University System of Georgia Evening School - Nocturne Yearbook (Atlanta, GA)

 - Class of 1937

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University System of Georgia Evening School - Nocturne Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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rHENUCIURNE1937 YEAR BUUK UF THE . UNIVERSITY SYSTEM UF GEURGIA EVENING GULLEGE I ' ATLANTA, GEORGIA YIILUME FIIUR RIIBERT G. LUYIE, IR., EDITOR-IN-GNIEF IAGK L. CHAPMAN, BUSINESS MANAGER the past. What we do today is apt to be forgotten tomorrow. Time speeds onward, leaving behind it For that reason, yearbooks, like this, are compiled in an attempt to record for you the history of your college and the part you played in it. If in the years to come this fourth edition of the "Nocturne" serves as a medium to carry you quickly back to the happy days you spent in Evening College, then its purpose will have been completely fulfilled. CONTENTS W f C 0 L L E G E C L A S S E S ACTIVITIES ADVERTISING DEDICATIUN To Doctor Steadman Vincent Sanford, Chancellor of the University System of Georgia, a man who has unsparingly devoted his time, effort, and ability toward the building of a greater, better state-wide education system, we dedicate this fourth edition of "The N octurne", with this thought in mind: that it will serve to remind him that what he is doing is sincerely appreciated Am, X lm 'fn , ' 4 1 ww 591 'S' .wiv QQ? Z my 5, YW mx '4 9 1 'X KX " 5 ...av Q Q ' O! , ky ' 1.1 I af , w J' if H'-no A . u pxqyuh 5 ' 4 wa, Q k Q .r W + ah. '54 .. nyk . .Q A 3 1-F? -.fb O , ' mfgfg-'N c .5 J. ' f X an A My vw wx xi ,.. W.-' s 3 Mx my Ah H ff--f A aqui' A H ,fu x. K 3 ' QQ: . , . , .S . X51 . - ' J ' fm c . -5. we " YA ft 'K 'ffm fy ' 4- ' . V . by , 'gig Lk? ff,i,.,. .r guys 5. F1 2 ' f " ' 5, f i ff? 'fs .- A 1 A f ff' '- 15' ff? L . ,- Q. . T nvgf-A. . . Q H aff- f 6, is rx 'A V35 4, .1 h x ex ' f - 1 'S'-- 112 ' ' sw f 5. fgigl. ' I . g2g,,jQ,.,-2 ' 131 s ' 7 K 4 4 gb ' Y--53. -' ' . W A A 4.3. ' was V: . - .. ,, 'N Q... WWL4' I 5 N , ,, ,, ,. my 1 'Q 4 ,"-k 1 x as .. A f, 1' ' ' mfr? Q A 'Q ' ,Q M.. 3 Q-si 5 M - 1..w-rr'- 1.---U v f N, Q rif , xkr uk X, xx N, L, , xx X f - fgQ,W:X f , -' ' 1'L7J'AT'v x , riff ,Q X . ff X K if !",!,,,--1411-X ' --fb' '15 - j ' Qu W f ff - in54.l1,Qg,:wr-" f " --f-A-- -""'., Tw. 'um W sslwImjljlllUQf!lWnllm Fl!'! Y q my 1 me ' E2 RX' 5 'f f 1l 11 311225 XR' ' f N L24-N -1 Iymlf --illhf I'5:',E-eggililgl T1 Em -:Lila J , 11:3 gig G M , F3512 Bmw "A M12 31 Asif-LZ.fHiilll.-.,?-JQEQ X uk I lp ' 4552112 Elglfugig 4f- "Q!?- Y wk, ! 4' Q53 +1 -' 4 ' ff V 3551152 21 +' g:,g:':. ':ig.gg1gf gn , ,mi n - -A f L 11,H , : EIT! filfl h, I H- 1 M 4 f 25:sl!IuLE13iJ-U W. ' ' "EfUl3 !flA - -ll-,gi YI gd' ' . Q, 5:5 QS' ,X LU! , WMP? EF' lf 55341 a y ." ' 332-EE. t Q QQ ' .2 -,1 In Mit' 'AQ .1 .I 7 . V- 14 R,.Q, L1Q:mfxi-. - . Y g s " 1 A 'f -Qin "'3- Q 2 F. W---' "W " 4'i'4 fT mifk' 'V 1 1' : fl- ,gf-'15 W UR. SNEI.I.lNc: UR. SPARKS I MR. McC1,1sLLAN ADMINISTRATION CHARLES IXIERCER SNISLLING, A.M., Sc.lJ. CImncc-Ilor Ifmeritus l'niversity System of Georgia CQIZURGE MQINTUSH SPARKS, AB., M.A, LL.D Director Ifniversity System of Georglia Evening COIIege 'l'HEcmD:1RI5 M. 1XICCl.I2l.1.,xN, Ii.S., ILS. Secretary :md Registrar Ilniversity System of Georgia Evening College FRIED VV. AJAX, A. B., RI. A. A. B. Emory University M. A. Emory University Professor of English JAMES E. BoYD, A. B., M. A.. Ph. D A. B. University of Georgia M. A. University of Georgia Ph. D. Yale University Professor of Physics RICHARD C. BREWER, A. B. A. B. University of Kentucky Professor of Advertising JESSE CARi.ToN BRowN, B. S. E. E. B. S. E. E. Georgia School of Technology Professor of English ELMER G. CAM:-Bizu., A. B., M. S., Ph. D A. B. Hiram of Ohio College M. S. Perdue University Ph D. Uniyersity of Chicago Professor of Botany, Genetis XVILLIAM C. CANTRELI., A. B., lvl. A. A. B. University of Vilyoming M. A. Columbia University LL. B. Atlanta Law School Professor of Law and Government L1.oYD VV. CHAMN, A. B., hi. A. A. B. Emory University M. A. Emory University Professor of English XVALTER G. QZOOPER, JR., A. B., LL. A. B. University of 'Georgia LL. B. Emory University Professor of Law HUBERT E. DIENNISON, A. B., LL. B. A. B. University of Tennessee Ll.. B. University of Tennessee Professor of Law, Economics HoRAcE B. EL1.IoTT, B. C. S., BI. S. B. C. S. Georgia School of Technology lNl. S. C. University of Georgia C. P. A. State of Georgia Professor of Accounting ELMER R. ENI.ow, A. B.. M. A., A. B. VVheaton College M. A. Emory University Ph. D. Peabody College Professor of Sociology EDWARD L. FLoYD, A. B., hi. A., LL. B A. B. University of Georgia M. A. University of Georgia LL. B. University of Georgia Professor of History A. B., M. A. A. B. University of South Carolina M. A. Princeton University EDVVIN H. FoI.K, JR., Professor of History RIRS. ARNOLD D. GREGORY, A. B., B. M. A. B. Centenary College B. M. Centenary College Instructor in Dramatic Art RALPH A. HIEFNER, A. B., M. A., A. B. University of VVest Virginia A M. A. University of Chicago Ph. D. University of Chicago Professor of hlathematics THoMAs E. HILL, A. B., Th. M. A. B. Davidson College Th. M. University of Edinburgh, Scoiland Professor of Languages Ph. D. Ph. D. LUTHER R. HoGAN, A. B., M. A., LL. D A. B. Mercer University M. A. University of Chicago LL. D. Columbia University Professor of Psychology MRS. QI. B. HOS3'IlER, A. B. A. B. Yvashington University of Fine Arts Instructor in Public School Art HAL HULSEY, A. B., M. A. A. B. University of Georgia M. A. University of Georgia Professor of Languages H. REID HUNTER, A. B., lvl. A. A. B. Duke University M. A. Columbia University Professor of Psychology in Q5 HRS. XV. S. Ki2l.1., A. B., M. S. A. B. Emory I'niversity M. S. Emory Vniversity Professor of Ifducation V. Y. I,,xvRoFF, B. S. C. H. S. C. Georgia School of Tecltnology Professor of hlathematics Iosiivii M. IJISCCINTE, A. li., M. S., Ph. D A. IS. Emory I'niversity M. S. Emory Cniversity Ph. Il. Cniversity of North Carolina Professor of Chemistry B. E. Lmnsifv, A. Ii., M. S. C. A. B. Cniversity of Kentucky M. S. C. I'niversity of Georgia Professor of Shorthand Iixiauirr M. IJUSINK, B. C. S. Ii. C. S. Georgia School of Teclniology Graduate of Rochester Atheneum Institute Graduate YVork at Chicago Art Institute Professor of Commercial Art JAMES IC. Mayo, A. B., M. A., C. P A. B. Mercer University M. A. Mercer Cniversity C. P. A. State of Georgia Professor of Accounting C.-tai. AIAL'IiI.SII.-XGEN, A. B., NI. A., Ph. A. B. Cniversity of Georgia M. A. University of Chicago Ph. IJ. Cniversity of Minnesota Professor of History XXIINSLOVV PVRTER, A. li., NI. A., LI. A. B. Harvard Cniversity M. A. Harvard Cniversity LI.. B. Boston Cniyersity Professor of Finance and Banking HENRY Romxsox, A. B., NI. A.. Ph. D. A. Ii. I'niversity of Georgia M. A. Cniversity of Georgia Ph. IJ. johns Hopkins University Professor of Statistics JAMES IC. RoL'TH, A. B., Ph. D. A. B. johns Hopkins Cniversity Ph. IJ. -Iohns Hopkins I'nivel'sity Professor of Journalism sl.-XBIES C. SHi51.oR, li. C. S., LL. B. B. C. S. Georgia School of Technology LL. B. University of Georgia Professor of Law H. O. Sxirrn, A. B, M. A. A. B. Harvard Lniversity M. A. Emory University Professor of English Il.-XYMOND STYLES, li. S. C. B. S. C. Lniversity of Georgia Instructor in Ufiice Appliances Num. H. 'llR0'l"I'l2R, A. IS., KI. A. A. B. Universitx' of Arkansas M. A. University of Vllisconsin Professor of Social Ethics A. J. xvin.RER, A. is., M. A., Ph. o A. B. University of Wisconsin NT. A. Emory Vniversity Ph. D. Harvard Lniversity Professor of English AIRS. DIARY H. XVALKISR, A. l-3. A. B. Oglethorpe Vniversity Assistant Registrar KNox XVALKER, A. B., M. A. A. B. Mercer University NI. A. Columbia Vniversity Professor of English AIRS. RIERLIQ XVALKER, A. B., M. A., Ph I3 A. B. Hollins Institute M. A. University of Richmond Ph. ll. Harvard Lniversity , le l rofessor of English NOAH XV.-XRREX, Ii. S. C, M. A., C B. S. C, Georgia School of Technology M A Pmoix Lnneisitx C P A State of C Cfllgll Professor ot Accountin T P D Emoix lnneisitx l iotessor of l duwtion ' ' -A X' i Q, IZMMA LAURA XVESLEY, Ph. IJ. hh D ' ' , -. J. ' .. 5 . ' mf' V., 'f' wa Q 0 ,gfv 'K r "ti 'Pt Il x Al' .1 M ,, .mi gal se- ""f? W?-, 5 " we ?m.'? 3 fm f ' ZS 'la 5 Jv- QE? .Y ww.: .I I ish. ,, -1205,-5'-f? W WW Ahmad f .,f , ,.. rs. :if-1" Ti , 676 W 4h x 5 W W 1-an 1 - .V tgn.. qtunlglg wffaik . Q' ' , -'.g?- 1, "1 X - " . 1 5 I K, . ,HNF 4. Q, 0- ' .. M . W-145,+.fZ5?'e, ' , - -. -2 --fail .f, f ,QV f1:j.g,f 5- , 1 W 1 ' ff: ,,.: -iffivzf. + , li. N f iggi' 'W iw X A . fn,-y ' Q., I 3g,.Q .1.1I - .fy ,- I - if 'T ff eat?" " Wai... -' Mu. .. " ' ' ' W' gi f? 'F 1, , ' 1 . f . .f N V A- Vi: Q. - " '1 ' 1 :rf .."' '45 nfl ' ...,5.,4 .gf . f, .-.QL ,. V .45 'Q Vw ,K ,K ,V , ,-X, I-'25, 123' E., . Q .1 . Q 'T s, V x "tg, 'vi' ' , 1 ,. 5 1 A, R A mf" +.6.,,t5f.. 