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 - Class of 1949

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-A -wg. 1 ' HE V -,mv--n.,1.a M. . fl ,JH if f uf 3. U swf , ,ig SEQ N 39533 7,345 Tiff! ,N 3: Mr gi Mig .iiw , , 'wg' 1 . jr tfv. ,. 1' Q- , it lp xl 'mf ax -'li S S 5 X P x 5 x ' Q H X xx X S S il? 1 1 GBX 11 1 4 3 1 1 '-u 1 S X x X X Z5 Z xg I 5 E '-Ll- ,V 1 B- BUSMG -A-bm i S X X X X X X X X X K X X X S X 5 X X X X x X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 5 X X X 5 X X X 5 X X X X X X X X if In the pages to follow you will see a representation from each phase of life and activities that was carried on at the University of Tennessee during the school year 1948- 1949. At the beginning of the fall quarter. the students found themselves engrossed in a calendar of activities greater than ever before at the Hill. For this reason we heard many, many moans when the time for finals rolled around. but now that it is all over and everyone has made those astounding "A" we begin to show you. the students. just what you did last year. .ti EHEEIIS CLASSES ATHLETICS ADVERTISING In the many years past with all the gripes and complaints about how the student body was being persecuted with rules and regulations of all sorts, we pause now to show you, the student body, just how important and vital you are to the University of Tennessee. The student body does many things: control their own electrons run their own government, write and edit their own publications and 1n directly run the whole University You, the student body, will see the progress you have made through the still life of the photographs in this annual. You will see how you have labored and played all at the same time. To you, students, we give you your annual, The 1949 VOLUNTEER. 35 r U 325555,- -. 4. , ff f Sai . fs 1523 if., if W 2 U U W 5 Eg es? Xmaw 3 f ' 5 1 Q 21- lf I! L u f-1'-in Af? sa, ,2- 4 il ""--0.-m fkwgg ' Mew M., W A W We, as students, are honored in dedicating our annual, the 1949 VOLUNTEER, to such a deserving and distinguished gentle- man as our new President, Dr. C. E. Brehm. ' We realize that this is Dr. Brehm's first year as president of the University of Tennessee and that through his consentrated efforts our University is growing both in quantity and quality. President Brehm has had placed upon his shoulders a responsibility of the utmost importance to us as students and to the future of the University. The University is now undergoing a great change in the way of many improvements on the campus and new buildings and we feel that Dr. Brehm is indeed qualified in every way for his position to lead us on in these improvements. This dedication is to serve as a tribute to our new president, Dr. C. E. Brehm. xl XX f f Xxx X f X f f 1 ff f ff f ff f X . X A MISS TENNESSEE Ont of the highest honors Q qirl min receive fit the Ilnivnrrsity of Tennessee is that ot living selected by the student Ivody in the fall elections as their Choice of the ideal -,zirl to rc'-itgn as Miss Tennessee ior the svhool year. Five toot two, hlue eyed Virqinid Hutton of Knoxville was st1.tgr:tp,d Ity the students as the I948 "Miss Tennessee," Ginny, as she is known to all, was Crowned at the anrnifil Beauty Iiiil ky Governor-elect Gordon Browning, Dnrinq her fctzr years here at Tennessee "Ginny" has 'xfcri innny honors with her warm srniie and friendly per- svntnity. She seleiied by the Ag Cluli as Brn'n'.vsniiLiriQ Qsecfn, lim' sfrorzty Alpha Delia Pi elerted her as their gr- sidorit and this year was seleoed at the Befnxty Pager-arit .Is one et tha University Beauties, It is with qieiit pride that we the students of Tennessee grestirit on incso pages our "Miss Iennesseen for I948, lvliss l.TIIi.41lII1Ci Iftxtton. VIRGINIA HUTTIIN Vglnaslnm Gi T? XWMXSKMMK ' fgfmy 39 .dn lfj?.19i5'Qg'2m Sanvhd X3 , 1918 Mr. Y. G. kmgnes 'Yue University oi Tennessee B01 1318, Ximvvrekhy Swzioo 'fmozwixxe 16, 'ieimeesee Year 'AL Engines, M, 'Guia mum X am enclosxng, 'One picwree oi me 21. 'oauubiiol young women of 'ina x3!X3.V8'Z'51Cj oi fiemesaee. 'We ind-gas, wwe bww 'Gets-5 'Ymkbfm XEXa.cYoAe3l, tiktorfin- cnlfai of 'xAhb?3hOXSv3LL'e3 and RKeY,iemoi.se1M' 2 bY1XXKG, 'Nancy Gafooxme, College 'Bond 'Ember cg NSYFBKUXSELLS and X. LM was dxiikcolb naming, kwa choices as an caoatchmee- are untractwe. :although we cgnxpuecx Quia, your inamrucmnoe 'oo 15.51. them from one bo weovg-iouf, we ima 'draw our judgment '92-'sv been focused on the Siren ben :md mkxm the was cw 'QB-idly be e-mated. speciiicakly an om-Bef. mg a gsbobogfangix oi Ma. ted. CWI con aloe queue 4' oi 5' " ulxbaet' X wx also en B1acp:eX1 as you YG Our bask, wishes io-: mae sxxmeeg wmuvf, Beaung B291 and Soc time 19' Klux Sincaraw yours, - EFMGXSETUL 'Yhompaon Brfsixbvri Arm Yfirector SY: LQ 'Loc . Boss Lad Y of M ademo. lgelle f M rs' Be'SY Talb og Blac kwa ll Hut lon Sirutin' . 5. vf fl F , Q' 11' 6 PM A-M .f by xii ,, "xi J , Q ri ,. 1. 'gh Q, 2 Li ef ,gs up . 3 :Uh .H g :J 'Egg 2 Z ,gpm .xx Wgiiaiisf 15X J 4 ff Q91 ff . n 1 1 wg :Qs , -V hwrfwifkvw ' ,, ' '-'Y-'55 , g , x W7 , V A-.f Lf. i,,W.,M.,mWWw,3mbwfgi ,L,1w1A-,fazw' W' 7' M 4.5. 31 1 1 ,a W K, , , ff ' K 1 A , L, ,MM I W I K WMM, 7, K W, W ,,,.H..m,,..,.,.,m. x 1 4 E Q 5 S 2, if ,, fs 11 3 5 2 X E E X 2 5 5 5 f i 2 2 , -E i Q 2 3 s Z Q E S S X sw f Qi Q' J: bu ?-2? W 'sf as W, wwHi4 A , Q Q !if5,'ff:'f3'-25' ' . Q' ' xg Q At : 'L .H t,:s5,,,,4ggu B436 :'r,ki1e:D , w gf? 'ffl Qw04l"',1V V' if 'WI' 'A 0 ,v,Qf:i'k if ,J 42135 ug. ,E Jw we . M A yi W W Iwi? E f, is - my 355658 'lv -F 9 Mg. , .,,. g gggwl g fr H422 - .,M4M , fm .,,k . fwm A ef. , ' J., W V Mm, M A fwfhf 5 'Qs' , A.M,,, 7 Z ' F f Wiwi -E ri BQ 1 qw M2 -A ifisez' 'EES-iif ?3g3.i?l:fb?f , w , . 7' ' Lf k 'Wg' wa, Q' ' " csv, g,1,gi .w,.. W . 1. M ,L5ff?if4 ,vii-,Y 5 2 'f f - - , ?f,h , A ,A.v M , WJ ,ff 4 Ls 'W W Y?'' W .4-4' v 'H 1 , K wr 'V Md 5 4 , , ' , 5.-fimfi , "li-2119, ' U s 3 Mig 4 ,, ,L , V f V WQM, wt , Y ,453j'gxy:gi,M V K ,ir W. gg 5, --'. .s:::5:. :: il 5 f i ff .g- fzfz- w 554-wa' 6. W. X , LILA CORKLAND ANNA MARIE BUDDE VIRGINIA DOUGHTREY CAROLYN STUBLEY MARY ANN ANDERSON PHIL EVERSOLE MELISSA MCMURRAY ANITA SCHUBERT PATTY LOU STEPHENS mmm ,gm , W 2? 12 5 Ji 2 fs 1' ak DELORES CLARK SARA GENTRY ANGIE FARMER 5' , PAT PETERSEN MARY ANN TRUSS VIRGINIA HUTTON CAROLYN ROOS CAROL NEWMAN KATHY ALMOND :wma 1 ' 'mir " -. r : PE-2,f,z. :IK wr 5 'AT f H f mn- 'HM w aw M DOT RUTHERFORD RUTHIE KEELING ANNELLE NORTH The boys down under the Hill, Engineers that is, each year pick the tour co-eds that they think are most beautiful. Since their choice is not made until after the printing of this book, We present you with the candi- dates rather than the final four. PAT PETERSEN MARYANN FRIEND KATHERINE FOUTCH 25 2 Z y ZZ . f ZZ gf I ff aff I I Z 'Z -S f 5 X Z Z 1 af ff.: cf Z f f 3 I Z Z I g 1 Z X I Z 1 g ZZ Z gn' f ff' Z f ,f Z ,v Q I I Z f Q I Z f Z 3 ff ff f rf f ? f 1 Z f l 2 1 f f f 2 j f ,4 3 THE Pl-lN-HELLENIC GIBSON, President IO MEYER . . LILLYAN SHAGAN . MELISSA MCMURRY . . PEGGY BRISCOE . MARY MILLER WALLACE BETSY ANN AYTES . WALLACE. Vice-President EVANS. Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES , . Alpha Delta Pi . . Alpha Epsilon Phi . Alpha Omicron Pi . . Chi Omega . Delta Delta Delta . Delta Gamma T 28 JERRY SOUTI-IERLAND RUTH IAMES . IEAN IOI-INSON , l0AN EDINGTON . HELEN GIBSON , . BETTY RULE . . ,I JAMES, Secretary . . Delta Zeta . . Kappa Delta , Phi Mu . . Pi Beta Phi . Sigma Kappa . Zeta Tau Alpha First Row Aytes, Briscoe, Iohnson, Myer Second Row McMurry, Rule, Shagan, Southerland UNC The Pan-Hellenic Council, composed of two representatives from each of the twelve National Sororities on "The Hill," has done an outstanding job as an Advisory Governing Board for many years. 'The main purpose of this organization is to main- tain on a high plane sorority life and intersorority relations within our University. The most outstanding business transacted dur- ing Council meetings is the revision of rushing rules to conform with present needs and the planning of the annual Pan-Hellenic Worship. 5 L Hi 2 5 ,i M my vffr T at avi: 'ii blk PHX MUSE VS' GETTING BRAINY Arvcmofzs i.i: 5 an Q 1 2 ' , ..f. -:55 '?i'5J?.:iEE::, BEING NSCE 5 E 2 5 2 E E E ...MY ,xx E, 3.21.5 2? A 8 Z if EW W? an f. QF .1 X Af? ..f 9 4 2 w N if Y MEMBERS 4935? ai and 'Agri l K Qlkvsxhxx Cheng-D 0 Hx 6-as -S' ' A1 ' ir i"""'f .rw , g A q'.. 'A,'A.A A70 ALPHA DELTA Pl HUTTON, President MEYER, Vice-President RINEY, Secretal'Y HOUSE, Treasurer MARTHA L, ANDERSON . Knoxville, BARBARA BRYANT . . Savannah, FRANCES BICKERS , . Chattanooga. DORIS CALHOUN . . Knoxville, IOAN CALLAHAN . . Maryville, SHIRLEY CHAMBERS . Knoxville, MABEL CRENSHAW . , Clinton, MARY IANE DAVIS . . . Knoxville, LYNN DAVENPORT Chattanooga, ZOE DOOLEY . . . Knoxville, AMY DeBUSK . . Greeneville, SUE DOWNS . . McMinnville, BETTY DRINNEN . . . Knoxville, PEGGY DUNSMORE . . Knoxville, BETTY LEE DOZIER . . Memphis, TINA DUKE . . . Elizabethton, BARBARA EMMONS . , Norris, BEAKY ESCUE , . . Memphis, MARIANNE PELTS . . McKenzie, MARYANN FRIEND . Knoxville, VIRGINIA FROST . . . Knoxville, ROSEMARY FRY . . Knoxville, SARAH GENTRY . . Knoxville, IEAN GREGG . .,... Knoxville, ELEANOR GRIFFITH Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn , Middlesboro, Ky CARTER HARTMAN . . . Knoxville. MARILYN HARTMAN . . . Knoxville, CAROLYN HARVEY , . . Knoxville, LIVY HILL , , . . . McMinnville, MARY ADAIR HOUSE RUTH HUDDLESTON . JEAN HUNTER . NANCY HURST . MARY HUTTON . . VIRGINIA HUTTON . EVA LOIS JENKINS . BOBBIE KEMMER . . IIMMIE LEINERT . . FLORENCE ANN LONG SARA LONG . . . JEWEL LUCAS . . IACKIE MARSHALL . MARTHA MCMANUS . HELEN MCNEIL . . , CELESTE MARTIN . . NANCY MEGEL . . IO MEYER , . . IEAN MEYER . , . LUCY HALL MOORE WYNDHAM PARKEY . . 32 . Spring City . Knoxville, . Maryville, , Knoxville, . Savannah, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, . Knoxville . Knoxville, . Kingsport, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, , Memphis, Chattanooga, . . Memphis, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, , Knoxville, I Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn BETTY PIERCE , . . . Evarts, Ky CLAIRE PLUMMER . Knoxville, CAROLYN PRICE , Knoxville, PEGGY REDMAN . Memphis, BETTY RINEY . Knoxville, PAT RINEY . . Knoxville, GERRY ROACH . Knoxville, SUE ROARK . . Knoxville, ELIZA ROBENSON ..... Gallatin, MARY ELLEN ROBISON . , Gallatin, LOCKERT ROGERS . South Pittsburg, NANCY ROGERS . South Pittsburg, CAROLYN ROOS . . Knoxville, ELIZABETH SCHAAD Knoxville, NEALE SLOVER . . Knoxville, FRANKIE SIMPSON . . Norris. CORKEY STRINGE , Nashville. VIRGINIA THORPE , Knoxville, SHERILL TOMPKINS , . Lucy, NAN WILLIAMSON . Knoxville, NORMA WALKER . . Memphis, BETTY WOOTEN . . Knoxville, MARY ANN WOOTEN Munford, HARIETT PENDLETON Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Pale Blue and White Single Purple Violet Alpha Delta Pi Sorority was founded at Wesleyan Female College, Macon, Georgia, May l5, 1851. Alpha Kappa Chapter at the University of Tennessee was founded in l92U. SUHUHITY First Row: Anderson, Bryant, Calhoun, Chambers, Cren- shaw, Davis, Davenport, Dooley. Second Row: DeBusk, Downs, Drinnen, Dunsmore, Dozier, Duke, Emmons, Es- cue. Third Row: Felts, Friend, Frost,, Fry, Gentry, Gregg, Griffith, C. Hartman. Fourth Row: M. Hartman, Harvey, Hill, l-luddleston, Hunter, Hurst, lenkins, Kemrner. Fifth Row: Leinhart, F. Long, S. Long, Marshall, Martin, Megel, Meyer, Moore. Sixth Row: McManus, McNeil, Parkey, Pendleton, Pierce, Plummer, Redmon, Riney. Seventh Row: Roach, Robenson, Robinson, E. Rogers, N. Rogers, Roos, Schaad, Slover. Eighth Row: Simpson, Stringe, Thorpe, Tompkins, Walker, Williamson, B. Wooten, M. Wooten. W rf A 'f ' ww '.""'w'I4 ff '-+1 wi.-vnf " ' 1 - Mex. --it J :ESM-mfwwm 4-'mi hmm .inner .eff 5- QQ U ALPHA EPSILUN PHI MANIS, Dean GOURSE, Sub-Dean HURVICH, Scribe ROBINSON, Treasurer IOYCE COHN , . LILA CORKLAND , REVA GOURSE . SELMA GREEN . MARION I-IURVICI-l IEAN IACOBSON . FRANCES KISBER DORIS KOI-ILER . MEMBERS Signal Mountain, Tenn . Bronx, N, Y . , Bristol, Va . Knoxville, Tenn . . Birmingham, Ala , Memphis, Tenn. . . Memphis, Tenn. , Knoxville, Tenn RUTH MANIS , , BETTY MARGOLIN ADELI.. ROBINSON IOYCE ROBINSON . . . SHIRLEY ROBINSON LILLYAN Sl-IAGAN MARILYN SLOVIS . DORIS WEIL , IEANETTE WEISS . Appalachia, Va. 34 Memphis, Memphis, Knoxville, Knoxville, Knoxville Knoxville, Knoxville, . Bristol, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Green and White Lily-of-the-Valley Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority was founded at Barnard Colleqe, New York, October 24, 1909. Alpha Sigma Chapter at the Univer- sity of Tennessee was founded in 1948. -0 First Row: Cohn, Corkland, Green, Iacobson. Second S B R U B I T Y Row: Kisber, Kohler, Marqolin, l. Robinson. Third Row: S. Robinson, Shaqan, Slovis, Weil, Weiss. W x,,..v" " gi if 6 A . fi - .M Clarksville, CRAIG g,,w,,,3'i. 'D lu U Q 9 .5 Q . . ':"-"- -"" -' ...Q 'r'r " 2 F' "'A Q Vw U I , ,.,,., "iv, .-,,g .,, ,,:f ' , fs, Ez? ,Q is '. 49 .,:A I 5 ..,.,.,.,,,. ,.,. , --- L' , nvv ,. fi- x iekiirs 2 , , A li if ALPHA UIVIICRUN PI MCCLAMROCH, President TRUSS, Vice-President McII.WAINE, TISBSHYGI PEUPI-E51 SWTSWTY CAROL AUGER . BETSY BAILEY , . MARY A. BOWDEN . MARY IANE BRANDON NANCY BUTLER . , BETTY CHASTAIN . MAXINE CROSWELL . MARY CURRY . . DOROTHY DODDS . ANN DOOLEY . . VIRGINIA ELLIS . . . Merchanlville, PATRICIA GARDNER . MAR ANN GARLAND MARY HARRIS . , VIRGINIA HASSEN . HELEN HAWTHORNE EVAN HEDGE . , . MARY KATHERINE IAMES,Morristown, MARY IANE JOHNSON . , . Iackson, KILPATRICK . SURRY LAKE . . . ELEANOR LYLE . . MEMBERS CAROLYN MCCLAMROCH , Knoxville ELEANOR MCCLEARY . . Knoxville, KATE MCDONALD . . . Memphis, BETTY READ MCILWAINE , Knoxville, MARGARET MCILWAINE . Knoxville, SALLY MCKINNEY . MELISSA MCMURRAY BARBARA MILLER . MARY RUTH MONGER LILY VAN MORRIS . BETTY IEAN MOSELY MARTHA MYNATT , MARY I. NIEDERHAUSER RUTH ANN PEOPLES MARY PRINCE . . BLANCHE REUTHER . . MARY ELLEN ROBERTSON VIVIAN ROBERTSON IANE ROEHL . . . SARAH RUDOLPH . Fayeiieville, . Knoxville, . Memphis, . Donaldson, . Knoxville, . Memphis, . Knoxville, . Donaldson, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, . Nashville, , Knoxville, Sevierville, . Knoxville, , . . Norris, Tenn . , Knoxville, Tenn . . Knoxville, Tenn , Shelbyville, Tenn . . . Tampa, Fla. . . Knoxville, Tenn . Memphis, Tenn . . Knoxville, Tenn . Nashville, Term , . Knoxville, Tenn N. I . , . Ripley, Tenn . . Sewanee, Tenn , Knoxville, Tenn . Knoxville, Tenn . . Churchill, Tenn . . Maryville, Tenn Tenn Tenn . Sweetwater, Tenn . . Jackson, Tenn . Rogersville, Tenn MARY NELSON RUSSELL . Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn. Tenn Middlesboro, Ky RACHEL SAMPLE . , . . Clinton, Tenn. 36 CAROLYN SAWYER . IANIS SAWYER . . SHIRLEY SCHROLL . IOANNE SHARPE . DANNY SHEA . . . VIRGINIA SHOFFNEH MARIANNE SMITH . SHIRLEY SMITH . . SALLY STEVENS , . GOLDSBY SWANN . Morristown, Tenn Morristown, Tenn . Memphis, Tenn Lewisburq, Tenn . Knoxville, Tenn Middlesboro, Ky . Columbia, Tenn . Knoxville, Tenn , Memphis, Tenn MARY ELIZABETH SWANN Knoxville, BETTY LEE TAYLOR . . Morristown, FRANCES TOWNSEND , . Memphis, MARY ANN TRUSS IOANNE WALSH . . MARIE WHEELER . MARION WHITE . CAROLYN WILSON . MARTHA WILSON . IERRY WORSHAM . NANCY IO , WRIGHT . Knoxville, Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn . St. Louis, Mo . Memphis, Tenn . Memphis, Tenn . Jackson, Tenn . Loudon, Tenn , Nashville, Tenn . Knoxville, Tenn Maryville, Tenn Cardinal Red Rose Alpha Ornicron Pi Sorority was founded at Barnard College of Columbia University, New York, Ianuary 2, 1897. Ornicron Chap- ter at the University of Tennessee was founded in 1902. SUHURITY First Row: Auger, Bailey, Bowden, Butler, Chastain, Cros- well, Curry. Second Row: Dodds, Dooley, Gardner, Gar- land, Harris, Hassen, Hawthorne. Third Row: Iarnes, Iohn- son, Kilpatrick, Lake, Lyle, McCleary, McDonald. Fourth Row: E. Mcllwaine, McKinney, McMurry, Miller, Morris, Mosely, Mynatt. Fifth Row: Niedhauser, Prince, Reuther, M. Robertson, V. Robertson, Roehl, Rudolph. Sixth Row: Russell, Sample, Sawyer, Schroll, Shea, Shurfner, M. Smith, S. Smith. Seventh Row: Stevens, Taylor, Town- send, Wheeler, White, C. Wilson, M. Wilson, Worsharn. ,gtg .,... 1 'jx I K 'ali' "itll 2 lllll fn ll C if ..1-. sl ' ,AA:,, Q 'g b , ,, 33: I M ' :n.. 0 A , 010 W WA HI UMEEA CLARKE, President HAMLETT, Vice-President EDMONDSON, Treasurer SELLERS, Secretary FRANCES ADAMS . Humboldt, Tenn. WHITNEY ARNOLD . Knoxville, Tenn. ANN BAKER . . . . Iacksonville, Fla. ETHEL BAUMANN . . , Knoxville, Tenn. LUCY BAUMANN . . . Knoxville, Tenn. HARRIET BIBB . , . . . Knoxville, Tenn. BETTY BOSTICK , . Dyersburq, Tenn. GRACE BRADING . Iohnson City, Tenn. PEGGY BRISCOE . . . Knoxville, Tenn. LOUISE BROOME . . . . Knoxville, Tenn. BETTY BROWN . . . Bolivar, Tenn. HENRIETTA BROWN . Nashville, Tenn. TAPPY BRUFF . . Knoxville, Tenn MIRIAM CARROLL . . Memphis, Tenn. DOLORES CLARKE . . Knoxville, Tenn. MARY BAKER CLAXTON . Memphis, Tenn MARY STACY COLLINS . , Memphis, Tenn. ELEANOR CREEKMORE . . Knoxville, Tenn. MARILYN CROSS . . . . Knoxville, Tenn. LYNN DAVIDSON . . . Knoxville, Tenn. JUNE DOU'I'Y . . . , . Memphis, Tenn. CHURCHILL DRUMM . . , Knoxville, Tenn. IEANNE DUNLAP . . . . Knoxville, Tenn RACHAEL EASLEY , Bristol, Tenn. MEMBERS ELEANOR EDMONDSON . Clarksville, Tenn. IENNY LYNN ELLIS . . . Knoxville, Tenn BARBARA FERREE . . Knoxville, Tenn. RHEA FONDE . . Knoxville, Tenn. ANN FOWLER . . . Knoxville, Tenn. EMILY FRETZ . ..... Knoxville, Tenn ELIZABETH FROST . . . Elizabethton, Tenn MARY FULTON .,.. Knoxville, Tenn. MARTHA IEAN GRAVES.Greensboro, N, C BETTY GREER ,.... Loudon, Tenn. NANCY HALE .... Morristown, Tenn. LAURA HAMBOUGH . Tellico Plains, Tenn NANCY HAMLETT . . . . . Tampa, Flo, MARY IANE HARDWICK . Cleveland, Tenn IEAN HARRIS ..,. Spring City, Tenn PEGGY HOFFMAN . . Knoxville, Tenn. PEGO HOUSE . . . , . Knoxville, Tenn MARY KATE HUTCHESON . . Ripley, Tenn. ROLEEN ANN IENKINS , , . Ripley, Tenn LAURA KELLY .... Knoxville, Tenn FREIDA LUTZ . . , Loudon, Tenn MARY MARKS , . . . Clarksville, Tenn IEAN MEEK . . . . Aligator, Miss 38 IOAN MYERS . . . . . . Knoxville, CYNTHIA MCCONNELL , . Knoxville IANE MCCRARY . . , . Woodbury, DOT MCINTOSH . . . Memphis, LOU ODOM . . . Chattanooga, IANE OLIVER . . . Knoxville, SARA PARK , . . . Cleveland, MAY ALMA PARKER . , Humboldt, MARY MELLEN PAYNE . . Knoxville BE'I'I'Y RANKIN .... Knoxville, IEAN SELLERS . . Dyersburq, 1 BEI I Y SHELTON , . . . Knoxville, CAROLYN SMITH . . , . . , Halle, MARGARET ANN SNIPES . Knoxville, IANE SULLIVAN , BETTY TESTER . NANCY TINDELL . IULIA TUCKER , BARBARA TUTTLE ANN WILLIAMS . VIVIAN WILLIAMS ANN WOOD . . IEAN WOOD . . Manchester, . Knoxville, , Chattanooga, . . Knoxville, . Morristown, . . Henderson, . . Knoxville, . Murfreesboro . Murfreesboro, Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn ,Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Cardinal and Straw White Carnation Chi Cmeqa Fraternity Was founded at the University of Arkansas, April 5, 1895. Pi Chapter at the University ot Tennessee was founded in 1900. SUHUHITY First Row: Adams, Baker, E. Baumann, L. Baumann, Bibb, Bostick, Bradinq, Briscoe, Broome, B. Brown. Second Row: H. Brown, Bruit, Carroll, Claxton, Collins, Creekmore, Cross, Davidson, Douty, Drumm. Third Row: Dunlap, Easley, Ellis, Ferree, Fonde, Fretz, Frost, Fulton, Graves, Greer. Fourth Row: Hale, Hambaugh, Hardwich, Harris, Hoffman, House, Hutcheson, Ienkins, Kelly, Lutz. Fifth Row: Marks, Meek, Myers, McCrary, McIntosh, Odom, Oliver, Park, Parker, Payne. Sixth Row: Rankin, Shelton, Smith, Sullivan, Tester, Tindell, Tuttle, A. Williams, V. Williams, A. Wood, l. Wood. f 'Ni 1 S .X Q? N 56 E Jug, M s ,, te, we Q ' 'li 'kia 9 Q -M aw-1 'af' ff A- - .... :a:::,:. ,:,::55 " ....,.... 55--i'.,g-,:- :mf me, .,.. :.'j5:: " V. - ....-. a' x if aw ? '11 f -V .. "" ..,.. !3g2??':f?'t 5 "" ' ' .. - ., 1 ' " ' if swf ' ,. f -E 2 ' A ????g 1. -f 'Q' Q ' f 'I - .12 x iii? N 'xiii - -1. 1 -iii Y M f " M ' - 2+ . "' F E ' in f .i l lu M I 5 . IE, ,- A . qi W . 1 , 13117 25 ,If . n 225:32 - 2 ,..,, 'f rr fi r" ' 1' K 19" .. Vi. RQ' '- 'Hd - .- , Eli. " Qfigvif D E' ,.,,.,. 4' " - ' ' H H V A A i , T DELTA DELTA DELTA PETERS, President CAMPBELL, Vice-Presideni HAAGA, Treasurer FRANKLIN, Secretary GENE ALEXANDER . . . Knoxville, KATHY ALMOND . . Newton Center, VIRGINIA ANDERSON ANN BAKER . . . . SARA BANKS . . PHYLLIS BEWLEY . IANE BOULWARE . MARIE BRAKEBILL , AMELIA BRENT . . NANCY BROYLES . NANCY BURTON . IANE CAMPBELL , . IANE CARMICHAEL . BE'I'I'Y CHANDLER . NEIL CLARK , . . BETTY ANN CLEMENS BETTY IEAN COLEMAN CAROL COWAN . . IOAN CRAWFORD . BEVERLY CROWELL . SARA DAVIS . . . PAT DeBERRY . IOAN DIEHL . . . JANE DORE , . . AGNES DOUGHERTY . ANGIE FARMER . . Tenn Mass . . Knoxville, Tenn Knoxville, Tenn. Winchester, Tenn . . Bristol, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. , Nashville, Tenn . Memphis, Tenn Greeneville Tenn Kingsport, Tenn . . Knoxville, Tenn . Knoxville Tenn . Knoxville, Tenn . Indianola, Miss . . Knoxville, Tenn. . Meridian, Miss. . Knoxville, Tenn. Knoxville, Tenn. Knoxville, Tenn. Knoxville, Tenn. Humboldt, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. Knoxville, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. MEMBERS , MARY FARMER .,.. Knoxville, BE'I'TY FARROW . , . . Bells, ANGIE FISCI-IER . . , Martin, BETTY FRANKIN , . . . Winchester MARTHA IO GULO . , Memphis, BETTY HAAGA . . . . Memphis LESLIE HAMMER ...., Knoxville, MARY LOU HAMMER . . . Bristol, PATSY HENEGAR . , . Knoxville, IUDY HENSON . . . , . Knoxville, DeLOIS HICKS . . . . Madisonville, 1 Tenn Tenn Tenn, Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn. Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn ERWIN HOLLINGSWORTH Iohnson City, Tenn BARBARA IEFFREYS Knoxville, Tenn MARZEE IUDSON . Memphis, Tenn. IEAN KANE . . Knoxville, Tenn. RUTH KEELING . Kingsport, Tenn SUE KEFAUVER . . . Bethesda, Md EMMA LOU KREGGAR Bluff City, Tenn. PRISCILLA LEACH . Knoxville, Tenn DIXIE ANN MARSH . . . Petersburg, Tenn LYNN MATHES . . . . . . Biloxi, Miss. NANCY RUTH MCCLANAHAN Columbus, MARILYN MEANS . . , . Knoxville, IOAN MEIGHAN . . . . Knoxville, MARIAN MILLER . . Knoxville, ANN MORRIS . . . Knoxville, 40 Miss Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn ELIZABETH MOTLEY , CAROL NEWMAN . . DORIS OUSLEY . CONNIE PARKER . . IANE PETERS . . . EDITH PICKELL . . BARBARA PICKLE . . IEAN PILLOW . . . . CAROLINE RICHARD . . HARRIET ROUNDTREE . MARIANNE RUCKS , , ELLEN SAMPLE . . ESTHER SHANTON . BEVERLY SI-IARPE . . NANCY SHULAR . . SARA SLIGER . , . . NANCY STERCHI . . , CAROLYN STUBLEY . IOAN STUMPF , . . PAULINE VEAL . PEGGY VEHR . , . . . MARY MILLER WALLACE MARION WALLING . , KAY WEIR . . . PEGGY WOOD . , Memphis, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, . . . Gates, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, . Memphis, . . . Monro . Knoxville, , Memphis, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, . Memphis, . Memphis, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, Chattanooga, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, , Knoxville, . Cleveland, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Term. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. e, La. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Te nn. Tenn. Ohio . Hu mboldt, Tenn. Silver, Gold, and Blue Pansy Delta Delta Delta Sorority was founded at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, November, l888. Delta Sigma Chapter at the University of Tennessee was founded in 1923. -9 SURUHITY First Row: Alexander, Almond, Anderson, Baker, Banks Bewley, Boulware, Brakebill, Burton, Carmichael, Chand- ler. Second Row: Clark, Coleman, Cowan, Crawford Crowell, DeBerry, Diehl, Dore, Dougherty, A. Farmer, M Farmer. Third Row: Farrow, Fisher, L. Hammer, M. Ham- mer, Heneqar, Hicks, Hollinqsworth, Ieffreys, Iudson Kane, Keelinq. Fourth Row: Kefauver, Kreqer, Marsh, Matthes, McClanahan, Means, Miller, Morris, Motley, New- man. Fifth Row: Ousley, Parker, Pickell, Pickle, Pillow, Rowntree, Bucks, Sample, Shanton, Sharpe. Sixth Row: Shuler, Sliqer, Sterchi, Stumpf, Veal, Vehr, Wallace, Wal- ling, Weir, Wood. H -W w - W.. N s ' ,A it--f f - 1 4 feng, H, Q . , We 5-C1 DELTA GAMMA ' 'Tv' Gif? ,S rs If A A fi ESS' Y I HIER, President BETSY ANN AYTES . ALICE ANN BAKER . ANNA MARIE BUDDE . MARIANNE DAVIS . . EVELYN DQMARCUS . MARIE DIAMOND . SALLY ELLIOTT . . NANCY EUBANK . , GAYLE FISER . . BEA HATCHER . HELEN HIER .... ANNIE LAURA HOBB CATHERINE I-IOFFMANN. , BETTY IOHNSON . . POLLY KEELE . . SUE KILE, . . ELEANOR LEA . . BETTYE LECHLEITER . LOUISE LEINART . BETTY LESTER . HELEN MCFALL . . MERRY MASSIE . . if ,wwf x""' "" M DIAMOND, Vice-President DAVIS, Treasurer SHARP. Secretary MEMBERS , Fayetteville, Tenn. IANE MITCHELL . . . , , Athens, Tenn. , . Gallatin, Tenn, MARION MOORE .... . . Knoxville, Tenn. . . Iackson, Tenn. ANNELLE NORTH . . . . . Murfreesboro, Tenn. , Knoxville, Tenn. MARY MARGARET NUCHOLS . . Oak Ridge, Tenn. . . Corryton, Tenn. IAYNE PATRICK ..,. . Knoxville, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. IOANNE PILLOW . . . Milan, Tenn. . . Oak Ridge, Tenn. BETTY RICHARDS . , . Madisonville, Tenn. . . Oak Ridge, Tenn GAY RITTS . . . . . Elizabethton Tenn. . . Oak Ridge, Tenn. IOSEPHINE RUBLE . . , Newport, Tenn. . Fayetteville Tenn MARGARET SCOTT . . . Knoxville, Tenn. . , Knoxville, Tenn IANET SHARP . . . . , LaFollette, Tenn. . Dyersburg, Tenn IAYNE SHEPHERD , . Nashville, Tenn. . . Elizabethton, Tenn PATRICIA SILER , . . , Morristown, Tenn. . . Iamestown, Tenn PATTILOU STEPHENS . . . Tullahoma, Tenn. , . Manchester, Tenn KATHRYN TAYLOR , , . Morristown, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn BETTY THOMPSON . . . . Nashville Tenn. . , Franklin, Tenn ROSAMOND TONCRAY . . . , Elizabethton, Tenn. . . Nashville, Tenn. BARBARA WARE ..,. . Sewanee, Tenn. . , Knoxville Tenn BERTA WATERHOUSE . . , Knoxville, Tenn. . Morristown, Tenn. MARTHA ELIZABETH WHITE . Union City, Tenn. , Oak Ridge Tenn. NANCY WILKINS .... . . Athens, Tenn. . Columbus, Ga MARGARET YOW . . Nashville, Tenn. 42 Pink, Blue, and Bronze Cream-Colored Bose Delta Gamma Sorority was founded at Oxford Institute, Oxford, Mississippi, Ianuary 2, 1874. SUHUHITY First Row: Aytes, Baker, Budde, DeMarcus, Elliot, Fisher Hatcher. Second Row: Hobb, Iohnson, Keele, Kile, Lea Lechleiter, Leinart. Third Row: Lester, Mclfall, Massie Mitchell, Moore, North, Nuckols. Fourth Row: Patrick Pillow, Richards, Scott, Stephens, Taylor. Fifth Row Thompson, Toncray, Ware, Waterhouse, White, Wilkins M, A If . f ! 1, H 'L 'V l 2 . . 15 le 4 , Q DELTA ZETA EVANS. President SOUTHERLAND, Vice-President WILLIAMS, Treasurer FRANKLIN. Secretax-Y CELESTINE ALONSO . DOT BINKLEY. . . MARGARET BLACK . WINIFRED BRADFORD IRMA IEAN BROOKS . GWENN BROWN . OLVA LEE BROINN . RITA BURTON. . . BARBARA CALLAWAY SUSAN CARDWELL . REBECCA DARNELL . CORALYN DROKE . . MARIORIE DUNCAN , ANNA LYNNE EVANS FRANCES FOX. . . MARILYN FRANKLIN . IAMIE GIBBS . . . ESTOLEEN GIBSON . ALMA GRAINGER . NANCY GRANT . . IOANNE HUNT . . HELEN IEFFERY , . REBECCA IOHNSON . , Knoxville, MEMBERS Tenn Old Hickory, Tenn . . Mascot, Tenn . . Miami, Fla . Madison, Tenn. . LaFollette, Tenn Chattanooga, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn , Knoxville, Tenn Lenoir City, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . . Bristol, Tenn . Hartsville, Tenn . Knoxville, Tenn . . Blaine, Tenn . Knoxville, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . . Mascot, Tenn Nesquehoning, Pa . . Shouns, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn. . Kingsport, Tenn, . Memphis, Tenn. MARY FRANCES IOSEPH IOYCE MAY ..., BETTY MCCULLOUGH . REBECCA MCGOWAN . MARGUERITE MILLER , BILLIE MINCEY, . . LOUISE MONGER . ALICE MOORE. . . KATHRYN MORROW . BETTY NEUBERT . . BETTY REEL . . . BARBARA SHREVE . . GLORIA SHREVE , . BETH SIPHERS . , . PHYLLIS IEAN SMITH . Chattanooga, . Oak Ridge, . Knoxville, , Union City . Harriman, , Knoxville, . Sweetwater, . Nashville, . Columbia, . Knoxville, , . Bristol, . Knoxville . Knoxville, Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn East Stone Gap, Va . Nashville, Tenn IERRY IEAN SOUTHERLAND . . Memphis, Tenn. SARA SPENSER .... . . Tallulah, La. ANN TIPPS . . . . . Lynchburg, Tenn. NINA 'l'OLLEY .,,. . , Lynchburg, Tenn. BARBARA VOGEL , . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. MARTHA ANN WILLIAMS . , . Knoxville, Tenn. RUBY WILLIAMS ..,. , Knoxville, Tenn. BARBARA WITT . . . Knoxville, Tenn. Old Rose and Nile Green Killarney Rose Delta Zeta Sorority was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, October 24, l902. Beta Lambda Chapter at the University of Tennessee was founded in 1933. SUHUHITY First Row: Alonso, Binkley, Black, Bradford, Brooks, Brown, Burton. Second Row: Callaway, Darnell, Droke, Duncan, Fox, Franklin, Gibbs. Third Row: Gibson, Grain- ger, Grant, Hunt, Iohnson, May, McGowen. Fourth Row: Miller, Mincey, Moore, Morrow, Neubert, B. Shreve, G. Shreve. Fifth Row: Siphers, Smith, Tipps, Tolley, Vogel Witt. , i Y if. ,-V, V-.A 1 NWN fm-New , I . 4 'Aww if, V ., W. we . A 4 with-rVdwywhze:annwaz!-"Ha2i,'fa.mpw1.eN?siPa:x4, '11 W fi , il f ' 'X we M ww Q- my .. ,Amit L- 2- " M Y- ' '73 'Q QI!!! can l Y' ,Hi ll Axel' 7 , T ' Q 54 G g IF X4feQ.Q.,tfef:J KAPPII DELTA PATSY ARNHART . . MARY IO BALDWIN BETTY BARNES . . CAROL BERRY . . MARY LOU BODKIN ESTELLE BREWER . . IEAN CAWOOD . DOROTHY COBB . . IEAN COLLIER . , . BARBARA CRUZE . . JANE DAVIS . . ANN DIGBY , . ELAINE DILLOW . BEVERLY DOOD . GAIL DONALSON . , GLORIA ENMAN . . BODKIN, President MINTON, Vice-President HOLT, MEMBERS BETTY IANE ANDERSON . Oak Ridge, Tenn. JOAN GAMMILL , . Shelbyville, CAROLYN ANDERSON . . Maryville, Tenn. IANE GREENWAY . Ducktown, CHARLOTTE ANDERSON . Knoxville, Tenn. IOY HARPER . , Oak Ridge, . . Knoxville Term. DOROTHY HAY . . Shelbyville, . . Lenoir City, Tenn. BETTY IO HEFNER. . . Knoxville, . , , Bristol, Tenn. DELORES HILL . . Oak Ridge, . . Morrisburg, Tenn. BLANCHE HOLT . . . Maryville, . . Westfield, N. I. BOBBYE HUMPHREYS . . Paris, , Knoxville, Tenn. RUTH IAMES . . . . Gulfport, , Knoxville, Tenn. IANE IONES . . , . Harriman, . Oak Ridge, Tenn, ANNE KAUFFMAN , Oak Ridge, . . Memphis Tenn. RUTH ELLEN KELLEY . Memphis, SARA IUNE CRAWFORD . Whitevine, Tenn. BEVERLY KREIS . . . Knoxville, . . Knoxville, Tenn, BETTY IO LAMBDIN , Knoxville, . Knoxville, Tenn. MARY LANE ..,... Oak Ridge, . . Memphis, Tenn. IUDY LEITH . , . Elizabethton . Ionesboro, Tenn. PATSY LYNCH , . . . . Knoxville, . . Kingsport, Tenn. MARY MCCULLOUGH . . Norris . Chattanooga, Tenn. BETTY MCMAHAN . . . Knoxville MARY ELLEN DONNELLY . Houston, Texas BARBARA MEANS . . . Knoxville, BECKY ELDREDGE . . , . Trenton, Tenn. HELEN MINTON . . . Maryville . Asheville, N. C. MARTHA MORTON . Manchester, PI-IILLIP EVERSOLE . . , Oak Ridge, Tenn. IUSTINE NEEDHAM . Knoxville 46 I Ml, f Treasurer SMITH, Secretary Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Idiss Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Term. Tenn Tenn. Tenn. Tenn NAN NEWSON , , , PHYLLIS OTTINGER . HARRIET PERRY . . . PAT PETERSEN . BETTY PORTER . , . MARY IANE RAGSDALE PATRICIA RAVAGE . . ACIMA REGAS . , LOIS RICHARDSON . BETTY ANN RILEY , . MARY LIB ROCHAT . VIRGINIA SCHULTZ . MARVILENE SCRUGGS . BITSY SHEETS . . . . BEVERLY SI-IIVERS . MIMI SIMS , . . MARGARET SMITH . FAYE STIDMAN . IEAN STONE . . ANN SULLIVAN . , MARINA TSAGARIA . PAT WILLIAMS . . . . Knoxville . Knoxville Fountain City, . Knoxville, . Clarksville Knoxville, . Oak Ridge, . . Knoxville . . Knoxville, . Oak Ridge, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, . . Memphis, . Rogersville, . . Memphis . Oak Ridge . . Memphis, . Kingsport, Elizabethton, . , Memphis . Knoxville . . Knoxville, 1 1 1 1 1 f Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn, Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Olive Green and Pearl White White Rose Kappa Delta Sorority was founded at the Virginia State Normal School, October 23, l897. Alpha Epsilon Chapter at the Uni- versity ot Tennessee was founded in 1925. SURUHITY First Row: Anderson, Arnhart, Baldwin, Barnes, Berry, Brewer, Cawood, Cobb. Second Row: Collier, Crawford, Cruze, Davis, Digby, Dillow, Donaldson, Donnelly. Third Row: Eldridge, Enman, Eversole, Gammill, Greenway, Harper, Hefner, Hill. Fourth Row: Humphreys, Iames, Iones, Kauffman, Kelly, Kreis, Lambdin, Leith. Fifth Row: Lynch, McCullough, McMahan, Morton, Needham, New- som, Ottinger, Perry. Sixth Row: Petersen, Porter, Rags- dale, Ravage, Richardson, Riley, Rochat, Shultz. Seventh Row: Scruggs, Sheets, Shivers, Sims, Smith, Stidham, Stone, Sullivan, Williams. I 43' u UU ' .f u ' i Y as Sub . , v 3 ,, v,ll-:ggi .r ,S M 4, ,, ,, , t, ' 'fl 13' 4 - ' if 1, er K f' ' xx Q 9 .. 4 ""'3"s wk R f M',, , 'A' -4 . . -Q' . 9 -vknz ...S S ' 1 x f ' if-373' ' ' we 'A ' v ,E I A A ' A if' ,. if X ' " ' Y ' WN X in 3 X, s V' 6,-na ' 'ff' 'f,A,, QI ".- 'iffy I . eef - 3 pig E nt fl ' WHITE, President WALLACE, Vice-President BRIDGE, Treasurer PEGGY ALEXANDER . . Jackson, RUTH BELCHER . . . . Miam ANITA BELL . . . . . . Knoxville, BARBARA BENZINGER . . Knoxville, VIRGINIA BOTTOM , . . Knoxville, BETSY BRIDGE . . . Knoxville, MARY BUCHANAN . . CAROL BURNS . . . , . Knoxville, HELEN CAROL CARTWRIGHT . Athens Knoxville, Miss i, Fla Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn Tenn MARGARET CHRISTIAN , . Fort Belvoir, Va BETTY ANN CONNER . , . GWENDOLYN COULTER . . Knoxville, HILDA COULTER . . . , Knoxville, WINNIE CULLOM . . , Nashville, DOROTHY DANIEL ..., Knoxville, ANN ELIZABETH DeCLUE . Knoxville, DOROTHY GRACE DRAKE . Knoxville, DOROTHY LEATH DUNCAN Knoxville, MARY ANN ELLIS .... Knoxville, MARTHELLA GORDON . . . Commerc NANCY JUDEAN GREENWAY Knoxville, JOHNNY LOU HOLLOWAY . Spring City, Memphis, Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Q Ga Tenn Tenn MEMBERS BETTY HAMILTON .... Knoxville, Tenn ELIZABETH HARNE HANCOCK Knoxville, Tenn LUNETTE I-IATHCOTE . . . Knoxville, Tenn GLORIA HORTON . .... Atlanta, Ga WILMA JEAN HOUSTON . Spring City, JEAN HULL . . . . . . Knoxville, JEAN JOHNSON , . , . . Knoxville, LILLIAN ALICE JOHNSON . Huntingdon Tenn Tenn Tenn , Tenn Tenn KATHRYN EVANS JONES , , Knoxville, MARY HELEN JONES . . Fountain City, Tenn MARY VIRGINIA JONES ANN O'NlTA KENEMER . LARNA KENT . . . . NANCY LIEBECK LOOSE . IOAN DELYTE MAYES. . VIRGINIA MCCAMPBELL . KATHRYN MCCLURE , . MARY E. MCCOLLOCH , SARAH ELEANOR MCEVER BARBARA LEE PARKER . CAROLYN PIPKIN . , . GLENDA POPE PIPKIN . 48 Knoxville, , Dalto Knoxville, Chelsea, Grove Ci Knoxville, Knoxville, Knoxville, Knoxville, Knoxville, Knoxville, Knoxville, Tenn n, Go Tenn Mich ty, Pa. Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn, Tenn Tenn Tenn VIRGINIA ANN REED . . Old Hickory, BETSY ROSS . . . . . Germantown, MARY ELIZABETH RUDDER . Knoxville, LINDA RUST . ..,. Knoxville, DOROTHY RUTHERFORD . . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. GEORGIANNA MAUDE SEAL , Atlanta, Ga NANCY ELLEN SHANNON . Knoxville, PATRICIA LUCILLE SHAW Fountain City, Tenn, Tenn BETTY SI-IERRILL , . , , Knoxville, Tenn PATSY STRONG . . . . . Knoxville, Tenn LYNN ROSE STANSBERRY . Knoxville, MARJORIE TEMPLE . . Fountain City, BERYL MOULTON TITUS . Fountain City, PAYE VAN PELT , , . Knoxville. ANN WALKER . . . . . Dyersburq, DOROTHY WALLACE , . . Knoxville, ONIDA J, WEISSINGER . Chattanooga, JANE WOODWARD WHITE . Sewanee, DORIS IPINKYJ WHITE . Fountain City, BARBARA LEE WILLIAMS . Knoxville, MARY WILSON ,.., Fountain City, MARTHA ANN WYLIE . . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Rose and White Enchantress Carnation Phi Mu Sorority was founded at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, March 4, 1852. Kappa Chapter at the University of Tennessee was founded in 1908. SURURITY First Row: Alexander, Bell, Benzinger, Buchanan, Burns, Cartwright, Christian, Conner. Second Row: Coulter, Cul- lom, Daniel, DeClure, Drake, Duncan, Ellis, Gordon. Third Row: Greenway, Holloway, Hamilton, Hancock, Hathcote, Horton, Houston, Hull. Fourth Row: I. lohnson, L. lohn- son, K. lones, M. H. lones, M. V. lones, Kenemer, Kent, Loose. Fifth Row: McCampbell, McClure, McEver, C. Pip- kin, Gr. Pipkin, Reed, Ross, Rudder. Sixth Row: Rust, Rutherford, Shaw, Sherrill, Strong, Stansherry, Temple, Ti- tus. Seventh Row: Van Pelt, Walker, Weissinger, White, Williams, Wilson, Wylie. fm www f 1- Nl C I I , A , , . l PI BETAPHI DeVAULT, President RIPPETOE, Vice-President LEHMAN, Treasurer EVERETT, Secretary CAROLYN ALLEN . MARY ANN ANDERSON . . MOLLY BENSON . . LOIS BOOP. . . BETTY BROVVN , BETTY BRUMBY . SALLY BURCH . . BETTY CAMPBELL , IEAN CARTER . . DORIS CLARDY . lOAN COWELL . IEAN DeVAULT . lOAN EDINGTON . . IACQUELINE ELLIOT . KATHARINE EVERETT IANIS HALE. . . VERNETTE I-IANNAFORD . . . BETTY I-IISCOCK . . MEMBERS . . Cookeville, Tenn . Cookeville, Tenn . Knoxville, Tenn . . Knoxville, Tenn . . Cookeville, Tenn . . Cedartown, Ga . . Alexandria, Va . . Bristol, Tenn. . . Knoxville, Tenn. . . . Bristol, Tenn. . Chattanooga, Tenn Oklahoma City, Okla. . . Knoxville, Tenn . , Nashville, Tenn . Knoxville, Tenn. . Ionesboro, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . . Knoxville, Tenn. BARBARA HUFF . LUCY NEAL IARED . MARY RALPH IARED CAROLYN IOHNSON lOAN IUNKIN . . IOY KUYKENDALL . PATRICIA LEI-IMAN PEGGY MCCLELLAN ALICE MCREYNOLDS MARY MILLER . . POLLY MURRAY , ANN NORMENT . ARLYNN PILLING . SIDNEY POTTER . EUDELL RIPPETOE . PATRICIA RUSSELL KATE TIMBERLAKE . PEGGY WARD . . KATHERINE WEEKS ..... . . . . Weymouth, Mass. Gatlinburg, Buffalo Valley, Buffalo Valley, . Knoxville, . Oak Ridge, . Oak Ridge, . Oak Ridge, . .Bristol, . ,Selme-r, , Knoxville . ,Newport, . Harriman, . Sheboygan, . McMinnville, . , Mohawk, , Columbia, . Lexington, . Greencastle, 1 Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn VVS Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Wine and Silver Blue Wine Carnation Pi Beta Phi Fraternity was founded at Mon- mouth Colleqe, Monmouth, lllinois, April 28, 1867. Tennessee Gamma Chapter at the University of Tennessee was founded in l948. SURURITY First Row: Allen, Anderson, Benson, Boop, Brown, Brum- loy. Second Row: Burch, Campbell, Carter, Clardy, Cow- ell, Edinqton. Third Row: Elliott, Hale, Hannaford, His- cock, Hurt, M. lared. Fourth Row: Iohnson, Iunkin, Kuy- kendall, McClellan, Mclieynolds, Miller, Murray. Fifth Row: Norment, Potter, Russell, Timberlake, Ward, Weeks, L. Iared. '--'::-.-'Z-- SIGMA KAPPA IO ANNE BARKER , MARY EVELYN BROWN . BEE BURDELL , . . DOROTHY CAMPBELL MARY LOU CARTER BARBARA CATES . . IO DORIS CLAYTON . LOVELLE CHRISTMAS . IUNE DALLAS . . . DOLORES DAVIS . . FAUN DE LOZIER . . RUTH DRINNEN . . GLORIA DUCKWORTH IOAN EDMONDS . , LENA EVANS . , . BARBARA FOX . . BETTE GARBER . . HELEN GIBSON . . IIMMIE GARMAN . . IEAN GRAY . . . DOROTHY GUNN . . SYLVIA HAMILTON . GLADYS HEGGIE . . ANNA KATHERINE HOWREN , . . DOROTHY IAMISON . NANCY KING . . , PAT KIRK . . CAMPBELL, Vice-President LACK, Treasurer MEMBERS . Knoxville, Tenn. ZELOTTA KORNDOLFFER . . . , Knoxville, . Maryville, Tenn. MARY KATHERINE LACK . . . Fountain City, . Knoxville, Tenn. DOROTHY LAMBDIN . . Knoxville, . Charlotte, N. C. DOROTHY LANE . , , Maryville, . . Chuckey, Tenn. TROY BELLE LANE . . Knoxville, Fountain City, Tenn. IIMMIE LYNN LONG . . Maryville, . lohnson City, Tenn. ALICE LYLE . . . . . Washington, . . Harriman, Tenn. MARGARET MARTIN McMinnville, . . Havana, Cuba IEAN MASON . . , . Knoxville, . Knoxville, Tenn. SARA MCAFEE . . . Sevierville, , Maryville, Tenn. CHRISTINE NASHIO , Iohnson City, . Knoxville, Tenn. MARY PAULUS . . . Knoxville, . Knoxville, Tenn. VIRGINIA FRATER . . Maryville, . , Ootewah, Tenn. IANIE ROGERS . . . , Knoxville, Powell Station Tenn. PEGGY RUSSELL . . , Knoxville, . , Memphis, Tenn. ELIZABETH SLEDGE . , Memphis, . . Knoxville, Tenn. ADELINE STANSBERRY . Knoxville, . . Kingsport, Tenn. MARY STARK . . . Minneapolis, . , Knoxville, Tenn. LOIS STRICKLAND . . Knoxville, New Tazewell, Tenn. BARBARA SWAN . . . Martel, . McMinnville, Tenn. PATSY TEMPER . . . Sevierville, . . Knoxville, Tenn. ALFREDA TURNER . . Knoxville, . Chattanooga, Tenn. DOT TULLIS . . . , Oak Ridge, Iohnson City, Tenn. CONNIE WALL . . . Union City, . Tiptonville, Tenn. ELIZABETH WARD . . . Bulls Gap, . Greeneville, Tenn. DIANE WIERSEMA . . Knoxville, . Knoxville, Tenn. BOBBIE YOUNG . . Washington, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. D. C. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Minn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn Tenn. Tenn. D. C. Maroon and Lavender The Violet Sigma Kappa Sorority was founded at Colby College, Waterville, Maine, in 1874. Alpha Delta Chapter at the University of Tennessee was founded in 1921. SUHUHITY First Row: Barker, Brown, Burdell, Carter, Dallas, Davis, DeLozier. Second Row: Drinnen, Edmonds, Evans, Fox, Garber, Gibson, Gray. Third Row: Gunn, Hamilton, Heg- gie, Howren, Iamison, King, Korndoli-fer. Fourth Row: Lambdin, D. Lane, T. Lane, Long, Lyle, Martin, Mason. Fifth Row: McAfee, Prater, Rogers, Russell, Sledge, Stan- berry, Stark. Sixth Row: Strickland, Temple, Tiller, Turn- er, Wall, Ward, Wiersema, Young. lie 1 t at, f' ', 41 , j 'gxwigj ,3 '-. 5'-' .3 Q' .q?6ym. I 34 tx b 6sXX3NY wjllwxg J -ff A "" .PTWWA ' le 'f, 7' 'iw--Q 3 'ral I H - ' PM x l ' TALIAFERRO, President PARTAIN, Vice-President SHARP, Treasurer BAKER, Secretary MEMBERS MARY LOUISE BAKER . . . . Sparta, Tenn MARTHA MORRIS , . . . Ripley Tenn BEVERLY BIBEE . . , Knoxville, Tenn LOUISE MOSELEY . . Winchester, Tenn BETTY BOWMAN . , . Harriman, Tenn IO MOTLOW . . . . Lynchburg Tenn MARILYN DALTON . . . . Asheville, N. C RUTH MYERS . . . . Tracy City Tenn VIRGINIA DAUGHTERY . . Knoxville, Tenn SUE NEWTON . . . , Oak Ridge, Tenn DORIS DOUGLAS . . , Sevierville, Tenn BETTY ANN NICHOLS . . Knoxville, Tenn HELEN DUNCAN . . . Asheville, N. C VERN ODOM . . . .... Paris Tenn CAROLYN ELKINS . . . . Atlanta, Ga ELIZABETH OGILVIE . . College Grove Tenn HELEN FRAZIER . . . . Oak Ridge, Tenn SHIELA PARDUE . . Union City Tenn RUTH GARLAND . . . . Memphis, Tenn CATHERINE PARTAIN . Knoxville, Tenn MARY ELLEN GARMANY . . . , Chattanooga, Tenn IUNE PATTERSON . . . Nashville Tenn FLORENCE GLADISH . . . . Lawrenceburg, Tenn CAROLYN POPE , . , Nashville Tenn MARIE HALL , ,,,, , , Kngxville, Tenn ELIZABETH PRIESTLY . . MQmphlS Tenn BETTY IEAN HARRINGTON , . Clinton, Tenn IOYCE REYNOLDS . . . Concord Tenn DOROTHY ANN HASKELL . . Winchester, Tenn BETTY RULE . . . . Knoxville Tenn WANDA HEATHERLY . . Lalfollette, Tenn. ELIZABETH SCHOFIELD . Nashville Tenn IANICE HILL . . . . . Shouns, Tenn DORIS SHARP , , . . Lalfollette Tenn BETTY HIPPS . . . Asheville, N, C MARY PAT SHARP . . LaFollette, Tenn BARBARA HOLDER . . Newport, Tenn, GLADYS SHAW . . . Shelbyville Tenn BETTYE HOPPER . . , Iagkson, Tenn CAROLYN STOVALL , . . Rives, Tenn MARILYN HUNT . . . Nashville, Tenn ANN STRASSER , . . . . Nashville, Tenn ANN KERR , .... . Asheville, N. C. IEANNE STURDIVANT . . . . . Burlsion, Tenn LETTY HUTTON KING . . . Knoxville, Tenn MARY OUIDA TALIAFERRO , . . , Oak Ridge, Tenn BETTY KIRTLEY , . . LaFollette, Tenn DEMETRA TARRANT . . , . . Dyersburq, Tenn IO LAW .... , . Louiseville, Tenn. BARBARA THEILE . . . Knoxville, Tenn IANE MCCULLOUGH . .... Camden, Tenn IOHNIE THOMAS . . . Triune, Tenn ANNETTE MCNEILL , . North Little Rock, Ark DALORIS VAUGHAN . Knoxville, Tenn MARY SUE MAYO . . . Palmersville, Tenn CLARA WALLACE . . . Clinton Tenn BEVERLY MEALS . , . . . Paris, Tenn MARTINA WADEWITZ , Elizabethton Tenn 54 1 Turquoise Blue, Steel Gray White Violet Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity was founded at the Virginia State Normal School, October l5, 1898. Zeta Chapter at the University of Tennessee was founded in l904. SURUHITY First Row: Bibee, Bowman, Dalton, Daugherty, Douglas, Elkins, Garland, Garmany. Second Row: Giadish, Har- rington, Haskell, Heatherly, Hill, Holder, Hopper, Hunt. Third Row: Kerr, Kirtley, Law, McCullough, McNeill, Mayo, Meals, Morris. Fourth Row: Motlow, Myers, New- ton, Nickols, Odom, Oglivie, Pardue, Patterson. Fifth Row: Pope, Reynolds, Rule, Schofield, Sharp, Shaw, Sto- vall, Strasser. Sixth Row: Sturdivant, Tarrant, Theile, Thomas, Vaughan, Wallace, Wadewitz. ' 1 ti . dm J . 4?i1. l l 1 -Q M4 H, 5 'fat ,?2"'. Mint fipif .ff H FRATERNITY RELATIONS WEATHERLY, President BILL SKINNER . FREDERICK W. ALLEN . . FRANK LESTER . . ROBERT L. NATHAN . . IOI-IN H. WARD . . ED BONE . . lOl-IN R. COX . lOE B. BARGER . DUNFORD, Vice-President COX, Secxetary-Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES Alpha Tau Omega . Delia Sigma Phi , Delta Tau Delta . Kappa Alpha . . Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Gamma Delia . Phi Sigma Kappa FRANK H. MARSH , BEVERLY I. RAMSEY, IR. . IOHN A. AYRES . . . WILLIAM D. DUNFORD , BRUCE E. HARRISON PAUL G. HUGHES , IACK PLATT . . DEAN IAMES L. MCAULIFFE 56 . Pi Kappa Alpha . . Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Sigma Chi . . . Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon . . Zeta Beta Tau . . Advisor First Row: Allen, Ayres, Barger, Bone. Second Row: Harrison, Hughes, Lester, Marsh. Third Row: Nathan, Platt, Ramsey, Skinner, Ward. -Q- BUAHU The Fraternity Relations Board is composed of one represent- ative from each of the fifteen national male fraternities having chapters at the University of Tennessee. The fifteen fraternity presidents meet with the Board at its regular meetings, held on alternate Monday afternoons. The Board serves as a co-ordinator for the various fraternities and their activities, and passes rules and laws restricting and governing the activities of the Greek organizations. The F. R. B. is now some ten years old, being the baby of former dean of students, Iohn Moseley. During this period it has kept harmony among all fraternity men, and has governed all rushing, dances, parties, and other fraternity business. 1 "Wk ..., N' V1 4 A A , , N vnu, ,WW 1 71, V - sffw- " 'ZZ' f?': i411-x ' X "N N +'-gf' , x 'i v f' ,, 5, X. xg' ,,,' H PITALITY.-S-UH sn THE WINNERS 5 K 5' pm LUNCH TIME :OW US, W I MOH STEAKS f 5 .,2'R V' Q 'M-mm awp.-T. Mvg WMM Q. A . yisfivhm. gskijgs?, Q X if W f 1 si' 'MO WMA A . a 'Eu hm .aw ' MWT"f"'!""""!"+w ,W i"i,...Q.w Q Q -1-may,z,h5,a?u A, ' Sa ul? 4 X 1 . . ,Nz ,wk B ,, U-.J iv 2' . '4 - . 5-1 2 f e. if' yi ,s Ag ne w ALPHA TAU UIVIEEI-l J McVAY, President COVINGTON, Vice-President MOORE, Treasurer MEMBERS IOE C. ALEXANDER . . Ridgley, Tenn, AL G, FINCANNON . . . Knoxville, Tenn. JAMES C. PANGLE Johnson City, Tenn. IAMES T, ARNOLD , . Knoxville, Tenn, WILLIAM K, FORD . . . Dyersburq, Tenn. ROBERT L, PANGLE Johnson City, Tenn HERBERT H, BACON . Morristown, Tenn. GEORGE W, GALLIMORE . Dresden, Tenn. PAUL N, PARKS . . . Tiptonville, Tenn. MILLET H. BAILEY . . Knoxville, Tenn. DONALD B. GIBSON . . Spring City, Tenn. ROBERT PATTERSON . Knoxville, Tenn. GEORGE M. BAKER . Knoxville, Tenn. RICHARD E. GRAVES, JR. . Memphis, Tenn. ALLISON PATTON . Brownsville, Tenn WILLIAM R. BARNES . Nashville, Tenn. PHIL C, GREEN . . . . . Memphis, Tenn. JAMES E, PAULK . . . Knoxville, Tenn. WAYNE BAUCUM . . . . Jackson, Tenn. RICHARD B, GRESI-IAM . Johnson City, Tenn. ERNEST A. PEACOCK, , Tiptonville, Tenn. PERRY N, BIGHAM . . . . Paris, Tenn. JOHN K. GRIFFIN .... Whiteville, Tenn. RAY S. PEEBLES . .... Paris, Tenn. LOUIS W, BLACKLEY . . Hornbeak, Tenn. JAMES L. GRIFFITH .,.. Wartrace, Tenn. THOMAS E, PRICE . . Knoxville, Tenn. WILLIAM T. BOCKMAN . . . Spartcx, Tenn. LLOYD HAMMOND , , Middleshoro, Tenn. JAMES A. PICKLE . . Nashville, Tenn. CHESLEY L, BOWDEN, JR. . Ripley, Tenn. RICHARD HART . . . . . Memphis, Tenn. ROBERT A, POORE . . . Newbern, Tenn. BURTON N, BOYD . . Knoxville, Tenn. WENDELL C, HAYNES . . Tiptonville, Tenn. DICKEY W, PUCKETT . . . . Milan, Tenn- PAUL H, BOYD . . . Knoxville, Tenn. WILLIAM C, HILLEARY . Sprinq City, Tenn- EVERETT l-I, OUALLS . . . Nashville, Tenn. JOHN W. BOWERS Johnson City, Tenn. JOHN J. HOGAN . . . Memphis, Tenn. EDMOND RAWLINS , , Johngon City, Tenn EDWIN D. BOZEMAN . . . Memphis, Tenn. THOMAS M. HORNER , . , . Paris, Tenn. DONALD REESE . . . . . Raleigh, Tenn DAN BRAZLETON , . . , Tupelo, Miss. WILLIAM H. HORNER . . . . Paris, Tenn. JAMES W. SHERRIL .... Norfolk, Va. IRA E. BRADFIELD . . . LaGrange, Ga. JOHN N, HUGHES ,... Cincinnati, Ohio JOEL L, SHORE . . . . . . Rives, Tenn. ROBERT J, BREEDING . . Sparta, Tenn. RALPH M. HUGHES . . Waynesboro, Tenn. CHAS. B. SINGLETON, JR. . Trenton, Tenn. SAM R, BUGG . , Murfreesboro, Tenn ROBERT A, HULL . . . Johnson City, Tenn. ROBERT W, SKINNER . . Collierville, Tenn JOHN H. CALDWELL . . . Milan, Tenn WAYNE HOSKINS . . , . Etowah, Tenn. WILLIAM C, SMITH . . . Knoxville, Tenn SAM E. CALDWELL , . .D . Milan, Tenn HAROLD E, JAYNES . . . . Erwin, Tenn. CARROLL SWAFFORD . . . Knoxville, Tenn. BRUCE A, CHAMBERLIN . Johnson City, Tenn RICHARD H. JENNINGS . . Knoxville, Tenn. GUY T, TAYLOR . .... Milon, Tenn. COLIE E, CHANDLER . . . Jackson, Tenn ROBERT E, JOHNSON , . Trezevant, Tenn. CECIL R, TURNER ..,... Paris, Tenn HENRY A, CLAIBORNE . Brownsville, Tenn. RICHARD L, JONES . . . . Bailey, Tenn. JAMES E, WAGNER . . . Brownsville, Tenn. JOE D. COCHRAN . . . . Knoxville, Tenn. ROBERT R, KELLER . . Johnson CitY,, Tenn. JOSEPH F, WALTEMATH , Memphis, Tenn GLEN A- COLEMAN V - Humboldt, Tenn. KYLE R. KEESECKER , . . . Erwin, Tenn. JOE L, WARD .... McKenzie, Tenn WILLIAM H. COOPER . Chattanooga, Tenn. HORACE L. KEY , . . Nashville, Tenn. KENNETH E, WEBSTER , . Great Neck, N. Y IOHN T. CONNELL . . . . . Milan, Tenn. ROBERT H, KLINKE . . . Memphis, Tenn, DABNEY S. WELLFORD . , Cordova, 'I'enn EVERETT A. OOVINGTON . Nashville, Tenn. VINCENT E. KNOX . . Dyersburq, Tenn. JOE B. WHITLOW , . . Johnson City, Tenn HORACE B. CUPP . . . . . Atlanta, Ga. OSWALD C, KROMER . . . Somerset, Tenn. JOE WHITWORTH . . , Germantown, Tenn CURTIS W, DEAN . . . . Knoxville, Tenn. WILLIAM F. LEE . . . Sparta, Tenn. WILLIAM I. WILSON . Whiteville, Tenn WILLIAM N, DENDER . . . Etowah, Tenn. JOSEPH F, LESTER . . Morristown, Tenn. HAROLD G. WOODS , . . Jackson, Tenn WILLIAM E. DODSON , . Dyersburg, Tenn, JOE B, LOVE . Knoxville, Tenn. RICHARD T. WYKOFF . . Clearwater, Fla JAMES C, DOUGLAS . . Sevierville, Tenn. CHARLES E, MANNER , . . Milan, Tenn. WILLIAM G. YARBRO . . Dyersburg, Tenn JACK W, DRINNEN . . . Knoxville, Tenn. KENNEDY R. MAXWELL . . Knoxville, Tenn. VERNON H. YOUNG . . . Knoxville, Tenn ROBERT N. DRUMM . Great Barrington. Mass. GEORGE R. MCVAY . . Union City, Tenn. GORDON N. ZANE , . Gatlinburg, Tenn BEN D, DUNAGAN , . . , Milan, Tenn. ALBERT M. MILLER . Knoxville, Tenn. JOHN BLAINE . Birmingham, Ala EUGENE N, DUNCAN . . , . Tampa, Fla. JOHN T, MCCASTILL . . Paris, Tenn. FRANK CRAWFORD . Memphis, Tenn CYRUS E, DURIO . . . Milan, Tenn. BEN J. MOORE . Dyersburq, Tenn. JAMES HAYWOOD . . . Poris, Tenn GEORGE A. EDWARDS . . Crossville, Tenn. WALTER R. MOORE . . Knoxville, Tenn. JOE MEEKS . . . Jackson, Tenn BLAIR D, ERB . . . Memphis, Tenn. CHARLES E, NINE . . . Knoxville, Tenn. GEORGE RUSKELL . . , Knoxville, Tenn FRANK P. FAHERTY . - Memphis, Tenn. STEWART L. NUNN . . . Ripley, Term. ED THOMPSON . . . Winter Haven, Fla Sky Blue and Old Gold White Tea Rose Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity was founded at Richmond, Virginia, September ll, 1865. Ten- nessee Pi Chapter at the University ot Tennes- see Was founded in l872. FHATERNITY TENNESSEE Pl CHAPTER First Row: Alexander, Arnold, Baker, Blackley, Bock- man, Bowden, Boyd, Bowers. Second Row: Boze man, Bradfield, Breeding, Bugg, I. Caldwell, S. Cald- well, Chamberlin, Chandler. Third Row: Claiborne Cochran, Coleman, Connell, Culi, Dean, Dender, Dodson. Fourth Row: Douglas, Drinnen, Drumm Dunagan, Durio, Erb, Faherty, Fincannon. Fifth Row Gallimore, Gibson, Graves, Gresham, Griffin, Griffith, Hammond, Haynes. Sixth Row: Hilleary, Hogan, T Horner, W. Horner, I. Hughes, B. Hughes, Hull, Hos- kins. ALPHA TAU UMEEA First Row: Iaynes, Iennings, Iohnson, Iones, Keller, Keesecker, Key, Klinke. Second Row: Knox, Krorn- er, Lee, Manner, Maxwell, McAskil1, Moore, Nunn Third Row: I. Panqle, B. Panqle, Parks, Patterson, Pat- ton, Paulk, Peacock, Peebles. Fourth Row: Price 1 Pickle, Puckett, Qualls, Rawlins, Sherrill, Shore, Singleton. Fifth Row: Skinner, Smith, Taylor, Turn- er, Wagner, Walternath, Ward, Webster. Sixth Row: Wellford, Whitlow, Whitworth, Wilson, Wood, Wy- koif, Young, Zane. ... , .rg nt'-bf 1:.'.."z.'.,..,... 'Q as 45' ' AIX 'U X 2. if Q 'x ' fe- '-IP QU ? N5 5'il Es vo DELTASIEIVIAPHI O-0 FREDERICK R. ALLEN , HERMAN K. ALVERSON , Chattanooga ASA R. AMBRISTER . JOHN R. ARMSTRONG IOHN A, AUSTIN . GEORGE 'I'. BALDWIN, JOHN W. BEESON . ROBERT C. BELL . ROBERT K. BENNETT EDWIN BLACKMAN . HOMER BLACKMON . JACK BROOKS . . . CHARLES K, BRUMIT JOE B. BURROW , . CHARLES M, BYLES . JAMES CARDWELL . . . . , Lexington, Tenn JOHN C. MASK ..,. Memphis, Tenn WILLIAM B. MATTHEWS . Memphis, Tenn EDWARD C. MOORE . . , Memphis, Tenn JAMES L. MYRACLE . . . Lexington, Tenn RUSSELL NERREN . . . . Memphis, Tenn ERNEST P. NEWBERN . . Memphis, Tenn MICK ODLE . ,... Sugar Tree, Tenn ROBERT K, PARHAM . . , Memphis, Tenn CORNWELL, President HOLDER, Treasurer ELLIOTT, Secretary MEMBERS , New York, N. Y. RICHARD S. GORDON . Knoxville, Tenn. JAMES E, MARTIN , , Tenn REX F, GREGORY . . Red Bank, Tenn. . . Knoxville, Tenn ROBERT E. HERRING . Memphis, Tenn. . . Lexington, Tenn JAOUE D. HEYEN . Pennington, N, J. . . . Lexington, Tenn MURREL HICKEY . . Bearden, Tenn. JR. . . Chicago, Ill GEORGE HOBBS , . . Nashville, Tenn. . . Philadelphia, Miss HUGH R. HOLDER . . Newport, Tenn. . . . , Unicoi, Tenn HAROLD T. HOGUE . Chattanooga, Tenn. . Spring Lake, Mich WILLIAM E. JEFFERY , Vineland, N, J. . . Knoxville, Tenn. IAMES W. JORDAN . Whitehaven, Tenn. . . Humboldt, Tenn. JOHN KENNON . . , . . Paris, Tenn. CLOYD F, PARMAN . Chattanooga, Tenn FRED KEY , . . . . Riceville, Tenn. THOMAS R, POTTS , , . Elizabethton, Tenn. HERBERT M. KING . Pennington Gap, Va. JAMES RAY- , , . . . Nashville, Tenn JOHN J. KNIGHT . . . . Brownfield, Texas LYLE REID I V I . Chattanooga Tenn FREDERICK L. KNOWLES . Memphis, Tenn. CHARLES R. CASTELLAW . . Bells, GEORGE O. CATE . LORING H. CLICK . IOHN CORNWELL , LEO COSTELLO . . RICHARD L. DERAMO WILLIAM R. DERAMO THOMAS F. DROST . JOHN B. ELLIOTT . ROBERT H. GIBBS . THOMAS GIBSON . . Chattanooga, . . . Eagan, . . . Kingsport, . . Chattanooga, . . Coraopolis, . . Coraopolis, , Scranton, . . Athens, , Knoxville, . . . Lexington, , Anniston, Ala Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Penn Penn Penn Tenn Tenn. Tenn. HARRY LACKEY . . . . . Lynchburg, Va. PERRY LANE .... Grand Junction, Tenn. MARK LEACH . . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. CARR W. LEAVITT . . Chattanooga, Tenn. HUDSON LEE . . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. ANDREW C. LOGAN . . , Alexandria, Va. JOHN P. LONAS .... Knoxville, Tenn. FREDERICK E. LYNCH . . Lalfollette, Tenn. ROBERT T. MCCLEARY . Philadelphia, Penn. A, DAVID MCGREDE . . . DeRidder, La. ROBERT L. McSWEEN . Fountain City, Tenn. OLEN H. MARSHALL . . . Rutledge, Tenn. 64 HUGH RICHARDSON KEN ROY . . . . JAMES R, SCANLAN JOSEPH SHANNON WALTER SHEA . . ROBERT SMITH , . Pomano Beach, Fla . . Nashville, Tenn Grand Junction, Tenn . , . Bells, Tenn Grand Junction, Tenn Fountain City, Tenn . Chattanooga, Tenn . . Memphis, Tenn . . Knoxville, Tenn . . Knoxville, Tenn WILLIAM A, STRONG . Whitehaven, Tenn JAMES SNOW .,.. Grand Junction, Tenn ROBERT W. TAYLOR . . . . Yuma, Tenn WILLIAM TOME . . . Philadelphia, Penn DONALD VANDAGRIFF . Chattanooga, Tenn DOUGLAS Z, WALKER . . Memphis, Tenn Nile Green and White White Carnation Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Was founded at the College of the City of New York, December lO, l899. Ornicron Chapter at the University of Tennessee was founded in l93l. FRATEHNITY """""'-'-M-A-.f M- H NO ARGUMENT HERE "W-ww-..,......,,.,,,,,,, BEND, PLEDGE! Tv l, --pas:-'fill' UMIEHUN CHAPTER First Row: Allen, Arrnstronq, Beeson, Bell, Bennett, W. Derarno, Gibson, Gregory, Herring. Fourth Row: Brooks. Second Row: Brumit, Burrow, Byles, Card- Heyen, Hickey, Hoque, leflery, Key, Knight. Fifth well, Cate, Click. Third Row: Costello, B. Derarno, Row: Knowles, Leach, Leavitt, Lee, Logan. 