University of Tennessee Knoxville - Volunteer Yearbook (Knoxville, TN)

 - Class of 1931

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w w ■■w wu S ,. ' ,-■? , wt WM H J H B J jH H ] Tennessee ' s Contribution to the Presidency ymjm i !T rnimn] AYRES TOWER PHYSICS BUILDING SCIENCE HALL CHEMISTRY BUILDING UPPER ROAD FERRIS HALL . ' -jIllPlpv II .„.. I! ». M ' A)u 1 1 ■ ' ' - ' " ' ' ' ' ' ■ ' ' " - ' LIBRARY " THE HILL " Dr. Harcourt A. Morgan Vrcudciif of the Uiiivcrsify J. D. HOSKINS Dean of University IT has been my privilege and pleasure to witness a great change in college life during the last decade or two. The former amiable and irrespon- sible law-breaking is found now only in the reminiscence of older alumni. Student life manifests itself in more legitimate ways. There has been rapid progress in the development of a normal, healthy, responsible, and, at the same time, happy manhood. This year, 1930-1931, so far as student life is concerned, according to my judgment, has been one of the best years in the long history of the University. A fine spirit of loyalty and co-operation has prevailed. There is a university of mechanisms, reports, and papers, and there is also a university of human beings. T am always interested mainh ' in the lailcr. Dr. R. F. Thomason Rcgisfnir THE registrar is the custodian of the scholastic records of all students in the University. He is responsible for the recording of all students ' grades and sending out their reports each quarter. Plans for registra- tion are made in the registrar ' s office. The registrar corresponds with prospective students for entrance into the University and upon the credit allowed transfer students. Transcripts and teacher ' s certificates are sent out from the registrar ' s office. It is the duty of the registrar to determine when students have met all requirements for graduation from the University. F. M. Massey Dcaii of Men THE dean of men is a university officer responsible to the central admin- istration, from which he derives his status and authority. He is ex- officio a member of all faculties and of all committees which deal with student affairs, delinquencies in studies, and disciplinary measures. He is a member of the council of administration. He has supervision of the welfare of all the men students of the university. He has frequent per- sonal interviews with them, advises them in their university life, and cor- responds with their parents on matters of conduct as well as academic standmg. He has oversight of rooming and boarding houses for men, in- cluding the fraternity houses. He, in co-operation with the health au- thorities, approves or disapproves such houses and sees that proper disci- pline is maintained in them. He docs all in his power, among the students and faculty, to improve the attitude toward scholarship and promote a spirit of mutual understanding and good will. Harriet C. Greve Dean of Women GLEANINGS from the note book ot a dean of women would reveal a field of interest as broad as the dimensions which are determmed by the interest and activities of the student body. And when one con- siders that in 1931 the student interest and view pouit have been broad- ened and deepened as perhaps never before in man ' s thinkmg, it gives some conception of the opportunities open to one who is in intimate touch with this quickening young life of the time. The greater responsibility lies in being able to meet wisely this opportunity without binding prej- udice for the old or unthinking enthusiasm for the new. The joy and the great adventure of a dean ' s office is to find that happy mien truly a vital and thrilling task. Liberal Arts Dr. J. T. Porter Dcaii but have the inteUigence degree it is, therefore, at COR eight hundred years Liberal Arts Colleges have been awarding degrees, and students now, as in the centuries past, after a period of four years ' study, are " admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Arts (or Bachelor of Science) with all the rights and privileges thereto appertaining. " The details of the curricula ha ' c changed, but the fundamental ideas and ideals have not. The study of languages develops the art of expression and unfolds the beauties of literature. The study of mathematics compels the mind to follow logical processes and introduces to many a means of expressing abstract thought not otherwise possible. Science allures one into the glories of nature ' s laby- rinth and philosophy insists on knowing how and why. History draws a vivid picture of the past and holds high a chart to guide us into the future, if we to interpret it correctly. When one receives a bachelor ' s a time called " commencement. " I---. ' «PV Faculty Engineerins INDUSTRY is becoming humani cd. One hun- dred years ago, engineering was defined as utiliz- ing the materials and forces of nature for the use of mankind. In this generation we have added that engineering includes organizing and directing men. It is not enough that the engineer should be a technician. He needs a broad training in human rela- tions, to study English, history, economics, sociology, psychology; the subjects classed as the humanities. Modern industry calls for executives; men with a technical background who can organize and direct the activities of many men. A recent survey shows that seventy-five per cent, of the graduates of our colleges of engineering are found in executive posi- tions. Faculty Edu cation Dr. J. A. Thackston Dean THE College of Education digests the work of all the departments of the Univcrsit} ' and adapts it for use in the public school s) ' stem; conducts re- searches in child life, methods of teaching financing, building, and administering schools; and trains educa- tional leaders of all types, sending them into the schools of the state. The College of Education is devoted to assisting schools to adapt themselves to the needs of their com- munities. It focuses the work of the entire Uni- versity, serving as the medium through which all the information, knowledge, skills, and other valuable materials contained in the work of the various de- partments, schools, and colleges of the University are collected and prepared for use in the public schools. Facility Agriculture P ARMS and farm life are not always ideal. Tlie great need of farmers today is not how to get rich, but how to enjoy fully the privileges of farm life. Not all who farm or live upon the farm enjoy farm life. They do not know how. None arc so blind as " Those who have eyes and sec not, cars and hear not, " nor arc there any so blind as those who shut themselves within prisons of four walls all their lives in order that they may strain and sweat and plan whereby they can accumulate large fortunes to leave behind, — when they die in their " prisons. " The great need in farming today is for a greater understanding, on the part of the farmers themselves, of nature ' s laws that underlie the life and growth of plants and animals. There must be a desire to develop for the country boy and girl, a permanent environment of which they will become passionately fond. As a matter of education, the country man must learn to love the country and have an intellectual appreciation of it. " l Faculty Law Dr. H. B. NX ' itham Dean M NDER the presidency of Dr. C. V. Dabney there was begun in 18 87 a period of university expan- sion. During this period the Department of Law was organized and it began operation in 1890 with a two years ' course leading to the degree of I.L.B. Standards for entrance and standards for work within the institution have been raised progressively so that now two years ' pre-Iegal study and three years ' legal study are required for graduation. In 1912 the Department of Law became the College of Law. The objective of the college is to provide an ad- equate scientific preparation for the public profes- sion of law with emphasis upon the lawyers ' duty of service to the State and the public. Faculty VA t Charles R. Lucas President of the Senior Class N I David Roger Aitken CamUdate for 6.S. Degree MEMPHIS Bciver Club. Mary Wood Caiuliilate for B.A. Dci rcc KNOXVILLE X n Mugwump, ' 29- ' 31, Asso- ciate Editor, ' 31; Volun- teer, ' 28- ' 31; Cip and Gown. William B. Bunn Candidate for B.S. Degree CHATTANOOGA :i K Scarabbean; Alpha Chi Sigma, President, ' 31; Scab- bard and Blade, Treasurer, ' 31; Intra-fraternity Council, ' 29- ' 31, Vice-President, ' 31; Nahheeyayli Club, Treasurer, ' 3 1 ; Pershing Rifles; Carnicus; Tennessee Engineer; Deuce of Spades; Captain Company E ROTC. John Hanks Link Candidate for B.S. Degree WAVERLY i N Beaver Club; Ag Club; Barnwarmin ' Staff; Tennes- see Farmer; Intra-fraternity Council, Treasurer, ' 31; Car- JoE Albert McEachern Candidate for B.S. Degree ME.MPHIS K. Scarabbean; Scabbard and Blade; Captain Company G ROTC; President A. S. M. E.; Intra-fraternity Council; Nahheeyayli Club; Business Manager Tennessee Engineer; ACE Day Council; Manager Engineer Banquet. Leonard Ambrose Candidate f,n- LL.B. Degrei KNOXVILI :• A E Phi Delta Phi; Vice-Pr dent Senior Law Class. Elizabeth Whitlock Candidate for B.A. Degree NASHVILLE Honorary Cadet Volunteer; Mug Orange and NX ' hite. Thomas Jellis Deane, Jr. Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE A T O. All-Students Club Coun- cil, ' 29- ' 30; Intra-fraternity (Council, ' 29- ' 30; Varsity Tennis, ' 29- ' 31, Captain, " 31; Captain and Adjutant First Battalion ROTC; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Beaver Club; Delta Sls;ma PI. Alberta Harriet Ahler Candidate for B.S. Di rcc KNOXVILLE Phi Kappa Phi. Kathryn Armstrong Candidate for B.A. Degree ROGERSVILLE Vice-President Tennessee Scribblers; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship Medal; Transfer Mary Baldwin Col- lege. Albert Jasper Hackworth Candidate for B.S. De; rec xxhitwell Freshman Debating Team; Freshman Track Squad; Alpha Chi Sigma. Sam G. Eddy Candidate for B.A. Degree NORMAN, OKLAHOMA n K$ Coun view, ager. Charles D. Snepp Candidate for LL.B. Degree MEMPHIS i A i: Scarabbcan; Freshman Ad- isor, ' 50; All-Students Club :11, ' 30- ' 31; Law Rc- ' 29- ' 30, Business Man- , ' }0- ' 31; Vice-President Ircshman Law Class; Secre- tary Junior Law Class; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Kappa Phi. R. D. Elam CAindidate for B.S. Degree SANTA EE ZT.V ACE; AIEE. Mary Trim Anderson Candidate for B.A. Degree SPRING HU L T. A. Haggard Candidate for B.S. Degree W AVNESBORO I II Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Zeta; Phi Delta Kappa; President Ag Club; Barnwarmin ' Staff; Live Stock Judging Team; Dairy Judging Team. rai e Fuitu-tkr Newell S. Anderson Candidate for B.A. Degree CHATTANOOGA A T o Charles H. Smith, Jr. Candidate for B.A. Deforce KNOXVILLE 5 AE Captain Regimental Ad- jutant ROTC Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Intra- fraternity Council, ' 3 0- ' 31; President Freshman Law Class; Phi Delta Phi. LiLLiAS Scales Candidate for B.S. Degree COLUMBIA Danii I. M. Armstrong, Jr. Ciiiulidate for B.S. Degree rocersville Delta Sigma PI; Phi Kapp,, Margaret Harris Candidate for B.A. Degr STANTON Phi K, pp.; i; Transfer Lambuth College. Reynard E. Hendrix Candidate for B.S. Degree BYINGTON A Z Mildred Erwtn Candidate for B.A. Degree Alma ' irginia Scott Candidate for B.A. Degree j. lilACII llAII, Caiulhlatc for B.S. Dcanr KNOXVILLE i- A E Delta Sigma Pi; Carnicus; Orange and White, ' 28- ' 29, Business Manager, ' 29- ' 3 0; Junior Prom Committee, ' 3 0; Voi.uNTi.rR, ' 3 0- ' 31. Mary Harville Candidate for B.A. Dc CLINTON Harry Dennis Erwin Candidate for LL.B. Degree ERNVIN Phi Delta Phi; President Senior Law Class; Secretary- Treasurer Junior Law Class; Tennessee Law Review, ' 29- ' 31; Carnicus, ' 3 0. Mary Bland Shay Candidate for B.A. Degree mason Bernice Hargis Candidate for B.S. Degree liRisroi. AAA Dramatic Club, ' 29; Home- Ec Club, ' 30; YWCA, ' 30; Rifle Team, ' 30; Transfer, Virginia Intermont College. Mary Spaniill Candidate for B.S. Degree -Ec Club. Vllmer L. Harden Candidate for B.S. Degree watertown President Ag Club; South- ern Live Stock Judging Team; National Dairy Judging Team; Humor Editor Ten- nessee Farmer, ' 29- ' 30; First Lieutenant ROTC. Ruth Marian Arnold Candidate for B.S. Degree CHATTANOOGA K A Glee Club, ' 3 0; Dramatic Club, ' 3 0; YWCA, ' 30; Transfer University of Chat- tanoosja. Joi ElKIXS Cainlulati for BS. Dci ir Orange and White, ' 29- ' 30; Assistant Intramural Man- ager. Clycie Shankle Candidate for B.S. Dcgr TRENTON Margaret Marshall Candidate for B.S. Degree SEVIER VILLE ZT A Homc-Ec Club; Dramatic Club; YWCA. RlISA HORTO.N Candidate for B.S. Dcgr JEri ERSON, S. C. Helen Self Candidate for B.A. Degree knoxville M Mugwump; Volunteer; Orange and White; Alpha Chi Alpha; Carnicus; Freshman Tennis Team; Dramatic Club. Edward V. Sheely, Jr. Candidate for B.S. Degree MEMPHIS Tau Beta Pi; Ph Phi; A. S. M. E. Kappa Charles L. Hancock Candidate for LL.B.Digree TACKSON X Phi Del John Floyd Mitchell Candidate for B.S. Degree Delta Sigma Pi; All-Stu- dents Club Council, 30- ' 31; Phi Kappa Phi; Transfer (■con-iaTeci,. Charles L. Mitchiner Candidate for B.S. Dci nr MEMPHIS : A E Transfer Southwestern A. G. Shumate Candidate for B.A. De LONE MOUNTAIN Andrew C. Hutson, Jr. Candidate for B.A. De ree KNOXVILLE East Tennessee Historical Society; Transfer Kentucky Wesleyan College. Con S. Massey Candidate for B.S. Dei ree KELSO Scarabbean; Alpha Zeta; Tennessee Farmer; Ag Club; Barnwarmin ' Staff, Manager, ' 3 0; Freshman Basket-ball. David Mikiwmhir Candidate for B.A. De}iree KNOXVll.l L A ' r u Secretary Sophomore Class; Treasurer Junior Class; All- Students Club Council, ' 30- ' 31; Nahheeyayli Club, ' 29- ' 31, Secretary, ' 31; Freshman Track Squad; Varsity Track; Captain Company 1) ROTC i ' crshing Rifles; Scabbard and Bl.uic. Francis W. Headman Candidate for B.A. Decree HAnDINlIlID, N. J. K A Dramatic Club; Orange and White; Volunteer; Chi Delta; Debating Team; Na- tional Oratorical Contest; Circus Staff; Carnicus Staff; Mugwump. Tom Siler Candidate for B.A. Degree JhLLICO :i N Editor-in-Chief Mugwump, ' 30- ' 31; Associate Editor Orange and White, ' 30- ' 31; Volunteer Staff; Tennessee Scribblers. Martha Louise Ellison Candidate for B.A. Degree KNOXMLLE Pns e Fortt sd Mary Evelyn Petree CaiiJiJate for B.A. Degree FOUNTAIN CITY AAA ' Elected Most Popular Co-cd, ' 30- ' il; Sponsor Second Bat- talion; Vice-President Senior Class; Assistant General Man- ager Carnicus, ' 3 1. J. F. HOSENKAMP Candidate for B.S. Dcgrci CHATTANOOGA Antoinette Miller Candidate for B.A. Degree russellville Mugwump Staff, Art, ' 29; Poetry, ' 3 0- ' 31; Orange and White Staff; President Alpha Chi Alpha; Treasurer Homc- Ec Club, ' 29; YWCA Cab- inet, ' 28- ' 31; Sophomore Hockey Team; Winner Rush Strong Medal, ' 3 0; Business Staff Dramatic Club; Zebra Club. Oavid H. Evans Candidate for B.A. Degree KINGSTON Transfer Carson-Newnn College. t ' lL J Thomas I-rench Candidate for B.A. Degree UNION CITY A TO Scarabbean; Editor Vol- unteer; General Manager Carnicus; Managing Editor Orange and White, ' 30; All- Students Club Council, ' 29- ' 31, Secretary, ' 31; President Intra-fraternity Council, ' 3 1 Publication Council, ' 31 General Manager Senior Bali Scabbard and Blade; Business Manager Tennessee Players, •31; " T " Club; Basket-ball Manager, ' 29- ' 31; Captain Company A ROTC; Circus; Carnival. A I DEN D. Stewart Candidate for B.S. Degree knoxvilll Tau Beta Pi. Enelyn Hamilton Candidate for B.S. Degree I avettemlle Honic-Ec Club, ' 27- ' 31, Ice-President, ' 29- ' 30; YW- CA, ' 3()- ' 31. .JAMES Dei ANiv Elkins, Jr. Candidate for B.S. Degree MCMINNVILLE ii A K Delta Sigma Pi; Carnicus Staff; Freshman Basket-ball Numeral; Varsity Basket-ball Squad, ' 2 8- ' 2 9; First Lieuten- ant ROTC; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles. C. Dave Visthr Candidate for B.S. Dcy,rcc NASHVll.l i; B A S2 Glee Club, ' 28- ' 30, Presi- dent, ' 30; Voluntker; Car- nicus; Delta Sigma Pi; Intra- fraternity Council, ' 3 0- ' 31. WiiLiAM Benton Stewart Candidate for B.S. Degree WHITEVILLE Alpha Zeta; President Ten- ne ssee Scribblers, ' 31; Rifle Team, ' 29- ' 30. Allen Moore Howery Candidate for B.S. Degree MORRISTOWN T0 A Secretary, AIEE, ' 29; Ten- nessee Engineer; ACE. Glenn C. Mowery Candidate for B.S. Degree CLEVELAND Phi Kappa Phi; First Lieu- tenant ROTC; Entomology Club; President Bradley County Club, ' 3 0. Evelyn Viniyard Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE ZT. David V. HOWARB Candidate for B.S. Degr PROSPECT STATION Zl . Beaver CIl b, ' 27 - ASCE. Frances Musgraves Candidate for B.S. Degree SHELBYVILLE .V O II W. S. G. A., ' 3 0; Pan-Hel- lenic Council, ' 31; Mug- wump, ' 31; Tennessee Scrib- blers, ' 3 0- ' 31; Transfer Agnes Scott College. Mary Bradeord Sorrelle Candidate for B.A. Degree BROWNSVILLE I M Activities Council, Senior Representative; Tennessee Scribblers; Dramatic Club; I ' an-Hellenic Council; Trans- fer Randolph - Macon Wo- man ' s College. Austin G. Morrovc Caiidiilatc for BS. Degree WAYNESBORO I ' II Freshman lootball, ' 27; Rifle Team, ' 28- ' 31. Mary Louise Vassy Camlidate for B.A. Degree CLEVELAND Glee Club; Home-Ec Club. Lela Smartt Candidate for B.S. Degree MCMINNVILLE Home-Ec Club; Glee Club; Transfer Bethel College. Margaret Elizabeth Heap Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE A W Hi -Ec Club. Forrest W. Moss Candidate for B.S. Degree c hattanooga a II ! ' Transfer University of Chattanooga. Verna Sparks Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE :i K Phi Kappa Phi; President YWCA, ' 30; Treasurer Cap and Gown Society; All-Stu- dents Club Council; Activi- ties Council; Home-Ec Club; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 29. Hubert Howard Vesser Candidate for LL.B. Degree Phi Alpha Delt Paul Hug Candidate for B.A. Degree canton, OHIO :i N President junior Class; All- Students Club Council; Var- sity Football, ' 28- ' 31; " T " Club; Scarabbean; Track, ' 29- ' 31; Basket-ball, ' 28- ' 30; Treasurer Sophomore Class; Scarabbean; Freshman Award. KaTHI KINI Hol.LLY I ' LRKIS Caitdiilatc for B.A. Degree KNOXVll.LE XS2 President WSGA, ' 3 0- ' 3 1; Activities Council, ' 30- ' 31; All-Students Club Council, ' 3 0- ' 3I; Cap and Gown Society; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil, ' 29- ' 30; Mugwump, ' 27- ' 28; Orange and White, ' 29- ' 30. Mamie Milam Candidate for B.S. Degree rULTON, KENTUCKY Virginia Haynes Candidate for B.S. Degree SHELBYVILLE Home-Ec Club. Robert C. SrAULDiNC Candidate for B.S. Degree DECHERD Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Delta Kappa; Dairy Judging Team, ' 29; Live Stock Judging Team, ' 29; Orange and White; Tennessee Farmer Staff; Ag Club; Entomology Club; Debating Team. Mill RiNE Montague •ulu iife for B.S. Degree Fred W. Fischer, Jr. Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILI i: I I [ ' I ' Business Manager Dramatic Club; Mugwump; Orange and White; Volunteer. Lucile Hughes Candidate for B.A. Degree mcminnville Elizabeth F. Strayer Candidate for B.S. Degree knoxville ZT A Phi Kappa Phi; All-Stu- dents Club Council, •30- ' 31; Glee Club, •29- ' 30; Home- Ec Club; Orange and White, ' 27- ' 28; Tennessee Farmer, ' 29. Page Fifty-one Karl Edwin Monroe Candidate for B.S. Degree CELINA David C. Williams Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; AIEE; Major Third Bat- talion ROTC; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles. Virginia Hultquist Candidate for B.A. Degr ALCOA KA Verna Fullerton Candidate for B.S. Degree holloday Home-Ec Club. Glenn V. Woodlee Candidate for B.A. and LL.B. Degrees ai.tamont 0X . Scarabbean; Phi Alpha Delta; YMCA, President, ' 29- ' 31; Debating Squad, ' 28; All-Students Club Council, ' 29- ' JI; Tennessee Law Re- view, ' 29- ' 31; First Lieuten- ant ROTC. Edvi ' ari) Brl ' ce Foster Candidate for B.A. Degree HUNTSVILLE 2 A E Manager Baseball, ' 3 0; First Lieutenant Regimental Staff ROTC; Phi Delta Phi; Scab- bard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Secretarv, Freshman Law Class. Stuart Stair Candidate for B.S. Degree knowtlle B A o Beaver Club; Rifl,- Team. H. Dwic.nT Stow E Candidate for B.S. Degree TTANOOt; Scahb.ird and; Cap- tain Regimental Adjutant ROTC, •30- ' 3I; AIKE; ACE. Mary Evir WvcKOir Canciulati- for R.A. Dc t Phi Kappa Phi; VWCA Cabinet; Dramatic Club. Earl William Fox Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILI E Lucius F. Staples Candidate for B.S. Degree ROCKWOOD First Lieutenant, ROTC; Glee Club. Helene Hancock Hudson Candidate for B.A. Degree knoxville X n Phi Kappa Phi; YWCA; Transfer, Hollins College. MONII I-ARISS Candidate for B.A. Degree Eli A 1)1 111 Williams Candidate for B.S. Degree LOUDON Phi Kappa Phi; Tennessee Scribblers, ' 29- ' }l. Agnes Robena O ' Connor Candidate for B.S. Degree knoxville T A Woman ' s Student Activi- ties Council; Cap and Gown; Phi Epsilon Mu; Intramural Manager. Ci ARi nce K. Snyder Candidate for B.S. Degree I ' aijc Fittu-thr LiziNKA Campki I I Brow N Candidate for BS. Dci-nr Sl ' RlNt. nil L AAA Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Chi Alpha; Girls ' " T " Club; Ten- nessee Farmer; Sponsor Com- pany A ROTC, ' 29; Presi- dent Home-Ec Club, ' 30- ' 31; President State Association of Student Home Economics Clubs; Barn W ' armin ' Queen, ' 28. John A. Odom Candidate for B.S. Degree Louise Sizer Candidate for B.A. Degree KNOXVILLE Howard L. Bruer Candidate for B.S. Degree MARTIN Transfer from Junior Col- lege; Phi Epsilon; Editor Vol- Icttc; Mask and Wig Club. Ci ARi Nt 1 X ' . Balton, Jr. Candidate for B.S. Degree MEMPHIS :■ ]•: Delta Sigma Pi; Beaver ( lub; Intra-fraternity Coun- cil; Junior Prom Committee; (,lee Club. Ruth Sow eei u idate for B.S. Dc; COLUMBIA Dorothy Irene Wright Candidate for B.A. Degree KINGSPORT AAA Most Popular Co-ed, ' 29- ' 30; Phi Kappa Phi, Corre- sponding Secretary; Glee Club, Vice-President, ' 29- ' 30; Vice-President Freshman Class; Girls ' " T " Club; ACE Day Queen of Clubs, ' 28; Queen of Hearts, ' 3 0; Secre- tary, All-Students Club, ' 30; Vice - President Cap and Ciown; Pan-Hellenic Council, Secretary, ' 3 0- ' 31; Associate I ' ditor VoLUNTi 1 R, ' 3 0- ' 3I. Ruth Eli abeiti Williams Candidate for B.A. Degree KNOWII I i; K A Dr.imatic Club. ' 3(1; Trans- fer X ' lrginia Interment Col- JOSEPHINI OdELL Candidate for B.A. Dcy,rci James Richard Baird Candidate for B.A. Degree KNOXVILLE nK A Glee Club, ' 2S- ' 31, Secre- tary-Treasurer, ' 29- ' 30; Dra- matic Club. Louis C. Strange Candidate for B.S. Degr GUTHRIE, KENTUCKY Carol Williamson Candidate for B.A. Degree KINGSPORT AAA Regimental Sponsor, ' 28- ' 29; Glee Club, ' 27- ' 30; Vol- unteer, ' 29- ' 31; Treasurer WSGA, ' 30- ' 31. DrLRV C;. liAt.WELL Candidate for B.S. Degr Alice Glenn Keaton Candidate for B.S. Degree CROSSVILLE Phi Kappa Phi; Home-Ec Club, ' 27- ' 31; President Four County Club, ' 30 - ' 31; YWCA; Glee Club, •28- ' 29. Flora Stinson Candidate for B.A. Degree MILAN Cecile Mary Walker Candidate for B.A. Degrc hiteville Page Fifin-five ClARICI InCRAM Camlulatc for B.S. Degree David Mansfield Nicholas Candidate for B.S. Degree CHATTANOOGA Tau Beta Pi. Jamis Baknltt Ward Candidate for B.S. Degree MOUNT JULILT Glee Club, ' 27- ' 28; Basket- ball. ' 26- ' 27; Dramatic Club, ' 26- ' 27. MiNA Frances Padgett Candidate for B.S. Degree MCKENZIE Transfer from Bctlicl College Home-Ec Club. Warren W. Kennerly Candidate for LL.B. Degrei knoxvilli B A U .arabbean; Phi Kappa Phi; Delta Phi; All-Students , ' 30; Law Re- vie w ijua. , ' 29- ' 31; Fresh- man and Junior Law Scholar- ships; General Manager Car nicus, ' 30; Intra-fr " " " - " ' " Council, ' 29 Si Phi Club Cc Board, fraternity Sarah Lucile Walker Candidate for B.A. Degree lafollette Transfer from MaryviUe College; Phi Kappa Phi; Mug- wump; Orange and White; Spanish Club; ' Art Club. Clara Jean Beaman Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE xn Orchestra; Home-Ec Club. Clyde C. Paris Candidate for B.S. Degree CHATTANOOGA Pershing Rifles, ' 2 8 - ' 31, Secretary, ' 30; Volunteer, ' 29- ' 31; Mugwump, ' 29- ' 31; Junior Prom Committee, ' 30; Senior Ball Committee, ' 31; Carnicus, ' 28- ' 31; Intra-fra- ternity Council, " 28 - ' 31, Treasurer, ' 31. Al I M Kakayolsii Camlnlatc for B.A. L ;j.r U Spanish Club; Club; YWCA. Elizabeth Fleming Parks Candidate for B.A. Dc}!,nr I AYETTEVILLE Alpha Chi Alpha; Orange and White, ' 28; Mugwump, ' 29- ' 31; Varsity Debate, ' 28; Business Manager of " Con- temporaries of Tennessee " . Hugh T. Bennett, Jr. Candidate for B.A. Degree TRENTON Charles A. Wallace Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE S A E Beaver Club; Intra-frater- nity Council. Francis C. Pentecost Candidate for B.S. Degree MEMPHIS A. S. M. E. CSlauys Williams Candidate for B.S. Degi ' -c Glee Club; Tennessee Scrib- Albert Witt Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE 2 i E Freshman Track; Varsity Track Squad, ' 3 0; Orange and White; Mugwump. Murat M. Baker Candidate for B.S. Degree MEMPHIS n K Tennessee Engineer; Alpha Chi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Beaver Club; Chi Sigma Delta; Student Assistant in Phvsics, ' 2y- ' 30; Phi Kappa Phi. Charles Kerr Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE : i A E Mugwump, ' 27- ' 28; Vice- President Junior Class; Treas- urer Senior Class. Charlotte Frances Ball Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE ZT A C. Spurgeon Paschall Candidate for B.A. Degree COTTAGE GROVE President Life Service Band; Chi Delta; Glee Club; Phi Kappa Phi; County Scribe. Edward Kirkpatrick Candidate for B.S. Degree GEOR(,t Ro i L XoUEY Candidate for B.A. Degree ELIZABETH, N. J. Pre-Med Club; First Lieu- tenant ROTC. John W. Phillips Candidate for B.S. Deg Candidate for B.A. Degree KNOXVILLE AAA Phi Kappa Phi; Cap and Gown; Girls ' Glee Club, ' 27- ' 3 0, Business Manager, ' 28- ' 29, President, ' 29- ' ' 3 0; Red Caps, ' 27- ' 28; Carnicus, ' 28- ' 30; Girls ' " T " Club; Wo- men ' s Student Government Committee; Socret.irv Senior Class. Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE Page Fiflii-ciglit Paul Brow ning Walter Ciiinlidatc for B.A. Degree ASHl VII LE Tr,insfer from Weave. College. Leland Barbee Candidate for B.A. Degr KNOXVILLE xn Glee Club, ' 28; Dram. Club, ' 30- ' 31. William Walter PlERCI Candidate fo ' B.A Degree TRIMBLE n Second Lieu Tennis Club, Basket-ball. tcnan ' 28; ROTC Freshm.u Sara Hill King Candidate for B.S. Degree COVINGTON YWCA; Kappa Lambda Sigma; X Y Z Club; Home- Ec Club; Transfer West Ten- nessee State Teacher ' s College. William W. Bass Candidate for B.S. Degree MCMINNVILLE @X. Phi Kappa Phi; Tennessee Scribbler; YMCA Fellowship Ciroup. Kyle Anderson Kollock Candidate for B.S. Degree LOUDON nK A Track Manager, ' 3 0; Car- nicus, ' 29. Lucille Webb Candidate for B.A. Degree KNOXVILLE Martha Edna Workman Candidate for B.S. Degree SOUTH SIDE William L. Kline Candidate for B.S. Degree I OUDON A i l Tau Beta Pi; AlEE; Sec- ond Lieutenant ROTC, ' 29- ' 30; Regimental Staff, ' 30- ' 31. MiLi II White Candidate for B.S. D. nv CAMP WALTON, I LA. Girls ' " T " Club; Dramati Club. Elizabeth Polk Candidate for B.S. D .;n ' r MEMPHIS Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Home-Ec Club. James R. Barnwell Candidate for B.S. Degree CENTIRVILLi; (-) X A Scabbard and Blade; AIEE; Instructor in Hydraulics. Emma Sue Williams Candidate for B.A. Degree athi ns AAA Transfer Sophie Newcomb College. Alice Powers Candidate for B.S. Degree NASHVILLE AM YWCA Cabinet; Student Council. Abe Brandman Candidate for B.S. Degree CHATTANOOGA $A Tennessee Engineer Staff; ASCE; ACE. Elsii V. Bruer Candidate for B.A. Degrei IVp Squad; Dramatic Club; Junior College. Sara B. Gallaher Candidate for B.S. Dciiire CARYVIILE Girls ' " T " Club; Girls ' Rifle Team, ' 2 8; Phi Epsilon Mu. Ruth Marian Bourne Candidate for B.A. Degree KNOXVILLE Phi K.ipp.1 Ph, Edward Everett Rule Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE William Franklin Yates Candidate for B.S. Degree CORDOVA Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Zeta; Ag Club; ENT Club; Vol- unteer Honor Society; Barn- warmin ' Staff; Tennessee Farmer, Managing Editor, ' 31. C;akiui. Carter Candidate for B.S. Degree Homc-Ec Club. Mary Emma Buhl Candidate for B.S. De gree KNOXVILLE Earl H. Zwingle Candidate for B.S. Degree NASHVILLE UK Scabbard and Blade; YMCA Council, ' 3 0- ' 31, Treasurer, ' 31; Editor of Torch, ' 30; Carnicus Staff, ' 29- ' 30; Sec- ond Lieutenant R O T C; Cherokee Tribe; Dramatic Club Staff; Intra-fraternity Council. Bi ATRicE Garrett Candidate for B.A. Degree KIM BERLIN HEIGHTS E. S. Beamguard Candidate for B.S. ' fv CHATTANOOGA T (■) A Delta Slsnia Pi; Scabb.ii and Blade; Second Lieutenai ROTC; Manager School t Commerce Intramural Rel.i Team, ' 30- ' 31. MiRlAN RtlCH Candidate for B.A. Degree KNOXVILLE T5 Mario G. Zervigon Candidate for B.S. Degree GUINES, CUBA Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; AIEE; Tennessee En- gineer; Junior Engineering Prize. Chari 1 s F. RoLi rxs Candidate far B.S. Degree TASSO Alpha Zeta; Tennessee Farmer; Barnwarmin ' Staff; Dairy Products Judging Team; Ag Club; Entomology Club. CaROI VN Bow LING Candidate for B.A. Deg Phi Kappa Phi, Maybel Boone Young Candidate for B.A. Degree BRADFORD President of Old Strong Hall, ' 29- ' 3 0. R. Richard Russell Candidate for LL.B. Degree KNOXVILLE Phi Delta Phi; Tennessee Law Review Board; President Junior Law Class. NoAii A. Bradley Candidate for B.S. Degree SPARTA MaRJORIE UNIJERVi 00I Caiulidatc for B.S. Desire FOUNTAIN CITY Fred Brown Candidate for M.A. Dcanc ASHEVILLE, N. C. WX A Varsity Basket-ball, ' 2S- ' 29; " T " Club; YMCA Coun- cil; Spanish Club. Frankie Richards Candidate for B.S. Dci ree CHATTANOOGA K A Dramatic Club. Helen Groves Candidate for B.A. Degree MITCHELLVILLE 5K Ma S. Ta Candidate for B.S. Def rec (■) X .V Alpha Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Zeta I-reshman Cup; Barnwarmin ' Staff; Circula- tion Manager, Tennessee Farmer, ' 30; Business Man- ager Tennessee Farmer, ' } 1 ; Ag Club; Scabbard and Blade; National Dairy Cattle Judg- Cary Glover Branch, Jr. Candidate for B.A. Def ree PULASKI Landrum Tucker Candidate for B.A. De ree RIPLEY Second Lieutenant ROTC; Orange and White, ' 3 0; YMCA Cabinet, •30- ' 31. John M. Brooks Candidate for B.S. Degree MEMPHIS Tennessee Engineer, ' 29- il; AIEE. Charlotte Biustow Candidate for B.A. Degree CHATTANOOGA Glee Club; YWCA; Trans- fer, Queens College. Guy B. Taylor Candidate for B.S. Degree SPRING CITY Ag Club; Entomolog) George Kent Rucker Candidate for B.S. Degree MIAMI, ARIZ. HKA Delta Sigma Pi; Transfer University of Arizona. Bi N M. Gaston Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE Beaver Club, ' 28 - ' 29; Orange and White, ' 28- ' 29; Transfer University of Southern California. Evaleen Brook Candidate for B.A. Degree KNOXVILLE Tr.insfer Virginia Inter- niont C ollege. Louise Rothermel Candidate for B.A. Degree KNOXVILLE A An Clark Eugene Tarwater Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE AIEE. Katiiryn Ann Grisard Candidate for B.S. Degree WINCHESTER Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Epsi! Mu; Senior Soccer Team. Edward Ivan Caraway Camlidatc for LL.B. Degree MFMPHIS K:i Intra-fraccrnity Council, ' 29- ' 30; Debating Team, ' 28- ' 30; Glee Club, ' 28- ' }0; Win- ner State Oratorical Cham- pionship, ' 29- ' 30; Phi Delta Phi; Transfer, University of Montana. Helen Abbye Burkett Candidate for B.S. Degree COLUMBIA Home-Ec Club. Sarah Elinor Ross Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE Transfer, HoUins College. A. W. COLEBANKS Candidate for B.S. Degree GERMANTOWN ZT A Alpha Zeta; Barnwarmin ' Staff, ' 29 - ' 30; Tennessee Farmer, ' 30- ' 3 1 ; Varsity Base- ball Squad, ' 30; Ag Club. Fuller Talbot iUuulidale for B.S. Degree NASHVILLE ATA Varsity Football Squad; Mugwump Business Staff; Orange and White; Carnicus; Tennessee Engineer. Margaret Goodwin Candidate for B.A. Degree SWEETWATER James Stitt Corbitt Candidate for B.S. Degree DENVER Tau Beta Pi; Engineering Society; First Lieutenant ROTC, ' 30; ACE; ASCE, Secretary, ' 30- ' 31; Tennessee Engineer Staff, ' 28- ' 30; Edi- tor-in-Chief, ' 3 1. Louise Garavelli Candidate for B.S. Degree capleville Phi Kappa Phi. Richard Tertll Rdv CainlUatc for U.S. Dc; ' nr MIMPUIS U A il Scabbard and Blade; Nah- heeyayli Governing Board, President, ' 30- ' 31; Business Manager, Tennessee Engineer, ' 29- ' 30; Carnicus Staff, ' 28- ' 30, Assistant General Man- ager, ' 3 0; Volunteer Staff, ' 29; ACE Council; ASCE. Maurice Corbitt Candidate for B.S. Degree MILLINGTON II K A Varsity Track, ' 28- ' 31; Captain, ' 31; Varsity Basket- ball, ' 2 8 - ' 31, Co-Captain, ' 31; " T " Club; Freshman Foot- ball. Hubert Taylor Candidate for B.A. Degt MaR(.ARLI A. GlLBlRI Candidate for B.A. Degree SUMMITVILLE Margaret Cook Candidate for B.S. Degree ! ' yi Dramatic Club; Girls ' Rifle Team, ' 28- ' 29; Girls ' Foul Pitching Ch.impion, ' 28- ' 29. John F. Taylor Candidate for B.A. Degr cary ilil Bernice Giles Candidate for B.S. Degree GRATZ, KY. John " . Carney Candidate for B.S. Degree t ' .lOLLTON te— 4 IT I John Edgar Dark Canclhlatc fur D.S. Dci rrr KNOXVir IE Z T A AIEE; ACE; lirst l.lcutcr ant ROTC. W. K. Taylor Camlidatc for B.S. D. ' caryville Richard P. Johnson Cainlhlafc for B.S. Dcgnr KNOXVILLE i r A Fresliman Track; Hcmvlt Club; Treasurer, ' 28; Junior Advisor, Beaver Club; Varsit Track, ' 28- ' 30; " T " Club; Major Second Battalion ROTC; Pershing Rifles; Scab- bard and Blade. Winifred Caldwell Candidate for B.S. Degree fayetteville Aon Christine Turner Candidate for B.S. Degree MCEWIN Tennessee Scribblers; I lome- i;c Club. Lawrence Dysart Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE :■ t E Scarabbean; Varsity Track, ' 29- ' 31; All-Students Club Council, ' 31; " T " Club; Cap- tain Pershing Rifles, ' 30. Weldon Eugene Cate Candidate for B.S. Degree MANSFIELD Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. Jesse C. Jones Candidate for B.S. Degree LOUDON II K . Imogene Tinsley Candidate for B.S. Degree knoxville Sam K. Carson Candidate for LL.B. Degree KNOXVII.LE ATA Phi Alpha Delta; Intra- fraternity Council, ' 28- ' 30, Treasurer, ' 30; Nahheeyayli Governing Board, ' 27- ' 30, Vice-President, ' 29, President, ' 30; Freshman Track, ' 26; Orange and White Staff; Car- nicus Staff, ' 26- ' 28. Ruth DeFord Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE Home-Ec Club; Dramatic Club. Hendon R. Johnston Candidate for B.S. Degree COOKEVILLE ATA ACE; ASCE; Editor-in- Chief Tennessee Engineer; Junior Prom Committee. Thomas W. Cleek Candidate for B.A. Degree Elizabeth Deaderick Candidate for B.S. Degree knoxville XQ President, Girls ' Glee Club, ■3 0- ' 31; Regimental Staff Sponsor; Treasurer, Woman ' s Student Activities; Vice- President, Woman ' s Student Government Association; Cap and Gown Society; Mug- wump Staff; YWCA Cabinet; Intramural Board; Carnicus Staff; Winner Swimming Cup, ' 28. Willie Evans Collins Candidate for B.S. Degree ATHENS Ruby Lee Garden Candidate for B.S. Degree knoxville Ji w LLL Tucker Candidate fur B.S. Dc,i;» ' LYNCHBURG William F. Carpentlr Candidate for B.S. Degree ATHENS ®XA Glee Club, ' 27- ' 29; Ag Club; Tennessee Farmer Barnwarmin ' Staff; All-Stu- dents Club Council, ' 3 0: Dairy Judging Team; Rifle Team; Scabbard and Bladi Entomology Club; Chi Delt Lillian Marie Jones Candidate for B.A. Degn DETROIT, MICHIGAN Hugo Colditz Candidate for B.S. Degree allardt A X A ASCE; Tau Beta Pi. Ear I RoDGERs Dodson Candidate for B.S. Degree SPARTA T A Scabbard and iiiade; Ten- nessee Engineer Staff; Busi- ness Manager, Tennessee En- gineer, ' 27; Cadet Colonel, ROTC, ' 29; Intra-fraternity Council, ' 30; Track, ' 29; Vice-President, ACE. Lera Virginia Cook Candidate for B.A. Degree IRANKLIN Beverly Jones Candidate for B.A. Degree KNOXVILLE t T Orange and White Staff, ' 27- ' 2 8; Beaver Club; Nah- heeyayli Governing Board, ' 29 - ' 31; First Lieutenant ROTC. Imogene Carr Candidate for B.A. Degree harriman MaRC;ARET DiC-KlY C.aiidiilatc for BS. Dc. i SWEETW ATIR Joseph N. Clarke Candidate for B.S. Degr MEMPHIS K i Phi Kappa Phi. Leonard E. Ladd Candidate for LL.B. Degree OLIVER SPRINGS Phi Alpha Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Tennessee Law Review, ' 29- ' 31, Editor, ' 31. Dillon R. McClary Candidate for B.A. Degree KNOXVILLE B .A 1.) Alpha Sigma Delta; Pi Kappa Delta; Chi Delta; Glee Club, ' 29- ' 31; Varsity Debat- ing, ' 29- ' 31; Orange and White; Transfer, Wake For- est College. J. LoFTiN Chance Candidate for B.S. Degree MCLEMORESVILLE Katherine Jones ■i p Candidate for B.A. Degree tm KNOXVILLE r ' i B Transfer Hollins College. Margaret Cobb Candidate for B.A. Degree BIG STONE GAP, VA. AAA Transfer Ward Belmont College; Alpha Chi Alpha; Orange and White; Mug- wump; ACE Queen of Hearts, ' 28. Ila Rhea Lee Candidate for B.S. Degree SPARTA Tr.uisfer, NLuvviile Col- e; Homc-E. Club: YW ' CA. PaUIINI ViRt.lNIA McClA Candidate for B.A. Dci i I OUNTAIN (.MY Edwin E. Corbitt Candidate for B.S. De; ree MILLINGTON Tt K A Freshman Basket-ball, ' 27; Freshman Track, ' 27; Welter- weight Boxing Champion, •27- ' 28; All-Students Club Council, ' 28, Vice-President, ' 30; Varsity Track, ' 28; " T " Club. Mildred M. McKenzie Camlidatc for B.S. Def-ree CHATTANOOGA Margaret La Follette Candidate for B.S. Dei ree LA FOLLETTE ZT A Dramatic Club, ' 28; Publii Speaking, ' 29; Club, ' 30- ' 31. Hon Vii 1 lAM K. Jones Candidate for B.S. Decree HA I PANOOGA i !• !■: Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer, ' 31; Volunteer, ' 29- ' } 1, Class Editor, ' 31; Carnicus, ' 29- ' 31. Evi I.YN CORNICK. _ Wj. Candidate for B.A. Degree PRLSCOTT, ARIZONA Helen McComb Candidate for B.A. Degree President, Girls ' New Dor- mitory, ' 30- ' 31; President Cap and Gown Society, ' 30- ' 31; Pan - Helenic Council; WSGA; Women ' s Student Activities Council. Roy Leonard Candidate for B.S. Degree LEWISBURG Katherine Gotham Candidate for B.S. Dc n COLUMBIA Wilbur W. McMahan Candidate for B.S. Degree SEVIER VILLE Ag Club; Madden Me- morial Judging Contest; En- tomological Club. Ola Lee Low ry Candidate for B.S. Decree MADISONVILLE Transfer Emory and Henry College. Mary Rubel Cotter Candidate for B.A. Degree KNOXVILLE Jil v)a Arthur C. McKinney Candidate for B.S. Degree MEMPHIS ri K Vice-President, Y M C A ; Volunteer Staff; YMCA Cabinet; Tennessee Engineer Staff; ACE Day Staff; Carni- ciis; Orchestra; Glee Club. John Ross Lambert Candidate for B.A. Degree Vi ' ASHINGTON, D. C. ATA Carnicus; Junior Prom Committee; Glee Club; Orange and White. Alberta B. Coventry Candidate for B.A. Degree maryville RuiH McKnight ( ( ( ( ' for B.A. Degree PETERSBURG Robert Alexander Cox Candidate for B.A. Degree COOKEVIM.E Orange and White, ' 27- ' 29; Volunteer, ' 27- ' 29, Faculty Editor, ' 28- ' 29; Orchestra, ' 27- ' 28. Katherine McDonald Candidate for B.A. Degro KNOXVILLE Dramatic Club; Cap and Jefferson Davis Lewis Candidate for B.S. Degree WHITW ELL Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Delta Kappa; Alpha Zeta; Tennes- see Farmer, ' 29- ' 3 0; Barn- warmin ' StafF, ' 3 0. Sam Cross Candidate for B.A. Degree MANCHESTER KS Phi Alpha Delta. R. G. Crossno didate for B.S. Degr Ag Club, ' 28- ' } 1; Dairy Products Judging Team, ' 30. iiJiJ Sara Frances McRady Candidate for B.S. Degree PETERSBURG Charles Richard Lucas Candidate for B.S. Degree NASHVILLE Ki Scarabbean; Co - Captain Basket-ball, •29- ' 31; " T " Club; Scarabbean Sophomore Award; President of the Sen- ior Class; AU-Studcnts Club Council; Intra - fraternity Council, ' 28- ' 30; Tau Beta Pi. Dana Carlton Curtis Candidate for B.S. Degree ASHEVILLE, N. C. Thelma Lewis Caiitlidate for B.S. Decree I OUNTAIN CITY Homc-Ec Club; Transfer, Carson-Newman College. Roger Johnson Candidate for LL.B. Degree POW EI L STATION Pill Alpha Delta. Charles F. Thompson Candidate for B.S. De; ree KNOXVILLE K2 Scarabbean; Nahheeyayli Governing Board, President, ' 29; Basket-ball; Track, ' 26- 27; Baseball, ' 28; Freshman Football, Basket-ball, and Track; Carnicus Staff; Vice- President Engineering Society, ' 29; Varsity Cheer Leader, 29- ' 30; Secretary-Treasurer ' 27; Intra-fraternity ACE Council, ' 28 Eugene B. Hyden Candidate for B.S. Degree CHATTANOOGA A:i i Freshman Track; ASME, Vice-President, ' 3()- ' 31. Harky Thayer Candidate for B.S. Degree CHARLESTON, V. VA. K ii Scarabbean; Football, ' 28- ' 30, Captain, ' 30; All-Stu- dents Club Council. Margaret Mitchell iindidate for B.A. Degree KNOXVILLE xn Edw ARD Floyd Hurd Candidate for LL.B. Degree KNOXVILLE A T O Phi Delta Phi; Freshman Debating Team; Beaver Club; Intra-fraternity Council, ' 26- ' 27; Volunteer, ' 2J- ' 26; Mary Hill Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE Z T A Dramatic Club; Orange and White. Jamls B. Ely Cainlidatc for B.A. Degree KNOXVILLi; R A n Beaver Club; Scabbard and Blade; Track Manager, ' 31; Orange and White; Mug- wump, ' 28- ' 30; Volunteer, ' 28- ' 29; YMCA Cabinet; First Lieutenant ROTC. Fredric Brandt Candidate for B.S. Degr Varsity Football, ' 28- ' 3 0; Business Manager Tennessee Players. Evelyn Barton Candidate for B.S. Degree RUTHERFORD Home-Ec Club; Glee Club; YWCA. Elizabeth Johnston Candidate for B.S. Degree MANCHESTER A© Bi TSYi Edwards Candidate for B.S. Degree Maurine Windham Candidate for B.A. Degree soddy Tennessee Scribblers; Trans- fer Maryvillc College. Joseph Sandy Hackman Candidate for B.S. Degree NASHVILLE K :• Scarabbean; President, All- Students Club, ' 30- ' 31; Var- sity Football, ' 28- ' 30; Var- sity Baseball, ' 29- ' 3 0, Cap- tain, ' 50; Wearer of the Sen- ior Tos;a. Erin Tier Candidate for B.S. Degree SHARON Robert Lee Dodd Candidate for B.S. Degree KINGSPORT 2 N Scarabbean; Varsity Foot- ball, ' 28- ' 30; Basket-ball, ' 28- ' 30, Co-Captain, ' 29; Fresh- man Football, Basket-ball, Baseball, and Track; " T " Club; All-American Football Team, ' 30. Margaret Winters Candidate for B.S. Degree springmeld J. QuiNN Decker Candidate for B.S. Degree NASHVILLE K5 Football, ' 28- ' 30; " T " Club. Webster Perry Lovinggood Candidate for B.S. Degree MEMPHIS T0 A AIEE; ACE, Chairman; Band. Rathburx a. Ray Candidate for B.S. Degree ATHENS n n Delta Sigma Pi; Dramatic Club; Intra-fraternity Coun- Laurie F. Pratt Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE 5 A E Mugwump, ' 27- ' 28; Orange and White, ' 27; Volunteer, ' 28- ' 29. Wendell B. Chapman Candidate for M.S. Degrei KNOXVILLE Patsy Hum ord Candidate for B.A. Degree KINGSPORT AAA Orange and White; Glee Club; Volunteer; Tennes- see Players, ' 28- ' 29; Secretary, New Strong Hall; Transfer Virginia Intermont College. Marjorie X ' atson CanJiclate for B.S. Dc ree FLOMATON, ALA. Honie-Ec Club. Conrad C. Templeton Candidate for B.S. Degree TAFT T0 A " T " Club; Varsity Foot- ball, ' 28- ' 30. IvERSON Jones Walker Candidate for B.A. Degree MEMPHIS s v Orange and White, ' 27- ' 30; Volunteer, ' 27- ' 30; Pershing Rifles; Intra-frater- nity Council, ' 29- ' 31, Secre- tary, ' 31; French Club; Car- nicus Staff. L. Philip Beene Candidate for B.S. Degree JASPER Varsity Football, •28- ' 30, T " Club. Bell Alexander Cocbill Candidate for B.S. Degree dyersblrg ATA Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Tennessee Engineer; Sec- ret.irv MEE, ' 3 0- ' 31; ACE. J. H. DuBose Candidate for B.A. Degree JACKSON Margaret Garner Candidate for B.S. Degree Home-Ec Club. William A. Burnett Candidate for B.S. Degree THOMPSON STATION Marion M. Russell Candidate for B.S. Dci;m ' WILLIAMSPORT i N Intr.i-t ' r.itcrnitv Council. RiLEv W. Shanks Candidate for B.S. Degree CHARLESTON, W. VA. Gerald W. McLaughlin Candidate for B.S. Degree LEES CROSS ROADS, PENNA. O. D. RiSEDEN Candidate for B.S. Degree CHATIANOOGA RoiiEKT M. Akin Candidate for B.A. Degree ihompson station n K Phi Delta Kappa; Dramatic Club; Cherokee Tribe; First Lieutenant ROTC. Billy Adkerson Candidate for B.S. Degree I ranklin A0 Hugh Faust ' didatc for B.A. Degree knoxville Scarabbean; Varsity Foot- ball, 28-30; Basket-ball, ' 29- ' 31, Co-Captain, ' 31; Intra- fraternity Council. Marguerite Kollock Candidate for B.S. Degree HARDIN VALLEY IIome-Ec Club. Darnai.i X ' YArr Mokrison Candidate for B.S. Deforce MEMPHIS 2X Boys ' Glee Club; President; U. T. Quartet; Iota Lambda Sigma; Phi Delta Kappa. Edith Bevan Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE LoRA Mays McClain Candidate for B.A. Degree MARTIN Ernest Q. Petrey Candidate for B.S. Degree PINEVILLE, KY. riK A Intra-fraternity Council; Nahheeyayli Governing Board; Associate Editor, Mug- wump, ' 28; Orange and White; Carnicus; Tennessee Players; Scabbard and Blade; First Lieutenant R O T C ; Transfer University of Ken- tucky. Frances Schneider Candidate for B.S. Degree LOUISVILLE, KY ZT A Home-Ec Club. James Reser Candidate for B.A. Degree BRISTOL K A RuBYE O. Lipscomb Candidate for B.S. Degree SPRINGFIELD A© Home-Ec Club; Tennessee Scribblers; Girls ' Rifle Team. Nancy Evelyn Welch Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE Page Seventy-nine Elizabeth Floy Allhn CamiiJate for B.A. Degree CENTRLVILLK K A Cap and Gown; Woman ' s Student Government, Secre- tary, ' 29- ' 30; Woman ' s Stu- dent Activities Council, ' 29- ' 3 0; Carnicus; Spanish Club. N. Jordan Stanford Candidate for B.S. Degree EAGLEVILLE Alpha Zeta; Dairy Products Judging Team; Dairy Judg- ing Team, Alternate; Tennes- see Farmer; Agriculture Club. MiMS Thomason Candidate for B.A. Degree KNOXVILLE ATA Editor Orange and White, ' 29; Inter-fraternity Council, ' 29- ' 31; Treasurer Freshmin Class. BURWIN HaUN Candidate for B.S. Degree MOirAXX ' K A T A Varsity Track; " T " C;lub; Transfer Ca College. Newman HiRiiiRi T. HRt) N, Jr. Candidate for B.S. Degree NASHVILLE K:i Scarabbean; Varsity Foot- ball, ' 28- ' 31; Varsity Tennis, ' 29- ' 31; " T " Club, President; ASME; ACE Council; James L. Smith Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE i I E Editor, Mugwump, ' 29; Publication Council; Intra- fraternity Council, ' 29- ' 31; Manager Varsity Tennis, ' 29- ' 3 1 ; Junior Prom Commit- tee; Pershing Rifles; Freshman Track Numeral; Carnicus. Mary Regina Gagg Candidate for B.A. Degree KNOXVILLE Frances Vineyard Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE Z T . ScuuYi.uR C;. Mariin, Jr. Camlidatc for B.S. Dc.sji.r ' |. I I !■ I ' hi Delta K.ipp.1; Alpha Zcta; J. B. Madden Medal; Horticulture Cup, ' 3 1 ; Bain- warmin ' Staff; Tennessee Farmer; Live Stock Jiidgin,!; Team; Dairy Judgint; Team; Ag Club. David Byrni Irvtni; Camlidatc for B.S. D.;i;m ' MONTEREY Alpha Chi Sigma; Band, ' 28 - ' 30; First Lieutenant ROTC; Carnicus; Student Assistant in Chemistry. Harry G. Hurley Caitdidate for B.S. Dcgret MEMPHIS ZT A ASCE. David Acron Cooper Candidate for B.S. Degree CHARLOTTE, N. C. Stewart McCroskey Candidate for B.A. Decree KNOXVILLE II K A Orange and White; Mug- wump. Eugene McEver Candidate for B.S. Degree BRISTOL, VIRGINIA ' ! FA Scarabbean; Football, ' 28- ' 29; " T " Club; Baseball, ' 29- ' 3 0; All- American Football Team, ' 29. Lucille Agnes Jones Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE M Tennessee Players; Home- Ec Club; Cap and Gown; Glee Club, ' 27- ' 28. Nei.le M. Lett Candidate for B.S. Degree GREENFIELD Phi Kappa Phi. m Dorcas Willson Candidate for B.S. Degree NEOTA Elizabeth Galbraith Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE AAA Robert D. Johnston Candidate for B.A. Degree KNOXVILLE Scabbard and Blade; Persh- ing Rifles; Major First Bat- talion ROTC; Beaver Club; Phi Delta Phi. Charles Fred Baughman Camlidate for LL.B. Degree Phi Alpha Delta; Tennessee Law Review, ' 29- ' 31; Trans- fer University of Florida. Jennings A. Jones Candidate for B.S. Degre, DEL RIO Chi Delta; AIEE; Fi Lieutenant ROTC. Ben M. Gaston, Jr. Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE 5X Delta Sigma Pi; Beaver Club; Orange and White; Varsity Water Polo Univer- sity of Southern California. H. E. Wright, Jr. Candidate for B.S. Degree KNOXVILLE 5 . E Scabbard and Blade; Col- onel ROTC; Pershing Rifles; Delta Sigma Pi; Editor Torch, ' 3 0; Managing Editor Orange .ind White, ' 3 0; Carnicus; Volunteer. AlERED J. GiPSON Candidate for B.S. Degree DECHERD i ir ' Phi Delta Kappa. Pago Eightu-two Senior Tom General Manager Senior Ball Joe McEachern Chairman Finance Committee James Ely Chairman Decoration Committee David Meriwether Chairman Senior Dinner Committee Tom Deane Chairman Transportation Committee Katherine Ferris Chairman Senior Dinner Committee Page Eighty-three Mary Kvi i vn Pi:tri C:nAKiis KiRR . Senior Class Officers Vicc-rrcsiJciif CjiARiis R. Li . I ' rcauncr (.ki ia i. . Prcihicnf . Sccrc ary - l « : Raymond Saunders Pmnlcnf of the junior Class J U N I Dorothy Adams A on SMhtille Anne Brakebill AOn Knoxiille Armon Cooper Chattanooga R. M. LaForge ZT A Knoxiille Emily Ann Coffey ZTA Brownsville Melvin Dacus 5 X Mem [ibis Rhea Nichols T Call Lit in Eiillitii-aeven Elizabeth Montgomery J. L. McLean ATA Memphis W. H. McCroskey J. R. Norton " Vi ' . L. Patterson A i- I Mr Ell CI! W. W. Crawford B An Someri ' ille L. D. Cronin II K Mniil ' bis Sn PHiN P. Jackson Rio ( • Janeiro, Brazil - i:i,,hi,iii iiii John Graves Nashville Ray DeMoss Hunfnii ' Jon Jessie Dempster ZTA KiiOMille =5 ■f R " | Ruth Johnson Knox idle m P Margari r Wright AAA Knoxvme W. R. Johnson ATA Kiioxrille E. D. Jones Chattanooga Evelyn Worley Byington Bernice Stone Union City Jack Wilson ATn Lynnville Musedorah Williams AOn Humboldt Page Ninety- one C. H. WiLBURN J a " V « - iJi H Bl AN( HE GuTHRlE H. B. Henderson Sucf iiater W. R. Green Blf ' M ' VlW Marcella Hamilton Troy K V F Nashville Elizaiu hi (jRii i itts I ' rivndu illc Herbert H. Hall Km Millc Ralph X HITE _J V l Frances Hardin i- K Honibeak ' ' ' k. a. 1 Olhehill C. L. Greenblott ; T ' Q[ k I H k H Pattie White John I: . Harper Mi c XInetiit II tr Charlis J. Walsh Truth- Elizabi Tn Wagner Martin Harris Frazier Algooil Franklin Vineyard K„ox,iIlc Lowing ' an Bockern Ohcriiu, Ohio Hi nrv Wallace Mcmphii Mary Louise Herrington :i K Chattanooga Louise Hill AAA Orangeburg, S. C. Virginia Holder Winchester Robert Holmes Page mnety-three Chariks Toncray K A Q Elizahcthton Charles Tobler ATA Kmsiillc Celeste Holtsinger Da ltd ridge Mary Parks Wyatt xn Nctvbern Virginia Wright AAA Kiioxtillc Georgia Gose Bristol J. M. Burnett Newport Jetty Burns Na.lnille Katherine Buster A A TT Abilfuc, Tex. George Campbell 5 X Chr.ttar.ooga Margaret Carpenter 2K SpringMl Ethel Cashion Kmxville A. W. Cates Neil port Makv I Ii LI N Clements KiioM ' ille Jeanette Clii ton Ahiugdon, Va. Marie Collier Powell Station William Connelly K i Helena, Ark. Harold Forsythe Martin ■aye Xiiutiifl ' - Amanda Dosser AAA ]ohinou City Catherine Dunn AAA Knoxville E. L. DUNNAVANT ITK Elk on Roberta Durham Ripley W. T. Duscoe Somcriillc Dorothy Dyer I M Lake Cily, Fla. Virginia Bennett AAA Greenwood, S. C. Sara Edwards I M Chattanooga LiLi-iE Ellis Cleveland Edith Evans Knoxville John Finney ZT A Nashville Alice Flenniken XQ Knoxville Kathirini; Bolt A A II KlIOM ' ilh ' Harry Bloomfield I A Memphh Robert Gramling K5 Pulaski Dorothy Francisco A A n Knoxiillc Marion Frances Nashi ' ille Archer Bishop KiioM ' ille Walter A. Barri K A Memphis Henry E. Foster NashiUle Louis Barnes Nashiille Herbert Ball Wales Carolene Baldry Kivisas City, Mo. Dixie Ashcraft Kcu ' hcrii Kathirine Armstrong K A R. F. Allen WX A Memphis James E. Akans Kmniillc Nelly Aills ZT A Porfsmo7i h, Ohio Marianne Gilbert Globe, Ariz. Walter Gay n A U Memphis J. B. Gardner Prospect J. A. French ZT A Daiidridge Fannie Freema KnoMiHe Esther Freedman Lenoir City Claude Frazier Dyershiirg Lalri ni Frantz KnoMjIle George Paullus i X Memphis Rachel Schulman T2 Jackson Elizabeth Pressley ZT A Troy Caldwell Quillen Eru ' i! Virginia Read AAn Morristown J. A. Setliffe nK A Chattanooga D. L. Conger :- K l- ' ayettciille V. C. Colvett W X A Alamo L. B. BOHANON Seymour Jane Boyd Chattanooga Betty Givens xn Bemis O. M. Derrvberry 5X Colinnhia MllllRLD RlID A A n Kno t illc Ruby Rice Knoxville Myrtle Stephens Dickon Vivian Richards KA Chattanooga J. M. SOYARS Memphis E. B. Speck Livingston J K hi E. N. Stewart i 5 K Taft Lois Still Knoxville Albert Roberts Monroe W. R. Rollins Chattanooga Frances Scott A on Fayetteville S. D. Patton nK A Memphis Page One Hundrcil H. T. Phillips n K A Jess Schumaker Knoxville Mary Phipps AAA KiioM illc Leola Sharp Coal Creek Grace Shepard Knoxville Martha Sherrill Knoxville L. S. SiMcox ri K Knoxville William M. Slayden ' Waverly Marie Smith Aon Pulaski Charles Snider 2 I E Lenoir City Julia Snell Murfreesboro M. M. Reed Martin Paye One Hundred and One T. Hampton Allen 2 A K Tom Smith KhomHIc J. K. Prince T(-) A Ocoee Claude Reeder ATQ KnoMillc George Dahnre t rA Union City lil VI KLY BeAUMANN A () II KnoMillc Tom Parham i ' 1 E Knoxville C. R. McClain Marif La ' K A KnoM,llc Frances Gunn A on Memphis Ellen Goodrich A on FaycttciiUc ElI7A1!1 111 Dl MPSTER A A II KnoM.ll. ' Ihn,.ln;l an.l Ti Jetty K A Kunxullc Emmet McClurk.« Knoxiille Elizabeth Redding A (-) Cnllcoka James Lee Clarke rA Knoxi ' ille Edith Elmore Knoxville H. E. Christenberry ATfJ Knox idle Dorothy Atchley K A Km,M,Uc Laird Holt A T il rraiikliii Barbara Lou Cardln AAA KnuMillc Allison Ballenger n K A Carthage Katherine Albright Gallatin Gray G. Brandon Dover One Hiimlrril anil Three Madison Smith Dccatiiriille Pall Horton Xashiillc J. D. McElroy 5 N Dover Fae Marney Hair man Jo Ruth Perry Kiioxiille Katherine Prather GrcciicviUe Nettie Rollins Chattanooga James T. Pitts Knowille Mabel Southall Franklin Clyde Penick Sharon Flora Warmbrod Bcliitlcrc Lucn E Francis Kuoxville rage One Ilumlrnl niui Mary Stm i ord KikxmHIc Elizabeth Gale I M Memphis Edith Wilson A An Adiciillc, N. C. John Stivers Katiiirini. 1 Ioc:ki;njos KtWMillc All AN B. Fuller ZT A Nashiille Robbie Tedford AAA KnoMille J. C. Parjcs KuoxiiUc B. ►- ' " ' W Chattanooga John Vane Overton , HHwDb. H Albert Burros Norrod Nashville ■I L " IHBb H Himtsiille Catherine Buster Wttr.v«. ■ ' ■ fc - ■ Ojai, Calif on,ia Iris Marie Evans Page One Hundred and Five Ravmon[ Saunders J. L. McLiAN . . Junior Class Officers . Pirsidciif Mil dki d Ri id . Sc(Tl7l )V W ' lIllAM SlA-iDlN Vicr-Pn-sich„t . Trcauircr , Malcolm Aitken President of the Sophomore Cla H O M O R E S Sophomores Boles Blake Bfasely BlAMAN Barcer Barbli; Armstro Bromley Brlce Burton COCKRILI ) S fi. f) ■A Sophomores McCallum McAfee Lawson Laughlin HOLLINGSWORTH CURRAN Harrison Harris, M. Cross COOPE Hanna Hammond Harris. J. Hambv I ' nr e One Umnlml ' f- p e ' L Sophomores WiTHrRSPOON WlBB WtAVfR Teacuu Watson Taylor, V. Stoner Wyatt Stone Vrss Vance Parrott I ' ltf OOLE pim Km 1? ff fiW Soph phomores Harton McIlwai; COILE IjAMS Garden Chestnutt Hunter Carr Hooper Hendricks Haves DUNLAP Deane Humble Brewer Carroday I ' WJC Uvt llun.lnd ,ni,l l:i, o t irt Sophomores SCHROLDI-R Slatlry PovrLRS Stapll- Pkessgr Prinn Swingle Taylor Wilson EWINC Soph( Hamlett French Hale Green Gray ' »yr One Hltnilriil anil Tin. FOOSHI FlNLEY McNae Hood Manni McKlNNEY McKamey McGowAN Lee lunsford GODDARD Faxon Gnuse McNevp McLemore 4 M« « I:. ■1 1 Soph( Paulk Peteks MOOKE Miller Morton Mason Ni:uFNsi:nw Manning Nrvaus Nicholson 111 DRIDGE Davis Daniels Drokl Chastain Deerinc McFall McCORD Sophomores Gardner schroeder Thomas Harris, D. X ' . Crittenden Pollard Post Harris, D. Toole Connelly HOL.MAN Ghormlev Crane Humphreys Piifje One Iluiulriil ami Fifl ! € W i Sophomores Johnson, G. C. Curtis FUQUA RlCIlARDSC LiTT Maloy Akans Blackbur Clapp Coffey S. K. Go Fox Malonf Adair Brown Parker lliinthiil and Strtccn Soph omores Shaw RoLLl Rabold LOWRY COCKRILL HoUSER LITTLE Ravmo Robinson Rogers Rowland Sanders Smith Russell Steffner. McWhirter Simpkins •„. ,■ ii,„- Jluiiihecl anil Sevinteci Sophomore Class Officers MALCOLiM AlTKEN Harriet Dlane I ' rcsnicn Makv Ni ai. Si ai Sec IT ill) W ' l.sM Y Pal ION Vhi-l ' nshhiif . Tnasinrr Jack Saffold President of the Freshman Class F R E S H M N Freshr jAMis Henry, Jr He Aka Ari Allen, Russell Elwood Alexander, William Marvin Alley, Kathryn Ames, Evan Franklin Anderson, Herman Clay Anderson, Malcolm Stone Anderson, Urban So« vi rs Andrews, Sidney Iiawn Armstrong, Amy Hassi i i. Armstrong, Carl B. Armstrong, Richard Ewell Arney, Fred Wilson Archer, James Paul Arnold, Bernard Whittemore Arnold, Mildred Geneva Armistead, John McDovtell Arthur, Margaret Lipscomb Attix, George William Bo-,1., Si, ,,| Ih.KlS BOYIK, Ami N 11,11 lOVfAY Bradli Y, Jayne Wineree Brady, Pansilee B. Brandon, Nathan Welford Braseield, James Edward Brashears, Joe Thomas Breeding, William Jenning! Br] WTR, Chester D. Bkiv . !. rnxRMs AnCLBERT Bk.s,,,,, |..,,S IRINK. Jr. liKivn. , Km 111 KIM Iky, (_,m 1in C I MIL Ma AUR Rut Austelle, Alfred Ayres, John Jr. Babb, Raymond Beacher Bain, Douglas Cogburn Bain, Wesley Truman Baker, Frank Davis, Jr. Baker, Horace Eugene Baker, Mary Ellen Baird, William Gwynne Ballard, Pauline Baldon, Elrae Virginia Baldy, William H., Jr. Bales, Helen Elizabeth Bailey, Reva Elizabeth Banks, Thomas Virgil Barger, Howard Barkley, Ralph Ingersol Barnes, Thomas Clarence, Jr Barnett, Frances Elizabeth Barton, Elizabeth Marian Bayless, John Dudley Bean, Mary Emily Beasley, Albert Dean Bell, Ernest Dudley Bellah, Jack Bellah, James Osgood Bemis, Frank Gentry Bennecker, Rachel Mae Bentley, Juanita Louise Bergantz, Joseph Arthur Bess, Ola Lee Beck, Robert Haun BiBEE, Bert Marcus Bickley, William Elbert, Jr. BiDDLE, Mary Monroe Bird, Raymond Preuss Bishop, Sarah Lou Black, Gilbert Franklin Blackburn, Eloise Deminc Blackwell, William Turner Blair, W. Alexander, Jr. Blakely, Howard Brown Bogle, Robert L. BoDAMER, George Eugene Bodenmeimi R, Hubert Elmer Bolt, Oliver Zackary Bond, James Walter Borden, Leon Gaines Botteron, Gilbert Rothgeb BowDEN, Newton White BR1..G1S, Roi Brightwell, Brooks, Albert Overt Brooks, Elsie Virginia Browder, Ernest Arti Brown, Byrd F.dd Brown, Helen Gross Brown, Harold Adol Brown, Margaret Virc Cec Era Bryan, Malvern Thornton Bryant, Dock Bryant, Jack Buchanan, David Lee BuETTNER, Edward Charles BuRBURY, Bessie Duff Burkhart, Walter Alexande Burnett, Benjamin Lewis Burnette, Charles Edward Burton, George Morris Butcher, Lake Ethelbert BvRD, Ellis Bvrom, John Oliv. r Ceo I WORTHY, M vio Ru m Cobb, Phara 1 i i . |r. COCKREEL, Rhi A I KINK Coggins, Ruth 1)i oki CoLAGRASS, Clara Faye Colebank, John Willard Collins, James Douglas CoNDiTT, Rogers H. Cook, Rachel Cook, Richard Valentine Cooke, Evelyn Mae Cooper, L.ota K. Cooper, Sam Marshel CoRBiN, Ben Sory Costner, Paul K. Cottrell, Joe Park Coward, Clara Cowan, John Carl Cox, Parmenas Cox, Sarah Bernice Cox, Vincent Astor Craig, David Howell Crawford, Phillip Thurman Creekmore, Edwin Wheeler Crippen, Edith Arnold Crockett, Richard Horace Cross, Helen Lucile Cross, Helen Reeder Crowder, Paul Kenneth Crowder, Pauline Mattie Cruze, Ray : Currell, Conrad O. Currier, Jane Curtis, Henry William Curtis, Howell Cobb Dail, Fletcher Franklin DwK, -niAN Motel Easterly, Augusta D. Edmondson, J. Gordon Edwards, Henry Banks EiDsoN, Charles George, Jr Eisenberg, Frances Laura Elder, Louis Charles Caldwell, Joseph A. Campbell, Catherine Fay Campbell, William Aiken Campbell, Winston Robert Cameron, Don Hampton Cardwell, John Troy Carlock, Everel M. Carmichael, Walter Roy Carr, Mildred A. Wi ETT Carson, James Tazwell Carson, Richard LaFayette Carter, William Edward Carter, Walter Otha Casey, Ezelle Gates, Juanita Lillian Gates, Lloyd A. Catlett, William Albert Caven, Eugene Clair Cazana, John Nu hola Chambers, Ruby Roberta Champe, Charles C. Chandler, David William Chambers, Clovis T. Chastain, Sidney June Childers, Joe Ben.iamin Christian, Edna Earle Church, John Thomas Clabo, Velma Jean Clark Clark Cha Jam Sara M I ' l MP Edward s W ri 1 1 A m Clark Clietc Bean. , ' " Clieton! Ru Climir, Kat by Vi •z. Ell.s, J. B. Eller, Leo Mae Elliott, Lora Maye Ellis, Gus McDaniel, Jr. Elmendorf, Patricia James Engert, Willia.m Jerome Eppes, Jane Petrie Erwin, Jesse Holston Erwin, Robert Edward EsTES, Evelyn Lee Eubank, Oscar Leech Evans, John N., Jr. Evans, William Stewart Everett, Walter Knox Farmer, Bertha Elizabeth Farrar, William Mayo Farris, Edward Lloyd Farris, William Lafay-ette Faust, Charles Lynn Featherston, Thomas Dale Felts, James Hugh Felts, Virginia C. Fenton, Deaderick George Ma M Verda Daniels, Harry Ficher, Shirley May Darby, Wilton Brown Fields, GiiniRr H. Darnell, James Newton l-IM 11, K. 1 1 Ki V D ' Armond, Margaret E, Hi.NNi II. I iMiK Earl Darr, Ernest Claude I ' isHiK, I iiKi 111 Ernest Davidson, James Robert FiscHiK. JoMPH Philip Davis, Cecil Richard Flenniken, Hector Howell Davis, Joyce D. Plate, Roscoe G. Davis, Mack Parker Flury, Henry Stoker Davis, Matthew Leotto Fletcher, M. Alex Davis, Raymond Hayes Flynn, Abe Thomas Deaderick, ELrzABETH Lucilf Flynn, Frank L. Dean, Andrew David Fogelsonc, Vivien Floride Dean, Para Lee Fooshee, George Leroy Dean, William Ernest, Jr.. Ford, Alda Erabelle DeGroat, William Albert Ford, Elmer Parker Dennis, Janie Mae Ford, Jack Denny, Cleo Cyrus Ford, Robert Cope Denton, Eula FoRSVTHE, James William Derryberry, George Freddii Fortnlr, Frank Ray Derryberry, John E. FosiiK. Ki iM Holt Derryberry, Boyd Evans loMl K, lllo 1 MZABETH DeWitt, Martha Louise losll K, Si MN llNETTE DicKERSoN, James D., Jr. loi 1. N. Ill M i Carl Dickinson, Robert E., Jr. loMiKis. Ik IMS William DoNOHo, Thomas Barnes I KINK, IS. iKiniKUK George DOOLEY, ElLZABETH Ikwiik. IK. 11 iM, Thomas Dougherty, Henry Ward Eri i [ima.n, 1 Iakoi d Doughty, William A. Hrin.h. EllNRV C. DowELL, Paul Edward French. Janke Rae Anna Carol PiKje One llumln-a aiul Tirenty Freshmen Gambill, Jesse Gammon, Hollas Neviell Gardner, J. Archibald, Jr. Carver, Robert Martin Gaskill, Gordon A. Gernt, Bruno David Gernt, Victor H. Ghormlky, Annie Laura Ghormley, Julia Hlndersox Gibes, Russell Ceiarles Gibson, Sanford Ai bers Gilbert, D. S. Gillespie, Alerld Leigh Gillespie, Andri w D., Jr. GiLLlLAND, huNl MaRV Gilliland, Maria Lena GisH, George Ldw ard Givens, Eugene V. Glazer, Sam Glenn, Billie Meeks Gotten, Mabel Goodner, J. Vance Grant, J. T., Jr. Graper, Henry Elbert Greene, Caroline Catlett Greene, Mary Alma Greene, Mary Elizabeth Gregory, Wilbur Alexander Grindstaff, Frank Pierce Grout, M. Wayne Grubb, Frances O. Guinn, Marvin Carl Guthrie, Joe E. Hagan, Charles E. Hail, Charles Paul Hall, Era Nelle Hall, Harrold Hayden Hall, L. C, Jr. Hall, Ruby Christine LiALLEY, Robert Alfred Hamilton, Ethel Beeken Hamilton, Ieiene Hanna, Hemphill William Hardin, Anne Boiling Hargis, Carolyne Violet Harkness, David James Harle, Homer Townsend Harper, Mary Elizabeth Harris, Mary Marlvn Harvey, Albert Clyde Harvey, Elmer Harwood, James Melford Harwood, John Martin Hasrins, Marie Frances Hassler, Edward Clark Havron, James Brock Havron, William Arthur Hawkins, Martha Hayes, Donald Hugh Hayes, Icesy Hayes, Lynn A. Head, Frederick Iverson Head, John Herman Heiskell, John McCall Heist, Jane Virginia Heist, John Morton Henard, Ruth Elizabeth Henderson, Albert P. Henderson, Curtis Reed Hendren, Nealy D. Hendrix, Nina Edna Henry, Hooper Denzil Heywood, Charles Harold Hickey, Leslie Donald Hicks, Chester Amanda Roberia Elizabeth Caroli Idris C. John Wesi , v, Jr. )hns s! ' }o! ' :!■,,. n.. Jr. HoLMAN, Ray James Holt, Edna Marie Hooper, Frederick W., Jr. Hood, William Vi rnon Hoover, Herbi rt Hi nrv Hormell. Howard O. Hottum. Christopher H., Jr. HousiR, Benjamin Luther Housi R, losEPH Franklin Housholder, Charles Tate Housholder, Donald M. Huddleston, Louise Laura Hl LTER Huffman, Claude Raymond Hughes, Ross Alexander Hughes, Sallie B. Huchev, George Locke HuilN, A n Lkask Human, W . DlLi i i Hutson, William Fra Hydorn, Frieda Lucii nd, Mrs. M. Anna ;s, James Raymond , Evelyn KiiR )v, Thomas Edward KiMBRoucFi, Jacob Crosby KiMERY, John Williams King, Iames Manning King, Martha Leona Kinnane, Aloysius Joseph, Jh Kinnane, Patricia Iosephine Kirk, Albert Eugi ne KivETT, David Franklin Klutts, Dan Edwin Knott, Lones KoEN, Alice Lei Kornman, Alexander N. Kramer, Catherine Marie Kriger, Sidney I. Kuhnert, Tom Hedrick Lacey, John William, Jr. Lacy, Emily Lavinder Lambert, Raymond Linwood Lancaster, Robert Fitzhugh Lanston, Helen Louise Lapides, Abraham Larkins, Holland Larkins, Thomas Harper Larmer, J. D. Lassiter, Sara Morgan Lawson, Archie Jerrold Lay, John David Layson, William George, |r Lea, James D.. Jr. Lee, Haseltine Elizabeth Leeman, Pillar Van Leonard, Mona Vivian Levin, Clemence Levin, Tessie Louise Lewis, Nellie Ruth Lewis, Walter Allen Licht, Miriam Elizabeth Liebeck, Marcella Grace Liggett, Ruth Gertrude Lightner, Hansel E. Mavls, Blrnice Elizabeth May, Robert L. Mayberry, Forrest Raymond Mays, Thomas J. McAdoo, William Roscoe McAuliffe, James L. McBee, John Adair McCalla, a. K., Jr. McCaslin, Ben T. McClain, Virginia Ewing Ml Clary, George Robin McClary, James Parnick McCii I land, Kathryn H. McColiister, Ira B., Jr. McCoRD, Malcolm Marvin McCoRD, Stanley McCrosrey, Ailsie Powel McDonald, Herbert Bruce McDonald, Lee McDonald, Margaret McFai IS, Thomas Carl McGimpsey, Mary Carolyn McGonacill, James Russell McGuiRE, Jamfs Joseph McIntire, Sarah Betty McKee, Arthur Cecil McKinney, Evelyn Frances McKiNNEY, Fred William McKinney, L. Jean McKnight, William Wayne McLaughlin, William J. McLendon, Elinor Polk McMillan, George Edwin M V r.i MBi ■, w. k, Mm Ni. , Akihi k III II Messa.more, Earll Geoi Miller, Hattie Rhea Miller, Howard M., Jr Miller, James Martin Miller, Mary Elizabet Miller, Ruby Cooke Mi Jacobi, Charles Graham Lindamood, David Miller, Shirley Rufus Little, Robert James LiTZ, Margaret Eleanor MiLLiGAN, Stanley Lewis James, Mary Elizabeth Miller, William James, III James, N. T., Jr. Lively, Athal D. Mills, Mary Iarvis. Amelia Adelaide Livingston, James Harrison Milton, Charles H., Jr. Ji NMNS, Aubrey Condra Locher, Norman P. Mimms, Thomas Cross ji NKiNs, Thelma Louise LoFLiN, William Belvah MiNNis, Horace Newton, Jr. Ilnnings, Willie Ruth LooNEY, Earl MiNTON, Troy Jester, L. M., Jr. Love, James Clyde, Jr. MiNTURN, Frederick Housto Johnson, Benjamin L. loHNSON, Cornelia Clark LoviNGGOLD, Raymond V. MoDLiN, Herman Leigh, Jr. Lowe, Nathan J. LowRY, Carl Wall, Jr. MoFFETT, Ruby Athaleen Johnson, Hughes Hume Montgomery, James A. Johnson, Ralph Eugene LowRY, Darwin Phillip Monroe, Charles Howard Johnson, Tweed LOY, ROSSIE MooNEY, Charles William Iohnston, Alvin Maynard LuNSFORD, John Edgar Moore, Alice Evalyn Johnston, Cecelia Elisabeth Johnston, Charles D., Jr. Lyon, Margaret Elizabeth Moore, Charles William Lyons, Arthur Millard Moore, Frances Elizabeth Johnston, Maude Moore, Joe Harris loNES, Cecil Frank Manning, George Miles Moore, Thomas Henry, Jr. Joyce, Milton Mantel, Robert Charles Morgan, Bernard Harmon Keen, James Nicholas Maples. Talmadge Robert Morris, Buford Harrison Keister, Mary Elizabeth Marshall, Ruth Naomi Morris, Henry Floyd Mark, Alton Sidney Morris, Thomas Dm. vm, Jr. Kelly, ' loHN Howard Marks, Arthur Hunter Morrison, M. I r..i si. In, Kelly, I. W., Jr. Martin, Charles Hix Morrow, Con Hm, Keltner, Myrtle Irene Martin, Oliver Lanier, Jr. Morrow, Mar,ix ( iimuoite Kemp, Morris David Mason, Eulah Clyde MosER, Joseph Aibiri Kendrick, Edward L. Massey, James Burton Moser, Eugene H. Kennedy, Lois Mary Massey, William M. Morton, Leland Clure Kenny, Ernest Marion Mathes, Harrell James Muehleder, Fred Kfsler, Margaret Maud Mathis, Carl B. MuLLiNS, Lynn Worth K.GER, James William Matthews, Clayton Lamar Murphy, Martha Elizabeth I ' aijf One Hundred and Twenty-one Freshi Nanney, John P., Jr. New, J. Ralph Newport, Reeda Mae Nichols, Ralph Gibbs Nicks, Robert L. XoE, Howard Alexander Norton, George Davis NowLiN, Nell Pickard Nuckolls, William Knox Odom, James Newton Og le, Rex Oliver, John, Jr. Orr, Ollie B. Orr, Rees Price Ousley, Roy Glenn OwNBY, Hugh Palmer, Robert Evander, Jr Palmer, Sam D. Pamplin, William Edward Parham, Dorothy Ann Parham, Thomas Whitney J " Par Parker, Jesse Elmer Parker, William Alton- Parks, Joe B. Parrish, Leon Parrott, Clifford Jennings Parsons, Hill Crawford Patchen, Joe C. Patterson, James Ralph Payne, Al George Payne, Edward Franklin, Jr. Payne, John Paul Pearlman, Isadore Peck, Iames Frank PiNMSCTON, Richard Byron I ' l NinosT, Ben Loyal, Jr. Plttls. Morris Stevenson Phelan, Jack Stanislaus Phillips, William Savage Phipps, J. Gaines, Jr. Pierce, Edward Ernest Pile, Lois Ella Piper, John William Pittman, Wayne Creekmore Platt, Mercedes Force Pollard, Raymond Dean Portrum, Henry Eastman Postal, John Francis Powers, Alex Randolph Powers, Frank Beckham Powell, Horace A. Prince, Edwin Prince, Jack Young Pritchett, Murray Will Pugh, Andrew B. PuGH, Robert Norman Rabold, Stanley Johnson Rader, Charles Edward Ragsdale, Clyde Elezabeth Racsdale, Leonard Eugene Ramsay, Lewis Cowden Ramey, Jake Ewing Ratlh FE, Dorothy F. Reagan, William Edward Reavis, Craig Rector, John Wendell Register, Margaret Louise Repass, Gladys Elizabeth Rhines, Eloise Elfzabeth Rhyne, Edith Louise Rich, Tommy Emory Richmond, Clarence Leon Richardson, Graham M. Richardson, Miles RiDENOuR, George Walter Ridings, Charles Lucian Roach, John Arthur Roach, William Elijah RoARK, Calvin Latimore Roberts, John Edward, Jr. Roberts, Mildred Lillian Robinson, Mary Belle Robinson, Mildred Louise Robertson, William Hosea ROCHELLE, ROSCOE RANDOLPH ROEHL, Mary Ella RoDCERS, Arthur Rogers, Elizabeth Rogers, James Howerton Rogers, King Walter, Jr. Rogers, Omer Leighton Rolen, John Hollis Rollins, William Fulton Rosebury, James Henry Ross, Craig Gibbs Ross, Helen Gary Roth, Evelyn Fay Rouse, Franklin Owen Rowe, James Frank Rudd, Ruth Ilah Ruffner, Gordon Lee Rule, Frederick Gunby Russell, Kenneth Arthur Rutleuge, Charles Buford Ryno, John Horaci , Jr. Saffold, John Henry Sams, Helen Louise Sartain, Louis Edward " ' Sasser, Joseph Ralph Satterfield, Marvin M. Sayers, Mildred ScATES, Stella Fearn Schenk, Edwin Thomas Scheumack, Carl Duane Scott, Margaret Ella Scrape, Evelyn Earl Seale, Mary Lurline Seargeant, Helen Frances Seivers, John Tillery Sexton, Fred Ricker Seymour, Edna Lucille Sharp, Arthur David Sharp, Thelma Elizabeth Sharp, William Divine Shattuck, Frank Kenyon, J Sheehan, Mary Bernardine Shelly, Elizabeth C. Sherrill, Ruby Mae Sherrod, Harold Willard Shirley, Frances Elizabeth SiDWELL, James Paul Simon, Morris Leo Simmons, Edgar C. Simmons, Ruth Granville Simpson, Roy Skelley, James Alton Smith, Gordon Edward Smith, Helen Frances Smith, James Willis Smith, Johnnie Elizabeth Smith, Olivette Snipes, Frank Herman SnoOgrass, Charles E., Jr. Snoderly, Hubert Frank Snodderly, Zen Kenneth Sorg, Frank SoRRELL, Dimple Louise Sparks, Crville Laird Spencer, Mary Elizabeth Spencer, Mildred Carolyn Spooner, Harry Spurlock, Hooper Clyde Stafford, Robert Hilton Stair, Charlotte, Ann Staples, Elsie Mae Stapleton, William Harve- Stark, Charles L. St. Clair, Albert Watson Stearns, George David Stefeey, William Garnett Stegall, Dorothy Gene St. Iohn, George W. Stem. Marion O ilvie Sterchi, Austin William Stevenson, Edward Newton Stevenson, Edwin Malcolm Stewart, Howard Leffel Stewart, Mattie Elizabeth Stokely, Ben D. Stokelv, James Rorex Stoker, Phyllis Kathrvn Stone, George Staley Stone, Ray Fowler Stoner, William Pleas Stotz, Robert Bertan Stout, Chauncey D. Street, William Alfred Stuart, Lofton Kersey Suddath, Robert Louis Sugg, James A. SuLTE, Emily Virginia Sutton, Wii frfd Harrison SwANN, I misi Auc.lM A Swindell, W h mam i.i n try SwiTZER, Gilbert HAKV SwiTZER, Robert M. Tarpley, Fred Angus Tarvin, Clara Aletha Tate, George Samuel Taylor, Darwin Finely Taylor, Earnest Readen, Jr. Taylor, Finis Alexandria Taylor, Jack Morgan Taylor, Mildred Louise ' • Taylor, Monard Buford Templeton, Harry Clifton Thackston, Sara Elizabe 1 1 Thomas, Lowell O. Thomas, Mona Elizabeth Thompson, Ed Thompson, E. Douglas, Jr. Thompson, John Gill Tickle, Woodrow