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e 5 , m , ff- D ' , .. , . A ' A nf Y .. , v ANI ' - f-lf.: 9 ml, A ,'.'q'3 PY. . I.. , l . , 1. f. -Q , , V 2 . !.'. 11. ppfrv 'Q ,'. fn n 10. ' . .I 'lf ' . 1,418 N' . 7? 'ESS , it . Y Y I , , . ,. .if ,Q' ,.I ', ,,f, wax if '3 - ,l ,ft A. A' A jf'Qf "1 ' V' 17 5 VQVJ' 3. 'y ., .iff 11" . 1 W v N, ' ' ',v' , 'K 5111: , ' i V., .. , fa. 'J Q - I ,. J o SI. . F-" 3.6 ' 'T fr ai' ' . I ef f ' , A' A ' fail? L I ' ' I I 4 f . 75? 'Q I I l'I 'I -ff, um. MMA4 I .M Q V 1 , " H Q "uid, 1 A 'r' vu. ' 51 '1 ' P . Q In f- H ' .5 H 'g:? .mmiT. -4 if is ,hh . . Q1 .IU ivmnqvf lf' -o I o 1 J E ,, ,g ,, ,., X Q, herni' f ' 'K Xt 5, f" ., ' Zlffl 2 E A Cr' Q ' x,Q 9 W . al ' 4 in A A X X L X L 3 V I . 3. 'fe , . ' -r s . 1 SMMQ m 1 Y .Ze ' A V , l, H V ,.. . g 3 gfaf-rug X' ' U13 fv M' 9 V, 'I J J.. 4 . N 'sgx 5 . I ' :ic 1 X ' . 5' 'Y ' I Qfifud 'Q 1 A I f A'A' i ' ,. m'Q3 . . . , s V. Luau: f M V HV- 4. ' I 1- ,VV ,. Y ' V -4 f , N G, , .P K, M. L, : . xg l fl , A ' Al 1 A f 1 L. l ,Rl ,WJ :vu , . V.-Mg' 1151! 1 , Z' tx .7 .lu -H ' f 4 4 l. ,Q 4.1 ,1 .: 11.1 V- WHA- 'f-ggvff 2 f If ,f I , . A . , . . ' 1--I Z Q I , A 1 . TC? A , fqraglfyf 3 1, fz 'I' , V -vm? I, 12 ' ,,."'r ' ' pl Q 'bid' Y U l . x .ii . WWA! . ,, V Q A f Y! fly" 6 f ' . ' - g'A 'fggvi 3,1L . 2 , L ya . ,L v -" 63.7 t'pl" .4 ' " ' " ..! ,Nt .' 'A ' Q42 I. TT ' ' . , - N-. n f ' -. - A , u' ' A' 1 A 0 f V . .gy . , 'W f, . . 1 . J. . S , ' 1 1 A N A. . . 1 I , 1 U I .3 S : 1,1 if ' F ' ,"'f'1""""T 1' u ' it I. f' -- f I :ani vf' , un- N ... -.w-pn tv -'J -A ' ll 1 L, I x 1 '1- I . W Z IX lg! 5 ur' 1 . Jil.:-.FIS , N wk. Q c:,f2:+hs, -y , 4 M . . N ' fi ' 1 f "'.f3 " ""?' ' if it 'ly "1 ' 1 -10 I ', - A X V 'Q nqggghfvf' 35' J 'j 4 'lligsb X ' ' F L Q.. I Z' ' .UA 4 'f .IV , A4 . - .L- ,ak W - -1 ' mr, ,N .ff ' i I D -4.5, '11 T' N , :N kb sns,, . , L .. - s' q. "v . .1 f . ' 4 -' " -'r':'2,e'T"-' -' 1-.ip .. l' - 5, . , 11 I h A D I.: V , r , '. - ,,, .. . ' .Jia Q Q :'..--v- ' , ,Q ' -- .11 -- ,-' ' ' ' " ' -l .'T'M'H N ' '-' V Kr gun . b . 1 .A It -H," ' I ' ..A x-,gA- t any - x :xiii ith high school and perhaps junior college way behind now, the exhiliration and depression of leaving home foreshadow ups and downs of a new existance in a campus environment. The change presents a new package of experiences. We do things here we will never do agin. There are people, places, and events at USM that we expect to recall vividly, but by the end of the year a few may begin to drift out of focus . . . I .l F . , - o P 1 ' vu 1 a , - 4 . - '..65e1Q F A Q 'heir ' a' 8' . 1- , 7. l l hh " . I' ,f 'lx . w -'Ill 1' ' A A l -, H I "se,,Q W, ' n A Tb , . -0- 1 ' l V qs Yeah ' s 4- .po "" ". Q 1 I 5' I .D -1'-'rn' ' ' f 1 Qb. 0 'vu JP -1 l Q l 1 Q JP. gb '-'r --. . fi D . 0 - ' ' ' I X ' 1 . SF! 'uf' ' ' Rr 'Z 1-P 5 ' - - 'Q ,E 1' t ' ---nu .sd l r ...,ll-- di Q! ' I I "N Q I 5 ,xt In .. efN ul S+ """" 'W'-1 ,,..u1l4"' v x T if .rip -2 erhaps the most important things students learn about in college isn't Ezmcz but is life . . . the answer can never be found outside, but only in inside oneself. When one reaches the center, one discovers he is not alone, he is a part of everyone. 5 X, A .l 6, i ' fi- 2 Wil 438 4 5 5 vu. QAM SS pl 05 . 79 ma btw J ' 5 1 x or everything that changes, countless things don't. The walk from the bottom of the Johnson Science Tower to Elam commuter parking lot still takes 10 minutes. The elevators in the technology building still occasionally mess up. As usual I the trees turn color just in time for Homecoming and Halloween . . . Q-we-wb'-ar T H Eg H ug .L- wi I all t 'U sl-3+ V. if K 1 l i ,ff R!! rm 'wwf f'U.LLnaf. he Student? S 4 -9420 Wlwfg'-Q11 1 as unveil' t's still hard to find a parking place close to class except on the weekends when suitcasing empties the lots or at 7:00 a.m. Each Tuesday and Thursday stacks of The Student Printz are distributed and read by students. lt's the little things, the constants that never change. L-Q,..w-M-..?..1, ,. ., Pm, .,...0w..sgM aggmspg ,WU V 1 Y .,, .1 M ww- 10 I A F N-4. ul! KN S sF1f i i vsxixf -wi -www' X12 xvififffv it ,Y , 1511 rf r NIQ. I 4 ,,,,..0v--.,,, .-...1-.. .1 .4 Q Q YQ iq, fy YQ Yo YQ Y' Yi Y' .ww-mnsuv' 5 F l " 0-Q I 1 nur. 1. yi yf ff ,gg 9 'Q yn. , I' gl fwfr Y! if xc? -'V v t Y t Y Y .QY"y4X!?sY . A f Q 4 9 lfvfo-YvYeYel"sYvYs'Yc!'ct!'5i -v-9 O"-Q-O-O'V'1 f ou. 4 A 1 e 9 .T 1 Y 4 I I 4 1 E 1 i 1 ! 1 I I , l. I '4 'Q Y e 4 fs". W V rye hat makes a person choose hisf her field of study? Parents, of course influence, but for the majority, decisions are made that senior year in high school. lt could be a special teacher, or class, or just a special feeling about what one chooses hisf her vocation to be. ln any event-it usually hits a person all at once. ..L.. I 1' H15 rom coastal beaches urban boulevards and rural farming areas students filter into the Hattiesburg community. But geographic backgrounds are not the only differing characteristics. Each USM collegiate varies in attitudes, activities, even attire. V 1 Sk, l f-f-I 1 1 T - Q qi fr J .. v Wx SSRN X S sn 4 4. M P 99 'W 0-2 yr? XVX F we Ji-In PM -. OW .i 1 is .ay fx 14 l,,. l7 Qt. ,I .A - Q If A-VN V wi! ini I... hether a confused freshman, an older student returning, or the confident, yet reluctant upperclass- man, approaching the end of the academic tunnelg USM students are linked by a common bond-Eagle Fever. -in r i -'funk ubbing it-before Classes, between classes, after Class. Connected to the Student Union Building, the front steps of the Hub attract more students than just about any other area on campus. vw P' Administration ..... ....... 2 O TrusteesfVice Presidents ..... ....... 3 O Dr. Lucas .................. ....... 3 2 Homecoming Court ........... 34 Mr. and Miss USM ............ 36 Beauties ................... ....... 3 8 Hall of Fame ...... ....... 4 8 Who's Who ...... ..... 5 O Honors ................................ 58 Schools and Colleges ........ 60 Organizations ..................... 82 Greeks ............. ..... 1 22 Classes ..... ..... 1 72 Q V, Z 1 Administration Robert T. van Aller Dean of the Graduate School Bobby D. Anderson Dean of the College of Education and Psychology Becky Askew Director of High School and Junior College Relations Minnie R. Austin Assistant to the Director of the University Union Thomas S. Bateman Director of Administrative Services Onva K. Boshears Dean of the School of Library Service Jessie Boyd Director of the University Commons Harry L. Brown Director of Accounting Services Jim Carmody Head Football Coach James R. Carpenter Director of the University Golf Course Ace Cleveland Sports Information Director Samuel Clinton Manager of Business Services Walter E. Cooper Dean of the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation John Cox Assistant Sports Information Director 20 lp-vnu-'Il' i i Z' s. 35 Nu, 87 .... ..,,....,..,.A . i ,se ....-J-. xfbgi y" lbs' wiv nr v""i 135 I 125 21 Administration 11 Roland H. Dale Athletic Director 21 Richard T. Dodder Director of the English Language Institute 31 Warren K. Dunn Director of the University Union and Student Activities 41 Peter E. Durkee Vice President for Student Affairs 51 Aline R. Eddins Acting Director of the Office of Veterans Affairs 61 Thomas Estes Vice President for Business and Finance 71 William Fron Director of Financial Aid 81 Nicolas H. Fruge Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs 91 Paul Gekides Director of Union Food Services 101 Sarah L.W. Gibbs Dean of the School of Home Economics 111 Clyde Ginn Executive Assistant to the President 121 Joan P. Glover Manager of the University Bookstore 131 Bill Goodrich Voice of the Golden Eagles 141 Bill W. Gore Dean-USM at Natchez 22 U 1'-"' 61 i E N :Ml ' pig Jr' .' -4. .c '4-- "1" .v Q'-', fr- 3, 'Ka 111 ,Z g -.: " -Ja, . ' 1'- 11:15 1 T " wig .' ., J, , . , I A,,V,7, , A , X , , 1 g , 2 xt X - I - 'r 1. W ---' -'---W 5 S 4 xx , A . . 'W . ' A, 1 X M,-X, ,- 4 U , was-1 ,mf 'L 'J ,, ' Q . v . 1, , df, 'QQ 'Rf - :lm 1 1 1 Q.. - I Q ,,, xiqg IOJ Y 23 Administration Dean of Students John E Green Dean of the College of Fine Arts Dean of the College of Business Administration '-f if is 1. ,:z::i.-1. Q. 'S' I---.ll H 'tf' 1' W""a"' R' Gfantham i .3 5 I 1 :Q if M-.Q .Q.? - . Ti . ,.1I -V t . .iii A Y 'E :.i as ' . . I., 2 . if EE. 1 1 2- i t l . .X 5. X5 I , xc l FX , . :Q 1' H F xi i, Q ng 3 Jo h A. G ' I A s il X V' 5 sep reene H Q 3 , , 6' 2 w fwiw l t Q 45 Terry Harper K., A t nu E AL ,,. g -A in -.ix i . ' ij, ,:,. f - P P Y ,. j Acting Dean of the College of Liberal Arts t 5 "X"'-' I Av'-' fi! :" ' A4-:--S 55 Howard G. Henderson Director of the Physical Plant 65 Robert Herrington Director of Personnel Services 75 Joe E. Holloway Dean-USM at Gulf Park 85 Albert J. Jaeger Assistant Vice President for Business and Finance 95 Janis B. James Manager of Research and Sponsored Programs A w 1 05 Kay James Women's Basketball Coach 115 Shirley J. Jones Dean of the School of Social Work 125 Wallace G. Kay Dean of the Honors College 135 Boyd A. Kellet Director of Student Health Services 145 William E. Kirkpatrick Director of Public information 24 . . ..Ts,m ,,.. W , ,YNY 63 E . 2 l Z.. .3 5, 3: a ig: if. is 44' o 49 ' x V.-'I Q W. 1 o K. in f'D,. i X p . 35 K2 ., W, P9 1 lv,- HG'llHlliliEBi'7f 1 nu, ., 'Sa 32:4 Mash 'Db , mf- vfx . ' -wan. V 57 10? bi? il lui: mf, Q Qs. es. 'rr 'wi , A I I ., Administration Robert S. Kivetz Director of Housing Administration Cecil Klutts Director of Purchasing Jerri D. Laube Morgan Dean of the School of Nursing Carl Lawrence Director of Placement Service Alice L. Maw Director of International Students Advisement Charles B. McNeil Director of Admissions Howard Miller Director of Public Safety Danny W. Montgomery Registrar Powell G. Ogletree Director of Alumni Activities Joseph S. Paul Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs Eric R. Prenshaw Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Charles H. Probst Dean of Student Services Gene D. Saucier Dean of Admissions and Special Academic Services William C. Scruggs Director of the Computer Center 26 ll , TL, 'Y' " 7 r , rw w ff N , , la! NE Z .,,9n ,V M, Lf 'G , 2 , , Epi. fu, is M V ffz rf W i ,."'-'--0-nauuuvlll uf?-M ,fi X . -.f....b ,-. - w......-. 1:1 f x' 5 if 1 ,M 415, Gi! 3 C A 1 , I J 1 I , A I Q4 A 1 59 Y gf-3 J IO Administration Bill W. Shafer Director of the University Counseling Center James H. Sims Vice President for Academic Affairs Ken Smith Business Manager of Auxiliary Services Celestian J. Pete Taylor Assistant Athletic Director, Head Baseball Coach Bill Taylor Head of the Center for International Education Shelby Thames Executive Vice President Joseph E. Tinnon Dean of Continuing Education and Public Services Charlotte E. Tullos Director of Career Advisement, Cooperative Education Advisement, and Adult Services M.K. Turk Head Men's Basketball Coach Sidney E.L. Weatherford Director of Institutional Research John C. Wellons Director of Development Gary C. Wildman Dean of the College of Science and Technology Karen M. Yarbrough Vice President for Research and Extended Services 28 107 : A 23 Z .1 53 lil J fm H Auy. ' 2 ,em Board of Trustees .A 14 . W X ,, X X Wfwwwm 'il- Ulf' 1, "N . ,,.A, -vf' .1-1 QF 11 'Y 1 z' - . .-.f . . E l rg, , .,, .,,,,,,-1--Q-' ff M '- , ,.,...-.M.,M,,4 ..,:,,. , lv. . , 'KL Q tf ,JAN X. M 30 Dr. Robert W. Harrison, Jr., President Dr. John R. Lovelace, Vice President Dr. E.E. Thrash, Executive Secretary and Director Seated: Denton Rogers, Jr., Pontotoc, Travis E. Parker, Drewg Dr. John R. Lovelace, Batesvilleg Dr. Robert W. Harrison, Jr., Yazoo City g Bobby L. Chain, Hattiesburg, Mrs. Miriam Q. Simmons, Columbia, Mrs. Betty A. Williams, Columbus. Standing: Bryce Griffis, Starkville, Thomas D. Bourdeaux, Meridian, George T. Watson, Pass Christian, William M. Jones, Jackson, James E. Woods, Olive Branch, Charles C. Jacobs, Jr., Cleveland, Dr. E.E. Thrash, Raymond. Vice Presidents qi? Standing: Dr. Jack Daniels, President of the Faculty Council, Dr. Clyde Ginn, Executive Assistant to the President, Roland Dale, Athletic Director, Dr. Peter Durkee, Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. James H. Sims, Vice President for Academic Affairsg Dr. Thomas G. Estes, Jr., Vice President for Business and Finance. Seated: Robin Nobles, President of the Association of Office Personnel, Dr. Shelby Thames, Executive Vice President, Dr. Aubrey K. Lucas, President, Dr. Karen Yarbrough, Vice President for Research and Extended Services. his academic year marks Aubrey K. Lucas' 30th year of association with the University of Southern Mississippi. Entering school here in 1952 after graduating from State Line High, Lucas received his undergraduate degree in elementary education with a minor in history. He completed his masters in the psychology of reading in 1956 while servicing as assistant director of the reading clinic. Other positions Lucas has held includes director of admissions, 1957-1963, registrar, 1963-1969, and dean of the graduate school, 1969-1971. Though Lucas taught reading at Hinds Junior College for one year, worked on his doctorate at Florida State University for 18 months and served as president of Delta State University for four years, he says he was still closely associated with the University. "While l was at Hinds l was preparing students to come here, and when l was off ,at graduate school, l was on leave from the University, and when I was at Delta State, l was in close contact Dr. Aubrey K. Lucas with the University and Dr. McCain during monthly meetings with the Board of Trustees." L Between two and three thousand students were enrolled at USM while Lucas attended. He says with the smaller numbers, students knew each other and had closer relationships with the faculty. Lucas lived in Forrest County Hall, went to class in Southern and College Halls and studied in the library then located in the present Student Services building. 1 "I remember a lot of faculty interest and encouragement and even nurture", says Lucas. Lucas still feels that teaching is the primary responsibility of the University and is working toward having the best prepared, most competent, best paid faculty in our state because "the faculty make an institution." ln the term "faculty" Lucas includes those "support personnel" in the computer center, library, registrar's office, counseling, etc. "They teach in this institution though they may not be doing so in the Thirty Years and a Southern Tradition by Susan Wolfe classroom", says Lucas. L . .,l-l , Lucas' future goals for USM includes-L, L L r t ii i li greatly" improved learning support if T is services such as the library, teaching 1 1 equipment, the Teaching Learning Resource Center and the language, l 1 , laboratories which Lucas says "are now as important to learning as our books."Lucas also mentions the physical-1 plant as a priority. L L L - ln his seventh year as president, Lucas has many responsibilities he must deal L with: budgeting, staffing, reviewing A L curriculum, and maintaining public relations which Lucas defines as L L L "interpreting the University's purposesto many publicsf' Lucas says it is his responsibility to see that the University- is organized properly. , ln addition to his duties as president, , Lucas also serves as chairman of the . Mississippi Arts Commission and the Mississippi Economic Commission. He- is- also a lay leader of the Mississippi Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. He has been nominated to serve 1.4 ,., . as f' it A. .V A - ' 5' .an , . ul , fix . fp l 32 ,,. .... .Q ' I .Wig I'-f . ws. . gzv-.z, -'F 9:1141-I -i " i f .-z3145.-'se. H --zL2:-f-El"'vi?zl2.Mv.s:1sz- .,,, . in Q, ri E K 5 E fi it fi fi on the board of directors of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. L "A president must serve in these offices to relate his institution to those agencies", says Lucas, and this is just one way he "spreads the word" about USM. The Lucas family has apparently heard it. Besides his wife, two brothers and one sister who are graduates of the Llniversity, Lucas' mother returned to receive her degree in the 196O's. Currently, Lucas has two children, two neices and two nephews attending USM as well as cousins and other distant relatives. Lucas says Sundays at his home are like family reunions with everybody coming over for a "home cooked" meal. So after spending over half his life in association with the University it seems that President Lucas' family is following his Southern Tradition. N., Homecomlng Court 1982 Queen Anna Gonzalez Escort Ken Stribllng ll Student Body Maid Sherry Elkins Escort Scott Ferguson 25 Freshman Maid W Tracy McMahan Escort Lance Chancelor 32 Sophomore Maid U Kim McGuffee Escort Matt Shaefer 4l Junior Maid Rene Henderson Escort Jeff White 5D Senior Maid Sharon Walker Escort David Dedeaux 63 Graduate Maid Erin Finley in Escort Jim Warren , if 1. 1 1 A A il I, ,A Q . qv Q U ,' F. Q , A N , U ' .fruufl I 3 I, Q X4 "' H ,,J Wm Q' 5 D 1 'ad s. T391 in ng .I If 1 K if 'qu . A M Q fm.-V .Q Q. Q 'AN ,, . W T, 5 H 1,511 Q "" 4 ' Q55 4 1 ., -545' . ,. QQ 1 N -5 ,' is ' D " 3' ' ' 1 31 " ' ' " A s 4 Q v fi J , 1' If 44 1. lx U 'Q ' Q QW ' O P v xf . 1. 6 , .- T 'Q 1: df V ' 1' .AA 5' if in x , M' , as v. - v- ' -ra - A., 1 E F .N A Q-lv.. . , 'Q , Q 'Y in 10' llth' .u ,' -,if ,..-.-wr' x 1 - . J us , U 8 A B Wien? ff 'i D, ,. . ' 1 S 1. -x ,Q :Chg-QA pl, f 1,- -- ,-. 'i.l' I s 5' f - U .ur t '.' 1 ' 3 ,I mfs' ve 1-U Vu jr, 5 LV , I ,. J ,. 1 'C' "v 'Q O 9 I 'JH , 0 I 4. I Q v Atl 3' V - 9 A ai. 0 . :J '55 hw I 1 Mr. and Miss USM Bruce Thompson Sherry Elkins 36 Elected this year as Mr. and Miss USM are Bruce Thompson and Sherry Elkins. Bruce is a computer science major minor in electronic technology. He is, a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Sigma Chi, Omicron 'Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Lambda Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, PhiEta Sigma, Who's Who. Bruce also received the Ken Collins Memorial Scholarship, is a Chi t Omega Big Brother, received the Military Science Award as Outstanding Freshman cadet, is a member of the National Dean' List, Presidents List and Dean's List, and S. was selected as a District 3 Academic All American. Sherry, of Wesson, is a senior dance major here at Southern. She is involved in the Dixie Darlings as a Captain, Southern Exposure, Chi Omega, Pi Kappa Alpha a a Little Sister, and is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Rho, Gamma Beta Phi, Lambda Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, and Chi Tau Epsilon. Other honors include lst Alternate to Miss S Mississippi 1982, 1st alternate to Miss Southern 1981 and 1982, Miss Copiah County 1980 and 1982, Student Body Maid, Junior Homecoming Maid, Campus Beauty, President's List, National Dean's List, Who's Who, Outstanding Freshman. Woman, ACT Scholarship, Pulley, Pulley, and Gough Scholarship. Future plans include obtaining her master's in dance while continuing to perform and Q choreograph, as well as continuing F professional modeling and '-X '42 ,JN 'f wfmf V' 1.2 j . 1-L1 ' fe., . , V 'il ,xafM"f:: Y qmail? - . - :Jw ,A '. is-if wg. :ca 'f Q,-.W Aw, my r ,,W?l'fb7 131gf.L,v- . , Mym, L.--R: , NX.. 0 L. at., ,fp . N. ,:,,f',Jv .., . . Avi., V A . I 4 ,.. , Q, ' '.". A , 3 .