University of St Joseph - Epilogue Yearbook (West Hartford, CT)

 - Class of 1977

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.v-.....-m nhup. A A j; 7 1M5 :; MSW? ' SHOP ., lhldlll Y I v; i ANS ., '3 123 Saint Josephts College. At first glance, the serenity of the pond, framed by nature and reflecting history through the twin towers... M t x :1. k P w W n mm??? .m N; y .. ' $ ' u" Ge. 5 . . . the activity of Halleck Student Center, . the Science Building, the Fieldhouse and the dorms . . . m. .1 a r d, um aols edw nno Mab n swi noa unr SSE at own S .43 dkm mlw. Hum s t e s n u s d n a . . . the excitement of competition in sports. lfil xfxr'x x If zxixxxl xxxxxix' A? x x r 2 z xxxxz x'1f lXXX ll xx xz xxxx fllf I fXIf xxxxxxxxz zrz. xx xxz xxzzz x, x xxz xxzxxrxr: zzzxx xx x xx xxxz xxxzx 2x xx xxxx xV 2; x xxx xx x r xxxjfx 2 12 xzxx 1x x 1 xxxx xxx xxxxx xxx pxxxx xxxxx x2x xzz 2 xxxxxx xxxxxxx u V 1'. . x r xxxrx . x x x x xx x4zx4x I xx HOA , . 70 '2x xxxx x 1 V x-xAxxx . rxx,x A. p1 x 2 72 x ' x. . c x x z xx x zx x xv x 1 xz X rz xxx x xxV - x x x ,444u42 I,4 x 1 x z x x xzxzzxxJ x z z ' xxlxxx xx 2x z xx x x zxx z xzxx rxxxx xlx 7;x x xx,x r xszx Ixx x1xII IxIlf rxxxxxxxxl x I X4X l fx ,l x . M7,;agw sz zzxzx x xxx x xx I x x x x x x xxxxx xx iz zjx xxxz x x xx xzx 2xx ,Ixxx xxxxxxzx xx z x xxx z Ix x xxzx 2 z zzx21'x Xx J, 2 x I Me'yxxx xzxxxx 'xx x xzzxzz Vnmxxrxzx zx xyysz xx y xxxxxzzx 2!! ;;xI .1, ;,22,xxx-x . Q t ,3. 7K I v.4 A behind- the-scenes look reveals much more .. J 7 y' ? "5 a rm-x.5.;h'6!- parties, dances, 12 leisure time - clowning around, making lifetime friendships, laughing, talking, running . . . . . . special weekends: Monte Carlo, Homecoming, Halloween, Greaser Weekend, Mardi Gras, and SJOs greatest spectacle in racing - Little 500 . . . Q t: :2 ' .-4 s, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors . . . km; '.;.-L4 Theres more to a clown than being funny or wearing grease paint. He is a source of various emotions, unafraid of revealing them in public. N0 T mucus L 0 w Clllalsnumg Clowns are concerned with others, trying to communicate with them, no matter how they feel. Maybe clowns could be compared to the person who gives a damn, trying to build people up instead of putting them down. ;. 3,.n..,:3 :43? mm At St. Joe we can see the clown at work in classes, the dorm, or on a team. 21 Freshman Orientation zwozzzmzam ,; 2,,;,.., .,, .4 a. ,; 3. E k , g XXXXME 25 - I"; 7 7 N0 SWIMMING "mm! mm: mum: Is NOT ON DUTY A r 28 1976 I.C.C. o-Champs Row 1: Frank Fuller. Dan Abens, Kirk Adams. A1 Stupek. Ray Banary. Jeff Taylor, Mike Bettinger, Earl Parsons, Dave Pallotta, Brian Brennan, Bob Woodcock. Row 2: Tony Boley, Randy Lukas, John Zaworski, Jack McGrail, Tom Ferguson, Matt Heminger, Larry Shelton. Dan Lukas. Garrick Roby, Charlie Roarks. Row 3: Kevin Benson, Ralph Waldecki, Jim Finnigan, Larry Olewinski. Roy Kuennen, Greg King. Ken Holan. Mike Palmore, Frank Sergi, Bill Ross, Jim Murphy. Row 4: Bill Nichols, Myron Moriarity, Don Clemens, Tom Grimmer. Greg Jenkins, Bill Meredith. Jeff Simon. Mark Greiner. Dave Edel, Earl Hammond. Row 5: Mike Krasowski, John McShane, Greg Lansaw, Mike Henehan, Bob Rigali, Randy Hocutt, Ken Soldat, Joe Kobiela, Mark Schuster, Rick Carlson. Row 6: George Liggett. Steve Gedney, Brian Wynkoop, Rick Siddall. Steve Homan. Ed Spudich, Pat Duffy. Mark Lambert. Bill Highstreet. Row 7: Dennis Daugherty. Mike Kmetz. Ron Giancola, Bill Bryant. Brian Mueller. Dave Stoops. Roger Perry, Gary Homan. 30 31 32 ..- - 33 ... 5:1: EFF ufrrr Soccer Top row, Don Penrod, Mark Craven, Keith Weber, Mark Reisig, Michael Bush, Jon Costas, Brian Cassidy, and Ed Piotrowski. Bottom row, Lou Horvat, Jeff Lyle, Jerry Ramker, John Bulger, John Carroll, and Rich Huffine. 38 Row 1. Bob Blazekovich, Tom Yannarella, and Tom Guiden. Row 2, Doug Leyes, Ken Renspie, coach Richard Scharf, Rick Heimann, and Mike Hart. ,2 KXQQWV ' SW 2 W6 f,.w$$ 4.4 ?Wf 9 . 1" '6' 9a 429.; 25, 'n v 1' 9 ' Q" , o; . 455" 25 I 5x I .4 ngf 5 ;0'B$ai?;;rw . 51" g.gtgg 3 av $23 ,1. K MW, , Rn; V Q .-' '4' . . Mum? 2 .. ,u. wk . K2 '2 $$$Wkk3 3 Wm. .33. Tu , x w. W suynx$ .. 2.222 2 K a. 1m 40 $2$tgv Cross Country Andy Barnes, and Bill Lannen. Coach Dave Smith. Larry King, 41' , i 3 EV c413 r'i K ,N W V, k 3 5L, 1 J 42 , 1' l ' i! In! a; ' . J - .Hut"0 'i- .1, W" I ' Sr .09 1. ucwaoo.o .lv I ' EIO':DII nuut-oog ." . g. L- 9-. 0:6 , ,1.-., r09, 1 0 21'J" V .74 v 5 , 1 1 W . LR l; M y - -- 7 - wk - , , w- w: w , - ; A; ,mVA 1 A ; I ;,. ' : l J: x : :W l: - 7 , 1 x L .. , . 3 3 1 x ' When The Saints Come Marching Home Homecoming 1976 ll ,5 IKWN. QLEEND. . ......