Wilson Tillery, Ruth Millicent TiNDELL, Clara Alice Tipton, Gladys Elma Tipton, James Hall Todd, Geneva Cecilia ToRLAY, Virginia Traylor, William Lem Trent, ,1ohn Brabson Truitt, Delton Harvi v Tune, Ewing A., Jr. Turner, George Parker, Jr. Turner, Marie Henrietta Turrentine, Howard D. TuTwiLER, Thomas Harrison Tyler, Robert A. Underwood, Agnis Allie Underwood, James John, Jr. Vandagriff, Oleta Jennie Vann, Charles Henry, Jr. Vicars, Harriette Menifee Voss, Alpheus Huey Wade, Lillian Helen Waddle, Erskine Howard Vi ' AGNER, Ann McMillan Wagner, Irma Magdeline Walker, Charles Rice Walker, Doris Louise Walker, Harry Kendall Walker, John Wendell Walker, William Robert Wallace, Edna Hazel Ware, William M. Warmath, Murray ' asson, Mary Margaret Waters, Robert Weir, Jr. Wattenearger, Thomas O. Watkins, James P.aul, Jr. Watson, Anne Sloan Watson, Franklin Grenade Watson, Oscar M. Watson, Robert Boone Watts, Hugh Bond Weatherford, Heiskell, Jr. Weaver, Joyce Kathryn Weaver, Louise Blair Webb, Alice Johnston Weigel, William Walter Weesner, Roy Barton Weller, Robert Allen West, Homer Wheeler, A. D. WiiiiLtR, James Franklin W HI HER. losEPH Frances HisMAN, Virginia Dare White, Virginia Louise Whitlock, Bruce Jennings Wiley, Frances Amelia WiLKERSON, Sara Henrietta Wukins, Roscoe Louis Williams, Evelyn Lorraine Wii 1 lAMS, Howard Hollis V:-ul.ams! Hale WuLiAMS, Kyle WiLUAMS. Miriam Frances Williams, Oakley Reed Williams, Vivian Carolyn Williams, William Wess Wilson, Donald Eugene I. SON, Ma ViRC ' INEGAR, Clarence Edward ' INSLER, NeTTYE RiSTORA 7isE, Helen ; ' itsit l, Elisabeth T. ;i I 111 icPooN, Amy Flora i oi 1 1 . Dorothy Jane lOUl NUARGER, KeRR GeORGE i ..mack. Charles M., Jr. ioMACK, Sylvia Doyne Wood, James Ivan Woon-oRD, John Robef Work, Charles Floyd WoRTHAM, Charles Br Herman U. Waiiace L Yarbro, Walter R. Yarnell, Willie Re Yett, Lowman Pink Yoakum, Anne G, LiNDSAl G, Robert G, Waltep Specials Feathers, William I Frank, Milton Frazier, Myrtle Che Freeman, Katherine Fugitt, Albert To«■ Gaue, Louis BRowr Bulla BULLII I V, Mrs. Edna Earl D. I, James Paul »N, Jack Edward ON, Gray Gatlin , Anita Virginia s, Natalie Evelyn 1, Edna Lorrain 1, Nancy Alberta »d, Alanson Griffith 4GTON, George Worth , Eleanor , Walter R. Herman W. Mayme Mary Ann lERS, Agnes Ruth ELL, Muriel Charles Lester L, Area Weller R, Eei-za Jane Gilles Ha Hackma Joseph S. Hallyburton, Ruth Harrell, Herman Bascomb Harrison, Mabel Dora Hassler, Gid Lowell Haynes, Grace Holliday, John James Holt, Laird Hughes, Bowen Arch, Jr. HuNDMAN, John C. Hunnicutt, Robert Eugene Hyde, Arthur Cunningham Johnson, Anne Lenoir I HELMA, Karl Kruc Kent, Margaret Vir Kinnane, Edward J KiRKWooD, Willis Vi Lives LOGA Log A , Jane Luc Martin, Keith Fairchiid McClure, Mary Fulton McCoNNELL, ElPZABETH McGinn, Elizabeth McWhirter, Ernest Powi Miles, Hollis Clifton Miller, Floyd Elise Miller, Richard Leon Mitchell, Benton Burke Neal, Henry Clarence Neblette, Douglas Carson Neubert, Nell Louise Newbill, Ernest Carl Oakley, David Lyons, Jr. Owsley, Freesia Lee Patton, Sherrel David Petruzzie, Leo Freddric PowEL, John Charueswort: Reagan, William Thomas Rector, Manning Walden Richards, Helen Kelso Roberts, Francis Taylor Rucker, Mrs. W. B. Rule, Florence Brown Shepard, Orville B. Stork, James Ernest [I. SwARTz, Emily Violet Tanksley, Radford Doug Tate, Edward Jarmon Tate, Hazeltine Louise " T Taylor, Mauryne Opal Alvin Julian V. Eliza Jane Ethel Avona Russell Colker Jack Saifold . Sallie B. Hughes . Freshman Class Officers . . President Irma Wagner . Vice-PresiJent A. 1.. Gillespie Treasurer Secretary H. Dennis Erwin Prcsiilent of the Senior Laiv Class w Senior Law Class Baughman Douglass Joh I ' atif One llunilr Junior Law Class Farrar Course Eddy Caraway Page One Hiiiulrcl ami T, Freshman Law Class J HV.S losUR Wright Daistrom Stivers Johnston Parks Guthrie Key li ' Mi ss I ennessee Mary Evelyn Petree I HE highest honor that may be received by any Tennessee co-ed goes to Mary Evelyn Petree, of Foui was elected " Miss Tennessee " by vote of the student body. Though she has been on the campus only beauty, personality, and poise has made her an outstanding favorite on the Hill. " Hack " i pOR four years the n.imc of Ikiddy ILuknian menc and progress of Tennessee. 1 ic ll,l ncci He has served as president of the All Sunkiiis ' the torch of service to his Alma Mater. ccn linked wuh ihosc , JK ' 1i,-Ik-m .nv.ird th.u s(,,i " h.dfh.Kk for thr. ,,v o.iis. tciu with the devclop- dtius I.MI1 ,i;ive — the Senior Toga. " Mack " Eugene Tucker McEver Jevelop- of loa- the most colorful S TUDENTS, sportswriters, and coaches are almost unanimous in their acclaim of Eugene McE d spectacular gridster ever attending the University of Tennessee. For two years he was known to the f°° ball jvor d - the " Bristol Blizzard, " and such sobriquets peculiar to the gentry of the fourth estate Named All- ;r in 1929. An unfortunate baseball accident caused Tennessee to lose the services ' of ' this ' sterling back for the season of ' 1930, yet it is the ardent hope of every Tennessean that the fall of 1931 will again see his victorious smile and scintillating exploits on the gridiron. the " Wild American his junior year, he was the nation ' s hi ' Bobby ' Robert Lee Dodd LL-SOUTHERN, All-American, All-World— the answer to a coach ' s prayer— Bobby Dodd, of Kingsport, has been hailed as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. His deliberate, yet dazzling choice of plays, superb punting, peerless passing, and complete mastery of the great American game of football made him the scourge of the opposition and the Tennessee miracle man. His stellar roles on the gridiron and hardwood, however, are only surpassed by his good nature and wonderful personality. The gawky figure of Bobby Dodd will ever be a cherished memory to his friends and class-ni.ues. ' Mike Charles Richard Lucas |t is written that he who never m.ikes an enemy never makes a friend. Mike Lucas, of Nashville, is the exception to this rule. President of the Senior CLiss, Wmner of the Scarabbean Sophomore Award, star guard and captain of the Volunteer basketeers, a leader in anything for the good of his University, he enjoys the friendship and respect of the student body, and has carved for himself a high niche in the Tennessee Hall of Fame. ' Whitey ' Paul Hl-c, DI-CAUSE of his faithful service, Paul Hu.u, of Knigsport, set the p:xc many could well .utcnipt. Pasiiiciu of his Junior Class, Winner of the Scarabbean Ireshman Award, a man of natural physical excellence, prominent m Southern athletic circles; still he has never lost sij ht of his purpose In comlni; to the Unnersity; his scholarship Is of hli;h rank. Ills ability to L-ati lies In his capacity to do. Dr. Edmond; Dr. Hi nry D. Edmonds The students of the University of Tennessee were indeed fortunate in having Dr. Henry D. Edmonds, of Birmingha for the speaker at the third annual Mid-Winter Convocation. Dr. Edmonds, a former student of the University, is n: one of the most outstanding ministers in the state of Alabama. He spoke to the student body on the sub|ects: The C taintv of God, " " The God and Father of Jesus Christ, " and " The Self Found and Lost. " General Grant? -••fS ? ? 3 ? 3 5 3 ? VanJy si ad in ni flacked for Vol : anie i;,„,- l ,u- lluwirni u,ul Thul !,-ri.,ht Homecoming S cnf of the cake race SPL- ' i-s decorated frat house for homccoiiiiug Tar Heel heerleader Band sponsor Old timers at the annual harbectie Page One Hundred and Thirty-nine V ' " « ilA Frosh? Tennessee ' s fvihnte to bey ; ieii quarter Beavers and victory keg ' Handcar " and " Gninfmorc ' Raring to get at the Wildcats " Shiicy " I ' „ r Oni- lluoihcd an. I Fnitu " lie Frosb Coach Bob and hia cohorts Thanks iviitg Vol Baskcfccrs I II 111 III a ltd his Inch piece i t- iVmHrn i Tennessee Tumblers Lawyers No Shave Club Beater Neophytes Pane One Uuiuln John and Priscilla I ' aiii- Oiu lli(ii,l,.,l oii.l luiln fo ,«i ll4 MeW| Talcs (if I he Vol nifeers V doi ' o is ycfiini from v Mh-j nr s u c ' WliF™ fbc hriiicy deep Five i epiir nieii iichoiiies the Vols " Kccrccf Voliiufcer Fiirfi} b rrs Aloha Oe Ccreii oiiiiil Seniors light their torches while the f. band Inlays " Farnvell " Buddy and Bob Wearers of the Senior Toga Seniors on their fareii ' ell march under the arch of the Guard of Honor ISAITI [.Vs L ' J lAcnMCMW T £ ««« Obstntmr, « Mir aMsf btimBhd g mm ELOISE BASS FRANCES GUNN LOUISE HUDDLESTON MARY EVELYN PETREE WILLETTE SHAW MARY NEAL SLATERY 320 EAST 53rd STREET NEW YORK Janu ry 19, 1931 Tom Elaiii, Editor, The Volunteer University Station | Knoxville, Tennes see. My Dear Tom Elam: I have never seen so uany beautiful girls gathered togather in one group. The c hooting has ocen difficult to say the le st. I have marked the photo- graphs personally I don ' t think you should print iLy picture in the sai e book with tnese lovely women but perhaps you want contrast. Yours very truly, John Held, Jr. JrJr: ' UlUTitl ] Betty hitlock Honorary CaJcl Colonel Military United States Army Officers Detached on Leave for R. O. T. C. Duty at the University of Tennessee. Major I. C. Avery Professor of Military Science anil Tactics Captain Harold Head Captain Charles Kemp Captain Horace L. Porter Lieutenant James Harmon Captain Head Captain Porter Lieutenant Harmon «.;.■ ()»f lluilihlil (lll ' l SUtll KIT Military REGIMENTAL STAFF University of Tennessee R. O. T. C. Corps. H. E. Wright Colonel Paul Schroedi;r Ln-nlaiant -Colonel C. H. Smith .... Captain and Adjii anf CAPTAINS C. W. Roberts D. C. Williams FIRST LIEUTENANTS J. S. CoRBiTT Beverly Jones D. V. Howard D. B. Irvin W. L. Kline H. E. Wright Colonel SECOND LIEUTENANTS S. G. Eddy R- McGinn W. E. Fitzgerald Roscoe Word O. W. Huff E. H. Zwingle Miller Corbitt Jones Brandon Page One Huiulifil ami Siit h til ill llu-fli il mill tsixliicij lit Company A T. F. El Ca 1)1 a in Vis Lieutenant Virst Lieutenant SeeonJ Lieutenant Secoml Lieutenant C. F. Rollins Second Lieutenant F. L. Tucker Scioml Lieutenant R. M. Akin .... J. B. Ely .... E. H. Laudlrbach W. V. PiKRCE Mary Neal Slatery S » Company B MARTIh Foster HoRTO Cunningham G. C. Martin Captain W. B. Stewart First Lieutenant H. H. Clements First Lieutenant E. B. Foster First Lieutenant F. L. Cunningham Second Lieutenant C. R. PiNCKLEY Second Lieutenant J. E. Wolfe Second Lieutenant R. H. Horton Second Lieutenant Barbara Lou Carden Sponsor Patjc Ont llunilrctl and St ' i ' cnty Second Battalion Johnson R. P. Johnson Majo W. F. Carpenter Captain Mary Evelyn Petree Sponsor p- jmajiL, pigl tji(iiii»igii. laliiirgi _ __. Page One Bundred and Seventy-( Company C SCVMJ Hu Rll.VES Mc C. M. Seymour Captain W. P. Reeves rirst Lieutenant C. G. MowERY First Lieutenant V. L. Harden Lint Lieutenant J. F. O ' Connor Second Lieutenant E. S. Beamguard Second Lieutenant M. S. Taylor Second Lieutenant Paul Viar Second Lieutenant Sallie B. Hughes Sponsor I ' mi, (till- Ihinaii;! uiiil UliviiIii-i Company D MtRIWETHER ElKlNS HlNUlUX CaIINEY WoDEY ToOLE David Meriwithi r Cal tain J. W. Carnfy Y.,y,, ijcutenant J. D. Elkins .■„., lu-utcnaul R. E. Hendrix Tirst IJciitciniiif A- F. Ogg Scioml Lieutenant N. K. Reiney S Tf»; Lictcnaiit G. A. Toole S -co ; Lieutenant G. R. WoDEY Sera; , Lieutenant NoRiNNE Anderson Spomor lull, lie, I ,111,1 Third Battalion D. C. Williams Major H. D. Stowe Captain J. F. Logan Second Lieutenant Frances Bristow Sponsor Page Oni llumlrcd and Sivcnty fo " Company E BuNN RriD DURRETT BarNWELL W. B. BuNN Ca[,f iin J. R. Barnwell f " -s Licutciaitt W. H. Moody Sicoud Lieutenant J. B. Gardner Second Lieutenant Lyman Cox Second Lieutenant H. D. DuRRETT Second Lieutenant Mildred Reid Sponsor I ' uije Out JIunilied (iiid Seventy- li- Company F C. L. Burros Calttani J. E. Darr f Lieutenant W. M. Bragg Second Lieutenant J. W. McCuTCHEON SecontI Lieutenant i ' . L. Patterson Seond Lieutenant L. S. Dysart Secomt Lieutenant W. R. Johnson Second Lieutenant Marie Lay Sponsor a ami S, rrnln Company G McEachern Wycoff Schumaker Stapli s S ' i lyi r J. A. McEachern Caji ain J. E. Schumaker first Lnntciiaul L. F. Staples f ' " -it Ucutciiaiit E. D. Jones Second Lieutenant J. E. Akans Second Lieutenant J. L. SwiTZER Second Lieutenant A. W. Gates Second Lieutenant Mary Wycoff Sponsor Rifle Team The rifle team started the year ' s firing on the week of January 10, 1931, with five letter men back in school. Due to the fact that many of the best shots were lost by graduation last June, the percentage of matches won is not as high as the percentage for last year. At the time of this writing, the team has fired sixty-seven matches, winning thirty-eight and losing twenty-nine. Eleven matches still remain to be fired. This year, for the first time, the team has fired matches with teams from the regular army. Tennessee defeated the teams of the 6th U. S. Infantry and the 11th U. S. Infantry but lost to the 3rd U. S. Infantry and the 16th U. S. Infantry. In addition to these regular army matches the team fired matches with the best college teams in the United States, with the team of the radio station WLAC at Nash- ville, w ith the team of the New York Stock Exchange, and with the teams represent- ing Porto Rico and Hawaii. Tennessee placed third in the Fourth Corps Area match, and for the second straight year was designated by the Corps Area commander to represent this area in the na- tional intercollegiate matches. The following men have been awarded letters by the Athletic Council: Jurgens, Roth, Kohlhase, Carpenter, Stewart, Brewer, Oliver, Ledgerwood, Home, and Johnson. Pai v Oni: IluntU Officers and Buslers Ki-: n,n„tal Stu Ic Corps - K ' te Tennessee R. O. T. C. Officers lliui,li,.l an.l r.itilil imsnu Athletic Council The membership of the Athletic Council is made up of students, faculty, and alumni. The cil has charge of all athletics at Tennessee. The expenditure of all funds for athletics is in its as is the hiring of coaches, scheduling of games and awarding of letters. Members of the council N. W. Dougherty Chairman P. B. Parker Athletic Director ALUMNUS REPRESENTATIVE Dr. H. a. Morgan E -Officio Member FACULTY REPRESENTATIVES Dr. L. R. HrsLER Prof. R. C. Matthews STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES Charies Kohlhase Paul Hug rt2UC One Uiiiuhid niiil Eitjhlii th, Coaches R. R. Neyland . . . HcaJ Coach Foo l ' ull Line Coach Football Director of Athletics W. H. Bkitton . . . EmI Coach Voothall Coach Basket-hall ami Track V. S. Hakkniss Ireshman Coach „ln,l niia EiflhlVl " d Managers H. H. Clements .... football Maiiai i Basket-ball Manage James Ely Track Manatee John Meriwether . . Intramural Maiuv CharitlS Thompson Head Chccr-Lcadcr Pttur Onr nuHihiil inul Eujllnfti Athletic Colonel P. B. Parker Director of Athlctia V.OLONEL PAUL B. PARKER is the first man to assume the role of Director of Athletics at the University of Tennessee. He is responsible to the Athletic Council and submits all his plans for their approval. It is believed by many that this is one of the most progressive steps ever taken by the council. It brings into practice the principle of centralization and specialization, and clears the way for constant progress by causing one capable man to spend all his time and energy in determin- ing the best methods for handling athletics at Tennessee. Colonel Parker is line coach on the football team and chief assistant to Major Neyland. He has proved an invaluable aid in the development of the famous Tennessee gridiron machine. His linesmen have surprised the entire Southland by their constant and unusual ability to outplay heavier opponents and to follow through in every play. It was once said by a noted Birmingham sports-writer that Ten- nessee had a line that would charge anything, and much of the pialsc for such an achievement Is due the present Director of Athletics. When Colonel Parker is dealing with the students, they are a ured of a square deal. The student body has implicit confidence in his ability to handle any situation that might arise. His commanding personality and friendly greetings have become closely associated with the true spirit of Tennessee. Harry Thayer Captain FOOTBALL Eugene McEver, licved that he w Football In Retrospect Br CoiDNiL p. B. Parkizr Director of Athletics I HE Tennessee football squ.ul approached the 193 season with a substantial frame-work of veterans on which to build a team. The famous " flaming sophomores " of 1928, who startled the South by going through that season undefeated and who had never since tasted the bitter dregs of defeat, were now seniors and veterans. The coaching staff remained the same. The squad was unusually tortunate in the number of letter men left from the preceding season. The prospects looked very auspicious with the great " Hack .;nd Mack " combination, piloted by Bobby Dodd, preceded by Hug ami Brandt, ends, and Thayer at guard, augmented by Decker, Holt, Saunders, Hickman, Roberts, Disney, Faust, Allen, Kohlhase, C ox, Heydrick, Derryberry, Mayer, Shull, Aitken, Still, Franklin, Rayburn, and Bracket. As is sometimes the case, the pre-season prospects were some- what dimmed when a number of promising candidates were elim- inated via the classroom route, while others, because of financial difficulties, could not re-enter school. Whittaker, Bracket, Mc- VI AND Pherson, Chastain, Moore, and Warfield were the principal casual- ties suffered from one cause or another. Tennessee ' s All-American, had injured his knee during a summer baseball game, but it was confidently be- uld be able to round into shape by the last of September. Opening the season with the Maryville clan minus the services of McEver, the team played up to all expectations, taking an easy victory by the score of 54-0. The next week saw the game with Centre, a game which preceded the opening of the hardest conference schedule ever undertaken by the Volun- teer gridsters. Tennessee won a Pyrrhic victory in this contest, as she won 18-0 but lost the services of two All-Southern ends. Hug and Brandt. Both suffered knee injuries. McEver, in the meantime, had re-injured his knee and his chances of seeing service seemed very remote. Tennessee opened her conference schedule by defeating Ole Miss by the score of 27-0. Faust, Hey- drick, Cox, and Holt came out of this fracas with a galaxy of injured shoulders and knees. McEver, in a last desperate effort to test his knee, had passed definitely from the picture for the season. The great varsity squad which had commenced the season had dwindled to twenty-seven men. Seven potential first string men were on the injured list. Although handicapped beyond hope physically, the squad entrained for Tuscaloosa to enter the annual Southern grid classic with the Red Elephants of Alabama. Outclassed in every department except kicking and passing and crushed by the sheer power of Alabama ' s great team, Tennessee went down fighting behind an 18-6 score. The superb playing of Decker, Dodd, and Rayburn marked them as great players for all time. Buddy Hackman was the only player to score a touchdown through Alabama ' s line during the 1 M season. Reeling from the shock of this first defeat in four years, the team returned to Knoxville and settled down to make the best of a tough break. After changing Hickman to guard, Saunders to left tackle, and Mayer to center, the Fighting Vols played a great game to conquer the North Carolina Tarheels 9-7 on Homecoming Day. This proved the turning point for the remainder of the season. Several other injuries followed, chief of which was the loss of Decker for the remainder of the season with a broken leg. Charlie Kohlhase was drafted into full to take the place of the " Fighting Irishman " and carried on in splendid fashion. Football In Retrospect TIT Again feeling the power of a unified team and with spirit flaming, Clemson was defeated on November 1, 27-0; Carson-New- man on November 8, 34-0; and the team entered the last stretch in preparation for the ancient and honorable foe, Vanderbilt. Mov- ing on to Nashville, the admitted underdog, and with only three men left over from the starting team of the year before, Tennessee played Vanderbilt on a soggy gridiron and under cloudy November skies. This contest proved to be one of the most spectacular and unusual games ever witnessed by Tennessee spectators. With unity and strength hardly anticipated, the team met the vicious assaults of Vanderbilt and emerged from the game victorious by the score of 13-0. The all-around playing of the line, the magnificent work of Hackman, Dodd, and Kohlhase, and the persistency of Rayburn at end were too much for the Commodores to overcome. With the memorable victory over Vanderbilt a matter of some two weeks history, the team entered the last stretch of the season against Kentucky and Florida with just confidence in its own strength and a real appreciation for the power of its oppon- Turkey Day saw the Vols break the Kentucky jinx and make the Wildcats growl 8-0 defeat. Two field goals from the unerring toe of Kohlhase and a safety iccounted for the Vols Hug, Herb Brown, Fritz Brandt, These pigskin warriors had played four years of col- The curtain for the 193 football season was lowered on the Florida gridiron December 6. In a game replete with spectacular passing and open field running, the boys from Tennessee crowned their sea- son with glory by winning the final game of the season 13-6. Tennessee staged one of the most remarkable comebacks ever witnessed in the history of Southern football. Staggered into an apparently hopeless situation by major injuries to leading players, the spirit of Tennessee flamed its brightest to carry the banner of Orange and White through a difficult schedule to second place in the Southern conference. Twelve seniors played their last game at Jacksonville. These were: Hugh Faust, Quinn Decker. Buddy Hackman, Bobby Dodd, Louis Roberts, Harry Thayer, Paul Conrad Templeton, Charley Reineke, and Phil Beene. lege football and had lost only one game. Robert Lee Dodd was probably the greatest individual player in Dixie, and was hailed by Grant- land Rice as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Southern sports-writers were profuse in their praise of the " great Bobby Dodd. " Dodd was named on most All-American teams and on every All-Southern team. He received numerous offers to play during the holidays in exhibition games, but he refused to do so, that he might play basket-ball for the Orange and White. Buddy Hackman, the great b lond back from the Capital City, was one of the two greatest run- ning backs of the South. Suther, of Alabama, and Hackman, of Tennessee, were almost unanimous selections for All-Southern. Hackman never failed to deliver in a pinch, and made many sensational races for touchdowns during the season that proved the undoing of his opponents. The Tennessee warriors were designated as the " Yellow Peril of the South " by Blinkcy Horn of Nashville, and while they have not always been victorious, they are always dangerous. " Shack " Allen hurdles the Maryvlllc line for first down TENNESSEE, 54— MARYVILLE, I HE Volunteers ushered in their 1930 grid season with a win over the Maryville Highlanders. The team made an inauspicious beginning in this initial contest. There was little or no blocking and the offensive was far from brilliant. However, the game did much in the way of instructing the coaches and players in what was lack- ing before co-ordinate action could be attained. The Highlanders always give the Tennessee outfit a tough time regardless of the score and this September afternoon was no exception. Of course, through their lack of reserve material, their cause was hopeless. The game served the purpose of inaugurating another grid schedule, improving the morale of the players, pointing out the greatest defects in Neyland ' s machine, and giving the players a taste of what was to come later on as the season progressed. rage One Hundred and Ninrty TENNESSEE, 18— CENTRE, The Centre game is commonly referred to as the " thankless victory. " It was in that supposedly easy game that Tennessee ' s Southern championship hopes were blasted and scattered to the corners of the earth. It was in that game that Tennessee ' s two peerless ends, Paul Hug and Fritz Brandt, both All- Southern the year before, were injured to the extent that neither played until the waning weeks of the campaign. r r i i i The Vols chalked up another victory by a thre; touchdown margm but their style ot play showed little improvement. The men seemed to be slow ingetting into their top form of the season before. The Colonels presented on Shields-Watkins field one of the smoothest and hardest-fighting teams to play here all season. They were a well-coached, hard-tackling outfit that refused to ask or give quar- The burden of the game l.iy on the shoulders of Dodd and Hackman as the two backfield mam- stays. The line, at that time, had not begun to function as it did later on. Many of the positions were still being fought for and daily changes were being made. Derryberry Page One Hundred and Mnelii-un Dodd circles the Ole Miss end for 17 yards TENNESSEE, 27— MISSISSIPPI, _ T F Miss didn ' t have much last season and they caught the Volunteers just when they were round- ing into shape with the disastrous result that they went away on the short end of a 27-0 score. This victory gladdened the hearts and raised the hopes of the players, coaches, and fans because of the fine showing the men made with the varsity ends and Gene McEver missing. It was in this game that the mettle of Derryberry and Rayburn was proved as both came through in tip-top style although both were comparatively inexperienced, one being a sophomore and the other a junior. The game was all-important because the game with Alabama was only one week away. The game gave the new men in the Vol lineup a chance to get accustomed to play in the thick of battle and to deliver the goods under fire. Iluiiilrni und Mnclii-I TENNESSEE, 6— ALABAMA, 18 I HERE were lots of reasons why the Volunteers returned home from Tuscaloos,i sunk in the mire of defeat for the first time in three years of conference football. Tennessee ' s reason served to explain the defeats of all the other Crimson Tide victims — it was just an Alabama year. But we might mention another reason although it is purely speculation. The Vols played the mighty Titans of Dixie ' s gridiron with McEver, All-American halfback, Paul Hug and Fritz Brandt, Alf- Southern ends, on the sidelines where they stayed almost all season. Bobby Dodd, the nation ' s imperial quarterback, and his gallant mates found Freddie Sington, " Flash " Suther, and all the rest of that indomitable team, just " too tough. " l ' ar,c One Iluwhiil and yinetn-llircf TENNESSEE. 