-,,,.,fv, -, . - 225' 1' "1 ' . ., v, 4-', , 7,81 H giffggvv. fh- 'x . . 'M Q., 'S . AW Beauty Theresa Arencler 4' M ' ,rpg - 2 ,,,. ,. .t. 1,. I gg 4,v 7. 2 f :'53f'54 M . ,,, , , ,M eq f Egg 1' 'Z 1 45? Wav , Y 'Y 'Y 5 Maf'fl"K ff Q M f me 7 ' 1 1 3 , . -. Aa. if I7 ,U NY W v ng E' sw iw 'Mirah A "f M' wr Coleman Beauty Q wx G lil!!! 4 .K :,V, I 39 KW' Beauty Karen Cooper :Zu ,Aw 5' V' , ' V ,V Q ,H we - -Q , b be - ' ' 54 , 8193? 5. . e 5' Af' :qz,M A , I ff , 2 V S 1 . , Z, I , .2 V ' 1 " . , , X . iff S I W 3 ':- I 2 , 5 5 fa, ' j If fe f ,, ' , ' ,- , A 9 ., 5 1 y 125 I , Y V, Y 4 3 .4 4 . W. . ex I. 1 5 1 . I',1E 2 3 1. ff -' ' j 1 4' 1 7' 1 -K f 5, if 5 , . ' ,gs 3,51 9 4 ?? , ' 4 's . 4 ,t 98- " Q , Mi -z T' X , ' fv 1 1 : A V. - , ,AJ , . 'vlh , U, 1 4, ' if V 1 ,F Lf is 2 J Q -sf 1 43 5 , ig 1 sl f 1 ., ,R , 1 s' - 1 , w 1 y w ,., 2 1 , , ' 5 i , ' .153 M - 55-g . I .. . 1 . gl ' :ie i J! f ff gf Ay , -- 9 5, 1 . Q 2 i ' 2: I 1 J X w - . 5 A ' 2 K l I , , I , A g , - .,,1 . 0 ' '. i- .2 W gf' :IA if , 5 iv A C, Q' , i9 't' F 5. 15342 izfb V 1 i'2S'f'xk X S L wb. 'y '-. QA 3 --1:-q:f'3"'f f 5, ' . F." N ff' . - ' Q' ' K ' "A X5 - ..:-- 73,30 ,uv 4. lj k, a' , 1. A' 'X Y . N ,"'.., . 1 I 6. -561 Jkiufifin :xi ' ' ' - -W ' ,,5--if 1 .4 , fir:-aff. , 'L P f' . 1. ' . - V .. 2-mf.. 40 :sf if! - :gy..'F,".,g,, , Q. v., , Q QQ' IH in fa- A Lssw, 0 'HHH -E, Av- I' is X Anna Gonzalez Beauty 053' ,z 'fm gh 1, .Uk . xml., f 'V ww? -4 "fry, ggyqf . 'F W " f wi . fi Y, 'awww- M Q 5, , . :AJ . -f, f F 1 f .g-gqgill, zz' , 'j3, '1:J'1 ' , 9.1 , Wig: Y., ,M Am: H vi, 1, W, Z mn 'Au ' X X w'a.,p , wmv rw fl M 3 Q it , W ! 4 Z? ., 1, . , w 1' in n -'Q 51 , . 7 " .vu ' w R X f H ,, , .,.v 1. ,g.,,5T' ' Z' W . r- f , .f,V, " A f i ! A'i.v V". V I it if. I iq m kj . , has is -4 ' ' Q He . i 1 5 H . A 5 . 1 f z Q ,I 7 ' WW f v ,J si m M ,l - 'sl 1' A . Q 3 4 f 4 4 i I Q 7 w ,1 M Q 23' A z v B .I ,. 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Christopher N. Baker Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Vice President, Rush Chairman, IFC Delegate, Pledge Scholastic Award, Outstanding Active Member 1979, 1980, 1981, lnterfraternity Council, President, Treasurer, Associated Student Body, Treasurer, Senator for the School of Business, Senate Documents Committee Chairman, Election Council, Omicron Delta Kappa, Treasurer, Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Beta Alpha Psi, Who's Who, Kappa Delta Big Brother, Dean's List, President's List. 48 x Stephanie Lott Honors Collegeg Presidential Scholarship, National Dean's Listg Alpha Lambda Deltag Phi Eta Sigmag Lambda Sigmag Phi Delta Rho, Omicron Delta Kappa, Chi Omegag Dixie Darlingsg Beta Beta Betag Alpha Epsilon Deltag Lamar County Miss Hospitality i98ig Southern Genetics Society, Mississippi Academy of Sciences. Christy Townley Varsity Cheerleader, Dean's Listg Delta Delta Delta, Activities Chairman, Sponsors Chairman, Kappa Sigma Stardusterg College Republicansg Panhellenic Rush Counselorg Associated Student Body, Spirit Committee, Greek Games Chairmang Health, Physical Education and Recreation Award, Intramural Advisory Board, Vice President, Election Commission. 'TLLTZWE W e X P 5"""' ,.': M Kathy W. Warwick University Honors Scholarship, international Food Services Executives Association Scholarship, Alpha Lambda Delta, Active Scholarship Award, National Institute for the Foodservice lndustry. Scholarship from Uncle Ben's Foodsg Mississippi HIEFSS Ethel Summerour Scholarship: Stokley Van Camp Silver Trivet Award, American Dietetics Association, Scholarship, Kappa Omicron Phiq Phi Kappa Phig Omicron Delta Kappa, Home Economics Club, Institution Administration Club. 49 7 ' i Who s Who Among lgitalie Students ln American Colleges and Universities 50 Major: Broadcast Journalism Omicron Delta Kappag Phi Delta Rho: Rho Lambdag Lambda Sigma: Dean's Listg Football Cheerleader: Porn Pom Girl: Southern Styleg Mini-quarter facilitatorg Student Printz Staff Writer: "lnnerview" anchorg PRSSA-Newsletter Chairmang lvah O, Wilbur Panhellenic Scholarshipg Student Government Scholarshipg Resident Assistant: Chi Omegaalntramural Director. President. l. in il l l l i il I. li 3 ls l, fl iz lli 'l if Borosky Major: Graphic Communication Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Lambda Deltag Lambda Sigma-Vice-president, Phi Kappa Phig Outstanding Graphic Communication Student: UAC- Outstanding University Activities Council Member, Officer Review Boardg President's List: Dean's List, National Dean's List, Bond Hall-Vice-presidentg Residence Hall Council, ASB-Forum Representative, Mike Craig Lance Betty Bryant Chancellor Davis Major: Economics Omicron Delta Kappa-Gold Key Award for Outstanding Freshmen Meng Kappa Sigma-Pledge Scholarship Award, Alumni Correspondent, Pi Beta Phi Big Brother, Omicron Delta Epsilon: Lambda Sigma-Social Chairman, Alpha Lambda Deltag Phi Eta Sigma: Dean's List, Presidents List: National Deanis List, Alpha Phi Omega, Collegiate Civitans, Snow Ski Clubg Southerner Staff: Governmental Relations Board, ISACQ Beta Gamma Sigma, Institute of Anglo-American Studies Participant Major: Business Administration Alpha of Mississippi, Dean's list, ASB- Outstandrng Member of the Week, Governmental Relations Director, Outstanding Young Men of America: Phi Beta Lambda-State President. National Extemporaneous Speaking Contest Second Place, District Level Toastmaster International Table Topics and Evaluator Contest First Place, Toastmasters international Administrative Vice-presidentg Congressional Intern 97th Congress, Washington, D C , Future Farmers of America-National Leadership Conference Counselor, Union Board-President, Major: Chemistry Honors College Scholarship, Phi Kappa Phi. Omicron Delta Kappaz Phi Delta Rho, Presidents List, Most Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Chemistry-Merck Award, Organic Chemistry Award: Most Outstanding Freshman Pre-Med Student, Mini-quarter Facilitator--Most Outstanding, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma Lambda Sigma, Honors Student Association, Beta Beta Beta-Treasurer, Delta Gamma- Corresponding Secretary, Southern Style 51 Jeff Davis Major: Hotel and Restaurant Management Mississippi Management Scholarship, Holiday Inn Scholarship, Yazoo County Alumni Scholarship: Mississippi Motel and Hotel Scholarship, Statler Foundation Scholarship, Dean's Advisory Board. Delta Delta Delta Big Brother, USM Toastmasters Award, Senate-Chairman of Ways and Means Committee, Public Relations Director, Debate Society, Golden Eagle Mascot, Official Mascot ol the l984 World's Fair, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Rush Chairman, Social Chairman, Community Service Chairman, Freshman Register Editor, International Executive Food Service ASsociation!President, Home'Ec Club-Secretary, Southerner Staff- Photographer 52 Margaret Davis 2? g st, 11 f W f xl" ""5i: 'V Major: Accounting Omicron Delta Kappa: Phi Delta Rho, Pi Tau Chi Vice-president, Rho Lambda-President, Beta Alpha Psi, President's List, Dean's List, ACT Scholarship, lvah O Wilber Scholarship, Jr Panhellenic Scholarship, Chi Omega-Model Initiate, Treasurer, Campus Crusade for Christ- Vice-president, Advisory Board, Womens Conference Coordinator, Bible Study Leader. Hillcrest Residence Hall Vicepresident Jayne Fenimore 'Yu-L Major: Personnel Management Presidents Listg Dean's Llstg Regional Merit Scholarship, Omicron Delta Kappa, ASB-Senator, Public Relations Committee, Conclave, Student Services Committee, Cabinet, Director of Off- campus Affairsg UACQ Society for the Advancement of Management-Secretary, Treasurer, USM Collegiate Civitans, Rho Gamma, Campus Crusade for Christ: Young Republicans, Becky Frank - f , l if yf' Major: Economics Omicron Delta Kappa, Associate Director of University Relationsg Omicron Delta Epsilong AISEC, ASB Cabinet Member, Phi Delta Rho: President's List, Dean's List, National Dean's Scholar, Pi Beta Phi-Vice-president of Moral Advancement, Editor, Historian, lntramural Chairman, Executive Council, Pledge Class Treasurer, American Marketing Association, SAM ASPA, UAC, Alpha Tau Omega-Little Sister, Treasurer, and Pledge Educator Leontyne Hairston Major: Computer Science Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma, Phi Eta Sigmag Presidents List, Dean's List, Phi Delta Rho-Outstanding Freshman Award, Alpha Phi Alpha-Sweetheart, Outstanding Black Woman, American Computing Machinery: Student Alumni Association, Alpha Kappa Alpha-Dean of Pledge Club, Bolton Hall-Vicelpresident and President. Jan Holifield Major: Elementary Education Southern Style, Mini-quarter Facilitator, Dean's List, Kappa Delta-Scholarship Chairman of Pledge Class, Local and National Philanthropy Chairman. Panhellenic Delegate, Public Relations Chairman, Pledge Trainer, Membership Chairman: Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Little Sister, Chaplain, Campus Crusade for Christ, Resident Assistant, ASB Spirit Committeeg Pi Tau Chi, Student National Education Association-Vice-president and President, Kappa Delta Pi, Toastmasters Club International Andrea Jelusich Bruce Johnson I'-A 1:14 I 3, Ag! - Major: Interior Design Alpha Tau Omega-Little Sister President, ASB- Co-chairman of Homecoming, American Society of Interior Designers-Secretary, Home Economics Club, Newman Club, Pi Beta Phi-President, Secretary of Pledge Class, Intramural Chairman. Sportswear Chairman, Philanthropy Chairman, Southerner Staff: Basketball Cheerleader-Co' captain, Spirit Committee, Dean's List, Omicron Delta Kappa Major: Music Education Outstanding Young Men ol America, ASB-Public Relations Committee, Senator, Senate Seargent at Arms, Attorney General, Cabinet Minority Affairs Associate Director, Baptist Student Union, L S D Ciospel Choir, Afro American Cultural Society, Miss Southern Pageant Music Director 5 Christine Lindsay Major: Accounting Lambda Sigma, Delta Gamma-Outstanding Greek Pledge, Senior Scholarship, Jr Panhellenic Delegate, Scholarship Chairman, President, Rho Lambda-Secretary, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Rho, Beta Alpha Psig Regional Merit Scholarship, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Alpha Tau Omega4Little Sister President, Secretary 54 Sheila Lumpkin 'bv Major: Special Education Chi Omega-Pledge Class Secretary, Pledge Trainer, Assistant Personnel Chairman, "Chi-Of Tees", Campus Crusade for Christ, Student Council for Exceptional Children-Secretary, Civitan Club-Secretary, Vice-president, Student Education Association, Phi Eta Sigma, Lambda Sigma, Phi Delta Rho, Omicron Delta Kappa- Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi, Historian, Hub City Kiwanis Club Academic Scholarship Marty Milstead Major: Accounting Order of Omega, Outstanding Young Men of Americag lnterfraternity CouncilAPresident. Delegate, Student Alumni AssociationfPresident, Treasurer, ASB-Senator, Chairman of Ways and Means, Sigma Chi-Pledge Trainer, Social Chairman, Founding Member, Activities Chairmang Intramural Advisory Board-Greek Representative: ASB Justice Court, James Myers ,i . , Major: Dietetics Dean's List: Betty Dukes Craft Scholarship Award Outstanding Young Men of America, National Deans List: Omicron Delta Kappa, ASsociation of College Unions International-Regional Chair' person, State Chairpersong institutional Administration Club-President: Union Board- President. Southerner Staff Photographer, Photo Editor1 Rho Gamma, Dean's Advisory Council: Faculty Advisory Board for the Coordinated Undergraduate Program in Dietetics-Student Representative: Institutional Administration Clubg Toastmasters International-Charter Member: American Dietetic Associationw-Junior Member Patty Page Jeff Rhodes Amy Rogers Cathye Ross ,Q ,?'x.., Major: Journalism Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association, Kappa DeltaAPublic Relations and Press Officer, Dixie Darlings, Student Printz-Excellence in Reporting Award, Southern Style, Kappa Delta Honor Initiate and Kappa Delta Scholarship for highest Cr P A,, Outstanding Greek Pledge, University Scholarship, Chevron Ll S A Scholarship, Presidents List, Pi Tau Chi, Gamma Beta Phi, National Dean's Llst, Sigma Delta Chie President, Southern Style, Mini-quarter Facilitator Major: Radio, TV. and Film 'lnnerviewu-sports anchor, reporter, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-officer: Gama Beta Phi, Mississippi Alpha, Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship, PRSSA, Dean's List, Southern Style, Outstanding Young Men of America, Mini-quarter Facilitator, Senator, Appointment Committee. Major: Dance Presidents List, Deans List, Chi Omega-Pledge Class Song Leader, Assistant Songfest Chairman, Assistant Secretary, Rush Correspondent, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta Lambda Sigma, Phr Delta Rho, Omtcron Delta Kappa-Secretary, Student Alumni AssoctationeSecretary, Phi Kappa Tau Little Sister-Secretary, Chi Tau Epsilon-Vice-president, President, Dixie Darlings-Lt Captain, Fine Arts Student Liason Committee 4 1 Major: Personnel Management Dean s List Alpha Lambda Delta Lambda Sigma Omirron Delta Kappa Clyde Kinnard Scholarship Alpha Phi Alpha-Sweetheart, Leadership and Sr holarship Award Alpha Kappa Mu, National Deans List, International Youth In Achievement ASB-Electron Commissioner, Supreme Court Judlrial Board University Relations Board, Student Services Committee, Election Commission, Executive Assistant to Vice-president, Forum Cabtnet Residence Hall Association Miss Southern Pageant Committee-Business Manager The Southerner: Seven Jewels Study Club Afro' Arneriran Cultural Society-Social Chairperson Faqle Booster Clubfpresident Union Board' Protjrarninq Chairperson Southern Style Mtni quarter Facilitator Ciolden Crlrl Amerrran Collette Llnions International-State Chairperson Cnnterenre Delegate University Task Force Melissa Thomas Major: Physics and Mathematics Honors College-Presidential Scholar, Omicron Delta Kappa-Program Committee, Phi Delta Rho, Phi Kappa Phi, Hercules Foundation Scholarship, Outstanding Freshman Woman, Outstanding Freshman Physics Student: Rotary Foundation Scholar, Lambda Sigma-Editor, Alpha Lambda Delta-Treasurer, Phi Eta Sigmag Presidents List, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Pi Delta Phi, Beta Beta Beta, American Chemical Society, Society of Physics Students, Mississippi Speech Association Vouth Congress Delegate, Delta Delta Delta-Vice- president, Assistant Treasurer, Pledge Class Treasurer, Scholarship Committee, Social Development Committee, ASB-Associate Director of Governmental Relations, Associate Director of Advertising and Promotion, Senate-Senator, Appointments and Budget Committee, Bills and Resolutions Committee: University Task Force, Student Alumni Association, Honors Student Association 56 Bruce Thompson Major: Computer Science Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa-Vice president, Gold Key Society, Kent Collins Memorial Scholarship, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta: Lambda Sigma, Varsity Football-Permanant Team Captain, Four Letters, Six Time Player of the Week, National Dean's Listg Presidents Listl Dean's List, Outstanding ROTC Cadet, Chi Omega Big Brother, Sigma Chig Fellowship of Christian Athletes-Vice-president, Program Director Martha Vardaman Major: Speech Communications Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma, Phi Chi Theta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister: Speech Communication Association-Secretary, President, Chi Omega-Assistant Treasurer, Publicity Chairman, Homecoming Chairman, ASB- Secretary, Student Judicial Council, Pom Pom Girls-Captain, Southern Misses-Captain, University Calendar Committee, Athletic Eligibility Committee, Student Alumni Association, Goldtenders Ken Waltman Major: Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity-President, Corresponding Secretary, Chronicler, Pledge Educator, Executive Council, Initiation Committee Football Cheerleader-Captain, The Southerner-Assistant Editor, Southern Style, Mini-quarter Facilitator-Publicity Chairman: ASB-Senator, Documents Committee, Investigations Committee: Inter-fraternity Council- Formal Rush Chairman, Executive Council, Freshmen Register Editor: Aerie Student Handbook Editor, New Student Register. Editor: Miss Southern Pageant, Assistant Director, Delta Gamma Anchorman, Outstanding Young Men of America, Rho Gamma-Charter Member, Vice- President, Baptist Student Union: College Republicans: Miss Mississippi Pageant Executive Directors Council. Gail Waters . x , .L-. Major: Computer Science Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Rho-President, Pi Tau Chi, Gamma Beta Phi: President's List: Dean's List. National Deans List: ACT Scholarship, Chi Omega-intramural Bowling Team, Activities Chairman, Alumnae Chairman, Big Sis-Little Sis Scholarship Award, Panhellenic Rush Book Editor, Pom Pom Girlg USM Orchestra: Computer Science Bowling League: Association for Computing Machinery-President: Melissa Mark Tony Watts Major: Speech Communication Kappa Delta-Pledge Class Secretary, Honor Initiate, Assistant Membership Chairman, Assistant Treasurer, Songfesi Director, Dixie Darling- Captain, Most Outstanding Dixie Darling, Southen Exposure-Dance Captain, Kappa Sigma Starduster, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Rho- Vice-President, Pi Tau Chi-Treasurer, President, John Nou-Pi Tau Chi Award and Scholarship: Gamma Beta Phi, Speech Communication Club- Treasurer, Civitan Club, Dean's List Weldy Major: Marketing Management Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma: Pi Tau Chi, Baseball-Two Year Letterman, South Central Bar Association Scholarship, Mississippi Association of Purchasing Managers Scholarship. Presidents List, Deans List, Kappa Sigma-Pledge Class President, Guard, Sergeant at Arms, Vice- President, lnterfraternity Council-Delegate, Vice' President, Rotaract-President, Director of Club Service, Campus Crusade for Christ-Andrea Kole Coordinator, ASB-Judicial Board, Public Relations Committee, Student Alumni Association- Secretary Wells Major: Accounting Dean's List, Presidents List, Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association, Kappa Sigma Starduster, ASB-Cabinet, National Register of Outstanding Graduates, Residence Hall Association: Colegiate Civitans-Charter Member The Southerner staff, UAC, Phi Chi Theta, Campus Crusade for Christ, Student Alumni Association, University Sign Committee, ASB- Associate Director of Public Relations, Chairman Public Relations Committee, Director of Student Services, Chairman of Student Services Committee 57 of Honors Best Citizens Awards James M Mrlstead Cathye P Ross Phi Kappa Phi Bowl Award Melissa K Thomas Phi Kappa Phi Sallie G. Anderson Paul A. Ashcroft Victoria G Barber John P Baron: Judith L Bartels Cecil E. Baty Otis Ll Blackwell Ronald T Blackwell Robert L. Blass Fay l Brewer Samuel J Britain Bonita G Burgess Jeffery E Bustin Sherrie R Byrd Cathleen P Calhoun Alice W. Christian Brenda H Coleman J W Collins Elinor S Comfort Mardith A Crabb Carla D Culpepper William J Culpepper Jack H Davenport Merrie C Dorman Laura Duchene Catherine A Dudley Mary J Ewald Beth M Follin Linda Ci Gavin Esther A Glaze Kenneth S Gunnufsen Tammy Jo Hammond Tressie S Harper Nancy S Harvestib Tammy L Holloway Donna L Huch Jane E Kaden Kevin G Keith Alicia F Kopf David M Lack Robin S Lee