Lktzkrk ' U. A. M. Lewis, (i. L. LooAN, E. R. Morris. T. M. Maiiaffey, C. McCoy, R. A. JfrGiiRE, H. D. MoiRsuNn, V. H. JL TTMEWS. C. J. Peter, L, J. QiEiiE, H. 0. Raybirn. C. E, RiiMPii, D. M. Ram.sey, J. R. Richards, V. F. ROUTEN, A. S. Ross, A. Rawson, H. Shilling, J. G. Smith, C. Z, Smith, W. E. Stromrerg, E. W. Speed. H. K. Stro .ier, W. iL SWEARINGEN, W. Smith, li. C. Spriikm,. S. IL Skiitkic. I ' . U. Wise. K. V. WINFIELD, C. F, Young, J. W. YOIJENS, W. G. 3fi c enfs ' Christian jlssociation. Officers. ' RKSIDEN ' T l ' U E-PliKSinENT iECRKTAItY-TltE. ; .. WALL devotional Committee Committee on Dieto Sfiemhers. Siible Studfi Committee. Delegates to Snternational Students ' Convention, at Ocashville, Uennessee. A 1,1,1 SON, B. , Y(_OCK. S. E. BER(iFKI,l), A. W. ( Bond, J. B. Biiow.N, I,. C. Clark, S. Collier, J. I. Ciu-Mi.LKii ' . W. E. Cr.MMINCS, W. J. .N, R. A. W. V. Dl W. T. EDW.MiDS, R. R. Elmer, .1. H. E, LKENF1ER(1, F. FORTENBERRY, J. (;. 5[BLE. P. G. H. YES, A. R, Jackison, L. B. J011K.SON. P. 1,. Kyzer, Thos. Sfiembers. Lewis, G. L. Mewshaw, R. E. Merrick, E. H. MoKnicht, V. f. Miller, E. T. Oxford J. VV. Odom, J. A. Peter. L. .J. Priest, (;. O. SPRriEi.L, S. H. Smith, C. Z. STKOMBEK(i, E. W. swearincen, m. Terrill, Dr. ,T. ,T. Thomas. W. S. tomkies. .t. s. Tims, .J. E. Vance. .J. T. Vaughan. J. W. Wall, I. L. Works, B. O. Young, J. W. salens fining Club. President VlfE-PRESIDEXT SErltETARY ANn TR Officers. KR - - Sxeeiitive Committee. E. ( ' . Wisi: Sfiomhership Committee. J. w. nxFO - E. r. v H. F. PHIL When in the session of l!)lt:i-()4 we students persecuted oui stomachs tliricp daily fi-oui ihe store uf liasli-liouse products,- when freshmen learned to subtract and dissect in the art of separating flies from gi-avy,— when the waiters only smiled at the applications of hot fomentations to the collars in the form of clear soup,— when all were rivals for a taste of oysters in oyster soup,— when all lived in expectancy of a Sunday dinner that never came, and when constipation was inevitable— our nauseated areas called forth the activitv of our business faculties, and from the result of active minds and the wrecks of Breckenridge Hall, sixty-six of us org-an- izi ' il u- ■Mi ' ii- niiiiiii; I lull. " and thus saved the student body from being a bunch of anemic dyspeptics. I„ |,ii,, ,,| ni;m iM. ' iliiiinns to the contrary, our club gradually increased both in numbers and quality of board until the session of P,m4-i):) loLuid us with many applications for entrance and to whom our limited capacity afforded no admittance. The reputation of the " Hall Club " is second only to that of the University, and being confronted with the question of enlarging the building, our enthusiastic officers were quick to devise a plan, and today we can give plain, nutritious and well-cooked food to one hundred and forty men. also furnish a means for seven men to aid themselves through the session by a little work daily. A CACTUS STAFF San-Jielenic SBall. CHATKM Chaiiu: C ' hairm CllAIKJ ClIAIRll AN Supervisory Comjiittke AN Finance Committee - AN ARRANOEMENT COMMITTEt AN Invitation Committee AN Reception Committee Chairman Entertainment Committee AN Floor Committee AN Program Committee ANDAI.!, CKIKl-l.N AX1)1M-: V .r. Pnl ' K F. M. CnX R, DKXXIS ci r I. H. WADSWOUIH K. S. HUnSON H. B. .MATTHEWS FRAXKLIX SMITH A PAN HELENIC BALL President Vice-President - Secretary - Treasurer Sergeant- at-Akms President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sekoe akt-at- Arm s Editor-in-Chief BtisiNESs Manager Students ' Council. Officers. irst Uerm. Second Uerm. Ulie lUiversity 3iedieal. n. IIOURSUXD C. L. KERR W. FRAXKLIN F. D. COOKE W. C. DICKEY H. M. HKI.M - D. M. RCMPIl J. 0. JOXES EVERETT JONES R. L. JONES EmTDlMN-ClIIEF AssociATE Editors Business Manage Assistant Manag U he Cactus. C. MAHAF E. E. dela: F. E. HCDSI - H. H. sr R. L. MEWSl sss GALVESTON VIEWS a cCimerichs. Jt £a Sfiode. " If vour love for nie Is true, ' said he, When ho k Dew thev soon a " Put thi rose away To rest for ive Close to V(i n- .1. .■ir vniiiiu- ll Her fii. e tun (■(1 white In th. ' 1 . n,l tlini- -al:i iionnli ht. : Alacl ! She tlr. ill liaste For she •ore a waist That buttoned down the hnok ! There was an old man in Tareiit Who gnashed his false teeth till 1 When asked what they cost. In ease thev were lost. He repli. ' .!. -I .Inn ' t know, 1 ♦ An " oxy " agent — a eheiiiist new- Organic matter — a j)estle, too — A trituration — no warninu — a Uo A funeral took place next (hiv at Pale is the face that was and i And sad is tlie heart that was -ay. For it ' s sixty nr lui-t. and make it we Or there is tlie devil t.. ].ay. ♦ ♦ ♦ A Freshman fr.aii the town of York Has a frame like that nf a stork. His anatoiimal stunts Are S3-stematieal hunts For nerves in a leg made of cork. ij - J? Cardiac jOesion Sometimes a man finds himself ; man bearing down on the same 1:1 la I. his mind to choose a certain ojiihuh stances have chosen one for liim. ahead. There ' s no time to consider, his junior vear tliat lie was to be the 1 haveinatn ' .-ulat..! 111 n.i,:,. i ' .astrni r, there. An.! rxm ulim hr lia.l Ihtm ,■ and hail scmi SusirV pink ,lir,.k , I had lie Inivsc.n. William- ,(M-laiiil lirr. ( ' lia].r. and l. ' t ' s imt ,|uaiivl.- 1 Meantime, the goal ' s 1 If Chapin had known ival of Williams, he won awoke famous, and men treated this as the two rnnners fc headed in tlie sam,. Now Sll-leV e , - It th never iiiiiiieiii i l.l,■ll ell tman mi her ,-0 ■ v ami i.reeK m have won selmlaslie disliaetiun. And when, in time, she learned that the large, stern fellow and his playful compeer had achieved greatness, it was to her as though thev dwelt on a lovelv ninnntain. dinilv in siirht of the multitude, but far above. It is nm lu l,e unii.l.avd that -lie linn, npHn tlieir words or laughed at their joke.