'Nj k if A ,. ' ' 53310 A , ry X. ' W U Q. . we ,J :-. 4 4 I l ,Ju ,L - Q ., , Q .J 1 'n L-1-V s ,. M, . 1 "ff H- 'f -.-. ...c. . .. iii V xr V.. f x. -,J .2 . , ft., ir Ql mri' .-.e- wr. S 5, ,. , ,.-J, . vt' 1-1...-, . , , V .1 A, , ' S--J QA mg. "X '-L. -x. . .' A.. -sw:-f ,,. x is 3 o 1 v ,A ., ,"r"'l'--X -HE N as . .IZ 9' . ni ,lf 1 1 1 1 1, . ,. M ku 9!'4,,4 '49 'lr x f ' :YS 'fly Q,-. A My D, MQ W, Zi a, i qv- . ., A x H, 7' Ei. .ga wifi rr- ,,, ,,.'kk 1 . Q- M' yn -K .Sf -Y , ,. 4? ,M 'swf ' 6.- ,I,,L:.g,.Q2,1-. , Lf.. . I ff- w p' N , ,,.-QQ' - . .,.-G.. -vrzk-, 3. pf. -duff.. 3-5.51, ' ev' Vs: .5-3' 3- k -13,9 . fi 5,3 - ' - any -1 . Affheg. Q1 , - l . .. ., 5.11. 4-:L'1Q',95K?A , 1 -" ' mfg . 14.2 g: t ,A rf ' Q IQ,g " ' -Q U" 4 ' . .'s" f,v-'kv-1'g4+' -' -,rf KX' 4. 11, .I EQ. 'vw airs . " - v -.9 A , 3 , , , . I age, Y . , f .sn 4. Q. ,. 4 1. --J? - X H - . an we - 2:2 'fr . Sr' . ' U f.Ijj'.f3.K,. -,Af-, " , "wi,- 'i 3,7 "MT -, 0 In ,, fiis " 1 P ,D 9152. lv f 'i:,, .mx Ewnu. Y. -Ifxcksox l,7't'A'illt'Ilf 1 13 J IAM ES L. IACH ER I Vim'-1 1'efxirfff11f l.xl.l,Li1..xH Ilbxvls Sl't'l'l'fflI4j' SENIOR CLASS XV,x1.'1'l2R R. BENSON 7vl'l'Il.fIlI'l'l' NVARREN C.xNul.isR lg.XGGlZ'l"1' Chevrolet Nlotm' Cu. B. C. S. ' 'ig Siguzil, '35-'371 Spezikc-rf flulu, l xemr V sri 373 Riders' Cluh, '37 -1- x li. L. Xl.xRci,x l3fxK15R H The MacMillan Cmnpany S. Phi Chi 'lillt'l1l, '34-'37, Secretary, '35, Grand Couiicilur, '35- tionzll C'nm'c-lution, '36, Award, '36, ' ' ,gum vir- tn. '37, Delegate to N11- Phi Chi Theta Key lllldllill fluh, '34-'37, Presi- dent, '36, lriter-lfrzitcriiitx' Council, '34-'37. f5L.-XDYS Mus Burr B. S. I':ClllCZll'lOIl Delta Kappa, '36-'37, Director of Pub- licity, '361 Pi Phi Sigma, '37, Evening Signal, '36-'37, Business Manager, '37 Speakers' Club, '36-'37. -l.XNIlzS G, CAR'1'liR, jk. Georgia Power Company B. C. XV.x1.'1'laR RAIN ES l31zNsoN .X lx Nl' Atlanta Gas Light Company li. C. S. Alpha Kappa Psi, '34-'37, 'l'reasurer, 3 Theta Xi Zeta, '37g Venetian Society, '34-'37, Vice-Presiclent Pre-junior Class, Q 'l'reasurer Senior Class, '37, Speak- ers' Club, '36-'37, Delegate Alpha Kappa Psi National Convention, '36, Nocturne, .af '37 '35 3 Pi Phi Sigma, '37, lnter-Fraternity Council, '37. 'llZSSli C.XRI,'l'UX' Bizowx' 'lf li fl, Georgia Power Company R. C. S. Ili. S. li. E. Georgia leelil S. Oscfuz B. CORNELIUS, JR. A I II General Electric Supply Corporation B. C. S. Delta Sigma Pi, '3-I-'37, Associate Editor rut "Kappa Life," '36, Scribe, '36, Treas- er, '37, Speakers' Club, '35-'37. I.-xl,I.cL.-ui I.. Davis A A 2 Drs. G. F. Eubanks and H. H. Barfield B. C. S. Delta I,zimbda Sigma, '36-'37, Delta Mu Delta, '36-'37, Secretary, '37, Scholarship Key Award, '35, Playcrafters, '34-'37, Secretary, '36, Vice-President, '37, Secre- tary junior Class, '36, Secretary Senior Class, '37. D. O'Cox N IiI.l. DOUGH ISRTY A Ii NI' VIIITIVCICYS Insurance Company B. C. S. ma, '36-'37, Historian, '37, Intramural Key, '37, Secretary, '37, "Evening Signal," '35-'37, A'N0cturne," '37. Alpha Kappa Psi, '36-'37, Venetian S0- ciety, '35-'37, Charter member Pi Phi Sig- IJ. Num. IJL'RlDliN fl' X H Federzll Bureau of luvestigatiou B. C. S. Phi Chi Theta, '36-'37g Crimson Key, '37' K1 Th ' ' ' , 1 ppn eta, 313 llllt?I'I!1lTl0I1I1i Re- lations Cluh, '36-'37 JOSEPH XV. Khaki lil. Procter X Gamble Distributing Co. Louis ciADI.IX Louis Isaacson Inc. y Ii. C. S. Bzlskellmli, '35-'36. B. C. S. f 5315 , '. frfwu ,N tw.-.,, CECII, ci0l.IJS'I'l2lN K'rewx'c-nt Neckwea 1' Company B. C. S. Pi Phi Sigma, '36-'37, Speakers' Club, .,,... wturne, '37g lfveriing Signal JI C XRI, A. Hmmm AK Southern Railway Crunpany ve" 'V ' " B. C. S. Delta Kappa, '35-'37, Sevretarv, '36, Lieutenant Utuvertmr, '37, Playcrafters, '34-'37, Intramural Key, '36-'37, Theta Xi Zeta, '37, International Relations Club, , w Y- .,, W... - - '36- 37, President, '37, Speakurs' Club, '36- '37 lIlIt'I l'Idlt'IIllU Counttl Q6 gf lin . 1 ' , ' ' in rw .sltv of C invinnatl, JU- J ' C1..xRiaxc15H.H!1,t. ,X li Xl' The 'lk-was Cornpany li. C. S. Alpha Kappa Psi, 35-'371 Venetian Sn- Ciety, '35-'37, First Vice-President, '37, lniramural Key, '36-'37, Theta Xi Zeta, '36-'37, Student Council, '36-'37, President, '37, President Student Body, '37, Glee Club, '36-'37, President Senior Class, 373 "Evening Signal' '35, "Nocturne," '37, 'l'ennis, 'S+ l'.VN'lil.I. Youxtz lxexsux .X K Nl' XVestern lileetrie Company li. C. S. :Xl plm Kappa Psi, '3-15371 Venetian So- elety, 34-'37, Secretary, '36g Theta Xi Zeta, '34-'37, Vice-Presitlerlt, '36, Presi- dent, '37g tary, '36, lIlYl'LlIl1lll'2ll Key, '35-'37, Secre- Pl1lfYCI'IlfICl'S, '33-'37, President. '35, Presitlent Senior Flaw, '37g Student Council, '34-'37, 'Stn :Xw linn fur Mimi-inn A. xlraxxms .X K Nl' Retail Credit Cmnpuny li. C. S. Alpha Kappa Psi, '35-'37, Venetian Society. '31'37, Secretary, '34, Second Vice-President, '343 'l're:1surer junior Claw, '363 Student Cnuiiri l,L'lDl.l4.Y IJ. tlcnxrk antzi linvelope Cmnpziny A. li. '37, Inter-Frziternity Council, President, '37, "Nocturne," '35- zirded Alpha Kappa Psi Medall- Scliulnrsliip, '36. 2 ROBIZRT ISRYAN KINISEY A I II Trust Cmnpauy of Georgia H. C. S. Delta Sigma Pi, '34-'37, 'I'heta Xi Zeta, ai-'37, Intramural Key, '35-'37g Student Qouucil, '3-I-'35, Secretary, '35, Inte 'nity Council, '34-'35, ALII r-I7ra- Ixxiitis I.L'DVVlG l,.xCH12R Mather Brothers 1 B. C. S. Delta Sigma Pi, '33-'37, Master of Fes- I tivities, '373 Theta Xi Zeta, '36-'37, Treas- urer, '37g Intramural Key, '36-'37g I'i Phi Sigma, '36-'37, Student Council, '33-'37, Secretary, '3-lg Inter-Ifraternity Council, '36-'37, Midas Debating Society, '34-'35, Vice-President Senior Class, '37g "Noc- turne," '35-'36, Associate Editor, '35, Edi- Axxus HIZIARD LANE Hartford Fire Insurance Cu Ii. C. S. I VV1 1,l.mrs1 H um MCCLUN Lever' B rothers Co. B. C. S. JAMES C. McCr.ni1.I.AN V C. S. Delta Sigma Pi, '36-'37. ETH ul, MCDONALD G. S. Peck, Lawyer H. C. S. -v if we-v. 'bw lv R,xi.11H CARI. Mmm A K Xl' General Cable Corporziliun B. C. 5. 4 Alpha Kappa Psi, '33-'37, "Diary" Cmf Us mndeut, '34, Secretary, '35, lntrnmi lral S Km, '34-'37, Secretary, '35, Vive-President, i President, '37, Spezlkc-145' Club, '34-'37, IiXi'ClltiYi' Committee, '35, "lCvL-ning Sig nal," '34-'36, Associate lfciitnr, '35-'361 lk-ltzl Kappa, '35-'37, SeL'1'etury, '36, Actf ing fi0VC'l'IHll', Summer, '36, 'l'l'C'ZlSllI'f'l', 37' Pi Phi Sigma, '36-'37, l11te-r-I"i'z1ter- C ll '31 iiitx' Council, '36-'37g Business 'I lm, 5E'L'I'C!Z1 ry, '37 1 -I.-,xi 1-is l.ifi..wp l'Hi1.1.1PS A 2 ll isllilfill Niliililllli Ba li. C. S. Delta Sigma vi, '35-'sr .,,, .,, lizxskctimil, JJ- 36. nk v HC A K Nl' ' F. H. Rows and Cu., lm H. C. S. A I phzl Kappa Psi, '34-'3 . ,ERADY P1 lfkcli, -IR VV1 1.'1'oN B. S P ENC iz AI,BlfR'l' IQUBINSUX R0l1illSUIl'S Nuttery w w B. L.. 5. Progress Club, '32-'S-H lIIICI'-I'il'1lKEI'IliU Clbllllfii, '33. A II J. F. Lewis and Co. B. C. S. wV6SI Georgia Vollege. '32-'341 Delta Sigma Pi, i3 RICHARD XV.'I'1TUs Home Owners' Loan Corp, B. C. S. 1. 'if 4'9" 'il LYNDA XVEBB fl, X 0 Metro4Goldwyu-Mayer Pictures B. C. S Phi Chi Theta, "Iris" Correspmldent, '31, '32, Secretary, '34, Cornet Club, '31-'36, Council, '37, Student Cu President, '37, IIIICI'-Fl'llI8l'lliff' uucil, '32. R. Uukwlx XYHITE Sears, Roehuvk and Co. B. L. 5. uiversity of XV5muing, '3-F. l jxxufs E. xVI'l'HIiRSl'00X Hass Furniture Cmnpany H. L. 5. Ulee f'Iuh, '3!1,'37. Warren C. Baggett Nlarcia Baker Bartell Baldwin YV. H. Baskin Gladys Bell VValter R. Benson Charles Brown J. Carlton Brown lllrs. C. S. Burns James G. Carter, Jr. O. B. Cornelius NVilliam H. Crane Tallulah L. Davis D. O'Connell Dougherty D. Nell Durden J. W. Gabriel Louis Gadlin Cecil Goldstein Carl A. Herhig Clarence H. Hill Carolyn P. Hogue Ewell Y. Jackson Millard A. Jenkins Dudley D. Joiner R. B. Kimsey NIU James L. Lacher Annie H. Lane lylary Frances Long Alfred H. lV1CCash William H. NlcClain James C. KIcClellan Bertha NI. lVIcLaughlin Marie W. lxlerritt Ralph C. llloor Earle S. Newman Lota YV. Orr Hen Overstreet, Jr. John F. Parker James Leland Phillips H. Grady Pierce Richard YV. Respess Albert Robinson NVilton B. Spence Erna Still Charles G. Swinford Richard W. Titus James P. VValker Lynda VVehh R. Durwin VVhite James E. XVitherspoon E H 3 e S. li. Jcnixsux l,I'c"XiIll'lIf v EXIABERT P. CLARK lyiff'-IJI'f'5i!!l'1If M11,nRr2n FLURY JUNIOR CLASS S1'l'l'l'flII'j' 'l'r1m1As A. SEALS Tl'!'l'llA'll7'I'l' XV. l'1I.W'0UD AMOS H:XR'l'lil.I, B.-x1.DwIN Y.-xxcl-3 I.. BRIGMAN. JR. -IAQK I.. CH,-xl-M. T. C. liLi1.mRD 'KN Al.m.u'1' P. Clmxk Roslim' H. CLARK IJL'R.-WT Cuban Lows NV. CURRIGAN M Am' CRADDOCK IXI11,uRu1J FLURY ANNIE XYILI, CIARN ER Hovmmm flII.BliR'I' Jon N KI. GR :funky O.1iL'c:rcxn2H1cKx1,xN.JR. VIQHONI,-XS G. Hll.l., IR. Exixxmfk AI. JACKSON XYll.1.1.u1 B. -I.-xcxsox C. H UGH JORDAN S. K. ilouxsox 'K' 'fl' all' 1 EDGAR G. IXIII xmrux IR ROBLZRTL Low! R C. ISD. R1-XRTIN XXvII,I.l.XKl Tmm xs SAMUHI, SCUTT HEI,EN 'FUCK ER 'I'Hm1.xs A. Slafus J.