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1 k gr ' 5333 , , Y53WfJC5Wif?lUU4!KVW1fWBHElWN'7'5W' 4 . 1 5 5 f E ? 5 3 5 E 1 I 4 1 s 1 9 x 1 1 5 '5 i i 2 z 1 . 3 Q . 1 Q s G ,EPMQQUQE ffm Q Cffff Saint Joseph College BQSEPH Q CQ YZ' C5 S Sew Q cn ff D1 Q 425 Q' fix- S' 2 Q, 'WJRTFUYKQ' Vol. II West Hartford, Connecticut ., , .., ,,,, ....,,w. .,,..,Y,. ST JOSEPH COLLEGE In loving gratitude this book is dedicated to Reverend Mother Maria Francis, President of the Saint joseph College, and Mother Superior of the Sisters of Mercy in the diocese of Hartford. S I x T I-I E E P I L O G U E ' 1 9 3 7 IQKQLQQUE When Autumn rules again the rolling year, And lends the trees a final brilliant cheer To mock the Winter close upon her heels, When, in the sky, the small bird slowly wheels And flies off south to wait another spring, And goldenrod is bright and wild grapes swing In heavy bunches on the burdened vine, When keen winds sparkle in the veins like wine, Those dormant yearnings suddenly arise That make a man to seek his cherished prize. Then students start to think of school again, Of college halls, of studies, books, and pens. Befell that in that season four years past Saint Joseph, then a college growing fast In great renown, received another band Of students like those met throughout the land, Who swore each one in comradeship to be For four years while each sought some fine degree And now I think before they shall depart, It is my place to tell you all by heart What girls they were, and of those others too, The masters and the students whom they knew, For so there will remain this catalogue Of those who, leaving, leave this EPILOGUE. ST JOSEPH COLLEGE EXECUTIVE QFHCEK5' President Reverend Mother Maria Francis Vice-Prekident and Secretary Mother Mary Benedict Treasurer Mother Maria Joseph A Officers of Administration Dean Sister M. Rosa, Ph.D. Registrar Sister M. Consolata, B.A. Dietitian Helen P. Connolly, B.S. FACULYHY N T I-I E E P I L O G U E - 1 9 3 7 SISTER M. ROSA, Dean, Psychology, B.A., 1913, M.A., 1918, Ph.D., 1929, Cath- olic University. SISTER M. AGATHAQ History, B.A., 1923, Catholic University, M.A., 1929, Fordham University. SISTER M. AGNES, Latin, B.A., 1921, Catholic University, M.A., 1929, Fordham University. I SISTER MARIA ANCILLAQ English, B.A., 1912, New Rochelle, M.A., 1929, Fordham University. AGNES AI-IERN, French, B.A., 1906, Smith College, M.A., 1929, Columbia Uni- versity, University of Paris. ARCHIE BANGSQ German, B.A., 1908, Bates College, M.A., 1910, Colgate Uni- versity, M.A., 1911, Harvard University, Ph.D., 1928, Yale University. JAMES BARRONQ Mathematics, B.S., 1926, University of Minnesota, M.S., 1932, University of Wisconsin, Ph.D., 1934, University of Wisconsin. PHILIP BENNETT, Economics, B.S., 1933, New York University, M.B.A., 1935, Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration. MRS. WENDELL BROWNQ Clothing and Design, B.A., 1927, State College, Pullman, Washington, M.A., 1933, Teachers' College, Columbia, Diploma in Costume Art, 1932, Paris. MARGARET CALLAGI-IAN, Sociology, B.A., 1925, New Rochelle, M.A., 1927, Ford- ham University School of Social Service, Columbia, 1930. HELEN CONNOLLYQ Dietitian, B.S., 1930, Marywood College. SISTER M. CONSOLATAQ Registrar, B.A., 1913, Catholic University. SISTER M. CONSUELAQ Biology, B.A., 1929, Catholic University, M.S., 1934, Cath- olic University. SISTER M. CONSILIAQ Chemistry, B.A., 1932, Catholic University, Ph.D., 1936, Cath- olic University. S T . J O S E P H C O L L E G E JAMES E. CRONIN, English, B.A., 1930, M.A., 1934, Wesleyan. SISTER M. DE LOURDESQ Child Psychology, B.A., 1934, Catholic University, M.A., 1935, Columbia University. JOSEPH DUCIBELLAQ Italian, Spanish, B.A., 1931, M.A., 1932, Ph.D., 1934, Cath- olic University. REVEREND JOHN HAYES, Religion, Ethics, M.A., 1934, Catholic University. EDWARD L. HIRsI-I, English, B.A., 1932, Yale, Sterling Memorial Scholarship, Ph.D., 1935, Yale University. MARY P. HOLLERANQ History, B.A., Mount Saint Vincent College, M.A., 1929, Columbia University. . MARGARET V. KENNEDY, Education, B.A., 1917, Vassar, M.A., 1922, Radcliffe, Ph.D., 1929, Radcliffe. EUGENE LANGANQ Chemistry, B.S., 1932, St. Benedict's, M.S., 1934, Catholic University, Ph.D., 1936, Catholic University. SISTER MARIE CELINEQ Librarian, B.A., 1935, Catholic University, B.S., Library Science, 1936, Columbia University. SADIE C. MCCOLEQ Home Economics, B.S., 1931, Marywood College, M.S., 1935, Columbia University. M. VINCENT MIKOLAINIS, Embryology, B.A., 1920, Columbia University, M.D., 1933, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia. CHARLES C. MONTANOQ Bacteriology, B.S., 1932, Tufts College, M.D., 1935, Tufts Medical School. MAURICE QUINLANQ English, B.A., 1926, Yale University, M.A., 1929, Colum- bia University. MRS. ROMEO