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L I K a , ' i 4 v '1 , . 8 'Q ' 5 Qhjl 1 if K 43 ' f, l , fi., 4 PM "Sw L ' 7 A' x ' wil 'N , n . thai' Jw. ' Q, R v . - w -fJf1 ,,w '. Hi .' " 4 u V , wg. ln, , I Li'-"ei hy' 'ss 1 1 I 1 X 1 . . 'K ' -.'. ,-uf ll , -,-L Q ri 4 ' pf-"'fnY'i'w.I'3'.',? ,. ' ' f M 2-a.. irvfswa . - 4 f . ' - M ' ' yi-','4Q,!,f,.'y,' , .,w,.,:.4'-. .A V, . Q -Q 1.-42-..,1L"-, -,vl'1,1, s .' -5 A"'T:Lf,stQ"ng'gf-V., ': L 1 " ' I 'Wi'-'1, .',"-.Mak ns"' 9-f2!iv"'i'lX"f:1.. ' Tl -': L" A 1,-N--qi? " ....yRx.' 8 'gifs 'YQ Y, g:,gw-,Wd ix. X 1- ' , K.1,,tf4,3 QW- R - . - . . . A. 1 - " X-x,fi21'f-7Ni:W"i:f: 1.11,-nk - - w- V. M ' ' N "1 13'.lff'6 15-N.--ff , 5'-'NP' " .ff LCMFQ' .Q ',. - f, . M'-1 .,,!,u,1y m l. , I: vu '. ,,u' 1 .A 9, , ' A ' , 1'gf5l:- 3?M79mvan-f24r4:,, QQ-Yr. P451 , - ' 1 ,ivmllvfflxsfrr g'.1jkbR,:j,R-.LE:,'--Qgdxh-tg,,"f:,:'w,4Tw',:-EAL lc- i 8,5 .il v' f '.'1""."'I"Tfk"'- '34,-.J-4, -.95 "59'i9 ai- ' 1, . W- ' 4. . ' li N ,, N- Q- , ,. X., 1, .-va., ., . 1 , v , -, . - , ' ' 'Y 1 K . A , V - ul :Jkl-' xxx- 6. w ' H, .... Yfvwv U, . V .4 .1 ,Hg Q ' I 1, ." ' YN ' ' , f , e., . . Y it 5, .. , 4. W l f r' 1' , 'IL , ' Y' 1, I . ,N 5' . A , .fa X . ,' ti:,.' , .- F' . .- , ,. x Q ' . N W n I 'T " , . , U A' r ' 4 V ' .,,,.- Q , 933 ' : - , -vs . V, V ' .u ' -- n x, I 1 r 1 , ' F ,'.yf, ..V, 1987 SQLITHERNER Stephen Phillips, Editor Warren K. Dunn, Advisor Have you ever heard someone refer to their life or a frlend s llfe as a soap opera? To a polnt 73? 3 - - Zrr fe 3 X Q 14- L x x u , 'ln I, .pr . I sr 5 . I I 1 -I I ,.., -..gk ,.A. WN, ,, .4 ,. ,, 1, .,i N.nA-W w,1,..A, 1 .. f 1 K, , . , 4 4,,,,..., A V fx!! i f A MA x if fi.. 'k .-, 4. some people's lives may be just that --an iulllllllllllllli ' if "4 - n -,- n Think back to the first week of school Y xv! '- C' 'kb u'.c -1-'ale QM T.. - , MW' Fx Q75 x 'X-4 J... 9 t Hey 4 . vi 1 .L ' 1 YNY s , ..,.....s Q wg N! QM. L 'f .f 4 . ft Vp: --.,,' A gl V 9 1,-ax., , - The Young and Restless have just arrived to begin what we consider to be . . . , I . I r I I H Gi 3, . ,wyn- l 9 ' , ' Q1 'r 1 , f- -Q.- - 581'--1... fw-,. .L W3 1 ,Rv I o k,,Q .y fl w A 'FIR' 5 4 . 'N y 5 w 'IA v 4.4.-I - Af--Lys , K :V 'U , xii ,K fy ' I V ' Us . f r 1 - 1 'J "FM, ' -,jgtuj in N 'WM'-f!,.Aj,1gi I w 'K , I .. .I f r, k .M f . .fm e ,,.,q, A .4 . . ,sv , nuf' Q J 4'2" V 2 Q 5 5 5 Q If 1'-kr, JJQ -1. xi . 7 . AHF ,l-. T-.' ,, ',, ful X. Ax W. fy,-+vi--" , .. iv, , l.I.V,.1,Q: , ' .A 5: M,,g,4:T1 ,, . It -K ,,,idN'hv9 VAHUI 1' , .pf 1' I R?fv.u'4,,s.f +L g ffl :K A ? ff--'Pr ff kf Q-.W hw f.-A 1' I, 31f A' X. -V M X, T W , 1- v. ,, 'cQv1K,t ar, g. .A yew' ,'f.'-N14o5A,.- ,, t. xiii!! , A 7 N3..N:k'l.-Pg? W lx. 'MJ 's :1'f45', :ff 'g X 4' ' '. -VI ,fi-av 5 if Y . 1 'Wt . N 51,1 -- f-. A 1. . u's"' X A, 5 5 Q' f f2.h.1.Q..'fw-iff-'fftw'ig-.A.g t-bc,1fGfk?-+-P, ,-, I. S - f:.'v,', ,N -. -, -1 --r- ,I ,n nf:-fm... .ml xref 'g .Fan 'U Ai' F' 'QQ ' iffykf fi 1.,' xj, '-v',-.1 ' gaiff I xx ,Lx r f5f"f .aa.'rf"'-?"Pff'f'fo- 2+1'ff-H? 4wf ?"fv+,w-'P . Q. 'Bw , V "-.462!'g4'3f:i' .' 3: f 11- ,.1.i-'i-.a-'f:se ""'7" " x-nu. .S .'S ,,. x College seemed like Another World No one really knows what to expect in the fashion scene until they return to school. lt is goodbye to the simple clothing of hometown visits and hello to the new, sometimes outra- geous college wear. From the unmatched earrings to the oversized everything, it was harder to distinguish between men's and women's clothingg denim jackets, pierced ears, and long hair prevailed for both sexes. The big fashion news for the year was the outbreak of Coca-Cola clothes, which were followed by Pepsi. However, the Guess cloth- ing was still a popular favorite. Another fash- ion trend for the year was the outburst of silver and gold shoes which were accompa- nied by matching handbags. These trends, along with many others, were seen on cam- puses throughout the nation. Llndoubtly as frequently happens, these trends will dissi- pate only to be followed by another quick setting scene. 8 E fl -'wM?'fi'i". , 15? f' ' f f", Y, . a. 1 1 g 1, --lx , .14 r A, fi N x fi ' 1 ' ' l ,. ' . x if .gf FQQX . , t - ,V 5 Nl" -Ft' Q41 A 531' xv- ' 'vital I., f. " ' " w -- . 5' 'il'-' .- . I V w55i'.b.,,,.1., :Fig H A 1 7.,..:-,gt .. 'QWDYW A N" g 5 ..'+'gW., ,,g5fr.,y A "N- " .':"'- f-ig I vt . Y... -Ai. .f" J. ' Jr A-' 'L m Clothes courtesy of WALDOFF 's A 9 ' Ii 2 "' A But "As The World Turns," the adjustment ,SLK """h""'w-.,,, M r-'v b' Q I' N www vs' x ' lla.-4'-il Q' 4 1 It K I A, fo 4 -, I N . I !. I W gf 5' INA l' to their new lifestyle was easily adapted. v O ' x NM. ll x all --...,..--f,- . . . 9 , l. I' J Us. ff ni.. ,in u I via , ""'1' vf gl 3 Y f. 5 rf?" 40 Y ' '2':,,-.."f,-Tzu . "W .gnu . Z, 'f ffzix 1 , 1. . ,, - JXP, .F .-I, 1 .nge "Ab .f 7. QWMIFWW 1, . 1. 4. Q X V- x K f i WX. . . f .. - 'xiii ' Nix 'gf'-2: LN. l l l gl 'X ' 1 . ' l ll. .-ma -.1 gr i H IE- A ' -v W Wg. U' 1' L - xlsfqx S Xml' 1 - '4,j+jkv l . . - ,gil X hir T9 Our "Guiding Light" tried to teach us about the next phase of our lives. t Q, fy A mv X2-1 5 v, ffl 40 f 71' . 1- l. JZ. in ff 5'9" gf? gfqw , 1 . 4 UID We asf 4 iii .3 4 A P dv X I L--- -F 1 X f f . ,...? ,-3'L:1,'6 'T' - rw Z'i XX s. .5 Xl ' xx N ,X X , x xl X j 4 ffzf . 'fff 0 f -3 3 I K, 77" I 1 L 'le f f f lj Q 7v- YA' x3O,,..' l 1 v.. f FE-v If iff F 55:11 A, QQ 4 1 I. l i - iff Wig-X. - ,A Pj ' flbr-vN,b, , l ' gg,".Q5gf3fg , 1,1 H, , .Q .gf L Ik is if-aff.X,,,.0 r ' fvbvff uf' -ini l ' R A , , F529 .,.-N-' 'r' '' xii? X I - ss b 'gli 'T 'L ,l ' 'V b 1 This of ,, . .ffl ' ,'-.HW-. 1t,4f bt .VJXPL W 4 lvl For we all know, we only have "Une Life to Live." 'xi' 4- -,,yN""'-.,x"x ' 1 1-'I v D ,, , f. ' . 4 N . - , l . ' , r , "-A ' iiilrf-'FC W' , l 'I-' 4-,-I ' if 'ff 4 ' I6 Opening l i lf 'N- c Q 'vi Q- Table of Contents Guldlng Llght fAdm1n1strat1onJ Another World Kireeksj fEventsJ One Llfe to Llve fSportsl The Young and Restless fOrgan1zat1onsJ All My Chlldren CClassesJ Search for Tomorrow fClos1ngl As the lWorld Turns I8 Administration GUIDI G LIGHT Administration 19 DR AUBREY K LUCAS 1 ' NLUCAS Interview With Dr. Lucas 4UQg-5 Sfmt' i Q:-,ji ln the 1986-87 school year, the University of Southern Mississippi had to survive yet another budget cut which, among other things, resulted in the loss of the 26 USM faculty members. USM President, Dr. Aubrey K. Lucas said although some professors felt the need to leave the state for higher paying jobs, many faculty members showed their commitment to the University by remaining here. "l think that regardless of what comes our way we have within ourselves the resources and the resolve to handle the issues and the challenges. During this crisis, we found that faculty, staff and students care very deeply about this institution, and they're willing to work hard to come forward with ways to adjust to budget cuts and other such setbacks." "But even though this kind of commitment will keep many here," he said, "we must not count on this commitment. We need clear expressions from our legislators that the state of Mississippi does value higher education." However, while USM did lose almost 5 percent of its faculty, the University received a S10 million grant from the federal government to build a polymer science research complex on campus. Lucas said the facility will "have far reaching implications for the entire University. We'll have ongoing research activities here which will bring to this University outstanding scientists, not only in polymer science, but in physics, biology and chemistry as well." USM also has collected more than S5 million in its efforts to raise 87.5 million as part of its 75th anniversary celebration. Lucas said he feels confident that the University will reach its goal by USM's 1987 Homecoming -Tammy Petro Dr. Aubrey K Lucas 21 BOARD OF TRUSTEES I.. Left to right, seated: William H. Austin, Jr., George T. Watson, Martha H. Gill, Denton Rogers Charles C. Jacobs, Jr., Bryce Griffis, Betty A. Williams, Dr. John R. Lovelace, and Frank O Crosthwait, Jr. Left to right, standing: Dr. E.E. Thrash, Will H. Hickman, Sidney L. Rushing, Thomas D. Bourdeaux and William M. Jones. Officers: Bryce Ciriffis, President Betty A. Williams, Vice-President Dr. E.E. Thrash, Executive Secretary and Director 22 Board of Trustees ADMINISTRATIO Q , 'L . :I A , xx xl, , l 4 Nxt: -.E 'Q , X Director of the Office of Assistant to the Director Dean of the College of Recruitment and Orientation of the University Llnion Fine Arts x I Rebecca A. Askew William C. Baggett S Eugene Barnes Assistant to the Vice President for Research and Extended Affairs M... " M .ymift x, .I Shirley A Bateman Director of English Language Institute Administration 23 - 1.1121 - ' 4- I - - ..- 'fc I ""-' . .1 - fl ' i , C ' ' ,ff . as-1' .xx l. f- x . 4' ' .1 X 'ff YQ 4 f ,Q ADMINISTRATIO 'Ts Thomas A. Bateman Marshall L. Bell H. Tyrone Black Director of Track and Cross Dean of the College Communication Services Country Coach of Business Administration 24 Administration vgfi' i i v i I l fi , .-. I 2 1 I 51. x 3 E David J. Bodenhamer Onva K. Boshears Assistant to the Vice-President Dean of the School for Academic Affairs Library Science ADMINISTRATIO iv' Curtis E. Bozeman Haffl' Brown Manager of the DifeC'f0f Of printing Qenter Financial Services Administration QE JEL' QQ 23223. ' . 'Q EEE K HHN-. f' 1 C' Jimmy Carpenter Walter E. Cooper Director of the University Dean of the School of Health Golf Course Physical Education and Recreation I "' C ,C L Q Head Football Coach James G. Carmody Administration 25 ADMINISTRATIO - H T Hill Denson Michael C. Dobbins Warren K. Dunn Head Baseball COaCh Assistant Dean Director of Of Student Development University Union 26 Administration LL' 1 csv i I ' '.1 1 .,,.-,-4' Peter E. Durkee - Vice-President for ' ' ' Student Affairs Business and Finance Thomas G Estes Vice President for ff f ADMINISTRATIQ mug Q-:QD 'S Q-3117 William G Fron Michael Giles Helen Grant Director of Men's and Women's Women's Volleyball Financial Aid Swimming Coach and Tennis Coach , 7 1 G. Terry Harper Ken Haymen Dean of the College Director of of Liberal Arts Purchasing Administration 27 ADMINISTRATIC ,r Clyde N. Ginn Executive Assistant to the President 28 Administration ,gas Z3 Q Joan P Glover Driector of the University Bookstore Robert Herrington Jr Director of Personnel Services 72. .fm ,A 3177 P jf .sb i .5 u 7 S S , , ' ...- n 4.4. EN. A ' M' Director of the Physical Plant H. Gene Henderson Q Joe E Hollway Dean of USM at Gulf Park ADMINISTRATIG ' I "Fix f i l l Af l' l n G. David Huffman D. Kay James Shirley J. Jones Dean of the School . Assistant to the Athletic Director Dean of the School Science and Technology Women's Basketball Coach of Social Work If x,,j Carl C Lawerence Robert M. Lowe Director of Director of 'W 1 4 J ffefl XJ EA Administration 29 ADMINISTRATICD 'R . xH, inf X l X . N N v L . 1 an :X f is , -gf-1. , , , It Boyd A. Kellett William E. Kirkpatrick Robert S. Kivitz Director of Student Director of Public Director of Health Services Relations Housing Administration 30 Administration , l f l l Alice L. Maw Director of lnternal Affairs, Center for International Education Henslee C McLellan Athletic Director ADMINISTRATIO f if "N, I I Charles B. McNeil Director of Admissions Howard Miller Danny W. Montgomery Director of Public Safety Registar , l 'X .nun .nw num HF! fr.: Jerri L. Morgan Regiel Napier Dean of the School Asst. Director of Public Relationsf of Nursing Sports information Director Administration 31 ADMINISTRATICD A I Powell Olgetree Director of Alumni Activities Joseph S. Paul Asst. to the Vice-President 8 Robert Phillips Dean of Student Development I Director of Public Services 32 Administration lil 'UYTVSF A N x. fit " P i Jia Q l l S A K 5 f 11 Q l X . 1 Q 2 if ' I 'Q , f i Q ' . - 1 , ii . f ' li . 2 , 2 9 4445 f f--1, ,Hr Q fm A r' C59-rg. N dnt? Nnxsk .I Peggy Prenshaw Charles H. Probst Dean of Honors College Dean of Student Services ADMINISTRATICD Barbara Ross Director of Greek Life Gene Saucier Guilia Saucier Asst. to the Vice-President Director of External Affairs, for Business and Finance Center for international Education A 5 '1 l fl?-:Es Dean of College of Education and Psychology James O. Schnur I William C. Scruggs, Jr. Director of Computing Center Administration 33 ADMINISTRATICD l i i .. l I l k 4 S W cr n 5 t ll ' ' H 'I it , ' i E l H . 1 Q g w I ' -' " 3 nl , . ' 'WS l i f Q o ' V fy' l ff It ' X if, y x , L H.,-4 f ,X A I - V -V C , Bill W. Shafer James H. Sims William B. Taylor Director of Llniversity Vice-President of Head of the Center Counseling Center Academic Affairs for International Education is A .1 i . ttf , I 5' in " Joseph E. Tinnon Paul M. Toom Charlotte E. Tullos Dean of Division E3 Director of Research and Director of Career Development Lifelong Learning Sponsored Programs Cooperative Education 34 Administration x VM ADMINISTRATICD xi-fn 7" affix Malcolm K. Turk Allene G. Vaden Robert T. VanAller Men's Basketball Coach Dean of the School Dean Of the of Home Economics Graduate School i i 'xi MQW if X. Q, A I-af GTX t 4 J -2 Sidney E.L. Weatherford Dennis Webster Karen M. Yarborough Director of Institutional Director of Broadcasting ViCG'PfeSid6Dt fOr Research and Research and Radio and Television Services EXiGf1Cl6Cl Services Administration 35 X 'Lf Dean Tyrone Black COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIO LlSM's College of Business Administration helps meet the needs of business on every level by training students to become professionals in their fields. Drawing continuously from their foundational training, USM graduates prosper as government business administrators, accountants and con- sultants among many other possibilities. At the undergraduate level the students spend their first two years under a strong Liberal Arts background. After those two years students focus their business training in the departments of Economics, Finance, General Business, Management, and Marketing. At the graduate level, the students are offered a Masters of Professional Accountancy and Masters of Business Ad- ministration. All of these programs are accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. The college is a member of the Southern Business Administra- tion Association. Whatever their business interest, USM students can be certain that the college of Business Administration is provid- ing them professional training for success. 36 School of Business Administration 'iii' rf ,It f SCHOOL OF I ACCOQNTING ' gW2747f77fV f-717 I X Senators are front row Jamie Kimbrow Ricky Baker Scott McNally and X back row, Jim Farmer, Keith Yates, Keith Carrica. ' A 'f - ..., .K , s,. . f - , x A Q 1 f', 1 , ' 1 l J School of Business Administration 37 'Fy- sw . fl" ww 14?- I xx is I Dean James O. Schnur XXX COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY The College of Education and Psychology is among the finest training facilities in the country. Programs offered by the college produce excellent teachers, legal and executive secretaries, office managers, social services directors and case workers, and many other professions. Interaction with the public, along with the combination of specialized departments within the college, gives students strong academic foundations and practical experience. While promoting research programs such as the Office of Student Teaching, the Psychology Center, the Center for Community Education, the Counseling Psychology Labora- tory, and Children's Laboratory of Learning make valuable contributions to the public. The college holds membership in the American Associ- ation of Teachers' Education, and all undergraduate teacher programs are fully accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Other programs in the college serve the needs of those seeking psychology and counseling careers with full ac- creditation by the American Psychological Association. I 7 . ' u li y' V I fll 'V if -..I L !,f ff - 38 Education and Psychology in 'T C? Senators are front row Pamela lngrarn and Missy Arata back row 1"1 FQ' - 'r I , 0 yanna exan er an ason La ner. if 'A "'? P ll Al, d aJ d 7 fin JkQ2.1-fx-fd- M i ew if A X -Q-:s...., 4... 14 63' , ,A- I - Q., 36-r 'x 4' r ,.. n 39 tx an K Dean William C. Baggett ' A CCLLEGE CDF FI E ARTS y LlSM's College of Fine Arts benefits not only Fine Arts majors but the entire campus and community as well. Tal- ent is consistently exposed by the college which helps stu- dents build confidence as well as skills while encouraging cultural activities. The Department of Theatre and Dance, and the School of Music all comprise this college. The college encourages creativity and self expression. Both students and faculty participate in recitals, art exhibits, plays, and concerts, many of these have become traditions at USM. Each department offers various programs which E are held throughout the year and are open to the public. Art, Music, or Theatre and Dance-students in the Col- l s I w lege of Fine Arts are building solid foundations in both Y , academics and performance that will lead to future success. , I 1 1 'Q "' 40 Fine Arts ? : Q -M - A T Q ' 'XX 5 .p"' ., Nh X ah 513 U me 1 - 1 ':'g . ,x - ,. .lu , J. '. H . M . 4 ..,.. f 4 W 'ar i x fl' 4 if H3 ' . L I . 5. ' f:'5llXH . 5' xx. u 'E' Senator Terrence Mixon Fine Arts 41 ff tj' - Q ' 1 7' 1 p i lil ' R , X l l . , 1 - 'A' P1-'lll"" ' , I ..... . 1 Jil .ll - i K ll H I Dean Walter E. Cooper SCHOCDL CDF HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDLICATICDN AND RECREATIO To meet the needs of the public, LlSM's College of Health, Physical Education and Recreation is preparing students to become professionals in such fields as athletic coaching and teaching, community health education, business and indus- try fitness, therapy, and recreation management. LlSM's athletic facilities, intramural activities, extramural sports clubs, and recreational services give students in the college practical experience in their field while serving the campus community's fitness and recreational needs. Besides the Department of Intramural-Recreational Sports, the school is composed of four other specialized departments. The Department of Athletic Administration and Coaching is designed to train coaches, sports adminis- trators, and athletic trainers, this is the only program of its kind in the Southeast. The Department of Health and Safety Education offers both undergraduates and graduate level programs, the programs are designed to train professional in the intellectual, psychological and social aspects of per- sonal, family, and community fitness. The Department of Physical Education prepares students for positions as ele- mentary or secondary physical education teachers or as corrective therapists, this is one of the nation's ten accredit- ed therapy programs. The Department of Recreation offers undergraduate level programs that focus on the wise devel- opment and use of natural resources including recreation managegent and therapeutic recreation. 42 Health, Physical Education and Recreation .- Q- Senator Don Diboll Q4 "He-2 .., ,Q Quik! ' ' "fx, , Av 'A M. ..1g,m, f gs. ,. W, . . 1"f""i"5"'.H-ia., ' ' '- ""'i ' ' -sf" 'K Q r , !, V. x " ' ,.! E 4 Mfr - ' fi 5 'zyk' , 1: ' , ixi fax ' Health, Physical Education and Recreation 43 M '1-vu! WC... "' - .1 ss. '1 Dean Allene G. Vaden SCHCDCDL GF HCDME ECCDNGMICS LlSM's School of Home Economics is preparing students to confidently enter exciting, competitive careers in various areas. Faculty members give their students the full benefit of their professional and academic backgrounds. The cur- riculum provides not only academic foundations but practi- cal experience as well. The School of Home Economics is composed of three departments. The Department of Environmental Design, specializes in Interior Design, Clothing Merchandising, and Clothing and Textiles. ln the Department of Family Life Studies and Home Economics Education or Home Econom- ics in Business. The Department of Institution Administra- tion trains students to be professional in service careers such as Hotel Management, and Tourism. The Charcoal Room on Campus and Southern lnn are USM facilities where students operate in professional climates under facul- ty supervision. 44 Home Economics T - I ,Q H-iff? X cy, 'fr ? ' be x , -5 'K' P . A' x T351 'PW C A Q1 j uri, C ' 4.11. "1 ' h IV X!! f li-I , A 7 'Y' Senators Jill Hardy and Eric Norborg ... Nc I x V 14" pf Home Economics X ,f J i l i Dean G. Terry Harper CCDLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS The University of Southern Mississippi's College of Liber- al Arts offers traditional and interdisciplinary programs that can be custom-suited to almost any student's educational pursuits. Students, in every area of study, are encouraged to strengthen their intellectual abilities while pursuing their personal interest. Graduates pursue careers such as foreign service, entertainment, philosophy, and anthropology. Specialized undergraduate and graduate programs are available in the college's departments which include Aero- space Studies, Criminal Justice, English, Foreign Lan- guages, Geography and are Development, History, Journal- ism, Military Science, Political Science, Philosophy and Religion, Radio, Television, and Film, Sociology, Anthropol- ogy, Speech Communication, and SpeechfHearing Ser- vices. Each department emphasizes a broad based curricu- lum that involves study, research, and application. 46 Liberal Arts .gn-P" M , -1 Senators are front row Ann Gaston. Back row: Keith Gaskm, Renme Perez, and Tum Farris ISC 'Q 1' I ax , X, -X ' 4, ,I Q x 'lt if N X Dean Onva K. Boshears , , lr pt.. QL! r -lg . ,ig I ' GX ll ,Q KX l I. X I l 1 SCHOOL OF LIBRARY SERVICE The School of Library Service at the University of South- ern Mississippi trains students to become professional librar- ians by utilizing experience with the various kinds of print resources available. The school offers practical experience in library work through field trips, conferences, and the use of LlSM's library. Bachelor's and Master's degrees are available in both teaching and nonteaching programs. The school is a mem- ber of the Association of American Library Schools, the American Library Association, and the Southeastern Li- brary Association. Founded in 1976, the school was previously an academic program within the College of Education and Psychology. Students in the library profession are advised, to major in other areas before studying library science since it is a combination field. i i I 48 Library Service li EV ff B' gpg ln mnivgv' ff' qylw' N, WW. Y 1 Senator Tim Dixon 1 . ai f 1 ,,, 'R, Library Service 49 Dean Jerri L. Morgan SCHGGL GF NURSING LlSM's School of Nursing strives to prepare students to work as confident professionals in any of the various spe- cialized areas of nursing. The college offers three areas of study: the undergraduate level, graduate level, and the con- tinuing education program. Each of these programs pro- vides both an academic foundation and practical exper- ience in nursing. Baccalaureate graduates are fully prepared for the general practice of nursing in hospitals, community health agencies, and other health care agencies where nurs- ing care is provided. At the graduate level students are able to specialize in a variety of fields. Also available at the graduate level are role options in teaching, administration, or clinical specialization. The Continuing Education Pro- gram is a unique program that affords Registered Nurses educational opportunities to constantly update their train- ing and keep the nurses abreast of changes in their fast- paced field. LlSM's School of Nursing offers programs in Hattiesburg, Gulf Park, and Meridian. The school is fully accredited by the National League of Nursing, and the Continuing Educa- tion program is accredited by the American Nurses Associ- ation. 5O Nursing u Axx 1 I is' Z":j X an fainif' Y, I, 4,9 2? Senators Mike Harris and Lamar Lott I ' 1 P 1 Nursing 51 Dean David Huffman COLLEGE GF SCIENCE A D TECHNGLOGY The University of Southern Mississippi trains highly moti- vated professionals to meet the growing needs of our high- tech world. The College of Science and Technology is de- signed to give students experience through learning labs that specialize in individual instruction, co-op programs, and student-assisted research programs. The curriculum com- bines classical courses with contemporary multidisciplinary areas to give students an understanding of industrial appli- cation and basic supervisory skills. The five institutes of Environmental Science, Microbiolo- gy and Related Sciences, Surface Coatings, and the Missis- sippi Polymer Institute, as well as the twelve departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Statistics, Con- struction and Architectual Technology, Geology, Industrial Technology, Mathematics, Medical Technology, Physics, Astronomy, Polymer Science, and Science Education make up the College of Science and Technology. 52 Science and Technology "hx C3 K It ,f Senators are front row Penny Wlse Tammy Wlse and Tara Aust Back row Bully Connell Chuck Donlin and Bully Argus 1 1 X5 ff 'A+ 'Qig- Dean Shirley J. Jones SCHGCL OF SOCIAL WCDRK To meet the needs of an increasingly specialized field, the University of Southern Mississippi offers the only graduate level degree in social work in the state, this two year pro- gram combines intense classroom work as well as field experience which allows students to apply their knowledge to real life situations. Social work is an expanding field of study which is con- cerned with the interactions and transactions between peo- ple and the institutions of society which affect the ability of people to accomplish life tasks. While many social workers continue to serve in welfare departments, private social service agencies, and health departments, careers are also developing in places such as hospitals, mental health agen- cies, school systems, and community-based agencies. The entire purpose of the school is to prepare future social workers to practice professionally at an advanced level and to address the needs of individuals, families, groups, and organizations. The program is very effective which is evidenced by the success of graduates in establish- ing secure careers that fit their own interest. 3 v .fl Y ,af- ....... -. ...Za 54 Social Work 'pun pt-dk Y' .-9' .Y v .. o 31 A -L Z Q55 .Qian-vi' A'!""" A' -,4 f .....l" f- ZI, tsN' . 25.2 f' Social Work 55 Dean Peggy Prenshaw HCNCDRS COLLEGE LlSM's Honor College, since its establishment in 1976, has evolved into one of only fourteen Honors Colleges in the nation. The University of Southern Mississippi's Honors Col- lege provides academic and financial opportunities to a select number of outstanding students each year. The col- lege aims to identify, encourage, and reward academic ex- cellence in all fields and to serve students with various academic interest. The Honors College awards degrees of Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude. The Honors College curriculum is designed to provide a challenging foundation for study in any field at the universi- ty. Students pursue regular undergraduates degrees while substituting Honors courses for the normally prescribed core requirements. The college invites all USM students to enroll in Honors Forum which is a one hour course consisting of speakers, outstanding films, panel discussions, and other enrichment programs. Eligibility requirements for the Honors College include an ACT score of 25 or higher, faculty recommendations, an extemporaneous essay, and a personal interview. Students wishing to graduate from the Honors College must take comprehensive exams in their fields of study and complete a senior project. 56 Honors College M if ,I Gif. 2- 'S "1 -I ,-I . 1. ,J Pi .- -S 1 mv, -41,111 -3 f. L 4. 4 -, . pw' 4. fb-1-Q.-.r' ,QE "3'9'F"'e,-:-'A -. 'Lf 1--' .aft -fa. Af is vi- .1 Honors College 57 C' . ! Y. - . I I l l fi-Q Carol Bagley. Gamma Beta Phi Sigma Delta Chl secretary treasurer Phi Kappa Phi Golden Key Honor Society Omicron Delta Kappa The Students Prinz' Executive Editor' President s List Dean s List Outstanding Journalist Associated Student Body Student Projects Director Outstanding Graduate in Journalism. X z Joseph Wrllram Calhoun Jr Sigma Nu President Society of Polymer Science Vice-President Phi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa Presidents List Dean s List Varsity Swimming Scholarship Who s Who Golden Key National Honor Society 4year varsity letterman Metro-Conference Commission- er s List of Scholar-Athletes' National Dean s List USM Hall of Fame First Place Undergraduate Re- search Paper Beth Glover. Omicron Delta Kappa, Miss Southern '84, Phi Delta Rho, Rho Lambda, Southern Expo- sure, President's List, Dean's List, National Dean's List, Golden Key, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta, ASB Senator, Campus Cru- sade for Christ, Delta Delta Delta: Activities Chair- man, Rush Chairman, Sponsor Selection Chairman ! 58 Hall of Fame Zi .aaffmf Ellen Chrlstrne Hall ODK Phi Kappa Phi Golden Key Phi Delta Rho P1 Kappa Lambda Alpha Lamb da Delta Phi Etu Sigma National Dean s List USM Bassoon Choir USM Opera Theatre Pride USM Wind Ensemble ASB P1 Beta Phi President Public Relations Chairman Phi Mu Alpha Singonlal Sweet heart little sister German club Foreign Study 1 If I X' .la i r l V154 X i A " ' - 1 "QL, , ' ,g ap, V ' , , . . I ' ,Q V f ., I I A na I Li WI . . . . - 1 1 . . 1 1 1 u 1 n U ' 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 . . . . . . 1 1 ' 1 . . . . . . 1 . . - 1 1 1 ' , Fi. Na-t..,,, Lee Grpson Who s Who Dobbs Maynard Advertis- ing Award Donald M Dana Advertising Amerlclan Advertlslng Federation ASB-Director of Advertis- ing Public Relations Director ASB Senator Student Prmtz Staff writer USM Magazine Editor Presl- dents List Dean s List National Dean s List "hu Bill uuuvxdfif' Billy Newman Pre Law Student Society Pre Law Student of the year USM Debate team ASB Com mittee for off Campus Affairs ASB Senate Phi Kappa Ph1 Phl Eta Sigma Lambda Sigma British Studies Program ASB Attorney General Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee 2 i f -. . , . ' 1 Y ' Y , 7 7 1 1 7 , . , . , . 7 1 ' Z, ' ,-" 'Y-'51 ' NM ' l l 3 A ' 7 ,, . , ., if 5 '55 In L . 'Q 8 lf lj, 'ii' "fits: ' 7 A 2 ' ' M 3 . I 0 - , - Y Y . I Y Y , 9 Y 7 Y FANEE HALL OF Barry Reynolds. Phi Theta Kappa National Presi- dent, ASB President, ASB Chief of Staff, Student Judicial Council, Harry S. Truman Scholar, Omicron Delta Kappa, University Publications Board, Sigma Chi-Pledge Class President, President's List, Dean's List. Hall of Fame 59 BEST CITIZEN Bob Snell "iii 2 275- ' -J D ' 85-YQ 1 'Tw """-T' FQ '1 9,335.1-,Br i- I f nr bfgf Wg-sg ii-Q-.. Bob Jackson Snell, Il. Golden Key-Chartering President, Lambda Sigma-Activities Director, Phi Eta Sigma-President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's List, Omicron Delta Kappa, Gamma Beta Phi, Pi Tau Chi, Golden Eagle Mascot, University Interfraternity Council-Representative l982, Activities Director 1983, Vice- Presidentg Chairman of IFC Judicial Board, Chairman Greek Sym- posium, Sigma Chi, USM Director of Spirit. 60 Who's Who Julie Cook v":.."' Julie Cook. President's List, Southern Style, Diamond Darlings, Golden Girls-Treasurer, Dean's List, Chi Omega Scholarship, Ad Club Scholarship, Best Citizen, Who's Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, Rho Lambda, Phi Delta Rho, Gamma Beta Phi, Lambda Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, ASB-Senator, Supreme Court Associate Justice, Pi Kappa Alpha-Little Sister, President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Dream Girl, Chi Omega-Secretary, Intramural Chair- man, Order of the Owl, Pledge Scholarship Award. Q I l i i l 1 l i " i is. ld j ia, l a, J le A l ll, 1 ir- Q l l l l i I i WHO'S WHO Steven L. Ates, Gautier, Ms, Varsity Football Cheer- leader-Captain, Varsity Basketball Cheerleader, Lambda Sigma, Polymer Sci- ence Club, Society of Plas- tics Engineers, Student Alumni Association, lnterfra- ternity Council Member- Vice-President, Sigma Chi- Rush Chairman, Executive Committee, Chi Omega So- rority Big Brother, Presi- dent's List, Dean's List. Melanie Cecile Barber, Mem- phis, Tn, ASB Senator, Eag- lettes, Dixie Darlings, Elec- tion Commission, American Marketing Association, Fashion Plus-Secretary- fTreasurer, Campus Cru- sade for Christ, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Delta Rho, Omicron Del- ta Kappa, Chi Omega-Sec- retary, Dean's List, National Dean's List. . , - af i W, ,gi Q- 71 1 .,, S. 1 R 5 Michelle Ladawne Bell, Hat- tiesburg, Msg Kappa Mu Ep- silon, Math Honor Society, Rho Lambda, Order of Ome- ga, Alpha Kappa Alpha- President, Vice-President, 1985 Ms Esquire Chairper- son, Union Board, Delegate to the Association of College Unions Regional Conference, Dean's List. Y ,pun l Stephen K. Bittick, Brandon, Msg ASB Presidential Elec- tion Committee, Head Resi- dent, University Singers, Resident Assistant, Elam Arms Hall Council, Universi- ty Food Service Committee. South Area Homecoming Committee, Sales and Mar- keting Executives Award for Outstanding Junior in Sales. Dean's List. kc. A -is Q'--v 32 P xy J V i ,J ,, "Fw Q' Cathy Blakeslee, Gulfport, Msg Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Rho-President, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, American Marketing Association, Chi Omega- Treasurer, Songfest Chair- person, 1986 Outstanding Business Woman, Golden Key National Honor Society, Gamma Beta Phi, ASB Judi- cial Council, President's List. Cindy Brown, Jackson, Ms: Southern Style, Basketball Cheerleader, ASB, Omicron Delta Dappa, Lambda Sig- ma, Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma, Rho Lambda. College Republicans, Delta Gamma-Vice-President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister, Outstanding Fresh- man Woman, Miss Southern Director, National Dean's List, Dean's List. Who's Who 61 Charles B. Byram, Vicks- burg. Msg Pi Kappa Alpha- lntramural Chairman, Trea- surer, President: Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sig- ma. Gamma Beta Phi, Beta Alpha Psi-Treasurer, Sig- ma Psi Alpha, Order of Ome- ga. USM Student Disciplin- ary Appeals Committee. Deans List, WHO'S WHO J, .. ..l' Charles "Keith" Carrico, Belleville, lllinois, Air Force Operations Officer, Chief of Special Operations, Chief of Administration, POC Cadet of the Semester, ASB Sena- tor, Beta Gamma Sigma- President, Delta Sigma Pi- President, Society for the Ad- vancement of Management, President's List, Dean's List. A' Samuel Todd Courtney, Flor- ence, Ms, ASB-President, Vice-President, Senator, Omicron Delta Kappa, Hon- or's Student Association- President, Honor's Council, Outstanding Young Men of America, Future Leader of Mississippi Award, Presi- dent's List, Dean's List. Sharon Crook, Hattiesburg, Ms, Alpha Lambda Delta Na- tional Collegiate Honors Council, Kappa Mu Epsi- lon-President, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Delta Rho-Presi- dent, Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega, Associ- ation of Computer Machiner, Delta Gamma-Vice-Presi- dent, Executive Board Mem- ber, President's List, Dean's List, National Dean's List. Roxanne Davis, Meridian Ms, ASB Spirit and Election Committees, NAACP, Afro- American Cultural Society, Gamma Beta Phi. Order of Omega, Golden Key, Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Kappa Alpha-Vice-President, Dean's List, National Dean's List, Presidents List. 62 Whos Who 'rifle 'Y W1 - , yz. "gif, 21: ir- 51 Donald Collins Diboll, Bay St. Louis, Ms. Southern Style, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon-Intramurals Chairman, Rush Chairman, USM Stu- dent Coaches, lnterfraternity Council, Student Alumni As- sociation, Order of Omega, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, Dean's List, President's List. 'no -C ibi- ffi - . 1 WHO'S WHO Donald Glenn Dollar, Long Beach, Msg Southern Style, ASB Senator, Kappa Sig- ma-Public Relation, Schol- arship Chairman, House Manager, Pledge Director, Outstanding Pledge of the Year, Pledge Scholarship Award, lnterfraternity Coun- cil, Judicial Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Sig- ma Lambda Chi-President, Gamma Alpha Epsilon- President, Student Construc- tors, Student Home Build- ers-Historian, Outstanding Young Men of America, Dean's List. 1 X i ,ij Davona IDeej Ayn Dougher- ty, Ocean Springs, Msg Al- pha Sigma Alpha-Rush Chairman, President, Stan- dards Chairmang Elizabeth Bird Small Award, Southern- er-Copy Staff, Editor-in- Chief, Sigma Phi Epsilon Lit- tle Sister, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega, Golden Key, Rho Lambda, Beta Alpha Psi, President's List, Dean's List, National Dean's List. Kay Eckert, Ocean Springs, Msg Dean's List, National Dean's List, Golden key, Gamma Beta Phi, American Marketing Association- Secretary, Southern Style- Vice-President, USM Cam- pus Beauty, Kappa Delta- Social Director of Public Re- lations, Standards Board Chairmang Outstanding Young Women of America, ASB Spirit Committee. Alice Fish, Hattiesburg, Msg Southern Style, Women's Soccer Club, University Ac- tivities Council, Sigma Nu Little Sister, Head Resident, Resident Asst., Public Rela- tions Student Society, Dean's List. Christopher C. Gilmer, Har- perville, Msg ASB President's Committee, Executive Edi- tor of Student Printz, Sigma Delta Chi-Vice-President, Phi Theta Kappa, Chapter Leaders of Alpha of Missis- sippi, Elam Arms Hall Coun- cil Publicity Chairman, Dele- gate to Associated Collegiate Press National Convention, USM English Club, National Dean's List, President's List, Dean's List. Amy Louise Jackson, Merid- ian, Msg Southern Exposure, USM Singers, Phi Theta Kappa, Gamma Beta Phi, Pi Kappa Lambda, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa. Golden Key, Mu Phi Epsilon. Kappa Mu Epsilon. Delta Delta Delta-Song Chair- man, Chaplain, Scholarship Committee, Standards Com- mittee Chairman: Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister. Presi- dent's List, Dean's List. Who's Who 63 Julie Johnson, Pascagoula. Msg Southern Style, ASB- Treasurer. Asst. Treasurer, Kappa Delta-President, Treasurer. Membership Chairman, Activities Chair- man: Omicron Delta Kappa, Rho Lambda, Beta Alpha Psi, Sigma Psi Alpha, Lambda Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Gold- en Girl, Gamma Beta Phi, Al- pha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Chi Derby Dar- ling, Pi Kappa Alpha-Little Sister, Calendar Girl, Stu- dent Body Homecoming Maid. WHO'S WHO 5tvs Patrick M. McCarron, Fort Walton Beach, Fl, ASB Cam- paign Committee for Presi- dential Elections, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Head Resident, USM Pride Marching Band, South Area Campus Homecoming Com- mittee, Dean's List, National Dean's List, Intramural All- School Finalist in Flag Foot- ball and Ultimate Frisbee, Se- lection Board for Resident Assistants. 25 I? 4-1- s X 1 1 kk x '34, NN . l 'HL till Melinda McCarty, Hatties- burg, Msg ASB Chief Justice, Golden Girls, Omicron Delta Kappa-Treasurer, Delta Delta Delta-President, Sec- retary, Treasurerg Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister, Student Alumni Association, Beta Al- pha Psi, Outstanding Fresh- man Woman, Phi Delta Rho, Sigma Phi Alpha, Pi Tau Chi, Roteract, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, South- erner Staff, Order of Omega, Miss USM, Lambda Sigma, Golden Key, Rho Lambda, Presidents List. Mike McMullan, Decatur, Msg Southern Style, ASB Student Judicial Council, Mr. USM, Omicron Delta Kappa-President, Phi Kappa Phi, Lambda Sig- ma-President, IFC Judicia- ry Board, Sigma Chi-Presi- dent, Pledge Trainer, Model Active, Chi Omega Big Brother, Honors Student As- sociation, Order of Omega, Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sig- ma, Pi Tau Chi, President's List, Dean's List. P ,... . 'os Da vid Wayne Milling, Jr. Hat- tiesburg, Ms, ASB Senator, Honors College, Sigma Nu-Rush Chairman, Gam- ma Beta Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Golden Key, Alpha Sigma Alpha Big Brother, Outstanding Young Men of America, Dean's List, Distin- guished Military Student. 64 Who's Who ? 'f - Q-Xdml ' ,rf D 8 - -if '-if ...l 1 , . ,gf K , ,Pb Q A I ' wi' - .' '- , . . X " " P. Q g ', . V Q-jr r. 1 X - 'V . ti A A xf ,,"f,gf X' 3 S .2 . ,RV-A Q 1 5 :92-ft -2 . 11 -izrqr gg -'. .:n,r-i . ,- P ' ta 'W f f 5 L ' . 'S 'iJ.: 5::. . ., 1 " ,V J fi 7 -- ',,l 2,. Z' . . -mfg. 'Q3 1 1 f S' 1 lljufff J ,gi .il l -' -, -.1 11 , a ,rg af' .5 .A J --QL fl' Q I ij. - 7' '11 51 - " 'fl . 1.4.74 Kimberly Anne Pope, Laurel, Msg Southern Style, South- ern Exposure, Lady Tennis, Most Outstanding Freshman Woman, Delta Delta Delta- Rush Chairman, Sponsor Chairman, Song Chairman, Asst. Treasurer, Sigma Al- pha Epsilon Little Sister, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Lambda Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Beta Beta, Gamma Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Rho Lambda, President's List. Z4 .-..v 1? ' 'J WHO'S WHO Catherine F. Steen, Jackson, Msg Who's Who, Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Ome- ga--Secretary, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Lambda Sigma- Secretary, Golden Girls- President, Treasurer, Speech Communication As- sociation, ASB Election Commission, 1984 Out- standing Greek Pledge, Presi- dent's List, Dean's List, Ju- nior Panhellenic Council. WUMK 044153 X9 636 .. 