Roxann L Loomis Mary M Lovin Sheila L Lumpkin Charlene E Lupton Paul A McAuley Butch W McKenzie Kenneth C McKeown Richard P McKissack Jan M Merritt Janis D Monk Teri B Nix Cray T Oneil Jane E Oxman Margaret R Padgett Patti Jean Page Andreas L Parish Tammy L Payne Michael D Pind Deborah R Porter Clary W Price Angie J Rains Jaralyn L. Ratliff Ianet A Riddle Scott R Rrqhy John E Scarborough Frank L. Schmidt, Jr 'led Cizadlo Selig Deidre S Smith Marsha K Smith Mary L Smith Mary B Spanqler Nanny Elizabeth Steen William G Stegall lisa A Thames Christina J Tardy Elizabeth M Trahan Barbara S Traweek Angela C Welker Kay P. Wilkinson Diann M Williams Sherry L Winslead Carol A. Wisniewski Graduates- Joan S Clemens George W. Herring, Jr Gary Long Stephen Pierrel Fac ulty and Staff- Dr Shelby E Barnes Dr Barbara D Moorman 58 Dr Jerold J. Morgan Ms Ruth E. Morrow Dr Donald E. Norris Alumni Recipient- Mr. Spencer M Adams Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key Sherry L. Wrnstead Phi Chi Theta Outstanding Senior Woman Elizabeth M. Trahan George Hurst Outstanding Leadership Award Linda Rigby National Business Education Assoc. Award of Merit Donna G Bielstein R.G. Bigelow Scholarship- Granted by Kappa Delta Pi Angela S. Parker Student Council for Exceptional Children Merit Award Tammy D Bragg Judith A Swilley Gail M Tucker Thomas Freeny Award Paula M. Sanford Chi Tau Epsilon Margaret R Bowlin Kaurri C Hutchings Dorothy E. Rogers Cynthia J Stafford Sylvia L Strickland Choral Musicianship Award Stacy E Weger Outstanding Art Education Student Mollie F. Rollins Outstanding Drawing Student Kathryn A. Bignoli Outstanding Graphic Communication Student Michael L Borosky Outstanding Painting Student Pierce Matt Alston Outstanding Three-Dimensional Design Student Willie Hardnett Air Force Association Award Scott Sinclair Book Award-Political Science Karen L Hardy Gwendolyn A Jenkins Regina R Quinn Howard Wilson Bahr Award for Achievement Marsha K Smith J. Treadwell Davis Freshman History Award Marianne B Claassen American Legion Award- Military Excellence Michael E Melton American Legion Awarde Scholarship L.J Banks American Military History Award James A. Walker, Jr. Association of the United States Army Award Alice F Hultz Citizens Bank Award-Leadership Brian A. Williamson Daughters of the American Collonists Award June C Carroll Kevin D McNeil Daughters of the American Revolution Award James HC Thomas, Ill Department of the Army Superior Cadet Award Edward N. Byrd Cynthia J. Starks George C. Marshall ROTC Award Edwin W. Goodwin Kiwanis Club Outstanding Leadership Award Phala L Smith Magnolia Saber for Leadership Manuel A. Rodriguez, Jr. Moral Leadership Award Kenneth L Jimmerson Outstanding Army ROTC Ranger Award Gregory C. McMahan Reserve Officers' Association Award Lola J Darden Kelvin D Turner Rotary Club Outstanding Leadership Award Randall L Minton The American Defense Preparedness Award Steven W Ainsworth The Military Order of the World Wars Award Edward C Jordan David M Mosley The National Sojourners Award Shelton L. Kennington U.S. Army ROTC Intramural Sports Award Peter J Formica, Jr Veterans of Foreign Wars of the LISA Award Larry M McRaney Veterans of Foreign Wards of the USA Award QVFWJ Arthur E Richards, lV Outstanding Anthropology Student Ann S Ulmer Outstanding French Student Rhonda L. Mullen Outstanding Philosophy Student Brenda K Brown Outstanding Sociology Student Lora F. Cuevas Outstanding Sociology Student Lora F. Cuevas Outstanding Spanish Student Robert L. Davis Outstanding Speech and Science Undergraduate Student Cathleen P. Calhoun Outstanding Student in Classics Michael J Watson Speech Communication Association Scholarship Award Rhonda L. Mullen Andreas L Parish Nancy E. Steen Willa Bolton Award for Excellence in Geography and Area Development Dennis J McDonald ACS Scholastic Award Charlene E Lupton Alpha Epsilon Delta Outstanding Freshman Award Rita L. Holloway Alpha Epsilon Delta Outstanding Senior Award Ted C. Selig Alpha Epsilon Delta Outstanding Medical Technology Award , Patricia Ann Rhodes Beta Beta Beta Outstanding Freshman Biology Award Joni M. Jackson David M. Owen Award Scholarship for Medical Technology Willie P Carter Anrea H Finch Paula R Hunt Sheryl J Jones Fran M Sallinger Hercules Scholarship Charlene E Lupton Margaret R Padgett Kappa Mu Epsilon Freshman Mathematics Award William D. Towle Mathematics Achievement Award Elizabeth B Bolton Michael Landers-Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Medical Technology Scholarship Joeleanor J Anderson Susan R, Duty Outstanding Biology Majors John E Reddoch Marilyn RC. Franke Outstanding Graduating Senior in Geology Carla A. Smith Outstanding Physics Major Melissa K Thomas Outstanding Physics Students James R. Hartfield, Jr. William D. Towle Outstanding Senior in Polymer Science Robert H Bloodworth Robert H. Cold Award for Excellence in Computer Science Kathy G, Waters Tau Alpha Pi National Honor Society Jon C. Barlow Ronald T. Blackwell Errol M, Bridgers John P. Brooks Karen E Brown Wayne L. Cooksey John S. Curtis Julian L Davis, Jr, Jonathan M, DeCoursey Joseph D Dumas. Ill Bruce A Elliott Lynda B. Ford Jeffrey S Gehman Kenneth S Gunnufsen Pamela L. Long David V Reynolds Pamela S Verrucchi Townsend Citezenship Award Kitty J Karns HPR Distinguished Leadership Award Rhonda L Smith Outstanding Scholarship Award James D Holbrook Distinguished Leadership Award Department of Athletic Administration and Coaching Larry L Boyd Distinguished Leadership Award Department of Health and Safety Education Rhonda L. Smith Distinguished Leadership Award Department of Physical Education Loretta M Larson Distinguished Leadership Award Department of Recreation Mark A Naylor Outstanding Scholarship Award Department of Athletic Administration and Coaching James D Holbrook Outstanding Scholarship Award Department of Health and Safety Education James G. McGuire Outstanding Scholarship Award Department of Physical Education Alice W Christian Outstanding Scholarship Award Department of Recreation Hazel M Harper Distinguished Graduate Award Department of Physical Education William S. Burks Bertha Maude Fritzsche Graduate Fellowship Karin E. Bolten Betty Dukes Craft Scholarship Award Ricky L. Wyatt - z7 1 l 1 Fannie Owens Scholarship Award Lisa A. Landon John D. Thomas Therese S. Gaines Scholarship Lanelle Gaddis Long Scholarship Deena M. Necaise Minnie Francis C Award Dainer R. Martin hipley Memorial Stokley-Van Camp's Silver Trivet Award Linda T. Gandy Anna M. Roberts Florence L Harkin Award s Warren Tracy Award Cathie W. Smith Elizabeth Harkin Award frail L. Price Elizabeth Harkin Clara N. Barlow s Undergraduate s Graduate Award Graduate Leadership Award School of Nursing Anna J. Belvin Sigma Theta Tau Carla E Bingham Jacqueline A 'Vlary L Cagle David C ark filinda G. Crooks 'Vlarie Daly Qobbie Davis Susan D Duckwor -aurie E. Eiken 'Ylarilynn M Gordo sing th n Marylynn J Hedges Terry A Holliman Jame Hurst 3ernice L T Kuhnert Vickie D May Melanie S. McKenzie Deborah A Polito 3ictor P Polito Terri F. Ponder Susan l. Ray Graduate School Scholaastic Reco Pamela J. Allen 'Kathleen Brossmer Joy O Camp Virginia C Carr Betty J. Franklin Wndy L. Harris George W. Herring, of Social Work gnition Award Jr. Catherine E. Lucas Afro American Cultural Society Outstanding Service Award Scottye Holloway Clifton Ratliff Shelia D Sims Cynthia A Topps Alpha Lambda D Award Nflelissa K. Thomas elta Senior Book Delta Gamma Outstanding Faculty Award James B. Halstead Delta Sigma Theta Scholarship Award Dorothy E. Booker Disabled Student's Coalition Outstanding Member Award Willis E. Hamilton Outstanding Union Board Member Jeffrey L. Chancellor Southern Style Outstanding Member Patti Jean Page Student Alumni Award James M. Milstead University Activities Council Outstanding Officer Award Jan Mooney University Activities Council Officer-Scholar Award Anna M Halley University Activities Council Outstanding Member Award Will Browne University Activities Council Member-Scholar Award Betsy Gaugh Greek Active Scholarship Award Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Greek Pledge Scholarship Award Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Greek Active Scholarship Award Chi Omega Pledge Scholarship Award Delta Delta Delta Aubrey K. Lucas Fraternity Scholarship Award Sigma Chi Fraternity Aubrey K. Lucas Sorority Scholarship Award Chi Omega Order of Omega Eddie J Atherton Joli E Boardman Carey A. Bonin Lucy W Costilow Richard D. Craven Margaret L. Davis Catherine A Egley Donna L. Greene Leontyne A Hariston Donna L Huch Aaron T Hyde Andrea M Jelusich Robert R. Matthews Tricia Matthews Chuck Roberts Cindy S. Smartt Jeffrey C Smith Delbert D. Taylor Joe F Tidwell Mark E. Weldy lnterfraternity Council Greek of the Year Mark E. Weldy Panhellenic Outstanding Greek Active Patti J. Page Panhellenic Outstanding Greek Pledge Margaret E. Glover Iva O. Wilbur Scholarship Catherine A. Egley Sharla R Henderson Kristy C. Smith Junior Panhellenic S Darla T. Baronich Kimber L McHenry Rho Lambda Natalie J. Allen Patricia C. Bell Jaqueline A. Blessing Joli E. Boardman Robin L. Hemeter Patricia A McElroy Tara L Odom Beth Perkins Lisa D Reeves Joni R Strickland Alpha Lambda Delta Lori L. Ainsworth Sherri L. Albert Julie G. Barksdale Veronica R Bleyer Cynthia L Burnett Aleta R Bush Connolly L Clark Julie A, Cook Mary E Cooper Colleen S Coryea Gerry A. Creel .Janet E Davis Lisa I Davis Milton D. Dearman Staci L. Denham Mary L Dickson Cheryl L. Dillon Carol Dye Adela S. Estrada Mary A Finley Randall S. George Donna K. Ginn Margaret E. Glover Jim Griffith Ellen C Hall Carroll A. Hardin Tracy L. Harwell Rachael Hetherington Brent Gregory Howell Holly D Hughes Carol L Ireland Julie A Joyner Joann C. Keane Pricilla Knight Diane M. Koontz Edith L Lack Catherine P Ladner Jennifer D Longmire William T Magill Caren J Mahoney Tania M Martin Tracy L McDonnell Kathleen A McGraw Kimber L McHenry Steven A Miles Nacy K Miller Linda D. Moody Amanda M Morris Roger S. Murray Joy A. Necaise William R Newman Penny N Nowell Nanette V Owen Caroline E Patten Alesia Phillips Steven A Pike Kelly M Riley Barbara L Robertson Deidre D Robinson Mary M Rouchon John M. Russell Paige A. Saulters Bruce R Sculthorpe Kathleen E. Shaw Daffi M Shimtri Steve M Sizemore Angela M Sliman Miriam D. Steen John R Stegall. Jr Robin T. Stephens Sara J Stiffler William D Sullivan Theresa L. Taylor Susan E Thomas David L Trms Melinda L Trotti Stephen G Turner Bernice Wilson Amelia A Weldy Carlin E Wolfe Donna L Wood Tammy Camille Yates cholarship Lambda Sigma Society Lori L Ainsworth Theresa Arender Steven L Ates Patricia A Bancroft Vanessa G Bancroft Cheryl A Boyles John S. Carter Julie A Cook Amy A Firmrn Donna K Ginn Leslie A Grantham Lisa K Hargett Tricia L Hawkins Robert G Hensley, Jr Joann C Keane Edith L Lack Andrew M Langenbach Michele A Laughman Laura K Milstead Mary M Mitchell Amanda M Morris Jennifer Munn William R Newman Polly A Peterson Terry W Pinson Tracy A Powell Bell Newell Simrall, IV Steven M Sizemore Angela M Sliman Dana A. Vorvedich Hans S Weger Amelia A Weldy Kimberly A Willis Tammy C Yates Omicron Delta Kappa Cynthia C. Abraham Amy L Carlisle Jeffrey L Chancellor Ana V. Chavez Elinor S Comfort Mary P Davis Robert L Davis Randy C. Dickerson Merrie C Dorman Catherine A Egley Chris D Elkins Brenda D Ellzey Jayne L Fenimore Joseph S Ferguson Rebecca B Frank Amy R Frederick Nancy L. Goodrich Rodney G Gordon Elizabeth A Grenn David A Groth Laura D Hall Leslie A Hall Sharla R Henderson Carolyn E Halley Robert M. Hodges Tammy L Holloway Donna L Huch Alice F Hultz Andrea M Jelusich Steven C Krohn Thomas Landry Curtis C Love, Jr Gary W McNeeIy Patrick E Murphy Karen E Nettles Patti J Page Sandra C Parks Steven W Pilgrim Angie J Rains Virginia L Sanders Kristy C Smith Nancy E Steen Jesse A Stephens Brian D Stiffler William P Story Betty Taylor Elizabeth M Trahan Ann E Wedding Angela C Welker Jeanne L Welsh Susan A Wolfe Robert H Woodman Faculty lnductees- Nicholas H Fruge Robert T van Aller Thomas R Panko Gold Key Society The Most Outstanding Freshman Male Bell Newell Srmrall, IV Gold Key Society Outstanding Freshman Males Brent G Howell Terry W Pinson William D Sullivan Hans S We-get Phi Delta Rho Cynthia C Abraham Carr-y A Bonin Che-riL Campbell Amy J Carlislr- Marrie C Dorman Catherine A Eqley Jacqueline T Ellmo Mary J Ewald Amy R Grederick Lf-ontyne A Hairston Tammy Jo Hammond Florence L Harkins Vlalla B Hartfield Laura A Henderson Marjorie D Hester Cheryl K Hill Tina M Himes Donna L Huch Alice F Hultz Andrea M Jelusich Ruth C May Carla M Murphy Patti J Page Sandra C Parks Angie J Rains Helen Rentz Kristy C Smith Barbara Ellen Teel Ann E Wedding Angela K Welker The Most Outstanding Freshman Woman Caren J Mahoney Outstanding Freshman Women Margaret E Glover Penny N Nowell Kimberly A Willis Tammy C Yates Phi Eta Sigma Arthur C Allen Doris P Blanton Ben C Burnett Jonathan C Campbell James R Cody Mary E Cooper Colleen S Coryea Janet E Davis Cheryl L Dillon Clark A Dixon Patsy L Forrest Margaret E Glover Thomas M Gore Ellen C Hall Tracy L Harwell Brent G Howell Hollv D Hughes Joann C Keane Edith L Lack William T Magill Patrick M McCarron Kimber L McHenry Deborah O Meadows Nancy A Moore Reed D Morren Damon O Morse Dudley S Nations Russell G Newman William R Newman Penny N Nowell Nanette V Owen William H Poole lV Bobby B Price Jr Barbara L Robertson Deidre D Robinson Marv M Rouchon Paige A Saulters Bruce R Schulthorpe Steve M Sizemore Timothy D Skinner William D Sullivan John M Vette! Gerald A Vines Amelia A Weldy Lisa A Wells Harold R Wiley Kimberly A Willis Bernice NK rlson Carlin E Wolfe Tammy C Yates OH ti 'tra S i din SS E in of Bus CD U3 CU B U 60 Administrators in our increasingly complex society are constantly facing new and challenging problems. The College of Business Administration trains problem solvers in the departments of Accounting, Economics, Finance and General Business, Management, and Marketing, offering specializations in each area. Several unique features of the school are the new School of Professional Accountancy, which offers MS and MBA degrees, and our modern graduate program in Telecommunications Management. All students are provided with a liberal arts education for the first two years to obtain the necessary qualities for personal wellbeing and adjustment to a changing society. They are then exposed to a wide variety of business knowledge and finally are given the opportunity to specialize in the area of their choice. 19- f-11 ,S ,-""""--1--4 .f--""" X..- 41 Y GY , .. SX . N 4' , sy Q 7 tg , an '- PJ X i lt. , Q 5 M 2 5 S L n 1 l ' l l i F S mf Y Photos by S Gaston i -lf-1 3 X. 1 -3 . I S 'X ax XX 3 N C v .gif -ln' ' 5 x ,,Mm.,A-Q-fm. - .Mr E Lf!! f1l.Lf,, 7,,, , i , Joe Green, Dean 61 5x CD 2 O .CI U n and Psy Educatio Li- O College UN IV 1 USM began as a teachers college in l9lO when the University was known as Mississippi Normal College. Today, USM is still considered as one of the best teachers colleges in the South. The College of Education and Psychology believes it is their duty to train teachers to be creative and informed educators. Students in the teacher certification program receive practical training in their field of specialization. Teacher education graduates who feel that their talents can best be utilized in non-teaching human service fields leave USM well-equipped with the necessary attitudes and skills to aquire jobs outside the classroom. Career opportunities are limitless for both teaching and non-teaching degrees from USM. Y , , 14 -.. www., ?'4IWfl'f??f+W7"'-:V Sf? B. Searcy and S Gaston 4 MM-, ,,,... fc V V , "w'F'1 ffjfg W -" y WM W IQ ff 4 f Q.. fp, 5-, V s ' 4 .P 11.1. X 5 ' I , ii if I J i fi? Bobby D Anderson, Dean ff f s X. X 2 K I , 11 v" hki GD -is :- U C if H- O ollege O5 A Southern's College of Fine Arts is one of the most respected in the South. USM, with its large Fine Arts faculty, strives to prepare students for professional or teaching careers in one of the many branches of art, music, or theatre. The department of music features a professional recording studio and thousands of records and tapes in a comprehensive music library. Students in this department are trained to be creative conductors, composers, musicians, and singers. Theatre majors are amazed by the diversity of activity in their field covering everything from construction of props to producing and directing. The art department is devoted to teaching fine art and graphic communications concepts and stresses extensive practical training. The USM art gallery features at least eight shows annually Photos by B S John Green, Dean ation fe n and Rec Educatio l CEI l Phys' -C. 2 CU CU II u-i O O O .CI U CD 66 The primary purpose of the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation is to educate future leaders in the fields of athletic administration and coaching, health, physical education, and recreation. Also of equal importance is the coordination of the physical education activity course program, intramural activities, extramural sports clubs, and the recreational equipment loan service. The school is also responsible for coordination the required physical education activity program and the intramural recreation sports program for the university. There are five departments in the school of HPR. They are Athletic Administration and Coaching, Health and Safety Education, Physical Education, Recreation, and Intramural Recreational Sports. ,AE iii -SF' awww- t. 5 """', Q Tl: 1. 1: cl.: .: 1 : ,,,,,,...-af' :?.--- -------fa 4 ,-,i..--- 1 hr! '. ..-. -.5 Photos by S. Gaston, S. Lamey, and L. Tracheset. W, ...,, T- .... m""8"m"S QF W... N. .'.: LR if l I J., 4 ni. 5 4. wx ,f ' '1,,y , 4, ., w. vrfv, ---A-W4 IIE ll li BEL' ics OHO eEc O I u- O O O .C U CD The School of Home Economics places great emphasis on careers that improve the quality of life. The four departments consist of Environmental Design, Family of Life Services, Institutional Administration, and Home Economics Education, all of which offer several degree programs. USM has tried to develop the best programs available in all majors. For example, the undergraduate degree in Dietetics is accredited by the American Dietetic Association, thereby saving the students a year of institutional internship. The Hotel and Restaurant Management Administration program involves extensive co-op training, which gives USM students invaluable practical experience as well as job opportunities. lf your specialty is Environmental Design, you will enjoy the annual field trip to the Market in Dallas and begin one step ahead of other new buyers when you start working. And the lnterior Design department is growing fast, with new faculty and equipment being added every year. The field of Home Economics is expanding for men as well as women, and graduates leave USM knowing what is happening now. Photos by S. Gaston and B. Forbish d f" Mp- .L . ' V N N , if 1 X ,- 4 P ' gt W' N sX,g'ff,, .,. 