TATA, Music, Mus.B., 1930, Yale University. . REVEREND CORNELIUS TEULINGS, Religion, Philosophy, M.A., 1911, Louvain. EMILY WHITE, Physical Education, B.S., 1930, Columbia University, M.A., 1936, New York University. '--1'--....... . -v-r--49, 4--4. x ff X1 lil Q. K.. ST JOSEPH COLLEGE President: MARY DOWNING Vice-President: ANTOXNETTE MARZANO Secretary: ANNA CHARBONNEAU Treasurer: RUTH RIPLEY THE EP ALICE CURTIS CALLA1-IAN, B.A. Bazaar Committee 1213 Catho- lic Action Club ftreasurer 2, 3, 415 English Club Q 1, 2, 3, sec- retary 415 Epilogue Business Managerg Glee Club Q 1, libra- rian Zg 3, 41g International Re- lations Club 121g junior Prom Committeeg Maecenas Circle f11g Mendelian Club 1315 Queene's Companye U15 St. Elizabeth Guild fl, Z, 3, 415 Targe Business Board f31g World Affairs Club I L O G U E ' 1 9 3 7 Alice, who always had so much to do, Had ever ready tact to see it through. Her hair was smooth and never tossed about Full capable she was without a doubt. ST. JOSEPH COLLEGE There was Anita, neat as one could beg Her scribbled notes were wonderful to see. So bland and quiet ever was her way, She almost kept a keen wit hid away. ANITA ELSIE CHARBONNEAU, B.S. Alpha Omega 13, president 41 3 Athletic Association Q11 g Cath- olic Action Club f3, 415 Glee Club fl, 2, 3, 413 Le Cercle Francais fljg MencleliantClub f3, 4jg Targe Typing Staff f3, 4,3 World Aifairs Club Mfg Secretary of '37 T I-I E E P ROSEMARY VERONICA COYLE, B.S. English Club f 1, 2, 3, 41, Epi- logue Assistant Editor, St. Elizabeth Guildrfl, 2, 3, 413 Student Association Represen- tative f4jg Targe Editorial Stall: ILOGUE'1937 Another was there of great dignity, Rosemary was she called, and heartily She would espouse a cause. ST. JOSEPH COLLEGE Then Betty gay, Who never was at loss for aught to say Nor anecdotes to cell. The busy bee Could never seem one half so rushed as she. ELIZABETH CLARE DESMOND, B.S. Athletic Association f2jg Cam pus Shop Manager G, 4j Catholic Action Club 12, 3, Glee Club fl, 2, 3,5 St. Eliza- beth Guild 41, 2, 3, 45. I -1 Q Mu-W '1 -- am X T H E E P I L O G U E - 1 9 3 7 MARY VINCENTINE DOWNING, B.S. Alpha Omega Club fvice-pres- ident 23 3, 415 Athletic Asso- ciation fl, 2, 3, 41, Catholic Action Club fsecretary 25 pres- ident 33 419 English Club KZ, 3, 41g Glee Club fl, vice-pres- iclent 23 3, 413 International Relations Club fsecretary 2, 31, Mendelian Club Q3, 413 Queene's Companye 1115 World Affairs Club 1415 Jun- ior Prom Committee, President of '37 Mary, idealist to the last degree, Varied her science with domesticity. The hardest tasks fell ever to her share ST. JOSEPH COLLEGE LUCIA MARIA FORASTIERE, B.S. Associate Member Glee Club f2, 3, 4,5 I1 Circolo Beatrice f4jg Mendelian Club Q3, 4jg St. Elizabeth Guild mv' .grfv And Lucy who found fun no matter whereg She was untroublecl, calm in every way, With ever something sensible to say. ,.1 Ii A , JJ ,1 1 ' THE EPILOGUE'19 NANCY MARGARET GILL, BA. Catholic Action Club f 1,3 English Club fl, 2, 3, 4jg Le Cercle Francais f2jg Maecenas Circle fljg Queene's Com- panye f2, 3, Secretary 413 St. ElizalJeth's Guild f 115 Targe Editorial Board fl, 315 Secre- tary of '37 Nancy was always quiet, gentle, wise, And everyone was kindly in her eyes. Her industry was such that very few Could know the work that she would always do 3 7 ST OSEPI-I COLLEGE MARY ELIZABETH GANDOLFI, B.S. Bazaar Committee f41Q Catho- lic Action Club 12, 3, 413 En- glish Cluln fl, 2, 3, 413 Epi- logue Ass't Business Managerg Glee Club fl, ass't treasurer 2, 33 413 Le Cercle Frangais f 1, 213 St. Elizabeth Guild fl, 2, 315 Targe Ass't Business Man- ager fl, 213 Queene's Com- panye fl, 2, 3, 415 Class of '37 fsecretary 13 treasurer 23 pres- ident 31. MSI. Yi V'-P El -. 1 -W., T H E E P I L O G U E - 1 9 3 7 CECILIA ANN HUGHES, B.S. Athletic Association fllg Cath- olic Action Club f2, 315 Glee Club fl, 2, 3, 415 International Relations Club 1215 Le Cercle Francais Q 1, Zjg St. Elizabeth Guilcl f 1, 2, 415 Queeneis Com- panye fljg Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Senior Ball Committee. There was Cecilia, smallest of the class, A wholly feminine and carefree lass. ST. JOSEPH COLLEGE fs, x ' ' - fqgkfga-7 I A ' ,..,s- ,ci t,,,,,r. fag? if .Mr 1, I Q , N, ,V , I , , i Elizabeth, who spake so earnestly, And walked always in quiet dignity, An artist in all things, her very dress Harmonized colors as we scarce dared guess. iff ELIZABETH MARY ANNE KANE, B.A. Bazaar Committee f3jg Ath- letic Association f 1, 315 Cath- olic Action Club f 1, 2, 3, 413 English Club f 1, 2, vice-presi- cient 3, president 41, Epilogue Art Editorg Glee Club f 1, treasurer 2, 33 business mana- ger 4jg International Relations Club f2j 5 Maecenas Circle UQ, St. Elizabeth Guild fl, 2, 3, 41, Targe Editorial Board f2, 3, 4,5 Queene's Companye fl, 2, art director 35 