5 s s x l 66 DELTA SIGMA PHI First Row: Lonas, McC1eary, McGrede, Marshall, Potts, Ray, Reid, Richardson, Scanlan. Fourth Row Martin, Mask. Second Row: Matthews, Moore, My- Shannon, Shea, Smith, Strong, Snow. Fifth Row racle, Newbern, Odle, Parham. Third Row: Parman, Taylor, Tome, Vandaqrifi, Blackmon, Lane. 67 .Nile awafi avg DELTA T1-lU DELTA MIDDLETON, President BRADSHAW. Vice-President MCMILLON, Treasurer KEER, Secretary DAVE ALDRIDGE . HENRY ANDREWS . IOHN ARNOLD . , BOB ARRANTS . . HARRY BAIRD . . RICHARD BARRACK HARRELL BARTON BERNIS BEARD . . BILL BEARD . . . P. C. BRADSHAW . BILL BROWN . . LONNIE BROWN . RUSSELL BROWN . WALKER CASKIE . OTIS CLARK . . .' JOE COCKE . , , CARLTON COOK . BICKNEL COOK . . BRENT COOKE . JOHN CRITTENDEN HAROLD CROOK . BOB CUNNINGHAM JIM DAVIS . . . PRED DYKE . CARRUS DLIBOSE . JAMES EDGIN . . JACK ELLIS . , GENE ELLISON . . JAMES EVANS . . BERT EERRELL , JAMES FREEMAN . BOB GILBERT , . TOM GUTHRIE . . HAROLD HAMPTON HENRY HANCOCK . . Natchez, Miss. . Pensacola, Fla, Winchester, Tenn. . Decatur, Tenn. . . Dyer, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . . Paris, Tenn. . . Dresden, Tenn. . . Martin, Tenn. . Dyersburg, Tenn. . Iackson, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . ,Knoxville, Tenn. , Lynchburg, Va. . . Pisgah, lowa . Memphis, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. , Memphis, Tenn. , Memphis, Tenn. Chattanooga, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . Norris, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . . Memphis, Tenn. Oak Ridge, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. Morristown, Tenn. Cross Plains, Tenn. . . Bettyville, Ky. . . Paris, Tenn. MEMBERS HAYWOOD HARRIS . . . CHARLES HARVEY . JAMES HAYNES . , ALVIN HEIDEL . . GEORGE HENDERSON M. E, HENNEGAR . JACK HENNESSEE . . PRED HOEKE . . JAMES HOWELL . BILL HOYT . . . CHARLES JACKSON . IACK KEER . . JACK KIDWELL . . PRED KITTS . . GIL KYKER , . , ROBERT E. LEE . FRANK LESTER . . HERMAN LEWIS . SAM LUTZ . . . BILL MCCONNELL . JACK MCGEE . . . BILL MCKENZIE , , KEN MCMAHAN . . JOE MCMILLON . DICK MAERKER . . HAROLD MANESS . FRED MAPES . . DODE MARTIN . . LAURENS MASSEY , JOHN MATHIS . . JOE MAYBERRY . . BERTRAM MAYES . . WALKER MEACHAM RUDY MICHELIER , BILL MIDDLETON . . 68 Knoxville, Tenn. . . Harriman, Tenn. , . . Memphis, Tenn. . . Knoxville, Tenn . . . Clinton, Tenn . . Melbourne, Pla. . . Sylva, N. C. . Knoxville, Tenn. . . Iackson, Tenn. . Maryville, Tenn. . Kennebunk, Me. . . Knoxville, Tenn. . . Knoxville, Tenn. . . Knoxville, Tenn. . , Knoxville, Tenn , Knoxville, Tenn , . Nashville, Tenn . Knoxville, Tenn , . Knoxville, Tenn , Larchmont, N. Y. . Pensacola, Fla West Memphis, Ark . . Knoxville, Tenn Ashland City, Tenn. . . Knoxville, Tenn. . . Greenfield, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . . Knoxville, Tenn. . . , Memphis, Tenn. . . Knoxville, Tenn. . . Sparta, Tenn. . . Clinton, Tenn. . . Memphis, Tenn. . . Knoxville, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. JIM MONTGOMERY R. A. NEWMAN CARL o'BAuGH , JERRY OST . . PHIL PACKARD . . PRED PARKER . . CHARLES PERKINS DON POPE . . . TED RANKIN . . DICK RICHARDSON PAT RION , , . BOB ROSE . . . BOB SCHAEDLE . LYNN SEEBER . . ED SEVIER , . H. E, SIMPSON . DOUG SMITH . . DICK SMITH . BILL STEELMAN . SAM SULLIVAN . . BILL TARWATER . ERNEST TATE . L. T. THURMAN HARRY TRYTHALL BILL UNDERWOOD JOE WASHAM MIKE WEATHERLY DON WEBSTER , HAROLD WESSON . DICK WHITE BILL WILLIAMSON TOM WOODARD DON WOODMANSEE REES WOODY , . JOE YANCEY . . . . Knoxville, Tenn , Knoxville, Tenn . . Knoxville, Tenn . Memphis, Tenn Winston-Salem, N. C . Knoxville, Tenn DePuniak Spgs.. Fla . . . Linden, Tenn . . . Iackson, Tenn . . Chattanooga, Tenn . . Memphis, Tenn . McMinnville, Tenn . . . Memphis, Tenn . . . Clinton, Tenn . , Jackson, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn . Memphis, Tenn , Knoxville, Tenn . . . Halls, Tenn . Cleveland, Tenn . Knoxville, Tenn . Knoxville, Tenn . Crossville, Tenn . . . Knoxville, Tenn . . . Knoxville, Tenn . . Lexington Tenn . . . Nashville, Tenn . . Knoxville, Tenn . Asheville, N, C . Knoxville, Tenn , . . Humboldt, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn . . . Memphis, Tenn . . Bassett, Va . Knoxville, Tenn Purple, Gold, and White Iris Delta Tau Delta Fraternity was founded at Beth- any Colleqe, Virginia, 1858. Delta Delta Chap- ter at the University of Tennessee was founded in 1924. Q FRATEHNITY PLAYTIME COMM !TTE First Row: Aldridqe, Andrews, Arnold, Arrants, Baird Barrack, Barton, B. Beard. Second Row: I. Beard, W. Brown, R. Brown, Caskie, Clark, C. Cook, W. Cook, Cooke. Third Row: Crittenden, Crook, Cunningham, ACHAPTEH Davis, DuBose, Ellis, Ellison, Evans. Fourth Row Ferrell, Freeman, Gilbert, Guthrie, Hancock, Harris Harvey, Haynes. Fifth Row: Heidel, Henderson Hennegar, Hennessee, Hoeke, Howell, Hoyt, Iackson 70 IJELTAT First Row: Kitts, Kyker, Lee, Lester, McConnell, Mc- Mahan, Maerker, Maness. Second Row: Mapes, Martin, Massey, Mathis, Mayberry, Mayes, Meach- am, Micheller. Third Row: Montqomery, Newman, Parker, Pope, Rion, Rose, Scaedle, Seeber. Fourth Row: Simpson, D. Smith, R. Smith, Steelman, Tar- Water, Tate, Thurman, Trythall. Fifth Row: Washam Weatherly, Webster, White, Williamson, Woodard Yancey. 71 WILLIAM ROLAND PRINCE . ILM! NXXQ I . ..---' lf' , ff!! 3 ':2-.s 3 .',, , . ,f 1 s11,Xgsgw:.,5sf,g , if N. Xx X or Q- ', , feqexyzbxx 5 , ftgqff ff -at-W. N-R.-me If - ' N. ,,,,Z,."Qf' ,f ,mid fjlggz 'g425f5Z5Qf31'5:w-'ffW,,,- 53. -....,,,i-M.. x All I! 1 x I ' f ff 'f QS fggffyf fri I, nqvocefzhqi sr gi 'Me f.c-elif w e ww J ' ,A ' fjiffif , L jx, Q 3 I " , If tw so ' ww .. 'Q I 371 ' '- A in ,TIM :.:5.,E'.:j- VV.. '-..,, "mfg, ,. A 'z' ...I-::.::-J: , ' Q -::EE:,-Z N Q, 3 z :j:.,.. 5 . - 1 ,e .i,"5t'f ' 1 'f , .. F:- f.,.. I . I. - A' . I . X K N . ., . 'J Q ei' ET' L69 . Waverly, Tenn Murfreesboro, Tenn . . Florence, Ala HARBER, President BARRETT, Vice-President ROSS. Secretary MEMBERS IOHN B. ANDERSON , . . . . Etowah, Tenn RICHARD MCKEEL . . WILLARD L. ARMSTRONG, IR. . . Memphis, Tenn ROBERT MCKNIGI-IT , . CLAUDE P. BARRETT . . . . . Knoxville, Tenn CREED MEFFORD . . . WILLIAM O. BRAKEBILL, IR. . . Madisonville, Tenn. IAMES MICHEALS . . . RICHARD BRAY . .... . . Memphis, Tenn. WILLIAM I. NAPIER, IR. IAMES T, BURT . . . . . . Tompa, Fla ROBERT L. NATHAN . . CHARLES T. CATE . . . . . Knoxville, Tenn. ROBERT S. PITTMAN . WILLIAM E. COCKRELL, IR. . , . Truman, Ark IOHNS PRICE . . . A. COVINGTON. . BOBBY C. CROWELL . . TERRELL E, DAFFER, IR. . WILLIAM M. GRAVES . IAMES GOODMAN . . L. T. I-IACKWORTH . . KEITH HARBER . . ROBERT E. HAMES . HOWARD L. HAY , . EDWARD T. HUNTER . WILLIAM D. KIRK . . . THURMAN F. LONGCRIER VERNON D. LYONS . . . LINTON A. MASSIE . . IOHN B. MASON . . . Magnolia, Miss. . . Iackson, Tenn . . . Norfolk, Va Westmoreland, Tenn . Oak Ridge, Tenn . , Florence, Ala Oliver Springs, Tenn . Chattanooga, Tenn . Shelbyville, Tenn , . Tampa, Fla . Colombia, Ky . Knoxville, Term . . . Norfolk, Va . Madisonville, Tenn . , Memphis, Tenn CRAIG REED , . ALBERT S. RIDDLE , . ISAAC W. ROSS . , IOHN SMITH . . . . WILLIAM R. SPRADLING . WILLIAM H. STANTON, IR. I. EDGAR STRAIN . . . S. FRED STRAIN, IR. . HADLEY STREATER . . IACK C. SWEARINGEN . BENIAMIN W, TRAVIS . IONES WEBB . . , HARRY WEHUNT . . . HENRY C. WILLIAMSON, IR . Memphis, Tenn . Colombia, Term . Sheffield, Ala . . Tampa, Fla . Knoxville, Tenn . Oak Ridge, Tenn . Hartford, Conn . Shelbyville Tenn , Shelbyville Tenn . Oak Ridge Tenn Chattanooga Tenn . Oak Ridge, Tenn . Memphis, Tenn . Memphis, Tenn . Columbia Tenn . Greenfield, Tenn . Greenfield, Tenn . . Etowth, Tenn . Cleveland, Tenn . Greenfield, Tenn Crimson and Old Gold Magnolia and Red Rose Kappa Alpha Order was founded at Washington and Lee University, Virginia, December 21, 1865. Pi Chapter at the University of Tennes- see Was founded in 1883. FBATERNITY First Row: Anderson, Armstrong, Brakebill, Bray, Burt, Cate. Second Row: Covington, Graves, Goodman, Hackworth, Hames, Hay. Third Row: Hunter, Kirk, Longcrier, Massie, Mason, McKeel. Fourth Row: Mc- Knight, Metford, Micheals, Napier, Nathan, Pittman. Fifth Row: Price, Prince, Smith, Spradling, Stanton, Strain. Sixth Row: Streater, Swearingen, Travis, Webb, Wehunt, Williamson. 1 ff. Y l Af m l -HJQQRL, '- HW ' lk I KAPPA SIGMA MCCONNELL, President GARNER, Vice-President AGEE, Treasurer ROBINSON. Secretary MEMBERS EMMIT ADKINS . Knoxville, Tenn. SANFORD GARNER . . Nashville, Tenn. GRADY W, AGEE Pittsburg Landing, Tenn. VERNON C. GILBERT . . Knoxville, Tenn. IAMES R. ARNHART . . . Knoxville, Tenn. IOE C. GOUFFON . . . Knoxville, Tenn. ROBERT BADGER . . , . Kingston, Tenn BOB GREELEY , . Maryville, Tenn. MALCOM BAKER . . . Memphis, Tenn SANDY GRAVES . . Knoxville, Tenn. TOMMY BARNEFT . . Memphis, Tenn IAMES GREER . . Knoxville, Tenn- CLARENCE D. BLAKNEY Memphis, Tenn. IOHN I. GREER . . Knoxville, Tenn, WM. I. BLATCHLEY, IR. . New Haven, Conn. IERRY W, HARPER , Chattanooga, Tenn. tfattwsseis A I I I 135. I I . . emp is, enn . . . noxvi e, enn. EILDXSIQNBSSHBURROUGHS . INIashviHe, Tenn . . , Ilgnoxville, Tenn. . .... aryvi e, enn . . noxvi e, enn. R. E. BUTTS . . . Iackson, Tenn ROGER HIXON . , Chattanooga, Tenn. HAROLD BYARS . , . Knoxville, Tenn DAVID W, HOKE . . . Memphis, Tenn. WILLIAM A. BYRD . . Miami, Fla LAWRENCE HORD .... Memphsi, Tenn. STEVE CAKMES , . Knoxville, Tenn TOM I-IORTON , . . . Rome, Ga. WORTH CAMPBELL . . . Knoxville, Tenn FRED HOVEY . . . Knoxville, Tenn. IEAN A. CARSON , . . . Oneida, Tenn BRUCE IVY, IR. . . . Oscela, Ark. E532 S'Si5?tIEi1T ' ' G'i5fsb'3?" I-I C l5HIF?AJ1'1i5liNINGS ' ' K Biimei Ga' . . . . emp is, enn . . . noxvi e, enn. ROBERT H, COE b V Knoxville, TSHI1. BILL H. IOHNSTON . , Knoxville, Tenn. FRED COLEMAN A Memphis' Tenn IACK IOHNSTON . . . Knoxville, Tenn. EDWARD CONNETTE . . Iilliishvglle, Tenn. BILL IONES , , . Knoxville, Tenn, TOM COOPWOOD . . . emp is, erm. IOE H, LEONARD . Knoxville, Tenn. - A - igevelaid. Tenn. WILLIAM Ll'i'I'ERiER, III Asllzland City, Tenn. I - - HOXV1 9, SDH- FRANK K. OV attanooga, enn. IOHN D. CROWELL, IR. . - Knoxville. Term REGINALD LOVELACE . . Memphis, Tenn. WINBURN G. CURRIE - . Iackson, Tenn I-TOWARD W, LOVELESS . . Stuttgart, Ark 583535 I I Wm-M I I K . - - SHIP iS. SDH. FRANK A. M V . . . emp is, enn. HUGH DONALDSON , . Knoxville, Tenn. VJALLACE MCCLURE , Knoxville, Tenn, IOE DOSSETT v IGHIQO. Tenn- EDWARD I. MCCONNELL . Chattanooga, Tenn. - - IgIemPIHS. geflll- GROVER MHCQFWIICK . . Msgmtghis, Tenn, , . noxvi Ae, enn. HARRIS Mr-CR . . ra en, enn. DEISEES . . - xempgfs. 'Tenn DANNY MCREYNOLDS . . Knoxville, Tenn. - - SHIP IS, GUN- . . noxvil e, enn. TOMMY EDDINS - Memphis' Tm E?tl't?fES'BM1fi?'53?EEN M... his Te... CARLYLE T, ELLIOT . . Chattanooga, Tenn, AMES D MYERS ' ' ' K p.u ' T ' ROBERT V. ELLIOT . Chattanooga, Tenn. I ' ' ' noxvl ,e' erm' IOHN ELLIS . . Iefferson City, Tenn. IOHN P- NASH ' ' - ' Memphlsf Tenn' WATER FEIIX , , , , , Kn0xvi11e'Tenn- HERBERT P. NEFF . . . Knoxville, Tenn. IACK FERRER . , Memphis, Tenn ED OEHMIG . . , . . Chattanooga, Tenn. 74 IAMES ORR . RUSSELL O'ZANNE, IR, MELVIN C. PANNELL .- VERNON O'NEAL PAUL . Moo RUBIN PAYNE . . . ARTHUR PICKLE . ROBERT D, PORTER . . THOMAS H, RANDALL BILL F, REGAS GIENN E. ROBINSON IIM ROGERS . Knoxville, Tenn . Memphis, Tenn Knoxville, Tenn rehead City, N.C . Knoxville, Tenn . Knoxville, Tenn . Rome, Ga . Memphis, . Knoxville Knoxville Chattanooga STEPHAN L. ROGERS .l South Pittsburg SAM ROSE WILLIAM ROSE . , IOHN H, SCOTT . IOHN SCRUGGS . COYLE SHEA . PETER M. SMITH . . SHIRLEY SMITH . . WILBURN SMITH . . WILLIAM SOSNA . , GILBERT STEIN Kingstonl . Cleveland . Pikeville . Memphis . Memphis . Kingston Knoxville Chattanooga Knoxville Chattanooga IESSIE N, STEVENSON .' . Memphis EARL R, SULLIVAN . . . IGUICO CLINTON TAYLOR . . IOHN TAYLOR . ELMER THOMPSON . . Memphis , Memphis Knoxville R. N. TIMBERLAKE . . New Market TIM VESTER THOMAS M. VESTER gmt. M, voor-:R BRUEGGE A MARK P. vooan BRUEGGE EDXAIARD L. WATSON TQHN 'I', VVATSON . IOHN H, WARD . KARL H, WARREN . BENIAMIN WILKERSON EDGAR M, WILKERSON IAMES L, WILKERSON GEORGE A. WILSON . PHIL WRIGHT . . . . Knoxville Knoxville Memphis Memphis . Knoxville , Memphis . Knoxville . Martin Ca lderwood . Nashville , Nashville . Knoxville: . Memphis, I I 1 1 I Tenn Tenn. Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn Tenn. Tenn Tenn. Tenn Term. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Te nn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Scarlet, White and Emerald Green. Lily-of-the-Valley Kappa Sigma Fraternity Was founded at the University of Virginia, December IU, 1869. Lambda Chapter at the University of Tennessee was founded in 1880. FHATERNITY LAMBDA First Row: Arnhari, Badger, Blakeney, Blatchley, Brooks, Burroughs, Bush. Second Row: Butts, Byars, Byrd, Cakmes, Campbell, Clark, Clement. Third Row: Coe, Coleman, Connette, Coorwood, Corn, Copeland, Currie. Fourth Row: Danner, Dodson, CHAPTER Donaldson, Duggan, Duke, Dukes, Eddins. Fifth Row: T. Elliot, Ellis, Felix, Ferrer, Gouffon, Greeley, Graves, Greer. Sixth Row: I. E. Hayes, I. M. Hayes, Heins, Hixon, Hoke, Hord, Horton, Hovey. ' 76 KIlPPIl SIEIVIA FHATEHNITY First Row: Ivy, Ienninqs, Iett, Iones, Litterer, Love, Lovelace. Second Row: Loveless, Luck, McClure, McCormick, McCraW, Mazewell, Myers. Third Row: Oehrniq, Pannell, Paul, Payne, Pickle, Porter, Reqas Fourth Row: I. W. Rogers, S. L. Rogers, Rose, Scott Shea, P. Smith, S. Smith. Fifth Row: G. W. Smith, Sosna, Stein, Sullivan, Timberlake, I. Vester, Brueq- qe C. Vorder. Sixth Row: I. Watson, Ward, Warren, B. Wilkerson, E. Wilkerson, I. Wilkerson, Wilson, Wright. fees. Ganga? QMSQQ -X, lx ' . -"'v.q"- in ,.-fs r x 4 A , , SD r ML ' EY' 13.393, fxb . ' " Us Sgxllfyfi H AH K XE? B AxXx,,,.ffI' ASD: 'TVIRAJ Q1-lxsovi 4' f ill' " N ig J: A M X0 Q2 sf A M Al 'ts' ' W A ' rf A N? Q Q, xi, . If Y, 'fu . Iv ft., ,ff Lx . gf- . -4 It Q"- LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PARKS, President BRIGHT, Vice-President KI-IRBAUGH, Treasurer HALL. Secretary MEMBERS IOHN W. ADDLEBURG , Surgoinsville, Tenn. IERRY G, FLEENOR . . . Kingsport, Tenn. PAUL E. MILL . . . , Chattanooga, Tenn. SAMUEL H, ANDERSON , , Kingsport, Tenn. OSCAR R. POSTER . . . Knoxville, Tenn. MANNING D, MILLER , Spartanburg, S. C. GEORGE S. APPLETON . . Nashville, Tenn. CHARLES S. FRAZIER, IR. . Pine Bluff, Ark. WILLIAM G. MITCHELL . . Livingston, Tenn CARL B, ARCHER . . . Kingsport, Tenn. EDWARD R. GARRETI' . . Lewisburg, Tenn. IOSEPH B. MOLTENI . . , Nashville, Tenn. SAMUEL A. ARMSTRONG . Stony Point, Tenn. WILLIAM C, GEORGE . . Chattanooga, Tenn. CHARLES G. MORGAN . Morristown, Tenn WILLIAM C. AVERY . . . Richmond, Va. GORDON GLOVER . . . . Melrose, Mass. IOE C. MORRIS . , . . Iackson, Tenn RAY L, BAKER . . . . Kingsport, Tenn. CHARLES L, GOBBLE . . Cleveland, Term EDWIN L, MULLIKIN . Memphis, Tenn FRANK BARTON . . , . Dyer, Tenn. WALTER L, GRAF . . . . Knoxville, Tenn V, F. OBERHOFER . Rockville Centre, N. Y RICHARD BAUER . . Memphis, Tenn. TOM R. GRAYSON , . Trade, Tenn RAY B, PADEN .... Chattanooga, Tenn IOHN R. BALI-INGSLEY CIHCITTBHOOQG, Tenn- EDWARD GRIFFITH . , Knoxville, Tenn. ROBERT D. PARK .,.. Greenville, Tenn. EDWIN C. BONE . . Dyer, Tenn. JACKSON G. GUTHRIE . Chattanooga, Tenn. ROBERT G, PARKS . Oak Ridge, Torm HUGH T. BOYD . . , Morristown, Tenn. WARREN HALE . . . Morristown, Tenn. CLOYD D. PERRY . . . Hohenwald, Tenn. I-A-MES H- BRICE - - A M9mPhiS, TGHH- DAVID HALL . , , . Cleveland, Tenn. GENE E, PEREDA . . . . Iunos, P. R. HAGAN C. BRIGHT . A KinqS1oort.Tonn- GEORGE T. HALL . . . Cleveland, Tenn. WILLIAM M, RAMEY . . Oak Ridge, Tenn HAYNES BRINKLEY, IR, . Minor Hill, Tenn. WAYNE L. HALL , . . Camden, Tenn. GUY ROBERTS . . . Knoxville, Tenn IOSEPH I. BRYANT ChottoHoooo,Tom1- ROY T. HARDIN . . , A Kir1qS1oort,Tenn. HAROLD O. ROBERTS . . Knoxville, Tenn THOMAS B, BURTON . . . Nashville, Tenn. EDGAR L, HAUN . Cleveland, Tenn ROBT, L, ROBERTSON, IR, , Tullahorna, Tenn TOMMY W. BUTLER . . . Knoxville, Tenn. MALCOLM B. HAWKINS Mountain City, Tenn. RODGER M, ROBINSON , Louisville, Tenn IAMES L, CAIN, IR. . Oak Ridge, Tenn. DAMON R, HEADDEN . Ridgley, Tenn. FLOYD RUSHING, IR, , Columbia, Tenn. TOM L. CALLOWAY Lenoir City, Tenn. GEORGE T. I-IIPP . Chattanooga, Term, R. D. RUTLEDGE . . . Sarasota, Flo CHESTER D, CAMPBELL , Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM H, HOLMAN . . Livingston, Tenn. RALPH E, SHAFER . Chattanooga, Tenn WILLIS H. CAMPBELL - . C011-lmbio, Tenn- BILLY B. HUMPHREYS . . . Iellico, Tenn. GUY W. SHANKS . . . Norton, V6 KIRK M. CARROLL . . . Savannah, Term- WILLIAM R. HURST . . Savannah, Tenn. WILLIAM M, SHUCK . . . Newburn, Tenn- STEVE W. CARROLL . - Ki1'KISPOrf, Term- ALFRED O. HUTCHISON . . . Leesburg. Va. IOEL H. SIMMONS . . . Newburn, Term IAMES L CASH - - - Oakdale, Tenn- WILLIAM C, IRBY .... Memphis, Tenn. BODIE B. SMITH . . . . Dyer, Tenn HARRY L, CHAPMAN . . Chattanooga, Tenn. IAMES A. IRWIN Williamsburg, KY. ROBERT A. SOCH . Fredonia, N. Y LANDON C. CHAPMAN Rogersville, Tenn. THOMAS C, IEFFRIES . . Memphis, Term CHARLES W, STEWART . . Dyer, Tenn WARREN K, CLARK . , , Knoxville, Tenn. WILLIAM H, IERNIGAN . Livingston, Tenn CHARLES STILLMAKER . Memphis, Tenn PAUL M, COATS . Kingsport, Tenn. IIMMIE R, IOHNSON . . . Knoxville, Tenn. IACOB E. STRASSNER . Memphis, Tenn. ALFRED H. COOPER, IR. Chattanooga, Tenn. IOSEPH L. IOHNSON . . . Kingsport, Tenn. FRANK M. STRIBLING . Norris, Tenn HOWARD W. COOPER, IR. . Arlington, Tenn. WALTER B. IOHNSON . . . Seymour, Tenn. BENNET SUPPLE . , Palo Alto, Cal NEAI. L, COOPER . . Rossville, Tenn. HAL L. IONES . , . Palatka, Flo THOMAS B. SWIFT . . . Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT M. CORLEW . . Knoxville, Term. GROVER A, KERBAUGI-I . Greeneville, Tenn. CLAUDE TERRY, IR. . . . Oneida, Tenn DANIEL C. CORRELL, IR- Kr1oxvi11o,Tonn. FRANK K. KING . . . Kingsport, Tenn GEORGE A, TERRY . . Oneida, Tenn JOHN W, B. CURTIS Chattanooga, Term. BARTEE O, KINSLER , . Kingsport, Tenn IAY W. TILLOTSON . . Elmsiord, N. Y WALTER G. DAVIES, IR. . Chattanooga, Tenn. WILLIAM T, KNIGHT . . . Nashville, Tenn. CLAUDE S. VANCE. IR. . Bristol, Tenn LOUIS DAVIS . , , Nashville, Tenn. IOHN K, LEE, TR. . . . . Louisville, Ky. JAMES L. WALLACE I-Iohenwald, Tenn IERRY R. DEAN Chattanooga, Tenn. DANIEL T, LEECH .... Nashville, Tenn. RICHARD M. WARNER Wilkes Barre, Penn. HUGH H. De LOZIER . . Asheville, N. C. IACK H, LEFLER . . . . Loudon, Tenn. CLEAVE O, WEATHERFORD Columbia. Tenn L, G, DERTHICK, IR. . . Chattanooga, Tenn. MAURICE LIGGETT . . . Lewisburg, Tenn ORA L. WELLS , Q , Knoxville' Tenn LIONEL W, DEW . Fountain City, Tenn. GEORGE W. LONG . . . Kingsport, Tenn. WALTER A W-ES-I-ON I ' Knoxville Tenn GEORGE T. DOUGLASS . , Dyer, Tenn. RICHARD M. LYKENS . . . Knoxville, Tenn CARL A WHITESIDE Columbia' Tenn WILLIAM B. ELDRIDGE . Chattanooga, Tenn. ROBERT L. LYKENS . Knoxville, Tenn IAMES 'B WILLIAMS ' A G d d n' Te n' IAMES A, ELLIS . . . Lenoir City, Tenn. STUART LYNCH ,... Chattanooga, Tenn H ' A W Lu CN' 'GI a ie ' P n JAMES Y, EMERSON . . Winona, Miss. MAX E. MABRY . . Chattanooga. Tenn. IOHN T OM S I S - ons QW. erm- JOHN U. ESTES, IR. . . Louisville, Ky IOHN E. MARSH, IR. . . Petersburg, Term. LEWIS H. WH-LS - - . M0ur1fagn-C1tY,Torm- ANDREW G. EZELL . Cornersville, Tenn. IOE C. MAYES, IR. . . . Lewisburg, Tenn. DANIEL E. WINNIKE . East Williston, N. Y. JOSEPH L. FERGUS, IR. Chattanooga, Tenn. ROBERT W, MCCLUNG . Memphis, Tenn IOHN C, WURTZBERGER . Stamford, Conn. 78 IW Purple, Green, and Gold White Rose Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity was founded at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, No- vember 2, l909. Epsilon-Ornicron Chapter at the University of Tennessee was founded in 1932. -o FRATEBNITY git as.-wry, tj, if , , YE GODS! WE DOOD IT TIDE GETS SOAKED THANKS JOE WOW Y-i..i,i.... EPSILUN UMIEHUN ZETA CHAPTER First Row: Anderson, Appleton, Archer, Armstrong, Avery, Baker, Bauer, Barton, Billingsley. Second Row: Bone, Boyd, Brice, Brinkley, Bryant, Calloway, C. D. Campbell, W. H. Campbell, K. M. Campbell. Third Row: S. W. Carroll, Cash, Clark, Coats, Correll, A. H. Cooper, H. W. Cooper, N. L. Cooper, Curtis. Fourth Row: Davies, De Lozier, Derthick, Dew, El- dridge, Ellis, Emmerson, Estes, Ezell. Fifth Row: Fer gus, Frazier, Foster, Garrett, George, Gobble, Graf Grayson, Guthrie. Sixth Row: Hale, D. O. Hall, W L. Hall, Hardin, Haun, Headden, Hipp, Holman, Hurst LAMBDA CHIALPHA First Row: Hutchison, Irby, Iefiries, Ierniqan, I. B. Iohnson, I. L. lohnson, W. B. Iohnson, Iones, King. Second Row: Kinsler, Lee, Lefler, Ligqett, Long, Ly- kens, Lynch, McClunq, Marsh. Third Row: Mayes Mill, Mitchell, Molteni, Morgan, Morris, Mullikin, Oberhofer, Paden. Fourlh Row: Park, Peery, Barney Roberts, Rushing, Shafer, Shanks, Shuck, Smith. Fifth Row: Stewart, Stillrnaker, Strassner, Stribling, Swift, G. A. Terry, W. C. Terry, Tillotson, Vance. Sixth Row: Wallace, Warner, Weatherford, White- side, Willison, Williarns, Winnike, Wills. 81 t me fm' ww, 0 , All li AJ AAAI ? A 4.,A . -tk., V,L,, PHI EAIVIIVIA DELTA EDWARD OLIVER WHITE . Memphis, WILLIAM KNOX WEST . Oklahoma City, WM, CLARK WILKINSON . Knoxville, FRANK G, WINGFIELD . . Memphis, WM. SPENCER ARNETT , . Knoxville, FRED HOBART CAGLE . . Knoxville, RAYMOND R. GIBSON . Spring City, WILLIAM BYRNE HARTZ . . Memphis, CARL STEVENSON KINKAID . Clinton, ROBERT STANLEY WHITE . Memphis, MARVIN C, HORNER, IR. . Morristown RICHARD B. NOWLING . St.Petersbui'g,Fla RAYMON WALTO GOFF . . Memphis, HENRY CALVIN WALTER . Knoxville, WILLIAM HORNER MORRIS . Knoxville, BENIAMAN S, FRETZ , . . Knoxville, WILLIAM DAVID SWITZER . Knoxville, CHARLES V. FLOWERS Knoxville, HENRY BOBBITT AIKIN Knoxville, CHARLES K. SWAN . Knoxville, WILLIAM L. TRENT . . . Knoxville, CAMPBELL WALLACE, IR, . Knoxville, EDWIN T. HEARN . . . Lake Iackson, GARNETI' C, KINKAID . Clinton, VICTOR A, NEEDHAM . . . Knoxville, IAMES SCOT'T DALLAS . . Knoxville, IAMES W, MCCULLA, IR. . Knoxville, KENNETH M. GRESHAM . Knoxville, WILLIAM PARKER WRIGHT . Memphis, GEORGE W, OLIPHANT . . Athens, HARRY MORGAN HOE . . Middlesboro, Ky IOHN HENRY BOYD . . Athens, IAMES CLYDE LOWERY , . Knoxville, CYRUS BAUMAN ALEXANDER Knoxville, IOSEPH TAYLOR NIXON . . Madison, ROBERT LEE OGLE . . Sevierville, THOMAS B, WYNEGAR . . Knoxville, IOHN RUSSEL COX . . Knoxville, PHILLIP STEADMAN DANCE Knoxville, SAMUEL FRANCIS EOWLER . Knoxville, IOHN D, KREIS .... Morristown, COX, President MIRTS, Treasurer WALLACE, Recording Secretary KREIS, Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS Tenn. IOHN R. McDOWELL . . Chattanooga, Tenn. MARSHAL COKER . . . Knoxville, Tenn. Okla. WINSTON DAVID MILLER , Knoxville, Tenn DENNIS COUGHLIN , . Knoxville, Term- Tenn. WILLIAM ALEXANDER Knoxville, Tenn IOI-IN CULLUM . . , Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. PAUL A, ROBINSON . Knoxville, Tenn WILLIAM DAVIS . , . Athens, Tenn. Tenn. WILLIAM F. SHEFEER , Knoxville, Tenn CECIL EGERTON . . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. EUGENE H. SWITZER . Knoxville, Tenn AGNEW ELLIS , Spring City, Tenn. Tenn. ERNEST CAREY . . . Knoxville, Tenn IOHN EVANS . , . . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. FREDERICK W, ARNOLD . Lookout Mt. Tenn. BEN EVANS . . . Newton, Mass, Tenn. IOE WILSON SHUGART . . Athens, Tenn ARNELL FARRAR , . . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. WILLIAM MOSS LACY . . Memphis, Tenn WILLIAM FERGUSON , Cleveland, Va. Tenn, WILLIAM IAMES POWELL , . Miami, Fla IOE FOWLER . . . Knoxville, Tenn. , DANIEL GORDON FRIEND . Knoxville, Tenn GALE GARDNER . . . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. YNN Z. MORRIS ..,. Knoxville, Tenn GAVIN GENTRY . . . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. I. C. DUNN . . . . . Harriman, Tenn WILLIAM HAGEY . . . Columbia, Tenn. Tenn, ALVA BAUM MIDGETT Virginia Beach, Va IAMES HAMMOND , . Memphis, Tenn. Tenn THOMAS ARTHUR FINCH . Greeneville, Tenn. ALVIN B, HARPER . , Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. GLEN RIED CLAIBORNE . LaFollette, Tenn ERNEST HENDRIX , . . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. HUGH COX DANCE . . Knoxville, Tenn WILLIAM HENDRIX . . . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. WALTER D. De VAULT, IR. . Knoxville, Tenn. HUNTER HICKS . . , Sweetwater, Tenn. Tenn. CHARLES FRANCIS EAGER . Clinton, Tenn I. B. HOLLINGSWORTH, IR. . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn PORTER H. HAWKINS . Tellico Plains, Tenn IAMES R, HAIL . . . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. SAMUEL H. KENNER, III . Knoxville, Tenn ERIC FOSSAPEDERSON . Copenhagen, Denmark Tex. DONALD OVERTON MIRTS . . Guthrie, Mo DWIGHT KESSEL . . . . Beckley, W, Va. Tenn. HAROLD HAYNES MORRIS . Knoxville, Tenn WALLACE LADD . . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. GEORGE MILLER MOSS . . Knoxville, Tenn. URBAN A. LESTER , . Knoxville, Tenn. Term. IOHN KINZEI.. TRENT . . Knoxville, Tenn ALBERT LUTHER . . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. Pl-IILLIP W. VOLTS, IR. . Knoxville, Tenn. IOHN MONTGOMERY . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. EDGAR BURKETI' BOHANNON . Athens, Tenn ROBERT MOORE . , . Memphis, Tenn. Tenn, ALBERT LOYD . ..... Atlanta, Ga IACK MYNATT . . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. CECIL TAYLOR . . . . Shelbyville, Tenn IAMES NANKAVELL . Athens, Tenn. . EDWIN ALMOND .... . Newton, Mass SAM MARS . . . . . Middleboro, Ky. Tenn. WARREN ANDERSON . Kingsport, Tenn. LOUIS POATES . . Rogersville, Tenn. Tenn. WILLIAM ANDERSON . Knoxville, Tenn. IOHN E. SAYLORS . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn WILLIAM BARTON , . Knoxville, Tenn LYNDOLL STANDRIDGE Athens, Tenn. Tenn. ROY BIDDLE . . . Knoxville, Tenn. IOHN I-I. STORY . . . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. I. B. BOLIN . . Knoxville, Tenn. IOHN VAN PELT . . . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn, MYRON BOTTOM , . Knoxville, Tenn. BEN STANEIELD . Asheville, N. C. Tenn. THOMAS BOYD . . . Athens, Tenn. CHARLES WAITES . . . Atlanta, Ga. Tenn. IAMES BRESHNAHAN . Knoxville, Tenn. NEIL WALKER . . . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. GEORGE BRIDGES . . Knoxville, Tenn FRANK WATKINS . . Beckley, W, Va. Tenn. NIEL BRIGGS . . . Knoxville, Tenn. HUGH A. WEBB , . Knoxville, Tenn. Tenn. ROBERT BRUNER . Knoxville, Tenn. HUGH WILLSON . . . . Niota, Tenn. HERBERT T, LANE, IR. . Morristown, 82 Royal Purple Purple Clematis Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity was founded at let- ferson College, Canonsburq, Pennsylvania, April 22, l848. Kappa Tau Chapter at the Uni- versity of Tennessee was founded in l89O. -0 FRATEHNITY First Row: West, Wingfield, Cagle, Gibson, Hartz, C Kincaid, White. Second Row: Horner, Nowling, Goff, Fretz, W. Switzer, G. Kincaid, Needham. Third Row: Dallas, Gresham, Wright, Hoe, Lowery, Alexander, UEHAPTER Ogle. Fourth Row: Dance, Fowler, Lane, E. Switzer Arnold, Lacy, Friend, L. Morris. Fifth Row: Dunn Midgeit, Claiborne, Dance, DeVault, Eager, Hawkins H. Morris. 84 PHI GAMMA DELTA First Row: Moss, Bohannon, Loyd, Taylor, Almond, Harper, E. Hendrix. Fourth Row: B. Hendrix, Hicks Anderson, Biddle. Second Row: Breshnahan, Coker, Hollingsworth, Foss-Pederson, Kessel, Lester, Moni- Couqhlin, Cullum, Egerton, Ellis, I. Evans. Third qomery. Fifth Row: Mynatt, Mars, Poates, Saylors Row: B. Evans, Farrar, Ferguson, Gentry, Haqey, Stanfield, Walker, Watkins, Webb. 85 Nxtifwgf ::'...."'f ".,f""""5 -5-.QZ1-,',' 2 Z vi Ns-, Qf X K A I, v PHI SIGMA KAPPA SAMS, President WHITESIDE, Vice-President DODSON, Treasurer SMITH, Secretary BILLY F, ANDERSON . . Greeneville, Tenn. DONALD G, ANDERSON . . Rockwell, Iowa ROBERT E, ANDERSON . . . Bedford, Va. EUGENE A, ARMSTRONG . Lewisburg, JOE P, BARGER . . . Chattanooga, CURTIS H. BARNES , . Chattanooga, JAMES M, BIBEE , , . . . Laurel, TIM L, BING ..... Madison, R, M, BLANKENBECLER . . Kingsport, SAM H. BOEHMS . . Hendersonville, WILLIAM J, BROOKS . . . Jackson, FRANK S, BROYLES . . Greeneville, HUGH F. BUTCHER . . Fountain City. WM. E, CAMPBELL . New Tazewell, CHARLES N. CARVER . Old Hickory, CLARENCE CHESNUTT . Fayetteville, JOHN S, CHILDRESS . . . Memphis, RICHARD H. CLARK . . Brilliant, ROBERT W. CONLEY , . . Alamo, LEE B. CORLEW . . . . Flatwoods, THOMAS M. CRANFORD . . , Laurel, KERMIT C, CRESS . . . Greeneville, JIM D, CRUM .... Kingsport, BRYANT A. DAFFRON . . Whitwell, GEORGE R, DALY , , . Kingsport, WILLIAM E. DANIEL . . Clarksville, ROY DENNIS - - . . . Newport, JAMES T. DENTON . . Old Hickory, WALTER C. DIEI-IL . , . Washington, JOE J, DiMAGGIO , . . Rochester, DAVID DIXON . . . Pleasantville, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Miss. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Ohio Tenn. Tenn. Miss. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. D. C. N. Y. N. I. MEMBERS RICHARD M, DIXON . . Sevierville, Tenn. DAVID M. DODSON . . . , Alamo, Tenn. WILLIAM H. DODSON . . . Alamo, Tenn. LOUIS E, DOTSON . . . Knoxville, Tenn. CHARLES P. DOTY . , . Old Hickory, Tenn. CHARLES R, EASTLAND . Livingston, Tenn. JOHN W. EMERSON . . Greeneville, Tenn. JAMES F. EVANS . . . . Clairtield, Tenn. JOHN R, FAIN . . . . . Milan, Tenn. JAMES E, FRESHOUR . , . Newport, Tenn. CLIFFORD D, FRY . . . Greeneville, Tenn. HUGH F. GILMORE . . Knoxville, Tenn. HARRY S. GOSSETT . . . Franklin, Ky. JOHN D. GRAY . . . Lynchburg, Tenn. JAMES P, GROVE . . . . . Mascot, Tenn. WILLIAM D, GUINN . . Greeneville, Tenn. JAMES E, HANCOCK . . . Ripley, Tenn. PAUL HARDIMAN . . Pu1aski,, Tenn. DARWYNE HATFIELD . . . Pulaski, Tenn. WILLIAM E, HOUK . Lewisburg, Tenn. JOHN T. HUFFSTETLER Grants, New Mexico HERMAN M, HYDER, . . Stony Point, Tenn. COY R, LANDER . . . . Clarksville, Tenn. BILL O. LEE .... Sevierville, Tenn, HUEY N. LUNN , . . Lewisburg, Tenn. RICHARD W. MCGRAW . Knoxville, Tenn. HUGH L, MARSH . . Old Hickory, Tenn. THOMAS W, MARKS . . Ripley, Tenn. WILLIAM D, MASK , . Bolivar, Tenn, GLEN H. MAYS . . . Knoxville, Tenn. STANLEY Y. MERRITT . . Lebanan, Tenn. 86 MURPHY G, MILLER IOHN M, MILLIKEN . JAMES E. MOORE . THOMAS M, MOORE . CLAUDE P. MURPHY JIMMY P. NELMS . f f Hoon N1cKoLs . . ERNEST A, ORAND , . MARION C. PACE . JAMES R. REED .,.. LOYD R, REED . . HERMAN L, REVIERE THOMAS G. ROBINSON EARL G. SAMS . . . FRED SHERROD . . . RICHARD W. SIMPSON ROBERT E. SIMPSON . PAUL T. SMITH , . WILLIAM B, SMITH . ROGER TEAGUE , . BILL E. TOWNSEND . STANLEY TYSON . , KENNY VERRAN , SAM B. WALKER . JOHN D. WALL . JOHN B. WATERS . . JACK R. WEBSTER . ROBERT T. WHITEHOUSE Oak Ridge JACK A. WHITESIDE . . Old Hickory LOUIS L. WILHOITE , . . Oak Ridge Terrace View, Tenn . Franklin, Ky . Maryville, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. Old Hickory, Tenn. Surgoinsville, Tenn. Jefferson City, Tenn. . Cedar Hill, Tenn. . Springfield, Tenn. Old Hickory, Tenn. . . Pulaski, Tenn. . . Ripley, Tenn. . . Mt. Juliet, Tenn. . . Knoxville, Tenn. . . Knoxville, Tenn. . . Chester, Pa. , . Chester, Pa. . . Alamo, Tenn. . Springfield, Tenn. . Jackson, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . Greeneville, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . . . Troy, Tenn. . Sevierville, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. , Tenn. , Tenn. . Tenn. Silver and Magenta Red Carnation Phi Siqrna Kappa Fraternity was founded at the University of Massachusetts, March 15, 1873. Xi Deuteron Chapter at the University of Ten- nessee was founded in 1925. FHATEHNITY Xl IJEUTEH First Row: D. Anderson, R. Anderson, Armstrong, Barger, Barnes, Biloee. Second Row: Bing, Boehms, Broyles, Butcher, Campbell, Carver, Childress. Third Row: Clark, Conley, Corlew, Cress, Daiiron, Daly, Daniel. Fourth Row: Dennis, Denton, Diehl, Dimag- gio, D. Dixon, R. Dixon, Dodson. Fifth Row: Doison Doty, Eastland, Emerson, Evans, Fain, Freshour, Fry 88 WYV Y V m i....,, PHI SIGMA KAPPA First Row: Gilmore, Gossett, Gray, Grove, Guirm, Harcliman, Hatfield. Second Row: Hutfstetler, Lan- der, Lunn, McGraw, Marsh, Marks, Mask. Third Row: Mays, Merritt, Miller, Milliken, I. Moore, T. Moore, Murphy. Fourth Row: Nelms, Nickols, Pace Reed, Reviere, Simpson, Smith. Fifth Row: Town- send, Tyson, Verran, Walker, Wall, Waters, Webster Wilhoite. 89 at 9 3 , v Y,, Cla .47 Hy! 0.0, U , 1. .5 Zlilftgn lSA,fgll'g .?3f?L'5'ffrv".?f 11 PI KAPPA ALPHA BRAGG, S,M,C, MEADOWS, I.M.C. LONG, Th.C. VAN CLEAVE. S.C. BILL ADAMS . . HAM ALLEY . . ROBERT BAILEY . . Iohnson City, . . Bristol. Fayetteville, BILL BAKER , . . . Knoxville, WILLIAM BANKS . . . Knoxville, ED BAXTER , . . . . . Batesville. IACOB E. BEARDSLEY . . . Dallas, FRANK BIDDLE . . . , . Knoxville, KENNETH BLOOMER . . Kingsport, THOMAS H. BRAGG . McMinnville, H, C, BRIGHT . , . . Knoxville. IAMES BRUCE , . , . Morristown, MITCHELL CARTER . . . Oak Ridge, BILL CARTWRIGHT ..,. Knoxville. IAMES T. COLE . . . Waynesboro, TONIE DOKA , . . . Morristown. STEVE DOKA . . . . . Morristown, BILL DONALDSON . . . . . Bristol. IOHN DRUMHELLER . . . Knoxville, CHARLES EDEN . . . Elizabethton, IOE I-I, FELKNOR , . Dandridge, DON FRANKLIN . . . . Bristol, ROBERT L, FRAZIER . , . Bristol. DON FOURMAN . . . Knoxville, IAMES GILLESPIE . , . Knoxville, LEON GOODE . . . Knoxville, ROBERT GOODE .... Fayetteville, MIKE GUZMAN . . Memphis, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Ark. Texas Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. MEMBERS ED HARGAS , . . THOMAS HARRELL FRENCH HARRIS . AUBREY HARVEY . DAVID HENDERSON TOMMY HENRY . WILLIAM B. HICKS WILLIAM R. HICKS IIM HILL . . . . IIM HOLLY . . . DON C. HORTON . LEIGH HOWERTON WILLIAM HEBBS . VERNON HUESEK . BART O. IDDINS , SAM IACK . . . INGRAM IAMES . DALE IOHNSON . DON IOHNSON . , WILLIAM KESTER . IAMES KING . . GROVER KIRK . PERRY LATEN . . R. K. LEDBETTER . GEORGE LESSIG . HAL LITTLEFORD LEON LONG . . . ROBERT LUNDOUIST . Cleveland, . Knoxville. . Knoxville, Clarksville, , Knoxville, Chattanooga, . Knoxville, . Maryville, . . Bristol. . Nashville. . Newport, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, . . Ames, . Knoxville. . Knoxville, Fayetteville, Elizabethton, Worchester. , , Bristol, , Knoxville, . Knoxville, Fayetteville, . Kingsport, Chattanooga, , . Bristol. . . Bristol, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Iowa Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Mass. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. . Evansville, Ind. GUS MANNING . . IAMES MCCOWAN . . RALPH A. MCCROSKEY DAVID MCWHORTER . PIERCE M. MAI-IONEY FRANK MARSH , . . ROBERT W. MEADOWS VICTOR OBERSHAIN IACK OGLE , . . TOM PENLAND . . STEVE PENLAND . . HENRY PETERS . . , BENNY POWERS . . VICTOR ROBERTSON . ROBERT ROCK , , IOSEPH SMITH . . FRANK TALLENT . . PARIS TATE . . . LEWIS TAYLOR . . . WILLIAM VAN CLEAVE IACK WALDRIP . . , . IIM WATERS . . NEILL WATSON . TEDDY WELLS , . . ROBERT WHITE . . . KENNETH WILKINSON . HAROLD WooD . . . IACK YEAZEL . . , Knoxville, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, , Knoxville, , Knoxville. . Knoxville, . Knoxville, . . Bristol, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, . Knoxville. , . Bristol, . . Bristol, . . Tullahoma, , . Bristol, . Knoxville, . Knoxville. Helenwood, . Knoxville, Chapel Hill, , Batesville, , Knoxville, . Kingsport. . Knoxville, . Dayton, Elizabethton. . Knoxville, . Knoxville. Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Ark Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Garnet and Old Gold Lily-ot-the-Valley Pi Kappa Aipha Fraternity was founded at the University of Virginia, March 1, 1888. Zeta Chapter at the University ot Tennessee was founded in 1874. FHATERNITY ZETA CHAPTER First Row: Alley, Banks, Beardsley, Biddle, Bloomer, R. Goode, Harqas, Harvey, Henderson, B. Henry Bright. Second Row: Cartwright, Cole, S. Doka, T. Fourth Row: T. Henry, Holly, Iddins, lack, Iarnes. Doka, Donaldson, Franklin. Third Row: L. Goode, 92 PI KAPPA ALPHA First Row: D. Iohnson, D. A. Iohnson, Kestner, Kirk, Row: Peters, Riley, Robertson, Smith, Taylor, Wal Laten, Ledbetter. Second Row: Lundquist, MCCOW- drip. Fourth Row: Waters, Watson, Watts, Wilkin- an, McCroskey, Mahoney, Marsh, Obenshain. Third son, Yeazel. 93 I PI KAPPII PHI IOHNSON, President PAYNE. Treasurer REEDER, Secretary KLEMME, Warden MEMBERS - CHARLES ARMSTRONG . . Kingsport, Tenn RAY PHILLIPS . . Iohnson City, Tenn. PAUL CAMPBELL . West Boxberry, Mass. HOWARD BAKER .... Huntsville, Tenn. IOE POWELL . . . . Etowah, Tenn. GENE CARVER . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. SAM BROWDER . . . Harriman, Tenn HIXON PUGH . . Nashville, Tenn. IOSEPH CHANDLER . . Knoxville, Tenn. PAT BUNDY . , , . Lebanon, Tenn B. I, RAMSEY . . Sneedville, Tenn. CHARLES COX . . . . Etowah, Tenn. RICHARD BURNETTE . . Memphis, Tenn. GLEN REEDER . . . McMinnville, Term. ALBERT DAVID , . . Covington, Tenn. MAURY COCI-IRAN . . Columbia, Tenn. WILLARD REEL . . Oak Ridge, Tenn. ROBERT DENTON . . . New Castle, Ind. ROGER COGGINS . , . Portsmouth, Va. GENE REIGER . . Knoxville, Tenn. RAYMOND ELKAS , . Powtucket, R. I. CHARLIE CUMMINGS . . . Hartsville, Tenn IOHNNY REISER , . . . Memphis, Tenn. RAY FLEMING . . . Covington, Tenn. SAM DAVIS . . . . Ncxshville, Tenn. TOM SAVAGE . . . Springfield, Tenn. BILL FOWLER . . . Dyersburg, Tenn. IOE DEAL , . . . . Knoxville, Tenn BOB ST. CLAIR. . . Chattanooga, Tenn. IIM GRUBER . . . . Lisbon, Ohio JOHN De BOARD . . . Etowah, Tenn IOE TOBIAS . . . . . Memphis, Tenn. BILL HASKINS . . . Etowah, Tenn. BENTON ELLIS . . . Memphis, Tenn TOM VAUGI-IAN . . . . Yorkville, Tenn CHARLES HUDSON .... Knoxville, Tenn. TERRY ELLIS . . . . Memphis, Tenn. EUGENE VERNER . , . Memphis, Tenn. GEORGE KINNAMON . . . Etowah, Tenn. L, D. GARRINGER . . Iol-mson City, Tenn. IESS WHITE . , . . Oak Ridge, Tenn. EVERETT KISER . . . Charlotte, N. C. BILL HALL . . , . . . Erwin, Tenn BILLY WOODARD . . Springfield, Tenn CLIFF IAMES . . . . Etowah, Tenn. ED HOSKINS . . . . Etowah, Tenn. JIM MUIR . . . . Oak Ridge, Tenn. IAMES LINER , , , , , Aghens, Tenn. KELLAR HUTTON . . Kingsport, Tenn EARL GOODE . . . Oak Ridge, Tenn Blu-,Y MUSE I V ' Johnson City, Term. O. R. IOHNSON . . Bloomfield, MO. ABE HATCHER . . College Grove, Tenn. LAMAR RANKIN I ' g I Athens' Tenn' BOB KLEMME . . . Memphis, Tenn. WATSON BELL ,...,. Knoxville, Tenn HUGH RAULSTON Momeagle Tenn BILL LEGG . .... Chattanooga, Tenn. HOWARD SIMMONS Iohnson City, Tenn. ' ' ' , ' ' CLIFF LONCEY . , Eiook Mountain, N. O. 1, w, TAYLOR , , , Knoxville, To-nn. CHARLES HEY!-E I ' ' - Memphls' Tenn' GENE MARTIN , . Iohnson ciiy, Tenn. EDDIE ANDERSON . Iohnson Oiiy, Tonn RAI-PH SEATON - - - - SSYYHOUYI Term- BILLY MELVIN U , Q - Bradford' Tenn- IAMBS ASHCRAFT , , , Newbernl Tenn. WHEELER SAMPLES . KI1OXVllle, Tenn. RILEY MOSELEY . . Springfield, Tenn. ROBERT BAKER , . . . Yorkville, Tenn. ALBERT STRIBLING - E E Iacksfmf Term- DAVID PARR . , Covington, Tonn. RONALD EERGMEIR . , . si, Louis, Mo DANA TUNMIRE - - Thorn Hill, Term- IACK PATRICK . . , Etowah, Tenn. HARVEY BRITT . . . Wilmington, N. C. BOB THORNBERRY . . Iohnson City, Tenn. BOB PAYNE . . . Fairmont, Ga. CLYDE BOND . Iohnson City, Tenn. HENRY THROWER . . . Belmont, N, C. 52- 'Wiki W-?rll5"MH'!fL.TK5 vi "If REE? Gold, White, and Blue The Red Rose Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was founded at the Col- lege of Charleston, South Carolina, December l0, 1904. Alpha Sigma Chapter at the Uni- versity of Tennessee was founded in 1931. FHATEHNITY ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER First Row: Anderson, Armstrong, Ashcraft, H. Baker, Davis, Deal, Deboard, Denton, H. Ellis, W. Ellis, Gar- B. Baker, Bell. Second Row: Berqmeir, Bond, Britt, inqer. Fifth Row: Gruber, Hall, Haskins, Hatcher Browder, Bundy, Burnette. Third Row: Carver, Coch- Hoskins, Hudson, Hutton. ran, Coqqins, Cox, Cummins, David. Fourth Row: 96 Pl KAP First Row: Iarnes, Kinnamon, Kiser, Klemme, Liner, Loncoy. Second Row: Martin, Moseley, Muir, Muse, Parr, Patrick. Third Row: Phillips, Powell, Pugh, Ram- sey, Rankin, Reel. Fourih Row: Pieiser, Reyle, Sam- - Pll PHI ples, Savage, Seaton, Simmons, St. Clair. Fifth Row Sirilolinq, Taylor, Thornberry, Thrower, Tobias, Turn- rnire, Woodard. Us i ,.. x ,M gxiskv ,. -TN K' A ,Q '... 25,3 RX , I 'St'-9'-5'i is , ,, N, :Z " ... :a:,r , J - .1 .1 1 i ,P . - . ' , : lf' f . f""" , I A F, SQQE. ,lv , . f .-fry is s1..Qvaff feie: in Qty, - CUMMINS. President MALOY, Vice-President HAZEN, Treasurer CROSS, Secretary IOHN M. ALLEN, III . . WILLIAM C. ALLEN . . KENNETH L, ATCHLEY . PAUL R. AYCOCK . . IOHN A, AYRES, IR. . . DAVID F. BAKER, IR. . CLARENCE E, BANNING . ROBERT E. BARBOUR , . IOHN M. BARRON . . . ROBINSON N, BASS , . FRED D. BENTON, IR. . CRAs, B, ELACKEURN, IR, 1 WM, K. BOWMAN, IR. . ROBT. D, BRADLEY, JR, . WILLIAM s. BROOME, IR. IAMES A, RURDETTE , . IONATHAN W, BURNETT ARTHUR C. BURRLS, IR. CLLEEORD D. CALDWELL WALTER E. CAMERON . ROY T CAMPEEL . L, IR. . HAMILL B, CAREY . . . AL D, CARTWRIGHT, IR, IOHN W. CHANDLER . . ALFRED H. CHILDS, IR. . ROBERT W, COCHRAN . IAMES P. COFFIN , . . LAWRENCE W, CONANT . CARROLL H. COWAN, IR IAMES E, COWAN , . , WILLIAM C. COWAN . . WM, W. COWAN, IR. . SAMUEL Y. CROSS, IR, . WM. W. CRUTCHFIELD , IOHN C. CRUZE, IR. , . ROY D, CUMMINS. . WADE L. CUMMINS . ROBERT E. DAWSON , . IOSEPH B, DeLOZIER . IOSEPH B. DEMPSTER . ROBT. H. DEMPSTER, IR. STOKELY E. DOSTER . . HUGH F, EAKIN . . HAYNES E. ELLIOTT , . WILLIAM I. ELLIS . . CHARLES R, FIELDER . WILLIAM C, FRANCIS . IOHN B, FUQUA . . MICHAEL GLYNN . IOHN K. GORDON . , . THOMAS B. GREEN . . ERNEST GRIGGS . . IERE P, GRIGGS . . . WILLIAM M. HALE . . . MEMBERS . Knoxville, Tenn. WM. P. HALLIDAY, IR. . . Memphis, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. GEORGE W, HAMMER, IR, , . Bristol, Tenn. . Lebanon, Tenn. HENRY H, HAMPTON, IR. . Signal Mt., Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn, HERBERT N. HARDY, IR. . Hartsville, Tenn. , Knoxville, Tenn, IOHN K, HARTEL . Beaumont, Texas , Knoxville, Tenn, WILLIAM B, HATCHER . Fayetteville Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. EDWIN P, I-IAZEN . . , . Knoxville Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn, ROBERT E, HEARN . . . . Iackson Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn, RICHARD G. HEINSOHN . . Knoxville, Tenn. , Knoxville, Tenn, HERBERT A. HENRY , . . Knoxville, Tenn. Knoxville, Tenn, LOUIS E, HENRY . . . . Knoxville, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. HARRY W. HOWELL . . Gatlinburg Tenn. , Memphis, Tenn, SAMUEL T. HOYLE . . . Knoxville Tenn. , Knoxville, Tenn, IULIAN E. IAKES . . Chattanooga Tenn. , Knoxville, Tenn, IUSTIN I. IARRATT . . Rockvale Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn, HENRY O. IERNIGAN . . . Memphis, Tenn. , Knoxville, Tenn, HAROLD F, IOHNSON . . . Iackson, Tenn. , Nashville, Tenn, WILLIAM B. IOHNSON . Springfield, Tenn. Blountville, Tenn, HUGH IONES, IR. . . . . . Harlan, KY. . Knoxville, Tenn, LEWIS A, IONES . . Memphls, Tenn. . Newport, Tenn, WEST C, IORDAN, IR. . . Memphis, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn, GRADY KIMSEY . . . Knoxville, Tenn. Collierville, Tenn, GEORGE M. KLEPPER, IR. Memphis, Tenn. , Memphis, Tenn, ROBERT B. LANGSTAFF . Oak Ridge, Tenn. . Chester, Penn, HENRY H. LONG . . Knoxville, Tenn. , Knoxville, Tenn, ROBERT E. LOVE, IR. . . Memphis, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. HAROLD W. LUCAS . . . Memphis, Tenn. St. Petersburg, Fla. CHARLES R, LUND . . . Knoxville, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn, IAMES G. MALOY . . St. Paul, Minn. , Knoxville, Tenn, CLYDE A. MAYNARD . Memphis, Tenn. , Memphis, Tenn, IEFFERSON H. MCCRORY . Hot Springs, Ark. , Knoxville, Tenn, MALCOLM F. MCDONALD . Forest Hill, Tenn. , Knoxville, Tenn, BELFIELD L. MCELROY . . . Helena, Ark. Chalganooge, Tgnn, DAVID C, MCLEAN , . . Knoxville, Tenn. , Knoxville, Tenn, IACK E. MCLEAN . . . Lewisburg, Tenn. , Knoxville, Tenn, SEARLE MCMURRY . . Knoxville, Tenn. , Knoxville, Tenn, ROBERT A. MEEK . West Palm Beach, Fla. . Knoxville, Tenn, IOSEPH L. MERCER. II . Memphis, Tenn. Sevierville, Tenn, CHARLES E, MEYER, III . Cincinnati, Ohio . Knoxville, Tenn, IAMES L, MILES . . Memphis, Tenn. , Knoxville, Tenn, WILLIAM E, MILESKI . Lyndhurst, N. I, Chattanooga, Tenn, SAMUEL B, MILLER . Iohnson City, Tenn. Knoxville, Tenn. BURGESS E. MOFFETT . Elizabethton, Tenn. Elizabethton, Tenn. IACK R. MOORE . . Cynthiana, Ky. , Knoxville, Tenn, WILLIAM H, MORRIS, IR. Iackson, Tenn. . . Helena, Ark, HAROLD A. MULLINS . Humboldt, Tenn. , LaFolletie, Tenn, CHARLES M. MUSSETT . . Memphis, Tenn. , , Milan, Tenn, IEE H, NELSON Humboldt, Tenn. . Iockson, Tenn, THOMAS H. NET-SON, IR, Humboldt, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. WIT T.IAM I, OLIPHANT . . Memphis Tenn. Lewisburg, Tenn. VITILLTAM R, ORR . . Memphis, Tenn. , Humboldt, Tenn, PODFRT M. OVERBEY . . Memphis, Tenn. . Humboldt,, Tenn, ELWYN T. PATCH . . . Clarksville, Tenn. Morristown, Tenn. HERBERT F, PETERS, IR. . . Bristol, Tenn. FRANK H, PETTWAY . . . Knoxville, Tenn EDWARD D, POWELL . . . Louisville, Ky IAMES A. PREWITT, III . . Memphis HARRIS B. RAGSDALE, IR, Knoxville ERNEST K. RATLIFF . . Washington, WILLIAM F, REEDER . . . Knoxville, HAROLD P. REID . . Greenwood, , Tenn , Tenn D. C Tenn S. C ARTHUR C, RIDDLE, IR. . . . Bristol, Va BILL F. RIDDLE . . , . Elizabethton Tenn ROY M. ROBERTS . . . Maryville Tenn IAMES P. RODDY, III . . Knoxville Tenn THOMAS V. ROE . . . Humboldt Tenn GEORGE A. ROTHERY, IR, , Oak Ridge Tenn VINCENT I. RYAN . . . Newark, N. I ROBT. H. SCHRIVER, IR. . Knoxville Tenn WILLIAM R, SCHRIVER , . Knoxville Tenn HUGH F. SCOTT . . . Knoxville Tenn HOBERT H. SCOTT . . . Knoxville Tenn GEORGE L. SEAY . . . Memphis Tenn ROBERT L. SHARP, IR, LaFollette Tenn R. N. SHEDDEN, IR. . Old Hickory Tenn ROY L. SIMMONS, IR. . . Henderson, Tenn IOHN C, SKINNER . . . Collierville Tenn WILLIAM R. SLEDGE , . . Memphis Tenn STANLEY I. SMITH . , . Memphis Tenn DONALD C. SNODDY . , . Knoxville Tenn DONELSON H, STEGALL . . Iackson Tenn PAUL C. STONE . . . Chattanooga, Tenn IOHN L. SUMMITT . Sweetwater. Tenn ROBERT M, SUMMITT . Sweetwater, Tenn FLOYD E, TALIAFERRO . Germantown Tenn SAMUEL C. TATUM . . Knoxville Tenn DANIEL H, TESTERMAN . . Knoxville Tenn IOHN W. TESTERMAN . Knoxville Tenn IERRY A. THOMAS . . Elizabethton Tenn ROBERT W. THOMAS . . Elizabethton Tenn MORRIS B, TITUS . Knoxville Tenn MCAFEE B, TRAMMELL . Iohnson City Tenn WILLIAM A. TRICKETT . . Memphis, Tenn ROBERT W, TROAST . Passcric, N. I EDWIN E. TUCKER . Murfreesboro Tenn THOMAS M, TUCKER , . , Knoxville Tenn WILLIAM E. VARNELL . . Maryville Tenn DENTIS L, WALKER, IR. . . Iackson Tenn F. M. WEATHERSBY, IR. . Memphis Tenn IAMES H, WHITE, IR. . . Iackson Tenn HOWARD A, WI-IITSITT, IR. Memphis, Tenn CHARLES F, WILDMAN . Bridgeport, Conn ROBERT B, WILLIAMS Chattanooga Tenn BEN W. WILLIAMSON, IR, . Memphis, Tenn ROLLIN V. WILSON, IR. . Memphis Tenn RICHARD L, WINCHESTER . Memphis Tenn ROBERT M. YOUNG . . . Knoxville Tenn MORGAN M. ZOOK . . Germantown Tenn 1 Royal Purple and Old Gold The Violet Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity was founded at the University of Alabama, March 9, l856. Ten- nessee Kappa Chapter at the University of Ten- nessee was founded in l879. FHllTE+RNITY TENNESSEE KAPPE CHAPTER Barbour, Bass, Bowman, Bradley. Second Row Broome, Burdette, Burnett, Burris, Caldwell, Camp bell, Carey, Childs, Cochran. Third Row: C. H. Cow- an, I. E. Cowan, W. E. Cowan, W. W. Cowan, Crutch- field, Cruze, I. B. Dempster, B. H. Dempster, Doster First Row: Allen, Aichley, Ayres, Baker, Banning, Fourth Row: Eakin, Ellis, Fielder, Francis, Fuqua Glynn, Gordon, Green, E. Griggs. Filth Row: I. P Griggs, Hale, Halliday, Hammer, Hardy, Hartel, Hein sohn, H. A. Henry, L. Henry. Sixth Row: Howell Hoyle, Iakes, Iarratt, Iernigan, H. E. Iohnson W. B Iohnson, L. A. Iones, Iordan, Kimsey. 100 I SIGMA ALPHA EPSILUN , First Row: Long, Love, Lucas, Lund, Maloy, McDon- ald, McElroy, D. McLean, I. McLean. Second Row. McMurry, Meek, Mercer, Miles, Morris, Mussett, Nel- son, Oliphant, Orr. Third Row: Overloey, Prewitt Raqsdale, Ratlitt, Reeder, Reid, Roberts, Roddy, Roe Fourth Row: Rothery, Ryan, Schriver, Scott, Seay 1 Sharp, Shedden, Simmons, Skinner. Filth Row Sledge, Smith, Snoddy, Steqall, R. M. Sumrnitt, Tal liaferro, D. H. Testerman, Titus, Trickett. Sixth Row E. E. Tucker, T. M. Tucker, Walker, Weathersby White, Whitsitt, Williams, Wilson, Winchester Young. ,. S, 'I' ' - v A A it QQ if - 69135 A ll .e e ff' fl A 'nv l "M' ,A,. 1'1" ..': I ' I ""' Q 9 .11 " -"-iff!!-2 . :,, - . , . . . ,,,..,W2L """,,,,"',.,,,",Z mmm, CUMMINGS, President MYERS, Vice-President DAVIS, Secretary .A . , - W:::ff"m""'o.oM....,.... - .. Ii? X S, IIIU ES K KST C1212 i. - 1 I 2 MEMBERS DARBY ADAMS , , . Knoxville, Tenn. THOMAS EDWARDS . , .Clarksville, Tenn. JACK D. McKEEHAN . . Knoxville, Tenn. FRAZIER ADKINS . . . Clarksville, Tenn. RUSSELL EMERY . . Knoxville, Tenn. BIEMAN MCKENZIE . . Asheville, N. C. KENNY ALLEN . . . , Long Island, N, Y. WALTER EMMONS . . . . Norris, Tenn. ROBERT MCLEAN . . . . Alamo, Tenn. JAMES ANDERSON . . . Oak Ridge, Tenn. WILLIAM ENSIGN . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. IOl'IN W. MCNEIL - - LGGIGHQG, Term. JAMES BABCOCK . . . Knoxville, Tenn. JAMES EZELL . Knoxville, Tenn. ASHTON MCWHORTER . . Knoxville. Tenn. DAVID BAILEY . . . Knoxville, Tenn, JOHN FANDRICH . . Belvidere, Tenn. DAVID MCWHORTER . . Knoxville, Tenn. WILLIAM BAIRD . . . Nashville, Tenn. HENRY FARMER . . Clarksville, Tenn. RAY NEAL . . Little Rock, Ark. CLIFFORD BARBOUR . . . Knoxville, Tenn. BART FERGUSON . Knoxville, Tenn. WILLIAM NICHOLS . , Knoxville, Tenn, ABE BARRICK , , Spy-inglleld, Tenn, ALLAN FIELDEN . Knoxville, Tenn. STANLEY NORRIS . . . . Erwin, Tenn. TOMMY BARTLETT . . Knoxville, Tenn, DAVID FONDE . , . Knoxville, Tenn. WILLIAM NORVELL . . Nashville, Tenn. THOMAS BATSON . , . Clarksville, Tenn. CLYDE FRANCIS . , Knoxville, Tenn. HARRY OGILVIE . . . Columbia, Tenn. JAMES BELLAMY . . Clarksville, Tenn. JAMES GAMBLE . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. JAMES ORGAIN . . Clarksville, Tenn. ROBERT BEVINS . . . . Concord, Tenn, PHILLIP GOUFFON . Knoxville, Tenn. FRANK PATRICK . . Huntingdon, Tenn. DON BILLS . . Lewisburq, Tenn. LYNN GRESHAM . . Clarksville, Tenn. PUG PEARMAN . . Knoxville, Tenn. WILLIAM BLACK , . Somerville, Tenn. WILLIAM GRIFFIN . . Magnolia, Miss. PAUL PURKS . . . Nashville, Tenn. FRANK BOSWELL . . Somerville, Tenn. JACK HAMILTON . . KnoXvi1le,Term. JAMES EEDDICK - - KnOXvi11e,Tenr1. SAM BOSWELL . . Somerville, Tenn, ROBERT HARMoN , . Morristown. Tenn. ROBERT HEEVES 4-,- Oak Ridge, Term. WILLIAM BRACEY . . Springfield, Tenn. ROBERT HARRELL . . Morristown, Tenn. JOHN ROSE . . . Crossville, Tenn. HORACE BRANNAN . . . Belvidere, Tenn. JACK HARTMAN . oieeoeville, Tenn' IOHN G' SAMPLE- 4 - KHOXvi1le,Tenn. THOMAS BROOKS . . Pasadena, Calif. JAMES HAUN . . . Newport News, Va, CURTISS SAUER . . Los Angeles, Calif. JOHN BROWN . . . Knoxville, Tenn. JAMES HESTLE . . . . Nashville, Tenn. IOI'lN SCHAAD - - Knoxville, TSHYL HAROLD BRUNDIGE . . Union City, Tenn. ROBERT HEWGLEY . . Knoxville, Tenn. NORMAN SCHLEMMER Chattanooga, Tenn. JOE BURT . . . . Norris, Tenn. JACK HINDS . . . . Knoxville, Tenn. WATSON SHARP - - V Knoxville, Tenn- ROBERT CAGLE . . . Greeneville, Tenn. HARRY HIXON . . . . I-Iixon, Tenn. JAMES SHELTON . . . Braden, Tenn. ROBERT CAMPBELL , . . Knoxville, Tenn. EUGENE HOPPER . . . Knoxville, Tenn. BUD SHERROD . . . . Knoxville, TEDU- JERRY CAMPBELL . . . Knoxville, Tenn. LEWIS HOWARD - . Knoxville, Term, DELMAR SMARTT . . McMinnville, Tenn. JOHN CAMPBELL , . '. Knoxville, Tenn. CLIFFORD JACKSON . . Chattanooga, Tenn. EUGENE SMITH . . Kingsport, Tenn. HAL T, CAMERON . . Knoxville, Tenn. HERBERT JONES . . LaGrange, Term, JAMES SMITH . . Knoxville, Tenn. LES CATER . . Oak Ridge, Tenn. ROBERT JONES . . . Morristown, Tenn. ANII-I-IS STAMPS - . Knoxville, Tenn. DOUGLAS CHAPIN , . Knoxville, Tenn. EARL KEISTER . . Greensboro, N, C, WILLIAM STAI-EY - - Chattanooga, TOHD- NEIL CHANAULT , . . . Gallatin, Tenn. JOHN L, KENNEDY . Knoxville, Tenn. JACK STROUD . Cincinnati, Ohio TED CHUMLEY . . . Memphis, Tenn. WILLIAM KING . , . Chester, Penn. GERALD A. SUDDOTH . Memphis, Tenn. RICHARD A, CLARKE . . Chattanooga, Tenn. HANK KINZEL . . , Greensboro, N. C. AI-I-EN SULLIVAN . - - Gillalln, TSIIH- COY COLLINGSWORTH , . Knoxville, Tenn. GEORGE KIRBY . . Knoxville, Tenn, TOMMY TARVER . . . Knoxville, Tenn. JOE CONNOR . . . Knoxville, Term. JOE KIRKPATRICK . . Greeneville, Tenn. W. C. TAYLOR . Louclen, Tenn. WILLIAM C. CONNOR . Huntingdon, Tenn. REMINE KNISLEY ,,,, M01-I-lslown, Tenn, ROBERT TEMPLE . . Knoxville, Tenn. WILLIAM CORNWELL . . . Knoxville, Tenn. IOHN KRICKEL , , Nashville, Tenn. CLAY THOMAS . . . . . . Guthrie, Ky. ROBERT CRABTREE . . . Chattanooqa, Tenn- WILLIAM LAMBDIN . Andersonville, Tenn. JAMES THOMPSON , . Selmer, Tenn. RAYMOND CRAIG . - Chattenoqqe, Term- CONRAD LANGAARD . . Oslo, Norway JACK TITTLE , . . . Knoxville, Tenn. ROBERT CROSBY , . . Knoxville, Tenn. GEQRGE LINEBAUGH l , Nasl-lvllle, Term, JOE TITTLE . . . . Knoxville, Tenn. ROBERT CROSLBY .... Knoxville, Tenn. JAMES LINEBAUGH . Nashville, Tenn. TIM TREP-DWI-ILL . l Co11iervi11e,Tenn. THOMAS A, CUMMINGS . Knoxville, Tenn. JAMES MABRY . . . Knoxville, Tenn, CONRAD TROUTMAN . . LaF0llette, Tenn. SAMUEL DALLAS . . . . Havana, Cuba WILSON MANNING . Nashville, Tenn, FRANK TUCKER , . . Knoxville, Tenn. LEW DAUGHERTY . . . Camden, Tenn. ALLEN B, MARSH . . Petersburg, Tenn. CHICK UMBERGER - - - WYll19Vlll9, VE- ALLAN DAVIS , . . Knoxville, Tenn. JAMES MATTHEWS . . Clarksville, Tenn, JAMES UTLEY . Little Rock, Ark. KYLE DAVIS . . . Knoxville, Tenn. JACK MILLS . . Knoxville, Tenn, LEE VAN ARSDALE . . Norris, Tenn. JAMES DENT . . . Clarksville, Tenn. ORVIS, MILNER , , , Knoxville, Term, ROBERT VAUGHAN . . Knoxville, Tenn. JOHN DENT . . . Clarksville, Tenn. WILLIAM MITCHELL Knoxville, Tenn, J. FRED WALDRUM . Nashville, Tenn. DAVID DICKEY . , . . Morristown, Tenn. DENNIS MIZE . Sevierville, Tenn, WILLIAM G. WAI-EER - - GOIIOIIYI, TGHH- WILLIAM DICKEY . . Knoxville, Tenn. E. C, MONTGOMERY . Knoxville, Tenn. FRED WAI-I ACE . . . Knoxville, Tenn. GEORGE DINWIDDIE . . Paris, Tenn. JACK MONTGOMERY . . Knoxville, Tenn, JOE WARRICK . . . . Knoxville, Tenn. LESLIE DOSS ..,... Clarksville, Tenn. LLOYD MONTGOMERY . . Knoxville, Tenn, WILLIAM WATT . Washington, D, C. DON DULANY . . . Knoxville, Tenn- C, H. MURPHY , . . . Knoxville, Tenn. SKIP WEAVER , , , Morrlslownl Tenn, EVERETT DULIN . . . . Gallatin, Tenn. JACK MURRAY . . . Knoxville, Tenn. ROBERT WEBB . Milan Tenn JAMES DUNFORD . . . Knoxville, Tenn. HERBERT MEYER . . Knoxville, Tenn. RICHARD WEIDMAN ' Nashville' Tgnni WILLIAM DUNFORD . Knoxville, Tenn. FRANK N. MYERS . Nashville, Tenn. ROBERT WEST ' 'C to .H ' T ' JOHN T. DUNLAP . . Memphis, Tenn. JAMES MCAFEE . . . Knoxville, Tenn. ' ' ' en rm el em- JOSEPH DURHAM . . . . Scott, Ark. JAMES MeAMlS . , Knoxville, Tenn. GEORGE WHITTINGTON MOFUSIOTNHI Tenn' ROBERT DURRETT . . Clarksville, Term. SAM MCAMY . Knoxville, Tenn. BUD WILSON ---- Sevlervdle, Term, CARL EDWARDS . . . . . Miami, Fla. W. C, MCCALL . . Huntingdon, Tenn. DAVID WOOD . . - , Clarksville, Tenn, 102 Blue and Old Gold White Rose Sigma Chi Fraternity was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, Iune 28, 1855. Beta Sigma Chapter at the University of Tennessee was founded in 1917. FRATERNITY BETA SIGMA CHAPTER First Row: Adams, Allen, Babcock, Baird, Barbour, Bartlett, Bellamy. Second Row: Bevins, Bills, F. Bos- well, S. Boswell, Bracey, Brooks, Brown. Third Row: Brundiqe, R. Campbell, Chumley, Clark, Collins worth, Crabtree, Crosby. Fourth Row: Crosley, Dal- las, D. Dickey, Dinwiddie, Doss, I. Dunford, W. Dun- ford. Fifth Row: Dunlap, Edwards, Ensign, Ezell Fandrich, Farmer, Ferguson. Sixth Row: Fonde Gouffon, Gresham, Harmon, Hewgley, Hopper, H Iones. ' SIGMA CHI FHATERNITY First Row: R. K. Iones, Keister, Kinzel, Kirby, Kirk- patrick, Lanqaard, Mills. Second Row: Milner, Mitch- ell, Murray, Meyer, McCaHee, McAmy, McKeehan Third Row: McLean, McNeill, Norris, Oqilvie, Purks Reddick, Reeves. Fourth Row: Rose, Sharp, Shelton, Srnartt, Staley, Sudcloth, Taylor. Fifth Row: Temple, Thompson, Tittle, Trouirnan, Umberqer, Utley, Vaughan. Sixth Row: Waldrurn, Walker, Wallace, Warwick, Watt, Weaver, Wood. I xwffw S' S I E Nl A N U ROBERT ARLEDGE WILLIAM ARLEDGE HENRY ASHMORE . . CHARLES ASKINS . GEORGE BARE . LESLIE BARE . , KAY BENNETT . ROBERT BETTS . EDSEL BLEVINS . T. G. BROWN , . HAYNES BUMPUS BAXTER CATO . EDWARD COLLINS CHARLES CREWS . JACK CRUM . . , JOHN DEVINE , . CARL DOWNEY . FRANK DUNLAP . ROBERT DYER . IOHN FRENCH . ROBERT GOULD . THOMAS GRIFFITI-I JOHN GUTH . , MARTY HAI-IN . , BRUCE HARRISON THOMAS HAYNES CHARLES HILL . WAYNE HUDSON CRUM, President HARRISON, Vice-President MCMURRAIN, Treasurer ROBERTSON, Secretary MEMBERS , , . Athens, Tenn. J, D. HUTCHINSON . Knoxville Tenn , , . Athens, Tenn. NATHAN PARSONS . Asheville, N. C . Charlotte, N. C. CARL PRITCHARD . - A1006 Term . - Lake CNY' S- C- LLOYD PRITCHARD . . Alcoa, Tenn . Nashville, Tenn. GENE RANDOLPH . . Burnsville N, C . Nashville, Tenn. 1, C, REIDER , . . . Clinton, Tenn . Asheville, N. C. EDWARD REPAZ . . Knoxville, Tenn . Knoxville, Tenn. ROBERT RINEARSON . Knoxville, Tenn . , Bristol, Tenn, JAMES ROBERTSON , Knoxville, Tenn . . . . Palls, Va. JOHN RUPLEY , . . Morristown, Tenn . . . Waverly, Tenn. AL RUSSAS . . . . Providence, R.I . . . Hyde, Pa. GENE SINON . . . . Cleveland Tenn . . Memphis, Tenn. MARTIN SPANGLER . Knoxville Tenn . . Knoxville, Tenn. JERRY SULLIVAN . . Knoxville Tenn . Pensacola, Fla. WILLIAM TAYLOR , Asheville N. C . . Knoxville, Tenn. B, RAY THOMPSON . Knoxville Tenn . Clifton Forge, Va. JACK THOMPSON . . Knoxville Tenn . Waynesboro, N. C. HILTON TUNNELL . . Whitehaven Tenn . . Knoxville, Tenn. WILLIAM VANDEGRIFF . . . Knoxville Tenn , Whitehaven, Tenn. HENRY VARNELL . . Whitehaven, Tenn . . Westerville, Ohio DAVID WALKER . , Friendsville Tenn . . Pearl River, N. Y. J. C, WALKER , . . . . Knoxville Tenn . Whitehaven, Tenn. RALPH WALLACE , . . , Knoxville Tenn . . Knoxville, Tenn. JAMES WEBSTER , Oliver Springs Tenn , . . Knoxville, Tenn. CHARLES WEELER . . . Knoxville Tenn . . . . Knoxville, Tenn. OLIN WILLIAMS . . . Harriman Tenn CHARLES HEOUEMBOURG . . Charleston, Mo. ARTHUR WILLS . . Nashville Tenn , . , . Adams, Tenn. CLEON WRINKLE . . Cleveland, Tenn . . . Harriman, Tenn. CHARLES YOUNG . . Jackson, Tenn Gold, Black, and White White Rose Sigma Nu Fraternity was founded at the Vir- ginia Military lnstitute, Lexington, Virginia, in l868. Epsilon Eta Chapter at the University of Tennessee was founded in 1921. FHATERNITY First Row: R. Arleclqe, W. Arledqe, Ashnore, Askins Gr. Bare, L. Bare, Bennett. Second Row: Betts, Brooks, Cato, Collins, Devine, Downey, Dunlap. Third Row Dyer, French, Griffith, Guth, Haynes, Hequembouqh 1 TI-l CHAPTER Hill. Fourth Row: Hudson, G. Iackson, H. laclcson P. Iohnson, S. Iohnson, Keith, Knight. Fifth Row Law, Lomax, Lowery, Marks, Massey, McGhee, Mc Hugh. A l l SIGMA NU First Row: Mclieynolds, Merill, Miner, Miracle, Mur- phy, Nelson, Nichols. Second Row: Null, Oakes Gqle, Parsons, C. Pritchard, L. Pritchard, Randolph Third Row: Reider, Rhinearson, Rupley, Sinor F HATEHNITY Spangler, Sullivan, Taylor. Fourth Row: R. Thomp son, I. Thompson, Tunnell, Vanderqrirf, Varnell, D Walker, I. C. Walker. Fifth Row: Wallace, Webster Wheeler, Williams, Wrinkle, Young. .