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mmmmtmsm ' « NINETEEN HUNDRED VOLUNTEER ; V - ' r: iA : ' ii. n ' . .1. ,t - yiL. ■ ' fs _ VrjIYJffffH Ji r Ve iJ c ij -c: ,. athletics 32, beauty 61 ' . .ulminiil ration ' HI. Inwnnnirs 166, rcc ,.» : ' (). ' , military 276. rlassrs 290, ailn-rtisir, ; .lij. uilliam a. krllry, nlilor r. daiiii brarkin, businr s rjiamtgrr Man ' s Created Mass Confusion The bfiby boom has iis i-fjecl on ihe Hill. A n-rur.l number of students are squeezing into classes in Ayres Hall. A man said to the Universe " Sir I exist. " " However. " replied the Universe, " That fact has failed to create in nu ' a sense of oliligation. " 1 . Si After Iwcnfy years a " temporary " building is removed. The new music building nill be the first structure completed in the urban reneual project. Goals Forever Changing . . . Coach Rohe and Dr. Holt chat wilh Mr. Tom Black. if . B. Stoklcy. center, discusses the plans for the field- center, who gave S.SO.00O for an outdoor track. house. ATO dream plans for fraternity park. Raic the old to raise the ne V.T. stuiltmls route bicycle coursr- in nnh-r classes. m,i New faces . . . puzzled and ([nesting . . . New buildings . . . efficient and cold . . . New rules . . . Made for unknown students . . . Long talks . . . In liie dorms . . . the Center . . . parked cars . . . The Administration Building hehind closed doors Grasping to find security . . . Reljellion against Nothingness . . . II Ulmm n. Stokley, V.T. f ' rrsi,l-nt .4. D. Holt, anil Senator -lluir U alters. Prof. Ewing discloses the secret of his " Hidden Images " at a recent art shoii. Art students work in undi ' sirahir qitartcrs until a fine arts building is coniplrtnl. Mass education . . . exams . . . The quiet sound of sciatciiing pencils . . . Yet ... a compelling desire for knowledge . . . Those who sow not . . . neither do they reap . They just drink coffee ... . With These Todays, What Shall We Make Of Our Tomorrows? As a result oj three year ' s work, a chap- ter oj Phi Beta Kappa is installed at U.T. Finals mean the library. I rl ' s see . . . Passport, Stciirily Cltariin Isenl 007 iW( . . . 1 .III miiv i -f. ' ( ' .7 ' . fxpcrimfiits with TV Irrlii fditcdtf studt ' iits ( ' n iii(i,s-sr. " The Engiiu-t ' iiiis; nuildinu and Si ' ioiuo Hall . . VUm) students and tlie SGA . . . A new activities fee and thirty campus leadei-s Hours in i-esistration and con puterized sirades Indiv idiial rannning and TV lectures . . . The crucial sound of chaos . . . Compiitrrheil radt Some Sights Create A Parody When Contrasted ' Ave Algue Vale. ' 1 i ff: r l-J! i ■1 ! r »:w.,% 0 i ' m iP ' H Saturday night dinner at the Rathskeller be- | fore partying. I " Man is the only animal L That eats when he is not ---:: S r 1 Hungry . . • 1 L 4 Drinks when he is not 1 ikJ siii? y ▼ Thirsty . . . 1 K w ▼ And makes love at 1 ■ K All seasons . . . I H Hmy , " Vox Populi. Vox D( 1 A Whistle Blows And Life Conforms ' Bui . . . I cliilnt go out uirh your fraternily irothrr ' ' " Which G-string? V.T. SirifiiTS on the fiood ui l state lour Sittinfi room only ■77 A ' . thai ( y. ' " This is nothing! You should have seen balance the uhoU ' punch botcl ! This University Is People 15 Disputing jrnls finally srltlc a h Sit-In " ! Tbr roiijile ihnt picnics together, stnys togeihe Fnmi the fiid Springs New beginnings . . . We are shaped and fashioned . . , Bv what we love . . . Look Into The Mirror Of Its Soul And See Tomorrow »7 Greeks avoiding fines vote in campus elections " Scotch and soda Built On The Foundation Of Our Goals i8 Dfteiiiiiiiatiuu to lie A strong and free individual In a world riiat i- fighting hard To deprive us Of Our Freedom . . . Hey! It must be Madison Avenue ' s idea of a psychological ap- proach. I I " oti Miss Jones, you cant sue the majority. ' Vox Populi, Vox Deir " 19 Fraternity mm build Homrcominf; displa And jur this step you keep your bi ; toe on lltf edge of the marked line. University life remains Changeless In onr memories . . . We are forever Destroying our world And recreating it In tliougiit . . . Break bread and l)e gentle . . . We Work Hard To Arouse School Spirit . . . Superficially . . Spirit . . . Let the players know you ' re there . . . Even when the breaks are bad . . . That ' s what counts . . . The roar from the stands . . . Just make them Yell . . . Oh, yes. Smile . . . Admmyhi l ' r,i Club MrnilH-rshlp Adawayhi Officers: Dean Barger. President; Pat Jarkson, Vice-President; Pat O ' Conner, Secretary; Mark Peiligreno. Pledge trainer; Gary Neopoliton, Treasurer. UNIVERSITY CENTER First Roiv: Charlie Baker. Mark Greenfield. George Kershaw. Malome Daughertv. Srconrl Row: Pat Hand- ley. Bob Martin. .Sallv Sielman. Third Row: Clara Cliil dress. Sandra Duncan. Top: Betty Gail Conjier. ih 5-3 2.4 Forget the rain . . . Forget the fatique . . . Individuality emerges against Pulsating activity . . . Unutterably alone within The great mosaic of Sound . . . But Look Closer Into The Crowd 5 A kaleidoscope of sound . . . Glaring light, the coolers. Bright music, loud music. Smiling majorettes . . . Legs . . . The half-time show . . . " We must stand for the Alma Mater. " The crowd rises . . . tension . . . " Hey, this is Homecoming! " Towiily .|,,lin«on, Diiini Major. The hifih-strppin majorrttrs front Tenn i6 Hi. W. .1. Iiiliaii. I)imt..r: Barrv Mil)..nalcl. A-M-tant DiiiHlnr. ' i ' ' J ' -j ' V- ■ " " ' ■ : ' i AiiaJ: ' tvvi V „ Precision drilling has brought brick the title " Pride S nj the Southland. " I part () the iiilird hrlll-tinie shows presented dlirinfi the jail. Beyond The Outward Clamor . . V People united in Laughter . . . Individually couched In Co-operation . . . Fans dispersing in jubilance . . . Or disappointment, each Maintaining within Himself . . . Staunch support For The Vols . . . PanhcVs joint home of work before Smok ng project gets many hours ; ready. To What Counts „lly Bacon brums uilh apprr,i„ln,n ajlcr h, I ' m Hnmrrominii Qlirrn. 9 I ' linllt ' l display gels finishing touches. The Individual Roar 30 Homecoming Queen Candidates: Seated: Lou Johnson. Sharon Brewer. Bette Carlson; Standing: Pat Hand- lev. Marv Lewis. Sallv Bacon. .leanetta Gound. Sandra Duncan. Kittv Roheris. Peggy Wehh. Fans are not enthusiastic unless Vols win ,«»»K AiN arri In its Totality . . . We believe That Tennessee ' s greatest concern is For the truth . . . It shares our Determination . . . For freedom . . . Therefore . . . We believe in UT . . . A way of life . . . P L... Tennessee Vols on the mo 31 lols hnd andy ,r„,ly and willini: to do anyllung jor a Dickey ' s First Year Indicates Bright Football Future Coach Dickey sniilcs off fielil after stunning victory in Atlanta. This was the year of the yo-yo in Tennessee FOOTBALL, a rare mixture of downs and ups, highs and lows, fancy tricks and broken strings. The hegiiining was not beautifuL With a new coaching staff, new offense, and new defense, the forecast was green instead of orange. Results were better than expected. Steve DeLong was great with a capital G. Doug Dickey was a calm, poised innovator in his debut as head coach. While the Vol offense was learning its ABC ' s, Dickey sprinkled in sui-prises and switched around more players than Casey Stengel in his best year. The effort paid off at the box office. Tennessee set a record in attendance while winning four, losing five, scoring a tremendous tie. Mills stops Moccasin to assist. :,-•, :i ' ' r fK .s LM. ' ' j ...t ••■■ ' .ii i.j ' »;,NCit y ' ;: " -.i. ' ' -. Vanderbilt ' s Spalding is stopped by Fisher, Ellis, Stancell. and 33 ■MB MiMjwiMmflMin ajM Tennessee ' s All-American Captain, Steve P " defense that helped itreck Tech Belong The show started on a drippy day with Tennessee nipping CHATTANOOGA. 10-6, in an all-the-way straggle. Hal Wanlland, then a (juarterback, ran three yards on a rollout and Fred Martin converted. Fred booted a 28-yard field goal in the third quarter when the Moccasins bounced a pass oflF the Vol defense for a late touchdown. Tennessee put up a terrific fight on Birmingham ' s Legion Field, but bowed to AUBURN, 3-0. Ron Widby kicked like a champion but penalties rubbed out two Vol threats. Don Lewis finally spoiled a super defensive effort with a 42-yard Tiger field goal. Memphis was no place for the faint-hearted. DeLong got a quick fumble and Stan Mitchell plunged for a touchdown. MISSISSIPPI STATE squared things before halftime and Tennessee took charge again on the ancient Statue-of- Liberty play. Art Galiffa to Wantland. The Bulldogs roared back with an 81-yard march, scored, and gambled for a two-point conversion. Carl Ellis stopped the pass in the flat, and the Vols won a big one, 14-13. Mitchell crashes into Vandy defenders for first down BOSTON COLLEGE, with passes hitting like hailstones, gained 222 air yards and lost, 16-14, as Galiffa passed to Wantland for a TD. Tom Fisher went the distance with a pass interception, and Mr. Martin hit an extra point and a field goal. Three Vol fumbles and two blocked kicks paced ALABAMA to a far-from-easy 19-8 triumph. Whit Canale made a big play and Wantland a spectacular run. Sophomore tackle Joe Graham was tough on defense and Joe Naniath did not pass for a touchdown. A great goal-line stand, led by All-American Belong, and good old Mr. Martin produced a super-duper 3-3 tie on television with rugged LSU in the tiger pit. Fred hooted his field goal from the 17 and Doug Moreau hit his from the 11. LSU, from a first down at the U-T 4, couldn ' t score! iiiJ I iiiililr I nil 1964 VOLUNTEERS— J. Lowe, A. Galiffa, L. Mace, G. Woods. J McKelvey, J. Covington, D. Warren, S. Ellspermann, A. Melas G. Gray, D. Leake, M. Reynolds, B. Petrella. Second row, F. A . tin. P. Naumofj, R. Harkleroad, J. Mills, T. Bird, M. Gentry, R Franklin, B. Ackermann, D. Dehart, A. Tanara, B. Cameron, S DeLonn, C. Ellis, C. Harkleroad, E. Phillips, V. Ferrari, S. Robert son. Third row, D. Henson, A. Denney, B. Dinnis, G. K ' ynn, S. Mitchell, J. Sullivan, J. Cotton, J. Paly, M. Morel, J. Patterson, H U antland, R. Jarvis. R. Jellicorse. B. Frazier, C. Rigsby, J. Smith. B. Tomlinson, S. Edwards, J . Graham. Back row, C. lorio, D. .4rchv bald, H. Stancell, R. Widby, D. Reed, D. Tonelli, T. Hall, I. Mc- Keller. D. Gibson, J. Pinkerton, V. Mayes, B. Gratz, D. Weatherford, B. Danychuck, T. Fell, J. Crumbacher, W. Whittinghill, J. Falco, F. Emanuel, T. Fisher. Kentucky ' s Roger Bird slips past Tennessee defenders 37 The Vols defeated OPEN DATE without any trouble and ended GEORGIA TECH ' S winning streak, 22-14, a week later. Grant Field was like a morgue as sub-quarterback David Leake passed to Al Tanara for one touchdown and set up the clincher for Jack Patterson. Doug Archibald completed the rout with a 69-yard scoring run on a pass interception. Martin kicked another field goal. Nobody realized it but the Vol season was over before the MISSISSIPPI game. Three Tennessee fumbles and another blocked punt helped the Rebels get well, 30-0. Tough Vol defenders, in hot water all day, yielded 21 points in the second half. fl ' antland dives for two-points agoitist Tech Coaching Staff— first row: Bill Anderson, Vince Gibson, Head Coach Doug Dickey, Charlie Rash, Bill Majors. Second row: Chuck Rohe, George McKinney, Charlie Coffey. Mickey O ' Brien, Jim Dunn, Jack Kile, George Caffego. 38 Emanuel anil Fisher stalk Auburn ' s All-American Sidle Hal W ' antland drives for extra yardage 39 v:c A v:f Jam k.S ' rJt Co-captain Whit Canale powers past Kentucky defenders 40 " • ST 7 2 -— Fisher, Belong, and Frazier smother Auburn back for a big loss. Rick and Rick racked up the Vols a week later. Rick Norton throwing to Rick Kestner for a 12-7 KENTUCKY triumph. Wantland ' s run earned a 7-0 lead as the Wildcats gained but eight yards in the first half. But Norton warmed up his throwing arm and finished with 236 yards. VANDERBILT got in the last lick, winning by 7-0. A bootleg handofi. much like the Vols used against Mississippi State, did most of the damage. Tennessee had a first down at the Commodore five and couldn ' t get across. The yo-yo would have stopped at the long end of the string except for DeLong ' s success (the Outland Trophy as the best interior lineman in the country and a huge bankroll from the San Diego Chargers) and a strong recruiting drive by U-T coaches. Sweeping the state clean in the prospect race, the Vols sounded the age-old challenge: " We ' ll get ' em next vear. " 4 ' ds off. " Tennessee ' s BASKETBALL spaceshot didn ' t hit the moon it flew higher and longer and shined brighter than anything from the Hill country the last twenty years or so. The Volunteers of Ray Mears did not win the Southeastern Conference (drat it) but they won tremendous respect with their nationally-ranked defense and disciplined attack. The 20-5 record speaks for itself. Nine other SEC teams, including always-powerful Kentucky, finished below Tennessee. The Vols ' 1964-65 man-of-the-year was A. W. Davis, proclaimed by many to be the school ' s all-time great. A. W. capped a splendid three-year career ( he started every game unless injured or ill) by winning a spot on Look Magazine ' s ten-man All-American team. No other Vol basketballer (from 1920 on) finished so high. 4 Vols end season with 20 5 record ' Red " drives in for an easy two. Bayne, Tennessee ' s Ace Rebounder, controls the boards against Tulane Davis connects for tivo. Ps VVV ■ M 1 MM ' H w ' % " • i ' Jr HPI ■ " Mcintosh alone jar a crip. Time-out instructions by Coach Mears. - " ' .1 Pat Robinette. Jim Cornwall. Larry Mc- intosh. Standing: Red Robbins. Howard Bayne. . W. Davis, Bob Hogsett, Ron Widbv. Davis, as great as he was, had some delightful helpers. Ron Widby, the multi-talented sophomore ( football, basketball, and baseball for points; golf on the side | was named the Nuinber One rookie in the SEC. Widby led the Vols in rebounding and was second in scoring. Howard Bayne, respected on all floors and feared on some, hit fifty per cent of his field-goal attempts and rebounded with any foe, including the seven-footers. All three . . . D avis, Widby, and Bayne . . . received all-conference honors. Three others, Pat Robinette, Larry Mcintosh, and Austin (Red) Robbins, made tremendous contributions. Robinette, undoubtedly the Vols ' most improved, became the team quarterback. He did the thinking on the floor, guided the offense and made many a basket ( for his pals) with deft passing. Pat also hit 89.7 per cent of his free throws, second best in the SEC. Mcintosh, the junior with just one gear, high-speed forward, averaged more than twelve points a gaine and gave defenders ulcers and sore feet. Larry, in a one-on-one move around the goal, is just the best. Red Robbins had two seasons, one before an ankle injury and another after. The lean redhead dropped from the starting lineup but still contributed ten points a game and totaled 198 rebounds. Ail-American Davis controls the ball against Kentucky. 45 i .- 4 ' hi |i v ' B ' i ' lb ' ' f BiVHH I It; Officials never change their decisions. Coach Mears rides the ivave of victory. 46 Frantic attempts to control boards is re- flected on players faces. Robinelte and Baynr attempt to capture the ball from Tiger Joe Newton. Other varsity Vols were Jimmy Cornwall, Skip Plotnicki, Gil Monroe and John Jacoljs. Season highlights happened all around. There were tense moments in Atlanta in just the second game. Davis scored twenty-eight points that night as the Vols drubbed Georgia Tech. The Mears men won seven in a row before the disasterous finals of the Far West Classic. Then came the eight-minute slump at Vanderbilt, the last eight minutes when the Commodores came from behind to win, 77-72. The Vols bounced back big, belting Tulane and LSU on the road and racking up Kentucky, 77-.58, before a half-million TV fans. This 19-point rout was Tennessee ' s most decisive ever over Adoph Rupp. The Vol spree continued for ten games and included an unbelievable 75-43 decision over Florida and a thrilling but convincing 79-66 victory over Vanderbilt, the Commodores ' only loss in the SEC. 47 SEC Sophomoreof-theYear Ron Widby takes off a re- bound in the crucial games against Vandy. The crash came at Alabama and with this slip-up went U-T chances for a title-deciding playoff game. Vandy didn ' t fold and the Vols lost two more, at Kentucky and at Florida. But there were other good things before and after . . . Auburn got only thirty-eight points against an inspired defense and in the finale, the Vols parked their disciplined machine for a rip-roaring 102-62 blitz of Tulane. Davis, who moved up to third among Tennessee ' s all-time scoring leaders ( Carl Widseth and Herman ' ' ' hompson set their records in four varsity seasons), hit his high of thirty-two at Georgia. Robbins got the most rebounds in one game, twenty-three at Ole Miss. One victoiy isn ' t in the scorebook. U-T alum Bill Stokely ' s $500,000 gift means an expanded fieldhouse with more room for more people to have more fun. Editor ' s note: Thanks to Marvin West, News Sentinel Sports writer, for the football and basketball articles written for the Volunteer. Leaning Larry Mcintosh i-ers Georgians in bis drive for a basket. ut maneu- me-on-one Vol Basketballers say, " Thanks, Mr. Stohely, " after he announced his gift for the fieldhouse expansion. 49 Vols First Triple Crown Winner 1964 SEC Champions — J. Nichols J. Webster, R. Moore, W. Russell, T. Scott, P. Pomphrey. C. Dodson, M. Forrester, B. Sellmer Second Row: Coach Chuck Rohe. D. Pinkston, J. Ellington, J. Cul- breth, C. Vickers, L. Oldham, E. Wale, H. Householder, A. Christiansen, J. Sul- livan. Assistant Coach H. Bailey. Tfiinl Row: C. Durland, A. Heiskell. G. Purdy, M. Shellon. D. Smith. M. Maxwell. R. Soderberg, R. Kodres, B. Redington, N, Gilley. D. Storey. When the Vols wo n the school ' s first SEC outdoor TRACK title last spring, they also became the first triple crown winner (cross countiy-indoor-and outdoor track) in conference annals. The sophomore dominated Volunteers tallied sixty-one points in the SEC title meet at Lexington, Kentucky last May. Auburn and LSU trailed with 54 and 49 points, respectively. It was a great year for the Vols who scored impressive wins over Alabama, Vandy, V.M.I., Kentucky, Memphis State, and L.S.U. in dual meets. Third SEC Championship for the year— cross country, intioor track, and outdoor track. The " mighty milers " finished 1-2-3-4 in the con- ference mile — Pinkslon, Vickers, Redington, Soder- berg. The onlv loss was a cliffhanger witli Florida State in Knoxville. School records fell by the lot. Jim Webster, SEC sprint champion, and freshman Phil Smith both clocked 9.5 on the 100 yard dash to set a new standard. Webster tied Ray Moore ' s 220 mark at 21 .2 in a gritty finish on a bad leg in the conference meet. Moore became a co-holder of the 440 mark with a 48.6 performance. Pat Pomphrey chased Olympian Billy Hardin of LSU to the tape in the SEC hurdles and set school records in both the high and intermediate events. Coppley Vickers lowered the two mile mark to 9:09.4 and helped the Vol two mile relay to the Florida Relay ' s title with a school mark of 7:3.5.7. New mile relay (3:15:7) and distance medley (10:22.0) marks were also recorded. USTAFF National Champions: Melvin Maxwell, John Elling- ton, Don Pinkston, Coppley Vickers, Bob Redington. Mickey Shelton, David Storey. Kneeling: Coach Rohe, Steve Allison, Carl Williams, Bob Barber, Roy Hall, Mike Tomasello, Rocky Soderberg. A iialional cross country championship was the " icing on the cake " for the 1964 Tennessee CROSS COUNTRY squad. The Vols scored a convincing win in the United States Track and Field Federation race on Thanksgiving morning at Chicago ' s Washington Park. Coppley Vicker ' s third-place finish paced the Orange and White, which placed U.T. represenlalives in ihe National UST.4FF Cross Country Meet. five men in the first 14 finishers — Bob Redington, 9th; David Storey, 10th; Rocky Soderberg, 11th; and Bob Barber, 14th — tallied the points that gave Tennessee its " first ever " national title in cross countiy or track. The Chicago victory eased the pain somewhat of a disappointing finish in the NCAA meet earlier the same week. After an unbeaten dual meet season, the Vols were among the favorites for the collegiate crown. But five inches of snow, bitter cold and a large formidable field of contestants from forty-five schools relegated the deep South entry to llth place and their only defeat of the season. The highlight of the dual meet season was the win over Ohio University in Knoxville. The Ohioans placed third in the NCAA, but in the regular season meeting their NCAA individual champion Elmore Banton finished ahead of Vols Vickers, Pinkston, Redington, Soderberg, and Storey, as Tennessee won handily 20-3.5. Ernie Wale wins indoor high jump as Vols defeat V.M.I. Biibba Beat qualifier for the NCAA track meet. The Vol tracksters are off to another fine season this year. The indoor season produced many outstanding performances and the outlook for outdoor track is the brightest in school history. Tennessee opened the 1965 season with some impressive efforts at the Orange Bowl Meet in Miami on January 1st. Pat Pomphrey ' s 14.2 perfonnance captured the high hurdles and lowered his own school record. Coppley Vickers and Bob Redington finished 1-2 in the mile run. Bill Sellmer ran excellent races in the 500 and 300, respectively. The Orange and White went on to score impressive victories in the Chesterfield Invitational, whipped V.M.I., Tennessee Tech, and E.T.S.U. in dual meets and concluded the month of January with an excellent set of marks in the Invitational Meet of Champions at Winnipeg, Canada. Vickers ' 4:09.3 mile in a dual meet and Gaylord Morse ' s 35.7 for a new Canadian indoor record at 330 yards highlighted the month ' s activities. The first weekend in Februaiy the Vols turned in their most Pat Pomphrey — second fastest nation indoors. impressive performance of the year as they captured the unofficial team title at the VMI Winter Relays. Mai7lancl " s ACC Champions and thirty-five other schools failed to keep pace with the Vols. Copplev Vickers was voted the outstanding runner in the meet for his record-breaking two-mile (9:12-7). The SEC Meet was next and Tennessee dominated the meet as no one ever has before. The Vols tallied fifty points to runner-up LSU ' s fifteen and totaled more than the next four teams combined. Pat leading in the 120 high hurdles against Olympic star Bill Hardin. 55 Captain Kenny Marcus services a double defeat over Kentucky Marcus, Schloss, Dow, and Preston take tin out during practice. Coach Tom n Marcus. Barllett and Caplain Kenny Gunlher Eirlwrne. David Arwood. Jay Livingston, Sammy Darden, Joe Royal, Ken Marcus, Coach Tommy Bartlett. Tennis Team Tennessee ' s TENNIS team last year had the best season since the undefeated teams of 1951-52. The Vols posted a 13-1 season losing only to powerful Georgia Tech 7-2. Highlight- ing the season were wins over archrivals Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Auburn, and Washington University. Captain Kenny Marcus, Sammy Darden, and Gunther Eichorn were consistent winners for the Big Orange. Other letter winners were David Anvood, Joe Royal and Jay Livingston. Coach Tommy Bartlett feels that this year ' s team will be a much stronger team with the addition of Lenny Schloss, Rick Preston, and Richard Dow. The schedule for the forth coming year will offer a real challenge for the Vols. Coach Bartlett has added powerhouses LSU, University of Florida, Stetson, Florida Southern, Clemson, and Ferman University. The freshman team will be lead l)y two nationally ranked players. Jack Jackson, fifth ranked, and Bobby Dow. Coach Bartlett feels that the Vols will be in contention soon for the SEC title with the addition of these future stars. 57 Captain. Tlie Vol GOLF team has dedicated this year ' s season to captain, Jay Langston. Last year ' s golf season was highlighted by Bert Greene ' s All-Anierican award. Lead by Bert the Vols posted a successful 13-4 season. Battling for the six positions on the golf team this year will be Ann Baker, Bert Greene, Sham Smith, Phil Wiggins, Denny Peters, Mike Petit, Ted Arsenaute, Sonny Vandergriff, and Guy Moser. Ann Baker, one of the nation ' s leading women golfers, may be one of the few and the last women to participate in SEC varsity competition as the SEC has ruled women ineligible for varsity competition after Ann graduates. Prospects for another good season are bright as the Vols will once again be lead by Bert Greene. Ann Baker blasts out oj a sand trap. Bertc Green, Captain 1964 Golf Team: Phil Wiggins. Denny Peters. Thad Vincent. Standing: Jay Langston. Shan Smith, Berte Greene Fonl. Trnnrssrr ' s numhrr one pitcher, narms up. Tennessee ' s dugout waits their turn at bat. 60 The BASEBALL Volunteers of 1964 tackled what was probably the toughest schedule in the school ' s history and came out with a 17 won and 14 lost record. Intersectional games with Jacksonville University, Clemson, Florida State, and Cornell were played and the Vols won six of their seven games. Highlight of the season was a double-header victory over arch rival Kentucky by scores of 3-1 and 2-1. Glenn Ford and Bill Ferrell pitched magnificently and Danny Nefl drove in the winning run in the last inning of the second game. Outstanding honors were received by centerfielder Jack Erwin of Chattanooga, who was chosen to the All Eastern Division and All Southeastern Conference teams. For his stellar play and leadership Jack was elected team captain for the 1965 season. Prospects are exceptionally bright for 1965. With fifteen of nineteen squad members returning, including the entire pitching staff and with outstanding catcher Lan-y Tipton and first baseman Ron Widby up from die freshman team, the Vols should challenge Florida and Aubuni for the Eastern Division championship. An interesting schedule again awaits, including a six game swing through Georgia. Florida and Alabama, and intersectional home games with Xavier of Cincinnatti and Miami University of Ohio. I!. Lannoni, J. Hodgson. A. Campen. D. Lo NeS, J. Burpo, C. Meadows. Fourth Row: Man white, H. Leffew, D. Hayes, Coach B. Wright. . B. Ferrell. Second Row: J. Erwin. K. Hudgens. Jack Erwin, All-SEC. Third Row: T. Pritchard. R. Gaylor, D. iger D. Wallace, D. Thoniiison. B. Apple- 6i Tennessee ' s first MISS U.T. PAGEANT proved to be a great success. Circle K and the Volunteer sponsored the event. The pageant has replaced the Vol Beauty Parade which chose the campus beauties in past years. Miss U.T. vv ' ill represent the university in the annual Miss Tennessee Pageant in Jackson this summer. Miss Judy Barton was chosen by out-of-town judges under the rules and regulations of the Miss America Pageant. Judy is a junior majoring in mathematics and is a member of the Alpha Xi Delta Sorority. Head Majorette at UT. Judy began her liaton career as Head Majorette at South High School. She became Miss Majorette of America in 1962. Best Talent — Miss Kitty Roberts ' dramatic monologue. Virginia Graves models the legs oj a sopho- more " Hillclimber. " Contestants relax between presentations of talent Judy meets the press. 64 Finalists — Judy Barton, Frances McClain. Diane McCulchan, Kitty Roberts, Carol Smith. MISS U.T. Judy Barton ( 7 Miss Frances McClain Miss Kitty Roberts 69 Photos by Gordon Miss Diane McCutchan 70 Miss Carol Smith MISS MARY NICHOLSON " MISS NANCY CARTER MISS BECKY HENRY MISS ROBIN CENTER 74 MISS LORETTA HARRIS HOMECOMING QUEEN Miss Sally Bacon V A i fO JH kT H y K J l I mm ■ kv r » V fil 1 1 wm ■ «.... . A H 1 K H P HT ) H H i I Hitf H HHj rS ■••:. ' .i 2 1 B ' A ■■■ H Rcpn. inlatio I 0 a Ac students? 1 78 _ The SGA representatives engage in a discus- sion period which will be followed by a vote on the pending issue. President Nicholson confers with Don Baker, Secretary of Student Affairs. Student Gov- ernment Association Officers: Mary Neal Durham, Treasurer; Barbara Embury, Secre- tary; Tom Nicholson, President; Gref O ' Connor, Vice-President. Tom Nicholson 1963-64. congratulated by Benton Smith, SGA president for The University of Tennessee STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION, iiaving engaged in a strenuous year of political pressure and paily realignment, has emerged as a stronger, wiser, and more devoted body. In addition to the SGA representatives, advisory delegates from various campus organizations regularly attend the sessions and participate in the discussion. All meetings of the Student Government Association are open to the public. During the year it sponsored the traditional campus activities — Homecoming, All-Sing, and Carnicus — along with some additional projects such as a Student Leadership Conference which was held in Gatlinburg in May. Its outstanding accomplishment this year has been the passage of a new constitution which completely reorganizes the Student Government Association. Regardless of the continuous criticisms of SGA that have been voiced during the year, it has succeeded in functioning as a progressive body with the welfare of the students as its prime objective. It is the hope of all people presently connected with SGA that progress will continue to be made and that a truly representative body will evolve. Till ' lliirly-IVmith annual ALL-SING, sponsored by the Sliulent Government Association, proved, as usual, to be th( highlight of winter quarter. The production, titled " Moods in Melody, " featured numerous Greek groups competing for the honor of first place. This years " All-Sing saw Alpha Delta Pi sorority and Phi Delta Theta fraternity capture top honors. The first All-Sing program was held in April of 1932 with six groups competing. Since that time it has grovni to be one of the major interests of the University students. The (piality of singing of 196.5 All-Sing was high and the competition was the greatest yet. All-Sing " 65 was dedicated to Mr. James Preston Hess, who is Business Manager and Secretary of the UT Board of Trustees. Mr. Hess is retiring from UT in September of ] 965, and this tribute was small in comparison to the contribution this fine gentleman has made to the University and to the community. All-Sing Advisory Board was composed of Brenda Clift, Vicki Locke. Linda Townsend, Carolgene Page, Gilbert Baillie, Doug Marshall, and Norman Newton. .ill Sing Co-Chairmen: Jane Stew- art and lack Miller. The Alpha Delta Pi sorority put all their heart in the per- formance which gave them first place. The results of hard work and determination. The Phi Delta Theta fraternity climbed the ladder of success in winning the small group competition in ' 63. the intermediate group competition in ' 64, and the large group competition in ' 65. Alpha Delta PCs three part harmony drans aplause fron the aufliene. CARNICUS 1964, " Ladder to Laughter, " was presented on May 5 and May 6. Nine large groups and six small group stunts provided a hilarious program to capacity crowds. 1 964 Caniicus Co-Chairmen were Bill Burton and Janie Dempster. Taking first place honors were Alpha Delta Pi ' s " Stagger Lee " and Phi Gamma Delta ' s " Curses, Foiled Again. " F ' inalists included Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Beta Phi, Phi Gamma Delta. Kappa Delta, Alpha Delta Pi, Phi Sigma Kappa, Chi Omega, Sigma Chi. and Delta Gamma. Doright sells his soul to lein the trophy 83 Cranny lels loose as the Alpha Delta Pi capture first place. 0 ' the torments of the stage direction! CARNICUS, an evolving tradition of the University of Tennessee, began in the early i900 ' s as a carnival and circus. The two names were combined to Carnicus, and tlie presentation of skits by Greek groups was started. Tiy-outs are held prior to Caniicus and the eight top-scoring groups are selected to compete for two nights in Carnicus. Exictement, production, laughter combine to make Camicus one of the favorite nights of the year. 84 Stage practice icas neier like this. At their qtiniti ' riy meetinf the Campus Executive Club offers student and faculty lenders an op- portunity to become better acquainted and to listen to outstandinf speakers. i Seated at the h Calvin Buelher. Hilton A. Smith. Mr. I. Peggy Webb. THE CAMPUS EXECUTIVES ' CLUB brings together outstanding members of the student body and faculty for an evening of good fellowship around the banquet table followed by a stimulating after-dinner speech. Membership in the Club is by invitation only, and is limited to 100-150 students and 50 faculty members. Three meetings are held each year in the private Dining Room of the University Cafeteria. A specially prepared meal is served banquet style and enjoyed by all. BLUE TRIANGLE is a luncheon club which meets eveiy Tuesday to enable students from different parts of the campus to eat together and know each other. After lunch, a talk is given by a special guest from the UT faculty or the Knoxville area. Club membership is open to approximately sixty l)oys and girls who are interested in such discussions. The iveekly meetings of Blue Triangle bring together students of varying interests to eat and listen to an appropriate speaker. 