-XNIQ Ii. SPINK JACK B. ,IQURN ISR H,-XRfJI,D S. XVI1.1,rNGHAx1 CHR1s'rlN1i XVING H, CH.'XRI.TON XVINIBERLY 434' Q K n Adams, llfliss Elizabeth Amos, lVIr. Elwood Baker, lVIiss lllarcia Baldwin, lllr. Bartell Baskin, Mr. VV. H. Hell, Miss Emmie Lou Blinov, Mr. Ben Dmitri Brigman, illr. V. L., Jr. Britt, Miss Annie Louise Bullard, Mr. T. C. Burt, llffr. Deronda Burkhalter, lllr. E. H. Chapman, Mr. Jack Clark, lllr. Albert P. Clark, Mr. Robert H. Collins, lVIiss Julia NI. Corrigan, llflr. Louis VVilfrid Couch, Mr. Durant Craddock, lVIiss lklary Downing, lX'Iiss Alice Scott Eason, Mr. Gbed Durell Enlow, Nlr. Elmer R., Jr. Fincher, lVIrs. lVIartha P. Flury, Miss lllildred Garner, Miss Annie NVi1l Gilbert, lklr. Howard Gregory, lwr. John lN'I. Hickman, Mr. O. Eugene, Jr. Hill, Mr. Thomas Hoffman, Mr. John L. Hoffman, Mrs. Nettie Webster Holditch, lNIr. Charles Hudson, lllrs. lwadeline Jones Huie, lklr. H. lVI. Jackson, Mr. Evander Joseph Jackson, Mr. VVilliam B. Johnson, lVIr. S. K. Jordon, Mr. Hugh Kilpatrick, lllr. Edgar G., Jr. Lennard, Mr. Julius NI. Lewis, lVIiss Emile O. Long, llliss lwary Frances Lowe, lWr. Robert Charles, Jr. lWcCash, Mr. Alfred H. lNIcGuire, Mr. James H. McLaughlin, Bliss Martha lllartin, Mr. C. Ed. lkiayo, Miss Doris Elizabeth Merritt, lVIrs. lVIarie Willianis Moody, lVIr. Robert Earle, Jr. Moore, lVIiss Harriette Louise Newman, llflr. Earle S. O'Callahan, hir. W. L. Reilly, llflr. Thomas Lee Reinhardt, lllr. Garnett G. Reddick, Bliss Callie Seals, lXIr. Thomas A. Scott, Klr. Sam Spink, lVIiss Jane E. Stein, hir. Bruno Felix Still, Miss Erna Still, bliss Lena Street, Mr. Julius Glenn, Jr. Swafford, Mr. Thomas Aaron, Timmerman, lllr. J. Randolph Tucker, Miss Helen Turner, Mr. Jack Bruce VValker, bliss Maymi E. VVallis, llliss Margaret Williams, lwiss Dorothy R. Williilgliam, lVIr. Harold S. Wilson, llir. Charles Edgar, Jr. Wimberly, lllr. H. Charlton VVing, lVIiss Christine I' PRE-JUNIOR CLASS xllzs NI. GRI!-'1-'I'rH, -IR. f'1'ff.vi1lf'1ll Px1'1. CHRls'rl,xN IVjl'l"l,7'l'.K'i1lI'llf K I ARG.-xx Ii'l' Bkooks St'1'l'l'f1l7'j' - 7v!'l"lISll rw' -Hv QV 4. -sf w fm 1 41 N. QW -P .f :ay Ax NA C. Avrfm' ELIZ.XRli'I'H BRIDGES 'l'HcmAxS If. BRIDGES, JR. KIA-xRcz.xR1zT Brwmgs JOHN XVILSUX CASH PAUL XI. C1IRlS'r1.xN JACKSON CRAVIQN C,LYVlE CURTIS I'iR.XNCliS IJ.-XVIIJSON JACK R. IJRISKELI. 'IYHOBEN F. ICLRUD J.-XNIES M. CSRTFFITH, JR LQEORGIC ROBERTS lilN1RriRl.Y, -IR. LEONARD A. KING I 3 'fi-. ICTH lil. L. LAVVRENCE NV. ALBER1' LEE IJOCIE F. BIARSH 1 :.:-: Wt. wr- . mmm nh- ' -' Laws 'W GTC A Aileen -- NAT.AI,,I.-X MAYO A V .- AX A .1-,ff 5' f 'il . s a- yy S3 2 AUGUST DIOR.-XNDO GEORGE I.. QUARLES 25 Luwxs RIDEN NELI. SHROPSHIRE H. EARL STYRING XVILLIE AIAE Xvli,-XI. f f - W' ROBERT G, XV11.I.l.m1s RICHARD A. ZACHRY ti' H' fin 'ru f PRE-IUNIOR CLASS Aldredge, Blr. Ernest WV. Avery, Bliss Anna C. Baker, Miss Catherine P. Barnes, Bliss Frances Beall, Blr. Bl. Lamar Blaclcstock, Blr. VVinfield Bradshaw, Blr. Herbert C Bridges, Bliss Elizabeth Bridges, Mr. Thomas E., Jr. Brooks, Bliss Margaret Cash, Blr. John NVilson Chapman, Bliss Doroth WV. Christian, Blr. Paul Bl. Clonts, Miss Sara Jayn Cohen, Mr. Bernard Coleman, Blr. Kenneth Craven, Blr. jackson Cromer, Bliss Grace E. Curran, Bliss Louise A. Curtis, Mrs. Olyve Davidson, Bliss R. Frances Driskell, Blr. Jack R. Earthman, Blr. Henry B. Elrod, Mr. Thoben E. Erb, Miss Florrie Lee Fife, Blr. YVilliam M. Fleming, Blrs. O. C. Flury, Bliss Blildred Uibson, Bliss Ethel Bl. Gilbert, Blr. Howard H, Griffith, Mr. James M., Jr. Hammond, Bliss Blary Harris, Blr. Richard E. Haymons, Bliss Vida Hord, Bliss Jewel C. Humphreys, Blr. VVm. P. Kenny, Blr. Paul C. Kimberly, Blr. George Roberts, Jr. King, Blr. Leonard A. LaHatte, Bliss Blarybelle Lawrence, Miss Ethel L. Lee, Blr. VV. Albert BlcArthur, Blr. Luther VV. Malpasse, Blr. VVilliam H. Marsh, Blr. Louie F., Jr. Blaynard, Miss Betty'A. Blayo, Bliss Natalia Bflitchell, Bliss Nedra YV. lVlorando, Blr. August Blorgan, Blr. D. Bruce Morris, Blr. YVilliam Bloshkoff, Blr. Gregory b. 1 Noveclc, Blr. Horald Noyes, Blr. YV. VVilson, Jr. Padgett, lVlr. Carlton L. Palmer, Miss Ordry Paris, Bliss Evelyn M. Pruett, Blr. Carl E. Quarles, Blr. George L. Redwine, Blr. Joseph, Jr. Rice, Miss Lillian Riden, Blr. Lewis Royal, Blr. Blayo H. Schwartz, Blr. Leonard Shropshire, Bliss Nell Sisson, lVliss Elsa Ruth Smith, Bliss Ethel B. Smith, Blr. George E. Smith, Bliss Blartha U. Spratlin, Blr. Robert E. Stone, Blr. Jack A. Strickland, Bliss lrene Styring, Mr. H. Earl Swiney, Bliss -lulia E. Turner, Blr. Joel D. Underwood, Blr. Lewis C. Upshaw, Bflr. Harold Curtis Veal, Bliss BVillie Blae Yoight, Bliss Rossie VVehunt, Blr. Quillian ll. VVilliams, Blr. Robert G. Zachry, Blr. Richard A. ? SUPHUMURE CLASS Y YINTON I"l.fXRTXVIil,I., AIR. l'1'm'i1I1' nf N w C1II.B15R'1' M. V, 5lULlxlUX . ,E R,.,i:K ,ITP-f'1'4'.x'i1l1'11f If. . K' S.-xluu I,L'rfRED BROOKS St't'l't'flll'A1' RAYMUND XV. STA X 1. lax' Tl'Kll.XxIl 7't'7' 'x -:M ,. , pn. ms ICR N I-:ST XV. A I.DR unc: li ROSE LEIGH B.-XLDVVIN -IAQK 'lf BEQKII A N1 AI.-XRY E. BOONE CIILOIE ,ALICE HOxARIm'I' xIA N1 ICS L. BRIXNDES SARAH LUFRED BROOKS -I A AI us 'l'. BYRD A 1. M ANU C.LXRRCJl.1. L.-XV5'RliNCE M. BROWN JOHN D. C.-XRJXW.-XY, .IR VIRGINIA L. CAUDLE A Lis'1'1 N B. CH .xsrf CL.-XIRIZ CuRIs'1'I,xN jfmx B.C1-ARR -IANIES Hlxox 13,-XYIS M.xR'rH RNA IJL'I-'FEY RTELVIN C. ICYERITT JACK FRANK FRANc1zs KI. FORBES KARL E. GEM :is FRANQI s S. CZREG 1 Rx' R.-xx' Y. H.bXR'I'N!' 5 . . HR.-XDI. EY NI. H AYN :fs 43'-Z-f g R Y ibn 533 IQ 5 A' .. A mr. ,R . , .IN ,gn ' IR 'Q wiv 4 xp! XII f , If I RM-If f Jf?'Iv"i If F xf Ikx Qi Xxx dt. Q -W ' I 75: - - fs ' N Q , . ' 5, , ff' Q' , 1 ' 9 4 I3 ' fu .-,4 ERNEST YVILLLIAI Hws l,ruL'IsI3 HII.I, JIIHN S. HILL IJIIROTHY RUTH IVIIZ l"R,xNR -I. -I.xMIsuN, JR. GILIIJYS A. LEWIS H. XV. LVURMAN l"RIcD S. PERRIN HARRY XVATSIIN KENT ARQIIII3 L. I.INIJsIiY JL' LIUS OEI,SNIiR QHIIESTIER M. PIiRRYM.xx lCl.lz.xR1f'1'H RAMSUHN FR.-xx K D. RIM liR .I RUTH RI. SANDERS .xv les IZRV1"1'ox SA N lJlzRS CARI, S,xNu1FoRn HENRY T. Sx1l'1'H R wxmxu XV. ST xNI.m' GI LBERT RI. SToCK'roN Llsox Ruscsmla XVAx1,K1-.R IJQNALD KNOX XVHITIQ AIARY H. XVRIc:1s'i' XYu.I.r,xM 'l'. Yorxu 'SZ' .gf s Adams, lXIr. John Quincy Adkins, lkliss Anne Aldredge, lklr. Ernest VVilliam Anderson, Miss Florence Asbell, Mrs. Mary Bridges Babin, Miss Ruth Agnes Baldwin, lkliss Rose Leigh Beaudry, lllr. VVilloughby Ernest Beckham, Mr. John T. Brigham, lkliss Mary Alice Bledsoe, Mr. Joseph C. Boone, Miss Mary Bozardt, lkliss Chloe Alice Brandes, Mr. James L. Broach, lklr. James A. Bromburg, lklr. VVilliam Brooks, llliss Sarah Lufred Brown, lklr. Lawrence lkleredith Brown, Mr. Peter Cliff Buchanan, Mr. VValter Andrews Byrd, lklr. James Terrell Caraway, lklr. John D., Jr. Carroll, lllr. Almand Caudle, lyliss Virginia Chase, Mr. Austin Christian, llliss Claire Clark, Nlr. John B. Cohen, lklr. Bernard VV. Crabb, Mr. Olin Crawford, Mr. John Lee Curran, lkliss Louise A. Davis, lklr. James H. Davison, lllr. C. Hillman Dickson, lVIr. James Hill Duffey, lkliss Marthena D. Edens, Miss N. Louise Ellis, lllr. John Bowden, Jr. Erb, Miss Florrie Lee Everitt, lklr. lllelvin C. Fessenden, lVlr. Franklin T. Forbes, llliss Frances Nl. Frank, llflr. John Howard SUPHOMURES Gardner, llliss Maxine Gemes, Klr. Karl E. Gilner, Bliss Rose Gilstrap, Miss lklargaret C. Glassman, Miss Anne Graham, Mr. John L'Engle Gregory, lklr. Francis S. Gunn, lllr. Leonard H. Gunter, lbliss Lillian Pearle Hagood, Miss Anne Glynn Hammett, llr. Charles Burress Hanes, bliss lllargaret James Hardman, Mr. Charles H. Hartwell, Mr. Ray Vinton, Jr. Hayes, Mrs. Willard Therrell Haynes, lllr. Bradley Hays, lVlr. Ernest lVilliam Hill, lblr. John S. Hiss, Miss Louise Holder, lklr. John Field lvie, lXliss Dorothy Ruth Jamison, lXlr. Frank Jay Johnson, Miss lklary Elizabeth Johnston, Miss Pauline Kent, Mr. Harry VVatson Kimberly, lklr. George Robert, Jr. Kloeckler, lkliss llary Fideles Lennard, lkliss Coral Lois Lewis, lkliss Gladys A. Lindsey, Mr. Archie Lee Llewellyn, Miss Carrie ll. Love, lXlr. Vvilliam P. McConnell, Mrs. Nelle Rogers lXlcDowell, Miss lVl. Gertrude lXlcGee, lXlr. Gene Quin lVlclntyre, lkliss Prentiss lklann, lllr. James H. Morgan, lVlrs. Edith B. Nolley, Mr. Tom L. Newman, lxliss Doris Aurora Norman, Hlr. H. VV. Oelsner, Mr. Julius Oliver, illr. Lonnie Parker, lklr. Robert Rl. Perrin, Mr. Fred S. Perry, Mr. Cecil C. Perryman, hlr. Chester Neal Pierce, Miss Elizabeth H. Price, lllr. Joe A. Purdie, Mr. Douglas H. Purdie, Miss Hazel Rainey, Kliss lllarian F. Ramage, llliss Dorothy C. Ramsden, Miss Eileen Elizabeth Rimer, Mr. Frank D. Rogers, Miss Addie Mae Rozier, lllr. VVilliam S. Sanders, lkliss Ruth M. Sanders, lklr. James Burton Sandiford, lklr. Carl Saunders, lxlr. Edward lXl. Scott, lNlr. Edgar T. Simpson, Mrs. Dorothy J. Smith, llflr. Henry T. Smith, Mr. John L. Snyder, Mr. VVilliam JP. Sparks, lklr. Andrew H., Jr. Stanley, lklr. Raymond VV. Stockston, lklr. Gilbert M. Stovall, Mr. D. Lee Thacker, Miss Louise E. Vaughan, Mr. lklorgan D. VValker, lklr. James P. VValker, Mr. Leon Roscoe VVatkins, lllr. Sidney J. YVhite, lllr. Donald Knox lVilliams, Miss Nellie E. VVilson, lklr. Raymond C. VVoolf, lVliss Lucy Anne VVright, Miss lklary E. Young, lllr. lvilliam T. FRAN K L. C.XR'I'l'R Pn'A'f111' I1 I l FRESHMAN CLASS EDXYIN Cl, xRK Irift'-l,7'!'