-.. E M ull. 1 .3 A f 3 5 3 .. :: -- ' l . ' : I' ' 3.1513351: ,,.L..LU 0 V :3 ' TTYQZQTQJSFEVl5 4;; - m jg, 5 ' ; I'M," .- ' . Joann Erhart 1 ' 3 3". ' Queen. Kimarie Clark Trkiia Hajduch Nancy Quinn Susan Zeman Laura Radefeld A xxx: ; 3- h-g- Theresa Miller. Veda Jean Williams, Kila Brown. and Queen, Cheryl Bland. 47 Womenfs Volleyball Row 1, Angie Bowen, Cheryl Koncal, Laura Bocrsig, Sue Emerson, Mary Kay Herbertz, Kim Kicza. Row 2, Coach Rosalie Wendling, Pat McGuire, Katie Flynn, Sharon Smiley, Laura Radefeld. Mary Ann Klemm. Sue Scovil, Leona Fournier, Virginia Carhart. 48 49 They Only Came Out At Night Halloween Bobby Socks and Brylcream Greaser Weekend 52 53 57 , 4 .. ?.ow :I? Ju...nv.e.s.$l new arc v-w 59 'Ial': ii. .15 .. Egg... .l. Basketball ,4 ?EUHA 5 Top: George Post, Assistant Coach: Kevin Merkell. Tony Smith. Mike Haynes, Tom Mills. Doug Copeland, Gary Feagin. Gerry Dave Downey, Javier Villeta, Ron Johnson, Dennis Thomas. Greg Klamrowski. Tom Gallant. Kevin Sims. Jack Dunphy. Stegeman. Bob Dalton. George Waggoner. Head Coach. Bottom: ' '. ; SJC 99 g' - Giac,e- ,. V 90 '- ' ' SJC ,7 , 7 "Illinois Benedictine ' H i ' 3 k ' - Hort ggst .yn 67 Beat The House! Mardi Gras Wrestling Row 1, Glenn Poehner, Kevin Benson, Tom Grimmer, and Tim Twohig. Row 2, Coach William Jennings. Tim Collins, Greg Heyde, Don Pellico, Jim Finnigan, and John Grande. 71 HBest thing that's ever been done at St. Joe." -Fr. Raphael Gross "Saw it in Chicago 10 years ago. . .these kids were better than pros." -Fr. Ambrose Ruschau And now for someth ." '4 4L ' WES like a touch of class to the campus." - Mr. Kevin Ryan. Admissions "In all the years I spent at Purdue. I never saw anything to equal this playf' -Dr. Carol Christen, Rensselaer Central High School "This production ought to go on the road. It ought to be entered in a contest. Did you write the play?n -Fr. Charles Banet 73 SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC 74 Left to right; Betsy Clark. Cathy McGrath. Rosie Vicek, Pam Eckler. Carol Smith, Dawn Bryant, Jenny Kile. Katie Flynn. Mary Klemm. Sue Scovil. Leona Foumier. 61 72 74 56 43 60 60 54 53 67 74 58 94 60 52 51 Womews Basketball Huntington Purdue-Calumet St. Francis Indiana Tech Notre Dame Northern Illinois Purdue-Calumet Valparaiso Indiana Tech Grace St. Francis Anderson Butler IUPUI dndianapoliw IWISO Tournament Undiana Tecm IWISO Tournament 4Goshem 47 22 49 52 57 49 34 32 30 56 64 50 52 28 50 59 .ulrr I'V lIrI9 m 1. l. I J I i I . ' 1-i 75 "1 11.; m 4' mm A,.c.:;.4m;" mtg. V v Eva. Q . Q , Q Sitting: Don Steinhilber, Floyd Bentley, Randy Herring, Lamar Simmons, Calo. Tony Catanzarite, Mark Krueger. Standing: George Ushela, Mike J ohn Krisch, A1 Stupek, Warren Gephart, J im Maretich. Kneeling: Ken Gill, Haynes, Tom Conroy, J ohn Bauman, Tony Pechin, Bob Nicholas. Kevin Dennis Grady, Mark Hahn, Steve Stitz, Brian Klabunde. Nick Fries, Nick Sims, jeff Taylor. Mike Luck, Tim Kuhar. Enrico Heirman. 80 Baseball SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC SJC OKOD-i H OHNkaNHm HHI-l 43-00 womqoomw p.- D g.- p.- ... QMHNqummmHQOAm-pm p... MOO Rose-Hulman Rose-I-Iulman Kentucky Wesleyan Kentucky Wesleyan Indiana State-Evansville Indiana State-Evansville Indiana State-Evansville Indiana State-Evansville Marion Marion Wisconsin-Whitewater Purdue-Calumet Purdue-Calumet DePauw DePauw Purdue Purdue Valparaiso Valparaiso Eastern Illinois Eastern Illinois Grace Grace Marian Marian Evansville Evansville Purdue-Calumet SIU-Edwardsville Missouri-St. Louis Austin Peay Butler Butler . Indiana Tech Indiana Tech Wright State Wright State Tri-State Tri-State Ball State Ball State UIDJUIHWNHOQGWNMWHQNQBNHNWWQDOJNNH6010 H O H QOOAOGNHONUI 81 WM Wm 22 L - 'u V Q11 ,1r 5 ; A . .qV-mu 11; :ml WE , ' x 1" 72 gs. jau- i 1 .. J'L mt: W . nun r5mVH 1$ .;;n I i M u " u varnish" l V AU "IJIN cf, 7 .3, 3x I .. - ' I .TM - . g 'u luu; - :2! v M, 1 v: '6?" w r... a. . Ht Little 500 Winner. "Drexel Starship" 89 Graduation June 19, 1977 Tricia Hajduch Muatm Birch Bayh ID 1nd,! Juledlctorxan. Seninr-nl thr- 'I'rn'vT -9". .. 