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. 'rsi ' u. C; . ,I.. . - W-. Van NW, - - ,gw,.'. 1, 9'1$5. 'M.!- u ' A ;, . : J53? Mikh; 'v--. ct . ' h "3' y..' . ;. ml . Cm. Am a - as seen by you student in the 1961 pubHshed by sfudent body of, ' .j . u n We rs ity of fa m p 0 located of plant park tampa, florida N. andrew mirabole - - . ............. editor walter sadol'owski -------- business manager art wo'rkon cover. by iessica hilton ashley Wwwkinm w M . a ,L ' Etched against Tampahs skyline, thirteen min- arets boldly signify the location of the University of Tampa in Plant Park. Originally construc- ted as the Tampa Bay Hotel, the four story brick structure was con- verted to serve the community academically. Thus the University of Tampa began its pursuit to bring to Tampa all possible educational facilities. Through the years the university has fulfilled its goal to such great extents that its recognition is known nationally as well as to the Gulf Coast area. Constantly enlarging its objectives, the University of Tampa offers the student body ultra-modem facilities en- hanced by the beauty of its old Moorish architecture. B H rm S U f.l U r r. m dedication What is worth doing is worth doing well . . . . The University of Tampa has pro- gressed a great deal in the past few years. Much of this progress has been due to the tireless hours spent by an individual who has been behind the scene. Under extreme pressure he has not only shown patience but tolerance and kindness. The success of his seven years of service speaks for itself as we go to and from class, taking a look at the new University of Tampa. Your many hours of work given to Tampa University and its students we hope have not been in vain, and it is with sincere appreciation and friend- ship that we dedicate the 1961 Moroccan to you Mr. Rufm R. lez'tz's. the city Your university is located in the heart of Tampa 0n Floridais west coast. Tampa serves this area as the largest industrial center with its many industries and busy ports. The leading city in the production of cigars and phosphate, Tampa is the second largest city in Florida. Known nationally for its Gasparilla festival, tourists flock to Tampa annually for this spectacular attraction. the renovation W, '"MIM W51 WMUW'WWMX W H """wmm , ' w WW, , . WWW I '"W WWZZCZMr . 'Wm WWWW , WWW, wmm. W "W , m4, W, , W m MM I WWMWM M x , WW? 4 7 L H ' V a , a qugm 7 WMWIWW Wm W WWW, Ms MMWWWWZ , M m ,M , , Mm: ,, w the expansion Wm Wm. WM , W ' nww" 't "1m v! ins. First convocation of the year was tele- vised locally. Students speak to Robert Kennedy, brother of the president of the United States. The presidential campaign comes to Tampa. The university chorus is filmed for na- tion-wide television. 12 ,7$ w, W nu 1 W7? www.xxwmmm A L m w ,- nmmwa to the end. board CHARLES F. BLAKF of trustees CHAIRMAN HOWARD P. MACFARLANF GEORGE R. GRIFFIN QECRETARY TREASURER R. J. BINNICKER CARL O. BROREIN JOHN C. COUNCIL J. CROCKETT FARNELL CHARLES F. FERGUSON JAMES L. FERMAN W. HOWARD FRANKLAND GEORGE B. HOWELL VICTOR H. NORTHCUTT DONALD C. POWER VICTOR V. SHARPE PAUL SMITH C. C. MILm VEGA JAMES W. WARREN LOUIS WELLHOUSE, JR. MORRIS E. WHITE AL YORKUNAS Dr. Delo gives Farewell Message to seniors. a 3:21: a FAREWELL MESSAGE The Senior Class University of Tampa Tampa, Florida John Mason Brown once wrote, "The only true happiness comes from squandering our- selves for a purpose." On the fifth day of June, each of you will finally cross the platform to undergo that formal ceremony which testifies you are qualihed to be an alumnus of the University of Tampa. The nature of the record which you take with youeon your academic transcript, from the extracurricular activities you have enjoyed, in the friendships you have madee all of these will indicate how truly you have squandered your life during the four years on this campus. As the years wear on, the satisfaction which you gain from living will be commensurate with the way you squander your time and your talents for those causes or careers which you are convinced have real meaning and true purpose. For, no matter how recklessly you draw upon your reserves, the sense of purpose will renew them. No matter the toil, you will never be too tired for labor. As alumni of this University, always remember that it exists because men and women Squandered themselves in its service. The teacher who worked late over examination papers so that he could sooner re-orient his class, or patiently led the faltering intellectual footsteps of a freshman to firmer grounds; the donor who gave of his substance for scholarships or buildings; the mechanic Who took pride in his work; the friends, trustees, administrators, and last, but by no means least, the Alumni, God bless ,eme all these have Squandered some portion of their lives that this University might grow and prosper. You too are called upon to squander your life; to achieve, in the words of George Ber- nard Shaw, . . . the true joy of life . . . . the being used for a purpose recognized by your- self as a mighty one." You will find this joy in your families, in service to your communities, in a motivating career. But always save a portion of your life to squander for your Univer- sity. Never in its history has the horizon of our University presented so magnilicent a vista, replete with challenge and with purpose. As you take your place in the lengthening train of Alumni, I am confident that each of you Will squander part of your life to push that hori- zon back even further, thus to reveal constantly more challenging vistas of a noble future. DAVID M. DELo, Prexident 17' 18 in memoriam DAVID A. FALK D. B. MCKAY DAVID E. SMILEY The entire student body, faculty, and administration of the University of Tampa was greatly saddened by the death of these members of the Boardiof Trustees. contents administration and faculty - . . .' 18 classes ................ 41 activities ............... 173 athletics ............... 213 greeks ................. 237 organizations and honoraries ..'255 advertising . ............. 285 19 administration and faculty dr. dovid m. delo president dr. m.c. rhodes 22 dean of administratio dean of menJ Frank w. seteor Iucile king dean of wome 24 willis dunn a.b., m.a., ph.d. iohnnie pate assistant treasurer frank howard sinsley b.s. assistant to the president sfephen l. speronis a.b., m.a., ph.d. director evening division Faculty DR. MILLER K. ADAMS 3.5., M.A., ED.D. Amocigte Profenor of Phys- ical Education MRS. FRANCES ALLEN A.B., M.F.A., Instructor in Speech MR. RUSSEL C. APPLE A.B., M.C.5. Anaciate Profenor of counting DR. HOWARD G. BAKER A.B., M.A., PHD. Profesxor of Englixb DR. J. RYAN BEISER A.B., M.A., PHD. Profenor of History Politiml Science DR. BERNARD BEITMAN B.A., M.A., PHD. Asxixtant Profeuor of Chem- ixtry MR. JAMES BIGNELL 13.5., M.A. Anocidte Profenor of In- dmtrial Arts MR. HAROLD E. CARMONY B.S., M.S. Anismnt Profeuor of Chem- mry MR. JAMES A. CHAMBERS A.B., M.A. AuiItant Profeuor of Ele- mentmy Edumtion MR. JAMES W. COVINGTON 13.5., M.A., pun. Profenor of Hiltory and Political S dance MISS STELLA M. Cox DR. ROY . 13.5., M.A. E DWYER . 13.5. M. ED. Anocmte ProfeJJor of Home Economic: Profenor of Education and Director of Teacher Education MR. WILLIAM W. CYZEWSKI 13.5., M.B.A. MISS E. JANE EDGY 13.5., M.A. Imtmctor in Bmineu Adv mininmtion Imtmctor in Plyyu'cal Ed- ucation for Women DR. ROBERT J. DEW, JR. MR. EDWARD FAZLI 13.5., nsc. M-A- Anixtamce Professor of Mad- em Language: Profeuor 0f Cbemmry MR. MICHAEL DORAN A.B., M.A. MR. EUSTACIO FERNANDEZ 13.5., M.A., M.A.E. MJIWNO' of Psychology Ayxixmm Prafexmr of Spanixb DR. WILLIS J. DUNN AB MA PHD MRS. FLORENCE F. FRENCH . .B. . . Amocmte Profenor ol Soc!- A , MA ology I mtructor in S peecb Faculty MR. ROBERT J. FUSILLO A.B., M.s. Ammant Profeuor of English MR. CHARLES S. GILES 3.5., M.A., EDD. Auociate Profeuor of Fine and Industrial Arts MR. WILLIAM D. GLENN A.B., M.A., PH.D. Profeuor of nycbology MR. MARTIN I. J. GRIFFIN A.B., M.A., PH.D. Profeuor of Englixh MR. KENNETH W. HANEY 13.50., M.A. Auimmt Profenor of Soci- ology MR. PAT HARDEMAN B.s., M.A., PH.D. Anixtant Profeuor of Phi- lowplyy mu! Religion MR. C. J. Ho A.B., M.A., PHD. Anocidte Profeuor of PJy- cbolagy MR. CHARLES L. HYDE 13.5., M.A. Auixtant Profexmr of Busiv new Adminiumlion MR. ELMER JONES Auimmt Profeuor of Biology MR. A. J. KAINEN A.B., MA. Asu'mmt Profeuor of Math- ematic: 29 30 MR. JESSE L. KEENE A.B., M.A., PHD. Profenor of Hixtory and P0- litical Science MR. EARL E. KELLER 13.3., A.B., M.A. Animmt Profenor of English MR. JOHN A. LEPPER A.B., M.A. Imlructor in Political Science MR. JULIUS D. LOCKE A.B., M.A., PHD. Assistant Professor of Englixb MR. HARVEY E. MAIER B.A., M.A., EDD. Director of Choral Mmic and Profesxor of Mzm'c MR. ROBERT L. MOHR 13.3., M.A., pup. Profeuor of Secondary Ed- ucation MR. ALVAN R. MCFADYEN A.B., M.A., PH.D. Auociate Profenor of English MR. LOUIS A. NAVA Y VEGA A.B., 13.5., D.H. Axmciate Profenor of Spanixly MR. STEPHEN F. PARK A.B., M.M. Auociate Profenor 0f Mmic Theory MR. JAMES D. PIETRANGELI B.A., M.A. Anixtam Profeuor of chb- ology faculty MR. CLARENCE M. PRUITT A.B., M.A., PH.D. Profeuor of Geography MR. CLYDE T. REED A.B., M.S. Auociate Profesmr of Bi- ology MR. OWEN J. REYNOLDS 13.5., M.S. Assixlamt Profeuor of Math- emalic: MR. G. LAWRENCE ROBERTS, JR. 13.5., M.ED. Auimmt Profexsor 0f Bmi- next Administration MISS ALICE RODRIGUEZ n.5,, M.P.E., 84H. Auistam Profeuor of Pbyx- ical Education x MWQHE MR. LOUIS L. ROGERS 3.5., M.A. ED.D. Auimmt Profenor of Second. my Education MRS. ELYSE G. SHEPPARD A.B., M.A. Auixmnt Profeuor of Math- ematiu MR. STEPHEN L. SPERONIS B.A., M.A., PHD. Anociate Profeuor of History MR. RALPH E. STOUT 13.5., M.A., EDD. Assistant Profeuor of Second- m'y Education MR. ALAN P. STUCKEY 3.5., M.s., PH.D. Auociate Profeswr of History and Political Science 31 32 Faculty DR. FRANCIS J. THOMPSON A.B., M.A., PHD. Auocidte Profexmr of English DR. JAMES K. UMHOLTZ 13.5., ms, ED.D. Assixtant Profeuor of Element- ary Education MR. JOHN VON SZELISKI 13.5., M.s. Director of Radio and In- Jtructor in Radio and Drama DR. CHARLES R. WALKER B.A., 13.5., 35.50., M.A., M.s., PHD. Profeuor of Biology DR. ROBERT E. WEAN 13.5., PH.D. Anociate Profeuor of Biology MR. LYMAN WILTSE MUS.B., M.M. Director of Orchestra and Anociate Profeswr of Mum: MRS. ROBBIE E. WOOTEN 3.5., M.A. Instructor in Secretarial Sci- ence RABBI DABID L. ZIELONKA B.H., A.B., RABBI, L.H.D., D.D. Anociate Profeuor of Religion FA C U LT Y LUNCHEON AT PALM ROOM MR. JOSIAH L. M. BAIRD 3.5., M.A., PHD. Profeuor of Fine Am MISS INA Lou BRADLEY A4B., M.ED. Imtructor in Elementary Ed'- umtion DR. E. 0. COOK B.SC.. M.SC., PH.D. Auocizzte Profenor of Plyyxiu faculty not listed MR. MYRON KARTMAN 3.5., M.MUS. Imlructor in Violin and Lea- turer in Mmic MR. JOHN R. LAWRENCE Imtmctor in English MR. ROBERT E. LOVELY 13.5., M.A. Instructor in Playxical Edu- cation FACULTY AS STUDENTS MR. CARLOS F. WEIMAN LLB. M.A. Axxijtant Profeuor 0f Buu'- neu Adminiltration MR. HUNTER N. WILEY 3.3., M.A. Director of Band: and AIM- ciale Profeuor 0f lmlrumen- ta! Mmic MR. DAVID CLARKE WILLIS n.5,, M.s. lmlrurtor 1'71 Chemijtry faculty workshop secretaries MRS. SHIRLEY JEAN ADEMA Evening DiL'iJz'mz Office MRS. FLORENCE BLOCK MRS. NAOMI PITTMAN Prexidem'x Office Prejidentk Office MRS. BERNICE BREWER Athletic Office MRS ELOISE DURRETT MRS. CAMILLA COOPER Dean of Admmijtmlion'y Office Dean of Women'y Office 3 MRS. LOUISE CAST Alumni Office MISS EVELYN BENNETT MRS. GRACE H. SYLVESTER MRS. HELEN FELENTZER Deam 0f Mew; OffiCe New; Bureau Office Adminiom Reprejenmtivek Offtce library staff MISS CHARLOTTE ANNE THOMPSON MRS. ESTELLA CRANE Head Librarian Circulation Librarian MISS GLORIA C. RUNTON M155 VANDA NELSON Catalog Librarian Acquixitiom Librarian MRS. PAULINE DEWITT MRS. JEANNETTE ALTER 35 business office MR. THEMIS JOHNS MISS ROSE MARIE SEOANE MRS. RUTH MCCASKILL MRS. CATHERINE DAWSON MRS, CLARA GARCIA registrar's office MRS. MAUREEN SALONSKY MISS ULVE NOURMET 37 :Ww n; 'W . :LmumAA-W... WWW bk m al gomez, b.s. business manager rufus r. whitis building superintendent edward van gelder admissions representative elrifo crawford, administrative mae avery, helen scoggins, assistant iackie king, switchboard e.g. austin, school nurse marcella hanley residence hall directors hazel mccullough senior c I a s s 3;; officers :3 PRESIDENT RALPH LAZZARA VICE-PRESIDENT ANDREW MIRABOLE SECRIZTARY-TREASURIZR SUE PHILLIPS REPRESENTATIVES MARIE GODING RENE CARRERA Seated: Sue Phillips, Marie Goding. Slandiizg: Rene Carerra, Ralph Lazzara, Andrew Mirabole. A dibloma, a band Jbake am! a way of life 971415. seniors MRS. DOROTHY R. ABBOTT Hometown: Tarpon Springs, Florida Major: Elementary Minor: Arliwifiei: Delta Kappa Sorority; N.E.A.; Sorority Treasurer; Deans List. LYNN ACKER Hometown: Tampa, Florida MILLICENT ADAMS Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Activitiel: Pres. Westminster Fellow- ship; Who's Who; Rabbi Zilouka Award; Bordon Freshman Prize; Chorus. RUTH ALFIERI Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major; English Minor: History, General Science OLA L. ALLEN Hamelauvl: Tampa, Florida Major: General Business GERALD ALoNso Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Psychology Minor: Philosophy Josue ALVAREZ Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: History Minor: Psychology Artiuitiel: Dean's List; Honor Roll; Sigma Sigma Sigma, President, Treas- urer; Propeller Club, Secretary, Treas- urer; Panhellenic, Representative, Sec- retary; I.F.S.C., Secretaw, President; Culwell History Scholarship; Minaret, Editor-in-Chief; Newman Club; Who's Who; Senior Notable; Honorary His- tory Fraternity; Moroccan Sorority EdL tor. JOSEPH W. ANDREWS Hometown: Bridgeport, Connecticut Major: Mathematics Minor: History Arliwitiel: President, Circle K; Frater- nity Editor of Minaret; Junior Class Vice-President: Newman Club; Pledge Marshall of Theta Chi; Political Union. JULES ANDREWS Homcfouvz: Pawtucket, Rhode Island Major: El6mentary Education BILL W. BAFCKLER Homelozm: Tampa, Florida Major: History Minor: Philosophy Attiz'iliw: International Relations Club; B.S.U. BARBARA ANNE BAKER Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida Major: Business Administration Minor: Secretarial Science COLLEEN GREENLEE BAKER Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: Physical Education MRS. LENA BARROWS Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida Major: Social Studies-Secondary Edu- cation Minor: Business Administration EDWARD J. BAUER Homelouw: Tampa, Florida MEL BAUMEL Hamlou'n: Brooklyn, New York Major: Biology Minor: English Artiwitiex: Sports Editor Minaret; Sports Editor Moroccan; Theta Chi; Pi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega; As- sistant Sports Publicity Director. JAMES M. BAXTER Homemzm: St. Petersburg, Florida Major: Business ARTIST L. BECTON Homemu'n: Tampa, Florida ALFONSO BETANCOURT Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Biology Artiwitier: Kappa Phi JOSEPH P. BOLLER Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Accounting PATSY HAMMER BOND! Hrmzetouvz: Tampa, Florida Mafar: Elementary Education Minor: English Arthrizim: Alpha Chi Omega CHARLES T. BOOTH Hometmwz: West Palm Beach, Florida Major: Physical Education Minor:- Biology Avlizlitiar: Letterman's Club; Kappa Alpha; Physical Education; Major's Club; Football Team. JAMES RAYMOND BOYER Hometown: Maryville, Tennessee Mafar: History Minor: Psychology MRS. CARL M. BRANCH Hometown: Tampa, Florida FRANK L. BRANDON, JR. Hammomz; Tampa, Florida Major: Business Administration MRS. JERALDINE LEE BRIANT Humemmz: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: English Arziz'iliw: N.E A.; Sigma Tau Delta; Methodist Student Movement; Chorus; Delta Zeta Sorority. ELSIE C. BROWN Homelau'rz: Chicago, Illinois Major: Elementary Education XXIALLACE BROWN Hmuylazm: Plant City, Florida Major: Physical Education Minor: History Arziriliw: Sig E ; Major's Club; Let- terman's Club; Baseball; Football Man- agcr. JOHN MARTIN BRUCE, JR. Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Business Administration Minor: History, English Activitiw: Tau Kappa Epsilon ROBERT G. BRYAN Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Accounting Aciiz'itiw: Transfer Rossm: S. BULL Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: English Minor: Home Economics FRANKLIN BURNS Hamelotmz: Tampa, Florida Major; Business Minor: Math Aclivitiel: PKP Fraternity; Track Intra- mural. ROBERT A. BURWEIJ. Hometown: Clearwater, Florida IRENE j. CABOT Homemzwn: Tampa, Florida szjm': Biology Minor: Chemistry Artiriliw: Delta Zeta; Florida Academy of Science. PHILIP K. CALTAGIRONE Hometown: Tampa, Florida ALUDW Limb Minor: Industrial Arts Aniz'm'w: Tke, Chaplain; I.F.C., Repre- sentative; Spanish Club. CELIA A. CAMBELL Homelauvz: Tampa, Florida Mufm: Elementary Education Minor: Arlizritiw: S.F.E.A.; Chorus VICTORIA B. CAPLINGER Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Education Minor: English Aclim'll'er: Kappa Pi; N.E.A; S.F.E.A. 48 JANETTE R. CAPPOLINO Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: Arlib'iliw: S.F.E.A.; Pi Kappa Phi Daughter; Newman Club. HENRY XWALTER CARMONY Homelozmz: Tampa, Florida Major: Psychology Minor: Philosophy Aciiwiriar: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Metho- dist Student Movement. RENE D. CARRERA Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Social Science Minor: English Artivitz'ar: Theta Chi Fraternity, Treas- urer, President; Interfratemity-Sorority Council, Representative, President; Stu- dent Congress, Senior Representative; ths Who, Junior and Senior; Class Notable; Sigma, Sigma, Sigma, Prince Charming: Zeta Tau Alpha Sponsor; Spanish Club; Newman Club; Moroc- can Staff, Art Editor. LOUIS CARRILLO Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Industrial Arts Minor: History Activitiar: Kappa Pi ROBERT C. CARSON Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Business RICHARD CHAPU Homelowns Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: English Artivitieyz A.P.O. Member ROBERT W. CHRISTY Homemu'n: Tampa, Florida Major: ACCounting Minor; Education Arliviziec: Registration JOSEPH CONFOY Hamemu'n: Tampa, Florida Mafar: Psychology M13207: Sociology Activities: S.F.E.A. Kappa Pi, Kappa Sigma, ZTA, Sponsor. EDMUND G. CORREIA Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Bus. Administration Minor: English GRACE COSTA Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: English and Home Economics Actiz'itiej: Delta Zeta, Vice President, Pledge Trainer, etc; Newman Club; F.E.A.; Maid in Moroccan Court; Glee Club; Intramural. DANILO COTON Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Mathematics Minor: Chemistry Artim'tiar: Theta Chi Fraternity MARIA G. CUERUO Hametown: Tampa, Florida Major: Secondary Education Minor: Spanish Activities: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Tau Delta, English Fraternity, S.F.E.A., Minaret Staff. 50 DAVID DAVENPORT Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Physical Education Minor: Psychology Aviiriliw: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Football 3 Year Letterman, Letterman's Club, PE Major Club, Deads List, Honor Roll, GEORGE DELK Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Business Artiviziar: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Crew. JEAN DI ROSA Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: English Attivitiex: N.E.A., F.E.A., Chorus, Delta Zeta. GEORGE DUNN Homelmm: Tampa, Florida Major: Psychology Minor: Religion RICHARD B. DURLAND Hometown: Gary, Indiana Major: Industrial Arts Minor: English WILLARD I DUTCHER Hometown: Land O'Lakes Major: Music Minor: English Artiwitiw: M.E.N.C. President, Band 3, Chorus 1. MRS. CECILIA W. DYAL Hometoum: Brandon, Fla. Major: Social Studies Minor: Psychology FRANK JOSEPH EDMUNDs Hometozm: St. Petersburg, Fla. Major: Physical Education Minor: History Artiritiej: Majors Club, Water Team. PAUL CREASMAN ELROD Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Accounting Actiriziex: Pi Kappa Phi, Crew Man- ager, Spartan Warrior Letterman's Club, Propeller Club, Historian of Pi Kappa Phi L. EWING ESCH Honietouw: Vincennes, Indiana Malian Psychology, English, Elementary Education. Minor: History, Music Arlivitiar: Chorus, Minaret, Sigma Tau Delta, First Evening Division President, Dearfs List, De Novo, College Anthol- ogy of Poetry. CHRISTOPHER FAGOT Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Social Studies Minor: Physical Education Artivitiej: Pi Kappa Phi MARY ANN FEDRICO Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: English and History Artiwitiar: Newman Club, Moroccan Staff, S.F.E.A., N.E.A. and Chorus, A.CE. WILLIAM FEIN Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida Major: Accounting Artiwitierz Phi Theta Kappa JOHNNY FELICIONE Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Physical Education Minor: English Artiuitiex: Letterman's Club; Football Team; Physical Education Major Club. ERNEST FERNANDEZ, JR. Homelouwr Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: English GEORGE E. FERNANDEZ Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Education Activitiar: Theta Chi RITA FERNANDEZ Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: Psychology Artiwitia: N.E.A.; F.E.A. SYLVIA GERALDINE FERNANDEZ Hamelouw: Tampa, Florida Major: Physical Education Minor: English Activitier: Secretary of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority; President of W.R.A.; President of Sigma Sigma Sigma Soror- ity; Representative of Panhellenic and I.F.S.C. Staff of Minaret; Theta Chi Dream Girl Maid. ROBERT J. Fox llomcmun: Tarpon Springs, Florida N.Ijm': IZlcmcntury Education ELAINE T. FRYC Hamymulz: XX'orCcstcr, Massachusetts Alujar: Physical Iiducmtion 111mm: English Artiziliw: WCAA; Major's Club; Dean's List. Mafar: Physical Education Minor: English Atlirilim: St. Pctcrsburg Junior C01- lcgc Student Vicc-President. JOE GLISSON llomulmwl: Claxton, Georgia Major: Physical Education Mhmr: Social Science AL'IiH'n'u: Letterman's Club, Vicc-Prcsi- dent; Football, Captain; Wlho's $0110. LARRY H GNAGEY Hamemzwz: Tampa, Florida MARIE C. GODING Homelamz: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: English Actizxiliekr: Student Congress, Junior and Semor Representative; Delta Zeta; A.C.F.; Intramurals; Newman Club; Moroccan Sth; Campus Calendar Dis- i x X CURTIS V. GEEK Humvmmz: Jolmstown, Pennsylvania tribution. 54 ALBERT GONZALEZ, JR. Homelouw: Tampa, Florida Major: Art Minor: English Activitiw: Theta Chi; Kappa Pi; S.F.E.A.; A.CE. NERYDA GONZALEA Hometown: Tamoa Major: Elementary Education Miwor: English Aclizitier: N.E.A.; F.E.A.; Delta Zeta; Chorus. BARBARA B. 6055 Homelawn: Tampa, Florida Major: Music Minor: English Activitiej: Zeta Tau Alpha; Sigma A1- pha Iota; Baptist Student Union; M.E.N.C.; Orchestra; Chorus, Accom- panists. WILLIAM J. GOULD Hometown: Cocoa, Florida Majur: English Arliritiei: Football JAMES ALBERT GRAY Hometown: Lakeland, Florida Major: Accounting DIANIA FRANCES GRECO Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Artivitl'ei: Delta Zeta; F.E.A.; A.CE. FRANCES EILEEN GRECO Homelmm: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: Psychology Arlizritiar: N.EAA.; F.E.A.; Honor Roll. RALPH GRIFFIN Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Business Activitiar: Pi Kappa Phi; Alpha Phi Omega; Propeller Club; Crew. DONALD W. GWIN Homelmm: Tampa, Florida Major: Physics and Mathematics Artivitz'w: Kappa Sigma Kappa; Florida Academy of Sciences; WTUN. PAULINE HALL Homemu'n: New Port Richey, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: Philosophy Arlizrilier: N.E.A.; F.E.A. KATHARINE HAMILL Hanzelouvz: Tampa, Florida Mnjm': Elementary Education Minor: English KAREN HAMILTON Hometown: Lutz, Florida Mafor: Elementary Education Minor: History Artizriliekr: Student F.E.A. 56 WILLIAM HENRY HANCOCK Hometown Tampa, Florida Major: Accounting PATRICIA HANSHAW Hometown: Charleston, W. Va. Major: Physical Education Minor: Sec. Science Activitiey: Alpha Chi Omega; F.E.A.; F.A.H.P.R.; W.A.A.; Major's Club. CHARLOTTE PAGE HARRIS Hametown: Virginia Major: Business Administration Minor: Spanish MAXINE HAWKINS Hometown: Dunedin, Florida LARRY C. HEATON Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Psychology Minor: Business Activitiex: American Marketing Club; American Management Club. CHARLES EDWARD HENRY Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Business Administration ActivitieJ: Tau Kappa Epsilon Presi- dent; Newman Club. CHARLES LEWIS HEUGEL Homelazmz Tampa, Florida Major: ACCOunting Minor: Business BETTY L. HINMAN Hamrmu'iz: Tampa, Florida Major: Modern Language Minor: Speech CAROLYN HITCH Hrmmmzm: Clearwater, Florida Major: Psychology Minor: Sociology Artiriliekr: Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority. ROBERT JOHN HODGE Hamelouw: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education WILLIAM J. HOJNACKI Homuiuzwz: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Minor: English Actirilier: A.C.E.I.; F.N.IZ.A. BETTY J. HOLTON Homelou'n: Dunedin, Florida 58 SHARON HOOPINGARNER Hamemuvz: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: English and Psychology Activitiw: Alpha Chi Omega, Corre- sponding Secretary; Pi Kappa Phi Daughter; Moroccan Court; Alpha Chi Omega Scholarship Award; Methodist Club Secretary. MICHAEL HOPERICH, JR. Hamylawn: Tampa, Florida Major: Accounting Minor: Business Antivitielz Tau Kappa Epsilon Frater- nity, Vice-President; I.F.S.C.; I.F.C., Secretary. HERBERT A. HUGHS Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Accounting Minor: Business Administration ROBERT HUGHS Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Education Atlivitiejz Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice- President; I.F.C. FRANKLIN E. HUNT Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: English Minor: History Arlivitiar: Sigma Phi Delta REBA H. HUNT Homelamz: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Actiir'iliesss: N.E.A. MARGARET LOUISE HURNER Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education MARY ANELLo IAVARONE Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: English Artivitiw: Zeta Tau Alpha, Rituals Chairman; Student F.E.A.; A.CE. ANGELO D. IPPOLITO Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Biology Minor: Mathematics MICHAEL JACKSON Hometown: Kewanee, Illinois Major: Business Artivitiex: Theta Chi Fraternity; Pro- peller Club; International Relations Club; Student Congress, Vice-Pr651dent of Student Body; Minaret Business Manager; Moroccan Staff; Men's Dorm Counselor; Alpha Chi Omega Sweet- heart; Pi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega. MARIA JANNER Hometown: Tampa, Florida JACK JENKINS Hometown: Limona, Florida Major: Music Activities: Who's Who 60 SALLY JENKINS Hometown: Limona, Florida Major: Music Attiw'tiex: Who's Who SHELDON Ross JETT Hometown: East Peoria, Illinois Major: History Minor: Sociology Artizlitiej: Phi Kappa Phi; N.E.A.; F.E.A.; Circle K; Intramurals. DONALD R. JONES Hometown: Brandon, Florida Major: Industrial Art Minor: English BARBARA ANN KERWIN Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: History Artiviliei: Newman Club; S.F.E.A; A.C.E. DONALD H. KING Hometown: Hackensack, New Jersey Major: Accounting Minor: Business C. L. MARCEND KING Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: English, Psychology NORMA JEANNE KING Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Physical Education Minor: English Activitiei: Student Intramural Director, Intramurals; W.A.A. RUSSELL 8. KING Hometown: Arcadia, Florida Major: Mathematics Minor: Physics VIRGINIA LYNN KING Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Artivitl'ef: Zeta Tau Alpha; A.C.E.; Water Ski Club. SANDRA JEAN KLEIN Hometown: Tampa, Florida Marion Elementary Education Minor: English Arliwtiekr: Baptist Student Union SeC- retary; Delta Zeta; Chorus; N.E.A.; F.E.A. MIRIAM C. KRAUTER Hometown: Largo Mafor: Political and Social Science WALTER LANE Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: General Science Minor: Mathematics FRANCIS G. LANG Hometown: St Petersburg, Florida Major: History Minor: Psychology ALTHEA LAW Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: English Artiz'itiar: Zeta Tau Alpha; F.E.A.; Baptist Student Union; N.E.A. RALPH S. LAZZARA Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: History Minor: English Actiriliar: Theta Chi, Vice President; Freshman Class, Vice President; Junior Class Vice President; Senior Class Pres- ident; Political Union, Vice President; Who's Who: Crew; Newman Club; Letterman's Club: Chairman F.I.S.E.A. Convmtion; NsE.A.; Class Notable. ROSEMARIE LAZZARA Hometomz: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Artiwitier: Delta Zeta; Student F.E.A; A.CE. ELMER E. LINCOLN Hometown: Marlboro, Massachusetts Major: Accounting Minor: Business ALICE GAIL LIPTHROTT Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: Home Economics Artiwitier: Zeta Tau Alpha. MILTON REID LOVELACE Homemuvz: Brandon, Florida Major: Elementary Education Arliz'izier: F.E.A.; N.E.A; A.CE. BARBARA JOAN MADDOX Hometown: Tampa, Florida Majm': Elementary Education Minor: English Artiritier: Alpha Chi Omega; F E.A.; A.C.E. PROVIDENCE J. MANISCALCO Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Activitiejz F.E.A.; A.CE. TAWNY RAY MARTIN Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Business Administration Minor: English Artiwilier: Propeller Club ISMAEL MARTINEZ Homgtou'n: Puerto Rico Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry YOLANDA MARTINO Hometouvz: Tampa, Florida Major: English Minor: History Activitier: Delta Zeta President; Sigma Tau Delta; N.E.A.; Panhellenic Repre- sentative 64 WAYNE G. MAYO Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Psychology Minor: English Artii'ities: Band; Pi Kappa Phi; Alpha Phi Omega; Kappa Kappa Psi. IVA McFAIL Hametoum: Tampa, Florida Major: Education Minor: History VIVIAN W. MEGRONIGLE Hometown: Tampa, Florida M47277: Elementary Education Artivitiex: F.E.A.; A.CE. ANTOINETTE C. MESSINA Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: Business Education Artivitieyz Delta Zeta; S.F.E.A.; A.C.E.; Newman Club; Panhellenic Represen- tative. AMos PAUL MINK Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida Major: Business Administration ANDREW MIRABOLE Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: English Minor: Psychology Arliwitz'ex: Theta Chi, Secretary 0 yearsL National Convention; Moroc- can, Managing Editor; Homecoming Ed- itor, Editor; Circle K; Sigma Tau Del- ta, Vice