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' ■ ' ' J»S(l 1 h:4 fim A •m J m If V. A - ' l B? ' s.a . . MOROCCAN THE MOROCCAN 1963 Published on behalf of the stu- dent body of the Unuersity of Tampa, Tampa 6, Florida. Jeanette de Guzman Editor Brenda Baggett Business Manager John M. Murray An Director .,■?.- TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION lo DEPARTMENT9 ADMINI9TRATI0N 18 FACULTY 32 CLA88E8 9ENI0R9 52 JUNIORS 73 SOPHOMORES 81 FRESHMEN 85 0RGANIZATI0N8 ACTIVITIES MOROCCAN QUEEN 148 ORIENTATION 1 54 HOMECOMING 1 62 THE UNIVERSITY 180 8P0RT8 BASKETBALL 196 CREW 202 WRESTLING 205 FOOTBALL 206 SENIOR DIRECTORY 212 ADVERTISEMENTS 219 DEDICATION It is indeed with great pleasure that the Moroccan Staff of 1963, dedicates this an- nual to . . . B.A., B.S., B.S.E.D., M.A., M.S., Ph.D., Professor of Biology, Dean of Administra- tion. DR. CHARLE9 R. WALKER 10 The college teacher is devoted to the search for truth and as such he is the envy of all those in our society who are paid to obscure or distort it. He is the only one who is paid to be as honest, as simple, and as serious as he can be . . . His final payment is in the coin of happiness: gold coin, which he shares with those who have some suspicion of its value. . . . Mark ' an Daren . . . 11 QUANTITIES and QUALITIES Freedom of inquiry . . . basic to the life of a university? Can a university dcvclopc its physical plant to its maximum potential and still fail as an institution of higher learning? be staffed w ith a competent facul- ty giving instruction in all the areas of the sciences and the arts, and not execute its most important duty? satisfy the demands of a progressive community and still neglect its primary purpose? Can a university exist without freedom of inquiry? Most definitions of a university will include this statement: " an establishment or corporation com- prising a college or colleges that include a body of professors for the purpose of instruction in all or some of the sciences and literatures, and having the 12 power of conferring degrees. " ' If our concept of a university and its aims is solely based on utilitarian principles, then we will accept this definition as sat- isfying the prerequisites of an institu- ton of higher learning; we would an- swer " yes " to the pre ious questions. We would be aware of only the service function of a university: the supplying of professional, political, and economic needs of the community. A university would then exist as a fact-disseminat- ing center for the purpose of helping its students become knowledgeable. This is certainly a legitimate ambition and one that is not to be disparaged, but ... is it the only acceptable one? 13 i « » kl The pursuit of knowledge should be valued for its own sake, for the in- sight it renders to humanity — about humanity. A university must not offer its ware only to the community, but to its students an environment that transcends the practical utilitarian world. It must be a " neutral " ground where its residents can explore the true and the false, make mistakes, question traditions and beliefs, learn to make objections re- gardless of their implications. If we accept this concept, then we automatically rule out a definition of a university in quantitative terms. It becomes more than president, professor, student, classroom, dormitory, alumnus, team, stadium, ixy- covered campus, and commencement exercises - — more than a sum total of its parts. 14 What then is a university? Before all else, a univer- sity is freedom of inquiry and expression. A. univer- sity cannot properly function without it. A univer- sity cannot exist for long without it. It is this spirit of freedom that sets the unversity apart and gives it an atmosphere all its own. A university may be set in the very heart of a city, be a community within a community, and yet not be of the city. It may be de- pendent upon the city ' s environment and yet not lose its identity or its purpose. It need not, or rather. it should not succumb to academic censorship. Nor should it be crushed under the politico-economic pressures that stifle freedom of inquiry and educa- tional growth. A university need not bind itself to any one set of values, orthodox philosophies, or dog- mas. A student must be aroused from his lethargy and be taught to be discriminate in his reappraisal of values, ethics, and creeds — ■ both his own and .so- ciety ' s. He must become dissatisfied with all things mediocre. Finally, he must discard the inadequate 15 " dogmas of a quiet past " to create new ones for a dy- namic, turbulent present. With freedom of inquiry, the university plays a more important role than a fact-disseminating center of pro- fessional training ground. Facts alone, without their proper application, are worse than useless — they are dangerous. A university with freedom of inquiry can teach the use of value judgment in order to " translate knowledge into action and to gain further knowledge by action. " " Such powers of discrimination make the difTerence between the person who is educated and one who is merely knowledgeable. " la iiMBM 17 t ' « i §Ku 4ai .T ' DEPARTMENTS BOARD OF TRU8TEE9 Officers of the Board Carl D. Brorein Chairman Chester Ferguson Vice-Chairman George R. Griffin Treasurer James L. Ferman Assistant Treasurer Charles F. Blake Secretary- Howard Macfarlane Assistant Secretary- Executive Committee William C. Maclnnes Chairman James L. Ferman George R. Griffin Victor H. Northcutt James W. Wan-en W. Ho-ward Frankland Planning and Development Committee John C. Council James L. Ferman Charles P. Lykes W. Howard Frankland William C. Mac Innes Chairman Finance Committee Victor H. Northcutt . James L. Ferman Charles P. Lykes William C. Maclnnes Chairman DR. DAVID M. DELO PRE9IDEISIT 20 Dr. David M. Delo A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D., L.L.D., President ADMINISTRATION Mrs. Florence Lioret Block Secretary Mrs. Elrita Crawford Administrative Assistant Mrs. Naomi Pittman Executive Secretary 21 22 23 DEAN OF ADMINIQTFtATION, Dr. Charles R. Walker B.A., B.S., B.S.Ed., M.A., M.S., Ph.D. Marcelle Alexander Secretary to the Director of University Development " " 1 K £f Jane Young Secretary to the Dean of Administration DIRECTOR OF UNIVERSITY DEVELOPMENT, r Dr. Stephen L. Speronis B.A., M.A., Ph.D.. Sc.D. i 24 Louise Cast Secretary, Alumni Office DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATI0N9 AND PUBLICITY, Col. Frank Hutchens Nancy Moore Secretary Juliet Moore Assistant to tlie Director Eunice Peretzman Secretary to the Dean of Eve- ning Division and MacDill Division DEAN OF THE EVENING DIVISION AND MACDILL DIVISION, Dr. James W. Covington B.S., M.A., Ph.D. 25 DIRECTOR OF ADMI9- 9I0N8 AND REGISTRAR. Willis J. Dunn A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Eduard Van Gelder Assistant Director of Admissions Helen Feleutzer Secretary to Van Gelder Robert Fernandez Supervisor of Data Processing Mrs. Cassidy Receptionist to Registrar Geraldine Page Irene Crausvvell Wilda Pccina Assistant Registrar Lk ' W 26 DEAN OF WOMEN, Lucile King A.B., M.A. Camilla Cooper Secretary to the Dean of Women Mrs. Boyle, Mrs. Bonnett, Mrs. Barth Directors of George B. Howell Hall for W.onien 27 DEAN OF MEN, Dean Michael De Carlo B.A. Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lovely Directors — Lvkes Hall EveKn Bennett Secretar) ' Dean of Men Bertie Scott Director — Smilev Hadl Margaret Pankey Director — McKav Hall 28 ( Johnnie Pate Assistant to the Business Manager Max R. Desbeimett Acco untant Business Office BU9INE9S MANAGER, Edmond P. Sliz B.S.. MA. Jim Smalley Bookkeeper Peter Cook Head Bookkeeper Business Office I iiitmiiiii Sue Lund, Charlotte Kinard Secretaries of Business Office Charles Paul Bookkeeper Man- Sargologas Cashier Jessie Koonce Secretaiy 29 James G. Chiricos Assistant to the Building Superintendent SUPERINTENDENT OF BUILDINGS, Rufus A. Whitis Dr. Frank T. Linz M.D. Mattie Byrd, Helen Scoggius Switchboard Operators Gladys Smith, Marguerite Austin, Mrs. F. Grant Dormitory Nurses Mae Avery 30 LIBRARY Estella Crane Circulation Librarian Vanda Nelson Aquisitions Library Jeannette Altier Assistant to Circulation Librarian Charlotte Anne Thompson Head Librarian Gloria C. Runton Catalog Librarian Pauline De Witt Assistant to Catalog Librarian 31 FACULTY PHILOSOPHY RELIGION Rabbi David L. Zielonka B.H., A.B., Rabbi, L.H.D., D.D. Associate Professor of Religion Department Chairman Dr. Frederick A. Gumz A.B., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Philosoph - Department Chairman PSYCHOLOGY Geraldine B. York Themis Johns, B.A., M.A. A.B., Instructor in Psychology Assistant in Psychology (Special Training Dr. Curtis A. Gilgash A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Psychology Department Chairman Dr. C. T. Ho A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology 32 90CI0L0GY Willis J. Dunn A.B,, M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology Kenneth W. Haney B.E.D., M.A. Assistant Professor of Sociology Department Chainnan Milda G. Karlins M.A. Instructor in Russian MODERN LANGUAGE William D. Leith B.S., M.A. Instructor in Modern Languages Dr. Eustasio ,•■ Fernandez ' B.S., M.A., M.A.E. Doctor En Letras jr Professor of Spanish " ■ ■ Department Chaimian ►. 33 P „M ART Wallace F. Green B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Art rjepartment Chaimian k 11.. Alfred E. Nash A.B.,M.A. Instructor in Art MU9IC Stephen F. Park A.B.,M.M. Associate Professor of Music Theory Malcome Westly B.A., MA. Assistant Professor of Music Lyman Wiltse Mus. B., MM. Associate Professor of Music Hunter N. Wiley B.S., MA. Department Cliairnian Director of Bands and Associate Professor of Instninicntal Music 34 ENGLISH Ear! E. Keller B.S., B.A., M.S., M.A., ED.S., Assistant Professor of English Dr. Julius D. Locke A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English Dr. Howard G. Baker A.B., M.A.. Ph.D., Professor of English Department Chair- man Dr. Francis Thompson A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor of English William E. Gallager A.B., M.A., Instructor in English Martin I. J. Griffin A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of English Frances Allen A.B., M.F.A.. Instructor in Speech Florence Fiench A.B., M.A., Instructor in Speec4i Dr. AKan R. McFadyen A.B.. M.A., Ph.D.. Professor of English Joseph Young Da id Wade B.A., MSA,, A.B„ M.A., Assistant Professor of Drama Instructor in English 35 GEOGRAPHY i 1 1 Dr. Clarence M. Pruitt A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Department Chairman Royal K. Eden B.S., M.S. Instructor in Geography HI9T0RY Dr. Alan P. Stucky B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of History and Political Science Dr. H. Camp B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of History and Political Science George F. Botjer B.S., M.A. Instructor in History Dr. James W. Covington B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Histoiy and Political Science Dr. Stephen L. Dr. Jesse L. Keene Speronis A.B., M.A., Ph.D. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of History and Associate Professor of Political Science History and Political Science A.B., M.A. Instructor in Political Science Dr. J. Ryan Bciscr A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Histoid and Political Science Department Chairman 36 BIOLOGY Dr. Robert E. Wean B.S., Ph.D. Professor of Biology Department Chairman Elmer A. Jones Dr. Cyril E. Abbott Joseph G. Waite, Jr B.S., M.S. B.A., M.S., Ph.D. B.S. Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Instructor in Biology Biology Biology INDU9TRIAL ARTS James Bignell B.S., M.A. Professor of Industrial Arts De]5artmcnt Chainnan " . F. Llwd A.B.. M.. . ' Instructor in Mathematics A. J. Kainen A.B-, M.A. Assistant Professor of Bkfatheniatics Ch% en J. Reynolds B.S.. M.S. Professor of Mathematics MATHEMATIC9 Dr. Miles C. Hartle} A.B., B.S., M.A., B.M., Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics Department Chairman Dr. L. O. Cook B.St , M.Sc., Phi D. Professor of Phjysics I rpartrn«it Chairman George G. Robinson B.A., M.S. AsHstant Professor of Phyacs PHYSICS 38 V Dr.R«)eTTJ.De sJ - B-S-. D.Sc- David CJark illis RS-. MS, Assistant Pn fessc r of Cheitiistrv CHEMISTRY Dr. Bomaai Bottoman RA., MA. Ph.D - ssisran: Prod-ssor o; ».:-; " . " Hatwld K, Ciniu i v RS., MS. . sisistAnt rrot sior ot ChwniarN EDUCATION Dr. Ro E. Dwyer B.S., Ed.D. Professor of Education and Director of Teacher Educa tion Department Chairman Dr. James K. Umholtz B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Associate Professor of Elementar ' Education Dr. Fronsie B. Keiter B.A., M.S., Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Elementarv Education Dr. William T. Acuff B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Elementar - Education Dr. Robert L. Mohr B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of .Secondary Education Dr. Robert J. Nickel A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Secondary Education Dr. Ralph E. Stout B.S.. M.A., Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Secondary Education Dr. Miller K. Adams B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Professor of Physical Education HOME ECONOMICS Stella M. Cox B.S., M.A. .Associate Professor of Home Economics Department Chainrian Ruth Bragg B.S. Instructor in Physical Education Alice Rodriqucz B.S., M.P.E. H. Assistant Professor of Physical Education 40 Robert E. Lo cly B.S., M.A. Instructor in Physical Education BUSINES9 ADMINISTRATION G. Lawrence Roberts, Jr. B.S., M.Ed. Associate Professor of Busi- ness Administration Charles L. Hyde B.S.,M.A. Assistant Professor of Busi- ness Administration Carlos F. Weiman LL.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Business Administration Department Chainnan Russel C. Apple A.B., M.C.S. Professor of Accounting William W. Cyzewski B.S., M.B.A. Instructor in Business Administration SECRETARIAL SCIENCE Robbie E. Wooten B.S., M.A. Instructor in Secretarial Science 41 MacDill Air Force Base Program As a part of the Evening Division program the Uni- versity operates the " College of Opportunity ' ' at MacDill Air Force Base, where several hundred of- ficers and enlisted men and their dependents are enrolled in exening and Saturday classes. The same academic qualifications hold for this program as for the regular Evening Division held on the campus. There are twenty-nine on the Faculty Staff at Mac- Dili. Special Classes At T.P.D. As an extension of its teaching program, the University of Tampa has cooperated with the City of Tampa in scheduling .special classes for the pursuit of academ- ic .study at the Tampa Police Department. The courses offered to policemen are in Spanish, psychology, and political science. Professors for these classes arc: pictured above: Mr. Law, Dr. Dunn, and Mr. Zabaldo. 