- ' I .5 X fat, it ,ff XX I 1' ,e A ff .. . . ,. ,I , .,., Q Q 0 . X . 595OQQf X F. K, X-V 59 i i i? O QQ' Q we 5' Q5 .I Ogg 9 64... 'O Q. Q Og, QQ., ef O ., O ORE: 1 :i5,eYt9'5 gifs, '35, - 2,051 A - ' - , gg.:-1 4I9'8'g 8202 'tain Ons www" Nivfatfzf QQ, Q96 9 to ARQQWR' Q OI M Q?" 153 f " 3' Z ' l 2 'Q 'Q 4- . 54,6 'ng s" 2 : 58' K as--Q. 'w .ev Km ft ' we Lml ,G ...WIS L ' I 5 2 il , Lt CMAQ? W-"""' , , ,.. SIGMA PHI EPSILUN AL HENSON NASRALLAH, President HUNERWADEI.. Vice-President KING, Comptroller BRYANT, Secretary MEMBERS HOWARD ANDERSON . , Nashville, Tenn. KENNETH HOWARD , , . Knoxville, Tenn GEORGE NIEDERHOUSER , Donelson, Tenn WALTER A. BALLINGER , Chattanooga, Tenn. PAUL HUGHES . . . Oakdale, Tenn WALTER NUNN . . . , Glascow, Ky NATE BASTIAN . , . . Nashville, Tenn. H, P. HUNERWADEL . , Chattanooga, Tenn. RICHARD OWNBY , . . . Etowah, Tenn BRONSON BAYLISS , . Memphis Tenn. VIRGIL HUSTON , . . , Knoxville, 'l'enn R, A, PAYNE .... Covington, Tenn IAMES M, BEAN . . Winchester Tenn. GENE IGOU . , , . Chattanooga, Tenn IOHN PENNINGTON . Signal Mountain, Tenn DELMAS BEASLEY . , . Nashville Tenn BILL IOHNSON . . . . Scotts Hill, Tenn W, E, PHIFER . .... Knoxville, Tenn THOMAS R, BELL . . . . Decherd Tenn. IAMES IONES . . . . Centerville, Tenn ROBESON PICKEL , , . Sweetwater, Tenn HOWARD I, BLACK . . . Maryville Tenn IAMES KENNEDY , . . . Arlington, Va PAUL POMEROY . , . Nashville, Tenn IOI-IN BRANSON . . Knoxville Tenn IAMES KING .... Knoxville, Tenn GLENN PORTER . . . Lenoir City, Tenn IULIAN E, BRYANT . . Savannah, Tenn, REGINALD KLING . . . Chattanooga Tenn CHARLES PRICE . , . . Loudon, Tenn MAHLON CANTRELL . Nashville Tenn ROBERT KUYKENDALL , , . Nashville, Tenn. IAMES REECER . . . , Nashville, Tenn CHARLES CARSON . . . Chattanooga Tenn. IERRY LAUGHLIN . . Chimney Rock, N. C IOHN RENEAU , . Memphis, Tenn IACK COCHRANE . . . Nashville, Tenn A, O. LEINART ,... Chattanooga, Tenn ED REYNOLDS , . Franklin, Tenn IACK COCKRUM , Knoxville, Tenn IAMES I-Il-LIE . .--. Franklin Tenn IACK RHODES . . . . Savannah, Tenn THOMAS COLEMAN . . Corinth Tenn. HUGH LITTLE . . Knoxville, Tenn BUDDY ROGERS . . . Knoxville, Tenn HERBERT COULTER . Knoxville Tenn LAWRENCE LOVEL . . Nashville, Term WILLIAM SCHISM .... KUIQSPOTI, Tenn ROBERT CULLOM . . . Donelson Tenn RICHARD LOYD . . . . Lebanon Tenn EDMOND SEALS . . . Chattanooga, Tenn RICHARD DAVIS . , . Dayton Tenn MAURICE LUSK . . . Knoxville Tenn. PAUL SHERBAKOFF . . Knoxville, Tenn GEORGE DAY . . Kingston Tenn BEASON MARTIN . . . Nashville Tenn. IAMES SMIDDY ,,,, Williamsburg, Ky IAMES C, DEAL . . Knoxville, Tenn. IACK MARTIN . . . , . Nashville, Tenn IACK SPARKS . . . Nashville, Tenn WILLIAM DEAL . . Knoxville Tenn LEE MARTIN . , Chattanooga, Tenn IACK STEWART , . . Asheville, N, C MIIQTACQN DELZELL . . Decherd, Tenn CIETAIIZEANCE Ig.ggI'TI-IEWS . Lelnloir City, Tenn JAMES STREET . , , Memphis, Tenn ED RD DUNN . , Knoxville, Tenn W M M E ..,. ctrtsville enn. - - n ROBERT ELLIS . . Knoxville, Tenn SPENCER MILLARD . , . unter. City, Tenn QCEPQEERBFT Sf,t,f.,ljIlg1Y,fj,f1,D' ' IOHN FARGASON . . Arlington, Tenn IOE MONGER , Sweetwater, Tenn. PAT THATCHER SH 1 M 1 . ' T nn MARVIN PARRIS . . Wartburg, Tenn CLAYTON MOORE .... Knoxville Tenn. ' ' lqna Dun am' e EDWARD 1. FRECH . . . Paterson, N, 1. ROY MOORE . , Millington, Tenn TACK THOMPSON - V - - - Afhen5.Tef1f1 IOHN HADLEY . . Madison, Tenn WILLIAM MOORE , . , Memphis Tenn. MARK VENRICK . - - - Brentwood, Tenn FRED HAILE . , . Gainesboro, Tenn THAD MORRIS . . . Memphis Tenn. LYNN WALLACE , . Knoxville, Tenn KEIXTIHHHAAIRKIEES . . . Swe?wEiter, Tenn IOHN IIQIIURRAQKFO . LeRoirhCHt1y, Tenn IACK WEST , , , , , Knoxville' Tenn . . art ett enn THOM S MU . . , . as vi e, enn. 5 E V ' DAN HAYNIE . .... Hartsville Tenn DIXON MOCARTY . , Signal Mountain, Tenn. fEgEF3,,DWJg,iIAMS Poweffaglglfflf' . Oak Ridge, Tenn. EDWIN MCBRIDE .,., Covington Tenn. RICHARD WILLIAMS ' M h. ' T 'WILLIAM HIEBETT . , Nashville, Tenn IACK MeGUIRE . . , . . Knoxville, Tenn - - - em? 15' em RICHARD HIGH . . . Crossville, Tenn GEORGE NADER . st, Augustine, Fla. IAMES WTTTMANN I A A NaShv311e'Tem1 LEO HOLLOWAY . . Memphis, Tenn. ANDREW NASRALLAI-I . . Iacksonville, Fla. ARNOLD ZOPFI - 4 - T NSSIIVIHG, Term ROBERT HOUSER . . Knoxville, Tenn JEFF NEWBILL . . . . Memphis, Tenn. CHARLES ZOPPI , . Nashville, Tenn 110 Purple and Red American Beauty Rose and Violet Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity was founded at the University of Richmond, Richmond, Vir- ginia, November, 1901. Tennessee Alpha Chap- ter at the University of Tennessee was founded in l9l3. FHATEHNITY First Row: Anderson, Ballinger, Bastian, Bayless Bean, Beasley, Bell, Black. Second Row: Branson, Cantrell, Carson, Cochrane, Cockrum, Coleman, Coulter, Cullom. Third Row: Davis, DaY, l. Deal, W Deal, Delzell, Dunn, Ellis, Fargason. Fourth Row PHA CHAPTER Farris, Frech, Hadley, Haile, Harris, Hawkins, Hayne, Henson. Fifth Row: Hibhett, High, Holloway, Houser Howard, Hughes, Huston, Igou, lohnson. Sixth Row: Kennedy, Kling, Kuykendall, Laughlin, Leinart, Lillie, Lovell, Loyd, Lusk. SIGMA PHI First Row: T. B. Martin, I. Martin, L. Martin, Matthews, Massey, Monger, R. Moore, W. Moore. Second Row: Morris, Murray, Musto, McCarty, McBride, Mc- Guire, Nader, Newloill. Third Row: Niederhouser, Nunn, Cwnby, Payne, Pennington, Phifer, Pickel, Pomeroy. Fourth Row: Porter, Price, Reecer, Reneau, EPSILUN Reynolds, Rhodes, Rogers, Schism. F iith Row: Seals Sherbakofi, Smiddy, Sparks, Stewart, Street, Sulli van, Sutherland, Thatcher. Sixth Row: Thompson Venrick, Wallace, West, Wiqqs, Williams, Wittmann A. Zopfi, C. Zopfi. 113 . '4 "' "Q '. A if- 'z' duly Q2 1'n':1.' gg Qi: GQ6 QE? , ' Q .I.,...C,4 V Q 0 Q 4 I tg pgigm i, n "F Ntllllllltl reef-.4 1, a lltimltiwtx , X fmmmuuuur Q 9' 79 g' Y 0 , 9 ... Z 3 9 ? Q Q9 5 SQ ll nu a Q 1 Q S ' 40 S' 0 ,gt- ft-f--J " " " s's we ZETA BETA TAU N fl 3 K I B Gi 49 . 2,9 . A I H : but , ,K iw, I Q -' ' 3 A X. 'al T' . I f I. 2-A a U , A, A , 'T - ' I ' " I 5 ,, , . 0 TX it I T I Q ' 1, ,, ' ,, H 5 Q 'V ' X I sy f 13 X 'K 3 5.4 1 ' 00 'iz' U H3 A - I' - 1. Q '70 'il' jjm., Q- -fe ,, tl mv 'ff Milf .. ti,-Nfl, 1, MARVIN BALLIN . ROBERT BASIST . ROY BLOCK. . . JAMES BRANSON , BILL BRODY. . , MANUEL BROWN . PHILLIP BUSH . . SAMUEL DATTEL . HAROLD DIFTLER , GERALD DORTCH . ALVIN EBER. . . LOUIS EPSTEIN . . MANNIE ETTINGOFF IAY FREED. , , MARVIN FRIEDMAN MARVIN GOLDFARB RICHARD GREEN . RICHARD GREENBAUM . HERBERT GREENBERG , PAUL GREENBERG MARVIN KOLODKIN DAVID KOTLER . MYRON KUSHNER . SCHWARTZ. Secretary NBERG . . KUSHNER, Vice-President RATNER. Treasurer MEMBERS . Memphis, Tenn. LAWRENCE LEVINE . . Memphis, Tenn. HERBERT LIPMAN . . Chattanooga, Tenn. WARREN NEWMAN , . . Memphis, Tenn. IACK PLATT . . , Knoxville, Tenn. MARVIN RATNER . , . , Memphis, Tenn. TED ROBERTS . . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. DAVID ROBINSON , . . Memphis, Tenn. MELVIN ROBINSON . . Knoxville, Tenn. SAM ROSENFIELD . . . Memphis, Tenn. HERBERT ROTH . , . . Memphis, Term. BENNY SALKY . . . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. KARL GENE SCI-IEI , . , . Memphis, Tenn. DAVID SCI-IWARTZ , , Trenton, Tenn, HAROLD SIEGEI.. . . . . Memphis, Tenn. SANFORD SINGER . . . . . , Memphis, Tenn. ERWIN SISKIN . . , . . Knoxville, Tenn, SAM STARK, IR. . . Miami Beach, Fla. LOUIS STEINBERG , Memphis, Tenn HERBERT TABB . . . , Memphis, Tenn HUGH UNGER , . . . , Chattanooga, Tenn. HOWARD WALLER . Memphis, Tenn. NORTON WATERMAN , . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. HENRY WURZBURG, IR. . Chattanooga, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. . Belle Glade, Fla. . Memphis, . Memphis, . Memphis, . Knoxville, . Knoxville, . . Iellico, . Nashville, . Memphis, . Memphis, Chattanooga, Chattanooga, . Knoxville, . Newport, . Memphis, Chattanooga, Chattanooga, . Brooklyn, . Memphis, . , Iackson, . Memphis, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn Tenn N. Y Tenn Miss Tenn Light Blue and White Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity was founded in New York City, December 29, 1898. Alpha Nu Chap- ter at the University of Tennessee was founded in 1942. FHATERNITY First Row: Ballin, Basist, Brody, Brown, Bush, Dattel Second Row: Dortch, Epstein, Ettingoii, Freed, Fried- man, Goldfarb. Third Row: H. Greenberg, P. Green berg, Koloclkin, Levine, Lipman, Newman. Fourth Row. Platt, Roberts, Both, Salky, Scheinberg, Schwartz, Sie- gel. Fifth Row: Singer, Siskin, Stark, Unger, Waller, Waterman, Wurzburg. M Xlx X f I X X X f X X X XX X X X X X I X X X X f X X X xf ff X X xx fix f X X xl X f XX x ff f X X I X X , X X X' X X! X f X! X1 X fx I I I X Xf I f f I f X I f X X f f f 1 f f f 1 X f 1 f , l f f , 1 f X N THE TURCHBEAREHS The spirit of the Hill, exemplified in the Volunteer who holds high the torch of service, is most nearly approached by those members of the senior class who each year are selected to be Torchbearers. Singled out by a combined committee of the students and faculty, these are the men and woman who have by their leadership, energy, integrity, thoughtfulness, strength of purpose and faithfulness to duty through four years of college life, most closely adhered to the ideals embodied in the Spirit of the Volunteer. Achievement alone is not the basis for the selection of the nine appearing on the following pages. More than this is the way in which those achievements were gained, by unassuming manner, by friendliness and nobility of purpose, by many services unher- alded, yet so important in furthering the traditions and ideals of the University. These represent the goal of those following behind, the campus leaders of the present, the guiding beacons of the future. These are the Torchbearers of 1949. "He who beareth the torch shadoweth himself to give light to others." 118 1 1 1 w 2 'Qs I A . 3. f R, in . 3 1 4 it -:uv ..- 's if , 5 Q ,gi Q k ea 0 W H ' '-:Q-:.15:Ei:: X A ,W S WV 15? A V37 j 'Al ,S Q, Vik ,qw ww'- S , ,. vsgwy 1iz1:f?if2iwQiFZi mr. ff' sf' A ' H 'f V . Ks fig' 65555 anus.. mfg? ' X W A Q W wwfwweg ,MWKL 1, , ,mf-QQL -... K 5 ,W - A 8 g Ti 5 3 ! 3 5 1zz',K f ., 5 QLD -A ,ff 'Qu g fw 535 AA A - 31" zwigfii, 7 1 ' ..A,,,, A. 'wfs "QW 9 9 ggi? gs, MA 4 Q . Q ' ff, 3 .. Q. 'gf T. A ' ,fiiif K ' wif? " ' Vg ff w Q55 by ,fy a A ,L 1 725 . " O 6 -A ' v Q L.. N 4 .Qi , ' w tg 1 ' f . 6 Q U 0 A Y 0 ,, .Q A , M,: , 0 . X? ' Q ki 3. ,Ap , f v W M- " . " fQe'+1:afA,.. A 1 A ef -'sw , , A K Ai: Via, A 6 ., 'CSJZA Ati ,-,MQ W' f f -7' .Qi tj, A A - , 1' A G .lf ,- V: :ffffkii H ' ff 3ifii'fw1f:-W fy '- ' -'-' -znwggggwg . ,RQ A A Y--MAL. om Y wi Q 1 X .. gf, AaiyA.,?'ME324.Af-A 'SM 'Ki 25. ' 7 " www wf,Afs2f':?i-A aff., :fQzA52-MWA, 1 T A,..,,1,,.A A A A, J ,g g -W f i .QMQQVAQAAQQ A ,fm13.f Il. ,gsm A -w i ails X fps A ,Q 559, -5355, , 0 Q A. , Q ff M X, 25? -eww M , A fm H fwzw -fi- A, 1. V A SF? - Hi'4fw3i1'igg:?E:. .AY Q 'Th M af K ' . A Q 'W ' , gag-' - 4 QQ , 'I f www V. A .. 4 .. Mi .4 ' ' W fn., 4 s Cu wa. 1 0 my 'WMM' k'i4'x TUHUHBEAHEH JANE PE 1 2 5 3 . 1 2 3 . Si Q . 43-Irfwii f - I 3,10-.M K ! 1 8 ' -4' 5 Q!" if E Mi, E33 2 . T3 Til si Qi il Q if x' - . ., ' VS --4-. .M ' V ., f aj ' F..-ffmlrf 'T 1 ,Q ,.,s..f-iw'-A nuff.-Q... , A .. pw f.f-f M, - 'K' L' ' ' T- :..'.:'-?"" V "IQ 'f KMM ,wh 2 , , sf, ,ww Q- 1,52 "f , , hfqi L if .ma 'f ws uf, V. N ff , I f 'S ,il W V was W V, Wri ,Ska jwifiilfili' Wg,- 3 if if fe Q51-D - if V + gif? 52 2 af' Q .A , K , -. .,.hww,:.kH. f vu,- 1:1 5 vu 'dfifik' .,,, 5, , A 'L JZ x ,545 N. -:-,.f1-..- : V L . -W QL H 142: :- ,,:3v:iaH::,.Qa ,:'- Vs, fi x , f I 1' , :fy-1 lm. If L,- .- -wk www., . .V - . v fi 3 -gf W 2. Sf g?iifidi2ELg'wff I H a 1 ,aff ' f- 'Q ' 'Vw .s I ,f A ' Lx 'Z5fv??Qamxw i - MQ J ggiiiuz gf A ziggy' ez uw f A fwiaf fi: KI M ' Q V Q ' 2 ' J ' ., ' 53.2-.3 A ' -'viva ya-.15 "f ,w f42g5X5,1gf,"- VY- ,fuk Aw mf, V52 5' alll? 1 if :U JS I,Q::,f':::'. if kg ,k,L 515195 ff' M h A iff- 5-fggv--sq A 1 K: "" ' W www: VA ?a5?aL,fv5LvQM39uf .:-5:5-,,,-if .. - ,Q ,. P X .M ..z' ' ' , S Ml, Xiu w TUHUHBEAHEH x 127 IJABNEY WELLFUBD THE EDITOR AT WORK The Volunteer is the annual student pub- lication which strives to capture in pictures the high points ot the past year and present them in a volume of memories. The first annual required the energy and THE 1949 EDITORIAL STAFF PAUL HUGHES ,.,,.,. . . . Editor-in-Chief ROY SIMMONS and GRADY KIMSEY . . , Assistant Editors NAN WILLIAMSON .....,. Secretary to Editor DEPARTMENTAL EDITORS IACK WESTBROOK ,...,.... Organizations BOB MEADOWS , BETTY I-IISCOCK . IULIAN BRYANT . LEONARD ROGERS BILL MORRIS . . DON MIRTS . . ANN FOWLER . . MARY A. HOUSE . IACK McKEEHAN CORKY STRINGE . IANE SULLIVAN . BILL TRENT . . L. D. GARINGER . CELESTE MARTIN . PAUL SHIRLEY . Betty Riney Virginia Frost Amy Debusk Kathy Weeks Tom Henry Arlynn Pillinq Betty Hiscock Claire Plummer Nancy Skull Mary Ann Wooten Elaine Dillow Mary loy Bob Williams Tom Green lohnny Ward Don Webster Bill Van Cleve Gerry Roach Helen McNeil Lyle McElroy . . Greek , Assistant . . Class . Publicity . . Sports . Activities , Assistant . Snapshots . Military . Make-up . Features . . . Art . Law Section . . Graduate . . . . , Photography ASSISTANTS Nancy Meqel Iimrnie Leinart Betty Escue Danny Correll Dick Burnette Sally Burch Bill lohnson Laura Kelly Betty Ann Clemens Eleanor Griffith loan Hampton Charles Aytes Pat Riney Warren Anderson Carolyn Smith Betty Chandler Marian Miller Ioan Diehl "Chick" Wilson Dwight Kessel First Row: Bryant, Fowler, Garinqer, Hiscock, House, Kimsey. Second Row: Martin, McKeehan, Meadows, Mirts, Morris, Rogers. Third Row: Simmons, Shirley, Stringe, Sullivan, Westbrook, Williamson. twm1zzmuumu:. 1 m mnmemn ..1 I 6 .r.V . Hmmm .....f .1 .. e.r.u.r, L . ., . We iimmua VOLUNTEER ERNEST GRIGGS GEORGE BAKER EUDELL RIPPETOE ARLYNN PILLING BETSY ROSS . BUSINESS STAFF , . . Business Assistant Business Assistant Business OFFICE STAFF . . . .Office . Assistant Office ADVERTISING STAFF ANNE BAKER ....,... Advertising BOB L, COCHRAN .... Assistant Advertising ORGANIZATIONS STAFF BILL MOORE ...,.... Organization HM I-IAYNES . . . . Assistant Organization SALES STAFF VINCENT RYAN .....,.., Sales KEN ATCHLEY ....... Assistant Sales Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager WMM . WMM ASSISTANTS Marvin D. Friedman Pego House Bill Tarwater Tommie Belle Fortner Beverly Sharpe Pauline Veal Leslie Hammer Neill Clark Betty I. Coleman Hugh Eakin lack Hughes Bob Lee Laurens R. Massey Betty Read Mcllwaine Margaret Mcllwaine Sally McKinney Danny Shea H. E. Simpson Robert Sinker Lily Van Morris Ouida Weissinger lam-es B. Williams Vivian Williams Tom Woodard Claire Cowan Betty Barnes Carol Cartwright Grace Deitzel loan Edmunds Emma Lou Kreger Mary Ralph Iared Burch Stewart Anna Marie Budde lack Rhodes lohn Summitt Nancy Burton Betty Campbell Barbara Hutt Polly Murray THE BUSINESS MANAGER talents of four editors and thirty-six months of labor by other interested persons. The present one is the result of the know how of fifty-one preceding editions, three months of anguish, and one editor. First Row: Atchley, D. Baker, H. Baker, A. Baker, Cochran, Friedman. Second Row: Hammer, Haynes, House, Hughes, Moore, Pilling. Third Row: Rippetoe, Ross, Ryan, Sharpe, Tarwater. Q-Q1-qi, Editor First Row: Green, Baker, Parker, Ward, Coates, Morris, Second Row: Sharpe, Tramel, Obenour, Westbrook, Diamond. The Orange and White, official student EDITORIAL STAFF LEoNARD ROGERS, AUBREY TRAMEL . . Editors-an-chief newspaper of the University, along with its Assocmri-:s sister publications, the Volunteer and the Tennessean, offers Varied opportunities to all students aspiring to journalistic achieve- ments, regardless ot college or organizational affiliations. Top: Rogers. Below: Trammel IACK THOMPSON, IOHNNY WARD . . PAUL COATES, FRED PARKER . BILL MORRlS, TOM GREEN BEVERLY SHARPE . . . . Managing Editors , . . News Editors . Sports Editors . Society GEORGE BAKER . , TACK WESTBROOK , BETTY OBENOUR . . BENNETT SUPPLE . . BENNETT SUPPLE , . Feature Editor . . Radio Editor , , Copy Editor . Exchange Editor Feature Columnist ASSISTANTS Haywood Harris Mike Weatherly Paul Pomeroy Allen McDonald Arnold Zopfi David Bush lim Greer Ray Foster Robert Badger Iames Haynes Harold Roberts Mary Roberts Adeline Stanberry Mary Lou Hammer Katherine Weeks Louis Schneider Mary Ann Anderson Bob Williams Chuck Morgan Sleepy Hearn lane Boulware Beverly Crowell Pat Williams lean Pillow Nancy Burton Carol Berry Betty Io Hefner Sue Kile Annelle North Avron Spiro Robert Rinearson Celeste Martin lohn Bowers Bill Keel George Nader Ann Rogers Stuart Trapp Bill Tower Bessie Mae McNeil Carol Chandler Lucy Hall Moore Demetra Tarrant Ann Walker Betty Thompson Iiin Vester George Kirby First Row: Bridge, Stringe, Friend, Oehmig. Second Row: Hale, Kulze, Griggs. BUSINESS STAFF Published semi-Weekly, the Orange and BARBARA TUTTLE . BETSY BRIDGE . . GLEN CLAIBORNE . BILL HALE , . . CAROLYN STRINGE . ED OEI-IMIG . , . IULIA TUCKER . . GOLDSBY SWAN . . NANCY IO WRIGHT . MARY ANN FRIEND I-IAL KULTZ . , . IERE GRIGGS , Walter Iohnson Dot Wallace Kathryn Dalton George Kyle L, C. Chapman Dick Nowling Sam Mars Iames B. Williams Iulia Tucker Woody Kennernan HE UHA . , . Business Manager Assistant Business Manager . . Advertising Manager . Circulation Manager , . Of-tice Manager . . Advertising Staff . . Office Staff . Office Staff . . Office Staff . . Office Staff , . Office Staff . Office Staff ASSISTANTS Iim Bresnahan lean Carter Mary Miller Iohn Cox Ierry Dortcli Karl Scheinberg Marvin Ballin Sazn Stark Harold Mullins Kathryn Taylor NEE AND WHITE White is sold by solicited subscription to stu- dents, and is a corporate member ot the University Publishing Association. Recently, the Orange and White has strengthened its voice through the media of a Weekly radio program, "Presstime on the Hill," and increased circulation. THE BUSINESS MANAGER i F THE194B-'49 THE EDITOR STAFF BILL BARNHART ...... ..,. E diior EVALIN FRANTZ . . . . Assistant Ediior -3 ASSOCIATE EDITORS GRADY KIMSEY ,..,... . Ari PAT WALLACE ....,.. . Fiction MARTIN COULTER . . . , Features JOHN KRICKEL , . . . . Poetry LENNIS DUNLAP . , . . , , Talk of the Hill -3 EDITORIAL STAFF IOHN DEVINE ........ . , Makeup PAT WALLACE . . , . . Office BETTY OBENOUR . , Exchange Kimsey Kuykendall Fowler Obenour Riney DeVau11 Edinqton 132 TENNESSEAN STAFF RUTH ANN PEOPLES . . , , . . Business Manager IOAN EDINGTON . , . Advertising Manager BETTY HISCOCK . ...,., . Circulation Manager BUSINESS STAFF GEORGE MOSS ZOE DOOLEY JOY KUYKENDALL PAT RINEY SAM FOWLER CHARLES STRINGFIELD MARY ANN ANDERSON FRANK RICHMOND IEAN DEVAULT VIVIAN WILLIAMS SYLVIA HAMILTON The Tennessean is the bi-monthly, student literary mag- azine. lt contains short stories, articles, poetry, photography, and art contributed by students on "The Hill". An effort is made not only to publish the best literary and artistic Works submitted, but also to present selections representative of the many campus interests. Anderson Moss Dooley Williams 133 BUSINESS MANAGER 1948 Barnwarmin' Queen, Tina Duke The U. T. Agricultural Club originated in 1889, the Official Ag College magazine, is published bv and has been one of the most active Orgamzauons the Ag Club. ln addition, numerous socials are held on the campus ever since. lt sponsors two large for the Aggies during the year and teams are entered functions for the entire campus each year-Barrr warmin' and Roundup. The TENNESSEE FARMER, in intramural sports. Left to Right: Dabney Wellford, President: Everett Carrell, Secretory: Zane Price, Sergeant-at-armsg Benny Gilliam, Treasurer: lames Nichols, Critic. Not pictured: Ralph Dement, Vice-President. TENNESSEE FARMER STAFF IEFF NEWBILL ,,... Editor-in-Chief IOHN E. SIMPSON . . . Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF ZANE PRICE . ,.., Assistant Editor DEPARTMENTAL EDITORS Bob Breeding Tom Green Dabney Welford VV. C, Garland Paul Hutton Ernest Griggs REPORTERS Clarence Chestnutt W, R. Clark George Waller George Queener Lewis Williams Fred Laine Advisor, A. I. Sims BUSINESS STAFF ALVIN BLAKE . Assistant Business Manager ADVERTISING STAFF POWELL COVING ....., Manager Bill Skinner Warren Blackley CIRCULATION STAFF Mark Harris, Mgr. Ben Cockrill Gid Tedder William Massey HOME ECON. STAFF BEVERLY CROWELL , . . . Editor REPORTERS Betty Drinnen Doris Frazier Pauline Veal The Iudges The TENNESSEE FARMER is a monthly magazine published under the auspices of the Ag Club by the students themselves. Its purpose ls to keep the students and others interested in the Ag College posted on new agricultural trends and developments and news of the Colleges of Agriculture and Home Economics. Its circulation includes students and their families, extension workers, rural high schools, and farmers throughout the state. TENNESSEE FARMER 135 THE TENNESSEE ENEI NEEH Front Row: Bryant, Lander, McBride, Huitstetler. Second Row: Payne, Pace, Harris, Barger. Third Row: Diehl, Matthews, Deal, Austin, Pomeroy. An engineer, so We are told, is normally an in- trovert-inclined toward mathematical exactness and possessing a poor sense of humor. This is supposed to add dignity to their chosen profession of slide rule reading. ln keeping with this illusion and not Wanting to give away the fact that they are essen- tially "characters" is the student engineering mag- azine, The Tennessee Engineer. Although created tor the students and containing many student articles, the Engineer also tries to carry on an unofficial liason with "the outside" in presenting articles by outstanding men in the in- dustry. The men who rnake up some ot the Engineer are: Eddie McBride, main gear: I. E. Bryant, driving piniong Tom Hurfstetler, reverse idler gear: Coy Lander, torque tubeg Ioe Austin, ditterentialg R. A. Payne, transfer case. Translated, these men are editor-in-chief, associate editor, assistant editor, business manager, assistant business manager, and circulation manager. Other cogs are: Toe Barger, advertising managerg Keith Harris, exchange editorg Nelson Lunn, photographer. THE PUBLIEATIUNS CUUNCIL Dr. C. E. Wylie, F. C. Lowry, chairman, Dr. Iohn C, Hodges, Paul G. Hughes, student, Iames L. Smith, Leonard S, Rogers, student. The publications council is responsible for and directs the major policies oi the Orange and White, Tennessean and Vol- unteer. lt is composed of six members- two student representatives and an alumni representative are elected each spring and three faculty members are appointed by the president oi the university. The editors and business managers are responsible to the council for the execution ot their publication duties. They attend council meetings, but are given no vote. THE ALL-STUDENTS' CLUB OFFICERS HOWARD BAKER, IR ,...,. . . . President DAVE DODSON . . . Vice President ANNA LYNN EVANS . . . Secretary PAUL FITZGERALD ....,....., Treasurer The All Students Club Council is the governing body of the University of Tennessee, and it consists ot iifty-two members. First row: Gibson, President Pan-Hellenic Council, Evans, Secretary ASC, Peoples, Liberal Arts Represen- tative, Tuttle, Business Representative, House, Busi- ness Representative, Lyle, Home Economics Repre- sentative, Rutherford, Secretary Sophomore Class, Holder, Education Representative. Second row: Meacham, Engineering Representa- tive, Reeder, Athletic Representative, Leith, President WSGA, Kaufman, Treasurer Sophomore Class, Mc- Kinney, Liberal Arts Representative, Lee, Business Representative, Haun, Freshman Advisor. Third row: King, Engineering Representative, Bone, President Iunior Class, Sams, Social Chairman, Baker, President, ASC, Robertson, Vice-President Iunior Class, Winchester, Law Representative, Oakes, Treas- urer Iunior Class. Fourth row: Washam, President Senior Class, Rog- ers, Publications, Dodson, Vice-President ASC, Hughes, Publications, Weatherly, President FRB, Bur- dette, Chairman Traditions Board, Dance, Business Representative, Smith, President Freshman Class, Cross, Business Representative. Members not in picture: Browder, Vice-President Senior Class, Strong, Agricultural Representative, Swearingen, Engineering Representative, Harper, President Vol Vet Club, Eversole, Secretary Iunior Class, Hunter, Vice-President Sophomore Class, Tittle, Military Representative, Erd, Vice-President Freshman Class, Weeks, Secretary Freshman Class, Elliott, Treasurer Freshman Class, Robinson, Liberal Arts Rep- resentative, Bell, Agricultural Representative, Little- ford, Education Representative. THE BEAVER CLUB OFFICERS ROLLIN V. 'WILSON . . . . . President MARIORIE DUNCAN . . , Vice President MARY ANN ANDERSON . . . Secretary IOE BARGER ,,,, . . . Treasurer PROP. ALBERT RAPP . ...... Faculty Advisor The Beaver Club is composed of thirty-one mem- bers which consist of a delegate from each fraternity and sorority plus two boys and two girls from the independent Organization. The tricks to be done at the football games be- tween halves are planned anywhere from a week to a month in advance. Each Wednesday night during the football season, the members of the club meet to prepare the instruction sheets for the next home gamefethere are over l5OO to be prepared. The card tricks at UT have been praised both locally and nationally. For many years, other universities have envied the half-time entertainment put on by the Beaver Club, with the aid of the student body. First Row: Hurst, Connor, Baker, Lea, Gray, Slager, Anderson, Duncan. Second Row: l-lavens, Van Cleave, McConnell, Roach, Duncan 'VVilliams, Baker. Third How: Kelley, Vaughn, Dender, Powell, Goldfarb, Wilson, Barger, Members not pictured: Mary N. Russell, Miriam Carroll, Patsy Arnhart, Irma lean Brooks, leanette Weiss, Bill Switzer, Buddy l-lord, Charles Keith, Glenn Porter, Harry Wehunt. WUME' STUDENT First Row: Betsy Bridge, Vice President, Iudy Leith, President: Elizabeth Sledge, acting Secretaryy Alice Lyle, Treasurer. Second Row: Betty Haage, Ruth Ann Peoples, Doris I-lurst, Helen Hier, Betty Riney, Mary Ann Truss, Ann Dooley, Helen Gibson. OFFICERS IUDY LEITH . . . . . President BETSY BRIDGE . . . . Vice President MARY ANN ELLIS . , . Secretary ALICE LYLE . , . .Treasurer The Women's Student Government As- sociation is rnade up oi all Women students oi the University. There is a council ot the association which is rnade up of all the presidents of the wornen's organizations on the campus, and the four elective oiiicers-President, l EUVEHNMENT ASSUUIATIUN Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. lt is the purpose of this body to regulate all matters pertaining to the life of the Women of the University of Tennessee not under the jurisdiction of the faculty, to further a spirit ot unity and service among the women, to be a federation for all Wo- men's organizations and groups, to in- crease a sense of individual responsibility and to be a medium whereby the standards and ideals of the University may be made and kept high. First Row T s Peoples, Leith, Sledge. Second Row: Lyle Hier, Hurst, Enman. Bridg Third Row: Gibson, Riney, Miller, Dooley The Association of Collegiate Engineers Board, referred to as the ACE Board, is at present composed ot twenty members. There are three officers, president, vice-president, and secretary who are elected annually. Each of the four engineering societies have three representatives on the board. These tour societies are: the American lnstitute oi Electrical Engineers, American lnstitute of Chemical Engineers, American Society of Civil Engi- ncers, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, The lnglustrial Engineers have two representatives on the hoard who are members of SAM CSociety lor the Advancement of Manage- inentl. There are two members from Tau Beta Pi, the honorary engineering iraternity and one faculty member, The priznary function of the ACE Boazd is to coordinate the functions of the various engineering socities. The two most im- portant functions ol the ACE Board are the Annual Engineers Ball and ACE Day, the latter being a day when all the Engineer- ing buildings and laboratories are opened to the public and technical phenomena are demonstrated by the engineering students. Each year tour engineering queens are selected to reign over the Enginc1er's ball and ACE Day. Their titles are: Freshmani Cfuecn ot Clulisp Sophomore-Queen ot Dianiondsy lunior-Queen ot Hearts' Senior-Queen ot Spades, These queens are announced at intermission ot the annual Ball and each of the girls is given engraved trophy. . lt ll IACK SWEARINGEN WALKER MEACHAM ED MULLIKIN . STAN MERRITT , GENE MARTIN , CHARLES CHAVIS ASA REESE . HM HILL . , HM EZELL . , CARL IOHNSON . HARRY GIVANS , O. BERHOEER . BILL ROYALL . H, P, HUNERW ADEL FD, MCBRIDE . . lOE AUSTIN RICHARD MAERKER ROBERT FISHER . R, M. LAFORGE OFFICERS MEMBERS . President Vice-President . Secretary , AIEE AIEE AIEE , ASME , ASME . ASME ASCE ASCE , ASCE , AlCltE . AlCltE , SAM . SAM Tau Beta Pi . Tau Beta Pi . . Faculty STUDENT CHAPTER UE SUEIETY EUR THE ADVANCEMENT UE MANAGEMENT U I l IAMES S. DALLAS . WILLIAM C HILLEARY . . 1OSEPH L. GARNER RALPH E, RINELLA EDMVIN S. MCBRIDE JOHN E. RUSSELL . MR. C. A. SLOCUM S.A.M. rs a management tor government, and student chapters STUDENT OFFICERS . . . . . . , , . . President lst Vice-President . . 2nd Vice-President 3rd Vice-President . . . . Secretary . , . Treasurer . . Student Advisor national professional society of people in industry, commerce, education. There are sixty-one and titty professional chapters throughout the United States. Tennessee Student Chapter was organized in April 1948. lt received its charter in the national organi- zation August 21, 1948. Membership in the student chapter is composed ot lndustrial Management and Industrial Engineering students. First Row: Cannon, Hayes, Pollard, Hilleary, Haynes, Atkins, Mirts. Second Row: McMahan, Pass, Leinart, Lee, Ewing, Mullins, Loyd, Baner. Third Row: McCurry, Wilson, L. McCalla, Leopard, Sadler, Rinella, Foster, Austin, Iennings. Fourth Row: Tones, McBride, Dallas, Russess, Connor, Gardner, Garner, Wilson. 143 UAHNICUS AHEVIEW A long, long time ago Cso long ago that no one knows exactly whenl the idea originated in some student's head that the students should stage a carnival and circus on the campus. They had a parade and stunts and climaxed it all with a dance and the selection of a Carnival Queen. But times being what they are, and manpower being what it is, this grand scale production has been gradually toned down. First the Carnival and Circus were combined to form Carnicus tclever, wasn't it'?J then the parade was eliminated, the next thing to feel the axe was the selection of the Queen. During the war years even the stunts were abolished due to the lack of participants. However, after '45 Carnicus assumed its rightful place on the calendar, and all the wits of the fraternities and sororities were back to the grind of turning out scripts. Since people seem to get lazier with each year, the idea of reviving the Carnicus parade was vetoed outright as requiring too much energy. Last year everyone feared that Carnicus had been dealt its fatal blow when it was announced that strict censorship would be enforced. But lo and behold, the entertainment provided by the skits reached an all-time high last year. Never before had the judges had such a hard time in reaching a decision. Never before had so many of the skits contained so much humor and originality. The Chi Omega sorority and the Kappa Sigma fraternity deserve a big hand for their win- ning skits. The Chi O skit was a clever take-off on Ioan of Lorraine and campus politics titled "Ioan of U-Taine." The winning quality of the skit was probably its familiarity and interest to the student body. loan, Nancy Mitchell, was having a terrible time deciding how to vote in student elections, and both sides worked hard to get her vote, even threatening her with death at the stake. The cast was complete with "Dean Peaves", "Dean Punford", "President Phlegm" and gorgeous legs, Led by "Queenie" Garner and "Snow White" Burroughs, the Kappa Sigs sang their way to victory as they had the previous year. Although the central theme of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was strayed from, who was going to complain as long as he was entertained. The selection of the dwarfs f?J was the best casting job of the whole Carnicus. How a strip tease and the National Anthem "Dixie" wandered into the production no one knows, but since it added to the enjoyment, no one cared. Perhaps the cleverest and most original skit in Carnicus for a long time was the Phi Gam "silent movie." The audience was proba- bly a little too young to appreciate the "jerky" acting and the sob-story plot. The Sigma Chi skit was a revival of the slap-stick variety of comedy. lack McKeehan had a wonderful time trying to drown lack Hamilton. Good ole fraternity spirit! The ATO's took off on the strict censorship and the result was hilarious. The ADPi skit wandered back to the days of Pocohontas and lohn Smith, and introduced the "Chief of ESE." The outstanding quality of this skit was its flashy scenery. The Phi Mu's brought Alice and Wonderland up to date by inserting Bugs Bunny in the cast. The AOPi's presented the college girl's dilemma as a choice between Heaven and Hell. I leave it up to you to guess which side won. As this brief review has shown you can expect anything and everything in a Carnicus skit as long as it is funny and have your expectations rewarded. But seriously, the backdrops, the dance steps, and the talent are of practically professional standards. The credit for the whole production goes to the co-chairman, Ann Gordon Dempster and Stanley Merritt, and their capable assistants. 144 ALL SINE The Phi Mu sorority and the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity were the Winners in the annual All Sing contest held this year. The following is a list of the four winning sororities and fraternites with their selections. "Rornany Life" . . . . Victor Herbert "l Heard a Forest Praying" A A . . A Peter DeRose DELTA DELTA DELTA "Shortnin' Bread" . A . . lacques Wolfe "Indian Love Call" . . Friml-Lawrence CHIDMEEA Cole Porter Medley . . , Cole Porter "C Sacred Head". . . . . Bach ALPHA DMIEHDN Pl "Now the Day is Over" ..... Ioseph Barnby "Holiday for Strings" . Q A . . David Rose SIGMA ALPHA EPSILDN "Riff Song' '..,,. .,,, S igmund Romberg "Hallelujah Chorus" . ..... Handel LAMBDA EHIALPHA "You'll Never Walk Alone" . A . . Western Medley ,..,.. SIGMA PHIEPSILUN "Stout Hearted Men" . A . Sigmund Romberg "Beautiful Savior" A . , Crusades Hymn "Creation" ,,...r.. . . Richter "Soldiers Chorus" . . Gunod 145 ..Hlllllll WUHKSHUP OFFICERS IACK WESTBROOK , President EARL HENLEY . , Vice President ANN ROGERS , . Secretary-Treasurer SUE DOWNS . . . Publicity Editor Seated on the floor: Iune Patterson, Carolyn Freshour, Nancy Megal, Betty Escue. Seated in chairs: Agnes Dougherty, Lynn Powell, Ann Rogers, lack Westbrook, Earl Henley, Sue Downs, Mary McCullough. Third Row: Sigmund Litoit, Walter Martin, W. L. McBee, Dick Cook, lack Hughes, 'Wilton Hutchinson, John Hogan, Paul Sher- bakoii, George Nader. Fourth Row: Iim Morrison, Paul Hodges, Robert E. Lee, Harry Baird, H. E. Simpson, Elmo Leslie, Murray Farror, loe Waltemath, Ed Kuroshy, Mannie Ettingott, Ben Holladay, lim Wallace, Frank Lester, Marvin Goldtarb, Bill Towers. The range oi the University of Tennessee Radio Workshop has broadened this year both within the University and within the state. Through Workshop programs the slogan "The Campus is the State" is becoming a reality. Fourteen Tennessee cities and towns are carrying Radio W'orkshop programs and several ot these cities are carrying programs on more than one station. The Radio Workshop is an organization which provides an outlet for acting, writing, enginering and production talents. No academic credit is given the students participating, but they are awarded a certificate showing the amount and kinds of Work they have done in radio at the end of the school year. Every program produced by the Radio Workshop is entirely a student production from the writing oi the script to getting it on the air. Kenneth D. Wright supervises and directs the activities of the Workshop. Nine regularly scheduled programs keep Workshop members busy with rehearsals, Mr. Wright's coaching sessions, actual broadcasts, and transcribing programs to be sent out to other stations in the state. From this you might say that the Radio Workshop mets from 8 until 5 o'clock every day instead of twice monthly. All programs produced by the Radio Workshop are educational and are carried on as a part of the Division of the University Extension. The fall schedule include "TENNESSEE EDITORS SPREAD", "VOICES OF TOMORROW", HHOMEMAKERS ALMANACH, PRESSTIME ON THE HILL", "TODAY'S TENNES- SEE FARMERS", HMEETIN' AT UNCLE WILL'S", "TENNESSEE BREADBASKETH, "YOUR CHILD IS HUMAN", AND "SONGS OF THE PEOPLE." The number of programs and the number of members have almost doubled after one year's operation. Tennessee chapter of Tau Kappa Alpha was established on this campus in l93O. Tau Kappa Alpha represents the major forensic society in this country. The requirements ot this orqanization are the maintenance of a hiqh scholastic average combined with a marked speakinq ability. The chapter competes regularly with Mississippi State, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Sewane, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Tulane, and David Lipscomb. Robert P. Hickey, who is the director of the University iorensics, is the Tau Kappa Alpha sponsor. The society sponsors the Greek Week debating tournament, which is held annually each Febrauary. OFFICERS ERNEST NEWBERN . . President BUFORD Rl-TEA , . . Vice-President CHARLOTTE Tl-HGPEN . , . Secretary WALT HOLLIMAN . . . . . Treasurer GENE SINGR , , Manager, Radio Forum BlLL SMITH . . . Debate Manager First Row: Robert I.. Hickey, Director of Forensics, Gene Sinor, Manager, radio forum, Charlotte Thiqpen, Secretary, lanet Shafer, Betty Richards, public relations, lames Michael Haynes. Second Row: Louis Hofterbert, Dave Pursqlove, Zane Price, lack lluqhes, Bill Smith, debate manager: Buford Rhea, Vice-President. Third Row: Dick Tones, Ernest Newbern, President, Bob E. Lee, Otis Stair, Walt Holliman, Treasurer. THU KllPPll ALPHA W H U 7 S W H U IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES First Row: 0 ANNA LYNN EVANS. Delta Zeta Sorority: chairman Publications Board: president Delta Zeta Sorority: Knoxville, Tenn. O BEN D. DUNAGAN, Alpha Tau Omega: Scarrabean: student rep- resentative on SFOB: Milan, Tenn. 0 ANN DOOLEY, Alpha Omicron Pi: president of Home Ec. Club: WSGA Council: Knoxville, Tenn. O DAVID M. DODSON, Phi Sigma Kappa: Scarrabean: vice-president, All Student Club: Alamo, Tenn. I DELORES I. CLARKE, Chi lmega: president of Chi Omega frater- nity: U.T. Beauty for two years: Knoxville, Tenn. O FRED H. CAGLE, IR., Phi Gamma Delta: President YMCA and "Y" cabinet: Scarrabean: Knoxville, Tenn, Second Row: 0 IACK ARMSTRONG. Delta Sigma Phi: president of Nahheeyayli governing Board: president of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity: Lexington, enn. O IACK A. WI-IITESIDE. Phi Sigma Kappa: Omicron Delta Kappa: president Phi Sigma Kappa: Old Hickory, Tenn. O DABNEY A. WELLFORD, Alpha Tau Omega: Alpha Zeta fresh- man award: Scarrabean: Cordova, Tenn. O DAVID M. CMIKEJ WEATHERLY, Delta Tau Delta: President Frater- nity Relations Board: Omicron Delta Kappa: Nashville, Tenn, O MARION WALLING, Delta Delta Delta: Mortar award for outstand- ing freshman: Omicron Nu: Knoxville, Tenn, O BARBARA I.. TUTTLE. Chi Omega: Business Manager, Orange 6- White: President Freshman Council: Blue Triangle: Morristown, Tenn. Third Row: I MARY ANN TRUSS, Alpha Omicron Pi: Pi Omega Pi president: House Senate President: Richmond Hts,: Missouri. 0 JACK C. SWEARINGEN, Kappa Alpha: President Nahheeyayli Governing Board: Scarrabean: Greenfield, Tenn. I ELIZABETH SLEDGE, Sigma Kappa: President Sigma Kappa sorority: president Pi Lambda Theta: Memphis, Tenn. O DAVID A. IFLIPD SCHWARTZ, Zeta Beta Tau: Editor-in-Chief, Orange :St Vtfhite: Omicron Delta Kappa: Chattanooga, Tenn. O S. LEONARD ROGERS, Kappa Sigma: Editor-in-Chief, Orange and White: Omicron Delta Kappa: South Pittsburg, Tenn. O JANE PETERS. Delta Delta Delta: YWCA president: president of Delta Delta Delta: Knoxville, Tenn. Fourth Row: O RUTH ANN PEOPLES, Alpha Omicron Pi: Pi Lambda Theta: All-Sing Manager: Knoxville, Tenn. O STANLEY Y. MERRITT, Phi Sigma Kappa, Managing Editor Tennessee Engineer: Tau Beta Pi: Lebanon, Tenn, O VIRGINIA HUTTON, Alpha Delta Pi: President Home EC. Club: Miss "Tennessee": Knoxville, Tenn. O PAUL G. HUGHES, Sigma Phi Epsilon: Editor-in-Chief Volunteer: Scarrabean: Oakdale, Tenn. O KEITH HARBER, Kappa Alpha, president Fraternity Relations Board: Sacarrabean: Shelbyville, Tenn. O BETTY CLAIRE HAAGA, Delta Delta Delta: President Mortar Board: Georgia Hayes McConnell Scholarship: Memphis, Tenn. 0 ERNEST GRIGGS. Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Business Manager Volun- teer: Scarrabean: Humboldt, Tenn. Members as Pictured, Reading from lett to right: SAXOPHONE SECTION, William Chapman, Bob L, Cochran, lames Robertson, Earle Sickels, loseph Graham, C, B. Edgerton. CLARINET SECTION, Back Row: Phil Thompson, Paul T, Smith, Harry Trythall, Roy Simanons, lames lt, Brew, lamf-s Hutton. Middle Row: Toni Lane, Billy Townsend, loseph Kirkpatrick, Steve lohnson, lNallace Ladd, lock Nelson. Front Row: Bob Gilbert, Paul Shcrbakoti, lanees Fagan, Charles Gabbard, Earl Clarriage, Norman Tatc. Center, left to right: Oboe, Gerald Small: Flute, lack B. Baylissp Sponsor, Delores Clorkef Director, Walter M, Rybap Piccolo, Bill Deal. Center, Second Row, Left to Right: FRENCH HORN SECTION, Al Brown, Lester Seaton, Richard Burnett, Gcne Kirk. PARITONE SECTION, Lett to Right: Bill Bookout, L. Nelson, Robert Good, lack Cochrurn, Back Row, Standing, Lett to Right: DRUM SECTION, George Iiall, David Arnold, Alvin B. Harper, Vaughn Swaftord, I.eo Costello, Robert M. lohnson, Willard S. Alvis. BASS SECTION, Left to Right: lohn Story, loseph McPherson, Victor Dannruether, Howard W, Cooper. BELL LYRES, Kenneth lvlorxwell, loe Hodges. TRUMPET SECTION, Reading Right to Lett, Front Row: Don Dulaney, S. E. Crouch, Don Nunley, Hugh Boyd. Middle Row: lack D, Bowers, Carl B. Archer, lee lohnson, loseph Shonnon, Olin Williams, loseph Morina, lohn R. Renaker, Gerald Vtfallacfv. Last Row: Vtlilliarn Blevins, lack Martin, Cread Metiord, Harvey Rogers, Willian Malone, Robert Sanford, Lewis Nickle, Gene Stickle, TROMBONE SECTION, Right to Left: Bill Strange, Marius E. Henegar, Thomos Nelson, Wayne Hudson, Francis Conn, lack McGee, larnes W. Mays, Bill F. Anderson, limmy Neil. DRUM MAIOR, Hugh Little. TWIRLERS, Virgil Adkins, lanie Chapin, Celestine Alonso, Patty Shaw, Chctrhe Mills, Bob Cochran, Vol, Rep. Members Not Pictured: Charlie Abbott, Alfred Adkins, lack D, Bowers, larnes Deal, lames C. Guttey, William Hatcher, Lewis King, Sonny Miller, Robert Rutledge, Saniord Singer, lorry Smith, l. Freeman. . .BAND Tho University ot Tennessee Band, the best in the land. This hunch ol B8 tooters are rapidly making a name lor themselves in Dixie and elsewhere in the country. Competition with other outstanding bands shows that the Greater VOLUNTEER outfit, not unlike the team, is on its way to the Nation's number one spot. Teamwork is the keynote in the Bands weekly tive hour rehersals. Formations tor half time have preference during the tall, while Grade A concert stult is on the docket tor the rest of the year. Other activities the Orange and White boys take part in range BAND OFFICERS horn routine drudgoiy to gratifying indulgence. They play tor the Army, Navy, Carnicus, R.O,T.C,, and other student functions and several civic programs. Forming a central portion tor the rooting section of the Orange gridmen is also a part oi the duties of the band trr alien competition. Rylva's "DIXIE" boys are hoping to be able to present concert programs during the winter and spring for the pleasure ot their fellow students and admirers. That 'lohn Phillip Sousa" influence you see in the band comes from their capable director, Walter M. Ryba, who is a former member of that distinctive organization. The band's humor on the field and elsewhere stems mainly from the chubby captain, M. E. Henegar. Appealing to the "Middle Class", the students, the Band, like Truman, hopes to overcome all HOBSTICKLESH and attain success in the iorecoming administration. First Row: Captain, Marius E. I-lenegarp Second Lieutenant, lomes Fagany Second lieutenant, Howard W. Cooper. Second Row: Sergeant, Joseph McPherson, First WALTER M. RYBA Lieutenant, Bill Strange, First Lieutenant, William Bookout. Director 15 jam 41' I ,... Z: L., FL lr' ,win xr fgfvnniv Uounw 'K P E G O' M Y uma AND CLARKE QQ! '1- Sglwafi . S:- Qs z R, 3 Dr v,"lk1 WE BAMED 'EM 5- 5 546.3 3 -Q 'v .QM 3 . Y:-s t-mfvwr, 'x!:m'h. ANCHOR S rv .1 ' 112. L- fit' ,, Q .. ,, ff" x f. K . , , ,L 5' """", 1 I csv' ,iv iQ V Ill 51 ,4g4: mwiuu V iw! 4,1 , .W Q., ' I' fv'2'. PQI. . 9 fj few 'Q' rid www 1 ,Q ,.. AI. , ,.x S! , .Y -I .pp AIN., , My 4, Y v--. 0j,kf K -.3.',.',"I-.K ' loiar','?v'xi g'iy4r:5.,5 'lf'g.fI'l1 NGTHING CAN BE THAT BAD hw' -, L.,,f .., N .-.-- . K at X:'k:.Z ."""?"""f'..,'. '. 3-.,.., "' """'ff fmg-eevw 'if 'ue if ff - .fn YA, ,-A., rw M,- fv Wu A.g,.i' ",f'ff'i'if'f'?'A'l4 .,Ti,,Ng,l L A V., A ' I, Q,Qf ' F? . 1 :flu y V 2?02Ly7'z"L,,3 !,4l"gf F if ?'z-f n'n,,. 'Y-51 iff' BLOW 'EM www 5 sq 45 X. My-.Q'iZ sn ,U QL xxx 1 L V? A f si, VIQV, , ,zrif 1:5112 Ay 519 ,... ,, ,, H... TTC if Q A? Fha Unix F J!! .' 'E .f H- 'iffv . 4 J . Sa' uffu. Af9'T K1 f' '5f 'HQ any Q for M-.Mm an VAL '-5.1, iith if and NAHHEEYAYLI EUVEHNINE Bllllllll All you students are members ot the Nahheeyayli Club but the administrative duties are performed by this Governing Board. They arrange those one night stands and set tormals in the gym at which you hear a name band. The word "Nahheeyayli" is derived from an old Cherokee Indian word mean- ing "Dance of the Green Corn." On the Hill it means "a big dance with a big band." The otticers are: Lloyd Hamond, President, Clack Swearingen, outgoing presidentl, Bill Middleton, Vice-Presidentg Bill Cowan, Secretary, Herbert Lippman, Treasurer, Dave Hoke, Assistant Treasurer. First Row: Swearingen, Armstrong, Sams, Hammond, Evans, Second Row: Meadows, Haynes, Huston, Middleton, Hoke. Third Row: Lipman, King, Milner, Powell. 152 Preparation The Big Niie S? in.. fn9"sf THE . .CHURUS The University ot Tennessee Chorus is an organi- zation made up of students who have musical inter- ests and ability. The schedule of activities includes doing radio programs, presenting a spring concert, furnishing music tor convocations, and participating in the annual "Messiah". I. Clarke Rhodes is the director and lustine Needham is accompanist. Officers are: Ed Goddard, Presidentg Gosette Carter, Vice-President: Lena Evans, Secretary: and Eleanor Kyker, Treasurer. CHORUS ENROLLMENT Annas Acuff James Bentley Lois Boop Margaret Bottom William Brakebill Barbara Calloway Elizabeth Campbell Cosette Carter Sheila Cochran Vernon Cox lacqueline Creswell Robert Daly Mary lane Davis Nancy Dixon Tonie Doka Valerie Dunn Ann Eddy Carolyn Elkins Betty Epps Lena Evans Oscar Foster Patricia Gardner' Estoleen Gibson Elizabth Gresham Laura Hambaugh Henry Hancock Fred Haile Beltye Hargis William Harrison DeLoiS Hicks Barbara Huff Marilyn Hurst Eva lenkins Charles lohnson Ruth Kelley Mary Kimbrough Eleanor Kyker Marie Lacy Shirley Ledgerwood lohn Lyle lames McCowan Evelynne Manning Alice Masters Martha Morris Margaret Nave lames Ogilvie Gordon Osborn lustine Needham Leona Peasson Ruth Ann Peoples Carolyn Pipkin Glenda Pipkin Patricia Price Barbara Rohrke Margaret Russell Doris Sharp Bill Simmons Nancy Sloan Mildred Temple Walter Thrower Beryl Titus lames Warters lohn Willison W, C, George Marilyn Means Mary Frances Stoffell Neill Clark lames Hammond Troy Belle Lane Selma Green Shirley Kettig Beverly Chazen 154 Mildred Prichard Virginia Smith Margaret Hurloekor Beliield McElroy lohn R. Crittenden O, W. Hatcher Ed Goddard Sigmund Letofl lean Hooper Mary Ellen Robertson Helen McCoy lo Ann Cawood Harriett Rowntree Angie Farmer Sally Stevens Lee Brewer George Hall Floyd Rushing loe lohnson Emory Greene lohn 'Watts Richard Bauer Bettye Lechleiter lanie Rogers Patty Regan Charles Lambert Ewell Reagin William Holman Rosemary Fry Edith Pickell Sylvia Hamilton Pat Williams Cherie Friedman Emily Fretz Tom Huffstetler loan Hampton lean Gregg Ben Holladay William Daniel ludean Greenway Melissa McMurry Noel Parrott Patsy Strong Darwyne Hatfield Glynn Mills Wade Cummins Frank Barton Efmiflf 91526 PW 1. Q Q .M E21 4 lv ,Q M fi, 1 K ,gjwgiwv 1 5 ff J M uv, Mx, E2 4 'v Y Wm 4 ,K il" I 45, 41. 'EW DOWN ON THE SAE-WANEE Q EW' D LEO cues AN Y W , we j - 2,4 si g 1 1 Am- Q 'fx 'Vs Kwik! luis GORDONS GLAD GUYS Q kc 59? 3 7 Mgt W bw, A 'iwyifw M gmg.f7.z.1 ' - T7 m , ,fm ,Q Wm ' VL ' ' 3 E fgigw x ' 'MQ' 'Y 1 Vw ,Q EW' W, I Q ,Nl V Q. h1M'iT'4'?x'5'bf'Z55'!74fl!'cwZ,1i3.,: MMU :A I .W ,, A G 22 llli I . -:r:.:,.r Q 1 AT THE RACES CHESS E ,,, , W iggmgy . . bis. ' W1 sf, QE may PARTYZNG PAPER D01-L5 HAVING TROUBLE? ,kk Q 5 Q um ANN'5 OW ER HUSBAND5 ' Ace" , -" 'tw SMSLE AND YHE WORLD SMELES WiTH YC WEEP AND YOU WEE? ALONE we WU1 R0 SMOOTH CHE l , gilhd I ST WH al 'TE msg V ,W X X X X X X X X X N X X S N .X x , x X X X S N X N N Xxx X X -XS S 5 X xx x 3 x X X X x g X X X X X g X , x X X X N S X X X X X X X X X X X X X 3 X , Z Z I I Z Z Z Z X 3 Z I Z Z X Z Z Z Z g Z Z Z Z Z Z Z X Y in Y ! L: Y S S X 'X X xx X. 'X i 'X S ,rf DEAN SMITH Vice-President E L SENIOR POE WASHAM , , sim ssewors I Hum Lima BOB LUND IUNIOR 'WALTER SCARBROUGH . DAVID RCBINSON . . PHIL EVERSOLE . . BILL CAKES . DR. R. E. THOMASON Dean of Admissions ASS DEAN GREVE DEAN DUNFORD Dean of Wcm:n Dean of Men SOPHOMORE President CLARENCE E, MCKNIGHT , . . President Vice-President ANDY HUNTER , Vice-President , Secreiery DOT RUTHERFORD Secretary , Treasurer ANN KAUFFMAN , . Treasurer FRESHMAN , President SHIRLEY SMITH . , . , . . , I President Vice-President BLAIR ERB . . . Vice'Preside-ni , Secretary KATHERINE WEEKS . Secretary . Treasurer SALLY ELLIOTT . . Treasurer MR. I. P. HESS MR. I. I. WALKER Business Manager Treasurer l First Row: O IAKE THOMAS ARMSTRONG, Knoxville, Tennessee: College of Education: Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity: Sequi-Centennial: Editor VOLUNTEER '45-'46: Editor Tech Oracle at Tennessee Tech '44: Business Manager Tech Oracle: Football Tennessee Tech 121: Basketball Tennessee Tech t2lg Band Captain Univer- sity of Tennessee Band 1945-46. 0 FRANCES LOUISE BERRY, Knoxville, Tennessee: College of Liberal Arts, Sigma Delta Pi: Newman Club: B.S. degree from East Tennessee State College. O JOHN COLTHARP BRIDGE, Knoxville, Tennessee: College of Business Administration: Phi Sigma Kappa: Carnicus 1945- 6-7: Orange nad White 1945: Secretary G Inductor of Phi Sigma Kappa: Stage Manager Playhouse 1946. O MRS. DORIS CI-IILDRESS, Oxford, Mississippi: College ot Home Economics: Omicron Nu: B.S. from M. S. C. W.: M.S. from University of Tennessee. O IAMES BARTOW COLE, IR., Chattanooga, Tennessee: Col- lege of Liberal Arts: B.S. from University of Chattanooga. I WILLIAM I. DALE, IR., Paris, Tennessee: College of Engi- neering: Independent Student Organization: Sports Editor Volette U. T. lunior College 1942: Basketball Manager U, T. Junior College 1943: Vice-President Freshman Class U, T. Iunior College 1942: lSO Council: Hike Club President 1947: B.S. in Engineering Physics from U, T. Second Row: O RALPH LANE DUVAL, Tallahassee, Florida: College of Business Administration: B.S. from University of Tennessee. O MARVIN EDWARD FARRIS, Winchester, Tennessee: College of Agriculture: B.S. from Berry College, Mt. Berry, Georgia. O GLADYS GEIGER, Shelburne Falls, Mass.: College of Home Economics: Phi Kappa Phi: Knoxville Symphony Orchestra: Vice-President of Home Economics Graduate Club: B.S. from University of Massachusetts. O FRED WILLIAM GUPTON, Neptune, Tennessee: College ot Education: President Phi Delta Kappa: Boy Scout Commissioner: Iunior Chamber of Commerce Member: B.S, from University ot Tennessee. I ABRAM W. HATCHER. College Grove, Tennessee: College of Liberal Arts: Pi Kappa Phi: Alpha Chi Sigma: Wesley Foundation, University Chorus: A.B, in English from Harvard 1942 O AUBREY HOSS, Conway, Arkansas: College of Home Economics: Sigma Sigma Sigma: B.S. from Arkansas State Teachers College. Third Row: O YING CHOW LEE, Shanghai, China: College of Business Administration: B.A. from St. Iohn University i China. I CAROLYN MIDDLETON, Oakland, Kentucky: n Shanghai, College of Home Economics: Secretary of Graduate Clubs: B.S, from Western Kentucky State. O EDYTHE MILLIGAN, letferson City, Tennessee Liberal Arts: Sigma Delta Pi: Spanish Club: A.B at Carson Newman College. O ELIZABETH PARSONS, Scotts Hill, Tennessee: Liberal Arts. O IOE M. PARSONS, Scotts Hill, Tennessee: : College of . cum laude College of College of Liberal Arts: Phi Delta Kappa: Kappa Phi Kappa: Teaching Assistant, department oi Mathematics: B.S. George Peabody College tor Teachers: M.A. George Peabody College for Teachers. O MRS. FLORINE RASCH, Memphis, Tennessee: College of Home Economics. Fourth Row: WILLARD D. REEL, Oak Ridge, Tennessee: College ot Liberal Arts: Pi Kappa Phi: B.A. from Abilene Christian College. LESLIE F. ROBLYER, Memphis, Tennessee: College of Liberal Arts: Chi Beta Phi: B.S. from Memphis State. SARA E. ROBNETT, Pikeville, Tennessee: College of Home Economics: Alpha Lambda Delta: Omicron Nu: Treasurer Home Economics Graduate Club: ISO Council: Vol Hiking Club: B.S. from University ot Tennessee. MARY B. SMITH, Tuscaloosa, Alabama: College of Home ot Economics: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Home Economics Graduate Club: Canterberry Club. PAUL R. WEISS, Trechselstrz Bernschweiz, Switzerland: College of Liberal Arts: Phi Gamma Delta. -GRADUATES IOHN A. THACKSTON Dean 5 Nui 'K 'S' ""', ."',, AQ' I -Bib 0.9 -dag, as 'fl "-7? 