President; I.F.C., Secretary, Vice President, Treasurer; I.F.S.C4, Vice President; Zeta Tau Alpha Sponsor; Student Congress; Senior Class Vice President; S.F.E.A; Who's Who; 1960 Homecomingy Committee; Delegate Sus- ga Publications Convention. Alpha Psi Omega. JOHN G. MITCHELL Homgtouvz: Princeton, Kentucky Major: History Minor: English Arriritiex: Student Body President; Sigma Phi Epsilon, President; Letter- man's Club, Secretary; Circle K, Vice President: Football; Class Notable; Who's Who. NANCY E. MONTHS DE OCA Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: English CHARLES G. OLDHAM Homcmwn: Baltimore, Maryland Major: Accounting JOSEPH W. PADGETT Hometown: Tampa, Florida Mafar: Accounting Minor: English MRS. MARY J0 PANIELLO Hometown: Tampa, Florida Maior: Elementary Education Minor: Home Economics Activities: Sigma Sigma Sigma. RODRIQUE G. PARENT Hometown: Auburn, Maine Major: Business 66 EMILY K. PARMER Major: Elementary Education Mi7201': Psychology Arlivitier: Alpha Chi Omega; S.F.E.A. International Relations Club; President Women's Residence Hall; Class Not- able. PETER PARRADO Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Azlim'tiekr: Kappa Pi; Dean's List. MADELINE PARSLEY Hometown: Tampa, Florida Activitiejz Alpha Chi Omega. DIANNE Y. PEREIRA Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Social Science Minor: Psychology AEtiFiZiEIZ Delta Zeta, Parliamentarian; Newman Club; S.F.E.A. WILLIS PETERS Hometown: Plant City, Florida Mafor: Elementary Education Actiritiar: Band; F.E.A. DARLFNE SUE PHILLIPS Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: Home Economics Artiwitiex: Alpha Chi Omega, Vice President, Social Chairman; Student Congress, Sophomore, Junior and Sen- ior Class Secretary, Treasurer; Student Body Secretary; Majorette; Chorus: Homecoming Queen 1959' Theta Chi Dream Girl Court; Pi Kappa Phi Daughter and Sponsor; Sigma Phi Ep- silon Sweetheart Court; ths Who; S.F.E.A.: Class Notable; Moroccan Queen Court. CARLENE E. PHINNEY Howetown: Tampa, Florida Major: Music Minor: Education Arliwitier: Sigma Alpha Iota; Zeta Tau Alpha; M.S.M. HARVEY S. POSNER Hometown: New York Major: Political Science Minor: English JUDITH K. POWELL Hometown: Tampa, Florida Majm': Physical Education Minor: History ROGER M. PRIEDE Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Activitiekr: Circle K; Crew; Intramurals. RAYMOND E PRIEST Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Education BARBARA S. PSIAKI Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Education Minor: English 68 DENNIS PUPELLO Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Biology Minor: Mathematics, Chemistry Activities: Intramurals; Football; Track; Softball; All-Star Intramural Football Team, 1958. GWENDOLYN PRILL Hometown: Odessa, Florida Major: Elementary Education GEORGE W. PURDY, JR. Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Business Administration JAMES C. QUILLEN Hometown: Tampa, Florida Lows R. RABASSA Hometown: Hoboken, New Jersey Maiar: Business Administration Minor: Music Actiz'itiexz Theta Chi; Chorus; Concert Chorus; Student Congress; Senior Class Vice President. EDWIN L. RADICE Hometown: Tampa, Florida Majm': Physical Education Minor: Sociology Artirities: Baseball. MRS. GLORIDA REGALADO Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Music Education and Piano Minor: English Artiriliw: Sigma Alpha Iota; M.E N.C. JEANIF, A. RAMAGLIA Hamelmwi: Ozone Park, New York Major: Physical Education Minor: English Affiir'l'll'w'l F.A.H.P.F.R.; W.A A.; In- trumurals: S.F.E.A ; Newman Club. SAM REINA Hometown: Tampa, Florida Mafm': Physical Education Activitiar: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Intra- murals. JOSEPH C. REMY Homerouwz Tampa, Florida Major: Business Administration Minor: Psychology ELLIE R. RICE Hometown: Tampa, Florida MANFRED RIETENBACH Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Arliritim: S.F.E.A.; N.E.A.; A.C.E.; In- ternational Relations Club. 70 SYLVIA A. RIVERO Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Activitiex: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Presi- dent, Secretary; Panhellenic Delegate; Outstanding Tri-Sigma Collegiate of 1959-1960; I.F.S.C. Representative; Pan- hellenic, Treasurer; Minaret, Business Manager; Moroccan; A.C.E.; S.F.E.A; Newman Club. ALBERT RoDI Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Physical Education Minor: History ANTHONY RODRIGUEZ Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: History GEORGIANNA GLORIA RODRIGUEZ Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Physical Education Minor: Elementary Education Activitiesr: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Secre- tary; W.R.A., Representative; Minaret; Intramurals; S.F.E.A.; Varsity Volley- ball, Basketball, Softball. JOAN ROQUE Hometown: Tampa, Florida Maior: Elementary Education Minor: English Activitiex: S.F.E.A.; A.CE. PAUL ROQUF, Hometown: Tampa, Florida Mafor: Business Administration Activizier: Theta Chi; I.F.C., Represen- tative, Secretary. JACK H. ROSE Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: English Minor: Religion KAREN RYALS Homemwn: Tampa, Florida Major: Physical Education Arthitiar: S.F.E.A ; C.T.A.; Physical Education Majors Club; Varsity Bas- ketball, Volleyball; Intramural Mana- get. ROBERT SAJOVETZ Hmnetou'n: Edwardsville, Illinois Major: Physical Education Minor: English Atti1 ilie,f: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Majors Club; Football. ANTHONY SALADINO Homemwn: Tampa, Florida Maior: Industrial Arts 1 Minor: English STANLEY M. SALONSKY Hometown: Brooklyn, New York Major: Physical Education Minor: History, Social Studies Artiritim: Major's Club, President, Vice President; Letterman's Club, Secretary; Honor Roll; Dean's List; Who's Who; Physical Education Class Instructor; Student Director Ivfen's ,Intramurals; F.A.H.P.E.R.; A.A.H.P.E.R.; S.F.E.A.; Class Notable, All Conference 1060. MARY SANTA CRUZ Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Sociology Minor: Psychology Activitier: Zeta Tau Alpha, Scholarship Chairman; WTUN; Newman Club; In- tramurals; Moroccan Staff. 72 JAMES P. SASSER Homelouvz: Tampa, Florida HAROLD C. SCOTT Hometown: Auburndale, Florida Major: Physical Education Minor: History Artizlilier: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Major's Club; Basketball; Intramurals. JAMES W. SEAL Hometown: Williston Park, New Jersey Major: History Minor: Sociology CAROLYN LOUISE SEELEY Hometown: Tampa, Florida Majm: Elementary Education Minor: Psychology Artiw'tiar: Canterbury Club; N.E.A.; F.E.A.; A.CE. CECIL L. SHACKELFORD Hometown: Dover, Florida Majar: Industrial Arts Minor: History ROGER EDMUND SHADOW Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida Major: History Minor: English HUGH SHEPPARD Hometau'n: Tampa, Florida Major: English Minor: Psychology HAROLD B. SHOFFEITT Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Business Administration Activitiejs Pi Kappa Phi; Circle K. GEORGE SHUMAN Hometown: Lithia, Florida Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry THOMAS S. SIMMONS Hometown: Arcadia, Florida Major: Psychology Minor: English Artiilitiexz Baptist Student Union, Vice President and Missionary Leader; Pi Kappa Phi; Circle K; Letterman's Club; Crew; Minaret, Religious Editor; Foot- ball Manager. NINA J. SINSLEY Hometown: New York City, New York Major: Elementary Education Artivitiejz F.E.A.; Moroccan. GERALD B. SKORA Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Music Minor: English ArlivitieI: Band; Kappa Kappa Psi. 74 DONALD T. SLOWEY Hometown: Sioux City, Iowa Major: Industrial Arts Minor: English Activitier: Newman Club. WILLIAM EARL SMITH Hometown: Tampa, Florida EDWINA F. SNAKENBERG Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: English Minor: French Artivitiei: N.E.A. ELDRA P. SOLOMON Homwtoum: Tampa, Florida THOMAS SPETTEL Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Mathematics Minor: Chemistry, Music Artivitier: Chief Engineer, WTUN: Al- pha Psi Omega; Pi Delta Epsilon; Min- aret Staff; University Orchestra and Band; Drama Department. EDMUND J. SPENCER Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Social Studies Minor: History Artiwirim: Political Union. LINDA J. SPENCER Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: English Artizr'ilim': Alpha Chi Omega, Warden; F.E.A.; A.C.E.; XVestminster Fellow- ship, Secretary; Chorus; Pi Kappa Phi Daughter. BETTY J0 STAMPER Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: English Arlirlliex: Delta Zeta, Recording Secre- taryy Pledge Treasurer; F.E.A.; A.CE. Intramurals. VIRGINIA ANN STEARNS Homemzm: Clearwater, Florida Major: Medical Technician CLIFFORD PAUL STEWART Homelou'n: Tampa, Florida Major: Music Minor: English Artivizim: Kappa Kappa Psi; Band. LILLIAN H. STEWART Hometown: Allentown, Pennsylvania Major: Mathematics Minor: Psychology ROBERT STOOKEY Hometown: Belleville, Illinois Mafm': Mathematics Minor: Business Administration Activitier: Theta Chi Fraternity, Pledge Class President; Intramurals. 76 FLARZEI.L N. STRICKLAND Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Accounting STANLEY J. SWANSON Hometown: Moline, Illinois Major: Physical Education Minor: Biology Artivitiw: N.E.A.; F.A.H.P.E.R.; A.CE. SAMUEL F. SWEAT Hometown: Dover, Florida Major: Mathematics Minor: Physics Actizxitiekr: Band; Kappa Kappa Psi; Florida Academy of Sciences. ROBERT A. SYLTE Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Physical Education Minor: English Activiliexz Majors Club. VILMA TAMARGO Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: Spanish and English Activitier: Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretary; A.CE; S.F.E.A.; Cheerleader, Head and Co-Head; Calendar Girl; Theta Chi Dream Girl; Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweet- heart Court; Who's Who; Panhellenic Representative; Class Notable; New- man Club. RONALD F. TECZA Hometown: Passaic, New Jersey Maior: Physical Education Minor: English Activitiexz Major's Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity; Letterman's Club; Football. JOE TESTASECCA Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Art Minor: English Activitief: Theta Chi; F.E.A.; N.E.A. JOHN A. THIBODEAN Hometauw: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: Physical Education Activitiex: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Honor Roll 57-58; Major's Club; Newman Club. JOHN R. TILLMAN Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida Major: Accounting BARBARA S. TORRANCE Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida Mafor: English Minor: History Artiwiziexz Sigma Tau Delta. PHIL J. VALENTI Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Chemistry Minor: Mathematics Arlivitiesr: Newman Club. NELSON A. VALLE Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Business 78 MARY MELISSA VANCE RAYMOND D. VANCE. JR. Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas Major: English Minor: Drama Artiwitiel: Plays and Musicals, Briga- doon, Down in the Valley; Sigma Tau Delta. SALUE LOY VANCE HERNIE D. VANN Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Art Minor: English THOMAS W. VANN Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Physical Education Minor: History ActivitieI: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Majofs Club. EDWARD VARON Hometown: Tampa, Florida Maior: Education, Social Studies Minor: Spanish JOE VEGA Hometown: Tampa, Florida Maiar: Physical Education Minor: English; B.S. Degree Arlizritiej: Baseball; Football Manager; Theta Chi; Pledge Marshal; Z.T.A. Sponsor '59; Letterman's Club; Pro gram Chairman; Major's Club; Intra- murals; Future Teachers of America; Florida Association for Health; Physi- cal Education and Recreation; Intep Fraternity-Sorority Council. MARTHA ANN VEGA Hametou'n: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: English Arlizritielz Chorus; N.E.A.; F.E.A.; Honor Roll. CAROL VIERDAY Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: English and Psychology Aczizliliekc: Florida Education Associa- tion. JEAN WALKER Hometown: Bluefleld, West Virginia Major: English Minor: History Activitier: Concert Chorus; Westmin- ster Fellowship. DOROTHY WESTBERRY Hometown: Tampa, Florida qum': Elementary Education Mmor: History Actiz'itiej: Student F.E.A. JERRY L. WETHERINGTON Homelmm: Plant City, Florida Major: English Minor: Psychology Artizritim: Pi Delta Epsilon; Sigma Tau Delta; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Crew; Edi- tor Minaret; Dormitory Counselor; Al- pha Psi Omega; Letterman's Club. 80 CAROLYN J. WHITAKEL Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: English Minor: History Activitier: Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Pi. HOTT A. WHITE Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia Major: Physics, Math STANLEY WHITE Hametown: Tampa, Florida Maior: Biology Minor: English ROBERT L. WHITIS Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: English MABEL A. WHITTLE Hometown: Sarasota, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: Social Studies Activitiezr: N.E.A.; F.E.A. BRADLEY H. WICKERSHAN Hometaum: Tampa, Florida Major: Physical Education Minor: History Activitiex: Crew; J. V. Captain; Vars- ity, 2 years; Letterman's Club; Physical Education; Major's Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. THOMAS J. WIDERE Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida Major: Business Administration Arliririex: Propeller Club; Newman Club. CHARLES R. WILLIAMS Hometown: West New York, N. Is Major: Business Administration Minor: Psychology LEON WILLIAMS Hometown: Wauchula, Florida Major: Physical Education Minor: English Artiwiliex: Major's Club: Football. THOMAS Gs WHLLIAMs Hnmwou'n: Pinellas Park, Florida Major: Education ELIAs RFAM WILSON. JRs Hmm'lnmz: Tampa, Florida Major: Physical Education Minor: English Artirilier: Baseball; Letterman's Club; Major's Club; AsP,D. MARVIN V7. WILSON Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Music Minor: English Affiz'ilier: W7ho's Who; Kappa Kappa Psi; Theta Chi, Historian; Chaplain; President Sophomore Class; Vice Presi- dent Student Body; SsFAE.A.; Student Senate; Circle K: Dormitory Counselor; Band; I.F.C.; Chairman 1959 Home- coming; Concert Chorus; Moroccan Fraternity Editor; Minaret Staff; Honor Roll: Dean's List; Southern Universi- ties Stlfdent Government Assn. Rep- resentatlve, W.T.U.N. FREDERIC J. WOODS, JR. Homelouvzz Tampa, Florida Major; English Minm: Business HANS-PETER WOSSNER M. Hometown: Greiz, Germany Major: Business ArtirizieJ: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Propel- ler Club. JOHN R. WRIGHT Hometown: Brevard, North Carolina Major: Business Administration Miyar: English Activitie.r: Baptist Student Union; Pro- peller Club. WINNIE O. WYLLIE Hometown: Clearwater, Florida Major: English Minor: History JUDITH M. YAVORNIK Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Art Minor: French AttiziilieJ: Alpha Chi Omega, President, Treasurer; I.F.S.C.; Secretary, Panhelv lenic; First Vice President Kappa Pi; Parliamentarian Kappa Pi; Home Eco- nomics Club; Pi Kappa Phi Daughter; Who's Who; Homecoming Court; M0- roccan Court, First Maid. IGNAZIo ZAMBIT Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education OLGA M. ZAYAS Homeiown: Tampa, Florida Major: Elementary Education Minor: Psychology