42 43 45 4 § r ' ; Si ' ■■ n n CLASSES FAREWELL ME89AGE TO 8ENI0R8 There have been many changes on the campus since you entered four years ago. .And as each year passes, the tempo of change accelerates. This circumstance is not only characteristic of your Alma Mater — it is evident throughout our whole society. This is why you have experienced both breadth and depth in the curriculum you have just completed. For a narrow education would not endow you with the flexibility and breadth of understanding required to meet con- stant change successfully. But despite the exigencies of change, there are certain principles which do not alter if you are to live richly and well. Loyalty, consideration for self and others, high standards of personal value, spiritual health and continuing personal growth are bulwarks of a successful person as sell as a good society. May you apply these in all the years ahead. There should be an unbroken tie bet seen each of you and your Alma Mater. We are interested in you and )our future. I hope you will be inter- ested in the future of your University, now facing its greatest challenge. To each of you, my heartfelt wish for a wonderful future. Da id M. Delo, President 48 SENIORS Michael T. Ackerly Brandon, Fla. Major: History Minor: English Degree: B.S. Richard Adams Clearwater, Fla. Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Jane Adams Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Minor: History Degree: B.S. Education Patricia Alchediah Tampa, Fla. Major: History Minor: Math Degree: B.S. Sylvia Almengual Tampa, Fla. Major: Modern Languages Minor: Biology Degree: B.S. Erio Alvarez, Jr. Tampa, Fla. Major: Psychology Minor: Biology, Sociology, and English Degree: B.S. Carl Anderson Tampa, Fla. Major: History Minor: English Degree: B.A. Joseph F. Arasim Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: English Degree: B.S. Beverly D. Ardisana Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: Spanish Degree: B.S. Richard Arnold Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Senior Class Officers President: George Nousiainen Vice President: Jeanette de Guzman Secretary: Ginger Sutton Representatives: Janet McGee Donna Beniger 49 Brenda J. Baggett Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. James B. Barry Brandon, Fla. Major: Mathematics Minor: English Degree: B.S. k Sarah Bailey Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: English Degree: B.S. Elyse Behnke Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: English Degree : B.S. Robert Banks Jacksonville, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: English Degree: B.S. Etha C. Bell Tampa, Fla. Major: English Minor: Biology Degree: B.A. Phyllis D. Bell Paul Benaquisto Schenectady, N.Y. Major: Physical Education Minor: English Degree: B.S. Ruben T. Bencomo Tampa, Fla. Major: History Minor: English Degree: B.S. Donna Beniger Tampa, Fla. Major: History Minor: Physical Education Degree: B.S. Martin Berg Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Major: Psychology Minor: Sociology Degree: B.A. Leona M. Biltncr Chicago, 111. Major: History Minor: Political Science Degree: B.S. 50 Carolyn L. Black Ozona, Fla. Major: Business Administration Degree: B.S. Donald Blair Idaville, Indiana Major: History Minor: English Degree: B.A Norma Blancato Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: English Degree: B.S. George Bollinger Tampa, Fla. Major: General Business Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Donald Boyt Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: History Degree: B.S. Warren Brainerd Camden, N.J. Major: History Minor: Sociology Degree: B.S. Charles Brown , Tampa, Fla. Major: English Minor: Philosophy Degree : B.A. Katherine Bleakney Englewood, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: Business Education Degree: B.S. Marie Boykin Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Adrian B. Bradley Palermo, Italy Major: History Minor: Spanish Degree: B.A. Earl Branilctt Rockmart, Georgia Major: Physical Education Minor: History Degree: B.S. Shirley P. Bullock Tampa, Fla, Major: Mathematics Minor: History Degree: B.S. 51 Arthur D. Burroughs Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor; Psychology Degree: B.S. Joyce Bourgholtzer St. Petersburg, Fla. Major: Business Education Degree: B.S. William R. Busier Tampa, Fla. Major: Math Minor: Industrial .Arts Degree: B.S. Joyce Canter Walton, Ind. Major: Elementary Education Minor: Music Degree: B.S. Eileen R. Cassel Hershey, Pa. Major: French Minor: History- Degree: B.A. Alan Chameides Temple Terrace, Fla. Major: Math Minor: English Degree: B.S. Howell J. Chambers Tampa, Fla. Major: Industrial .A.rts Minor: Biology Degree: B.S. Frances Chappell Nannie Christian Tampa, Fla. Major: Music Minor: History Degree: B.S. George B. Church. Jr. Tampa, Fla. Major: History Minor: Political Science Degree: B.S. Florence Ciaravella Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. 52 Jennie Ciccarello Limona, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. George A. Clement Tampa, Fla. Major: Mathematics Minor: Chemistry Degree: B.S. Who ' s Who. Paul Gore, Donald Blair, Pedro LaRussa William G. Croft Tampa, Fla. Major: English Minor: Physical Education Degree: B.A. Robert Crook Tampa, Fla. Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Degree: B.S. Patricia Cummings Tampa, Fla. Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Degree: B.S. Robert O. Cousins Erika, Oklahoma Major: Social Studies Minor: Sociology Degree : B.S. Norma A. Clinton Bradenton, Fla. Robert A. Cushen Tampa, Fli. Major: Business Administration Degree: B.S. 53 Mary T. Craft Tampa, Florida Major: Eleinentary Education Degree: B.S. Florence Da is Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: Psychology Degree: B.S. Glenna S. Da is Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: Home Economics Degree: B.S. Max Da is Tampa, Fla. Major: History Minor: Physical Education Degree: B.A. William Davenport Tampa, Florida Major: Business Administration Degree: B.S. Homer Dearmond Jeanette de Guzman Tampa, Fla. Major: Spanish Minor: French Degree: B.S. R. Delgado Tampa, Fla. Major: Accounting Degree: B.S. Robert J. DeRidder Tampa. Fla. Major: Business .administration Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Joseph Dervaes Tampa, Fla. Major: Accounting; Administration Degree: B.S. Leroy A. Dewey Tampa, Fla. Major: Music Education Minor: History Degree: B.S. Da id Diaz Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Degree: B.S. Lcopoldo Diaz Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: History Degree: B.S. Vincent A. Dilena Bradenton, Fla. Major: Spanish Minor: French Degree: B.A. 54 C. L. Evans Ashland, Kentucky Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Margaret Driimmond Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Dorothy Elweli St. Petersburg, Fla. Major: Spanish Minor: History, French Degree: B.A. A. H. Fiedler Chicago, 111. Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Math Degree: B.S. Joseph Figierito Tampa, Fla. Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Degree: B.S. Patricia Filipello Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Josephine Ferlita Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: Home Economics Degree: B.S. Frank Fernandez Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: History Degree: B.S. Ellen R. Fleece St. Petersburg, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Frank Foster Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Studies Degree: B.S. Mary Ann Fox Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: History, English Degree: B.S. 55 Cynthia C. Fne Tampa. Fla. Major: Biology Minor: Chcniistr -, Art Degree: B.S. D. G. Frye Tampa, Fla. Major: Business .Administration Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Louise I. Fryer Tampa. Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: Music Degree: B.S. Patricia Fussell Brandon, Fla. Major: Physical Education Degree: B.S. Olga Garcia Tampa, Fla. Major: Psychology Minor: History Degree: Bernard Gaiiglan Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: History Degree: B.S. Robert Geraldi Miami, Fla. Major: Spanish Minor: French Degree: B.S. Russell Gillen Tampa, Fla. Major: History Minor: Political Science Degree: B.S. James C. Gatto Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: English Degree: B.S. Sarah V. Gavton Joseph Gilbert Dunedin. Fla. Major: History Minor; German Degree: B.A. Dominick Gincx Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: History Degree: B.S. 56 Sally A. Giroir Opelausas, La. Major; Business Administration Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Edwaid Giunta Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Degree: B.A. Ra)mond Goetz St. Petersburg, Fla. Major: Accounting Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Paul Gore Haines City, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: Art Degree: B.S. Dale Gray Gainsville, Fla. Major: Business Administration Degree: B.S. Eugene Green Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: History Degree: B.S. Mary Greenwald Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Mary Frances Grinialdi Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Thomas Guertin Tampa, Fla. Major: Accounting Minor: Economics, History Degree: B.S. William Gudalis Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: History Degree: B.S. Sam Guggino Tampa, Fla. Major: History Minor: Math Degree: B.S. Salim Halta Jordan 57 t.. Curling, Hollis Princeton, Ky. Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Math Deeree: B.A. Theron Hotaling Cooperstown, N.Y. Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology; Psychology Degree: B.S. Who ' s Who Ernie Stout, Sam Rampello, Robert Banks Janice Homaday Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: History Degree: B.S. Erik D. Hansen Tampa, Fla. Major: Accounting Degree: B.S. John Harnett Ira Henson Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Degree: B.S. Robert H. Hoel St. Petersburg, Fla. Major: Mathematics; Physics Degree: B.S. Fred Hogan Byron Holley Columbus, Ga. Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Major: Biology Minor: Economics Minor: Chemistry Degr ee: B.A. Degree: B.S. 58 D. J. Humphrey Tampa, Fla. Major; Business Administration Degree: B.S. Natalie Hudson Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Walter Hudson Ruskin, Fla. Major: Accounting Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Richard T. Hull Roanoke, Va. Major: Social Studies Minor: Speech Degree: B.S. Marysol Johns Tampa, Fla. Major: Spanish Degree; B.A. Theresa Johnson Largo, Fla. Major; Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Who ' s Who, George Nousiainen, Jeanette DeGuzman, Norma Blancato Wanda John.son Plant City, Fla. Major: English Minor: History Degree: B.A. Darlene Jones Tampa. Fla. Major: Business .Administration Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Sarah Kainen Tampa. Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: History Degree; B.S. Miriam Katz Tampa, Fla. Major: History Minor: English Degree: B.A. 59 Kenneth C. Kane Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Minor: Accounting Degree: B.S. John E. Kern Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Degree: B.S. Lonnie Keen Tampa, Fla. Major: Music Minor: English Degree: B.S. Russell King Tampa, Fla. Major: Math Minor: Physics Degree: B.S. Mason Kelley Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Degree: B.S. Jill L. Kinney Tampa, Fla. Major: Chemistry Minor: Math Degree: B.S. Albert Kirk Temple Terrace, Fla. Major: Industrial Arts Minor: History Degree: B.S. Cynthia Kladis Canton, Ohio Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Jeffrey D. Knox Tampa, Fla. Major: History Minor: English Degree: B.A. G. A. Knutson Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics, Psychology Degree: B.S. Gust Kopelousos Starke, Fla. Major: Business Administration Degree: B.S. D. K. Koranck Largo, Fla. Major: Psychology Minor: Medical Technology Degree: B.S. 60 Marsha Lowman Gainsville, Fla. Major: English Minor: Home Ec. Degree: B.S. Frank Lyons Tampa, Fla. Major: Accounting Minor: Economics, Political Science Degree: B.S. Michael T. Kovach Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Degree: B.S. Isador A. Landetta Tampa, Fla. Major: Social Studies Minor: Biology Degree: B.S. Patricia Lane Tampa, Fla. Major: English Minor: Speech, Dramatics Degree: B.S. Pedro LaRussa Tampa, Fla. Major: Math Minor: Industrial .Arts, English Degree: B.S. Donald Loney Tam[)a, Fla. Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Soterios C. Kyriakou Tampa, Florida Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Jesse R. Lane Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: History Degree: B.S. Lawrence Langille Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Degree: B.S. Charles L. Laurie DeKalb, Ind. Major: Math Minor: Physical Education Degree: B.S. Ralph Lopez, Jr. Tampa, Fla. Major: Spanish Minor: English Degree: B.S. 61 Gerald Maglio Elaine Marichal Ernest Marshall Gasper Martino Clayton Mason Salisbur ' , Conn. Tampa, Fla. Onrco, Fla. Tampa, Fla. Tampa, Fla. Major: Music Major: Elementary Major: Business Major: Business Major: Social Science Minor: History Education Administration . " Vdministration Minor: Physical Degree: B.S. Minor; History Minor: Economics Minor: Economics Education Degree: B.S. Degree: B.S. Degree: B.S. Degree: B.S. Jo ce E. Mays Riverview, Fla. Major: Physical Ed. Minor: English Degree: B.S. Theodore Melching Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Degree: B.S. Janet McGee St. Petersburg, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: English, Psychology Degree: B.S. Ronald Messersmith Erie. Pennsylvania Major: Math Minor: Chemistry Degree: B.S. Lillian Mikell St. Petersburg, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: Hist ory Degree: B.S. Patricia Miller Valrico, Florida Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Robert P. Miller Tampa, Fla. Major: Accounting Degree: B.A. John C. Mills Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. 