University System of Georgia Evening School - Nocturne Yearbook (Atlanta, GA)

 - Class of 1936

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University System of Georgia Evening School - Nocturne Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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-5- fi -1...-...ip ff 4...- . 4 , . I """ - -7- '- f- ...-... '- . ...fn ,..,... .... N. .. , ,,,,nA,u K x V- ,X f. ,K f, f X , YV S fj X 5' .,, ,N K 1, :Qu ki E -'AN 'yi 1 zzx Alf- Eff 1 5 X Q E 'r , ,, ig ,fi , 1'1" - x , Euf-'Y 'fjrlu W 7 W-5F",, -' Xl l!'V, I1 K, , 'X xx , , , , "lj f' or M, A , ,, , - , , , , H , K-x X' ,Q , 1' :xx 3, '.'f19 3 , ,, , 2 ,ki v ' ffr I .U '41, T5 1 ff 1 A UI! . JM' ,f ,ff QA Lf' f' ,x x - f '.v,-,EA LW" 3 N, Z4"'1hK-fy. :fu 'E -, 4 , 5,-,al X, J, fw 4 ,., , YN, -V, ,,, .....-,.......,-K - x' W 5 'U Y ,-,Arm -V T-Y :WYAVY 'hw " 'P 'T 175 sg. Q55 Q f a ? , L! fx , Y , f f f v. 1' , Rf 1 X ,K , H 1 J ixfy , X ,, my H ,f ' BJ If avr , xi. , W liwkvv I-,N Q' Q KNAE f2,fE"'1f, Q' ' 1 1 KY-UR, S4 A i , I, 4 x ' , xl X ----'- ' x , . ,M M- 9 'ldsrvlm A," . g X .NX A 1, H. 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LACHER Editor-in-Chief ROBERT C. LOWE, IR. Business Manager C THE I 1 THE NOCTURNE 1936 Volume Three Yearbook of THE EVENING SCHOOL OF COMMERCE of the UNIVERSITY SYSTEM or Gsoncm ATLANTA, GEORGIA 23, L ., - 1ul ilxnx ... J. hfrfvn A f' A-1 1 , s , ,. A :J----l' 3K , CU A 'RJ VA X fff FCDREWCDRD It in tuture years this book serves to revive pleasant memories, its purpose has toeen' aooomptished, and the Nocturne Staff will feet its Work has not been in vain. F ix cck ant has the its min. DEDICATKDN We respectfully and sincerely dedicate this the third vciume cf the Nocturne tc a friend and ei man, Mr. Thecdcre M. McClellan WF' F 2 CCDNTENTS BUCK I CCDLLEGE BOOK II CLASSES BQOK III ' ACTIVITIES BUCK CNE CNQHFGF fi lf!! L .- . NI Xl an K .. X! af 1 NX - CN E lf.-s fx .ffu f'47r X rj, xxx X I ' g f Q X ff ' I sd X A . f' ,ff-'fgQg 2 lf - 4' k - '- 4 --- 'fl 43115 9 V , , 1-:fl-"'ff'.S3 .-11 Q' MV.. . 132354 i gT +1N+ sM A I+' 1" g- Wnwxk W ' f 'I ,T-jjg.. ff:-j-,-'E'-if?-Eg '1TYIl lmmxw ix: X X 1: V4 ' ,ff ff? ff! m g M ifff w- , :' TFT! 'Vigil . --ff,-f.-:iif'.i4-iilix. f 4 X 523553 xp' if : ' ' ,,,.,g---L3 fq-j:1?33-.iLL4if'g,fl-l' "fl-' fzsg SQ, X 1 I ' ' 'Q' ' T ?ff'fii2s2Li5T-:g if-2 NNN hw 2 ' ' 'H 1 12 ...-..:-'1 f'---jj?gggriii T7 13315155 XX Xl f Fw yy, jig, - 1J!1w'354'7E2fjfE5'Li"":WmlFi:'i5Eii5'77'71:' ' " "usi-sir? f f" ff-vw "7f7m'Y1T:R'755fE"i3!'f'fil,l'l'lUfl:' 2.5715-rim 3331133 +1524 RFQ: I rp if 5 153523551 95354-bS,1e1 rQ12ai' "'EQ'i??i.f2E1xf Xl W'xMi 1M7f I fl .W WL. 1 -, -.vii--a:e::..,. , ew W:--if"':,,m,,,, 4.23121 my Q 5 , -fi: ,f 1 +'yZ55f'En: N '1 IM f' 4' U'-f' ' .Q. ' Q1-Tiffwf-iQ":'L Fl' 7. lgflffff "" f" 'f f-3 1-Eg , ,f'hFfQ,M UAL X gif IUTIEWl,'l'JHi2i?l-qP1T.2HL9.'.3QaJf' - gHTaH. HW lW71UfFig .1 "' AB'IH 'F171Ug1 sfieg-21l3llJM, .:.MH4l4g'Si:i'SE dy W ff.l'!5i T1W'5'7'3'l"7fE3 ' 5l'!.'T7'-i' . Wu: ?i-'i?f'E'4'E W 'rr 5 t- f mf '1.- IYI' fr! ---- w! -----'- H I "I, f 4 'UH My e , ! g ' ,I 'wr' " h is ?igfl- Q11 W' ,5,!E' U:1f??1l'3WWf!5f?Ef .Lili Li if +1151 fiw!ir1qgffiflg1 fi: fi!! f+2il,"1'2 !A-glmmii-E 1 llftf - L , Jgygg -l.iW11i1l , :Af-g fi. 1 9 f! .,f -r ' -A 1 J' A P-fz.-H flghlgf If .,f 'lLl IQIIMZ .w, Q1 ' Y 4 QI I-.L , ll K L, 1 Y U ----il - Q' 'QTL -' ' I - 31.2 in-pr-, .fP' -.412--..,-Q -- n V 4 1' A:lif?Pi:i . A -9' -7-M -T':w' ' A """'2' L'Ei5f- Qi 'fgjA'A - N W-- ,1, lf, -D 'fx """' f f I . i -iz:- -2 -i wi gi? f giflg, 4, ini- -H-i - ,, , -' ", ' 1:- 4-: -- - -I -EA Y I' af-1 --S------M ,,- 7-'lf lvfx W f-..:-"' DR. SNELLING DR. SPARKS i iR. l'.lCC1.E.' ADMINISTRATICDN CHARLES MERCER SNELLING, AM., SOD. "Chancellor Emeritus" University System of Georgia GEORGE MOINTOSH SPARKS, AB., MA., LL.D. "Director" University System of Georgia Evening School THEODORE M. MOCLELLAN, BS., MS. "Secretary and Registrar" University System of Georgia Evening Scliccl ...ww ,,,,, ,W tile lt "iw l nl""l' '.l l. L, -1.l1 Q I V. .. 1 1 1 F T i ,- - e. V l I , f 2 gurl!! 1 5 MP A I! X 1 at i . -f l If . i , FRED W. AJAX, AB., MA. F 0 A. B. Emory University V M.A. Emory University A. , Professor of English 1 LOUISE T BATES AB AB Emory Unrversrty Professor of Enqllsh IAMES E BoYD AB AM PHD Ph D Yale Un1vers1ty A B Un1vers1ty of Georgra R MA Duke Unrversrty Professor of Mathematlcs A B Davrdson College LLB Emory Un1vers1ty ELMER G CAMPBELL AB M S PHD A B H1ram Oh1o College MS Purdue Un1vers1ty LL B Atlanta Law School Professor of Botany Genetlcs MA Columbla Un1vers1ty LL B Atlanta Law School LLoYD W CHAPIN AB MA A B Emory UH1V9fS1lY MA Harvard Unlverslty Professor of Enqllsh 'cs -hu. vs 'I29 A B Unrversrty of GQOIQIB LL B Emory Umverslty Professor of Law 1... D MITCHELL Cox AB AB Emory Unlverslty Professor of Enqllsh 'hn- i A B UHIVGISHY of Tennessee Professor of Law IJ W C CANTRELL AB MA LL.B. A B Un1vers1ty of Wyomrnq HUBERT E DENNISON AB LL.B. HARLLEE BRANCH IR AB LL.B Professor of Publ1c Speakmq Professor of Law and Government WALTER G COOPER IR A B LL.B 'W F, ... f f v LLB Umversxty of South Carohna . Vu WHT A X 2574 f. ' f ff I 1 1' f' Jr f l , . , - . I , . . I l l Q . S . , . :, 1 ., . . ' X . . Y 5 . . . Q 5 . . , Q . . ' ' l 5 ' I l 3 . 'a . g , ., . ., , 5 ' . . ' ' I W 1 . ll J ,fig . , . ., . ., . . el ,-.1 ' ' F 1' . . 5 1.3 . lt lf . . , . ., . ., 1 I . I S l , Q 4 . , . ., . . 1. n o I I it . . l S' ' I '1 ' 'I ' 1 ' ' . . ,I . . xl W I - ' , . . ll A 0 'Rv - - 2 ' - I . 5 l Y I - I 3 A 1 1 . r-' 'N . '- ua ... 4 P l Q- ' rlhdf CL ,Egg 'J .T N V u gl 4 T f fgx , 1 " ,Q ,fl , ' f 1 r . -' ...E f . f K 'A Trsiijii X . I V ' A' "H I. . fl X ., .X HORACE B. ELLIOTT, B.S.C., C.P.A. B.S. Georgia School of Technology C.P.A. State of Georgia Professor of Accounting ELMER R. ENLOE, A.B., M.A., PH.D. A.B. Wheaton College M.A. Emory University Ph.D. Peabody College Professor of Sociology ED. L. FLOYD, A.B., M.A., LL.B. A.B., M.A., LL.B. University of Georgia Professor of History EDWIN H. FOLK, IR., A.B., M.A. A.B. University of South Carolina M.A. Princeton University Professor of History WILLIAM L. FULGHUM, A.B. A.B. University of Georgia Professor of Economics RALPH A. HBFNEH, A.B., M.A., PHD. A.B., M.A. University of West Virginia Ph.D. University of Chicago Professor of Mathematics and Statistics THOMAS E. HILL, A.B. A.B. Davidson College Professor of Languages LUTHER B. HOGAN, A.B., M.A., LL.D. A.B. Mercer University M.A. University of Chicago LL.D. Columbia University Professor of PsYchology MRS. I. B. HOSMER, A.B. A.B. University of Missouri Professor of Public School Art t l HAL HULSEY, A.B., M.A. i A.B. University of Georgia t M.A. University of Georgia t Professor of Lar1quaQGS PE' l N . l I I as 1 I I ff ,.- Y I . , -3 l rg, 10,12 Q- if- 'Q 'Q af! , 2 I l "AT" .tv eg, X1 lumps'- flee' ., - 1 3 A.. I 1 1 fl i .JS an, . H. REID HUNTER, A.B., M.A. A.B. Duke University M.A. Columbia University Professor of Psychology Mas. KELL, B.S. B.S. Emory University Professor of Education CHARLTON D. KEEN, B.S.C. B.S.C. Georgia School of Technology Professor of Advertising V. V. LAvRoFP, B.S.C. B.S.C. Georgia School of Technology Professor of Mathematics IosEPH N. LECONTE, A.B., M.S., PHD. A.B., M.S. Emory University Ph.D. University of North Carolina Professor of Chemistry B. E. LINDSEY, B.S.C. B.S.C. College of Commerce Professor of Shorthand EMBERT M. LUSINK, B.C S B.S.C. Georgia School of Technolo - QY Graduate of Rochester Atheneum Institute St d u ent of Edwin S. Siebert Professor of Commercial Art IAMES E. MAYO, A.B., M.A., C.P.A. A.B., M.A. Mercer University C.P.A. State of Georgia Professor of Accounting CARL 'MAUELSHAG-EN, B.S., M.A., PH.D. B.S. University of Tennessee M.A. University of Chicago Ph.D. University of Chicago Professor of History V WINsLoW PoRTER, M.B.A. If' M.B.A. Harvard University f Professor of E' mance and Banking 235.7 A A V 'if .JJ 44425 , 1 1- f Y- ' - ' f- fl. gn-.W r t . -P A , Q '- . y r5W,.' s. 1 ' X UV' 1 - flvf','i' ' ,g.'?BJ'g'f , ,' v ' Aj I QT I by p.5y::t,.f1 .L 2 I ,i+,IQ,.:5Q3f Ugg fue- 4 ,A -f' ,pf A ,. ,.,,QQ,,,,W .,., ,rm ,,,,-,,........-..5 7 K r- f 4 lim ProfeSSOf Roms IAMES L. BAILEY, A.B., M.A. A.B. Baylor University M.A. Brown University Professor of Sociology and Economics IAMES E. ROUTH, A.B., PHD. A.B., Ph.D. Iohn Hopkins University Professor of Iournalism DARDEN RUMBLE, A.B. A.B. University of Georgia Professor of German IAMES C. SHELOR, B.S.C., LL.B. B.S.C. University oi Georgia LL.B. Columbia University Professor of Law ROBERT E. SHEPPARD, A.B., M.A. A.B. Vanderbilt University M.A. Columbia University Professor of Sociology H. O. SMITH, A.B., M.A. A.B. Harvard University M.A. Emory University Professor of English IOE STRADLEY Student Instructor NELL H. TROTTER, A.B., M.A. A.B. University of Arkansas M.A. University of Wisconsin Professor of Social Ethics A. I. WALKER, A.B., M.A., PH.D. A.B., M.A. Emory University Ph.D. Harvard University Professor of English gf"""'t. ll KNOX WALKER, A.B., M.A. g it ' A.B. Mercer University V lx ' M.A. Columbia University A Professor of English ..-,,,,,T x 'W' L! .4 ,.yX'-'LL . ff 4-A L W ei 1 1 if 4. .3 ,, .A - ,A ,W p ,..t .QI fi ' - -' 3- ' -Ivy ., 'L . 1 ff . t in - 1 "Y -- . 1 ' ' ' ' r 'Fi' .ff' ...., t. .gi . L3 FL" -T "' "" ""' we 4 f . f 1 , . A v .--I-. t L ' L... . -T . ,1" ,e . , l -- r' - 2 .aa "1 E . A ,v L, .4 y uc.: -V! Q4"'.i:,' .1 I3-1:4 F 71-3 Qi f E .K .511 ,. L Qi ,--s, - X T, :fur 'll 3- A-4 life, 41- 1 str 4- vs sd ,J-ll! . VC . . N: 'r .gg -5 sv . x s.- uf.. .gp- 5. f""l .-Q t I M it it . get g s, JET -,Vg in-fx' Jr" n ' ' ,Q 7- 1 f , 5 ? 3 t Q 3 1 Q H. W. WALKER, A.B. A.B. Oglethorpe University 1 Assistant Registrar NOAH WARREN, B.S., M.A., C.P.A, B.S. Georgia School of Technology M.A. Emory University C.P.A. State of Georgia Professor of Accounting 5 EMMA LAURA WESLEY, PHD. J Ph.D. Emory University ' Professor of Education x HENRY ALLEN ROBINSON, B.S., M.A., PH.D. B.S. University of Georgia MA. John Hopkins University Ph.D. Iohn Hopkins University Professor of Mathematics A r' g iiiiff 1 A 9 ff' :H e Wiz" , ,f ff f F ..-..---- .L L ,. L..,.-..,..LA 'X 130014 TWO CLASSES ,,.,,-V---f 'K' ,,, ,,,-,.- 1 I E l l , F r , . 1 I r Q I J Q K Q 4 I J 1 1 SENIQRS w 1 iN J W V v I I 1 5 k as A--...K " . . L.-. , , ' , --9' ' A . ' A J I L V 1' " 5- " if ,..: "!,lHl ' ': 11: .V f K ' I .- "-. ' --' .L-5.253211 s::.:P SHUTTLEWORTH S.. - ,-.'. E1.E.:1.:QR D-Q1-rls qggsp SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS GEO. WING President ,A if-ul fvlkvi' ' '35f7f5QfV M! 1QQ'fff7f' "SSS SSSS EE:-:EST JAMES BARBER .X li 'lf Field ?ep:e5enteti'm Fr-'ic-:QI Eesfmf :amz BS. Commerce Theta Zi Zeta, 71?-'26, Dircctcr PEE,i:cg:g.', '34, Alpha Kuppa Psi, '33-Bbq Student Ccural, fmtffrnity Council, '34, Editorial Steiff, "E'.'E::z::c '35, lfllfff-l'fll,lILtl Key, '35 ROBERT LUCIEN BELL Fulton County School Systf AB. in Education KATHERINE GEHALDINE BELLE A ,t 5 Atltmtti Pulilic Sclivuls AB. Education llildriain Cluli, '35-'l46y lritor-Fzutf-inity Cin: Lambda Sienna, '35-'36, Frznisvn K-15' -'fit .T L - --.. ,cl ... 