91 95 SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS 77 Days To 60!!" February 10, 1977 Alana Ahmed Elaine Arnzen Theodore Baker Paul Barker French French Physical Education Business Administration Gail Baxter Math-Computer Donna Beauchene Susan Beecher Raymond Billock Garry Bocian Political Science Sociology Music Business Administration 98 Mark Bolla Kathleen Brown Jerry Brune Timothy Buergler Math-Computer EIementary Education Accoun ting Math-Computer Elizabeth Burger Joan Burke Robert Burns Victor Buscaino Theology Sociology History Business Administration 99 Leo Cisco Patricia Campbell Busmess Admmlstranon Accoun ting Kimarie Clark Thomas Cassady ACCOUntmg Acco un ting Donald Clemens Finance Timothy Christiana Accoun ting Mary Lou Conlon . , Elementary Educa tion Denms Chnszt Ma theme tics Thomas Connors Busmess Admzmstratxon Cathleen Coughlin Elementary Education Mark Conroy Accountzng Alexander Covelli Business Adminis tra tion Debra Cooney SOCIOIOEY John Craighead Accoun ting Michael Costello M usic Robert Cramer Business Admim's tra tion Eugene Cuellar Melanie Cushion Tb eoIogy BioIogy-Ch emis try H WEI me Karen Davis Joseph Deardorff Sociology Classical Studies Edward DeMasi Psy ology James Dalton PhysicaI Educa tion James Delach P12 ysicaI Educa tion N oreen Daly Sociology Cheryl DeLucenay English Jack Dunphy Business Administration Paulinus Edet Anna Mae Ellerbrock Robert Englehart Denise Enright Biology Political Science Business Administration Theology Joann Erhart Jarlath Faherty Robert Fall Phyllis Fitchorn Elemen tary Education Ma th-Computer Sociology Business Administration Kathy Flinn Thomas Fogarty Deborah Frantz Robert Fraser Speech Business Administration Math-Computer Business Administration Warren Gephart Physical Education Gail Giles Speech 104 Gerard Glassmeyer Julie Goetz Ernest Gonzalez John Grande Political Science Mathematics Political Science Biology Charles Griffin Business Administration Gregory Grossi Political Scien ce Mark Hahn Patricia Hajduch Paula Hamilton Mark Heinen Chemistry Accounting History Psychology Mary Kay Herbertz Octavio Herrera Patricia Hickey Moira Higgins Accounting History Accounting Elementary Education David Hood Carol Hospodka Melvin Jackson Roland Januzzi Business Administration Business Administration Math-Computer Business Administration 106 Ronald Johnson Harry Jones Amelia Jungman Thomas Kacmar Business Administration BioIogy-Chemistry Mathematics Sociology Michael Karaffa Paul Karkula Timothy Kirkbride Gerald Klamrowski Business Administration Political Science History Accounting Thomas Knapke Joseph Knazur Susan Konnyu Mickie Kozlowski Biology-Chemistry Philosophy BioIogy-Chemistry Accounting 107 Laura Krakovsky Thomas Krol Roy Kuennen Timothy Kuhar Economics Biology-Chemistry Accounting Gabriele Langhammer David Legris Colleen Loomis History History Accounting Daniel Lukas Mary Jo Lyon Brad Maisner Lynn Maltinsky Economics Finance History Business Administration 108 Laurette Marcucci Gary Martin Joelle Mauer Eileen McGinnity Sociology Accounting Music English Steven McKenney David McLaughlin Mary Lou Melcher Ray Merritt BioIogy-Chemistry History Elementary Educa tion History Steven Meyer George Michels Paul Misniak Mary Ann Mitchell Accounting Business Administration Economics Psychology 109 Joseph Monnin Monica Moody Mark Morgan Marie Murphy Political Science History History Economics James Muting Speech Gregory Myers Ma th-Computer 110 Donna Nath Brian Niehoff Arnold Noe William Nordenbrock EIementary Educa tion Mathematics Accoun ting-Computer Philosoph y Pamela Ogle Elementary Education Lawrence Olewinski Business Administra tion 111 Ann Pantle Luanne Pecho Barbara Perkins Phillip Peterson Sociology Mathematics Accounting-Computer Accounting James Phelan Paul Plaia Robert Ploetner Diane Polacheck History Accounting Business Administration Elementary Education Daniel Popejoy Political Science Catherine Pozorski Mathematics Nancy Quinn James Reed Nancy Reedy Terrence Reedy Physical Education Sociology Music Mechanical Engineering Karen Reiniger Joseph Rosengarten Patrick Rowland Timothy Ryan Sociology Music Political Science ' Business Administration Gerard Schiavone Psych oIogy Edward Schetzsle P011' tigaI Science Timothy Schiel John Schneider BIOIogY History Leonice Schmid Nancy Schroeder Psychology Ma th ema tics Jeffrey Schmiedebusch History Suzanne Scovil Physical Education Francis Sergi Physical Education , Janice Simonelli Sociology i 7' Mark Slisz Bzology Deborah Skeates 'EIemen tary Educa tion Sharon Smiley Physical Education Thomas Skiba Accoun ting Susan Smith Ma thema tics . . . Patrxc1a Skmner Sociology 1 Sy.1via Spotts Jacquelyn Springer Gregory Stegeman Jeffrey Taylor Bzology Elemen tary Education Accoun ting Accounting Jeffrey Unger James Unverferth Richard Veith Mira Vucicevic Math-Computer Business Administration Accounting Political Science 116 Gregory Wilkins Kenneth Wise Sharon Wallyn Joan Warner Music Psychology Business Adminis tra tion Sociology w: George Zebold Susan Zeman Arm Zgonc Paul Zschokke Accoun ting Ma thema tics Psychology Psychology DORMS DORMS DORMS DORMS DORMS DORMS ' DORMS DORMS 119 120 Top to Bottom: Tim Kirkbride, Mark Krueger, Tom "Fuji" Kowalczyk, Reggie Pulliam, Bruce Hicks. George Levesque, Paul Karkula, Paul Dowling, Richard Highberger, Paul Giorgi, Al Albanese, Tom Kaster, Ted Kundrat, Richard Fabrizio, Ed DeMasi, Paul Zschokke, Madiera guitary Bob Schroeder, Stan Cmich. Standing: Ben First Row: Ken Wise. Mark Hoying, Larry Hemmelgam, Joe Deardorff, Dave Kelly, Tim McFarland. Eric Crist. Berinti. Jerry Barga. J 0e Knazur, Fr. J ohn Kalicky, Dave Hoying. Fr. Ken Schroeder. Pete Roesle, Dennis Chriszt. Mark Doss. John Schneider. Bill Nordenbrock. Dennis Kelley. X ' Lithfggl Tn, Via " 111"-1" . I3 "1.?! 