9— NORTH CAROLINA, 7 VV HEN the Tarheels met the Volunteers last fall on Shields-Watkins Field both teams were in the same position in the conference race. Both had been defeated once and another defeat would place either team way down the list. That explains to a great extent the fierceness of that struggle. Tennessee won, 9-7, but only after the hardest kind of tussle. The Vols scored first on a safety when Branch, diminutive Tarheel field general, was downed behind the goal line. It didn ' t look like a Ten- nessee victory until the Vols scored a touchdown to run their total to 9. Hackman took one from center and rambled around behind the line for a while then shot a pass way down the field to Quinn Decker who carried the ball down the grid to the one-yard line. Then just to make things interesting North Carolina opened up a ferocious drive in the last quarter and carried the pork hide over for a consoling but unimportant touchdown. This victory set the Vols back on the winning puh and they never turned from it again during the season. ra,jf Our Hun,ln-d a,ul Mnrty fn TENNESSEE, 27— CLEMSON, Q,LEMSON came to Knoxville with a good record in the games with her neighbors. She was undefeated and that was more than the Vols could say after having traveled to Tuscaloosa. So, the Vols had every- thing to gain by the tussle and very little to lose. The Tigers had an unblemished record to lose and that is exactly what they lost for the Orange and White turned them back by the score of 27-0. After wandering about bewildered by many se.-ious injuries to such stars as Hug, Brandt, and McEver, the team began to function about the tim; Clemson came along. Led by a lad by the name of Welch, Clemson was favored to give the Vols a real struggle. Our substitutes, especially on the flanks, had gained valuable experience and were now taking care of their positions in fine style. The backfield was as staunch and true as ever, led by the dependable Dodd and the scintillating Hackman. As in most of their other games the Vols ' aerial attack gained them the decision. The crafty Dodd crossed the Tigers up time and again for the express purpose of shooting a forward pass into the arms of a receiver, usually Hackman, which vir •( . ( One Ilniiihdl anil M fe..-: -a TENNESSEE, 34— CARSON-NEWMAN, I HE Carson-Newman-Tennessee game is a contest that is generally a one-sided affair, yet the plucky battle of the Parsons against overwhelming odds msures a good attendance to these annual tilts. This game serves as a breather spell before the all-important game with the Black and Gold warriors from Vanderbilt. The reserve teams generally get the call for action, and spare no effort in attempt- ing to cover themselves with glory in this game. The Volunteers would take the ball deep into the enemy ' s territory only to hnd themselves blocked by the fighting Parson line. While the Carson-New- man gridsters did not h.ue a very strong offense, they fought like tigers and made the game interesting to the bystanders. Disney, Allen, Shull, Cox, and a sturdy sophomore line proved to be the luminaries for the Volunteers. TENNESSEE, 13— VANDERBILT, " T I HREE LITTLE WORDS " spelled defeat for the Commodores when the Orange and White gridders faced them .... Dodd to Hackman. In the very first period the nonchalant field general flipped one straight down the alley into the ever-waiting arms of Hackman who romped fifteen yards for the touchdown. But one touchdown seldom wins a game. So for two more periods the Volunteers, line and back- field, played like demons with the result that when the fourth quarter came around, the boys felt like it was time to punch over another six-pointer. The ensuing play gave Bobby Dodd more publicity than any one other play he ever pulled. After receiving the ball, he played tag with the Vandy linemen for about five minutes, then without warning whipped the oval into the general direction of Buddy Hackman who carried the ball seventy-six yards behind perfect interference for Tennessee ' s second touchdown. TENNESSEE, 8— KENTUCKY, I HE Turkey Day classic brought still another Tennessee warrior into the spotlight of the football pub- lic. Charley Kohlhase, it was, whose trusty toe gave Tennessee six of her eight points. The fracas was a great defensive battle from start to finish. Tennessee did not have the power to C3rr the ball across but could get within the twenty-yard line. So Tennessee ' s Master Mind could think of nothing better than to let Kohlhase boot a goal or two from the field. And that is exactly what he did. Those six points coupled with a safety scored by Kelly gave the Vols eight points and a victory. It was a weird score, 8-0, but those eight points and the great play of the Orange and White for- ward wall were enough to give Tennessee victory. " Shipwreck " Kelly played a whale of a game and " made believers " of those who doubted his ability. With a little offensive help he would have caused plenty of trouble. Faulkner (Trainer) I ' liiic (III,- Hiiiiih TENNESSEE, -FLORIDA, 6 I HE Florida victory was a perfect ending for twelve Tennessee men who played their last game for the school. The famous and feared passing combination, Dodd to Hackman, got together for one touchdown. Hackman, one of the seniors, scored both touchdowns to end his career in a conflagration of glory. Bobbv Dodd punted and passed his usual game which is perfect. " Skeet " Miyer pulled a great trick play tc put the Vols in scoring position. In fact everybody cut loose and played the best game possible. Tennessee won the game in her customary spectacular style. There remained two minutes to play and the score was tied. Florida, in a frantic effort to grasp the game, began slinging passes. Buddy reached out and snagged one and raced fifty-five yards for the winning score, but the officials ruled the score null and void because ITackman stepped out of bounds. Undaunted, Buddy and his mates were on the defensive again in a few seconds with the result that Buddy picked another Alligator pass from the air. This time he outran the ' Gator men and, aided by a ponderous block of two men by Captain Thayer, crossed the goal line with the ball and the game. EUGI NE MA ' iER Captain-chif uj Fuu Ul 19)1 Freshman Football Results of the Frosb Gaines Tennessee Freshmen . . . 12 — Tennessee Wesleyan Tennessee Freshmen . 7 — Sewanee Rats Tennessee Freshmen . . . 5 3 — Vandcrbilt Rats Tennessee Freshmen . . . 37 — -Kentucky Rats FRESHMAN NUMERAL MEN Malcohn Anderson, Al Austelle, Albert Bcasley, Bert Bixbee, Alton Mark, Talmadge Maples, Frank Sorg, Robert Stafford, A. H. Voss, Milton Frank, J. B. FJlis, Howard Stewart, Beattie Feathers, Herman Wynn, Leo Petruzze, Thomas Rich, Elmer Har- vey, Gordon Smith, Jack Prince, Murray ' ' irmuth, S. E. Tunc, and Herman Snipes. Pane Tiro II iinihvl Maurice CoRBrxT, Hugh Faust Co-Captaiiis BASKET-BALL Basket-Bal I HE 1931 basket-ball season turned out to be a game of tag with the win column. The Volunteers were off one night and on the next. The only trouble was they were off more than they were on. After the smoke of battle had cleared away, figures showed that the Orange and White cagers had won four out of twelve in the conference and eight out of seventeen altogether. It was not until the final game that the Tennessee record boys earned the right to enter the annual con- ference tourney. The drawings for the meet were held up until Tennessee met Vandy. The Orange- men won, thus giving them a record of four won and eight lost for a percentage of .3 33. This unim- pressive standing was able to place the Vols sixteenth in the ratings which was barely sufficient to gain for them an invitation. W. H. Britton c,„„ , The team was a puzzle throughout the season. One consistent, steady quintet was never found although Coach Britton tried everything but putting the student manager on the floor. Injuries to Lucas, Greenblatt, Faust, and O ' Connor, and an attack of the flu on Corbitt greatly handicapped the effectiveness of the team. In the waning games of the season little " Goot " Reeder brought the boys to the front by his marvelous shooting and floor play. Up until that time there was no one O ' Connor MtWiiiRTER Core Basket-Ball to whom the fans could look to for a dependable per- formance unless it was Dodd, who reached his peak when Alabama played the Vols here. Undefeated last year, and going like a house afire this year, the Tide looked like a sure bet. However, Bobby and his mates trimmed them in a great game. Dodd was stationed in that game at center against Lindy Hood, all-southern center of last year. The high light of the season was the decisive defeat of the Duke Blue Devils. The night before the team played raggedly and was defeated by Georgia Tech, but they came back and carried away honors against the Durham quintet. Those two games were char- acteristic of their play all season, on one night and oft ' the next. In the tourney at Atlanta, the Vols drew Alabama in the first game and defeated them. Everything . i.,„.,;;,r looked rosy for a march to the semi-finals, but after the tussle with Florida, the dark horse of the meet, the boys were allowed to return to Knoxville. Their showing in the meet was typical of their playing all season. Claude Reeder was confined to the side lines in this game. Claude " Goot " Reeder, diminutive forward, was elected captain for next year. Letter men for the 193 1 season are as follows: Greenblatt, Reeder, Lucas, Faust, Cor- bitt, O ' Connor, McWhirter, Robinson, Dodd, and Manager Tom Elam. EEDER Brashears (Trainer) Pail, ' Two Uundnit uml Tin- Claude Reeder Cdpfain-clcct of Baskcf-hall 1931 Tennessee Freshmen Tennessee Freshmen Tennessee Freshmen Tennessee Freshmen Tennessee Freshmen Tennessee Freshmen Tennessee Freshmen Tennessee Freshmen Tennessee Freshmen Frosh Basket-Bail Rcsiilfs of the Frosb Games 50 — Karns 25 23— LaFollette 17 30 — Morristown 27 40 — Harriman 10 40 — Jacksboro 22 40— Bradley 29 30— LaFollette 34 44 — Oneida 12 26 — Tennessee Military Institute . 16 NUMERAL MEN W ade L. Butcher, Joe Caldwell, Bcattie Feathers, J. H. Phelps, Robert Stafford, H. H. Johnson, Carl McFall, A. K. McCalla, C. H. Morrow, W. S. Phillips, and D. H. Truett. Payc Two llunilnil and Four jii iX Maurice Corbitt Captain K Track T the beginning of the 1930 track season pros- pects did not seem favorable for a successful season owing to the loss of one or two brilliant dash men. There were only a few veterans on hand, namely Stewart, always dependable for points; Johnson, a steady high jumper; Corbitt, a good pole vaulter; and Reeder, a consistent broad jumper. The squad worked hard, however, and had little trouble in disposing of Maryville in the opening meet of the season at Knox- ville. Two weeks later the Vols added to their laurels by defeating the Sewanee Tigers in their own strong- hold. Thus far the team looked fair but no one ex- pected them to be able to compete with the Wildcats from Lexington who came to Knoxville boasting of a , ii,„,,oN powerful team centered about one " Shipwreck " Kelly ComI, of football fame. Kelly lived up to his reputation by winning every event in which he participated, but the Vol tracksters recalled that bitter tie the previous fall and strove mightily to win the verdict. Much of the credit for this victory was due to Captain Stewart who dis- played the endurance of an iron man in winning both the mile and the two mile events. Dysart also did his part by defeating Thomason, undefeated conference half- Track miler, in a brilliant finish. The race was one of the best seen in these parts in years and by nosing out Thomason, Dysart set a new University of Tennessee record for that distance. Paul Heydrick, the one- man track team, was no mean aid in gaining this victory because of his brilliant handling of the discus and javelin. Herman Hickman, the chubby guard of the football eleven held his own with the shot put; Johnson and Greenblatt outdid themselves at the high jump; and the Wildcat was sent back to his lair in defeat. The final meet of the year was against Ala- bama, an ancient rival of the Orangemen. In an epic struggle the Vols won by two points. And then the track season was closed with the conference meet at Birmingham. Tennessee did not send a full team but managed to accumulate 16 points to finish ' " ' ' ' well up the list. At the close of the season Maurice Corbitt was elected Captain for the coming season and the following men were awarded letters: E. C. Clark, Maurice Corbitt, L. S. Dysart, W. A. Fitzgerald, C. L. Greenblatt, F. B. Haun, Paul Heydrick, Herman Hickman, P. N. Hug, R. P. Johnson, and G. T. Stewart. ■I ir , ll,iiutriit .mil Tennessee Ail-Time Track and Field Records Eioif Tunc ,„■ Distance I r,o„ Year 100 Y.ird Dash 10 seconds Winirey 1929 220 Yard Dash 22.3 seconds Winfrey 1929 440 ' I ' .ii-d Dash 50.3 seconds Hug 1930 8S0 Yard Run 2 minutes .2 seconds .... Dysart 1930 Mile Run 4 minutes 29 seconds .... Stev art 1930 Two Mile Run 9 minutes 56.5 seconds . . . Stewart 1930 120 Yard H. H 15.4 seconds Kay 1925 220 Yard L. H 25 seconds Kay 1923 Shot Put 42 feet 9 inches Hickman 193 Hammer Throw Ill feet Dougherty ' 1909 High Jump 6 feet Greenblatt 193 Pole Vault 11 feet 8.75 inches .... Wadlington 1922 Broad Jump 22 feet 8 inches Corbitt 1929 Discus Throw 134 feet 6 inches Heydrick 1930 Javelin Throw 181 feet 6.2 inches .... Vowell 1925 Mile Relay 3 minutes 28.5 seconds . . . E. Corbitt 1929 Hug, Andes, M. Corbitt, Freshman Track FROSH NUMERAL MEN W. J. Bryan, J. C. Crane, O. C. Fowlkes, J. K. Fox, John Franklin, Jack Moore, S. C. Spence, and Bill White. Pane Tito Iliiiitlitd aiiil EU.iht John Meriwether Manager INTRAMURAL SPORTS mm. 1. Stout — winner of cross country race. 2. A. T. O. — winner of the basket-ball tournament. 3. Intramural Managers. 4. Commerce College — winner of college relays. i. i:ikins and Wallace — winners of fraternity tennis doubles (S. A. E.) t ' ' " - - ■ «»■ ,.. . alkci — wijincr middleweight wrestling. 2. Malo — winner lightweight wrestling. 3. S. A. E. Champion golfers. 4. Sophomores — winner of class basket-ball. I 1. Ags — winner C()llci;c basket-ball. 2-3. Fit gcralds — winners of middleweight and heavyweight boxing. 4. Zeta Tau Lambda — winner fraternity volley-ball. I. it I 1. Sigma Chi — winner fraternity swimming meet. 2. Rayburn — fastest man on indoor track at News Sentinel Relays. 3. Winners of cross country. 4. University Tumblers. 5. Ernest — tennis champion. - " « ■■» - 1. Stout — winner cake race on Homecoming Da) 2. S. A. E. — winner pledge relay at News Sen- tinel Relays. 3. Beene — winner heavyweight wrestHng. 4. Co. D — winner company relay at News Sentinel Relays. 5. Phi Gamma Delta — winner fraternity relay at News Sentinel Relays. 6. Ledgerwood — winner fox hunt. ! Lyman Cox Winner of the No-Shave Contest GIRLS ' ATHLETICS Sophomores— winner soccer. 2. Ruby Lipscomb— winner rifle meet. 3. Chi Omega— wumer sorority relay at News Sentinel Relays. I s n 1. Sigma Kappa— winner sorority needle relay at News Sentinel Relays. 2. Jean McKinney foul pitching champion. 5. Jean McKinney — girls ' golf champion. 4. Girls ' Intra- mural managers. -girls 1. Zcta Tau Alpha— winner girls ' basket-ball. 2. Chi Omega— winner girls ' swimming. 3. Kath- erine Armstrong — winner girls ' tennis. i gi hi- James D. Hoskins Dean of the University HONOR Phi K appa Phi r HI KAPPA PHI is an honor society composed of graduate and under-graduate members of all departments of American colleges and universities. Its prime object is to emphasize scholarship in the thought of college students, encouraging them to hold fast to the original idea for which institutions of higher learning were founded, and stimulating them to mental achievement by the prize of membership. G. M. Blntley Mary Bland J. D. Bond George Cameron C. E. Ferris F. F. Frantz P. M. Hamer J. C. Hodges H. C. Humphreys Leila M. Bond H. B. WiTHAM ACTIVE FACULTY MEMBERS Axel Brett c. a. buehler n. w. doughtery N. E. Fitzgerald Jessie W. Harris L. R. Hesler Leo Holdridge Mamie C. Johnston H. L. Lee F. M. Massey Harriet Greve H. A. Morgan J. H. Robertson J. A. Thackston i ' . R. W ' oolrich Elizabeth A. Lockvcgod B. C. Moneymaker N. D. Peacock W. W. Smith C. H. Wilson C. E. Wylie Paul Allan STUDENT MEMBERS Murat M. Baker Bell A. Cogbill D. M. Nicholas Edward V. Sheely D. C. Williams Mario Zermgon Alberta H. Ahler William W. Bass Charles D. Snepp Daniel Armstrong Katherine Armstrong Greta Biddle Louise Garavelli Margaki r I Iarris Hi 1 ENi. Hudson J. F. Mitchell ( ' aKRI N Kl NNERLY Weldon E. Gate Kathryn Anne Grisard Anna Louise Waller Annie E. Williams T. A. Haggard J. D. Lewis Glenn C. Mowery R. C. Spaulding Leonard Ladd Ruth Bourne Carolyne Bowling Elizabeth Brixey Beatrice L. Garrett C;. S. Pasi hall Virginia Scott Louise Sizer William B. Stewart William F. Yates LiziNKA Brown Alice Keaton Ruth F. Sowell Verna Sparks Elizabeth Strayer Lee Gotham Woods W. E. Althauser Evaleen Brook Catherine Brown J. N. Clarke Margaret Graham LUCILE WaI KIR Dorothy Wright Mary Evil Wyckoff L. B. Boit Phi Kappa Phi m Spauldi: Stuart Ahlor Brook B:ddle Grtsard Haggard Massey Ferris SOWELL Paschall COCBILL Bass Gate Grfve Hudson Garrett Walker Clarke Hesler Strayer Garavei Bourne Armstrong Sparks Wyckoff Brown Witham Tin, lliiiiihul aiul Ti Scarabbeans WooDLEE Hug Faust McF.vfr Brown Thompso: McEachern Goduard Senior Honor Society Lucas Ei.AM Hackman Thayer Kennerly Dysart Davis HlSLER Massey Snepp BUNN Pai e Tun lliiiiilntl and Tii;ntyl Cap and Gown Women ' s Senior Honorary Society O ' Connor Deaderick Wood Jones BiDDLE McCoMB Ferris Sparks Wright Pane Two Huinlml mid Tirnitii five Tau Beta Pi Engineering I HE Tennessee Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi was installed November H, 1929. Members are selected in the fall and spring quarters. Juniors whose grades rank in the upper one-eighth of their class, and Seniors whose grades rank in the upper one-fourth of their class are eligible to membership if elected by the Society. OFFICERS D.wii) C. Williams President Mario G. Zervigon Vicc-PrcsiJeut David M. Nicholas Recording Secretary James S. Corbitt Corresponding Secretary Arthur B. Wood Treasurer H. B. AiKiN N. W. Dougherty C. E. Ferris A. T. Hendrix K. L. Hertel Leo Holdredge R. C. Matthews C. A. Perkins J. A. Switzer j. G. Tarboux A. B. Wood W. R. Woolrich Murat M. Baker Bell A. Cocbill Hugo Colditz James S. Corbitt William L. Kline, Jr. William L. Patti MEMBERS Class of 19} I Mario G. Zervigon Class of 1 9} 2 Charles R. Lucas David M. Nicholas Edward V. Sheely, Jr. Alden D. Stewart David C. Williams Jesse M. Tucker Tau Beta Pi Nicholas Saunders Patterson Stewart Zervicon Sheely COGBILL Kline 7»».i;i ' TifO Iliiniliid iinil I irillUl : i Phi Eta Sigma National Honorary Freshman Scholastic Fraternity BOLLINC Little cockrill McCallum Potter Harton Smith Trewhitt ■il7c Tun lhn„ln;l niut Alpha Zeta pNB j£ lk t " Nat ional Honorary Agriculture Fraternity COLEBANKS LEWIS Henderson Yates Haggard Stanford Von BocKtRN Martin Rollins Phijc Tilt, IhuliUKl aiifl Tirciiti i Phi Delta Phi National Honorary Legal Fraternity OVHRTON Erwin Russell KlNNRRL Snlit Key Ambrose Fostl lliiniln ' t iiitil Tliirlil Phi Alpha Delta I National Honorary Legal Fraternity Baughman Douglass Carson Johnson Eddy Schlmake Cross Ladd Jamerson « ' ' ■ ' lii ' i Ihiii ' hul anil Tliii Alpha Chi Sisma National Honorary Chemical Fraternity Johnson Bagwell l i,i„ln,l ami Thirtiitu Phi Delta Kappa National Honorary Education Fraternity Spaulding Odom Harden Harkness Haggar) Walsh Loose Akin Hendrix Taylor ' ». (■ ■lira IliiniliKl iinil Tliirtjith Delta Sigma Pi C ' L. C ' 4 M National Honorary Commi.rc;e Fraternity Armstrong ■I irti lliniilr I Joseph S. Hackman Preshleiif of the All -St ml cuts Club ACT TIES All Students Club Council Student Governing Association Elected Annually by Vote of the Student Body. OFFICERS Josi ini S. Hackman President EuvsiN CoRBiTT ' ' nc-l ' rc uh-iit Tom Elam Secretary Paul Godoard Treasurer MEMBERS C. R. Lucas Vresuleut of the Senior Class Raymond Saunders Pres deiit of the Junior Class Malcolm Aitken .... President of the Sophomore Class Jack Samold President of the Freshman Class Glenn Woodlee President of the Y. M. C. A. Verna Sparks President of the Y. W. C. A. Katherine Ferris . President of the Women ' s Student Coiernmenf David Merivj ether Culle;j,e of Liberal Arts Alvin Setlieee College of Education Bess Strayer . . College of Home Economics Charles Snepp College of Law Joe McEachern . . College of Engineering William Carpenter College of Agriculture J. F. Mitchell College of Commerce Paul Hug Appointed h) the President Harry Thayer Aplnnnted b the President I ' lUje r r,i II ' V Club I HE " T " Club is an honorary society for Tennessee athletes. The chief purpose of the club is to sponsor the movement for better athletics throughout the entire state as well as on the campus. The club extends an invitation of membership to anyone who has made his varsity letter at Tennessee. OFFICERS Herbert Brown President