1 5 E3 ' E32 W GRADY W. AGEE , . FREDERICK R. ALLEN . HUGH W. ANDERSON . IOHN A. AYRES , . HOWARD BAKER , RICHARD H, BAKER . . WILLIAM R. BANKS . FRANK BROYLES . . . HAROLD T. BRUNDIGE . MURRAY BUPORD . . SAMUEL T, BULL . . . IONATHAN H. BURNETT . ROY T. CAMPBELL, IR. . HUGH F. CAREY. IR. . HERMAN D. CARRIGER . RAYMOND E. CATE , WILLIAM E, CLEAVES . LEO E, COSTELLO . . WILLIAM W. CRUTCHFIELD .... ROY D. CUMMINS . . , SAMUEL DATTEL . . ROBERT E. DENDER . BEN D, DUNAGAN . IOHN DUNLAP . . CYRUS E. DURIO . IAMES E. EDEN . . CARL S. EDWARDS . WILLIAM B. ELDRIDGE . LOUIS I. EPSTEIN . , GEORGE R. FLEMING . CLIFFORD FRY . LOUIS D. GARINGER . MACK B. GIBSON , . RICHARD I. GLASGOW . HILLMOND E. GRAVELY . TOM R. GRAYSON . . KENNETH M. GRESHAM IR. . . . . WILLIAM N. GROOVER . KEITH HARBER . , . IAMES R. HARRINGTON . IAMES M. HAYES . . . WILLIAM O, HAYNES IR. RICHARD IONES . . . IOHN D. KREIS . . MYRON KUSHNER . DEAN HESLER First Row Sixth Row Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee . , New York, N. Y. . . Knoxville, Knoxville. . Huntsville. . Friendship. . Knoxville. . Greenville, . Dresden. . Maury City. . . , Ren . Knoxville. . Newport . , Memphis, . Elizabethton, . Knoxville, . , Memphis. . Chattanooga, . Chattanooga, . Knoxville, . Memphis, . Etowah, . . Milan, . Memphis. . . Trenton. . . .Pruden, . Murfreesboro, . . Chattanooga. . Chattanooga. . . Bethpage. . Greenville. . Iohnson City, . . Kingsport . Oak Ridge, . . Etowah. , . Trade, . Fountain City. . Ccrlderwood, . Shelbyville. . . Clinton, . Lawrenceburg, . . . Bailey, . . Morristown. . Chattanooga, , . Memphis Dean oi College of Liberal Arts .www ,, Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee o. Nevada Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee HENRY CLAY LASSING IV , , . IERRY F. LAUGHLIN . CLARENCE E. LEATHERMAN , . ROBERT E. LEE , . GEORGE H. LOCKETT . THURMAN F. LONGCRIER ROBERT G. MCLEAN . CHESTER R. MAHOOD FRANK H. MARSH . LINTON A. MASSIE . IOHN A. MATHIS , , COY C. MAYS . IOSEPH L. MERCER . IACK W. MILLS , , IAMES W. MITCHELL . W, G, MITCHELL . . EARL MYERS . , . ROBERT H. NICHOLSON ROBERT I.. OGLE IR. , FRED A. PARKER . . HERBERT F. PETERS IR. . DEWEY R, ROARK IR. . HARRY H. SADLER . IVO W. SANDERS . WALTER E. SAYLOR . GUY W. SHANKS , WILLIAM SLEDGE . NORMAN B. SMITH . . ROBERT M. SUMMITT . DANIEL C. SZOCKI . AUBREY W. TRAMEL IR. . RALPH E. VINEYARD . DENTIS L, WALKER . WILLIAM A. WATT , IONES WEBB .,.. WILLIAM K. WEST IR. . RICHARD L. WINCHESTER IOHN L. WINDSOR , GLORIA L. ZIPPERER . SCH . . Knoxville. Tennessee Chimney Rock. North Carolina . Morganton. North Carolina . . . Pulaski, Tennessee . Harriman Tennessee , Knoxville, Tennessee . Alamo, Tennessee , Knoxville, Tennessee . Knoxville. Tennessee Seventh Row . . Madisonville Tennessee . . Knoxville Tennessee , lonesboro Tennessee . Memphis Tennessee . Knoxville Tennessee . . Knoxville Tennessee . Livingston Tennessee , Maynardville, Tennessee . Chattanooga, Tennessee W . Sevierville Tennessee . Knoxville Tennessee , . Bristol, Virginia . Knoxville Tennessee . Nashville, Tennessee . , . Bolivar, Tennessee . Iohnson City, Tennessee , Iohnson City. Tennessee . . Knoxville, Tennessee Ninth Row . . . . . Etowah Tennessee . Sweetwater, Tennessee . . . Dunkirk. N. Y. , Smithville. Tennessee . Knoxville. Tennessee . Iackson. Tennessee , . Arlington, Virginia . . Etowah. Tennessee , Huntingdon. Tennessee Tenth Row . Memphis. Tennessee . Little Rock. Arkansas . Knoxville. Tennessee UUL L: 'Y sl L-L-' Nuev-1-r cx.Assm NATOMY W T iii 5' gs O First' Row: HENRY B, ABERNATHY, JR., Memphis: Agriculture: Chairman ot Pilot Committee oi Agriculture Business and Economics Club. O ANNAS ACUFF, Knoxville: Education. O JOHN E. ACUFF, JR., Luttrell: Business Administration. O SIDNEY H. ACUFF, Mt. Pleasant: Liberal Arts. O JAMES I. ADAMS, Memphis: Engineering: Kappa Alpha: AIEE: Petitioner to Eta Kappa Nu. O SUE ADCOCK, Sparta: Home Eco- nomics. O MARGARET ANN ADSMOND, Donelson: Home Economics: Intramurals: UT Chorus: UT Playhouse: Home Ec Club. O Second Row: JACK AGEE, Pikeville: Agriculture, O C. BAUMAN ALEXANDER, JR., Knoxville: Business Administration: Phi Gamma Delta. O EDWARD L. ALEXANDER, Memphis: Agriculture: ASAE. O JOSEPH C. ALEXANDER, Ridgely: Education: Alpha Tau Omega: Phi Delta Kappa Honorary Frat. O DAMON C, ALLEN, Erwin: Agriculture: ASAE. O EDITH E. ALLEN, Signal Mountain: Education. O WILLIAM C. ALLEN, Knoxville: Business Administration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O Third Row: CAROLYN ANDERSON, Rockford: Home Economics: Kap- pa Delta: ROTC Sponsor: Home Ec Club: UT Choir: Guidon Society: Orientation Leader: Carnicus Committee '48: Membership Chairman Kappa Delta Sorority: Kappa Delta Guard. O JOHN B. ANDERSON, Etowah: Business Administration: Kappa Alpha. O MARY ANN ANDER- SON, Cookeville: Business Administration: Pi Beta Phi: Transfer Tennessee Tech: "Tennessean" '48-'49: "Orange 6. White" '48-'49: YWCA: Playhouse '48-'49: Pledge Supervisor '48-'49: Beaver Club Sec. '48: Homecoming Staff '48: Orientation Leader '48: WSGA '48: UT Beauty '48-'49: Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl '48, O NELLE ANDER- SON, Athens: Education: Transfer Tennessee Wesleyan: Modern Dance '48: Social Recreation Club '48, O FELIX G. APPLETON, Lawrenceburg: Liberal Arts. O JOHN R. ARMSTRONG, Lexington: Business Adminis- tration: Delta Sigma Phi: Vice-Pres. '47: Pres. '43 and '47: Omicron Delta Kappa '47: Circle 6- Torch Treasurer '42-'43: Scabbard 6- Blade '42-'43: School Intramural Manager '42: Track Manager '42: "T" Club: Nayheeyayli Board Vice-Pres. '42: Pres. '42: Beaver Club Co-Pres. '42: Society of American Military Engineers '42-'43: All Student Club '42: FRB Representative: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities '48. O SAMUEL A. ARMSTRONG, Stony Point: Engineering: Lambda Chi Alpha: ASCE. O Fourth Row: WILLARD L. ARMSTRONG, JR., Memphis: Engineering: Kappa Alpha, O F. W. ARNOLD, Lookout Mountain: Business Adminis- tration: Phi Gamma Delta. O ROBERT D. ARRANTS, Decatur: Business Administration: Delta Tau Delta. O GEORGE M. BAKER, JR., Knoxville: Business Administration: Alpha Tau Omega: Journalism Club: Orange G White '47-'48: Feature Editor '48: Volunteer Staff '47-48: Volunteer Advertising Manager '48: Torch Section Editor: YMCA Cabinet: FRB Representative: Carnicus Publicity Committee: Aloha Oe Publicity Com- mittee: Pledgemaster Alpha Tau Omega. O RAY L. BAKER, Kingsport: Business Administration: Lambda Chi Alpha: Intramural Manager '46: Beaver Club '46-47: Treas. Beaver Club '48, O WILLIAM E. BALDRIDGE, Dyersburg: Business Administration: Usher Corps: Baptist Student Un- ion. O SARA K. BANKS, Winchester: Education: Delta Delta Delta Orientation Leader '47-'49: Volunteer Beauty '45: House Council '46-'47: Intramurals. O Filth Row: R. E. BARBOUR, Memphis: Liberal Arts: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Sigma Delta Pi: Usher Corps: Carnicus Committee, O HAROLD L. BARTZ, Brenham, Texas: Business Administration. O MORRIS F. BASS, Nashville: Business Administration. O JOHN W. BEARD, Martin: Business Administration: Delta Tau Delta: Basketball UT Ir. '43. O LE- LAND C. BEARD, Murfreesboro: Agriculture: ASAE. O GEORGE F. BECKER, Knoxville: Business Administration. O SUI'IA A, BELLER, Istan- bul, Turkey: Engineering: AIChE: "T" Club: Swimming Team: Interna- tional Club. O Sixth Row: JAMES W. BENTLEY, Rockville, Connecticut: Liberal Arts: Phi Eta Sigma: Le Cercle Francais: UT Chorus: Scabbard 6- Blade: Dis- N. D. PEACOCK Vice-Dean, College of Agriculture tinguished Military Student '48: Vice-Pres. Phi Eta Sigma '47: Pres. Le Cercle Francais '47: Sec. '48. O ROBERT J. BEVINS, Concord: Agricul- ture: Sigma Chi: AlChE: ACE Board: Ag Club: YMCA. O ALVIN C. BLAKE, Oakdale: Agriculture: Alpha Zeta: Ag Club: Assistant Business Manager "Tennessee Farmer": Committee Chairman Barnwarmin' and Roundup. O MARY L. BODKIN, Westfield, N. J.: Business Administra- tion: Kappa Delta: Treas. '47: Chairman of Formal Committee '48: Chair- man Carnicus Committee '48: Pres, '48: Kappa Chi '48: Orientation Leader '47: Playhouse '45-48: Modern Dance '46-'48: Sec,-Treas. Mattie Kain '48-'49: Pan Hellenic Council '48-'49, O JOSEPH B. BOGLE, Center- ville: Engineering: AIEE: Scabbard 6. Blade, O CLYDE S. BOND, John- son City: Agriculture: Pi Kappa Phi: Ag Club: Young Farmers and Homemakers Club: Ag Education Club. O CECIL F. BOREING, Jones- boro: Agriculture: Phi Delta Kappa: Ag Club: Ag Education Club: Young Farmers and Homemakers Club. O Seventh Row: FRANK H. BOSWELL, Somerville: Agriculture: Sigma Chi: Transfer UT Junior: Usher Corps '47: UT Playhouse '47, O JAMES BOTTOM, Nashville: Business Administration. O BETTY BOWMAN. Harriman: Liberal Arts: Zeta Tau Alpha. O BILLY W, BRACEY, Green- brier: Business Administration: Sigma Chi. O WILLIAM S. BRADFORD, Knoxville: Engineering: Transfer University ot S. C. O PAUL C. BRAD- SHAW, Dyersburg: Business Administration: Delta Tau Delta: Vice- Pres.: Usher Corps: Delta Sigma Pi, O E. T. BRANN, Dresden: Business Administration. 0 Eighth Row: STEPHEN D. BRAY, JR., Knoxville: Education. O ROBERT J. BREEDING, Sparta: Agriculture: Alpha Tau Omega: Alpha Zeta: "Tennessee Farmer" Staii: Alpha Tau Omega: Intramural Manager '47: Rush Chairman and Pledgemaster '48: Ag Club: ASAE: Barnwarmin' Statt '4B. O ESTELLE BREWER, Knoxville: Education: Kappa Delta: Bap- tist Student Union. O HAGAN C. BRIGHT, Kingsport: Business Admin- istration: Lambda Chi Alpha: Vice-Pres. '47: Intramural Manager '46: Delta Sigma Pi. O GEORGE H. BRINK, Florence, Ala.: Agriculture: Ag Club: Dairy Science Club: Newman Club. O LOUISE BROOME, Knox- ville: Home Economics: Chi Omega: Chapter Correspondent '48: Vol- unteer Stafi '47: ROTC Sponsor '45: YWCA '45-'48: Blue Triangle: Vice- Pres. '46: Usher Corps '47-'48: Modern Dance Club '45: Aloha Oe Com- mittee '46-'47: Carnicus Committee '46-'47. O SAMUEL M. BROWDER, Harriman: Business Administration: Pi Kappa Phi: Delta Sigma Pi: Vice-Pres. Senior Class: YMCA '45: Debate Society: Honor Military Stu- dent: Scabbard G Blade: Pledge Master Pi Kappa Phi: Social Chairman and Political Representative to ASP: Vice-Pres, ASP '47: Chairman ASP '48: Student Government Council. O Ninth Row: MARY E. BROWN, Maryville: Home Economics: Sigma Kappa: YWCA: Home Economics Club. O CHARLES X, BRUMIT, Eliza- bethton: Business Administration: Delta Sigma Phi: Transfer from Milli- gan College: Vol Veterans Club. O JAMES A. BURDETTE, Knoxville: Liberal Arts: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Pres. '47: Phi Eta Sigma: Scarab- bean: Aloha Oe: Usher Corps: Chairman ASC Traditions Board: Cam- pus Chest Committee: FRB: University Christian Association: YMCA Cabinet: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. O THOMAS W. BURDINE, Lawrenceburg: Business Administration, O JOHN M. BURKA, Knoxville: Engineering: ASME. O JUDSON B. BURROUGH5, Nashville: Business Administration: Kappa Sigma: Basketball '46: Pres, Kappa Sigma '48. O JOE B. BURROW, Nashville: Business Administra- tion: Delta Sigma Phi Pres. '42: Treas. '48: Transfer from Louisiana Polytechnic Institute '44: Stanford University '46. -SENIURS -W A -rm. I XE, " 9 oevm X54- "' - 1--N-.x igk t,t,lffr-trivt-xt:,,Nl I ' 5 1 qmixy Wg ih ..-.M-... Q it - I I f-af if ' ia +1 MTSNXPTATION 'f Y V L 5 A 25 gg is r i p :E i r 1 L . 5 i f I First Row: WILLIAM E. BUSH, Memphis: Engineering: ASCE. O FRED H. CAGLE, IR., Knoxville: Business Administration: Phi Gamma Delta: Scarabbean: Alpha Psi Omega: Phi Delta Phi: Pres. Freshman Class '46: Pres. YMCA '48: Y Cabinet '47: Playhouse '42, '46-'48: Usher Corps '47: Floor Manager Usher Corps '48: Aloha Oe Committee '48: ASC Traditions Board '48: FRB '46: Campus Chest Committee: '47-'48: Rush Chairman Phi Gamma Delta '46: Corresponding Sec. '46: UT Bar Asso- ciation: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. I CHESTER D. CAMPBELL. Nashville: Business Administration: Lambda Chi Alpha: Scabbard G Blade: Orange 6. White Managing Editor '47: Carnicus Pub- licity Committee '47: UT Chorus '47, 0 DOT E. CAMPBELL, Charlotte, N. C.: Home Economics: Sigma Kappa: Recreation Club '46: YWCA '46-'48: Rifle Team '47: Home Ec Club '46-'47: Vice-Pres, Pledge Class '46: Vice-Pres, Sigma Kappa '48, 0 IANE E. CAMPBELL, Knoxville: Lib- eral Arts: Delta Delta Delta: Vice-Pres. and Pledge Trainer: Sigma Delta Pi: Blue Triangle. O IANE T. CARMICHAEL, Knoxville: Home Econom- ics: Delta Delta Delta: Swimming Club '45: Pledge Vice-Pres. '45: Pledge Sec. '45: Room Chairman '46: Social Chairman '47: Secretary '48: Home Ec Club '45-'48: YWCA '45-'4B: Orientation Leader '46-'48: All Sing '45-'48: Carnicus '46-'47: UT Usher Corps '48. C IOHN C. CARPEN- TER, Tampa, Fla.: Business Administration: Transfer from University of Fla. I Second Row: LEE CARPNTER, Pontotoc, Miss.: Liberal Arts: Orange 6. White: YMCA: Modern Dance Club: House Council: Spanish Club, 0 ELEANOR I. CARRIGER, Johnson City: Education. 0 STEVE W. CAR- ROLL, IR., Fordtown: Agriculture: Lambda Chi Alpha: Ag Club: Block 6. Bridle Club, O DOYLE-C. CARSON, Crossville: Agriculture: Honor Roll '45, '48, O COSETTE IOYCE CARTER. Knoxville: Education: Secre- tary Kitty Kain '48: UT Singers '45: UT Choral Society '46-'48: Transfer from Meredith College: BSU: UT Training Orchestra, I HOWARD S. CARTER, Johnson City: Engineering: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: ASME. I MARY LOU CARTER, Chuckey: Home Economics: Sigma Kappa: Home Economics Club '47,-'48: YWCA. I Third Row: BAXTER CATO, Nashville: Business Administration: Sigma Nu. 0 M. IEAN CAWOOD, Knoxville: Home Economics: Kappa Delta: Modern Dance: UT Chorus '46-'47: Home Ec Club '47: YWCA '46, O CHARLES L. CHAVIS, Ie-fferson City: Engineering: AIEE: Vice-Chair- man '48: ACE Board '48: Carnicus Committee: Transfer from University of South '46. O ALFRED H. CHILDS, IR.. Chester, Pa.: Business Admin- istration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Volunteer Staff: Usher Corps: Flight In- structor. O MARGARET ANNE CHRISTIAN, Fort Belvoir, Va.: Liberal Arts: Phi Mu: Transfer from Ward-Belmont '47: Canterbury Club '47-'48, O SARAH S. CHRISTIAN, Nashville: Home Economics: Transfer David Lipscomb: Home Ec Club: Band. O JAMES O. CLARK, Pisgah, Iowa: Engineering: Delta Tau Delta, I Fourth Row: IULIA R. CLARK, Ashland City: Home Economics: Glee Club '45: Transfer Middle Tenn, State College: Home Ec Club: YWCA '46: Honor Roll '46-'47: Wesley Foundation. O WILLIAM R. CLARK. Nashville: Agriculture: Alpha Zeta: Barnwarmin' Staff: Ag Club: Meats Iudging Team '48, O DOLORES CLARKE, Knoxville: Home Economics: Chi Omega: Kappa Chi: Modern Dance: YWCA: ACP Representative: Swimming Club '45: Orange G White '45: Volunteer '47: Chi Omega Intramurals '45-'4S: Sec. Sophomore Class '46: Pres. Chi Omega: Sec. Kappa Chi and Modern Dance '47: UT Band Sponsor '48: Pledge Mother Chi Omega '47: UT Beauty '46-'48: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. O RICHARD A. CLARKE, Chattanooga: Business Ad- ministration: Sigma Chi: Scabbard :Sf Blade. O HARRY D. CLAYBROOK, Trenton: Engineering: Tau Beta Pi: ASCE, O RAYMOND L, CLEVEN- GER, Martel: Business Administration. O AUSTIN A. CLICK, Dyersburg: Business Administration. O Fiith Row: DOROTHY L. COBB, Oak Ridge: Home Economics: Kappa Delta. O BOB L. COCHRAN, Greeneville: Business Administration: UT WILLIAM H. WICKER Dean, College of Law Band '46-'48: Con Moto Society: Volunteer Staff '48: Transfer from Uni- versity of Miss '46, O IEAN E. COLLIER, Memphis: Home Economics: Kappa Delta: Modern Dance: YWCA: Wesley Foundation, O HERBERT E. COLLINS, Memphis: Liberal Arts: Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Chi. O LEWIS G. CONN, Knoxville: Engineering: ASCE. O IOHN T. CONNELL, Milan: Agriculture: Alpha Tau Omega: Block G Bridle '48: Ag Club: Animal Husbandry Iudging Team '48, O WILLIAM E. CONNER, Concord: Busi- ness Administration: Society for Advancement of Management. O Sixth Row: CARLTON B. COOK, IR., Memphis: Business Administra- tion: Delta Tau Delta: Baseball '45. O ALFRED HARRISON COOPER, IR., Chattanooga: Business Administration: Lambda Chi Alpha: Orange G White '47: Carnicus Committee '42, I WILLIAM H. COPE, Maryville: Agriculture. O FRANK O. COPPEDGE, Brownsville: Agriculture: Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship Group: ASAE. O WILBURN E. CORDELL. Nashville: Business Administration, O L, B, CORLEW, Waynesboro: Business Administration: Phi Sigma Kappa. O IOHN R. CORNWELL, Ionesboro: Agriculture: Delta Sigma Phi: Basketball '46-'48: Softball '45-'48: Ag Club: Pledge Master: Vice-Pres.: Pres. Delta Sigma Phi. O Seventh Row: DANIEL C. CORRELL, JR.. Knoxville: Business Admin- istration: Lambda Chi Alpha: Scabbard 6. Blade. O HELEN M, COTTER, Iackson: Education: Transfer Union University '45: Newman Club: Young Farmers and Homemakers Club, O HERBERT H, COULTER, Knox- ville: Business Administration: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Freshman Track '4l: UT Usher Corps '45-'48: UT Choir '47, O MARY L. COULTER, Knoxville: Education. O WILLIAM E. COUNCE, Counce: Engineering. O DOLORES D. COURTNEY, Knoxville: Home Economics: Pi Lambda Theta: Omicron Nu: Phi Kappa Phi. O CARROLL H. COWAN, IR., Memphis: Business Administration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, I Eighth Row: VERNON W. COX. Chattanooga: Business Administra- tion: Delta Sigma Pi: UT Chorus. O ROBERT W. CRABTREE, Chatta- nooga: Business Administration: Sigma Chi: Usher Corps '46: Orange G White '46: Delta Sigma Pi: Honor Roll '46-'48: YMCA '46-'47: Vol Vets '46: Intramurals '48, O SAM Y. CROSS, IR., Knoxville: Business Ad- ministration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O LEONARD H, CROWE, Knoxville: Business Administration. O WINIFRED CULLOM, Nashville: Liberal Arts: Phi Mu Sorority: Orange 6. White '46-'47: Spanish Club '46: YWCA: Transfer from Vanderbilt. I MARY M. CUNNINGHAM. McMinn- ville: Home Economics: Modern Dance Club: Transferred from Mary- ville College '47, O DOROTHY E. DALE, Knoxville: Liberal Arts: UT Chorus '46: ISO '44-'47, O Ninth Row: DORIS IUNE DALLAS, Habana, Cuba: Liberal Arts: Sigma Kappa: Intramurals '45-'48: Intramural Manager Sigma Kappa '47: Pledge Trainer '48: AIChE '45-'46: International Club Treas. '45-'46: Swimming Club '45-'46: YWCA '45-'48: Recreation Club '45-'48, O JAMES S. DALLAS, Knoxville: Business Administration: Phi Gamma Delta: Delta Sigma Pi: Pres. Society for Advancement of Management: Honor Roll '44, '47: YMCA '44, O MARILYN IOY DALTON, Asheville, N. C.: Home Economics: Zeta Tau Alpha, O WILLIAM E. DANIEL, Clarksville: Agriculture: Phi Sigma Kappa: Ag Club. O IO LEE DANNEL, Grand- view: Business Administration: ISO. 0 SAM L. DAVIS, Knoxville: Ag- riculture: Pi Kappa Phi. I GEORGE E, DAY, Kingston: Engineering: Sigma Phi Epsilon: ASCE, SENIUHS Youmoutn V PLAYS el' 2 vvt-tm' III it 8 1- - Il Siigg Sv'-A -1, L k . tgp if til N r -x , 5 , , 1 N 5 x 1 1 2 iila A K S'JM336?fHlE3wIl:LzX -Y il. 5. - I X4 M'-l L Zi' P "V "' ' " ' ' ' I First Row: JOE DEAL. Knoxville, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Phi. O ALICE J. DEARMOND, Knoxville, Home Economics. O EDITH F. DeLOZIER, Maryville, Business Administration, Sigma Kappa, Pi Omega Pi, Beaver Club, Modern Dance '45, Recreation Club '46, O HUGH H. DeLOZIER, Asheville, N. C., Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha. 0 JAMES MILTON DELZELL, Decherd, Business Administration, Sigma Phi Ep- silon. O EVELYN A. DeMARCUS, Corryton, Home Economics, Delta Gamma. O FAY DePRIEST, Lobelville, Home Economics, ISO, Home Ec Club, Young Farmers and Homemakers Club, O Second Row: MARIE DePRIEST, Buchanan, Home Economics, ISO, Home Ec Club, Young Farmers and Homemakers Club, ISO Council '48-'49. O JEAN DeVAULT, Oklahoma City, Okla., Liberal Arts, Pi Beta Phi, Orange G White Circulation Editor '48, Tennessean Advertising Staff '48, Orientation Leader '48, Playhouse, Pres. Pi Beta Phi '48, Rush Chairman '48, O GORDON B. DEW, Knoxville, Business Administration, Delta Sigma Pi, Associate in Arts Degree from Princeton University '45, Intramurals. 0 LIONEL DEW, Fountain City, Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha. O RUTH MARIE DIAMOND, Knoxville, Business Administration, Delta Gamma, Corresponding Secretary '47, Vice-Pres. and Pledge Master '48, Rush Chairman '48, Political Representative '48, Pan-Hellenic Representative '48, Publicity Chairman '48, Blue Triangle '45-'46, YWCA '45-'46, Orange 61 White '46-'48, Cheerleader '48, Vol- unteer '48-'49, Beauty Ball .-46, Kappa Sigma Harem Oueen '48. O THOMAS F. DILLON, Jersey City, N. J., Business Administration, Alpha Psi Omega, UT Playhouse, UT Radio Workshop, Newman Club. O LOIS C. DIXON, Greeneville, Home Economics. O Third Row: CHARLES E. DODD, Powell Station, Business Adminis- tration, Pi Omega Pi, ISO, Vol Hiking Club. O ROBERT FARROW DODSON, IR., Memphis, Business Administration: Kappa Sigma. O STEVE L. DOKA, Morristown, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha, Scarab- bean, Pershing Rifles, Chairman All-Sing '47, Wrestling '42, Rifle Team '42, YMCA, UT Usher Corps, Homecoming Committee, Carnicus Committee, Pres. Pi Kappa Alpha, FRB Representative, Campus Chest Official '47-'48, Election Board '47, O LAURA DONALDSON, Chatta- nooga, Home Economics, Radio Workshop '47, Home Ec Club '45-'48, Modern Dance Club, Transfer from Gulf Park College, YWCA. O ANN DOOLEY, Knoxville, Home Economics, Alpha Omicron Pi, Transfer Ogontz Iunior College, Mortar Board, Tennessee Farmer Staff '47, Home Ec Girl '48, Delegate to American Home Ec Association Convention '48, Intramurals '46, Home Ec Club Pres. '48, WSGA '48, All-Sing '46, YWCA Cabinet '46-'48, Alola Oe Committee '46, UT Chorus, Thanksgiv- ing Service Committee '46-'47, Decorations Chairman for Student-Faculty Dinner '47, Convocation Committee '47, Chairman Alpha Omicron Pi Pledge Banquet, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, I MARTHA DORIS, Bolivar, Home Economics: Home EC Clubi ISO: Young Farmers and Homemakers Club, YWCA, Baptist Student Union. O SUE DOWNS, McMinnville, Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Correspond- ing Sec., Exchange Editor Orange :S White '45, Feature Editor '46, Radio Editor '47, Home Ec Editor Tennessee Farmer, UT Playhouse, YWCA, Sec. Radio Workshop, Le Cercle Francais. O Fourth Row: NICKOLAS DRAKOS, Pontiac, Mich., Business Adminis- tration. O BETTY JUNE DuBOISE, Vanceboro, N, C.: Liberal Arts. O MARIORIE L. DUNCAN, Hartsville, Home Economics, Delta Zeta, Beaver Club '47-'48, Sec. '47, Vice-Pres. '48, 0 I. C. DUNN, Harriman: Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, Pres. AIEE '46, '49, IRE '47-'48, Sec. '47, Vice-Pres. '48, O CHARLES R. EASTLAND, JR., Livingston, Engi- neering, Phi Sigma Kappa, AIEE, IRE '47-'48, Sec, '47, Vice-Pres. '48. I ELEANOR EDMONDSON, Clarksville, Business Administration, Chi Omega, Treas. '48, Mortar Board, Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Chi, Pi Lambda Theta, YWCA Cabinet, Volunteer Business Staff '45-'47, Orange :S Vllhite '45, Sec, Pi Omega Pi '48, All-Sing Chairman Chi Omega '48, ROTC Sponsor '45, Spanish Club '45, Modern Dance '45-'49, Beaver Club '46, All-Sing '46-'48, Blue Triangle '47, Orientation Leader '48, Sophomore Chi Omega Candidate for Engineer Oueen '48, YWCA '45- '49, Carnicus '47-'49, Usher Committee Convocations '47, Publicity Com- N. E. FITZGERALD Dean, College of Education l mittee for Student-Faculty Supper '47, O JOHN BROWNLOW ELLIOTT, JR., Athens, Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Chi Sigma. O Filth Row: H. BENTON ELLIS, Memphis, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Phi, Canterbury Club, Student Vestry, World Affairs Discussion Group, In- ternational Club. O JENNY LYNN ELLIS, Knoxville, Home Economics, Chi Omega, Kappa Chi Secretary, YWCA Secretary '48, Chi Omega Pledge Trainer '48, Playhouse '48, Intramurals '48, Usher Corps '48, Orientation Leader '45-'48, ROTC Sponsor '45, I MATTHEW C, ELLIS, Harriman, Business Administration, Delta Sigma Pi, Student-Faculty Council. O JAMES Y. EMERSON, Winona, Miss., Business Administra- tion, Lambda Chi Alpha. I WILLIAM STARK ENSIGN, Chattanooga, Business Administration, Sigma Chi, Society for Advancement of Man- agement, Carnicus '42. O ANNA LYNNE EVANS, Knoxville, Education, Delta Zeta, Publication Board Chairman, Delta Zeta Pres., Pan-Hellenic Council and Treas., ASC Sec., Blue Triangle Publicity Committee, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. O BILLY VAUGHN EVANS, Harriman, Agriculture, Ag Club, Alpha Zeta, Phi Delta Kappa, Scarab- bean, Assistant Manager of Barnwarmin' '47, Pres. Ag Club '48, Treas. Alpha Zeta '48, Treas, Ag Club '47, "Round-Up" Staff '47, 0 Sixth Row: JOHN EVANS, Knoxville, Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, University Chorus, Nahheeyayi Governing Board. I JAMES EZELL, Knoxville, Engineering, Sigma Chi. O CHARLES WRIGHT FAIRLESS, Trenton, Agriculture, Phi Delta Kappa, Ag Club, Agriculture Education Club. O LOUIS ANDERSON FEATHERS, Johnson City, Engineering, ASME, Tau Beta Pi, 0 LYNN ARTHUR FEATHERS, Iohnson City, En- gineering, AIEE, Petitioner to Eta Kappa Nu. O ALVIN HUGO FILLERS, JR., Knoxville, Engineering, AIEE. O EVELYN FLANARY, Lynch, Ky., Education, Pi Lambda Theta, Transfer Madison College. O Seventh Row: SETH M. FLEETWOOD, Andersonville, Business Admin- istration, Delta Sigma Pi. O MAX STEWART FONES, Dyersburg, Agri- culture, Kappa Alpha, Block 6- Bridle, UT Livestock Judging Team '48, Transfer William Jewell College and University of Miss. I JAMES R. FORSYTHE, Paris, Business Administration, Society for Advancement of Management. O ERIK FOSS-PEDERSEN, Sem, Odense, Denmark, Busi- ness Administration, Phi Gamma Delta. O DOUGLAS LEE FOSTER, Shelbyville, Engineering, Alpha Chi Sigma, AlChE. O CHARLES E. FOX, Goodlettsville, Agriculture. 0 FRANCES FRY FOX, Blaine, Edu- cation, Delta Zeta, Transfer from Tennessee Wesleyan College, Modern Dance Club '48, Social Recreation Club '48. O Eighth Row: CLIFFORD HUNTER FRANCIS, Jackson, Business Ad- ministration, Kappa Sigma. O JESSE EAGLETON FRANCIS, Readyville, Agriculture. O MARY ELIZABETH FRANCIS, Monteagle, Home Eco- nomics, Home Economics Club, ISO, Wesley Foundation, Young Farmers and Home Makers Club. O BETTY NELLE FRANKLIN, Win- chester, Home Economics, Delta Delta Delta, O MARILYN FRANKLIN, Knoxville, Liberal Arts, Delta Zeta, UT Playhouse '47, '48, '49, Delta Zeta Pledge Pres., Recording Sec, State Day Editor, Alola Oe Usher, Honor Roll. O CARY L. FRAZIER, S. Lindale, Ga., Liberal Arts, Le Cer- cle Francais, Men's Glee Club at Univ. of Georgia, Transfer of College of Pacific, Student Christian Association. O CHARLES EDWARD ETKIEDZIEIQMIS., Pine Bluff, Ark., Liberal Arts, Beaver Club '43-'44, French ou - , O- Ninth Row: DWAIN NICHOLS FREELS, Powells Station, Education, Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Delta Kappa, Ag Club, Ag Education Club. O JOS- EPH LOUIS FRYE, High Shoals, N, C., Business Administration, Delta Sigma Pi. 0 CHARLES D, FULLEN, Kingsport, Liberal Arts. O MAURINE FUQUA, Martin, Home Economics, Home Ec Club, Baptist Student Greater Council. O FORREST DEAN FURNACE, Dayton, Business Ad- ministration, Delta Sigma Pi. I GEORGE WILLIAM GALLIMORE, Dres- den, Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega. I JOAN GAMMILL, Shelbyville, Home Economics, Kappa Delta, Mortar Board, Pi Lambda Theta, Omicron Nu, Home Ec Club. ,X No wouoetma cm ar xi "mance Eoucmovv 3 tg, Wm . Wit. mai xnxx g ,-5 15 lillllh x 'llll nuns sxllllll I 4. qi xlklj I I E-1 .::::::' fx if sw Y M I XI Am, 'L ' I, ' glgxxn Ili, X I It - ' 's . A L 1 'il U I I Fifi" bw!" I lf, A1 Sl' K. ,7 ' ' xt! i X Wi' T' g gg an I I it Ritual mf .-, h wfu. O First Row: OSWALD GENE GARLAND, Roan Mountain: Agriculture: Ag Club. O JOSEPH LEE GARNER, Morrison: Business Administration: Society for Advancement of Management, O WILLIAM LAWRENCE GAULTNEY, Dellrose: Agriculture: Ag Club: ASAE. C DONALD B. GIBSON, Spring City: Business Administration: Alpha Tau Omega. O ESTOLEEN GIBSON, Mascot: Home Economics: Delta Zeta: Orange 61 White '48: Blue Triangle: UT Chorus: Corresponding Sec. of Delta Zeta '48-'49, O HELEN GIBSON, Kingsport: Liberal Arts: Sigma Kappa: Pres. Pan-Hellenic Council: WSGA: ASC: Swimming Team '46-'4'7. I REID GIBSON, Spring City: Business Administration: Phi Gamma Delta. O Second Row: ROBERT JAMES GILBERT, Morristown: Engineering: Delta Tau Delta: Tau Beta Pi: Omicron Delta Kappa: ASME: UT Band: Con Moto Musical Society: Captain of Band: Pres, Con Moto: Sec, Delta Tau Delta. O ROBERT GILFILLAN, Jacksonville, Fla.: Liberal Arts. O HELEN MARJORIE GILLENWATER, Maryville: Education: Wesley Foundation Council: Sec. Kittie Kain '48: International Club '47-'49, O ROBERT MCCARGO GILLIAM, Goodlettsville: Agriculture: Phi Eta Sigma: Scarabbean: Alpha Zeta: Tennessee Farmer Staff: Ag Club: Block 61 Bridle: Poultry Judging Team: Outstanding Ag Freshman Award: Danforth Fellowship: Sears Freshman and Sophomore Scholar- ships: Baptist Student Union Council. O RAYMON WALTON GOFF, Memphis: Business Administration: Phi Gamma Delta, O EDWIN GOINS, Cleveland: Liberal Arts: ISO: Editor of ISO Dope Sheet: Jour- nalism Club: Sec. '48: ISO Ex Officio Council. O ROBERT CAMPBELL GOOD, Erwin: Liberal ANS? Pi Kappa Alpha: Best Pledge: UT Band '44, '47, '48: UT Chorus '48, O Third Row: JOHN WILEY GOODMAN, Jefferson, N, C.: Business Ad- ministration: l948 Chancellor: Delta Sigma Pi: Treasurer BSU '48, 0 JOSEPH CHARLES GOUFFON, Knoxville: Kappa Sigma, O PHILIP FRANK GOUFFON, Knoxville: Business Administration: Sigma Chi: Delta Sigma Pi. 0 REVA KATE GOURSE, Bristol, Va.: Liberal Arts: Alpha Epsilon Phi: Hillel: UT Playhouse: Vice-Pres. Alpha Epsilon Phi: Pan-Hellenic Representative. O WALTER L. GRAF, Knoxville: Liberal Arts: Lambda Chi Alpha: Alpha Chi Sigma: Newman Club: FRB Repre- sentative: Sec. Lambda Chi Alpha. O ALMA ELIZABETH GRAINGER, Newquehoning, Pa.: Liberal Arts: Delta Zeta: Pres. of Sorority Pledge Class: Recreation Club: UT Playhouse: YWCA. O NANCY B. GRANT, Shouns: Liberal Arts: Delta Zeta: Biologia: International Club: Board of Directors '47-'48: Playhouse '45-'47: Honor Roll '46-'48. O Fourth Row: WILLIAM M. GRAVES, Westmoreland: Business Admin- istrationz Kappa Alpha: Delta Sigma Pi, O JOHN GRAY, Lynchburg: Business Administration: Phi Sigma Kappa, O JANE GREENWAY, Duck- town: Education: Kappa Delta: Wesley Foundation, O CHARLES LAW. SON GREER, Knoxville: Engineering. 0 JOHN KIRBY GRIFFIN, White. ville: Business Administration: Alpha Tau Omega, O ELEANOR MARTIN GRIFEINZ Middlesboro, Ky.: Liberal Arts: Alpha Delta Pi: Volunteer Staff 47-49: Transfer of Woman's College of the University of N, C. O CHARLES ERNEST GRIGGS, Humboldt: Agriculture: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Scarabbean: Business Manager Volunteer '49: Assistant Busi. ness Manager '48: Oiiice Manager '47: Editorial Staff Tennessee Farm- er: Co-Manager Volunteer Beauty Ball: Assistant Manager Carnicus '48: Assistant Floor Manager UT Concerts: Sec. of Sigma Alpha Epsilon- Chronicler of Sigma Alpha Epsilon: YMCA Cabinet: Ag Club: Barnl warmm': Aloha Oe: Homecoming Committee: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. O Fifth Row: JAMES CALVIN GUINN, Chattanooga: Business Admin- istration. O DOROTHY GUNN, McMinnville: Education: Sigma Kappa: Phi Eta Tau Sec. '46-'48: Assistant Intramural Manager '47-'48: Intra- murals! '45-'49: UT Playhouse '45-'47: Modern Dance Club '46-'49: Rec- reation Club '46-'49: Swim Club '46-'49: Pool Guard '46-'48: Mademoi- selle College Board '47-'49. O ELIZABETH CLAIRE HAAGA, Memphis: Liberal Arts: Delta Delta Delta: Best Pledge: Chaplain '47: Treas, '48: Mortar Board Pres.: Orange 6. White '45-'47: Friendship Week Chair- man '47: Playhouse Assistant Business Manager '46: All-Sing '46-46: Swimming Club '45-'47: Friendliest Girl '47: Newman Club Secretary: N. W. DOUGHERTY Dean, College of Engineering UT Playhouse '45-'47: Usher Corps '48: Henson House Council: Kittie Kain Treos. and Pres.: Polly McClung House Council: WSGA '48: Hall Senate Sec. '47: International Club Sec. '48: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. I FRED LUCAS HAILE, IR., Gainesboro: Business Administration: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Business Club: Tennessee Tech Christian Association: Transfer Tennessee Tech: Vol Vet Club. O ROSALENA HALE, Asheville, N. C.: Home Economics: Home Ec Club: First Lutheran Students Organization Secretary, O IOAN HALLA- WAY, Knoxville: Home Economics: Transfer from Maryville College. I MARY GUSTA HAMILTON, Harriman: Liberal Arts: UT Band '46- '47: YWCA '47-'4B. O Sixth Row: NANCY LEA HAMLETT, Tampa, Fla.: Liberal Arts: Chi Omega: Transfer University of Tampa: YWCA: Swimming Club: Blue Triangle: Vice-Pres. Chi Omega, Sec. of Mortar Board. O GEORGE WIL- BUR HAMMER, IR., Bristol, Va.: Business Administration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Corresponding Sec. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, O MARY LOU HAMMER, Bristol: Liberal Arts: Delta Delta Delta: Orange 6- White: Transfer Mary Washington College of University oi Va.: House Council Mattie Kain. O LLOYD BLAINE HAMMOND, Middlesboro, Ky.: Business Administration: Alpha Tau Omega: Vice-Pres, Nahheeyayli Board: Vice- Pres, IRP, O MARY HANAHAN, Knoxville: Business Administration: Pi Omega Pi. I HARRY L. HANCOCK, Cleveland: Agriculture. O JACK DONALD HANCOX, Maryville: Liberal Arts: Transfer Maryville College. O Seventh Row: RONALD I. HARDIN, Waynesville, Ohio: Engineering. O LEE E. HARKLEROAD, JR., Bristol: Business Administration. I ROB- ERT P. HARMON, Morristown: Business Administration: Sigma Chi: Society for Advancement of Management. O CRAIG HARRIS, Clinton, Miss.: Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu: Tau Beta Pi: Scarabbean: Phi Theta Kappa: Tennessee Engineering Photographer and Staff Writer: AIEE '46-'49: IRE '47-'48: Vice-Pres, 'l'au Beta Pi '48: Pres. '48: Organizational Pres. Eta Kappa Nu: Carnicus Staff '47-'49: ACE Board. O JOHN HARRIS, JR., Columbia: Liberal Arts: Journalism Club: Radio News Editor Orange at White: U'l' Ottice of Public Relations: Publicity Agent for University Concerts '48: 'lranster from Tulane '46, O ABE F. HART, JR., Watauga: Agriculture. O JOHN KENT HARTEL, Beaumont, Tex.: Business Administration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, I Eighth Row: WILLIAM BYRNE HARTZ, Memphis: Engineering: Phi Gamma Delta: "T" Club: ASCE: Assistant Sports Editor Orange 6. White: Varsity Baseball: lntramurals. I AUBREY B. HARVEY, Clarks- ville: Business Administration: Pi Kappa Alpha. O JAMES E. HASTINGS, SIIEIDYVIIISJ Business Administration, I '1'nOMAS MOORE HASTINGS, Shelbyville: Engineering: ASCE: Vice-Pres. Junior Class '47: Sec, ASCE, ASC '41, U LUNETTE HATHCOTE, Knoxville: Business Administration: Phi Mu. O ROY THORNTON HAWK, Cleveland: Business Administra- lIOl'1j l-'ni Eta Sigma: Bela Gamma Sigma Vice-Pres. '4d. O RICHARD C. HAWKINS, IR., Brownsville: Business Administration. 0 Ninth Row: DOROTHY JUNE HAY, Shelbyville: Home Economics: Kappa Delta. 0 JOHN E. HAYES, Knoxville: Business Administration: Kappa Sigma: ASM. O SUE HAYGOOD, Waverly: Liberal Arts: Kittie Kain House Council '46: Honor Roll: Modern Dance Club '46. 0 GEORGE WILLIAM HAYNES, Memphis: Business Administration: Pi Kappa Phi: Society tor Advancement oi Management. O EDWIN PHIL- LIPS HAZEN, Knoxville: Business Administration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Scabbard G Blade: Treas. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O BESSIE IRENE HEAD- RICK, Oakdale: Business Administration: Pi Omega Pi: YWCA: Trans- ier from Tennessee Wesleyan. I RICHARD GILMER HEINSOI-IN, Knox- ville: Business Administration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SENIUHS coco Fon we was- BAD roam rooms- rnns ww HE ears von. secono I j LOOKS. , . fyesf' g 'ml it 'Q -Zn mga' A , X I J V vt I X ig-'QW mf ri 5 if A 't"'Na,, Q A L5 .xg X BNI, , Q trinity f A .f ,, .XL X J fy 1 ft-f X ff' Qiitxlxblgl A nlifmmll l' Marx, ,,1,, - tm 1 5 Q :4 4 5 E 5 1 .1 z1g ..l1-1m- i 7- Y ,, -1-an-WM-1.4-r-N-Mn-1M-M Mwf-M' v f--f W- -'MMM O First Row: LEROY GORDON HENDRIX, Johnson City: Agriculture: Ag Club: Ag Education Club: Young Farmers and Homemakers Club. O ROBERT EDWARD HERRING, JR., Memphis: Engineering: Delta Sigma Phi: ASCE: Treas. Delta Sigma Phi '46-'47: Secretary '46-'48. O DAN HICKS, Madisonville: Liberal Arts: Journalism Club. O VERNON JAMES HILL, JR., Columbia, S. C.: Engineering: ASME: ACE Board O WILLIAM S. HILL, Poughkeepsie, N, Y.: Business Administration. O WILLIAM CAMPBELL HILLEARY, Spring City: Business Administra- tion: Alpha Tau Omega: Scabbard 6. Blade '46-'48: Vice-Pres, Society tor Advancement of Management '48, O ROBERT WHITE HIMES, Knoxville: Agriculture: ASAE. O Second Row: JAMES EDWARD HINKLE, Kingsport: Engineering: AIEE: IRE: Membership Committee AIEE, 0 TROY WALKER HINTON, Knoxville: Agriculture. O GEORGE THOMAS HIPP, Chattanooga: Busi- ness Administration: Lambda Chi Alpha: Scabbard 6- Blade: Inter-church Council '47. O JACK A. HIXSON, Newport: Business Administration: Journalism Club. O DAVID CARROLL HODGE, Morristown: Education: Phi Delta Kappa: Tennessean Staff: Chairman ISO Art Committee '47: Radio Workshop. O WILLIAM G. HODGES, Chattanooga: Business Ad- ministration. I HARRY M. HOE, Middlesboro, Ky.: Business Adminis- tration: Phi Gamma Delta, O Third Row: BARBARA S. HOLDER, Newport: Education: Zeta Tau Alpha: Phi Eta Tau: Intramurals '45-'49: Swimming Club '46-'49: Orien- tation Leader: Sec. Zeta Tau Alpha '47: Political Representative '47: Outstanding Sophomore Award '47: Standards Chairman '48: Sec. of Swimming Club '47: Pres. Barbara Blount '48: Residence Hall Senate: ASC Education Representative '48: Treas, Phi Eta Tau '48: Editor Ten- nessee Girl '48: YWCA '48: Pan-Hellenic Representative '46-'48. O HUGH REDWINE HOLDER, Newport: Business Administration: Delta Sigma Phi: Treas. '48. O VIRGINIA IO HOLLAND, Greeneville: Home Economics: ISO: Intramurals '45-'46: Home Ec Club '45-'48: Modern Dance Club '46: Recreation Club '45-'46: Under-Sec. ISO '47: Orienta- tion Leader '48, O BARBARA COONLEY HOLLIS, Concord, Mass.: Busi- ness Administration: Vol Vet Club. O HELEN JOYCE HOLLOWAY, Spring City: Education. O WILLIAM H. HOLMAN, Livingston: Business Administration: Lambda Chi Alpha: Orange :St White '46: Band, O ELSIE JEAN HOLMES, McLemoresville: Home Economics: Home Ec Club: Wes- ley Foundation: YWCA: Young Farmers and Home Makers Club: Trans- fer UT Junior College. O Fourth Row: EUGENE NEWCOMB HOPPER, JR., Knoxville: Business Administration: Sigma Chi: Scabbard G Blade '47: Freshman Class Pres. '44: Distinguished Military Student '47: ROTC Officer. O THOMAS MARR HORNER, Paris: Business Administration: Alpha Tau Omega. O WILLIAM HAROLD HORNER, Paris: Business Administration: Alpha Tau Omega. O KENNETH DOYLE HOUSER, Staunton, Va.: Business Ad- ministration. O FRANCIS RAY HOUSLEY, Knoxville: Engineering: ASME '47, 0 ANNA KATHERINE HOWREN, Johnson City: Education: Sigma Kappa: Sigma Delta Pi: YWCA: Old Blount House Council '47: Transfer East Tennessee State College. O SAMUEL THOMAS HOYLE, Knoxville: Business Administration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O Fitth Row: WILLIAM ANDES HOYT, Maryville: Engineering: Delta Tau Delta.. 0 HILMON HOWARD HUFFINES, Hilham: Agriculture: Block :St Bridle Club: Meat Judging Team '48, O PAUL G, HUGHES, Oakdale: Business Administration: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Pres. Pledge Class '44: House Manager '47-'48: Acting Pres. '48: Scarabbean: Charter Member Society tor Advancement of Management: Vice-Pres. SAM: FRB '48: Tennessee Engineer Staii Advertising Manager '47: Circula- tion Manager '47: Business Manager '48: Orange 5. White '47: Volun- teer Staii Sports Editor '44-'45: Class Editor '47-'48: Editor-in-Chief '48- '49: Publications Council '48: Carnicus Committee '48: Associate Editor "Torch" '48: ASC '48: Chairman Volunteer Beauty Ball '-48: Intramurals '44, '47-'48: Miss Tennessee Election Commission '48: Torchbearer Com- mittee: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, O ROBERT HUGHES HUMPHREYS, Collierville: Agriculture: Alpha Zeta: Ag Club: Dairy Club: Dairy Cattle Judging Team '48: Animal Husbandry Judging Team '48. O HUGH PAT HUNERWADEL, Chattanooga: Engineering: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Vice-Pres, '48: Alpha Chi Sigma Master ot Cere- monies '47-'49: AIChE Vice-Pres. '48: ACE Board '48, O REED FLOYD HURST, Rogersville: Liberal Arts: BSU Choir, O WILLIAM R. HURST, JR., Savannah: Agriculture: Lambda Chi Alpha: Ag Club: Ag Engineer- ing Club. JESSE W. HARRIS Dean, College ot Home Economics O Sixth Row: A. O. HUTCHISON, Leesburg, Va.: Liberal Arts: Lambda Chi Alpha: House Manager '48: Scabbard :Sr Blade Treas. '48: ROTC Oiiicer. I VIRGINIA ANNE HUTTON, Knoxville: Home Economics: Alpha Delta Pi: Pres, '48: Editor oi "Y's Owl": Contributor's Editor to Tennessean: Assistant Manager Aloha Oe '48: Manager Girls Skits, Carnicus '48: Barnwarmin' Queen '46: Engineering Queen of Hearts '4B: Pres. Home Ec Club '47: Pres, College ot Home Ec Clubs in Ten- nessee: Home Ec Editor to Tennessee Farmer: Treas. Women's Student Government Association: YWCA: "Y" Cabinet '47: Orange :St White Staff: Playhouse: Blue Triangle: Beaver Club, O BART OLLIE IDDINS, Knoxville: Business Administration: Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpha Psi Omega: Alternate Cheerleader '45-'46: Assistant Stage Manager UT Playhouse '45: Stage Manager '46-'49, O HAROLD E. JAYNES, Erwin: Business Administration: Alpha Tau Omega. O EVA L, JENKINS, Knoxville: Lib- eral Arts: Alpha Delta Pi: Scholarship Chairman: All-Sing Chairman Alpha Delta Pi: Scholarship Cup: Historian-Registrar: Assistant Pledge Mother: Biologia: Phi Kappa Phi: Volunteer Staff: Swimming Club: Blue Triangle: UT Chorus: UT Playhouse: Orientation Leader, O ORA L. JENKINS, Memphis: Engineering: ASME, O RICHARD H. JENNINGS, Knoxville: Business Administration: Alpha Tau Omega: Volunteer Statt '48: YMCA '48-'49: Society for Advancement of Management '48: Usher Corps '47-'49: Delta Sigma Pi '47-'49: Alpha Tau Omega Vice-Pres, '48: Publicity Chairman '47. O Seventh Row: WILLIAM H, IERNIGAN, Livingston: Business Admin- istration: Lambda Chi Alpha: Delta Sigma Pi: Scabbard :St Blade: Orange 61 White: Tennessean, O BARTON M. JOHNSON, Knoxville: Business Administration. O BILLY M. JOHNSON, Scotts Hill: Agricul- ture: Sigma Phi Epsilon. O JIMMIE RHEA JOHNSON, Rye, N, Y.: Lib- eral Arts: Lambda Chi Alpha: Treas.: Pledge Trainer: Rush Chairman: FRB Representative: Advertising Manager Orange :St White: Photogra- pher oi Volunteer: Swimming Team. O O. R, JOHNSON. Bloomfield, Mo.: Business Administration: Pi Kappa Phi: Pres.: FRB Representative: Chaplain, Warden and Sec.: Orange :S White Staff '42: Honor Roll. O MARY VIRGINIA JONES, Knoxville: Home Economics: Phi Mu: Home Ec Club: Blue Triangle: Orientation Leader. O NORMAN GLEN JONES, Selmer: Agriculture. I Eighth Row: W. CRAWFORD JORDAN, JR., Memphis: Engineering: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: AIEE, O JAY KAHN, Bolivar: Business Admin- istration: Society ior Advancement of Management, O SAMUEL KALFAS, Middlesboro, Ky.: Business Administration: Freshman Football Manager '4l. O ROBERT PAUL KAY, Bolivar: Agriculture. I WILLIAM A, XEEL, JR., Jackson: Business Administration: Orange 5- White: Journalism Club, 0 JACK EARL KEER, Knoxville: Business Administration: Delta Tau Delta: Delta Sigma Pi. O CHARLES M. KEITH, Atlanta, Ga.: Busi- ness Administration: Sigma Nu: Intramural Manager: Delta Sigma Pi: Beaver Club. O Ninth Row: DAN B. KELLY, Fountain City: Liberal Arts: UT Band '45: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship '47-'48, O MALCOLM WALTER KEMP, Chattanooga: Liberal Arts: Geology Club. O GROVER ANDREW KERBAUGH, Greeneville: Business Administration: Lambda Chi Alpha: House Manager Lambda Chi Alpha. O ANN HAMRICK KERR, Asheville, N, C.: Liberal Arts: Zeta Tau Alpha: Historian '48-'49: Room Chairman '46: Outstanding Junior '46: Formal Dance Chairman '48: All-Sing Com- mittee '47: Carnicus Committee '47: Vice-Pres. Kittie Kain '47: Pres. Kittie Kain '48: Spanish Club '45-'49: Pres, Spanish Club '-48: UT Play- house '47-'49: Orientation Leader '46-'49: WSGA Jacket Committee '48: Best Costume Lambda Chi Alpha Gay Nineties '48: Honor Roll '47-'48: Sophomore Candidate Oueen of Diamonds '46: Round-Up Contestant '48: Sec, Residence Hall Senate '48: Usher tor UT Playhouse '47-'-49: House Council Kittie Kain '46-'49: Modern Dance Club: YWCA, O ARTRUR CECIL KERR, Kenton: Engineering: Tau Beta Pi: AIChE. O WILLIAM NEWTON KESTNER, Bristol: Engineering: Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Executive Board for Tennessean, I RALPH MOORE KILLEBREW, Paris: Business Administration: Phi Eta Sigma: Delta Sigma Pi SENIUHS l es - I've VOTED DAMMIT! Now LEAVE ME ALONE R10 Ui E. v0T X 'X-5 X Y iii Qxttttttatlt I G X AXE MQ? Q- wf , ,fag fi? 4.-13' ...Q f 535 ' k ffm? 1. .2ff"-' :Si wp Q' 52,45 ,v ., A, ,,,,V,Ak, U , w B1 r .1 ,K ., V ,Wm A1 "lk is ,ff Jr- ". -psf R ,bps-f' O First Row: CARL STEVENSON KINCAID, Clinton: Business Adminis- tration: Phi Gamma Delta: Scabbard G Blade '47-'-48: Advertising Staii Tennessee Engineer '42: Society for Advancement of Management '48- '49: Vice-Pres. of Sophomore Class '46-'47, O GARNETT CROSS KIN- CAID, Clinton: Business Administration: Phi Gamma Delta, O IOYCE LECHE KINCAID, Knoxville: Home Economics: Delta Delta Delta. O FRANK KNOX KING, Kingsport: Business Administration: Lambda Chi Alpha: Vice-Pres. of Sophomore Class: ASC: Nahheeyayli Govern- ing Board: Treas. Delta Sigma Pi, O IAMES FRANKLIN KING, Afton: Engineering: American Institute ot Electrical Engineers: UT Amateur Radio Club. O IAMES O. KING, Knoxville: Engineering: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Editor-in-Chiet Tennessee Engineer: Managing Editor Tennes- see Engineer: Editorial Stati Tennessee Engineer: Sports Editor Volun- teer: Comptroller, Sigma Phi Epsilon: Asst, Comptroller Sigma Phi Epsilon: Social Chairman Sigma Phi Epsilon: Chairman Boys' Stunts, Carnicus: American Institute ot Chemical Engineers: Aloha Oe Com- mittee. O IOHN IAKE KNIGHT, Brownfield, Tex.: Business Administra- tion: Delta Sigma Phi, O Second Row: VINCENT EDWARD KNOX, Dyersburg: Business Ad- ministration: Alpha Tau Omega: Phi Alpha Delta: Alpha Tau Omega Pledgernaster: Alpha Tau Omega Intramural Manager: Freshman Foot- ball and Basketball: Sophomore Football and Basketball: Transfer from Cumberland University '4l: LLB Degree from UT '48, O IOE KUYKEN- DALL, Oak Ridge: Liberal Arts: Pi Beta Phi: Tennessean, O ELEANOR SHARP KYKER, Knoxville: Liberal Arts: UT Chorus: Officer BSU: ISO Orientation Leader: Representative from College ot Liberal Arts to ASC Council: Playhouse '47-'48: Modern Dance '47, O BETTYE IO LAMB- din, Madisonville: Home Economics: Intramurals '45: Home Ec Club '45- '48, O DOROTHY ELLEN LAMBDIN, Knoxville: Liberal Arts: Sigma Kappa: Blue Triangle: Transfer from Blue Mountain College: French Club: Music Club: Tennessee Club: Eunomian Society, O DOROTHY B. LANE, Maryville: Home Economics: Sigma Kappa: YWCA: Home Ec- Club. O GERARD VICTOR LANGLOIS, Knoxville: Business Administra- tion: Iota Lambda Sigma: ETEA, O Third Row: ROBERT GRADEN LARGE, Niota: Business Administra- tion. O PERRY HALL LATEN, Howell: Agriculture: Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Zeta: Ag Club: Block G Bridle, O BUELL E. LAWSON, Fountain City: Business Administration, 0 ELEANOR LEA, Franklin: Liberal Arts: Delta Gamma, O ALVA LEE, Knoxville: Busi- ness Administration: Delta Sigma Pi, O WILLIAM FRANKLIN LEE, IR.. Sparta: Business Administration: Alpha Tau Omega: UT Band '42-'44: Society tor Advancement ot Management. O IUDY LEITH, Elizabethton: Education: Kappa Delta: Mortar Board: Sec, Senior Class '48: Basketball '46-'48: Modern Dance Pres, '47: Phi Eta Tau: Kappa Chi Pres, '47: YWCA: All Student Council: WSGA Pres, '4E: Campus Chest: Usher Corps '48: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, O Fourth Row: ROBERT ROY LEOPARD, Faulkner, Miss.: Business Ad- ministration. O ROBERT LEON LEWIS, McMinnville: Engineering: Pi Kappa Alpha: ASCE: Treas. ASCE '48, O HERBERT C. LIPMAN, Mem- phis: Business Administration: Zeta Beta Tau: Nahheeyayli Board Mem- ber. O E. A. LLOYD, Knoxville: Liberal Arts: Alpha Chi Sigma. O SARAH LONG, Knoxville: Education: Alpha Delta Pi: Swimming Club '45-'46: YWCA '47: Blue Triangle '45-'48: UT Playhouse '45-'49: Pan- Hellenic Council '47: Canterbury Club '45-'49: Publicity Chairman of Home Ec Club '46: Home Ec Council '45: Orientation Leader. O HOW- ARD WILLIAM LOVELESS, Stuttgart, Ark.: Business Administration: Kappa Sigma, O ALBERT ALBERTHA LOYD, IR., Atlanta, Ga.: Business Administration: Phi Gamma Delta: Society tor Advancement of Man- agement. O Fitth Row: R. E. LOYD, Lebanon: Business Administration: Sigma Phi Epsilon: FRB Representative: Secretary Sigma Phi Epsilon '47, O CHARLES ROBERT LUND, Knoxville: Business Administration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Omicron Delta Kappa: Football '45-'48: Co-Captain Foot- ball '48: Baseball '47-'48: Treas. Senior Class '48: Sec.-Treas. "T" Club, O FRIEDA IANE LUTZ, Loudon: Home Economics: Chi Omega: All- Sing '46-'4S: UT Chorus '46-'47: YWCA '46-'48, O TOMMY LYNN, Cooke- ville: Agriculture: Ag Club: Ag Education Club: Young Farmers and I-Iomemakers Club: Phi Delta Kappa. O RICHARD MAERKER, Knoxville: Engineering: Delta Tau Delta: Tau Beta Pi: Winner Freshman Faculty Scholarship '45: Sec. Delta Tau Delta '46: ACE Board '48, O IIM MALOY, Saint Paul, Minn.: Liberal Arts: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Pres. SAE: Corresponding Sec, '47: Vice-Pres, '48: Pres, Newman Club '48, O RUTH IOAN MANIS, Memphis: Education: Alpha Epsilon Phi: Sec. '47: Pres, '48: Hillel Club: Pan-Hellenic Representative. O Sixth Row: MARY ANN MANSHIP, Tatum, S. C.: Home Economics: ISO: Manager ISO Bookstore '47-'4B: Chairman UT Playhouse Make-Up Committee '47: Girls Intramurals '48: UT Playhouse '45-'49: Home Ec Club '45-'49: Servinee Award ISO '47: All-Sing '4B: Carnicus Clown THEODORE W. GLOCKER Dean, College oi Business Administration '48: Orientation Leader '48: Recreation Club '45, O IOHN EARL MARSH, IR., Petersburg: Law: Lambda Chi Alpha. O IERE MARSHALL, McKenzie: Business Administration: Transfer Bethel College '47. O MARGARET ANN MARSHALL, Orlando, Fla.: Liberal Arts: Kappa Alpha Theta: UT Playhouse: Volunteer Activities Statt: Transfer trom University ot Fla. O OLEN HENDERSON MARSHALL, Rutledge: Business Administration: Delta Sigma Phi: Delta Sigma Pi: International Club: Transfer East Tenn. State College and Manhattan College ot Engineering. O CARO- LYN CELESTE MARTIN, Knoxville: Home Economics: Alpha Delta Pi: Orange 6- White: Volunteer Statt: Graduate Editor "Torch": Wesley Foundation Steering Committee: Blue Triangle: YWCA: Committee for President's Reception: Summer School Play: Home Ec Club: Home Ec Council: Chairman House Council: Orientation Leader '48: Transter from University of Chattanooga. O ELIZABETH IEAN MARTIN, Shelby- ville: Home Economics: Wesley Foundation Council '45-'47: Vice-Pres. Wesley Foundation '48: International Club '46: Council '47-'48: Home Ec Club '45-'49. O Seventh Row: GENE W. MARTIN, Iohnson City: Engineering: Pi Kappa Phi: AIEE. O MARGARET L, MARTIN, McMinnville: Education: Sigma Kappa Intramural Manager '48: Phi Eta Tau: Vice-Pres. '47: Sec. '48: Managing Editor P, E. Post '46-'49: Recreation Club: Pres. '47: Sec.-Treas. '46: Swim Club '45-'47: Playhouse '45-'49: Modern Dance '46-'47: House Council '46-'47: Intramurals '45-'49: YWCA '45-'49. O H. F. MASSEY, Knoxville: Agriculture: Ag Club. O TOM MASSEY, Memphis: Business Administration: Sigma Nu, O IOYCE MAY, Oak Ridge: Liberal Arts: Delta Zeta: Guard '46: Scholarship Chairman '-48: YWCA '45-'49: Playhouse '45: Methodist Student Center. O BERTRAM L. MAYES, Clinton: Business Administration: Delta Tau Delta: Corre- sponding Sec. '45: Recording Sec. '45-'46: Delta Sigma Pi. O THOMAS LUTHER MAYES, IR., Winchester: Engineering: Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu: AIEE, O Eighth Row: MARY SUE MAYO, Palmersville: Home Economics: Zeta Tau Alpha: Pledge Scholarship Award '47: Activities Representa- tive '48: Mortar Board: Omicron Nu: Pi Lambda Theta: Annual Stati UT Ir. College: Intramurals '45-'47: Outstanding Woman Student in Physical Education '46: Highest Scholastic Girl's Average '45-'46: Out- standing Home Economics Student UT Ir. '46: Chairman ot Home Ec Open House '46: Chairman ot Committee '47: Alternate for Lewishon Award '47: Treas. Omicron Nu '48: Social Chairman Home Ec Club '48: Bordan Scholarship Award '48: YWCA '47-'48: Forum Club '46: Inter- national Relations Club '46: YWA '45-'49, O WALKER EARLE MEACHAM, Memphis: Engineering: Delta Tau Delta: Pres, ASME '48: Vice-Pres. ACE Board '48: Pres. Delta Tau Delta '48: Vice-Pres, '47: Corresponding Sec. '46: Canterbury Club. O IEAN MEEK, Alligator, Miss.: Home Economics: Chi Omega: Home Ec Club '48, O STAN MERRITT, Lebanon: Engineering: Phi Sigma Kappa: Tau Beta Pi: Man- aging Editor Tennessee Engineer '47: Carnicus Co-Manager: AIEE Chairman: Chairman Engineers Ball '48: Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities. O I0 M. MEYER, Knoxville: Liberal Arts: Alpha Delta Pi: Vice-Pres. '48: Pledge Mother '48: Pan-Hellenic Council '47- '48: WSGA Council '47: Blue Triangle '47-'48: "Y" '45-'49: Orange 6- White '47: Swimming Club '45: Pres, Pan-Hellenic Council '47: Radio Workshop '47-'48: Orientation Leader '47, O WILLIAM L. MIDDLETON, Knoxville: Business Administration: Delta Tau Delta: Nahheeyayli Board Vice-Pres.: Playhouse: Debate Club. O ARNOLD HARRISON MIERS, Greeneville: Agriculture: Phi Eta Sigma: Ag Club. O Ninth Row: IAMES L, MILES, Memphis: Business Administration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: "Y" Membership: Usher Corps, O IACK WAL- LACE MILLER, Iohnson City: Business Administration. O MURPHY GAINES MILLER, IR., Knoxville: Business Administration: Phi Sigma Kappa: Fraternity Intramurals '42: Freshman Drawing Award '4l: Sec. Phi Sigma Kappa '42: FRB '46: Drew School Calendar '48, O NAOMI COOK MILLER, Martel: Home Economics: ISO Council: Tennessee Farmer Stait '48: ISO Dance Chairman '47: ISO Sec, '47-'48: Home Ec Club '45-'48: Homecoming Committee '48: Winner Ag Club Roundup Milking Contest '45: WSGA Council '48: Orientation Leader '48: Rep- resentative to National Independent Student's Association Convention '47, O ROY STEWART MILLER, Clarksville: Agriculture: Ag Club: Block 6- Bridle Club: Young Farmers and Homemakers Club: ISO. O WILLIAM P. MILLER, IR., Bronx, N. Y.: Engineering: Pi Kappa Phi, O KENNETH F. MILLS, Knoxville: Liberal Arts: Phi Eta Sigma: Le Cercle Francais: World Affairs Discussion Group. 1.2, U swam Mae V F21 Q..