121 First Floor, Bottom: Paul Barker, Dave Hood, Patsy D'Eramo, Bob Fall. Middle: Rick Valin, Mike Cherry. Mike Diener, Bob Blazekovich, Tom Boyd, Paul Karkula, Steve Plaia, Keith Weber, Ted Baker, Jerry Ramker. Tom Yannarella. Mike Keane, Bill Baker. Mark Maricich, Top: Jeff Unger. Tom Klepek, Jim Maretich, Bob Dalton, Gene Schaden, Dave Reece. Steve Williamson. 122 Bennett Second Floor. Bottom: Rick Carlson, Tony Smith, J eff Flinn, J ohn Adam. Bob Rigali. Bill Ajamie. Mike Krasowski. Bill Nichols, Ed Graveline. Dave Marzke, Russ Klimczyk. Top: Dan Bamberg. Torn Klepek. 'Max' Highberger. Bob Dalton. Dave Amadio. Mike Haynes. 123 124 Drexel First Floor. Row 1: Dan Sullivan, Gerry Wride, Don Cheek. Denny Daugherty. Row 2: Greg Heyde. Ed Piotrowski, Bob Copeland, Jeff Taylor, Dan Smiley. Randy Lukas. Second Floor. Row 1: Bill Lambert. Tom Powell, Gary Homan, Kenny Galena, Bob Ploetner, Andy Smolen. Row 2: Dan Lukas, Ken Wolin. Dave Schultz. Don Earle. Row 3: Ken Renspie, J amie Panzica, Bruce Ksiazek, Daryl Spears. Doug Lane. Greg Lansaw, Dennis Matusiewicz. Third Floor. Row 1: Rich James, Kenny Galeno, J im Wolabaugh. Terry Reedy. Row 2: Chris Sowar, Charlie Dillon. Row 3: Rich Dunn, Chris Wojton, Rich Rathweg, Kevin Dolan, Brian Maxwell, Andy Smolen. Tim Twohig. 125 , 34.3.; v q First Floor. Row 1: Mike Hart, Lou George. Lamar Simmons, Tom Milani, J ohn Beyer, Tito Mantilla. Row 2: Paul Lawdensky, Steve Brouillette, Tim Christiana, Rich Strebinger, Larry King, Gerry Glassmeyer, Ron Trippel. Row 3: Don Zehner. Jim Pronteau, Kevin Kidd, Mike Fiebelkom, Ray Kuhn. Row 4: Dave Duax, Greg Maroselli. Amie Noe, Tom Hartrich. 126 Second Floor. Row 1: Don Steinhilber. Brian Mueller, Dave Ketcham, Tom Krodel, Tom Pechin, George Ushela. Row 2: John Krisch, Larry Kline, Chuck Lanzrath, J im Boyle. Tom Funk. Row 3: Don Birsa. Mike Popovich, Tom Gallant. Steve Knauf. Row 4: Tom Fogarty, Bert Valenkamph, Dave Boskovich. A1 Borck. Row 5: Steve Cornwell. Pete Comp- ton. Gerry Mitrenga. Randy Herring. Row 6: Ralph Menna, Joe Kobiela, Rich Brost. : A i ; ,K. I Was :7, L 1';- Third Floor. From top: Glen Allie. Brian Niehoff, Tim Powers. Row 2: Ken Holan. Mark Hahn, Frank Marinara. Ernie Gonzalez, Tom Guiden. Tom Conde, Dave Waymire. Row 3: Archie Bettinger, John Kelley. John Aurelio, Roland Januzzi. Dave Gunning, Bob Pellettiere. Roy Kuennen, Tim Killeen, Steve Bonifas, Bill Magnuson. Row 4: Joe Sloyan, Joe Shad. Artie Collins, Mitch Franko.vski. Dan Abens. Row 5: Mark Bolla, Ed Becker, Frank Fuller, Mark Baum, John Polacheck. Row 6: Bert Binch, Mark Behnke. J- mnsmu ; 3 3 First Floor, Top: Maggie McGee, Ann Moomaw. Anna Mae Ellerbrock, Claire Minon. Sue Martin. Karen Metzger. Virginia Carhart. Nancy Schroeder. Middle: Terry Avis. Donna Benjamin. Karen Burns. Luanne Pecho. Ivelisse Borrero, Nancy Quinn. Sam Barman. Kathy Brown. Bottom: Debbie Cooney. Kelly Costello, Marge Applin, Dee Allsop, Mira Vucicevic. 128 'I-uwslms g IA! Second Floor. Back to Front: Lisa Elliott, Sylvia Spotts, Carla Bratton, Chris Edwards, Cathy McGrath. Belin- da Brown, Mary Fricke, Mej J ungman, Beth Bowman, Chris macassd Finnigan. Donna Byrnes. Donna Ben- jamin, Lynn Ugino, Theresa Braden, Tina Behr, Cathy Edwards, Monica Moody, Mary Lou Conlon, Kila Brown. Carol Deppe, Sherry Wills. Amesea Hall. Y: $.29 gunman mm A 'SIx Third Floor, Top to Bottom: Alison Perry, Betty J o Conlon, Lisa Jerome, Kathleen Walsh, Kim McConnell, Mary Lynn McKinley, Denise Payne, Cathy Kielbowski, Karen Rose. Therese Feicht, Mary Beth Kiefer, Laura Ludwig, J eannine Francis, Kathy Fitzpatrick. Maryellen Molchan. Betsy Fink, Awannah Buelterman. Margaret Opilla, Theresa Opilla, Mary Ellen Rigali. Mary Ellen Werr, Terese Fovell. Nancy Buchalter, Barbara Fink, Diana Kachlik, Mary Jo Lyon. 129 Elli ill ;: E Second East. Row 1: Sue Beecher, Tricia Hajduch. Julie Goetz, Kathy Wilson, Toni Sposito, J anet Mangan, Sue Scott, J oann Daddio, Mary Capuano, Mary Bodak. Laying down: Ann Pence, Fran Cutino. Row 2: Lisa Pindell, Paula Eaton. Lee