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.vw-. gf? LUN-TEER THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE BILL BLEVINS 0 EDITOR BILL MYERS 0 BUSINESS MANAGER wfwlffflfi' A Glimpse of You--The University Through the pages of this hook, you will see your University through a studentis eyes. "I t is not from Masters, hut from their equals that youth learn a knowl- edge o f the world?--Goldsmith Little Are We Aware Knoxville, Tennessee, a town around a toivn. The city fades into obscurity as our lives focus around the University. Seldom do we notice the people, the places, the things that have become our home. 9? . ev 2 ,.u. wwf' if HEP 'HHH if? glam? 9 1 H L 'L -4 , 1 ' A s '35 -,, 'F - - 1 i 5 ti ff . fs- 'N-. z4c??:fgfgff' N N- V mn - ,Q fgcfg--gigs 4' i35,3S?f1 gP3 Q5 G Y ,WET Ki" 44440144 556 E fgiw 5554 M' H 4 ue Q i . ggjgggjgg Q we m444g4f4fcE 59225. ccccwg' fi'QaSS2 X V44 'Q' Wce'44'44 f f j wg Wifi: 3,5 wg,3Q egg 54444 few 4 E 4 t M Q W? ' ' 5 tk 5 i 1 ,f. .M :ffQ5,VQAi ft I K . I Q E iii A gt. . ug , X nf I A , 2' , , . f , 'IL1w'1."J,mmaw-V-vafmkf sixlfwlm .KK . . ,, -, V - fQw,?,.f,fg14..m1wwM'-ww- My m f 0 A - K . , . , K, . N ,L .mzipw-Hw'S,wA' 7'-Jvfw ff- fr V., V-1.-M, :. 1: Qz.,,,m f .. zsf:,,,. - ' i'Q X'Q'Y"f?'1'Q:,Qff2E HIR E ' ' f H 4 ' , , .i,Wf,,YA1-fyubiz ,, V ff, A ,- M ,MN M V 5 , 4 A ,V A K S., ' W . V . ' W f ,A 1. ',- if J ' 'uv-f?'ff7aff+ " 'if' , Q4 ' A ' if TIN 15 A 'VY 2 . A Q'-1S??f"f:w '-as 'W".H"2f"'-kwanf.,--15" f, 5 1 f ,Nw qw M f 'S' ily 1- . -,w?Q7?Mf, 'sfA?fZQ'f5?ff?fMJ,i,,?f Maisy.. ffgw, H7?L5N'z gf L, ,. A .V ., A 5 f 1 H 1 f ' A L' H L L Y - - - A f 1 fs V M V " , wiffiiff. K. gmzkr' J -'mu ff ,A x A V , I, , ., 5, f 3, muff' 1 ww J we .. W 4, ,mm I H We nw.. ., ,, , ,,,- X ,,ig- A ,,,. V, .,,.,, M I, - , ., A f ,S - M' Y Ay?,u9ff35'k- 'YW " " A .,,A A ,, Xf'Y2M e'75f LT W Silas? ff-l y , . H ,44ggw, A stfqg,L,f1. g V' 1- 3,144 11'qA35,fL?J"'f' Vx " A ,, . Y wwf' WW, ' ' L",.1,' A 4 Win' wQ,f'1j if ff ff, Vfulfgk 'ww f ":',. ':ff,I+'v-":C ,.j"-5, V'.3-:,,.5g.x..,..'.f1--,' 43' Q , 5 Aw 1 ' ' , , " fy " , Y V f f 1 ' W ' W' ' . x A ja 'f'f'ffi?"1,1: 3 S ' ' ., " f Hip' by - - ' f,:4ggw -f irfgzyg 1953-J,gzf'q ,Q L ,Mig Alggmgji ' V f W " V A ., f Y, I f - A wh - .-swf-f '-'- -- 1 1 X V 5515345 ffl .CMfzf?fQ?5f ff ,J ,V 14.01 .-4'-fini, bis Q!?rf21aJ'i:fggi 1 .,. ' - Slowly you begin to feel a part of U-T. All at once you are not just a number, or another student on a crowded campus- you are one of us. l The University Has NOW Become Cut Home pd' kgf 5 'fm , , - K VA: I w ny ' uk vm, '- ,im 4 Qi ,W - 2 ' iygf Vi' if .': H W AL ' A I . ffwff" I di J Q U lf , ' 3- 1 K ,Q ,Fw 1':,i1FH" f S- X +1 V' '-f f.3,,.u ALAL' im " iv ,,. iw 190 Ak. me 'W 'wi I 1.2 .Q 5 Y .gig ' M- ? 3 ,, . ' V- 5: 1 - Q L. ,. - ,V-...,........ QM. 14 'mf-.azff1q.:1 l Rush Brought Us Into Organized Confusion The rush was on. Suddenly you were herded like cattle from house to house and party to party. Smile, talk fast, that first impression means everything. 2? "Fm sorry that section is closed .U Back to the middle of the floor and maneuver your schedule around till it fits. I t always seemed psychic the way they could run out of cards just before you got there. S Y.,-W . . , . The Perils of Getting Into Classes Life In The Dormitories From the outside the dorms from old Sopbrona Strong to the new Yale dorm give an impression of quiet and reserved activity. However, tlrese homes away from home are scenes of many momentous occasions. 1 r 4 s I l -., if .s ,f .,,- , R ff K J Y ,A , ,. Mx' ,,...- 1 L ,ff .ff m .Lrg . -'G .. ,W 5 . ' w ,M in ' ' XE W :"i1.h2 512 Qt L, ,S . ,ff ,K . ffi. 'ww '25-g.w"'1y:Q,W1f,.h ' " HSM 114341114 K 4 H , 'V'-v ' 4 if if5"2J'Q1 zfmfff ff. -'Mi F4534 ' .Naulc-ru.s.. M-alll ll Traditions In The University World ,HMM rrrr - UM r ri i Q rirr rrnnr r M TA fl? J ug xg L 'A Q F ' will Ak A I is 3 + Xl 3,3 l 'Q ,V Abba wr if I .V . P26 I 3 v r r'r- r r in r Q- r M I 7 ' 5 I ' Qi 5 : ,- ' lv: :l: 1 ' Girl's voices at an A WS meeting, the black robes of new O A K's, football players in front of tlre T-room, the homecoming parade, the rush to the dorm at 12:2 5-all are part of the traditions of Tennessee. 1... I fa Wx? 'IWW My K aim. V, ' 0 .. 'ff' K gf E gif X ,A .,.-if ,I 4.155 -5 1' f' .I 'N-fi ,S R fgvf af 15.3 .5 Qi, gf 'til fri. J.,-,f The Spirit That Envelops Us All From the freshest freshman to the oldest graduate, Tennessee spirit will never die. It is an evasive qaalityg one that is hard to define, but we all know it is there. vc The Changeable Mood of Winter Winter quarter brings a change to the campus in more ways than one: everything seems to slow downg grades are betterg the weather is worseg and the days are shorter. 18 fx ss. ., ilqvx 'UE-2 'EH 1 ww, W 4- . "4 ,uf Q36-1-484' ' .ff , 5 , ups if yas 4..' Sz. M: f' of 9 S1 A if va i Ill Ill '1 24' 'Wan-sf ' , 1 be-Z' - 1 9339? xy., 9 "It's not for knowledge that we Caine to college," as the old saying goes. However, inost of us come to a rude awakening when classes begin and those first long assignments are due. Time Out For Classes... ,Ply From that first gathering after the football game until the big spring forinals, the parties inade the week ends worth waiting for. First came the twist, then the hugh-babyg where will Time Cut For Fun... it end? ,,,.-- ' 3' f A 1 S' 2 ff, 5 ki is 51 is 2 Q , Af, fg x P A. Q E Spring S prin g quarter brought the students out of their rooms and into the sun. F inally, the big day of graduation arrived and weren't we proud! Comes to The Campus ACADEMICS 'ew 2? . 5 ,XA, , 'N 'ff-W 'Y Ek .f T N1 HON FRANK G. CLIQMICNT Goxunorj MORGAN Educzxtionj F. Moss .Agl'lCll1llll'CJ AHLOREN BOXVYER UGLASS MR TOM ELAM THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES BOARD OF TRUSTEES TENNESSEE iXECUTlVE CHAMBER NASHVILLE Greetings, Students and Faculty Members: It is a pleasure for me to tc-ll you how proud I am of you who represent the University of Tennessee in various capacities. I am sure it has meant a great deal to you to have been a part of The University of Tennessee, :his State's highest educational inatitunion and one of the oldest and largest in the nation, cenaimy the countless honors which have come Lo the University in the past and the recognition accorded many distinguished alumni were made possible through the democratic coordination of the efforts of all, together with ine loyalty and faithfulness of students and faculty in upholding Cherished ideals and traditions . The high standards of your school have been exemplified in many ways and l am happy to extend my congratulations and best wishes to each of you. Sincerely, ,A MR. XVAYNE FISHER MR. LEONARD RAULSTON MR. E. BOYD CQARRICTT MR. .IEROME G. TAYLOR MR. HARRY YV. L.-x1'O111.1N MR. HIiRIlI2RT S. YNALTLRS MR. CHARLES D. LOc:K1c'1'T MR, CLYDIQ M. YORK 'IVDGIE WILLIAM E. NTIl,l.liR DR. ANDREW D. HOLT fljrcsidentj MR. VYASSELL RfXNDOl.lfll 1 The President chats with some of his students THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE KNOXVILLE OFFICE or THE PRESIDENT To the Students, Faculty, and Alumni The University of Tennessee Ten, twenty, fifty, or a hundred years from now, when you are thumbing through this edition of the VOLUNTEER, we trust that it will give you pleasant thoughts of Hthat wonderful yearn of 1962-63. It was a wonderful year for the University, a year in which the institu- tion pushed ahead in its efforts for greater academic achievement. The physical appearance of the University's Knoxville campus changed during the year. The new Physics Building and HcClung Museum were completed and occupied. The football stadium was Vdouble-deckedn on the west side, and the entire structure was named in honor of the late General Robert R. Neyland. Construction was in progress on the Nathan W. Dougherty Engineering Building. Erection of the Panhellenic Building was started, But with all these physical changes, there have been no changes in the character of the University. This is something that has re- mained and should remain constant down through the centuries. The University is a combination of many colleges, and its character is largely a composite of the ideals and goals of the various disciplines it teaches. However, underlying the composite, conmwn to faculty and students in all colleges, is a spirit of democracy and dedication, an enthusiastic urge to serve others as expressed by the Volunteer Symbol--Uhe that beareth a torch shadoweth himself to give light to o:hers.U Yes, ten, twenty, fifty, or a hundred years from now, the physical appearance of the campus will be vastly different from what it is in 1962-63, but we predict and hope that the University's char- acter will not change. Congratulations to the editors of the 1963 VOLUNTEER for the splendid job done in depicting that wonderful year of 1962-632 Sincerely yours, 2. D. Hoit President if -fy., VH 'EN THE PRESIDE .A Y.-., W.,-W'-.-F 4 ADMINISTRATI E OFFICERS DR. HERMAN E. SPIVEY ' Vice-President for Academics EDWARD J. BOLING X,fi1.e-President for Development Vice-President for Finance if MR. HAROLD READ RALPH H. DUNFURD Dean of Students TRUMAN POUNSEY Dean of Admissions and Records DMINISTRATIVE DEANS MARGARET L. CLNINGGIM Dean of WVOIIICII CHARLES LEWIS Dean of Student Affairs 31 WEBSTER PENDERGRASS Dean of Agriculture Morgan Hall COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE The University,s agricultural training program draws its strength not only from its teaching faculty, but also from its position in the entire University 'gfamilyf' It continually utilizes the resources of the Universityis other colleges in the training of agricultural students. The College of Agri- culture contributes to the training of students by the divi- sions of agricultural research, agricultural extension, and resident teaching. The Agricultural Experiment Station, a unit of this col- lege, conducts research on many problems which confront Tennessee farmers. Six substations located in various parts of the state and the main station at the University of Ten- nessee in Knoxville are maintained for the experimental program. The College of Agriculture prides itself on the fact that its faculty members have excellent academic qualifications and have distinguished themselves by their work in research and extension fields, as well as in agricultural business and industry. COLLEGE OF USINESS DMINISTRATIO The world of business offers a host of challenging ad- ventures that satisfy talents and tastes of persons with vastly different aptitudes and ambitions. Training secured through the various curricula of the College of Business Administration will prepare students for employment in their chosen fieldsg give them knowledge of history, literature, and scienceg provide them with in- formation concerning current political and other social problems which should stimulate them to active participa- tion in civic affairs, and help them to secure the broad vision of economic affairs and the understanding of funda- mental economic courses which are today essential for suc- cessful business leadership. The excellent quality of training received is reflected by business administration graduates who have assumed posi- tions of responsibility and leadership in all types of business and civic life. This in itself explains why the University of 'l'ennessec's College of Business Administration is a leader in the South. both in the programs provided for training in virtually all types of skilled work in the business world, and opportunity provided for outside training in these vari- ous Fields. FRANK B. WARD Dean of Business Administration Glocker Business Administration Building E. C. MERRILL Dean of Education P. P. Claxton Education Building fx 43 COLLEGE OF EDUCATIO The Claxton Education Building houses all but three of the departments and areas ol the College of Education. This building, air-conditioned throughout, was carefully planned and equipped to provide the most modern and functional facilities for the training of teachers and to illustrate good educational environment, The Education Library is well equipped for research and study purposes, and specially constructed laboratories provide facilities for many of the programs of specialization. The College of Education holds membership in the American Association of Colleges for 'l'eacher Education, and all its programs are fully accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. The College of Education cooperates with other agencies in continuous cllorts to improve educational programs of the State. engages in research activities on educational prob- lems, and acts as a coordinating agency for University' sery- ices to the public schools. COLLEGE OF GI EERI The primary objective of the College of Engineering is to prepare students to enter the professional practice of en- gineering. The college has eight major Curricula in which a student niay speciahxee-chenncah civd, ekctdcah indtw- trial, mechanical, metallurgical, nuclear engineering, and engineering physics. An engineering student has available two study plans. He niay enter the regular undergradtuue progranileading to the Bachelor of Science degree after four years of study. or he may enroll under the cooperative plan at the begin- ning of his sophomore year. There is also a binary program in engineering education, whereby the student studies in both liberal arts and engineering colleges. receiving his de- gree in Eve years. Cultural and disciplinary values of engineering training give the graduate an excellent preparation for life, whether he Ends his career in engineering or in some other profes- sional Held. Ferris Hall A. T. GRANGER Dean of Engineering LURA UDLAND Dean of Home Economics Home Economies Building COLLEGE OE HO E ECO OMICS The University of Tennessees College of Home Eco- nomies is one of the outstanding colleges in the nation. This total home economies program includes not only resident teaching through the College, but also research through the Experiment Station. and Extension Service through the Home Demonstration and 4-H Club programs. XVithin this college, students may specialize in a maximum number of various courses. Courses during the first two years are designed to promote the students' general educa- tion as individuals, citizens, and future homemakers. The junior and senior years are designed for professional educa- tion with specialization in the various areas. The major goal of the college is the achievement of better everyday living in the home. This includes both the science and arts of better livingg artistic and economical clothingg convenient. comfortable. and ht-autiful homes: well- adjusted. Cooperative family members: parents who under- stand the care and training ol children. and the achieving eli happy family relations. in COLLEGE OP LAW The College of Law provides for students a wide curriculum and a broad perspective. It supplies a more comprehensive understanding and knowledge of law by a redesigned and improved program. The Law College is a charter member of the Association of American Law Schools, in cooperation with the Ameri- can Bar Association. The Order of the Coif, a nationally outstanding law-school honor society, which is restricted to law schools upholding the highest scholarship standards, is maintained at the University of Tennessee. Benehting from the practical experience of the Legal Aid Clinic, law students have occasion to correlate practice and theory in cases. XVith the help of a faculty supervisor the student becomes familiar with the law in practice by com- ing in contact with clients. Another means of gaining prac- tice is through the Moot Court, which meets weekly. Senior students are required to prepare cases, select the jury, and perform all the duties of counsel. L tetsry wi Ayres Hall KENNETH L. KNICKERBOCKER Dean of Liberal Arts COLLEGE OF LIBERAL RTS The primary purpose of the College of Liberal Arts is to acquaint the student with broad and representative fields of knowledge and to increase his ability to apply this knowl- edge. lt seeks to create for the individual a basis for mature private life and intelligent participation in society, while laying the groundwork for a successful career, Despite the fact tl1at educational breadth is the eltiel' goal of the Bachelor of Arts Curriculum. the system of majors and minors provides for some degree of concentration. Through the choice of a major the student will obtain suf- ficient knowledge to start him on a career. The Hill is the center of Liberal Arts activity with Ayers Hall, Hesler Hall, Dabney Hall, Science Hall and others housing departments of the College of Liberal Arts. Under direction of Kenneth L. Knickerbocker. the college is continually striving to better its program. The University of Tennessee conducts general extension activities through the several colleges. schools. and depart- ments of the institution. To keep abreast of the times and to prepare for the demands of the future require the continu- ous pursuit of fresh ideas. information. and skills -in short. education throughout life. The feasibility and effectiveness of this type of educa- tional etliort is fully demonstrated in the varied program of the Extension Service: CllassesffTen thousand people in forty ditlierent locations of the state are now taking college credit courses at night. clOf1fC'l'l'HCCS'"Tl1l? purpose is to bring together qualified and interested research people to share new information and ideas. to develop insights, and to cope with current problems. Home-These correspond- ence courses cover the same subject matter as regular campus classes. Radio and television- 'The University ex- tends its campus to the l1on1es by informational programs on sixty-five commercial stations in Tennessee. Films-Edu- cational films enrich the learning process through the pres- entation of new ideas, methods. and solutions. Library service and municipal technical advisory service are also included in the extension service. DIVISIO OF IVERSTTY EXTENSCD HILTON A. SMITH Dean of Graduate School l i 4 4 1 i I s r JABIES E. ARNOLD Dean of University Extension GRADUATE SCHOOL The University of Tennessee, with a wide variety of op- portunities for graduate study, offers a program which is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the South. The University's present doctural programs were initiated about twenty years ago, and have expanded rapidly with Doctor's degrees presently offered in thirty-two areas. Addi- tional fields are being added as warranted by expanding faculty and facilities. The principal aim of the Graduate School is that of education beyond the Bachelors level through advanced courses, seminars, and research. The total resources of the University are made available to graduate students through its various colleges, schools. and special services. Each stu- dent is expected to take full advantage of the opportunities ollered and to maintain a high quality of achievement in the various phases of his program. To assist him. certain procedures and regulations are described and formulated by the Graduate Council and administered by the Dean of the Graduate School. The program of an individual student is expected to be quite flexible. but should still remain within the framework of the degree programs approved by the Council. Each student should acquaint himself with the rules and procedures, as well as any special requirements of individual colleges or departments. ' 1 A my if fix riwwgmfggwiieiixp, law 1' :,f11g,wzZ'3W?.3xfwQ A ' df- gfgfffffi z ,Q 4mV5lf' TY?! 3 , A x 'si , ' Q5 if- 1'NE5g3'13" 'JQQi51fZQP""x , ,mass 7, 5 E ,i,,,sg,.w Q 4, wi, E :1wfaEkEfQ211f'f W' ,. ,mfg wgw5Qc.3:,2f2 -, as-wgr,,w - Uwwvigg ,, w M fb k M 35, P: V2 'EQ,y:2fL Qing! g nfssrqgw, A 9" fail, 5: ' if -b.,f W ' 7' mrwwf V I ,xi 'V K 1'I'I'.Yf!lPIII lvfff'-l1I'f'.Yl'tl1'llf St'l'f1'flIf-Y Tn I1Slll'f'l' f'l'f'.si1iP11t l'vff'!'-Pff'.Sflft'lIl S1'l'fl'f!lf'X' Trulslzrrfl' I'l'f'.si1fP11t Ivfl'f'-f,I'P.Nl'1f1'lIl S1'r'r4'lr1 ry TfI'!lHIlfI'I' 1'l'l'Sl-Ilfllf l'fl'f'-I,f!'.SI'IlI'V1f S1'!'!'4"l'llf.V Tfl'llSllI'l'l' fi' 1. Jean Abbott, Chattanooga, Home Economics. Peter Angelo Adams, Greeneville, ATSZ, Business Administra- tion, Trans. Carson-Newman College, ATS? Public Relations Officer, V.-Pres. Society for Advancement of Management, UT Sports Car Club, Carnicus Art Comm. Chairman, Home- coming Parade Comm. Chairman, Aloha Oe Decorations Comm., Torch staff. Frank H. Alden, Portland, KE, Liberal Arts. 2. Clifford Warren Allen, Memphis, Engineering, AIEE, IEEE, fIJMA, KKNII, Dorm Counselor, Band, Sec.-Treas. Dorm, ANS. Mary Frances Amick, Pikeville, Kentucky, Education, SNEA, AWS, Dorm Council. Janet Sue Anderson, Asheville, North Carolina, AAII, Educa- tion, Usher Corps, AWS, SNEA. 3. Janice Spencer Anderson, Franklin, AAH, Education. Judith Kaye Anderson, Kingsport, EK, Liberal Arts, EK Pres., Asst. Pledge Trainer, SGA, Soph. Aide, AWS Orientation Leader, Tennessee Girl Staff, VOLUNTEER Staff, SNEA, Carnicus Comm., French Club. Nancy Mae Anderson, Knoxville, Business Administration. 4. Phyllis M. Anderson, Bainbridge, Ohio, EK, Liberal Arts, AWS Orientation Leader, Carnicus Art Comm.: Co-Chairman Research and Records Comm. All-Sing, AAA, IIEA, Sec. UT Singers, Glee Club, EK Scholarship Chairman. Wayne Edward Anderson, Chattanooga, EKIDE, Liberal Arts, Circle K. Billie Frances Armstrong, Englewood, AXQ, Business adminis- tration, AFP Sweetheart, SNEA, Office Administration Club, AWS, Activities Chairman AXQ. 5. Sandra Leah Arnold, Atlanta, Georgia, AFA, Liberal Arts, Trans. Emory University, AWS, Rec. Sec. AFA, Dorm officer. Ronald Kenneth Babb, North Merrick, New York, ATA, Trans. York Junior College, Business Administration, Adawayhi, Cir- cle K, Aloha Oe Comm., All-Sing Comm., Society Advance- ment Mgmnt. Charles Moody Barker, Nashville, Engineering, ASEC, Dorm Counselor. 6. Suzanne Barnard, Ripley, X523 Home Economics, Home Ec Club. Betty Gay Barnett, Oak Ridge, Liberal Arts, EAII. Thomas Leon Barr, Dyersburg, QPEK, Engineering, Trans. Martin. 7. David Francis Bautista, Elizabethton, Law, KIDAA Legal Fra- ternity, Rep. to ALSA. Vivian F. Bautista, Elizabethon, Liberal Arts, Law Wives Club. Elizabeth Argo Beardslee, Ridgcly, AAII, Education, SNEA' ABA, CBA, Usher Corps. 2 1. lVIary Faye Bellamy, Clarksville: Home Economics: Home Ee Club: SNEA. Nancy Ann Benoist, Chattanooga: ZTA: Home Economics: Trans. from U.T., Martin: Home Ec Club: Honor Award in Textiles and Clothing: AWS: Student Forum, ZTA. Nancy Garland Benson, Isabella: AXS25 Home Economics: Home Ec Club: Publicity Chairman, AXSZ: Glee Club. 2. William Joseph Binkley, Jr., Nashville: ZZQE: Rush Chairman EIDE: Liberal Arts: Homecoming, Carnicus, All-Sing Comm.: Small Group Co-chairman, Homecoming, All-Sing, Campus Beautiful: Adawayhi: Circle K: Freshman Baseball: VOLUN- TEER Staff: Carnicus Advisory Board. William Benjamin Blackmon, Jackson: KIDEK: Engineering: ASCE: Sentinel, QEK. Bernie Jacob Bleu, Memphis: ZBT: Historian ZBT: Liberal Arts: Homecoming Comm.: SGA Traditions Comm. 3. James William Blevins, Nashville: EX: Business Administra- tion: Secretary Sigma Chi: Editor of VOLUNTEER: Scarab- bean: Campus Executives Club: Student Center Comm. Chair- man: Who's Who. Jane Bowling, Athens: Liberal Arts. Patricia Bain Brady, Sylva, N.C.5 EK: Liberal Arts: Activities Chairman of EK: All-Sing, Carnicus, AWS, Greek Week Commg. Tyson House: Trans. from Western Carolina College, N.C. 4. Emma Sue Breeclen, Knoxville: Business Administration: AWS: "YH: Orange and White staff: Journalism Club. Richard Van Brooks, Newport: Engineering: ASME: ACE board: HTS. Margaret Anne Browder, Harriman: AAU: Liberal Arts: AWS. 5. James Roby Brown, Chattanooga: AXA: Business Administra- trion: treasurer of AXA: Wesley Foundation. Vandalyn Brown, Marion, N.C.: Business Administration: Trans. Brevard Junior College: Orange and White staff: Jour- nalism Club: AWS. Charles Brumbelow, Bristol: Business Administration. 6. Anthony R. Buhl, Clinton: Engineering. Barbara Janet Bunch, Nashville: EK: Education. David Elkin Burkhart, Oak Ridge: IIKA: Liberal Arts: Presi- dent, Vice-President of HKA: President of Senior Class: SGA: Freshman Council: Homecoming, All-Sing, and Carnicus Comm.: Track and Cross Country Teams. 7. Gerald Robert Burns, Alcoa: EX: Liberal Arts: GMA: U.T. Band: Phi Eta Sigma: AEA. Ronnie Allan Burton, lNIaryville: Engineering: AXE: President, AXE: AICE Vice-President: Campus Executives Club: Dorm Counselor: Men's Glee Club: Freshman Scholarship winner. Robert Tyrone Butts, Nashville: Engineering: AIEE, Ruth Louise Butts, Fulton, Ky.: AF: Education: President, Asst. Treas., Social Chmn., Pledge President of AF: Jr. Pan- hcllenic: U.T. Chorus: AAA: Carnicus Comm.: Sophomore Aide: Campus Beautiful Comm.: All-Sing Comm.: Panhellenic Treas.: Orientation Leader: Vice-President Dorm: Section Edi- tor, VOLUNTEER: blortar Board: SNEA: Campus Executives Club. Q5 ss! fix 1. Maxine Byerley, Knoxvilleg Home Economicsg Home Ee Clubg BSU. Bill G. Caldwell, Knoxvilleg Business Administrationg SAM, Pres.g IRA. Harriett Elizabeth Caldwell, Bentong AZg Educationg Aloha Oeg Carnicus and All-Sing Comm.g Ed. Clubg AWS Comm.g SNEA. 2. Ellen Calloway, Springfieldg KAg Educationg KA Activities Chmn.g Soph. Aideg AFROTC Sponsorg Usher Corpsg SGA Rep.g UT Singersg All-Sing, Carnicus, and Homecoming Comm. Billie Ray Cannon, Knoxvilleg 1IPMg Educationg QM Vice-Pres.g Pledge Directorg IIA6g Carnicus Chmn.g SNEA. Mickey joe Carmack, Greenevilleg Engineeringg CDFAQ Sabre Air Command. 3. Steve Dixon Cates, Readyvilleg ISAg Agricultureg ISA Pres.g Vice-Pres.g Vice-Pres. Senior Classg BSU Pres.g AG Club Rep.5 Mgr. Editorg SGA Rep.g Carnicus and All-Sing Comm. Frances Louella Cherry, Chattanoogag AI'g Business Adminis- trationg Parl. and Rituals Officer, AFQ Carnicus and All-Sing Comm. Elizabeth Rebecca Christian, Knoxvilleg AAIIg Home Eco- nomxcs. 4. Donald Thomas Chunn, Columbiag QFA, Business Administra- tion. Phyllis Anne Claiborne, Knoxvilleg Educationg Modern Dance Clubg SNEA. Kenneth M. Clark, Knoxvilleg Business Administration. 5. Kitty Clark, Charlotte, N.C.g Edueationg AWS5 SNEA Orienta- tion Leader, AFA. Nancy Ann Clift, Knoxvilleg AEAg Engineeringg ACE Boardg Soc, of Women Eng.g Dolphin Clubg All-Sing, Carnicus and Homecoming Comm.g AWS Orientation Leader. Stephen Holland Clonts, Knoxvilleg fIPI'Ag Liberal Arts. 6. Harriet Jane Cobb, Covingtong X95 Educationg All-Sing, Carnicus, and Homecoming Comm.g Student Forum, "Y"g SNEA. Joseph Arnold Cofer, Jr., Chattanoogag Engineeringg AFROTC Drum Sc Bugle Corpg Am. Soc. of Mech. Engr., Treas.g ISA. Nancy Arrissia Coffee, Livingstong AZg Home Economicsg Home Ee Clubg AWS Orientation Leaderg Trans. from TPI. I. Suzanne Bradley Collings, Knoxvilleg AIU Liberal Artsg 2nd Vice-Pres., AF. Deborah Hoyt Conger, Chattanoogag AZg Business Administra- tiong AWS Comm.g Trans. from Emory University. John Beall Conger, Fayettevilleg AFP5 Agricultureg All-Sing Comm.5 Ag Clubg AG Roundup Comm. 1. William Lee Cooksey, III, Jackson, EQIJE, Business Administra- tion, Prelegal Society, Marketing and Retailing Club, SAM, Carnicus Stage Comm. Joe Bruce Corban, Orlinda, AYP, Business Administration, Adawayhi, IFC, Freshman Council, Ag Club, Forrestry Club, Marketing and Retailing Club. William Butler Cowan, Jr., LaGrange, EAE, Agriculture: Scarabbean, Circle K, Adawayhi: AZ, SFOB Board, Scabbard and Blade, Advanced Club, Ag Business Club, Co-Chairman Carnicus. 2. Peggy Ann Cowling, Memphis, AOH, Liberal Arts. Robert Earl Cox, Bluff City, Engineering, UT Rifle Team, AIEE. Samuel Noel Cramer, III, Candor, North Carolina, Engineer- ing, American Nuclear Society, Basketball Squad. 3. James Alvin Crossman, Nashville, EX, Business Administration, Circle K, Real Estate Society. Emily Crump, Knoxville, Business Administration, Editor of Orange and White. William Hall Damewood, Jr., Knoxville, Business Administra- tion, AEII, Semper Fidelis Society, Band. 4. Adelaide Elizabeth Davenport, Chattanooga, Liberal Arts, XQ, Vol Chorus, Transfer from University of Chattanooga. Linda Terrell Davis, Nashville, Business Administration, AF, Adawayhi Publicity Chairman, AI' Activities Chairman, His- torian, Greek Week Art Comm., Carnicus Art Comm., Student Center Program Comm., Orange and White Business and Edi- torial Staff. William Ray Day, Russellville, ISA, Business Administration, Dorm Comm. 5. Martha Fair Dempster, Collierville, AAA, Liberal Arts, Treas- urer and President of AAA, AWS Legislative Board, Cheer- leader, AFROTC Sponsor, Sophomore Aide, All-Sing Advisory Board, Orientation Leader, Student Center Comm., Home- coming, All-Sing, Carnicus Comm., SNEA, Campus Execu- tives' Club, Mortar Board Historian, VOLUNTEER Staff, Usher Corps, Who's Who. Hoyt Harper Denton, Madisonville, 4211, Engineering, fIP9K, President, AIIE. Virginia Rush Devine, Nashville, APA, Education, Transfer from University of Alabama, SNEA. 6. William Thomas Dillard, Knoxville, ZX, Law. DeAnna Sue Doty, Kingsport, ISA, Home Economics, Home EC Club, Vice-Pres. ISA, Political Rep., Intramural Chair- man, AWS Legislative and Judicial Board, Orientation Leader, WIR, BSU, Freshman Council, Dorm Vice-Pres.: Blue Tri- angle, All-Sing Comm., UT Singers, SGA, Dolphin Club, SNEA, Sophomore Aide. Sandra Lee Dove, Knoxville, QM, Business Administration: QM President, Campus Executives Club, AWS Vice-Pres., Mortar Board, Adawayhi, Homecoming Advisory Board: "Most Outstanding Sophomore", Panhellenic Rep., QM Rush Chair- man. 7. Jon Patrick Downey, Montgomery, Alabama, EX, Liberal Arts. Henry C. Dye, Portland, KZ, Business Administration, Vice- Pres. KE, President EAX, President UT Journalism Club, Sports Editor Orange and White, Chairman All-Sing Commf Carnicus Comm., Chairman KX. Janice Derrell Eagleton, Maryville, EK, Education, AWS Projects Comm., Orientation Leader, Jr. and Sr. Panhellenic, Vice-Pres. EK, SNEA, Secretary of Dorm. 1 ,png l. James Edgar Eaves, Knoxville, Liberal Arts. Zora E. Eblen, Jellico, ZTA, Business Administration, Vice- Pres., Rush Chm. ZTA, Panhellenic Council. Sandra Kay Edwards, Knoxville, XS2, Liberal Arts, Homecom- ing, All-Sing Comm., Pledge Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms, XQ, Usher Corps. 2. Evelyn Archer Elliot, Knoxville, AEA, Liberal Arts, Corres- ponding Secretary, AEA, Historian AAA, Homecoming, All- Sing, Student Forum Comm., Co-Chm. Homecoming Comm., Pan-Hellenic, Rep. IIACD, Miller's College Board. June Ellington, Knoxville, AAII, Home Economics, Reporter, Historian, Publicity Chm. AAII, SGA, Student Center Public- ity Chairman, Usher Corps, All-Sing, Carnicus Publicity Co- Chairman. Carol Joyce Ellis, Columbia, AEA, Business Administration, Social Chairman, AEA, Homecoming, All-Sing, Carnicus Comm., Greek Week Comm. 3. Newton Lafayette Emerson, Columbia, EX, Liberal Arts, De- bate Team. Virginia Louise England, Cleveland, KA, Home Economics, Chaplain, Song Leader, KA, Blue Triangle, Sophomore Aide, Orientation Leader, AWS: Volunteer Chorus, All-Sing, Carnicus Comm.: Home Ee Club. William Lafiew Eubank, Chattanooga, EAE, Business Admin- istration: Finance Association: Homecoming, All-Sing Comm., Treasurer, Adawayhi, Circle K: Board of Directors, Circle K. 4. Judy Ray Evans, Oak Ridge, GPM, Home Economics, Dorm President: Orientation Leader: Tennessee Girl Staff, Volunteer Staff: AWS Judicial Board: KX. Richard A. Evans, Knoxville, Engineering, ASCE. Daniel Farber, Brooklyn, N.Y., ZBT, Education, SEO, Ritual Chairman, ZBT. 5. Jim Farnham, Knoxville, ZX, Liberal Arts, Vice-Pres. EX, Chairman IFC Scholarship Comm., HAZ, President Pre-legal Society, Campus Executives Club. William Ray Fendley, Jr., Knoxville, QZK, Liberal Arts, All- Sing Comm., Carnicus Comm., Treasurer QEK. Mary Dugger Fetzer, Eliz-abethton, AXQ, Education, ANIIA, Dolphin Club, KIJHT, SNEA. 6. Joyce Elinor Finnell, Cleveland, KA, Home Economics, His- torian, KA, Campus Executives Club, Home Ec Club Presi- dent, AWS, Frosh Board, Sophomore Aide, Christian Student Center, Collegiate 4-H Club, President, YWCA, "YH Cabinet. Nancy Marilyn Fisher, Knoxville, APA, Business Administra- tion: SGA: Trans., Sullins College, SNEA, TEA, Office Ad- ministration Club, Social Chairman, Rush Chairman, APA. Carl L. Flair, Clarksville, EX, Engineering. 7. Harry Gaston Forbes, Jr., Greenville, 1Iv1'A, Liberal Arts, Presi- dent, JJHZ, OAK, Commander, Arnold Air Society, President, IIEA, Commander, Sabre Air Command, Lt. Col., AFROTC, Circle K, Society of American Military Engineers, Campus Executives Club. Rebecca L. Ford, Knoxville: EK, Liberal Arts, Vol Chorus, Vice-President, Y.W.A., Homecoming Committee. David F. Foster, Concord: DDE, Business Administration, Ad- vanced Army ROTC, UT Band. William B. Foster, Old Hickory, Business Administration. 1. Connie Lynne Franklin, Knoxville, Education, "Y", SNEA, Baptist Student Union, Executive Council, YWA. Floyd Duane Free, jackson, Engineering. Sandra Gail Freeland, Chattanooga, IIBIP, Education, Vice- President, Scholarship Chairman, Assistant Rush Chairman, Intramurals Chm., IIBCI1, Sophomore Aide, All-Sing Comm., SNEA, Student Forum, Neyland Scholarship Drive, Wesley Foundation. 2. Sam J. Furrow, Knoxville, QA9, Business Administration, Bri- gade Commander, Army ROTC, President, 'FAI' Colony of KIPAG, President Scabbard and Blade, Secretary-Treasurer, Mar- keting-Retailing Club, Outstanding ROTC Cadet. Frank B. Gianotti, Memphis, EAE, Engineering, Vice-Pres., ZAE, U.T. Swimming Team, ASCE, Pledge Trainer, Warden. Hillman C. Giles, Knoxville, Engineering. 3. Mack Aleene Goddard, Maryville, KA, Liberal Arts, Scholar- ship Chairman, Rush Chairman, KA, Sophomore Aide, Orienta- tion Leader, Army ROTC Sponsor, Circle K Sweetheart, U.T. Singers, Usher Corps, fblifiv, AAA, SGA. Ruth Anne Goddard, Dandridge, HBKIP, Education, Publicity Chm., IIBfIf, Treasurer Dorm, Blue Triangle, Corresponding Sec., ABA. Richard Baxter Gossett, Memphis, KE, Business Administra- tion, Advanced ROTC, Marketing-Retailing Club, HY", Campus Beautiful Committee. 4. Willia.m Karl Grasfeder, Union City, ATA, Engineering, ASCE, SAME, Wesley Foundation. Judith Ann Gray, Morristown, Education, SNEA, PACE Committee, Homecoming Committee, AWS. Herschel Amon Guinn, Jr., Chattanooga, Engineering, Treas- urer, AXE, AICE. 5. James Evan Hall, Greensboro, N.C,, EX, Liberal Arts, Presi- dent, Social Chairman, EX, All-Sing Advisory Board, Election Commission, TKA, SGA, Chairman Political Party, Campus Executives Club, Homecoming, All-Sing, Carnicus, Comm. Penny Jean Hall, Knoxville, Education, SNEA, Modern Dance Club, HY". jerry Victor Hamby, Athens, EX, Business Administration, U.T. Band, Secretary, President, Stadium Hall, Advanced Army ROTC. 6. Alice Salyer Hamilton, Knoxville, AFA, Liberal Arts. Karen Ann Haralson, Maryville, IIBKP, Liberal Arts, Trans., Agnes Scott College, Vol Chorus. David Kirby Harmon, Donelson, Engineering, AICE. 7. David Paul Harrill, Madisonville, KPPA, Business Administra- tion, Marketing-Retailing Club. Joseph Wood Harriman, Crossville, KE, Liberal Arts, Vice- Pres., Pledge Trainer, KE, SGA, German Club, French Club, Vice-Pres., French Club, U.T. Singers, U.T. Band, Orange and White Staff, Chairman, Student Center Lecture Comm., Carnicus Comm., SGA Publications Comm., SGA Election Commissioner. Ann Evangeline Harris, Hendersonville, AFA, Home ECO- nomics, Chaplain, Altrustic Chairman, AFA, Home EC Club, Dolphin Club, Blue Triangle, AWS Finance Committee. Betty Alexander Harrison, Murfreesboro, KA, Liberal Arts, Trans., Sullins College, AWS. 9012 S E I .. '11 1. Lawrence Bertice Haskin, Chattanooga, Engineering, Corres- pondent, HKN, Campus Beautiful Comm., AIEE. Anna Marie Haslbauer, Norris, AXQ, Liberal Arts, Treas., First Vice-Pres. AXQ, Spanish Club President, French Club, Orange and White Staff, Usher Corps, SGA, Carnicus Com- mittees, U.T. Singers, Vol Chorus, EAU, Choral Union. Richard V. Hawk, Jr., Oak Ridge, IIKA, Engineering, Scab- barcl and Blade, Tennessee Engineer Staff, President AUM- TBII, AIEE. 1 2. Elizabeth Gay Hawkins, Madisonville, Education, Trans., Belmont College, SNEA, Dramatics Club. Perry Haymore, Covington, Ga., QPEK, Education, Sentinel CDEK, President, EEO. Albert Edward Headlee, Loudon, APP, Education, Song Leader, Traditions Chairman ATP, U.T. Band, Ag Club, Advanced Army ROTC, Volunteer Guard, Dorm Counselor' Chaplain, Scholarship Chm., AFP. 1 3. Rebecca Pershing Heatherly, Knoxville, Liberal Arts, IIEA. Ann Carol Helderman, Gold Hill, N.C., KIPM, Home Economics, Scholarship Chm., Corresponding Secretary, QM, President, AAA, Home Ec Club, ON, Danforth Award, Carnicus Ad- visory Board, Mortar Board, Sec., Honor Dorm, Campus Executives Club, Usher Corps, Orientation Leader, All-Sing Small Group Co-Chairman, AWS Publicity Comm., Student Forum, All-Sing, Carnicus, Homecoming Committees. Rebecca Gale Hembree, Dayton, AXQ, Liberal Arts, President, AXS2, Secretary of Senior Class, Carnicus Advisory Board, Committee Co-Chm. All-Sing, SGA, Pan-Hellenic Representa- tive, Campus Executives Club. 4. Robert Carroll Henry, Knoxville, EQE, Liberal Arts: AEA. Mary Marcia Herring, Snow Hill, N.C., AFA, Education, Membership Chm. Al'A: Carnicus Secretarial Board, PACE, SNEA, Homecoming Advisory Board, Orientation Leader, AWS. James Edward Hieger, Memphis, EN, Engineering, Activities, Rush, Scholarship, and Pledge Trainer, EN, President, Associa- tion of Collegiate Engineers, Vice-Pres., IITE, Sec., ASME, dvlifb, TBII, fIJHE, Circle K, Campus Executives Club, Home- coming, Carnicus Comm., Newman Club, IFC, Dorm Coun- selor. 5. Warren Houston Hollinshead, Nashville, Liberal Arts, Wesley Foundation, "YU, Orange and White, VOLUNTEER Staffs, El Circulo Espanol, Convocation, Aloha Oe, All-Sing, Carnicus, and Homecoming Committees, Jefferson Club, President, AQ9, Track Manager, Tennis Manager, Blue Triangle, Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science Clubs. Harold Hall Holt, Blountville, AXA, Business Administration. Lenora Jeanne Hood, Lawrenceburg, AF, Home Economics, Scholarship Chm., Standards Comm., Recording Secretary, AF, Home Ee Club: Freshman Scholarship, Carnicus, Home- coming Comm., AWS, Soph. Aide: AFROTC Sponsor, VOL- UNTEER Beauty, IIKA Calendar Girl, EN White Rose, Orien- tation Leader, AWS Committees. 6. Charlie Ross Hoskins, Tazewell, ATA, Business Administration, Pledge Pres., Pledgemaster, Rush Chairman, Vice-Pres., ATA, Scarabbean Senior Society, Homecoming, All-Sing Comm. Co- Chm., Carnicus Comm., Aloha Oe Comm., Circle K, Univer- sity Center Comm., IFC Campus Beautiful Commission, Ada- wayhi, Business Mgr. Key To Fraternities. Patricia Sue Huff, Gatlinburg, HB41, Education: Social Chm., ITBKP, 'iMiss 1960'ifHKA Calendar, Miss Volunteer, Army ROTC Sponsor, Military Ball Queen, ACE Queen of Hearts, Vice-Pres. and Pres., Dorm, AWS Council, Sophomore Aide, Secretary, AWS Judicial Board. William R. Hurst, Morristown, Liberal Arts, U.T. Band, Sabre Air Command, Arnold Air Society. 7. Lila June Hyatt, Covington, XYZ, Liberal Arts, All-Sing, Home- coming, Carnicus Committees, Student Forum, VOLUNTEER Staff, AWS, "Y" Publicity Chm., XQ. Mary Louise Hyland, Cleveland, AZ, Education, Assistant Treas., Scholarship and Evaluation Chm., AZ, SNEA, Newman Club, Homecoming Committee. James Allan Irby, Clarksville, KA, Engineering, Circle K, Social Chm., Vice-Pres., KA, AIEE, Carnicus, Homecoming Committees. 1. john Edmond Irby, Clarksville, KA, Engineering, President, Vice-Pres. KA, HKN, TBH, OAK, Scarabbean, AIEE, IRE, Circle K, IFC, SGA, Homecoming, Carnicus, All-Sing Comm. Co-Chm. Carnicus Awards Comm., ACE Board, Intramurals Manager, "Most Athletic" KA. Margaret Louise Irwin, Leeds, Ala., Education, AWS, SNEA, Wesley Council. Patsy Lee Jackson, Oak Ridge, AFA, Education, Treasurer APA. 2. Robert Thomas Jackson, Cleveland, Business Administration, fPI'A, President d1I'A. H. C. Johnson, jr., Birmingham, Ala., IIKA, Business Adminis- tration, Secretary, IIKA, ANA. Rosa Diane Johnson, Maryville, KA, Education, Treasurer, All-Sing Director, KA, AAA, President, ABA, IIA6, Sophomore Aide, AWS Orientation Leader, Usher Corps, Presbyterian Center Council. 3. Sara Louise Johnson, Soddy, IIBfIP, Business Administration, Treasurer, IIBfP, Carnicus, Aloha Oe Committee, Tennessee Girl Staff, Orientation Leader. James Robert Jones, Union City, Engineering, ASME, Ten- nessee Engineer Staff, Nestor Club, Math Club, Trans., Union University. jane E. Jones, Caruthersville, Mo., Business Administration. 4. John Barksdale jones, Knoxville, TFA, Engineering, Best Pledge, Historian, fIPI'A, Nahheeyayli Governing Board Vice- Pres., All-Sing Comm. Co-Chm., Advanced Club, AIIE, Scarabbean Senior Society. Nina Lucille Jones, Cleveland, Education, Trans., San Diego Junior College, AWS Comm., Vice-Pres. Temple Court, SN EA, I.S.A. Jacqulyn Sue Keaton, Chattanooga, EK, Liberal Arts, AWS, Vice-Pres. Dorm 2 years, Freshman Council. 5. Tim Keller, Knoxville, EAE, Business Administration, Presi- dent EAE, AEII, Campus Executives Club, Cadet Lt. Col. Army ROTC. Roy George Kerr, Friendsville, EQE, Engineering, Vice-Pres., Social Chairman, E1IJE, Corresponding Sec., A1'IM, AIEE, SAME, Scabbard and Blade, Advanced ROTC. Margaret Angela Kirchoif, Birmingham, Ala., IIBfIP, Liberal Arts, Trans., Birmingham Southern College. 6. Brenda Jane Layman, Madisonville, ZTA, Home Economics, Home Ee Club, Chaplain, Standards Chm., Rush Chairman, ZTA, Army ROTC Sponsor. Mary Noble Leathers, Bells, ZTA, Home Economics, Librarian, ZTA, Home Ec Club, Omicron Nu, Merrill Palmer Award, Home Ec Executive Council, Trans., Martin Branch, Pres., ZTA Charter Chapter. M. Ann Lindsay, Nashville, AEA, Education, Correspondent, AEA, SNEA, Treasurer, PACE, Spanish Club, Usher Corps, Homecoming, All-Sing, Carnicus Comm., "YF 7. Dee-Murphy Lineberger, Jr., Columbia, EN, Business Adminis- tration, Distinguished Military Student, Arnold Air Society, ANA, Advanced AFROTC, Aloha Oe Committee, House- Manager, Pledge President, EN, Sabre Air Command. joe Little Perry, Sparta, IIKA, Engineering, Nuclear Society of America. Carole Ann Long, Lynnville, HBfID, Education, Activities Chm., IIBCIJ, Orientation Leader, Freshman Council, Torch Staff, SNEA, Blue Triangle. 1. Robert Lee Long, Isabella, Home Economics, Home Ee Club, AWS. Betty Anne Lowe, Franklin, KA, Liberal Arts, KA Vice-Pres., AWS Sec., Blue Triangle Pres., Campus Executives Club, Mor- tar Board Sec. G. H. Lucas, Astor, Florida, Business Administration, 2. William Edward Lynn, Jr., Centerville, EN, Education, EN Sentinel, Lt. Commander, "Y", Circle "K", All-Sing, Carnicus Comm. james Edward McAfee, Pulaski, Business Administration, IIKA, Marketing 84 Retailing Club, All-Sing Homecoming Comm., AFROTC Drill Team. Barbara Anne McCarter, Gatlinburg, AEA, Education, AEA Pres.: Student Center Co-Chairman, Mortar Board Citation, Jr. Class Sec., All-Sing Co-Chairman, SGA Activities Board, ASG Sec. Board, VOLUNTEER Staff, Carnicus Comm., SNEA. 3. James C. McDaniel, Jr., Memphis, AXA, Engineering, ASME. Mary Ann McGuire, Madisonville, ISA, Home Economics, Mortar Board, AWS Legis. Board, ASC Rep., ISA Vice-Pres., Carnicus Comm., BSU Vice-Pres., Home Ee Club officer. James Hugh McKelvey, Hillsboro, AFP, Agriculture, Ag Club, Plant Science Club. 4. Angeline Bowen McKnight, Rockvale, EK, Home Economics, Home Ec Club, "Y", CSA, Orientation Leader. Marylyn Peggy McLaughlin, Nashville, ZTA, Home Eco- nomics, ZTA Rec. Sec., AWS Comm., All-Sing, Carnicus Homecoming Comm., Home Ec Club, Student Center Comm., Soph. Aide. janet Reece McPherson, Knoxville, AAA, Usher Corps, Ten- nessee Girl Staifz Orientation Leader, KX. 5. Gloria Jean Maggart, Carthage, ZTA, Business Administration, VOLUNTEER Staff, Wesley Foundation, Homecoming Comm. Judith Ann Maley, Millington, AXQ, Liberal Arts, Vol Chorus, Womcn's Glee Club, All-Sing, Carnicus Comm., SNEA. Robert Alton Mangrum, Dothan, Ala., AXA, Liberal Arts, AXA Chaplain, Publicity Chairman, Pre-legal Soc., "Yu Cabi- net, Carnicus, All-Sing, Aloha Oe Comm. 6. Demaris Ann Marshall, Coral Gables, Fla., APA, Education, AVA Second Vice-Pres., AWS, SNEA, Panhellenic Comm. james Franklin Martin, Shelbyville, fIJI'.X, Liberal Arts. Ransonl Herbert Martin, Jr., South Pittsburg, Engineering, AlChE. 7. Johnnie Lou Mathis, Knoxville, QM, Liberal Arts, "YH, Usher Corps, AWS, French Club, HA41, Orientation Leader and Co- Chairman. Julia Margaret Matlock, Bristol, AZ, Business Administration: AZ Treas., Transfer from King College. Christine May, Pass Christian, Miss., AAA, Business Adminis- tration, Society Editor of Orange and White. 1. james William Mayo, III, Memphis: AXA: Engineering: His- torian, AXA: Arnold Air Society: Distinguished Military Stu- dent: Major Air Force ROTC: EHS.: University Theater. Robert Bell Mifllin, Murfreesboro: EX: Business Administra- tion: Orange and White Staff. . Barbara Frank Miles, Washington, D.C.: AZ: Business Admin- istration: Pledge President, AZ: Trans., Sullins College: VOL- UNTEER Staff: Carnicus Comm.: AWS Friendship Comm. 2. Glenda Jean Millard, Chattanooga: Education: AWS Sopho- more Aide: SNEA: U.T. Singers: Chaplain, Mattie Kam: Mortar Board Senior Citation: President, Wesley Foundation. Carole Lee Miller, Nashville: AFA: Liberal Arts' Chaplain House President, AFA: AWS Sophomore Aide: Vol Chorus? AWS Orientation Leader. . William Edwin hlillcr, Nashville: Business Administration. 3. Mark Matthew Millis, Williamstown, Mass.: EQE: Education: Recorder, Activities Chm., Parliamentarian, ECPE: IFC Rep.: Newman Club: President, U.T. Young Democrats: Homecom- ing, All-Sing, Carnicus Comm.: Chairman, Youth for Kennedy- Johnson. Patricia Eleanor Mills, Jellico: Business Administration: AWS' BSU: ISA: SNEA. Barbara Ann Millsaps, Robbinsville, N.C.: AXQ: Home Eco- nomics: Home Ec Club: AWS Classification Comm.: AWS Orientation Leader: AWS Projects Comm.: Chaplain, Asst. Rush Chm.: Recording Sec., AXS2: Vice-Pres., ON. 4. William Shearin Montgomery, Nashville: EX: Liberal Arts: Campus Executives Club: Quartermaster, President of Ada- wayhi: Cheerleader: VOLUNTEER Section Editor: Homecom- ing, Carnicus, Student Center Comm.: Outstanding Center Committee Member Award: Advisory Member, SGA: Whois Who: Executive Comm., EX. Helen Ruth Morgan, Pikeville: 2'-K: Business Administration: Orientation Leader: AWS Legislative Board: Tennessee Girl Staff: Carnicus, All-Sing Comm.: BSU Council. John B. Morgan Jr., Jackson: EX: Education: Intramurals Manager, Executive Committee, EX: Best Athlete, EX: Cadet Lt. Col., Air Force ROTC: Arnold Air Society: SNEA: All- Sing, Carnicus Comm. 5. Marilyn Jean Morgan, Rock Hill, S.C.: AXS2: Home Eco- nomics: Vice-President, AXQ: Adawayhi: Pan-Hellenic Rep.: Home Ec. Club: AWA. John Martin Morris, Ripley: ATQ: Liberal Arts. Richard Jere Morris, Chattanooga: AXA: Enginering: Rush Chm., AXA: President, Secretary Circle K: President, YMCA: Scarabbean Senior Society: OAK: Secretary, GHZ: Co-Chm. Aloha Oe: OAK Freshman Scholarship Award: TBH: Who's Who: EHE: Blue Triangle: Campus Executives Club. 6. ,games Richard Munsey, Maryville: Engineering: AIIE: ACE oar . john Jacob Murphy, Jr., Lebanon: Engineering: Freshman Scholarship: ASME. Margaret Garth Murrey, Gallatin: XQ: Education: Intramurals Chm., XQ: Carnicus Director, Derby Chm., XQ: Carnicus, All- Sing Comm.: All-Sing Small Group: U.T. Singers VOLUN- TEER Staff: Air Force Sponsor: Air Force ROTC Outstand- ing Sponsor. 