4,5 Ring Committee, President of '37 111. ' JV T I-I E E P I L O G U E - 1 9 3 7 ANTOINETTE MARGARET MARZANO, B.A. Catholic Action Club QU 3 Glee Club f2, 3, ass't accompanist 413 I1 Circolo Beatrice f3, pres- ident 415 Le Cercle Francais 121g Saint Elizabeth Guild 13, 4jg Vice-president of '37 Then there was Antoinette of the happy air, Nothing to her was ever worth the care Of worry, not even if by chance she smote, Upon the public stage, a shaky note. ST. JOSEPH COLLEGE And then came Mary, most convivial, Whose hearty laugh was always jovialg A downright girl was she ancl lacked all guile. MARY LORRAINE MCCARTHY, B.A. Athletic Association fl, 2, 3, 4j 5 Catholic Action Club fl, 2, 3, 4jg Le Cercle Francais fl, 215 Glee Club fljg Maecenas Circle fllg St. Elizabeth Guild f 1, Zj. T H E E P I L O G U E ' 1 9 3 7 MARY THERESA McDoNoUGH, B.A. Athletic Club 41, 2, 3, 45g Catholic Action Club 11, 2, 3, 413 Glee Club fllg Le Cercle Francais Q 1, 2,5 Maecenas Circle f 1,3 Saint Elizabeth Guild f 1, 21. Another Mary there was whose very smile Was somewhat shy and had high earnestness We knew her for her quiet steaclfastness. ST. JOSEPH COLLEGE Jane, too, was small and fair with twinkling eyes, And such good humor that the best disguise Of frowns seemed but to swell her gayety. The class could boast no better sport than she. JANE FRANCES MCGOWAN, B.S. Athletic Club fl, 215 Catholic Action Club 13, 415 C-:lee Club fl, 215 Mendelian Club fpresi- dent 413 Saint Elizabeth Guild f2, 3, vice-president 415 Targa Typing Staff f 11. T I-I E E P I L O G U E ' 1 9 3 7 GENEVIEVE GERTRUDE MCGRAIL, B.S. Catholic Action Club f 1, 2, 3, 4jg Glee Club fl, 2, 3, 415 Queene's Companye f 1, ward- robe mistress Zg 3, 4jg Saint Elizabeth Guild fl, 2, 3, pres- ident 4jg President of '37 Then Genevieve, whose usual gentleness Belied a quality of strong Hrmnessg Her colouring was very white and pinlcg Her hair as black as is the night, I think ST. JOSEPH COLLEGE Louise, though she was gay and quite naive, Took life more earnestly than you'd believe. Her bouyancy and something in her eyes Made her seem always waiting a surprise. LOUISE OEHLERT, B.S. Glee Club f2, associate member 3, 4,3 International Relations Club fvice-president 2,3 Le Cercle Frangais fl, 2, presi- dent 3, 4,5 Mendelian Club 13, 4,5 Queene's Companye f 1, 2, 3, 4, Saint Elizabeth Guild fl, 2,3 Senior Ball Committeeg Treasurer of '37 if K 1. we Q--Al' fgf' 'ii M lg rt--, - . Q .Ai 0 gl I L ov lf ,KL Eff Y 'QF 5' f, A vi. A. l -1 Q 'gg L.. 1 . L - 45' f r ,f ix 5 'x z' 4 TI-IE EPILOGUE'1937 MARY MARGARET O,MARA, B.S. Alpha Omega fsecretary 2, president 35 415 Athletic Asso- ciation f3jg Catholic Action f2, 3, president 4,5 Glee Club f2, 3, 4j3 International Rela- tions Club f2Qg Queene's Com- panye fljg Saint Elizabeth Guild fvice-president 1, presi- dent 25 vice-president 35 4jg World Affairs Club f4jg Sec- retary of '37 Then Mary of the very efficient air, Who never was distraughtfby any care. Her greatest gifts were her tranquillity, Her quiet poise, dependability. ST. JOSEPH COLLEGE Then there was one, late-comer on the trip, Whom we enjoyed one year in comradeship. This Kay we knew for statements so concise, Ambition, and an attitude precise. KATHRYN MARY PALOMBA, B.S. Alpha Omega HJ, Glee Club 1413 Il Circoio Beatrice fsec- retary-treasurer 415 World Af- fairs Club fchairman 4,5 Sen- ior Ball Committee. T H E E P I L O G U E - 1 9 3 7 VIRGINIA LOUISE PILZ, B.S. Catholic Action Club fl, 2, 31 Glee Club fl, 2, 3, 4j3 Inter- national Relations Club KZ, Le Cercle Francais f 1, 21 Queene's Companye Q 1, 2, 3, 4,5 Saint Elizabeth Guild fl, Virgina, who lovecl an argument, Was self-assured and always conficlentg But though she held her side so eagerly She did it, as her way was, gracefully. ST. JOSEPI-I COLLEGE The final Mary of this roll-call here Was never one we would accuse of fear. Her fondest claim was versatility. Full loudly could she sing but off the key. MARY POWER PRENDERGAST, B.A. Athletic Club flj 3 English Club fl, 2, 3, 4,5 Epilogue Editorg Glee Club fass't busi- ness manager 15 business man- ager 2, 35 president 4,5 Inter- national Relations Club fpres- ident 23 313 Le Cercle Francais fllg Maecenas Circle fljg Queene's Companye 11, stage manager 25 vice president 3g 4lg Targe Editorial Stag fl, 2, editor 313 Ring Committee. from if Q-ef' 'V l Z X xr- T I-I E E P I L O G U E ' 1 9 3 7 KATHERINE FRANCES RANKIN, B.S. Catholic Action f2, 3, 4jg Glee Club fl, 2, 4,3 Queene's Com- panye fl, Zjg Saint Elizabeth Guild fl, 2, 3, 41 5 junior Prom Chairmang Vice-Presiclent of '37 f3j . Then Kay of the genial, hearty laugh. We knew How infectious was her gayetyg and too, For all her half-sophisticated pose, She was domestic more than you'cl suppose. l l ST. JOSEPH COLLEGE T33 In Ruth we hacl the classis aptest wit. Her