86 ' Y " Cabinet members plan Convoralion under the leadership oj president Susan Chandle The programs sponsored l,y the CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION have grown in the eighty-five years of its existence. " Y " traditions inchide Torch Night and " The Torch " for freshman. Aloha Oe for seniors. Convocation, and montlily meetings for everyone. " Y " has a purpose-to integrate religious ideals into all phases of campus life and to strengthen them, that they may live beyond college days for all the future. The seniors form Aloha Oe services. 87 . and I thought I U ' as going to be an old maid. Interesting speakers for ISA weekly meetings The INDEPENDENT STUDENTS ASSOCIATION is an organization through which the many students on campus who are not affiliated with a Greek group may participate in campus activities. ISA has something to offer to almost every independent, no matter where his or her interests lie. ISA offers the opportunity to participate in such campus activities as campus politics, Homecoming, All-Sing, Carnicus, Student Government, and intramurals. The social activities each quarter include, the Presentation Dance, Valentine Dance, Tea Rose Ball, and this year ' s Computor Dance. In addition to such regularly scheduled events, ISA members often get together for bowling or skating. There are also the weekly meetings for which interesting programs are often scheduled. 88 And here ue have Johnny leaving for his first big day of school. DORM LIFE is an intimate part of a student ' s life. The midnight talks, the mischievous pranks, the group studies, all form memories which will remain long after the facts crammed in classes are forgotten. Each student learns to share, to be considerate, and to understand his adopted brothers and sisters in his new home. We learn, we laugh, we share in our four years of unforgetable experience. Nothinfi like a swift ride downhill on freshly packed ice and snow. Many beautiful autumn days bring campus coeds outside to Jo their studying. 90 Sandra Duncan, Alf S Second-Vice President conducts Frosh Board meetings. UDICIAL BOARD— Janet Cisler. Sylvia Lackey. Mai7 Iiiiili Denney. Judy Garretson. Nancy Fugate, Reita at- i ' rili,irf;pr. President; Mrs. Helen Easley, Faculty Ad- visor; Carol Craft, Sassy Ward. Mary Margaret Trent, Sandra Sullivan, Evelyn Brzezinski, Dot Koger. i i: LCLTl E BOARD— Dr. Helen Watson. Ad- ser; Kitty Roberts. First Vice President; Pris Davis. ecretary; Reita Wattenbarger. Judicial Board President; Linda Jenkins. President: Sandra Duncan, Second Vice- President; Judy Kayler. Treasurer. WS, the governing body of the University of Tennessee women students, includes in its purpose a striving " to create and maintain high standards and ideals for the women students of the University. " It is a member of Intercollegiate Associated Women Students, the national organization of college women. All regularly enrolled women of UT are automatically members of AWS. However, to become active, voting members, they nmst pay yearly dues of seventy-five cents. Composed of the Executive, Judicial, Legislative, and Frosh Boards working collectively and separately, AWS performs many functions. Included in the year ' s program are such things as an orientation program for freshman. Friendship Week, and coffee and doughnuts in some dorms during exams. Having been on campus less than a decade, CIRCLE K has continued to improve each year. This past summer, they returned from the National convention with the 2Md place national achievement award. Tiie highlif ht of this year was tiie fust Miss UT Pageant, conducted with the co-operation of the Volunteer. Judy Barton was crowned Miss U-T and will go to Jackson to vie for Miss Tennessee. The pageant will be sponsored by Circle K annually. Several of their most important seiTice projects have been the Bundle Drive (to collect old clothing for oiphans as the students leave the dorms), the Drug Collection (collecting doctors samples to send to hospitals over-seas), and revision of a pamphlet, " You and the Law, " on the college level. It will be printed and sent to Circle K clubs throughout the country. Officers of Circle K ore Vice-President Dalton Townsend Vice-President Bill Kelley, Secretary Don McGouern, and President Eddie McAlister. Members of Circle K and Siteetheart Betty Gail Cooper. The Board of Directors includes Tom Morse, Allen Sicartz, Doufi Marshall, Don McGovern, Larry Partain, and Dal- ton Towsend. Monster-Man cheers for ihr 1 rJs d Li " W- l Coach G. Cafego. M. Gentry. F. Emanuel. R. Franklin. J. Nichols. P. Newmoff. D. Archibald. T. Bird. S. Robertson. C. Vickers. Coach Coffee. A. Tanara. P. Holiiiu-tte M. Maxwell. J. Sullivan. G. Morse. C. Harkl.road. M. Shellon. N. Curtis. J. Watson. T. Filler. J. CoHon. B. Frazier. S. Edwards. D. Storey. B. Cameron. J. Paty. P. Poniphrey. J. Patterson. A. Pederson. J. Lowe. A. Galiffa. D. Leek, G. Gray. B. Sellmer. B. Hogselt. G. Woods. R. Jellicorse. B. Gratz. H. Wantland. J. Falco. 95 All men who have been awarded a varsity letter in one of the major sports, as determined by the Athletic Council of the University Athletic Association, are eligii)le to become members of the " T " CLUB. The head cheerleader and the senior managers who have been awarded letters by the Athletic Council are likewise eligible for membership. Objectives of the " T " Club are: 1. To foster clean sportsmanship, promote congeniality, and encourage friendly association among its membership for the advancement of UT. 2. To emphasize the importance of high standards of scholarship and to assist its members in the attainment of this end. 3. To promote interest among alunmi in University athletics, and to further the welfare thereof. Vol Corps members welcome high school Co-chairmen of f ' ol Corps are Frank McCalla honor students to the UT campus. and Kathy McCarrin. VOL CORPS, organized by the Student Government Association, is to welcome visitors to the University and to aid the alumni registrar ' s offices by encouraging freshmen to attend UT. This year the Vol Corps carried out a Christmas information program where they contacted students interested in attending UT and a spring visitation program. 96 A ' -.n ( ' „.■ Suzanne Simm.. 11 1, M.imr, I llnMi.ll. Kiiu Tlurrell, Lorraine Akin. J(, n- M), k-.. AiImi- Bjkn, Lida Heilman. Mary Sue Brumback. Dawn O ' Neal. Anne Craddock. Lavene Roberts. Janie Dempler. Linda Laws. Alice Ann Ferris. Row Two: Kathy McCarren. Tom Fields. Dean Barger. Marilyn Field. Judy Jones. Susan Guion, Sarah Milholen. Ann Baker. Pat Wimberley, Barbara Klutenis. Mary Lynn Enochs. Donna Brehm, Jane Stewart. Linda Townsend, Robbie Peters, Sally Burton. Freida Wortman, Lynda Waldrop. Row Three: Mr. William E. Smyth. Jim Clabough. Frank McCalla. Terry Sluice, Clint Eskew. Roger Riley, Mike M. Gate. Bob Haun. Jim Rilts. John Jordan. Norris Cook. John Roach. Fred Lewis. n High school honor students arriv Universitv. for a visit to their state Dr. Holt addresses the TV audience of Tennessee Ii the memory of this year of 1964-65 will be included the recognition of the tireless sei-vices of PRESIDENT ANDREW DAVID HOLT. Dr. Holt has brought to his office and to his students something a bit more tangible than the intelligence it requires to perform his duties. His faith in the distinguished past of the university and in its greater future inspires all who know him: " The University is a combination of many colleges, and its character is largely a composite of the ideals and goals of the various disciplines it teaches. However, underlying the composite, common to faculty and students in all colleges, is a spirit of democracy and dedication, an enthusiastic urge to sei-ve others as expressed by the Volunteer Symbol . . . " As we listen to Dr. Holt speak aiid watch his efforts to fulfill the ideal of the Volunteer symbol, we feel the Hill to be a little warmer and a little more inviting for the friendliness and inspiration he bestows on those who call him " Andy. " Dr. Herman E. Spivev. Vice President of Araileniic Affairs. U.T. ' s iiileinal structure is one of the most complex in the country, partly because the campus is scattered over the state. The VICE-PRESIDENTS at U.T. in Knoxville, Herman E. Spivey, Edward J. Boling, and W. Harold Read, work directly under the President of the University. Dr. Spivey received his A.B., A.M., and Pii. D. degrees from the University of North Carolina, and he is in charge of all affairs concerning academics at the University. W. Harold Read, Vice President of Finances, is a Professor of Accounting and received his B.S. degree from Tennessee, and his M.B.A. degree from Northwestern. Edward J. Boling, Vice President of development, received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Tennessee and his Ed. D. degree from George Peabody College. Ralph E. Dunford, The DEAN OF STUDENTS, works directly under the Executive DeaTi. Dr. Dunford received his A.B., A.M., and Ph. D. degrees from Ohio State. He is in charge of student affairs and disciplinary problems 1 ' f r ;;? !? r BB 1 . j E II SS iH i) . I B Dr. W. Harold Read, Vice President of Finance. Dr. Edward J. Boling, Vice President of Development. Dr. Ralph E. Dunford, Dean of Student Affairs. and is advisor to all students. Truman Pouncey, DEAN OF ADMISSIONS, received his A.B. and A.M. degrees from the University of Texas and his Ph. D. from the University of Minnesota. He works directly under the Vice President of Academics. Dean Pouncey extends his handshake to every new student at the university as he is in charge of admitting and readmitting all students to the university. 99 Dean Margaret Cuninggim, dean of women Miss Margaret Cuninggim, DEAN OF WOMEN, received lier A.B. degree from Duke University, her A.M. degree from Columbia, and her ED.D. degree from Northwestern. Dean Cuninggim advises all vfomen students concerning disciplinary problems and questions involving campus life. She organizes all women ' s affairs on the campus and acts as advisor to AWS, Panhellenic, and other committees. Dean Cuninggim received an honorary Mortar Board membership this year as recognition of her outstanding service and leadership at the University. Her widespread influence and popularity is shown by the fact that this presentation is the first of its kind at the University of Tennessee. Dean Charles Leonard Lewis is the EXECUTIVE DEAN OF STUDENTS. Dean Lewis works directly under Dr. Holt and is in charge of all student affairs. He received his B.S. from Ohio and his A.M. and Ph.D. from Minnesota. Dean Lewis is also an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology. Dean Lewis is active in student affairs on campus and acts as an advisor to the Student Government Association. He is instrumental in informing campus leaders of administrative policies and voices student opinion in administration meetings. Dean Cuninggim awards the top Angel Flight girl, Mikki Davis Miss Ann Murdau h. Assistant Dean oj W (;OVERNOR FRANK G. CLEMENT Chriirman of the Board OFFICERS OF THF HOARD (;.i rniiir Frank G. Clemont Cluiiiniini ' a - ■ll Raii(iiili li J ' icc-Cliainnii ' i Aiuliew I). Unit President Treasurer SeerettU ' , JaMle .1. Walker Jani, 1 ' . He.s MKMI ' .FRS OF THE BOARD Frank I!. Ahl-rcn Cliarlfs D. Lockclt Frank l Bowyer William E. Miller Ben Dougla s Wassell Randolph Tom Elam Leonard Raulston Wayne Fisher Jerome G. Taylor E. Boyd Garrett Herbert S. Walters Harry W. Laiighlin Clyde M. York The Liniversitv of ' i " i ' iini ' set ' is the official State Lfniversily and Federal l,and-Grant iirslitution of the State of Tennessee. The institution is owned and supported hy the people of Tennessee, and it also receives some Federal support for certain programs sponsored cooperatively by the State and Federal Governments. The University ' s mission — its over-all purpose — is to develop the human and material resources of the State of Tennessee through education and research. This mission carries state-wide responsibilities beyond the scope of any other- institution of higher education in Tennessee. The Board of Tnistt cs pausr after approiing the aolivitie fee 103 Hoofs are kept trim by the Agricultural students. The COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE conducts work in three main divisions: Resident Instruction in Agriculture, Agriculture Experiment Station, and Agriculture Extension Service. Headed by Dean Webster Pendergrass, the college strives for the promotion of practical agriaulture based on fundamental and applied research. In choice of subjects it endeavors to select those which are of special importance to the farmers of Tennessee. Degrees of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering are given. Students learn how to dress a side of pork. Whoever planted these rows must have been skunk drunk. Dean Webster Pendergrass. Dean of Agriculture I05 The University of Tennessee AG ECON AND AGHI-IiUSINESS CLUB is a student section of the American Farm Economics Association. The club is open to all students who are enrolled in the de|)artmenls of Agricultural Economics and Agricultiiial Business and to others who are interested in these fields. The pui-pose of the club is to acquaint the student with the opportunities in the field of agricultural economics and agricultural business and to provide fellowship among these students. The U.T. DAIRY PRODUCTS JUDGING TEAM ranked fourth in All Products in the Southern Dairy Products Judging Contest held in Lexington, Kentucky, October 3, 1964. The team also participated in the International Collegiate Students Contest in Judging Dairy Products held in Chicago. Illinois, on October 5, 1964. They ranked fifteenth in All Products at this contest. The V.T. Dairy Produrls Judging Tean Dans Tommy A. Ilurch. H. N. Carring includes J. Victor , Coach, David C. bers of the AEBC I. lt to Right. First Ron : Vernon Kirk, lere E. Pierce. Billy Johns. Larry Hasty. Sfcond Roic: George R. Foster, Tommy V. Lillard. Norman Williamson. James Harold Idell. Lowell Wayne Brown. Third Row: Joe Alphin. Robert Rann. Lvnn Davis. Jimmy Barker. Roland Mote. Fourth Rotv: C. H. Slielton. Hoiis- ton Lnttrell. Jim Lovingood. Standinf;: prnon Cordon. President. The AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS is the University of Tennessee Student Branch of the National A.S.A.E. This organization was established to promote the advancement of agricultural engineering in theory and in practice, and to create professional spirit among its members. Bi-monthly meetings provide an opportunity for student members to meet with engineers who are well established in the field of agricultural engineering. The UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE DAIRY CLUB, an affiliate chapter of the American Dairy Science Association, provides a channel of communications whereby inforination of mutual interest may be exchanged among member branches, and between the American Dairy Science Association and its branches. The Dairy Club strives to acc[uaint students with the dairy industry, and to develop leadership and promote scholarship among dairy students. Lrft to Right. .Seated: Charles Goan; Henry Walker. Treasurer; R. 0. Smith. Secretary; Jim York. President: Richard Snow- den Feed ' s Chairman; David Hitson; Edward Martin. .Stand- ing: David Effler; George Marks; Core Walton; Dr. J. T. Mile-: Jay . rmentrout. Reporter; Jerry Harmen; Bill Byrne: M. S. Sandhu; Dennis Longmire. Vice-President: tjeorge Gorman: Tom Lamb: S. V. S. Setty; Victor Davis; A. V. Rai : Dr. D. 0. Richardson: Dr. R. G. Cragle. Members of !hr HInrk and llriillr Club Students review discussion plans before a meeting The BLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB is a professional organization for men in the field of Animal Husbandry. The University of Tennessee chapter is an affiliate of the National Block and Bridle Club which has chapters throughout the United States. The objectives of the organization are: to promote a higher scholastic standard among the students of Animal Husbandry, to promote Animal Husbandly, and to bring about a closer relationship among the men pursuing some phase of animal husbandry as a profession. The TENNESSEE FARMER, a magazine printed for and by the agricultural student, was created to give students a working knowledge of how to write, edit, and publish a magazine. The magazine was first published in 1906 in bulletin form. Today The TENNESSEE FARMER is a full-sized magazine published quarterly. Its goal is to sei-ve the University of Tennessee by helping Agricultural students become better acquainted with tiie field of journalism. Members of the Block and Bridle Club io8 Editor: Charles Goan Front Roll-: Charles Goan, Editor; Tommy Reed. Managing Editor: Bill Tester- man. Advertising Manager; John Jordan. Circulation Manager. Bark Row: Glen Myers. David Hayes. Ed Bible. Pete Graham. Rohert Lankford. Not Pictured: Kenneth Kemp, Business Manager. ADVISORS: Mr. A. B. Lemert, Dr. Ralph Hamiho Not pictured: Dr. S. A. Griffin. 109 Dean Arlliur E. Warner Under the direction of Dean Arthur E. Warner the COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION offers appropriate curricula in all phases of business. The excellent quality of training received is reflected by business administration graduates who have assumed positions of responsibility and leadership in all types of business and civic life. This in itself explains why the University of Tennessee ' s College of Business Administration is a leader in the South, both in the programs provided for training and opportunity provided for outside training in these various fields. The BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BOARD consists of the president and one representative each from Beta Alpha Psi, Delta Nu Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Society for Advancement of Management, Finance Club, Marketing-Retailing Club, and Rho Epsilon. The purpose of the Business Board is to form a closer union between members of Business organizations on the University of Tennessee campus, advance the general welfare of Business organizations, and foster better relations between the various Business organizations and the University Administration. A Meeting of the Business Administration Board. Alpha Kappa Psi plans their an- nual banquet under the enpabll ' leadership of John Miller. Members of Beta Alpha Psi at a month- ly meeting. Since receiving its charter on May 10, 1964, ALPHA KAPPA PSI professional business fraternity has become the most active fraternity in the College of Business. AKPsi is dedicated to research. service, scholarship, and the promotion of ethics and standards in all phases of the business world. It is open to male students majoring in business who have successfully completed their Freshman year and who have attained at least a 2.10 overall. BETA .ALPHA PSI is a national honorary accounting fraternity, organized for the purpose of encouraging the ideal of sei " vice as the basis of the accounting profession; promoting the study of accounting and its high standards; acting as a medium between professional men, instructors, and students; and developing high moral, scholastic, and professional achievements in its members. The .Alpha Lambda chapter of Beta Alpha Psi was founded at the L ' niversity of Tennessee in May, 19.51. One professional meeting is held each month throughout the school year, with an outstanding speaker from the field of accounting. Proi. nqut ' t and an outstanding ssional meetins. part of the Beta Alpha Psi ' s Officers of Delia Nu Alpha. CENTER Members of Delia ' u Alph The Tennessee Alplia Chapter of DELTA NU ALPHA is the University of Tennessee ' s representative in the national fraternity for transportation students and businessmen. The University chapter was chartered in Januaiy of 1949 and since that time has grown to a membership of over seventy-five students. To encourage young men of ability to enter and remain in the field of transportation and traffic management as a life work is one of the many purposes of Delta Nu Alpha. The SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT has as its purpose: " To bring close together executives in business, to be a means of exchange and distribution of information on the problems, policies, and methods of industry and management, and to give the student an opportunity to participate in tlie organization, planning, directing, and controlling of an organization dedicated solely to the promotion and advancement of the art and sciences of management. " Members of S.A.M. " 3 wish Dr. Fry iioulil hurry and pel those final grades. Members of th DELTA SIGMA PI is a professional business fraternity organized to foster tlie study of business by research and practice, to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics together with the civic and commercial welfare of the community. The fraternity offers membership to make students majoring in all fields of business who have complet ed thirty hours of college work with a minimum scholastic average of 2.3. The FINANCE CLUB is a student affiliate of the American Finance Association. Its membership consists of students who have an interest in the field of finance. The program of the club presents students with the opportunity to hear members of the financial world speak on the areas of the security markets, insurance and banking. The Finance Club makes it possible for faculty members of the Finance Department and students to meet throughout the academic year on an informal basis. Dr. George W. Bishop is faculty advisor of the Finance Club. 114 Lcpa Society. The MARKETING AND RETAILING CLUB serves to further aetiuaint the student with the problems ill this field that he will meet after graduation. As a part of the Club ' s program the members have an opportunity to hear speeches by outstanding businessmen. The student club is sponsored by the Knoxville Sales Executive Club. Realizing that undergraduate students who are jiieparing for careers in the legal profession have many common interests and ambitions, it is the purpose of the PRE-LEGAL SOCIETY of die L ' niversity of Tennessee to coordinate tliese interests. Membership is open to all undergraduates who are contemplating doing graduate work in the college of Law. During the course of the school year, the Society presents programs pertaining to the various fields open to Law School graduates. It is hoped that he will encounter both in law school and in the legal profession. The Markftinn and Retailin ' Club is gathered for their regu- lar meeting. " 5 Seateil: tieorpe Oliver. Bob Pryor, Scott Collins, Fulton Moore. George McCioldrirk, Professor M. L. Townsend. Second Row: Dave McDole. Jeff Fletcher. Robert Crabtree. Jim Monday. Roland Segrove. Third Row: Lynn Davis. Randall Brown. Bert Sams. Eddie Carey. John Baker. Don Coffey. Nick McQuire. Not Pictured: Milton Sweeney, Paul Hansen. Harry Borders, Phil Wiggins, Ed Henry. RHO EPSILON, organized in 1960 as The University of Tennessee Real Estate Society, serves as a link between the students of real estate and the professional real estate world. The programs and activities of the fraternity are planned so as to strengthen the bond between students and interested faculty members while promoting better relationships among die members of Rho Epsilon. OFFICERS: President — Fulton Moore Vice President — George McGoldrick Secretary — Bob Pryor Treasurer — Jim Monday Pledge Trainer— Don Coffey Liaison Delegate — John Baker Historian — Milton Sweeney Publicity — George Oliver 1x6 The Publishing Association of the University of Tennessee is a non-profit corporation which publishes the school yearljook. The Volunteer, and the school paper. The Daily Beacon. Known as THE PUBLICATIONS COUNCIL, the Board of Directors is composed of two faculty members and one alumnus who are appointed by the President of the LIniversity and two students and one alumnus elected annually by the publications ' subscribers. Every student who subscribes to The Daily Beacon or buys a Volunteer is a stockholder in this corporation and entitled to votes proportionate to his invested stock in the annual elections. The President of the University is an ex-oflicio member. Included in tlie responsibilities of the Board are the general policies and financial supei-vision of The Volunteer and The Daily Beacon. The board members select the student executives of the publications and assist the business managers in handling sales, advertising, and other financial details. To help promote interest in the University and its publications, the Board assists in providing free copies of The Daily Beacon which are distributed in the Tennessee high school libraries. The Board also contributes to the annual convergence of state high school editors and establishes the standards for the selection of Torchbearers. liill Kelley, Eiiitor-in-chief and Linda Laws, Honoraries editor. Mary Andrews. Academics editor; Tommy Noel, Activities editor; Lynn Huhbell. Class editor. Susan Long. Activities .Sec. Ed. aiul .li section editor. Fry, MUitary THE 1905 VOUNTEER meaiil ftt.i, work, dcaillities ami wort y U llic slalT and editor Hill Kellcy. " If you iloii ' t meet yoiif deadline, yoti ' ie fired! " was heard at least otiee a week ftoni Bill; however, most of us were fired and hired at least otiee a day. Amid all the turmoil the stafT has prodiK yearbook that is titii |ue and exeiting in a|i|)i(iaih. We hope that you, the student, will feel as we d( that the essence of the year 1965 has been caught 1965 VOLUNTEER. Joe Tagg. Sales Manager. 119 Buddy Cliapman, Maurice Moser, Charlotte Davidson (copy editor), Kathy Smith, Ronnie Vetter (feature editor), and Tommy Noel. After 60 years as a weekly or biweekly student newspaper, 1965 was the year that THE ORANGE AND WHITE went daily (4 days a week that is). At the same time, the paper picked up a new flag and became free ( thanks to the fee ) . In its last year as the Orange and White biweekly, the UT student newspaper won its first All-American rating from the Collegiate Press Association. David Hall was first-term editor. Linda Leftwich Newton handled the second-tenn. With a new name, a new circulation, and a newly organized staff, the old Orange and White is now looking forward to new quarters. Things just aren ' t like they used to be in the sub basement of Glocker. Although the fire escape coke smuggler is still an essential member of the staff, there is new confidence that someday — someday soon — we ' ll catch up with the Tarheel Daily. Standing: B. J. O ' Daniels, Pete Thompson, David Fulgham. Mac McAlister. David Sey- mour. Cliarles Briggs, Mary Beth Spina. Seated: Joyce Bryant, Ray Lewis, Anna Irwin. David Fugham. Advertising Manager: Milce Gate, Business Manager. Students discuss books and displays in the Education Building. It has been the aim of the COLLEGE OF EDUCATION to provide undergraduate and graduate professional preparation for teachers, administrators, and other school personnel; to assist school systems and other agencies of Tennessee in programs of educational improvement; and to promote and guide educational research. The College of Education cooperates with other agencies in continuous efforts to improve educational programs of the State, engages in research activities on educational problems, and acts as a coordinating agency for University sei-vices to the public schools. Dean Edward Clifton Merrill, Dean of Education PROFESSIONAL ACTION COMMITTEE FOR EDUCATION is a selected group of education majors who are members of SNEA. The members are high in scholarship and leadership abilities and greatly interested in the problems of the teaching profession. Stiidi ' nls from the College of Educa- tion injonnally discuss practice teaching. YOUR CHILD NEEDS Practical use of studies in education is one kI the helpful techniques in which students m education participate. ACE Board members are Don Franklin. Dale Glover. James Evans. Barney Sledge, Atis Jurbergs. Dennis Owens. Larry Wineyar. Benny Schnler. Jim Ritts. Marvin Miller, Sarry Partain, Tom Fields, and Walter Bailey. The COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING has endeavored to make available to the student various curricula and educational facilities of high quality to prepare interested and qualified persons for careers of usefulness and sei " vice in the engineering profession and allied occupations. Headed hy Dean Armour Townsend Granger, the college has eight major curricula in which a student may specialize. The need for well-qualified engineering graduates is great, and they are in strong demand. Opportunities for a capable graduate in any field of engineering appear to be almost unlimited. Tlie ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGIATE ENGINEERS l ' ( )ARD promotes the bettemient of the Engineering College by coordinating activities of its various departments. The Board is composed of the president and three delegates each from AIChE. AIEE, AIIE, ASCE, ASME, ASM, ANS; and one delegate each from IRE, SAME. Alpha Chi Sigma, Alpha Pi Mu, Chi Epsilon, Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, and the " Tennessee Engineer Magazine. " Joint engineering projects are sponsored through ACE Board, such as Engineer ' s Day, the Engineers ' Ball, and the ' " Tennessee Engineering Magazine. " puted at Oah Ridpe 1 5 Members of the Amrricitn Society of Civil Engineers. Richard Gregg gives pointers on prestressed concrete at the ACE Day exhibit. The student cliapter of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS is. to date, the largest student technical society on tlie " Hill. " The chapter has been very active in technical affairs on this campus. They placed first in ACE Day competition with an exhibit on the critical path for the Clinch Towers construction. Each meeting contained a program given by a guest speaker, which kept the civil engineers informed of new developments in industry and the profession. Some of the programs this year were given on the new Memphis Stadium, the Douglas Plywood Association, Portland Cement Association, American Concrete Institute, and Naval OCS. The highlight program of the year was given by Steve Tidwell. He presented slides and commentaiy on the Amiy Corps of Engineers ' construction in Alaska. The efforts of lliese and other persons enabled the ASCE ' s to 116 place first in ACE Dav. Firiured from left to right are: Paul Akin, Ralph Richardson, Bill Scott. Charlie Walker. Jr., Harry 0. Ford, jack Houston. Gariel Randolph. Harold Martin, Don Franklin, and Gerald Pilgram. Under the guidance of Larry Winegar the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS made strides toward an improved society. Their chapter programs during the year were lioth informative and entertaining. Many large industries sent representatives to A.S. Cheni. E. meetings to tell the members what to expect after graduation and to discuss the chemical engineering fields which have the greatest opportunities. With the addition of Dougherty Hall the Society will increase in niemi)ership and continue to pro ide leadersliip for the chemical engineering students. Dr. Prados is holding a patch hoard for a compute Members of the American Society of Chem- ical Engineers. American Society of Chemical Engineers; left to right around an analog computer are: Tom Fields. Treasurer; Bill Sprott. Bennie J. McGee, Vice-President; John W. Prados. Faculty Advisor; Atis Jurhergs. President; David Kebschvel, Larry Winegar. Memljership in AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS is open to all Industrial Engineering students in good standing in the university. A. I. I.E. has been especially active this year, providing widely varied programs which have proven Ijoth entertaining and educational. The chapter has also become closely linked with this area ' s graduate chapter, with national headquarters, uul with A. I. I.E. chapters in other southeastern hools. 