62 David Mitchell Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Minor: English Degree : B.S. Robert D. Mohr Tampa, Fla. Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Math Degree: B.S. Carter W. Langford Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Mary Ann Mooney Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Robert A. Munz Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Degree: B.S. Frederick A. Musgrave Tampa, Fla. Major: Music Degree: B.A. Who ' s Who. Allan Windt, Robert Munz, John Kern Dorothy Morris Tarpon Springs, Fla. Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Degree: B.S. John M. Murray Tampa, Fla. Major: Fine Arts Minor: French Degree: B.A. Madli Nash Tampa, Fla. Major: Sociology Minor: Geography Degree: B.A. 63 George Nousiainen St. Petersburg. Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor; Music Degree: B.S. Heidi A. O ' Brien Tampa. Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: English Degree: B.S. Shirley D. Outcn Tampa, Fla. Major: English Minor: Speech, Radio T.V. ; Spanish Degree: B.A. Nora Palleiro Tampa, Fla. Major: History Minor: Political Science Degree: B.S. Beverly Nelson Indiana, Penn. Major: Business .administration Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. James Ne e Conshohocken, Pa. Major: Business . dministration Minor: Economics; English Degree: B.S. Rayoniond J. Nickler Arthur Xoriega Tampa, Fla. Major: Psychology Minor: English Degree: B.S. Richard O ' Brien Keansburg, N.J. Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Maxine D. Oliver Tampa, Fla. Major: Psychology Minor: Sociology Degree: B.A. O. Pablos Tampa, Fla. Major: .Accounting Degree: B.A. Mary T. Papia Tampa. Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: English Degree: B.S. 64 Adrion Parrado Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: Psychology Degree: B.S. Artiste Parsons Zephyrhills, Fla. Major: Music Minor: English Degree: B.S. Pamela L. Perry St. Petersburg, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Gerald C. Perez Tampa, Fla. Major: Mathematics Minor: History Degree: B.S. Ronald Perez Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Degree: B.S. Walter Percy, Jr. Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Degree: B.S. Charles L. Perkins Tampa, Fla. Major: Industrial Arts Minor: History Degree: B.S. Graciella J. Pi Tampa, Fla. Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Degree: B.S. R. E. Priest Winter Haven, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. James Pettus Tampa, Fla. Major: Accounting Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Lionel R. Polo Tampa, Fla. Major: Business .Administration Minor: Economics Luis M. Quesada Tampa, Fla. Major: History Minor: Speech Radio Degree: B.A. 65 Dural VV. Raker Tampa, Fla. Major: Secondary Social Studies Minor: Political Science Degree: B.S. Augusto Ramos Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: History Degree: B.S. Samuel J. Rampello Tampa, Fla. Major: History Minor: English Degree: B.S. JoAnn Randazzo Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: Home Economics Degree: B.S. Who ' s Who Pamela Seifert, Josephine Ferlita Patricia A. Rawls Brandon. Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: History Degree: B.S. Ralph R. Reiter Tampa, Fla. Major: Mathematics; Psychology Degree: B.S. Virginia S. Rempelakis Sarasota, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Fay I. Reynolds Madeira Beach, Fla. Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Degree: B.S. Aiirclia G. Risler Tampa, Fla. Major: Psychology Minor: Biology Degree: B.A. Donald T. Robins Rivcrview, Fla. Major: English Minor: Political Science Degree: B.A. 66 Paul C. Robinson Tampa, Fla. Major: Psychology Minor: Chemistry Degree: B.S. Nelson Roccaforte Tampa, Fla. Major; Psychology Minor: Biology; English Degree: B.S. Who ' s Who. Ganger Sutton, Donna Beninger, Diane Beninger Albert Rodi, Jr. Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: History Degree: B.S. Elvira L. Rodriguez Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Rene Rodriguez Tampa, Fla. Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Psychology Degree: B.S. Sam Rodriguez Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: English Degree: B.S. Sandra B. Rodriguez Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: History Degree: B.S. Lunell Rogers Tarripa. Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: History Degree: B.S. Charley E. Rose Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: History Degree : B.S. 67 Richard P. Russo Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Degree: B.S. Valter R. Sadlowski Tampa, Fla. Major: History: English Degree: B.A. Luciano A. Santa Cruz Tampa. Fla. Major: Psychology Minor: Sociology Degree: B.A. SaKatore Sardegna Tampa, Fla. Major: Mathematics Minor: History Degree: B.S. Peter J. Sargologos Preveza, Greece Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Degree: B.A. Samuel C. Scales Sarasota, Fla. Major: Business . dministration Minor: Economics Desfree: B.S. Joseph Schiekeck, Jr. St. Petersburg, Fla. Major: Psychology Minor: History Degree: B.S. Charles T. Sclunidt Tampa, Fla. Major: Accounting Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. John H. Schmidt Tampa, Fla. Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Degree: B.S. Joseph A. Schreiber Tampa, Fla. Major: Psychology Minor: Sociology Degree: B.A. Marjorie G. Shower Oncco, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Noella Smith Mushkcgan, Mich. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. 68 Robert Sitton Tampa, Fla. Major; History Minor: English Degree: B.A. Joan Snyder Sarasota, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: History; English Degree: B.S. Johnson L. Sparkman Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: History Degree: B.S. Gerald H. Stead Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Anthony J. Suarez Tampa, Fla. Major: Accounting Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. Michael G. Susce Sarasota, Fla. Major: Elementary Education: Social Studies Degree: B.A. Rose M. Swain .Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Degree: B.S. Donald P, Staber Amsterdam, N.Y. Major: Business Administration Degree: B.S. Ernest T. Stout Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: English Degree: B.S. Edward S. Sullivan Largo, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Ginger L. Sutton Tampa, Fla. Major: Psychology Minor: Biology Degree: B.S. John M. Taylor Buffalo, N.Y. Major: Chemistry Minor: Mathematics Degree: B.S. 69 John Terrell J. Vince Thompson Wauchula, Fla. Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Major: Physical Education Minor: History Minor: History Degree: B.S. Degree: B.S. Mar ' F. Tompkins Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: Art Degree: B.S. Franklin Toole Tampa, Fla. Major: Psychology Minor: English Degree: B.A. Martha Totzke Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Who ' s Who Mary Ann Fox, Mary Theresa Papia Av. ;V« •••, .•, • • • ,«v»i •.• •.••.••.,..■•• • ••••• Troy Townsend Claudette Tracksel Lutz, Fla. Tampa, Fla. Major: English Majo r: Elementary Education Minor: Art Minor: English Degree: B.A. John L. Tracy Anita L. Trosky r Tampa, Fla. Tampa, Fla. Major: Business .administration Major: Elementary i Minor: Economics Degree: B.S. 1 Degree: B.S. 70 Henry R. Trout Lebanon, Penn. Major: Business Administration Minor: Political Science Degree: B.S. Frank Vacant! Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: Psychology- Degree: B.S. Anthony Vento Tampa, Fla. Major: H.P.R. Minor: History Degree: B.S. Byron Wallace Tampa, Fla. Major: Business Administration Degree: B.S. Stephen White Tampa, Fla. Major: Psychology Minor: Biology Degree: B.A. Jessica Whitman St. Petersburg, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Terry Underwood Tampa, Fla. Major: History Minor: English Degree: B.A. Cornelius Vanderpoel Jacksonville, Fla. Major: Psychology Minor: History Degree: B.A. Joyce Wainwright Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. Charles Ward Palmetto, Fla. Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Degree: B.S. Louise Whitener Tampa, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Minor: English, French Degree: B.S. Joan Wilkerson St. Petersburg, Fla. Major: Elementary Education Degree: B.S. 71 John Wolfe Tampa, Fla. Major: English Minor: History- Degree: B.A. Phyletus Wright Tampa, Fla. Major: Art Minor: History- Degree: B.S. Bill Ycagle Tampa, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: English Degree: B.S. John Zabaski Tampa. Fla. Major: Accounting Minor: English Degree: B.S. Allan Windt Clearwater, Fla. Major: English Minor: History Degree: B.A. James Wisner Tampa, Fla. Major: Business .Administration Degree: B.S. John D. Witt Tampa, Fla. Major: Art Minor: English Degree: B.A. Barry Zellers St. Petersburg, Fla. Major: Business Administration Minor: Economics, Acctg., History Howard Zimmerman St. Petersburg, Fla. Major: Social Studies Minor: Industrial .Arts Degree: B.S. 72 JUNI0R9 Donald Abernethy Grace Agliano Deanne Albala Sylvia Albano Charles Allen Bernard Aliki Leonard Altamura Terry Alvin Doyle Andrews George Artman Richard Austin William Barnes John Barrett Albert Bassett Marc Beaubien Robert Benedix 1963 Who ' s Who In American Colleges And Universities William Boyd Jr., James A. Galmin, Anthony R. Yelovich Vaden Bessent Bobby Betancourt Lee Ann Betz Gerald Black Turner Blaine Sandra Bonanno William Crowley Pat Cor e 73 Alice Carter Carol Cedzidlo Martin Chazin Norman Cohen Sydney Comer Edward Connell Who ' s Who kT " i Alice L. Carter r-i 1 K w A Lester Coons Aley Corbett Who ' s Who Barbara J . Ubell Stephen Corrao Carol Cositore Steven Cottlieb Ann Coup Ronnie Brett Ronald Brczel Bonnie Broadway Patricia Brooks Dennis Brown Sarah Bullard Edward Burns Michael Busacco Lizbeth Calandrino Roxanne Call 74 Andrew DeMeyer Joseph Demmi Charles Cullens Diana Cullwell John Daoud Paul Diipuis Ethel Dutton Edward Dean Henson Deeds Gilbert DeMeza Ronald Dutton Carol Eden Carnig Ermoyan Clifford Erwin Anthony Facenda Charles Ferguson John Foley Bonnie Dikman Evelyn Fowler Frank DiMarco John Eliopoulos Frank Elkes Frank S. DiMarco Robert Doane Albert Drugos Lorraine Duggar . Robert Duff Who ' s Who Carol A. Mendez John Pellegrino 75 Robert Fox Joan Ingram Richard Francke Jeanette Jones Jo Ann Jennior Ralph Jacobsen Paul Karsen William Kaufman Bruce Kimmel Connie King John KevorKian Barbara Gardner Edward Knight Judith Gardner William Krantz Andrew Kurlzewski Eileen Gomez Sylvia Gonzaloz Ronald Haddle Bill Haiges Gordon Hare Harry Hawkins Vilma Hevia Carol Hick Coleman Hill Jr. Jeffery Himniel Edward Hollon John Horst Edwin Hottenroth John Howard 76 Ulrich Lee Rene Martinez Mark Lehrer Michael Mathis Frederick Letts George Lewis Donald Lightner Nelson Ligori Stephen Mazurowski John McManus Bernardo Mendez Carol Mendez Nickolas Maragos Peter Marinari David Mensh Charles Mesa Dick Messinger Joe Martineau Kenneth Meyer Michael Martinez Paul Meyerson Elizabeth Miller Michael Moore Who ' s Who Judith 1. Suiunierlin, Eileen Gomez, Barbara Gardner 77 Wayne Morley Junior Class Officers President, Anthony Yelovich; Vice-President, Edward Meyerson; Secretary-Treasurer, Judith Sumerlin : Class Representative, Barbara Gardner. Jane Murray Fouad Nassim Patricia Newton Susan Petersen Dennis Petretti James Noble Michael Nutting Edwin Olszata Howard Phillips Hoke S. Pigott James Parkes Anthony Parrino Larry Quidley Evelynne Raible Dan Ramn Peter Peck John Pellcgrino Yvonne Reynier Meador Riley Helene Ripling Bob Pinson Phillip Powers 78 Donald Scott Gary Seiden Pamela Seifert Howard Shamblin George Shary Stuart Shechter Ronald Sheesley Robert Shirley R. Shnering, Jr. Robert Shorenstein Jack Shumer Monte Simon Richard Slye George Romano Phillip Rose Gene Rowell John Rudl Jackie Smalley Jim Smalley Charles Smith Dan Smith Dennis Smith Lynn Smith Vincent Solmonte Eva Sommers James Stav-racos Diane Saville Carol Sayles Fred Scavone Fred Schlivhte Joel Schneider Norma Schwendoau James Stephenson Kenneth Storz Nancy Streeter John Sturas 79 Judy Summerlin Mary Sylvester Jerry Warshaw Wallace Wasmiind Robert Watts Thomas Tataris James Taylor Emma Weiman Marjorie Westrich Iris Willis Timothy Willis Anthony Yelovich Rebecca Young Thaddeus Tharne Riahard Tilley Joseph Tomaino Steven Zaritsky David Zeidenberg Mike Zidek Phillip Zimmerman Joyce Tucker Barbara Ubell Cannen Valenti Edward Valvano David Lcia Van Severs Alejandro Vazquez John Veit Francis Vent Carol Villardi Everett N ' itali Ua id Voy Joseph Wacliter David Walrath James Warficld 80 . Nancy Adams Tfirnoor Aeahi Ronald Alexander Bill Anderson Antonio Andux Richard Antoni Gaetana Aprile Cathy Banks Marcia Barisch Thomas Barrett Joyce Bixbee Donald " Black Orlando Blancato La Verne Bowen Sophomore Class Officers President John Himes Vice President Kitty Lyon Representative Gregory Sullivan 80PH0M0RE9 James Caruth Arnelio Castells Melvin Cerruti Peter Ciccarelli Francisco Cisnenis Eugene Chlebicki Alan Choback George Constantini Jeffrey Corbman Jose Corujo Carol Czarnccki Tom Doan Roberta Downs Ronni Duffy Ilniars Dzizna Marilyn Earl Donald Esposito Michal Farrino 81 Richard Faunce Hclene Jarmol Dennis Faust Edward Jones Peggy Ferugia Keld Fledelius Ed Kay WUliam Floyd Paul Kelly Barry Foster Yvette Forman Mike Kernen Lee Formate Judy King William Franklin John Frey Newton Friese Frank Galambos Camelia Garcia Barry George Don Gill Rick Gillis Jerry Ginzalez Barry Greenfield James Guniaer Maria Kladis Henry Hacse Linda Klein Janice Hart Ruth Hayward Pat Koch Beth Hazatone Don Koechlein David Hedderman Jim Helmes Barry Koffman John Hines Gloria Koomruian Gary Hobbs Leonard Hodges Louis Kovacs Ray Holohan Leona Kruppa Joyce Hope Drlk Howard John Langcl Bill Howell Peter Law Jane Humphreys 82 ■ _ Lynne Lawrence Steve Lefkowitz Hodges Leonard Wilson Mathews Carole Leuch Jeanne McBr -de Ruth McCaskill Jennie Licalsi Pam McCollister Ronnie Lieberman Jennifer McGarry Mike McMillan Sandy Lima Tyrone McMurrey William Looper Riley Meador