humor was full broad but always fit. Most practical she seemed, and only few Knew that she was true romantic too. RUTH RIPLEY, B.A. Athletic Association fl, 2, 319 Catholic Action f2, 3, 4jg Glee Cluh f4j5 Le Cercle Francais fl, Zig Maecenas Circle fljg Saint Elizabeth Guild fl, Zi. N T x L ,wg v l -11511 1 T H E E P I L O G U E ' 1 9 3 7 HARRIET EMILY Roor, B.S Catholic Action Club Q41 Mendelian Club Q3, 41. Another girl, decided in her way, Was Harriet who knew just what to say Her giggle was continuous, and freeg She had a Way with children plain to see. ST. JOSEPH C To many Kay would seem reserved, aloof, But not to us beneath the self-same roof Who knew her humorous and calmly gay. OLLEGE KATHERINE HELENA VARGAS, B.S. Alpha Omega f3, 4,3 Catholic Action f3, 41g World Affairs f4j. T I-I E E P I L O G U E ' I 9 3 7 JOSEPHINE ELAINE VERRENGIA, B.A. Athletic Club f 115 Bazaar Committee fchairman 215 Catholic Action f2, 3, 415 Eng- lish Club fl, 2, treasurer 35 415 Glee Club f 1, 2, 41 Il Circolo Beatrice f315 Maecenas Circle fpresident 115 Queene's Com- panye f 1, 2, 3, president 415 Saint Elizabeth Guild fl, 215 School Jacket Committee f415 Targe Editorial Staff f 115 Targe Business Manager U15 Junior Prom Committeeg treas- urer of '37 5- f,g,gf.,i, 'Q'-.'7f3f 7 5 And Jo we knew in many a different way, Eflicient, now in calm authority, Then jolly, too, with happy sympathy. ST JOSEPH COLLEGE SISTER MARY THEODORE KELLEHER, B.A Our Sister Theodore was dignity Emhoclied, and we hear astronomy She found most fascinating. Not a few Appreciated her dry humor too. E P I L O G U E - 1 9 3 7 SISTER MARY JOSEPH MARK MCGURKIN, B.S Then Sister Joseph Mark, a nun full tall, With dignity most regal of us all. Efhcient was she, and most versatile, And too, she had a most infectious smile. V l ST JOSEPH COLLEGE SISTER MARY IRENE O'CoNNoR, B.A Another nun there was, Sister Irene, With a smile the pleasantest we have ever seen She had a lively wit and sympathyg She always did the tasks we'd fail to see. ,......,.n.,...J JUNKQJQJ SQIPHIQAWQKEJ Fkflwlfwlzvw ST JOSEPH COLLEGE JUNIOR OFFICERS President: MARY CAREY Vice-President: KATHLEEN HORAN Secretary: LEAH COLE Tfeasurer: MARGARET KEMP OO NN ON 1 OF CLASS THE J O s E MARJORIE BEYER ARLINE BOUCI-IER HELEN BREENE PEGGY BRENNAN MARY OLIVE BULLOCK HELEN CANFIELD MARY CAREY LEAH COLE DOROTHY COLEMAN RITA CRAWFORD BERTHA DIEM MARY FORTIN DOROTHY HORAN KATHLEEN HORAN EVELYN HUGHES GERTRUDE JOHNSON ANN KELLY HELEN KELLY MARGARET KEMP MARGARET KITTLE MARY LARAGY CLAIRE MADIGAN COLLE LENA MALENTACCHI IRENE MCAULIFFE CATHERINE MCCABE REGINA MCGOWAN BETTY MCKONE ELIZABETH MCLAUGHLIN MARYBETH MCVERRY ALDONA MIKOLAINIS EVELYN MOORE EUNICE MORSE MARGUERITE PADULA MARY PATTINSON ALICE PURCELL LUCILLE RALPH RITA REILLY MARGUERITE RILEY MICI-IELINA ROMANO HELEN RYAN MARY RYAN GERTRUDE SHANNEY DOLORES TROTTER f mf- .mn-nnmnun-.--w.,..... -M-Y--A -annum T I-I E E P I L O G U E 1 9 3 7 SOPI-IOMORE OFFICERS President: MARY DEVINE Vice-President: KATHERINE O,CONNOR Secretary: MARY I-IORCH Treasurer: MARY CORRIGAN ON NN ON 1 OF CLASS THE T I-I E E P I L O G U E 1 9 3 7 DOROTHY BARRETT MARION BAUMANN DORIS BOLEN BERNICE BORSE ROSEMARY BRENNAN RUTHANN BRENNAN ALICE BRINLEY RUTH BUCKLEY FRANCES CASHION JANE COLLINS MARY CORRIGAN ELEANOR DAHL MARY DEVINE ELENORA FRESI-IER MARY FINNEGAN ELIZABETH GARITY BERNICE GAUGGEL VINA GAUGGEL MARGARET GOLDEN JAYNE GOODCHILD S ROBERTA GORMAN WINIFRED GUNN BETTY I-IANLON REGINA I-IANNING MARY HORCH ANN KLOSOSKI SR. M. S. KRULIKOWSKI ELEANOR LAPENTA ELIZABETH LAWTON MARION MCCLOSKEY MARGARET MCMAI-ION EILEEN MALLEY DORIS MATSEN RITA MERLET GENEVIEVE MlI.LS MARIE MINKWITZ LORETTA MORAN MARY MUNGER RITA MURPHY KATHERINE O,CONNOR ROSALIND O'CONNoR EILEEN 0,KEEFE KATHLEEN O,MEARA EILEEN PARMELEE MARJORIE RAITT MARY READING ANITA ROCI-IE TERESA RUCCI MARY SCULLY DORIS SMITH VIRGINIA STEVENSON HELEN STRICKLAND BETTY TAUL ELIZABETH TRACY MARY VAIL M'JANE WADDY NANCY WEBB ST JOSEPI-I COLLEGE FRESI-IMAN OFFICERS President: BETTY I'IANNIFXN Vice-Prefidenk Louxss T1M1vuNs Secretary: MARY MCDERMOTT Treasurer: MARY CROSBY CLASS oF 1940 THE JOSEPH MARY MARGARET AHERN KATHERINE MAE ALBAN DOROTHY ALBAN DOROTHY BARIBEAULT BETTY BIDWELL JANE MARY BIELIZNA ELINOR BRIDE HARRIET BRAWLEY GEORGINA BUONOCORE BETTY CANNING BEATRICE CASHIN PAULINE CHIDESTER ANNA CODY DORIS CONNOR ELEANOR CONWAY JANET COYLE ROSEMARY COYNE MARY M. CROSBY ALICE CULLEN DOROTHY DE MANBEY MARY DILLON ELIZABETH DOOLEY MARTINA DOYLE EMILY DRUST JANE EMERSON JEANNE FERRIS MARY FITZGERALD CECILE FITZGIBBONS MARY FLAHERTY KATHRYN FLEMING ELIZABETH A. FLYNN RITA FOLEY MARGARET Fox ALEXANDRA FREDA HELEN FRIEDRICH MARVELYN GALVIN ELAINE GARAGHTY VIRGINIA GIBSON DOROTHY GORDON AGNES GORSE GENEVIEVE GRADY DORIS GRAYWACZ ELIZABETH HANNIFIN FLORENCE HARNEY PATRICIA