7. John William Myers, Newport: EX: Business Administration: President, BAXII: BFE: Class Editor, Business Manager, VOL- UNTEER. jackson Lee Nelson, Jonesboro: Engineering. Patricia Nichols, Morganton, N.C.: IIB-iv: Home Economics. Danny Lynch Nolan, Nashville: EX: Law: Freshman Council: Ffice-President, Soph. Class: President, Junior Class: Cheer- eader, Campus Executives Club, Carnicus, All-Sing Comms Vice-Pres., Adawayhi: Co-Chairman Campus Beautiful Com: mittee. if 1. Susan Dell Novotny, Coral Gables, Fla., AAA, Liberal Arts, Cheerleader, AFP Sweetheart, AAA Treas., ROTC Sponsor, Adawayhi, Carnicus, All-Sing, and Homecoming Comm., Carnicus Tickets Co-Chm., SGA Rep., U.T. Singers, AWS Comm., Carnicus, All-Sing Director, AAA. Cynthia Diane Oifutt, Knoxville, Education, IIKA Calendar Girl, SNEA. james Millard Oliphant, jacksonville, Fla., Engineering, Sec. of HKN, Sec. Am. Inst. of Elec. Eng., Blue Triangle, Eng. Board. 2. James Russell Omer, Dresden, IIJEK, Law, Vice-Pres. of Student Bar Assoc., 1IJAA Legal Frat. Joyce Marie Ooten, Mohawk, AXQ, Home Economics, AXQ Historian, Carnicus Comm., Home Ec Club. Rachel Marie Ostrander, Knoxville, AFA, Home Economics, Al'A Corres Sec., Usher Corp., Home Ee Club, Carnicus and All-Sing Comm., Tennessee Girl Staff. 3. Susan Elaine Overstreet, Oak Ridge, GPM, Education. Bertha Lucile Ownbey, Knoxville, ZTA, AWS, Spanish Club, French Club, Carnicus Comm., Orientation Leader. Rex Donald Palmer, Maryville, KZ, Business Administration, Orange and White Editor-In-Chief, Sports Editor, News Edi- tor, Aloha Oe Comm., Student Center Comm., Campus Execu- tive Club. 4. Max Parrish, Jackson, ISA, Liberal Arts, Pres. of ISA. Clarence Leon Partain, Clarksville, EQE, Engineering, Scholar- ship Chair, ECIPE, Blue Triangle, Campus Exec. Club, Eng. Coop, BSU Vice-Pres., TBII, QK42. James Lloyd Passmore, Benton, Farmhouse, Agriculture, Vice- Pres. of Farmhouse, Vice-Pres. of Ag Club, Vice-Pres. of Jr. Class, IFC, Lt. Col. ROTC. 5. Lynda Ann Patterson, Memphis, QM, Home Economics, Soph. Aide, Honor Dorm, Homecoming, All-Sing and Carnicus Comm., SGA Rep., SUSGA, Home Ee Club, Student Forum Comm., Membership Director of QM. Mildred E. Patty, Maryville, Home Economics. Larry Douglas Perry, Madison, EN, Engineering, Pres. AIEE, IEEE, IRE, Editor Tennessee Engineer, NYU Cabinet, Campus Exec. Club, Blue Triangle. 6. Randy L. Perry, Ashland City, Engineering. Virginia H. Pert, Nashville, AAA, Home Economics, AWS Fresh. Council, Homecoming, All-Sing and Carnicus Comm., Home Ec Club, Tennessee Girl Staff, 2f11E Fraternity Sweet- heart. Carole E. Peterson, Flushing, N.Y., AAU, Home Economics, AWS, Orientation Comm., "Y", Treas. of AAH, Am. Home Ec. Assoc. 7. Robert Wesley Phillips, Milan, Engineering, Amer. Inst. of Industrial Engr. William Hal Phillips, Knoxville, Engineering, Pres. A. I. Ch. E., ACE Board, Pershing RiHes. Scott Kirkpatrick Pilkington, Memphis, ISA, Engineering, UTMB, Am. Inst. of Indus. Eng., Homecoming Chairman, ACE Board of Rep., AIIM, AJPQ. 1. Jean Poff, Christiansburg, Va.: AZ: Home Economis: President, Activities Chm,, Publicity Chm., AZ: Adawayhi: Campus Executives Club: Secretary, Young Republicans Club: Co- Chm. All-Sing Finance Committee: Homecoming, All-Sing, Carnicus Committees: Aloha Oe, AWS Comm.: Secretary, Pledge Class: SCA: Home Ec Club: Varsity Visit Clam. Virginia Elaine Pope, Greenfield: Home Economics: Vice- Pres., Presbyterian Center: "YU Cabinet: Blue Triangle: Home Ec Club: Collegiate 4-H Club. Bill Scott Portis, Huntingdon: ATQ: Business Administration: A242 2. Betty Carolyn Poesy, Huntsville: Education: SNEA. Jimmy Banks Powell, Memphis: Liberal Arts: Volunteer Guard: BSU Council. Sarah DeAnne Pratt ,Winston-Salem, N.C.: AXQ: Education. 2. SuAnn Preston, Oak Ridge: AAA: Liberal Arts: VOLUNTEER Beauty: ATS2 Sweetheart: ROTC Sponsor: Miss Venus: Finalist, Nahheeyayli Queen: AWS Frosh Board: Miller's College Board. Susan Girault Preston, Tullahoma: AXS2: Liberal Arts: Cor- responding Sec., AXS2: Treasurer, Old West: Presbyterian Center Council. Glen Douglas Price, Rogersville: Business Administration. 4. Sandra Susan Reed, Houston, Tex.: AXSZ: Education: Orienta- tion Leader: SNEA. Dorothy Patricia Reese, Nashville: AOH: Education: Trans., Vanderbilt University: Fraternity Education Chm., AOII. Charline Ann Reeves, Kingston: Business Administration: Freshman Scholarship: ISA: Secretary, President, Wesley Foundation: Campus Executives Club. 5. John Howard Reeves, Stanton: AFP: Agriculture: Treasurer, Ag Club: Advertising Mgr.: Tennessee Farmer: Block and Bridle Club: Treasurer, Wesley Foundation. William Rutledge Rhyne, Stone Niountain, Ca.: KZ: Engi- neering: Treasurer, KE: IFC: Treasurer, IFC: Freshman Coun- cil: ANS Program Chm.: Scarabbcan Senior Society: Co- Chm. Creek Week: Carnicus, All-Sing, Homecoming Comm. Paula Hope Richardson, Columbia: KA: Engineering: Best Pledge, Treasurer, Best Active, President. KA: "Y" Cabinet: ASCE Secretary: Secretary, XE: Aloha Oe Co-Chm.: Sopho- more Aide: Mortar Board: Campus Executives Club. 6. Sandra Louise Ricketts, Arlington: KA: Liberal Arts: Social Chairman, KA: Adawayhi: VOLUNTEER Staff: Homecoming Committee: Tyson House Vestry. Jane Elizabeth Rigney, Raleigh, N.C.: Liberal Arts: ISA: NISA Committee Chm.: Student Center Comm.: BSU. Claudette Frances Riley, Knoxville: AAH: Education: Head Majorette- -4 years: Nlember-at-Large, Corresponding Secre- tary, AAU. 7. Ardis Rittenbury, Shelbyville: Education. Sharon Rivers, Kingston: Home Economics: Dolphin Club: Secretary, Vice-Pres., ANIIA: Home Ee Club: Treasurer, Presi- dent, Temple Court: Judicial Board, AWVS. John Paul Robinson, Nashville: EQE: Libeal Arts: BSU: Steward, EGPE: VOLUNTEER Staff: Pre-legal Society. yn-N ,wing -iv 29 G?" -KE at 1. Judith Ellen Robinson, Ooltewah, ZTA, Education, President, Treasurer, Intramurals Chairman, ZTA, AWS Judicial Board, Vice-Pres. fIPHT, Adawayhi, Treasurer, "YU Frosh Board, AWS Projects Comm., Carnicus, All-Sing Comm., Campus Executives Club. William McKinley Robinson, Jr., Madison, EN, Engineering, President, EN, President, TBII, Campus Executives Club, Scarabbean Senior Society, OAK, 411123, EIIZI, Advisory Board, Homecoming, Advisory Board, Carnicus, Co-Chairman, Carni- cus, IFC, Dorm Counselor, SGA, IIPKIIP. hlitehell Banks Roden, Knoxville: EN, Engineering, Chaplain, Alumni Contact Officer, EN, Vice-Pres., AUM, SGA, President, German Club, Circle K, AIIE, Carnicus Small Group Co- Chm., Student Forum. 2. Robert Gilbert Rodgers, Jackson, KE, Business Administra- tion, Marketing-Retailing Club. Mary Amanda Ross, Ashland City: AEA: Home Economics, AWS Orientation Leader, Chaplain, AEA, HY", Carnicus, Homecoming Committee, Home Economics Club VOLUN- TEER Staff. Nora Roth, Naples, Fla., Engineering, President, Henson Hall, AWS Judicial Board, Vice-Chairman, UTSWE, ASCE. 3. Joseph Vance Russell, Nashville, EX, Business Administration, Editor, EX, VOLUNTEER Staff. Melba June Russell, Nashville, AAA, Education, Panhellenic Representative, Trident Correspondent, AAA, Sophomore Aide, Orientation Leader: SNEA. Sarah Lee Russell, Shelbyville, EK, Education, Corresponding Secretary, Philanthropy Chm., EK, EAI, AWS Legislative Board, AWS Standards Comm. Chairman: AWS Orientation Leader: "YH, All-Sing Comm., BSU Council, SNEA, MENC, Vol Chorus. 4. Patricia Ann Salaita, Big Stone Gap, Va., AXQ, Education, SNEA, Trans., Virginia Intermont College. Jeanette Sammons, Whiteville, ZTA, Home Economics, Home Ee Club, Intramurals Chmn., ZTA, Trans., U.T. Martin Branch. Robert Franklin Samples, Knoxville, EAE, Business Adminis- tration, Treasurer, Pledge Treasurer, Leadership School Dele- gate, BAE, All-Sing Comm., All-Sing Director, EAE, Carnicus Comm., Marketing and Retailing Club, Triangle Club, VOL- UNTEER Staff, Finance Club, U.T. Singers, HY." 5. Andrea Marie Sampson, Knoxville, AECD, Education, AWC Freshman Council, SGA, AWS Orientation Leader, AEA, Treasurer, Social Chmn., AEKIP, Pike Calendar Girl, Hillel. Helen Seanling, Atlanta, Ca., AOII, Education, Vice-Presi- dent, ADH, Mortar Board Senior Citation, Orientation Leader, Usher Corps, Small Group Carnicus Co-Chmn., Aloha Oe C0- Chmn., SNEA, All-Sing Comm. i Wayne Kenneth Scharber, Winchester, Agriculture, U.T. Dairy Club, U.T. Ag Club. 6. Richard James Schmus, Rocky Point, N.Y., EQIE, Business Administration, Secretary, EQE, President, Sophomore Class, Freshman Council, Circle K, Student Forum, Vice-President, Society for Advancement of Management, Section Editor, VOLUNTEER, Volunteer Guard, IFC, Advanced Army ROTC. Mary Katherine Scott, Knoxville, XS2, Liberal Arts, Vocations Chm., XXI, Student Forum, Blue Triangle, Spanish Club, AWS, VOLUNTEER Staff, "Y", All-Sing Comm. James Emmett Shawn, Knoxville-, KE, Business Administration, President, AEIT, Treasurer, Scabbard and Blade, Historian, ANA, Distinguished Military Student. 7. William Webster Shawn, Knoxville, KE, Business Administra- tion, Second Vice-President, KE, Treasurer, ANA, AEII, Treas- urer, Advance Club, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Mili- tary Student. Joseph Shefsky, Memphis, Engineering, Treasurer, AIEE, Treasurer, IRE, Member of ACE Board. Billy Dyer Sills, Brueeton, Engineering. l. Arnold Ray Skelton, Ten Mile: Farmhouse, Agriculture: Presi- dent, Farmhouse: Editor, Tennessee Farmer Magazine: Presi- dcnt Ag-Econ. and Ag-Bus. Club. Willard Hugh Sitton, Knoxville: Business Administration. Carolyn Evelyn Smith, Friendship: ZTA: Home Economics: Home Ee Club: Transfer, UT Martin. 2. Clifton Brown Smith, Kingsport: Business Administration: KE. Cynthia Alice Smith, Kingsport: Business Administration: President, Old West: AWS Judicial Board: Sec.-Treas., ECPA. Eleanor Kaye Smith, McMinnville: Hlifb: Education: SNEA: Annual staff: IIBQ Magazine and settlement school chairman. 3. F. Don Smith, Chapel Hill: CIIEK: Business Administration. Terry Wendell Smith, Brentwood: KE: Business Administra- tion: VP Circle K: Adawayhi: Cheerleader: Sec. KE: All-Sing, Carnicus, and Homecoming Comm.: Rush Chairman, KE. Charles Edward Snodgrass, Crossville: 1ID1'A: Libcral Arts: UT Band: siP1'A Social Chairman. 4. Rosemary Marguerite Snyder, Knoxville: KA: Business Admin- istration: Homecoming Secretarial Board: Freshman Council: Publicity Chairman, KA. Edward VVarren Spahr, hfayfield, Ky.: fI1EK: Engineering: AIIE. Billy Thomas Spencer, Somerville: AFP: Engineering. 5 Janice Harrison Spoone, Morristown: AZ: Home Economics: Soph. Aide: Orientation Leader: AZ Recording Sec.: Scholar- ship Chairman, AZ: Home Ee Club: Campus Beautiful Comm.: Homecoming Comm.: Small Group Co-Chmn.: Carnicus, AYVS Friendship Comm. William Lloyd Stanley, jr., Chattanooga: AXA: Business Ad- ministration: Circle K, Scc.: Adawayhi: HY" Sec.: Carnicus Comm. Co-Chairman: Blue Triangle: Usher Corps: Co- Chairman, All-Sing. Betty Jo Stephens, Chattanooga: ISA: Education: Interna- tional Club: AWS Publicity Com.: NISA Chairman. 6. Betty jean Stevenson, Knoxville: Liberal Arts. Carolyn Ruth Strange, Knoxville: Education. Leon Bruce Stribling, Waverly: QIJEK: Business Administration: Dorm Council: Business Club: Circle "K"' Transfer, Austin . J Peay State. 7. Sharon Virginia Stroud, Columbia: KA: Education: AWS frosh board: AYVS Soph. Aide: Blue Triangle: Orientation Leader: Student Forum Rep.: Student Forum Executive Comm.: SNEA. Florence Donna Studley, Maryville: ZTA3 Education, SNEA, AWS. Deanna Karen Swafford, Chattanooga: AZ: Home Economics: AZ Corresponding Sec.: Home Ee Club: Campus Beautiful Comm. , -qw "!'f'1"YUV 5 'R ff: is 1. Mary Jane Swann, Kodak, Business Administration, ISA. Linda Alden Swanson, Chattanooga, IIBIID, Liberal Arts, Presi- dent, Pledge President, Intramurals Manager, Rush Chairman, Illifir, Vice-President dorm, Adawayhi, Treasurer, Junior Class, SGA, AWS Judicial Board, Mortar Board, U.T. Singers, Women's Glee Club, Co-Chmn., Carnicus Small Groups, Car- nicus Comm., HAIP, Richard Lynn Tallent, Greenback, Engineering, AIEE. 2. Susan Douglas Tate, Jackson, AAA, Liberal Arts, Transferred, Southwestern at Memphis. Laura Elizabeth Taylor, Knoxville, AOII, Home Economics, President, AOII, Panhellenic, Mortar Board, ON, Student Cen- ter Committee, Home Economics Club, Adawayhi, Co-Chmn. Homecoming Presentation of Queen Committee, Treasurer, Senior Class. Linda Colleen Taylor, Nashville, EK, Education. 3. Amelia Thompson, Pulaski, HBQ, Education, Panhellenic Treasurer, SNEA, Homecoming Committee, Carnicus Com- mittee, Greek Week Co-Chairman, AWS Committee. Richard Cross Thompson, Clinton, KZ, Business Administra- tion: President, Pledge Trainer, Rush Chairman, KE, Circle K, Adawayhi, IFC, Scarabbean, Campus Executives Club, SAM, Student Center Committee. John Montgomery Thomson, Knoxville, fIPI'A, Business Admin- istration, Scabbard and Blade. 4. Gloria Jo Tinsley, Charlotte, N.C., ZTA, Education, SNEA, Ag Roundup Queen, All-Sing, Carnicus Comm., AWS, Chap- lain, ZTA. Patricia Ann Tobin, Charlotte, N.C., ZTA, Education, SNEA, Trans. Brenau College, Pledge Class Officer, Treasurer, Freshman Class. Patricia Anne Tripp, Chattanooga, EK, Education, Trans. Middle Tennessee State. 5. Stephen Fisher Tucker, Dyersburg, ATQ, Liberal Arts, Fresh- man Council, Homecoming, All-Sing, Carnicus Comm., Usher Corps, VOLUNTEER staff, "YB, Trans., U.T. Martin Branch. Thomas H. Ulrich, Hollywood, Fla., EX, Engineering. James R. Vaden, Nashville, KA, Business Administration, Secretary, Dorm Treasurer, SAM. 6. Larry Garner Vance, Knoxville, AXA, Business Administration. Robert Howell Vantrease, Lebanon, APP, Agriculture, Presi- dent, Ag Club, Adawayhi, Secretary, AFP, Marshal, Block and Bridle Club, Asst. Manager, Ag Round-up, Livestock Judging Team, Circulation Mgr., Tennessee Farmer. Katie May Varnell, Cleveland, Home Economics, Historian, ISA, Secretary, Treasurer, Home Ec Club, Treasurer, ON, Wesleyan Foundation. 7. Robert Gwynn Vaughan, Lebanon, KA, Business Administra- tion, Secretary, Nahheeyayli Governing Board. Jerelyne Patricia Wade, Memphis, EK, Business Administra- tion, Treasurer, EK, Vice-President, Mortar Board, Adawayhi, AWS Judicial Board, AWS Projects Comm., Greek Week Committee: Mademoiselle Campus Representative, All-Sing, Carnicus Comm. Gary Frank Wallace, Calhoun, HKA, Engineering, President, IIKA, IFC, ASCE, Advance ROTC, Society of American Military Engineers, Scabbard and Blade. 1. Sara Frances Wallace, Nashville, Education, QM, AWS, Home- coming, Center, All-Sing Comm., Dolphin Club, Modern Dance Club, Spanish Club, SNEA. Jane B. Waller, Philadelphia, A-A-ll, Liberal Arts, A5-Tl Pres., Vice-Pres. "Y", Treas. Mortar Board, UT Singers, Campus Exec. Club, Usher Corps. Sylvia Sue Ward, Knoxville, QM, Education, Corresponding Sec. JDM, Engineers' Dream Girl, AWS Orientation Leader Co-Chairman. 2. Linda Gail Waters, Alcoa, AZ, Education, Vice-Pres., Re- cording Sec., Panhellenic Rep., AZ, Jr. Panhellenic Advisor, SGA Rep., AWS Friendship Comm., SNEA, Mortar Board Citation. Laverne Weaver, Knoxville, AZ, Education, Pres. EA1', Blue Triangle, "Y." Melvyn Derek West, San Antonio, Texas, AXA, Liberal Arts. 3. Clarence Edward White, Knoxville, Business Administration. Gordon Moore Williams, Knoxville, fPl'A: Business Adminis- tration, Volunteer Guard, Track Team, UT Singers, Circle K, Marketing-Retailing Club, 'STU Club. Kenneth Overton Wilmoth, Dunlap, Engineering, AXE, AICE, ACE Board. 4. James Erwin Wilson, Knoxville, AFP, Agriculture, Historian, AFP, Ag Club, Vice-Pres., Block and Bridle Club: Tennessee Farmer Associate Editor, Business Manager of Tennessee Farmer, Livestock Judging Team. Jerre Wayne Wilson, Florence, Alabama, EQE, Engineering Carnicus, All-Sing and Homecoming Comm., Carnicus Fi- nance Co-Chairman: Campus Executives Club, ASCE, IFC, Vice-Pres., Pres., EQE. Betty Jaye Wood, New Orleans, La., AXQ, Education, Speech and Hearing Club. 5. Brenda Carole Woodford, Monterey: AAA, Liberal Arts, Trans- fer, Stephens College, Recording Sec., AAA. Joyce Ann Woodmore, Gallatin, QM, Education, Transfer, Brenau College. Deborah Elizabeth Woods, Maryville, Education, SNEA. 6. Stephen Mark Worsham, Tullahoma, ATS2, Law, fPAfb, Law Review, National Moot Court Competition. Anina Quinn Young, Knoxville, AOII, Education, Carnicus Advisory Board. Bruce I. Young, Chattanooga, KE, Business Administration: Circle K, SAM. 7. Helyn Joy Young, Nashville: EK: Home Economics, Social Chairman, EK, AWS Friendship Comm., Wesley Foundation Council, Home Ee Club, Sec. Dorm, Orientation Leader. Victor Raymond Young, Elizabethton, Engineering, AICE, AXE. Virginia Anne Younger, Halls, X521 Liberal Arts: Homecoming Com., Usher Corps, Adawayhi, Sophomore Aide, Vice-Pres. Spanish Club, AWS Records Com.: Co-Chairman Homecom- ing Com., Sec., SGA, President XQ. 4 MW 139 new 5 3' fm wg sp. 5 ,ww 91582 5 l ...M 4... . A 'iv 1 10115 1. Linda Kay Ackerman George Edward Adeock Donald George Ahearn Polly Lynn Allen, AFA 2. Sharen Jenel Anderson, KA Charles Sewall Aplin Marcia Marie Austin, KA Erma Jean Awalt, H3115 3. Drury Graham Bagwell, 'PEK Margaret Ethyl Barfield Betty Faye Barker, QM Ingrid Else Barker, ISA 4. Gurth William Baron, ATA Patricia Ann Baumgardner, AOII John K. Beal Robert Moore Beech, ATO 5. Linda Eleanor Bell, EK Linda Sue Bettis, fbll Sarah Bible, AXS2 Martha Lee Bidwell, AOII 6. Patricia Ann Blurton, AAA John Howard Booker, EIDE Joann M. Bowen, IIBfI1 Robert Brandon, ZX 7. Joyce Anne Brann William Eugene Britt, KE Vicki Layne Brooks, QM David Brubaker, BAE 8. Jimmy Claude Bryan, ZAE Walter lfvoods Bussart, ATQ Anne Morton Caldwell, X52 Kenneth Clayton Campbell 9. Linda Kay Capps, AEA Robert Wallace Carney, .SAE Carole Carr, AZ Martha Louise Carson, AEA Jackesonville, Fla. Hendersonville Birmingham, N.Y. Smithville La Grange, lll. Chattanooga Springfield Dallas, Texas Knoxville Jackson Kingsport Jackson Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada Alexandria, Va. Chattanooga Lewisburg Lebanon Jefffferson City lklorristown Rutherford, N.J. Dycrsburg Nashville Memphis Memphis Jackson Kosciosko, lkliss. Knoxville Knoxville Grand Junction Lewisburg Oak Ridge Rogersville Fayetteville, N.C. Denver, Colo. Brymarr, Pa. Rockwood A ,1- ,rv 1 1oRs 1. William Benjamin Chambley, Jr., Howard Evans Chambers, AXA Edward Howard Chase, '-DFA Helen Norris Coffey, X52 2. Herbert Kyle Collins, jr., fbllli Margaret Ann Cooley, XS! Robert W. Crabtree, ZX Nicholas Charles Crawford, KE 3. Frances Dianne Crow, XQ Elaine Crowder, ISA James Troy Crowder Gerald Henry Crutcher, DIPE 4. Sandra Sue Cudd, AI' Parker Wilson Curtis, fIDl'A Robert Gene Daniel, KA Rose Emily Daniel, AEA 5. Yolba Charlene Daugherty, AZ Sabra Dawes, Eli Katherine Louise Decker, AOII Richard Allen Dender, fbili 6. Carol Dixon, II Bib Cathy Dodson, KA Charlotte Dominick, XS: Elizabeth Dooley, EK 7. lwann Druinheller, EAE Donna Dukes, AAII Penny Joyce Dumas, AEA Barbara jean Duncan, EK 8. Georgia Sara Duncan, AOII Alice Dunlap, ZTA Glenda Jane Eady Nancy Lynn Easley, ISA 9. Valinda Louise Eason, EK Robert C. Eldridge, Jr., EAN Frankie Wade Ellis, KA Linda Jane Ellis, ATA flu K Oak Ridge Huntsville Kingsport Columbia Morristown Knoxville Charleston Cookeville Clarksville .Alexandria Covington llemphis Harlan, Ky. Benton, Ark. Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Coral Gables, Fla. Knoxville Lenoir City Trenton Sunset Beach, Calif. Knoxville jackson Lynchburg, Va. Knoxville Lynchburg, Va. Bristol Kingsport Union City Chattanooga Knoxville Bells Knoxville Mumford Pine Bluff, Ark. 1 10115 1. Carol Erskine, X52 Judy Ann Falls, ZTA James Delmer Fisher Susan Kay Follett, AZ 2. James Paul Foster, ATO Jerry Warren Foster, Farmhouse Lewis Chilton Foster, SAE William Elmer Fry, CIDPZK 3. Linda Joyce Fussell, KA Noel Lynn Galloway AAA Frances Ramsey German, ZTA David Bruce Gianotti, EAE 4. Mark Bruce Givens Joan Marcia Glass, EK Michael Edward Goza, IPAQ Elaine Mae Greer, AXS2 5. Mary Elizabeth Greer, AFA Diane Gunter, ZTA Robert Hood Hale, EX Sonya Elizabeth Hall 6. Lynwood Hale Hamilton, KE William Hershel Hammond, AXA Paul Caldwell Harmon, EK Elizabeth Harrison, AZ 7. Don R. Hassall Margaret Whitley Hayter, AI' Paul Douglas Hedge, QPSK Susie Lenora Henderson, X52 8. Stephen Scott Hendricks, AXA Judith Anne Henry, AX!! Martha Lucille Hertsgaard, AAA Susan Bragg Hillis, AAII 9. Marilyn Hines Sammy Sue Hodges, AEA Jackie Wisdom Holland, X!! Betty Lou Honeycutt, AX!! Knoxville Savannah Sharon Chattanooga Madison Johnson City Knoxville Camden Chattanooga Hammond, Ga. Copperhill Memphis Fairview Kingsport Maryville Clarksville Knoxville South Fulton Knoxville bladison South Pittsburg Kingsport Kingsport Snecdville Nashville Abington, Va. Waverly Kingsport Atlanta, Ga. Knoxville Atlanta, Ga. McMinnville ltiadison Knoxville Jackson Morristown 1 IORS 1. John Rector Housley, AFP Bonnie Lee Howell, ZTA Marianne Huffman F redriek Humphreys, AXA 2. Trischa Hutchins, AFA Mary Carol Irwin Nickye Jarnagin, ZTA Barbara Gail Jenkins, AX!! 3. Glendora Jenkins, AXQ Linda Carole Jennings, ZTA Virginia A. Johnson, AOII James Larry jones, AFP 4. Ronald W. Jones William Edward Jones, AXA Glenda Mai Kemp Rex V. Kimbro, Farmhouse 5. Dudley Edward King, EX Helen Gail Krauth, Al' Albert Edward Laughlin, BAE Frances Ann Laycock, ISA 6. David Ross Lee, EIN Thomas S. Leek, KZ! Elliott Alvin Lewis Melinda Lindsey, ZTA 7. Linda Jo Link, X52 Rebecca Lucille Litz, ISA Elizabeth Ann Long jerry Lawson Looney, AFP 8. Frankie C. Lorina, Illifil Paula Ann McCaslin, AOII Sandra Kathleen McCommon, Z'l' George Adner McGoldrick, ZX 9. Joyce Ann Melntosh, AAU John Joseph McKain, QEK Glenna Butler MeMahan, IIBQP Kenneth Wayne MePeak Riceville Ramer Manchester Alexandria, Va. Jacksonville, Fla. Rockford Knoxville Morristown Oak Ridge Jackson Church Hill Loudon Gallatin Memphis Memphis Dickson Clarksville Nashville hiemphis Oak Ridge Lenoir City Nashville Nashville Etowah Waverly Morristown Morristown Shelbyville Morristown Memphis A Jackson Jefferson City Dyersburg Mcniphis Sevierville Old Hickory I I l. Brenda McClard, AZ James Everett Maples, QEK Billy Guinn Marks, IIKA William Claude Martin III, KE 2. Robert Edward Massey, ISA Ernest Hamilton Mathis, EQE Linda Jo May, KA Lloyda May, AZ 3. Joe Miller, EAE Anne Jordan Moore, X52 Noble Ewing Moore, Jr. Donald Ray Morrow, ATA 4. George Thomas Morton, QEK George Thomas Moss, ATS? David Albert Mullins, EfIPE Celia lklargaret Murphy, ATA 5. Martha Murphey, EK William Muse, EAE Andra Lee Nash, AXQ William Neely, EX 6. Gilbert A. Negendank, KA Richard W. Newport, 4IlI'A Nancy B. Nickell, EK Sue Ann Ogdin, 1'IBfI1 7. Delmar Lawrence Ogle, Jr., A Julia Jane Oliver, EK Lynn Barker Oliver, HB6 Mary Moss Oliver, AAA 8. Carl Randolph Olsen, EX Nancy Lee Orr, ISA Lynn Amos Overton, KA Edmund Tansil Palmer, ATS! 9. Edward Carmack Park, ATQ Susan Marie Parker, ISA Mary Elizabeth Parsons, EK Virginia Faye Parsons, ISA T ORS Lafayette Chattanooga Nashville Knoxville Lookout Mountain Knoxville Chattanooga Jefferson City Manchester, Ga. Dyersburg Kingsport Waynesboro Bristol Dyersburg Kingsport Oak Ridge Lebanon Knoxville Gatan, Canal Zone Knoxville Wilmington, Del. Chattanooga Alderson, W.Va. Knoxville Cleveland Maryville Readyville Asheville, N.C. Memphis Blaine Sumter, S.C. Dyersburg Columbia Jackson Kingsport Shelbyville 1 IORS 1. Patricia Patterson ZTA Ted Pearson Leah Frances Phelps, AOII Phil Reagan Phelps, AXA 2. Patricia Anne Plunkett, AOH Linda Jo Powell Samuel Carroll Ramer, EX Nancy Lynne Rawles, AAA 3. Denice W. Reed, AI' Robert Joseph Rhea, Jr. 24713 Charlotte Eldeste Richardson, AAII Edward Hampton Richardson 4. Campbell Ridley, BAE Lynda Ritchie, ZTA Howard Toby Roberts, EAE Dawn Robertson, AOH 5. Etta Rose Rogers, AI' James Rose Anne Ross, EK Judith Patricia Rowland, ZTA 6. Betty Jane Runyan, AAII Thomas Henry Rushing Howard Carl Salyer, Jr. Bobby Frank Sammons 7. William L. Sanders, AFP Robert H. Sasser, Jr. APP Jean Schiffman, AEA Robert Larry Schrader, IIKA 8. Sam P. Sentelle, DIPE Michael Lynn Sharp N ollie Sharp, HBfIJ Sarah Joan Sharp, AZ 9. Lula Jeanette Shaw Sonja Simone Shibley, ZTA William Floyd Shumate, Jr., 241141 Carol Eoline Sikes Broadway, N.C. Knoxville Murfreesboro Lenoir City Lynchburg, Va. Bluefield, W. Va. Knoxville Greenville Atlanta, Ga. Greenville Fort Monroe, Va. Goodlettsville Columbia Asheville, N.C. Signal Mountain Halls Whitwell Oak Ridge Maryville Etowah Memphis Paris Kingsport Collierville Shelbyville Covington Oak Ridge Chattanooga Afton Cumberland Gap Oak Ridge Lake City Nashville Dayton Johnson City Jackson 1 10115 l. Anne Chapple Sinness, Al' DeAnne Smith, AAH M. Benton Smith, fIP?IK Judy Anne Spoone, AZ 2. Janet Herrin Stanford, KA Linda Lou Stephens, AZ Dennis Lawrence Stewart, Farmhouse Edley Craighill Stone, X9 3. Mary Lou Styles, EK Dexter Lee Sullivan, ATQ Linda Jane Sutton, KA Jill M. Swenson, APA 4. Pauline Russell Taber, AOII Helen Henry Taylor, ZTA Rebecca Temple, AEA Dorthea Stephenson Theile 5. William Thomas, fIr1'A E. Wallene Threadgill, XQ John Oliver Threadgill, BAE John Douglas Tickle, QPEK 6. Perry Clark Tomlin, Jr. K21 Sandra Jo Townsend KA William Trimble, EX Joyce Ellen Turner, QM 7. Angela Upchurch, KA Carolyn Varner, IIBCP Judith Lee Vaughan, XQ Charles Reginald Volz, ATS2 8. Cheryl W'achtel, AEA Anne Cox Walker Charles Rice Walker, EQHE David Lamar Weidner, IIKA 9. Katherine Frances Wever, X52 Judith Nash Whitaker, EK Linda Anne Wilbanks, AAA Wayne Patrick Williams, EN Old Hickory Dunlap Murfreesboro Morristown Atlanta, Ga. Kingsport Memphis Lynchburg Hudson, N.Y. Fayetteville Maryville Loudon Jackson Suitland, Maryland Knoxville Kingsport Knoxville Charlotte, N.C. Milan Bristol Asheville Maryville Knoxville Knoxville Durham, N.C. Knoxville Bolivar Ripley Nashville Bay Village, Ohio Knoxville Chattanooga Humboldt Richmond, Va. Knoxville Goodlettsville :::,..,, V , ,uv ,eq 'Q of IU IQRS 1. Paul Wayne Williamson, EX Mary Adeline Winn, XQ Robert Edwin Withers, EAE Gene Withrow, Farmhouse 2. Basil N. Wolfe, Jr., ATA Peggy Cecile Wood Hall Vincent Worthington, A Marcia DeFord Yingling 3. Judith Taylor Yost, AOH XA Nashville Clarksville Knoxville Cleveland Mountain City Jackson Oak Ridge Waynesboro, Penn. Greenevillc SOPHOMORES 1. Patricia Ann Allen Merrily Austin Greenville, X9 Marlene Kay Bagwell, QM Charles Carter Baker, Jr., ZAE 2. Donald Edward Baker, ECIPE Dean Dover Barger, Jr., EX Jill Marie Bettis, -PM Doris Kathleen Bilbrey 3. Archer Wortman Bishop, EX Sandra N elle Bishop Howard Michael Bluhm Carolyn Bowling 4. Cynthia Ann Brackett, AOH Sharon Lon Brewer, AI' Judy Ann Britt, KA Carolyn Rhea Browder, AAH 5. Laura Joyce Bryant, AI' Barbara Ann Buchshorn, AI' Rhett Burton, IIKA Forrest Michael Butler 6. Herman Luther Campbell, Jr., A Nancy Jean Carter, AAA Dolly Ann Caywood, AOII John Robert Chew, ATA 7. Clara Elizabeth Childress, EK James Chin Linda Jo Clardy, KA Betty Catherine Clark 8. Elizabeth Clark, KA James Carl Clark, ISA Linda Lee Clark, QM Benjamin Bruce Coffey, EX 9. Wayne Lonnie Coffey, QFA Nancy Sue Cole, KA Eugene Thomas Collins Patricia Ann Conner, QM Bowling Green, Ky. Greenville, La. Knoxville Nashville Chattanooga Chattanooga Jefferson City Rickman Clinton South Pittsburg Revere, Mass. Clinton Atlanta, Ga. Lawrenceburg Clarksville Kingston Atlanta, Ga. Signal Mountain Dyersburg Bolivar I'P Kings Mountain, N.C. Knoxville Lexington Memphis Chattanooga Memphis Clarksville Bristol Gatlinburg Winchester Brookneal, Va. Morristown Tazewell Columbia Oak Ridge Birmingham, Ala. My SGPHO l. Patricia Ann Crosby, AAII Kathryn Anita Crouch, AZ Martha jane Curtis, ZTA Anne West Dale, EK 2. JoAnne Dance, X9 M. Scott Davis, AAH Marcia Lynn Davis, AAA Marguerite Elaine Davis, AXS2 3. Judy Pat DeLozier Margaret Jane Dick, X9 Helen Brooks Digges, AEA julie Melissa Dorris, AAA 4. Carol Anne Dougherty, AAA Sandra Dianne Duncan, A011 Thomas Thornton Dupree, K2 Mary Neal Durham, AAA 5. Ada Darlene Dycus, QM Gail R. Edwards, ZTA Barbara Anne Embury, AOII Susan Mary Evans, X9 6. Betsey McKee Farrar, AAA William Wayne Faussome Carol Sue Finley Sally Jane Fisher, AZ 7. Sharon Virginia Fleming, AAII Marion Doris Flynn, KA Hal Haizlip Flynt, ATO Margaret Ellen Fowler, X9 8. Wesley Eugene Fox David Louis Foy, EX David Howard Fuller Vivian Veina Fuqua, ZTA 9. Aleta Dean Gamewell, EK Robert Claude Garrett, EX Phyllis Anne Gifford, IIBfIJ William Walter Goolsby RES Knoxville Fredericksburg, Va. Savannah Kingsport Knoxville Erwin Knoxville Elizabethton Sevierville Knoxville Asheville, N.C. Memphis Knoxville Nashville Chattanooga Tullahoma Knoxville Cumberland Gap Memphis Lookout Mountain Tullahoma Montrose, Colo. Columbia Oak Ridge Knoxville Shelbyville Morris town Knoxville Franklin Knoxville Memphis Nashville Murfreesboro Goodlettsville Lookout Mountain Kingston SOPHOMORES 1. William Durham Green, AXA Benny Elizabeth Greer, AI' Carolyn Lee Grefe, AXS2 Mary Lou Griffin P 2. Katherine Ann Grubb Deanna Jean Guidi, AFA Mary Bennett Gunn, AX9 Sarah Anne Hagood, KA 3. Hal David Hall, KIDFA Joyce Ann Hall, X9 Rebecca June Hannah, IIBGJ Joyce E. Hanson, AFA 4. Charlene Alice Harb, KA Joe J. Harrison, EAE Linda Anne Harrison, HB6 Nancy Lorraine Hemeyer, EK 5. Carolyn Neil Henry, AAH Karen Herndon, AAA Leslie Virginia Heuer, AXQ John Oliver Hicks, ATS2 6. Sharon Kay Hodge, EK Bettye Sue Holloway, ISA Russell Axson Houser, EN Glenda Sue Howell, EK 7. JoAnn Hudson, AAH Robert Henry Hudson, EN Shirley Virginia Hunter, AFA Rose Kathryn Hutchison, AAA 8. Paula Lee Ide, AAH Linda Jane Jenkins Susan Rhea Jenkins Margaret Ann Johnson, ZTA 9. Sondra Lee Johnson, AXQ F. Evelyn Jones, AAA John Perry Jordan, Farmhouse James McMillan Keally Nashville St. Paul, Va. Fairfax, Va. ort Washington, L.I., N.Y. Knoxville Memphis Atlanta, Ga. Johnson City Lebanon Lebanon Oliver Springs Coral Gables, Fla. Knoxville Signal Mountain White Plain Karlshuhe, Germany Lenoir City Bruceton Avon, Conn. Nashville Rutledge Knoxville Nashville Morristown Decatur, Ga. Loudon Kingston Tiptonville Mt. Prospect, Ill. Maryville Dyersburg Jamestown Charlotte, N.C. Knoxville Unicoi Rosemont, Penn. SOPHO 1. William Andrew Kelley, KE Dorothy Jo Kellman, AEfb Dinah Sue Kelly, AFA Sandra Jean Kendall 2. Barbara Sue Klutinis, KA Helen Louise Lacy, X52 Nancy Tom Lambert, AXS2 Linda Sue Lattimore, '-PM 3. Lynda Joyce Leftwich, EK Ann Dancy Lewallen, AAA James Morgan Lewis, KE James R. Liechty, Farmhouse 4. David Allison Livingston, QPSK Susan Elizabeth Locklear, AOII Frances LeAnn Loughran, AXQ Suzanne Park Lovell, KA 5. Lynda Lee Lynch Frank Knox McCalla, EX Dixie Faye McDonald, A1'A Maureen Claire McGovern, AFA 6. Lawrence Alan McMahon, AXA David Eskridge McMillan Donna Kay McNab, X52 Helen Diane Mahoney, AAH 7. John Stagmaier Mahoney, IPAO Maudie Marlin, AI' Cheryl Anne Matthew, EK James L. Matthews, III, BAE 8. Jacquelyn Kay Meredith John Arthur Miller, DDE Judy Lee Miniat, Al' Mary Lane Mitchell, AXQ 9. Ronald Lynn Molloy, EX Mary Frances Montgomery Carolynne Ruth Moore, AAA Ray Thomas Moore CRES Inglewood Falls Church Va. Alexandria, Va. Memphis Kingsport Elizabethton Centerville Etowah Lebanon Clinton South Pittsburg Belvedere Knoxville Dyersburg Knoxville Columbia Knoxville Millington Carthage Knoxville Memphis Asheville, N.C. Knoxville Chattanooga Chattanooga Jackson Silver Spring, Md. Jackson Peoria, Ill. Bristol Creeneville Maryville Chattanooga Hendersonville Portsmouth, Va. Knoxville SOPHCMORES 1. Marilyn Murphy, AAII Bert Allan Nagy, KA Mary Nave, AZ Ann Neas, 'PM 2. Cynthia C. Nixon, X52 Carol Northcutt Sharon Norvell Virginia Pandapas, AI' 3. Larry Partain, Zfbhl Judy Patterson, ZTA Gail Patton, EK Virginia Ruth Pentecost, 4. Randy Perry, KA Linda Pike, IIB41 Patsy Porter, ZTA Joy Quant, ZTA 5. Diane Kaye Purcell Donna Raines Ann Rector, AEA Larry Rees, ATA 6. Joseph Reeves, ISA Laura Rose Richie, AOII Kitty Lee Roberts, AAU Lana Roberts, ATA 7. Bob Robinson Jane Ann Roudebush Susan Rutherford, AZ Margaret Salyer, Al'A 8. Carol Sandersow, KA Sandra Sheffield. Al' Kay Shepherd, A011 AAA ,Iosetta Rae Shoemaker, EK 9. Susan Simpson, -Al' Diana Simpson, 41M Donna Ruth Sims, AAA Pat Sivert, AEA Clinton Chattanooga Neva Greenville Knoxville Woodberry Portsmou th, Va. Blacksburg, Va. Clarksville Nashville Nashville Lexington Chattanooga Oak Ridge Nashville Memphis Mt. Vernon, Ill. Memphis Knoxville Gallipolis, Ohio Erwin Knoxville Morristown Pineville, Ky. Elizabethton Memphis Memphis Knoxville Carthage Memphis Knoxville Oneida Shreveport, La. Athens Memphis Kingsport SOPHOMORES 1. Karen Ernestine Smith, AXQ Mary Edna Smith, AAA Susan Rawlings Stafford, AOH Carol P. Stockton 2. Pamela Slater Stroyan, HBfIP Jimmie Ray Taylor, EK Carol Annette Thomas, AX!! Judith Ann Tinch, ZTA 3. Sandra Travis, X52 William Alexander Tyler, Jr., DIPE Charles Dillon Vanzant, AFP Mary Gayle Vaughan, AAA 4. Sandra Ann Vaughn, ISA Eleanor Margaret Volz, AZ Carol Anne Wallen, X52 Mary Lee Washburn, ISA 5. Gail Ann Webb, AXQ Peggy Jane Webb, QM Larry Wallace Whaley, ATS? Dorothy Louise Whelen, AOH 6. Albert Earl Wilhelm, IIPZZK Lynda Helen Wilhelm Ann Neel Wilson, ZTA George Lawrence Winegar, EQIPE 7. Jane Wallace Wood Martha Jo Wood Maryville Middlesboro, Ky. Baltimore, Md. Dyer Newport News, Va. Nashville Knoxville Jamestown Morristown Kingsport Pulaski Sparta Winchester Eastpoint, Ga. Knoxville Summertown Maryville Oneida Cleveland Nashville Camden Manchester Fayetteville Rogersville Bristol Jackson FRESHME 1. Mary Jane Abernathy, AXQ William Byrnes Acree, Jr., ATS? Edward Albert Adams Peggy Elizabeth Adams, KPM Patricia Harriet Anderson, AOII 2. Shelia Anne Anthony James Samalone Atkins, KA Wanda Sue Baliley, A011 Helen Frances Barteime, AX!! Fay Donouan Baugh, AAA 3. Katherine Ruth Benson, AEA Donald Wallace Best, ATA Marian Terry Bevis, QM Richard Edward Bireley Nancy Lloyd Blevins, QM 4. Edmund Lewis Bolt, IPEK Elizabeth Anne Booth, AAII Elizabeth Anne Bornemann, ISA David Warren Bowen, IIKA Charles Bertier Bowers, KE 5. Billy Wayne Bracy, APP julia Ann Bradley, AAA William Milton Brandon, KE Susan Kay Brenner, AAII Phyllis Oneta Brooks, ISA 6. Louise Elizabeth Browder, AF Rebecca Ann Brown, AAII Anne Buchanan Bobbi Katherine Buckingham, AXQ jani Preston Buckles 7. James Robert Buckner, ZX Susan Carol Bumgardner, Al' Robert Morley Burton, EN Sally Lou Burton Rob john Busey, KID 8. Jack Coben Bush, KE john Foster Caldwell, BAE Marietta Welch Campbell, ZTA Nancy Ruth Campbell, Z'l'A Sarah Louise Cantell, QM 9. Marilyn Carden, AI' Judy Inez Cardwell Jeanette E. Carson, AZ Michael Marion Cate, fbI'A James Roy Chestnutt Selmer Ridgley Nashville Nashville Donaldson Maryville Paris Lexington Memphis Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Memphis Johnson City Nashville Knoxville Nashville Orlando, Fla. Lewisburg St. Louis, Mo. Nashville Knoxville Bell Buckle New Orleans, La. Kingsport Sweetwater Cleveland Atlanta, Ga. Bristol Bristol Huntsville Fort Wayne, Ind. Farmington, Mich. Knoxville Oak Ridge Dandridge Nashville Dandridge White Plains, N.Y. Creenback Springfield Rockwood Cleveland Rogersville FRESHME 1. Martha Catherine Claxton, AXQ Robert Nelson Clement, ATO Cecilia Faye Clowers, AZ Susan Hope Colley, A011 Shelia Nell Connally, ZTA 2. Corinne Louise Cooper Linda Gene Corn, AFA Arlene Day Coulter Carol Glynn Cousins, AAA Helen Kay Coward, EK 3. Thomas Wayne Creed, ATA Sharon Norine Compton, AAH Carolyn Cruze, KA Linda Sue Culveyhouse Sandra Lee Cuningham, ZTA 4. Betty Joyce Daniel JoAnne Davenport, Al' Mary Marguerite Deaderick, KA Dina LeGrande Deaton, CIPBI Kathy Distefano 5. Linda Dobbs, AAII Donna Gayle Dooley John Murray Douglass, Jr., KE Robert Hall Duffey, ATO John Wade Duke, QPSK 6. Preston Thomas Duke, A T0 David McDow Eason, ISA Amelia Ellen Ellis, AEA Anne Johnston Emmons, AAA Webb Clinton Eskew, KE 7. Camille Frances Ethier, AOII Grace Jolly Ewing, AAII Barbara Elaine Farrar, Al' Judith Orman Felts, AAA Jacqueline Claire Fisher, 4231 8. Larry Mitchell Fisher, KA William M. Flemister, KE Jenny Lee Flowers, X52 Gina Marie Fornara, AOII Jane Watson Fowler, AAA 9. Edgar Lee Fraker Ann Larue Frakes, KA James Boyd Francis, EX Robert Gary French, KE Nancy Elizabeth Fugate, ISA Harrison Nashville Huntsville, Ala. Nashville Chattanooga Alexandria, Va. Columbia Maryville Oak Ridge Airen, S.C. Knoxville Asheville, N.C. Maryville Maryville New Tazewell Tullahoma LaFollette Kingston Nashville Bristol, Va. Erwin Kingston Lexington Humbolt White Bluff Collierville Bells Kingston Tullahoma Columbia Dandridgc Candor, N.C. Shelbyville Nashville Nashville Clarksville Atlanta Ga. Covington Atlanta, Ga. Huntington Knoxville Columbia LaFollette Waynesboro Tazewell FRESHME 1. Roger Granier, Jr., ATO Dyersburg Nancy Marie Gardner, ZTA Garyville Patricia Forsyth Giles, AAA Chattanooga Rebecca Kay Giles Bristol William Larry Gillentine, Farmhouse McMinnville 2. Thomas Kinzer Gilliam Columbia Virginia Ann Glisson, Al' Cleveland Paul Douglas Goddard, Jr., 1ivI'A Dandridge Ethel Ann Grannis, ZIK Nashville Perry Coe Greer, KA Clarksville 3. Phillip Stephen Hagewood, KA Hagewood Phillip Stephen Hagewood, KA Clarksville James Nolan Hall, EX Memphis Joan Arlene Hamill, KA Chattanooga Mary Nell Hancock Clarksville George Henry Harding, ZAE Lebanon 4. Mary Alice Harris, AXS2 Kingsport Christine Janet Harrison, AZ Kingsport Gladys Lynne Haubenreich, AX!! Lewisburg George Terry Haupt, CPPA Chattanooga William Christopher Head Clarksville 5. Charlene Elizabeth Hemphill, AOII Atlanta, Ga. Michael Austin Henry, ZAE Franklin Pauline Sidonia Henry, HBKIJ Winston-Salem, N.C. Harry Herbert Hepler, ZX Huntsville Paul Adam Hershorin, AXA Pittsburgh, Pa. 6. James Russell Hill, EN Greeneville Marie Ellen Hines, AXS2 Chattanooga James Parks Hitch, ZX Maryville Jana Ann Hite, ZTA Olmstead, Ky. Jane Holman Columbia 7. Sharon Rae Huckaby, AI' Shreveport, La. Mary Naomi Isbell, X9 Chattanooga Mona Beth Isbell, AAII Concord Winifred Elizabeth Jackson, AI' Chattanooga Nancy Floride James, AEA Asheville, N.C. 8. James Arthur Jennette, ECPE Nashville Judith Wade Johnson, KA Maryville Johnnie Jannelle Jones Greeneville Atis Jurbergs, IPAQ Memphis Richard Irvin Kaufmann, ZBT Inglewood, N.J. 9. David Lee Kelley, KE Memphis David Gene King, QFA Knoxville Zella Frances Kirkpatrick, AAI! Gainesville, Fla. Daniel Edwin Klutts, ATO Nashville Dorothy Ann Koger, QM Byrdstown ae' f ""a!" 51' FRESH 1. Carol Ann Kucks, AXS2 Susan Miller Lackey, A011 Ruth Anne Lamb Stephanie Lambert, AAA Mary Patricia Langford, AVA 2. Lynda Larkin, X52 Linda Jean Laws, KA Rachel Lee, Z'l'A Mena Ann Locke, AI' Jean Priestly Lockhart, AAII 3. Peter John Lohmann, AXA James Harvey Long, Jr. KA Berkley, Mich. Knoxville Nashville Memphis Lexington, Ky. Dyersburg Morristown Indianapolis, Ind. Cleveland Camden YVestwood, N.J, Johnson City Linda Ellen Loomis, Al' Memphis Nancy Rachael Love. AXS2 Bristol Robert John Love, QPSK Honolulu, Hawaii 4. Martha Marilynne Lovell, AI' Jasper Patricia A. Lynch, AZ Bristol Sandra Joyce Lynn, ISA Celina Frances Jackson McClain, AAA Bristol Myra Susan McClard, AZ Lafayette D. Linda Caye lVIcGill, QM Chicago, Ill. Mary Lillian McLean, AZ Nashville Jodie Elizabeth McTeer, KA Maryville Elizabeth Rene Magness, Al' Signal Mountain Margaret Fain Major Franklin 6. Barbara Malicote, XQ Memphis John Samuel Marcy, KE Bristol Alice Irene Massey, AXSZ Memphis Carol Ann Mays, AAII Knoxville Jean M. Mazzei, AXQ Bristol 7. Sarah Anne Milholen, EK Shelbyville Kenneth Doyle Miller, Jr. Huntington Lou Carolyn Miller, CPM Knoxville Leanah Craig Mills, EK Morristown Horace P. Moore, EN Niota 8. Jeanne Moore, AAII La Follette Patricia Dolores Moorefield, ISA Kingsport John Henry blorris, Jr., KA Savannah William Fagan Morris, AFI' Wales John Philip Mowery, ECPE Nashville 9. Michael Lynn Mullins Bristol Rita Lou Munsey, AZ New Tazewell Sherrell Theodore Myrick, Jr., IIKA Chattanooga Linda Lee Nabors, ZTA Asheville, N.C, Linda Gay Nicholson, ZTA Knoxville FRESH 1. Thomas Albert Nicholson, AXA Dale Campbell Oakey, AXA Dede Dawn O'Neal, AI' John Thomas O'Neal, QEK James Donald Owen, KE 2. James Gary Owen, AT!! Harvey Eugene Owens, AH' Ana Carolyn Ownbey, ZTA Kenton Howard Page Malinda Ann Paine, EK 3. Robert Lawrence Patterson, KE Rena Marie Penn, X52 Bonnie Kay Perkins, IIBCII John Duncan Perkins Dennis Howard Peters, ATS? 4. James Robert Pettit, KA Givens Marvin Phillips, KE James Oscar Phillips, 4vl'A Linda Carolyn Phillips, ZTA Patrick James Pomphrey, AXA Knoxville Roanoke, Va. Nashville Memphis Nashville Fayetteville Nashville La Grange, Ill. Lake City Maryville Chattanooga Knoxville Memphis Memphis Dyersburg Cleveland Lebanon Rogersville Arlington, Tex. McLean, Va. 5. Suzanne Porter, APA Nashville John B. Pressly, QIUFA Loudon Martha Lee Prophet, QM Memphis Janet Claire Putman, AAII Rockwood Joseph Kenneth Rader, Jr., 'DPA Elizabethton 6. Mary Kyle Raulston, KA Knoxville Finley Walter Reed, Jr., ISA Lake City NI. Martin Reed, EIDE Nashville William Brelsford Rentenbach, K... Knoxville lkleredith Kay Rice Charleston, West Va. 7. Eugenia Lee Robinson, ISA Brieeville Mary Jane Rudd, KA Nashville Mark Hoyle Rudisill Nashville Rebecca Kathleen Rumcry Knoxville James Francis Sack, KA Franklin 8. Karl Theodore Sammows, Jr., DDE Knoxville James Robert Savage, 11113 Columbia Gwendolyn Renee Sawyer Clarksville Patsy Louise Scott, 4131 Oak Ridge Mary Jean Sharp, HB6 Sq-viervillg 9. Judith Joanne Shay Denver, Colo. Eugenia Anne Sheets, 11111 Madisonville Ralph Harold Shell Tullahorna Thomas Henry Shipman, SAE Memphis Judy Ann Silva East Douglas, lNIass. FRESH 1. John Taylor Simpnton, QEK Betty Louise Smith, AOH Linda Caliyie Smith, AAA Kathleen Margaret Sohm, KA Rosalind Speed, QM 2. Kathy Mae Stager, AFA Andrew Kaywood Stallings, ZQIPE Susan Randolph Stephens, AAU James Edmund Stewart, ATS! Charles Eugene Sullivan, ZAE 3. Willaford S. Swan, K2 John Sumners Tanner, ATS2 Margaret Joy Tanner Iual Ray Thomas, KE Charles O'Ferrall Thompson, KE 4. John Thomas Thompson, ATQ Katherine Elizabeth Thompson, 4131 John Robert Tindall, Jr., EN Marilyn Sue Tisdale Charles Baxter Tucker, GFA 5. Betty Carolyn Turner, EK Michael Walker Turner, SPE Walter Leroy Twiste, ZQIJE Sharon Lang Van Horn, AI' Vicki Jane Vinsant, KA 6. Kenneth R. Wade, ATQ Clarence Beaman Walker, fbI'A Jim Kesley Waller, TEK Sarah Jane Ward, X52 Frank Armstrong Watson 7. Rebecca Ann Weaver, KA Bill Renford Webb, 'PFA Randee Joy Wells, AAH Roberta Ann Werner, AAII Sandra Jean Whittaker 8. Bonnie Darlene Weiner, ZTA Dan Phillip Wiggins, ATO Peggy Ann Williamson, AFA Marcia Willien, KA Martha Jayne Wilson, AAII Crilla Aleece Wolfe, IIBKIJ 9. Dennis R. Womack, ISA Jennifer Tandy Woodbridge, AAA Janice Marie Wright, KA Judy Elizabeth Wright, AAA Patricia Jean Wright, CPM Barbara Ann Zazzi, AAA Covington Knoxville Oak Ridge Memphis Memphis Nutley, New Jersey Boone, N.C. Knoxville Bristol Ocala, Fla. Ooltewah Union City Manchester Bristol Chase City, Va. Lewisburg Chattanooga Forest Hill Cleveland Ashland City Lebanon Carthage Staten Island, N.Y. Kingston Maryville Sevierville Knoxville Douglasville, Ga. Lebanon White Haven Knoxville Oneida Nashville Knoxville Bristol Cedartown, Ga. Lewisburg LaFayette Knoxville Chattanooga Rutledge Manchester Oak Ridge Knoxville Memphis Lebanon Tullahoma FEATURES +, fm-fweslur-1 CEE! fa ,mmm ,.. ,gn- ,Q 'Q 4 if Q 'v--14" t :fv- Lf' Xu ,+P if Q if -X .4-. 4 'nz 'Q Liang., 6 , -- ?' sf ni -545. if 'a s 'w-M Q-MJVVHM DE T GOVERNM A Meeting of the Student Government Association in Progress In l962 the official Student Governing Body of the Uni- versity joined the National Student Government Associa- tion and changed its name from All Students Council to Student Government Association. SGA, including official representatives, class oliicers, and SGA officers, meets weekly. The SGA has as its chief aiin improving various aspects of campus life and activities. Its three chief respon- Student Government President, ViCe-Pre5ident of S, G. A., sibilities are the organization and production of Home coming, All-Sing, and Carnicus. Under the capable direction of YVayne Coleman, Presi dent, and Benton Smith, Vice-President, SGA has not only successfully completed its major activities, but has also initiated the Student Forum Program, a Student Scholar ship Program, a Student Recruitment Program, and a teacher evaluation project. Wayne Coleman Benton Smith S. G. A. Treasurer and Secretary, Anne Moore and Judy Falls A l 4 uf r"' 4 ' , 5 ...uf e ASSOCIATIO NVAYNE COLEMAN BENTON SMITII JL'DY FALLS ANN MOORE Bois t:LEMEN'r BRICE JORDAN ROE ELLEN COLEMAN SANDY CUNNINGHAM V CLASS OFFICERS FRESHMAN CLASS lf' ree- SOPHOMORE CLASS ROGER RILEY RUSSELL HOUSER KITTY ROBERTS PEGGY WEBB Jonx HOUSLEY NANCY oRR PAT BLURTON SHAREN ANDERSON DAVE BURKHART STEVE CATES BECKY HEMBREE LOLLY TAYLOR Sororities: Alpha Chi Omega Anna Haslbauer Nancy Lambert Alpha Delta Pi Iwiarianne Bowyer Paula Ide Alpha Epsilon Phi Shirley Fox Rhoda Schwartz Alpha Gamma Delta Celia Niurphy Nancy Fisher Alpha Omicron Pi Judi Yost Barbara Embury Alpha Xi Delta Susan Norman Bette Carlson Chi Omega Fran McClure Sassy Ward Delta Delta Delta Sue Novotny Mary Neal Durham Delta Gamma Patsi Keally Sandra Forbes Delta Zeta Sally Fisher Sandra Cronin Independent Student Association Mary Lee Washborn Kappa Delta Ellen Calloway Ann Chandler Phi Blu Linda Clark Donna Tippit Pi Beta Phi Jane Johnson Phyllis Gifford Sigma Kappa Pat Handley Ann Barrigar Zeta Tau Alpha Pat Patterson Vivian Fuqua I.. JUNIOR CLASS l lee- SENIOR CLASS I' lee- Fraternities: Alpha Epsilon Pi Sam Braunsteen Jim Nasa Alpha Gamma Rho Sandy Campbell Jerry Looney Alpha Tau Omega Fred Collins Roger Ganier Delta Tau Delta Larry Shoemaker Telfair Brooke Farm House Rex Kimbro Bob Rollins lee- lee- l'resi1l1'11l I,l'l'SiIll?flf Seerelzzry Tl'f'IlSlll'6f l,fl'SIl1f'lIf Presizlenl Seerelrzrj' Treasurer l,ff'.YiI1l'l1f l'resfflenf Sceremry Treasurer 1,fl'STlIFlIf l'rcsi11erzl Seerelnry TTFIISIITPW Presirlelzt Presirfen! Seererary Treasurer Independent Student Association Max Parrish Ed Dalton Kappa Alpha Tom Fields Randy Perry Kappa Sigma Charlie Thompson Campbell Sowell Lambda Chi Alpha Hall Worthington Larry McMahon Phi Sigma Kappa John Chandler David Livingston Phi Gamma Delta Dick Newport Eddy Grayson Pi Kappa Alpha David Burkhart Bob Mc'Neese Sigma Alpha Epsilon Frank Murtaugh Edwin Blakemore Sigma Chi Archer Bishop Bruce Mulkey Sigma Nu Banks Roden Charles Sharpe Sigma Phi Epsilon Bruce McBrainey Martin Lubin Zeta Beta Tau Ira Fenton Steve Hershman Political leaders don't always discuss important crises "What's on your mind. Mr. Attorney General?" A Q l .we 51 JUDICIAL BOARD. Left to Right, Seated: Andy Nash, Martha Clarson, Linda Swanson, Linda Looniis, Nora Ruth. Back Row: l'rarn-r-s llbml. Vlanivr' Powvrsl Susan rllhmniison. Sliarrni RlX'f'Ig9. AWS islllm'q0Yt'1'I1ll1Q hocly ol Lvl worm-n sluclvnts and is a Illl'l1llX'I' ul' thi- l11tv1'c'ollm'giala' Associate-cl AYOIIICII Stu- clvnts. thc- national cwgaliiyalion ol' collvuc- woxnvn. livsiclvs working' with thc aclininislralion aml otlivi' 01'- ganialions on canipus in 1-siahlishing and lu-1-ping rulers which Qcwc-i'r1 wmnvn sluclcnts. AXYS sponsors and IJYOIIIOIPS niany wnrtliwliili' IJI'0,lPt'lS during thi' school YFZIII rllllf' tluw-lxoa1'clsulAlYS, lfxc'c'l1lix'f'. .lllCllf'l21l. ancl lmgis- lativv sponsor an orim-mation prograln lor l-I'C'SlllI1l'l1 :incl lI'ZiI1Sl-PIA wonlvn 4-acl: fall, 'lhcy also sponsor a clanc'f'. a Lou Qlohnson, Cathy Dodson, Nanvy Niclwll, Rvita VVatu-nlxargf-a, Liluhx' Williams, IElIIll'f' lillimt. SlllClf'I1l-FllC'lllIf' llirnivr. ancl a Frivmlsliip NYM-lx. Thi' Tennessee Girl is Llim- arnnnal pulmlictaiifm ol' AWS XN'lIlCllQlYl'SlIllAOI'Ill21ll0IlOXICZIIIIIJIISlllkt'l.OI'l-l'f'SlllI1i1IlXYOIIIPII and whivli contains thi' sofial iwflilzltioiis gox'c'r'iiiiiQ all NVOIIIPII studs-nts. L'lJOIl1'I1l'0llIIlPIll in Lfl' cxvry wmnan Sll1Lll'Ill on CZIIIIPIIN is an AYYS lllC'IIllll'l'. Shi' lbcfollivs an avtivv IIll'Illl1l'l' upon thc' IJ2lyIIll'Ill ol' ilu- Cluvs ol' svxvrily-lin' cvnls pm' YUZIV. ancl shi' is givcn thi' 0IJIJOI'll1IlllX' ol holding ollicc' anal partici- pating in AWS L-lm-climxs. 