0,011 - 5'0.V7!!fl wa WSW 'f if 1 f C I' William David Sullivan, Lau- rel, Msg ASB Senator, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sig- ma, Golden Key, Most Out- standing Freshman Male, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Kappa Phi, Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, IFC, Sigma Xi, Omicron Del- ta Kappa, Rugby Club, Dean's List, President's List, National Dean's List. Charles M. Thomas, Jr., Hat- tiesburg, Msg Southern Ex- posure, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pride of Mississippi Marching Band, Kappa Kappa Psi-President, Vice- President, Phi Mu Alpha, Sin- fonia, Kappa Alpha Order, Music Educators National Conference, Student Alumni Association, Outstanding Young Men of America 1985, President's List. i V7 I... Q Tammy Wise, Gautier, Msg ASB senator, Dixie Darling, Southern Miss, Greek Week Chairman, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Delta-Secretary, Council Member, Picture Chairmang Top Ten Campus Beauty, Mississippi State Parks 1986-second alternate, Jackson County's Miss Hos- pitality 1984, Dean's List. 3 an ,nav-7' E Wh, AWE 'i J fi rn., 11 'Y W 'V Carlin Elizabeth Wolfe, Hat- tiesburg, Msg National Merit Scholar, University Scholar, Honors College, Honors Stu- dent Association-Secre- tary, Vice-President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sig- ma, Golden Key, Gamma Beta Sigma, Phi Delta Rho, Southerner staff, Dean's List, National Dean's List, President's List. fx avg VN. 'E'-"" Tammy Camille Yates, Jack- son, Msg Alpha Sigma Alpha- -President, Standards Chairman, Rush Chairman. Scholarship Chairmang Hon- ors College, Outstanding Freshman Woman, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Rho-Vice-President, Rho Lambda, Order of Omega. Llpsilon Pi Epsilon, Golden Key, Lambda Sigma. Panhel- lenic Council, President's List, Dean's List, National Dean's List. Who's Who 65 66 Greeks I ANCDTHER WCDRLD 1 V i l E H W A 1 5 N 1 In l 1 A i A Donna Aldridge. Lesa Applegate, Kim Arnold, Susan Benvenutti, Belinda Blakeney, Becky Bass, Cindy Breard, Tracy Browns, Laurie Brock Angelia Burke, Nicole Carroway, Donna Castle, Deanna Causey, Kristi Childress, Leta Coleman, Jo Cooley. Suzanne Cowart, Connie Cox Judith Day, Lauren Dill, Beth Duvall, Donna Gilmore, Jo Cioad, Laura Goff, Dawn Graham, Laura Graves, Lita Ho- sey Debbie Hultz, Cheri Kettinger, Lee Ann Madison, Jenea McManus, Kim- berly Morgan, Janet Morris, Jennifer Morrison, Linda Montgomery, Gina Priest Terri Russell, Susan Rutherford, Kel- ly Saulter, Katherine Shelton, Teresa Smith, Christy Sones, Angie Stamps, Sabrina Stamps, Suzanne Stephens Penni Tharp, Sharon Thornton, Mi- chelle Tibbett, Wendy Wagner, Anna Wells, Brigitte West, Denise Wojick, Bill Powers i X . 'ZQ7 68 Alpha Delta Pi l XTEy7 new A150 JT! W, l vi' ' " if 'Q 5 for 4 N . . : l 1 t l m Q Y 8 1 A l l if A 3 A l E 1 A l l l Qi 1 l l Ll 1 l x 13 4' l v " 1986 Founded: National: 1851 USM Chapter: September 1984 Colors: Azure Blue and White Flower: The Woodland Violet Symbols and Mascots: Black Diamond and Lions PhilanthropiesfCommunity Service: "Lunch with Santa", The American Cancer Society, Special Olympics, Fundraisers for Ronald McDonald Houses Theme Parties: Fall Party, Christmas Blind Date, Black Diamond Ball, Aloha Party for Graduating Seniors, BigfLittle Sis Scavenger Hunt Alpha Delta Pi 69 ALPHA Cecile Arnold, Sharon Bell. Kelly Ber- tucci, Karen Bertucci, Neresa Bran- nan, Lisa Breckenridge. Lena Buford. Marie Butler, Adrienne Cooper Noreen Crews, Dee Doughterty, Bar- bara Gilliam, Ann Hackett, Cherie Ladner, Eva Metz, Melissa Moreno, Amy Rehg. Lisa Roebuck Debora Sayre. Angelique Scheffler, Janet Skinner, Catherine Strimei, Elizabeth White, Tammy Yates, Tony Darling, James Hennessey, Kent Paw- lak SIGMA ALPHA QALPHA SIG? 5 "" 'f 1 ,fx :A - F- 1' l .- , TN' T5 70 Alpha Sigma Alpha J' W 'UTEYAETF' 0 N N i NJA! N A, P r. F Founded: National November 15 1901 USM Chapter May 1938 Colors: Crimson, Pearl, Palm Green and Gold 4 Flower: Narcissus and Aster PhilanthropiesfCommunity Service: Special Olympics ffundraisers, Hattiesburg games volunteers and sponsoring athletesj Awards: Homecoming Display Award-first place overall winners, first place for Theme: Graduate Assistant Scholarship from national to Beta Delta chapter ' Theme Parties: Halloween Costume Party, Christmas Party, Red Slipper Ball, Senior Tea Alpha Sigma Alpha 71 Tammy Allison, Missie Arata, Dawn Avery, Tara Aust, Melanie Barber. Cissy Baskin, Andrea Beasley, Sarah Benton, Cathy Blakeslee Laura Blakeslee, Julia Brown, Melis- sia Brown, Lisa Buell, Linda Burchell, Ruthie Burkett, Temple Bush, Stacy Carter, Michelle Catchot Jennifer Caveny, Erin Chapman, Me- gan Chapman, Debbie Ciano, Connie Clinton, Kelly Collins, Lisa Collins, Aprile Curry Patty Dalton, Shannon Daudrill, Ka- ren Davis, Debby Escher, Carol Ann Estes, Vicki Ezelle, Renee Fallin, El- len Ferrell, Jamie Gardner Valerie Garrett, Holly Hasty, Eliza- beth Heard, Rendy Hedgepeth, Deb- ora Henderson, Connie Hollings- worth, Kym Housley, Kristie Hudnall, Renee Huey Julie Jones, Kathey Klusendorf, Sissy Lang, Treva Lowry, Suzanne Lumpkin, Erin McCary, Cam McDer- mott, Sherri McMullan, April Maddox Kerri Mordica, Monica Mosher, Fran Mott, Laurie Mullis, Candice Neal, Ju- lie Neely, Karen Nichols, Diann No- lan, Russlyn Owen April Philpot, Chelye Pritchard, Su- san Quarles, Beth Queen, Robin Ray, Ashley Rich, Jan Rich, Rhonda Rich- ard, Tracy Richmond Alyce Riley, Susan Robinson, Stacey Schlicter, Stacy Seals, Tanya Serio, Stephanie Simnicht, Lynn Smith, Mi- chelle Smith, Pam Southerland Kim Sutton, Mitzi Swanson, Shelley Taylor, Joanie Temple, Sam Tewes, Kim Vinzant, Missy Warren, Carol Weatherford, Twila Williams Dawn Windham, Murray Windham, Bridget Wise, Ted Fortenberry, Joe Stevens 72 Chi Omega Chi Dmega fChi-Ol ' If . LJ f 5 'A f is I' P I i 'EQ' ii" ll 9 1 2 ' 9 sf. ' ll-l , ,Q 4 s ' a -an V Q -1 1 CY, Q -' X , . i , , . lik ll li' ' ' l gv f V Q ,.'. r .psw .,., is K , Founded: National: April 5, 1895 USM Chapter: April 23, 1949 Colors: Red and Yellow Flower: White Carnation Symbols and Mascots: Cardinal and Straw PhilanthropicfCommunity Service: Chi Omega Songfest, Special Olym- pics Volunteer, Jail Bail for Heart Awards: Campus Leadership Award given by Nationals, Aubrey K. Lucas Scholarship award for overall scholarship 115 consecutive yearsj, ASB overall spirit award Theme Parties: Blind Date Party, Christmas Party, Sadie Hawkins, and Spring Formal Chi Omega 73 DELTA DELTA DELTA QTRI DELTAD Laura Alexander, Suzanne Allen, Jill Ballard, Gina Blackmon, Lynne Bos- tick. Lolly Bradley. Sherry Breland. Stefanie Breland. Helen Brewton Becky Britt. Betsy Browne, Tammie Byrd. Lisa Cascio, Jan Cook, Lisa Cook, Tiffany Cooper, Panny Dewey, Lee Ann Elkins Marlo Fairley, DeAnn French, Lisa Gaudet, Francie George, Beth Good' man, Jennifer Haas, Patricia Ham- mett, Donna Hardin, Sheila Havard Amy Heiden. Lisa Hensarling, Tracy Hinton, Donna Holder, Bridget Horn, Gidget Horn, Tammy lnman, Amy Jackson, Amy Knight Kathy Lecky, Anne Leonards, Karin Loftin, Lisa Long, Robbie Lucas, Chris Lytle, Melinda McCarty, Julie McDonald, Stacy Moak Donna Mooney, Deanna Moore, Me- linda Morgan, Tanza Nations, Leigh Ann Nosser, Renae Perkins, Michelle Poirier, Kim Pope, Cathy Robertson Terri Rounsaville, Christie Shirley, Pam Sidebottom, Melissa Sims, Shar- on Singley, Gin Smith, Jennifer Smith, Kim Smith, Missy Smith Page Smith, Sharon Sonier, Kim Tay- lor, Melony Tribble, Swain Turner, Ja- net Vega, Stephanie Webb, Mary Withers, Melody Withers Rebecca Wright, Melanie Yateman, Ciil Burke, David Little 74 Delta Delta Delta ANA All fan 1 , v .,, 'Jie -.f il, ,s A V, 33 u 4' A. ,I ,fa .g32vv:n!t'tql'j 'M X 1" x' il" ' f, , ,' iq' -15 ryl 4:0 Founded: November 1888 USM Chapter, March 1951 Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue Flower: Pansies Symbols and Mascots: Pearls and Dolphins PhilantropiesfCommunity Service: Dinner to raise money for scholarship fund, flow- er sale for children's cancer research, volunteered for Deposit Guaranty Golf Classic Awards: Tri Delta National Rush Honor Roll, Sponsor and social Developement Programs, Second in Songfest, First in Derby Games, Second in Anchor Splash, Pep rally spirit awards Theme Parties: Fish Fry, Orange Crush, Founder's Day, Christmas Party, Stars and Cresent Ball, Spring Fling, Homecoming Reception Delta Delta Delta 75 DELTA GAMMA QDEEGEE Karen Alexander. Pollyanna Alex- ander, Kathy Anderson, Denine Bay- gents. Anne Marie Beatty, Becca Blake, Cindy Brown, Debbie Bush, Katie Callahan Carol-Leigh Chatham, Leslie Cocran, Sheila Comegys, Suzanne Comegys, Carolyn Cowart, Rebecca Cowart, Sharon Crook. Mandy Dalton, Amy Day Lori Dear, Beth Dickson, Stacie Dick- inson, Dena Douglass, Shannon Dud- ley, May Duvall, Lynley Lee Eiken, Christy Ellzey, Teri Eubanks Angela Farragut, Kerry Fatheree, Mi- chael Galliano, Flo Ann Gaston, Claire Gerald, Debbie Green, Michelle Hale, Kathy Hanvey, Jill Hardy Carolyn Hargis, Sabrina Herring, Wen- dy Hogue, Lisa Holland, Hope Howell, Lori Jean Huxler, Michelle Jerome, Lori Johnson, Rosie Jones Jan Jordan, Kelly Kearns, Kelly Ker- vin, Kim Kitchens, Cindy Kinard, Rose Ellen Klotz, Robyn Lee, Tracy Logan, Deborah Maisel Rhonda Maness, Laura Martin, Mi- chelle McCall, Deidre McDonald, Re- nee McGuffee, Denise McKinnon, Vir- ginia Newman, Kelly Noonan, Robbie O'Brien Pamela Perry, Lauren Richmond, Donna Ritchey, Debbie Speiss, Leigh- Anne Stanley, Kim Taylor, Pamela Taylor, Jill Terry, Roxanne Towles Rebecca Trevino, Candy Vallot, Su- san Walp, Kim White, Patricia Wil- liams, Bill Bruffey, Max South 76 Delta Gamma ,..,,m, X XM? IQ: f ,, :Iliff ,. , rv, 41.5 FI 13355 .ll , yy 11 r V f Xfnillub., l.:,,,iLv il , Z vm: .A CFM K I fi, . at 1 .7 .fa of ff X . 'L-.KL f , Q V I ..,., , W - -.. Founded: National December 1873 USM Chapter May 1, 1971 Colors: Bronze, Pink and Blue Flower: Cream Rose PhilanthropiesfCommunity Service: Aid to the Blind, Sight Conservation, Educational grants and loans, Anchorsplash, hostesses of the Miss Southern Pageant, official timers for the USM Varsity Swim Team, scorekeepers for the Deposit Guaranty Golf Classic Awards: National Delta Gamma Foundation and Community Service Award and Sisterhood Award, second place overall in grades, Homecoming Display Award-second for Originality, first place in Songfest for three consecutive years, received Recognitiion for Outstanding Service to Disabled Students at USM Theme Parties: Hooked on Delta Gamma Blind Date, Christmas Party, Anchor Ball, Crawfish Boil, Good-bye Girls Party, Founder's Day, Parents' Banquet Delta Gamma 77 Lisa Abbott. Becki Barcellona, Pame- la Berger, Tonya Boone, Paige Bras- well, Kathy Britt, Nancy Jo Buntyn, Dee Cameron, Robin Carr LeAnne Cirlot, Sammi Couch, Dana Delk, Susan Dodger, Elise Dorman, Angela Dunston, Sheri Fornea, Lee Farrow, Lori Fulton June Galloway, Pam Grosche, Bab- bette Henry, Kelli Hicks, Allison Hog- gatt, Ginger Hoover, Lisa Hover, Me- lissa Hudson, Mona Hudson Rita Israel, Linda Jones, Jennifer Kim- brough, Kris Kirby, Diane Larson, La Lisa Ledlow, Stace Mahar, Tammy Miller, Tammye Mitchell Tina Mitchell, Sarah Morrow, Amy Murchison, Beth Murchison, Jamie Mustain, Deanna Parker, Heather Pea- den, Shannon Phifer, Tiffany Pittman Lori Pridgen, Angie Quigley, Leigh Anna Ramstad, Anna Redman, Tammy Robinson, Ashlyn Rowe, Alli- son Rowland, Phyllis Seal, Gwen Ser- pas Carrie Sherar, Kim Smith, Cynthia Stacy, Amanda Stegenga, Sherry Stromeyer, Katherine Tiller, Eliza- beth Truly, Jill Waldrop, Terri Wal- ters Erin Ward, Patricia White, Kathy Wil- liams, Dee Dee Wissinger, Candi Wright. Benji Barham, Jeff Byrd, Ronny Gaston, Mike Kearney Don Middleton, patrick Potter, Jay Wendland, Marty Williams, Russ Yackey 78 Delta Zeta DELTA ZETA QDZJ 6 LA ' - LA W4 A1 A4545 AgAL4L1 -4 R x Q Q B- i,a.444gr4La L4 ,Q 1 . gs ' ' .4. 51.4. ,Ei El? ll 'UW A tg. ka fd G Founded: National October 24, 1902 USM Chapter March 31, 1984 Colors: Vieuxgreen, Old Rose Flower: Killarny Rose Philanthropiesf Community Seride: Child-Printg Valentines Day raffle, National Philantrophy is the Galludet College for the Speech and Hearing lmpairedg Sold raffles for the Lions Clubg Visited the nursing homes in the areag Will be do- ing Haunted Forestg Blood Drivesg Made Easter baskets for the hearing impaired childreng Helped with Easter egg hunt on campus Theme Parties: Tahiti SweetiefBlind date, Fall Party, Spring Formal Delta Zeta 79 Cindy Abrams, Jewel Adams, Lisa Andry, Mary Blan Arnold, Melissa Baria, Emily Berry, Tammy Bondur- ant, Rhonda Bookout, Bridget Bounds Nicole Bounds, Camie Bozeman, Mi- chelle Bracken, Deon Burt, Amanda Byrd, LeeAnn Clayton, Misty Cor- kern, Dana Cowart, Susie Crane, Dayna Curtis, Katie Dobie, Leisa Dog- gette, Chrissy Dubiusson, Tara Dyess, Kay Eckert, Kristi Fairley, Laney Foreman, Gina Fortenberry Kris Gaines, Sheila Garland, Mary Temple Giles, Jennifer Gollott, Missy Gowen, Stacey Hellen, Allison Hodges, Hope Hunter, Julie Johnson Shannan Jones, Kimberly Jordan, Kay Koeppel, Helene Loiacano, Kelly Love, Angie Madden, Polly Martin, Paula Mathis, Leslie Mclnvale Deanna Miles, Pam Montgomery, Hal- lie Moore, Monique Morrell, Debbie Moss, Dena O'Bannon, Mona O'Ban- non, Melinda Ory, Monica Patterson Michele Perez, Tricia Purser, Jennifer Quayle, Pam Rawlinson, Peyton Readman, Lori Roberts, Robin Roby, Mary Ann Rush, Katy Sanderson Stephanie Sandiford, Kim Saucier, Christi Schexnayder, Dianne Shire- man, Angie Sinopoli, Christi Smith, Shannon Tullos, Robin Varnado, Scarlett Vogt Kelli Warren, Tanya Warren, Michelle Williams, Anna Wiltz, Penny Wise, Tammy Wise, Kim Woolbright, Me- lanie Wright 80 Kappa Delta Kappa Delta QKDJ - 9 5 - Ie nf - - A b ,H 3 x V5 ' Q 1 .U l i ,H -,Q V VJ. ,' .A ,'.'p 5-,15:.gr3W', I L iitl lj I W 5 . it gg " I 'wr 5 Y A Q Q 1 Mild Ltfiallg , ,wif , ,V , , , A .N XX Q l b K - L Ui' 1.313 -EL L L. I -,mv-W Q- -q, xl, XA my !lr,N, r I 0 fkuri , ,pf if gm A , ig A if g L jj Y Q , c ' X A - , ti - R91 1 f , vi? ,Q t li lr-, F , ,L ,.,.,, ,,,,u.-s W , . Us ', -ff. , ' ff-1 lt , r W- . ., 1 J ts, A ' ' ' i ' ' .' T' N272 Q' A 1 . J , RFWT' I A I' G " H i l , 77' x'5 ff 'L I J'-if 6 -ow: 'li ll, ,, B ' 'i .N f ., if . Q , r , 2 , .- .5 It ,Q tgiggs 'K P k 1 s , -. t 9 lk 4- gb Q l , A . 1 2' W J ,-,:..----'-, , , ,bb --""'M'W-- A A rf sf, x y ' , 1 Founded: National: October 23, 1897 USM Chapter: May 1949 Colors: Olive Green and Pearl White Flower: White Rose Symbols and Mascots: Teddy Bears and Rainbows PhilanthropicfCommunity Service: Crippled Children's Hospital, National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse, March of Dimes, Foster Parents Awards: National Achievement Award, Pledge Education Award, Third Overall in Sigma Chi Derby Theme Parties: White Rose Formal, Bearhug, Beach Party, Twist and Shout, Wine and Cheese, Founder's Day Ceremony Kappa Delta 81 h+ Tammy Anderson, Kim Backel, Dean- na Ballard, Ellen Barker, Sandie Barnes, Wendy Barrett, Tamara Bass, Jill Brady, Jeni Butterfield Sue Byrkit, Stacey Calloway, Karen Collier, Melissa Conway, Delery Cook, Cindy Cooley, Karen Daley, Sally Dees, Tracie Doody C.J. Downey, Heather Duncan, Sissy Durham, Leah Friend, Susan Friend, Rhonda Garner, Beth Gillian, Leslie Gleber, Kelly Cirannell Stacey Graves, Patti Guercio, Terri Ciuercio, Laura Hammond, Erin Harri- son, Tracy Harwell, Kristy Hatem, Lisa Helton, Jane Hokanson Jennifer Holder, Diane Hultz, Donna Hutto, Jill Johnson, Reachel John- son, Angela Jones, Lynn Jones, Shar- on Jones, Kendra Kimmons Shannon Lack, Jackie Lane,Lori Langford, Misha Lingle, Joanna McAffrey, Michele McCormick, Jana Kay Mills, Michele Monk, Mandy Montgomery Laura Norman, Janee' Pevey, Tana Prassel, Shawna Quarnstrom, Teresa Rankin, Syrie Rath, Melinda Rayner, Robyn Reed, Jill Ruder Melissa Samel, Susie Sanders, Sissy Sharp, Beth Shull, Stacey Snowden, Stacey Stamper, Carla Stephens, Car- len Stubbs, Jackie Talbert Delane Taylor, Gena Turnipseed, Deena Walker, Elizabeth Walters, Sheila Williams, Pat Wrolstad 82 Phi Mu PHI M 4- 1 f -, I Jw N L X SQ WSJ C:Z , , A At if 'll' 1 c X i, ' ri, ounded: National March 4, 1852 USM Chapter March 1950 Pink and White Flower: Rose PhilanthropiesfCommunity Service: Project HOPE, United Way, Children's Miracle Network Telethon, Diabetes Associ ation, Drug Research Education Association of Mississippi Christmas parties, Thanksgiving dinners, and Easter baskets for the needy Awards: Most Outstanding chapter, First place Derby-A Chorus Line, Second place overall Derby heme Parties: Fall Fling, Pink Carnation Ball, Blind Date, Beach Bash, Founder's day Phi Mu 83 Michelle Aguilar, Winter Ainsworth, Bette Bankston, Mimi Behl, Tana Bond, Jennifer Bradford, Mallory Brooks, Melissa Bruner, Cheri Bush Elizabeth Bush, Trudy Calhoun, Kath- ryn Calvert, Jill Clark, Kimberly Clark, Andrea Conerly, Renee Curet, Siobhan Daugharty, Janine Demor- uelle Suzie Fagan, Melissa Fairley, Sandra Fowler, Sandra Gates, Jane Grissom, Christy Hall, Katie Hendrix, Hollis Hoffman, Rosemari Horn Laura Ingram, Pamela Ingram, Juli- ana James, Jacque Jarrell, Sabrina Johnson, Susan Johnson, Ava Jones, Dena Jones, Kristie King Lara Langlow, Deborah Leyda, Mi- chelle Lewter, Leigh Manly, Eileen McCaa, Chelle Mclnnis, Traci Myn- att, Christy Paciera, Janice Patti Anita Phillips, Mary Pitalo, Rebecca Prescott, Patricia Richardson, Perri Ryan, Cindy Simpson, Jackie Stu- pica, Amandia Sullivan, Jeanne Tay- lor Lisa Terrell, Sylvia Thomas, Melissa Tims, Renee Toulme, Robin Ward, Stephenie Watson, Jennifer Watts, Daphne Welborn, Stacey Welborn Dawn Welch, Jennifer Wyatt, Mi- chael Dellacroce 84 Pi Beta Phi Founded National April 28, 1867 USM Chapter March 1961 Colors Wine and Silver Blue Flower Wine Carnation I Symbol Angels and Arrows Ph1lanthrop1esfCommunity Service: Convarest, Arrowmont CGatlinburg, TNQ Awards Overall lntramurals 4 years in a row, Greek Games Champs 4 years in a row, Homecoming Spirit Award, Theme Parties Hoedown-Fall Western theme, Christmas Formal, Beaux and Arrow Ball-Valentines Day Formal, l . E M , U E A," W! I 21" I J 0 l 1 ' 1 it Q . , - Q ll - ' 1 5 l , ll 'A ' li l 1 , J A1 1' ff? l 7 ' A I . 8 I . . 4 Homecoming Queen i ' 1 3' Shipwreck-Spring Beach Party Q3-dayl Pi Beta Phi -85 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA QAKAJ Michelle een, Donna cook, Kimberly ' V' Dowe, Phyllis Egnew, Sharon Gibson, - - - Steffi Griffith, Sonja Hickman, Mae- 3 4 . A 1 V it lang Lowe, Tjuana McGregory ", 5 i V ' 3 in - if D'Andrea McMooain, Yolanda Moulds, Jacqueline Parker, Frances Pickens, Denise Rueben, Angelia Rice. Valetta Sellers, Melanie Turner. Laura White " 'F . Jelunder Woodard 1 ?g Alla "Lx ' T 1, f gg, J .. 'P S 'Q OAYOV -NJA A4 V50 WSL .2-'llzbkf Founded: National January 1908 USM Chapter April 1975 Colors: Apple Green and Salmon Pink Flower: Tea Rose PhilanthropiesfCommunity Service: Donated clothes to the Salvation Army, Donated food on World Food Day. 86 Alpha Kappa Alpha DELTA SIGMA THETA fDELTA'SJ Q, ,S ,, Lavonnia Ball, Deborah Clemons, Na- ' A tasha Gomez, Gina Johnson, Mary 3 mls N31 - i Knight, Andrea Laphand, Robelyn p 'Z N, l x Nicholson, Angela Odom, Julie Trot' V' W 3 1 L X l l I ter. mf' , wa Q ' A l - Velma Ward, Denise Watt, Fern Wil- ,ff V liams, Ingrid Williams. " -fr at w .gift we J X is-Q X, 3' 4 Ili!!- Founded: National January 13, 1913 USM Chapter July 1975 Colors: Crimson and Cream Flower: Violet PhilanthropiesfCommunity Service: Fundraisers for United Way, Girl Scouts, Halloween Carnival, Donated money to Leukemia Victims. Theme Parties: Founder's Day, Delta Week Delta Sigma Theta 87 Glenda Beverly, Angela Burkett, Lillie Certion, Mallie Hayes, Gerald McCarty, Rita Lott, Fresh Woods Zeta Phi Beta L ILQI X tb I N , l .,'N'.rx. I, : Founded National January 6 1920 USM Chapter April 18 1977 Colors Royal Blue and White Flower White Rose Symbol Dove Ph1lanthrop1esfCommun1ty Service NAACP, March of Dimes, Llnited Way, Bake Sales, Dances, Car wash Awards: Most Improved Sorority Spring 1984, and Fall 1985 Theme Parties: Little Miss Amicae, Talent Show, Blue and 88 Zeta Phi Beta White Weekend, Finerwomanhood Program Alpha Phi Alpha 5 Maury Booth, Slo' Jam Fuller, Melvin Davis, Sammy Lowe, Dwayne Red- man, Jeffery Wallace, Eric Wade, Keith White, Fresh Andre' Foxy Angela, June Davis, Antoinette Echols, Kim Johnson, Stephanie Jones, Ann Rankin, Valetta Seller, Tonja Thompson Ill! 4-lit XCJ Founded: National: December 4, 1906 uslvi Chapter: November 26, 1982 dm Q, Colors: Black and Old Gold . Flower: Yellow Rose I B -f AY' f lllhhk Ph. . . . . . . X 5 45 , ilanthrop1esjCommun1ty Service: Llnlted Way, NAACP, Elllsvllle I O6 State School 9 Awards: IFC Community Service Award, State Basketball Champions Q7 ' " N f 1982, 83, 84, 85, State Step Show Contest Winner Theme Parties: Spinx Alive Stepshow, Miss Black and Gold Contest, Contest Alpha Phi Alpha Sweetheart Ball Alpha Phi Alpha Week, Talent Show, Fashion Show, Battle of the DJs AQDA ' Alpha Phi Alpha 89 Joel -'xndrevt s. Billy Argus. Chris Ben- nett. Michael Bourne, Robert Brock. NN estley Cameron. Kevin Carlisle, Wil- liam Causey, Richard Cloud Philip Connell. David Cotton. Chad Curtis. Anthony Darling, Timothy Dixon. Billy Dodd. Jeffery Granja, Robert Groeneveld, Shayne Haaga. Paul Harrison. Douglas Hart. Erick Hueck, Edward Joseph. Jay Kerrick. Donald. Timothy McFarland John McGee, John McNally, Don Middleton, Dan Mitchell, William Moody. John Mulhearn, Robert Nix, Kelvin Nunn. Steven O'Malley Michael Owens. Kent Pawlak, Rennie Perez. Hank Philips, Paul Pryor, Shan- non Rigby. Chris Smith, Kenny Smith. Joseph Stearns Mark Taylor, Ricky Thomas, Marc Walling. Schulier Zilla, Michele Black- well. Mary Curtis, Susan Quarles, Cheryl Voynik fi f ALPHA TALI CDMEGA QATCDJ -f .aye S 'T I v ix i s . . X , di 12 hlillei l i- '- - 1 "'1'- K L y lehfil try dxf: David LeBlanc, Lamar Lott, Mark Mc- 'N 1, . I 1' 1 l li h H. i' i f-N lvl -C liglih I , U fi Aff.. Quill r All :Shall ff lg 1.15 l 1 t 4'ilii.1hW Q 5.42 T l ' -, m fi. 1 - 90 Alpha Tau Omega LN! 13 Gr: '19 ..,y5.,SiL 'fha'-ev fi I .. 1 , 1 .u slxs7'?Nl??e Founded: National September 11, 1865 USM Chapter November 19, 1949 Colors: Azure and Gold Flower: White Tea Rose 45:2 v 11. 154' Giiaiiof PhilanthropiesfCommunity Service: March of Dimes, United Way Special Olympics, Heart Association, Y.M.C.A. Biathlon Awards: True Merit Award, Aubrey K. Lucas Award, Campus Community Service Award, Most Improved Chapter Award Theme Parties: Crawfish Festival-Fund raiser to raise money for other organizations, Viking Party-Annual party in Viking dress. Alpha Tau Omega 91 John Alliston, Michael Arledge, Billy Atkins, Benjamin Bell, Joe Brown, Shawn Bullard, Jay Burnell, Chris Calhoun, Chris Canard Santos Cheleas, Brad Cundiff, Kirk Curas, Joel Dukes, Barry Fisher, Timothy Haller, Randy Hammond, Scott Harbison, Scott Harvey Thomas Harvey, Kasey Howard, John Kendrick, Morris Keyseeor, Todd Laiche, Vince Lanoue, John Le- fevre, E.J. Nodurft, Randall Phillips Bill Powers, Timothy Roarty, Stephen Richards, Jay Ryan, James Shep- perd, Scott Smiley, Michael R. Thompson, Michael S. Thompson, Greg Toomey Stephen Weems QQ 92 Delta Tau Delta ff is Illll""""lUll limi' X V' -- .- M Founded National 1858 USM Chapter: October 1984 Colors Purple White, and Gold Ph1lanthrop1esfCommunity Service: Yard clean ups for the elderly, The Coach Turk Roast for Cystic Award First Place Homecoming Theme Theme Parties Founder's Day, Delt's St. Valentine Day Massacre, Mississippi Delta Party, Rainbow Party post games parties Delta Tau Delta 93 Greg Abadie. Shaun Adams, Mark At- teberry, Mike Bass, Jeff Belk, Klark Bowen, Marc Burgess, Tim Case, Charles Chapman Dan Doherty, Doug Doherty, Jay English, Brian Gafford, Lyle Gou- deau. Tom Harlan, Alan Newton, Tom Howie, Alan Jackson Mark James, Chris Johnson, Robbie Johnson, Chad Jordan, Charles Jor- dan, Andrew Laquet, Scott Long, Venn Mathis, Chuck Maxie John McCain, Tom McKay, Marc McPhail, Chip Merrifield, Scott Murry, Loren Muse, Joey Newell, Chip Newman, Mark Pace Leon Petite, Henry Prince, Leo Ridge, Brian Schoell, Pat Skrmetti, Scott Sledge, Bruce Smith, Greg Stanton, Troy Stapp c John Straub, Scott Stromeyer, Morris Swarts, Charles Thomas, Robert Thomas, Eddie Tibbets, Carl Tie- green, Stephen Turberville, Robert Van Aller Paul Walley, Danny Walker, Chris Wheeler, Harry White, Dino Vecchio, Russ Yackey, Mimi Behl, Angie Bene- field, Nancy Jo Buntyn Erin Chapman, Shannon Daughdrill, Lynne Johnson, Julie Manning, Bon- nie McCoy, Tanza Nations, Karen Ni- chols, Jan Rich, Sherry Rollins Maria Straub, Lisa Terrell, Samantha Tewes, Sandy Vecchio, Carol Weath- erford 94 Kappa Alpha KAPPA ALPHA QKAJ Y ' l 5 ' ' 5 ' t . S , ' A 1 l , 'N . .X 4 F K Ib 4 '.fx,.bx - T- , 'f , ': , ' YA . Q s WCA s H " l - -i' A I st, fll .N l I ' K ' y .4 " a' sf ' f ' I N' V .. P ' 0 1 . -f 3' I " xi I gi X , , . ,K ,rt , D+' 4 5 ,f,Q:Ax - 1 1 Q' 8 T ' i i l- , ' ' i I n il'-fs 4 . l .. 4 In fm 'X Q J 1, 1 r .Q A r va . Q 0 1 4 I IM - I' t 1 T H I 'I A " 1 N 5 'f , ' .T 5, " iq ff A 'Q .5 A .af l A A 1' "' 'N P ll L if f l A 'I' f.. I' P l. Ny ' t ' . P I r Ah A S - Q ' V' .. -1 'E' Q s-V ' V 'l" 1 1 M A. f f f .. A 1 T J' ' 532 7'. ef fi ." - . , frm , I 1 5 , M , i 4 , Cl , , C' 'K 3 ! l' -' 5,-7 ..., - -I fl! .-,' 1 is f v le qs. . .L ,' - L It ,lf x . - t 37 Y ' "' t"+ v- " ' ' L S n ' I K .., O -1 4-I 'I if i-", is P V, 51 42: ' x 9 l I "' 1 V lst? ' lf , 'l -'fw' -pg i I If :Z-e xf t' W ' 'P' t .2 ' I 1' , A sf ' ll' nga . l K:-Fl' ., 5 'fl A! A K 3 Y , 7 y 7 r ,A Y X C lk 1 'tj ., 1' A g 1 , 1 , -4 lt, -. 4 - r '- r Y nv 1' Q .- A - 9 9 J IJ- A P .N I vig r.- ' ' - ' 'C ' .alll Ll t A ' F + t ' ,, U fl' L ' U 'll 5.41.-' if lk :iw ' 'I 33. ...-A. A .,.... , .,,, , , -fwfr' , ,,?. ' ' ,,y,.,.,-9, , 1. W-, , , ,,.,f,4-P www 1 APP gLPHA P ff : Q -45 iff' 'if -ff P :I e ,P Ni tin? 0,-:Lu ki. Ee: ,ll I in . NVEBT1 R.E- Izlqflyff A fi' - P P- I P ff A ff' .-if-- A L P 35-1 A frN xi H4911-Q KWH F5 R XQQKA X wk .... 'T " Founded: National in December 1865 USM Chapter January 9, 1949 Colors: Crimson and Old Gold Flower: Crimson Rose PhilanthropiesfCommunity Service: Muscular Dystrophy Awards: Most Improved Chapter, Best Monthly Publication Theme Parties: Old South, Halloween Masqerade, Christmas Party Valentine Party, Super Bowl Party Kappa Alpha 95 Jeffery Bolden, Derrick Bur- ton, E. Easy, Bennie Feagin, Ervin Harville, Freddie Jones, Warren Miller, An- drew Moore, Darrell Smith Edward Taylor 96 Kappa Alpha Psi G 1 ff me ff I 1 l.L1kLI0lS I -L, Q I 'unurmv vfwlh' Nw n f"' auf . 4 -1 , I 32... fl I I ' uf" 'ff 1 , ' ' ,IIIS L , I I I 'iii' 1- I g, 1 - I 'W' "+,'75'!"- fm J x , . I3 "si 9... 'll an lldmiff . I , I I- 1'!1 f 'F' Irs. .wg-Q 6 A f f M-"ze-var Founded: Nationalg January 5, 1911 USM Chapterg Summer 1976 Color: Crimson and Cream Flower: Red Carnation Theme Parties: "Kappa Klassic", Kappa Week '87 . 'Q p Eiiig 9 91. L -Q Kappa Alpha Psi 97 Bruce Adams. Derek Adams. Pat Ad- ams. Ronnie Adcock. Chris Amend. Ricky Anglada. Gary Bass. Steve Bro- dus. Brett Broghammer Eric Brown. Jay Carter, Jim Criss. Brian Cronk, Joseph Davenport. Don- ald Dollar. Jim Estes, John Fox, Mike Fultz Donny Geil, Johnny Gray. Andrew Hassard. Ron Gaston. Chris Guern- sey, Jay Harrington, Ed Hatten, Char- lie Henderson, Shannon Hendry Joe Holland, Paul Holloway, Keith Hunt, Kyle Keene, Larry Kennon, Samuel Kimbrell. Alan Knight, Mark Lang, Andrew Langenbach Robert Leard, Fred Little, Mike Mader, Phillip Mangrum, Joe Mardis, Harold McDonald, Kevin McKaskey, Dennis McKinnon, Mark Moody Chase Moses, Gavin Murrell, Jeff Pat- rick, Mark Peno, Mike Phillips, Ste- ven Phillips, Marty Pigott, Todd Pi- gott. Douglas Powell David Ricketson, David Saulters, Jeffe Saulters, Lyle Schween, Eddie Sea- graves. Blair Shelburne, Bobby Smith, Derryle Smith, Freddy Smith Jeff Speed, Mark Stevens, Scott Stone. John Stuart, Monty Tedder, David Thames, Malcolm Torres, Steve Llsry, John Vinzant Ray Walley, Keith Ward, Walter War- ren, Todd Watts, Gates Weaver, Jay Wendland. Brian White, Mike White. Scott Williams Tara Aust. Dena OBannon 98 Kappa Sigma KAPPA SIGMA CKAPPA SIG 4 999191491 ill All lllzll I s fli nt nil i cw is S ,S 73 as ef' D lil il lrhpl? Q M T Qlilf 51.9 lrl s Pi. 'f 5: :ig 3 ri this 'xi 9 li I 1' 1 u na las! 3' Q13 1- ,St fl, ' P . .. 1. ,, ,-qw. fd . - Q ',f'A,'QQ,-p',, 53.1, N434 1, A 1., 11. .1 -. V " LF? 'Lf , ix ', o ' -QF.: -.ta K, -V. - ,,, , , .5 AEKD 537, Sip .wp Founded: National in 1869 USM Chapter December of 1948 Colors: Scarlet, white, and emerald green Flower: Lily of the Valley xx PhilanthropiesfCommunity Service: Special Olympics, United Way, and the Campus Blood Drive Awards: One of the Top Ten Chapters in 1986, National Scholarship Award Theme Parties: Founder's Day Formal, Starduster Ball, Kritter Hunt, Kappa Sigma Party-the annual four-day South Sea Island seafood extravaganza Kappa Sigma 99 Kent Alcorn, Randal Amason, Derek Bass, Christopher Bethea, Clinton Blake lll, Jim Blake, Alan Blue, David Blue. Timothy Breedlove Billy Brewer, Richy Brewer, Theodore Burke, Craig Burley, Chad Carry, Brooks Carney, Chris Clark, Eugene Clark, Connor Charles Lance Cooper, Jeff Crowninshield, Lew Culley, James Dickerson, Mi- chael Digiacome, John Di-Stefano, Erin Douglas, Keith Evans, Geoff Fairchild Jay Fairley, Paul Farmer, Timothy Farris, Danny Feemster, Daniel Forte, Vincent Forte, Ted Fortenberry, Jo- seph Foster, Stan Gartman Mark Glover, Scotty Greer, Jon Har- ris, Perry Hall, Steve Hanneke, Charles Hews, Jeff Hill, Dub Johnson, Kent Russell Chet Knippers, Tim LaFramboise, Creg Leggett, David Little, Greg Lu' cia, Scott Manning, Bill Massey, James McCrony, Scott McCrony Harry Mullen, Harold Netto, English Noe, Steve Novak, David O'Neal, Rick Raborn, Philip Patureau, Bill Paul, Timmothy Poole Jr. Scott Powell, John Ransom, Stacy Rauls, Butch Sanders, James Schlott- man, Marvin Smith, Larry Smith, Ste- ven Stafford, Keith Stephens Robert Stephens, Clint Taylor, Terry Thornton, Scot Townsend, Raymond Van Norman, Elliot Voivedich, Kerry Ward, Darron White, Torie Coumanis Chelye Prichard, Keturah Williams lOO Phi Kappa Tau ,. ,,. .. . W... ..- 1 - 1 '- kf,,:,x' J I 0 .ly f f0nn rm' .........-QXXX, to V 3, 1, wp ......,... . 4 we .s-'bw . .. ,, ll, .ALA ,ui u xii' Q Y will I Founded: National March 17, 1908 USM Chapter October 15, 1948 DHI? '21 5-3iT"" Colors: Old Gold and Harvard Red Flower: Red Carnation PhilanthropiesfCommunity Service: Heart Fund, Jail Bail, Cancer Society, Childrens Heart Fund Awards: Maxwell Award for Most Outstanding Chapter in the Nation, Overall Campus and l.F.C. Intramural Champi- ons, Administrative Excellence Award Theme Parties: Lost Weekend-Tropical Party, Red Carnation Formal-honoring little sisters l . Phi Kappa Tau 101 Joe Adams, Ripp Anderson, Miles Barton. Richard Berryhill, Doug Bolt. Karl Bolt, Zachary Brazil, Davis Broadwater, Darrin Broussard Eric Brown, Charles Byram, Stacy Cameron, Mark Courtney, Francis Coulters, Dwain Cox, Rodger Craney, William Cummins, Cory Curtis Michael Ditto, Robert Dorrill, Chip Ed- wards, Gary Farlow, Stephen Fraser, Rusty Fuller, Chris Gissendanner, Tom Grant, Heath Hamm Rusty Hammon, Richard Hitt, Paul Hudson, Mark Huff, John Hughes, Da- vid Hurt, John Jackson, Michael Ja- nus, Michael Jones Mickey Jones, Alan Kennedy, Pat Kindred, Jeff King, Robbie Krause, Samuel Laird, Shawn Leland, Greg Levy, Jerry Lightsey Scott Linn, Robbie Marts, Steven Metzdorf, John Nelson, George Open- shaw, Hector Palacios, Chris Petro, Ed Petro, Ed Pinero Tom Purser, Kevin Raby, Lee Ready, James Richards, Steve Riley, Deron Risinger, Wilson Risinger, Jimmy Roberts, Benjie Sanders Gary Sessums, Edwin Shelby, Greg Smilek, Jimmy Smith, Shawn Smith, Shelby Smith, Stan Smith, John Son- nier, Steven Stone Bo Stuart, Mitch Switters, Hugh Thomas, Hank Thompson, Dean Thomson, Jay Tompson, Richard Townsend, Dale Vines, Gerald War- ren Greg Watson, Andy Wichert, Mark Wilson, Keith Yates, Stanley Brook- ing, Mike Giles, Kenneth McCarty, Tommy Palmertree, Mom Pullen Becky Britt, Debbie Ciano, Lisa Col- lins, Leisa Doggette, Gina Forten' berry, Kym Housley, Pamela lngram, Julie Johnson, Cindi Jones Paula Mathis, Melinda McCarty, Mr ia O'Bannon, Kecia Pace, Dee Dee Patterson, Anita Phillips, Pam Puckett, Jeanene Purser, Jennifer Quayle lO2 Pi Kappa Alpha DPP N W 1, W, is 49 Q Pipit fu iq, ' Ear' f 1' 4 UKA 3 5-K-'K I-,KA I f 9 ,UKA kAQUKA 47114 H4 Q AW ' .fain Founded: National: March 1, 1868 USM Chapter, December 10, 1949 Colors: Garnet and Old Gold Flower: Lily of the Valley Philanthropies f Community Service: Raised money for Jason Byrd, Spe- cial Olympics, and Ellisville State School Awards: Lori Hasson-1986 Pi Kappa Alpha National Dreamgirl, Pike Calendar placed in the top ten in the national calendar competition Theme Parties: Pikefest, Florida Party fPike Beach Club, Dreamgirl For- mal, Ocean Pacific Bikini Contest, Homecoming Champagne Break- fast, Halloween Party and Christmas Date Party Pi Kappa Alpha lO3 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILGN QSAEJ Gary Adams, Chuck Armbruster, Trey Autrey, David Baker, Benjie Bar- ham, Tim Beaver, Chuck Best, Judge Blout, Ethan Bond Rob Brackett, Ned Brown, Todd Bu- chanan, Stan Buckley, Greg Cal- lender, David Cauthen, Steven Champney, Keith Combest, Michael Cooper Mel Coxwell, Brian Craft, David Cue- vas, Ray Daniels, Chuck Davis, Don Diboll, Chuck Donlin, Jeff Drum- monds, Jim Farmer Mike Farmer, Bobby Finke, Gene Fitts, Chip Foreman, Shane Foreman, Mike Foy, Julius Franzen, Tater Free- man, John Gargiulo Robert Garner, Jay Ginn, Mike Gordy, Cal Gray, Charlie Guest, Al Hall, Kelly Harrington, Bubba Hathorn, Mark Headley Glen Hogan, Derrick Holder, Nick Hubbard, Chad Huber, Joey Jarrell, Rick Jensen, Billy Kemp, Jamie Kim- brell, Joey Lenoir Joey Lyon, Ted Maisch, Kyle Man- ton, Ryan Marsh, Bob Marshall, Mike Martin, Gayden McAlpin, Eddie McClain, John McClendon Dan McCormick, Jack McHenry, Jer- ry McWilliams, Mike Nunnery, Steve Pace, Jamie Peoples, Jay Peoples, Bob Posey, Glynn Robinson Ronnie Runnels, Kurt Russ, Mark Russell, Rodney Russell, Adrian San- del, Morgan Shands, Mark Simrall, Ron Skrmetta, Brian Smith lah itll 165 ltl S 5 t 5 i i lallealghg .2 1' :IIS lrls. ll r4Q Q96 ullti f :lg lsllt llal 5 th is T Jeff Smith, Max South, Frank Spen- cer, Don Sterling, David Sullivan, Bill T Q. Temple, Mike Temple, David Tidwell, , David Vardaman I A Q , At , A , gi' i Clint Walker, Joey Wilson, William ' Wilson, Mom Fairley ' X IOA Sigma Alpha Epsilon 225532 , MA rfilfxo It Y .25 1 T sp ' W 'f Q , f 1 239 -'ki 4 'ii' , 1 '. , ' l , Q, 4 ' b, TJ A4915- Bild! Illld! 4.5. H z.--'- av' Founded: National: March 9, 1856 USM Chapter: December 1, 1965 Colors: Royal Purple and Old Gold Flower: Violet PhilanthropiesfCommunity Service: Muscular Dystrophy Bowl, Haunted forest for the Hattiesburg Recreational Department, and Easter egg hunts for the child care center. Awards: Winner of the beauty category in the Homecoming display competition, repeatedly recognized as one of the best chapters in the nation. Theme parties: Post-game parties, swaps, receptions, date parties, a champagne breakfast, a Christmas party, Hawaiian Tropic suntan contest, pre-cram jam, and Paddy Murphy. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 105 Sammy Abbey. Scott Anderson, Steve Ates. Mattew Avara, Shane Ballow, Jeff Barrett, Tim Bellipanni Cary Blaes, Greg Bradley Michael Brechtel, Andy Brucks, Da- vid Bush, Billy Carter, Vance Coch- ran, Craig Coleman, Ken Cooper, Tim Cooper, Damon Cox Tony Creel, Danny Dillistone, Tom- my Dorsey, Dan Drane, Jack Duggan, Jim Ford, Brian Fugler, Scott Gettys, Todd Gillis Wyatt Gordon, Kelly Greer, Jason Green, Richard Haarala, Jeff Hall, Bil- ly Hankins, Kevin Heltz, Mike Hill- man, Kevin Hosner Derrick House, Stephen Ice, Rex Jenks, Sammy Kay, Jamie Kervin, Jim King, Jay Ladner, Scott Leslie, Rusty Lipscomb Chip Loftin, Chip Long, Mark Lucas, Rick Lutz, Graham McCarty, Morgan McCarty, Sean McGee, Ryan McGuf- fee, Elmer Mclnnis Robert McKlemurry, Mike McMullan, John Milbrooks, Todd Mixon, Win- ston Mullins, Chris Murray, Johnny Myatt, Jay Neal, Daniel O'Beirne Todd Peavey, John Allen Phillips, Steve Phillips, Bob Pierce, Greg Pierce, Mike Riley, David Rimes, Mur- ray Sanderford, Hugh Sanders Karl Schroeder, Billy Smith, Mat Smith, Joe Stevens, Marty Stubble- field, Blake Thomas, Jon Thornton, Richard Torjusen, Hank Torjusen Philip Trail, Mike Upton, Chip Villur- rubia, Beck Warren, Stephen Wertz, Bobby Wiley, David Williams, Russ Willis, Jennifer Caveny Andrea Conerly, Amy Day, Lori Dear, Michelle Elliot, Patti Guercio, Debora Henderson, Treva Lowery, Sherri McMullan, Kerri Mordica Laurie Mullis, Paula Patton, Michelle Poirier, Syrie Rath, Rhonda Richard, Missy Smith, Missy Tims, Missy War' ren, Dawn Windham lO6 Sigma Chi SI MA cH1 qsiosp , Q .ae ,a m Gm A A 2333392 332391 A 39 fAi AAs 5.AgA il f Q g fin gh ,.,. , VhA, 1 , it 9851. ea faftii si P 5' L ,i ff FV' W . ... '2-8IGrI1!J-'- ii A Fira: SJFEF- Wi? Y Founded National June 28 1855 A 2 .A,v'v Q , USM Chapter November 22 1981 Colors Blue and Old Gold Flower White Rose Phllanthroples Derby Day for United Way Wallace Village, Special Olympics, USM Foundation Awards Peterson Significant Chapter Public Relations Award, Legion of Honor, Aubrey K. Lucas Scholarship Award, Homecoming Display Award Intramural Champs 21 Sorority Big Brothers Theme Parties Founder s Day Party Yacht Club Derby Day, Brother's Day Party, Christmas Party, Sweetheart Ball, Football Parties in - , 4-.Y r Ui' ' l , V ki i ' 5 5 , r 1 di 1 an 9 . - 2 I ' 'iii-up-5 -,,.. g V digg? fer T , I H ,.,, i Q ' Lrg ' .J A it 0 2 ' 14 ' Q 3 . V wg ' ' I4 "-'Z N N A In y' " f 1 ' 'Q . f- " "' M' ,1- Q A M 1 - H 5 Q 1 .,, ., ""' 2' ' 'F , LQ ' 1, 'W Y wx , , ' Ev A :av Q ,tfl 1 in, I Q ' X ' 'F N..f ia , . ,A ,, -i 4, Q. 1 . 'Q A 4 X . A 1 A 45 ,N 4 " f ' L ja: 1-, ' Q 5 I, G' i 1 " '9 'V ,, V -if" ' g . ZX 17X "' l 4. I f .5 x x ,A5.. is . , f , muff. Q 4 ' ' is JJ 1 1 4 Q ,Y -f' , A V'h'f:?v:5"--34-JL? Ei ,, ' ' 1. ,z AZ 2 ' , , 7 7 : . , . Z . . . , . . . . , , . . , ' 1 7 Sigma Chi 107 Michael Arnold, David Baldovin, Keith Blalock, Sean Casey, Ken Cash, Brain Colblentz, William Dorr, James Drago. James Dudley Taupule losia, Matthew Johnson, Wil- liam Johnston, Hugh Jones, Ray Kent, Thomas Leffingwell, Bruce Lindsay, Kevin Lofton, Dana Martin Victor Mellon, Gary Moore, Robert Palmer, Thomas Panko, John Rac- ciatti, Warren Seymour, Stephen Songe, David Swanzy, Steven Van- derford John Willianson, Jack Wolf, Patrick Barrett, Garland Bradley, Steven Favre, Jeffrey Kinsella, Kevin Kiser, Steve Lofton, Ronald McDowell Michael Poole, Bradley Price, Glenn Smith, Joseph, Mike Stephan, Jef- frey Walden lO8 Sigma Nu Sigma Nu fSnakesl .30 l'Q a f'-ff Sigma Nu The Knights of Theta Gamma 164 would like to extend our most heartwarming apologies for any inconvenience that their lack of appearance in this year's yearbook might cause. The men of Sigma Nu are very active in intramurals and participate in every major social event tall of this done when studying and class schedules allowl. Not only have we dedicated our existance to the improvement of our own lives, but we now have undertaken a goal, a cinderella sto- ry, a quest to discover our true meaning and sense of worth. The Knights of Sigma Nu were informed of the severe economic depression in the village of South Bangkok. So we packed our money and our possessions and headed out for the Holy Land. Once again, the Knights would like to apologize to the student body fwhoever she is?J and the faculty of USM. But we feel that the mission is both needed and extremely important in the development of our inner spirit. We hope you will find compassion in your hearts and support us in our efforts. Any one wishing to join us in our mission of caring and love, please contact or come by the Sigma Nu House. Sigma Nu 109 SIGMA PHI EPSILCDN QSIG EPD Skeeter Aubin, Rob Berry, Michael Bourgeois, Denis Boushie, Christo- pher Cochran, Jodie Corey, Wayne Crimm Edward Cross, Tim Davidson, Barry Dill, Roger Doody, Gregory Fairey, Gregory Farris, Jeffrey Fry, Robbie Griffin Steen Hambric, David Hansen, Greg Harrelson, Wayne Holden, James ln- gram, Matt Johnson, Van Jones, Matt Kendrick Ray Lauga, Darin Lechner, Timothy McGuire, James Madison, Mark Nolta, Eddie Perry, Patrick Potter, Neil Rhodes John Richart, Paul Shelly, Terry Thomas, Anthony Warrington, Craig Westerfield, Joy Samrow, Jennifer Alvis, Dee Dougherty Beth Goodman, Diana Goretski, Pa- mela Granuzzo, Sharon Jones, Carrie Sherer, Stephanie Stephens, Beckie Stock, Susan Walp Darlene Williams, Renee Williams 'QD lil A t X M X ll t l Sh Sith! Q K3 0 f X I llO Sigma Phi Epsilon ' mis: F' TAX, .qhlllllllllp .If 'J -Q 1-im 1 ,sv . . x. K.- Kj4,g's-W 7 Founded: National November 1, 1901 USM Chapter May 16, 1953 Colors: Red and Purple Flower: Red Rose and Purple Violets it 1.-fbE I' A PhilanthropiesfCommunity Service: Haunted House for the United Way, Ellisville State School Christmas Party, Sigma Phi Epsilon Camp Fund, Fund Raiser for the Red Cross and Mississippi Blood Services. Awards: Alcohol Awareness Award, USM IFC Blood Drive Award. Theme Parties: Ball Masque-Mardi Gras Party, Red Rose Formal, Pirate Party, and Casino Night. Sigma Phi Epsilon 111 TAU KAPPA EPSILCDN CTEKED Balboa Peaches, Big Billybob Brewbaker, Richard Cranium, Steven Crower. Eguana P. Droppings, Moose Droppings, T.K.E. Droppings, R.A.T. Droppings Stork Droppings, T.K. Eguana, T.K. Embassle, Tim Gatlin, William Hop' kins. Sam Jones, John McDonald, Teddy McCraney Tony McCraney, Robert McWilliams, Kelly Michael, Alan Moses, Jim Ma- sium, Paul Nelson, Russell Nelson, Jeffery Phieffer, Q-Dawg G.l. "Que", Gene Quintois, Ronald Shiver, William Slayton, Danny Boy Starling, Daniel Starling Ill, Thomas Ward, Douglas Walden, Chuck W. Whittington, Jr. Glenda Baker, Kelly Crawtory, Chan- tal Famularo, Beth Koschar, Ashley Smith, Tracey Sweeney, Sleazey Rid- er ll2 Tau Kappa Epsilon fw 9 ,gig, f ' V' 3 vet 028. 