HART COLLE BETTY HARVEY CATHERINE HUGHES ETHEL HURLBURT TERESA M. JAKSTAS BARBARA JEFFERS GERTRUDE JUDD MILDRED KEARNS MARY ELIZABETH KELLEY ALATI-IEA KING SR. M. LEONA KARPENSKI LUCILLE KUHNLY ELIZABETH S. LANGDON MARION S. MCCRUM MARY MCDERMOTT LUCILLE MCDONALD MARY MCGRATH HELEN MCGURK ROSEMARY MCINTYRE MARY MCLAUGHLIN ERNESTINE MCMULLEN MARY MCNAMARA MARIETTA MCGUIRE KATHLEEN MALAHAN NANCY MANION ADELAIDE MARKHAM CLAIRE MARKHAM ELSIE MATERA SR. SOPI-IIE METROUSKA MARY MORAN GERTRUDE MURPHY ANGELA C. NAGLE CATHERINE O,BRIEN BETTY O,ROURKE SR. CLAIRE PATALKIS EDWIGA RAEALOWSKA MARGARET E. REILLY MARY ALICE ROWLAND MIRIAM ST. JOHN DORIS SKELLEY LOUISE TIMMINS ELINOR TURNER PATRICIA WILKINSON FRANCES WILSBERG MILDRED YOUNG 'X T QR QA NMA www ST. JOSEPI-1 C " - 'V Yt'g3'J'i'k2 la 2-2 NI EPI LOG UE STAFF MARY PRENDERGAST--Editor ROSEMARY COYLE-Assistant Editor ELIZABETH KANE-A rt Editor ALICE CALLAHAN1BuIi11ESS Manager MARY GANDOLFI-Assistant Business Man ager Editorial Board Business Board MARY LARAGY, 1938 ELIZABETH MCLAUGHLIN, 1938 ALDONA MIKOLAINIS, 1938 MARGARET BRENNAN, 1938 M'JANE WADDY, 1939 KAY O,CONNOR, 1939 L OUISE TIMMINS, 1940 BETTY TAUL, 1939 MARIETTA MCGUIRE, 1940 O L L E T I-I E E P I L O G U E 1 9 3 7 ALPHA GMEGA ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ST OSEPI-I COLLEGE CATHOLIC ACTION CLUB ENGLISH CLUB T I-I E E P I L O G U E 1 9 3 7 GLEE CLUB 1 x IL CmcoLo BEATRICE ST JOSEPH COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB LE CERCLE FRANCAIS T H E E P I L O G U E 1 9 3 7 MAECENAS CIRCLE MENDELIAN CLUB ST JOSEPH COLLEGE THE QUEIzNE's COMPANYE SAINT ELIZABETH GUILD T H E E P I L O G U E 1 9 3 7 TARGE WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB T H E E P I L O G U E 1 9 3 7 W.. . i x..x ..I wi ge . ,, 1 1 . is IN Nw WI' H Q- 4: 1 'Q S T J -Y- 1 . b -1,2-ll, i OSEPI-I COLLEGE T I-I E E P I L O G U E ' 1 9 3 7 CQfWfWlfJNCfMElVT WEEK OHCW VNYZQJS, UNE 5 SATURDAY TEA DANCE GIVEN BY ALUMNAE EOR SENIORS 4:00-7:00 P. M UNE BACCALAUREATE SUNDAY 10:00 A. M. UNE MONDAY RECEPTION INTO THE ALUMNAE 8:00 P. M. THEATRE PARTY GIVEN BY THE FRESHMEN UNE TUESDAY SOPHOMORE TEA 3:00-6:00 P. M. COMMENCEMENT PLAY 8:15 P. M. JUNE WEDNESDAY JUNIOR LUNCHEON 12:30 P. M. CLASS DAY 2:00-4:30 P. M. SING 8:15 P. M. 1 I JUNE 10 THURSDAY MASS AND COMMUNION BREAKFAST 9:00 A. M. SENIOR BALL 9:00 P. M.-1:30 A. M. JUNE 11 FRIDAY COMMENCEMENT 3:00 P. M. ST. JOSEPH COLLEGE class J-fisfcw y SCENE: History lesson in the sixth grade at Funland School. TIME: june 9, 1952. TEACHER: Close your books, and we'll have a review. Marie, you begin. That's a good girl, put your book away, and put your gum in the basket. Now give me the great events which took place at Saint Joseph College in the year 1933-34. MARIE: September 14, 1933, a group of girls started their first day at college. In October St. Elizabeth Guild gave a party at St. Mary's Home. just before Thanksgiving they had their hrst Semi-formal Dance. BETTY: That's when the Targe started a Blind Date Bureau. MARIE: On December 5 the Glee Club started the Sonata Recital Series with a concert by Romeo Tata, violinist, and Lawrence Honan, pianist. KATHERINE: They gave two others in April and May, but Charles Demarest was the pianist, and, at the last, Edwin Gerschefski played his own piece. MARIE: On January 17 examinations started. From the 24th to the 26th, a spiritual retreat was conducted by Dom Thomas Verner Moore. On March 22, the Dean, Sister Mary Rosa, announced that the college had become a senior col- lege with power to confer degrees. March 27-er-oh, the play "Vision" by the Queene,s Companye. KATHERINE: f Waving her handy We have a picture of the May pageant at home. MARIE: The Glee Club gave its Spring Concert on May 29. They had Ida Reger, soprano, and Charles Demarest, pianist, as guest artists. The Daffodil Bridge was June 9 and 700 people were there! Imagine! TEACHER: Very good, Marie. Now, Katherine, you tell us about 1934-'35. KATI-IERINE: School opened on September 12, and on September 25, Bishop Mc- Auliffe spoke to the undergraduates. It was the college's second anniversary. BETTY: My mother helped make the Bishop's lunch. KATI-IERINE: In November, the Glee Club presented a concert by the Faculty String Quartet of Yale University. In January they presented Romeo Tata and Edwin Gerschefski, and in March, Bruce and Rosalind Simonds in a two-piano recital. In December the Great Student Bazaar was inaugurated, with an automobile for the grand prize. VIRGINIA: Teacher, she skipped the spiritual retreat that was held November 10- 11-12. My mother told me the girls thought Msgr. Fulton Sheen was perfect. KATHERINE: Well, anyhow, the English and Dramatic Clubs gave a Christmas tea on December 20, and the Dramatic Club presented "The Shepherd of Bethlehem." MARIE: Wasnit it on March 4 