Mike Lucas Vicc-PraiJent Richard P. Johnson Secretary Charles Kohlhase Treasurer MEMBERS Harry Sharpe Paul Hug Robert Dodd Tom Elam Gene McEver Hugh Faust Laird Holt Conrad Templeton Claude Reeder E. E. Hundley H. M. Harton Maurice Corbitt Ed Corbitt Alvin Setliffe QuiNN Decker Herb Brown Mike Lucas Dick Johnson Lawrence Dysart Ray Saunders Charles Kohlhase C. L. Greenbiatt Herman Hickman Vaijc Two Ilutuind and Thirtyciyht T Club BO Holt Brown kohlhase CORBITT Hug Johnson Reeder Thompsc McEvER Elam Faust Saunders DODD Templeton PaiK Tiro Hiimind aiitl Tl Carnicus Staff The Carnicus is given annually by the All-Students Club and the Student Activities Council. It is a combination of the old time Carnival and Circus, the proceeds of which go to the above councils for the subsistence of student activities. The Carni- cus begins with a huge parade at 1:30 on the day set aside for this gala occasion, con- tinues with a performance and animal parade in the forepart of the night, and ends with the Carnicus Ball and the crowning of the Carnicus Queen. The Manager is selected by the above councils, while the remainder of the staff is chosen by the man- ager subject to the approval of the Student Activities Council. Tom El am t. ' ' K ' « Ma,u,:icr Assisfiiii Ccinral Mainr cn M:iry E. Potree, P.iul Goddard, J. R. Booth, R;d Gray, Pete Wright. Electrical Maiias cn Harmon Gnuse, H. T. Philhpps, Finis Taylor, Bob Rodgers. S rt.ijc Majiag crs W. R. Rollins, Ed McGowan, Jim Elkins, Jack Saffold, Hemphill Hanna. Kcfrcihmeiit Maiiay,cr!, Mary L. Chcstnutt, Mary Moore, Herman Head, Emily Gray, Fred Derryberry. Miscellaneous Managers . Vivian Richards, Elizabeth Deaderick, Betty Burns, J. L. Primm. I Performance Managers Earl Zwingle, Catherine Hale, Mary Phipps, Katherine Armstrong, H. T. Bennett. Innovation Managers Mary Neal Slatery, Ruth Arnold, Josephine Bromley. Animitl Managers Jim Moore, Bill Parker, CharL-s Smith, Dave Harkness, Bill Connelly. Parade Managers Prentice Reeves, Tom Abernathy, Bernard Arnold, Dave Harris, C. T. Householder. Ticket Managers 1. F. Mitchell, J. S. Johnson, W. H. McCroskey, Pete Palmer, Wesley Patton. Publicity Managers Norman Smith, T. D. Morris, Tom Slier, Dick Moore, J. L. McLean. Fraternity Stunt Managers Tom Dunlap, A. B. Norrod, Horace McKenzie, Bill White, Robert Sneed. Girls ' Club Stunt Managers Mary Evic Wyckoft ' , Rose Raulston, Jane Boyd. Program Managers ]. B. Link, Albert Rhodes, Russell, C. H. Vann, Malcolm Anderson. Decora ion Managers Bill Kimbrough, Bob Allan, Katherine Buster, Virginia Hultquist, George Stone. Prize Managers M. A. Cooper, Bill Jones, Hugh Faust, Bruce Foster, Tom Lee. Dance Managers Charles Kohlhase, Charles Thompson, Ed Hurd, Dennis Erwin, Allison Ballenger. Sorority Stunt Managers Isabel Baptist, Mary B. Sorrellc, Elizabeth Koella, Catherine Dunn, Marie Lay. Boys ' Club Stunt Managers Claude Reeder, H. L. Senter, Don Harris, Charles Pack. Gnuse Nahheeyayli Club I HE Nahheeyayli Club is an organization composed of one representative from each national fraternity that has been on the campus at least three years and two non-fra- ternity members. Four formal dances are given each year by this club, two in Febru- ary, known as the Mid-winter Formal, and two at the close of the school year, known as the Finals. OFFICERS Firs Term Terrell Roy Praidciit Beverly Jones Vicc-Prcmla,f Da ii) Meriw ether Secretary Bill Bunn Treasurer Robert McCallum Assistant Treasurer Second Term Beverly Jones President Fred Snider Vice-President David Meri x ' Ether Secretary Bill Bunn Treasurer Robert McCallum Assistant Treasurer Beverly Jones David Meriwether Charles Thompson Allison Ballenger Joe McEachern Fred Snider Edvcard McClellan Robert Mann Robert McCallum William Bunn A. B. Norrod James McLean Merton Derryberry Terrell Roy Paul Goddard Charles Seymour Nahheeyayli Club £ i " - » mA i McCallum Snider Jones NORROD McEachern McClellan Ballenger GODDARD 1 HOMPSON Seymour Derryberry McLean Mann Meriwether Parjc Tito IIiiiKlrid and roitii-thice The Beaver Club is an organization that was founded for the purpose of entertain- ing visiting athletes. The membership of the club is composed of one sophomore representative of each fraternity and two sophomore non-fraternity men. IM . 100R1 Pniidcnt Lloyd Stallincs Jimmy Hamlet Jim Keen . . John Overton Alvln Setliefe Dr.. L. R. Hesler Vicc-Prcmlcut . Secretary Treasurer junior Represeiitatiii A. S. C. RepresenNtiu . . r acuity Ad I hoi MEMBERS John Thackston Clyde Bowles J. D. EdW ARDS Paul Bracey Don Harris Carl Millis Jim Moore J. Bar BEE C. A. McMurray A. St. Clair Bill Kimbrough Harry Laughlin Jim Hamlet C. W. Miller Jimmy Phillips S ISH Hicks Jimmy Keen Lloyd Stallincs David Hueiine Jim Thirluv Don Brooks llnn.t,;;! an, I f. Beaver Club Hiiiiiliiil mill rnrlil-fi Scabbard and Blade National Senior Military Fratlrnity OFFICERS . Captain R. U. Johnston . . . First Lkiitcnaiit C. H. Smith, Jr . . Second Lieutenant W. B. BUNN F n7 Sergeant E. H. ZWINGLE ACTIVE MEMBERS E. S. Beamcuard Harry Sharp W.LUAM B. BuNN Pa l Schroeder William Carpenter Charles Smith Tom Deane H- Dw.ght Sto xe Harrold Durrett Marcus Taylor Tom Elam Jo " L. Switzer James B. Ely " • E- Wright E. Bruce Foster Yates R. D. Johnston E ' l Z ingle Edwin H. Lauderbach David Williams George Martin Ro e- t ° David Meriwether ' es Elkins Joe McEachern George Toole Earnest Petrey J " Barnwell Prentiss Reeves K cnxKX, Johnson Charles Seymour C. L. Burros HONORARY MEMBERS Major I. C. Avery Captain C. M. Kemp Captain Harold Head Captain Horace Porter Scabbard and Blade ]j k0 pM fS w p . ,_4-- V|yiHwK ' 4 Elkins Horton Wright Smith Pershins RiHes National Honorary Basic Military Fraternity OFFICERS Hoxv AKi, F. Brook " 1 " " ' " C. H. Bakn.s f " ' Ucn canl H E I vL ' Di RiiAi II . Second Lieutenant T.G.HAK.UN Tn.t Serjeant MEMBERS J. W. Finney N. D. Shull J. D. Elkins George Pappas L. S. Dysart B. E. McGcjcan H. D. DURRITT C. L. KOELLEIN Jack Dempster I-Rtn Keefh T. J. Deane W. a. Jurgens P. M. DaCUS R- J- HOLLINSHEAD R. D. CULVAHOUSE L. C. BURAS F. M. Crittenden David Blumberg W. B. Bunn H. G. Beers W. R. Bryan H. Bloomfield Robert Armstrong L. E. Barnes ]. E. Akans D- C. Bren er B. W. Martin .1- T. Potter R. P. Johnson B. A. Norrod J. D. Edwards Dave Meriwether J. C. PrUGH W. J. MCCUTCHEON C. C. LiNDSEY H. E. Lauderbach ]. L. SwiTZER Vernon Kyles John Stiver R- D. Johnston J. L. Smith K- ■ Johnson C. H. Smith K. F. Hvdi r C. M. Seymour ' ■ J - Hurley Paui StiiROEDER ' - B- HuniNE R. B. Yates T. G. Harton H. E. Wright J- ' - I Iakpi r RoscoE Word FIakmon Gnuse D. C. WllIIAMS A- B. FULIER C. C. Paris ' E. B. Fosti r Pershins Rifles v vf mm K ' m Williams VC ' r:cht Dvsart Elkixs Slvmolr Dlrrltt Meriwethi Pappas Harton Barnfs, L. Hvder Bloomfielu Schroeder Barnes, C Beers Klith Hoelingsheae. Martin Smith Burros EnwARns Brooke Bryan Crittenden Foster Switzer McGovTAN Gnuse Johnston Johnson Bunn Yates Deane . ' - -il J ' r Tennessee Scribblers I li: Tennessee Scribblers is r.n uri;anl .itK)n formed for tbe piirpo- toiieli with the activities of the students at the university. people of the st.itc ' .MIU ' arnwarmins Staff I HE Barnwarming StatT is the student organization that handles the annual the College of Agriculture to visiting alumni at Homecoming. COLEB Carpf il celebration given by Tavloi Odom HORTON Massey Ridley •3 Dairy Products Judsins Team H. B. Hi NDERSON C. F. Rollins R. G. Crossno Prcf. T. B. Harrison (Coach) I ' uilt 7110 )hiiulr il anil llftn-l Dairy Cattle Judsing Team A. W. COLEBANKS C. E. WvLiE (Coach) Marcus Taylor Page Two Hundred and njtti three Alpha Sigma Delta id I M i Honorary Pri;-Medical Fraternity Founded at University of Tennessee 1930 Adair SlMPKINS Rlssl McCi. HUFSTIDI Pol 1 ARI) Tii,. Ilini.lnil ,1,1,1 r,fl!l l„ i American Society of Civil Ensineer; TONCRAY CRirTnNDE Ihniilnil (iiiil Fiftil-five Association of Collegiate Engineers OFMCI-RS Paul Schroedf.r Prcsiilciif Roger Dodson First Vice-President C. T. Raymo Second Vice-President J. S. SwiTZER Treasurer R. D. Raymo Secretary ACE COUNCIL M. G. Zervigon C. T. Thompson Joe McEachern Francis Pentecost Allan Howery J. R. Barnwell J. S. CoRBiTT M. M. Baker W. B. BuNN Hal DuBose R. D. Elam Abe Brandman jf m Rmmo, C. T. Raymo, R. D. I Women ' s Student Government Association I HE Women ' s Student Government Association was organized the year after the ad- mission of women to the University. Its purpose is to look after the affairs and in- terests of women on the " Hill. " The council consists of four officers, elected annually, the presidents of the t;irls ' dormitories, and one town girl representative. OFFICERS Katherini; Firris Prcsiihiit F.LIZABI TH DUADIRICK Vicc-Pn ' sillcilf JiAN Robinson Sccrcfiiry Carol Williamson Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES Helen McComb Neii ' Girls ' Dormitory Amanda Dosser Neic S rmig Hall Jessie Branham Old S rons- Hall Alice Powers Barbara Bloiin BiRN ' in Stoni Chamberlain L 1 Women ' s Student Activities Council The Women ' s Student Activities Council was organized in the fall of 1929 for the purpose of promoting the interest of women students on the campus. The council serves as a centralizing body for all the activities of the campus in which women stu- dents participate. The Council is composed of a representative from each phase of activity. Dean Harriet Greve and Miss Nan Lingle serve as advisors. OlMCERS Edith Elmore ' ' ' ' ' " ' " Katherine McDoNALi Vicc-Preudcnt Agnes O ' Connor Secretary Elizabeth Deaderick Treasurer MEMBERS Edith Elmore Mary Wood Agnes O ' Connor Nellie Aills Amanda Dosser Mary B. Sorrelle Elizabeth Deaderick Jean Robinson Katherine McDonald Helen McComb Mary Phipps Young Women ' s Christian Association Nan LiNGi.t;, Sccrc my OFFICERS Vkrna Sparks P ' " " ' " ' Amanda Doss er Vicc-PrcsiJcif Jean Robinson Sccrclary Elizabeth Whaling Treasurer CABINET Mary Evie Wyckofi Programme Elizabeth Deaderick Social Anna Katherine Armstrong Publicity Alice Powers Industrial Louise Dunnagan Deiofwnals Louise Smith Conference Mary Helen Clemens Music Susan Houk. R ' " " " Chairman DlADERKR DosslK RoBINSON WviKOFF SiM Whaling Armstrong Clemens Powers Li Phi Epsilon Mu Honorary Physical Education Fratirnity tor Women I oundcd University of Tennessee, 193 0. ( OFFICERS Kmmkvn Gr.sakd Prcudcut Agnis O ' Connor VUr-Prcshh-nt Monti; Farris Sccrc ary-Tnasiircr MEMBERS Sara Gallagher Margaret Cook Worth Mabry Virginia NE 0iTON Louise Hill Elizabeth Whaling Mildred Stradley Monte Farris Kathryn Grisard Ann Huddle Agnes O ' Connor I. ' JL j Grisard O ' Connor Newton Cook Hill Farris Gallagher Whaling ' . iwm " - rauc T,rn Hiiinhcd ami .Si.rM -oiie Youns Men ' s Christian Association Proi . W. R. WooLRiCM Clnmman Uk. 1. R. Hi si i k Treauircr J. H. Anderson Judi; D. C. W ' ibb A. C. McKinney Charles Barber PrOI . N. X■. DOL ' CHERTV Vktor M. Davis Dan E. X ' inder Raii ' ii W. Frost (.iiNN W ' oouLii Paul HoRTON Earl Zw ingle EMPLOYED STAFF Si ' crctary Edward Ross Biiililiiifi Scircta Employment Sccrctar-) Nan Linci l . . Secretary Sarah Fosti r . Minnie Wade, Office Secretary, Alumni Associatio Office Secretary OFFICERS AND CABINET Glenn Woodlee President A. C. McKinney Vice-President PaulHorton Secretary EarlZwingle Treasurer CABINET— CHURCH REPRESENTATIVES James Ely, Second; Alvin Beaman, First Methodist; Charles Seymour, St. John ' s Episcopal; Fred Brown, First Baptist; Harry Perkins, Church St. Methodist; Richmond McKinney, First Presbyterian; Albert Hackworth, Cumberland Presbyterian; J.;mes Treadway, First Christian; Brown Carpenter, Church of Chr ist. CABINET- AT-LARGE Paul Goddard, Jack Wilson, David Huffine, Nat Reiney, Bob Rogers, Elmo Rowland ilylellnw.NpSupiKrC.rnul, The University of Tennessee Orchestra C)l IICERS Dan H. W.nimr D rrr or Aman„aDosskk P-- ' " ' Jin. Hamiltt Sccrctary-Trcauncr Arcur Bishop « " ' " « Manager MUSICIANS Ylolhn I ' l ' ifcs Clarinets Roberta Durham Helen Batson Erown Blakely Abe Lapides Lois Kennedy Wili iam McAooo Velma Lowe T. D. Morris Reba Millsaps Piano „ , , Clure Morton ' Mary Ellen Baker Derryberrv Helen Reeder Cross , j_ , Tniiiipcfs Amanda Dosser Jim Hamlett Tromhoncs John Killefer Drums R,5„op Emily Lacy Robert Little Ernie Clark M. O. Francis Orchestra Pane Thu Hini ' hnl niul si. Debaters I HE debating teams of the University have this year engaged in the most intensive scries of debates that has ever been attempted here. During the season, the Volunteer Debaters met Miami, Florida, Marquette, North Carolina, South Carolina, Duke, North Carolina State, Washington and Lee, Alabama, Tulane, Loyola, Louisiana State, Sewanec, Southwestern, and Vanderbilt. The season was successful especially because it stimulated new interest in debatmg among the undergraduates. The introduction of the Oregon plan of debate, with cross-examination instead of rebuttals, was the first step in the restoration of debating as a leading campus activity. Those awarded charms for their services on the debating teams were: Caraway, Reed, McLean, Harris, Oliver, Boiling, and Horton. Professor Argus J. Tressider served as coach for the season of 1930-3 L ll,„„hr,l ,„l,l SUIufu University of Tennessee Alumni Association Thomas McCroski v, ' 95, Kiiowillc Prcshlcii Mrs. LucRtTiA Jordon Bicki i y, ' os, Knowillc Secretary J. P. Hiss, ' 1 6, Knoxville Trcauncr Sam J. Mc;ALLhSTER, ' 0 5, Ch:ittanoog.i Virc-Prcshlcii Mrs. Margaret Welles Ragsdale, ' 18, KnoxvlIlc Vitc-Prcsiili ' iit Austin Peay, ' 26, Clarksville ' Vnc-Prcudctit Mrs. Emily French Caldwell, ' 20, N.islivills Vicc-Prcudciil Walter C. Chandler, ' 09, Memphis Vicc-Prcshieiif Helen Thorburn, 96, Memphis Vice-Preshlciif Victor Davis, ' 20, Knoxville Ewciifhc Secretary Ralph Frost, ' 24, Knoxville Excciit ' ne Secretary 4 ' i VxTOR Davis I ' m ,- ■lira IJilll ' hcl „,i,l Girls ' Glee Club Men ' s Glee Club OFFICERS Darnall Morrison President MtRTON Derryberry Vtce-Prciideitt Hilary Whitaker Secretary-Treasurer Bob Horton Business Manager MEMBERS r m ' - -J f ' f Tiro Hiinihi- Asricultural Club OiriCERS FIRST TERM T. A. Haggard Prcmlcnt William Carpenter Vhv-PresiJcnl J. D. Lewis Sccrcfary J. A. Odom Trvauircr I HE Agricultural Club, an incorporated organization, was founded at the Univer- sity of Tennessee in 1899. Since it was founded, the club has been instrumental in the establishment of a closer relationship bstween the students and the faculty in the study of rural problems and in the advancement of student activities in the College of Agriculture. Some of the most important things sponsored by the Agricultural Club are the pub- lication of the " Tennessee Farmer, " the annual " Barn Warmin ' , " the sending of a Dairy-Cattle and a Dairy-Products Judging Team to represent Tennessee in the two respective annual national contests and a Live - Stock Judging Team to the annual Southern contest, the sending of a representative to the annual convention of the American Rural Life Association, and participation in Intramural sports. The policy of the club has always been the educational and social development of its members through the securing of eminent literary, scientific, and business men to address the club at its weekly meetings. Tii-i, lliniiln.l „,l l Si.rlil Home Economics Club OFFICERS LiziNKA Brown Prcsiilcnf Margaret LaFollette Vice-Prcsitlctit Mary Lynch Chestnutt Secretary Frances Scott Treasurer Mrs. Wood Rcjtrcseiitathe on Tennessee Farmer I HIS club meets once every month. At several times during the year authorities in nutrition and textiles work address the members. One meeting during the year is given in the form of a fashion show, at which time the students ' work and exhibits of cotton textile companies are shown. ; Each year a representative is selected from the club to attend the state convention at Nashville. Last year Lizinka Brown was chosen as the representative of the Uni- versity. ■h( , Tuo lliui,lrt l and Scnittii Tennessee Players ' Student Dramatic Club OFFICERS Kathirine McDonald Prisidcn Acnes Jones VUc-l ' rcsuUnt Sam Tuggle Treasurer Fred W. Fis( her, Jr Bmiiiess Manaf-er Malcoim MiiiiR Direr or MEMBERS Betty Stevenson Sam Tuggle Mary Wood Ann Wagner Alfred Gillespie Margaret Marshall James McGuire Homer Rodgers Fred Ferguson Jennings Parrott Eugine Morrison Joe Wheeler Louise Dunagan Brovcn Blakely Jack Saffold David Lindamood Richmond McKinney Patricia Kinnane Jeanette Clifton Ernistine Seydell Mary Evie Wyckoff Jayne Bradley Craig Reavis Robert W. Rogers Milly White Margaret Cook Nancy Hill Helen Cross William Stoner Myrtle Keltner David Harkness Deadrick Fenton Ailsie McCroskey Amelia Jarvas Elizabeth Keen Vivian Richards A. A. Pugh Elizabeth Polk Frankie Richards Elizabeth Johnston Miles Richardson Landrum Bolling LuciLE Hughes Stella Blevins Vance Goodner Shirley Fischer Ramona Thomas Esther Freedman Edith Hellis Mona Leonard Elizabeth Sheeley Jane Ragsdale Gordon Gaskill Laurent B. Frantz Curtis Henderson Chester Haworth Hal Carr Mary Carpenter Helen Sweeney Leland Bibee Benard Borah C. J. Chambers David Oakley Leon Fooshee William Roach James Baird Elizabeth Holt Howard Miller Earl Zwingle Ed McGowan Edwin Tune Lora Mae Elliot F. W. Fischer, Jr. Enidie Strasburger Gray Bristow Agnes Jones Joyce Henard Harman Gnuse Katherine Bolt William Smyth Homer Harle Katherine McDonald Ruth Henard James Tankersley James T. Pitts, Jr. William Parker Josephine Bromley All Students Club Retreat Montvale Sprin9s April 25, 26, 1931 The newly elected officers of the All Students Club Council hold an- nually a student conference at Montvale Springs. This year the meet- ing was held on the week-end of April 2 5. Raymond Saunders, pres- ident-elect of the All Students Club, was the presiding officer. This conference is held annually to discuss campus problems that have arisen during the past year. It is customary to have present the mem- bers of the new council, the retiring members of the old council, several outstanding student leaders, and faculty men who are interested in stu- dent activities. Such problems as student honor, health, publications, publicity, athlet- ics, living conditions, campus improvements, social affairs, budgets, and trophy rooms were discussed at length by professors and students. Dean Hoskins, Dean Massey, Dr. Hodges, and Dr. Ward were the faculty men present. The Volunteer Symbol is the most recent product of the All Stu- dents Club Council. For three years, this Council has sponsored the movement to have created a lasting monument to the Spirit of the Hill. This movement culminated May 8th when Lorado Taft, nationally known sculptor, selected the Volunteer Symbol from about twenty-five models submitted by leading sculptors. This symbol will be perpetuated in the future by a large bronze statue in front of the University Library. Tom Elam ILL Slayden Paul Goddard Mii; U!iii!p, Volunteer, Oraiif c ami White PUBLICATIONS Publication Council F. C. Lov Rv, Chanman FACULTY MEMBERS J. C. Hodges ALUMNUS MEMBER Floyd Watson Tom Elam STUDENT MEMBERS James L. Smith Hodges LOWRY El-AM Watson Pttiit Tiri, llun.lnil (111,1 Sci-rlilil-fo Publication Council I HE University of Tennessee Publishing Association, known as the Publication Council, is a corporation for the issuance of the student publications. These publica- tions are: The Orange and White, a weekly newspaper; The Mugwump, a monthly humorous and literary publication; and the Volunteer, an annual. The Associa- tion is managed by a Board of Directors, of this the President of the University is an ex-officio member. He appoints three active members — two members of the faculty, and one alumnus. The remaining three members of the council, two students and one alumnus, are elected by the students who arc subscribers to the three publications men- tioned above. The Publication Council has all the power usually attached to a board of directors. It constantly keeps in view the best interest of the publications, and of the student body. It endeavors to enforce only such regulations as will make for growth and betterment in the publications, and will insure the publications of clean, worthwhile matter. The Council has had the co-operation of fine business and editorial staffs, and owes the majority of its success to the individuals who have composed these staffs. m mm. . ' W. ORANGE 111 WHITE Paye Tico Hundred Volunteer EDITORIAL Tom Elam Editor M. A. Coopi R Aswdatc Editor Dorothy Wright Associate Editor Bill Slayden Art Editor STAFF Paul Goddard Tom Dunlap Frances Headman Tom Harton Bill Jones Mary Phipps J. R. Booth Louise Hill Tom Siler Dave Harris George Dahnke Lawrence Turley Barbara Lou Garden David Hark n ess Carol Williamson Norman Smith Beech Hall Jane Boyd J:mmy Phillips Mary Neal Slaterv John Link Homer Harle Albert Rhodes Hazel Bovcman Harriet Deane Sally B. Hughes Louise Huddleston Stella Scates CoOPl R Williamson Harton Bowman Volunteer BUSINESS James Lee Clarke, Jr Biiuiiai Muiia; Oliver Nunn Assis anf Mmui; James Engert George Tate David Oakley James Lea Helen Ross Robert Young Alene Stephenson Lindsay Young J. C. Love Betty Givens C. T. HOUSEHOLDI R R. B. Stotz Ruth Huffman John E. Roberts Richard Gray Frances Barnett Frances Cunn Albert Moser J. L. C.akk,, Jk Uifhtcss Manager lliruh " ! on:} , Paul Goddard Editor Oranse and White EDITORIAL Paul Goddard Editor First Term Norman Smith Editor Second Term Tom Siler Associate Editor Bill Slayden Associate Editor Landrum Bollinc Associate Editor EscAR Thompson Associate Editor STAFF Tom Elam Elise Lavjcson Allison Ballenger T. D. Morris Mary Phipps Helen Goddard Katherine Dunn S. E. Burns Katherine Hale Curtis Henderson Harriet Deane Homer Harle Francis Headman Charlotte Stair Aleke Karayouseff Betty Whitlock Emily Ann Coffey Jack Saffold Betty Lynn Hoskins Jo Wilson Gordon Gaskil Maryl Hurt Elinor Faxon Albert Dykes LuciLE Walker Oranse and White BUSINESS Jack Fishir . Business Manancr Jim McLean . Business Maiiniicr STAFF Tom Lee Elizabeth Koella Elizabeth Dempster Sam Tuggle Mary Seale John Prugh P. T. Crawford Dick Moore Jack F.shlr. Jim McLh «W r:i£fy Pant- Tiro Hiiilflri;! an, I Mugwump Bill Slayden Tom Siler . Norman SMiTh Tom Harton Fri I) Fiscm R . . Editor lirst Term Editor Second Term . Associate Editor . Associate Editor . Associate Editor Slayd! N, Tom Sii. STAFF Jack Phllan Olin Julian Mary Moses Claude Frazier Bob Nicks W. B. Connelly Cliff Sheridan Bernard Borah Elizabeth Parks Antoinette Miller Harold Freedman D. D. Thomas Betty Lynn Hoskins Lucille Walker Catherine Buster Allison Ballenger Evan Ames Edith Evans Frances Musgrave Mu3wump BUSINESS w. . . . Business Maiia !,er STAFF Arthur Lyons Stew ART McCroskey Don Harris Vivien Foglesong John Hill Louise Sams Eugenia Allison John Armistead Mary Chestnutt Bernard Arnold Bill Kimbrough Martha Daniels Robert Lyles Wesley Patton Bob Horton Ann Yoakum •i yc 7 ' HO HiiikIiiiI mid EiilMil i The Tennessee Farmer The Tennessee Farmer is a under the supervision of the Ag. Club, assisted by the School of Home Economics. The School of Agriculture and the School of Home Economics are closely con- nected in many phases; and therefore they edit the publication, The Tennessee Farmer. EDITORIAL. STAFF John A. Odom " ' : c ' ! ' ! " ' Franklin Yates nr. Ed.lor ASSOCIATES Herbert Henderson Vernon W. Sims Ray DeMoss William McClain Lowing Vanbockern Troy McPeake Andy Colebank DEPARTMENT EDITORS Alumni Editor Jordan Stanford . . ' ' . ' . ' . Exte,nion Editor v, ' R.v.