Pete Meolli Muri Lucai Chet Monroe Martin Lutzk Kenneth Montgomery Louis Morizzo Kittle Lyon Ron Mucha Mary Penelope Harry Muchall Joe Mukleviez Richard Mackin Jere Munz Betsy Madzula C. L. Murphy Kenneth Mutti Larry Maier Garrett Mynatt John Markhnrst John Newman Betty O ' Brien 83 . ' - ' JifA Mike O ' Connor Bob Olmstcad Ed Owen Brian Padden Peggy Parise June Parrino Don Passalacqua Leslie Paston EC. Perez Dick Perrier Theresa Peters Stan Pietrowicz Louis Piniella Dennis Poston Andi Puterman Jerry Quinn Marie Ramsey John Reinhold Rich Rieth Bonnie Rivers Jeff Wallberg Art Rodgers Frank Rowsey Neil Rowsey John Runipf Michele Russell Molly Russell Tonyia Sayre Frank Scerbo Mike Schoenfeld Don Senior Faye Sheffield Jeff Simon Jane Staples Wilanne Starling Howard Steiger David Stout Craig Sturken Greg Sullivan Kathy Szentivanyi Ed Theobald Marise Tillman Ronald Trost Jacques Vrrron David ViUari 84 Shirley Wallof Dick Wells Terry Wilson Freshman Class Officers President Richard Stevens Vice President Mary Page Secretary-Treasurer Ann Barthalemue Representative Roberta Solodoff John Abele James Abruzzino J. Aldendorf Mimi Alexander Lennie AUamura Carl Alonso FRE9HMEN Mary Arduergo Harriet Aronson Bill Arnold Dennis Arslanian Becky Aulabaugh Robert Auslander Gilbert Bailie Danny Baldry Ann Bartholomew Linda Bashline Richard Bates Amelie Beltram Carol Berg Eileen Berger Adriene Bernstein Pat E. Best Judith Beth B. Martin Brant Billingham Susan Black Barry Blaisdell Linda Blanton Susan Bloch Clark Bobbitt 85 JiL i Stephen Bogan Steve Chudnow James Boggs Brenda Ciccarello Barbara Borrego Alan Bouverat Roberta Cirincione Russ Bowman Geraldine Ckarette Kenneth Bozak John Bracco Har ey Cohen Peter Breijo Jerrol Cohn Edmund Brett Nancy Briner John Brophy Marshall Brown Marsha Br ant Joseph Bucci Stephen Bullock Michael Buss Mary Butler Stanley Butterfield Xeil Cacase Anthony Comilla Jim Calcutt Mathews Conig Hortense Calderone Ann Cameron Beth Cooper Judith Carlson Ra -mond Corbin Roy Carrasco Dan Carroll Jeffery Corbman Manuel Casero Patricia Cordner Marcia Chalfin Jose Chamber James Corrubia Tom Charlton Diane Corter Lewis Cherkoss Jim Childers Joe Costellana Arthur Chiodo Ralph Crowther Charles Chop 86 3 . ' I J Sandra Crusby Ralph Culbert Robert DeRosa Dennis Dexter David Diodate Dinah Culbreath Douglas Dalliar Jack Doherty Dennis Donegan Penelope Donoghue Joseph Dandrea Don Davis Lillian Dootson David Doub Irvanna Dow Henry- Davis Jane Davis Dean Drapin Beverly Dupuis Marilee Duren Richard Davidson Mary Day Carolyn Duryer David Dutch Robert Edwards Albert DeCosta Diane Ford Dennis Eich James Egan Joseph Elia Heabert Delin Maria Deluca • Webb Eliscu Diana Espinosa John Essig Robert Deniar Vincent DePasquale Jerry Faison Ronald Fascitelli Mary Lou Farris 87 Roseann Favata Sylvia Febre Fred Fenverda Joyce Finhorn Cliff Finkle V- J Alice Fisher Federico Firnhaber Helen Garcia Diane Ford Oscar Garcia Barbara Garelick John Garver Lana Geffner Roberta Gertiser Bradley Foreman Donald Giffoniello Villiam Foutz Jean Gilhadt Byres Hollis Gitchell Eli2abeth Frank Erline Gladstone Leroy Frenzel Naomi Glass Elizabeth Godwin Richard Frangipane Mickey Goff David Fullen Robert Goldberg Barbara Goldenberg Charles Funk Rosalie Goniglio Zan Funkhauser Ted Goodman Marvin Gordon Ronald Furman Joe Graceffa Russell Gainous Otto Graganni James Griffin Patricia Gallagher Monique Growlx Dorinda Garcia Estella Gual Lorraine Guida 88 Steven Hickman Curtis Hill John Hiltonen Marion Hochbien Walter Holloway John Horton Lynette Horton Cheryl Howard Judith Hunter Federick Guniz Jim Guy Mickey Hagen Jean Hallin Martha Hamilton George Hands John Harris Robert Harris Thomas Harmon Orbra Harrell Kenneth Hartman Jeanne Hartmuller Marlene Hasselo Edward Hasson Fred Hatem Richard Hazucha R. A. Heckman Pauline Hendry John Herbert Joy Herman M. M. Herman David Hernandez James Herring Stephen Hess 89 Kevin Hurt Meschelle Hyland Salvadore lacona Katherine Ingalls Lynn Irman Michael Irvin Herbert Isaeson Howard Jacobs Stevens Jacobs William Jay Josephine Jenicki Ellis Johnson Valsc Johnson Martha Johnson Jerry Jones Richard Jones James Judway Alfredo Julian Jackie Kabat Russ Kachel Howard Karger Karlis Karkins John Kearney Ronnie Keene Robert Keesler Mike Kennedy Paul Kecncdy William Keppler Keven Kern Susan Kcrnjack Charles Kcsorkian Lyn Klicka Donald Knaver Alfred Knight Renee Kontrick J. M. Kraemer Robert Kraft Diane Kurre Manny Kustas Donald Kwauer Ralph Lazarra Loretta Lazar George LaFountain Suzanne Laird John Lambert Annie Lanham Tony LaRussa Alfred Laubsch Joseph Lauren Sandy Leaman George Lerncr Kenneth Letts Cathy Lewis Robert Lima Nora Lindsay 90 Donn Linton Lyle Lishbaugh James LoBiondo Robert Love James Lovett Kathryn Lowe Alfred Loyor Charles Luchs Ann Lutgen Jim Mabry Carl MacDonald Harry MacGrotty Sally Mack J. J. Mackieanis Marie Maggie David Maguire John Mahan Louis Major Ronald Makinson Vic Malozi Steve Malzone Betty Mantzell Beverly Martin Dianne Martin Kirsten Martin Anthony Marino Mike Martino Hugh Marx Richard Mason Bonnie Mazer Homer McAdows Robert McCahill Joe McCausland John McGibney Harley McGriff Richard McLaughlin Ronald McMakin Barbara Meister Yolanda Menendez Fred Meyers Daniel Michalec George Mihalick Donna Mikos Robert Milosheusky 91 Tom Miller J. Millett John Moloney Nancy Moore w, Stephen Moore Julian Moroni John Newbold Richard Nicolosi Frederick Nielson Robert Nye Patricia O ' Reilly Robert Morris Kenneth Murphy John Neese Joseph Orlando Judy Orovic Glenna Osborne Heather O ' Shea Hilda ' Ovral William Owens Terry Oxford Linda Pacheco Mary Page Kenneth Palmer Sharon Pamirez Janet Parker Louis Pasetti Olga Pate Lester Pedone Frank Penton Charles Perdomo Lee Perlmuller John Perry William Peter Roger Pettit Warren Petzol William Pfeil Francisco Pia Ken Piclet Frank Piscitelli Robert Pisano Roy Pitchal Ruth Pittnian George Pollock 92 kM George Rose Andrea Rosenberg Judy Ross Linda Ross Edward Roth Barbara Roy Charlotte Rubin Patricia Ponce Jas. Rumpel Cheryl Potton Jimmy Powers Kathleen Prose Philip Provenzano Gloria Quesada Edward Russ John Ramsey Clare Saft Robert Rea -es Bruce Renick Freddie Salgado Benjamin Reynolds Wendy Salichs Betty Richards Joyce Ried Dennis Sanchez Hilda Riefhohl Ray Sanchez Susana Riely Joel Rizzano Chuck Santon Sharon Robb Luzette Scacone David Robbins Anne Robertson Thomas Scanto Alan Robinovitz Joel Scheer Jeff Robinson Robert Robinson • George Schill Lucia Rodriguez Phyllis Schiro Janet Rogers Maria Rogers 93 Peter Schmidt Trude Schomer Eileen Schroll Joseph Schwartz i f fmVt Joseph Scionti H Robert Scott Joseph Scttecasi Ronald Smith Sandy Seed Roberta Solodoff Judy Spencer William Spencer Louis Spindler Niki Spirtos Dennis Segall Larry Stacy John Shellenberger Harry Staples J. VV. Stargess Charles Sherrill Graig Stark Mark Shickler Robert Stein Richard Stevens Thomas Shull Judy Stone Dan Sikes George Strickland Linda Strickland Lloyd Simmons Gerald Sullivan Patty Simpson Linda Swain Derek Taylor John Singleton Gaye Taylor Richard Sisolec Lenna Thomas Norman Tolokonsky Ira Smith Steven Toth Patricia Smith George Towery Agnes Trautman y 94 Kenneth Wingate Ted Williams Nestor Winters Richard Wolfman Earl Wood David Yellen Eydia Yglesias Jeanne Young Nancy Young Lawrence Unger Lolita Urrutia Janet Vanet William Varley John Veat Mario Villamarzo William Virga Harold Warren Al Waters George Watson Rhona W ' axenberg Patricia Weary Garland Webb Alan Weidberg Barbara Weiner Kenneth W ' eiss Robert Weissman Sandra Weinstein Stephen Werner Lou Wexler Robert Wheeler Clifton White Sylvia Whitehurst Richard Whitney 95 f 0RGANIZATI0N8 STUDENT GOVERNMENT President Ernest Stout Vice President James Stavracos Senior Class President George Nousiainen Vice President Jeanette de Guzman Secretary-Treasurer Ginger Sutton Representatives Donna Beninger Janet McGee Sophomore Class President John Hines Secretary-Treasurer Kitty Lyon Representative Greg Sullivan Junior Class President Tony Yelovich Vice President Edward Meyerson Secretary-Treasurer .... Judy Summerlin Representative Barbara Gardner Freshman Class President Pete Stevens Vice President Mary Page Secretary-Treasurer . . Ann Barthalemue Representative Roberta Solodoff 98 PRE8IDENT Ernest Stout I VICE PRESIDENT James Stavracos George Nousianinen Ginger Sutton Jeanette de Guzman Janet McGee Harr ' Trout 6. Donna Beninger 7. Tony Yelovich 8. Judy Summerlin 9. Barbara Gardner 10. Edward Meyerson 1 1. John Hiiics 12. Greg Sullivan 13. Kitty Lyons 14. Roberta Solodoff 15. Mary Page 16. Pete Stevens 1 7. Ann Barthalemue 18. Al Waters 99 THE MOROCCAN 1963 Editor Jeanette de Guzman Business Manager Brenda Baggett Art Director John M. Murray Assistant Business Manager George Xousiainen Classes Cindy Kladis Staff Lee Ann Betz Maria Kladis Andi Puterman Elvira Rodriguez Lynette Horton Al Waters Financial Advisor Edmund P. Sliz Faculty Ad isor Dr. Francis J. Thompson i J George Nousiainen Maria Kladis r: Cindy Kladis and Lee Ann Betz Lynette Horton El ira Rodriguez 100 EDITOR Jeanette de Guzman ART DIRECTOR John M. Murray BUSINES9 MANAGER Brenda Joyce Baggett 101 MOROCCAN ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Louise Cast, Secretary Dr. David Cavanagh, Dan Costa, Perry King, Dr. Robert Tramontana; SECOND ROW: Anthony Ippolilo, Robert McArthur, Walter Minahan. 103 WTUN Tony Ganong, Program Director; Mike Moore, Station Manager; Art Bar- em, Announcer. Bob Shory, Engineer Al Waters, Announcer Sim Griffin. Announcer; Lion Esposito, iNcws Director; George Bollinger, Announcer. 104 Janet McGee, Dr. Stout, chapter ad- N ' isor; Gall Zambito, Sandra Rodriguez, Dennis Eich. Officers Brenda Baggett, President Paul Robinson, Janet McGee, Vice Presidents Sylvia Penzato, Secretary Mary Greenwald, Treasurer STUDENT FLORIDA EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The purpose of this organization, which is affiliated with the National Education Association, is to enable the future teach- ers to become better acquainted with their profession and meet important visiting educators, as well as to ha e opportunities for leadership. Dr. Stout is the chapter ad isor. .y 1 , Patricia Alvarez, Mary Greenwald, Brenda Baggett, Sylvia Penzato; SECOND ROW: ictor Schultzman, Lunell Rogers, Bob Cheret. 105 MINARET The Minaret is published bi-monthly by the students of the University of Tampa, Tampa, Florida. It is a member of National Advertising Sen,ice, Inc., Florida Intercollegiate Press, Associated Collegiate Press, and Intercollegiate Press. Staff Editor Allan H. Windt Business Manager Norma Blancato Assistant Jan Vanek Manager Byron Hollingsworth Assistant Peter Law News Jim Sloan Assistant Richard Perrier Feature Liz Bauer Editorial Judy Summerlin, Mike Moore Sports Al Waters Circulation Dick Da ison Exchange Ann Epling Advertising Marvyn Gordon, Duke Ermoyan, Judy Gardner Typist Darlene Jones Artist Phil Zeigler Photographer Victor Obadian Reporters George Nousiainen, Dan Ramn, Don Espositi, Richard Francke EDITOR Allan H. Windt BU9INE88 MANAGER Norma Blancato 107 VETERAN 9 ASSOCIATION Robert O. Cousins Treasurer Richard T. Hull, Vice President; Howard J. Chambers, President. Etha Bell, Secretary: Alvin Cooledge, Michael Ko- vach. FOREIGN 9TUDENT9 .laiBttx -mm " ' K, FT XB B il ft ; ■. - . , %-. . « W- ' mf Jt ) J .: ■u:: .i W •.M ' Mr .T- X .4 1 r- " - ' =Sr:.-- w H • e 1- - B L ' £ 1 F 1 ° , R| ' fhy L [ ' l l Ifl ■wim f •-3 f lla r ' riMi ti JkV 9 8PANI9H CLUB At right, SEATED: Judy Gnindner, Freddie Scalone, Graciela Pi STANDING: Eugene Liddy, Mimi Alexander, Jorge A. Hande, Alfredo Julian, Richard Darison, Jose Federico Firnhaber. Below, STANDING: Alex Vasquez, Dr. Eustasio Fernandez, Emma Weiman, Josephine Jenicki, Estella Gual SEATED: Julie Quintana, Juan Miguel Cukier, Mrs. Margaret Pankey. Officers Julie Quintan.i President Graciela Pi Vice President Alex Vasquez Secretary- Alfredo Julian Treasurer Dr. Eustasio Fernandez Faculty Adviser The Spanish Club, sowing good fellowship and understanding among its members, seeks to offer an opportunity for Latin and non-Latin students to jjractice the Spanish language while enjoying good companionship. In the past, the Spanish Club has given " Zarzuelas " and plays. To raise money this year, the president ' s mother cooked a real Spanish dish, " arroz con polio " ; tickets were sold for the supper given at McKay Hall. 109 LETTERMEN ' 8 CLUB Tony Yelovich, Mark Beaubien, Bill Gudalis, SECOND ROW: George Shary, Bill Croft, Bill Yeagle; THIRD ROW: John Veil, Jim Gatto, Pete Meoli. Joe Arasim Dick O ' Brien Gene Rouell, Ernest Stout, James Galmin, Edward Mearin, Bob Banks, Bob Kalman. P9YCH0L0GY CLUB 110 PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS ' CLUB FIRST ROW: Leon Kuppa, Pat Fussell, Kitty Lyons, Harett Aron- son; SECOND ROW: Dennis Eich, Pete Meoli, John Hines, Ed Meyerson, George Shary: THIRD ROW: George Srhill, Ken Weiss, Bob Kalman, Rene Martinez, Hadden Kelley; FOURTH ROW: Ralph Brnch, Len Ahramura, John Veit. FIRST ROW: Lynn Smith, Carol Cediglo, Loretta Lazar, Judy King; SECOND ROW: Frank Sallo, Tony Yelovich, Dick O ' Brien, Ernie Stout; THIRD ROW: Ed Mearin, Gene Rowell, Bob Banks, Joe Arasim, Bill Yeaglc; FOURTH ROW: Bill Gudalis, Mike Zidek, Jay Sparkman, Jim Gatto. Kitty Lyons, Secretary CIRCLE K SERVICE CLUB XXT = «i 1 f - ■ R-| - y Bill Anderson. Dolores Jameson, Ann Epling, Norma Blancato. HELLENIC YOUTH CLUB 2 Maria Kladis. Nick Poneros, Gust Koelousos, Lefty Lewis. RELI6I0U8 COUNCIL Allan Windt. Emma Weiman. Bill Zellers, Pat Alchediak. Keld Fedmith. Nick Maragos, Peter Sargalogos, Jim StavTacos, Manuel Kustas, C ii- thia Kladis. 112 Soterios Kyriakou. Jim X ' lahakis, John Eliopoulos. JEWISH STUDENT UNION Sandy Weingarten, St Secretary Allan Windt, President Mrs. Brod. Bnai Brith Advisor NEWMAN CLUB FIRST ROW: Gerry Charette, Ann Lutgen, Lorraine Guida ,Kathy Prose, Licia Rodriguez: SECOND ROW: Chris Hyland, Robin New- hold, Janet MrGee, Jack Kearney, Barhara Gardner, Pete LaRusso, Kathy Battaglia, Ralph Culbert, James Galmin, Tony Yelovich, Bill Zellers, Ed Brett, Bill Cast, Ron Fascetelli, Joe Laurenzano, Dennis Eich, Marian Parks, Art Constantini, Pat .Akhediak, Barbara Meister, Carl MacDonald. Officers: Bill Zellers, President: Bill Cast. Vice Presi- dent; Marian Parks, Secretary: Pat .Mchediak, Treasurer. 