1 's Qbcfn, ' U sl XEX Founded: National January 10, 1899 USM Chapter January 11, 1986 Colors: Cherry and Grey Flower: Red Carnation PhilanthropiesfCommunity Service: Jerry's Kids Awards: 1st Place United Way Week Theme Parties: Swaps Tau Kappa Epsilon 113 I I4 Events AS THE WGRLD TURNS U - T H6 Sorority Rush 41 S Q isa A-.Q-"' 1 F l D I ' 'I' V All ' , , K7 ' -ff' l' f"'f- " +L if ' - ' Q , IQEQ Q -AJ . nl ' ' I Bl 'J' , , -1 'v ,, 5. . . X ,M-An. . Ii: 3' Ri., 'Q " lb., , f ' ' m 'L '9 'T ,K 6 , xx- I K A 0 v-4, 1 ,91- K 5- , JG' A"'1 A Q.. N 1 ' A, . . 0 " A ' Q v K p-5, , , x f y soRoR1TY Rusu What exactly is sorority rush? To answer this ques- tion, one may start by saying there are over 100 girls who strive for perfection by giving up countless hours to practice skits and songs and to work on costumes and props. These skits are performed for girls who are interested in joining a sorority. And all of this takes place during what is known as Rush Week. 1' 5. Kfi' :wb "fr 7 ' At 'ig' All of this hard work is done for one very important objective - to find new friends who will be called sisters. During that one week, hundreds of girls go to parties, talk with sorority members, and watch skits that are designed to show rushees what sororities are all about. Once the sororities find these new sisters, you can hear sighs of relief and see tears of joy for their once again accomplished goal. Renee McGuffee Sorority Rush 117 University Forum 1986 James Burke Margaret Avery Helen Suzman, M.P. "Science, Technology, and Change" James Burke has been a writer and pro- ducer for the BBC and has also hosted his series "Connections," which garnered one of the largest audiences ever for a docu- mentary series. Burke has a new series on PBS called "The Day the Universe Changed." Burke opened his presentation with his assertion that when studying science and technology there is a "lot of manure to pick through." Burke went on to add that sci- ence uses models to explain their theories. Burke stated that frequently scientists try to make the world fit their theory instead of the other way around. No model or theory is absolute, according to Burke, which opens the door to a great many changes. Models are simply regarded as correct until some- thing better comes along. However, change is not always welcome, according to Burke, as it involves giving up what is known and people in general would rather fight than switch, says Burke, and it is a wonder innovation ever occurs at all. Burke closed his evening comments by stating that we manufacture knowledge as knowledge is just version. ll8 Forum S.X "An evening with Margaret Avery" Avery, who also appeared in Which Way is Llp?, The Fish that Saved Pittsburg, and Magnum Force, was nominated for an Academy Award for her portrayal of Shug Avery in The Color Purple. Avery recounted her childhood as the daughter of a poor Navy man, and was fre- quently a victim of racist and prejudiced people in school and elsewhere. Racisim seemed to follow Avery, initially cheating her out of a scholarship and then ruining her Homecoming Queen picture in her college annual. Avery became a teacher to support herself but still yearned to be an actress. Although there were very few jobs for black actresses, Avery found work in com- mercials. Eventually, Avery quickly ran out of work and became depressed. Avery advised, if you see a bum. . .don't bejudge- mental. They're just people who couldn't cope. Avery turned to singing to earn mon- ey and moved abroad. She returned and heard about The Color Purple. She received her role as Shug after it was turned down by Tina Turner. Avery said, "Thank you God and thank you Tina!" Avery closed her remarks with a dramat- ic poetry presentation and the restatement of her belief that one should believe in your- self and go for what you want in life. "Will South Africa Survive?" Suzman is a member of the Anti-Partheid Progressive Party in South Africa, and voiced her opposition to the oppressive apartheid government. Suzman was also a nominee for a Nobel Peace Prize for four years in a row. Suzman statedxthat her topic for the evening's commentary might better be enti- tled "What sort of South Africa will survive in a post-apartheid society?" Suzman said that she was against Llnited States sanc- tions against South Africa as she felt it would do more harm than good. Suzman added that because she was not in favor of sanctions should not imply that she is pro- apartheid or racist. Suzman believes that apartheid dismantlement best be done by incremental changes, not a simplistic trans- fer of power. A Suzman believes that the answer lies in instant solutions or sanction but in econom- ic expansion, recognition or black trade un- ions, and inclusion of black political organi- zations. Suzman said that it is not locusts, the price of oil, communists, or daought that has impaired South Africa, but apart- heid. i l l l l 1 l v Fall Lecture Series Ray Bonner "Response to Revolution: Central America and the Phillipines" Ray Bonner is a free lance journalist whose study and coverage of the Phillipines has led to the publishing of a book. Bonner said his book will be an indepth study of the Marcos regeime that will go "beyond the 6:00 news." Bonner opened his presentation with his assertion that the Llnited States govern- ment "still hasn't learned to deal with revo- lutions in other parts of the world." To un- derstand the causes of the revolution, Bonner Questioned the Llnited States' right to interfere in the domestic disturbances of another country and said, "What right do we have to overturn another country's gov- ernment?" However, Bonner pointed out the argument he poses does not include the Ll.S.'s right to protect itself and it's borders. Bonner uses the example of the Philli- pines as a prime case study of the Llnited States' tendency to stay cozy with dicta- tors. Bonner explained that the Ll.S. wit- nessed the Umugging of democracy" in the Phillipines by setting up a democracy only to watch it fall. Susan Sontag ji! ts "Traditions of the New" Susan Sontag, novelist, short-story writ- er, critic, cultural essayist, and film direc- tor, spoke on her theories of the modern: what it means, and where that meaning came from. Sontag also approached the subject of nature and doing what Ls natural. Sontag stated, "lf nature is, it doesn't need our sup- port." Sontag finally concluded that "the modern" is characterized by self-conscious- ness about the time in which we live. Sontag also spoke on her ideas concern- ing the references to a time period by dec- ades Ce.g. the 60'sl. Sontag asserted that the process of naming a decade is relatively a new idea. "Nobody 50 years ago did that," Sontag commented. The 60's seemed to be the first decade that ever spoke of time in the form of decades. ln the 60's it became popular to talk about the 50's, Sontag said. Sontag also discussed the fact that the 20th Century has been referred to as modern thence, 20th Century Foxy. Sontag blames this reference to one's own time and awareness of the style of one's own time on the influence of televi- sion which Sontag called "the single worst thing in the world." George Feifer Xe n.Q.A "Love, Vodka, Laughter, Tears: A Look at Soviet Life Llnder the Sur- face" George Feifer presented an afternoon of open-house Soviet television and then spoke on what he felt is a great number of misconceptions held by the Soviets and Americans about one another. Feifer said that the Russian people yearn desperately for peace and are very warm friendly people. Feifer said that Americans view the Russians as dull, drab, and humor- less due to fear and lack of understanding. The Russians feel very much picked on and are saddened over the failure of Socialism. Feifer pointed out that Russians really had two lives, a serious outer personality which is cold and used for businessg and a warm, kind, witty personality as they are at home away from governmental regulation. Feifer said that there is a huge amount of propaganda spread about the USSR, Ameri- cans believe the worst because it's nice to think that the enemy is rotten. Feifer closed his remarks by stating that once you get past the outer, hard, cold shell of a Russian's personality, the people are friendly, and compassionate and kind. Forum 119 Jr. Panhellenic Talent Show l2O Jr. Panhellenic Talent Show l tif .ff o in . One of the major projects sponsored by the Jr. Panhel- lenic Council is their annual talent show. Students are encouraged to participate each year in a friendly but competitive contest. The winners for 1987 were Tricia Purser and Kris Gaines who stole the show with a dance routine. The proceeds from the talent show were placed in the Junior Panhellenic Scholarship Fund. K Miss Panhellenic 1987 I 55,1 A Suzanne Lumpkin, a senior from Picayune was crowned Miss Panhellenic on March 23. Miss Lumpkin who is a member of the Chi Omega Sorority took 1st place in the essay and activity sheet categories. The contestants were judged in 5 areas-talent, evening gown, interview, essay, and activity sheets. These categories were selected to choose someone who has made a tremen- dous contribution not only to her sorority but to USM. Alternates were Patricia Hammett of Delta Delta Delta, ist alternate and Becki Barcellona of Delta Zeta, 2nd alternate and winner of the interview competition. Other contestants were Debbie Speiss, Julie McDonald, and Ellen Ferrell. Entertainment was provided by contestant director Hank Phillips, Michelle Hale, and Anita Phillips, Miss Panhellenic 1986. The contest was sponsored by the ATO fraternity to raise money for charitable organizations. Miss Panhellenic 1987 121 BILLY OCEAN S The combination of rock n' roll and Caribbean sounds delighted a crowd of over 4000 people as Billy Ocean performed his hit songs in July. Ocean performed many of his past hits as well as his latest top 10 hit, "There'll Be Sad Songs." The crowd greeted Ocean with wild applause and showed their enthusiasm by singing the chorus for Ocean's song, "When the Going Gets Tough," his hit theme from the movie "Jewel of the Nile." The highest point of excitement was as Ocean sang his first hit single, "Caribbean Queen." Following a wardrobe change, the crowd was treated to an impressive light show as Ocean performed his hit "l.overboy." Opening for Billy Ocean was Me'lisa Morgan. Her up- beat songs generated almost as much excitement as the star act. At the close of her set she received a standing ovation. Trey Joseph l22 Billy Ocean 'v 1, I 1, . cj ft fv A? .clit I " R J .af , 'i 'a 1 1' MELISA MCDCDRE Y X . uf viii' -1 ' ., 43 319811 .4 f'S mf .il x 14,19 wk X X 'QQ-.Jr N I 'm haw' Me'Iissa Moore 123 Hank Williams, Jr. On February 28, 1987 at the Reed Green Coliseum, Hank Williams, Jr. backed by the Bama Band with the opening act Earl Thom- as Conley performed in a country music spectacular. The audience largely consisted of country music fans from around the state, many who are emphatic followers of "Boce- phus" fnickname for Hank Williams, Jr.J Conley popularly known to his followers as ETC performed his big mellow hits like "l Can't Win For Losing You", "Too Many Times" and "lf Leaving You Was Easy." Most of Etc's performance featured love bal- lads that had the audience lighting cigarette lighters and matches. Bocephus opened his great performance with his current hit "My Name ls Bocephus" which set the audience in a downright honky- tonk mood. A big surprise was Hank's cover version of the Georgia Satellites big hit "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" which had tremendous crowd response. Hank's 1987 performance differed from his 1985 visit to USM in that he was less rowdy and per- formed more ballads like "l Hate." Hugh Molotsi 124 Hank Williams, Jr. uf? 15 N x as-Q., W X 1 if 1. ,S ff' fa.- S 1 1 J Y. X 'f"1K ' X fp 3 .ii v ' 4 E , 1 ff 9 1 A, HCDMEQCUMING WEEK -ll X. n l l :"'i . EJ-3 One of the most hectic weeks of school is always the week before Homecoming. All around campus students are working endless hours during the day and night to complete their Home- coming floats. Of course, along with building frames, stuffing chicken wire, and spray painting the backdrops of toilet paper with bright, vivid colors, these enthusiastic students give up their warm, cozy beds to guard their floats throughout the night. Traffic becomes jammed as people stop to look at floats and to talk to friends who are working diligently. The sounds from various stereo systems and jam boxes echo throughout the cam- pus 24 hours a day for this week. As any passer-by can see, competition is definitely in the air. Renee McGuffee l26 Homecoming ' 1 ,,. f , r V I w .W 'W-, ,..','4 ,I ,, 4, Psi! 1 4 M -1', u aff? ,Sf n . 'A .',1i,v ,Iv, 'vb yn MJ .' ' J V. VNU' 5' ' f Sf I .. g H fwfr' rf' IW? . 9, Sy I K . Il I W USM AND DIAMONDS ARE FCDREVER 5' YR -F' 1235 A 7 L fm -A i??ff'f25fii' EM DIAMODS ARE SQL D W ..,,Y 128 Home fy. Y WREYER TTKA ' Qi1A"49 .41-44-,-.. pu -vw-as-""""" 04+ ifbl ,H L ' "'v Jr 7-'1 . - 'T' "':fg"f '."Vi "'1j.P"- 4. YQ,".'fi0fQ4Q'f7fSii'qYS, 'W 1 "' ' ' ' . ,h V .. , " f 4.26 X11-1 ' f' .- ,S -gfir, ' ' ' ' j",q,. . 5 -.N 5 5- 'I 'x"'d4Ig3Q,..:4L,', ,",.,: 'P'-,5 I wx.. if slv. q'.,,4,, .1-V -1 8.51, 4 7 ' .an A. v vc: S- Y, - Q". 'I' qi- X' .I' u, H:ex ,f.',2,L -Q 'T' ' 4 --' '- "Q .Q - . . 4 'a -H'4i.3.-"'-ff' 1. N if-+.f . 's vw- . - -A ' " ds , . A v- N "- x 1 ' - ' M " ' Q' X 4, - wg - '- , f' 1-:,.giyf+V 1 . Q, - vw" fx, Ax ,kl".l-4 J 1, 3,15 N. 6' 3. - - '-, .5124 Q 'Q' 'N L ' l."':'y:f, ..,- ,. Q."i-q ' '-P-S. "-." ..'fH'T'Jiv" A 'kv 'P' - 4' 'L Lvu- 'k"' K'?'- 1 'P 'r"' -LnLY,,y,f-- "" 44-3'-P ' - ' ' - MA 'gl ' -1"" -I 'I wixbfm' --- . ,, ,- -- . -' ' ' "' ,' - - .- . , - M: gf.: - ss. T -P --my ,LW-,...,k. 3 ' ,,, -- 31' g,,55a1:5gR35'+.,, I 11"-N419 -j,"w 1. . "' Q -.f'- e- +-,.l.. ' ' ,"'5 .,, ,.. ... . . -Ja .'1.4.f.'1?-mn, ., 'xJh,..'m-. 7 - 4-r ' ' I 'KL -T1 ,-' - X... -.-4-J-lv. Af-, ' -,. -Zvnqf ' nv,-, L.'K',:SP'- eu,,'4 'iv' 'Q ' - -' ' f 's"ix" 9121-'41 5L""g"1 I!-L: 'Jn ' 'x PM-'-N 'v .' 'W 'ar ., Af f Q. . - -2-D ,.-,.gA-4-,Q-xzf.-.9-ff -...X . 4 rw. ' - -' A f.. -. ,1 Af- ,JA xv. .3 -V .1 N W I fur- L:"i?k:sQT'R4H'-Xti-ILAQ ff Q-xi: Fav ' ' px -.F ., ' Al"-'hf ' ?'?"iLI5:ff'349'ffff'-'39-..' nf: 'P ML . ' ' ' Wx "-9 . fr-A"Q?Itx X .."" - "'?s,:.f-'P' "" Qgllwfs' ""5"fx.'5- if " f ' 'C 1- . .. 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Xfsff 59: .1 !1,..--n'x---,-'."- :R -1- -QV - ,.' . - Q i,y,g' 1? . -r ' I e.. -.lug LQ, jx:,,,.1.I-Rr,-:,'.Q' lt' ,7,'4f,k" I 4- .J K ,B - Q ,A . -, - . - -43,-'-g 4 ", . 4" '- - fin -f'-.:1L'q,-' f ,. .'-' .4- - V ,J --- -- ,. Az - 1 A .A:'g?H?. f','z:: Z I fs'-,gf .1 L .gig-sl ag: .6 S1 A V S' : 4 1 . Y L' 4 -'iflfgf'-g f gr . 'K-'X.-"TAxxV"'? H.- L -- X .1 - . , . - . g?,-gif ..-"I, -Qfvvni' .e..k'-K ' "?K'..-. 1-' ,ge ""'4Q,Ai7-2g'i'24'31f!f"31'i:,'.. Fx- sh- . . ' - . .'1 0-Zffifh ' -A ' ' ' "e'4?" ' ' 'fx' 5'-. , 'Lllfkf y ' .N-Nf?-YQN T" -JJ ' 'A-".' . " ' . f" '- ,,-.h. .X K, .,,,,a, ,.Z, -.5 .J x.3xn,k, .,,,,e 1-we-Q-, Q --. ,, Gland' u "J in -me AL- " .4 .4-...-'-.--Qu. lf"11iE-5Gs.'Si9:x'.k X '-1":."'tI-""'K- f"'-91- -if . Q.- , -P ,A ".1Y.'f5'.PU"' VK' 'fl'l,x If ,.x 'FN . xx" X I b - . .. , - .h - ' 4 . ' x S, -" A I .l x 'Q h " I ..- 1. f. t ,, .'R: i . N 1:41 1 A! A . 'K I -if X i . 5 I , .M . lg C Homecoming r . , , x N A x 1' U- x , ... " 4 wr' 4 vg'N N15 Lf ' rm USM AND DIAMCJNDS ARE FCDREVER . , 7 ,Jai f?Z2a'3i1" 3 L mums ARE D ff FOREVER 1 128 Homecoming :MA The Homecoming float competi- tion was centered around the theme "USM and Diamonds are Forever." Taking first place in this competition was South Area, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, Kappa Delta, and the Newman Center for Beauty, Central Area, Sig- ma Chi, Phi Mu, and ACM for Origi- nalityg North Area, Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Sigma Alpha, and Phi Theta Kappa for Theme. The overall winner in the 1986 Homecoming float competition was Alpha Sigma Alpha. Homecoming D r Q If ii.- 6 K f ., : '- ' - 4: 7' ' ' M ,N u . , .. , ' x f- f . ' -1: Q 4 ' Q ' L 1' 1 ' . - . 1 Lbfpfj ff ,114 E N v 4 4 ' Lhga- -.,,3- iv 4.1 Av jg ' . bg, rv :l -7' v ' rr fr ' X . ...ya :e"'t,,"5"f Lx ' A! - if u- ..- . ' - uf " ' A i., " 3' ' ' f rw". H ' ' 'if ,. A 7'3"ev" 'f U H . , : 751 f ' . A ' Eh' 1 il'-., .1'7 gi? - I, ff. ,U ' 'f ' , P" , np. 1 -' U l' , r . f -. . 5, . , ff " 9' . " - ' ' ,,,.ff '- ff?-f 1, '- ' 3 - :AL . , F pf ' K " A 'Z ' ' '. , . V A ' .1 A. r. ' E .L F . P N ' , hr . f" T f x ,K Fir. ' , , , 14. H, .J . I H., . A O if. f " fv. I' ,, , '- f M:f4I"'----- " Q: ,I fy H" :- "1" ..-.EY MR S MISS USM Melinda McCarty Ti' ," J 'A1'At4A dgx lift ...LQ Hwy Jnnw-uf I ,ms v,,.-7-1.1.5 Mike McMullan -1'-I ,I-P'-4,-,,,,.. T a Iv,-,-gn-F" Melinda McCarty, Hattiesburg, Msg ASB Chief of Justice Golden Girls, Omicron Delta Kappa, Delta Delta Delta President, Secretary, Treasurer, Pike Little Sister, Stu- dent Alumni Association, Outstanding Freshman Wom- an, Phi Delta Rho, Southerner Staff Order of Omega Lambda Sigma, Rho Lambda, President's List. Wfbdtwfv MXL? Mike McMullan, Decatur, Msg Southern Style, ASB Stu- dent Judicial Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, IFC Judiciary Board, Sigma Chi: President, Pledge Trainer, Chi Omega Big Brother, Order of Omega, Gam- ma Beta Phi, Pi Tau Chi, President's List Dean's List, Who's Who. Nw ftfffilff-J ' , : "" "is will 3 A r-vunw,5i' A df' will li" fil""" awww' -Wir QW!! ""' " -sn.. --..,.,, lil -As.. r.- I N .X- X x N, x f .1 F fi 1951 1' ,, ' 'if' 'v' , , , .1 li f ,' 1 f 1' BEAUTY , Tammy Allison Hometown: Mendenhall, Ms Classification: Junior Activities: Fellowship of Christian Athletes Baptist Student Union Chi Omega Sorority Wwlgf M Q 0'-P J , ' ff fav : ,, V- Yap. , f ff - , A 16" af-. N 1 5 ' V' - lv tw. X V F ' Y. , C i 4.-gg.-.:..r-. L P-- 5 , fl in i A . C' 1' -- .ffif eff? -firm: r 1' A""' " 9 f v f 'Q -s"if':.F'. ' n 5 4 ""' . - . Nt! , r ' E 6 E... . l!'.' ' A , K, , lt . ' .. if M-PC. U. If X' f' X I. -A u ,Q 6 A KV 'Iris' H' , I J f Qnklfiv' ' I 'H r w ". 5' If 'lg is ,af fwgv,-1 r J ' . l I x .. f ,VN , , . 4.4: L. I ,lf',11:.'!..-I x l 1.1 1 ' - .' - V -. :,5 - -Q':'.'5. ,544 .'-,f ,.l '-V .-, ll: I a. ':., .' ' ,. :, " E. K. 1 Q' 1'.,., h.. X-',,.5'xx.4 fvoqi, fx J' 4.1m ' rift. 1 I' ' I' ' 5 I 1 . , .1 Aw ful ' M " 'ff' i J he 7' ' ff' fi xy. - X ' 1 , , ' .- if Lv' . 1 ' F lm ' viz 1b'nqft N' ' 'f v I 7 x 1' t f 1 .i i X if '-thy .-'I ,f f'..'-. ,' ' 1 ' .. ' 'R .,. A of -5 A 5 hi ,I Jwflhji -1, '? M 4"" 132 Beauty-Tammy Allison . 'IRL ' 0' I I , in 1 ' 'Zn v. Y, j 'a',""+:."' H - ,if if." "K 24A-M nag' f- ' :tt ' - yan 7' "fx", A f .4 ,fn 1. 1 , 'gf rg, 4 K' .1 Q, 'I an, d," Ph I J ' , . .1 , f .' f :?.vb',Q1+lfH. 0 " BEAUTY Gina Blackmon Hometown: Laurel, Ms Classification: Senior Activities: Student Alumni Association Rotaract Club Delta Delta Delta Sorority 62-W EQacKm5Qwu I S. Aff" I ' xxx 1 ti Ap . V LA ,Q- .5 X Ds I. .' 5 , .v w -- . .Q 3 u L" , S A 'if 3 Fw : .ll I it l. Beauty-Gina Blackmon 133 BEAUTY Helen Brewton Hometown: Hattiesburg, Ms Classification: Sophomore Activities: Student Alumni Association Rotaract Club USM Golden Girls Delta Delta Delta Sorority Kappa Sigma Starduster Pike Calendar girl Jwksstac sg Y I ' M S ak if s STK A" in 3 ,- 5. 1 i :+. 1,41 134 Beauty-Helen Brewton B Home Classi Activi Stu Uni Rot Q O l , . . 4 if , , f Chi A 198 EAUTY prile Curry town: Hattiesburg, Ms fication: Freshman ties: dent Alumni Association on Board aract Club 6 Freshman Homecoming Maid Omega Sorority 1-1 Beauty-Aprile Curry 135 BEAUTY Sheila Garland Hometown: Biloxi, Ms Classification: Junior Activities: USM Golden Girls Lambda Sigma Gamma Beta Phi Spirit Club Greek Club Kappa Delta Sorority Phi Kappa Tau Little Sister Pike Calendar Girl Dean's List ZMWZ X. - ti '- Fws. if-X lu A f A U f f T 0' I i X V ' I .i" ' I s ' 1 ' 3 'X . P I - 1 ,QJ nl qi n ," Q, ' 'ff' 19" 'Q 'Y V 1 x,,, 136 Beauty-Sheila Garland X A staff s fs' ,Q I ' I 4 Q. I Q' 5 ff 913455 Z' ,.,:W' ,rift , 'f"w, . , , ,-4: .mggfvgs-V ,,, V ' .1 E 'f "l.t' ,, , ,, 1 , .. Q gf,q2,.-, 3,4 , 4 . -5: ' BEAUTY Jennifer Gollott Hometown: Biloxi, Ms Classification: Junior Activities: Southern Style USM One Club Gamma Alpha Epsilon Spirit Club Greek Club 1986 Junior Homecoming Maid Kappa Delta Sorority Phi Kappa Tau Little Sister Dean's List f Xi ff! Xi 'if 38 :A wr-- Beauty-Jennifer Gollott 137 e. 1. Vip? M BEAUTY Debora Henderson Hometown: Collins, Ms Classification: Sophomore Activities: ASID Home Economics Club Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma Gamma Beta Phi Chi Omega Sorority Sigma Chi Little Sister President's List Dean's List .-, r ' - N n 'S au" 1 f . 5 l ' , 0 , 5 I 4 QF h v ,- .l 138 Beauty-Debora Henderson Mdrw an 39 BEAUTY Jana Kay Mills Hometown: Bay Springs, Ms Classification: Senior Activities: 1986 Miss Hattiesburg ASB Election Council ASB Spirit Council Phi Theta Kappa Phi Mu Sorority Kappa Sigma Starduster Pike Calendar Girl Dean's List WWW yi Y v QQ. V ,C - ' 'f A Q.. Y x X g - . " Q . f - Nga '- 7' . . ,QQ C fn .l A I n 1 X -I V2 ..4.' g 1 ,' ,J ', 'Q , ,V . ff is J: , ii ,x A '-Q11 . ' v f,' ff E tx Beauty-Jana Kay Mills 139 ll' :X M- -F BEAUTY Lynn Smith Hometown: Gautier, Ms Classification: Freshman Activities: Dixie Darlings Diamond Darlings Rotaract Club Chi Omega Sorority L 1' i .. N 1 u f g 140 Beauty-Lynn Smith ' N XC' .1 u', ,i l if ' l '1 . Ax .Wg ups- x Q Keys , '-M x f . 'I 1 , ,.. -1 A' li-': xu'Q""5" .-l, . , 'a ui .. -112.3 Y' 'x'.'- 'n I. ,4-. , '. tl-M" - - .yr 1 V93 rs .u .xl 1.5, i ml -t ' -1 E' vfglxiiz y' '-, - , , M 1- 'uwgf-.V l - . lit? 1 ". . 5--.4L'v'1 A A ui ht, l get -if f 'l 'iff 5 - Ifiiy' Q .ngxlf ' 1 ,vi-V. ,f"' rggrl-1 . ., 4 :N ip., e' . 9 ' sg.. vi' ,.,-X J: wo? ' 5 I PX V V. V I .zi4nfQ I ,Y i " '1 .' ' ' . 'v ' W.. V ' I rl, Q f 1 as rw is N X f 'lm-'V g W' "x"4. .ft .- f M v if 4, ,,,. fi vu- - - X X , -' " .l. ' - -Mx f -- -f f-- .tn f a+f,fg.6'f-iff? 'M ,fl N .. l f 5 ,Vi 5' ,fill 3- I ,A up A . '?4.'l", L: Xu .A L. l ' ,,?.x l K' uk ,ilx-I X :S 1'7" 7 Q xx- ,ua is ,. Q 1 1+ , p 3 Q N A ti. - .h -4... 1 A, I L. in -6 , f, X N. , , W P' fT'2fw.1 .nl 1. Ls-7---"' "ft" +41 ., lg ' if JT' l. 2 Qi, M A M .V N . V , . , . . M- fats-wfs F , 6 X .1 "All i-g Jul -P5251 If" FV X l 'D -4 . V' V 'Ui 4 f' ' f f ix ' 1. fv- .J r, A, 'ands ,,r.,f"' Y .T I pv- A' . . I X 'A-f.. BEAUTY Twila Williams Hometown: Meridian, Ms Classification: Junior Activities: Miss Southern 1985 Southern Exposure University Singers LISM Golden Girls Phi Beta Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta Gamma Beta Phi Pi Tau Chi Chi Omega Sorority President's List .fl , I Sh' Beauty-Twila Williams 141 6 MISS SCDLITHER PAGEA T Mitzi Swanson As Sharon Bentz, Miss Southern 1986, proceeded down the runway on her final walk, the audience and contestants waited anxiously to see who would be the next young lady to wear the crown. Being a preliminary for the Miss America Pageant, the participants were judged in swimsuit, evening gown, and tal- ent competitions. Each contestant also had a personal inter- view with the judges earlier on the day of the pageant. Mitzi Swanson, a junior from Houlka, was chosen Miss Southern 1987 by a panel of five judges. Being a home eco- nomics education major, Mitzi placed first in the talent compe- tition. Alternates for 1987 were Melinda Rayner of Ellisville, first alternate, Tricia Purser of Picayune, second alternate and also winner of the swimsuit competition, Monique Brooks of Co- lumbus, third alternateg and Suzanne Lumpkin of Picayune, fourth alternate. Other winners were Stacey Graves who re- ceived the Director's Award and Elizabeth Edwards who was chosen Miss Congeniality. The theme for the Miss Southern Pageant, which was spon- sored by the Associated Student Body and hosted by the as ' I ,. 7 41 .iggf ladies of Delta Gamma, was "Celebrate USM." Cindy Brown, a senior from Jackson, was the executive director for the event. Entertainment chosen for the pageant was provided by the master of ceremonies, Dr. Blaine Quarnstrom, Sharon Bentz, and Southern Exposure. Live music was provided by Raoul Jerome and the USM Jazz Lab Band. Other contestants in the pageant were Sabrina Herring, Deanna Miles, and Lisa Shackelford. 142 Miss Southern v I. n I r In H-4. A I l 1 K ,,1 ' NX, . K X 'U ... l NK V A 'x 39 B' RIN x xffzh Sf . -gi K mfs, if 1' Af' twalr., .1 .xx -u-:XL Rf: -c.,N 1-"W .. fr--.f fy , .3 Q ., " :Reef s GREEK GOD G chuck Maxie 6 Paula Gates The 1986 Greek Goddess is Paula Gates. She is a graduate student with a major in Hotel and Restaurant Administration and a minor in Management. Paula is from Wiggins, Mississippi and is active in Pi Beta Phi sorority. She has served as Pi Phi Social Committee Chairman and was selected Athlete of the year by her sorority. Paula has represented Pi Phi on campus by being involved in the Society for Advancement of Management and the IFSEA- IAD. Chuck Maxie, a junior from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, was named Greek God. He is majoring in Banking and Finance with a minor in Economics. He said that after graduation he would like to pursue a job as either a stockbroker or an investment broker and possibly own a gym. Chuck is an active member of Kappa Alpha Fraternity. wr 'w,',n.S . MW it"tti S. Ill., -,, .,,,,... ' -' 'fi few 144 Greek God 6 Goddess .9 l aol Q l . rf' f 7 7 -F. ,xy -:fi' 5 l -,: 3 , N' x L ' . I . ., 2- , F A Ca S rf.-x, I h, b-,1.-,,,:,QW.m as vga-,r'f..,'f:,A-Q..-f -'f.r'e'r' I . .. .. v . , ., A x, 9, , . , ,' . V, -4. -' l, , . , wlrjgbxs ' kwtyyxt 1 1-,xx " a diy AJ .V V' a 11153 fx . ... ,..... 'Vw if l GREEK GAMES Greek week! These words mean only one thing to a Greek competitor. Frater- nities and sororities are randomly paired, and the teams compete in the week's activities which end Saturday at Greek Games. Jersey days, marathon run, a parade, tug-of-war, and the selec- tion of Greek God and Goddess are among the many activities that take place. Pi Beta Phi was a member of the win- ning team for the fourth consecutive year when the Pi PhifKappa Alpha team won the competition in 1986. if Difswfin-A-L af A A . --f-H WKRJCI . z,-ff r 5. . . ,--r "" : -slkfv ,- 1 .7 .4 '1-My 1. -r, ' , - . -. 1-gk .jf A fx . 4. , y . ,r . ,l,. -' sf.. gm -.. 4. , scar! Q.,s.t'el--eaafaanmm-- - Q ' .M --:KJV-ffl-.,,+fxJa-W'-, - . V. - - 11 ...,q.,. , .. , s,,,,.,4f- Greek Games 145 'g'Ladies of the Alamo" ff -'Jn S 'J' I! l .L USM's Department of Theater and Dance opened it's fall season with the production of "Ladies of the Alamo" on October 14. Written by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Paul Zindel, "Ladies of the Alamo" centered around five women involved in a power struggle for control of a theater in Texas. The theater's director, who had a record of bad manage- ment, found herself on the verge of being-ousted by the president of the board and replaced by the president's friend who is a lesbian. However, she overcame the takeover at- tempt with help from a lustful, alcoholic friend, and found herself in control once more. The setting for the play was an elegant reception room of the New Alamo Theater, which was celebrating its first anniversary in that building after previously operating from a converted church. USM stu- dents Lynne Hatcher as Dede, Lalhlell Lucius as Suits, Cindy NP png 44' McCool as Joanne, Cynthia Raybourn as Shirley and Lulu Ward as Bella made up the cast R B Hill assistant professor of theatre, served as director of the production. "Ladies of the Alamo" was the first of two productions that the Department of Dance and Theater put on during the fall semester at the CLF. Hartwig Southern Arena Theater on the USM campus. l46 "Ladies of the Alamo" li"X x .iff I ' 4. Q- rl 'H XX Y-1-. A j-1' .fp N I A :P "All My Sons" Have you ever told a lie, and to cover it up you had to tell another and another, until your whole life became one big lie and you could hardly even distinguish the truth? That is what happens to the Keller family in one of the classics of the American stage. Arthur Miller's All My Sons. The Kellers are the typical American dream family in all except one very important way, their dream is based on lies and they are forced to wake up to the bitter nightmare, for years subdued, which is now erupting around them. The foundation for their whole existence is based on a lie which simultaneously holds them together in the beginning and rips them savagely apart in the end. The plot revolves around Joe Keller who years before had sold defective airplane parts to the army during the um wh., l":'o':':':'o .'."":':':' s' X Q O O O 0 O .0.o'0,o.Qf ',' t. .w'...,.' N' 0, , I 9 O O 9 Q ' 9 O .wc M' J Swv' N' O reef. 0: 2-"."'m 'fo -s s Q I O '. ' N 'M ' fan 0 5' v'f'o'o'O'o'o'e'0'0' -O :Q l Y vw iz ' "+ 148 All My Sons war. He framed the crime, which caused the death of 21 pilots, on his partner, and in the end committed suicide to escape from an uncertain future that he would be forced to face truthfully. LlSM's Department of Theatre and Dance brought its version of this intense drama to Hartwig Arena Theater February 24-March 1. And under the direction of the- atre department chairman Dr. Blaine Quarnstrom, the cast and crew of this production were justified to smile as they captured the very depth of the deepest human emo- tions and by doing so added their own new dimension to Miller's didactic mid-century classic. Chris Gilmer In N 3 I U' 9 'uf' I ., 3 r T 'Q O O 0 O 0 0 0 1 1 O 0 1 0 9 wf Y fof'fofofof0fo,ofo,9 . ' 1 'Avfo?'o2gQ,W , 0 O M 5 HQ W4 ?l:.,ftX 11" 117111117 bvI.OAO 0 Q ww 4 ,OAWOAMMQ :M .MMVI YJ ' 'rw-J fv. , , v Ti" .mix ,K Qt V' A 'www www A'hAl..A'A,AM,A A A A A Al A A A A A A A Il: X0fQ'O'A ,fs-5: A A ff f f X1 All My Sons 149 N wk Q Spring Dance Concert Dancers Kristi Childress Tracie Doody Jay Hammons Sharon Hartgianes Susan Johnson Eve Lovelace Tracy Ott David Rice Susan Rutherford Ari Andre Skipper Tammy Warren Paula Watford Pam Puckett Melmey Tribble Ruth Leggett Margaret Bowlin Susan Schwarzauer Shellie Nielsen ft? l5O Spring Dance Concert Q6 I 1 :""" W o ,Ji -Q- .s u , -Q-"" yr 59" 910'--W On April 7-12 the USM department of theater and dance's presented "Deathtrap," a comedy-thriller by lra Levin. ln conjunction with the Union Board, "Deathtrap" was performed in Hartwig Arena Theater. From highbacked velvet couches to bur- gundy colored leather chairs and stained glass-and oriental rug on the floor-play- wright Sidney Bruhl's Connecticut study would live up to the expectations of even the most discerning antique collector. With swords and daggers adorning the walls, the two-act thriller unfolds pleasingly suspenseful and surprising plots and sub- plots, revolving around an aging playwright longing desperately, and often comically for the lost success of his youth-a desire so intense that he kills for it and dies for it. ln his portrayal of Sidney Bruhl, David Moore is credible when his character is seri- ous, rightly contriving in his manipulation of circumstances, and sinister when sinis- ter is called for. Turning in a good perfor- mance, especially in scenes opposite his junior partner, Moore might possibly have been still a bit more deranged in his sinister scenes. As Myra Bruhl, the playwright's wealthy, gullible wife, Patricia Hammett makes the most of her part, being especially strong in the scene where she and Sidney rolled Brad Mooy, supposedly dead, up in the oriental rug. A character of reaction instead of ac- tion, Hammett's reactions are right on tar- get. Reincarnated from the "vegetable patch," Brad Mooy as novice playwright Clifford Anderson, Bruhl's protege and lover fyes loverl, had probably the stron- gest characterization in the show. He per- formed with seming ease the foremost task of the actor-convincing the audience that his performance was real. Adding the comic relief, theater veteran Tonda-Leah Fields is hilariously delightful, and Daryl Harris, in striking costume, rounds out the cast. Lighting and music are superior, director George Crook and all in- volved are to be commended for, once again a superb effort. Chris Gilmer l52 Deathtrap Dinner Theatre- "Deathtrap" J Deathtrap 153 Delta Gamma Anchorsplash On April 1 the 15th annual Delta Gamma Anchorsplash was held. lt is held yearly to raise money for sight conservation, aid to the blind, and loans and grants. Activities that make up Anchorsplash are Miss Eyes contest, Mr. Anchorsplash contest, t-shirts, and a night of swimming competition. The swimming is a variety of serious and just-for-fun events in which campus groups compete. First place winners for 1987 were Chi Omega and Delta Tau Delta, and second place winners were Pi Beta Phi and Alpha Tau Omega. Other awards received were Mr. Anchorsplash-Tim Davidson and Miss Eyes-Cindy Simpson. Renee McGuffee rs Bn 4 'gut 'T its Q7 Q 'L K ,I - P' ' noir . V' 'B 1- 154 Delta Gamma Anchorsplash F-C' Q., .aiff M . .- ,QQ -, - .gig S fi X Q 'ffx I cs 'K iv in Q-KNA i it . ' L A 'xl .X A 5 ' U" Q- f ' I gf if , 3 .L gi' . 'Q , , 7 l - 'Num fm if 5' nl' Q I is f f ar J 3,4 'B h , 4' x I .J A3- ' vii 1 ' ' 'C' --' ' . i',-f.'H.,- mf, ,Q K up-Lf a V :az-3,-'S , X- Q 9 , "x A 1 at ,. ' 4' 1' ' ' - I N 'Q 4-'fi' Z "'r4c?3 9. ,'v-I I I ft 1 i' 940. .J .-rr . Ps- fn., ,- Delta Gamma Anchorsplash 155 Sigma Chi Derby Day The second annual Derby Day was held March 17-21. The competition consists of many areas in which the nine sororities were judged-spirit, fund raising, A Chorus Line, Derby Chase, Derby Darling and Derby Games. The overall winners for 1987 were Kappa Delta, first place, Delta Delta Delta, second place, and Chi Omega, third place. Chorus Line winners were Chi Omega, first place, Phi Mu, second place, and Kappa Delta, third place. Winners of the games were Delta Delta Delta, first place, Kappa Delta, second place, and Phi Mu, third place. Derby Darling for 1987 was Kim Pope fTri-Deltaj and alternates were Kay Eckert CKDJ and Sharon Crook QDGJ. Rick Lutz, Jim Lynch, Sean Magee and Mor- gan McCarty represented Sigma Chi as Derby Daddles The proceeds from this year's competition went to the Diabetes Foundation 156 Sigma Chi Derby Day W L i P l Y 4 I3 J P S .1 mix S A tQj " 4 7' JF 'PY 14, q ,. Q Tia x 44? ' 'ov 7' 5. v ii Us - Sigma Chi Derby Day 157 USM held its first Wrestling Extravaganza. lt featured seven matches, two of which title belts were on the line, however there was no title change that evening. The first match of the evening featured Nikita Koloff and Ric Flair. Nikita held Flair for the three count, but the count was called back and there was no winner declared. The second match was another title event between Ole Anderson and Tully Blanchard. Blanchard was disquali- fied and Anderson retained his title. ln match three, Lex Lugor defeated Tim Horner, and in match four, it brought the defeat of lvan Koloff by Jimmy Valiant. ln the fifth match, Vladimer Petrov defeated Bob Armstrong with interference by his second man, lvan. The Barbarian de- feated Ricky Lee James in the sixth match, and in the final match, Nelson Royal defeated Gary Royal. This event was only one of many sponsored by the Llniversity Activities Council. 5111-25, l58 Wrestling ,411 ,Q X 3 .711 xx' rl, ' Nl A " If . 0--f ' lf, Qv 1.5-""""" W f Wrestling 159 NX 4? sh, -ag-5, 'I 94' l 3. On April 16, the University Activities Council and Kappa Alpha Psi sponsored a concert featuring Klymaxx. Despite difficulties with sound and light equipment, the group per- formed to an energetic crowd until well after midnight. One Way, a flashy funk-soul band, opened for Klymaxx and performed admirably, winning over the crowd. Klymaxx proved to be a crowd pleaser. As they took the stage, the lights went out, and everyone settled down to be entertained or went on the floor to dance. The all-female band played "l Miss You," "The Men All Pause," "Man- Sized Love," and other hits. l6O Klymaxx -if , lo g Q E f w i Klymaxx 161 USM-Coca Cola Classic Rodeo An icy rain fell, steam rose from the horses' backs, and faithful rodeo fans huddled under blankets in the Equestrian Center's stands to cheer on the efforts of muddy cowboys and cowgirls during the opening round of the USM-Coca Cola Clas- sic Rodeo. The chutes still opened, broncs bucked and rodeo clown Lecile Harris carried out his comedy acts as the temperature dropped into the 5O's. Although Mississippi had a record breaking snowfall that Friday morning, rodeo action continued throughout the week- end. So, in spite of the weather, enthusiasm ran high among cowboys, cowgirls and fans to bring about a successful event. The event was sponsored by the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. Stacey Reid if 5v'1u- Ci .. Up Q?,.lQ' "' A Ca " l62 USM Rodeo Q., I 3. . 'U 5 .J .l 0 X. I f 4 'Lf wi. if 51 Lgfff S 2F.5'4' - Wag 1 ' .ff 'W 'I' J' 4 i 1 W u THE LIAC SPRING FLI G The University Activities Council's SPRING THING, a week of rides, rock and roll, games, and movies opened Tuesday, April 21 and lasted through Sunday, April 26. Thousands of students and members of the community turned out to ride rides like the double ferris wheel, the Pirate Ship, and the Gravitrong to play games and eat classic carnival food like funnel cakes and can- died apples. On Tuesday night Non-Stop jammed for two funk-packed sets including a medley of favorite rap songs and some fresh covers of "l'm Looking for a New Love," "Word Llp," and "Stand by Me. Wednesday night the Gulfport-based band Change to Eden performed to a large audience. They played covers from U2, Led Zeppelin, the Doors, and their own originals. The GAC SPRING THING left with a week's worth of entertain- ment that will be remembered. il 164 USM Fair 21 xt! A-1-ul'YT"-0 'Pt .v i ii' A E il WN ,,...v..--ent ?f'f?5 xy I 9 , 7.- -li. ,fx 1 f"'1 una:-q...,,, tj La-X i-Q K. " XV, f X NJ Fir X, E17 v, i""""H 1 ,iw , -Q- l Q USM Fair 165 in Review Among the celebrltles who dled ln 1986 were slnger Kate Smlth who dled June 17 of respiratory arrest at the age of 79 Benny Goodman the King of Swing dled June 13 apparently of Cardiac arrestg James Cagney, one of Hollywood s famous toughguys dled March 30 at the age of 86 and Ted Knight, best known for his role in the televlslon serles The Mary Tyler Moore Show dled August 26 of cancer at the age of 62. Associated Press Z ' '-Q. The Year in Review 167 I I .. 1' I J X ' 4 1 ff il :Z as If MG' -E., f 3 7 . . i . 7 1 ' . 7 9 - - v u H - 7 TKT' "e' T elf 'N X ' Yr ,Q ,L W 1 1 r 31 j' k I ,-1 if if T g 'x - - - After 20 years of ruling without seri- ous challenge, Phil- lipine President Fer- dinand E. Marcos was forced from of- fice amid charges of corruption and scandal. The new president, Corazon Aquino, was faced with political and economical tur- moil. Associated Press ? il 5 The President signed into law in October the broa- dest tax overhaul in a generation. The bill cut taxes for most workers while paring some prized deductions and boosting the tax burden on corpora- tions. Rep. Dan Ros- tenkowski, an llli- nois Democrat, headed the House tax overhaul dele- gation and Sen. Bob Packwood, an Oregon Republi- can, headed the del- egation from the Senate. Associated Press lxti. ,txlx E. 4 5 Q 4 1 'T'- 3 ,,,. Q COPAZON AOUINO FERDINAND E MARCUS l68 The Year in Review Ll.S. Air Force and Navy jets at- tacked five targets inside Libya under cover of darkness ln April, delivering a response to what President Reagan called the "mon- strous brutality" of Libyan-backed ter- rorism. fAmong the targets was the Lib- yan Naval Acade- my, shown in the enclosed photo, lo- cated in a suburb of Tripoli.b Associated Press l in mi .f Yrf'-3 if Agnixa K: iff' President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gor- bachev met in Reykjavik, Iceland, for a two-day sum- mit in October to discuss arms con- trol. The two lead- ers reached an im- passe on testing of the CLS. Star Wars weaponry. Associated Press qlif. el Nfl of - - The Year in Review 169 'Q Ti hn e Britain s Prince Andrew married red haired English commoner Sarah Ferguson in July at West mmster Abbey in a spectacle that mustered the pomp and glory of Britain s 920 year old monarchy Andrew is the Queen s second son and fourth in line to the throne Associated Press EV ai tee re " .ii Caroline Kennedy who captured America s heart as a little girl romping through the White House married Edwin Schlossberg a New York businessman and artist in Hyannis Port Mass on July 19 1986. Associated Press 170 The Year in Review . 5 al ' ' l is ff. A' X R 14, l L N Q- q . l Q . 5 ' W , -,. La. f' f .9 , V if my thug? z X l v 4 , W 3 " i 1 W , 'L N f N f . Q f .f A , 317 ? 9 A its F J L- .41 L New York Mets Gary Carter is lifted in the air by relief pitcher Jesse Orosco following the Met 8-5 victory over the Boston Red Sox in the seventh game of the World Series at New York's Shea Stadium, Monday night, Cctober 27. L Associated Press The Year in Review 171 fb W' qs-5 JAN. N is-N N Top right: Miss Keilye Cash, the grandniece of country star Johnny Cash, was crowned Miss America 1987. She received the crown from outgoing Miss America Susan Akin. Associated Press Above: Representing Mississippi in the 1987 Miss America Pageant was Kim McGuffee. Kim, a graduate from USM in communication, won the Miss Lamar County Pageant which became her first step to Atlantic City. 172 The Year in Review r-"N if xi. X ' V 'f i 3 ' T ' , , C 42-T' ' ff' A N V I k The Year in Review 173 'R' A ln January, Joe Paul, Dean of Student Development, appeared on the Today Show. Dr. Paul was asked to be a guest and to discuss the topic of collegiate cheerleading accidents. 