-r xT QxpwAnT i-oca Ncwi Editor Junior Fanners Home Economics Editor W. Benton Stewart Maynard M. Reed Margaret Willson ... . ,. Mrs. Lee Cotham Woods Assistant Home Economics Editor Wade McBride " ' " " ' • olk c Editor Velmer Hardin Wild Outs BUSINESS STAFF Marcus Taylor Biisiinss i anai ir I C Lewis Circulation Manager Con Massey ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . Assistant Business Mana er James L. Anderson Assistant Business Manager Chas. F. Rollins Assistant Circulation Manager G.A.Roberts o " - " ' Circulation Manager T C Amos ' " " ' Circulation Manager J A EwiNG Assistant Local Circulation Manager Paul Horton ' • ora Advertising Manager Elmo Rowland Assistant Local Advertising Manager T M Savage Assistant Local Advertising Manager O. J. Nunn Assistant Local Advertising Ma-iager IB Link Assistant Local Adt ertising Manager Chas.Tobler ■. ' . ' . ' . Collector Raynard Hendrix Exchange The Tennessee Engineer I HE Tennessee Englneei ' is a publie.uioii solely sponsored by the eni ineerlni; students. The editorial staff contributes the artieles for the ni.i,i;.i ine, .ind the bnsuiess staff tinanees the publication by subscrip- tions and advertisements. I ' DITORIAl. STAFF H. R. Johnston Editor, First Quarter C. T. Raymo Fjlitor, Second Quarter J. S. CoRBiTT Editor, Third Quarter H. E. GoDDARD Maiiai-iiig Editor J. F. Sxrii NLR Assoaate Editor CAMPUS NEWS J. M. Grooks J. M. Hamlftt Jot. Wilson DESIGN AND ART William Scovllle M. G. ZrRVK,t)N Paul Shroedlr A. M. HowERY Humor A. C. McKiNNEY Photograt her REPORTERS C. A. Retter E. Boxx les Fred Eiseman J- F. Postal BUSINESS STAFF Joe McEachern Business Manniicr C. T. NuNNLEY Advertising Manager Clyde Bowles Assistant Adicrtisi:ig Manager ASSISTANTS C. L. Mathews R. M. Allen H. B. Edwards Abe Brandman Circulation Mfl»a,qfr ASSISTANT MANAGERS Albert Ball William Bragg ASSISTANTS Bruce Holloway Morris Kemp Joe Wilson The Tennessee Law Review The Tennessee Law Review ,s a quarterly paper ed.tcd by the law students and financed by the T. Asbury Wright Foundation. It is composed of articles contributed by the leading lawyers of the State and has a large circulation among the members of the legal profession. Leonard E. Laud Charles D. Snepp EDITORIAL STAFF . . . Editor htiiiiess Manager FACULTY ADVISOR W. Raymond Blackard STAFF W. W. Kennerly H. D. Er IN C. F. Baughman L. B. Bolt R. R. Russell Glenn Woodlee H. M. Harton Paul Goddard llHiliInd anil Eiflhtn-fo Tom Elam President of the hiter-Frateniity Council FRATERNITIES Inter-Fraternity Council OFFICKRS Tom Elam President W. B. BuNN Vice-President I. J. Walker Secretary John Link Treasurer MEMBERS All ' ha Tan Omena p y, Jan Tom Elam Richard Russell J. R. Booth Harry Jamersox Beta Alpha Omega p, Kappa Alpha Warren Kennerly William Kimbrough Dave Vester Hilary Whitaker Delta Tan Delta p, Kappa Phi MiMs Thomason Earl Zwingle Richard Williams E. C. Jackson Kappa Alpha i.,„i„ , ,„ Epsilon Joe McEachern Charles Smith William McCord Hugh Faust Kappa Sr-wa sigma Cl.v E. 1. Caraway S. J. Rabold Powell McWhirtlr w. j. Abernathy Phi Gamma Delta Siv ma Nil Iverson Walkir John Link Richard Moore William Slayden ' ' ' " P ' ' ' ' ' Sigma Phi Epsilon Rathburn Ray James Smith Jac K McKaney Clarence Balton Phi Sigma Kappa Zeta Tan l.amlnla W. B. BuNN Roc. RS DODSON Norman Smith G. S. Hicks Inter-Fraternity Council KrNNtRLY Jackson Smith, J. HrcKS Smith, C. cKamei ALTON Smith, N. Russell Elam Mc X ' HiRTr Walker Abernat JAMERSO McEacki Caratav Slayde Faust Link I ' aiyf ' ;■»■.. Ihi„,h tl Phi G Deltc Founded at Washington and Jefferson College, Cannonsburg, Penn., May 1, IS Kappa Tau Chapter established April 11, 1890. Colors: Royal Piir[)lc Flower: Purple dementis Oil iciAL Publication: The Phi Gamma Delta Faculty Prof. O. M. Smith X ' M. J. McGlothlin Frank K. Allen Robert A. Cox Richard P. Johnson Beverly Jones 1931 Eugene T. McEver Landrum Tucker IvERSON J. Walker Milton I. Morgan James Lee Clarke Lyman Cox George W. Dahnke James H. Eldridge Robert L. Holmes Charles M. Merriwether Richard L. Moore Harry N. Waggoner James R. Norton Albert L. Ball Alvin G. Beaman Charles O. Browder James K. Droke Bruce K. Holloway Claude Manning, Jr. Miles Manning Oliver W. Hill, Jr. Leon Miller 1933 Walter B. Hudson James L. Moore John C. Prugh Vergil H. Rayburn William G. Smyth Hayes Davis Harry C. Templeton E. O. Tate Alfred Austelle Richard Carson Joe Childers John Church Thurman Crawford Banks Edwards Beattie Feathers Homer T. Harlf. John M. Harwood N. T. James James Lea Albert Moser David Oakley Gunby Rule George Tate John Trent Lindsey Young Robert Young Graham Richardson Tiiu Hundred ami Sincly Phi Gamma Delta Manning, M. Cox, L. Oakley Feathei DaHNKE CHILD) KS Walker Moore, j. Allen Tate Tl ' c-Ker Norton Lea Davis Droke Crawford Paije Two Hundred and yiiirtyi Phi Alpha Founded at George Washington University, October 14, 1 15. Psi Chapter established lebriiary 20, 1928. Colors: R.. and Bin Official Publication: ?Iu Alpha Quarterly Secret Publication: Phi Alpha Biilhtiit Law Albert Bernstein 1931 Abe Brandman Ben Kaplan Harry Bloomfield Alexander Kornman Emmanuel Taylor ISADORE PeaRLMAN Harry Berke Theodore Nius David Blumberg Howard Marks 1934 Abe Lapides Phi Alpha Kaplan Berke KORNX l Phi Pi Phi Founded at the University of Chicago, Chicago, 111., Nov. H, 1915. Tau Chapter established May 18, 193 0. Colors: Turquoise and Black Flower: Bluebell Official Publication: Quarterly of Phi Pi Phi Faculty Dr. R. M. Bell C. H. Loose T. A. Haggard S. G. Martin W. W. Pierce Forest Moss Alfred Gibson J. N. Carney R. C. Spaulding A. G. Morrow J. B. Ward R. A. Ray Hubert Taylor A. C. Richardson J. R. Lyle N. D. Shull Marvin Garden J. Baumgardnfr H. H. Carr Owen Huff J. D. Barbee Jack McKamey Ben Spaulding Paul Curran J. H. Schroeder Ross Mathis Frank French J. W. Humphreys H. R. Bryant J. D. Collins F. B. Eisman J. P. Fisher G. D. Fenton William Farrar J. H. Livingston Stanley Milligan David Lindamood Robert Haines Gus Dyer Phi Pi Phi Mi Phi Sigma Kappa idcd at Massachusetts Agricultural College, March 15, 1873. Xi Deuieron Chapter established February 3, 1925. Colors: Ma ci! a ami Sili Flower: Red Carnation OiFiciAL Publication: The Signet Facii ' y Dr . AXLL Lai Brltt L. B. Bolt W. B. BUNN EvERETTE Stewart S. E. Andrews J. T. Anderson D. L. Conger A. E. Dykes O. C. Julian H. M. Patterson N. S. Smith D. C. Neblette T. J. Keller L. D. McCoRD Albert Kirk Howard Hall C. A. McMuRRAY E. R. Thompson J. R. Pattirson Hugh Minturn Stanley McCord Donald Dudney Paul Hail David Craig W. S. Phillips Jack Saifold Walter Carter Oliver Bolt Fred Derryberry William Reach How 1 1 1. Curtis Hugh Flits COLLYER WvaTT Walter Lewis John Oi ivi r Stiwart DlRRYBCR Smith, N. U ' unE Andrews Smith, T. Safi old Bolt, O. BuNN Lewis Patterson Hi 1ST Neulette Julian MiNTURN Thompson Anderson Patterson, H. McCord Dudnev Felts Pi Kappa Alpha Founded at the University of Virginia, li Zcta Chapter estabhihed 1874. CoLOHS: Garnet and Gold Flower: Lily of Ihv Valley OmciAL Publication: Shield and Diamond Secret Publication: Dagger and Key C. A. BUEHLER J. H. Robertson Faculty F. M. Massey J. D. HOSKINS James Baird Ernest Petrey Edwin Corbitt Maurice Corbitt Jesse Jones Kyle Kollock Stewart McCroskey Alvin Setliffe High Taylor Bennett George Rucker William Kimbrough Sherrel Patton Allison Ballenger Maury Calvert Howard Allen Henry Phillips Hilary Whitaker Howard Ford John Ewing Frank Powers Billy Haddox John Hill Sam Johnson 1933 Robert Horton William McCroskey Albert Bedinger William Cox Joseph E. Nichols Charles Quekemeyer Philip Wynn Alex Shaffer Hoyt Smiley ' Donald Wilson Guy James Thomas Potter David Harkniss Howard Miller Herman Head, Jr. Bert Bible Henry Curtis Arthur Marks Charles Pack, Jr. Joe Caldwell Alfred Gillespie Charles Womack George Stone Malcolm Andirson Hemphill FIanna, Jr. Robert Palmer Finis Taylor John Nanney Orville Shepard Ihiiuliiil unit yiniti ' Wlit Pi Kappa Alpha mmMM KiMBROucH Pat Caldwell Que CORBITT, E. BlDINGEB Nanney Marks Haddox Baird Ho ILOR Mitchell Nichols Harkne CKER Phillips Setliffe Powers Pi Kappa PKi Founded at College of Ch.irle,ton, Charleston, S. C, 1904. Alpha Sigma Chapter established 1931. Colors: Goh! ami White Flower: Red Rose Official Plblication: Star an J Lamp Law S. G. Eddy Robert M. Akin MuRAT M. Baker William A. Burnett Fred L. Cunningham Joe Bowers Virgil O. Foster Arthur C. McKinney John A. Stevenson Earl H. Zwingle Ernest M. Bowles W. Paul Bracy Robert E. Bratton L. Dennis Cronnin Edward L. Dunnavant Emmett C. Jackson W. Howard McClure Robert C. McKelvey William R. Rollins George E. Seargeant Samuel W. Steele Leonard A. White Arthur L. Hammonds John H. Harris Barbee Hollingsworth Mont Lewis Richmond McKinnfv Kenneth McPhirson Ben C. Redman Robert S. Sneed James F. Steffner Harry Weakley William R. White John M. McCullock E. Dudley Bell H. Brown Blakely George E. Gish William J. Miller Charles H. Vann V, " . Roiii rt Walker Pi Kappa Phi m Harris Steffner §MSm Dunn Weak Bracy CUNNINCF Blakeiy Burnett hollingsworti McKlNNEY, A. Hamm McClure Kelly Redman Cronnin Jackson ZWINGLE Bratton Snees Walker McKlNNEY, R Lewis Rollins Akin Paue Time II u Sigma Alpha Epsilon Founded .U the University of, Mnixh 9, 1856. Tenn. K.ipp.i Chapter established June 18, 1879. Colors: OU Cold cud Rov l P ' nplc Oi FiciAL Organ: The Record Secret Organ: The Phi Alpha Fanilty S. H. E Prof. Borton Butcher Law Flow I r: The Violet Irvin S. Saxtox Frank Creekmore Charles Snepp Leonard Ambrose H. M. Harton H. E. Wright Bruce Foster Charles Smith Joe Elkins Charles Wallace Charles Kerr Charles Mitchiner Hugh Faust Beach Hall Laurie Pratt Iames Elkins Thomas Allen Charles Gillespie John Craddock Harry Laughlin Wesley Patton Charles Snodgrass Everette Fisher James McAuliffe H. L. Modlin Lamar Matthews Hector Flennikfn John Heiskeli Heiskeli. Weaiiii ri Ciiari is Dudley Herman Hickm 1935 foM Dunlap 1934 Prentice Reeves Peter Dillard Oscar Tate Charles Jester Robert McCai.lum RoiiiRT Dickinson John Bayless Murray Warmath Joseph Gardner Alex Powers Lewis Ramsey Robert Tyler Charles Faust RoiuRi Watson llunilnil nnti Ticu X ' R[GHT Allex Dii McCa DUDL Reevis Watson Mnc: POWE FlSHL Bayless Tate Foster Warmath Wallace MODLIN Creekmore Thiie ihiiuliKl iiii ' l Three e Sigma Chi Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, June 28, 185 5. Beta Sigma Chapter established September 20, 1917. t! Colors: Blue ami Gold Flower: White Rose Official Magazine: The Magazine of Sigma Chi Secret Publication: The Sigma Chi Biille iii Faculty Prof. T. W. Glocker S. J. FOLMSBEE W. E. Grainger Charles L. Hancock Dennis Erwin Hal H. Clements, Jr. John T. Martin, Jr. Darnall W. Morrison David R. Aitkin Ben F. Gaston Thomas R. Thrasher 1932 Richard R. Gray George S. Campbell Oscar Merton Derryberry 1933 Charles W. Wheland Malcolm Aitkin Stanley J. Rabold Henry F. Kelsey, Jr. James M. Hamlett Francis E. Skull Charles W. Cornforth Will Tom Abernathy T. D. Morris, Jr. Leo Pltruzze Gaines Phipps BuFORD Rutledge Gentry Bemis Frank Sorg Hugh Swingle Kyle Williams James M. Gager Ralph Barkley P. T. Cobb ■(lyc riinc llunilrid ami Fo Sisma Chi Campbell Swingle Kelsey rutledge Rabold W J M J T " ' " i T- ' % ■• Gray Hamlett Clark Gaston Gager Cobb AlTKEN, M. AlTKEN, D. Derrvberr Krwin Morris Puijc Time J iiiiiInd ami I i Sigma Nu Pounded M Virginb Military Institute, Lexington, V.i., Jan. 1, 1869. Epsilon Eta Chapter established 1921. Colors: Gohl, Black ami White Flower: White Rose Official Publication: The Delta David R. Lee Harry C. Humphries Faculty F. M. Frantz G. E. Thomlinson Paul Hug Robert Dodd Marion Russell J. B. Link, Jr. John W. Phillips Tom Siler Robert Gracey William Harris George Harrison Riley W. Shanks Bill Slayden a. b. norrod Frank C. Meredith Melvin Dacus George Paullus Delmas McElrov Richard Palmer Campbell Ridley Kendall Johnston Ross Spears Ward Burleson James Keen James McDonald Kenneth Lester John Lawrence Russell Miller Hi rman Snipes J. B. Ellis, Jr. Roy Simpson W. G. Baird John Byrom Jac K Bryant E an Ames A. D. Gillespie Robert Nicks Ben T. McCaslin W.l HAM Al.LXAM Dave Buchanan Sigma Nu iVS a rip cL ' - La MtCASLIN DODD i Ml Donald Slavden Alexander Gracey Sisma Phi Epsilon Founded at the University of Richmond, Richmond, Va., 1901 Tenn. Alpha Chapter established 1913. Colors: Purple ami Red Flovcers: American Beauty Rose and Violet OiiKiAL Organ: The Sigma Phi Epsilon Journal Faculty A. W. HOBT Dr. R. F. Thomason Dr. B. C. V. Ressler C. E. Allred James Styles Robert Johnston Martin L. Guthrie J. C. Parks, Jr. Fonnie Black Ladd C. W. Balton Lawrence Dysart Thomas Parham Emmet McClurkan Albert Bacon William E. Jones Albert Witt Clyde C. Paris James L. Smith Haynes Barnes Louis Barnes M. Armon Cooper Eugene Mayer Carl Yearwood Raymond Saunders Richard Singgleton Charles Fredrick Snider Ralph Phelps William A. Parker Thomas G. Harton Phillip Hess Robin Lyles Joe Alspaugh Benton May ' Arthur Lyons Harvey Robinson James O. Phillips John Robert Woolford Bernard Arnold John Armistead James Sugg John Huntley Charles Briscoe Edward Tune Eastman Portrum Oliver Martin John Postal Hughes Johnson Robert Mantel Edward Thompson Harry Daniels Nelson Hodges Sigma Phi Epsilon .■ kM . MJ m Brown Guthrie Tune Witt MARTI Parks Cooper Jonis Sterchi Arnold Harton Hess Johnston Phelps Mantel Saunders Forsythe Smith Isaacs Sugg Lyons Paris Parham Parker Baltox Barnes, C. Huntley McCLURKAN CHASTAiN Alspauch Johnson Barnes, L. Ph.lups Armistlad Daniels Portrum Wohlford Postal Dysart JRISCOE LyLES I ' liiic TIncc Hiiiiilira and ' Nine 1 Alpha Tau Omesa ■oundcd at Vligini.i Milicuy Iiibtltutc, Lcxing Pi Chapter established 1872. Colors: Blue and Old Gohl Flo xi-r: Tea Ros OiiRiAL Publication: Alpha Tan Uiini a I ' alin Faculty FN Victor Davis Edward Hurd Law William McCowan William Althauser New LLL Anderson Thomas J. Deane Thomas F. Elam FiLMORE Lyons Da id Meriwether FiARRY W. Perkins Albert Rhodes John Meriwether Oliver J. Nunn Ernie O ' Conner Claude Reeder Laird Holt Jack Wilson FIarris Armour J. R. Booth Fi. E. Christlnblrry Charles Kohlhase Herbert Brackett Albert Fugitt Eugene Holman David Harris Gordon Moore Lawrence Turley Jean Isenburg Lee Thomas Hugh Malone Matthews Leroy Horace McKenzie John Thackston Thomas Banks John Duprl (iiisriR IIawoi Wayne Grout Edwin Klutts Tommy Tuiwii Herman Wynn Ai Marks Akihuk Mi landy Bii I SiiuiT HaUOII. niKKOl) Elam Marks tutwiler Diane Shi rrod HOLMAN TUCCLE Hawori Holt McKenzi3 Klutts TURLEY Mlri«et Andlbso kohlhase isenburc Lee Malone Leroy Grout Reeder NUNN Meriwether, D. Melandy I ' agc riui, II II B Delta Sisma Phi Colors: Nile Green and Whit, Founded at the College of the City of New York, 1899. Omicron Chapter established at Cumberland University 1912, Re-established at University of Tennessee 1931. Flower: White Carnation Ofi iciAL Organ: The Carmti Secret Organ: The Sphinx R. B. Parsons J. C. Hodges Faculty G. B. Shivery A. J. Tresidder Eugene B. Hydin William L. Kline David C. Williams H. DwiGHT Stowe W. Kyle Taylor William M. Bragg Cecil L. Burros Ralph D. Culvahouse Charles L. Gouffon Thomas L. Huffman H. Paul McAdams Arthur W. Jurgens John E. Herndon Harmon H. Jones Paul R. Lexxis Gerald W. McLaughlin Troy W. McPeake William L. Patterson Robert A. Armstrong Andy G. Miller Elmer E. Grosser W. Glenn Bryant James D. Edwards JoFiN K. Fox H. Leland Hoffmeister Charles L. Koellein J. Nelson Tubb G. DUDLFY CuMMINC.S Temistocles a. Diaz James E. Mullins Walter H. Young Harry P. Seymour John C. Crane James T. Shea Robert D. Cowan 1934 William M. Massey Josef C. Patchen Will M. Pritchett Delta Sisma Phi I ' atie Thire Hii Deltc T=u Delta 5«nn»ia «: 3e=:i - .- c;- rtir-z r. V. Vi_ Feb- IS . - CcE CKS: ?terfie, Wtab smi Gdi 3 McSi Jobs V. Ocskkxs lass i»MS JcEST Get Dcssc ilaaat3 HssxT Forrca ?ce3r I,r3HFCK Hipr nrve £ i il Deka Tau Delta H M JsAizs i.j.«sc: Kappa Alpha Founded it W ' .ishlngcon and Lee University, Lexington, Va., December 31, 1865. Pi Chapter established December 1, 1883. Colors: Crimson cnl Cold Fi ovcers: Red Rose and Magnolia Or-nciAi. Publication: Kaplui Alpha jour mil Secret Publication: Special Messenger Fanilty Dr. W. H. McIntire Capt. Harold Head Francis W. Hi Dr. p. M. Hamer Law Dr. Broadus Farrar A. B. Wood John R. Stivers Joe a. McEachern William O. McCord, Jr. James A. Reser John Brooks Walter A. Barret Charles A. Baucom Charles F. Eppes Harry Lee Senter Lloyd Stallings John Ledgerwood Manning Rector J. T. Grant, Jr. LiiTON Stuart WiiiiAM H. Baldy, Jr. RoBiKT Watirs Dai 1 I I ATin ksionl Jam IS Bi i i aii Claude Lindsey Robert Bogle 1934 . J. C. Williams, Jr. George A. Toole Charles G. Stockard Ewell Easley GuiNN Goodrich Hansel Lightner Frank Stone Divine Sharp James Kiger Thomas Kuhnert Frederick Head Frio McKinney Iaik Bi II All Willari) McMillan rmif rion- Iliimlml uiiil su-tc Kappa Alpha Kappa Sisma Colors: Scarhf, Gnrn ami White L. R. Hesler J. G. VC ' ails Founded at the University of Virginia, December 10, 1869. Lambda Chapter established 1879. Flower: UI) c ' f ' ' Galley OriiciAL Organ: Caduccm Vacuity Charles Bell Burke L. A. Richardson Henry B. Witham W. O. Gordon E. I. Caraway Sam Cross Mark Walker Herbert Brown J. Quinn Decker Joseph Hackman Charles Lucas Joseph N. Clark Thos. McClamroch Earnest Newton Charles Reineke Harry J. Thayer Chas. F. Thompson Herman McDowell W. B. Connolly Robert Gramling Paul Heydrick BowEN A. Hughes Hollis Miles Peter Anderson John Brownlow Nealy Hendren Fred Hooper Lemuel Hooper Baker McGinnis Roy Jackson Charles Eidson Malcomb McCord G. R. Lebow Thomas Meriwether Powell McWhirter Carl Millice Chas. Peckinpaugh J. S. RUFFIN John Smallwood Frank Smith Charles Borg L. M. Jester Henry Graper Marvin Satterfield Ben Pentecost John Roberts J. C. Ayres Albert Beasiey William Pamplin Joe Hoi man Roy Holman J. C. Love Ed Payne Ben D. Stokely James Stokely Burton Statz BuFORD Morris Jack Parker Gene Bouamer Kappa Sigma Jester Roberts McCoRD Walker Stokely HOLMAN, J Meriwethe HoLMAN Hooper MlLLICE Avres Stokel Hackman Beasley McClamroch McGlNNIS Graper Cross Hendren Brown RuFFiN Gordon Satterfield Lucas Anderson Clark Statz Gramli; Connolly Thompson Caraway McWhirter Smith Brownlow Pentecost Page Three Ituniired anil Ni i — 37r ¥ Phi Tau Founded at the University of i: Eiiniahl and Gold V. N. TUKNER ¥aculty Flonv ' er: V nk Carnation Dr. R. C. Dunford R. R. Russell Harry Jamerson Paul D. Goddard William Wilson Floyd Mitchell E. E. Hundley W. E. Akin Rhea Nichols John K. Rayburn Walter Robertson Albert St. Clair Edgar Vance Lowell Bean Herman Goddard Robert Halley Lannom Youree Joe Wear Laird Sparks William Leary Lee Powell Heber Wood Herbert Slover Herbert Schenck Walter Ballard Wy-LTER Everett Jerome Engert James Massey Cecil Bryant Albert DeGroat Kenneth Russell Charley Martin Frank Briscoe Tom Kilroy Tom Donoho James Carson Phi Tau Paije Time Ilinulr Tau Theta Delta Founded at the UnlverMn- of Tennessee, 1930. Colors: Green ami White Flower: Carnation E. S. Beamguard Splain Fleming T. J. Hendrickson Faculty Professor R. T. Brown Conrad Templeton Kenneth Prince Allen Howery w. p. lovinggood Leonard Penland E. L. HoBBs D. F. Brooks Dan Davis Ralph Penland J. T. Hester Stanley Hood P. W. Martin H. D. Muse James Post M. S. Trewhitt Vernon Lovinggood Bob May W. M. Ware Ernest Browder J. V. Goodner Owen Wattenbarger Lloyd Farris Tau Theta Delta Brooks Hood Muse Beamguaro Prince Howery Hendrickson Hobbs Paue Three Hundred and rieenty-threi Theta Chi Alpha Foiuulcd ,11 llic University of Tennessee April 15, 1928. " tr Colors: ' ai) Blue, W vIc ami Gold Secret Publication: Thr Stiasliki, Flower: Yiltou Tea Rose Faculty Harold Read James R. Barnwell WiLEL M V. B ass Fred V. Brown Clarence J. Bryan William F. Carpenter D. C. Curtis Edward F. Kirkpatrick Marcus S. Taylor Weldon L. Taylor Glenn W. Woodlee Robert F. Allen Robert Fox Fred L. Johnson Horace C. Colvett Maynard Read Belmont Bean Lawrence I. Hines Edward B. McGowan Carol Miller Robert Nichols John L. Primm Robert W. Rogers Elmo Rowland Burton Simcox James O. Tankersley Troy A. Walker Grant Roy Raymon Bill A. K. McCaiij Oiiii B. Orr Nathan Lovce Byron Pennington Monod Taylor Oscar Watson Theta Chi Alpha SSJm m m Nichols Jo Tavior, M. S. W, Pane Tlnn Jliinili,,! ami Ti Zeta Tau Lambda Colors: Purple and White Founded at the University of Tennessee, 1927. FLOvi ' ER: Marshall Neil Rose E. Rogers Dodson Thomas L. Pittard Erie Wolf Edgar. Darr Paul Schroder Edwin McClellan Edwin Kelso Clyde Dyer Orman Felts C. T. Raymo Charles Baker J. R. HOLLINSHEAD G. S. Hicks Thomas Russell John Stafford Walti:r Clark R. Dowell Elam John Switzer David Howard Clycie Shankle GuiNNE Crossno Andrew Colebank Guy Hurley Madison Smith J. Wiley Finney Allen Fuller Fred Keith Robert LaForge Jack French Eugene Perda Henry Hurley Robert Switzer R. T. Raymo W. T. Bradshaw Frank Adair Bud Parker J. R. Davidson Gilbert Switzer William V. Hood Robert Suddath Horace Powell •( !7C 77iii ' Iliinthcd anil Tirriitu siJi Zeta Tau Lambda Beta Alpha Omesa jndcd M the University of Tennessee, 1916. Colors: PA- Blue, While ami Pale Pink Flower: W jiIc Carnation Publication: Bc a Alplu, Oini ia News PrOI . " . R. W ' OOLRICH Ralph W. Frost Faculty Proi . C. A. Perkins J. O. Andes R. T. Roy H. B. SllARPE G. W. WiGGS Stuart Stair James B. Ely C. Dave Vester Harold Durrett Walter Gay Dillon McClary Bruce Yates Robert Clements W. W. Crawford Charles P. Toncray FIarvey Jones W. G. Pollard Clyde Bowles Laxton Smith Wiley Thomas Eugene FIunnicutt FiARMON Gnuse Ralph Still James Clark Marable McFall Ernest Taylor Robert Pugh George Turner Leon Bordi n FiERMAN AnDIRSON Ernest Kenny Wm. Reagan Louis Eldi r Morris Burton Russel McGonagill Cl 11 1 OKI) SlllRIDAN John I.aci y Tati Houshoi dlr Jami s Underwood Gilbert Black Earl Iooney Beta Alpha Omesa McGONAGILL Thomas Gay DURRETT Crawford TONCRAY McFai Gnuse Sheridan Yates Roy Jox.s NX ' IGCS BURTO MtCE. PUGH Andmi HOUSHO Ely Page Three Hit The Inter-Fraternity Banquet I HE annual Intcrfraternity Banquet was lield at the University cafe- teria Saturday, January 24. Over four hundred fraternity men of the University and many of the alumni of the various Greek chapters at- tended this affair which is given each year under the auspices of the Interfraternity Council. The program was broadcast over station WROL, Knoxville. The principal speaker of the evening was Mr. Alvin Duerr of New York City, a member of the Delta Tau Delta national fraternity, and president of the National Interfraternity Conference. Mr. Duerr made a wonderfully interesting and instructive talk concerning the relationship between the various Greeks on the campus and the duties and obligations that fraternities owed to the university and to society. He lauded the scholastic achievements of the American college fraternities in recent years, and declared that fraternity men were no longer regarded as the wild and unruly college men but as the leaders in all forms of university activities. Dean J. D. Hoskins, Dean of the University of Tennessee, and a mem- ber of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, was the other speaker. Dean Hos- kins spoke on the progress made by Tennessee fraternities since he had been connected with the University. He said he believed that fraternity men were guilty of the worst form of hypocrisy when they failed to live up to the obligations and vows of their respective orders, but that he was happy to say that, in the forty years of service to the University, he had known very few men who refused to try and do the right thing by their school and fraternity. The University Quartet provided an enjoyable bit of entertainment with the rendition of several songs, and led the singing of Tennessee ' s Alma Mater song to close the program. TIT Mildred Reid President of the Pan-Hellenic Council S O R O R TIES Kappa Delta Founded .u ' irgini.i State Normal, 1897. Alph.i Epsilon Chapter installed 1925. Publication: TIk Air clo Flowfr: White Rose Mildred Erw in Virginia Hultquist Josephine Odell Christine Turner Betty Boeing Marie Lay Frances Richards Ruth Williams Elizabeth Whaling Ruth Arnold Clarice Ingram Helen Pope Vivian Richards Stella Blevins Josephine Bromley Mary Lynch Chestnut Eugenia Allison Mary Frances Cobi t Emily Gray Ernestine Seydell Marion Barton Vivian Fogflsonc Caroiyni Harcis CoRNii.iA Johnson Kathryn McCli 1 1 y Saraii