1x8 ALPHA PI MU. a national society for Industrial Engineers, was founded at Georgia Tech on January 25, 1949. Tennessee chapter was chartered on April 3, 1954. To lie a member, a student must rank in the upper fifth of the junior class or in the upper third of the senior class. The minimum grade-point average for initiation into Alpha Pi Mu is a 2.5. I.E.E.E. officeis are Larry Partain, president; Bah Tate, Vice President; Charlie Rliodes, Secretary; Walter Bailey, Treasurer. Engineers rei iew organizational plans I.E.E.E. members are J. Bledsoe, J. Bigham, S. J. Bowman. C. H. Crider. L. E. Cox, B. Griman, D. Henderson, B. P. Head- den, D, Halev, D. Koffman, L. Marshall, H. T. McPeake, P. McMickle. R. M. Pearson, B. J. Leeper. B, L. Davis, T, E. Moore, L. D. Shaw. D. Gardner. R. S. Moon, D. Lyons, T, W. Sellers, J. G. Barrett. T. D, Douglass, P, M. Coyle, J. M. Water, B. Caudle. B, Pierce, J. Rochelle, The I.E.E.E. is the professional organization for Electrical Engineers. It provides the means by which aT.E. can meet and work with the other students in his field. It adds a new path of communi- cation between instructors and students. It keeps interested people informed on the most exciting developments in the electrical world through technical lectures by industrial experts. It encourages inventiveness and experimentation through sponsorship of A.C.E. Day projects. By such activities, the I. E.E.E. constitutes one of the most important extra-curricular activities open to the electrical engineering students. Members of Pi Tau Sigma are Joe Slaughter, president. Professor Fisher, Advisor, Tom Scolt, Henry Lau, Mike Walker, Richard Godzikowski, Larry Lowrence, Fred Brandon, Gary Daniels, Tom Cox, Doug Bagwell. Mike Bamberg, George Flippin, Jim Cavender. Charles Rogers, Jim Clabough. Leland Morris, Tom Caldwell, Jim Kite, Barney Sledge, Benje Miller, Tom May. Pi Tau Sigma: pictured: Charles Fisher, Joe Slaughter, Larry Lawrence, Olin Babb, Fred Brandon, Gary Daniel, Henry Lew, Jim Claibough, Mike Bamberg. PI TAU SIGMA is a national honor society for outstanding mechanical engineering students. To he eligihle for inemhership in this society a senior must rank in the upper third of his class scholastically and a junior must rank in the upper fouilh of his class. New memhers are elected from the eligible students by the old members on the basis of engineering ability, scholarship, and personality. The skeptical and the convinced. ALPHA CHI SIGMA, organized at the University of Wisconsin in 1902, is a professional fraternity for those individuals who plan to make chemistry or chemical engineering their life profession. The three objects of the fraternity are: To bind its members with a tie of true and lasting friendship, to strive for the advancement of chemisti both as a science and as a profession, to aid its members by every honorable means in the attainment of their ambitions as chemists throughout their lives. Alpha Phi chapter was founded at the University of Tennessee in 1920. Alpha Chi Sigma: John Shoemaker, Smiley Clapp. Bill Snyder. Edwin Blakemore, Sam Gross, Gene Gross. Lynn Sorrell, Danny Cottrell, Larry Wiegar, Ron Sabin. Mark Pollock, Don McCord, Otis Jurbergs. Other members are not pictured. ASME officers include Barney Sledge. ACE Board Representative; John B. I.inli, III, Program Chairman; Fred Y. Brandon, Vice-President; J. Larry Lawrence, Treasurer; George B. Flippen, President. Not Pictured: Joe T. Slaughter, Secretary. The purposes of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS are to foster engineering education, to promote a high level of engineering ethics, and to advance the standards of the engineering curriculum. In addition to the chapters located at various colleges and universities across the nation, ASME chapters are composed of mechanical engineers already participating professionally in that field. The student chapter of the University of Tennessee is open to all mechanical engineering juniors and seniors, as well as to freshman and sophomores in any engineering major. Highlighting this year ' s activities was the hosting of the Regional Student Conference held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. ' , : ' t ft - ' P E_ l ' 1 e4 ' . ' AWM " : ' ,..■• L %» ' -.« ' r ' fc r « J. C. Rogers, Richard Gozikowski, F. W. Leonard. Fred Drake, John l.uik. Larr Law- rence, R. W. Holland (Advisor). Second Row: Barney Sledge, W. B. Mdler, N. E. Zurcher, Jimmy Smith. Bob Ewart, Fred Brandon. Mike Bamberg. Third Roiv: David Bledsoe, Walter Merrill. A. S. Peterson. J. Hummel. Henry Lau. George B. Flippen. Tlie past three decades at the University of Tennessee have seen the TENNESSEE ENGINEER progress from a small, two-page pamplet in 1925 to a record foi1y-four page issue on its thirtieth anniversary in 1955. Tlie Tennessee Engineer has one of tlie largest circulations in comparison with equivalent collegiate magazines. The content consists of articles on " The I anger VII: Subsystems and Trojectory, " " News from Industry, " and other related topics. The magazine is aimed at providing interesting and informative reading for the students and the alumni of the College of Engineering. The magazine has received a rating of excellent from a national firm, confirming the University ' s expectations for its success on the campus. Joe Duncan. Editor Wendell Johnson. Business Manager. I . : . B .J- m Jl , Marshall Herron. Wendell Johnson, Joe Duncan. Pele McMickle, Fred Brandon. Not Pictured: Sid Shelton, Wayne Wagner, Gerald Hutton, Tom Green. Robert Sloan. ' 33 h,-lp fr tin instructor The University of Tennessee ' s COLLEGE OF HOME ECONOMICS is one of the outstanding colleges in the nation. This total home economics program includes not only resident teaching through the college, but also research through tlie experimental station and extension service through the Home Demonstration and 4-H Club programs. Under tlie direction of Dean Lura M. Odland, the program includes both the science and art of better home living. The improvement of home life throughout the world is the major goal of The University of Tennessee ' s College of Home Economics. 134 Officers of American Home Economics Association are: Martha Hansard. Corresponding Secretary; Betty Montgomery. Record- ing Secretary; Glenda Sue Howell. First Vice Chairman: Susan Fredinnick. Treasurer; Pat Sivert. Chairman: Nancy Fugate. Second Vice Chairman: Donna Roberts, Historian; . ' nne Har- rison. State First Vice Chairman. American Home Economics Association: Anne Harrison, Betty U. Newbill. Anne Corbeth, Martha Hansard. Margaret Major, Betty Montgomery. Glenda Sue Howell, Susan Fredinnick. Pat Siv;rt. Nancy Fugate. Nancy Basnight. Kitty Therrell. Glenda Venable. Pat Wimherley, Cori Saraceni. Donna Roberts. The University of Tennessee chapter, a section of the AMERICAN HOME ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION, is organized to acquaint the students with the professional opportunities in home economics. The semi-quarterly programs are educational and entertaining in nature and help provide fellowship among students and faculty. The chapter presents an annual scholarship to the home economics student who performs outstanding service to the chapter. »35 The COLLEGE OF LAW provides for students a wide curriculum and a broad perspective. It supplies a more comprehensive understanding and knowledge of law hy a redesigned and improved program. Since 1900, when it became a charter member of the Association of American Law Schools, the College of Law has played a leading role in the formidation of the standards of that organization, the highest of any accrediting agency. Membership in the Association is conditioned upon the meeting of prescribed standards with reference to faculty curriculum, and qualifications of entering students. John King discusses a : at the Student Law Clinic. Dean of Law School Dean Harold C. Warner. 136 The University of Tennessee COLLEGE OF LAW established in 1870, is a charter meniher of the American Law Students Association, a branch of the American Bar Association. THE STUDENT BAR consists of all students in the Colleg;e of Law, with the Executive Committee, elected bi-annually, acting as the governing body for student activities. Its purpose is to provide enlightening and informative speakers foi ' its lii-riioiitlilv meetings, promote a closer relationshi|i between state and local Bar Associations and handle all matters of a disciplinary nature that might arise. The TENNESSEE LAW REVIEW is edited by the faculty and students of the Law College and is the official publication of the Tennessee Bar Association. Its members consist of students maintaining a 3.0 Richard Stair. Dnn Pnolp Skelton, Jon jmu-. Su-l V Kline; Stan, linn: Richard Go-sptt. B..h Ki rs, David Dycus, Ben Cantrell. average. H hon. William ff f ' M»mi iinmt3 Executive Committee of Student Bar: Seated: Buck Ramsey. President; Standing: Bob Knolton, Secretary; Ralph Golden. Vice-President. 137 Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity. William McPheeters, Delegate at large to Student Bar Association. , W The PHI ALPHA DELTA is a legal fraternity for law students. Members are selected each quarter; pledges must have a 2.0 over-all for one quarters work in the college of law. PAD offers a luncheon program in which outstanding lawyers are asked to discuss different problems with the members. The program also includes such controversial speakers as the president of NAACP. PAD also has a Scholarship fund for outstanding students. Members worked with PDP in a charity drive this year. PDP, PHI DELTA PHI is the legal fraternity for law students. Their membership selection is similar to PAD. Also a PSP offers a discussion program for its members at night; various panels are selected to discuss world situations and legal problems. ' 38 Arnold Peihlfs new president of PDP, is congratulated by Robert Echols, past-president. Phi Alpha Deha Officers: Kenneth Fruckter. Richard Pectal. Myers Masingill. Tom Bandy. Standing: John Palmer. David Rosenbaum. William Stanley. A.L.S., ' . Representative!.: John Officer ami Walt Bussarl. - - ■ . f ' - V: 140 The primary pui-pose of the COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS is to acquaint the student with broad and representative fields of knowledge and to increase his ability to apply this knowledge. Although educational breadth is the chief goal of the College of Liberal Arts, particularly in the Lower Division, the system of majors and minors in the Upper Division provides for a reasonable degree of concentration. Under the direction of Dean Alvin Gerborg Nielsen, the college offers the design and the materials with which a significant and fruitful life can be constructed. I ' T : inf;ers in pradii ALPHA BETA ALPHA, the nalional honorai- - fiaternity in library service, was founded May 3, 1950. The Omega chapter at the University of Tennessee was established on November 17, 1950. Its goals are to further the professional knowledge of its members, to promote fellowship and to serve as a recruting agency for librarians. Anyone who is interested in library service as a career is eligible for membership. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA is tiie music honorary society at the University of Tennessee. It is open to all majors or minors in the field of music. The only requirement is that the person seeking membership complete a certain number of hours in the music department Ijefore admittance to the society. SAI hopes to promote a better understanding and appreciation of the fine points of the world ' s music. Officers of ABA are: President. Julie Rankin; Vice President. Scott Davis; Recording Secretary, Linda Norton; Corresponding Secretary, Judy Patterson; Treasurer. Betty Fulks. Sponsors are Miss Eugenia Mauldin and Miss Dorothy Ryan. SAI officers are; Irene Welden, President; Dolly C. Taylor, Vice-President; Judy Pick- ens, Secretary; Ann Viles, Treasurer. SAI members Linda Seagron, Alice Setliffe. Mary Ann Jones, and Nancy Carter practice for a program. Row One: Director. Dr. Ambrose Holford, R. Fox, B. Williams. D, Fine. M. Keener, M, Raulston, C. Jory, L. Wright, B. Mont- gomery, T, McDaniel, A. Walters, A. Tucker, G. Kerr, accom- panist, Anne Hall. Ron- Two: C. Dew. J. Lindsey. E. MerhofI, S. Jones. D. Wolford, J. Fisher. K. Shepherd, A. Reynolds, M. Boehm, M, Smith, J. Lamberth, D. Roberts, S. Jones, L. Aurin, J. Walker. L. Duncan. Row Three: E. Savage. N. Lindsey. F. Dillard. L. Johnson. M. Potts. J. Pinkston, C, Nixon, K. Timmer- man, J. Cox. J. Hembree. P. Parker, P. Crumley, C, Weber, L. Ainsley, S. Schmidt, B. Basler, P, Cutter, T. Menuskin. Row Four: B. Currier, J. Rankin, L. Parrot, C. Foster, J. Warren, D. Hisey, M. Lyle, M. Anderson, C. Glasgow, A. Guepe, L, Mills, B. Buckshorn, V. Keegan, K. Anderson, M. Moseley, M. Harvill. The UNIVERSITY WOMENS " GLEE CLUB has expanded its program greatly since the return of Dr. Amlirose Holford, In regular class sessions, the group has worked on various types of choral music with emphasis on classical and contemporary songs of love. The Women ' s Glee Club joined forces with other campus singing groups to produce the annual Christmas progran in early December. Highlight of spring quailer efforts of the group were the small group supports in " St. Matthew ' s Passion " and the organization ' s Spring Concert and Dogwood Festival " Singing-on-the-mall. " 143 The UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE SINGERS is a unique tollegiato choral group wliich has earned an international reputation. The group liolds critical acclaim not only for professional (piality of performance, but also for versatility of icpcrtoirc. The foundation of the Singer ' s repretoire is in ihe world ' s great music. However, with equal ease, the I ' .T. Singers Itccome stage performers for exciting shows th:il feature the music of Broadway, Negro spirituals, and folk songs — the music of America. V ith tlicir hard-earned reputation for quality and showmansliip in their performances, the Singers, under the direction of Dr. Holford, are one of the most in-demand groups in the nation. The group travels thousands of miles each year to appear before a variety of audiences — including an annual tour each spring in which Singers present twenty-four stage and television performances in six days. Traditionally, the Singers tour outside the United States every two years. In June of 1965 they went on concert tour in England and Northern Europe. Meml)ership in the group is based on talent, scholastic ability, leadership qualities, and dedication to a rigid practice and performance schedule for which the student gets no extra credit. Oh, Amby, they are real! Left to Right, First Row: Sandra .Sullivan. Mary Huddleston. Janis MacPherson, Kathy (irubb, Mary Nicholun. Nancy Carter. Linda Dobbs. Ann Petree. Pat Crosby. Second Row: Pat Frasier. Reba Holt. Gail Smeltzer, . lice Ray Setliff, Barbara Andrews. Dave Brackin, Ronnie Koo, Benjie Miller, Sue Boone, Brenda O ' Daniels, Suzanne Simmons. Dolly C. Taylor. Third Rote: Mary Ruth Denny, Carol Northcutt. Lynn Safley. Eddie Bowen. Roy Smitb. J. D. Dodd, Charles Smith. Tommy Nelson, Wayne Bower. Wanda Coulter. Judy Pickens, Fourth Row: Bill Rutherford, Tom Hurt. Phil Chesney. Tom Nicholson. Dave Gar- riott. Larry Taylor, Steffi Jones, Jim Turner. Ron Haynes, Clayton Ruckart. V.T. Singers tour the U.S. with their annual spring concert tour. 145 During the spring quarter the V.T. Chorale performed in co-operation with the V.T. Singers in the presenta- tion of " The Passion of St. Matthews. " Both groups were under the directijyn of Dr. Holjord. Soloists entertain .4ll-Sing audience with a song from " Mary Poppins. " 146 F1 ■ ■ ■ " J H E i V I H ' 1 H m 1 M ■ ii H 1 The Vol Chorus rehearses for a concert. R- - I THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE CHORALE is an outstanding chorale group on the U.T. campus. The organization has become well known through its performances at several student gatherings. Not only is the U.T. Chorale appreciated by the University students, but it is also well known to the residents of the Knoxville area through a variety of programs presented throughout the year. During fall quarter the U.T. Chorale devoted many hours to the preparation and presentation of an arrangement of " St. Paul. " During spring ([uarter the U.T. Chorale worked in co-operation with the U.T. Singers and presented " The Passion of St. Matthew. " The Chorale is under the direction of Mr. Gordon Leavitt. Participation in the U.T. Chorale gives each member a chance to develop his vocal ability as well as increase his knowledge of different types of music. The VOL CHORUS is a large choral organization in which membership is selective. This chorus, offering the interested student an opportunity to sing great choral nnisic of many types, frequently appears with the University Orchestra and the Knoxville Svmphonv Orchestra. The MEN ' S GLEE CLUB is open to all students who have been members of the University Choral Society and who have been recommended by the assistant choral directors. The men ' s glee club provides excellent music to suit all tastes. J, — _ f " 3S !r ' - - . Class room study is also necessary in the advanced iiork. The largest and most comprehensive GRADUATE SCHOOL in the South is an honor held by The University of Tennessee. Doctoral degrees are granted in thirty-two areas. Additional fields are being added as warranted by expanding faculty and facilities. The principal aim of the Graduate School is that of education beyond the Bachelor ' s level through advanced courses, seminars, and research. The total resources of the university are made available to graduate students through its various colleges, schools, and special sei " vices. 148 New discoveries made through gradual, search. Tlie AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION SERVICE was established l)y an act of Congress in 1914 to provide instruction and practical demonstrations in agriculture and home economics to persons not enrolled in residence courses of instruction at colleges. The Service is organized as a distinct unit of the College of Agriculture. As provided for in the enabling legislation, the work is conducted as mutually agreed upon by the University of Tennessee and die United States Department of Agriculture. Extension work is based on the concept that people are capable of self help when supplied with practical education applicable to their needs. The research results of the .Agricultural Experiment Station of the College of Agriculture are extended by the Extension subject matter specialist, the county agricultural agents and county home demonstration agents to people of the state. These members of the University faculty are located in the county seat towns of all counties in the state thereby extending the campus to all parts of the state. Boys and girls are instructed through 4-H Clubs organized on community or school basis. Many 4-H Club members make visits to the U.T. Campus for the 4-H Club Round-Up and other events. Vernon W. Darter Director Agricultural Extension Service The Agricultural Extension Service has offices in every county staffed by County Agricultural Agents and County Home Demonstration Agents. R„ii On, E H n Halts hmp Panlue Hcle-n Ogden. Mary Rulli Hen- (I,-!-.,,,, CrralHirip Bakci Ron Tun Helrn I Nfw, Sandy Hail. Carolyn Boles Marion lawhurn Lalln Baugh leanne Barkley. Mr. John M. Smartt Executive Alumni Secretary The ALUMNI ASSOCIATION is composed of graduate- students of the University of Tennessee with the main objective of assisting in the betterment of U.T. Their objective is accomplished by securing publicity which will increase the prestige of U.T., thus bringing the best men and women enrolled in the secondary schools of our campus. The Association also aids in securing adequate support of the development of the University. The Association recognizes the achievements of alumni by maintaining accurate biographical records of each graduate. Another sei-vice of the Association is to promote further growth of the Personal Bureau. The purpose of the Bureau is to assist in the placement of unemployed seniors and alumni. 151 The TENNESSEE SCHOOL OF RELIGION was first organized by charter in 1928. The program includes Protestants, Jews, and Catholics. At present fifteen local churches and synagogues are co-operating. These churches are represented on the Hoard by their minister and one or two laymen. The faculty is made up of local ministers and directors of the denominational centers on the campus. All have the equivalent of at least a Master ' s degree, must meet the qualification of University faculty members and be approved by the Administration of The University of Tennessee. No special application is necessary to take courses in religion. Any regularly matriculated student in the University may register by following the same procedure as for any other course in the University curriculum. There are no extra fees beyond those charged by the University. Special students may audit courses in religion without enrolling in the University, but the school offers credit instruction only to regularly enrolled students of the University. Full quantity and quality credit points for up to eighteen hours of instruction will be allowed by the University. it i Students in a course an excellent lecture. in religion listen with undivided attention to 15 C. E. Wylie, Executive Secrelary to the Tennessee School of Religion. njoy informal discussion sessions at the Baptist In its role as an extension of the local churcli, the BAPTIST STUDENT UNION offers a week-day program to help the Church in tlie fulfillment of its four hasic purposes — worship, both private and congregational, education, fellowship, and missions. The Baptist Student Union is not a closed organization, hut offers to any student interested in discovering and maintaining a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ the opportunity to attain spiritual, intellectual, and social maturity in friendship and sei-vice. The NEWMAN CLUB, an organization of Catholic students, was first founded on the University of Tennessee campus in 1933. Under the guidance of Father Sterling McGuire Newmanites receive spiritual guidance, cultural resources and social activities. students a chance to worship The WESLEY FOUNDATION is the MetlioilLsl Church ministering to students at the University of Tennessee in co-operation with the local Metliodist churclies. The main concern is vvitii the Christian growth of the stu(h ' nt wl attending the University- 155 Officers of the Church oj Christ sludcnt pruup look over the profiran for a regular Friday nif;ht service. Members of the Christian Church Group strike a jriendly pose for our VOLUNTEER camera. 156 t William Hodges and Judy Thirlonay have an interesting dis- cussion with Dr. Judd, 1965 Coniocation speaker. Dr. E. K. Reagin, Director of the School of Religion. 157 % nlrrlain in the Fol i Music Festival. Serving as a " campus living room " for the entire University community, the UNIVERSITY CENTER provides.the opportunity for students, facuhy, and ahnnni to select and participate in worthwhile activities. The Center is operated through the direction of student committees that plan and carry out the various programs. A newly formed Governing Board plans all activities. Various programs of instruction and tournaments are held in individual sports such as chess, hilliards, hridge, and bowling. On the social level, a variety of dances are open to all students. University Co-Chairmen are Carol Doughtery and David White. 158 159 A guest lecturer for the Three Penny Lecture Series confers with his assistant before he takes the platform. A mrmbtr of the Creative Arts Committee prepares thi- building for the Christmas Season. The Committee Chairman and Co-Chairman are gathered for their weekly meeting. 160 Karhy f ' atella. talented folk singer, perjn at Student Center Folk Festival. Faculty members on the Governing Board are Dr. Lawrence F. Silverman, Paul C. Sherbakoff, and Dr. George W . Bishop. On a more serious level, the UNIVERSITY CENTER offers a wide range of musical presentations ranging from the Folk Music Festival in the spring to the Fine Arts programs throughout the year. Rented displays, coupled with samples of local work, provide a good selection for the art lover. Movies from popular, classical, and foreign sources are shown throughout the year. In order to expand the cultural and social activities, the University Center program is constantly being broadened. Future plans include larger dining area, a crafts ' program, and an indoor swimming pool. 161 Stanl.n II.. IN, I. I,, r,,!,!,, „ , ,,..,| . -, -, . ,, i,i,, , .,,,:., Bloom, l roduction Manager; bran McClain. iNahheeyayli s Llioice; J]in Nash, Treasurer; Danny Brown, President; Bill Thompson, Vice-Presi- dent. Since its founding in 1924 as an organization to reduce competition between fraternities, the NAHHEEYAYLI GOVERNING BOARD has become one of the most popular organizations on the UT campus. The Board, composed of a representative from each fraternitj ' and from the Independent Students Association, now serves as the campus coordinator to organize and supervise the presentation of nationally and internationally known popular enteitainment to the student body. The name Nahheeyayli is an old Cherokee Indian word meaning " dance of the season, " and rightly so, for it is definitely one of the largest, most popular events of the quailer. i6r President Danny Brown and Nahheeyayli ' Choice Fran McClain. Nahheeyayli Board members Jim Nash and Sandy Campbell greet James Broun for the Winter Concert. I I Advisor Clark Roberts talks uith Nahhee- i yayli ' s Choice Fran McClain. The Board is assembled for their meeting. 164 Nina Simone sang for pari of the Fall Nahheeyayli Concert. Nancy Ames gave the croud both songs and comedy at Fall Nahheeyayli. The Phoenix Singers provided excellent folk singing t " r F i(l fihheeyayli. 165 i66 Honoraries 167 i68 DAVID WHITE VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR Chosen as the most outstanding male student on The University of Tennessee Campus, for scholarship, sei-vice. and leadership, is David White, 1965 Volunteer of the Year. David is a credit to his school, his family, and Madisonville, Tennessee. Phi Gamma Delta fraternity president. University Center Chairman, Omicron Delta Kappa. Vol Corps Chairman. Who ' s Who, academic achieve- ment — these are the tangible indications. Excellence is an attitude, however, and it is in his four years of sei-vice to a worthy ideal, the progress of the University, that he has nurtured this attitude and made it the foundation of his strength. i6q PAT HANDLEY MISS VOLUNTEER Personality, charm, poise, and beauty — these are the characteristics of the ideal university woman. Miss Volunteer. Chosen by her classmates to reign as Miss Volunteer of 1965 is Pat Handley, an education major from Oak Ridge. Sigma Kappa sorority president, Vol Corps chairman, Who ' s Who, Pat received a Mortar Board Citation for her outstanding service to the University. Not only is she active in campus activities but she is also a Vol Beauty, Pike Calendar Girl, and a cheerleader. An exemplary person, Pat unites a perceptive mind and a charming personality with her poise and beauty. Her enthusiasm for life will long be remembered by the students on Tennessee ' s campus. 170 ' 7 ' TORCHBEARER JOE COOK i rA For outstanding leadership . . . scholarship . . . service . . . TORCHBEARER ... Joe Cook . . . Omicron Delta Kappa president . . . Scarabbean Senior Society . . . Homecoming co-chairman . . . Carnicus lead . . . SFOB Board . . . Phi Gamma Delta fraternity . . . Who ' s Who ... I believe that I can count on what I earn, therefore I believe in work, hard work . . . 17 TORCHBEARER LINDA LEFTWICH For outstanding leadership . . . scholarship . . . sei-vice . . . TORCHBEARER . . . Linda Leftwich . . . Orange White Editor . . . defending the student body in editorials . . . Tennessee Girl Editor . . . Collegiate Women Journalists president . . . Phi Kappa Phi . . . Mortar Board historian . . . Who ' s Who . . . Sigma Kappa treasurer ... To Be is the answer . . . TORCHBEARER DALTON TOWNSEND For outstanding leadership . . . scholarship . . . sei-vice . . . TORCHBEARER . . . Dalton Townsend . . . Scarabbean . . . Scabbard and Blade vice president . . . Omicron Delta Kappa vice president . . . Tennessee Law School . . . Circle K vice president . . . Homecoming co-chairman . . . Phi Gamma Delta secretary . . . Who ' s Who . . . the spirit of intellectual adventure . . . 174 TORCHBEARER CHARLENE HARD KA For outstanding leadership . . . seholarship . . . service . . . TORCHBEARER . . . Charlene Harb . Panliellenic Rush Chairman . . . Mortar Board treasurer . . . Sigma Alpha Iota chaplain . . . Init I always eat honey before my piano recitals . . . Torch Editor . . . Kappa Delta secretary . . . Wlio ' s Who ... I reach for stars, for reaching makes me look up to higher things . . . J75 TORCHBEARER DAVID WHITE j rA For outstanding leadership . . . senice . . . scholarship . . . TORCHBEARER . . . David White . . . Volunteer of the Year . . . Omicron Delta Kappa . . . University Center Chaimian . . . Vol Corps co-chairman . . . " Whiteman " . . . UT Singers . . . Phi Gamma Delta president . . . Who ' s Who ... He who leads men by reason rather than by force will endure . . . 176 TORCHBEARER MARY LEE WASHBURN ISA For outstanding leadership . . . scholarship . . . service . . . TORCHBEARER . . . Mary Lee Washburn . . . Mortar Board president . . . Army ROTC sponsor . . . beauty contestant . . . Independent Students Association vice president . . . AWS first vice president . . . Publication Council . . . Who ' s Who . . . The quality of true l)eauty lies in the spirit of the beautiful . . . 77 TORCHBEARER j J LARRY PARTAIN J S f E For outstanding leadership . . . scholarship . service . . . TORCHHEARER . . . Larry Partain . . . I ' hi Kappa Phi . . . Oniicron Delta Kappa . . . Junior class vice president . . . Phi Ela Sigma president . . . engineering . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . Who ' s Who . . . the high prize of life is to be born with a bias to some pursuit in which one finds happiness ,78 TORCHBEARER KITTY ROBERTS AAII For outstanding leadership . . . scholarship . . . service . . . TORCHBEARER . . . Kitty Roberts , AWS first vice-president . . . Alpha Delta Pi resident . . . beauty contestant . . . Phi Kappa Phi . . . Mortar Board . . . AWS Legislative Board . . . second runner-up Miss U-T . . . Merrill-Palmer Award . . . Who ' s Who . . . honor . . . humility . . . integrity . . . the qualities of greatness . . . ' 79 TORCHBEARER FRANK McCALLA 2X For outstanding leadership . . . scholarship . . . sei-vice . . . TORCHBEARER . . . Frank McCalla . . . Phi Kappa Phi . . . Phi Eta Sigma . . . Vol Corps co-chairman . . . Alpha Zeta . . . Army ROTC Executive Officer of Brigade . . . agricultural engineering . . . Sigma Chi . . . the only reward of virtue is virtue . . . i8o TORCHBEARER LINDA JENKINS SK For outstanding leadership . . . scholarship . . . service . . . TORCHBEARER . . . Linda Jenkins . . . AWS president . . . Mortar Board . . . Beta Gamma Sigma president . . . They call me " Jinx " . . . Beta Alpha Psi . . . AWS Legislative Board . . . Sigma Kappa scholarship chairman . . . " Who ' s Who . . . He that carries the Torch gives light unto all the world. . . TORCHBEARER DAVID HALL i rA For outstanding leadership . . . scholarship . . . service . . . TORCHBEARER . . . David Hall . . . Orange White editor . . . Sigma Delta Chi president . . . Scarabbean . . . Omicron Delta Kappa . . . Publications Council . . . National Winner Hearst Newswriting Competition . . . Phi Kappa Phi . . . Who ' s Who ... To speak with a spirit that is not afraid is right . . . i8i TORCHBEAREK SANDRA DUNCAN Aon For outstanding leadership . . . scholarship . . . service . . . TORCHBEARER . . . Sandra Duncan AWS second vice-president . . . Alpha Omicron Pi president . . . Mortar Board . . . AWS Treasurer . . . Adawayhi . . . give ' m Vols . . . finalist Homecoming Queen . . . Cheerleader . . . Who ' s Who . . . enthusiasm . . . interest . . . devotion . . . a joy forever. 