1-2 1 - J 3 t ,ft l lsLE N 'x -. .EDJ-f . p-4 23 fx 'Un K Lg" f"'."4 i' 'Y t 4 t l e S l tl Q f l 11 l L t tr lp 2 I I i I . a 2 i a t f i 4 'I 1 9 1 t l 2 n 4 I ' v 4 3 Q r X si L MRS. WILLIAM C. CANTRELL fbxe B.S. Education Evening School Woman's Club, '34-'36, Phi Chi Theta, '29-'36p President, '29-'307 Inter-Fraternity Council, '29-'30, Secretary, '29-'30, lnter-Fraternity Scholarship Key, '30, IAMES CULVER CARAWAY A K XP Trust Company of Georgia B.S. Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi, '32-'36, Historian, '33-'34, Venetian Society, '32-'36, Vice-President, '34-'35, President, '35-'36p Inter-Fraternity Council, '34-'36, Speakers' Club, '35-'36. RoBERT MARSHALL CHAMBERS Sloan Paper Company .l-LB. Speakers' Club, '34-'36, K' rl tl ' A l,llF"3'.'f'f 11:Ai,i?,, fl, Arif ,4 hi A 1 5, A pf ef g if leta, -'30 O. 611 5: 36. ri 1 H1 Hi E 1 ' 1 xi X As .L fi ' 1 fl X In I'- All. RUTH:-:RFORD A. CHRISTOPHER Fox Manufacturxzzq Cami-"' Y I BS. Commerce EvE::1::G .::G::,1.1., f DQNALD BOYD CLEGG A 1 " 33. Ju. :.::.f: .' :rin az., BS. Commerce N , Si 1 'flfllxlfa VL, X-'tif 'IE.1 I1 U x ' ,-!,,!IH.:, , SARAH EL.IZAl5E'I'Ii liUH'I'IS .X NI .X Gulf H--hmzm Cc:ug'.ur1',' BS. Commerce Q Phi Kill! 'I'lu-Lx, '33-'36, Vwzluivzzi, uillox, 'L?fw-'36' P1-lm Mu IV-lm, 35-EL? if' 1 lll'UI', "35f365 HlldTld!1KNZXli', .--1 36: Qrzzzz ' Vivo-Prosicl-'ut S0:1m:'Lihx:1:Q -f--56: r A X'-' d I' ul 'SER 1 i I' l., MARY ELEANOR DAVIS A A 2 W.P.A. Area Statistical Office B.S. Commerce Delta Lambda Sigma, '35-'36, Playcrafters, '32-'36, Masked Member, '34-'35, Inter-Fraternity Council, '35-'36p Crim- son Key, '34-'35, Comet Club, '31-'36, Vice-President, '35-'36, Secretary '34-'35g Literary Forum, '34-'35g Treas- urer, Senior Class, '35-'36. DEAN E. DREYER A K Atlanta Public Schools B.S. Education Delta Kappa Fraternity, '35-'36, Secretary, '35y Vice-Presi- dent, '36, Venetian Society, '35-'36y Intra-Mural Key '35-'36g Student Council Representative "NOCTURNE," '35-'36g Inter-Fraternity Council, '35-'36, Pi Phi Sigma, '36, Student Council, '35-'365 Speakers Club, '35-'36: Playcratters, '34-'35-'36, President, '35-'36, Masked Mem- ber, '34-'35g Editor Weekly Bulletin, '35-'36, Literary Forum, '35-'36p Art Editor "EVENING SIGNAL," '35-'36. MCDOUGALD EVANS 111 X 9 The Macmillan Publishing Company Graduate Student Phi Chi Theta, '35-'36y Corresponding Secretary, '35s P1aYcrafters, '33-'36, Masked Member, '35p Comet Club. '33-736: President, '35, Crimson Key, '35-'36y President, '35: Inter-Fraternity Council, '35-'36, "EVENING SIGNAL," '35: Literary Forum, '35, JK Spe Ke Bus Cle De Rit ,. V 1 V' j l . , 1 qv 'F' I j -' f fzaftit' I I 4? .XX - l .Q nf! 'V ,At K XL . V , , - M- .X XX, . ,.fL,..-...-,Y,T.-.,v.,.,... ......,...,.......-..... ' ,, .. 1 xllf C4 l'fff1'l2 , I- ef I I. THoRr :T0r: FLm:1G,1:: 1.. .1 arm-.'r., .n.. BS. Commerce Speakers' Club, '22-"ii: '.':':f'-Pri-sg f P Kcy, '34-'36, Tmusumr, "wi 'iI'.'E:::::f' fi" , ' Busincss I-fiammgc-r, " ' 'zfif VLIVTIGI-TSI Hoy, 75. 1 . PQ1..1.Lf. Iorm Wx1 ,1.1 uv' ' X' ,',- , . .fkilfxfzhx MY! 1.151 r'1Z.i fix' x BS. Cormxxercte 5 ' IOHN RALPH G1 asm: Ali Svxxirwlr' t'..a11'.'.'.x3' ht BS. LiOII1I110l'CG Dvlm K.xD3'.x ff'-'3l35 Lwaxil zmzzt G,-'.w ' Rilx1.xl,'3fSf36: I'1.xywmZ1-'21 415 3 f'- ' A U -f, H .4 , ' , QW M- ,ti 'sf ,u f .?.,-ffl' - A ,fff A 'Q . ,z3,Q.'., nz -.,,, ,, 4 1 1 ' -M , -f 4 , bf if x fi ij' lx ' gp--r 2 A nh, Q. 1, pq a , M' , .1 ,H -' 1 ffl! wi, :Es-fi, 1 , ' . ML Ar, , iff P' 'inf-if -fi , .,. , J, l l Q F , ,L if il LUCIAN GRAVITT .x E H .4 Pattillo Lumber Compamf B.S. Commerce , - ' Th Delta Siqma Pi, '34-'36, Inter-Fraternity Council, '35-36: Phllgihlcorri Venetian Society, '34-'36. 35' ' IRMA EZZELLE GREENE Lever Brothers Company AB' Delta Lamb '34-'36, Plaj NING SIGNAJ '34-'35 ARNOLD D. GREGORY, IR. A 2 II Randall Brothers, lnc. B.S. Commerce Delta Sigma Pi, '34-'36, Playcrafters, '34-'36, Business Manager and Treasurer, '35-'36, Editor HKAPPA LIFE," '35: Speakers' Club, '34-'36, Interfraternity Council, '35-'36: Theta Xi Zeta, '35-'3Bg Glee Club, '35'36g "EVENING SIGNAL," '34-'35, Ph' Et S' . -- -- - E 1 a iqma V I -X U t t I' F ' X E 5? 9 l. : ia, Y ., N I l ifaevil j R ,f f , h L 1 4- ,...,--.,........f-E-fr f,:,-1,-'L , -- 1 A 4 .4 x W2 , K . E A' -V ,, F' wiv 113,42 , ,f :ln ' .1 A If l Nl., 2 jf jf' A , , ,, he f V1 , 1 35 li ' xx ff' X l I A AGNES GUNBY 'I' X O C. D. LGEQV arxf Czrzpfl B.S. Commerce Phi Chi Theta, '34-A363 SQ':rQmry, "tc '35-'36g Comm Club, 'TQ-'24, Plfxyffrff DOHOTHY GUY .x .x : f'-.ilmlm Vu? Ex" 1' '. AB. Education Uffllfx Ialllll fly f31f1:1..n, 'Z "A 7' ".' :.1, x.. rr. 1 .1- 11- 1. fm- 1 f-, Hi' Nil, 4 . 1 1 qigl--v ,gf....,.-J nwkvj !....,... ,.,.,,..,. ,. I- V., KH . REUBEN CURTIS HENHY flxst ."xl1.x::1.x iixzzk BS. Commerre Q. X, - n .V ...Y + .1-'4' i F Q v wa- fa Q' "if HILDA ISAKSON IACKSON KID X 9 Iohnson-Dallis Company B.S. Commerce N 1 Phi Chi Theta, '34-'36, Treasurer, '34-'35: Hilarian Club, I '35-'36, Treasurer, '35-'36, comer Club, '32-'36, Crimson Cfimsonl Key, '35-'36p Inter-Fraternity Council, '33-'35: NOCTURNE, '35-'36, Comet Club, '32-'36, President, '34-'35, Secre. tary-Treasurer Iunior Class, '34-'35. JOHN WESLEY IACOBS National Sales Company B.S. Commerce Iosr Alpha Kappa l "EVENING SIGN! ROBERT PHILLIP IOHANN Sears, Roebuck :Sr Company B.S. Commerce wt 'K r- r if H2513 or ,gn ., ,.,, .f - - - - - "' ' 1 Mc ,f N 'Q 3 if" rj 5 , ,--, -: I . ' ff rb, .N wrtafg ' if . ,.. X r r Y 2- " 1 AB. Nom-fm IVIAYS Iormsoz: Universal Credit Company Crimson Key, '34-7165 View-Fresher. IOSEPH ALBERT IOHNSTCJN, IR. .x Ii xl' Sinfluir Rf-fminq Cmnpury BS. Commerce vim Kuppu Psi, '33-'365 Trl'-usurf-r fur. 1 I'vr:mr-Jr: Slc:::m.," 'FU Art Efinfx "-V1. I , -Q HAR'rwr:LL Bowman KENNEDY X ' :Q 1 IN'IcrDfmivl Fivfx and Tun C-"ni S1-':-' Alpha Ka Presideni Delta Senior Delta Play Council, '35p '33-'347 '35-'36. WILLIAM C. MIZELLE Home Owners' Loan Corporation AB. G d Davidson College. KENNETH I. Moss A K Xl' General Electric Supply Corporation B.S. Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi, '32-'36, Vice-President, '34-'35, Vice President lunior Class, '33-'34. FRANCIS M. QSTEEN .X Z2 Il Southern Bell Telephone 61 Telegraph Co., Inc, B.S. Commerce Delta Sigma Pi, '32-'36, Editor HKAPPA LIFE," '32-Alu Senior Warden, '33-'34, Headmaster, '34-'35: Delta Mn Delta, '35-'36, President, '35-'36, Speakers' Club, 'Si-126: Playcrafters, '32, Owls' Club, '33-'36, lnter-Fraternity Council, '33-'35, Vice-President, '33-'S-1: President, F5 1 f""'l I '35p President Sophomore Class, '32-'33, Student Council ', '33-'347 "NOCTURNE," '33-'36, President Student Body ,I '35-'36. Ejffwf 'illiffffl ' X ll" X F 1 . ew- LTL, , . ner ll r ! p GORDON W1Lcox OWENS ME General Tire 6- Rubber Company B.S. Commerce LUTHER RAY PETTWAY C The Atlanta Constitution Geor- A.B. Education Emoft' Umvefsiw Venetian Society urer, '35 5 Playa Rrci RUTH PI-IILIBOSIAN C Onstruc AB. . , sv ' t X, i ' 'ff so 2 ,V f g +' - 1 ,.- ., , V 1 ,V X 4, is V j 5 TLV ,.,.uL,,,5 .V f ,I .x t X - MRS. SUSIE O. PHILLIPS AB. Education CLIFTON VIRGIL RAY George Muse Clothing Company BS. Commerce Venetian Society, '34-'36g Speakers' Club, '33-'36g Treas- urer, '35g Playcrafters, '34-'36g "EVENING SIGNAL," '35. RICHARD WILLIAM RESPESS A If ll Construction Department, City of Atlanta BS. Commerce Delta Siqma Pi, '35-'35 1- I lt lvl , -v 4, urv' ,,,., i X Y, I it . 1 Y -Q--1 ,,.......i.., - t ,xl rm, X E ? , wk It Q A br -L.. im, R f. t we it , i i E ' A I 5 t 'Y lm 44' 3 3 K . K. li' ', 'S MRS. HERTA ANDREAE RICE Atlanta Public Schools AB. Education EARL DEAN SAVILLE A K 'I' I Pri General Motors Parts Corporation B.S. Commerce , , , , . Asbury C Alpha Kappa Psi, 34- 367 Basket Ball Team, 35-36. PHILIP IAMES SHUTTLEWORTH A K XI' Finance Office, War Dept. U. S. B.S. Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi, '36, Intra-Mural Key, '34-'36, Vice-Presi- HEVENING S1 dent, '35-'36g President Iunior Class, '34-'35, Secretary WY Freshm, Senior Class, '35-'36, "EVENING SIGNAL," '33-'36. L 4 l f.. I 4 ,. lf, - ft? Fixx I f Zn I x I ' ' X 7 ANN LOUISE SIMMONS Atlanta Public Schools AB. Education I 'ff -i ,-,-54,32 I f"7Q ' ' A ,Q rjflwjp 4. I FH 'f if .. 4 ' -'SAA LV-4 .Qi I 58. N? WILLIAM O. SMITH 2 Principal Lithia Springs High School I .Z-LB. Education Asbury College, '29-'30, Emory University, '31-'32. FRANCES LECRETIA STARR AB. Education "EVENING SIGNAL," '35-'36g Comet Club, '35-'36: Secre- tary Freshman Class, '32-'33, University of Georgia, '34. v,?,:5.x,, F! virgo! 44 ff I I Q ,- E hi, 5,5 llxfw i J K-I1 Y -- r K A X. ij? S -1 Y Q5 o Y l I THEODORE STEPHENS National Youth Administration B.S. Commerce IOSEPH LINDSAY STRADLEY 14 University System of Georgia Evening School B.S. Commerce Ed Speakers' Club, '32-'36, Secretary, '32-'33, President, '33- '34: Playcratters, '32-'36g lntra-Mural Key, '34-'36g Treas- urer, '35-'36g Student Council, '33-'35y Student Manager P6116 Kapp' of Debate, '33-'35. 361 Maske '35-'36, fl V CHARLES GHOLSTON SWINFORD .X E II Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Company B.S. Commerce Delta Sigma Pi, '31-'36: Master of Festivities, '35-'36: Speakers' Club, '32-'36p President Sophomore Class, '31- ?2: "l-Ioc'ruErrE," '34-'36, Student Council, '31-'32, Y rx r r 1 l ,ff 1 j'f.Y I ' if 'T ,-.N F , if i ,,,f,i5Zf!4V K U lffff ' , " C X' ' X. x, " ' . - S XS, SUSIE BOWIE SUDDERTH Retail Credit Company B.S. Commerce I ION WILLIAM TALIAFERRO, HI A K Editor Trade Iournal, "BEAUTY SPors" Graduate Student Delta Kappa, '35-'36, Governor, '34-'35, Playcraiters, '34- '36g Masked Member, '34p President Graduate Class '35-'36. 1 I 'Y 1 ALTHA MYRL THOMPSON Area Statistical Office B.S. Commerce Cornet Club, '35-'36. I IA, . . ,X 5 L I t 1 ijt' ' l 9 E. If ,J - , - :,,. , ,,,, I IRI x GN ,lm ' gf .,'f,,,,, ll ly Xm'5".' , 31. 'FK , V, X" A ' f"5'-g'1"- ff 4j vf,,r ar my t xx 'x ,Y j-Q1 3 f.'t':, " ,r ' rA'jr,"f, ff P xx "X ' ,-I r , if .ifugft i I I ' X ' ,:1fI:':,.,r,,,-5 Ei , 'Q ff I E , -H ,,,.,,,rr t r -- ,V--, --A , .5 , J ffp ' P ,f-'J V ,, E", f rar '--H-., r ,Ji 1. 5 qarrlffx Mx .4 A ,'4r- 'S QTMQQIQIEQQI E- I 43 ' I .l r .4 ! NEDRA TYRI2 Devoe 61 Raynolds Co., Inc. B.S. Commerce crimson '34-'36, Secretary, '34-'352 President. '35- '36g Retail Credit Company Scholarship, '33, lntra-Mural Pre-junior Scholarship Award. '35- -Qi ' Mas. E. S. VAN Huss Fulton County Schools A.B. Education I LOWELL MAYNARD WHITE .X E ll General Electric Company B.S. Commerce 'U' A Delta Sigma PI, '33-'36, Master of Festivities, '34-'35, Pub- licity, '35-'36g Theta Zi Zeta, '34-'36g President, '35-'36: "EVENING SIGNAL," '32-'36, Business Manager, '33-'34: Feature Editor, '34-'35g Associate Editor, '35-'36, "NoC- TUHHE," '34: Inter-Fraternity Council, '35-'3ES. Q 1 . GEORGE WING .X I II The Atlanta Coca-Cola Bottling Company fa B.S. Commerce Delta Sigma Pi, '33-'36, Inter-Fraternity Council Repre- -entative-, '33-'36, Master of Ceremonies, '34-'357 Editor KAPPA LIFE," '35-'36g Speakers' Club, '33-'36, Secretary- Treasurer, '33, Vice-President, '34-'36, Secretary-Treas- :er inter-Fraternity Council, '34-'35p President, '35-'36, tro-l-'tural Key, '36g Student Council, '35, Literary Forum, Q45 "NOCTURNE," '34-'36g "EVENING SIGNAL," '34-'36: 'resident Senior Class, '35-'36, - t ri 'msg' l FL.. ve ,.., V - -f- -re . ,-'---A-- f - " fp, l l ,fl f, fig!! ,AST tl " 1 1 J fx- if 1,' 'J gl ,gh if 4 pl N! '-'S 't 1 T1 . A ERXM.. .. ff, ,-1. --Bmw Qg..fif.3:i l f gf as GBADUATE STUDENTS I Elliott, Mr. Horace B. Fordham, Mr. Emory H, Lindsey, Mr. B. E. Allison, Miss Annie E. Baggett, Mr. Warren C. Barber, Mr. E. I. Bell, Mr. B. Lucian Belle Isle, Miss Katherine Cr. Bost, Mr. B. B. Campbell, Mr. E. Grant Cantrell, Mrs. W. C. Caraway, Mr. I. Culver Chambers, Mr. Robert M. Chapman, Miss Lourah V Christopher, Mr. B. A. Clegg, Mr. Donald B. I Curtis, Miss Elizabeth Dance, Miss Virginia K. Davis, Mrs. Margaret Davis, Miss M. Eleanor Davis, Miss Mildred Dreyer, Mr. Dean E. Embry, Miss Frieda Epstein, Mr. Phil L. Flanigan, Mr. I. Thornton Fowler, Mr. Iohn W. Gibson, I. Balph Cfravitt, Mr. Lucian E. Greene, Miss Irma E. Gregory, Mr. A. D., Ir. Gunby, Miss Agnes Guy, Miss Dorothy HaYes, Miss Louise Henry, Mr. B. Curtis Hood, Miss Sue Howell, Mr. 