1 FROSH BOARD. Left to Right, Seated: Ann Grannis. Mary ,lanv Rudd. Ann xYt'2lX'!'1'. Patsy Scott. Stand- ing: .lvannv Moorv. B1-cky Brown. Balms Blallirotr: Bar- lxara Brown. Back Row: Susan Lac'lu'y. Sliaron Ilurk- ahy. Linda liaison, Sarah il-l1Ol'IllTUl'U. Nlarin-lla Clamp- In-ll. AVIS EXECUTIVE BOARD LYNN OLIVER l'rPsir11'lif Fl-f.Yf I ITP-l'rf'sirlf'11t Srffoml Vir'P-l'r':'xirlf'11r J11rlfr'1'f1l Honrfl l'rwsirlr'l1! VIRGINIA LOWE LINDA EASON LINDA SWANSON BETTY ANN LOWE Sr'rrP111ry KATHY DELIKER Tf1flSlH'l'I' AWS JUDICIAL BOARD LINDA SWANSON l'1'r's1'rl'f'f1I TVIARTHA CARSON lll'f'SI'I!l'lIf of Killiff ,Kam l'rf'side11i of llvlmxf' Presirleflzl of 0111 Wrist Hull Prrfsidvnt Of New WMS! llnfl Prffsidflzl of Jl'l1lIIif' Aflllbflfflllg Presirlent of Barbara Bloun! l,VPSi!If'I1f of Tffmplv ffrmrl 1'rf'sirlc'11l 01 Henson Hall CATHY DODSON JANICE ELLIOTT LOU JOHNSON NANCY NICKELL JANICE POWERS SHARON RIVERS NORA ROTH SUSAN THOMPSON 1Jl'I'Sl'df'l1l of lI11IIiP Iiufn LIBBY WILLIAMS l'rPs1'der1l of flronrlrz flour! FRANCES WOOD 1'rPsidPr11 0f1'ully llffflluig AWS LEGISLATIVE BOARD Business Administration HELEN NIORGAN Sffnior LINDA -IENNINGS Jluzim SANDRA FORBES Suplionmrz Education PAT CONNOR Svniol' ANN HOFFNIEYER junior SARAH RUSSELL and JANIGE EGLETON Suplmnmrf' Home Economics FRANCES BRESKO Swninr LINDA BETTIS JIIIIIIDI KITTY ROBERTS .NIIIJIIUHIIIH Liberal Arts VIRGINIA MADDLX and VIRGINIA I'IOLTlN'IAN Sffninz BETSY IRWIN Junior KAY SHEPHERD Soplznrzmr EXECUTIVE BOARD, Left to Right, Seated: Linda Eason, Lynn Olivt-r, Standing: Linda Swanson, Bvtty Ann Loww, Kathy Dt-Ckvr. Virginia Lowe. Engineering-Law-Agriculture NANCY CILIFT Rt'1llf'.Y4'lIf!lfl-I'l' GAIL VVATERS l'r1l1l1wllw1z'r Rwp. NIARY LEE WASHBLRN IS,-l Rf-p. SLIE OGDIN "Tf'11r1f '." we' Girl" lfrlfmr ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDE TS LEGISLATIVE BOARD, First Row, Left t0 Right: Betsy Irwin, Kitty Roberts, Sandy Forlws. Gail Watt-rs, Virginia Lowa Second Row: Linda Jrnninqs. Franrfs Brasko, Nancy Clift. Third Row: Pat Conner. Virginia Maddnx. Helen Morgan, Virginia Holtnian, Fourth Row: Linda Bvttis, Mary Ls-9 IVashburn, Suv Ogdin. Fifth Igoviz Kay Shcpht-rd, Ann HofInn-yer. Sarah Lot- Russell, -Ianicv au cton. LYNN OLIVER AWS President 1 Swami amaaamssauw A 'fm'-" Left to Right: Civorum' x1i'Hl'I1l'S', Businc-ss Stuff: Ste-wr cjiilllli, Sports Co-Edilori Surah Bilnlv. Honorarivs Editor. Left lo Right: Standing: Ruth Butts, Linda Link, Nfzxrgic Coolvy, llhcryl W21K'iltl'i. Sharon fXHdl'l'S1Sll, Jim Giffin. Scaled: Bob Garrm-tt, Judy Yost, Bill Montgonu-ry, Put Blurton. 84 BILL BLEVINS Editor THE 1963 EDITORIAL STAFF ACTIVITIES'--Co-Editors: Linda Link and Sharen Andersen. Committee: Jackie Holland, Ann Cox Walker, Cathy Dodson. ATHLETICS-f Co-Editors: Bill Niontgomery and Steve Ollard. Committee: Carolyn Henry, Dianne Moore. Linda Young. BEAUTIES-Editor: Ruth Butts. . Committee: Linda Looines, Judy Miniel, Sandra Shefheld, Marie Ingrassia, Elizabeth Dooley, 'llom Nicholson. Jim Garner. JO Hudson, Bob Hester. CLASS-Editor: Pat Blurton. Committee: Linda Wilbanks, Denny Peters, Joyee McIntosh, Joan Priee. FRATERNITIES-Editor: Bob Carrett. Committee: Judy Lienart, Judy Felts, Ed Daueh SORORITIES-Editor: Nlargie Cooley. Committee: Bonny Bonnyman, Lynda Larkin. Jenny Lee Flowers. NIILITARY-Editor: Jim Gifhn. Committee: Sherry Fleming, Charlie Thompson, Carolyn Henry. HONORARIES-Editor: Sarah Bible. Committee: Bill Kelly, Andy Nash, Judy Vaughan, Mary Ann lNIeCrary. ORGANIZATIONS-Editor: Cheryl Wat-htel, Committee: Beverly Best. Mary Bruee. Sharon Hodues. BUSINESS STAFF Bill lNIyers-A Business Manager Frank Murtaugh-CJrganizations Manager ADVERTISING STAFF George fXIeHenry and Pat Neergaard. OFFICE STAFF Judy Yost --Kfanager. Committee: Cynthia Nixon, Patsy Cogburn, Sue Statlord Georgia Dunean, IwIary Aliee NIeNIillan, Judy Smith, Dottie Wheelen, Paula MeCaslin. OLU TEER Exif ' 'na g tlrataaw it e tt BILL MYERS Business Bfanager This year the VOLUNTEER took on a major Change by the addition of eolor beauty pages and full-page eolor diyisions pages. The year- book was orientated toward a student's yiew ol' the L'niyersity and opened with a longer seetion of glimpses of the Uniyersity seen through a students eye. Bditor Bill Bleyins was ably assisted by a most etlieient and interested statlf Althousfh their jobs involved long and tedious hours of hard work. the entire stall' never failed to do their part. lt it difiieult for someone not eonneeted with the YUIIINTIQER to realiye just how mueh work Qoes into putting together a major publieation. Business Nfanager Bill Nlyers instigated new and rewarding sales programs resulting in added sales and efficient handling of the books. Ham- pered by out-dated regulations restricting the VOLUNTEER from being sold in the dorms or the student center, Nfyers and his statl' had to struggle to get the amount of sales needed for the eost ol the book. All in all. the l96fl VUL- UNTHER should be one of the yery best. 35 'llwiet--a-week deadlines and a stall' almost doubled from last year was the big change in tht- Orange and YVhite, student newspaper. this year. '1'lit- semi-weekly Orange and White was established as an experiment late in 1962, was successful. and permanently became a twice-a-week publi- cation at tht- first ol' this school year. Instead ol' appearing on Friday, the Orange and White was on newsstands on Tuesday as well. Don Palmer, a senior from Maryville, was editor for the lirst term. which saw some of the major news breaks of the sehool year. Lucinda Long. a Knoxville senior. was second- tvrm editor--during the major news ol' All Sing. Carnieus. Convocation, and mort- University expansion, john Lain. a University journalism professor. served as faculty advisor .lim Maples, a junior from Chattanooga. headed ad gathering and financing for the publication. assisted by a stall ol some ten students. 'QE ff-M, val' W 9 Business Stall, left to right, seated: Linda Davis, Miki- Du Bois, Kr-n McDonald. Standing: Eddie Duncan, Maudic- Nlarlin, Susan .Xdt-rhold. Nlary Clarke Smith, Nfarlin Nfosby. First-term Editor was Don Palmer THE ORANGE Tuesday Staff, seated lcft to right: Diane Knit-s, Fran Bartelmv. Leah Phelps. Sandra Bennett. Picture Editor, Ann Sinness. Linda Jennings. News Editor. Celia Murphy. Feature Editor. Linda McGill. and Judy Heglar. Stand- ing: David Hall, Managing Editor, Sue Lester. Vandlyn Brown, Copy Editor. Anne Watson. Soriety Editor. and Charlie Thompson. Not Pictured: Bill Felknor, Sports Editor, Sam Sentelle, Makeup Editor. Bill Haddox. Pho- tographer, and John M. Lain. Faculty Advisor. Lueinda Long was second-term Editor Friday Staff, Seated, Left to Right: Mundie Marlin. Suzanne Lovell, Lucinda Long. Sandra Jones, jerry Fischer, Emily Crump, Christine May, Sue Bren-den, und Cheryl Waehtel. Standing: Marlin Mosby. Ken Mt'- Donalcl, .Ion Sem-r. Ron Marlar. and Hunk Dye. sggfi - JIM MAPLES Business Manager 'l'l1e Orange and Hliitc has been functioning zu L'-'l' tilxnost continuously since 1904. It luis been in its Current tabloid fortn sinee l95l. 'l'l1e purpose ol' the paper. tis outlined by its editorial staff and advisor. is to present 21 eoinplete and balaneed report of Campus life, at task not possible for 21 metropolitan paper serving the whole Knoxville eonnnunity. It is also an organ for opinion of student editors. selected by a publiea- tions eonnnittee ol' L'nix'ersity representatives. Larry Perry, editor "Tennessee Engineer" Left to Right, Seated: James R. Jones, Nancy A. Clift, David F. Howell, Larry Perry, Steven A. Radlein, Paula Richardson, Charles R. Edwards. Not Pictured: Chr-sly Lyon, Michael Kennedy. John Monrr-y. Hal Phillips. THE TENNESSEE GI EER The past three decades have seen the development of one of the largest college engineering magazines in the United States of America. Beginning back in 1925 with a small two- page pamphlet and continuing at present with more than thirty-live pages per issue, The Tennessee Engineer has one of the largest circulations of other equivalent college maga- zines. The Tennessee Engineer is distributed to alumni and students of the College of Engineering. The contents range from articles on 'WVomen in Engineering" to 'gThe Complex Gyratorf' with the articles mainly concerned with the Col- lege of Engineering. The quarterly magazines staff has recently received an award of excellence in engineering col- lege magazines from a national firm. Heading the staff this year have been Larry Perry, Editor, and Charles Edwards, Business Manager. The faculty advisor is Mr. E. A. W'hite- hurst. sas. 1' THE TENNESSEE EAR ER The Tennessee Farmer, the official student publication of the College of Agriculture, has been published under the sponsorship of the Agricultural Club since 1906. The maga- zine is distributed to Alumni of the College of Agriculture, agriculture students and their parents, high schools teach- ing agriculture, county agricultural agents, and general subscribers. It contains news of student activities, alumni activities, technological innovations for Tennessee Agricul- ture, and developments in the studentis chosen field. Wlritten and edited by agricultural students. the Tennes- see Farmer is published four times a year, Hlorking on the staff gives a student the opportunity to broaden his perspec- tive of agriculture. The Tennessee Farmer is a member of the Agriculture College Magazines Associated, Amold Skelton, Editor "Tennessee Farmer Front Row, Left to Right: Ralph Hamil- ton, Advisorg Rex Kimbro, Managing Edi- torg Arnold Skelton, Editorg john Reeves, l Advertising Manager. Second Row: I Charles Goan, Circulation Manager: jim Jones, Glyn Ed Newton, Business Man- ager. Third Row: Dan Wheeler, john Jordan, Kenneth Kemp. Fourth Row: Don Carton, Conrad Sisk, Don Kyle. W Fifth Row: Jim Kirk, Gene Dugger, Charles Self. Sixth Row: Bill Testerman, l Bobby Sasser. Q 1 1 l r 1 THE P BLICATIONS COUNCIL PROFESSOR W. C. TUCKER DR. MR MR MR MR PERCY ADAMS JULIAN HARR1ss JAMES L. sM1TH BEN HOOPER DAVID MCLAIN Chairman Faculty Representative Alumni Representative Alumni Representative Student Representative Student Representative The Publishing Association of the University of Tennessee is a non-profit corporation which publishes the school year- book, THE VOLUNTEER, and the school paper, The Orange and White. Known as the Publications Council, the Board of Directors is composed of two faculty members and one alumnus who are appointed by the President of the University and two students and one alumnus elected annually by the publications' subscribers. Every student who subscribes to The Orange and White or buys a VOLUNTEER is a stockholder in this corporation and entitled to votes proportionate to his invested stock in the annual elections. The President of the University is an ex-oficio nieinber. Included in the responsibilities of the Board are the gen- eral policies and financial supervision of THE VOLUN- TEER and The Orange and White. The board members select the student executives of the publications and assist the business managers in handling sales, advertising, and other financial details. To help promote interest in the University and its publi- cations, the Board assists in providing free copies of The Orange and White which are distributed in the Tennessee high school libraries. The Board also contributes to the annual conference of state high school editors and estab- lishes the standards for the selection of Torchbearers. Left to Right, Seated: Mr. Hooper, Professor Tucker, Mr, McLain. Standing: Mr. Harriss, Mr. Lain, Dr. Adams. STUDE T FORUM LECTURE SERIES The Student Forum Lecture Series is a program which was initiated on the campus of the University of Tennessee in 1961-62. The Student Forum was a progressive move- ment on campus toward improved student life and activities by the Student Government Association. The purpose of the lecture series is to bring renowned and outstanding personalities to UT to speak on their various fields of achievement. During the first year, the notables who were brought to our campus were Dr. Arthur Seibeus, Martin Caidin, Albert Burke, and Lowell Thomas, Jr. A special and exciting addition to the series was the appearance of Secretary of State Dean Rusk. Another outstanding group of speakers was presented in the 1962-63 season. The well-known authority on etiquette and cookery, Amy Vanderbilt, impressed students and Knoxvillians with her talk entitled "How Times Have Changedf' Alistair Cooke informed the campus on g'How the Rest of the World Sees America." The noted sociologist, Vance Packard, spoke on his Field, and John Strom took his audience on a trip HBehind Red Chinais Bamboo Cur- tainf' The Student Forum has definitely played an impor- tant role in enriching student life. 1 . Em. V 5 , W is. fi I .H:.L,i,! 5 is A Vi: Q. st , R a. S -f . , . 1 1 , f .,Q.,: as W 1 STUDENT FORUM EXECUTIVE BOARD-Seated, Left to Right: Sharon Stroud. Chris Abbey, Betsy Thomas, Advisor: Anne Dempster, Secretary. Standing: Gary Meyer, Bette Stubbs, Barbara McC:1rtc-r, Matt McClellan, Chairman. spoke in November. Amy Vanderbilt speaks on etiquette. World traveler, Alistair Cooke, john Strohm talked on China's Bamboo Curtain. Red Noted sociologist, Vance Pack- ard, appeared at U. T. in February. 91 NAHHEEYAYLI GOVERNING BOARD NAHHEEYAYLI BOARD-First Row, Left to Right: Ira Fenton, Marvin Lubin, Fourth Row: Mike Du Bois, Walter Bussart lov. David Brubaker, Larry Shrader. Second Row: Pete Von Elton. Barksdnle Jones, Archer Bishop. Third Row: Gene Withrow, and Since its founding in 1924 as an organization to reduce competition between fraternities, the Nahheeyayli Govern- ing Board has become one of the most popular organizations on the UT campus. The Board, composed of a representa- tive from each fraternity and from the Independent Stu- dents Association, now serves as the campus coordinator to organize and supervise the presentation of nationally and internationally known popular entertainment to the student body. The name Nahhceyayli is an old Cherokee Indian word meaning "dance of the seasonf, and rightly so, for it is definitely one of the largest, most popular events of each quarter. t Ashley, Tommy Boggs, Max Parrish, Joe Radar, Bob Vaughn Not Pictured: John Housley and Campbell Sowells. The Journeymen provided Fall Quarter's entertainment , , Qw gsm? NEMA 1. 'M , , r qmasuq, g OFFICERS--Left to Right: Pete Von Elton, AXA, Secretary Walter Bussart, ATU, Publicity Chairman: Barksdale Jones, 111113 Prcsidentg Bob Vaughn, KA, Vicc-President, Larry Shrudor, IIKA Custodian: and Jon' Ashley, ATA, Trmsurcr. S A l K Nahheeyayli's president, Barksdale jones Campus jazz fans enjoyed Dave Brubeck at Winter Nah- heeyayli. 1962 HOMECOMING Honiecorning .Queen Jane Waller was very radiant at half-time Ceremonies despite the ram. A huge bonfire Friday night was the first event in a fun-filled Homecoming Weekend. The cheer- leaders roused the spirit of the students despite the damper put on the festivities by Old Man Weather. Inspired by the Spirit of the Hill Contest sponsored by Adawayhi, the Greek groups showed their sup- port of the Vols with posters scattered over the campus throughout the week, card tricks at the pep rally, and cheers at the game. Nineteen hun- dred and sixty-two saw an important alteration in the Homecoming Parade held Saturday morning. Only the fraternities entered the float competition, while the sororities planned displays in the Student Center carrying out the Homecoming theme of "Rebel Roundupf' Weeks of planning and a late night of work on Friday paid off for Sigma Chi, whose float received the hrst-place award, and Kappa Sigma, who came in second. Equipped with umbrellas, confetti, and lots of spirit, UT students, alumni, and fans enjoyed the thrilling game with the Ole Miss Rebels and were also treated to the presentation of the 1962 Home- coming Queen, Miss Jane Waller, and her court during half-time ceremonies. A concert by the Chad Mitchell Trio plus fraternity parties rounded out the Homecoming festivities on Saturday night. An additional improvement was the granting by the AYVS Council of 1:30 permission on Saturday night to dormitory girls. Pre-Homecoming Spirit was quite evident at Pep Rally Homecoming Co-Chairmen-Joe Cook and Jerry Wilson 94 Sigs rocket to top honors in '62 Homecoming Kappa Sigls OLE-MISS-FIT takes second place HOMECOMING ADVISORY BOARD-Left to Right, Seated: Sue Ogdin, Margie Cooley, Andy Nash, Marcin Herring. Standing: Joe Ashley, Mat McClellan. Bucky Bagwell. THQ -fm.. ei? 14' fs f ssi 'Qu 1' HR-M s'-X , L - - Q J f j fc--1. 1-1 'snxv x -1, ,,v,,,,., K f , EN, R 1 , If Q 4 ff 6 'A 1 WL L.:-,gf-44 J f7,,',0',.,,, t M ""'--A-.ip : is , ,V ,' 1 K' M, 4' f A I 4 , f .ff XA ALL SING '63 ALL-SING PROGRAM . . Opening-U.T. Singers Testament of Freedom '4The God who gave us life gave us liberty" -Words of Thomas Jelferson SMALL GROUPS Pi Kappa Alpha-K'Landlord, Fill the Flowing Bowlw Kappa Delta-'iThe Key to Love" Delta Ga1nma+"Stairway to the Stars" Phi Delta Theta+nBlue Skiesl' 1 INTERMEDIATE GROUPS Pi Beta Phi ......................... Director, Karen Haralson "Dis Train" Phi Gamma Delta ................. Director, Charles Snodgrass LWVhen Johnny Comes lNIarching Home Againl' Sigma Kappa ...............,...... Director, -Iosetta Shoemaker mln the Still of the Nightu Alpha Gamma Rho ..................... Director, Sue Novotny "Can I Go?', Class AA boy's winner Phi Gamma Delta Class AA girl's winner Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega ................... Director, Anna Haslbauer "What Kind of Fool Am I?" Delta Tau Delta ........................ Director, Gurth Baron "Deep in My Heart, Dear" INTERMISSION LARGE GROUPS Alpha Delta Pi .......................... Director, Jane Waller "Velvet Shoes"-"These Are a Few of My Favorite Things" Sigma Alpha Epsilon. .,................... Director, Bob Davis "I'm a Poor Lonesome Cowboyi'-'iNew Tasmolian Marching Band" Delta Delta Delta ...................... Director, Sue Novotny "Night and Dayu-'KWaiting for My Dearie" Alpha Tau Omega ............,.......... Director, Bo Thomas i'Good Day"-"Marian Alpha Xi Delta ................. Director, Sammie Sue Hodges K'Waters Ripple and Flows'-Hltalian Street Song" Sigma Phi Epsilon ......................... Director, Ed Smith HThe Streets of Larado"-K'Evcrything's Coming Up Roses" Chi Omega ........................... Director, Carol Erskine "Wade In the Waterv-"Love is a Many Splendored Thingi' Sigma Chi .....................,...... Director, Jerry Hamby "I Hear a Voice A'Praying"-"Carmen, Carmeo" U. T. SingersiFinale Advisory Board Members-Seated, left to right: Phyllis Anderson, Pat Blurton, Linda Bettis. Standing: Jack Ransom, Marianne Bowyer, Lolly Taylor, Bill Marks. F IN ALE Musical Comedy-Women's Feature My Fair Lady-"Show Me" Oklahoma-"Out of My Dreams" ...... Solo by Charlotte Sims West Side Story-"I Feel Pretty" ....... Solo by Charlotte Sims "Cool Boy, Easy Boy" .................. Men with Dancers "A Boy Like Thati' Duet: Charlotte Sims, Paula Ferree Music Man-"Pick a Little, Talk a Little"-"Wells Fargol' Patriotic Medley .......................... by Norman Lubofi' Under the direction of Ambrose Holford Accompanied by Victor Byrd Class AAA boy's winner Sigma Alpha Epsilon The 32nd annual All-Sing brought with it a major change in this traditional program-the addition of the intermediate group as a new level of competition in order to give more groups the opportunity to participate. All-Sing was dedicated to Dr. Isabel Tipton who has given much of herself to the University of Tennessee. The Alpha Delta Pi's won top honors in the sorority class AAA competition with their versions of g'Velvet Shoes" and c'These Are a Few of Nlv Favorite Things." Sigma Alpha Epsilon captured fraternity Class AAA honors with hlim a Poor Lone- some Cowbovw and "New Tasmolian Kfarehing Band." Alpha Chi Omega and Phi Gamma Delta became the first winners of the class AA division with their arrangements of 'iVVhat Kind of Fool Am IT' and HlVhen Johnny Comes Marching Home Again," respectively. In the class A or small group competition the winning trophy went to Phi Delta Theta. A grand finale presented by the UT. Singers featured a "Patriotic Medleyi' writ- ten especially for the Singers by Norman Luboff. Class AAA girl's winner Alpha Delta Pi Co-Chairmen of All-Sing Carolyn Leffell, Lloyd Stanley Class A winner Phi Delta Theta Carnicus Co-Chairmen, Bill Cowan and Barbara Short Kappa Delta and Georgia Brown take first place with "Sherman's Last Stand." A.XlI's find out "the difference" in "Kindergarten Komplexesf' 1962 CAR ICUS UT,s thirty-third annual Carnicus Ccarnival circusj presentation, as always, lived up to its title, "The Greatest Show in Dixie," with the 1962 version entitled "Countdown Carnicusf' From the eight outstanding sorority and fraternity Final- ists, Kappa Delta captured first place with their presenta- tion of 'fSherman's Last Stand,', and Kappa Sigma won top honors with their version of i'The Barber of Seville? The Squires walked off with the small-group honors. Carnicus is one of the major functions sponsored by the Student Government Association. SGA prescribes the judg- ing system which includes humor and entertainment value, continuity, stage and costumes, and perfection of presenta- tion. Once again, UT's Carnieus offered some of the rarest, most delightful entertainment to Knoxvillians, parents and students alike. Phi Gamma Delta tries to "Pick a Card, Any Cardf' fi If 'Wiz K'Robin the Hood" finds Sherwood Forest invaded by Lambda Chi's PROGRAM KAPPA DELTA PHI GAMMA DELTA 'A ALPHA DELTA PI " LAMBDA CHI ALPHA DELTA GAMMA KAPPA SIGMA DELTA DELTA DELTA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 'lShcrman,s Last Standl' Pick a Curd+Any Cardin sy Kindergarten Komplexes "Robin The Hood" we i'On to Rabbit Springs "The Barber of Seville" "Follies des Fleurs" "Cleopatra" Delta Gamma's find over-population the problem in Bunnyville Second honors go to ZAE and "Cleopatra.', J JfiPREPAi?C TO M55 JUPIIER Ni! 9 Advisory Board members are, Front Row, Left to Right: Ann Held- errnan, Quinn Young, Patsi Keally, Becky Hembree. Back Row: Dick Newport, Jim Herbert, John Housley. Kappa Sigs and KA's and signs of victory First-place goes to K2 and the "Barber of Seville." "Follies des Fleurs" portrayed by Tri Dclta flowers. THE UNIVERSITY CE TER Student Center Chairman Mickey Nardo and Co-Chairman Barbara McCarter. CREATIVE ARTS COMMITTEE-First Row, Left to Right: Gary Long, Judy Dow, Linda Weaver, Sharon Huckabee, Carolyn Head, and Paula McCaslin. Second Row: Ken Storrs, Mack Kil- patrick, Chairman and jimmy Owen. IOO Serving as a Ncampus living roomw for the entire Univer- sity community, the University Center provides the oppor- tunity for students, faculty, and alumni to select and participate in worthwhile activities. The Center is operated through the direction of student committees that plan and carry out the various programs. On the social level, a variety of dances are open to all stu- dents. Various programs of instruction and tournaments are held in individual sports such as chess, billiards, bridge, and bowling. On a more serious level, the University Center offers a wide range of musical presentations ranging from the Folk Music Festival in the Spring to the Fine Arts programs throughout the year. Rented displays, coupled with samples of local work, provide a good selection for the art lover. Movies from popular classical, and foreign sources are shown throughout the year. In order to expand the cultural and social activities, the University Center program is constantly being broadened. The Monocle, a newspaper calendar. is published by the Center to inform the students of all campus events of in- terest. Future plans include an entertaining lecture series of interest to all students. Truly, the University Center lives up to its name, HThe Living Room of the Campusf, PROGRAM COMMITTEE-Left to Right, Seated: jim Gifhn, Co-Chairman, Jean Mazzel, Ann Weaver, Margie Cooley, Carolyn Henry. Standing: Susan Finer, Bob Martin, Lucy Browder, Linda Townsend, Ed Palmer, Jeanne Moore, John Perry, Sarah Cantwell, Bill Potter, Bill Brandon, and Linda Ebert. Not Pictured: Janet Putman, Linda Davis, Ronnie Cox, and Bob McNees. RECREATION COMMIT- TEE-Left to Right, Seated: Linda Strom, Pat Blurton, Katherine Keith, June Keith. Susan Colley, and Dottie Wheelc-n. Standing: Jackie Holland, Kay Hutchinson, Bobbi Herner, Bonita Bar- nard, Penny Dumas, Lynn Cecil, Martha Warren, and Cinna Fornara. DANCE COMMITTEE - Left to Right, Standing: Lolly Ritchie. Gloria Lane. Mary Lou Crifiin, Betty Giles. Lyn Larkin, Ginnn Jones. and David jones. Back Row: Bill Giddings, Chairman: Trisha Hutchins. Ann Stephens, Lavene Rob- erts, Kay Shepherd, Co- Chairman: Dave Fuller. Carl I'Voodall, and Craig Norton. PUBLICITY COMMIT- TEE-Front Row, Left to Right: Jean Schiffman, Patty Gibbs, Suzanne Lovell, jo Patterson, Barbara Brown, Martha Dempster. Second Row: Dick Tipton, Karen Kaishoven, Elizabeth Jack- son, Ann Fowler, and Dancy Lewellan. Third Row: Larry McClanahan, Alan Nagy, Jim Maples, Co-Chairman, and Paul Williamson, Co- Chairman. Ska JOHN M. SMARTT Executive Alumni Secretary HOWARD LUMSDEN Director of Placement THE ALUMN ASSOCIATIO The Alumni Association is composed of Graduate Stu- dents of the University. Seniors become members of the Association for a one-year period, after which they may retain active status by contributing to the annual Alumni Fund Drive. Members receive copies of the three Alumni publications, the Tennessee Alumnus, Hill-O-Grams, and the Monday Morning Quarterback. The five-fold objectives of the Association are: 1. To aid the University in securing adequate support for the full development of the institution. 2. To bring to Tennessee the best men and women en- rolled in secondary schools of the state. 3. To maintain accurate biographical records of Alumni and recognize them for their achievements. 4. To assist in securing such publicity as will increase the prestige of the University. 5. To promote further growth of the Personnel Bureau. The Bureau of Personnel Service was established by the University for the purpose of assisting in the placement of MAC McLEAN Alunmi Field Secretary Alumni and Seniors. Alumni are urged to notify the Bureau of any possible opening for Tennessee men and women and to call upon the Bureau of Personnel Service for assistance when unemployed. Left to Right, Seated: Charlotte S. Overton, Carlie Merritt, Helen McNew, Kay Dorsett, Alice Moore, Evelyn Bales, Jeanne Barkley. Standing: Betty Stone, Mary Ruth Henderson, Sancy Hail. 102 Summer and Fall Officers, Right to Left: Earl Layman, Presidentg John O'Connor, Vice-President, Robert Harris, Secretary, Ben Hooper, Treasurer. Since its establishment in 1890 the UT College of law has steadily become one of the leading institutions of its kind in the country. The College is a charter member of the American Law Students Association which is an arm of the American Bar Association. Students at the College govern their own affairs through the Student Bar Association and in conjunction with the local Bar Association spon- sor such activities as the annual Law Day Celebration. At weekly meetings the Association sponsors lectures, trial practice sessions, and similar programs. The Tennessee Law Review, which is published by the faculty and students of the College, is the official publication of Tennessee Bar Association. Through such integrated activities the student is acquainted both with the theoretical and practical phases of the law and is prepared to take a responsibile place in the civic and legal aHairs of his com- munity. Winter and Spring Officers, Right to Left: Jerry Taylor, Presidentg jim Omer Vice President, Gus Wood, Secretary, Dave Buck, Treasurer. ' .V Ng: , Q f-L, bfi in K , N1 2 f..f: ,Q f we . .J 4 if 5 fi Y qs Q 5, Ma 'J' Yzg . ff , iw 5 ai 3 N 5 5 'x ik? 'ANY- N A -xv? 5: 61 in 'is' i f r ' 1, I YE. VOL BEAUTY PARADE Y' The top 22 beauties begin final competition. The twenty-two beautiful girls who are pictured in our beauty section were selected at the annual Volunteer Beauty Parade held in early November. They were chosen on the basis of the beauty of their facial features, figure, personality, and the excellence of their stage presence and poise. Of the sixty- four beauties entered in the Parade, four were nominated by each of the fifteen sororities and four by the Independent Stu- dents Association. The first judging was held on the evening of November 6 in the University Center Ballroom. Following the parade, each contestant was interviewed by four local judges. The ballots of these judges selected our twenty-two Hnalists. The evening of November 7 saw the selection of Miss Volun- teer. On that night four different local judges named Miss Betty Carlson the winner of our 1962-63 Volunteer Beauty Parade. The staff of the VOLUNTEER would like to thank the eight judges who so generously gave their time. A vote of thanks also goes to the Hillls fifteen sororities and the Independent Students Association. Without the continued interest and help of these people and organizations, the selection of this yearis beauties would have been impossible. All photographs of Beauties by Gordon Studios, Knoxville IO Sally Bacon starts her parade. Several beauty hope- fuls await their turn. MISS VOLU TEER effcy Carlson This year Miss Betty Carlson, a popular Alpha Xi Delta, reigns as the queen of beauty on "The Hill? Always vi- vacious and gracious, Betty charms all who know her. Through her talent and agility, she has brought enjoyment to thousands of football fans this fall as she has marched as rnajorette for her second consecutive year with the Pride of the Southland Band. UT feels proud to crown her "Miss Volunteerv of 1962-63. or E" f me luvuim. f 9 if f ,- W.......fna1 wg. ai-2 5 wx , .3 1 9 v A -W 1-STL WWW xi- I 2 it I S A? M we 1 . Eg! .ffl , Q -1 if Yi .Q 1 Mr : is V. 'M k M' arcia f' usfin my ,, .W PV' ,f2sv.' 'ix 'r nfl vw' 5:5 X vffif - v Vg w " ' ' WW WL v ': W ,M M, 5 ' 19" , 4 : 42 nw ,,mg4 'W'1:x2i W 3113+ 2 43222 . I Y 5 .' .TW 3425, M ' 5 wr ,W A 70014, im m f Hi i lv ff 3 ,F MISS BETH ADAMS Phi Mu BACON mega MISS ANN BREAZEALE Alpha Omicron Pi YNDA BELL Sigma Kappa NATE BEAUTIES ALTERNATE BEAUTIES MISS PEGGY COWLING Alpha Omicron Pi MISS SHERRIE FLEMMING Alpha Delta Pi MISS SALLY HEILMAN H Kappa Delta ' MISS JAN GRIFFITH Delta Delta Delta MISS JEANNE HOOD A Delta Gamma MISS RITA MUNSEY Alpha Xi Delta Miss MARY KAY PUTNAM Alpha Delta Pi MISS SUANN PRESTON Delta Delta Delta BEAUTIES MISS ANNETTE TEFFETELLER Alpha Delta Pi WWF MISS AYNN THURMAN Kappa Delta ALTERNATE MISS JUDY VAUGHN Alpha Chi Omega MISS GAIL WEBB Alpha Chi Omega WALL1-:NE Nahheeyaylfs Choice PEGGY Engineer's CAMPUS QUEENS ARO JANE WALLER Homecoming Queen SCARABBEAN SOCIETY OMICRON DELTA WHO'S WHO KAPPA MORTAR BOARD PHI KAPPA PHI ALPHA ZETA Nt: ALPHA LAMBDA Af , PHI ETA DELTA 3 SIGMA A vvfgigff In X I 74Q'9f..,,ffggf35' BETA GAMMA I SIGMA TAU BETA PI A A PI LAMBDA THETA SIGMA DELTA PI HON ORARIES CHI EPSILON ETA KAPPA NU OMICRON NU .vmw """f Sk ig I 1739 diff PH 3132 rv' ta gms .V 1 Q 2: . Mfufbf-Qv ff Q Mmm mim51M,s,A- " ' Q N A 2 ' 3255.115 as easy . " I I ,K WW, . . ,wg- , f L Q, .ii 1 K I ,A A -- 3? M' , A V, .ww M, Q, .. X - my-e-'--I-.: +' , .LK, w.A. ,, ,A k ,M ,,.,,,: Z gg, I V, , x ' 1 1 K , I was -MWm?-Lqf1u.M1.mWMmmkwff7fawifjffiiii W KQi: 'bQ?ws'1fff:f. -' 5' ' ' 'Mraz-:, wwif W, 3 ,M xf -X 7 ,, '. . ft ' , 'Y ws: ' . ,. , . '- .M Mfswwwvw-fwwwfww f m , H ' 2 1 r!g,gM7y,w,lim, 4 L, . ' A -Q QW, , . ., , ,v,,lEf',.QQlZ Ag: ' M A S? - ,, 1 Q fe4,fffy -zzz gif ' K A , QW Lfw12'f,, W, . Mm M... my 4 W9 . . I 1 . - f f -- 7, f' f.-Zsihiffs si'-Q:w,,',, ffwl M' W' 1 -aQ': ,.- ar:- .ww-hh " 'v my, A4 we 17.0 RUTH L. BUTTS TORCHBEARER AI' Secretary of New West Hall Jeannie Armstrong Vice-President Pan-Hellenic Treasurer VCJLI,TNTEER Section Editor Mortar Board President Delta Gamma Who's Who Q? fm. r Nm mm.. 1 Q ' f ww i ,pw sm, fn. .242 - Q ' 'N 4 ., al. - 7' A ,V 1 awry' , ,,.. , if . 1-,egg . w, x., 45 ' X mm vu . L' M- ' 'M , W, 1 ':.1:ff- "1:QSf M "' ? 3:8 ,auth-,, 90? I N 5 W , f " i , ,W,.,k my-M " ,M vu: A, 1 . , , f"-wn,,W,, A 'W' iv .4,.Aw,,V ' , y WNW ww, AW, ,U W -W vm ,W-navy... . A., uf 5-B N "! Y -fi"i,M Wyf W wwmg, V. L ,M 5. V. M qi W 4, ,,,1'jlj'-Ly .W Q. ,, Im. ,. 1 ., 1, I M.. VW K, M , K-'gg' ,NM M Wx. , 5 li Q. ,-1 1 4 , wr-,,,,, , V f wwmfs "V" If-aw" j -15 A ,.w',,'n ffm., I ,Q ,Q 1. n"i3 my -'W . 'Qin I-+,f,:'f-M.. -W Aww' ' 7,5 ' Wu III n 5 a MARTHA F. DEMPSTER TGRCHBEARER AAA President Delta Delta Delta Cheerleader All-Sing Advisory Board Mortar Board Historian AFROTC Sponsor Orientation Leader Who's Who GARY C. MEYER TORCHBEARER HKA Omicron Delta Kappa President Head Cheerleader Scarabbean Adawayhi Vice-President Circle K Trustee Homecoming Advisory Board Chairman Student Center Lecture Committee Whois Who I1 J' ,, s nr f. E. A I elf I-1 A, A 14, , , H-gm .... w 1. X .ff w A 5 .iq-,DP I . is ,L S , 'K A 1 V ' A x - ,f ,A T4 , qw K . ,A - i' at F' , , n . . v A , A GE gf' www., , . iv A. Q4 ll :ia rs miii'iwti i un. , I W w-wuwugww, i . 3 , 5 'Q' ,Z 4 ' , ' A vw, .. ,fi . . A , M-4,-AMA....r.., , M D' Y tl l 1- .W . ,, , 'Z K " 1 , 6 'X ' . 'Q .4 , l , v t Y, " w 5, .. ' 1 r .K ' " it Df.! 7 y . . ' J' A ' Q ,. Q' .1 2 ' I agg . 1- 1 , .Q , 0 , .4 ' o 9 Ai' i, i - F H ,, 1 4' Q kqvff 0" V N af.: ' ls 5 ' 1 . N I V ,v A1 d 4 K y y - K. '. ,' 4 " Q V ,ay KH, 'G M0 ,, yi 1' 4 A Y' ,f., 1 uvdpg 9 it f v fi ,MA 'AA ' ! 4 K' 'Q ' ' K was 'Q s f 1 x-A. , A f . ' M -Y. tv. X .L L 1. ' 1' . r 5 1 A ,R 1, W' .L A 4 Nw ' " Q' 5 - Y , ' . ' A -1 Q 2 vt Q S K, A Vg V my I , A K V .W . of it V 44, ,' ' Jie A, W k 1 1-A f .rv 1 ' -' it , ' ,vb ix 1-.Q li., n W I 1 s it A ! Q , ,, I v N ' sq Q 'V ' f , .. hx L A ' ' ir Q A AV vm :Lk-1, an .'i SANDRA LEE Dovla TORCHBE RER KIDM Phi Mu President Mortar Board Mortar Board's Most Outstanding Sophomore' Homecoming Advisory Board AWS First Vice-President Business Scholarship Y'Vinner Who's Who we 17.4 RIC HARD .NIORRIS TORCHBEARER AXA President YMCA President Circle K Tau Beta Pi Phi Eta Sigma Secretary Scarabbean Sigma Pi Sigma Omicron Delta Kappa XVho,s YVIIO R S arg in 5 1 i 'e 31 Z if 3 1 2 1 17. ANN MCGUIRE TORCHBEARER ISA ISA Vice-President BSU Vice-President AWS Legislative Board Miss ISA YMCA Treasurer Mortar Board Who's Who I2 WM. M. ROBINSON, JR. TORCHBEARER EN President Sigma Nu Omicron Delta Kappa President Tau Beta Pi Scarabbean Dorm Counselor Sigma Pi Sigma Who's Who Sify 15, LQZL-gif :lf 'dihfllv 3 f Sv - ' ,wr -,.,. M ,a S.,-vu I1 ,...l.i X 5,, , P MA .. , it 'V L. fm- fi' ,-,wi f,,,,i N wqhwf l l a i JANE XVALLER TORCHBEARER AAU President Alpha Delta Pi President YWCA Homecoming Queen Mortar Board Treasurer Sigma Alpha Iota Who's Wlho 17. PALTLA IQICIIARDSON TORCHBEARER KA President Kappa Delta YXVCA Treasurer Chi Epsilon Editor Tennessee Valley Engineer Mortar Board W'ho's YVho HARRY FORBES, JR. TORCHBEARER KIJPA President Phi Eta Sigma President Pi Sigma Alpha Commander Arnold Air Society Oniicron Delta Kappa Lt. Col. AFROTC YVho's Who fri 'Ce' i fi leg MQ 2 alta l lf' 3 Pill SMHQ9. i it izvx 5313892 Hal li lf lt 'gal liieifi ,YV 55521 'V if l 1 if A if Et 3 3 1 3 l TT L .- s '. I2 acyne Coleman VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR Chosen as the most outstanding male student on campus, and for such qualities as leadership, loyalty and sincerity, is Wayne A. Coleman, Tennesseels 1963 Volunteer of the Year. Wayne, an honor student in the College of En- gineering, received the Hrst Herman Hickman Award given at the University. The award is given to the outstanding Senior in scholarship, leader- ship and sportsmanship and is to be applied toward graduate study. Wayne plans to utilize this award while working on a Masterls degree in Nuclear Engineering. Leading the student body as President of the Student Government Association is no little job but somehow Wayne manages to Find time to do this and join in numerous other activities. Some of these include: Who,s Who, Tau Beta Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade and Scarabbean. Then when football season rolls around, the stu- dents see Wayne, a three-year letterman, at the blocking-back position. Yes, the University of Tennessee will remember with a smile that versatile young man from Miami, Florida, who gave a part of himself to his school. irginia ane gnflavlvlux MISS TENNESSEE The ideal senior university woman-this is Vir- ginia Lane Maddux, Miss Tennessee for the year 1962-63. She reigns with all the charm, beauty, poise and personality that are characteristic of the Miss Tennessee tradition. Virginia, a transfer from Tennessee Tech as a Political Science major in the College of Liberal Arts, has become a vital member of our campus. She is President of Mortar Board and is active on the Board of Associated Women Students and a member of Who's Who, as well as countless other student activities. As Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Fraternity and as, an active member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority where she serves as pledge mother, Virginia is kept busy, but no complaints, always a smile-one which characterizes the life of a coed from Cookeville who will long be remembered in the hearts of students on Tennessee's campus. 3 :W -'IJJE 3? Wil? Fgdhak fd S 'Q 1 fi' Ufwli 4. L. S? Qi M2 'iQ 51? izzhigigf V wwwg, Y .1 'fiiiiii f Ruth Louise Butts Martha Fair Dempster Sandra Lee Dove Earl Patrick Augustine James VVillian1 Blevins Ilavid E, Burkhart Joyce Elinor Finnell Martha Ann Frakes Steve D. Cates Wayne Coleman HO'S HO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN A COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Betty Ann Lowe Mack Aleene "Cissy" Goddard Ann Carlile Heldfrnlan Donald W Freeman H G F b hw d W'illiam B. Cowan, Jr. 3ffY 35t0n 01' 95, JT- fNot Pi re H 'Khumb- ,Q in-L-:gag " K Q V. ef " 4 figs ,.p. i' ' f4f,?Q:' - -..3s.'4Jgv:a4-f -.., A .4-..,f,qr. -W ,, . Virginia Lane Maddux Barbara Anne MCCHHCI' Mary Ann McGuire Sam J. Furrow .l0f3 B- GOFIIIHD john E. Irby Susan Dell Novotny Paula Hope Richardson Claudette F. Riley Garry G. MCYCI William Shearin Montgomery Richard Morris , in ,- 1 l Charlotte Sims Linda Alden Swanson Laura Elizabeth Taylor B, Jane Waller I-C011 C- Parfain James Lloyd Passmore William M. Robinson, jr. Arnold R, Skelton if A' f f f fl o fi f' s , e , V uf.: R R my M lk 'f-ff' ,U k M "" 1 James W. Blevins Joseph A. Cecil Charles R. Burchett Bob L. Cochran Wayne A. Coleman Tom E. Looney Cary G. Meyer Richard Morris William R. Rhyne Clark M. Roberts +All? frg, X 'fl 'QX1'-Nd William B. Cowan Donald W. Freeman Hugh S. Guthrie Jerre R. Haskew Frank L. Hendrix Henry W. Hope Charles R. Hoskins Robert S. Hutchison John E. Irby Lowry F. Kline Simgaeiu simon 305,50 f X William N. Robinson, Joseph C. Rodgers 134 TEN if +P-Q R I 4,54 Q I Q 'FR m 77" 'Mona-9 Q - 179A '11 O C 3 O m U CE Ln U Y Sfn 4' .alla-wl",.l.o4 05X I s . mal S" '6 nllgljgae uv. .. Bethel E. Thomas Richard C. Thompson Eugene Upshaw Charles R. Volz Harold C. Warner Omicron Delta Kappa was founded on December 3, 1914, at Washington and Lee University. The founders set forth the threefold purpose of assem- bling all-around leadershipin college life and bringing together the faculty and students on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. This was based on the tradition of idealism and leadership of George Washington and Robert E. Lee. The qualifications of Omicron Delta Kappa are leadership and service, character, fellowship, scholarship and consecration to democratic ideals. Particular emphasis is placed on achievement in scholarship, publication, athletics, social, and religious affairs and the line arts. CMICRO DELTAK PPA Joe D. Ashley Wayne A. Coleman joe C. Cook ikikskikik D904 William B. Cowan, Jr. John R. Crouch Harry G. Forbes, jr. Donald W. Freeman Sam L. Furrow Joe B. Gorman Jerre R. Haskew James L. Herbert Henry W. Hope X John E. Irby Lowry F. Kline Thomas E. Looney 135 Gary G. Meyer Richard Morris Michael Murphy J. Michael Nardo Clarence L. Partain James L. Passmore Robert K. Reel, Jr. William N . Robinson, Jr F. Don Smith M. Benton Smith Michael H. Sutton Bethel Thomas OFFICERS Ruth,Louise Butts Martha Fair Dempster Sandra Lee Dove Ann Carole Heldemian Betty Ann Lowe Mortar Board was founded as a national womenis society in 1918. Inde- pendent women's honor societies met at that time and decided that their goal of meeting the needs of student leadership for their campuses could better be accomplished by working together and comparing standards. Mortar Board is a senior women's organization recognizing outstanding scholarship, leadership, and service. The purpose for both the national and local organizations is "to provide for cooperation between societies, to pro- mote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among university women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college womanf, ORTAR BOARD VIRGINIA LANE MADDUX ,IERELYNE PATRICIA WADE BILLIE JANE WALLER MARTHA FAIR DEMPSTER Lucinda Genevieve Long Virginia Lane Maddux Mary Ann McGuire Paula Hope Richardson Beverly Joan Short Charlotte Austelle Sims 136 President Vice-President Secretary Historian Linda Alden Swanson Laura Elizabeth Taylor Jerelyne Patricia Wade Billie Jane Waller Sandra Marie Wyatt Tony Wray Armstrong Fred W. Brown, Jr. Robert Lynn Carringer Kenneth Joseph Davis Roger Leon Davis David Andrew Dycus Judy Gail Edenfield Paul White Emery, II Warren Lee Franz Mack Aleene Goddard The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi traces its origin to the University of Maine in the year 1897. In 1900 the society expanded to other campuses because of the work of three college presidents, one of whom was C. W. Dab- ney of the University of Tennessee. Members who are elected are students whose scholarship has been truly outstanding. Provisions exist for the election of faculty members and of graduate students whose work merits recognition. The philosophy of Phi Kappa Phi is to recognize those who have excelled in order to inspire others. It also exhibits the belief that scholarship is not limited to one field of endeavor but should be universal. Ames. f, 5 1:6 9... Q 'fC"B7 T f. DED PHI KAPPA PHI 'A' Donald Allen fiustavson james Edward Hiegel Agnes Selena Howell Leslie Mallory Jeffress Patricia T. H. Keene Frederick Jacob Keller Lynda McClanahan Kennedy Martha Jane Lynch Fred Richard Mynatt 137 Bertha Jean Neville fMrs James Millard Oliphant Joseph Raymond Parrish r Clarence Leon Partain Ardis Virginia Hunter RIIICDDCFIQ jonnell Rowland Jerry jaynes Swanks Hal Winslow Taylor Prentice Neil Ursery james Nlanning Weir Alpha Lambda Delta is a national fraternity for women who have main- tained a 3.5 average during their freshman year. Founded at the University of Illinois in 1924, Alpha Lambda Delta has since that time developed in'to 104 active state chapters. The two primary purposes of the fraternity are to promote intellectual living, with an increased appreciation for both the love of study and the cultural phases, and to encourage superior scholarship among freshmen women. Each year the chapter at Tennessee gives a Senior Award to those women who have maintained a 3.5 average for four years. A book is presented to the girl who graduates with the highest scholastic average. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Shirley Brantley Carol Dodson Sandra Forbes Marianne Fowler Pat Harper Shirley Virginia Hunter Linda Jenkins Ester Striner Joffe .XSL gxN 5. S, lffa 1' S' . Z.-2 - U 7 ? 'AMA OFFICERS KITTY ROBERTS President ELISABETH SHAFER Vice-President JOAN WORTH Secretary LINDA JENKINS Treasurer FRANCES ANN LAYCOCK Scholarship Chairman Frances Ann Laycock Sharon lllatti Linda Morrison Myra Morrow Judy Muldrew Jackie Needham Sharon Sue Parish Carolyn Gay Rayder 138 Kitty Roberts Mary Jean Russell Elisabeth Shafer Sandra Sheffield Patricia Carol Sivert Eugenia Thames joan Worth Gayle Wulk Charles S. Aplin, Jr. James C. Armstrong Edwin Blakemore William F. Boone Robert W. Brandon Joseph C. Broome Gerald R. Burns Thomas V. Byerley Kenneth R. Carr Robert L. Carringer Franklin S. Chance John H. Claiborne Wayne Coleman H. Kyle Collins, Jr. Richard L. Cox Stephen S. Cristy William K. Crowley Robert L. Davis William N. Dawson David D. Dayton, III George M. Derryberry Frederick D. Dickey Lee Dodds Richard Durfee David Dycus Melvin L. Elson Richard L. Frye Joseph B. Gorman Michael E. Goza James W. Harrison Robert S. Hines Jerry Householder David F. Howell Charles I. Huddleston Don Jackson Edward T. Jurgens Howard T. Kerr James H. Kerr OFFICERS HARRY G. FORBES, JR. LARRY D. PARTAIN RICHARD J. MORRIS DALTON L. TOWNSEND DEAN CHARLES R. BURCHETT X President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor ohn M. Nardo Joseph R. Parrish Max R. Parrish Joseph R. Penland Randall D. Peters Richard W. Poe Thomas R. Puryear Sam Ramer Claude'Roger Riley William M. Robinson, Charles Rogers Charles Ross Alvin Sanders Frank E. Scarbrough Thomas Allan Scott Charles Sharpe Curtis A. Siller, Jr. David V. Smith Ralph A. Smith Forrest D. Stewart Michael H. Sutton ames T. Tankersley Robert M. Tate Garland S. Teague, Jr. Nathan R. Thach, Jr. PHI ETA SIGMA 6 J Q . . . . I J William L. Kilpatrick Lowry F. Kline James S. Kyker Felix B. Laughlin Stephen C. Leibfried Donald H. Martin Kenneth D. McCasland Daniel L. McCord John McKain J. Dickson McLean Ronald B. Michaels 139 Stephen T. Thornton Mahlon L. Townsend Richard P. Tucker Jr Russell H. Vandevelde, I William E. Wade, Jr. Don G. Wallace Harold C. Warner, Jr. James M. Weir Hubert L. Whaley Albert Wilhelm Kenneth O. Wilmouth Harold M..Wimberly Hal Yarbrough TAU BET PI f 4 1 ' 1 OFFICERS ROBERT H. NAGEL National Secretary-Treasurer WILLIAM M. ROBINSON, JR. President C. LEON PARTAIN Vice-President JOHN 1-3. IRBY Honorable P. T. First Row, Left to Right: Richard Morris, Richard Cox, Randall D. Peters, jim Hiegel, John C. Crouse. Second Row: Lawrence B. Haskin, James M. Oliphant, Floyd D. Free, Glen E. Burt, Richard V. Brooks. Third Row: Ted R. Witt, E. Carl Shreve, C. Leon Partain, Ronnie W. Cochran, Victor Young. Fourth Row: Sioma Zaczepinski, David Farrow, David R. Sutliff, Franklin H. Henley, N. R. Thach, Jr. Fifth Row: Bill Robinson, John E. Irby. Tau Beta Pi was founded at Lehigh University in 1885 by Dr. E. H. Williams to offer deserving students in the Held of engineering an honor comparable to that offered by Phi Beta Kappa in the Held of Liberal Arts. There are now l09 chapters in technical schools throughout the United States. Since its founding Tau Beta Pi has initiated over 102,000 members, becoming the largest engineering organization in the world. Undergraduate membership is restricted to stu- dents ranking in the upper fifth of the senior engineering class or the upper eighth of the junior class. In addition to the scholarship requirements, members must meet the chap- ter,s standards of integrity, breadth of interest both in and outside of engineering, adaptability, and unselfish activity. The purpose of the society, as stated in the constitution. 