1-'l u Q. , . -s' A'-4 ' - ' - 5 .4 , . nh i , , . Q .-' t:fg+.'.--' ffh' ' - '. -' ' i . V T. - A-"T fi. "3 ' .." ' .v"i'.-.Chg .A U . 'T "g,r-...4,...r.g.',a ,.af- . , all m .'if?l,5ff?. Y. .Q -' .du..1llSh"' ' f "Alu ' '- V "' y ' " . .'-if f -'5' ' Y- " I l On February 20 the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales visited the USM campus. The "Gentle Giants" have represented Anheuser-Busch for more than 50 years and make 300 appearances annually. They have appeared at the World Series, the Orange Bowl and Rose Bowl parades, and many more events. Mary Dempster-Anheuser-Busch 174 The Year in Review a lil t E L A !I""' .Wy vi W Q .. L . , ,1 LA., W 14 X 5 cf' 3 1 l A 1 gn E- Q3 - 71-r X if 1 J 1 lx' 1 .0 N I -, Q ESM N lx Q AF 'WTI-.I g' Mix 5 f 5 N 1.-l,"A'lIl V x A 7 A. y ,I Q 'Q' f lui X, K- ' r 5 , Q . 4 K s.-""' ' My PW f Wg. Q ,fm '34 ' "'x A Nvff at r The most exciting and memorable event for USM in 1987 was the NIT Basketball Championship. Students and alumni watched the Golden Eagles soar to victory through five wins. Students united to celebrate the triumph. FN N111 The Year in Review 175 P X I l . 0 Q 0 X ' , s S T ,. 0 nl k + . U ' qv C Q k N Q g ,Q ' 0 s . 0 ' . . 5 . . ' . ' ' ' Q 6 l 0 I I ." u I A ' e . 0 , . September 30, 1986, was the last legal drinking day for alcohol consumers under 21. On October 1, the law prohibiting consumption of alcohol among persons under 21 came into effect. The legislation 'el was passed in 1985 in response to federal action. ln 1984, President U Q Reagan signed a bill requiring states to raise their drinking age to 21 or ' ' suffer a 5'Z, cut from their highway funds in 1987 and 10 percent each , f ' year thereafter. His reasoning was that a reduction in the number of , drinkers from the 18-20 age group would substantially decrease the ' x amount of DUI accidents and fatalities. . As a result of the 21 law, persons under 21 cannot buy, consume or serve alcoholic beverages. Violators will be forced to pay stiff fines andfor participate in a minimum number of hours of community ' service. Those under 21 who are caught drinking or with an invalid C identification will pay a S25-S500 fine and be ordered to serve a Q maximum of 30 days community service. Those buying drinks for 0 others under 21 will suffer a S100-S500 fine and at least 30 days ' community service.The violator may also forfeit his or her drivers license. Establishments that serve alcohol and their employees can also be held accountable for serving minors. o While many are skeptical of the new law, especially drinkers under . 21, others feel that it could only help the state. They profess that no state can afford to lose S5 million a year in highway funds, nor can it . ' afford to lose the lives of those who die from drinking incidents. . ', Karen Godail U . 0 0 o 7 - ' ' ' I . O . Q D g 5 . i 5 , . I . 0 , 4 o n s S k 6 . . . Q. I . Ad X l X 0 ' ' " ' 1 O. I S . ' I X . . . 0 l . . 176 Drinking Age I J PAST BEAQIIE5 Ll ..+1.2?h3' ,, ng, 4 di , 1,,,,A's l Laurie Mullis, Anita Phillips, Michelle Poirier, Nan Sumrall, Janet Vega, DeeDee Paterson, Tara Aust, Susan Robinson, Suzanne Lumpkin, Ruth Leggett, Tammy Wise, Penny Wise, Diane Shireman, Kay Eckert, Lor Hasson, Leisa Doggette, and Gina Fortenberry. Past Beauties 177 178 Sports 0 E LIFE T0 U E 4'----.ssh- v", sh! 1' 5' , R 'I 'I ,'l H.. : Q H 0 f N. .' ,f w . . s I O ' 0' 5 1 4 0 1 0 0 I 1 I Q t I 0 - 1 I , O , I '. I ll I Q' " I O I O O I O 0 I O O Q o I I . S ' 4 0' 3 I Q Q I S , Q O S , Q O S o O ' 5 0 Q .9 0 Q 5 0 Q Q 0 Q O S Q 'O Q .O 9 , Q5 O 9 5 5 Q l 5 5 0 0 . Q . . O O Q Q ' ' 0 Q ' 0' 5 Q O Q 6 Q Q Q ' 0. Q' O 5 9. ' ' O. , 0 ,f Q , o , 0 O Q O R s 9 O Q 0 0 s O 9 , Q O 0 s O 0 o ,Q ,O , o o o Q' ' 4 a' 1 ," ,I I 4 va '. 0,0 O 'Q Sports 179 GULDE EAGLE FGCDTBALL 1986 was filled with many memorable moments, both good and bad. lt featured both heart-stopping wins and heartbreaking losses for Golden Eagle fans. ln years to come, when the 1986 season is being recalled, two events will be at the top of the list - THE DRIVE and THE PLAY. GSM 28 NCDRTHEAST LA. 19 - tv SL aiu' GSM 28 NORTHEAST LA. 19-The Golden Ea- gles opened the season in the friendly confines of M.M. Roberts Stadium, as the Indians of NLG came to town. The majority of GSM's followers didn't ex- pect the Division 1-AA lndians to be much of a threat, but were quickly surprised. NLG, coming off of a season in which they finished 11th in the nation, held the Golden Eagles to a scoreless tie in the first quarter and then to a 3-0 lead at the outset of the second quarter. A one-yard plunge by Randolph Brown put GSM on top, but a 43-yard scoring pass put NLG back in the lead 10-7. A short run by Vin- cent Alexander gave GSM a 14-10 halftime lead. The Nasty Bunch came to life to help seal the victory for the Golden Eagles. A Shelton Gandy Touchdown gave GSM a 21-10 advantage, but a field goal and a touchdown by NLG cut it to 21-19. The Nasty Bunch broke up a potentially tieing two-point conversion, and two key interceptions snuffed lndi- an drives. A 38-yard run by Brown put the game out of reach. Football ALABAMA 31 GSM 17 H47 '- I FY 3 ALABAMA 31 GSM 17-The Golden Eagles trav- eled to Birmingham's Legion Field to face a Crimson Tide team considered by many to be a frontrunner for the national championship. GSM shocked the crowd of 71,000 by taking a 7-0 lead less than three minutes into the game when linebacker Onesimus Henry grabbed Tide quarterback Mike Shula's first pass and returned it 54 yards for a Golden Eagle touchdown. Bama bounced right back to tie it up at 7-7, but Rex Banks put GSM back on top 10-7 with a 27-yard field goal with 1:25 left in the half. The lead was short-lived however, as Shula led a very efficient drive down the field and scored with seven seconds left in the half. An inspired Tide team came out the second half ready to take control of the game. Take control they did, as they ran their lead to 31-10 before the Golden Eagles knew what was happening. GSM cut the lead to 31-17 with a 13-yard scoring pass, but Alabama ran out the clock and preserved to win. ' CIF SAID LISM 28 A .1-gl ....-- A 1 . ,- I I - A I V' . . ,m-'ni Qui-"'i1i"i'i v l gi 1 I Y ' i gm .V - f- WY Ki m, P17 1 1 f. 1 28 - I-fl-A xl V K 5, , v'f..,:vv-'IV' I L V ,f l-- . - -X . a 9. 5- - .' . I 'Via .gh I' 'f f f I ' jst . : l ' 'g i -1,,,,,.'-w- - 0 , 4. , - 'A ,- 9 , L.f - 'fy JL.-L-v .f ' Q -' ,ll .- 44 i A X -- ' A V : . ' - ' a ww' -.L'.f.'-F.-1 ' f , ,NG . Q 't' iii " -. .. E f fvzgv is ", 1' ,"' 1'o1Z'Y"'..- , -- vii V. .. I -- , I. II - - ' - II 4s. .,f:-o-1U.- 119 I--fl' +f'. ' " "- F ' '1 E ' 'Q ' ' 1 ' 1 , ' - I 0 Il 1 - , as 1. ,Il I if, , ' I sn ...V tr A -- ' I 1 J. ' ' I " ' 4 ' 2 M.. ' my " 1, ' I L f -I f . ,-,:'l5l, 1. .9 V- --1 1 , 'H 'v ,- .-I P x':s'5f'w- - ' -I - WN - . ' H "L7"t Tf' 1f3?ff"- M --f-f--44 - v 4-slr a 1. . Mi?,.q',,,,!g: 1, at i. again, ,-.,..-y ,NAIS I 5 V, :",.J-:gun . - -. V gf ""ii4,17-" H- .,f"" 555.1 I Q . - Q., Nh, , '. ' , .- ff - -at JI?"--'i"2 ' - ' ff , ' ' " ' --if --ff' 1 1 ' - i ' - -- '3 ef' a n s au, 5"?f'- '11,-1.' 'fb-1419 i1i'i2:7f'm,:f - - ' .4 H - A J 'f ,- LISM 28 MISSISSIPPI STATE 24-Probably the biggest win of the season for LISM, this game was capitalized by what has become known around the state as THE DRIVE. The two teams spent the whole game trading off scores-each team scored once in each quarter. In the second quarter a 66-yard scamper by Shelton Gandy broke a 7- 7 tie, but a controversial series of plays followed that resulted in a 59-yard scoring pass for the Bulldogs and a 14-14 halftime score. In the fourth quarter State broke a 21-21 tie when they nailed a field goal to move in front 24-21. The Golden EagIe's hopes appeared to be dashed when a Bulldog punt was downed on the LISM two with under five minutes left in the game. The offense came onto the field knowing that the goal line and subsequently, victory lay 98 yards away. There were 29 seconds remaining in the contest when Gandy began celebrating his fourth touchdown of the day and the win that came with it. LlSM's efforts in this game were recognized across the nation also, as Gandy was named Southeastern Player of the Week by both the AP and the LIPI and Sports Illustrated did a story on the game. Football 181 MSLI 24 HGW BGLIT THEM EAGLES' 7 0 Texas AGM 16 USM 7 , Y U li. The Aggies, known for their powerful offense, found out that past efforts don't work in the present games, as USM gave them all they could handle before pulling out the win. USM shut down quarterback Kevin Murray and company completely as both teams went to the locker room at the half with a O-O tie. ASM threatened late in the first half, but an interception by "The Big O," Onesimus Henry, in the endzone ended that. ln the third quarter the Aggies got on the board first with a short field goal and later increased it to 10-O on a short touchdown. USM cut the deficit to 10-7, but two late field goals by ASM put it out of reach. Though the Golden Eagles lost the game, they won a lot of respect by doing something very few teams could do-hold the Aggies to just one touchdown. l82 Football Kentucky 32 USM O Qllfll ' Y" Q. X- 'Q--' 'Z., V I' USM held the Wildcats to just three field goals in the first half, but the dam broke in the second-UK tallied three touchdowns and another field goal to rout the Golden Eagles. EAGLE FEVER! USM 24 Memphis State 9 sw- ' Inf, Uv , A winless Tiger team came into Rogers Stadium for LlSM's homecoming game. Most predicted USM would gain an easy victory, especially after a 65-yard scoring play with just over a minute gone in the game. A MSU touchdown followed late in the quar- ter, but the Golden Eagles retained a precarious 7-6 lead when the PAT was missed. A Tiger field goal gave them a 9-6 halftime lead, along with hopes for their first win. The score remained unchanged until late in the third quarter when Andrew Anderson hit Lyneal Alston on a 30-yard touchdown pass to put USM on top again. A key fumble recovered by the defense clinched the victory for the Golden Eagles. Tulane USM After swapping scores during the first half, USM took a 17- 14 lead into the locker room at the half. Early in the third quarter Tulane went ahead for good, 21-17. The Green Wave added another touchdown late in the quarter to increase their lead to 28-17 before Rex Banks cut it by three with a 48-yard field goal. Tulane added another touchdown after that to in- crease their lead. . . .... . 3...--v,'.'....-'oo .. , .... . '5::'f:f:f1. 32 l - x Aw . C Football 183 USM 23 East Carolina 21 .. 3"' . USM 23 East Carolina 21-lf the Mississippi State game was captured by THE DRIVE, then this game was gained by THE PLAY. The Pirates got on the board first, but USM soon tailed and the score tied 7-7 at the end of the first quarter. ECU scored again in the half when the PAT was missed. As the second half got underway, the Golden Eagles tied the score 13-13 on two Rex Banks field goals, one of which was from 52 yards out. A short drive by Shelton Gandy early in the fourth quarter put USM on top for the first time, 20-17. That score held up until extremely late in the game, when the Pirates hit a 21- yard scoring pass to cut the Golden Eagles' lead to one A successful two-point conversion put ECU on top 21- 20 with only eight seconds left in the contest and ap- parently clinched the win. USM wasn't giving up yet, however. A 'Hail Mary' pass from Andrew Anderson to Lyneal Alston was caught in traffic. Right before the Pirates' defense brought him down, he pitched the ball to Randolph Brown who took it in to score. There was a flag on the play, however-illegal lateral by Alston. lf ECU didn't take the penalty the touchdown stood, so they had no choice. With time expired, Banks came in and calmly chipped in a game-winning 31-yard field goal. 184 Football USM USL l l 3 USM 17 USL O-ln perhaps the finest total game by the defense all season, the Nasty Bunch shut down the Ragin' Cajuns for their only goose egg of the season. The key factor was the five sacks the defense registered, killing some key drives. USM led 10-O at the half, after a field goal by Rex Banks in the first quarter and an eight-yard run by Shelton Gandy in the second. Andrew Anderson ran it in from 11 yards out and the defense held on to preserve a very convincing win. 17l Ol NASTY BUNCH IS BACK! , Florida State 49 USM 13 7' l v tf'w"..nfL l Florida State 49 USM 13-The Golden Eagles led or remained close in almost every statistical category ex- -cept the one that counted-the scoreboard. USM had almost a four minute edge in time of possession and was close to even in most of the others. Despite the statistics, qthe outcome of the game came down to one thing-FSU Qwas able to find the endzone often, and USM couldn't. The Seminoles scored first on a 94-yard drive late in the first period and never looked back. They rolled up 21 lpoints in the second quarter, including a 47-yard intercep- 'tion return. , USM scored first midway through the third quarter to cut the lead to 28-7, but a 14-yard pass and a 51-yard interception return pushed the score to 42-7, the Golden Eagles tailed on a 52-yard scoring strike from Andrew Anderson to Lyneal Alston, but the two-point conversion failed, a 62-yard run by FSU in the fourth quarter made it A a final of 49-13. l I l l USM- 31 Louisville 16 V253 af- ' ff 1 " ' icq, USM 31 LCLIISVILLE 16-Cardinals scored first late in the first quarter to take a 7-O lead, but Shelton Gandy burst forth with 10 seconds left in the quarter to knot it up. A 56-yard bomb from Andrew Anderson to Lyneal Alston put the Golden Eagles on top, and a 73-yard punt return by Andrew Mott made it a 21-7 halftime advantage. ln the second half USM answered a LIL field goal with a Gandy touchdown. The Cards scored a touchdown in the final period, but missed the two-point conversion as Rex Banks put the game away with a 44-yard field goal to wrap up LlSM's 10th straight win in Roberts Stadium and finish the season with a 6-5 record. Football 185 USM FCDGTBALL . . . 186 Football ,Z x. -..- ...Airg- F' um? PM ' i-12:55 "' :SQ - HQ b 5 ... E -Q if W9 igj :if "We finished with another winning season here, our fourth in the last five years," USM coach Jim Carmody said. The Golden Eagles lose some quality seniors off of this year's squad, but return some top- notch players who should make next season as exciting as this one was. -All Football copy written by Raymond Reeves 1- l l 3' P L r A WINNING TRADITION' 'ag :BQ 44: .1 'fn' i ll! 1 1 f. . ' " . -'Ark f f - A ,,.p.n3'.L,w ., yl'fy.'f.j,gl,1l,1,f5 N -.f ,..b..rn- ...,.,-mv .hm .M-v.. .Q , 1. I .Q nw. A., -Q, if D -"' 9"f.W"S?' 4 W , 141-. nf' gm 'hd Ll av -Fra: -J:--ZA. wl A.-Q92 4 " A, 0 x wmumwwfj N al "ku, Y Yo Offi a' 5 xx Inf, 'I ' " X XE 'I , tm 'R f' il T Y' L , X ' l fx ' x lfsgia: as its 5 4 Q 'N , 'Ni Football 187 September September October October October October November November 13 20 5 ll 18 25 1 8 188 Rugby ms? I ,hnw'u.,, A 1 if!-,.K,.',.,., KJ' . N ' L-, A 5 --Q-1,,.'.- fl M' an Q -.4-4. :pg - 1 r iv' ,Y J ,.. uw. 1' ' "h-Ka' -Sify? '- N, Q -.4-. 4MS ,q.,,2'll-divan' ' I Rugby 189 GOLDE EAGLE BASKETBALL Jil' bw wg-J .4 - vi 8322358 if 1'-aux" wh 59258 ...uv v-,, ' ' -ll , ff.. - V , D , -i X J-4 ui -in., Q.. 7' Ar? , . 4 ,U' xl, X, f ' - ., ll , 1' -4......a 'YV' "HN-N . 1 . 1 ., WNV Vi W 5 jg 9' , 4 1-W .-,, wwf, I i 1 Q 'N Q , if w V Qi. 5,- -., X 2- x fa gh X 2 u wh ' . 'B' x 'yvfsrn 4' 1'-"TT 1' qs' xxxx K x . Xxx -0' ' 1 1 ,E 4555 ' -ld 4 q E-L, nn A .5 9 191 192 Men's Basketball Q I' ' l P as .Q . . 'E -2' ., P0 gi 2' GW r 'mf . ' .Y W . is lla 1 lg, Q A uv W 1 A Q ' 'v. .3 'Q ' Y, Q I Y u if + 1 I 1 X I ix 5- 1 1 i I I 1 '1 I1 W ih. QQXQQEWQX ... x. if i . 1 ' 5 4 'E muff' N I ,. X ,J A +3 gqgvf' K . ww-A 'X- up H -I , '-w.- ' L5 1 A of A' l'-S rl 3 1' 'FM F R nh o fx Lis, Y A, wg , 1 I w. -- , 9,1 .. Nlefw- QENQ " AJ X rf? ia ,e ,x.- N , -11a wat Mu. ,I , -Wfw wi -Harb - .-- -- 'mi 1 - 4' 3, ,m,.,.:. K . In B , f , . . i '1 i 1 ""' "1 q,,.,,, ., A -.. . --.....,- -, N., -....k.,,W W K....,.. --. """--Q... 1 I, 4" i ,lfpp 1 Men's Basketball 193 .I.T. Champs Frank Sinatra would have been proud. The Golden Eagles took Ol' Blue Eyes' hit "New York New York" to heart and by utilizing talent, hard work and just a touch of luck, was able to legitimately add the phrase "king of the hill, top of the heap" to the Southern Mississippi name. NIT champions. That one phrase alone was able to send the entire campus into a toilet papering, partying frenzy and turned what at one time looked to be a disappoint- ing season into a dream come true. The season, which seemed to begin eons ago, was tipped off by a visit by the Northeast Louisana Indians to Reed Green Coliseum. NLLI was coming off of a home contest with eventual SEC champion Alabama and looked to give the Golden Eagles a tough first game. A crowd of 5,920 saw LISM tum a tremendous first game performance by knocking off the Indians 84-69. LISM saw their bubble popped early, as eventual NIT participant Arkansas State welcomed the Golden Eagles to Pine Bluff by inflicting an 85-72 defeat on the visitors from Hattiesburg. The Golden Eagles rebounded well from that loss, by dominating the South Alabama Jaguars 101-80. Victories over Central Arkansas, Cal-Riverside and Georgia College followed, putting LISM at 5-1 going another big step for USM basketball. Saturday, December 20th dawned as a beautiful day and the air was filled with electricity. North Texas State was in town and ESPN also in town to broadcast it-the first nationally televised game ever for the Golden Eagles. USM jumped out to an 11-0 lead and never looked back-the nation saw the Golden Eagles hit 52 percent from the field, 92 percent from the line and put six players in double figures as they totally dominated NTSLI 92-58. USM cranked out three more victories to run their record to 9-1 before dropping the championship game of the Crystal Classic. When the Christmas break was over the Golden Eagles found themselves on the road for two games as Metro play got underway. A win over Cincinnati and a loss to South Carolina set their conference record at 1-1 to set the stage for the game everyone had been waiting for-a visit by defending national champion Louisville. Students began standing in line three hours before tipoff in order to assure them- selves of a seat for this game--almost 7500 people packed their way into Reed Green and a good crowd of people who couldn't gain admittance into the coliseum filled up the USM union, who was showing the game off of a satellite feed. The Golden Eagles set the crowdfsj to rocking by knocking off the Cardinals 76-69. USM accomplished the feat by forcing LIL into 24 turnovers and by utilizing the three point shot to gain control. The Golden Eagles fell to earth rather quickly, when on a visit to Blacksburg the Virginia Tech Hokies knocked off USM 85-72. ' LISM hit a roller coaster ride at this point-They followed with a win over Jackson State, a loss to Florida State, a win over McNeese, a loss to LISL and a win over South Carolina. Everybody was wondering which was the real LISM team. The power of the Golden Eagles was revealed in the next game, when they travelled 194 NIT Champs to Tennessee and shocked the Memphis State Tigers 84-77. It was the first time MSU had lost a home conference game since 1983 and reestablished USM as a serious Metro contender. The Tigers returned the favor two weeks later, when they came to Reed Green and defeated USM 76-72. ' The Golden Eagles travelled to Louisville for another confrontation with the defend- ing national champions and took the Cardinals to overtime before dropping a heart- breaking one point decision. A last second shot by Casey Fisher went in and rolled out as the final buzzer sounded. LISM pulled out victories over Cinncinnati and Virginia Tech before dropping a two point decision to Arkansas State and a 117-102 high scoring affair to Florida State to end the regular season with a 17-1G record.. -As the Metro tournament got underway in Louisville, the Golden Eagles were deter- mined to get one ,monkey off of their back-USM had never before won a postseason ,game in Division I. They got rid of that demon once and for all with an 83-66 defeat of Virginia Tech. Host Louisville ended the Metro season for LISM, 78-71. The NIT extended the season for the Golden Eagles, and really stirred up the excitement by announcing that the Ole Miss Rebels would be visiting Hattiesburg for the first round. A crowd of 8,095, highest of the season in Reed Green, saw USM jump out to a 36 point lead and coast to a dominating 93-75 victory. USM found themselves traveling north up the Mississippi for the second round, facing the St.hh-Louise,Bei-Ilikens.ongthetroad.Casey Fisher's 6-9 and Jon White's .4-7 performances guided the Golden Eagles to an 83-78 oyertime win. . .-tt - I The Golden Eaglesfound themselves in the road once more in the third round to face the Vanderbilt Commodores for a- berth in the final four. LISM shot to an 18 point halftime lead and-useda wide repertoire of shots in thesecond half to earn a trip to the big Apple, 195-88. - ' hh , - Q - After falling behind 22-9 early onfin their semifinal contest with Nebraska, the Golden Eagles fought h'lf ack-toftakela llli halftime lead. They put the 'Huskers away in the second halfftoiitake. an 82-75 win and put them in the finals. The Championship game against La Salle turned out to be a three point school conducted by the Golden Eagles. Both teams put up 24 shots from beyond 19-9, with USM making 11 and La Salle only four. The Explorers were able to cut the USM lead to two with only six seconds left. A sharp defensive play by Derek Hamilton led to a steal by White, who sunk both of his ensuing foul shots to clinch the title for the Golden Eagles. h At the tournament's end, it was announced that Derek Hamilton was named to the all NIT team, Randolph Keys was named tournament MVP and Turk was declared NIT coach of the year. Congratulations to the Golden Eagles for an outstanding season-the first national title ever for a Mississippi school. Raymond Reeves NIT Champs 195 Lady Eagles Basketball Q J, gl Row 1: Faye Hodges, Lesha Franklin, Kathi White, Amy Heiden, Renee Magee, Alisa West, Gina Griffin, and Kim Myers. Row 2: Joy Leigh, Asst. Coach, Patty Sones, Grad. Asst., Betsy Arcement, Manager, Mary Corbello, Brenda Williams, Pam Wilson, Gwen Jones, Michelle Fornea, Sharon Varnado, Debbie Knight, Trainer, Shirley Jones-Hill, Asst. Coach, and Kay James, Head Coach. iiiizii '51 ir i' il I l ...T- 'sf 1!'a"f 5 'H , l96 Lady's Basketball K I X1 WMY, if f' JV- X . -.t if nal hfh Us gli ll I l I wpgg X 0. 1. n 5 U 3 M25 X. l I' lv QJHXV-Q5 'N , A! Lady s Basketball 197 Lady Eagles-Metro Champs! S Cautiously optimistic was the catch phrase for the 1986-87 edition of USM Lady Eagles basketball. The Lady Eagles were coming off of a disappointing 12-15 record from the year before and were retuming only one starter. However, coach Kay James had six letter winners returning, plus the addition of two junior college All- Americans to help booster the losses inflicted by graduation and give a ray of hope for the upcoming season. The Lady Eagles came out of the blocks determined to concentrate on the positive aspects of the team and make this a banner year. They succeeded admirably. When the dust had settled at the end of the season. The Lady Eagles had accomplished something no other team in any other sport had ever done at USM--captured a Metro Conference Title. USM began the season on the road, as the Lady Eagles made it to the championship game of the Northwestern lLa.J State Lady Demon Christmas Classic before dropping an 81-71 decision to the host Lady Demons. After a 70-62 win over Mississippi College and a heartbreaking two point loss to Tulane, USM played host to Mississippi State, who came to Hattiesburg determined to flex their SEC muscles. The Lady Eagles were not impressed and showed it in a 60-57 victory that sent MSU back to Starkville to make plans for LlSM's return en- gagement later in the season. ' The Lady Eagles then reeled off three consecutive road victories, including a 72-63 win over Louisville in the Metro opener for both teams. After a 74-63 road loss to Cincinnati that evened their Metro record at 1-1, the Lady Eagles traveled to Starkville to face the revenge-minded Mississippi State team. Their plans fell by the wayside as USM took another three point win, 58-55, to sweep the series with MSU. The Lady Eagles slipped into a tailspin at this point, dropping three straight Metro games to Virginia Tech, Memphis State, and Florida State. Determined not to be written off this early in the season, USM then reeled off five straight victories, including three conference wins to even their Metro record at 4-4 and a victory over Hattiesburg rival William Carey. Virginia Tech brought the team back to earth by dealing USM a 76-65 loss, but they bounced right back with another five game winning streak, including another win over Carey to sweep that series and Metro victories over top ranked Memphis State and Florida State. ' South Carolina ended the Metro regular season on a down note for the Lady Eagles by inflicting a 61-46 de- feat on them. However, USM was able to bounce back and wrap up the regular season with a 95-72 shellacking of Jackson State. Any coach will tell you that a win, whether it is by two points or 22 is still a win. The Lady Eagles proved that by capturing the Metro Conference tournament title and the automatic NCAA bid that went with it with three straight two point victories-70-68 over Louisville, 74-72 in overtime over top seeded Memphis State and 68- 66 over South Carolina in the championship game to earn only the second NCAA bid in school history. Tennessee Tech brought an abrupt end the Lady Eagles' title dream and also to their season in the first round of the NCAA's by drubbing USM 78-66. The Lady Eagles finished what was considered by many to be a "rebuilding" year with a 21-9 record, a Metro championship and a berth in the NCAA playoffs. lf only rebuilding was so painless every time! -Raymond Reeves 198 Lady Eagles Basketball E -4 'I .. 4 I gr "' 1 X , I w., i 'SI' I - 4' .. . 3' l I f , , l S A I , y 5 5 1 --- V JR' l 4 5 . 1 -.1 I 3. K . 'T Q1 C al 4 X f K 'Mfr v ' Q' 55.0510 5 fl. Ui EA? 41..- i '44 EMBL! ' int' l jg if is 1 - 'cf' x L X ' xi-. Lady Eagles Basketball 199 Soccer 'Il it l.g iglmbs -QL-I if-I usb' YKQQ-gist,-.IXA in-can-n.. J 5 e90"5o 0- V' ' , w lvgurfr WG l t ...K -1 ':'v't"lfl'l 'ug I1 M i v n:q?k. --ty "UI '!f " 1 .. . Attracting crowds of over 300 people per game, the USM soccer team has become the number four spectator sport. The team has made a transition over the past years to become a balanced mixture of students from both the United States and other countries. The team offers a high level of playing as well as entertain- ment. The highpoint of the season was their win over Alabama. 200 Soccer 'D 's 4 lah.-I' z in . -aj fr . .. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. OJ' 4 4 ' - 12 14 19 28 3 10 19 24 31 2 9 16 'Q gf gg' . 'fy t p .12 1, -. .. vt .. , . ff, A' .. Jw ll.- 9 ..s.k.:,-SIS. 'lv-Q 5 William Carey College University of Alabama Mississippi State University Mississippi State University Mississippi College Belhaven Reserves Louisiana State University Loyola University Tulane University University of Mississippi Milsaps College University of Alabama A . A 4: ,gsm , . ,. ' . n g. B 'I' gazlirvl' -vi' "1 2't,"fl7l5f 5,431 W. ..Aid.a.,m, ..,.ilw.LE4 Z W . 4, 4. .,.,,Wv Q W I "Q-.-....,,-sun-...... ,- . K r 3? aug- lxfzrf' seezg 25 -wg 'LEM-T rf, , ft . . 9 ' ff.: 2: fw42r+f-- f"f--- '4 1 'I 'Ex O in Lf ? at ww 5:71 - tvQQ ,. Soccer 201 Y'- i I 5 f bf . C as Softball L K.. .lv 63.4.- ,4"'X -1- 3 .K -I My-1 Uo Q 0 Cleft to rightjz Joan Copeland-Assist. Coach Helen Grant-Head Coach Kim Owens Sandy Nowell Betsy Arcement Robin Whitaker Leigh Marerro Rhonda Williams Stephenie Moore Colleen Wagner Jill Vaughn Debbie Anderson Melissa Cart Jackie Fagan Debbie Knight Donna Swillie. no 049' i ,ig b sh . N vm., f '.x',fQ",g.mi...y' T Volleyball """'5" flh- 3' . ri yb Men s 8 Women s Swimming . I ffl Q ri . , 'L v. ..'. 1 ' IJ C y . , ' K .C it ' V t A I SIMM, U wi aww July z- A - Fflknly . ,W ' Nm, 0 . . -. 3 S I '-- 1 Q C 6 I Na' ' 4' H ' . x :, . Q, 0 .N I, . ' In sw 1 5 A Q' 6 ' N ' ' i f -. .' is' ' :'y.Nf, l 1 is ' ti tx, , All 5 V SHNN SU' ' E gxzthll fi I Xu N JN: W X -I Nlqvp ' X 5 V r Q l aj :Y 4 , ,Q .v ul' I it rt l f QQ, J s v , Q., . . Q, Q Q. ff . - T 10,3 'W'MM'Nk' A ,. gi- .if su :ummm 1 N su IMMINL zwlMMiN-' Smmunwc swwpwmf SW""M'Nl? SWWMN SWIMMING l f 1 X -- xl , ' I ij I . X 5 ' r f- - - ' r '55 f we T ' 'NH' ' xi I W x X 5. I x J ' vu uw gl L, ' l " S FL. St s 5 -- l ' ' . I C n I' l I t , .4 . A x L an . h . I," ' .41 B I, . , l . 7 SWIMIVIIN Row 1 Cleft to rightl: Steve Metzdorf, Keenan Carver, Todd Horndash, Jimmy Lagana, Trey Simmons, Jimmy Roberts, Keith Shannon, John Nelson, Bernie Giesen, Jeff Kinsella. Row 2, Vicky Rian, Leigh Currie, Francis Rodriguez, Mary Statts, Kathy Colson, Trish Tucker, Ashley Booth, Nancy Ryder, Amy Wells, Michelle Barnard, Jill Clark, Jamie Gardner, Terrie Geller ftrainerl. Row 35 John Shorog Diving Coach, Mark Bean, Donald Norris, Brad von Readed, Craig Coleman, John Sayles, Scott Prince, Neal Smith, Sean Burke, Peter Browne, Taupule losia, Scott Somerville. 5'lf' I 'Hr' - --er 1 'r' T"'..Vk ' Y A, - nv- 3 ' H K Cf, : ' .2 P I. 3, pry. A . I - 1'9" - ' "' ' ' .3 . ab' 44- .. -2-L 'SE .f 'tv ,, 1' .A-. - ffyf A ...i x 5- 9, ll I , 0' ylfpb' -. H.-,gqfl ' -141 H -I-n All b, , i f -Q . - 5.1.2 Y, ,br .. , T .47 H W2 .' --1:1 -'if-7-2-" 9 f ' . 4 ff --I -tht . , .. gi, , My will -. . .. -4 ,,,,.,m4f- S' A 204 Men's 8 Women's Swimming i F Iris, 4 s ! E llvb 921 92 .s, 1 P' I' Q fi 'im 1 u l'l "ff"W H.- . L . . . r . Q ,, I . -Q., .-,I Y f'--Q -. . -X., '.y, S fs, wwf X' . ,sire 1 H6 l , K . f qi ' 1 1 , , 5 - ,F ' Q 'mt .'.s,, X ' ".. in .-l"'f- 'Q s s yt. ,. ,514 ,e a V-4-Av. f.,K'i'j.'J" . , s Q if . , '1 i ,vm I-. I I S , 44-na 51 Q ' ...-..- ...--iii' The USM men's swim team finished the season in sixth place in the National Independent Conference Championship. The men's team had several accomplishments of which their head coach, Mike Giles, was very proud. They set 14 new school records, had 29 qualifiers for the finals as well as maintaining the highest G.P.A. on Campus 12705. Finishing out the season with a 7-8 record, the team had top finishers at the Metro Conference which included, Jimmy Roberts, Todd Horn- dash, Bernie Geison, and John Nelson. Jimmy Roberts, Bernie Geison, Tau losia, and John Sayles placed sixth in the men's 400 Free Relay and fifth in the men's 400 Medley Relay. The women's swim team, with their second year on LlSM's campus, finished the season with a 4-9 record. The lady Eagles also set 11 new school records for the year, and had 24 qualifiers for the finals in 1987. Among their accomplishments Coach Giles was especially proud of the women swimmers for having the highest team G.P.A. on campus f2.90J and for having the highest point total in the Metro as well as in the N.l.C. meet. Giles said, "that since the team is comprised of no seniors, all the members would return next year." Men's S Women's Swimming 205 'inn-92111, Men's Tennis - X- ' 4 -- -W .- Y - W , va-P41 'irq-S, 3 Q , . , 7: ...A well? J W - S ln J y Sl L. I l 1 4 53 X: -1: ktku. 'Q n ' 5 . l Bragg , gH1l Tatsuya lnose, Antonio Rezic, Gordon Waite, Russ Willis, .John Paul Kennedy, Sammy Kay, Buddy Newton, Johan Ericsson, Earnest Labee, Doc Harrington, Head Coach. With no Seniors on the team, this year has been a year of rebuilding for the men's tennis team. Under the leadership of Dr. Larry "Doc" Harrington, the USM Men's Tennis team finished out the season with an impressive mark of 15-7. The Eagles played in the Metro Conference Tournament as well as winning the Florida Invitational, and placing second in the LLS. Invitational Tournament. 206 Men's Tennis . Q ,. H", ' 4 ,' ' Q Q v '- 'i'-3' 1 ' 11' ,Vw qw V' ' 'pvxv 11 V"-"I U" lg' "ye 1' 'I ' ' 1 1-7, ' 0 'el ' 1 " vv I .JL I oss - 1 ' Qt . . 1 'Sinn . x , S -5 1 1 ' ' n ,. .5 '. 4 I. Y om! 1 9 I ' "s , U 1 Y I ,- Dua i09.:'..-- pn"r""""" Ae MY' Z' 4- ,.r"' ',,,4-4" A - -MA ,, ,, -- .0-uv I ff' ,V4vx' Q 'pf Men's Tennis 207 3 Women's Tennis . ' " A 8 I JS 55 ,f . x 1-fvsQ 1'.am! :xx . . T.-., - ' '- i I j . Q v 4 AQ? .ff A . f W- U if xv' , ' 1 .. we -2-is ' - - - . . . . . , . , - ' . . . - ,', . . K ' F' n . ' A I , x - I . . .. . - . - . . i f, ik ' ' . . 'N V , . . ' ' N 1 . me l ,Fil L .. ' I' 01 . , . f .,.,.,.. ' -,' , -,.,. 4 L' ,-.fstti , ..... .... A l ..,. ........ .-.....- ,u'1"" '.," J '."' - v""' ' ""' .V .uf ' 0 5" ..,.,. " .f--' , en .'-W--,,',j - .. .--,- V -"' alt 1 3 All'-I ..... . Y , ggi., 'LNB-as . zcmz, ji 'llliii X '- Jr' i ii Lf ,--4 -' -.. 5 .l 'f i i ' Xa-i Coach Laurie White, Chandler Montgomery, Jackie Jarell, Yvonne Wilson, Pam Perry, Laura Alexander, Heidi Robinson, Sara McCarlie, Wiz Hallaert. 208 Women's Tennis .un- ,,, ,.....f..-.1 ,- 4-1----.--A-sr ,.- .. ' ,.., H, Q-owrlott " so .J Q , W . .W .., xx ff? 4- Ea f I ,. Q0 I - ab' ,.,.... .partyp- fn W -1 'W' .,, .-Q-soma-ov m..auounw-s- hprww. --1-naw - ' '1 T ' 'EV ,,f.-rlffb . gag ,293 uf Y' n n :gunna Je-3 .A,-, 4' . ru n 'Q -x fav, Qi OC Qi '-'bb CLeft to flghtf Johnny Rachettl Voyed Couey Glen Hnatluk Mlke Clark Rlchard Walsh Gary March Jamle Sarmlento Coach Jlmmy Carpenter not pictured: Jeff Jennings Fe Mar Apr Apr May May 20 23 8 9 2 1719 1012 1416 b. - . -11 Mar. 13-15 . -1 Crosscountry ,:'i?',,'1f?', . J.. y ,. 2rf,-'fer W t, ' - ' x Win. A Q1 s 5 - 5.-' W . W' H Mfz'-:ia ,"iSs'3i5 -, J '-H'-aw J ' 4 FV' , sl., , -. ,V ,Eu ,Q W i 011 Y -.f5Y"""i -.M Row 1 Cleft to rightl: John Richmond, Matt Carpenter, Joe Lindsey, Morgan McCarty. Row 2 Mark Lucas, Chad Dufrene, Jerry Dendinger, Kris King. M f ms N-V1 ff 'W Row 1 fleft to rightl: Michelle McRaney, Mary Newsome, Melanie Roberts, Paula Rugh. Row 2 Robert Griffin, Chad Dufrene, Jerry Dendinger, Robert King, Joe Lindsey, George Mickens, Victor Williams, Don Garrett, Mark Moore. Row 3 , Douglas Knight, Dwayne Packer, Lawerence Rucker, Robert Johnson, John Boepple, Shawn Leland, Ervin Harville, Everett Brown, Fredrick Toplin. Not Pictured: Coach Marshall Bell. CrosscountryfTrack 21 l .I Golden Eagle Baseball l A , nf 'Tug -.-, Q Tflg in ' :itil 3- I 6 Kg bisi Q, 15 2 M A' 4 , J f T ,I ' V' T T 5 T T Y Q. 7:59 W' ' "l'v' - Q I V t 1,5 , A1529 .swjjfiwv Q- ' Dggipb lS,m:f i 1r3M C I xi fw fjib-' EAW 5 P-ju ' 2,04 it u law 'J fx, ,. x V V I X! Q Ju.U'e " V 1- -' CAS' bg-'49 "- -f..4' , 'X '., " .11 , - -1: -'ft-'T' ."'wn-"QTY ' - - if A-iff" - V 1. . -U. '-'..4x- ' -- " .aw A A fx., ...,', ll , , .A lllivbf- 3- .1 .JI it . , L5--f!..,y,g.,, I., ., -.vif-.-bln: Row 1 Cleft to rightj: J.P. Weigand, Manager, John Migliore, Shawn Smith, Mike Moreland, Sylvester Love, Jay Thompson, Russell Fleming, Bruce Clanton, John Gessner, Todd Miller, Hector Palacios, Wendell Cole, Walker Runnels, Manager. Row 23 Charlie Bray, Assist. Coach, Jack Duggan, Clay Jones, Mike Davis, Kevin Karlin, Mac Duncan, Robbie Key, Darrin Nixon, Kenny Graves, Chris Wagner, Hill Denson, Head Coach. Row 3, Chris Boyle-Assist. Coach, Darrell Lindsey, Chuck Shive, Todd Mann, Brian Cronk, Fred LaGrove, Duane Ross, Marshall Oliver, Doug T Cronk, Alan Gaudet, Fred Cooley, Doug Lambeth-Assist. Coach. T lo l ,V .,. 'ffm-Wi'-A ,--. ' .2-,f-f'f'.-,'P'li"' 6. ' -"F "J, , gp 'N' 4. . . 4 , fl I -I , . -.. .i Ju' I 1 a!,..:7.2'A',.. S f +4 .---f"""' 5. X R .. - f , 'E I 'Q . ' 0 The Golden Eagles continued their improving ways in 1987, as USM possessed a 20-26 record as this went to press. ln comparisomafterl 46-games last season the Golden Eagles were 23-23. Coach Hill Denson's squad awaited the beginning of the season with optimism after posting a 31-30 record last year. West Florida and Spring Hill brought them back down to earth by pinning consecutive one-run losses on them to start the season for the next four games to even their record at 3-3. A loss at Livingston sent the Golden Eagles to Tallahassee to faceyhighly ranked Florida State in a three game Metro series. The Seminoles took the first two games, but Stacy Cameron led the 'Golden Eagles to an 11-8 upset in the third game. ' A A-loss at-South Alabama ended the six game road trip by the Golden Eagles and set USM's record at 4-7, but a visit by Southeastern Louisiana to Pete .Taylor Park snapped the Golden Eagles back into their winning ways. USM sent SLU back to Hammond after inflicting a 22-2 beating on the Lions. A four game road trip followed soon thereafter, a sweep of Arkansas-Little Rock2and a split with Northeast Louisiana set the USM record at 10-9. The Golden Eagles dropped ta contest with South Alabama to put their record back at .500, but a four game win streak, culminated by a 3-1 victory over number one ranked Florida State pushed it to 14-10. The Seminoles took the next two games by slim margins, but USM rebounded with five straight victories, including a 12-11 win over Alabama in Tuscaloosa. V 4 'USM faced always tough Southern California in the first round of the South Alabama tournament, and lost a heartbreak- ing 1-O decision. The Golden Eagles dropped two of three Metro games at Memphis State before coming home and splitting at two game series with Alcorn State. ' A-visit to Mississippi College turned out to be rather profitable for the Golden Eagles, as they ran off a 16-2 victory. They then took two of three from Memphis State in their visit to Hattiesburg to put their record at 24-17. USM spent Easter week- end in New Orleans, after dropping a doubleheader to Tulane, the Golden Eagles knocked off eight ranked UNO at Privateer Park. Northeast Louisiana invaded Taylor Park for a two game series, and left Hattiesburg with a split to run USM's record to 26-20. - it Raymond Reeves Baseball 213 is ' 1 ". 14-2 ' L 'Ns 214 Baseball 0 69 E 4' 01 jx, 'i-jLfb"'N..., .-Q5-CV 'Q-'4, 1i s Q K 'f-.-ie' X "+G-' ': "Y ' A ...1-- L , 3 . mi 'A qxl.. ix ,w7' Q!! ff 5. Qu' x L-JP' Xxx -W 1644 Y if 1 L-sgii' 514' fy fi' v8 S' .i,R K ,jx fr r- be duff va, www ww '5',... va, , wut- -v 3' ' dl -'1A,,,,.Avl 'TQ q,,gq,.q5rg.m-vu. ... .pubss :virus fx All uf 'C' 'N 40' A 9 J F A fri' hfpvv. 1 4- A-'nd' ,oe 0 J . fhf I P If 44- fafi - ... ' 'r'.",r' ' :" 41' N- ' .0 v 4' V Q.. H M,- --fiz,-, 0 y ' I 4 fi'xs14"?.8f3'r: 9 .. "H ':f"H'1" '.- .4 .4 .LZQLJ t sa 4. -Q t 4 - .I Q -it I. . 2.2 .. 1 X. ,I ,gd '33, A jgxpr, , auf-.QTNQ QD B 'ix 'H 4 Ma . 'A' I Baseball 215 ..--11 ...A wmnme coMBmA1'lom I3 HYAN 'wk J :vice .. I4-Qu l,'f g- -' 4 A , . 5 ,T . XA1.. 74, . -. ..f, , . Q45-W. .. i,.v x-Q-92. I I I sf' . Q , . , V- 9-x - . . .1 ,.i 'f' 'W'-" ' ' 'anyway - '31 jx ' ' ' ','.,z-Qwfmfint A 1 "M ' '33- , ' 'A -,I A ' . N N .C Y' ,' ' " 1'-ff'53""1A .4 1 V, ' ' 'Ni 'fl - .- , . . v .l?g4fwfpM'L'k' ' ,'.wiQ1gZ.e 3, fig- - ,, .y.,9g.u.1" I .V , - -. -. fv.-s ,..- .- -f - .. , . ,- - . ' - A ,lfv ,,-. .-fi' .IQ- .afar- ,. 49" ,.-, Q. 43 A .. , - ,.-" . -9 M.-st'!f.'5.. f I Y rj- 216 Baseball -Jun--A Ni .n 7 0? N?" ,J A 1 ,W w.. 4' ,'-,.. ' 5 ,M , Nh. F 1, . 1 I 5 ! 0 Y 1 I h.. , f XX -f..-4. Diamond Darlings Juniors 8 Seniors D... 'FY s"- 'IN x vlpjj s, 1-X -as 2, 45" Q'79 r....,..'9-.. Q.- - . . ,.. 'lr 'ii' J QQ 4122? . it , A . I . 1 Q 3.135 .g l Y7.' z, in i if -X Ei gig. '- . . . i'24't"1 'I Freshman E3 Sophomores 00 571 3 A ,f Pu- fk-yh,f,g'jf,1.f,' Qqitjfvi 'k, Jr, Q -I .I I- .Tip Vx ,, vi' 'i A W ' Q ' ., ,, 1 Vi - X - I 'I . -N . 1 gfg'-I ,4,.-' - . Ma- x . . 6 . , . 1, . , - ' , V ' "' Qi' , .- fh' 14 - -1 -, ua , '-'.' ' ,X ,- .- ' ,.f.i, L -,' -I s- ..' . ,,. " K if or-f?f..' . '- :wt -I ff - -"IG, 1- :ww - ff.-'fi wi -..'f-"af',wf'w-'S'mf - ' A . , . , , , Q . . .1 ymgx 4-li., tp,-. lv N ,. gf Hx' ' t- - p . L .a na . . D As N . . .sm . : i - . . . - . A - ' . ' P . .1 tk' ' xv. - .. '- ' - ' Row 1 fleft to rightl: Tanna Prassel, Dena O'Bannon, Dawn Welch, Elizabeth Bush, Sondra Love-Co- Captain, Jill Brady, Jennifer Hold- er. Row 2: Ginger Hoover, Pamela Berger, Mally Hayes, Reanae Per- kins, Page Smith. Row 1 fleft to rightl: Kecia Pace, Melissa Lee, Wendy Barrett, Kim Backel, Kim Ciano, Tammy Ander- son, Dee Dee Patterson, Sabrina Herring, Patti Guercio. Row 2: Deb- bie Willoughby, Melody Withers, Ashley Rich, Melanie Yeatman, Elizabeth Walters, Kristy Hatem, Michelle Moss-Co-Captain, Tara Dyess, Reachell Johnson, Lynn Smith, Sheila Havard, Dona Hutto, Donna Hardin. Diamond Darlings 217 Football Cheerleaders l ,JV , ,.. . - .f. , ,-, . Y,-' V - 4- fy, V - . -,. ,,. I ' . - Y ,. 'ii' - '!"'.!.'f '-',','fl" " ' "-T TQT, 'YC' - l Q -'v'T:'if:'3' 1' I .'i -'le' :1-4:-'Lf .'-i-?f'T1f'S',5 I-S .' 4 lu" st- l " 'gif ' ' . 1' g 1 ,":-- - .4,v f g.- - i E , M ' , . -elf 1- k . ,- Ji' tiger- ' ' ' -:ff , A , M, X. , Y vw- Lg?-Viz' fl ' I. V . VJ- .Vg-. lv A I , ffm" 'll .uw Q45 X' 21 Q. 51- A G qs. A E qu: 5 'Wa as-O kat-llllll"lll .li JI 'L . ... . ...- ,sf , .. ., ni 7 . '. .4-,M K 5,2-Jilveug, .4 A, Q . f - -I ' 'Pl Row l: Todd Buchannon Row 2: Gina Redundo, Kristi Fairley, Polly Martin, Sonya White, Bridget Horn, Penny Wise. Row 3: Larry Bellipani, Kelly Herrington, Lance Cooper, Russ Yacket, David Caevas, Billy Smith. Not pictured: Benji Barham-Mascot. ' 7 ' , 4l. 218 Football Cheerleaders ,.