1 -' ' ' '- ,,,z.4i1' f fl""w-f r"""'iun 0,4--9 is E1 f QA Sarah Gubbs, Dean it 'Y CU U3 GJ oll C I'S DO Ho The Honors College has been established to challenge USM's highly intellectual students to achieve their full potential and to reward their achievements with honors upon graduation. Invitation to membership in the Honors College is extended by the University Honors Council on the basis of high grades, ACT scores, personal recommendations, interviews, and an extemporaneous essay. Honors College students may choose any major field of study offered by the University, replacing the regular core curriculum with the Honors Core and adding independent study and research projects and electives. As a special service to the entire University and community, the Honors College sponsors the University program series, which consists of a lecture series by nationally known speakers, outstanding films, panels and other enrichment programs. The series is available to all students for up to 12 hours of credit. Photos by S. Gaston E 1 l ,l ill ll' 'ii iz L i . i E i i ,i l i i 4 2459? if eff' y 'fffli , Wig , ? 2 i - , ,, 4 89" . . , , -,f jf, .h,W,wI ,1- ,V4 ' W i3 rv' ' I Y Q' H ..-.-143 Wallace Kay, Dean W ary Service Libr Li- O O O .C U CD 72 Contemporary librarianship is everything from small town librarians, who lovingly dispense their materials, to highly specialized bibliographers in all types of industry and government work. The School of Library Service offers teaching and non-teaching degree programs at the Bachelor's and IVlaster's level. USM encourages students to specialize in any major before beginning their library training, since library science is basically and realistically a combination field. USM Students learn to select, organize, and manage films and filmstrips, maps, and audio-visual and computerized equipment as well as all types of printed materials. USM encourages practical experiences through student attendance of conferences, field trips through large libraries of all types, and of course, thorough knowledge of our own USM facilities. Exciting careers in Library Science are enjoyed by extremely talented men and women who are being well paid in their specialized fields. f fb' A n .1 . MSS' 1 Hit" '- If-. tk hiss' I V t Qflfx at 'Q 1 X W 'K if li. ,fi 1 ff 1 , t f . 4' i ,- 1: W s 2 A' I F95 i , l 4 . Photos by S Gaston ...V ff fum- - A l , 0 '.' N ' . 5, .1 ' fl ' 1 f,-6? I e 5. 'TIT Q 1 mm. Nh, W! 'VY Ay GEGR E UR.: , W., we -RWALW qi .gs-"" df ,..-f - ui ' I . ' L Terry Harper, Acting Dean - I CD -i-I I- 4 E :- U :E -I H- O GJ U7 2 '5 U 74 A liberal Arts education widens the horizons and broadens the prospective of a student and encourages him to serve both society and their own self-interests productively and responsibly. ln the College of Liberal Arts many departments are involved in research and are funded by both public and private agencies. The Criminal Justice, Speech and Hearing, Geography, and Area Development departments are supported to a large extent by these grants. The grants make jobs available for students in their individual fields. USM offers many special and unique features in the College of Liberal Arts, such as the Creative Writing Center, where full time professors are available to help students create and publish their work. A Liberal Arts degree assures students of a well-rounded education which will allow them to pursue a career in any specialized field. -,- ..,, XPS.,- Ph ,Tv 1 1 i t by B For TEACHING SCHOOL A I 4 . 2 I 5 . 2 2 a 1 ., 1 i S : 2 : I : S : E . x 5 . S 5 E 5 . I : E E : if' v,,f', ff N Onva K. Boshears, Dean 1 - Q rdn ofNu O O .CI U UD 76 The School of Nursing and USM is nationally accredited and looked upon as one of the best training programs in the South. Nursing students receive excellent medical training and learn the importance of the patient self-care concept. Through the use of the Skills Laboratory, students are taught practical nursing procedures. The curriculum combines all phases of the nursing field into practical learning and training situations. At the Learning Center facilities, students can videotape themselves and their peers at work. By studying pre- recorded lectures and demonstrations, students are also able to gain an indepth understanding of the field of nursing outside the classroom. Graduates receive a BS in nursing and Q '30-5 W. X -at are eligible to take the State Board of Nursing Examination to become an RN. USM students find the nursing field rewarding and exciting. Emi ' .tl 3 my ' r I If ,.,t, 'VJ X, 1 I X ffwg XS X f ..-.---- ........-V, 4 ,1 ix L' .41, - S5 1 1. l .N E 4.,..xh, 6, . :M KMA R f R5 Tx ' M , ii P '7 5 if - -ae.- L ' ' 'Z ., ,- wg . an ff1.,l12,,:gggf -x A x 4 ,Q . Q , f .. X Fil-"' .,f'f'I?f ' Y P P- .PS " ' w - ' we X ,. MT' ,, ,, .............ii-- guage awww Jerry H. Laube. Dean. 4-D 4 77 Pi U3 Technolo and CC CII e of Sci ? u 78 For 15 years the College of Science and Technology has worked hard to achieve the objectives of excellence in teaching, research and service. LlSM's department has a young, but superior faculty and the most modern facilities. They are dedicated to helping solve the problems of today's world in all scientific areas. The college offers a combination of traditional programs in science and technology and mathematics. There are 12 departments, 20 different majors, and IO pre-professional programs available in this college. Some of their special features include learning labs, co-op programs, and student-assisted research projects. Curriculum remains up to date, practical, and pertinent due to the industry advisory board. Graduates of USM in the College of Science and Technology are successful in careers throughout the world in all areas of science and technology. - X..-' .v ,. ,cs N. . - fe' . EM 'T Jil ' - .I x ,:,'fg'N'f'7h 1 ' '., 1 4, Gary Wildman, Dean 79 ...Z L.. O l 3 of Soci O O .C U CD The Graduate school of Social Work at USM is fully accredited and offers the only MSW degree in the state of Mississippi. The School of Social Work prepares students for service to invidiuals, families, groups, and communities. USM offers three separate programs in the department of Social Work and they are regular, accelerated, and part-time. Students spend a good deal of their time working in social agencies because the curriculum is competency-based and practice oriented. The USM program is dedicated to training students to help with significant social programs among various groups of people. sm! 1'-' 4 4i- 2 '- 'wg .R 'z Z ,. 9 X 1 X 1.3 1 Ng, , . R lx.. X X ,. I Shari ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA lota Kappa Chapter On January 15, 1908, a group of young women at Howard University caught the inspiration of a fellow student, Ethel Hedgeman Lyle, and initiated the movement in formulating the first greek letter sorority among Black women in America-Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, lnc. About 67 years later, the ladies of lota Kappa Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha debuted on the USM campus under the leadership and guidance of Shirley Green Mays. This, too, was another first for AKA, since Iota Kappa Chapter, the first Black Greek Organization, paved the way for other Black Greek organizations to be established on the USM campus. High ethical standards, good scholarship, leadership, and graciousness are but a few of the many qualities that the ladies in Salmon Pink and Apple Green are recognized by. Since the sorority's founding in 1908, AKA has strived to reach one major goal-to be of "service to all mankind." This can be readily seen in AKA's contribution to the NAACP, United Negro College Fund, scholarships, National Kidney Foundation and numerous others. AKA, the epitome of womanhood, definitely the best, so why settle for the rest! 82 f', Petra Arnold, Cathy Baylor, Brenda it Bumper Belton, Dessie Bourrage, Lydian 1 , .i it P' --35 Q X Lisa Cooley, Theresa Evans, Leon- tyne Hairston, Evon Harris, Angela V , Hathorn 1 Gwendolyn Jackson, Ella Jones, Vickie McDonald, Friddis McGee, Michelle Nichols Stella' Payton, Phyllis Randle, Moni- ca Robinson, Rosetta Wash Q- , ' I ,7 Alpha Phi Alpha is the oldest and one of the largest Black Greek organizations. The fraternity was founded on the Cornell University Campus December 4, 1906. Our founders foresaw the great need for organizing a fraternity to provide opportunities for college men to band together and assist each other to grow and develop. Spring smemster of 1982 bestowed many honors upon Mu Xi chapter: for instance Greek Athlete Award and the Greek Community Award. Keeping in 2 55 ,gl rar, V N45 Q .y eimfr, N, fn, , v,, . ilHNf' . WT. 1 fashion with Alpha Phi Alpha tradition of Milton Anderson, William Bolden, Johnnie Brown, Raymond Brown, Thomas Chatman, Jack Coleman, Elliott Cook Gary Ellis, Alton Houston, Ray Huddleston, Aaron Hyde, Ronald Jackson, Dennis James, Eddie Jiles Alton Joseph, Eric Labat, Theron Larry, Timothy Lawson, Moneneze Miller, Clemon Terrell, Samuel Thornton, Gregory Turnipseed ,f I 'H ff 'fl' ' 1-W .35 wx ., f ,f -N tx community services, the following is a list Mu Xi Qhaptef of community activities we participated in: March of Dimes Tel-A-Thon, Mobile Street Clean-Llp Campaign, annual Black and Gold Pageant, and many more social and cultural societies. Alphas are active in ASB, LIAC, Southern Style, USM athletics, Student Judicial Council just to name a few. We also have members who say that "not all great men are Alphas, but all Alphas are great men!" ALPHA PHI ALPHA fu.. nw, ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Beta Delta Chapter The Beta Delta chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha has been on Ll.S.M.'s campus since 1938. Forty-five years later, we are a chapter that is rapidly reorganizing. ln our growth, we have obtained individuality with each new girl that enters into our sisterhood. Alpha Sigman Alpha sisters are participating throughout campus in Modeling Squad, Honors College, Kappa Kappa Psi, Chi Tau Epsilon, L'Espritde Corps, Scabbard and Blade, Kappa Delta Pi, Band, Flag Corps, and Army ROTC. Alpha Sigma Alpha's four aims, which are spiritual, social, intelectual, and physical, are fullfilled by such activities as Chapter Church, Halloween parties, Wine and Cheese parties, Spring Formal, Workshops, Study Halls, Greek Games, and intramurals. Big Sis-Little Sis, Secret Sis, Candlelights, and Roomates are just some of the elements that help create a close knit Sisterhood for the enthusiastic ladies of Alpha Sigma Alpha. 84 '-Q A hm. Angela Adamson, Patricia Barnes, Jean Bennett, Margaret Bowlin, Pa- mela Clements Lucy Costilow, Theresa Dubuisson, Robin Easterwood, Rachael Hether- ington, Carla Hille Merri Irby, Sandra Langley, Celeste Miller, Janet Richardson, Kimberly Tillman Gretchen Lllerich, Charles Avery, Big Bro., Erich Lehe, Big Bro., Ron- ald Mers, Big Bro., Donald Zocun, Big Bro. l Q. l ll ll il ll ll l i i l l 'n -1 M f 1 , A ' , , y 3 5 . L1 H , ,ii - T K nl T "' all ,W 1 mx . X' Q . T '9 , , 6 D P 5 ' ir- "1 T . X 1 W g Q - , I X - X . 4- , l U , it gg I ' , t ' . - l Q r ' C V N , tj lvx 1, ,EXQ P t N '. i 'T , A v 5 . 5 I! . , ' . .3 x , pity... 5 i ., is F .A ,N Qi 5 X t T 5- , , " !x A fl I ,av 'Q-", X it t ,.- b 5' S ,- J :STN- Vi of f il If tl IU ALPHA TALI OMEGA Epsilon Llpsilon Chapter 1' W A . ., Q A V 9 Us -. . A ' g li-til, l ,-.Ev , A g ,JA .,.. 1.- 5 51? ' . .,., Q '1 T- is - Q ,, A .er,i.,. K L ,,,. Mu. " .. f ' , - L, raw ww V, , . ' I A ,.,, Q ., V, ' ' ,, ' : 7 -' The Epsilon Llpsilon chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity was installed November l9, i949 and is one of the oldest fraternities on campus. ATO's are involved in all aspects of campus life including the Baptist Student Union, ASB-President Ken Stribling, ASB Senators, Omicron Delta Epsilon- President Chris Smilek, Lambda Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Honors College, Phi Eta Sigma, American Marketing Association, Golden Eagle Cheerleaders, and Air Force ROTC. Many ATO's are involved in other Greek organizations such as Anchor Man, Anchor Brother, Arrow Men, Turtle Men, and Sigma Men. For the fourth year in a row Epsilon Llpsilon has won the Omar ltlanu Memorial Sports Award and the David E. Dauerhauer Driving Excellence Award. ATO's also have the future Mr. and Miss Olympia-Horse and Dolly. ATO would like to thank Chris Smilek and Mark Chapman for their contributions in making ATO 'tl at USM. 86 , f .e ,ef I William Bullock, Freelann Clark, Gary Coleman, Edward Easterling, Roland Escher Michael Gottstine, Raymond Grier- son, David Groth, Paul Guercio, Ed- win Halliburton Chris Halterlein, James Henderson, Greg Jackson, Steven Jackson, Jef- fery Johnson Thomas Lynch, Shawn McKee, Da- vid Mclblair, Bob Matas, Jimmy Na- tions George Nungesser, Charles Parkel, Paul Reedy, Kevin Savage, Robert Selman Franklin Smilek, Jeffery Smith, Ja- mey Stiglets, Mark Sullivan, Russell Sullivan Jason Thornton, Keith Torgeson, Erick Wicklund, Fred Wood, Patty Bell, Lil Sis Angela Borries, Lil Sis, Deirdre Broadfoot, Lil Sis, Suzanne Carpen- tier, Lil Sis, Karen Coppage, Lil Sis, Barbara Craig, Lil Sis Sue Daniels, Lil Sis, Bette David, Lil Sis, Pamela Evans, Lil Sis, Becky Frank, Lil Sis, Shelly Freeman, Lil Sis Mary Gaudet, Lil Sis, Maria Halter- lein, Lil Sis, Martha Huch, Lil Sis, Andrea Jelusich, Lil Sis, Lisa Le- hew, Lil Sis Christy Lindsay, Lil Sis, Janet Little- page, Lil Sis, Betsy Mercer, Lil Sis, Belinda Miller, Lil Sis, Susan Parker, Lil Sis w if A . " if - . 45? , I X .if ,gg 3 -.-1 '- -f A ll , ,..4 - A ' . V A All' 3 U 1 ' V J? sl Q g it E K N. e Q --L, 9 -- vi Q at ,W ' "--' W u A N A A "'l' '-r' g I D ,,Y,N A ,I ,mx . , , 1 Q , vtir T 1, , f t V -' ,.,., ,gn iitjf - A . ll A g v ,. -:,. AB F' . 1 ' . il iii li ,,t,,., sf 4550 l 1 I' IT A 6 "a 6 1 1 , I Kimberly Smilek, Lil Sis, Jean Speed, Lil Sis, Jana Tate, Lil Sis, Valerie Taylor, Lil Sis, Jean Waggle, Lil Sis, Ann Wedding, Lil Sis, Leigh Wilson, Lil Sis, Sebrina Zerkus, Lil Sis if . CHI OMEGA Epsilon Delta Chapter HAWKINS ,fk Chi Omega is known for its involvement in . . . Who's Who . . . Omicron Delta Kappa . . . Dixie Darlings . . . Football and Basketball Cheerleaders . . . Homecoming Maids . . . Southern Misses . . . Big Sis-Lil Sis . .. Candelights . . . Owl Men . . . Overall Spirit Award . . . Golden Girls . . . Top Ten Beauties . . . Southern Style . . . Gold Tenders . . . ASB Cabinet . . . The Pride . . . Pike Calendar Girl . . . Fraternity Little Sisters . . , Lambda Sigma . . . Alpha Lambda Delta . . . Phi Delta Rho... Greek Scholarship Award . . . Miss USM ... Miss Southern . .. 88 Cheryl Ainsworth, Dina Alford, Nat- alie Allen, Laurie Bankston, Angie Becker Nina Blackwell, Jacquie Blessing, Janet Bolton, Meribeth Brashier, Delwyn Broadhead Cathy Calhoun, Theresa Campbell Amy Carlisle, Katherine Catchot, Deanna Caveny Margaret Chesser, Diane Collins, Ju- lie Cook, Teri Dallas, Tori Dallas Dawrlyn Davion, Margaret Davis, Mary Davis, Sandra Davis, Leslie Driskell Sally Dudley, Sherry Elkins, Missy Ezelle, Rhonda Fairley, Amber Fra- zier Valerie Gardner, Jennifer Gatlin, Nancy Goodrich, Leslie Grantham, Stacey Harris Leslie Hawes, Marla Henry, Kather- ine Kirkpatrick, Edie Lack, Linda Lee Cheryl Loper, Nina Lowery, Shelia Lumpkins, Lisa McClinton, Tracy McMahon Dianne Middleton, Laura Milstead, Connie Mitchell, Kerri Mordica, Dee Dee Morris Emily Niles, Penny Nowell, Connie Owens, Mary Parker, Terri Parks Alesia Phillips, Erin Pittman, Ginny Pittman, Jill Pittman, Theresa Pope 48 A X " .earsazr - , - 4, ..,,' , 4,-.- " Q K ' tx , Q. ., 6 A-fb 6 , 4. .I g ll' eg I If ' "-'SEQ 5.4. , .X , .v ,,,,,f ww I.-. , s. " N: is !l if o I P I Q I 4- If K, I It 1. 'T I " I 'e:. J A ' U ' L . L ll Vo, U V 'Q --4 4 l T ' ifii 'R C lI - llxl 'QT' . K A as . I 4. I Qi 2 if .: 9 - I , 3.1, ,f i - .. t G ll.', 1 ,,,' s XI ' ,. I 'X I 'wa I I ' , W' , .--! 5 --Q ' f.1:2'j' 'f wr V ll - 1 'T F? A X i :sf , , I ' ,I .,: ' M l I 3 I twin: K' I ,Q I - 9 of , xx V T Q It-5 I I ' FQ' ' ' ll l I v"l:: 'L' 5 'l l X I se I ,,.. J t 'fs il 51 ' - l .. I if ' l ,ig ,mama I . vii H t ' I vi I t, ' 'av' I, gill ll :I t S vs I .I J sq-V EI I I KX I X4 I .T ,LE . ill. . gale " P7-isgri-if ' " " I I l i . fs' cv ' Fl' 48 K. , , ..,,1, ,M M M .-3,,-,'.:f,:::fs:2:' ,- 12. '-V-:::-:f:g1,'f:4 I f ,, ., ,. ...,,. , A5512-F t,-,M .,, .,,, - flats - - ., .. ,x - - K .,,, , Y.- , 4 I , Q! W X25 V ,ii i ag xi 4 , L 0., Q 1 4 1. fa sf W' 14,45 fi ,.x K r 4 X l f 7 4 ' I C 7 I I f F6 f, f K gldj ff 1 to M , Q' 'Q 1 il V f 4 l Wgf .4 5,-:V . ' Q55 aw ,- as Ze' ,, in . 'W' Wh ff 47 1 W ' : X, , . sr L 'N f. '2"4z'fZ:5W za --W 1 Anita Rawls, Leslie Ridlehoover, Judy Risher, Tammy Roberts, Son- dra Robinson, Amy Rogers, Eliza- beth Santa Cruz, Peggy Schroeder, Alexa Simon Angela Sliman, Kimberly Smith, Kristy Smith, Sandra Smith, Stacey Smith, Katherine Sneed, Lisa Speed, Sarah Sproles, Virginia Stone Barbara Teel, Tracey Tinnon, Victo- ria Troussaint, Vicki Vann, Martha Vardamarl, Mary Voss, Kathy Wat ters, Lei Waters, Suzie Welch , .A-, ' , , V ,.,, , , , L Z -.QI K tt' z . I M i v ' f-'5 Q! 0 Angela Welker, Kimberly Welsh, , Cheryl Whittington, Ginger William- .M 'gg Q- son, Jana Williamson, Keven Had- l ,. 5 dox. Big Bro., Tommy Pisarich, Big . Bro. 89 DELTA DELT DELTA Phi Epsilon Chapter The ladies of Delta Delta Delta are active in all aspects of campus life, including . . . Top Ten Beauties, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Rho, Lambda Sigma, First Place in Songfest, ASB Cabinet, Junior and Senior Homecoming Maids, Homecoming Queen, Delta Men, Football and Basketball Cheerleaders, Dixie Darlings, Southern Misses, Majorettes, LIAC, Fish Fry, lnramural sports champion, Stars and Crescent Ball, Founder's Day, Silver Gold and Blue, Miss Mississippi's Hospitality, Fraternity Little Sisters, Apple Polishing Party, and "too fine". 90 Cynthia Abraham, Lori Ainsworth, Shelley Alcorn, Nina Baker, Patricia Bancroft Stephanie Breland, Maureen Bry- ant, Kelly Burkett, Michelle Carmi- chael, Susan Cartlidge Stephanie Clark, Donna Collins, Lady Collins, Karen Cooper, Mary Cooper Julie Corkern, Annette Davis, Jamie Davis, Darene Dearman, Lisa Deme- tropoulos Stephanie DeRossett, Susan Faver, Angela Fokakis, Lisa Gary, Pam Gil- lespie Suzanne Gillespie, Donna Ginn, Mar- garet Glover, Anna Gonzalez, Laura Goodman Allyson Goodwin, Rebecca Green, Denise Hanley, Elizabeth Harring- ton, Patsy Harrison Sharla Henderson, Carolyn Hilley, Janine Howell, Allison Hurt, Norma lrby Suzi Jackson, Robin Kessler, Patti King, Delarie Ladner, Rhonda McCall Shawn McCrany, Toye Mason, Lisa Mathis, Theresa Mikkelsen, Elisa- beth Mitchell Dianne Montgomery, Mandy Morris, Libby Morrow, Laura Mueller, Kath- erine Myrick Vickey Northey, Jean Pittman, Su- zanne Pittman, Robin Powell, Bren- da Price v . V y, -Q , 4 , .. 11' . 5 4 ay, o "1 4 - gm.,- W 7,, ..., , , f rw V i QQ-Q' at- 1 - 1 , . V: if s f.. 1 w ,., , nf. ll It . -...X v-- l 'A 1 7-.1 ir' 6 ,... , , ,, rf' ' , 1 ' Z . A 'tc In .D L, A - I Q an ,its-fx , . ,, -::.-2 n"- '1 3 if E 7 L ' gy , ,ff if fl 3, . I '. af. . f f , ' "" iff' -aff., , , ' fr - 4 . , -A if A ' A 7 .:"'t'A 1 14, V 1 'A El 1 W hx 1:3324 , ,xnxx fi QQ-ff, , 9 TA I 5' , 7' A' . -7 ' , Q - M, 1 if Y y, A., - xr-lg ,, . . -3 Q. 1, ' lv' T 4' t , 3 -L- , f ' ' M T 15 A 6. 6 t Q if-, i 9 ' QQ - A 3 , t , , 9 if ,. ,f- AQ S ' ' I , vig L. xi? K n o ' t e 1 .i'i 55753: - -,-, g f. Q1 1 Y? ., ' Q, , ,t,.- U , ,Q ' TA I A D 4 5 L.. gs, ,gi- Z ' --.. " 'S as t-I X - it , 1. s shi. .V V , sf ' 1 l l I i l l l , l l l l i 1 i l l I l i l l l I i r I i l l . l i l l i l l l I l Qi "7 1 4 fr , 'Q-...A Z1 Susan Ramsay, Karen Rawlings, Lorraine Redd, Tracy Robinson, Re- nee Rosetti. Laurie Russell, Cindy Snowderi , 2 5' -, , 'R I. Tn A.