that that anti-Communist, Dorothy Day, spoke and your mother's friend, Alice Callahan, decided to follow in her steps. KATHERINE: Yes. Let's see. In April there was the first Junior Prom. On May 11, the English Club again sponsored the Daffodil Bridge- VIRGINIA: I bet thatls where my mother learned how to make those round sand- wiches with the olive in the center. KATHERINE! Maybe. I guess they had more of them when the Sophomores enter- T H E E P I L O G U E - 1 9 3 7 tained the prospective students on May 25th. May 29th the Glee Club pre- sented its Spring Concert, and on June 7 they participated in the Connecticut Tercentenary Concert in the Yale Bowl. TEACI-IER: All right. Virginia, the years 1935-36? VIRGINIA: That Fall the new buildings were being built on Asylum Ave. On November 6 the Juniors sponsored a fashion show and bridge. On the 26th they were invested in caps and gowns. BETTY: You can imagine how important that was, when they were excused from first period class. VIRGINIA: St. Elizabeth Guild gave its Thanksgiving Dance on November 22, just before vacation. Then there was the second Student Bazaar in December. MARIE: I Mr. Hugo Kortschak gave a violin recital as the first of the '35-'36 Glee Club Concert Series. In March they had the Chamber Trio of Boston, and they had Bruce and Rosalind Simonds in another two-piano recital in May. VIRGINIA: At the Junior Prom on April 17, they had garden furniture, and Art McKay's orchestra and- BETTY! -and a real well for the punch. VIRGINIA: Then on April 4, classes were held for the first time in the new college buildings. MARIE: Yes, and half the girls were late trying to open lockers. KATHERINE! Over 1,000 people attended the Daffodil Bridge on May Znd. At the Parents' Day on May 10th, many of our grandparents saw the new build- ings for the first time. MARIE: Donlt forget to mention the Commencement Play by the Queene's Com- panye, "Twelfth Night." KATHERINE: The first Commencement Exercises were held on Friday, June 7. Nine- teen girls received degrees. BETTY! Please, Miss Smith, may I tell about the year '36-'37? TEACHER! Yes, but shut your book. This is from memory. BETTY: They started the year in June, really, with a houseparty at Lucy Fores- tiere's. On September 25, Bishop McAuliffe dedicated the new Saint Joseph College. In October the seniors sponsored the first dance of the season. On October 13, the college had the privilege of a visit from His Excellency Cardi- nal Pacelli, Secretary of State of the Vatican City. KATHERINE! Yes, and he gave them two days' vacation. BETTY: In November many of the girls heard a harpsichord for the first time when the Glee Club presented Ralph Kirkpatrick. The club also presented Romeo Tata in January and the Faculty Spring Quartet of Yale University in March. In January Father Delihant gave the annual retreat. KATHERINE! Teacher, in February the Home Economics students took care of a real baby at the Home Management House. Mother says one of them wanted to take her home. BETTY: February 26, the Glee Club sang at Bushnell with the New England Glee Club Association. Toward the end of April, St. Joseph College a.nd Wesleyan gave a joint presentation of "The Gondoliersf' In May there was the Daffodil Bridge again, and the Glee Club Concert. This year they gave a joint con- ST. JOSEPH COLLEGE cert with Trinity. The Dramatic Club gave "Much Ado About Nothing" for their play. MARIE: How could you forget the Comprehensives? They were terrible. BETTY: Oh, well, I guess they forgot them too when it came time for Commence- ment Week with all its bustle. VIRGINIA: Miss Smith, may we sing the St. Joseph College song to finish the lesson? fflll rise and sing the Alma Mater Songj H2 QPHECY SCENE-Cabin. Storm outside. VIRGINIA PILZ and LOUISE OEHLERT seated before a fire. VIRGINIA. Turn that radio off-the static's terrible! LOUISE. 11:45! Oh, but it's just time for ANTOINETTE MARZANO and her Swing Girls. VIRGINIA. That storm has made it impossible to hear any of the programs tonight. We even missed out on Rudy Vallee's program- LOUISE. Yes, with his comedy team, MARY MCDONOUGI-I and LUCY FORASTIERE. VIRGINIA. Say, didn't RUTH RIPLEY,S sense of humor come in handy writing gags for them? LOUISE. Our class certainly went in for radio. Why, just last week MARY Mc- CARTI-IY took Graham McNamee's place broadcasting the Yale-Harvard game. VIRGINIA. Do you smell something? LOUISE. O, my cake! I Goes out, returmzj It would fail just when we were expect- ing the rest of the girls. I wonder what's detaining them, they should have been here an hour ago.