'William F. Hughes, Miss Penelope I. J-33 fi I ' 24 , ,-."f7l l . W Iaclcson, Mrs Ewell Y. Iacobs, Mr. I. Wesley Iohann, Mr. Bobert P. Iohnson, Mrs. Norma M. Iohnston, Mr. Ioe A. Iones, Miss Mary Elizabeth Keiser, Mr. A Charles, Ir. Kennedy, Mr. Hartwell E. Kingston, Mr. Thomas E. Lane, Miss Annie H. Liggin, Miss Annie L. Lunsford, Mr. I. B. McAdams, Mr. I. W. Martin, Mr. Iohn Wesley Maughon, Miss Minnie L. Mays, Miss Marion I. Meiere, Miss Pattie L. Minter, Miss Bessie A. Mizelle, Mr. William C. Mobley, Mr. I. B. Moss, Mr. Kenneth I. Osteen, Mr. F. M. Owens, Mr. Gordon W. Pettway, Mr. Luther R. Philibosian, Miss Ruth Phillips, Mr. Leland Phillips, Miss Sarah G. Philli s Mrs. Susie Owens D 1 Pounds, Miss Edna K. Price, Mr. Iulian Bay, Mr. Clifton Virqil Respess, Richard William Bice, Mrs. Herta A. Riddick, Miss Callie l- v :If-1-. To-!r.r'1irl i:' "1 , I-iiss Bessie C. 2 Azz, !1.!r.Ciiarles A. f tt.-P'.-sorth, Mr. Philip lames ey, Miss Elizaiietli :::'3:i -:, Anne Louise It ' William O. :'.--11 Mr. Wiltoxi B. " ' Miss Evelyne 'Tut-Pais, Mr. Theodore i :ir-'th Miss Susie B. :f::, lt.-Ziss Alice M. azz, Miss Sara Frances 2111-Ill, Mr. Charles Gholston mens, Mrs. Mabel Peterson Thompson, Miss Altha Myrl Titus, Mr. Richard W. Topham, Miss Minnie Margaret Tucker, Miss E. Page Tyre, Miss Nedra Van Huss, Mrs. Marie Walker, Miss Martha Walker, Mr. Robert A. Wallace, Mr. Iames H. Ween, Mr. Morris M. White, Mr. Lowell M. Wing, Mr. George Witherspoon, Mr. Iarnes E IUNIGRS iw, . 1.73 3 21 ' fi: ,rf " I' si L"-hula-' iv? 'fi 'I - f , v ' . S H Q , - ,--,z4- -IL! I'.,...L...r..L -- 'Q , .hi 'dz' 'sg-'M 3 f V' 4' A'1 N my 4 ,..,. .1 , 'S rs ,- D - . ., ,il -Q., , .a N-.1 OFFICERS ' P' ... .... -.. 'TDULQV ' ..-ndfl I 1. IL! ELWOOD AMOS WARREN BAGGETT MAROIA BAKER WALTER B. BENSON CLYDE W. CHANDLER MARGARET L. COHEN SALLY COOK O. B. CORNELIUS, IR. LOUIS W. CORRIGAN IEANNE CROWELL VIRGINIA DANCE BETTE DE SHONG D. NELL DURDEN LOUIS GADLIN - I 'I fm-Q -p-,I , A - ,wnq it 'T gl. J fini .' If wif " . Ls- " -4 4 gr A . 1 W, .1 fly, fn x vi Z f , 3. 3 f , Iii Z Q Q, 'M 45 Q iii E 3 .xr .4 - QQQQJ ,VQX . Q xg R 5 ' I 3, , , i 2545: .. ! I :-'Pdf f' I . " Hill , 2 fmhzl. ' f . 1 I I 4 I el 3' his an v-up A .J l A is . . A I-Q,!1 z g E.. fax D. GQUDELOCL-c E'.'ELYN GREEN ' 3 ise:.1.a rifxvsts I::,wE1. HAYES ', :IRL A. HERELG CLARENCE H. HILL 'JLYN HQGUE E'.'.'ELL Y. JACKSON V E" F. Iosarzsorz IULIA LYLE IOHNSON LHEHT B. KIMSEY IAMES L. LIKCHER 'PEE I-QCCQY CL.:,aE::cE Mx-.REUT RALPH C. MOOR IEANETTE OSBERN LELAND PHILLIPS H. GRADY PIERCE ALVIN ROBERTSON RAMON CARTER SAUNDERS WILTON SPENCE THOMAS A. SWAFEORD IR IO TAYLOR LYNDA WEBB MARY LOU WHELCHEL DURWIN WHITE FRANK D. WILLINGHAM I I I I I 1 9 IUNIOR CLASS, FALL TERM . 11 fazzsiizz, Miss Amie Eaidf.-.'izi, Mr. Bariell Bracyzzari, Mr. Vance L., Ir. Chapman, Horner Cornelius, Mr. O. B. Cxirriqari, Mr. Louis XV. Davis, Miss Talltilah L. Har-rille, Miss Matra E. lacizson, Mr. Ewell Y. lerilzins, Mrs. Miriam W. lohrison, Mr. Ben E., lr. Kirnsey, Mr. Robert B. McClellan, Mr. Iames C. McLaiiqliliri, Miss Martha Mathews, Miss Bernice E. Moody, Mr. Ftohert E., Ir. Moor, Mr. Ralph C. Pierce, Mr. Henry Grady, Ir. Shelton, Mr. William Edwin Smith, Mrs. Elisabeth Treadway Trainer, Mr. Frank A. Triilove, Mr. Elmer Earl Weitfo. Miss Lynda West, Miss Doris Elizabeth Whelchel, Miss Mary Lou White, Mr. R. Durwin , l PRE- IUNICDRS 'if -QQ-., in D, a Q 1' 4 G 'R .ff-Vie'fb al 'Q-P' ls :E5E3fg1gL-Q L1 1. A,g'.,'3 W 5 c , Q .',. ri, C w ,I , Ji L! gg 5 W. ,, 1,133 S f la ,QAQ 'Z DQ?-IUNECR CLASS OFFICERS JUJUQ hi 'N LEHHAHU '12 !"!lf " fvrE45aC2fjLAHK ,U X.-, ELIZABETH ADAMS W. E. BEAUDRY W. SCOTT BLACKSTOCK THOMAS E. BRIDGES T. C. BULLARD IACK L. CHAPMAN ROBERT H. CLARK EDNA PAYNE COOPER MARY CRADDOOK G'CONNELL DOUOHERTY WILLIAM BURNAM FOKES ROY T. FRICKS . I IM I I , A . -T? fi-4.-vw---,f--4 g-Vi---v---T. I .- , g V 3 I I ,. ,..kY-. I Vi, , . - .L A,-.gnu .I K .II I ...LI -,, W I -I Q ' . l I .gl 6 J v -... gb- ? d 'VE . '32 .ga ui' s 9 I I Q1 . s J 'vi PQ '12 - -R -.. -v 'LC .Q K'-. 11,9 .,r S 1, .. -Q. 5 vi, 0 I Igsm M. GREGORY MARY H.mmoN1u NEL1. HARRIS EUGENE HIQKMAN, IR lgim: L. Hormmw EVANDEH I. JACKSON MxrR:'1',x IACKSON W1L1.!m.4 B. IACKSON K. Ioxmsmx W1i.1.1m.1 T. IONES, IR .IJ . 1 . ..u in jonxmrr Eftfma G. Kl!.w.'1'n1cx IR -'-5 L. Lax: D-- ' . .- . 4J.,:f L1 .'.':., IH. -J LES1m,1-- L ,,, 7 ef'-.W fa A L "'. J -4 ' TTLMEE .3 I C. ED MARTIN ORDRY PALMER ' 1 VVINIFRED PARIS HELEN HINDALE PITTMAN MARY LOUISE PITTMAN T. L. REILLY so if GARNETT G. REINHARDT THOMAS A. SEALS I. GLENN STREET, IR. IACK B. TURNER NETTIE WEBSTER H. T. WELLS, IR. AH, Qi. '3 'f"'1fv "?" Q HAROLD STEPHENS WILLINGHAM 7 -3 'r I I . I CHARLTON WIMBERLY ' ' I 1 5 . I I PRE-IUNICR CLASS, FALL TERM Adams, Miss Elizabeth Amos, Mr. W. Elwood Baker, Mr. Edward E. Baker, Miss Marcia Battle, Miss Helen G. Baskin, Mr. W. H. Beall, Mr. Madison L. Bell, Miss Emmie Lou Bell, Miss Gladys M. Benson, Mr. Walter R. Blackstock, Mr. W. Scott Brown, Mr. Millard F. Bullard, Mr. T. C. Chapman, Mr. Iack L. Clark, Mr. Albert P. Cook, Miss Sallie Cooper, Mrs. Edna Payne Crowell, Miss Ieanne Dean, Mr. Richard B. De Shong, Miss M. Elizabeth Dougherty, Mr. D. O'Connell Downing, Miss Alice S. Durden, Miss Dora Nell Eason, Mr. O. D. Ford, Mr. Iohn S. A Gadlin, Mr. Louis Gibby, Mr. Homer T. Gillett, Miss Lois Ginn, Mr. Lloyd C. Green, Mr. C. G., Ir. Green, Miss Evelyn B. Gregory, Mr. Iohn M. Harville, Miss Thelma Hearn, Miss Harriet Henrick, Mr. E. Douglas Hefbiq, Mr. Carl A. Herren, Mr. Iames C. Hickman, Mr. O. Eugene, Ir, Hill, Mr. Clarence H. Hill, Mr. Thomas G., Ir. Hoffman, Mr. Iohn L. HOQue, Miss Carolyn P. Holditch, Mr. Charles E. lackson, Mr. E. I. Iackson, Miss Minta P. N Iackson, Mr. W, B, if --- Iohnson, Miss Iulia Lyle Iohnson, Mr. S. K. Ioiner, Mr. Dudley D. Knight, Mr. Elwin T. Lacher, Mr. Iames L. Long, Miss Mary Frances Lowe, Mr. Robert C., Ir. McArthur, Mr. L. W. McCash, Mr. Alfred H. McClain, Mr. W. Hugh McCoy, Mr. Ralph C. Marbut, Mr. Clarence H. Mayer, Mrs. Marie S. Morris, Mr. Iohn, Ill. Moses, Miss Mary R. Myers, Mr. D. L. Newman, Mr. Earle Nicholson, Mr. Iames P. Palmer, Miss Ordry Pitman, Miss Helen H. Porter, Mr. Thomas Bradley Redwine, Mr. Ioseph, Ir. Reilly, Mr. Thomas Lee Reinhardt, Mr. Garnett Glenn Rhodes, Miss Elizabeth Davidson Roberts, Miss Ida Robertson, Mr. Alvin F. Robinson, Mr. Al Rollestone, Mr. Iames A. Saywell, Miss Eva M. Seligman, Miss Iulia Spiller, Miss Alleyne Winslow Starr, Miss Frances Street, Mr. I. Glenn Swattord, Mr. Thomas A., Ir. Taylor, Mr. Io Olivia Timmerrnan, Mr. I. Randolph Tucker, Miss Helen Turner, Mr. Iack Bruce Wallace, Miss Merle Wallis, Miss Margaret Wells, Mr. Harry T., Ir. Willingham, Mr. Frank D. Wilson, Mr. Charles E. Wurst, Mr. Andrew SCDPHQMCDRES .h-Q-ibn:- ,xr- -v J, -il -ar I f Q'5:. .-'Y' I or ,J --, :nh "'9'f 544 'QQ , Y, Q 'in ,A 5 ir Q J ,ax 'S . VL 'P YJ' f 'fi I SOPHCDMORE CLASS OFFICERS Q 1 5 1 i 1 CARL E. PRUETT H. EARL STYRING Presid ent Vice-President N ELL SHROPSHIRE Secretary and Treasurer ' 'viwvs , '4lff"V A 5 r - vw ' -- I .55 ff fn- 1, Q, ff X-K I , I-J'lv if :ith .. If VAXBI Q N X ' 55' M 1' ' l NV . ' "x N xH X M, ELI WA C. G V. L IAMEI ANNA AVERY MAX W. BIPS ELIZABETH BRIDGES MARGARET BROOKS WALTER A. BUCHANAN DOROTHY BUCKMAN C. GLYNN CAPPS I. WILSON CASH V. IACKSON CRAVEN IACK DRISKELL IAMES M. GRIFFITH I. H. HOWARD, IR. ,,,, --4' hnui W W, 1 " ' I Nl Ll 0 J - I ,r-'W " J-A W," "IF I-H! LEONARD A. KING W. A. LEE, IR. HOWARD S. LIPSIUS GERTRUDE MCDOWELL IAMES H. MCGUIRE LOUIE F. MARSH NATALIA MAYO WILLIAM NORMAN GEORGE L. QUARLES LEWIS RIDEN PAUL ROSENZVVEIG I MARTHA CHRISTINE WING 1 if jj 'img - - 5 Wi A ,f 1 4--l ' "" '56 I xxxy , ,ff V ,I Us, A X, f i I'AA' X7 f ,H K Ada1'I151 Aningioi AVGIY, 1' Avery, Baird, M1 BeaudfY, Benf16Yf I Bridqesf I Bridges' 1 Broach, M Brooks, M Brown, M Buckmarl, CAPPS, M1 Cash, Ml'- Clark, Mf- Coleman, Coleman, Curtis, Mir Davidson, Dick, MI. C Ellis, Mr. if Fauss, Mr. Feldman, I Fitzpatrick Flury, Mis Fokes, Mr. Fricks, Mr. Gibbs, Mis Greer, Mis Griffith, MI Hammond, Harris, Mis Henderson Henderson Adair, Mr. Hug Adams, Miss N Adcock, Miss S Aldredge, Mr. I Allen, Mr, S153 Ames, Mr. Har: Anderson, A555 Andrew, Mr, E. Apperson, Lk. 3 Askew, Mr. job Babb, MF- Geox: Babin, Miss P-.uf Ball, Miss Rubv Bdnister, Miss Billksion, Miss 1 Barber, Mr. W Barnett, Mr. If BdYI1es, Miss Mi tiff XX? I x X VW I '1vr- r-v SOPHOMGRE CLASS, FALL TERM Adams, Mr. Iohn Q. Arrington, Miss M. Iean Avery, Miss Anna C. Avery, Miss Dorothy E. Baird, Miss A. Peggy Beaudry, Mr. W. E. Bentley, Miss Irma A. Bridges, Miss Elizabeth Bridges, Mr. Thomas E. Broach, Mr. Iames A. Brooks, Miss Margaret F. Brown, Mr. Peter C. Buckman, Miss Dorothy D. Capps, Mr. C. Glynn Cash, Mr. I. Wilson Clark, Mr. R. H. Coleman, Mr. Kenneth Coleman, Mr. Lee Curtis, Miss Olyve Davidson, Miss R. Frances Dick, Mr. Carlos G. Ellis, Mr. Iohn B., Ir. Fauss, Mr. Harold F. Feldman, Miss Louise M. Fitzpatrick, Mr. Arch W. Flury, Miss Mildred I. Fokes, Mr. William B. Fricks, Mr. Roy T. Gibbs, Miss Doris E. Greer, Miss Edith V. Griffith, Mr. Iames M. Hammond, Miss Mary Harris, Miss Nell C. Henderson, Mr. Iames R. Henderson, Mr. W. McLendon Adair, Mr. Hugh Adams, Miss Martha A. Adcock, Miss Selma Aldredge, Mr. Ernest William Allen, Mr. Sidney B. Ames, Mr. Harold L. Anderson, Miss Pauline Andrew, Mr. E. William Apperson, Mr. Howard L. Askew, Mr. Iohn I. Babb, Mr. George B. Babin, Miss Ruth A. Ball, Miss Ruby E. Banister, Miss Nelle M. Bankston, Miss Ruth Barber, Mr. W. E. Barnett, Mr. Walter E. Baynes, Miss Mary I. Hopkins, Mr. Leonard C, Hopkins, Miss Sarah M, Hord, Miss Iewel C, Howard, Mr. I. Hugh, Ir, Howell, Mrs. Minnie Sm ith Huie, Mr. H. M. HUUIPIUTGYS, Mr. William Hutchinson, Miss Mary Fox Iameson, Mr. Edward B. Ienkins, Mr. Charles H. Iones, Mr. William T. Iordan, Mr. C. Hugh Ioyner, Mr. I. Frank Lel-latte, Miss Marybelle Lee, Mr. W. A., Ir. Lennard, Mr. Iulius M. Lipsius, Mr. Howard S. Longino, Mr. Dick R. Lovette,Mr. David A. McDowell, Miss M. Gertrude McGuire, Mr. Iames H. Mann, Mr. Iames M. Marsh, Mr. Louis F., Ir. Martin, Mr. C. Ed Maynard, Miss Betty A. Mayo, Miss Doris E. Mayo, Miss Nataljo Meiere, Mr. Paul L. Merritt, Mrs. Marie W. Mitchell, Miss Nedra V. Moshkott, Mr. Gregory S Norman, Mr. H. W. Noveck, Mr. Harold Noyes, Mr. W. Wilson, Ir. Osborn, Miss Ieannette M. Pittman, Miss Mary Lgugse Powell, Mr. William Alexander Pruett, Mr. Carl E. Quarles. Mr. George I.. Ragsdale, Miss Mary Ruth Riddick, Miss Callie T. P- Roberts, Mr. Iames