Saber, Mary Haberman, Karen Sweeterman, Cindy Mallory, Mary Pat Hartnett, Cindy Taggart, Nancy Eberhardt, Karen Blough. First East. From bottom: Sherry Gallo. Sue Emerson, Karen Cleveland. Jenny Kile, Diane Polacheck, Debbie Skeates. Phyllis DiCara, Cathy Pozorski. Terry Vincitore. Dee Conroy, Evelyn Doll, Michele Hampton, Carol Smith, Denise DesJean, Bobbi Jensen, Carla Ackil, Beth Ander- son, Jane Schelling, Sandy Brown, Deb Knight, Gloria Majcher. Kathy Browu, Julie Reedy, Laurie Morris, Cathy Novak. Kim Jabon, Laura Duncan. Second West. Row 1: Peggy Sheeren, Judy Stuerenberg. Row 2: Cathy Rector, Dennie Enright, Fran Fergerson. Diane Jacob, Ann' Scollard, Kim Kicza. Row 3: Kathy Flinn. Ann Howard, Bridget Wilhauck, Veronica Smith, Beth Phillips, Mary Vodisek, Sharon Nesius. Row 4: Sue Flamion, Phyllis Fitchom. Rosie Vicek, Pam Eckler, Cheryl Koncal. Cathy Meyer, Sue Fitzgerald. ' 130 T513; -, 4 ,- J. . .- . -. :V, l ' C; 'v' - :3 , ' . H V V H - .1 1L7? . . F a - .r- v - '7: . . 1e .V V .4" v." M , . wr- , I - l ' x .l ,1 V v' ,, ,, . . Ix gaghgd ----L . t w,- wm J ustin Third West. Row 1: Pat Walter. Kit Hartnett. Ma Galligan, Diane Weaver, Diann Gonzalez, Sue Lischer, Laura Krakovsky, Julie Gerlach. Row 2: Sue McQuillian, J ean Klecan. Jean Anderson, Kathy Elmer, Margaret Flando, Claudia Donnelly. Row 3: Colleen Loomis, Nonie Walsh, Carol Hospodka, Debbie Waterman, Nancy Shartell, Sue Dineen, Paula Hamilton, Sandy Gotstein, Doe Quebberman, J ody Gorski, Diane Renfrow. Theresa Miller. Third East. Row 1: Kathy Miller. Lisa Rhoades, Mary Jo Zavagnin, Ardis Thompson. Row 2: Mary Kay Locallo. Janel Townsend, Mary Ellen Vesely. Sue Champa. Row 3: Judy Cherry. Jenny Staley. Betsy Pelech, Julie Metz, Karen Reiniger. Joanie Wamer, Betsy Clark. Row 4: Ann Pantle, Sharon Wallyn, Lisa Crane. Pam Van Lue, Mary Ann Reichert, Laura Radefeld. Lori Franklin. Row 5: Karen Davis, Joann Erhart, Mary Ann Klemm, Kathy Peterson. Leonice Schmid. First West. Row 1: Gail Giles, Joani Burke, Bethany Curran. J ulie Layden. Row 2: Debbie Michaels, Ralphie Macy. Row 3: Marisa Corazza. Beth Bihlman. Chris Haws, Rita Menke, Barb Perkins. Sally Stambaugh, Cindy Konczalski, Laura Frayn, Nancy Byerwalter, Nancy Deutschmann, Helene Lenz. 131 132 Merlini First Floor, Bottom to Top: Don Pellico. Don Wolski, Bob Seymour, Mark Conroy, Scott Lahrman, Steve Shantz, Mike Henehan, Rick Rhoades. Paul Latka. Rich Huffine. Steve Gedney. J ohn Carroll, J ude Rogowski, Dan Guarnieri, J ames Kolar, J ohn McShane, Brian Cassidy, Tim Schiel, Matt Bradakis, Mark Russell, Pat Kane, Stan Cygan, Bob Valentine. I 11x?! Second Floor, Bottom to Top: Mike Coffman, Tpny Catanzarite, Greg Stegeman, Mark Conroy, Rick Gross, J ohn Bulger. John Arvanitis, Scott Lahrman, Terry Harris, J . J . Lyle, Ray Banary. Paul Gracia. Tom Mills, Steve Schantz, Mike Henehan. Bill Violette. Bob Heneghan. Pat Duffy. John Craig. Matt Bradakis, Bob Valentine, George German, Tim Schiel. Mark Russell, Kevin Millet, Steve Gedney, Gerry Klamrowski. Lynn Ruemler, John Bauman. 133 134 First Floor. First Row: Charles Tobar, John Fontanelli, Bob Collins, Bob Hospodka, Mark Baird, Mike Devito, Ralph Waldecki. Mike Luck, Kirk Adams, Larry Olewinski, Frank Bliss. Second Row: Glenn Poehner, Steve Meyer, Greg Schulte, Don Zinsmaster, Dan Yamtich, Zbigniew Kepa. Rick Siddall, Dave Kasper. J oe Haracz, Willy Stephenson. Nick Fries, Mike Warren. Second Floor, First Row: Greg Grossi, Al Stupek, Rich Rogers. Roy Morrison, Warren Gephart, Bill Pendergast, Dan Popejoy, Curt Weller, Octavio Herrera, Jim Muting, Dirk Rozarie. Second Row: Jeff Stipanovic. Rich Smith, Thomas Krol, Joseph Monnin. Gerard Faber, Pete Baltes, Frank Bliss, George Zebold, Mark Fitzgerald, Earl Parsons, Charlie Siegel, AI Bryan, Mike Walker, Rick Veith, Colin Aiken. 135 Second Floor: Joe Lyons, Frank Lawdensky, Spiro Ziogas. Terry White, Greg King, Ann O'Donnell, Laura Radefeld. Joe Anderson, Tom Skiba, Phil Maloney. Gerry Adams. Larry Loomis. Mark Slisz. John Craighead, Mike Valenti. Pat McSwain, Jeff Schmiedebusch. Ken Coffey, Mike Haberman. Mark Schuster. Jim Sakelaris, Bob Judge. Bob Chr- zanowski, Chris Spears, Mike Wirtz, Don Higgins. Kevin McConnell. 136 East Seifert First Floor. Bottom to Top: Bill Wagner, Mike Thilman. Mike Carroll, Mark Marozzi, Mark Gidley. Cel Lopez, Tom Reichert. Tim Hay, George Bray. Tom Daniels, Bill Hardy, Bob Taggart. Tim Kinsella, Mike Avery, Tim Collins, Joh Keefer. , .West Seifert , J33.- , v: J , vr.. , ,4 1' 3: "HH' , , . . ",- KJJR a'- E7742; uh '51,. l. A. '29 . T : -; .I- w p m 0 5;; ' u , C, Q , . i pm, V . 1 O . Cg . - P .. r ! 