140 is Hto mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor on their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in engineering, or by their attainments as alumni in the field of engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culturef, Tennessee Alpha Chapter has been outstanding since its installment in 1929. Major activities on the local chapter level consist of many college-service projects such as awards to outstanding upper-classmen, student tutoring, faculty rating, lectureships, and social events. At the national level, the most outstanding activities are the graduate fellowship and the student loan program. The University of Tennessee is the location of the frater- nity's national headquarters. '62-'63 oflicers for Tau Beta Pi and their Advisor make plans for initiation Hopeful initiates Larry Haskin, John Crouse, and Kenneth Gault polish the Tau Beta Pi bent as Dean A. T. Granger looks on. 141 BETA GAMMA SIGMA First Row, Right to Left: John W. Myers, Jammie Roberson, Car- olyn Trusler, Treasurer, Mary 'Io Sutton, Frank B. Ward, Brenda Krauss, Katherina Lingerfelt, Stephen Cash. Second Row: David S. Chambers, Advisor, William T. Chaffin, Charles Thigpen, B. Douglas Stone, Jr., Barbara L. Short, David A. Dycus, President, James C. Cotham, Ronald H. Wolf. LJPQQ " I -4 f- X se I lt., .X . .- -n, el sf 11 ' Omicron Nu is a national honor society for stu- dents in Home Economics. It was founded at Michigan State College in 1912. Alpha Epsilon Chapter of the University of Tennessee was or- ganized in 1935. Each year Alpha Epsilon Chapter awards a scholarship to a home-economics student who has maintained an excellent academic record during her Hrst two years at the University. The program of activities of Omicron Nu em- phasizes its purpose-the promotion of scholarship, leadership, and research as our part in the world- wide home-economics movement. The members are chosen from students who have maintained a 3.0 average, or above, in all subjects for which credit is given and who regularly assume other Beta Gamma Sigma, the national honorary fra- ternity in business administration and commerce, was established on February 26, 1913, and is cur- rently observing its 50th anniversary. To be eligible for election to this fraternity, a student must rank in the upper four percent of the junior class, upper ten percent of the senior class or the upper twenty percent of the graduate class. Beta Gamma Sigma promotes the advancement of education in the sci- ence of business, encourages scholarship and ac- complishment in the field of business studies and fosters the principles of integrity and honesty in business practice. The Alpha Chapter located at the University of Tennessee was founded in 1947. CSD V , 2 mll responsibilities in addition to their academic courses. MICRCN NU Seated, Left to Right: Mary Helen Whitson, Piadada Carvalho, Helen Taylor, Vina Viravaidhya. First Row: Sonja Parker, Presi- dent, Jane Butler, Mary Nobel, Secretary, Peggy McLaughlin, Editorg Lolly Taylor, Judy Edenfield, Joan Erwin, Phyllis Hawkins. Second Row: Roberta Barnes, Eloise Lakin, Katie Varnell, Treas- urerg Anne Helderman, Bonnie Safley, Barbara Millsaps, Vice- Presidentg Joanne Melford, Linda Eason, Mary Winn, Frances Brasko. 147. ETA K PPA N Eta Kappa Nu, the National Electrical Engineer- ing honorary, was founded in 1904 at the Univer- sity of Illinois. Its purpose is to recognize those in the electrical-engineering profession who by their attainments, either in college or in practice, have manifested a deep interest and marked abilitv in the profession. This organization, composed of the top students in engineering, serves as a constructive force in performing various projects for the benefit of all engineering students. The members take an active part in all phases of engineering interest. Q Z If To . 'x X . I First Row, Left to Right: Joe C. Plunk, Jerry A. Reagan, David R. Sutliff Corresponding Secretary, Floyd D. Free, Treasurer, First Row, Left to Right: Terry Weakley, Robert Baxter, Kenneth Gault, Corresponding Secretaryg John Irby, Bob Daniel, James Fisher, Herman F. Kaisch, H. Kyle Collins. Second Row: Charles Nelson, Larry Smith, GharleslAplin, Richard Cushing, Marc Hailey, Jay Noe, Lawrence Haskin, Correspondent. Third Row: Billy May- berry, Charles Edwards, Ken Harrison, John Crouse, Bobby Miller, Bruce Dean. Fourth Row: Kenneth McPeak, Tom Barnett, Robert Smith, Treasurer: James Oliphant, Secretary. Fifth Row: Dr. G. W. Hofiiman, Ed Rec-dy, President: Bill Clark, Allan Ledbetten, Vice- Presidentg Bill Kilpatrick, J. L. Arowood. 932 Q97 Chi Epsilon, the national honorary for Civil En- gineering students, was founded at the University of Illinois on May 20, 1922. The purpose of the honorary is to place a mark of distinction upon the civil-engineering student who exemplifies the four traits of the successful engineer: scholarship, char- acter, practicality, and sociability. In order to be selected as a member of Chi Epsilon a student must have maintained an average grade in the upper one-third of his class. John M. ijohns, John C. Tucker, Glenn R. Humphrey, Charles Sutton. Second Row: William B. Blackmon, Ronald R. Williams, Vice-President, Danny L. Reed, Paula Richardson, Secretary, Har- vey Marcom, President, Franklin H. Henley, James L. Smithey. Not Pictured: Newton Perry, Frank Merry, Jerry Hyde, Ross Green, David Adams. CHI EPSILO PHI U ALPHA Seated, Left to Right: John Rainwater, William K. Crowley, Roger Rhodes, Presidentg Gurth Baron, Vice-President, Ernest C. Hold- redge, Treasurer. Standing: Robert McDonald, Harry Miller, John Abel, Tom Budniak, .lim Brimer. V.,,.-.. , T Al 1' N430 . A 'k,,!,F .hx 1' T . 5 ,x Q3 visa, 'Ski li ff. , ...Bl Kifzfjlre' ,.a,,,L1Lf' 'Qf il' A ul ggjffft' Sigma Delta Pi is a national honorary fraternity whose purpose is to study and create interest in the Spanish culture and language. In addition, the organization rewards those who have shown special achievement in the area. Founded in 1919 at the University of California in Berkeley, Sigma Delta Pi has expanded until there are over one hundred chapters at the present time. The local chapter, Alpha Psi, received its charter in 1944. SIGMA DELTA PI Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a professional-honon ary fraternity for men united by their common interest in music. It was established on October 6, 1898, at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. There are now approxi- mately 2O0 chapters throughout the United States. The objectives of the fraternity are to advance the cause of music in America, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music, to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its mem- bers, and to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. 4 mg- P if ' " . w,cN.v'. Seated, Left to Right: Carole Adam, Sponsor, Anna Haslbauer, Lucile Ownbey, Secretary, James O. Swain, National Executive Secretaryg Bette Stubbs, Sandra Vaughn, Elizabeth Dooley. Stand- ing: Robert Avrett, Susan Harry, Teodoro Ferrer, Marilyn Landers, Vice-President, Nancy Maples, Gerald E. Wade, Jerome P. Harper, President. ' P1 I ambda rl hcta is an honol ai y and profession tl Il!" 1? Selttd Left to Right Helen llenry, 'lircasurerg Helen Starclt. Cor- responding Sctrtt try lNIattie Gampen. Vice-Presidentil,lnne John- ston Prtstdent lNorene Bogart, Eugenia lhillllltllll. Advisor: Kiinnie M. C nmich tel Rc c ordmg Secretary. First Row: Maryon M. Glonts, Stella Hodge, Nlberta Lowe, Iuliactte Iones, Ilene Brown, Xvonne l PI LAMBDA THETA association for women in tdueation, Some of its purposes are to: recognize women of superior achievement, foster creativity at all educational levels, support the function of education in a democracy, stimulate research, contribute to the solution of educational problems, and promote pro- fessional fellowship. To qualify for membership a student shall be enrolled in a College of Education, or majoring in education courses leading to certification: shall have an academic standing of 3.2 on the under- graduate level and a 3.5 on the graduate level: shall be reconnuended for ineinbership by '3 faculty members and two active nu-ntbers of Pi Lambda 'llllt't2I. ' For membership, a faculty member shall meet the same general qualihcations for membership as student members, and be actively engaged in giving courses for teachers. She shall be recommended for membership by two active nternbers of Pi Lambda Theta. . Sharp, Patricia Hunter. Joyce Jones. Second Row: Anna Mae ll. Rector. Dorothy E. Ryan, Irene Cobb, Kath- Buckner. Wanza leen Graves. First Row, Left to Right: Dr. S. A. Griffin. Advisor jerry Burnette, Historian: John Kupcho, Treasurer: John Crouch. Chancellor: ,lint Passmorc. Gt-nsor1 Jim Benson, Scribe: J. Wm. Cole, Advisor. Sec- ond Row: Arnold Skelton. Charles Gregory. Joe WV. McLeary. Joel A, Collins. Xvillilllll E. Mtffurry. Jaines B. Stansbury, Albert Carr. Danny Laster. Charles Burgess. Third Row: Roy Scarbrough, Steve Gates. Rex Kimbro. Fld Lawson. .Iiin Brown, Burgess F. Guinn. Don O. Shadow. Lawrence .-X. Ramsey. Randel P. Burns Fourth Row: Jim lVilson, john llousley, .lohn Keller, Ben NVilson. Elmo Lunn. Gene Withrow. Don Warmbrod, jackson Huskcy. Fifth Row: YVilliam D. Ledford. Ray lVilson. Not Pictured: Advisor F. F. Bell. I 5? . Nt 6 3? . . Alpha Zeta is an honorary agricultural fraternity for juniors and seniors. Nientbership is by invitation only and students must be in the upper forty per cent of their class and have completed hve quarters in the College of Agriculture in order to qualify. Each year an Alpha Zeta "outstanding fresh- man" and Houtstanding sophomores' are chosen. lnitiations with their inevitable humorous antics gives the campus a chance to know the fraternity better. ALPHA ZETA SPIRIT -Q... 5...:"9""" ... www-- W 1 . nf W TQ K TY? iwrs Tn mai 'fg -PN-'LQ 1 W xl 5'-2 T gba ?'u+tP2.. -1 'MNH 'N 1 4 ,am E1 3 Q ,, 1-,Q 3 Xi bl i ii S 'Q A 1. m'p"""y'N K if 3 F F C J d Q - 13.51 1 z"i,4':l Nz if A 'IVE it? M .Af g ww -if L W-1 '?Q.f.f+f- , - x vw m A 5 A . pg., ,if gi, 'H if iw' M M v wifi!! 'gf . , 11 -,L .vs ' .. sf- 450' ,w in w , Wlix XA-hp As 1 hi' ! sr F f . 1 4 4 , ,,, 5, s.,,. . wg" ' ,-'of nf v ,n,f .-1 I - ."f .. nm . ,A,. gs JL., ...',. .-. a'u'i.,-,. W f. 1., ', 1' ,J v ,N . , . .I .., 'QJ 'r rj , ,. JIU' 1 ' "'.v ' ' A ' 4, K W 4 q '. V ' 1 V , , 4271, ,- V at , ,: ,,1 M M , 'ev y ik, , 1. ,, -1-V. 1 1 L'-5' '- .yr '., V , .Q ' '- ' 'L 3"-, K ',' h"5?'JL. K. fx...H.YN :Ml 4 N ",',1. 1 un' -f. , fl ' Ax 44-JMU Wyw f fx A VAL, Q, ww 4 44, . F w - ,K 1 . 1 1 ,, flv A f vi Y 'R fgvi X . 4 ' E M il y wd,,.f,. -Q L- Ijv ,4- 4 n . " JA 'ff 'F 5 X' B.. 'ff 9 D J 95? Aw, fi' ,fx .1 YM 43 iii as 1 - f J'-tx V Lg ,, -.. sv. f. .' U ...vs ,, 1 ,Q r . , W-su ' Qi: ff ,ig Ir -v fb, w 1 i f if 2. QM f ., uw ' 13, .-MaV.',-f 4 1 u A .M ,Aff R BOWDEN WYATT GUS MANNING Head Coach and Athletic Director Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Director TENNESSEE COACHING STAFF--First Row, Left to Right: Ralph Chancey, John Bailey, Head Coach Bowden Wyatt, George Cafego, and Dale Haupt. Second Row: Trainer Micky O,Brien, John Mauer, Jim McDonald, Harvey Robinson, and Bob Woodruff. 149 S 9' .-I vi HQ sv . 4 MK -api! 5 ii Q Xe 5 31 THE 1962 OLUNTEERS PAUL TILSON PAT AUGUSTINE Alternate Captain Captain ISO TENNESSEE TENNESSEE TENNESSEE TENNESSEE TENNESSEE TENNESSEE TENNESSEE TENNESSEE TENNESSEE TENNESSEE THE SCOREBOARD 215 AUBURN 65 MISSISSIPPI STATE 05 GEORGIA TECH 75 ALABAMA 485 CHATTANOOGA 235 WAKE FOREST 283 TULANE 65 MISSISSIPPI 10: KENTUCKY 305 VANDERBILT f gtk'- 0 1962 TENNESSEE FOOTBALL ROSTER Name Pos. First Row: Bobby Morton TB Mallon Faircloth TB Bill Hammond RT Pat Canini FB Larry Watson TB Don Henson WB Wayne Waff WB Frank Canale WB Lou Moran LE Second Row: George Shuford KS George Canale TB Sam Robertson BB Ned Rambo BB Ken Honea BB Pat Kelly WB Pat Augustine RE Ken Pritchard RE Gene Tedford WB Age 20 20 21 21 18 21 19 23 21 21 22 19 20 19 19 22 20 20 Class If Jr Jr Jr Soph Soph Soph Sr .Tr .lr Sr Soph Soph .lf Soph Sr Soph Soph 151 Name Third Row: Wayne Coleman Jerry James Taft Hefner Reggie Berry Rex Dockery John Pierson L. T. Helton Norbert Ackermann Jerry Ensley Jimmy Sullivan Fourth Row: Dick Evey Pat Downey Paul Tilson Bob Dalton John Hudson Jerry Gowdy Joe Falco Kenny Brown Bob Zvolerin Jerry Milchin Fifth Row: Whit Canale Ray Dalton Frank Musgrave Art Cantrell Bruce Mulkey Jim Lowe Ron Martin Wayne Bush John Paty Sixth Row: Buddy Fisher Fred Martin Willie Danychuk Tom Johnson Arnold Pederson John Mulvihill Bruce Mattox Larry Richards Bob Watson Seventh Row: Bobby Frazier Bill Cameron Art O'Nea1 Clay Harkelroad Reggie Jellicorse Dale Brown Steve DeLong Ed Phillips Bobby Crowley Eighth Row: Joe Foxall Ed Beard Ned Sullivan Tom Williams Al Tanara Joe DeMelH Buster Kizer Ben Smith Carl Ellis P OS. BB BB BB LG RL BL C C WB FB RT BB LT RG LE LE LT LT LT C LE LE WB RT RE LT BB TB WB RE RE RE RT RG RG LG RG LT WB LG C C C RT RG LG WB LG BB LG RT LE C RT LT LG Age 22 20 20 21 20 21 22 20 21 19 21 21 22 21 21 22 19 21 22 20 20 21 21 19 19 19 18 20 19 20 19 22 19 18 20 21 20 20 19 19 20 18 18 20 19 19 19 21 22 20 21 20 19 20 19 19 Wt. 175 185 187 195 185 190 185 205 170 185 220 170 200 183 201 195 205 196 220 190 205 175 180 185 175 200 195 175 185 190 180 200 200 190 205 190 190 205 175 190 190 190 190 185 215 185 175 192 220 180 195 190 195 195 220 195 Class Sr Soph Soph Soph .Tr .lf Sr Soph Sr Soph Jr .lr Sr .lf Sr Jr Soph Sr .lf .lf .Tr .l r .1 r Soph Soph Soph Soph Soph Soph .lf Soph Soph Soph Soph Soph ,lf Sr Soph -ff ' QW. Q. Yagi' if .yifgk A Q z In H A KK' L- ,LL I , x i , 1- . FE it - xg ss- N ' my 7 . mwrfy xii? 5 W' gr xl' 'gi I h,.. v , i K A iii ,I l Q -if if diff' 1' Q.. 1 W . A . . , ,, ' I. R ,. Q V, AM K an ,, , .'k 1 iQ4f Q ' ," ' ' -' M2 if 1 Q2 X gspzxi R. um Ymt'.f'wv 4 'nga L Jyutgigx A if Y Q Q "ff tw -'W If if 51 :Q 48' H I up-g.L,2-f'1 - Y - -3 W-1, 51' , . if - f-w-.- K l " -If "H A ' W q W KM 'S f fl M. 'M' l " k f ., . + 4 ff P10 , ,vvsy Fr " -if ff 1 -mr F A 9 ff ,541 3, 3.6 V+ 1 km. 3 4 by .L ff 4 A M ,k x L, W .gym wtf Z -gimp Q H .wt -Q "', ff M - , ,, ,vs H E 1 WL if ' f"'145'f'f 1 5 ' ,, A Y g Qi 5 3 ' aw 1 ,ya v ,:r 'Q f n in "fi W .. -: 4 bf ww '? 1 ' A 2 3 sw 9+ is Q 3 A , H rx in I f mf a in 4 nik 'i -5 Ama Q A --T ?""i'17'i'i 'fl 'ff 0' .E 'W ' '5 1 S zvh 2 en"Mi"'g5l, g Q 3 1 rf 1- if fm.. ,,,. . 4' 4 1-, ' ' K k , W 4' fx, ., as r 1 A Us fn 'zu' wa? F l my 'Qs' 'V Kd 4 f' E "' A ,. K' in ' 1,- , ' A ,Q fl I, 'im A +..., li 1 Q 31 l .. Q f K g: :V P Q H. i Q.: kim - -,.,' Q' up " lv I 4,31 4' Q f sag 3 ,. ' 'H,g1ff A 4 " ,swf , r 'S A V' , 3' W 3 pq N QW if A 'iff'-52' M! 4 g:Qug13'd ' l mf Jffw 1 an bf L 5 M? of fgww M: 45 K V, 0 . l if I. lm? f 1 Q W ' A .Ji 1 figs 4, : -a -xf, Uk .J ,E , ' ' pq ww QM V , " 1 Wi.- f 'Ji 'A 6 , ' ?y' --Q f-'fi-I Mf, v f lf ' I ' .. eb .1 rx .V 3 -K 'eip .Ls 4- 1 Y , 6 "!. 1 20 f vifii- 'klv' ls nd Lila' V VOLS LOSE THEIR SECOND ONE POINTER Memphis, Tenn.-October 6, 1962-Aroused Mississippi State thwarted a rare Tennessee attempt at a two-point conversion and beat the Vols 7 to 6 before 23,013 fans here today. It was the first time since 1955 that the Bulldogs have beaten the Vols, and it was the second straight one- point loss for Tennessee. Showing much improvement on pass defense, the Vols fumbled 5 times which proved costly. Faircloth scored in the fourth quarter on a 2-yard burst through the State defenses. Trying for a would-be 2-point winning conversion, a pass from Faircloth to Coleman fell harmlessly on the Crump Stadium turf. Linebackers Pat Downey and Ed Beard, and fullbacks Jimmy Sullivan and Ray Dalton received praise from Coach Wyatt after the game. Vols' Faircloth tosses 12-yard TD pass to Wall' as Tigers close in I Faircloth intercepts a State pass to end a threat at the Vol 4-yard line. TIGERS NIP VOLS IN SEE-SAW BATTLE Birmingham, Ala.-September 29, 1962-In a replica of the 1961 game, Auburn gave Tennessee a pair of touch- downs, then surged from behind twice to win a tingling 22-to-21 victory before 48,000 people here today. Kicking specialist Woody Woodall and Auburn passers were the two main factors in contributing to the Tiger victory. Vol touch- downs were scored by Foxall as he recovered a fumble in the end zone, Wall on a 12-yard pass from Faircloth, and Hudson on a 13-yard pass from Canale. Shuford converted all 3 extra points. Scoring for the Plainsmen were Woodall on a field goal and 1 extra point, Laster Q2 touchdownsj, and Simpson on a 6-yard pass from Sidle. Outstanding for the Vols were DeLong, Evey, Williams, Beard, and Downey. I 1 Q up gg . 3 9 vfhxhx 21, A .. ,.sa3,fQ.3,f.g'Hk,"g3i-t . - 11- - L ' , ,gf ' 5,1 .- f'fI,'c:1f D -- at A Tech villain pursues A Yellow jacket stops Vols' Faircloth after a short gain Faircloth 154- TECH WRECKS VOLS Atlanta, Ga.-October 13, 1962fBilly Lothridge ran, passed, and kicked Georgia Tech to a bruising 17 to O vic- tory before 52,223 fans. The score does not actually describe the game that this one developed into. The Vols passed well on Tech with tailback lNayne Bush starring. It seemed that the Vols lacked the knockout punch with Tennessee drives ending on Tech's 22, 2, and 10-yard lines. One Tennessee touchdown was nullified because the TD pass was caught out of the jacket end zone. Tech's great quarterback, Billy Lothridge, had a hand in every point on the scoreboard at the game's end. Mr. Lothridge ran one touchdown, passed to Martin for another, kicked a Held goal, and kicked both extra points! Aside from Bush, Vols Sullivan, Paty and Waff turned in exceptional performances. A lotta Lothridge! 1 fl rn 1 1 Y". S. Lothrldge . Morton gets away a pass despite onrushing Tide defenders THE TIDE DOES IT AGAIN Knoxville-October 20, 1962-Alabama handed Tennes- see its fourth straight loss here 27 to 7 before 44,700 specta- tors and millions of others on TV. On the ground, the Vols stopped the nation's number-1 team cold, but the Crimson Tide broke the Orangemenis back on long passes. It was the first time Bear Bryant, Alabama's coach, had ever won in Knoxville. Tennessee's only score came on a 6-yard pass from Morton to Ensley, and Shuford converted. An example of how the Vols dominated the ground game can be seen by a look at the statistics. Tennessee gained 187 yards on the ground to Alabama's 76, and the Vols had a 14-to-9 edge in the First downsg but the Tidels 168 yards passing and 4 interceptions provided the difference. Scoring for the Crimson Tide was by the following: Davis kicked 2 field goals, Nelson on a 35-yard pass from Namath, and 20- yard pass from Hurlbut, and another touchdown by Clark. The win extended Alabama's undefeated string to 23 straight. I CBS-TV Game of theXWeel-xg but now, a word from our sponsor THE BIG ORANGE ROLLS UVER MGCS Knoxville-October 27, 1962-Tennessee crashed into the victory circle today, beating the Moccasins of Chatta- nooga 48-14. The Fired-up Vols amassed a near-record 543 yards on offense as George Canale, Frank Musgrave, and Jimmy Sullivan starred in the fullback position. With the score tied 14 to 14 at halftime, the Vols exploded into a scoring frenzy after the intermission. Touchdowns were scored by Paty on a 12-yard run,-Waff on a 10-yard pass from Faircloth, George Canale on a 49-yard run, Sullivan on a 2-yard burst, Tanara on a 28-yard pass from Morton, Bush on a 9-yard run, and Musgrave on a 19-yard run. The 2 Moc touchdowns were scored by Ron Whaley. Besides the fullbacks, outstanding performances were turned in by Tanara, Zvolerin, DeLong, Foxall, and Paty. Faircloth shakes off one Moc on gain Q krmae- -, 4 rafagtmjyzfyww. My A N3 L - nv we 5' ' .V .,p just one of those days vw' 'K Fil- ,' A Hama .f V A ' 'Ya I V t is K .mx 1, Q Q7 M. t Y N Q K - , 4, K 3 i , V .,,,.,, .tm -qt. ,Q ff di VCLS ROMP OVER DEACS 23-0 Knoxville-November 3, 1962-Tennessee sealed tight a porous pass defense and turned it into a 23-to-0 victory over Wake Forest here today. The Vols aerial blockade stopped blufhng and became the number-1 weapon, producing 6 interceptions and 2 touchdowns. Lightning struck twice in the second quarter when Morton scored on a 12-yard run, and 43 seconds later, Jerry Gowdy intercepted a pass and scarnpered 52 yards to score. Other scoring was a 22-yard field goal by Shufliord and 27-yard touchdown run on a pass interception by Faircloth. Receiving praise from head coach YVyatt was Jerry Gowdy, Bobby Morton, and Jerry Ensley. The 6 pass interceptions tied the Tennessee all-time record set in 1945 when the Vols speared 6 Villanova stray aerials. I Vols block Deacon field goal attempt! 513 ,-fs"' 1wf W 23113 WHQPEJ-lawii M-M' herei ,MM-fegiwf .0 ,2gl:.igiii:l"'f A wwf .vlgqgf we W, N, g,v,. f el VAVK A Axkb M, ,,., W W "p,..w ffl New addition to Neyland Stadium Fisher knocks down pass intended for Olsen -4 gf f wx fy. J'-3 . 2 13:3- V 158 I if Morton skirts left end for big gain VOLS PLUG TULANES SHOTGUN 28-16 Knoxville-November 10, 1962-Tennessee beat Tulane 28-16 here today in a strange and mysterious, but quite exciting, football game. The Vols, obviously pointing to the next week's homecoming clash with Ole Miss, committed enough mistakes to lose most games. They fumbled 5 times with 3 ending up in the Greenies, hands. They compiled 103 yards in penalties and let Tulane complete 24 out of 36 passes, gaining a total of 291 yards. But the Greenies couldn't come close to matching muscles down around the goal. Scoring for the Vols were Canale, Sullivan, Paty, and Waff. Above-average performances were turned in by Ca- nale, Ensley, Hudson, Honea, DeMelfi, and Downey. Canale dives over for a Vol touchdown vv -- if 'ww my i To M ., if In Z'fL' ' i'fY-- I ' . ii I V- K. -. ...M 6 6 ,H tml 1 Rebs' Guy takes in a Griffing pass for TD REB'S 103-YARD TD SPOILS HOMECOMING Knoxville-November 17, 1962-Mississippi used a 52- yard opening-play sprint and a 100-yard return of an inter- cepted pass to give the Rebels a 19-6 victory over a gallant Tennessee team in a muddy battle before 37,166 rain- spattered spectators here today. The hammer-and-tongs thriller, broken open by Louis Guy's record-equalling, goal- to-goal touchdown dash in the third quarter, was marred by one of the wildest fist-swinging duels ever seen on Shields-Watkins field. Fists began to Hy almost immediately after Bobby Morton threw a 16-yard Vol touchdown pass to John Hudson with 5 minutes and 11 seconds remaining to play. The Vols, play against the Rebels likely would have defeated Alabama, Auburn, or Mississippi State. "But we can't leave, it's Homecoming." If- I CATS UPSET VOLS 12-10 Knoxville-November 24, 1962-In one last desperate attempt to salvage something from a poor season, Ken- tucky,s Clarkie Mayheld kicked a 19-yard field goal in the last 16 seconds to give the fired-up Wildcats a 12-to-0 victory. It was all the more heartbreaking for Tennessee because, with 8:55 left to play, Kentucky had scored and then failed in a daring gamble for the 2-point conversion, which left the Cats trailing 10-9. Then came a frantic 81- yard drive by the Wildcats, who ran out of downs at the Vol two-yard line. Mayfield then split the uprights with 16 seconds remaining to play for the winning margin. The only Vol score, a one-yard plunge by George Canale, was set up when Tennessee end John Hudson picked OH a Woolum pass at the Vol 23, and raced 76 yards before being hauled down. Hudson made it to the end zone, but an official ruled that Hudson's knee had touched the ground at the one. In addition to Canale's touchdown, Shuford booted a 25-yard field goal in the first quarter. Scoring for Kentucky were Cox on a 58-yard pass from Woolum and Mayfield on a 36-yard field goal and the 19-yard game- winner. Having a fine defensive day for the Vols were Paty, Brown, and Williams. Ensley overshot by pass as Vols penetrate Cat's territory Mfi ,W A , 1 . ' Cas f : 7.,5w5Ai::f,3,im? 'V,' Q if 3 ,, W3 ., ,-, S ' L A 'fx T' , w V 4 ' ' " f - 7 f " f 'F ., pn L - X 5 Q- fx, H, ., W' ' 1 f -Sli-Q 2, f? .xg M 'K -'si , 2 , ,1r,'f?"'f',"ff', 1- x 1 W if ' iw W Q? ii Lf -zmmg - pw, 73251, gf , V I , . .if -fy, ,V ,W .7.y9,2g,i F Q? A ' ff' A, f V MW ik 'V -f., K 'l . 4,9525 ' , -b Q . A .M AH! K f K fl- 'Mm Qgqxjgg Nw gay 5 V , Y , ,L 64, N wg V 5,9 . A k 1 T ?mf'id I W .4 . , f 11 , N' ,. M:"'wf'x, 1Qf , ,MQ 32.3 5 ' 4 ffi ,, ami-wr A M5 5N,,W W 15, , 44,4 fix V -,w,f:.,'gg,,'g Q Sw erm x - . 7 , u . Jw. '. . 'FWQQZWLM ,f A -4 W .! X 125' v-- . ' '1?SA,L:,,,W 1 ?W,'i-Q jf - 5.1 . -""vsAq ' ' ' wh f Q f I . , . ., ,A M' f' rm""l:"f fwfr? L S Ax.,i'f" "' If , .-"' "2 Mxwx.-,Q j , , ixf A -v fQf5y""' '. f 'ffl FJ. 5 94 , auf-'T1E1-1, my ,, f I ' 5.5-M ,V lg mi fy- ' g' I f ' A ,A ravi'-mg, F A f mfr, I ' w'fMfl9'3n'fQ2- :. ,w -S 43? -Miki' fm -R f ' 5 HH-nf' 'ff "' wg -fd-Xia-.Li -Z, -wgf'fi'4'lg,,, s ?"'f1fi3'f, 4 f.1'A?'-gif' ii3f+', ng, 'vw-Q " "' XA ?f9v?f?' A1',1!L3f1bf,1'?5+"'fMf3'hY faag Weffw M36 f ,. eaiag . wg 'f ,A E bww., X va k ,. 1 ji 'Y W bi, A J' ,J V1 w, :Q ,Y 5 ,. r-,A fix' V 4 M 'N ie. My ' 52 - k. ki . N-4 Q, f5,,-g5"QJQfi,5gjfjjWQ' Q w f " - ' ff , a 1 riff" Q6 f ig ., Tw V TL fy.. .Jw 7, 53 , V, 5 Q:-,"'1'f ,, m f 6, ' 2'?i,,f'fi4 i ' V LY' 'Tas P'Q' '?2"'iffL S Ll 09" M VZ? 1 l'- ' 5-fqfzfw 1 .. Y' , "-' Rf-A f ' ' 3 ' ' W' W t' f .25 f f QM Q' f . N A -f , fm Q V L.. 4' Q f Nwkx - M I V ' W L - W 0 ' Q K XX , 1 R K 7 am! ' . L f 1 3 9 -nu R l 'gf-:H " ff A - . , ' 63" Li - VVS, ,M nw, kizrm . -nik, .1 Q4 .Q A f all 2 k , -u .1 L Assistant Coach Bill Gibbs Assistant Coach Tommy Bartlett Head Coach Ray Mears 1962-63 BASKETBALL Partly due to the below-average football season, the student body welcomed the basketball season with much enthusiasm. Under the direction of a new basketball coach- ing staff, the "new', Vols gave the students many thrilling moments with something to cheer about. New Coach Mears had to look to sophomores and former junior college student Danny Schultz for help to pump new life into a Vol basket- ball machine that won only 4 of 23 games last season. The brightest prospects among the newcomers were left wingman A. NV. Davis and center Bobby Hogsett. Both Davis and Hogsett are Tennessee nativesg and they were both considered the top high-school players to come out of Tennessee in several years. Schultz was tabbed for duty at the play-making point position. Another newcomer, Pat Robinette, also contributed much as the season progressed. Along with the players up from the freshman squad and transfers, a nucleus of returning lettermen were on hand to provide the necessary experience. Among them were Orb Bowling, Tommy Wilson, Sid Elliott and jerry Parker. On the dark side of the ledger, Head Coach Mears was struck down by sickness with the season barely two weeks oldg and starting center Orb Bowling fractured his foot midway through the season. Assistant Coach Gibbs took over the Head Coach duties and did a creditable job, as did Bobby Hogsett who took over Bowling's position. ACtll'lg Head C03Cl'l Bill Gibbs Captain Jerry Parker l War? Sm t , A fits y 19 sr is f .7' 169. list A' ii In ful' yi ' .TQ Efrbfd ' "ir, . -elai- 1' 'Nl' xzn' nv-SSS K Seated, left to right: Phil French, Dennis Falls, Rob Sandford, Pat Bill Gibbs, jerry Parker, Sid Elliott, lklike Disney. Orh Bowling Robinette, Skip Plotnieki, Bill Booth, Jim Finley, Danny Schultz, Bobby Hogsett. A. Wf Davis. Manager George Dooley. Freshman Tommy Wilson. Standing: Head Coach Ray Mears, Assistant Coach Coach Tommy Bartlett. THE SCOREBOARD TENNESSEE 5 East Tennessee State 52 TENNESSEE L.S.U. 61 OT TENNESSEE g Rice 52 TENNESSEE Kentucky 69 OT TENNESSEE Xavier 48 TENNESSEE Georgia Tech 73 TENNESSEE Sewanee 45 TENNESSEE Georgia 65 TENNESSEE The Citadel 56 TENNESSEE Florida 84 TENNESSEE Missouri 54 TENNESSEE Mississippi State 63 TENNESSEE Evansville 68 TENNESSEE Nlississippi 83 TENNESSEE Texas Western 77 TENNESSEE Vanderbilt 7,1 OT TENNESSEE Denver 58 TENNESSEE Georgia rll z'c' h 72 TENNESSEE Florida State 65 TENNESSEE Alahaina 60 TENNESSEE Vanderbilt 68 TENNESSEE Aulwurn 47 TENNESSEE Tulane 70 TENNESSEE Kentucky 55 163 fn, K. 5 Hifi W Davis deflects a Georgia tip The Vols started the 1962-63 basketball season by win- ning five consecutive home games. This winning streak surpassed last yearas total number of victories. The victory spurt began on December 1 when the Vols edged out East Tennessee State by a score of 65-52. Next, Rice invaded the fieldhouse and came out on the short end of a 75-52 score. In the big game preceding the Christmas holidays, the Vols chewed up Xavier to the tune of 63-48. After consecutive victories over Sewanee and The Citadel in Knoxville, the Vols journeyed north to suffer their Hrst defeat at the hands of Missouri during which the Vols were leading until the Hnal seconds. After a loss to Evansville, the team participated in the Sun Carnival Tournament at El Paso, Texas. The Orangemen dropped their Hrst game to Texas Western and won third place in the tourney by defeating Denver 59-58. I v. Q i if A. W. clears the boards as Vandy's Scott assists Elliott off the floor! I'm saved! Schultz drives past VU's Russell as Vandy's Billips looks on in Nashville After the holidays, the Vols returned to the fieldhouse to ekc out a victory over tough Florida State. The SEG wars began on a bad foot. Tennessee dropped the Hrst de- cision to the rival Commodores of Vanderbilt. The Gibbs- men then evened the slate by defeating Tulane in New Orleans, losing on the next night to L.S.U. by one point in an overtime. Then the BIG ONE! The Vols battled back from a 16-point deficit to upset Rupp's Wfildeats of Ken- tucky in Lexington. Heartbreaking losses to Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, and Vandy, all by less than Five points, would have broken most teams, spirits. Yet the determined Volunteers never gave up as evidenced by their romps over Georgia, favored Alabama, and league-leading Auburn! The high-flying Vols! 1 Two points for Schultz: one foul shot for the Tide's Andrews VOL CHEERLEADERS Boosting spirit, rooting for the team in victory or defeat, and leading in all sports activities, the Vol cheerleaders have proven to be a valuable asset to the student body. Selected each spring and sponsored by the Adawayhi Pep Club, the cheerleaders work hard to develop school spirit. The cheerleaders attend all of the football games, whether away or home, and cheer at all home basketball games. This year they cheered at some of the away basketball games too. VOL CHEERLEADERS-First Row, Left to Right: Tommy Leek, Pete Von Elton, Chuck Dych, Terry Smith, and Charlie Baker. Second Row: Linda May, Sally Plunkett, Janet Stanford, Wallene Threadgill, and Sue Novotny. i' is 'F' il wt .. T v A i-rfi 'S . Wow ,iv- il, -1 Z m N- fms iw, .,. I H M K .gk W 'gkkyir K i' , M X V' M ' 'N t 'A L vVbg.V 7 A 5 A 97 K, , W V L f M 2 i f N ff' 4 . A x 5 " Q .ALL .l . -,W -1,. vi .W R ik 55 E 3 1 S f - k rg I ' is 1 3+ fi '. 4 M in M - - . . 1 V ' T A .Q A , ,gf a H A Xb Q 1 W 5 4 , .J V 4 ' 1 M it xr i ik D WX W M 0 A N. Q , 5 M . , K a fi - H. fe X as 1. XX 'xg -L 9 ' -s.. iw . E vw X' r i gi 2 ' 2 M3212 HK w ,"'1, I -1 3 M1 V3 2 'L ' gl? I af 1 if um, 1 - ff XV: k ' K ff, 2 Ky' g 5 X .. 5' ' , l ga N., J First Row: Kennedy, Johnson fCaptainl, Hudgens, Taylor, Painter, Maddox, McClough, Burkart. Third Row: Wright fCoachl, Sill, Henley. Second Row: Sammons, Bishop, Wells, Horner, Shuford, Herbert, Thompson, Walker, Jobe, South, House. BILL WRIGHT Coach The baseball team, under Coaches George Cafego and Bill Wright, iinished the 1962 season with a 14-12 record. Although the Vols started slowly, they gained momentum as the season progressed, closing with a nine-game winning streak. The string included five wins over Vanderbilt and a double-header from arch-rival Kentucky. The team, led by the hitting of Johnny Maddox, Ken Hudgens and George Shuford, and with the slick glove-work of shortstop Lynn Johnson, posted the first winning season for the baseball Vols in several years. Jim Herbert had the top pitching record Q5-2j, including an impressive three-hit victory over highly-ranked Auburn. Maddox led the Vols' hitting with a .317 average. With returning standouts Maddox, Hud- gens, and Herbert, the Vols can look forward to another successful season. Horner races to first on a close one I BASEBALL Spann anchors winning relay TRACK 170 First Row: Simmons, Bailey, Spann, Russell, Register. Second Row: Evey, Watson, Hendricks CCaptainl, Moss, Gowdy. The Vol thinclads posted a 4-1 record in 1962. They were led through the successful season by Captain Steve Hendricks, and hurdler-weightman Herschel Bailey. The Vols lost to Vanderbilt, then followed the loss with victor- ies over East Tennessee State, Southwestern, Kentucky, and Georgia. Ralph Patterson was Coach and after he left for a coaching job in Florida in the spring, Chuck Rohe of Furman was hired. Rohe immediately started pumping new life into the track program, and his dynamic personality, coupled with an excellent record at Furman, aided him in a vigorous recruiting program which increased the squad to 45. With an outstanding group of sophomores up from the freshman team, the Vol trackmen can look forward to a successful 1963 season. CHUCK ROHE Coach K TOMMY BARTLETI' Coach Olsen slams in a point TENNIS The Volunteer Tennis Team, guided by Coach Duane Bruley, posted a 7-7 record for the 1962 net campaign. The netters defeated Tennessee Wesleyan, L. M. U., Carson- Newman, Jefferson City and M. T. S. C., but failed to win an S. E. C. match. The Vols made their best S. E. C. showing against Georgia Tech and Kentucky, losing by only 3M-SM, and 5-4. These were the last two matches of the 1962 season and showed the results of months of hard work. All of this year's team will return for next springls season and hopes for the year are optimistic as there will be several new faces available from the freshman team. Captain David Arwood and Carl fBoboj Olson were the outstanding players of the year, Olsen winning a match in the conference tournament. Coach Tommy Bartlett returned from the University of Chattanooga to his Alma Mater this year, and will be coach- ing the netters in addition to his duties as freshman basket- ball coach. First Row: McGui Connelly, King, Stanley. Second Row: Bruley CCoachJ, Runk, Arwood re, 1 Captain J , Olsen. S I . 171 LLOYD FOREE Coach Coach Lloyd Foree's golfers had a 6-3-1 record for the 1962 season, defeating East Tennessee State, Cumberland, Vanderbilt and Kentucky, among others. They tied always- tough Georgia Tech. The most impressive win for the links- men was a 27-0 shutout over Cumberland. The Vols played their home matches on the Deane Hills Country Club course, where Foree is the professional. Main- stays on the team were Dave Bingaman, Mark Harris, Jim Overlin and Ray Neil. Overlin, Neil, Foster, and upcoming freshman Shan Smith will form the nucleus for next year's squad. Left to Right: Foree fCoachJ, Foster, Harris, Bingaman fCaptainJ Neil, Overlain, Pettit. L? TW'-Ka i 5lfWNLi3i!E.19M99,..I.v:.iT:Ii'C hi .M -"Y-'W-be ami, ., . Ridley by a leg Get that d-- pole out of the cup! Smash! TR MURALS Boys' intramurals at Tennessee are divided into two groups: The Orange League and the Wlhite League. The lVhite League is made up of the larger fraternities. Intra- murals got off to a fast start in the fall with such sports as shuffleboard, tennis, swimming and volleyball. Sigma Nu has been dominating the Orange League and Sigma Chi has been leading in the White League. XVith bowling, basket- ball, ping pong, badminton and indoor relays well under way in the winter quarter, and track, softball and horse- shoes approaching in the spring. the fast and interesting events will continue as the fraternities compete for all the important trophies and points that will be awarded the winners. The Girls' Intramurals at U-T are composed of the sororities, ISA and Phi Eta Tau. Fall quarter started with such events as volleyball, swimming and ping pong, with each of these groups out to beat last yt-ar's winner and cur- rent leader, Chi Omega. Action will be fast and entertaining as these groups strive to obtain the trophies and awards that are presented for each of the events. Fijis return the serve 173 S Sigma Chi's Loy is up and over NTRAMURALS Kappa Sig's Thompson goes high in the air as the Sigs prepare to defend jf' f -fa 5' "'-mu... in , if ' H 'It Poncho in action 1101 Nag? 174 ,Q-nw S.-XE's take the Court The fraternity H3l'li1Il2l1S,y! A Uspikeru goes high into thc air E 3 ' Ziiw Sf, 1 .M 5 2 ., ..,, .. x 4545, X ' X3 R' 5 isgf 1, W, ss? Q s . i if if .ug vs ,Q s 194, 1, t ,v way T 'lu'L ' u gi., 1 '1 wafe- 5 sa f Y J.. A. J? . ,A . 3 .6 ' 4 .' . Q' . J no V: .- 1- , .' .s.k,, , F' 5 , X 2' HKS? Q L..4 W -:M ', .ff 1 . . . 3 , " ,uxsvfyf ,- K . MY! 1 8 0 6 Q-r Pg.. K A ' ,. 3' Q 4 4, . s . A M Y. M . . 7' x i.. 'L ' w" . , . 32-.', ' if nk- . - A. " - ' " 1 af Q 1 fmfgw ,S .E 4 559 'P , , 5 X .yviz T 144 . .XV 185' A . Y 4 M., V X , f ,N R N .MQW ,UQ , K'U Q43 sg if Q89 , 4, gmt? ,M v . ff N ff 3 5 E ,gk , W K Q, 2. , PA HELLENIC COUNCIL The Panhellenic Council of the University of Tennessee is an advisory committee composed of two representatives from each of the Hfteen sororities on campus and the presi- dents of these sororities. One representative serves in an advisory capacity while the other votes on all business. The purpose of the Panhellenic Council is to cooperate with college authorities in maintaining high social and scholastic standards, to be a form of discussion, and to maintain closer inter-fraternity relationships. The Council governs all regulations for rush procedures and any other questions or functions involving a vote of discussion of all sororities. The Panhellenic Council spon- sors the work of the Junior Panhellenic Council, which is composed of representatives of the sorority pledge classes. Panhellenic also sponsors a vocational clinic for Freshmen each year. PANHELLENIC REPRESENTATIVES Alpha Epsilon Phi Susan Busch, Susan Finer Alpha Chi Omega Carolyn Head, Marilyn Morgan Alpha Delta Pi Carol Koella, Becky Garner Alpha Gamma Delta Minga Bohlmann, Margaret Salyer Alpha Xi Delta Beverly Bushore, Carolyn Lefliel Alpha Omicron Pi Susan Locklear, Paula MeCaslin Chi Omega Diane Crow, Peggy Register Delta Delta Delta Pat Blurton, Elisabeth Shafer Delta Gamma Sandy Cudd, Judy Thirloway Delta Zeta Jayne Tigert, Gail Y'Vatcrs Kappa Delta Ann Chandler, Judy Lowe Phi Mu Jill Bettis, Donna Tippit Pi Beta Phi Phyllis Gifford, Sue Ogdin Sigma Kappa Gail Dixon, Linda Sue Howell Zeta Tau Alpha Judy Falls, Linda I-Iundley 177 OFFICERS MARTHA FRAKES Presirivnt APRIL GARDNER Vice-President MARY JANE HARMON Secreiary AMELIA THOMPSON Treasurer PATSI KEALLY Rush Clzairnzart CHARLENE HARB Assistant Rush Chairman JANET PERRY Book Editor :ffm 2-r:6'?g5-6: en' y 3.5 -a s National founding: 1909 Barnard College Local founding: 1943 Colors: green and white Flower: Lily of the Valley Number of chapters: 52 Left to Right: Shirley Fox, President: Susan Busch, ViceAPresidcnt, Susan Finer, Seeretaryg Brenda Krauss, Treasurer. ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER The 1962-63 year was a busy one for the AEf1P's at U.T. Under the leadership of the officers, Alpha Sigma Chapter carried out a lull program of activities. Our 1962 Spring formal, '4Golden Fantasy," was held at C'est Bon, at which time pledge newspapers were distributed. In lyfay, a Mother's Day Tea was given for mothers, alumnae, and patronesses of ABCD. Awards for the year were presented at this time. After a very successful rush for Fall Quarter, a workshop was held in Gatlinburg to plan our activities for the coming school year. Founders' Day was celebrated with a banquet at the Holiday lnn. November came, and the pledges gave the aetives a "backwards" party where fun was had by all. December first found our annual holiday party in progress complete with dinner, skits, and exchange of gifts. lYinter Quarter began with a scholarship dinner honoring those members with high scholastic averages. During the Spring a national council meeting was held in Knoxville with our national president attending. ln her address to the chapter, we were reminded ol' our motto, "lX'Iany hearts, one purpose," which A1-lflfs throughout the country endeavor to uphold. WVe were chosen most likely to . . . 178 any First Row: Susan Busch, Susan Finer, Shir- ley Fox. Second Row: Sandra Horhenborg, Dorothy Keilman, Nadine Kolick. Third Row: Brendan Krauss, Carolyn hianas, Andrea Sampson. Fourth Row: Rhoda Schwartz, Susan Yagcr, Carol Zwivk. Not Pictured: Matil Jacob, Marxann Sherman. That's not how they waltz at Arthur Murray's! O ',, Pi . . ws 1: -1 I in vs ' 12 Xu' K in ,qi I .01 9 A? lm 0' .4 'in , ab n,, Ci il National founding: 1885 DePauw University Local founding: 1961 Colors: scarlet red and olive green lflowerz Red Carnation Number of chapters: 102 Top Row: Anna Haslbauer, First Vice-President: Marilyn Morgan, Second Vice-President. Bottom Row: Barbara Millsaps, Recording Secrctaryg Becky Hernbree, Presidentg Judy Malt-y, Treasurer. DELTA PICHAPTER Delta Pi Chapter has had an eventful second year on the University of Tennessee campus. Une of our greatest thrills was winning the third-place trophy in 1962 All Sing. Three of our talented girls, the i'Alpha-Chordsj' who were Anna Haslbaur, hlarilyn Leftwich, and Nikki Davis, were chosen to sing in Carnicus. Among the Alpha Chi's beauties who have received recog- nition are Carol Gleim. a finalist in the 4SMiss Knoxville" Contest: Gail Webb. who was chosen a Volunteer Beauty and a Pike Calendar Girlg and Judy Vaughn, who was chosen a Vol beauty, Alpha Chi Omega has enjoyed several social events dur- ing 1962-63. At the beginning of the year. our formal was held at Beayer Brook Country Club. Later we enjoyed a houseparty in Gatlinburg. ite had fun ice-skating. or learn- ing how. and we had entertaimnent and skits by the aetiyes and pledges. Another houseparty was held this fall. But there was work toofin scholarship. Marilyn Leftwich won the 'l'ri-Delta scholarship award. A Rush 1Vorkshop was also held this fall. The time was spent in practicing skits and making other preparations for rush, Our convention was held in Rliami, Florida. in June. lt was attended by M1's. Ruth Burton, our chapter advisor, and our president, Becky Hembree. Delta Pi was presented by National with the "Rushing Awardfi D0n't strain yourself! Q 180 181 First Row: Mary Jane Abernathy, Billic Armstrong, Carolyn Baker, Fran Bartelrne, Carol Bean, Nancy Benson. Second Row: Sarah Bible, Blake Birdwell, Bobbie Buckingham, Linda Car- mack, Carole Childs, Cathy Claxton. Third Row: Nikki Davis, Jana Dickey, Kar- en Dickey, Sarah Ditmore, Nan- cy Farmer, Mary Fetzer. Fourth Row: Elaine Greer, Patsy Griffin, Mary Gunn, Deva Harris, San- dy Harris, Anna Haslbauer. Fifth Row: Lynne Haubenreich, Carolyn Head, Becky Hembree, Judy Henry, Leslie Hever, Marie Hines. Sixth Row: Betty Honeycutt, Barbara Jen- kins, Glendora Jenkins, Nancy Lambert, Marilyn Lcftwich, Le Ann Loughran. Seventh Row: Nancy Love, Judy Nlalcy, Pam Mabry, Alice Massey, Barbara hiillsaps, Suzanne Mock. Ninth Row: Grace Nlontgomery, lklarilyn lVIorgan, Andrea Nash, Joan Norris, Sally Cffunt, Joyce Ooten. Tenth Row: De Ann Pratt, Susan Preston, Kathy Reeves, Dinah Jo Rob- crts, Patricia Salaita, Sandy Shaw. Eleventh Row: Karen Smith, Jan Stanley, Di- ane Strange, Beve Lea Teasley, Virginia Turner, Judy Vaughn. Twelfth Row: Gail Webb, Jay Wood. Not Pictured: Linda Carmack, Nancy Rector. Does that look like a telephone to you? Top Row: '11 v ,1 - ,Q Q A5591 K'-Q59 ALPEHJA KAPPA CEJAPTER x1CIll1Jl'l'S 01' .'X11J11L1 11111121 Pi, 01111 01 11111 0l111's1, 111111'- n111i011al s0r0ri111-s. 11112 known 113' 1111-ir 1111111101111 13111 XY1111 its 1:l11s1J111l 11ZlI1C1S 01' sis1er11oo1'l. Our 0111111 1110110 is "XY1r live for 1-11111 01111-r." News 11150111 1111111111111 111111 el1a1Jt1'rs is l'Xl'112lIlg'4'l1 1111111- 11fr1y 111 our 111111011111 11111g11zin1'. The Adelphezm, w11i1'11 21150 1C'Zi1llI'C'S I11'XA'S 1'0111'1'r111ng our 112111011111 1111il1111111r011i1t work. YV1: work 111 1'00111'r111i0n with 1111: N2111f3I111l C1'11111l1'1l C1111- C11'l'I1iS Society. I,01'11lly, we 2111n1111lly 111111 01111121118 10 11 spring 11i1'11i1' 111111 11011111e c1l1I'1S1I112lS 1J11s1111s 10 1111111-r1J1'ix'i- l1'g1'11 C1l11C1l'l'I1. High s1'110l11rs11111 is 1111 A1JPiac11o1111a1is111111-111. 11s w1'1111x'1r won 1111- P11n111'l11'11i1' s1'110111rs11i1J 11'O1D11y 101' 11161 111111 1962. National founding: 1851 YY-xl '11 C llc'-'e Local founding: 1930 Colors: blue and white Flower: Violet Number of chapters 103 cillliijli' 1'1'11'rs0n, '111'62lSl11'K'1i1 N11n1'y Bowi esey I1 0 1, S1-1'r1'1111'y1 Peggy D1'x1'r. Vive-P11Siden1, 110110111 Dulws, Corr1'sponding S1'l'I'1'IZl1'yE 11111111 wv2l111'1A, 1,1651 V337 E11111 spring we 111111 21 1'l1icl1en 111111 11111111 s1'110l111'sl1i11 C11I1I11'1' 10 1'1'11'111'1111' 0111' 111'11i1'x1111e111S. A1JPiis s01'i11l C'211l'I1C1Li1' 111111111115 11111111' s0r0ri1y 1-x1111s. s111'11 218 Ulll' 11111111111 spring dinner 11111111. 