.Y.:Ill'!1f LUIS Doll lik Sf'I'l'l'flll'j' 'W'-'GP RoBr:R'1' CQRAILXNI VVAITT Treaszznfr XX7lLl.lAN1 HENRY AI,l'IX.fXNDER 'IQHOMAS ICDVVARD BLAs1Nc:AMn5 CHARLES AAHl'L'5i., HROYLES IJcvRo'1'Hx' XVILLIE CH.bXl'MAN El,lZ.XBl.'l'H QJOVVEN RDRYI2 CRYK1 135 Luis llrvzllak P,xL'l. N. GAL1.rm',xY I.raoN.xR1J H. CECNY R. Lriwlls HARPER IJ.-XYID ll.-xcxsox HARwrc1,1. l':DI'l'H HUGH lax' Ifmxcrfs KEYES IXIARY XVr1,1.u5 KNIl'l"l' ,ANGEL LA-X'1'li.-XM CH,xR1.15s B. KI0N'1'c:cn11aRY Num. KJSBCRNE NIARION Gl1.m5R'1' RESPESS Cll.XRl.liS Sulzlfrcxx RilBER'I' GR XII,-XNI NV.fxl'1"1' Adams, Blr. Jack Blonroe Aikens, Blr. Charles Harold, Jr. Alexander, Blr. VVilliam Henry Allen, Miss Lucile Ellie Allen, Bliss Bliriam Allen, Blr. BVilliam Lenard Arnold, Bliss Rose Mary Awtrey, Mr. L. Bl. Baker, Miss Birdie Blay Barnes, Mr. VV. Fred Beckham, lVlr. William Shieder Benefield, Brlr. Jess Gordon, Jr. Bentley, Miss Louise E. Bickford, lVlr. Robert L. S. Bips, Brlr. Blax VVilliam Blasingame, Blr. Thomas Edward Bolen, Blr. Robert Ernest Bostian, Blr. Joel Chandler Brannon, Blr. John NVilson Brewer, Blr. Homer Thompson Brice, Blr. James Harry Brooks, Bliss Nelia B. Brown, Mr. Frank Alvin Brown, Blr. Jack Todd Broyles, Mr. Chas. "Huck" Burke, Mr. James Clayton Butzon, Blr. Hans H. Byrnes, Blr. Joseph Hemphill Cadora, Blr. Charles Thomas Carter, Blr. Frank L. Casteel, Blr. Robert Earl Chapman, Miss Dorothy lVillie Chesnut, Bliss Bl. Eleanor Christian, Bliss Blildred Bl. FRESHMEN Clark, Blr. John T. Clark, Blr. Paul F. Clay, Blr. Henry Brenard Clegg, Blr. Homer Harrington Cole, Blr. R. Blaurice Cowan, Bflr. Fred Jackson Cowen, Bliss Elizabeth Cowan, Miss Patsy Crane, Blr. Paul Edgar Crawford, Bflr. Rufus L. Crymes, Bliss Rubye Daniel, Bflr. VVoodson P., Jr. Darby, Bflr. George Clifton, Jr. Daughtry, Blr. VV. Earl Davidson, Bliss Helen Katherine Davies, Blr. Frank T. Davis, Bliss Bliriam Denton, Bliss Violet Dillard, Bfliss Betty Donaldson, Blr. Thomas J. Doyal, Blr. George Harris, Jr. Dozier, Bliss Evelyn L. Dozier, Miss Lois Dozier, Blr. Roger B. Durham, Miss Mary Lou Dyer, Mr. Arthur R. Enlow, Blr. David R. Evans, Blr. BVilliam Terry Farmer, Bliss Blary Feckoury, Bliss Blamie Elizabeth Fowler, Bliss Roberta S. Freeman, Bliss Eva Vance Gabrels, Blr. Wilton R. Galloway, Blr. Paul N. Galloway, Blr. Virgil VVilliam Gardner, Mr. VVilliam Hugh Garner, Bliss Bladeline Gibson, Blr. John Lindley Glassman, Blr. Fred Gossett, Bliss Grace A. Graham, Bflr. Francis Robin Granade, Blr. Jack XVarren Gregory, Bliss Emily Gunn, Blr. Leonard H. Gunter, Mr. Blelvin Howard Hanson, Bliss Helen Frances Harper, Blr. R. Lewis Harris, Blr. Clifford Leon Harris, Blr. Julius B. Harris, Bflr. Robert C. Harwell, Blr. David Jackson Haubenreiser, Blr. Robert J. Haverfield, Blr. BVilliam Bl. Hawkins, Blr. Nolan Hayes, Bliss Dorothy l-legwood, Blr. Lemuel Franklin Henry, Blr. George L. Herder, Miss Kathryn Frances Hickman, Blr. Francis Bl. Hill, lVlr. Fred Stewart, Jr. Hopkins, Blr. John Neil Hopson, Bliss Elizabeth L. Hughey, Bliss Edith Hunt, Bliss Elizabeth Hunter, Blr. Perry G. Hutchinson, Bliss Blary Fox lrby, Blr. John Edward, Jr. Jacobs, Mr. VVilliam Cosgrove Johnson, Mr. VValdemar Carl Jones, ilfr. Charles Vincent Jordan, illr. VVilliam T., Jr. Justus, hir. Jack Vvarren Kerlin, illiss Iris Fay Keyes, Miss Frances Kirtley, Mr. ilflilton Klein, hir. John Christian Knott, ilfiss Mary VVillie Lacher, iylr. Franz Latham, Miss Angel Lewis, Mr. Charles Turner Lewis, ildr. Jube Lichlyter, Mr. Guy J. Livingston, illr. Harvey L. Longino, hir. James Henry lblcllaid, Mr. James Patrick McDermon, bliss Eleanor lrene lVIcGahee, Mr. James E. hIcGuire, Mr. Phillip Earle, Jr. hlann, iylr. Josiah Zack iylarchman, Miss Louise F. Martin, ilir. George Bert Mauney, Mr. Jackson 113. Mobley, Miss Hazel Mills Montgomery, lVIr. Charles B. lWoon, Mr. Jack Bennett hlorgan, bliss Olive Strickland Morris, Mr. John Glenn illossman, Miss Libby Nlurdaugh, Mr. William Henry Neal, Miss Marion Eunice Newberry, Mr. Pat Newton, Mr. Charles Byrd Nicholson, Mrs. Elizabeth Marchman Norris, NIL Clovis B. Osborne, Nell O'Kelley, Klr. Frederick Henry Oliver, iVIiss lVIartha Osteen, Mr. Carl Edward Parks, Mr. James Thomas Payton, hir. Henry Newton Porch, illr. Thomas Collier Purdie, ilfr. Douglas H. Pylant, hir. Clarence 0. Ragsdale, lllr. J. Brittain Rapier, Miss Regina Clare Ratterree, ilflr. Charles L. Rayburn, illiss illildred Reeves, hir. Joel Clyde Reid, ilflr. VVilliam Felder Respess, lliiss Niarion Gilbert Richards, Mr. William Thomas V Rives, Mr. Glenn Ford Robinson, Mrs. Stewart Raymond Sanders, Nlr. H. Gartrell Schwartz, Mr. Leonard Scott, Mr. Edgar Scott, Mr. Harold Manson Seignious, iVIr. Richard Charles Shannon, Nlr. Henry B., Jr. Sharp, ilflr. Henry VV. Shelton, illr. Charles Skelton, Mr. Jack Anderson Smith, Miss Edna Lalette Snelling, Miss Jacqueline Reybold Sparks, Miss Jane M. Stalker, illrs. Harriet G. Stephens, Mr. Baya Aloysius Strickland, iVIiss lris Sudderth, illiss Glivia Sullivan, Nfr. Roy BI. Tanner, lVIr. S. D., Jr. Thompson, Mr. Caldwell Walter Thornton, Mr. Nathaniel A. Thornton, Mr. R. D. Tomlinson, ilfr. Rolland Arthur Treadwell, Mr. Bernard, Jr. Trippe, ilfr. Albert Roy Turner, Mr. Richard Lee Upchurch, Mr. D. Vandiver, Mr. George Johnson Vaughan, hir. illorgan Dixon Volberg, iyfr. Fred Louis VVaitt, Mr. Robert Graham VValker, ilfr. William VVard, Miss Sara Jane VVarnock, lVIr. Ford New WVarren, Mr. William Carlton VVeatherly, Miss Lessie May Wheeler, Miss Margery Malone White, Mr. James Otis VViley, Mr. Donald Bain VVilliams, Miss Dorothy E. Williamson, Mr. Hugh B., Jr. Wilson, iVIr. Allen Bell VVindham, Mr. Fred VVomble, Mr. William Curren Wootan, Mr. Luther Thomas ' Worthen, Mr. lylacon O. Wright, Nfr. Robert Kerr YVynne, Mr. Charles Thomas GRADUATE CLASS nrrlcfns GEORGE RIANNERS . . Prfxizlfnl ELEANOR DAVIS . . . l"i1'ff-Prffsizlerzt DONALD CLEGG . . Sefvrzflzzry-Treflsurer LXIARY EI.I5ANOR IJAVIS IJIIAN E. UREYER -IOIIN RI-xI.I-H GIBSON ARNOLD ID. CQRIZGORY, IR. EDWARD RICHARDSON, IR. RAYAIOND A. STYLIES .,p-5, 1,71 ACTIVITIES I-5, IFF fi I V I E 2 , I N1-H' . I 1 's-. ix 1 4 Q 7,55 .A . . . " '.'f5"e. any -Q-,W .1-y f, . tl r r-gr fp- .. . L My ., , L 'kr-L' 5 5-gl Q E A v 1- ,. fa 49,4 " f. X, Wy' ,,, ffm Ft I .f ., .by- ,15 N4 , ,SN ' 'u b , ,,. . 'V f.f5:w.n . : . 1 ,Q .Q - A -Q--33 3-W?-Z-aff. . , .'W3'7 ' K '-L ff ' . 3 , .,f.i. j: 'ii:,.:4 ' ' fiiw ., R 123 wif?-0 KF' ' m rf' V . '.",-2.91" ' F ."' :- LQ- . . H - ,1 5.4.-1.4. g K -N,'lT- 'L vf., K . - ' ' X Xe ,. my L. f A 4 , , w f ,, 4, 1 . 1 Y a 1115 1.5 f x. x,,:,-- ,e-. f gg, ...YQ .1 ,v,, .,,, X I w Jrifr' ,, ,a-1. , , n. '75 'gw I. ,gh ,, A 1 :.- ' - . ,W A1 , -.,. ii K-'vii .J f- Q v 4 .ae .' Y iw ' ' llvfie' , gggyiu- P51593 ' ',fQL1 3 x Lv ,f 1 ' Q 4 . F A r "Tx ' 7 . 1 iliixifzg' - ,. . , ,, VA , WA 1 ,V ?, 1 4 . . , . AH. - . I , 'rw 5 QU, . ,W .13 91419. , . , 4 J. V-Q ,:.,q.1. .HA .www-'fl -K 3" U.-. f,,. ,?,iJ3,,, , , I A .Wi ' A- 33,14 - I '- Q R -'. ,x ,sw-1 'HAZ ' , , ,. .f1fn,,-H- ix. ' y... -A, ex- ' , .. r . ,N -, ' 5. in ,,. . MF ,. 4 -H, 7, ,. .QV CTIVITIISS in the ljvening College are com- prehensive in their scope, embracing practically all of the various kinds of organizations o These organizations, whose purposes and memberships are recorded in this yearbook, have continued to contribute to the welfare and growth of the live- ing College. o To them, for the great part they have played and for the honors they have brought to this college, we owe our deepest appreciation. -- , THE STUDENT CLARENCE H. HII,l. President The Student Council was organized to coordinate class activities and to encourage a class understanding between students and the faculty. It is the purpose of the Student Council to express the will of the majority of the Student Body through the guidance of Student Activitiesg to strive toward an ever closer understanding between Faculty and Students, and to work toward the betterment and growth of the Evening College and its students. OFFICERS CLARENCE H. HILL .... ...... P resident S. K. JOHNSON ..... . . .Vive-Presirlent BILLY Youxo .... ..... S erremry R.-XY H.ARTWEI.I. . . ,,,, Tfffljllfef COUNCIL SIGN IORS Iiwriu. Y. JACKSON JXIILIARD A. J EX KINS JAMIES L. l,.xQH1fR JPXIORS SIDNEY Ii. JOHNSON JACK B. '1'LJRN15R ROBERT C. LOWE, JR. Brown, Cash, Chapman, Dreyer, Gibson, Grifhth Hzlrwell, Hill, Jenkins, Johnson, Lznclmcr, Lee Lowe, lIcGnirc', llont- QU1T1CI'j', ,liUI'IlL'l', Young M E M B E R S PRIC-JUNIORS J.-mms c2RII"FI'l'H .ALBERT Llili XVILSON CASH SO PHOXIORES R.-xx' H.,XR'1'XN'Iil.I. JOHN HILL BILLY YOL'NO FRICSHNIAN FRANK C1,'XR'l'IiR CH.