113 WE8TMIN9TER FELLOWSHIP Officers David Voye President Lee Ann Betz Vice President Byron HoUingsworth Secretary-Treasurer Richard Stanford Publicity Cookie Mendez Ecumenical Relations Left: Richard Stan- ford, Lee Ann Betz. SECOND ROW: Paul Robinson, Lin- ette Horton, John Har- nette, Coleman Hill. Below : Norma Blan- cato. Jim Mason, Jane Staples, Richard Dav- ison, Jim Sloan. FIRST ROW: David ' oye, Byron HoUings- worth, Cookie Men- dez. 114 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION FIRST ROW: Ann Bartholomew, Sandy Crosby, Polly Churchill, Irvanna Dow, Theresa Peters, Darlene Jones. SECOND ROW: Reverend Lilly, Ray Marcos, Wilson Matthews, George Bellinger, Betty Hines, Bill Anderson. PI DELTA EP8IL0N HONORARY JOURNAUSM FRATERNITY Julius D. Locke, Faculty Advisor Jean Lackovic, Allan Frankel. SECOND ROW: Jeanette de Guzman, Allan Windt, Judy Summerlin, Norma Blancato, John M, Murray, Brenda Baggett. 115 41 KAPPA PI HONORARY ART FRATERNITY . . . •« — » jki? Sk -T, ALPHA ALPHA THETA CHAPTER Officers: John Murray, President Adele Dingfelder, Vice-President Dorothy Pfiefer, Treasurer Mary Enno, Secretary Pictured: (Bill Robertson) Alex ' asquez Mr. Alfred Xash Dorothy Pfiefer Joe Gutieirez Mr. Joe Testa-Secca Jcaninc Wilson John NUirray Adcle Dingfelder Ann Echelman John Witt Mr. Wallace Green Dorothy Kennedy KAPPA KAPPA P9I HONORARY BAND FRATERNITY 1. Frank Menendez 2. Nelson Roccaforte 3. Gilbert De Meza 4. Nick Pompilio 5. Wally Becker 6. Leroy Dewey 7. George Nousiainen 8. Joseph Dervaes 9. Keld Fledious 117 9IGMA ALPHA IOTA HONORARY MU8IC FRATERNITY E J Pam Seifert and Judy Summerlin Mary Otto Jane Murray Louise Frier, Lala Cantor Officers Artie Parsons President Jenny Harkey Vice President Judy Summerlin Secretary Pam Seifert Treasurer Louise Frier Chaplain HONORS BORDEN FRE8HMAN AWARD The students named hereon ha e received the Borden Freshman Prize for ha ing achic ed the highest average grade among members of their class for the freshman year. Dorothy L. Kiges 1956-57 Millicent Adams 1957-58 Ardis P. Ardis 1958-59 Jeanette Y. de Guzman 1959-60 Karen L. Campbell 1960-61 Tyrone L. McMurray 1961-62 Dr. Charles R. Walker congratulates Tyrone Mc- Murray for having maintained an " A " average for his freshman year. 118 CONCERT CHORUS Mr. Malcolm Westley, Director ACCENT ON MU9IC 119 CHEERLEADERS Sii Fo-lua K-ri ' dun 1 uixnaji Nancy Adanu, Sim TlUnian, Sit Feriita, Pegfy Ann Ferugia; SECOND HOW: Omger Sut- ton. Uane B ur«;«;r. Doosa Beninger, Sandy Lima. 120 BAND " - assess jims$$ 8 d « cvxswvxKwes. rc± PHI 90CIETY Students who appear on the Dean ' s List for academic excellence for both semesters of their freshman year ma ' be eligible for Phi Societ ' if the major portion of credits has been in Liberal Arts courses. Phi Society, installed at the University of Tampa in 1940, is a direct ofTspring of Phi Beta Kappa, oldest and most distin- guished of . merican honorary ' fraternities. John M. Murray Dr. Julius D. Locke, Facultv Advisor I Pamela Seifert, Judy Summerlin Jeanette de Guzman, Jean Lacko nc PHI ALPHA THETA THETA GAMMA CHAPTER Phi Alpha Theta, national honorar)- histor ' fraternity, was installed at the L ' niversir - of Tampa in 1961. Membership is open to students majoring or minoring in historv ' who can fulfill its high scholastic requirements. Faculty ad isor is Dr. Jesse L. Keene. Other members not pictured include Dr. Ryan Beiser, Dr. Allan P. Stuckey. Dr. Stephen Speronis. George Church, Jane Adams, and Leona Bittner. Left: William Barnes, Sam Rampello, George .A.rtman, Jr., President Barr - Carleen, ' ice President : Roy . nderson 122 9IGMA TAU DELTA RHO ZETA CHAPTER EN6LI9H HONORARY FRATERNITY Colonel Hutchins Allan Frankel Mirion Katz Jean Lackovic Gouy Seider Shirley Outer Vinson Lundev Dr. Howard J. Baker, Faculty Advisor Sigma Tau Delta, national English honorary ' fraternity, was found- ed in order to encourage the study of English literature and to foster writing of high literary quality. The Rho Zeta Chapter of the Uni- versity of Tampa publishes the literaiy journal De Novo. This year, Sigma Tau Delta will work closely with Pi Delta Epsilon, honorary journalism fraternity. Both organizations will contribute to the lit- erary and financi al needs of De Novo. 123 8IGMA 8IGMA 8IGMA BETA 9I6MA CHAPTER Cynthia Kladis Jeanette de Guzman Brenda Baggett k i Sylvia Penzato Left, THIRD ROW: Lee Ann Betz. Sandy Rodriguez. Jeanette de Guzman. SECOXD ROW: Sylvia Penzato. Duf- fy Elwell, Cookie Rodriguez. FIRST ROW: Cindy Kladis, Brenda Baggett, Marion Parks. 9IGMA PLEDGES Brenda Grant Nancy Shoemaker Dorothy Elwell Carol Czarnecki Lee Ann Betz Marion Parks Beta Sigma Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority is proud to participate in its national social project, " Sigma Serves Children. " " This motto is translated into action by the annual Man-of-the-Year Contest, which raises money for the chil- dren " s polio ward at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Chico Ep- stein succeeded George Nousiainen as our Man of the Year. At the first convocation, Sigmas were honored again for ha ing maintained the highest sorority scholastic average for two consecutive years. During the summer. Beta Sigma Chap- ter sent representatives to our national convention held at Biloxi, Mississippi, where we were honored for scholastic ex- cellence. The sisters have enjoyed many fund-raising projects: Script Dance, Crab and Cake Sales, car washes, doughnut sales, coke booth at Gasparilla. Jeanette de Guzman and Cookie Rodiiguez were elected to Senior Notables as Most Intellectual and Best Looking, respectively. Sister Jeanette serves as editor of the Moroccan, and Sister Brenda as business manager. Other sisters on the staff are Lee Ann Betz, Cindy Kladis, Cookie Rodriguez. Both Cindy and Cookie represent us in IFSC and Panhellenic Council. In religious work. Lee Ann participates at the Westminster Fellowship meetings, Marian at the Newman Club functions, and Cindy at Hellenic Youth affairs. Sister Jeanette served as Vice President of the senior class and was elected to Pi Delta Epsilon Fraternity. She was nominated for the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship. She is a mem- ber of Phi Society. Sigma memories of fun-filled e ents include our Tenth An- niversary Celebration, Founders Day Dinner, Mothers ' Day Tea, and Cinderella Ball. « Officers Cynthia Kladis President Elaine Mari " Vice President Brenda Baggett Treasurer Jeanette de Guzman Recording Secretary Keeper of Grades Sylvia Penzato Corresponding Secretary 125 Ann Epling, Eileen Gomez, Joyce Tucker, Florence Ciaravella, Beverly Ardisiana, Teresa Papia. DELTA ZETA DELTA BETA CHAPTER Officers Teresa Papia President Beverly Ardisiana Florence Ciaravella Vice Presidents Ann Epling Treasurer Eileen Gomez Recording Secretary Joyce Tucker Historian 126 1. Florence Ciaravella 2. Marie Capitano 3. Carole Cedzidlo 4. Joyce Tucker 5. Eileen Gomez 6. Mary Ann Fox 7. Ann Epling 8. Marie Boykin 9. Jennie LiCalsi 10. Sylvia Gonzales 1 1 . Mary Teresa Papia 12. Mary Tompkins 13. Olga Garcia 14. Beverly Ardisiana The Delta Zetas began the school year with the Fall Fling after the first football game. Among many activities that Delta Beta Chapter participated in were the Phil- anthropic Projects, Founders ' Day, Christmas parties. Pledge Class Shoe-Shine Day, May Day, the Mother- Daughter Banquet, and its biggest social function of the year, the Rose Ball, at which time the spring pledges were presented. Leading the Spartan Dancerettes this year was Mary Teresa Papia. Other Delta Zetas on the squad included Beverly Ardisiana, Marie Boykin, Eileen Gomez, Jennie LiCalsi, and our fall pledge, Mary Tompkins. Elected to Who ' s Who this year were Mary Teresa Papia, Mary Ann Foz, and Eileen Gomez. One of the highlights of the fall semester was the selection of the Delta Zeta float as " Best All Around " at Homecoming. Ann Epling served as reporter on the Minaret staff. Flor- ence Ciaravella and Carole Cedzidlo arc in Panhellenic Council; Mary Ann Fox and Man.- Teresa Papia ai - LF.S.C. representatives. Teresa Papia was elected Moroc- can Queen. 127 1. Don Espisito 2. John Harnette 3. Ronald Haws 4. Gary Sieden 5. Tyrone McMurry 6. Bob Miller 7. Dan Rainm 8. Don Blair 9. Bill Cast 10. Leroy Dewey 11. Steve Corrao 12. Hank Moore 13. Frank Keating 15. Bill .Anderson 16. Bob Burnstein 17. Pete LaRusso 18. Mark Leber 19. Bob Cheret 20. Jack Sumerstein 21. George Nousiainen 22. Art Constantini 23. Tony Ganong 128 TAU KAPPA EP9IL0N EP8IL0N BETA Officers Dave Walrath President Hank Moore Vice President George Nousianen Secretary John Harnett Treasurer Steve Corrao Chaplain Ronald Haws Historian Dan Ramm Pledge Trainer Bob Miller Sergeant-at-Arms ' ' WWIIKfffflB SEATED: Dave Walrath, George Nousiainen, Steve Corrao, Ronald Haws, Hank Moore STANDING: Dan Ramm, John Harnett. 129 FIRST ROW: Joe Pullara, Leo Diaz, Don Loney, Aaron Dowd, Joe Martineau, Dean Burroughs, SECOS ' D ROW: Dave Villari, John Rumpf, Jim Lobiendo, Ed Owens, Dick Hull, Mike Zidek, John Wolfe, Frank Scerbo, John Veit; THIRD ROW: Ralph Dunham, Jack Dohert -, Jere Munz, John Kern, Dennis Faust, Mike Kovach, George Shar ' .- Charlie Culliens, Bob Pisano, Gene Green, Richy Nicolosi, Bob Munz, Wayne SI ' " ania. Gene Chiblecki, Bob Cousins; FOURTH ROW: Dic k Perrier, Bruce Lathrope, Jim Mot- sett, Len Stovall, Bob Pinson, Jim Neve, Jerry Mazurowski, Bill Boyd. Lou Morizzo, Chuck Homung, Don Small, Roger Howard. The brothers of Beta Lambda Chapter participate in most phases of the uni ersity " s extra-curricular acti -ities. The Spartan football team is represented by Jim Neve, Frank Scerbo, Bill Boyd, Ed CKvens, and Bob Olmstead. Varsity basketball is sparked by John Pellegrino and George Shary: in the crew team, brothers John ' eit, Jere Munz, and Bob Munz flex their muscles on the oars. Baseball saw Dean Burroughs as one of its standouts. Our candidate. Cookie Mendez of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority reigned as Home- coming Queen. Beta Lambda is proud to have five of its brothers selected to Vho " s Who: Jim Ne e, John Kern, Bob Munz, Bill Boyd, and John Pellegrino. Pi Kappa Phi won the overall trophy in intermurals. John Veit was elected captain of the all star football team. In April we serenaded our " daughters " who were Rozann Call, Sandy Lima, Sis Ferlita, Brenda Callahan, Sally Giroir, Joyce Bixbee, and Carol Long. Ethel Button received the Outstanding Daughter Award for 1962. Our big social events of the year included the Roman Party, the Christmas Dance, Pi Kap-Alpha Chi Barefoot Ball, the Moonlight Cruise, and our Rose Ball. Our brothers are looking forward to a greater, stronger Beta Lambda Chapter in the years to come. Officers Don Loney President Leo Diaz Secretary Aaron Dowd Treasurer Joe Pullara Chaplain Joe Martineau Warden Gene Green House Managers Charlie Cullens Left: Gene Green, . aron Dowd, Joe Martineau, Don Loney, Leo Diaz, Joe Pullara. 130 PI KAPPA PHI BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER ZETA TAU ALPHA GAMMA SIGMA CHAPTER Officers Janet McGee President Joy Canter Vice President Sally Giroir Treasurer ' .I " HTwI B Patricia Fussell Secretary V S H This year has been an outstanding one for the Zetas of Gamma Sigma Chapter. Cookie Mendez was elected Homecoming Queen, and our float was selected " Best Sorority Float. " Rep- resenting us in Student Congress is Janet McGee, Senior Class Representative, and Kittie Lyon, Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer. Our Zeta Dancerettes are Maxine Oliver, Barbara Scalzo, and Janet McGee. Pat Fussell is Drum-Majorette, and Cookie Mendez is flag bearer. Sissi Tillman is our representative in the cheer- leading squad. Janet McGee is secretary of Panhellenic Council and ISFC; repre- sentatives to these two organizations are Joy Cantor and Sally Giroir, respectivelv. Looking back to last spring, we have fond memories of Roseanne Cinchett as Pi Kappa Phi Rose Queen and Joy Cantor as Tau Kappa Epsilon Maid in their Sweet- heart Court. Theta Chi honored us by naming Joanne Randazzo to their Dream Girl Court. And finally, pledge Ada Addison was named Pledge Sweetheart of Tau Kappa Epsilon. This fraternity also honored us with their Gold Man Award. 0 ■- s , r|1 1 ' 1 7 . ft ' 1 ' - ■ ■ 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Carol " Cookie " Mendez Nancy Monney Lola Pius Norma Boza Sally Giroir Maxine Oliver Patricia Fussell Janet McGee Barbara Scalzo Joy Canter Brenda Callahan Eileen Castle Lavern Bowen Jane Staples Evelyn Raible Kittie Lyon Darlene Jones Nancy Streeter ot pictured) Maria Cccila Tillman Ada Addison 133 Ginger Sutton, Donna Beninger, Barbara Ubell. Officers Donna Beninger President Ginger Sutton Vice President Joyce Wainwright .... 2nd Vice President Judy Summerlin Treasurer Barbara Ubell Recording Secretar - ALPHA CHI OMEGA The sisters in .-Mpha Chi Omega have had a ery successful year. We received the trophy for the " Best Sorority Lawn Display " ; Barbara Ubell and Pam Seifert were First and Second Maids respectively to the Homecoming Court. Pam Seifert recei ed the highest grade average in the chapter. Joyce Wainwright received an award for scholzistic improvement, and Roberta Downs received the pledge award for the most improved grades. Nine of our sisters were elected to Who ' s Who: Diane and Donna Beninger, Alice Carter, Sis Ferlita, Barbara Gardner, Pam Seifert, Judy Summerlin, Ginger Sutton and Barbara Ubell. Representing us in Student Government are: Ginger Sutton, Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer, Donna Beninger, Senior Class Representative, and Barbara Gardner, Junior Class Representative, Panhellenic President is Donna Beninger, and Diane Beninger is representative. Representing us in IFSC are Ginger Sutton and Donna Beninger. Sis Ferlita is head cheerleader. Other sisters on this squad are Nancy Adams, Diane and Donna Beninger, Peggyann Ferugia, Sandy Lima, and Ginger Sutton. Other unforgetable events were our Script Dance. Winter Party, Pi Kap-Alpha Chi Barefoot Ball, Car- nation Breakfasts, Bunny Day and Pilgrim Day, and the annual Lead Out Dance in spring, at which time the pledged are introduced. Judy Summerlin, Joyce Wainwright. 