- 5 yr' O CUM' PE 1 ' v-.. - . A .1 IN - ,Q Q I Sv Q,-11. , 4- " 4' A . 55.57, If f J .Q ,I , rm . .- xr!! 3 1 .z - I S 77' 2 5 , fl K ' Ni 5 ,V ., , A . 34 ' 'I' ' A 'T fb Football Cheerleaders 219 Men s Basketball Cheerleaders lst Couple Betsy Browne Todd Buchanan 2nd Couple Penny Wise Billy Smith 3rd Couple April Maddox Mike Hillman 4th Couple Dayna Stagg David Cuevas 5th Couple Gina Redondo Jack McGill Mascot Benji Barham 220 Mens Basketball Cheerleaders li Q . fr, .QD rx J' C? 7 I Women s Basketball Cheerleaders EQ :.'f"-,rf-Ztfsgf, Q Row 1: Cyndi Bryars. Row 2: Tanya Serio, Cynthia Dickinson, Becky Smith, Michelle McCall. 222 Wornen's Basketball Cheerleaders 1986-87 Intramurals 1-,-j-7--w------V "ZL- !,.N:lf...,,,,N mkgili, L , , A,. W .. , . f W ff l..f'?' 'tif' ' ' 'VII . v ga vu , --Jil' 1 X If ' . , I gi, '....!. 'al ..- ,,-fl I .. ' M ' 'W gk 'r s'Q, I: A 1 'ft' . . 1.2 Y ' A arf . P 'ff 0 9 ,' ,Q I In 1 A ' 4' - , rU"'A U- A- . 'V W, ' ' 1 1 , W . " ' N. Q' 31+ ' .I ,g , +' - 1 4 . Q -- . , , ,M ,- N , , . ,-7 a, ,., a U , u no ALCAJU U ' ,-4'v'.'y: . 4, , V . I . 'ff' rf- an - 5 ,' , , Wg, . . " e A , 'r , ,ff 3' . ,, . y . . 'M' .J ,,, , . -'1 Intramurals 1986- 1987 lntramural ,045 . x I' I 1 VY' -I X. - 'ol I V I 040 - .Q4-Q--- , -f4-.4"-.1'-..3-.-..- - UD. vw V .h J 224 Intramurals I J 5. u f' lv ? ""'T' 'x ri? ll 'W Bowling Men: Buds Women: Alpha Sigma Alpha CoRec: Buds Flag Football Men: Possum Pi Women: lDK CoRec: Phi Mu Big Brothers Volleyball Men: Phi Kappa Tau Women: Skorchers CoRec: Dream Dragons Scottish Golf Men: CaseyfLeffingwell Tennis Singles Men: White, McCarty, Schott, and Collins Women: Atwood Floor Hockey Men: Sigma Nu Tennis Doubles Men: LafLimpaphayon Women: LandryfLathrop Racquetball Men: Jones, Lincoln Women: Gauthier Halfcourt Basketball Men: Wrecking Crew, Lethargic Dolts, Hoopsters Women: Skorchers Sports Champions ll Llltimate Frisbee Men: Phi Kappa Tau Women: IDK Water Polo CoRec: Rec Majors Turkey Trot Men: Herring Women: Irgram Weightlifting Men: Presley, Gillott, Thomas, McDonald, Dillion r Basketball ' Men: Dream Team, Nasty Bunch, Sigma Chi . Women: Black Gold . CoRec: sigma ChifChi o Sports Trivia " Men: Bud Soccer Men: Malaysians Water Basketball CoRec: Air Force ROTC Putt Putt Golf Men: Creel Women: Windham CoRec: SmithfClifton Frisbee Golf Men: Blue Easter Run Men: Herring Women: Dufrene Wiffle Ball Men: Sigma Chi A, U Swim Meet if Men Sigma Nu Softball Men: Sigma Chi, Coast TNT Women: Skorchers 'X Ox, 0 0' Y -ati F 'W X, wf I I J C' 226 Clubs L I I 5 I I X I z I P i w N Y l 5 41 THE YOU G S RESTLESS 44'---Q v",' -'Q f .5 1 5 ' N I , N 1 5 I' -QD K 0' O,'- --- Q' if 5 ' Q' .5 I Q Q I Q. 5 1 0 5 ' 5 .5 I , O ,l. O o ,Q 2 Q,, Clubs 227 Il' - 5 -' A W7 A A 3 le Q. '.. Oo.. O. O O O O Q O O 'Q 'Q 'Q 'Q 'Q O. I. ss O.. og. Q 'Q ." f OO. ..q. 1. Q.. 0 . 5 5 , .Q 5 s 9 ', S , Ox. s O QQ, ,is so, O S Q 0. x S Ss Q S K S S Q S S S S S Q S S S S 5 S O. -5 . S . S . O . Q Q ', O O 5 Q ', 9 Q 0 S O 5. O. 5 0 5 5 Q 5 O 5 , OO ' . , '0 'O Q, Q 0 O 0 O ,I - . F , u The Pride Band Director-Dr. Tom Fraschillo Graduate Asst.-Jeff Kuntz Co-ordinator of Flag and Rifle Corps-Gary Adam Drum Majors-Wes Cameron, Mahammed Schumann ,' ., x , ' Q v A R' 14 UQ . lg X - -,"., " . ' in H. 'Q D. kai? N 5 si sv ' .0 ..A- min.. v W . fl W' l,J,','7 1 'if 1 in-K -ggi' Pres.-Mike Bass, Vice-Pres.-Rodney Hamil- ton, Sec.fTreas.-Marcia Kaufman, Sr. Rep.-Marsha Anderson, Jr. Rep.--Rhonda Franklin, So. Rep.-Scotty Bates, Fr. Rep.- Clifton Taylor. V 1 V, if r ' A . 7,1 . L i , - ' ' . '. I 'O I ' ' -- . J C ,. ff AUM: I . -h 25,1 Y " '. gf. .gd 228 The Pride FK ffi 1' WW. ., .JJ 1 V, .- -:im QQ . .I sims' .La I ,,..- -' I .gg Q.. S-t M-a 1 . , 0 Y v ' Q N'-nl Ns. 'I 1 4 1 'w Y 0 'r 'Q .4 LJ Ja ' ,.- I 1 f 7 " I ""'-f "Em N ' Y-'WFNVT5' ' ' gk. 1241 qilx Q 5 r- 4 U. asia.:-iaqrluf-nrf9'H'nf-vain.. L A' P- " if gf . 'hu 1 gi ff-,,,,, Q Qgiwf-ou v'l I 11, MM . ., 2 fa VP f ,, fe. iv! ,lfi If ,Q 1,3 ., gig.: mf-75? at .1 b . QQ- 'd Q il 'lx - yr, . effvl fl! an , J A 'ah K 1 1 f' at ,ivy YW 4i c-'Q The Pride 229 ,, wM"Y" 1 W ni 'WD ,vu 4 v, A A .uh W.. MU I uc' 9 M! ' f 'few Ji 1 1 I ' 1 f" .' ' r ' 1' ' : . 7' . ' 1. I -' 2 'Y . - , s -. . . . , . I 1:-f, " f ' J' N' L. A U , H- v 1 ' ' A ' , ' , .A Q, . ' ' " - ,U 'Q ' . - 1 ' ,' 'f I. v rj .Q ., - - . ' Q 5, V 1 1 .,. . , ,,. 1, - . f ' ' - f, x Av- I Ip, . . .v .A , 1 ,, , .. ,:, V ' ' in 4 at , M - - fn . A 1' 3 ' ,. , W' I . - - A 1 l J.. ,,,r,v.. . 1- ,1 ,- .71 1 , 4, if ,a'- 1, i,, "4 ' lffn --f. 'A, "' ' S'.1.3,w. f ful". 'fb y' ' 1 ,Ia ..- ' 'r . 1 g., A l A I ' ' fa A ' '. . ' -fp" '9 -f 'Y' 'V Q' ' 9" lw"f'1 .' . " 77 kv f htm - 4 U ,, 4, 1 .np .., . I, ,Fl y.-,aff-5 ,, 1 2 o'4f-4 ,' 'aw '-'- ,x ff - ., 1' ' J-f , ,- . , , . , , .' -- '- . ----S. 3 ill, 1 an ,. ' 4' J", Z In .V T44 ' 'js 1 MQ" ,f" K' . fl -4 ' " '. "dn tr A ' ' 'sf'-. r 1' 6 ' .:"5'L Jai'-' , .' "3 - t L , .ttf ' -4 1' J ' ' "'f. L' A ' ,, X Q1 ' ', Y '-'wt 'xi' 'W' :ASQ .vi I 3 mil' Quay' -an ,,. 01'-lv ' .-E' 'M ,, x A.-" few 4 R41 Row 1: Kerri Mordica, Lisa Gaudet, DeeDee Paterson, Melony Tribble, Kristi Hudnall, Connie Hollingswroth, Reba Seals, Dee- Dee Maisel, Beckie Stock, Cynthia ?, Ellen ?, Stephanie Mobley, Jackie Lane. Row 2: Melissa Bario, Frances Rath, Connie Stock- still, Amanda ?, Sally Dees, Bridget Wise, Suzanne Allen, Susie Sanders, Julie McDonald, Stacey Graves, Judy P, Stephanie ?, ? Schillinger. Row 3: Suzanne Lumpkin, Marie Gully, Tracy Ott, Leslie Cocran, Scarlet Vogt, no name, Pam Puckett, Delane Taylor, Holly Hasty, Terri Ducarpe, Patricia Purser, Jeanene Purser, Paula Watford, Ruth Leggett. Row 4: Eagle Mascot, Lynne Smith, Linda ?, Lori Dear, Kim Harrington, Shawna Quarnstrom, Lisa Anderson, Stephanie Simnicht, no name, no name, no name, Vicki ?, Missy Conaway, Mrs. Quarnstrom. Dixie Darlings 231 gh flffjl'-47 Row l: Kathy Sullivan, Stephanie Webb-Co-Capt., Gina Priest-Capt., Krystal Massey, Debbie Escher, Ja- nice Doaty. Row 2: Michelle Elliott- Student Adv., Karen Loftin, Kathy Lecky, Tracy Hinton, Susan Parrott, Michelle McAdams, Sharon Sims, Ve- ronica Vazquez, Laura Hammond, Becky Askew-Adv. Not Pictured: Tammy Anderson. Row 1 Sharon Hartgraves Holly Herrington Karen Wind ham Row 2 Kim McNair Stacey Moak Linda Jones Tara Aust Kim Sanford Tammy Gros 232 Southern MissesfEaglettes SOUTHERN MISSES EAGLETTES J! 'i F' 'hx 'aff' gff ...L STUDENT PRINTZ F- ,.. 0' '1' il i JN 'fd I' QQ Student Printz Editorial Staff Rowl Karen Freeman Copy Editor Vicki Avery Copy Editor Kimberly Laub Asst News Editor Connie Harvey-Sports Editor Row2 Mike Jones Copy Editor Chris Gilmer Exec Editor Keith Gaskin Photo Editor Sam Hughes-Managing Editor Not Pictured Tammy Petro Features Editor Curt Morse Advertising Editor STUDENT PRINTZ ' Q my Student Printz Staff Row 1' Rick Hammond Stacey Reid Melissa Lewis Jennifer Morrison. Row 2: Claire Gerald Kendall Varnell Philip Traill Debbie Odom Sherell Swanier Raymond Reeves. l Student Printz 233 r' 'I L: T 4 Q A 4. i ig 'Q' 1 ' M 1 , , I X -Q ' .1 ' da 'f .7 Zi 5 P l 1 C A I 8 ' I l 5 ' n , , y 2 , J T 5 . 2. 6 , f ' K a E T .7 5 r 2 W" 1 ' ' l U " x 1 ' . 5 X T ng 11 if Q' ' .0 -' , 5 gy Nl fs ' M t 1 Q 5 .4 i K' C " JE: I. .Y ol i my 1 i . J I' W ' if , ? 1 3 , if p r I Q' X i 5' T ,f , ' !' . Q if l A I X i U l Cf' Southern Exposure W-:TTIYHI ' In I l I lfv :W X' rr ' nv ' 7,-p ' Row 1: Scott Slay, Alesia Phillips, Stacey Snowden, Brad Cundiff. Row 2: Craig Stevens, Sissy Sharp, Lana Larson, Ben Preston, Charles Thomas, Kim Pope, Amy Jackson, Mark Russell. Pictured right: Robert Johnson-drums, William Gebhart- bass guitar, Timothy Breland-Director, Roger Gamber- guitar. l 234 Southern Exposure ,si- The USM traveling, song-and-dance group, "Southern Exposure," celebrated their 10th season on the road during the 1986-87 school year. The group is produced and sponsored by the USM Public Relations office and travels throughout the deep South performing for conventions, trade shows, high schools, ju- nior colleges, or any other place an audi- ence can be found. This year's 75 minute show entitled, "Let's Get Excited", includes some of the best of all types of popular music, includ- ing: pop-rock, country, Broadway, gospel, etc. The performance is accented with the high-energy, fast-paced, choreography of group choreographer Nancy Wingo-Caffey. Southern Exposure is composed of USM students chosen in open auditions in the fall of each year. Members of the group come from many different majors within the uni- versity and therefore really represent the USM student body as a whole. USM Public Relations Southern Exposure 235 UNIVERSITY ACTIVITIES CGLINCIL f' .I . - flfgtq 'Q' . , ' k, , F ' 'L 1 , , .. ' ' -5ffQ5'1't " . 1 -- A . T V I ' 'V M' .- 1 , I L . L 1 ' ,Q I V W . - ...H l' A' A Q, el' 'ir , 5 4.. " ' ' , l Q 'ey , , . " I l - 'R J- 1 :rig II' 19 l I I ? gg, if g , h I ' y j QQ 8 Q' f '-f ' . fu W ,J "K, ' I f ' ! , C' A I A . , S I ' g I ' of I I 1 A 0 1 Row 1: Thad Carr, Carlin Wolfe, Alice Fish, Polly Goins, Lajuanzo Davis, Linda Lyles, Kim Green, Becky Wright, Rick Hammond, Barbie Sulivan, Carol Clifton-Advertising Chairperson, Tony Smith. Row 2: Pam Randall, Rinny Woodruff, Randy Kwan, Claude E. Garmon Jr. Ill, Wendy Gordon, Tammy Gremillion, Hayward Guenard-Variety Chairperson, Honey Newcomb, Kelly Coleman, Michelle Holden, Angel Moran, Andy Gunkel. Row 3: Hallie Moore, Lara Toye, Chante Ravesies, Michael Austin, Sonya Fountain, Jerry Thomas, Ashley Farron, Misty Herrin, Rena Nance, Millicent Brann, Denny Atkin, Hugh Molotsi. Row 4: Glenn Swartzfager, Tweety, Cathy Forster, Vince Cowan-Music Chairperson, Scott Somerville, Adam Proctor, Paul Rester, Victor Bailey-President. 236 University Activities Council UNIVERSITY ACTIVITIES CGUNCIL OFFICERS or f" Row 1 Davld Sears Secretary Carol Cllfton Advertlsrng Chairperson Row 2 Hayward Guenard Varlety Chalrperson Victor Barley President Vlncent Cowan Music Chalrperson UNIVERSITY ACTIVITIES COUNCIL MUSIC COMMITTEE Row 1 Hugh Molotsl Polly Golns Vlnce Cowan Muslc Chairman Tammy Gremllllon Carlin Wolfe Thad Carr Row 2 Mlke Austln Mlsty Herrln Paul Restln Sonya Foun taln Chante Ravesles Tony Smlth Rrck Hammond Row 3 Hallie Moore Glenn Swartzfager Unlverslty Actlvltles Council 237 I 4 .- " f 'cj , 'f 1 A " K ,:',,,' ,Z,V,"', I 1 x U . he h h SQ .ui XZ 0 I y ' ' l ,Z I, . 1 A, 1.3 my A kb : , - Y . - .. . . I - . . , . . - . , . - , , A I 1 Z ., . , . - . Y 1 1 fl I I . . , . . , . , i . ' t I 1 D 1 . v I ' '- - : ' , . 4 mxwy? Q . I xJ vi' , r' at I - ,S LIAC ADVERTISING COMMITTEE Row I Allce Flsh Barbie Sullivan Linda Lyles Carol Clifton Advertlslng Chairperson M chelle Holden Angel Moran Rena Nance Row 2 Lara Toye Cathy Forster Tony Smlth Claude E Gar mon Sonya Fountain Make Austin Rlnny Woodruff L 2 +1 l. LIAC VARIETY COMMITTEE Row 1 Jerry Thomas Honey New comb Hayward Guenard Varlety Chairperson Kim Green Denny Atkins Row 2 Becky Wright Mllllcent Brann Wendy Gordon Row 3 Pam Randall Andrew Gunkel Ashley Farron John Curtis Lajunzo Davis Randy Kwan ig I . . ' . . ' I , l' 4 I I Us' , 3 , , , .. 1 I I ' . g . A fx- Q , jf. ,Vt R - f , ' . . X.-J ' ' ' -' 4 I .G+ ' 1 ' . I I I TY I X , f ' 1 I X ,J QL I I I , ' y 1 Q , I P- A ' . - - - 1, Q -55 ., . , ,M I .A , . X I Z , , L4 4 , ' 1 , X . . X L X , . . v l x I' 'W I Q . I , ' I I 'A , , I' 1 ' L ' 238 UAC SOUTHERN STYLE USM 1 CLUB Row 1: Row 2: Erin Chapman Theresa Ran- kin Jennifer Gollott Tammy Baker Kay Eckert Cindy Simpson. Lisa Collins Ted Fortenberry Jim Farmer Jeff Barrett Stan Buckley Charlie Hender- son Cory Curtis Brian Fugler Vincent Forte Missy Smith. 0 '54 '79 .JI 1" l A Sr Southern StylefLlSM 1 Club 239 RESIDENT ASSISTANTS . . 4 f ,, qw y N Q 4 i Q- si l f + f , , . ' + A' , ,lg N N i 4 xx 1 R y , X xx 'Y ' -Q yt T rs al ft x ' I ' i" W ' T I t I 4 I 1 1 I - 5 f, W I N s-iz K , , n l ' 'f - 4 2 Row l: Adriane Jones, Stephanie Reed, Robin V ' Toney, Helen Reynolds-R.A., Charlotte Wise, E J. -...-.., M- .,, s Mona Chambers, Yvonne Rivard, Chantel Nel- T u--I -- son, Yolanda Washington, Tammy Cavley, Lori Q',rjjifjgifjiigiff-?QfIE: 1------w -- ,, , Wilson, Debbie Monohon, Jean Webb, Ren I T y 1 Kolka, Deborah Terry, Kimberly Patterson, A! -5253TfIEf:Z.1f5?j:M..:-QIEEZEZEQ 'E 'I 'M ' J , T , Dephne Dykes. Row 2: Kim Rishner, Carla E-ET:1.fLEIEIEZEIEfEIi'IEE:E:? l 1 T Ilguxgrvwm' , N", I, TWH' Moak, Jan Turner-R.A., Natasha Gomez- g'Z5'2'Q?17".f"'?fZ?Q-'L:Eg . ,N 1 W 1 "' 5 l , I R.A., Sherry Linigrin-R.A., Winifred Chap- i'al'a,l'T-3115! "1" ,H 5 1 ? w' :,l.1 ? X A I H man-R.A., Sharon Bond-R.A., Drena Q ,, ' v-' A ,H ' it N n ,, .' 'iz T7 ,,'.. , nz ll - Burch-R.A., Shannon Anderson, Shannon 5. 'X ra , ,lg J 9 G 5 Cauthen,Dorothy Reynolds, GracieJones, Les- 5 ' 3 I-E U " AV F .1 'Y Ia ' - in IieWard,Carmen HlIl,TaraLangston, Suzanne . W 311, ' w V 5 UT' lj Lee, Robin Boon, Dana Crenshaw, Jill Vaughn, H fb, W Q , E 4 - - i QW?R U - . Gloria Hill. Row 31 Doreen ciesiel-Head RA., - ' 'Qi - ' S DH., ' Tammy Jo Dempsey, Mary Lundy, Teresa " Hull, Dawn Herring, Sandra Culumber, La Shawn Speed, Alisia Adams, Jennifer Sigrest, Donna Cowan, Vanessa Smith, Tonnl Camp- Q , fl- bell, Christy Jackson, Monica Dukes, Natalie t s Taylor, Lillian Thompson, Monique Brooks, Chrystal Rodolfich, Melonie Roberts, Anita -s,,,.," f Thigpen, Rhonda Maberry, Dawna Ryman, ' Nancy Haines, Patricia Richardson. Row 4: Maureen Goretski, Michelle Sanders, Julie Middlebusher, Diane Goretski, Monica Gor- etski. 240 Resident AssistantsfHiIlcrest Hall HICKMAN HALL ., 'K h-.,,,- a5'..m wiki mea: X if ' 'Lf USSR? 4? 4, n. I " H' " " 1 i-41-.-. f--- - .- -- SCOTT HALL ' 1 11 ' 1 -S .v e . ' W ni .N H ,, A ul.,- 6: , as , I v 'V V' x ' ' ' Q -35.-' ,fku . u ' X 4 'N ,' I .f,!,Qq. xx , , ,. " Lain! ' xy? I -. K fx v'f:i1.' A V I -f 3 J :'. ,A J f A ..,,N N, ,. , Jr .. Y "vfV'.Y ' Y ' 3 I--" X. ' . x-AV l gvx '.. V It .v f wg' , '- L , .L . 3 M.. ,K . ,.. . 9 W X 5. I ' - .5 Hickman HalIfScott Hall 241 Row lr Angela Lee, no name, Richard Hickman, DeeDee Grant, Kenneth Johnson, Theresa Odowd, Steve Stanford, Minako Smith Vanessa Patel, Billy Ross, John Kinderg. Row 2: John Miller, John Davis, Pat McCarron Jan Rich, Bill Allen, Jerry Chambers, Susie Camp- bell, Traci Bull, John Taranto. Row 3: Doug Knigge, Jean Seay, Jennifer Lewis Amy Crowe, Mitchell Byrd, John Sepe, Napoleon Kelly, Randy Jones, Mel Carlock, Ricky Jones Mike Weisenberler, Mike Impey Frank Schiavo, Eddie Crump Pam Cantrell. Row 4: Greg Hall, Jerome Smith Pete Harvey Vernon Johnson Ill Clyde Kelly Bennie Haynes Mar- vin Barnes, Greg Walker Willie Smith Ruben Haynes. Row l Allen Shirley Marty Fitts Jim Hender son Mathew Race Malcolm Johnson Kevin Olesen Res Asst Robert Smith Doug Hert Intramurals Chairman Philip Traill Treas Scott Slay VlcePres Todd Dean Pres BengieTurnager Sec Ron Hancock Public Relations Chairman John Palmerton Social Chairman Mark Payne Buddy Craw ford Raymond Hamilton Louis Daniel Ste phen Bittick Advisor 242 BoltonfElam Arms BOLTO HALL I f V H,-L,, Y X A f' Fx A I. h ELAM ARMS P g.'.4... nn. 795-5' gf 1 guy A ' -'. li sly'- .lb RHA OFFICERS J' 0,06 Y' 4 Q x ff F I 13,,.,,,,. Row 1 Steven Doorhees Talsa Varnado no name Karen Lalar Robln Kung Amelrta Roberts Chlqulta Moore Beth McCoy Brenda Rlchardson 'M 9 u I . , 4- K, . " , as Y 4 if I ' ., X' 7' I5 l 'u . 7 r i . ' ' 2' n X I X 'I Q I", ." L A 3 1 1 M'--xr" '--ii' i " , 5813? 1 , y 'A . 'f G, ff' . A ,ra ,f, 9 5 n - r., '. ' ""' ' ' 1 , , Q . 5 , A, - fzyff, at r, , I 'A' , .1 - rr r 14 K. 9 . , gi -.Qt r .2 LN 3, ' A- H 1 lik! ,.-I A mv. 'Ps MB I U ' ,. .. gl, . in A 3 , xr , V .' ,' 'GLA r b r . 1 ' - V , D2 ,,,, h A, nj ' ,,- I-' K I 'rip' r r f g -N '. ' Y - E' ', f x ' fir . Q - . " 3 I ' ' ' . -r Vi' - , 'O ,ff I 11" 'Q ' ' I ' 6 A u r 1 ff' e + 1 ff .Ar . II RHA 243 Row l Lleft to rightiz Twila Williams, Georgia Jackson, Renee Bardwell, Treva Lowery, Kim Sutton, Ellen Fer- rell-sec., Cathy Steen-pres., Patri- cia Armstrong-Pres., Mona O'Ban- non-Treas., Dawn Welch, Hope Howell Nancy Donovan Jackie Stu- pica Sabrina Piernas. Row 2 Qleft to righti: Denise Lambert Stacey Wel- born Cheri Sullivan Cissy Baskin Gwen Serpas Stephanie Boykins Shelia Garland Lisa Armstrong Christi Schexnayder Jennifer Quayle Chiquita Moore Monique Brooks Lynne Bostick. Row 3 fleft to rightl: Pamela Burger Frances Pick- ens Monica Patterson Veronica Ho - sett Laurie Mullis Helen Brewton Rosie Barnes Orlanda Barnes Melis- sa Hudson Angelia Rice Samantha Tewes Yolanda Holmes Beth Queen. Not Pictured: Melinda McCarty. GOLDEN GIRLS N.. .. .. ,. lai- AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION AMA OFFICERS Co Advisors Dr William F Schoell Ms Dolly Loyd President Randall Amason Execu tive Vice President Lisa Collins VP of Finance Jimmy Smith VP of Membership Mike Atteberry VP of Fundraising Beth Compton VP of Social Charlie Hewes VP of Chap ter News Jan Rich VP of Advertis ing Lee Ann Wilson VP of Commu nications Bennie West Secretary Kay Eckert . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 244 Golden GirlsfAMA ASSOCIATIGN FUR COMPUTING MACHINERY Row l Cleft to rightlz Belle McCann, Susan Price, Vivan Martin, Cindy Bourgeois, Greg Greene, Debbie Rouse--Sec., Rhonda Bryant, Kelly McCormick, Laura Leigh Fowlkes, Ralph 7:16. Row 2 Cleft to rightjz Rox- anne Miller, Lenora Davis, Tina Traxler, Jeanne Hough, Robin Peo- ples, Denise Groene, Connie Mathes-V.P., Willie Hollins lll. Row 3 fleft to rightl: Bobby Cross, Kent Keeter, Dusty Howell, Jans Richards, Issac Traxler, John Hough, William Tetmeyer, John Gray, Dan Leonard, V.P., Rance Necaise, Charles Phelps, Dennis Rester, Philip Richards-Pres. Association for Computing Machinery 245 APLHA PSI OMEGA Row 1 Patrlcla Hammett Secf Flelds Vlce Pres Row2 M1keWe1n berger Steven Purdy Blll Sumrall Davrd Moore Dr Blame Quarnstrom Joel McCrary Amy Bercaw K I X at ' E , Treas., Laura Denton-Pres., Tonda 246 Ad Clubffxlpha Psi Omega AIR FORCE ROTC STAFF i 1 I i '1 T: 1 f' I ni Capt Jesse C Wllson Jr Asst Professor of Aerospace Studles K f Capt Marvln L Hlgglns Ill Asst Professor of Aerospace Studies I l il Capt John F Rlvero Asst Professor of Aerospace Studies ...AIR Wai ROTC LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE STARTS HERE Col Wllham R O Rourke MSQT Kendall W Miller Chairman Dept of Aerospace Studies Detaflhmeflt 432 NCOIC -Z CT Cf' Mrs Lenlse Young St Kerry S Geroux SSgt Wayne F Cox Admlnnstratlon NCO Personnel NCO Arr Force ROTC Staff 247 . . , . . . , ' ' , , f Q h K3 nl ri I in TA 1 , ,, 5,31 ' Y' , Q I .114 , xx . . 1 ' , . ' 1, WN -C C 'T cf fh iz' 02" I A .x . f' fsfff' ' Ziyi uf - Ziff -1' X - fligr ' ' iv? n gui? A IR FORCE ROTC SPRING STAFF-FALL 1986 Row I1 C Major Jim King-Deputy Command- er of Support, C Major Jim Welborn-Arnold Air society Commander, C MSgt Thomas Howie-Leadership Training Organization Commander, C LtCol Joel Grigg-Group Commander. C Major Pamela Hess-Task Team Commander, C Major Maureen Horgan- -Deputy Commander of Operations CfCap- tain Donna Cook-Executive Officer CfMajor Jeff Prichard-Inspection General CfMajor Stan Stanton-Vice Commander CfMajor Robert Brooks-Deputy Commander of Re- sources. N 1'Y-f g L AIR FORCE ROTC SENIOR STAFF-SPRING 1987 James King Deputy Commander of Oper ations Billy Powers Task Team Commander Maureen Horgan Vice Commander John Wagner Corps Commander James Wel born Arnold Air Society Commander Not Pictured Carl Smith Deputy Commander of Support Raymond Powell Executive Offi cer 248 Air Force Q,-s A J AIR FORCE ROTC POC S AFROTC GMC S Row l: J. Grigg, K. Carrico, J. Wagner, R. Byrd, T. Higgins, C. Hymel, K. Rayburn, K. Lawrence, B. Brinkley. Row 2: A. Coffman, R. Berryhill, M. O'Connor, J. Pritchard, K. Ward, B. Powers, D. Jones, P. Hess, M. Horgan. Row 3: P. McCoy, B. May, J.R. Holifield R. Smith C. Smith S. Stan- ton C. Stallworth R. Kent J. Welborn. Row 4: R. Brooks C. Payne J. King D. Murphy R. Powell J. Scott C. Pimperl K. Clark R. Mitch- ell D. Lott C. McDannald. Not Pictured-D. Cook. Rowl D Bray M Watts J Wise C Glssen danner M Johnson D Moore R Krause Y Washington S Watts B Tala Row 2 M Payne J Turnage T Gee A Taylor R Green K Olesen J Howard A Jones A Brno Row3 E Davis J Keene M Taylor R Springs P La R Walker D Castenedo K Stephney T M Woullard J Gay C Purvls J Peoples D Britton C Blank Not Pictured R Adcox H Anderson S Anderson J Bachtold S Barnes M Blackwell W Boone J Brown D Crum A Davis S Dunn J Foil M Gosh A Hall R Harris N Holtz M Johnson B Jordan M Kendrick A Lindsey R Little R Marsh H McCalum G Phillips M Plunkett C Russell C Sanderson M Shanks T Shanks R Smith F Stephens S Vorhees A Wilson . . 9 . I L 7 5 z . ll IFJ 1, . . . . . , . , . , . ' ' . , . , . , . ' . : Howie. Row 4: M. Moore, D. Neal, D. Dusang, R I ' , . , ' : . , . l I ' I 4 . I ' Y ' V ' I I I ' I V ' . I ' v ' I ' v - l l v ' n - v Air Force 249 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Row l: Pam Hess-Public Relations, Chuck Blank-Angel Flight Liason, Keith Ward-Operation Officer, Jim Welborn-Commander, Maureen Horgan-Deputy Commander Oper- ations, Thomas Howie-Areacon Coordinator, Richard Mitchell- Comptroller, Camille Hymel-Depu- ty Commander Admin. Row 2: Jim King Keith Carrico Billy Powers, Jett Pritchard David Bray Don Jones, Kelly Clark Aaron Coff- man David Murphy Capt. John Ri- vero-Advisor Donna Cook Brenda Brinkley-Administration Officer. Not Pictured: Stan Stanton Jon Bachtold. Rowl Capt Rivero Advisor Liana Janowsky Tracy Schroeder Lor raine Bachtold Cathy Cobb Pledge Trainer Sylina Dimitry Vice Com mander Jamie Llgrinich Command er Ann Loney Administrator Mary Fendlason Comptroller Jane Tay lor Little Major Kristi Porter Annie Gyrd Not Pictured Sarah Boggan Oper ations Mallory Brooks Public Rela tions Chris Blank AAS Llason Shelly Dunn Davida Blyler Teri Sue Bankston Hollis Hoffman Susie Campbell Angela Danenmueller ANGEL FLIGHT 1 1 w 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 250 Arnold Air SocietyfAngel Flight AIR FORCE ROTC HONOR GUARD I - -Y f., n -iii V ,S-f-frffe-:Q-'jvvb I 'fsf-'gal 122' 'ffl'-'.g'2f',f:-E-'e f'l'5'f lgi?1'1' 5, A " v' r,"' W?1'f'A'l?q!Ft ' - , sf- x '-'P ' th 1 L 1 - .. , -N ,ff--'51, ..:.-pr.-.4 ...-sf'-1-fir. - 1 , J f - ' - xi 'T L ' - 7 4 4."1tix5"'-.LL.'.QgCf 'lsxf 617. x - Q- is - ', . Row 1: Capt. John R. Rivero-Advisor, CfAmn. Joseph W. Wise, CfSgt, Jack D. Keene, CfMaj. Pamela H. Hess-Commander, CfMaj. Maureen A. Horgan-Asst. Commander, CfAmn. Michael S. Plunkett, CfAlC Russell G. Adcox. Not Pictured: AfAlC Melina L. Johnson. Air Force 251 ' ARMY ROTC nnv l02lfip' , gllll , ,M IE ALL vov U' as ' . l A il'1,' .Fa , f Q' ffl. E- - - N. F, . ,, h rl 5: 1 Y i I. C . 4 I f f as Y, 0 . .15 A Q by U vt.. N l , X, I T . cf . H A Row 1: SSG. Gleason, Capt. Hammond, SFC. Jaeger, Maj. Moore, MSG. Woodlief. Row 2: Col. Felcher, Cpt. Brock, SGM. Brazil, MSG. Epperson, SSG. Lang, Dorothy Williamson, SFC. Gann, Rebecca Tew, SGT. Odell, Cpt. Young, Maj. Sweet, Cpt. Morlock, SSG. Shoemaker. 252 Army ROTC 14. ARMY ROTC SENIOR CLASS Center person: Robert P. Alderman. Row 1: Tony D. Cooperwood Davon L. McReone Pauline E. Hill Doris Y. Nix Denise T. Watt Tammy C. Chat- man Marian D. Harris. Row 2: Melvin R. Butler Yolanda D. Quinn Barry C. Ezell Richard M. Ezell Richard M. Norris Constance F. Price Rodney K. Jordan Lorraine Brooks. Row 3: Rich- ard P. Wilson David Papas Johnny L. Waldrop Jr. Doris A. Culberson Gregory L. Hall Jennifer L. Williams Carolyn Robins. Row 4: Woodroe Ducksworth Jr. Joseph Gordon Wil- liam L. Demalade Leon E. Luck lll Napoleon Kelly Johnnie M. Shields Leo Shelby Jr. Row 5: Peter Pappa- cino John G. Hinton Clarence John- son Jr. Andre E. Nettles William E. Allen. ARMY ROTC SENIOR COMMAND AND STAFF Center person Robert P Alderman Left to Right Donald A Penny Jr Jennifer Williams Anthony W Virgi lio Davon L McKeone Richard M Norris William E Allen Johnny L Woldrop Jr Tony D Cooperwood Barry C Ezell Woodroe Ducksworth Army ROTC 253 President Kevin Hosner Vice President Sherri McMullan Secretary Dawn Avery Treasurer Frances Mott ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA 'Ns Dawn Michelle Avery Sheri Lynn Baldwin Anna Blno Joy Christine Bradley Mallory Leigh Brooks Paula Michelle Brown Randell Keith Bullock Tammle Leah Byrd Lisa Dee Cameron Rebecca Shannon Cowart Diana Lynn Dawson Amy Elizabeth Day Lori Cain Dear Jerry Richard Dendinger Suzanne Elizabeth Duck Angela Michelle Dunston Kathy Lynn Geisenderfer Marcus G Glenn Jane Slngley Graves Patricia Ann Guercio Stuart W. Hartfield Debora Sharra Henderson Jane Ann Hokanson Andrea Sue Holloway Kevin Joe Hosner Lori Lea Howard Kristi Lalilell Hudnall Susan Marie James Julie Laura Jones Amy Hall Jordan Gertha Darvette Laurie JS Susan Carol Lee Treva Ann Lowery Stacy Lynn Mahar Jackie Esley McHenry ll Sherri Lynn McMullan Melinda Eve Morgan Frances Cecile Mott Christopher James Murray Charlotte Ann Myers Rance David Necaise Jeffrey Stuart Olafsen Tracy Michelle Ott Sandra Lynne Parker Sherry Ann Phillips Anthony Troy Pogue John C Ransom Amy Jean Rapp Danlel Michael Rlch Derek Daniel Robinson Anne Ponder Shaw Sherry Lynn Stromeyer Kimberly Ann Sutton Suzanne Marie Todd Cheryl Lynn Walker Georgina Kaye Warne Paula Jean Watford Anthony Craig White Eva Marie Williams Russell Howard Willis Kelly Yvonne Wilson Rebecca Lynn Wright 254 Alpha Lambda Delta P LAMBDA SIGMA Row 1-Sherri McMullan, Russ Wil- lis, Missy Arata, Julie Jones, Jeff Hall, Lori Dear, Scott McNally, Melis- sa Stubs, Mandy Dalton, Becky Cowart, Amy Day. Row 2: Barbara Ross, Scott Ritchey, John Gargiulo, Michelle Poirier, Sheila Harvard, Treva Lowery, Michelle Williams, Robert Stephens, Dannie Forte, Kevin Hosner, Penny Wise, Robin Ray, Beth Queen, Dawn Avery, Fran Mott, Kristi Hudnall, Donna Hutto, Susie Sanders, Leisa Doggette. Row 3: Tony Dillard, Patti Watford, Becky Wright, Alvin Williams-Advisor, Mike McMullan-Sr. Advisor. L BDA IGMA OFFICERS IT' ill. '. X Q .Ai 1 Y .A , ,ls V. ,-'Q in , f n- J rl" s ix ax V: l ,, il , I - 9 ' A Iii H ,yy lf! " i 1. M' gi, I ! 'V X it I 75 . V I fx. V, Q. f' " . iz-,xl . '4' 3 13' 1, 'Q -4 1 5' I ' If f I . , A Q ' " I' 'A 'Q - 1 . 1 '. I ' as 4 snr l 'J f 's "' Y V Q . , - , . if . r P W . if fs c sr 5 i A : I , ,,. " 31, ,. ,. 7 i 5, c I ., s 9 ,, ,' Y ' I' I , 1 , F 'glfvl ' C' '7 - " 3 K W' 5, s I , I ' ' ' 14 f ' A r W , ' r ' . ' A 5: A rl' - i.""2' I 's It C 5 al, ,, l - 2 " , H A , 5 '?'4l..:9 -1 , ' 67:0 -ax x - 'Q i ' , 'Y f ' 47 2 vl L , Al?- Row 1-'Jeff Hall-President. Row 2-Barbara Ross-Advisor, Missy Arata-Jr. Advisor, Scott McNally-Treasurer, Lori Dear-Vice President, Julie Jones--Secretary. Lambda Sigma 255 ASB 5,1 if 11 X 195 Todd Courtney President Bllly Dodd Vlce President 256 ASB sl-A AX! .ff 451 xi at ob. 4,1 rx QM Ei 4-N -N .new-CK 'wx ASB Cabinet 'RN x 4.8 dv VN X -df -in tx'- '55 ff' ffk affix AM 'Wil I I IA' aluN,f ,Q ith "linux, Q Mlke Dobbms Advlsor Fran Jones Supervisor of Student Servrces Karen Ladner Asst Student Servuces Rebecca Wright Secretary Julle Johnson Treasurer Mlke Scandone Co dlrector of Spmt Cheryl Boyles Co director of Splrlt Kent Pawlak Chief of Staff Llsa Ford Student Servlces Drrector Janlce Perkins Special Project Asst Director Charles Wlttlngton Special Projects Director Tommy Buford Director of Legal Services Lrsa Joseph Asst Splrlt John Mllbrook Attorney General Mlssy Warren Manpower Coordmator Danny O Belrne Director of Public Relatlons Dee Dee Wlslnger Asst Director to Publlc Relations Benjl Barham Publlc Relatrons Asst Dnrector Joe Stevens Asst Student Services Amy Duvall Asst Specral Projects ASB Cabinet 257 ASB STUDENT SERVICES I if gl npr! q 8 HE' X 8 -Q-an ,ng 1- :lf f M EW' gm . - 7 "4-3 W J 'Wg' W lb fi , gn? -437 4 sy x-rx-N 9, xl :fir ,C 1, ik A ,,-ug , ' 1 X f i xiii Joe Stevens-Asst. Student Services Director, Karen Ladner-Asst. Student Services Director, Lisa Ford-Student Services Director, Fran Jones-Supervisor of Student Services 9 4 1. ' A vw. O .S 1 If 1-4 -.5 Ji gs .Z 'E Q nl! ' :V vi? . F QQ' 'fax N,-Ali, A I Benji Barham-Public Relations Asst. Director, Dee Dee Wisinger-Public Relations Asst. Director, Danny O'Beirne-Public Relations Director 258 ASB ASB SPIRIT 4'9- VN C.! F hi , . 5 7:11426 . I Lisa Joseph-Asst. Spirit Director, Mike Scandone-Co-Director of Spirit, Cheryl Boyles-Co-Director of Spirit ASB Senate .1 Row 1 Debbie Moss Claire Gerald Pollyanna Alexander Flo Ann Gas ton Jill Hardy Penny Wise Tammy Wise Missy Arata Tara Aust Row2 Billy Dodd Terrence Mlxon Mike Dobbins Jason Ladner Mike Harris Keith Gaskln Jim Farner Jamie Kim brow Tim Farris Don Diboll Chuck Donlln Lamar Lott Billy Argus Eric Norborg Ben Connell Richard Baker Rennie Perez Scott McNally Tim Dixon Keith Carrica ASB 259 BETA ALPHA PSI Row iz Sonya Sharp Debra Buxton Catherine Ellis Julie Johnson Cindy St. Amant-President Sandra Cu- lumber-Vice-President Melinda McCarty. Row 2: Donna Pertuit Dee Dougherty Debbie Martin Janice Carter Joy King Judith Abends- chein Sara Snowden Tammy Bass-Secretary Janice McFalls. Row 3: Charles Bryan-Treasurer Dr. Jerry King-Faculty Advisor Donald Kittrell Larry Ponder. CRIMINAL JUSTICE ASSCCIATION - 3:3 23 if . , E I-P-W 4? 8 A,. 3,3 -P I. . ' itil-I, 11 ' Q- ,, 7 :gin ' I in i in 'I .e,."'ilM J, ' -- '-.-of ' "e A f W , I 2' "' I I .I f' Q f mf- IIIY 'wi I Q., I X --an H ' A ' fx n T is 260 Beta Alpha PsifCriminal Justice Association ,El Row 1: Nereasa Brannon, Kristi Por- ter, Wendy Gordon, Sherri Albert, Su' zette Glaab, Janice Carter, Janet Hall. Row 2: Steve Haas, Steve Keller, Rus- sell Williamson, Bonnie Pope, Kim Coker, Mary Knight, Chris Gardner, Simon Munn. Not Pictured: Keith Car- rico, Dawn Reeves, Della Stevens, Gentry Mordica, Ximeana Thomas, Michelle Mcrary, Delisa Borders, Gene Newman, Donald Kittrell, Sam Rayburn. Row 3: Trent Bilbo, Andy Langerbach, Mack Burch, Salmon Sami, Bob Deaton, Kandell Spears. DELTA SIGMA Pl GFFICERS Row 1: Kim Coker-President, Kristi Porter-Secretary, Suzette Glaab, Vice-President of Finance, Janice Carter-Asst. Treasurer. Row 2: Ran- dall Spears-Chancellor, Steve Kel- ler-Vice-President of Pledge Circu- lation, Bonnie Pope-Senior Vice- President, Simon Munn-Treasurer, Donald Deaton-Historian. Row 3: Andy Langerbach-Social Chairman, Mark Burch-Vice-President of Pro- fessional Activities. Not Pictured: Dawn Reeves-Vice-President of Chapter Operations, Keith Carrico- Rose Formal Chairman. Delta Sigma Pi 261 Row lx Cindy Breard, Julie Bogart- Sec., Trea.,Lisa Shackelford, Gina Tillery-Pres., Erin McCrary-Vice- Pres., Jessica Fuller, Melanie Barber, Sherry Thomas, Jerry Thyous. Row 2: Katrina Wooley, Leigh Ann Heflin, Beverley Smith, Debra Robinson, Lauren Richmond, Patti Carroll, She- Iia Crane, David Woods. FASHION PLUS MID MCCAIN K IAD IFSEA HMSA Row 1 Robert St John Taylor Da monte HSMA Adv David Sim mons lAD Adv Blanca Alarcon Judy Lung David LeBlanc Dena Douglass IAD Pres Karen Cooley Row 2: Keith Vaughn Melony Wright David Lane Allison Thompson Nan- cy Ryder Susan Rogers Katia Perez Amy Lossett-IFSEA Sect. Bart Brown Scott Chambliss Jimmy Johnson-HSMA Pres. Not Pictured: Dana Martin-lAD Vice-Pres. Phillip Tettleton-lAD Treas. Sherrie Coth- ren-IAD Sec. Darrell WeIborn-lF- SEA Pres. Jennifer Kimbrough-lF- SEA Vice-Pres. Laurie Mullie- IFSEA Treas. Miriam Schenkel- HSMA Vice'Pres. Dr. Allene Vaden-- IFSEA Adv. 262 Fashion PIusfIAD,lFSEA, HMSA INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL CLC CO0 IFC OFFICERS Row I Barbara Ross Jay Burnell Donald Dollar Kyle Keene Fred Lit tle Vinnie Forte Mike Bourgeois Mark Kidd Warren Miller Adrian Sandel Row2 Jeffery Bolden Bobby Nix Jeff King Greg Stanton Scot Long Elliott Viovedich Melvin Davis Jr Tommy Leffingwell John Cren shaw Row3 Brian White PaulFarm er Cory Curtis Kelvin Nunn Greg Fairey Don Diboll Brad Cundriff Paul Nelson Stephen Songe Max South Scott McNally ,QM Row 1: Warren Miller, Kelvin Nunn, Paul Farmer-Pres., Brian White. Row 2: Mike Bourgeois, Elliott Voivedich, Don Diboll, John Crenshaw-Greek Life Grad. Asst., Donald Dollar, Barbara Ross, Adv. Not Pictured: Jim Estes, Morgan Shands, Sean Casey. IFC 263 PANHELLENIC CGLINCIL Row 1 Cleft to rightiz Renee McGuffee Terrilyn Griffin Sta- cey Calloway Michelle Poirier Pam Rawlinson Sandie Barnes Missy Arata. Row 2: Kim Tucker Lori Pridgen Stacey Welborn Angela Burkett Vel- ma Ward, Connolly Clark-Ad- visor, Barbara Ross-Advisor. I n hui ...L-. !4.e 2 -1 ' . JUNICJR PANHELLENIC CGLINCIL V . , W 1 Row 1 fleft to rightj: Michelle T- U " ' Tibbett, Melissa Fairley-Secre- ' ' " 'H ff tary, Kelly Cirannell-Vice Presi- , y, A ' dent, Julie Jones-President, ' Missy Gowen-Treasurer. Row Q ' 2: Conolly Clark-Advisor, Rose 4 2 LA... Ellen Klotz, Adrienne Cooper, 'U I ' L..-7 Ashley Rich, Erin Ward, Jenni- wg -. 4- fer Smith, Michelle Poirier-Ad- Q ,- L, visor i . ' V - F Q .Lui iv 9? 264 Panhellenic Council and officers PANHELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS JF!- Row 1 fleft to rightl Pam Rawlin- son-Secretary Sandie Barnes-President Missy Arata-Treasurer Row 2 M1- chelle Poirier-Vice President Renee McGuffee-Rush Chair- man Barbara Ross-Advisor Conolly Clark-Advisor BLACK GREEK COUNCIL 3 Row 1 fleft to Flghtf Warren Mill er Layonnia Ball Velma Ward Debbie Odom Mark Kidd Roo sevelt Hobbard Row 2 Temple Haley Jeff Wallace Valetta Sell ers Robelyn Nicholson Frances Pickens Andress Taylor Gerald McCarty Derrick Burton Not pictured Arnetra Thompson Sandra Ruffin Jr. Panhellenic CouncilfBlack Greek Council 265 GAMMA ALPHA EPSILON Row l Jennifer Gollott Teresa Ran km Lynn Bostlck Angelra Stamps Kim Smlth Susan Walp Ann White Mallle Hates Row 2 Connolly Clark Adv Donald Dollar Pres Raymond Van Norman Johnny Myatt Charlie Henderson Marc Ken drlck Greg Stanton TlmD1x1on Rob b1eGr1ff1n Britt Katz Adv Barbara Ross Adv w l Angela Pope Mar Huff Pres Sharon Crook Amy Du vall Vrce Pres Joyce Deer Sec Row 2 Alrce Essary Harry Zhao Sandy Kloske Marla Seale Elizabeth Page Roblnlynn Chapman Janet Skinner Roxanne Burrus Vlrglma Entrekln Spon Row3 Paul Martm ollch Jeanne Hough Anthony Smith John Myatt IV Mark Ladner Allcla Shows VlncentMlller Phyllis Egnew Randy Robrnett t 0 -0. KAPPA MU EPSILDN H. W Zi "film-w Q . . . . I ' I - - , u Y - - ' pn. 1 v 1 ".L', '3 l I . 1 ' thai' . 5 ' I X - ,, - ., is I. . 4.44. ' 7'-. ' . A B v - . R I ' ' ' N ' . - ' N, I Y . . . . 1 I' ' f . , l . . . y . 1. D, ' ' Q l L ,Q , , N' 1 , ., . . f, I 1 ft . - .a- ':'.3g,,2--we-warm, Q H ,, ,, ,,.,,,,.,,.,.... ,-,,-,,..- V Qx R0 1 , k 'tv 1 - L, s , 'v a ' S ',, . f , x- 2 : 1 I , , , - , Y . J - 1 . . , . 1 1 A. Y 1 . . ' . - . . . K f' . , xt .J g ' .- . - , 3 U . , I . , , U I 1 . . A N . . . .- ' ' 1 I r . V . I 266 Gamma Alpha Epsilonfliappa Mu Epsilon -...Z 'Q ' 4 ' M' -Huvndvi, fs '- ji x X X , N, ,. . 4 t ,q ' V, M I ov. s 1 f I dt f .1 1 f ' I 'Q f Q J l lk, 3 . ' , . 'C f N' ' 'f ' ' iw x 4' m-v .Y H I G A 117' QL' AW 'K M 1 . lf-Dv rf MED TECH Row 1 Rlta Lott Catherine Goins Joanne Warren Ken Beard Row 2 Nicky Wood Sect Kevln Stedmen William Montgomery Vlce Pres Robln Browne Chr1ssyBodden Keith can B Napier DD Holllngshead T Henley J Ratllff C Crane C Ed wards K Mooney L Roebuck T Wllllams M Meeks T Strebeck R Nelms Harris-Pres. Not Pictured: S. Dun- , . , . , . l . l LSDfMED TEcH 267 MINORITY ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLCGY Row I Tim Travis Charlene Pace Sec Robert Williams Rhonda Ma Berry Phyllis Egnew Treas Dwayne Love Pres Row 2 Lisa Rowe Jeffrey Bolden Par Dorothy Edwards SocialCh Tom Blue Wil lie Kennedy Jr Vice Pres Dr Ka mal Ali Advisor Row 3 Craig Wil liams Reggie Wright Eric Fowler Hillman Reed Bruce Martin Tony Pickett Nv- MLI PHI EPSILGN Row I Michelle Creel Judi Lubritz Sabrina Edens Anne Shaw Monica Hubler Julie Martin Row 2 Serena Bower Lori Stenson Tonya Chaney Donna Wood Row 3 Sue Ellen Sand ers Michelle Hale S-as 2 fill S 268 Minority Engineering and TechnologyfMu Phi Epsilon SPEECH AND HEARING ASSOCIATION 'yr' ix ,,.'5'N XI,f1x ' I U , L ' I Officers: President-Cathy O'Connor Vice-President-Melissa Rawls Secretary f Treasurer-Susan Friend Advisor-Doris Bradley OMICRON DELTA EPSILON lim Row I Susan Gelsenhoff Terri Dur arpe Pres Susan Robinson Sonya Dossett Row 2 Patricia Burns Far hang Nlroomand Advisor Stephan Haas Michael Hansson Jeffrey Foun tain Lim Cheng Feng Not Pictured Jeevan Campos Cynthia Cooper Darren Barnes Rui Esteves Charles Richardson Janet Massey. Speech and Hearing AssociationfOmicron Delta Epsilon 269 GMICRCN DELTA KAPPA Offlcers Tom Panko Faculty Sec retary Cathy Steen Secretary Erln Chapman Publlc Relations Make McMullan Presldent Not Pictured Mellnda McCarty Treasurer Row 1 Mlchael Herrln Stacey Read Clndy Bourgeois Jamle Conner Hlst Quent Burge Pres Vlvlan Martln Angele Berthold Charon Loveless Jeff Tanksley Brian Wlck ersham Rlchard Baker Row2 Clndy Cooper Janice Pattl Vlce Pres Deana Rushton Denlce Spears Char lotte Weems Sue Ann Blnckley Car la Moak Klm Alford Vernetta Whltta ker Tamra Duckworth Chrlsty Sones Tuna Davls Kathy Woodard Sharon Stewart Melissa Lewls C Reporter Barbie Sullivan Row 3 Sara McKenzie Colleen Burns Patti Holmes Tara Langston Sharon Thorhton Dlana Goretskl Klm Cook Sec fTreas Leigh Ann Stan ley Gwen Ray Mary Lundy Johnnie Booth LeVada Strickland Angle McRaney Rose Rogers Suzette Vlen venue Chrlssy Bodden Michelle M1 tyles Suzanne Blenenue Co Report er Tony Roberts Row 4 Nell Logan PHI THETA KAPPA 'Q ff Lawrence Rucker Stanley Moore Kevin Jones Michael Hlnton Kelth Reeves ffff in Q 'Y l 7 L' 7 U W ' . ' I xv , n . I In - , - D ' O " ' 3: .J . 9 O 1? 4: 'Vs 19 4 , I 9 0 0 0 . .. 0 0 I . . . . 0 9 'A ,, 1 i O 1 .. W ' ,. ' M 9 ' 9 9 at , Y V .' 9 if Nt . g . ,. ' 5 0 1, Q - T 9 4- Lu , 0, K . 1 g V I B Y1 5? F 1 I , l rn! 1+ l A A , ' 'x I ' ' . ' . .1 -1' VV! . 1 ul .,'-.If 'Y 1 'I 1 Y Y Y I I xr Y , . I I -l I 'Y I Y I 4 1 4 ' , 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' A ,V ' ' I 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 Y 4' ' X I V' Y ' A 1 - O' N - ' Y ' 'I C - sh . . . ,s ' 4 , , . . , ' U 1' 1. X f' -Q I 1 1 1 'v, . . . 7 ' ' I ' ' I I I' T . -1 ' s , Z R . ' Q 1 1 1 , 1 1 -"',-V. . . ' 'if' 4 A 1 1 f V- f 1 . ', 1 1 Y P - ! I . ' , . . ! ' Z 1 Y I 7 7 ' 270 Omicron Delta KappafPhi Theta Kappa PHI CHI THETA Row I: Adele Lyons-Pres. Davida Beyer Susan Dunkard Renee Cobb Karen Spuell Susan Robinson Don- na Hutto Sandra Fisher Gwen Jeffer- son Sonya Dossett Elizabeth Locke Cathy Esculano Nancy Hains name Stacy Baughn no name no name Dolly Lloyd-Advisor. Row 2: Jeff Bryan Robert Stephens Daniel Forte Ben Mullens Mike Thompson Elliott Voivedich Mark Hales. 1 1 1 1 7 1 J 1 1 1 1 , , no 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . ,f 4 ' . fr , ., " . 1 P I J., ' V, 4 "V , 1- , 4 fx -V. , , ,L Pai, ' tiff. -' -1 It H lg 4 e 1 - r 5,11 Row 1 Al Hollfield Marcia Speed Sue Holcomb Cherie Cowart Su zanne Cowart Vice Pres Sharon Thornton Jack McGill Exe Vice Pres Row 2 Randy Pierce Vice Pres Janet Morris Sec Pamela Hanson Jan Jarrel Takla Potter Richard Bakes-Pres. Lavonne Ham- ilton-Parlamentarian Keith Reeves-Treas. Not Pictured: Wendy Deemy-State Sec. Dr. Donna Con- erly-Advisor. PHI BETA LAMBDA -1 t I ms y I Y Phi Chi ThetafPhi Beta Pambda 271 Officers: President-Cathy Blakeslee U '- Vice-President-Sharon Crook Secretary if Treasurer-Sharon Crook Vice-President-Ann White PHI DELTA RHO Q 97 Melanie Cecile Barber Cyndi Blackmer Mary Catherine Blakeslee Doris P. Blanton Linda Sue Brown Temple Suzanne Bush Erin Leigh Chapman Sharon Marie Crook Martha Leanne Geddie Terri Leigh Green Lucy K. Haralson Melissa Lynn Hogue Joni Melinda Jackson Kwai Chun Kwan Suzanne Lumpkin Melinda Elaine McCarty Natalie Michell McQuaig Kerri Thelma Mordica Mona Faye O Bannon Stella Louise Posey Tonya Denee Powe Channon Lea Renfroe Lauren Adele Richmond Susan Leah Robinson Julie Joyner Sadler Melissa Ann Smith Stephanie Anne Stotland Gina J. Tillery Elizabeth Ann White Robin Cheryl White OUTSTANDING FRESHMEN WOMEN '32 X Becky Wright Treva Lowery Patty Guercio Claire Gerald Sherri McMul an -W .y 272 Phi Delta RhofOutstanding Freshmen Women 1 ' ,A if SIGMA DELTA CHI 7' S-.1 'KX H' Row 1: Kimberly Laub-Prog. Ch. Chris Gilmer-Vice-Pres. Keith Gaskin- Pres. Vicki Avery-Treas. Connie Har- vey-Sec. Row 2: Rick Hammond Mike Jones Debbie Odom Karen Freeman Stacey Reid Melissa Lewis Sam Hughes Claire Gerlad. STUDENT ALUMNI ASSDCIATION N...- MU 1' W 1: tP Row 1 Willis Mitchell Benjie Barham Danny O Beirne Chuck Donlin Pres Ann Marie Barhonovich Laura Lee Mar tin Rebecca Trevlno Pam Taylor Hope Howell Michelle Jerome Rusty Ham mons Sandie Barnes Melinda McCarty Lisa Cusclo Sharon Sonnier Stefanie Breland Melody Withers Sharon Sing ley Row 2 Donna Holder Lori Johnson Christopher Murray Leigh Ann Stanley Becky Cowart Melcolm Torres Melissa Stubbs Melanie Yeatman Lee Ann El kins Row 3 Kathy Lecky Tracy Ann Hinton Lynne Bostlck Gina Blackmon Michelle Poirier Row4 Andrew Langen bach Candi Wright Teresa Williams Kent Pawlak Trey Joseph Karen Loftln Mona Hudson Teri Sue Bankston Sally Sheffield Julia Brown Fred Little Deb ble Dewett Paige Howell Aprlle Curry Dawn Avery Row 5 Adrian Sandel El llott Volvedlch Joe Stevens Brian White John Cooley Kyle Keene v ' 7 Y , . . 1 '1 Q I ' I ,V v 1 1 1 Y , . 5- Y 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I . . . . 5 I i 1 1 , . . .. 1 1 I , . 1 - 1 1 . - Y n 1 X , 1 ' ,X 4 1 1 1 2 ' 1 1 1 if f Q . , , ' . 1 1 rn ' - , . . , l 1 1 1 , .L ' " "lS1"5."'9'fi"E' 1. . . . . .1 4,41 P4 1.1. , , , ' -'T' .,7 '17 1: , ' 'g- 1' I 34. .U ' ' "- ' 5--' 7 .J I ' 1 1 1 - cg '?' fl' V, , , 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 u s , . 