183 Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities Sandra Duncan Alpha Omicron Pi President John Threadgill Circle K President Joe Cook Omicron Delta Kappa President Ann Harrison State V-P Home Economics Chapters Mary Nell Durham Delta Delta Delta President Roger Riley Senior Class President Lynda Leftwich Tennrsse,- Girl Editor Linda Jenkins Kitty Roberts Alpha Delta Pi President Jim Giflfen Kappa Sipma Vice President Bob Batson Lambda Chi Alpha President SCARABBEAN Members : Dean Barger Charles Burchett Walter Bussart Bob Cochran Joseph Cook Ralph Dunford James Giflen David Hall Joseph Harriman Frank Hendrix Robert Hutchison J. Pat Kelley William A. Kelley Mathew McClellan Members: Larry Partain Clark Roberts Paul Sherbakoff Ira Sliger M. Benton Smith Lloyd Stanley William Thomas Frank Thornberg John Threadgill Steve Tidwell Dalton Townsend Eugene L ' pshaw Harold Warner Larry Whaley i88 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Members : Norbert Ackermann Dean Barger Robert Batson Archer Bishop John Black Michael Gate Joseph Cook H. David Hall William Hodges David Howell Kenneth Kemp Marvin Lubin Frank McCalla George E. McCallister Members ; Mathew McClellan Thomas Nicholson Larry Partain Dennis Peters C. Roger Riley Arnold Skelton W. Lloyd Stanley Bill Testerman H. Steve TidweU Dalton Townsend David White Wayne P. Williams Gene Withrow 189 MORTAR BOARD OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MARY LEE WASHBURN PAT SIVERT JOSETTA SHOEMAKER CHARLENE HARB Menil)er8 : Blake Birdwell Sandra Duncan Paula Ide Linda Jenkins Lynda Leftwich Members : Kitty Roberts Elizabeth Shaffer Peggy Webb Gayle Waulke 190 PHI KAPPA PHI OFFICERS President President-elect Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Journal-Correspondent Marshall PROFESSOR LOIS DICKEY DR. BAIN STEWART ALBERT WILHELM DR. JAMES MONTGOMERY MR. HOWARD LUMSDEN DR. E. E. OVERTON PROFESSOR T. B. HARRISON Members Norbert Ackerman Stanley Abler Annie Allied Harr ' Ambrose Susan Anderson Clyde Austin Daryl Armentrout James Barrett Glen Bass Gustave Becker Ralpb Bennett Marie Bible Sherry Binsham Blake Birdwell Charles Bobo Kenneth Bohringer Jo Ann Bond Kathleen Bowling Paul Boynton John Brady Fred Brandon William Byrne John Canlrell Chun-FuClien Elizabeth Clark Linda Clark Newton Clark Joseph Cook Thomas Cressler Chester Crider Phyllis Davis Scott Davis Mary Dillingham Terry Douglass Durwood Dunn James Eblen Grace Ewin Willie Felde " r Thomas Field Rachel Finger Sandra Forbes Ann Freeman Bobby Frye Betty Fulks Aleta Gamewell James Garner James Giffen Lynne Green Martha Gunler Loretta Hale David Hall Bonnie Hamlin Martha Hammond James Hanc William Herring Mary Herring John Hill 2i - - J Members Paul Holn ry Householde odrow Jacobs da Jenkms n Johnson Jo shall Jo Jo Earry Jones Virginia Jones Freda King Marion Lane Felix Laughlii Lvnda Leftwit James Loy George Mar Sharon Malti Charles McAfee William McBride I iriini- McCarthy McClintock li.mnif Mclntyre Sandra Merriman Billv MuUms Samuel Mullins Glenn Nichols Jane Picket Roy Ramsey Billy Reynolds James Ritts Stuart Robinson James Rodgers Mary Russell Nancy Tice Kelvin Shih Dorothy Slaughter Joseph Slaughter James Slay Donelson Smith Walter Spangler Betty Spangler Walter Staggers Michael Stephenson James Sweeten Mary Tallent Robert Tate .Susanna Terry Dalton Townscnd Max Vann Carolyn Varner Mary Walker Mary Lee Washburn Peggy Webb Charles White Constance Wilkes Gene Withrow Joan Worth Theresa Wright GayleWulk ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS DIANE McCUTCHAN JOYCE MAPLES KATHERINE THERELL Members : Melissa Albright Linda Belirand Donna Brelim Susan Craig Dianna Derreberry Susie Dickinson Marilyn Field Martha Hansard Susan Hansard Susanne Harris Janice Hayes Dorien Hisey Judy Jones Sarah Kaltenborn Judy Mahoney Jeannette Martin cjit zC Members : Hope McCroskey Rita Mier Betty Montgomery Joyce Myers Betty Ownbey Judy Pinkston Diane Ruh Ann Scott Carolyn Shellhorse Linda Stalsworth Sandra Sullivan Rebecca Tyson Glenda Venable Betty Vines Elizabeth Wade Patricia Wimberly Suzanne Wood 191 PHI ETA SIGAAA OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer DALTON TOWNSEND CHARLES ROSS DOUG MARSHALL ROY SMITH D.irrel Addington James Amos K,.hert Brandon W ilham Brockmeier Joseph Broome John Burpo DaviJBurris Thomas Byerly Harry Call Donald Carver WilhurCash Mi.ha.lCate Franklin Chance James Clabough John Claibonie James Clark Richard Clark Joel Clements Guy Cline Phillip Coleman H. Kyle Collins Richard Cox Stephen Cristy William Crowley Mark Cunningham James Duke Stephen Daves Frederick Kickey Richard Durfee Melvin Elson Ronald Flinn Charles Fowler Cameron Fraser James Froula Man King Go Joiin Groseclose Richard Hackney Gerald Hadder James Harrison Gregory Heagerty Wi iHe Beniamin Hitch Hudson Hobgood Andrew Holt, 111 Jerry Householder Don Jackson James Jan.ison Dennis Jones Attis Jurbergs James Kerr Ronald Kirkland 193 Member Ix wry Kline Jimmy Lampley Felix Laughlin Donald Martin Frederic Martin Kenneth McCasland David McClelland W. Richard McGowar Edward McReynolds Paul Milligan Carl Moore Charles Mote Mehran Parsee Larry Partain Richard Pearson Randall Peters Benjamin Petty Patrick Pomphrey Walker Pope Donald Potter Thomas Puryear C. Roger Riley Ronald Sabin Charles Sharpe Jcdin Shoemaker Bennie Shuler Curtis Siller Charles Smith David Smith James Soarks MarkSpivey Fric Stewart Robert Tate Garland Teague Nathan Thack Stephen Thornton Richard Tucker William Wade Thomas Waggoner Don Wallace William Warmbrod Harold Warner Hubert Whaley David White Albert Wilhelm Kenneth Wilmoth Jack Wolff William Wood Paul Wyatt Hal Yarbrough BETA GAMMA SIGAAA OFFICERS President Secretary-Treasurer LINDA JENKINS D. S. CHAMBERS Students: Charles Brumbelow Carl Butcher Thomas Cressler Robert Foster James Giffen James Hane Paul Holmes John Hutton Virginia Jones Sue Laster Susan Locklear Yvonne Lovely Theodore Low Robert Lucke Bill Mullins Bill Portis James Sweeten Dalton Townsend Carolyn Trusler Karl Yena Faculty: J. W. Bennett Elise Davis E. 0. Dille H. S. Dye J. L. Faye E. E. Garrison J. F. Holly H. A. Lasater M. C. Leysinger J. E. Lewis H. S. Norton J. H. McClean J. E. Pierce Imogene Posey J. B. Ross M. L. Townsend Charles Thigpen A. H. Warner H. C. Warner Hilda Wesson George Wagoner R. H. Wolfe 194 OMICRON NU OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Editor Advisors BETTY TOBLER LINDA HARNSON SUZANNE TERRY KATHY BOWLING WILDA CORNETF DR. SAVAGE DR. LOGAN lenibers : Sue Boone Mary Dillingham Gail Disney Jolly Ewing Joella Garner Susan Garner Lynn Green Loretta Hale Barbara Hammer Judy Lowe Members : Margaret Majors Kitty Roberts Pat Sivert Betty Smith Betty Strassheim Genia Thames Ann Wilson Nancy Word Janie Wright 195 ETA KAPPA NU OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Maurice Baldwin James Barrett Walter Bailey Joe Broome Mike Gate Terry Douglass Joe Duncan Ed Dunne Dan Henderson David Howell Don Klebenow Tom Lundy MEMBERS CHESTER CRIDER JACK BIGHAM RONALD FUGATE ALLEN HILL BOB TATE Ray Noblitt Larry Partain Richard Pearson Bill Pierce James Rochelle John Rosenberger Curtis Siller Sam Spruill James Waters Wendell Johnson Dan Koffman Tom Lusk v ' XJTO T ' PHI MU ALPHA OFFICERS President LARRY TAYLOR Vice-President JAMES BRITTON Secretary JAMES JOHNSTON Treasurer WILLI AM HURT MEMBERS James Abel Kenneth Malhoit Clint Brewer Cifford Mount William Brockmeier Thomas Nelson Louis Bomar David Rigsbee Robert Culbertson James Ruckart James Dodd John Shields Charles Green Ronald Travis Charles Haddox Myron Weaver James Gard( veil CHI EPSILON OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Corresponding Secretary DARYL ARMENTROUT RALPH RICHARDSON MARVIN MILLER BUDDY MILES CLYDE BUCK SIGMA DELTA PI Secretary-Treasurer Advisor Joan Adam Thildy Decker Elizabeth Dooley Lee Foster Martha McClain Patricia Moorefield Margaret Sharp OFFICERS Members : SANDRA VAUGN MRS. CAROLE BRADFORD Cathryn Corral Elaine Donnelly Frederick Eiler Margaret Lanning Judy MiUs Billy Thompson John Snyder PI LAMBDA THETA OFFICERS President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary- Recording Secretary Treasurer Advisor MATTIE CAMPEN PATRICIA HUNTER EUGENIA MAULDIN BILLIE ELLIOTT JOYCE JONES HELEN HENRY M eniberg : Rheba Akard Norene Bogart Dr, Ilene Brown Dorothy Campbell Minnie Carmichael Maryon Clonts Dr. Margaret Cuninggim Elise Davis Charleaen DeRidder Dr. June Johnston Dr. Juliaette Jones Norma Kelley Emma Jean Leek ly iz . Members ; Dr. Alberta Lowe Carol McSpadden Pauline Miller Helen Petree Dorothy Ryan Thelma Scogin Mary Snodderly Mary Stinnetle Nancy Sullivan Betty Taylor Dr. Helen Taylor Helen Watson Shirley Yount Barbara Zumstein 198 ALPHA ZETA OFFICERS Chancellor Censor Scribe Treasurer Chronicler LARRY PETERS BILL TESTERMAN RICHARD DAUGHTERY THOMAS CALVERT JOHN JORDON Members : Franklin Amos Larry Black Thomas Boals Charles Burgess Al Carr Norris Cook Vernon Gordon Alonzo Hester Raymond Holt J.B. Jett Gordon Jones Kenneth Kemp Larry Kerr f l 1 t Members : Thomas Maddox George Marks Frank McCalla Pete McConnell Gerald McClintock Tom Meridith Grady Neely Richard Shadden Bob Sliger Ronnie Ward Ray Wilson Gene Withrow Jiiruny ork 199 TAU BETA PI O II ATT ' r ' ' OFFICERS J ' resident Vice president Corresponding secretary Recording secretary BERT ACKERMANN DAVID HOWELL CHARLES ROGERS BOBBY CROLEY MEMBERS " ¥ Secretary. Charles Rogers; Presi- dent. B rt Ackerman; Vice Presi- dent. David Howell. Walter Bailey Maurice Baldwin Jim Barrett Glen D. Bass Robert Beidel Jack Bingham Larry D. Brasher Joseph Broome Tom Byerley James O. Casey Mike M. Gate Frank Chance Chester Crider Robert Daniel Lee Dobbs Terry Douglass Joe Duncan Tom Fields Ron Fugatt Everette K. Harris Dan Henderson J. Allen Hill Wendell Johnson Atis Jurbergs David KebschuU John M. Kennerly Jim Ketchum Henry Lau Mike Martin David McQeUan Bill McConnell John McKain David McMillan John Morrison Ray Noblitt Larry Partain Richard Pearson BiU Pierce Hartmut Ramm Ralph Richardson Jim Ritts David Sheffey John D. Sheppard Ben Shuler Paul Sims Joe Slaughter John Stewart Bob Tate Charles Walker Larry Winegar GREEKS ao3 IFC Officers Taylor Simonton. Ad- ministrative Vice-President; Dalton Townsend. Secretary: Second row: Dickie Golden. Judicial Vice-Presi- ilent: Dennie Peters, President-elect; Bill Hodges, President. Bill H,„li;,-s. IFC pr,-si,i, ' nt Inlks ur Bonitiili. o4 Gre.-k Week plans with IFC Adiisor. Bob Interfraternity Council ■■Fraternities on llie Mdve, " is the term which must lie used to descrilie the activities and programs of the UT INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL. Believing that it is the function of the IFC to stimulate and encourage imaginative and creative fraternity programming, the Interfrateniity Council embarked on a plan of activities designed to attain tliis end. Some of the most significant activities during the school year included: a complete evaluation of rush activities and programs, a statewide fraternity Leadership Conference, a " How to Study " clinic for jjledges. the establishment of a fraternity Judicial Board to administer fraternity self-discipline, the estal)lishment of a Housemothers Association, a Winter Quarter Rush Program, the publication of a Fraternity Scholarsliip Manual and a Housemother ' s Maiuial, and a greatly expanded Greek Week. Vwu; Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council of the University of Tennessee is an organization composed of all girls on campus who belong to the fifteen sororities. For governing purposes, each sorority elects one representative to work in an advisoi-y position and one to vote on business matters. The members of the executive board are delegated by a rotation system based on each sorority ' s date of founding on campus. The new Panhellenic building is symbolic of the organization ' s unity of purpose. In cooperation with the college administration, the Council seeks to uphold high scholastic standards; it sei ' ves as a forum for discussion of questions of interest to the college, the Greek groups, and the community. Its policies, rush regulations, and service projects create the spirit of friendly competition within and among the sororities. ao6 [ K - - ' ' ML Bp U 9H VI t| 1 •• ' h III ' m rv . Jp 1 H S y| 9l k « ■1 1 I ' nnlu-llrnir prrsidrnl Judy Thiroway discitfisfs the rouncil agenda with advisor Miss Ann Murdaugh. X09 ALPHA CHI OMEGA Delta Pi Chapter October 21. 1961 National Founding Depauw University October 15, 1885 OFFICEhs President — Blake Birdwell First Vice President — Mikki Davis Second Vice President — Nancy Lambert Recording Secretary — Sarah Ditmore Corresponding Secretary — Virginia Turner Treasurer — Kathy Reeves First Row: Mary Abernathy, Denice Anderson, Brenda Basler, Nancy Basnighl, Marcia L. Bennett, Blake Birdwell, IVoranna Burridge, Carol Childs, Cherj-I Consant, Second Row: Carol Crawford, Alison J. Cutter, Elizabeth Davis, Marguerite Davis, Nancy Dillon, Sarah Ditmore, Roselvnn Dvnesius, Betty Lou Dy- er, Blanche Elliott Third Row: Shelia Fann, Donna Goforth, Char- lotte Goss, Jane Gowan, Becky Gunm Elaine Guinn, Annie Hall, Anne Harris, Mary Alice Harris. Fourth Row: Gretchen Haslbauer, Lynne Hau- benreich, Katheryn Haun, Rebecca Henry, Robin Herther, Marie Hines, Barbara Hood, Virginia Howe, Marcia Hund. Fifth Row: Gail Ingle, Carol Jarrell, Nancy Lambert, Janice Lay, Margaret Les- ter, F. LeAnn Loughran, Nancy Love, Pamela Magee, Ahce Massey. Sixth Row: Linda Medlin, Peggy Miiburn, Grace Montgomery, Jovce Oakley, Nancy Osborne, Jean Owen, Caro- lyn Paul, Frances Pickle, Abigail Pounds. Seventh Row: Martha Rawlings, Kathy Reeves, Nancy Ridley, Virginia Ridler, Cyn- thia Riley, Donna Rogers, Ruth Satterfield, Bobby Shannon, Ann Shaw. Eighth Row: Sandra Shaw, Ann Smith, Cathe- rine Smith, Jan Slaley, Janice Stanley, Jane Stewart, ' Marian .Steward, Barbara Strange, Barbee Teasley. Ninth Row: Virginia Turner, Judie Walters, Gail Webb. Nelda Wilson, Nancy Wondolowski. Si: v ) .A .d ' mkAMM .%. £ ■ . ImA % ▲ wmX " 4 h --?J First Row: Margaret Adkins, Sarah Akin, Eliz- abeth Allen, Emily Anderton, Julia M. Anderlon, Pennv Bailey, Melis- sa Anne Baker, Brokke Bilbrey, Carol Bowling. Seeond Row: Kathleen Bowling, Joy Brandon, Barbara Brimi, Roberta Brown, Mary Sue Brmnbeck, Claudia Cal- vin, Laura Catron, Lucy Caudill, Janice Clark. Third Row: Adelle Cooter, Elaine Core, Diane Cross, Patricia Crouch, Frances Davis, Scott Davis, Gail Day, Diane Denton, Carolyn Dew. Fourth Row: Linda Dobbs, Betty Dyer, Anne Ellington, Kathv Evans, SaUy Ev- erett, Jollv Ewing, Sharon Flem- ing, Brenda Flowers, Julia Foster. Fifth Row: Mary Foster, Susan Guion, Peggy Hankins, Patricia Harris, Suzanne Harris, Helen Hunt Haynes, Mary C. Hollsinger, Susan Hoover, Fred- die Hufstedler. Sixth Row: Marie Jones, Virginia Jones, Rusha Kinard, Mary S. Leffell, Mary Lewis, Jeanie Martin, Sheila Mc- Collister, Marilyn Murphy, Carol Overholt. Seventh Row: Judy Phillips, Susan Poole, Betty Portis, Nancy Powell, Janet Put- man, Marian Ragan, Molly Raines, Barbara Rice, Kitty Roberts. Eighth Row: Mary Roberts, Susan Roberts, Jan- ice Robertson, Jo Ann Robertson, Marilyn Ross, Helen Ruh, Clara Shugart, Linda Stalsworth, Ellen Steffy. Ninth Row: Susan Stephens, Nancy Tice, Cher- yl Tucker, Patricia Vander Voort, Linda Venable, Martha Venable, A. Rebecca Warden, Louise Wedluga, Bobbie Werner, Becky Wolfe. ALPHA DELTA PI Alpha Kappa Chapter 1930 National Founding Wesleyan College 1851 Officers President — Kitty Roberts First Vice-president — Scott Davis Second Vice-president — Mary Lewis Recording Secretary — Sherry Fleming Corresponding Secretary — Katliy Bowling Treasurer — Ginna Jones 13 ALPHA EPSILON PI Psi Dkuteron Chapter 19491 National Founding New York University 19 ' ' i Officers President — Jerry Benowitz live President — Peter Terr Treasurer — Jerry Ritt Scribe — Jerry Koch Richard D. Abrash, Larry E. Baer, Gerald L. Benowitz, Eric V. Con- cors, III, James R. Caplan. He ' s on his way to the Krystal. Jeff A. Daneman, Sumner D. Gil- man, Russell D. Hamer, Weslev M. Hasden, Harry J. Jaffe. Charles S. Kay, Paul Kinherg, Ir vin M. Koch, Jerry I. Koch, Law rence P. Leibowitz. Alan M. Miller, Jerrv L. Wayne Alan Ritt, Barry Ala loff, Harry L Schaffer. Ritt, 1 Sa- Jeffrev R. Schnciderman, Daniel S. Schrank, Peter A. Terry, Alan IW. Wise, Irving Zeiltin. 14 ' 5 ALPHA EPSILON PHI Alpha Sicma September 21. 1948 National Founding Barnard College October 24, 1909 : VfAFnl Officers President — Sandra Hacbenberg Vice-President — Marilyn Arotsky Secretary -treasurer — Nadine Kolick First Row: Marilyn Arotsky, Leslie Billig, Ann Bogner. Second Row : Lynn Brenner, Carolyn Clein, Alice Feist. Third Row: Sandra Hachenberg;, Susan Kahn, Nadine Kolick. Fourth Row: Rita Meer, Terri Menuskin, Lois Nisenbaum. Fifth Row: Janie Ostuw, Susan Pilskin, Kay Shahite. Sixth Row: Natalie Shulimson, Janet Ste Tenenbaum. 1, Jan Seventh Row: Nancy Tenenbaum. ACACIA Tknnf.sskk Chapter May 13. 1963 National Founding University of Michigan May 12, 1904 First Row : Caro! Leslie, Sw Braden, Chapte Bart lev. eetheart; McKinley r Advisor; Frank li Otft Second Row; George Colson, James Fortune. Third Row: Orew Cavlor, M Haney. Fourth Row. Paul Hoover, R Bill Inabinet. Ronald Coulter, chael Gray, James Officers chard Hutchinson, Venerable Dean— Ronald Coulter Senior Dean — William Mathis Fifth Row: James Jones, James Lee, Kenneth Malhoit. Junior Dean — Billy Inabinet Secretary — Thomas Hoover Treasurer — Drew Gaylor William Mathis, Norris. John May, Carlton Seventh Row: Cvril Payne, James Pickel, Robert Van Nuise. V- " ' ALPHA GAMMA DELTA C;amm. Nil Chaptkr NovemljtT 4. 1%1 National Founding Syracuse University May 30, 1904 Officers President — Janie Wriglit First Vice-President — Jackie Needham Second Vice-President — Margaret Salver Corresponding Secretary — Nancy Waggoner Recording Secretary — Jo Schafler Treasurer — Dinah Kelly First Row: Floy Adams, Pamela Baker, Tom- mie Brillon, Lydia Brice, Sylvia Burchett, Carol Calhoun, Mary Campbell, Elizabeth Clark. Second Row : Nancv Colley, Diana Cox, Marge CiiUen, Elsa Daniel, Diane Ed- mondson, Janet Erwin, Jo Anne Fears, Marilyn J. Field. Third Row: Pan- Susan Gaino, Margaret Ga sy Godfrey, Cindy Gopton, Mary Graddy, Barbara Gritzner, Nancy Hagan, Linda Hannaford. Fourth Row: Mary Hart, Shirley Herbert, Dinah Kelly, Charlcne Irwin, Margaret Lackey, Claire Lander, Sandra Lawson, Julia A. Lewis. Fifth Row: Benlley Marane, Emily Miller, Bet- tv Moore, Patricia McAlpin, Sharon McDonald, Nancv McNeil, Carol McPherson, Jackie Needham. Sixth Row: Julia Nicholson, Julia Ohlson, Ma- rilyn Orgain, Rita Pavne, Catherine Rogers, Sally Ross, Margaret Sal- yer, Jo .Schaifer. Seventh Row : Janet Seiber, Elizabeth Self, Susan Southerland, Lucy Sowell, Mary Stonecipher, Johnanna Stoner, Gerrianne Tultle, Linda oung. Eighth Row : Nancv Waggoner, Nancv Wilhoil, Vivian Wilson, Janie Wright, Su- san Wright. m M mm krMM ■ ' ■» ' 1K ilii IkAi aII iiAiW » - ; . k JirlkAi Kll k MjkAtA ALPHA GAMMA RHO Ij S: roMMa UT ' Sj J First Row: Jerrv Armstrong, Jon Baker, Wil- liam Baker, Lemuel Beaver, Clar- ence Bible, William Bomar, Robert Bramblett, Claude Brown. Second Row : Lowell Brown, Herman Campbell, Thomas Caivert, WilUani Casteel, James Glendenin, Robert Creigh- lon, Williard Crenshaw, John Con- ger. Third Row: William Cook, J. H. Dodson, Wil- liam Derrvberrv, Charles Duncan, Gerald Fairchild, Gilbert Fickle, Morris Graham, Thomas Fouche. Alpha Km-pa January 27, 19S1 National Founding Ohio State University April 4. 1908 Officers President — Kenneth Kemp Vice President — Sandy Campbell Secretary — Charles Goan Treasurer — Jerry Bomar Alumni Secretary — Bill Testerman Fourth Row: Bill Greene, Hugh Goan, Walter Cribble, Sam Guinn, Chester Hayes, Nick Hensley, Horace Haves, James Howell. Fifth Row; James IdcU, Larry Kimery, Ken- neth Kemp, Robert Lankford, Joe Looney, Joe Madeo, George Marks, Michael Mitchell. Sixth Row: Glen Mvers, Patrick McMahon, Michael Nelms, Ed Newton, Bill Pope, George Patty, Thomas Reed, John Rin Seventh Row: William Sanders, Barrv Scales. Richard Shadden, Billy Smith, Bill Testerman, John Townsend, Bruce Walasek, Daniel Wheeler. Eighth Row: Wilbur Wheeler, Bobby Whitworlh, Hal Yarbrough, James Young. It ' s Strau-berry Time!! ALPHA XI DELTA (Jamrta Lambda Chaptkr 1958 National Founding Lombard College, Galesburg, lUii April 17. 1883 Officers President — Linda Ebert Vice-President — Bette Carlson Recording Secretary — Kati Benson Corresponding Secretary — Vickie Locke Treasurer — Gayle Wulk Alpha Xi Delta First Row: Paulelle Abee, Carol Allison, Jan- ice Arnold, Linda Ayers, Brenda Bacon, Margaret Beck, Katie Ben- son, Delia Black, Sharon Boyer. Second Row: Barbara Boykin, Linda Brown, Mary Bruce, Bette Carlson. Naomi Cotton, Rebecca Cox, Judith Craw- ley, Vicki Creech, Nancy Davis. Third Row: Alice Dealherage, Clarinda Deich- man, Pat DuBose, Sandra DuBose, Carol Ebert, Linda Ebcrt, Sarah Estill, Cathey Eves, Molly Fowlkes. Fourth Row: Patricia Fuller, Jeanne Givens, Gloria Gregory, Mary Gresgy, Bet- ty Hamilton, Nancy Hashberger, Jo Ann Hegidio, Mary Henson, Sha- ron Hodges. Fifth Row: Mary Holtman, Julia Hughes, Anita Huray, Nancy James, Elizabeth Jones, Janet Keough, Carol Klep- ser, Linda Knowles, Leanore Lewin, Sixth Row: Vickie Locke, Lydia Luttrell, Patri- cia Lynch, Jeannie Mazzei, Janice Meek. Diane Murphree, Kathi-yn McCulloch, Marguerite McLauch- lin, Angela Norville. Seventh Row: Gavle Parham, Julia Rankin, Pau- la Robinson, Elizabeth Sanders, Cheri Sexton, Virginia Sharp, Pa- tri cia Sivert, Nancy Smelcer, Linda Tallent. Eighth Row: Frances Tliomas, Suzanne Van De Mark, Mary Van Nostrand, Mar- iorie Veal, Diane Wear, Sharen Webb, Dolores Wiggins, Elizabeth Wilson, Diane Winn. Ninth Ro Wright, Nancy i- -- ai4 ALPHA OMICRON PI First Row: Patricia Anderson, Cynthia Bag- gett. Vera Lynn Bailey, Wanda Sue Bailey, Suzanne Beckniann, Ann Bratlon, Susan Brenton, Pamela Brooks, Patricia Campen. Second Row : Edna Carter, Belly B. Cole, Roe Coleman, Melissa Cooler, Betty Cooper, Lucie Craddock, Gail Cruze, Betly Drury, Sandra Dun- can. Third Row: Barbara Embury, Camille Ethier, Marie Fornara, Donna Frassrand, Beverley Gass, Ada Greenblalt, Su- san Haigh, Francis Hamilton, Joan HariHson. Fourth Row: Sue Heddleston, Suzanne Holder, Carter Jones, Jane Jory, Bobbie Keeling, Sandie Kohlhase, Gloria Lane, Carol Ann Leslie, Miriam Locklear. Fifth Row: Susan Locklear, Pam Luttrell, Sheree McLeod, Suzanne McMil- len. Belly Newbill, CarolyTi New- man, Marcia Norton, Linda Now- lin, Bennie Palmer. Sixth Row: Ginger Palmes, Saundra Parish, Martha Lynn Phillips, Anna Rey- nolds, Laura Ritchie, Brenda Rob- erts, Donna Roberts, Doris Roberts, Jill Rule. Seventh Row: Bonnie SaUsbury, Paula Scott, Bet- ty Smith, Elizabeth Stewart, Eliza- beth Tillman, Barbara Thomas, Carole Thomas, Rosemary Thomas, Nancy Tombras. Eighth Row: Linda Townsend, Mary Trotter, Julie Warren, Joy Warren, Patty Wasmansdorff, Rebecca Weigel, Nancv Wharton, Peggy Wilkerson, Dorothy Whelen. Ninth Row: Helen Worlev, Patsy Worley, Ann Yarbro. Omicron Chapter April 14, 1902 National Founding Columbia University January 2, 1897 _£1 JLJL ,M] ¥m SI f» Officers President — Sandra Duncan Ki ' ce-Presirfenf— Betty Newbill Recording Sfcrelary— Barbara Embury Corresponding Secretary — Dottie Whelan Treasurer— ]aVie Warren r-2.5 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Pi Chapter 1872 National Founding Virginia Military Institute September 11. 1865 Officers Worthy Master — Larry Ogle Worthy Choplin — Bobby Bevill Worthy Keeper of Exchange — Bill Acree Worthy Keeper of Annais- -Boh Alder Worthy Scribe — Preston Duke - First Row: Bea Palton, Bill Acree, Burt Aok- erniann, Bruce Adams, Larry Ad- ams, Robert Aider, Don Ammons, Bill Anderson, John Austin, Steve Averj, Quentin Ball. Second Row: Robert Beech, Rex Bennett, Robert Bevill, Harry Bibb, Jonny Bills, Tommy Boatright, Eugene Bollin- ger, Gil Brandon, Robert Brinkley, James Buckley, Martin Burks. Third Row: Waher Bussart, Charles Carlisle, Scottie Curtis, Ronnie Caughran, Gavlor Cole, Bruce Conley, David Conley, Michael Cox, Calvin Crouch, Lee Currie, James Don- aldson. Fourth Row: Edward Davidson, Preston Duke, Tommy Dyer, James Emmons, James English, Robert English, Cy- rus Erickson. James Ewell, Mallon Faircloth, Charles Finlev, Hal Flynt. Fifth Row: Roger Ganier, Robert Goff, Al Hale, George Harness, Mark Hartz, Lee Haworth, Charles Heppel, John Hicks, Thomas Himbaugh, Curtis Holmes, Jim Jacobs. Sixth Row: Fred Jaskewicz, Ray Johnson, Bill Jones, John Jones, Mike Jones, William Jones, George Keith, Rich- ard Kent, Donald King, Charles Larkin, Clarence Lee. Seventh Row: Thomas Little, James Loud, Eddie Monks, Michael Morello, Tommy Moss, William McCown, Richard McGowan, Charles McLane, William McPherson, Doug Neblett, William Neve. Eighth Row: Delmer Ogle, James Owen, William Oxlev, Edmund Palmer, Douglas Parks, James Parker, Claybum Peeples, Dennis Peters, William Price, George Prosser, Benjamin Purser. Ninth Row: Ronnie Reynolds, Loren Roberts, William Ross, Lvnn Ruch, William Sands, Bert Sams, William Shurt- leff. Jack Smith, Steve Speed, John Stegbaver, James Stewart. Tenth Row: George Sullins, Dexter Sullivan, John Tanner, Tom Thompson, Thomas Thornton, Stephen Tucker, Roger Van Dyke, Frank Walker, Kenneth Wade, Robert Wade, Lar- ry Whaley. Eleventh Row: Ronnie Wheeler, Dan Wiggins, Homer Wright, Steve Yarbro. Js A i - J ' . i iL ik jfAAim jfiMK M 7 - f m .- " t-TpX i hi i a r w . First Row: Katherinc A. Allen, Merrily Aus- tin, Sarah A. Bacon, Frances Bag- lev. Sandra Billle. Marv Virginia Bianlon. Elizabeth L. Bovd, Miriam A. Bovcl, Donna A. Brehm, Lvnda T. Brown. Second Row : Sara E. Brown, Sara Campbell, Di- ana R. Carter, Elizabeth A. Carv, Ane B. Christensen, Diane P. Clay- pool. Carolyn L. Cooper. Eileen M. Cowan, Betty Ann Cowden, Ellen Louise Creekmore. Third Row: Emilv K. Dav, Margaret Jane Dick, Carol Ann DuBard, Mary Jane Elani, Elizabeth A. Ebnore, Jenny E. Emison, Sandra Jean Espy, Su- san Marv Evans, Lee Foster, Mary Dodd Galasso. Fourth Row: Judith L. Garretson, Betlye E. Gay, Reba Renae Green. Mary K. Gregg, Jovce Ann Hall, Sarah Anne Hart, Mary Margaret Harvill, Jane B. Hooper, Sarah C. Hooten, Lvnne K. Hubbell. Fifth Row: Virginia Ruth Hubbell, Mary L. Huddleston, Sue C. Jetl, Jeanne F. Jobe, MarihTi F. Johnson, Susan Kellermann, Lvnda L. Kidd, Marv Browvn Kincaid, Freda Su King, Elizabeth W. Knight. Sixth Row: Brenda Sue Larkin, Lvnda I rkin, Marv T. Lavidge, Susan Ann Long, Sue Ellen Lovcjoy, Mary A. Lovin- good, Bahs Mallicote, Barbara J. Mangrum, Marilvn K. Munn, Jo- sephine D. Mayo. Seventh Row: Beth W. MiUigan, Barbara Ann Missimer, Marv M. Moore, Marilyn Ann Morris. Marv James Moss, Pamela McCammon, Francis G. McClure. Christine McKinnon. Pa- tricia E. Neergaard, Nancy M. Nel- Eighth Row: Cynthia C. Nixon, Mignonne W. Orgill, Tommie Pace, Ann P. Paint- er, Judith R. Pate, Barbara Ann Paty, Rena M. Penn, Jov Pratt, Georgia S«-otl Ray, Joan M. Rike, Mary Amanda Robert. Ninth Row: Kathv Rowe. Shellv Shreavcs, Char- lotte Ann Sienknecht, Kav F. Sipe. Marv Ann Sizer. Patience Stair, Sandra Kav Travis, Sassv Ward, Freida M. Wortman, Joan D. Worth, Edith K. Wright. CHI OMEGA Pi CiiAPiKK April 5, 1900 National Founding Fayetteville, Arkansas April 5. 1895 Officers President — Sally Bacon Vice President — Lee Foster Secretary — Cynthia Nixon Treasurer — Janie Dick Pledge Trainer— ionn Rike XX9 DELTA DELTA DELTA Delta Sigma Chapter October 20, 1923 National Founding Boston University Tliankssiving Eve, 1888 Officers President — Mary Neal Durham lice President — Carol Dougherty Recording Secretary — Evelyn Jones Corresponding Secretary — Nancy Carter Treasurer — Betsy Farrar Marshall — Betty Giles 1 First Row: Calhy J. Baugh, Jeanne R. Bernier, Janet C. Blakemore, Julia T. Blue, Marv F. Chamblev, Nancy Carter, Marcia L. Davis, Cheryl be Shazo, Carol Cousins. Second Row : Julia M. Dorris, Carol A. Dough- erty, Sara Jane Dudley, Joan L. Dunavent, Susan E. Dunlap, Glen- na L. Durham, Mary Neal Durham, Anne J. Emmons, Betsy M. Farrar. Tliird Row: Kalherine O. Felts, Nancy B. Fills, Killy A. Gilbert, Betty M. Giles, Patty Giles, Betlve A. Bullard, Jane Gore, Janice M. Griffitli, Ann M. Fourth Row: Margaret M. Hamilton, Mary Park Hammer, Susann C. Harmon, Anne Helm. Lucy A. Horton, Frances E. Jones, Whitley E. Jordon, Kalh- erine D, Kelsey, Janey S. Lindsay. Fifth Row: Jennifer E. Logan, Lynda L. La- tham, Harriette A. LaVarre, Sharon Ncy, Carlouise H. Manzuk, Judith A. Mills. Mary J. Mobley, Kay Moore, Cherie A. Muerlh. Sixth Row: Nancv R. Mullins. Frances J. Mc- Clain, Karen H. McCoin, Mary Lvnn McWhorter, Norma Nichol- son, Susan C. Osleen, Cheri L. Pa- saka, Robbie T. Peters, Marlene J. Rainw Seven ater. h Row: Shirle v L. Schuele, Janis L. Seaton, Suzanne Simmons, Sarah J. Smartl, Kathi- vn L Smith, Sand -a J. Sulli- van, Carol M. Staley, Shirley A. Steven s, Susan E. Tabb, Eighll Row; Mary S. Tester, Sarah E. Thorn- burg. Betty Wade, Sand a J. Wliit- taker. Patricia J. Wilb 3nks, Mar- tha E Winston, Patrici 1 A. Wim- berley Suzanne Wiygul Helen S. Wood Ninth Row: Linda C. Wright. iJ TT i ' W rfS ■ v First Row: Sleven Anrlerson, David Black, Da- vid Brown, Paul Buchanan, Mi- chael Carter, Larrv Cheanev, Tom Creed, James Clabough. Second Row : Jerry Cunningham, Larr - Cunning- ham, Larry H. Cunningham, Steve Daves, Thomas Davis, John David, John Doggett, James Fender. Third Row: Charles Fletcher, Richard Garve- nick, Lenlon Gentry, Miller Gog- gins, David Gohn, William Gres- ham, Gregory Haskew, Jerry Has- kew. DELTA TAU DELTA Delta Dfm Chai ' tkr April 19. 1924 National Founding University of Virginia Spring 1858 Officers President — Larry Cunningham Vice-President— ioy McClain Corresponding Secretary — Tom Creed Recording; Secretary — Walter Leatherwood GuWp— Ron Phillips Sergrant-at-orms — Frank Webster Fourth Row: Sleven Hunt, Charles Hyde, Wil- liam Jenkins, Jan Jennings, Mark Jones, William Keepner, John Kid- well, Roy Kohr. Fifth Row: Larry Larkin. Walter Leatherwood, Jim LeDuke, Ronald Monroe, James Murrell, Arnold McLain, Ralph Newman, William O ' Dell. Sixth Row: Joe Penland, Ronald Phillips, Mi- chael Pohl, Larry Rees, Donnie Richards, Thomas Roark, James Roberts, Robert Rudder. Seventh Row : Bennie Shuler, Steve Shyrock, James Shuptrine, WilUam Sprolt, Bruce Smith, Robert Smith, Harold Taylor, James Tucker. Eighth Row: Charles Wagner, Jay Ward, Gary Webber, Frank Webster, Robert Wilkerson, David Witt, Steve Yean- dle, Carl Ziegans. Homecoming hurts! ! 33 DELTA GAMAAA Gamma Alpha Chai ' tku 1947 National Founding Louis School (University of Mississippi) January 2, 1874 Officers President — Sharon Brewer First Vice-President — Kathy McCarren Second Vice-President — Mary Sanders Corresponding Secretary — Joyce Bryant Recording Secretary — Sharon Van Horn Treasurer — Sally Burton First Row: Harriet Anderson, Mary Ann Bai- lev, Carole Barber, Sharon Brewer, Jiidy Brock, Lucille Browder, Jovce Bryant, Judy Buffelt. Second Row : Sally Burton, Mary Rose Carnii- chael, Ann Carney, Emily Carter, Marilyn CalUn, Brenda Caudle, Lynn Childress, Page Connell. Tliird Row: Patricia Cronin, Iris Cudd, Susan Darin, Sandra Darrow, Jo Ann Davenport, Carolyn DuBose, Donna Ervin, Linda Fanning, Fourth Row: Peggy Farley, Barbara Farrar, Alice Ferris, Sandra Forbes, Ford, Gina Hansen, Ann Housto Eleanor Howard. Fifth Row: Margaret Howard, Angela Hulan, Deborah Hulton, Martha Johns, Elise Jordan, Virginia Kelly, Judith Kennedy, Gail Kerr. Sixth Row: Ann Kincaid, Jane Kizer, Ann Locke, Janice Massey, Nancy Mas- ters, Nancv Matlock, Linda Moore, Becky McBrayer. Seventh Row: Kathleen McCarren, Dawn O ' lVeal, Sharon Owens, Sandra Parker, Martha Pinholster, Sonja Rodeffer, Nicole Rolen, Mary Sanders. Eighth Row: Beth Simmons, Kav Smith, Pa- tricia Slavden, Pat Sullivan, Ju- dith Thirlowav, Sharon Van Horn, Judy Wallace, Bettv Jo Willox. ' •34 6 First Row : Nancy Elizabetlh Ainsley, Margaret Elizabeth Allen, Catherine Jo An- derson, Palrieia Jo Bounds, Anne Walker Brabham, Chenl Ann Brown, Nancy Karen Burkharl. DELTA ZETA Bkta Lambda Chaptkr Septetmber. 1933 National Founding Miami Univer -ity. Oxford. Ohio Orlober 24, 1902 Second Row Thel na Eliz, belh Burke, Eli eabeth Ann Ca nipbell, 1 ma EI aine Can-, fatn cia Ann :ia . Jane Ko. eniarv Cros . Judith An 1 Edm ond. SaUv Jane Fi sher. Officers Prsiihnt—Brt ' mh Clifl First I irc-Presidcnt—Brenda. McClaid Second Vice-President — Lanna Vineyard Treasurer — Sue Almand Recording Secretary — Betty Campbell Correspondence Secretary — Sally Prentiss Harri Hiike E. Frink, Christine Janet n. Elaine Hiegel, Joanne Betsy Ann Hitchings, Alli- son Holmes, Glynda Ann Hopkii Fourth Row: Rosemary Hunter, Sandra Lei Johnson, Virginia Ide Keen, Anr Grev Knight, Patricia Gail Krouse Patricia Miller. Brenda Leigh Mc Clard. Fifth Row: Suzanne Kav Petti, Hazel Jean Pet- ty, Brenda Karen Poe, Sally Pren- tiss, Brenda Kay Rainev, Gloria Jean Risner. Sandra Elaine Rosum- ny, Victoria Belle Siddens. Sixth Row: Lucy Small, Kristine Klanier Strah- ley, Billie Kay Stilz, Judy Douglas Triuelt, Lanna H. Vineyard, Elea- nor Volz. Lvnda Diane Waldrop, Deborah Joan Wolford. L 37 FARMHOUSE Tennessee Chaptek November 7. 