-; and. of e..iii--e, tliev diseovereil in her a liberal portion of good taste. Sn-ie kei an t tiee lliat wlten Williams was coming to call, the iiiieiMinni hour- (liai; ' _ied. One night -when he was in the little imrlni- with faded wall paper, he took occasion to demonstrate for her amusement the this perfonn- le loom above. iiii|iiii ' eil what re buriiinu 111 •hvdenna same -irl le a- ' till OUS. It He IV Mlleed tl at she w piv. She sim- •d w lliams as sulli ■d bv any iind id h for siiiiie the faei 1 liii rival , that h. ' he wollhl t h. ' and Wil- t he was run- ■:| hi r manner -ll ns friend Mil 1 ■1-. Susie 1 to iieet you. wha she had and generally sho waiti ' il r..i- luT iiitcrlnnitni- tn sound the of the ron- v,.i-s;,t,uii. lint It wa in,l....;l a raiv |,l. ' asniv tu Cliainn to sit One eveiiiiiu- Williams .jdiii. ' d Susie ' s l.fotlicf dnwii tnwn ai walked towiu-d liomr with linn. I In mid liiiii Im ln nd thr ter. He spcke ..F llm dno,-,.,. h,. was I,, i„.| llm Inllu in,: .Iiin I!., al-u mlnnvd ,,|Miall In his tallnll lll thn | ' ;l|,l,;,lld In. Wl liaiiis trind tn n,.ii iiinn lniii nir that hn «a- dniii,: njil. hut h nnlisemll.-n hurt hllll. Iln t.dd Jnhll hn nnlisalnivd llllll 1 -iiardiaii. and waiifd tn spnak tn him hnfniv disnlnsin- h .Inhll l,,nknl al lll( dnlln llllu,-.nlt iilnnl lii-st. William- had thought 1)1 ' hnw I im man. He eniild spi enuk1 keep a Imrsn m ihiiik it stfaiiiic that Jolin should have accosted her on this par- iinidai- mnriiiiiii. He tried at first to be non-committal, hut snnii Inuiiil liimsnlf arguing earnestly in Williams ' behalf. The iiintlmi- sidnd With .Inh ' n hnnatisn she ' larked indopendenee. .Tohn ralind attnlltlnll |n tlln -llltnl- ' ,- failhrid n.aidllnt. tn his SUlllIV Inmplnl-. tn III- llllnllnnt. ' riln | V -U- fnll hnl-.-nlf allllnst enll- iii(-d. I.m -Im nniild lint av lin hnli,- nd hllll tn hn til. ' " smart- llnnk thfnimh thn mail. Whnll Iln nt It hn Wnllt In tnWU and ■:, ' iit a h ' stiv, ' dav and niL ht. Tim imxi .hiv Im wa sink. Iln h ' lt i nf haviiii: I ii diaiiik. and iii-mad nf calling 1 th " familN- pli iniaii. Im s. ' iit altnf a nni ' taiii iiidnidual utiirn appnaivd iii ih, ' iinwspapiM ' as tlm nidv nrimiial hnnn nf idnninj humanity Tim Imni, uAA .lnh„ tnh iw ' up dnnkiii- lid Infl hllll 111 a snlll ' slat. ' . It nr.unvd tn .Inim wliiln Iln la llllll iiial i iig that if he couhl iiniimn Susii ' that • ' tlm kid " " was ilm hraiimr man of the two .vnfs. mavl.n mniv nlnvks iiiii ht hn h.rtlmnmin!.-. • ' • ' D . " • r iiiultnivd. ■•ril makn that hi- va.-,.al Innk like a fnnl tn In nil wllnlU hn Wisl ■V liinis mnimv ai. than a hu-haml. II. ' .i-al ' lilv .■.:iil,.-s..,l i., William- that h wniil.l ii.,l h.. mai-nin- ml., .a la.-h ramilx if h. ' w. ' d.Ind Susi. ' ami that, m la.l. h. ' «a- m .Ativ ..f a mall aimmii iinw tn pav , l. ' hl- .•..Ultant. ' .l 111 til.- 1 a 1 1 . this, tir that .l..lm a small siiiii. ami - William- . ' all. ' .I ..ii Si . ml that was all sli.- w.iul.l sav. Im siiriiii.-..Ml thai -mii. ' thiii- mi; 1 believe hey know Tn a few .■,( ■ Do, lor Willi, I, II. 1 f ou nan mak ■ Ynllfs trulv. John- il.vuTix. tli.T n.itn was similar to this. .,nly asking t ' haiiin and I ' ll find nut wliftlicr yniv scnidv students on the head. " By the time tlie jovial vouii.ii- Williams cain. ' a rard and written uu it thrsr words: ■ ' Nn think, be sure to say that I haxe iinriiiii.uiii i- n of the left lung, and that I .nii i ri hii iIm- Susie ushered Williams in, John slipjicd tlie card into his liai and made a sign to him to be careful. Then John e.xplain aloud that he was feeling bad and needed some attention. W Hams was just the man to carry out his part in a oanie like tli He surveyed John gi-avely, and then, turniiii: to Sn ir. Iir sai " Why. Miss Susie, your brother ' s not going to Kr -u k l.iii;j. ! wh, Whn Cant doubt ■ ui ' d Dr. Chapin to the -ho would at least have iriin was out .shopping, 111. and John was going , how. When she re-en- ow and chuckled. " That ij. t ' ouldn ' t even guess lie ' s got was ' il th little p.H.ivr ihiiii 1p ' thoiii ht; and so lie acted as il the ivpiest were tli. ' most natiinil tliiii- in the world, lie eaivriillv ex- amined the palielit ' s laee, his e vs. tliiiPiped his chest, and IVlt his ])ulse. as 1 usual in such case-. Next lie tonk Ins steth- oscope and listciiel carclullv to the heart s(Uinils. Susie mean- while paid the closest attention, but from a motive Chapin lit- tle dreamed of. Possibly her serious look made liim more thorough in his examination. At any rate, he listened intcntlv for several seconds; then, chaneiuL: the position of his instfu- m(?nt, he listened aa;ain. The perplexc 1. interested expression in his face was quickly refleitcd in Susie ' s. The young clin- ician then examined tlic |iatieut " s neck, particularly the veins. He stroked the cin- upward, and watched then till from below. Then he looki ' d mon serious. )liMuviii- Sii-ie ' s anxiety, he remarked, for her hen. lit : -I don ' t think are in any spe- cial danger at present, sn-. Imt il miulit not he a had idiM to call in an older phvsi. lan. 1 hdieve vmi have a tricuspul lesion. But you be sure not to ,ect up out of heil until we see about it. " This came as a shock to John, hut it only hardeiieil him in his desire to accntnplish his end. To drag in another physician -Yes. II the 1st gone. Tet me hurry up and o come. " The upright position. Ins head. He staggered across Yes, street. ■n.ling felt as 1 recover when tlicy rcaclied him. and o the bed. He was p im h ashamed I ' ll to his heart sound ai ain; assured rous had happened, and took his leave to go to the drug store after medicine, if everything were going wrong. Ther " n(vir this robust, healthy man. Once 111 to remain till her mother returned, e thoii;. ' lit. He bowed quietly at the Ic. Vllen she had