and English Activitier: Treasurer of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority 1958; Fourth Maid in Homecoming Court 1960; T.K.E. Pledge Sweetheart Court 1958 and T.K.E. Sweetheart Court 1959; Newman Club; S.F.E.A. Member 1960. JACK ZICHLIN Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major; Psychology Minor: Chemistry MILDRED ARMSTRONG JOHN C. BARNES VINCENT P. CACKOWSK VITALE CASTELLANO IV Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: Education Minor: Psychology 84 ANNE H. DUNN LINDA GREEN KAY LOROMAN EDURINA MEEKS DONALD ROTHERFORD Hometown: Dover, Florida Major: Music Minor: English Artiwitiex: Band; Chorus; Kappa Kappa Psi, Honorary Band Frat. WILLIAM C. VANNORMAN iunior cJass oFHcers PRESIDENT CHARLES LYLE VICE-PRESIDENT JOSEPH ANDREWS SECRETARY-TREASURER SUE FOSTER REPRESENTATIVE TINA SICHEL Sue Foster, Joseph Andrews, Tina Sichel. Charles Lyle iuniors John G. Aldrich George Ray Andrews John Ayers Patricia A. Alvarez Argy J. Anthony Margatet R. Amo Roy J Anthony Linda M. Barber 87 Diana L, Barbery Everett Bennett Linda L. Boyette Carole R. Beckwith Norman Bevan, Jr. Ronald Bradstock James H. Belote Gerald Boonstra Earl Bramlett 88 James C. Bransford Yvonne J. Bretz Ruth Ann Britt Jerome L. Buckman Shirley Bullock Kenneth Butler Priscilla Cobrera 89 James Capitano Alan M. Chameides Roseanne Cinchett Nick Capitano Heidi Chapman Robert E. Clark Colleen M. Chambliss Sino Chica George A. Clement 90 33w WVWWWS ippen .Cr David W Robert Cordell ier Coll James E We. William J. Davenport 10 Ralph Cos Cooke Thomas P IS lrginia Gail Dav' V Barbara A. Cox Donald Cooper 91 Randall H. Davis Sylvia Diaz Fay Dritsos Dave M. Diaz Mary A. Diehl Shirley M. Dukes Mary Diaz George W. Donaldson Judy A. Dunigan 92 George Ebra Mack D. Ellis William R. Dunning Oliver Ellidge Gerald W. English Dorothy C. Ellis Ann E. Epling Lorraine M. Esposito Jeanette Fernandez Marta J. Flesher Marion L. Faskett Felix Figueroa Frank A. Foster Cynthia M. Fernandez Armand H. Flowers Sue Foster 94 Thomas M. Foster Linda M. Garcia William Giallonardo Ernest Garcia Olga Garcia Louis E. Giunta Henry A. Garcia Jack Gerber Carolyn R. Gomberg 95 Yolanda A. Gonzalez Ronald A. Govin Frank M. Greco Mary M. Greenwald Phyletus Grantham 96 William G. Gudalis Jack Guggino Nelson F. Guggino Carrie S. Hernandez Hellen L. Herzob Dobis M. Hinson Nancy G. Hohne Patrick B. Higginbot Femell E. Hobbs Janice Kay HUtSOH Elmer N. Hines Jenean Hodge Dolores K. Jameson 97 Magaly Jane Bennet S. Jones Roberta J. Kidd Mary M4 Jaques Constance Jones Constantiuos Kopelausos Siufrid N. Johnson Charles N. Kett Valorie H. Krebs 98 0 cc C. Lamberson ack M. Larkin Withers R. Lee Y Isidor A. Landetta Pedro Larussa. Philip R. Leese Patricia G. Lane Mary Lazzara Yolanda Leon Joe Locicero Charles H. Lyle Jose R. Marcos Herbert Long Gerald A. Maglio Daniel N. Martin Lefty Louis Joan Malone Susanna B. Matthews 100 William Mathews Joyce E. Mays Frank P. Mehok Charles C. Martin Jason B. McCulloulh Edward Merbach Richard 0. May Toby H. McErlean Charlotte C. Messine Gary Miller Louis W. Mixon Henry B. Moore Robert P. Miller Robert D. Mohr Anthony Muley Leon W. Mitchell Tilford H. Molskness Joanna Nichols 102 S t;n$t H K? Suzy M. Nothouse Gloria J. Parrino Marian A. Pedersen Joseph B. Obusek Mary F. Parrino Sylvia D. Penzato Carmel J. Pam'no George Paskert John C. Phillips Terrence S. Rany Stanley P. Renos Larry B. Polsky Patricia A. Rawls Leon F. Reyniers Mimi Quick V Rose Marie Regis Gerald R. Reynolds 104 Wendell W, Rogers Martin R. Rossbach James F. Robertson Oneida M. Roiz Karl W. Rossa Daniel A. Rodriquez Charles E. Rose Ronald T. Rotella 105 Manuel J. Sanchez Patrick J. Scussel James W. Sloan Marsha A. Sarver Bertha E. Shepherd William J. Smalley Paul P. Scarborough Tina Sichel Harry Smith 106 James E, Smith David E. Sparkman David L. Steinbrecher Noella M. Jovanna M. Spoto Harry R. Steinhardt Norman J. Smith Louis S. St. Laurent William A. Stophes ginia E. Sterr Michael J. Sullivan Cassie S. Tipps Adrian D. Stetler Helen L. Sylvester Anita L. Trosky Bruce A. Stritter John F. Tingle Charles R. Trulock Robert Trujillo Herman J. Valdes Irma Varon Michael J Tully Mary E. Valido Reba N. Vincent Martha D. Tyler Marcia M. Wallace David W. Wagner 109 Ronald D. Warner Sybil Weid Richard O. Wilhour Richard M. Waters Rox Weissinger Margaret H. Willis Sharon N. Weaver Jessicia L. Whitman Louis N. Willoughby 'I'IO Patricia D. Wilson Harry J. Woltmann Roy P. Winner Dan 0. Worsham Henry F. Wolfe PRESIDENT JIM NEVE VICE-PRESIDENT SANDY RODRIGUEZ SECRETARY-TREASUR VINCE MANDESE REPRESENTATIVE JOSIE PENDINO Jim Neve, Vince Mandese, Sandy Rodriguez, Josie Pendino. sophomores Carol Adams Carol AHronti Daniel Alonso Patricia Alchediak Chris Alvarez Gustavo Alfonso Erio Alvarez Errol Adels Sylvia Almengual Pat Alvarez 113 Paul Apple Beverly Ardisana Sarah Bailey Joseph Arasim Robert Austin Robert Banks Terence Armbruster Roger Badia Herman Barber 114 Richard Arnold Brenda Baggett Robert Barber Etha Bell Vincenzo Bentivegna Lee Bentley Terrance Baumer Diane Beniger Martin Berg 115 Joseph Birkenmaier George Bollinger Norma Boza Billy Bishop Carol Botts Donald Blair Arthur Boyd James Brannen H6 Norma Blancato Marie Boykin Mary Bunch Daniel Callahan Julie Carmella Florence Ciaravella Robert Calafell Jennie Ciccarello Joseph Canova George Church Joe Ciccarello Joy Canter Pauline Churchill John Clark H7 Markianne Cofield William Croft Arlene P. Cutter John Colson Charles Cullens Jerry M. Davis XV R. Conover Patricia Cummings Wayne Davis "8 Linda Couch Hollis Curling Ronald Dutton ye wM', Leo Diaz Mary Durkin Jeannette De Guzman JoAnne DiDio Gilmore Dominguez Howard Engel Leroy Dewey Shirley Dunaway Gertrude Enzweiler H9 Donald Esposito Frank Fernandez Ronald Foote Gregory Esposito Joe Figueredo Josephine Ferlita David Fish 120 Mary Ann Ferlita Marilyn Fodrea Mary Ann Fox Tom Frasier Gail Guibbard Patricia Fussell Bernard Gaughan Edward Gilbert Philip Gauntt Joseph Gilbert . 121 James Gato Glenda Geiger Russell Gnllen Dominix Ginex Casimiro Gonzalez Gene Green Sally Giroir Doreen Goss Richard Hamilton Harry Goetz Edward Giunta Marian Hammond 122 Charley Gomez William Gray John Harnett Robert Hesse Judith Harrington Carlton Hart Ernest Higley Royce Hodge Maeve Haughey Coleman Hill, Jr. Caleb Hendry, Jr. Betty Hines 124 Gloria Hufstetter Doug Humphrey Harry Ingraham Carl Iovinella Richard Jaworski Charles Jespersen Darlene Jones Jeanette Jones Robert Jones Burwell Jordan Vivian Kainen Diana Isral Joe Keating Cynthia Kladis Margaret Kramer .r w, ..,a,.M WW Michael Kovach Sotgerio Kyriakov 125 Gary Kesler George Kraft Charles Laurie Fredric Levarge India Lesley Charlie Lopez David Levine Vincent Mandese Ernest Lazo Elaine Marichal Ralph Lazzara Lockett Alfredo Martinez McGee Joe Menendez Fred Musgrave Carole MCSwain Joseph Mickler Ted Melching James Milbum Roberta McGaHey Bernardo Mendez Edward Miller 127 Edward Miller Kay Morris John Myers John Mills David Mitchell Herbert Murray Elvin Norman 128 Robert Mora John Murray Jack Norris George Nousiainen Elizabeth Parej Nicholas Piantanida Edward Olszta Josephine Pendino Robert Pinson Nora Palleiro Bertha Perez Linda Pisani Mary Teresa Papia Ronald Perez SilViO P010 Sandy Rodriguez Mary Pritchett John Procaccio Paul Robinson Jesse Rodgers Luis Quesada Nelson Roccaforte George Romano 130 Augusto Ramos Elvira Rodriguez Richard Russo Walter Sadlowski Nancy Shoemaker Lou Santa Cruz Pamela Seifert James Short Sam Sardegna Marci Shindel Gayle Sierra Bill Sargent Bert Shirley Jorge Sierra Cythia Simkowitz Fraser Smithson Anne Spayde Edward Sims Wynua Snellgroves Thomas Stanton Don Small Niles Soneson Hannah Stills 132 . . . Pamela Smlth John Sparkman Ernest Stout Woodrow Strickland Charles Stuart Margaret Surface Ginger Sutton Jane Symez Anthony Tamaccio Bill Terri John Terrell Carl Terry Angelica Thomas Esther Thomas 133 134 F rank Vacanti Carol Wandergrif? Lucille Trafflcante Violet Tramcante Dick Tulley Donald Ward George Yeagle Wanda Watkins William Zinkil James Weekes John Wolfe John Zuekis Timothy Willis Kermit Wooldridge 135 Freshman class officer PRESIDENT B0130 DECABIA VICIi-PRESIDENT NEIL SHAW SECRETARY-TREAS URER JUDY SUMMERLIN REPRESENTATIVE GEORGE KAY Judy Summerlin, Bobo DeCabia. freshmen Eggggzxgmx Sharon B. Adams Ronald M. Alexander Gracie J. Agliano Eileen Altier Marvin D. Arenofsky 137 Homer Arena Richard L. Austin Derrill A. Argo Albert Ayers Albert R. Bassett George Artman Dianne C. Babcock Norman K. Bagger Robert H. Benedix Alfredo E. Atencio Barbara Barnes Elmo V. Bessent Bobby F . Betancourt Lee Ann Linda Birinbaum Frederick Biss Jon P. Blumhardt William B. Clara L. Boyette Linton M. Bradley Ceil Bradshaw Ralph E. Brauch Charles J. Brotfeld Ronnie L. Brett Richard Patricia C. Brooks Allena L. Buchanan Sarah J. Bullard George H. Bunkley Malcom G. Campbell Alice L. Carter Gordon S. Cabot Marie A. Capitano Pilar Castillo Roxanne C. Call Peter J Caruana Alice W. Carin 140 Carolyn Phil R. Channell Lester S. Click Edward A. Connell Stephen F . Corrao Frank A. Chiorazzi Norman S. Cohen Ralph Corry F rank F . Cossota Stephen Daly Robert O. Cousins William L. Davenport Andrew Demeyer Charles H. Coyne Francis C. Decabia William A. Crosta Brenda Defria Walt M. Dewitt 142 Meryle Diesenhaus Stewart R. Dodson Ilmars Dzilna Lew F. Dikalvo Margie M. Donsky Ralph C. Ealy Carol L. Eden Charles A. Ferguson Ronald Fleischman Richard M. Fischer Everett William A. F isher Richard Francke John Frey Barbara L. Gardner Ira P. Gillman Bruce Gardiner James R. Gillette Evgene Goldberg 145 Eileen Gomez Lynda C. Gomez Gonzalez Vicki M. Goodman Steven Gotlieb Nova Grantham Greaves Earl Green Gasil Grussing Irving J Green Barry S. Greenfleld Linda Greer Kenneth Gustafson John A. Gutherz Frederic W. Hartford Steve Hilchen Ronald J. Haddle William H. Haiges Beth Hazatone James S. Hall Vilma J. Hevia William Holbrook Jennie Harkey Ronnie L. Hickman Stephen R. Holcomb 147 Edward H Holton Bruce E. Jacobs Jordan A. Kohn Annie Hoopchuk Merry Johnson Robert R. Kalman Thomas C. Johnson Alan C. Kaplus Lawrence J. House Hank P. Karsen Lloyd 5. Hudy Robert N. Juliana George Kay 148 Dennis M. Klein William L. Krantz Roberta Kidd Bruce Kimmel Barry Koffman Andrew J. Kurczewski Gerald Kutzman Florence K. Lassara Louis Lenn Manuel G. Lanvez wggkggwg :ng ' Donald B. Lathrope Mark B. Lehrer Barbara M. Lindell 150 Patricia L. Lingyay Katie Lorenzo Robert P. Maher Mallis Ernest Lopez Frank I. Lyons Gaspar Monti 151 Peter A. Marinari Sandie J. Massions Mary Agnes McDonald Shirley L. Matz Robert W. Mauriello John C. McManus Stephen G. Mazurowski Gerald W. Masciantonio John F. McDonald E. J. Mearin 152 w m ggiw Jerome M. Meguiare Richard C. Messinger Nick W. Melchione Ronald Mirra Joyce Midula Robert F. Miller Bob F. Moore Joseph A. Messina Betty Lee Milligan Michael Moore 153 154 Terence G. Mordia William F . Gary J. Mount Frederick Musgrave Marc Mottier Frederick G. Morrill John S. Mungo Myrna Nelson Robert Nichols John C. O,Brien O'Donnell Robert A. Olgon Harriet Michael H. Orflnik Louis E. Ottaolano Overstreet Overstreet Batum Ozen Mildred O. Pacer F rances F . Padgett Richard A. Palma Jerry Parlin David S. Patton John C. Pearsall George R. Pinegar John Perman Rosalie E. Perrone Bob Pinson Susan A. Peterson Magdalene Petros Lynette Pittman Joseph A. Pullara 156 Ann Marie Regar Richard A. Rieth Barbara A. Reichert Helene Ripling Yvonne A. Charles A. Reddy Edwin G. Richer Jerri M. Purcell Ethel Rogers Ronald D. Rosenberg Gene Irvin ROWCH P3411 H- Sachetti Adam A. Rosica John Rumpf Carmen Santillo 158 Vince Santillo Frank J. Scerbo Melvin Richard Schroeten Sarah M. Santos Bette Diane Schaffer Jack Schumen Saville Peter Schell Paul H. Scott Carol A. Sayles Robert H. Schettini Gary S. Seiden Fred G. Scavone Fred W. Schlichte James A. Settles 160 Howard C. Shamblin Eugene W. Shelleman, Jr. Arnold A. Sjursen Robert R. Shorenstein James D. Smalley Stuart Shechrer Richard D. Siegler Lynn Smith Sammie A. Smith James Steve Stavracos Charles C. Snyder Mardelle E. Springer Beverly Stevens Jack Sommepstein John A. Stiegelmaic Richard H. Stevens Humberto Soriano Marie L. St. Laurent Kenneth H. Storz Mima M. Souash John A. Stanhagen Albert A. Stotts 161 Rose M. Swain Edward L. Temes Frederick Strickland Lee L. Tamburrino Ronald A. Terebesi Roan S. Stutman Kathleen J. Taylor William P. Terry John E. Sukorich Thaddeus Thamey I JUdY-I- Summerlin Agahi Teimoor George W. Thomas 111 162 James E. Thompson Joseph W. Trinceri Barbara J. Ubell Joyce Tucker ,1 x mm W m Marise N. Tillman Steven Alejandro E. Vazquez William M. Tomory Donald H. Turner Vett Marie Tramontano William H. Turner Linda K. Veith Steven Weber Ernest W. Wallace Vento Anthony A . Weinfield Michael J . Walters, Jr. Leon E iley M. Tucker R Paul T. Wanderer James A. Whatley Everett E. Vitali . Whidden Stephen 0 1am R. Wathen ill W Walrath id B. Dav Maurice G. Weber Jessica Whitman Philip H. Walsman 164 Margaret G. Whittemore Retha J. Wineland Carol A. Wilson David B. Wilson David Zeidenberg Thelma S. Wilson Windle Joseph L. Yavorm'k Robert V. Zupkis Ronald B. Sheesley Freshman reception given during orientation. Leroy B. Wright freshman poiama parade The freshman pajama parade through downtown Tampa is an an- nual affair prior to the first football game. This is one of the highlights of freshman Rat Week. 'X MW 168 special students Fernando Alonso Istvan QtCVQ Dudas Milton 0. Jones Joseph C. Boyer Caroline L. Garcia Beryl Kerwick Harriett P. Brenneman Jorge L. Gonzalez William T. Koufas Peter C. Carson Frank B. Jean Ralph Moradiellos 170 special students Jacqueline Guy C. Smart Paul Scarbrough Mary M. Winn Dixie A. Scott activities 1961 moroccan queen w' Wwwww u. miss yvonne bretz sponsored by sigma phi epsilon fhst maid miss iudy yavornik sponsored by theta chi second maid miss sue phillips sponsored by tau kappa epsHon third maid miss Olga zayas sponsored by sigma sigma sigma fourth maid miss sue foster sponsored by pi kappa phi 176 band and chorus University chorus presented Christmas program on television. Don Rutherford, Drum Major for the T. U. band, 177 maiorettes Joyce Mays, Pat Fussell Carol Martin Cookie Parrino Louise Boyette 178 Charlotte Sherrill dancereHes Mary Teresa Papia Carole McSwain . Marie Boykin, Co-lyead Yolanda Ann Gonzalez, Co-beml Sandy Rodnguez Esther Thomas Mary Tompkins Pint Row: Aaron Dowd, Gail Davis, Vilma Tamargo, and Chuck Schwartz. Second Row: Sis Ferlita, Heidi Chapman, Linda Boyette, Roseanne Cinchett, Marie Tramontana. Ca-laead Cheerleaders praise that touchdown! ,3 wakyij 5:1W'3giww cheerleaders M? "I W V x M , 'W , xm . :za: 5: ma "mm' m H'M'nnwm xnmvauv Cheerleaders ride in Homecoming Parade. 181 Linda Boyette S's Ferlita ... homecoming queen miss sylvia fernondez '82 sponsored by sigma phi epsilor Queen Sylvia Fernandez escorted to the throne by Bill Morris. President Delo crowns Queen Sylvia as Sue Philips, retiring queen, looks on. Harry J. Seely, president of the Alumni Association, presents a gift to the Home- coming Queen. 