-The cake is sunk. It must be the storm- VIRGINIA. Or you forgot part of the recipe. The recipes by the COYLE Cooking School have all been successful before. Maybe you should have stuck to your dramatic career instead of giving it up for that red-headed Irishman. As a housewife, you're a failure. LOUISE. fsigkingj Oh, it was worth it, Ginnie. fFlash of liglntningj VIRGINIA. I'm not too sorry our vacation's almost over-it's terribly lonely tonight. LOUISE. It's been quite a change for you. I wonder how Hyde Park got along I without you. VIRGINIA. I'll be glad to get back, I haven't had a good argument in months. fWalk: over to a table, picks up bookj Where did you get this? LOUISE. Haven't you read that? It's MARY PRENDERGAST,S "Raising Ten on Ten." VIRGINIA. fDisgustedly.Q "Ten on Tenn? Ten what? LOUISE. Ten children on ten dollars a week. She's written it from experience, you know. VIRGINIA. I always knew she was made for a career. THE EPILOGUE'1937 LOUISE. She isn't the only one who has gone places. Look at ALICE CALLAHAN help- ing DOROTHY DAY'- VIRGINIA. And ELIZABETH KANE and KAY PALOMBA abroad. LOUISE. I knew KAY PALOMBA was on the Committee for Better Relations with France and Italy, but what is ELIZABETH doing? VIRGINIA. I thought I told you-she's painting a mural in the Vatican. f Cuckoo clock strikes tWelve.j I'm dead. I wish the storm would stop so I could get some sleep. fFaint knock at cloorj LOUISE. Someone's at the door. I guess it must be the rest of the girls. It will be grand seeing them. f Virginia opens door and an old Woman comes in apparently exbaustedj VIRGINIA. You'd better make some tea. I think there's water on the stove. f Louise goes out. Q You had better take your hat and coat off-you're all wet. I Louise brings tea in, and the woman drinksj Did you meet a party of girls on the way? WOMAN. No, but they're all safe. You needn't worry. LOUISE. Safe! I-Iow do you know? WOMAN. All is well. As I knocked at the door, an owl hooted from the sycamore tree. f Virginia smiles scornfullyj Young woman, I'1l tell you why they were detained. At this moment one is in Grand Central announcing trains. She had to take the head announcer's place when he died. LOUISE. HARRIET ROOT! What of the others? WOMAN. MARY O7MARA,S rats developed mumps, and she couldn't leave them. CECELIA HUGHES was delayed by an emergency call from hospital. The cut- throat competition between Marie Varson Bailey and JANE MCGOWAN, Water- town'S leading expresswoman, became too keen and JANE got a bloody nose. ITG Virginia. j Do you believe me now? VIRGINIA. You seem convincing. WOMAN. Time will tell. The storm is past ang I must go. Farewell, and thank you for your kindness. f Goes out. Q LOUISE. I wonder if what she said is true. VIRGINIA. Couldn't be-but she knew the names. Let's have some music. f Radio is turned on.Q -You have just been listening to LADY VERRENGIA, new Secretary of Labor, who has been speaking to you on-Utaticjibrought to you by the DESMOND Paper for Every Purpose Co. This paper has been endorsed by MLLE. VARGAS, famous millinery designer, and by NANCY GILL, head of the Proficiency in Making Deficiency Efficiency Secretarial School.-On time with the news. A bulletin has just come in saying that the east-bound transcontinental plane crashed in Death Valley. The pilot, ANITA CI-IARBONNEAU, was slightly injured. Two passengers escaped with minor injuries. They are DR. MARY DOWNING, head of the hospital for Leaping Lepers, and her chief dissector, GENEVIEVE MCGRAIL.lNOW for something more cheerful. News has come in that the ST. JOSEPH COLLEGE riot in Sing Sing, which has been disturbing that institution for a week, has been settled by the new woman warden, MARY GANDOLFI. It is rumored that the trouble started when MISS GANDOLFI ruled that none of the boys should call her Gandy. I Virginia laughs and turns of the radio. Louise picks up the cup and saucer. She knocks against a package on the floor, which the old woman had left. It is the bequests of the class to its successorsj WML QF THE CLASS' OF1937 ALICE CALLAHAN leaves her excitability to ARLINE BOUCI-IER. ANITA CHARBONNEAU leaves her demureness to MICKY ROMANO. ROSEMARY COYLE leaves her poise to the FRESHMAN CLASS. ELIZABETH DESMOND leaves her loquacity to HELEN CANFIELD. MARY DOWNING leaves her braid to HELEN KELLY. LUCIA FORASTIERE leaves her talent for getting into trouble to PATRICIA WILKENSON, with the hope that she will use it to furnish material for Observatory Hill. MARY GANDOLFI leaves her gravity to MARGUERITE PADULA. NANCY GILL leaves her stature to MIDGE KITTLE. CECILIA HUGHES leaves her innocent air to BETTY MCKONE. ELIZABETH KANE leaves her extra time to REGINA MCGOWAN. MARY MCCARTHY leaves to the several members of the faculty individual pass keys to all the class rooms. MARY MCDoNoUGH leaves her flighty manner to MARY OLIVE BULLOCK. JANE MCGOWAN leaves her worries to the chemistry class. GENEVIEVE MCGRAIL leaves her domesticity to ELENORA FRESHER. ANTOINETTE MARZANO leaves her nonchalance to EVELYN HUGHES. MARY