R, Rodgers, Miss Helen D. Samuels, Miss Marian Bell Sanders, Mr. Ramon Seals, Mr. Thomas A. Sh1'0Pshire. Miss Nell C. Sisson, Miss Elsa Ruth Smith, Mr. Elwyn K. Spink, Miss lane E. Spratlin, M . R b R r o ert aymond Stanfield, Mr. Andrew Louis Stephens, Miss Mary Stovall, Mr. David Lee Strickland, Miss Irene Sudderth, Miss Caroline Underwood, Mr. Lewis C. Upshaw, Mr. Harold Curtis Wade, Miss Frances Waldbiser, Miss Ruth I. Webster, Miss Nettie E. Weeks, Mr. Robert Walden Wehunt, Mr. Quillian D. White, Mr. Cornelius L. Williams, Mr. Robert G. . Wilson, Miss Frances C. Wilson, Mr. Iames H. Wimberly, Mr. Henry C. SPECIAL STUDENTS, FALL TERM Bean, Mrs. Kate Ruth Beckham, Mr. Iohn T. Bell, Mr. Emory B. Bishop, Miss Bessie Louise Black, Mr. W. R. Bledsoe, Mr. Iames A. Bode, Miss Louise Boyd, Mr. George B. Boyer, Mr. R. Alvin Bozardt, Miss C. Alice Bradshaw, Mr. Iesse A. Brand, Miss Ethel R. Britt, Miss Annie L. Brown, Mr Iack T. Brown, Mr. I. Carlton Brown, Mr. Thomas C. Browne, Mr. Iack S. Bryan, Mr. Charles W. Bryson, Miss Marion M. Bullard, Mr. Marion G. Burgess, Mr. Max P. Burkhalter, Mr. Edward H. Burnett, Miss Nellie L. Burns, Mr. Iames M. Byrd, Mr. Iames T Byrd, Miss Sara Belle Callaway, Mr. Samuel R. Campbell, Miss Catherine Cantrell, Miss Sarah D. Carbine, Miss Ruth H. Cash, Miss Addie E. Chambers, Mr. Albert L. Chambers, Miss Helen D. Chandler, Mr. Clyde W. Chaney, Mrs. Lou H. Chapman, Miss Ruby Clark, Mr. Albert Lee Woodcock, Mr. Iohn F. Zachry, Mr. Richard A. Clark, Mr. I. Thomas Clarke, Mrs. D. M.. Ir. Clinkscale, Mr. R. Marsha Clonts, Miss S. Iayn Cochran, Mr. A. R. Cochran, Mr. N. Ioromo Cooking, Mr. Iohn D. Coier, Miss Mary N. Cole, Mr. Clyde F. Conner, Miss Lucy Corley, Mr. Robert H. Cox. Mr. William E. Craddock, Miss Mary l.. Crawford, Mr. Iohn l.. Crockett, Miss Mary W. Croft, Miss lane G. Crossett, Mr. Ierome H. Crossett, Mrs. lc-rome H. Crump, Mr. W. L. Gunnard, Mrs. Lucile B. ga-35, Miss lean M. Davis, Mr. Millard S. Dean, Mr. L. M. I de larnette, Mrs. Tennze S. deL.ay, Mr. T. O. Dennison, Miss Martha P. Denny, Miss Dorotl'iY Dodd, Mr. lames M. Dcnaldson. Mrs. GladYS R- Dorsey, Mr. C. Albert Drake, Mr. Forrest E. Duitee, Mrs. Hortense Duftey, Miss Marteena D. Dunlap. Mr. Barriwell S. Dunn, Miss E. Elizabeth Duristcn, Mr. lohn B. Edens, Miss N. Louise Ellis, Mr. Charles G. En-ziicott, Mr. Lucian l- England, Mr. Edward P. English, Miss E. Pauline Estes, Miss Kathleen D. Elcwf-rs, Mr. Charles E. Foster, Mr. Charles L. Ftilcher, Mr. Clill E. Fuller, Mr. H. Woodrow Gabriel, Mr. l. W. Gaines, Mr. Ernest W. Gammon, Mr. Montague Gardner. Miss Maxine Garner. Mr. Robert A. GC-:ri-i-s, Mr. Carl E. Gershon, Mr. Charles Gibson, Miss Willibel Giles, Mr. W. Dillard Glassman, Mr. Fred Gcc-pp-or, Miss Angela R. Golden, Miss Rubye A. Goldstein, Mr. Cecil Goudelcck, Mrs. Mary B. Graham. Mr. lohn L. Granade, Mrs. Nina T. Green, Miss Annie Kate Gresham, Mr. Iames S. Cumby, Mr. Harold B. Guy. Mr. Robert I. Hagccd. Miss Anne Glenn Hall, l-tiss lanie Hall, Miss Mattie Y. Hamilton, Miss Susie G. Hazizric, Miss Ester Hanccck, Miss Eva Harrzs, Miss Alta M. Harville, Miss Lucia C. Ha'.-rthotrie, Mr. Noel Hayes, Miss Irma Hayes, Miss isahel Hicks, l-fzss Annie Mae Hzcks, Miss Harriett O. H ll l'r 'chn S Hill, Mr. L. I. Hoff. Miss Arlene I. Hsff, Mass Mary Lou Holliday. Mr. Phillip M. Homes, Miss Helen S. Holtzclaw, Mr. Ridlafd Hood, Mr. Iames E. Hopkins, Mr. Iames Harrison Howell, Mr. A. S. Howington, Mr. lames D. Huff, Mr. William. lr- Hulsey, Miss Hazel lvie, Miss D. Ruth lack, Miss Marion A. Iackson, Mr. Champ C. Jackson, Mr. L. L. lackson, Miss M. Caroline lacobs, Miss Hazel Ienkins, Mr. Millard A. Iohnson, Miss Bernice P. lohnson, Mr. Ernest C. Iohnson, Mr. Lon C. Iohnston, Miss Pauline Iones, Mr. Carroll P. lones, Mr. H. A. lcnes, Miss Lillian B. Kamph, Miss Eva Kann, Mr. Edgar W. Kemper, Miss Doris I. Kenimer, Miss Laura Kenney, Miss Dcrothy E. Kessler, Mr. Robert H. Kilpatrick, Mr. Edgar G., Ir. King, Miss Alice King, Mr. Leonard A. King, Miss Louise Knott, Miss Mary W. Kothe, Miss Martha L. Krellenstein, Mrs. Frances Land, Miss Maxine Langford, Miss Pearl M. Lasseter, Mrs. I. L. Lawrence, Miss Ethel Layton, Mr. William P. Leard, Miss Ethelyn A. LeHardy, Miss Eugenie Lincoln, Miss Rachel L. Little, Mrs. Maude S. Love, Mr. Iames S. Love, Mr. William P. Loveless, Mr. I. Harold McCleskey, Miss Martha loe McCorvey, Mr. David D. McCubbins, Mr. Iohn A., Ir. McDaniel, Miss Clara I. McDonald, Mrs. Rosalie C. McGahee, Mr. Iames E. McGruder, Mr. VV. R. McLarin, Mrs. Dorothy M, McMillan, Mr. George H. MacDougall, Mr. Edward W. Magee. Mr. Russell Malpasse, Mr. William H. Marcus, Mr. A. E. Marsh, Mr. W. E. Mathews, Mr, Iohn H, Mathews, Mr. L. C. Mauelshagen, Miss Charlotte B. Miller, Miss Eidelle Mitchell, Miss Luelle Mixon, Mrs. Ethel Fletcher Moore, Mrs. Evelyn Moore, Miss Ruth M. Morris, Miss H. Eleanor Morrison, Miss Gladys S. Moses, Miss Mary R. Mowell, Mr. F. Lamar Mulkey, Mr. Raymond A. Murfee, Mr. Russell E. Murphy, Mr. Frank Nichols, Mr. Bill V. O'Shields, Mr. Iames E. Owen, Miss Inez Pack, Mr. Iohn M. Parks, Mr. Ralph V. Parker, Miss Elizabeth R. Paulk, Miss Frances Allen Payne, Miss Nell Perry, Mrs. L. L. Perry, Mr. Tom S. Perryman, Mr. Chester N. Pittman, Mr. I. T. Porter, Mr. Thomas H. Potts, Miss Vera Procht, Mr. Harry Iacob Ragan, Mr. Bradley E. Ragan, Miss Christine B. Ramey, Miss Mary Ellen Randolph, Mr. Iohn Hayward Reaves, Miss Louise Redding, Miss Anne Reid, Mr. Joseph Wilson Rhamstine, Mr. Calvin L. Richards, Miss LaNelle Richardson, Mr. Edward, lr. Richardson, Mr. Helen Camp Ringsmith, Mr. Paul A. Riordan, Mr. Daniel I. Rasor, Mr. Robert I., lr. Rosenblatt, Miss Phyllis Mildred Rosensweig, Mr. Paul Ross, Mr. Dwight H. Rowe, Mr. Iames Thomas, Ir. Rumph, Miss Lois Sanders, Mr. Iohn F. Sanders, Miss Rebecca Sanditord, Mr. Carl Savini, Miss Theresa A. Scarbrough, Miss Elizabeth Scott, Mr. Sam B. Sessions, Miss Bessie Mae Sheldon, Mr. Charles A. Shields, Mr. Louie C. Singleton, Miss Mary Smith, Mr. Charles Leavell Smith, Miss Happy Smith, Mr. Luther A. Smith, Mr. Maurice F. Smith, Mr. Maynard B. Smith, Miss Sara Kate Sparks, Miss Lamar Spires, Mr. Elby S. Stanford, Miss Elizabeth Adele Stokes, Mr. Walter Iohnson Stovall, Mr. Glenn Edwin Strother, Mr. Wm. Earle Styles, Miss Myrrium Ellen S. Sudderth, Miss Oliva Suttles, Miss Sarah Swiney, Miss Iulia Elvina Talley, Miss Mary Elizabeth Tarpley, Miss M. Elizabeth Tatum, Mr. Hubert Rogers Taylor, Mr. Lamar S. Tedder, Mr. Roberts N. Terry, Miss Virginia Lee Therrell, Mrs. Ruth Aiken Thompson, Mr. Harold Thornton, Mr. Nathaniel A. Touard, Mr. Henry Clyde Tucker, Miss Sarah Tufts, Miss Barry Turner, Mr. Iames H. Turner, Mr. Samuel D. Hewlett Tuttle, Mrs. Montague Uselton, Mr. Roi A. Veal, Miss W. Mae Vidal, Mr. Iohn I. Waldrop, Mrs. Iuanita A. Walker, Miss Maymi E. Walker, Mr. William I. Wallace, Miss Eugenia Wallace, Miss Lucile Walsh, Mr. Iames Samuel Ward, Mr. Marion E. Ward, Mr. William I. Welch, Mr. Cooper C. West, Miss Myra E. Westbrook, Miss Audrey White White White White, White, , Mr. Harry Lester , Mrs. Mary Dicks , Mr. Wilbur Iames Mr. Don K. Miss E. Louise Widincamp, Mr. Frank Wilcox, Mrs. Ferol T. Williams, Mr. Iames H. Williangham, Mr. Harold S. Wills, Mr. Claude C., Ir. Wilson, Mr. George M. Wilson, Mr. Wm. H. Winlree, Mr. Robert W. Wing, Mr. Henry H. Wing, Miss Martha Christine Withers, Mr. lerorne B. Wood, Mr. Iames C. Wright, Mr. Fred P. Wyant, Mr. Frank W. Wynn, Mr. Charles C. Young, Mrs. Irene H. Young, Mr. William T. Yow, Mrs. Fay H. Zh Adele nson vin e Ellen S. IIS Lbeth weth SFS E BD A. ,e ewlett 1 D '19 FRESHMEN E. W. I HE RALPH . LUI ALMAN1 Vue IOHN B. I. T MARTHE LI FRANCES IAC1 F-V T --.1-' " Q- V xl -:., . ,,-A-.x nk I .X I, A - .V M, 531. ' 'S A4 J .X I K' ' .I 1. ...M . I f:.m!.Lf Z.: ,. 9' fl E E. W. ALDREDGE HELEN B. AUSTIN ROBT. L. BICKFORD RALPH ALVIN BOYER LUFRED BROOKS LAWRENCE M. BROWN ALMAND CARROLL VIRGINIA CAUDLE AUSTIN B. CHASE IOHN B. CLARK I. THOMAS CLARK LUCY CONNOR MARTHENA DUIPEEY L. I. ENDICOTT CHARLOTTE FRANCES FORBES IACK FRANK F ARR KARL E. GEMES 'ur I L . LL 5 Fifi 'h l Y YA X '3 A I W AIX ' i .. FBESI-IMAN STUDENTS, FALL TEBM lAbraham, Mr. D. E. Biqham, Miss Mary Alice Bromberq, Mr. Wm. Aclcock, Miss Millie Gene Bips, Mr. Max W. BfO0kSf Miss S- I-uffed Aikens, Mr. Charles H. Blackwell, Miss Margaret E. Brown, Mr. Iames H- Anderson, Miss Florence Blackwell, Mr. V. E. BTOWUI MY- Lawrence M' Austin, Miss Helen B. Blair, Miss E. Ruby BFUHSOU- MTS- Beulah P' gglijr, Miss Catharine P. Bomar, Mr. B. S. Buihanan, hljllir. VVVgIalie.r3AA F'-NTWIZLIS -R5s"'L6iij'h'T Bost, Mr. Wm. L. Bu inqlofl- f' ' I Fi:.lBTddSl'1dW, Miss Corenna E. Burson, Mr. E. Naplef B91'il',MisE?fIi1lia l-F , 21' 5,LfE'Brandes, Mr. Iarnes L. Cain, Miss M. Isabel S. I f'llBridges, Mr. Howard L., Ir. C Cannon, Miss Carolyn . I . A f 1 ...I A IJ as---A--..- .... ,MMIW ,W H nw IN 1' f""--'-- -V.. . ,L I l Cara-.'.'a3'. T-fr. ,ca Carmichael, l-fr. rt . Carroll. Lit. .51L7T.::'. Carter, I-Cass nazf. " Y I 9' Cano e..-.155 . 1:-. Can-sthcn, 2- 2 Chadwick. ' Chapman. .-C: c L ' ' Chase. I-ir. QUT- Cnristian, 2-Sass f- ff-A-If-I 'S ly. F ,g : l 1" s l I 3 Cook, Mr. Fred E. Crabbe, Craven A c f- x,!OfZ19!' f- vllffilfl, A wuffan. Dalton . AT' " D...Dg, N ss I. Davzs, I . lvlr. V. rd, Mr. Rufus T.. . Miss Grace Miss Eessle l-'Kiss Louise l-ir. Robert T. 2-Ir. G. Cfiftcr: -fr. Eames Mr. Kenneih C. Davis, Miss Ruth Denning, Miss Martha E. Diamond, Miss Lena Dickson, Mr. Iames H., Ir. Dodson, Mr. Russell W. Doyal, Mr. R. Eugene Driskell, Mr. lack R. Durham, Mr. Griggs VJ. Ellington, Mr. lack H. Erb, Miss Florrie Lee RANK EMILY GREGORY F CI MARGARET HAYNES . IOHN S. HILL IAMES H. HOPKINS HENRY RUTH IVIE lil GRAY M. LEDBETTER SELMAN LEDBETTER ARTHI EUGENIA LEHARDY N GLADYS LEWIS ARCHIE L. LINDSEY W. C. RICHARD MITCHELL S RAYMOND A. MULKEY R. E. MURFEE WILLI, DAN. L. MYERS E CHESTER NEAL PERRYMAN IIM QISHIELDS ALLEI CHRISTINE B. RAGAN P JEAN RAPER Evans, Mr. W. Terry P Eve, Mr. Embry B. F Farr, Miss Charlotte Q , X - F Farson, Miss M. Eleanor . N, Ferguson, Miss Mildred L. l G Fessenden, Mr. F. T. l Fife, Mr. Wiiuam M. j G Forbes, Miss Frances M. ' ixj 1-XX G Frank, Mr. Iohn H. I E nku mf ..f ff 3. ,,,,..:,-I-gl-A, WAY f, lil' 'Digi' HA .Uni l S 5 I ! ll, lxxs jxvsx x I AEN . . . HLLW LL--- f Il fr' L- .,.,' If' ff ' FRANK RIMER CARL SANDIEORD IACK L. SHANER HENRY T. SMITH IANE M SPARKS RAYMOND W STANLEY ARTHUR P STANTON MYRRIUM STYLES DOROTHY TERRELI. W C THOMPSON IR SARAH TUCKER MAYMI E WALKER WILLIAM I WALKER EUGENIA WALLACE E LOUISE WHITE ALLEN B WILSON RAYMOND C WILSON LYCY ANN WOOLE Freeman MISS LX I V III Frupman MI Pun FIICLS NI E H Cardmr Mr IOLIL Cporqv. NIl'wNlNIdYG'1Y GIIDSOYI MISSEIIIII G1l7SOI1 MI IOVIIIL GIISOII Nr IOIIII -X Gldbillldll TNIISQ -XII .ini Mr. 'Z'k'r:'.as L. 'A-fha " '.'.:lI. '1 T.. !' ?f::Lp-i1:i -. Mr. -'. S., ?f.:1le'.', fir. f. 'fllfli r.-.. "' """:-as L. will '.'- '.'.""'a"- F. ll 'L' -' "' 4' .,.. wr . M" G .,. . ":. Sf-251.1 ..-s ... f-' ' .- '!.:::t u.1z,.. .-.. 'f:. .-1. ... H '.':5. ll- R13-P: nr ur ,.:'-.'. J, 1 xr Hp ' ", 1:1173 v an s'r. H "' 1 Hl,,-- E " 1 .'u.:: RT:-4 1' l sr ,. s.v,. ,, 1 sr '1 L ,... Ct ' ' ' 3:51 " " Ir. " lfz. R::E.::d O. ' 2.11. S!--pi:--:i E. " MI. Cfiarff- . 'nit' YN ' 1 '.fZ. :5v.'.L.,..:.t i.'. ' " '.:....i::. 