shut the door, she suddi ' iily gave wav In licr (Icsirc, and rack to cry a little. But Chapin had fnr ;(itt. " n Ins stftlms, back inside to set it, lie saw her. II. thrill (d- svin])atliy. not iinniix,..] with ,ji comfort her. " Whafs the matter. Siishy " he askrd, sob. so he took her in his arm- and -u|i shoulder. " Tell me. Dearest, wluit lion " I don ' t know. " sin whiinpered. . m text told him mneli. to see vou iiiiha)ip ' , lor 1 luve vnu and want vou to he mine. Will " She answered hy pri ' ssim; ' his arm, and he kissed her and " How came you to come back? " she interrogated, irrelevantly. ' ■t)h. I left my stethoscope. But I must go now. Don ' t be a hit uneasy about vour brother. TU see that Dr. K — calls in first place L.M Vy. tt W. tkixs. S ' seudomedicus jhronsfcldicus. (Inunil ( ' hiiritctcriiiCus. — A motile, flagellated, iioii-eiirimiojzcuii-, aeorgariic, aerobic and facidtativc organism, pathogenic for man only. It has scvc ral j tiagelhi and .shows a rapid movement from phn, io pi as a very active and unceasing Browniaii iiiMMnir liest with Potassium rermangauate. l)ri In and Water (Terrill ' s Method) ' . Gives a p..-ni r W i (agglutinates) with a known culture of thr mi. in,(M i ]jickerus alhus. In a pure c dturc of the MciIkil- I ' l the Pseudomedicus AronslVMi. ii- -Imws a marked 1 pursue, overtake, and attarl, ii-.-ll in-, parahlv to th. these other organisms. .Mtli-iiuli thr aiiirlutinatio fail, this last test, if positixr, i- ;ili-.liiir pr-cf ,,r i of th.. or-anism in questmn. Wiil, n ,M;,r,i, lI. ;,i m, adcnc large: test ;,„,,7 ,„,._C„if,,iinlv tui-liid in from ten to tliirtv minutes. .1 ,; ,._( ■on.mihite.l. Sininr Suhilmii. — Produces much gas. Di trihiiliiiii. — Ordinarily found in lecture rooms and aiiout ■ad l.ddirs. hut may crop out at the most inopportune moments. I ' mlnHiiiiirity. — Although nothing is alisolutelv known of the iiih ;iri ' of thi.s, it is belii ' vi ' d to Ih ' runiiiin ' d in iii-iiil: a condition of malaise and ' " tlMt tnnl f.cliiiL:. " Ii ' e- ■ati ' il inoculations of the organism lu ' udiui ' s m-H ' liradarhe, I ' lirJiim. ciinvulsicins. collapse, coma, and death from respira- )rv failiir " . the (n-uaiiism havins used uii all the available Culfurnl Characteristics.— s„lid media— stab, stroke, or plate cultures — are completely licpiefied in twentv-four hours, this seeminsrlv beincr due to the active motility of the organism. thui ' itv ha- in. ' ii vcntiiiv:! t division Pseudomedicus Sop SZ Gne Sxeeption. ,.la Uvttlh- ' line i:|-; ,1, ' . think nl ' ,-.,1111, .t nil- I ' xain-. r unvA III , " 1 ct it ■ ' 1 " ma in lookinn al over there Mi. I ' r wild al.,nit li,T. M ■■Sl:,. ,„,t -, fnc ' 11,1 n|. ih, ' - l,a, It ' s ;lll OV er, Batemau •• saiil Whv. what do vou cart ahimt want an nternesliip? Let ' s kn.i« . w. ' " •]■,■. I ' .v 1 V,- ha,l t,. til ink of name w , ' LI ' i 111 : nil SIM- what It IS. " uh.i ,.,.lii. ,1 t(i he interested ■•Sa . isn ' t that nnrse iMi-t sli,.; Freshmen going- Wi ' Vrr. til hii: man |.ai,l im attention to liim for hi A as Iv ri ' ailiii ■ th,. v wr. Will, a danee tliat meant some .11 his fn, 11,1. Mavlh ' w tiini. ' il and heiran stud ins till hnl- hnards. - ' .atemaii lia,l,.iiie m, | after read- is li ' tter hat he failed t,, n,itlee the Hew |ila •anl ,,1 the . It t-il. At Bateman has received aiiotlier BLUE lettp:k. His mily e,ins,iiation. as the other men teased him that even- ing at sii|,|i,.i ' . was tin- th, night he had his things packed and intended tn Iimm ,.)ii the 1 ' J n ' tdock train, immediately after the ( ' (immeiieeiiiiiit exercises. Hiiwever, he forgot that the crowd of ■■dootnrs " will) went tn the ,li ' |M,t with iiiin had heen simple medical stuilent . with iimre than the (inlinary leaning toward a joke, just a few hmirs lieture. ' i ' hey made the twenty minntes of his wait for the train miserahle, asking iinestiens and an- swering them for themselves. ■ ' I ' ll ' het it ' s a hurrv call on an oh. case. " said eiie. ■■Y.uri-e aw.iv .itT. " said another, " fer he told in, ' that it was a patH nt with tng-minal neuralgia, and li,. i g,.ing to d,. that ■■Sav. Bateman. ' " asked another, " wasn ' t voiir letter Iri.iii th, ' sir! vmi iise,l tn write to twice a week I ' " ••X,,: " slnniteil Lamkins, the wag of the elas-. Ii-em the ,Ml, ;e (if th, ' erewil. " it was from his waslnvmiian. saving that she ' d have him arresti ' d if lie didn ' t pav his hill. That ' s why he is ijettiiiy awav new. ami I tli ' iik it " a haiiie to let him disirrace the rlass this wav. " Bateiiiairs nisli at tlii -allv was cheeked liv the o-ate-keeper ' s sleepv dnm,— " (;.. 11. .V ' 11.. Snnthern Pa.itie. 0.. H. - S. A. " Shall I ki - Mi s Freeman for you. kid? " aski ' d ilayhew, as tlii ' v , ' r, ' walkiiii; toward Bateman ' s car. " IMiawl We were only fooling — she and I. " Bateman liaiiseil a moment and then continued: " You know whv I ' m not staying with the fellows, .Tim; that letter was from Edith, an.l lie a.sked me to come. T th.mglit at first that I wouldn ' t go. hut my old hahif was to,) str,ini:. Besides, as you alwavs say. one ought to -,■!■ it .mt to th, ' finish in a game like this. I know what it is. though; sli, ' wants to give me hack my letters and got her own, before shr is niiirricil to a .society man, you know. rich, and ilocsn ' t but so to dinners and lialls. " ■■{ " in ' ii-r ' I put the fellows iirxi. nld i you rarrd abmit any girl. " Ma lic «.i- for, ill spite (d ' his ifrequent outbursts .d ' li one of the best-liked men in school. " Don ' t worry about it, Jim; it doesn ' t a returned Bateman, althoui;h his face uavc " Ifs about lik ' tbr t.dl, .ws aluavs sii ' d— a a pretty r«v shnw nltn- ;dl. Inr thf uirl- wait too Ion,-, and thev wanl In lie iiiarri.Ml they liave a good chance. It ' s better fni- n- a start and be somebody if we want, wiih our attention from our work. A mediial ■ouu- Burke. He ' s have to ibi anvtlihii; to take 11 vs o-ets ■c start. an.