-XRLES XIUN'l'GfINIERY IDAvl1J HARwri1,l, I'L'IiLICA'1'IONS ROBERT C. LOWE, JR. "NOC'l'l,7RNIi" JAMES KICKJCIRE UEYICXING SIGNAL" 'QW' I 1 A-1 THE NUCTURNE smfm Hi 'Q-yw W. . ,- Rorzliwr C. Lows, JR. JACK CHAPMAN lifliffll'-illrcjllif'-f. l?u.vi11ff.vx flfrllzn gm' 'llhe NOCTURNIC is the otllcial yearbook of the University System of Georgia lfvening College. lts purpose is to record the history of the college, its organizations, and its stu- dents, so they may he fondly remembered in the years to come. FUR 1937 Henson, Boone, Christizm, IJOUfJIICl'Tj' Ureycr, I 3115653 Goldstein, llartin XICC Iuirc. STSTIITQ, IVimIx- VII EDITORIAL ST C. ICD KI.xR'rlN ,fxxUr'ff!lf' liflffflf' AFF TVAI.'I'IZR R. Hlcxsux BIARY IC. BOONE OICUNNIQLI. UoL'c:l1lcRTY RI,xR'1'Hr2xA IDLJFVM -I XNIIZS RICKFIQIRIC EARL STYRING Rosrcxukv LARNOLIJ FRANQIQS IJAYIIJSUN DEAN IC. IJREYIZR LI.-XNIIIS I,. L,xQHIcR BUSINESS ST PAUL M. CHRls'1'I.xN AFF ,l.vxfn'fr1fe' 1f11.vf11f1v.v .IIIIIIIILVFF Cuclr. Gu1.ns'1'151x Ax.mzR'r LIL.-XRR . .1 .7 , L . .2 I .I ' SQ' 3,3 CH.xR1.'1'ox XYIMBI ATAA1 las fT'RIFFI'l'H Mpww, 'UW EVENING SIGNAL N1l'SI"I XIeGL'lRr I. C.-XRIXITJN BROXVN X. 1 . . , I ' ' ' V BIl.N'Il1t'.Y,x' ,llnzmger f.ll'lf0I-Illecwlllflf Th "l'Yl'YlYG SIGYAIX' is the uflicinl newspaper of the University System of Cieor- gia Evening College. Its purpose is to con- vey to the students news of interest and to serve ZlSOlllCI21l01'gfiI'lIOVTIIC Student Council. C. ED IXIARTIN S. K. KIOHNSON IJEAN BROOTNIE EARL STYRING CHRISTINE XVING CHRISTINE XVING NELL LJSBORN R. A. CHRISTOPHER LEUNARD KING Baggett, Beckham, I3 rooks, B rown. Bullard Dougherty, Davidsm Dreyer, Johnson, Lennard Lowe, llzmrtin, Oshur Perrymzm, Reinhardt Stockton, Styring, Tucker, Turner, XVimherIy, XVing T I n, EDITORIAL STAFF -TACK IS. IIIURNIER, fl.v.w1'i11fz' lillifllf'-III'IJll1If'f H. CHAR1.'mN WVIMBERLY, ,TIa1n14gi11,g liflimr IDIS.-KN Ii. IPREYIZR, ,Trl ffzliior lJoRo'rHv RAx1Ac:E HELEN IJAVIDSUN ROSENIARY ARNOLD FRANCES DAVIDSON ROBERT C. IJUVVIE, QIR. BUSINESS ST AFF I,L'1-'REU IERUUIQS .IL:1.1us IJENNARD SAM I,IZDRIZT'I'IiR XV.-XRRISN IS.-XGGI2'l'T c3II,BIiR'l' S'I'1!L'K'I'UN G. G. REINHARDT, Jxsixtant If1lXIlII'A'.N' .IIfr11111,gff'r 1 C. HL'l.l..-XRD, ,-I1lf'f'rfi.x'i11,g Sllllllllfkl' ,TACK BECK H.-XM, Juflifor HET.EN 'IIUCKER ROSSIIQ VUIGIIT I"1,mzRRIE IQRII CSARTRIZLI. SANDERS 'E A ...1 - , 5 ' x 4' 'Q' If '40 I,.'UYRI2NCIi BROWN QSIIIQSTIZR IDHRRYNIAN If 'pf 1 -F 'F I Q .,'....1 3 X I 53 Q' Q I Q pf' ,T A A 1 I? 'I A I . , lg, Q ' Qt w2f7fi .V A If INTER-FRATERNITY Iiwiiu. Y. -lxeiisox, l'residenf The purpose of the lnter-l"rz1ternity Council is to guide the various organization activities of the school, particularly with reference to dates for funetons and to promote a close und harmonious zlhlilintion among the clubs, societies, fra- ternities, and sororities of the Georgia Evening College. OFFICERS Ifwiim. Y. klrxeiasox. . ... .l'resi1lw1f Ciiiusrixu XVINQ: .. . .... lrifl?-lJ7'F.Yflll'llf RIILDRICD Fi.L'RY . . . . .Svrn'fm-y-Trmxzzrw- COUNCIL REPRESENTA AL P HA KAP PA PSI .... ............... CRIMSON KEY .,.. . f 1 DELIA KAPPA ............ DELTA SIGMA PI .....,.... DEL I A LAMBDA SIGMA .............., 'w HILARIAN CLUB .............,......... INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB. INTRAMLIRAL KEY .............. KAPPA THETA ......................... THETA XI ZETA .,... PI PHI SIGMA ........ PHI CHI THETA.. PLAYCRAFERS .... RIDING CLUB ....... SPEAKERS' CLLT B ........ STUDENT COUNCIL .... YENETIAN SOCIETY .4.. Baker, Benson, Bran- des, Bridges, BrOOkS Brown, Christian, CIark, Davis, Ilrewr Flury, Gibson, Greg Ory, H I-rlmig, AIOIIIISOII IIZICIICV, Lee, Lc-Im:1I'cI, Lowe, IX'I2lI'III1 Seals, Styring, Tumcx IVeIuIw, XVIIIQ' - 2 S ERP A -if S, N I LI Q' I W K? IQ ., ,gg P Q we I -S. I -LR ,x Rs Sp, F' 1 ., Q I 5 N TIVES TOM SIsAI.S, -IACK IIIURNIZR IXIATIIERINIE BI2I.I.Is ISLE, EI.I5ANOR IJAVIS IJEAN E. IJREYER, AI. RAI.I'II GIBSON LAWRIZNQIE BROXVN, LIANIES IIRANDES I':LIZ.XBli'l'II BRIDIQIIS, AIILDRIED FI.L'RY IXIARCIA BAKER, PI2c:c':Y BROOKS CARI, BROWN, CI..-IIRIQ CIIRIS'I'I.XN' EYVELI. -IACKSON, RAI.IfH KIOOR LIIFRED BROOKS, SARA CEREIZR S. K. jOIINSON, -IULIUS LENNARD C. ED III.-NRTIN, CIILBERT S'I'OcR1'ON LYNDA XVIZBB, CIIRISIINR XVING A. D. CIREGURY, CARL HERRII: AI.-XNIZ SIIINR, ROSSII5 XIOIGHT XVAIXIIQR BENSON, BOB LOWIQ, -IR. LIABIIZS IMXCIIER, NV. A. IJEI2 AI.BIaR'1' CLARK, EARI. STYRINIQ I Q' fi I 5 I I 'Q' 'Q 4: if Q' FA- :,. X ,,,,y!A,'f . I 6 V ..., . ...,. Y, S . DELTA MU DELTA Q THETA CHAPTER 1nst:111ed -Tune 9, 1931 Founded New York University, November, 1913 The object of 1Je1t:1 Alu Delta is to promote higher seliolzirslmip in the training for business and to recognize and reward scholastic attainment in commercial studies. OFFICERS 1,i.ox'n Glxx. . . ..... 1'f-miflvzzt Cl. Ii. P.-XRKHR .... .... I 7ACF'l,7'l'.VT1l1"lIf 111.-X1.I,ljI,AH DAVIS. . . . .,'f1l11f St't'I'l'flll'x1' 1111.11-X JACKSON ..... . . ., 7'I'l'ElX1l7'f'f Puoif. FRED 13. XVIZNN. . . .... llmmrnry ,Tlwnf1e'r E. J. BARBER 'FAIIULAH DAVIS LLOYD C. c3lXN LAMAR G. BAKER REUBEN G. CRIAINI BIILDRED CH ESTNU FRANCIS IDUGG.-XX F. C. BRANDES N. IC. BOSWELI. BI.-XRG.-XR ET L 1,1 IYD FAE AI.I.EN XV. XV. AYCOCK E. H. BISHOP RI.-XRY CHEATHAM R. G. C.-XRLSEN L. C. EVANS RICHARD HII.I.S '1'AI.I.UI.AH DAVIS TT BROWN HUCCHOLZ ARN1Jl.D D. CQRIEGORY, JR. MEMBERS 1930 A. D, GREGORY, JR. HILD.A ISAKSON JACKSON 1935 ELIZABETH CURTIS IDEXTIZR FRANCIS M. OSTEEN AI.-XURICE STRICKLAND 193+ J. XV. KQOLDSMITH NI. D. HARPER, JR. 1053 CATH ERIN E RI.-KRTIN IJUGGAN 1032 T. XV. IJCNCAN RUTH ROGERS 1931 JOHN JANOULIS C. ROY NICCIJRNI.-XCK H. C. KITCHENS GEO. IC. PARKER NORMAN E. PETTIS JOHN M. REED, JR. ROBERT JOH ANN SUSIE SUDDERTH GEORGE XVING ROBERT STRICKLAND 'FED J. XVIIITEHEAD GEORGE MAN NN ERS TANTH.-X RICLKEY B. F. XVELLS, JR. HOWARD B. JOHNSON J. HARRY KRXULT H. L. ROBINSON C. S. SPINKS BERNARD SCTTLER, JR M. CEUY SWANSON RI. NV. SWINT C. T. ZEI.I,NER J. VV. ZURER, JR. 1 THETA wa UWLS CLUB iiri. Y. Alwxcxsox, lJI't'.5'iIlf'IIf Founded lfvening School November 20, 192-l The purpose is to honor those men who have taken an active interest in the welfare and activities of the lfvening College: to honor those men who have attainetl a scholastic average of eighty or above at the completion of at least two years of degree work at the lfvening College: to promote better fellowship by taking an active part in making new men acquainted: to encourage and promote any objective whereby the lfvening College may be benefited. UFFICERS Iiwizu. Y. LI.-xciisox . . . ....... l'na-irlwit 'l'HoA1As A. Sli,-txi,s .... .... I 'inf-l'rm-iflffzzi S. K. -loHNsoN ..... ..... S wx-vffzry .I.xx1i3s L. Li-XCII ER. . . . . . Tzwixzn-wr XI ZETA XVALTER R. BENSON ALBERT P. CLARK IJIZAN E. IJRIQYER A. IJ. KEREGORY, JR. R.-XY V. HARTWELI. CARI. A. HERB!!! CLARENCE H. HILL Clark, Dreyer, Greg- Ory, Herbig, Hill Johnson, Kimsey, l,:1clIer,Lenn:Ird, Lowe AI2ll'IlI'l, Seals, Shuttle- NV0l'fll, Styringf, ,lll1l'I1CI' MEMBER EWELI. Y. JACKSON S. K. JOHNSON ROBERI' IS. KIMSEY JAMES I.. l,ACH ER JULIUS XI. lJIiNN.-XRD ROBERT C. LOWE, JR. C. ED. NIARTIN S JAM ES H. MCGU IRE 'VHOMAS A. SEALS PII lI.ll' J. SHUTTLEWORTII GI LBERT M. STOCKTON H. EARL STYRING JACK B. 'VURNER T A6 S, ki I S' ', 8 -fin. 1: num, 1111 L Hook, l'w.1iflw1r Founded Evening College November 7, l93-l A frziternity organized to promote: A closer under- standing und cooperative spirit among the students, and between the student body and school zidministrationg 1111 aspiration for greater intellectual achievements: Z1 study of student problems to the end that all student life may be enriched, and the progress and the best interest of the Uni- versity System of Georgia lfvening College, in which this orgzinixution is founded, may be stimulated and promoted. OFFICERS R.x1,1'11 C. Moon. .. ...l'z-iavifllfiif S. iloilxsox ..., .. .liimf-l'1'1'.vifl1ff1f l':VVIZl.I, Y. -lxeiisox. . . . . .Svrwifiry lliaxx lf. lJ1:15Y15R. . . . . .'liI'4'fIXl1I't'I INTRAMURAL KEY ALBERT CLARK OJCONNELL lJOUG1-HIRTY DEAN DREYER RALPH GIBSON CARL HERBIG CLARENCE HILL EVVELL JACKSON FAC MEMBE S. K. JOHNSON ROBERT KIBISEY' JAMES LACHER JULIUS LENNARD BOB LOVVE, JR. C. ED RIARTIN JAIVIES MCGLIIRE RALPH MOOR RS ULTY MEM BER BEN CJVERSTREET CARL PRUETT 'THOIVIAS SEALS PHIL SHUTTLEVVORTH RAYBIOND STYLES EARL STRYING JACK 'IJURN ER S T. BI RICCLELLAN CSEORGE lNI. SPARKS Clark, Doughert5'I Q ,.. . 3 . J a g V Drever Gibson Herbigr I 5 J AJVJ ' L. :'V ,.,. A ' , J .... If" ':1. + 4" fi ? . I -vzv 2:2 v'.