134 •5 ?i5-;;v§i ' ' Pledges Tony Sayers and Yvette Foreman. Pledges Gloria Koomermin, Nancy Adams, and Sandra Lima. STANDING: Peggy Parrise, Chris Hyland, Donna Beninger, Ginger Sut- ton, Diane Beninger, Roxanne Call, Judy Sumnierlin, Cathy Bataglia, Dana Drew, Alice Carter SITTING: Pam Seifert, Vilma Hevia, Connie King, Betsy Madzula, Jane Humphries, Peggy Ann Ferugia, Barbara Ubell, Joyce Bixbee, Sis Ferlita, Wilanne Starling; SEATED on floor; Roberta Downs, Barbara Gardner, Joyce W ' ainwright. 135 Officers Bill Davenport President Samuel Rainpollo Vice President David Mitchell Secretary Don Koechlin . . . . ; Comptroller 136 SIGMA PHI EPSILON FLORIDA ZETA CHAPTER Highlights of first semester were the Homecoming week-end and the Moroccan Queen Campaigns. Brother John Hines supervised the Homecoming activities. He was assisted by brothers Craig Sturken, Pete Marinari, and Joe Muclevitz. Organizers for the alumni party following the game were Paul Kelly, Jack Frey, and Bill De Celle, John Hines head an important function as chairman of the Moroccan Queen campaign. A momentous precedent was set by the Sigma Phi Epsilon and Theta Chi on December, 1962. The first inter-fraternity tackle football game was held at Phillip ' s Field in the history of the University of Tampa. The proceeds of the game went to the Student Center and the Athletic Department. We hope that in the future the fraternities can be brought together for good clean rivalry on the grid- iron. After Christmas vacation, committees were set up to raise money for the fraternity by parking cars and selling refreshments at the annual Florida State Fair and Gasparilla celebrations. Our anni ersity banquet held in March commemorated the tenth year of Sigma Phi Epsilon on the campus of the University of Tampa. Many of our alumni and national officers attended. Our Sweetheart Dance was also held during the spring semester. All events were successful because of the mutual cooperation among the brothers and their offi- cers. This has been a banner year for Florida Zeta Chapter. FOURTH ROW: Paul Kelly, Jack Kilroy, Terry Underwood, Frank Fernandez, Pete Meoli, John Himes, Mark Beaubien, Bill Croft, Dick Messinger, Earnest Stout, Garrett Gaggino, Sam Hcddeman ; THIRD ROW: Ed Theobould, Louis Kovas, Frank Sallo, Howard Schablien, HoUis Curling, Newt Freeze, Graig Struken, Hank Karson, Don Gill, Tony Yelovich, Bill Guadlis, Bob Banks, Ray Holahan; SEC- OND ROW: Max Davis, Chet Monroe, George Moran, Vaden Besset, Joe Muckoey, Bob Kalman. Ed Kay, Tony Beniguito, Jack Frey, John Lucas, Wes Deeds, Joe . ' rism. Chic Cicciarii, Brian Pad- den; FIRST ROW: Ron Perez, Rene Martinez, Pete Marinai, Ber- nie Gaughan, Barney George, David Mitchell, Bill Davenport, Sam Rampello, Pon Korchlien, John Renehold, Bob Rendicto, Bill Haig- les, Ed Mearin. 137 INTERFRATERNITY - 80R0RITY COUNCIL SEATED Sally Giroir, Mary Ann Fox, Mary Theresa Papia, Louis Kovacs, Graig Struken, James Stavracos, Jeffery Him- mel, Kenneth Smith, Charles Ferguson. SEATED Janet McGee, Ginger Sutton, Brenda Baggett, Robert Munz, Pedro La Russa Dean King. Officers Pete LaRusso President John Kern Vice President Janet McGee Secretary Bob Munz Treasurer STAi DING Dean DeCarlo, Davis Walrath. Arthur Con- stantini, John Kern SEATED Cynthia Kladis. 138 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Dean DeCarlo FIRST ROIV: George Clement, Dean DeCarlo, Samuel Rampello, Donald Koechlein, Jcffcry Himmel, Michael Gerber, Richard Wag- Salvadore Sardegna; SECOND ROW: James Stavracos, Barry George, ner, Davis Walrath, Robert Cheret. 139 TAU EP8IL0N PHI EP8IL0N SIGMA CHAPTER Officers Jeff Himmel First Chancellor Alan Epstein Second Chancellor Steve Veinberg ' ice Chancellor Kenny Smith Busar Ste e Bronstein Scribe George Rose Warden Bruce Kimmel Historian Jeff Simon I.F.C. Representatives Mickey Gerber Dr. Rabbi David Zielonka Advisor On November 7, 1962, Tau Epsilon Phi. the University ' s fifth national social fraternity, was installed on campus. Ha ing begun two years ago as Sigma Tau Upsilon colony, it grew and is now Epsilon Sigma Chapter. Our first Homecoming Queen candidate was Man, ' Teresa Papia. and our display was a Spartan rocket. During the fall, the brothers held their Script Dance, which was en- titled " Limbo. " It was the first of its type on campus. TEP enjoyed its first rush party of the new ear on Februaiy 21, IQB. ' ?. The outcome of its success presented a fruitful number of pledges, who are highly enthusiastic in partic- ipating in the growth of this young fratemit) ' . In the spring semester, we held our formal Spring Dance on April 5, 196.3. It marked a momentous occasion to all the TEP brothers. 140 Panhellenic Officers Treasurer — Cynthia Kladis, Vice President — Theresa Papia, President Secretary — Janet McGee. Donna Beniger, PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL B.R.: Dean King, Janet McGee, Joy Canter, Florence Ciaravella, Donna Beniger. F.R.: Cyn- thia Kladis, Theresa Papia, Elvira Rodriguez, Judith Summerlin. 141 ' iJVYiyfr( 1. Edward Meyerson 2. Tichard Slye 3. Jim Caruth 4. Tichard Francke 5. Andy DeMeyer 6. Sam Sardegna 7. Chuck Fergerson 8. Fred Scavone 9. Harry Trout 10. Don Staber 11. Jim Gatto 12. Fduad Nassim 13. David Zcidnberg 14. Art Rodgers 15. Nelson Ligori 142 16. Ken Bozak 17. Mike Moore 18. Bob Mahar 19. Paul Sachetti 20. Lou Santa Cruz 21. Jim Smally 22. Ted Thomey 23. Steve Gotlieb 24. Larry I. Geller 25. Harry Mulhall 26. Norman Cohen 27. Gene Ymiolek 28. Allen Windt 29. Al Rabonouitz THETA CHI EPSILON ZETA CHAPTER Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Theta Chi has had the busiest year in its histon-. This was the year for HOUSE and through the cfTorts of brother Allen Windt and his house committee we moved into our house at 804 Grand Central. This past year has seen Brother Rich Francke president of Circle K. assisted by Brothers Harry Trout and Dick Slye v ho are ser ing on the board of directors of this outstanding service organization. Brother Allen Windt is ven ' outstanding in his service to the Uni -ersity through his work as Editor-in-Chief of the Minaret., president of the Jewish Student Union, ' ice President of the Religious Council, and as Prince Charming of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority. Brother Paul Robinson, among his other activities is vice president of S.F.E.A. Our Scholarship Dance this year is being handled by two extremely capable brothers, David Zeidenberg and Nelson Ligori. A new addition, neophyte Peter Law is now serving as secretary of Circle K. Mike Moore has been in charge of W.T.U.N. and has held the position of Pledge Trainer. Brothers Paul Sachetti and Larr I. Geller have been co-chairmen on the rush and social scene. Our officers for the year are — Sam Sardegna, President, Richard Francke, Vice- President, Andrew DeMeyer, Secretan,-, Chuck Fergei-son, Treasurer, and Jim Caruth, Acting Chaplain. Let us not forget our Ring Dance under the direction of Richard Francke, and our Theta Chi Dream Giri, Miss Barbara Gardner. Barbara is pinned to Brother Jim Gatto, Homecoming 1962- ' 63 brought us the honor of having Miss Pam Siefert our candidate Second Maid in the Court. This year our Easter Vigil received national coverage under the able direction of Norman Cohen. Our ad isors this year are Professor Lloyd and Dr. Stephen Speronis. Our thanks to them for their help. 143 MAJORETTES Linda Strickland Kitty Lyons, Head Majorette Bonnie Butts Agnes Troutman DRUM MAJOREHE. Pat Fussell DANCERETTE8 Sandy Rodriguez Jennie LiCalsi Gail Zambito Beverly Ardisana Mary Teresa Papia, Head Dancerette Estelle Gual Maria Kladis Eileen Gomez Marie Boykin Mary Thompson ♦ . ' fV,, Linda Strickland Kitty Lyons Bonnie Butts Agnes Troutinan Mary T. Papia, Head Dancerette 144 » i rll.-. St.- ACTIVITIES THE MOROCCAN QUEEN Mary Teresa Papia 148 Mary Teresa Papia .... Queen, Sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon Diane Beninger . . . First Maids, Sponsored by Donna Beninger Tau Kappa Epsilon Sally Gioroir Second Maid, Sponsored by Pi Kappa Phi A spirited challenge between fraternities, Sigma Phi Ep- silon and Theta Chi, was the origin of the first interfra- ternity football game held at Phillips Field in December. Sigma Phi Epsilon overwhelmed the smaller fraternity, 44 — 0. Besides encouraging a spirit of friendly rivaliy, both organizations undertook the project to raise funds for several departments of the university, as well as for themselves. Several of the outstanding players were Frank Sallo, Bob Kalmer, Don Gill, Anthony Benaquisto, Jim Smalley, and Harry Trout. After the game, the fraternities held a dance at the Hellenic Center. The Moroccan Queen, Mary Teresa Papia, was an- nounced at half-time, along with her court. 149 PRESIDENT ' S RECEPTION Dr. David M. Delo and Mis. Delo held a reception honoring the new facuhy and staff members of the Uni ersity of Tampa. 150 A ? MECMANiSMS . 151 CHI9LER9, INC. Chislers, Inc., senice auxiliaiy of the University of Tam- pa, held a dinner-dance at the university. A trio of violins, a guitarist, and singers entertained the guest during din- ner. Jack Golly and his Orchestra played for the dance. Proceeds will be gi en to the university for scholarships and improvements in the building. The unusual name of Chislers comes from their initial project in 1959. They chiseled the old mortar from im- ported antique tile salvaged from the original fireplaces in the old Tampa Bay Hotel. This project was the begin- ning of the beautification and restoration of the buildings and grounds of the university. Numbered among the distinguished guests were Dr. Da- vid M. Delo and his wife. Mayor and Mrs. Lane, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Har ' ey, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brorein Jr., Mr. and Mrs. James Ferman, Mr. and Mrs. Ham A. MacEwen. 152 153 ORIENTATION REGI9TRATI0N 158 PAJAMA PARADE RAT COURT STREET DANCE 159 161 HOMECOMING 162 HOMECOMING QUEEN Carol Ann " Cookie " Mendez m mBumM HOMECOMING ROYALTY Carol Ann Mendez Barbara Ubell Pamela Seifert Barbara Ubell Queen, Sponsored by Pi Ka]j[)a Phi First Maid, Sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsil on Second Maid, Sponsored by Theta Chi Mary Teresa Papia, r ■- ' Runner-up, Sponsored by Tau Epsilon Phi Pani Seifert 164 f i ;;, HOMECOMING ENTERTAINMENT THE ARENA TWIN9 THE VIBRAT0NE8 166 WINNING 9KIT KAPPA KAPPA P8I 167 8KIT8 168 8KIT9 FLOATS Tau Kappa Epsilon wins " Best Float, " Fraternity. Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Float. 169 Zeta Tau Alpha wins " Best Sorority Float. " Best Skit Kappa Kappa Psi Best Lawn Display, Fraternity Pi Kappa Phi Best Law n Display, Sorority Alpha Chi Omega Best Float, Fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon Best Float, Sorority Zeta Tau Alpha Best All Around in Parade Delta Zeta Pi Kappa Phi receives " Best Lawn Display. " 176 Kappa Kappa Psi wins " Best Skit ' trophy. , .-,,. ».W " 1 ' Wlr r ■ " ' Alpha Chi Omega receives " Best Lawn Display, Somrity " trophy PftOGRSSS AT Tl) - 172 31 to ' c I i) Theta Chi Lawn Display. Alpha Chi Omega Lawn Display. 173 Thcta Chi Float Tau Kappa Epsilon Lawn Display (above) ; TKE " Best Float " (below). SPARTANS RDRGET THE PAST DRIVE FORI TKE Sigma Phi Epsilon Lawn Display (above) : ZTA " Best Float " ' (below) 175 PARADE DIGNITARIES Dr. and Mrs. David M. Delo 176 Mr. and Mrs. King Uni crsity of Tampa Hall of Fame The first five nicnilins of the University ' s Hall of Fame were announced at the game. They arc Paul Straub, Bill Minahan, Mrs. Marion Godwin (representing Cmdr. Willie Godwin), George Montz, and Nash Higgins. Officers of Student Florida Eduration As- sociation Speaker at the Homecoming Banquet. 177 S3C " ( DESOTO MANNING Oir thiyy_Duf BATTERIES 178 INTERNATIONAL SPEED QUEEN Kyong Ja Lee STUDENT CONGRESS PROJECTS One of the several Student Congress projects undertaken during the fall semester was the collection of clothes for a needed family in Kentucky. SPIRIT WEEK Student Congress sponsored Spirit Week in order to generate enthusiasm for the approaching football game. Dance, car-smashing game, bonfire, pep rally led by " cheerleaders " were all a part of the spirit campaign, which was greatly supported by the student body, the various organiza- tions, and the donnitories. The out- come — University of Tampa scored quite an upset. 179 M :»: ' L V - Si— " " ' .. fV irrrc • t, 180 THE UNIVER9ITY FROM 9TATIC 9ERENITY r t ... TO DYNAMIC GROWTH 182 9TUDENT CENTER I 21 V I THE BEGINNING -« - ' " The university is our chief re- liance for prosperity and for security; it is also our instru- ment for change or progress. Therefore the health of our entire civilization is dependent upon the strength of our insti- tutions of higher learning. The difference between strength or weakness in a university is a re- flection of the quality of the faculty employed. " O. Meredith Wilson 183 184 JTYOMAMW Dedication of New Industrial Arts Building liin Ukut kh:,p. a- ' - , i- j j " The college or iinixcrsity is the most important social engine in modern civiliza- tion. It is the monitor which controls the cjnality of all le els of education, for to it is entrusted the preparation of our teachers. The teacher has detennined the quality of our schools, and the school, which is the vessel in which our culture is carried from one generation to the next, detennines the character and intellectual content of our civilization. " i. t. . ti 1 ' J 185 Xcu Wing of Smiley Hall. •■ " ninni Civitans contribute to the university ' s growth. New Ethnic Room Civitan Rooms 187 New Ethnic Room, Israeli Rcxnn 189 V3 An artist ' s sketch becomes a reality. 