-u.ivd l,v the idea.sed first-year man " - 1,-lr .and askiiiy how far Dr. Bateinan wa nl.aid-.d In inactice. But Bateimin cvadiMl ivifatinn tn -n and s kr, wbilr the |.(irtia bn- tlir nnjil. Wl,,,,, ili,.v ,-aiiir back intc « nt dnnvn .ni-lain «a- -n -c-iivc .•nnii-b ik w, hours- old man. and we can ' t j. ' l a«.i Irnin il. I ' .iit In them all; let ' s forget it. ibd ii[ -n ' ili, idiLirani ago? It was from Dr. La iTii(i and -aid. " . ' " (ioing East. ' That will be a pretty bi.i; piactic ! ' to handle. He told me last .summer that, outside tice, it would ])ay about two hundred and fifty a i won ' t .starve after all. " •■0, fellows! " sh.ait. ' d : Iayl!(. v. " did ynu Wav obi scalawag has dmppcd into a tbi-n ' -tlmusand-di without even asking for it. it Imiks as il ' be w have all the in tbi- i bi--. " Bateman ' s train started jn-t in tunc to save b greater ])art of a well-started -bower n ' eonerat " back-pattiiii;- " : and lie bad hi- la-t h.nk at Ins ,-bi the town that liehl liie meienMe- nt Imii, ' vi ars ' bar ran to cateb ll nd nl ' the last ena. ' h. en he had found his section and arranged Ins fortably, his thoughts went back to the lile he was sur])rised to find tears in his eyes. ' Hie alnios of the sweet-faced girl across from him and the of the homeward-bound Freshman a few seats do were entirelv lost upon him, as his hand felt for dlel that he al l: ises and his vows. But. tiaiieel . anil more distant aftei- these, iiniil. better ' for " him to -ive t ' lie ■■tiinewb ber " to Ins friends, ' idii- had l,e,ai il: b s stui - nt for lim He Hll. B Si( les. -ht hel iri be ask me ■ len l-eai ih n - le e a.-l til .r. .f all ■ek he bis bad even Board of alunu the n.ekv path tn iii.Mli- hi- work and ' the ev.a--|,re.-ent ■aduallv made hini for-et the th " her- eneolir.a elllellt. He to attack and pa-s the State had been t. rii .uit of his book. But. wlioi the linlnlavs raiiio around a.i:ain. lie had hii-ked the courage (.■ i n l,a( k ' li..iiir. NHw. lie knew that it wa hccause he was afraid tn nu liack and meet hor in this new way, although he had told himscdf then that ho was staying away to take advantage of an offer to practice with an old friend of the family in Xew Jlexico. The young man ' s tliouaht uraduallv drifted ' into the present. Ins reti ' iinini; limne for the first time in l v,, yeai- . an.l how seenm K.hlli again would afl ' e( t him. who h; humoi ' before. But. ii longest s in;: ' to th adua M ' l " " sisters. is fa Ig U| IS il best start th.. ' • an l ( " Win-, doctor. " lau both the bov ' s hands. patient. You must t your graveyard. " As they were going- home, Bateman told his parents that he would have to go next day to begin his work. They olijectcd strongly to this, until the mother noticed a queer, set expression in her boy ' s eyes: an exiii-es i,,n tliat she had never seen before. With a tact tW only m..iber- ha e, slie turned the talk into a discussion of ihe advantagi o| bns|iital work to a voung prac- titioner; every one apparently understanding that he must go. His short explanation to her that evening after supper, as he was preparing to leave the house, left her much troubled, al- tlioiigli she told liiiii that it imi t e.ime out all right in the end. On hi- a u|i to l-MiihV hom, . he tried to rehearse what he would say. so that he might apiiear as dignified as possible. But lie failed utterly, tor the nearer he came the more nervous he felt, until he came near jiassing the house to take a turn around the block. Although the thumping of his heart almost there f.. bell foiii hi ti meehani ' ai ■■ one ot t le IMo sophonii recognition of evening. Edith " Whv. Eohe like the high school boy calling M ' ars before, the yielding of the door -nilied medic, again, and he checked a an " that rose to his lips — he had been |ieakers at council meetinns since his t ] fiss Heaton ' s apparentlv deliylited niewbat cliilled hv a level-toned. " Good ve -rown o di nified or hauirhtv. it eoine ill. Dr. Hatiaiiau ! ' Indeed. ' von lour in th •nf " But yon lo.ik so |,al,— n,,, no: take tliis easy chair, as you used to. Don ' t you reineniher that you always said that you came to see me just so you could sit in that chair, Eoli — I mean Dr. Bateman? You must get rid of that sickly look immedi- atelv. for vou are going to receive an invitation to a great affair for ' toiiion-ow night. Think of it! You can start having a uood time ihe nii,dit after vou came home. " " Yes? " he lau-hed. a ' ' he sank into the i;rcat arm-chair which she had i.laccl Inr hini. " rni sonv. but I ' m afraid I can ' t accept any invitations unless tliev an ' for things that come off before then. " " You aren ' t going to cut our poor crowd, are you? " Miss Heaton ' s greatest plea.sure was to tease what she called " her medical student. " She had a gay twinkle in her eyes as she continued : " Of course, T know that you are a great doctor, and your time belongs to your patients, and all that: but surely you can find an hour to call on us once in a while. Eeallv, doctor, must I get a bad cold and send for you, before you will condescend to come? To think of one ' s having to pai you to call, as well ! It ' s perfectly horrid of you! " " If voii joiiieil ' Hat tlu ' oIlkT, 1 will (inly rhai ■•But I won ' t promise 1. ill voiir coush ' acute lirmi on niv bonks for a month. Alieni ! Takr In- p v rri|,tion. " Why, : liss ilcntnn. ;iii.l 1 lliink vmi will lin 1 some cllrf. But come " And hark a-nili tnumrmw M—U iiir mv- -«rll. a 1. ' rettv well mean l)i advancMl rase. iniK ' ..!. Yrs. |,n ' ttv 1 111 case. Yes, ves. Ah ! knows (d here is another ealler.