-N fi '.-3" a A' H '- F , V-gi. 1 ' E' 'G ' , ,, , UQ 4 '- li ,flu ,. -0- . Ex E' ' JL: V t Michele Stockstill, Lisa Swank, Kathy Swanson, Angela Taylor, Lisa Taylor, Lisa Thomas, Melissa Thomas Melissa Thrash, Laura Tobiason, Tami Tonore, Katrina Vanderdray. Vicky Waite, Judy Walker, Karon Walters Amber Watson, Melissa Watts, Amy Weldy. Jeanne Welsh. Jan Woods. Charles Davis, Big Bro., Jerry Gan- dy, Big Bro. in ' L if L L L il' ' l"l'4i' l O Alan Lucas, Big Bro., John O'Keefe. AQ -5 P- ,sf -R xx A Big Bor., David Phillips, Big Bro., 3 3' ugvu ,Q 5 j : Jack Rush, Big Bro., Lon William. ,N i 4 Big Bro. XX , I .. H fox 1 i DELTA GAMMA Delta Pi Chapter 4 fl, f ,- , ,ff f l -2' Being a Delta Gamma means being active in every sense of the word. Dee Gee's are involved in almost every organization on campus including ASB Senate and Cabinet, GAC, Southern Style, Southerner Staff, Southern Misses, Cheerleaders, Golden Girls, and Gold Tenders. You can spot a Delta Gamma in the Dixie Darling dance line, in The Pride band, as members and leaders of Angel Flight, and as Church Group workers. Delta Gammas are also active in most honoraries on Southern's campus such as Lambda Sigma, Gamma Beta Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Chi Theta, ACM, Rho Lambda, Phi Delta Rho, SNASM, and they are also Presidents and Dean's list Scholars. Dee Gees are also involved in USM sports with members of the Soccer and Tennis teams. This year, as every year, Delta Gammas will be working as timers for the Swim Team, hostessing at the Miss Southern Pageant, and working at the Magnolia Classic Golf Tournament. Delta Gamma is proud of its many achievements this year some of which include lst place in the USM and United Way Penny Drive, lst place in the Hattiesburg Community Blood Drive, lst place in many intramural sports, 3rd place in Songfest, and placing in Homecoming Displays. Some of the highlights of Delta Gamma's year are Big Sis- Lil' Sis, Fall Retreat, Fall Party, Christmas Party, Anchor Splash, and of course Anchor Ball! Ann Agosta, Jona Alawine, Genice Armstrong, Barbara Bingham, Cin- dy Blackmer Debbie Blanchard, Angela Borries, Cheryl Boyles, Cinda Breazeale, Ka- ren Coppage Betty Davis, Karen Donnelly, Jane Eastland, Stacy Evans, Catherine Egley Meg Flowers, Shelly Freeman, Ke- nya Gordon, Julia Gray, Babette Grafe Elizabeth Green, Pamela Grice, Beth Haupt, Michele Heflin, Dewanda Henderson Cheryl Johnson, Beverly Jones, An- trice Kay, Rebecca Kenny, Jackie Keys Kathy King, Lee Ladner, Leigh Laney, Jennifer Lindsay, Michele Loughman Susan Mangum, Connie McCardle, Jana McKee, Alicia McKinley, Su- san McLendon Mary Meador, Jan Meitzler, Sandra Neighbors, Debbie Newman, Janice North Lori O'Quinn, Kristi Pitalo, Janet Ri' chart, Jennifer Robinson, Elena Ruiz Sandra Safigan, Mary Schwarzauer, Tina Shamis, Cindy Simmons, Kim- berly Smilek Shelby Smith, Cindy Stewart, Maria Straub, Lynn Styron, Carla Tidwell i" x ' if 4, . 47 ' K, n n J ,ffl I f X - - , ' V 2' mu ' lj- 5 4 t it " 2 PF, , , i. ,,. 9 -ai R . 11 If 7 5, it -9' iff . - .,,. X , ::wz,:1:sf, A -2 - -:, 4-1. 5 I Y ' xv A 1 Q' 15 .J , .A I u 17 ,: . eg -e ' f 1 fe, 1 .- 1-.-sf ,ST Y . ii' 9 wiv r x V I 92 l ,+L -M ff , A s -., an-an Q27 X ' ' 3 53 Lisa Voss, Ann Wedding, Amy Weeks, Marti Wilkinson, Kerrin Wells Melissa Winstead West, Stephen McDaniel, Tracy Matthews, Frank- lin Smilek, Gregory Smilek DELTA SIGMA THETA Mu Nu Chapter At the inception of Delta Sigma Theta in 1913 at Howard University, the Founders envisioned an organization of college women pledged to serious endeavor and community service. These youthful students demonstrated a vital concern for social welfare, academic excellence, and cultural enrichment, de- emphasizing the social side of sorority life. Today, the sorors of Mu Nu Chapter continue to keep the visions of their Founders alive. Mu Nu Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta was founded on this campus July 27, 1975 by eleven zealous young women. Annual events of the chapter include the Peppermint Cotillion, Founders Day Service, Scholarship programs for needy students, Charm Clinics, Service projects to the community, Que-Delta Greekshow, and the Junior-Senior Prom for high school students. 94 N? YT' N41 . . .S ,.,.., , . i Monica Croutch, Brenda Fizer, Don- Q Q na Greene, Ollie Halthon, Regina -vlsx ,,,,, 1 gg V ' ig, E--, Home , , Brenda Johnson, Denise Lucas, iff .lad Maxine McCoy, Patricia Robinson, if ' 5 lv . . " - Sandra Williams 1 ' - . -. A i Loretta Wimberley, Allene Won- lg5,,N' K 5 '53 ,. nack, Phyllis Yates if Q ' 2 it 1 I Lori Ehlers, Jane Estrada, Amy Donna Huch, Kim Ingram, Anelese Sally Roberts, Misanou Rodriguez, Lisa Shackleford, Rhonda Smith, Suzanne Snyder, Alison Thomas, Sheila Westrope, Marie Wood, Jo- ,, X 5, t Patty Bell, Letricia Carruth, Sue - 'J J , Daniels, Alisa Dunlap A 1 1 't - A" . . 64' 1, X ' Frederick, Sabrena Gill, Amy Hille . A 4 ?'4!'gt.,- - ' , l Q G ar 6. In Mapp, Rene Reedy, Katherine Ritter X wr 1 I ' f 1. -Q i if l . , 5 Ta' . Y ' L - if ., J y I Vickie Smith - 4, ff: A i ' T V ' , 1 . . A .ss 'MTX W Q it T -4 . .. Q . 'f 4.. YQ 39' V T 3' 'A . f 5 ' is 1- X T. L H A. , l A ' seph Terry, Big Bro. If Z i 5 . il-"W" l l l DELTA ZETA Epsilon Nu Chapter Happiness is the very essence of Delta Zeta. The joys, the sorrows, the laughter, the tears. Every cherished moment that is tucked away, but not forgotten . . . Turtles, Roses, and Lamps . . . Big Sis- Little Sis Toga Party . . . Honor Societies ... Swaps . . , Candlelights . .. Intramurals . . . Greek Games . . . Pledge Retreat . . . Brothers of the Golden Lamp . . . Rose Petal Ball . . . Famous Couples Party . . . "Some Enchanted Evening" . . Pride Flag Line . . . Modeling Squad , . . Annual Staff . . . Fraternity Little Sisters ...Christmas Party . . , But most of all, Delta Zeta Happiness is a bond-a bond which cannot be broken by years, miles, or misunderstandings. lt is the totality of Love-the Love of every Delta Zeta- Sister for Sister QS... l ,Z 'Ka ff-s 'ffvw Q. 3 95 KAPPA ALPHA CDRDER Gamma Zeta Chapter :ki A long time ago on a campus far away, Kappa Alpha Order was founded. The winds of time swept the seed of Kappa Alpha here to the University of Southern Mississippi, mecca of art, culture, and higher learning, on January 9th 1949 in the form of Gamma Zeta chapter. Since its inception, the men of Kappa Alpha, while dwelling in their Mansion, home of southern gentlemen, haven of scholars, and lodging of sorority gods, have taken a paramount role in the artistic, academic, athletic, cultural, governmental, intramural, and social developments. The tides of fate are clear, Kappa Alpha shall remain a vital cog in the mystic orb of collegiate life. Stephen Jay Aldean, Samuel Z. Am- men, Michael C. Barefield, Pork N. Beans, Byron Thomas Beitel Glynn L. Beverly, Frank Jogginlerd Blanston IV, Gern Z. Blanston, Harry "Skippy" Blanston Ill, Luther Pen- dergrass Blanston "Zipper" Norman Blanston, Kim Bradley, Todd Edward Bradley, Hash C. Brown, Glenn S. Cook John Mark Crenshaw, Lee Burck Dearman, Milton Dudley Dearman, Emory Paul Determeyer, Richard W. Duncan Albert Q, Fudpucker, Robert David Ham, Bobby H. Herring, Williams, L. Hess, Bob Holland H.C. Huey, Shelton Lee Kennington, Frank D, Lalliejaa, Frank Allan Louell, Chip McArthur Kent D. McPhail, Scott Alan Mar- row, Peyton G, Myers, Benjaman G. Newman, John Matthews O'Keefe Joe Valdren Overstreet, David Mi- chael Phillips, Winn Pittman, Jim Shorts, Gary S. Smith Geottrey H. Sullivan, John Cox Tay- lor, Scott Jenkins Waits, Chuck Wagon, Greg J. Wheeler Billy Ralph Winghead, Stephanie L. Clark, Lil Sis, Karen L. Frallic, Lil Sis, Vickie Gryder, Lil Sis, Patricia L. Herring, Lil Sis Saxonie H. Higginbotham, Lil Sis, Ronda C. Lewis, Lil Sis, Katherine A. Myrick, Lil Sis, Erin A. Pittman, Lil Sis, Elizabeth Santa Cruz, Lil Sis E -1 1 --l': ' A' t'.' V V Q: -ff V MV' -,J , ' . . .L.V,. ,. ' 11-MV "' ' . " . Q., if nm S 'w Q .1 A N '32 Q. ' lf' tif 2' Jyf U f . 4 J: 47: F" 342114 V. ii 1 - 5- -- A a ' . N. . , . K ' ' A X . ' 1 5 2 " 5 Q ' ' ' 2 - Q 5" A525 ' A f - U ga , - 'gf " 3' - jg: i -55, . . L.. V -. ml 5535 - XV., , -, , 'ff .Zyl-i . sz- J 'I -gl, .- ' ,, V ,. " : A V 'fl"i'5'fWZZV 5 1 . V . "' Y' ' 'N ' I .- 6 , sq I if i f., . . HI ' -L "'! ' ,, ,I ,fs Eff-,f ,gy ' .yz-EEJLQZV-t -- 1 -V - l.l.W. m - T 1 F V .Zu L. .. s A lll' I .'.. ' ' . - ' . ,. y QQ,-1 4 gf-2,5 .. L 5 .., . .QM '1 ' ' ' . ' V' ' -.,, ' if . - . Z V - ' ' . ff ts fl .V is "" ' ' it . T ' V ' v . 1 ,j -'Q 5 5 A . V, f .. far. ' - . .. 5 ' , rg f V .h J gl M ' , 1 ' I H l 'f,.'v- ,,,. . . .....,L Nxx' .. 1 1 f- "1 c,- lf, J f 1 1 . .' - ' ' f "i 1 i '7- 2 T 'X' ' ' "" ' 3 f .. .... . Aqzu. ., ..,...,, , A 5 fe- Y . ' Q. - -VV l -1 -, A "" ' i . 1 -1 " i V, 1 4 .- .A V. I ...L I f ,. 5 - et s- Ii r :i 4 t I ' f . W A A :.V i ight ' F d ' as , ' t'-' f f y f , i . VA . ln". - l ' ' rrmym: V A41. ,. W nhl f if C ill li . 1 5 M. Q' i l A 1 .- M 1 f. ,, ' - A,-53,11 1,-9 ,:?.fV'x:1:w:,p-,,1:V . E - : ' ,3'f-fm ., 1 I YC . : ' f2Ez,"'- ll gt Q S' . Q.. ., N .,,,, . V, , X P 'Xl iv 'fu ,iv Q X x .- x, . .4 . "' ' H: Y ' 4 -Q -V ,N tt, ...f 'i , ' 4 I xMx, 1 i.. Og .. ,,-, 5, g-,, - .i .MR . ,Vim-' XJ ' .. fm tsizmi 96 ii ,Jil Leslie Smith, Lil Sis, Cindy M. Snow den, Lil Sis, Angela Taylor, Lil Sis Amber J. Watson, Lil Sis, Jeanne L. Welsh, Lil Sis KAPPA DELT Beta Sigma Chapter Being a Kappa Delta means . . . striving for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest . . . wearing the emerald and pearl pin proudly . . . having four of the Top Ten Beauties . . . wanting to do, not having to do . . . Golden Girls . . . Miss Hospitalities . . . Honoraries . . . a lady true to her sisters at all times . . . Fraternity Little Sisters . . . Dixie Darlings . . . loving all our great big brothers . . . rainbows . . . hundreds of teddy bear lovers . . . Round-up . . . Bear Hug . . . KD Blitz Party . . . cooperation . . . Slave Auction . . . having wonderful new pledges every year . . . Southern Style . . . Southern Exposure . . . smiling faces. In other words, being a Kappa Delta is being a woman who loves and is loved because that is what Kappa Delta is all about! 98 Beth Allman, Theresa Arender, La- cey Ashley, Pamela Baker, Karen Bass Mary Blakeney, Florence Boyd, Jen- ny Braden, Pamela Brown, Patricia Brown Mary Byington, Merrilu Cimbora, Connoly Clark, Allison Clayton, Lisa Coleman Patricia Collins, Karen Crenshaw, Carol Cruthirds, Kitty Currie, Gina Daniels Janet Delaney, Angela Earles, Lori Easterling, Diann Eastland, Burnie Ewell Karen Fletcher, Donna Flowers, Lisa Gollott, Beth Goss, Danette Gould Ann Gray, Lisa Griffith, Laurie Griz- zard, Laura Hall, Teri Harper Lori Hasson, Beth Hemeter, Robin Hemeter, Jan Holifield, Dianne Ho- sey Stacey Hunt, Terri Hunt, Susan Keene, Peggy Kern, Katherine King Cynthia Lane, Virginia Lane, Kerry Love, Caroline McMillen, Shannon McPherson Leslie Magee, Natalie Martel, Aar- yanne Massey, Mary-Margaret Mitchell, Charlotte Moak Sharon Myers, Rebecca Neal, Patti Page, Rhonda Parkinson, Jill Patter- son 3 4 We , Y V ,,,,,. W j ll is -L, , ci Xi HPX s K 'ii' ,,, ,,, .l i , i fl. K. . .,,,,. 5 L ,Q A - 5 ,. -. 1 , -2' ' X . ' 2 ig "H :gf 3 V Q Q . .s. .. ,sv - fcggfftttz E M gs . - 1 Q lr 1,1 fa , ' 1 fx J fe-- F SD W 1: ..,. " Ili' 1 X if l K 3 al T v. X s , ,, 5 ds vu- v--- 'S li li ii .Il I ti li i 1 W J i l 'R i l li l ,. 4 l il l lr i l i 'i I f l i l l i n'-pink "Q, :+L rl ' 6. s 'li 'Q 5-Lx . i I me fx 1 fob' ry., Becky Pittman, Vicky Purser, Lori Roberts, Rochelle Russell, Ginny Sanders, Becky Sirmon, Debra Slay. Karen Slay Caren Spain, Lisa Spears, Sharon Speights, Melissa Taylor, Carol Theobald, Sheila Vaughn, Dana Voi- vedich, Sonja Walker Susan Walker, Laurie White, Eileen Williams, Kymberly Williams, Cindy Wyman, Rick Adams, Big Bro., Chuch Benigno, Big Bro., Mitchell Brent, Big Bro. Bryan Caldwell, Big Bro., Christo- pher Carter, Big Bro., James Cook, '- Big Brol, William Holmes, Big Brol, 4:73-' ' Jamie Loris, Big Bro., Bubba AQ W Q i S W X lil Sin k Q ff ff, gt, . M ngn"A4f"n . E McDaniel, Big Bro., Mark Weldy, 1 .5 ' ,hi ' 'f J' W 32 N 3 99 KAPPA SIGMA Epsilon Nu Chapter The men of scarlet, white, and green can be found in every area of campus life from student government to the biggest annual party Hattiesburg has ever seen. Kappa Sigma swept to victory in Senate elections with five senators including the President Pro Tempore. The lnterfraternity Council has also felt the presence of Kappa Sigma in the last year with brothers holding the offices of Vice- President, Treasurer, and Individual Board members. Brothers also held many positions in student government including Executive Assistant to the President, Attorney General, Assistant Director of Student Services, Director of Student Legal Services, and Assistant Spring Spirit Director. Kappa Sigma showed its flexibility in sports while taking the golf, bowling, and volleyball titles along with second place in Greek Games. Kappa Sig takes the lead again on the social scene with sorority big brothers and the greatest parties including Brown's Bridge, Founders Day, our incredible Super Bowl Party, and the legendary South Sea lsland. Kappa Sigma . . . striving for excellence in every area of student endeavor. IOO Rick Adams, John Barrett, Glenn Beasley, Jr., Julio Beaton, Alex- ander Behar Toby Berryhill, David Brackman, Richard Brinson, John Carpenter, Christopher Carter Robert Carter, James Dear, Martin Draeger, Gary Essary, Michael Fultz Leigh Furrh, David Ginn, Matt Grubbs, John Holland, Timothy Howell Jeffrey Hudson, Stephen Lewis, Mark Lowery, Norman "Bubba" McDaniel, Ken Martin Ronald Mers, Bobby Moorhead, Gene Odom, Michael Rush, Steve Scott Steve Simmons, Scott Stone, Paul Torres, Mark Weldy, Jeffrey Wesley James Withers, Susan Berry, Lil Sis, Stephanie Breland, Lil Sis, Carey Bonin, Lil Sis, Beth Burrell, Lil Sis Teri Dallas, Lil Sis, Angela Earles, Lil Sis, Anna Gonzalez, Lil Sis, Ann Gray, Lil Sis Sharla Henderson, Lil Sis, Marla Henry, Lil Sis, Patti King, Lil Sis, Lori Roberts, Lil Sis, Tammy Rob- erts, Lil Sis Lori Schultheis, Lil Sis, Kristy Smith, Lil Sis, Caren Spain, Lil Sis, Susan Tannehill, Lil Sis, Sarah Ward, Lil Sis an-,., , . 5fX?:3?',.3 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 1pEEl'i1Q'fF"fw' L '. V V -r . J- A . . 'T'-tab:--., -- . . . .fy I , si Nag- Z f - . fjziijfftff i C' -,.. '3 ' I I - Q- . 5. Zim s W5 lx S? 1 'HP gi, , Y , x . ly f . 1 , 59412. l f 'V we if. - y :gh gg . ' 'as , .5g5:::::-xg:-' '- -r :E Egiglf' , Rig!-' q5:f:1:5'5:1:5:? :LQ E5s,.,.,.,,g:5:5:, .. -1 - "5g:5iE.5-5:i:Z- T - t 1' elif' t fs 1 . ,R at N. ik ,Qs M X X ,... .- Q M SV N ss if 9 l - ......,, 9 Q i s P f A ' ' . , ,.... . T .ifiifs Y x V f ., Q . . dv . Kif5i"' ' 4 WXJX Y AV S ? f.::fff'i-tif' ll l l ' ' . A .. . M , f 1 f- Y if Q . -.Lf ss if . h X1t.Ab'. : gy . - st. , ..., 5 .gQ,,,q. . VW' IN' I fr 45 -:rxgsg ' N -2:1531 f N: ' A 5-1-.-L.: ' .. , -Q. sg-:gig - , K C, 4 i if , ..v,,N: A 1 it , - ,g. .... , 3 - .::'-' X KY ' t A ' D v f Q: Sf' 4 i Q ,N ., s . JL AQ, A bs Q ...bc -'G -1 V if -fl, V ' S 3 x va. S . , ,.,:,.N A X N X N X as r us. Q--' A Melissa Watts, Lil Sis, Laurie White, Lil Sis N - ...x XX X 1 .. . 'Z U' . A l -'f' s,-- T -3' I ll N E N - Nw.. 1 x K . fl 1 I' I r ,-.v,Q:,.! ,H- AQ- ' -',,"x, f K X3 I N ' is . , 4 f- . ,W ...f y 1 , A , - JV' 1. 'o1.N': PHI KAPPA TALI Beta Epsilon Chapter Phi Kappa Tau is the most outstanding chapter in the nation for the second consecutive year . . . first national fraternity chartered at USM . . . social commitment . . . Homecoming, Red Carnation Ball, Lost Weekend, attic Parties, Super Bowl party . . . great times . . . Chevy 6, the Dealers, Sparkle . . . Campus Involvement . . . lFC president . . . secretary and Judicial Board . . . Southern Style . , . Omicron Delta Kappa . . . Sorority Big Brothers . . . Varsity Athletes . . . Intramurals . . . overall lFC Intramural Champions, Overall university Flag-football champs for the second time in 3 years . . . overall University Co-Rec football . . . runner-up overall basketball . . . community service . . . progress . . . "Success is never coasting." lO2 William Allison, Chuch Benigno, Ed- ward Atherton, David Baria, Mike Barnes Brehm Bell, Alan Bertucci, Trent Broadus, Ray Bryan, Bryan Cald- well Vernon Caldwell, Stacy Carmichael, John Carter, Ricky Centanni, Ricky Church Donald Corr, Kerry Corr, Taylor Crauan, James Davidson, Keith Da- vis Rusty DeCieorge, Joseph Doze, Paul Farmer, Christopher Farris, Michael Fitzgerald Bert Floyd, Ted Freshour, Gary Graves, Jimmie Green, Chuck Har- rell Charles Hewes, William Hewes, James Howell, David lshee, Ricky Johnson Thomas Jones, William Kahl, Jack- ie Key, Mack Knight, Steven Krohn Jamie Loris, Thomas Mann, Mike Mason, Nolen Merritt, Robert Miller Scott Mitchell, Alvard Moreno, Rich- ard Myers, Rod O'Barr, James Payne Randall Peoples, David Pickering, Michael Poulin, David Reiter, John Roberson Kerry Robinson, Joe Rubisch, Lon- ny Schraider, Larry Smith, James Stanford xi: . S, ' ' slaps: V " ' ' in ' " vzfir' , fc . .J .,-. , Q .1 ,f Qs-V' V1 N , ., .g '.-pigs., tl 1. ug: 5 x - Mfcgg y A I ia- - 2'-If ' .,. , .',- v: :FY -'-' i V' A 9 1 ri:-gn . , P 5 A ,B .,,. ,.., ,, . ,, .,,: . , T. , . Gb." , :f1'X::1'- ":':'?11f:L ., 'Quiz 1"fi.3TEf:Grl , t X . -- ,Q- , ,Q-rr-ff N sz-,. S 4 A si A ' ' "" r i , . . , ,, fs.-is Q - sgsfxg, A --N H, f 51 se A F W W . , .,t.V,,,.- - - fx. X. t ' i , , a J E x if A T 1' :ax 1 . J " Ns , ,, "W .zr ,. ar. ij., t 1 ' 1? lv if 'X f A K , , ' ff ,abit A qi: -1, T, ' ,S ' f 'iii 1 . , if H F . , ,,., s- 5 5' VH A l 1 - S 9 . S ' ' A -X V 2.-:::::: :esvt ,-, -A 5 11.-,z-:fs f, " 02' ' 1 -'gig 535, M5341 , . . .. -X, , i' mv -3 ,, Q r tw t -- , 1 X , ,:..- il iw, , . - l ' 'x X Nil , .e' "w - - s ' ' '- Z.. .pr gf. , Q A . 9 D f if l ' " was Few wif-5 WEN vw., - Q91 - exits X., X. 1 Y QC, A . -,Q ia, if , , ,,,, .,,,, Q ff Ei NP MFRS' Y' ' MW' ts iw.-1: ,J V ts , , , Q, N35 .A ,. Lis.. 1 it is C X ,X X N hx ir - K . . 'Tl ' 1 .if 5 S C st S N N is - - in -, . gs. X. I - .t is . XNQXS., X Q z xxx N N XX t NN wr X x X Q - -I:":SR?" ts:-:""f ,iX..S,,. 31.1, , -. Fw, V- X . Sfxfjf K? C Xl X fc ' ,1 feat, , ft A 35:9 sf- , t K, XX , X x .- NX N x its X x N 4 'G- b Q S8 in Y it ' 'F 'Wk ' 18 f is ,W J GN: -C -.g I N 7 - sf A li 4 Q 5: 3 31 U W V' ' ?' " R 5 've ff ' k M , , . , ws, , ss ta? M 4 Q-Jw, TOURNAfYll'JN'l' PM 7 1932 NATKDNAL Ptfwot- L on EFAD DFXXJI L1 fl -v- ' " '.QQ Z ' . 1 4, , C . V . El , , , - V if . ' S , , at if t Q is 6 Q l C 'fb 1 ' ' .i .4 - T-' A . fl sl! lik 1, -P 1 J Nxrws'-..1x,t ' - '- X , . sh bl Q f ri, ,,, - ' ."1. 