190 McKay Dormitory New Ethnic Room Hellenic History Room 191 " It is good, how good, to be active agents in the continuity of culture and to share the unearned increments of joy arising from continuous collaboration of youth and age. We are but senior colleagues, in a great common and fonvard-moving cause. " Thomas Vernor Smith 193 fir ' " Ma m m ' i . M. M ■vv 8P0RT8 lo r s: BA9KETBALL 197 198 199 PLAYER9 NO. 34 Chuck Andrews 32 Don Boyt 43 Richard Burke 35 Charlie Funk 55 Dave Fuller 22 Jim Galniin 25 Val Johnson 33 Mike Irvin 21 Ronald Makinson 31 Mike Martino 45 John PcUegrino 44 John McLaughlin 41 George Shary 23 Jim Stephenson 42 Rob Wheeler Coai h Bob La oy 200 Opponent Tampa Florida State University 90 62 80 58 Florida Southern College 98 87 75 74 Georgia Southern College 91 84 68 69 Rollins College 66 79 70 87 Stetson Uni ersity 72 65 62 71 Jacksonville University 64 72 79 75 Mercer University 45 53 62 71 University of Miami 78 76 112 91 Tennessee Tech University 90 79 University of Southern Mississippi 74 96 Howard College 81 90 Wheaton College 76 66 Marquette University 82 60 Western Michigan University 106 90 Marshall Uni -ersity 100 88 Loyola of the South University 63 58 The season is over and so is the college basketball career of two Spartan seniors. Don Boyt and John Pellegrino were the first to serve four years under Coach La oy. The team played a tough schedule this year, especially on its northern road trips; howe er, the squad experienced three defeats by only one or two baskets. A big victory for the Spartans was their winning the Stetson Hatters, who lead the conference this year. The record for the season was ten wins and fourteen losses. On next year ' s starting team will be George Shary, Chuck Andrews, and Jim Stephenson, who has demonstrated a great deal of promise. Coach Lavoy predicts a winning season for 1963. 201 202 Bill Stalnaker — Team Mentor Lou Morrizo Coxswain Bob Cenett George Watson Pete Peck John Veit Bill Devitt Ken Storz Bob Munz Bob Mahr Dennis Schill CREW Craig Sturken Bob Ferwerter Ten7 Underwood Skip D ' Arcy Coleman Hill Bob Carrol Doug Dallier Andy Demyer John Markhorst Bruce Rennick Coxswain m ■lliltlii j - — _ !Rj -. ' ' «3 ' oV-t» ' A - -i f{ Lr - ii ip i» N ' " aOAi " « - ??2 OPPOSING CREWS American International College American Uni ersity Amherst College Florida Southern College Jacksonville University LaSalle University Purdue University Rollins College Bill Stalnaker. Team Mentor 204 - - , WRE9TLING FLORIDA COLLEGIATE WRE9TLING CHAMPIONS Wrestlers Len Altramura Ralph Branch Gary Caginano Charlie Chop Fred Conte Glenn Fish Bany George Steve Glitezman Pete Meoli Joe Petiucione Don Small 205 ' ir-t ' f t 4 u j8 r-Vl: . ■ ' ' -Cv ' -r T I i ' , «♦ ' 5kT ' « : . T . -- ' • r " v ;-- ; i - • - •« , V %T 4 ' l • f .« • ' • -• - ? W. f »? « j» . J f •• » w -. ■i, S8 f H Opponent Tampa Eastern Kentucky 22 6 South East Louisiana 27 7 McNeese 10 10 South Western Louisiana 14 14 Presbyterian 10 Quantico Marines 32 3 Troy State 6 30 Furman 14 15 Appalachian 9 7 207 V 4 - .V. tf r :X r%. (? £ i fc j» ' ' ' in «t A ' f a : ' . ' FIRST ROW: Joe Arasim, Dick Gainous. Tom Doan, Bill Yeagle, Earl Bramlett, Paul Gore, Bill Croft, Jim Page, Bill Boyd, Bill Howell. Vanden Bessent, Valse Johnson: SECOXD ROW: John Pcrr ' . Mike Buss, Mickey Hagen, Tony Yelovich, Ernest Stout, Ron Perez, Sam Rodriguez. Jim Galmin. Charles Rose, Ed Owens. Dan Sikes, Dave Delay, Dick O ' Brien, Ron Brett: THIRD ROW: Max Davis, Bob Watts. Marc Beau bien, Don Scott, Ed Russ, Dave Fuller. Jim Mabry. Pete Meoli. Bob Banks. Rick Gillis. James Bebber. Jesse Lane, Kevin Hurt: FOURTH ROW: Jim Neve, Mickey Goff. George Towery, Hollis Curling, Frank Seerbo, Blain Turner, Jerry Sullivan, Bill Gudalis, Bob Olmstead, Gene Rowell, David Michell. Gary Hobbs, Larrv Maier. Although this year ' s football record was no match for last years eight-wins-one-loss tally, the Spartan squad fought to overcome a poor start and numer- ous injuries. A " ho-hum " season ended with the record of three wins, four losses, and two ties. How- ever, there were se eral outstanding players through- out the season. Junior Tony Yelo ich copped two awards at the football dinner. He was presented the Most ' aluable Player Award, and the Most Popular Lineman Award. Vaden Bessent was given the Out- standing Back Award. Max Davis took outstanding lineman honors. Ron Perez was the Most Popular Back. Pete Meoli. Larr - Maier. Blaine Turner, and Dick O ' Brien were gi en awards for outstanding scho- lastic and athletic achievements. Bill Croft Co-Captain Paul Gore Captain Earl Bramlett Co-Captain 210 Mrs. Leila Ellis, Secre- tary. FIRST ROW: Bob Lovely, Assistant Line Coach; Charles McCullers, Head Backfield Coach ; Bill Tumey, Assistant Backfield Coach; Jim Olson, Head Line Coach; SECOND ROW: Sam Bailey, . thletic Director and Business Man- ager; Fred Pancoast, Head Football Coach. 211 Theresa Papia and George Nousiainen Best All Around QENIOR DIRECTORY Ackerly, Thomas Michael Adams, Carolyn Jane Secretary Physical Eciucation Major ' s Club, F.A.H.P.E.R. Intramu- rals, Phi Alpha Theta, Westminster Fellowship, N.C.S.S. Alchediak, Patricia Newman Club. Almengual, Sylvia Flora Newman Club Alverez, Erio Jr. Anderson, Carl Roy Arasim, Joseph Frank Football, Letterman ' s Club, S.P.E., Major ' s Club, Ardisana, Beverly Diane Delta Zeta Sorority, Corresponding Secretary, Standards Chairman, Pledge Trainer, Intramural Representative, Dancerette, Candidate for Latin American Fiesta Queen, Intramural Representative, Ma- jor ' s Club, Arnold, Richard Wayne Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Crew, B Baggett, Brenda Joyce Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Stu- dent Florida Education Association President, Moroccan Business Manager, ACE. I., I.F,S,C, Representative, Intramurals. Banks, Robert Ellington Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Varsity Football, Intramurals, Letter- man ' s Club, Major ' s Club, Barry, James Bruce Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Bchnke, Elyse Claire Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, N.E,A., F.E.A,, F.A.H.P.E.R., Elemen- tary Educators, Bell, Etha Carolyn Veteran ' s Association, Secretary, Bell, Phyllis N,E.. ., F.E.A,, ACE., Chorus, Community Chorus, Bencomo, Rubeo Jesus Beniger, Donna Catherine Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, President. Panhellenic President, I,F,S.C,, Corresponding Secretary, Cheerleader, Senior Class Rep- resentative. Berg, Martin Lewis Psychology Club, Bittner, Leona Mildred Blair, Donald Karl Student Body Vice President, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Mina- ret, W.T.U.N., Political Union, Who ' s Who I.F.S.C. Representative Blancato, Norma Westminster Fellowship — Vice President, State Secretary, State President, State Convention 1961,1962,1963, Honor Roll, Minaret, News Editor, Women ' s Sports Editor, Business Manager, Class Edi- tor, Pi Delta Epsilon, Physical Education Major ' s Club, F- .O.H.. Physical Education Recreation, Religious Council President. Girls ' Softball and Basketball Teams, Woman ' s Table Tennis Champion — 1962, Chairman Religious Emphasis Week — 1962, Intramural Softball Championship Team, 1962, Who ' s Who In .American Col- leges and Universities — 1961 1962. Bollinger, Geroge M. Jr. Baptist Student Union, Business Club, Radio Station W, T.U.N. Bourgholtzer, Joyce Boling N.E.A. Boyt, Donald Watson Basketball — 1959, ' 60, ' 61, ' 62 — Captain, Boza, Norma Y onne Zeta Tau .Mpha Sorority, Historian, Scholarship and Music Chair- man, Panhellenic Representative, Spanish Club, N,E,. ,, F,E.. ' ,, Intramurals, Pancake Queen, Moroccan .Advertising Manager and Sorority Editor, Bramlett, Lindsey Earl Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Football, Co-Captain, Letterman ' s Club, Physical Education Major ' s Club. Brown, Charles Harris Bullock, Shirlv Margaret Piper S.N.E.A. Burroughs, Arthur Dean N.E.. ., F.E.A,, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity President, Physical Educa- tion Major ' s Club, Baseball. Canter, Joyce Maye Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, Vice President, Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweet- heart Court, N,E,A,, .A,C,E., Panhellenic Representative, Christian, Nannie M. Band. Church, George B. Jr. Phi .Alpha Theta Fraternity, ' ice President Historian. Ciccarello, Jennie Campisi S.F.E.A,, A.C.E,, Honor Roll ' 60, ' 61, ' 62, Clement, George Allen Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Cooper, Charles Jordan Jr. Craft, Mary Theresa N.E.A. , A.C.E, ' Croft, Gerald William Sigma Phi Epsilon Fr aternity, Football, Cummings, Patricia Ann Band, 212 D Daniel, Alvs Tennison S.F.E.A., N.E.A.. ACE. Daoud, John Joseph Davenport, WilHam John Business Club. Davenport, William Lake Football, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, President. Davis, Glenna Stinnett S.F.E.A., A.C.E. Davis, Jerry Max Football, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Vice President of Pledge Class, Letterman ' s Club — ' 59, ' 60, ' 61, ' 62, Spanish Club, Intramurals; Track, Softball, Football Lineman of the Week, Hamburger King, Pancake Day King. DeGuzman, Jeanette Y. Phi Society, Editor-in-Chief of Moroccan, Sigma Sigma Sigma So- rority, Keeper of Grades, Recording Secretary, Borden Freshman Award, Tri Sigma Pledge Scholarship Award. Vice President Senior Class, I.F.S.C. Representative, S.F.E.A., Newman Club, Tri Sigma Collegiate Scholarship Award. De Ridder, Robert James Business Club, Intramurals, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. Dervaes, Joseph Rodney Band, Kappa Kappa Psi Band Fraternity, Vice President Presi- dent, Westminster Fellowship, Treasurer, President, Business Club, Treasurer. Dewey, Leroy Allen Band, Kappa Kappa Psi Band Fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fra- ternity. Diaz, Leopoldo J. Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, I.F.C. Representative, Newman Club. Di Lena, Vincent Anthony Ehvell, Dorothy Leta Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Pledge Class Vice President, Vice Presi- dent, Spanish Club. Epling, Ann Scott Delta Zeta Sorority, Historian, and Treasurer, A.C.E., President, F.C.A.S. Secretary-Treasurer, Canterbury Club, Minaret, Exchange Editor, Religion Council. Evans, Carl Lee Ferlita, Josephine Theresa Head Cheerleader. Intramurals, .Mpha Chi Omega Sorority, Treas- urer and .Activity Chairman, First Maid Moroccan Court ' 62, Who ' s Who In American Colleges And Universities ' 62 ' 63, C.E.A., N.E.A., Newman Club. Fernandez, Frank Francis Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Physical Education Major ' s Club, FA PA., F.R.A., A.A.H.P.E. Filippello, Patricia L. Fleece, Ellen R. S.F.E.A., ACE. Fox, Alary Ann Delta Zeta Sorority, Pi Kappa Phi Daughter, Pi Kappa Phi Rose Ball Court ' 61, Newman Club, F.E.A., A.C.E. , I.F.S.C. Representa- tive, Panhellenic Council Secretary. " Frier, Loui,se lola Sigma Alpha Iota Music Sorority, Chaplain. Frye, Cynthia Cassell Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, Academy of the Sciences. Frye, Donald Guy Jr. Circle K, Business Club, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. Fussell, Patricia Marie Majorette, 1st Drum Majorette, Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, Chaplain and Secretary. G Gatto, James Charles Major ' s Club, Letterman ' s Club, Football, Theta Chi Fraternity, Vice President, Handball Champion. Gaughan, Bernard Francis Physical Education Major ' s Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Gayton, Emily Weeks Geraldi, Robert Gilbert, Joseph K. Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. Ginex, Dominick Joseph Theta Chi Fraternity, Circle K. Giroir, Sally Ann Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, Treasurer, Pi Delta Epsilon, Secretary, Dormitory Counselor, Minare t Staff, Moroccan Class Editor, and Associate Editor, Theta Chi Dream Girl Court, Pi Kappa Phi Daughter. Goetz, Raymond Ernest Baseball. Gore, Paul Ira Lykes Hall Vice President, Football, Letterman ' s Club, Co-Captain Football Team, M.V.P. Captain. Green, Collie Eugene Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Physical Education Major ' s Club, Intra- murals. Greenwald, Mary Maxine N.E.A. , S.F.E.A., A.C.E. I. Most Intellectual Jeanette deGuzman and George Clements U 213 P Most Likely To Succeed Donna Beniger and Sam Rapello Grimaldi, Man- Frances Lazzara Gudalis, William George Football. Baseball Major ' s Club, Letterman ' s Club, Sigma Phi Ep- silon Fraternity. Gucrtin, Thomas Andrew H Hansen, Erik Danslow Henson, Ira Clifton Herndon, Charles Hoel, Robert Halvorsen Holley, Byron Edward Homaday, Janice Mae A.C.E.I.. N.E.A.. S.F.E.A., Delta Gamma Alpha Sorority, Alpha Chi Omega Affiliate. Pi Kappa Phi Daughter, Phi Alpha Theta. Phi Lamda Delta. Student Congress Representative. Hotling, Theron James Jr. President Physical Education Majors Club, Letterman ' s Club, Intra- murals, President of Poetry Club, Baptist Student Union, Veterans Association. Hudson, Natalie Erickson A.C.E.I., N.E.A., F.E.A. Hudson, Walter Royal Humphrey, Douglas James Imparato, Edward Thomas J Johnson, Wanda Louise Jones, Darlcnc B. Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, Baptist Student Union, Chorus. K Kane, Kenneth Charles Thcta Chi Fraternity, Historian and Chaplain, Spanish Club. Keen, Lonnie Jack Band, Chorus, Kappa Kappa Psi Band Fraternity. Kelley, Ma.son C. Kern, John Elston Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Business Club. I.F.S.C. Representative. King, Russell Sage Kirk, Albert S. Ill Industrial . rts Honor Fraternity. Kladis, Cynthia Elizabeth Hellenic Youth Club, Secretary, F.E.. .. N.E.A., Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, President. Outstanding Collegiate 1962, Moroccan Staff I.F.S.C. Representative, Panhellenic Council, Treasurer, 1962 Home- coming Committee. Knox, Jeffy Donald Kopeloasos, Constantine Kovach, Michael Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. Business Club, President. Veteran ' s .Associa- tion, Sergeant-at-. ' rms. Kyriakou, Soterios Christos Hellenic Youth Club, President and Treasurer, Dormitory Counsel- or, International Relations Club, ' icc President, I eligious Council Representative. Landeta, Fsidor Anthony Lane, Je.sse Jr. Major ' s Club, Veterans Association. Lane, Patricia Greene . lpha Psi Omega Dramatics Fraternity. Lang ille, Lawrence David Business Club. Lankford, Carter Watts LaRunna, Pedro Tau Kappa Epsilon, President. I.F.C., Secretary I.F.S.C. President, Intramurals. Laurie, Charles Lewis Loney, Donald Franklin Crew ' 60. ' 6 1. Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. President. Lopez, Ralph Jr. Spanish Club. Lyons, Frank Thomas Business Club, Veterans Association, Political Union. M Marichal, Elaine Minaret Staff, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Vice President. .E.. ., F.E.A. , Newman Club. Marshall, Ernest Sandfield Martino, Gasper Frank Business Club. Mason, Clayton Earl Major ' s Club. Veterans .Association. Mays, Joyce Elaine Major ' s Club. President. V.. .. . Secretary and Treasurer, Head Majorette. McGee, Janet Alice Dancerctte ' 6n, ' 61, ' 62, Newman Club. Panhellenic Council, Secretary, I.F.S.C. Recording Secretary. Dormitory Counselor, . .C.E., F.E.. ., Zeta Tau .Alpha Sorority. President. Mclching, Theodore Franklin Jr. 214 Mickler, Joseph R. Mikell, Lillian Sirmons F.E.A., N.E.A., A.C.E., National Council for Social Studies. Miller, Patricia Ann Mohr, Robert Drew Mooney, Mary Ann Hunt Zeta Tau Alpha, Sorority. Moore, Henry Bowen Jr. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Vice Presi- dent, Chorus. Munz, Robert Alan Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Crew Team, I.F.S.C. Representative, Busi- ness Club. Murry, John M. Kappa Pi Art Fraternity, President, Phi Society, Pi Delta Epsilon Journalism Fraternity, Moroccan Art Editor. Musgrave, Frederick Arthur Band, Concert Chorus. N Nash, Madli Neve, James K. Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Chaplain, Intramurals, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Varsity Crew, Baseball, Circle K., Freshman Class President, Sophomore Class President, Dormitory Council, First Team All State Football, Newman Club, Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities, Letterman ' s Club. Noriega, Arthur IV Psychology Club, Vice President. Nousiainen, George William Alexander President of Senior Class, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Secretary and Historian, Kappa Kappa Psi Band Fraternity, Vice President and Secretary, Band, Band Librarian, President of Music Educators ' National Conference, Tri Sigma Man Of The Year 196I- ' 62 Tri Sigma Prince Charming 1961- ' 62, F.E.A., A.C.E.L, N.E.A., Moroc- can Assistant Business Manager, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. O ' Brien, Richard James Football, Maior ' s Club. Oliver, Maxine Donnelle Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority. Outen, Shirley Dunaway Palleiro, Nora Minaret Staff, Campus Organizations Editor, Secretary of the Span- ish Club, Newman Club, N.E.A., S.F.E.A. Palmer, Mary W. Papia, Mary Teresa Delta Zeta Sorority, President, Standards and Activities Chairman, Vice-President of Pledge Class, Head Dancerette, Newman Club, A.C.E., N.E.A., S.F.E.A., Vice-President of Panhellenic, LF.S.C, Vice-President of Junior Class, Student Congress, President ' s Cabi- net, Secretary of Education and Welfare, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Perry, Pamela Louise A.C.E., N.E.A. Perez, Gerald C. S.F.E.A. Perez, Ronald Edwin Sigma Phi Epsilon, Football, Baseball. Percy, Walter Irwin Business Club. Perkins, Charles Llewellyn Canterbury Club, University of Tampa Veterans Association, Ep- silon Pi Tau Pettus, James Granville. Pettus, James Granville Business Club. Pi, Graciclla J. Spanish Club. Polo, Lionel Raphael Quesada, Luis Manuel Q R Raker, Dural Wendell Rampello, Samuel Joseph I.F.C. President, President of Phi Alpha Theta, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Vice President, Historian, President of Pledge Class, Secretary of State, Who ' s Who. Randazzo, JoAnn Zeta Tau .Xlpha Sorority, Secretary, Theta Chi Dream Girl Court. Intramurals, Moroccan Staff, Class Editor, .Associate Editor, New- man Club, S.F.E.A., A.C.E. Rawls, Paricia Arehart F.E.A.. A.C.E. I. Reiter, Ralph Reynal Rempelakis, Virginia Shamblen Reynolds, Fay I. Risler, Aurclia Gonzalez Robinson, Paul Cushman Theta Chi Fraternity, Historian, First Vice-President of S.F.E.A., Westminster Fellowship Vice-Resident. Community Chorus, Concert Chorus. Most Popular Ginger Sutton and Ernest Stout 215 Most Talented Pam Seifert and Gus Kopelosos Roccaforte, Nelson Band, Kappa Kappa Psi. Rodi, Albert Rodriguez, Elvira Lucia Minaret Reporter, N.E.A., Pi Delta Epsilon, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Newman Club, Moroccan, Panhellenic, I.F.S.C. Rodriguez, Rene Rodriguez, Sandra Dancerette, Vice President of Freshman and Sophomore Class, Moroccan Staff, Minaret Staff, Phi Delta Epsilon, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Spanish Club, S.F.E.A., A.C.E.I., N.E.A., I.F.S.C. Representative, Newman Club, Drama Club, Concert Chorus. Rogers, Lunell F.E.A., A.C.E., I.N.C.F. Rose, Charles Edward Football. 9 Sadlowski, Walter R. Political Union, Spanish Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Morrocan. Santa Cruz, Luciano Arcadio Theta Chi Fraternity, Morrocan. Sardegna, SaKatore Peter Varsity Crew, Theta Chi President, Historian, Pledge Marshall, Cirlce K. I.F.C. Treasurer, I.F.S.C. Sargologos, Peter Joseph Business CHub, Hellenic South Club. Scales, Samuel C. Dean ' s List. Schmidt, Charles Torrance Schmidt, John Howard Newman Club, Florida Collegiate Academy of Sciences. Schreiber, Joseph August Station Manager WTUN 1959-1961, Newman Club, Spanish Club, Minaret, Veterans Association. Shower, Marjorie G. A.C.E., S.F.E.A. Snyder, Joan E. ( Mrs. ) Sparkman, Johnson Luther Physical Education Majors Club, F.. .H.P.E.R., S.F.E..- ., Intramu- rals. Honor Roll. Staber, Donald P. Theta Chi, Business Club. Veterans Association. Stout, Earnest Tyrone President of Student Congress, Football, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Majors Club. S.F.E . ., Lettermens Club. Sullivin, Edward S. N.E.A., S.F.E.A., A.C.E. Susce, Michael George Sutton, Ginger Louise First Maid Home Secretary Senior Class, Cheerleader, President of Women ' s Dormitory Council, Food Fair Scholarship Grant, Florida Collegiate Academy of Sciences, Psychology Club, Who ' s Who . mong Students in . merican Universities and Colleges, N.E.. ., S.F.E.A. Swain, Rose Marie Student Director of Intramurals, Treasurer and Vice President of Majors Club, Deans List. Sweat, Henry G. Pi Kappa Phi. Sloan, James William Sigma Nu, Minaret, Westminster Fellowship, Student Political Union. Tagliarini, Theresa Ann N.E.A., S.F.E.A., N.C.S.S. Tompkins, Mary F ' rances Dancerette. Toole, Franklin Jr. Troy, Townsend Jr. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Tracksel, Claudette Chorus. Trout, Harry Jr. Circle K Club, Business Club. Theta Chi, Student Congress, Intra- murals. u Bus Club. Underwood, Terry Football, Crew, President of Men ' s Dormitory .Association, Student Political Union. 216 Vacanti, Frank Jerry S.F.E.A., A.C.E., Newman Club, N.E.A. w Wainw right, Joyce Allen Alpha Chi Omega, Vice-President, Chorus, Westminster Fellowship, Concert Chorus, A.C.E., S.F.E.A. Wallace, Byron Ray Jr. Ward, Charles Gillon White, Stephen Fergus Psychology Club. Whitner, Louise Looper A.C.E., N.C.S.S., N.E.A., G.E.A., S.F.E.A., Univ. Womens Club Wilkerson, Joan N.E.A., A.C.E. Wilson, Julaine G. Sigma Tau Delta, Pan Am. Queen Court, A. D. Pi. Windt, Allan Herbert Editor of Minaret, President of Jewish Student Union, Vice-President of Religious Council, Theta Chi, Asst. Business Mgr. Moroccan, Sigma Sigma Sigma Prince Charming. Wolfe, John J. Pi Kappa Phi, Intramurals. Wright, Bernice Phyletus Mrs. Yeagle, William G. Football, Baseball, Wrestling, Majors Club, Lettermen ' s Club, In- tramural Swimming, Track. Zabaski, John Business Club. Zellers, Barry William President of Newman Club. Zimmerman, Howard Raymond Most School Spirit " Sis " Ferlita Best Looking Cookie Rodriguez and Lefty Lewis 217 Most Athletic James Nevf m- ' THE END 218 ADVERTI8EMENT9 COMPLIMENTS OF GENERAL WELDING 9UPPLY CO. Adamo Drive and 22nd Street MANUEL BEIRO ' S VALENCIA GARDENS SPANISH RESTAURANT LOUNGE 805-811 Grand Central Ave. Tampa, Florida , ,. y ' Ifirr 800-A Grand Central Ave. C0MPLIMENT9 OF TH0MA9 VENA ULTIMATE IN DESIGNS «r-- . (ti .l - l MILL8 JEWELRY 503 Franklin St. Manufacturers RUBBER STAMPS of all kinds and sizes Seals — Nameplates — Stencils ONE DAY SERVICE Most Modern Equipment Complete line of Office Supplies GOVIN ' 8 RUBBER STAMP MFG. 1905 Fla. Avenue 223-3000 BEST WISHES FROM SEMINOLE FURNITURE CO. TAMPA ' S GREATEST FURNITURE STORE Lafayette and Hyde Park Avenue Phone 253-3488 COMPLIMENTS OF EAGLE ROOFING AND ART METAL WORKS. INC. Tamfxi, Florida Wholesale Dealers Roofing Sheet Metal Latin-American Service Station Manuel Arniella, Jr. Owner GOOD ?YEAR - TIRES Road Service — Phone 229-1059 Tampa 5, Florida Columbus Dr. at 12th St. GOOD EAR TO the graduating class BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY TAMPA COCA-COLA BOHLING COMPANY ADVERTI9ER9 8. AGLIANO «f 80N8 FI8H COMPANY ALE88I BROTHERS BAKERY ERNEST ALVAREZ JIMMY AMORELLI ARMENIA MEAT SERVICE INC. LA CASA DE LA PALOMILLA ARMENIA PHARMACY BUZZETTI FLORAL COMPANY CHARLIE ' S BARBER SHOP CREIGHTON BROTHERS AWNING CO. C. C. CURRY MARKING «r MICROFILMING SERVICE DAVIS-WEIL MFG. CO., INC. A FRIEND HYDE PARK HARDWARE LIVINGSTON OFFICE SUPPLIES, INC. MASSEY PHOTO AND ENGRAVING COMPANY MAY COSTUME SHOPPE RADIANT OIL COMPANY OF TAMPA RAUL VEGA OF YBOR CITY FRED ROPHIE SILVER RING SANDWICH SHOP - 4i-ji SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS SPOTO ' S MEN ' S SHOP TAMPA IRON AND METAL CO. VOGUE UNIFORM RENTALS, INC. WISHART BEAUTY SALON DIXIE UNIFORM LINEN SUPPLY CO. COMMERCIAL PHOTOS IN THIS ANNUAL BY QIMON ' Q 9TUDI0 x: PORTRAITS, WEDDINGS, AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY 4602 Florida Avenue Tampa 3, Florida Phone 235-5031 Res. Phone 932-0868 ADVERTI9ER9 MAILING SERVICE 512 E. Lafayette St. Phone 229-8138 PRINTING — DIRECT MAIL STATE WIDE MAILING LISTS CASTRO COMPANY WHOLESALE FOOD DISTRIBUTORS FOOD MARKETS BAKERS — SUPPLIES Phone 248-4926 ARMOUR COSTUME HOUSE COSTUMES — FORMALS 715 S. Dakota 257-3931 Tampa 6, Florida BRENGLE BROTHERS, INC. CEMENT PRODUCTS - READY MIX •LARGE ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU SMALL ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU " 1617 - 2nd Ave 248-5756 T«V I. ..■ ■ ■t. - f : ' %A ' JtKfm un RESIDENTIAL INDUSTRIAL WIRING Electrical Repairs One Trip Service Truck Free Estimates QUINBY ELECTRIC Nights, Sundays and Holidays 251-1743 210 Franklin Street Phone 229-2771 PAGE ONE BOOK SHOP 216 W. Lafayette Phone 254-3151 Tampa 6, Florida Books — Magazine Subscriptions Greeting Cards — Mailing Service Personalized Imprinting REMEMBER PAGE ONE C. R. JUNIOR PETE GROD MODERN DISPLAY SERVICE, INC. 200 Magnolia Avenue Tampa 6, Florida DECORATION DISPLAY HEADQUARTERS FOR FLORIDA ' S SUN COAST Phone: 253-5908 Try 351 ENRICHED BREAD STEVE STANDARD SERVICE PHONE — 251-1417 PARK WHILE YOU 9H0P WASHING, WAXING, WHEEL BALANCE, MOTOR TUNE-UP, ELECTRICAL REPAIRS, WHEEL ALIGNMENT — TAMPA, FLORIDA, GRAND CENTRAL BREVARD. TAMPA TRAVEL 9ERVICE. INC. TAMPA TERRACE HOTEL Phone 223-2907 BI ' H V RENTANEWCARHE. -r?,- ' s- FOOD 9ERVICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY INC. 1121 Twiggs Street Phone 229-0801 Tampa 1, Florida EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIERS FOR RESTAURANTS — HOTELS — INSTITUTIONS CHINAWARE - GLASSWARE - SILVERWARE - ALUMINUMWARE Ivjj League StHl es For those who want to be correct about the campus — come to our store COME BROWSE f» " ampus J ' G anr Vjiothes FRANKLIN AT MADISON COMPLIMENTS OF CERTI-CLEAN SYSTEM QUALITY CLEANERS OF RUGS AND FURNITURE 508 So. MacDill Phone 876-6035 Tampa 9, Florida CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1963 CLASS HOTEL TH0MA9 JEFFERSON Franklin at Washington Sts Phone 229-5571 SPARTAN HEADQUARTERS OF VISITING TEAMS PAUL ALLISON, MGR. COMPLIMENTS OF HOFF ' 9 RE9TAURANT 909 Grand Central Ave. OUR BEST WISHES TO THE UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA MAY IT CONTINUE TO GROW MATERIALLY AND INTELLECTUALLY NEBRA9KA PRINTING COMPANY CHARLES CUERVO, SR. CHARLES CUERVO, JR. 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Lafayette 229-2502 JUST OVER LAFAYEHE STREET BRIDGE Tampa, Florida Towering above all other media as a com- mon carrier of public information is the press — the tremendous, influential, dynamic force of the almost 2,000 daily and 10,000 weekly newspapers published in United States today. By skilled and conscientious use of news- papers, we can arm ourselves with knowl- edge of the world in which we live. Article 1 of the Bill of Rights states that " Congress shall make no law . . . abridg- ing freedom of speech or of the press. " This is the written guarantee of freedom of the printed word in the United States. Free- dom of the press, a privilege of democracy, also expects a responsibility. We, the citi- zens who enjoy it, must think for ourselves about the important questions of our time. THE TAMPA TRIBUNE Morning and Sunday THE TAMPA TIMES Evening RADIO STATION WFLA AM-FM WFLA TELEVISION - CHANNEL 8 NBC TRIBUNE-TIMES WANT ADS ARE FIRST ON FLORIDA ' S WEST COAST WITH GREATER SELL-ABILITY. mm if mmm iiv:iiv.iL- " COMPLIMENTS OF COLUMBIA MUSIC AND APPLIANCE COMPANY 1416 — East Broadway MAJOR APPLIANCES AND PHONOGRAPH RECORDS HP " TAMPA WEST TRAVELODGE 810 Grand Central 2 blocks from the University Parents and Visitors to the University always our best customers. Phone 253-0851 for Reservations • Colors glow again because ji j the dirt ' s out! • Droop vanishes because " body " is restored to fabric. • Original drape and fit put back by our professional press. Yes, we can give last spring ' s clothes this year ' s look! Call on us today — be ready for spring. — -- FASHION CLEANERS FURRIERS jz for those who think young PEPSI-COLA PEP9I-C0LA BOTTLING COMPANY OF TAMPA 11315 N. 30th Street COMPLIMENTS OF FLORIDA DAIRY MILK ICE CREAM Home Owned Phone 248-3151 CONGRATULATIONS FROM JOQTEN ' Q OFFICIAL SCHOOL JEWELERS FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA RINGS — ANNOUNCEMENTS YEARBOOKS — DIPLOMAS George Smith Representative Live modern... for less... with NATURAL GAS j " feoi les SINCE 1895 €SrMLis isir rr iTUK NOKTH MIAMI • MIAMI lEACH • FOIT UUDEIDAIE HOllYWOOO • UMPA Phones 248-4158 248-6248 J. H. WILLIAM9 OIL COMPANY. INC. DISTRIBUTORS OF PURE OIL PRODUCTS Adamo Drive and 19th Street P.O. Box 439 Tampa 1, Florida TAMPA ' S COMPLETE ART STORE WOLFE ' 9 ARTIST SUPPLIES PICTURE FRAMES CUSTOM FRAMING ORIGINAL ART AND REPRODUCTIONS 722 Grand Central Ave. Just 3 Blocks West of Tampa University COMPLIMENTS OF CENTRAL TRUCK LINE9 INC. 1005 Jackson Street Tampa, Florida jMir ' jt 240 WOODROW WIL90N NATIONAL FELLOWSHIP FOUNDATION FELLOW Jeanette Yvonne de Guzman For the academic year 1963-64 After the yearbook went to press, the recipient was notified of her award from the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, for the academic year 1963-64. This award is made possible by the Ford Foimdation. 241 w AMfRICAN YEARBOOK COMPANY

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