5 v A i' J 3 Mg? . e. . m . I , 1, I J IV; 2-: z - A ":- "' 4 , M. f '1? g-' . 1 irst Floor, First Row: Red Vicek, Dave McLaughlin, Thomas Kreutzer. Ken Gill, Jim Rastovsky. Second Row: Dave olak, Paul Misniak, A1 Hopper, Chris Micetich, J ohn Sauer, J im Murphy. Third Row: Rick Heimann, J eff Simon, Tom acmar. 7'! .2 HRH - L H X. m I V T ' . w 1 . , . , .- - t I. p . K Vi" . , - a . , . l ' H 4 .V J 1.. t, r. 4 , , 1 H. - x- , I , - 1 r..., :2 t 7-. l H R m . tars. ; -. vTW . k Second Floor. First Row: Mike Moyer. Dan Boshold, Melvin Jackson. Steve Brown. Second Row: Garrick Roby. Mark Heinen. Floyd Bentley. Dave Legris. Gary Feagin. Third Row: Mike Birkmeier, Dave Dybalski. Rick Glynn, Tom Reed. Nat Schellhammer. 137 CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS Club-oE-the-Year SENIOR CLASS Senior Class Officers: Front: Colleen Loomis, Secretary; Anna Mae Ellerbrock, Vice-President; Rear: Ann Pantle, President; Karen Davis, Treasurer. Under the skillful leadership of organizational Senator Alana Ahmed, SJC clubs enjoyed a very prosperous year, even adding several new clubs to their ranks. In particular, Monte Carlo and Mardi Gras proved to be more organized and successful than in previous years. 139 thcers JJJ J JJJ JJJ JJ J J JJJJ JJJ JJJ JJJ JJJ JJJ J JJJJ JJJ JJJ JJJJJJ JJJJ J JJJ JJ JJJ J JJJ JJJJJJ J J J Sue Beecher. Secretary JJJ JJJ JJJJ JJJ J J ' Deb Frantz. President JJJJJJJJ J JJJJJJJ xJJJJJJ; J J JJJJJJ J JJJJJ m JJJ J J J J J J JJJJJ JJ JJ J J. J JJ. :111 J - W J r l J JJJJJ JJJJJJJJJ V JJJJJJJJJJ JJJJJJJ A J J'JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ JJJJJJJJJJ JJJJJJJ Dan Clark. Social Vice-President; Phil Peterson, Treasurer. Eileen McGinnity, Executive Vice-President Executive Board Seated: Dr. William Downard, Advisor; Sue Beecher, J oe Monnin. Alana Ahmed, Paula Hamilton, Dan Clark, Eileen McGin- nity, Max Highberger. Ann Pantle, Anna Harris. Standing: Debbie Frantz, George Zebold. Stan Cmich. Al Covelli, Kim Kicza, Barney V011. Senate Seated: Debbie Frantz, Pat Kane, A1 Covelli. Dennis Chriszt, Mike Popovich, Mary Lou Conlon, Tim Kirkbride, Ann Pantle. Row 1: Sam Braus, Anna Harris, Kent Willmann. Sue Beecher, J anet DeBonville, Kim Kicza, Phil Peterson. Eileen McGinnity, George Zebold. Row 2: Richard Glynn, Don Penrod, Dave Amadio, Mark Heinen, Mary J 0 Lyon, Tim Schiel, Steve Human. john Adam, Max Highberger. Ann Petrila. Frank Fuller, Barney V011. 141 Class Officers Junior Class- Seated: Max Highberger, Pres.; Mariann Muting. Sophomore Class. Front: Paula Eaton, V.P.; Betsy Pelech, Sec.; Jim Pronteau, Treas. Treas. Standing: Mary Moore. Sec.; Mark Russell, V.P. Back: Frank Fuller, Pres. Freshman Class- Front: Lynn Calhoun. Sec.; Kim Kicza, Pres. Back: Joe Sloyan, Treas.; Mark Behnke, V.P. 142 ccounting-Finance First Row: Carol Hospodka. Colleen Loomis, Dee Conroy, Diane Weaver, Marianne Galligan, J an Keller. Veda Williams, Gloria Majcher, Kathy Novak, Lynn Calhoun. Second Row: Terese Fovell, Kim McConnell. Mary Jo Lyon, John Craig. Diane Renfrow. Dave Reece, Keith Weber, Tom Yannarella. Mary Kay Herbertz, Lou Horvat. Gerry Hemmelgam, Jim Hudson. Third Row: Gary Martin, Brian Gidley, Dave Duax. Don Zehner. Tim Christiana. Mitch Frankowski. Dave Gun- ning, Tim Kuhar. Tom Bugielski, Terry White. Fourth Row: George Zebold. Russ Klimczyk. Joe Guilfoy, Kevin Naughton, John Keefer. Dave Marzke. Dave Gartland. First Row: Nancy Buchalter, J oAnn Wappes. Karen Cleveland, Sue Levesque, Tom Frink. Dave Boskovich. Third Row: Mary Girard. Lischer. Alison Perry, Kris Bardos. Sr. Donna Marie. Second Row: Thom Bercik. Bob Judge, Steve Bonifas. Bridget Wilhauck. Diane Linn, George 143 144 iology Front to back: Bob Judge, Diana Kachlik, Sylvia Spotts, Maggie McGee, Rosemary Humes. Mary Goszkowski, Fran Fergerson. Mark Slisz. Sue Konnyu. Lee Saber. Row 1: Dr. Posey, Mr. Davis, Ed DeMasi, Kathy Flinn. Mej Jungman, Dawn Feely, Diane Weaver. Row 2: Mary Goszkowski, Anna Harris, Alana Ahmed, Donna Beauchene, Phyllis Fitchom, Sharon Wallyn. Laura Krakovsky, Sylvia Spotts, Sue Smith. Row 3: Tom Conde, Paul Dowling, Don Earle, Sally Stambaugh, Anna Mae Ellerbrock, Elaine Arnzen, Ralphie Macy, Sue Beecher, Sue Flamion. Row 4: Paul Misniak, Debbie Frantz, Mike Meulemans, Steve McKenney, Karen Reiniger, J oni Warner, Paul Karkula, Terry Der- mott, Rick Heimann, Bob Judge, Quinn Dolan, Mark Hajduch. Row 5: Virginia Carhart, Bill Baker, Greg Myers, J eff Unger, Bob Fall, J eff Powell, Dave Marzke. Pat Skinner is missing. ; m; HfW 4;: Acugdhz' . Seated: Amesea Hall, Daryl Boglin, David Downey. Row 2: Alfreida Brown, Reginald Pulliam, Eugene Winbush. Anthony Smith. Row 