1 1 7 P ' Sigma Delta ChifStudent Alumni Association 273 STUDENT CONSTRLICTORS QC TP l 3 c if can .11 5 31 l l I Ba. ' .. J4'v,,- " .. ,I-, . N STLIDENT HOME EC. ASSOCIATICN iiil I Row l: Toni Waltman-Vice-Presb , " dent, Patti Carroll-Historian, Claire I Land-Secretary, Cindy Souther- ', land-Treasurer. Row 2: Sue Sharp, r D 3 I' ' ' Danny Fulton, Cindy Breard, Lauren J, ' M ' , Richmond, Brenda Little, Sonja Foun- R W. l tain, Carman Strickland, Kaki xl 9, Roesch, Julie Bogart, Kathey Wood, '. ' X f Debbie West, Melanie Holland, Lynell , Rogers, David Dillard. Not Pictured: S' , Nelda Phillips-President. H, 274 Student ContractorsfStudent Home Ec. D.P.M.A. V1 1 'Clk if 4, ' I A 1 O V? i 5 'VW' I S - LI.P.E. I 1 A 9 V , N,-,,,,,,,,,. .....,.....,.,W,...- n Ja . 441 t s ,,f,. 4 :9 -PM 2.1, is , 1, " vw g ,,, A .- 1 , Y a.:2:'41 L , f ,4?fwi,' 41 , -.'1""' " , .g, is. , ,A . -.,- ,L . P D.P.M.A.fU.P.E. 275 STUDENT COACHING ASSOCIATION Row l: Coach Robertson Coach Kal- lish Coach Jones Coach Rhodes Coach Grant Coach lshee Coach Smith Coach Runnels Coach Pickle Coach Watson. Row 2: Coach Baugh- man Coach Garner Coach Black- well, Coach Andrews Coach Thom- as Coach Ainsworth Coach Hall Coach White Coach Nowell. Row 3: Coach Ferrell Coach Crenshaw Coach Carter Coach Walker Coach Diboll Vice-President' Coach Smith Coach Speed Coach Crenshaw Coach Rhodes President. Row I Stephanie Bell Dee Dougher ty Wendy Wagner Anita Phillips Ju lie Johnson Mona OBannan Lisa Collins Melinda McCarty Row2 Cin dy Brown Cindy Simpson Cathy Steen Temple Bush Missy Smith and Delery Cook 276 Student CoachingfRho Lambda Uiurnrn 1, HIV Allllllll I' UAFIIIHT 0 RHO LAMBDA fi W J n4f f' C.lNl0N BOARD P 'W .4l'T"" Row 1: Kathy Britt Jacqueline Berry Andre Johnson Steen Hambric Ro- sie Barnes Martha Ratliff Debbie Palmer Melinda Ory Robin Roby Phyllis Grayson Mamie Hall La- vonda Collier Amelita Roberts Phyl- lis Jones Pam Bane Mamie Hall An- gela Ray Elizabeth Truby Jeff Belk Kim Smith Pat Skrmetti. Row 2: Min- nie Austi Lacresha Smith Twanda Floyd Vernetta Witaker Laura ln- gram Rosemary Horn April Curry Paul Shaw Mark Nolta Gary Loper Tim Case Henry Prince Lee Farrow Willie Kennedy. 'v-sin, STUDENT NURSING . F ,,f" I if .4i,,4f - -,Ji -'J 4, ug vf.. L, 4: -I jr ,,,. -r - 5'g0gz'2.,:v ' J' f I . 5 3,31-ff a Q ff X fvmcv 3' Y -mega. ' 2 , J, 1 " 'HQ ,. AW A A ' ' f,. ' r ' ..................J 1, A , 1-in . 2 ' X.-wr' Q A ,rl , , , 353-:4g.........r 1 . .1 , , ' ,.. '.ff 9 QQ .ff SWR. yi I h -Y-.Q ,ff A 'QU gf H' -- - 'W-1c3,4fl'sfffffi , ....---- . - 4' - -' -iq Llnion BoardfStudent Nursing 277 I 4 - - - GOAL TENDERS Q . - 7 5 l ' s ' . . -Q 2 Yi, "" . STUDENT HOME BUILDERS as UC --1 13.12 il up 1138 ilitr,-1 .-15 iIZ.1lilI"'iDl 1 fw.m::iI"uQzx: qu ""r4Q1'l1lU 'bl''X R'-H1 Lvl-vi-nllZ1.flti If ,, -A5-xv?--wrvrtsfl nnrbzaalvitl flQflx4fl0J'Y14!l'S1lvh -naar: " 1l .- ss- 1' 1 --- --: U.: ,Pg v--"r0w1s'1C Q!! 5 , as-som xi KU W' V' IF'-xii i If ill Qkfl 91' Qivfs. T xVo"'H 278 Goa! Tenders,fStudent Home Builders ,J ASID Row l Aprll Patton Melame Holland Tracy Kent Vlce Pres Swann Turn er Pres Marne Donald Sec Suzy Fayard Treas Gall Lowery Row2 Davld Dillard Dana Furman Elvlra Mason Carol Grlfflth Rebecca Hart Jacquelyn Paulk Claire Land Debbie West Steven Mitchell Row 3 Ben Burkett Terry Graham John Dawn Danny Fulton Darryl Lehtola Cindy Southerland Alllson Hodges SOUTHERN GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY Row 1 Jeff Lambert Gareth Davles BobKrng Pres Dr Dav1dPatrlck Geology Ch Shlhua Harry Zhao Joao Esteves Row2 Ken Rhlnehart Ray Sturdlvant Cindy Rlntoul Treas Dr Maurice Meylan Row 3 Llsa Morrison Doug Kllckman Dr Chrls Cameron Cecil Pettway Dr Dan Sundeen Steve Hughes Kyle Stewart Klm Funk Robin Lynn Chap man Ken Hamlin Rebecca Martel AASlDfSouthern Geological Society 279 280 Class ALL MY CHILDREN Lisa Abbott, Long Beach, MS. Jr. X A Myrna Abernathy, Jackson, MS, Sr. w 1 Cynthia Abrams, Bogalusa, LA, Fr. 'L l Brenda Adams, Fulton, MS, Sr. SJ Gwendolyn Adams, Greenville, MS, Sr. ' l Jewell Adams, Pensacola, FL, Jr. i' i.. - I Marcus Adams, Kosciosko, MS Ehenda Adams. Dekalb, MS, So. Terri Adams, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Melinda Adcock, Clinton, MS, Sr. Angela Aguilar, Gautier, MS, Fr, Niaz Ahmed, Comilla, Bangladesh, Grad. LeAnne Ainsworth, Brandon, MS, Fr. Jimmy Alawine, Meridian, MS, Sr. Maria Albornoz, Venezuela,Jr. Jim Albritton, McComb, MS, Jr. Kent Alcorn, Russell, PA, Jr. Donna Aldridge, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Albert Alexander, Laurel, MS, So. Karen Alexander, Brandon, MS, So. Laura Alexander, Wiggins, MS, So. Pollyanna Alexander, Hollandale, MS, James Alford, Meridian, MS, Fr. Kimberly Alford, Magnolia, MS, Jr. lrene Allen, Meredian, MS, Sr. Larry Allen, Jackson, MS, Jr. Nancy Allen, Pearl, MS, Jr. Terance Allen, Hattiesburg, MS, So. William Allen, Magnolia, MS, Sr. Tammy Allison, Mendenhall, MS, Jr. John Alliston, Saucier, MS, Jr. Mary Aluizo, Freeport, TX, So. Randall Amason, Jackson, MS, Sr. Lauren Amburgey, Starkville, MS, Jr. Heather Amick, Long Beach, MS, Fr. David Anderson, Vicksburg, MS, Fr. Felicia Anderson, Byhalia, MS, Fr. Marsha Anderson, Huntsville, AL, Sr. Peter Anderson, New Orleans, LA, Sr. Sandra Anderson, Mendenhall, MS, Fr. Tammy Anderson, Vicksburg, MS, So. Joel Andrews, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Lisa Andry, Brandon, MS, Sr. Camilo Angel, Medellin, Colombia, Sr. Paula Apgar, Enterprise, MS, Fr. Lesa Appelgate, Brandon, MS, Sr. Deborah Apperson, Jackson, MS, So. Q" "W" ., 'is Fr' , , Jr .Y J 5 iff tus! 'vwr AF ,isa 9 .ZS K ""'5k3'U""3 Sharon Apperson, Jackson, MS, Fr. , ' -if 282 Abbott-Andry Marilyn Appleton, Utica, MS, So. Enrique Arana, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Missie Arata, Bogalusa, LA, Jr. Jacqueline Ard, Jayess, MS, Sr. Robert Ard, Natchez, MS, So. Michael Arguelles, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Billy Argus, Bay St. Louis, MS, Jr. Mary Argus, New Orleans, LA, Fr. George Arinder, Forest, MS, Sr. Michael Arledge, Saucier, MS, Jr. Lisa Armstrong, Silver Creek, MS, Jr. Patricia Armstrong, Silver Creek, MS, Susan Arnett, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Cecile Arnold, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Kim Arnold, Natchez, MS, Sr. Mary Blan Arnold, Mobile, AL, So. James Arrington, Shubuto, MS,Jr. William Ashley, Natchez, MS, Sr. Billy Atkins, Biloxi, MS, So. Kamlyn Atteberry, Milton, FL, Fr. Cammie Atwood, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Tony Atwood, Clinton, MS, Sr. James Aust, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Mikael Austin, Pensacola, FL , Sr. David Aultman, Seminary, MS, Sr. Tara Aust, Ocean Springs, MS, So. Cellestine Autman, Pascagoula, MS, Jr Dawn Avery, Huntsville, AL, So. Dominic Avery, Long Beach, MS, Jr. Vicki Avery, Darien, CT, Sr. Dent Bagby, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Marty Baffett, Florence, MS, So. Melissa Bach, Fairfield, OH, So. Carshena Bailey, Jackson, MS, So. Beverly Baker, Waynesboro, MS, Jr. Glenda Baker, Campa Zama, Japan, Fr Richard Baker, Brookhaven, MS, Jr. Charles Baldwin, Greenville, MS, Fr. Sheri Baldwin, Tampa, FL, So. Deanna Ballard, Clinto, MS, So. Jill Ballard, Red Banks, MS, Jr. Stalita Ballentine, Batesville, MS, Jr. Pamela Bane, Union, MS, Jr. Lorie Banes, Meredian, MS, Jr. Rebecca Bankston, McComb, MS, Jr. TeriSue Bankston, Covington, LA, So Melanie Barber, Memphis, TN, Sr. Carla Bardwell, Moss Point, MS, Sr. Appleton-Bardwell 283 Carla Bardwell, Moss Point, MS, Sr. Ann Barhanovich, Biloxi, MS, Sr. -Q Melissa Baria, Pascagoula, MS, Fr. -. Michelle Barnard, Houston, TX, So. Angela Barnes, Hattiesburg, MS , Jr. Kimberly Barrett, Bay St. Louis, MS, Jr. x av sa Y Co-Sandra Barnes, Natchez, MS , Fr. Marvin Barnes, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Melissa Barnes, Oak Vale, MS, Jr. Orlanda Barnes, Pass Christian, MS, Sr. Phyllis Barnes, Moss Point, MS, So. Robert Barnes, Ocean Springs, MS, Sr. Sandie Barnes, Magee, MS, Jr. i ' S Sandra Barnes, Moss POlnt, MS, Jr Teresa Barnes, Collins, MS, Sr. 4- Theresa Barrett, Magee, MS, Sr. s ' Wendy Barrett, Jackson, MS, Fr. I A B tt,N Ol ,L,F. , - nn arne ew reans a r H ,K Elizabeth Barnett, New Orleans, La, Fr. Debbie Bartlett, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Tamara Bartley, Brandon, MS, Sr. Miles Barton, Jackson, MS, Sr. Laurie Barton, Lucedale, Ms, Jr. Cissy Baskin, Jackson, MS, Jr. Derek Bass, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Owen Bass, Seminary, MS, So. Anita Baxter, Lucedale, MS, Sr. Stephanie Baygents, Hattiesburg, MS, So. N Lena Beacht, Picayune, MS, Fr. Hope Beals, Madrid, Rpain, Fr. lx ,lrxzirw fl :JPL A F 1 no 5' ' Q v Y' "L""ITi u U e fi- I 15 lx ' , . li, .vt y fi . , 5 lt' ' ' i . N v." ,lf 'M ll ,Q ' f ' , fl 4rd, 4 , , rv 'f x fr sl Q' 4 .1 bg 4 xl V i Trisha Beamon, Lena, MS, Fr. David Beams, Greenville, MS, Jr. Tanya Beard, Jackson, MS, Fr. Andrea Beasley, Long Beach, MS, So. Catherine Beavers, Sumrall, MS, Sr. Benjamin Bell, Flomaton, AL, Fr. Charles Bell, Forrest, MS, Sr. , Connie Bell, Kokomo, MS, Jr. Joice Bell, Gloster, MS, Sr. Lisa Bell, Greenville, MS, Fr. W Michelle Bell, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Sharon Bell, Purvis, MS, Jr. .- I C Q 9 4. -ll 3 . 'Q 7' 'F' il mf Stuart Bell, Kokomo, MS, Sr. Denise Bender, Laurel, MS, Jr. Lesley Bennett, Pearlington, MS, So. Sarah Benton, Bridgewater, NJ, Fr. Susan Benvenutti, Gulf Breeze, FL, Sr. Q Amy Bercaw, Jackson, MS, So. f'l'a,x 1: 284 Bardwell-Bercaw 1' . 1 7. 4 i, , ' T' Lf' I A. .9 VV l' lt.. .J L l D x J 'A l li Q f I f l 4 4 X al 4 ,muh Q "fl A " v A O '- Y' U1 xv f - ii, as km, ! luv Pom? -em,-'- V ml .i"'vf nom' ' II il : i 'Cx Pamela Berger, Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Judith Bernier, St. Thomas, VI, So. Chandra Berry, Jackson, MS, Fr. Floresia Berry, Greenville, MS, Fr. Richard Berryhill, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Anne Berthold, Picayune, MS, Sr. Angela Berthold, Picayune, MS, Sr. Karen Bertucci, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Kelly Bertucci, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Christopher Bethea, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr Glenda Beverly, Ruleville, MS, Sr. Deborah Beyea, Clinton, MS, Sr. Esther Beyer, Carriere, MS, Jr. Suzanne Bienvenue, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Suzette Bienvenue, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Trenton Bilbo, Clinton, MS, Sr. Anna Bino, Columbus, MS, So. Barbara Bishop, Long Beach, MS, Sr. Patricia Bishop, Destin, FL, So. Stephen Bishop, Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Stephen Bittick, Brandon, MS, Sr. Jane Blackledge, Laurel, MS, Fr. Bretta Blackman, Canton, MSFr. lda Blackmon, Canton, MS, Sr. Marcia Blackwell, Madison, MS, Michele Blackwell, Runnelstown, MS, Sr Cary Blaes, Mobile, AL, Jr. Clinton Blake, Tylertown, MS, Jr. Jim Blake, Tylertown, MS, So. Misty Blake, Berlin, West Germany, So Rebecca Blake, Slidell, LA, Fr. Richard Blake, Columbus, MS, Fr. Berger-Blake 285 Sonya Blakeley, Edwards, MS, So. Belinda Blakeney, Jackson, MS, Sr. Cathy Blakeslee, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Laura Blakeslee, Gulfport, MS, Fr. Jerrie Blalock, Centreville, MS, Jr. Steven Blalock, Centreville, MS, So. Tamara Bland, Macon, MS, Fr. Marriet Blansett, Columbia, MS, Fr. Catherine Blevins, Covington, LA, Fr. Martin Blount, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Alan Blue, Pensacola, FL, Jr. David Blue, Pensacola, FL, So. Shirley Blue, Laurel, MS, Sr. Davida Blyler, Ocean City, NJ, Sr. Rhonda Bookout, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Christine Bodden, Moss Point, MS, Jr. Alfreda Body, Newton, MS, Jr Barbara Bolden, Bay Springs, MS, Sr. Jeffery Bolden, Picayune, MS, Sr. LaSandra Boler, Union, MS, Jr. Bridgette Bolling, Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Doug Bolt, Marietta, Ga, Sr. Karl Bolt, Marietta, GA, So. Sandra Bolton, Beaumont, MS, Sr. Cheryl Bond, Waynesboro, MS, Sr. Sharon Bond, Wiggins, MS, Jr. Angela Bonds, Magnolia, MS, Gr. Tammy Bondurant, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Eric Boney, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Tammy Bonnette, Mendenhall, MS, So. Teresa Booker, Meredian, MS, Fr. Tonya Boone, Angie, LA, Fr. Margaret Booth, Birmingham, AL, So. Maury Booth, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Lynne Bostick, Brandon, MS, Sr. Julius Boston, Meredian, MS, Fr. Bridget Bounds, Biloxi, MS, So. Mark Bounds, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. N. Jean Bounda, Magee, MS, Jr. Nicole Bounds, Brandon, MS, Jr. Kirk Bourgeois, Bay St. Louis, MS, So. Damea Bourne, Columbia, MS, Sr. Emily Bourne, Columbia, MS, Jr. Michael Bourne, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Sara Bourne, Columbia, MS, Fr. Marian Boutwell, Petal, MS, Jr. Kristin Bowles, Bay St. Louis, MS, So. Tracy Bowels, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Blakely-Bowles ,QV . 'Q 6. I W. 44 'jf' gn. F fl, '. 'Siu ' ' -F 134, if K t . 1 , as .. f Y' J s. 5- 0' 'c' " x N . 1- V i J v 'T li-sf, if 'N " hd u . Ulyzaig '. fs ,, we Q ,. F 4 ' - 1, 11. ' bl ,,,g f ,X ' 'w if , ' , f .4 xr '- S ' . 6 1 . ,p A- A yy aiu I he x. " u f f A 'Yu , L, ,f 'j V , ig" 'Y in ' Vi' o '.' -' 1' g ly .1 f t liftx' 5 5 . V, li lsr. ,,. 5 nm N i 4 s. 'l --1 ,,,,,,,,!! at , lf f if wi' r I Zi A, a vw if I 1 9 ,A . Q .- -sf L gf ut . -' lfy svi 1 J , , l Q' 1 ' 4, Y' In i ,., V' 'IW 7 """'?f, 3 'T +- fs. i 'f +46 Q. 0' .2 in I " E .- .Q ti I 3 i A YI M Ui E5 I li .qA H ,"- l ":' - X , ua Q. fffibnm If i .,.,. ' -,- Ni ef- A ,ti Q W e ct,- V, -1 is -is -A , 2ff1..fgff A , 3 M4 1 I Swag! I 4 I 1-1 4 L.. X1 G. its 1 4 .v i flxyfif -v " W F .Q 4 it an .f i V Es ss ' f f v Q . I 'Q' P12 Q l th, K K 3 i iff V 2' 5 QE, ZW -275. .1 ',.1 X! vw in . -, ,. nl :1r'l Wa Terry Bowles, Picayune, MS, Sr. Donna Box, Ocean Springs, MS, Sr. Jimmy Boyd, Laurel, MS, Jr. Patty Boyd, Prentiss, MS, Jr. Phyllis Boykin, Meridian, MS, Jr. James Boykins, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Donna Boyles, Waynesboro, MS, Jr. Camille Bozeman, Leesburg, MS, So. Jennifer Bradford, Ocean Springs, MS, Jr. Zoneice Bradford, Amory, MS, Fr. Vincent Bradley, Horley, MS, Sr. Barry Brady, Grenada, MS, Jr. Jill Brady, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Anna Bracero, Gulfport, MS, So. Trisha Bragg, Vancleave, MS, Fr. Neresa Brannan, Purvis, MS, Jr. Jennifer Branson, Jackson, MS, Fr. Vicki Branum, Jackson, MS, Sr. Cynthia Breard, Meredian, MS, Sr. Elgin Breazeale, Mendenhall, MS, So. Lisa Breckenridge, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Timothy Breedlove, Jackson, MS, Fr. Brenda Brevard, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Billy Brewer, New Augusta, MS, Fr. Kateri Brewer, Charleston, SC, Sr. Patsy Brewer, Clara, MS, Jr. Ricky Brewer, Brandon, MS, Jr. Zenith Brewer, Eilisville, MS, Sr. Jonson Bridges, Joliet, lL, Fr. Liesa Bridges, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Veleace Bright, Kosciusko, MS, Sr. Jeffery Bristol, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Becky Britt, Brookhaven, MS, Jr. Greg Britt, Wesson, MS, Sr. Derrell Britton, Greenville, MS, Fr. Natalie Broadus, Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Kelly Brock, Jackson, MS, Sr. Laurie Brock, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Delma Brooks, Lexington, MS, Fr. Edith Brooks, Natchez, MS, Sr. Lorraine Brooks, Mound Bayou, MS, Sr. Mallory Brooks, Covington, LA, So. Monique Brooks, Columbus, MS, Jr. Bernadette Broome, Jackson, MS, Fr. Jessica Broome, Seminary, MS, Fr. Pamela Broussard, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Alice Brown, Lucedale, MS, Jr. Angela Brown, Raleigh, MS, Sr. Bowles-Brown 2 Augusta Brown, Jackson, Ms, Fr. Charlotte Brown, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr Cindy Brown, Jackson, Ms, Sr. Dorris Brown, Columbia, Ms, Sr. Ethel Brown, Monticello, Ms, Jr. Jacqueline Brown, Biloxi, Ms, So. James Brown, Mendenhall, Ms, Sr. Jocelyn Brown, Jackson, Ms, Sr. Joe Brown, Meridian, Ms, Jr. Julia Brown, Hattiesburg, Ms, Jr. Karla Brown, Amory, Ms, Fr. Katie Brown, Pearl, Ms, Jr. Keith Brown, Lucedale, Ms, Jr. Kristie Brown, Petal, Ms, Fr. Linda Brown, Axis, Al, Sr. Melissa Brown, Pascagoula, Ms, Jr. Paula Brown, McComb, Ms, So. Peter Brown, Birmingham, Al, So. Roberta Brown, Hattiesburg, Ms, So. Rose Brown, Jackson, Ms, Sr. Rosezetta Brown, Durant, Ms, Jr. Betsy Browne, Hattiesburg, Ms, So. Robin Browne, Long Beach, Ms, Fr. Bill Bruffey, Biloxi, Ms, So. Michael Bruffey, Biloxi, Ms, Fr. Calvin Brumfield, McComb, Ms, Jr. Mary Brumfield, Foxworth, Ms, Fr. Chris Bennett, New Orleans, La, So. Emily Bryant, Raleigh, Ms, Jr. Lenita Bryant, McComb, Ms, So. Rhonda Bryant, Houston, Ms, Sr. Terra Bryant, McComb, Ms, Sr. 288 Brown-Bryant 4 Y A fx - ' ,A xt ' 'li lfY""YY CS ,.x n. ll 0 'Ll ! Wmwili' ffftfr a M Q 1- -- H Sl lil I , Begg? . , , ',n-.,-,,.,,, --L. lf 'M af. Q11 f :ii - Q X P' ,L H yr l 12 Ji 1. Ag sv- 52 1 EN 4' V 0'- V 1 Vx: g ,' -V, ft- t L l .un-. . X , . 4 B, M Wk A . ,E , ji .- i ' I I G T '13, " " Yi ', ' f x - 2, S s Q - N 1, ' -an i :ser ' . r l L5 A' r L l 5- -V' M bl A" - I A . f., Lf: A ' 4 J 'nr I 1 1 . 4 , ' 4. .ww , . 'l...,4Q'2 1-.1 ..,,. .M 1 JNW, - gf Q. wi ks 4 6? K Qi' 6 Charise Buckley, Gulfport, Ms, Sr. Richard Buckman, Pachuta, Ms, Fr. Gale Budlove, Satartia, Ms, Fr. Lisa Buell, Vicksburg, Ms, Jr. Linh Bui, Biloxi, Ms, Jr. Shawn Bullard, Biloxi, Ms, Sr. Teresa Bullard, Hazlehurst, Ms, Sr. Lisa Bullock, Columbia, Ms, Fr. Randell Bullock, Columbia, Ms, Fr. Susan Bullock, Prentiss, Ms, Jr. Lynda Buntyn, Moss Point, Ms, Jr. Nancy Buntyn, Union, Ms, Sr. Lena Buford, Greenville, Ms, Jr. Quent Burge, Popularville, Ms, Sr. Scott Burgess, Brandon, Ms, So. Zelma Burgess, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. Angela Burke, Wiggins, Ms, Fr. Earl Burke, Vicksburg, Ms, Fr. Theodore Burke, Mobile, Al, Sr. Angela Burkett, Jackson, Ms, Sr. Ruthie Burkett, Columbia, Ms, Jr. Craig Burley, Brandon, Ms, Fr. Jay Burnell, Sarasota, Fl, So. Vicky Burnham, Collins, Ms, Sr. Stephanie Burns, Vicksburg, Ms, So. Tony Burns, Biloxi, Ms, So. Deon Burt, Biloxi, Ms, So. Derrick Burton, Biloxi, Ms, Sr. Lisa Burton, Meridian, Ms, Sr. Donald Busby, Picayune, Ms, So. Cheri Bush, Hattiesburg, Ms, Fr. Elizabeth Bush, Hattiesburg, Ms, Jr. Melissa Bush, Laurel, Ms, Jr. Temple Bush, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. Jonna Butler, Hattiesburg, Ms, Fr. Jeoffrey, Bynum, Taylorsville, Ms, Jr Amanda Byrd, Brookhaven, Ms, Sr. Jerome Byrd, Harrisville, Ms, Sr. Michael Byrd, Perkinston, Ms, Jr. Thyra Byrd, Pachuta, Ms, Jr. Vanessa Byrd, Pachuta, Ms, Jr. Sue Byrkit, Ft. Knox, Ky, So. Ferris Byxbe, Lumberton, Ms, Jr. Bruce Cain, Geneva, Al, Jr. Angela Calder, Brandon, Ms, Sr. Chris Calhoun, Pascagoula, Ms, Sr. Trudy Calhoun, Jackson, Ms, Fr. Richard Callahan, Poplarville, Ms, Sr Buckley-Callahan 289 ' R l Kathryn Colvert, Mobile, Al, So. Dee Cameron, Crystal Springs, Ms, So. Linda Cameron, Cleveland, Ms, Jr. Stacy Cameron, Hattisburg, Ms, Fr. i Westley Cameron, Hattiesburg, Ms, So. Stacey Calloway, Laurel, Ms, Jr. in 1 ' .--'?,f .. "zaf"' W 'Wi Q K A Robin Campbell, Meridian, Ms, Sr. ' ' - Sidney Campbell, Liberty, Ms, Sr. lx Susanne Campbell, Vicksburg, Ms, Jr. - Tonni Campbell, Lumberton, Ms, Jr. Wendy Campbell, Jackson, Ms, Fr. Hernando Canabal, Columbia, Jr. , if Chris Canard, Hattiesburg, Ms, So. Jeffery Carey, Pascagoula, Ms, Jr. Kevin Carlisle, Natchez, Ms, Sr. 41- A Dorothy Carmichael, Jackson, Ms, Jr. N John Carney, Hattiesburg, Ms, So. Tammy Carney, Biloxi, Ms, Fr. l ,Q Angela Carpenter, Vicksburg, Ms, Fr. Christine Carpenter, Jackson, Ms, Fr. Lori Carpenter, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. Lauren Carraway, Jackson, Ms, Fr. Charles Carrico, Belleville, ll, Sr. Carmelita Carroll, Greenville, Ms, Fr. Frances Carrubba, Long Beach, Ms, Sr. A John Carson, Jackson, Ms, Sr. 8, 'tl Janice Carter, Biloxi, Ms, Sr. ty 5 ' Jennifer Carter, Bay St. Louis, Ms, So. f V yl, V ti, Q Michael Carter, Biloxi, Ms, Jr. ,- i A u,,,4fVv J , ' Kurshell Carter, Kosciusko, Ms, Fr. J 3, .9 fr., -' , , . mfr A Melody Carter, Gulfport, Ms, Sr. V Patton Carter, Wiggins, Ms, Sr. Rita Carter, Shubuta, Ms, Fr. X l , , Russell Carter, Jackson, Ms, Fr. AQ Sharon Carter, Canton, Ms, So. L . Victoria Carter, Biloxi, Ms, So. Virginia Casio, Petal, Ms, So. Lisa Cascio, Seminary, Ms, Fr. David Castle, Clinton, Ms, Jr. Jaime Castillo, Hattiesburg, Ms, Fr. Donna Castle, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. Michele Catchot, Biloxi, Ms, So. James Cathey, Vicksburg, Ms, Jr. Valeria Cathey, Vicksburg, Ms, So. Michael Causey, Jackson, Ms, So. William Causey, Pascagoula, Ms, Jr. Luisa Caveda, Hattiesburg, Ms, Jr. Jennifer Caveny, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. 4 290 Calloway-Caveny k W rvwrrdiq Q3 Victor Cavola, Memphis, Tn, So. Lillie Certion, Oxford, Ms, Sr. Jerry Chambers, Mendenhall, Ms, Sr. Mona Chambers, Forest, Ms, Fr. Robin Chambers, Gulfport, Ms, Sr. Karen Champion, Biloxi, Ms, Jr. Mandy Chan, Yazoo City, Ms, Fr. Kim Chancelor, Jackson, Ms, Sr. Jonathan Chancey, Magee, Ms, Fr. Tonya Chaney, Millry, Al, So. Erin Chapman, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. Megan Chapman, Hattiesburg, Ms, Fr. Robin Chapman, Clinton, Ms, Jr. Winifred Chapman, Biloxi, Ms, Sr. Conner Charles, Brandon, Ms, So. William Chatham, Meridian, Ms, Sr. Bharat Chatkara, Jackson, Ms, Sr. Pojen Cheng, Hsinchu, Taiwan, Gr. Koktiong Chew, lpoh, Perak, Jr. Kristi Childress, Huntsville, Al, So. Michelle Chiniche, Bay St. Louis, Ms, Fr. Gerald Christian, Vicksburg, Ms, Jr, Yew Chua, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sr. Freddie Chuah, lpoh, Malaysia, Gr. Ki Wing Chui, Hong Kong, Jr. Kim Ciano, Pensacola, Fl, So. Doreen Ciesiel, Seminole, Fl, Sr. Bruce Clanton, Meadville, Ms, Fr. Chris Clark, Hattiesburg, Ms, So. Eugene Clark, Brandon, Ms, So. George Clark, Brandon, Ms, Jr. Gina Clark, Laurel, Ms, Jr. Jennifer Clark, Sumrall, Ms, Jr. Lana Clark, Hattiesburg, Ms, Fr. Mary Clark, Ellisville, Ms, Jr. Raymond Clark, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. Russell Clark, Laurel, Ms, Jr. Sam Clark, Jackson, Ms, Sr. Samuel Clark, Ellisville, Ms, Jr. Sharon Clark, Sumrall, Ms, So. Catherine Clearman, New Orleans, La, So Carol Clifton, Ocean Springs, Ms, Jr. Connie Clinton, Hattiesburg, Ms, Jr. Christi Clements, Forest, Ms, Fr. Deborah Clemons, Florence, Ms, Sr. Richard Cloud, Slidell, La, Sr. Dennis Cochran, New Augusta, Ms, Jr. Katherine Cochran, Hattiesburg, Ms, So. Cavola-Cochran 291 Romona Cochran, Waynesboro, Ms, Jr. Robby Cody, Birmingham, Al, Sr. Gordon Cole, Prentiss, Ms, Sr. Jacqueline Cole, Dekalb, Ms, Sr. Lucinda Cole, Dekalb, Ms, Sr. Robert Cole, Pace, Fl, Sr. Cassandra Coleman, Ellisville, Ms, Jr Craig Coleman, Greenville, Ms, Jr. Kelly Coleman, Natchez, Ms, Fr. Lacey Coleman, Hazlehurst, Ms, Jr. Leta Coleman, Mobile, Al, Jr. Sarah Coleman, Crawford, Ms, Sr. Nathaniel Collier, Yazoo City, Ms, Sr. Betty Collins, Summit, Ms, Jr. Kelly Collins, Pensacola, Fl, Fr. Lisa G. Collins, Mobile, Ms, Sr. Lisa M. Collins, Jackson, Ms, Fr. Clint Collom, Vancleave, Ms, Fr. Bryan Combest, Stonewall, Ms, So. Suzanne Comegys, Natchez, Ms, Fr. Roxanne Compton, Texarkana, Tx, Sr. Jeanette Conerly, McComb, Ms, Sr. Philip Connell, Meridian, Ms, Jr. James Conner, Smithdale, Ms, Sr. Donna Cook, Flint, Mi, Sr. Donna M. Cook, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. Karen Cook, Utica, Ms, Jr. Kathy Cook, Utica, Ms, Sr. Kimberly Cook, Lucedale, Ms, Sr. Suzanne Cook, Hattiesburg, Ms, Jr. Amy Cooley, Columbus, ln, Fr. Karen Cooley, Columbus, In, Fr. 292 Cochran-Cooley r' ' -' " . Q , L .N '- 0-4' .Qs 5 -nil .ri If S " I I E Q .1 Q " I lf ' 41 x l 'X sv ,Q .- M K I . X ! If ll is l ' 1 96 ...- - , f Qi 'f, i,i 1, , . 64 K 4 t A 533 . W if nj A 4 s f 5' 4- hr' ... 1 'Sa S . 2 ,JM l 1 N X ,W 0' iss sa- V R V 1 r - . if . ' '.. K A, 1 '51 " 1 A' 4 lk To J ' if I tr 3 .1 ' . gf . Q it lx, fi. new 3 . .If , . S" :fn jx , Q 8, . ,,-r- 'N , 0 ,X , 'M ' ' 3 D- 'vm L 'QTL 'n" 74 5 N ' 1' M , I ' .regex 'A rai. ,M I V 'wif 'it ZKJ aw, . .. 7 S K . . it Cr ' J i' 4 YX X T? 5. fx ,y s i Q. Ja X Jo Cooley, New Orleans, La, Jr. Rodney Cooley, Vossburg, Ms, Jr. Adrienne Cooper, Gulfport, Ms, Jr. Cynthia Cooper, McComb, Ms, Sr. Lance Cooper, Clinton, Ms, Sr. Raewyn Cooper, Opotiki, New Zealand, Daniel Cooter, Carriere, Ms, Sr. Swan Copeland, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. Mary Corbello, Iowa, La, So. Odessa Cork, Louise, Ms, Fr. Wanda Cork, Louise, Ms, Jr. Wanda E. Cork, Louise, Ms, Jr. Walter Cotson, Mobile, Al, Jr. Joseph Cotten, Huntsville, AI, Gr. David Cotten, Mobile, Al, Fr. Sammi Couch, Meridian, Ms, Fr. Amye Coulter, New Hebron, Ms, Fr. Teresa Coulter, Prentiss, Ms, Jr. Francis Coulters, Vicksburg, Ms, Sr. Tonie Ann Coumanis, Mobile, Al, Sr. Patricia Courtenay, Gulfport, Ms, Sr. Kym Courtney, Florence, Ms, Jr. James Covington, Crawford, Ms, Fr. Donna Cowan, Natchez, Ms, Jr. Shari Cowan, Biloxi, Ms, Jr. Steven Cowan, Hattiesburg, Ms, Jr. Vincent Cowann, Pascagoula, Ms, Fr. Carolyn Cowart, Lucedale, Ms, Sr. Dana Cowart, Ocean Springs, Ms, Fr. Karen Cowart, Gautier, Ms, Jr. Rebecca Cowart, Lucedale, Ms, So. Cami Cox, Columbia, Ms, Fr. Kathy Cox, Bolton, Ms, Jr. Tracy Cox, Falkner, Ms, Jr. Rena Craft, Jayess, Ms, Sr. Cindy Crane, Clinton, Ms, Sr. Sheila Crane, Jackson, Ms, Sr. Scott Craven, Collinsville, Ms, Sr. Buddy Crawford, Jackson, Ms, Jr. Charles Crawford, Magee, Ms, Fr. Gerald Crawford, Enterprise, La, Sr. Kelly Crawford, Pensacola, Ms, Fr. Tammy Crawford, Pelahatchie, Ms, Jr. Wanda Creigh, Detroit, Mi, Sr. Claudia Creekmore,Grenada, Ms, Sr. Dana Crenshaw, Hernando, Ms, Fr. Lisa Crenshaw, Brandon, Ms, Jr. Jay Crew, Jackson, Ms, Jr. Cooley-Crew 293 Noreen Crews, Gautier, Ms, Sr. Jim Criss, Grenada, Ms, Fr. Paul Crochet, Wiggins, Ms, Sr. Steven Crower, Ocean Springs, Ms, Fr Dawn Crowninshield, Biloxi, Ms, Fr. Jeff Crowninshield, Biloxi, Ms, Jr. Eddie Cruthirds, Gulfport, Ms, Jr. Leslie Cuccaro, Long Beach, Ms, Fr. Kirk Cuvas, Gulfport, Ms, Jr. Hew Culley, Meridian, Ms, Fr. Sandra Culumber, Biloxi, Ms, Sr. Brad Cundiff, Hattiesburg, Ms, Jr. Jacob Cunningham, Moss Point, Ms, S Timothy Currie, Pensacola, Fl, Fr. Aprile Curry, Hattiesburg, Ms, Fr. Chad Currey, Petal, Ms, Fr. Candace Curtis, Utica, Ms, Fr. Chad Curtis, Utica, Ms, Sr. Dayna Curtis, Hattiesburg, Ms, Fr. Patricia Dalton, Slidell, La, So. Louis Daniel, Pascagoula, Ms, Sr. Thomas Daniel, Pascagoula, Ms, Sr. Troy Daniels, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. Angela Dannemueller, Biloxi, Ms, Jr. Daphne D'Aquilla, Ocean Springs, Ms, Anthony Darling, Aurora, SI, Sr. Shannon Daughdrill, Brandon, Ms, Jr. Diane Davidson, Pascagoula, Ms, So. William Davidson, Escataqpa, Ms, Sr. Paolo Davini, Massarosa, Italy, So. Angela Davis, Picayune, Ms, So. Budder Davis, Waynesboro, Ms, Jr. Deborah Davis, Biloxi, Ms, Sr. June Davis, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. Horace Davis, Clarksdale, Ms, Jr. Karen Davis, Ovett, Ms, Jr. Karen L. Davis, Mendenhall, Ms, Fr. Kimberly Davis, Slidell, La, Fr. Linda Davis, McNeil, Ms, Jr. Melvin Davis, Quitman, Ms, So. Mitchell Davis, Lucedale, Ms, Jr. "Run DMC" Davis, Shannon, Ms, So. Shannon Davis, Mobile, Al, Sr. Tammy Davis, Clara, Ms, Fr. Tina Davis, Jackson, Ms, Jr. Wendy Davis, Hazlehurst, Ms, Sr. Amy Day, Jackson, Ms, So. Dana Davis, San Pedro, Ca, So. 294 Crews-Davis I'. J li 'S ,, . 9 O , , 4 5 ie M. A ' .1 4 v. Ar, s ,., r 'V V' I 1 ng. 9 v uf 1. 'N L 'sw Nan ,b va. IW: 44 Yu ' tv it KE x,. .1 i-'. ' 'lf ii' fin M 'Q' , A . - V ,, ,, 7 , 23 it iamezll 'l L 'r Y r ' 1 ' , i I a ., ' jf J: ' I Q Y' fl., I x , ' iv. Q' 4 -f , ZA., , X 1 I' M5 I ,. f is 1, A n S it gl I 'A N ,V ,, 4 , W W , 9"- 'ixrt' J V ..,,.x 3 Qt , , ,,. xr 1 if . 5 If ' I if it 7 B ' 1 -1.- .f , Y -,z'12,L, f:f' ' ,aizftiriiz L . Q! -' by 64 9 'R' GL' . fx.- if 1 'f ! YH V as ,bg s. , I l .I 4 +,, ,n,,,.,:, ' i.'.-' 1 , , 51 ., :cali ' 6. " . ff . iff: .. u WI... 0 . ,-,Q Ay, .9 ,Wa 74,1 yy .ii . 74, 1 V ,X :fx Q' . ,g?I,, ,,, ' , ' f' Wai, 'sf if "nf 5 's . KA' ' , M 6 J' T wi Z, , K . .. 1 . - o ,Q D A N "" , . - .f y ' . . tiki' 'I A V 1 AA ' lg' , ,3 ff W , r. . i, .. . l r "..V:. . wif . M "- rg , " 5- . ,If .' ' -if ' c-V' V fiwf ff? . L tt 1 A fi' f A V - -, '12 Nt, . ' 'ii . W 5 I 9 V' A1 i WV, . . .3 'll' F41 . b 3.1 .5 " " Q.. '-'... ', . lu.. . , 2-if '- . V y Q '3- Darlene Dean, Laurel, Ms, Fr. Michelle DeArmas, Biloxi, Ms, Sr. Tamrtha Dean, Jackson, Ms, Fr. Lori Dear, Jackson, Ms, So. Donald Deaton, Natchez, Ms, Sr. Greg Dedeaux, Long Beach, Ms, Jr. Joyce Deer, McComb, Ms, Jr. Wendy Deemy, Clara, Ms, Jr. Daniel Deer, Smithdale, Ms, Jr. Bart deJourdan, Alberta, Canada, Sr. Michael Dellacroce, Ocean Springs, Ms Edgar deLos Santos, Gulfport, Ms, So. Janice Demoruelle, Biloxi, Ms, So. Jerry Dendinger, Covington, La, So. Renee Dennis, Brooklyn, Ms, Fr. William Dent, Quitman, Ms, Fr. Jennifer Denton, Brooklyn, Ms, Sr. Melanie Denton, Forest, Ms, Sr. Joseph Derowan, Gulfport, Ms, Sr. Debbie Dewett, McComb, Ms, Sr. Donald Diboll, Bay St. Louis, Ms, Sr. James Dickerson, Waynesboro, Ms, Sr. Kenneth Dickerson, Lucedale, Ms, Sr. Beth Dickson, Magee, Ms, So. Thompson Dickson, Magee, Ms, Sr. Donald Dieckman, Jackson, Ms, Sr. Michael Digiacomy, Biloxi, Ms, Jr. Lauren Dill, New Orleans, La, Fr. Tony Dillard, New Albany, Ms, So. David Dillard, Laurel, Ms, Jr. Margaret Dillard, Laurel, Ms, Gr. Robert Dillard, Clinton, Ms, Jr. Timothy Dillard, New Albany, Ms, So. Lee Dilley, Long Beach, Ms, Sr. Jennifer Dillon, Summit, Ms, Sr. Eric Dilworth, Corinth, Greece, Sr. John DiStefano, Biloxi, Ms, So. Laura DiStefano, Natchez, Ms, Jr. Timothy Dixon, Rome, Ga, Sr. Janice Doaty, Greenville, Ms, So. Katie Dobie, Mt. Hermon, La, Jr. Joyce Dobson, Long Beach, Ms, Jr. Billy Dodd, Brookhaven, Ms, Sr. Sandra Doherty, Pendleton, Or, Sr. Kim Donelson, Jackson, Ms, So. Scott Doner, Popularville, Ms, Fr. Chuck Donlin, Pass Christina, Ms, Sr. Tracie Doody, Slidell, La, Fr. Dean-Doody 295 Alice Dossett, Hattiesburg, Ms, Jr. Leisa Doggette, Laurel, Ms, So. Dee Dougherty, Ocean Springs, Ms, Sr Dena Douglass, Meridian, Ms, Sr. Kimberly Dowe, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. Laurie Downes, Picayune, Ms, Sr. Curtis Dozier, Laurel, Ms, Sr. Ruth Drake, Jackson, Ms, Fr. Dan Drane, Live Oak, FI, Sr. Rex Draughn, Petal, Ms, Sr. Charlette Dubose, Meridian, Ms, Sr. Chrissy Dubuisson, Metairie, La, Fr. Terri Ducarpe, Picayune, Ms, Sr. Suzanne Duck, Liberty, Ms, So. Tamra Duckworth, Pearl, Ms, Jr. Shannon Dudley, Laurel, Ms, Fr. Karen Duffie, Slidell, La, Fr. Chad Dufrene, Galliano, La, Fr. Joel Dukes, Gulfport, Ms, Fr. Monica Dukes, Mobile, AI, Sr. Carol Cunaway, McComb, Ms, Sr. Vanessa Dunaway, Jayess, Ms, Sr. Laura Dungan, Southfield, Mi, Jr. Kyle Dunlap, Pensacola, Fl, Fr. Joseph Dunn, Cresteview, Fl, Fr. Kevin Dunn, Independence, La, Fr. Sheila Dunn, Hattiesburg, Ms, So. Shelly Dunn, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. Sudrick Dunn, Meridian, Ms, Fr. Angela Dunston, Gautier, Ms, So. Amy Duvall, Waynesboro, Ms, Sr. Mickey Duvall, Texas City, Tx, Jr. Daphane Dykes, Brandon, Ms, Fr. Easy E, Jackson, Ms, Jr. Clifton Eakes, Meridian, Ms, Gr. John Eakes, Meridian, Ms, Jr. Helen Earls, Silver Creek, Ms, Jr. Monica Easterling, Brandon, Ms, Fr. Terry Easterling, Vicksburg, Ms, Fr. Kay Eckert, Ocean Springs, Ms, Sr. Antoinette Echols, Columbia, Ms, Sr. Larry Edmonds, Wahalak, Ms, Jr. Lisa Edmonds, Scooba, Ms, Sr. Stacey Edmunds, Gulfport, Ms, Sr. Lawrence Edon, Jackson, Ms, Sr. Andy Edwards, Gulfport, Ms, Jr. Cindy Edwards, Richton, Ms, Sr. Cindy R. Edwards, Sulpher, La, Sr. 296 Dossett-Ed wards H4 'A H 1 S?'Wf,Y"' l 3 P Y t, X -I 'Ia 4 ll 5' 'EXP v , lx 0-.. Ht. 6- 7 4 5' 4 12 Q: W ' ' ' l g? .fi Cynthia Edwards, Gulfport, Ms, Sr. Phyllis Egnew, Columbus, Ms, Jr. Jennifer Ell, Greenville, Ms, So. Arden Ellis, Columbus, Ms, Jr. Catherine Ellis, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. David Ellner, Jackson, Ms, Fr. Christy Ellzey, Pascagoula, Ms, Sr. Anthony Embry, Lambert, Ms, Jr. Cristy Endsley, Laurel, Ms, Sr. Yolanda Epps, Cruger, Ms, Fr. Douglas Ervin, Tylertown, Ms, Sr. Ronda Erwin, Malvern, Ar, Gr. Debra Escher, Pascagoula, Ms, Fr. Thomas Eselin, Pascagoula, Ms, Fr. Ann Esposito, Biloxi, Ms, Sr. Lisa Estapa, Bay St. Louis, Ms, Jr. Carol Estes, Hattiesburg, Ms, Jr. Lisa Etheridge, Pascagoula, Ms, So. Ted Evan, Hattiesburg, Ms, Bernard Evans, West Point, Ms, So. Deborah Evans, Summit, Ms, So. Karen Evans, Meridian, Ms, Jr. Keith Evans, Waynesboro, Ms, Jr. Tineneta Evans, Moss Point, Ms, Fr. Pamela Expose, Columbia, Ms, Jr. Monique Fageins, Senatobia, Ms, Jr Geoff Fairchild, Pensacola, Fl, So. Jay Fairley, Petal, Ms, Fr. Melissa Fairley, Jackson, Ms, Fr. Renee Fallin, Natchez, Ms, Sr. Cliff Falls, Picayune, Ms, Fr. Chantal Famularo, New Orleans, La Fr Kelly Faris, Monticello, Ms, Fr. Gary Farlow, Hattiesburg, Ms, So. Bryan Farmer, Ocean Springs, Ms, Sr Mike Farmer, Clinton, Ms, Jr. Paul Farmer, Bogalusa, La, Sr. Angela Farragut, Pascagoula, Ms, Jr Edwards-Farragut 297 Sonja Farrar, Picayune, Ms, Sr. Loralee Farrior, Pascagoula, Ms, Sr. Timothy Farris, Hattiesburg, Ms, So. James Farrish, Decatur, Al, Jr. Lee Farrow, Ocean Springs, Ms, Jr. Suzette Fayard, Ocean Springs, Ms, Sr. Laura Fazzio, Ocean Springs, Ms, Fr. Benr lieayin, Citronelle, Al, Sr. Danny Beemster, Saucier, Ms, So. Stacy Felder, Summit, Ms, Sr. Corinne Felton, Fayette, Ms, Sr. David Ferguson, Brandon, Ms, Sr. Majroei Ferguson, Woodville, Ms, Jr. Ellen Ferrell, Huntsville, Al, Jr. Terri Ficken, Hattiesburg, Ms, Jr. Brian Filibeck, Gulfport, Ms, Sr. Christi Finch, Monticello, Ms, Jr. Holly Finch, Monticello, Ms, Sr. Albert Fink, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. Robert Finke, Oklahoma, Ok, So. Prestena Finley, Jackson, Ms, Sr. Alice Fish, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. Barry Fisher, Hattiesburg, Ms, So. Beverly Fisher, Utica, Ms, Sr. Sandra Fisher, West, Ms, Sr. Gene Fitts, Gulfport, Ms, So. Martin Fitts, Myrtle, Ms, So. I ...X il l .t 4 . 'ff JoAnn Fiveash, Hattiesburg, Ms, Fr. .b Charles Flax, Camden, Ms, Sr. 4 Q K Robert Fleming, Slidell, La, Gr. ,W . Aix, X, Q I e Thomas Florimonte, New Augusta, Ms, , 4' Billy Floyd, Natchez, Ms, Fr. Robin Floyd, Gulfport, Ms, Jr. , Rochelle Floyd, Gulfport, Ms, Fr. 'T l Wendy Floyd, Morton, Ms, Fr. i -, Jay Foil, Franklinton, La, Fr. ,,,. V 3' "W fwfr Kathy Ford, Canton, Ms, Jr. 1-we n John Formby, Picayune, Ms, Sr. 1,5 T Sheri Fornea, Sandy Hook, Ms, Fr. 3 ' Tiffanie Fornea, Bogalusa, La, Fr. 'YH J " Catherine Forster, Regina, Canada, So. Daniel Forte, Mandeville, La, So. ' 5' 4-a, if Vincent Forte, Mandeville, La, Jr. X, 'y Y ' ju r , 44 l,,Q.l 'fy Cynthia Fortenberry, Collins, Ms, Jr. l O V 'V W y 5 ' 4' Gina Fortenberry, Gulfport, Ms, Jr. , K ,. , " u Joseph Fortenberry, Columbia, Ms, Sr. , ,' , 6 5, I A. ,Q Kristin Fortenberry, Hattiesburg, Ms, Fr. W lg ' ' "'- ' 1 Ted Fortenberry, Tylertown, Ms, Sr. Q- ,X I 298 Farrar-Fortenberry Richard Fortinberry, Biloxi, Ms, Sr. lvon Foster, Pascagoula, Ms, So. Joseph Foster, Pascagoula, Ms, Fr. Sonya Fountain, Biloxi, Ms, Jr. Tonya Fountain, Biloxi, Ms, Jr. Eric Fowler, Gloster, Ms, Sr. Sandra Fowler, Ocean Springs, Ms, Sr. Laura Fowlkes, Amory, Ms, Sr. Lamar Foy, Hattiesburg, Ms, So. Paul Frasier, Yazoo City, Ms, Jr. Cynthia France, New Orleans, La, So. Juan Franco, Cali, Colombia, Sr. James Franovich, Pascagoula, Ms, Jr. Stephen Fraser, Ocean Springs, Ms, Sr. Beverly Frates, Paxton, Ne, Gr. Samuel Frazier, Hattiesburg, Ms, So. Joe Free, Hattiesburg, Ms, Fr. Cynthia French, Biloxi, Ms, Sr. Larry French, Hattiesburg, Ms, So. Tracy Frizzell, Biloxi, Ms, Jr. Richard Frye, Brandon, Ms, Fr. Jessica Fuller, Vader, Wa, Sr. SI6 Jam Fuller, Starkville, Ms, Sr. Gary Fulton, Biloxi, Ms, Jr. Elmo Gabbert, Meadville, Ms, Jr. Kristen Gaines, Picayune, Ms, So. Sandra Gaines, Purvis, Ms, Jr. Donald Gall, McComb, Ms, Jr. Byron Galloway, Pearl, Ms, Sr. Miguel Galo, San Salvador, El Salvador, Sr Shewana Gamblin, Laurel, Ms, Fr. Eng Gan, Kuala Humpur, Malaysia, So. Tina Garbo, Jackson, Ms, Sr. Angela Garcia, Laurel, Ms, Sr. Donna Garcia, Slidell, La, Fr. Jamie Gardner, Hattiesburg, Ms, Fr. Christopher Gardner, Vicksburg, Ms, Jr. Kimberly Gardner, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. Sheila Garland, Biloxi, Ms, Jr. Dobie Garrett, Biloxi, Ms, Sr. Don Garrett, Selma, Al, Jr. Marlo Garrett, Biloxi, Ms, Jr. Valerie Garrett, Gautier, Ms, Jr. Stan Gartman, Ocean Springs, Ms, Jr. Patricia Gates, Amory, Ms, Sr. Sandra Gates, Wiggins, Ms, Fr. Ted Gates, Ocean Springs, Ms, So. Tim Gatlin, Myrick, Ms, Sr. Fortinberry-Gatlin 299 Robert Gaudet, Gulfport, Ms, Jr. Susan Geisenhoff, Bay Springs, Ms, Sr. Delores Genetris, Moss Point, Ms, Sr. Claire Gerald, Gulfport, Ms, So. James Germany, Laurel, Ms, Sr. Rachael Gibbs, Pensacola, Fl, Sr. Angie Gilder, Anguilla, Ms, Sr. Marilyn Giles, Laurel, Ms, Sr. Glenda Gill, Brookhaven, Ms, Jr. Gail Gillespie, Bay St. Louis, Ms, Jr. Barbara Gilliam, McGehee, Ar, Gr. Bob Gillott, Carbondale, Pa, Sr. Christopher Gilmer, Harperville, Ms, Sr. Kenneth Gilly, Clinton, Ms, Jr. Michelle Gilly, Clinton, Ms, Jr. Donna Gilmore, Bay St. Louis, Ms, Sr. Kevin Gilreath, Picayune, Ms, So. Sharon Gipson, Holly Springs, Ms, Sr. Walter Gipson, Picayune, Ms, Jr. Mark Girard, Jackson, Ms, Jr. Glory Givins, Jackson, Ms, Fr. Robert Glenn, Meridian, Ms, Fr. Mark Glover, Saraland, Al, Sr. Karen Gnoose, Canton, Ms, Jr. Jo Goad, Jackson, Ms, Fr. Laura Goff, Fairport, NY, So. Catherine Goins, Paulding, Ms, Fr. Polly Goins, Paulding, Ms, So. Jennifer Gollott, Biloxi, Ms, Jr. Natasha Gomez, Vicksburg, Ms, Jr. Tracy Gomez, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. Myron Goode, Mobile, AI, Fr. Tony Goode, Jackson, Ms, So. Elizabeth Goodman, Tampa, Fl, Sr. John Goodrich, Picayune, Ms, So. Lisa Goodwin, Brookhaven, Ms, Fr. Sheila Goodwin, Meridian, Ms, So. Wendy Gordon, Starkville, Ms, Sr. Renee Gore-Galo, Hattiesburg, Ms, Sr. Diana Goretski, Ocean Springs, Ms, sr. Maureen Goretski, Ocean Springs, Ms, So. Monica Goretski, Ocean Springs, Ms, So. Donna Gosa, Collierville, Tn, Fr. Michael Gosha, Laurel, Ms, Fr. Missy Gowen, Hattiesburg, Ms, Fr. Dawn Graham, Hattiesburg, Ms, Fr. Felicia Graham, Carthage, Ms, Fr. Terry Graham, Columbia, Ms, So. 300 Gaudet-Graham ' v i v 0' ' ' 1 ' 1 I V 1 6' P ' 1 Y N 4' S' -WTF' gl " JZ, I 'L ' 1 i 4 uw i I .AA ,E. I lfA'w77V,,' 'C N l . 's. W iw .4 N x W 412, is fi YT?- ,nr ii ? Fr? .. L O". ui... . .,'3q4,., i I psf t ,t -4-A' 3 Timothy Graham, Columbia, Ms, Jr. Venetta Granderson, Jackson, Ms, Fr. Marilyn Granger, Meridian, Ms, Sr. Jeffery Granja, Gautier, Ms, Jr. Dede Grant, Plaquemine, La, Jr. D. Paul Gratham, Hattiesburg, Ms, So Jay Grantham, Gulfport, Ms, Sr. Laura Graves, Biloxi, Ms, Fr. Calvin Gray, Natchez, Ms, Fr. Sonja Gray, Mt. Olive, Ms, So. Vernica Gray, Lake, Ms, Jr. Phyllis Grayson, Rolling Fork, Ms, Jr. Amanda-Jane Green, Fairhope, AI, Sr Anthony Green, Tchula, Ms, Fr. Bessie Green, Lexington, Ms, Jr. Barbara Green, Canton, Ms, Sr. Dora Green, Laurel, Ms, Jr. John Green, Hattiesburg, Ms, Jr. John Green, Magee, Ms, Sr. Kimberly Green, Pascagoula, Ms, Jr. Lynette Green, New Orleans, La, Sr. Richard Green, Hamilton, Oh, Fr. Rita Green, Heidelburg, Ms, Jr. Terri Green, Ocean Springs, Ms, Sr. Thomas, Green, Natchez, Ms, Fr. Susan Greenlee, Jackson, Ms, Fr. Scotty Greer, Clinton, Ms, Sr. Jason Grenn, Hattiesburg, Ms, So. Julie Grice, Jackson, Ms, So. Laura Grice, Meridian, Ms, Sr. Evelyn Griffin, Philadephia, Ms, Jr. Jackie Griffin, Union, Ms, Sr. Graham-Griffin 301 Jennie Griffin, Jackson, MS, So. Jacqueline Griffith, Picayune, MS, Fr. Michelle Griffith, Meridian, MS, Fr. Steffi Griffith, Magee, MS, Sr. Terrilyn Griffith, Picayune, MS, Sr. Jayne Grissett, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Robert Groeneveld, Mandeville, LA, So. Holly Gubert, Franklinton, LA, Fr. Lisa Guercio, New Orleans, LA, Fr. Christopher, Guernsey, Pensacola, FL, Jr. Yvonne Guidroz, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Andrew Guillotte, Pearl, MS, Jr. Audrey Gully, Laurel, MS, Jr. Andrew Gunkel, Gautier, MS, Sr. Cheryl Guthrie, Yazoo City, MS, Sr. Carla Guttry, Carriere, MS, Jr. Shayne Haaga, Slidell, LA, Fr. Ann Hackett, New Orleans, LA, Fr. Nancy Haines, Jackson, MS, Sr. Gregory Hall, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Mark Hall, Ocean Springs, MS, Sr. Perry Hall, Laurel, MS, Sr. Elizabeth Hallaert, Chicago, IL, So. Timothy Haller, Gulfport, MS, So. Kirsti Halvorsen, Slidell, LA, Fr. Jerry Hamilton, Meadville, MS, Jr. Kristi Hamilton, Annandale, VA, Jr. Rodney Hamilton, Pensacola, FL, Jr. Patricia Hammett, Gulfport, MS, So. Randy Hammond, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Richard Hammond, Metairie, LA, Fr. Rusty Hammons, Long Beach, MS, Jr. Robert Hamrick, Newton, MS, Sr. Ronald Hancock, Pensacola, FL, Fr. Steven Hand, Meridian, MS, Fr. Linda Handy, Belzoni, MS, Jr. Melissa Haney, Cleveland, MS, Sr. Debora Hankins, Laurel, MS, Jr. Rhonda Hanks, Vicksburg, MS, So. Steve Hanneke, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Pamela Hanson, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Scott Harbison, McComb, MS, Sr. Debra Hardin, Raleigh, MS, Sr. Carl Hardy, Meridian, MS, So. Karen Hardy, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Robert Harenski, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Gregory Hargett, Brookhaven, MS, Jr. Elizabeth Harkins, Jackson, MS, Jr. Griffin-Harkins -I ,. 4 1 ' " 'T WB' Icom 4.5!- ix J ,a- . f , ,. - Q, A ,W V .. N, 'Wx Q ph V wif, x 'A ls I I 'H "75l"f!' it if ! X . , ' . - . ix X.