183 first "Idid yvonne bretz sponsored by theta chi second maid iUdY yovornik sponsored by tau kappa epsHon 184 third Inaid roseanne cinchette sponsored by pi kappa phi fourth maid sue foster sponsored by alpha chi omega quaHerbock dub luncheon Coach Huerta kicks off homecoming festivi- ties as he welcomes guest to the Annual Quarterback Luncheon. Even rain could not dampen their appetites. ohnnnibonquet A real feast presented for the Alumni Banquet. ? Tony Ippolito presents a plaque from the Alumni Association to Dr. Delo for out- standing service. Annual Industrial Arts Breakfast held at the Columbia Restaurant took place before the parade on Saturday. 1959 Homecoming Queen, Sue Phillips, gives pointers to candidates running for queen. They are Mary Ann Diaz, Yvonne Bretz, Roseanne Cinchctt, Marie Coding, Sue Phil- lips, Judy Yavornick, Vilma Tamargo, Sylvia Fernandez, and Sue Foster. Homecoming Queen election in full swing. winning skit sigma sigma sigma The Homecoming Skits kicked off the Homecoming events at the Annual Spartan Splash, along with the coronation of the queen. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority was awarded the trophy for outstanding skit with a take-Off on a newscast of the future. 188 3 ff alpha chi omega sorority tau kappa epsilon fraternity KT 46 rok'ritxy wepki-Ipn- fr-g , c- ,. best alI-arouna am e w '"M w AU 20a 4.4 .w W; av aw 1,1 ,, M: 53:1" Alumni Sponsors add sparkle to parade. iss Tampa, Linda Couch, adds beauty to the Homecoming Parade. Student Congress oITlcers ride in Homecoming Parade. Miss America comes to T mpa U. W W! What a figure? Ain't she cute. cm 6 . .U u m a K e h b VI. f $ 0 e m w L .m e an... .m h M. O h T Queen Sylvia escorted out on the held by the senior football players to toss the coin for the Homecoming Game. Sponsors presented by Dr. Delo at half-time. I p g e- ,, Judy Yavomick, Sylvia Fernandez, and Yvonee Bretz attend Sue Foster and Roseanne Cinchett enjoy their ride on the field. Homecoming Game. homecoming dance features miss iill corey lst maid Y onne Bretz receives trophy from Mickey Jackso Josie Alvarez, president of IFSC, welcomes guest and presented H mecoming court. Students dance to the music of the Showmen. ,tis the season to be iolly in Mrs. Nina Sinsley serves refreshments to happy students. Students gather on the stairway 0f the President's home to sing carols. Dean King and students admire the beautiful Christmas tr in the home of President. Mrs. Delo leads group in Christmas carols. 200 While floating down the river on a barge, the University of Tampa chorus sings Christmas carols. T. U. students sing Christmas carols while Mrs. Delo plays the piano. Joseph Martin Glisson Millicent Karen Adams Josephine Alvarez senior clas Ralph Sam Lazzara 202 Andrew Michael Mirabole John Gorman Mitchell Darlene Sue Phillips Rene Dagoberto Carrera David Martin Davenport Marie Carol Goding hds who Bernard F rancis McGovern Stanley Martin Salonsky Marvin Wayne Wilson Judith Marie Yavomik 203 Yvonne Joyce Bretz Linda Lee Boyette ' Ias IUHIOI' c Marlene Sue Foster Gloria Sue Pettigrew Louis Whitten Mixon Jr. Marta Jane Flesher Roseanne V Carol Cinchett O In w ,5 O In Charles Hal Lyle Margaret Lee Sichel Tina Rose Marie Regis 205 clas WAYNE WILSON MILLICENT ADAMS Mail I ntellectual JOHN MITCHELL Majt Likely to Succeed Bext All Around JOSIE ALVAREZ M01! Likely to Succeed JACK JENKINS JUDY YAVORNIK M01! Talented otobles ANN BURTON RENE CARERRA M01! DignMed DAVE DAVENPORT VILMA TAMARGO BeJt Drened RALPH LAZZARA Moxt Popular SUE PHILLIPS MOI! Popular Bait All Around MARIE GODING JOE GLISSON Maxi Atbleti: EMILY KNECHT PARMER STAN SALONSKY Wittien' SYLVIA FERNANDEZ DOUG VANCE 3937 Looking condids The excitement of a football trip. , 5'91 7 AIR"!!! $$ Best All Around Seniors A "mu. .. hn.....snx Welcome Back! The Spartan's coffee shop. The spirit of pretty girls. intramural sports STAFF DIRECTOR, MENS DIVISION ,, Prof. Bob Lovely DIRECTOR, WOMENS DIVISION ; Alice Rodriguez Zeta Tau Alpha and Alpha Chi Omega engage in an exciting Volleyball game. Two intramural teams clash in an important intramural battle. Rudy Reina of Theta Chi rolls out behind the blocking of guard Buddy Jones to com- plete a pass against the Independents. The University has an extensive intramural sports program for men and women. All sororities, fraternities, and independent groups are eligible to participate in the program. The games are scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. The program at the University covers all phases of athletic activity. STAN SALONSKY Intramural program advocates good sportsmanship. STUDENT Dmac-rox . .HHQHHHHHHHmH 1am .umom 5,3ng 335x, .VHMHQ... 2.200 3am acmamoH fmom .meHooU. .1023. Winn. Hon HHomHHuZHq PQQ HHHoom HHHHQH. Hwoaoum 323m 3ng VHUHD . . HwH. mmH2H HHnH2 HHmmHHoH mmcmm $6 WW 32H HHHHpoHuHm H5095. .mwooz H HQ .SMHM 3 i3 $8M H3323. ,2 . , . .. . 2 .H.. HHHuHHBHE 2cHHoH SEA com.acombwaom omH. . . $2.3m m 2..HH0 bmaoWH H..wa onuem 355 85333 VHHHHHZ $25. 539.... goHuHanH HHHHoH $53M. 05.53.? VHOQEHOHH HMOH 2 Hm; .. 3on Hmudwmm vHuoHHpHA. $5.53 H.523 3me mtg? nom .8330? SHAH 82.3537 ngm .HHme S Hqu WHEN .HSHva. 1.2.x , , . . . 22. .. .2 . .38va awww? .mHHHHHHHU. mHHHoH'H E3 3155.5on oHHHHHom .HHHwHHMHH HVHZHQ .mxom HHHWH .HvHHuwH. 530E ocwaHHwy. oomHm222mHuHH5Uuzw muHHwHHU. domeHmy 8H 35.2 EHH. $00 :5. HHuHHm O .VHUHQ HHoBom 5550 2mm; :5. EHMSHH ooH .HQMHM S 59.2w SSH 33 The "Spartans" completed their 1960 season With a 2-7-1 record. However, this record cannot possibly include all of the superb performances of individual players, the many anxious moments of a game, the heartbreak of losses and the feelings of Tampais loyal rooters. The Spartans were strongest in the backfield Where players like Charlie McCullers, Buddy Williams, Ronnie Perez, Charlie Rose, Tony Booth, Bill Rouse, Charlie Lyle, and Dick OiBrien proved they could do the job. Up front the line was bolstered by experienced play- ers in Charlie Bailey, Dick Walter, Max Davis, John Feli- cione, Hollis Curling, Bob Banks, Dave Davenport. New- comers Blaine Turner, Lee Moore and Tony Yelovich pro- vided added depth of which the Spartans had great need. COACHING STAFF: Firjt Row: Sam Baily, Marcelino Huerta, Fred Pancoast. Second Row: Bob Lovely, Reggie Colvard, Ray Ellis. xx Captain Joe Glisson, Head Cheerleader Gail Davis, and Coach Huerta make a happy trio. Head Football Coach and Athletic DirectoreCoach Marcelino Huerta, Jr. 215 T h r e e ingredient usually formulate th prerequisites of being captain of an athletic squad e leadership abil ity, athletic ability, and scholastic excellence. The selection of Joe Glisso to lead the Spartans this season upheld these in- gredients. Joe at the quarterback helm for the Spartans was plagued by injuries all during the season However, he managed to see action in many game and performed excellenti 1y on both offense and defense. Glissonhs example of leadership on and off the field helped the Sphrtans through the toughest schedule ever undertake by a University of Tam- pa football squad. Charlie McCullers, Tampa Spartans 6-0, 175 pound halfback, hrst earned recognition as a top flight ball player after scoring on an 88 yard run against Tennessee which is a new Tennessee record as no other Vol opponent ever scored on such a long running play. McCullers, statistics were the highest achieved by a Tampa player. Charlie finished the season with a magnificent 11.5 average per play in rushing. He was one of the top Tampa players in kick-off and punt returns, and had a 39.0 punting average. Not shown in the statistics but easily seen in the game was his outstand- ing defensive work. McCullers played both offense and defense this year and was excellent in both. 218 Tony Booth behind the blocking of Ronnie Perez and Joe Arasim skirts down the side- lines for a 71 yard touchdown jaunt against the Hurricanes. tompo vs. furmcm In the opening game of the year for the Spartans, it was an inspired team that tied the Furman uPurple Hurricanes," 7-7. Tony Booth, a senior from West Palm Beach, Florida went through and around the Furman line for a grand total of 110 yards. 71 of these yards came via a running play which resulted in a Spartan score. Ronnie Perezts toe accounted for the extra point. Playing outstanding on defense was Charles McCullers and Tony Yelovich. Yelo- vichts hard tackling resulted in a Furman fumble. Furman's hard running fullback Tom Campbell scored their touchdown. Charlie Lyle turns the corner and picks up yardage against Furman; HOLLIS CURLING EARL BRAMLETT CHARLIE BAILEY Guard End End RONNIE PEREZ Quarterback tempo vs. western corolino Cullowhee, North CarolinaeeThe Spartans trav- eled to Cullowhee, North Carolina to encounter the Western Carolina Catamounts. The Catamounts who TONY YELOVICH were defeated by Appalachian the week before were CW" ready for the Spartans and whipped them 28-8. tampo vs. tennessee Knoxville, TennesseeeThe Spartans took on their flrst Southeastern Conference team in the schoolhs his- DICK WALTER tory in the University of Tennessee, but because of the Tackle added depth of the Volunteers, the Spartans lost their second game of the season, 62-7. Charlie McCullers holds the record for the longest run ever scored upon a Tennessee team which was an 88 yarder, in the flrst quarter, that put the Spartans into an early first quarter lead. BLAINE TURNER Guard JOE GLISSON BILL ROUSE CHARLIE MCCULLERS Quarterback Halfbm'k Halfback Tony Booth turns on the speed as he tries to elude an Elon defenseman. tampa vs. elon Charlie Lyle picks up yardage as two McNeese Cow- The Spartans returned from the road to play four home boys are ready to strike. games, the first of which was against the Elon Christians. The Spartans tired of losing trounced the Christians, 31-0. An offensive show was put on by Freshman Dick O,Brien from Kennsburg, New Jersey by his swivel-hipping antics that enabled him to be the leading ground gainer for the Spartans. tampa vs. mc neese One of the best defensive games of the season was when the Spartans encountered the McNeese Cowboys from Lake Charles, La. The lone difference was a field goal by McNeeseis center Lenny Kahn which enabled the Cowboys to squeak out a 3-0 victory over the Spartans. Performing admirably on defense was Tony Yelovich, Charlie McCullets, Blaine Turner, Lee Moore and Hollis Curling. CHARLIE LYLE TONY Boom BUDDY WILLIAMS CHARLIE ROSE Halfbark Fullback Halfback Fullback Blaine Turner throws the key block to spring halfback Bill Rouse loose. tampa vs. troy state The Spartans whipped Troy State 22-6 in the annual Homecoming contest. This was the 9th straight time that the Spartans have whipped the Red Wave from Troy, Ala. Leading ground gainer for the Spartans was Junior halfback Bill Rouse from Avon Park, Florida. Blaine Turner, freshman guard from Ripley, West Virginia made the most tackles for the Spartans from his guard position. Pass defensive standouts were Charlie Rose, Tony Booth, and Charlie McCullers. Bill Rouse is ready to pounce on 3 Troy State fumble. "Doc" Jim Neve applies medication to Lee Moore as Blaine Turner looks to the action on the field. DICK O'BRIEN NELSON GUGGINO TOMMY PHILLIPS Halflmck Guard End PAUL GORE C enter tampo vs. mc murry Abilene, TexaseThe Spartans traveled to the lone star state to meet one of the best small college JOHN MITCHELL teams in the country, the McMurry Indians. The Spar- Fumwk tans were outmanned as they lost 41-8. tampa vs. alabama Tuscaloosa, AlabamaeThe Spartans took to the road again to take on the role of the giant killers as they met the University of Alabama. The Spartans even though they lost put on one of their best team efforts although losing 34-6. An outstanding game was played by Hayden Kelly by his hard tackling and his deliberate pass de- fense, drew the praise of coaches and fans. BILL CROFT Guard MAX DAVIS Boa BANKS OHN FELICIONE J Tcere Tackle Guard Blaine Turner and Hollis Curling clear the path for fullback Tony Booth, to pick up yardage. tampa vs. southeastern Southeastern utilized their hard running backs and staunch line to its fullest extent to beat the Spartans 28-12. The Spartans were playing without the services of key performers and thus did not have the depth to compare with the Lions. tampa vs. appalachian In the closing contest of the football season, The Spartans met their arch rival Appalachian from Boone, North Carolina. The Mountaineers defeated the Spar- tans 22-15 thus ending their season With an 8-2 record. In the closing moments of the game, the Spartans had ' ' ' h h h. h d h A - lnltlated a tOuC down marc W 1C ende on t e P Tony Booth and Sonny Trulock are ready to converge on palachian 6 yard line. Southeastern End, DAVE DAVENPORT LEE MOORE SONNY TRULocx DICK AUSTIN End Tackle End Tackle DICK TULLY Center JESSE LANE End HAYDEN KELLY 224 - Halfback EARNEST STOUT H41 fbark The topsy-turvy 1960 football season came to a close With the Spartans holding an unimpressive record. It was not a boastful year but according to Coach Huerta's description, "but not an entire losing year." Coach Huerta and his coaching staff have a big job this spring and summer in developing a top rate team to meet their 1961 record Which proves to be another tough one. Some consolation may be garnered from the fact that only 7 lettermen will graduate this spring. Eyes Will be focused on the efforts of Spartan quarterback Ronnie Perez, Charlie Lyle, Char- lie Rose, Earl Bramlett, Bill Rouse and Charlie Bailey. These boys should prove to be the Spartansi ii5parkplug to success." No group of athletes at Tampa deserve more praise than the toil- ing Spartan red shirts. Their week's sweat and strain doesnyt end With a Saturday evening filled With thrills and glory. Their thrills come as a personal satisfac- tion of having contributed to the success of the team on the grid- iron. Some of them are called at a moments notice to bolster a weak position on the team. Whether the call comes or not, the Red Shirts continue to fill their important position of pre- paring the team for football Vic- tories. BILL YEAGLE Halfbaclz JOHN HANNA End MARK BEAUBIUM Guard bosketbaII Front Row, Left to Right: Marlin Clark, Cary Overstreet, George Shary, Gary Overstreet, John Pellegrino, John Stanhagen. Secmzd Row: Coach Lavoy, Chuck Engelking, Harvey Mallis, John Heim, Don Boyt, Larry Wagers, Ed Holton, and Manager Dick Plom. Coach Bob Lavoy enters his third season at the realm of the Tampa Spartans. Coach Lavoy has four re- turning lettermen and one of the finest crop of freshmen in the past four years to build a fine team. Heading the list of returning lettermen ate Captains Chuck Eng- elking and Don Boyt along with Marlin Clark and John Pellegrino. Harvey Mallis leads the freshman corps with his rebounding and scot- ing. Other outstanding newcomers are John Stanhagen, Larry Wagers, Cary and Gary Overstteet. Numeral winners Ed Holton and John Heim Will provide the added depth that the Spartans lacked last year. Captains Don Boyt and Chuck Engelking and Coach Lavoy have the basketball in their hands. John Pellegrino takes his favorite jump shot. : Harvey Mallis tips shot as Larry Wagers looks on. John Pellegrino stops short to pass to Marlin Clark for lay-up. George Shary makes the lay-up look easy. Harvey Mallis hits for two against Stetson. Chuck Engelking fights tWO Opponents to score. Scrapping under the basket highlighted the season. Mallis has all the time in the world to get off shot. "0'! .1 I539 CHUCK ENGELKING HARVEY MALLIS MARLIN CLARK JOHN PELLGRINO DON BOYT GEORGE SHARY ED HOLTON GARY OVERSTREET CARY OVERSTREET LARRY WAGERS JOHN HEIM 229 stan salonsky all state shortstop Bill Rouse Center Field Joe Ciccarello . Bill Yeagle Left led Rigbt Field Joe Vega Second Bme Chuck Enelking F m; Ban: Thad Chapman Pitcher V Tom Brice C atcber Coach Sam Bailey begins his 10th season with a fine crop of returning lettermen plus a long list of out- standing prospects. The Spartans will again play a formidable schedule which will include all the teams in the state plus several out of state baseball powers. Heading the long list of returning lettermen will be Stan Salonsky an all state shortstop who led the Florida Intercollegiate Conference in fielding. Along with Salonsky will be three year lettetmen Joe Vega. Vega who has been a sparkplug for the past three seasons gives all in- dications that this will be his finest year. The mound corps are led by Thad Chapman who won the most games for the Spartans last year with his assortment of pitches. Coach Sam Bailey discusses 1961 schedule; Star defensive player Joe Vega leaps for line drive. Coach Bailey distributes baseballs to outstanding pitching prospects. 