1 1 E., if I llx X l,.."'...vf ' x LJ...i..a :x mf 2.51,-. Sam R. la ,. M:-.:1 Mary' L. -Ati.-lo Mr. If-5:1 L...1r. 1, ,'.: ll, V. tt t I ..., .-... L.'.'-'1'.. uv. I -.-... ' .-- ' .-.t.f.. Francf-5 A L -.- . 't I-fr. '.'.'iE:l1m B. x i 111.3 L.i--:t:z:ri-- If. 1 '-ir. R331-.-:t E. sv..-.. t .t i il.-...cs I a., G. .-t 1 iacizif- F-.xig H" Cha"--in Y' R.x::-- Miss ln-f: An:-J-lia Miss Mary l..:anora 10' Q Mr. Laurence .. . Roan-.ty L. Murphy, Mr. Iohn E.. lf- Murrah. Mr. Albert S. Halley, Mr. Tom L. Nez-.'berr'.', Mr. Pat Ne-.-.rniai-if Miss Dorris A. ?!e'.-rziian, Mr. Herman Oelsner, Mr. Iulius Olson, Mr. M. A. ll Orr, i-ir. Sarii I. O'.'erba'.', Mr. Paul L. Pa:ker,'Miss Sarah Bess Parris, Mr. T. B. Pazierson, Mr. Frank Parrish, Mr. lohn VI. Patterson, Miss Mary Emma Perrin, Mr. Fred Perry. Mr. Norman Phillips, Mr. Paul S. . Plgycq-, Miss Elizabeth Hogan Purdie, Mr. Douglas H. Purdie, Miss Hazel Ranisden, Miss Eileen Elizabeth Raper, Miss Esther lean:-tte Rapier, Miss Regina C. Reese, Miss Mary Frances Rhyme. Mr. Ioe S Riden, Mr. Louis O. Rim-er, Mr. Frank Dixon, lr. Roberts, Miss Mary Elizabeth Rodbell, Mr. Leonard Rodgers, Miss Ruth Ann Rogers, Mr. Robert Iackson, Ir. Rudd, Mr. Wortley Fuller Rudisill, Miss Fannie A. Sanders, Miss Ruby Frances Sanders, Miss Ruth Mavis Sandifer, Miss M. Washington Sasser, Mr. Roy C. Scott, Mr. Edgar Thomas Shaner, Mr. Iohn I. Sheffield, Mr. Walter Shewmake, Miss Elizabeth Smith, Mr. Bernard Leon Smith, Mr. George Edwin Smith, Mr. Henry T. Smith, Miss Martha D. Sockwell, Mr. Roy W. Sollar, Mr. Iames I., Ir. Sower, Mr. Otho G., Ir. Sparks, Miss lane Marie Spradling, Miss Myrtle Lucile Stanley, Mr. Raymond Wallace Stanton, Mr. Arthur P. Steinhauer, Mr. Roy Eugene Stillman, Mr. Leo, Ir. Stockton, Mr. Gilbert M. Styring, Mr. H. Earl Suttles, Miss Emily F. Terrell, Mrs. Dorothy M, Thompson, Mr. Ralph W, Thompson, Mr. Walter C, Tisinqer, Mr. George Harrison Travis, Mr. Erwin Lymwood Travis, Mr. Ralph C. Trippe, Mr. Albert Roy Vaughn, Mr. Morgan Dixon Vinson, Mr. Ioseph C. Voight, Miss Rossie Volberg, Mr. Frederick L. Warnock, Mr. Ford N. Vilest, Miss Rosalyn C. Whitney, Mr. Wm. Leonard Wiley, Mr. Iames T. Williams, Miss Dorothy E, 'Williams, Mr. M. E. 'Williams, Miss Nellie E. Williams, Mr. Thurmond V., If Williams, Mr. W. M. Williamson, Mr. Gabriel C. Willingham, Miss Mary B. Wilson, Mr. Allen Bell Wilson, Mr. Raymond C. Wilson, Miss Ruby G. Wolbe, Mr. Manuel Wolf, Miss Lucy Ann Wright, Mr. Augustus B. Wright, Miss Mary E. Zipperman, Mr. Louis A. FRESI-IMAN STUDENTS, WINTER TERM Daughtry, Mr. Willard E. Davison, Mr. Hillman C. Driver, Mr. Arnold I. Edmondson, Mr. Leslie G. Eidson, Mr. Tom M. Ferguson, Mr. Iohn A. Gilstrap, Miss Margaret C. Ionlzins, Miss Lois Edith Iones, Miss Geraldine Jones, Miss W. Lenora Kelly, Miss Opal Leach, Miss Reba E. McConnell, Miss Edythe Lou McGuire, Mr. Iames M. Matthews, Mr. I. Braxton Mossman, Miss Libby Pettway, Mr. Ralph B. Pilcher, Mr. Lawrence G. SPECIAL STUDENTS, WINTER TERM Ceorge, Miss Helen L. Class, Miss Nan Gilstrap, Miss Margaret C. Gibson, Miss Ethel Martin Hatcher, Mrs. Eleanor I. Haynes, Mr. Iohn B. Henry, Miss Louise M. McKinney, Mrs. Ruth D. McNair, Mr. D. Gene McWhorter, Miss Margaret E. Mayer, Mrs. S. F. Meyer, Mr. Sam Moore, Mr. Wiley L., Ir. Morgan, Mrs. I. M. Schutte, Mr. A. Herbert Shannon, Mr. H. Bascom, Ir. Shaw, Mr. Dewey E. Stephenson, Miss Evelyn Stipe, Miss Edna Wilson, Mr. Thomas S. Wooten, Mr. Willie D. Wright, Mr. Iverson L. Young, Mr. Arthur R., Ir. Spratt, Mr. Henry G. Spurlin, Miss Helen Stapleton, Miss S. Anne Stewart, Mrs. Reba W. Stockard, Mr. Cecil R. Stowe, Miss Voncile Suttles, Miss Alma Swenson, Mr. C. A. Taffel, Miss Anne Thompson, Mrs. Elizabeth R. Turner, Miss Sybil E. Turner, Mr. Thomas A. Viclcery, Mrs. Ruth I. Walker, Miss Murdock Wallace, Miss Margaret R. Warr, Mr. Clifford M. Wansley, Mr. Hal B. Watson, Miss Sally V. Wells, Miss Iosephine Whatley, Miss Naomi White, Mr. Henry M. Williams, Miss Dorothy R. Wilson, Mr. Ross Woodburn, Miss Chrystine Zimmer, Miss Ruth Zimmerman, Mr. Clifford B. 1 35.55 ldfk T- . HIQCJIHS. MI- Iohn M. Morris, Mr. Albert C., Ir. .-.rhhagry A. Hill, 'Louise Nance, Miss Qra Lee Q 1. :ir-M xx. wfittiiifl l. tgmton, tvluss UEria b M L ge-vlzman, Mr. Sydney M. '-155 Nm? - - OPSOF1, iss .za e . . ec , Mr. Robert Earl x A f ligflxal- SOFFOYQD, Mixsds Evflygri M. lgiriins, Mr. Maurice L. 1 . ---2Gi1- rt: uc.:a ee, .rs . . i ips, Mr. Edmu d P. ., 'f221g,PMgm-'1 Hum. Mis? MGYY K. Pickens, Miss Lois . an 1. I i-.r.':.:::i-.-: B. lreland, Miss Gertrude M. Porch, Mr, T, Comer :w,:.::vx.' .zss ...a:',"E. johnson, Miss Sue B. Postol, Mr. Ioseph Max 11'-F' L--"ana H. lonnston, Mr., Edwin D. Pugmire, Miss Meriel G. .4 .... ro, 2-2:1111 N. irginia L. eiarst, Mr. William S. Radway, Mrs. Iulia C. 5-,H I Lacher, Mr. Franz Raines, Miss Della M. :fjuf f,-W-1'-,j' -1- E-1 LSGFC3. M155 lOS9Phine E. Rainwater, Mrs. Pennie L. i Q-ix., G. Lewis, Mrs. Thomas Reed, Mr- CeCi1A- gain x, .sa . Lzde, Miss 4Valree Reynolds, Mr. I. Aubrey E,-h-Q-I: ' :kai--:L JK. H Lincoln, Miss Rachel L. Roberts, Miss Patricia Eii,.I.-H U':v..5x.?.gaY.L-, . Li-.-isngston, Mr. Harvey Robinson, Mr. Douglas B. -5-xg:l-- Q-:J w-l:v'-'v-- t-icoartney, Miss Chrystine D. Rogers, Mr, Paul T- E-lx: K -- 11252431 R- L-':cDonald, Miss .Bessie Kate Scarbrough, Miss Iuanita '-1---- tw . i-.cGritf, Mrs. Lois Highnote Sharp, Mr. Henry W. 5:42157 M155 ll-ills v lohnson, Miss E. Tallulah Longmire, Miss Amelia L. PENS, T-fr. i.a'.-:rence Albert Watkins, Mr. Iames JthY M. lph W. I alter C. FQ9 Harrison I-Ymwood C. 't Roy qan Dixon h C. ie erick L. d N. n C. 1. Leonard T rothy E. E. .llie E. xrmoncl V., Ir M .abriel C. Mary B. Bell ond C. y G. el .nn stus B. Y E. uis A. rbert ascom, lf- E. Evelyn lS S. AD. nL. R., Ir- G. n lrme W. l R. le zabeth R. Th The Studer class activities between stude LLOYD C. GINN Vice-President SENIORS George Wing Thornton Flannigan Dean E. Dreyer SoPHoMoREs Carl Pruett Albert Lee Iames Griffith , ,W 5 - The Student Council ,-, -.,... .- --.,..4..., f' 2-"1 "::.':':.' The Student Council Qrfylxzei " class activities and to ertcoureze Q .. between students and faculty. Famscrs M. Ofyriif PIC-L:1':f.-1.1 LLOYD C. Grim P3 Vice-President Rm' H.L.R'1".'.f1l.: L 'l'rff4:L'::f. SENIORS Iuixroris George Vxfinq Thornton Flanniqan Dean E. Dreyc-r SOPHOMORES Carl Pruett Albert Lee Iames Griffith luriios Lufgli-1-r Lloyd C. Ginn' Roi:-?'rtK1rii::f',' FRESHMEN Roy Hartwell Iolm Hill lean Rayner f P::,.lLA1 '.'.'2lli4ir: .. :t -.. J-L ...Ll I..-. Puraricnrior-rs wwf..- ,d.,. Q Lil ..' ,,,. C. Hai LL ...-V vefwfftftlrzri' 'I ai fl!- 9..- ,.. I .4 I. L 'E"l"1'l ql'T"1'-. - iw.-. ., . sal' P' . ,Q X aqui' is X 1l 1? 15 'fi . ef' 1A V W-q F l. .lil I 5 'IL' Nl' -Q,4 , W w. fi' 3 . 13 ,U ,xl f' V IAMES L. LACHER Tfiwof-:rx-Chze: The Nocturne ROBERT C. LOWE, IR. ii I, ' fren' .ln 1. 3.. J.-fy , .- fi. ' . i V-.-.'-ill Y Eizlaia la H, :a::':z:: M. O J G'-aim lacks" Euszness Manage,-er Tl F 44 " EDITORIAL STAFF f.ffl.DRED FLUHY :.....,.-.,.,1 ' . f LOWELL vl' ...x.J.s.,..ln. ECIUO. Nell Shropshire STAFF ST lack TUYW JULIUS LENNARD H Geo' Wm? Associate Business Manager Ray Hartwe Carl Herbiq Gilbert Stockti ckson ". : v ...a S- al.. 23 s'---3:1 Peggy Brool-is W. A. Lee, Ir. Elizabeth Bridges Vifqinia CGUCN9 lack Chapman Io Taylor Charles G. Swinford William Powell I 4 Keen, Bridges, Chapman, l Q Dreyer, Flury. ' n br Gregory, Iackson, Iackson, Len- narcl, Lee. n a , -fr Osteen, Powell, Seals, Swin- ford, Shropshire. l Taylor, Turner, Wing, Brooks, Caudle. ' I Yllvl E,-...lj F' 'T' If X f f fi Lf K l i J TX ' I -'X KIT' Ion Taliaferro Cecil Goldstei O'Connell Doi E. I. Barber Kenneth CrabI lvIcDouqald E1 Douqhe: Flanigar Guy, I Guire, Palmer hardt, I Starr, F ,j SLXBQILEQ f ZX' X -- X hx ,'-R X :' Q l ff Q,-ex. , If Xxizl I , 1 .45 ,1- If The Evening Signal re- 90 I F' 2 .Vg V .J C. ED. LZAHTW EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS gm ff LOWELL WHITE MILDRED FLURY ' CHARLTON WIMBERLY RALPH Moon Associate Editors STAFF ASSISTANTS Ray Hartwell Gilbert Stockton lon Taliaferro Cecil Goldstein O'Conne1l Dougherty E. I. Barber Io Taylor Eleanor Davis Frances Starr Tom Kingston Dorothy Guy Frances Davidson Kenneth Crabbe Geo. Wing McDougald Evans Robert C. Lowe, lr. Embry P, Eve, lr. Dougherty, Dreyer, Evans, Flanigan, Flury. Guy, Kingston, Lowe, Mc Guire, Moor. Palmer, Powell, Ray, Rein- hardt, Shuttleworth. Starr, Taliaferro, Taylor. i v Wimberly, White, Wing. n .. I ,X L 'Nl -1 1 . ' 1 t ., 1 .Q i ,-t 'til I 1 1 -A 1 M- we .-.. ,E ,LN-u,,..,, ,-,-,,- , 9 lanes MCGUIEE. . . ' ' VV. E. KITYPATE' ' Deer. Dania .... Lloyd Ginn Ordry Palme: lflargret Cohort Thornton Flanioa. Bessie Voight Christophe: F IIA. x. ....7..-,, -u.........-. . ., u...... .Nu lfU.,' vv ..... II? ? if " xi .44 l 1 2 I F1 lfl, A I nter-F raternity Council The purpose of the lnter-Fraternity Council is to guide the various organiza- iion activities of the school, particularly with reference to dates for functions and to promote a close and harmonious affiliation among the clubs, societies, ira- iemities, and sororities of the University System of Georgia Evening School. Officers GEORGE WING .... . . .' .... President MILDRED FLURY .... . , . . .Vice-President ELIZABETH CURTIS .... . . .Secretary-Treasurer ,-2. f I, P N ij -: j5'.frc.42'1tif I jkggiff ,Z V' g I A I- , -f - ff ,A i 'IA' , f -:Lg -,gfij 5 It I e-f. W M ----Y---5. I, is . H444 'll l l M77 at QQ ,..-- xB. .A'i. sf -A li x X LXL A1171 Con Grin Delt. Delti Delll Fact Hila Litei Phi l PlaY Spei Stuc The Ven intra Baker, Belle ls way, Clark, C Davis, Dreye Graviti, Grec GUY, Herbiq LOWS, MCGII Moss, Trulove l kt .X xx X. X X Alpha Kappa Psi. . Comet Club .... Crimson Key .... Delta Kappa ....... Inter-Fraternity Council Delta Larnba Sigma. . . Delta Sigma Pi .... Faculty ........ Hilarian Club. . . Literary Guild. . . Phi Chi Theta. . . Playcrafters ..... Speakers Club .... Student Council. . . Theta Xi Zeta. . . Venetian Club .... lntra-Mural Key. . . tialfor Bolle isle, Briclqos, Cara- way, Clark, Curtis, Damrgo. Representative fx - . m rf,-s . .-.-., -N ......f R. fs g7'7 . C.. ...V ,. ... . t F 0 i. t l i i r 3 i L t I I x YI VI -0 3 Davis, Droyi-r, Evans, Flirty, 1 Gravitt, Groqory, Griffith. Guy, lalorbici, lloqiiv, Kimsi- l.owo, McGuire, lvitirtiii. Moss, Moor, Scala, 'llxlzatorit-, Trulov z-1 F Li ,4 Wi l. f' . if Wlmito, Wino. ., ,.........1......., -.-- -..-... -'J it 1 V' ' . W W ff Xl , N5-.4 L N A l fb E l I u . T' vy- l f L- 1, Delta Mu Delta Founded New York University, November, 1913 THETA CHAPTER GE ORCIA TECH Installed Iune 9, 1931 The object of Delta Mu Delta is to promote higher scholarship in the train- inq for business and to recoq cial studies. FRANCIS OSTEEN .... HARRY GAULT ..... ELIZABETH CURTIS .... NOAH WARREN ......... PROF. FRED B. WENN ..... nize and reward scholastic attainment in commer- Ctiicers . . . . . . . .President ............................Vice-President Assistant Secretary and Acting Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Faculty Secretary-Treasurer Honorary Member .