__ C 1 aftcrn H,n. " m ' i ss llr itnn. Bad very ( ' ilV ease, bad ease. Ahem ! " " the ' door. " Stop! " she broke in. " if that is t ic wav voii in t..lld to (In " Isn ' t vour friends, I won ' t let von treat m - rnlds It all. S.I then-. llcl ' . " W sir. 1 .shall tell the other .sjirls. too. that i 11 cXp ■rimciit (in and (.iii your patients ami then lau.uh at them for liril - sii-k ■■Mr. " A patient never r cxiitnl. f 1 am ,iu. Mi,-s Iv ' clicia ; Heaton. I strictly forbid startle you. Even your sewing; - ing a?ide, though, " he continue( opposite. " 1 ho|)e no one sends I can ' t accept. " " Why? " (o ' uuine wciidcr !i usual politely impersonal tone. " Well, von see. Dr. l.awivilee just dr Don ' t (iii think it is pretty good in the |i eyes were -till li.xed on the wall and he Mi noticing that .Miss Heaton ' s face had clia from its playful expre.ssion of a few minute gentleman? " Ili- ndei-ed on. without i ed Nci-y suddenly " Going? " she repeated questioningly. " « more than out of .school. Surely vou won ' t work so .soon as this? We liayen ' t 1 n aid hy. you are hardly think of starting to ■ to see yon at all; and the crowd was exjiectin- mui to 1 i • (if us a ain. Be- sides. d(Mi ' t vol! rememliei ' what vou — what y( — " " Ves. " he interrupted, " of course T rem •niher thai ; hut. as you used to say. we were only children then And 1 had almost forgotten to eongratui awfully sorry. Kditli. " lie continued, risii ite you. And Fill .Mr.— I ne who ■ looked IS summer. V me better tl . ' o to halls and | ue-lit you knew I ,il :i lo he the ' great affair ' (d ' which you l . without changing his position, were getting up a ball in your honor for I r was to tell you of it. That ' s why 1 I were to take me, and no v I can ' t go, and 1 honor of — no one. It doesn ' t make any in lied, breathlessly, " for I don ' t care about y will have a good time just the same. " ■I ' .iit that : ■Yes. ■And " What von- " W hal ' l sa shr .-ntinuc.l. •■Ili fare I (, ,a-. I kiicu last rar. tlia sk me wlicai yim finisl- lie ai(l: " Y.s. Imt .iH-ll su.Mnil want to Unna tliat ' ii]i a.i aiii Can ' t vui !„■ satislicil witli l.ivak- ing U ' v— (). hani;- it!— willi ciittin-j iiir .mr,.? D,, vmi want to nothing more final tlian write me tliar la-l letter. Have vou no heart, that von ins ' -i ii|i in taking evemtliini; rmin nie. aii ' l then huidiinu-? Don ' ! vuu s,.e that vo„ U: r kilk-.l all the liellef I evev he! m women ? Hah! A IIUMllea! stu.lent — le.l ,.r, in Ins liist eai. lieM in his se,.,,n.l. ami east an.le in his thii-,1 ' I ' n vou want tu s,.,. ,|- vo„ ,-an |.lav m. ' a ' ain. attev mv fourth veav? " His l|.|iel helpless liefore thi; loliteness. ■ " she asked, risins ■■Xnl " " he growled, turning resolutely tnwan! the iloe tliHUL:h he made no other move to go. " " lint I do, " she said, her li|is tremhlinL; a- she s|iiike. No answer. ■■But I do. " pleadingly this time. fn,m tn Ins she " Do what? " he asked, putting u arms amund her and he ' real. •I ' heii she nestle:! eloser and slnwlv raised her arms nnti were about his neck, before she whispered: " Love voti. " MMMltaU MikihfliMiiil£: ■jiJ SZHS itk- ,luo il.l.o mnrl a Imii. llct .r adjcrt v,.,._ir, . Inllk, v " s (lilM : iiincldii;: HV.I IcHs; 11.1 wi.nilcr he sings W ' n, l.-s. •:• ♦ -: ,„..s, mal. ,■ 1 lart man.— Ksh • V I ' .ilii,: A ..-li,u : ji iinii ,■ nl- inurll hit a ♦ ,v,.,.atiun.-N -.r, 1)1 Mnl ris: V1 a. i Hv.h- iiini I ' rioxid. M S. Hi n ,.)- : A i-l. ' ar sv 11 nv ,i;a-. He only lias a s|H,tt( ' il one Mt— Allen. •J. • - .J. Knowledge is a l.urden.— »r ».. ' •On t.i L ' iclini.ind. •■— , •Tlease pass tlu ' l.rans " — . •:• ♦ nd nttcrance this vear. Fi,r Sale— Sliares in the Tnivevsil - ' »-.v. Dr. Itandall; Umv would yen (!.■ Hav( ' s ' : " ' Smell his hrr„l],. -Frrshmau Mat- H( ' n iioison- : 111- 1,1 n|„ ways 111 the M starts, and ne •Ye must h.-ar it. think v what y ♦ ♦ •Well, (hieter. ean ' t you jdug the . • •:• •: •Tlie le s iiH ' n think the m.uv they •:• ♦ •:• If l r. Craves is the Father. (;il) oii llkr IIrffrrn,,,,,. 1st lie the Ili-h Priest. enee. hut nut a master at eitlu-r. ' " - .l » »( ' ' 7 . ♦ •:• ♦ v, fellows, hath heen the ruin of nianv a man. ■— r. . . MuttlK ' irs. Littl hut verv ( auth.iritv. ; 7, -»». ♦ •:• ♦ A sn]di-o-m,ire did it all.- U . Thr Killn: • ♦ ♦ Paris (Ireen is a verniifu- ' ._7s , , ,-. ♦ •:• ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ We are hunting Letter CJinies.- 77,.. Fn ' shnw,,. ♦ ♦ ♦ The (iidd Dust Twins— l ' o|,e and his eolleague. Aronsfelt. ♦ ♦ ♦ " WliHky his ruin. " — .l , .r. ♦ •:• ♦ -Wait a minute, whafs your liurry ? ' — 7 , ry Co.,: •J. . . Burr.nigh (to the Photographer) — " Will you please iron •!• ♦ Did you sift ymir solution ?— A ,-r i r,-(7. ♦ ♦ ♦ A Garrulous utuW.—Drlmiri,. ♦ Thinks little, hut savs luueh. — Saye. A ■jt snsSiutk ' Witli many diseases allliclr.l. but yet he survi ♦ Refoniiod— ' -Tlio minister ' s son. " — iV(A H( ore. .Volh . " Come, Estes, Icfs to the I.ihrnrv. and siir.uical stmlv. " - Holidfiy. ♦ ♦ ♦ -.¥k. •A little s|, iritis) new and then is relished l.v the m men. " — ;7 .(;v . ♦ ♦ ♦ ist of A man that has " Lon.i; " heen in the ■•mire. " — Lo i y n ' r. ♦ Xeil: ■hat■s the matter with ITensel? Pfeiffer: 1 think he has Slirimpitis. ♦ ♦ ♦ Ha])py Hooliuan in disi;uise. — " niidnii ' i rr. ♦ ♦ For Buttinsky lessons a]i|ily to Medtiire and Cumniinus. ♦ ♦ ♦ WAX ' i ' Kli— A lawyer to eross-question tlie Soiihomore —J)r. Carin: Chiss. ♦ ♦ ♦ The man from the tall |iines. — - pniell. ♦ ♦ ♦ Xcver heat orcanie salts on the n-a-k-e-d lire.— ' ;• ifes or Cliiir His noise he ean not suppress, Ills e;;oiisin ho can not hide, lie Imi;isIs of his firmncss, Vei ehan-es with the t ' ide.— o )»,( (. ♦ " Yes. oseidation is much more satisl ' aetorv than palpation. " — ,! .« Uolherf. ♦ •:• Dr. Teri ' lll : •■Do two haeleria have to unite to form a eolonv? " —J - J ' -err. ♦ ♦ ♦ Don-t heat Tannie Aeid in a poreelain it will form Tannale of Poreelain.