-sz -vw" 1 fy. V I ,, 1 ,,,t , X Q, Q Mary Harper, Clinton, MS, Jr. Deirdre Harrigill, Pearl, MS, Jr. Joey Harrington, McComb, MS, Jr. Dimple Harris, Rienzi, MS, Sr. Jon Harris, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Marie Harris, Scooba, MS, Sr. Roger Harris, Summit, MS, Sr. Stella Harris, Tougaloo, MS, Sr. William Harris, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Dewayne Harrison, Heidelberg, MS, Sr. James Harrison, Columbia, MS, Gr. Paul Harrison, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Sonya Harrison, West Point, MS, Fr. Douglas Hart, San Bruno, CA, Sr. Stuart Hartfield, Purvis, MS, So. Tammy Hartfield, Columbia, MS, Jr. Sharon Hartgraves, Wesson, MS, Jr. Connie Harvey, Beach, MS, Sr. Scott Harvey, Monticello, MS, Sr. Thomas Harvey, Prentiss, MS, So. Tracey Harvey, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Ervin Harville, Selma, AL, Jr. Said Hashimi, Newton, MS, Sr. Lori Hasson, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, Sr. Kevin Hast, Poplarville, MS, Jr. Steven Hastings, Detroit, Ml, Fr. Roy Hatten, Vicksburg, MS, Gr. Rhonda Hatten, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Donna Havens, Vancleave, MS, Sr. Nancy Havens, Gautier, MS, Sr. Robert Hawkins, Wesson, MS, Jr. Dean Hay, Utica, MS, Sr. Mallie Hays, Vaughn, MS, Jr. Sonya Haynes, Jackson, MS, Fr. Amy Hedrick, Newton, MS, Jr. James Hegwood, Heidelberg, W. Germany Jr Sylvia Heidingsfelder, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr Merry Helgeson, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Stacey Hellen, Franklinton, LA, Fr. Lisa Helton, Laurel, MS, Jr. Karlyn Henderson, Jackson, MS, So. Shanna Henderson, Richton, MS, Sr. Tammy Henderson, Waynesboro, MS, Jr James Hennessey, Slidell, LA, Fr. Lisa Hensarling, Picayune, MS, So. Beverly Henshaw, Gautier, MS, Fr. Jeffrey Hentz, Batesville, MS, Jr. Michael Herrin, Petal, MS, Sr. Harper-Herrin 303 Dawn Herring, Stonewall, MS, Sr. Holly Herrington, Sumrall, MS, Sr. Timothy Herrington, Pascagoula, MS, Jr Pamela Hess, Picayune, MS, Sr. Charles Hewes, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Debora Henderson, Collins, MS, So. Andrew Hickman, Gulf Breeze, FL, Sr. Sonja Hickman, Chicago, IL, Sr. Kelly Hicks, Clinton, MS, Sr. Dixie Higgs, Picayune, MS, Jr. Michael Higgs, Picayune, MS, Fr. Carmen Hill, Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Carol Hilliard, Oxford, MS, Fr. Carol Hill, Quitman, MS, Jr. Connie Hill, Petal, MS, Jr. Gloria Hill, Meridian, MS, Jr. Jeff Hill, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Tanya Hill, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Terri Hill, Bogalusa, LA, So. April Hilton, Summit, MS, Jr. Christie Hinds, Greenwood, MS, Fr. No Name Given, Romeoville, IL, Sr. No Name Given, Romeoville, IL, Jr. No Name Given, Romeoville, IL, Jr. No Name Given, Romeoville, IL, Sr. No Name Given, Romeoville, IL, Jr. No Name Given, Romeoville, IL, Jr. Greg Hinton, Ellisville, MS, Sr. Michael Hinton, Richton, MS, Sr. Teresa Hinton, Gautier, MS, Sr. Tracy Hinton, Natchez, MS, Fr. Richard Hitt, Raymond, MS, Jr. Tian Fui Ho, Malaysia, Gr. Allison Hodges, Columbus, MS, Jr. Melissa Hodges, Wiggins, MS, So. Sheri Hoerner, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Hollis Hoffman, New Orleans, LA, So. Veronica Hogsett, Jackson, MS, Jr. Jane Hokanson, Slidell, LA, So. Susan Holcombe, Deer Park, AL, Sr. Michelle Holden, Bogalusa, LA, Fr. Desonta Holder, Lumberton, MS, So. Donna Holder, Ocean Springs, MS, Jr Jennifer Holder, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Bill Holifield, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Paul Holifield, San Antonio, TX, Sr. John Holladay, Gulf Breeze, FL, Jr. 304 Herring-Holladay 7 1 f pf ' 35 W - x, 1, .L-2+-M lg ll: al.. - fu . 'fx tk 1 ' ','. I T ,. Q.W'j 7 n :J W 4 V rs. f.A 'W -A '. 1 ' 'tl A I all . im 'W' 1 'Vx 'I L '.5.l 1 an A . q 5 is X ,lf I ., W- 'git 5 , on ...4 1 A . . W, cs., X A W ,,. . 45' f C tv' fn MW? i fv .. -Wa , - -7-- F . iff' ,N .. W. . gf gf I ' 'H'i33,A"1?1 "4'?f. ' '- ' ,' .mf .,1,f .,.,, -,f In I-I . '1.w',! A, ...-.,,,. L. ., . . , ,. ,,,.,,,r, ,. '...w.Af'1 1 - .nfl , in. O Q 4 1 1 ,, f 5.- N 7 Z L I 4, an i v '- f, . ' v. f I " 1 4? .1 'lf ...f ,. 4 I O . 1, 'E + ' ,- I u 4' vs 1 'L 'us I 0 0 1 'U' 7' "Ei 55 ? f f wi .-. M5 'S n K . 'Nl ' F .35 2:55 , i ll, Q if 'iQ ,t ir' ' . .l ,. -., vv f. . ' WA -I UTS. ,. .. 6.49 A,- -8 -4 NW James Holland, Lucedale, MS, So. Joe Holland, Brandon, MS, Fr. Lisa Holland, Gulf Breeze, FL, So. Jack Hollingsworth Ill, Prentiss, MS, Jr. Jacqueline Hollins, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Markita Holloway, Gulf Breeze, FL, Sr. Melissa Holloway, Petal, MS, Fr. Thomas Holloway, Mobile, AL, Fr. Better Holmes, Seekenk, MA, Sr. Henry Holmes, Matchez, MS, Jr. Patricia Holmes, Pearl, MS, Jr. Yolanda Holmes, Edwards, MS, Jr. Nancy Holtz, Ocean Springs, MS, Jr. Renee Homeyer, Greenwood, MS, Mr. Tonita Hopkins, Waynesboro, MS, Jr. William Hopkins, Ocean Springs, MS, Sr. Royal Hood, Utica, MS, So. Virginia Hoover, Pickens, MS, Sr. Maureen Horgan, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, Sr. Bridget Horn, Natchez, MS, Jr. Maretta Horne, Soso, MS, So. Rosemari Horn, Brandon, MS, Fr. Verlena Horton, Silver Creek, MS, Sr. Belinda Hosey, Bay Springs, MS, Sr. Derrick House, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Nineer Houston, Moss Point, MS, Jr. Lisa Hover, Long Beach, MS, Jr. JoAnne Howard, Meridian, MS, So. Kasey Howard, Lauderdale, MS, Jr. Bradley Howell, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Derrek Howell, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Krandall Howell, McComb, MS, Sr. Hope Howell, McComb, MS, Jr. Lisa Hoyt, Pearl, MS, Jr. Benny Hubbard, Vicksburg, MS, Jr. Monica Hubler, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Kristi Hudnall, Centreville, MS, So. Lesley Hudson, Jackson, MS, So. Renee Huey, Petal, MS, Fr. Mark Huff, Puckett, MS, Sr. Meisha Huff, Jackson, MS, Fr. Monica Huff, Anywhere, MS, Fr. Erick Hueck, Miami, FL, Sr. Mark Hugel, Carriere, MS, So. John Hughes, Laurel, MS, So. Pamela Hughes, Jackson, MS, Jr. Ray Hughes, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Sybil Hughes, Jackson, MS, Sr. Holland-Hughes 305 Teresa Hull, DeKalb, MS, Sr. Deborah Hultz, Millington, TN, So. John Hunter, Pascagoula, MS, Fr. Dana Hurst, Meridian, MS, Jr. Camille Hymel, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Steve Ice, New Orleans, LA, Jr. Julia llewski, Gulport, MS, Jr. Herman Ingram, Franklinton, LA, So. James Ingram, New Orleans, LA, Sr. Laura Ingram, Picayune, MS, Fr. Karen Innis, Long Beach, MS, Jr. Temple Innis, Hattiesburg, MS, Gr. Takeo Inoue, Himejr, Japan, Cir. Touraj Iranipour, Tampa, FL, Gr. Rachel Irwin, Jackson, MS, Jr. Max Isa, Monroe, LA, Sr. Sara Ishee, Laurel, MS, Jr. Karla Ivey, Brookhaven, MS, Jr. Christy Jackson, Milton, FL, Fr. Corinthian Jackson, Carthage, MS, So. Jacqueline Jackson, Robertsdale, AL, Fr. Joni Jackson, Hattiesburg, MS, Gr. Linda Jackson, Edwards, MS, Jr. Pamela Jackson, Canton, MS, So. Russell Jackson, Franklinton, LA, So. Shirley Jackson, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Tina Jackson, Bay Springs, MS, Sr. William Jackson, Sardis, MS, Sr. Benjamin James, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Chiquita James, Greenville, MS, Fr. Janice James, Meridian, MS, Jr. Sherri James, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Llana Janowsky, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Michael Janus, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Esther Jarrell, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Sonja Jarrell, Gulfport, MS, Fr. Robert Jaruge, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, So. David Jaskolski, Madison, MS, Sr. Cindy Jefcoat, Laurel, MS, Sr. Lu Ellen Jefferis, Jackson, MS, Gr. Mickey Jefferson, Laurel, MS, So. Donald Jeffries, Milton, FL, Jr. Jean Jelks, Centreville, MS, Jr. Kenneth Jelks, Centreville, MS, Sr. Eir-Lurng Jen, Taiwan, R.O.C., Sr. Amy Jenkins, Jackson, MS, Fr. Lavell Jenkins, Columbus, MS, Jr. James Jennings, Taylorsville, MS, Jr. 306 Hull-Jennings 1 C- 1. fl 4 vs If Q 1+ 4 V' ',, " I I 'V' H. " Bw I , . '34 "R-'ff' i' if I I ' , ,lla '1 "'ll,l, ,,. If' ' R I Q it 'F' . . A 7. . I W I X M U K ,1 ' I 'H 5 .l , " " t 5 If 3. ,A , L ' inn ' g , 9 A , ' " ' , xv ' ' r? -...' :it .r gi . rw-' 'vii i Z'-.Vx I ' "l 5' Q " I -ff? Til? A R .-'T .JXV V, .1 gg f-V10 I v- t. . ay x. l -of l 4 sf u-. q. ill IP .Q i ' ,om 4 X G 4 S ,T 'W g mgj, Susan Jennings, Mantee, MS, Sr. Michelle Jerome, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr, Andre Johnson, Wiggins, MS, Sr. Charles Johnson, Philadelphia, MS, Fr. Clarence Johnson, Clarksdale, MS, Sr. David Johnson, Valley Park, MS, Fr. Dexter Johnson, Canton, MS, So. Dub Johnson, Pearl, MS, Gr. Ellen Johnson, Vicksburg, MS, Jr. Gina Johnson, Meridian, MS, Sr. Julie Johnson, Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Kim Johnson, Jackson, MS, So. Kim Johnson, Jackson, MS, So. Lori Johnson, Vancleave, MS, So. Malcolm Johnson, Pace, MS, So. Marilyn Johnson, Waynesboro, MS, Jr. Melina Johnson, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Michael Johnson, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Monica Johnson, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Robert Johnson, Greenville, MS, Fr. Robin Johnson, Pelahatchie, MS, Jr. Sabrina Johnson, Bruce, MS, Fr. Susan Johnson, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Teresa Johnson, Long Beach, MS, Jr. Timothy Johnston, Brandon, MS, Sr. David Jolly, Richton, MS, Sr. Abby Jones, Roxie, MS, Jr. Adriane Jones, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Ava Jones, Smithdale, MS, So. Brenda Jones, Petal, MS, So. Rynia Jones, Florence, MS, Fr. Cindy Jones, Summit, MS, Jr. Cynthia Jones, Star, MS, So. Darla Jones, Pascagoula, MS, Sr. David Jones, Garden Grove, CA, Sr. Debra Jones, Greensboro, NC, Sr. Dena Jones, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Freddie Jones, Lula, MS, Sr. Freddie Jones, Jackson, MS, Fr. Julie Jones, Milton, FL, So. Keith Jones, Picayune, MS, Fr. Kelvin Jones, Columbus, MS, Jr. Kenn Jones, Pearl River, LA, Jr. Kenneth Jones, Ocean Springs, MS, Jr LeaAnn Jones, Port Gibson, MS, Jr. Marci Jones, Lucedale, MS, Jr. Marcus Jones, Ocean Springs, MS, Sr. Marilyn Jones, Victoria, MS, Fr. Jennings-Jones 307 Melanie Jones, Walnut Grove, MS, Fr Mickey Jones, Forest. MS, Sr. Phyllis Jones, Maben, MS, Sr. Rosemarie Jones, Natchez, MS, Sr. Sam Jones, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Scott Jones, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Shannon Jones, Jackson, MS, Sr. Stacie Jones, Destin, FL, Fr. Stephanie Jones,Hattiesburg, MS, So. Diane Jones, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Victoria Jones, Ocean Springs, MS, Sr Brian Jordan, Lacombe, LA, Jr. James Jordan, Warner Robins, GA, Sr Jay Jordan, Seminary, MS, Jr. Jimmy Jordan, Pearl, MS, Jr. Kimberley Jordan, Brandon, MS, Jr. Patricia Jordan, Greenville, MS, So. Terry Jordan, Laurel, MS, So. Wendy Jordan, Belzoni, MS, Fr. Trey Joseph, Dallas, TX, Sr. Jerald Joseph, Moss Point, MS, Sr. Daryl Joyce, Brookhaven, MS, Fr. Brian Kaczmarek, Waukesha, Wl, Fr. . Kristin Kaskie, Forest, MS, Sr. Linda Kauffman, Gautier, MS, So. Victoria Kauses, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Daniel Kavan, Des Moines, IA, Fr. Andrew Kay, Stockport, England, Gr. Sammy Kay, Corinth, MS, Jr. Sheila Keeler, Mayport, FL, Sr. Kyle Keene, Carrolton, MS, So. Kerin Keeter, Clinton, MS, Jr. 308 Jones-Keeter l Aj rt .1 Fw 1 4' A, W flu ,QL A QW .. , ' -4 Q , at ? is JC. f iw W' W , s.. gs i A " I Q W fn' if ' " Ill' ' 4 Span is. a aaa L- 1 fl. f - i'VxiHiilLm.fl ---f -- -rf- A l Q 'alll Jill' - -v- a. i ,": " .' ZW . 'r 1 0 F ,, Rc. 'i ev A vu ,. f 1:21 M ,. W J 1 i. .. lark 1+ U Tl -. 7, .4'L. in Q-1 ,Wa lvl is E., 5- 'ffl 4 I A ' 'K 51 s x . .., g.. s-- l ...- fx W 5- v- 1 x I M AXA w ww 3 W"'v 'A Q i I . ,KV 1 L'x ' sf l it I 1..l'f., .- . 51' ' .3 . , 1 '1 4 Fw 1. 5 ' .fi f Y ' I ,, . +35 ,lj i fqgrft l W1 bi ' f, ,-'. 1 L Q Witt!" 1, 7' , ' ' 9' ? - if I .ji kv! ' l . -K' A- .. ,U 7,-W F? 74- W. ii X. 4 4 ' ll l William Keith, Purvis, MS, Sr. Dawn Kelley, Helena, MS, Sr. Gloria Kellum, Greenville, MS, Sr. Detra Kelly, Cleveland, OH, Sr. Marilyn Kelly, Greenville, MS, So. Nettie Kelly, Gloster, MS, Jr. Amanda Kendrick, Petal, MS, Fr. John Kendrick, Edwards, MS, Sr. Jacqueline Kennedy, Washington, D.C., Jr lr Pamela Kennedy, Picayune, MS, Fr. Stephanie Kennedy, Petal, MS, So. Willie Kennedy, Jr., Lucedale, MS, Sr. Russell Kent, Mandeville, LA, Jr. Ames Kergosien, Bay St. Louis, MS, Jr Jay Kerrick, Pensacola, FL, Sr. Cheri Kettinger, Monroe, MI, Jr. Kellie Kervin, Laurel, MS, So. Robert Key, Baton Rouge, LA, So. Stacy Keyes, Lucedale, MS, Sr. Stephanie Keyes, Jackson, MS, So. Morris Keyseear, Carriere, MS, Sr. Saeed Khoshgoo, Iran, Tehran, Jr. Monk Kidd, Quitman, MS, Jr. Tonya Kietzman, Jackson, MS, Fr. Patricia Kilgore, Laurel, MS, Fr. Jeff Killebrew, Meredian, MS, Jr. Thaddeus Kilpatick, Bosco, LA, Sr. Cindy Kinard, Jackson, MS, Jr. John Kinberg, Gulfport, MS, So. Craig Kindrat, Manitoba, Canada, Gr. Jimmy King, Magee, MS, Sr. Karen King, Columbia, MS, Fr. Karla King, Jackson, MS, Jr. Kristy King, Jackson, MS, Sr. Larry King, Magee, MS, Fr. Mildred King, Meridian, MS, Sr. Robert King, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Robin King, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Tony King, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Jeff Kinsella, Orlando, FL, Jr. John Kinsey ll Gautier, MS, Fr. Kristin Kirby, Jackson, MS, Jr. Mary Kirkland, Perkinston, MS, Jr. Michael Kirkland, Philadelphia, MS, Jr. Robert Kiser, Chernobyl, MS, Jr. Sharon Kitchens, Seminary, MS, Fr. Donald Kittrell, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Alfreda Kizer, Byhalia, MS Keith-Kizer 309 Jennifer Kizer, Byhalia, MS, Fr. Andrew Klassfen, Long Beach, MS, Sr. Sandra Kloske, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Kathy Klusendorf, Long Beach, MS, Jr. Amy Knight, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Carey Knight, Jackson, MS, Jr. Havon Knight, Taylorsville, MS, Fr. Mary Knight, Jackson, MS, Sr. Brian Knippers, Tylortown, MS, Sr. Chet Knippers, Tylortown, MS, Sr. Steven Knotts, Laurel, MS, Sr. Timothy Koehn, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Kay Koeppel, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Kim Kolinsky, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Ren Kolka, Jackson, MS, So. Beth Koschar, Florence, MS, Jr. Marian Krishack, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Gerald Kucia, Jackson, MS, Sr. Roderick Kwan, Moorhead, MS, Sr. Phong La, Gulfport, MS, Fr. Cherie Ladner, Long Beach, MS, Sr. Everette Ladner, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Jason Ladner, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Kimberly Ladner, Long Beach, MS, Sr. Mark Ladner, Bay St. Louis, MS, Sr. Regina Ladner, Pass Christian, MS, So. Joseph Ladnier lll, Bayon LaBatre, AL, Sr Tim LaFramboise, Gulfport, MS, Fr. Fred Lagroue, New Orleans, LA, Sr. Todd Laiche, Petal, MS, Fr. Debra Laier, Mobile, AL, So. Smauel Laird, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Wiley Lamber, Petal, MS, So. Denise Lambert, Semmes, AL, So. Eric Lamm, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Mary Land, Columbus, MS, Jr. Lia Landrum, Ellisville, MS, Sr. Deborah Landry, Pass Christian, MS, Jr Charles Lane, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Melody Lane, Ocean Springs, MS, Sr. Michael Lane, Nowhere, MS, Fr. Sandra Lang, Pascagoula, MS, Fr. Lori Langford, Irving, TX, So. Lara Langlow, Natchez, MS, Fr. Tara Langston, Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Vince Lanoue, Shreveport, LA, Sr. Andrea Laphand, Quitman, MS, Sr. Brian Larsen, Pensacola, FL, Fr. Kizer-Larsen X15 QW! 'K -. A I 1 .A y iii? , ' Q1 i il I .ll T7 .1 t li. nl X N J I sr F '- . 1 '5 1 ?'p,,,LgRJf' f'i'1 wg n C I 4. -.. E Q, 1-sal !'1 ,,. fi ., X. X r 4' '- , 'i U51 ' , ' 4' :AZ 2-ffps i ' :'- " , Q Ns ., l s J 4 .4 b X I f Aff.. ull! films 725 ' H . 4 'P YB 137' T' lg Vi! 9 K Charles Laseter, Jr., Ellisville, MS, Sr Tonya Lassabe, Long Beach, MS, Fr. Ann Lathrop, Bay St. Louis, MS, Sr. Kimberly Laub, Slidell, LA, Jr. Dwight Laubscher, Jackson, MS, Jr. Ray Lauga, Arabi, LA, Fr. James Lawrence, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Mary Lawrence, Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Pamela Lawyer, Vicksburg, MS, So. Kathy Lay, Florence, MS, Jr. David LeBlanc, Plaquemine, LA, Fr. Lalisa Ledlow, Tupelo, MS, So. Angela Lee, Laurel, MS, Jr. Missi Lee, Picayune, MS, Fr. Paula Lee, Columbus, MS, Fr. Susan Lee, Petal, MS, So. Trina Lee, Picayune, MS, So. Wen-Der Lee, Taiwan, R.O.C., Sr. Yzuk-Mui Lee, Hong Kong, Gr. John Lefevre, Houma, LA, Sr. Terri Legg, Mobile, AL, Sr. Greg Leggett, Pascagoula, MS, So. Shaun Leland, Slidell, LA, Fr. Dan Leonard, McComb, MS, Sr. Henry Leonard, Mt. Olive, MS, Fr. Kok Man Lew, Malaysia, So. Leighton Lewis, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Marvin Lewis, Lexington, MS, Jr. Michael Lewis, Wesson, MS, Jr. Scott Lewis, Laurel, MS, Sr. Silas Lewis, Monticello, MS, Sr. Steven Lewis, Madison, MS, Jr. Tina Lewis, Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Veronica Lewis, Monroe, LA, Gr. Vicki Lewis, Meridian, MS, Jr. Deborah Leyda, Atlanta, GA, Sr. Dave Likins, New Orleans, LA, Jr. Michael Lilly, Columbus, OH, Sr. Cheng Feng Lim, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr Kuen-Hwang Lin, Taiwan, R.O.C., Sr. Ren-Jon Taipei, Taiwan, Gr. Sherry Lindigrin, Clinton, MS, So. Deborah Lindsey, Laurel, MS, Jr. Julie Lindsey, Prentiss, MS, Jr. Misha Lingle, Pascagoula, MS, So. Sherry Lipsey, Smithdale, MS, So. David Little, Peta, MS, Jr. David Lloyd, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Laseter Lloyd 311 Debra Lobrano, Centreville, MS, Sr. Jack Lobrano, Centreville, MS, So. Sharon Lock, Jackson, MS, Sr. Elizabeth Locke, Laurel, MS, Sr. Karin Lofton, Madison, MS, Fr. Stephanie Lofton, Brookhaven, MS, Sr. Vivian Lofton, Pulaski, MS, Jr. Jeff Loftus, Long Beach, MS, Sr. Donald Logan, Jr., Long Beach, MS, Jr. Tracy Logan, Brandon, MS, Jr. Kum Wah Loh, Malaysia,Jr. Helene Loiacano, Bay St. Louis, MS, Fr. Ann Loney, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Tara Long, Jackson, MS, Gr. Scotty Long Handles, Hazlehurst, MS, Sr. Karen Lorona, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Amy Lossett, Carriere, MS, Sr. Lamar Lott, Mendenhall, MS, Sr. Rita Lott, Ruleville, MS, Jr. Darryl Love, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Gregory Love, Southhaven, MS, So. Kelly Love, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Kelvin Love, Dekalb, MS, Jr. Raymond Love, Summit, MS, Sr. Sondra Love, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Virginia Love, Laurel, MS, So. Stacy Loveless, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Lisa Lovell, Clinton, MS, Sr. James Lowe ll, Jackson, MS, Fr. Maelang Lowe, Columbiana, MS, Jr. Sammy Lowe, Columbia, MS, Sr. Treva Lowery, Mendenhall, MS, So. Judi Lubritz, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Kathy Lucas, Brandon, MS, Sr. Mark Lucchesi, Memphis, TN, Fr. Greg Lucia, Pensacola, FL, Sr. Latrina Luckett, Canton, MS, Fr. Jack Luckey, Laurel, MS, Jr. Suzanne Lumpkin, Picayune, MS, Sr. Mary Lundy, Philadelphia, MS, Sr. Judy Lung, Kaoshung, Taiwan, Sr. Victoria Lusardi, Long Beach, MS, Jr. Sheila Lusher, Independence, MS, Fr. Buu Q. Ly, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Lan N. Ly, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Gomer Lyle, Meridian, MS, Fr. Linda Lyle, Laurel, MS, Jr. Alan Lytle, Covington, LA, Jr. Lobrano-Lytle l XY! QW iii r L ' is . 4 KX i D' 3 si' .. l 'hi-' -if ar 4 44 4' Wi' WWW .14 Hi O99 0 ' aQ9vr DOO 9909 Q90 9900 Gerald McCarty, McLain, MS, Sr. Mohdnoor Maarop, Malaysia, Jr. Kristine Macaro, Brandon, MS, Fr. Art McAlpin, Magee, MS, Sr. Lorraine McAuthor, Brookhaven, MS, Jr. Bambi McBrayer, Enterprise, MS, So. Michelle McCall, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Belle McCann, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Laura McCann, Hazlehurst, MS, So. Stacy McCann, Natchez, MS, Sr. Timothy McCann, Natchez, MS, Sr. Patrick McCarron, Ft. Walton Beach, FL, Earl McCarty, Stringer, MS, Jr. Graham McCarty, Melinda McCarty Kevin McCaskey, Scott McCathran, Jackson, Ms, Sr. Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Waynesboro, MS, So. Ocean Springs, MS, Jr Milton McClendon, Forest, MS, Sr. Janice McCoy, Brookhaven, MS, Sr. Philip McCoy, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Sandra McCoy, Richton, MS, Jr. Tony McCraney, Mobile, AL, Sr. Rebecca McCrary, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Elyse McCrory, Yazoo City, MS, Jr. James McCrory, Selma, AL, So. Scott McCrory, Selma, AL, Sr. Lisa McDaniel, Franklinton, LA, Fr. Mike McDaniel, Magnolia, MS, Sr. Nathan McDaniel, Kentwood, La, Sr. Robert McDaniel, Vicksburg, MS, Jr. Sherri McDaniel, Tupelo, MS, So. Carolyn McDermott, Jackson, MS, Jr. Maarop-McDermott 313 4 Deidre McDonald, Jackson, MS, Fr. 5 ' John MacDonald, Anywhere, MS, Jr. Mark McDonald, Covington, LA, Jr. Y I Lisa McDougles, Jackson, MS, Sr. Doug McElroy, Columbia, MS, Jr. James McElvania, Slidell, LA, So. PV ' Janice McFalls, Columbia, MS, Gr. Tis "icFar'and, Port St. Joe, FL, So. L3 ..n McFarland, West Point, MS, Fr. Charlotte McGaffery, McComb, MS, Fr. Jason McGee, Goodman, MS, Sr. John McGee, Mobile, AL, Fr. Patricia McGee, Tupelo, MS, So. Randy McGee, Laurel, MS, So. Jeffrey McGhee, McComb, MS, Sr. Jack McGill, Harrisville, MS, Jr. John McGirt, Meridian, MS, Sr. Loletha McGowan, Foxworth, MS, So. Sherry McGowan, Columbia, MS, Sr. Tjuana McGregory, Brookhaven, MS, Sr. Jackie McHenry ll, Stonewall, MS, So. Vencia Mclntyre, Moss Point, MS, Fr. Leslie Mclnvale, Mobile, AL, Sr. Scott McKay, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. l l Michael McKinion, Collinsville, MS, Sr. Steve McKinney, Robertsdale, AL, Jr. Robert McKlenwry, Hernando, MS, Jr. Tonda McLaughlin, Waynesboro, MS, Sr. Charlene McLaurin, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Hope McLaurin, Magee, MS, Sr. if ff f Marla McMahan, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Mike McMichaez, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Charmaine McMillan, Forest, MS, Sr. Melynda McMillan, Forest, MS, Fr. Derick McMillian, Meridian, MS, Sr. Felicia McMillian, Meridian, MS, Jr. Vel McMooain, Slidell, LA, Sr. 1 Michael McMullan, Decatur, MS, Sr. Sherri McMullan, Decatur, MS, So. Kimberly McNair, Pelham, AL, Fr. Scott McNally, New Orleans, LA, So. Robert Mcltlaron, Biloxi, MS, So. . 1 l E Melissa Mclxlease, Bassfield, MS, Jr. Shelia McNeese, Prentiss, MS, Jr. Robin McNeil, Prentiss, MS, Jr. Angelia McRaney, Mt. Olive, MS, Sr. Brenda McRaney, New Hebron, MS, Fr. Amy McRee, Peachtree City, GA, Fr. McDonald-McRee .. "f?i7' ,, 'sf-iw al Q at 4 i ' l . 7 W,,mZa'- ... T'l'j2eZ4 fi -- "rift , J - if . .J 5 :If i Q 5 9 Q 22 " V I ' ' X -- - fl fi Q 1 y if' - if ' 'h.,..fA.'f,1-!!'. 'x n n f ja -f afku 1 ,, A r - VLC? 4 Y 1 'i , H Q. ,W A 1 T i V K " l'i. in ' 25. qi i A 4 Lili W- ,s.. 4. , . x , sw Y' vw' is Q .k4"'Y, ',, 1. 1 fy y V F. W .. 2' vv-Hr ,hes be wg 1, .,,. , ,, ig, K '.. 'E 5 . ... l .. V, A, ,,,. hm. I . av v . ll 'f F 5, It ' 4 ,le ii , ' MQ I A 5,45 - fa 1 fl 0 K M 3' an he L -mf ,L ,f 'fbzmff Q x- ' . 4 X it 4,1 . f 5 , ' Q , , :- F 1 , 1 , .fc 3 Tp. ftp. K. YQ. l . ' I f . , z 4 A. A, g., I . ' V 'W Q, 6 . V 1 4' . ' :A 'V , , Q, x A ,A .J I - A -nv. JA r W Q I Q ' "' 't W .. Q51 ' 3 f 1 R, , f ' , 1, e 44 t - - - - ' 1 , c, A 5.7. i ' Q .7 ' ,d-', c., , 1 , I 5 ' X' , ' ., . l l ' If K .ii V75 'vi' . W r 4-v-WW N .,,,.,,75 J ha -1 , 1, A . if fig 2 is v A 4' gf M ' 44 :' Tb si, Q. ,- if A. 1 -..L Zn v 5 . Y.-. .J 1 ?N 71 q'2".f lr ff 'v- a sf - lx sa , X of .--Q 4 I 4 4 ty 1 .f h Robert McWilliams, Picayune, MS, Sr. Teresa McWilliams, Long Beach, MS, Jr Angela Madden, Brandon, MS, So. April Maddox, Magee, MS, Fr. LeeAnn Madison, Brandon, MS, Fr. Steve Madrid, Jackson, MS, So. Lisa Magee, Sandy Hook, MS, Sr. Michael Magee, Belden, MS, Jr. Doris Magee, Bogalusa, LA, Fr. Sheryl Magee, Franklinton, LA, So. Stacye Magee, Tylertown, MS, Sr. Willie Magee ll, Collins, MS, Fr. Michelle Maggiano, Clinton, MS, Fr. Dee Dee Maisel, Pascagoula, MS, So. Molly Mallett, Gautier, MS, Jr. Janet Mandrell, Chicago, IL, Sr, Kimberley Mandrell, Chicago, lL, So. Vince Mangold, Hazlehurst, MS, Sr. Roland Mann, Brandon, MS, Jr. Elizabeth Mann, Largo, FL, Sr. Timothy Mann, Largo, FL, Sr. Scott Manning, Petal, MS, Fr. Stephanie Manning, Vicksburg, MS, Fr. Moira Mapes, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Elisa Marble, Long Beach, MS, Fr. Joseph Mardis, Grenada, MS, Fr. Lise Marganski, Boston, MA, Fr. Zodiac Mark, Sandy Hook, MS, Fr. Leigh Marrero, Huntsville, AL, Sr. Annette Marshall, Columbus, MS, So. Donna Marshall, Brookhaven, MS, Sr. Linda Marshall, Jackson, MS, Jr. Mary Martella, Jackson, MS, So. Angela Martin, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Cedric Martin, Little Rock, AR, Jr. Laura Martin, Jackson, MS, So. Nancy Martin, Ocean Springs, MS, Sr. Patty Martin, Bronx, NY, Jr. Kathleen Martinez, Dallas, TX, Jr. Bill Massey, Petal, MS, Fr. Bryan Massey, Magee, MS, Sr. Krystal Massey, Jackson, MS, Fr. Robert Matheny, Brandon, MS, Sr. Brian Matherne, Hahnville, LA, Jr. Darlene Mathis, Crystal Springs, MS, Jr. Michael Mathis, Magee, MS, Fr. Vanessa Mathis, Brookhaven, MS, Fr. Kelly May, Gulfport, MS, Sr. McWilliams-May 315 Becky Mayfield, Jackson, MS, Jr. Mary Mayfield, Laurel, MS, Sr. Steven Meadows, Jackson, MS, Sr. Christopher Means, Morton, MS, Sr. Douglas Meek, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Mimi Meeks, Corinth, MS, Jr. Michelle Meitzler, Picayune, MS, Sr. Melissa Meskimen, Gautier, MS, Jr. Melissa Methrin, Terry, MS, Sr. Allan Metz, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Eva Metz, Waveland, MS, Sr. Steven Metzdorf, Orlando, FL, So. Kelly Michael, Anywhere, MS, So. Kimberly Michel, Ocean Springs, MS, So Scott Middlebrook, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Julie Middlebusher, Fairhope, AL, Fr. Tracy Middlestead, Picayune, MS, Sr. Don Middleton, Mobile, AL, Jr. Deanna Miles, Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Jacqueline Millender, Moss Point, MS, Sr Cindy Miller, Gulfport, MS, So. Harold Miller, Seminary, MS, Sr. John Miller, Jackson, MS, Sr. Leslie Miller, Brandon, MS, Fr. Warren Miller, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Donna Mills, Richton, MS, So. Bridget Milton, Brookhaven, MS, Fr. Jerry Milton, Biloxi, MS, So. Linda Minchew, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Christina Minter, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Donn Mitchell, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Dorothy Mitchell, Clarksdale, MS, Jr. 316 Mayfield-Mitchell P 1 . f s "I wg - 1-'W' -1--7, ' .L , if ' . f ,nr ' ' , - - - 4 .... In D its n 'Q a I ' . xx" I 5 " ' x FJ . .74 1- 3 , l . - -4 ...rf 6. . . f 'Qt 'F' if" f ,,.,., ,Y . ., uf, .Z x .-,..f V- W 3, . ,., , .' S, ' GW' fa 'Q ' 564 I lv A ' -. -5 F2 f, as Q, 'V . 5 , 'ink A V717 V? 1 'r- ,X Q-iii 9 li?- 117 P1 r . .t FST' .fx an 17-' Tammye Mitchell, Columbia, MS, Sr. Tina Mitchell, Columbia, MS, Fr. Willis Mitchell, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Sebastian Mixon, Mobile, AL, Jr. Carla Moak, Summit, MS, Jr. Stacy Moak, Brookhaven, MS, Sr. Regina Moberg, Lumberton, MS, Jr. Stephanie Mobley, Slidell, LA, So. Timothy Moffatt, Wiggins, MS, Jr. Lyvita Moffett, Bay Springs, MS, Sr. Paul Mollere, Gulfport, MS, So. Ellen Molstad, Florence, MS, Jr. Jariya Mongkoladisai, Thailand, Gr. Debra Monohon, Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Angel Monsalve, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Chandler Montgomery, Baton Rouge, LA, So Lisa Montgomery, Laurel, MS, Jr. Pamela Montgomery, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Patricia Montgomery, McComb, MS, Sr. William Montgomery, Long Beach, MS, Sr Rhonda Morgan, Heidelberg, MS, Sr. David Morrison, McComb, MS, Jr William Moody, Meridian, MS, Fr. Katie Mooney, Greenville, MS, Sr. Andrew Moore, Richton, MS, Sr. Lynne Moore, Jackson, MS, Fr. Hallie Moore, Clinton, MS, So. Jennifer Moore, West Point, MS, Fr. Keith Moore, McCall Creek, MS, Sr. Mary Moore, Meridian, MS, Sr. Michael Moore, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Rebekah Mooney, Hattiesburg, MS, Stanley Moore, Wesson, MS, Jr. Stephanie Moore, Mobile, AL, Jr. Tara Moore, Meadville, MS, Sr. Angela Moran, Pass Christian, MS, Fr. Loni Moran, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Patti Moran, Kiln, MS, Jr. Kerri Mordica, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Jennifer Moree, El Dorado, AR, Fr. Melissa Moreno, Long Beach, MS, Jr. Ted Moret, Sparta, NJ, Sr. Kimberly Morgan, Slidell, LA, Fr. Melinda Morgan, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Michael Morgan, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Rochelle Morris, Batesville, MS, So. Charles Morrow, Sebastopol, MS, Sr. Sarah Morrow, Purvis, MS, Jr. Mitchell-Morrow 317 Alan Moses, Natchez, MS, Sr. Chase Moses, Gulfport, MS, So. Monica Mosher, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Debbie Moss, Laurel, MS, Fr. Michelle Moss, Tampa, FL, So. Alison Mote, McComb, MS, Sr. Frances Mott, Mendenhall, MS, So. Yolanda Moulds, Moss Point, MS, Sr. Cynthia Mozee, Jackson, MS, Gr. Brian Mulhearn, Natchez, MS, Fr. Harry Mullen, Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Mark Mullen ll, Pearl, MS, Fr. Thomas Mullen, Hazlehurst, MS, Jr. Theresa Mullins, Tyler, TX, Gr. Laurie Mullis, Hattiesburg, MS Sr. Oscar Munch, Branford, FL, Sr. Emily Murphy, Ellisville, MS, Sr. Jamie Mustain, Los Angeles, CA, Sr. John Myatt IV, Purvis, MS, Sr. Charlotte Myers, Jayess, MS, So. Peyton Myers, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Steven Myers, Biloxi, MS. Jr. Traci Mynatt, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Rena Nance, Meridian, MS, Jr. Karla Napier, Harrison, MI, So. Christopher Nash, Brandon, MS, Sr. Candice Neal, Mobile, AL, Fr. Darryl Neal, Tchula, MS, Fr. Arvita Necaise, Pass Christian, MS, Fr. Rance Necaise, Necaise Crossing, MS, So. Julie Neely, Florence, MS, Jr. Angela Nelson, Shubuta, MS, Fr. Chantel Nelson, Crystal Springs, MS, So. Herman Nelson, Vicksburg, MS, Sr. John Nelson, Libertyville, IL, Fr. Paul Nelson, Lake Charles, LA, So. Russell Nelson, Meadville, MS, Fr. Deborah Nettles, Meridian, MS, So. Harold Netto, Bay St. Louis, MS, Sr. Dan Newcomb, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Lisa Newell, Hattiesburg, MS, So. William Newell, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Joseph Newsom, New Hebron, MS, Sr. Elaine Newton, Yazoo City, MS, Sr. Karen Nichols, Purvis, MS, Jr. Melissa Nichols, Magee, MS, Jr. Robelyn Nicholson, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Robert Nicholson, Jr., Hattiesburg, MS, So. 318 Moses-Nicholson I la 7 'Z' n kg ' ,Q -,. + , rf W Hx ! if li Q w . ,F , , v. C .1 ,ku, , . 5- 5 C I ,- L ' . i li . it - f ., I . f,g,, - fl , ,K . it ,, ,Q I 'lx ' A ' ' l I . T ,rl . 5:62617 il :vu li K ' 1 , x ,' A 3. ASQ-Q4 Y , gg 4. L ,G , A ,Q A S 1 7'm it , Bwgy. 1: "f'rlf,,g,tlf' , T V-WW ' ,L ,Z 9 . ,mf Q , Mr f4,,,, ': 18 Ah ,,l f 'A ' Jn, f V -Q , Q ii, :pri Vwjixfx ' it if-ff!!! '1' l flx 73 Wx Vi i . l A. ,J ' . n ,N A 5 1:6?'Vv31fef1: JE ' ' 'S gy J 4 ti '97 M .v fr 7 I -a x 9 A I v 34 so X , . V... " 3 M. x 1 1 qlmilfx. iq it .4 an i 1 .,, fp 1 I 3 . K gg K 0. v.- X 4 N . 1, ...,,,,,,. .,x.' T1 1 ,,,,. , , , .N X mf' " 'A ff 4 4 W ' I f Q X,-in Eff? A' ffx 0 an '-1 ,M D tw' tif, A ' 6 1 ..- 4-- if 'Li Jennifer Nicks, Jackson, MS, Fr. Reginald Njoku, Holly Springs, MS, Sr. E.J. Nodurft, Bay St. Louis, MS, Jr. Todd Noe, Oanville, KY, Jr. Kathy Noel, Laurel, MS, Sr. Hoang-Loan Noyen, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Tanya Nolan, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Donald Norris, Merritt Island, FL, So. Richard Norris, Clio, Ml, Sr. William Norris, Lake City, FL, Gr. Steve Novak, Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Kelvin Nunn, Poplarville, MS, Sr. Elaine Nunley, Lake, MS, Jr. Simflex Nyame, Ghana, Sr. John Nye, Brandon, MS, So. Dena O'Bannon, Forest, MS, Sr. Mona O'Bannon, Vicksburg, MS, Sr. Catherine O'Connor, Meridian, MS, Sr. Terri 'Connor, Vicksburg, MS, Fr. Henry Odenwald, Long Beach, MS, Sr. Angela Odom, Jackson, MS, Jr. Darren Odom, Chicago, IL, So. Virginia O'Gwynn, Sumrall, MS, Fr. David Oiverl, Wiggins, M, So. Kevin Olesen, Biloxi, MS, So. Maurice Oliver, Birmingham, AL, So. Windy Oliver, Pickens, MS, So. Michealline Oliverius, Mendenhall, MS, Steven O'Malley, Kenner, LA, Fr. Celia O'Neal, Poplarville, MS, Sr. Michele O'Neal, Long Beach, MS, Sr. Christopher O'Neill, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Mark Orfila, Pearl River, LA, Jr. Rebecca Orfila, Pearl River, LA, So. Melinda Ory, Pascagoula, MS, Fr. Lynn Osley, Biloxi, MS, So. Dawn Otis, Prentiss, MS, Fr. Nickle Overby, Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Russlyn Owen, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Walter Owen, Quitman, MS, Jr. Kim Owens, Oak Ridge, TN, Jr. Michael Owens, Brandon, MS, Sr. Kecia Pace, Picayune, MS, Fr. Dwayne Packer, Mobile, AL, So. Christine Paciera, Jackson, MS, Fr. Elizabeth Page, Picayune, MS, So. Penny Paige, Long Beach, MS, Fr. Debbie Palmer, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Nicks-Palmer 319 John Palmerton, Vicksburg, MS, Fr. Yoke-Kuang Pang, Signapore, Fr. Roger Parish, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Amanda Parker, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Andrea Parker, Vicksburg, MS, So. Dave Parker, McComb, MS, Fr. Jacqueline Parker, Madison, MS, Jr. Marcia Parker, Vicksburg, MS, Fr. Teresa Parker, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Tina Parker, Meridian, MS, Jr. Scott Pastrano, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Stephen Pate, Jackson, MS, Sr. Sima Patel, Hattiesburg, MS, So. DeeDee Patterson, Biloxi, MS, So. Kimberly Patterson, Brandon, MS, So. Kimberly Patterson, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr Monica Patterson, Cleveland, MS, So. Steven Patterson, Laurel, MS, Jr. April Patton, Jackson, MS, So, Philip Patureau, Brandon, MS, Jr. Bill Paul, Greenville, SC, Jr. Kelly Paul, Bay Saint Louis, MS, Gr. Jacob Payne, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Kent Pawlak, Ocean Springs, MS, Sr. Karen Pearson, Mobile, AL, Sr. Scott Pearson, Huntsville, AL, Sr. Eddie Peasant, Mobile, AL, Fr. Gary Peoples, Jackson, MS, So. Eugenio Perez, Maracaibo, Venezuela, Sr Rennie Perez, North Miami Beach, FL, Jr Lynda Perez-Venero, Vienna, Austria, So Cassandra Perkins, Jackson, MS, Jr. 320 Palmerton-Perkins Marietta Perkins, Jackson, MS, Sr. Michele Perez, Gautier, MS, So. Sonia Perkins, Lucedale, MS, Jr. Donna Perry, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Jacqueline Perry, Anderson, SC, Jr. Lazonia Perry, North Biloxi, MS, Fr. Newton Perry, Gilbertown, AL, Jr. Pamela Perry, Gulfport, MS, So. Deborah Persons, Long Beach, MS, Sr. Donna Pertuit, McComb, MS, Sr. Karen Peterson, Waveland, MS, Jr. Chris Petro, Fort Worth, TX, Fr. Carol Peyton, Laurel, MS, Jr. John Peyton, Hernando, MS, Gr. Long, Pham, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Charles Pehlps, McComb, MS, Sr. Sandra Pehlps, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Shannon Phifer, Vicksburg, MS, Fr. Jeffrey Phieffer, Wading River, NY, Fr. Anita Phillips, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Hank Phillips, Crestview, FL, Sr. Wade Phillips, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Randall Phillips, Brandon, MS, So. Tracy Phillips, Jayess, MS, Jr. Wesley Phillips, Jackson, MS, Sr. April Philpot, Madison, MS, Sr. Guido Picasso lll, Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Frances Pickens, Philadelphia, MS, Sr. Bethany Pickett, Wesson, MS, Jr. Letitia Pierce, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Stephen Pierce, Jackson, AL, Jr. Scott Pierson, Gulf Breeze, FL, Sr. Jeffrey Pittman, Slidell, LA, Sr. Lahoma Pittman, Sandy Hook, MS, So. Marrcellus Pittman, Sandy Hook, MS, So Scarlett Pittman, Florence, MS, Fr. Tiffany Pittman, Foxworth, MS, So. Derek Pitts, Eufaula, AL, Sr. Melissa Pitts, Miami Beach, FL, Fr. Anthony Pogue, Pearl, MS, So. Michelle Poirier, Hattiesburg, MS, So. William Polidore, Garwood, NJ, So. James Polk, Hattiesburg, MS, So. June Polk, Prentiss, MS, Jr. Larry Ponder, Mendenhall, MS, Sr. Mike Poole, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Timothy Poole, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Bonnie Pope, Angie, LA, Gr. Perkins-Pope 321 Kimberly Pope, Laurel, MS, Sr. Robert Pope, Braxton, MS, Jr. Jeannie Porche, Ocean Springs, MS, Adam Porter, Meridian, MS, Fr. Joynn Porter, Waynesboro, MS, Jr. Kristi Porter, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Sandra Pounds, Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Scott Powell, Gulfport, MS, Fr. Bill Powell, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Debbie Praet, Meridian, MS, So. Roman Prater, Laurel, MS, Jr. r Robert Praino, Montour Falls, N. Y., Gr. Veronica Presley, Enterprise, MS, Jr. Ben Preston, Clinton, MS, Jr. Elaine Pride, Enterprise, MS, So. Michelle Price, Gulfport, MS, So. Cheryl Prichard, Oalcleidge, TN, Sr. Lori Pridgen, Samson, AL, Sr. Gina Priest, Columbia, MS, Jr. Alba Prieto, Guayaquil, Ecuador, Jr. Elizabeth Pritchard, Belzoni, MS, Jr. Delwyn Preett, Mendenhall, MS, Sr. Steve Pruett, Mendenhall, MS, Pamela Puckett, Bassfield, MS, So. Regina Puckett, Chunck, MS, Jr. Maria Puente-Guzman, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Edward Pugh, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Patrica Purser, Picayune, MS, Fr. Susan Quarles, Northport, AL, Sr. Jennifer Quayle, McComb, MS, Jr. Yolanda Quinn, Tylertown, MS, Sr. Gene Quintois, Glens Fall, NY, Sr. Rick Raborn, Jackson, MS, Jr. Jon Radloff, Denver, CO, Jr., Gordon Ragan, Jackson, MS, Sr. Moho Rahmathullan, Malaysia, So. Monica Rainer, New Orleans, LA, So. Felicia Ramos, Mobile, AL, So. Charles Ramsay, Mt. Olive, MS, Sr. John Ransom, Jackson, MS, So. nn Rankin, Jackson, MS, So. Lea Rashka, Ocean Springs, MS, Sr. LaGina Ratliff, Jackson, MS, Jr. Benny Ratt, Haulerville, MS, Jr. Buddha Ratt, Ratlin Temple, MS, Sr. I Chocolate Ratt, Haulerville, MS, Fr. Cit Y. Ratt, Haulerville, IL, Sr. E.D. A'Mean Ratt, Haulerville, MS, Sr. 322 Pope-Ratt 4. -yr ' .r 2. 1 "' 4 Ffa ws 4 .., r'L tx fit at 51 l -. rv CT . awgfw K5 "F i . , . x l at Kb at . t S NP' J xj 4x"'T lb ' it i gn 0 v- -'Z . x V xx X, C' ' ' 7... il il tt , - i' -' TY fl , . , yi firmly' " E. ig i 1 if , .. iff U 1 .J Wag, --r 1 4, I 4 n E 'f 'Z 9 .f f -as if M 2 km" A in up I sv Xin! J 19' . 