-- , E VK I Hill, Jackson, Johnson, Kimsey, Lasher S EI . fm. .. ills: I . , 1 E1 EI- ' ,..f L, .f,:, J ww gg . gil' 1 - .Y I -E' 0 4 mx 75 1 A 5: I 1 A I SV ES Q JE K Lennard, Lowe, llc' Clellan, Shuttleworth, .. .I . A EER .L J. Styles, Turner "w'1f" Q C. ED RIARTIN, Prwfsirlwlf PI PHI SIGMA Iiounded University System of Georgia Evening College Izinuury 20, I936 ,-X fraternity organized to honor students of .Iournnlism und worthy members of the publications of the lfvening College: to create and foster :1 higher stzlndard of journal- istic endeavor in all the publications ofthe collegeg to strive at all times to uphold the honor and prestige of the school, of its publications, and of the fruternityg to cooperate in any way possible in line with the frz1ternity's purpose with the lfvening Collegeg and to promote 21 stronger bond of allllia- tion between students interested in journalism. OFFICERS C. En M.xR'rIN ..... jmlizs H. AICCiL'IRE. .. cgII.BIiR'I' KI. Srocxrox. . CH.'XRI,'I'0N VVINIBERLY.. 1 --f 1 W- . . . .1 In Semin! cIARNIi'I"I' G. Ri21NHAR1u'r. . . O'CoNN iam, IJoL'oH ERTY l'r4'.ri1le11t l'r'f'.vi1lf11f l'f'f'.ff1lU II I Sf't'I'l'fI!l'.I' 'lII'l'lI.YIlfF7' IIIXIUVIIIII IUURNALISM FRATERNITY ISRADLIZX' H.'XX'NES f2lLBER'I' S'1'ocK'r0N RAY Y. HARTWELI., -IR. fyCONN1iI.l. Doucsmfnwv AI.-XINIES L. L.-xcHI2R Haynes, Iluugherty, I Breyer, Goldstein I11lChC'I', N IcGuirc, Reinhzlrdt, Stockton, xYi1Tll7CI'1j' CLIFF Y. RAY 'l'Hcm,-xs KINc:S'mN f2EORGli XVING R. A. CHRISTOPHIQR GAR'1'R1il,1. SANDERS I,r5ox.-mn A. Kms CAR1.'roN BRUWN CECIL GOI.Ds'l'ElN JACK CHAm1.xN XV,xl.'1'ER BENSON ALPHA KAPPA A 1. 5530 A X -Axfmzu ' PI CHAPTER r's NI.l.iNNf ,l".'lff . - - HL li XRD WWW lnstalled Novemher 21, 1911 Professional Fraternity in Commerce Founded New York Lvnivcrsityj Uctoher 5. IQO-l Colors. . . . .Navy Blue :ind Gold Flowers. . . ,.......... Yellow Rose Puhliezxtion ...... ..,. A lphzl Kappa l'si Diary Local ljuhliczltion ....... . .... . ......... The Pilot 'llhe objects of this lfrziternity shall he to further the individual welfare of its memhers: to foster scientific re- search in the fields of commerce, accounts and finance: to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein: and to promote and advance in institutions of col- legiate rank courses lending to degrees in business admin- istrzition. UFFICERS ,lc l,IL'S AI. Liixx mo. .. ....., l'1-miflwzt 'IAHONIAS A. SEALS .... . . .I'ive'-l,1'f'.x'f1f1f111' H. liuu. S'1'YRINc:. . . ..... Sm-rrffzry AXv.XI,'I'IiR R. liiaxsox. . . ........ 'I'1-wzszmv' 5. li. -Ionxsox ....... ..... , llfzxfw nf Rifznzly ROBICRT C. lmwli, JR.. . . . .ullirlryu KJV!I'I'l'Sf5fIIlllt'lIli RICH um A. Hl1.1.s. .. .... llixtrirf Cnfnzvilor -llfRllXIli S. AYING ..... .... I Ji1'i.viu11 lfuzzzzvilm' HIQNIQX' A. lxA.Xl7lJi3X .... .,.1Jvpufy Ifwnzrilor P VV.III.'rER R. BENSON JOHN D. CARAWIIY J. NVII.sON C.xsH ROBERT H. CIARR LOUIS CORRICEIIN O'C0NNEI.I, DOUCIIERTY JAMES H. DICKSON, JR. JOHN R. DRISRELI. ROY T. FRICRS KARL E. CIEMES LEONARD H. GUNN RAY V. HgXR'fXX'EI.I. DAVID H.IXRXK'EI,I. FACULTY MEMBERS SI FRATERNITY EUGENE HICRMIIN, JR. CIRIIRENCE H. HII.l. JOHN S. HII.I. JOHN l,. l'l0l"l-'MAN EVIINDER J. JACKSON EwEI.I. Y. JACKSON lVlIl.I.ARD A. JENKINS S. K. JOHNSON XVII.I.IAIvI JORD.-IN SAMUEI. LEImE'I"I'ER XV. AI.IIER'I' 1Il"fE JUI.IUs M. l.ENN.IIRn, JR. .ARCIIIH L. LINIJSEI' ,. ROIIER1' C. Lou E, JR. l.0UlE F. M.IxRsII, JR. J.xMEs H. lVlCliUIRE CII Ixs. li. MON'I'I:OMERY R,xI.IfH C. MOOR XVII.I.I.xM NORMAN WM. I..O'C.-II.I,.IIr:I1.IIN lilmw.-IRII PIERCE H. CPRAIJY PIERCE xVII.I,l.KM A. l'mx'EI.I. JOSEPH REIIwINE 'l'HOx1,xs I.. RHII.I.Y LEWIS A. RIIJEN PLEDGES IPRIINR RIMER 'I'IIOM.xs A. SE.IxI.s HENRY 'l'. SMITH RIIYMONIJ XV. S'l'.KNI.EH ARTHUR P. S'I'.xN'I'Ox fiII.BER'l' M. S'I'0CK'I'0N H. IQIRI. STYRINC J.IxCR B. TURNER l1ON.IxI.II XVIIIIE ROIIERI' NVII.I,I.mIIs HUGH XVII.I.l.XMSOX XYIl.I.I.-XM 'I'. YOUNG MR. NO XII XVARREX XVII.I.I.nI .ALLEN DR. EIMER G. C.XMl'l3EI,I. FRED O'KEl,I.EI' MR. R. C. BREXVER EUGENE CROCREII' LONNIE OLIVER . . f 'ii Benson, Campbell, Lara- 'L zo, . . . - J VF . ' 4'v may Lmh,Lhwk,LOHI g Et L6 W 5 E . gan,lIOugheIU' V ' J LJHskelL c3RHlCS,c?lHlH. i' I . I 4' 2 5' X' Hartwell, Hui-well, "' I " A f I ,. If Hickman, Hill A 9' J -If W , v. f IJuw?'? lliH, JaCksOn, Jackson, H 'Q' Jenkins, Johnson, Lee, , ? I .W J .CWC .W 0 ' . . sr.' ',f 5 A ' 3 III df l,InIlsC5' ,.' Q W, I I Ha , l,OxvC, Klarsh, llcfluire, . Xlontgomery, KIOOI3 If 65' V J M' I 'J 5 -' ,I r' Norman, O'CallaglIzIn A Ii ,fi " rl . Y ' Y A PierCe,lleHly,liidCn, V H 5 Rimc-r, Seals, Smith, by '94 I 'N iw or. -,La 5-I s Ii . J , v M 7 x L. . in Ar h Y V' btanley I I I fr G .sf Stockton, Styring, In 'V f Turner, XVUUHQ 'C.."' DELTA KAPPA DEAN E. Dkiivlzk, Clfiwrfzor Founded hlarelx 13, 1935 Colors. . . . . .Blue and Gold Flower . , . .,...... Rose 'lihe purpose of the Delta Kappa lfraternity is to pro- mote a close relationship among men, a better understanding between them as gentlemen and particularly brothersg to encourage a high code of moral conduct, constructive and ambitious activity, and to fuliill the ideals as set forth for each member of Delta Kappa lfraternity. OFFICERS lJIi.XN IC. lJRliYliR. . . ........... GU'E'f'7'II'lf CQXRI. A. HIZRBIG ,... .... I .iffzrtwzflzzf Goferzmr Rxvxioxo S'rY1.igs .. ........... Ser:-nary R.xI.I'H C. lXIooR ..... ......... T rmxlzrer lCuo.xR G. Kim.-xTR1cK. . . . . .41lIKlSI'FI' of Ritzzalx Tom KlNos'roN. . . .... llirwtfn- of Publiriry FRATERNITY 'l'11.DEN L. BROOKS J. CARL'rON B ROYWN AI.lN1AND CARROLL FRED COOK lpli.-AN Ii. IJREYER Uris L. CHILDS JOHN IJICKENS SAM LI2DBli'I"I'l5R Carroll, Gilusmm, Herluigi, MEMBERS CARL A. HERBIG EDGAR G. KII.l'.'XTRICK 'llHOMAS KINGSTON J. RALPH fiIBSON JAMES RICCSUIRE RALPH C. MOOR P L E D G E S JAMES LONOINO TOM N.fXl,l.Y CH EST-ER PIERRYNIAN Kilpatrick llcGuire, lVlOOr, Perrin, Perryman Sanders, Stanley, Styli-S, xwiillhlglllillil FRED PERRIN J.-XNIES BRITTON SANDERS RAYMOND S'rANl,EY RAYMOND S'rYi.ES JON 'llAI,I.'XFERRO lJAN SL' i,i.lvAN DON XVHITE 'Q' dwg at INTERNATIONAL 'W ' , L A hc. fi x? I ,v I1 .yn I 1 cu VE Q 1 A I nfl, 1 ED lun- my Z, KAPPACHAPTER lin BI.xR'rlx, l'w.vi11'w1f Installed March 12, 1921 Founded New York University November 7, 1907 Colors ............................ Old Gold and Royal Purple Flower ................ ................. R cd Rose International Publication. . . . . .The lleltasig Local Publication ....... . . . . . . . . . Kappa I,ife A fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities: to encourage scholarship and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and prac- tice: to promote closer alliliation between the commercial worltl and students of commerce and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture anal the civic and commercial welfare of the community. C. lin XIARTIN. .. C.-mi. IC. PRUI'r'r. . . . r'XI.BIiR'I' P. C1..xRK. . .. O. Ii. Conxizritis. .. lfnwlisr NV. Harris. , . ,Ion N CIARK ...,..... f 1 ff Inox1,xsf1.I-Ii1.i,, IR. Triomix Emu 11. , . . .. C1l.xR1.'roN XV1x1mcR1.Y 'I'uox1.xs C. KI xsfxx. UFFICERS . . . . . .Hemi AIIfl.Vfl'I' . . .Senior llvllfllfll . . .funior 1lvIll'I1t'lI . . . . .7lI'l'll,1'I1l't'7' . . . .Sfrifle .... . . . . . . . .Hi.vfm'i1111 . . .,I1!l.1'fl'I' of Cffrf'u1u11If'.v . . . . ..,IIl1A'fl'I' of f'l1'.f1'fZ'iffrf.x' . .4iDt'ff!l.1'i,QV,I Cffrrefxjlffzzzlvfzf ...... ....ClII1lIl'l'NlU7' FRATERNITY UF DELTA SIGMA PI liuxoon Anus S.IxIUI2I, B. li,II.IuII'Ix .LACK T. BIzcRII,IM MAX KVM. BII-s XV II,'I'RR BUCII IXAN '11 C. BUIIRIRII xl.IxIEs T. BYRII Scmrrr BI,.LCKS'I'OCK .JAMES BR.INnI2s 'l'Hos. BRIIJGIIS X' XXCE BRImI,IN,DENNISI1N L IIYRIZRCIQ BROXYN 'LACK CIIIIIIIIIN Aus'IIx LLIIASF PAUI. M. CIIRISTILN AI,I3ER'I' CIHIRR O. B. CIJRNEIIUS joIIx CI,xRR JACK LAR.-XVEN VLLHOREN liI,RoD CIIAS. M. liI'ERE'r'I' jouv AEREGORY FACULTY MEMBERS IiRxEs'I' HIILHN l,r1IIIs 'I'. B.I'I'Ies ICIJIIIN M. CIUIRR Luxxls l'xIxI-:RII'ooD CI.II'I'0RIn DXRISY FR Ixcls S. QEREGURY ERXESI' XVM. HMS JAMES GRIFFIIII Ton lIII.I. XVII.I,I.IxI j ICIQSIIR FR.IxR j.IxIIs0N Bon KIxIsIEY 1.I3oN.IRII KING ,LAMES l,.IcIIER C. lin M XRTIN P L E D G E S J. BRI'1"l'0N SANDERS DEIIN XVII,I.I.u1s HIRRI' BXRXES f1.XRXE'I"I' REINHARIYI' VI nuts NLCLLELI. xx Lsmxn PHIl,I,II'S CIIRI, PRUI3'I"I' RICIIARD REsIII2ss WIIJIUX SPENCE 'Frm SIIiII'I-'ORD XV II.'I'I:R C. 'l'IImII'50N XV. sl. NV.-II.RIiR L'll.fXRl,'I'0N VVIMIIERLY RICII IRII ZACIIRI VVIl,I,I.XM HECIIIIIIM BR.IIJI,EY H.IYNIas U XIZRIEI. VVII.I,I.IxIsoN Amos. Baldwin, L3eCkLI:IIII. I A -I - A Bibs, l3IzIckstock, Brandcs. 9 Q' 'si ' 1 I ' BI'igIn:In. HI'mI'II, BII11:II'd, A' A ' 1 I ' f- Q Byrd, CLIIIDIUIIII, Chase-, ' 'Sf J q lll y In Aw If CLIrIstI:III qgg H A 'L Clark, Clark, ClJl'll6LLL1S, 8 A QM f. Q' 3 Q LA V H 3 A A Q CI':IvcII, Iilrml, IfI'eI'itt, 1, I L? :': J M L ml . c3l'f'fIOI'y A I V A is , E:I'CQOI'y, c3I'CQUl'f'. It Grifiith. Hays, Hill. 'Y "W ff., "" -IIICLQSOII, AIIIIIIISIIII , A Q I . A I'-If Y. ' A LQLIIISCAE, King, L.:IcLIeI', my . A cr. 3 in . we LXIQCLQLLIIII, L'lIILLips, mi? :.. Af? 'K lf A W' A .A,, I L J 1 ... 1 s' .. , . . r f' 3 .-,' - i I' f ' "- ' Rky F L9' RQ'LI1Ll2lI'df, 5:IIIIL6I's VVI' sf ":" - X . .13 ' Y v,' I ur f' SPUIICC, AYiIIILII'I'Ly. ZZLCLIVA f VENETIAN Romfm' C. Low la, -IR., l'rr.v-iflmt Founded at the Evening College in 1920 The purpose ofthe Venetian Society is to foster in every possible way an unwavering bond of fellowship among its members and the student body of the University System of Georgia lfvening College. lt shall endeavor to C1'C21fC I1 better social, educational, and civic relationship among members and students. 