-I y -A 4-f---v--A-f---f--v--Y--"""' I lx' HY, A IAKHQ-,-,. ,Aff .fff r' I , . . . LAMAR ELIZABETP REUBEN C MILDBED FRANCIS l 1, W. G01 N. E. BOS F. C. BRA T. W. DU I. HARRY PAY ALL W. W. A E. H. Brsi MARY CI R. G. CA L. C. EV. RICHARD IOHN IAI H. C. Kr C. ROY l OSTEEN, CURTIS A Q D "'I X ll l 1. V -XML Q.. XX - . .R I '-X . I. VX of W.. A li- 1' qc .5 IX ,A A - I .X -, tl All 2 'ra-X X, U f I F 1' ' Eli 'T " '5" ,"?'E+ 1 1 1 5315. . A Delta M u Delta If . Members ' 1 1935 LAMAR Cf. BAKER FRANCIS M. GSTEE: ELIZABETH CURTIS MAURICE STRICecL.:.::: REUBEN CRIMM ROBERT STRIQKQULMM TED I. 'WHITEHEAD 1934 MILDRED CHESTNUTT BROWN M. D. Hpljqpggl FRANCIS DUGGAN GEORGE 1NAP.I-IIQEFS 1. W. GOLDSMITH ANTRA 1x'.4ULKE':' R. L. RIVERS 1933 N. E. BOSWELL CATHERINE 1V1.5.RTIEZ DIJGGQ-.:: F. C. BRANDES HOWARD B. IORNS B. F. WELLS, IR. 1932 T. W. DUNCAN MARGARET LLOYD I. HARRY GAULT RUTH ROGERS 1931 PAY ALLEN GEORGE E. PARKER W. W. AYCOCK NORMAN E. PETTIS E. H. BISHOP 1OHN M. REED, MARY CHEATHAM BUCCHOLZ H. L. RORINSO:-I R. G. CARLSEN C. S. SPINKS L. C. EVANS BERNARD SUTTLER RICHARD HILLS M. GUY SWANSOT-: IOHN IANOULIS M. W. SVJINT H. C. KITCHENS C. T. ZELLNER C. ROY MCCORMACK 1. W. ZURER, IR. WY 1 OSTEEN, CURTIS 1 I iii 1: 1"""""H"""'T 1 .gf 1 I ...E 5 Q . t 4 , . ,l ,N ' ' b X Q ,211 I I . W.. ..-. W., Q 5--+,,....,Y 1,4 dl 6 1 c i v l ,, , J , l .ix , f, a 1 lf l, Y- f f le., Theta Xi Zeta C0wls Clubb Founded Evening School November 20, 1924 e lil a 1' The purpose is to honor those men who have taken an active interest in the weliare and activities of the Evening School: to honor those men who have at- ' ' 1 t ' t. ' d a scholastic average of eighty or above at the completion of at east wo ame years of degree work at the Evening Schooly to promote better fellowship by taking an active part in making new men acquaintedp to encourage and promote any objective whereby the Evening School may be benefited. Qiiicers Lowrzu. M. WHITE. . . ,,,,, President EWELL Y. IACKSON .... .... V ice-President DONALD B. CLEGG. .. ,,,,, Secretary ELMER E. TRULOVE. . . ,,,, Treasurer df l J -,, L,Y,A " Y . - .-V ff- "II : 2 f 1 ' '+23g.:5Vv ' L.'3,'l,! ' ' "1 ' , g Egg,-1 . wt, I 1Q1f 1 3 L :,f',54lp'f "MSE-Nlflil la-,L f lr 1 E Wlfflll' X'XY:W,g ' f, V. 1 l s X lr Barber, Clark, Iackson. Iohnson, Kin tin, Osteen. S9518 Trulo l l l jtxx axis it -. N' fi: N--VV . i Nig ERNEST I. BARBER ALBERT CLARK DONALD B. CLEGG Theta Xi Zeta Members A. D. GREGORY, IR. EWELL Y. IACKSON S. K. IOHNSON ROBERT KIMSEY Barber, Clark, Cleqq, Gregory. lackson. I lohnson, Kimsey, Lowe. Mar- lin, Osteen. I Seals, Trulove, While. D h Q.. ,. ,- l lv. il fl' Twi,.-x, .Lf . F rm, .. ' fr, .- ,, M l . " A- e- ' 5 - .W ,J--1 ,E va .,:ne., 11 -L.--4 ELMER E. ROBERT C. I ED F-fl - :T- ,. .l.!'... .ln l 25 1 5 fy, Q .V V .rug .. rr .-' ' . Y-119-ji-W . T, l , "ff . .J Q ,f ekvfjwig . 5 ,I , - ,J. P. 'f L , ' 5, IN H Q . g 1 , L , TU? 'A , 'A-" I 11" . A 5 'Ng rl ' ' - .l 1 U. . ' 'Ulf r - ...C n .., FRA::crs M. QSTEEI IULIAR P THOMAS I.Ox-.ff- I CI SEALS TEU. -..,. .. ...J-.. 7 kj XIV.. .... N. ..L.... 1. n..1.L i 3 41' 3 A ,If 'I I I I I J ' v spirit among Intra-Mural Key Founded Evening School November 7, 1934 I I I I I I I I I I I A fraternity organized to promote: A closer understanding and cooperative the students, and between the student body and school adminis- tration: an aspiration for greater intellectual achievementsg a study ot student problems to the end that all student lite may be enriched, and the progress and the best interest ot the University System oi Georgia Evening School, in which this organization is founded, may be stimulated and promoted. LLOYD PHILIP RALPH lor: L. C. GINN ......... I. SHUTTLEWORTH. C. Moon ........ STRADLEY .... Officers , Dreyer, Fla t SOD. . . . . . .President . . .Vice-President . . . . .Secretary . . .Treasurer Kimsey,M Stradley, I' 1 1 ,f":1, I I I , , V Rel UTN I 1, ' A I ait ' I 'tif 4 IIOXM' 1, Q we V - ,Q f - tyiti I rin: ,fl If relax Liiiggif a rt'r' I I , if f I dmv :jg I X, .a In I ch' I gg U, . ,nf Intra-Mural Key ERNEST I. BARBER DEAN E. DREYER I. THORNTON FLANIGAN I. RALPH GIBSON LLOYD C. GINN CARL A. HERBIG CLARENCE H. HILL EWELL Y. IACKSON HOWARD B. IOHNSON S. K. IOHNSON ROBERT B. KIMSEY Members GEORGE 'WIIDIG I ..,.,.-... x,. ...- G f X.: 'D ' l B P::'L IO R Le Faculty Members DR. GEORGE M. SPARKS, Director MR. T. M. -.-.,... "" ' ...q!'.u.. ... . . .". Lf' 2 x., .jf F EL V3 24E2lg A ' A 1 -I :.,'gf,,,E' E. .f-..-.:..: I ' -5 QAH,- , M.- .. ---N,-.. " Nl L ,. ....:: ... ...- F' ll S:'.R..:..E D. .'-. x -..fx Nl "NU-,.........-.... kJ-,....,,... . I. Szztff' --- ...-. . A. :-.'. .. N ... L., ......-. 1-.b.L. TEEELQHQ: I I ' A-L. X 4,-f'-I--1 .- T- . .CC'g...i- x.-, 1121. Dreyer, Planiqan, Ginn, lack- iv' SOD. ' Kimsey, Moor, Shuttleworth. Stradley, Trulove. ',n 'T' if-,y ,T X '. . - -I N-N , .. .!. ii, ' f f , , .Il 1 - S5 f Ar! h f.- fv ' A , .VG 4 - A X, 5 Vifggi' we lg.. E' , '-x.:,,' F13 'gffr-sly "Af '. 55+ 4 Q, 5,3345 -Q.: 7 A Rauf.: xi .lg- f Q? l 1' '... gf Crimson Key Founded Evening School lanuary, 1935 To promoie a closer understanding between the Administration and the students of the Evening School, and to cooperate with the faculty and other organizations of the school to the end that there may be fostered and main- tained the highest standards of scholarship, social activities, and moral ideals among the women students. Officers NEDRA TYHE .... ....... P resident NORMA IOHNSON ..... ...... V ice-President EDNA PAYNE COOPER .... .... S ecretary-Treasurer fl' , t 'fflgf-Jtf'.':Qst r Q' ff fy 1 pt r gt, 'f .- .- , xy , l ',,gsg, ,'fr""ff,..-3 5, f 4' l . f '1-9"'f' i1 :,,,1i3,:g,s . I I j f 1 I -'z,..f.- ,L y -,-61.5. ' A ,J---m-.,,,,,,.F.i.... , tw Y W f A W thi Fl, I KATH EDNA ELIZA ELEAJ MCD' Doac Html Nom Cooper, Davis, EV Hammond, Iackscl lohnson, Mays' KATHERINE BELLE ISLE EDNA PAYNE COOPER ELIZABETH CURTIS ELEANOR DAVIS MCDOUGALD EVANS DOROTHY GUY HILDA IAOKSON NORMA IOHNSON Cooper, Davis, Evans, Guy. Hammond, Jackson. Crimson Key Members PAUL1: ll ll -L .-ir J If, --- fi Q .. I IV1F-.E1C.- Lf,-. IS .- 1 X---...- Tr 'nz IN..D:1.. T: M A R 'I' JLIXAIL. L... TCFI1!' ITL ' . H.--.T-if-fp.-E ,-,.., - HELEN 5-'I'TT"f' ' x.. Mmm' T'X?::.f -' ...ef 'E Iohnson, Mays, Pittman, Tyre. I X Ii, '35?ii1.fF"l" V--:5f""'l 7 x ,u XX- N kg, .4 .g-, , . ffQi,5X 1, g lx x N ' ""f ' l I if I . ,L , 1 ' I 1, ,nr ,Q rv 1 , 1 1115 F1 .Ji , Q Alpha Kappa Psi 1 f , . ' Professional Fraternity in Commerce Founded New York University, October 5, 1904 P1 CHAPTER Installed November 27, 1917 JI ' . ,X f,, E 5 . .. .-1. , ' 111 . COLORS ........ ............... N avy Blue and Gold FLOVJERS .................. ..................... Y ellow Rose PUBLICATION ............. .... T he Alpha Kappa Psi Diary LOCAL PUBLICATION ...................... The Pilot The objects of this Fraternity shall be to further the individual Welfare of its members: to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts and finance: to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals thereing and to promote and advance in institutions of collegiate rank courses leading to degrees in Business Administration. Officers S. K. IOHNSON ..... ........... ,,,,., P r esident KENNETH I. MOSS. ...Vice-President THoIII.-'Is A. SEALS ...... ...... S ecretary IL LIUs M. LENNARD CULvI:R CARAWAY ...... IACK B. TURNER. . . IULIAN PRICE ..... Isaomz S. Wing.. l'lIcI-IARD A. HILLS ...........Treasurer . . . . .Master of Rituals Diary Correspondent . . .Deputy Councilor ..Division Councilor . . .District Councilor :iii I . . Irie.-f 1 lf' f. , I, ,im ' f I , fx! I fl lj . a f "W"'l37f7 ln A I I Q-ff - fait - 'Jir i' .4'f' ' fe- 1 .- Ins-sa - ,I- fflfifff if ii I , '1 f f ' ima lj ERNEST 'W',n,LTE CULVE I, W ru Rossa' ow lor-IN 5 Hoy T EUGEN CLAFLE DR. E1 IOHN LOUIS IAMES KARL RAY ' IOHN ' Initia Barber, Bensc Caraway. C151 gan. Dougherty, H Hickman, Hill son, E. I. Iackson, E. ' son, Iohnsto Lennard. LOWS. Moo Pierce, Pm Reilly, Rid sea1S, Shu hsi- N, l ,ff "f J .A ,ff I I '-1 I . I gy-.wt -q I.. if-,ft 4 T 1 fu' Alpha Kappa Psz 'L .2 r if r Members E. ' .R R- A, I ERNEST l- BARBER IOHN L. HOE?:.L:.:: 'ff-5-if-1: I w 'Ati WALTER B. BENSON EVANDER In JACKSON 1:1 GE,.,."g'.gQ1Q, .2 CULVER CARAWAY EI.-JELL Y. IACKSOI: 'I-'I1.l.E,:.3,1 L :M I. WILSON CASH MILLARD A. IE::scI::s IL-Lgigg :sf-Q::S ROBERT H. CLARK S. K. IOHNSON H5-,I-Z5 3373, OICONNELL DOUGHERTY JOSEPH A. IOHNSTON, IR. TsaI:.:.z,.1,5 lm 3q335L1w-,- IOHN B. DRISKELL W. ALBERT LEE, IR. EARL D, 555,-3LLg BOY T. FRICKS IULIUS M. LENNARO, I:.. Tsesormg gl., 353,-,lr EUGENE HICKMAN, IR. GUY I. LICHLYTER II. :HEEL 57-,-Eu CLARENCE H. HILL ROBERT C. LO1.-JE, IR. jam' E, T59 RALPH C. MOOR Pledges DR. ELMER G. CAMPBELL HUGH IORDI-.N PESILIP I. Ssar7f1.1" ' JOHN D. CARAWAY, IR.' ARCHIE L. LINDSEY l"lE!J?i'r' T. 3:42725 LOUIS W. CORRIGAN WILLIAM P. LOVE BA'I':.c:I:::n STAN" IAMES H. DICKSON, IR.' LOUIE F. MARSH, IR.' ARTHUR P. Sv,1.::T3.' KARL E. GEMES CHARLES B. MONTOO:.cER'f GILESZRT 1.1. ST.: ' RAY V. HARTWELL WILLIAM NORMAN LA:.1AR T,'v:':.5P IOHN S. HILL FRANK RIMER, IR.' I.'IfILLI,1.:.: T. 'I ' Initiated February l6, 1936. lf" f' . , 1 l- ' ,qv ' ' Barber, Benson, Campbell, .3 I-la 5, I - ,, I, ,' 4 I 'Q Q Caraway, Cash, Clark, Corri- -, I A ' A 1, , -. l A IA Dougherty, Driskell, Fricks, ,v 7- p. use 'pl .3 'QP Q ,Q . . -. - 'C Hickman, Hill, Hoffman, Iacli- 'K ' ..,- . .X -r son, E. I. . I I If ' V . -I Iackson, E. Y., Ienlzins, Iolm- .3 .3 ,arg I VQ. P 51' ' 'Q Son, Iohnston, Iones, Lee, -3 P4 ' ll .,, 5' A I .i '-- Lennarcl. ' K 1 I . . My I 1 'w l g AP .5 3. : ", " Lowe, Moor, MOSS, Norman, 'fu W Q' 4 Y ' K- ' Pierce, Powell, Price. 'M l H 'A' ' .1 I IAA 2 5 U "' . . .. . wmgaf-'II vo I ..' ' I PIeIllY, Plrden, Turner, bax... V .A I V5 1 -I -Q ft 1 I Seals, SlIulIlex-Jorllr, Slattlr 1- -4 I ' 4 -19 ' 7 4 I I I - I .1 I 'fr' A P F 15- :V s .L Sla xl r Siocla lcr STVTIII A ' 3 X I . R - .1 I -fx .Rx 5 4f,, L: .lm Y' ' W JW .Cf I 'stil . K A. il - 1 I --'S ' -1 ' LL 1 I r I ! f W International Fraternity of Delta ozgma Pl Founded New York University November 7, 1907 KAPPA CHAPTER Installed March 12, 1921 iw , 1. x. Lf 1 .441 I ' ' rs 'v'F"' COLORS ....... . .... Old Gold and Royal Purple FLOVIER ......................... ............. R ecl Rose INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATION ..... ...... T he Deltasiq LOCAL PUBLICATION ...... ..... K appa Life A fraternity organized to foster the study oi business in universities: to en- courage scholarship and the association of students for their mutual advance- ment by research and practice: to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of Commerce and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and Culture and the civic and Commercial Welfare of the Community. Officers ELLII-:R E. TRULOVE .... ALBERT P. CLARK ........ W. SCOTT BLACKSTOCK ..... .....HeaclMaster . . . . .Senior Warden . . .lunior Warden W. ELNVOOD Amos ....... .,,., T reasufer OSCAR B. CORNELIUS .... ,,.,, ..."... S C ribe WU-UAH B- 1-RCKSON ----- ................ H istorian IACK L- CHAPMAN -------- .... M aster of Ceremonies CHARLES G. SwINroRD ..... .... M aster of Festivities -lH'C"h" A Qiffgf 1 X F... 1 . 1 ff 'f p t gf-. L! . P741 I -X Arn Bric Cha Cor Gir Gre son Kin Os' r. It gw 1 I t I X at x X --x Q' X.. 'P' I . . V1 ntematzonal Fratermty of Delta .,, 6 H 1- Members .I - l , W. ELWOOD AMOS Iggy M, Qerqq-, - diva L ' X I W. SCOTT BLACKSTOCK IA:-.rEs M. Tiff' 5 fl IAMES H. BROWN ERNEST Nfl gjnf if'." I THOMAS E. BR1DGEs, IR. IAMES I-Iggrgggegl. f I L VVALTER A. BUCHANAN IA:4Es W JACK L. CHAPMAN VLIILLII-.I.f B, I,-.,qQA.: l.'