1959 National Founding University of Missouri April 15, 1905 Officers President — Larry Gillentine Vice-President — John Jordan Business Manager — John Colebank Corresponding Secretary — Joe Brock Recording Secretary — Vernon Kirk First Row: James Amos, James Beuerlein, Freddie Brewster, Joe Brock, Al- bert Carr, George Claiborne, John Colebank. Second Row: George Creswell, Terrill Eckert, Jack Foley, ' William Gillentine, Charles Hall, Robert Heird, John Hodges. Come with me to thr ha} slack. James Hundley, John Jordan, Charles King, David King, Joe King, Vernon Kirk, Gerald Kyle. Fourth Row: James McConnell, James McCoy, Bill Miller, Bobby Peters, Jim Phillips, Jon Ramsey, Frank Rid- dle. Fifth Row: Robert Rollins, James Rogers, Wil- Ham Schmidt, Charles Self, Wil- liam Smith, Robert Stewart, Harry Strawn. Terry Stulce, Jasper Wats Withrow. Z38 ■39 IJM442k l k 41k i m mi taHa uiMi 1 0 KAPPA ALPHA First Row: Sassv Ward, KA Rose; Charles Adams, Bud Bailey, Ronald Bing- ham, John Buckingham, Charles Carpenter, Thomas Chappell, Les- lie Clendenin. Ti Chai ' Ti;r December 21, 1885 National Founding Wasliington Lee University December 1, 1865 Second Row : Wallace Cobb, James Colley, David Collins, Randv Crenshaw, Joe Dun- can, Thomas Fields, Thomas Free- land, IVickol aus Frey. Third Row: Perry Greer, Tom Griffith, John Grinder, Robert Head, William Head, Marshall Herron, Alan Hill, Charles Hodges. Officers President — Jim Long Vice-President — Ron Bingham Secretary — Dave Howell Treasurer — Jim Colley Fourth Row: David Howell, Bobby Johnson, Wesley Johnson, William Keb- schull, Jerry Kirk, Donnis Kraus, James Long, Jimmy Lampley. Fifth Row: David Logan, Jack Miller, John Moose, James Petlit, Dennis Phil- lips, Phillip Powell, Jerry Roberts, James Rogers. Sixth Row: John Rosenbergcr, Paul Shaddin- ger, Douglas Shellon, Jim Shelton, Richard Sims, Ed. Souther, Alan Stephens, Donald Tase. Seventh Row: Andrew Tomchey, Ronnie Vetter, Robert Wagner, Charles Wharton, James White, Maxie Williams, Wayne Working, WilUam Work- ing, Charles Wood. 141 KAPPA DELTA Alpha Epsilon Chapter September 26, 1925 National Founding Farmville, Virginia October 23, 1897 Officers President — Lou Johnson Vice-President — Susan Chandler Secretary — Charlene Harb Treasurer — Mary Kyle Raulston Membership Chairman — Linda Laws Editor — Janie Dempster First Row: Mary Andrews, Nancy Andrews, Sterling Banks, Judy Bolton, Linda Capion, Susan Chandler, Elizabeth Clark, Marian Cobb, Nancy Cole. Second Row: Marsha Coleman, Pal Coleman, Susan Cook, Gwendolyn Cox, Janie Dempster, Diane Dexter, Phyllis Dickinson, Marylee Dishner, Nancy Dykes. Third Row: Melinda Eblen, Nelle Farmer, Pa- tricia Frazer, Rachel Gaisser, Sam- mye George, Judv Graves, Martha Graves, Ellen Hagood, Sarah Ha- good. Fourth Row : Suzanne Hall, Marcia Harmon, Patricia Hartman, Clieri Headden, Lida Heilman, Sallv Heilman, Anne Herd, Karen Hinds, Patricia Hol- loway. Fifth Row: Susan Holmes, Mary Howell, Elea- nor Johnson, Ellen Keith, Carol Kirk, Barbara Klutinis, Linda Laws, Mary Lovell, Judith Lowe. Sixth Row: Llew Luttrell, Patricia Marshall, Leslie Matthews, Janet McCarty, Barbara McClure, Carolyn McFall, Karen McMahon, Jodie McTeer, Mary Meyer. Seventh Row: Rebecca Mills, Sharon Mullina, Eleanor Parroll, Margaret Paty, Susan Price, Mary Raulston, Che- ryl Raye, Carolyn Roberts, Concetta Rodophele. Eighth Row: Sharon Samples, Nancv Simmons, Carol Smith, Carolyn Smith, Pam Steele, Susan Taylor, Laura Taylor, Carol Weaver, Linda Walters. Ninth Row: Eugenia Willien, Nancv Willson, Carol Witt, Tex Woodson, Anne Wright, Susan Wyatt. 141 U fk- : , ? ' a44 First Row: Robert Archer, Charles Andree, Robin Barksdale, Joseph Broome, Robert Bundv, Gene Carter, Dan Cauble 111, Randall Crass, Lewis Dickson, Jr., John Douglass. Second Row: John Downey, Webb Eskew, Jr Thomas Faulkn Jackie Flelch William Eh-od, James Faulkner, r, David Ferree, Re Larry Fomiby, William Fort II. Third Row: Ravmond Franeoni, Anderson Gai- Iher, Dallas Gatewood, James Gif- fen, Gar Gray, George Greenup, Stephen Hambaugh, Lynwood Ham- ilton, Clyde Hammer, Preston Harlan. Fourth Row: Alvin Hennigan, James Hoskins, David Hunter, John Jackson. James Jamison, James Johnson, Richard Johnson, Pete Jones, Brice Jordan, Patrick Kelley. Fifth Row: William Kelley, Tom Kelso, Macky Kirkpatrick, Herbert Kneeland, Glenn Koogler, Jerry Leach, Freder- ick Lewis, James Lewis, Ernest Li- nam, John Marcy. Sixth Row: . Clarence Martin, Edwm Marlm Jr., James Martin, William Martin 111, Edgar McDonald, William Mil- ler, Everett Munn, Jr., William Myers, John Myhr, Thomas Noel. Seventh Row: Stephen Norris, Craig Norton, Jack Parker, William Pai-rolt, Courtney Pearre, William Potter, John Pow- ell, Thomas Pritchard, Michael Raulston, Charles Richardsqn. Eighth Row: Burton Ruble, Claude Ryan, Ra- phael Saraceni, Dan Scott, Richard Shane, Ronald Sharp, Carl Smith, Douglas Stahl, Jack Tatum, Charles Tliompson. Ninth Row: Delniar Thompson, Joseph Thomp- son, Marvin Thompson, Joseph Thornton, Harris Vandergriff, Jr., Arthur Wells, John Wliile, Jr., William Winter, Richard Wright. KAPPA SIGMA Lambda Chai ' Ter May 11. 1880 National Founding University of Virginia December 10, 1869 Officers President — Pete Jones Vice-President — Bill Kelley Secretary — Brice Jordan Treasurer — Fred Lewis M5 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Epsilon Omicron Chaptf.b March 19, 1932 National Founding Boston University November 2, 1902 Officers President — Buddy Hatcher Vice-President — Tom Nicholson Treasurer — Larry Thirloway Secretary — Allan Gates Pledge Trainer — Steve Ramsey First Row: Pal B. Abbott, William R. Alley, Tommy B. Almquisl, Harry R. An- derson, HI, " William F. Andrews, Charles R. Baird, Martin A. Ball, Clyde W. Bomard, III, John R. Barnes, Charles R. Barnham, Rob- ert J. Batson, Jr. Second Row: Jerry Baughea, Harry D, Brewer, Douglas W. Burton, Turman W. Brooks, Jr., Kenneth L. Brown, Mike Butler, Bill M. Calvert, Thom- as L. Carter, Sam Clement, Howard E. Chambers, Arthur Donlv Chase. Third Row: Michael P. Cotter, Roy M. Cox, Jr., Donald E. Cox, William C Crump, John Gary Farmer, Fred W. Drake, Michall E. Draper, Gary Ford, George B. Fritts, Terry M. Camber, Garv B. Godsev. Fourth Row: LeVaugh J. Goode, Ferrell M. Gregory, Stephen F. Gregory, Wil- liam H. Grigoby, Joe J. Groha, Robert J. Hamilton, Jr., Allan T. Head, Jr., Charles C. Hatcher, Mark H. Havs, John E. Hilton, Leonard R. Hobbs. Fifth Row: Larry C. Hodgin, Richard T. Hoff- man, Joe W. Hoisington, Michael D. Hurst, Warren Tim Hutcheson, Thomas N. Johns, Melvin C. John- son, James Pat Kelly, Peter J. Loh- mann. Bill Z. Lane, John T. Lyell. Sixth Row: John Charles Mabrv, David M. Malin, Frank Tliomas Menendez, Jimmv D. Metcalf, George C. Mil- ler, Howard Blaine Miller, Robert W. McCleskv, Tom M. McDonald, Donald E. McGavern, Robert W. McKeever, William R. McKissiek. Seventh Row: Thomas H. Nicholson, Jr., Dale G. Oakev, Robert Mike O ' Guin. Glen W. 6 ' Neil, Woodrow W. Paige, Tonv A. Papa. Douglas C. Parker, William A. Pickard, III, Patrick James Poniphrev, James T. Quarles, Johnathan F. Quarles, Jr. Eighth Row: Steve G. Ramsev, Robert M. Reeves, Bill S. Reginald, Karl T. Sammons, Rick R. Shields, Larry F. Sitz, Granny Smith, Stratton L. Smith, Richard W. Sprv, Harry W. St. John, J. Fred St. John. Ninth Row: William Lloyd, Jr., Ronald E. Ste- phen, Robert M. Stivera, Robert G. Stovall, Charles T. Talberl, John R. Tale, Larrv L. Tavlor, Larry Kent Thirlowav, Nelson E. Tubbs, Jerrv V. Tune, Panl W. Turner. Tenth Row: Charles M. Wahers, Ron J. Ware, Thomas R. Wesner, Alan R. Wil- liams. Ronnie E. Wilson. Charles D. Woody, Jeffery G. Worth, Mrs. Claude Soloman, Housemother. 146 1 % A M IkJk P - M M. " " V Jx — ■ ' M ' " ft-ffl - mTmmtA gUk i ifl JTJi 41 H7 P ' v ' " ' !! P Hm P l l P l hHI h BRI ' I JimdrLAiL k 148 PHI DELTA THETA First Row: Michael Albright, Gilbert Bailie, James Boles, Thurston Briggs, John Brinii, Archie Carpenter, Fielding Cooler, Dale Coslner. Second Row : Mark Cunningham, Sam Darden, Daniel DeLozier, Jerry Dowling, Donald Eastman, Norman Estep, Shelburne Ferguson, Monte Case. Third Row: James Gore, Stephen Goza, Arnold Hammond, Donald Harris, Edward Havnes, Robert Havnes, Johnny Hennessee. Andrew Holt. Gamma Chatter September 14, 1963 National Founding Miami University, Oxford. Ohio Decemljer 26, 1848 Officers President — Sam Darden Vice-President — Scott Costner Secretary — Larry Young Treasurer — Gerry Purdy Fourth Row: Robert Houser, Atis Jurbergs, John Lackev, Thomas Lennon, John Lewis, James Long, Terry Martin, Robert Massey. Fifth Row: Robert Middlemas, Joseph Murray, David McClellan, George McCrary, James Nolling, Richard Norlhcutt, Robert Ooten, James Painter. Sixth Row: Benny Parker, William Parker, Michael Perry, David Phillips, Ste- ven Presnell, James Purdy, Carl Ratliff, John Richardson. Seventh Row: William Richardson, David Ridg- ley, James Rippon, James Rose, Joseph Royal, Wayne Rutherford, Robert Saunders, Jessie Smith. Eighth Row: John Talone, Liamon Tarzier, Jo- seph Treadway, William Williams, Karl Yena, Larry Young. wmM ' 4 .flC ■■ ILjb m W " % ' H B E ] H hbi KT i ' W K 1 X49 PHI GAMMA DELTA KaI ' I-A TaU CnAl ' April 11. 1890 National Founding Cannonsburg. Pennf ylvania April 22. latS ' .s S ' " ' 3;3!? -f ; Officers President — David V. White Treasurer — William T. Dooley Recording Secretary — Dalton L. Townsend Corresponding Secretary — Paul Douglas God- dard. Jr. Historian — Arthur C. Grisham, Jr. First Row: Henrv Arnold, Thomas Biggs, James Bilbiev, James Bird, Charles Bosson, Wade Boswell, Roy David Brackin, Charles Biiggs, Jim BrownloM ' , Gary Carrington, Ron- nie Carroll. Second Row: Douglas CaHv, Michael Cate, Ed- ward Chase. Stephen Chase, K. Q. Chedester, Wayne Coffey, Joe Cook, Charles Conner, Jim Cowan, Gary Craver, Joseph Cunningham. Third Row : Curtis Parker, Hall Dawson, Alan DeBusk, Donald Denney, Frederick Dickev, Cha Dodson, Willia Eddy. Jeff Erwi Fourth Row: Dannv Fisher, Ja Richard Dooley, Samuel Dennis Falls. John Fly, Robert ?s Froula, Harnett Gamble, Hiram Gilbert, Doug God- dard, William Goddard, John Grav, Cantrell Griffith, Alvin Grisham. Fifth Row: Arthur Grisham, Hal Hall, Michael Wright, Kenneth Henshaw, Clar- ence Highfield, Willard Horn, Jer- rv Householder, William House- holder, Rick Humbracht, William Johnson, James Kline. Sixth Row: Leo Lannom, Richard Laws, James Leftwich, Charles Lenox, Joseph Lewis, Robert Lewis, Gary Napolitan, Charles Marshall, Mi- chael Marshall, Gene Masoner, Mark Madley. Seventh Row : James Mitchel, Scott Morris, Mi- chael Mosby, Pattriek Moulton, Donald Mulbrew, Sam McAllesler, Robert McConnell, Sam McGuine, Donald MeMahon, Ken Padgett, James Phillips. Eighth Row: James Phipps, Gaines Pittenger, James Presswood, George Price, Thomas Price, Stephen Powell, Claude Riley, Richard Rogers, Mil- lard Ross, Roger Rupp, Paul Rupp. Ninth Row: James Savage, James Sheffield, Ed- ward Smith, Robert Stinnett, Mar- shall Sweenev, John Thompson, Mavnard Tipps, Dalton Townsend, Robert Townsend, Charles Tucker, (herald Vantrease. Tenth Row: Waggoner, Clarence Wal- ker, Bill Webb, Lee Wrinkle, Da- vid Wliile, William Blake, William Wood, Mrs. Irma Fowlkes. a5o ijiSmin ' MmM 51 15 PHI MU First Row: Belh Adams, Melissa Albright, Su- zanne Alexander, Karen AUerup, Jeanne Anderson, Sarah Beatty, Barbara Bennett, Jill Betlis, Tcrrj- Be is, Second Row: Wanda Blevins, Eleanor Boyd, Babs Brakebill, Jean Carroll, Ju- dith Castleberry, Vivian Chamlee, Charlotte Claiborne, Linda Clark, ! ancy Cole. Tliird Row: Patricia Conner, Carolyn Cooley, Patricia Cosson, Sarah Courie, De- anna Downing, Georgianne Duna- vanl, Harriet Ellis, Lynda Flynn. Katharine Crubb. Fourth Row: Mary Cwyn, Jacqueline Fisher, Jennie Gannon, Martha Hansard, Charlotte Hart, Virginia Hoehne- del, Teresa Hogan. Sara Hurst, Ju- dith Johnson. Fifth Row: Harriet Jones, Katharine Keith. Anne Keller, Letitia Kilby, Sarah King, Teresa King, Dorothy Ko- ger, Sherrie Kraenier, Linda Lea Sixth Row: Janet McCloud. Sherry McCloud, Sarah Miles. Diane Long, Beverley McGee, Linda McGill, Linda Me- Cowan, Paula McKamey, Margaret Michael. Seventh Row: Carolvn Miller, Frances Moore, Carol Northcutt, Ellen Pardue, Trudi Parker, Marjorie Pendleton, Mary Powell, Martha Robinson, Carole Robison. Eighth Row: Sandra Rockfield, Teena Scogin, Nancy Ruckart, Linda Seagren, Patsy Scott, Constance Shearon, Velnia Simpson, Sharon Stark, Mary Sullivan. Ninth Row: Margaret Tanner, Lvnn Theile, El- len Tidwell, Donna Tippitt, Cheryl Tipton, Trisha Walker, Dianne Walkup. Peggy Webb. Jamie Wil- kerson, Gayle Varborough. Kappa Chapter 1908 National Founding Wesleyan Female College, Macon, Georgia March 4, 1852 Officers President— Peggy Webb Vice-PresidenI — Pat Conner Treasuier — Terry Bevis Recording Secretary — Linda Clark Correspondence Secrrtmy — Sarah King 53 PHI SIGMA KAPPA Xi Dkdteron Chaptkr 1924 National Kdiinding Amherst, Massachusetts March 15, 1873 Officers President — Jerry Wayne King Vice-President — Jim Waller Secretary — David Livingston Treasurer — Ron Walton To the showers — full speed ahead! First Row: Michael Abbott, Richard Ahlert, Garland Arnold, James Avriett, Larry Babb, Drury Bagwell, Tom Ballard, Dean Bare, Charles Barnes, Richard Bass, James Beck. Second Row: Edmund Bolt, James Boswell, Charles Bower, Barry Bozeman, Charles Brown, A. G. Burris, Tom Burton, Daniel Butler, John Camp- bell, Charles Games, Clyde Carpen- ter. Third Row: William Chablev, John Chandler, Bill Cockrun, Clifford Coggin, Herbert Collins, Richard Cooper, Charles Cory, Robert Costello, Daniel Cottrell, William Cox, Jay Crippen. Fourth Row: Gil Crouch, Larrv Cuddy, Archie Culvahouse, J. D.Dodd, Paul Don- ovan, John Draper, John Duke, William Fendlev, Edgar Fraker, David Fulgham, David Gagliano. Fifth Row: David Greene, Glenn Gunderman, Clav Horkleroad, James Hatmaker, Fred Haun, Eric Hautala, William Havs, Bert Hegdden, William Hen- derson, David Henry, Jerry Hitt. Sixth Row: George Holder, Richard Holland, Chuck Holmes, Barry Huffstetler, Edward Johnson, John Johnson, Bobby Jones, Ronald Jones, Pat- rick Kellev, Douglas Kile, Jerry King. Seventh Row: Dan Koffnian, Fred Lea, Robert Ledbetler, David Livingston, Wil- liam Loose, Chester McCallum, Thomas McCampbell, Terry Mc- Carter. William McDonoush, John McKain, John McLellen. Eighth Row: Harry McRae, Edmund Maher, Charles Matthens, James Maupin, Richard Metsker, Herman Mills, James Mooney, Lyan Moore, Guy Moser, Timothy Mullaly, David Neal. Ninth Row: William Norton, James Osteen, Jerry Overton, Kenneth Owens, Henry Pace, Todd Porter, Steven Price, John Roberts, John Rotier, Benjamin Rovens, Edward Schmidt. Tenth Row: Richie Sells, Frederic Shibley, Dick Shumaker, John Simonton, Jimmy Mmpson, Bent Slobbe, Steven Thomas, Spence Tickle. Eleventh Bow: Tim Tiliey, Jii Stewart Sullii • Tho Gary William n, John Walker, Willia Walton, Buron Watson, Eugene While, James White, Charles Wil- liams, Jack Wolff, Emily Day, Sweetheart. 54 a A i i ifi ■ T .£1 -•TF ■ ' - -i. - _ _ Ai A iiJUk t A ifA mkm A»-A MfM A " 55 - ' k .56 PI BETA PHI Gamma Chaptf.r 1948 National Fmmiling 1867 First Row: Anna R. Allobcllis, Virginia Baer, Emilv M. Blevins, Jean Boogher, Rebekah V. Bromley, Judy H. Car- ter, Elizabetli P. Carlwright, Carol Clam. Seeond Row: Sharon L. Cumming, Cay G. Curt- wrighl, Rebecca Davis, Anne V. Debrecke, Dudley Dickinson. Mary Lou Dillard. Melinda R. Dixon. Phyliss Jean Edens. Third Row: Karen A. Fitchpatrick, Camille C. Fowler, Sheila D. Freeland, Linda A. Garrison, Kalherine R. George, Martha L. Graves, Virginia R. Graves, Mary J. Griffin. Fourth Row: Susan S. Hamilton, Harriet P. Han- nah, Loretta Harris, Linda S. Hart- sook, Elizabeth B. Hestle, Lynn F. Hoffmann, Diane E. Holt, Reba R. Holt. Fifth Row: Jane R. Hooper, Phylis J. Johnson, Mary R. Johnson, Sheryl B. Jones, Ix la Y. Kearney, Patricia C. Kelly, Margaret E. Kimball, Sylvia L. Lackey. Sixth Row: Jane Landry, Sharon S. Long, Mar- ion L. Mullican, Betly L. Mont- gomery, Susan L. Morrison, Hope H. McCroskey, Melanie A. Noel, Teddy E. Patterson. Seventh Row: Linda V. Pike, Carol A. Pobletts, Janet A. Pope, Lula J. Quails, Bon- nie Rogers, Mary E. Safford, Jerilee T. Schultz, Ann M. Scott. Eighth Row: Alice R. Setliffe, Mary J. Sharp, Sheila Z. Stuart, Joyce R. Thom- son, Melinda J. Thorn, Marianna R. Thornton, Mary Margaret Trent, Crilla A. Wolfe. Officers President — Joan Meyer Vice-President — Mary Margaret Trent Secretary — Sheila Freeland Treasurer — Ann Harrison 57 PI KAPPA ALPHA Zeta Chapter March 23, 1874 National Founding University of Virginia Marrh 1, 1868 Officers President — Frank Fox Vice-President — Richard Pearson Secretary — Bill Haffner Treasurer — Paul Wylie First Row: Robert Atkin, Ellis Bacon, Richard Barlletl, Jim Balchelor, John Bell III, Tliomas Boals, Rufus Bowden II, Steve Bo Robert Bun Second Row Rhett Burto Carroll, Jr., David Burkharl, Claude Byrd, J. C. urley Campbell, Mi- el Chapman, John Chiles, Steve Cook, Thomas Cook, Donald Cooper, Thomas Crye. Third Row; Richard Dahn, Vincent Delia, John Farrin, John Finerty, Robert Fos- ter, James Fox, Schlev Frazer, Frank Fulton, Jerry Goff, William Gould. Fourth Row: ■Michael Grisaro, Walter Haffner William Harris, Alan Harrison, Thomas Hayes, Raymond Helsley, Geoffrey Hemmrich, John Hestle, Ted Hollingsworth, Harris Hooper. Fifth Row: Charles Houston, Grady Huckaby, Robert Huffine, Charles Hunt, Philip Husted, John Johnson, Leighton Johnson, Louis Kovach, William Ledbetter, Howard Lee. Sixth Row: Richard Lister, James Long, Lee Denton, Jack Ewing, Fulton Moore, William Morgan, Michael Myers, John Myrick, Sherrell Myrick, James McCoy. Seventh Row: Douglas McCreadv, Ken McDonald, William Mcintosh, Robert McNees, Michael Naso, Anthonv Noland, David Nyitray, Walter Palmer, Richard Pearson, Marc Pellegrino, Donald Phillips. Eighth Row: Robert Pruitt, Kurt Olson, Charles Ramsey, Deems Riddle, William Rogers, George Russell, Terry Smith, Allan Swasey, Jr., Robert Tumey, Robert Weismueller, Thomas Wheat. IVinth Row: William Whiddcn, David Wilhoite, Norman Williams, James Wilson, Joe Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Wil- liam Wolaver, Nathaniel Wooten, Paul Wylie, Mrs. Don Rose, House- mother; Betty Giles, Dreamgirl. 158 mmmmkmmMd mkdkdMA T hMk 4m Oisk ilt i im ■- ' -4. 2 (11 !f ' ?l!!BW ' !W ' " W! " liiii tl 59 i6o Firs! Row: Lucille Browder, Sweetheart; Garry Breedlove, William Dono, Gregory Dupignac, William Elliot, David Erickson. PI KAPPA PHI AlIMIA SioMA CHAPTKl! January 24, 1931 National Founding ege of Charleston, Charleston, S,C, December 10, 1904 Second Row : John Har.iIson, William H thur Keeble, Thomas Key, Kilgore, John Knighl. aun, Ar- Richard Officers President— Frank Rozzelle Secretary — Art Keeble Treasurer — Roy Smith Alexander Locatelle, James Lomus- cio, Robert Mahone.y, Joe Mo David Murr. Bernie Nash. Robert Orr, Walter Pascal, Ja Pierce, Frank Pugh, Milton Qual Clark Ro berts. Fifth Row: Frank Rozzelle, Joseph Shelton, Roy Smith, Philip Snyde Sparks, Terence Sullivan. Sixth Row: George Thompson, Ronny Waddle, John Whitehouse, John Wilson, Dirk Zorg. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Tk.NNKSSKK KM ' I ' I r.HM ' ini June 18. 18K ' ) Nali..nal l-miiulinf; Univ.TMly " 1 Alaliama March ' ). 18. 6 Officers President — Eddie McAlister Vice-President — Pat Younger Corresponding Secretary — Roger Kesley Treasurer — Charles Mathews Recorder — Bob Calloway Pledge Trainer — Charles Sullivan -T„hr EdilClinn First Row: Lurian Mellon Alurnalhy, Charles Garrelt Anderson, James Nicholas Arning, Walter Wade Austin, Charles Carter Baker, Jr., Mike David Baker, Donald B. Batchelor, Howard Edgar Bavne, Peter Ray- mond Beaslev, James Edwin Blake- more, James Eugene Boyd. Second Row : Charles Han illon Bovter, James Moll Brooks, Jr., William Coleman Bryan. Sanin v Alan Burton, Joel B. Clements, Meredith Caldwell, Robert MasoF Calloway, Hal Win- Chester Canary. Mike Christian, David Allen Cook, David Cross Cook. Third Row: J. J. W. Co urtenanche. Advisor; Harrv Malonc Daugherty, Jack Da- vis, Philip He nrv Davis, Robert Je- rolne Day, Woody Dillard, Richard Madre Dorse , Mann Drumlieller, Milton Hick s Ellis, III, John Matthews Eh nore, Hugh Delaney Faust, III. Fourth Row: Jesse Ford, Roger Keefer Garner, James Elsworth Garretson, Jim Ozro Garner, James William Gie- selmann, Dickie Gillespie, William Ernest Golson, Kenneth Wayne Gravbeal, David Bryan Green, Don- ald Charles Grob, Larry Lee Guth- Fifth Row: L. John Harris, Joe Jackson Har- rison, Jr.. Michael Douglas Hell- man, William Martin Hendon, John Howard Hildreth, David Galbreath Hilt, Era Eugene Homer, Joe Mel- ton Iverlelt William Draper Jin- kins, Charles Lamar Jackson, Mike Keller. Sixth Row: Tom Draper Kerr, James Joseph Keras, Joseph Thomas Kilpatrick, Ronald Havden Kirkland, John Moore Laughlin, James Randolph Light, John Link, John Kimbrell Mann, Charles Carlton Matthews, James Shields Matthews III, Paul Moore Mercer, Jr. Seventh Row: Jimmy Carroll Milton, Keith Wil- son Mitchell, David Ridgeway, Mo- sena. Tommy Moss, Richard Myers III, David William Myhr, Eddie McAlister, Edmund Foster McAlis- ter, III, James Hilliard McCorniick, James Newton Nichols, WilUani Tanner Orman. Eighth Row: Robert Lee Pfohl, Robert Morris Perkins, Thomas Rich Poe, Joe Frank Porter, Flash Powers, John Watson Province, Eddy Dyer Reg- ister, Howard Toby Roberts, Cow- an Ro lgers, Barney A. Rolfcs, Ken Leo Ross. Ninth Row: John Stevens Rosser, Robert Perrin Rule, Roy E. Satterfield. Alan Fitz- gerald Scott, Thomas Henry Ship- mon, Donald Richard Short, Wil- liam Franklin Smith, Gene Augus- tus Stanley, Charles Sullivan, Robert James Joseph Laughlin Tagg. Tenth Row: Alex MeDougall Tavlo Mitchell Tavlor, George Caldwell Tavlor, John Oliver Threadgill, Grayson Keeling Turner, Stuart Snyder Walden, Lee Wallace, Charles Harris Webb, Jr., Nick B. White, John Cole Wilder, John Wesley Williams. Eleventh Row: John Robert Willis, Rich Worley, Otto Tillman Wright, Alvin William Wunderlich, Linton Hopkins Young, Clyde Patrick Younger. Eugene Tabaka, Arthur i6i HS Sl ll ll 1 A ii ' 2-63 1 m Ml mm. t mm mmJ dim MMiMMtMm Mi. 2.64 First Row: XjgSX Mrs. Mary H. Jackson, House- mother; Sara Hooten, Sweetheart; Terrv Abernathv, Ralph Anderson, Albert Baker, John Baker, James Bankston, Dean Barger, Banv Barllell, Dennis Bartletl, Tom Bell. Second Row : Kent Bewlev, Brad Bitlle. Robert Black, Danny Bridges, Sieve Bal- lard, James Cannon, Lee Cannon, Michael Causseaux, Stephen Caus- seaux, Mark Chapman, Dwight Church. Third Row: Raymond G. Clive, Jr., Jerrv Clovd, Ben Coffey. Tom Collins, Danny Cooksey, John Cope, Virgil Corcor- an, Ronald Cox, Craig Crawler, Jim Crowder, Charles Dalch. Fourth Row: Edward Dalch. Ill, Thomas Dicker, Richard Dillard, Charles Edwards, Bayard Erskine, Donald Epps, Wil- liam Farnhani, Edgar Faust, Jeff- rey Fletcher, James Francis, Robert Garnetl. Fifth Row: George Garner, Ed Haley, James Hall, Robert Harden, Don Harris, Herald Hastings, James Hickerson, Hank Higginbotham, Shelton Burns Hillman, Jr., Jerrv T. Hines, J. Parks Hitch. Si-th Row: WiUiam E. Hodges, John H. Hogin, Donald E. HoUev, John Dennis Home, David Hume, Harald E. Johnson, Don J. Jackson, David ScotI Jones. Fred M. Jones, James L. Jordan, Ted K. Kaminski. Seventh Row: Steven Leon Keelina, Robert C. Keister, William E. Kennedy, Jim- my R. Kincell, Jon Russell King- ston. Frank Albert Kocuz, Richard W. Krieg, David F. Leake, Bur- gess C. Ledbetter, Jay H. Living- ston, Benjamin F. Locke. Eighth Row: Nick C. Locke, Jasper N. Long, James D. Lov, Tommv F. Martin, Dan B. Miller, John F. Mohr, John V. Mvers, Frank K. McCalla, Cam M. McConnell, John H. McKinnon, Robert T. McMillen. Ninth Row: Dennis N. O ' Callaghan, Gregory J. O ' Connor, Robert F. Ogdin. Barrv P. Oxford, David A. Parkev, Philip D. Parkav, John S. Ramev; Donald J. Ray, Richard A. Reed, Bovde L. Rhodes. James C. Ridley, III. Tenth Row: ' " hn K. Roach, Dickv G. Sham, Thomas Clay Sivert, David Smith, S ' enhen M. Smith, Glen W. Smotherman, III, James S. Stans- berrv, William H. Stewart, Bricky Sturgeon, Garv D. Thomasson, Hi- ram G. Tipton. Eleventh Row: Joseph M. Tipton, Louis John Van Mol, Aaron C. Watts, John V. Webb, Eugene Waller Wood, Har- rv K. Wood, Van F. Wood. Wil- liam R. Word, Ronald S. Wright. SIGMA CHI Beta Sigma Chaptf.k September 20. 1917 National Founding University of Miami. Ohio June 28. 1855 Officers President — Edgar Faust Vice-President — Bill Hodges Secretary — John Van Mol Treasurer — Bill Word Pledge rrnmpr— Dusty Rhodes chapter dates Hoots and Pigs i6 SIGMA KAPPA Alpha Delta Chapter 1 )21 National Founding Colby College November 9. 1874 Officers President — Pat Handley First Vice-President — Aleta Gamewell Second Vice-President — Janet Brown Recording Secretary — Cheri Matthew Corresponding Secretary — Anne Dale Treasurer — Lynda Leftwich First Row: Mar ' L. Armstrong, Nancv R. Bank. Mary Katherinc Bell, Mari- lyn Bird, Janet C. Brown, Mary B. Bryan, L. Marguerite Carter, Clara Childress, Delores A. Corbett. Second Row : Judy L. Cox, Andrea V. Crabtree, Susan E. Craig, Virginia A. Crow- ell, Anne W. Dale, Frances A. Dil- lard, Fran A. Duncan, Ann L. Eichhorn, Mary L. Enochs. Third Row: Aleta D. Gamewell, Susan K. Ciaude, Margaret N. Giran, Ann Grannis, Pat Handley, Dianne Hines, Sharon K. Hodge, Glenda S. Howell, Linda J. Jenkins. Fourth Row: Claudia Jeter, Betty G. Johnson, Winnie P. Johnston, Jeanne A. Jones, Joan D. Ledbetter, Patricia J. Leech, Lynda J. Leftwich, Mar- tha S. Livers, Glenda F. Mason. Fifth Row: Chervl A. Matthew. Marv Kav Me- Quilkin. Sarah A. Milholen, Leanah C. Mills, Mary S. Mills, Marv E. Minor. Dorothv D. Moore. Mary M. Nicholson, Nancy J. Nicks. Sixth Row: Carolgenc Page, Eloise Peters, Dolly J. Picnzel, Maxine Reagan, Barbara J. Reid, Carolyn F. Ritch- ev, Arliss J. Robertson, Betsy Ross, Susan B. Ro Seventh Row: Patricia A. Scotch, Josetta R. Shoe- maker, Patricia L. Simmons, Eliza- beth T. Sisco, Brenda Faye Smith, Joanne Smith, Pamela L. Steffey, Peggy J. Sleinmann, Margaret S. HTton, Eighth Row: Lagrella F. Talent, Elizabeth A. Tobler, Mary L. Tucker, Betty C. Turner, Judv A. Turner. Louise D. Walker, Lela Ward, Beth A. Wat- kins, Reita L. Watlcnbarger. Ninth Row: Karen L. Weatherly, Francine L. Webb. Barbara E. West, Gail Wil- liams, Sara Jane Witherspoon, Ellen D. Wuffelman, Janice A. Yena. 166 %tf AamM k tf IWf ;iL : 51 jli k 1.68 SIGMA NU First Row: Mrs. Ruth Shell, House Mother; Charles Arranls, Dan Anderson, James Bailev, Frank Bloom, Wil- liam Brandt, Larry Bredeson, Harold Brown. May 30. 1921 National Founding Virginia Military Institute 1869 Second Row: Joe Brown, Robert Burton, Phillip Calloway, Merrill Carmalt, Fran- cis Cavalier, Grady Clark, Grant Clark, I awrence Clark. Third Row: Kendall Crulchfield. Jesse Curtis, Stephen Denton, Brendan Down- ing, Thomas DruUinger, Brent Dunn, Slan Durden, Don Fancher. Officers Commander — Grady O ' Neil Clark Lieutenant-Commander — John C. Nowell Recorder — Russell Houser Treasurer — JosephThomas Chaplain — Kenneth Miller Fourth Row: William Fitzgerald, William S. Fitzgerald, George Gage, Jr., David Garrison, Michael Gritzner, Gilbert Groendyke, Donald Halliburton, Walter Hammers, Fifth Row: William Hesson, William Holt, Lawrence Hooker, Russell Houser, Hugh Howard, Curtis Inniann, James Joines, William Kingery. Sixth Row: Barton McGhee, Kenneth Miller, Phillip Mosley, John Nowell, Jim Pentecost, Charles Ray, James Sc€ - bey, Robert Scott. Seventh Row: William Schafer, John Shields, John Shoemaker, Larry Smith, Dwight Sorrcll, Grant Spencer, Henry Stanfield, Edward Stephen- son, Joseph Thomas. Eighth Row: John Tindall, Thomas Turner, Donald Van Hvning, John Way- man, George While, John Whitley, Fred Williams, Henry Workman, John Winton. Sigma Nu studies for Phys. ed. final. SIGMA PHI EPSILON Tennessee Alpha May 29, 1913 National Founding Richmond College November 1, 1901 Officers President — Marvin Liibin Vice President — Jim Ritts Corresponding Secretary — John Miller Recording Secretary — Audy Sisk Treasurer — Carl Liggett First Ro Neal Allen, William Allen, Chuck Andreski, Leroy Atkins, James Bacchus, James Badgely, Donald Baker, Gregory Baker, Doug Betty, Richmond Bireley, George Blaii Second Row : Michael Board, Harry Borders, James Brown, John Bushore, Dan- iel Cabeza, Ken Calki, Chancs, Ernest Childs, Robert ' Clark, Joel Clifton, Joseph Co Third Row: Michael Craft, Edward Craig, Charles Davidson, William Derring- ton, Gary Dowdy, Earle DuRard, Jerry Durham, Bob Emmert, James Faico, Harrv Ford, Larry Foster. Fourth Row : Phil George, Thomas Greer, Paul Hansen, James Harding, David Hardwick, Clvde Harrell, Timothy Harris, Robert Hash, Gar. Hart, William Hays, Alfred Halley. Fifth Row: James Hicks, Roger Humble, Ja Hurley, Rodney Irwin, Joseph Ja- chetti, James Jeter, Larry Ladd, Al- bert Liggett, Richard Lillie, Robert Littleton, Mar in Lubin. Sixth Row: Joseph Luna, Thomas Lusk, Terry Lutes, Robert Mallorv, Ray Mynatt, Bruce McBratney, Daniel McGau- ghey, Michael McMahan, Edward McRevnolds, George Melton, John Miller. Seventh Row: Richard Miller, James Moody, Robert Moon, William Moore, Gradv NeelY, Norman Newton, Keith Nicholson, Nicholas Noi-ris, Wilson Painter, William Palmer, Larry Partain. Eighth Row: Delbert Peterson, Keith Peterson, Gerald Pilgrim, Nick Paules, Rich- ard Purdy, Edwin Raines, Fred Rehm, Robert Rice, Joseph Ridg- way, James Ritts, Lawrence Roach. Ninth Row: John Roisum, Charlie Ross, William Rudder, Jack Seaman, James See- ley, Audv Sisk, Robert Smith, Ter- lith, Andrew Stallings, Wil- liam Sulli Tenth Row James Tat. Brian Tol James S Terence Thompson, ?, James Vaughn, Charles Walker, John Wilson, George Winegar, James Carl Win- ters, James L. Winters, Mary Calfce, Housemother; Carol Childs, Sweetheart. ■VJO Jk mMJt 71 I lyi. ZETA BETA TAU First Row: Brace Abraham, Donald Angel, Joey Cooper, R onnie Cooper, James Crystal, Melvyn Feldman, Boris Goldberg. Alpha Nu Chapter 1942 National Founding City College of New York 1898 Second Row : George Golb. Richard Golden, Ralph Golden, Martin Greenberg, Jerome Groskind, Ron Halpem, Lewis Herman. Officers President — Lester Rosenbloom Vice-president — Richard Golden Secretary — Ken Marcus Treasurer — Richard Reinhardt Historian — Allen Schwartz Third Row: David Horowitz, Tom Janeff, Lar- ry Lebovitz, Ronald Levitch, Gary- Levy, Marc Lieberman, Andrew Malinow. Reinhardt. Golden, Rosenbloom, Marcus, Schwartz Reed Malkin, Kenneth Vlarcus, Joel Marks, Dan Marx, Jeffrey Meizlik, Charles Myers, Robert Pincu s, Howard Pirofsley. Fifth Row: Edward Raskind, Charles Rayman, Richard Reinhardt, Carl Reiter, Mark Rose, Lester Rosenbloom, Sheldon Rosengarton, Joh n Roth- berg. Sixth Row: Alan Serotta, Allen Schwartz, Marx Shap ro, Howard Spector Milton Stahl Randall Strome, Jack Top- chik. Frank Wasserman. V3 ZETA TAU ALPHA Zkta 1904 National Founding Longwood College October 15. 1898 First Row: Karen Atteberry, Becky Bailey Pa- tricia Barnard, Sherrv Dinghani, Carol Ann Brodecki, Paula Brown, Kim Blakeney, Maureen Burke. Officers President — Linda Hundley Vice President — Marietta Campbell Recording Secretary — Nancy Campbell Corresponding Secretary — Betsy Mitchell Treasurer — Judy Patterson Second Row : Nancy Campbell, Marietta Camp- bell, Ann Lea Carson, Frances Ann Carter, Betty INell Carver, Shelia Conally, Mary Kathryn Cook, Janet Cooper. Third Row: Sandra Cunningham, Diana Dame- wood, Sandra Debter, Mary Cath- erine Dick, Susan Eckel, Gail Ed- wards, Gail Fields, Pamela Fred- cricks. Fourth Row: Nancy Gardner, Betty L. Guslafson, Sally Hagood, Sara Harrison, Mar- garet Henderson, Lynda Herring, Linda Hundley, Susan Hundley. Fifth Row: Ruth Hunt, Cassandra Johnson, Johnnie Jones, Karen Kalshoven, Susan Karr, Judith Klabanow, Sue Lawrence, Judy Lay. Sixth Row: Kathleen Meaker, Betsy Mitchell, Carolyn Meyers, Donna McDaniel, Betty McElliiney, Linda Nicholson, Susan Odeni, Ana Ownbey. Seventh Row : Thelma Ownbey, Judy Patterson, Patricia Porter, Mary Alice Riche- sin, Sally Rison, Linda Samson, Jeri Trusler, Judy Vaughn. Eighth Row: Jovce Vaughn, Judv Ward, Carole Anne White, Barbara Wright. " -74 ■ 75 1 6 MILITARY ■ 77 Army ROTC Cadre Officers: Maj. D. E. Wheeler. Lt. Col. R. A. Perkins. Col. Wm. M. Slayden. II. Maj. I. T. Sliger. Maj. C. L. Jones Slanilin : Capt. F. R. Forsyth. Capl. J. S. Daniel. Capt. I W 11.11..,,. , .,( I ' lriiiml: Maj. J. L. Hyde Army ROTC Cadre N on-Commissioned officers: SFC. L. W. Woodbury. M-Sgt. C. W. Keenam. SMJ. A. R. Winans. MSG. D. L. Dickenson, SFC. T. F. Clark. Standing: SSG. A. J. Burzynski, SFC. R. B. McPhail, SSG. R. H. Guthrie, Sp-S C. 0. Swafford. Not pictured: SSG R. D. Brothers. SSG D. G. Martin. V8 Army ROTC In 1844 militaiy training was established at the University of Tennessee. Since that date graduates of the ROTC program have demonstrated superior leadership and accomplishments in seven wars. During World War II more than 3,000 ROTC graduates from the University served as Army officers. In this program a cadet is taught the fundamentals of warfare and the magnificent military history of the United States. Professor of Military Science, William M. Slayden. II, Colonel, United States Army Armor. Provisional Hatlalion Slaff: Cadet Sgf, Maj. R. J. Tipton, Cadet 1st Li. D. C. Bledsoe. Commander, Drum and Bugle Corps. Cadet Capt. N. C. Allen. Executive Officer, Cadet Maj. S. G, Ramsey, Battalion Commander. Cadet Capt. M. E. McCurdy. Volunteer Guard Cdr., Cadet Capt. J. E. Hodges, Tennessee Rangers Cdr. Brifiad ' 1st Battalion Staff: Cadet Sgt. Maj. R. B. Downer, Cadet Capt. B. M. Inabinet, " A " Comp. Cdr.. Cadet Capt. D. L. Townsend, Executive Officer. Cadet Lt. Col. J. W. McCoy. Battalion Cdr.. Cadet Capt. A. C. Grisham. " B " Comp. Cdr.. Cadet Capt. J. B. Porter. " C " Comp. Cdr. Jnd Battalion Staff: Cadet Sgt. Maj. J. D. Burnette, Cadet Capt. R. W. Dillard. " D " Comp. Cdr.. Cadet Capt. D. D. Barger, Executive Officer. Cadet Lt. Col W. J. Long. Battalion Cdr., Cadet Capt. D. M. Rhyne, " E " Comp. Cdr., Cadet Capt. N. E. Alderson. " F " Comp. Cdr. Brigade Staff: Cadet Lt. Col. F. K. McCalla. Cadet Col. J. R. Smith. Cadet Ll. Col. R. M. Coulter. Standing. Left to Right: Cadet Maj. J. D. Lov. Cadet .Maj. D. R. Bacon, Cadet Maj. R. D. Richardson. 