3: Veda Williams. Robert Valentine. First Row: Tim Twohig, Carol Hospodka, Jarlath Faherty, Kathy Flinn, Charles Dillon, Dave Amadio, Ron Johnson, Pete Comp- ton, Mike Meulernans. Row 2: Ed Graveline, Phyllis Fitchom, Leo Cisco, Sharon Wallyn, Paul Barker, Karen Davis, Terese Cangany, Mary Vodisek, Penny Wise, Pat McSwain, Kathy Edwards, Mary Fricke. Row 3: Ann Pantle, Bob Fraser, Mike LaWIess, Greg Luegers, Pat Mulcahy, Mary Pat Hartnett. Paula-Eaton. Larry Loomis, J 0e Anderson, Mike Moyer. Row 4: Bob Cramer, joe Lyons, Mike Karaffa. Lori Franklin, J 0e Haracz, Cindy Mallory, Tom Milani,' Ron Hospodka, Ray Kuhn, Haz Hahn, Don Penrod, Frank Marinara, Jeff Guenther. Row 5: Mr. Walter Scherb. Rich Kubasak. J ay Huddleston, Larry King, Rick Smith, Bob Collins, Larry Olewinski, Tom Connors, Tom Conde. Greg Duggin. 145 First Row: Kathy Flinn, Phyllis Fitchorn. Second Row: Bob Hospodka, Matt Heminger. J im Delach, Joe Lyons, Mike Palmore. Third Row: J eanne O'Connell, Donna Bums. Belinda Brown. Dave Stoops, Willie Stephenson, Tony Boley, Mike Krasowski, Steve Gedney. Fourth Row: Sue Zeman, Luanne Pecho, Bill Meredith, First Row: Mary Lynn Capuano. Denise Brown, Sr. Donna Marie, Gail Baxter, Diane Linn, Alison Perry, John Callahan. Dave Findley, Sam Bormann, Mary Girard, Therese Braden, Danette Lee, Lisa J erome, Dr. John Egan, Director. Second Row: Mrs. Anne-Marie Egan, Pegeen Mitchell, Diana Kachlik, Mary Kay Bergman. Mary Ellen Werr, Terese Fovell. Dennis Kelly, Thom Bercik, Pete Roesle, Joni Warner, Donna Beauchene, Sue Martin, Kathy Wilson. Third Charlie Roarks, Matt Bradakis, J on Costas, Don Zinsmaster, Charlie Tobar. J ohn Zaworski, Greg Jenkins, Mike Birkmeier. Fifth Row: Don Clemens, Kathy Siedlik, Greg Schulte, Greg Duggin, Randy Lukas, Mike Kmetz, Rick Carlson, Mark Greiner, Rick Sid- dall, Larry Olewinski. Row: Valerie Bauer, Maggie McGee, Terry Russell. J annine Gamache. Kris Bardos, Bill Snyder. Mark Doss, Bob Chrzanowski, Bridget Wilhauck, Veronica Smith, Ann Cecile Egan. Greg Wilkins. Fourth Row: Terry Loeffler, Nancy Reedy, Jon Costas. Don Earle, Joe Rosengarten, Tom Kowalczyk, Don Higgins, George Levesque. Mark Geddes, Leo Cisco. Tom Funk, Gerry Wride, Tom Loeffler. Columbian Players Greg Wilkins, Theresa Allsop, Don Earle, Leo Vogt, Bill Snyder, Gerry Wride, Bruce Hicks, Kathy Wilson. Bill Cupp. Mike Bauman. k: I ktsacg , M mam i First Row: Ray Kuhn, John Beyer, Sue Flamion, J ohn Craig, Jeff Guenther, Jeff Unger, Noreen Walsh. Fourth Row: Theresa Mark Bolla, Gerry Adams. Second Row: Ron Giancola, Melvin Braden, Karen Cleveland, Anna Harris. Debbie Frantz, Dr. Jackson, Mark Marozzi, Bridget Wilhauck. Third Row: Quinn William Verbrugge, Adviser. Dolan, Bill Violette, Sue Mayfield, Tom Conde, Terese Fovell, 147 148 kn First Row: Mary Pat Hartnett, Mary Goszkowski, Anna Harris, Noreen Walsh. Marie Murphy. Second Row: Mafy Hgberman, Alana Ahmed. Ed DeMasi, Donna Beauchene, Laura Krakovsky. Third Row: Mr. William Cralg, Mlke Popovmh. Bob J udge, Kevin Naughton, Elaine Amzen, George Zebold, Ann Petrila, Mr. Mark Haber- man. First Row: Awannah Buelterman. Bobbi Jensen. Laura Ludwig, Judy Cherry. Colleen Flannery. Mary Ellen Werr. Dave McLaughlin. Second Row: Nat Schellhammer, Theresa Thieme, Rick Glynn, Brad Maisner. Third Row: J eff Schmiedebusch, Joann Erhart. Diane Polacheck. Debbie Skeates, Cathy Pozorski. Mary Lou Conlon. hi eta Kappa Left to Right: Mike Birkmeier, Floyd Bentley. Dave McLaughlin, Steve Wilson, Rick Rogers, Todd West, Mark Fitzgerald, Tim Cavanaugh, Bill Miller. Dave Findley. Tom Krol, George Zebold, Dave Dybalski. Mark Heinen, Barney V011. History Bottom to top: Kevin Millet, Kit Hartnett, Donna Beauchene, Alana Ahmed. Pat Deramo, Jean Klecan, Paul Karkula. Anna Mae Ellerbrock, Virginia Carhart. Paula Hamilton, Janet DeBonville. Sharon Wallyn. Michelle Hampton, Marie Murphy. Kent Willmanm Beth Bihlman. Don Penrod, Evelyn Doll. Bobbi Jensen. Ann Petrila. Marisa Corazza, Debbie Knight, Jeff Schmiedebusch, George Zebold, Tim Kirkbride. Brad Maisner, Terry Vin- citore, Dave McLaughlin, Noreen Walsh, Jean Anderson. 149 Seated: Mara Pindell. Sandy Gotstein, Karen Cleveland, Mary Ellen Rigali. Julie Reedy. Laurie Morris, Noreen Daly. Dee Conroy. Lee Saber. Standing: Judy Sciarini, Kim Kicza, Lisa Pindell, Cathy Novak, Denise DesJean, Lynn Calhoun. Measure Left to right: Sue Fritsche. Sally Stambaugh, Jean Anderson. Ralphie Macy, Dennie Enright. 150 Seated: Kathy Rector, A1 Albanese, Ann Girouard, Mike Arancio, J an Mangan, Joann Daddio, Lawrence Lennon, Chairman. Stand- ing: Ann Zgonc, Ralph Menna. J oanie Burke. Mike Popovich, Chris Haws, Laurie Hausmann. Tony Tiller. Sue Mescher, CmEditors; Jim Zacny, Brad Leitch, Ron Trippel, Reggie Pulliam. 