111111- 1'1'2ll'1'1' 11011s1-- 11ar1i1-s 101' 11l1'11u1's 111111 111'1ix'1'S. L1 FUllI1l1l'l'S' 1,111 1311111111111 111111 21 Big'-l,i1111' S1S11'l' 151111111111 c,ll1S12lI1L11IlQ 1111-111111115 01 A111l111 1421131221 11111111111' 1111111111- -1111111 1112111911 0111' 1JI'l'S1C1CI11, w110 was 1'110s1'11 19112 H01111- C'OII11I1Q Q111111 LlI1l1 Ll lIli'I111JC1' 01' 31011111 110111112 1111111111111 Rilvy. w110 is 111'111l II12l,101'C1'LC 01' 11111 L'-'1' 111111111 111111 K1111' R0l11'1'1s. w110 is l,I'l'S111t'I11 01' Al1J1111 1.11111111111 1,K'1l21 111111 S111- I'l'121I'1' 0111111 s0111101110r1' L'l21SS. A111115 21l'1' 11150 11101111 01 1111 01' 111l'11' 51S1l'I'S w110 S1111 11S :X1'1Ily 111111 Air 1711111 s11011s01's. Illlll, 1lt'l'01'C11Il5l Row: Donnzx dom, Is there really 11 difference? wif mg" 11 181 I First Row: Janet Anderson, Betsy Booth, Kathy Bolin, Pat Bowyer, Su- san Brenner, Carolyn Browder. Second Row: Ann Browder, Beeky Brown, Becky Christain, Sharon Cromp- ton. Pat Crosby, Pat Daugh- crty. Third Row: Fran Davis, Scott Davis, Peggy Dever, Linda Dobbs, Anne Doo- ley, Diana Dukes. Fourth Row: Donna Dukes, June Ellington. Jolly Ewing, Sherry Fleming, Carol Ann Goodwin, Carolyn Henry. Fifth Row: Susan Hillis, Katherine Hoyle. ,Io Hudson, Faye Hurley, Paula Ide, lNIona Beth Isbell. Sixth Row: Cinna Jones, Frances Kirkpat- rick, Mary' Lewis, .lean Lot'l-:-- hart. Ella Marie Maekahee, Carol Mays. Seventh Row: Blary Lou Nfetiowan. ,Ioyee Ble- Intosh, Betsy Biodlin, Diane lklahoney, Jeanne Moore, Diana lklosley. Eighth Row: lkiarilyn Riurphy, Carole Peter- son, Leah Phelps. Janet Putnatn, Janie Ragsdale. Charloite Rich- ardson. Ninth Row: Claudette Riley, Kitty Roberts, Mary Roherts. De Anna Smith. Judy Smith. Susan Stevens. Tenth Row: Annette Tefteller. liintla June Valentine. ,lane YYaller. Ranch-e KW-lls. Bohhy Werner. Susan Whitmore. Eleventh Row: Lynn Xvllliilllli Jayne Wilson, Marilyn XVood. Not Pictured: Julie Anderton. Elaine Bailey. Naney Bowman. Kiarianne Bow- yer, Trudy Conner, Becky Cal'- ner, Ann Hoffnieyer. Lynne Hoover. Sandy Hufstecller, Kar- ol Koella. hlary Kay Pu'm11n. lNIarian Ragan. Becky Sharp, ,lan Wzttgoner, Vfirtipie Wall, Zee XVall. Frances Vfood. ADPi Military Morale Boosters t y 8,4 f 'inf ..5"'45a.. National founding: 1904 Syracuse University Local founding: 1961 Colors: red, bull, and green Flower: Red and Buff Roses Number of chapters: 89 Linda Ellis, First Viee-Presidentg Sandy Arnold, Recording Secre- taryg Frances Brasko, Presidentg Dee Marshall, Second Vice- President. GAMMA NU CHAPTER 'l'his February Alpha Gamma llclta began its third year on the University of Tennessee campus. ln this short while, many of the Alpha Gams' faces have become familiar on campus. A few of the Alpha Gamma Deltas who have made a place for themselves are: Frances Brasko, Linda Ellis, Gelie Murphy. Polly Allen. Rita Mott. Gina Devine, Marcia Herring, and hlary Greer. Frances is the holder of a Home Economics scholarshipg last year she was selected as the Home Economics student with the highest over-all average. Frances is also a member of both Umicron Nu and the Dolphin Club. Linda Ellis is another of Alpha Gamma llc-lta's scholars who holds a Home Economics scholarship. Celie hlurphy, Gamma Nuis editor. is Feature Editor for the Orange and 1Vhite, as well as a member of the Dolphin Club. Polly is the sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. Rita was selected to be an Army sponsor. hlary Greer was selected as historian of the Home Economics Club, and she is also a member of Blue Triangle. hlarcia Herring, who has been kept extremely busy this year as Gamma Nuis membership chairman, was also selected as a member of the Homecoming Advisory Board for 1962. Members of Alpha Gamma Delta have also been busy this year making themselves known off campus with their work for the Knoxville Cerebral Palsy Center. This work is being done in connection with the national altruistic project of Alpha Gamma Delta. Devil or Angel ? l' 1' A 5 3? fl we ii 1 FMA , M X R W 5 V 6:-if J s A .Lib I K WM.. 18.4. I First Row: Polly Allen, Sandy Arnold, Jean Atkins, Mary Binkley, Minga Bohlmann, Frances Brasko. Second Row: Bentley Browning, Kitty Clark, Linda Corn, Linda Ellis, Nancy Fisher, Pat Greene. Third Row: Mary Greer, Joyce Hanson, Evangeline Harris, Charlene Hearn, Emily Henderson, Mar- cia Herring. Fourth Row: Ginger Hunter, Patricia Hutch- ins, Patsy Jackson, Nancy Jor- dan, Dinah Sue Kelly, Pat Lang- ford. Fifth Row: Sue Lester, Dee lWarshall, Mary McDuffy, Maureen McGovern, Carole Miller, Rita Mott. Sixth Row: Celia Murphy, Jackie Needham, Rachel Ostrander, Suzanne Por- ter, Linda Jo Powell, Linda Price. Seventh Row: Janice Roadman, Lana Rue Roberts, Margaret Salyer, Alyce JO Schaffer, Anne lNIarie Shel- ton, Marge Sherman. Eighth Row: Phyllis Sowell, Kathy Stager, Mary Stonecipher, Johnanna Stoner, Jill Swenson, Carole Turner. Ninth Row: Anne Walker, Janice Wriglit, Linda Young. Not Pictured: Jackie Barrett, Judy Braunstein, Tommie Bruce, Jo Bryson, Rita Castleberry, Elizabeth Carroll. Pre-rush houseparties are always fun. 35291 -, .4 of! ' .-...o9,g.,,. I. .V ,W ,V ,u .fy- Q -V f -f !. National founding: 1893 Lombard College Local founding: 1956 Colors: double blue and gold Flower: Pink Rose Number of chapters: 101 Top Row: Susan Norman, Activities: Janice Woods, Recording Sec- retary. Bottom Row: Barbara Meiiarter. President: Sally Fields. Corresponding Secretary. G.CtN1NlACHAPT.ER Having been on the cantpus of the University of Tennes- see for live years. Alpha Xi lleltas have received niany honors. especially during' the 1962-63 school year. h In addition to being President of Gannna Lambda chap- ter. Barbara 1NlcCarter is presently serving as co-chairnian of the Student Center. She was also co-cliairtnan of 1962 All-Sing, a ineniber of lYho's lYho, and the recipient of a Mortar Board Senior Citation. Other llortar Board xneinbers are Charlotte Sints and Nancy Clilt. Charlotte also was a ineinber of lVlio's lllho and is currently the lead singer for the worlcl-famous L'.'1'. Singers. Nancy. recipient of a Nlortar Board Senior Cita- tion. is also President of the Society of XVOIIIPH Engineers. In the lield of beauty. three Alpha Xi Delta sisters were selected as Yol Beauties: Bette Carlson. Rita llunsey. and Ann Rector. Bette is Pi Kappa Alpl1a's hllreatn Girlf, a ntajorette with the Pride of the Southland Band. and the currently reigning Kliss Venus. Rita is featured as "Miss -Ianuary 1963" in the Pi Kappa Alpha Calendarg Ann is the lirontier Girl of Sigina Phi Epsilon. Along with Bette in the niajorette lineup is Judy Barton, Nliss Nlajorette of America for 1963 and pledge sweetheart of Pi Kappa Alpha. Another Alpha Xi Delta sweetheart is Ilolly lbiggcs. Kappa Alpha Rose. With our efbcient ofbcers leading the way, Alpha Xi lleltas look forward to inany successful years in the future. Houseparties effect people in different ways, but this is ridiculous 186 187 First Row: Carol Abt-lc, Andrea Adams. Sandra Armstrong, Sharon Arni- strong, Judy Bartley, Katie Ben- 5011. Second Row: Anne Brewster, Niary Bruce, Linda Capps, Bette Carlson, Shirley Carlson, Lynn Cecil. Third Row: Nancy Clift, Emily Daniel, Jane Cooss, Bonnie Davis, Holly Dig- ges, Judy Dow. Fourth Row: Penny Dumas, Linda Ebert, Evelyn Elliot, Joyce Ellis, liidge Ellis, Gay Evans. Fifth Row: Sally Fields, Jeanne Givens, Sammie Sue Hodges, Sharon Hodges, Ginny Holtman, Anita Huray. Sixth Row: Judy Huskisson, Nancy James, Janet Keough, Carol Kucks, Ann Lindsay, Pat Lynch. Seventh Row: Jean Mazzei, Barbara IvIcCartcr, hiarguerite McLoughlin, Patti Iw1cPeters, Anne hiercer, Lanie Mitchell. Eighth Row: Rita Nlunsey, Susan Norman, Anne Rector, Mary Ross, Jean Schiffman, Charlotte Sims. Ninth Row: Pat Sivert, Lindy Strom, Becky Temple, Lynda Thomas, Cherl YVatchel, Martha YVarren. Tenth Row: Linda Weaver, Sarah VVisc, Janice Wloods, Gayle W'ulb. Not Pictured: Allene Anderson, Judy Barton, Beverly Bushore, Rene Cobb. Gail Conger, Martha Cuthbert. Nancy Davis, Beverly Duncan. Suzanne Finley, Carol Greene. Carol Greskey, Carol Greffe, Sandra Ht-lsey, Carolyn Leffell, Vicki Locke, Sue Massengill, Louise O'Fallon, Pat O'Fallon, Julie Rankin, Barbara Rawlston, Lynda Sharp, Kay Stokely, Dola Faye Terry, Mary Frank YVade, Blary YVagner, Carolyn lValker. hlarsha Watts. Somebody has been using their electric toothbrush. OMICRON CHAPTER i'YN'ho's that pretty little girl in red?" An AQ-Cutie Pi! Yes, here we are at ole Uflf celebrating our sixty-iirst year. It has been an eventful year and one really to remem- ber. Glimpses of the events recall such happenings: The year began with rush . . . no apples were lost to the " "' local fruit stands. Then came Pledge Saturday: what a banquet, thirty new pledges, and what a chapter! Fall elec- tions followed with Roe Ellen Coleman being elected Frosh gait Secretary. Meanwhile the "Spook Patrol" struck again. HPodnah, coming to the AOPi BQ?" Yes. the AOPis seryed up barbecue for a scholarship. Customers were brought to 46,3 QQ 5 A X 'Yu' Q HN" v ' 1 9 W aggngv by ' ' 'f the ehuelswagon in Circle Park hy AOPi cowgirls. HAH that glitters is not gold," . . . but the silver-glittered AOPi Derby dancers certainly dazzled the judges. The famous phrase . . . National founding: 1897 Barnard College i'You-all, I don't believe it!" echoed throughout the AOPi room when we had news of the completed plans for the new Loca' f"u"d"'g: 1902 Panhellenie building. Houseparty antics found pledges Colors: cardinal red throwing ofhcers in the pool: too bad they broke the ice! Flower: -Iacqueminm Rose lQYinter came and so did study time. The Rose Ball was the first lormal ol the year and was such a gala eyent. And so Number of chapters: 79 1110 YU211' W0111 011 - - - All AUPi members are active in campus activities. but no matter where we are or what we do. a good time is had by all . . . naturally . . . we're .-XOPisl Top Row: Janice Anderson, Recording Secretary: Lolly Taylor, President: Peggy Cowling. Treasurer. Bottom Row: Chris Abbay. Corresponding Secretary: Helen Scanling, Vice-President. 51111113 Y0Ul1'C 111 thi? 11101195 f K it .EU 3 if 4 H 188 t 1-'ill 5 N, 'J I First Row: Chris Abbay, Janice Anderson, Pat Anderson, Nancy Aurin, Wanda Sue Bailey, Cynthia Bag- gett. Second Row: Patty Baumgardner, Martha Bidwell, Cindy Brackett, Ann Breazeale, Helen Brinkerhoff, Dolly Caywood. Third Row: Roe Ellen Coleman, Sue Colley, Carolyn Craig, Kathy Decker, Gayle Dodd, Georgia Duncan. Fourth Row: Sandra Duncan, Barbara Em- bury, Anne Estes, Camille Ethi- er, Gina Fornara, Beverly Gass. Fifth Row: Medora Gore, Mary Lou Griffin, Lynnelle Hammett, Charlene Hemphill, Mary Ann Jarvis, Virginia Johnson. Sixth Row: Sandy Kohlhase, Anita Lackey, Gloria Lane, Judy Leinart, Su- san Locklear, Pat McCampbell. Seventh Row: Paula lVIcCaslin, Martha Mid- kiff, Betty Newbill, Ann Nov- inger, Linda Puckett, Pat Plunkf BUS. Eighth Row: Dot Reese, Lolly Richie, Lavene Roberts, Dawn Robertson, Helen Scanling, Kay Shepherd. Ninth Row: Betty Smith, Sue Stafford, Lin- da Staley, Josephine Sutton, Pol- ly Taber, Lolly Taylor. Tenth Row: Linda Townsend, lN1ary Reed Trotter, Judy Vandiver, Vickie Vordcr Bruegge, Judy Wadell, Julie Warren. Eleventh Row: Dottie lNhclen, Helen Worley, Judy Yost, Quinn Young. Not Pictured: Priscilla Brandau, Diane Moore, Paula Scott, Kathy Van Natter, Ann YVarlick. Time marches on avg-. -.-..-Q . -J 1.1, .Q f '- 5, ,t Qi vyqrgir 1 ,.e-', .'ZL'.t,... National founding: 1895 University of Local founding: 1900 Colors: cardinal and straw Flower: White Carnation Number of chapters: 132 Arkansas Top Row: Anne Younger, Presidentg Margie Cooley, Treasurer Bottom Row: Melissa Burnside, Pledge Trainer: P Seeretaryg Anne Dempster, Vice-President. U. eggy Register, m,,,,.., P I C H A P T E R Chi Omegas plunged into the school year with a house- party in Gatlinburg. Between talking about Pi ehapter's Anne lilempster, who was on the G. li. College Bowl, and planning a yery sueeessful rush season, a good time was had hy all. As school began, Pi Chapter quickly went, ahead in intra- murals: taking Hrst, place in junior yolleyball and winning the swimming meet for the sixth straight year. lndiyidual honors were won this fall as well. Chi U's were ehosen Vol Beauties. Air Force and Army sponsors. and Sophomore Aides. At the Sweetheart Ball, we watched sister Sally liaeon become the "Sweetheart ol' Sigma Chi." Chi Omegas were taken into honoraries, and our president reeeiyed a Nlortar lloard Citation. Klargie Cooley was on the Homecoming Adyisory Board while -Ianiee Powers pre- sided as President of liarhara Blount and Anne Nloore served as Treasurer of SGA. Four Clhi O's graeed lX1iller's College Board. Pi was justly proud ol' its pledges who won first place in pledge scholarship for fall quarter'-heating' the aetiyes who were 11 elose second in over-all scholarship. As the Ayres Hall Chimes. giyen hy Chi Omega on the fiftieth anniyersary of her founding at L'.'l'.. echo oyer the campus, we look forward to another year with its new friendships and challenges. Look! We're on Candid Camera IQO wr A WW' 191 First Row: Betty Alden, Kay Alden, Cissy Armstrong, Merrily Austin. Jody Bacon, Sally Bacon, Bonita Barnard. Second Row: Suzanne Barnard, Fay Baugh, Jina Blanton, Bonny Bonnyman, Linda Brown, Melissa Burnside, Anne Caldwell. Third Row: Jill Callaway, Harrict Cobb, Helen Coffey, Margie Cooley, Louise Creekmore, D i a n n e Crow, Janet Crumbliss. Fourth Row: Jo Anne Dance, Elizabeth Da- vis, Janie Dick, Charlotte Doin- inick, Sandra Edwards, Judy Ellis, Carole Erskine. Fifth Row: Susan Evans, Jenny Flowers, Lee Foster, Ellen Fowler, Bar- bara Fulton, Joy Hall, Susie Henderson. Sixth Row: Elizabeth Holenian, Jackie Hol- land, Lynn Hubble, Lila Hyatt, Bootsie Isbell, Susan Rhea Jen- kins, Judy Kayler. Seventh Row: Sally Kcrley, Helen Lacy, Fran- ces LaNieve, Lynda Larkin. Nlary Lewis, Linda Link, Babs Mallicote. Eighth Row: Fran lNIcClurc. Donna lNIcNab. Anne Moore, Margaret Murrey, Pat Necrgaard, Cynthia Nixon. Rena Penn. Ninth Row: Sally Plunkett, Janice Powcrs, Kathy Ratliff, Peggy Registcr. Reine Rentenbach, Joan Rikc. Nancy Roberts. Tenth Row: K. K. Scott, Emery Stair, Edley Stone, Letty Taylor, Wallenc Threadgill, Sandra Travis, Judy Vaughn. Eleventh Row: Carol VVallen, Sassy WVard, Ann Libby Ware, Becky Watson, Hcl- cn YVcaver, Kay lVcvcr, Sarah VVilliams. Twelfth Row: Pam Wilsford, Mary Winn, Mary WVood, Anne Younger. Not Pictured: Anne Dempster, Frances Holt, Cissy Lyons. We have to cat sometime! National founding: 1888 Boston University Local fc mixi idingz 1923 Colors: silver, gold, and blue Flower: Pansy Number of chapters: 106 Top Row: Cookie Glaze, Recording Seeretaryg Su Ann Preston, Corresponding Secretary. Bottom Row: Virginia Maddux, Viet'- President: Martha Dempster, Presidentg Sue Noyotny, Treasurer. DELTA SIGMA CHAPTER The 74th National Convention of Delta Delta Delta held in Hot Springs was a suecessliul beginning to a prosperous year for Delta Sigma Chapter. 'llhe unselhsh. untiring lead- ership of President lNlartha Dempster of Clollieryille was inspirational in making 1962-63 a wonderful year. Delta Delta Delta was among thc leaders in yery phase of campus life. Topping Campus honors were Virginia Mad- dux, Miss Tennessee: Sue Noyotony, Homecoming court and cheerleader: and Pat Blurton. .Iunior Class Secretary. Academically, 'l'ri Deltas Virginia Bladdux and Nlartha serve Nlortar Board as President and Historian, respectively. Blembers of Alpha Lambda Delta are Elisabeth Shafer. and Gayle Vaughn. VOLUNTEER beauties are SuAnn Preston, Elisabeth Shafer. and -lan Griffith. Representing Delta Sigma as Fra- ternity Sweethearts are Barbara Yolx. ATO: Sue Noyotony, AGRg Carolyn Shoekley, SAE Coed ot' the Yearg Brenda Hamilton. Phi Sig: and Elisabeth Shafer. Circle K, Carol Cousins is Barnwarming Queen. Tri Deltas in uniform are Army Sponsors, Susan Preston and Betsy Farrar, and Air Force. Linda lN'ilbanks. As its philanthropy. Delta Delta Delta offers educational scholarships of S3200 to deserving students at the University of Tennessee. Two scholarships were given this year, the money being raised through numerous projects conducted by the Chapter. Vlle tried! I O A 197. La rf, v..,.,: f ,:,3..-3 .5,.,.,. Wshv , .-'- "'V ' ..,., I-if "':l -1 ,V ' Q -'-': "', :" r : . t - - . - f -,., " .A.' S K ..i"?2 'V . . , . Ki ,. , ,. la , , A E I . '..-.,:1 51'-gt,-Ig ---.3 :sez .... , N :llzv S "-'2 I 1 . "" . . ' .- ,.,,,, H V I Z , , 2 First Row: Charlotte Anderson, Bonnie Babbitt, Cathy Baugh, Pat Blur- ton, Julia Bradley, Barbara Brown, Midge Carter. Second Run: Nancy Carter, Frances Chamb- ley, Carol Cousins, Rachel Cox, Sally Cureton, Marcia Davis, Martha Dempster. Third Row: Julie Dorris, Carol Dougherty, Mary Neal Durham, Suzanne Edwards, Anne Emmons, Betsy Farrar, Judy Felts. Fourth Row: Jane Fowler, Noel Galloway, Betty Giles, Patty Giles, Cookie Glaze, Jan Griffith, Brenda Hamilton. Fifth Row: Beth Haynes, Karen Herndon, Martha Hertsgaard, Margaret Houston, Ann Hudgins, Kay Hutchison, Evelyn Jones. Sixth Row: Stephanie Lambert, Dancy Le- wallen, Christine May, Frances McClain, Jan McGufHn, Janet McPherson, Kay Moore. Seventh Row: Mary Moore, LaRue Murray, Sallie Nicholson, Sue Novotny, Judy O'Brien, lNIary Oliver, Jen- ny Pentecost. Eighth Row: ,lanet Perry, Virginia Pert, Lynn Preston, SuAnn Preston, Joan Price, Nancy Lynne Rawles, Melba Russell. Ninth Row: Elisabeth Shafer, Carol Sham- blin, Donna Sims, Linda Smith, Marcia Smith, Mary Edna Smith, Susan Tate. Tenth Row: Sarah Thornburg, Joanne Tok- arz, Gayle Vaughn, Sandra Whittaker, Linda Wilbanks, Jennifer Woodbridge, Brenda Woodford. Eleventh Row: Nancy YVord, Judy Wfright, Barbara Zazzi. Not Pictured: Betsy Adeock, Margaret Brab- ston, Linda Coan, Virginia Maddux, Lyn Pace, Gail Rose, Harriette Stewart. Flowers galore! National founding: 1873 Lewis School Local founding: 1947 Colors: bronze, pink, and blue F lower: Cream colored Rose Number of chapters: 91 Top Row: Ruth Butts, Presidcntg Suzy Collings, Second Vice-Presi- dcntg Whitley Hayter, Treasurer. Bottom Row: Jeanne Hood, Re- cording Secrctaryg Patsi Keally, First Vice-President. GAMMA ALPHA CHAPTER Each year Delta Gamma participates in many campus activities. The past year has been no exception. lVe had two Air Force sponsors, two Frosh Board mem- bers ot' AWS, and one member ol' the Gamma Alpha Chap- ter was chosen as the Klortar Board "Sophomore of the Year? Wie can also boast ol' two Alpha Lambda Delta mem- bers as well as of the Kappa Junior Award. Delta Gamma also adds a VOLUNTEER Beauty. Jeanne Hood. to their host of activities. Led to a Carnicus third-place victory by Sandylfudd and Etta Rose Rogers, Delta Gamma can proudly add another trophy to their collection. We also found our sisters winning first place in the tennis intramurals, while taking lirst place with ping pong this Fall Quarter. 'l'wo ol' our members were very active in Adawayhi. Delta Uannna is also represented in Kappa Chi with two members. as well as having members ot' the VOLUNTEER Statli with a section editor, Of equal importance is the fact that Delta Gamma had three Pan- hellenic officers. one having served Rush Chairman. Gamma Alpha's national pro-ject is Sight-Preservation and Aid to the Blind. Each Christmas we gix e a party for a group ot' hlind children from Knoxville homes. Delta Gamma's goal in 1963 and the future years is to strive to make the hest even better for both our local and national chapters. Our best pledge 194 I First Row: Beverly Best, Sharon Brewer, Lucy Browder, Joyce Bryant, Barbara Buckshorn, Judy Buffet. Second Row: Susie Bumgerdner, Ruth Butts, Lyn Carden, Louella Cherry, Pat Cogburn, Susie Collings. Third Row: Page Connell, Sandy Cudd, Jo Ann Davenport, Linda Davis, Barbara Farrar, Sandy Forbes. Fourth Row: Virginia Glisson, Benny Greer, Whitley Hayter, Carol Ann Hogue, Jeanne Hood, Ann Hop- ton. Fifth Row: Sue Howard, Sharon Huckaby, Maria Ingrassia, lNIary Irwin, Elizabeth Jackson, Lynn Kamp. Sixth Row: Patsi Keally, Gail Krauth, Mary Ann Kugler, Ann Locke, Linda Loomis, Fay Lusk. Seventh Row: Betty Magness, Mauclie Marlin, Pattye McMahon, India Miller. Judy lvliniat, Dawn O,Neal. Eighth Row: Virginia Pandapas, Denni Reed. Cain Rentfro, Jan Riess, Etta Rose Rogers, Kathy Ryrner. Ninth Row: Sandy Sheffield, Sue Sheffield, Susan Simpson. Anne Sinncss. lvlargaret Stf-pp. Judy Thirlo- way. Tenth Row: Sharon VanHorn, S h e r r i c Wfheeler, Peggy Wlilliarnson. Not Pictured: Mary Flowers, lVIary Jane Har- mon, Claire Harris, Mary Jack- son, Donna Kuhn, Jane Long- mire, Kathy McCarren, Susan NIcElroy, Ann Tucker. Cheers! wgj .9 .. F, National Founding: 1902 hiiami University Local founding: 1932 Colors: old rose and vieux green Flower: Killarney Rose Number of chapters: 143 Top Row: Genia Thames, First Vice-President: Janice Spoone, Sec- retary: Julia Matlock, Treasurer. Bottom Row: Gail Waters. Second Vice-Presidentg Jean Poff, President. BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER Delta Zeta has been represented in almost every activity at the University of Tennessee campus this year. The honors that Beta Lambda chapter members have received are nu- merous and varied. joan Daugherty received two titles this year: she was Barnwarming Queen runner-up and Miss Pericles runner- up. In student government activities, Martha Carson serves as President of Kittie Kain, while April Gardner fulfills her duties as Vice-President of Jenny Armstrong and Vice- President of Panhellenic. Gail Waters, who is on the AVVS legislative board, is the Panhellenic representative to IFC. Gail also served as chairman of the Christmas party for orphans. Sophomore aide, Genia Thames, also took a part in campus activities. Both April Gardner and Jayne Tigert have served as co-chairmen of Greek l'Veek. Sandy Cronin was selected to serve as a 1962 Homecoming Committee co- chairman. Delta Zeta is very proud of its members who have been elected to horonaries this year. Among them are Judy Spoone. Treasurer of Phi Eta Tau: .lulia Mattock, Secretary of Beta Alpha Psi: Sandy Cronin and Gail lVaters. members ol Pi Delta Phi: Harriet Caldwell, Vice-President of Alpha Beta Alpha: and Laverne lleaver, President of Sigma Alpha Iota. lN'hile Gail Wlaters and Laverne ltleaver received Mortar Board Senior Citations, Genia Thames and Sandy Cronin were installed in Alpha Lambda Delta. Beta Lambda chapter of Delta Zeta is very proud of its achievements for the 1962-63 school year, and our hope is that next year will be even more successful. Team work! ,.,, s ...,, 196 was Mawr arm. . ,qw get H' ,pf A' we wa mfg , .,.. . si.. a ww .. f .... i fe-9 f t I W M: nnyagsgr get 'Ei z ,.,. , 1 fe 'Ks Wa as 19 First Row: Catherine Jo Anderson. Blar- joric Berkau, Joan Bilbrey, Thel- nia Burks, Harriet Caldwell, Carole Carr. Second Row: lXIartha Carson, Jeanette Car- son, Brenda Clift, Nancy Coffee, Deborah Congcr, Sandra Cro- nlfl. Third Row: Kathryn Crouvh. Joan Daught- ery, Charlene Daughtcry, Sally Fisher, Susan Follett, April Gardner. Fourth Row: Christine Harrison, Elizabeth Harrison, Barbara Hunter, Mary Louise Hyland, Pat Kelly, Su- san Lennard. Fifth Row: Brenda MeClard, Susan kle- Clard, Mary lXfIcLean, Julia Mattoek, Lloyda May, Jean- nine Minees. Sixth Row: Barbara lNfIilcs, Jane lNIulliniks, Mary Nave, Elizabeth Nicol, Patricia Pardue, Jean Pofl. Seventh Row: Susan Rutherford. Joan Sharp, Janice Spoone, Judy Spoone, Carol Ann Starkey, Linda Lou Stephens. Eighth Row: Claudette Stooksbury, Karen Swafliord, Sum' Tliames. Phyllis Tickle. Jayne Tigert. Diane Triinble. Ninth Row: Jill Yergho. Eleanor Volz. linda Yilildrop. Gail l'Vatc-rs. La- Yvrne XvCZlYt'I'. Not Pictured: Jennifer Byrd, Ceeilia Clowers, llelen Fox, Delores Frasier, Jane lN'ft'Amis, Susie Smith, Vaughn Valentine. That long-awaited phone call! .IM Q if ti if 5 1 if ,y A I y . an if A 9 L? National founding: 1897 Virginia State Teaeliers College Local founding: 1925 Colors: emerald green Flower: White Rose and white Number of chapters: 102 Top Row: Diane Johnson, 'llreasure rg Sharon Stroud. Editor. Bot- tom Row: Martha Frakes, Seeretaryig Paula Richardson, President: Betty Ann Lowe, Viee-President. it ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Alpha Epsilon of Kappa Delta enjoyed a sueeessliul year during 1962-63. l'nder the direetion of Diane Johnson the Kappa lleltas won 1962 All-Sine' with "The Old Lamp- lighter' and "I Could llaye Daneed All Night." Following All-Sing. the KD's raised that Clonliederate flag and with Cissy Goddard and .loan Short leading the way. won the lirst-plaee trophy for Cfarnieus. Alter the election of ofheers for 1962-63. the ehapter reeeiyed the trophy of "Sorority of the Year", for 1962 from Kappa Sigma fraternity. lYith the new pledges leading' fall quarter oll' by winning' the Sigma Chi Derhy. the aetiye ehapter proudly supported their homeeonting'-queen eandidate. Nfartha Franks. who is also President of the Panhellenie Couneil. KD's reeog- nied lmy XYho's lYho were lloyee Finnell. Klartha Frakes. Clissy Goddard. Betty Ann Lowe. and Paula Riehardson. Honoraries Claimed hy the KD's inelude: Phi Kappa Phi. Alpha Lambda Delta. 'l'au Beta Pi. Sigma Alpha Iota. Pi Lamhda Theta. Sigma Delta Pi. Clhi Epsilon. and Kfortar Board. In the Iield ot seryiee. National Kappa Delta does ex- tensixe philanthropie work. Espeeially important is the help giyen to the ffrippled tfhildreirs Hospital in Rielunond. Virginia. Alpha lipsilon eontrihutes to this. as well as help- ing toward the support ot' a Freneh orphan. lX'ith the sueeess of 1962-63 a goal tor future years. Alpha Epsilon ot' Kappa Delta hopes that her strong sisterhood will he strengthened eyen further and that new and better goals will he attained. Houseparty "sing-alongs' X s 9 5 , 198 I First Row: Shari Andersen, Marcia Austin, Elaine Boueher, Judy Britt, El- len Calloway. Ann Chandler. Second Row: Susan Chandler, Linda Clardy. Betty Clark. Sue Cole. Carolyn Clruze. lNIary Deftderifk. Third Row: Cathy Dodson, Frankie Ellis. Virginia England. Valerie Ever- ton, Joyre Finnell. Klarion Flynn. Fourth Row: Ann Fowler, Klarianne Fowler. LaRue Frakes, Linda Fussell. Cissy Goddard. Sarah Hagood. Fifth Row: Joan Hannll, Charlene Harlr. Betty Harrison, Becky Hartman. Lida Heilinan. Sally Heilrnan, Fifth Row: Diane Johnson, Judy Johnson. Lou Johnson. Barbara Klutinis. Linda Laws. Diane Lippard. Seventh Row: Suzanne Lovell, Betty Ann Lowe. Judy Lowe. Carolyn Kit'- Fall, Jodie lNleTeer. Linda Nlay. Eigth Row: Lynn Overton. Xlary Kyle Raul- SIOII. Paula Richardson. Sandra Ricketts. lNIary Jane Rudd. Carol Sanderson. Ninth Row: Rosie Snyder. Kathy Solnn. Janet Stanford. Sharon Stroud. l.inda Sutton. Jane Thoxnas, Tenth Row: lXIary Anne Thomas, Aynn Thurlnond. Sandy Townsend. Angie LvI7l'llllI'Cl'1. Viekie Vin- sant. Carol Yfatson. Eleventh Row: .-Xnn Wleayer. xI2lI'Sll1l lVillic'11. Janive Wright. Susan lN'yatt. Not Pictured: Jennie Lynn Clark, Sandy Dean, Janie Dempster, Faye Dove, liartha Frakes. Nlary Gilliland. Pain Krueger, Betty Jane Run- yan. Babs Shelnutt. Betty Gayle Young. Jubilant Carnicus Winners . ea 9 Q' N . 'k' Qjsv' . 75 .1 - V ' . I-lib A 0 04' Q National founding: 1852 Wesleyan College Local founding: 1908 Colors: rose and white Flower: Pink Iinchantress Carnation Number of chapters: 82 Top.R0w: Joyce Vliurner, 'llreasureri Billie Ray Cannon, Vice- Presidentq Linda Bettis, Recording Secretary. Bottom Row: Sandy Dove, Presidentg Sylvia Ward, Corresponding Seeretary. KAPPA CHAPTER National Phi lX'Iu is known lor the extensiye philanthropic work maintained hy our national organization, lVe sponsor a healthmohile in the state ol' Georgia and also toy carts in childrens hospital wards. Kappa members here at the University are also noted for their seryiee to others. WR' provide a yearly supply ol' milk to a needy family. and our pledge class is sponsor ol' an oyersea war orphan, lYe also provide Thanltsgiying and Christmas haskets lor needy families. Phi Xlus are well represented in all campus activities. 'l'his past year the Phi Mu girls placed second in l962 All- Sing as well as placing for the scholarship award in the Spring. Sandy Doye was chosen as a member ol the l962 Homecoming Queen court, and Linda Bettis was on the All-Sing Adyisory Board. Beth Adams was selected as a YOI,l.lNTEliR Beauty. and Carolyn Nliller is Delta Tau Delta Pledge Sweetheart. Among our other honors this year, Sylvia lYard was chosen "Engineer's Dream Girl." Vle are also well represented in AYYS. SGA. Adawayhi. and the Campus Exeeutiyes Club. Vle are proud of our representation in the honorary so- cieties: Nlortar Board. Umicron Nu. lYho's lYho in Ameri- can Colleges and L'niyersities. Phi lieta Kappa, and Pi Delta Phi. Qur goal is that Phi lXIu's Kappa Chapter may carry its suecess on into 1963 and the years to follow. Bug those eyes 1OO f ft if 'Wi as Q 3 T "tif U it 4 ,X. A In First Row: Beth Adams, Prissy Albright, Nfarlene Bagwell, Betty Barker, Nancy Barnes. Roberta Barnes. Second Row: Jill Bettis, Linda Bettis, Terry Bevis, Nancy Blevins, Susie Blev- ins, Ann Brewer. Third Row: Vicki Brooks, Becky Burnett, Billie Ray Cannon, Sarah Cant- well, Nancy Chiarantano, Jane Clark. Fourth Row: Linda Clark, Pat Conner, Dina Deaton, Sandra Deaton, Sandy Dove, Georgianne Dunavant. Fifth Row: Darlene Dycus, Judy Evans, Jackie Fisher, Kathy Grubb, Ann Helderman, Judy Johnson. Sixth Row: Harriet Jones, Margaret Jones, Kathy Keith, Diane Kesler, Sar- ah King, Ann Koger. Seventh Row: Tibby Linginfelter, Anne YVar- ren lylanning, Johnnie Lou Mathis, Ginger McAlister, Lin- da McGill, Margaret Ann Mi- chail. Eighth Row: Carolyn Miller, Ada Ann Misek, Cherie Montgomery, Ann Neas, Lynda Patterson, Jane Priddy. Ninth Row: Martha Prophet, Patsy Scott, Jeanie Sheets, Diana Simpson, Rosalind Speed, Sharon Stark. Tenth Row: Kathy Thompson, Joyce Turner, Dianne Walkup, Sylvia Ward, Peggy Webb, Joyce Woodmore, Pat Wright. Not Pictured: Jane Kinard, Kay lVIcFarlin, Shirley Scott, Donna Tippit. Anyone for bridge? 7.01 National founding: 1867 lxI0lllll0l,ltll College Local ft m111 idingz 1948 Colors: winc and silver bluc lflowcr: l'Vi llc- Ca 1'11 ation Number of chapters: 108 Top Row: Put Nichols, 'licztsurt-rg Sandra Frm-rlzind, Vice-Prt'sidt'nt: Betsy Irwin, Plc-dgtw 'lirziint-r. Bottom Row: Linda dont, Swzinson, Prvsi- i 1 GAMMA CHAPTER Pi Botti Plii, tlio lirst national liratcrnity for wonitfn, luis cliupters tlirougliout tlic Fnitccl Statos and Cianaclzi. Our national pliilzintliropitt projcct is tlic Scvttlvnu-nt Scliool in fiLllllHl7lll'g', 'l'c'nnessvc. lib arc also vngagccl in philan- thropic z14'tix'itic's surli as lacing foster parents to rliilclrt-n and supporting zi poverty-strickcn lianiily. Blviiilwrs of 'l'c-nnvssce Gaininu liavo clistinquislivcl tlimn- scrlvvs on the lf1iix'Qi'sity Campus in at varivty ol' ways. Among thc- lionorurit's to whim-li Pi Pliis bclong :irc Nlortar lioarcl. .Xlplia lirtu Alplia. ,-Xlplia l.zunlJclzi Dvltu. Plii Eta lllllll. Pi llvltzi Plii. Sigma llvltzi Pi. and 'lliu Kappa Alpha. ln tlit- fit-icl of sports. Gzuimia Clliaptt-r Captured lirst place in intrziinurzxls for 1963. lionnic Pvrltins was nanivcl a Pi Kappa Alplia Cfztlt-ntlzir Girl. lllllI'l'l' iiiciiilwis ol' tlw 4X.lY.S. l'lxQci1tix'c liourcl wt-ur tlit- ifolclvn ztrrow. :ts clo Suv Uigcltfn. Editor of tlic Tcnnosscc Girl, :incl intrinlwrs ol' tliv rX.lY.S, I,t-gislutivt' anal Frosli liozircls. 'l'wo Pi Pliis lizivt' st'rx't'cl tis S.G.A. St-crt'tz1ry ol' Stzitt' and tis CO-l'l121lI'lIlCI1 ol' Rlillt-r's Ciollvgt- lioarcl, Niem- lnc-rs ol' tlic Hoinccroniinq Aclvisory liogircl. S.F.O.lS. Board. :incl XYlio's lN'l1o ln AnivrirzuiCfollvgc-sandlf11ivt'1'sitivs also lic-long to Gziiimia Ciliaptcr. Pi llcta Plii tgikt-s un zictixv purt in ull Campus zititivitics. But is ho has S35,000 for zi new building? 'LO1 ft NVQ as V . ga' lk In 'Z First Row: .lc-an Awalt, Martha Bacon, jo Ann Bowen. Carol Clem. Conne Crawford. Kay Delon, Second Row: Carol Dixon, Sandra Freeland. Phyllis Gifford, Anne Goddard, Paula Hagewood, Becky Ilan- nah. Third Row: Karen Haralson, Anne Harrison, Susan Harry, Linda Hartsook, Kathy Haynes, Polly llenry. Fourth Row: Mary Nelle Hicks, Jane Hoopcr, Pat Huff, Betsy Irwin, Jane Johnson, Phylis Johnson. Fifth Row: Sara Johnson, Sheryl Jones, Pat Kelly, Mclinda Key, Adele Kin- scy, Karen Kirkpatrick. Sixth Row: Carole Long, lna Klart, Betty Lou McDowell, Loucllen Nic- Knight, Glenna lVIClXfIalian. Mary Alice McMillan. Seventh Row: hlary Xiewhortvr, .loan Klcycr. Kiarion hiullican. Pat Nichols. Sue Ogdin, Lynn Oliver. Eighth Row: Alice P4-ck. Bonnie Perkins, joan Petrie. Linda Pike, Carol Poh- lvtts. Suzanne Richardson. Ninth Row: Alice Ray Setlille, lNlary Jean Sharp. Nollic Sharp, Kaye Smith. 'llvri Stzxnslx-r'1'v, Pam Stroyan. Tenth Row: licttc Stuhhs, Linda Swanson. .Ntnelia Thompson. Sally llioxnpson, Cain White. Ann lYilkinson, Alccce 'Wolfe Not Pictured: Virginia Elliott. Diane Johnston. Sharon Kelly, Linda Koger, Su- san Lackey, Sue Long, Frankie Lorino, Virginia Lowe, Joan Porter, Susie Somers, lylary Sul- lcnberger, Susan Thompson, Biary Margaret Trent, Carolyn Varncr. Linda Joy lVilson. L'W'ho's in charge around here, anyway?' -'L .53 '3 9 0 0 'O fi 'D 0 D. 9 010 O 9155 National founding: 1874 Colby College Local founding: 1921 Colors: lavender and maroon Flower: Violet Number of chapters: 104 Top Row: Brenda Donaldson, Second Vice-President: Janice Eagle- ton. First Vice-President: Judi Anderson, President. Bottom Row: Linda Eason, Recording Seeretaryg Jeri Wade, Treasurer. ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER Sigma Kappas began the school year with a very success- liul rush. and they have followed it up with many activities and honors during the year. Philanthropy is a vital part of Sigma Kappa, for Sigmas help to support the Maine Sea Coast Nlission. and they are also known for their work in gcrontology. One ol' the favorite activities of all Sigmas is our quarterly houseparty at which we plan sorority activities and enjoy our sisterhood. Participation in intramurals, All-Sing, and Carnicus give Sigmas an opportunity to work and play together. Individual Sigma Kappas have received many honors. hlembers of national honoraries include: Jere lllade and Lucinda Long, Nlortar Board members: 'Iosetta Shoemaker and Sarah Lee Russell. members of Sigma Alpha Iota: Liz Dooley, Sigma Delta Pi member: and Linda Eason, member of Omieron Nu. Both Helen Nlorgan and Phyllis Anderson were awarded Nlortar Board Senior Citations. Other sisters bringing recognition to the sorority are: Lynda Bell, Vol Beauty: Bobbie Zufall, l'Miss 1963" Pi Kappa Alpha Calen- dar Girl: Brenda Smith, Sigma Phi Epsilon Pledge Sweet- heart: Pat Handley, member of lN1iller's College Board: Linda Eason, A. YY. Second Vice-President: and Phyllis Anderson, All-Sing Advisory Board. Although summer vacation Finds our sisters scattered throughout all parts of the United States. we will reunite in the fall--looking forward to another successful year. The Kennedys play it too! --,if . 3 4 4 'sf ts i t it A .x ea-"W : N 7.04 ,Wir V -E a,:.::.:f:..5,-E.,.q:g:g:,.-Q--ag-.e:::,.,.5:5-5:eg-5-:g.5--ff--a,' 3 -1 ' tsE:::I fa '.::'. e -:-..f::.:::- 593 , f -- ,,,,, , .,:.:..,, -1 2- .Q sa , f ,, . .. ,. ..., . . ., mm, - fa ' .:, .Mm , i Q -gg, V .g,:, ,j -aaa.. ..-- H32 'Zi Q in ' mi 3' A M . Rf, . W ,.. of-aff ,.., 'LO u XX ,, Q V, ,A,-, ,,Y,,,,,... ,.,4,..M WL, g a? f "-' ., ,V ' ' M . f- -' -' ' " M . , ,A!- I .W 5' :,,1. ,,.,. J ,Q,A. , 4 ., K er ,.,, rj.. 'f F ":: Q 1' 'Y ef , All First Row: Carol Ann Allison, Judi Ander- son, Phyllis Anderson, Sandra Anglea, Nancy Ruth Bank, Ann Barrigar, Lynda Bell. Second Row: Mary Kathryn Bell, Patty Bra- dy, Beverly Ann Brown, Janet Brown, Barbara Bunch, Clara Childress, Helen Kay Coward. Third Row: Virginia Ann Crowell, Ann West Dale, Sabra Dawes, Carolyn Denney, Mary Ruth Denney, Gail Dixon, Elizabeth Dooley. Fourth Row: Kathy Ducklo, Barbara Duncan, Janice Eagleton, Linda Eason, Becky Ford, Aleta Camewell, Margaret Givan. Fifth Row: Joan Glass, Ann Grannis, Kay- dell, Haaby, Nancy Hemeycr, Kay Hodge, Sara Hollingsworth, Glenda Sue Howell. Sixth Row: Dot Hughes, Jacqui Keaton, Emily Kennedy, Glenda Kinr- brough, Lynda Leftwich, Lucin- da Long, Deanie Martin. Seventh Row: Cheri Matthew, Becky Mat- thews, Angie McKnight, Sarah Milholen, Leanah Mills, Helen hforgan, Marty Murphey. Eighth Row: Nancy Nickell, Judy Oliver, Ann Paine, Mary Parsons, Gayle Patton, Kris Power, Betsy Anne Ross. Ninth Row: Sarah Lee Russell, Josetta Shoe- maker, Brenda Faye Smith, Su- san Stenborg, Wanda Stilwell, Mary Lou Stiles, Kay Taylor. Tenth Row: Linda Taylor, Betty Tobler, Pat Tripp, Betty Carolyn Tur- ner, Jere Wade, Sandra YValker, Judy Whitaker. Eleventh Row: Bettye Wilson, Joy Young, Bar- bara Zufall. Not Pictured: Cynthia Butler, Janelle Camp- bell, Judy Dinwiddie, Brenda Donaldson, Pat Handley, Janet Janet Hightower, Mary Ann Knight, Donna lylarsh, Jackie Raines. Suitcase college ? . BI " lo intensify l'l'll'I1ClSlll1J . . . to foster Il Spirit of love . . . to prmnotm' liappinvss . . . :incl to aspire to 21 purer :ind nululvi wmnanlloocl . . . , .i nfi l l NYitl1 tlim-sv aims in 1I1lI1Cl,xI1l11l' girls liounclecl Z1-tu 'l'a11 1- A Alpha sorority. lt was tlic first w01nt'n's ll'LllL'l'Il1Iy tu lu- gwgi c'l1ur'tci't-cl in tlic state ol' Yirginiu :incl the only ont- to 1-vc-i iaeffnii lat' granted spvcizil cliurtvr by nn act of lt'QiSl21lllI'L'. Sinu- llmt clay. Zvtu Vllilll Alpha lizns grown to niurv tliun 35.000 . IIlC'Il1l3t'l'S who lx-lmig to c'l1uptt'rs in tiitrizuln as wull as in tlit' Tfnitvd Statvs, tlnis inuking our mguriifzitimi un intvr- national ont: National foundinffz 1898 Lonffwood Colleffc fctzi vll2lll A111111 s :cursors inzinx' Jliiluntliro mitw, ont- ol' a n rt l l , l l . tllt' Ciirrvnt Ill2l.0l' onvs lJUll1"' tlizlt ol' l1t'l'Jing' cliilclrt-n whit Local founding: 1904 . . . -' D 1 . ' urn- X'lC'llIl1S oi cz-rt-lmrul palsy. .Xnmng our otlivr Sl'l'X'1l'4'S uri- Colnrgg lurquoige blue and Sigel gray uicl to llw Nzxtirmal Sociuty for Ciripplt-cl Clliilclrc-n zincl Fl Xvh, Y, I A-Xcllilts. lnc'.1 tlif' l'l2lSU'l'SCL1l.xQl'l1C'f'12lIlil tlit- fl.-X Fmnlclu- ml Cr' 'le 10 et tion wliirli pmvitlt-s SC'llOlZil'SlllPS lor collvgt- stuclt-nu. vclnczx- Numbgl- of Clmptergz 113 tional litxcilitivs for stuclvnts, SlllJIJll'IIll'Ill2il work to wllm-gt-s Zlllil IIIIIYCYSIIICSlOllCllJ1IIlP1'lJYC lllt'l1' 4'illli'2lllOIl21l lJI'0Ql'1llIlS. uncl Hnzrncizxl ziicl to agrcl and clisulmlvcl lorrnc-r stuclt-nts. Om work is tlnw in zu't'orclz1m'c witll our c'rct'cl ol' "w1'x'it'v to :ill inankinclf' f,I'1COlill1l' first tlirvc' national mroritivs to lx- vstalmlislit-tl at the Unix'0rsity ul' 'll-riricssw. fc-tu illllll Alpha is still onc- ol' tllt- lurgcst so1'm'itivs on lllc CZUIIIDIIS. Zvta 'lluu ,-Xlpltu tzilws un activv part in lmotli l1cmm'z1ris-s :incl rzunpus zxctivi- tivs. Top Row: Judy Falls, Corrt-sp0nclinQ Sc'Cre'tzt1'y: Anne Pvrry, YllI'CZl5- urvr: Pvagy McLaughlin. Rt-wmlixiu St'i'1't'll!l"j'. Bottom Row: Zora Elmlt-n, Yivf--Pr:-side-nt: .luclx Rulvinscm. Piwirlvnt. But, Blom, you said you wcren't coming! NN . I s f it 2 106 ZETA CHAPTER First Row: Sharon .'xIld0I'SOIl. JOLIII BLlI1liL'lA. Nanvy Bl'1lOiSl, Pz111'ic'i11 Bidwell. fi21ll'BI'OWI1. lNi11ri1'1111Cfqlrnplmell. Nancy CI:1111pl1f-ll, Second Row: l'lll1'11 flllI1lYL'll, Felifizi Clhilclrcss. S111-Ii11 Cl01111a1lly. Szmcly flllll- Ilillgll-llll. Jilllf' Curtis. .'Xli1-1- D11r1lz1p. Zora Elmlvn. Third Row: fillil Eclwurtls. Kinry Ewing. .Indy Falls, A11111' 171-1'nz111fl0Lf. l"1':1111'1-s l"1'eest11111'. X'YiYlilI1 F11- qua. Nmwy fi11rcl111-r. Fourth Row: Hail fi2lI'I'iSOll. 1511111 fiCl'IIli1ll. l7ig111r- fillI1Tl'I'. Pilili Piilfliill. Sllfil Rose H2lI'l'iSfDIl. .Indy ,lied- rllesoli. -Iilllll liitr-. Fifth Row: l,i11clz1 Howfircl. Fm1111i1- Howell. l1i11d11 Hl1IlCill'y'. X'illK'l'i1' Ippo- lilo. Nivkjvc' nliilillilgill. I.i11Cl11 .lc-1111i11gs. .-X1111 .IOllIlSOIl, Sixth Ron: K1lI'I'll Ii2IlSllUY1'I1, li1'c'11cl11 I,11y- 1111111. Xinrjv l.e111l1e1's. R111'l11-l Lee. ixIC'lilldll Liiiclsf-y. S:111rl1':1 xikfillllllllflll. Niury ,X1111 Kir- Crzlry. Seventh Row: Peggy BI1'I.1111gl1li11. Gloria King'- Q.ll'f. l,e1- Ngilnors. Nicky Nivhol- Stbllll. .xllii Uwnlmey. I,111'ile Own- lwy. B1-clay Pz1ss111r11'1-. liighth Row: llllfif' PLlII1'l'SUIl. P.1t P11111-rsoxl. .X11111' Perry. i.i11cl11 Phillips. P111- sy P0111-1'. KillI'Q1lI'I,'l Powell. 4I41c'lxie P111'1'ell. Ninth Ron: joy Qlllilllfli. Kay Ri1'l1i1-, Judy Rc1bi11so11. P1111'if'i11 Rowluncl, 111111111110 S11r111110ns. Sonja Shilm- le-y. CI111'0ly11 S111i1l1. Tenth Row: i'1lO1't'I1L'C Stucllc-y. H1-len Taylor. .Indy 'l'in1'l1. Clloriu 'I'i11sley. P411 'l'ol1i11. Xiury Xvllllgllll. Bo1111i1- XviCI1l'I'. Eleventh Row: .lun hvilli2lII1S, Ann XVilSOI1, Judy YViser. Thom Belle- YVOrley. S1111 Yeary. Not Pictured: Susan Garner, Betty Hawker- Slllitll. Phyllis Hawkins, Judy Myers. Betty B11c'h:111:1n, Kaye Ii:1nnu111. The life of an active TERFR TER ITY COUNCIL 1111- I1l11'I'1ilk2l1C1'Il11y 11111111011 was Cl'l'2l10C1 111 1957 211 1111- If11i1'1-1'si1y 11f'l'1-1'1111-ss1-1- 10 051111111511 3 IIl01'C 1'e-sp11r1si1111- 111111 1111111'c1i111111-11 1II'2l1f'I'Il11Y syslcm. 'I'111- p111'p11s1-s 01' IFC 2111- 111 111111111111- s1'11111z11'sl1ip, 111-vclop 21 8171111 111' 1'1111p1-1'z11i1m, 11111 111-11' 1iI'Zl1l'I'I111Il1S. 211111 111z1in1z1i11 ll 111911 S12IHl1l11'C1 of l7l'I'1IUl'I1l- z1111'1- 1111' 1-xisliug 112111-1'11i1i1-S. IFC? is 1'11111p11s1-11 of S1-11-11101-11 1111161111111-s 31111 0111- C1110115' 111 1111-S1-111. 1111- P11-si111-1115- f11111111'i1 011111111615 11111s1 111111111 1111si111-ss. 11'11i11- 1111- .11111i111' 211111 S1-nior R1-p1'1,-S1-111z11ix'1-s 1'z11'1'y 11111 IFCIR 1JI'OQl'21Ill5 111111 S1-1'x'ic1-s. 1111- lJl'1lll2lI'y 111111-111111 111 IFC is to 11111 215 21 M-114-1111111151-11 g'11x'1-1111i11g 110111 1111' 1111- 1Irz11c1'11i1i1-S 1I11'llS111llQ.1J1CC1Q1I1Q. 211111 1111- 1-111111'1'1-1111-111 111' soc-i111 11111-S 111111 1'cg'111a1i1111s. A1111111Q BO THOMAS P11-sid1-111 of IFC llllllilll' and S1-nior R1-prcs1'111z1tiv1-S 7.08 Presidents' Council lFC1's p1'oic-els 1111- llie spoiisorsliip of Crm-1-li XXX-1-lQ. zlwzircl- ing of 21 sc'l1olz11'sl1ip to L1 wortliy SillLll'Ill. zmcl ilu- presentzi- lion of scliolzirsliip trophies. Gr:-ek 'Week is planned to pro- mote good I't'lLlllUIlS 11111o11g all G14-eks. 1111- Hill. and the c'o111111unily. The seliolzirsliip tropliir-s 111-0 given to provicle irieentive among all l'1'z1te1-11i1ic-s to z1c'l1ic-xv l1iQl1 scliolzistie llVCI'l1gl'S. For tlie sc-Coml yi-111' H11 l1llS uplielcl ll Sl'llOlLll'SllllJ pro- Q'I'LlIll I'Clll1lI'lI1Q' ull liI'2liC'I'IlillCS to liziw- 21 l'OlI1lJlI1l'Cl z1e1ix'e zmcl pledge OYK'I'llll ol' 2.0 or lim-111-1: l"11il11rn- to satisfy this 11-q11i1'1-1111-111 I'L'5lllli i11 ll L1llLll'lt'l'.5 social iiigwlivily. Ollie-1' si-1'x'iec-s of IFCT inelucle 21 Cll1llLl1'i'IliS Party wliieli iiivolvn-s all Greeks 1111cl two liiimlrenl neecly c'l1ilcl1'c-11 lirom the SllI'1'OlII1Cli11Q' 211111. IFC also orgziuizes support l-I'OIIl Greek groups for 111z1jo1' LvIllX'Pl'Sllf' fletivitic-s. For the years to come, the II1iL'1'l1'i1ll'I'I1ily CilOll1lCll will ziclupl itself to the Clianqes in llie l'1'z11e1'11ity zmcl collegiate worlcl. Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . P1'i'Sldt'IllfSllII1 B1'IHlHSll'lIl5 Senior Rep.- Jim Nash. a-ln Alphzi Gannna Rho . . . Pri-side-nt Elmo Luimg Senior Rop- Lnrry Blillklil-IllIllO1' Rep,-V Sziiidy llgimplu-ll. Alpha Tau Omega . . . President- -Walter Busszirtz Senior Rm-pf - Bo 'l'l1o111z1s: Alimior Rep, lil:-imx' l'1-if-rs. llfflis c:llllCll'l'll-S Clhrislmzis Party ,-iw a-M1-Q - - 1 Ln- 1-Q 1 209 Della Tau Delta . . . lJl'l'Sldl'Ill -f-L11111a11' Bull: Senior Rep. - Charlie Hoskins: Junior Rr-pf -Joe Ashlvjv. Farm House . . . PTUSlClK'I1t'7:h1'1lUld Skelton: Senior Rep. -fir-11v VVlll11'0NN'1 Jimioi' Rep- Bob Stott. Kappa Alpha . . . ljl'K'Sldl'Ilt"'J0l1I1 I1'l13': Senior Ri-p. Bill Gid- clinssi Junior Rep. George Nichols. Kappa Sigma . . . l,1't'SlCll'I1l-' Ric-hiv 'lihonipsoni Senior Rep. - 'liOIHIIlY Len-li: Junior Rt'IJ.f-lllll POI'it'I'. Lillllbdil Chi Alpha . . . l,I'K'SlCll'Ilt7'JVOllIlIlf' johns: Sr-nioi' Rep. ll41ll XVOILIlllIlLftOllf Alunior Rep, W-Bill Jones. Phi Della GHIIIIIIH . . . l'1'i-sidn-xitn-S:1111 F111'1'ow: Senior Rep. 'lim Rose. Phi GHllllIlHIJl'll21 . . . l,I'l'Sldl'Ilt Rouri' Jgiekson: Senior Rl'IJx - Dick Newport. Phi Sigma Kappa . . . Pl'k'SldCI1i -K1-11 Ri-el: S1-moi Rep. Q:illXlI1 Le-hi-w1 Junior Rep,--Benton Smith, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . President' cih2l1'lll'NilX'l'lI Senior Rep- Holm KICNL-es: Jiinior Rr-p,w-Jolin Clroelic-tt, Pi Kappa Phi. . . Pre-siclent Cary IR-if-is: Senior Rep- Bob Bla-ye-rs. Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . President-V Bill Clowang Senior Rep., Nlutt fX'ICClc-llzlng Junior Rc-pf -Bill VllllOII12lS, Sigma Chi . . . President--'Ji111 Hgillg Senior Rep. Jack Rzmsom: junior Rep.---Bill Hodges. Sigma Nu . . . Presidcuit- Bill Robinson: Senior Rep.--Put Wil- lizunsg Junior Repf Mac-k Curtiss. Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . Pri-siclm-ritfjerise Vvilson: Senior Repr- Roy clllffl Junior Rc-pf Dawn- Klullr-ns. Zeta Bela Tau . . . lj1't'SlClC'IllIf lr'z1 F1-11toi1: Sc-nioi' Rep. 'Dflllllf' Wiissg lliinior Rep. L4-sli-1' Row-11l1loo111. Tommy Leek, Trezisiirerg Bo 'l'l1o111as, President: Calvin Lehew. Vive-Presidentg Hall Worthington, Secretary. , Q , 1-2 5 . I I-Az F f ' . . - .: - 'gn pn A ' : f - .. .Q ' Fotmded: New York University November 5, 1913 Local Chapter lioundcdz January 29, 1962 Colors: Blue and Gold Flower: Fleur-de-lis Jim Nash, First x'llLTC-P1'l'SldC11tI Sinn Btzxunstt-in, l'rt-sidt'nt: Rirltzttcl Coen, Second Vit'f'-President: Sidney Nrwniztn, lliI'K'ZlSl1I'i'I'. PSI DEUTERON CHAPTER ln an ztrticlt- to the ltireslttituii class. lit-an Ralph llunliorcl stated that "Franc-rnitit-s are present on the cznnptts lmevztttst' it is believed that they ciontrihntt- positive value to 'L'nivt-r- sitv life. 'lihe plus X'21lllt'C'OII1C5lil'0l11 the association of voting nten in the Connnon vt-ntttrc ol living togt-ther in 21 clerno- cratic, yet Cttltttrztl environment." ln order to achieve well-rotnnclt-cl dt-vt-loptnent ol its ntetnbers, Alpha Epsilon Pi has initizttt-d at program wltivh stresses the points ol' scholastic 2lC'l1lCX'l'II1l'Ill. social clevelop- inent and frziternzll rt-lutionships, Following! this progrznn. .AEl-JlI11ffI1llZlX't5 the opportunity to engage in vgtriecl athletic' ttetivitv through the strong' intrznnurzil zttlilt-tic' progruni on cztntptts. Represf-iiting' AEPi as at nit-tnlaer of one ol' its zith- lvtit: teams is at source ol pride and ll rt-ul L'l1Llllt'Il!1'i'. Doing ontfs best for tht- liltte Lind Gold tcttcllvs sportsrnunsliip :incl tt-ant plztv. lint lirzttttrnitv sports ztlont- nrt- not the onlv IlI't'21 wltertf Alilli IIIPI1 shint: As fznnptns lt'ztclvi's, they ztrt' to lie liotincl in stttclent governtnetil, its editors ol Collvgc- pttblifzt- tions. as l'Q'IJI'l'SOI'1lllllYt'S to the lI1ll'l'liI'2lll'I'I1lly Clottncil, ztncl in t-vt-rv phase of cznnptts uvtivitv. .