Bitty McIni Craig Reaxis Gladys Repass Louise Sams Frances Shiri i ' Joyce Weavi r Ai u i: ' lbb Miriam Williams iin,l 11 Kappa Delta P iPP VCebB TlRHY Richards, F. Shiri Johnson Odell FocELsoN-c Cn: Rl HARDS. V. Phi Mu Founded at W ' cslcy.m College, 18 52. Kapp.i Chapter installed 1908. Colors: Rose and Wbi e Flower: Eiichaiitras Carnation Agnes Jones Helen Self Publication: Ag aia Mary Bland Seay Mary Bradi ord Sorrelle Mary Evie Wychoff Katherine Bowers Dorothy Dyer Sara Elizabeth Edwards Margaret Eidson Elizabeth Gale Elsie Lavcson Edith Mason Katherine Sorrells Sara Frances ' into.n Helen Frenc; Mary Harris Fylma Isaacs Juliana Nickerson Jean Robinson Willette Shaw Mary Ruth Clotworthy Katherine Evelyn Scrape Emily Lacey BiLLYL Lam I iidiol mil Thirln-W Phi Mu II ' Thn r Iliiiiihiil iiiiil rinrlilftl Sisma Kappa Founded .It Colby College, 1874. Alpli.i Uelt.1 Clwpter inscillcd 1921 Colors: Maroon ami Laicinlc Flowlr: Violet Publication: Signut Knplui Triangle Graihiatc Sliulciit Margaret Carpenter 1931 Charlotte Bristow Helen Groves Francis Gray Bristow Edith Elmore Verna Sparks Kitty Grisard Polly Harris Mary Louise Herrincton Virginia Martin Alexina Robertson Helen Canaday Mildred Elkins Eunice Lunsford Sarah Lansiter Irene Murray Louise Sanders Louise Smith Jewel Wilson Juanita Bentley Bessie Dui i Burbury Catherine Miller Irene Murray Ml KsiDis Platt Sarah Stevens Anne Watson Virginia VI ' hite Sigma Kappa . Lansiter RonrRTSON r;.c r T l i. Illlfltln.I mill IhiltllKlVCn Zeta Tau Alpha Founded at Virginia State Normal, 1898. Zeta Chapter installed 1904. Colors: Turqiio ' nc and Steel Grey Publication: Themis Flower: White Violet Charlotte Ball Margaret La Follette Mary Gagg Mary Hill Helen McComb Katherine Montague Margaret Marshall Agnes O ' Conner Elizabeth Strayer Frances Snyder Evelyn Vineyard Frances Vineyard Nellie Aills Page Borden Melba Baker Emily Anne Coffey Jessie Dempster Frances Hardin Katherine Jennings Lallie Miller Elizabeth Preastley ' Jean Borden Margaret Burton Isabel Condon Roberta Taylor Jayne Bradley Helen Reldir Cross Jane Currier Jean McKinney Emily Sui.ii: Ramona Thomas Virginia W ' hisman Irma Wagner iHlKhnI ,111,1 riii Zeta Tau Alpha rlinr llHiiiliiil ami Thiilihinn Alpha Delta Pi Founded at Wcslcyan College, 1851. Alpha Kappa Chapter Installed 1920. Colors: Light Blue and White Flower: ' Violet Publication: The Adclphcan Agnes Hicks Poit Graduate Rebecca Winters Katherine McDonald Mary Louise McDonald Louise Rothermel Catherine Buster Katherine Bolt Mary Cason Elizabeth Dempester Dorothy Francisco Elizabeth Keen Virginia Read Mildred Reid Edith Wilson Nellie Varnell Eloise Bass Margaret Brown Annie Clapp Martha Daniels Virginia Dick Helen Harrison Lynn Hayes Jane Heist Frances Miller Louise Pressgrove Earnestine Turni Leo Eller Mary James Patricia Kinnane Virginia McClain Margaret McDonald Doroiiiy Ratlifee Mil Diu 1) Robinson LiizAiuTii Shelley Olivette Smith Anne Yoakum ViiUC riinr Ihiiulr Alpha Delta Pi mm ROTHERMF.L McDoNALD, M. Kl.N Daniels Eller Cas McDonald, K. Yoa Shleley Hicks Reid ■( ( , ' ' llnrc lidiilnil tinil Alpha Omicron Pi Colors: Ritl ami White Founded at Barnard College, 1897. Omicron Chapter installed 1902. Flo xer: Jacqiiemot Rose Publication: To Dragma Faculty Dean Harriet C. Greve Winifred Caldwell Katherine Gotham Mary Klopp Worth Mabry Frances Musgrave LiLLiAS Scales Dorothy Adams Beverly Baumann Anne Brakebill Ellen Goodrich Frances Gunn Elizabeth Koella Erma Orr Musedorah Williams Kathryn Pennybacker Katherine Anderso Louise Biddle FIelen Camp Elinor Faxon Katherine FIale Maude Johnston Mary Moore Polly Nicholson Frances Scott Charlotte Stair Monroe Biddle Poi LY Harper Martha Hawkins E ei YN Isom Lois Kennedy Nell Nowlin Evelyn Roth Mary Seale BeRNARDINE SlIEIIiAN Marie Smith Elizabeth Stewart Helen Sweeney Elizabeth Witsell Ann Wagner Patricia Ei.mendori Alpha Omicron Pi Faxon Goodrich Orr Gotham KOELLA Elmendorf Stewart Scott Williams Haie Adams Smith yur r Thiic Jlinnhdl ami Flntij-thr Chi Omesa Founded at University of Arkansas, 1895. Phi Chapter installed 1900. Colors: Canlinal ami Straw Publication: The Elcm Flower: W j Vc Carnation Llland Barbee Clara Jean Beaman Elizabeth Deaderick BeTSYE EoViARDS Katherine Ferris Helene Hudson Aleke Karayousef Margaret Mitchell Elizabeth Whitlock Mary Wood Jane Boyd Elizabeth Burns Alice Flennigan Florence Groves Celeste Holtsincer Betty Lynn Hoskins Frances Huffman Ruth Trimble Huffman Rose Raulston Anne Rochelle Sarah Stone Bernice Stone Annette Thomas Mary Wood Mary Parks Wyatt Hazel Bo x ' man Adelaide Berry Louise Carr Harriet Deane Josephine Ijams Margaret McCorkle Mary Nfal Slatiry Allene Stephenson Katherine Alley Janie Galbraith Sarah Houston Louise Huddleston B. Hughes Elinor McLendon Elizabeth Moore Mary Ei i a Rofhl Stella Scates Margaret Scott Sarah Tiiac;kston Lillian Wade Evelyn Williams Chi Omega ' - m tmi% GiVENS Hl Andlr-Son Birrv McLenDON MiTCHl.LL RoEHL Ferris Beaman Holtsinci.r EdW;A ScATES Scott Wvatt Hueeman McCorkle Barbee Hosk Wade Huddleston Karayousef Hudson X ' ood Flen-n-igan Tho Williams Deaderick Ijams Holston Moore Gal ' «. ; ■ Thill 1 1 II Delta Delta Delta Founded .it Boston University, 1S88. Delta Sigma Chapter installed 1924. Colors: Silicr, GolJ mul Bin Flower: Pansy Publication: The Trident Faculty Margaret Cassell Greta Biddle LiziNKA Brown Margaret Cobb Elizabeth Galbreath Bernice Hargis Mary Evelyn Petree Sue Williams Carol Williamson Dorothy Wright Patsy FIufford Virginia Bennett Jessie Branham Barbara Lou Garden Amanda Dosser Catherine Dunn Louise Hill Mary Moses Mary Phipps Mary Sammons Robbie Tedford Margaret Wright Virginia " right Dorothy Armstrong Margaret Caldwell ' irginia Gardner Susan Houk Alice Kent Kathryne Martin Mary Ellen Baker Elizabeth Dooley Mabel Gotten Nancy Piari r Hill RODLR TA Hll L Thelma FIiil Myrtle Keltnlr Mary Elizabeth Keisttr MONA LrONARD Aiisu McCroskey Louise Swann Doris Walker Margaret Wili son Delta Delta Delta Petree Dlnn Bennett Hell, R. Blackburn Caldwell Branham Leonard Keltner Wii lOfRiGHT, D. Gotten Williamson McCrosk Cobb Gardner »Calkcr Wright, B:ddle Hufford Dosser Carden Moses Baker Hill, T. Keister Hill, L. Phipls Martin Armstrong Wright, V. I ' wii ■ ■III 1 1 llniiihiil and Forlii-i Alpha Theta 1 oundcd .It University of TL ' nnessee, 1924. Colors: Crcc, and Gold Billy Aoklrson Elizabeth Heap Elizabeth Johnston RuBYE Lipscomb Alice Powers Elizabeth Redding Sybil Adams INIFRED BROOME Sarah Lee Clark Rhea Fox Janice Rae French Helen Goddard Mabel Hixon Maryl Hurt Josephine Payne Elizabeth Clifton Virginia Felts Amelia Jarvis EuLAH Mason EvALYN Moore Helen Searceant Mary Elizaijfth Spencfr Jane Eppes Alpha Theta Adkerson Searceant Adams Hixon Fox Payne Mason Ln-scoMa GODDAI Felts HL ' Rr Powers Pdi f Thifc iliiniliitl anil riirlij-t Pan-Hellenic Council OIIICERS Mil DRii) Ri II) I ' rcuJ.n Mary Louist Hi rrington Vicc-Prcshlciil Dorothy Wright Secretary Virginia Hui.tquist Treasurer Alpha Delta Pi Kappa Delta Mildred Reid Betty Boling Frances Miller Virginia Hultquist Alpha Omicron Pi Phi Mii Frances Muscraves Edith Mason Katherine Pennybacker Margaret Eidson Chi Omega Sigma Kappa Katherine Ferris Mary Louise Herrington Betty Lynn Hoskins Edith Elmore Delta Delta Delta 2eta Tan Alpha Dorothy Wright Helen McComb Mary Phipps Katherine Jennings Alpha Theta Sara Lee Clark Mason Bolinc Ferris Muscraves W Ritiir ti.MORi: F.IDSON Phipps Jennings Reid Hultquist Hoskins Miller McComb Herrington ii;-U!its The University of Tennessee A STATE UNIVERSITY AND A NATIONAL INSTITUTION Harcourt a. Morgan, LL.D., Prcshleiif Comprises the Follotving Colleges and Schools: Arts K N O X V I L L E COLLF.GH OF AGRICULTURE offering courses in Agricultural Eco- nomics and Rural Sociology. Agri- cultural Education. Agricultural En- gineering. Animal Husbandry. Dairy Husbandry. Horticulture. Agricul- tural Business. School of Home Economics giving courses in General Home Eco- nomics, Home Economics Education. Institution Management, Rural Home Life. Division of University Extension offering college credit, college entrance credit, and non-credit and Library Reading courses. College of Law SUi L iER Quarter two terms offered by all the colleges, starting June 10 and July 21. 1931. The Division of Agricultural Ex- tension AND THE Agricultural Experiment Station Graduate School College of Liberal Arts with undergraduate course: and Sciences. School of Commerce offering courses in Factory Manage- ment, Accounting. Finance Market- ing. College of Education including courses for High School Teachers. Elementary Supervisors. Principals. Superintendents. College of Engineering with courses in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical. Chemical. Agricultural En- gineering: also Industrial Education. Many of the courses are on the Co- operative plan. AT ME College of Medicine offering the finest opportunities for medical training. School of Pharmacy with courses leading to the degree of Pharmaceutical Chemist. School of Biological Sciences with courses leading to the M.A.. M.S.. and Ph.D. degrees. AT MARTIN University of Tennessee Junior College of Agriculture and School of Home Econo.mics For Announcements of Colleges. Requirements for Admission, and General Information. Address THE REGISTRAR UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE [PHIS School of Nursing with courses leading to Graduate Nurse and Science. the degree Bachelor College of Dentistry with courses leading to the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery and Bachelor of Science. KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE ,lrcil and Fiftii-thr MILLERS INIVEKSITY TOIXERY 1502 Wt-sl Cumberland We congratulate you, students of Tennessee, on your efforts in creating a Greater University and thus a Greater Knoxville! As you have so beneficially served us, may we continue to satisfyingly serve you with our complete line of SUITS-HATS FURNISHINGS Tno Departments MEN ' S STORE — Street Floor on Gay — and — MILLER ' S UNIVERSITY TOGGERY (The Little Store with The Big Backing) Corner of the Campus " a;ir Tin tr HNltilntl uilil Fifl lfii " I am lonesome for my University of Tennessee. " ' I Eat a Plate of Ice Cream Every Day SANI SEAL SANI SEAL COMPANY 518-20-22-24-26 WEST JACKSON AVENUE KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE Page Three niimtnd oiid Fiftu .••••„•„„——___——————— — -.—---—- — — „———-_ — — - isitg ! . ; - ' Doings Tom Teadance ind Lib Date S » a IN YOUR STUDIES REMEMBER THIS- " What you know is a Club for yourself and what you don ' t know is a meat ax for the other fellow. " EAST TENN. NATIONAL BANK CENTRAL OFFieE- GAV AND UNION EAST TENN. NATIONAL BANK CITY BRANCH - 520 CAY STREET EAST TENN. NATIONAL BANK CITY BRANCH (NORTH KNOXVILLE) BROADWAY AND CENTRAL EAST TENN. SAVINGS BANK CENTRAL OFFICE -CAY AND UNION EAST TENN. SAVINGS BANK NORTH KNOXVILLE BRANCH DEPOT AND CAV J Hurd — " Whntclia been dr inking? " Horton — " Carbona. " Hurd — " That ' s cleaning fluid — " Horton — " Yeah, but I had spots in front of hand off my daughter ' s knee. " Bill Bunn — " Excuse me, Sir, I was just gomg to sav what a nice joint you had here. " Spokesman — " We are ATO ' s and honest men. " [udj,e— " Fine, ATO ' s line up on one side, and the lionest men on the other. " The Dull , . Uh Shadow The street-car oflfers not only convenient transportation to and from athletic contests, classes and campus territory, but is also cheaper and safe for everyday use by the city ' s entire population. TENNESSEE (PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY T Compliments of MANN Mortician Tlini lliii, I HE above students comprise the highly vaunted campus football team. For the first time the personnel of this team is revealed to the student body. The three pictures of L. Huddleston require the only neces- sary explanation. She performs equally well at quarterback, centerback or drawback. She is the only girl who has ever made this famous team. Such well known faces as " Terrible Tom " Duke Dunlap, " Red " Fugitt, Willie Slayden, " the old maestro, " Colonel H. E. " Pete " Wright of the 5 . E Marines, " Gun- boat " Rule, " Nifty Norman " Smith, " Pittsburg " Harris, du- Union City Powerhouse, " Navarro " Mc- Kcn ie, and " Brooding Bob " Nicks are easily recognized by their c.iiiipus followers. INSURANCE IN ALL OF rs IIKANCHES ' J. E. LUTZ COMPANY Established 1896 InC ORI ' OKATEU 1929 Our Orgauizat ' uni liirliidt ' s the I oUoniiig Aliinmi ■XKD " l.riZ. ' I-. ' •XKWI " ( Al.l.dW A . ■UM " l!KKI)i:i;, Mil •iKivi " PA . •|■:, --m : i: ' . ir( i.AMiti AM " I ' KANKLIX, ' lir. •■|)A ll " ' I.KW I I.K i:. Tl l!XI- Entire Second Floor, Burwell Building KNOXVILLE :: TENNESSEE r— — — . . ., HOTEL ARNOLD Corner r CHURCH AND LOCUST STS. Knoxville ' s New, Modern, Fireproof Hotel MO ROOMS WITH BATH Dining Room in Coiiiiccfioii Single $2. 0 Operated by Eugene Gillespie RATES Double $4.00 i HOTEL ANDREW JOHNSON 3 50 ROOMS 3 50 BATHS " Where Hoipifiility Greets You " Under Knott Management Knoxville, Tennessee Crushed Stone : Mascot Chatts : Roofing Gravel Asphalt Roadway Gravel Asphalt Filler Dust M SCOT AMERICAN LIMESTONE COMPANY KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE Pane Three JIuiulred and Sirln-flr Apolo9ies! Here you see the group that was largely responsible for the production of the Ten- nessee publications during the past year. At the time of the picture, we were unable to secure the beaming physiognomy of T. T. Siler, the genial gentleman of the Mug- wump, who was attending a conference of Spanish athletes at Jellico Springs. These exponents of the university publicity are enjoying the annual Fire-Fighters Ball. They were selected as honorary members because of their valiant deeds of hero- ism in rescuing the members of a certain fraternity from their frat house when it was turned into a blazing inferno by a jealous Greek. You may see the red badge of cour- age on their helmets and the resolute faces denoting strong determination. It is sad but true that these courageous men were bereft of their journalistic abili- ties by their exploits in the fire because of the shock they suffered when they dis- covered it to be a fraternity house instead of the girl ' s dormitory next door, and as the shock occurred before any of the 1930-31 publications were issued, the gentle readers must make allowances for this fact. On the top row, you see P. Douglass Goddard of Dandridge Flollow and Willie Marshall Slayden of Pumpkin Center. The bottom row holds J. Normand Smith of Lanes Ferry and T. French Elam of Bruces Switch. Tea Dances -bring your girl to the place where the Crowd Hangs Out — DELICIOUS FOOD Our Specialty THE TAVERN H04 West Cumberhind Curb Service and Free Delivery Telephone 2-3848 " Meet Me at tin- Taicrn " J . PHONE 2-2131 i ! I TODD I ARMISTEAD Drugs Sodas, Kodak Supplies Cigars MARKET AND CLINCH Meet Your Friends at j TODD ARMISTEAD CO. t I . ■ Uiy. ASKV .KilIN V. VASEV WILLIAM L - ASKV C K( lltfiK M. VASEY VASEY COAL CO, COAL : COAL : COAL DIAL 3-6 146 Office and Yard 2 1 2 RAMSEY STREET CAFETERIAS Knoxville AsHEViLLE : Charlotte Raleigh Atlanta : Roanoke " Over four niilliou meals a year ' i t. rliiif Iliniilrr.l (iiiil r— »-— " •»■ " ■ " — " ——»-— - »•»— —-— " -— — " ™ ( ( I Referee— " Twenty yards for slugging. " ( Red Fugitt — " How much arc your rooms? " ] " Ironhe.ul " F.rwin (in the stands)— " Half off Clcrk— " Five dollars up to twelve. " ] lor pleading guilty. " R.. F.— -How much for one all night? " Barbara Lou Garden wants to know who this fellow " OPEN " is who holds so many positions on the university publications. FAMOUS CAMPUS SOBRIQUETS ' Handcar " Brackett. ] • . . . ' Commodore Grunt " Moore ' Gas House " Jones. Amanda Dosser — " Stop that man, officer, he ' Sunrise " Hurd. wanted to kiss me. " Cop— " That ' s all right, miss, there will be an- other one along in a minute. " •Brigadier " Wright. ' Beer Belly " Parks. ' Iron Head " Erwin. 1 S- »■ rr ' Little Caesar " Hancock. 1 President of Fraternity — " Brothers , we are in a ) serious difficulty. We must act quickly but with 1 diplomacy. " [ Brothers— " What ' s the trouble? " 1 President— " It seems that that drunk we threw 1 out last night was our national president. " ' Dean of the Beanery. " ' Natural Davis " Norrod. ' Moose " Laughlin. ' Honest John " Franklin. ' Pittsburg " Harris. ' Goof " Reeder. ' ' " ' ' Hard Rock " Faust. Chicken Hancock (lying on the sidewalk) — " I ' ll climb this wall if it takes all night. " The Bool " McEver. Wire Hair " Dahnke. =;- =:■ .■;■ Tripod " Balton. Little Wet " Moore. Dacus — " What school is hardest for a fellow to get through? " Norrod— " Vassar. " Horrible Herman " Hickman. Hobo " Thayer. Arsenic " Nunn. = .- ' Major Hoople " Craddock. B. Y.— " If you could only make the biscuits that mother used to make. " Jew John " Overton. " Gigolo " Jamerson. Mary Neal— " If you could only make the dough that father used to make. " Harstud " Dillard. MISTER TENNESSEE " Foster. 1 Tit the (rradtidU ' s We Thank You for Your Patron- age and Wish You Good Luck To Freshmen We Extend a Welcome — Let Us Show You. GRAY PIPER DRUG COMPANY OuiicJ and Operated by U. T. Grad nates ! ! PUBLIX THEATRES TENNESSEE Fittest Theatres iti the South STRAND RIVIERA ..J L ' " 1 ' S P « 336-338 .MfllN RVt. PHONE PHONE 3-6129 3-6129 Cleattiitg : Pressitig : Dyeitig KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE I ' age Three Hundred and Hi.Ttii-nii Huddleston-Holloway Coal Company CAMBRIA ROYAL OTHER HIGH GRADE COAL PHONE 3-4141 J 1 Dcin . I.issc — " Do you drink? ' joe Elkins — " Investigation or i Minis Thomason (on Telephone) — " Hello, Constance, will vou go for a ride with me to- n.ght? " Constance — " Yes, if you will let your Constance be your guide. " Judge — " Remember held against you. " Al Ball — " Greta Garbo. " thing you say will bt Surgeon (to assistant) — " Go and get the name of the accident victim so we can notify his mother. " Jim Ely — " He said he thought his mother knew Rachel — " You viper. " Al — " How did you know I was a window ileaner? " Mike Lucas (Home on vacation) — " Gee, dad, I often lie awake half the night thinking of what she said to me. " Mr. Lucas senior — " Take a tip from me, son, or you ' ll be lying awake all night listening to it. " Mathematics vs Zoology- The rabbit multiplies very rapidly, but snake to be an adder. Dave Meriwether — " I don ' t believe in perpetual motion. " Newell Anderson — " You ought to see Rochelle Bill Slayden — " Frosh, if I said I was handsome, hat tense would that be? " Nicks — " Pretense, sir, pretense. " Dr. Thaler — " Define home, Mr. Dunlap. " Mr. Dunlap — " It ' s a place where you can scratch no matter where it itches. " M. Armon Cooper to Betty Burns — " Who can remember the days when neck was only a noun? " Soliloquy of T. Hampton Allan — " My idea of the meanest man on earth is the professor who bor- rows a student ' s pencil to mark down an F on his paper. " Mary Evelyn — " We ' ve been waiting here a long i me for that mother of mine. " | E. Bruce— " Hours, I should say. " M. E.— " Oh, E. Bruce, this is so sudden. " Betty — " Ah! Chcrie, — je t ' adore. " Faust — " Aw shut the door yourself- opened it. " " ' s cutting a pretty tigurc, " said the co-ed as she fell on a broken bottle. HALL ' S University Clotlies a n- diffi ' mit ASK THE UNIVERSITY MAN — He Knows HALL ' S ! i ! i ' ■ ' ' We Keep the Quality Up " ! } MEATS Chester R. Hackney | Company I t THE HOUSE OF QUALITY | 50-51 City Market ! FIDELITY-BANKERS TRUST jMMPANY 5 02 Gay Street Real Estate, Loans Investments Every Fiduciary Service yiiyc Thnc Uitnilnd unil S!SAHP COLD DRIISKS ALSO DELICIOUS SANDWICHES and HOT LUNCHES ELLIS-ERNEST DRUG CO. Ciirh Scnicc ami Free Delivery PHONE 2-6105 1 Phone 3-0116 t ! i T. H. BUSH MEAT MARKET Fresh and Ciiri ( Quality Meats South Knoxville 1 K vroxviLLE : Tennessee t Phone 3-1175 REICH ' S GROCERIES Wholesale and Retail 119 W. Vine Ave. CORNER STATE iS ' ifoin Attention to Frateniiti Ordets Established 1880 W. T. ROBERTS CO. First Class Groceries A Home Owned Store Dial 3-3159 : 307 I8th St. Knoxville Tennessee : L TABE S PIG ' N WHISTLE SHOPS Opposiic the TenncssL ' L ' — AND Out on Broadway Here ' s the Place to Get ORANGE DRINK : NUTS SANDWICHES i i Tel. 3-7742 505 Union Ave. The Picture Framery " We Do the Framing and Nei ' er Disappoint " E. G. Gagg Knoxville : Tennessee Optometrists Opticians " For Better Eyes " Louis E. Meyer Co. 33 1 W. Clinch AvcniK- (Opposite Post Office! Knoxville Tennessee Knoxville Tailoring Dry Cleaning Company .•!2I W. (■Miiil„.|lanil. C.r. .Ma.k. ' t St. " We Know, We Know Clothes " Cl.KANINd, I ' KKSSIiNd AND REl ' AlRINd Hats Cleaned and Blocked Clothes Called for and Delivered E. G. NOE. Maiiairer Knoxville Sand Lime Co. Building Materials DIAL 2-7107 " Our Service Keeps the Job Going " Holston Quarries Company CRUSHED STONE Knoxvillf- Tennessee ! ! • « I i I ' . E. Fowler, I ' rrs. H. I ' ., S,:;t. V. L. C.)X, I ' lrc ' e.s ' . P.. W. Fowler, Trrax. Capital Stock $200,000.00 FOWLER BROS. COX Wholesale Groceries and Notions. Meats, Sugar, Lard 200-202 East Jackson Avenue KXOW ' II.LE : TENNESSEE J 1 Burn Genuine Knoxville Coke Clean Mosf Heat Per Dollar Knoxville Gas Co. I ! C. D. KENNY CO. 5 1 7 1 Teas Coffees Sugar Market Street BOOTH Theatre WEST CUMBERLAND AVENUE U. T. Students Wclco, Flowers for All Occasions —Call— CHESNEY S FLOWER SHOPPE 2-6101 WE NEVER CLOSE 190.-? W. Cumberland Avenue THE PNIVEKSITV FLOKISI ' Paqe Three Huiulred ti,i,l DONORS C. M. McCLUNG CO. HOPE BROTHERS SPENCE SHOE CO. H. T. HACKNEY CO. KERN ' S BAKERY CO. T. E. BURNS CO. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS The Model Laundry Company MODEL WAY : EVERY DAY : WASH DAY 408-410 Sevier Ave. Dial 2-2 123 THE CO-OPERATIVE BOOK STORE BRISCOE COEEEE SHOPPE Nnn- U. of T. 15 08 W " . Cumberland Ave. BRISCOE CAEE Opposi c P. O. 3 2 3 W . Clinch STOP AND SHOP —.1 ■ ' — Harry Bean Co., Inc. Quality Groceries, Fresh Vegetables and Meats Charge and Delivery Phone 3-5177 ROBIN THOMPSON, Inc. Photograpliy Official Photograplier to the ' 1931 Vokmteer ' ' 5 1 7 UNION AVENUE KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE ' TorolQZQZoIg T " Q Q- orcaXoZ - - " Q U A. L r-p -. 1 INE Annuals are broug,Kt about by skillful and trained efFort, only . - - Cappen supremacy is flie result of many years of successful experience in Annual de- sig nin and eng,raving,. Tbis experience, to- g,etber wifb the South ' s best artists, desig,ners and engravers, is a g,uarantee for fbe finest Annuals.- .-.-.-.-. -.----. CAPPER - ENGRAVING - COMPANV. KN OXA ' ILLE -°- " e N N E S SEE D E Q U A C y In the production of fine books, or for that matter, fine printing of any sort there must be an adequacy Offiica and Store O I Understanding and experience to plan and inter- pret O workers who have mastered their crafts Of materials of the best quality And of modern equipment and exact skill in its direction. « « « These sales and service offices and this manu- facturing plant are evidences of an inflexible rule that adequacy must be maintained at « « « FOOTE DAVIES COMPANY ATLANTA PRODUCERS OF FINE ANNUALS BOOKLETS CATALOGS E O R G I Manufacturing Plant An Appreciation Clayton Webb Pri ith!g Foote Davies Co. The staff of the 1931 Volunteer wishes to take this opportunity to acknowledge the debt it owes these gentlemen and their respective firms in the production of this yearbook. If excellent advice, real co-operation, and friendly suggestions are criterions of capacity and efficiency, and these men are true representatives of their companies, then they more than live up to every possible expectation of any college annual staff. Joi: Crandall Engraving Capper Engraving Co. Jack Staniield Photography Robin Thompson, Inc. Vy ' r mMM Wim- ' ■m m ' m:. % mm V, ■■ - --nO ' i : Vy, m mm

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