."f': "Q IN", AUSTIN B. CHASE ROBERT B. C'ff-1.- .1 I' ALBERT P. CLARK DONALD B. CLEGC OSCAR B. CORNELIUS V. IACKSON CRAVEN LUCIAN GRAVITT A. D. GREGORY, IR. IAMES L. LACHER C. ED MART1:-: IOHN l-'VESLE'x',1.RTr:: 1. lfVvII..EY L. MOORE, FRANCIS M. Csrgggq .., 1 3 ,L .. Faculty Members H. E. DENNISON MAX Brps VANCE L. BRIGMAN, IR. LAWRENCE BROWN THOBEN ELROD EMBRY P. EVE, IR. Pledges Amos, Bips, Blacksiock Bridges, Buchanan, Chapman. Chase, Clark, Clark, Cleqq Cornelius, Craven. Ginn, Gravitt, Gregory, A. D. Gregory, I. M., Griffith, Iack- SOD. Kimsey, Lacher, Lane, Martin, Osteen, Phillips. Prueit, R e s p e s s, Swafford, Bwinford, Trulove, Wells. . E I , I 1,1 in . , Ni- -xo. Dr,-.v ' i- ", l l t A x. 313351 '-f:f5E??f1Y'. Nils' 11 ,war , L4 4, .ry 4 1 " fu all a- 1 xl W' v 4. W Hd, . ,. . :ffl 1 'A I I I L-..,,l if gi' Q , vf. . 'I . v . '3' A -A L.. Lf. L. L LIKFYI' ' ' -4' 1 ..L Q - f-.FEl:'Q'.I 2' 1 T-MH... r I ,,L 1-'..... ul Iii... - 'W func: l'xIf,:':.--.. I' wr- ' I L. 'Q 7' lik ' Iwo ,I l"" W - '. I .1 I 3 I ' 'A 21-4 i . A J: In 1 ll A my 4 . 7 me I 'W 5 I? 'sp , 4. 41 45 'Z Y, 5 vs - -2 I ,"'.f,, x 'T fi O 4 .Y.,, r L, El 'Ill' Delta Lambda Sigma Sorority Founded Washington, D. C. ICDTA CHAPTER Installed Ianuary 28, 1934 1 N. . v ' MBD5 avi . 5' 5 Q 'E Q' G5 COLORS ....... FLOWER ..... "Development Of mind, and alta DOROTHY GUY .... . .............Red and White . . . .American Beauty Rose inrneni Of individual and social excellence." Officers .......President NETTIE 'WEBSTER .... ,,,, V 1Ce-Pfe3idem Wmms PARIS ..... ,,,,, S ecrefafy ELIZABETH BRIDGES - ......... Treasurer Bdsm' P1TT:.:.aN . . . ,,,, Sefgeal-yf-at-ArmS ,- K . -4 fl A. ff X E C l nl f' :fi gig L LO l Ile Q Belle lsle, Bridges, Craddoclt, Crowell. Davis, Flury, Guy, Hoque. Iackson, ster. sl' ' 4 all -I lf? .4 4. f 5 -Y L, I ,, 'NNE gl xrkl 1 -.7 Delta Lambda Sigma Sororzt Lg Members RAE BEAVERS KATHERINE BELLE ISLE ELIZABETH BRIDGES PEGGY BROOKS CAROLYN CANNON MARY CRADDOCK IEANNE CROVJELL FRANCES DAVIDSON ELEANOR DAVIS Faculty Advisor MRS. RICHARD A. TROTTE Patronesses MRS. ELMER G. CAMPBELL MRS. LLOYD W. CRAPIN MRS. LUTHER B. HOGAN 311' L... 1 f ,-f ' Phi Chi Theta Sorority Founded Chicago, Illinois, Iune 16, 1924 UPSILON CHAPTER Installed April 9, 1929 CID Q it fs K Av COLORS ..... .... L avender and Gold Prowrza ........ .. .Lavender Iris PUBLICATION. . . . ."The Iris" To promote the cause of higher business education and training for all women, to foster high ideals for women in business careers, and to encourage fraternity and cooperation among women preparing for such careers. Officers CHRISTINE 'VIJING . . . ,,,,,,,, President AGNES GUNBY ...... - ..... Vice-President EDN!-. PAYNI: COOPER .... ............ T reasurer NATALIO MAYO ....... . . . . . .Recording Secretary I'-'ICDOUGALD EVANS .... .... C orresponding Secretary LU?-'KBETH CURTIS ----- ........ Cf rand Councillor I'C""Cf"" ' ' fffffff I' I I I I fi.. M YH ,," .-Lfi' , 'fiyt 'V I Il, 4 ,I f '- -I I I . I , I -. O I -YI I 'I K I I It I Ir, I I. I I I I I N. II I I I 'I di I I I I I I .I I I I I I Y I I I 1 I I I I I I , I I I II S., . ff -"wx If I' ,1- N.- I w r, Ifktclx -' I I at if ll ' is Q I 1 I I 1 4 1 Hukor, Cooper, Curtis, Dancfl. Phi Chl Theta Sororzty IVIARCI!-. BAKER EDNA PAYNE Coop ELIZABETH CURTIS VIRGINIA Dm-:cz MCDOUGALD Evmx AGNES GUNB'! FRANCES DAVIDSO: Evans, Gunby, Ifxcksr-n Mayo, S h VVinq W l I YOPSMIYU, N"-'HH' LT C 1-1 + is . 1 , ff "1- 'f 1 az..--ua:-an-nd 5-su. Lies- -U COLORS Royal Purple and Old Gold The purpose of the Venet1an Socrety 1S to endeavor to create a better soclal educational and c1v1l relatlonshrp among Evenlnq School students CULVER ROBERT EUGENE Ewr-:LL ALBERT it Ld. Venetian Soczety Members VifALTER R. BENSON TILDEN L. BROOKS CULVER CP.RP.X'JP.Y IACK CHAPMAN ALBERT CLARK OICONNELL DOUORERTY DEAN E. DREYER ROY T. FRICKS LUCIAN GRAv1rr IAMES M. GRIFFITPZ EUGENE HICKMAN, IR. CLARENCE H. HILL I. H. HOWARD, IR. EWELL IACKSON MILLARD A. IENKINS Benson, Brooks, Caraway Chapman, Clark, Dougherty Dreyer. Fricks, Gravitt, Griffith, Hici: man, Hill, Howard, Iackson. Ionkins, Iohnson, Iohnson, S. K., Iordan, Kinqsion, Lonnard. Lowe MCCOY, Prico, Ray, Fwiiiimrcit Biden, Styrinq. 'I'r'iiiovn. Farr, Turner. Wilkie. TJ r-1' fi .L A 1 .ii-fm! wil-zg.d!i.!.l ' 11:1 3 - 'i -we '22 .. If L it i "" "J Q Q I A A U' ' l A' K. I , 8 ' I Eli 3' f' I n 1 ur a E , w 0 L I It I 'Ll . it I x 1 Speakers Club Founded Evening School Ianuary 26, l932 Q l I Lam a i ' 1 The Speakers Club was founded at the University System of Georgia Eve- ning School for the purpose of serving the school and better fitting the Speakers Club members for successful life workg by promoting interest in public speaking among its membersy by affording to those already interested in public speaking it an opportunity to improve their abilities: by encouraging participation in inter- collegiate debatingy and, as a result, furthering the development of a high standard of education. 3 F i Cfficers ROBERT C. Lows, IR. .... ....... P resident GEORGE WING """ .... V ice-President IACK L. CHAPMAN ..... . i I I i .Secretary fi I VUFTON V' RAY "" ......... T reasurer 4 W' C' CANTRELL "" .... F aculty Advisor l B. F v RANK WELLS ""' ........ A dvisor L P+: lf' t f 1 fl. I xl! fly it Qs' I if .ffl ' ix 2. 2 .1 IT" fnx 191 - Q' gl X t' is ' .f , lk X113 fi ' 5' 1- ' I Q g K . -wb I -t-. arf' 5 3 Qi."nliifj'1TTfTiZfIfx 'U -..el I ,.1-....f..w.x as was I S Y Y,,, ,W -Vw- ,--,, ,,-.--- ' gxx K V ll I P 1 .1 - ,HQ I Lf" Ig" .3 V, . 1 -" cl A . wil' 4671 W X L N ay fi J l ,..,.,rf' -4 4, lr 1 I W. ELWOOD AMOS CULVER CARAWAY ROBERT M. CHAMBERS Speakers Club Members C. ED. 7.-LASER: v 5 1 RIC:.5.I-RD Lffzrcsaigg HALF.. Meer. IACK L. CHAPMAN CLIFTON rf' RAE. ALBERT P- CLP-RK GARNETT G. Flzzrxz l. THOMAS CLARK PAUL Hcszrczwszi OSCAR B. CORNELIUS Hggqpy DEAN DREYER GILEERT STGCPCTII ' I. THORNTON FLANIGAN 195 L, K. E. GEMES A. D. GREGORY, IR. RAY HARTWELL HUGH HOWARD A. L. LINDSEY CHARLES G. S'.'.'r:.- ELMER E 1-G IACK TURNER M. M. VMIEEIJ GEORGE l."'.7ING ROBERT C. LOWE, IR. ' Faculty Members DR. GEORGE M. SPARKS W. C. CANTRELL THEODORE M. MCCLELLAN HARLLEE Bmrccza, ,Q Amos, Chambers, Chapman. Clark, Cornelius, Dreyer. Flaniqan, Ginn, GreCJOfY Howard, Lowe, Martin. Moor, Hay, Reinhardt, Rosen zweiq, Smith, Slradley. Swinforcl, Tr u lo v e, Turner Wing. ,- .5 .Q lg R. 'r' -o N-se I Q I Playcrafters Founded Evening School September 25, 1932 0 A Ei t lk I 5 4U s V The Playcraiters is an organization formed to further the study of dramatic art through research, study, and the sponsoring and presentation of plays. , Dr-:AN E. Dar-:YER ...... MACDOUGALD EVANS .... TALLULAH DAVIS .... A. D. GRI-:GoRY, IR... ION TALIAPERRO .... Ewsu. Y. IACKSON.. IAMI-:S MCG.-UIRE. . . Gfticers . . . . . . .President . . .Vice-President ......................SecretarY Treasurer and Business Manager .-.....Stage Manager . . . .Property Manager . . . .Publicity Manager I 5 f 3 7' 1 ,-5 J , ' Q47 ' q,p."'-. ,- , Zu ft' , F '-tA 1 A ,ff 4 , 1 lgtfvjv EFF. difx I l .4 ff yff f I - ' " i A 't" f 1 5 L f , TQ: Broo ell, l Dreg Gre. QI fi . In AC M LY it lohl -XX M PEGGY BAIRD MARY ALICE BIGHAM H. L. BRIDGES, IR. LUI-'RED BROOKS PEGGY BROOKS MARION BRYSON SARA BELLE BYRD RUTH CARBINE KENNETH CRABBE MARY CRADDOCK BOB DALTON FRANCES DAVIDSON ELEANOR DAVIS TALLULAH DAVIS Playcrafters Members CLAIRE GIBSON RALPH GIBSON HARRIET GOLDSTEIN EDITH GREER A. D. GREGORY, IR. EMILY GREGORY IOHN GREGORY DOROTHY GUY CAROLYN HOGUE CARL HERBIG EWELL JACKSON FRANK IACKSON HAZEL IACOBS IULIA IOHNSON MRS. E. P. DONALDSON TALLULAH IOHNSON DEAN DREYER LOUISE EDENS JAMES MCGUIRE PRENTISS MCINTYRE MACDOUGALD EVANS CHARLOTTE MAUELSHAGEN EMBRY EVE IACK FRANK MILDRED FLURY Brooks, Byrd, Craddock, Crow- ell, Davis, Davis. Dreyer, Evans, Frank, Gibson, Gregory, Gregory. Guy, Herbiq, Hoque. Iackson 4 iohnson, McGuire. I I S. N 'N i .X ,M UQ V A Viz' X I 0150 " ay, Taliaferro, Wing. -' :-qy-,-I E - -- 1 ' i ,, I., a. -. C ' QT ,ax ' W. 4 - - 'i- I Q S 'T GREGORY MOSHKOEE LUELLE MITCHELL DICK MITCHELL C RALPH ii-'QCCE'-I ORDRE' P.:.L:.cER .-.. .. . Rum p:IL.IECSIA.. BOESIE PRUITT ELIZABETH BAHSTE-. C. V. RAY RALION SANDERS CARL S.5.NDl?"'f-'D SALT SCOTT MARY' SINGLETON EVELYN STF.LLI!iGS x.f.....' I X CHARLES G. SI.'.'1r:E.:"' ION TALIAEERRO VIRGINIA THERE' LEONARD WHITNEY DOROTHY v37ILLi."1!.fS NELLIE XNILLI.-X!-iS CHRISTINE vi7ING H. H. VJING, IR. DON VVHITE so 'T mx 3 -fy In n,- S., K xx.- XJ A I 5 I I ,.. V, -4 I1 F1 - -, ,..--------' A ' tftd IOHN D. HOFFMAN Director PAUL L. OVERBAY .... ROBERT I. GUY ..... FRED L. VOLBERG. I. T. PITTMAN ..... IOHN D. HOFFMAN... Glee Club The purpose of the Glee Club is tO furnish enter- tainment tOr school functions and tO act as an ambas- sador Ot good will by Offering its services tO Other schools and civic Organizations. Gtticers . . . . . . .President . . . . . . .Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer . . . . . .Accompanist . . . . .Director x fi, I 2 r f . 5 .,,,.,.-..,.,, ,,,,-..,-,...-- 1 X t 1 'X Y, ,,, ...DV rim-W t , , 1 I x' x IX HUGH C. ADAIR EMORY B. BELL I. M. BENSON W. L. CRUMP BOY T. FRICKS IOHN L. GIBSON IAOK GRANADE Adair, Bell, Benson, Crump, Dixon, Fricks. Gibson, Guy, Hawthorne Holizclaw, Lennard, Nichols. OverbY. Quarles, Sandiford Stanley, Swafford, Wylie. l Glee Club Members A. D. GREGORY, IR. ROBERT I. GUY SAM W. HASSLER NOEL HAWTHORNE RICHARD HOLTZCLAW IULIUS M. LENNARD, IR. WILLIAM V. NICHOLS IAMES WILEY PAUL L. C D V i.'Ef2...-5. . ,J 'Q-'u"Q- GEORGE L. QUERLE: CARL SRNDIFOEO Br-.YLIOND ST.-5.NLI'.' THOMAS A. Sx-:Aff O" O FREDERICK DON XNHIT 'vi' '.E J . -gg-4 f. 1 51 Wie . I -xr il'-U l VC' urco 1' an fa -6' 20 lf L ' Delta Kappa Fraternity Founded March 13, l935 1' L i' COLORS ..... .... B lue and Gold FLOWER .... ...... R ose The purpose of the Delta Kappa Fraternity is to promote a close relation- ship among men, a better understanding between them as gentlemen and particularly brothers, to encourage a high code of moral conduct, constructive and ambitious activity, and to fulfill the ideals as set forth for each member of Delta Kappa Fraternity Gtiicers ION TALIAFERRO Ill .... ............ ............. G O vernor Dr-:AN E. DREYER .... .... L ieutenant Governor CARL HERBIG ---- ........... S ecretary TILDI-:N BROOKS .... ..-. T reasurer lf ,fix ,Jes Mt? 1 'rr or-iii If jf .f1- V12 ' F '21 -iv ,ffl d,,.,1 TI' X ' N 1 Delta Kappa Fraternity i E ' . L Members TU-DEN BROOKS Tzeorxas Kx:::.sT::: l ALMAND CARROLL 152.155 f PAUL CLARK RALPH 2-.-dose DEAN E. DREYER Rmnaoren Sr-was RALPH GIBSON lor: TALIAFHRRC, IIE. 1 CARL A. HERBIG Vrcrcs W,1.LL L EDGAR G. KILPATRICK, IR. HENRY Wino y 'Q Brooks, Carroll, Clark, Dreyer. ff Gibson, I-Ierbiq, Kilpatrick. cl wmv .