— fZ v . ,. •!• ♦ ♦ Fresli I ' harniaeist: Don ' t use distilled water in R work, he- eause it mav have souiethini;- in it. Professor ( ' line: If it has. it has that advantage over yonr ♦ •:• But we ;nv li.ith Uol ' klM- lor iMlue; What care we Imw ihal i aeeon, ,,1 ished ? For the eml of all uien is tlie sauu .— .y»r,v ,nnj While. ♦ ♦ •:• His atlinitv is oositive for iliss Holbert in Chemical Lab.— EHis. ' ♦ ♦ A flower that blooms the vear round.— " Pi i r " Harris. CAaVertisement; i§ ifM ifk Mk tih il ' M ?f , , St m m m m m m m mm ' W ' t Wi 1 1 - ' -i ' F i €1 ( Wi IP • " fli And the The Varsity Man pair Co- Ed ALIKE WILL FIND THEIR DRESS WANTS FOR ANY OCCASION HAPPILY ANTICIPATED IN THE RESOURCEFUL ESTABLISH- MENT OF - - - ' a ' ' C : - Scarbrough Hicks AUSTIN, TEXAS ' yOU may have reasons for sticKing to a custom tailor but we can give you better ones for wearing SMITH-WILCOX Smart Clothes We fill Mail Orders SMITH WILCOX CORRECT DRESS FOR MEN Six hundred and Eight CONGRESS AVENUE AUSTIN. TEXAS Capitol Clothing hjouse CORNER CONGRESS AVE. 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W, I.-,.,„vs,„t •,l V I ' ri,-,. .vc, Ur.lMs tuk.-i. t.,1- sriT. ' ; and PANT.S M Lc.ii, r.. i-M •■iiul See the Best Line in . ustin SOL DAVIS - 705 Congress Ave. GGARs ' and TOBACCOS Billiard Pool Parlor Tabard Inn Library Station A Full Line of Stati.inery. 1 ' .-rioilioals, liuoks an.l Nhws lil ' F.N- ALL THE TIMK I ' HdXK n.s J. A. ALEXANDER STAPLE AND EANCY GROCERIES FEED, CHARCOAL, PRODUCE, ETC. »ia I ' hc.n. ' U7ii 22V2 GUADALUPE STREET Ni w Phone 87.-. Send Your Kodak Rolls to JORDAN 610 CONGRESS AVENUE AUSTIN, TEXAS. MAIL ORDERS A SPECIALTY. Palace Barber Shop E. E. Zimmerman 806 Congress Avenue Boschc ' s Building Opposite Avenue Hotel Offers Better Accommodations than Any Other Shop in the City Only Turkish Baths in the City Full Line Barber Supplies Austin, Texas Austin Transfer Co. 108 to 116 EAST SEVENTH STREET AUSTIN, TEXAS Geo. W. Patterson Successor lo MONROE MILLER Telephone 161 for Carriages, Bag-gage Wagons, Omnibus or Am- bulance. EcLiPSK Livery AND Boarding Stables, the finest Light Livery, Teams, Hearses and Car- riages in the State. A full line of UNDERTAKERS ' GOODS. All Orders Given Prompt and Personal Attention at any Hour, Day or Night Bosch E ' s Troy Laundry Biggest Best Busiest All Judges of Good Laundry Work Patronize Us 806 CONGRESS AVENUE BOTH PHONES 73 I. G. N. R. R. HIGH CLASS SERVICE =8 Passenger Trains Daily= EQUIPPED WITH PULLMAN SLEEPERS AND FREE CHAIR CARS bleeperS g L ui Kansas City and Mexico City without chang-e. Free Chair Cars to St. Louis and Kansas City without change. Sleepers and Free Chair Cars to Dallas, Fort Worth and North Texas towns without chang-e. TRAIN DE LUXE LOmpOSed PuHman Sleepers, Compartment Sleepers, ■ Library and Observation Sleepers, and Dining Car Service, is operated between Chicago and Mexico City twice a week in each direction without change. D. J. PRICE, General Passkngek and Tickkt Agent, G. D. HUNTER, AS,SISTANT GeNKKAL PASSENGER AND TICKET ACENT, TEXAS PALESTINE, - - - P. J. LAWLESS, Passenger and Ticket Agent, Austl , Texas im ■ ■ ' - " See CHAS. G. WUKASCH . . . FOR . . . Ice Cream and Cold Drinks, Oyster Loaves, Chile, Hot Chocolate, High Grade Candies, Etc. All the Leading Brands of Tobaccos and Cigars. OPPOSITE UNIVE RSITY. OLD PHONE IO71. DR. HOMER HILL, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. BOTH PHONES I Office, 115. Resicience, I ' lU P.W.McFADDEN DRUGGIST TWO STORES: UNIVERSITY DRUG STORE 2300 GUADALUPE STREET UPTOWN DRUG STORE 1610 LAVACA STREET Both First Class Austin Texas C. M. MILLER, .•« .•« DEALER IN .• .- WALL PAPER, PAINTS, OILS, White Lead, Varnishes, Window Glass ond Painters ' Supplies. Estimates on Painting, Paper Hanging and Glazing Cheerfully Furnished. AGENT SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS. 711 Congress Avenu -, Austin, Texas. Phones 266. coLU ' Jry T-Emxri " THERE IS NO POUI5T ABOUT I ' l The H. T. C. R. R. WII E PTT YOU THERE IX THE SHORTEST TIME 2 THROUGH TRAINS DMILV 2 STRICTLY FIRST CLASS UP To DATE SERVICE Through PuUman Sleepers BETWEEN Galveston, Houston, Dallas, Denison and St. Louis via G. H. S. A. R ' y to Houston, H. T. C. R. R. to Denison and M. K. T. R ' y to St. Louis Galveston, Houston and Fort Worth via G. H. S. A. R ' y to Houston and H. T. C. R. R. to Fort Worth Also Between Houston and Austin, Waco and Dallas FREE CHAIR CARS For full information address one of our ticl et agents, or M. L. ROBBINS, G. P. A„ Houston, Texas NELSON DAVIS Co. WHOLESALE .-GROCERS ' AUSTIN 1 TEXAS Ed. A. Thiele Dealer in Choice Beef, Mutton, Pork and Veal Corner 25th and Guadalupe Sts. bttth phun-es 4.,ic-F,-..,. i;;:TT;7.,y " Austin, Texas CliVLtXS XJA ' OS. FAMOUS CHOCOLATKS High-Grade Cigars and Tobaccos HOT CHILI = OYSTERS ICE CREAM AND FOUNTAIN DRINKS A SPECIALTY Ladies ' Ice Cream Parlor in ' Connection GLOBE-WERNICKE ELASTIC BOOKCASES AS REASONABLE AS $II,C I ' liis is the case that can be moved one i ;i time without disturbing the liooks— t 1 be arranged to fit most any space— t piotected by non-binding, roller - t pi-oot doors— that is the prettiest. I I iilily perfect sediunal iM.okcase Tii; ) furnish them in golden or Antwerp itation or solid mahogany, and with or without the leaded glass doors. We also give prices of the diflferent units or sections, so the cost of additions to, or portions of, tjy any combination shown is easily determined, )ne thing we do not and can not show here, .nd that is the beautiful finish and appear- nce of the cases, but we would like to have - " -— you call and see them or we will mail CATALOGUE UPON REQUEST C A. DAHLICH 1410-12 LAVACA STREET, AUSTIN. TEXAS CARD INDEX SYSTEMS HILL HILL sc;L:r GROCERS 1010 COXURESS AVENUE, AUSTIN AUSTIN ACADHiMY A SCHOOL FOR BOYS