-XEPi parties. wlietlit-r it is the liznnecl RIIlIXxI'UI'i5 Holtz :xt XN'isconsin or the lilntf :incl Golcl wt-t-k-viicl :tt 'lit'IlI1l'SSt't', are wt-ll-plztniivtl ztncl eagerly ztxvaitecl. A liicl to an AEl'i social inzikes it 21 pc-1'f4-ct week-t'11cl. Alpha llpsilon Pi works for the clt-vt-loptnvnt, ol' the in- tlixiclttztl. lts positive goals prepare its nivtnbcrs to ztfcept their responsibilities :incl nieet the prohlents of their Coin- nittnitv and nzttion. Coke Time 110 First Row: .Ie-rry Bcfnowitz. Sinn Brmlnstcin, Norman Busch, Richard Cvcn, Second Row: Edwin Davis, Larry Fashendrr, Jerry Kovh: Sonny Hopkins. Third Row: jim Nash. Jerry Ritt, jack Rohuld, Steve Rosen Fourth Row: Hurry Schaffer. Bnrcl Sfhvih. Arnold Sfhwarzhnrt, Jvrry Si- mon, Fifth Ron: Nlurbv Lurk. Lvstcr NVQ-ner, i'I2lI'1'yJZllgCI'. Irving Zcitlin. Not Pictured: David Lveds. Sidney Newman, Alun Scignl, Off To The Big City , ,, im if ,QN ti-d,i'4i,g"t Q- I 141 t Founded: University of lllinois 1904 Local Chapter Founded: january 27, 1951 Colors: Green and Gold Flower: Pink Rose Address: 1613 West Clinch Avenue Bill Sanders, Alumni Sc-eretary: Ehno Lunn. President: John Pylant. 'Vreasurerg Larry Blaeh, Viee-Presidentg John Housley, Seeretary. ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER Alpha Gannna Rho is a national fraternity with thirty- nine chapters located throughout the nation. Since the founding ol' Alpha Kappa at the L'nix'ersity ol' Tennessee. the Colors of Alpha Gannna Rho have eonie to represent men with a desire to work hard to fulfill their ambitions. All of the brothers are active in eantpus aetivities. Some ol' thent hold important positions such as Secretary of Student Activities. President of the .lunior Class. President of IAQ Club. Block and Bridle Club. Alpha Zeta honorary. and Hotneeotninep All-Sing. and Carnieus eonnnittee ehair- nien. Other brothers have been seleeted for II16'llllJl'l'Sll1P in honoraries sueh as Alpha Zeta. Ontieron llelta Kappa. Searabbean. and Seabbard and lilade. Klany of the brothers are leaders in other eluhs and eatnpus 01'g2lI1l7?t11OIlS. Alpha Ganuna Rho is always active in intratnurals and a leading contender for the rotating' trophy. Also. we have won the lrzunhda Chi Alpha tug'-o-war event Iior nine out oli the ten years that it has been held. A very popular soeial function on campus is the Alpha, Gilllllllil Rho Pink Rose liall. 'l'he erowning' ol' the AGR Pink Rose is the highlight ol' the evening. Kiiss Sue Novotnv. a ineinber ol' llelta llelta Delta Sorority. is this year's Pink Rose. The semi-liorinal. fall hayride. spring' outing. and nuinerous Saturday-night parties are the hiqhlights of the AGR social calendar. The Good Brothers 'LIZ First Row: Bill Bilktxll Ronald Bvvvli. Iinrry Black. Bill Brzxvy, Billy Burton Toni cl2llYl'l'l. Second Row: llc-1'n11111 Cqnnplae-ll, lion lilcin- ents. lion Cloflvy. John clOIlgL'I'. B 1 mlm 1' lu' CI A llll. Clmrlvs Crvws. Third Row: lohn Cmnt-lm. Cilmrlf-s l,L111l'2lIl Ross Elkins, Ralph Fislicr. Lnrryi ' ' ' 1 in Cgliiz-tt. Cilizxrlvs flu . Fourth Ron: I.:-roy Cllovc'1', -linnny fiOYVllL'lI Ed IIQ-ncllcc-. Calvin llill. A111114 rim- Ilill, john Ilollslx-y. Fifth Row: .lim Huclsrm. J4'1'1'y lluglics. Randy -lohns, -lim Jonvs. Kwi- nr-th Kemp. .lorry Lomicy. Sixth Row: Toni Locnilcy. Illnm Iillllll. .lm- Nitrile-o. .lim XIc'Ks'lx'y. lfnrxin Nloorv. .lov Klorris. Seventh Row: Fllgllll Klorris. Glyn Nvwlun. lI1x1'x'c'y Owvns. Wt-sl:-y Pl'1JIDL'1'. -lolm Pylnnt. .lulm R4-vw-s. liighth Row: Xvllllillll S2lIlClt'1'S. Bonny Svwm-ll. lien Sharp. .lvssc Short, Conixnil Sisk. Bill Spc'11c'n'r. Ninth Row: Billy YTPSUTIIIZIII, liurtiil Tho- mas, Bob Vuntrc-asc, Clmrlcs Xyllllllftllt: Danny lVhf'clC1', Hal Yurlmrough. 213 1,111 111' 1111- 1111111111-111. 111511s11'1111s yl'llI'N 111' 1111- 111111 XYZII was 1111111 1111 1111-11 11-sling 11111111 11111111111 111ws 111111 1'1Q111S 113 1JI'1I1Q'1I1Q' 111g1-1111-1' 1111-11 111 111g111-st 1'11111'111'11-1' 111111 1l'llS1XS'0l'11l1 new 1111' 1111' 8111111 111' 11111s1- 011-111111 111111 1111111111111111- 111'1111'11111-s 111-1'1-Ss111'y 1111' 11111 111-111-11111-111 111' 11111111111111. 'Twfia' K 011s :X111'I1 C1l11y1-111111111. L1 111111-1 111 Y. Bl. 1,. 112111 1111' 5111111 11"'f1:15ff' 11 111111' 111-111 111 11111111 1111- 1'111'111a111111 111' 21 5111-11-11' 111' 11111111-A 1IlL'11 '.!--551' . . . ' 5. '1..f+"11:1 111 11111111111- 11-111'1- 111111 111111111 Ill 11111- S1I'l11'-I'lL1C11'Il 1111111111 U .f'7, '4- WQQZ-5, 151-111-xmg 111111 1111- f'0llI1gl'1 2,1-111-111111111 1-1111111 111-1-111111111s11 1111111 111111-1' IIl1'I1 111111111 111111 111f111'1111. 111- 1116 1111-1-11 111111 1111 1 . . . , . . 1I'L119I'IllI1' 1111-11. 1111111-111111111, s11111'111-11 111211 11111s1 s111'1111 1I'1l- 11'l'l1111l'5 111111 111-1-11 11111111111-11 b111l'11' 11111111 f1I'l'L'1llI1 1111-111s 2lI1l1 11111111Q11I111y. 1'11111'111111-11 111111 11151111181 111- l1c11lI'1Sl121Il 111211111711 111111. H1- 111111 1118 1111111 I11-1111'1- 1115 111151-N1 1111-11115. A1111-1 1 l'10Um1i'd3 virginia Nlililarf' 11151111110 NI111's111111 111111 1i1's111111- lxillyll Ross. 111111 1x'1-1'1- 111-11131111-11 111 SL,pu,mbm. ll. 1865 1115 1111-11. .X1lJ1l1l '1'1111 U1111-Q11 11115 1J11I'I1. 1 111111' M-11-11 51-111's 11111-1' 11111 1-l'1ll1'lLIl1l1' 111111 Nlll'11 11 11111111 U-C1110112111101lbw-116112Uflf-bw' 18, 1372 1'1111S1- 1'111111- 111 '111-11111-M1-v 111 51111-1111 11llI'111l'I' 1111-11' 11111111-111'1 Colon: Hold and Sky Blue 111111 llIl1I'1'. 111141 1111- 111111111111- 1111s 11111 1-s1111111s111111-111 111- 1'1 ' 1211111111-1'. '1'111Q wzw 1111- 11131 11l'2l1l'l'Il111' 1-511111115111-11 111 1111 1711111 Cr: 15111116 Rose 1'I11X'1'I'S1I'1' 111' '1'1-11111-S51-1-, N1111' 1111-11- 1111- 1111-1' 11111- 1111111111-11 ZIIII1 1XV1'I1lX' 111'11x'1- l'112lIJ11'I'5 1111 11111' 1'l'1111'l'Il1lX' 11ll'0llQ1l 1-111 1 :':9i9.' " ' , . . . ' ., xddrcss J, South lnh 11-1-'1-Q 1111 1111-1' 1111- L11111-11 511111-N ZIIIL1 11111- 111 c"1I1'lC1'l -X10 N. 11. -111.. 15 II1l'IIl1Jl'l'111. ZIIIL1 Il 11-11111-1' III. 1111' X11111111111 11111-1'11'1111-1'1111x CI1111111'11. '111'I1I11.'S?sl'L' 1,1 1111 .'X1IJ11ll '111111 c7I1l1'QLl is 11 11-11111-1' 1111 1'111111111s 111 1111 111111s1-S 111' 1'1'.11c1'1111y 111111 llIl1X'1'I'S11X' 11111- 11111111 VV2I1t 1511551111 P11-51111-111: I,l'XU'1' Su11ix'1111, S1-1-11-1111'y1 B1-1111 Ll111111-5, '1N1'1-1121111-11 Not P11't11rCd: 11I'll1'1' C1011-. XY11'l'-P1'1'S1l1l'IllI C1-1-11 B111111111. ,-X111111111 Sf'CI'1'I2ll'y. NYC Lost 114 P I C H A P T E R FS lx: 1 -. I Lx. in-,slox 'N HU' 1 Zn 8 '1 wow 3115 x 'S YMV W RST NN :XTLYX H bil YROM HFIRL x'x"x'xf, RTX .NL e 9 ALPHA TAU CMEGA Fratcrnizing 7.16 First Row: Norbert Ackerinzxnn. Bill Aeree, Bob Alder, Jerry Archer, Bob Ashby, Bobby Beech, Mike Bennett, Cc-eil Blzilnek. Roger Boeving. Seeond Row: David Buvkley. vv21lll'I' Bussurt, Buddy Carey, John Cute, Ron Cnughrnn, Bob Clement, Bruce Cole, Frm-cl Collins, 'Ferry Comer. Third Row: Calvin Crouch. Bob Duffy, Preston Duke, Mullon Fnireloth, H111 Flynt, Jim Foster, Roger Gziiner, Courtland Hull-. Hurry Hatcher. Fourth Row: john Hicks, Ron Hieks, Bob Hines. Joe Johnson, john Jones, john Keaton, Bob Kinton, Danny Klutts, 'llonuny Knight. Fifth Row: nSpike" Lay. Joe Lothridge, Darryl Lowe, C, C. Manson. Ray lkliller. john M. Morris, Tonuny Moss, "Budi' Moss, Lztrry Mullendore. Sixth Row: Larry Ogle, Jimuiy Owen, Bill Oxley. Ed Pzlliuer, Eddie Pzirk. Gail Puttersou, Skip Patton. Denny Peter, Seotty Portis. Seventh Row: Porter Rylttncl. Alun Sehire, Bart Sniythe, Jim Smith, jim Stewart, Mike Stringer, Dexter Sul- livan, Stanley Sullivan, John Tanner. Eighth Row: Bo Thoinzxs, John Thompson, Steve Tucker, Diekey Vance, Rusty Vzindevelde, R. R. Van Dyke, Charlie Yolz, Ken YYucle, Larry YYhL1ley. Ninth Row: Phil Wfiggins, Tom Wlilloughby, Bueky VVilson, Steve VVorshzuu. Not Pictured: Bobby Bevill, Ritehie Blaekerby, Bob Cliristopher, Joe Foxull, Robert Ilzunlctt, Gil Hutcheson, Adam Lzlnning, Doug Moore, Billy Nichols, Bob Potts, Roger Preslar. Joe Rodgers, Buddy Rodgers, John M. Senter, Tonnny Tisdule, Tom Vesser, Birt VVatite, Frank YVz1tson, Boh VVright. Q, .-,um 6 , 'Si .ah .0 fr his fly an ? wi' 'LI DELTA DELTA CHAPTER Delta 'l'au llelta is not Llie oldest nor tlut largest ol .Xrnerican flI'l't'li-lt'lll'I' organivations. but it is certainly among tlu: older and larger. lt belongs distinctly to that group nl' organizations wliieli pioneerecl tlu' way lor tlu: army nl present-clay l'l'21lt'I'IllllL'S. and nuwre tllan one of tlu- v 'n..,,.,,,,.,,......-"' - - - - - - 3 G V llI1PSl lvatnrc's that now i'llZ1I'2lC'lt'l'lZC tluf best in lratcrntty - 1's,eQ.4 .. . . . . . . . . 3 'Q' lile C11IIl0lI'0Il1l1CI'lllSlOI'lCllt'lCl'IlllIlZ1ll0Ill0lJt'S2ll1Sllt'ClXVllll 'f t iuvtliinff less tlian tluw best. l,.,--...J 5 f 3 AS a National Fraternity, llc-lta 'l'au llvlta, is t'IllU1'lIlQ' its ltlltli year. Sinn- our louncling' wc' liaye grown to ninety cliapters on tlui campuses ol' Anu-ric'a's finest vollt-gc-s aiul universities. Delta 'l'au Delta, siiux- its louncling' on tlu- U-'l' t'21Il1IJllS.ll2lilll1LlI'l'l1l.1013-I10lf'll lmrotlu-rluuul, lraying witlmin . its nu-inluirslti 1 many ol' tlu- lorvinost, leaders arul u-rson- Iwmunded: Bethany College . . l . f l ' " alituis on tlu- llill. lilvssecl witli talent:-cl lvaclersliip. tlu- Ut-lts can lui l-Ollllll 1358 Local Chapter Founded: 1924 in eyt-ry l'zu't't of l'niyc-rsity lille. In intraluurals. ranipus , , Y cmfaiiiyzitioiis. and intt'r-tlraternity artiyities. we art- always fifflvfsf Purplcv W 11110, Gold yt-ily almly 1'c'prese1itt-cl. V11 placw-'great einpliasis upon tlluv lflowc-ri Iris t'o1u't'pt of tlut well-1'ot11iclt'cl iiuliyiclual as tlui iclval Citiyvn ol toli1o1'l'0xy. Address: 150' l121UfClAVf'm1f' Vlllll'OlIQl1 tlu: work of a very l-t'I'llltx-IlllI1Clt'll social Cmn- inittee. we llelts enjoy tlu' ultiinatt' in scu'ial lite. 'llo "keep us eoutlif' we liayc to pay tribute- to our wmulerful liouse- tnotlutr. Hhs. Clementine xvtllllllilll. aiul our dazzling sweet- lutart, Kfiss Faye Lusk, a Delta Cantina. Among tlu- nuwrt- Ilfltkllllt'l4llT1Ot't'21Sl0IlS are lllCl10lIl0COIl1lI1QBl11Sl. tlu' Pledge Sweetlu'art llancv. tlu- Spring Luau. aiul tluf Rainbow Ball. Lainar Ball, Presidentg Larry Shoeniiilier, Recording Seervtaryg Charlie Hoskins, Vice-Piwsidcfnti Bailey Francis, Corresponding Secretary: Henry Miller, vl'1'K'ZlSLll't'I'. Our New Sweetheart , 5: .z S M,,,..... 118 32.5, :gg W? f-in XEW cnfxsi IU Q.O,'XS'l 27' 515: S2 EQXA Q95 me XSIIXI9 XII YS ORRX 9 sd' I We .54 f-" .' ..::, -Y- lf: ,ng 54? H gp - . ,Q X, '-11 - f ' .,Aj31Qf. ' i .", i' ' QS, 52- 5, X, 1235 QMHAQSM si: gg X50 vas Y X-HRK QA ,ti ,wif Sllfffz 2 'Q ,Q Vi DELTA TAU DELTA What Is It? ,B tgp. V W-41 .tammy - 1- - -...A 22.0 First Row: YVayne Akard, Joe Ashley, Ronald Baluh, Browning Ball, Gurth Baron. Don Bc-st. Robert Boyd, Tvlfair Brooke, Robvrt Burch. Second Row: Gt-orge Buxton, john Chew, James Clahough, Billy Clvments, James Conlin, Thomas Crm-d, ,loc Cunt- inings, Jr-rry Cunningham, Larry Cunningham. Third Row: John Davis. Thoinas Davis, John Dvnton. David X I -1 Vins, jerry Pclty, Iredriclx I'owlt r, laul Francis, Andy Garvvrivk, Fvnton Gontry. Fourth Row: Billy Glass, Yfilliain Graslt-dt-r, Thomas Haga, Kc-nncth Harvey, Jvrrc Haskcw, Ronald Hl'lII1S, 'Vance Hvndrix, Charlie Hoskins. John Hudson, Fifth Row: Caswf-ll Hull, Stvvvn Hunt, xhvllllam Jr-nkins, Mark Jones. Howard Kvrr, Daniel Kraushaar, Jack Lainhert. Prrston Lanv, Larry Larkin. Sixth Row: W'altcr Lvathcrwoocl, Janics L1'Dukc, Michat-l MC- Donald. Arnold McClain, Harry Millcr, Donald Ray Morrow. Ralph Mulhollcn. Ralph Newman, YYilliarn Ortwrin. Seventh Row: -Iozvph Penland, Slvphon Qurnton. Larry Rccsv, Alan Rohinvltc, Lvwis Rudisill, Robert Shclton. Larry Sl'l0l'lIlllkf'l'. 'lioni Shoun. Bonnie- Shulvr. Eighth Row: J. A. Shnptrinc, Boyrc Simpson, David Sinccrliox. R. J. Starncs, Harold Taylor, James Taylor, Roh:-rt Thompson, Jarncs Tucker, Charles iN:igncr. Ninth Row: Bruce XVLIQIHT, lYilliam YN'atsOn, Gary YN'Clxl7rit'. Shan YN'ilc'ox. Jackson lVithc-rspoon, Basil W'oll'cx Not Pictured: Brooks Clark 2.21 Founded: xv2lSl'lll'lgl0l1 and Lee December 21, 1365 Local Chapter Founded: 1883 Colors: Crimson and Gold Address: Temple Avenue .cRoy Bihle, rl-Il'llSl11'l'I'I Randy Perry, Corresponding Secretary: Kohn Irby. President: Bill Giddings. Yice-Presidentg Ron Smith- held. Recording Secretary. P I C H A P T E R After almost a century of growth. Kappa Alpha has eighty-one chapters throughout the nation. Kappa Alpha Order was founded under the guiding influence of its spiritual founder. General Rohert E. Lee. Pi Chapter at the University of Tennessee was the second fraternity on campus. Homecoming and All-Sing were among the more recent campus activities in which Kappa Alpha participated. Kappa Alpha was active in all fraternity intranmral sports and campus politics. Ciomnmnity service has also hcen one of our interests and activities. Not heing one to deny scholar- ship, KA received recognition from the Order for our scho- lastic achievement last year. Our participation has not heen limited to group activities alone: individual memhers ol' KA have also achieved recog- nition on and oll' campus. .Iohn lrhy. our president, was se- lected for "XX'ho's XYho Among Students of American Col- leges and L'nix'ersities" and is a memher of the Scarahbean Senior Society. -Iohn is also a memher of Umicron Delta Kappa. 'l'au lieta Pi. Eta Kappa Nu. and Cfircle K, Holm Daniel. 'loin Fields. Al Fleming. liuhha Hord. and Al lrhy are also memhers ol' Circle K. Bill Giddins is a chairman ol' a Liniversity Center Cfonnnittee and is a inemher of Delta Sigma Pi. lielloy Bihle is Secretary ol' Delta Sigma Pi. Holm Vaughan is Yice-President of the Nahheeyayli Board. Tom Budniak is Secretary of Alpha Phi Xiu and Treasurer ol A. I.l.E. KA-1865 4 - H at 5 swf -fi A f V V A in s, ,X M it 3 :QQ . ,sv AH tit A e i s . sac 4 2. ,s .. . -ce 'M 11 ' if . U- ' .f 2 A A -f .':1 I 'f 1 ' f-Ii' azgig, 'Q f - ' , "EI - '1f,.,,4,,f3H5Y"-X ,,., V- nge QF' ' i 3 ,.': ' s + V 1. iff . ,A :.:" , ' -A., 3 " ,E R S 9- . as .... - k Q ,ff-22 5 W A stew - .- ' Y , .. vlnv . .A wit.: - M . -gs, -:fy-1.2m Ag, 127. O5 HY, CAB Y HRLS 'Y PX .MD GY, A NYM' IH ID UP D1 .U SOUTH B s,,,,...ww"""' C xl : XM? SWK 4 K' wwuww .,.. , AN QU wr MMKNG 'Y f -:,,ffA 'Mix Nw I SAY, SIR EAM .S -Q GB A Ki PPA ALPHA MNA, . K 1" W 35 if-is F" . 1 4 Q , Y IL i L ' Y Hey, Move It Over! 9.1.4 First Row: Charles Adams, Miko Arnott, Jim Atkins, Bill Bar- rctt, Bobby Bcthcl, Leroy Bihlc, Ron Bingham. Bill Brickcr. Second Row: Culpeppsr Brooks. Torn Budniak. Jim Butlc-r, Jim Carroll. Steve ClI'1lYt'l', Gary Curtis. Bob Dani:-l. Ron Eist-nbrcy. Third Row: Tomy Elrny, Olncy England. Torn Fields, Larry Fisher, Al Fleming, Richard Fryc. Bill Giddings. Perry Grvcr. Fourth Row: Earl Hafcr, Steve Hagcwood, Bill Head. Arthur Hcrinsdorfc-i'. Marshall Herron. Charles Hord. Jim Hundlvy. Allan Irby. Fifth Row: John Irby, Richard Kirk, "Sonny" Knippcrs. Alan Lindon. jim Long, Steve Loring. Russ Mziranc. Don Milli-r. Sixth Row: Jack Miller. John Morris. Alan Nagy, Gil Ncger- dank, Gt-orgt: Nichols, Randy Pc-rry, Bob Pcttit, Charlcy Rogers. Seventh Row: Ralph Rott-rmund. Jim Sack, Larry Sandcrs, Mike Sanders. Dave Shepard, Larry Sims. Dave Smith. Ronald Smithfield, Eighth Row: Allen Str-phans, Dave Strand, Dick Tomchcy, Dave Twccdic, Bob Vaughan, Brian Wantling, Alan VVight. john NN'oodcock. Ninth Row: La rry Young Not Pictured: Steve Hale 2.2, ' --- ff- , .. , 'M X 2 Q ' ' ' V V 'f 2? I 0. PI' :FEIESlEi5E5EE3i2SE?I5S?I ' '9 is' . ::5I5:' ':E:'55E 9 H2 9 Q' 2. :E rl:5Eg5E5g555::-::::5::E:E Q A wf :Ef"' - w,w,'44:.. . :g::a:z5ga:2::::,-:a:a553::,, Wmvwv, 5 . -.4,-,5g:g55::a:1e:::.:::5 Q Q 1: if ff ,Z ' - ,--fr-Z n 155151:-:f:a:z'1::2 uw :2:- -.:1f:5ee::a.1::a.'2s- 12 hw 5:1-' .::zg::5a5,1:,:':-g,- -W ww Wm leg: '::,,ge:f:gg5:, w:,, wg-My , . s2:a5::s:z::e:3:,::. :zz Q www-as fm, . ' 25s:a5::a,'15:,'::5:1:.- v,M'9'aasw ,. - 5:5sg5:5:5:55,:,'::,r.,. 1' 2 4 Q Z' '01 . :I- ' """' I 5- .'1IE3I'E:1. ::5: 1::E, 'E m - ::,-:,:.-' 22. frilfivi. 1 V Founded: University of Yirginia December 10, 1869 Local Chapter Founded: May ll, 1880 Colors: Scarlet, Wfhite, and Ilnnerald Green Flower: Lily of the Valley Address: 1730 Melrose Place 'lierrv Smith, Secretary: Bruce Young, lst Vice-President: Bill Shawn, Qnd Xr'vlCl'-P1'L'SldL'lltQ Richie Thompson, President: Jim Grif- fen, 'l'reasurer. LAMBDA CHAPTER Kappa Sigma has alwavs been a leader in campus ac- tivities, and last year was no exception. lN'e won the All-Sing Large Group and Carnicus trophies: we placed liourth in Hornecomingg and we took third place in intramurals. Start- ing out right this year, we placed second in Homecoming. llue to an extensive program of community service. we re- ceived tlie Operation Brotherhood Award from our Na- tional Fraternity. ln addition to our outstanding group achievements. Kappa Sigma has several distinguished individuals again this vear. Richie 'llhompson and Bill Rlivne are memlmers of Scaralihean Senior Societv. Blickev Nardo was elected to Omicron Delta Kappa and received their award lor Out- standing Sophomore. Kliclvev is Chairman of the lfniversitv Center. and lim Gillen is chairman of its Pulilieitv fiom- mittee. -lim also serves as Nlilitarv Editor of the YOLUN- TEER. 'l'ommv lit-ek was Treasurer of the lnterlraternitv Council and the L'niversitv's representative to the National Intertiraternity Convention. Tommy and 'l'errv Smith serve on the Vol cheerleading squad, of which 'l'onuuv is Ciaptain. 'llerrv is also Vice-President of the Circle K Cilulmr On the Orange and W'l1ite are lion Palmer, Editor-in-CThief. and Hank live. Sports Editor, Don and Hank serve as Yice- President and President of Sigma llelta Cllii. respectively. Study Hour ,J 7.7.6 Il 'IHA1 DOIN 'I BEAT ALL THE I.IMEI.IGHTER N I ION GLNII I NI THING! FM, wr, u1nN"1' no AM HON KAPPA SIGMA 9.28 First Row: Edward Acree, Franklin Alden, Robert Archer, George Baily, Herbert Berry, Joseph Bishop, Wil- liam Bloyer, David Bowen, Charles Bower, Wil- liam Brandon, Edward Brewer. Second Row: Willizirn Britt, Joseph Broomer, Robert Busey, Jack Bush, Andrew Cofferky, Charles Cottrell, Charles Crawford, Joseph Crosslin, Clyde Cross- well, Lewis Dickson, Howard Douglass. Third Row: John Douglass, Thomas Dupree, Henry Dye, Clin- ton Eskew, Clay Faulkner, William Flenister, Ron- ald Flinn, James Formosa, Ray Franconi, Kenneth Franklin, Robert French. Fourth Row: Timothy Garner, Charles Garrison, John Garrison, William Gibbs, James Giffen, Andy Goither, Rich- ard Gossett, Joseph Graham, Charles Greenblatt. John Groseclose, Samuel Hall. Fifth Row: Lynnwood Hamilton, Harry Hammontree, Ho- ward Harlan, Joseph Harriman, Charles Harris. Charles Henderson, Frank Hobbs, William Huff, John Humphrey, James Hamison, Turner Jones, Brice Jordon. Sixth Row: Cliff Johnson, Michael Kavanough, William Kel- ley, David Kelley, Patrick Kelley. Carl Kennon, Herb Kneeland, Glenn Koogler, Frank Krouse, Joseph Langston. Seventh Row: Wfilburn Layman, Thomas Leek, Fred Lewis, James Lewis, John Marcy, William Martin, Wil- liam Massa. Robert McIntyre, Martin Migliorc, WVilliam Miller, Scott Moyers. Eighth Row: Craig Norton, James Owen, Rex Palmer, William Parrott, Robert Patterson, William Paul, Ish Payne, Courtney Pearre, Marvin Phillips, William Pledge, James Porter. Ninth Row: William Potter. Lee Price. Thomas Quantrille, Roy Ragan, William Rentenback, William Rhune, Robert Rodgers, Burton Roble, Malcolm Saxon, Philip Scarborough, James Shawn. Tenth Row: William Shawn, Edward Shobe, John Shuttles- worth, Clifton Smith, Terry Smith, Campbell Sowell, Page Stanley, Vfilliam Stokeley, James Suttle, Donald Swafford, W'illaford Swan. Eleventh Row: Ival Thomas, Charles C. Thompson, Charles D. Thompson, Richard Thompson, Joseph Thoresen, Joseph Thornton. Perry Tomlin, Frederick Trot- ter, David Waldrop, Phillip Wallace, Williams Woods. Twelfth Row: Dana Wolfe, Ira Young, Torn Webster, Roy Wilk- ins, Bob VVinger. Not Pictured: Robert Bindy, George, Buchanan, Harvey Corley, John Downey, Jerry Ensley, William Flinn, Ander- son Gaither, Hugh Guthrie, Charles Hall, Ronald Harrison, Thomas Helton, Jan Heykeep, William Humphrey, Wendel Jackson, Richard Ladd, Richard Leatherwood, Bob Maddin, Robert Martin. Charles Minton, John Nardo, Aubrey Needham, Franklin Norton, Hershel Peek, Preston Phelps, Carl Raglin, lylichael Raulston, James Seull, Carl Smith, James Steinman. 2.29 Will Founded: Boston University NON'l'Il1llCl' 2, 1999 Local Cllautcr Founded: March 19, 1932 Colors: Purple. Grccn, and Gold lfloucr: White Rose Addrcss: 931 South 17th Street 1 .Xudas, Pri-sidrnt: Rolmt-y Brown, vl1I't'1ISUI't'l'. iann H, YYilson, S1-c1't'lz11'x'1 Rirltaid Brunxfivld, Yin- l,I't'SlL14Ill EPSILON-OMICRON ZETA CHAPTER Alu-r starting tllv yt-ar oll 112111 with an vxcc-llciit plvdgc class ol' 55 top IIICII. Larnbda Cll1i's startvd to work on the lxonu-coniing float. which linislicd a vvry strong' fourth. During tllc prcvions ll1l'L'C years. Lambda Clli placed Iirst twicc and second once in 110IIll'COIIl1Ilg lloat competition. XYC also placed lonrtli in Carnicns in 1962. Always strong in lntrannn':1ls, Lainlmda Chi last your won the l-ratcrnity lntrznnural cllli1IIlIDlOI1Sl1lIJ, Out to rc-tain the troplly. wa' havc so lar this yuar won thc- vollvyball Chain- pionsllip. 'flu' first party ol' tlic- year was 1110 annual lxayridt- and l'lt-clgc--Activc football QLUIIP. wlnicli the activcs won 18-0. Otlicr social c-vents include tlu- Plvdgc llancv. thc "Gay Nint-tic-s" party. tllc Circsccnt liall, and a party at locka- lvcclicc, lam-sidvs many informal partir-s in tlic 1101150 and in llll' lJ2lSf'1Ilt'I11. Llllllliilll Cllli Alpha llas its sltarv ol' cainpus leaclvrs. lilcctvd to "Wl1o's Xvllflu and to SC'21l'l1l7lJl'2lIl wvrc lion Frcc- nlan and llicliard Morris. who, along' with Mirkvy Nlnrpliy. are inc-inlmt-rs ol' Oinirron llvlta Kappa. Pri-sidvnt of and ol' Circlc- K is lllfllilfll Xlorris, wliilm- Lloyd Stanlvy is Sm-Crvtary of laotli organivations, .lolmny .lolms is a Lt. Qiolonvl in Al"RO'l'Cf, Pctl' Von Elton is a Clll't'l'lC2Ltli'1', Fri-slnnan .'Xdx'isor. and is Sccrotary ol the N8ll1l0f'f'Z1y'l1 lioarcl: Hall 1vUI'lll1HQ'1UI1 is St'i'1'C12ll'Y ol' IFC. We Beat The Pledges 230 0 C QQ MW N W4-J5f'P" I! 'RI' v LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Cx' k,,"x, N. Will ll Win L' w. -Q- .ht 7.37. First Row: Robert Adams, Phil Anderson. George Andrews, William Andrews, Charles Aplin. David Arwood, joe Atchison. Jainvs Audas. Garry Barriger. Wil- liam Boone. Second Row: jack Brown. ,Iamvs E, Brown. james R. Brown. John Brown. Richard Brumficld, Bill Dalvt-rt. How- ard Chambttrs, jim Chostnutt, David Clonts. Jvrry Cohlc. Third Row: Bill Dollar. Barry Douglas, Larry Dowd. Chuck Dun. Charlrs Foppiano. Keith Fort. jerry Foster, Bill Garvvy. David Civc-n. Don Goodman. Fourth Row: Ronnie Graham, Bill Grcvn, Bill Hammond. Foster Hampton, Buddy Hatvhvr, Stephen Hcndrieks, john Hilton. Doug Hinvs. Harold Holt. John Hop- kins. I-'ifih Row: Frcclvrifk Huniphrcys. .lohn Johns, 'l'homas johns. David Johnson. Phil johnson, YVilliam Jonvs, Bruvt' Kelley. Stvvv Kipatrit'k. David Klarhurg. P1-te Loh- man. Sixth Row: Edwin Loughry. Jerry Lowery. Daniel Mcllown. jamc-s MCDanic'l. K4-nncth Mt'Donald. Don Mit- Govcrn. Gcrald McLaughlin, Lawrt-ncc McMahon, Robert Niangruni. Jainvs Mayo. Scvcnth Row: Bob Miles. Joi- h'iiIt'ill'll. Ray Moorv. Ronnie Moore. Richard Morris. Louis Mulsand. Gary Myvrs. W'illiain Nvlms, Tom Nicholson. Dale Oakvy. Eighth Row: Ch-n U'Ncil. Douglas Parker, ,lorry Parker. David Parrvttvr. Bill Perry. Eli Prttit, Phil Phelps. Pat Ponipht-ry. Stew-n Ramsey. Hugh Rirhmond, Ninth Row: Churehill Roberts. ,lanivs St. john, Mike Saliha. Ed Schmidt. Larry Sitx, William Skelton, Rockvy Soderhurg. William Stanley. Robvrt Stovall. Larry Taylor. Tenth Row: Larry Thiraway. Ralph Turley, W'illiam 'I'urlt'y. Larry Vance. Pet:-r Von Elton, Robert Walton. Daniel YN'atc'r1nf-it-r, Paul Whito. Ray Wilson. Wil- liam VVilson. Eleventh Row: Hall Worthington. Not Pictured: Tommy Almquist. Rusty Barncs. RCDilCl'l Batsou. Alan Broadwatvr. Richard Clark, Larry David. Fred Drake. Sonny Duggan, jim Ciilhreatli. Hugh Hcrkinan, Leonard Hohhs. John Kreney. lkr: Lark:-y, Ronald Ln-cpcr. Charles lNI4'Guric. Tcrry O'Nara, William Perry. Jonathan Quarlvs. ,loc Romans, Johnny Smith, Charles Sorsby, Charles Sutton. David Van Fleet. Larry VValkcr, Larry Wfatson. Tom VVilliams. ,.,.,.,.,.,,., I .. - ---- ,. V ,:.:,,," 'f: s :"' . .Q .. ' " ..... 5 VW' V "VQ -.-. . ' "': A fif'-W "A": ... .... . ' ,ma ...Q :zl W. VA' '1': A aw' VV ---- .N ,-:-1 '-'- 2 - ,- ..... - . A' , I. . ...SEE 5.5. 55.6 X VZ: :IYVE : Z ,A ,gg lg, 5,5 H ,KW 3:2 Wig 2 ..,.,..,.,.. .,.: ' " ' . zzz 'if Q I .,,, ,.,,. ...s:, , 54Z, :.,I Q -laz :EZ-Zjfvgiggjilir -, .-.. . :ri , jsp. ,.,,,,.,,, . ' A A ,.,.,. . .A,, V I ' .0 "V" .,.., V- - '. n if w . t . . ..... . 'A " 'X .... -2:I" '- - ---, h . . Q. -A ' - . ' I W 'A ' J. ,,., ":' W, 'A V 'WL , A AAAAAA , A A' .. A 22' 1" .V - Vw 1255: ' W , ff V' " 2 My '5 "'Ag ,, 1, ww V ..:: 5 A' .3 -V, ' , - 'A A' A 51'-533 . V , , 'VK . AA Q , 5 ,-M. -- s g, A gk W ,.,.. g gg Z '2" - -A ' gvwf ' V- V V' " ix A f --:1 A W A "" ...fl :s:-. 2 ' f- X V- -. " "' Ezifsif' . W A A ' ' " ' WII: - 1 " 1' " ,11. wslqgi """' :':E " 2 --,--'--- I 1 -',-:-., . ..... . . . .. Ii " A ' 'ff'- - . 91" sggsaggawzg-. 3. .. . '12-11:53, .,,. "'- V ,--' px Va- A A ., .::1. , ....: V- - -A V- . 'A WS W 'AN . - , M-S, .2 .X V -A-1: . - . -4. . A " "" ' "" ,W , A .... -1-:-:,'- ' ' 'A AA ' ---- "' S ' 'sw :"' A +A' "gf 'W -1--,V - .V,,.:.. . ' f'f?'f A 'ii V - AA A -. A AA Q-E. .ik Vw , bf. , .,.. - . ::-Q -SWA . ' .A 'YA .Lmfw ' '-V- V ' ' ' -A ""' I '--. ' My ,. if - . -. ii.: :V :::' Q ,,,.: , FQ.. , ...... I L rf, .W ..... .. ...... 5 -A A -::V Z ...,,.,5:5gg.L.. :" "" 'W' 1 VV-V M f A :-A' A . . . '-- W . . . Asn .1 . A ,.,. ' . ,.., .. .- I A "' " .:,, ' A V .A N - A- A - . , Vf-- .. Z - V wi " A fi 9 A A. .f " .. ,..,. 1' f 1 ' " Mm: f ..... W -SG "" W 55. Ig: M . :"' .- 1:9 WK .::A..2A:,sA?.Q" - . .,.. I-A' V J-:-V 7 - ., . . .:a:AAff':5f-513:-A' A .A ' wp ' ' ' " "' M..-H. AV - if V ..... , ' - E , .:.,, . 9 Aj ' . , -A---V V. V..V . I ., .1., . . 3:25 .,.. 1 A Nm, ,.,, , My I I ' . , Q A.,.: . : ., 3: .,,. H H -I -:Ji Q A A . ,.,:, as ,,x, X H In :zz . V- A A X Af A l - ,. , 'MA A ""'f i122V1:::5.f1A'V- - A Af V E NX 2. . . :.g.:. AV .. ..,.,: mr- .'....::? A ' A ,. 5 9---.-. 1: :fx :. , Q A : A ,. ' :: 'A 'iff' 1- A' wvpsffzfx -- -II: --" .. A - -' 'haf - ' ' ,E ' ,.,,.,., 5 , . . , . N' ' ' .. ' 'V Ei- ' 'Q' ": 'Q myth' af "3 sas3e:a-1.5, . " ' ,. -. E ' ' ' " .H lllb ,. .--:15g,.V A .I - X ks. IZ... WMS. ,Q x , N .Z-xy -:-Q A . 1 'M' 5 Q. V A I .V ZZ: . ..fy ' .. ., vw, ' " " A- "" fer. ' "" - gi 'K A ww . , A '.,la D ,,,. A-1-- , 5535 1 -- "' " 5 .. Q25 ., 5 ' ..,. ' ' t .. U, 'W I 'X' 'Ex " H W . 1 . 1 , A ' ' .. "A 'Vg V' 2,131 " - X ,. A A X -AA" "::':: A -'Q , J, A A... . MW fa' Q 'tg' ' .P HR. 1'5" ' N 1' ' 'V A ' ji: ' ew , - W' H A,,- y . A . -:E I ,I -tlv I Q lizz -. Q ,. J- H . -' dl-W ::g:a.,:E- t urgi' If ,. :Nw . V' . " ' 'A 'Af ,,..1, . .Q V ? ., w . 352225 1 ' , V .... :ZZQZZZIA E , .,,, ' A 3... , . A Ni., A ,. V V A .. - .x,.w, - . Wwsg - ...,, g 1. ,..,... ,A A 1 . A V- eV. VV 1' 'A A " ':" AN. ' -' V - V .mm- H .gm . A If 5 'W f..,QQ.f? .. ..,. ' .A ' 'A 25- E ' 'A . . 'f ' , .V " J -M ' . if 'W 'A ' 'W I Vw -- . . A "", " fn. " ww . W 'W -.M 5 V . , ' " V. ' .2 . """' ' ,.,, A -'V'-" Q5 ' lzzq W. .... .......... , . Q' V' Q 'ffm . "' jj- A' - A ' ' -v,., .,:,, ' " " ' ' ,,,. , ' ""' ' w'? .,..:,, ,,.. - - as-':s5xa:se:5:a:5.,., .. Vw xg., . 2 A . f ..... ZZ, 1 A: . 1 :A . , .. A , Q- . -'-- 1 , w ff M5 ,, ' 'W f 'Sw ,gg 'A .. 8' W? ' ,lk I " 'A if ' , E 65 ::' 3 ' QJ'..f.:a , ' ' 35" ' . -V-H' " .. - 'Q V A "" ' ,. f ' " ,'., ,W. e:5""" ' Mu 'W ' R' A "2:E"'f" 'W' 5' iw .- A A - E I A ' "" A 53551-"' 22... " -5: --V .: ,.:. , A ...L , ma i.. .M . I M 2 H ., V. Y UA I .L :::. .. AA -A-A . ' ' 'Q "" ' " 5' 9 '43 ,dai Q . ' X-. , W ar' A 'Azl " .. A""' . .... ' ' 'ff' ww V32 ' ' "W . A' A -2' ' . j.:A' -I .... i A x ....A ' ' A ' 'f ....... . . . V-M ff- ' f 9 - ""' il". A m y 'A - .... ...AAI ' AAfA ,,.L.:.:fzQs2A5z5. ...f :-5" . .A "EEf .v,. " - " 9' " " ' '-": 2 A -r:55EEE23E5E5E2E5E5E :ag .,.:.:: : : 4-.-- -:.- . pg.: .v.-.f,f- .-.- . -. - V . 4' ' ' I ' ' " "" ""' ' E H . A '--- - '-----v- V- . VA A V- V. - A'A-A Q A Vi-.-,5..V...:. 3,5 V . zzzq A 1 Q. , ....,.. A , f A 2 :22 A ' 'A A wwf AA"A'A'A'A"'A'AAAAA A F- if ' ,V . M ' V WV ' 5 ....... P3-VV' - -V. A ' - . hm w x " aw, .. ,sf V V f I .. we-yi. ...., VV do .:.. --1: - , - .f- .AW :,. , .:...::.V:-- :vw Q A ,yy A ....,,. .. ..- .,.. , ...AA Fm V-55: ., 9 'T Q A' 'VV AAAAA AAAA- A AAAV - V VV ...... , A . .... f S -221' 14 A Z. A A f r ' "" 1 . A M52 U- ,,., : .:,3..- .. 3 'Q " S515 2. L . . A E fx '2-22 14-1 16 Founded: jeiferson College, Cannonsburg, Pa. April 22, 1818 1,111-al chapter founded: Apri Colors: Royal Purple 171o11er: Purple Clematis Address: 1801 Me1r11se Place 111, 111911 KAPPA TAU CHAPTER Kappa Tau 11hapt1-r ol' Phi G81111112i 131-1ta. the L'r1ix'e1'sity 111' Vl1l'I1I1t'SSGCiS FI'211l'l'I111.y of the XYUZII' for 1962-63, 1JL'Q21I1 1111- past SCTIOO1 V1-ar wit11 a change 111 housing sites. This rt-- tlll11'l'C1 a working Cl121lJ1CI' 1iI'011l 1111- Iirst to r1-1110111-1 1111- 111-w house C111I'1I1Q work week. 11111911 1-a111e rush w1-1-11. which saw thc- Fijis p11-dgc -111 of 1111- top 1'r1-5111111-11 1111 t'11I1lIJ11S. This was 1'o11owe11 by 111-11-1'1'1-11 rush. 111111 S1-ve-ral 111-w p11-dues. Social Service work. 2111 activity whi1'h has netted the Phi Cams three trophies 111 the last four years, oecupic-11 1I1llC11 ti1111- 11111'ir1g a11 111I'l'0 l11l21I'1C1'S. Early ho11o1's which 1ra1111- to th1- 1iI'Ei1C1'I111y this year were two IIlt'1111JC1'S of 1N'1111's Who in .AIHCITCZIH 1211111-Q1-s and L'r1ix'1-rsiti1-S a1111 two 1111-111- 111-rs of 0111111-011 171-1ta Kappa. 11-11111-1's11ip 1lOI1OI'2i1'y. 111 other CZIIIIIJIIS ac-tixities. t111- Fijis 11ad 11111111111-rs 111 2111111111-1-11 Ar111y 211111 Air For1'1- ROTCI. p11h1i1-ation s11111's. s1'ho1asti1' 11o11orz11'i1-S. Ci1'1'1e K. St'l1I'i11J1Dt'21l1. 111161 111111-r or- g1111ifatio11S. S111111- of 1111- 1i1'at1-1'11iti1-s o11tsta1111i11g IIlC1l11JQ'l'S w1-r1- 13. .1tlI1t'S. Na11111-1-yayli P11-si11c11t: 1111- f1t1I'I1121I1. Captain 111 1111- 1,'-T Cfo111-Q'1- 1511w1 t1-11111: and 1Q11Q1-1' Riley. P11-S1111-111 111' 11lt' SUIJ11OI1101'lx Claw. 111 lI11I'21I111II'L11S. Phi f1211I1I11i1 131-lta won s1111f111-11o:1r11. p1a1'1-11 S1-1101111 111 x'o111-1'11a11, and p1a1'1-11 111 SXX'11I1ll11I1Q 111111 11-nnis C1ll1'1T1Q 1-U11 1p1a1't1-1'. Roan 11'11s1111, 1,l'C'S1l1l'I1t1 Diek N1-wport, C11rr1-spo11di11g S1-1'1'1-tz11"y: V, P Ktn Lax Rl'CfJI'dlIlg bl'Cl't't!iI'y1 BZlIA1iSdl1lt' QIOIIPS: H1S1CJI'11lll, H1017 any 7-34 1 'I-IF. Pl 1 Dm 1 s c1Hm,1,r,Nc,r, 1 3 ug ONE ms UUR5 Miva ITS OLR HOLSLMOI HluR OINLX OIN h MORI, ACTU 125 T HE CARNICUS CREW fr... 5-X4 d i. ' J.i '. PHI GAMMA DELTA Big Decisions 136 First Row: Tom Adkisson, Grady Arnold, Clyde Austin, Garner Bailey, Dave Bilbrey, Eddie Billmrey, Jim Bohannon. David Braekin. Ronald Brown, Second Row: Miekey Cormack. Robert Carringer. Charles Car- ter, Michael Cate, Edward Chase, Donald Chune. Steve Clonts. Alvin Connelly. Joe Cook. Third . Row: Wayne Colley. Parker Curtis. John Daniels. Charles Danner. Frederick Dearing. Hoyt Denton. Fred Diekey. Charles Dobson. William Dooley. Fourth Row: Edward Duncan. Grayson Eddy. James England. Jeffrey Errvin, Anthony Fish, Harry Forbes. Carl Galyon. Tom Gardner. Douglas Goddard. Fifth Row: Joseph Gorman. Arthur Grisham. Ernest Gualano, Leonard Guekert, David Hall, Charles Hardin, Da- vid Harrill. Jan Harvill. Terry Haupt. Sixth Row: Brown Hawley. Andrew Heiskell, James Hollis. Gary Honaker. Roger Jackson. B. Jones. Robert Kidd. David King. James Kline. Seventh Row: Lowry Kline. Stone Hyker, Kenman Lay. Ray- mond Lewis, James Martin, Samuel Melnturfli. Da- vid MeLain. Donald MeMahan, John Moore. Eighth Row: Marlin Mosby. Richard Newport. Frank Pate. James Perry. John Pesterfield, James Phillips. Stephen Powell. John Pressly, Richard Pressly. Ninth Row: James Prcsswood, George Priee, Joseph Rader, Roger Riley, Robert Savage. Jaek Sharp, lylael-1 Sharp. W'illiam Slautterhaek, Charles Snodgrass. Tenth Row: Douglas Sutton. Raymond Thaeh. John Thomson. Dalton Townsend, Charles Tueker, Thomas Wagg- goner. Glarenee Walker. Bill Webb, David White. Gordon Williams. Not Pictured: 'llOII1 Barnett, Boh Beever. Jaek lrion, Tommy Lionart, Aaron Masters. Seott McDonald. Frank Meflinley, W'illiam Rich, Stephen Robinson. Edward Sisk. Tom Smith. James Speneer. Kendrad White. 137 , 'A .M , -:-f ,W ,. .rg 'K H, 'L f, . . it Q . , -, xy, nm 5 N i lfrif Founded: lNIZlSSZlCllllSCflS Agricultural College 1873 l.oeal Chapter Founded: Mzlrelt 15, N25 Colors: Silver :und lxII1gCI1l2l Flower: Red Carnation Address: l30l Laurel Avenue Bill Chztlbley, Xlll'F-Pl'l'Sldt'IltQ Dun Collninn lin, Trextsurer: Don Smithers, President. See retax ry: John NI C- XI DEUTERON CHAPTER Since Plti Sigma Kappa was founded on tlle C. T. cann- pus. it has grown in meinbersliip. eanipus znetivitiei, social lile. Campus publiezttions. and politics. Xi lJeuteron's tznne lor outstanding ZICCUIIlIJllSllIIlCI1l5 in interlvrzxternity Competition was further recognized last year by entering' in every eznnpus function, wliile Citations of merit K'OlIlHll'IIlOl'illlI1Q not only our leuclersliip. but also our uc'c'ele1'z1teLl seliolustie 2lC'lllt'X'l'II1t'I1fS luevoild the ull-inenis averagfe. poured in from nzrtional regions everywliere. Serving as the lenders ol' our liI'11lCI'I1lly for this year ure: Ken Reel. President: lion Srnitlm. Yiee-President: Roger Qlennc. Secretary: .Iohn Xleliain. 'lreztsurerz llieliurcl lien- cler. Sentinel. and Perry Huyntore. Inductor. Other out- standing' Phi Sigs on ezunpus inelucle lion Smith. President ol' tlle lIllVI'-liI'2ill'l'Illly Couneil. 'll0I'C'lllJl'Z11'l'I'. XYl1o's lYl1o. Sc'111'z1lJlJeu11. OUR. Cirrle K5 Ken Ru-l. cllllllflllilll ol' llll' 'llOl'l'l1 Politieztl l,2ll'lS'. lYl1o's lYl1o. OIJK. lileetion Coni- IIll5NlOI1t'l'1 Colemztn Klellulliee. lleltzt Sigma Pi Business lioztrd. All Students Council. UIJK. and Sc'z11'alJlnez1n: lien- ton Smitli. Citi-Clllllflllllll of All Sing. SGA Representzxtive. OIJK. Zlllil lllt' ,-'Xrnolcl Air Soefetyl 'lioni Boggs. varsity' lt'llt'I'IllllIl. N11lllll'l'Y2lYll lioztrcl and .'xilllXX'2lyl1l. and 'lint Maples who is Manager ol the Orange and W'hite. Our llUIlOI'2il'Y lrztternztl eitutions total tilts-en. There Really Is A Santa . . x" ,iff W f 7.38 x X R159 gum, N 3 ohh 5' A 0101'- I IS PARTY 'HBH vi HN SG OUR SWl'1li'I'IiIZAR'l'S LI NLH DA I L5 HOME. RUN RING glial,-.-,Q:, ew! .,' frrdcrrffl 'X f:'f'iniIS-- - :,,1k',',l:lLyF 62222. I M F V-H AZ. MM,- 1 ,WMM tw, A M W. Q , ' M ii 7 QQMM W , f' 5 f ' ' fe W, 5-' f- aft . fm J ,, . ff f WW, vm f fwfw 1 1 fzw m f f fe. ww: Q., . f ff ,ZZ gf MJ! PHI SIGMA KAPP On the Beach 240 First Row: James Avriett, Drury Bagwell, Michael Bamberg, Thomas Barr, James Blaek, William Blaekmon, Thomas Boggs. Edmond Bolt, Charles Brown. Second Row: Edward Burklow. Skeet Burris. Daniel Butler, Conley Carter, Royce Cates, WN'illiam Chambley, John Chandler. Herbert Collins, Miehael Cook. Third Row: Raymond Davenport, James Dench-r, Thomas Di Giovanni, Donald Duke. John Duke, Thomas Elsea, Richard Evans, XYillia1n Fendley. James Floyd. Fourth Row: William Fry. David Fulghani, Thomas Cullee. James Hatmaker, VVilliain Hawkins, Perry Hay- more. Paul Hedge. James Hendleman, Raymond Henry. Fifth Row: Richard Holland. John Holly. Calvin Howard. Dean Humphreys, Stanley Hunley. Michael Jaek. Roger Jenne, Robert Kammerud, Jerry King. Sixth Row: Jerry Kirksey, Calvin Lehew, Charles Lindsay, David Livingston. kvillllllll MeCharen. Daniel Mc'- Cord, John Mt'Kain. James Maples. Lamar Mar- tin. Seventh Row: Gene Mills, George Morton, John O'Neil, Jerry Overton, Dennis Owens, Kenneth Owens, Ronald Pate. Kenneth Reel. Riehard Roach. Eighth Row: John Roberts, John Seay, John Simonton, Benton Smith. Donald Smith, Donald Smithers, lVarren Spahr. Leon Stribling. David Stump. Ninth Row: Gordon Templeton, Paul Tharpe, John Tiele, Richard Tipton, Ralph Trout, Robert Van Voorhis, James XNv8llK"1'. Ceorge Walls, David Wheeler. Tenth Row: Albert YN'ilheln1. Norman Hlilkerson. Albert lVitt. Rob:-rr Witt. Not Pictured: William Bentley, Darryl Carr, James Davis, lyliehel Diana, John Evans, Daniel Kaufman, Jerry Kyle, Richard Lundquist, Coleman MeDuFfee, Nicholas Niekolson, Jerry Reagan. Jay Stanley, Haymole Vaughn, Donald Yvillianis. !3 'K W uf, '73 'C' ,gn UR 721' ,av 5.335 fav' 1:7 LJ ffm v-6 -dw -1 ,, 4. M if 9. A 4 ,,,, 4A . N A, In R W .,,.,. .:,. S I h , wh Q. . ww-.2 - . .,... . 7.4.1 2-:Qt .Q ..:.v if X K dtttrati r dj lfoundcd: University of Virginia Nlarc-li 1, H563 Local Chapter lfoundc-d: Nlay 20, Colors: Garnct and Gold liloxscr: Lily of the Yallcy Address: H300 Mclrosc Place 1876 Holi lNIt'l'lu-rson, 'lil't'LlhL1l'CI'I Bill Nlarks, Pit-dw Nfastt-rg Ciliarlit- Nou-l, Pr:-sid:-nt: Roclgt-r Phillips. St-t'rt-tary: La rry Svliradt-r. Yin-- Pre-sidr-nt. ZETA CHAPTER Sinct- fc-ta Ciliaptt-r ol Pi Kappa at tlu- Llnivt-rsity ol' 'lic-nncsst-t-. it .Xlplia was liounclm-cl lu it has lu-1-n an otitstanclini vxainplt- of tlu- fratt-rnity program and tlu- avtivitit-s programs on tlu- "Hill.' Pi Kappa Alpha lias tlu- doubli- tlu- olclc-st liratt-rnitx' on tlug 1'-'l' cz ing' tlu- iirst lioust- luiilt spccitically From tliis brit-l' cliscription of woiult-r what sort ol' lratt-1-nity Pi liounclt-cl on a national liasis by six scliolastic- a distinction oli. first. lu-inf xmptis, and, st-concl, oxxn as a frat:-rnity rt-sitlt-rut Z1-ta Cfliaptt-r. ont- mix Kappa Alplia is, lt xx c-loso lyric-ncls in orclcr placc- tlu-ir frit-nclsliip on a uliiriiu-r and more lasting basis Siiux- tliat tinu- tlu- lratt-rnity lias tion witli ont- lnuulrccl tliirty-t-ig fnitt-cl Statt-s. Nc-vt-r is a man mor a Ililuf Clliaptc-r. , ,.... ,. grown into an OI'Ql1Ill7l lit c-liaptt-rs 'ill ou-r tlu . 1 1- tlian a clay's driu- lirc llu- national lratt-rnity ot li Kappa .-Xlplia. witli Att Ctliaptc-r no t-we-ption. places arc-at c-inpliasis upon all lac-1 s ol t-anipus 1u't1x'1tx' stu-li as lcaclt-rslnp. atlilt-tu-s. antl, Ilitlst important ol' all. sicliolarsliip. I l i Kappa .-Xlplia lias sliown its cainptis lm-aclc-rsliip intl-rc in nu-mlu-rs stu-li as llaxul lltirliart. tlu- rtirrt-nt Pri-sitltnt ol tlu- sc-mor Class. and a incinlu-r oli llvlufs lYlio. ln atlilt-tus. tlu- Plkt- nicnilu-rs liavt- lu-c-n most avtixt ' 4 rt-rm-ntlx' in trac-lx. Ltirrt-nt brotlu-rs wlio liau- rt-pri-sr-nttcl tlu- Yol tliinclacls art- llill Lawltins. liill lit-allc-. llavicl llllllx liart. Clliarlit- Now-l. and Bob MciNm-t-s. Gt-t To Work 241 mm? A ,ff mmxxuw mx xxx mx lf,XX'URl'Hi x 'l',UPLl. IHI: PR1A,s11n+.x Vs CAR M m,Lc:uA114, IU P1145 5 I,-I 'E 5: I . PI KAPPA ALPHA Rush Dinner? 144 First Row: Bill Allen. Bob Atkin. john Banta. Jim Bass, Bill Ball. Jiin Blackburn, Alan Blair, Jerry Bouchillon. Second Row: Stanley Bowden, Robert Brooks, Bob Bullcn, David Burkhart. Rhett Burton. Bill Cameron, Stewart Carnes, Charles Chronsniak. Third Row: Ln-e Denton, Toni Dutl, Mike Grisard, Don Hand. lklelvin Harris. Richard Hawk. Bill Hetzler. David llollingsworth. Fourth Row: Charles Houston, H. C. johnson, Bill Jones. Buster Kiser, Bill Lawkins, Torn Lawson. Tom R. Law- son. Pat Lee. Fifth Row: Bill Mackey. Bill Nlarks, Doug Matthews, Ken Mc'Donald, Boli McNees, Bob McPherson, Bob Mr-nehhofer, Fulton Moore. Sixth Row: Bill Morgan, Ted Myrick, Charles Novel, john Pearson, Mare Pellegrino, Bob Petty, Mike Phe- bus, David Proctor. Seventh Row: Newman Rossie, Larry Schrader, Russ Sniiltneiks, Richard Stager, Vin Swasey, David Turner, Eddie Thompson, Bill Thornaton. Eighth Row: Bob Wallace, Garry Wallace, Joe Wanek, David Weidner. Jim Whittaker. Noell Y'Vilson, Jack YN'oods. Not Pictured: Lee Beanian, John Crockett, Frank Fulton, Bill Haffner, Bill Harrison, Donald Hendrickson, Paul Lintner, Bill Lowber, john Moore, Roger Phillips, Paul Rupp, Russ Shelley, Charles Storey. r""' A-R ,-1:54 mm 7 4'-A-57 ,Mv ,slr 'I-'QP 'E '--+-up ,nv new .ff-' 911' .,-0'9" 'Q-Q, """9 'nw'-v ,,.ar ...Mgr- an ,Wu ,an ...ns A-3 ftfi' ii! "N,-hw 'NGN TO! 4?- fu D. 4., ., ,va Q 4-N1 ' ,ad yd' 14? Wu, 1? TENNESSEE KAPPA CHAPTER 11111911 Sigma Alpha 1111511011 was 11111'11. it wus 1111- Visi1111 111 1-ight 1'111s1- 1il'1l'HC1S 11-11 115' Nohlv l,1-s1i1- U1-Y11tic 111 6512111- 1is11 21 new IYIJK' 111' 011111,-gr 11'21tcr11i1y 1121s1-11 1111 high i111-211s 211111 stzuiclnrcls. 'l'111-ir goal was to 111- 11111 11iQQ1-st 211111 111-st, 211111 Q 1111w 21111-1' il 1i1111- 1111111- 1111111 11 CL'I11ll1'Y Sigma A1111121 15115111111 Li :im 1121s 111111 1111111111-11 211111 110I'1y-1-Olll' 111111111-rs 211111 11111r1: 1112111 115.000 1JI'Ol111'l'S. It 11215 111-cn 12111111-11 first z11111111g 130111-111- 1iI'211L'1'1'11I1l'S 1111 1111-1' tw1-11ty ye-21rs 111-1-11rdi11g' 111 112111011111 1 S1lI'X'PyS. 1111- X1'1ll1HQI11'SS 111' SAER 111 light 211111 1111- 1111' what 1111-3' 116-li1-x'1- i11 is 1-11111-111 111' the 1.2101 111211 i11 11111-111 XVZII' 11 11111111- 151.9110 S1-XE! 111112111 1111 1111-ir 1'1111111ry 211111 1170 QLIW' 11ll'1I' 1111-s. Founded: Univcrgity of Alabama I XY1- 1l1l'I111l'SSl'C 1111111121 112111- 11111-11 111 K'2tI'I'y UIIA 1111- light- Niarch 9, 1856 IIIQ spirit w1111'11 1121s 1J1'l'I.l UL-11' 111'I'11ll2'l' 2111C1 1l:2l.C1l1lOr1. Last yt-211' w1- lJ1Lll'1'C1 sc-6111111 111 1l'L1T1'I'1llIf' 111111111-11t11111s 111 A11- I.11ca1Cl1:1p11-1- lfoundcdx june 18, 13170 S1112 211111 CTz11'11i1-11s. 11111111113 lli f'111l1'I' iirst 111' sc-1-111111-1111111 Colors: Purple and Gold 11111111-15 1111 1111-12151 I1lIl1'1C1l1S. S.-X1311t1s11-1111-111-11-11 1111121- 111111'211 111111111 11111 11111-. 111111 wc 2111- 11111 11111' 11111' S1lllI'1' 111 1111-111 l'1l0N'C1'j Yiolct 21g11i11 this Xl'llI'. fJ1111'I' 1112111 l'11IIlIJllN 1'1111111c1iti1111 111- 1rx' 111 1111x'1- s1-V1-1211 A . ..Q' ' ' ' .1 . , 2 , V 'xddless' ' 5115"1"h lnh must XX'0l'11lXY1l111' p1'11,11-1'1s. 1.l1S1 yuzlr w1- sI11111s11r1-11 1111- X1111-51111111 11y11r11 P121111- R1-g21t121 211111 111151-11 S1-x1-1-211 111111111-1-11 11111121rs 1111' 11111 1i21s11-1' S1-211 511011-ty. 110 211511 112111 21 p21111'21111- 1111-2111- 11181 N1'1ll'l'l'1Jf' 111- r211s1-11 11x'u 1111111111-11 111111ars 1111- 1111- L 111- X'1'l'S11y Sl'1l0111l'S111I7 14llIlC1. .-X11111111-r s111'1'1-ss1111 11111111-1't was 1111- 'l'r111- c1l'I1l1l'II12lI1 Aw211'11 111-1-s1-1111-11 111 21 11ig'11-s1'1111111 s1-11i11r i11 1111- 1i1111x1'i111- 2111-21, A SC'1lO12lI'S1l1IJ W1-111 211111111 with this ZIXYZIIT1. 151113 8211111111-5, '1i1'1'21Slll'K'I'I 1111111 K1'1ll'l', P1'1'S1dt'Ilf5 B111 Cowzui, Yiw- Prc-sid1-111. What Bud Service at M, . E 1 I wiv v X 146 WAKE UP, SANTA! ROUGH POKER GAME 'JQsa . mxS'YY'?' L VRLSXDYDA WH.-XT DO YOU WANT? CHAMP SWIMMING PFAM OA , Hur J ,., W4 +.+'!'X5 S"P'1'f? I' . . SIGMA ALPHA EPSILO Up and Over ,Ar 7.48 First Row: ,lim Bailey, David Barr, Bubba Beale, Phil Berg, Lee Bettis, Edwin Blakemore. Pete Blanton. Brooks Brann, Jimmy Bryan, Jack Caldwell. Second Row: Hal Canary. Bob Carney. George Clawson. Joel Clements, Bill Cowan, David Creekmore, Jeff Daniel. Malone Daugherty. Phil Daycs. Robin Day. Third Row: Mann Drumheller. YN'arner Dunlap, Jimmy Dunn, Bob Eldridge, Bill Euhank, VVillie Eyersole. Hugh Faust. Lewis Foster, Jim Garner. John Garner. Fourth Row: Bruce Gianotti. Frank Cianotti. Jim Gieselmann. Dickie Gillespie, Charles Green. John Graybeal. Jim Gunn, Ron Guthrie. Phil Hackney, Morris Iladdin. Fifth Row: Henry Harding, Ray Harness, john llarris, iylark Ilarris. Joe Harrison. Bill Hendon. WVard Hendon, Mike Henry, John Hodgson, Charlie Huddleston. Sixth Row: Dennis Jacobs. Bill Johnson, Bob Kassem. Tim Keller. Allen Kenny. jim Keras. John Key. Tom Kilpatrick, Ron Kirkland. Felix Laughlin. Seventh Row: John Laughlin. Ned Laughlin. George Lowe. Rob- ert Mainord. Harvey hlarcorn, Charles Nlatthews, ,lim Matthews, Claxton Mayo. Ed Mcgklistcr. Eddie Mc'Alister. Eighth Row: Matthew McClellan. Newton Metcalf. Joe Miller, Frank Murtaugh, Bill Muse, Doug Newton, Eddie Parrot. Bob Patrick, Tom Poo, Eddie Register. Ninth Row: Campbell Ridley, Toby Roberts. Bob Samples. Tom Shipman, Richard Sinclair, Mike Stone, Charles Sullivan. Joe Tagg. Charles Teasley, Bill Thomas. Tenth Row: Bill Thompson. John Threadgil, Charles Webb. Cole Wilder, Tim W'illiams, Jimmy Willingham, Jack YVillis. Bob Withers, Henry YVood. Alex Wright. Eleventh Row: Linton Young. Pat Younger. Not Pictured: Cuerye Alspaugh, Phil Berg, Dave Biyians. Bobo Bradshaw. Rusty Brashear. Ken Christenbcrry. Hal Clements, Claude Crawford, Robert Eehols, Park Ellis, Bob English, John Evans, Sam Cary, lioyl Cill, Larry Goode. Dick Herranen. Tom Keen. .lack Kennedy, Bruce Nlattox, lylike Palmer. 24 BETA SIGMA CHAP T Sig-11111 C1111 11-11115 111 f1'111c1'11i11' 1111- 111-1'1- 111 L"l1. 11s 11 1ll'1I1Q 1111- 11-11111-1' 11111-1'111111111111111'. '1111- 11111119 Cross 1111 S11-1 C1l111s 11-01-11 1I'1 127111-1111-111111 152111111111111-11111111-rs 111'1'11ss 11'111'111. 0111- a111111111. P1118 1110 1121l'1 111111 1v1- l11'l' 1111- s1111 1l1l'Q1'S1 1-l'21111l'Il111' 111 1111- 11'111'111. Q1Yl' 1111111-1'11'111Q 1521518 1111 1 S1l'1'I1Q'11l. As il 111111111-1' 11111' 1'1-111111 11LlS 111-1-11 0111- 111' 1'11r1s1s1C111'1 I 111 11-111' 111- 111111-1-11 S1-1111111 111 51-1111131111111 111111111g 2111 11-1111-1111 1111 1'11111p11s. 1111111111Q 11 1111' 1111-11111 111 1111- 111s1 11111111-1-11 Xl ll - H 111111 111- 111111- 111-1-11 1-11111-1' 111-51 111' S1-1-111111 111 51-11111'11's111p X1 11Y111l'S s111'11 218 .X11-Sing. Ca1'1111'11s 211111 11111'11111111'111s 11811 111111 111l' Sig-s 211 111' 111-111' 1110 11111. '1'111s 112181 111111 1111- 11111 131-111 Sigma 1111111 111-s1 p1111'1- 111 H111111-1-11111111Q 111 11111 IJl'l?C1llL'1IIQ 1111' 1111111111- 81211121 C111 1Jl'I'1JY SKQIIILI f-111 111s11 111111-1-1 g1'c111 s1Q'111111'11111-1- 1111 11 11111111 111 1111111111 11 111-1111-1'1-1111-111. 111- 111111- 111111111-Vs 111 1111 111111111.1111s s11111 11 l110l1m1U15 Nlimlfi 1-vllitfrsityv Uxff-fd-Ul1i0 OIJK. S1'111'1111l11-1111. 1Y1111's XY1111. 11111 1 11 S11-11111. 111111 1 111 -llmc 131 181, 111-111 1'1. W111111- C1111-1111111 is 1'1'1-s1111-111 111' 11111 s111111-111 111 llmnl Chapwl. founded: Sc.Pu,mbl.r 20' 1917 1111- 1111111111 111111 131111111-ss 1x11ll121Q1'I" 111 1111- ROLL-5 I 1111- 151111' 1511-11111 111111 15111 N111-rs. 13111 KI11111g'111111-11' li 11118 011111111151110211111Ulflf-11111 111-111 111' 1X111111'111'111. XY111111- CI1111-1111111 111111 1,111 1311111 Fltmbcrz Hvhhe Row I11111' 1111 1111' 1111111111111 11'Z11Il. 111111-111-11 111 151111111-11 11511111 III 1111111111118 111 151-111 51211121 1-X1111r1-ss: l1l9CIi1'c1c Park 1111111 SXYl'l'1111'2lI'1 111-8121112111111 is M111 5.1111 13 111111. 