- YF ii. E5 ati? , -:F-s !,- 6435.3 :Xi ,f JK- X elif' W ' 17 X t:" f' r 655536 ft C f' L oft: xf -5- 51 Wil' C .grail ft s - .ape 95 a 5 ew 0 It I 4- ii- -- . Qeifiwg if - 1-2- R27 o L "T-I it -g A e- .syie Q5 Pt Q liz is? 4 T? k. ii w. x , Y 5 rs sz 5 f .2 if -:mm-mi H 1' '-' W mar -ff 1- 'f MM 'WW MW"-' O First Row: VIRGIL LEON MILLS, Dyersburg, Business Administra- tion. O KATHERINE MILNER, Charlotte, N. C., Liberal Arts, Phi Mu Sorority, Volunteer Staff '46-'47, YWCA '46-'47. O ORVIS MILNER, Knoxville, Business Administration, Sigma Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa Vice-Pres., Nahheeyayli Board, "T" Club Pres., Varsity Football '46-'47, Varsity Baseball '46. O HELEN MINTON, Maryville, Business Adminis- tration, Kappa Delta Vice-Pres., Sec,-Treas. of Swim Club, House Coun- cil. O WILLIAM I. MIRACLE. Oak Ridge, Education, Sigma Nu. O DONALD O. MIRTS, Guthrie, Mo., Business Administration, Phi Gamma Delta, Society for Advancement of Management, Volunteer Stati, Activities Editor '49, Intramural Manager, Usher Corps '48-'49, Treas. Phi Gamma Delta, Pres. Pledge Class. O IAMES M. MITCHELL, IR., Memphis, Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Kappa Nu, AIEE, O Second Row: LAWSON DEE MITCHELL, Pulaski, Agriculture. O ALICE MARIE MOORE, Nashville, Business Administration, Delta Zeta, Basketball and Volleyball Intramurals, Newman Club, YWCA, Iunior Pan-Hellenic Representative, Activities Chairman tor Delta Zeta, Recreation Club. O BEN I. MOORE, Dyersburg, Business Administra- tion, Alpha Tau Omega Treas. O DONALD S. MOORE, Talbott, Liberal Arts, Scabbard 61 Blade, French Club '46-'47, 0 IAMES R. MUIR, Oak Ridge, Liberal Arts, Pi Kappa Phi, Treas, Canterbury Club '46, Orange S. White Advertising Staff '46. O IO MULLINS. Trezevant, Home Eco- nomics, Chi Omega, Home Economics Club, YWCA, Basketball, Soror- ity '47. O IAMES H. MURRAY, IR., Nashville, Business Administra- tion, Beta Gamma Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Kappa Phi. O Third Row: IOHN T. MUSE, IR., Iackson, Business Administration. O CHARLIE M. MUSSETT, Memphis, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon. O ROBERT DELIUS MYNATT, Knoxville, Liberal Arts, Alpha Epsilon Delta. O EDWIN S. MCBRIDE. Covington, Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Society tor Advancement of Management Charter Member, Sec. '48, ACE Board '48-'49, Tennessee Engineer Staff '47, Managing Editor '48, Editor '49, Orange G White Staii '46, O CHARLES MILLEN MC- CALLA, Brighton, Business Administration, Society for the Advance- ment of Management, Member ot Vol Vets Club. O IOI-IN ALISON MCCALLA, Brighton, Engineering. O MARY KATHERINE MCCLURE, Knoxville, Business Administration, Phi Mu Sorority. O Fourth Row: CAROLYN MCCLAMROCH, Knoxville, Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi, Pledge Pres., Publicity Chairman, Rush Chairman, Pres. of Alpha Omicron Pi, Modern Dance, Iunior Cabinet YWCA, Orange ci White, UT Playhouse, Best Pledge ot Alpha Omicron Pi, ROTC Sponsor, WSGA Backward Dance Chairman, O EDWARD I. MCCONNELL, Chattanooga, Business Administration, Kappa Sigma, Pledgemaster '47, Pres. '48, Fraternity Relations Board '48, All Students Council '47, O IAMES EDWARD MCCOWN, Fayetteville, Business Ad- ministration, Pi Kappa Alpha, Fraternity Relations Board, UT Chorus, UT Radio Workshop. O HAROLD THESING MCCRACKEN, Pulaski, Agri- culture, Ag Club, Dairy Club. O FRANCES MCCRAW, Gastonia, N. C., Home Economics, O CHARLES EUGENE MCCURRY, Knoxville, Engineer- ing, Scabbard G Blade, ROTC Cadet Captain '47, Distinguished Military Student, Society tor Advancement of Management, American Society for Mechanical Engineers. O RAYMOND L. MCCURRY, IR., Morristown, Business Administration, O Fifth Row: ROBERT M. MCCURRY, Muskogon, Mich, Business Ad- ministration, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi. O KATE MARIE Mc- DONALD, Memphis, Liberal Arts, Alpha Omicron Pi, Herald, Pledge Treas., Philanthropic Chairman ot Alpha Omicron Pi, UT Playhouse, Carnicus, Swimming Club, Women's Intramurals. O ANNA REBECCA MCGOWEN, Union City, Home Economics, Delta Zeta, Omicron Nu, Pi Lambda Theta, Phi Kappa Phi. O CLAUDE E. MCGILL, IR., Knoxville, Business Administration, Phi Eta Sigma. O MARGARET MCILWAINE. Knoxville, Business Administration, Alpha Omicron Pi, Pledge Class Sec., Sorority Treas., Carnicus Committees, UT Playhouse, Swim Club, Pres. of Sophomore Council ot YWCA, YWCA, Pi Omega Pi, All-Sing Committee. 0 IACK DAILY MCKEEHAN, Knoxville, Business Administra- ti-on, Sigma Chi, Scabbard 61 Blade, Pershing Rifles, Scarabbean So- ciety, Alpha Psi Omega, Volunteer Staff '48-'49, Cross Country Team '46, Carnicus Boy's Stunt Chairman, Carnicus Clown Chairman, Usher Corps, Radio Workshop, UT Playhouse, YMCA, Cadet Colonel ROTC F. C. LOWRY Director, University Extension '47-'48, Honor Military Graduate ROTC, O IACK E. MCLEAN, Lewisburg, Agriculture, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Zeta, Ag Club, Dairy Club, Tennessee Farmer Statt, Volunteer Staff, Round-Up Staff, Barnwarmin' Staff, Dairy Cattle Judging Team, Danforth Fellowship. O Sixth Row: EDWARD P. MCMAHON, Conway, Ark., Business Ad- ministration, Society tor Advancement of Management, Bachelor ot Science Degree United States Coast Guard Academy, Transfer Student Southwestern Univ. O MARTHA H, MCMANUS, Knoxville, Home Eco- nomics, Alpha Delta Pi Sec., Omicron Nu Editor, Mortar Board Editor, Alpha Lambda Delta Treas., Home Economics Club, Pi Lambda Theta, Orange G White, Volunteer, Contact Committee Chairman All-Sing. O IOSEPH B. MCMILLON, Ashland City, Liberal Arts, Delta Tau Delta, YMCA '42, '43, '44, Treas. Delta Tau Delta '43, '48, Usher Corps '44. O HUGH LEE MCMURRAIN, Pensacola, Fla., Business Administration, Sigma Nu, Cadet Captain ROTC, Treas. Sigma Nu, Intramural Man- ager Sigma Nu. O MELISSA R. MCMURRY, Knoxville, Home Economics, Alpha Omicron Pi, Vice-Pres, Pledge Class, Corresponding Sec., Editor '48 Rushee's Handbook, Sorority Intramurals, Swimming Club, Honor Roll, UT Chorus, Carnicus Committee, UT Beauty '47, '48, '49, Pan- Hellenic Council, Radio Workshop, All-Sing Committee, O HARRY D. MCPEAKE, Lexington, Agriculture, Phi Delta Kappa. O RUTH EILEEN MCPHERSON, Knoxville, Education, Pi Lambda Theta. O Seventh Row: IOSEPH WINBORN MCREYNOLDS, Knoxville, Engi- neering, Sigma Nu, ASCE. O ANDREW K. NASRALLAH, Jacksonville, Fla., Business Administration, Sigma Phi Epsilon Pres., Fraternity Re- lations Board, Sigma Phi Epsilon Pledge Master and Vice-Pres. O ANNA MARIE NEELY, Darden, Liberal Arts. O IAMES WARWICK NEHLS, Memphis, Liberal Arts, Alpha Chi Sigma. O ERNEST P, NEW- BERN, Memphis, Business Administration, Delta Sigma Phi, Tau Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Class Treas., Debate Club, Fraternity Relations Board. O DAN CLIVE NEWBERRY, Gleason, Business Administration, Delta Sigma Pi, Baptist Student Union Publicity Chairman. O ALICE CAROL NEWMAN, Knoxville, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta, UT Intra- murals, UT Beauty '45, '49. O Eighth Row: LOUIS MAITLAND NEWTON, Chattanooga, Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ROTC Platoon Leader '48, Executive Officer '49, Distinguished Military Student. O WILLIAM ALBERT NIPPER, Concord, Liberal Arts, French Club. O HOMER STANLEY NORRIS, Erwin, Engineering, Sigma Chi, Scabbard G Blade, ASME. O RICHARD BRUCE NOWLING, St. Petersburg, Fla., Business Administration, Phi Gamma Delta, Scabbctrd G Blade, Football, Swim- ming, O LESTER CORNELIUS OAKES. Knoxville, Engineering, Member IRE, AIEE. O ELIZABETH OGILVIE, College Grove, Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Intramurals, Home Economics Club. O HARRY OGIL- VIE, Columbia, Business Administration, Sigma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma Pres. '48, Delta Sigma Pi Pres. '49, Omicron Delta Kappa, Usher Corps '49, Spanish Club, UT Chorus, Student-Faculty Board ot the College of Business Administration, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, O Ninth Row: WILLIAM ROBERTS ORR, Memphis, Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O FRED WALTER OVERTON, Tazewell, Agriculture, Ag Club, Agronomy Club. O ROBERT PANGLE, Iohnson City, Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega. O MELVIN C. PANNELL, Knoxville, Engineering, Kappa Sigma, ASME. O MARSHIELA ANN PARDUE, Union City, Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Home Economics Club, YWCA, Wesleyan Foundation, Swimming Club, Young Farmers Club Sec. O CORNELIA CELESTIA PARKER. Gates, Education, Delta Delta Delta, Sec. and Vice-Pres. of Polly McClung, Orientation Leader, Sorority Oificer. O ROBERT G. PARKS, Oak Ridge, Business Adminis- tration, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres. '48, Rush Chairman '47, Delta Sigma Pi, FRB Representative, Omicron Delta Kappa. SENIUHS tumyuuh THERES ONE EVERY DANCE t X x t .il Q 2 1 3: 5. ,, vm V A 1 mmf, A WM-Mf+M-iwfw if-vwwwfw 'M V "wp n 0 First Row: DAVID LEE PARR, Covington: Agriculture: Pi Kappa Phi: Block G Bridle Club: Ag Club, O CATHERINE PARTAIN, Knoxville: Lib- eral Arts: Zeta Tau Alpha: Publicity Chairman '46: Trea. '47: Vice-Pres. and Pledge Mistress '48: Mortar Board: Alpha Lamba Delta Treas, '47: Sigma Delta Pi: Orange G White Editorial Staff: French Club Vice-Pres.: Spanish Club: Blue Triangle: Orientation Leader: All-Sing Committee. O IERRY T. PASS, Lebanon: Business Administration: Society for Ad- vancement ot Management. O HAROLD PATTON, Mosheim: Business Administration. I BEN REED PATTY, Walland: Agriculture: Ag Educa- tion Club: Ag Club. I MARY MELLEN PAYNE, Knoxville: Business Administration: Chi Omega: Orange 6- White '44: Volunteer '44: Intra- murals '44-'48: YWCA '44-'47, O IOHN ROBERT PAYSINGER, Dellrose: Agriculture: Alpha Zeta: Ag Club: Block Gt Bridle Club. 0 Second Row: IOE PAGE PECK, Nashville: Law: ISO Bookstore: Pres. ISO: Vice-Pres, and Pres, Canterbury Club: Senior Warden of Episcopal Student Vestry: Advisor to Canterbury Club: ASC: Student Union Commit- tee: UT Bar Association: ISO Council: Vol Hiking Club. O IOHN PEDREY, Indianapolis, Ind.: Business Administration: Delta Sigma Pi. O RUTH ANN PEOPLES, Knoxville: Liberal Arts: Alpha Omicron Pi: Scholarship Award '46: Sing Director '47: Publicity Chairman '47: Recording Sec. '48-'49: YWCA Freshman Council '45-'46: YWCA Sophomore Council '46-'47: YWCA Program Chairman '47-'48: YWCA Pres. '48: Co-Chairman Blue I-ridge YWCA Conference '49: Church Workers Council '47-'49: Acting Business Manager Tennessean '48-'9: Editor-in-Chief "Tennessee Girl" '47: Assistant Editor "Tennessee Girl" '48: Mortar Board: Alpha Lambda Delta Pres, '46: Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Advisor '48: Outstanding Iunior Mortar Board Award '48: Pi Lambda Theta '48: UT Chorus '45-'48: Sec. UT Chorus '46: Soloist UT Chorus '47: First Presbyterian Church Oc- tette '45-'-49: Usher Corps '47-'49: Playhouse '45-'49: Publicity Chairman of Playhouse '46: Playhouse Properties, Make-Up: Aloha Oe Commit- tee '46-'48: Convocation Committee '46-'48: Carnicus Committee '46-'47: WSSF Committee '47: Campus Chest Committee '47-'48: Chairman for Ticket Sales for Backward Dance '47: Co-Chairman Student-Faculty Ban- quet '48: Co-Chairman All-Sing '48: Student Governing Council '48-'49: Vice-Pres, Freshman Class '45: Orientation Leader '46-'47: WSGA Coun- cil '46-'49: WSGA Election Committee '48: Pres, Knoxville Presbytery '45: Pres. Appalachia Synod '46-'48: Sec. Appalachia Westminster Fellowship '46: Sec. Assembly's Youth Council '47: Caravan Member '48: Vice-Pres. Westminster Fellowship: Member SFOB '48-'49: Who's Who in Amer- ican Colleges and Universities '48, I IANE CROWELL PETERS, Knox- ville: Home Economics: Delta Delta Delta: All-Sing Manager '48: Pres. '48: Pledge Trainer '46: Pledge Treas. '45: Pan-Hellenic Representative '47: Mortar Board: Omicron Nu: Pi Lambda Theta: Organization Editor Volunteer '46: Assistant Editor "Torch" '46: Editor of Rushee's Hand- book '47: Winner Girls Ping Pong '45: Winner Girls Badminton '45: Intramurals '45-'49: Swimming Club '45: Merrill-Palmer Home Ec Schol- arship '48: Vice-Pres. Freshman YWCA Council '45: Sec, WSGA '47: UT Chorus '45-'47: Sec. Pan-Hellenic '47: ROTC Sponsor '45: Home Ec Club '46-'48: "Y" Cabinet '46-'48: Orientation Leader '45-'49: Carnicus Coordinator '46i Projects Ch. Home Ec Club '48: Carnicus Staff '45-'48: All-Sing Staff '45-'48: Aloha Oe Staff '45-'48: Convocation Staff '45-'48, O HARRY WILLIAM PETREE, SR., Lawrenceburg: Business Administra- tion. O BENTON EZELL PI-IELPS, IR., Pulaski: Business Administration: Delta Sigma Pi. O IAMES RAY PHILLIPS, Iohnson City: Engineering: Pi Kappa Phi: ASCE. I Third Row BARBARA ANN PICKENS, Knoxville: Home Economics. 0 BUFORD HAYES PIPPIN, IR., Elizabethton: Engineering. I CLAIRE PLUMMER, Knoxville: Liberal Arts: Alpha Delta Pi: Chaplain '48: Social Chairman '46-'47: Assistant Class Editor Volunteer '48: UT Playhouse '45- '48: "Y" '45: Orientation Leader '46-'48: Blue Triangle '47-'48. O CHARLES HUGH POAG, Columbia: Business Administration: Society for Advance- ment of Management: Masonic Lodge. O DON AYERS POPE, Linden: Business Administration: Delta Tau Delta: Sec. '46: Assistant Treas. '46- '47: Treas. '47-'48, O RUTH HARRISON POST, Loudon: Home Economics: Alpha Omicron Pi: Beaver Club '46-'47: Playhouse '45-'48: Beaver Club Vice-Pres, '47-'48: Alpha Omicron Pi Intramural Manager '47-'48: Swim- ming Club '45-'46, O HELEN VERNICE PRATER, Knoxville: Education. O Fourth Row: CONNIE PRATT, Franklin: Home Economics: ISO: Home Ec Club. 0 ELIZABETH PRIESTLY, Memphis: Liberal Arts: Zeta Tau Alpha: Transfer from Abilene Christian College '47. O MARY IANE RAGSDALE, Fountain City: Home Economics: Kappa Delta: Assistant Treas. '46-'47: Historian and Music Chairman: Sigma Phi Sigma Pres. '46-'47: Women's Athletic Association '46-'47: Coed Cotillion '46-'47: YWCA '45-'47: Home Ec Club '47-'497 WSGA '47-'49: Orientation Leader '48: Transfer U. of Chattanooga '47, O WILLIAM EDWARD RAIKES, Watertown: Agriculture: Tennessee Farmer: Baseball '47-'48: Ag Club Basketball '47-'48, O WILLIAM HUNTER RAINES, Gadsden: Business Ad- ministration. O BEVERLY I. RAMSEY. IR., New Market: Law: Pi Kappa Phi: Delta Sigma Pi: FRB: Tennessee Law Review, I DAVID N. RAVIN, Newark, N. I.: Business: Zeta Beta Tau: Orange G White '47-'48: Beaver Club '46: Choral Society '45-'46: UT Bar Association '48: Phil Club Pres.: Hillel '46-'49. WILLIAM H. IESSE Director of Libraries O Fifth Row: EDMUND RAWLINS, Iohnson City: Business Adminis- tration: Alpha Tau Omega. O GLEN P. REEDER, McMinnville: Educa- tion: Pi Kappa Phi Sec.: Orange G White Sports Staff '47-'48: P.E. Post Staff '46-'49: UT Intramural Manager '47: Fraternity Intramural Manager: ASC '47-'49: Athletic Council: "T" Club '47-'48, O SIM HOWARD RICHARDSON, Pulaski: Agriculture: Baseball: Ag Club. O DONALD MACGREGOR RICKARD, Knoxville: Engineering: ASME. O IULES C. RIEDER, IR., Clinton: Business Administration: Sigma Nu. 0 RALPH EDWARD RINELL, Dyerrsburg: Business Administration: Board of Directors and Chairman of Policy Committee of "Society for Advancement of Management: Transfer UT Ir. College. O HANNAH EU- DELL RIPPETOE, Mohawk: Home Economics: Pi Beta Phi: Room Chairman '47-'48: Assistant Rush Chairman '48: Vice-Pres, '48-'49: Volunteer Staff '47-'48: Volunteer Office Manager '48-'49: Boots G Saddle Club '45-'46: In- tramurals: Modern Dance '47: "Y" '45-'48: Art Club '45-'46: YWCA Cabi- net '48-'49: Treas. Iennie Armstrong '48: Usher Corps '48: Home Ec Club '45-'49. O Sixth Row: ROY M. ROBERTS, Maryville: Business Administration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Usher Corps '47: YMCA '45-'49: "Y" Cabinet '47. O GLEN E. ROBINSON, Knoxville: Education: Kappa Sigma: Sec, Kap- pa Sigma: Phi Delta Kappa: Pershing Rifles: UT Rifle Team '45, O ELIZA LIDE ROBISON, Gallatin: Home Economics: Alpha Delta Pi: Orange G White: Intramurals '46-'47: Home Ec Club '48: Playhouse '45: Orientation Leader '46. O WILLIAM THOMAS ROLISON, Galla- tin: Agriculture: Alpha Tau Omega: Alpha Zeta: Ag Club: ASAE. 0 TOM VANCE ROE, Humboldt: Liberal Arts: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Alpha Chi Sigma, O EMMA LOCKERT ROGERS, South Pittsburg: Lib- eral Arts: Alpha Delta Pi. O STEPHEN LEONARD ROGERS, IR., South Pittsburg: Business Administration: Kappa Sigma: Pledge Master '47-'48: Usher Corps '48: Editor-in-Chief Orange 61 White '48: Managing Editor '48: News Editor '47: Sports Editor '47: Editor-in-Chief The Torch '48: Publicity Director Volunteer '48: UT Publications Council '48: Publicity Chairman Carnicus '48: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, O Seventh Row: LYDA AMANDA RONE, Oakfield: Home Economics: Home Ec Club. O IOHN L. ROSE, Crossville: Liberal Arts: Sigma Chi: Alpha Chi Sigma. I ANDREW BERNARD ROUNTREE, IR., Jackson- ville, Fla.: Business Administration. O MARGARET ANNE ROWE, Telford: Business Administration: Pi Omega Pi: Playhouse '47-'49. O WILLIAM FRANKLIN ROYALL, IR., Knoxville: Engineering: Alpha Chi Sigma '46-'49: AIChE '46-'49: Pres. AIChE '48-'49, O IANE AMELIA RUSH, Spartanburg, S, C.: Education: Zeta Tau Alpha: Orange 6- White: UT Chorus '47: Knoxville Symphony '47, O IOHN E. RUSSELL, Vonore: Engineering: Society for Advancement of Management Treas. O Eighth Row: I. P. RUTLEDGE, IR., Savannah: Agriculture: ASAE: Sec. ASAE. O MERLIN EUGENE SADLER, Athens: Business Administration. O ROBERT HOWARD SANFORD, Henderson: Engineering: ASCE: UT Band. O IAMES RILEY SCANLAN, Chattanooga: Business Administra- tion: Delta Sigma Phi: Pres. '47: Treas, '47: FRB Representative '4B: Delta Sigma Pi. 0 ROBERT GEORGE SCHAEDLE, IR., Memphis: Busi- ness Administration: Delta Tau Delta: FRB Representative '45-'46: As- sistant Treas. '47-'48: Delta Sigma Sigma Pi: Scabbard G Blade: Pershing Rifles: Volunteer Staff '48-'49: Vice-Pres. Pershing Rifles '47-'48: Usher Corps '47-'49: Carnicus Staff '48, I LOUIS EDWARD SCHNEIDER, Knoxville: Liberal Arts: Sigma Delta Pi: "T" Club: Orange :St White '43, '46-'49: Volunteer '48-'49: Track '44, '47-'49: Cross-Country '46-'48: Captain Track '48: ROTC Officer '43, '46-'49: Charles McClung Prize '48: Honor Roll '43, '46-'48: Radio Sketchbook '47-'48, 0 ELIZABETH WINTERS SCHOFIELD, Nashville: Home Economics: Zeta Tau Alpha: Vice-Pres. Pledge Class '47: Corresponding Sec, '48: Home Ec Club '48: "Y" '47-'49: Transfer from Ward-Belmont. O Ninth Row: M. ELEANOR SCHUMACHER, Knoxville: Liberal Arts: ISO: Orange 6- White: Volunteer Staff: Modern Dance Club: Swim- ming Club: Playhouse '45, O DAVID SCHWARTZ, Chattanooga: Busi- ness Administration: Zeta Beta Tau: Reporter, News Editor, Managing Editor, Editor-in-Chief Orange 6. White: Volunteer Staff: Stage Manager Vol Beauty Ball '47: Stage Gt Assistant Manager Carnicus '47: Usher Corps '42: Who's Who in American Colleges G Universities, O FRANK TAYLOR SCOTT, Newbern: Agriculture: Ag Club. O IOHN HARRISON SCOTT, IR., Pikeville: Liberal Arts: Kappa Sigma: Bioloqia, 0 THOMAS B. SCOTT, Altoona, Pa.: Liberal Arts: Cross-Country '48: Track '47-'48, O CAROLYN MOORE SCRUGGS, Clinton: Education: UT Chorus: Trans- fer Hendrix College. 0 IACK H. SCRUGGS, Sweetwater: Business Ad- l"' ll KI I I I X Bu? IT Shi? sa -v: 33' Ga t cp "Pom r-' A 9,3 :Ld 429 BB ,El F l' X Q 2 a Ha QF S ,, 1 N uw A 4 l -www A . ix .1 W . ,rg K, - W 1- V' O First Row: MARVILENE R. SCRUGGS, Memphis: Home Economics: Kappa Delta, O ROBERT LYNN SEEBER, Clinton: Business Administra- tion: Delta Tau Delta: Phi Eta Sigma: Delta Sigma Pi: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities: Assistant Business Manager of Volunteer '45: Associate Business Manager of Torch '45: Pres, of Fra- ternity Relations Board '46: Pres, of Delta Tau Delta '46: Beaver Club: Sec.-Treas, of American Institute of Electrical Engineers '45: Playhouse '45: Aloha Oe: Sec.-Treas. of Fraternity Relations Board '44, O IEAN CAROLYN SELLERS, Dyersburg: Home Economics: Chi Omega Sec.: Orange 6. Vtfhite: Volunteer: Pres, Barbara Blount: Pan-I-lellenic: WSGA: Home Economics Club: Swimming Club: Modern Dance: YWCA: Fresh- man Cabinet. O RONALD VANCE SELLERS, Franklin: Agriculture: Ag Club: Publicity Manager Ag Education Club. O WILLIAM W. SELLERS, Lexington: Agriculture: Ag Club: Horticulture Club, O LILLYAN SHAGAN, Knoxville: Education: Alpha Epsilon Phi Treas. '46, Pres, '47: Pan-Hellenic Board '47, O ALICE RUTH SHARP, Knoxville: Home Eco- nomics: Home Economics Club, O Second Row: IANET D. SHARP, Lafollette: Home Economics: Delta Gamma Recording Sec. '48-'49, O IESSIE L. SHARP, Tazewell: Home Economics: ISO: Home Economics Club, O IOANNE SHARP, Lewisburg: Liberal Arts: Alpha Omicron Pi: Transfer from Stephens College: Vol- unteer Staff '49: Carnicus '48, O WATSON MARLAY SHARP, Knoxville: Business Administration: Sigma Chi, O BITSY SHEETS, Rogersville: Education: Kappa Delta: Orange 6- White '46: YWCA '45, '46, '47, '48: Orientation Leader '46: Usher Corps '48: Sorority Activities Chairman '48: Vice-Pres, oi Barbara Blount Dormitory: Modern Dance Club '45: Playhouse '45: Convocation Committee '47: Aloha Oe Committee '47, O WILLIAM LONNIE SHELBY, Scotts Hill: Agriculture: Ag Club: Ag Education Club: Treas, O IAMES HARVEY SHELTON, Braden: Agricul- ture: Sigma Chi: Agronomy Club, O Third Row: WILLIAM A. SHELTON, IR., Knoxville: Business Admin- istration: Phi Gamma Delta, O BETTY SHERRILL, Knoxville: Education: Phi Mu: Blue Triangle. O VIRGINIA BELLE SI-IOFFNER, Middlesboro, Ky.: Liberal Arts: Alpha Omicron Pi: YWCA. O IOEL L. SHORE, Rives: Education: Alpha Tau Omega, O HOWARD B, SIMMONS, Iohnson City: Agriculture: Pi Kappa Phi: Ag Club: Young Farmers and I-Iomemakers Club: Block ci Bridle Treas. O ROY L. SIMMONS, IR., Henderson: Busi- ness Administration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Scabbard 61 Blade National Honor Society: Assistant Editor of 1949 Volunteer: Editor 1948 ROTC Transportation Corps Annual: Orange 6. White Society Staff '48: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Social Chairman '48-'49: Fraternity Officer '47-'48: UT Band '47-'48: UT Usher Corps '48-'49: Volunteer Beauty Ball Committee '49: YMCA: Fraternity Intramurals: Fraternity Paper Editor '47: Transier from Union Univ. 1947: Footlights Club '47: ROTC Cadet Officer '48-'49: Fraternity Executive Committee '49: All-Sing '49, O MARY ALICE SIMMS, Fayetteville: Liberal Arts: Transfer from Peabody College and Virginia Intermont College. O Fourth Row: MARY FRANCES SIMPSON, Norris: Business Admin- istration: Alpha Delta Pi: Alpha Club: Orange 5, White Staff: Feature Editor '48: ROTC Sponsor: Sorority Softball Captain: Sorority Volleyball: Sorority Carnicus Chairman: UT Beauty '48: Transfer from Virginia lntermont. O THOMAS GENE SINOR, Cleveland: Law: Sigma Nu: Orange 5 White: Debate Club Manager: Radio Workshop: Phi Alpha Delta: Tau Kappa Alpha. O BETH SIPHERS, East Stone Gap, Va.: Busi- ness Administration: Delta Zeta: Pi Omega Pi: Orientation Leader '48: Treas. of Delta Zeta Pledge Class: Transfer from Mary Washington Col- lege '46: Alpha Phi Sigma: Radford College '47: Alpha Sigma Alpha, O GLEN L, SKELTON, Hohenwald: Agriculture. O ELIZABETH E. SLEDGE, Memphis: Education: Sigma Kappa Pres, '48: Treas, '47: Ac- tivities Chairman '49: Pi Lambda Theta Pres, '49: Alpha Lambda Delta Vice-Pres. '48: Mortar Board Treas. '49: Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities: Carnicus Committee '48: Canterbury Club Sec, '49: YWCA '49: Intramurals: WSGA Council Acting Sec. '48: Recreation Club: Playhouse: VV'omen's Student Auxiliary. O NORMAN ALBERT SLOAN, Gates: Business Administration, O NEALE SLOVER, Knoxville: Liberal Arts: Alpha Delta Pi: Biologia Club: Orange ci White Staff: Intramurals: Sec, Freshman Class '46: Canterbury Club: Swim Club: YWCA Committee: Blue Triangle: Alpha Oe Committee '48: Sorority Treas. O Fifth Row: MARILYN SLOVIS, Knoxville: Liberal Arts: Alpha Epsilon Phi: All Students Party Representative: Church Workers Council. O DOUGLAS SMITH, IR., Memphis: Engineering: Delta Tau Delta: Omi- FRANK S. CHANCE Director, Agriculture Experiment Station cron Delta Kappa: Pres. of Delta Tau Delta '48: Pres, of ODK '49: Usher Corps '43, '48, '49: ASME: Vice-Pres. Freshman "Y" Cabinet: Canter- bury Club: Circle :St Torch '47. O IOHN LEE SMITH, Nashville: Busi- ness Administration: Transfer from University of Wis, O PHYLLIS IEAN SMITH, Nashville: Liberal Arts: Delta Zeta: Swimming Club: Recreation Club: George Peabody College for Teachers '47, O SHIRLEY LU SMITH. Knoxville: Education: Alpha Omicron Pi. O STANTON F. SMITHSON, Bradyville: Agriculture: Ag Club: Dairy Club: Pres, Dairy Club '49: Treas, Dairy Club '48, O CLYDE GLEASON SOLOMON, Mohawk: Agri- culture: Ag Education Club. O Sixth Row: LOUIS HERMAN SOMMERS, IR., Memphis: Engineering: Newman Club: AIEE: IRE. O HARVEY G. SOULE, Union City: Educa- tion: UT Playhouse '47-'49: Radio Workshop '48: Newman Club '46-'49, O AVRON SPIRO, IR., Memphis: Business Administration: Iournalism Club. O IAMES HERBERT STEDMAN, Knoxville: Engineering: AIEE. O IACK ELLIS STERLING, Fountain City: Engineering, O PAUL BER- NARR STORY, Bristol: Business Administration: Delta Sigma Pi: Student- Faculty Council. O CAROLYN STOVALL, Rives: Home Economics: Zeta Tau Alpha: Danforth Fellowship Award '47: Intramurals: Glee Club '47: vlgvlxovrreex Ec Club '47-'48: Young Farmers and Homemakers Club '47-'48: '48, O Seventh Row: HAROLD CECIL STREIBICH, Yazoo City, Miss.: Liberal Arts: Kappa Sigma: Sports Editor Orange 6. White '44-'45: Sports Editor Volunteer '45: Carnicus Staff '45: Track Team '45: UT Chorus '45: Play- house '45: German Club '47-'48: Debate Club '48: Intramural Council '44-'45: Inter-faith Council '47-'48: Pres. Newman Club, O IOSEPI-I WYLIE STRONG, IR., Atoka: Agriculture: Alpha Zeta: Omicron Delta Kappa: ISO: Agriculture Representative '46: Treas, '47: Ag Club: Barn- warmin' Staff '46-'47: Manager '48: Round-Up Statf '47-'48: Ag Educa- tion Club '48: ASC Agriculture Representative '48: Representative at Large '47: Intramurals: Basketball Free Throw Champ '47: Varsity Base- ball '47: Sears-Roebuck Freshman Scholarship. O IEANNE STURDI- VANT, Burlison: Home Economics: Zeta Tau Alpha: Home Ec Club: YWCA: Rush Chairman Zeta Tau Alpha, O GERALD A. SUDDOTH, Mem- phis: Engineering: Sigma Chi. O WILLIE ANNA SWAFFORD, Spring City: Home Economics: Omicron Nu: Phi Kappa Phi: Home Ec Club: Young Farmers and Homemakers Club: Methodist Student Organization. O BARBARA SWAN, Martel: Home Economics: Sigma Kappa: Pres. '48: Rush Chairman '48: Delegate to Sigma Kappa Convention: Orange 6- White '47: YWCA: Alternate to Lewisohn Scholarship '48: Honor Roll '45-'48: Home Ec Council Representative '48: ROTC Sponsor '48: Beauty Ball '47, O THOMAS BELL SWIFT, Nashville: Business Administration: Lambda Chi Alpha: Delta Sigma Pi: Treas. '47: Vice-Pres, '48: Scabbard G Blade: YVQSIGY Foundation Council '47, O Eighth Row: IAMES BOYD SWING, Petersburg: Engineering: ASCE. O BILL SWITZER, Knoxville: Business Administration: Phi Gamma Delta: Orange 6. White '43: Society for Advancement of Management: Beaver Club. O MARY OUIDA TALIAFERRO, Oak Ridge: Liberal Arts: Zeta Tau Alpha: Pres, '48: Pan-Hellenic Delegate: Modern Dance Club. O K. EUGENE TALLENT, Madisonville: Business Administration: Sigma Phi Epsilon, O BARBARA IO TALLEY, Knoxville: Home Economics, O IUANITA IMOGENE TAYLOR, Knoxville: Education. O LOUIS ED- WARD TAYLOR, Knoxville: Liberal Arts: Pi Kappa Alpha: American Chemical Society Student Award, O Ninth Row: ROY LEE TAYLOR, Knoxville: Engineering: ISO AIEE. O WILLIAM CHARLES TAYLOR, Knoxville: Business Administration: Sigma Chi. O FRITTS W. THOMAS, Athens: Engineering: Alpha Chi Sigma: AIChE, O ANN TOLLEY TIPPS, Lynchburg: Education: Delta Zeta: Intramurals '47: Treas, Delta Zeta '45: Publicity Chairman '45: YWCA '45, O WILLIAM EMERT TIPTON, Townsend: Business Adminis- tration. O IOE S. TOBIAS, Memphis: Business Administration: Pi Kappa IPIhi. O CARL ROSS TODD, Dyer: Engineering: Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa u. ff'-tv ix :l :IM l X: Summit: -gf C I ' ugurm S s 1 '- -SENIUHS Lt NDA- YES JOHN 't , MAH Asn YOUR QUISTIUN vss JOHN " WILL YOU-" YES 7-W PLEDGE , Qlwll mn. 1. v--. ..., 0 First Row: LILLIE IUNE TOLLEY, Lynchburg: Liberal Arts: Manager ISO Girls Intramurals '46: Recreation Club '46: Intramurals '45-'48: ISO Council Member '46-'48: International Club '46-'47: Knoxville Symphony Orchestra Usher Corps '47-'48: Beaver Club '47: UT Playhouse '48: Sec. Methodist Youth Fellowship '47, O IERRY B. TOWNSEND, Dyersburg: Business Administration: Lambda Chi Alpha. O MARY ANN TRUSS, Richmond Heights, Mo.: Business Administration: Alpha Omicron Pi: Vice-Pres. '48: Outstanding Sophomore Award '46: Philanthropic Chair- man '47: Pi Omega Pi Pres. '4B: Guidon Society '48: ROTC Sponsor '48: Orange G White Business Staff '45: Convocation Publicity Chairman '47: Swimming Club '45: Intramurals '45-'46: UT Beauty '48: Pres. Polly Mc- Clung '48: Pres. House Senate '48: WSGA Council '48: "Y" Freshman Council: "Y" Sophomore Council: "Y" Senior Cabinet '47-'48: UT Play- house '45-'46: UT All-Sing '45-'47: Carnicus '45-'47: UT Usher Corps '47: Inter-Church Council '48: Alpha Tau Omega Orchid Girl '47: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. O MARY ELLEN TUBB, Sparta: Liberal Arts: Alpha Lambda Delta Vice-Pres, '45, O THOMAS MCMAHON TUCKER, Knoxville: Engineering: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. O I. C. TURNER, Knoxville: Engineering: AIEE. O BARBARA L. TUTTLE, Morristown: Business Administration: Chi Omega: Sec. Pledge Class '45: Personnel Chairman '48: Pi Omega Pi: Vice-Pres. YWCA: Orange :St White Office Manager: Business Manager: Intramural Chair- man Chi Omega '47: Queen of Clubs '45: Sweetheart of Sigma Chi '45: Pres. of Freshman YWCA '45: All-Sing '45-'47: Carnicus '45-'47: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. O Second Row: FRANK EMELIO VACCARO, Memphis: Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu: Petitioner Tau Beta Pi, O CLAUDE SAMUEL VANCE, IR., Bristol: Engineering: Lambda Chi Alpha: AIChE '47-'49: Wesley Founda- tion Pres. 47-'48. O ROBERT WILLIAM VAUGHAN, Knoxville: Business Administration: Sigma Chi: Beaver Club '47-'48: French Club '45: UT Church Workers Council '47-'4B. O BILLIE WALDROP, Fountain City: Education: Sigma Kappa: Pi Lambda Theta: Sigma Delta Pi: Spanish Club: Athletic Association '45 at Univ. of Va.: Alpha Phi Sigma '45 at Univ. of Va.: Spanish Club '46 at Furman Univ, O CONNIE ANNE WALL, Troy: Education: Sigma Kappa: Transfer from Memphis State College. O CAMPBELL WALLACE, IR., Knoxville: Engineering: Phi Gamma Delta. O IEROME HOWARD WALKER, Memphis: Law: Zeta Beta Tau: Pres. '47: Omicron Delta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Assistant Editor Torch '44: Pres. Hillel '46: Church Workers Council '47. O Third Row: MARION D. WALLING, Knoxville: Home Economics: Delta Delta Delta: Scholarship Ring '46: Mortar Board: Mortar Board Award for Outstanding Freshman: Omicron Nu: Pi Lambda Theta: Alpha Lambda Delta: WSGA Council: "Y" Cabinet: Editor "Torch": Greek Editor Volunteer '46: Personalities Editor Volunteer '47: Departmental Editor Orange :S White '46: News Editor '46: Managing Editor '47: Runner-up Badminton '47: Home Ec Club Sophomore Class Representa- tive: Merrill-Palmer Scholarship: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. O FRED C. WALPOLE, Atwood: Engineering, O ELIZA- BETH ANN WARD, Bulls Gap: Business Administration: Sigma Kappa: Pi Omega Pi: Recreation Club '47-'48: YWCA '47-'48, O BETTYE SUE WARREN, Rives: Home Economics: Home Ec Club. O KARL I-I, WAR- REN, Martin: Business Administration: Kappa Sigma. O IOSEPH WASHAM, Lexington: Business Administration: Delta Tau Delta: Corre- sponding Sec. '47-'48: Rush Chairman '48: Social Chairman '46-'48: Po- litical Representative '47-'48: Publicity Chairman '47: Delta Sigma Pi: Scabbard G Blade: Omicron Delta Kappa: Usher Corps '48: Student Governing Board '4S: ASC '48: Orange 61 White Staff '47: Chairman Prizes Committee Carnicus '48: Pres, Senior Class '48-'49: Treas. ASP '48: Publicity Chairman Omicron Delta Kappa Tag Sales '48: USSF Com- mittee '47. O ROYAL DEE WATTS, IR., Chipley, Fla.: Engineering: Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Chi Sigma: AIChE, O Fourth Row: IACK WEATHERPORD, Columbia: Business Administra- tion: Lambda Chi Alpha. 0 DAVID MITCHELL WEATHERLY, Nashville: and Pres. Business Administration: Delta Tau Delta: Vice-Pres., Sec. Pledge Class: Omicron Delta Kappa: Orange 6. White: Pres. FRE: Jour- nalism Club: UT Radio Workshop: UT Playhouse: Student Governing Council: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. ERINE ANN WEAVER, Knoxville: Home Economics: Phi Mu: O CATH- Home EC Club '49-'49: Canterbury Club '46-'49, O IACK R, WEBSTER, Memphis: Business Administration: Phi Sigma Kappa: Delta Sigma Pi. O WILLIAM BRUCE WEBSTER, Waxahachie, Texas: Business Administration. O HELEN INEZ WEISNER, Knoxville: Home Economics: Alpha Delta Pi: Blue Triangle '45-'46: Home Ec Club '47-'48: Modern Dance Club '45- '48. O DABNEY SCALES WELLFORD, Cordova: Agriculture: Alpha Tau Omega: Historian '46-'48: Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Zeta: Vice-Pres. '47: Pres. '48: Scarabbean: Ag Club: Agronomy Club: Editor Tennessee IOHN H. MCLEOD Vice-Dean, College of Agriculture 15 .E 'ERN a M3555 Eff Farmer '47: Pres. Sophomore Class '47: Winner Madden Livestock Iudging Contest '47: UDC Scholarship. O Fifth Row: IACK K. WESTBROOK, Linden: Business Administration: Phi Eta Sigma '46-'49: Sec. '47-'48: Iournalism Club '47-'49: Volunteer Staff '48-'49: Organization Editor Volunteer '48-'49: Radio Editor Orange 6. White '48-'49: Radio Workshop '47-'49: Pres. '47-'49: Omicron Delta Kappa '48: Beta Gamma Sigma '48: Phi Kappa Phi '48. O DONALD WAYNE WHITE, Bristol: Business Administration: Pi Omega Pi: Honor Roll '46-'48: Beaver Club '47, O DORIS WHITE, Fountain City: Liberal Arts: Phi Mu: Registrar '47: Pres. '48: Volunteer Staff '45: Beaver Club '46-'47: Freshman "Y" Cabinet '45: Blue Triangle '46-'47: Blue Triangle Cabinet '48: Vice-Pres. Pledge Class '45: Spanish Club '45-'46: Swim- ming Club '47: Aloha Oe Committee '45: All-Sing Committee '46-'47: Carnicus Committee '47: Homecoming Committee '48: Pan-Hellenic Council '46-'48, O LESTER FORREST WHITE, Memphis: Engineering: Delta Tau Delta: ASME. O MARTHA ELIZABETH WHITE, Union City: Home Economics: Delta Gamma: Home Ec Club, O ROBERT STANLEY WHITE, Memphis: Engineering Phi Gamma Delta: Alpha Chi Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Scarabbean: Intramurals '46-'49: Presbyterian University Fellowship Group Officer. O IACK AUBREY WHITESIDE, Old Hickory: Business Administration: Phi Sigma Kappa Pres. '47: Vice-Pres. '48: Alpha Psi Omega '47-'49: Pres, '48-'49: SAM '48: Omicron Delta Kappa '48-'49: UT Playhouse '46-'49: Lighting Manager '46: Publicity Chairman '47: Sec, '47: Carnicus Stage Staff '47: Aloha Oe Grounds Committee '48: Homecoming Correspondent '48: YMCA: Campus Chest Committee '47: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. O Sixth Row: FRANK GRANT WHITNEY, IR., Knoxville: Engineering: AIEE. O HOWARD ALLEN WI-IITSITT, Memphis: Engineering: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Phi Eta Sigma: Treas. and Vice-Pres. Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi. O BURTON ANDREWS WILDER, Memphis: Engineering: AIEE: Tau Beta Pi. O ANN ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, Henderson: Home Eco- nomics: Chi Omega: Home Ec Club: YWCA: Blue Triangle: Carnicus '47-'48: Transfer from Union Univ, '46. 0 IAMES BAIR WILLIAMS, Gadsden: Business Administration: Lambda Chi Alpha: Orange :S White '48: Advertising Staff Volunteer '49: Transfer UT lr. College. O MAR- THA ANN WILLIAMS, Knoxville: Liberal Arts: Delta Zeta: Treas. '48, O OSCAR LEWIS WILLIAMS, IR., Sevierville: Business Administration. O Seventh Row: NAN ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON, Knoxville: Education: Alpha Delta Pi: Best Pledge '45: Social Chairman '4B: Reporter '47: Publications '46: Rush Chairman '47: Orange 61 White '45-'47: Volunteer Staff '48: Secretary to Editor Volunteer '48: Torch Staff '46: Treas. Freshman Council '45: UT Playhouse: Blue Triangle: Beauty Ball Com- mittee '48: "Y" Cabinet '48: Sec. UT Playhouse '48-49. O CAROLYN IMOONERI WILSON, Loudon: Business Administration: Alpha Omicron Pi: YWCA '47-'49: Swimming Club '47: Volunteer Staff '48-'49: Transfer Gulf Park College. O LOUIS ALONZO WILSON, IR., Charlotte: Business Administration: Charter Member Society for Advancement of Manage- Omicron ment. O MARTHA WILSON, Nashville: Liberal Arts: Alpha Pi: Transfer from Ward-Belmont: WSGA: Spanish Club: Rose of Pi Kappa Phi. O ROLLIN VIRGINIUS WILSON, Memphis: Business Admin- istration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Beaver Club: Pres. '47-'48: Society for Advancement of Management. O FRANK GORDON WINGFIELD, IR., Memphis: Business Administration: Phi Gamma Delta, O DARWIN WASSON WOMACK, Spring City: Education. O Eighth Row: IEAN WOOD, Murfreesboro: Liberal Arts: Chi Omega: "Y" '47-'48: Intramurals '47: Blue Triangle '47-'4B: Spanish Club '47: All-Sing '48: Carnicus '48: Modern Dance '47, O WILLIAM LEWIS WOOD, Memphis: Engineering: Kappa Sigma: AIEE. O G. U. WOOD- WARD, Erwin: Business Administration, I IERRY WORSHAM, Knox- ville: Liberal Arts: Alpha Omicron Pi. I WILLIAM PARKER WRIGHT, Memphis: Business Administration: Phi Gamma Delta. O IACK H. YEAZEL, Knoxville: Engineering: Pi Kappa Alpha: IRE. O DOROTHY YOUNG, Clinton: Home Economics: Home Ec Club: Transfer Stephens College. O Ninth Row: ROBBIE VIRGINIA YOUNG, Washington, D. C.: Business Administration: Sigma Kappa: Softball Captain '45: Captain Women's Rifle Team '45, O IOE S, ZOLLER, Knoxville: Engineering. SENIUHS . ff -ro ff CAMPUS C HEST A- M L ctmvvs My .T , 6 is :Q 'N fy' f YOUR CHEST X JUNIUHS THE FRANCES I. ADAMS Humboldt Tennessee SAM H. ANDERSON Kingsport Tennessee MARY L. BAKER Sparta Tennessee IAMES C. BELLAMY Clarksville Tennessee KENNETH R. BLOOMER Kingsport Tennessee IAMES R. BRAY Memphis Tennessee ROBERT N. BROCK Chicago Illinois MARY E. BUCHANAN Knoxville Tennessee BETTY L. CAMPBELL Bristol Tennessee CHARLES A. CARSON Chattanooga Tennessee BETTYE I. COLEMAN Meridian Mississippi IOE R. CRAFTON Stanton Tennessee WIN BURN C. CURRIE Iackson Tennessee JAMES E. ADDISON Oak Ridge Tennessee DAN C. ARMSTRONG Knoxville Tennessee ROBERT M. BAKER Yorkville Tennessee ROBERT M. BENNETT Spring Lake Michigan E. B. BOHANNON Athens Tennessee IANE BREEDEN Iohnson City Tennessee HERBERT T. BROOKS San Marino California SALLY A. BURCH Arlington Virginia IOSEPH W. CAMPBELL Bristol Tennessee WILLIAM H. CASSADAY Memphis Tennessee EDWARD S. COLLINS Memphis Tennessee THOMAS M. CRANFORD Laurel Mississippi IOHN CURTIS Chattanooga Tennessee JAMES F. ALDERSON Columbia Tennessee E. A. ARMSTRONG Lewisburq Tennessee GEORGE G. BARE Nashville Tennessee HARRIET I. BIBB Knoxville Tennessee CHESLEY L. BOWDEN Ripley Tennessee BETSY I. BRIDGE Knoxville Tennessee ROBERT P. BROWER Elizabethton Tennessee EDN A E. BURKHART Knoxville Tennessee MAXINE CAMPBELL Tazewell Tennessee TED M. CHUMLEY New York New York FRANCIS CONN Memphis Tennessee MABEL D. CREN SHAW Clinton Tennessee H. A. CUTSHAW Sevierville Tennessee HOWARD W. ALEXANDER Limestone Tennessee REECE L. ARMSTRONG Englewood Tennessee BETTY A. BASS Gibson Tennessee IAMES M. BIBEE Laurel Mississippi MARY A. BOWDEN Knoxville Tennessee E. GERTRUDE BRIDGES Church Hill Tennessee BETTY N. BROWN Bolivar Tennessee RICHARD BURNETTE Memphis Tennessee WILLIS H. CAMPBELL Columbia Tennessee NEILL CLARK Indianola Mississippi WALTER B. COOK Memphis Tennessee MAXINE H. CROSWELL Memphis Tennessee ROBERT DALY Kingsport Tennessee IEANNE A. ALEXANDER Atlanta Georgia BETSY ANN AYTES Fayetteville Tennessee IO EVELYN BAWCUM Camden Tennessee TOM L. BING Madison Tennessee DELMER A. BOYCE Springboro Tennessee REBA H. BRIGGS Erwin Tennessee HENRIETTA BROWN Nashville Tennessee ARTHUR C. BURRIS Nashville Tennessee MAHLON E. CANTRELL Nashville Tennessee IAMES L. CLARKE Ashburn Virginia HOWARD W. COOPER Arlington Tennessee IACK Q. CRUM Pensacola Florida VICTOR DANNREUTHER Knoxville Tennessee PEGGY A. ALEXANDER Iackson Mississippi CHARLES W. AYTES Maryville Tennessee IOHN W. BEESON Philadelphia Mississippi LOUIS W. BLACKLEY I-Iornbeak Tennessee IRA E. BRADFIELD LaGrange Georgia HAYNES BRINKLEY Pulaski Tennessee IOHN B. BROWN Knoxville Tennessee NANCY R. BUTLER Tampa Florida LAURA L. CAPPS Knoxville Tennessee MARGARET L. CLEM Athens Alabama WILLIAM A. COVINGTON Magnolia Mississippi CHARLES L. CUMMINGS Hartsville Tennessee CAROLYN L. DAVIS Martin Tennessee KENNETH C. ALLEN Heiskell Tennessee HUGH L. BABB Chuckey Tennessee PAUL BELEW Summertown Tennessee DONALD F. BLAIR Elizabethton Tennessee ROBERT D. BRADLEY Knoxville Tennessee PEGGY BRISCOE Knoxville Tennessee BETTY A. BRUMBY Cedar Town Georgia STEVE CAKMES Knoxville Tennessee RAYMOND A. CARPENTER Knoxville Tennessee PAUL M. COATS Kingsport Tennessee WILLIAM C. COWAN Memphis Tennessee TOM CUMMINGS Knoxville Tennessee PHILIP N. DAVIS Asheville North Carolina IOHN E. ANDERSON Iohnson City Tennessee DAVE F. BAKER Knoxville Tennessee ANITA BELL Knoxville Tennessee WILLIAM I, BLATCHLEY New Haven Connecticut WILLIAM O. BRAKEBILL Madisonville Tennessee WILLIAM B. BRITTON Greeneville Tennessee IULIAN E. BRYANT Savannah Tennessee CLIFFORD D. CALDWELL Tennessee Blountville MAX B. CARRINGTON Huntingdon Tennessee SHEILA R. COCHRAN Alcoa Tennessee IOHN R. COX Knoxville Tennessee ROBERT G. CUNNINGHAM Fountain City Tennessee CURTIS W. DEAN Knoxville Tennessee JUNIUHS THE TERRY DEAN Chattanooga Tennessee AGNES M. DOUGHERTY Knoxville Tennessee ALLEN S. EDMONSON Martin Tennessee IAMES EVANS Oak Ridge Tennessee WILLIAM H. FERGUSON Cleveland Virginia MARY ANN GARLAND Sewanee Tennessee IOHN GUTH Memphis Tennessee LAURA M. HAMBAUGH Tellico Plains Tennessee BETTY IO HARRISON Madison Tennessee DELOIS F. HICKS Madisonville Tennessee BETTY R. HOPPER I ackson Tennessee MARILYN L. HURST Corryton Tennessee BETTY L. IOHNSON Iamestown Tennessee AMY DeBUSK Greeneville Tennessee CARL G. DOWNEY Clifton Forge Virginia CECIL B. EGARTON Knoxville Tennessee IACK FAIN Milan Tennessee ANGELINE FISHER Martin Tennessee MARY E. GARMANY Chattanooga Tennessee ROBERT I. GUTHRIE Chattanooga Tennessee IOAN H. HAMPTON Chattanooga Tennessee NICK HARRIS-ON Bristol Tennessee HELEN M. HIER Knoxville Tennessee MARVIN HORNER Morristown Tennessee VIRGIL H. HUSTON Knoxville Tennessee DALE A. IOHNSON Elizabethton Tennessee ROBERT H. DEMPS'I'ER Knoxville Tennessee LESTER P. DOWNS Maryville Tennessee BECKY L. ELDRIDGE Trenton Tennessee IOHN S. FANDRICH, IR, Belvidere Tennessee SAM FOWLER Knoxville Tennessee FRED T. GILLIAM Sparta Tennessee LOURY T. HACKWORTH Florence Alabama EDNA HANNAFORD Knoxville Tennessee FRED R. HARVEY Plainfield Vermont CHARLES W. HILL Adams Tennessee MARY A. HOUSE Knoxville Tennessee HOYLE HYBERGER Cleveland Tennessee IOSEPH L. IOHNSON Kingsport Tennessee ELMER E. DeVAULT High Point North Carolina WARREN P. DUGGAN Knoxville Tennessee CAROLYN ELKINS Atlanta Georgia IOHN H. FARGASON Arlington Tennessee EDWARD I. FRECH Patterson New I ersey FLORENCE GLADISH Lawrenceburq Tennessee WILLIAM M. HAGEY Columbia Tennessee ROY T. HARDEN Kingsport Tennessee DARWYNE HATFIELD Pulaski Tennessee LIVY D. HILL McMinnville Tennessee RUTH E. HUDDLESTON Maryville Tennessee I OY N. IRWIN Concord Tennessee R. B. IOHNSON Gates Tennessee GRACE E. DIETZEL Union City Tennessee MARY E. DUKE Elizabethton Tennessee IAMES A. ELLIS Knoxville Tennessee HENRY S. FARMER. IR. Clarksville Tennessee IAY F. FREED Knoxville Tennessee MARTHELLA GORDON Commerce Georgia IAN IS G. HALE I onesboro Tennessee EDWARD I. HARGIS Cleveland Tennessee EDGAR L. HAUN, IR. Cleveland Tennessee FRANK D. HINTON Southside Tennessee TOM HUFFSTETLER Grants New Mexico BRUCE I. IVY Berlin Germany REBECCA L. IOHNSON Memphis Tennessee ALICE E. DILLOW Ionesboro Tennessee FRANK P. DUNLAP Wadesboro North Carolina MARY A. ELLIS Knoxville Tennessee MARY A. FELTS McKenzie Tennessee I OHN A. FREN-CH Whitehaven Tennessee RICHARD E. GRAVES. IR. Memphis Tennessee BILL HALE Morristown Tennessee NETTIE I. HARPER Lafayette Tennessee EDWARD W. HAVENS Memphis Tennessee ANNIE HOBB Dyersburg Tennessee CLARENCE H. HUGHES Greenville Tennessee IULIAN E. IAKES Chattanooga Tennessee HAL ION'ES Palatka Florida DAVID M. DODSON Alamo Tennessee ELDON R. DYKES Kingsport Tennessee WELTON F. ELZEY. IR. Robbinsville North Carolina IOE L. FERGUS. IR. Chattanooga Tennessee SARAH FROST Shelbyville Tennessee NOBLE L. GRESHAM Clarksville Tennessee GEORGE HALL Cleveland Tennessee CHARLES HARR Knoxville Tennessee HELEN HAWTHORNE Church Hill Tennessee ERWIN HOLLINGSWORTH Iahnson City Tennessee BOBBYE I. HUMPHREYS Paris Tennessee BARBARA R. IEFFREYS Knoxville Tennessee LEWIS A. IONES Memphis Tennessee WILLIAM H. DONALDSON Bristol Tennessee ROBY H. EASTRIDGE Mountain City Tennessee LENA S. EVANS Powell Station Tennessee BART F. FERGUSON Knoxville Tennessee MARY H. FULTON Knoxville Tennessee ALEX C. GRUBB Corryton Tennessee WAYNE L. HALL, IR. Camden Tennessee MARY M. HARRIS Knoxville Tennessee GLADYS C. HEGGIE Chattanooga Tennessee IEAN S. HOOPER Puryear Tennessee DORIS I. HURST Chattanooga Tennessee ALICE IENKINS Bells Tennessee POLLY KEELE Manchester Tennessee JUNIURS THE KYLE R. KEESECKER Erwin Tennessee R. GRADY KIMSEY Knoxville Tennessee RALPH M. LARUE Greeneville Tennessee HAROLD W. LUCAS Memphis Tennessee IOSEPH B. MARTIN Blacksburg South Carolina HARRY G. MERRILL Knoxville Tennessee GENE P. MORRELL Greeneville Tennessee ROBERT L. MUSTO Nashville Tennessee IDA IANE McCULLOUGH Camden Tennessee BENIAMIN W. NELSON Ionesboro Tennessee MIKE I. ODLE Sugar Tree Tennessee RAY S. PEEBLES Paris Tennessee MILDRED A. PRICHARD Alcoa Tennessee ROBERT R. KELLER I ohnson City Tennessee DOROTHY L. KNEPP Martin Tennessee R. K. LEDBETTER Kingsport Tennessee ALICE L. LYLE Washington District of Columbia WILLIAM R. MASSENGILL Russellville Tennessee RUDOLPH I. MICHELLER Knoxville Tennessee THAD MORRIS Memphis Tennessee ANNA R. MYERS Tracy City Tennessee MARY McCULLOUGH Norris Tennessee THOMAS H. NELSON, IR. Humbolt Tennessee BILL I. OLIPHANT Memphis Tennessee BETTY PIERCE Evarts Kentucky DICKEY W. PUCKETT Milan Tennessee LAURA L. KELLY Knoxville Tennessee RICHARD D. KOLTER Rockford Tennessee HUDSON LEE Lookout Mountain Tennessee DUNCAN C. LYLE Copperhill Tennessee LYNN D. MATHES Biloxi Mississippi LAWRENCE H. MIDDLECOFF Somerville Tennessee RILEY MOSELEY Springfield Tennessee WILLIAM L. MCBEE, IR. Knoxville Tennessee CECIL R. MCLAUGHLIN. Memphis Tennessee IAMES A. NICHOLS Asheville North Carolina WYNN PARKEY Knoxville Tennessee BILLIE I. PILLOW Memphis Tennessee HIXSON PUGH Madison Tennessee DAVID B. KENDALL Troy Tennessee MARTIN C. KORIK Philadelphia Pennsylvania IAMES C. LINER Athens Tennessee NANCY E. LYLE Rogersville Tennessee IOE S. MAYBERRY Sparta Tennessee RODERICK W. MILLER Arden North Carolina ELIZABETH A MOTLEY Memphis Tennessee VIRGINIA R. McCAMPBELL Knoxville Tennessee ALICE A. McNEILL N, Little Rock Arkansas GILBERT L. N OLAND Franklin Tennessee NATHAN L. PARSONS Asheville North Carolina ROBERT D. PORTER Rome Georgia BRUCE L. RANKIN Athens Tennessee FRED L. KEY Riceville Tennessee MARY K. LACK Knoxville Tennessee HAROLD L. LOMAK Guilford College North Carolina M. BLAKE MACK Knoxville Tennessee ROBERT W. MEADOWS Knoxville Tennessee ANN E. MITCHELL Bolivar Tennessee IOSEPHINE MOTLOW Lynchburg Tennessee NANCY MCCLANAHAN Columbus Mississippi ED MCQUEEN Loudon Tennessee HAROLD R. NULL Memphis Tennessee ALISON PATTON Brownsville Tennessee IOHN D. POWELL Jonesboro Tennessee AUSTIN M. READ Brownsville Tennessee W. C. KEYT Smithville Tennessee FRED G. LAINE Lebanon Tennessee IIMMIE L. LONG Maryville Tennessee WIU-A M. MARION Greeneville Tennessee RICHARD S. MEDDING Knoxville Tennessee NANCY I. MITCHELL Bolivar Tennessee ARTHUR G. MURPHY Alcoa Tennessee PEGGY L. MCCLELLAN Bristol Tennessee ALICE MCREYNOLDS Selmer Tennessee WALTER ELBERT NUNN. IR. Glasgow Kentucky WALTON L. PEACE Linden Tennessee IOSEPH H. POWELL Etowah Tennessee EUGENE P. REAMS Richmond Virginia CAROLYN A. KILBOURNE Norris Tennessee COY R. LANDER Clarksville Tennessee LEON F. LONG Bristol Tennessee MARY MARKS Clarksville Tennessee ROBERT A. MEEK West Palm Beach Florida WALTER R. MOORE Knoxville Tennessee IACK M. MURRAY Knoxville Tennessee WALLACE MCCLURE Knoxville Tennessee GEORGE R. MCVAY. IR. Evanston Illinois BILL OAKES Knoxville Tennessee ERNEST A. PEACOCK. IR. Tiptonville Tennessee VIRGINIA A. POWELL Watertown Tennessee ROBERT F. REEVES Oak Ridge Tennessee MARY I. KIMBROUGH Washington Dist. ol Columbia PERRY W. LANE Grand Iunctlon Tennessee IAMES C. LOWERY. IR. Knoxville Tennessee IAMES E. MAR'l'IN Lexington Tennessee IOE H. MEEKS Iackson Tennessee WILLIAM F. MOORE Memphis Tennessee MARY P. MURRAY Newport Tennessee HELEN E. McCOY Knoxville Tennessee IAMES NELIVIS Surgoinsville Tennessee BETTY OBENOUR Knoxville Tennessee WILLIAM L. PEDRETTY Memphis Tennessee LLOYD C. PRICHARD. IR. Alcoa Tennessee PATTY REGAN Fountain City Tennessee JUNIURS THE ROBERT RINEARSON Knoxville Tennessee VINCENT I. RYAN Newark New Iersey GLADYS A. SHAW Shelbyville Tennessee SARA SLIGER Knoxville Tennessee RANEL B. SPENCE Camden Tennessee CHARLES W. TARWATER Knoxville Tennessee NANCY TINDELL Chattanooga Tennessee IACK WALDRIP Cookeville Tennessee IOHN F. WATKINS Beekley West Virginia VIVIAN M. WILLIAMS Knoxville Tennessee RICHARD WYKOFF Clearwater Florida ELIZABETH RINEY Knoxville Tennessee GORDON SAMS Knoxville Tennessee LEROY SHERRILL Philadelphia Tennessee IAMES L. SMIDDY Williamsburg Kentucky CALVIN E. STEED Oak Ridge Tennessee BEMIS C. TATEM Elizahethton Tennessee IOE E. TITTLE Knoxville Tennessee DOROTHY A. WALLACE Knoxville Tennessee DONALD R. WEBSTER Knoxville Tennessee TOMMY B. WILLIS Brownsville Tennessee IOE B. YANCEY Knoxville Tennessee DAVID B. ROBINSON Lebanon Tennessee THOMAS A. SAVAGE Springfield Tennessee PAUL K. SHIRLEY Knoxville Tennessee CAROLYN SMITH Halls Tennessee DONALD L. STEELMAN Halls Tennessee MARY K. TAYLOR Morristown Tennessee WILLIAM O. TOME Philadelphia Tennessee MARY M. WALLACE Knoxville Tennessee EDITH WHEELER Cherokee North Carolina LEWIS H. WILLS Mountain City Tennessee CHARLES R. YOUNG Iackson Tennessee WILLIAM R. ROCHELLE Nashville Tennessee KATHLEEN F. SCOTT Bristol Tennessee BEVERLY I. SHIVERS Memphis Tennessee IEAN A. SMITH Iacksboro Tennessee GILBERT T. STEIN Chattanooga Tennessee WILMA TEDDER Rockwood Tennessee HILTON TUNNELL Memphis Tennessee RALPH T. WALLACE Knoxville Tennessee ED NEIL WHITE Martin Tennessee MARIORIE K. WILSON N orthiield New Jersey GORDON N. ZANE Gatlinburg Tennessee EDRIS C. RONEY Union City Tennessee ALAN E. SEELAND Elizabeth New Iersey BARBARA C. SHREVE Knoxville Tennessee MARIANN E SMITH Columbia Tennessee CHARLES W. STEWART Dyer Tennessee BETTY A. TESTER Knoxville Tennessee IAMES F. UTLEY Benton Arkansas GEORGE E. WANAMAKER Katowice Poland MARY I. WILEY Chattanooga Tennessee LENNIS I. WlNCHES'I'ER Knoxville Tennessee ARNOLD W. ZOPFI Memphis Tennessee HERBERT M. ROTH Nashville Tennessee ARTHUR D. SHACKELFORD Knoxville Tennessee GLORIA A. SHREVE Knoxville Tennessee MARION S. SMITH, III Chattanooga Tennessee GAITHER I. STEWART Asheville North Carolina DAN H. TESTERMAN Knoxville Tennessee WILLIAM M. VAN CLEAVE Chapel Hill Tennessee I. L. WARD McKenzie Tennessee ROBERT W. WILEY Chattanooga Tennessee ANNE WOOD Murfreesboro Tennessee FLOYD E. RUSHING Columbia Tennessee RALPH E. SHAFER, IR. Chattanooga Tennessee WILLIAM M. SHUCK Newbern Tennessee PETER M. SMITH Kingston Tennessee IACOB E. STRASSNER Memphis Tennessee CLAIRE THOMPSON Milan Tennessee BARBARA I. VOGEL Chattanooga Tennessee BETTY A. WARDELL Knoxville Tennessee I. LAWRENCE WILKERSON Nashville T ennessee DAVID WOOD Clarksville Tennessee CECIL E. RUSSELL Collierville Tennessee BEVERLY SHARPE Memphis Tennessee HAROLD E. SIEGEL Chattanooga Tennessee DOROTHY SNYDER Knoxville Tennessee BUD SULLIVAN McMinnville Tennessee IACK D. THOMPSON Athens Tennessee MARTINA WADEWITZ Iohnson City Tennessee BERTA M. WATERHOUSE Knoxville Tennessee KENNETH E. WILKINSON Kingsport Tennessee MARY A, WOOTEN Muniord Tennessee ELIOTT D. ADAMS Knoxville Tennessee BOBBIE I. BARCROFT Brownsville Tennessee IOHN P. BLANE Birmingham Alabama IRMA BROOKS Madison Tennessee NANCY CANTRELL Etowah Tennessee DORIS CLARDY Bristol Tennessee NEIL COOPER Chattanooga Tennessee BOB CROSBY Knoxville Tennessee MARY IO DeI"ORD Knoxville Tennessee GAIL DONALDSON Chattanooga Tennessee RACHEL E. EASLEY Bristol Tennessee MARVIN K. FARRIS Wartburg Tennessee EDWARD R. GARR.ETT Lewisburg Tennessee IOHN D. ALEXANDER Alcoa Tennessee ROBERT BASIST Memphis Tennessee WALLACE M. BOLDING Iohnscn City Tennessee MANUEL BROWN Memphis Tennessee MIRIAM CARROLL Memphis Tennessee LORING CLICK Eagan Tennessee IEAN CORLEY Lebanon Tennessee BARBARA CRUZE Knoxville Tennessee IOE DEMENT Normandy Tennessee ZOE DOOLEY Knoxville Tennessee IOAN EDMONDS Ooltewah Tennessee CHARLES FIELDER Helena Arkansas SARA L. GENTRY Knoxville Tennessee MARY A. AMBRISTER Fountain City Tennessee EDSEL BAWCUM Camden Tennessee IANE BOULWARE Memphis Tennessee OLVA LEE BROWN Chattanooga Tennessee BILL CARTWRIGHT Knoxville Tennessee ROBERT COCHRAN Knoxville Tennessee ROGER CORNICK Yonkers New York ROBERT D. CULLOM Donelson Tennessee ROY DENNIS Newport Tennessee VIRGINIA DOUGHTREY Knoxville Tennessee EMMA L. ELDRIDGE Crossville Tennessee RHEA K. FONDE Knoxville Tennessee MARTHA I. GRAVES Greensboro North Carolina B. F. ANDERSON Greeneville Tennessee REINALD W. BELL Knoxville Tennessee IOHN W. BOWERS Iohnson City Tennessee IOSEPH I. BRYANT Chattanooga Tennessee CAROL CARTWRIGHT Athens Tennessee IOYCE ANN CO!