C,MARA leaves her nervous temperament to MARY VAIL. LOUISE OEI-ILERT leaves her bouyancy to EVELYN MooRE. KATHERINE PALOMBA leaves her reserve to MARY PATIINSON. VIRGINIA PILZ leaves her sandwiches to MISS CONNOLLY. MARY PRENDERGAST leaves her willingness to agree to MARY LARAGY. KATHERINE RANKIN leaves her enthusiasm to GERTRUDE SHANNEY. RUTH RIPLEY leaves her sense of humor to all future math classes. I-IARRIET RooT leaves her love of dancing to MARY FORTIN. CATHERINE VARGAS leaves her sophistication to DEBBY BARRETT. JOSEPHINE VERENGIA leaves her opinions on all subjects to the Sophomore Class. O G U E 1 9 3 7 , Vs. fr- N' 5 N "u- TT.: W 'Int' I l Q,-y. nhl , 5. . lf I 'NIH wb' ,H , N n ,ga .Q Z, X I Y . Q r I T mf, n 5"- , w I Us I r I IW' I I I I V i I I I L I ' . au I Q, ,Q 5 .. Q, L ,L . . I L 1 an 'bf' im 'PR- I fb' S ST OSEPH COLLEGE '55 ADVERTISEMENTS LIBBY 81 BLIIHI, ING. CONTRACTORS FOR STEAM, HOT WATER HEATING AND VENTILATING APPARATUS VQUTH---CHARM SILENT eww on nunms caught and made Forever tangible in our portraits of young women. 135 SHELDON STREET BACHRACH HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT SINCE 1868 Furniture in Saint Ioseph College by THE ORSENIGO COMPANY, Inc. Factory Showroom 420 Pacific Street 385 Madison Avenue Stamford, Conn. New York, N. Y. BURT AND JEFFERS O AIR CONDITIONING INCORPORATED O REFRIGERATION OFFICE EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES THE AUTOMATIC REFRIGERATING TELEPHONE 7-9215 320 PEARL ST., - HARTFORD HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT SAGE-ALLEN The The Smartest Center in Town Bradley SL Hubbard In which to find your CO' Vacation Wardrobe Gay, carefree clothes that will ' "see you aboutn in chic style Sage-Allen . . . Second Floor Fashion Shops Meriden, Connecticut Manufacturers of ELECTRIC LIGHTING FIXTURES ECCLESIASTICAL GOODS GRILLES AND RAILINGS BRONZE TABLETS ETC. GIFTS WITH YOUR SEAL Rings Bracelets Dance Programs Compacts Bill Folds Party Favors Bags Tie Chains Stationery Write for Illustrated Catalog! L. G. BALFOUR CO. ATTLEBORO, MASS. Compliments of Michael Kane Brick Company Established John B. Russo T h e 1919 Nicholas J. Russo . XNC P Harvey 8: LEWIS Co. OPTICIANS ' IM pai ' 51 " O PHOTO SUPPLIES 852 MAIN STREET 91-50" The Sterling Trademark is an accepted standard wherever fine printing is concerned. 284 AS YLUM STREET Com plimemfs 0 f Charter 0ak Press I I I Richard D. Kimball Co. Consulting and Designing Engineers A I I 6 BEACON STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS iLEf FULLER BRUSHES FOR EVERY PURPOSE Personal Household Industrial The Fuller Brush Company Hartford. Conn. 49 Pearl Street Phone 2-3870 Fuller Offices In Over 200 Cities NEVVTON DRUG COMPANY 189 Asylum Street Hartford Connecticut Complirnents of WISE, SMITH ci CO. "From UL Friend" Compliments of C0mPlimf11fS0f Brown Thomson Inc. P- BERRY and SON PLANTS AND PLANTINGS of the grounds at SAINT JOSEPH'S COLLEGE By THE MILLANE NURSERIES AND TREE EXPERT CO., Inc. CROMWELL, CONNECTICUT VISIT OUR NURSERIES SELECT YOUR OWN PLANTS we oifer suggestions FOR PLANTING WITHOUT OBLIGATION Compliments of Compliments of Class of 1939 Class of 1940 Compliments of Compliments of A Friend Bernard Dolan C 171pli1l'l6'1Z1fS Of Laboratory Furniture Co INCORPORATED 37-18 Northern Blvd. Long Island City, N. Y. G. FOX 8: CDMPANY Est. 1847 H A R T F O R D CONNECTICUTS LARGEST DEPART- MENT STORE! AN INSTITUTION-90 YEARS OLD . . . ALERT, MODERN, BURNING WITH NEW IDEAS! MRICKETSONU WOODXVORK 0 THE HARTFORD BUILDERS FINISH CO. 34 Potter Street Hartford Connecticut Comj1li1ne11ts of THE D. F. BURNS CO. I MAY You FIND HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS IN YOUR CHOSEN vooz-xT1oN I l I Benjamin P. Borbectu Dennis I. Sullivan I 377 TRUMBULL ST., COR. CHAPEL PHONE 7-1567 HARTFORD A I Saint Joseph College Alumnae 1 I We have the facilities to take care of YOUR banking needs. The Park Street Trust Company PARK AND BROAD ST REET S. HARTFORD, CONN. Member of F. D. I. C. Get YOUR GOWNS - HOODS - CAPS from America's Pioneer Manufacturer COTRELL and LEONARD Est. 1832 Inc. 1935 ALBANY, N. Y. LOWRY sc JOYCE Opticians v 45 Asylum Street HARTFORD, - CONN. v Royal Typewiter Company, Inc. 2 Park Avenue, New York, N. Y. ROYAL PORTABLE with TOUCH CONTROL' 'Trade-mark for key-tension device Compliments of Class of 1938 fji3i V ? 3- x ? x ' ,ij 11Qef-- X-- 1 Kff, Nix 47 l iiiiii? lx ll , ,,ff, ,Y 4114, 2. - l X' -. W . N X, , If ff. lx ll ' l Y- xox 'QJWQX-2 K y ' E are proud to include this among the several school year books which we have designed and printed in 1937. THE CASE, LoCKWooD 8: BRAINARD Co Przhfers, af tfze Sggn QF ifze Sf07I6 Book HARTFORD ' CONNECTICUT

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1937, pg 9

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