1 C 111 O1111-Q11 1KI'0II1 CT11111111111'111g11. NUS. 1111111 H. .I111'11H1111 18 111-11111-11 111111s1-111111111-1'. B111 B11'1'111s, 51-1'1'1-11111: 11111 FilI'll1lHII1, Xv11'1'-P1'1'S1df?Il1I D1111 B1-1'11', '1'1'1-11s111'1-1': N1-w11111 1'1IIl1'I'S17I1, 1'11-du1- '1'1':11111-1': .I1IIl H. 111111, v H . . P,-,-Sidmlt, ' 11115 1' 1z711- O16 NIl35'llC .1 150 if 1' 1111144291 M11 1-.11111i1,11xM19f YN QQNM xv CNN ,- I iw I I' f.. ..... , .5 ..,, M f ' - ':'::' I.: I:1sEaz::2-V' ,....,... -:fit-21212:-2-1-' ,: if ,' X W 55523 V5-it W2 f ,Hx A gk Q" 'Q :NS 2 sfjigfw i rf-Q: G J'--5 ,av BIC IA SIGMA I'RIiSliN'l'S SINIZM 1 I A HOLIDAY fl gif fwllof NOW, THIS IS THIC WAY IT IS SIS I LI IILARI UI SN .MA T 4INm2wzvQse ,,Mw , . ...I,I OIR SCJHULARSINIII' CILINIC1 Ti :hw .II Wm ,P IHIQ, DANKII-,RS UI' XI URIx NS I-,lyk xr' 'ln lil! Ill! WIFI SIGMA CHI Saturday Night Combo Party 257. First Row: Bobby Baker, jimmy Bankston, Ted Barber, Dean Barger, Bob Beals, Don Berry, Richard Binkley, Archer Bishop. Brad Bittle, Bill Blevins. Bob Boles. Second Row: Dick Bowles. Ken Bomar, Bob Brandon, Danny Bridges, Ross Brudenell. Bob Buckner, Jim Buck- ner, Gerald Burns, Alex Campen, Steve Causseanx. Ed Christenberry. Third Row: Hal Claiborne. Ben Coiley, Tom Collins, Ronnie Cox, Bob Crabtree, Jim Grossman, Ed Dauch, Joe Davidson, Tom Davis, Tommy Deane, Dickie Dillard. Fourth Row: Tom Dillard, Pat Downey, Ronnie Downey, Duane Dunlap, Bill Earnest, Chuck Edwards, Newton Emerson, Norman Estep, Jim Farnham, Edgar Faust, Carl Flair. Fifth Row: Jeff Fletcher, Steve Forshay, David Foy, Boyd Francis, Rhitt Fraser, Bob Garrett, Mark Green- Held, Don Grob, Jim A. Hall, Jim E. Hall, Jim N. Hall. Sixth Row: Bob Hale. Jerry Hamby. Bobby Hardin, Don Har- ris, Ronnie Hart, Keith Hastings. Steve Heath. Lloyd Heidtke, Harry Hcpler. Robert Hill, Shelton Hillman. Seventh Row: Parks Hitch, Bill Hodges, Bill Hovis, Davis Hume. Harris Humphreys, Don jackson. Ewin Jenkins. Ricky Johnson. David S. Jones. Fred Jones, Ed King. Eighth Row: Ronnie Knight. Luke Lea, Reg Lewis, Jay Livings- ton, Noel Long. Jim Loy, Frank McCalla, Bob McConkey. Conn McConnell. George McGoldrich. George McHenry. Ninth Row: Ralph Massengill, Joe Matlock, Jim Mattern, Bob Mifflin, Sam Miller, Ronnie Molloy, Bill Mont- gomery. Johnny Morgan, Bill Mott. Bruce Mulkey. Bill lviyers. Tenth Row: Durham Myers, Loch Neely, Danny Nolan, Greg U'Conner. Bobby Ogdin, Art U'Neil, Steve Ollard, Bobo Olson. joe Parrott, O'Henry Porter. Jack Prugh. Eleventh Row: Dick Puryear, Claude Rainer. Sam Ramer. Jack Ransom, Mike Rawdon, Don Ray, Meredith Rice. Mark Rudisill. Joe Russell. Ricky Russell, Larry Seals. Twelfth Row: Dickie Sharp, Buzz Sienkneeht. Tom Siler, Richard Stair, Ralph Stevens, Rusty Suiter, Hugh Sullivan, Dick Taylor. Ralph Thornbnry. Scott Trimble. Tom Ulrich. Thirteenth Row: John Van Mol, Bill Wade, Bobby WValker. Bill VVells, Paul VVilliamson, Harry W'ood. Bill Wiord. Not Pictured: Terry Basista, Chuck Dyche, Bennet Graham. Jack Horner, Lawrence House, Bill Keith, Dean Moore, Carl Traub. Wm, .1 2 A rw A-221 fi, M' Founded: Virginia Military lnstitutc 1869 Local Chapter Founded: May 13, 1921 Colors: Black, Gold, and Wliitc Flower: White Rose Address: 900 South 17th Street ill Robinson. Prcside-nt: B. Downing. 'l rt-gisurr-r: Xlat' tlurtis. Q haplain: Ed Lynn. Vim'-l'i't:siclcxit: Bob Clary, Svcrcltary, EPSILON ETA CHAPTER 'lihtx thru- young mon who founded Sigma Xu wt-rt' trainvd in thc tradition oil honor. 'l'hf'y plvdgvd lllCll1St'lX't'S "to livlieyt' in tht- lilc- of loyc, to walk in the way of honor, and to scryt- in tht: light of truth." From this Lt-gion ol' Honor haw- grown the one hundrvd and thirty chaptc-rs. nation-widt: of Sigma Nu. Nationally, it is always among tht: top fratc-rnitivs in incmburship and cndowmcnt. Among Epsilon Eta Cl121IJ1t'l'.S outstanding alumni art' Rt'pres0nt1t- tire: Howard llakcr, Major Gvnvral lYilliam fl. lflakvr. fl:-orgia 'Foch football roach Bobby Dodd. and News-Sem tinel Sports Editor 'l'om Siler. Epsilon Eta Chaptvr is c'urrt:ntly working on plans for tht- nt-xr fraternity housf- to bc built as soon as thc- L'niycrsity giyc-s its approval. Epsilon Eta's social ralvndar featurt-s such annual "blasts" as the Dog Patch Party. tht- Roaring 20's Party, and tht- crowning cw-nt ol' tht- yvar. thv XX'hitt- Rost- Formal. 'l'ht- lirothvrs ol' Sigma Nu dominated tht- intramural tirruit. winning most of the: titlt's wltilt- striving to rt-tain tht: Orange- Lcaguv trophy. Epsilon Eta Chaptt-r has worlwd lor at bvttvr uniyvrsity through Clirclt- li. Nahht-t-yayli. SGA. IFC, and Studc-nt Forum organizations. 'l'ht' fraternity is wt-ll rcprckscnwd in thc honorary fratvrni- tit-s of Phi Eta Sigma. Eta Kappa Nu. Pi 'l'au Sigma. llc-lta Sigma Pi. llvlta Xu Alpha. iliau llvta Pi. Sigma Pi Sigiua. Umicron lit-lta Kappa. Campus Exccutiws Cilub. and Act' lioard. lsvElK'0llll' .Xhoard 7-54 AND WHATS YOU R NAME? XC I IX In W INN IZRS -. C5 ...Ei --ww.--mmmqafggyg f I f , BUSY AT WORK If 1 I NEED ANY HELP? VUL? ARIS DOING IT ALI, WRONG on lllf Q G X .i , s f SIGMA NU Pledge Team AWN, 7. First Row: John Bolton, Robert Burton, Grady Clark, William Cole, A. B. Coleman, William Cook, Jerry Cooper. Second Row: William Crudup, Mae Curtis, Harry Daves, Ollice Davis, Brendan Downing, Michael DuBois, Robert Florence. Third Row: Duane Graddy, Robert Gray, Paul Harmon, Paul Heird, William Hesson, Robert Hester, James Hiegel. Fourth Row: James Hill, Robert Holden. Lawrence Hornsby, Russell Houser, David Lee, David Lee, Dee Line- berger. Fifth Row: Gary Long, John Love, Henery Lyles, William Lynn, Charles Miller, Horace Moore, Thomas Munroe. Sixth Row: Chester Murrin, Estur Newton, James Perkinson, Larry Perry, Bill Robinson, Mitchell Roden, John Sandidge. Seventh Row: Robert Sehnell, John Scott, Robert Scott, Charles Sharpe, Grant Spencer, Michael Standinger, Larry Tallent. Eighth Row: Everett Thomas, Hollis Tidwell, John Tindztll, Da- vid VVachtel, W'ayne VVilliaIns. Not Pictured: Jerry Daniel, James Greene, George Hardwick, Jerry Newton. ,.M.f-1' sf., ,er MW 45737 -...N wwf? -ufulf. 7,2-h -f--an, av' ' New A-.ef .,u-49" , -40' 'L I, lfounded: University of Richmond November 1. 1901 Local Chapter Founded: May 29, 1913 Colors: Purple and Red Flower: American Beauty Rose and Violets Address: 1016 Nlelrose Avenue Roy Kerr, Vice-President: Nlarlx Millis, Recorder: Secretary: -It-rry Wilson, President. TENNESSEE ALPHA CHAPTER Near the turn ol' the century. twelye men formed the Saturday Night Club which was later to become the mother chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. Since that time the brotherhood has grown 60.000 strong in more than 160 chapters scattered across the nation and has taken its place aint-fri the top ten national college fraternities. A home- eoni tg banquet this spring will mark the fiftieth anni- versquy ol' the chapter. Sag lips are active in all phases ol' campus lilie. The Golden Heaft. a symbol ot' the brotherhood. is to be found in all places where great men and women gather-tap rooms. apartments. car seats. Um' social life includes a Spring' Feyljst Party in the Smokies Cbring your own springst. a 1Yil:l-West Frontier Party. our annual Cinderella Ball. and a l'?.oaring Yliwenties Party, in addition to weekly get- togethers in the casual atmosphere ol' the Shebeen. all cal- culated to alleyiate the pressure ol' school lilie, Our home on Klelrose Avenue is farthest west ol' any ol' the liratenrity houses on campus. and we pride ourselves in the tact that we are contributing' to the westward expansion ol' the Lvniyersity. 'lllll' Sig Ep Red lloor. a fraternity symbol across the United States. has been the victim more than once ot' mis- chicyous intentions. but now. as eyer. it always remains open. Sl'E's Good Service i 2. 5 8 W 5- . xmoix'1'HW' fgfsilf R, 40112 Ol. R IRON I ILR OIR ,WW L LOST , Q ny. X lm- .lice ,M ff- . 1f :fEQgqQ' af rf 7 ' "'A' W x SIGMA PHI EPSILO Flick Click it W e . ,MW , , J-Ag .,, We S l i 'Nts T--1 ge 3 KES 4 vi 260 First Row: Bill Allen, Dave Ammonette, Wayne Anderson, Don Baker, Dick Beaver, Buzz Binkley, Bill Blanchard, John Booker, Harry Borders, Tom Brailliar. Second Row: Mike Brown, John Case, Frank Chance, Joel Clif- ton, Ron Cockran, Bill Cooksey, Mike Craft, Jerry Cruther, Jerry Daniels, John Daves. Third Row: Jim David, Drew Davis, Jim Dean, Lee Dodds, Ken Ethridge, Tom Evans, Norman Fineh, Dave Foster, Tom Goodman, Paul Hansen. Fourth Row: Bob Henry, Gene Horner, Bob Hovis, Tom Hughes, Spike Hupker, Tom Hurt, Joe Jachette, Jim Jen- nette, Larry Jones, Tommy Jorden. Fifth Row: lvlike Kennedy, Roy Kerr, Wally Lee, Fred Lehman, Carl Liggett, Jeff Linden, Howard Lip- man, John Long, Marvin Lubin. Tom Lusk. Sixth Row: Bruce MeBratney. Bill MeConkey, Mike McMa- hon, Ernie Mathis, John Miller, Mark Millis, Robert Moon, Buzz Moon, John Mowery, Dave Mullins. Seventh Row: George Natl, Pat U'Banno, Larry Partain, Leon Partain, Nick Paulos, John Perry, Jeff Peterson. Lee Peterson, Martin Read, Bob Rhea. Eighth Row: Paul Robinson, Charles Ross, Earl Sadler, Karl Sammons, Sam Senlelle, Dick Sehmus, Bill Shu- mate, Audie Sisk, Arnold Smith, Karl Smith. Ninth Row: Andy Stallings, Bill Sullivan, Perk Thornton, Mort Trew, J. C. Tucker, Roy Twiste, Bill Tyler, Charlie VValker, Cliff WValters, Dick Weiss, Tenth Row: Jerry White, John WVilkins, Jimmy Wilkinson, George Winegar, Jerre VVilson, Jim Wright, Not Pictured: Dennis Beal, Jerry Durham, Jim Falcon, Harold Hartlieb, Dick Lillie, John Nichols, Wilson Paiter, Dennis Simone, Tony Walton. PSR 161 4- r 4, 1 .QQ QQW Iv 94 9 s ix-Z QT Q' Y ' v Founded: City College of New York December 29, 1898 Local Chapter Founded: April 28, 1942 Colors: Light Blue, White, Gold Flower: None Address: 932 South 17th Street Lester Rosenbloom, Vice-Presidentg Danny Weiss, Historiang Rich- ard Caen, Treasurerg Mickey Salomon, Secretaryg Ira Fenton, President. ALPHA NU CHAPTER Alpha Nu of Zeta Beta Tau is one of the 53 active chap- ters of one of the nation's top-ranking fraternities. On "the Hilli' Z B T lives up to its national ranking. The first chapter was founded at City College of New York on December 29, 1898. Later that year chapters were also formed at Columbia and New York Universities. Since its founding at the University of Tennessee in 1942, Zeta Beta Tau has been recognized as one of the most outstanding fraternities on campus. Through the years Alpha Nu has remained on the top in almost all facets of Greek life. Probably the most noted of all Z B T activities are its social functions. The parties at the house are known and frequented by nearly every Greek on campus. Officers for the 1962-1963 school year are: Ira Fenton, Presidentg Lester Rosenbloom, Vice-Presidentg Richard Caen, Treasurerg Micky Solomon, Secretaryg Danny Weiss, Historian. Pledge officers are: Steve Hershman, Presidentg Richard Golden, Vice-Presidentg Martin Greenberg, Secretary- Treasurer. Nahheeyayli's Choice 1 4 w w 267. First Row: Bernie Blen, Howard Bluhni, Rivhard Caen, Gilbert Cohen. Second Row: Ronnie Cooper, Danny Farber, Ira Fenton, Richard Colden. Third Row: Martin Greenberg, Steve Hersh- man, Harvey Inden, Richard Kaufman. Fourth Row: Ira Lichterman, Richard Mar- chard, Richard Reinhardt, Carl Reiter. Fifth Row: Lester Rosenbloom, John Roth- berg, Allan Schwartz, Mike Schwartz. Sixth Row: Ben Smith, Howard Spvvtur, Todd Stein, Lester Taubc. Seventh Row: Burton Weil, Danny Wlcis. Jer- ry WVinston. Not Pictured: Ralph Sandler. Founded: University of Missouri, April 5, 1905 Local Chapter Founded: November 7, 1959 Colors: White, Green, and Gold Flower: Sunburst Rose Address: 1733 West Clinch Avenue Jim Passmore, Secretary, Gene Withrow, Vice-President: Arnold Skelton, President, Rex Kimbro, Business Manager: William hic- Curry, Kitchen Steward. TENNESSEE CHAPTER FarmHouse is a national fraternity with twenty chapters located in state colleges and universities throughout the nation. Since the founding of Far1nHouse, our motto, "Builders of Men," has become well known in the frater- nity world. As our name implies, our membership is com- posed primarily of men in the field of Agriculture or related fields. Our fraternity is known as a scholarship giant on the HHill" and over the nation as well. This past year Farm- House, for the second straight year, won the lnterfratcrnity Council Scholarship trophy. Farn1House has several men serving on various university committees and honoraries. 'Cracking the whipii on Monday night is Arnold Skel- ton, with Gene Wiithrow next in line. Jim Passmore takes notes. and Bob Scott sends out letters as Rex Kimbro "rakes in the dough." Mom Moore does a Fine job of keep- ing the men Hin linel' on Saturday night. Dead Spirit 2.64 First Row: -Ioe Brock, James Burkhart, Al- bert Carr, Johnny Colebank. Gene Dugger. Second Row: Jerry Foster, Donald Garton, Larry Gillentine, James Her- bert, Charles Hill. Third Row: John Hodges, John Jordan, Rex Kimbro, Jim Kirk, Donald Kyle. Fourth Row: Iames Lieehty. YVilliani Love, VVilliam lNlCClellnnd, Wlilliani NIeCurry, James Pnssmore. Fifth Row: Bobby Peters, Alfred Ramsey. Bob Rollins, Robert Scott. Charles Self. Sixth Row: Don Shadow, Arnold Skelton. Robert Stewart, Hurry Strawn. Donald YVarmbrod. Seventh Row: Jim Whtson, Gene Withrow. N WA "x X X' F L Sgfg' ii X ? iq., -ill 'Qs-'Q A xi , 1 ISA Officers, seated left to right: Sue Holloway, Historiang Max Par- rish, President, Joyce Young, Recording Secretary. Standing: Mary Lee Washburn, Corresponding Secrctaryg Wayne Faussone, Treas- urer, George DeGre11a, Vice-President. Not pictured: Ann Mc- Guire, Vice-President. The first independent organization on the U-T campus was formed in 1939 and has developed through the years into the present Independent Students Association, an affiliate of the National Independent Students Associa- tion. The founders felt that the large number of students not affiliated with a Greek-letter organization needed an organization which would serve as a channel through which they could participate more freely in campus activities and the selection of campus leaders. ISA continues to represent the independent student in all phases of campus life and provides opportunities for the participation of each individual in the varied activities and projects of the organization itself. Each quarter brings a number of social activities, such as the annual Street Dance, Winter and Spring Retreats, Tea Rose Ball, and numerous other activities throughout the year. Outstanding service in the organization is recognized by the presentation of Mr. and Miss ISA of the Year at the spring formal. ISA also sponsors the publication of the quarterly news- paper, the Voice of the Independent. Members participate freely in Intramurals, Garnicus, All-Sing, Homecoming, and Student Government. ISA is led by Max Parrish, President, George DeGrella and Ann McGuire, vice-presidents, Joyce Young, Record- ing Secretary, Mary Lee Washburn, Corresponding Sec- retary, Wayne Faussone, Treasurer, and Sue Holloway, Historian. Is this oflice work? 166 fl i' 1 I DEPE DE T STUDE ASSCCIATIO ISA assembles for Christmas Party ISA Meeting House 168 First Row: Ingrid Barker, Kathy Billrey, Elizabeth Borneman, Oneta Brooke, Judy Cardwell, Steve Cates. Second Row: James Carl Clark, Elaine Crowder, Ed Dalton, DeAnna Sue Doty, Zenita Dutton, Nancy Easley. Third Row: David Eason, Wayne Faussone, Nancy Fugate, Jose Gomez, Sue Holloway, Keron Kellog. Fourth Row: Ann Laycock, Byuong-Nyum Lee, Becky Litz, Sandra Lynn, Tarry McClanahan, Ann McGuire. Fifth Row: Patricia Mooreneld, Nancy Orr, Susan Parker, Faye Parsons, Scott Pilkington, Eugenia Lee Robinson. Sixth Row: Joe Reeves, Finley Reed, Betty Stephens, Sandra Vaughn, Mary Lee Washburn, Dennis Womack, Joyce Young. HR Xfffa agus 1913 'Q EOE ml, 9-Q1 14' 'Nw ,an i 3 9 1 'W ' an ,1- 'Y 9 , A Cf" hww, W 'QF' 2 1 wi if -eb, as A W mr ii M ? fn: im 2. wg 431 SERVICE . .-.....v.... .. . . ...QF w.,..,,q..,. .. .i 'Q . N , fy.. -wa .V Q .. W., ,,...,, T., ....,..,..,..,...,.4,, ,, M N... .W A ' ' J H . I W, Q . ' .x -.f- www.. .fa-1.--. ,YQ, -.15-..nn.....w...,.,w. ,- :Q Q U K A I M '. ..f-.--.ww-Qs.-w..-f.. W..-.,'-1. ww .M ...W y.-q1mw...46uquf,w..-..w,,,,.,M.... ' iw- W. ., . M.-. ........ .S . Q ff.. , ,.4.., .. .W ,....... . ' - f 7 V W M-W K- M-...Nw ww--.ww-. .w..-.- 2- ws?-wwwiwmy 5.-Q. . -ww 1 5 w 1. . .W A 'Q Q H Ml ...N .. .,.....,.,. ,,,... ,N ,...m. ,.,.,..., WW., ......-.- ...W fm Y v N' I . i ,W ,M ... - - T N . .-bf X-5. Y v vi- L N . . 'QT' . .. ,...-.....w..y. M... ,.+.w.,.... ..-W ...wi A ,"' . . . Y ,,, ,,.. 2 . W. 4... . ,,..,.w.5iw...,,,. ..,, W ,. ,...,..,.....,..1,...'. w..,..,.w.-ww .......... ,gf M ., .M , . . .fm . .. . ...W N wg... ww s- 1. g'-G'ww..-v.- -pw ,. -2--ff-ww .41agf,v-Qq-1-+w:-?-1.-+-z-m.- ra-Q ' 1.2 4... , , .1 ' W ,........ W. ,. MW... .W..,.g.,,.,,,,., ,w,W....,.,..... . 3 i , fy W f M N" . f, E . .. .N ...Q f. f. ,W fi, V., W.. .N .5.,..,g,-4.,....,.b-:...f....,.-..,,..f+ 4 vw 'f N 1 , N K ' "-"' - , . J '. Z.. . ' ' ,W 2 ,. Q' . .. MM 'Mew W .. wwwn. QWM-'dgwhg-wwfgsxycmvww-1'uN+'MfwEQWQWNQI'-1"4aMiGMt-1ln'hW1 'TEE . N 4 , .,g , .,,.-W.-...,.1.. .... . fi.-w.+..W..lW ff... V-M...-w .N -f in ,gi W5 f ' ' " .,..,.,,y,.,........M.,,-...V-.. ....Q..,-. wwf.,-.,.w,..Mww-wwww.W.4g f A M- - M f f, . . . ..,, -.v 1-4 -'.,...... .,,.,.,.,,-, .1 A- .p-fw-arf-...W .am-.Q-1, -ww-awe-11. -wmv.: ww, . 35" ' ""'..f' . W - . A " 'Mg ,. . . . . w .,,.....g..1. Ku., -. -.,-f1...w...-se..-.-,w..,e:.. V.. awww-:vw mv-f were w w T' L. K ,M , ,, , 'JM' . 'Y' ' ...,.,.- . , ,. ,..,-f..W. T .. -, qwqwfvw ....,.,..ww-nf.:--Aww.-wwgabpgogf ' . .. Nw my My ,Ml , . .. ...Q 4 V.. QW. ..... W.. ,.,.. +. .. ..,.. M' MW. A?" I2 III Ill ll! ' .M W. EI f - . M., ...M .I . ..,.. -...V W. "V, QTQW. . f LAD -. -Lg , M- .M ' ' .Q 'iw ,. "' ,W .Q - ... 4. ff YL-. .M JW ww y. W. -- ., , .. .0 . , ,W ...vp W. -fy. V- ... .Q . . 4. . .. Q... 4 ' QM . . ,,. .. . . .,.,,,. I, .f , my . . . M... 'wr ...Q .. . M. .- K. ,. M . nw- -A Y .mf -. f 1.,.k-ff-f - . . N .. M.. W... .M .. ...fn ,.,. .W . . W. .M W ., h KW KM... ,. 0 W I U ,. . M. ...W-.N 1 ,M M iv .,, .... , -... . -f .. ,. , .. 0 wg-ff K- Q ,. . .. M.. ..,... 1 Q . ,M .... un- .... "T, ,Ji-+7 KN -41-v in Q... .. .'x. w,.,A:..,. ,A W... H ,. N. ,... ...-- -- ,M ...Q 'f-' x ' N WMJMA q,.u,:,g..wf1-az... . ' Thx Wt,-. " ' W .... pw iw... . ,fig EEZ' 1 I ' adv" ' Ill Q .. W . , W .N ' . 1 "' F A-A .-3 ' ...M . . ,QW w... in 1... . W. k ...Q ..-.- H... 1... . . . W, .-.4 , ,, . .. . ... .K .. M. H. .. . . ..... f ,.,. .. , W.. . .....- -- .,.,. , .. , .. .... WW.. .. M. .. AW. .........- W .. W.. .,. .,.,.. ,...,..., Q. ., Q.. 4 All-"MW" f.-J' IQ - X". ,. ,. .M ,sw . ',.,, .Q 1. ..,."'f..Wj' , "T 1 .,.,.4..'.f.Z, ,. My ff Q... . -.. ,.. ,hi Y ft W. -. . -. 1, ,W ,. ,. W. . ...W , .... , , ,. -af.-4-fv..... ...- .M . . .. ., . . .M ...v .-qw 2... MMM 1. .. - -me .W ,.-.A -..4 .Q --.M .M ,. -. r . ww- .V K W, .. ,.?,.... ,. . .W .. M. V... K ' . .uw .1 ...Q . .M-. ., .W ' ' .-Q ., .M . V,-. g.,,., . .,. . .. MU... N.. . M, .. ,fm 4. N- wx wa . .. a . . . W.. . W... fn-gf.-1. . ",, ., .W , N.. ...,.... , ..,., ,W ...W ..,.,, ..... . W.. W., W.. q ' W.. .W . F. .wp-..,,. . .. ...L . Q... J. , ,. ...W . . ..,,.l..V K sxwk.. .- '- eww .., Y III .. .M 4. . X.. -.W Q.. ., Q . iii HI il SI - M... , ...,. . , 1... . ' J.. N, ..,... , 1 ...W , Aw.. .. ,. . . . .,...,. .. .. ......... v. . ,gr . .,... ............ . ...,.. ...., , .. . . . 'EEWQT E5 nu QM .. ...A 3 - j, fx-H . .km - W... m "' .. we , . ...Q N 4 M,,,,,g1I,..,,' ., ,gg,,"k..,.. il? .. AQ W me mx va -Q.-ffw M. .,.,. .. . ,. , ll Ill ll Ill . .... . . .. .. . . , . .,.. . V. . ,....x3.-. V .. Q.. .im ...WV . . 1 - -f 'W -' Nfff, W. ,.:p..,.:- . , . . ., .:'..:?:.Q' . F ...'ie..-wr .4 v , . - fl-JN-Ty 3'T.TTi... ' -.ff - . W.. , , 5.29 f .F . My Ms.-...px--L.. L ' '..?i-wi". 'W' A . ' . .. A-5- ff uns- Hmm .. 'A , ..,......., ,..,..... , . k. . .WJ - .W M.. ' W' i 1 - -. E . ,,,,- - ,. 9 ...Q . E. K' gag' ,ggi . .,,.. .335 A J ii. - .1 A '- f lass: A w - W.. .. , f ,Q F ' . Ill 'af . 'M' Ill ' g s L' rf f.f Q i Q ' ' wif -5 Q I . . ' av 4 A Ai I .. 1 , I f 4' ,, ' 4 i f - .,,. AAQHFZ.-iq...-,..,..5f.... 1, ,.4.... 4 .1 -W- .543 i ii M, ,, ,. M. .4-. , W... .W wx M. ., ... ww. Aff...4..-v .,,..... A . ifim .653 .M +"'i 4 ,:,,. 5: ff ,3 .. . ,K f Lx ,. ae L i-K ..- -. .i .S 'S 3 5 ui M ...H m f-mi' Q Q. mf Q 1 - Q., Q2 - . ....ww..:.i 5 -,.Q.11M., - f-1"1'-N K ,3,. . f lgglmfusn. fi. W -il V MILITARY The Cadet Brigade's Distinguished Military Stu- dents: First Row, Left to Right: W. H. Painter, J. J. Justice, J. L. Passmore. Second Row: J. C. Pierson, T. J. Keller, R. L. Colvin, D. T. Chunn, C. G. Baker. Third Row: S. J. Furrow, W. B. Cowan, A. R. Buhl, J. M. Thompson, S. M. Butler. Cadets designated Distinguished Military Students by the Professor of Military Science must possess outstanding qualities of leadership and high moral character. They must have exhibited definite aptitudes and interest for the mili- tary service. In addition, a military science advanced course standing in the upper third of the class and an over-all academic standing in the upper half of their university or college class are mandatory requirements. Finally, they must have demonstrated initiative and leadership capacities Air Force Distinguished Mili- tary Students: Left to Right: Ronald G. Marlar, Dee M. Lineberger, Jr., John A. Johns, James W, Mayo. through their participation and achievements in campus and civic activities. One of the highest honors that can be earned by an AFROTC Student is that embodied in his being named a "Distinguished Air Force Cadetf, To be eligible for this designation the individual must have attained an academic standing in the upper one-half of his graduating class on the Hill and the upper one-third of his Air Science class. Additionally, he must have finished in the upper one-half of his summer training class. DISTINGUISHED MILITARY STUDENTS COLONEL EDWARD P. THOMPSON Professor of Military Science Army ROTC ARMY R. O. T. C. The Army Reserve Ofiicers Traning Corps has a proud history and noble tradition at this University. Military training was first established on the campus in 1844. The Army has been represented continuously since that time in University history and in all important activities. For 119 years, graduates who received training in the Military De- partment have represented the University well throughout the nation's military history. Military graduates of the University have a proud com- bat record, having participated in seven wars. More than 3.000 ROTC graduates from the University served as Army oiiicers during World War II. The Army ROTC Corps of Cadets is organized as a brigade with cadet officers completely in charge. Numerous important military activities occur during the school year such as the Veterans and Armed Forces Day Parades, the Annual Formal Inspection by the Department of the Army, and other parades and reviews. The high point of the year's social activities is the Annual Military Ball. Left to Right: First Row: Major Sliger, Lt. Col. Taber, Col. Thomp- son, Lt. Col. Anderton, Mayor Combs. Second Row: Capt. Wright, Capt. Daniel, Sgt. Major Schweikhart, Capt. Jones, Capt. Under- wood. Third Row: Staff Sgt. Napier, Sgt. First Class McPhail, Sgt. First Class Green, Sgt. First Class Jackson, Sgt. First Class Mercier. Fourth Row: Sgt. First Class Isbell, Master Sgt. Moody, Staff Sgt. Bowman, Sgt. First Class Berg. -T2 QE 21.52 xxsliiiiiiififf? ' The Brigade Passes in Review During the Veterans Day Parade Miss Scabbard and Blade Presentation at Neyland Stadium-Col. John F. Reed, Professor of Military Science at Wake Forest! presents the award of Miss Scabbard and Blade of 1962-63 to Miss Becky Rickman, Cadet Brigade Sponsor. Accompanying Miss Rickman 15 Cadet Col. Sam J. Furrow, Cadet Brigade Commander. 4 w 2 75 Rugged Rangers The 1962-63 Military Honor Committee-From Left to Right: Cadet Lawrence McMahon, Cadet Robert Craft, Cadet Marion Francis, Maj. S. R. Combs, Cadre Advisor: Cadet Chairman An- thony Buhl, Cadet Wilson Painter, Cadet Calvin McMahan, Cadet George Webber, Cadet Thomas Dean. ,ai 7. THE IDO SOCIETY The Guidon Society is composed of the sponsors repre- senting each of the Army ROTC Units. Sponsors are se- lected for their unit by the Unit Commanders and are se- lected to serve throughout the school year. The sponsors are introduced to the members of the Advanced Course at the annual Sponsors' Tea, held in the Student Center, and at the Annual Military Ball. The Guidon Society is presented to the student body and all Tennessee supporters each fall during the Annual Army ROTC Sponsors' Day which is on a Saturday of a Tennessee home football game. This past year Sponsors' Day was the Wake Forest game. One of the members of the Guidon Society is chosen as the Sweetheart of Scabbard and Blade. The selection is announced and the new sweetheart is recog- nized as a climax to the Sponsors' Day ceremonies. To serve as a sponsor, a girl selected must be classified as a sophomore or higher, have at least a 2.0 academic average and be approved by the Dean of VVomen. First Row: Miss Becky Rickman, Brigade Sponsor, Miss Charlotte Richardson, Sponsor for Volunteer Guard: Miss Betsy Farrar, Sponsor for Drum and Bugle Corps. Second Row: Miss Vicki Vorder-Brueggc, Sponsor lst Battalion, Miss Francis German, Sponsor 2nd Battaliong Miss Sally Plunkett, Sponsor 3rd Battalion. Third Row: Miss Becky Hartman, Company A Sponsorg Miss Patricia Craig, Company B Sponsor: Miss Emily Kennedy, Company C Sponsor. Fourth Row: Miss Joyce Bryant, Company D Sponsor, Miss Mary Scott Davis, Company E Sponsorg Miss Donna McNab, Company F Sponsor. Fifth Row: Miss SuAnn Preston, Company Cv Sponsor, Miss Ann Burgess, Com- pany H Sponsorg Miss Rita Mott, Company I Sponsor. MISS BECKY RICKMAN S. J. FURROW Mlss Scabbard and Blade President of Scabbard and Blade Scabhard and Blade is a National Military Honorary Society. It was founded in 1904 and established on the University of Tennessee campus in 1923. This society is open only to Advanced Army ROTC Cadets who have shown themselves to be outstanding in both military and other work. The purposes of Scahbard and Blade are to encourage participation in upper-division military studies, and to raise the standards of military education in the in- stitutions of higher learning. The University of 'Tennessee is very fortunate to have one of the nation's finest chapters of Scahhard and Blade, which is only in keeping with the line tradition of Army ROTC at this University. For two years in succession they have won the national award for the best articles in L'The Seah- bard and Blade journal." SCABBARD AND BLADE First Row: S. J. Furrow, Miss Becky Rickman, Miss Scabbard and Blade. Second Row: Cadre Advisor Capt. E. H, Wright, D. T. Chunn, W. R. Booth, J. M. Thompson. Third Row: A. E. Headlee, R. E. Shelton, W. H. Painter, P. L. Kenny, G. F. Wallace, L. Passmore. Fourth Row: J. Justice, W. B. Cowan, C. G. Baker, S. M. Butler, J. V. Hamby, D. L. McLain, Fifth Row: AI. YV. Branch, R. S. Stair, A. R. Buhl, R. G. Kerr, R. L. Colvin, J. C. Pierson, N. L. Pierson. W -ff' i , tr' A A. I . 'A I W' ew K .fr 'jp fi -ww if H Commander Ben E. Bumgarner, Sponsor Betsy Farrar, McLaughlin, Bird, Bowen, Bryan, Catlett, Crt-go, Durham, Hornsby, Humphreys, Mynatt, Parry, Petocz, Porter, Rudisill, Scott, Stanley, Kiplinger, Adams, Batchlor, Bomar, Craddock, Douglass, Eng- , land, Hester, jones, Keaton, Kennedy, John, Latham, Love, McCampbell, Mitchell, I Myers, Northcutt, Pontrelli, Reed, Rhea, Ridley, Napier, Ogdin, Thomas, Wylie, Membership in The University of Tennessee ROTC Rifie Team is open to all cadets enrolled in Army ROTC. Matches are scheduled by Department of the Army and are limited to ROTC Cadets. Membership in the Varsity Rifle Team is open to all students. Hence, the Varsity Team is composed not only of Army and Air Science Cadets, but other students as well. Both of the above teams or combinations thereof par- ticipate in intercollegiate riHe matches with other institu- tions in the Southeastern United States. R. O. T. C. AND ARSITY RIFLE TEAM 278 R.O.T.C. AND VARSITY RIFLE TEAM- First Row, Left to Right: R. Loy, J. Jett, A. Schwarzbart, C. Irwin, J. Shellabarger, Sec- ond Row: B. Cox, W. Felknor, SSGY Bow- man, Coach: P. Schneider, R. Scheib. There is nothing quite as alluring in musical expression and action as the modern drum and bugle corps. The drum and bugle corps furnishes an impressive rhythm on the drill field and in parades, which is an aid to marching and enter- taining to the onlooker. Music is composed of two prime elements-melody and rhythm. In the corps the drums are the principle instrument of rhythm and the bugle supplies the melody. DRUM A D BUGLE CORPS S.. . The student chapter of the Society of American Military Engineers was started at the University of Tennessee in the interest of National Defense by furthering students' interests in Military Engineering. The objectives of the Society are to advance the knowl- edge of the science of military engineering, promote effi- ciency in the military engineer service of the United Statesg preserve the memory of services rendered by the engineer profession throughout the wars in which the United States has been engaged. Membership is not limited to ROTC cadets, but is open to all students interested in the objectives of the society. VOLU TEER GUARD The Brigade's Corps d'Elitc, the Volunteer Guard, spe- cialixes in precision drill, participates in drill meets and serves as the Brigade's Honor Guard at ceremonies. Commencing this fall on a trial basis the Guard offered a Ranger Counter-guerrilla training program to cadets of the Brigade maintaining a 2.0 academic average, With emphasis on doing, the Rangers received mountaineering, combat swimming, karate, survival, and field-training in- struction. The Ranger Course has been a valuable asset to the Military Program and by its inauguration the University joins only ten schools in the nation offering it. First Row. Left to Right: Air Cadet Austin, A. E. Buhl, Cadre Advisor Lt. Col. E. C. Anderton, P. L. Kenny, Air Cadet Forbes. Second Row: W. S. Trim- ble, K. H. Jones, A. F. Jolly, T. R. Gallardo, K. A. Bouldin. Third Row: B. E. Bumgarner. S. R. Forshay, C, G. Kersteins, G. W. MCGlaughlin, B. Jones, B. T. Spenser. Volunteer Guard A. F. R. O. T. C. When, in 1947, the Air Force became a separate service, the AFROTC unit was established here. It has since become an integral and outstanding part of campus life. The pur- pose of the AFROTC Program is to prepare selected candi- dates to become active-duty Air Force Officers. This prepa- ration is accomplished in the classroom through the study of weapons, weapon-delivery systems, military and aviation history, leadership, political geography, international rela- tions, and 'l'hursday afternoon periods on upper Hudson. Since its establishment here, the AFROTC Unit has gradu- ated oflicers who have represented this University well in scores of Air Force endeavors. Left to Right, Seated: Captain Elvin O. Wyatt, Major Delbert O. Like. Lt. Col. Roy M. Chapman, jr., Col. William M. Turner, Major David L. Alley, Captain john R. Ash. Standing: S!Sgt. Roland Williquer, MfSgt. George A. Ridgway, TfSgt. John VV. Hall. SfSgt. Charles M. Kilpatrick. Tfsgt. Robert L. Johnson. Wing Staff Winter Quarter 1963--Left to Right, First Row: Ronald G. Marlar, In- spection, Dee M. Lineberger, Jr., Commanderq John V. Matlock, Administrationg Vert- ner H. Harben, Personnel. Second Row: Robert O. John- son, Deputyg William H. Phil- lips, Supplyg Thomas N. Aus- tin, Jr., Informationg Harry G. Forbes, Operations. Wing StaH' Fall Quarter 1962 -Left to Right, First Row: John M. Johns, Operationsg Dee M. Lineberger, Inspec- tiong Ronald G. Marlar, Com- manderg Robert O. Johnson, Personnelg Paul W. Lauder- baek, Administration. Second Row: James R. Waycaster, Supply, Gary A. Glandon, In- formation. RONALD G. MARLAR DEE M. LINEBERGER, JR. Wing Commander, Fall Quarter 1962 Wing Commander, Winter Quarter 1963 181 YE. , k ? . ? The purpose of the Air Force Sponsor Corps, composed of twelve honorary cadet oflicers, is to enhance the spirit and morale of the Cadet Corps. Selection is made by the senior officers and is based upon beauty, personality, and academic achievement. Participation in Cadet functions, ofhcial and social, is required of the sponsors. The sponsors were presented at the Chattanooga game. In March, at the AFROTC Ball, the high point of AFROTC social activity, the queen was elected by vote of the entire Corps of Cadets. First Row: Miss Susan Thompson, Wing Sponsor, Miss Carolyn Henry, Group Sponsor, Miss Janelle Campbell, Group Sponsor, Miss Janice May- nard, Group Sponsor. Second Row: Miss Judy Miniat, Drill Team Sponsor, Miss Cynthia Butler, Drum 8: Bugle Corps, Miss Judy Henry, Squadron Sponsor, Miss Paula Ide, Squadron Sponsor. Third Row: Miss Mary Winn, Squadron Sponsor, Miss Bonny Lee Howell, Squadron Sponsor, Miss Susan Evans, Squadron Sponsor, Miss Linda Wilbanks, Squadron Sponsor. AIR FORCE SPONSORS DRILL TEAM An integral part of the 800th AFROTC Wing, the Drill Team exists for the purpose of demonstrating the proli- ciency level to which a marching unit can rise with concen- trated practice. This forty member unit is a "show piece" of the AFROTC Cadet Corps. Any member of the Wing who demonstrates an interest in and ability for performing with this unit is eligible for membership. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS In order to provide musical support to the Cadet Wing, the Drum and Bugle Corps was formed. This unit, with special equipment and training, has become an outstanding contributor to the increased stature of the AFROTC Cadet Corps. Its forty members come both from basic and ad- vanced classes. At all functions in which the wing partici- pates as a unit, the Drum and Bugle Corps adds the military cadence and sharpness which distinguish it. The AFROTC Drill Team The AFROTC Drum and Bugle Corps l w A I Nm ii '23 5 if fs. .... ...I f - tity 11-o f fy, W' L7 I' 1 it I D' , Q 7 ".. 'Vi M f t - 3 W! Kp' Fd z wma, ,,-,' 5 ,gf ., gl i' ' ' A i I ' A I W Vg . , , j VVI- A if - A my 1 I ,wt f ii " x dl it , , - , Lyy, c,,' - 3 f-if wt iiiw ,ff ,L,Tif':Tigfj1 itl ' ,, ?"i'f'f-:wig i-',, Af " Y f f H T 'tstc I I + Q li AR GLD AIR SOCIETY The Arnold Air Society is a national Air Force ROTC honorary organiza- tion. To be eligible for membership, a cadet must have a 2.00 over-all aver- age, a 3.00 average in Air Science, and must possess superior leadership qual- ities. The purpose of the Society is to further the mission, traditions, and concept of the United States Air Force as a means of national defense. In order to accomplish its mission, the Arnold Air Society sponsors projects to increase the esprit de corps ofthe Cadet Wing, one of which is the annual Air Force Ball. HARRY G. FORBS President First Row: John v. Matlock Q. Q Dee M. Lineberger, Jr. ii Paul Katsuki Gary A. Glandon Thompas N. Austin, Jr. Second Row: 'M up 'YW fig? Bruce D. Cole 5.,,Q7 gf 'MTX W . K' Jack O. Foley 'M David W. Hixon William D. jenkins Robert O. Johnson Third Row: Paul W. Lauderback Ronald G. Marlar John B. Morgan William H. Wilson Nicholas E. Zurcher Fourth Row: Owen S. Haddock James W. Mayo Willard G. Hackett 7.84 Squadron 3 passes in review during parade following presentation of awards. For outstanding performances academically or in areas of leadership, and for over-all contribution to the AFROTC Program, the top members of each class are recognized olhcially and publicly during the Awards Day ceremonies. This is the climax of the year's military activities. Local and out-of-state dignataries, military and civilian, attend the ceremony and present the awards. Awards presented to AFROTC cadets during Awards Day cere- monies. 'L AWARDS DAY Air Force Lt. General Bruce K. Holloway, Col. William M. Turner Saluting the colors prior to inspection of the Honor Guard. 'Wav XR ,.,-gig fw. iv f x., I N 2,1 f E, ,Q I , V A J frjzw v Q L xi H ' 1 ' . gy ir""""w ,fy - r- - + 'W' , y, IJ! f"Q URGANIZATIONS A C E BOARD The Association of Collegiate Engineers Board promotes the betterment of the Engineering College by coordinating activities of its various departments, The Board is composed of the president and three delegates each from AIChE, AIEE, AIIE, ASCE, ASME, ASM, ANS, and one delegate each from IRE, SAME, Alpha Chi Sigma, Alpha Pi Mu, Chi Epsilon, Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, and the Tennessee Engineer Magazine. Joint engineering projects are sponsored through ACE Board, such as Engineers' Day, the Engineers' Ball, and the Tennessee Engineer Magazine. Officers are: Jim Hiegel, President, Howard Chansbus, Vice-President, Nancy Clift, Secretary, and Arthur Grady, Treasurer. MEMBERS Left to Right, First Row: S. Pilkington, J. Raulston, N. Clift, H. Chambers, J. Hiegel, A. Grady, H. Morton. Second Row: C. Kerstiens, J. Shefsky, D. Munsey, R. Cockrill, K. Campbell, H. Marcon, R. Davis, C. Edwards, R. Brooks, L. Robertson. Third Row: L. Perry, S. Radlein, H. Phillips, B. Sills, Printer, J, Hawk. G. Burt, G. Adcock. Not Pictured: R. Baxter, J, Irby, J. Oliphant, R. Smith. 7.87 ADAWAYHI Adawayhi, was established in order to promote school spirit and pep on "The Hill." Last year Adawayhi sponsored the Hrst annual Spring Sports Week. Beginning fall quarter, the club sponsored a complete revamping of the card-tricks section seen at home football games, sponsored pep rallies, and displayed posters around campus. During winter quarter the club promoted spirit by building the huge orange T for the basketball games. Probably the single thing most responsible for the tre- mendous surge in school spirit this year was the two giant Adawayhi "Spirit of the Hill" trophies presented at the half time of the Kentucky basketball game. Officers for the 1963 season are: Bill Montgomery, President, Gary Meyer, Vice- President, Jean Schiffman, Secretary, Bill Eubank, Treasurer. I, ......., MEMBERS Sarah Bible, Buzz Binkley, Mary Ann Bowyer, Dick Beaver, Pat Blurton, Carol Carr, Bill Cowan, John Chandler, Linda Davis, Linda Dickerson, Cary Dowdy, Kathy Decker, Bill Eubank, Shirley Fox, Ira Fenton, Joan Glass, Julie Henegar, Susan Hillis, Francis Holt, Jim Kline, Tommy Leake, Linda May, Gary Myer, Bill Montgomery, Bill Marks, Marilyn Morgan, Sue Novotony, Pat Patterson, Mary Parsons, Mike Powers, Jean Poff, Donna Rains, Bette Stubbs, Terry Smith, Jean Schiffman, Lloyd Stanley, Janet Stanford, Wallene Threadgill, Lollie Taylor, Dola Faye Terry, Ray Thatch, Linda Wilbanks, Jere Wade, Bill Wade, Sandra Duncan, Jim Bankston, Chuck Dyche, Charlie Baker, Larry McMahan, Peter Von Elton, Judy Bartley, Jackie Barrett, Sue Ellen Brenner, Dean Barger, Durry Bagwell, Bill Kelly, Ken Babb, Fred Collins, Linda Clark, Don Hendrickson, Becky Litz, Suzanne Mock, Susan Norman, Phil Phelps, Sally Plunkett, Dan Rhea, Nollie Sharp, Carol Sanduson, Elizabeth Shafer, Donna Dukes, Lyn Preston, Bruce Conley, Anne Caldwell, Lyn Carden, Fay Baugh, Lynn Cecil, Shelia Connally, Pat Conner, Bruce Corbin, Gaye Evans, Jim Jones, Linda Laws, Carol Zwick, Don Kyle, Bill Love. 7.88 Adawayhi officers show off the true "spirit", Riding high! Mass confusion, but who is watching the ballgame? "C.B.S." T.V .E. B. C. MEMBERS Left to Ri ht First Row: Dr. C g , - Fuller, M. Hill, D. Bryan, R. Kimbro, D. Kyle, K. Robertson, R. Picrle. Second Row: B. Givan. G. Davidson, T. Little, T. Souan, D. Pearson, J Kirk. Third Row: Mr. Howard Lums den, Dr. J. Whatley, P. R. Che-tty G. Duggcr, A. Skelton. A. S. A. E. Left to Right, First Row: J. Wheeler, J. Branch, W. Jacobi. Second Row: W. Osborne, L. Hasty, J. Bickford. Third Row: D. Stewart, L. Caughron, G. Babb. Fourth Row: L. K. Sinha, E. Lunn, J. Short. Fifth Row: J. McDow, Z. Henry. The University of Tennessee Ag Econ 81 Agri-Business Club is a student section of the American Farm Economics Association. The club is open to all students who are enrolled in the departments of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business and to others who are interested in these fields. The purpose of the club is to acquaint the students with the opportunities in the Held of agricultural economics and agricultural business and to provide fellowship among these students. Oflicers for the 1953 year are: Arnold Skelton, president, Don Kyle, vice- president, Rex Kimbro, secretary, Vernon Bounds, treasurer, and Dr. Cecil Fuller, advisor. The American Society of Agricultural Engineers is a student branch of the national A.S.A.E. The objectives of this organization are the advancement of Agricultural Engineering in theory and practice, and the creation of professional spirit among its members. Bi-monthly meetings provide an opportunity for the student members to meet with engineers who are well established in the field of Agricultural Engineering. Officers for the fall quarter of 1962 were: William Osborne, president, Jerry Wheeler, vice-president: Wfilliam Jacobi, secretary, John Branch, treasurer, Larry Hasty, scribe, and Dr. Z. A. Henry, advisor. Officers for the winter quarter of 1963 are: Jerry Wlheeler, president, Paul Lee, vice-president, John Keller, secretary, John Branch, treasurer, Luther Caughron, scribe, Dr. Z. A. Henry. ALPHA CHI SIGMA Alpha Llni Sigma, organized at the University of Vliseonsin in 1902, is a pro- fessional fraternity for those individuals who plan to make chemistry or chemical engineering their life profession. The three objects of the fraternity are: 1. To bind its members with a tie of true and lasting friendship. 2. To strive for the advancement of chemistry both as a science and as a pro- fession. 3. To aid its members by every honorable means in the attainment of their am- bitions as chemists throughout their mortal lives. Alpha Phi chapter was founded at the University of Tennessee in 1929. The present officers are: Ronnie Burton, presidentg Kenneth Holbert, vice- presidentg VVayne Hunter, recorderg Amon Guinn. treasurer: Kenneth X'VllI1lOtl1, reporterg and Hillman Giles, alumni secretary. l MEMBERS Left to Right, First Row: D. W'allace, D. Smith, J. Mattern, F. Scaraborough, V. Young, H. Giles, E. Blakemore, J. Hull. Second Row: J. Busse. G. Frye, J. Haynes. M. Goza, DI. Weems, H. Guinn, R. W'hitder, G. Winegar. Third Row: R. Burton. E. Hunter, D. Davis. C. Bost, II. Hill. A. Durham, K. Holbert, Bales, G. Leigh. 7.91 ALPH BETA LPHA MEMBERS Left to Right, First Row: M. Lillard, A. Goddard, D. Johnson, H. Caldwell. Second Row: B. Woodford. B. Owens, P. Hunter, F. Osborne. Third Row: M. Him-s,'M. Plmch, D. Crow, P. Allen. Fourth Row: A. Howell, A. El- kins, N. Reed, L. Beardslee. Fifth Row: A. Nicholls, D. Ryan, E. Maudin. ALPHA PI MU MEMBERS Left to Right, First Row: H. Denton D. Munsey, S. Pilkington, D. Hawk Second Row: T. Budnick, F. D. Cham- bers, R. Kerr, J. McKain. Third Row B. Roden, G. Bailey, D. Xiques, B. Carico, C. Mills. 297. l Alpha Beta Alpha is a national honorary fraternity in library service which was nationally founded May 3, 1950. The Omega chapter at the University of Tennessee was established on November 17, 1950. In order to be eligible for membership, one must be interested in library service as a career. The purpose of Alpha Beta Alpha is to further the professional knowledge of its members, to promote fellowship, and to serve as a recruiting agency for librarians. The motto of the fraternity is Hbooks, people, service, lifef, Officers for the 1962-63 year are: Diane Johnson, president, Harriet Calswell, vice- president, Martha Lillard, recording secretary, Anne Goddard, corresponding secre- tary, Joyce Zachary, treasurerg Dorthy Ryan, sponsorg Eugenia Mauldin, sponsor. Alpha Pi Mu, a national honor society for Industrial Engineers, was founded at Georgia Tech on January 25, 1949. Tennessee chapter was chartered on April 3, 1954. To be a member, a student must rank in the upper fifth of the junior class or in the upper third of the senior class. The minimum grade-point average for initiation into Alpha Pi Mu is a 2.5. Officers for the 1963 year are: Richard Hawk, president, Banks Roden, vice- president, Bill Reid, treasurer, Tom Budniak, recording secretary, Roy Kerr, cor- responding secretary, and R. M. LaForge, advisor, The University of Tennessee college chapter is a section of the American Home Economics Association which provides for professional development of College Home Economics students. The chapter was started on the UT campus in 1926, and has served in acquainting the student with opportunities in home economics, and in providing fellowship among the students. Monthly programs are educational and professional in nature and provide an opportunity for students and faculty to become better acquainted. Officers for the 1963 year are: Linda Eason, president, Linda Bettis, hrst vice- president, Linda Capps, second vice-presidentg Ann Harrison, treasurer: Virginia Lowe, corresponding secretary, and Pat Sivert, recording secretary. Membership is open to all Industrial Engineering students in good standing in the university A.I.I.E. has been especially active this year, providing widely varied programs which have proven both entertaining and educational. The chapter has also become closely linked with this area's graduate chapter, with national head- quarters, and with A.I.I.E. chapters in other southeastern schools, Meetings are held biweekly. Officers for the 1962-63 year are: Bill Sills, presidentg Tom NVest, vice-president: Claudetta Moon, recording secretary, Jim Carstens, corresponding secretary, Tom Budniak, treasurer, Scott Pilkington, membership chairman, Dick Munsey and George Adcock, ACE Board representatives, and Dick Hawk, Tennessee Engineer representatlve. 