3rd Battalion Staff: Cadet Sgt. Maj. W. R. Haun, Cadet Capt. T. L. Gardner. " G " Comp. Cdr., Cadet Capt. S. N. Bales. Executive Officer. Cadet Lt. Col. S. K. Casseaux. Battalion Cdr.. Cadet Capt. H. K. Hastings, " H " Comp. Cdr., Cadet Capt. L. L. Taylor, ' T ' Comp, Cdr. Sponsors for Provisional Battalion: Sherry Bingham, Drum and Bugle Corps Sponsor, Pamela McCammon, Tennessee Kanger Sponsor, Loretta Harris, Volunteer Guard Sponsor, Leanore Lewin, Provisional Battalion 1st Battalion Sponsors: Linda Nicholson, " C " Company Sponsor, Dianne Walkup, " A " Company Sponsor, Ann Guepe. 1st Battalion Sponsor. Carol Northcutt. " B " Company Sponsor. Miss Carolyn Dominick: Honorary Cadet Colonel for the Brigade of Cadets. 2nd Battalion Sponsors: Rosemary Thomas, " F " Com- pany Sponsor. Lucy Sowell, " D " Company Sponsor, Mary Lee Washburn, " E " Company Sponsor, Ann Marie Harris, 2nd Battalion Sponsor. 3rd Battalion Sponsors: Diane McCutchan, " G " Company Sponsor, Franny McClain, " H " Company Sponsor, Barbara Missimer, " I " Company Sponsor, Linda Laws, 3rd Battalion Sponsor. Sponsors First Rou: D. F. Howell. V. J. Long. F. McClain (Miss Scab liard and Blade). J. R. Smith. D. L. Townsend, Maj. I. T, Sliger ' .(Advisor). Second Row: J. W, McCoy. R. M. Coulter .1. M. Crain. T. L. Gardner. J. B. Porter. Third Row: D. D Barger. H. K. Hastings. B. M. Inabinet, S. K. Causseaux Fourth Row: J. E. Hodges. F. K. McCalla. N. E. Alderson, L. W. Taylor. G. T. Thomas, J. D. Loy. Back Row: L. A, McMahon, T. A. Cook. D. R. Bacon. J. B. Hollis. SCABBARD AND BLADE is a National Military Honorary Society which is limited to outstanding Advanced Army ROTC Cadets. The Society ' s purpose is to encourage participation in upper-division military studies and to raise the standards of military education in the institutions of higher learning. Scalihard and Blade was founded in 1904, and was established at tiie University of Tennessee in 1923. Cadet Colonel Smith. President of Scabbard and Blade, con- gratulates honorary Cadet Captain Franny McClain on her selection as Miss Scabbard and Blade. 1964-65. Officers ami majorrttes pose with members of the Drum and Bugle Corps. rl Van Nuise, Charles Irwin, Cathy Chixton. Julia l.-wi-. Pat McAlpin, Eugene Collins. Standing: Maj. James Hyde, Advisur and Coach, Thomas Gardner, Charles Aynes, John Matlock, Paul Schneider. Eugene Autrey, Charles Cox, Jack Brown, SFC. Robert McPhail, Coach. Cadet Honor Cummitlec: J. M, Hart, II, J, R. Tindall, S. K. Causseaux, R. A, Perkins, Lt. Col. US Army (Advisor), J, R. Smith, President of the Board, J. D, Ley, W, R. Haun. B. Butler. The DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS is the parade band of the Brigade of Cadets. It provides the Coi-ps with martial rythnis at drill during the annual Armed Forces Day parades in Knoxville. Two RIFLE TEAMS represent the University of Tennessee. One of them is the Varsity Team, memhership being open to all students, and the other is the Army ROTC Team, which has its membership restricted to the Army ROTC Brigade of Cadets. These teams represent the L ' niversity at SEC intercollegiate rifle matches. The CADET HONOR COMMITTEE is composed of Cadets of all four classes. Its function is to review all infractions of the regulations of the Brigade of Cadets and to encourage enforcement of high ideals among the Cadets. Because of the superior quality of Cadets in the Army ROTC program at LIT. the Honor Committee seldom has any difficulties. Tlie student cliapter of the SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS was established at the University of Tennessee in order to increase the inteiests in Military Engineering and to further National Defense. Tlie Society ' s main ojjjectives are to promote elFiciency in the militai-y engineer service of the United States, and to presei-ve the memory of the services rendered by the engineer profession throughout the wars in which the United States has been engaged. The motto of the TENNESSEE RANGER COMPANY is " Stout hearts, strong legs, and fertile brains. " Since their formation in the fall of 1962, the members of the Ranger Company have concentrated on gaining proficiency in Counter Guerrilla Warfare by using the offensive spirit of action. The Rangers wear the black beret, a symbol of specialized warfare. Practical knowledge such as scaling cliffs, crossing icy mountain rivers, communications operations, and ambush techniques are utilized on weekend partols against " enemy aggressors. " Such training is invaluable to a cadet ' s training for a militai-y career. The VOLUNTEER GUARD is the University of Tennessee ' s Army ROTC Honor Guard. It serves as a Military Honor Guard at official and social functions throughout the year, and it acts as a guard of honor for the Dragoon Color Guard. During the spring the unit represents the University in annual drill competition. Outstanding Advanced Course Cadets may be selected as DISTINGUISHED MILITARY STUDENTS. Some of the qualifications for the DMS selection are: 1. A Cadet must possess outstanding qualities of leadership and a high moral character. 2. He must have exhibited a definite aptitude for the militaiy service. 3. A DMS must have attained an academic standing in die upper third of the Military Science Advanced ROTC Course. 4 The Cadet must Ije in the upper half of his class at his university. Air Force ROTC In 1947 when the Air Force became a separate service, the AFROTC unit was established at the University of Tennessee. It has since become an integral and outstanding part of campus life. The purpose of the AFROTC program is to prepare selected catididates to become active-duty Air Force Officers. This preparation is accomplished in the classroom through the study of weapons, weapon-delivery systems, militaiy and aviation history, leadership, political geography, international relations, and drill. Since its establishment here, the AFROTC section has graduated officers who have represented this University well in scores of Air Force endeavors. Air Forre ROTC Staff: Capt. R. K. Dalrvmple, Capt. W. D. Turpin, Maj. D. L. Alley Lt. Col. L. C. Hoffmann, Maj. E. 0. Wyatt. Maj. ]. R. Ash. Capt. R. D. Silvers. Back Row: Mrs. C. M. Gavlor. T Sgt. I. W. Hall. S Sgt. W. F.. Bowles. M Sgt. G. A. Ridgwav. T Sgt. H. C. Anderson, S Sgt. M. E, Ferry, II. Lt. Colonel Leonard C. Hoffmann, Professor of Air Science 84 Cadet If ' ing Staff— Fall Quarter 1964: Cadet Lt. Col. H. A. Miller, Cadet Lt. Col. J. W. Beasley, Cadet Lt. Col. C. L. Butcher. Cadet Lt. Col. S. E. Hindman. Cadet Colonel H. E. Humphreys. Back Row: Cadet Lt. Col. W. N. Green, Cadet Lt. Col. L. T. Tarzier. Cadet Lt. Col. R. C. Gossert. Cadet Lt. Col. D. H. Edwards. Cadet Wing Commander — Fall Quarter 1964, Cadet Colonel H. E. Humphreys. ' Cadet If ' ing Commander — Winter Quarter 1965. Cadet Colonel D. H. Edwards. Cadet Wing Staff — Winter Quarter 1965: Cadet Col. D. H. Edwards, Cadet Lt. Col. J. T. Whalev, Cadet Lt. Col. E. T. Lutes HL Cadet Lt. Col. B. A. Miller. Back Row: Cadet Lt. Col. R. A. Minkoff. Cadet Lt. Col. J. A. Smith, Jr., Cadet Col. V. J. McDonald, Jr.. Cadet Lt. Col. W. .M. Green. Cadet Lt. Col. F. J. Mynatt, Jr, Angel Flight Angel Flight, a national lionoraiy organization for college women, was organized on the University of Tennessee campus in 1964. It is the co-ed auxiliai-y to. and is sponsored by, the Arnold Air Society and the U.S. Air Force. Angel Flight Officers: Karen Kalshoven, Linda Hartsook, Ann Stevens. Back Row: Jane Hooper. Georgianne Dunavant, Pa- tricia Kelly. Top Roic: R. Allen. .M. Bennett. A. Bratton, L. Browder, J. Brown. M. Brumback, J. Buffett, B. Clark, S. Connally. E. Core. V. Crowell. B. Curtis. Second Row: D. Dickinson. G. Edwards. S. Fleming. A. Gamewell. Third Row: N. Gardner, V. Graves. G. Gumphrey, L. Hoffmann. L. Hundley. L. Johnson, D. Koger. M. Lewis. Fourth Row: J. Martin. C. Matthew, P. McKamey. J. Meyer. M. Murphy. C. Page. B. Pettit. S. Post, C. Ritchey. K. Rowe. S. Simmons, P. Slayden. Fifth Row: J. Stanley. S. Van Horn. L. Vineyard, P. Wasmansdorff. A. Wolfe. An integral part of the 800th AFROTC Wing, the DRILL TEAM exists for the purpose of demonstrating the proficiency level to which a marching unit can rise witli concentrated practice. This forty-member unit is a " show piece " of the AFROTC Cadet Coips. Any member of the Wing who demonstrates an interest in and al)ility for performing with the unit is eligible for membership. In order to provide musical support to the Cadet Wing, the DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS was fomied. This unit, with special equipment and training, has become an outstanding contributor to the increased stature of the AFROTC Cadet Coi-ps. Its forty members come both from basic and advanced classes. At all functions in which the wing participates as a unit, the Drum and Bugle Corps adds the military cadence and sharpness which distinguishes it. -87 r f o O P --- J rh First Row: J. W. Beasley, C. L. Butcher. D. H. Edwards. P. T. Duke, R. French R. C. Gossert. Second Row: W. M. Green. W. C. Head. H. E. Humphreys. T. M. Johns, P. Kalsuki. R. L. Merritt. Third Row: B. A. Miller. J. A. Miller. G. L. Monroe, F. J. Mvnatt. Jr., R. L. Ooten. F. W. Reed. Fourth Row: R, V. Stewart. L. T. Tarzier. J. C. Wright. The ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY is a national Air Force ROTC honorary organization. To be eligible for membership, a cadet must have a 2.00 over-all average, a 3.00 average in Air Science, and must superior leadership qualities. The purpose of the Society is to further the mission, tradition, and concept of the United States Air Force as a means of national defense. In order to accomplish its mission, the Arnold Air Society sponsors projects to increase the esprit de corps of the Cadet Wing, one of which is the annual Air Force Ball. John T. Whaley. Commander Arnold Air Society Cadet Siil. Prrnon T. Duke receives Chicago Tribune .luiird jrom Ml. 1 1- ■: ' ■. For oulstandiiif; pcifoniiance academirally or in areas of leadersliip. and for over-all rontrilnitioii to the FROTC, the top iiiemliers of each cla s are ircognized officially and pulilicly during the AWARDS DAY ceremonies. This is the climax of the year ' s military activities. Local and out-of-state tlignitaries, military and civilian, attend the ceremony and present the awards. DISTINGUISHED MILITARY GRADUATES: Danny F. llrnwn III. Owen T. Haddock. P. Katsuki. Benton M. Smith. jr., James W. Steinmann. Jr., John W. Wilson. Jr. i ak Cuilel Culonel Jumrs 11 . Steinmann irceiics 11 ' . O. Morgan Award from Cadet Colonel Kenneth x89 CLASSES CLASS OFFICERS Senior Class Officers: Joan Meye Treasurer; Bill Teslerman. Vice- Pre ' dent; Blake Birdwell. Secretary: Kcigc Riley. President. Junior Class Officers: Lynne Hubbell. Secretary; Richard Golden, Vice-President; Linda Dobbs, Treasurer; Denny Peters, President. 191 " |j|icimore Class Officers: Jack Wolfe, I ' irsiilent; Martha Hansard. Treasurer: Tuny Brown, Vice-President; Janet Cnoper. Secretary. Freshman Class Officers: Barry Bozeman. Presi- dent: Janet McChicid. .Secretary: David Horowitz. Vice-President: Diane Denton. ' Treasurer. -93 Seniors 4k Donald Georce Aheabn, Binghamlon. New York; Business Administration; Charter Member. M Chapter of AK+; S.A.M. Treasurer. Vice-President; Newman Qub. John Francis Alexander, Puryear; Liberal Arts. Tommy Brewer Almquist. Memphis; AXA; Business Ad- ministration; AX, Social Chairman; Arnold Air Society; Freshman Adviser; Homecoming . dvisory Board. Don Ammons, Ripley; - TC; Engineering; AUE; Sopho- more Class Vice-President. .Martin; Engineering Clult President. Martin. Knoxville Young Life. Englewood: AFP; Agricultu Chattanooga; I ' t ' E; Engineering. Calendar Girl; Vc Kingsport; Engineering ASME; HTl. I, Chattanooga; XQ; Liberal Arts: All ird; Homecoming Advisory Board; X Class Secretary; HS ; XQ President. WELL, Jr., Knoxville; MK; Law. K; IEEE: HKN; TBH; ACE on ; iN. ' V Secretary. , New Tazewell; Engineering: Circle . E; Liberal Ari Donald Edward Baker, Jr., Qiattanooga; S E; Business Administration; !:+£ Vice-President; SGA Activities Chair- man; B. 4 ' Treasurer; ASTI Business Board Representative; SGA . ttorney General. Senior Representative. Freshman Council; .411 Sing .advisory Board; Vol Corps; Circle K; IFC Senior Representative. ;. Bankston, Jr., Boliv: . dawayhi; Cheerleadc Board, Adn Dean Dover Barcer, Jr., Chattanooga; SX; Bjsiness Ad- ministration; . dawayhi President; Circle K; Vol Oirps: S.A.-M-; Homecoming . dvisory Board- RoBERT Joseph Batson. Jr., Chattanooga; AXA; Engineer- ing; AXA President; Circle K; OAK; Adawayhi; Vol Corps; Carnicus Prf)gram Committee Chairman; Student Discipline Council: IFC Presidents- Council. Block and Bridle Club. Bright qua, N.Y.; Liberal Arts; UT 94 Seniors Jill Mabie Bettis, Jefferson City; M; Business Adrainis- m; Torek Staff; Tennessfe Girl Staff; M Librarian; Hon ecoming Publicity Committee; All-Sing Finanee Com- mitt e; Student Center Publicity Committee; Juni..r Pan helle nie; Seiii u 1 ' inli. 11. m. Jack IE Hebmim I;i 1 ki nmmi, Mexico City, Mexi.u. II Eoon omics; Mil li..l,.l :iub; Spanish Club J»Ch SOM Dams I ' .i.iuM Jb , Maryville; Engineer ;; : ■I ' Ki ' TBn HKN ice Pre ' i.l.nt: IEEE. SlIEt BY F. Bincham. .Martin; ZTA ; Liberal Arts; Student Host ess. II Pam ELA Blake Bibowell, Lafayette; AXQ; Liberal Arts; AX! Corresponding Secretary, President: Mortar Board: Seni nr Qasa Secretary; Vol Corps; Campus Exerulive Club: Horn ecoming Advisory Board; AWS Leader; VT Scholarship Committee; Carnicus Committee Go- Cha rman: IFC-Panhellenic Christmas Party Commitee; Gree k Week Committee; Greve Hall Floor President. Greve Hou e Council: All-Sing Committee; Traffic Council. BA Nelle Bishop. South Pittsburg; Education; VT Singers; Madrigal Singers; Vol Chorus: SNEA: AWS Orie ,taii..n Leader; Dorm V .President. Th.. M s FvtMii III. U.S. Einlcx: HKA; Agriculture. Jam s liiiaiii n..ii-. JB . Kll.. ■ll.■; Ae: Liberal Arts; (-OU ( 1,1,1.1- 1 li ,,ii,i,,n; -V " ,. .-President. Freshman III WiL lAM Jlbbv BcMiB. nrumm..nds: All ' ; , g,icullurp; AIT Treasurer; f Business CJuh. Eli ii:lTii %Nt 1 ' ...RVF,MANN. Orlando, Ela.: H.nne Eco- noni .. Mil . Projects Committee: Newman Qub Serr 1,1, 1, l l,.ir.,murals Team, ISA Homec.ming C„- Cha r„„,n. .,l,,i.l S.-h..larship Fund Drive: Block and Bric 1.. 1 l.d. II.. I mill- r.„,ii,iill..,-: 4-H Club. Emi F liiN I;.. Ml. -li.iill. !■ ; Home Economi ' .. Tra -f.r l.,. ill II.- Mil , lllue Triangle. (ai 1 luilN l ' ...nill Kii..Mill.., ■MA; Business Adn.iii istra t„.n: Alll Historian: A. A ; Student Forum I.e. lure Seri es; Chairman of Executive Committee. IV Rov David Brackin. Cleveland; WA; Engineering; VoL- IM EB Business Manager; UT Singers. JlD TH Melissa Bbandt. Walhalla, S.C; Education; SNEA. Sh. RON LON Brewer. Lawrenceburg; AP; Liberal Arts; AF Pr..j.-.t= (linrmnn, S„ ,.| i.. -.President. President; Arn % Hull S|„,„.,„ Ml.,,,,,, 1 h,-,.rleader: . dawayhi; Al " 1 n. 1 i:.„i ,.„.l l ' ,..;,i„, Committee: AWS Stan .lii.l. 1 ..11,111111.. 11, ., l.-ader; All-Sing Pub- 1 1,.. i.i..k S,-.-k Kej.resenlative; Miss Kn..r vill. ! 1.1 ilii ' 111. -1, an Student Center. J ' - Ill I Ml .11 liiiiiOME, INashviJle; tv— ; tngineeri,, ■t n: ; in 1 1 1 ,is and All-Sing Committees: Freshn,.ii. G.u ncil: in.; Kngineering Co-operative Sch.darship Pr.,- Co-Charim Laura Jo Orange an an; Soph rcE Brva AF Soeij d White omore A «T, Allan 1 ChailT Staff; S de; Wesley ta, Ga.: AF nan, Corresp phomore Aid Found Busin onding e; Mil 1 ,lmin- relao ' : Spon- hoi SGA Rhei An Rep T Bl BuFFETT, Chatti esentative; AHEA BTON. Dyersburg; ; TIKA Sergeant nooga; AF; ; Angel Flig nKA; Engin t Arms: Cir Home hi. eering; cle K. Economics: IFC Rep- VI H ;B M ' l ' B arshi t Ma e St Horn ing a .1 1111,1 1 ,..,, MH ff; IFC; ecoming nd Carnl 111 ; N Fresh ni Presenta us Comr .III Kiii:,- ' l. -1.1. Ill SI lllll., iMi i: an; ion Commit nitlces SGA |..i,ii Kr, .ir.l ( Adawi ee Secret ( ; Cade H ' hi K; ilS ybl ' -Ch ry " Cir, le if Pub ' SlL Stud Bft Club 1 W W 1 l James C SiNE FF VNMCI F P CE fSOV K assjR NJ ational Cou NVlll »=A 1 1 h ' III lilt M Educa mil fo hdiH 1 1 1, th ' ir ' l " Nev. Social n Bru ( irl Fn .rill u L h ,1 1 1 ■si Dream WS of Dii Nabbee JiD-v Habbis Carter Bethpage HBI- Home Economics Transfer TPI Calendar Girl Dorm V ice President Pep Club WilA UB Secretary Times Reporter 95 Seniors 4mAm I Nancy Jean Carter, Knoxville; Aii; Education; iii Corresponding Secretary, All-Sing Director, Small Group Winner; SAI Vice-President, Chaplain; Grace Moore Schol- arship Finalist; Camicus Individual Talent; AWS Orienta- tion Leader; Usher Corps; UT Singers, European Tour: Top Five in Miss Knoxville Pageant; Miss UT Finalist; UT Opera Worksliop; Carousel. Portland; XB; Liberal Arts; - !! Personnel Cha Wjlliam Hayb Cas ' Angel Flight; Studei Kn (ille; MP; Edu I ' T ID Chandler, Memphis; KA; Art» n-President; KA Chaplain, l. n,l,. r-l,,,, ( I,,, President, Pledge Trainer; N.iIhmI nI,.1,..| miltee; Isher Corps; " Y " i, . I ' r. ..1. iil I ' l. ver ily Christian Association Lxnuuvt IJ.-ai It Committee Chairman; Aloha Oe Commit AWS Classification Committee; Campus Exi- Honoraries Editor, Voll ' nteer- Edwabd Howard Chase, Kingsport; ■H ' A; Engineerin;;; AilE Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary; " t ' l-i Ti -.i-ur»T, Corresponding Secretary; . rnold Air Society; ■-ilr. ,, Command. ' I .i lii.iBtTH Childress. Rosedale. Miss.; 5:K; Educa- II ,, I 1,,, ,l,M,ler; Dorm President; AWS Legislative Board; I ' rni I li,L| ljin; Student Center Committee; Adawayhi; All.Sinp tloramitee; Homecoming Committee; AWS Coun- cil, Orientation Leader; K Executive Board. JiMEs K. Chin. .Memphis; Uberal Arts; " Y " Council; UT Marching Band; Blue Triangle; ISA; International Quh: Zoology Club; Fellowship, RPS; Melrose Hall Association; BSU. Betty Catherine Clark, Bristol; Business Administration; Dolphin Club. Ill Elizaheth Moffett Clark, GatlinLurg; KA; Business Ad- ministration; KA Corresponding Secretary; Angel Flight: B.V-I ' ; Student Center Committee; AWS Orientation. Grady O ' Neil Clark, Mt. Pleasant; IN; Engineering; IN " ' ■ " al Representative, Commander; Campus Executive riub. Ir ' .ni Til, CURK, Brookneal, Va.; JI; Education; Fresh- II in ( I 1— S.-rretary; Vol Corps; Adawayhi Social Chair- 1. ' nior Representative; Treasurer of SGA; AWS Leader; All-Sing Advisory Board; PACE; M I ' .irlKimi-nlanan, Standards Chairman, Secretary: Home- coming Finance Committee Co-Chairman; Freshman Coun- cil. Carol Clem, Chaittanooga; IIB ; Education; IIB Pledge Trainer: K ; MB; SNEA Vice-President: All-Sing Ad- visury Board; HT Corresponding Secretary; AWS Aide; H ir Dorm; All-Sing Secretarial Board. IV ' VNE LoNME Coffey, Tazewell; ' t ' rA; Engineering; ASCE. F.LIZARETH Law Cole, Memphis. AOII; Liberal Arts; Trans- fer. Southwestern at Memphis. NtMY Srt Cole, Columbia: Ki; Business Administra- lii.n; Mortar Board Senior Citation; Orimse and Hhi:,- Managing Editor; SGA Senior Representative: Editor, Pan- licllenic Rush Book; Collegiate Women Journalists Vice- President; Torch Staff; Tennessee Girl Staff: University Center Talent Committee Chairman; KA Assistant Vice- Marsha Lee Coleman. Nashville; KA; Liberal Arts; All- Sing Committee; KA Carnicus and . Ii.Sing. V EioENE TninMs Collins. Oak Ridge; Engineering; UT .1,1,1 HliK Rifle Team. JiiiiN l;, Ml i,,N,,ii, Jr., Fayelteville; - TP; .Agriculture. Bill , 1 iiiiiiN- I .,NLEY, Alamo; ATS!; Business Admhiisr Iran, ,11, S,ni,,r ( la-s President; Adawayhi; Circle K; SGA: AT!. ' Treasurer: Chairman of Student Traditions; Chairman of .Majority Political Parly. Patricia Ann Conner, Birmingham, Ala.; «!; Education; AWS Frosh Board. Sopliomore Aide. Legislalive Board. Co- l,.,ir,„,,„ l ' ,„i,., 1- I iiiiiii,,,,,,,. ilM ,, „„,.,. i:l,.,lrman. Offi,-, ' Carnicu. Commillee; Ncvland Scholarship Drive; Greek Christmas Party; S.NEA; PACE; Vol Corps; Honor Dorm; Adawayhi Secretary, Publicity Chairman, Trophy Chairman. VI Joseph C. Cook, Chattanooga; rA; Engineering: SFOB: ' lAK President; AMI President; Homecoming Co-Chair- man; Scarabbean; AIIE; Freshman Council: Camicus Slage Gimmitee Co-Chairman; Engineering Co-operativ Scliolarship Program; SGA; TBH; +K ; Who ' s Who- A( F Board. William Dorris Cook, Woodlawn; AIT; Agriculture- IF( Bl,.,-k an, I Bridle Club; Collegiate FFA. K,iMn, MiiToN Coulter, Oak Ridge; .Acacia; Education: ,i ,,ii, ,1,1 Army ROTC; Tennessee Rangers; .Acacia Vice i.96 .Ml Preside i I Bin (jtonntR Cunglon Fn.m.enng K ' iCF L Cbobder Lawrenceburg 1 Liberjl rl« .(.ABIT Stobm riLLEV So Pkinfield M Mi 1,1, rl Transfer Nrxark Stale StuHenl ( . iili r ( . i„ 1,1 N,-»maii Uuh R» Hirn tivMvcHAM Manvillc ATJ, Bu ,iiie- M i lrili.,n iTi Rush Chairman Cc,rrespi.ndin„ Sen (,r,le K Pi rhd ila I ' VI I, II Pakker Wilson Cibtis, Jasper; ■MA; Engin Air Command; AlIE; All-Sing and Carnious Kt Vice-President; eXB. A NE West Dale, Kingsport; SK; Basin, - -K Corresponding Secretary, Philjiiil Pledge President, Best Pledge; AW S I ' l Neyland Scholarship Committee, Soph.-ni., Committee, Records Committee; All-Sing ,li, Ho Doi Fla LES Thomas Davidson, Tampa . EA; 2; E Recording Secretary. Dale Davidson, Lawrenceburg; Business A, I a; A+fi; Transfer, U.T.M.B.; STA; Ornnjif . ,,, rhile Society Editor; Chorus; Band; Collegiate W.,m,r, Journalist,. Ill Elizabeth Ann Davis, Riclunond. Va.; - -TO; Home E. ,, nomics; AXi! Chaplain; Blue Triangle; Usher Corp-. AHEA. Frances Anne D.avis, .Memphis; AAH; Education: AVi.-s G.mmiltee: SNEA; .NEA; PACE; Youth f,jr Col.Uai,,. Younr K,-|.ul,l,.,,ns. l.HNs l.,„,n„ N Davis, KnoxviUe: A.XH; E.iucali,,o: I -h.-r Crp-; I jr,.u-,l. 0:«tume and Maice-Up; All-Sing Pr„sr.,ii, Co.Uiairman; Homecoming and AU.Sing Committees. .M. Scott Davis Ernin; AAH; Education: AAU „ ,.. President: HAS Vice-President; ABA; Miller ' s l ,ll,g,: B. ard Co-Chairman: Air Force ROTC Sponsor: Army ROTC Sponsor; Usher Corps; AWS Orientation Lea.i,r. Blue Triangle; AWS Friendship Committee; Homecoming Finance Committee. IV .Marcia Lynn Davis, Knoxville; AAA; Liberal Arts; AKA; UT Scholarship Committee; Student Representative to Traffic Court of Appeals; Carnicus Publicity G mmill,, . All-Sing Publicity Committee. Marguerite Davis, Elizabethton ; AXS!; Uberal Arts: AM. ' Si.ngleader. First Vice-President: Vol Beauty; Angel Fl,[;ht Commander; Vol Cl„,ru-. II S,n-crs; AXS! All-Sing U,- rertor; Campus Ex,,,iin,- ' I,,! ' Nancv Jeanetie Dim-. • l,.,li ,„. .,-a: AXA; Liberal An-: Student Forum Sccrilar;, rjuliellenic Secretary; Stu.lcnl Center Lecture Committee Co-Chairman; Honor Dorm; IT Singers; Vol Chorus; AWS Orientation Leader. SiSAN Diane Dawson, Winston.Salem, N.C.; Uberal An- Xn Treasurer; Usher Corps, Head Hostess; Secretary; Student Forum; Home Ec Qui). Frederick David Dickey, Rockwood; rA; ■t ' Hi:; IEEE; eriT. Cha Dis Leadei m Wallace Dillard, Chattanooga; X; B istration; IX HR. Society President; ROTC n; Men ' s Glee Club President; Circle K; Adi Mary Alice Dillingham, Charlotte; Home Econ Transfer. David Lipscomb College; .AHE. : Omicro SNEA; Bisonette; Press Oub. Nancy Edith Dillon, Wartburg; AX9.; Liberal An, Fresh Cadcl Seniors 197 Seniors .,.-, Ml llMMiiiK Lullrell; Liberal Arls; AAA; K ; ■ ip Simlrni in Cliemislry; American Chemical Society ar.l; AAA National 75lh Anniversary Scholarship. LiiAM Thomas Doolev. Cleveland; rA; Liberal Arls; Anm Doilhertv. KlloXVlllc; HiMorian, Rush Chairman, Fl.d Vol Corps; University Center Co-Ch. AAA; Liberal Ar Cha Sandra 1 AOn Prei V. Du Estill Springs; AIT; Bu; lASNE Duncan. Nashville; AOH; Liberal Arts; dent; AAA; Cheerleader; Adawayhi; AWS Treas- nd Vice-President. Frosh Board; Mortar Board; All-Sing Finance Cmmillee. Most Outstanding Junior Award ' WS I ri n l lni ( .iiMiittee Junior Panhellenii Rppresentdtivt ni r I iiili II iiii Representative Chair man of Nevlan.l -• li l.r I,,, I u,i 1 Drive JiLRKi Divsnv lliiuiiM ll.iilj Ga i l F Liberal rt lTJ.ingtrs IT Trjik T am tre-hraan Council BSU III AAA In I lit P , islilive Ml Sins. ik Ridge rA Liberal Arts .HAN ECKIBT 1 HM.llicllUr lock an! I ii II 1 I il K Club, g Roundup Co ' Samlel Grayson Eddi urn: Carnicus Corami IV EllWA Standa s. Cumberland Gap; ZTA ; Liberal Arls; ZTA lairman; Panhellcnic Council; Angel Flight: L ' sher Corps; . 11-Sing. Carnicus, and Aloha Oe Committees. Sherrille SlE F.DWARDS. Russcllville, Kv.; Liberal Arts; IT Singers; BSU Council. Barbara Anne Embubv. Memphis; AOH; Education: Freshman Council; Student Center Art Committee: Carni- cus Committee; SGA Junior and Senior Representative: Representative; Torch Party Secretary; AOII Ac- tivilies Cli:iirman, Recording Secretary; CoUege Young lie SGA Sei Kli Knoxville Adn AK ' l ' Secretary; Usher Corps; Blue Triangle; Uni- Campus Executives ' Club; Freshn Guard; " Y " Cm Ili.iss I,Kee Fabrar Tullahoma; AAA; Education; ROTC - w.i: Kappa Chi; .Modern Dance Club; Vol Corps; AAA TreaMirer Kill. IB MvHAN Faist, Knoxville; IX; Liberal Arts; 2:X President. Thomas Roper Fields, Jr., Memphis; KA; Engineering; Circle K; SGA; AXI; Vol Corps; A,LCh.E.; Engineering Co-operative Program; K.A Cen.sor. Sally Jane Fisher. Las Vegas, Nev.; AZ; Liberal Arts; AZ Scholarship Chairman; Dorm Officer; SGA; Creek Week Committee; Vol Corps, X98 Seniors Kn.. All; H ii,.mirs; Vol Beauly; Uslipr Corps; Angel Flight Stu I Onler .mmillee Chairman: Aill Secretary. Ru-h ( I man. Properties Chairman; All-Sing, Carnicus. and H coming Committees. (;eobce B. Flipi ' EN. Jr., Lebanon: Engineering HI Treasurer: TBI]; ASME President. Hal Haizlip Flvnt. Jr., Morristown; AT!!; Liberal rls AT ; Assistant Pledge Trainer; Carnicus, Homer m n,. AllSing. and Greek Week Committees; Advanced A!- ROT I Major; Flight Instruction Program; University Marclunj Band; Freshman " Y " ; IFC. Sam.hi Wi- ' Fdu II Frances Rose Ford, White Plains, N.Y.; iP; Liberal Art« Harry O ' Neal Ford, Old Hickorv; - E: Engineering: S E Assistant Pledge Trainer, Assistant Rush Chairman: Lee Foster, Knoxville:Xn; Liberal Arts: Student Center Publicity Committee; Student Form Committee: AWS Pub- licity Committee; XS! Vice-President. Ann ELtZABETH Fox, Mary-viUe: Home Econtuniis; Si phci- raore Aide; UT Band; Dorm Cliaplain: AHEA; Wc-I,v Foundation Council. Ill James FRANKLtN Fo.v. Union Citv: UKA; Engineerin;: , Circle K: AIIE; HKA Pledgemastcr. Sheila Dell Freeland. Chattau.mga : IIB ; Education: SNEA: PACE Vice-President; Dolphin Club; HB Cor- responding Secretary, Assistant Rush Chairman. Diane E. Frink, Miami Beach, Fla.; AZ; Liberal Art-. -iZ Charm Chairman, Standards Chairman. Jere Wilson Kii-i,hi m. B.ilivar: Engineering: IEEE. IV Edu,. leta Dean Gamekell I-K IK First ice President Scholarship and Activities Chair man Angel Flight SNEA AWS Legislative Board Projects Co Chairman Honor Dorm Student Forum WS 4ide Orientation Leader UT Scholarship Committee Jenme Mace Cannon Charleston W a ■I ' M Bu-ine- Administrati. n M S... lal Chairman Student Forum Executive ( ommittt. 1 lir I r, Marketing and Re tailing aub St.retari li . ii. i s, , | „, Center Commit tee Blue Triangle s ,,„ , , ,,, , I ader Robert Claude GARBur iinl! SX Business Ad ministration 1 Treisurer James Kelly Giifen Knoxville KI Law OAK Presi dent. Scarabbean, Kl Treasurer, Vice-President, Man of the Year " 1%4, Senior Scholarship Award 196+, Senh.r Scholarship Leadership Award 1963; Homecoming FIn.ii Chairman; Circle K Treasurer; VoLlNTEER Section Editoi . Vol Corps Council: Vol Corps Handbook Editor. William Larry Gillentine. McMinnville: ; Agriculture: FarmHouse President. Margaret Neal Givan, Murfreesboro; ;:K: Home Ero nomics: IK Co-Ordinalor: AHEA; AWS Sophomore Aide: Student Center Publicity Committee: Tennessee Girl StaB Dale Frank Glover. Jr. Obio n; Engineering: AIIE Rep resentative to ACE Board. Jerry Eason Goff, Jackson; HKA; Business Administra tion; BKA Pledge Master, House Manager, Intramural Manager, Alumni Secretary; AK+ Vice-President: Cirrlr K; Baseball; ROTC Rifle Team: Advanced ROTC; Engi neering Qub Treasurer. VI Donna Gail Goforth, Chattanooga: AXi!; Liberal .Arts; AXn Activities Chairman: Adawayhi; Blue Triangle: Homc- ctmiing Committee. William Waltek Goolsby Jr., Kingston: Liberal An- UT Band; President, Christian Student Center: P.dil,. J Science Intern for Clinch-Powell Development. Mary McClllolch Gredic, Maryville: Education: SNEA. William Durham Greene, Nashville; Engineering: AIIE; Advanced AFROTC . Z99 Seniors J k iM.0, . al Winn, o ' s Who ■ AOII- H Oak Rids:.-: a ■rl.-micr; Vul Curps C-Clia nnuei-: Angel Flighl. mi Kni.n- Habb.s, Ja.ks. Eng A.I..CI1.E.; SAE; Busi. liner. Chair Signal Mounta liaplain Pledge i-li.|. Races; IFC; Cliairman ' Miirus; Pre-Legal Society. r.i.e: IIB ; Home Economics; Mtinan. Treasurer; UT Fresli- » ii.l; M.rrill.Palmer Award; Nii I Slal Vic- 111. II I I, I . I I,. ,- , .. r-Presidenl; Campu IVI- " ( liili 11. 1. Ill, in. .1, Leader, Sophomor. ' li.riii S.rrelory; Tennessee Girl Staff; Honor Dorm; irp- Advisory Board of Student Coordinators; Usher Il..-l, s: Blue Triangle Secretary; SNEA; UT •: (.irl- ' dec Cluh. TIB ; Uberal An I ' M I .III ..pho Aide. Ki; Education; I I...1I. ..I.I IlKA Calendar Girl; Vol Corps; Glee Qub; li- . .i. 1.1 I liairman: Honor Dorm; Adawayhi; Tennessee l-,il I.Iii.ujI Staff; Carnicus Publicity Committee; All- Sing Publicity Committee; Vol Beauty. Anne Ewinc Helm, Columbia; AAA; Liberal Arts; Trans fer, Averelt College; Usher Corps; Blue Triangle; Carou- -el. IV l.i.mniLV Ernest Hemmb[cH. Clarksville; HKA; Liberal rt-; ice-Prreident. Austin Peav State College Spelcdogi- ...I S.iciely: Ae: nK. Pledge Vice-President; UT Sports .ir Club Treasurer; Homecoming Committee. II N G. Henderson, Dcfuniak Springs, Fla.; Engineering; IEEE; HKN; TBn, Lynda Isabel Herring, Snow Hill, N.C.: ZTA; Home Economics; Transfer, Queens College; Marketing and R.- tailing Club; AHE. ; ZT. Scholarship Chairman, Carni- cus, Assistant Pledge Mother. Marshall Thomas Hebron. Gate City, Va.; KA; Engineer- ing; Circle K; AIIE: Carnicus Committee; Tennessee Emnneer Feature Editor; KA Doorkeeper, Rush Chairman, Homecoming Chairman, Pledge Trainer. l Ro He Lebai Dusi Adn John Jackson Hestle, Knoxville; UKA; Business Adminis- tration. John Oliver HtCKS, III, Nashville; AIR; Business Ad- ministration; ATS! Ritual Officer; Adawayhi; Circle K: Carnicus, Homecoming. Aloha Oe, and Greek Week Com- mittees; Advanced ROTC First Lieutenant; SAME; AKt; Freshman -Y " ; Advanccil Corps Club. William Ellison Hodges. Morristown; IX; Business Ad- minislralion: IFC President; l- Vice-President; IFC Sec- OAK; Aill-Sing Cranmittee Co-Chairman; To Fr Edit bJl Team. Andeew Holt. Win. I.. -it. Volunteer Chapter of Collegiai. I I Scholarship 1961-1965; Ag Stud, in I ... .ill Harris Clifford Hooper, III, %dvcil . 11 American Institute of Independent Engin James Albert Hobnsby, Athens; Busines Circle K: ISA. 300 Ri.itu, AxsoN HousEB, Nashville; 2;N; Liberal Arts; Freshman Council; All-Sing and Cainicus Committees; SN Pledge Qass Secretary, Best Pledge Award; SGA and David Floyd Ho Mil Ml. Juliet; KA; Engineering OAK- TEH; HKN; ■Ml s ,,l,lMT,i .md Blade; Tennesser Enni- Edif.r s Ml I '; IEEE Treasurer ACE B..ard ; SCA : K lo ..oliM- .HTCtary. Glen « Sii Ho l,.r,,-i,.«n; K; Home Eco t.mirs; IK Senior P.inl .■||,T „ Representative. Historian: Junior Panh llinn, Vol Corps; AWS Legislative Board. Orien r..K am Chairman. Sophomore Aide, T nrte fi- Girl [omrai n.. m Secretary; Honor Dorm; Sludeul r ' Pers unci Con amittee; Blue Triangle; AHEA Trc- urer. First Vice Chairman; Homecoming, All Sir g. a...l ( " arii ■us Co mmittees. Rom IT A»l HIK Ht I 1. Knosville; Education; SNE- . II LlMl ( ,„. 11 s,.l V. Oohewah; ZTA; Business Admin- .IIT ■ A 1 rc ' i ent. Ritual Chairman: Angel night: Cam US " Kx fs ' Club: Panhellenic Standards Chair- Junio Pa ihell enic Delegate; Carnicus, All-S ng. and " ri niine Cnn imit ees; Sophomore Aide. no JOBE a,;k ON. McKenzie; :;X; Liberal Arts K : ■I.HX; AKA President. LiM.A Jane Jenki.ns, Maryville; iK; Business Ad. lion; AWS Legislative Board, President; Mortar BIT Pri-sident; BA+; Honor Dorm Vice-Preside: Corps; AAA Treasurer: Student-Faculty DiscipHn mitlee; All-Sin " Committee; Student Center Cor Sopliom,.re Aide. Bobby Johnm Guard: SAME: U. Council. T.P.I. ; T neers; AlIE. Ill hidirial Boards |0,- E.VC s. Knox ft - lie; M; Liberal Arts: Hor ■■: All-Sing, .