Pkepakatorv to iHK Univi-ksity ov Texas J. STANLEY FORD, B. A., M. A., Principal AUSTIN, TEXAS J. SCHAPIRO, OOT TV ISSIOIS 7WeRCM73:tST Wholesale Dealer il. COUNTRY PRODUCE, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES OUl Phone .5 ' .IT 202 West Sixth Street, ... - AUSTIN, TEXAS Telephode 182 Alfred H. Robinson DEALER IN STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES FEED, COAL AND WOOD 2501 and 2503 (iuadalupe St., - - Austin, Texas ADOLPH KOHN THE BON -TON BAKERY For First-Class Breadstuffs, Pies, CaKes, Etc. 720 Congress Avenue Both Phones 573 Austin Candy Manufacturing Company W. L. WALSH. Manager Fourth and Colorado Streets, - - - AUSTIN, TEXAS II -ll ' - --- - -- Von SBoeckmann- ones Company 811 Congress Ji venue, jliistiii. U exos Sfianiifacturing Stationers, Sprinters and Siinders Ulie Jlargest and SB est Squippecl Sxcliisivc Sprinting S ' iant in tlic State Set Our Sstimate S efore Solacing oiir Diext Order for Sprinting PRINTERS OF THIS VOLUME OF THE CACTUS Griff itt ' s College of Commerce Has a very lars e attendance and, as usual, is placing- its g-raduates in ij;-ood positions as fast as thev get thronyh. This institution has a wonderful record of tvvent} ' years ' experi- ence and stands nnequaled in two thing ' s, namely : (Qualifying young- people for the prac- tical duties of the office and counting--room and assisting- them in securing: g-ood positions. This is a matter of record and theref(-ire extended comment is unnecessary. What you CIm w s .iENTTO SGnOOL, " " . " TMC PELLOW WttO OOEi " ,! ' ■ MOW TrtEY P JT N - - TnEIRTIMf.. want is the best and you can get it here. These statements are made on facts, not fancies. We are not promulgating- any fake schemes and do not care to receive patronag-e from anyone who would be stupid enoug-h to bite at the kind of bait some schools attenipt to im- pose upon an unsuspecting- public. If you want the best, we want you, and should be pleased to send you our catalogue and (ither information, free for the asking;. Miss Kate Casparis, Sec. D. A. Griffitts, Pres. Austin, Texas. J. A.JACKS ON COLLATERAL -m BROKER.... Dealer in Jewelnj. Ihinuoiids. Wafchcs, Silverware, Muximl liixl nniicnts, Clutli- i)ig, (luii-s, Pisfo - , Aiiiiiiiiiiilioii. Siini-tiiKj (t ' ood.i, etc. . . . (hint ll(ir iiiiiis hi I ' liri ' - ,l,emfiil Pledoes. . . . il l a,, hi ,,i„! Si rrr llniKjIil. . Watchis iniil.Ieirvlnj ;ri, nrril. 619 Congress Ave., Austin, Texas. GREETINGS TO 1906 AND 1907. FROm THE INTERCOLLEGIATE BUREAU OF ACADEMIC COSTUME CoTRELL Leonard, ALBANY, NEWYORK, Makers of the CAPS, GOWNS AND HOODS for the Univer- sity of Texas, Baylor, Harvard. Yale, Princeton, University of the South, Universit ' v of California, Stanford, Tulane. T niversity of Nebraska. Bryn Slawr. Wellesley, Mt. Holyoke, and the others. Dress Coatracts 1 specialty. Eich Oowns (or Pulpit aid Bench. Bulletin, samples, etc.. on request. Tlu ' retinement and extreme taste which ch; terize our CLOTHES ha e banished the custom-tailor nonsense from tlie minds of many gentlemen who are noted for their well groomed appearance. HARRELL KLEIN, CLOTHIERS. HATTKRS AND FURNISHERS, AUSTIN, TEXAS. FOR A GOOD, SMOOTH SHAVE USE " Benzoin ©oilet ©p eam, " FOR SALE ONLY BY J. W. GRAHAM SON, austin. UNIVERSITY STUDENTS Tl)c Cnrnutcll Thctnuctcv WANTS YOUR PATRONAGE Make ()rR .Store Yoi-r Down-Town Heaiujuartkrs Sole Agent Nunnaly ' s Fine Candies: Allegretti ' s Original Choco- lates. Our Soda ' Fountain will be a Special Feature this season. 702 CONGRESS AVENUE. Both Phones 288. o O ;) § S O V ■ JOHN ORR d Wholesale Grocer and Importer CONGRESS AVENUE and FOURTH STREET and on L G. N. Track Texas Products a Specialty - OOD talk can sell bad clothes, but it can ' t make a customer of you. Our clothing needs little " ORATORY. " It ' s the best possible to produce — In Style, Fit and Wear We make a special feature of catering to the young man — fellows who want " snappy " clothes; clothes out of the ordinary; clothes a little different from everybody. Our store outfits the young man complete. ShoeSy HatSt Neckwear Shirts and Underwear We ' re always pleased to have you call — no matter how small the want or if only to look — you ' re always welcome. What you buy here costs what it ' s worth, and every article is insured to satisfy, (JX «cy « ? t R S. LEVY CO., Uncommon Outfitters, GALVESTON, TEXAS ...jkSKSuakw ' A. S. Newson Louis E. Gottheil The Model Market Choice Corn-Fed Meats, Sausages of all Varieties a Specialty. Open all day. Phone 388 SOUTHEAST CORNER MARKET AND 20th STREETS GALVESTON, Special Rates to All Students fT7 PHONE 745 MORRIS " _ ' ; V IOTOGR ' eWER i I GALVESTON Best Equipped Dye Works and Cleaning Establishment in Texas Our Work is as Good as the Best East or North All Express Orders Given Prompt Attention Quotations by Mail Model Laundry Vye Works Nos. 2326 Postoffice Street and 512 to 524 Twenty-Fourth Street. Galveston. Phones 79 and 148, IVI SS DOMINGO EAST END PHARMACY . full line of Parke. D.uis .V Co. ' s and .Shai-pe Uoliiue ' s I ' l ' e- scriptions. Students ' Note Books always " rjc per dozen. Postoffice Church Tc ' eplione lOS }3th Street ALVESTON. TEXAS N. SALZMANN WATCHMAKER, JEWELER AND OPTICIAN OLD GOLD AND SILVER BOUGHT POSTOFFICE STREET GALVESTON, TEXAS i fc ' „. .. The Galveston National Bank CORNER STRAND AND TRbMONT Condensed Statement at the Close of Business Thursday, November 9, 1905 RESOURCES Loiins and Discounts, United States Bonds and Premiums Other Stocks and Bonds, Banking- House and Fixtures, Otlier IJval Estate, Redemption P md, Cash and Exchange, TOTAT., - LIABILITIES Capital Stock, - Surplus, Undivided Profits, Circulation, Deposits, To ' i ].4;ir..(i(i Ml, 449. 16 $12,2: 4, 1)44. (i9 $125, 000. 00 25,000.00 52,;iSt7. ' J(i 50,000.00 1,972,546.73 -_ ' .-_ ' 24.944.