7. AMERICAN HOME E. C. ASSUCIATIO MEMBERS Left to Right, Seated: A. Harrison, L. Capps, L. Eason, L. Bettis, V. Lowe, P. Sivert. First Row: K. Roberts, G. W'oods. C. Thames, F. German, C. Dixon, E. Crowder. Lowe. lXiul- drew, M. Morrow. Second Row: B. Owen, ll. Fugat, F. Brasko. M, Greer, S. Dawes, A. O'Connor. A. I. E. E. MEMBERS Left to Right, First Row: S. Pilking toll, 'lf Budniak, C. Ci. Moon, 'If West B. Sills. Carstcns, D. Munsey Second Row: J. White, D. Owens, B Caricao, E. Woods, E, Ilousley, F Chambers, M. Arnett, R. Stott, P. Del fino. Third Row: Cl. Bailey, VI. Mc Kain, G, Mills, Cl. Adcock, AI. Ander son, T. Gallardo, ll. Denton, B. Roden 93 A. I. CH. E. The purpose of the student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical En- gineers is to advance Chemical Engineering in theory and practice, and the creation of a true professional spirit among its members. Each year the local chapter sends delegates to the Southeastern Regional Conference of the A.I.Ch.E., holds a semi- annual Spaghetti Supper, Engineers' Day exhibits, field trips, and speakers on tech- xical subjects. Officers for the 1963 year are: Hal Phillips, president: Ronnie Burton, vice- presidentg Bobby Harrell, treasurer: john Montgomery, secretary, Frank McCown, secretary, and Ann Adam, regional secretary. MEMBERS Left to Right, First Row: A. Guinn, A. Adams, K. Campbell, F. McCown. Second Row: S. Zaczpinski, E. Adams, M. Carmichael, B. Smith, H. Phillips, J. Taylor, L. Winegar, R. Burton, J. Prados. Third Row: D. Holladay, B. Harrell, Nelson, G. Frye, M. Goza, K. Given, K. Wilmoth, R. Brown, R. Whitver, D. K. Harmon. Fourth Row: M. Robinson, K. McGill, W. Hunter, K. Hathi, B. Head, D. Given, M. Stone, J. R. Hawk, F. Wynn. 7-94- The main objectives of the American Nuclear Society are the advancement of science and engineering relating to the atomic nucleus, and of allied sciences and arts, and the integration of the scientific disciplines constituting nuclear science and technology. Other purposes are: the encouragement of research, the establishment of scholarships, the dissemination of information, the holding of meetings devoted to scientific and technical papers, and cooperation with government agencies, educa- tional institutions and other organizations having similar purposes. The University of Tennessee student chapter of the American Society of Metals is in its fifth year on campus. The student chapter is an affiliate of the parent Oak Ridge chapter of the American Society for Metals. The goals of the UT chapter are to contribute to the development of Metallurgical Engineering at UT and to promote the professional development of its members by its relationship with A.S.M. and other technical societies. The ofificers for the 1963 year are: Jim Steve Radlein, president, Jim Wright, vice-president, John Plaskett, alternate treasurer, Ron Cochran, treasurer, and Nancy Clift, secretary. A ERICAN NUCLEAR SCCIETY MEMBERS Left to Right, First Row: 1. Raulston. L. Partain, R. Moore, N. Cramer, B. Rhyme, M. Green. Second Row: F. Iannuzzi, J. Black, M. Crowley. C. Thomas, Dr. P. Stephens, A. Buhl, L. Pierce, L. Allenn, J. Little. ERICAN SOCIETY EGR METAL MEMBERS Left to Right, First Row: C. Matthews, R. Cochran, N. Clift, R. Davis, R. Bridges. Second Row: N. Singleton, J. Plaskett, A. jolly, T. Smith, S. Rad- lein. S A. S. C. E. The primary purpose of UT,s Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers is to advance the profession of civil engineering in theory, practice, and spirit. The bi-weekly programs sponsored by the student group consist of topics on current aspects of civil engineering presented by prominent engineers. Membership is open to all students in civil engineering. The 1963 officers are: Larry Darncs, president, Bill Blackrnon, vice-president, James Smithey, recording secretary, Nora Roth, corresponding secretary, Tom Peak, treasurer, Harvey Marcon, and Jim Panter, ACE Board representatives, and Prof. Stuart R. Daniels, advisor. MEMBERS Left to Right, First Row: Dr. S. Daniels, P. Richardson, N. Roth, P. Peak, J. Widner. Second Row: J. Smitha, T. Montgomery, D. Kagcl, R. Evans, G. Blackmon. Third Row: A. Azawi, W. Grasfeder, L. Davis, J. McCormick, H. Marcon. Fourth Row: S. Harb, L. Darnes, J. Seay, J. Reagen, J. Panter. Fifth Row: R. Taylor, F. Free, W. Williams, L. Klepper, J. Walker. Sixth Row: R. McGowan, R. Warren, C. Darby. 2,96 A. S. M. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is the professional society for all mechanical engineering students. Active participation in A.S.M.E. aids the student in keeping abreast with current developments in the Held and at the same time provides important social and pro- fessional contacts for the future. The year's officers arc: R. L. Davis, presidentg Glen Burt, vice-president: jim Hiegel, secretaryg Joe Cofer, treasurer: Richard Brooks, ACE Board representativeg and Mr. R. D. Bonnell, faculty advisor. - af' .. -:.-.. . F - - .. if . we. .105 'E' 'fwfr tw 'J MEMBERS Left to Right, First Row: R. Davis, AI. Cofcr, Hiegel, R. Bonnell. Second Row: B. Sammons, D. Farroll, W. McNeese, R. Brooks. Third Row: -I. Grimes, R. Robertson, J. Herrington, M. Hale. Fourth Row: J. McDaniel, Jones. 7-97 .fx B. S.U Helping the student to discover and maintain the right relationship with God through Jesus Christ is the primary objective ol' the BSU. The BSU also seeks to guide students toward mature mental and spiritual relationships with the Church, the academic community, and the world. In an effort to attain its objectives, the BSU provides worship, study, fellowship, and service projects. Some of the regular activities of the BSU include Vespers on four nights a week, Noonday Luncheon and Discussion every XYednesday. Discussion Hour each Thurs- day evening, and Singspiration on special events. Several special events, including socials. retreats, conventions, panels. and sports. are designed to promote spiritual development. Q A - A A MEMBERS Left to Right, First Row: A. Wolfe, S. White, L. Whitaker, N. Finney, B. Henry, N. Farris, L. Ward, T. McDaniel, J. Sharp. Second Row: H. Beard, M. Byerler, B. Litz, D. Doty, G. Denny, P. Sutherland, F. Horn, T. White, R. Hohh, N. Conner, II. Marler, D. Brooks, M. Alexander, -I. Simmons, L. Eason, Ramsey. Third Row: R. Sandford, S. Cates, J. Smithey, W. Wall, C. Hawkins. B. VVebb, G. Sykes. L. Guest, G. Saalweachter, A. Gossett. J. Mowrcy. D. Eason. A. Henderson. Fourth Row: D. Daniels, M. Hall, J. Hudson, F. Reed, R. Grogg, -I. Brutlr-, II. Powell, L. Partain. 298 Alpha lambda chapter of Beta Alpha Psi was founded at the University of Ten- nessee in May, 1951. Beta Alpha Psi is a national honorary accounting fraternity. Its purpose is to encourage the ideal of service as the basis of the accounting profession: to promote the study of accounting and its high standards: to act as a medium between profes- sional men, instructors, and students: and to develop high moral. scholastic, and professional achievements in its members. One professional meeting is held each month throughout the school year, with an outstanding speaker from the field of accounting. Blue Triangle is a Friday luncheon club which enables students from different parts of the campus to eat together and know each other. The highlight of the meeting is a talk by a special guest from the faculty or around Knoxville. Originally a Christian woman's organization whose motto was Nbring your lunch, and join the bunchlf, the Blue Triangle of today has evolved into a modified, co- educational "Daytime Yf, Now sponsored by the University Christian Association, the club has continued the practice of meetings held as luncheons at the Student Center. Membership is open to approximately sixty boys and girls who are interested in such discussions. Betty Ann Lowe is serving as President for the 1963 year. BETA ALPHA PSI MEMBERS Left to Right, Seated: R. Garber. J. Klattlock. B. Klyers, Rohey. Stand- ing: W. Yohey, B, Van Voorhis, L. Bible. E. White, S. Cash. BL E TRI NGLE MEMBERS M. Greer, P. Rumery, L. Vi-ndall, L I.uttrell. K. NVever, L. Link. J. Lowe P. Webb. K. YVard. P. Sivert. QI. Crum bliss. S. Stark. Turner. L, Wieaver L. Long. M. Flowers. C. Sanderson. V Pope. II. Moore, S. Chandler, A Chandler. F. Ellis. M. Fowler. BI King. B. Lowe. S. Stroud. B. Young C. Dixon, L. Johnson. V. Lowe. E Stair. B. lrwin. S. Stark. M. Lewis, V Eason. S. White. A. Hanism. S. Nor- vell, M. Key, M. Hertsgaard. ll. John- son. S. Cole, G. Lovell. K. Clark, J McTeer, M. Rudd, E. Harris, L Dickinson. D. Wlallacc. L. Partain, L Bettis, L. Perry. B. Brown. A. Thur- mond. CHRISTIA STUDE TASSOCIATIO Striving to build Christian character, developing leadership in the Church and attempting to help others are some of the goals of the Christian Student Association. Students meet at the Christian Student Center at 928 South 17th Street. The center is directed by Mr. Jim Pounders, who is the Assistant Minister at Laural Avenue Church of Christ. At the top of the list of valuable experiences these students enjoy is the nightly devotional service. Several times during a quarter, the students plan student suppers on Sunday evenings before church services. Then, each quarter is climaxed by Re- treat Weekend, during which they go to the Smokies, and enjoy fellowship. Finally, a student banquet for their members completes the busy schedule. WM cat s MEMBERS Left to Right, First Row: C. Campbell, J. Pritchard, P. Hill, S. Parrish, M. Murphy, N. Bain, A. Dodd, J. Hite, S. Johnson, P. Richardson, S. White, K. Hutchison, S. Lynn. Second Row: J. Lentz, T. Durham, L. Hcikthe, F. Collier, P. King, D. Womack. C. Gunter. C. Wells. D. Shull, Bickford, D. Fish, L. White, R. Richardson, Jamison, G. Jamison, D. Weatherspoon. Third Row: R. Whitfield, R. Myatt, D. Dugger, W. Mullican, S. Brewer, L. Safiey, J. LiO1li?I', M. Mullican, B. Roberts, G. Stanley, T. Gilliam, D. Ragan, J. Weems."Fourth Row: J. Martin, S. Rivers, P. Taylor, M. Marrow, W. Fox, B. Safley, Pounders. 3oo CIRCLE K CL B Circle K, serving campus and community, is a club sponsored by the Kiwanis. Following the motto "We Build," the UT chapter presently holds the Kentucky- Tennessee District Circle K Achievement Award. The District Convention is being held this year in Knoxville. A few projects include Citizenship Program, Safety Campaign, Alumni Tours at Homecoming: the annual Rose Sale: assisting the Neyland Scholarship Fund: Hallo- ween Party for underprivileged children: printing basketball schedules, summer job Placement Program, and Key Club Visitation Program. Officers are: Richard Morris, pres., Don Hendrickson, adm. vice-pres.: Terry Smith, projects vice-pres., Lloyd Stanley, sec.: Gary Meyer, international trustee, Bill Eubank, Fred Humphreys, and Jim Farnham, directors, Dan Rhea, director and district treas., Jim Crossman, treas., and Elizabeth Shafer, sweetheart. MEMBERS D. Amonette, W. Bailey, D. Baker, D. Barger, B. Beech, E. Blakemore, S. Campbell, B. Conley, B. Cowan, L. Cunningham, B. Daniel, J. Davis, B. Earnest, K. Ethridge, T. Fields, A. Flemming A. Garverick, J. Giffen, T. Haga, J. Hicks, B. Hord, R. Hutchinson, A. Irby, B. Kelly, R, Kerr, W. Lee, E. Lynn, McAfee, M. McClellan, B. McPherson, B. Marks, H. Miller, F. Moore, E. Palmer, D. Puryear, Overton, D. Owens, K. Owens, L. Partain, R. Riley, B. Roden, B. Scott, C. Thompson, J. Threadgill, D. Townsend, J. Wanek, F. Watkins, L. Whaley, D. White, G. Williams, H. Worthington. 301 COLLEGIATE 4-H CLUB To develop in the finest quality effective leadership . . . To share with each other in 4 H fellowship . . . To render service, individually and collectively . . . To give hack to 4 H interest on the investment it has made in us . . . For these we strive as UT Collegiate 4 H'ers. MEMBERS Left to Right, First Row: F. Parsons, K. Propst, A. Wolfe, M. Washburn. Second Row: E. Bornemann, C. Campbell, P. Burns. Third Row: G. Newton, B. Lilz, W. Savage. l 307. 'Q' Membership in the Campus Executives' Club is by invitation only. Membership shall be limited to 100-150 students and 50 faculty members. Three meetings shall be held each year--one each Quarter. The place of meetings will be the private Dinning Room of the University Cafeteria where meals will be served Banquet style. Time of meetings will be 6:30 p.m. and all meetings will be over by 8 p.m. The purpose of the Club is to bring together outstanding members of the student body and faculty for an evening of good fellowship around the banquet table fol- lowed by a stimulating after-dinner speech. The University of Tennessee Dairy Club is an affiliate chapter of the American Dairy Science Association. Purposes of the local club coincide with those of the national organization and can be stated as follows: CU WTO provide a channel of communications whereby information of mutual interest may be exchanged between the various member branches. and between the American Dairy Science Association and its member branches. f2j To acquaint students with the American Dairy Science Association, its scope, purposes, and program. f3j To develop leadership and promote scholarship among dairy students." Oflicers for the 1963 year are: Gerald Martin, president, Edwin Moore, vice- presidentg Tom Strasser, secretary, Charles Moyers, treasurer, and Steve Cates reporter. v CAMP EXECUTIVES CLU SPEAKERS Left to Right: john M. Burkhart, M.D., who received his B.A. and M.D. degrees from the University of Tennes- see, C. J. Craven, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the Uni- versity of Tennessee. Mrs. Gwen Teraski, author of "Bridge to the Sun." DAIRY CLUB MEMBERS Left t0 Right, First Row: YV. Scligii'hf'r. C. Moyers, C. Coan. ml. Houslcy. ,l. Collins. H. Russell. Second Row: E. Swanson, A. Cibbs. B. Hailey. B. De- Nlott, S, Cates, C. Nlgirtin. Klills. Third Row: Rankin. T. Harrison. I. Thigpen. S. Hinton. H. Carringer. R. Lush. C. Hilton. DELTA ALPHA Delta Nu Alpha is a professional fraternity for transportation majors. Tennessee Alpha Chapter was founded in 1949. All students who have completed a course in Transportation are eligible for membership. Delta Nu Alpha has both collegiate and professional chapters. The goal of the fraternity is to encourage academic achievement. Collegiate chap- ters do this through encouraging students to participate in its activities which include lectures by business men in the transportation field, held trips, and movies on different phases of the industry. Ofhcers for the 1962-63 year are: Aubrey Needham, presidentg Jimmy Justice, vice-presidentg john Enge, secretaryg VVi1liam Shawn, treasurerg James Shawn, historiang James McCoy, business board representativeg and Dr. Joseph L. Trye, advisor. MEMBERS Left to Right, First Row: D. Quillen, W. Bandy, B. Moorehead, G, Lucas, J. Justice, D. Green. Second Row: A. K. Needham, Jr., J. Pierce, T. Tomlin, E. Maupin, E. Buck, B. Damron, B. Husttc. Third Row: G. Rumbaugh, G. Kahrs, W. Sikes, B. Schrader, J. McCoy, HI, Shawn, B. Shawn, J. Emgs. 304 l Delta Sigma Pi is a professional business fraternity organized to foster the study of business by research and practice, to promote closer afiiliation between the com- mercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of com- mercial ethics together with the civic and commercial welfare of the community. The fraternity offers membership to male students majoring in all Helds of business who have completed thirty hours of college work with a minimum scholastic average of 2.3. The Finance Club is a student affiliate of the American Finance Association. Its membership consists of those students interested in the general held of Finance. The program of the club emphasizes insurance, banking, and the security markets within this broad field. The Finance Club makes it possible for faculty members of the Finance Department and students to meet throughout the academic year on an informal basis. The Finance Club has been organized on "The Hill" since 1959. The club was reorganized in November 1962 with Dr. George W. Bishop, Jr. as Faculty advisor. Officers for the 1963 term are: Ed Herbert, president, Scotty Portis, vice-presidentg Jerry Nix, secretary, and John Thomson, treasurer. DELTA SIGMA PI MEMBERS Left to Right: First Row: K. Dunlap, D. Overton, B. Damewood, L. Bible, J. Shawn, B. Mattox, R. Carney. Sec- ond Row: L. Arnold, C. Monday, T. Kilpatrick, W. Shawn, J. Miller, B. Mullins, R. Bean, P. Budlen. Third Row: C. Peters, B. Ciddings, D. Town- send. F. Trotter, J. Threadgill, J. Francisco, C. Haynes, Not Pictured: C. Baker, D. Dyeus, B. Lloyd, R. Williams, J. Myers. FI ANCE CLUB MEMBERS Left to Right, First Row: E. Herbert, B. Blevins, T. Nix, R. Ellis. Second Row: M. Harper, D. McClain, B. Szunplvr. Third Row: J. Thompson, J. Crossrnun, B, Parrish, Pylant. Fourth Row: B. Portis, B. Lee, J. Schulte, L, Leu. Fifth Row: J. Russell, L. Ching, C. E. White, R. Crabtree. Sixth Row: E. Flynn, J. Colden, C. Bone. Seventh Row: J. Pierre, C. Bis- hop, C. Teasley. I. E. E. E. This year saw an increase in activity in the electrical engineering circles. The AIEE and IRE merged to form the new organization IEEE. The purpose of this organization is to provide a professional society for the students majoring in electrical engineering. The programs presented at the meetings this past year have ranged from very technical meetings given by certain industrial leaders to a joint meeting with th Home Economics Club. Membership in the organization is open to all students majoring in Electrical Engineering. After graduation the students majoring transfer their membership into the professional engineering portion of the IEEE. Charles Hickman and David Irwin have served as professional advisors for the IEEE this year. The officers for the year 1962-63 are: Larry Berry, president, Art Grady, vice- president, Robert Smith, secretary, Jim Oliphant, recording secretary, and Joe Shefsky, treasurer. MEMBERS Left to Right, First Row: L. Perry, R. Smith, A. Grady, J, Oliphant, J. Shcfsky, G. Fredericks J Mitchell Second Row: G. Virgin, C. Parker, H. Godsey, J. Mclnturif, B. Mills, J. Browning ' K G I G Hardin Third Row.: T. Ulrich, R. Cox, J. Crouse, B. Tipton, C. Hall, Jerry Dorris, . au 't, . Fourth Row: WV. Goodwin, B. Wilbanks, P. Billings, C. Edwards, Irby. R. Baxter, J. Arrwood 306 1 MARKETI G A D RETAILI G CL B The Marketing and Retailing Club serves to further acquaint the student with the problems in this field that he will meet after graduation. As a part of the Club's program the members have an opportunity to hear speeches by outstanding business- men. The student club is sponsored by the Knoxville Sales Executive Club. Officers for the 1963 year are: Shannon Harmon, presidentg Dave Harrell, vice- presidentg Sam Furrow, secretary-treasurer, and C. Cotham, advisor. MEMBERS J. C. Cotham, Dr. Dille, Dr. Wasson, Mr. Garrison, L. J. Wilson, K. Lay, H. Scott, D. Bilbrey, D. Hughes, L. May, D. Moore, B. Warden, C. Jackson, S. Furrow, M. Sutton, R. Jackson, T. Pleasant, R. Dender, W. WVilliams, C. MCReynolds, J. Whitaker, D. Dutton, S. Harmon, J. McAfee, S. Mclnturff, C. Carr, T. Quantrille, C. Ethier, C. Dunran, M. Carson, C. Tucker, A. Heiskell, Murray, B. Housley, J. Moore, D. Harvill, J. Shay, T. Moon, W. Kennedy, D. Flinn, J. Wade, T. Bartholomew, E. Frakcr, J. Tanner. B. Stoklvy, B. Bradshaw, C. Tombras, C. Marshall, B. Cooksey, E. Shell, D. Hutrherson, T. Austin, J. Thompson, S. Agonz, D. Watson, G. Addicks, M. McCoy, L. Whaley, L. Ogle, G. Margrove, J. Cary, U. Comert, A. Ravinder, M. Peach, T. Cameron, K. George, C. Gwyn, B, Crosby, E. Walker, A. Bryan, E. Denderhoof, T. Willoughby, M. Sumadhi, C. Fappiano, W, Robeson, G. Meyer, A. Rector, C. Smith, J. Graybeal 307 MEN'S GLEE CLUB The latest and newest addition to the choral family on "The Hill' is the Men,s Glee Club under the direction of Mr. Ambrose Holford. The aim since its founding has been the singing of the always-enjoyable old college, folk, and love songs. Along with the enjoyment, a second and very real aim is the improvement of singing among the men of the UT campus. The club is now over a year old, having made its debut on December 8, 1961. MEMBERS D. Dillard E. Herbert L. McMahon, H. Roberts, R. Samples, G. Dodson, K. Dunlap, D, Grob J. Jachetti, R. Leeper, I. Litchterman, G. Myers, G, Roberts, J. Tagg, G. Williams, P. Anderson, D. Barr, C. Brewer, B. Cafferky, Foster, F. Humphreys, N. McGuire, B. Miller, C. Miller, M. Pettit, D. Ray, S. Sentelle, Smith, White, D. Oakey, J, Bouchillon, J. Brown, W. Comer, H. Hall, Mol, R. Rodgers, L. Rosenblum, W. Thomas, J. Thomson, J. Wilder, T. Gossett, J. Rohald, Rothberg. 308 s EWMAN CLUB The Newman Club, an organization of Catholic students, was first formed on the UT campus in 1933. For many years we met whenever we could find an empty classroom. But now, through the generosity of the Newman Foundation, Bishop Adrian, and Mr. and Mrs. E. Ashe, we have a beautiful new home right on campus. Under the guidance of our chaplain, Father Sterling McGuire, we, as Newmanites, receive spiritual guidance, cultural resources, and social activities. We have a retreat, Day of Recollection, a wonderful library, and picnics, ice-skating parties, and a convention. fave-we.. , s ,I 2 4 ,P , . ., 4 i 4 .F '- -55 Left to Right, First Row: B. Palozola. President: L. Vall T 1. . S d R ' F h S. McGuire, Chaplain: H. Gomez, Publicity: E. Smotherseyi mlgurer econ ow. in Cr 309 rs .W I PHI DELTA GAMM Phi Delta Gamma, a colony of the national fraternity Phi Delta Theta, came into being on May 20, 1962. Prior to this "The Hillw had approached two national fra- ternities asking them to establish colonies here at the University of Tennessee. At that time, only Phi Delta Theta considered itself capable of expanding to U. T., and through its alumni in Knoxville, it began plans for a colony. Thus on May 20, Captain Wright of the Army R.O.T.C. called together three outstanding young men who in turn established Phi Delta Gamma. Taking everything into consideration, the principles of Phi Delta Gamma, the members themselves, the rapid growth it has exhibited, the alumni supporting it, and what it has done and plans to do, Phi Delta Gamma-soon to be Phi Delta Theta-will be one of the top fraternities on the U.T. campus. Left to Right, First Row: B. Colvin, B. Bailey, B. Parker, M. Goza, G. Hill, B. Barnett. Back Row: Capt. E, Wright, A. Prestayko, T. King, B. Smith, B. Bumgarner, W. Malin, J. Royal, S. Furrow, K. Yena, R. Woods, A. Parker, J. Rose, E. Scarbrough, Murraiy, T. Haynes, S. Ferguson. S. Butler. 310 "Der deutsche Vereinl' was reorganized at the University of Tennessee in March of 1962. The purpose of the HVerein!' is to provide club members with programs dealing with German culture and customs and a chance to improve their knewledge of the language. The two big events of the 1962 year were a 1'Fest" and "ein amerikaniseher Student in Heidelberg," a musical on the lines of "The Student Prince." Other German programs have been German tapes and movies and conversational gatherings. Officers for the 1963 year are: Hanks Roden, president: Dick Taylor, vice-presidentg Sandra Owens, secretary, John Charleton, treasurer: and john Blickensderfer, publicity. PI OMEGA PI GERMA CLUB MEMBERS Left to Right: First Row: Dr. Fuller, B. Roden, F. Taylor, J. Chartton, Bliekensderfer. Second Row: S. Parker, I. Barker, A. Gresky, P. Moore, A. Hermsdorfer. Third Row: H. Ramm, P. Snyder, J. Tindall, R. Durfee, A. Hume. Pi Omega Pi is a national undergraduate honorary in business teacher education. The aims of Pi Omega Pi are to promote scholarship, citizenship. ethical standards in business and professional life, and service. Students demonstrate high scholarship before they become eligible for membership. The acquire and develop desirable traits and attitudes through participation in chapter affairs. To teach the ideal of service as the basis of all worthy enterprise is our ultimate goal. 'QTZS' 'arf MEMBERS Lefthto Right, Seated: C. Trusler, E Daniel. Standing: C. Swainson, M Watts. ' PI AU SIGMA MEMBERS Left to Right, First Row: R. Davis, J. Gofer, R. Brooks, G. Burt, J. Hiegel. Second Row: W. Fricderichsen, R. Clouse, E. Bryant, C. Bowman, R. Thach. Third Row: C. E. Fisher, D. Farrell, B. Sammons, L. Lacy. Fourth Row: C. Knight, L. Robertson, B. Wright. PRE-LEGAL SOCIETY MEMBERS Left to Right, First Row: E. Dalch, J. Grossman, D. Townsend, M. Bruce, J. Farnham. Second Row: B. Withers, E. Parrott, T. Evans, D. Beal, R. Tallent, R. Anderson, B. Garrett. Not Pictured: J. Easterly. Pi Tau Sigma is a national honor society for outstanding mechanical-engineering students. To be eligible for membership in this society a senior must rank in the upper third of his class scholastically and a junior must rank in the upper fourth of his class scholastically. New members are elected from the eligible students by the old members on the basis of engineering ability, scholarship, and personality. Officers for the 1962-63 year are: Glen Burt, president, Jim Hiegel, vice-presidentg Roger Davis, recording secretary, Joe Coffer, corresponding secretary, Richard Brooks, treasurer, and Lynn Robertson, AGE Board representative. Realizing that undergraduate students who are preparing for careers in the legal profession have many common interests and ambitions, it is the purpose of the Pre- Legal Society of the University of Tennessee to coordinate these interests. Member- ship is open to all undergraduates who are contemplating doing graduate work in the college of Law. During the course of the school year, the Society presents pro- grams pertaining to the various fields open to Law School graduates. It is hoped that association with this Society will give the pre-legal student a fuller concept of what he will encounter both in law school and in the legal profession. Ofiicers for the l962-63 year are: -lim Farnham, president, Mary Bruce, secretary: Dennis Carringer, treasurer. The University of Tennessee Real Estate Society, organized in 1960, was established for the following purposes: QU To promote closer unity between the students and faculty interested in real estate. QQJ To establish liason with the professional real estate world, to develop the scholarship program for real estate majorsq to aid in placement of real estate gradu- ates. C3j Tp promote a better relationship among students in real estate through social and recreational activities. The Society is at present seeking a charter from the National Real Estate Fra- ternity, Rho Epsilon. The 1963 officers are: James Foster, president, Gene Monday, vice-president, Fulton Moore, secretary, Jim Crossman, treasurer, Kenny Brown, pledge trainer: Kenny Bagshaw, liasiong and Blaine Allen, publicity director. REAL ESTATE SOCIETY Left to Right, First Row: J. Hollingsworth, F. Moore, J. Foster, G. Monday. Second Row: T Webster, E. Beaver, Bagshell, B. Testerman. Third Row: J. Crossman. Fourth Row: How ard, J. Palmer, J. Irwin, C. Walters. Fifth Row: Prof. Townsend, B. Mott, B. Allen, J. A. Hall 313 S. A. The Society for the Advancement ol' M3D3g'l!I1l6Ui has as its purpose: L'To bring close together executives in business. to he a means of exchange and distribution of information on the problems, policies, and methods of industry and management: and to give the student an opportunity to participate in the organization, planning, directing, and controlling of an organization dedicated solely to the promotion and advancement of the art and sciences of managementf' Left to Right, First Row: J. Tate, D. Barger. D. Ahearn, J. Bobbit, T. Elomy. Second Row: S. Forshey. D. Crumton. E. Jones, L. Bittle, YY. Bundy, B, Helton. Third Row: R. Coulter, K. Owens, R. Jones, J. Carrier, G, Brewer, W. Patrieh, P. Adams. Fourth Row: J. Perkinson, R. Crabtree, T. Troupe, C, Piekrel, E. Maupin, M. McDonald, C. Holt, L. Arnold, K. Dunlap. Fifth Row: B. Cole, B. Huey, J. Price, H. Burns, j. Evans. P. Tweedy. R. Martin, P, Johnson, G. Lowe, Sixth Row: B. Caldwell, D. Stone. 314 Sigma Alpha Iota, an internationally incorporated fraternity for outstanding women musicians, has as its main purposes to further the development of music in America and to promote a stronger bond of musical interest and understanding between foreign countries and America. S.A.I. was founded at the University of Michigan by seven women music students in 1903, The UT chapter, Gamma Rho, was installed in 1959, having twenty-one charter members. Today Sigma Alpha Iota has more than 35,000 members with chapters in 128 colleges. The 1962-63 officers are: LaVerne IVeaver, president: Nancy Garter. vice- presidentg Linda Sutton, recording secretary: Dolly Caywood, corresponding secre- tary: Patricia Brown, treasurer: Jane Wlaller, chaplain: Josetta Shoemaker, editor: Anne Householder, sargeant-at-arms: Janice Privette. music chairman: and Anna Tarzier, fraternity education chairman. The University of Tennessee Section of the Society of XVomen Engineers was formed in the spring of 1962 with purposes of counseling college freshmen women in engineering, encouraging high school senior women to consider a career in engineer- ing, improving facilities for women engineers, and assisting in Engineers, Day. It is composed of women students enrolled in engineering or physics. The 1962-63 officers are: Nancy Glift, chairman: Nora Roth, vice-chairman: and Faye Holler, secretary-treasurer. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA MEMBERS Left to Right, Seated: N, Carter, L. Weaver. L. Sutton, First Row: P. Burch, I. Welden, G. Harb, J. Prievtt, J. Waller, P. Brown. Second Row: B. Luke, C. Rollins, A. Tarzier, J. Pick- ens, J. Shoemaker, S. Russell. SOCIETY OE WOME ENGINEERS MEMBERS Left to Right: D. Ivie, N. Roth, V Barnett, M. McGuire, P. Richardson N. Clift, Miss Peters, F. Haller, V Pierce, N, McDaniel. MEMBERS Seated, left to right: C. Adams, S. Har- ry, S. Vaughn, M. McLoughlin, E. Dooley. First row: L. Ownbey, M. Eu- bank, A. Haslbauer, B. Lane, A. Brew- er, B. Stubbs, L. Williams, M. Landers. Second row: E. Davis, D. Simpson, N. Maples, G. Thompson, J. Currier. Third row: J. Swein, T. Ferrer, W. Dunlap, M. Wooten, R. Avrett, Harper, G. Wade. MEMBERS Left to right, First row: F. Osborne, B. Barker, F. Wood, S. Anderson. Second row: R. Cothran, I. Miller, M. Her- ring, A. Hoffmeyer. Third row: D. Barr, P. Blurton, M. Johnson. Not pic- tured: A. Lindsay, N. Jordan. SPANISH CLUB El Circulo Espanol was organized to provide entertainment and instruction for those who are interested in the various cultural manifestations of the Spanish peo- ple. Club members improve their knowledge of the language, the literature, and the companionship of persons of Spanish speech who are among us on campus. S. N. E. A. The Professional Action Committee for Edudation QPACEQ is the guiding com- mittee for the Student NEA on the University of Tennessee campus. The Student NEA is the professional association for college or university students preparing to teach. Although it is a national organization of state student education associations, the basic unit is the college or university chapter. The Student NEA is an integral part of the National Education Association, just as local chapters and state student-education associations are integral parts of the Student NEA. PACE has as its specihc purpose to provide opportunities for students to face criti- cal professional needs and issues early and to act upon them. The officers are: Ann Hoffmeyer, President, India Miller, First Vice-President: Frances Osborne, Second Vice-President, Betty Barker and Shari Andersen, Secre- taries, Ann Lindsay, Treasurer, Pat Blurton and Dave Barr, Publicity Chairman, Marcia Herring, Social Chairman. 5. 5 iff ca 7 v X F7 -.4 All men who have been awarded a varsity letter in one of the major sports, as de- termined by the Athletic Council of the University Athletic Association. are eligible to become members of the WIP' Club. The head cheerleader and the senior managers who have been awarded letters bv the Athletic Council are likewise eligible for membership. Objectives of the "Tw Club are: 1. To foster clean sportsmanship, promote congeniality, and encourage friendly as- sociation among its membership for the advancement of UT. 2. To emphasize the importance of high standards of scholarship and to assist its members in the attainment of this end. 3. To promote interest among alumni in University athletics, and to further the welfare thereof. MT" Club sponsors are Coach Bob Vloodruff and Coach Harvey Robinson. Offi- cers for the 1962-63 vear are: Bruce Mattox. Presidentg Joe Foxall. Vice President: Jerry Milchin, Secretary, and Y'Vayne Coleman, Treasurer. K T CLUB MEMBERS Left to rightg First row: B. Mattox, J. Foxall, J. Milchin, W. Coleman. B. Morton. Second row: P. Downey, Ensley, K. Hudgens, B. Booth, N. Sullivan, B. Hammond, R. Dalton. Third row' YV. Bush, P. Augustine, Sullivan, K. Brewston, K. Pritchard, Parker. Fourth row: R. Evey B. Fischer, R. Zvolervin, T. Weems, K. Tonara. Fifth row: AI. Batey, O. Bowling, S. Elliott, S. DeLong, P. Tilson. 317 THE UNIVERSITY SI GERS The University of Tennessee first established the University Singers in 1948 under the direction of Dr. John Tegnell. At that time it was the only choral group on campus. Today it has become the top choral group on the UT campus. The members of this ensemble are selected on the basis of voice and musicianship, scholarship, membership in any other choral organizations, leadership, and personality. Under the direction of Ambrose Holford, this group has shown its versatility by presenting outstanding programs of the greater works of such composers as Bach and Haydn, and in contrast, presents everyone's favorite show tunes during the finale of All-Sing. In recent years the Singers have gained recognition as a tour group. In addition to their annual spring tour of Tennessee, they make a major tour every two years. It began in 1957 with a trip to Mexico, was followed in 1959 by a five-week tour of Spain, and in 1961, by a six-week tour of Europe, visiting England, Holland, Ger- many, Austria, and France. MEMBERS S. Anderson, N. Carter, D. Caywood, S. Cox, M. Davis, S. Edwards, M. Fuquay, D. Mashburn, J. Needham, N. Nickell, S. Simmons, J. Simmons, C. Sims, A. Tarzier, G. Thigpen, I. Welden, W. Bomar, M. Briel, J. Busse, J. Collins, S. Costner, J. Durham, C. Hansen, W. Fox, W. Harri- man, B. Hudson, A. Keeble, R. Koo, L. Large, G. Lawson, C. Miller, C. Ruckart, L. Taylor, D. White, J. Adkins, T. Kilpatrick, E. Smith, D. Trinko, S. Day, G. Roberts, B. Rich, B. Davis, P. Anderson. E. Calloway, S. Cummings. C. Denny, P. Ferre, M. Gunn, K. Grubbs, G. Kimbrough. M. Leftwich, S. Novotony, Ragsdale, D. Smith, L. Swanson, N. Mary. 318 VOLUNTEER CHORUS The Volunteer Chorus, a select group of eighty-two members, is composed of students with musical talent and has presented a variety of programs ll1I'0llQll0llt the year. This organization provides the participating students with a chance to enrich their musical skills and broaden their knowledge of different types of music. Bach chorals, German and Austrian carols, and various other types of music have high- lighted the yearss musical IDIAOQIYIIII. f . E li - MEMBERS M. Abernathy, E. Adams, C. Anderson, N. Bain, B. Baker, L. Bettis, S. Bishop, L. Boyd, P. Bowyer, R. Brackin, P. Brown, D, Burlhart, J. Burnctte, A. Caflerky, H. Campbell, L, Cecil C. Cockrin, C, Craig, A. Creech, P. Crosby, A. Davenport, N. Davis, S. Dawson, L. Dobbs, J. Duck, Durham, H. Ewing, S. Follct. C. Fox, R. Frazier, G. Gillenwater, L. Goddard, J. Gor- ham, T. Gossett, R. Haynes, K. Herbert, B. Jones, E. Jones, lN1. Jones, lNI. Lovell, J. Lcwellcn, J. Marler, B. Blatthewson, YV. lNfIathis, P. McCampbell. L. lNIclN'Iahon. J. McNew. J. Meyer, BI. Michael. A. Nash, M. Nicholon. T. Nickleson. B. O'Daniels. M. Overton, J. Pass, J. Privette E. Quinn, D. Roberts, C. Sanderson, E. Shafer, S. Sharp, Shurptrine, E. Smith, E. Smith, R. Smith, Stanley, R. Sturchi, T. Stone, R. Thomas, W'. Thomas, S. Thompson, A. Thurmond, C. Toole, S. Vcnablc, L. Weaver, P. VVcbb, C. Weldon, L. Wilhelm, J. Wilson, S, Wilson, D. King. 319 IVERSITY CHRISTIA ASSOCIATIO Itls Tuesday Night at seven, Student Center ballroom-just another meeting? No, it's "Y" Ca HY" that means Y.M. and Y.W.C.A. for cvcry student on campusj. So, that "Y" also stands for "Youve-"You,' who came to college for many different reasons: to improve your mind through study, your personality through social con- tact. What about the spiritual side of you? For this is what HY', seeks to develop- through fun and fellowship, which many campus organizations offer, but "YH adds the challenge of living one's faith in class, dorm, and organization. Eighty-four years is a long time-thatis the life span of a program sponsored by the Christian Associa- tions at UT. "Y" traditions have grown up that touch every studentis life . . . Torch Night and 'LThe Tourchn for freshmen . . . Aloha Ce for seniors . . . Convocation, deputation teams, the weekly meetings for everyone. "YH has a purpose-to integrate' religious ideals into all phases of campus life and to strengthen them, that they may live beyond college days for all the future. "-Q3'f1"l9 Q11 I Left to rightg First row: Richard Morris, president YMCA: Joyce Finnell, president YWCA: Jane Waller, vice-president YWCA3 Lloyd Stanley, secretary-treasurerg Paula Richardson, scc- retary-treasurer YWCA. Second row: Sarah Bible, freshman council: Bill Kelley, freshman coun- cil, Frankie Ellis, freshman council, Mary Lewis, community service: Virginia Pope, membership and attendance. Third row: Pat Blurton, social and reception: Wesley Fox, Y's Owl, Janie Rags- dale, music, Nancy Carter, music, Larry Perry, staff photographer. Not pictured: Glen Perry, vice-president YMCA, Mary Flowers, program, Cecilia Chilton, deputations: Chalmers Brown, membership and attendanceg Sheri Anderson, publicity, Cynthia Nixon, inter-church, Fred Hum- phreys, new projects. 32.0 1 uf ur., ...uh E An E A meeting of the uBig Threew f -L as x Everyone's favorite pastime-eating! Council poses for an informal shot 4 i Friendship to everyone-one of "YV is main objectives 3 2. l WESLEY FOUNDATIO M N'S GLEE CLUB MEMBERS P. Allen, N. Billings, O. Blankenship, C. Brown, S. Cunningham, R. Doublin. G. Eady, K. Goldstine, S. Hagood, P. Hall, J. Henson, S. Kirk, A. Locke, D. Mahoney, B. Monroe, C. lNToser, T. lNIcDaniel, V. Palozola, P. Park, Plunkett, D. Roberts, J. Swafford, V. Thompson, A. Whaley, M. Lewis, C. Richardson, D. Coffman, M. Anderson, T. Benson, V. Carmichael, L. Clem- mer, E. Crowder, Elliott, M. Griffin, J. Lewis, L. Lutrell, S. Mitchell, C. Nixon, J. Picklesimcr, L. Seagrcn, W. Wall Cardwell Criiiith I Lati ,.l- ' -.l- I , J- - more, M. Smith, C. Allison, NI. Denny. L. Eason, B. Gillispie, P. Hicks, D. Matlock, L. Safiey. P. Saylcr, C. YVhite J. Warren. The W'esley Foundation is the Methodist Church ministering to Methodist stu- dents at the University of Tennessee in cooperation with the local Methodist churches. The main concern is with the Christian growth of the student while attend- ing the university. To fullfill this purpose worship, programs of study in the Chris- tian faith, and times for socializing are offered. Sunday evenings consist of meals at the center followed by programs and worship. The programs at these meetings are an attempt to administer to the needs of the students. These programs try to give the students not only things that they need to hear, but things that they want to hear. This center is organized as a local church in order to give the students a chance to learn to take charge of church duties and to control themselves. The director is to function as a director only. ' The director of the center is Rev. George Paris. He is assisted by M. Edward Gib- son, assistant director, and Mrs. Zack Godwin, hostess. The Women's Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. Ambrose Holford, is an op- portunity open to all women students interested in music. The group is selected on the basis of their singing ability. This year the organization is composed of approxi- mately sixty girls, including members of all classes. It provides an opportunity to further develop musical talent, and at the same time to be associated with others with the same interests. The XVomen's Glee Club joined the Singers in their annual concert and have also participated in several other programs. LPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Otnrrga Fraternity was founclvcl at Laliaycttc Clollvgcf. Easton. Pvnnsyl- vania. in 1925. Iota Alpha Chaptt-i', one of IIlOl'l' than 350 cltapt,C1'S. was lounclccl at U.'1'. in 1950. All APO tnenihcrs haw' pri-viotisly hvcn affiliatt-cl with Scouting ancl arc clcclicatccl to thcsc Cardinal Pi'inc'iplt'sf l,l'ilCll'l'Sl1lIJ. Fi'it'mlsl1ip. Servicio. The purpose of Alpha Phi Unit-ga is Scrvicc- to Campus, coninninity. nation. anal f1'atm'11ity. Sciwice pioit-c'ts this year lI1ClL1ClCZ Sha1'p's Ridge Clean-up: clZ1lIl1JLlS Pact salvs for scholarship: aid to stnclcnt c'cnt01': ancl aicl to local Scout Council. CJfl'll'l'I'S ant electccl hiannually: ohficcrs for May tlirongli lJs-ct'1iiht'1' we-rt-: Basil NYolliC. Presidcntz Anvil Baird. Vice-Prvsiclciitg Nfiko Rucker, Sccrctaryg Bill Glass, Sc,-c'1'cta1'yg and llick Pu1'ym'z1t'. 'l'rGast11't'1'. UH:1cc1's for Dcceinhci' lllI'0llg'll lfay arc: Bill Glass. Prcsiclcntg Scott, Pilkington, Vic'c-Pixvsiclciitg Mike: Rtickvrf Scvrc-ta1'yg and liasil Wolfe. 'lll'l'21SLll'l'l'. Left to rightg First row: B. Wblfc. S. Pilkington. S. 'l'ownsr-nd. B. Class. B. Pottvr. Second row: E. Niuhols, fl. Scott. V. Ilvnclrix. K. Harrison, M. Rurkcr, I.. 1"rt-sliour, 313 CQI11 Heajqfl Maluerfsm rters of College E Vents! : Miller' - and Jgelnmes Yo C U +0 . ollege will bzome In and wearing ons?-1 wl1a+ BeHY C e Hill fhi Oed S Season' COLLEGE BOARD . . . composed ol glrls lrorn area colleges, especially selecled lo adylse you on 'rlwe lalesl' laslwlons and your AFISO, enioy H1 Parllcular cannpus needs. L Ff:Ei2e,YaU. Herz eXCi+ing eve + BOOK DEPARTMENT . . .lwas a cornplele l A enley Sffeefligear few of 1-hisgwed egpeciau selecllon ol llwe looolcs you need and wanl H Q S each Year: O Ie9l6+e ac.Hv?+,+o lor sclwolarly pursulls and plaln enloyrnenl. 'es -4 lllyl E NlHller's wlll be glad lo speclal order upon your reguesl. HO Auruorznfsnye recruraes . . . by er- --.,'S E EC 1 ' Me '3 fe . H0 penenced personnel, gryen lree ol clwarge, fo pro sfwe LID on laslwlon and merdnandlslng, bollw lwere ffve Cceeols Occasfcllf FA and al llwe Unlverslly plus lours ol llwe slore MAD Oflege of w,l,,-C2709 for ESHIQN ln llwese parllcular deparlrnenls. af7f,'C, EMOIS Of!-fom Q01-nf Offola SHO 7 Cfffn lpafe ELL e E O G sy fdsfv' W 0,08 Q ev Ol Gs E SHG Conom. Clllofa 'ONS' in "l Sokgffof, enfff Z? of fill! . , KGS' Mb 2 sever RfTY w'ffr 'Ven e ' fs ff, dl r ff., e Vee 1 an ern 50,0 ,EAS S 'SCH r5 fn nlfaff fwear Wff-A fhflffes . 1 Coffeg fain .Osf SXY , 1 - . S - yourr-x oooraox- f x feshmepfus me fefedf C, yffferk ,gf CON NPXTOR . . . lneads all if I-4 I MA nfs, e en!-057' in C'f'f7e' 'E hoe of llwese campus adlvl- '32 ,Q BR! DEMO yn-,enf Gmpusenferf ff fo lles, and wlll be glad 4 and DAL SIJSELLE Ofdey.Gnd'lf'1f'ng lo consulyx wyllw you on 'L '- :nd fhfafl fOrOW MAGA lQ1L?ffU!ie5S llvllles, and lwelp you -. .," fo pfa:ef7Q'Sef 5r,-deresenfedg P sclwedule llwern lor your N lyldl ll "ll" --AI Q I ,dgu A fOr ,ho enfo and , each Q club or sororlly, -S J 1,. , if "'- i ""' In 'l AAN-any e de y' He 9'-00 SP1-,',7 s I Is , ' Y fo , 'pfw -m'fO-f, 9 UNNERSXTY A N D g 'A Q, lyln ay ememgdess oe. CAREER sr-lov . . . s l ip ef. U lealures llwe lalesl and iii., lulhv F---'-""""-A H rnosr souglwl-aller col- l l' ry ' 4 ,, lege wear lor llne 11 "A" if .l ' l" 4 . ., l, ,.1.,..,.l 2 W . . "rs.M.o.c." , I g oula - - .. pus! . . .rheleiirgxs lx il - Q?-1ou:+l 'Ebe fun +0 ha W. 'llof exjQfY Colle la-ke OC -lr, R I .IHer'S wel ome in: We'IVe yol-If Ver Casyon q A iflxgyx ly ' YOLIr +J11YLn+MiIler'S Char ' . a I n 0 e eqgeciaig 'these acngFl and hoyou dbouil f 0' Y0ur b v'+'eS and pes H1-H+ ' ff" el 5 r e"eH+ a evefws fh You . A? wk nd enioyrne a+ are .. . s, - . , .,... ,K 1 S A E 1 ' . -1, '.,- STREET will 5-NZEET EA, any . . . UNIVERSITY SHOP jAanL6 Downfow Wesiern Plaza For Your Business We apprecia+e if!! 'WWWH if , r li l CAMPUS 'gfihfllllllff lfr S ---a s -X p ' t" ' - H V ., Sc mfer A BOOK STORE " ll 'mu "Fashion Center For Men" 4709 W, CUMBERLAND ' "-Ili? 514 So. Gov Si. Comlagmenfd of your 0 Grill 0 Supply Sfore 0 Cafeferia I Book Sfore 0 Cafering I Recreafion Faciliiies "Crossroads oi fhe Campus' EDWARD VANTINE Sludios Inc. Nononolly Known College Plwologropners HAMILTON, NEW YORK 163915 CUMBERLAND AVE. PHONE 525-5769 AnieleHe's Hair Fashions Styled Especially For You Polly Corol Peggy Fredio Mory Get the Best . .ln Get ICE CREAM AND MILK in 6OI Oalc Avenue Phone 522-5I7l COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF SMOKY MOUNTAIN MARKET Souih End Henley Bridge Open Day and Nile 300l Magnolia Avenue 58OI Kingsion Pike HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS I-IND LOAN ASSOCIATIDN 41570- INSURED SAVINGS 509 Ivlarlcei Sireei 3IOI N. Broadway North. . .East. . .S+outh. . .West All Around The T0 Wll A FULL SERVICE BANK TO SERVE YOU Seven Convenien+ Locafions DAIRY PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LABEL... ARE GRADE "A"-' ALL THE WAY! P PET C N - DICTS ..... .W Dairy ff: P ll- . RFAW roduc s I E ramafic . . is The word for prinfi g pl Ies by Gulbenk. COLOR PROCESS BLACK AND WHITE 0 LITHOGRAPHIC All pIaI'es In I'I1is book were made by GULBENK ENGRAVING CU HAMILTON N ATIO AL AN Let Our "Campus-Close" Location Serve all Your Banking Needs at 1830 NVEST CUMBERLAND AVE. CADILLAC PONTIAC IN DOWNTOWN KNOXVILLE '79a,.L 'MMA Suki? U Ronoeks a. COMPANY, INC "OIdesI DeaIers in Ihe SouIIwIanoI" ON A SAFETY-PARK PARKING LOT Wesf Main a+ Henley SI'reeI "Insurance in All of II's Branches" Since I896 J. E. LUTZ AND COMPANY PROTECTION AND SERVICE Under-wri+Ing Managers TENNESSEE INSURANCE COMPANY Our Organizaiion IncIucIes 'rhe Following AIumni: PAUL ERVIN. '58 ARTHUR RODGERS, JR., '34 JOE ZARICOR. '48 WILLIAM DUNFORD, '50 LEON LONG, '5I JOHN E. LUTZ, II, '40 RONALD ALLEN, '56 WILSON ROWLAND, '48 "GABY" HOOPER, '20 H. P. STICKLEY, '48 JOHN JACOBS, '24 EARL HENLEY. '5I H. C. ISkeefI BRANDAU, '35 MEZZANINE AND SECOND FLOOR, BURWELL BUILDING KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE Phone: 522-3I7I Six Convenient Locations MANN MOR-TUARI ES 4l4 Clwurclw Ave., SW Tel. 522-I I29 6200 Kingston Pike, SW Tel. 588-8578 AMBULANCE SERVICE Depenolability Since 1884 CAST STONL x N 'o 4 I k L COMPANY INCORPORATED ! PHONE 524-3352 Precast 81 Prestressecl Structural 81 Architectural Concrete Products SUTHERLAND AVE. 8: CONO0RD STS. KNOXVILLE I, TENNESSEE UNIVERSITY UE TENNESSEE DAIRY PIIUUIIETS MILK. BUTTER, ICE CREAM, CHEESE CHOCOLATE MILK, BUTTERMILK, COTTAGE CHEESE Dairy Products Building Agriculture Campus Knoxville Visitors Always Welcome JW GREEN SIAM A Friendly Member pedefm Depo W msufan Cecofp Bdllklylg Service for lf110XV17le M160 1.9261 .. MA RKET M HOUSE 5.5 Q S+ + K II Ph A+h+yf+hY gsph++ SE RESTAURANT GAY AT MAGNOLIA FOR AN EVENING TO REMEMBER 33 CompIimenTs of I42I Broadway, N.E. Knoxville, Ten WI1I're Ave. aT l6+Iw STreeT Phone 523-2 I 2 I One of +I1e SOUTIIIS Mosf Modern HENLEY STREET Esso m"'4""'e' H4 C. R. BRADLEY-Owner MENS Phone 522-9986 I64O Wesf Cumberland HALE BROTHERS WHOLESALE xxTll FruH's 8: Vegefables lns+ifu+ionaI Foods-Canned and Froze Morrisfown, Visif Your Old Friend, Doc. Ernesf, Offen for Cour+eous Service ELLIS 81 ERNEST DRUG STORE ON THE CORNER OF THE CAMPUS 0 PHONE 522-6IO3 Your pa+ronage is solicifed and apprecia+ed THE MAN OUT FRONT FEEDS " iff' SECURITY FEEDS SECURITY MILLS, INC. KNOXVILLE, TENN. 337-

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