-Uoha Oe Publu Uader; " Y " Publicity C - I -rv Ivner; Engineering: Tinn. . .,„.,, l;u.n,.,, .Maoatcr; Bt. ; IEEE. Pat Johnston. Uak Ridge; K; Education: SNEA; £K Publicities Chairman; AWS Friendship tee- Transfer, M.T.S.C, Choir, Orchestra, Wesley Lewisburg; AAA; Edu.ali. Tri dent Correspondent, Publi. Committee; Orientation Lead Gallatin; Liberal Arts. .noxville An Busine ' ol Corps Co Chair . G,rt Editorial Staff istration AB Treasui llSing B fenne Small Group C f li urn, John Pebki I m v In. Club Farnill ' i i - Block and Bn II i Jul Circulation Mai.a i -ilil.o IK 1 |. dvi I J urn I, 1 1 r Wo Qub K Publicity ( CImhiooi II,, d nt Center 11 Sin„ C imic »drd William Daviu Inebschiill, AXi; A.I.Ch.E.; KA Serg Operative Scholarship Progi VI William Andrew Kelley. ministration; Circle K. Vi vnojville ZT Busine s 1 Executive Commander Carni ism Club Pre ident Ccdiegial ident Campus Executivi I l rps -iXA Officer Ml Sin„ c and tthUf Staff 4Wb Slu js Committees ZTA Scholarship Memphis, KA, Engineering. Englewood; Kl; Bj; Ad- Sports Adawayhi Vl. . I ' r. -i.l.ol , ' I ' r.-nl.n Editor Editor M, 1 111. I, llo.iir „,,i; Co-Chairman Sing and C.rni.o- nn.ih.- l.| Hall Counselor. Scarabbean; W li.. , Wli " . SI.A, Patbicia Cabolvn Kllly, Knoxville; HB ; Uberal Arts: IIB Public Relations Officer, Vice-President; Angel Flight Parliamentarian; Adawayhi; Blue Triangle; AWS Finance Committee; Carnicus. Kenneth W. Kemp, Whitleyville; AIT; Agriculture; All ' President; TenneMee Farmer Business Manager; .Ul-Sing SmaU Group Co-Cliairman ; Livestock Judging Team; Chairman . g Roundup; . lpha Zeta. Freda Sue Kinc, Dresden; XC; Uberal Arts; -Xn Pub- licity Chairman; Torch Staff; Dean ' s List. Seniors 50X Seniors I Barbara Mae Klen.nlr, Lawrence, Maw.; Liberal Arts: Blue Triangle: Dorm Floor Chaplain; Women ' s Rifle Team. James 0. Kline. Loudon; ri; Business Adminislralion. Barbara Sle Klltims. Kingsporl; K.i; Liberal Arts; AWS Projects Committee; Blue Triangle; Vol Chorus; Adawayhi: Shirley Jean Knappenbercer, Livingston; Home Econom- II Wii.luM .S. KiisHNER, Syracuse, N.Y.; Education. Transfer fr,.m Slat e 1 niv ersity of NewYork; Dean ' s List. J J. FRTCT KvLETHartsvilleTHolne Economics; Trans- ler, Uavi.l Lipscomb College; Gamma Club; Press Club; AHEA; SNEA. Nancy Tom Lambert, Centerville; AX!!; Home Economics; Chairman SGA Library Pick-Up Station Committee; AXS! Pledge Vice-President, Second Vice.PrcM.lent (Pledge Trainer) Scholarship Chairman, SGA Rr|.M . m n i w 1 ' ,.- litical Representative; Student Forum; - i . ,i; Orientation Leader; Dorm Secretary; I ' . i I - m lary; Carnicus Advisory Board; All-Siii- .iu|i C,.-Oijirman; All-Sing Committee. ALTLii I.VNTON Leatherwood, Mary villc ; AT.i; Easiness,.n; ATA Pledge President, Recording Secre- l.(r : .S.A.M. Lynda Joyce LEFTWict tration; -K Treasurer: lor. News Editor, Cop ir Managing Ed ?omen Journa! ommit:ee. Ten H.mor Dorm KTA; nessee Girl Editor; AW I -i AWS Aide; Student Cenl.r I ' lil man; .Mortar Board Historian; Neil Dean Lentz, Payne, Ohi, Treasurer; SGA Senior Represrnl.un, ; II II James M. Lewis, Jr., South Pittsburg; Ki; Liberal Arus. .Mary Frances Lewis, Sparta; AAII; Education; ATA Sweetheart; Blue Triangle; Usher Corps IV Co-Chair- .log: ISA " Y " Cabinet. Ne ' ' M ' A- Ad- Ad- LBERT Carl Liccett, Goodletlsvllle; i K; inistration; 1 E Comptroller; All-Sing G mmittee; Car- cus Committee; AK . mi, All. SOS Livingston, Knoxville; IK; Easiness Ad- ii,i-;i,iii,,ii : ' MK Secretary, IFC Representative, SGA ' |,., -, ii!,i ivi ' ; Co-Chairman of IFC Leadership Training ( ..iifi- Nick. I Spons V Wain Louise Locke, Knoxville; AiA; Business . dmii ; . X Corresponding Secretary; -Air Force Allern r: All-Sing Committee; Carnicus Committee. Col: Shr. U.; l.ib,.ral An Susan Elizabeth Lockleab, Dyersburg: AOR; Administration: AOll Philanthropic Chairman, Jul Senior Panhellenic Representative; BA+ President; OAE AWS Ugislative Board: Homecoming d-Chairman; All Sing . ccompanisl for - OTl. Sharon Sue Long, Lvnnville; IIB ; Education: IIB So ,ial Chairman; -AWS Orientation Leader; VnLl NTEtl Stall: SNEA. Tiit.iDORE .Samuel Low. Kingsporl: Busine s Adminislra i; A.NA President: Business Administralion Board. nd VI Franklin; KA; Ho ve; KA Pledge President Council; Blue Triangli Eco; AHEA i.tH Jackson Lowe, iilieilenic Representati li Chairman; " Y " uncil: Honor Dorm i VIES Larry Lowbance, Union City; ATH; Engineering: ansfer. Southwestern at Memphis and U.T.M.B.: Engi- ;ring Club; ASME Treasurer; HIS Pledge President. IRVIN David Lubin, Nashville; r E; Liberal Arts; S E rretary. President; Scabbard and Blade; Freshman Class Iviser; Nahheevayli Governing Board; Election Commis- ner; Hi; IFC Presidents ' Council; Senior SGA Rep- Cha Lis Chatti lOga ; - ' E; Engir rnig; 305 Seniors I t McALrsTtn. Inkm Cily: AE; Engineering IVI I ' re-idenl; Circle K President; All Sing C. rhairm.ii " AK; Student Center Advisi.ry Bi ard Miliatv JEAV McBmoE. McMinnviUe: Heme E...i...ini.. Ki.iNK Knox McCilla. Millinglmi; !. ,ri, iilliir. ■ ' ' I + : Sialibard and Blade; Brigade Executive .il rniv ROTC: Alpha Zela; V..1 C.rpi (_„ ( hairman llin I irlli Agneultural S.iiii.r Award Winner 1 lum.u ll.l,.li,.,i« Chairman. l.M.iu.t n. M.Criri. Kn.. ville; -i-AH; Engineering; ' I ' An I ' l.dse Trainer, Rush Chairman; Newman Chih; ASMK: 1 lie V Lilieril rl P.nn-auken I Id.. K illRl ti.«tRD M.fLHi rt Tran-fer iRt.iv D McFall ClarUville hi Home t...n.mi.- A S.»ul Chairman Home F Club All S,np ( arm. u Homecoming Committee, ROTC Spon- .r | MIL James McGaiihii thiltanm a IM [iu in. Immigration A H A .MRLl v 1,Ge;e kn.xville •til it, n H i..n of Hearts Finalist Cirtle k Sweetheart hnali-i I Scholarship Committee 11 Sing Finam lal C.mmil SNFA WS I ' M Reporter Freshman S, h.ihrship IM ( Ml I M r « V N I liiill IM II in I t M 1 il I 1.1 M, I III In i.ij Mil •, I il h II M Jl | I ll I ll l d hu-h ( hj I iHS Joseph UKais Memphis lh Engineerii Irishman Scholarship H1 1K Treasurer nM Se. IV I Mil (KVLN 1. lv»MH knoxMlh M n UiM WS Friendship C .mmitlee 1. Sin 1- ina ' iiimitlee SNE V Pledge Treasurer hM,LD Roy MlLai Louwille Kj ATA Easiness .Ministration SG4 ATA Pledge Trainer Sergeant at r 1 . President A l.m Massey McMahan Akoa Business ,hnioi Inn AN Historian Deans List 1 iivHiNLE MrMMlov M.mi.lii V Hum In I inn II N ill ,, I III I I ' ll I s( I I , ,1, I,, I iiii lull I I I s, ,,T 1,1 I s , M Ir lini.n hOTI V li.iiiiRT David M. Nitt. Hunlsville. Ala.; Liberal Arts. I i»; IT Pislid Club: Howard C.illege; Cnmmii Special Kilii.rler; Junior Editor Enire Nous Yearbook; Sluilenl lliTiilbook Bullpup Staff Member. lliiii.AVD Troy McPeake, Memphis; Engineering; IEEE. I ' vMELA Macee, Knoxville; AXQ; Liberal Arts. KiNTLEY B. Marane. Oak Ridge; Ari; Liberal Arts; Irishman Council; Dolphin Club; APA Panhellenic Rep- i-intative. Chaplain. Scribe. Membership Chairman; ABA. l KiNNETH Jay Marcus, Tampa, Fla.; ZBT; Engineering; K I Secretary . I iiERESA Ann Marshall, Sevierville; Edmaliim. I ' MRtctA Sl-e Martin. Summertown; Home Economics; MIEA; SNEA; Blue Triangle. WiELlAM C. Martin. Ill, Knoxville; KI; Biisini-ss Ad- i.i.nistration; IFC, ROTC. 303 Seniors Robert E. Massey, L(K»kout Mountain; A0; Engineering. JovcE LiNDALYN Massie, JefFcrson City; Business Admin- istration; AWS Publicity Committee; Orientation Leader: Usher Corps Alternate. Cheryl Anne Matthew, Silver Spring. Md.; IK; Home Eeonnmirs: IK Rrrording Secretary. Intramural Chairman. PIclpn Prr--;,i.-nl, It.-M PIclpr; ' M ' l ' S„.-rll,..:,rt : AHEA I " II.--. III. II... I.-- I-V..II1IV. 1..1111.1I: Ml-Sing Ad-, ,,1,11 (.,...,,. (..II,, ,,.!,, nfl Hirln ; ' Univer- ..u s. h..l,,- iMllfr; JuiMMi I ' aii licllrii it Represen- l.ilji. - -. i.i. I 111. ntalion Leader, Projects Committee; , l,,,i.l . l,..l,,.h,,. C.mmittee; Bamwarmin ' Committee. Uakui Xhiiiik Miiii.K. Milan; Liheral Arts; University of Alaliama, mmii Republicans Club, Men ' s Honor Dorm; IM ' .M.B., Engineers Qub; Arnold Air Society; HH; Hon- ors Program; UT Representative to Student Conference on t ' nited States Affairs; Students for Goldwater. II J». K MiMFORD Miller, Glen Ellyn, HI.; KA; Business A.lministration; KA Censor, Treasurer; AlH; S.A.M.; All- Sing Small Group Co-Chairman; Carnicus Committee: ( amicus Advisory Board; Student Center Committee. JiiHM Arthur Miller. Bristol; I E; Business Administra- li..n; I E Secretary: AK+ Treasurer, President; Arnold Mr S.Tietv; :iN : WillLim Way Memorial Scholarship; |.r,..|iin,,,i |-..un. ,1;— 11... nl l.-mber. Wiiium Kimvmin Iiiiiii, Kn..M,ll..; Kl; Engineering; I I ,s,n .i-; l-li.i l..r|.., A ll. Mii.lent Center Com- All.bii Mii IK; Educ. ZTA; Liberal An SNEA; Corresponding Secretary; Student Forum; Christian Stu- iHi.l M M R1E Mitchell. Sparta; Liberal Arts; Transfer. M.|.li.n- (..liege. Poetry Editor of Portjolio; Vol Chorus. liiMi I M MncHENEB, Bethpage; Liberal Arts. (inBii, I1...AR Montgomery. Friendsville; Business Ad. „i.„i-lrjli,.,ii; S.A.M. IV KiLTON Beverly Moore. Ill, Johns-m City; HKA; Busi- ne«s Administration; Circle K Treasurer at E.T.SU.; ain; Rho Epsilon President; Advanced ROTC, ROTC Officer; IFC; Business Board Member; Student Center Committee; Real Estate Scholarship. Kay Moore, KnoxviUe; AiA; Education; AWS Publicity and Projects Committee, AWS Aide; Blue Triangle; Orien- tation Leader: Carnicus and AllSing Committees: Co. Chairman Carnicus Publicity Committee; Homecoming Ad- visi.rv B..ard: AiA Service Projects Chairman, Sch.ilarship ,.l ( l,.i Mil Knoxville Edu SNEA: U vO.vME Ml lMciN..MrMinnville: HB ; Liberal llll.|. i:ii,iirn,an. Magazine and Sett]. Sell. ...I ih.irm.ii I ' .l.i. Iri,i,i;le: Christian Student let: ll..t|.liii, I liil.. - (iri.ntalion Leader. Makius i.iii Mil,, in, Ihiilon; AiB; Education; Chaplain. Gilliii.irl. liiltunmials; Angel Flight; Dc Club; " Y " ; AWS Records Committee; Tennessee Staff; Homecoming Publicity Co-Chairman; Carnicus AAIl ilphin Girl Stage K VI Scott My AIH; C S.A.M. ; , Dickson; I E; Business Adn Student Association. ,. Elizabethton; Business Adit Ji. KiE Darlene Needham, Knoxville; AFA; Liberal Arts; A: IT Singers: BA ; K : AWS Legislative Board: sio.l.Til r,-nt.r Cnative Arts Committee; All-Sing Com- mm.. MJ ...,,1 Chairman, First Vice-President. l.,iM,i li.iM iiii. Jackson; I E; Agricuhure; I E I ' liMi.iu ( li, 1,1,1, ,,11 ; Alpha Zeta; Agronomy Club Re. |„.r|.-i: Circle K; BSU. II, irv Upton Newbill, Milan: AOH; Home Economics; Mill VicePresident, Pledge Trainer: Cheerleader: Ada- is,( lii: Honor Dorm; AHEA Executive Council; Student Chairman of Recruitment for College of Home Economics: Dorm Officer; Mortar Board Senior Citation; All-Sing Finance Committee Secretary; Carnicus Finance Commit- tee Co-chairman. Mary M. Nicholon, Knoxville; IK; Vol Chorus; UT Singers; Carnicus Committee Co-Cbairman; IX Derby Co-Chairman; Spirit of the Hill Chair man for IK; Major- ette. 304 Seniors S,-li.. ar liip Award; ■sher C, rps; ■ BA; Studen t Ha idbook Com litlee: A S S P ublicity , ittee; Blu Tr iangle; Cam (■us Coiuinittee; Ail-Sin Card . NGRTH(;tTT, Woodbu y; .M; Liberal Art s; IIT Singt rs: ROTC Spon sor; Fn sh Boa rd: Orienta ion Leader. Din W. Nyjtray, Bridgep rt. C. nn.; IIKA; Edu cation; Slud nt Forum Comr idawa hi; SNEA. m;I. ar Lawrence Ocie, Cleveland AT!!; Busi ness Admin- ion: Circle K Home coming Committe ; All-Sing Knia ce Committee Co-Chair man: .Marketing Cliil Vice. I ' r..-, lent; AT ; Pled ;e Trai, er. V e-ident. il JtLI. Katherine tLSON, Abingd m. Va.; A ■1, Liberal Arts All-Sing Comn ittee O -Chair man: nil TEEB Staff; Hom " coming Commit ee. Geoh CE HusT Oliver . Humb Idt; Business Adn ration; R}| Epsilon; CT Band; Pre Legal Society. BOBB JtRII Y Gene OLIER Ain. Chairman Dului.n Overt AN. Ki of CF.C :.N. Jac gspor . ANA ; Business MK; l.ili,-. Adn 1 A ts. III Edm M. TlN-lL Pv LMtR Iv.rsl. JIo l Fd. ,al, n Circl e K nePre-id cnt " Ml mm Si ( ret r ' Vm .Id Air Society Homeco ming S udent Center AIo ha C e Com mitte «s; SG Secreta rv ,.f P blnat ons Onirie. nrtd U hi. Staff Chicago TribL ne »a r.l FROTC Lt Col Sinp Staff AFROTC S. ns of mcri in ReAolu ion nard AFROTC Doic lA Cbmc Par EB Kn xville U En, inee ing Pah A Elizabeth Pa kER. Kl ngslon Lib.ral Ar s. Women = Glee Club. Kf.N ETH Robertson Parry. KnoJt ille; Libera 1 Ar ts; Ca- 1 Theater; Un iversity Thea er; Opera Wo rkshop; Mad igal Singers; V il Choru s; Ar League; L shcr Corps; iK Schidarship Ch irman. IV Urr V Dean PiBiviN . Cbrk- illl ' : i ' l ' K; Engin eeri, Wal TLB Gerald Pa . u. K OiNmII ; HK : Libera Arts: Ski Club President .l.,,i ..1 1 ilTC: UK Hi storian SGA Senior Represe s Wll Finance Club: -III,. Conference. You II,. Repi. blican Club: T. nil. JlDV Ellen Patter ,,N. loill. ' lA; F.du calio n ; Zl Pled •e Secrel,,r 1 r. -111. 1 , 1 " IIHIOS te Chairma T. Sl andards Chai rman. A-h-i ,,it r Tr asurer: AB Re cording and Correspoii.i.ii - SNEA. Mab c Pellecrin.j. l.ner-vil e; N.Y.; nKA; Libera 1 Arts: nKA Social Chairm n; Ada wayhi Treasurer; The Green- hill Singers; Advan ed ROTC CIt b. Ho aid: Fa nllousc Larry Neal Peters, Parrottsville; Agriculture; Alpha Zela President; Cajnpus Executives ' Qub; Agronomy Club. James Charles Ph:kel. Knoxville: Acacia; Engineering; Engineering Scholarship Co-Operative Program. Ll DA Vauchan Pike. Oak Ridge; IIB ; Business Admin, istration; HB Censor; Vol Chorus; Glee Club. VI James Elcene Pinki Gaines S. Pittencej tration; ANA; Fresh Charles Monty Pc Reprfsenlative, MHA R Basketball. Old Hickory; Univ Re Patbicia .Ann Pubteb. Nashville; ZTA; Intramur al Chairman, Service Chairman. nKA Calendar GirL JM..gS 305 Seniors I Step HEN I AROLD Powell, Kingsport; rA; Lihera Arts. LAN AL R V Powers, U- «ingt in; Engineering. Dl E KaI E Pu CELL. M . Ve nion, 111.; Business Admin- i m; i.llee; ale Worn n J urnalists Treasurer; Oram:, , ' ,i„l White Staff Dorm T reasL rer; Transfer, llniv rsity of Ml- mri: Studer t Center Dar ce Committee. J " V " y- Frede icK Qua LES. Jr., Kingsport; AX. ; Engi- II Mil s K VI N Oak Rill ge: VAll; Eilucalii.n. Ji 111 H Rl H Ra istv. Ma ryvil e; Education: A+A ; Dolphin i:iul ; BS 1 Cou ncil. Die ician , Social Oimmittee Repre- AWS Finance Com nittee; AWS Aide; SNEA; FHA. I)„s I,TI U TER R AY, Nashville; IX; Liberal Arts; All-Sing an.l Ciriii U ( ' l nimittees Yo jng Democrats. J.iM I ' ll W int R EEVES, E win Liberal Arts. 111 Kat HY R EVES, Chatlano oca; AXfl; Liberal Ar s; AX!) Tr.-a surer; Soph omore Kuie; Dorm Secretary; H omecoro- ing Coraralllee. Charles E. Rhodes, Huntingdon; Engineering; IEEE Secretary; Engineering Co-Operative Program. Claliue Roger Riley, Jr., Knoxville; ' H ' A; Engineering; nz- 1.WL- TBII- if ' Kil ' ; OAK; Circle K; Vol Corps; S ' ,.■ ■liimi.r, iii.l .iiior Class President; Scarab- III III I iiit-i iiiiliii- 1- [. -Iiiii III , Junior Engineering Award; Fr,.|iiiiiii I ' luii- u.i.l (. A Scholarship Committee Co- in, H,, E.ono IV JvMLs J. RlTTS; i !-; Engineering; Transf E.T.S.Ll.; ■I ' ii Rush Chairman; K.MK; American Nucli Society: ACE Board. David M. Rorerts, Chattanooga; Business Administratic Assistant Athletic Trainer; Oranse nnd Fhite Sports St; R " Mil Hii (..lli-c Chapter (.iiumil I II oilman Danforth A«,i I 1 li.ilarsbip; Merrill I ' .1, .s. h.ilarship Awaril: i «,,l.l I ' , li lliili iilii-lli ' iii - 1 lull l:..,,ril !i 1 1 L-- Sl-1 N.SON, Wytheville, Va.; Business Ad- s Knoxville; AXSJ; Liberal Arts; nicer. Liberal X ' .i Reci.m- IIIM-; Hanlu-I- lenic Treasiir.i Ml Lester Lee Hum mm ministration: ZBT I ' ilcnt. President; i-l l II r I ' l _ Co-Chairman; IH IFi ri--Ml.iii- u. il ' I ' .A; liusincis Organization- r....ii.l li.M nl 1 ..ung Dem.icrals; Vol Chorus; AFROTC Drill Team: Transfer. I ' niversily of Alabama, Crimson and While SlafI; Bama Day Co-chairman. Betsy Anne Ross, Maryville; SK; Liberal Arts; SK Pledge Vice-President; Melrose Dorm Vice-President; Vol Corps; All-Sing and Carnicus Committees; Usher Corps: Transfer, Phillips University. VI . nn Rouderush, Memphis; Liberal Arts, s Milton Rishinc, Parsons; ISA; Engineering; ISA iliiii, I ' lilili, R, In, nil- III. I P I. .111.11- Chairman: .„- I ,..,ii,,,- I liil., s ll I ' lil.l.. lU I li.iirman. , 1 111 1 III --,11 1 li.m in .1,1. ,1111. n; SNEA: ir B. Pci.ria, 111.: A]i; Educati.i tce-Pf esident ; Panhellenic Counc If • : ;tuileilt Hostess; House Counci 306 Seniors litt.-e: 7 ' ,-nri.-w f,irm,T Sl.ill. IAS WVATT Sellers. Obion; f;nginepring: lEEF.i Kn- ring Co-Operative Scholarship Program. Sevebivo. IVrrfield Bearh. yii.: UWral Arls. .RE I. . ' iHMl. R.mhav. In.lia; Kngiiic.-ring: S 1K; utinnal rliili. II ' MNSTANCE OuENEAl Shearon. Oak Ridge; M; Educali.m; IM PaTliamenlarian; Tyson House; All-Sing Program Com- liiiri.-.-; Bill.- Trimble; University of North Car.din.i W.Mri.ti . I, ,11. . St. Mary ' s House. Young Republican I ,, .. -. J Water Ballet. Le Circle Francaise. Im-miv Km H " imaker, Oneida; SK; Liberal Arls; iK liii-li t.liairnidn, (Corresponding Secretary: Elsa Strong s, liolarship lor Pianists; Mortar Board Secretary; AWS lii.iicial Board. Council; lAI Editor: Army ROTC Sp..n- -i: Hon.T Dnrm Prol.lcnt; Sophomore Aide. lUvMt FiMM. - r.ii-iol; iTi; Engineering; ATA --i l,,TU I I. - I liairman. Scholarship Chair- m.Mi: -Mil II ' I r, i.i; . SM Vice-President: Union I1..VALD Marshai.e Sill I.I.. Madis-.u; Liberal Arts; Gencr.i: l.lctric College Bowl Team Alternate; Christian Stu.lcii I ,. nter Vice-President. Ml Sisk JR ClarksviUe 1 F Bu iness Admini ira Recipient f Chicago Tribune Award Out landing m re FROTC Cadet of the Year Carnicu Stage l l- R ording SecretarA K Ma ler f I II rd Representative -iN V Am t I I nt I l,ha rnan 1 ( r[ J N i lar I , I A Omicron Nu Hon r Dorm Al ha Oe Pul li n mittee Homecoming Publicity C mmittee IV n THY Covington Slauckteh. Knosville; s KA; Christian Siicnce Student Organization |i Nti-H Tipton Slaichter. Kingsport: Enginecrii s lE Secretary; HTS President. Xmkman Thomas Sly. New Hampton. N.Y.; Educatic NEA; Junior Chamber of Commerce; Dean ' s List I IBOEVN A:«N Smith. Kingsport; KA; Liberal rls ».-etheart: Usher Corps. .s,E Ray Smith. Knoxville; ■l-i " ; Business dministra MMY Oneal Smith. Summertown; Engineering. S lf [IE -Ann Smith. Memphis; Education. John Sobotka. Jr., Alexandria, Va.; B.X; Uberal rls. VI s MiEL Otho Spbiiill. III. Jackson ; Engineering IFFF HKN; Engineering Co-Operalive Program; Residence Hall I " onselor. clas Lea Stahl, San Antonio, Texas: Kl, Busine-s ilministralion- Kl Guard: -i-H Vice-President. AN Ir.insfer. Baylor University, San Antonio College, BSU, WiiLiAM Lloyd Stanley, Jr.. Chattanooga; VX Law I A Marshal; Scarabbean; OAK; IT Lawyer Editorial sijff. -MARON Elizabeth Stark, Knoxville; .M; Education; All- s„,g Committee; Blue Triangle; " Y " Cabinet; I slier Aj dkg 307 Seniors 1 JOH ANNA Stone R, Knoxvillc; APA; Liljcral Arts; AWS AkIh ri- : AI|.Si„g . l ' r. i.l.-nt Cummittee; Carnicus Cummitlec; AIA Soeial Chairman. ll n 1 l; I AW , .Monroe, N.C.; FarmHouse; Agriculture, ' )i ) 1 Ann StU BBLEriELD. Nashville; Liberal Arts; Trans- t ' 1. M.I.b.C. l)t ta Lee Sf ItVAN. Fayetteville; .4T! ; Engineerine: ATil President. lee-President, Secretary, Sergeanl-at-Arms; IFC Student F e Committee rum; Vol Corps; ASME; Carnicus Fi- 11 I R V jA t.LELlNE SliTER, Laager; Home Economics; Fresli- man Al.i.a Seh. larship: Tyson House Senior Warden; Sc.|.l iiT,„re Aide; Home Ec Club; Campus Executives ' Oub. Km k W .1.1 JAM SlTTEBUN. Jr.. Bristol; Liberal Arts; .il ru- Men " s Glee Club; Usher Corps; Westminster iimi Mn HAEL Tate. Estill Springs; Engineering; Hi:; :E ]) " ..r.l; HKN Treasurer; IEEE Vice-President; TBIl. i.iii I...1M. Taveor. Chattanooga; A.XA; Education; AXA .-I ' r.-.d.-nl; Scabbard and Blade; SAME; UT Singers; A i ' n-Mlent; Junior IFC President; Adawayhi; Vol Mtu-: KOTC Captain; Best Drilled Freshman, Best ill.,l ,S,,pl,„more ROTC; Advanced ROTC Club; Carni- 111 Asricullu Studei iMAN, RogersviHe; AIT; Agriculture; l-Faculty Co-chairman; Tennessee Farmer Advertising Manager; ATP Treasurer. Alumni Secretary; Homecoming Committee Co-Chairmaii ; Alpha Zeta Vice-President; Carnicus and Homecoming Commit- tees; Livestocli Team: Ag Round.ip Committee. JiDlTH Karen THtRLoWAV. Oak Ridge; AT; Liberal Arts; Pa-nhellenic Vice-President, President; Student Center Tal- ent Committee: . WS Legislative Board; Orientation Leader. Nancy Kav TtcE, .Martin; AAH; Liberal Arts; Transfer, ll.T.M.B.; AAn Vice-President, U.T.M.B., Panhellenic President, Chorus, Band. Intramural Letter. Assistant Somen ' s Club Award. BSLl Executive Council. Liberal Arts Club Co-Chairman All-Sing Decorations Committee; ABA; AWS Orienlalic.n Banquet Committee: A.S.A. (Stu- dent Government) Leadership Award, U.T.M.B.; AAII S.nularslup Uiairman. John Dotclas TtcKLE. Bristol; ' t K; Engineering; Trans- fer, L.S. Naval .Academy and E.T.S.U.: KME; Circle K: F.T.S.U. Student Government, Football; 1K Secretary. Sentinel, Inductor. Vice-President. Inlramurals Chairman; Freshman Advisor at E.T.S.U. IV Elizabeth Ann Tobleb. Loudon; and Suite Mana «iciA A NE VaND R VooRT, Chattanooga AAn Uberal ; Transfer, Agnes Scott College; AAH Properti s Chair- ; Blue Triangle. VA H. Vineyard Knoxvil e; AZ; Lib cral A rts: A7, -Preside It: Ange Flight; SGA; Politi al Representa- Sludc. t Center Recreatio Committee; AWS Aide. NMI, , 1 . East Point. Ga .; AZ; Etlucation; Dolphin -|. Ml -h Club; AZ Cour- « of Studies Chair nan. In- t Waldr DP. Atlan a, Ga.; AZ; Busir ess Ad- -11 Itl. ' ll AZ Scholarship Chairman. listori n; Vol - ft Orienta ion Lead er; AWS Fi nance Commit- 308 ACE Board; ASCK i - E; Engineering; XF- Seniors lairman; S..phom. re Aide; Honor Oorm; IS ' man Scholarships: Belk Foundation S, I .,1 Mills -i.l„.l,r-l,,,.; Who ' s Who: SGA K.. R.«m Manager. II Peccv Jane Webb. Oneida; «!; Liberal Arls; M Prr dent. Pledge Direelor; Mortar Board: AKi Seirelarv; 1)1 Triangle President; AWS Legislative Board; Honor Do Chaplain; New West A Chaplain: Lsher Corps; Chorus; -Y " Coun.,1: ( ,,n U.-.oliw,- Clul,: 11; Freshman Couneil (li,,ii,,n, 1 „ r- ' lif.i.o Cirl. LomsE Eleanor W i l,mi,l,,. iM, l,,|,er.,l Ar in Chaplain; Ne»ni..r: ( l.-l. nn„ Pn-i.lent ; AV Jurlieial Representativ..; Carnirus .Stage Committee. bthir Fhed Wells, Greenville. Miss.; Kl; Liberal An fi: Juds..n Hall Robertson Award. l.iRRV Wallace Whaley. Oeveland: ATt!; Bu-sine-.s ii.inistralion; .iTi; Secretan ' ; Circle K; IFC; AllSi .lvisorv Board. Ill oi [., Whelen. Nashville; AOII; Liberal Art-: I 11 lins Secrelarv. Room Chairman. Do,.rkeeper irLjn. Scholarship Board: Honor Dorm: u.r Iv. reation Committee: Modern Dance Club: Aft,S Orientation Leader: AWS Record- Cm- Rose Candida ■ : 1F( Whii oltec; H1: l.UK. 1 BERT Earl Wilhelm, Camdei HI; Who ' s Who: Plwenix Ec eslev Foundalion Vice-Preside, lub; Eleanor Richards Burke Wr ward; Student Center Committe. ell; Home F -onomics; ational Education Oub. Madisi.nville; rA; Liberal Art : " l-rA President; Student Center oChairman; LT Singers; TBII ; Debate Team; Homecominf ISA; Lib. s; K I ' ; Nonfiction Editor: Campus Executive- ' Award: BK J„ni..i IV als Cha; Cha SGA .preset Urv t NE. : M.T.S.C. A.I- WtLLiAMS, Springfield; riangle; AHEA; Transfe J.iHN Robert WiLLts, Kettering, Ohio; lAK; I ministration; --VE Corresponding Secretary, Sec l..-ga ' l Society Treasurer; University Center Dane- ( ' tnitlee Chairman: Outstanding University Center Chairma 196.?-64; University Center . dvisory Board; AJl-Sin, Fma Wll AWREN. E WlNECAR. RogCrSVlIll rd President, Vice-President iiilent, Vice-President Treasu inner; Co-Operative Fngineel Knoxville; HKA; Engineeri Sch. larship Pr li Kelati ns ( hairman H use n National Schdat-hip I Ql E SI, WiN-ios. l tt iAA Liberal rt N,,-liville; Busir Resident C..un,.-I.,r .Me Gatlinburg; -X!!; Liberal Arts: -M. ..nsor; i ; Miller ' s College Board omittee; ACE Engineers ' Drejm Girl nt Center Committee; -XS! Rush Chjii Jame .Marie Wrh;ht, Sweetwater; . rA; Home Economic AWS Finance Committee; . WS Aide; Home Ec Counci oming Committee Co-Chairman; Carnicus Adviso Board; Dorm President; AWS Judicial Board; ATA Ru- Chairman, Juni...r and Senior Panliellenic Representativ Junior SGA Representative, President; Campus Eiieeutiv fHub; Carnicus Ticket Committee. Nancy Gayle Wllk, Nashville; ASA; Education; A; Intramural Representative, Treasurer; -I ' HT Correspondii Secretary, President; UT Scholarship Committee; Hon. Dorm; Mortar Board; Chairman, Student Section, SI A.A.H.P.E.R.; Student Chairman, Women ' s Intramural Intramural Manager and Official; A. A. Clyde Patrick Younger. Halls; SAE; Liberal Arts; .A Warden, Vice-President; Scabbard and Blade Treasure Freshman Class Vice-President. 3°9 Juniors W J Beth AdaJiis. ' I ' M NashviUe Robert Douglas Alder, ATS! Fayetteville Carol Eu ienia Allen Leieisburg Anna Ki.a Allobellis, IIB Punle Vedra Beach, Fla. James Franklin Ani..s, KarniH, use Dandridge II Patricia H. Anderson, AOII Nashville Boh William Archer, Ki: Chattanooga Karen Long Atteherry, ZTA Cincinnati. Ohio James Robert Avriett, •t ' -K 0,centon,Ky. Gilbert Hunt Bailie, Al) Knoxiille Jobn Logan Baker, :X Columbia III Nancy Ruth Bank, 2K (Chattanooga Nancy Coles Basnight, AXS2 Manteo, N.C. Carole Ann Barber, Netojohnsonville William Dennis Barge Memphis Howard Edgar Bayne. i:AK Knoxtille Marcia Lynne Bennett, AXE! Bristol IV Marian Terry Bex is, +11 Memphis James E. Bilbrey, I ' l ' A Rockivood Richard Edward Bireley. i: ' t ' K Johnson City Mary Virginia Blanton, Xfi Union City Edmund Lewis B.dt. :iK Knoxtille Elizabeth Anne B,.,.lh yashiille V Rufus S. Bowden. 11. IIKA Lewisburg Charles Bertier Bowers, KS Lexington Sharon Lee Boyer, AZS Manchester John Benjamin Brimi, AB Knoxville Lucille Elizabeth Browder, Al ' Sweetivater Paula Jordan Brown, ZTA Moorestoivn, N.J. VI Roberta Moore Brown, AAII Memphis Mary M. Bruce. ASA Knoxville Mary .Sue Brumback. AAII Memphis .Sally Lou Burton, AF Knoxville Robert .Mason Calloway, i:AK Spungfield Claudia Vernice Calvin, AAII Memphis VII Richard Nelson Camp Knoxville -Marietta Welch Campbell, ZTA Dandridge Nancy Ruth Campbell, ZTA n hitel ' lains.N.Y. Hal Winchester Canary. SAK Memphis Mary Lewis Carey Hartsville Ti Hint by Michael Carini East .4iirorn, N.Y. VIII ( Jy.h- Owen Carpenter. ' I ' lK Knoxville li. Ii.o-i Marhm Gate. -I ' PA (Cleveland l:-nil,l Lloyd Caughran. ATS! fayetteville WiilKiiii Benjamin Cbambley. J .. ' I ' lK Oak Ridge James Eugene Clabough, ATA Maryville Diane Palin Claypool, Xn Memphis 310 Juniors JoelB.aemenls,:;AE Chattanooga Wallace Carvel Cobb, KA HapKlnsrill,- lliffnrd Gregory Cogj!in,+i:K CamHrn l{,.e Ellen Coleman, AOII (.cmrurJ lame Ralph Colley. KA Urmph, Sh.ila N.-il O.nnally. ZTA (Jmttanooiia „ (Iwllanuo a DaleScotlCostner. ' I ' AI) KnnxiUIr Sarah Elizabeth Ciiri, . ' I ' M ( hmloti,-. V.( Carol Glvnn Cousin-. AAA Onk, Jane Rosemary Cr..-, AZ .l,im,:-.l, Hn Virginia Ann Cnnvell.:iK .l,„Ls,„u,ll,:F u. III WilliaiiiClendeninI ruinii. AXA ff inston-Saleiv .( ( :arolyn Cruze. KA Man villr Sandra Lee Cunnin-haoi. X.TA ,■u■ Tazewell Retty Joyce Daniel r„llahom„ JoAnn Davenport. AT LaFolletl, E.hvard Thomas David-.n. Jr.. AT!! Rratllmd IV Joseph Michael Davis Sew Orleans. La Rebecca Davis, 1 1 B-l ' Colquitt. Ca Thomas W ilson Davis. ATA L llirel Springs, V ( l.orena Jane Dempster. KA Knoxnll, Mar ' Lou Dillard. IIKi ' Caruthersmlle, Mu. Linda Dohbs. AAII Erwi,, ID. i),i,id, +:iK I ' arsnn. .Murray Douglass, Jr.. KS Lexwglon lleanna Downing. -M Knoxnile Betty Ann Drury. AOII ailuHlr John Wade Duke, +-K rhite BlulJ Preston Thomas Duke. AT " Collienill, VI (ieorgianne Dunavant, M Dyersbiirg J..e Houston Duncan. KA Tlwmpson Station CbarlesF. Durland.Jr. Elmhunt. III. James C. Easterly F rani. ion. K}. Mary Jane Elam. X!! Lelmnon Anne Johnston Emmons. AAA Tnllahoma II -Mary Lynn Enochs, -K Chattanooiiu Sandra Jean Espy, Xn Chattanooi u CamilleFrancesEthier,AC)ll Danifrid e Harbara Elaine Farrar,Ar Shellnrille .Nettie Ann Farris Horl.rol, .lacqueline Claire Fi-her, ' l ' -M Snshnlh vin .Nancv Belle Fitt-. AAA osl,uli. Cina .Marie Fornara. AOII .itianla. G,i Edgar Lee Fraker, ' 1 ' - K Knoxvill, Raymond James Franconi, KS Knoxnll. James DeWayne Froula. • A Benton .Nancy Marie Gardner. ZTA Carytille Juniors Ju.lillil.yniiCanetson.-XS! Jackson A, Beverli-y(;ass,AOIl Creenevillv Beltye Elaim- Gay, Xfi Memphis Tally Giles, AAA Siiinal Mountain Jean.i,- Ellen Givens, AHA Knoxville I ' jmI l)..uglasGoddard. ' l ' rA llnndriHge II Parity Carol Godfrey. AFA Coppvilull Richard H. Golden. ZHT Nashville Carter L-Amour Grady, ISA Lookoitt Mountain Brenda Lou Graliani Columbia AnnGrannis,i:K Sashville .Vlarlin Lawrence Greenber .ZI T Saihville III I ' .in i:„e Greer, KA Clarhsville hiM Kalherine Gregg, Xi! Chattanooga Gloria Ann Gregory, AEA Madison Donald Charles Groh.i: ah: Chattanooga Waller Charles Haffner,.lr.. UK Mobile. Ala. ally Lavelle Hagood, ZTA Charlotte, N.C. IV sanil.. Han-ard. II Baton Rouge, La. Koherl R. Harden, i:X Jackson ClayHarklcroad.+i;K Kingsport Anne Marie Harris, AXS2 Kingsport Mary Alice Harris, AXn Kingsport Chri-lineJanel Harrison. AZ Kingsport V Sara Rose llairi-o,,. ZTA Oneida William RohertllaLin, II K.|. Russelhille William Christopher Head. KA Clarksville .lohnny Glenn Hennessee. ' I ' AH Rock Island Eli .al.ethH..oncHestle. in .|. Knoxville krrx Thoioa-Hincs.iX Columbia VI Marie Ellen Hincs.AXn Chattanooga Sharon Ann Hodges. AHA Knoxnile Larry Craig Hodgin. AXA .lamestotvn. N.C. Teresa Hogan. I ' .M Kingsport Mant:liri-Holi-in:!cr. AAII Clinton .lane Reed 1 loo|i,.,. II IM ' Knoxville VI! Sarah Carney Hooten, Xn Nashville Paul Thomas Hoover. Acacia Memphis Era Eugene Horner. — AE Nashville Lynne Kelley Huhbell. X!! Knoxville David Hume, i:X Knoxville .lames Jay Jamison. Ki: Knoxville VIII Harnel.Shell.y Jones, +M Knoxville Johnnie Jannelle Jones, ZTA Greenetulle Pete Jones, K Knoxville Sheryl Boyd Jones, JIB ' I. Orange. Conn. AtisJurl)ergs, 1 ' Ae Memphis Lola lining Kearney. lIB ' h Snow Hill, N.C. Juniors I (.ail 1). Kelr.A I nda Lea Kidd. XS! l.-,ry Wayne Kin;.. ' I ' lK lan.-E tellaKizer. r larul Kl.-|.-er, AlA Kli alHih adeKnii;lil. Xl, (Jfiehmd laruill,. Knouillr !l I In Tni K.. fr. ' 1 ' AI llinlsl,,,,,, an.l,.-L, k..|,llia-,-. ADII Knuxrillf I.N.iia Ian.-. Ai ' JI F,i ,-ll,iill,- aii.lia Sue La« ATA Fr,,l,;,, l. ' .biir: . a. I.Midal-arkin.Xn David Farley Leake. iX III H., sard PalLee, IIKA l,aryMiellaelLevy,ZHT Kre,le.ick John Lewis, Ki: Julia Anne Lewis. AI-A Ja HaiTi,.mLivingst..n.i:X Havid Gilbert Lnsan.K A Dunburi M.mphi: Sehier Memphis orris IHrkson KnoxiilU ' McDonald ue Ellen Lovejoy. X!! alricia Ann Lvncli. ASA l emp llN Ihhtol Ldniund F...i,.r M. Ali-ler. .Ir.. W. Kiu,x, ill,- I ' M am 1. XS! ) „M i , ,■ Kalhleeii Mane M.Carn-ii. Al- l .-m in |la id Killer M.CI.llan. ' I ' An Kuoxrillc lieni K M.l.l.iu.l. ' I ' M l,..iin. l. . KConnell. -X Kalhryn Grace McCull... I,. ASA liavidHunler McD..le ll..nnaRheaMe[)ani.-l. y.TA audra L. McFarland M I lu.laCayeMcGill. ' I ' M Williani Edward l.l ' l,ers„n. at; I. .die Elizabelh . 1. Teer. KA Margaret Fain Maj..r l!al.sMallicote.X ! r.arbaraJeanManarum. X Ml l.aFolh ' tt,- KnoxnII,- MnryiiUc n rslmon-hnrl IhrhrnI Knnuilh- (Jin np,. III. nshul!c MiUMille,, Mrmplus Dothan. Ala. Marilyn Kay Mann, Xf! Paris Kalberine Ann Marguardt Ku n-ra H,„, h. Fla. I .-..riie Marsh Mark-. API ' (.larl..rill,- Ireii.- Ma.-ev. . X;; ]l,;,ii ' hi Wdliai.i lelTe,...,, Mallii-. . a. la K,„.xull,- l.-a.u,i. M. Ia . e,, A£A Hrislal Mil Frank Tliomas Menend. Ku.ldy Keith Miles arah Anne Milh.den. i ludilh AnnMills.AAA I Greene A Kav Thomas Moore AXA Hruliirp,nl.( onn Marim Shelbyiillc Oak Ridge Ashebo ro, I ' .C. Knoxrille ri i% 313 Juniors kA William M.M.Tsran.nKA Knoxville Elualjelh Boyd Myers, X!! M.Minnville Clen Ray Myers, AI ' P St. Joseph Linda Gay Nicholson. ZTA Arlington. Va. TlHMnasA.Nicholson.Jr., AXA Knoxville Knoxnlle II linl.crl K.Ogdin.SX Knaxvtlte Edward Earl Oliver Morristoivn Dedc Dawn O ' Neal, Ar yashville Robert Ooten, +Ae Mohawk Marilyn Joan Orgain, AI ' A Dickson Ana Carolyn Ownbey, ZTA LaGnwge. III. 111 Ann Terry Painter, XS! Knoxville licnnie Elizabeth Palmer. AOII Hollow Rock William Theodore Parrott. Ki) Newport Ki. Ii.ird McQuiston Pearson, IIKA Bells li.ri,, Marie Penn,Xn Knoxville |i.„,i,- Howard Peters, ATS! Dyersburg IN Ronald Jerome Phillips. ATA Kno.xville Jack A. Pierce. UK Sitrgoinsville Frank Monroe Pleasants Memphis Carol Ann Pobletts. HB N. Miami. Fla. Patrick James Pomphrey. AXA Knoxville William Joseph Potter, Ki: Huntsville.Ala. j.n I ' lall.X!! Huntingdon Janet Claire Putman. VAII Rock wood Mary Kyle Raulston, KA Knoxville Georgia Scott Ray, Xn Newbcin Finley Waller Reed. Jr. Lake City Ki.har.lK.inhardt.ZBT Memphis VI Margaret Janice Riddick Maury City Frank A. Riddle. FarmHouse Knoxville Thomas Alexander Roark. ATA Persia .Mary Amanda Robert, XS! Baton Rouge. La. Doris Lavene Roberts, AOII Knoxville .Mary Elizabeth Roberts. AAII Oak Ridge VII Janice L.miseRoI..rlsl..n. AAII .Memphis Eugenia Lee Ridiirwioi Briceville Catherine Burks R..gers. A lA Nassaivadox. Va. Joseph L. Royal, +A0 Knoxville .Sara J. Rushing Parsons Raiiliael Francis Saraceni, K— Norris Mil James Robert Savage, " t ' l ' A Columbia Allen Edward Schwartz, ZHT Kingsport Teena Forrestive Scogin, ' I ' M Chattanooga Patricia Anne Scotch, - K Birmingham. .4la. Patsy Louise Scott, M Oak Ridge I ' aula Elizabeth Scolt, AOII Kno.xville 314 Juniors l.irula Louise Seagren. ' I ' M AlioeRaySetlifle. IIH ' Sandra Acuff Sliaw, AXS! Oklaho Thomas Henrj ' Shipman. SAK Charlotte Ann Sienkneihl. X ! Suzanne Sitninmis. AAA II John Taylor ' t ' i;l Patricia EUis Slayden. AT Betty Louise Smith. AOII BrendaFaye Smith, i:K Carl Eugene Smith, Ki; Phyllis Joyce Smith HI Roy Hihon Smith, OK Andrew Haywood Stallings, - ' Janice W. Stanley, AXn Pamela Gail Steele, KA Kli .abeth Kay Stewart, AOTI Barbara Uiane Strange, AXSl Knoxnll, ' Knuxiilli ' ai .!. Kn„x,,ll, ' K„„xutlr Coiinplon Knoxiill,- asllnll,■ Nashrillr . ashville Knoxiillr Faxeltrrillr Millmgton IV Joseph Laughlin Tagg. 2AE John Sumners Tanner, AT " Margaret Joy Tanner. I ' M KentThirlowav, AXA ChristineJeannie Thomas John William Thomp-on. ' I ' PA .