-3,-G' L 1 Kingston, McGuire, Moor A .5 Taliaferro. If l 1 'KX-llgfllllx X . . b x lim x A A X ' XL. N VJ U., -5 IFJ, lil l I l bf in 4 f-X Hzlatzan Club i-- i Founded Evening School April, l93l , I Slwc ,l ' 4: Vx ,Y I COLORS .,,. .... G reen and White I FLOWER ,,,, ..... G ardenia l The purposes of the club are: To give, throughout the school year, such I social activities as the majority ot the members shall consider advisable, to 1 promote a better understanding among the members of the club and to en- courage a better relationship between them, to encourage scholastic attainment among its members in their work toward a degree, and to work toward an ever- growing Evening School, with an ever-increasing girls' student body. 1 Officers , M-A-HUA BAKER' - - ....... President 5 1 WINNIE PARIS ---- .... V ice-President l MILDRI-:D PLURY .... '..... S ecretary HILDA IACKSON .... u v ' 'Treasurer 7. r"""Y li fl I A Mx Ai si- ls! N3 ffl I 'r :i'i 'w t,', 1 Qf -I 1 ' AE fflfs-e7'3f,'fQ5iQ'5 A af gsff' T l g?ff,Q'Q,fJ ' ffjf D' ,,', ff: I X ffTfZf1ff,jf, QT iiiiciij 1 Ax,-.,f 5 If I lm t i X il NX 'N ' X r ive si' N, til rx mx I I ! f 'X X ff If Baker, Belle Cooper, Curtis. Hilarian Club Members MARCIA BAKER KATHERINE BELLE ISLE ELIZABETH BRIDGES MARGARET BROOKS MILDRED CHESTNUT BROWN MARY AKERS COLL EDNA PAYNE COOPER ELIZABETH CURTIS VIRGINIA DANCE FRANCES DAVIDSON CATHERINE MARTIN DUGGAN SARAH FITZPATRICK MILDRED FLURY DORIS GIBBS ETHEL GREEN EMILY GREGORY DOROTHY GUY AGNES GUNBY SARAH MARGARET HOPKINS HILDA ISAKSON IACKSON ELIZABETH IENKINS Isle, Bridges, fi Dance, Flury, Gunby, Guy. Wallace. Jackson, Mayo, Paris, Pittman, Brooks. Shropshire, Webb, Wing. I 5, A ilgrIi,X X' I 'xxx I Kiki it '-" . I, Ll ' XX ., '-'V , I 'l'4!f'Vf": 'lr ' ELIZABETH 13333: ,,, , U-.- ......-- .. ..:..-.I i 1 ,Er . ' 4 Ev" V ' WW jf.. . .,. .X... . . IOSEPHIIIE KLOECY' --- .......... DORIS lVl.5.':'C NATALJO IIJIAYO K., BERNICE ll."lCSEL.EI':' ELISE OELSNER ESTELLE MCKIEEEI: GSTEZI WINNIE PARIS LAURA MAE PA?-TPC E R NELL PAY:-:E MARY PIIr:.:A:: AVRILLA SHERIDP. NELI. SI-IRORSHIRE L I1 MARGARET TIRREL' EUGENIA V'fAI.L.5.CZ MAMIE VXIALKEE2 LYNDA MVEBE CHRISTINE VVVING SARAH VVVOOD fs ' 'D -x 4? ...- 1 I0 'ls W -Tr ,X ieffy- rr YD 6' A 1 n L . i li 3 F1 -4 , r- W" A " ff' ' 1 Jr ,ff ,Z-. AX X tx Comet Club Founded Evening School, 1926 CoLoRs ...... .... R ed and White FLOWER ..... .... C arnation This club organized as a wornen's organization for the promotion of social and academic activities in the student body. Officers MCDOUGALD EVANS . . . ,,,,,,, Pfesjdgnt ELEANoR DAVIS .... .... V ice-President CHRISTINE WING. . . III.. Secretary MINTA IACKSON .... . . n Treasurer fi .iil is ,- I 'i 't I if , t 1 x ff I and , ,,.., .Xt V l I ,,- .,,.- I I i t NI Q' TN I d X ix J . is xx ANNA AVERY Comet Club Members ELIZABETH BRIDGES SARA BELLE BYRD SALLY COOK IEANNE CROWELL ELEANOR DAVIS TALLULAH DAVIS MODOUGALD EVANS MILDRED FLURY HARRIET GOLDSTEIN EMILY GREGORY MARY HAMMOND PATRICIA HOGUE HILDA IACKSON Bridges, Cook, Crowell, Davis, Davis, Evans. Flury, Gregory, H a In rn O ri d Hoque, lacksori, Iacksori. Iohnsori, McDowell, Osborn, Palmer, Philibosian, Starr. Taylor, Thompson, Webster, Wing. l fw, 'ASIA I gl I I- ri' ' I". , . , Vi I I Q I Y ,I Q 5, I fr? V A JV -if fJ.v. .A..3 I A -W1 ..,...4ns.-A-sd ce,-AI..-, A f I . yi , STM tn- ., H5 .. MINTA IACKSON lULIA lOH::SO:: DORIS KEMRER GERTRUDE MCDO IEANETTE OSEOE ORDREY PALMER RUTH PHILIEOSIM: lULIA SELIOLIAN FRANCES STARR IO TAYLOR MYRL THOMPSOI: CHRISTINE VNIING NETTIE VVEBSTER MARY WRIGHT ..u wp... . H.: 3 I -40 T7 I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I i I I I I I 1 . I . KST? n I I ' is I ? I I I I I I I ,ln I I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I II ,TI II QI , II' III III :I , I I I ,II I I . I A I I I I I II I 'I Z II - I I I I I I i I V X , . I I I ' I I University System of Georgia University Extension Center in Atlanta EVENING SCHOOL and JUNIOR ooLLEoE-DAY CLASSES CO-EDUCATIONAL Day and evening classes are given to meet the needs of students as follows l. Those who wish to take work for University credit toward the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Bachelor of Arts in lfducation. and Bachelor of Science in Education. 2. Students who wish to receive the degree of Bachelor of Commercial Science through the Evening School, for work done entirely in the Lhiversity lfxtensinn Center in Atlanta. 3. Students who wish to complete work for a ,lunior College Diploma of graduanion from the University System of Georgia in the fields of Bachelor of .-Xrts. Bsielielor of Science, Bachelor of Arts in Education, Bachelor of Science in L'oinmi-ree. and Bachelor of Science in Education. -l. Students who wish to complete work for a Certificate in Business .-Xdininiszration or for a Certificate in Secretarial Training. 5. Special students taking selected courses and not having in vim an exrensiw pro- gram of study. Earn While You Learn . . . Learn While You Earn , I Division of General Extension UNIVERSITY SYSTEM OF GEORGIA O meet the needs of those unable to attend college two types of courses are offered by the Division of General Extension of the University System of Georgia. In one, members of the faculties of the several institutions of the Uni- versity System of Georgia doing extension work meet groups in their home towns once a week for lectures and discussion. In the other, correspondence courses are offered for those who cannot meet with extension groups in home study. THE Division of General Exten- sion cooperates with all institutions of the University System of Georgia doing extension work either by cor- respondence or in extension classes. These institutions offer through the Division of General Extension in- struction in a large number of courses by which credit may be earned to meet both degree requirements and professional standards. Several hun- dred courses are available in more than one hundred subjects in Agriculture Journalism Art Latin Commerce Mathematics Economics Music Education Philosophy, English Political Science French Physical Education Geography Psychology Hfflllfb Science History Sociology Home Econ omics Spanish A student may register for corre- spondence instruction at any time. Extension classes may be organized anywhere in the state. A student may apply through the Division of General Extension for en- rollment in the institution of his pref- erence, for any course offered by that institution which he may be qualified to pursue With profit. SPECIAL plans and terms have been arranged by the Division of General Extension in cooperation with the State Department of Education for validation of curriculum study under local leadership in home communities, and for aiding graduates of high schools who may not be able to at- tend college, details concerning which may be had upon request. For information concerning any phase of the University System of Georgia, or bulletin, application form, etc., Write directly to the institution concerned, or address: extension Work of any institution of J. C. WARDLAW, DIRECTOR OF GENERAL EXTENSION UNIVERSITY SYSTEM OF GEORGIA Room 10, 223 Walton St., N. W ., Atlanta, Georgia Telephone WAlnut 6771 A The Engagement Dzamond f ,Z 4 K Choose thls preclous Jewel at the store where conhdence can be placed wlthout hesxtancy THERE ARE NO FINER DIAMONDS THAN THE CLAUDE S BENNETT QUALITY AND OUR PRICES ARE EXCEPTIONALLY REASONABLE Compare Our Dzamonds We znuzte your account Dzuzde the payments Qlllauhe 9 Igennett :Nc 207 Peachtree DIAMOND MERCI-IANTS ATLANTK Good Muslc DRUG COMPANY B ll Manle Del cxo s F ll Co rse Meals Y Sandwxches and l'lIS Candles Dnnks Cxgarettes Orchestra "Meet Your Friends Across the Street Dmrbom 1470 W ACCURATE PRESCRIPTIONS fi ' ..,, ff . I - li F , f e, 1 , 2, f',- I I- ..- fig ! Q, F ., f " 1' 74" ZAf:"7,?Q'f' -XIII I " "'fi47fE'Z25lQ9'a I , vffwf ' . , ',.- 4-- 153 f i ff' :Hi 5 . 0 ' J 4 4 ' ' ' I i ' u u u Sea Food In Season Qriginal Waffle Shop FULL COURSE DINNER The Best Dressed with hot biscuits 50C Men Wear 5 until 9 o'clock p.rn. 62 PBYOR STREET I. D. CHOTAS, Manaqer . is A ,L0, s CLUTIIES MILTON M. STANALAND MFE 'NSURANCE THE SCHWCB COMPANY 1620 Rhodes Haverty Bldg 91 Peachtree Street ATLANTA WALNUT 2528 FIIATERNITY and SOROIlITY JEWELRY GIIAIIUATIUN ANNUUN CEMEN TS STATIGNARY Nearly a quarter of a century of service and devo- tion to American Colleges and their students who are members of various organizations is a distinc- tion in which we take great pride. That we have demonstrated our integrity and proved our de- pendability is attested by the fact that today we serve with few exceptions all of the Greek letter fraternities and sororities as sole official jeweler. L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Atlanta Representative FRED PAIGE AT GEO. MUSE CLOTHING COMPANY The Tavern Th Souths Most U q e a d Charm g Tea Room Compfnm nic of Wonderful Food W C CANTRIQLL Pr vate D n ng Rooms T X1 L for Meet ngs KTL xx F x c x 625 Peachtree St N E Atlqnt Do Phone Numbers B PROPER GLASSES WILL CORRECT YOUR VISION OUR SERVICE ASSURES YOU Accuracy Dependczbzlz I Ll IPIOCICFCIIL Cos! USE YOUR CHARGE ACCOUNT Cilauhe 5 Iiiennstt 207 Peachtree DIAMOND N C S Q a C mu n I in I . . 1 I l 0 i i i I AT ORNEY .- ' Au' .,. . i 3 W J ' I J. I U, I I I c a ' -iii- . , . A ' I . 0 i ' - :Nc - , I I 1fiER"E-EAIXETS If' KIRK de VORE and his DRCHESTRA 0 BILL CLARK Manager Vernon 2672 ATLANTA Good Food Well Prepared Lucy Wood Cafeteria 73 WALTON STREET BREAKFAST - LUNCI-IEON Under the Personal Supervision of LUCY WOOD, B.S.H.E. Univ. of Georgia TO THE EVENING SIGNAL Many thanks for the splendid cooperation you have given us. THE NOCTURNE F OR 1936 Pure as Sunlight The proof of its purity is in the testing. Twenty-two scientific tests for purity, covering every step in its preparation, safeguard this drink of natural flavors. GQ. --W ' IEW Z ,L N ? sssr W 2::.zf:,'7.?:', r f f ' 'ls 9 'T 5 jf tx MILLION 4-1 x aday IT HAD TO BE GOOD T0 GET WHERE IT IS 1 Drink X Delicious and Refreshingi - V l IS hotographs for every purpose as WALTON STREET Exclusive Photographer for the 1936 NOCTURNE TELEPHONE MAIN 6246 An Open Letter To Our Advertisers: Thank You for Your advertisement. We are confident that our students - with a monthly purchasing power exceeding S50,00U-will show you that they too appreciate your help. Sincerely yours, The NOCTURNE for 1936 OT0 IPR CESS ENGRAVIN6 CO. ns-no Lucxle srnszrf Ari.-'ANTA GEORGIA , . . ,Y ,. HW-- --,,-, - ,.- A .N A. 0.1.--7 f-- ' """'g "" ll it W- , ,:,- - A., , A.. , N, ,, -.,,L, - -i,-- V. F..-...... ,- ----- -- - - - " ' f:"1f' Q- .35 . .,...-,,c,. .. . - wx, .5 oi."-...M ,4 ,az ., -lata-71.5 fJf,' 1-' ..,f'..l ,F A in is 'J Q. 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Suggestions in the University System of Georgia Evening School - Nocturne Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) collection:

University System of Georgia Evening School - Nocturne Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


University System of Georgia Evening School - Nocturne Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 115

1936, pg 115

University System of Georgia Evening School - Nocturne Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 57

1936, pg 57

University System of Georgia Evening School - Nocturne Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 86

1936, pg 86

University System of Georgia Evening School - Nocturne Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 70

1936, pg 70

University System of Georgia Evening School - Nocturne Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 90

1936, pg 90

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