-IN Signal Mountain Tennessee GWENDOLYN COULTER Knoxville Tennessee H. B. CUPP Atlanta Georgia RALPH DePEW Elizabethton Tennessee RUTH DRINNEN Knoxville Tennessee IACKIE ELLIOTT Nashville Tennessee IAMES P. FREEMAN Fountain City Tennessee EULA IEAN GRAY Lone Mountain Tennessee DONALD G. ANDERSON Knoxville Tennessee BLANCHE BELLAMY Mullins South Carolina GRACE BRADING Iohnson City Tennessee CAROL E. BURNS Knoxville Tennessee SHIRLEY CHAMBERS Knoxville Tennessee GENEVA COLLINS Knoxville Tennessee IOANIE COWELL Chattanooga Tennessee DOROTHY DANIEL Knoxville Tennessee LAWRENCE DERTHICK Chattanooga Tennessee ROBERT DRUMM Great Barrington Massachusetts BARBARA A. EMMONS Norris Tennessee CAROLYN I. FRESHOUR Newport Tennessee BETTY B. GREER Loudon Tennessee HOWARD ANDERSON Nashville Tennessee MOLLY BENSON Knoxville Tennessee MARIE BRAKEBILL Nashville Tennessee RAY BUTTS Iackson Tennessee BETTY GENE CHANDLER Knoxville Tennessee MARY COLLINS Memphis Tennessee ALICE COX Knoxville Tennessee WALTER DAVIES Chattanooga Tennessee IOHN DEVINE Knoxville Tennessee DAVID DUKES Memphis Tennessee BETTY K. ESCUE Memphis Tennessee ANNIE RUTH FROST Brentwood Tennessee HAROLD C. GREGORY Portland Tennessee ANN L. BAKER Ictcksonville Florida IANE BLACK Paris Tennessee LEE BREWER Trenton Tennessee ANN CALLIS Memphis Tennessee BETTY CHASTAIN Knoxville Tennessee IOSEPH CON AWAY Fayetteville Tennessee SARAH CRAWFORD Whiteville Tennessee ALLAN F. DAVIS Knoxville Tennessee MARY DIEHL Knoxville Tennessee PEGGY DUNSMORE Knoxville Tennessee IOHN U. ESTES Louisville Kentucky ELIZABETH FROST Elizabethton Tennessee THOMAS E. GRIFFITH Pearl River New York MARY ANNE BAKER Knoxville Tennessee CHARLES R. BLAIR Knoxville Tennessee FRED BROOKS Clinton Tennessee WILLIAM E. CAMPBELL New Tazewell Tennessee ALEX CLAIBORNE Brownsville Tennessee ELIZABETH CON N OR Memphis Tennessee HAROLD CROOK Memphis Tennessee IANE DAVIS Knoxville Tennessee RAYMOND DOBYNS Monaskon Virginia ROBERT DYER Knoxville Tennessee ARNELL FARRAR Knoxville Tennessee PATRICIA GARDNER Ripley Tennessee THOMAS E. GUTHRIE Cross Plains Tennessee I-6 :Cl ITI1 Cf! i 'G CII! i 3 1 1 IL"l'Il CID WARREN C. HALE Morristown Tennessee ALBERT HEINS Knoxville Tennessee BETTY R. HISCOCK Knoxville Tennessee ROBERT E. HULL Philadelphia Mississippi BETTY IOHNSON Etowah Tennessee DOROTHY I, KANE Knoxville Tennessee IOHN F. KING Knoxville Tennessee MARY LAKE I ackson Tennessee MARGARET L. LEWIS Knoxville Tennessee IACK D. MARTIN Nashville Tennessee IOE H. MONGER Sweetwater Tennessee BELFIELD MCELROY Chattanooga Tennessee RUSSELL NEWMAN Knoxville Tennessee BETTY I. HAMILTON Knoxville Tennessee WILLIAM M. H.lBBE'I"I' Nashville Tennessee IOE E. HODGES Crossville Tennessee NANCY I. HUNNICUT Atlanta Georgia HAROLD F. IOHNISON Iackson Tennessee ANN KAUFFMAN Oak Ridge Tennessee GEORGE H. KIRBY Knoxville Tennessee HELENA M. LAWHON Laurel Mississippi DAPHNE ANNE LITTLE oak Ridge Tennessee WILLIAM F. MASSEY Hartsville Tennessee WILLIAM H MORRIS Iackson Tennessee DICK MCGRAW Knoxville Tennessee GEORGE E. NIEDERHAUSER Donelson Tennessee SYLVIA A. HAMILTON Knoxville Tennessee MURIEL R. HICKEY Knoxville Tennessee CHARLOTTE HOLLAND Greeneville Tennessee ANDY HUNTER Columbia Tennessee IAMES W. IOHNSON Knoxville Tennessee ANNA RUTH KEELING Kingsport Tennessee GROVER E. KIRK Knoxville Tennessee LEWIS M. LEACH Chattanooga Tennessee WILLIAM LITTEHER Ashland City Tennessee IOE C. MAYES Lewisburq Tennessee IAMES H. MORRISON Lookout Mountain Tennessee ELIZABETH R. IVICILWAINE Knoxville Tennessee VICTOR L. OBENSI-IAIN Bristol Tennessee IEAN H. HARRISON Nashville Tennessee HUNTER M. HICKS Sweetwater Tennessee GLORIA M. HORTON Atlanta Georgia MARGARET R. HURLOCKER Albermarle North Carolina MARY I. IOHNSON Iackson Tennessee BETTY KEIRN Sweetwater Tennessee EVERETT E. KISER Charlotte North Carolina BETTYE K. LECHLEITER Nashville Tennessee NANCY L. LOOSE Chelsea Michigan NANCY A. MEGEL Memphis Tennessee MARTHA A. MORTON Manchester Tennessee RICHARD K. MCKEEL Waverly Tennessee VERNE ODOM Paris Tennessee MARILYN HARTMAN Knoxville Tennessee RHODA IEAN HIGH Crossville Tennessee IAMES E. HOUSEHOLDER Knoxville Tennessee NANCY C. HURST Savannah Tennessee STEVE D. IOHNSON Knoxville Tennessee RUTH E. KELLEY Memphis Tennessee HUGH L. KITTS Maynardville Tennessee IOHN K. LEE. IR. Louisville Kentucky FRANK K. LOVE Chattanooga Tennessee HERBERT H. MEYER Knoxville Tennessee GEORGE MOSS Knoxville Tennessee SALLY MCKINNEY Fayetteville Tennessee IOYCE OLDHAM Knoxville Tennessee DOROTHY A. HASKELL Winchester Tennessee IANICE R. HILL Shouns Tennessee ROBY I. HOWARD Mountain City Tennessee IEAN H. IACOBSON Memphis Tennessee WALTER B. IOHNSON Seymour Tennessee IAMES KENNEDY Arlington Virginia ROBERT H. KLINKE Bartlett Tennessee ROBERT E. LEE Knoxville Tennessee BETTY F. MARGOLIN Memphis Tennessee MARIAN R. MILLER Knoxville Tennessee CLAUDE P. MURPHY Old Hickory Tennessee BETTY I. MCMAHAN Knoxville Tennessee IANE OLIVER Knoxville Tennessee W. C. HAYNES Tiptonville Tennessee IUNE HILL Roan Mountain Tennessee IACK HUGHES Cincinnati Ohio ROBIN I ENKINS Ripley Tennessee M. GLENN IONES Adams Tennessee LORNA KENT Knoxville Tennessee MARIE KORNDORFFER Knoxville Tennessee BETTY LESTER Morristown Tennessee HUGH L. MARSH Old Hickory Tennessee PAUL E. MILLS Chattanooga Tennessee DAVID C. MURPHY Etowah Tennessee BESSIE MAE McNEILL Memphis Tennessee RICHARD OWNBEY Etowah Tennessee MARK D, HAYNIE Hurtsville Tennessee BOYD E. HINES Knoxville Tennessee IEAN M. HULL Knoxville Tennessee I. PARNICK IENNINGS Rome Georgia MARY E. IONES Clinton Tennessee IESSE A. KEY Paris Tennessee MARIE E. LACY Sweetwater Tennessee LAWRENCE D LEVINE Chattanooga Tennessee IACKIE MARSHALL McKenzie Tennessee ELLENA IANE MITCHELL Athens Tennessee RALPH A. MCCROSKEY Knoxville Tennessee HELEN I, MCNEILL Memphis Tennessee ROBERT D. PARK Greeneville Tennessee I-3 :III lL'1T.l CID 1 'S ".:I:I 1 IZ i Ii FEI Cf! R. A. PAYNE Covington Tennessee I. LYNN POWELL Nashville Tennessee IOI-IN E. RENEAU Memphis Tennessee IAMES D. ROBERTSON Fountain City Tennessee DOROTHY B. RUTHERFORD Knoxville Tennessee IOSEPH P. SHANNON Memphis Tennessee C. B. SINGLETON Trenton Tennessee LEWIS H. SPIVEY Harriman Tennessee ALBERT E. STRIBLING Iackson Tennessee FRANCES A. TOWNSHEN D Memphis Tennessee IAMES C. WARTERS Knoxville Tennessee WILLIAM W. WOODARD Springfield Tennessee RUTH A. PENLAND Maryville . Tennessee VIRGINIA C. PRICE Nashville Tennessee BLANCHE C. REUTHER Nashville Tennessee VICTOR ROBERTSON Tullahoma Tennessee DOROTHY I. RUTHERFORD Knoxville Tennessee FRED S. SHANTON Fountain City Tennessee ROBERT S. SINKER Washington District of Columbia VANCE STAMPS Fountain City Tennessee PATSY STRONG Knoxville Tennessee FAYE E. VAN PELT Knoxville Tennessee ROBERT C. WATTS Canton Mississippi CLEON I. WRINKLE Cleveland Tennessee ARTHUR H. PICKLE Knoxville Tennessee PAUL E. PURKS Nashville Tennessee IOE S. REYNOLDS Concord Tennessee WILLIAM B. ROBERTSON Powell Station Tennessee REBECCA SAFFELL Etowuh Tennessee PAUL C. SHERBAKOFF Fountain City Tennessee ROBERT W. SKINNER Collierville Tennessee LYNN R. STANSBERRY Knoxville Tennessee PAUL Y. T. SUNG Hong Kong China IAMES F. WALDRUM Nashville Tennessee CHARLES O. WHEELER Knoxville Tennessee HENRY WURZBURG Memphis Tennessee IAMES W. PICKLE Nashville Tennessee EARLINE F. RAMBO Elizabethton Tennessee BETTY RICHARDS Madisonville Tennessee IAMES W. ROGERS Chattanooga Tennessee BENNIE SALKY Memphis Tennessee WALLACE SHERIFF Knoxville Tennessee DIEMER L. SMARTT Smart! Tennessee MARY R. STARK Clarksville Tennessee ROBERT S. SUTHERLAND Lenoir City Tennessee ANN WALKER Dyersburq Tennessee IAMES H. WHITE Iackson Tennessee MARTY A. WYLIE Knoxville Tennessee JACK PLATT Memphis Tennessee WILLIAM M, RAMEY Oak Ridge Tennessee HUGH RICHARDSON Grand Junction Tennessee GEORGIA M. ROOT Readyville Tennessee WHEELER D. SAMPLES Knoxville Tennessee IAMES W. SHERRILL Norfolk Virginia HAZEL L. SMITH Knoxville Tennessee NANCY STERCHI Knoxville Tennessee GUY T. TAYLOR Milan Tennessee CLARA L. WALLACE Clinton Tennessee MARION W. WHITE Iackson Tennessee VERNON YOUNG Knoxville Tennessee LEWIS PQATES Rogersville Tennessee WILLIAM F. REEDER Knoxville Tennessee FRANK C. RICHMOND Knoxville Tennessee BETSY ROSS Germantown Tennessee SHIRLEY P. SCHROLL Memphis Tennessee WILMA N. SHERRILL Oneida Tennessee ROBERT A. SMITH Knoxville Tennessee SALLY M. STEVENS Memphis Tennessee I. WILL TAYLOR Knoxville Tennessee GERALD L. WALLACE Knoxville Tennessee BETTY I. WILLIAMS Allardt Tennessee CHARLES O. ZOPFI Memphis Tennessee MARGARET POTTER McMinnville Tennessee BILL REGAS Knoxville Tennessee RUTH M. ROBBINS Erwin Tennessee SARAH L. RUDOLPH Clarksville Tennessee DONALD G. SCOTT Elizabethton Tennessee RUTH SIENKNECHT Knoxville Tennessee DONALD C. SNODDY Knoxville Tennessee KATHLEEN F. STIDHAM Kingsport Tennessee PHYLLIS C. TAYLOR Chattanooga Tennessee IOHN H. WARD Knoxville Tennessee LAWRENCE I. WILLIAMS Mason Tennessee FRANK G. POWELL Decherd Tennessee HAROLD P. REID Greenwood Tennessee MARY ROBERTS Atlanta Georgia IOHN S. RUPLEY Morristown Tennessee EDWARD R. SEILER Sweetwater Tennessee MARILYN M. SIMS Oak Ridge Tennessee MARTIN L. SPANGLER Knoxville Tennessee BETTY I. STONE Elizabethton Tennessee I EAN S. TOMPKINS Lucy Tennessee RICHARD K. WARD Lenoir City Tennessee MARY E. WILSON Fountain City Tennessee ITI1 CID i 'S l i ITITI CID FHESHIVIEN THE GENE K. ALEXANDER Knoxville Tennessee CAROL AUGUR Norris Tennessee ALICE R. BARDILL Oak Ridge Tennessee CAROL F. BERRY Mooresburq Tennessee BETTY BOSTICK Dyersburg Tennessee HARVEY L. BRITT Wilmington North Carolina DAVID D. BUSH Knoxville Tennessee IO ANN CAWOOD Knoxville Tennessee RICHARD H. CLARK Brilliant Ohio THOMAS B. COOPWOOD Memphis Tennessee BOB CROSSLEY Knoxville Tennessee LYNN I. DAVIDSON Knoxville Tennessee DAVID DIXON Pleasantville New Jersey CAROLYN ALLEN Cookeville Tennessee WILLIAM AVERY Richmond Virginia BETTY L. BARNES Bristol Tennessee BEVERLY L. BIBEE Knoxville Tennessee DOROTHY A. BOSTICK Knoxville Tennessee BILL B. BRODY Knoxville Tennessee HAROLD L. BYARS Knoxville Tennessee CAROL S. CHANDLER Knoxville Tennessee EARL E. CLARRIDGE Knoxville Tennessee IAMES K. COPELAND Knoxville Tennessee IOHN C. CULLUM Knoxville Tennessee GENE H. DAVIS Sevierville Tennessee DOTTY DODDS Nashville Tennessee EDWIN P. ALMOND Newton Massachusetts ROBERT L. BADGER Kingston Tennessee THOMAS G. BARTLETT Knoxville Tennessee FRANK BIDDLE Knoxville Tennessee WILLIAM K. BOWMAN Memphis Tennessee CHARLES BROWN Franklin Tennessee IOHN H. CALDWELL Milan Tennessee IOSEPH D. CHANDLER Knoxville Tennessee IOHN M. CLINARD Cedar Hill Tennessee WILLIAM CORN Cleveland Tennessee WOODY CUNNINGHAM Union City Tennessee WILLIAM A. DEAL Knoxville Tennessee MARY E. DONNELLY Houston Texas KATHERINE L. ALMOND Newton Massachusetts CHARLES W. BAGLEY Lewisburg Tennessee HARRELL D. BARTON Paris Tennessee ROY M. BIDDLE Knoxville Tennessee HUGH T. BOYD Morristown Tennessee MARY H. BRUFF Knoxville Tennessee SAM E. CALDWELL Milan Tennessee IOHN CHILDRESS Memphis Tennessee IACK A. COCI-lRAN'E Nashville Tennessee DENNIS COUGHLIN Knoxville Tennessee MARY P. CURRY Knoxville Tennessee ANN E. DeCLUE Knoxville Tennessee GERALD . DORTCH Memphis Tennessee MARTHA L. ANDERSON Knoxville Tennessee BETTY G. BAILEY Knoxville Tennessee LUCY BAUMAN N Knoxville Tennessee DON R. BILLS Lewisburg Tennessee WINIFRED B. BRADFORD Miami Florida A. MARIE BUDDE Jackson Tennessee BARBARA W. CALLAWAY Knoxville Tennessee IOHN M. CHILDRESS Lol-'ollette Tennessee MARSHALL B. COKER F ountaln City Tennessee IOAN E. CRAWFORD Knoxville Tennessee BRYANT A. DAFFRON Whitwell Tennessee BETTY F. DEMENT Haley Tennessee LESLIE W. DOSS Springfield Tennessee HENRY ANDREWS Pensacola Florida WILLIAM C. BAIRD Nashville Tennessee DELMAS L. BEASLEY Oak Ridge Tennessee KIRBY BISHOP Memphis Tennessee IOHN K. BRANSON Knoxville Tennessee RHEA BURCHFIELD Knoxville Tennessee IAMES K. CAMERON Knoxville Tennessee GENE CLABOUGH Sevierville Tennessee THOMAS R. COLEMAN Corinth Mississippi ELEANOR E. CREEKMORE Knoxville Tennessee REBECCA P. DARNALL Knoxville Tennessee I AMES T. DENTON Old Hickory Tennessee CHARLES D. DOTY Old Hickory Tennessee WILLIAM L. ARLEDGE Athens Tennessee ALYCE ANN BAKER Gallatin Tennessee EDWARD K. BENNETT Asheville North Carolina MARGARET A. BLACK Mascot Tennessee IAMES C. BRESNAHAN Knoxville Tennessee IACQUELYN BURN Nioto Tennessee ROBERT R. CAMPBELL Knoxville Tennessee MARY F. CLARK Elizabethton Tennessee COY M. COLLINSWORTH Knoxville Tennessee KERMIT C. CRESS Greeneville Tennessee LYNN DAVENPORT Chattanooga Tennessee RICHARD L. DERAMO Coraopolis Pennsylvania IAMES C. DOUGLAS Sevierville Tennessee IAMES L. ASHCRAFT Newhern Tennessee MARY IO BALDWIN Lenoir City Tennessee BARBARA BENZIGER Knoxville Tennessee WILLIAM T. BOCKMAN Sparta Tennessee I AMES D. BREW LaVergne Tennessee RITA BURTON Nashville Tennessee CHARLES CARVER Old Hickory Tennessee MARY I. CLARK Cleveland Tennessee HUGH B. COOKE Memphis Tennessee MARILYN 'CROSS Knoxville Tennessee ALBERT F. DAVID Covington Tennessee WALTER C. DIEHL Washington District Colum IUNE V. DOUTY Memphis Tennessee bia FRESHNIEN THE BETTY L. DOZIER Memphis Tennessee AGNEW P. ELLIS Spring City Tennessee BARBARA A. FERREE Knoxville Tennessee MARY ANN FRIEND Knoxville Tennessee HUGH F. GILMORE Knoxville Tennessee RICHARD B. GRESHAM Iohnson City Tennessee MARY I. HARDWICK Cleveland Tennessee LAWRENCE HAWK Oak Ridge Tennessee THOMAS G. HENRY Chattanooga Tennessee IAMES E. HOLLEY Nashville Tennessee BARBARA HUTF Gatlinburg Tennessee DEXTER C. IAMESON Oak Ridge Tennessee ROBERT M. IOHNSON Knoxville Tennessee S. DOROTHY DRAKE Knoxville Tennessee GLORIA M. ENMAN Asheville North Carolina ROY L. FLEMING Covington Tennessee ROSEMARY FRY Knoxville Tennessee IOAN M. GOLDEN Princeton New Iersey IERE P. GRI GGS Humboldt Tennessee ALVIN B. HARPER Knoxville Tennessee ANNA L. HAWKINS Knoxville Tennessee ELWIN T. HENSON Oak Ridge Tennessee KATHERINE HOOPER Knoxville Tennessee RALPH M. HUGHES Waynesboro Tennessee LUCY N. I ARED Buffalo Valley Tennessee WILLIAM B. IOHNSON Springfield Tennessee CORALYN DROKE Bristol Tennessee BETTY I. EPPS Knoxville Tennessee DAVID S. FONDE Knoxville Tennessee I OHN B. FUQUA Milan Tennessee IOHN K. GORDON Memphis Tennessee FRED GROGAN Memphis Tennessee BETTY I. HARRINGTON Clinton Tennessee BETTY H. HAYNES Shelbyville Tennessee IACQUE D. HEYEN Pennington New Iersey CHARLES T. HORTON Maxwell Tennessee ROBERT A. HULL Iohnson City Tennessee MARY R. IARED Buttalo Valley Tennessee BOBBY K. IONES Morristown Tennessee CHURCHILL DRUIVIM Knoxville Tennessee BLAIR D. ERB Memphis Tennessee TOMMIE B. FORTNER Ripley Tennessee GLENNA C. FUSON Knoxville Tennessee BILL GREANEY Memphis Tennessee NANCY I. HALE Morristown Tennessee IEAN HARRIS Spring City Tennessee BETTY I. HEFNER Knoxville Tennessee LORA HIN TON Knoxville Tennessee MARGARET M. HOUSE Knoxville Tennessee IOANNE HUNT Nashville Tennessee NORMAN W, IAROS Elmhurst New York MARY H. I ONES Fountain City Tennessee CARUS H. DuBOSE Norris Tennessee ALBERT B. EVANS Newton Heights Massachusetts OSCAR R. FOSTER Knoxville Tennessee INA L. GALLAHER Oliver Springs Tennessee ROBERT L. GREELEY Knoxville Tennessee BEN H. I-IALLADAY Knoxville Tennessee KATHLEEN C HARTMAN Knoxville Tennessee GEORGE I. HENDERSON Clinton Tennessee CLAIRE HOBBS Memphis Tennessee IOHN H. I-IOUSLEY Knoxville Tennessee MARILYN I. HUNT Nashville Tennessee WILLIAM H. IETT Knoxville Tennessee WILLIAM R. IONES Knoxville Tennessee IOHN R. DUKE Memphis Tennessee THOMAS B. EVANS Athens Tennessee WILLIAM C. FRANCIS LaFollette Tennessee RUTH E. GARLAND Memphis Tennessee NANCY I. GREENWAY Knoxville Tennessee LESLIE HAMMER Knoxville Tennessee CAROLYN HARVEY Knoxville Tennessee BILL HENDRIX Concord Tennessee FRED W. HOEKE Knoxville Tennessee FRED F. HOVEY Knoxville Tennessee IEAN A. HUNTER Fountain City Tennessee CAROLYN IOHNS ON Knoxville Tennessee MARY M. IOY Memphis Tennessee DOROTHY L. DUNCAN Knoxville Tennessee ANGELINE E. FARMER Knoxville Tennessee EMILY B. FRETZ Knoxville Tennessee GAVIN M. GEN TRY Knoxville Tennessee IIMMY GREER Knoxville Tennessee ELIZABETH HANCOCK Knoxville Tennessee VIRGINIA F. HASSON Knoxville Tennessee PATSY R. HENEGAR Knoxville Tennessee MARGARET A. HOFFMAN Knoxville Tennessee GWEN HOWARD Cleveland Tennessee MARY K. HUTCHESON Ripley Tennessee FAYE I. IOHNSON Etowah Tennessee IACK B. I UDD Oak Ridge Tennessee THOMAS S. EDDINTS Memphis Tennessee MARY M. FARMER Knoxville Tennessee MARVIN D. F RIEDMAN Memphis Tennessee I AMIE L. GIBBS Knoxville Tennessee IEAN GREGG Knoxville Tennessee HENRY H. HANCOCK Paris Tennessee BEATRICE HATCHER Fayetteville Tennessee IACK M. HENNESSEE Sylva North Carolina IOHN I. HOGAN Memphis Tennessee CHARLES C. HUDSON Knoxville Tennessee MARY K. IAMES Morristown Tennessee LILLIAN A. IOHNSON Huntingdon Tennessee MARGEE L. IUDSON Memphis Tennessee . l FHESHIVIEN THE ANNE O. KENEMER Dalton Georgia FRANCES M. KISBER Memphis Tennessee BETTY I. LAMBDIN Knoxville Tennessee SALLY L. LEWIS Knoxville Tennessee WILLIAM D. LUTZ Laceyville Pennsylvania BARBARA L. MILLER Memphis Tennessee MARION E. MOORE Knoxville Tennessee I OHN MURRAY Lenoir City Tennessee ELEANOR W. MCCLEARY Knoxville Tennessee WILLIAM I. NAPIER Columbia Tennessee LOUIS B. NICKLE Knoxville Tennessee ROBERT M. OVERBEY Memphis Tennessee PAT PETERSEN Knoxville Tennessee LURA B. KENNEDY Hampshire Tennessee FREDERICK KITTS Knoxville Tennessee TROY B. LANE Knoxville Tennessee MAURICE LIGGETT Lewisburg Tennessee BEASON MARTIN Nashville Tennessee MARY L. MILLER Knoxville Tennessee ROY A. MOORE Millington Tennessee BILLY T. MUSE Iohnson City Tennessee CYNTHIA B. MCCONNELL Knoxville Tennessee WILSON F. NEAL LaVerqn Tennessee MARY I. NEIDERHAUSER Donelson Tennessee MARION C. PAGE Clarksville Tennessee WILFERD E. PHIFER Knoxville Tennessee HORACE L. KEY Nashville Tennessee FREDERICK KNOWLES Memphis Tennessee EMMETT W. LAWSON Hilton Village Virginia ANDREW C. LOGAN Alexandria Virginia WILLIAM D. MARTIN Knoxville Tennessee BILLIE I.. MINCEY Knoxville Tennessee CHARLES G. MORGAN Morristown Tennessee THOMAS L. MUSTO Nashville Tennessee IANE MCCRARY Woodbury Tennessee IACK E. NELSON Knoxville Tennessee MARY M. NUCHOLS Oak Ridge Tennessee SARAH PARK Cleveland Tennessee IEANE C. PIERCE Knoxville Tennessee IOHN M. KIERNAN Oak Ridge Tennessee DORIS B. KOHLER Knoxville Tennessee IIMMIE W. LEINART Knoxville Tennessee I OHN F. LONAS Knoxville Tennessee MARILYN MASTERS New York City New York CAROLYN R. MITCHELL Byington Tennessee DAVID W. MORISON Asheville North Carolina ALICE I. MYERS Knoxville Tennessee SARAH E. MCEVER Knoxville Tennessee LEE H. NELSON Humboldt Tennessee MOLLA L. ODOM Chattanooga Tennessee DOROTHY PATMORE Nashville Tennessee ARLYNN L. PILLING Sheboygan Wisconsin SUE C. KILE Nashville Tennessee EMMA L. KREGER Blut! City Tennessee ANFINETTIE LENSGRAF Graysville Illinois LAURENCE LOVELL Nashville Tennessee KENNEDY MAXWELL Knoxville Tennessee WILLIAM A. MOLES Oak Ridge Tennessee ANN M. MORRIS Knoxville Tennessee IACK R. MYNATT Fountain City Tennessee ADRIAN D. MCGREDE DeRidder Louisiana BETTY I . N EUBERT Knoxville Tennessee EDWARD W. OEHMIG Chattanooga Tennessee HELENA I. PATRICK Knoxville Tennessee IOANNE M. PILLOW Milan Tennessee NANCY KING Greeneville Tennessee DIETRICH KULZE Memphis Tennessee WANDA I. LeQUIRE Maryville Tennessee WILLIAM E. LOY Knoxville Tennessee BEVERLY MEALS Paris Tennessee I OHN W. MONTGOMERY Knoxville Tennessee LILY V. MORRIS Knoxville Tennessee MARTHA Y. MYN ATT Knoxville Tennessee DOROTHY A. MCINTOSH Memphis Tennessee IEANNE NEWLIN Knoxville Tennessee ERNEST A. ORAND Cedar Hill Tennessee ROBERT A. PATTERSON Knoxville Tennessee GLENDA P. PIPKIN Knoxville Tennessee GEORGE W. KINNAMON Etowcxh Tennessee ROBERT W. KYUKENDALL Nashville Tennessee ELMO B. LESLIE Baton Rouge Louisiana ROBERT A. LUN DQUIST Evansville Illinois MARILYN MEANS Fountain City Tennessee IAMES A. MOORE Knoxville Tennessee I OHN C. MOYERS Speedwell Tennessee I OHN T. MCASKILL Paris Tennessee DAVID C. MCLEAN Knoxville Tennessee BETTY A. NICHOLS Knoxville Tennessee PHYLLIS A. OTTINGER Knoxville Tennessee HARRIETT A. PENDLETON Knoxville Tennessee IOHN P. POMEROY Nashville Tennessee IOSEPH N, KIRKPATRICK Greeneville Tennessee A. GUILFORD KYKER Knoxville Tennessee URBAN A. LESTER Knoxville Tennessee NELSON LUNN Lewisburg Tennessee MARGARET M. MILES Knoxville Tennessee LUCY H. MOORE Knoxville Tennessee HAZEL G. MURRAY Oak Ridge Tennessee SAM C. MCCAMY Fountain City Tennessee EUGENE I. McQUAlN Oak Ridge Tennessee IAMES H. NICHOLS New Market Tennessee DORRIS OUSLEY Knoxville Tennessee IOHN W. PENNINGTON Signal Mount Tennessee CAROLYN F. POPE Nashville Tennessee FHESHIVIEN THE BETSY L. POTTER Knoxville Tennessee HERMAN REVIERE Ripley Tennessee MARY E. ROBISON Gallatin Tennessee ROBERT ROSS Harriman Tennessee IOHN E. SAYLORS Knoxville Tennessee MARGARET SHEA Knoxville Tennessee NANCY I. SLOAN Madisonville Tennessee SAM STARK Memphis Tennessee VAUGHN SWAI-'FORD Crossville Tennessee ROBERT H. TEMPLE Knoxville Tennessee LITTON T. THURMAN Crossville Tennessee IOE W. VASEY Knoxville Tennessee IOHN D. WALL Troy Tennessee F. B. POTTS Northlield New Iersey CHARLES REYLE Memphis Tennessee IAMES P. RODDY Knoxville Tennessee HARRIET ROWNTREE Knoxville Tennessee CHRIS G. SCORDAS Athens Greece BETTY L. SHELTON Knoxville Tennessee ANN I.. SMITH Richard City Tennessee CAROLYN STEELE Mohawk Tennessee DEMETRA L. TARRANT Dyersburg Tennessee LIBBY I. THALMANN Brentwood Tennessee ANNA K. TIMBERLAKE Lexington Tennessee D. ANN VAUGHAN Knoxville Tennessee FRED E. WALLACE Knoxville Tennessee CARL PRICHARD Alcoa Tennessee ROBERT E. RHINEHART Knoxville Tennessee BUDDY E. ROGERS Knoxville Tennessee MARIANNE RUCKS Memphis Tennessee MARGARET A. SCOTT Knoxville Tennessee NANCY SHULER Memphis Tennessee BRUCE SMITH Springfield Tennessee DON H. STEGALL Jackson Tennessee EARNEST N. TATE Fountain City Tennessee LEWIS P. THATCHER Signal Mountain Tennessee BERYI. M. TITUS Knoxville Tennessee PEGGY VEHR Knoxville Tennessee IOSEPH F. WALTEMATH Memphis Tennessee S. DAVID PURS GLOVE Knoxville Tennessee ' IACK K. RHODES Savannah Tennessee IANIE Y. ROGERS Knoxville Tennessee LOIS I. RUPP Miami Florida GEORGIANNA SEAL Atlanta Georgia BETTY L. SIMPSON McDonald Tennessee GEORGE W. SMITH Chattanooga Tennessee ANN L. STRASSER Nashville Tennessee BETTY L. TAYLOR Morristown Tennessee BARBARA I. THEILE Knoxville Tennessee NINA I. TOLLEY Lynchburg Tennessee MARK L. VENRICK Brentwood Tennessee NEILL M. WATSON Kingsport Tennessee HERBERT QUALLS Nashville Tennessee BETTY A. RILEY Oak Ridge Tennessee NANCY I. ROGERS S. Pittsburg Tennessee LINDA A. RUST Knoxville Tennessee ERNEST L. SHARP Knoxville Tennessee SANFORD R. SINGER Knoxville Tennessee SHIRLEY T. SMITH Knoxville Tennessee ERWIN H. STREATER Columbia Tennessee BILLY TAYLOR Asheville North Carolina IOHNIE O. THOMAS Arrington Tennessee ROSAMOND R. TONERAY Elizahethton Tennessee KENNY VERRAN Greeneville Tennessee FRANK WEATHERSBY Memphis Tennessee PAULINE RAN KIN Knoxville Tennessee GAY F. RITTS Elizabethton Tennessee CAROLYN N. ROOS Knoxville Tennessee ANDREW R. RUTHERFORD Knoxville Tennessee ROBERT L. SHARP LaFollette Tennessee ANDREW T. SINOR Knoxville Tennessee WILFRED S. SOSNA Knoxville Tennessee LOIS M. STRICKLAND Knoxville Tennessee EDGAR TAYLOR Memphis Tennessee BETTY THOMPSON Nashville Tennessee DANA TUNMIRE Thorn Hill Tennessee GENE WAGNER W. McHenry Illinois HUGH A. WEBB Fountain City Tennessee PEGGY REDMON Memphis Tennessee TED ROBERTS Memphis Tennessee BILL F. ROSE Cleveland Tennessee ELLEN SAMPLE Knoxville Tennessee PATTY SHAW Fountain City Tennessee MARGARETE SINOR Stuttgart Germany IACK F. SPARKS Nashville Tennessee IOAN STUMPF Chattanooga Tennessee FRED I. TEAGUE I.aFollette Tennessee IACK THOMPSON Knoxville Tennessee ALFREDA TURNER Tallahassee Florida KENNETH WALKER Knoxville Tennessee KENNETH WEBSTER Great Neck New York VIRGINIA REED Old Hickory Tennessee SHIRLEY F. ROBINSON Knoxville Tennessee ROSEMARY ROSIER Etowah Tennessee IANIS SAWYER Morristown Tennessee DANNY SHAW Knoxville Tennessee CLARA I. SLOAN Madisonville Tennessee ADELINE B. STANBERRY Fountain City Tennessee ANNE W. SULLIVAN Memphis Tennessee PATSY TEMPLE Sevierville Tennessee VIRGINIA I. THORPE Knoxville Tennessee WALLACE S TYSON Nashville Tennessee L. NEIL WALKER Knoxville Tennessee WILLIAM O. WEBSTER Mascot Tennessee FHESHIVIEN THE KATHERINE M. WEEKS Weymouth Massachuseiis ALDEN V. WILDER Kyles Ford Tennessee I AMES A. WITTMANN Nashville Tennessee DORIS I. WEIL Brislol Tennessee OLIN WILLIAMS Harriman Tennessee PEGGY H. WOOD Humbold! Tennessee IEANETTE WEISSINGER Chattanooga Tennessee PATRICIA L. WILLIAMS Knoxville Tennessee BETTY I. WOOTEN Knoxville Tennessee IAMES A. WEST Knoxville Tennessee RICHARD M. WILLIAMS Memphis Tennessee SAMUEL A. WORLEY Hampshire Tennessee MARIE WHEELER Memphis Tennessee ROBERT B. WILLIAMS Chaitanooga Tennessee PHILLIP WRIGHT Memphis Tennessee "Presstime on the Hill" IANE W. WHITE Sewanee Tennessee IOHN T. WILLISON Glenshaw Pennsylvania FRED W. WYATT Knoxville Tennessee KAY WIER Cleveland Heights Ohio IACK H. WILSON Knoxville Tennessee CAROLYN I. YEARWOOD Knoxville Tennessee ALFRED E. WIGGS Nashville Tennessee BARBARA Wm' Knoxville Tennessee CARMEN L ZAYAS I ucxna Diaz Puerio Rico W 1 . MQQN' mgsiwsu' ,I . . ..... 2: -:-: va -wi Y .5 .,.. V3 X Zig F M. Zim. - 'Q Ii5'i "I ' ff 1 2 4,-sMf3d 33M' W YW ' I ' . 3 gi A 5 f,-M pw if n azi? 2:g.:. wi W M if s Q Q Ixus 1 wmv , ?,W,,,W,N XWON XOQ 2 1-ws AND A HA Q! come waz Me 2 z E BOX CAR WN ITO GO 'F' Y A 5'W'Fi S 'Hag LW M? 2 DLE Loo 3 mfs? :lx 'W 2-ROUBLE 'zfiwm an xx ,XF A Am 'Wlsx 'MN ROW y"f A TWG THREE la' 1 3 LITTLE FISHES 3 BARE5 q dw? '42 fkilfkvl ,Q .M az' K fffifii .aw N835 Q 'HIM 3 O CLOCK IN 1 Nl THREE-OUSANDS 81 THREE-OUSANDS 3 JUDGES 3 OF A KIND .Q-.ig '1 ""Hun.....Tl- , 'Maxx-Adhqfff' I Q-ww i 55341069 4 MAL BEST 4-WARD 4 TUNATES FORE 1 .. . ., s S-N45 Q WW-M.: 4 QOODNES " f ',.A.,,A, LD LANG SYNE . it , , .,u.:,,,,,wwW it O gg, ,M 'Lf-aff sip., QQ , W ,g ,, ay f , i M. -4mm ivnaq 4 Mew ONLY 1,9 X M. np, mf I Wg, .-':--: 2 1-E., 852252 We , .. . .. . 1 Q 'af 'rf .. ' K . 5, gr Y vi ,JM rf. ....... Z I ,,. , H, W A A N. - Third Row, left to right: larnes O. AMEHICANINSTI UF EHEMICALE TUTE NEINEEHS Front Row. left to right: D. E. l-lamby, Bob White, H. P. Huner- wadel, Harold R. Null, William George, Bartee Kinsler, Albert Jordan. Second Row, left to right: lack Ogle, lames Utley, William S. Shelow, William F. Royall, Royal D. Watts, Claude S. Vance, I. A. Key. King, Arthur C. Keer, Miles Porter, Albert Barrasso, Fritts Thomas, Thomas E, Payne, Keith Harris, William N, Kestner. Back Row, left to right: Matthew T. Coleman, Albert S. Ester, Iames W. Tucker, Suha Beller, James H. Bick, Douglas L. Foster, John B. Elliott, Willis Campbell, Dr. E. E. Lindsey. Not Shown: Clarence C. Miner, Cloyd F. Parmcm, Pat Rion, George Holmes, Roscoe Ailor, larnes Keis- ling, Robert S. Crouse, E. F. Martin, lack Dulaney, Al Fincannon. OFFICERS DR. E. E. LINDSEY . . Counselor WILLIAM F. ROYALL . President H, P. HUNERWADEL Vice-President DOUGLAS L. FOSTER . Secretary IOHN B. ELLIOTT, IR. . . Treasurer The objects of this organization are the Advancement of Chemical Engineer- ing in theory and practice and the creation of a true professional spirit among its members. Membership is open to all Chemical Engineering students and members of the chemical engineering faculty of the University of Tennessee. Among the activities of the branch are field trips, social meetings talks lov visting speakers and participation in ACE day. 218 The A.l.E.E. and the l.R.E. are separate organiza- tions but hold joint meetings in a coordinated effort to bring before the students a balanced program. The l.R.E. presents primarily communications and radio topics, with the A.l.E.E. sponsoring speakers on power and electrical engineering topics. rw'- The A.l.E.E. also brings to the students speakers on basic science subjects. Social functions and in- spection trips to various industrial concerns are car- ried out. ln April of 1948 the U.T. Student Branch of the A.l.E.E. Was host to the Southern District A.l.E.E. stu- dent convention. Students from seventeen southern universities attended. AMERICAN INSTITUTE IIT ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS CRAIG HARRIS . . . Chairman CHARLES CHAVIS . . . Vice-Chairman LOUIS WILHOITE . . . . Secretary PROP. W. O. LEFFELL . . , Advisor OFFICERS EDWIN MULLIKIN . . . . Chairman CHARLES EASTLAND . . . Vice-Chairman IAMES IURNEY . , . Secretary DR. E. D. Sl-HPLEY .,,. . . Advisor AMERICAN INSTITUTE RF RARIO ENCINEERS The U.T. Student Branch of l.R.E. was founded in the fall of 1947 largely through the efforts of Iames E. Goff, first chairman of the organization. The purpose of I.R.E. is to familiarize the students with the work of electrical engineer in the communi- cation field, and to obtain speakers who are familiar with the latest and best equipment used in radio com- munications. Membership in the Student Branch entitles the student member to the monthly publication of Pro- ceedings of the I.R.E. Coy Lander serves both or- ganizations as treasurer, and Stan Merritt and Gene Martin represent both on the A.C.E. Board. 219 ALPHAL L L c LAM Bllll DELTA HONOR 1-linrgn-l i OFFICERS HELEN HlER . . . . President SYLVIA HAMILTON . , Secretary GERRY ROACH . . Treasurer RUTH ANN PEOPLES . . . . Senior Advisor DEAN HARHKET C, GREVE . . Faculty Advisor Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honorary society tor girls who achieve a 3.5 scholastic average tor two consecutive quarters during their treshman year. The organization stands tor true scholarship, Womanliness, and honor. Alpha Lambda Delta was tounded at the University ot lllinois in l924 and the Univer- sity of Tennessee chapter was chartered in l932. 220 OFFICERS C. M. LORANCE . . . . President R. W. HIMES , . . Vice President G. W. VIAR . . . Secretary D. H. LUTTRELL . . Treasurer H. A. STEELE . . Critic The University of Tennessee Student Branch of the American Society ot Agricultural Engineers was organized in 1939, the tield of Agricultural Engineer- ing being relatively new at that time. The object of the society is to promote directly or indirectly the interest of students in Agricultural Engineering, par- ticularly as these interests relate to their professional advancement. Regular meetings are held twice monthly with planned programs on subjects of interest. A news letter is published by the society each quarter and copies are sent to Agricultural Engineering Alumni, F. F. A. Chapters in Tennessee, and other student branches of the A. S. A. E. throughout the United States. First Row: Fuller Merriwether, Erwin Boyce, Warren Elfranlc, Houston Lut- trel, George Viar, Lawrence Mid- dlecoif, Henry A, Steele, and lohn Mabes. Second Row: M. E. Heneqar, Ir., Wm. R. Hurst, Wm. T. Robinson, D. W. Thomas, Charles E. Price, H, D. Sullivan, Frank O. Coppedge, and Iohn Wetton. Third. Row: L. C. Beard, D. C. Allen, P. H. Henderson, lr., S. B. Lawrence, E. L. Alexander, E. B. Bohannon, Ir., I, R. Rogers, and C. M. Lorance. Fourth Row: Robert P. Kay, Charles D. Balch, Ir., Robert W. Hirnes, Hu- bert H. Williams, Aldon G, Prescott, David A. Iennings, George W. Thornton, and Bernard H. Zellner. -, - r -AMERICAN SUUIETY UE AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS 22I AGRICULTURAL PLAYHVSE I l OFFICERS AGNES DOUGHTERY . . . . . . . . President PEG WARD . . , ,... . Vice-President NAN WILLIAMSON . . . . Secretary GRAY BURKHART . . Technical Director BART IDDINS . . . . Stage Manager ALVIN EBER , . Lighting Mariagcr KATHERINE KIMARY . . Property Manager MARY LOU BODKIN . . Make Up Director ROBERT E, LEE, IR. . . Publicity Director Approximately fifteen years ago the University Playhouse started. In N339 Dr. Paul Soper became the regular director of the group, and since then the organization has developed into one of the best known campus activities. There are over ZOO members, including apprentices. Over l5O0 season tickets are sold annually. At lirst the group presented one play in a one night showing at Tyson school. This grew into a six night showing at Tyson, and the students and town people responded so well that the Bijou theatre is now used for three major productions, while Tyson is used for two other productions. Many members of Playhouse have gone into the professional theatre upon graduation. The Membership requirements are: A regularly enrolled stu- dent oi the University, of satisfactory scholarship who has partici- pated in a major role in two three-act plays: or four minor roles, or major roles in iour one act playsg or has done comparable work in other departments. Comparable work such as: writing a play, or efficient work as business manager, stage manager or student director for two long plays. Staff work such as carpenter, property man, electrician or work in scene painting, costume making and designing, may be credited toward membership as equivalent to minor roles, Members are: lack Hamilton, Agnes Dougherty, Eart Iddins, Iarvis Pearce, Felix Buchannan, Alvin Eber, Gray Burkhart, Pat Stuart, Cecil E. I-linkel, Muriel Livesay, lane McCullough, Jennie D. Keeling, loe Nixon, lack Whiteside, Fred Cagle, Dick Lane, Margaret Vtfard, Frank Lester, lack Mclieehan, lune Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kapp, Robert Stevens, Edith Wheeler, OFFICERS IACK Wl-IITESIDE . . ..... . President AGNES DOUGHERTY . .... .... S ecretary ALPHA PSI UMEHA r We ' Y om. WH f "fr OFFICERS WALKER E. MEACI-IAM , ,.., . . Chairman . ASA REECE .,., . . Vice Chairman ARTHUR G. PEARSON . , . . Secretary-Treasurer PROF. ROSCOE VV. MORTON . . . Faculty Advisor The ASME is a nationwide organization composed of senior, junior, and stu- dent branch chapters. The student members have the opportunity to gain knowledge of the practical side of engineering, to develop ability to speak in public, to learn some of the formalities of parliamentary procedure, and to gain by the professional contacts and friendships formed at the meetings. All mem- bers receive the Mechanical Engineer, the national publication, which enables them to keep up with new developments in the field. The membership of the Tennessee student chapter is now larger than ever before. .. .. AMERICAN SUCIETY UE MECHANICAL ENCINEEHS 223 IILPHII ZETII I . ,Al Y Front Row: Dr. O. E. Goff, William R. Clark, Robert H. Humphreys, Dab- ney S, Wellford, Robert M. Gilliam, and Mr. Lloyd F. Seatz. Second Row: lack E. McLean, Adrian G. Fox, Stanton Smithson, Iames Nichols, and Dr. Marshall C. Hervey. Third Row: Alvin C. Blake, Zane Price, George Waller, William T. Robison, W. C. Garland, Delmer Boyce, and Ioe W. Strong. Members not Pictured: Bob Breed- ing, Ben T. Coclcrill, Billy V. Evans, Perry H. Laten, Iohn R. Paysinger, Iohn E. Simpson, and Tom Vaughn. OFFICERS DABNEY S. VJELLFORD . ...,. . . President ROBERT H. HUMPHREYS . . Vice President ROBERT M. GILLIAM . . . . Secretary 'WILLIAM R. CLARK . . . Treasurer BOB BREEDING . . . . Historian ADVISORS Dr, Marshall C. I-Iervey, Mr, Lloyd F, Seatz, and Dr. O. E. Goff The fraternity of Alpha Zeta is not an honor society, nor is it a social fraternity: but it holds a prominent place in the Ag. Colleges of nearly every state univer- sity as an agricultural professional fraternity. Its members are selected for their scholastic ability, leadership qualities, and character. Alpha Zeta was founded in l897 on the campus of Ohio State University. Forty-five chapters now grace its rolls. Morgan chapter at the University of Tennessee was organized in l9l2, and it has become a most highly respected group on the Ag. campus. Alpha Zeta has as its aim the promotion of improved student-faculty relations and constructive thinking and action on advancement of the Ag. College. The ultimate result is the training of future agricultural leaders. 224 OFFICERS I. D, MORRIS . , President SYL BRASSFIELD , . First Vice President CLEASTON CRAIG . , Second Vice President CAROLYN BURTON . . Secretary IOHN GOODMAN . 4 Treasurer MARGARET EROOME . , Hostess CLAYTON BYRD . . Host REV. UDELL SMITH , , Director N , BAPT STUDENT B 225 EN OFFICERS PRICE B. WOMACK . . . . President ROY HAWK . . . , Vice-President H. W. READ . . . Secretary-Treasurer The national organization of Beta Gamma Sigma had its origin in three local honorary clubs: the Economics Club ot the University of California, the Delta Kappa Chi of the University of lllinois, and the Beta Gamma Sigma Fraternity ot the University of Wisconsin, which were consolidated on February 26, l9l3. The Alpha Chapter of Tennessee was installed in 1947. The American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business recognizes Beta Gamma Sigma as the only scholarship society exclusively for students com- pleting tour-year programs leading to a bachelor's degree in commerce or busi- ness administration. The aims of this society shall be to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment in the field ot business studies among students and graduates of collegiate schools of business: to promote the ad- vancement and spread of education in the science of business, and to foster principles oi honesty and integrity in business practice. Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is granted to juniors and seniors who demonstrate superiority in those traits which a college education in business should develop. BETA EAMMA SIGMA 226 OFFICERS IACK MARSHALL . ,.... . . President AVRON SPIRO , , Vice President ED GOINS . , Secretary The journalism Club, one of the most recent student organizations on the "Hill," grew as a result of interest aroused by the advent of a Department of journalism at U-T. Early in the spring quarter of l948, a nucleus of six journal- ism students met, drafted a constitution, and formed the club to unite the efforts of journalism majors in promoting service, scholarly, professional, and social activities associated with the new Department of journalism. Shortly after the beginning of the club, many of the original members, being seniors, were graduated, and the remaining "plank owners" left school to take jobs for the summer with newspapers throughout the state under the intern plan. Naturally, this necessitated the club's becoming dormant. However, when the first meeting of the fall quarter was announced, a great many new journalists and several upperclassmen demonstrated a keen interest in reestablishing the status of the club. Since that time the organization has grown steadily and shows great promise of becoming a permanent student activity on the "Hill." JUUB 41 Front Row: Betty Obenour, Ed Goins, jack Marshall, Avron Spiro, Virginia Hollifield. Second Row: Dick Nowlinq, Dan Hicks, Gordon Glover, Mike Weath- erly, Iack Hixon. Third Row: Jack Westbrook, George Baker, Bill Tome, Jim Cardwell, Bill Keel, Harold johnson. V f 'f knew j if is NALISM CLUB 4-rr 1 Seated: Anna Lynn Evans, Helen Hier, Betty Riney, Berta Waterhouse, Mary Adcrir House, Patty Regan. Standing: Ianis White, Dot Wallace, Miss Helen Henderson, Betsy Bridge, Io Meyer, Betty Sherrill. Bl.UE TIIIANIELE OFFICERS BETTY RINEY . . .... . . President HELEN HIER . .... . Vice-President BERTA WATERHOUSE . . . . Secretary MARY ADAIR HOUSE . . Treasurer COUNCIL BETTY SHERRILL . . ,.,. , . Attendance IOSEPHINE MEYER . . . . . . Attendance BETSY BRIDGE . . . Attendance ANNE LYNN EVANS ..,,. , . . . . .Publicity PATTY REGAN ......... . .,.. Publicity The Blue Triangle, a division of the Y.W.C.A., is open to all girls at the University of Tennessee. The purpose of this organ- ization is leadership, friendship and service to all. lt sponsors community projects and book reviews. The A.S.C.E. was founded at the University of Tennessee as an aid in helping the Civil Engineering student to become more familiar with this chosen field. The American Society of Civil Engineers has steadily increased its popularity on the campus and elsewhere. The A.S.C.E, has proved highly efficient in bringing before the student chapter prominent engineers whose practical talks on various phases have been greatly appreciated by the rnernbers. Original recognition pin included a transit and 20 lb. plumb bob, but was later discarded in favor of crossed T squares on a background of graph paper. OFFICERS H. W, GIVAN , , . , , . President M. E. ROTH . ..., . Vice-President T, M, HASTING . . . . Secretary N, H, POST , , . . . Treasurer E, G, SHELTON . . Faculty Advisor AMERICAN SUCIETY UF HVILENEINEEHS Front Row: I. R. Phillips, I. L. Kelso, W. H. Malone, B. F, Bateman, E. G. Shelton, A. H. Gudolluoglu, I. U. Estes, Daniels Winnike, Oberhofer, M. E, Roth, Hal Jones. Second Row: R, H, Sanford, R. C. Lose, R, L. Lewis, R, E. Herring, H. Claybrook, T. M. Hasting, W. R. Price, H, Lee, H, T, Hogue, W'. C. Thompson, Third Row: R. M, Kemper, R. M. Foster, I. V, Barnet te, C. E. Johnson, I. B. Swing, N, H, Post, W. E. Bush, P, C. Walpole, W. A, Fortune, H. W, Givan. OFFICERS JAMES HARRY OGILVIE . . . Headmaster BENTON E. PHELPS . . . Scribe MATTHEW C. ELLIS .... Senior Warden DOUGLAS OSTEEN . . Treasurer EDWIN C. BONE . . . . Junior Warden JOHN W. GOODMAN . . Chancellor JOHN F. HOLLY . . . . Faculty Advisor The International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity for students of commerce and business administration. It was founded in 1907 at New York University's School of Commerce, Accounts, and Finance, for the purpose of encouraging scholarship and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice, promoting a closer affiliation between the commercial World and students of commerce, and furthering a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and civic and commercial welfare of the community. Since the founding of the fraternity it has developed into one of the largest and most influential organi- zations of the entire collegiate field. In 29 states and Canada there are more than sixty chapters of Delta Sigma Pi, with members and alumni scattered throughout the World. Alpha Zeta chapter was founded on the "Hill" in 1924 and since then texcept for a few inactive years during the warJ has played an active part on the campus and in the activities of the School of Business Administration. The present program of the fraternity is planned to give its members an extensive knowledge of fields of business other than their own. The chapter sponsors professional programs with a series of speakers, industrial tours, inspection trips, educational motion pictures, as well as social "get-togethers" which help to develop in their members that social grace, poise, and confidence so necessary to the progress and suc- cess ofthe professional man. The personal associations in Delta Sigma Pi arouse in its members ambition to excel, provide profes- sional training, and develop leadership and personality in the only way possible-through experience. The members of Delta Sigma Pi are: Robin F. Johnson, Thomas B. Swift, William H. Overcash, Frank K. King, Thomas H. Lester, Ernest P. Newbern, Jr., James R. Scanhan, William S. Arnett, Leslie M. Bare, Jr., Edwin C. Bone, Paul C. Bradshaw, H. C. Bright, Robert W. Crabtree, Sam Y. Cross, Jr., Thomas A. Cum- mings, James S. Dallas, John E. Deviese, Gordon B. Dew, Joseph P. Durham, Matthew C. Ellis, Joseph L. Frye, Forrest D. Furnace, John W, Goodman, Philip F. Gouffon, William M. Graves, William M. Hale, James H. Hotchkiss, Virgil H. Houston, Richard H. Jennings, William H, Jernigan, Charles M, Keith, Morton A. Lee, Jack M. Murray, James H. Ogilvie, Douglas M. Osteen, Robert G. Parks, Jr., Benton E. Phelps, Jr., Robert G. Schaedle, Jr., Joseph T. Washam, Jack R. Webster, James B. Worley, J. H. Browder, John Pedrey, Robert D. West, R. B. Williams, Vernon W. Cox, Denneth D. Hatcher, Seth M. Fleetwood, Richard R, Frazier, Hugh R. Holder, Jack E. Keen, Ralph M. Killebrew, L. P. McCort, Olen H. Marshall, Bertram L. Mayes, R. D. Porter, Lynn Seeber, Paul B. Story. -- ELT SIGMA PI 229 EL llllllllllll ESPANUI. OFFICERS ANN KERR . ..., . Presidente Sl'llRLEY SCHROLL , . Vice-Presidenta GLORIA SHREVE Secretaria BARBARA SHREVE . Peseta Collector DR, G. E, WADE .,..., , . ...., Advisor Thees clob she was organized en order to promote an eenterest een Spanish and everything Spanish-American. Anyone who can .1 say "Como esta" is welcome to become a member and to learn costoms, dress, and nature of the Latinos. l-lot tamales are rumored to be served after a dance of the rurnba. Members are: Peggy Alexander, Mr. Archer, Carol Augur, Dr. Averett, lames Bibee, Anne Carpenter, Lee Carpenter, Nelson Cavazos, Mr. Clark, Winnie Cullom, Tony Turner, Maxine Crosf well, Clifford Davis, Elizabeth Devine, Miss Ehrhardt, larnes L. Haynes, Marilyn Hunt, lane Kimbrough, lo Law, Robert E. Lee, Margaret Lewis, lane McCullough, Ruth Myers, Dorothy B. Ruther- ford, lanis Sawyer, Rosa Sharp, Ann Strasser, Anne Sullivan, Ben Supple, Dr. Swain, Betty Lee Taylor. Sigma Delta Pi, the national honor fraternity for students of the Spanish language and culture, is represented at the University of Tennessee by the Alpha Psi chapter. Dr, lames O, Swain, Chairman oi the U.T. Department of Romance Languages, is the executive secretary of the national organization. OFFICERS ELIZABETH DEVINE . . . . . . President B. C. MONEYMAKER . Vice-President ANNE CARPENTER Secretary NELSON CAVAZOS . Treasurer ROBERT AVERETT . . . , . . Advisor ELAINE EHRHARDT . . . . ..... Advisor Front Row: Proi. Gerald E, Wade, Prof. Robert Averett, Anne Carpenter, Elizabeth Devine, Senora and Senor Francisco Kurt Lange, Mrs. David Van Vactor, Dr. David Van Vactor, Elaine Ehrhardt, Mr, Alfred Schmied. Second Row: Carey Cranttord, L, D, Garinger, Eerlen Moneymaker, Nelson Cavazos, Humphrey Coulter, Prof, lohn E, Keller, William Archer, Silvio Clark, James O. Conwell, Louis Schneider, Third Row: Betty lohnson, Ruth Groseclose, Gloria Shreve, Barbara Shreve, iohanna Petree, Noelia Banuchi, Catherine Partain, Bobbie leanne Jones, Le Cercle Francais was organized for the purpose of giving LEFT TO RIGHT: lean Gray, Beverly Crowell, Ann Dooley, Betsy Bridge, and Alice Lyle. The Home Economics Club was started on the University ot Tennessee Campus by Miss Ida Anders in l925. The Club is open to all students enrolled in the school of Home Economics and to others who are interested, The purpose of the club is to acquaint and stimulate the interests ot the girls in the oppor- tunities in the iield of home economics and to provide for fellow- ship among the girls, HUME EUUNUMIES CLUB OFFICERS ANN LYOOLEY . . . . .President BETSY BRIDGE , . . Vice-President BEVERLY CROWELL Second Vice-President IEAN GRAY . . . Secretary ALICE LYLE . . Treasurer OFFICERS LILLIAN HENDRICKS President IAMES W, BENTLEY Secretary LU KENNEDY . . . Treasurer BETSY HILL Program Chairman ADVISORS U13 lame-5 tj. Swain, ltr. Walter E. Stiotel, and Ill. Re-irio VIIIHIIQII. LE EERELE FRANCAIS those students who are interested in French an opportunity to learn to speak and understand the language. This can be ac- complished by participation in the semi-monthly programs. Mem- bers are chosen from language students who show an interest in things French-its language, history, culture, and customs. Members are: Iames W. Bentley, Lillian Hendrirks, Betsy Hill, Nan Newsom, Hobby I. Woodriift, A. N. Ceylon, Hamdi G, Ahmet, Vary I.. Frazier, Eleanor W. lVlcCleary, Barbara Benziger, Harold Youtz, Xltfilliam Haynes, Randall Orr, Clifton H, Butcher, Carl Akerman, Boyd Reagan, Charles I'ra7ier, lr., Betty Simmons, Albert Nlpper, and Frank Lester. s?2K E RUN..- ---....- DELTAKAPPA OFFICERS DOUG SMITH, IR ..,. .... , . . President ORVIS MILNER .... . . . Vice-President PROP. SAM L. HANSARD . . . Secretary-Treasurer DEAN RALPH E. DUNFORD . , . . Advisor Busy as little bees-these "Wheels on campus" have their little noses and fingers in numerous pies on the campus. Every organization from the technical engineering and radio societies to social fraternities and student newspaper have felt the influence of these gentlemen. Now don't let the black robes fool you-these men are not all proud possessors of a 3.0 average, although scholar- ship is an important part of their activities. Doug Smith wields the mighty gavel, ably assisted by Orvis Milner as V- Prexy, While Prof. Sam Hansard controls the key to the strongbox, and Dean Ralph Dunford hangs around in an advisory capacity. Omicron Delta Kappa Was founded December 3, 1914, at Washington and Lee University. Beta Nu Circle was founded on the U-T campus November 28, 1947. It was formerly Circle and Torch, a local honorary society. 232 The purpose of ODK is threefold: First, to recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities and to inspire others to strive for conspicuous attainments along the same lines. Second, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegi- ate life and thus to create an organization which will help to mold the senti- ments of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate interest. Third, to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the insti- tution on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. Members include: lack Armstrong, George Balitsaris, Bayne Burroughs, lack Crum, Tom Cummings, Morris Dillard, Alvin Eber, Conway Garlington, Robert Gilbert, Lloyd Hammond, Edgar Haun, Iames M. Haynes, lames King, Iohn Knight, Robert Lund, Edward McConnell, left Newbill, Harry Ogilvie, Robert Parks, Iames Powell, Leonard Rogers, David Schwartz, Lynn Seeber, Ioseph Strong, lack Thompson, Aubrey Trammel, Howard Waller, Paul Walther, Ioseph Washam, David Weatherly, lack Westbrook, lack Whiteside. Faculty Members are: Frank F. Bell, Pres. C. E. Brehm, A. W. Iones, R. C. Matthews, Lloyd F. Seatz, Iohn M. Smartt. - - H -U DELTAKA 233 MICR PPA E RBUHY CLUB B'8Qf'gf ,. X . WW The Canterbury Club is the official organization of the Episcopal Students at the University of Tennessee. Its purpose is to promote fellowship and Christian living among students. The Episcopal Church in Tennessee provides Tyson House as a student Center. Within Tyson House is a Chapel where services, conducted by the Chaplain, are held as they occur in the Church Calendar. Tyson House has facilities for studying as well as recreation. Parties, hay- rides, dances and other social functions are held during the year for the interest of the Episcopal Students and their friends. 234 ln May 1944, Kappa Chi, honorary dance society, was founded on the University ot 'Tennessee campus by Esther lane Kennedy, Betty lo Brown, Phyllis Sherrill, Ruth Graham, Marjorie Kohler, lane Osburn and Kathryn Ryan. These seven girls were interested in the advanced study ol Modern Dance techniques and com- position. Members of Kappa Chi are chosen from the Modern Dance Club on basis ot outstanding ability in technique and composition, creativeness, dance background and attendance, KAPPACHI 0 OFFICERS DORIS HURST . . . . , President MARY ANNE ELLIS . , Vice-President IENNY LYNN ELLIS . . SecretaiyfTi-easurer OFFICERS DORIS HUBST , President MARY ANNE ELLIS . Vice-President IENNY LYNN ELLIS Secretory-Treasurer The Modern Dance Club was orgonized on the University of Tennessee campus in i937 to promote interest in modern dance as the art form of physical education, a creative athletic experience. Membership of Kappa Chi Honorary Dance Society is chosen from the Modern Dance Club. Advisor is Miss Allen. Members are: Marie Wheeler, Emma Lou Kreger, Elsie Taylor, Phil MJDEHN DANCE Evcrsole, Gloria Ennian, Anne Morris, lenny Lynn Ellis, john Sturnpl, Betty Ann Clemens, Peggy Dunn, layne Patrick, Danny Shea, Doris Koh- ler, Nancy Cloud, Nancy loe Boldwin, Altredci Tanner, Nancy Cantrell, Margee ludson, Dot Binkley, Nancy Broyles, Frances Fox, Rebecca Dasnell, Virginia Hasson, Harriett Bibb, Leslie Hammer, loan Crawford, Kathryn Jones, Lily Van Morris, Louise Monger, Barbara Thee-le, Kathryn Fouth, Mary Lib Rochot, lohnie Thomas, Mary loe DeFord, Ruth Garland, Mary Kate Hutcheson, Peggy Wood, Nell Anderson, Antinettie Lensgraf, Barbara Bengengin, Dolores Clarke, Mimi Sims, Kay Wier, Mary Miller, Cynthia McConnell, lean Houston, DeLoras Vaughan, Patsy Annhart, Betty lane McMohan, Betty Brown, Eleanor Edmondson, Dot Cobb, Nancy Shuler, Peggy Clem, Mary Anne Bucks, lane Davis, Mary Anne Ellis, Nancy lohn Sloan, Pot Honegar, Gertrude Bridges, ludy Leith, lane lones, Virginia Thorpe, Carolyn Stubley, lean Stubley, lean Stone, Betty Harrington, Billy Sofiell, Mary Ann Garland. 235 MUHTI-ill BUAHU ,xl Al 3 , El l fl, Y 7 Senior Women, not plasterers, belong to this organization. Mortar Board, a national women's honorary organization, chooses members on the basis ot scholarship, leadership, service, and character. A local society, Cap and Gown, organized on the "Hill" in l9l8. ln l938 it affiliated with Mortar Board to become one ot more than seventy chapters all striving to develop a finer type ot college Woman. Chieftess of the black-jacketed clan is Betty l-laaga. Second in command is Charlotte Finnell, scribe for the tribe, Nancy Hamlettg moola counter, Elizabeth Sledge, and, Martha McManus edits. Members on campus are: Ann Dooley, Ioan Gammill, Iulia Leith, Sue Mayo, Catherine Partain, Ruth Ann Peoples, lane Peters, Marion Walling, Eleanor Edmondson. Io Ann Lusby received her sheepskin last August, and in September, Nancy Smith went over the hill to the University of Virginia's law school. 236 OFFICERS ORVIS MILNER . . . . President HM MINER , . Vice President BOB LUND . . . Secretary-Treasurer There are "T" clubs, and there are T Clubs. One kind is the society of Tea drinkers. This T Club is made up of men who have won letters in one of the major or minor sports at the University of Tennessee. These sports include football, basketball, track, boxing, Wrestling, swimming, cross country, tennis and golf. The T Club has as its purpose clean sportsmanship, Congeniality, and friendly association among its members. In addition it aims to show the importance of scholarship, and attempts to maintain interest of the alumni in University Athletics and thus improve our sports program. 1 1 l l l ' T L ,fl l if 77 237 CLUB MAN CLUB OFFICERS IAMES G. MALOY . ,..., . . . President LAURA L. KELLY , . . . Vice President ROBERT M. BENNETT , . , Treasurer MARY U. PAULUS . , Secretary The Newman Club of the University oi Tennessee is one of a federation of 300 Newman Clubs throughout the country. There are presently over 80,000 members attiliated with the Newman Club Federation, which organization is governed and carries on its program on a national basis. Founded 35 years ago, the clubs were named for the prominent educator oi the last century, lohn Henry Cardinal Newman. The Catholic students of the University ot Tennessee comprise the member- ship ot the club and meet weekly on Tuesday evenings under the general guidance ot Reverend Edward C. Elliot. Activities range from religious discus- sions to social events. One important manifestation of the club's activities is the Communion breakfast held on the first Sunday of each school month at the Church of the Immaculate Conception. 238 OFFICERS W. H. REED . . President TOM B, HARRISON . , , . Treasurer KENNETH CURRY . . Secretary ALBERTA YOUNG . . Iournal Correspondent The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded in 1897 and became a national organization through the efforts of the presidents of three state universities tincluding the University of Tennesseel. Its primary objective has been from the first the recognition and encouragement of superior scholarship in all fields of university study. Its chapters elect from all schools of their respective universities, restricting their num- bers to not more than ten per cent of the candidates for degrees. Members are: Betty Lee Albert, A. I. Ashe, Mary lane Bell, Vivian Bell, Elsie Bird, Edward Boling, Iames Boyett, Robert Burlingame, Franklin Cantrell, Robert Clark, Humphrey Coulter, Ruth Davilla, Ruth Davila Ri- vera, Iames Doby, Mary Nell Eldridge, Henry Farrar, lames Gabbard, Dorothy Godfrey, William Haltom, Mildred I-liscock, Iames Holt, Roma Humphreys, William Jones, Susan Langstaff, Capitola Looper, Kenneth McCasland, Guy Moifitt, Robert McCabe, Iames McKnight, Eunice Park, lake Paschall, Mack Potts, Ann An- derson, Marian Bagley, Rupert Bennett, Carolyn Blair, Elsie Mae Bondurant, Martha Briscoe, Charles Cain, Robert Cates, William Cole, Royce Cowan, Ann Dempster, Basil Draper, Florence Emery, Iohn Faust, Richard Garner, Mary Griffin, Porter Hannah, Reuber Harris, Gene Holthofer, Hugh lltis, Martha Kane, Ioe Lay, lo Ann Lusby, Rachel Miller, Voss Moore, Fred McCorkle, loyce McKoy, William Parks, George Phillips, Marilyn Powers, Iames Ashburn, Philip Barnhart, Molly Biles, Edgar Bingham, Iacob Blumenfeld, Elsie lean Boschert, Marianne Burke, lohn Campbell, Ching-Yung Cheng, Ierry Combs, Alexander Cuningham, Eliza- beth Devine, Olive Draper, Donald Ewing, Betty Io Fox, Margie Goans, Mary Ruth Hale, Elizabeth Henry, Cornelia Hoffpauir, Edgar Hopper, Andrew Iohnson, George Krewson III, Clayteen Lewis, Iohn Martin, Gordon Millner, Mary Myers, Iohn McDow, Ben McMurry, Leon Parris, loe Poole, Thomas Prewitt, Frances Proffitt, Calvin Rector, Stephen Rhea, Mary Sue Rule, Marjorie Schenk, Nancy Smith, Miriam Sue Smother- man, Iohn Sterchi, Patricia Stuart, Felix Truss, Mary Nelle Veazey, Dorothy Iean Wells, Trevor Tucker, Roy Pruett, Mary lean Reid, Frank Riordan, William Rutledge, Stanley Simon, Rebecca Smith, Virginia Spurling, Henry Stockley, Carl Stubbletield, Williczm Turner, Carter Wall, Iohn Widner, Winnie Range, Earle Reuben, Evelyn Rule, Mary Frances Sargent, Pattie Simpson, Robert Smith, Iohn Stanley, Robert Stonerock, Beulah Thompson, Trula Vandergriff, Theodore Weber, Iohn Zumbro. Faculty Members: Florence V. Essery, Le Roy Philip Craf, Aaron John Sharp, Ruth Stephens, Eric Winters. KAPPA CH UN.. i.. - 17 - MARION WALLING MARY RUTH ELLIS MARY CUNNINGHAM SUE MAYO . . , MARTHA MCMANUS IOAN GAMMILL . OFFICERS . , President Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . Local Editor National Editor Election to Omicron Nu is one of the highest achievements open to students in home economics. Organized at Michigan State College in 1912, this honorary organization was brought to the university in 1936. Since that date, it has rapidly advanced to become one of the nation's leading chapters. It recognizes scholarship, leadership, and research in the home economics field. S X Wm w..f.M,m,WK is M5551 Mmwf 'Q 'wf' is ,Q- xv R ., GUN MUTTU OFFICERS BOB GILBERT . . . , . . . . President MANUS HENEGAR . Vice President GEORGE HALL , Secretary-Treasurer' VVALTER RYBA . . . , Faculty Adviser The Con Moto Society was tormed with the purpose ot promoting high ideals of personal responsibility and ot good character as Well as to recognize and advance good musicianship. Acting in a confidential capacity, this society has been on the campus for a number ot years endeavoring to promote better leadership within the band. Like many ot the organizations on the hill, Con Moto was inactive during World War ll. Becoming reestablished in October of l946, this honorary band fraternity now carries on its aforementioned pur- poses and activities. These have in large part been responsible tor the high musical ability and leadership of the present University ot Tennessee Band. Looking ahead, Con Moto desires to become tor future members a standard tor musical Perfection. Members are: Tom Adkins, Bill Anderson, Dave Arnold, Bill Bookout, Iack Bowers, Bill Chapman, Bob Cochran, Francis Conn, Howard Cooper, Iames Fagan, Charles Gabbard, Tom Lane, Ioe McPherson, Tom Nelson, Don Nunley, Robert Rutledge, Paul Sherbakoof, Bill Strange. 