0 F F I C E R S Ronlgm' C. Lowa, AIR. ...,......,................... l'rf.v-iflmt Cl,.fXRENCE H. HILL ......... .... 1 'iirxf Vin'-1"r4'.virlw1f fl. EUGENE HICKM.-KN, -IR. .... . . .SFFUIIII 'riff'-l,I't'.YiIll'Ilf ALBERT P. CLARK .......... ............. S rfrf'1f11'y H.ll.-XRL STYRING ................ SPONSORS IDORIS DUNN .ADELINA HALL 7lI'f'llXll!'l'l' SOCIETY XVALTER BENSON 'I'HOAIAS BRIDGES JACK CARAWAY JACK CIIAIIAIAN ALBl?R'l' CLARK JACKSON LDRAVI-IN LYCONNELI, DfJL'CliiIiR'1'X' DEAN IJRIZYER FRANCIS CGREGURY JOHN GREGORY JAMES CERIFFITH M E M B E R JOHN HILL JOHN HOEENIAN ICWELL JACKSON FRANK JAMISON IVIILLARD JENKINS Hl,'GIi JORDAN S. K. JOHNSON JULIUS LENNARD ROBERT C. LONVIE, JR. LOUIE MARSH S EUGENE HICKNIAN CLARENCE HII,I, XVILLIANI CJYC.-XI.l..-XGH.XN LONNIE fJl.IVER FAC ULTY MEMB ICDVV.-XRD PIERCE CLIFF RAY JOE REDYN'INE GARN E'I"I' REINHfXRD'I' LEWIS RIIJIZN BRITTON SANDERS RAYYXIOND S'I'ANLEY f3'lI.BERT STOCKTCN EARL STYRING JACK 'IJURNER IJONALD XVH ITE ROBERT VVILLI.-XNIS XVILLI.-XM YOUNG S XlR.'1i. KI. AICCI.EI.I,.XN UR. GEORGE RI. SPARKS Benson, l5l:ICkStOCk, Cara- IL,VL ' - .,V K 1. V- f way, LJIIZIPIHZIN, Clark, age' . 45 WS' I Q jg M -' IA Y I I n Aff ...' ' :': V V U .,,.,.... g Dougherty, Dreyer, Grif- N A i , .:. J ,Q .5 Q I gg A .9 , P ,EQ Q . . . . -- ' A A II I, -- :F " 1 f- . I f' nth, HICRIHHII, H Ill, H111 5 1 , Ig AAAA I L I n A-.Y Jz1CkSOn, Jamison, Jenkins, ' a M . JOhnSOn, LJOI'dZlI1, l16l1l'l2ll'd ':" I "., L K, 2. 2 A ,5... NIZIYSII, KICClell:In, A A1, ? A 1 ' x I Q V, V1 5 fY,'C2lll2lQll2lIl, Reinhzlrdt. 'V' Z' . - if :ST 'm Riden. Sanders - I I E, JIJ V ' StmIlc-y, Stuckton, Styring, ,IJUTIICIQ NVillizImS, Yuung . , 3 J mm B J 'W Q Wi DELTA LAMBDA tix 'Ei vi'- l f'-gi", KAILDRED Fl,L.'RY, l'rrsi1lw1t lfoundcd XXv2lSlllIlQI1lI'l, lnsrzillcd xlllllllllff' ZS. 193-l Colors. . ........ Red and NVl1itc lflowcr. . . .... Amcriczin Beauty Rosc Development of mind, and attainment of indivialuul :intl social excellence. Aliiiinuan Fi,L'm'. .. N li'l"I'I is Horifxii-xx . C.xRo1,YN Hocstli.. l'il.IX.XRI2'I'H Hruincsiis FR XNCIES D,xx'11Jsox UFFIC ERS ...A lJ!'t'.fiIll'I1f 1 'iff'-IJfl'Xi1Il'll I . . . .Sm'rf'fr11'y . T7'i'Il.N'I17'f'7' qt'1'iff'!llI I-111'-ql 17115 SIGMA SURURITY NELLI2 BANISTER KAATH ERIN li BELLE ISLE IVIARY BOONE ELIZ.XBli'l'lI BRIDGES PEGGY BROOKS ELZIABIETH COVVEN JULIA Cow1.Es NI.-XRY CRADIJOCK Boone, Bridges, Brooks. Cruddock Davidson, Ilzwis, Davis. Forbes, llzlyo FAC M E M B E R S l"R.xNcEs IJAVIDSON ELE.-XNOR LJAVIS 'l',x1.l,UL.1.H Ihvls Lois IDCZIER Ku' IDUNCAN BIILDRED FLURY FRANCES FORBES DR. RIERLIQ MVALKER ULTY ADVI IJOROTHY GUY NETTIIE HOFFMAN CAROLYN HIIGUE fJRDRY P.'XI,NIER IJCROTHY RABIAGI XVINI SVVINFORD KIAYM1 XVAx1.Kr2R sun M HILARIAN Xll0 clQQi 9 QQ 'L 3 L VK ,Ya Qi ,W v HRoo14s, I'1-r'.vi1l1f11l lfounded Evening College, April, l93l Colors . . . . Green and XVhite Flower .. .. Gardenia The purposes of the club are: To give, throughout the school year, such social activities as the majority ofthe mem- bers shall consider advisable, to promote a better under- standing among the members of the club and to encourage a better relationship between them: to encourage scholastic attainment among its members in their Work toward a de- gree: and to work toward an aver-growing Evening College, with an ever-increasing girls' student body. OFFICERS Primm' Brwoics, ....... .... I J!'l'.YlIlt'IIf lirrxrii 1z1z1x1a BliI.l,I2 lSI.E. . . . .Ivil'l"l,l't".YiIlf'lIf N151,1. 911Rs:1's111R15. . . ...Swrrffzry l':I,IZ.XBIi'I'H RRIDGIZS. . , . .Ti-w1.v11rw' CLUB ROSEMARY ARNOLD lX'IARcIA BAKER NELL BANISTER IQATHERINE BELLE ISLE A4ARY BOONE ELIZABETH BRIDGES PEGGY BROOKS PATSY COWAN Baker, Boone, Bridges, Craddock Davidson, Flury, IW ayo, B1 ayo Osborn, Shropshire, VVebb, VVing I is-I W fi K ..::' :f,-5 ig ' Q 5 MEMBE ELIZABETH COWEN IVIARY CRADDOGK FRANCES DAVIDSON FRANCES FORBES EMILY CJR EGORY LOUISE HILL RS RIILDRED FLURY 7 H SARAH HIARGARET UPKINS ' E -:- . Q E- N. ' .1 . .5-.Q,gz. A1 DORIS M1NYlJ NATALJA RIAYO IJOROTHY RANIAGE NELL SHROPSHIRE EUGENIA XVALLACE NIAYBI1 NVALKER LYNDA VVEBB CHRISTINE VVING A HR ,I V f . , A We I3 E A I wwe PHI cm YL 4 KX KA: BITE LYNDA WEBB, Prrxirlrzzt lnstalled April 9, 1929 Founded Chicago, Illinois, June 16, 192-P Colors . . . . .Lavender and Gold Flower .... .... L avender lris Publication ..................................... l'The Iris" To promote the cause of higher business education and training for all women, to foster high ideals for women in business careers, and to encourage fraternity and coopera- tion among women preparing for such careers. LYNDA XVEBB ...... . EDNA P.-WNE CooPER Num. SHRoi'sH1RE. .. lvl.-XRY Jouxsox .... N.-xTA1.Jo lNIAYo. . . . KIARCIA BAKER ..... Doa x N iam. IDURDEN .... OFFICERS , . . .Corrfsjmzzdillg Secretary .. . . .'z'11! . . . . . . .I'it'F-PfFSiI1PlIf . . Rfmrzlizzg Sefrfffary . ........ Treasurer . . . fyflllllll CU1lIll'il!0f . . .Irfx Corrfsflolzdelzl THETA AI.-XRCIA li.xI4I5R IQIJNA PIIYNE COOIIER IDORA NIELI, IJURIIEN RL"1'H IVII5 SURURITY AIARY JOHNSON IJORIS MAYO X,x'IAI,j.x KIAYO NELI. SHROIISIIIRE IJOROTHY 'IQIZRRIZLL XVILLIE Mui VIII-XL LYNDA XVEIII: CHRISTINE XVIXG JEAN R,xI'ER PLEDGES PEGGY BROOKS xl.-XRTH I FINQII ER QJRDRY IMIAIIQR FIDEI.I,,xs KI,0liCKI,ER LOUISE BLIRGII MAN KATIIERINE SCOTT EI,IZ.'XBIZ'l'H NICIIOLSON HUNURARY MEMBERS f2IiURGE BI. SPARKS MRS. Ifs'I'EI,I.E :xI.I.IiN PATRUN AND PATRUNESS NIR. and MRS. R. -I. CL'R'I'lS LOUISE HII,I. Baker, B I'OOks, Uurden, luc- lfayo, K I Zlyll, Sh rop- shire, Veal, XVing V oiix HOI-'I-'Nl.XN, IJi7'Fl'f07' GLEE The purpose of thc Cilcc Club is to furnish entertainment for school functions :mtl to uct as an ZUTll32lSS21Ll0l' of good will by ollering its services to other schools zmtl civic or- gzmizntions. UFFIC ,lL'I.IL'S RI. I,15NN.xRo. .. R.wA1oND NV. S'l'ANI.IiY., -l.-XXIES H. IDICKSON, jk... -Ioiix I.. CEIBSON ...... C. AIELVIN EViiRl'r'r. .. joiix D. HCJFF3l.XN. .. j. 'l'. P1T'rM.xx .,... MRS. lD.C.lLxxD.XN1S... . . . .lJl'f'XlIlt'IIf Irifl'-l,fl'SiIlf'llf . . . .Swrfftflry . . .7v7'f'fI.VIlfl'l' . . .1.ibrnri1111 . . .Dircrfor . xfz'fu111f21l11i5Z' .flllfif Soloixi CLUB XV. HERRIN AUSTIN ENIORY BELL BILL CRIGHTON J. QIULVIN Q:ONO1.Y IJURANT COUCII O. R. COVVART XV. L. CRLAIII Al.-XBIES H. lJlCKSON, JR. AIOHN B. IJUNSTUN C. AIELVIN IQVERITT JOHN L. GIBSON Bell, Couch, Cuwart, Crigliton, Dixon, Ureyer Uunston, livcritt, Tait, Gilbert, Austin, Hill Hill, l.1CI'lH2ll'd, lflzlrtiri, Rleeler, Quzirles, Robinson Sandiford, Snrrells, Stan ley, Volberg, VVlIite, XVitherspOOn MEMBERS HOWARD H. CQILBIERT, -IR. JACK XV. CSR.-XNADE FRANK HEOWOOD, JR. LEONARD M. l'lliN1PERLY CLARENCE H. HILL JOHN S. HILL JULIUS M. LIZNN.-XRD, JR. KARL RWICPI I ERSON GEORGE H. MARTIN ll. O. KIEI5I.liR FDAIIJND P. l,HlI.I.II'S 5. mv f if Q . . 99 'I Q-Q3 fm: 'tx . -C? -URN nn! f-4 A . f I , 'K . A - ' R 31- I A I - I AL. filEURGE L. QL'.fXRLES STEWART ROBINSON CARL SANDIEORD TOM C. SURRELLS RIILTON M. STANALAND RAYMOND YV. STANLEY FRANK SULE JACK 'li-KIT FRED L. XYOLBIERG DON XVHITE -IAMES XVI'I'Hl2RSl'0ON 'Q ,M , mv 3 , 575.3 S Af-1 i Y 'Q N v qi , D A A .7 .. .I INTERNATIONAL RI, HERBIG, l,I'I'.YIll4'lIf 'lille purpose of the Internz1tIonz1I Relations Club is to associate the members of the University System of Georgia Ifvenmg College who are mterestetl in national zmnl Inter- national affairs and to tliseuss these topics in am Impzmrtiul and Ivroxulmmtletl Way. OFFICERS CARI. A. H1-Qkmcz. .. ,..l'f-rxiflvzzt Cl, xuui CIIRISIII xw.. .. .l'iwfl'n'.viflw1f SARA GRIZIAQR. . . . . .St'1'7'l'fIII'.1' I.OUlSIi Iimixs .... . . 'IIV't'll.I'Il!'l'7' DR. A. NV,XI,IiIiR. . . . . . l'Il1t'IlIfj' SIlf7f'I"Z Iwi' -I. Q.Y.'XRl.'l'HN BROWN IJ.X1i1.1.lJL'umEN AL'csL's'11x XIUR.-KNIJN NVl1.s:wN Novus, -IR. CARI, A. H HRBIG Cmlkra CHRISTIAN LUCY ,ANN XYoo1.If C1,.fxv1':vN BLRK12 Bridges, lfmxvn, c..Y2l!'I'lJH Christian ENI'CYl'I'. llu A len. , 1 V If KA Nfmzllmdzl. l,CI'TX1TI2lI1 fi FAC RELATIONS CLUB SARA EERIEIZR FRILIJ Cc1l.1.E1'Tli IXEXRY CoI.1.12Tr5 f,OL'ISIi ICDENS CllIiS'I'liR PERRYx1.xN IJ1f,xN IJREYER I'lI.lZ.-Xlili'I'H HRILJGHS H lil-.HN ID.-XVIDSUN Alm1N KV. Swlfxl' R.xYx1rzND S'1'.xN1.m' NIILIJRIZD Cr1Rls'1'l,xN l+'mR.x IQRB X ffm. EJSBURN XI xRk1r:R1E XVII 1-3r31.rzR .Al.X1.'XXD C.xkRc1l,l. NI.-XYNII VVA-Xl.KliR ULTY MEMBER UR. A. QI. VV.-xl,Kl-R ll 'NSN mm f A c vzfcnpfw V A Founded Evening School, September 25, 1932 The Playcrafters is an organization formed to further the study of dramatic art through research, study, and the sponsoring and presentation of plays. OFFICERS A. IJ. Gklcczouv, JR.. .. TAi,1,ul..xH DAVIS. .. DoRo'rux' XVII,I,liXNIS. . . JACK Ifiuxic .... . D13.-xx If. IJREYER. .. Gmfoom' KICSHKOFF. .. Cl.-XRL H :sumo ............ IXIRS. Akxom ID. GREGoRY Hxzrfl. -Iixcolzs ...... El.IZ.XBli'I'H RAMSDEN.. SAR.-x 151511.12 BYRD. . . SAM Scorr. . Iiviilxxlli S'rxI,l.lNGs . . . . . . .l'n'.ti1lf'l1t . . .l'!ir'1'4l'1'z'.vfrlw1I ....................St'l'I't'f!1I'-1' YVIYIIXIITFI' and Bzzxizzifss fllnrzrzger . . .Stuff .1l!IIlIlft'!' . . .Properly i11lI1IflQ'l'I' . . .Publifify 1JiI'I'l'f0f' . . .ljfflllllffiflll IJi!'f'l'f0I' . . .1lsSf. Vin'-f'1'4'.vI1lf'11f . dlxxl. Sl'l'!'t'fIlf.1' . .... Jxsl. ,l'I't'll.VIl7't'f . mlssf. Pllbliffty Dirwfor . . .Dirfffnr of f"e'.i'fii'ilff'S PLAYCRAFTERS ROSE LEIGH BALDWIN ROBERT BICREORD BIARY ALICE BIGHAIXI lX1ARY BOONE H ELEN BOARDAIAN LUFRED BROOKS ALICE BURKE SARA BELLE HYRD JAMES BYRD JULIA CfJW'I.lES FRANCES IJAVIDSUN HELEN DAVIDSON ELEANOR UAVISM rli.-XI.LL'I..-XII IJAVISJ? DEAN IJRIEYISRX KATHLEEN ELRIN FLORRIE ERR ygfasteriskl 1lf'nnn's mask Baldwin, Beckliarn, Brooks, Byrd, Davidson Davis, Davis, llreyer. lfveritt, Frank Gibson, Gregory, Herbigl, H ughey, -lV2lCliS0Il Bloor, Uslwnrn, l'eI'I'yman Raxnsden, Sanders Spinlc, SCOtt, Stanley. Styles, Veal MEMBERS BIISLVIN l':VlZRlET'1'2i JACK FRANK A. D. CGREGORY, JRE JOHN GREGORY FRANCES H.-XNSON BETTY HAYES l,AL'RII2 HAYES LEONARD H ENIPERLY CARL HI3RRlCl9li CAROLYN HOGUE EDITH HCGIIEYM ICWELL JACKSUNJE HAz EI, JACOBS EDGAR KANN JOY K I?'I"I' IZR ISR LOIS L EN NARD cg!-5RTRUD IE BICIJOVVELI. Ml Ill!'lllfll'fS. PHILIP AICKEIQIRE RALPH BIOIIR LIBBY MOSSNIAN CEREGIZRY AIOSHKUFF CHESTER PERRYMAN EIJZ.-XBlZ'I'lI RANISDIENH CHARLES RATTERREE BRITTON SANDERS? SAM SCU'l"l'ili JANE SPINK EVELYN lf ST.-XLLINGS RAYMOND STANLEY! SARA '1'L'CKER XVILLIIZ MAE XVE.-XI, LEWIS LYNDERVVOOD IJUROTHY XVILLIANISJL NELLIE NVILLIAAIS -QS I.. if + ,, , I ' . I? 55, I 1 .S .4 - 'lag 45, 1, V X 'ST , . X f Q ,-'f ' ei ,fer Biff J ,,, A - I I 4 A ,.. Q V 'i" f Q. J , A ia: -Q ., A 5 .K it K 5' 6 'si A -ff Ar' 'N' .af S 4 Y Sf . A A ss 'S' ' , ' ,- . ' I W RIDING AXE SPINK, lAI'l'3'iIll'lIf Founded Evening College September 1936 To create 21 genuine interest and enjoyment in the sport of horsebzlck riding. 0 F F I C E R S JANE S1-INK... ...l'z-miflffzzt Rossnz YolcsH'1'. . . ..... I'if-ff-l'r-mflffzzf XIQLI, fJSBURN'. . . . .Sm'1'z'!r1ry-'l'1'w1.r111'fr' CLUB JAN li SPINK55 Rossi li VOIGHTX AN NA AVERWE N rz1.1. OSBORNK Avery, Baggctt, Osborn Rumsden, Resp Voight MEMBERS XX7.-XRREX BAGGETT JANE SPARKSX FR.-xNcl2s STARRE IXIARIUN RESPIZSS iflicnotes Charter Nlember SPEAKERS Vi! C9 ALBERT l'. CLARK, I rm-iflwzf Founded lfvening College, january 26, 1932 The Speakers Club was founded at the University Sys- tem of Georgia Evening College for the purpose of serving the school and better fitting the Speakers Club members for successful life work: by promoting interest in public speaking among its members: by allording to those already interested in public speaking an opportunity to improve their abilitiesg by encouraging participation in inter-collegiate debating: and, as a result, furtherng the development of a high stand- ard of education. OFFICERS AI.BERT P. 'CI..xRK. . . .... l'rrside111 JACK CH.-xvxmx. . . , , ,l'irv-l'resi1lent H IZNRY 'l'. SMITH ..... . . .Secretary GARN ETT Ricix HARDT .... . . . 'l'ref1.v111-er XVM. C. C.xN'riu5i.L. . . . . .lfm-izlty ,lzlwisor CLUB ELWOOIJ AMOS XVARREN BAOOETT WALTER BENSON CARL BROWN LAWRENCE HROVVN JAMES BYRD PAUL CHRISTIAN J. 'LHUMAS CLARK 0. B. CORN ELIUS LOUIS CORRIGAN MEMBERS DEAN LJREYER THCBBEN ELROD KARL GEAIES CECIL CEOLDSTEIN A. IJ. CEREGORY RAY HARTWELL CARL HEREIG T. G. LIILL S. K. JOHNSON SAM LEDBETTER ALBERT LEE A. L. LINDSEY R. C. LOWE, JR. C. ED MARTIN RALPH MOOR G. G. REINHARDT HENRY T. SNIITH GILBERT STCCKTON JACK 'LURN ER BILLY YYOUNG Amos, Baggett, Benson, ' gill' , , E - Brown, Brown, Chapman gf, '.:: fi :"-' E " F .I 5 i i " A .,,- fj.'f.,. Q N 7 Christian, Cornelius, Cor- S L , 3 ,VJ -..V D ' ,mn 1 rigan, Dreyer, Gemes, VYVVV JZJ m fl I It J s A 3 I g - K 1-i f quzuz ,L x Gregoty, Hartwell, Her- V 5 J , JJ , 1 I 2 big, Hill, Johnson, Lee .,.... lu - V,V. L JJ if 2' ?. A Lindsey, Lowe, hlartin, Moor, Reinhardt, Smith Stockton, Turner, Young Qt. 9 as 'H Q f 4 f f - f Qt A 9 Sv 93 Zh i. W, . , .2-I , -f , 'Q A Q.: s- PW S .- at s mf v 1 . ww! rx -cv, Y f" gm 324 I' X 11. . wr-A 5, WMM -' M , "mf ,, Q 53 Q 4 fix ,gf 'is pf NYJ! ". 3 ' " ' ' .j.:efgf'fi'21.'3 " '- 1- PFC' 'i r., ,.! 965- 4 na, - .Wh 1. 'H 4,1 .4 H' .Mii-562 Q my A my x -. WW? 15355. 2 few 15' ...K 'if-PWA ? miie-iS'S+,.. 'G9if,, 2 pvluivs--v A 3 Wm'-g. H . ,. " I.. 1- W 1. el 1-' :f f.lM-15.6 f ur ' cd. r ,I ,ZH N . , V Vj , . "Q, F- A ' J x 1 Q' if 'ipnjs fi f ft"'5"'l 1 , ,Ck L 'X ' if 3 WW' s " nf - -,Q . A I, , ,Q , 4 9 i 2 , if ".'f2. if W 5 45 'iw 'ffl' 231 ,,, 'if sf Qtqs. 5 15 IQXA fn. ..,. Q avg Wifi V km 5 A Q i .- ' .25 - . , Rss ,, M I A I . L'9i46"""""R"'P 7k'7Lk 'yvllfifyl' ' K V , f .W Q my .M W .N lm x , 'sw ? A A 1 E E! Q 3 5 1 4 a G ,Q fa 5 E 2 51 s E 3 4 3 Q 3 I E a 5 .ng a, Q, i' , N . 5 , U ,-'uf' , -fn JT? l 4 . ew University System of Georgia University Extension Center in Atlanta EVENING COLLEGE and JUNIOR COLLEGE DAY GLASSES CO-EDUCATIONAL Day and evening classes are given to meet the needs of students as follows. 1 2 3 4 5 'lihose who wish to take work for University credit toward the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Bachelor of Arts in Education, and Bachelor of Science in Education. Students who wish to receive the degree of Bachelor of Commercial Science through the Evening College, for work done entirely in the University Extension Center in Atlanta. Students who wish to complete work for a Junior College Diploma of graduation from the University System of Georgia in the fields of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts in Education, Bachelor of Science in Commerce, and Bachelor of Science in Education. Students who wish to complete work for a Certificate in Business Administration or for a Certificate in Secretarial rliifililliflgl. Special students taking selected courses and not having in neu in extensive pro- gram of study. Earn While You Learn . . . Learn While You Earn fTOIIIf7lfIl1t'IlfX of DEFOOR 81 AUSTIN 119-121 PEACHTREE ST., N- E. The South! Most Lhiquc ATLAYTA GA Charming Tea Romain . , . f Fasluozz Park Clothes W W xxYUINll'I'flll Fund f Sed F006 in SQGSOH i'riv:1tc Dining Room Qriqinai Waffle Shop Mmm Restaurani O FULL COURSE DINNER with hot biscuits 504: 5 until Q dciock pm. Peachtree N 62 PRYOR STREET I. D. CHOTAS, Manager HQ R Igrnzgf' X X 11 f ii P u re 1 KEN K X , .f , H -2,15 ,fu g l L, f K Y I ,?f:u.fqj:3l- .A 5 ' iiili 5 '45 E123 ' W ' 713412 47 V , 1.4 . L 'Tb ..f-,rxniis ' I 1 ii if Wx P 1' 11 A X I 0 I if IH ff if if I refreshment Conzplilzzwzfs of THE TEXAS COMPANY hotographs for every purpose ATLANTA, GA. 86 WALTON STREET Exclusive Photographer for the 1937 NOCTURNE TELEPHONE MAIN 6246 Yozfll enjoy T c1'fl11c'i11g fo T l CO1lIfJlfIlIt'Ilf.Y of AND 1-ns W. C. CANTRELL ORCHESTRA ATTORNEY AT LAW CALL Atlanta BILL MANLEY DEARBORN ' 147 o - W Warning! Don,t judge these suits by the low price. They "belong" in the best llllll company . . . and that's Where they are IHOSf often Seen. l i' lll l New DeLuxe -Ar 322.50 -k T ml Super- Value lVe make the clothes we sell4W'e sell the clothes we make T T THE SCHWCB CQMPANY llt 91 Peachtree St. Cor. Mitchell Er Broad Atlanta, Georgia il For A Good Dance ll HARVEY'S RESTAURANT You Need Good Music l Famous For Sea Food ll ii ' li Continental Room HAL M AYFIELD 98 Luckie sf., N. w. AND H15 also ORCHESTRA i f Harvey's Cafeteria ll . 1 Dining Room Upstairs W. C. "BILL" HARGROVE 38 PGHCHTFGG Business Manager wi "Best 55f Dinner in America" WA1nut 4057 l Air Conditioned throughout An Open Letter To Our Advertisers Thank you for your advertisement. We are confident that our students - with a monthly purchasing power exceeding 350,000-will show you that they ioo appreciate your help. Sincerely yours, The NOCTURNE for 1937 Q Pruntinq Company l6I LUCKIE STREET N.W. ATLANTA,GEORGlA 5 t Z I D 3 l AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

Suggestions in the University System of Georgia Evening School - Nocturne Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) collection:

University System of Georgia Evening School - Nocturne Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


University System of Georgia Evening School - Nocturne Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 112

1937, pg 112

University System of Georgia Evening School - Nocturne Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 87

1937, pg 87

University System of Georgia Evening School - Nocturne Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 94

1937, pg 94

University System of Georgia Evening School - Nocturne Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 105

1937, pg 105

University System of Georgia Evening School - Nocturne Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 113

1937, pg 113

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