151 heology Thom Bercik, Dennie Enright. Rick Fabrizio, Liz Burger, Mary Girard. Sandy Brown. Karen Reiniger, A1 Albanese. Missing: Pat Skinner. joni Warner. Dennis Chriszt. Intramurals FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY 155 156 Rev. Charles Robbins, Registrar Mr. David Hoover. Director of Financial Aid '.::;.n. -- w ,.., .4 r. Kenneth Zawodny, Vice-President for Business Affairs; Mr. Ralph Marini. Assistant Vice-President for Business Af- airs '"W . x1: dmissi'on's Office. Sitting: Valerie Erickson; Mr. William Craig, Director Helena Davis; Mr. Kevin Ryan, Assistant Director. Mrs. Marsha Kraft. fAdmxssxons. Standing: Mr. Mark Haberman. Admissions Counselor; Associate Director. 157 Mr. Jerome Hughes, Personnel Dean; Mrs. Diane Jennings, Assistant to Mr. Robert Vigeant. Head Librarian; Dr. Hermes Kreilkamp. the Dean Assistant Librarian Mr. Alfred Hentschel, Superintendent of Grounds Rev. Leonard Kostka, Chaplain; Rev. Kenneth Schroeder, Director of Seminarians 158 Dr. Paul Williams, Physician Post Office. Mrs. Charlotte Brown, Mr. Robert Walter ev. John Kalicky, Director of Seminarians; Rev. Rufus Esser. English 159 Mr. Jim Novak. Food Service sage? . H , l? w . w M H H , M Wu! 1 . ' , Wm" w -I' Pellicciotti. Assistant Director Rev. James Froelich. Director of Guidance and Placement; Mrs. Beth 160 Mrs. Marie Schultz. Health Center Rev. Alvin Druhman. English Mr. Richard Scharf. Athletic Director 161 Dr. John Egan, Music Rev. Edward McCarthy, Philosophy Rev. Charles Rueve, Mathematics Mr. John Groppe. English Dr. Charles Kerlin. English; Mrs. Anne-Marie Egan. Music; Rev. Lawrence Wyen, English Dr. Duvall Jones. Biology 163 Dr. Donald Reichert, Education Dr. William Downard. History Dr. Sandra Odorzynski, Economics Dr. J acob Rodia, Chemistry 164 1'. Lawrence Lennon. Psychology Dr. Joseph Pellicciotti, Political Science NW Chemistry Rev. William Kramer. Mr. George Waggoner. Physical Education 165 4; mm w . W 1s Dr. Robert Wood, Philosophy Rev. Boniface Dreiling, Physics 166 3511, H H H f; I , 1 T 39.x W5 ' -. k Rev. Ambrose Heiman, Philosophy Mr. Willard Walsh. Communications Rev. Philip Gilbert, Mathematics 167 Dr. Jose Luzay, Languages Mr. Michael Davis, Earth Science; Rev. Ralph Verdi, Music; Dr. Ralph Cappuccilli, Communications Mr. Clayton Womelsdorff. Political Science Rev. Lawrence Heiman, Music gunuln' uIi 3.7 d. v93 " IO Rev. Dominic Gerlach, History Mr. George Post. Physical Education Mr. William Del Principe, Accounting-Finance; Mr. Allen Broussard. Accounting-Finance; Mr. Robert Kasky, Accounting-Finance Rev. Rudolph Bierberg, Theology s V W33 Q Dr. Robert Listman, Business Administration 170 Mr. Brad Smith. Physical Education Miss Rosalie Wendling, Physical Education Rev. Edward Joyce, Theology Dr. Lyle Sleeman, Earth Science 171 Dr. John Posey, History Dr. Roy Burkey, Business Administration Physics , Dr. David Chesak C C n .w C S r e t u D. m 0 C Pm g g u f- b r e V m .w r. D ev. Raymond Cera, Languages lev. Urban Siegrist. Biology immu glam: alumna; : Ir. Donald Brinley, Philosophy Mr. Robert Schenk, Economics 173 Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. BaumaM Mr. and Mrs. James M. Biernat Blake Lamb Funeral Home Mr.-and Mrs Rodger L. Bliss James R. Bogan ; R J Confoy Familyx Donald J Cooney, 51 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Copeland Mr. and Mrs. J ames W. Cupp J ayne Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Mmhaghg.E Andrew M. Galena Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Leo and Catherine Gartland Mr. and Mrs. Ray H. Glassmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gorski Henry Goszkowski and Mrs. Jerome Graveline and Mrs. Matthew Gregurich Phase 1977 Row 1: J ean Klecan, Marianne Galligan. Bridget Wilhauck. Kathy Brown, Kathy Flinn. Row 4: Ed DeMasi, Deb Cooney. Row 2: Veronica Smith. Jean Anderson, Sue Martin, Noreen Missing: Phyllis Fitchom, J im Sullivan. Walsh. Diane Weaver. Chris Wojton. Row 3: Eileen McGinnity, We would like to give special thanks to some of the greatest clowns who cooperated in the publication of Phase 777. They are: Mr. Charles Schuttrow, advisor, Mr. Jerry Schlueter of Walswarth Publishing Company, Mr. Douglas Denhardt and Mr. Mike Brandt of Douglas Studios, Mrs. Delores SchuttrQw, Mrs. Betty Fenters, and Joe Deardorff. There ought to be clowns!! C5D DQWM Co-editors, Phase 1977 176 - .13 , r ' WAstonm I v Marceline,Mo.,U.S.A. HAW. Mww;h.w.;w,......u.zgug; . . , . . . .. , . -,, ., ..

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