242 OFFICERS FRED W, GUPTON . . , President EARL M, RAMER . Cor. Secretary-Treasurer IOHN SlMPSON . . Vice President EASCOM H. STORY . . . Faculty Sponsor IEFPERSON E. TAYLOR . Recording Secretary LENNIS DUNLAP Editor of Newsletter G Historian Phi Delta Kappa is a professional association of male educators and students of education who have de- cidcd definitely to enter upon a career ot teaching. Its growth has paralleled that of research in education. The first chapter of what later became Phi Delta Kappa was organized in lndiang University in 1906 under the name Pi Kappa Mu. ln 1910 Pi Kappa Mu and two other organizations with similar aims effected an amalgamation under the name Phi Delta Kappa. From the beginning, the fraternity has been committed nationally, locally, and individually to the scien- tific study of education and to the ideals of research, service, and leadership in the field of public educa- tion, Nationally, the fraternity has sponsored the publication of several valuable books pertaining to edu- cation, including the Dictionary of Education. The Phi Delta Kappan, a professional magazine, is published monthly by the national organization. Alpha Kappa Campus Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa was organized at the University of Tennessee in 1923 as the Educational Research Club. This group was admitted into the national society and installed as Alpha Kappa Chapter in 1925. The Club was the result of the efforts of Dr. loseph E. Avent, who was a member of the Beta Chapter at Columbia University. Dr. Avent continued as faculty sponsor of the chapter for a num- ber of years. The present membership of the Alpha Kappa Chapter is one hundred twenty-seven. There Were, in l947, fifty-six campus chapters and forty-three field chapters of Phi Delta Kappa. These chapters are engaged in various projects beneficial to public education. Rho Chapter at New York Univer- sity underwrites the publication of The Iournal of Educational Sociology, a magazine with a national cir- culation in its special field. Alpha Kappa Chopter maintains a Teacher Recruitment Committee which is planning for a statewide teacher recruitment program, and a Research Committee, which seeks ways in which Phi Delta Kappa can promote world understanding and legislation for better educcltional facilities. First How: lesse E. Pipkin, Paul H. Creason, Charles W. Fairless, Fred W. Gupton, Romie W. Neisler, D. M. Pairless, E. E. lvfcCurry. Second Row: David C. Hodge, I. Clarke Rhodes, Robert F. Barkley, Harry D. McPeake, Iames D. Hens- ley, Earl M. Ramer, A, M. Iohnston. Third How: Edward P. Deere, Cecil F. Boreing, Phillip G. VgnDyke, Earl C. Anderson, Adams Phillips, Clyde H. Wilson. PHI DELTA KAPPA 243 ETA THU Hmmm yn OFFICERS CHARLOTTE FINNELL . ..... . . . President MARY POINDEXTER . . . Vice-President MARGARET MARTIN . , Secretary BARBARA HOLDER .,,... . . . . . . . , Treasurer Phi Eta Tau is a professional wornen's physical education sorority. Any physical education major or minor is eligible. The organization was started on the campus in 1853 to further the interest in the field of physical education The society is active in sponsoring professional meetings and various other activities during the year. Members include: Betty Adams, Celestine Alonso, Phyllis Barkel, Majorie Berkley, Rose Boring, Betty Bostick, Irma lean Brooks, Barbara Brownell, Mary Buchanan, Nancy Butler, Gladys Carpenter, Irma Caton, Ruth Marie Compton, Ioanne Cowell, Iane Davis, lune Dinkins, Doris Duncan, Mary Ann Ellis, Charlotte Finnell, Sarah Frost, Wanda Hetherly, Gladys Heggie, Barbara Holder, Blanche Holt, Gwen Howard, Bess Hunter, Doris Hurst, Dot Gunn, Mary R. Iared, Betty Keirn, Iewell Kesterson, Melba Lewis, Peggy McBride, Virginia McCarnp- bell, Margaret Martin, lean Mason, Nancy Mitchell, Louise Monger, Io Motlow, Elinor Meeks, lean Newlin, Betty Noland, Mary Poindexter, Pat Price, Martha Rocks, Pat Schabot, Hazel Smith, Mary Stark, Nancy Sterchi, Bettie Toole. 244 OFFICERS MARY ANN TRUSS . ..... . . President Beta Gamma, Tennessee's Chapter of Pi Omega Pi, honorary business educa- tion and office administration fraternity, was founded Iuly 16, 1941. lt aims to foster and promote high scholarship, worthy ideals, high ethical standards in business and professional life, and the general Welfare and the best interests of the University of Tennessee. Today, members of Pi Omega Pi-tomorrow, leaders in business education and office administration. Senior members of Pi Omega Pi are: Caroline Richard, Eleanor Stewart, Mary Elizabeth McCo1loch, Phyllis Bewley, Donald W. White, Charles E. Dodd, Iames H. Hotchkiss, Elizabeth Ward, Margaret Anne Rowe, Faun Delozier, Mary Hanahan, Beth Siphers, Lena Ruth Iones, Barbara Tuttle, Nelle Irwin, Eleanor Edmondson, Margaret Mcllwaine, Ioy Bunyan, Mary Ann Truss. "f A W W ' f TWSNFG Q ' Q 9 Q fjxfwgy 3 , Waals , Q 3 Q 5 gqiwgrgtgn z V was . M 'Q MW. . sk ua A Q ,sssssssifgt ' RX f S Q ss ' W 3234? av . 2 ,m,e553fW UME 245 5 E Km Ell Pl- . LAMBDA THETA l ! First Row: Ioan Gammill, Elizabeth l Sledge, Mrs. Anna Sue McMillan, Martha McManus. l l OFFICERS ELIZABETH SLEDGE . . . . President MRS. ANNA SUE MCMILLAN . . . . Vice-President IOAN GAMMILL . . . . Keeper ol Records MARTHA MCMANUS . . Treasurer All Women aren't stupid . . . and the membership ot Lambda Theta proves this statement. Pi Lambda Theta, a National Honorary Fraternity for women in Education, is open to juniors, seniors and graduate students with 3.0 averages and whose qualifications particularly fit them for leadership in educational fields. Each student must be recommended by two members of the faculty, 246 --I at least one of whom shall be a member of the Education Faculty. The faculty advisor is Dr. Essery- - Purpose of Pi Lambda Theta- "To foster professional spirit and to seed and maintain the highest standards of scholarship and professional preparation, especially among Womeng "To work actively to further the cause of democratic education: "To cooperate in the solution of problems which inter-penetrate various fields of knowledgeg "To strive for clear understanding of local, state, national and international problems and to stimulate active participation in their solution: "To encourage graduate Work and to stimulate research in accordance with these purposes." LAMBDA TH S 1' " 351111139 QIINQY MQW vii, 'Xmfxfp' HOWARD H. BAKER GEORGE BAKER, IR. WILLIAM H. BEVIS SAM BROWDER JAMES A. BURDETTE FRED H. CAGLE, IR. HUGH F. CAREY, IR. FRANK M. DEERIESE STEVE L. DOKA DAVID M, DODSON wwaeau sfmun 50 ,Fry FOUDDED l9l5 , TEN 7 49 .5 Z 1 X pr x 1' ye ,hr I .9 46 F 41275 " 'FQ 5' ' 'rig ' g S Q QP If R '-' 1790: BEN D. DUNAGAN BILLY V. EVANS L, D. GARINGER ROBERT M. GILLIAM ERNEST GRIGGS IACK F. HAMILTON KEITH HARBER CRAIG HARRIS PAUL G. HUGHES L. R. HESLER IULIAN IAKES GRADY KIMSEY ROBERT E. LEE, IR. HAL LITTLEFORD BYRL C. LOGAN WALKER E, MEACHAM DR. SAM MEYER DONALD MIRTS G. W. MORTON, IR. EDDIE MCBRIDE IACK D. McKEEHAN GEORGE MCVAY IOE PEACOCK RUSSELL N, SHEDDEN IACK C. SWEARINGEN R. E. THOMASON TOM VAUGHN IAMES G, WALLS MURRAY WARMATH DABNEY S. WELLEORD LEE WINCHESTER ROBERT S. WIIITE OFFICERS D. IUNE DALLAS . , ...... . . . President IEAN DUNLAP . . . . Vice President IANIE ROGERS . , , Secretary MARILYN CROSS . .... Treasurer MARY CURRY . , . . . Publicity Chairman MISS HELEN WATSON . . . . ...... . .... Adviser The Swim club was formed during the F all Quarter of the year 1944-1945 for the purpose oi bringing together the girls on the "Hill" who were interested in swimming. lt is open to any girl attending the University. Members are: Betty Bostick, Rhea Burchfield, Carol Cartwright, Ioan Crawford, Mary Curry, Churchill Drumm, lean Gray, Gladys l-leggie, Alice Ienkins, Emma Lou Kreger, Lynn Matthes, loanna Myers, Cynthia McConnell, Ianie Rogers, Clara Sloan, Phyllis Smith, Mary Stack, Mary lane Brandon, Dot Campbell, Carol Chandler, Marilyn Cross, Dottie Dodds, Gloria Enman, Betty Greer, lean Hunter, Zelotta Korndoriier, Marie Lawhon, Ann Morris, Virginia McCampbell, Gay Ritts, PSQCJY Russell, Ann Smith, Lynn Rose Stansberry, Barbara Swan, Dot Tiller, Nina Tolley, Alfreda Turner, Mary Miller Wallace, Marian White. SWIMMING 249 CLUB TIIU BETA Pl Active Members, Fall 1948 First Row: A. C. Kerr, W. M. Kest ner, R, D. Gilbert, H, A. Whitsitt I. C, Swearinqen, S. Y, Merritt, C. R. Todd. Second Row: R. E. Maerker, M. E. Roth, I. L. Parris, R. S. White, H, L Carter, W, A, Fortune, I, H. Biclc H, D. Claylorook. Third Row: B. A. Wilder, I. M Mitchell, E. Lawson, C. N. Swear- inqton, P. M. Smith, C. C. Harris F. Z, Akyol. Not Pictured: W. S. Shelow, R, D Fisher. OFFICERS CRAIG HARRIS . . . President HARRY CLAYBROOK . . . Vice-President MARTIN ROTH . . Recording Secretary CHARLES SWEARINGEN Corresponding Secretary PETE SMITH . . Cataloqer ROBERT FISHER , . ACE Board Representatives RICHARD MAERKER . . ACE Board Representatives E. C. HOLDREDGE . . Treasurer The best engineers make Tau Beta Pi, and it is a real honor and distinction to be a member. The other engineers simply graduate and make money. 250 , Originally founded at Lehigh University in 1885 by Dr. E. H. Williams, Tau Beta Pi, with its 5U,OUO members is now recognized as the leading honorary engineering society. The Tennessee Alpha chapter has been outstanding since its installation in 1929. The purpose of the society is to "mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor on their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exem' plary character as undergraduates in engineering and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America." The national headquarters of Tau Beta Pi are in Knoxville on the U.T. campus, and a permanent headquarters building will be built in the near future. The structure will be named in honor of U.T.'s Prof. B. C. Matthews who is Secretary- Emeritus and grand old man of Tau Beta Pi. BET 251 A ALPHA CHISIEMA OFFICERS IOHN L. ROSE , . , . Master Alchemist E. F. MARTIN . . . Vice Master Alchemist H. P. HUNERWADEL . . Master of Ceremonies GEORGE F. CAROLL . . Secretary GROVER MAXWELL . . Treasurer JAMES W. NEI-ILS . . . . Reporter DR. GEORGE P. MUELLER . . . Faculty Advisor National honorary professional fraternity. Founded 1902. Forty-nine chap- ters on leading University and college campuses. Open to outstanding chemis- try and chemical engineering students who will devote their lives Work to chemistry. 252 Active members ot Alpha Chi Sigma are: Sam R. Bugg, Lee Bullington, Earnest E. Byrn, George F. Carroll, lames B. Conley, Louis H. Cross, Robert S. Crouse, lim Eldridge, I. B. Elliot, David S. Ferris, A. G. Eincannon, Douglas Foster, lames Garner, Vifalter L. Graft, Richard Griscom, Abram Hatcher, Iames P. Holder, George Holme, H. P. Hunerwadel, C. E. Keys, Robert G. Klipple, Iohn M. Lee, Iarnes H. Lillie, E. A. Lloyd, A. I. Long, E. I. MacArtor, E. F. Martin, Grover Maxwell, George Miles, lames W. Nehls, Iames C. Pangle, Donald Pickens, M. L. Piclcleseimer, Miles Glenn Porter, Mack E. Potts, David Raynolds, Edmond Reynolds, Pat Rion, Thomas V. Roe, Iohn L. Rose, William F. Royall, P. A. Sanguinetti, William S. Shelow, Robert Stobaugh, William H. Tallent, E. W. Thomas, lames Utley, Royal D. Watts, Robert S. White, Ben H. Whiteaker. ALPHA CHISIEMA 253 UNIVERSITY . CHRISTIAN IISSIICIIITIUN MR. R. W. FROST, General Secretary MISS HELEN HENDERSON, Executive Secretary EMPLOYED STAFF MINNIE M. WADE . . Office Secretary ADVISORY BOARD Dean Ralph E, Dunford Dean Harriet C, Greve President C. E. Brehm Dean Fred C. Smith BOARD MEMBERS DEAN L, R, I-IESLER . ,,,. Chairman MRS. F. G. RAMSEY . . Vice-Chairman MR. CHARLES I, BARBER .... Trecrsurer Dr, Frank B. Ward Mrs. Graeme Canning Iudge D. C. Webb Mrs, L, R. Hesler And All Y.M,C.A. and Y.W.C,A. Officers HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY It is traditional for the University of Tennessee to have a churchfcentered Campus Christian program. The first president of the University was also the Minister of G Knoxville Church. Today the Christian Associations on the Campus continues to serve as the hand that points the students to the church of their choice. On February 2, 1877, because of a greet need was felt for some organization which should unite the Christian men of all classes and departments of the University, and all denominations in their efforts for the advancement of Christian work among their fellow students, the Young Men's Christian Association was organized at the University of Tennessee. ln 1897 the Young Women's Christian Association was organized, Since 1934, the two associations have had a joint board and budget, one staff and one program. The "Y" Building, erected on the campus in l89O, burned in 1945, and since Iune l, 1946, the Christian Associations has been located in the temporary Student Center Building on top of the Hill. 254 ii. The guiding philosophy ofthe Association is that their place on the campus is as a unit of activity of inter-relatedness. "Religion and life are one and the some or neither is anything," expresses the goal which the staff, officers and cabinet members are striving to gain. The Christian Associations Board, including the University Administration, have endorsed, encouraged and assisted the Associations in all phases of Christian progress on the campus. The Christian Associa- tions ideals have also been furthered through cooperation with the All Student's Club, the University Church Workers Council, the Women's Student Government Association and many other campus groups. Cabinet members are: George Baker, Clifford Barbour, Betsy Bridge, Louise Broome, James Burdette, Nancy Butler, Iohn Campbell, Patricia DeBerry, Dave Dodson, Ann Dooley, Agnes Dougherty, Betty Drinnen, Eleanor Edmondson, Sam Fowler, Virginia Frost, Ernest Griggs, lack Hamilton, Mary Adair House, Virginia Hutton, Alice Lyle, Blake Mack, George Moss, Iane Peters, Eudell Rippetoe, Mary Pat Sharp, Russ Shedden, Bitsy Sheets, Neal Slover, lane Sullivan, Mary Ann Truss, Marion Walling, lack Whiteside, Nan Williamson, ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS SPONSORED OR CO-SPONSORED BY THE UNIVERSITY CHRISTIANS ASOCIATIONS. FOR FRESI-IMEN-Torch Night Ceremony, Vespers, Mixer, religious census, materials and parties at down- town churches. RETREATS AND CONFERENCES--Cabinet Retreat, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, State Student Christian Confer' ence, Nashville, Tennessee, Blue Ridge Youth Conference, Blue Ridge, North Carolina. THANKSGIVING UNION SERVICE-In the Alumni Memorial Auditorium. RELIGIOUS NEWS BROADCAST-Fifteen minute weekly world wide religious news broadcast. Quarterly city-wide Youth Rallies in various churches. Convocation-Cornpus meetings and inter-church supper down town. Union Easter Sunrise Service on the campus. AREA WIDE Christian Concert "The Messiah" in Alumni Memorial Auditorium. ALL EAST TENNESSEE HYMN SING in the summertime in the Stadium. ALOHA OE CEREMONY-Held in the Stadium as a farewell to Seniors. STUDENT FACULTY DINNER--Open to all. THE CHRISTMAS TREE on the campus. THE CAMPUS CHEST-All drives in one. Out-of-town speakers and other campus Christian Associations programs included: The nationally known journcrlist, Charles A. Wells, picture, "God of the Atom," Rabbi Sidney Ballon of Lexington, Kentucky, Dr. Bernard C. Clausen of Cleveland, Ohio, Mrs. Grace Sloan Overton, well known author of New York, Captain George Campbell of Cincinnati, Ohio, Dr, Ralph W. Lloyd, president of Maryville College, and many other campus church-youth leaders of the South. -- ..---..-.-UNIVE CHRISTIAN ASSUUIATIUN 255 U. T. BAR ASSUCIATIUN IN MEMORIAM IUDGE E. G. STOOKSBURY Ianuary 22, 1879-Iuly 8, 1948 ludge E. G. Stooksbury, graduate of the University oi Tennessee law school and learned member of the Knoxville and Tennessee bar, served the community and the people of this state lor eight years as Knox County luvenile Court ludge. He was then elected judge of the Knox County Criminal Court where he served for sixteen years, winning the respect and admiration of his protes- sion. Aiter his retirement irom the bench, ludge Stooksbury returned to the University of Tennessee to impart to future attorneys oi our state the wisdom that he gained through years of dilligent study and practical experience. Loved and respected by all, he remains an eternal exemplar to those who plan to devote their lives to the promotion of justice by following the legal profession, OFFICERS GEORGE C. THOMAS ..,. ..., E ditor TAMES C. WINKLES . , . . Case Note Editor DIX W, NOEL ,..... . ,.... Advisor The Tennessee Lew Review is published by a Board of Editors chosen on the basis of scholastic merit from the outstanding stu' TENNESSEE LAW REVIEW dents of the College of Law. lt contains comments and case notes by these editors, and articles by outstanding legal authori- ties. The Review is designed to keep lawyers, judges, and scholars informed as to recent trends in the law, particularly the law of Tennessee, and to assist in the solution of new legal problems. The Review reaches about l7OU Tennessee lawyers and judges, along with about 200 subscribers in other parts oi the country. The notes and comments written by the student editors are cited in the Tennessee Lew Digest and become permanent contributions to the jurisprudence of the State. Front Row: Lett to Right: Hugh C, Gallagher, Arthur B. Goddard, William M. Stephens, Hager Odom, Kenneth D. McCasland, R. L. Winchester. Back Row: Lelt to Right: Clayton T, Davenport, Henry T, Ogle, and Iohn W, Robertson. LIFE GETS TEEJUS, DON'T IT? .xx we Na., X " ai, 'Z X nan QSQQSQQ fi uk vwywwi 1 SW xgblidfk., 4w,,.,k.f WR K U R WWNV -ww.. A if . , up ff' yr BEACHCOMBER Qmlli-M ,4l' sag M A WHL STEP RIGHT UP 1--'f SXON PEEKM-A-,BOO HOW ME THE WAY TG GO HON smwamwww, wg, NATURE BOYS gm, W 5 ,rw Emwd 'f-www, NW Jw, an ww L' ff ' .--1-.P ff:-' .. N k in., J , x ' WL 1 ' V Y f in f , f f 1, " -"- .. . ..IJ ' . S-Rai, " 5 fimfatf . In X G 'V . . K . . A' . 29, ., ..,.. gk 'X A' ' " ' f B .., W M H -W.. ,ig . , A 1' A Mg W .X ..... ,:' fe ' V :gg :f7,"':-151' '-" ,-551: , " ' 'EN ' w. . ....,. -,,-f 1 .i Q' ""'e ., , -,. A Nj 1 Q lf " .. wif -'-' is :Lx ' 1' "'sigiig:::.':.:.:-Q,-V1-V2 .,.. ' ,..,., up - 34 ' H :' 1 ' X,-.7 fy N A C I Q 5 1.1. 2 : 1 2 f ,M ll. : 42.4 Qj,,' xi6?ggFg fwf Q52-T23 "3 ..,- 4, ' ,X lg.. . , ' V A , yy' 5.1 1 31- ,K , dia. 13, ,V . 14 1.1 all w- Neff W .. W M sfff 1. ,QQ Moummm sons 95 3 , ,ww Qwmffw f ' ' WE CAN T READ www, '-w gif-Aw-2 .... ...V P , ,,x.'w HW SUNNRNG ' ' X ......,., -'-- f ifLAfxw I 'ff' ,ff gsg g y -' ff ni ty if W A ' 1 ' xji,5::,. :Li ft ' 1, A , S 'izfiff ""2 , f '11 - .,,:-, ,mf . H fuwig,,,,sMffw3,,, 1 v -. .V ..-. ' H h, " 9 ' ""n X , , .. "" 'X 2 ., W' if W Q, A 14 5 Q. N w ay R945 x M N' 'SRM W " ,' .mx J aww .: " S, 22. , 1 ' ww is k ' 11: ,Qian . Q , 2 Q. 'i w 2 Ms, :vw ' A 4' A-'W WW Z,yi:s,,a:1:ffggg:: if Q 1 Q, '- U, ,V A WM am, Mwbm, 5 fmfwwmd 1 ' 1 ff wgzQISiwf9E?2,f.::: ii3 ' has 'ik , f 0 ,U-H,Wwmwvw i ' A x f W1::wS'lwii? ':r,::4e:.:. ' J ff W awww :.:,.zs5.:,:5-.5 2 M Gi Vw A , Slwi- . Illliiffzgrsigighw f f . 1zzia.W2i2?51 ,ti f '15: iSf:'fW Y VW, M " K? 1 K ff',fiffm-iwg'g4I'Z,,4z1ln Lovm G CUPS gm. W 'Y Q A ' W - W HO ABOUT FRIDAY NIGHT? JUDY LEFT ON TH E FENG LAZY BONES were Lowesome H955 UH, YOU NDS! p Y X , 1" . ..,.',P E I .....:. . ..... . A ' ' wf""1,f M E' my ,W Q W-Q - "mi" 7 Y 1 : E ' ."" 'Hu ':" Qf' , diff, mwah .f V J "1AQ f :"'1 , , ,E . . 7 zl- . ,lz ., :,f:..-:Q ---':-' M 55: L' is ., I .,,.... I y V 4 'hifi 'gg vw ' ' , PHfS!viQOTH5"' WIDE OPEN SPACES MILITARY W' mr. f"'J'.,v: f U ', L .fir --so-vn.,f COL. CLAUDE A. BLACK PMSGT Left: REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS Lett to Right: Capt. Richard Burnett, Lt. Col, Julian lakes, Col. lack Tittle, Lt. Col. Tom Bing, Lt. Col. John Knight. Growing, ever growing, to meet the increasing world problems of today, the University of Tenn- essee Military Department is continuously on the job turning RCTC cadets into future army officers, who may well be the difference between defeat and victory on some future world battlefield. Under the command and excellent guidance of Col. Claude A. Black, the ROTC is ever growing in leaps and bounds, this year seeing the addition of another battalion to the ROTC regiment. Today's military Below, Leh to Right: Capt. S. H. Lowery, Lt. Col. D. I. Miller, Lt. Col. E. C. Parks, Ir., Lt. Col. I. C. Trontman, Major G. S. Goolsby, Maier F, W. Hyde, Ir., First Lt. G, F. I-Ieidt, Ir., Capt. W. A. Vick. 23. 4 'fl'l'4x:zfQ REGIMENTAI. HEADQUARTERS COMPANY Lett to Right: Second Lt. Robert Klemme, Capt. Charles Armstrong lst Lt Louis Newton 2nd Lt Robert Emmett Right: BAND COMPANY 2nd Lt. Roy Simmons, Capt. Richard Burnette, lst Lt. George Hall. department is a tar cry from the lean years ot the War, when Col. Black and the other instructors ot the military department were themselves on battle- fields, learning that which they now teach. This year, as every year since the War, sees the ROTC ranks well-interdespersed with veterans, seeking their gold hars. The corps now offers reserve commissions to eligible graduates in tour different branches eln- tantry, Air Corps, Engineers and Transportation Corps. Below: First Row. Lett to Right: Wm. I. Fitzpatrick KM. Sgt.l, less M. Williams lSgt. 1 c1.J, Iames H. York CN. Sgt.i, Talmage Collier CM. Sqhl, Iames H. Frank lSqt.J, William R. Tester lCpl.l. Second Row, Lett to Right: Winton H. Epps QM. Sqt.J. Freeman I. Hamrick KM, Sgt.J, Harold E. Foster. Ir. lSqt. 1 clJ. Elmer H. Edwards fCpl.J. Ioseph N. Peeden IM. Sqt.J. Third Row, Lett to Right: Ward Tshompson KM. Sqt.J, Augusta G. Kelly . qt. . FIRST BATTALION COMPANY A Left to Right: Capt. Robert Medding, Lt. Col. Ioe Durham, Major Iames Haynes. I-eff to Right CGP1- Hugh Eakifh 15' Lf- Edlffafd Mathers, 2nd Lt. Fred Keller, 2nd Lt. Iohn Miner. COMPANY E Capt. Wm, Vaught, lst Lt. Pierce Mahoney, 2nd Lt. Iames Arnold, 2nd Lt. Sanford Weinstein. SECOND BATTALION STAFF Capt, Robert Dempster, Lt. Col. Wm. Oakes, Major Alfred Hutchinson. THIRD BATTALION STAFF Left to Right: Major McClung, Ex. Oil.: Lt. Col. Correll, C.O.: Capt. Rowland Prince, Adi. COMPANY I Capt, Gordon Kennedy, lst Lt. Harold Robbins, 2nd Lt. Harold Hardy, 2nd Lt. Evans. mil' Z fum W exam aww Ame M mmm COMPANY B COMPANY D COMPANY C Capt. Iames Eldridge, lst Lt. William R. Hicks, 2nd Capt. Ben Bateman, lst Lt. Iohn Cambell, 2nd Lt. Lett to Right: Capt. Iohn Steiner, lst Lt. Martin Lt, Iim Ray, 2nd Lt. Charles Owens. Victor Needham, 2nd Lt. James Corbitt. Spangler, 2nd Lt, Richard Clarke, 2nd Lt. Robert West. COMPANY F COMPANY G COMPANY H Capt, Wm, B. Hicks, lst Lt, Louis Schneider, 2nd Capt, David Radecliiie, lst Lt. Keith Harber, 2nd Capt, Wm. Daniels. lst Lt, Heston Thompson, 2nd Lt. Tom Hardin, 2nd Lt. Walter McPeak. Lt. Benjamin Alford. Lt, Bodie Smith, 2nd Lt, Floyd Mclnturfi. COMPANY K COMPANY L COMPANY M Capt. Hugh McMurrian, lst Lt. lack Weatherford, Capt. Bill Connor, lst Lt, Edwin Hill, Znd Lt. Alex Capt, Iames Selman, lst Lt. C, Bentley, 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. Ed. Bone, 2nd Lt. Will Luck. Grubb. Not in the picture, 2nd Lt. Jack Webster. Jernigan, 2nd Lt. Fred Gilliam. CHECKING UP NOW, SMILE xg 1, mf JV? X., VIEW' 'R ' - M' f ": 'F' 4' gg gig If 5 4 ffl ' M tik i I MW' ' ' ,- 5: 1' ' ... I . f I IIII ff. I 1 ...,,.1 3:1f12ff"' I"'f ':" ., ,LY ":,' .... I I" , V. f ..,, ' ' : " 12:25, ":' f "7"f" :QI?i:fif252gf'3': ' ,.,. zgagff gg 1323 5 2:21 "--- W4 I ax wx DINKY-DEE! I a ANCHCDRS AWEIGHT 552, . f I "I " I : ' . N -L-N. 1 f --w-..,.,,1M,M-'S wg""-I-.N,, WHO, ME? MQKQIINW OH, AN OFFICERS LIFE FOR MEI CONTACT HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE Q W E 5 I-iM'MN AND ELBOWS! ME WALK?!? 555592 . NEW INFANTRY--PHOOEY! GUIUUN SUCIETY KATHY ALMOND MIRIAM CARROLL DOT COBB HAZEL DYKES PHIL EVERSOLE ANGIE FARMER SARAH GENTRY DELOIS HICKS PEGO HOUSE BARBARA IEFFREYS BOBBIE KEMMER PATSY PETERSEN BARBARA PICKLE DOT RUTHERFORD FRANKIE SIMPSON SARA SLIGER BARBARA SWAN MARY ANN TRUSS SEABBAHU AND BLADE OPPOSITE PAGE First Row: C. D. Armstrong, B. F. Bateman I. W. Bentley, E. C. Bone, B. I. Burnette, I. W Campbell. Second Row: B. A. Clarke, W. M. Connor D. Correll, B. H. Dempster, H. F. Ealcin I. S. Eldridge. Third Row: B. W. Emmert, F. T. Gilliam, A C. Grubb, G. T. Hall, K. Harber, T. H. Hardin Fourth Row: I. M. Haynes, A. O. Hutchison W. H. Iernigan, A. G. Kennedy, B. D. Klem me, I. I. Knight. Fifth Row: W. H. Luck, W. G. Mitchell, B VV. McClung, H. L. McMurrain, L. M. New- ton, W. O. Oakes. Sixth Row: B. Prince, D. V. Badclitte, B. C Bobbins, B. Simmons, B. B. Smith, M. L Spangler. Seventh Row: I. B. Steiner, C. W. Stewart, B. D. West, G. B. Young, W. H. Vaught. 1 IULIAN IAKES IACK TITTLE Captain fPresidentt First Lieutenant fVi:e-Prcsidentt Scabbard and Blade is a national military society founded in 1904 at the University oi Wisconsin. The University ot Tennessee's chapter is Company l oi the 4th Begiment, first organized in l9Z3. Although temporarily out of action while its men were in action during the War, it was re-ac- tivated in l947. Scabbard and Blades membership is made up ot the outstanding upper-class oiiicers, who must maintain a high standing in both military and non-military subjects. I V .13 1 2.5 4 ,' TWA ' Fifi - PEHSHING BIFLES ,X X,-if If f OPPOSITE PAGE First Row: R. G. Aitel, M. G. Beesley, R. I. Betts, I. I. Bryant. Second Row: R. I. Burnette, S. Cakmes, I. B. Campbell, L. E. Costello. Third Row: I. D. Foster, T. E. Guthrie, W. M. Hibbett, I. C. Mayes. Fourth Row: O. K. McConnell, B. F. Regas W. B. Robertson, I. F. Russell. Fifth Row: G. M. Small, D. L. Steelman, R. N. Timberlake, C. R. Wiselogle, I. B. Yancey. IAMES M. HAYNES CHARLES A. CARSON Captain First Lieutenant Pershing Rifles is an honor society for ROTC Cadets, iirst and second year. lt was founded in 1894 by General Iohn Pershing, then a second lieutenant at the University ot Ne- braska. lt started out as a crack drill squad, but now its Queen Anne salutes are more to honor active basic ROTC students than for show. ln l927 the University of Tennessee drew the third unit which was called, sensibly enough, Company When later shake-up changed the Table ot Organi- zation, it became Company "A" ot the Fourth Regiment with HO at Clemson. Only during the last world war, when there were more important jobs for the Ritlemen, has P-R been inactive. V-Day and the return ot the students permitted re- activation under the leadership of militia like Dustin Aughen- baugh. Since that day, it has grown stronger and is fore- seeing great things for 1949. Members ot the Pershing Ritles are often called upon to act as honor guard for visiting bigshots, as for example, when the commanding general of the 3rd army visited this campus last fall for convocation and to present ROTC awards. Officers: Captain, Iames M. Haynesg First Lieutenant, Charles A. Carson, Second Lieutenant, Leo Costellop Second Lieuten- ant, Barry Robertson: Advisor, Captain Barny Wiselow: Spon- sor, Miss Barbara Swan. Those whose pictures were not taken: Marvin Beesley, L. M. Carter, Robert Garrett, D. F. Iohnson, S. H. Keener, I. M. Reiser, Henry Wursburg, Fritz, David Dukes, Iames D. Selman. 270 in-fy. Qi ww .A V Avia '-if ww- ra,,-L-I'-'lgx ,t .. -5,,af::.ikbLk s ,RQ f Lf WV- 'flkzj if ,' 5"'Q -1 fn if Wy. wit. if hill ivan f A f. .K W' X a. , ' A '55 A7 if' A,-B ."41g'?k5 :avi 'K 2515115 my 9: fa ' Ik!! 3' if 3' .xifkijrfff m wwf, . , ' ,X 'KL' h 41" QL P ,' N- A '9 gf m Q z Q - Rf: in-M? U Mk' w'E'yjkEf iguwfzifxh Y A W 955114 J Q, . Y, A JQ2'3 T31 -ff 2' ' ' f fi f R Mf f -ia, :"xf,kk 7 tv?"q-',1V', 'Q' A KA -gb! ,g i.,tVf!-,S ' vafsij,-g4!3.,,A Pg, EQ-f,f,, "'1fi.. f 5 ?fg1'gl ,6 3-28" Q -E W , My Q, ,xx - -. L' ji nf is www-ww QQ ia? ! W' Q4 Q ffr TM' 5 Qi 5: 1fA gf I S I g Q as fx! M 'Q f 1'f ' A :IL g M L, ? in S5 ag S - 2,. W Q , ' W if 4? Z Qi 'Z ,if ff ii? Q . SQL , -EE, any iw 21 A JW! .S 1 If X 1 f 1 f 1 I 1 ! f 1 1 1 1 1 ff f 1 f 1 I f f f l Q f 1 I I I f f f ,i I General Robert R. Neyland, athletic director and head-football coach at Tennessee, Completed his seventeenth season as Vol grid chief. Neyland came to Tennessee as head coach in 1926. When Neyland became head coach a new era in Ten- nessee tootball history began, ln his I7 years as coach ot the Vols, Neyland has built a record that is probably unegualled in football coaching circles. Neyland holds one of the longest consecutive winning streaks in college football history: start- ing with a l3-O win over Kentucky on November 25, I937, his teanis won 36 straight regular season games before being upset by Wake Forest in l946. Ne-yland was the first coach in the country to have teams invited to three major "Bowls" in three consecutive years-the Orange Bowl in l93Q, the Rose Bowl in l94O, and the Sugar Bowl in l94l. GENERAL ROBERT R. NEYLAND Head Coach UNIVERSITY IIE TENNESSEE ATHLETIC STAFF Front Row: Hust, Robinson, Neyland, Warmath, Peel. Second Row: West, O'Brien, Price, Bevis, Lowery A First Row. left to right: Gearing, Reynolds, Hill, Pruett, Howard, Coqqins, Littlcford, Cameron, Sivert, Elkas, Pxocior, Keeslinq, Baker. Second Row: Vuqrin, Hueser, Fielden, Sherrill, Sherod, Russas, Lund, Powell, Cooper, Baliisaris, Chaucey, Milner, Armslronq, Dobelstein. Third Row: Dowdy Martin, Honeycutt, Gruble, Mmer, Martone, Stroud, Hill, Berqmier, Iones, Drost, Beeler, Vuqrin, Brlxeley, Fourih Row: Meseroll, Huqhes, Smith, Daffer, Clark, Cummins, Flora, Baker, Miller, Iohnson, Donohue, Elkins, Thomas, Felty. Top: 1948 Cheerleaders Bottom: Beaver Club Performs 1 W -fnw. QWll.Xg HQ 1 hw SF? umm agar im -5 'Sign 0 V AQ bQSFi se' VSA UN WS Haag, Q 'iff Q , f 4 Q5 'W wiv ,jihmsiw Q, WM mwwbg iv ak ,fig 3:9 1. aff as iff! fi' lf Q- Q W , 53 5 1 ,gg www vw, A ' Q ""' 'W Mi 3.4. ., T f K' Y F31 x ., Q . -J. -:..,.. xg , xg as an Q Q W ' 'f : ww X F wr -I , aww KSA 2 sw .QL H A w 6' A V Qx4 x M W ,fig 5 . 5' eww , QL 3 ,E wi? , , ,'5ik ,'v- wi lf ri' H? Y ' QV?" TENNESSEE 21, Homecoming-and the Vols made it a day to remember by trouncing the Crimson Tide Zl-tof6. Approximately 48,000 fans saw the Tennessee crew literally run the favored Alabama team off Shields-Watkins field by displaying power and deception unseen this year. Led by Hurrin' Hal Littleford, the Orangemen marched from deep in their own territory to the 'Bama 22. At this point, Cooper replaced Hal and tossed the oval to Bob Lund, wingback, who scored unmolested in the end zone. Powell promptly added the extra tally. Two Tennessee drives failed, then 'Bama roared back to make their lone scorer Salam's running highlighted the Tide drive: Davis plunged over, then Bob Lund broke through to block the attempted conversion. Littleford again sparked a drive that netted the second Tennessee score, with Cooper making the TD and Powell Converting. The third score for the Orange and White was set up when Sherrod pounced on a Tide miscue. The Vol combine roared to the three, and Cooper scored again. Capt. Powell again toed the pigskin through the uprights. That's the final count-Vols 21, Tide 6. A great game, a wonderful Homecoming week end and all the festivities that go to make the "reunion oi the Ole Grads" a stupendious occasion. ALABAMA 6 Player of the Week W. C. COOPER f .1 Wy., ., t it, 4 3 Player of the Week GEORGE BALITSARIS TENNESSEE The Orange-shirtecl conquerors of Alabama were hosts next to the TPI Eagles in a tuneeup before the Tarheel invasion. Alter a very lethargic first quarter, the Vols woke up and pounded across 7 touchdowns while allowing the Eagles none. Bob Lund, George Balitsaris, Capt, lim Powell, W. C. Cooper, lack Beeler, and Iohn Gruble played outstanding ball for the Vols, and the squad as a whole was smoother with noticeably added finesse, Gruble caught two passes from Beeler lor tallies, Balitsaris showed his diving form to score once, Ron Bergmeier added another counter when big Charley Flora broke through to block a TPI punt on the eight and Bergmeir waltzed across the double-stripes to pay-dirt. Capt. lim Powell kept up his fine work at the conversion angle by making good six extra points from seven attempts. 415 . . . 'ffm ,S as fl' -.,,,, W ,u 'sa V 5 V sw, tl :iii 3 giwi ' 1- bg Q 7' f XNQWTQQ xfiff :JT1f3xg,34i"fa 'QQQL 'iid ifxx z ' f ., Q Q? ffgfafc 'M V eq-Hi ,ln 52251 bf ?' 1 wfi fi 52 i , uwiggsgs' 'I 'K t, T 1.1 by lx. iff XM, Q Q -S wwwwm f XV Q -ww 'Q .4 1 1' , " . -- my .,4 v'XQ. hu Y ' kv U 5. Bax " iv, Ji ff Iv S, W4 wfiwiritg mfg f 'T ff- X S ' ---- ' . T .. .,..,,.,. N Xwwfkwj f ' I iPd? A f iw? :Y ,E H E if sr Q sw if , iii ,, 14 if Q 4 If ' mf' xv? V' rm' 95 Q 6 .:,.:,, ' ...Zi W7 1. 'H R fi 'ff W' ' X. .. ' R v Mgt E W fl H1 ' 2 Wwwiiigmwii Q92- N? 2 xi, , if 5 A W if K' :fi fm vi 4 3? fm V 0 3 Jima' 'wird fb -..g,f.,a, , 5: ig 9 ? if as K lg K , ' K' GX F: A EN z 2511 ' ni- 5 4 fa' 4 .5 'S fi le V 'Z K N n ww K if 5 , N? ,M gg it xi, A? . -Q 1. iF,"1',, Y Q EE 5, i H ,I 2vgg5H,'e' 54 arg Y. Q 5 w ,Q 'S 1 Q . v g Q :' :Q .,g, y . k 4 if xdf f-1 Riu, 'Qi S .Q 'K M Q as EAS! ,i a a A , Age if af! Q E M M ,, 2 i 3, 'fs it Wy 3 Ni. xgrg an MP1 Q, na. "-1 S! be 3 K is N ' 11. V A , X51 +1 5 Ati Q ev K . . M as 4 X . H-.wW'NE"fg M A fs 4' Q if 5 x 1, ww Q 8 M 4? Y: ' 5 W f 2 ., Q. 6 t WI k X l K ji Y :P ,- 1' wt G 4. W M W N , ip' S 51. , 5 .1 N, - gg 2, W sq: ,.,.- is V 3 N? Fan 15? 213, I+ W k V? 4 1 H gl ' ga' 5 K Q - A 5 Kg K 1 ,M A wk? 1w,w f'-Ry ,A as H V uk ff Q 1 , - mi Q 1 R ' W , 5 f ai 952-1 x ,h Q 5 F 1 ti: A f K Q I, 0 L A : sa 1 D K fig M 3 'Q v33Ehw,cg R it 21,9 .ig K' 1 1 9 1 'X K A , W X 9 ' Ev ' E 17 'Y Q 1 4 3 f i 2, ix? by 4 xr My v ,, Q X it ,A I R I . .Q 1, 1- Q ' ' Q, V 1 U '1 , A ' , .Q ,g,w2 xwgq, , X , Wg., 8 M ,il if , is S 1 if 4 Q- . . - - K A H , H v , - ,Q V , 1 , , 1 V :stag 1 f 4 V .M , My , U, X 5, if A 1, 1 'L Q Q 'W f k in M , f aa , ' A . if , ,, , tv',Nw'i',,N . if 4 M ff, 3 1 18, xx L wg: WX aw K img' 321 W' YA y, 45 g U' x 7 5 i ' ' U Q A M 4 A , , U Q , fi U 5 Q .,..,. ,h V., V S is any-lf is ,fy , F' ff W n .4 , V f ' , Q M Lf, ,...ff , i:'E , K Q Q sr' 1 Q9 - l'gi R' in , . 1 b fa- i? ,M rj' ' xv 1 H k X I A 1 P Q 'L ff, Q A' A i 4 X A K my il H Q ' X . N A 4 ' ' 'Liv' 7' -, A " Q ' 'fi 4 if Y 1 'A' 4 f :V B A n ' , 'Y 3532-'Q 3, . Q Q 'Q YQ, xv 44 ,ig Mxg 'Y' Y M, U N H, Ay' W, Q 3 V 7 A A fr D, 5 'a Y: 6 if f gf' lf' N 11 -3 ff W if , . 4 ia fm! 15, 5- 2, L.4 . 'ig :If Vg ' A 'fi Ju if i , 1 J ' an nvx .1 -.2 .Mkt . .N M. , Q. 0 1' , ,Q ., , ,Y ,- -.xy .V ' ,Q 4 , A ,fqif A f' f ik, 3 Q Saad' X' gif 1 . . 4 fa 4 7 ,L l R 7 A ' 1 M H! .4 , L ,Q -W J w? if f - 2'-W1 Q, 4 f fm' ,f 2 A' U K A 7 " " Q A ' sg my Q . 'WM Q A . - , .Q 6 SQ, ,gig ' A. y,f'm 3 fs' 1 VR ,Q , , .., , W E' 2 1 t Q ' WW ,, Z 'K ' gs ,I 1 ik, n ff! V , 1 3 8 , A ,, , , 0, W WV A Y, '12 KW U ,Q mai xi' , Q, f A ,gk ff i 5 ,xv M., 390. Esf R NN i we 4318! 5 we 2: W Q E ik . MQ 3 F? , if ww, kb,-ivqfiz M D Q M it gig 45 Ve ji '29 if 3 1 TENNESSEE 5 Vlt EHBILT 28 The Vols traveled over to Vandy, where they encountered a savage Commo- dore squad and came out on the short end of a 28-to-6 score to wind up their 1948 gridiron season, The game was a really close and thrilling affair until the third stanza when Nalley of Vandy raced down the sidelines for the second Vandy tally. Their second touchdown came on I-licks' interception of Proctor's aerial and raced to the Vol 4-yard stripe, from where they scored. Tennessee's score came on the first really long touchdown drive of the year. The drive covered 80 yards and started as Cooper picked his way to the Vandy 47 on a thirty-three yard sprint. A Couple of passes and runs put the oval on the 14, from which Chancey scored two plays later. The Tennessee line was again terrific on defenseg the offensive was lacking again. The Vols' loss was the first to Vandy since 1937. Thus, the Orange-Clacls wound up the season with a record of four, four, two. A great team seems to be the order for next year, so we'll get 'em then. BASKETBALL Coach Emmett Lowery initiated his second season as head mentor oi the Tennessee basketball team. With Coach Lowery heading the U T basketballers, the Vols have mastered the "Fast- Break" type of play. This is an exact opposite of the slow break system used by the former Coach Mauer. The new system seems to click with the Volunteers and they moved to the number three slot in the SEC last season. Coach Lowery came to Tennessee directly from Purdue with an outstanding record and reputation. He has not only estab- lished himself as one of the nation's top basketball coaches, but every Vol supporter who has seen his team in action has been sold on him. Lowery has four regulars from the '47-'48 season returning, Marshall Hawkins, last year's Captain, is greatly missed although Bert Keenan did a splendid job in replacing him. Keenan, a converted guard, from the freshman team, has played great ball tor the Vols this season. Captain and All-American Paul Walther at forward is one of the most outstanding basketball players seen in many years by U T supporters. Walther is a great team man and an excellent ball-handler. At the center position, Art Burris, capably handles the backboards and is an excellent shot. The guard positions are held down by two capable and hustling men: Hugh Tones and "Britches" Montgomery. These basketeers are one of the classiest pair of guards in the SEC. Tennessee has a wealth of reserve strength and this accounts for the Vols' out- standing record in basketball during the last two seasons. Fore- most ot the Vol reserves are: Hank Kinzell, Dale Powell, Ioe Eldridge, and Bob Keesling. Up to date the Vols have won 12 and lost 3 in their total games played. PAUL WALTHER Captain UN THE HILL EMMETT LOWERY Head Coach TENNESSEE'S 1947-48 RECORD Tennessee . lst Round Znd Round- . . 56: Lincoln Memorial U. . . , , 76: Milligan . . . . . . 851 Washington 6. Lee . . . 572 Tennessee Tech . . . . 52: Milligan . . , . . . 517 Miami Univ. COhiol . . . , 60: Wake Forest . . . . . . 621 Duke . . , . . 437 North Carolina . . . , 477 Alabama . . . . . 647 Mississippi State . . . , . 547 Kentucky . . , . . . 597 Georgia Tech . . . . 707 Georgia . . , . . 797 Chattanooga . . . . 471 Mississippi State . . . . . 491 Georgia Tech . . , . . 697 Georgia . , , . 427 Kentucky . . . 647 Vanderbilt . , . 727 Vanderbilt . , ..56:L,S.U.. SEC TOURNAMENT -Tennessee . 737 Mississippi State Tennessee , 817 Mississippi , . 3rd Round-Tennessee . 477 Kentucky . 2 M, R ff' Ili zfv 1' ff 2 52455 Eibgw if ii 3 S sf as J. ,, , , 1 sfffiilm ' W, ,Mm W. X ww.,-,ww is x W as iii Q L f "Wea 3 ,W ff-if , -N vsg Z' Fx' KID' N155 " - M ksvf -fr! an I, 2 ' 'ago f .4 it f A 5 aw as '35 t f K 3? 5 : Qgfig, 7 w ' ii '41 it ik. '. H ' Q ,ww This will mark the second season of baseball at the University ot Tennessee atter an absence ot six years. Under the able guidance of "Cy" Anderson, Tennessee's newly acquired head baseball coach, the Vols face one of the toughest schedules in the University's history. Last year's outstanding players were Frank Acutt and Carlyle Elliott. lim McCullogh, "Whittey" Dean, and "Lefty" Walther were on the mound tor the Vols. Although the Vols didn't have as good a season as expected, they have almost every player back and are expected to field a strong squad for the 1949 season. Coach Anderson has succeeded in "snagging" several very promising freshmen for the Vols base- ball squad and although they will be inelgible for varsity competition this year, they should give the Vols valuable assistance in the future. They are Ed- gar Baily, catcher, Billie loe Bowman, pitcher, and Paul lones, pitcher. CARLYLE ELLIOTT Captain S. W. ANDERSON Head Baseball Coach BASEBALL 1948 SCHEDULE April 2 ,..... . . Auburn " 3 . . Auburn " 6 . . Purdue " 7 . . Purdue ' Q . Vanderbilt " 10 . Vanderbilt " 14 Georgia Tech " 15 Georgia Tech " lG . . Georgia " 17 . . Georgia " 23 Georgia Tech " 24 Georgia Tech " 28 . . Auburn " 29 . Auburn " 30 . . Georgia May l , Georgia " 7 . Vanderbilt " 8 Vanderbilt " 14 . . Kentucky " 15 . . Kentucky " 21 . . Kentucky " 22 Kentucky K ,S eff' W A .MM V- Wigflgl is tjtlfi The 1948 Volunteer "Orange Peelings" Peel talks it over Dual Catchers Killer's Row Dale Power Outlield Ace Pitcher W. C. Taylor Whitey Dean CARLETON CROWELL Coach Martin Korik's pole vaulting, Norman Messeroll's discus throw- ing, and Bob Mynatt's speed on the 220-yard dash resulted in new University of Tennessee track and iield records in these events during l948, Coach Carleton Crovv'ell's first season with the Cinder team, ln addition to these and other individual improvements, the Vols continued their slow-but-sure rise in team strength, Good showings were made against tough competition at the Southern Indoor Games, Florida Relays, Central Collegiates, and other intersectional competition. In dual meets the Orangemen rolled LOUIS SCHNEIDER Captain over Tennessee Tech, defeated Alabama for the iirst time since l932, tied Kentucky, beat Georgia, and lost to powerful Georgia Tech. ln the state meet the locals led the nine-college field, doubling the score on second-place Vanderbilt. At the Southeastern Conference meet Korik won the pole vault, ending Tennesseefs seven-year absence from the winners circle, The 1948 University of Tennessee Track Squad 5 Q? new 5? Y 1 4 fi r MHZ 7 K 1 f 9i'f1,i, A in f W. D. BUCHANNAN Couch Three men on this year's team have played on the team for the past two years: W. G, Currie, 'Wallace Hawkins, and Bob Barksdale, tThree men lost from last year's squad: Warnell Rogers, Frances Brummet, and basketball star, Marshall Hawkins.l Two newcomers who are expected to greatly aid the team are: Bob Bruner, local boy who won school intermural championship last year, and Nathan Smith, transfer student and present Knox- ville city champion. Smith was an outstanding player on the Duke tennis team and is one of the hardest hitters and smoothest players to be found in this section. The team last year was hampered by poor weather and lack of practice started slowly, but they finished with four good wins, two of which were victories over Georgia and Kentucky. It exam schedules permit the team will take a Florida tour before the tennis season gets under way, and this should improve W. C. CURRIE Captain the play. tThey will probably play University of Florida, Rollins College, and the University of Miami.l The team will start the season here with matches against several strong northern colleges who are making southern tours and then takes on southeastern conference schools-Home and home matches will be held with Kentucky, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Sewanee, Vanderbilt and maybe Auburn and Alabama if matches can be arranged. The team is ably coached by Mr. W, D, Buchannan. Mentioned as prospects tor the team are: Roger Teague, Harold Mullins, and football star Bob Lund. Tennessee's Tennis Team TOM RANDALL The U. T. golf team is expecting a very successful season this spring. Coach James G. Walls has announced a very tentative schedule for the linkmen, and even though it is subject to various changes and additions it will provide very rough competition for the Volunteers. They will probably play about 10 or 12 matches during the spring season, and they will make numerous trips to colleges throughout the southeastern conference. Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Georgia and Sewanee will provide some very rough competition and also some swell trips, The University of Chattanooga has been added to Vol 1inkrnen's schedule and might provide a touch combat from the Hill. The home games will include Western Michigan, Georgia Tech, Chattanooga, Sewanee, Kentucky, and probably some local matches with the various Knoxville country clubs. The Tennesseans will also be present at Athens, Ga. for competition IOHN RENEAU of the Southeastern Conference at the University of Georgia's annual three day tournament. The UT linkmen have lost two good varsity golfers since last sea- son, Tom Randall and Dick Sharp will not be with the Vols this spring. The team now consists of Gene Grant, Bill Morris, David Bailey, and lohn Renean. Also two good prospects for varsity golf are Bud Keener and Bob Sharp, Dick Sharp's younger brother. lf enough freshmen are interested in golf, a freshman golf team might be organized. Bob Sharp is only a freshman and will not be eligible for varsity golf until next year. The University of Tennessee will play host to the Tennessee inter- collegiate Athletic Conference. All the colleges in the southeastern conference are eligible to enter and UT sponsors a two or three day match to determine the T. 1. A. C, champ. The Vol Linkmen are looking forward to a very successful season this spring and should come very close to the top of the conference. The 1949 Volunteer Golfers CARL BAHRET Coach Alter two seasons oi development work the l948-1949 season produced a Varsity and Freshman Squad. The Varsity Squad did not compete in the SEC Championship and confined their competition to non-conference members with the exception of Vanderbilt. With the fine material available from the Freshman Squad for next season more conference schools have been scheduled. Captain Dick Nowling, swimming his last season at The Hill, carried the distance events and anchored the 400-yard relay. While Bob Smith and Suha Beller were consistent winners in U-T Swimming Team DICK KNOWLING Captain SWIMMING the spring events. Russel Ozanne again stood out in diving. Andy Abernathy, lim Myers, Noel Hardy, and Harold Lucas helped garner many needed points. Among the freshman squad, Robert Lundquist, William Corn, Gerry Cambell, W, R. Jones, and Norman Schlemmer should add a great deal of strength to the team. INTRI-HVIUHALS Competition is keenest in intramurals at nessee. And this year, competing fraternities not entered the various contests with customary but the proficiency of the competitors was siderably above the average. Ten- only zeal, con- Shuffleboard was the first event on the fall agen- da. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon team pushed past the Pi Kappa Alpha to capture the crown. Volley- ball, fall's major sport, gave intramural fans some of the top thrills of the year. Kappa Sigma's fine team battled their way to an undefeated champion- ship. Phi Gamma Delta finished second with the Sigma Chi's in third place. Swimming featured record smashing feats on the part of the participants and saw the Sigma Chi's capture the mermen diadem with the SAE's close behind in second place and the Kappa Sig's in the third place. Another record eclipsing per- formance was registered in the cross-country meet. The Phi Gam's won with the SAE's and Kappa Sig's in hot pursuit. Fall's final event was the ping-pong tournament which witnessed the Kappa Sig's capture their sec- ond contest by topping the Sigma Chi's in the finale. Top: Sherrill Clears Hurdle Bottom: Can You Find the Basketball? Top: Cornwall lumps Basketball Tourney Bottom: Swimming Meet Spring Track Meet . 'W"'fT. VMWYQFIQQ V515 Sigma Phi Epsilon HUMEEUMINE Under the able direction of Homecoming Chairman Bill Morris, lr., the 1948 Homecoming of the University of Tennessee held on October 15, 16, and 17 was proclaimed by a large number of students and alumni, "as one of the best ever staged at U, T." The old grads celebration began on Friday the l5th at noon with the registration of the alumni at a downtown hotel. Friday night a gigantic pep rally in Tennessee's famous Rose Hole plus a shirt-tail parade inaugurated the week end festivities and the night was concluded at the U. T. Memorial Gym where the annual Ag-Club Barnwarming, always a part of Homecoming, was staged. Although the students and alumni were short on sleep many of them drove to Cherokee Boulevard early Saturday and saw the Vol Hill and Dalers eke out a victory over the Alabama Harriers, Returning to the "Hill" the alumni then viewed the various fraternity decorations of which the Lambda Chi Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon FESTIVITIES Fraternity was declared by the judges to the most original of the 15. The Tennessee Volunteer football warriors really gave the old grads something to cheer about when they soundly walloped the mighty Crimson Tide of Alabama Zl-6. However, one of the highlights of the Homecoming Week end was the honoring of the late Victor M. Davis, who for 23 years of his life served as the Executive Secretary of the General Alumni Association of the University of Tennessee, during the half time ceremonies at the Vol-Tide game. For a full minute every one of the 49,000 fans stood in reverence as the U. T. band played the alma mater and the card section displayed the name of Vic Davis in large colored letters. The Homecoming activities were concluded Saturday night by an ASC dance in the main gym while Sunday most of the alumni either attended uptown churches or went sightseeing in the Smokies. Winning Fraternity-Lambda Chi Alpha is i - -it . t t t 5 J ww'-1-V-rviaawimmmmmwmmae M + my M-as-N ' ! M' Am 1 Q if '5- 1 ax F Q' W .. . v Q ' ,' "'- ff Q A", Q .W. -1 ns-si www 'll' M Hs., ,, 4 fl: , W TT: N , 0 ziiifsig -Q 'Y J 'f isis F ' 'W ww yn Pe 3, W xx mr ,Jv 'F M" 'X vqwifx nw Qwgw Q , Q B AMW L'1Qv5g2ff 1 in , Ar 4 S Y? W R- 79 Wzszasw 5 .52 g l g 3 g g g g g Z g g g' . Z o f g g g 3 g g Z g g g g g i fi BEANS I-lNIl VIEWS ROBERT H. MILLER THOMAS P. NASH, IR. RICHARD D. DEAN Assistant Dean of Medicine Dean of Biological Sciences Dean of the College oi Denlisiry O. W. HYMAN Dean oi Medicine and Administration RUTH NEIL MURRY ROBERT L. CROWE F. JUNE MONTGOMERY Director of School of Nursing Dean oi Pharmacy Direcior of Siudent Welfare 302 The Iohn Gaston Hospital Administration Building Dental Building University Dormitory ,. S T ' University Center Polyclinic Dormitory Thomas F. Gailor Clinic and Hospital l ,f A . A. 431, Q t t .Mar i Q' ls l 3-I D-u I1-I-:I Cf? NURSING GRADUATES First Row RUSSELL H. PATTERSON, IR., M.D. . . Sponsor FRANCES HAWKINS, R. N. , , Sponsor IOYCE WEBB . . , . . . . Pensacola, Fla. President CHARLOTTE IOHNSTON . . . Iohnson City, Tenn. Vire-President Second How BETTY MARGARET ELLIS . . . , Fayetteville, Tenn. Secretary PAULlNE HATHCOCK . . . . Mobile, Ala. Treasurer MARY ORTMEYER ACUFF , . , Memphis, Tenn. BlLLlE FRANCES BARTON . . Bradford, Tenn. Third Row MARY PATRlClA SMALL . . . Louisville, Ky. EUGENIA CLAUDENIA STEAKLEY . . Huntsville, Ala. MARGARET LOUISE WHEELER Iohnson City, Tenn. OUlDl'. EARL WOOD . . McLernoresville, Tenn. Members Not Pictured GRACE RUTH CASTILAW , . Wesson, Miss MARY LlLLlAN CULVER . . . . Rosebud, S. D MEMBERS First Row DR. C. W. HYMAN . . DR. FRANK L. ROBERTS . DR. RICHARD E. CHING . DR. WILLIAM C. CI-IANEY . . . . SAMUIIT, A. HARRISON . President WILLIAM G, RAINER 4...... Gordo, Ala. Vice-President . , . . .Dean , Toastmaster . . Sponsor . Sponsor , , . ,Loudon, Tenn. Second Row ENOCH I. VANN, IR. .... . . Cleveland, Tenn. Secretary-Treasurer SAM R. DOUGHTY .....,, Auburn, Ala. IOSEPI-I I-I. EDDS . Harrogate, Tenn. ALFRED H. EVANS . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. HORACE D. FARTI-IING . . . . Picher, Okla. WILLIAM E. GIBBONS , . , . Verona, Mo. Third Row ROBERT W. GIBSON . . . . . . Ponca City, Okla. HAROLD P. I-IARGREAVES . . Salt Lake City, Utah IACK R. HOLIFIELD ..,. R, THEoDoRE IOHNSON, JR. . RICHARD A. MARTORELL . . LON W. O'BANNON, IR. . Fourth Row ALFRED E. OGDEN ,.., NATHAN F. PORTER . M, EMORY ROGERS . . EARLE U. SCHARFF, IR. . LABE SCHEINBERG. . . DONALD W. SINGLETON . . , Memphis, Tenn. . Iamestown, N, Y. . . , Tampa, Fla , Memphis, . Knoxville, . Humboldt, , Gilbertown, . Memphis, . Memphis, Westminster, Tenn Tenn Tenn .Ala Tenn Tenn S. C MEDICAL GRADUATES 1 Q' Us l li ILIJI 1 305 1 Q4 Is l l E+-Il 1 First Row DR. R, D. DEAN . DR, F. N. WEBER , DR, I. T. GINN . DR. G. W. MOSS . DON R. WEBB, IR. .,,., . Class President DENTAL GRADUATES . Dean . Sponsor , Sponsor . .Sponsor Iackson, Tenn, I, C. SHIRLEY . ....... Quitman, Miss. Vice-President I. L. EASON, IR. ,,,..,, Memphis, Tenn. Secretary-Treasurer Second Row WM, P. CLEAR . Maryville, Tenn. FRANK I. DAGOSTINO , . New York, N. Y. 306 NILES I. G, EDWARDS . SIDNEY S. FRIEDMAN, IR. . A. D. HALL .... CLYDE E, HENLEY, IR. , WVILBURN B. HOPE , Thir HAROLD E. MCDANIEL IOHN A. NICHOLAS . PAUL W. SOWERS . R, N. VEST . CHARLES O. WHITE . RICHARD H, WORKMAN d Row , Richton, Miss. Memphis, Tenn. Manchester, Ky. McComb, Miss. . Sheridan, Ark. Newbern, Tenn. Shreveport, La. Lexington, N. C. McComb, Miss. . Murray, Ky. Southside, Tenn, First Row MARY L. FRISZ , . DR. ROBERT W. NEWMAN. , BONNIE JEAN AUSTIN .... President BONNIE IEAN BOWMAN . . , Vice-President Second Row EDITH NELLE BURNETTE .... Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS . Sponsor , Sponsor Elbridqe, Tenn. LaFolle-tte, Tenn. . Clinton, Tenn. BETTYE V. CRABTREE . PATRICIA ANN CROUCH MILDRED IEANETTE GIBBS Third EVELYN C. HOWELL . EDITH LOVETTE , BETTY RAGLE . . S. IAYNE TURNER . Row . Chattanooga, Tenn. West Helena, Ark. . St. Petersburg, Fla. . Charleston, Mo. , McEwen, Tenn. . Rockwood, Tenn. . Shelbyville, Tenn. NURSING GRADUATES T Q4 A l l Il-ISI 1 -MEDICAL GRADUATES S7 Q4 lx DI! 3 DS -:Et Fi DR. NICHOLAS GOTTEN DR, C. D. HAWKES . DR, SAMUEL RAINES . E. RICHARD BAKER , rst Row MEMBERS . . . ,Toastmaster . Sponsor . . . Sponsor . . , .Wichita, Kan. Third Row C. RON HOOPER , . JAMES B. IONES . . WILLIAM P. IONES, IR. . EDWARD M. KELMAN S. IAY MCDUFFIE , . LOUIS B. MATTHEWS . ROBERT W, MORRIS . HARRY K. OGDEN . R. PARKS PARNELL . , Canon City, Colo. . . Harlan, Ky. . Memphis, Tenn. . Rochester, N, Y. , Nettleton, Miss. . Franklin, Ind. , Santa Ana, Cal. . Knoxville, Tenn. . , Atlanta, Ga. President DONALD F. ROBINSON ...... Danville, Ill. Vice-President MARTHA A. LOVING ..,. Petersburg, Tenn. Secretary-Treasurer IOHN O. ADAMS ..., , , Barnesville, Ga. ROBERT A. ANTHONY . . Ripley, Tenn. Second Row Fourth Row LORENZO RODRIGUEZ-PADRO . Catano, Puerto Rico RICHARD BERG . . . , . Seattle, Wash. DAVID F, BUSBY .,..... Memphis, Tenn. GORDON LEE DUCKWORTH Whitehouse, Tenn. RALPH R. GAMILL . . . . Beaumont, Texas IOSEPH C, GARBARINI . . . Memphis Tenn. H, FLOOD M, GARRETT DURELL A. HILLER . . IOHN H. HOOKER . . . . Monroe, La. . Dallas, Texas . Lebanon, Mo. IOHN N. SANDERS ..,. . . Shreveport, La. AUDREY WOODROW TALLEY . . Paris, Tenn. CARSON E. TAYLOR . I-'RANK R. TURNBULL . KENNETH C, WARREN RICHARD A. WHEELER IAMES R. WILLIAMS . NATHAN B, WILLIAMS Nashville, Tenn. . . Memphis, Tenn. . Allentown, Pa. . . ,Alden, Iowa . Yazoo City, Miss. Andersonville, Tenn. MEMBERS First Row DR, R. D. DEAN , . DR. T. H. SHIPMON DR. F. N. WEBER . . DR. T. R. MEADOWS . HAROLD B. GRUMBLES . . . .Dean . Sponsor . Sponsor . . . . Sponsor . . . . .Star City, Ark. President IOHN L, SULLIVAN . . . . Knoxville, Tenn. Vice-President SAM G. SANDERS ..,.... Iackson, Miss. Secretaryffreasurer GEORGE E, ALCOTT . . . . . . . Weiner, Ark. Second Row IAMES G, ALLEN . L. C, ANDERSON . IAY H, BARRETT . WILLIAM W. BENTON EMMETT R. BLACK , HAROLD E, BURNS , IOHN C. CONN . . WILLIAM A. ELEY . . . Srnackover, Ark. . Greeneville, Tenn, . . Prentiss, Miss, . . . West Helena, Ark. . . . Ethel, Miss. . Alcoa, Tenn. , Louisville, Ky. . . Scooba, Miss. Third Row W. CLYDE HUGHES . ERNEST M. IONES . . CHARLES A. KENNEDY, IR. . ROY K. MITCHELL . . BROOKS NOLL. . . . . , . Chattanooga. WILLIAM WADDY OURSLER, IR. . . ORLIE PARKER. . . W. C. PRICE . . Fourih Row THOMAS I-I. REED . GLENN B, ROGERS . ANDREW F. SERIO . EARL N, STACK . . ROBERT G. TAYLOR, IR. . . . W. D. THOMPSON . . WILLIAM K. WARREN MAURY E. WORTHAM . S, Pittsburg Chattanooga, . . Memphis, . . Memphis I f Memphis, Tenn Tenn. Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn . Wabash, Ark. . Memphis, . , Tipton, . . Petros New Haven, Erwin, Laurel Springs, . Copperhill, . Chattanooga, . .Atoka, 1 Tenn Tenn Tenn Conn Tenn AL C Tenn Tenn Tenn S7 Q4 A ILIJ Z 1 'w DENTAL GRADUATES- . -JUNE m Left to Right: SARANELL GOODWIN . . . . Crenshaw, Missf T4 VIRGINIA FARRIS, President , . . wmchesief, Tenn. PATSY GREENWOOD . . Hickory Ridqe, Ark. B LIND PRATER, Treasurer , . . . Louisville, Term. BILLIE THWEATT . . , Union City, Tenn. NURSING ENNUUNTES WO' Left to Right: SHIRLEY MARIE WALKER, President , Memphis, Tenn. BETTY LOU IONES I - . M6S1'1UldVille, Miss. Z7 IANE HALL PERKINS, Treasurer . . Hartsville, Tenn. ALMA TURNER . . Dyersburq, Tenn. QI CATHERINE BOSTIC . . . , . Flora, Miss. TERUKO YAKUSHIII . . Painton, Mo. I-SEPT. MEMBERS First Row DAN R, SUTHERLAND ..... Winshoro, Texas President BYRON D. EPSTEIN . . . . Memphis, Tenn. Vice-President BENNETT E. EVERETT, IR. .4., Memphis, Tenn. Treasurer MARY M, POWELL ..... Fredericksburg, Va. Secretary D. DALE ARCHER .,..... Luttrell, Tenn. THOMAS K, BALLARD . . . . Iackson, Tenn. ROY M. BARBER . . . . . Cape Girardeau, Mo. Second Row BERT A. GLASS .... . . ERNEST P. GUY . . . CLARENCE D. KAISER . . RAYMOND W. LAYCOCK . IOSEPH C. LOUGHEED . MURRAY K, MANTOOTII . DAVID MCALLISTER . . Third Row IOHN G. MCCARTER .... CLINTON E. MCKNIGHT . Shreveport, La. , Iackson, Tenn. Artesia, N. Mex. Shamrock, Texas Toronto, Canada Newport, Tenn. . Tulsa, Okla. Memphis, Tenn. Carbondale, Ill. GEORGE I. MESHEW . . CHARLES A. MITCHELL . , FOY B. MITCHELL . . IOHN R. MULLINS, IR. . KENNETH I. PHELPS .... Fourth Row ALBERTO GEYLS RAMIREZ . . FRED P, SAGE ..... CLINTON H. SHARP . ROY L. SMITH ,..,., TULLIOUS C. STOUDEMAYER . WILLIAM R. SULLIVAN . . EDWIN R. WALLACE, III . GROVER C. WALLACE . . . . . Mounds, III . Whiteville, Tenn Lenoir City, Tenn . Clarksdale, Miss Greenbrier, Tenn . Areciho, P, R . , Drew, Miss . Summit, Miss . . Utica Miss . Little Mt., S. C . . Bells, Tenn. Chattanooqa, Tenn . Beckley, W. Va Members Not Pictured RICHARD P. BLAND . ELEANOR L. LONG . ARLISS H. TUTTLE . ROY R. ROSE . . ISABEL WRIGHT , . , Tulsa, Olcla . Memphis, Tenn Pt. Smith, Ark . Hiqh spum, Ky. Chattanooga, Tenn. MEDICAL GRADUATES 49 7 I PT SE 311 49 7 I PT SE MURLE SINQUEFIELD . IOHN F. BTLLINGS RALPH D, COOPER THOMAS I. LEONARD DENTAL GRADUATES First Row . . . . . President RUSSELL BURNS. . GENE F. BROWN Second R CHARLES FONTAINE IRVING R. LUNT, IR. W. O. SHUMPERT . . . .Secretary-Treasurer IOHN P. CAMPBELL ow JAMES W. GUINN TRAVIS E. MAYHALL Third Row DAVID M. MILLER, IR. PETER B. PERKINS CHARLES A. SCOTT, IR. Members Not Pictured DUNKLIN C. BOWMAN Z. V. FREEMAN 3l2 DAVID E. PRUITT IOSEPH W. SHARP ABE C, MASON . Vice President ROBERT E. CLARK HENRY T. LEEK E, L, REED VINCENT D. SPLANE, IR. First Row DR. ALBERT H. MUSICK . , . President IOSEPH A. RYAN . . . Vice-President GEORGE D. GREGORY . . . Secretary SHIRLEY BISHOP .... . , Treasurer CARLTON B. HUDSON . . . . Reporter HOWARD POMEROY . . . GORDON M, AMBURGEY . WILEY B. BARNER . . Second Row BILL BOBBITT , . . . RALPH L. BORUM . . . WILLIAM G. CRABTREE . GEORGE CROWL . . IAMES B. DAVIS ..., ROBERT E. DODSON, IR. . PHI-IBM MEMBERS Memphis, Term Memphis, Term Nashville, Term . Dayton, Term . Hoxie, Ark Nashville, Term . Athens, Term . Memphis, Term Memphis, Tenn. , Memphis, Term. . Harriman, Term Lemoyne, Perma . . Erwin, Tenn. . Rutledge, Tenn HAROLD R. ELLIS . WILLIAM I. FARMER . Elizabethton, . . . . Chattanooga, Third Row DENNIS A. FAULK . ROBERT FERRELL . I. VVALTER FINLEY . ROBERT P. FRAZIER . ROY E. GIBSON, IR. . IESSE M, GRAY . . BOBBY B. I-IACKNEY HOWARD HASSLER . Fo ROGER B, HERNDON . MARTHA M. HESTER DAVID B. HIBBETT . MALCOLM E. HOLMES BEN H. HUDSON . . CARL A. HUTCHISON IAMES A. IONES . O. K. KENNEDY . . Bolton Memphis . Iackson, . Memphis . Memphis, . Memphls, . , Memphis, . Spring City, urth Row . . . .Camden . , Memphis, . . Nashville, . . . Memphis, . . . Luttrell, . , . Humboldt, . Bristol, . Knoxville, f Tenn Tenn Term Term. Term Term Term Tenn Term. Term Tenn Term. Tenn Term. Term. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn HEY GRADUATES S7 Q4 A I L ILIJI i 313 Z5 Q4 A I LD ILL-:I C3 First R I. WINSTON KIRKSEY JQHN F. l.ANc.4FORU SAMUEL I. LOVOI ROBERT E. LEIOII . CHARLES C, MCCALL IIMMY MCDONALD . HAROLD E. Mf'NABR . HAROLD D. MARCROM . RORERT E. MARORAVE Second ELBERT E, MATTHEWS . CHARLES E. MOUDY . ANDREW P, NELSON . TACK M. NICKS . JAMES O. NORVELL R. E. ORR HAROLD A. OSRURN STOTEN A. OUTLAN . WYATT DEAN PETTIGREW OW Row E rifgifwf wi GIA vsfmn, i.'fui1Iir1d1 gm Hel Nando Hernando, . Memphis Kiriqspcmit, IVIar1rI1OsIOr, Rcnmkwmod, Memphizs Spi'inqfipIci Sparta Dicksrm, KricxviIIr . Puiywfu Memphis ICHCICSOII Bemis, Tfmi. - PHARMACY GRADUATE MEMBERS Tmm. M fi :fs is Miss. Miss Tvmi Tenn Triiii VIVOIIII I rm: Term TCFIIII Tcrm Term Tami. Tfmi. Term. Town. Third Row PIITIIR IQ. PLEMONS CTIIARIATS TOWELI. HOWARD M. RHIIA ROBERT A. RICE . ARTHUR D. SHARP EAMES C. SMALLEY VHALMERS SOWELL MAX E. STEPHENSON CLYDE VV. STOPHEI. You ROBERT I. STOUT O. FRANCIS SVACINA lj. CLIFTON TI-IOMAS rth Row IOIIN II, TI-IOMASON, IIA. WILEY L. VAUGHT IAMES B. INALKER RUSSELL H. VVILLIS RICHARD D. YAOER K..ImtTf111ofy3fi, Kir1'1sg'01'i, Srmim viIIe, I.iI1In Rock, KmwxviIIe, Cimtiariooqa, ATFIIIY isville, 5 III Simifqfiii, I-iristui, VIIII'-I'IG6k1 Milwaukee, Orioida, Memphis, ITISCII Ciiy, Hixson, IVIomphis Somm'viIIe, S VIICIIII Tmm TC1111 AIA: Tomi Tvmi Trim AiI: Tomi T01 111 VHS TPIIII Tvmi TQVIII Term Tswrm Tfjllri MEMBERS Firs! Row DR. FAUSTIN N. WEBER , . DR, IAMES T. GINN . l. E. AYLOR . . BILL OWEN . . . Sponsor . . . Sponsor . McKenzie, Tenn. . Pine Bluff, Ark. Vice-President D. E. RICHARDSON . . . . . Columbia, S, C. Secretary-Treasurer C. E, BAILEY . . Lake View, S. C. I. A. BAILEY . . . Quitman, Ark. I. D. BELL , . I. F. BIGGER . F, R. BOLLEN R, G. DAVIDSON . R. L. DUGGINS . VV. A. EAKIN . K. D. FORD R. E. FRAZIER . . FRANK GILBERT . R. H. HOLIFIELD . Gleason, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . . Vilonia, Ark. Birminqham, Ala. . Norris, Tenn. Chattanooga, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. Caldwell, W. Va. Kingsport, Tenn. Laurel, Miss. B. T. MIXON , . ALBERT PERKINS . T. E. PERRY . . I. M. PIPKIN . K. M. RAY . . . F. H. REYNOLDS . P. D, RIDDLE . WL H. RUSSELL . A. A. SCHMIESS . I. P. Sl-IELTON E. L. SIMMONS . I. N, WALKER . P. l-I. WYNN . Me L. C. DAVIS , , O. C. GREENE . F. T, SMITH . G. H, STEPHENSON A. I. WILLIAMS . R. T. WOODRUFF Third Row mbers Not Pic! . . Hamilton, Ala. , Port Arthur, Texas . Raleigh, N. C. , Athens, Tenn. . Chattanooga, Tenn. . Cleveland, Tenn. . Elizabethton, Tenn. . . .Benton, Ill . . Munich, N. D. . Chatianooqa, Tenn. . East Point, Ga, . , Corbin, Ky. . Memphis, Tenn. ured . . Gordo, Ala. . Memphis, Tenn. . Natchez, Miss. . Eaqleville, Tenn. Andersonville, Tenn. . Rom e, Ga. DENTAL GRADUATES 1 Lf? Us DZ' i CCI Id: 315 - MEIJIEIII. TECHNULUEY m MEMBERS I I First Row EDGAR E, MICKLER, IR. . , . Miami, Fla. 'N DR. DOUGLAS H. SPRUNT , , . Staff MRS. WINNIFRED S. MOORE . . Memphis, Tenn. SARA GRACE RICHMOND - W - Sfaff BILLIE PATRCK . . . . Hezelhursl, Miss. DR, THOMAS P. NASH . , . , . Staff Third Row GLORIA ASH , . Liiile Rock, Ark. RUTH E. PATRICK . . . Cleveland, Ohio DOYCE L. BERRY . . . , Ionesboro, Ark. AUDREY PATTERSON . . , Memphis, Term. GENEVA CRONE . . Memphis, Term. , . , P' , M' . MARY IANE ELMORE . Murfreesboro, Tenn. DOROTHY SANDERS mole ISS NANCY D. SMITH . , . Tazewell, Tenn. Second Row MILDRED C. WADLINGTON . . Memphis, Tenn. GENE HAWKINS , , . . Memphis, Tenn. SARA ELIZABETH WILLIAMS . , . Lewisburq, Term. IO CAROLYN HUDDLESTON . . Balesville, Ark. FRANCES LESSER .... . . Memphis, Term. Members N01 Picfufed MARY BERNICE MCCALLISTER . . Calvert Cily, Ky. CLEIGHTON GANNON . . . Memphis, Term. MEMBERS First Row MR. C, H. SMITH ,.,, Sponsor ARTHUR G. HYDE ...... Tiplonville, Tenn. President BOB MATTHEWS ....,., Memphis, Tenn Vice-President LENORA REINHARDT . . . . , . Memphis, Tenn. Secretary IOHN A. DODSON Rutledge, Tenn. Treasurer CHARLES R. SHARP . Nashville, Tenn, Reporter BILLY I. ALLEN Ooltewah, Tnen. IOE PAT ANDERSON , . . , Murray, Ky. CHARLES H. ARP , . Loudon, Tenn. Second Row GLYNN R. BARNES .... . Memphis, Tenn. IOE VV. BENNETT . . . Pruitland, Tenn. HENRY T. BIRDSONG . Pulaski, Tenn. BILLY IOE BRAKE , Dickson, Tenn. FRANK P. BURRESS , . Trenton, Tenn. IOHN H, BYASSEE . . . . , . Clinton, Ky. LON E. CAMPBELL . . Maynardville, Tenn. MARTHA CLEVENGER . , . Knoxville, Tenn. CLYDE R. COLEMAN PHAR . Memphis, Tenn. M Third Row IOHNNY M, CONNER . WILEURN E. COTTRELL . GEORGE Cox . . . WM. EDGAR DRYSDALE ROBERT B. DUKE , . GEORGE W. EARLES HOWARD P, EARLES. . MARVIN L. EAvEs . IOI-IN B. FLETCHER, IR. , Fourth Row RICHARD A. FOWLKES, IR. , . HARRY D. GOODWIN . , CHESTER GRAVES . . HAL I. GRAY . . CLELL I. GREEN . . . LAWRENCE R. GREGORY IOHN M. HISKY . . DOROTHY HOWARD , EARL C. HUDSON . . Indianola, . Harrogate, . Knoxville, . . Eulto Brownsville, Kingsport, . Kinqsporl, . Maryville, . Memphis, . Waverly, Lenoir City, . Etowah, . Knoxville, . Booneville, , Maryville, Memphis, . Knoxville, . Mascot, Miss. Tenn. Tenn. n, Ky Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Miss. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. AUY GRADUATES T LC? A l Cl ILIJI 2 317 i L17 In l LD F-IJ i PHI Fir F. BERNARD HUNDLEY . FRANK L. IOHNSON , C. L. IONES , . . PAUL IONES, IR. . IOSEPH KASSER . . IEWEL KEPLINGER . . IOHN W. KINCAID . CECIL F. KOGER . RM st Row Chattanooga, . . Savannah, . . . . Paris, . Iohnson City, . . Knoxville, . Iohnson City, , . Memphis, . . Byrdstown, Second Row HAROLD LINGERFELT . HUNTER MALLORY . BRUCE MCNEIL . . BEN S. MOORE . . CARTER B, MOORE . CLINTON B, NASH . I. C. PHILLIPS, IR. . ALLEN O. QUINN , . . . . . Elizabethton, . Mt, Pleasant, . .Tazewell, . Cleveland, . Columbia, . Memphis, Kingsport, . . . .Nashville, Third Row ROBERT GLENN RAINES . , . BOB RICHARDSON . . WM. WAYNE ROBERTS . . RICHARD L. ROGERS . . . Lewisburq . . . Dayton, . .l3aris, . Sharon, ACI GRADUATES Tenn. Tenn. Tenn, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn. Tenn Tenn. HUGH C. SLIGER . . LEMUEL A. TEAGUE , DOYLE T. TENO, IR. . EDWARD L. TURNER , Four RUSSELL WALLING . . E. B. WALKER . . TED M. WALKER . . GEORGE S. 'WEAVER . NORVAL F. WEBB, IR. , ROBERT S. WHITE . KARL WOOD, IR. . . R. O. YOUNG . . . Members OSCAR L. LANFORD , EUGENE S. PEISER . . MARVIN R. PRITCHARD ANNIE RINES .... IAMES L. SMITH . , SAM I. TACKETT . , H. C. THOMAS . . IACK H. WALKER . CLINT B. WASH . th Row Not Pic . Cookeville, . Madisonville, . .Clinton, . Nashville, . Springfield, . Savannah, . . Erwin . . Dickson , Smithville . Nashville, Memphis, . . Humboldt, tured . , Lanford . . Nashville . Memphis, Iefierson City, I f Tenn. Tenn. Tenn, Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. S. C. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. . . . . Murray, Ky . . Milburn, Ky. . Wilmington, N. C. . Huntingdon, Tenn. . . Martin, Tenn. FIRST ROVV ELSIE HENDRIX ....... Sevierville, President ETHEL OXENDINE .,.. . Pembroke. Representative DORIS ADAIR , , , . . Hamilton. IEANNE BAILEY , , Memphis, PATTIE BRIGHT . Greenwood, PATSY CODY . . . Kingsport, DOROTHY DAVIS , . . Blue Springs, MAUREEN DAWKINS . . , , Louiri, SECOND ROW CARLENE DENSFORD. , Memphis, RUTH DULANEY , . . . Johnson City, CAROLYN EDWARDS. , .Knoxville, IMOGENE ELROD . . . . Sparta, GLORIA GALLOWAY . , , McKenzie, MARY GRANADE. .McKenzie, ROSA LEE HELCHEL , . W, Memphis IOANNE HILMUS . . Covington, MEMBERS Tenn. N. C, Miss Tenn Miss. Tenn Miss Miss Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn , Ark Tenn THIRD ROW IRIS HOPKINS . . . MARY NELL I-IORD . BETTY IO HUCKABA , MARILYN HUNT . . IEANETTE IOHNSON . BETTY MAC LAIN . . IEAN PICKARD . . RUTH ROGERS . . FOURTH ROW ANNA L. SIMON . . LAURA SPENCE . . FRANCES STRICKLIN . BOBBIE TYLER , . . CARRIE LOU WHITE . MARTHA WHITEHEAD ETHEL YAGER . . . NOT IRENE BALDWIN , . ANGIE MCPHAIL . PICTURED . Memphis. . Alcoa, Forest City, Memphis, , Tupelo, Texarkana, Memphis, . Sumner 1 . Memphis, Eosterville, . Laurel, Morrilton, . Gulfport, Memphis, Memphis, Palacrious, Tenn. Tenn, Ark. Tenn Miss. Texas Tenn. Miss. Tenn. Tenn. Miss. Ark. Miss. Tenn. Tenn. Texas Forest City, Ark, NURSING GRADUATES '51 PT SE 319 F-'I L11 Is l LD I1-I-Tl 1 FIRST ROW RICHARD D. ALLEN ..,,. Chattanooga, President CECIL F. MYNATT ..,, . Knoxville, Vice President HAROLD G, SIBOLD ..... Chattanooga, Sec-Treasurer GUS K. BELL ,...,.,. Knoxville, ROBERT T. BROOKS . . . Fountain City, OREL HOUSTON CAGLE . Pikeville, PARVIZ CHAHBAZI . . Tehran, I. M. COX .,,.. Kingston, BRUCE M. CULVAHOUSE . Ten Mile, WELBORN H. ENGLAND , , Luray, SECOND ROW ROBERT B. GILBERTSON . . . Memphis, HOLLIS HENRY I-IALFORD, IR. . . Memphis, RALPH S. HAMILTON . . , . Knoxville, IOSEPH H. HENDERSON, IR. , . Maryville, I. T. IABBOUR . . . Tiptonville, ROBERT L. KNOX . . Memphis, DAVID C. LANE Oak Ridge, MEDICAL GRADUATES Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Iran Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. 3?O WILLIAM E. LONG . HAYS MITCHELL , . . A. IEROME MUELLER . , THIRD ROW EDWIN COURTNEY PAGE . ROBERT L. PETTUS, IR. PAUL SADLER ,... OSCAR I.. SIMPSON. IR. , ROBERT L. SIMPSON ALANSON B. SMITH , IOSEPH DARREL SMITH . RICHARD E. TRAVIS CHARLES BENIAMIN WITT, IR. IERRY I, WHITTINGTON, III . , Memphis, Memphis, Memphis, . Memphis, , Nashville Harriman, . . Bristol, . Bristol, Decaturville, . Knoxville, Memphis . Concord , Memphis, MEMBERS NOT PICTURED SIDNEY P, EDDS .,..... Harrogate WALTER L. GOFORTH CLAYTON I. IONES . . HAROLD L, KING , . , Rogersvilie, Memphis, Rutherford, IAMES WILLIAM TENPENNY . Murfreesboro f Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn 'Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn 1 1 r MEMBERS First Row MINNIE B, RATLIFF ...... President . Mission, Tex, MARTI-IA A. LOVING ........ Petersburg, Tenn. Vice President MARY IEAN SMITH . ..... . Linden, Tenn. Secretary ALMA TRAPPOLINI ..... , . . Ashland, Miss. Treasurer CATHERINE A. BOATWRIGI-IT . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. M. SUE CLARKE ..,.. . Knoxville, Tenn. ln September of l94O, the Women medical students at the University of Tennessee School of Medicine were granted their charter as Omega Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Iota. This national Women's medical fraternity to which they now belonged was founded on February 26, l89O, at the University of Michigan, Second Row HELEN M. GREENE ......, AGNES A. LAINE .... . , . Memphis, Tenn. FRANCES L. OSBORNE . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. MARY M. POWELL . . . Fredericksburg, Va, GERALDINE G. PRICE I . Chattanooga, Tenn, CATHRYN C. VADEN ...... .Memphis, Tenn. Members Not Pictured IRIS PEARCE BETTY SETTLER IEAN TARWATER ISABEL WRIGHT ESTHER BATSON MARIAN DOZIER PAULINE GRODSKY ELINOR LONG and now comprises thirty chapters found in medical schools throughout the country. This organization provides good fellowship, helps establish lasting friendship, and furnishes a common meeting ground for women members of the medical profession. ALPHA EPSILUN IUTII 321 , Nashville, Tenn. il ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA WILLIAM D. IONES . ALLYN M. PRICE . . DAVID L. MCALLISTER. IOHN H. HOOKER . . IOSEPH O. PRIESTLY . RICHARD A. WHEELER . WILLIAM V. TAYLOR E. R. BAKER . . . IAMES C. BASS . . DR. ROBERT L. CROWE DR. FRANK HARRISON. MEMBERS First Row Fourth Row . . . . .President . Vice President . . ,Treasurer , , Recording Secretary . . Corresponding Secretary . ..... Historian , Chaplain . . Warden . Marshall . . . Sponsor Second Row . , . . ,Sponsor I. Darrel Hutson Ioe H Ijams Howard R, Kennedy Marcus M. Marble, Ir. William L. Mason, Charles H. Moore Robert W. Morris Robert L. Neil Iames B. Nichols Harry K. Ogden Robert L. Simpson Oscar L. Simpson, Ir. MRS. A. S. IAMISON . Robert F. Baker Marvin Batchler Richard Berg Marvin W. Blankenship Third Row I, M. Cox Bruce M, Culvahouse Harry E. Dickson Paul F. Dishner Hampton C. England . . . .House Mother Horace G. Bramm Robert T, Brooks Iames T. Campbell, Ir. Robert W. Carter Alfred H. Evans Arthus R. Evans, Ir. Ralph R. Gammill David N, Hawkins Ioseph A. Hennessey Alanson B. Smith Joseph D. Smith Donald W, Singleton Arthur A. McMurray Perry A, Mead Ioe M, Miller Iames W. Mitchell Edward M. Molinski Fifth Row William E, Park Sam T. Parker William S. Pennington Harvey C. Reese, Ir, Sixth Row Leslie I, Stubblefield Carson E. Taylor Louis E. Tolbert, Ir. Robert H. Tosh Seventh Row William R. Walker A. Neal Ward Lester D. Webb Iames C, Welburn Curtis G. Wherry Richard I. Wilhelm Iames B. Wray Iohn C. Wright Eugene Zachary Not Pictured Robert L. Ford I. K. Seale William Sheridan Nathan F. Porter On September 29, 1888, a group of students at Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover, New Hamp- shire met and organized Alpha Kappa Kappa Medical Fraternity. Since the founding of the Mother Chapter at Dartmouth, Alpha Kappa Kappa has grown to forty- four active chapters and has become international in character with the establishment of chapters in medi- cal schools in Canada. Like all of the medical fraternities located at the 322 University of Tennessee, College of Medicine, Alpha Kappa Kappa is an institution moving powerfully for good among college men. This fraternity is based upon the broad purpose of mental progression, schol- arship, mutual assistance and social development. From these teachings the graduating medical stu- dent finds that he has tapped a major source of social stimulation and a reservoir of good will that will benefit him as a physician throughout his life. 323 DELTA SIGMA BELT W. M. IKARD . . E, N. STACK. . . DR. R. BOURGOYNE DR, T. H. SHIPMON . A. G. GRANT . . M. E. WORTHAM . VV, I. BYRNE . . C. B. BLAIN . B. OWEN. . I. A. EVANS . I. W. TODD . I. C. BROOKS . . G. W. HUCKABA . D. E. PRUITT . . H. R. BURNS . . T. E. MAYHALL . L. C, Anderson I, G. Allen W. R. Austin F. R. Bollen W. T. Brown G, F. Brown W. T, Brown D. I. Bellott K. A. Billings F, Chaffin I, F. Dyer R. L. Duggins R. G, Davidson R. E. Dukes C. E. Davis First Row Second Row Third Row Fourth Row MEMBERS . . Grandmaster '49 . . Grandmaster '48 . . . . Deputy . . Assistant Deputy . . Worihymaster '49 . . Scribe '48, '49 .Treasurer '48, '49 . . . Historian '49 . . Senior Page '49 . . Iunior Page '49 4 . . .Tyler 49 . . . Worthymaster '48 . . Historian '48 . Senior Page '48 . . Iunior Page '48 . . . . . Tyler '48 H. E. Burns I. F. Bigger R, C, Brock W. P. Clear I. C, Conn L, W. Carpenter L. I. Carter G. VV. Croley W, A. Eley I. B. Elliot M. M. Fortenberry R. E. Frazier K, D. Ford Fifth Row R, P. Greer N. C. Hall W. B, Hop N. I. Headden C. E. Henley B. S. Holloway E. L. Hicks O. Haws R. W. Hill O. Kelley R, W', Hall Sixth Row I. R. Lunt S, A. Monger I. D. Lawrence I. W. Martin I. D. lane W. L. Miller H. C. Meacham E. L. Moore L. M, Mullins B. T, Mixon Seventh Row I, Manney A, Perkins I. E. McLemore B. M. Pennell B. Noll B. M. Pollard W. K. Nichol G, B. Rogers I. M, Pipkin C, L. Raines I. A. Phillips Eighth Row I, Ragsdale I. L. Saddler R. Rollins B, Scholes L. Rose K. Speer D. Rowe H. Sublett T. R. Sanders I. Smoot R, M. Smith E. O. Thomas Ninth Row R, F. Taylor R. W. White S, Talbert I, Walker N, E. Tillman H. L. Wright W. O. White I. N, Walker L. Burbank I. D. Iohnson F. D. Harrod O. L. York The Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity is the oldest dental fraternity. lt was founded as an undergradu- ate professional fraternity in 1882 at the University of Michigan. On February 23, 1884, the Supreme Chapter ot Delta Sigma Delta was organized with the graduating class of that year as the charter members. Kappa Kappa Chapter was founded at the University of Tennessee, College of Dentistry, May 28, 1921. The objective of Delta Sigma Delta is to keep high the standards of dentistry by inculcating in the minds of dental students and practitioners the spirit of fra- ternal cooperation toward scientific, ethical and pro- fessional progress. A high standard of scholarship is one of the aims and ideals. The fraternity wants that the profession of dentistry be one of the noblest of all professions, and its object is to assist one in be- coming the best dentist within the range of his capabilities. 324 Subordinate chapters are composed of undergradu- ate students in dental colleges. There are 33 subordi- nate chapters in the United States. The Supreme Chapter is composed of dental practitioners who are graduated from subordinate chapters or are elected to membership because of outstanding achievement in the field of dental science. It is international in scope, having members all over the world. Gradu- ate chapters are a division of the Supreme Chapter composed of members in good standing in the Su- preme Chapter. There are 34 graduate chapters in the United States, Canada, British Isles, Australia, and on the Continents of Europe and Africa. For several years Kappa Kappa chapter has pre- sented to its graduating seniors life membership in the fraternity. 325 DURELL HILLER . . Hendersonville, Tenn. . Memphis: Tenn. I. PHI U-H-I -1-- D. R. SUTHERLAND CURTIS IEFPERS . W. S. IONES . A. E. OGDEN . B. A. BLAND . H. KEESE . I. Q. ADAMS . E. AGEE . R. AGEE . , . A. M. ALEXANDER R. G. ALLEN . . R. ANTHONY . . D. ARCHER . R. L. BANNER . I. I. BARRON . W. B. BEASLEY . , P, BLAND . . 'IJ V. BURKHART . R. BUTLER , . I. W. CALDWELL . D. H. CATES . W. F. CLARY . I. G. CLOUD . E. F. CROCKER . B. DALY . . B. P, DAVIDSON . R. B. DeBERRY . C. B, DIXON . . G. L. DUCKWORTH C. M. EASLEY . 1. c. ELLIOT , R. E. EVERETT . E. EVERSOLE . . T. M, FERGUSON . E. B. GALYON . . O. E. GOODNIGHT 1-1. GREEN , . , T. F. HAASE . . 1. v, HANDWERKER 1. C. HARDIN , O, E, HARPER , . s. A. HARRISON. . H. HAYES . . . 1. H, HITE . . A, O, IENSEN , . T, w. IOHNSON . I. B. IONES . . I. H. IONES . W. P. IONES . A. G. KENNEDY . I. H. KINSER . . M. LANE . . . R. W. LAYCOCK . M, K. MANTOOTH P. I. MATTE . . I. R. McCAIN . . O, M, MCCALLUM I. B, MCCONNELL . W. R, MCCOY . . F. S. MCKNIGHT . T. W. MERIWETHER L. W. O'BANNON . W. F. OUTLAN . I. P. PUCKETT . C. R. RIGGS . M. E, RODGERS . I. N. SANDERS . T. F. SCOTT , C. H. SHARP . I. D. SIMPSON . W. R. SMITH . First Row A President l Presidind Iunior A Secretaryl I E House' Manaoer E 'Iudge 'Advocate I Intramural Manager I Social' Chairman. Second Row Third Row Fourth Row Fifth Row Sixth Row Seventh Row Eighth Row MEMBERS . New Orleans, La. W. SOMERVILLE . W. B. SORRELL . . . Ferndale, Mich. . . . Ozark, Ala. . Winnsboro, Texas . Knoxville, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. T. C. STOUDEMAYER T. SWEAT . . . A, W, TALLEY . . W. I. THORNTON . L. E. TRAUGHBER . F, T. TURNBULL . F. M. VALENTINE . S. D. VICK . . W. R. VOYLES . W. H, WALL , . Little Mountain, S. C. . . Corinth, Miss. . . . Paris, Tenn. . Dyersburg, Tenn. . . . . Iackson, Tenn. . . . , Memphis, Tenn. Ninth Row . . . . Newport, Tenn. . . Memphis, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Clarksville, Tenn. . Oak Ridge, Tenn. . . Barnsville, Ga. . LaFoIlette, Tenn. . LaFOllette, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Ripley, Tenn. . Luttrell, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Bristol, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Natchitoches, Ga. Chattanooga, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . . Knoxville, Tenn. . Newport, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Lakeland, Fla. . Bradford, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. Lawrenceburq, Tenn. . . Corinth, Miss. . . . Paces, Vcr. . Madison, Tenn. Morristown, Tenn. . Cumberland, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . Holland, Texas . Carthage, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Shreveport, La. . Memphis, Tenn. . . Loudon, Tenn. Valley Creek, Tenn. . Nashville, Tenn. . . Dallas, Texas . Dyersburq, Tenn. . . Harlan, Ky. . . Pigqott, Ark. . Senatobia, Miss. , Knoxville, Tenn. . Athens, Tenn. . Humboldt, Tenn. . Shamrock, Tenn. . Newport, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. Henderson, Tenn. . Kingsport, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Hartselle, Ala. . Somerville, Tenn. Collegedale, Tenn. Shreveport, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Summit, Miss. . Memphis, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. Phi Chi International Fraternity was founded March 3lst at the University oi Vermont in lB89. There are at present over 35.000 members oi Phi Chi representing practically all the countries of the world. Alpha Beta Chapter was installed at the University ot Tennessee, U1 R, WALLACE . I, B. WALLACE . K. C. WARREN . . R. A. WEDEKIND . C. M. WILLIAMS . P. I. WILLIAMSON . W. I, WRIGHT . I. ANDERTON . T. BALLARD . P. I. BATSON . G, K. BELL . C. R. BISHOP . O. H. CAGLE . . PARVIS CHAHBAZI P. COLLINS . . . E. C. CRAFTON . I. C. CRUNLEY . S. R. DOUGHTY . B. E. GALBRAITH . R, GILBERTSON , B. H. GINN . . B. A. GLASS . A. GLOVER . B. GOODMAN , H. GOWAN . E, R. HALL . . R, HAMILTON . M. L. HAYEW . I. HENDERSON . O. W. HYMAN . I. T. IABOUR . K, E. IONES . H. W, KEISKER . S. C, KNIGHT . . R, L, KNOX . . , R. DOEHN K, M. KRESSENBERG D. LANE . . W. B, LOCKE . . W. E. LONG . . Malvern, Ark. . Gallatin, Tenn. . Morrisville, Pa. . Knoxville, Tenn. . Trenton, Tenn. . . Knoxville, Tenn. . . . . , . . . Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Members Not Pictured . . , .Dyersburg, Tenn. . . . . . Memphis, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . Dyersburq, Tenn. . Pikeville, Tenn. . . . . Iran . Memphis, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. Iohnson City, Tenn. . . Auburn, Ala. . . Memphis, Tenn. . . Memphis, Tenn. . . Tampa, Fla. . Knoxville, Tenn. . . Bristol, Tenn. . Kosciusko, Miss. . Memphis, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . New York, N, Y. . Maryville, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Tiptonville, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . . Memphis, Tenn. . Taylorsville, Miss. . Memphis, Tenn. . Dyersburq, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. I. MCGRUDER . C. MCKNIGHT . I. MANKIN . . C. W, MCKASKLE . I. B. MERSHON . G, I, MESHEW . F. B. MITCHELL . A. I. MUELLER . C. MYNATT . . E, PAGE . . . W, PASLAY . W, L. PATTERSON , K. 1. PHELPS . W. 1, PROFFIT'I' . I. PRYSE . . 1, A. RAINES . C. ROBINSON . . 1, A, ROBINSON . . Oak Ridge. McMinnville, . Memphis, . Oak Ridge. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. . Carbondale, Ill. . Memphis, . Memphis, Tenn. Tenn. . . Louisville, Ky. . . Memphis, Tenn. . Lenoir City, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. . Memphis Tenn. , . Knoxville, Tenn. . Greenbriar, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Lalfollette, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Carthage, Tenn. . . Memphis, Tenn, Germantown, Tenn. W. G. REED . T. R. S. RODDA . R, ROSE . . A. ST. MARTIN . D. M, SANDERSON . R. W. SIMONTON . I. P, SIMS . . I, R. SISK . . D. I, SLAGLE . W. G. SUTHERLAND I. R. THOMAS . . S. WALLACE . . D. E. WICKER . B, WILLIAMS . C. WITT . . Memphis, Tenn. , Tusculoosa, Ala, , . Morris, Ala. . Proctor, Ark. . Portland, Tenn. . Chattanooga, Tenn. . . Trenton, Tenn. Elizabethton, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Ridqely, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn, . Memphis, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . Concord, Tenn. Memphis, on April 4, 1914, with 76 active members, The chapter house is located at 216 N. Waldran and has for its purpose the promulgation of good fellowship, the maintenance of an atmos- phere conducive to study and the preservation and appreciation ot the science of medicine. PHI DELTA CHI ROBERT L. CROWE . ALBERT H. MUSICK E. FOSTER WILLIAMS IOHN L. WOOD . . GROVER C. BOWLES CHARLES H. SMITH IACK M. NICKS. . ANDREW P. NELSON . CARLTON B. HUDSON HOWARD C. POMEROY . IAMES B. WALKER . Gordon M, Amburgey Wiley B. Barner Glen R. Barnes Billie R. Bobbitt Clyde R. Coleman Harold R. Ellis Dennis A, Faulk Robert W. Ferrell I. W. Finley Robert P. Frazier Elbert E. Matthews Charles C. McCall Iimmie F. McDonald Harold F, McNabb Charles E. Moudy Clyde W, Stophel Robert I. Stout Clifton C. Thomas Wiley L. Vaught Russell H. Willis William E. Drysdale George W. Earles, Ir. Howard P. Earles Marvin L, Eaves Richard A. Fowlkes, Ir MEMBERS I-'11-gf Row Fourth Row Iames A. Iones . Sponsor I. Winston Kirksey ' Facuhy Charles F. Langford . Faculty Samuel I. LoVoi V Faculty Robert E. Leigh I Faculty Fiflh Row Stolen A. Outlan . Faculty Charles Powell ' ' President Richard L. Rogers , . . Vice President Ioseph A. Ryan . . Recording Secretary Max F' Stephenson . Corresponding Secretary sixth Row Billy I. Allen Second Row Billy Ioe Brake Iohnny M. Conner . . ..... Treasurer William E. Cottrell William G. Crabtree Iohn A. Dodson Warren G. Crowl Seventh Row Third Row James B. Davis Robert E. Dodson Roy E, Gibson, Ir. Iesse M. Gray George D. Gregory Roger B, Herndon Malcolm E. Holmes Phi Delta Chi, a national Professional Pharmaceuti cal and Chemical Fraternity, was founded at the Uni versity ot Michigan, at Ann Arbor, in the year l883 The chapter at the University of Tennessee was form ed on May ll, 1922, and titled Omega. Dr. Robert L. 328 Harry Dexter Goodwin Chester O. Graves Iohn M. Hisky F. Bernard Hundley Arthur G, Hyde Eighth Row Carter B. Moore Clinton B. Nash I. C. Phillips, Ir. Allen O'Neal Quinn I. Robert Richardson William W. Roberts Iohn VV. Kincaid Cecil F. Koger Bob N, Matthews Bruce McNeil Ben S. Moore Charles R. Sharp Edward L, Turner Russell Walling George S. Weaver Robert S. White - Crowe, Dean of the School of Pharmacy, and first - charter member ot Omega Chapter, now holds the . distinguished honor of Grand President oi the Na - tional Fraternity. Omega Chapter now has a strength of 46 active members. A... .. Am . ... .- A.. . 329 PHI HU SIGMA MEMBERS Fi,-sg Row No! Pictured R' P' PARNELL ' "'4 ' ' President N. D. Acree R, Quinones, Treasurer F' SAGE ' ' Vice President R. Boatwright H. L. Ray R' AKIN ' A h r Secretary R. G, Carvens S. I. Schaeffer V. PARRISH . . . . . . House Manager T. Gurus R. Schaeffer T' Boston E' Bullet M' L' Courtney M. Chesney R. Smith second Row H. Farthing C. Tharp C. E. Crabtree C- Gilbert E, Gibbons A. H. Tuttle D- L- Deal - T- Johnson 1. R. Haufieia 1. vim H- Farley ' Matthews L. Iones G. C. Wallace I' C' Garbarmi H. A. Kinzer M. W. Wood Third Row R. Leclbetter I. Langdon T. Mr:Carter T. Moore G. Mitchell M. Harlan H. McCollum - S- Morgan M. Moore C, Restall E. P. Mobley . Mullens G' Lynch F' Blalock I' D' Mobley I. O. House W, Tenpenny Founh Row T, Adkins D. Meador C, V. Murr Robertson C' Easmdge H. Powell L. Rodriguez G. Ranier Shelton sponsors A. Randall C. H. Glover, M.D. Phil Lewis, M.D Frank Roberts, M.D. Fifth Row H. L, Smith B. Yates W. N. Tauxe , Chitwood Honorary G. E, Williams F. M. Garrett R' Winger' Ph'D' R' Houck' Ph-D I. R. Williams R. Overman, Ph.D. Phi Rho Sigma was founded at Northwestern Uni- mation with Phi Rho Sigma in 1929 became Chi versity on October 30, 1896. Chi Epsilon Chapter was founded as Lambda Chapter ot Chi Zeta Chi on Epsilon ot Phi Rho Sigma Medical Fraternlty Phi Rho Sigma is a national organization with forty six active chapters and an alumni membership of October 14, l906, and upon this fraternity's amalga- Well over l5,UOO. 330 1 rm ---NS-I U lEE-A- --- First Row DR, T. R. MEADOWS ...... DR. HAROLD P, THOMAS . MEMBERS . . Deputy Councilor . Asst. Deputy Councilor W. D. THOMPSON. , H. B. GRUMBLES . . S. G. SANDERS . . I. H, BARRETT . GEORGE E. ALCOTT. . G, N. ATKINS. . . T. L. AYLOR . C. E. BAILEY . W. I. BAKER . IOE D, BELL. . W. W. BENTON, . R. B, BOYSON . H, C, BUTTS . , R, N, BYRD, IR. . Second Row . . . Grand Master . Iunior Grand Master . . . Treasurer . .House Manager . .Weiner, Ark. . Covington, Tenn. . Greenfield, Tenn. . Lakeview, S, C, . Williamsburg, Ky. . . Gleason, Tenn. . .West Helena, Ark. . Little Rock, Ark. . . Dover, Tenn. . Knoxville, Tenn. Third Row R. E, CLARK . . . . . Iacksonville, Fla. E, C. COOPER . . Clarksville, Tenn. V, L. CROUSE . . ,Memphis Tenn. WM, L, DABBS . . . Tupelo, Miss. W. A, EAKIN . . Chattanooga, Tenn. I, L. EASON. . . , Scottshill, Tenn. N, I. G, EDWARDS . . . Richton, Miss, T, E, HARRISON . . Philadelphia, Miss. Fourth Row I. W, HAYNES. . .... . Savannah, Tenn. E. C. KIRKENDOL . . Knoxville, Tenn. H, E, MCDANIEL . . .Covington, Tenn. T. E, PERRY . . . Memphis, Tenn. G, M, PREVOST . . Ooltewah, Tenn. K, M, RAY. . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. L. C, RENEGAR . . Chattanooga, Tenn. F, H, REYNOLDS , . . , , . Cleveland, Tenn. Filth Row D, E. RICHARDSON . . , . . Columbia, S. C. P. D, RIDDLE . . . Elizabethton, Tenn. I, RUSSELL, IR, . . Memphis, Tenn. WM, H. RUSSELL . , . Benton, Ill. A. A, SCHMIESS. . . Munich, N. D. C. A. W. SCO'I'T, IR. . A, F. SERIO . , . I. P, SHELTON. , I. C. SHIRLEY . E. L. SIMMONS . . MURLE SINQUEFIELD E, W. SMITH . . . P. W. SOWERS . R. F, TAYLOR . B. I, TEEPLE , E, B. WARREN . W, K. WARREN . T. N. WEEMS, . C. O. WHITE . . . C. K, WOLFENBARGER R. H, WORKMAN, . IOHN AYLOR . I, H, HARPOLE . T, I. LEONARD , . Sixth Row Seventh Row . Chattanooga, Tenn. . Newhaven, Conn. .Chattanooga, Tenn. , Quitman, Miss. . . .Atlanta, Ga. . Senatobia Miss. . Knoxville, Tenn. . Lexington, N. C. . . Franklin Tenn. McMinnville, Tenn. Holly Springs, Miss, .Chattanooga, Tenn. , . .Model, Tenn. . . Murray, Ky. Fountain City, Tenn. , .Southside, Tenn. . McKenzie, Tenn. . Union City, Tenn. . . . Bristol, Va. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED I. A. BAILEY. . . . . R. S. BEAN . D, R. BILDEN . . C. D. BROOKS . I, E, BROWN. . I. P. CAMPBELL . R. D. COOPER . Z, V, FREEMAN . F. I. HUDSON . H. T. LEEK, IR, , . IOHN LEDGERWOOD R. M. LINDSEY , . D. M. MILLER . I. W. MILLSON . . W. W, OURSLER, IR. H. E, OVVEN . . . O. PARKER . F. T. SMITH . V. D. SPLANE , I, E. SULLIVAN . D, R. WEBB, IR. . P. H. WYNN, IR. . . Ouitman, Ark. . .Asheville, N, C. . . Lavina, Mont. Chattanooga, Tenn. . .Iacksonville, Fla. . .Pontotoc, Miss. . Woodward, Okla. . . Eudora, Ark. . ,Memphis, Tenn. . . Pontotoc, Miss. . Chattanooga, Tenn. , . Florence, Ala. . Hazelhurst, Miss. . Ellwood City, Pa. . Memphis, Tenn. . Iackson, Tenn. . Wabash, Ark. . Natchez, Miss. . Paintsville, Ky. . Knoxville, Tenn. . .Iackson, Tenn. Psi Omega Fraternity was founded at Baltimore College oi Dental Surgery in 1892, with a member- ship now over 21,000 lt is today the largest of the Dental Fraternities. At present there are 30 active Chapters in the United States, several in foreign countries, and Alumni Chapters in the principal cities of the country. 332 . Memphis, Tenn, Psi Gamma Chapter was installed at The Univer- sity of Tennessee, Memphis, on October 18, 1926. It has for its purpose the maintenance of the high standards of the profession, the encouragement of scientific investigations and Writings, and the promul- gation of good fellowship among its students. P CARL HUTCHISON , RALPH BORUM . . CHALMERS SOWELL HAROLD MARCROM . DR, KARL GOLDNER Charles Arp loe Pal Anderson lohn H. Byassee L. E. Campbell lohn B. Fletcher Clell l. Green MEMBERS First Row Third Row , , . . , . President Humer Mallory' Ir- . V' P 'd me T931 em Iulian T. Mullins . Treasurer Iames Norvell , . Secretary Second Row Faculty Advisor Ioe W. Bennett Frank P, Burress Cabel Louis lones, lr. Paul lones, lr. Garland Edward McCain Billie W. McClarcl R. E. Orr Robert Glenn Raines F O, Francis Svacina William B, Swatford Iohn H, Thomason, Ir Elijah B. Walker ourth Row Horace Roller F. P. Sanders Arthur D. Sharp Hugh C. Sliger Norvel F. Webb Karl Wood, lr. R. O. Young George Cox Frank Johnson Ted Walker Kappa Psi, first national Greek letter pharmaceutical located only in those colleges ot pharmacy which ft 't, t D b ,l79,tthCl- I . ra erm Y .Welsh Oumled .ecgm er.5 .8 6 e O meet the syllabus requirements of the American As lege of Virginia. Smce rts inception rt has grown to have 53 collegiate chapters and 36 graduate chapters sociation of Pharmacy. 334 MEMBERS First Row SAMUEL R, MILLER, IR. ..... . . Knoxville, Tenn, President ROBERT W. GIBSON ........ Ponca City, Okla. Past President IOHN E. CARLTON ,..,.., Murfreesboro, Tenn. Secretary HAROLD P, HARGREAVES . . . . Salt Lake City, Utah Past Treasu er ROBERT S. COWLES . . IACK ROGERS, . . IAMES E. IAMISON ...... , Greeneville, Tenn. , . St. Ioseph, Mo. , Springfield, Mo. Second Row ALBERTO GEYLS RAMIREZ , . , Arecibo, Puerto Rico Founded at the University ot Xifestern Pennsyl- vania, March IU, l89l. Pretermittinq all reference to nationality or opinions, either political or denornina- tional, but believing in the existence of a God, the NICHOLS HRYZENTOWICZ DAVID P. MOORE . . PAUL O. WRIGHT . . ROBERT C. SIMMONS . DR, S. R. BRUESCH . . . DR. VV. D. BURKHALTER . . . . Members Not Pictured RICHARD GRAHAM .....,, Vice President MARION E, CARNES ...,... Past Vice President CHARLES E. SAPPINGTON. . . . Treasure: Rowno, Ukraine Cookeville, Tenn. Knoxville, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. Faculty Sponsor Faculty Sponsor St. Ioseph, Mo. . Houston, Tex. . St. Ioseph, Mo. Creator and Preserver ot the Universe, and recogniz- inq as a fundamental principle that service to our- selves and to others is a duty which should be the constant airn and care of all. BETA GAMMA CHAPTER 335 PHI DELTA EPSILUN MEMBERS First Row DR, 1. D. MICHELSON . . . .....A. sponsor MYRON FINE . . . SOL DAVID BEAVER , . . . Cleveland Heights, Ohio RALPH KUSTOFF - - Consul, RICHARD L. LoNDoN FREDRICK M, FRIEDMAN ....... Memphis, Tenn MILTQN LUBIN Q H We Consul soL A. RosENRLooM PSEPH PARKER ' ' Treasufer' ' A Challanooqa' Tenn' ARTHUR 1. RUDOLPH JACOB ERSTEIN . . .,.,, Chattanooga, Tenn. LABE C' SCHEINBERG Secretary . . St. Louis, Mo. DONALD ALTMAN . . . . EUGENE U. EPSTEIN . . . . Memphis, Tenn, The Beta Eta chapter of Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity was established at the University of Ten- nessee College of Medicine in March of 1929 under the guidance of Dr. l. D. Michelson. Dr. Michelson, who is Professor of Bacteriology at the medical school, was instrumental in reactivating the chapter since its inactivation in l934. The reactivation ceremonies were conducted loy Doctors B. Edgar Speigle, Grand Consul, of New York City, Iules Myron Davidson, Grand Consul elect, of New Orleans and Frederick Brown of New NORMAN S, PROPPER IRVIN PEISER. . . Second Row . . . . .Memphis, Tenn , , . Chattanooga, Tenn . Huntington, West Va . .Memphis Tenn .Nashville, 'Tenn . .Chattanooga Tenn . . . . . .Me-rnphis, Tenn Not Pictured . . . . . .Chicago, lll , , Memphis, Tenn York City. Also present were the local alumni and representatives of the other medical fraternities. Phi Delta Epsilon was established at Cornell Medi cal School in 1904 by Dr. Adolph Brown. Since that time it has grown until now it has forty-six under- graduate chapters and twenty-one graduate chapters throughout the country. lt has for its aims the pro- motion of good fellowship, the encouragement of the highest standards of achievement, and the mainte- nance of the highest ethics in the practice of medi- cine. ,. dd? DR FAUSTIN N. WEBER .... EDMUND CARTER BUTLER . . MORGAN TALLEY . . . , Vice TACK WOHRMAN . CARMAN WINNARD IOSEPH PATRICK . lOHN MAXWELL , Van Cockrell Donald Crone David Fox lerry Ray Hale Ray l..ondon Hoy Manning Gus May Lyman Mitchell MEMBERS First Row Members Not Pictured Sponsor Albert Caifey Iames Penney Presidenl Iames lordan William Rachels President Hilbert Nease Wallace Reid Secretary lames McKnight Eugene Wilson Tfeigiii Douglas Miller Philamon RUDOLPH CAMPBELL Second Row Third Row William Howard William Ieter Alfred Kabakoif Neil Leonard David Robinson lames Summers Tom Townes The Xi Psi Phi Dental Fraternity was founded at the University of Michigan in l889. Alpha Omicron chapter was established on the campus of the Uni- versity ot Tennessee College of Dentistry in Mem- phis in l92l. After a period of inactivation during the war years, the chapter was reactivated on No- vember l5, l947, at the request oi many students and through the cooperation of the Tennessee Alumni Association. This is the only dental fraternity which gives each member a life membership upon graduation. 337 FORTE NBERRY ALL - STUDENTS' CLUB OFFICERS MARSHALL M, FORTENBERRY . . . . President BILLIE W. THWEATT ,..... , Secretary Dentistry Nursing ANDREW P. NELSON ....., . . Vice-President DAN R, SUTHERLAND ..... . Treasurer Pharmacy Medicine Student Body officers are elected each Spring and rotated among the schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Nursing. All students in good stand- ing enrolled in the University are members ot the NELSON All-Students' Club. The purpose ot the All-Students' Club is to promote the activities ot the student life in the University, to serve as a center for such activities, and to promote the best interests ot the University. THWEATT SUTHERLAND Nm NURSES' STUDENT CUUNCIL MEMBERS First Row MISS MARY L, FRISZ ..... Faculty Advisor VIRGINIA FARRIS , . President TERUKO YAKUSHUI Vice President LOIS MAURER . . .,... , . Secretary OLIVIA IRBY . . . .,,... . . , . . Treasurer Second Row Betty Barton Ruth Dinkins Unetta Gunter Catherene Bostic Patsy Greenwood Third Row Nancy Overton Ethel Oxendine Margaret Stewart Shirley 'Walker .Wmmxw ' ww jf 24532 fx W 'e MEMBERS First Row E. N. STACK , , . . , President C. M. SHEPHERD . . Vice President D. R. SUTHERLAND , . . . Secretary DR. FRANK HARRISON . , . . . Faculty Advisor L. C. ANDERSON Second Row E. R. Baker I, L. Mitchell R. W. Gibson C. A, Hutchison I. M, Nicks Third Row A, M. Price W. D, Thompson W, G. Ranier E. I. 'Nohrman WV. G. Swafford R. H. Workman Members Not Pictured I. C, Hardin The Nux Club, senior honorary society of the Uni- versity of Tennessee at Memphis, is composed of seniors who are representatives of the fraternities recognized by the Committee on Student Welfare. The Nux Club Was organized in October, 1939, for the purpose of: ill Advancing the spirit of good will A. H. Tuttle and fellowship among and between the various fra- ternities of the University at Memphis. C27 Promoting favorable publicity for the Memphis unit of the Uni- versity. C3l Fostering the accumulation of material for a Memphis Section of the VOLUNTEER year book. INTER-IIIIHSITY CHRISTIAN FELLUWSHIP IVCF in Memphis is for all Dental, Medical, Nurs- ing, Pharmacy and Technician students. The IVCF is an international, inter-denominational organization for the spiritual benefit of all students on the campus. lt presents "Christ according to the Scriptures," and its objectives are as follows: Ill to prgvide strength and fellowship for Christian students, and C29 to establish and maintain a positive witness for Christ to the unsaved. Daily prayer meetings are at l2:35 P.M. in the Council Room of the University Center. Regular weekly meetings for singing, Bible study, worship, and fellowship are at 7:00 P.M. every Friday on the second floor of the University Center. "For the wages of sin is death: but the gift of God is eternal life through Iesus Christ our Lord." Romans 6:23. "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not un- to thine own understanding. ln all thy ways acknowledge Him and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 315, 6. "Study to shew thyself ap- proved unto God, a Workman that needeth not to be a- shamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." ll Timothy 2:15. "But seek ye first the King- dom of God, and his right- eousness: and all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33. "Ask, and it shall be given you, seek, and ye shall find: knock, and it shall be opened unto you. F or every one that asketh receiveth, and he that seeketh findethp and to him that knocketh it shall be opened." Matthew 717, 8. "For l am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Iesus our Lord." Romans 8:38, 39. MEMBERS Yvette Baker Ruth Delaney Doris King Frank Sweany Irene Baldwin lean Elrod Rev, Thomas McKinney, Iris Sweaney Dorrie Bibb Barbara Hasty Advisor lean Tarwater, Vice-Pres. Doris Blue Rosa Lee Helcel Ethel Oxendine Bobbie Tyler Patty Bright David Busby, President Ruth Clark Warner Clark Ioe Henderson Ieanette Iohnson Clarence Kaiser Ioan Kiser Iewell Keplinger Billy King Pat Crouch Mauren Dawkin Dr. Lester Van Middlesworth Nellie Van Middlesworth Leon Vaught Charles Witt Dorothy Smalley, Sec. Ethel Yager Iames Smalley, Treas. lean Pickard Steve Roddy Ruth Rogers Bob Simpson I fb E Moms Hssrom OF NUPEINC-5 WHO'S NEXT? LL 5 suspswssf X! 5531 PHI ACES "TES TQNQ- lung, mv: 'N-.A x- SMH, MORE AHC, QFFICERS I YQM, mms 'H- .i , i , Y 'wwf H ' -uxsvs.-.-an B avwwm Q9 353965 Wig Qs? KVI Wifi, kfeigii INNER fb grow QQAZETTE f ,W -xslfw' yagiia SM, .pcm 4'1" T I v I ill THAT 'YOFFMY EEU .DG 'W swf 'wg' HQ Q 4iG?iN CHAMPS GAHQ m5s25Eif7E:A55Gfili27 2 ua WE g ?QQ5 52 GAQWQ Q45 Sim? Jag' :Sig . W "MR HAMBONEH INTRAMURAL TROPHIES -mf Px-xx WEB M E ASE JQTTERBUGS LKSHTENING THE LGAD! WONDER IF PATRUNIZE UUR ADVERTISERS Visif Your Old Friend, Doc. Ernesf, Offen for Courfeous Service ELLIS 81 ERNEST DRUG STORE ON THE CORNER OF THE CAMPUS 0 PHONE 2-6103 U l J ma Ipana-ized lUsedf b 97 Ib W kl g MANN DEL A STUDIOS 9 Wes+ 201'h S+ree+ NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. Telephone: Wafkins 9-I880 PF PG P4- UUH UFFIEIAL YEAHBUUH PHUTUEHAPHEH So Good Say I+ wifh Words Thai' Ain'+ Saniiary , l 3 --STYLES OF DISTINCTION- 4IO W. Clinch A Complimenrs of G. R. KnoxviIIe's Qualify Laundry OPBVOIIUQ Dry Cleaning CITY FURNITURE CO. 200 Vine Ave- 6l8 W. Clinch Avenue Ph 3 6l48 CADILLAC PONTIAC "OlcIes'r Dealers in 'rhe Sou+hland" Wesr Main al Henley Slreel For Qualiry Apparel A+ Moderafe Price VISII' ---- Delicious Home Made Pies-Plafe Lunches K 24 Hour Service I63O W. Cumberlancl Corner ol The Campus Gay Sfreef and Wal! Avenue Ship Shape Adam's Apple Granger and Ranger A GOOD BANK TO DO BUSINESS WITH . . . THE TENNESSEE VALLEY BANK Member Federal Deposi+ Insurance Corp. mx , ERVINE HNUXVHLE ANR EAST TENNESSEE WITH EUHR MEREHANDISE AT RIGHT PRICES EUR 48 YEARQ 0-0 0 9 UNE UE THE SUUTHS GREAT ETURES COMPLIMENTS TIRES, TUBES, GAS, OIL, AND BATTERIES op TINSLEY TIRE COMPANY SWAN'S BAKERY HENLEY AT CUMBERLAND Phone 2-2I I7 BREAD CAKE Brake Deparfmenf Road Service Lasso Come Home Sigma Smoo+I'1s Some Bunk ulnsurance fn All of Its Branclwsu J. E. LUTZ AND COMPANY Established 1896, Incorporated 1929 Underwriting Managers TENNESSEE INSURANCE COMPANY Q Our Organization Includes the Following Alumni: "GABY" HOOPER, '20 JOHN E. LUTZ, II, '40 Joi-IN JACOBS, '24 s. M. ARNOLD, JR., '47 H. C. fskeeti BRANDAU, '35 WILSON ROWLAND, '48 ARTHUR RODGERS, JR., '34 H. P. STICKLEY, ,48 JOE ZARICO, JR., '48 W. F. TAYON, '51 ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR, BURWELL BLDG. KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE ' s N Q. X xx s x 'xx 'x 'Q mx at .i Z : N N N s x w. ' x 1 I v I I I I 2 dfh 2 X 2 XX af, 2 in I' ,If ff X!!! ! ! 1 Xl XXXXXXFXXXX OUR FAMOUS COALS "DIXIE GEM''-"REGAL"-HSCUTHERN STAR" 6l4 OAK AVENUE PHONE 3-6I2I Smorgasbord Y Chief Grade A "Make Our Bank Your Bank" Park ational Bank KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE Capifal Sl,OO0,000.00 Resources S50,000,000.00 MORE MILK 0 MORE SUGAR 0 MORE SHORTENINC5 KERNS BREAD anfewwfj' awk' Sea Forih I00'X, Wool Band Aid W. G. ,MOFFAT Manager HOTEL FARRAGUT A MEYER HOTEL I 300 ROOMS EACH WITH INDIVIDUAL BATH AND ELECTRIC CEILING FANS I o MODERN EUROPEAN FIREPROOF KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE f eftffif T ee, 1 :' 3 f,1Q11gIf-f- I ' flij4f.f?ff',3i,4?Qf'3f N RIVIERA In II I 'I - es -,,,fe - S. STRAND T T WEST KNOXVILLE BRANCH BIJOU BGCTH THE HAMILTUN NATIUNAL BANK P IVslesI Cumberland Avenue af l9+I1 SIreeII And All .U. 'II.nIg:EsioIrTZIUanc.I Sfudenfs THEAT RES To lf2n1?IQef'IfIIi2f'I ff'mp'eIe IAmpIe parking epeeey II' Floafs Five O'CIocIx Shadow Good 'Io fhe LasI Drop JhDS+ P CR , Sl dy M pI Mg . . Bradley, Mgr. V aeal efsd I f5 fbi' L L 1 eww' an me INC. , GOOD CLOTHING OUALITY AND SERVICE ALWAYS FOR Safisfacfion Guaranfeed MEN, WOMEN, and BOYS 3-6I9I I823-25 NV C I: I d Be Safer-Insure wifh o 4 - FOWLER-SHAFER Bank of Knoxville Building ED FOWLER ALEl!C07SJElAFER BOB SIMS Evans fn'?shin'gs,E5UQ'Sll0'5 Established 1912 Compnmems 5l4 Soullw Gay Slreel CLOTHES FOR DISCRIMINATING MEN 408 S GAY STREET Disc Joclceys K-nowledge Rafion Ask fha Man Who Owns Two "Dedical'ed +o +l1e Service of U.T. and Wes+ lncorporaled Knoxville.. Real Es+a+e-Loans-Insurance Journal Building Phone 3-9l22 5- I 0-25C STORES Complimemls of l827 Wesl Cumberland Avenue 2-2520 I506 W. Cumberland Ave. Knoxville, Tenn. KNOXWLLE' TENNESSEE E. B. HALE WM. C. HALE, JR. WHOLESALE FRUITS VEGETABLES Souih Cumberland Morrisfown, Tenn. COM PLIMENTS OF FIDELITY-BANKERS TRUST COMPANY KNOXVILLE'S OLDEST FINANCIAL INSTITUTION I9I9 I949 MEDICAL ARTS DRUG CO.. INC TITLE INSURANCE Co. PM 4'334"3'7'75 MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING Why Gamble Againsf TiI'Ie Losses? Insure! BEN H. TESTERMAN, PresicIen+ MONDAY BEAUTY SALON KNOXVH-LE' TENNESSEE I73I Wesf Cumberland T Zone His MasIer's Voice Time Io Re'Iire Complimenlrs of Y OFFICE SUPPLY 8: EQUIPMENT CO. 5 TE R L I N G H O ,USE 310 W. CHURCH AVENUE Home of ROSE MORTUARY 1- M1 L L E H I32I Nor'II1 Broadway BeaUI'II'-'I Shoes "IT COSTS LESS AT" STERCHI BROS. TO FURNISH YOUR HOME K p g Posfed I Knew +I1ere was a Norfhwesf Passage Sanf cI UNIVERSITY OE TENNESSEE BOOK STORE YOUR UNIVERSITY STORE FOR ALL ACADEMIC SUPPLIES AND RELATED ITEMS SOUTH COLLEGE CAMPUS KNOXVILLE BLUEPRINT AND SUPPLY C0. SUPPLIERS FOR THE ARCHITECT AND ENGINEER EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORS For EUGENE DIETZGEN CO. 66 guergfking for gbrahing ana! Surveying" 408 WALNUT STREET 4 2087 Men go for Me 20 Mule Team Borax Qui+e4A Beau'ry Resf COMPLIMENTS OF BLUE EIHELE Sysfem of Ea+ing Houses Office Empire Bldg KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF AMERICAN LIMESTONE COMPANY KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE SAM TOO'-E 12521121 CCMPANY MONDAY'S WHITE HOUSE Wholesale Jobbe,-5 "Try Our Delicious T-Bone S+eak" C ay I733 W. Cumberland Ave. K ville, Tennessee Ph 3 9lO7 TODD 81 ARMISTEAD COMPANY C, 8g CON Knoxville's Leading Prescriplion Slore Marlcel' and Clinch Dial 2-2I3I Fencler-Sender Aw-Your Fadders Muslache Booih Tallninglon COMPLIMENTS OF VESTAL LUMBER 81 MFG. CO. lncorporafed KNOXVILLE 9, TENNESSEE I hr lCnnxui1lr Ennrnal FuII Membership The Associaied Press PUBLISHED EVERY MORNING Esfablished I839 ROY N. LOTSPEICH Presidenf and Publisher Th Un, d P ss KNoxvlLLE, TENNESSEE Member ti Ie re . Audii' Bureau of CircuIafions Infernahonal News Service American Newspaper Pub'5 A55 The AP Newsphoio Service Soufhern Newspaper Pub's Ass f 9 STOKES ELECTRIC COMPANY FO' 'fhe Besi Use Wh I I EI + . I S I. Cerfified ICoIdI 1 o esa e ec rica upp les 0 -Hmmm ' ' ' 320 S. G Sf. TenTh 84 I-oresT Knoxv:IIe, Tennessee Fur Sjrorage Phone 2-382' Since T326 NEW PASSENGER CARS DIXIE AND TRUCKS Eok RENT COmDIimef1+S Of Drive It YourselF SYSTEM WILL S, TEMPLE, Manager OFFICE SUPPLY EQUIPMENT CO 7l3 5. eay S+. MCARS- Phone 3-3:55 310 W. Church Ave. 216 E. Church Ave. -TRUCKS- Phcme 4-5423 Ham Wifhoui Armour A Bar Phi Loolr Ma-I'm Dancing COIVIPLIMENTS OF MAGNET MILLS, INC. Manufacfurers of Ladies Full Fashioned and Seamless Hosiery CLINTON-LAKE CITY, TENNESSEE 1. ll Corner ol Claurcla and Locusl Modern ancl Fireprool Air Conclilioned Grill l5O Rooms and Balli Free Parlcing iid? ff' an 4' af Well Wislwers B dy By Fish Lum and Coco-Cola Knoxville Sangravl Material Company SAND, GRAVEL, LIME, CEMENT READY-MIX CONCRETE NUW AS ALWAYS SHUP AT SEARS AND SAVE .xdncl for Mar orwenience . . . FREE PARKING ' EASY TERMS - SATISFAGTIUN GUARANTEED I000 N. CENTRAL AVE. PHONE 2-96Il Hof Seal Check Thai' Diamond War Sfories Security Mills, in the vanguard, intends to help lead the way to a S h t ' lt Qec "t Fe ds ' farm proven greater out a ern Z1gl'lCl1 ur 1111 y e - axe - and manageme t practices are pe fected on a modern test farm. It's your Security fo the Fut Sec ty M1l1s I c K ox Alle Tennessee. VY RA GOOD FOCDD m PLEASED GLJESTS Jam: S2X'f0Il sz co. CHICAGO-LONG ISLAND CITY DlllAS -ATLANTA -PITTSBURG --DETROIT-Plllll DELPHIA VY RA Omega FI gg vt 45 S? vt MS ROUSER'S CAMERA REPAIR-PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES I6MM Sound Mofion Piclure Equipmenf I6MM Sound and Sileni Film Renfal 3l7 W. Clwurclw Ave. Telephone 3-0409 Lislen To THE HUB SPINNING WHEEL WROL 6:00 A.M. Daily And Trade A+ THE HUB DEPARTMENT STORE 29 W. Markef Square F NESBITT BOTTUNG COMPANY, Knoxville Sanlca-Orlzed Push Somebody! Rocking flwe Beal' CS' E., I "We Are Never Under Sold" VANCE 81 POPTER FlgRNITURE CO. ncorporafe COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS FOUR DEPARTMENTS Mill Supplies, Plumbing Supplies Aufomolive Supplies Valspar Painls Telephone 2.7922 I24 W. Vine Ave. Knoxville, Tenn. FTKEEP THE NILL RUNNING' A A " A -h' 9 Phone 2-5131 212 Ramsey S+. ' 1 H' ' I ' Complimenis of Mlu- 13fWN,E SUPPLY CO- PEERLESS COAL COMPANY KNoxv1u.s, Termzsszs 3233532 aTliNRE1+S-QL 406.12 Sfqfe Sf, Pham 3-2151 J. 1. EDINGTON ' c. 1-1. EDINGTON Pres. 81 Gen. Mgr, Sec'y 8: Trees. Declrecl Oui Well Hi-cl! Well l Swam EAST TENNESSEE PACKING COMPANY ,Mez 15 ELECT page ,. uempsrer cngineers developed The Uempsfer-Uumpster Iype "ARLF" io meel a manufac'lurer's problem in handling large quanlifies of bullry, cumbersome loads in an efficien+ and eco- nomical manner. Adaplabilify fo lhe widesl variefy of malerials and uses soon gained general accepiance for lhe "ARLF" and foday if is providing efficienf maferials handling in some of lhe na+ion's leading induslrial planls. Looking af 'lhe inslallafion illuslraled on fhis page, if is easy +o visualize The lremendous savings in payroll, mainlenance and operaiional expense fha? resulf when one man and one lruclt handles 25 bodies, each having a capacify of 2I cubic yards. A+ lefl, fhe four picfures, from lop 'lo bo'Hom, show how lhe fruck hoisling unil handles a body. Firslz Truck Hoisling Unif prepares +0 pick up body. Second: Operaled from conirols in fhe lruclr cab, lhe hydraulic hoisfing unif lifis lhe load ver- lically. Nole how lhe aulomalic hydraulic slabilizing iaclrs provide perfecf balance for lhe load. Third: Load moves forward +o carrying posilion on lhe fruclr for hauling. Fourlh: Af deslinafion, body is dumped by lilfing, or load can be lowered 'fo 'rhe ground wifhouf being dumped. Dempsler-Dumpsler bodies of capacifies from IV2 lo 2l cubic yards are made in +he form of lanlrs, raclrs and open or closed for use wilh every 'type of malarial whefher il be gas, liquid or solid. So regardless of fhe lype or size of malerial you handle, if will pay you io invesligafe lhe Dempsler-Dumpsler Syslem. A le'Her 'From you will bring illuslrafed liferalure and full informalion on lhis remarkable syslem of malerials handling. 3151993 EJQFE --l num: MARK nec-. -l-1 DEMPSTER BROTHERS, Inc. KNOXVILLE 17, TENN. I l I fy' 1 vl MZ ' A 1, ,, 2 2 f 3 -ali liifi' QV E I .J .5 f' Q ' -- ' 1- - mf. ,- , .ff , nfgff x -B f,,,f M c 0 W W1th f1ne FURNITURE ff X ff ff ' I l'OlTl W f if My FIIVFI FURIVI in ff . H , our Suburban Locamn En- Dial 4-0286 or 4-0296-T818 E. Magnolia X ables Us To Save You Up Io 252, On Furnilure. "FurniIure is our business-and noi a sideline." Complimenfs of GLAZER STEEL CORPORATION Slrucfural Sfeel Fabricalion KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE To-Day I am Two I Raised Him From a Lillle Boy Winner Qui'Her "Comple+e Cleaning And Laundry Service" VOLS CLEANING AND LAUNDRY CO., INC. Modern Melhocl Sysfem I504 W. Cumberland Avenue KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE BANK OF KN OXVILLE . ."rz1a+ Friendly Bank" MARKET AT CHURCH Member Federal Deposil Insurance Corporal Pasfure Posfure Ker Bifz Hers Gavel Gerfies ,,.,m4,, KI G PORT PRESS "The Besf of Every+I1ing To Build Wi+I1" COCKRUM LUMBER COMPANY "The Old Reliable" INSULATION LUMBER BUILDING MATERIALS, PAINTS, ROOFING n A e e KNOXVILLE, TENN Way ,. ,t COME WHAT JVIAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business . . attained by long study, training and experience ' We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud .... ETCDLLECEE ANIJUAL DfVISIOlCI ALABAMA EN GRAVIN G COMPANY B 1 RM. 1 N G HAM UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE CREAME FILLING AND INSPECTION OF MILK BOTTLES I7 More Paymenfs Dr. Livingsfon I Presume Those were Hue D ys S: f VF W , F2 IIEIIEITQ, , .... ...I .e,II , I A.0A IeI1e1.eI .,.,.....: .,,I .e.Ie .eeeeeee ,.,.II, I I ..A... ,M ,,I,,T1I.T,.,I,,:,:, M .1.1T,. .I.. ,.IIIII..T,e... I.I,.T. I:ee.... I I .e,..I:.QI E I I ff aI1q'g1HI:, ee r r Iee S eF I T T I I I I A I 'HQNAL mf I I w ' , 5- A .P ,',1 I r - 'i I QU .Q"i,'I: Ig!-5 I ",-. . ,'.:' '.-.'. I ,il -.',,'. ,:"- I',' ' "",1' 1 :I I "."' ' IIIVIIIIA' IVII I LV, il I 6 I ' ' 'I:"':' ' III' "I- iipgi' ,V , L,Ve I EVAIIS Q i'II!II:IIg,iIi':iIi I I 15: Illz. v.., Q 4.1 - Eli- : I-1 t ,.A,v ..A. 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And Throughout the Coming Years Brings You The FinesT For Your Home Your Friendly Philco Dealer The OLIVER WRIGHT CO. Cor: PaTTon 8: Willow STS. Knoxville, Tenn. Phone 4-3OI9 l'll Carry You John Shoulders? Which Twin is The Phoney? FRED BROWN'S, TNC. Home of famous Hyde Park CloThes aT The corner of The campu HAUN 8: VASEY PINKSTON'S JEWELERS Genuine RegisTered Keepsake Diamonds STerling Silver Wafches F g T Holel Building Knoxville Tenn. EveryThing Tor The Home "Come ln-We'll Trade 308-3 IO SouTh Gay ST. 3-0707 JA IL .,, . I UE I I I I N' gil' ld I :mi " Q gui: LI, ,562 ez il!! igggfpzudi LI' 7 I xii. nam IIE' ' ni . , Fl 59005 ,,,.. .- . -..ff - I, od fo uvllummugco. o J Nun 5:21-nl" 'T -,,,.... 6 I Avvnovso JYIITELI IQ M 5 KITCHEN WISDOM Thousands of women are saying, "I never knew what an all-purpose Hour really was until I tried White Lily. With White Lily in my kitchen I use less short- ening and my biscuits are lighter and whiter. 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