5 ' xi X, 1 1 Bert Stephens, Tommy Vervaeke, Mark Villareal, Bobby Watts, Kevin Weber, Robert Williams, Ron Wood, Karen Bass, Lil Sis Patricia Brown, Lil Sis, Theresa Campbell, Lil Sis, Katherine Cat- chot, Lil Sis, Lisa Coleman, Lil Sis, Diane Collins, Lil Sis, Missy Ezelle, Lil Sis, Lisa Gollot, Lil Sis, Leslie Hawes, Lil Sis Terri Hunt, Lil Sis, Lisa McQuillin. Lil Sis, Mary-Margaret Mitchell, Lil Sis, Delia Myers, Lil Sis, Anita Rawls, Lil Sis, Amy Rogers, Lil Sis, Ginny Sanders, Lil Sis, Becky Sir- mon, Lil Sis Sharon Speights, Lil Sis, Lisa Thom- as, Lil Sis, Sheila Vaughn, Lil Sis, Susan Walker, Lil Sis, Cynthia West, Lil Sis, Kymberly Williams, Lil Sis, .Jana Williamson, Lil Sis rfb 4 Z4 A ,-, ,524 'L ., ,, y PHI Alpha Omicron Chapter S ,, 3, 1 Y. ,Q 3 x at 1 Being a Phi Mu means . . . Big Sis-Little Sis . . . Dixie Darlings . . . Golden Girls... ASB Senate . . . Omicron Delta Kappa . . . Southern Exposure . . . Gold Tenders . . . Big Brothers . . . Bat Girls . . . Fall Fling . . . Mother, Father, Daughter Banquet . . . Modeling Squad . . . the Pride . . . Honorary and Professional organizations ... and loving sisters to share it all with. IO4 Janet Allred, Lori Anderson, Cindy Ballard, Cheri Bankston, Susan Ber- VY Sherry Black, Sara Blaock, Leslie Bodden, Carey Bonin, Kelly Bour- geois Debra Broadhead, Karen Brown, Kelly Caldarelli, Christine Corban, Julie Cotton Monique Crabtree, Gina Crow, Carol Dees, Darlene Delcambre, Vickie Dodd Mary Duncan, Robyn Dungan, Claire Fedric, Teresa Flynt, Amy Formby Suzanne Formby, Robin French, Te- resa Gibbs, Beverly Goodwin, Missy Gould Leslie Gustin, Lisa Hargett, Tricia Hawkins, Kimberly Herrington, Mar- garet Holmes Lisa Hudson, Dana Jernigan, Tam- mie Kellems, Kathy King, Michelle Littlepage Robbin Lowely, Gena McCarlie, An- gie McKay, Melinda McKinnon, Tra- cy Middleton Ruth Milazzo, Cheryl Hester, Lauri Pace, Janie Patrick, Joy Patrick Cindy Patton, Sherry Peacock, Kim- berly Phillips, Elizabeth Pinson, Al- ice Powell Karen Primm, Selina Redd, Sissy Sharp, Cathy Small, Ellen Smith 1 5. 6 A "Ye gtg 0 - X' ---. ' V 'ff 1 C N .sa . S , 1 ' .rv f "1 Qian, , Q if X4 ' t, T . .4 - 6 'll Q 2? , It .. PM .1 , J. , if C I . ,J 9 ,' . 4 l I l i i l 1 l i l , ,..,, ., I ii ' i V I l - li t , , ,EL i S. 5 x , V I . ,,,,,, , , l i i i i l i t. 1 x 5 , , 8 3' ti 6 U I - t X W? D L . b- N-N x l l i l l fs l l A i 51 , I ,. l i l I l l , , i ,,i -i 5 : vx t P i l i 5 , v. l l ' i l 'i ,r -I l ii 4231 ' '5 CDM 9.2. I 'J 1 I Joni Strickland, Susan Tannehill, Dorothy Taylor, Mary Waits, Cindy Williams, Sandra Williams, Vickie R 5 B Wilson Joy Wolverton, Susan Woods Les lye Wrolstard, Ricky Centanni Big , Bro., Dan Helgeson, Big Bro Jacky Q sw Hiatt, Big Bro., Mark Lowery Big B , A to L To K . Kerry Mclllwain, Big Bro., Marshall Marshall, Big Bro., Matt Schafer, Big Bro., Bruce Scott, Big Bro., Alex Sivira, Big Bro., John Sullivan, Big ro. Denise Ainsworth, Catherine Aris, Vanessa Beauvais, Rachel Bene- field, Linda Bishop Karen Bolle, Phyllis Breland, Dodi Broom, Jacquiline Broome, Mary Buice Shanna Bullard, Brenda Cole, Jean Collette, Katherine Coogan, Jenny Craft Cindy Crane, Connie Davenport, Lisa Davis, Elisa Despecux, Sherry Dixon Robin DuBuisson, Brenda Ellzey, Pa- mela Evans, Lisa Feurerriegel, Becky Frank Margaret Galloway, Paula Gayes, Vickie Gryder, Elizabeth Hardin, Cin- dy Hardy Micki Harrell, Kathleen Heard, Alice Hultz, Karen Irby, Andrea Jelusich Cynthia Johnston, Angie Jones, Cricket Jose, Susie Kramer, Terri Lazenby Deborah Leyda, Karen Mabry, Kimber McHenry, Betsy Mercer, Lois Montgomery Dara Moore, Melanie Morris, Honey Newcomb, Lori Oradat, Nanette Owen Susan Parker, Carol Pickering, Mar- ion Pitalo, Lorri Ray, Shannon Rich- ardson Lynn Ryan, Nancy Schisler, Melisa Schloegel, Kimberly Sentiles, Kim- berly Smith as ,ff ,v A ve- i A,. - an V Gb Hr nove 8 gat Q' Q 2 3 i t. tg , M-4' if '7 .-,Y rf 'Z ' iv 1' .ff 1 . A i 65.211 , 'PJ 'B 1 I . t,- f i 8' 433 qv x 'ny Q , . - sg N f -s. ls. -51.- vc. , X lx 'AM-N UQ Y' is Illl!!!iil ,f f :: -- Q . Rebecca Smith, Stacey Smith, Nan- cy Steen, Deanne Sory, Kimberly Sparks, Melissa Spencer, Lynn Ste- phens, Robin Stephens, Tana Stew- art Velinda Stoltenborg, Marla Sumrall, Shari Tresoe, Pam Verucchi. Tammy Wade, Sherry Waldron, Tina Wansley, Cynthia Warren. An- ? we Q- A v S ' X Q ' 55? Bur f . f , F 1 B. an GF ' i gala Whitney Joy Wilson, Ted Freshour, Big Bro.. David lvy, Big Bro.. Steven Krohn, Big Bro., George Nungesser, Big Bro,, Jeff Rymer. Big Bro.. Finley Trosclair, Big Bro.. William Ward, Big Bro, 7 Pl KAPPA ALPHA Delta Mu Chapter The men of Pi Kappa Alpha are constantly assuming an active role on and off campus. ln just the first semester of the i982-1983 school year the Pikes won All-University Bowling, the United Way Volleyball Tournament, Weight lifting and Putt-Putt Golf, made the finals in golf and tennis, the playoffs in volleyball, floorhockey, and half-court basketball, plus placed in body building. Continuing a tradition of leadership, Pikes can be found holding such positions as lFC Rush Chariman, IFC Scholarship Chariman, ASB Cabinet Officer, and Juditial Board member. Also, Pi Kappa enjoys having Southern Style members, numerous sorority brothers, academic honoraries, Youth Congress Senators, Marshals for the Magnolia Golf Classic, Varsity Athletes, representation in Southern Exposure, the best Little Sister program on campus, the only Fraternity swimming pool at USM, and the privilege of annually publishing a calendar featuring twelve of the most beautiful girls on campus. ln other areas the Pikes have received the March of Dimes Award, the Florida State Spirit Award, and began service work for the Ellisville State School. Being a brother in Pi Kappa Alpha also means participation in an enriched social life. Activities include Dream-girl Formal, Pat O'Brien Party, Florida Party, Toga Party, Hawaiian Party, Greek Games Party, Rush Parties, Pledge-Active Retreat, and many other functions such as swaps or football parties. In other words the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity symbolizes involvement here at USM. Once a Pike, always a Pike. lO8 Wayne Ashcraft, Paul Broussard, David Butler, Thomas Byrge, Kevin Campbell Steven Carter, Michael Causey, Curt Crawford, David Cobb, Mark Colbert James Cook, Harold Danford, Don Davis, Marc Evans, Gregory Fulling Jerry Gandy, James Goodwin, Bob- by Hall, Douglas Hammond, Jame Hanzalik John Harvey. Nathan Hays, Joe Hiser, Stephen Horton, Joseph Johnson Steve Johnson, Robert Joseph, Ste- phen Lacy, John Leonard, Micheal Lockwood Robert McCarry, Stephen McDaniel, Kenny McLain, Thomas Morrison, Doug Oakes Joseph Palmer, Part Posey, Charles Roberts, Robert Ross, John Ruble Jim Sisson, Pat Slack, Richard Smithhart, Eugene Starks, Edward Staton Kerin Stockstill, William Story, Dan- iel Thompson, Thomas Towler, Donald Vernon Thomas Warren, Scooter Whatley, Joel Williams, Jerry Yates, Ray Za- soski Cindy Ballard, Lil Sis, Kelly Burkett, Lil Sis, Mary Byington, Lil Sis, Julie Cook, Lil Sis, Beverly Goodwin, Lil Sis Q. R. ,tjs Qi J' '-Lil ll ff " s Fe- 2- M by x f 1 l V -N ' . I J, I . . Q A an E - ff ' AAL l 6 A - c i V f L P' A .Q F, -it 5 t, I Ac an - -th is 1 -,fb ' - '.'i' ' -. M 'X r' Q 6. LM' 1 i l A 1 . ' if ' IF? ef fn , l ,, 4 A .K Q ig 1 F xl, - i, "Q P , - v th , A NQ nw Q .ZX - gr , , 4 .L - A -li- Z4 fn 5. X 1 X QYN Q, 6. A s- ,X V v-S .2 A ll A W-A 'MH R vb tif -i '+ A' ,. v A. ,Q ,PC 50 'J Q'-N ll K - S -, . QQ, af cs- ' , I 5 X -my 'Q wwf , - :Mw- "Win- 'K 4 uf, 5 ' me Y 5 X V 5 xg f,,.',, ' i .-, i 4 Q -. l . : x R ,, f 22- ., , . Q.- -. s -17, - , vo. y . it e Pamela Grice, Lil Sis, Laurie Grizzard, Lil Sis, Kathleen Guizrix, Lil Sis, Norma Irby, Lil Sis, Danielle Libonate, Lil Sis, Jacalyn Ratliff, Lil Sis Lorrain Redd, Lil Sis, Judy Risher, Lil Sis, Sandra Smith, Lil Sis, Mi- chele Stockstill, Lil Sis, .Joni Strick- land, Lil Sis, Kathy Swanson, Lil Sis Melissa Taylor, Lil Sis, Vicki Vann, Lil Sis, Amy Ward, Lil Sis, Marie Pul- len, House Mother SIGMA ALPHA EPSILO MS Sigma Chapter 1 Z' 'l J! f '5 fg Mississippi Sigma Chapter was chosen in the top five chapters in the nation this year. The chapter was LlSM's largest fraternity with ninety members and eighteen Little Sisters of Minerva, including Mom Fairley. The E's placed first in Songfest and first in beauty among homecoming displays. There were football parties, receptions, swaps, Lake Guntersville Formal, the Beat-Bama party, and another Paddy Murphy. The SAE's won the fraternity blood drive and played in the 4th Annual MD Bowl. The chapter also won its 4th straight fraternity and overall campus spirit award. Members participated at USM as ASB senators, cheerleaders. The Golden Eagle Mascot, twenty-three sorority big brothers, ODK, Southern Style, Who's Who, and varsity athletics. Gary Adam, Joey Allen, Ken Alli- son, Chip Ball, Scott Bancroft Mike Barnes, Kent Batman, Clay Beard, Chuck Blackledge, Billy Bland Daryl Breland, Dick Buchanan, Steve Buckley, Greg Butler, Mark Butler Oscar Clark, Joe Clarke, David Cook, Todd Cooper, Joel Coppage Lee Crouch, Joe Daniels, Ray Dan- iels, Chuch Davis, Jeff Davis Chuck Donlin, Kent Douglas, Jon Everill, Rooke Everill, Jon Farris Kevin Giddis, Gil Gillespie, Greg Gough, John Gratwick, John Guion Arlo Guthrie, Tony Guy, Jon Harp- er, Bobby Hensley, Rob Housley Andy Kennedy, Emile Koury, Mar- vin Koury, Randall Lee, Chuck Lick David Lingle, Butch McKenzie, Monte Manguno, Tom Marine, Mickey Marshall Tracey Mathews, Blaine Merrit, Scott Miller, James Mulkey, Mark Naylor Jerry Pierce, Terry Pinson, Bob Po- 1 sey, Jody Powell, Rickey Rayborn P, AQ, 9 72 ' sl t li TWC X 1 J A ' 4 9 :fr li 1- , , J ii? t.. f.: 4 ' 'CP 1 P' A Q--v is 1. - 5 6 .0 X ...- A "-1 :tha la I3 lah f lt 1 302. fs ... . X-, -4 :gy ,-.: -4 . Z., KT 3 -'l " 9 3 1. 1. . ll0 i V-1 . v , -- 'aff-Q I " ' ,nv , ,. is if ' Te. A T. iffy if is W - . st 2 5 3 si ra qi 9 rs Q , i A ltlnrhis Q my Ishii a ills! A .3 - is ' if QT' Jeff Rhodes, Glenn Riley, Roy Robin son, Mark Rosamund, Jack Rush Hugh Sanderson, Jerry Shoulders David Simmons Newell Simrall, Dennis Smith, Joel Sousa, Frank Spencer, Andy Stew- art, Holmes Sturgeon, David Sulli- van, Mike Temple Jody Tidwell, Clay Tucker, Micheal Turnbough, David Underwood, John Varderman, Drew Walker, Bruce Walt, Ken Waltman Hans Weger, Mike Wilkins, Joe Wood, Virginia Fairley, House Moth- er, Cynthia Abraham, Lil Sis, Allison Clayton, Lil Sis, Annette Davis, Lil Sis, Jan Hilifield, Lil Sis Diane Hosey, Lil Sis, Aaryanne Mas- sey, Lil Sis, Charlotte Moak, Lil Sis, DeeDee Morris, Lil Sis, Libby Mor- row, Lil Sis, Mary Schwarzauer, Lil Sis, Tami Tonore, Lil Sis, Martha Vardaman, Lil Sis SIGMA CHI Theta Delta Chapter Sigma Chi means excellence. ln their first year of eligibility, the Theta Delta chapter of Sigma Chi was voted as one of the best Sigma Chi Chapters in the country by earning the Peterson Significant Chapter Award. ln sports, Sigma Chi has been overall Intramurals Champions for two years running. In scholarship, Sigma Chi has had the highest pledge and chapter grade point average for the past two years running. In campus invovement, Sigma Chi members include Mr. USM, lFC President, senators, Lambda Sigma officersg cheerleaders, USM Mike Many varsity football track, and tennis members, ODK members, and membership in numerous other honoraries. Being a part of Sigma Chi means swaps, Sweetheart Ball, Overall Homecoming Honors, 28 Little Sigs, 23 sorority big borthers, Winter Ski trips, and annual Yacht Club parties. Sigma Chi- you'll find it here. ll2 E ,I if I . James Aguilar, Kreg Bratley, John Bascom, Billy Boldon, Scott Bradley Stan Burks, Michael Finley, Thom' as Franco, Mark Frankling, Frank Freeman Charles Gillis, Dale Gleneck, John Gordon, Vince Gordon, William Grantham Barry Gray, Troy Greer, Randy Haar- ala, Keven Haddox, Curtis Hevert Jeffery Herrin, Robert Herrington, Richard Hoitt, William Holmes, Mi- chiael Jones Terry Lakey, Jack Lanniz, Paul Leonard, Terry Lesard, Alan Lucas Keith Lucas, William Lund, Kevin May, Kerry Mclllwain, Hal McMa- hon Marty Milstead, Anthony Mullen, Kenny Myers, Dudley Nations, Jer- ry Nettles Ronnie Nettles, Al Newton, Mitchell O'Bren, William Perry, Taylor Phil- lips Timothy Rayborn, Stan Riles, Mi- chal Scandone, Alan Schwartz, Bruce Scott Kenneth Sharak, Bob Snell, Jeffrey Stauter, Charles Steadman, Bruce Thompson Jeffrey Tinnon, William Ward, Ron- ald Weinberger, Jeffrey White, Billy Williams ,, 'rf., f nf 1-7 'wr-gf",7yyf-: 8 1, 4 l " T ,Q ,,,,,, ,,,,,, , W yi l I f 'F Q ,, 1 .M , , A ,r .,, - , 1 ,z -- r 0 ' - 'fr' g f , P' , . sq., V A ,W .W l A - W fl I , ' 'v , , 'cr'-'Mr' H ' Z' ', 51, r 1 A 773' L, fir . , ,L ff, :fs , f f "ue . 5: I f' , Z If A - ' if ,- ,W V Y 4' - x Z - ',, !.,:, ' 4 , .6 44, ' Qififi ' Q -- 'A , ,,.,,.. . 9 ,V 4.- ,-3! V . 1 f . , ,, Q f 2:55a if if if-if! Qi, . J 5' t W? -- ..- nm . , 5'2"3L if - f , ' j IP ffyps . 'CP V I Y , , .y,. , ,,,,,.. 1, A . , ff I: - - 7- ' 4 if fl ' ' lj if th g i - 1533, . V - - '-r -s vs 1:0 , ' T 1 5 iv ' ' 9 - 3 4 ' A L 1 2 A . . , .1 ,ggjsz ,.,, , V ,vi V X ' Q ,. - Tiff? il in 4- -"A ,,, -. I X , I K VI ' N Q' 6' ' , . . ..,,,..t., .-W. ,K :,,.,g:,, ea 1' 'X -' g V' is ' - ' 1 I 'x'5g ' Y t 'li' K li? ' 5-,st Sf' rrrt 3 if ..,, '-E--ftli i . , .,,,, .,,,. , A, ,,.,,, , , S s , ' - 1 ' rg , 3 ,.,, 1 - l ,, 'wa gzfi' ft'"i'fffff7s"f,'gifiiiiifdiafifliil le- f if ' H ,3"'7"' 1 , I I I 1 J I 1 -, bfi, ,q ,. lm, .M ....a,f ,, 4 , ,MJ - - - Y --'vw-fe ., .. ,,,V . ,-- .. VVVV .V,... 7 .....f V W --WV -. ef. 'A-- J -se 1-fe---.J-.,,,,..,,,.:..,,... N, f.,...,4 Wil , ..,.v,,,4.i 1 L+' ' I 'W-. I2 V ' ' A ,, I, 3 WIWQ U, , ' "' , ,. " 1 "ffm -VH-1 - g ml" 1 If A""" 2 "" JI, "-' I J ffalsefff "'- eiri'-g'r'eJf-vi'-vL'1'-ywsfi-WW' .-4-Law f+f-"+-"f,-f--x ,+,M-f-V-1355553 1-V, ,I-. ,ju f,'f ' " 'W' ' , ,f , fgf al , . . ,,.. ,. . A... 'mf Y fl y -"- 'ff-fmm-spew f ffl V .Wren w,..,:4nm,.,..:,,'.'-',,.- . , 1 , I x .. ...L ..,.,, ,, .LW ...,, . W. 'i'1',:2'fA':ff ' gr 'rfwy 1' ' j,:,1w,,Q ,fLQl," 'TAIQMT' Wiiljj' ""',C,'f"L""j"f"'i""""f""" g,,., s1v'-y'- ---f-iT.ww-f"p- -H 7 K N , ,.,. , , , A' ' """" Ll..IfII.lLl1lf'f..l "f.,ffflfff'.:,l1Q.Qf.C:.:f.TQflIlfw We . . ".i"7"wQQ,f .... i, ff--2-.QQQL .... 1- ffff --1 ---. YL KQ -,f,, nlfllff.. f , q"5"""""" 'c""""'x"W" , -'-' f ry y A ,,,W,...WM..,m,,,.,.,.., .s-.,.,,,..-...-.-...,,w..a... ...... TL ..... ..,,Ls1,,,mg,,--,,.. ,,., , .,.. ,,, ..... A M, ,,1,,,, " fi1fy7""'f'f"5"""'1"""',"".'2 ' "" 1 'H ff' 'A . -,313 f. 1 .Q f W'-+-W"e-un'-fe-W-'--W M-'M-me-M-H-MWW1, 1- 'I -WMI! :M -NJ f.,L.,.,.if.fyf ' f -A if ful' -' V-fi - - Vf'f:"A"T"" 'W' " f ' " "" 1 ' f ,Mfr Hb f' "'-'M' - -........V..,-....,..L ,.,. - ..... ..... .. ..,,.,W..,, , ....... user-.i ff- fffrrr -.--Pixfiffrlr -We f- YYYY f-Wzcwtfiaiiegau.if.-...-1.1 f M. sgwfg ,. ..6,,.,...,,,t ..,,.,,,,., e Wmjmu W4 lllmlmfviwgvvvr Q . A , ,1 p--.w.-,,-..,.,,.,...,.,M.....w,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,W.,,,,,,,,,,.., , . -.,...,.....,.,,,,.,-.-.,-.,....- - ' ,xazea?z4:.f.k'xsitzx,n.h:.Lf,wf1g-K hx. .L Af f .. 5. '14,-1 I Ti, ,.,. Ju fm . , ,ff-if if 3 Z .1 s 4' A ,.. It Q' 5 5 I 'K .. N 1 N-X-v sr - AQ.. X J .a 1,-3 Q 4.--,X . N' . V 9 J I S .Ad s sd' ,4 ex. 4 sr B ' A 'ik i f A + i s 4 of gs,,w'if , , . X 4 -'F' , W , - P ' i- if Q X - vs .L A .ss q f- 'K Q, as ff - , 1 W A ks gy, t ix ' vw' X ,' ' , Nr 'X -- A i 9 A " ,vi Q I X- A li fi 'A' sf' L' V 4 J - f ,. 'fl .- ' . Gary Wolverton, Shelley Alcorn, Lil Sis, Jacque Blessing, Lil Sis, Kelly Caldarelli, Lil Sis, Donna Flowers. Lil Sis, Valerie Gardner. Lil Sis. Pam Gillespie, Lil Sis, Donna Ginn, Lil Sis, Leslie Grantham, Lil Sis Robin Hemeter, Lil Sis, Tracy Middleton, Lil Sis, Mandy Morris, Lil Sis, Alesia Phillips, Lil Sis. Alice Powell, Lil Sis, Tracey Tinnon, Lil Sis, Angela Weiker, Lil Sis, Amy Weldy, Lil Sis, Jadee Williams. Lil Sis ll3 SIGMA Theta Gamma Chapter The men of the Sigma Nu are starting their 15th year as chapter on the USM campus and are established as athletic, social, and community service leaders . . Sigma Nu members are active as President and represenatives of Honor College, ASB, IFC Judicial Board, ROTC, Varsity swimming, baseball, tennis, golf, track, soccer . . . Sorority Big Brothers and several honorary fraternities , . . There were swaps, football parties Wine and Cheese, Christmas Bash, Mardi Gras Ball, Sigma Nu Weekend and white Tose formal to satisfy our brothers social needs . . . Athletics are a strong tradition here at Sigma Nu. IFC championships were won in football, soccer and tied for in Floor Hockey this Fall and the Snakes are hoping to repeat as Greek games champions again this spring . . . The Snakes of Theta Gamma chapter were awarded the Nation Community Service Award for our Philanthropic efforts for St. Jude Children's Research Hopsital in Memphis. We are proud to have been chosen over 200 other Sigma Nu chapters and are working on our fourth "Sigma Nu Sprint for St. Jude's", a 300 mile non- stop marathon from the steps of the Hub to the steps of St. Jude's. This year we hope to break the 100,000 mark with donations . . . Academics, Athletics, Brotherhood, Service. Sigma Nu: It means being the best. Adabu I. Hanson, Ali-Hadji Hanson, Badazz Hanson, Barney Hanson, Beau Hanson Bubba B. Hanson, Casper Hanson, Charles Manson Hanson, Cooke Hanson, Daffy Duck Hanson Daffy Duck Hanson, Ill, Dead Head Hanson, Doug MacKenzie Hanson, Dr. Knute Hanson, Fransico F. Han- son Fuchicci P. Hanson, Gary Hanson, George Royal Hanson, Guido Han- son, Harold Hanson Henley Hanson, Hoss Hanson, How- ard Hanson, James A. Hanson, J.D. Hanson Jeffrey Hanson, Joe Chan Hanson, John Hanson, Kamikazzee Hanson, Kevin Hanson Luigi Hanson, Magnus Hanson, Man- dingo Hanson, Maniac M. Hanson, Mark F. Hanson Panhandle J. Hanson, Peewee Han- son, R.C. Hanson, Ralph P. Hanson, Richie Hanson Ricky Hanson, Rock "N" Hanson, Ronald Wayne Hanson, Scott Fer- nando Hanson, Sluggo Hanson Sluggo B.O. Hanson, Spanky J. Han- son, Sicole 1 Hanson, Stan Hanson Stork Hanson, T.J. Hanson, Tex Hanson, The Unknown Hanson, Tink Hanson Tom Hanson, Tony Hanson, Waco Hanson, Wolfgang Hanson, Woody Hayes Hanson ' . 1'-Q .. Z, NIV, . ,,,, ,,, , ,,,,. , . S' I . :S X , if t c if fi H, , .. : . ilzbsiiisi rv : A S53-:im 143: t"?':f , f we v 0. .3 - rf -if. I . ' -. V ' 2 ' W' ' , ' V p :T ,- . Q' t 'W Eli? -. x.,s-vas. . visas: -:fs:x-11:-v. - :guess--1 www - ' -Q sa- F Q-if st: we .1 f:..- was . . gas wx.. -,C I V. .:.-Q. ' k ,. xxs s C SN U 5 ff ' b . is-'Yr All" 1 ' ' Erijlitiziasiisfli' w e--l'1':' " I-:".3:'Zf:ffES 511:54 . . " ' 52312.21-151151523 ' J--fr: 1:15124 X - 1. 'A 4' 14 8.5 SE Eg i- iL'..RLQ, I . i..,ff2I.'-, it I 1 ' X 51:11 5'R-"TQ',3-1?F'.53iij..- 1 . ' 1 N X, "TI 53 - 2 ,, 4 . 1 it -'ff':j'1.::.'1: - , "1 x W". ax -fu. sl X vxf -LI s.. I aflli '- IT I ,gg NN T' 11 Ejz' ' QQ: ":2"I'15 .1-.-2-issazft - 'N "sf, -2 ,2g:,a5s:zr5s,g sg ', , ' , N Q'M2'1-- XXX -:-:t.:.?1-lasssl v X -- -f.5:1:-2. X Q . ' . '. . S V .- -is Q, Ng -,Ig Xe 'f --'sf "" Nr Nz. S1--' I , " V, -, '-"Y: NW . . .... ki, I . , '..:.: Q . - - -1 I '- Njs :fix I, J. X TV., ' ,...-N, "Qs 1" Y ' V ' HY' ' ' xfs. ' 'i1i"E?E5F.EI':5i S' 'f' 3 V .'g.33gQ.,31,g,-- , X s tj '-" S - jf' -. Ns . I N ss. ,S X N I 1. " . . Q ,:.-t.-1-.sf 'ws -f 534 e- N - 4' 5-512 ' .I-.3 :se 'Weir-' 5 A-' -4 " . .' V v .2-l:r:r:-sw: -f xi , N. 1 . I g., Nfxsg ' - A . vr. N - . . , ' ' . ,QQ 'Q - ' , K ' I I i.2l112s::,.21r2.2. . ts we . .-,,.v, me , M ' " --"-ff: A egg -t C x N X '3 F x S, xx Q sl QQ SSX Kms X saga -, N-si X xx X x E 4' ' X Q It , N ' . is Q s X ss . S as X ms e us Q C X, .. . V--v ""'fl?1?T : ww- .' fs:-::.N:-t - v , . P- 3 .sc . -.. .. . f ., ,-. . ,Ns I. , ,YiF.QkgQ,..f I-F1-2"':v2r:-S:"' N-'QU' 'vt .: ...-......1..1.Q ' 3 Ns X wx X X A N o S C sg sq 9- X XX . X g-:.g , xx .. .I 1 , CX , . . X .., , 4, .5 ,, f QM :ff , -. XS ' 'AFS :A , ,, A -,M gt, g , .s f, v,lBf x.1.'QX ,Q ,NCQ 511- ' N twist-r 'z .' W .c.x.,.. ,V A X X S .