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Smooth S. Ratth, Haulerville, USA, Jr. So Ama Ratt, Haulerville, CA, Jr. Stacy Wayne Rawls, Petal, MS, Fr. Carolyn R. Ray, Louise, MS, Fr. James M. Ray, Brookhaven, MS, Jr. Patricia A. Raymond, Florence, MS, Fr. Peyton Diane Readman, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Ervin Lee Ready, Richton, MS, Jr. Janet Kay Reagan, Columbia, MS, Fr. Dwayne Edward Redman, Vicksburg, MS, Gr. Berkeley Ramon Redmon, Greeneville, MS, Fr. Gina L. Redondo, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Hillman Reed, Yazoo City, MS, Fr. Stephanie L. Reed, Clinton, MS, Fr. Sharon Reunetta Reese, Bay Springs, MS, Jr. James Christopher Reeve, Mount Olive, MS, Sr. Raymond Reeves, New Orleans, LA, Sr. Amy E. Rehg, Vicksburg, MS, Jr. Eron Carl Reid, Petal, MS, Fr. Lance Claude Reid, Lucedale, MS, Fr. Terri Stacey Reid, Centreville, MS, Jr. Paul Allen Rester, Bogalusa, LA, Sr. Denise Reuben, Pelahatchie, MS, Sr. Jackie Reyes, Meridian, MS, Jr. Dorothy Lee Reynolds, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Angela Jean Rhodes, Florence, MS, Fr. Beth Crump Ribelin, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Angela D. Rice, Meridian, MS, Sr. Jan L. Rich, Mobile, AL, Sr. Lelia Beth Rich, Richton, MS, Fr. Rhonda D. Richard, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Stephen Arthur Richards, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Charles Scott Richardson, Natchez, MS, Sr. Margie Patricia Richardson, Gautier, MS, Sr. Patricia Richardson, Slidell, LA, Fr. Tracy L. Richardson, Jackson, MS, So. Charlene B. Richie, Bratton, MS, So. John Wade Richmond, Galliano, LA, Fr. Susan Eloise Ricks, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Kimberly Kaye Riddle, Vicksburg, MS, So. James W. Ridgway, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Ratt-Ridgway 323 Ronald Ridley, Summit, MS, Jr. Shannon Rigby, Port Gibson, MS, Sr. Elizabeth Riles, Jackson, MS, Jr. Melissa Riley, Byhalia. MS, Fr. Rebecca Riley, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Stephanie Riley, Aguadilla, Pureto Rico, Jr Steve Riley, San Sebastian, Puerto Rico, Sr. Kimberly Risher, Forest, MS, Fr. Deron Risinger, Picayune, MS, Fr. Ferron Risinger, Picayune, MS, Sr. Caesar Rivers, Mobile, AL, Sr. Timothy Roarty, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Hal Robbins, Jackson, MS, Sr. Sherry Roberson, Lexington, MS, Fr. Amelda Roberts, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Melanie Roberts, Detroit, Michigan, So. Penny Roberts, Avera, MS, Sr. Tony Roberts, Monticello, MS, Jr. Debra Robinson, Brookhaven, MS, Fr. Joey Robinson, Corinth, MS, Jr. Johnnie Robinson, Jackson, MS, Fr. Susan Robinson, Brookhaven, MS, Sr. Robyn Roby, Natchez, MS, Fr. Raymond Rocker, Poplarville, MS, So. Chrystal Rodolfich, Biloxi, MS, So. Francisca Rodriguez, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Lisa Roebuck, Vancleave, MS, Sr. Judson Rogers, Newton, MS, Sr. Robert Rogers, Clinton, MS, Jr. Susan Rogers, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Cornelia Rooke, Vicksburg, MS, Sr. Thomas Ross, Tchula, MS, Sr. Terri Rounsaville Debra Rouse, Vicksburg, MS, Sr. Ashlyn Rowe, Clinton, MS, Fr. Lawrence Rucker, Jackson, MS, Jr. Jill Ruder, Laurel, MS, So. Rogina Ruffin, Meridian, MS, Sr. Rattana Rukvichitkul, Thailand, Gr. Denise Rush, Philadelphia, MS, Fr. Mary Rush, Leakesville, MS, Sr. Deana Rushton, Seminary, MS, Jr. Barbara Russ, Gloster, MS, Jr. Christopher Russell, Prentiss, MS, Fr. Dwayne Russell, Daphne, AL, Sr. Mark Russell, Sumrall, MS, Fr. Wendell Russell, Monticello, MS, Sr. William Russell, Hazlehurst, MS, Sr. 324 Ridley-Russell :l""lQ if 'J xE if ,W' -3 'tt' Y 4 qu 4 l 2: V1 , ,ca 'ilxfi it 1 ,M 5, Y ,ZTMY .4 - F 4 i, , ,R V4 i , ,Q 1' 4 f 'H -.J 4 - Y 2, . J Q 6 K I we :Q I wi. sf il' 51 l C.: l'77'l""Z""""'T"' "'7'I Ar Y. Susan Rutherford, Mobile, AL, Jr. Pamela Rutland, Jayess, MS, Fr. Jay Ryan, Waveland, MS, Jr. Nancy Ryder, Cleveland, MS, Jr. Kelley Salter, Slidell, LA, Fr. Salman Sami, Aligarh, India, Gr. Benjie Sanders, Natchez, MS, Fr. Dennis Sanders, Pascagoula, MS, Douglas Sanders, Meridian, MS, Sr. Allen Sanderson, Laurel, MS, Jr. Stephanie Sandiford, Pensacola, MS, Sr. Fernando Santos, Acarigua, Venezuela, Sr. Keith Sargent, Corinth, MS, Sr. Renee Sargent, Tupelo, MS, So. Joann Sartin, Jayess, MS, Jr. Connie Saucier, Petal, MS, Fr. Kimberly Saucier, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Laura Saucier, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Patsy Saucier, Purvis, MS, Fr. Debora Sayre, Richmond, IND, Jr. Stacey Scarborough, Jackson, MS, Sr. Margaret Scheetz, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Angelique Scheffler, Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Eva Schell, Chatom, AL, Sr. Christi Schexnayder, Long Beach, MS, Jr. Frank Schiavo, Ocean Springs, MS, Fr. Stephanie Schillinger, Jackson, MS, So. Bill Schlicher, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Stacey Schlichter, Milton, FL, Fr. James Schlottman, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Dawn Schmidt, Metairie, LA, So. Darin Schneider, Picayune, MS, Jr. Rutherford-Schneider 325 Tracy Schroeder, Fairbury, lL, Fr. Joseph Schultz, Monticello, MS, Jr. Thomas Sckiets, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Jennifer Scott, Pensacola, FL, Fr. Jim Scott, Tupelo, MS, Fr. Lewis Scott, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Stanley Scott, Clarksdale, MS, Gr. Wilmetta Scott, Natchez, MS, Sr. James Seagraves, Mobile, AL, Fr. Lowell Seal, Long Beach, MS, Sr. Sherry Seal, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Linda Seale, New Orleans, LA, Fr. Reba Seals, Laurel, MS, Jr. Monica Sedita, Harahan, LA, Sr. Walter Seefeld, Long Beach, MS, Fr. Valetta Sellers, Jackson, MS, So. Marian Semski, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Xiomer Senior, Punto Fijo, Venezuela, Sr Kellye Sequence, Clarksdale, MS, Jr. Valda Sequence, Clarksdale, MS, So. Tanya Serio, Merritt Island, FL, Jr. Keith Shannon, Baton Rouge, LA, Fr. Sandra Sharp, McComb, MS, Jr. Sissy Sharp, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Sonja Sharp, Forest MS, Jr. Sherry Shaw, Perkinston, MS, Sr. Edwin Shelby, Terry, MS, Jr. Katherine Sheldon, Mandeville, LA, So. Paige Shelton, Jackson, MS, So. Ronnie Shepard, Carthage, MS, Fr. James Sheppard, Wayne, NJ, Jr. Sandra Sheridan, Bogalusa, LA, Fr. Ladonna Shields, Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Shiov-whey Shiey, Hsin'chu, Taiwan, Jr. Katherine Shindler, Brandon, MS, Jr. Allen Shirley, Terry, MS, Gr. Ronald Shiver, Silver Hill, AL, Jr. Lydia Shoemaker, Lucedale, MS, Sr. Alice Showers, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Shelia Showers, Monticello, MS, Jr. Alicia Shows, McComb, MS, Sr. April Shows, McComb, MS, Fr. Brian Sigler, Mobile, AL, So. Jennifer Sigrest, Yazoo City, MS, So. Bethany Simmons, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Glen Simmons, Columbia, MS, So. Lorinza Simmons, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Ricky Simmons, Pensacola, FL, Fr. 326 Schroeder-Simmons , , ""'7"' We "" 7 'mn' .45 K ' ' - W 1- vw 4 'U' . I' v ' V' ' as Y u x K SL. , .... :T--7 7- 'Z - . "S 'S l Ml af. xxx.. ,I I N v - v' . ' ' vi ,' 'S-, , mit . E 3 irq f. 4 - f dv I N 44 ,I ' , , A i 'F 1 ,M rm, if ' ,,i ' X Q , l I 1. f' in , 2 it z ,1- v p -H HKU' T ' TWV 5 n Q - F .- t I iff 4- 7- ft., A, E l n C .-. E u. 5- qv- WW lr ' . L " Vs Q- V, 1' '75' 7 K. W l . ! gg 4 Q 5 .. .. ,f .A L, , 174.1 . ,rf ir. el. 1 4 3 I l ' .fl r gg? 2 ' .cw .. .. A .A ,1,g. i . Lg .NL v- o l M , , . I IV'-H 5 A V. 1 A15 1, X s Q.-. .,- V' - . v Q,,,, ,f 4 Ji' E.. HfSsw!'ff"i!Q X nv v, Pi 1 A 5. rf' 5' . ' 9 El 'SPL .l 5 A L 2 " M mv if .27 .4 ,L M 1 ,.,,M. Ili 4 4 iii' ily. f' it .z'l' A we Q . Vg, -L ,f b i 4 'ras' l 4' ' i . 1 u ,. 1 li k J. I ' f i i ,EH h :A 5 in 'X ' . ,,,, , in ' I , , . K g f. F 4- ' I ' I . . l swf " vv iff ws' 1 l l 1. l .NJ , .. , . .,, x ! X . l as 1' fl' X '-. .K X ff , '41 N 41 X. -Q 'V Susan C. Simonson, Waveland, MS, Sr. Andria Aultman Sims, Ellisville, MS, So. Davin Dwayne Sims, Meridian, MS, Jr. Robbie E. Sims, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Sharon E. Sims, Jackson, MS, Fr. Lynn M. Singleton, Tylertown, MS, Sr. Marian Angela Sinopoli, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Janet Marie Skinner, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Georgia G. Skrmetta, Meridian, MS, Sr. Albert J. Slater, Crenshaw, MS, Sr. Michael Scott Sledge, Hattiesburg, MS, So Cara Joy Slusher, Terry, MS, Fr. Philip Edward Slusher, Terry, MS, Fr. Scott Oren Smiley, Long Beach, MS, Jr. Andrew G. Smith, Quitman, MS, Fr. Ashley Paige Smith, Mobile, AL, So. Billy Smith, Pascagoula, MS, So. Calvin C. Smith, Birmingham, AL, Sr. Cedric J. Smith, Picayune, MS, Sr. Cheryl L. Smith, San Francisco, CA, Fr. Chris Daniel Smith, Natchez, MS, So. Christi Michelle Smith, Vicksburg, MS, Fr Constance P. Smith, Carthage, MS, Sr. Darrell L. Smith, Louise, MS, Jr. Darren Smith, Mobile, AL, Fr. Denvil Smith, Ellisville, MS, Sr. Robert Smith, San Antonio, TX, So. lvan Smith, Petal, MS, Fr. James Smith, Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Janice Smith, Wesson, MS, Jr. Jimmy Smith, Hurley MS, Fr. Joy Smith, Wesson, MS, Jr. Karla Smith, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Katherine Smith, Florence, MS, Sr. Kenny Smith, Citris Heights, CA, Jr. Kimberly Smith, Hazelhurst, MS, Jr. Kyle Smith, Summit, MS, Jr. Kymberly Smith, Tupelo, MS, Sr. Larry Smith, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Laura Smith, Slidell, LA, Sr. Lisa Smith, Belzoni, MS, Fr. Moira Smith, Quitman, MS, Sr. Marvin Smith, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Michael Smith, Brookhaven, MS, Fr. Missy Smith, Meridian, MS, Sr. Michelle Smith, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Nancy Smith, Yazoo City, MS, Sr. Robert Smith, Gautier, MS, Jr. Simonson-Smith 327 Sheila V. Smith, Laurel, MS, Jr. Sheri Melinda Smith, Laurel, MS, Sr. Stephanie Page Smith, Brookhaven, MS, Jr. Sabrina Smith, Crystal Springs, MS, Sr. Terry Susan Smith, Picayune, MS, Sr. Theresa Allena Smith, Centerville, TN, Fr. Timothy A. Smith, Topeka, KA, Jr. Vanessa L. Smith, Carthage, MS, So. William Delous Smith, Slidell, LA, Sr. Willie E. Smith, Hazelhurst, MS, Jr. Stacey R. Snowden, Clinton, MS, So. Hussein Hassan Soliman, Suez, Egypt, Gr. Stacey Rene Songe, Pascagoula, MS, Fr. Christy Karen Sones, Jackson, MS, Jr. Melissa Marie Sonier, Bay St. Louis, MS, Sr. Sharon L. Sonnier, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Khing-Bok Soo, Singapore, Singapore, Fr. Jackqueline Mary Sotak, Bay St. Louis, MS, So. Max South, Athens, AL, Jr. Pamela K. Southerland, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Sherry L. Southern, Purvis, MS, So. M. Denice Spears, Meridian, MS, Sr. Randall Scott Spears, Meridian, MS, Sr. Lana Leigh Speed, Collins, MS, Jr. LaShawn R. Speed, Kosciusko, MS, Fr. Marcia R. Speed, Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Karen E. Speights, Columbia, MS, Fr. Carol R. Spence, Purvis, MS, Sr. Ken G. Spencer, Birmingham, AL, Sr. Tunga Rochelle Spencer, Quitman, MS, Fr. Deborah Susan Spiess, Slidell, LA, So. Bernice Ann Spivey, Jackson, MS, Jr. Ethel Victoria Spurlock, Fayette, MS, Sr. Steven Mark Stafford, Ocean Springs, MS, Jr. Johnny E. Stallworth, Gautier, MS, Sr. Michael Charles Stallworth, Mobile, AL, Fr. Tyndra Dionne Stallworth, Pascagoula, MS, So Cindy St. Amant, Ocean Springs, MS, Sr. Angelia Kay Stamps, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Sabrina G. Stamps, Gulfport, MS, Fr. Paul Lydell Stancil, Meridian, MS, So. Shirley Ann Standberry, Magnolia, MS, Sr. Carolyn Lisa Standifer, Shannon, MS, Jr. James E. Standland, Marianna, FL, Sr. Angela Marie Stanford, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Sonya Michelle Stanford, Batesville, MS So. Steven Joseph Stanford, Pensacola, FL, So. Greg Stanton, Brandon, MS, Jr. 328 S. Smith-Stanton 'wl- li ln- . , ' V ' x " 4 5- Qs Ji , D 15 v , ' I if c in , -,,1T.,., --1, H... 4 . w ., . PT1 2 ,. O l 0- I rl v r ' x 74 A F fm 5 E? 'vt' - v. i -Wa J. ., 1 "1""'f4w if ,, ,,.fy-, F . f I X' s ,gs m i lo . . sv,,f , ' f' w f'ff.f f. Al in I 'E' 7 I if 3, nl Q- ...,. . , ., . ,I W Ai, g 5, V J if ww' ,W x ,A 3,3 Y ' 2251 . . - 1 2. 4 ff. nf' SJ' gif 'Q 'v-G 'C -- - - ' V fr -- ,f .V 4. ,-.L - lf' f A " if . "' . itiff Y' . A f. 5 if ll' .' ist.. .' 1 'IH' . 2 X A 3 ig 5 1 ' i 1 X' eww: un- li 1' l X A . A. F. v,,f.-q -. , A I 'r ut .. l ,.. Marcy Ann Stark, Clinton, LA, Jr. Daniel W. Starling, lll, Robertsdale, AL, Jr. Kimberly Ann Starling, Robertsdale, AL, Fr. Janet Gale Staten, New Albany, MS, Sr. Mary E. Statts, Ocean Springs, MS, Jr. John E. Stearus, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Amanda Diane Stegenga, Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Jacquelynn Ruth Stephens, Covington, LA, Fr. Keith W. Stephen, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Martha Suzanne Stephens, Vicksburg, MS, Sr Mike Stephens, Belmont, MS, Sr. Robert Wayne Stephens, Jr. Slidell, LA, So. Bob Stephenson, McComb, MS, Jr Karen Tameka Stephney, Greenville, MS, Fr. , Carla Ann Stevens, Benton, MS, So. Della lrene Stevens, McComb, MS, Sr. Gregory Scott Stevens, Long Beach, MS, Jr. James Stevens, Sarasota, FL, So. Joe Dan Stevens, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Laura Loretta Stevens, Runnelstown, MS, Fr. , Timmy L. Steward, Hazelhurst, MS, Jr. Althea Renee Stewart, Natchez, MS, Fr. Billy W. Stewart, Pearl, MS, Fr. Cassandra Renee Stewart, Laurel, MS, Sr. Melissa Dale Stewart, Prentiss, MS, So. Michael James Stewart, Amory, MS, Fr. Patricia E. Stewart, Laurel, MS, Sr. Paula Stewart, Meridian, MS, Sr. Sharon Marie Stewart, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Amy Lynne Stiglet, Moss Point, MS, Fr. Jill Michelle Stipelcovich, Vancleave, MS, So. Shannon L. Stockstill, Wesson, MS, Jr. Cindy Smith Stagner, Tylertown, MS, Gr. Ginger Elise Stogner, McComb, MS, Jr. Stephen E. Stogner, Bogalusa, LA, Fr. Tana Lavene Stogner, Bogalusa, LA, Sr. Stark-Stogner 329 Steven Stone, Hobbs, NM, Fr. lke Stone, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Carol Stone, Meridian, MS, Sr. Jeffery Stovall, Monticello, MS, Jr. Stacey Stowers, Forest, MS, So, Billy Strathman, Long Beach, MS, Sr. John Straub, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Maria Straub, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. William Strawbrldge, Hamilton, MS, Sr. Harold Strehle, Bay St. Louis, MS, Sr. LeVada Strickland, Laurel, MS, Jr. Catherine Strimel, Marietta, OH, So. Roy Stringer, Leakesville, MS, Fr. Glen Stripling, Jackson, MS, Sr. Cindy Strong, Utica, MS, Sr. Lisa Strong, Utica, MS, So. Serens Strong, Slidell, LA, So. John Stroud, Laurel, MS, Sr. Carien Stubbs, Mobile, AL, So. Chip Sturdivant, Natchez, MS, Jr. Elizabeth Sturtz, Columbia, MS, Sr. Spencer Sublett, Pascagoula, MS, Fr. Kelley Sudduth, Jackson, MS, Fr. Amandia Sullivan, Magee, MS, So. Catherine Sullivan, Richton, MS, Fr. Danny Sullivan, Columbia, MS, Sr. Joe Sullivan, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Chandra Sumlin, McCain, MS, Sr. Greg Sumrall, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Jennifer Sumrall, Richton, MF'r. Donna Surratt, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Ellis Sutton, Brandon, MS, Sr. Kimberly Sutton, Prentiss, MS, So. Robin Swan, Long Beach, MS, Sr. Morris Swarts, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Tracey Sweeney, Brandon, MS, Fr. Robert Tala, Gulfport, MS, So. Jeffery Tanksley, Kokomo, MS, Jr. Alicia Tannehill, Elizabethtown, PA, Fr. Oscar Tanner, Hazelhurst, MS, Sr. Antonieto Tan-Tiu, Philippines, Gr. Trent Tate, Bay St. Louis, MS, So. Andrea Taylor, Laurel, MS, Jr. Clifton, Taylor, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Clint Taylor, Bruce, MS, So. Delia Taylor, Jackson, MS, Fr. Edgar Taylor, Crystal Springs, MS, So. Edward Taylor, Brandon, MS, Sr. 330 Stone-Taylor 'E w . ft "4 1 fail A 'Q - r I A 1' I K C? lll. il U e if b X f w rf ' '-:J uf. fi X kd 1 K' f l 1 l 1 -if or ' if r gf1"vr:g" t fit? f. f I I3 Fri, W K il SX . 1 1 Q . f I' 'W lg . 3 R .. l f -31 . J' ,- ,gyiggfli . il Z., . 'l A' ...X -. "av 1 , 1. . V, is 1. A .4 .,.. 1 N l I l l L' "" Wi fm: - Fredia Taylor, Brandon, MS, Gr. Jeanne Taylor, Maben, MS, Jr. Jimmy Taylor, Pensacola, FL. Fr. Karen Taylor, Greenwood, MS, Sr. Mark Taylor, Meridian, MS, Jr. Mike Taylor, Pensacola, FL, Sr. Nancy Taylor, Clinton, MS, Jr. Natalie Taylor, Pensacola, FL, Jr. Pam Taylor, Greenville, MS, So. Robert Taylor, Laurel, MS, So. Shelley Taylor, Brandon, MS, Fr. Tricia Taylor, Jackson, MS, So. Yolanda Taylor, Buckatunna, MS, Fr. Elizabeth Temple, Jackson, MS, So. Joan Temple, Long Beach, MS, Fr. Mercedes Tenorio, Panama, Sr. Tonya Terral, Pascagoula, MS, So. Lisa Terrell, Prentiss, MS, So. Ohnie Terrell, Jackson, MS, Jr. Jill Terry, Clinton, MS, Fr. William Tetmeyer, Seymour, CT, Sr. Samantha Tewes, Brandon, MS, Jr. Donna Tharp, Petal, MS, Jr. Penni Tharp, Jackson, MS, Jr. Beth Therrel, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Anita Thigpen, Laurel, MS, Fr. Renae Thomas, Jackson, MS, Fr. Arlesis Thomas, Cruger, MS, Sr. Leslie Thomas, Laurel, MS, Jr. Ricky Thomas, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Ronald Thomas Jr., Bogalusa, LA, Fr. Sherry Thomas, Hazelhurst, MS, Sr. Steve Thomas, Vicksburg, MS, Fr. Sylvia Thomas, Grenada, MS, So. Hank Thompson, Brookshaven, MS, Sr Hazel Thompson, Bassfield, MS, Jr. Jana Thompson, Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Jay Thompson, Baton Rouge, LA, Fr. Lillian Thompson, Jackson, MS, Fr. Lisa Thompson, Bassfield, MS, Fr. Mike Thompson, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Mike Thompson, Vicksburg, MS, Jr. Robin Thompson, Satsuma, AL, Fr. Tonja Thompson, Jackson, MS, So. Tony Thompson, Summit, MS, Jr. Jon Thornton, Columbia, MS, Jr. Sharon Thornton, Pascagouls, MS, Jr. Terry Thornton, Pearl, MS, Jr. Taylor-Thornton 331 Tracey Thornton, Pearl, MS, Sr. Gari Thurber, Southaven, MS, Jr. Karen Thurman, Belzoni, MS, Sr. Jon Thurston, Houma, LA, Fr. Jerry Thyous, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Michelle Tibbett, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. David Tidwell, Philadelphia, MS, Sr. Richard Tipton, Brandon, MS, Fr. Dianne Tisdale, Moss Point, MS, Sr. Dianne Tisdale, Moss Point, MS, Sr. Suzanne Todd, Metairie, LA, So. Shannon Toler, Foley, AL, Sr. Dana Toney, Yazoo City, MS, So. Thomas Toomey, Mobile, AL, So. Fred Toplin, Greenville, MS, Fr. Leslie Torrence, Tupelo, MS, Jr. James Toth, Woodbridge, NJ, Jr. Lisa Toth, Jackson, MS, Sr. Todd Touchstone, Brookhaven, MS, Fr. Roxanne Towles, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Richard Townsend, Meridian, MS, Sr. Scott Townsend, Jackson, MS, Sr. Nancy Trake, Gulfport, MS, So. Robin Tracy, Magee, MS, So. Debbie Travelbee, Long Beach, MS, Jr. Jacqueline Travis, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Susan Treutel, Bay St. Louis, MS, Fr. Kevin Triggs, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Brian Trotter, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Gregory Trotter, Tecumseh, OK, Fr. Elizabeth Truby, Mandeville, LA, So. Julie Trutter, Meridian, MS, Jr. Phyliss Tucker, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Shannon Tullos, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Tundar, Slidell, LA, Jr. Renee Turmon, Wiggins, MS, Jr. Bengie Turnage, Columbia, MS, Jr. Hollis Turnage, Columbia, MS, Fr. Jan Turner, Ellisville, MS, Sr. Kathy Turner, Edwards, MS, Sr. Melanie Turner, Jackson, MS, Gr. Paige Turner, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Wanda Turner, Sumrall, MS, Fr. Pete Turonis, Carbondale, PA, Jr. Carolyn Tyler, Fayette, MS, Sr. Barbara Ulmer, Panama City, FL, Fr. Josh Valentine, Jr., Clarksdale, MS, Sr Angela Vance, Lake, MS, Sr. 332 Thornton-Vance go s- J Pi H-f . wc, lf' .1 F .9 . 'x' I il I V' ' . F ' w k " ' I-,I ,l ., ' A ff f Y - --- 5 fi- ' TQ ' . .T t,,',,,,,U--'.,'4....-, .V - J-I - Qfillf- "- A574 nuff. xl l fig K ' f "5 I 1' 5 T .N ' ' I, .-. ' i ' , ni. ' ' ff- A EE ..., ' Pg . ,. QL W ' -if I ?'i7"7'WW' , was Julie Vance, Collinsville, MS, Sr. Robin Vance, Lake, MS, Sr. Amy Vandahl, Weston, MO, Fr. Kathy VanLandingham, Hazelhurst, MS Jr Raymond Vanblorman, McComb, MS, Sr David Vardaman, Jackson, MS, So. Jerry Varvel, Gulfport, MS, Sr. John Vaughan, Raleigh, NC, Fr. Dareyl Vaughn, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Sarah Vaughn, Vancleave, MS, Sr. Luz Vazquez, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Dino, Vecchio, Gautier, MS, Sr. Johnnie Vick, Smithdale, MS, Jr. Teresa Vick, Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Honcho Villa, Cancun, Mexico, Sr. Poncho Villa, Cancun, Mexico, Sr. Barbara Viskup, Roanoke, VA, Sr. Angela Viverette, Moss Point, MS, Jr. Scarlett Vogt, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Elliott Voivedich, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Cheryl Votnik, Plantation, FL, Fr. Carol Wade, Starkville, MS, Sr. Eric Wade, Jackson, MS, So. Nancy Wade, Brandon, MS, Sr. Stephen Waggoner, Columbia, MS, Fr. Cliff Wagner, Long Beach, MS, Fr. Thomas Wagner, Zachary, LA, Fr. Tice Wagner, Brandon, MS, Jr. Wendy Wagner, Meridian, MS, Sr. Gordon Waite, Northampton, MA, So. Aimee Waits, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Jeffery Walden, Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Douglas Waldron, Dyersburg, TN, Jr. Johnny Waldrop, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Patricia Walk, Meridian, MS, Gr. Angella Walker, Carson, MS, Jr. Bob Walker, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Cassandra Walker, Tylertown, MS, So Clint Walker, Magee, MS, Fr. Daniel Walker, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. David Walker, Clinton, MS, Sr. Debra Walker, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Janey Walker, Picayune, MS, Sr. Thomas Wertlerly, Natchez, MS, Sr. Elizabeth Weathers, Long Beach, MS, Willie Weaver, Starkville, MS, Sr. Jean Webb, Vancleave, MS, Jr. Joan Webb, Wedd, MS, Sr. Vance-Webb 333 Rachael Walker, Shreveport, LA, Sr. Sheila Walker, Charleston, MS, Jr. Steven Walker, Crystal Springs, MS, Sr Walter Walker Ill, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Bill Wallace, Brookhaven, MS, Jr. Carol Wallace, Bay St. Louis, MS, Fr. Deedee Wallace, Brookhaven, MS, Jr. Jeffery Wallace, Bay St. Louis, MS, Jr. Magnon, Waller, Natchez, MS, Sr. Marc Walling, Brandon, MS, So. Richard Walsh, Jamestown, Rl, So. Susan Walter, Vicksburg, MS, Fr. Elizabeth Walters, Clinton, MS, Fr. Penny Walters, Florence, MS, Sr. Sharon Walters, Utica, MS, Sr. Toni Waltman, Satsuma, AL, Sr. Kathy Walton, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Dong Wang, P.R. Chime, Gr. Erin Ward, Pensacola, FL, Fr. Keith Ward, Long Beach, MS, Sr. Kerry Ward, Pensacola, FL, So. Lisa Ward, Bailey, MS, Jr. Patty Ward, El Paso, TX, Gr. Robin Ward, Meridian, MS, So. Thomas Ward, Lucedale, MS, Jr. Velma Ward, Meridian, MS, Sr. Sharon Warner, Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Carolyn Warren, Waynesboro, MS, Sr. JoAnne Warren, Starkville, MS, Jr. Melissa Warren, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Melissa Warren, Florence, MS, Sr. Jane Warrick, Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Tammara Washington, Mobile, AL, Jr. Yolanda Washington, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Paula Watford, Ocean Springs, MS, So. Isabel Watkins, McComb, MS, Sr. Stephanie Watson, Greenwood, MS, So. Denise Watt, Louiseille, MS, Sr. Pertis Watts, Moss Point, MS, Jr. Santra Watts, Jackson, MS, Fr. Lisa Weatherby, Sallis, MS, Sr. Carol Weatherford, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Elizabeth Weatherford, Petal, MS, Jr. Michelle Webb, Picayune, MS, Jr. Toronal Webb, West Piont, MS, Fr. Robert Wedding, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Tanbra Weeks, Petal, MS, Sr. Charlotte Weems, Lake, MS, Sr. 334 Walker-Weems J ,Inv t if P"""l I I ' ' . K' j u 5 l 19' 5 x is K fr 'P 'xg' 1. . ., fry,-, ,O t. ,, v . . 11. 'C' -'X,.N Stephen Weems, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Daphne Welborn, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Carolyn Welch, Long Beach, MS, Sr. Kendall Welch, Decatur, MS, Jr. Leigh Welch, Centreville, MS, Fr. Stuart Welch, Mendenhall, MS, Jr. Amy Wells, Stuart, FL, So. Anna Wells, New Orleans, LA, Jr. Michael Wells, Luling, LA, Fr. Stephen Wertz, Hattiesburg, MS, So. B.J. Wescovich, Flowood, MS, Fr. Barry Wesson, Mobile, AL, Sr. Bennie West, Orange, TX, Sr. Brigitte West, Petal, MS, Jr. Judy Westfaul, Brooklyn, MS, Fr. Virginia Wheat, Rolling Fork, MS, Fr. Eli Whitaker, Woodville, MS, Sr. Janet Whitaker, Woodville, MS, So. Brian White, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Darron White, Brookhaven, MS, Jr. Darren White, Magee, MS, Jr. Dwayne White, Ellisville, MS, Sr. Elizabeth White, Columbia, MS, Sr. Joseph White, Hattiesburg, MS, Gr. Keith White, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Laura White, Camden, MS, Sr. Nahoma White, Gulfport, MS, So. Nancy White, Ocean Springs, MS, Jr. Natalie White, Meridian, MS, Jr. Patricia White, Pearl, MS, Sr. Timothy White, Magee, MS, Sr. Lisa Whitmer, McComb, MS, Sr. Vernetta Whittaker, Greenwood, MS, Jr. Chuck W. Whittington Jr., Gulfport, MS, Sr. Lyndie Whittington, Wiggins, MS, Sr. Tonya Whittington, Wiggins, MS, Fr. Jim Whorton, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Brian Wickersham, Clara, MS, Sr. John Wiegand, Terry, MS, Fr. Stan Weilgose, Pontotoc, MS, Sr. Joe Wiggins, Columbia, MS, Fr. Ples Wilkerson, Jackson, MS, Sr. Donald Wilkinson, Terry, MS, Fr. Christopher Winstead, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Bridget Wise, Picayune, MS, Sr. Carlton Wise, Mt. Olive, MS, Jr. Charlotte Wise, Biloxi, MS, Fr. Christopher Wise, Picayune, MS, So. Weems-Wise 335 Natalie Wilkinson, Roxie, MS, Jr. Arlene Williams, Prentiss, MS, Jr. Craig Williams, Vicksburg, MS, So. Darlene Williams, Vadnais Heights, MN, Eva Williams, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Fa Cheryl Williams, Canton, MS, So. Fern Williams, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Fred Williams, Long Beach, MS, Jr. Gwen Williams, Hazlehurst, MS, Sr. Ingrid Williams, Moss Point, MS, Sr. Jennifer Williams, Gulfport, MS, Jr. John Williams, Picayune, MS, Sr. x "V , 5 ' - -s fi l Kathleen Williams, Long Beach, MS, Fr. X Kerry Williams, Birmingham, AL, So. Keturah Williams, New Orleans, LA, So. Linda Williams, Natchez, MS, Sr. , th Opal Williams, Vicksburg, MS, Fr. l Patricia Williams, Hazlehurst, MS, Sr. Patricia Williams, Mobile, AL, Jr. 1 - s AAA! .L .. . . 4 ' f Philip Wllllams, Pascagoula, MS, Fr. 2. , . l V alll' Reginald Williams, Glendorg, MS, So. P Ria Williams, Vicksburg, MS, Fr. ' Ronny Williams, Jackson, MS, So. Sheila Williams, Meridian, MS, Sr. 5. ,1 , i l x bf' Al l qi l l - v My .mage R 5 . s . in ly Fx- V1 R' Tammy Williams, Richmond, MS, Sr. M A W Teresa Williams, Shubuta, MS. Fr. A1 , Victor Williams, AMA, LA, Fr. ,, li 4' I Wendy Williams, Clinton, MS, Sr. 5 1 if l ' f cindy Williamson, Biloxi, Ms, Ji. if , ff, 4 ,F if Fay WllllS, Columbus, MS, Fr. K in H' L, Deborah Willoughby, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Alan Wilson, Meridian, MS, Jr. Elizabeth Wilson, Clinton, MS, Jr. Lori Wilson, Edwards, MS, So. Nancy Wilson, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Buddy Wiltcher, Vicksburg, MS, Jr. Anna Wiltz, Biloxi, MS, So. Scott Wimberly, Jackson, AL, Sr. lola Winborn, Moss Point, MS, Jr. Dawn Windham, Jackson, MS, Jr. Murray Windham, Laurel, MS, Jr. Debra Winn, Biloxi, MS, So. Doug Wise, Biloxi, MS Fr Penny Wise, Gautier MS, So Tammy Wise, Gautier, MS, Sr. Valerie Wise, Jackson, MS, Sr. 1 Mary Withers, Wiggins, MS, Fr. y Robert Winpiglet, Vicksburg, MS, Sr. 336 Wise-Winpiglet C: N i-1-'ga , 44 5 l, ff ,, , , A,,. .C A .. V I 1- wiifu ll I 5 V A iff ' ii W' A 1 i x ,yuan D ' ll ' tl 1 an ? I l ij '- v i ' 45 V as., -K 6 lk , ,Q Tr 'iklfn-Y . frat 'av vu A i. li 1 iw f ,fi 4' '.z'SQ?i" V I 4, lf W 3- 9' i 5.- y . ks Q- gi V v, . 'Y l ,M Melody Withers, Wiggins, MS, So. Denise Wojcil, Brookhaven, MS, Jr. Kelly Wolf, Metairie, LA, Fr. Carlin Wolfe, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Sheryle Wolfe, Fayette, MS, Fr. Anna Wolverton, Union, MS, Jr. James Womack, Magee, MS, So. Mike Womack, Magee, MS, Fr. Elisa Wong, Clarksdale, MS, Gr. Han-Kee Wong, Singapore, Sr. Donna Wood, Mobile, AL, Sr. Marie Wood, Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Nicky Wood, Leesdale, MS, Sr. Tammy Wood, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Peggy Woodall, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Jelunden Woodard, Jackson, MS, Sr. Kathy Woodard, Lucedale, MS, Jr. David Woods, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Fresh Woods ll, Greenville, MS, Jr. Donna Woodyard, Long Beach, MS, Sr Mary Woolly, Little Rock, AR, So. Michael Woyllard, Lucedale, MS, Jr. Kenneth Wright, Meridian, MS, Sr. Rebecca Wright, Jackson, AL, So. Tina Wright, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Mike Wyatt, Waveland, MS, So. Petrina Wynn, Laurel, MS, Sr. Anna Yarbrough, Jackson, MS, Jr. J.K. Yates, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Tammy Yates, Jackson, MS, Sr. Melanie Yeatman, Petal, MS, Fr. lvy Yeldell, Greenville, MS, Fr. Jennifer Yentzen, Pass Christian, MS, So Alan Young, Clinton, MS, Jr. Denise Young, Prentiss, MS, So. Jennifer Young, Long Beach, MS, So. Kevin Young, Pascagoula, MS, Fr. Michelle Young, Oxford, MS, Fr. Scott Young, Little Rock, AR, Fr. Jin-Pey Yuan, Taiwan, R.O.C., Gr. Musa Yusof, Malaysia, Jr. lbrahim Zakaria, Malaysia, Sr. Eric Zarske, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Shihau Zhad, Hattiesburg, MS, Gr. Leslie Ziller, Meridian, MS, Jr. Stacey Zuber, McComb, MS, So. Melissa Zuga, Jackson, MS, Sr. Aliza Zylanoff, Pascagoula, MS, So. Withers-Zylanoff 337 338 Closing SEARCH F CDR TGMCDRRQW V -i Do you recall the day you came to college so "Young and Restless?" 6 ian I - i in . Y, - Tvfg-q-'f'2'J1'., . l. """' r..-fl., - " ' l 1 9 '-'E W' V I me m ll o 'S 'xx is l l rsT'QQ l u l 1 l A V E l l Now we see ourselves entering the "real" world as the "Bold and Beautiful." 4 ,, ""'a ,....... E As our "search" comes to an end, we will venture into a new and curious phase. N7 W 5 In -vw.. .f 1' V-i' V' 'V ' fr- T? O ,,-. - Avnlfl' "'- It 4 We have before us paths to hoose will lead 7 , . x , N But no matter what we choose we will always cherish the memories ll we have made here at USM. 1 Zgwrv in PD " ---ao. L ,ef 9 Y Q 1 L-o' .af 5 'i - in l1 - . Il J' -J ...J M... - 1987 NIT CHAMPIONS bb These speclal memorles w1ll even someday be shared with all of your chlldren as they begln thelr college Career :AA Yi D 4 Q". , l B-0 I "QCII L RIQVA pf r" f ,- . Yes . . . these were the best "Days of Our Lives." '1 r Q' 'S v "I :ye in 6. 'A ,r P o -A f' 4 f .i- A I - . , J, Q. X ' 3b..-A 1131, 1 . f 5 'U ,MLS I ' , I'-X E 'N j it PH OT0 ERVICE 3,-432 Q Leg, ww And CAMERA HOP 41 U'-A Mike Seal V Robert Phillips Peggy Meadows Staff Photographer Director Photo T8ChniCian Joe Val Overstreet Sherry Miley Bobby Peacock "All rights in "One Life to Live" and "All My Children", including trademarks and copyrights, are owned by American Broadcasting Companies, inc." Special Thanks to Central Broadcasting Systems, Inc. and Procter S Gamble for allowing us to use "As the World Turns" and "Guid- ing Light." Special Thanks To Procter 8 Gamble Productions lnc. for allowing us to use "Search for Tomorrow" and "Another World." Special Thanks to National Broadcasting Company for allowing us to use "Days of Our Lives." Special Thanks to Central Broadcasting Systems, lnc. for allowing us to use "Young 8 Restless." Q Karla Napier Special Thanks: Minnie Austin Temple Bush Pam Bane Teri Sue Bankston Linda Brown Mike Dobbins Dee Dougherty Warren Dunn Herff Jones Printing Company Larry Hollis Lou Johnson Fran Jones Rosie Jones Carroll Keyes Diane Davidson Berta Laiche Monica LeBlanc Renee McGuffee Eva Metz Michele Miller Joe Paul Photo Services Michele Poirier Barbara Ross Southerner Staff Kim Willis Vicki Wilson Photo ServicesfSpecial Thanks 347 if 1987 Southerner Staff Teri Sue Bankston Renee McGuffee Assistant Editor Assistant Editor ,, iv-ll, Sam Hughes Keith Gaskin Head Photographers i 7' -RQ if .ur -f 'th' QU U Ht L? J 'P' 5' fx 'x fr' ' ' 'L . L15 N iff 79' ." . .-af'k5"1"-'iz-,L 3.fif.rf.g?,hf'u.:'7L ,-770,217.4 if' 711- - . - . if, 'J-A,f,2.sf, i- 1. mth. . , ' H X9 A-,Y , . 1.41, 5 .Ei.,,,K-,I-.1-'Ki ,tb .I un, X -b V. ,I pn: M l - Q P . 'q . 1 " "' - ' . 1-N' ' ' ' ' .' f ' -- A A 511.'AvI5 KA if " fs. ' f: X. Editor's Note 3.4 , When I first came to USM, I hadn't intended on being on the Southerner staff much less becoming the Editor. Nevertheless, four years later l am the Editor, panicking about making the last deadline. Being Editor of LlSM's yearbook has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life. I recall the first problem we encountered was being required to spend countless hours in the office without a television. So the only way to solve this prob- lem was to place a TV in the Southemer office. Now, we've become the soap opera update center for the university. l don't think we could have produced such a lengthy book without the needed inspiration from "Days of Our Lives" and "Another World". There are so many people l would like to thank for their support and assistance. Without Teri Sue Bankston and Renee McGuffee's hard work we couldn't have met all the deadlines. l would also like to extend my appreciation to Warren Dunn, Minnie Austin, Eva Metz, Vicki Wilson, Joe Paul, Berta Laiche and their office staffs. Special recognition should be given to Lou Johnson, Larry Hollis and the Herff Jones Publishing Company for bringing the book to life. Also, without the encouragement of my parents, some special friends, my Sigma Chi Fraternity brothers and the ladies of Kappa Delta, this would not have been possible. Last but not least, I would like to thank the Administration and the Student Body for their support and assistance. There is no doubt in my mind USM really is W' 1. Editor's Note 349 fr. 5 . Photo Credits All other Photos Taken by Photo Services AssociatedPress... 166,167,168, 169, 170, 171, 172, 173 Cory Adams . Cover 213, 215 216 MikeDoyle 2 5 7 11 16 126 127 128 129 329 C D Keith Gaskm 5 6 8 9 10 12 16 38 39 40 41 42434445464748495254 55 120 122 123 126 173 180 183 186 187 206 207 313 Beth Hemeter 192 193 Ph1lHendnx 196 197 SamHughes Cover 6 10 13 14 15 16 36 37 38 39 404l44454647505l545556 57 124 125 128 129 146 147 150 151 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 197 202 212 213 214 228 229 309 C D Laura Mauffrey 11 1 Renee McGuffee 11 14 21 Mark Mollere 2 5 6 10 11 12 13 14 88 189 203 Barton Spencer 120 121 197 199 Jill Stillman 223 224 225 Philip Trarll 53 144 148 149 152 153 154 155 160 161 162 163 213 214 215 216 Paula Wilson Cover 13 14 15 164 165 188 189 as uauaoeaoucoollnlnsnaususooenacno , , "" I I I I I I I I I I I . . """" I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IOIOIUOCIQIIOIOilliltiliiiliIO!OOOOOODOOOOOIOIIUQUOOCO , l O UIIAIIOUIIIIIOIIOOOIUOOIOIIOOCCIUIOIOICICOIOIIIIIIOCIIOO , "" I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' 7 Kimberly ' 1 , ................. , , , , , , , , , I . . I I I I I I I I I . ""f" I I I I I I I Southemer Staff Editor ..................... .......... S teve Phillips Advisor ...................... ............. W arren Dunn Assistant Editors ......... ........ T eri Sue Bankston Renee McGuffee Head Photographers ........ .............. K eith Gaskin Sam Hughes Artist ......................................................... Allison Hodges Staff Members ................................. Suzanne Bienvenue, Suzette Bienvenue, Lena Beth Buford, Glen Carroll, Dee Dougherty, Kimberly Dowe, Karen Godail, Jeff Hall, April Hilton, Corinthian Jackson, Kimberly Jordan, Trey Jo- seph, Rance Necaise, Perry Newton, Debbie Odom, Tammy Petro, Shannon Phifer, Scott Plunkett, Regina Punckett, Kim Risher, Christi Schexnayder, Sherry Thomas, Beth Walker, Bill Wallace, Stacey Welborn Colophon Paragon Press, A division of Herff Jones in Montgomery, Alabama printed the 1987 edition of the Southerner. The cover is a laminated Black Vista Tex with Vista Lithography artwork. The artwork is WHT Lithography using four color process and Gold 960. The title and binding is blind embossed. The endsheets are Gold VC-5. The paper stock is Eurogloss for pages 1 through, 16 and 177 through 192. The remaining pages of the book are printed on Bordeaux paper. There is four flats of four color process and one flat of Gold VC-5 spot color. The type face chosen for Volume 61 of the Southerner is Korinna and Korinna Bold- 48 pt. for division pages, 36 pt. for headlines, 24 pt. for subheadlines, 12 pt. for copy and 10 pt. for captions. Korinna Italics is used for emphasis. The cover title is Tiffany Bold, and the binding is Spartan Medium. 350 Colophon! Photo CreditsfSoutherner Staff ACM .................... Administration ........ Ad Club ............ Air Force ............. "All My Sons" ........ Alpha Delta Pi .........,.. Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Phi Alpha ........ Alpha Psi Omega ....... Alpha Sigma Alpha .... Alpha Tau Omega ..... AMA ........................... Anchor Splash ........ ASID ........,........... ASB .................. Baseball ...................... Basketball, Men's ....... Basketball, Women's.. Beta Alpha Psi ............ Beauties, USM ........... Best Citizen ................ Billy Ocean ................. Black Greek Council.. Bolton Hall ...............,.. Business Ad., College. Cheerleaders, Football Cheerleaders, BB ........ Cheerleaders, BB ....... Chi Omega................. Contents, Table of ........ .. .,.,. Criminal Justice. ...... .. Crosscountry ............ .. Delta Delta Delta ....... Delta Gamma ......... . Delta Sigma Pi....... ........ Delta Sigma Theta ..... Delta Tau Delta ......... Delta Zeta ............... Derby Days ......... Dinner Theater ....... Dixie Darlings ......... D.P.M.A ............... Drinking Age .......... Eaglettes .................... Ed. 8 Psy., College .... Elam Arms .......... Fashion Plus .... . ..... Fine Arts, College ......... . ...... Football ...................... Index Forum, University .................... 118 Gamma Alpha Epsilon ............ 266 Goal Tenders ........................... 278 Golden Girls .,.......... .......... 2 44 Golf .............................. .......... 2 12 Grad. 5 Undergrad. ................. 280 Greek Games ........................... 144 Greek God 8 Goddess ............ 145 Hall of Fame .................. ........ 5 8 Hank Williams Jr ........ ...... 1 24 Hickman Hall .......... .......... 2 41 Hillcrest Hall .........,................... 240 HPER, College of, .......,.......... .... 4 2 Home Economics, School ......... 42 Homecoming Activities ..,........ 128 Homecoming Courts, ....... A '+ B Homecoming Display ...., .. C + D Honors College ..g ......... ...... 1.1.56 iAD,1Fsi:-:A, HMSA Interfraternity Counct Q, . Q . . Intrarnuralsggl .... it..Q,.g,.Q, .irr Pani1e11mer,, ..,.. ..... ,...r120, Jr. Panhellnic Council A Kappa Alpina?yl2sirgy.,.,,.1gig1.l l,..,.r.96 1 yKappaMu2eepg1,1ariilp1,gentle...,ge,.fy.gg256tp A ii 21260 KlyrnaXXtQQ,.5, 1 vnwnouau-as Laaies at 146 Lambda Sigma4.iQg,Qg.Q,.Q.s..g., Liberal Arts, A School D. g. Library Science, School LSD ............ ...... Lucas, Dr. ,Aubrey ....... ,.g20 Med Tech..1..4...g ....... ...Q......267' Me'lisa Moore .... 'D .... 2 ..... .123 MET ..... B .... ,,...g .....,.. ..... 8 ..... 2 68 Military Science ....... Q ......... 252 Miss Panhellnic ...... 4. .......... 121 Miss Southern, ......... .......... 1 42 Mr S Miss USM .......... .......... 1 30 Mu Phi Epsilon ........................ 268 Nat. Student Speech ............... 269 News, USM 8 World ............... 166 Nursing, School of ...,................. 50 Omicron Delta Epsilon ............ 269 Omicron Delta Kappa ............. 270 Panhellnic Council ....... . ........... 267 Past Beauties .............. . ......... 177 Phi Beta Lambda ......... t ..... ,..271 Phi chi Theta .......... ,........ 27 1 Phi Delta Rho ....... ......... 2 72 Phi Kappa Tau ....... . ......... 100 Phi Mu ...................... ........ 8 2 Phi Theta Kappa .,....... ......... 2 70 Pi Beta Phi ............... ........... 84 Pi Kappa Alpha ....... ......... 1 02 DO lltlllll ODDDDOOIOIOCOOOUOIODOIIID ao:vno Residents Assistant ................. 240 Rho Lambda ......... ......276 Rodeo, USM ,............................ 162 Rugby ....................................... 188 Science 8 Tech., School.. ........52 Scott Hall ................................. 241 Sigma Alpha Epsilon .............. 104 a Sigma Chl . ............................... 106 sigma Delta chi ......... ......... 2 73 Sigma ....... Sigma Phi Epsilon ...... .. ........... 110 Soccer ......... ..................... ...200 Social work, School of ............. 53 sof1Ba11l..r ................................... 203 sorority Rush ........................... 116 Southern Exposure ................. 235 Southern' Misses .......... ......... 23 2 southern Style ......................... 239 Spring , Dance Concert .... .........151 Student Alumni Assn. ............. 273 Student Constructors .............. 274 Student Home Economics ...... 274 Student Nurses .................. Student Printz .............. ......277 Swimming, Men's .... B ................ 205 Swimming, Women's .............. 205 Tau Kappa Epsilon ........... ......112 Tennis, Men's .............. ......... 2 06 Tennis, Women's ......... ......... 2 08 Track ........................ ......... 2 11 GAC ....................... ......... 236 Llnion Board .......... .........277 USM Fair .................................. 164 USM One Club ........................ 276 USM Student Coaches ............ 276 USM Home Builders ................ 278 Volleyball .................. Who's Who ....... ........ 6 1 Wrestling ........... ......... 1 58 Zeta Phi Beta ........ ........ 88 Index 351 .z -45-, Uh s Q.. 'TK v .. 3 1 I J u fc . r Q gat' S fb I F-6? q -dsl ' ,f w ws, ,, 2.57412 i if 1.3 M V5 3, f, :gg 5i'9?f'w M l 'aj rg 'ia -mm . 471 - .4 .1 A -.i . fn - ' A' ,V ,I V J .ff ' ,, 1,1 2- r n. 'E -41 .J 'U' -M- ........M 1 0 ,wma , V r M I A, Sf'- r . 4 3-Q ! F, ,Q A I I I A i 1 H .1l'1' ' r . ,u sv, V 'I V ,,'.,., .fV,V .,,y 1 VV V " 4-I. yup. 1 'vV:1.'.v.' V ..1. vQV,.YV"x'V,1V -V ' -, VV, V . ,nj , 'N V! V ' X. W. V VW . ,,,.v,1- ,,,. -V,..,' .. ' 'g. . ."1.!kV' V-A V - V -.V ,V V My 47 1 Vi. eV, . V V VV , 'vb J' VV-' I I ,. V. V .A 1' " V pg -- ' V ,. V! SVA. V 1 V" 1 VVVV' ' f V OV c Y V v V - V N,-V, V sip. AV 'Vi 'V I V V f V V .W lu f . -X A " !"' 'ff V. H ,QP-.n,","' 'U . V xi- ,'V ' V ,I V., . V1 V:V.",' f V':. . 'WRX ' sx' V MW ,YV , .B V , . . MV, -V-. '. " V Xin, V 1 ' ' V 1 L "V -V N- . V 0r.g " it s 1" 1 ' V V I 'sly-n. Hr ul., ','ffa I' ' D if "'L I J , V I fm V VV, , D, ' 'JIV WIZYP.,-3' V'V JV, VV' I' 'nh' - ' V V 3, ,. lil III . , V VV, X3 V. G' VV 'Vx X. .',,VV --'1f?.. KV E V 1, E-9'.'l,' 1 ' ' 1 . '-l x ' . . :I "W, uf fiie' ' m W -r 1' we K' I t r .5 ' 'X Qu! Paw' gg ' 1" 5, ., ,w1:.5. I alfwwd ft-' ,W 1" "ff, ,4- ,'h5,' H,-, rwf I I f r . O A M ,'g,'-. f in 'fn' . Na' Y' 1 .-YR: , ' , ' " IH' af' I 11 -rv' , ,pf , , .ul . ,,fn",4T,xlj J! Tux M.. Wg Q14 .. M ,,1ff':vr A ' I I Uni' ,ug lf! 'L my V-jg' ' -f-" 1 , , 1, f, , Ny' 'IW' .yt-ap, 3 312151, A 'qu , -Mu' 1 4 1', . ,, ' v ff ' ,w.',':. ':. ,,, .qs5 I , I wr, ,,', A "H 1. nzlnl W' ,rl Q 4 5, .. l Y px .Hu hi, 11 1' H311 .MI ' . '1.v,:l,'.L ,.' 1 .21 .sw 'N . ,JM 1, ' Y , , ,Q f. N ' w X, .N A A, ', 'vv"' V '.'1 ' 1 , . I I , . ,. . . . ,, 1' ' w ' , ' w 1 rf' lgl " 4 . .., - . f A f"'., Y. . f , f '.I A' e" Ur.: 1m'1 .. . H V, ,,!.,,', 4... ,v 1 1 ,qfq 'Q ' .I M " fx wly i Q!! 3' ' ' u , 1'1 Vg LW . x 19,11 - If W1 4' 'fi' MI'-J: K ivllvllx sfgdf 'Z -,W , , ' .f iuvw ' .'u"f:IE5 l' 1 '4 J i'1 ml' ' .J . 2,4 .'-. 'PT--1 - -1 . I' Q44 'f' '0"1,N 31 'u - 1 W N I p W x '12 k a I., vid?" u ,:

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University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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