232 "Take it up" has been the cry on the Hillsboro river for the past months. The grunts and groans of the oatsmen, and the orders of Coach Stalnaker have been heard from bank to bank. The strained and aching muscles, the badly blistered palms, and that exhausted and joyful feeling that comes from hard work, are all indications that these boys have really been pulling. Coach William Stalnaker at work on the Hillsboro River. "165 a close one!" Tampa ..I wins again! I A WA; Wax. Tampa fights to take the lead. The Highlights of 1961 of the sports year was the annual All Sports Banquet. Outstanding awards were received by many of the boys. 235 greeks Pint Raw: S. Foster, J. Yavornik, J. Lamberson. Second Row: M. Parsley, J. Dearing, S. Phillips, E. Parmer, L. Pisani, D. Bass. Third Row: S. Hoopingamer, J. Wainwright, D. Beniger, A. Button, L. Spencer, G. Sutton. BEST ALL-AROUND FLOAT! ! ! alpha chi omega gamma pi chapter COLORS FLOWER SCARLET RED AND OLIVE GREEN RED CARNATION Prexident JUDY YAVORNIK Firxt Vice Preyident SUE FOSTER Second Vice Prexident Joy LAMBERSON C arrerponding Serretary SHARON HOOPINGARNER Recording S ecretdry DANA BASS Treamrer R :12; ?CHEL "When Song Is Sweet" u; airman EMILY PARMER For the first time in the history of the University of Tampa 21 sorority was awarded the trophy for uBest All- Around Float." The progressive perspective of the silver and gold minarets high-lighted the theme "Blueprints for the Future." Adding to the elegance of the year was our attainment of five of the ten class notables. These are: Emily Knecht Partner, Wittiest; Ann Burton, Most Dignified; Judy Yav- ornik, Most Talented; and Sue Phillips, Most Popular and Best All Around. At our annual Nash E. Higgins Scholarship Banquet the sorority presented awards to three deserving members for scholastic achievement: Tina Sichel received the award for the highest grade average in the chapter; Sue Phillips and Carole Martin received awards for scholarship improvement. The Homecoming Court was graced with sisters Judy Yavornik, Second Maid; and Sue Foster, Fourth Maid. Sue Foster, Sue Phillips, and Judy Yavornik were members of the Moroccan Court. - - Members of ths Who are Sue Phillips and Judy Yav- :32; 1:1: 1:11:16: 5:;viin-Joyce Wamwnght, Pam ornik of the Senior Class, and Sue Foster and Tina Sichel of t the Junior Class. Representing Alpha Chi in Student Congress are Sue Phillips, Senior Class Seceretary-Treasurer and Congress Recording Secretary; Sue Foster, Junior Class Secretary- Treasurer; and Tina Sichel, Junior Class Representative and Congress Corresponding Secretary. Representatives of I.F.S.C. are Sue Foster, Corresponding Secretary; and Judy Yavornik, Treasurer. Members of the Moroccan Staff include Judi Dear- ing and Tina Sichel. Marching with the Spartan Band are Carole Martin as majorette, and Carole McSwain as dancerette. Helping to keep up the spirit at T. U. is cheerleader, Josie Ferlita. Our events of the year included the Script Dance, the Pi Kappa Phi-Alpha Chi Barefoot Ball, Carnation Breakfasts, Pilgrim's Day, Bunny Day, Hera Day, Steak Fry, fraternity parties, and, of course, our annual Lead-Out Dance at Which time our charming pledges were presented. Good times, all the time . . . 239 FirIt Row: B. Stamper, D. Barbery, Y. Martino, G. Costa, B. Ardisana. Setond Row: 8. Diaz, N. Gonzalez, M. Goding, D. Greco, D. Pereira, J. DiRosa, S. Weaver. Third Row: M. Fox, G. Davis, T. Papia, C. Hernandez, M. Boykin, A. Epling, S. Klein, R. Lazzara, S. Rima, A. Messina, F. Ciaravella, J. Pendino. delta zeta delta beta chapter COLORS FLOWER OLD R0513 AND VIEUX GREEN PINK KILLARNEY ROSE Prerident You MARTINO Vice President GRACE Cosm AND DIANA BARBERY Secretary BETTY Jo STAMPJER Tr'eamrer SYLVIA DIAZ H irtorian SHARON WEAVER Farulty Adviror MISS GLORIA RUNTON Delta Zeta helped welcome in the new year 1960-61 with their annual Fall Fling following the first football game. Homecoming found D. 235 full of devilment as they displayed their originality and school spirit by creating the iiBest Sorority Float" in the homecoming parade. In the spotlight during the fall semester was D. Z. Gail Davis, Head Cheerleader; and marching in front of the Spartan band were sisters Marie Boykin, Co-head Dancerette, Theresa Papia; and Diana Barbery. Traditionally D. Zfs again played an important role in student activities. Able representatives to the Student Congress were Marie Goding, Senior Representative and Josie Pendino, Sophomore Representative. Active in the publication area were Marie Goding, Moroccan Staff; and Sharon Weaver, Feature Reporter for the Minarette. Marie was also chosen as Senior ths Who and selected Senior Notable for being the most athletic girl. Sharon was tapped as a charter member of Alpha Theta Phi, new History Honorary. Not neglecting their philanthropies, D. Z's have donated money to Mental Health and Gauldette College for the Deaf; and have given time and energy as volunteer workers for the Curtis Hixon Rehabilitation Foundation. D. Zfs are proud of their recent initiates and new pledges. Their enthusiasm is a prediction for future D. Z. success. As the year closes who would ever forget . . . Founderis DayeChristmas PartiesePledge Class Shoe-Shine Day- Mother-Daughter Banquet, and the highlight of the social seasoneRose Ball. Fall fashions for Delta Zeta's . . . Ah Another trophy . . . .5. Getting into the Christmas spirit? 241 Pint Row: L. Garcia, J. Wuertz, S. Fernandez, G. Garcia. 59mm! Row: S. Penzato, O. Zayas, E. Rodriguez, S. Rodriguez, E. Marichal, J. DeGuzman. Third Row: C. Hitch, G. Rodriguez, M. Ferlita, M. Hammond, J. Alvarez, L. Cuervo, B. Pitisci, S. Rivero, P. Alvarez. Thank you ! ! sigma sigma sigma beta sigma chapter COLORS F LOWER PURPLE AND WHITE VIOLET Prerz'dent SYLVIA FERNANDEZ Vice Prerident JENICE WURTZ Secretary GLORIDA GARCIA Treamrer LINDA GARCIA Faculty Advimr MRS. J. PATE During the 1960-61 school year Sigma Sigma Sigma grew both in breadth and in depth. ' Initiating its spring pledges, Tri Sigma added twelve members to its ranks. Two additional girls, Oneida Roiz and Mary Ann Diaz, were pledged in the fall. Further understanding and love of Sigma traditions and ceremonies came as a result of the triennial inspection by the national president, Mrs. Margaret Lee Dixon. As a result of more study and closer sisterhood 1960 also witnessed a dramatic rise in Beta Sigma Chapter efficiency on the national scale. Tampa Universityls Homecoming Queen was President Sylvia Fernandez. Sylvia was sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon. She was also selected as a Senior Notable. Josie Alvarez was elected as the first woman president of the Inter-Fraternity Sorority Council. Josie was also elected to Whols Who and a Senior Notable and served as editor of the Minaret. Olga Zayas, a member of last years homecoming court was selected as third maid of the 1961 Moroccan Court. Pat Alvarez, one of the newer members, was elected presi- dent of the student FEA. Patricia also served as associate editor of the Minaret. Sylvia Riverds work for the promotion of Homecoming and as business manager of the Minaret netted some worth- while results. Sandy Rodriguez was again active as one of the University Dancerettes. Sandy was also in Student Congress. Jeanette Di Guzman, as Tri Sigma pledge, received the Sorority Award for the pledge of any sorority with the highest scholastic average. Jeanette was also the recipient of the Borden Scholarship Award. Ralph Lazzara of Theta Chi was chosen as Tri Sigma Man of the Year. Ralph was crowned in a ceremony in the University lobby where he was serenaded by the sorority girls. Toys collected during the toy drive and money accumu- lated during the Man of the Year contest were used for a party at the children's home. In this manner Sigmas lived up to their motto: Sigma Helps Children. The Spartan Splash script dance and the numerous car washes proved successful. These helped finance a "better than ever" year in the Sigma Sigma Sigma calendar. Fall Pledge Class 1960eMary Ann Diaz, Oneida Roiz. Man of the YeareRalph Lazzara. Visiting President-Mrs. Curtis Dixon. Fin! Row: Y. Bretz. Seroml Row: R. Cinchett, V. Tamargo, M. Valido, F. Murhee, R. Regis. Third Row: Y. Gonzalez, C. Courtleigh, A. Lipthrott, j Canter, P. Fussell, A. Law, L. Boyette, M. Santacruz, J. Buckley, H. Chapman, N. Boza, J. Randazzo, M. Hunt. Greeks enjoy the Zeta's annual Stardust Ball. zeta tau alpha gamma sigma chapter COLORS FLOWER TURQUOISE BLUE AND STEEL GREY WHITE VIOLET Prerident YVONNE BRETZ Vice Preyident ANNA LEE FATZINGER Secretary VILMA TARARGO Treasurer MARY ESTHER VALIDO H thorian ROSEANNE CINCHETT Faculty Adviror MISS CHAROLETT THOMPSON Full of enthusiasm and plans, twenty-six Zetas returned to school in September and set out to make the year a fabu- lous success. Their ambitions were fulfilled in every field, including scholastics, as Zeta Tau Alpha was announced as having the highest sorority average on campus. The 60-61 school year found Zetas active in all campus organizations and being honored by campus groups. Zetas were well represented among the cheerleaders with Vilma Tamargo, Heidi Chapman, Linda Boyette and Roseanne Cin- chett leading Spartan yells. Pat Fussell performed with the majorettes at half-time and Yolanda Gonzales, fall pledge, served as head dancerette. Other active Zetas included: Panhellenic Council, Vilma Tamargo and Yvonne Bretz, who served as President of Pan- hellenic; Minaret Staferolanda Gonzalez, News Editor, and Roseanne Cinchett, Layout Editor; F.E.A.m-Rosemarie Regis, Joy Canter, and Alice Lipthrott; Newman Club-Rosemarie Regis, who served as Treasurer for the second year. Zetas on the Moroccan staff included Mary Esther Valido, Assistant Editor; and Mary Santa Cruz, Roseanne Cinchett, Rosemarie Regis, and Jo Ann Randazzo. Zetas in I.F.S.C. were Roseanne Cinchett, and Yvonne Bretz who served as Secretary. A wonderful 1960 Homecoming found two Zetas in the court. Yvonne Bretz, sponsored by Theta Chi, placed as First Maid and Roseanne Cinchett, sponsored by Pi Kappa Phi, was chosen Third Maid. The Zetas had another queen in Yvonne Bretz, who was named 1960-61 Moroccan Queen. With more honors still to come, four Zetas received the honor of being elected to ths Who in American Universities and Colleges: Rosemarie Regis, Yvonne Bretz, Linda Boyette, and Roseanne Cinchett. Vilma Tamargo received the Class Notable Award of Best Dressed. Two big firsts for Zeta in 1960 include their Zeta-Pi Kappa Phi HPajama Prowl" held at the Phi Delta Kappa house, and the Christmas Lawn display. Other Zeta activities for the year included their traditional Founders Day Luncheon held at the Tropics, the Tampa Day Nursery Christmas Party, Alumnae Party and Spook Stomp. The successful year was climaxed with the annual Star- dust Ball at which the five Zeta sponsors were announced and the new pledges presented. With this ending, Zeta Tau Alpha looks forward to another wonderful year in 1961-62. ZetaTs take part in annual Homecoming Parade. Zeta's chit chat . . . Left to Right: Dan Rodriguez, Ricky Arnold, George Clements, Ralph Griffm, Chris Jordan, Ronnie Dutton, Howard Gregory, Wayne Maio, Ed Simms, Ray Andrews, Bob Muntz. Sandy Perez, Jerry Bobier, John Wolfe, Mike Kovacs whoop it up during homecoming parade. pikappa phi beta lambda chapter COLORS FLOWER GOLD AND WHITE RED ROSE Prerident RALPH GRIFFIN Secretary GEORGE CLEMENTS Treawrer DANNY RODRIGUEZ H mai'idn HOWARD GREGORY Adviror DR. RALPH STOUT Pi Kappa Phi, a name highly respected throughout the years at Tampa U., inaugurated the 1960-61 school year with an unde- featable attitude for recognition. Members of Beta Lambda Chapter can be seen in all phases of our universityls extra-curricular activities. Included among the brothers who received praise for their endeavors was George Clement for his high scholastic achievement. George is not only a permanent resident on the Dean's List but is also a member of the Phi Society. Brother Danny Rodriguez brought honor to the Fraternity when he was elected President of the IFC. Also deserving mention is Brother Jim Neve, who is President of the Sophomore Class. Many of the brothers participate in varsity sports. The crew team was certainly strengthened by Chris Jordan, Ray Andrews, George Romano, and Ricky Arnold. Var- sity basketball members include, Chuck Engelking, Marlin Clark, and Don Boyt. Football was well represented by brothers Jim Neve and Buddy Williams. Dean Burroughs and Tommy Brice were standouts 0n the baseball team. Homecoming this year was a big event for Pi Kappa Phi. The fraternity was awarded the trophy for "Best Fraternity Float," and Roseanne Cinchett was selected as Third Maid in the court. The year 1960-61 was indeed a big one for the Pi Kapps. The intramural football team did quite well, and the following brothers were recognized for their outstanding ability: Dean Burroughs, Don Small, Dick Plom, Tommy Brice, Ross Jett, and Chris Jordan. To use a very old cliche, last but not least, comes the social life of the fraternity. To begin with, we initiated a lobby dance after one of the first football games which was highly successful. This was soon followed by a hayride and a pajama party. The two biggest social affairs of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity are the Annual Rose Ball and the Christmas Dance. There are of course, many more, as the Alumni Party, The Barefoot Ball, Coming Out Party, Moonlight Cruise, and many llinformal" parties. Of course, we are not content to rest upon our past achieve- ments, and the months and years ahead are going to be well- endowed with the name Pi Kappa Phi. P1 KAPPA PHI DAUGHTERsaV. Krebs, T. Clark, R. Regis, R. Cinchett, W. Watson, C. Labruzzo, N. Fernandez, T. Sichel, J. Lamberson, E. Becker, J. Yavornick, A. Hunter. Pi Kapp's during informal gathering in their fraternity room. Ralph Griffln receives trophy for Best Fra- ternity Float at the Homecoming Dance. Front Row, Left to Right: John Mitchell, Joe Delauri, Bill Morris, and Dave Davenport. Second Row: Bill Sargeant, Tom Vann, Bernie Gaughn, Ade Stetler, Ron Perez, Toby Holbrook, Lou Kovac, Bob Banks, John Hanna, Dick Tully, Bill Davenport, Bill Yeagle, Hollis Curling, John Thibodeau, Lefty Louis, and Nelson Guggino. Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart, Mrs. Ron Tecza. sigma phi epsilon florido zeta chapter COLORS FLOWER RED AND PURPLE RED ROSES AND VIOLETS Prexident JOHN MITCHELL Vice Prexidem RON TECZA Secretary BOB SAJOVETZ C amplroller DAVE DAVENPORT H iytoriam BILL MORRIS Advimr DR. J. RYAN BEISER The Sig Ephs started the 1960-61 academic year with our Annual-Active-Alumni cocktail party preceding the first football game. The next event for us was the crowning of our candidate Miss Sylvia Fernandez as Homecoming Queen. We added another feather to our cap when our candidate Miss Yvonne Bretz was elected as Moroccan Queen. As usual, the Sig Ep,s are well represented on the varsity athletic teams. With our president John Mitchell being a member of the varsity football team and also president of the Student Body. Our intramural team won the football and volleyball championship, and are looking anxiously forward to winning the overall intramural championship. Brothers John Mitchell and Dave Davenport were elected to th5 Who American Colleges and Universities. Dave was also voted Best Dressed in the Senior Class and John was voted Best All Around and Most Likely to Succeed. Dave Davenport presents gift to the Sigma Phi Epsilon housemother, Mrs. Oppen- heimer. Sigma Phi Epsilon President John Mitchell receives congratulations after learning of his victory in the Student Body President Election. Sigma Phi Epsilon members and Alumni at Sweetheart Ball. Front Row, Left to Right: Charles Henry, Walt Carmony, Hank Moore, Louis Mixon, Phillip Caltigirone, Don Blair, and Pete LaRussa. Second Row: Jules Vircelle, John Bruce, Dr. Carmony, Prof. Doran, Howard Sinsley, Charles Jesperson, Flarzell Stricland, Bernie McGovern, Joe Keating, Bob Hughes, Lee Bentley, John Aldrich, and Ron Messersmith. Three members of the Order of Diana, wives and mothers of the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon, add to Teke's representation in the 1960 Homecoming Parade. tau kappa epsilon epsilon beta chapter COLORS FLOWER CHERRY AND GRAY RED CARNATION Preyidem CHARLES HENRY Vice Prerident MICHAEL HOPERICH Secretary WALTER CARMONY Treasurer HENRY MOORE Adviror PROFESSOR HAROLD E. "POP" CARMONY TKE Sweethearts Evelyn Lovett and Pauline Tourles. This year, the Golden Men of the Epsilon Beta Chapter of Tau Kappa Ep5ilon whole heartedly welcomed the return of Professor Harold E. "Pop" Carmony as chapter advisor. During Pop's brief illness, Professor Michael Doran served ably in this position. Because of their efforts last spring, the Teke's also returned to a newly redecorated chapter room. As usual, men of Tau Kappa Epsilon played an important part in campus activities. Tekes hold key positions in various campus organizations. Roy Weissinger is serving as Chief Announcer on WTUN. Other fraters are also on the staff. Tau Kappa Epsilon also has members on the staffs of the Minaret and Moroccan. Many Tekes are members of National Honorary fraternities. Among these arezAlpha Psi Omega, Alpha Phi Omega, Kappa Pi, Pi Delta Epsilon, and Sigma Tau Delta. The men of TKE, once again, received the award for the highest scholastic average of the Greek-Letter organizations. Jules Vricelle is the top scholar in the fraternity. In intramurals, Charles Henry was named the "Outstanding Dr. Delo presents the "Outstanding Sports- " . . . manshi " award for intramurals to resi- Sportsman of the Year. Several other Tekes received recognition dent Cgarles Henry P for achievement in other sports. Those fraters and other guests present at Tau Kappa Epsi- lonls annual Red Carnation Ball witnessed an unprecedented event, in which the Tekes chose as their Sweetheart two lovely ladies, instead of one. The two Teke Sweethearts for the year were Evelyn llTex" Endsley, now the wife of Frater Dick Lovett, and Pauline Tourles. For homecoming, the Tekes presented a skit entitled Gobble- degook," Which portrayed prejudices and how easily people are influenced by mob action. The float for the homecoming parade carried the appropriate theme, llNo Future Without Peace." At the homecoming dance, TKES lovely candidate for Queen, Judy Yavornik was honored as Second Maid. The final event on the Teke calendar was the annual Com- mencement Banquet, which paid tribute to the Fraters of TKE and to the installation of Epsilon Beta Chapter as a National Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Once again, the Teke Gold Men would like to say "thank you" to its "Top Teke," "Pop" Carmony. The trophy case was presented to the Chap- ter by the Spring, 1960 Pledge Class. Mammm W9 Front Row, Left to Right: Rene Carrera, Ralph Lazzara, Andrew Mirabole, Louis Giunta. Back Row, Left to Right: Sam Sardegna, Joe Vega, Mickey Jackson, John Procaccio, George Fernandez, Joe Obusek, Dave Levine, Wayne Wilson. Brothers admire trophies awarded to them at homecoming dance. theta chi epsilon zeta chapter COLORS FLOWER MILITARY RED AND WHITE RED CARNATION President RENE CARRERA Vire Preiidem RALPH LAZZARA Sew'elary ANDREW MIRABOLE Trearm'er LOUIS GIUNTA Adviwr DRi CHARLES S. GILES The new year opened with four brothers attending the National Convention in Atlantic City where they were guests at the Miss America Pageant. The Theta Chis continued their unprecedented record in leadership as seven brothers hold Student Congress offices. The brothers holding office are Mickey Jackson, Student Body Vice President; Ralph Lazzara, Senior Class President; Andrew Mira- bole, Senior Class Vice President; Rene Carrera, Senior Class Representative; Charlie Lyle, Junior Class President; Joe Andrews, Junior Class Vice President; and Vincent Mandese, Secretary- Treasurer Sophomore Class. On the Moroccan Staff, the Oxes have Andrew Mirabole, Editor; Rene Carrera, Art Editor; Mickey Jackson, Fraternity Editor; and Mel Baumel, Sports Editor. Interfraternity Councils treasurer is Andrew Mirabole and Andrew also holds the office of IFSC Vice President. Senior notables wereeRalph Lazzara, Most Popular; Rene Carrera, Most Dignified; and Wayne Wilson, Most Intellectual. Charlie Lyle, Ralph Lazzara, Rene Carrera, Wayne Wilson, and Andrew Mirabole were selected as members of Who's Who. During homecoming festivities, the Theta Chi's received awards for the Best Fraternity Float, and the Best Lawn Display. Their candidate for queen Yvonne Bretz, was selected as first maid. The Oxes also sponsored the first maid in the Moroccan Queen contest, Miss Judy Yavornik. Wayne Wilson is active in WTUN and Mel Baumel is affiliated with the publicity department of the Tampa U. Athletic Department. Brothers who are active in other organizations are: Andrew Mirabole, Sigma Tau Delta and Circle K; Mel Baumel in Alpha Phi Omega and Pi Delta Epsilon; Joe Andrews, Circle K; Charlie McCullers and Charlie Lyle, Lettermen's Club; and Mickey Jack- son, Business Club, Pi Delta Epsilon, and Alpha Phi Omega. Overall, this year has been a successful year in which many honors have been bestowed upon the Oxes, and this trend will continue in the years to come. President Rene Carrera receives Best Fra- ternity Float trophy from Queen Sylvia Fer- nandez, as Brother Mickey Jackson 03ers congratulations. Theta Chi Dream Girl Lind Boyette and her court at annual Ring Dance. President, Rene Carrera presents Charlie McCullers with a plaque from the fraternity for his outstanding work on the football team. organizations and honora ries moroccon staff 256 ASSOCIATE EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER CLASS EDITORS FRATERNITY EDITOR SORORITY EDITOR FACULTY EDITOR ART EDITORS SPORTS EDITORS ANDREW MIRABOLE EDITOR ORGANIZATION EDITORS HOMECOMING EDITOR ADVERTISING EDITOR MARY ESTHER VAL mo WALTER SADSLOWSKI NORMA BLANCATO SALLY GIROIR LEE ANN BETZ JOANNE RANDAZZO MICKEY JACKSON TINA SICHEL SANDY RODRIGUEZ RENE CARERRA NINA SINSLEY MEL BAUMEL JOE VEGA ROSEANNE CINCHETT ROSEMARIE REGIS JUDY DEARING NORMA BOZA STAFF: MARY SANTA CRUZ, SUE ScomEm, YOLANDA GONZALEZ, JUDY YAVORNICK. EVELYN RAIBLE. OLGA GARCIA. Mary Esther Valido Walter Sadslowski MK I ,,.-.- , ' ' , ,1 W Standing: Lee Ann Betz, Joe Vega, Mel Baumel, Roseanne Cinchett, Mary Santa Cruz, and Sandy Rodriguez. Sitting: Norma Blancato and Sally Giroir. Standing: Norma Boza, Rene Carerra, Mickey Jackson, Nina Sinsley, Yolanda Gonzalez, and Joanne Randazzo. Sitting: udy Deating and Tina Sichel. 257 minaret staff JOSIE ALVAREZ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ASSOCIATE EDITOR ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , M M, V WWWW, 1,, PAT ALVAREZ BUSINESS MANAGER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, SYLVIA RIVERO NEWS EDITOR ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , YOLANDA ANN GONZALEZ SPORTS EDITORS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, BILL SARGENT NORMA BLANCATO FEATURE EDITOR ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, DRU TYLER SOCIETY EDITOR ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, WW ROSE MARTINEZ SORORITY-FRATERNITY EDITOR Annamhvvwmwh, - A, nu, LUPE CUERVO EXCHANGE EDITOR ........................................... SYLVIA PENZATO PHOTOGRAPHIC COORDINATOR ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, MARIAN PEDERSON NEWS STAFF ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 7 ,,,,,,,, NORA PALLEIRO, SANDY RODRIGUEZ, COOKIE RODRIGUEZ,SYLVIA FERNANDEZ Seated at dexk: Josie Alvarez. Left to Right: Sandy Rodriguez, Dru Tyler, Sylvia Penzato, Marian Ped- erson, Cookie Rodriguez, Pat Alvarez, Rose Martinez, unidentified, Sylvia Rivero, Bill Sargent, Sylvia Fernandez, Lupe Cuervo, Nora Palleiro, Yolanda Ann Gonzalez. Left: Sylvia Rivero confirms an ad While Pat Alvarez types up some last minute copy. Right: Marian Pederson and Bill Sargent discuss pictures for the sports section. Below: Josie Alvarez points out the "funny" errors in the last edition. wtun-fm The University Broadcasting Service was organ- ized in the fall of 1946 for the purpose of producing radio broadcasts by the University. It serves as a train- ing ground for those who wish to enter the field, and at the same time it offers students an opportunity to participate in a pleasant and interesting extracurricular act1v1ty. WTUN, which is the most powerful educational organized along the same line as a commercial station, with station manager, program director, chief engineer, etc. Many students have been placed permanently in radio and television stations as a result of their working with the University Broadcasting Service. WTUN is also creative in producing radio and television programs over many regular commercial FM radio station in Florida, is operated by the Unit Stations in the area. versity Broadcasting Service. The members of UBS ate 1: pzfymffxy., -.'.Mr-m a W "' m. n, RAND; SKY igsiiil; m; Mk. Seated: Weyman Hudgins, Production Manager, JoAnnu Nichols, Program Director, Maeve Houghy, Traffic and Con- tinuity Assistant, Don Esposita. Standing: Andy Olson, Roy Weissinget, Chief Announcer, John Svkovitch, Prof. John Von Szeliski, Jim Whatley,. John Witt, Tomas Spettel, Chief Engineer. Not Pictured: Joseph Schneiber, Station Manager, Vincent Cackowski, Traffic and Continuity Director, Michael F. 260 Caron, Classical Music Coordinator. Seated: John Sakovitch. Standing: Andy Olson, Roy Weisinger, Jim Whatley, John Witt, Don Esposita. UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA STRING QUARTET, Myron Kartman, Catherine Karlson, Denise Howorth, William Classen. Seated: Weyman Huggins. Standing: Roy Weisinger, Thom Spettel, JoAnna Nichols. 261 student 262 congress Fimt Row: John Mitchell, Mickey Jackson, Sue Phillips, Marie Goding. Senmd Row: Josie Pendino, Sue Foster, Tina Sichel, Sandy Rodriguez, Vincent Mandese, Ralph Lazzara. Third Row: Judy Summerlin, Jim Neve, Rene Carrera, Andrew Mirabole. Fourth Row: Dean King, Bobo DeCabia, Joe Andrews, Dean Setear. student congress Student Congress President, John Mitchell. Student Congress Vice President, Mickey Jackson. Student Congress members are elected by the Student Body at the end of each year. Their duties include the organization of Homecoming activities and the governing of Student Body life. inter-Fraternity sorority council 264 Pint Row: Paul Elrod, Yvonne Bretz, Judy Yvomik, Josie Alvarez, Andres Mirabole, Sue Foster. Second Row: Dean Setear, Dan Rodriguez, Roseanne Cinchett, Yolanda Martinez, Carrie Hernandez, Pete LaRussa, Dean King, Sylvia Fernandez, Charles Henry. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ,, ., ",VWWWNWW . JOSIE ALVAREZ VICE PRESIDENT w- WWW", ,, ,, ANDREW MIRABOLE SECRETARY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, YVONNE BRETZ TREASURER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mmhwarm JUDY YVORNIK CORRESPONDING SECRETARY ,M ,,,7,,,.-,,,7,M SUE FOSTER pcm-hellenic council Pint Row: Judy Yvornik, Yvonne Bretz, PreJideIzt; Sylvia Fernandez. Second Row: Yolanda Martinez, Joan Randazzo, Sy via Rivero, Dean King, Sue Foster, Antoinette Messina. interfraternity council Seated at Dew, PreIident, Dan Rodriguez; Sam Sardegna, Dean Setear, Bill Sargent, Adrian Stetler, Andrew Mirabole, Louis Mixon, Paul Elrod. evening division student council OFFICERS, Seated: Litty Vance, Vice Prexidem; Jackie Ma- STUDENT COUNCIL, Seated: Margaret Amo, Pat Miller. Stand- loney, Secretary. Standinngwing Esch, Preyidem; Bob Miller, ingleoyd Graham, Ila Real, Mary Bunch, Al Watton. Treamrer. Seated: Ewing Esch, Litty Vance, Bob Miller, Jackie Mahoney. Standingiloyd Graham, Ila Real, Mary Bunch, Dr. Speronis, 266 Margaret Amo, Pat Miller, Al Watton. women,s dormitory UPPER CLASSMEN'S DORM, Fin; Row: M. Blynn, D. Babcock, V. Krebs, J. Fox, B. Baker. Second Row: B. Rivers, L. Esposito, tS. Petersen. Third Row: P. Gomberg, M. Hammond, H. Shels, M. Cofield, S. Kuecht. Fourth Row: M. Greenwald, A. Carter, C. Wilson, R. Kidd, B. Baron, K. Holbergcr. Fifth Row: K. Taylor, C. Pritchctt, K. Ham- ilton, F. .Murrhee, R. Regis, J. Keene, J. Canter, K. Morris, H. Ricke, C. Casscll. FRESHMENS DORM, Fm: Row: Lynn Smith, Ann Yaschik, Vickie Goodman, Carol Cedsidlo, Linda Veith, Sue Pitt- man. Second Row: Pat Saville, Evelyn Raible, Carolyn Skippon, Coyla Ratan, Jennie Harkey, Barbara Gardner, Ceil Mainieri. Third Row: Liz Kahn, Charlotte Sherrill, Judy Boyd, Janet Rosenberg, Linda Riskin, Mrs. Hazel McCullough. Lenny Chubinsky, Alice Casin, Helene Ripling, Joanne Russo, Brenda De Frin. Fourth Row: Lee Ann Betz, Cynthia Simkowitz, Bev Stevens, Barbara Ubell, Barbara Lindell. 267 sigma tau delta 268 Seated: Robert Akard, Andrew Mirabole, Neil Reynolds, Dr. Baker, Grace Fine, Dr. Thompson. Pint Row: Carolyn Whitaker, Lois Culp, Ellen Herzog, Janie Vavra, Ewing Esch, Fred Woods, Martin Rossbach, Howard Sinsley. Second Row: Doug Vance, John Danyo, Dr. Locke, Jack Gerber, Julian Vricelle, Alvin Warren. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,- NEIL REYNOLDS VICE-PRESIDENT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ANDREW MIRABOLE SECRETARY ,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, JERRY WETHERINGTON HISTORIAN ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, YOLANDA MARTINO FACULTY ADVISOR ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, DR. HOWARD BAKER Rho Zeta Chapter of the national professional English honorary frater- nity, Sigma Tau Delta, was established at the University of Tampa in January, 1957. Sigma Tau Delta was founded in 1,924 at Dakota Wesleyan University. It now has 90 chapters, in 30 states. Its purpose is twofold: to encourage the study of English literature, and to foster writing of high literary quality. pi delta epsilon Seated: Weyman Hudgins, Jo Ann Nichols and Dr. Duane Locke. Standing: Jerry Wetherington, Prexidem; Roseanne Cinchett, Roy Weissenger, Michael Jackson. In 1954 the University journalism fraternity, first organized in 1950, was installed as a chapter of Pi Delta Epsilon, national honorary collegiate journalism fraternity. Membership is open to men and women students Who are qualified in the study and pursuit of journalism. 269 sigma alpha iota Top to Bottom: Carlene Phinney, Marta Flescher, Joan Malone,Janiece Wuertz,Pa1nela Seifert. DR. HARVEY E. MAIER ADVISOR Beta Sigma is the University of Tampa chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, a national honorary music fraternity for women who have elected a major or minor in music. Membership is based on musical ability, scholarship, and participation in the musical organizations on the campus. kappa kappa psi Seated: Jerry Skora, Paul Steuart, George Nousiainen. Standing: Joe LoCiceto, James Sasser, George Chivses, Joe Dervaes, Nelson Roccaforte, Lonnie Keen, Frank Warsick. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ................................... PAUL STEUART VICE PRESIDENT JERRY SKORA SECRETARY GEORGE NOUSIAINEN Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary band fraternity, is affiliated with the national organization. Membership is based on musical ability, scholarship, and par- ticipation in the Band. 271 men,s dormitory counselors Seated: Don Councul, Jim Smalley, Joe Obusek. Standing: Bill DeCelle, Terry Underwood, Chris Jordan, Greg Esposito. Florida collegiate academy Seated: President Eldra Solomon; President Elect Tim Willis; Secretary Arm Epling; Treasurer Bill Conover. Standing: Ann Beakefield, Fred Hartford, Herbiana Ludwig, Cynthia Cassell, Don Guin, Tom Frasier, Tom Sweat, Dr. Dew, Faculty Advisor. 272 MEMBERS OF HONORARY ART FRATERNITY. Seated: Dorothy Phieffer, Vickie Caplinger, 3rd Vice Presi- dent; Dorothy Kennedy, President; Professor Norman Boschart. Standing: Roy Anthony, 2nd Vice President; Nancy Shoemaker, Hana Stille, Ann Echloman, Dr. Baird, Sponsor; Dorothy Fisher, John Murray, Roberta McGaffy, Jack Reihaidson, Arthur Page, Treasurer; Lee Bentley, Myldred Bates, Herbert Morris. Not pictured: Carolyn Whitaker, Secretary; Louis Carillo, lst Vice President. 0 pha psi omega Jerry Wetherington, Joanne Nichols, Thom Spettel, Members of honorary drama fraternity. 273 Spanish club Seated: Nora Pallcim, Jerry Rilea Dr. Fernandez, Rosa Martinez, Yolanda Ann Gonzalez. Standing: Ralph Lazzara, Tom Frazier, Larry House, Larry House, Virginia. Stcrr, Henry Garcia, Phil Caltagironc, Walter Sadlowski, George Chivses. He aqui' nuestro plan detallado para cl futuro: El a'r'io 1961 es dedicado a la educaci6n dc un estudiante merecedor de avuda monetaria para avanzar sus estudios. Para realizar este deseo los miembros hemos, dedicado nuestro sudor y tiempo a una magnffica obra musical en cual se presentaran cuadros espafioles y sudamericanos al pueblo de Tampa. Mz'ls pertinente ha sido el estudio de una cultura diferente a la de la madre patria; la cultura OFFICERS PRESIDENT ROSA MARTINEZ VICE PRESIDENT , , , JERRY RILES SECRETARY ,,,,, , NORA PALLEIRO TREASURER ,, YOI.ANDA ANN GONZALEZ FACULTY ADVISOR , W , ,, DR. EUSTASIO FERNANDEZ orgullosa y brillante de Espafla que tanto influyo'ala delNuevo Mundo. Nuestro sueEos realizados, saboreamos las delicias de la lengua castellana y compartire- mos nuevas ideas con los estudiantes espartanos de nuestra Alma Mater. 274 business club MEMBERS OF THE BUSINESS CLUB, First Row: Lee Bentock, Charles Henry, John Bruce, Barbara Baker, George Chivses, Joe Dervaes, Pat Higgenbottem. Second Row: Jug Alfonso, John Tracy, Louis Guinto, Lefty Louis, Gus Kopulousis, Elmer Dzilma, Charhe Jeeperson. Third Row: Lou Rabassa, Walter Percy, Ronald Govin, George Mink, Professor Hyde. Fourtb Row: Mach Kinly, John Hanna, Frank Rodriquez. Fifth Row: Dr. Apple, Ray Martin, Armand Flowers. George Pashert, Mickey Jackson, Edmund Corriea. international affairs panel MEMBERS OF THE INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS CLUB, Seated: Fouad Nassim, Akiko Fushiki, Carol Par- edes, Motoko Barbara Reece, Sotetios Christos Kyriakoy. Standing: Vincenzo Scozzari, Teimor Agaki, Ozen Batum, Dean King, Luis M. Quesada. 275 international relations club Fin! Row: Soterios Kyriakou, Rose Martinez, Dan Ramm, Roland Mensh, john Anthony, Lee AmBetz, Emma Weiman, Mr. Lepper. Second Raw: Steve Weissiman, John Sticgclmcycr, Harold Martel, Alice Cazin, unidentified, Bob Murdoc, unidentified, Clarance Baugahn. PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY , ADVISOR ,,,,,, , ,, DANIEL RAMM , ,, , , , , , SOTERIOS KYRIAKOU WV. , , , ,, , "W," ROSE MARTINEZ ,,,,,,,,, MR. LEEPER phy. ed. 'maiors; club Fin! Row, Kneeling: Stan Salonsky, President; Rose Swain, Treasurer; Jane Adams, Secretary; Ream Wilson, Vice President. - Second Row: Jean Ramalgia, Lettrica Branch, Nancy Hohne, Sandy Rima, Beverly Ardasana, Heidi Chapman, Joyce Mays, Lmda Boyette, Sue Nothouse, Lyn Smith. . . , . Third Row: Karen Ryals, Norma King, Coleen Baker, Joe Vega, Howard Engel, SyIVIa Fernandez, Jlm Gatto, Glorla Rodriguez, Norma Blancato. . . Fourth Row: Toby Holbrook, Bill Bishop, Tony Yelovich, Jesse Lane, Joe Glisson, Gene Rowell, Cookie Ramos, Ronme Perez, Sam Rodn- ez. giftb Row: Al Rodi, Stan Swanson, Tom Vann, Gail Davis, Charlie Lyle, Charlie McCullers. - . Sixth Row: John Wintermeir, Ed Radice, Nelson Butler, Sonny Trulock, Dave Davenport: Charlie Rose, Joe DeLaune, Roseanne Cmchett, Joe Obusek. The Physical Education Majors Club is for students primarily interested in physical education careers. The club is organized to cre- ate and stimulate professional interest in health, physical education and recreation; to serve as a means of disseminating information, to advance the standards of teaching and leadership, to cooperate With local, state and national health, physical education and recreation associations, and to promote social and professional co- operation between physical education students FACULTY ADVISORS: Coach Bob Lovely, Dr. Miller K. Adams, and the faculty. Miss Alice Rodriguez, Miss Jane Edgy. 277 PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER CHAPLAIN ADVISOR , s.F.e.a. and a.c.e. , ,, PAT ALVAREZ JUDY DUNNIGAN ,, , MARY ANN DIAZ MARIAN PEDERSON , DR. RALPH E. STOUT Mr. J. Chambers, Barbara Pitisci, Margaret Amo, Jeanette Fernandez. Dr. Stout, Pat Alvarez, Mary Ann Diaz, Marian Pederson, Judy Dunningan. PRESIDENT ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , MARGARET AMo CORRESPONDING SECRETARY W, BARBARA PITISCI RECORDING SECRETARY , - JEANNETrE FERNANDEZ ADVISOR ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, MR. JAMES A. CHAMBERS Front Row: Joe Boyer, Bob Austin, Henry Garcia. Second Row: Dr. Ralph Stout, FEA Advisor, Mrs. Marsene King, Neddy GonZalez, Mary Ann Diza, Pat Alvarez, Toni Messina, Mary Ann Pederson, Sarah Santos, Elaine Marischell, Mr. Chambers, ACE Advisor. Third Row: Carmel Parrino, Sharon Weaver, Mrs. Nina Sinsley, Jeanette Fernandez, Barbara Pitisci, Helen Sylvester, Carol Vierday, Gloria Garcia, Marsha Blynn, Dianne Hernandez, Olga Garcia. Fourth Row: Bill Hojnake, Jim Fox, Grace Costa, Clarence Baughan, Ed Merbach, Mrs. Margaret Amo, Ira Parker, Miss Lou Bradly, Elvira Rodriguez, Mrs. Moran. Last Row: Mike Suse, Prudye Maniscalco, Mrs. Cynthia Moran, Adele Whittle, Dr. Umholtz. STUDENT FLORIDA EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The purpose of this organization, which is affiliated with the National Education As- sociation, is to enable the future teachers to become better acquainted with their profession and meet important visiting educators, as well as to have opportunities for leadership. STUDENT ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION The University of Tampa chapter of this national and international organization was founded in the fall of 195 7. The function of this organization is the continuing improve- ment of early childhood education, locally, nationally, and on an international scale. 279 newmon club Seated: President Pat Alchediak; Advisor Mrs. Dew; Secretary Marian Pederson. Standing: George Thomas Treasurer; President Vincent Cackowski. The Newman Club fosters the spiritual intellectual and social needs of the Catholic students of the University of Tampa. Its prin- cipal purpose is to weld Catholic students into a common union. Father Higgins 280 iewish student union FirIt Row: Gene Goldberg, Gary Seiden, Marvin Arenofsky, Louise Stewart, Ronald Mensh, Dan Ramm, Kathy Taylor, Helene Ripling, Anne Yaschik, and Linda Veith. Second Row: Steve Jaffess, Barry Koffman, Morm Cohen, Stu Schecter, Bernard Zaidman, Bobbie Barron, Howard Engel, Roberta Kidd, Marsha Blynn, Brenda De Frin. Third Row: John Mungo, Dave Levine, Steve Weber. Fourth Row: Howard Rosenstein, Martin Lutzk, Cindy Lichtenstetter, Ros Rosenberg. Fifth Row: Ed Solomon, Dr. Robert Goldstein, Eldra Solomon. aw Jewish students pictured at their Sunday breakfast. Standing: Roland Mensh, lst Vice President; Daniel Ramm, President; Gene Golberg, 2nd Vice President. Sitting: Cindy Lichenstater, Corresponding Secretary; Marie Donsky, Treasurer; Helene Ripling, Recording Secretary. . . 281 westminster fellowship Seeking to unite Presbyterian students through: BIBLE STUDY AND FELLOWSHIP Pictured are Lee Ann Betz, Dr. Jesse Keene, Norma Blancato, Agreeing that the Christmas party was lots 0f fun are J06 Bonnie Rivers, John Harnett, Joe Dervaes. Dervaes, Lee Betz, Norma Blancato, John Harnett, and Bon- nie Rivers. The Westminster Fellowship strengthens, correlates and unifies all Presbyterian activi- ties into one all-inclusive program of religious activity and enlists student members in activities essential for Christian development and spiritual growth. Norma Blancato repre- sented us at the Seventh Quaddrenial World Missions Conference at Dallas, Texas and members attend the Florida Synod Retreat at Lake Placid, Florida, in March. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NORMA BLANCATO VICE PRESIDENT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A "H MARIE BOYKIN SECRETARY-TREASURER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, BONNIE RIVERS ADVISORS ................................... DR. JESSE KEENE DR. ALVAN MCFADYEN RECREATION Women from Tampa's Presbyterian churches serve lunches Members of W.F.'s Intramurals team are kneeling: Coyla Re- at all our noon meetings. tan, Susan Wood, Jane Adams. Standing: Joyce Mays, Joanne 282 Russo, Norma Blancato and Lee Betz. baptist student union MEMBERS OF THE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION. Seated: B. E. Shepherd, Ruth Brett, Barbara Goss, Sandra Klein, Helen Murrah. Standing: Raymond Marcos, Lee Beston, Bill Stephens,John Wright,John Pruitt. OFFICERS: President, Mary Jaques, not pictured; Vice President and Missions Chairman, Betty Steph- ens; Secretary, Sandra Klein; Social Chairman, Bill Beacher; Music Chairman, Barbara Goss, Publicity Chairman, Bill Beacher; Devotional Chairman, Billy Stephens. Also not pictured, Tommy Simmons. circle k Circle K Club is a service organization sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. alpha phi omega Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity. IeHermen's club Men who are awarded a varsity letter in any intercollegiate sport are candidates for membership in the Lettermenis Club. The purpose of the or- ganization is to promote and develop better school spiritb and to develop harmony and understanding among athletes of various sports. advertising e f C FROM FLORIDA'S SIX MAAS BROTHERS STORES ..... Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1961 ! ' TAMPA sDowntown, Gondy Blvd.8s North Gatd ' St. Petersburgh 0 Lakeland ' Sarasota C amplimem; 0 f WOLF BROTHERS, INC. One of America's Fine Stores Franklin and Zack TAMPA, FLORIDA MAKE IT A SOCIABlE WEEKEND Pick up a carton! BEST OF LUCK Valencia Gardens Restaurant 811 Grand Central TAM PA, FLORIDA 286 Best WineJ FOSTER SPORTING GOODS, INC. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, and Physical Education Equip. Men's 82 Women's Jackets 82 Sweaters School Business Our Specialty 117 E. Lafayette Uust over Lafayette Phone 2-2502 Street Bridga TAMPA, FLORI DA ewwWM to W H6! 6W COMMERCIAL PHOTOS HOTEL THOMAS IN THIS ANNUAL by JEFFERSON SIMON'S STUDIO Franklin at Washington Sts. 4602 FLORIDA AVE. Ph. 2-5571 TEL. 35-5031 SPARTAN HEADQUARTERS Congratulation! CF to tlae VlSITlNG TEAMS Graduating C1455 Jack Bradford, Mgr. of 61 DRHVK C'QKEZ v' N X , REG U S PAY CF; 4 1 '7 ' . X . l - J ya 7; VA EA, r c ,1 HM vb w , ' N A n J! ,1 R w . ' I v v u to the graduating class BOTTLE UNDR AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY IY TAMPA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 287 . THE BEST IN COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE! More homes cook with GAS, keep warm with GAS, and heat water with GAS than ANY OTHER FUEL. And the reasons are very simple . . . Nothing compares with NATURAL GAS for comfort, convenience, economy and safety. oples GAS SYSTEM PH. 2-712! 215 TAMPA ST. 288 7-UP "FLOAT SEVEN-UP AND ICE CREAM Towering above all other media as a common carrier of public informa- tion is the press e the tremendous, in- THE TAMPA TRIBUNE MORNING AND SUNDAY o fluentiol, dynamic force of the almost 2,000 daily and 10,000 weekly news- THE TEAthAleasTIMES papers published in United States today. . By skilled and conscientious use RAD'O STAT'ON WFLA AM-FM of newspapers, we con arm ourselves O with knowledge of the world in which WFLA TELEV'SION e CHANNEL 8 we live. NBC 0 Article I of the Bill of Rights states that "Congress shall make no law . . . abridging freedom of speech or of the press." This is the written guarantee of freedom of the printed word in the United States. Freedom of the press, a privilege of democracy, also exacts a responsibility. We, the citizens who enjoy it, must think for our- selves about the important ques- tions of our time. TRIBUE-TIMES WANT ADS ARE FIRST ON FLORIDA'S WEST COAST WITH GREATER SELL-A-BILITY. SINCERE BEST WISHES Congralzdations from Ben Wixbe: from Adams-Magnon, Inc. SEMINOLE FURNITURE COMPANY It ' V , . ' ' . ;!I , 11H B, "1? 3 Stan Tampa': Greaten Furniture Store 511 Franklin St. Lafayette 8 Hyde Park Ave. Ph 8-4888 TAMPA FLA. Compliments of Central Truck Lines, Inc. 1005 Jackson St. TAMPA, FLA. x xxx VA. W x W7 ; Compliments of FLORIDA DAIRY MILK ICE CREAM Home Owned A W7 ., A 72 W1, mawy W; Phone 4-3 I 51 Bait Wishes . JACKSON GRAIN Compliments COMPANY of X-CEL BRAND Feeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides Garden Supplies H OLSUM TAMPA, FLORIDA BAKERY COMPLIMENTS OF MINA Ill 50. Rome Avenue Tampa, Florida Phone: 8-1864 INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers - Manufacturers Yearbooks - Yearbook Covers Diplomas -- Graduation Announcements Factory - Home Office Kansas City - Winnipeg U.S.A.

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