- x , s- 'N H X iv' . . . ,.X.,..,w-gf,Q-,-,-rw f:"Q.iQ-f.f1g,fi . '. -' Q 5 C ' Q- 1 E xi b iw, 'f.y.si7i3., I-gi: . X, 'A SMF Qi . 1 Q, . . s , . ,X +-1 rw-ms x .1 T - ' H. " I '. " N 'm.,:-si . . Ss- Sfi- 4523 'AN ' -. , t- 5, - ss-egg, , '-'ff .- - ss? t X X "' . lift- ' I F it .gc .f 1 I 1-X' I 'fx-' Q-,, S5 si' X A gL.1.fsg: as is I Q Q - 1 gs. kr , ,gg 1 N .. , ,Q lu Ex X33 QQ fits QW Q N 9 A . II4 , Elf as 2 sbs- "Qs, THE H840 .. .. me fs, s'- or f ni .N I is Your Elskady Hanson, Dan A. Helge- son, Cindy Blackmer, Lil Sis, Mi- chelle Carmichael, Lil Sis, Laura Hall, Lil Sis, Jayne Higginbotham, Lil Sis, Angie McKay, Lil Sis Cheryl L. Nestef, Lil sas, Janet Ri- - chart, Lil Sis, NFancy Steen, Lil Sis, Angala Whitney, Lil Sis, Vicki Wil- ., kerson, Lil Sis, Alenda Woods, Lil 'f,u-A4-I-Wi" - -ww s 1 - S , I' 1- L" V K. X V 4- if K gall Rx, ,Q . .1 - - 1 r-I X i slit-N55 EF' H :1 X 5 X vi! - 3' ' We 'Gag Sf , 14 - ' :f L SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Alpha Sigma Chapter Sigma Sigma Sigma means "Loving, Caring, Sharing." Being a Tri Sigma means Southern Miss, Robbie Page, Honorary and Proffessional Organizations, Swaps, lntrumurals, Founder's Day, Big Brothers, Shendig, Songfest, and so very much more! Darla Baronich, Suzanne Carpenter, Paula Copling, Paula Crooks, Candy Curtis Cheryl Dillon, Barbara Donley, Cyn- thia Hudson, Margaret Humen- ansky, Miki Kahlstore Kristi Ladner, Wendy Mader, Megan Miller, Rhonda Payne, Tekla Potter Robin Reeves, Cindy Robinson, Su- san Sanders, Cindy Smart, Lee Smith Shannon Vance, Candace Wiggins, Debbie Wood, John Andrews, Big Bor., Chris Calhoun, Big Bro. i If I I A I Sf' g 1 5, ,I it Il 8 llllx 0 ,M if xfzx t V . F- as .K V A 121113 X1 ' if 2. tl ' . . v ,- ' , . 99 ' -s-t j S- I 727 S' 5 A -m 6' . ..s. .- 4 ...I . . , ,t K... 1- is I i QPR in - I .- In ' t A 1 it . A '-x xx v as 53 9 5 W N Patrick Murphy, Big Bro., Steve Phleps, Big Bro., Darrell Webb, Big Bro. II6 l Q77 in hh.. 'rr 1519 'ST-5' vf"'7DY 4i'l 6 1294-an Q9 an 'vb-.:Q 'KN 117 T U KAPPA EPSILG USM Colony The USM Colony of Tau Kappa Epsilon, the world's largest social fraternity with over 275 chapters in the United States and Canada, was colonized on the USM campus in March of 1982. Under the leadership of chapter advisor Earnie Autin, the Tekes re- ceived their colony charter from TKE Inter- national Headquarters in lndianopolis, lni- dana on May 15, 1982. During the spring '82 semester, the Tekes Participated in the March of Dimes Walkathon and received awards for the most money and most participants by an organization. Following the Teke ideal of scholarship, TKE led all fraternities on cam- pus with the highest GPA. The fall "82 semester saw the Tekes con- tinue their emphasis on public service by selling balloons at the Golden Eagle football games for the Juvenile Diabetes Associ- ation and the United Way. TKE also spon- sored the Gift of Life Christmas Tree for the United Way, which was the first in the state and only the second in the nation. The Tekes continued their excellence in scholarship with the hightest GPA among actives in all fraternities on campus. The Tekes also began their journey towards earning chapter status under the direction of National Director of Chapter Develp- ment Dennis "Buckwheat" Perry. Emphasis on scholarship, school spirit, campus involvement, community service, and brotherhood are the foundations of Tau Kappa Epsilon TKE really is the fraterni Boyd Alexander, Randall Baker, Charlie Bissell, Ronald Boutwell, Jeffry Byrd Lance Foles, DeVon Fowler, Thom- as Gouchie, Blythe Green, John Green Albert Hagan, Carlos Hestor, Mark Jenner, Gregory Kesler, Patrick McCabe Tim McClelland, Tony McCraney, Kevin McKenzie, Michael Melton, Tony Papa Franklin Rector, Michael Sackman, James Sarage, Geffrey Smith, James Sullivan Philip Thrower, Arthur Walton, Frederick Welsch, Charles White- head, Thomas Wiltz Kenneth Wooten, Rebecca Baker, Lil Sis, Christy Brantley, Lil Sis, Ro- bette Brier, Lil Sis, Angela Callista, Lil Sis Kimberly Darran, Lil Sis, Staphanie Dreher, Lil Sis, Cynthia Fox, Lil Sis, Deborah Harbin, Lil Sis, Anna Hendry, Lil Sis Margit Littlefield, Lil Sis, Paige Lu- britz, Lil Sis, Linda Montgomery, Lil Sis, Wanda Nettles, Lil Sis, Kathryn Scarborough, Lil Sis Carleigh Scates LilS1s Sonya Shoe Sis Natalie Woods Lil Sis an s av, K- A , if . ' at 1. P' ' at 4 L x .: : , . A , N. - f ' f 1,52 ,:.iXXi X1 ' 'i was ,xg 'F , ,, ' ,I . , ,,. H - . .flailz t G ,,,,, ,,,. . A .M N-. . , N' ' I J :figiia-,. ,. ,gg 1, - ' . i,'t " W , C nf Se if fgYif? S, li 1 , , I All ALKEJA ? Y' Q ' xi ,.,. , X , A ,,t , 'J 1 A ,Q ' is ,211 1 W ' 1. NF, W' 'F 'I Y 'arf if tforlife" A. i ,vt Y ' maker, Lil Sis, Rinny Woodruff, Lil ' ' ' f 118 'P 4 15:1 my ' , x ' ' 'x -1 v-'73 , , X s ,4-. 1'-'H U' KAPPA ALPHA PSI Kappa Iota Chapter The Kappa lota chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, in an attempt to further illustrate its fundamental purpose of achievement as established by our founding fathers, has taken an even greater stance in promoting membership development in university affairs. Seven score and two years later, this fundamental purpose is still being exemplified. Here are some of our notable achievements: wo won first place in the annual "Chi Omega Songfestf' first Black Greek organization to hold that position in the 30-year history of the Songfestg won 120 first place in Que-Delta Stepdowng first place in Gmega Psi Phi Talent Show, won first place in the Blood Drive Q45 and under membershipl for the third consecutive year enabling us to keep the trophyg first place for most funds raised in Halloween Carnival. We have established a "student revolving loan" on campus, the first of its kind. We participated actively in Centennial Celebration. the Hattiesburg - V-,M tw ff, 1, Kappa Iota CHAPTER or fn' fKappa Alpha Psi 4 I' FRATERNITY INK. I 'D ' 'Q "Achievement lsOur Goal" James Carmack, Philander Ellis, Kinnard Gilmer, George Gray, Regi- L nald Hubbard ' Daniel Jones, Kevin McNeil, Warren 12 Miller, Walter Redd, Vincent Rosse I f I Our underlying thirst for achievement has instilled in us a desire to achieve in such endeavors as LlSM's football team, Army and Air Force ROTC, LIAC, Union Board, Black History Month, ASB Minority Affairs Director and Associate Director of Student Services, National Dean's list. Scabbard and Blade, UPI Co- Linemen of the Week, The Pride, intramural sports, Afro-American Cultural Society and Guide Right Programs. .QQ Reginald Smith, Delbert Taylor, Do- bie Yates Juanita Adams, Annie Bell, Pearl Carter, Marie Edwards Debbie Gayden, Sandra Jessie, Carolyn Lawson, Rita Lilly, Shirley McCall Elizabeth Magee, Yvonne Putman, Jennifer Walker, Ethel Washington, Lillie Washington L, ll. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority was founded on States and Africa with a membership of January 16, 1920, at Howard University more than 45,000. The sorority is by five distinguished and outgoing young affiliated with many national women. The main objectives of the organizations, one being the NAACP. sorority are: finer womanhood, Some of the activities of the sorority are: scholarship, service, and sisterly love. charitable events for United Way, Cystic These objective have brought together Fibrosis Foundation, Easter Seal women from all parts of the country. Campaign, Community service projects, There are more than 450 which are sponsored yearly to aid needy undergraduate and graduate chapters families. divided into nine regions in the United LEll'T1bCl8 Beta Chaptef Mrs Lounse Brown Sergeant Furs! Class Lawrence Cleveland Major Clint Conerly Major Ace Cozzallo Captain Sher: DeLong Sergeant First Class Steven Earl Master Sergeant Freddie Frazier Staff Sergeant Stanley Gordon Sergeant Furst Class Donald Klmbrough Colonel Tommy Palmertree Sergeant Mayor Jimmy Shoemaker Captatn Junxor Treadway l22 Army Gfficers In . 5 X av ,....f' Captain Ruphard Vogel Miss Shirley Willis 1 lnptrnn llonal-,l Zodun K I v.-its X... 5 'Y -nur! I l l L'Esprit de Corps-Army z f ai , r. Wu f Y S ,-'rd First row: Carol Ann Gardner, Theresa Dubisson, Robin Wallace, Robin Norris, Yvonne Crimm, Susan Hosselle, Tina Sibley, Veronica Molle-tt, AnaLlesa Thompson, Pat Howard, Second row: Becky Smith, Tammy Winfrey, Rhonda Drinkard, Venisa Watkins, Audrey Wilson, Mary Park Durhan, Cynthia Topps, Cynthia Montgomery, Terri Donald, Renae Funderburk, Leona Boyd, Mindy Cnachelli, Crenene Bush Third row: Tommy Pisarich, Honey Newcomb, Alice Fish, Heather Fish, Rachel Benefield, Shirly Pitman, John Watson, Denise Adamson Shelton Kenninqton, Te-fry Smith, Lori Carlock, Sonja Sheppard, Kay Scarbrough Fourth row: Rachel Heatherington, Brenda Cook, Pam Clements. CPT Zodun 123 Left to Right: S3 cdifMa, Kevin D McNeil, Special Projects cdlf Maj Jim Cook. X'O cdtfLTC Leona Boyd. Commander cdt,r'Col Edwin Croodwin, S-4 cdlfMa1 Steve Alnsworlh, S5 cdtfllflaj Jeff T Harris, S-l Cdi"Maj Ar- thur Richards First row: CdtfCoI Edwin Goodwin, CdtfLl C Leona Boyd, CdtfMaj Kevin McNeil Second row: Cdt!Ma1, Ed Jordan, Cd!! Maj Lola Darden, CdtfMaj Charles Carson, CdtfMaj Jim Cook, CdtfMa1. Sieve Ainsworth, Third row:Cd!fL! C Cindy Starks, CdifMaj Jeff T Har- ris, Cd!fMaj Alice Hart, Cdtfl.t C Jim Walker l24 Crolden Eagle Brigade Staff-Army 46' is AM slr. vs -Mu S Distinguished Military Students-Army Army ROTC Rangers V W, , , b f--W-V-za af- +1-rt .QQ -v rt .F-or ,'--ui'--..' "' -. g..'r'." V na ""!"':"v"" I' g -nv ' n' .1 , M 1 ui!! I ' ' . I . ' f' af" -sf ' .414 ':Z3""3' 'ii' Southern Rifle Team-Army i JS if ,x J Standing: Mrke Della. Nell Byrd, Ken Jrmrnerson Stew Slant, Mark Collrns, Greg MfMahan, Aaron Russell. Alex Chaney Kneeling: Pete Formrca. Ronnre Braxton, Torn Mug' nona, Davud Carr, Keith Blalka, John Watson, Bar- bara Perkins First row: Davrd Maulpun. Mlke Moore, Mark Karser cdtrCpt Allan Harrrson Commander Second row: SFC Don Drrnbrough. Facul ty Advisor, Aaron Russell, Dale Shattles, Margaret Bat chelor. Robert Baker, l25 First Row: Capt. Sheri De- long, Advisor: CdtfCpt Tony Rodriquez, President, Cdtf Maj Jeff T Harris, Vice-Presi- dent, Cdtflvlai Lola Darden. Secretary Second row: Alice Hart, Jeannie Bush, Luis Santana. June Carrol. Kevin McNeil. Debra Jasper, Third row: Emory Deter- meyer, Alana Snow iLlSAFl, Ed Goodwin, Adelina Hay, Charles Carson, Billy Hardin First row: Phyllis Bush, Robert Mollett, June Carroll, Geanne Bush, Deborah Jas- per, Joachim Anole, Darrell Ward. Second row: Carolyn Law- son, Alton Alfred, Tom Mig- nona, Dewaine Rester, David Meeks, Tina Williams, Lori Spear, Ronnie Braxton, Bri- an Williamson. Third row: Johnnie Hudd- leston, Greg McMahan, Beth Mcltliece, Frank Wright, Alex Heidelberg. John Wat- son I l26 Scabbard and Blade-Army .tw -4. :rv-1 Southern Generals Drill Team-Army l ns --my--..'............... ,.,....N...t. .i . I Military Science Ill-Army , ., UN yfffi Www 1 ll ' rw me 1 - T , , T 45, f..3f':f, :1..,,f q, l , , , , - . , lr' as QW mfg: 5 ,, Q pw . 2 ' , J Zhiiwsf rfwx M R f X V 1 lr ' '1 f' tl il. ' .a .fa .,,l nl :I l Military Science IV-Army First Row: Rohr-rt Molletl Anthony Leqqr-ll, lawn-me Raster, Ronnie Braxton, June Carroll, Nell Berry Second Row: Davld Mos' If-y, Kelvln Turner, Joe Drauqhn, Johnny Hudlf-sion, Alex Hlllard, Bernard Wll- liams, Tina WIllldYTIS, Pete Formica Third Row: Mlke Mlllon. Nell Breland, Chuck Wll Ilarns, Allce Hortz, Ade-Ilene Hay, Robln Haag, Dr-bra Jas' per, Garland Fredrlcks. James SISSOH, Sawn Tromr- can Fourth Row: Lee Smlth, Bll- ly Hardan, Scott Hall, Hla Colsla, Jlm Baker, Jamie Hoffman, Jeffery Sulllvan. Larry McRarley, Rob Cook. Greg MacMan, Allen Car- meran, Nell Bryd Fifth Row: Jocko Angle, Kenny Howard, John Horn, John Watson, Shelton Ken' nlngton, Marty Lee, Tlm Rey, Brayn Williamson, Ter' ry Black,MlkeCopeIand,Da- Vld Mekks, Mark Tullos, Tlm Cyprlan Sixth Row: Sunny Ches- tain, Glen Purdue, Mark Pressler First Row: Ed Goodwin Leona Boyd, Jlm Walker Cindy Starks, LJ Banks. George Gray. Joe KllQOfE Second Row: Emory Deter- meyer, Wayne Miller, Ed Jorf dan, Mike Della, Troy Bell, Michael Berry, Mark Collins. Jlm Cook Third Row: Manuel Rodn- guez, Jeff Sellers, Jlm Thom- as, Thomas Brown, KEVIN McNeil, Charles Carson. Tony Forltechlo. John Gar- garo, Keith Hogue, Hugo Saa- vadra, Donny Brown Fourth Row: Lola Darden, Alice Hart, Luis Santana. Mark Colbert, Jlm Esklrldge, Geannle Bush, John Annuu' chle, Tony Bononas, Randy Minton, Ken Jlmmerson. Jeff Harris, Steve Ainsworth l27 First row: Tsgt William J, Danner, Mrs, Lenise Young, Colonel James E, Conroy Second row: Msg! Kendall W Muller, Caplam Charles W Ashley, Captain Boyd L Wilson, Major James J Gecewlcz First row: Elizabeth Cullum Dr-naw Brown Second row: Mark Dennis. Wrlllam OW--n. John Shunmrr Tim-wtlw Wr-Ihr-r lDrlll lean: Q0lY1lTld1ldt'll l28 AFROTC Cadet Corps Members i Air Force ROTC Leadership Training Organization First row: Elvis B. Gates. Alana L. Snow, Walter D Ord. Second row: Gary Essary. Kent L. Perry, Richard C Winterstein, Jr., Valerie C. Maleche, Michael W Hodges. George Robert Hall Squad- ron The Arnold Air Society is a national organization made up of Air Force ROTC ca dets. The Angel Flight is a na- tional organization made up to support the Arnold Air So- ciety, Air Force Rotc, The US Air Force, the university, and the local community, Both were founded in l97l and named after Colo- nel George Robert Hall. 130 Arnold Air Society Squadron Staff-Air Force .ff-4, f 'rs Arnold Air Society and Angel Flight-Air Force l an '-9 +5 Arnold Air Society And Angel Flight Members-Air Force -as I' ill 'lb ds . ,N M 6 5- N ki - 4-1- - 5,37 4 S rim f gmllzzaig' . ' ff: ,, 5 .,,. T? 1 "" 'av gr ,A Q 'lk 2 I ' ' wi . ' 'v fy. ,Q ,h . ' fe ...l"'T.f1- .nun-5 Q-S I I 1 l 1 l 1 1 " f fn ns ...- 'D nu- 'Q',- . lk my 'F Snow, Alana L Welher, Timothy L Wnnterstern, Richard C Aqosla, Ann M Arnsworlh, Cheryl Arm5lronq,E Q:-nuff Ashley, Charles W Brnqham, Barbara Ann Cox, Lee-sa M Donnelly, Karen Dravls, Martin W hqlf-y, Catherine Ann Flowers, Nleq Crates. Elvis Gordon, Kenya D C1u1llotle.Kuplan A Harlslns, Florence Hodges, Michael Wayne Hundscheld, Mark J Hunt, Stacey A Jernigan, Dana D Latham, Theresa N Lehlola, Cheryl A Leyda, Deborah S Maleche, Valerie C Mclmosh, Lee Ann Murphy. Julia A Ord. Waller D Orr, Charles W Perry, Kent L Peterson, Kelly Ann Price. Janice L Smith, Shelby M Associated Student Body aa- fir Above: President. Ken Striblmg Above Right: Executive Oificersz Scott Ferguson, Treasurer. Vicki Gryder Electron Comrnmsnoner, Ken Stnbling. President, Martha Vardarnan, Secretary , David Dedeaux Vxu- President Right: Eddie Eaxterlnnq, Amt Dir of Student Services, Shawn McKee, Dir of Student Servnu-5, Kr--q Bartley, Asst Drr of Student Services 132 i 1 1 1 1 l I+ i i is ., ral t - . v , . l l pg li, .Zur 5, rl bfi, ff .. , 5 vs.. - Y SN If . VI ., , 'kt s' A," ss, f U' A 'ff' A F , 4 ,,,, 1 il Qt-Q 3 as l A Qi.. L X h. -C l -. Y I 2 I 1 AI David Ginn, Attorney General Joli Boardman, Fall Exec Asst to the Vresident Martha Vardaman, Secretary Scott Ferguson, Treasurer Sam Thornton, Dir ol Public Relations and Chaplain Stella Payton, Asst Dir of Public Relations Cindy Smartt, Dir of Advertising and Promotion Andre Redd, Asst Dir of Minority Affairs Joni Strickland, Fall Spirit Dir Matt Schafer, Fall Assoc Spirit Dir Erin Finley, Fall Assoc Spirit Dir, Alicia McKinley, Spring Spirit Dir Greg Kassel, Spring Assoc Spirit Dir John Harvey, Special Projects Coordinator Vicki Gryder, Election Commissioner Jim Warren, Fall Dir of Legal Services Steve Sheppard, Spring Dir ol Legal Services Cathye Ross, Dir of University Relations Becky Frank, Asst Dir of University Relations KellyCalderell1, Fall Assoc Dir of Greek Llfe Monte Manguno, Fall Dir of Greek Life Amber Frazier, Spring Dir of Greek Life Missy Thomas, Assoc, Dir of Governmental Relations Lance Chancellor, Dir of Governmental Relations Jayne Fennlmore, Dir of Off Campus Affairs Gary Graves, Assoc Dir of Off Campus Affairs Bruce Johnson, Fall Assoc Dir of Minority Affairs Senate T, 1, T ', f! 1 y, , ,. 1 Mi. 5 ,l, l ff David Dedeaux, Education and Psychology Senators: Stephanie Nobles, Al Science and Technology Senators: Cynthia Topps. Lucy Guice. Student Body Newton' Karen Donnelly. Usa Mcgnmond Terry Pinson, Kelly Burkett, Kenny Clark, John Vardaman, Kathy Vucelpreeident King. Not Pictured: Charles Moseley. I 'Sm-, ' - ' f ,f 4 fb 'Mft r - jr 1 , V r. r ," , v, , " t AT-1 . " V. . - t. t 1,9 , .. -w ,. :'- P - -. - 4 . - 'I , - , I ,, ., , , V.. Q r - . 1 .. .. . fn W I I 1 -' . 1 1 n ' 7 , ,' : N. 'VM r - . -1 f I... , V ..,, .. . . V.-'.,f."': '-' ,, I ssl iv S R f , 1 rf v 1 JI ll .1, f2', XX sn. N. S. T x r , 1,41 A , , , ig A 5-1 Business Senators Kent McPhaiI. Bubba McDaniel, Rod Gordon. Steve Scott. ' Ken Martin. Scott Bancroft Liberal Arts Senators Mark Sullivan. Trlfia Hawkins. David Groth. Beth Glover, Dale Beasley Not Pintured Mitch Brent Fine Arts Senator, J C Barker Health, Physical Education and R4-creation Senator Laurie Russell Library Science Senator, Francis Mr Farlaine Home Economcis Senator, Chris Carter Nursing Senator, Jacqueline Muller Social Work Senator, Lena Branch 135 Kevl Da I5 Pres dent Mchael Krebs M sic Chairpe son A a Halley No Musc Cha person Jan Moo- ney Ad erlls g Chairperson University Activities Council Donna K ebs Secretary, in 'C V gk t Q F9 GAC Members Music Committee First Row: Burr Stonr-, Ma ru- Srhv-vlr-r, JI-annie Mfbulf, Mara Hartman. Anna Hall:-y, Susan Rmh, Jan Muon:-y, Ginger Bunn-, Sandra Thompson, Bea Dan :els Second Row: Matt Smith, Linda Longmlre, Joannrr- Green, Jim Sullivan, Patti Lrqhtloot, Will Browne, Bully Hewes, Pat Kc-rqosern, Andre- Redd, Stella Payton Third Row: Sonny Davis. Marrnlon Darnbrlno, Suzi Jackson, Regina Llqhtsey, Kenneth Finnegan, Janine Howe-ll, Ross Walton, Donna Krebs Fourth Row: Michael Krebs, T J Holder, Bruce Larnpe, Eric Labot, Make Borosky, Tricia Borosley. Victor Barley, Reggie Hub' bard, Kevin Davis Miss' mg-Robert Biddle Front Sitting: Buzz Stone. Sonny Davis, Billy Hewes, Ross Walton On Piano-Left to Right: Reggie Hubbard, Marmlon Dambrlno, Jim Sullivan. Bruce Lampe, Michael Krebs, Marie Scheeler, Stella Payton, Victor Bailey l37 Firs! row: Pat Kergosien Second row: Suzi Jackson. Eric Labot, Malt Smith. Jeannie McDuff, Andre Redd, Regina Llghlsey, Anna Halley, Ann Bancroft, Janine Howell, Patti Lightfoot, Tri' cla Boroskv First row: Will Browne, Jan Mooney, Joanme Green, 'Sandra Thompson. Second row: Susan Roth, Ginger Bunce, Mara Hart- man, Kenneth Finnegan. T J Holder, Linda Longmire, Mike Borosky l38 LIAC Non-Music Committee ,qiiw rv" I LIAC Advertising Committee i Imam in L':'v.13,m1 mme: 4' ,aw -uv. in., -Ar W wav-'Q l i i l ' l l n 'Q 1 if N I al i l l r 1 l i l ,I I I Q l i I . l I 1 l I l i l l i I ..