(i9 A.A.FlMCKSCO. Book, Jo5 and Catalogue PRINTERS Plioto-Engraversand Zinc Etchers Meclianica[ Pliotocjrapliers We do all Kinds of Printing, Publishing, etc., etc. Estimates Carefully Given Satisfaction Guaranteed PHONE 1090 118 TwentLj-Second Street GALl ESTON - - TEXAS Chas. E. Witherspooa DRUGGIST PAUL H. NASCHKE Corner 21st and Market Streets. Phone 254 " Meet Me at the Fountain. " ADTICT DUnrriPDADUCD Anllol rnUIUbnArntn Studio, 15th and Church Stkkkts SPECIAL ATTKXTIOX SHOWN STUDENTS GALVESTON, TEXAS GALVESTON, TEXAS Completely Refitted and Refurnished. TU M , r p.. .f: - :..... Ph.K HOT AND COLD BATHS Special Kates to Students on Baths TREMONT HOTEL BARBER SHOP »i. Adolpli Helmanu Your Patronage Solicited at Xevv Stand. Massage Treatment iUC INCVV 1 ClllLILUllLllU UlUU | 2123 PostofRce Street $L00 A MONTH Cleans and presses 3 ; S 1 .00 suits; shines shoes as » often as desired. MONTH 2008 MarKet street TONSORIAL PARLOR Polite Attention and First Class Work. Students ' Patronag-e Solicited. W. M. COLLIER, Proprietor sur We save yo rS MADE TO ORDER 1 2ij per cent on your suit ■ Supply Your Apparel W ' cWis At a Store that always has the Correct Tliinf s first, where (juality is paramount, and where prices arc most modest ROBERT I. COHEN CORRECT CLOTH i:S FOR MEX AM) BOYS hunlap Hats. Manhattan Shirts. Stutt.i. ' arter Inderwear, Alt. Benjamin X- company ' s Correct Clothini Carried Exclusively In us in Galveston Peter Gengler Company Sell thk Best Gkocekies fok the Least Money 1 iN V E S T 1 G A T E G. B. MARSAN COMPANY Headquarters for Oysters, Fish, Shrimps, Poultry, Game and Vegetables 1919 Market Street Phone 109 GALX ' ESTON, TEXAS Say T)rug Store Drugs and Ladies ' and Gentlemen ' s Dining Room PRIVATE ENTRANCE FOR LADIES PICKWICK RESTAURANT MRS. L. COURS. PROPRIETRESS 2214 MARKET STREET NORTH SIDE, BET. 22nd AND 23rd. GALVESTON. TEXAS I4th and Market Streets MedlCJneS Galveston, Texas Druggists ' Sundries, Toilet Articles, Prescriptions prepared from the Purest and Best ingredients onlN Choice Cigars. R. A. SEXTON LAWYER MARSHALL, TEXAS " Two Brothers " Cigar Store C. N. RHODES, PROPRIETOR IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC CIGARS MARKET AND TREMONT STREETS GALVESTON, TEXAS ..a aMAMMAf- coke; COKE WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. K. O. F I OOD CO.. ■POCAHONTAS " and " NEW RIVER, " The two best American Steam Coals rained. Supply Households, Factories, Foundries, Blacksmiths. Railroads Interior Dealers, Steamships, Etc. A. 11 Kinds foi- A.11 ILJs Otlice: 211:5 . N ' D 211.5 Mechanic Street. Yards: 18th and Wharf : 2113-211.5 Mechanic Street. TKLEPHONES 800 AND 100. FINE GROCERIES AND COLD DRINKS OF ALL KINDS AT T. CtUISTI ' S, Corner Mnth and Mechanic Streets, : : Galveston, Texas. (Star JDrug Store. 3 ' ven or i at)cl ii ostoffice Sis., cicil ' eston. Attend 9 ' mmeM ' W Ze e- ' T FOR A THOROUGH COUk ' SE IN BOOK-KEEPING. SHORTHAND AND TYPEWRITING. COLLEGES LOCATED AT GALVESTON. WACO. FT. WORTH. DENISON SAN ANTONIO. AND TWENTY- ONE OTHER CITIES OF THE SOUTH. 3EST FACILITIES. WRITE FOR CATALOGUE. VISIT Palace Billiard Room and Bowling Alley THE BEST 2322-2324 Market St. Galveston, Texas H ahn ' s donfectionev Ice Cream that is Pure : : : C ndy that is Wholesome : : Cakes that are Fresh : : : Prices that are Low : : : : Services that are Prompt 2100 IDavhct St. (3alvc5ton. Lcxai? If you need a Good Pocket Knife i: r ZJ ' X Boddckcr $ Lvons 2211 P.O. St. fifllvcsJon. Ccxrts R. H. JOHN S TRUNK FACTORY Repairing Done 218-221 Market St. GALVESTON, TEXAS M. W. SHAW SON OPTICIAN AND DIAMOND SELLERS AND MANUFACTURING JEWELERS All Kinds of Repairing Neatly Done Cor. Tremont and Market Sts. Galveston, Texas ELITE RESTAURANT N. L. BALLICH, Proprietor Everything Up-to-Datc. Prompt and Polite Seri ' ice Open Day and Niglit : : Phone 266 2208 Market St. GALVESTON, TEXAS " PKoTves 300 awd ? 00 5a v)es .0T , ' A EIMER AMEND 204-2 1 1 Third Ave., Cor. NEW YORK 8th St. Importers and Manufacturers of C. p. CHEMICALS AND REAGENTS. CHEMICALS PHYSICAL AND SCIENTIFIC APPARATUS ASSAY GOODS EVERYTHING NEEDED FOR A LABORATORY MAAS-TUSSUP GROCERY CO. ' ' Only the Best " Imported and Fancy Groceries Southeast Corner Tremont and Winnie GALVESTON, TEXAS N EW ORLEANS POLYCLINIC Session open in November and close in May. Intended for practitioners. Physicians may enter any time. In- struction aims to be Clinical and Practical. Use will be made of the vast facilities offered at the Great Charity Hospital, at the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital and al tin. I ' .ilycliiiK-. riiysirian. will find the Poi YCMNlc a)i I ' M-iOlriii iiMMii- 111 |iu,i iiil: 1 hi-raselves upon tin ' mcili- I ' inc anil uiuitv of ilic ila) cii- in any special depavliiii-iil. For I ' urllier information regarding the Polyclink; also our TiiAiNiNc! School for Nurses, write P. 0. Box 797 New Orleans, La. Men s REGENT SHOES Are the BEST S3.50 SHOES on Earth F L A T T O S THE FOOT FITTERS Tonsorial Parlor SHAVING HAIR CUTTING A. C. DEAN SHAMPOOING Proprietor HOT AND GOLD BATHS = 313 Center Street, Galveston, Texas STEIN - BLOCK Custom-Made Clothes A little better this year A little better next year A little better whenever it is possible Will always be the motto of the (S . Ik. %aun6r 2 TAYLOR JiROS. Your Suit Dyed and Cleaned Perfectly COLLEGE BRAND SWELL SUITS Are handled exclusively in Galveston by Dave Schram Clothins Company FOX MODEL STEAM BAKERY The Texas Subscription Book House State Headquarters for Medical and Scientific WorKs A full supply of Medical Text Books always oq Hand CorrespoQdence Solicited : Write for Catalogue V ail Orders Receive Prompt AtteQtioQ 2X6 irrcmont Street Galveston, Hcxas High-Grade Bread and Rolls 1906-1 90S Market Street, Galveston, Texas M y « W | ii m in - •-■■- ' 1 liirfM - im Mi

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