-arah K.litli Thornhuri;, AAA J..hnRoherlTindall. i;N I :heryl Ann Tipton, ■ .M l,indaSueTownsend,AOII Charles Baxter Tucker, Jr., ' I ' I ' A Chenl Ann Tucker. . AII M K.lty Carohn Turner.iK .Sharon Lane Van Horn. AP Ronnie Bomar Vetter. KA Thomas Carroll Waggoner. ' t ' PA Clarence Beaman Walker, ' I ' lA Joe Hurst Walker VII Uianne Sue Walkup, 1 ' .M Jim Kelsey Waller, ' t ' K Sarah J. Ward, Xti Patricia Delma Wasmansdorff, AOII Reita Lee Wattenharger, K Bill R. Webb, t ' PA Memphis Union City stal Riier. Flu. Oak Ridge Kodak Lebanon Kinfislun Uuksun Goudlellsiillr Knox, ill,- Harnnum Lithia Springs. Ga. VIII .Sandra Je J..hnTild. Whittaker. AAA Williams Crilla Alecce Wolfe. IIB ' I ' Hr.iner Alexander Wright, ATSJ Susan Elizabeth Wyatt, KA Linda Margaret Young, APA Bristol I ' ans RulleHge I ' nion Citv Clarksiille Chattanooga Sophomores HIR ' IPIPTT ISnireT. Adam-. AT!! llriwlielil. .! «,«. Patricia Anne A,lkis-,.n. l,na ■; .■.-. I ' uertii Riro Nancy ElizahelhAin-lcv.AZ ( i,ll,nvhee, .(:. Melissa Lou .■UliriKlu. ' I ' M KnoxviUe Suzanne Elizabeth Alexander. ' I ' - I KnoxviUe .Nancy Virginia Anderson, KA Chattanooga 11 Mary Lane Andrews, I ' CA Franklin Donald Barry Angel, ZBT Memphis Vera Lynn Bailey. AOn Memphis . l l,--a Anne Baker, AAII Maryville Ma.i.ii ugu-lusBall,A. A Chattanooga 1 l,.ul.-KussellBarham,AXA Memphis III Clyde William Barnard, IH, AXA Memphis Patricia Ann Barnard, ZTA Kingston Lawrence John Bechtel Florence, NJ. .lames .Vlilton Beckman Manchester Linda Rehrend Elizabethton Marilyn P.ird.iK Oak Ridge IV . ' ' ■ Iciii ililllc.XSI KnoxviUe U,.nna Ann Blakely Crossville Wanda Jean Blevins. ' . r Oak Ridge Jean Boogher. IIIM ' KnoxviUe Donal Cameron Bosson, frA KnoxviUe Bal.sBrakel.ilK ' t ' M MarvviUe V . nn Brail. in. AOII Wilmington. Del. Donna Alice Brehm, Xfi KnoxviUe Carol Ann Br.,decki, ZTA Smyrna James Mell Brooks, III, 2AK Memphis Pamela Brooks, AOFI KnoxviUe Cheryl Ann Brown, AZ Bartow, Fla. VI James Anthony Brown, i: E I ashviUe Stephen Odell Brumbelow Bristol ■Sylvia Ann Burchett, Al ' A Tullahoma Maureen Elizabeth Burke, ZTA Falls Church,] a. Carol Ann Calhoun, AI-A Oak Ridge Bill Nelson Calvert, AXA KnoxvUle VII Elizabeth Anne Campbell. AZ KnoxviUe Sara Campbell, Xn KnoxviUe Richard Michael Campbell, KS Neiv Tazewell Patricia Ann Campen,AOn KnoxvUle Anna Jean Carroll, t ' M .Memphis Ann Lea Carson, ZTA lonore Mil Han W. Caul. le. III. K- KnoxviUe Miihael R..beit Causseaux. i;X KnoxvUle Ane Burwcll Chri lensen. XS! l.onknnt Mountain Janice Kay Clark, AAII Oak Ridge Marian Elaine C.l.b.KA Clinton Nancy Lee Cole, ' I ' -M KnoJCvUle Sophomores I I ' „IK AniiC.Ie Fran Albert Collins Laura Catherine ( " nni Carolvn Gaines C «.le Mfli-sa Uninn (;....l. li,-in Call C....i.e,. Ai M Janet Marie Cooper. ' .TX J,.hn Rogers Cope. X Michael Perritt Cotter. AX. Daniel Dale Cottrell. ' -K ' Eileen M. Cowan, X!! Hellv Ann Cowden, XSl III Rebeeca Sue Cox, AiA Andrea Victoria Crahtree. -I Lurie. nneCraddo.k. AOIl Edward Burr Crai?. :S K Susan Elizabeth Craig, -l Craig Stephen Crawley IV Alison Pierce Cutter. AXS; Donald Ralph Denney.+PA I .irolyn Elaine Dew. AMI Phyllis Susan Dickinson, KA Richard Dod ' on. ' M ' A John Joseph Doggetl. ATA li. hael Eugene Draper. AXA I arolyn Virginia DuBo-c. A r I. Icnna Lee Durham. AAA Carol Ebert. AHA Anne Ellington. AAII Phyllis Louise Elliott VI Jenny Easley Emison. Xii Donna Kay Ervin.AP Kathryn Ruth Evans. AAll Sally Moffitt Everett. AAl I William Jones Farnhani.l Mi.eAnnFerri-. AI- MI Marilyn Jane Field, APA Danny Fyke Fisher, ' M ' A ( amilleClaywellKowlcr. i Patricia Fraser. KA lames Lanier Fry. K2 liadielAnnGaisser, KA VIII .Susan Kaye Gaude, — Iv Alberta Carole Genin Patricia Ann Coins James Crafton Gore. t ' AH Virginia Ruth Graves, nB l ' Ada Hawk) Creenblall, AOII y? Sophomores T m 4 IK W illiaiii Henderson Cirijisliy. AXA tihattanoo a u-,ir, i;i.i..n. AAII Kno-XrIIU i-l..i l,ii:liarleneGum|)hrey tnnaiwhs. ld. l;.-li; Louise Guslafson.ZTA KingspoTt Mary Edith Gwyn, MI Knoxville Nancy Lee Hagan, AI ' A Kingston II K.inHalpern,ZHT Memphis ISille Sue Fa ettetille Margaret Marie HamilL.n. AAA Nashville I ' r. v I ' .li alielliHankins. AAII Knoxville I.Hil,,, 1 -. llan-ard. ' t ' M Baton Rouge. La.,,, 1 M,,i Hari-. ' n.Al- McKenzie III Lorella Harris, IIB 1 Knoxville Joan Terrell Harrison, AOII Na.shville Charlotte Elaine Hart. M Nashv ille R.ibert Taylor Hash, i: E Madison Shirley Annette Herbert, AFA Memphis VnneEliseHerd. KA Franklin IV James Richard Hewgley. Ki; Old Hickoiy Elaine Louise HiegeLAZ .Memphis leonardRa, Hobbs,A. Chattanooga irg.niaFa eHothnedel ' I ' M Knoxville Su anne H..lder. Mm Jackson IhoMM-ll Holh.waN Ir Newport ( urtisG Holines ATB Jasper usan Holmes, KA Ripley Andrew David Holt, Ae Knoxville (;lynda Ann Hopkins, AZ Lebanon W illard Jackson Horn, Jr., rA Jackson lucyAllenaHorton. AAA Memphis l lar l, nn Howell. KA Morri.Uoivn Mary Louise Huddleston, XSi Harriman Sandra Coleene Huddlestun Chattanooga nt!ela Milton Hulan.AF Shelbyville .Susan Taylor Hundley, ZTA Ooltewah liulh Russell Hunt, ZTA Tellico Plains II ( l.arlie Wayne Hyatt Columbia sueCarlelon Jett, Xf! Knoxville Jeanne Fit jarrelljohe.xn Clarksville Marilyn Eraser Johnson, Xn Chattanooga Marv Rives Johnson, HB Knoxville Lamar Johnson, i:K Creeneville VIII Elise Ann Jordan. AP Bio )niington, Ind. Susan Elaine Karr, ZTA Knoxville Rusha Ann Kinard, . n Chattanooga Ann Elizabeth Kincaid,Al ' LaFollette Man- Bronwvn Kincaid, XS2 Clinton John Edward Lackey, Ae Na.shville 318 Sophomores .linin,yO-N.-aILain|.l«.KA Robert Wade Unkf.iRl, A rl ' ( LeoK. Lannom,Jr., ' l ' rA ! Lvnda Lee Ulliaiu. AAA Harriet Anne l.aVarr.-, AAA .I.KinDyke-Le.lI.eller, IK Fr,„il.l,,l (.nihlln, irh,„„ „ Kmnnll,- „ James Le»i,Lefl« ' M ' A Thomas Charles Lennon. ' I ' AH Carol Ann Leslie, AdII j Miriam Clark Lockl.-ar.A( 111 James Russell Long, ' I ' AH 1 Susan Ann Long, Xn L,-I,„„„n KruniUlf III Algia Carnell Lonon f 1 Mary Aiken Lovingond, XU Joseph Dennis Luna, i:+K Karen Mines McCoin, AAA Sharon Kay McDonald, Al ' A Christine McKinnon, XSi . Lniutrnlal,: Fla. Manrillr l «, 50 l A ' ;„.w77 c M„rn„nlul!r Knnxnilf ' IV 1 John Howell McKinnon,i:X i Charies Alfred McLane, ATSJ Sheree Lucille McLeod, Ann Nancy Carolyn McNeil, Al ' A Janice Claire Massey,Ar Nancy,AI ' Parii ll ,-rsbiirg Memphis H,rn„n,U,. Miss. Knuxi:ille V J. dm David May, Acacia Kila Marian Meer,AK r.etty Louise Montgomen ' , " K ' l ' I ' .ctty Claire Moore, Al-A Frances Alexis Moore, " f ' -M Susan Lee Morrison, IIB.|. Uak Kidg. ' Mfmphf On). Ruh f Bl„rl„ ' hl.ll .ia SignnI M.wiiliun lh,sl„l VI Everett Edward Munn.Jr., KZ Gary Steven Napolilan. ' M ' A Nancy Margaret Nelson, X!J Sharon Ney, AAA Julia Anne Nicholson, Al ' A Tommy J. Nwl, Ki; Tulhihomu KnoxiUle Camden Chattanooga Monro,: V.f. Knoxiilte VII Richard Anderson Northcutl. ' 1 ' Ai Angela Taylor Nor ille, AEA Mignonne Walker Orgill, X!i Lirries Martin Osteen, t — K Susan Castles Osteen, AAA 1 arol Ch-erholt, AAII 11. ,m Mrw,.his Kn.,xullr Collienilh- Knoxn le VIII Thelma Betty 0-wnI.y,ZTA Tomniie Rhea Pace, Xn Carolgene Page. K Carolyn Marie Painter Saundra Anne Parish, Ann Sandra Kay Parker, AT Knoxiillr If aierlt . ashnllc Fall Hranrh Jackson .Asheville, N.C. iilk dj ' md 3 9 Sophomores i:ii al..lliSl,Kirll ' .iir.ill .S rr iihrrrv I ' laim .ll.iiuliRiLliai.ll ' 4le,. l! Sl.l ' uuLla. Teddy E. Patterson, IlK ' l ' Knoxiille Barbara Ann Paly. XQ Knuxiillc Iarj„rieKutliPen.n. ' l..n. ' l ' .M Kin port ■ all Pif.iti " . AZ „-luill,; 11 Pat v I ' roBilt Tnllahonm Sharon FJiMliethPyrun Oak Ridge Molly Nance Raines. AAII Alamo Marlene Joan Rainwater. AAA Dandridge Vlaxine Reagan. iK Set ' ienille TliomasL. Reed.Jr.. ATI ' College Grove III Robert M. Reeves. A. A Hrownsville William Shannon Regenold. AXA Memphis LaiT ' Melvin Rich Alcoa Judy Ilene Richardson Jonesboro John Keller Roach, 2X Copperhill Donna Gene Rcdierts Bristol l James Garner Rogers. FanuHouse Benlon Robert Samuel Ronka Arlington, Va. Millard Irvin Ross, •M-A Brownsville Susan Blodgetl Rossman, -K Hendersonville Nancy Jane Rosson Columbia Kathy HaiTls Rowe. XSi Knoxville V H.lenDianncRuh.AAII Knoxville Man Annette .Sanders. AT lluntsville.Ala. ( liailesWaymanSasser. ,,r. Chattanooga W illiam Robert Schmidt, FarmH,, jse Balboa, Canal Zone Jerilee Theresa SchuItz,IIH.|. Knoxville John Eberhard Schurig Morristoun VI Alan Fitzgerald Scott, 2AB Memphis Ann Mason Scott, HB W inter Haven. Fla. Janet Elaine Seiber.AI ' A Knoxville Alan Jay Serotta.ZBT Chattanooga Margaret Shaffer Nashville John Edmund Shoemaker, i:X Kingsport Ml ( :atherine Virginia Smith, AX!! St. Louis. Mo. Edward Fields Smith, Jr.. ' H-A Columbia Granny Smith. AXA Bethesda.Md. Kathnn Ivy Smith. AAA Cleveland. Miss. Patience Stair, Xn Knoxville Janice Demarest Staley. AXS! Tampa, Fla. VIII Linda Gail Stal5Worth,AAn Knoxville Pamela Lou Staffey, — K Erwin Jane Carol Stewart, AXn Erwin Robert Milton Stivers, AXA Memphis Margaret Elizabeth Stocke Maryville Shcha Zimmermann Stuart, Hli+ White Pine 3- ' Sophomores Samlla .lane Sullnan. AAA ( luill(inot i:il Mari-aret Sue Swearingen, — K Knoxnih- Marsliall Milton Sweeney, ' M ' A MmlLson Lagrella Fay Tallenl. -K l.,;„;rC,l Laura Jane Tax I.T.K A ( lia[laiu i ' L;a Ca]..l.l,e.-lli,i,na-. Ann K„„ r, lr II Ki-.maryTlu.mas.ADIl t.ulumhii, (..HvDeanThomasM.n.iX ( n„l GMrs. Fin. h. ,,-Radcli(feThom|.-..,n, IIIM ' Chatlanoogd l.linda Joyce Thnin,IIB.|. M.nristmv,, 1 Urn Meek Tidwell. ' I ' M l,m,,his t.i. la Mae Tipton Kwlal. III Ann Lynn Tolmie Chattaiwonti Naniv Susan Tombras. AOIl Knoxvill, ' Jack Arnold Topchik, ZBT Passaic. .J. Helen Louise Turner, ISA ( .,,-lwrn. a. Judy Angelyn Turner, — K Kiu.xullr Paul Walter Turner, AXA Manpl,,-. W ' ..rrianneTultle, AI ' A Oalc Riilgr I..JII FugateTyree Harrogali ' 1 i.mL, iiiiieVenal)lc. AAll Knoiiill,- 1 , ■■{.,,. k lli.kf.ird Vreeland Knoxrillr l;,.iu W ashiillr i Anne Wallers, KA Maumrdiillv 1 l.ixdGuy Walton, Jr. Pnu iiiiitun i ' ,it}}. (1. K.illierine Louise Ward. ISA Mnshnm l;o„J. Ware, AXA Memphis W illiamMac Warmbrod Wiiuhesl.r ,iT.,l Ann Weber Hinrhestvr l;,-, kx Weiiiel.AOIl I ' ourll l Kulieii illiatn Vieismueller,IIKA . asl„ill,- (..-..,,, K,..,, 11 li,i.-,Jr.,2N ' { ' .arleTsvillc hi..,,, 1 ,r W hii.-liead Knoxville I ' .- x ilkri-,,r,. Aim Nushiille K.-. ky Cbarlei Williams Lenoir (in (.ad Williams, SK Lenoir Citv Ml 1 .-he Arthur Williams Knoxrille .,». Louise Williams Nashnlle l ' ..lii,iaAnnWimberley,AAA Colliernlle IMir.caThonia Wolfe, AA|[ Knoxville l...k Edward Wolff, ■t.2K Knoxville ■ Eugene Wood, KA Newport Mil Helen Suzanne Wood, AAA Knoxville William Miller Wood, ni, rA Knoxville William Winford Working, KA Alexnnilria, Vn. Freida .Marie Worlman, Xn Ridgely nii Varbro.AOII Dyersburg luiie Alice Vett Onk Ridge 311 Freshmen I ' al UufllAMjoll, AXA Memphis Lucian Mellon Abernalhy, SAE Nashville Floy Ann Adams, AI ' A Memphis Betty Ehvood Allen, AAII Knoxville Katherine Arnold Allen, Xf! Crosselt, Ark. Margaret Elisabeth Allen, AZ Cleveland Heights, Ohio II Karen Ann AUerup, M Jonesboro, Gii. Jeanne Marie Anderson, ' I .M Akxanclria.l ' a. Emily Anderton, AAII Knoxville Martha Ellen Atchlcy Chattanooga Frances Stevens Bagley, XSJ fa) ctteville Virginia Lea Baer, HB Signal Mountain III Penny Elaine Bailey, AAII Erwin Charles Raymond Baird, AXA Brentivood Jane Ann Bandy Sparta A. Dean Bare, ' i ' iK Kings port Sata Anne Baskin Covington Peter Raymond Beasley, i:AK LaG range IV Suzanne Helen Beckmann, AOII Chattanooga Thomas Joel Bell, 2X Memphis Barbara Ann Bennett, J1 Asheville. N.C. Susan Ann Benton, AOII ,„ , m Harbour Beach, Fla. Jeanne R. Bernier. AAA Alexandria, Va. Thomas Everett Biggs, rA Knoxville V C. Brokke Bilbrey, AAn Harriman Leslie Diane Billing, AE i Knoxville James Alan Bird, rA Knoxville Janet Carol Blakemore, AAA Union City Kim Ann Blakeney, ZTA Asheville. N.C. Emily Margaret Blevins, IIB■ Signal Mountain VI Frank Roberts Bloom, 2N Memphis JuhaTait Blue, AAA Romney, W. Va. Linda Kathryn Boals Humboldt Barbara Jane Boykin, ASA Knoxville Charles Hamilton Boyter, 2AE Atlanta. Ga. BaiTV Russell Bozeman, •l ' i:K Knoxville VII William Tyrone Bozeman Goodlettsville Anne Walker Brabham, AZ Knoxville Qark Eugene Brandon Knoxville Joy Gatlin Brandon, AAII Concord LariT Dean Breseson, i:N Memphis Garry Lee Breedlove, UK Clearu-ater, Fla. VIII Lynn Sherj ' I Brenner, AE ' I ' If nston-Salem, N.C. Harry Donald Brewer, AXA .Memphis Lydia Jane Brice, AFA .Montgomery, .ila. Barbara Ann Brimi, AAII Knoxville Judy Lynette Brock, AT Lakeland. Fla. Ruth Elinor Brock .4shhurn, Va. Freshmen I li.i.rkaii ,Mr.-iii i;H.„ii,.N.m: ' i ' li.ui.aii all l)i.,..ksJr.. AXA 1 11. Iv Ann Hn.ivn K,iinelhl.iviTis-lnn llnmn. AXA l,i.ueli aMirl!i..u l ' aiii,.|a iii.el;M,«ii All ' (l„:!,;r,h ChattaiKwiia t ' .lialtanoogti Mariftla. Cn. I ' luul.ri II Sara Evelyn liro, Jim Preston Rn |..M-eAnnBryar Kvelyn Jean Bra l;.llyeAnneBullard,AAA la.lin Parks Burks, ATO nski l;..l.erl C. Burns. HKA N..ranna.Marf;aretBurri(lge Kuhy Joyce Burriss I ' alsy Elaine Campbell I. .hn Michael Caplenor larv RoseCa nicllael,Ar :«o.t ■ e SevieniiUe •nrille.S.C. Orlimia Lebanon Knoxrilh- IV . Al " iin Burges- I liana Rnwlanii Carler. X Frances Ann Carter. 7.TA iene Leonard Carter, Ki) 1 ichael Vaniler Carter, ATA ( l,„lli,n„„fi, Kli ai.elh Peml.rokc Carlwrisht, HH ' I ' AV .% nv7 , iinnnnah liellv Nell Carver. ZTA hulith Ashley Castleberry, ' I ' M Lucy Denny CaudiU, A All ivian AnnChamlee. ' I ' M rlliur Donly Chase. A.XA K. Q. Chedf-ler, ' I ' LA M I harlolte Jean Claiborne, -10 Lli abeth Penn Clark, ALA Marry Richard Clark 1 .n.ilMi AE ' t ' lil|.-i I I..mI I ,, ::ins. ATA li, li.i.l I ,-. ( ..Ih.w Ml I larbara Louise Colvin I arolyn Leigh Cooper, -XJ2 I .ar)- Kenneth Cooper I leloras Anne Corbett, 2K ir»il Dan Corcoran, SX limT. Cowan. ' hrA VIII 1 liana Lynn Cox. ALA ludyLynnCox, i:K: I arol Crawford, AX12 icki Shannon Creech, ASA I ' alriciaLynneCronin.AL IJIaRecCrook- a „.■■., ill,: A ' .C;. LaFollHte Elizabethton Adairsillle.Ga. Chatlanno a L„Follrll,: (h„-i,h Oak RiJgc Atlanla.Ga. Reidiille Kingsport M,-mi hh Knoxvilh Erwhi ' ew Markrl KnoxvUle LaGrange Knoxiilli- Chattammga ,!sl„ille K,un,,llt l„rl,,-r,l,„ru Jamrslnirn Tl 3 3 Freshmen Jariu-sCr) lal,ZI!T I ' ikesi ' ille, Md. Constance Iris Cudd, AT Uarlan, Ky. Sharon Lynn Cumming,-, II IM ' Memphis Kl«a Jane Daniel, Al ' A Knoxiille AlanCamphelllJeBusk.l ' rA Mornsloun i;.l,ili Diane Demon, AMI .McMinnrille II C:herylAnnDeShazo,AAi Sifina Moiiniain Mary Catherine Dicl ,ZTA !.ru,sl,„ri; Frances Allen Dillard, — K C.haltanoni n Woody Dillard, SAE Memphis Donna Dee Dochterman, Alexamhia.] a. Carol Ann DuBard, Xn Memphis 111 Oregon- Alan Dupignac.IIIv.l. Enfileleiwil Cliffs, N.J. Mclinda Carmen Eblen. KA LaFoUette Phyllis Jean Edens, IIB+ Myrtle Bench, S.C. Milton Hicks Ellis, III, i;AI ' : Memphis F,lizal)eth Ann Elmore, X!2 Knoxiille John Matthews Elmore, :SAE Knoxville IV James Clark EolT. II! Tnllahoma Raymond Epps Nashiille Shelia Elizabeth Fann.AXn Smyrna Linda Jane Fanning. AT Greeneville John Gary Farmer, AXA Middlesboro, Ky. Jo Anne Fears, A l-A Memphis V Alice Louise Feist, AE I Ripley William Stone Fitzgerald, -N Nashville Lynda Jayne Flynn, M Oak Ridge Jesse Ford, 2AE Rustburg. la. Julia Ann Foster, AAII Columbus. Ohio Robert Noel Freeman, " M ' A Savannah VI Anita Jane Fuqua Mnrireesboro Terry Mead Gamble, AXA Chattanooga Roger Reefer Garner, 2AE Nashville Dallas Leonard Gatewood, iv- .Memphis Kitty Anne Gilbert. AAA Chattanooga R.mald Earl Goans Clinton VII Wilham Henry Goddard. ' MA Dandridge Jerry Lynn Golden MrMinnville Jane Gore. AAA Carthage Charl,.lteJuneGoss,AXn Knoxville Dixie Graham Oak Ridge Judy Elaine Graves, KA IThites Creek VIII RebaKenaet:reen,XS! Dothan. .41a. Thomas Lylc Greer, i:+E Nashville .Mary Lou Gresky, ASA Oak Ridge Walter Arnold Gribble, AFP Sparta Tom Raym.uul Griffith, KA Nashville |o,.J„lniC:iul:i, AXA Alexandria, I ' a. 3M Freshmen I Kldiiii-(;uinn. AM! Cindy Ann Guplon.ArA Susan Ann Haigh. AOII Daviil Arlliur Haines Mi.hapl Wri lil ' I ' l ' A K.I Haie ,iX nnie Laurie Hall. AXS! Sandra Kay Hampson I.indaLeeHannaford.Al ' A llarrielt Phyllis Hannah, HB-I ' David Bruce Hardwick, i: 1 K Mania Rulh Harmon, KA I ' alrice Harris. AAII irah Anne Hart. XI! Mary Margaret Harvill. XH I ' atricia Ann Hartman. KA :arol Jeannetle Hallenhach. AI ' A f red Gar Haun. ' K Envin Oak Ridge Morristown Memphis Cnhiml,,,, ]lurnsl„uii •ivrrSl,ri„gs Clarksnll, Murristuivn Creenfield Knoxville Gat inbiirg Knoxmlle Chattanooga Mornstou-,, IV Arlene Joyce Hauler ThomasEarl Hayes, HKA Helen Hunt Hayne«. AAII Mark Hanna Hays. III. AXA Kohert Jeffers, n Head, KA ,l..Ann Hegidio, ASA Hoodhary. .Y . l.r shur Tiplmmll. Chtiltaiujoi;, Clarl.siill. Kno lie Mary AntonettcTl Margaret Anne Henderson, Mary Sue Henson, AHA Charles Scott Heppel, ATO Saminie Faye Higdon H. N. Higginbotham. i:X Hehn in. ZTA Memphis Lewislmrg Coral Gables. Fla. VI ATO Thomas Gai7 Hiniebaugh, Dianne Hines. 2K Richard Thompson Hoffman, AXA John HoUand Hogin, 2X George W es ' lee Holder, Jr., ' I ' iK Donald Ellis HoUey, i;X VII 1 Hollo Pair Allison Holmes, AZ Mary Jean Holtman, ASA Barbara Jane Hood, AXS! Jane Broyles Hooper, XS2 John Dennis Home, iX VIII David KA David Eugene HoudescheU, ISA William Bernard Housholder, +rA Ann Marie Houston, Ar Fayetteville Columbia Memphis Bniceton Manchester Eatis Columbia idgeKood. .j. Knoxville Knoxville Humboldt gnat Mountain lolh U„od. Flu Old Hirl.ory Tullahoma Knoxrille Crundall. Ga. Memphis 3 5 Freshmen NUciniaKiillilIulibL-U, Xn Knoxiille Mildred Ann HuS Panolsiille E. Barry Huffsietler, 2K Knoxrille Freddie Lynn Huf.ledler. AAll Knoxrille Marcia Hund, AXS2 Sarasota, Fla. Rosemary Hunter, AZ ( luipmansboro 11 Warren Tim Hulcheson.AXA Mari.-llu. C.a. Cliarlene Florence Irwin, ATA K„o utile Joe Melton Iverletl. SAE aJ,,tlle Claudia Jean Jeler, K Drestlen Barbara Lyn Johnson Atlanta. Ga. IScity Grace Johnson, K Chattanooga 111 Edward Barnett Johnson, •t ' 2K Nashrille Larry Keith Johnson Kingsport Sandra Lee Johnson, AZ Nolensville James Emory Joines, Jr., " X Boone, N.C. Elizaheth Anne Jones, ASA Arden, N.C. Jeanne Arthur Jones, 2K Otih Ridge IV Ronald Lee Jones, 2K Mmnstoirn Whitley Eugenia Jordon. AAA Gatlmburg Carla Jane Jory, AOII Toi hain A.F.B.. Maine Susan Maureen Kahn. AE Memphis Charles Samuel Kay, AEn ashiine N,.,-l Har.dd Kaylor Renhani. Ky. li " l.l,ijran Keeling. AOn Union City t..v,.|, Le,inK,.,Iing,2X Knoxiille C.,,i,,IIKeister,2X Morristowa nnei:ii al.,lh Keller, M Knoxrille Susan Kellermann, XB South Pittsburg Patrick EdgaiKelley, i:K Nashville VI Virginia Lee Kelly, Ar Nashrille Katherine Dudney Kelsey, AAA Collierrille Tom N. Kelso, K2 Brounsiille William Hooper Kepner, ATA Chattanooga ThomasP. Key, nK Nashrille Teresa Ann King, .AI Knoxrille VII Ann Grey Knight. AZ Jenkins. Ky. Linda Faye Knowles, ASA Oak- Ridge Frank Albert Kocur,2X Knoxrille Sherrie Sue Kraemer, " I ' M Oak Ridge Barbara Diane Kraulh Nashrille Maruarel Ell, n Lackey. AFA Oak Ridge VIII .SlviaLu.ille Lackey, nB Clereland Linda Jane Lamb Nashrille Jane Elizabeth Landry, IIB Lookout Mountain Garry Lindell Lane Madison, W. Va. Brenda Sue Larkin. Xn Dyersburg Samuel Smith LaRue, Jr. Montgomery, Ala. 37.6 Freshmen Man T,.wnesLa%i Jge. Xn ue Carolyn Lawrence. ZTA Richard Wayne Laws, " M ' A Janice Elaine Lay. AXn Judv Anne Lay. ZTA Linda L,.ui c Lea. ' I ' M II C. l;i]r5£e--Ledl,.MIer.i:X Holiert Gordon Ledlielter. ' l ' i;l 1 ' alricia.IaniceLeacli, IK MarySucLefieU.AAII llelty Joyce Leroy Margaret Louise Lesicr, A.Xn III John Sterling Lewis, +AG Shirley Ann Lewis Ernest William Lin Diane DunL ' anLon, William I ' olkLoni; Ki; Knoxtillr ChnprI Hill Memphis t.lmltanoo n Knoxiille Kiuixnllr Hinnn,):luim j„.l;-„„ Sparta Ashen I e,N.C. Knoxville Knoxrilh- llilhborn Sam Jackson .McAllcsler. III. ' Id ' A Im.I.oi,, Mount, IV Diantha Joan McBride Becky Ruth .McBrayer, AL ' Carol Ann McCain Terry Eugene McCarter. ' l ' i:K Robert William McCleskey, AXA Janet Sue McCloud. +11 Chattanooga (h,k Ridge Metnphis Nashville Falls t.hiirrh, la. l.a toilette Sheila Ann McCollister, AAII Douglas David McCreedy, HKA Tom L .McDonald. AXA Roherl Warren McKeevcr. AXA Karen Ruth McMahon, KA ll.irry Kenneth McRae, ' I ' 2K VI +K Robert Randolph Mall Carh.uise Hayes Manzuk. AAA Harriet Lannom Maples Glenda Faye Mason, K Nancy Katherine Masters. Al ' Jose,ihine Dale .Mayo, Xn VII Janice Louise Week, ASA Paul .Moore Mercer, Jr., 2AE Jimmy David Metcalf, AXA Mary Jane Meyer. KA Robert Surrall Middlemas, ' I ' An I ' e sy LynnMilburn. AXn Mil nn Whitney Miller Betty Jo Miller Emily Jean Miller, APA George Crawford Miller, AXA Howard Blain. Ano.i Nash Kings (Jak Rtdge KnoMille riarksville flenflersonville Miirtreesboro Alcoa Green mile Knoxiille Memphis Memphis Canton. N-C. Pulnsl, Orange. Va. Chattanooga AXA 1 Mil . A C Knoxiille Kingston Knoxville Washington. D.C. Charleston. W. Va. Creenbuch 3 7 Freshmen ■ ii: Virgil Beth W. Milligan, X ManSueMiUs.iK Reliecca Josephine I Helen Elaine MIm-Ii icki Jean Milcl.ell Mary Josephine iVlobley, J..hnF.Mohr,i:X Man Moody Moore. Xn William Leslie Moore, Jr.. i ' l ' K Alyeia lirighani Morgan Glenn Allen Morris III Marilyn Ann Morris, KQ Michael Steven Mosby. " I ' rA Mary James Moss, XH Sharon Elise Mullinax, KA Ciarolyn Moyers, ZTA J. Diane Murphree. ASA IV Michael Wallen Nelms, AFP Grayson Neve. ATS! Carolyn Parker Newman. AOII Nancy Jane Nicks, 2K Lois Eilleen Nisenbaum, AK ' h Melanie Ann Noel, II1M Marcia Anne Norton, Adll Dennis Nicholson O ' Callaghan, i:X .lo ce Ann Oakley, AXS! John Eric Oglesby, Ki) Mark Twain Osborne Nancy Elizabeth Osborne, AXH lie Lynn 0-luK.AK ' |. jn.n Ann Owens AI ' rry Paul Oslord, :iX .odrow W ilson Paige, AXA iger Tubey Palmes. AOn vie Parliam, ASA VII Benny Carroll Parker, ' l-AO Margaret Paty, KA Rita Ann Payne, APA Andrew Woods Pearson, ISA ' irginia Jean Pearson Jim Pentecost. — N VIII Hazel Jean Petty. AZ Donald Lamb Phillips, nlC A Judy Ann Phillips, AAn Martha Lynn Phillips, AOn William Allen Pickard, lU, AXA es Charlene Pickle, AXSJ 3 8 Freshmen Susan J,.anl ' li-kin.AK.|. Muimi. Fla. MirharlB. I ' ohl.ATA Signal Motwtain Todd Harris I .rler. ' i:K tree,, ., , Betly AnnPorlis. AAll Huntington Ahifiail Pounds AXf! Joncshoro.Atl.- John Clifford Powell, Kl Knoxnllr li Frank li. P..Kers Con.or.l R,.lierl(.l.n iVi. e Ktng.i.o,, Thomas Car Prioe. ' I ' l ' A Ifmcrl:. Rolierl Gerald Pruilt. 11 KA Atlanta. Gn. James Thaddeus (.luarles, AXA Gaineiboro Steve I.eeOuisonlierr) Klngsporl III James Harold Ragsdalc IT, -SI I ' oint. Ga. Edwin Allen Raines. i: ' l ' K Memphis Sandy Rainwater Dandridgr John Stephen Ramey, i:X Hi xson Charles Edward Ramsey. UK A Memphis C. Marcus Ratliff. ' 1 ' An Gradwilh.I ' n. IV Fred Howard Kehni. i: ' l ' K Strntlor,!. I.onn. Barl.araJeanRei,l.i;K Oak Rillgr Anna Daviscm Reynolds. AOIl (.hattanooga Barbara Jean Kiie. AAIT Knoxville James Creath Ridley. HI, i:X M,-mphis " anr Fli al.elli Ridlrv. AX!! a-.h,iU,- V Virginia Adell Ridley, AX!! mlnHle ArlissJeanRohers.ui, i;K Tullohomn Brenda Lee Roherls, .Mill KnuuHh ' Donna b.u Roberts. AOII Halls Carole Anne Rohison, I ' -M Mfmphis Martha FayeRohinson. ' l ' .M Hollow Rail. VI G.wanRodgers.i;AK Knoxiill,- Sandra Elaine Rosumny.AZ Morristou ' n Linda Car.d RowlamI Kingsport Lynn Ru.h. AT!! Uunioril Nancy Lou Ruekart.l ' .M Knoxvilh Sharon . nne Samples, KA Chattanooga VII Elizabeth Ann Sanders, AEA Tullahoma Ruth Ann Satterfield, AXS! Loudon Robert Mills Saunders, Jr.. An Memphis Frank Richard Savage MrMinniille Barry D. .Scales, API ' Eaghnll,- Shirley Louise Schuele. AAA Memphis VIII Janet Faye Scott Decatur Warren Yancey Scott Kingsport Janis Lynn Seaton. AAA Knoxvill,- Bobby Jo Shannon, AXS! Chattanooga Martha Elizabeth Sharp Ma nardvilh- rsUnia Lu Sharp, ASA C.opperhill W 3 9 Freshmen Helen Carol Shell Elizabeth foil Shelly Shreaves. XS! (.olumbm JayneShugarl, AAIT Cleieland Victoria I!elleSidden5.AZ Abingdon. a. CalherineMiKaeSimlair 1 a. Kli .alu-th Turner Sisco,:i:K Memphis 11 Thcinia-s Clay Sivert, i:X Kingsport Mary Ann Sizer, X!i Humbolill Hugh Mack Sloan Fulton, Ky. Lucy Ann Small. AZ Fayelleville Sarah Jane Smarll, AAA Knoxville Hilly DwijihlSinilh. ATP Loretto III Carole Jane Smith Bluefield, r. Va. Joanne Smith, 2 K Ft. Bragg, N.C. Margaret Louise Smith Haines City, Fla. Mary Kathryn Smith. AL ' Chattanooga William Franklin .Smith. iAE Ft. Belvoir. Va. Susan Soiillicilau.l. AI ' A .Atlanta, Ga. IV Mexc Michael Speed. ATn Union Cit rhomasKocmSpeelman.Jr. Shelbyiiille Carol Marguerity Slaley. AAA Maryville John Frank Stegbauer, ATB Memphis Ronald Harmon Stephens, AXA Knoxville Marian Rehecca Stewart, AX!! Chattanooga V BillieKa)St.l .,A , Carthage .Mary Patricia Sullivan, ' t ' M Oak Ridge Steven Eric Sullivan, i:K Greenfield Susan Elizabeth Tabb, AAA Signal Mountain Linda Gayle Tallent, ASA Knoxville Alex Mcdougall Taylor, i:AK Knoxville VI ' ieorge Caldwell Taylor, -AK Knoxville Rebecca Susan Taylor, KA Orangeburg, S.C. Ian Irene Tenenbaum, AE Birmingham, Ala. Mary Sue Tester. AAA Knoxville Barbara Thomas. Aim Nashville Marianna Ruth Thornton. II1M Tiillahoma Vll Elizabeth Nelson Tillman. ADIl Humboldt Maynard Edward Tipps. ' MA Tiilliihoma Joseph Mangham Tipton. iX Knoxville Timothy John Touzel Shelbyiille R.diert Neal Townsend. ' I ' l ' A Knoxville James rlliur Vaughan. 2 ' 1 ' E Nashville VIII Marimie Jean Veal. AHA Deiatur, Ga. Martha Priscilla Venahle. AAII Knoxville Arthur Dan Warland Miami, Fla. Robert Ross Wade, ATS2 Knoxville Louise Doisy Walker, :2K Huntsville Trisha Jean Walker. ' I ' M Memphis 330 Freshmen LeeWalla.e, -AK KnvMill.- Judy Lee W-ird.ZTA )lallhru ' s. ( LeIaKathrrine Wai.l. iK Srurril I,: Adelaide Rebecca Ward.n. AAII K,„,::.l„n Krank Wasserman. ZKT l„.s„,„ ,111.1 l;,rk. ,) F.liMliethAnnWatkins.iK nsh,ilU- 11 Karen Lee Weatherly, -l l,-ha,um Catlierine Anne eaver K,ni,sr,.r, Thcnias Rcdjert Wesner. AXA Mcmplus Barbara Eloise West, :i:K IT ■a,,-n,lle.S.( . Nancy Arnold Wharton, A( 111 Atlanta. Gn. Dolores Ann Wipsiins, ASA Ihutnn.Dhio Hi I ' alricia Jean Wilbank-. AAA Kn.iuill, Nancy Louise Willioil.APA Cn-rnriil r Alan Ridley Williams, AXA Kn.niille i:iiarle» Lynn Williams, +i;K KnvMill,- Norman Lawrence Williams, IIKA Ja.hson Patricia Lee Williams Arliniitiin. 1 a. IV «es|eyNat Williams, Jr. ash,;ll,: tt.lliam Edgar Williams, III. ' hAii Oak Ridgf Jamie Carol Wilkerson, M Knoxville Nancy Ruth Wills..,n, KA Knoxtille Elizabeth Jane Wilson, AZA S, 1 rnr.tadt. .Y . Nelda Jane Wilson, AXS! Mfmplus V Vivian Eli al.eth Wilson, A I ' A l,-mi,his John Marshal Winton,i:X Aitgu la. Ga. araJaneWitherspoon, i:K Knoxnll, ' .-Suzanne Wiygul. AAA l cm .Ais William Thomas Wulaier. IIKA L,;r,-I,i,ri: Eugene Walter Wo..d.i:X Milliiiiitun VI Van Finley Wood. :X Knoxville Nathaniel Eric Wooten, HL IIKA Cleveland tt ayne Buchanan Working. KA Alexandria, la. Henry Harrison Workman, Jr.. i;N Nashville Patsy Jane Worley. Adll Knoxville Anne Bratton Wright, KA Gallatin VII Barbara Lee Wright, ZTA C eenwood.S.i.. Edith Kellogg Wright, xn Knoxville Linda Colleen Wright, AAA Knox, ill r Otto Tillman Wright, iAE KnoMille Ronald Stevens Wright, IX Oak RiJge Roxie Anna Wright, AZA Oak Ridge VIII Susan Elizabeth Wright, A PA ITa shinglon. lie. .Mvin William Wunderlich,i:AI-: .Memphis Steve Eugen Yeandle, ATA Gatlinbiirg Janice Ann Yena,i;K Sieeelwale, James Robert Young, APP Crossville Carl Warren Ziegaus, ATA Oak Ridge l;4 Ctfe 33 Come to Miller ' s . . . Headquarters of College Events! n.rls selected ■ P ous asK.ons and ' " ' .t ' vour request, through sev OUTHCO-ORDl- 5ad ° ' tal " ;r " ub o. so. .onty. UNIVERSITV AND CAREER ,SHOP the nost- Where the ° fird nd man ,ouqht-atter essentials most every c ate occasion. oV.egi. Miller ' s invites you to come in and see what ' s the latest in campus fashion . . . for the college man and woman. Enjoy all the exciting events Miller ' s has planned especially for you. Watch for these other activities: - ' e -e ' - K ' °n„ ' o ;Jf o ° - ' " - ' f 4SAy, ' ), enf. Co uy fo Co, 4, ' ' arf. esff ' ■sf, ' °n ,.? ' ' O ?, oc , - - ( co „ ' 3 0 ' " CA A OK. ' % ' ' Oe AH £p . ■ " " ' - e " ' ' 9 ,;:; ' p sA r Wouldn ' t it be fun to have your ver own Miller ' s Charge Account? Come in; we ' ll be glad to talk to you about it! Miller ' s welcomes your patronage, and hopes that you will take advantage of these activities and events that are provided especially for you! HENLEY STREET 33 Know who ' s new in your neighborhood? Yes, now there ' s a Hertz office near you. With brand new Chevrolets and other fine cars. And Hertz Certified Service, your guarantee of complete satisfaction with every rental. Low Hertz rates include everything from insurance to gas. So have more fun. Get more done. Call 523-6183 41 5 W. Main Ave. at HERTZ put you in the driver ' s seat I pili ■ E ' 5 " UNIVERSITY SHOP DOWNTOWN WESTERN PLAZA Traditionally The Finest Service Since 1895 333 The friendly, new bookstore c on Cumberland is iS your headquarters for f.J new and used textbooks and school supplies. cm ¥01 AFFORD TO PASS UP THE ORAMF Am WHITE? At the Orange and White Orange and White Bookstore you save twice . . . 1727 West Cumberland Avenue Phone 546-2705 hen you buy at our low prices and when you sell — The Store of Friendly Service — w itli our guaranteed repurchase plan. " Insurance in All of Its Branches " Since 1896 J. E. LUTZ AND COMPANY PROTECTION AND SERVICE Managers TENNESSEE INSURANCE COMPANY Our Organization Includes the Following Alumni; LEON LONG. ' 51 RONALD ALLEN, ■ GABY " HOOPER, ' 20 JOHN JACOBS, ' 24 H. C. (SKEET) BRANDAU, ' 35 ARTHUR RODGERS, JR., ' 34 JOHN E. LUTZ, II, ' 40 WILSON ROWLAND, ' 48 MEZZANINE AND SECOND FLOOR, BURWELL BUILDING KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE Phone:522-3171 334 L omnCimen t6 of ifour UNIVERSITY CENTER • Grill • Supply Store • Cafeteria • Book Store • Catering • Recreation Facilities " Crossroads of the Campus " 335 set yovu a sights T save; 1 " " ™ %; FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION I V Icinu . . . Thanhs For Your Business We appreciate it!! CAMPUS BOOK STORE 1709 W. CUMBERLAND THE MAN OUT FRONT FEEDS SECURITY FEEDS SECURITY MILLS, INC. KNOXVILLE. TENN. ROSE MORTUARY 1421 Broadway, N.E. KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE Phone 523-2121 336 Knoxville ' s Newest University Shop Traditional Faihions for Young Men " iU S, iiirh ( i.i Srnvr AND NOW ON CAMPUS ON I 7+h at Cumberland RESTAURANT GAY AT MAGNOLIA FOR AN EVENING TO REMEMBER K oiKira III la fiomi eii iorS EAST TENN. MOTOR CO. •THE HOUSE OF SERVICE " 4101 CLINTON MW i7Z$J9) ■ ' " OME HWY. 2iil2« 687-5250 We cordially invite you to visit our modern facilities and meet our courteous salesmen. COMPLIMENTS OF Tennessee Trailways, Inc. so TRAILWAYS! CHARTER BUS SERVICE EDUCATIONAL . . , EXCITING . . . ECONOMICAL FAST FREPUENT DAILY SCHEDULES TENNESSEE TRAILWAYS, INC., 710 Sevier Ave. Knoxville, Tennessee PHONE: 525-0291 or 523-1923 337 PARK NATIONAL BANK KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE SEVEN CONVENIENT OFFICES Get the Best . ... Get ICE CREAM ICE CREAM AND MILK 60 I Oak Avenue Phone 522-5 I 7 I Compliments of University of Tennessee Book and Supply Store 338 CADILLAC PONTIAC RODGERS COMPANY, INCORPORATED " Oldest Dealers in the Southland " West Main at Henley Street COMPLIMENTS OF SMOKY MOUNTAIN MARKET South End hienley Bridge Open Day and Nite 515 Gay Street Knc " Fashion Authority for the Lively Ones " Visit Your Old Friend, Doc. Ernest, Often for Courteous Service ELLIS ERNEST DRUG STORE ON THE CORNER OF THE CAMPUS PHONE 522-6103 Your patronage is solicited and appreciated 339 HAMILTON NATIONAL BANK Let Our " Campus Close " Location Service All Your Bank Needs At 1830 WEST CUMBERLAND AVE. COMPLIMENTS OF FRED BROWN ' S HALE BROTHERS WHOLESALE Fruits Vegetables Institutional Foods — Canned and Frozen Morristown, Tenn. IN DOWNTOWN KNOXVILLE f- arK UUitn J aPetu ON A SAFETY-PARK PARKING LOT DINKLER FARRAGUT HOTEL 522-5161 In the Heart of Knoxville Compliments of THE VARSITY INN ' The Best Hamburgers on Campus ' COMPLIMENTS OF BYERLY ' S CAFETERIA white Ave. at 16th Street One of the South ' s Most Modern COMPLIMENTS OF Stuarts " T " Room 340 EDWARD VANTINE STUDIOS INC. NATIONALLY KNOWN COLLEGE PHOTOGRAPHERS HAMILTON, NEW YORK 34 ' Thus . . . This is the 1965 Volunteer To DO it tvell . . . And that, »r earnestly strired to DO... Called for a lot of DOING! BENSON PRINTING CO. NASHVILLE " " ■an Printing Bindino 34 —Xrti tou raph J 343 Atu toe raiJiii 344

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