- ,lv Union Boracl I lx.. :T izwsilgf ' f' First row: Lance Chancel' lor. Minnie Austxn, Lisa McQullIan, Cindy Martin. Second row: Julie Easlerl- 1ng,AIesia WlIson,Mar1a Col' bert, Cathye Ross, First row: Rene Henderson, Sanci Borganelli, Sharon Walker, Angela Fokakis, Kel- lie Llhland, Stephanie Bre- land Second row: Jan Mc- Donald, Jayne Higgin- bolham, Theresa Campbell, Jacquie Blessing, Teri Dall las, Kim McGuffee, Patra Massey, 140 Past Beauties From top: John Gordon, Marty Milstead, Angie McKay, Lisa Dematropolis. Gary Bass, Kerry Love, Deanne Sory, Jeff Stauter. Janie Patrick, Michael Fin- ley, Amy Rogers, Patsy Har- rison, Lisa McQuillen, Joni Strickland, Leslie Driskell, Nina Lowery, Kelly Milstead. Student Alumni Assoc H4 I ,., 1 Q lnterfraternity Council " l" " " "" I I First row: Samuel Thornton Ill, Clavin McNeil, Eugene Starks, Jeff Byrd, Billy Hewes, Chuck Roberts, Marty Milstead, Unidentified Second row: Stanley Ball, Louis Beverly, Steve Buckley, David Ginn, Laren Whiddon, Bob Snell, Walker Foster, Mark Weldy Third row, Marvin Koury. David Butler, Clarke Baratti, Eddie Atherton, Unidentified. Mark Hodges, Jeff Smith Eric Laba! 2- I.F.C. Officers David Ginn--Treasurer Eddie Atherton-Secretary Eugene Starks-Rush Chairman Marty Milstead-President Mark Weldy-Vice President Rick Wright-Advisor 141 Senior Panhellenic Council Executive Board If 6 Front Row: Cathy Egley, President, Lee Ann I V W Q g A Y: n H if Q Blackmer, Secretary 1 C f f', ,' i I A 3 I x V z ri 'f Back Row: Angie Taylor, Treasurer, Patricia I fi 3 1 lf' ' I ' i 'a' f Q ,vs T ' if nv i V ' fi 2 Matthews, Rush Chairmanp Llsa Feuerreigle, 1' V ,' . Qi H Vice-President, Barbara Ross, Advisor ' T Q 5 V- , i g Q f g . ,Qs T .f 5 2 . X 1 I, an K il ' W, Y I 'L ff g K ti ' i' A 3 .. , ,f A If 1 V Ah Se if Z 3, 7' f C' .7 S 'W7 'v The Panhellenic Council is a governing body serving the sororities of Ll.S.M. The council is concerned with all of the activities of the sororities and promotes intersorority cooperation and relations. This organization provides unity among sorority chapters and aids in the development of each chapter member. The Junior Panhellenic Council is composed of pledges from each of the sororities here at U.S.M. The goals and ideals of this organization are the same as those of the Panhellenic Council in that they both strive to promote intersorority relations. annmm.-h Q.. I Senior Panhellenic Council Junior Panhellenic Council Wg Front Row: Calhy Eqlr-v, Palmm Mallhf-ws, Cnssy FISNI-'14 Amy Fwdrlfks, Pam Flf-ments, Valerie: Qardnm Back Row: Lee Ann Blackrner, llm FF-urfrrf-nqlf-, Monica Robinson, Angle Taylor, Debbi? Gaydr-n. Brenda Johnson, Miki Kali! slorf First Row: Karen Donnelly, Darla Baronlch, Amy Furman, Tern Gibbs, Mitzi Carter, M1- janou Rodrlquez, Amy Weldy, Connie Mitchell 143 Top row, left to right: B Smith, M Alewine. T McCollum, T Hines, S Guy. B Haik,T Yates,C Parman, J Neely R Herring, B Han' shaw, B Reed Left side of stairs, top to bottom: J Slay, J Adams. K Little MB McAndrew,L Condin, S Brown, Unidenti- fied, A Hultz, D Newman Right side of stairs. top to bottom: A Kirkley, C Bon- temps, G Thompson, D Jeanfreau, A Mathis, J Tucker, S Lindsey, Sonya. O Howard Bottom row tcoming up from lower left stairsj: B Sorrell, B Smith, B Pillman, B Johnson, B Davis, P Draughn, J Roberson, K Wilson 144 Residence Hall Association E , ' Officers First row: Patty Johnson-NCC, Susan Guy-Vice President, Bever- ley Johnson-Newsletter Editor, Cheryl Parman-Ad visor, Belinda Reed-Trea surer Second row: Brad Hank--Secretary, Tommy Yates-Executive Assis- tant, Third row: Tina Hines-President YY The Residence Hall Association is an integral part ofthe housing system here at USM Each campus resident is a member of the Residence Hall Association. The RHA is responsible for planning a number of campus events, include ing the Mardi Gras Ball, Turkey Chase, and Resident Ruckus Week Some activities are limited to residence halls and include workshops and taking Hattiesburg children trick-or-treating from hall to hall ln addition. the RHA sends members to state, regional, and national residence hall conventions, where valuable leadership skills, communication tech- niques. and programming ideas are obtained Equally important, of course, is the social interaction which occurs between students from different schools1 fast friendships are fored, and a great time is had by alll In additon to programming, the RHA is available to assist residents with any problems they encounter, from hall problems to suggestions con- cerning the USM Food Services. li 1, l l i i li ci I ll li it l A4 I I I, I l E Z. i 'l I l i I 'Q f i i L . l i fy l l 1 I l Resident Assistants 'f'x""r . wuniwunu aw was ....m1f:ws mwmngg "r" ' "M rmxssww Submit sw , .Av . ' :"""M""""'3l'T"', ' mmmmunuuxvtm., w.,w.QA-'V av 5 V- ., , , 4,.. ggggfzqg My . my ... -M, m ,. v,:Yf,tlvmS1'w ?mvs.annmmmww,If'w-ww-vwwmwww -V '- ' 1"l?T4344'1'Xi :wtf l kaQLtBiQwmL asm. :sa - !l E83 f Amba- lidmnvems. -11 - ,. - :law :ww .Mex ff fn zsvfwszxv 'mais f 93rif.26v1ki.- :,f4:s.5 r .RWE N: -:MN ' X X C wx QE ,mv Bottom, left to right: P f lrmI,M fwlhr-I, I Iivldqvr IMI K Walls, I1 Wlllmms HP M KHP Il lw- 'E Anus w-nrth, I, Ihurrwos U Slurkr-y, l Fssary l IIuf1hvs,R Willis S Huy I Iirarnrnomi, I farrull X. Wvflhd, N laruqstwn-HR I SmlIhfHR N Hcrrhs, A Jun:--,-RM A Hulrl P har vw,'-Af,M M r't1'+ rv Up left side: D RM- If Mchffmwn, M 'Ihwrntorp f Cfnnrrmla, IX Ctmprnnn I Imnf-r B Davis-HR M Infrrvmvr I Firuwn S ,Iuhn xrrrt M Hillman Top row, left to right: A Itfjwttwurm-, I Kassel, F1 R Qlfl d. CJ Fr:-df-urks.l Hub swf! J Harm--M, rx Wal mm, 'D Sdflrqfm. I' 'Srnlttr J Ihnrtfrru HR J Mdy'?HR. Iirurr-1 Hardy, K Ingram, A Vrwirrfksl Vosen-HP N Wm-xxffx B Irivlfrr C Hqwq H Mdrvsrwll-'KC A Mathis-'HP R Avhry, IJ IIwm,II:rwh IIP-Head Rvsrdf-nt RMfRrsuIJrnl Mfanggv-r AC -Arm lirmrdlnalor First rowzf? 'Mr-rw,K Rn h ,ndson I? rfu.1dx,D Gavdf-n l Brown l Bmnrh C Ex ANN Second row: D JF-anfrmn II Thfiwrnpson 'X Mathws K, Ifaslfdyl Brnwn Q Le-qqprt I Brown, IX Mfnhvld Third row: C Bonternps ,I Ixmne: C In-rlett G Flotwrs V Xkllbf-rl 5 Brenham, RJ 1.11 Obs T Lddmfr A NIPr-I-.5 Fourth row: D Harvull I, Irwhnsmn Y Prfnmn A Push wr 9 Easlrw X Wells G I.:rI-wr-n tl B+-rnrffr IN Ruth' .Il-iwm Hnckman Hall Is yr-rt proud ru haw? the: ' I qlrls rntrarhu ml tr-am tor vollexball 'Watts :warned Ihr- Rmrnals thrx Imw- .1 uhm Imppt -'I-ww km! Ijmllx H1 rhwh A-Arm Ihvw von Ihr- Hnmv?r C-rwn-1 Irnphy tor Ihr-Ir Ilmar I45 First row: Pam Lyde, Pam Guice, Resa Shields, Laurie Holloway, Laura Anthony, Beverly Johnson, Bronwyn Davis Second row: Merrie Dor- man, Sonya Davis, Mary Ann Minchew, Pat Draughn, Barbara Smith, Judy Rober- son. Rosalind Matteson, Son- ara Carter Third row: Melanie An- drews, Olivia Rush, Claudia Creekrnore, Leanne Collier, Lori, Owedia Newell, Debbie We-nzler, Gaby Watts, Holly Russell, Jackie Walker, Mary Newsom, Stephanie Jenkins Pictured: Roxanne Nanney, Sandy Maclnnis, Penny Brown, Daphnye Burnett. Rhonda Kelly, Lisa Hughes, Pam Jenkins, Yvonne Crimm, Sandra Freeman. Dana Mclelland, Sandra Jones, Nan Reeves, Connie Aikens, Terrilyn Griffin, Leontlne Hairston, Amita Jackson, Carolyn Ransburg. Regina Toomey, Willie Bell Hughes, Terry Johnson, Pau- la Patton, Valerie Taylor. Stephanie Dickson, Carlin Wolfe, Tracy Harwell, Melis- sa Blakeney, Kaylyn Cole, Mary Rouchon,Kristi,Carole Ireland, Cheryl Mowdy, Tra- cy Hall, Becky Womack. Anita Roaulet, With late night popcorn par- ties, palama swaps, The Dat- ing Game, Fall cook-outs. aerobics classes, the alterna- tive cocktail bar, intramural sports, and Sell Improve- ment Week, Scott is definite- ly a "home away from home"' 146 Mississippi Hall 'E' M - , .ii ,.,.w.w.,.-....... ,. . rc R Scott Hall -54. fw- an-ug r-1. ,-si. -me 1 ,of L. -1. 1. Hattiesburg Hall hi..-Q-s--A +1ua-HW - .. ..... .-.-.U -...-. . , --,--.. -..- .M ,, First row: Andrew Whentley, Jon Adams, Jerome Arrington, James Ethrrdge, Mayor Chain, Jon Stiles, Mojo Fayard, Tessre Williams Snolero Wood Capt Kirk Edmund, Tommy Templeton, Cr L. Collins, Bill Fold, Ronnie Braxton, Aaron Hyde, Walter Hurst, Kenny Sowell Ray Lenoin Second row: David Ivy, Michelle Rymer, Jeff Rymer, Carrie Reynolds, Reamer Reynolds, Tim Wax, Ron Turner, Foghorn Jackson, John Lesley Charles Phinrzy Jay Grantham, Ricky Harris, Lynn Harris, Kenny Brown, Albert Mongo, Cedirc Smith, Chester Drawers, Maurice Weathesley. Dwlqht Williams Chris Dyson, Terry Albert, Terry Cloth, Brian McClenton, Ray Brown, Skippy Spacey, Johnny Patyon, Rev Jessie Jackson, Willie Makrt, Zeke Convrft Third row: Tiger Williams, Fangwoman Avery, Doug Beck, Bruce McCabe, Kirby Wooley, John Slay Fourth row: Opey Taylor Robert Romero Leroy Mason, Sly Dog Vincent Hattiesburg has been very active in intramural sports, They have also had clean up days around their dorm and Bible studies as well as alfohol awareness programs. It is said that any one from the hall is considered a HALlLERl First row: Q Lytle, N ln' gram-Treasurer, V Ham' fICl's'SOCIdl Chrn, L Eg- qerwpresldent, R Lily- Secretary S Griffin-Pro qramChm ,S Brandt,L Wil' llarns Dr L Donnellvlfarulr tv Advtsor Second row: T Moulds M Brnqht S Parker C Davis. C Jones, V West, T Broa- dous F Moses, C Davos, Cr Thompson Third row: D Williams, WB Hughes T Vital, S Mitchell, K Sentllles, R Everrll P Clements, M Nl- thols Cr Jarkson,J Carley Fourth row: S Ball, LA Ladner, S Richardson, J Harthcoclt, K Kennedy, T Gray M Jones,C Yates.C Lee, D Eastland Fifth row: P Yates, K GUI' lotte, S Crandy, S Freeman, J Keys, A Agosta, J Pat- npk L Walden C Leach, D Davlon Sixth row: K Stephens, M Barnes, A Kennedy, C Downing, K Floore. J Cronra, B Ewell, A Leblanc, L Hasson K Welsh The American Society of ln' tenor Designers serves as a torum for the exchange of news and Ideas between pro- le-.slonal designers The LIS-M Student Chapter of ASID as a common qround lor all its members ASID serv-s as an educatlonal me drum throuqh Conventions on the national level, and throuqh quest speakers at the student chapter meet tnris ASID edu: an-s its rrir-rnbers trv exposing them tn new ideas throu-th experienced protesslonnl speakers and advise-rs l48 Fashion Plus T ' 3 ' 1 1 1 1 l 1 7 American Society of Interior Designers I SN-QLD . M,,.,,f'- -x5,, -..,Nx.-K 'cv-Q P? ,-...W ' , . J, U K n "+wo- i +6 u X ltxl .J - ls.. 'kqm' ,T A mbmwwmih- MNWAMN-A if A - fm l'- .0 .... IAD , ' , y. :. nf a xi , ' f ,.', ,f ' ' ' ' W'E?i"???Ax M A , I, V -. 255345 v',' ,, 5. , fig , f 5: 'P -.1 .E . . vw .-- ta - V fi ' Y'--MAY . V 1 5 ' Q Q0 vw , . I fr Q 1 X, 1 f .4- 1 I IFSEA Instllullffn Advvurmwlmlmrf ,md Irvtrlvvufalunml fwud Sm vlff' fm-1 uvrvv Amor alf- vwff 1-rfgvxrulialwfruu fivsnqw-ri ln In-lp vvwsft Huw ru-Mix of lfmw svmif-:nw rw-14-mv:-1 nm Hfnvl Rf-xmuvdrxl Adrmm: Immun, Inxmulmrm Admlms lmlfon. and IJH-twin: 5 Offlr 1-rs for IAU nw R WV- fart-Prwsldffrwv, A Sturpy- 'Nvrrf-Davy, fn fmvrrv-"fTrr-is xurrfr OfflcPr5f0rlF9EA are- J Da- vuswpresldent S Marsf Vlre Presndenr, C Jones' Secretary B MQMlchae'l- Treasurer 149 Afro-American Cultural Society Y- ' I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I I I I I ' I , 1 I I . fy ent! I I , I I H A., I bfi 5' Q.-fr 4 fm? I ,. I , .,,3,:,.i""Q -, "IL, I if A-"Ll 'f, A "N'n-'fum' 'fi T5 I tv "af,-.. 'fr ', dI""a,,, I 2342 , '- 1.- fi ,I - -- -. I I First row: M Muller, S Payton, Nl CcCaIeb. V West B Johnson, B Johnson, C Topps S Nobles, R Boyd Organization proposes to provide I Second row: D Bourrage, D Burnett, A C Henry, C Turner, C Jones, S Taylor, L Barnes, L Coleman, D Davis Third row: L Halrston, A Davis, C Anderson, C Reed, B Archie Officers: J Crossley-Pres, C Mosley-Vxrepres. B Archie-Sec , C Topps-Treas 150 both social and cultural activities for students who are concerned with the interests of the Black Student population I of USM. These activities include such things as social and cultural functions, campus orientation for new students, assistance for members to promote 'I I scholarship, a place for members to meet I informally, and group discussions on topics of mutual interests. As the largest , student organization at USM, the AACS during the i982-i983 school year registered an excess of over 350 members. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Church of God in Christ Fellowship ' C.O.G.I.C. Officers The Baptist Student Union offers students the opportunity for developing vital relationships-with God, self, and with others. The executive council makes up the core student leadership of the BSU. Weekly worship experiences are offered at Noondays and "TNT" night meetings. Dorm Bible studies, discipleship groups, prayer groups, and ministry groups are held weekly for the purpose of growth and service in Christ. Students are given the opportunity to use and develop talents through drama, puppets, and music groups. Further growth and encouragement are provided through retreats and planned fellowships, as well as daily fellowship at the BSU Center Clocated on N. 31st Ave. behind the Ed- Psych buildingl. Recreation and intramurals offer students fun and friendly competition among other campus organizations. Summer missions, community missions and ministry teams provide special opportunities to accomplish two key purposes of BSU: growth and service in Christ. Baptist Student Union I 'gm if Qitt , ..I:!..F,l.-La- ,, au ,SF I pl' w svww gli A JI .?I.ID.szlII I 'IN TU: cll l982 First row: B Hea Executive Coun International Ch Second row: R McCall. Director VT! , Malley, Bible Study Chm ,T Rogers, Missions Chm., B Ladner, Recreation Chm gB. Blass, President, T. Ferguson. Ministry Chm.g W. Executive Council I983 1' ron, Assoc Dir 1 R Clarke, Worship Chrng D Reeves, Felloswhip Chm , J Thornton, Student Center Chm., C Leake, Sec , P. Forbes, 'I' I I I I I I I I I I I I , I I I I I I I I I I I First row: B Hearon, As' sor Dir , C Lealxe, Worship Chm, S Hammond, Com' munity Missions Chm, V Younq, TNT Chm , R Hatch- I er, International Chm, D Causev. Communications Chm, C Reeves, Missions Chm. R Meece, Ministry Chm, W McCall, Director, l52 I QI 'I +I . .I I I - , I I I r I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Atl Newman Center - , . g Q 9 . 45 ., iii ' , 4 , ' I Q i 4 C27 1 E? Q Lisle 1 'WA' n Latter Day Saint Student Association QQ lf W , ,S -an A T XX Y I IIA, Catholic Student Association S91 insorwd hy The Church oi lwsiis Chris! oi Latlef Dat 'wirrvls the l US Student As wr is organized on ram' puws worldwujf- Ns hr-Ip stu' .iwnts I-ts-wp a rf-limous pvrspf-mtlve in their s-dura non Al USM this ipav Uhr- IDS xtllde-nts Focused on ihe FB v'wm'r lm UI 'W'-rmon Dm other Iesialm-nl of Jesus L huns! RJ hlllvhrn-u-Prvsideeni T Ykrfmn-Xue President F If-v-S.:-me-lam R Bla I-it k f-SRF Rf-preswlwlarivfi l hllil-bvvmffmilxiivpc fhm R ,lrvlinslsvweivrxuw Chin Ps Pank-'Chun h Prim ,jtiolitai Sxsie-'nw Logr .iwmti ir 153 SCSC is a place for students to come to study, watch tv, play games and put the word of the Lord into action Ac- tivities involve Sunday night student suppers, Tuesday night devotionals. Dorm Bi- ble Studys, Sprung Banquet and local and statewide re' treats with Christians from Mississippi and other major universities The center is sponsored by Mississippi Churches for Christ and is Io- cated on Montague Street across from Married Student Housing First row: M, Welsh. D. Johnson, R Win- stead, D Howard, Second row: T Isbell, J Day. H, S A Winstead, W, Winstead, V Borther Third row: K Pate rick, S MCLendon, P Fin' ney, S Dillingham Officers: L Rigby-Pres., J HoIitieId+Vice-pres, L, Wilkes-Sec fTreas., B, Washer-Reporter, Dr, B, Moore-Advisor. .9 . ,,.,, , . 154 i Speech Communication Assoc Cindy Smar Martha Vardaman-Pr d t tr-Vi -p d r Pre-Law Society Officers: First row: D ReiterYSteer- ing Committee, G Waters- Pres, S Gill-Vice-pres: dent, B Burgess-Sec X Tres Second row: J Seabornf Food Committee, W Cross-Fund Raising, M Krell-Advisor Not pictured: L Russell-Publicity, S Miles-Steering Committee. B Barlow-Advisor - Assoc. of Computer Machinery T77 6 F I56 1 A ,ig V .-.4.w.+.w 1'Yv'a'F'v'V'i First row: B Burgess, S Miles, J Bustin, D Ford, G Waters The Association for Computing Second row: M Germany, D Hickman, A Hyde, M Crabb, G Gustafson, D. Applegate, C, Haffenden , , , , Third row: L Hairston, K Detommaso, J, Necaise, S Simmons, F Pete, L Russell, D Russell, S, Gill Machlnefy IS an Organlzatlon for Students Fourth row: W Crowson, D Taylor, D Dennis, C Sellers, P Mahan, D Blanchard, T Mathews, M Helfin, J Walden, in Col-nputer Science andfor data Fifth row: D Reiter, Unknown, J Sturgeon, T Williams, A, Hultz, C. Holm, C Buchanon, J Falls, L Hurt , y , Sixth row: J Morris, A Mnlazzo, L Brown, S Miller, D Rouse, G Sessums, P Leake, A Crooker, S. Russell, G Disk, processlng' The Club S purpose ls to Seventh row: G Applegate, T Weshphal, C Pallio, F, Schmidt, C, Griffon, S, Mills, J, Littlepage, T Sturgeon, C Sturgeon Strive for the advancement of the sciences and arts of information processing and to share ideas about computer technological topics. First row: C Powell D Shavtlffs, l Morrla, P San ford Second row: J Culpf-ppf-1 S Plffrrel, J Oehll-r, K S-mr Iek, J Riddle, Y Brown. I HxIdr'nan'Advls0r Officers: K Snwniek-Pu-5 J RlddIF1'VICCDfF'b, J Bridges-Ser, , P Sanford- Tre-as 157 First row: Dr. R. Hester, Nj A, P. Tally, A. Marks, J. San- tobiamco, NXA, B Black- ledge, K Stevens. Second row: TVA, D, Rog- ers. NXA, K.Y. Kraft, S. Draughn, K. Cooley, D Wig- gins, A. Voda Third row: NXA, R. Purer, K Brown, NXA, J. Lorikhart, G Robertson, B. Kenkoff, C. Fite, R. Thompson. 158 Beta Beta Beta Polymer Science Club I L QR . mx X :fr 3 l .f" ,aw-ug xx PSN at -,fwi Botegha ni Ji 1 D ,Q K,,.,. X 1 asf' Student Constructors T61 'L Y H is BLS!!-P45 J J First row: R Brnqhdm- Svc , N farnuvalv, C Gvubbs, R Burk-Sql at Arms. T Mxllwr Second row: Q ROYTHYFI, K Brown F EC-151:-rlrnq. l, Spwars, A Tonf-y Third row: N Wonq R AI len, J Candy, M Gull- Trvas, R Hdrtv-II. T Ladncr Fourlh row: A Ste:-n, D Ivy-Pres, F? Warn:-r, F Keeney, T Rrqbv-Vrce pres Not pictured: Y Salunas- Advisor First row: C tDr Funkenf srre-np Nuckles-Pres . D 1To TaIlJTuberlxnr.J H3055 Man? Huddle-sion-Hrstorran, K lBuIIwhlpJ Davis-Advisor. F 1Moharnad3EckIas Second row: J lBrg Daddy? Bounds, C tSrngIey Davus J 1Lay-up! Cross-Mace-pres P tGuzzIrni Glbbens-Sec, B lBaby Fare! Pncelnn 159 J Gordon-President, L Hegwood-Vice President, J, Walters-Secretary, Dr W Schoell-Faculty Ad visro, D Loyd-Faculty Ad- visor, D Bullard-Historian. L Williams-Social Chm. M Giachelll-Publicity Chrn, J ThomasfFund- raislnq Chm The AMA is a nonprofit edu- cational organization whose function is to serve the pro- fessional needs of marketing practitioners, educators, and students, The collegiate chapter offers practical marketing experience, inter- action with marketing stu- dents, exposure to market' ing professionals, cover information, special beneifts determined by the chapter First row: E Trahan, S, Parks, V Chavez, L Latour, K Morris, S Wilson Second row: R Dailey, M Chavez, S Pittman, K, Rob' bins, A Mercier, L Barnett, R Kelley. Third row: R Finch. R Lee, M Bryan, S Ferguson, M Davis. D Boykin Fourth row: S Brown, Dr S Lewis, V Merrit, Mr T Wilson Beta Alpha Psi is the national scholastic and professional accounting fraternity l6O American Marketing Association Beta Alpha Psi I -1 I i 1 1 1 i I i . by i i i i l i l 4 4 i ' l I l I l Ji l i ii li li 1 i l Delta Sigma Pi l ' First row: Dr M Jones C .lNlVEFtS TY UNIO I urs lea, R White, Dr A Wil liams, B Alexander Second row: V Chavez, l. Bowman, B Evans, M Schmidley, S Scranage, C love, Cr Turner, C Fox. F larue, W Munn, M Chavez Dr T Smith Third row: T Rankin, M Mi-ador, Nl Bower. R Shaw .J Kaufman, L Huqent, M Davis. L Roberts, L Reeves f Hazary, M Sarnrnons, D Thompson Fourth row: A McGutiee D Hester, T Blake. J Patti-r son, J Roberts, D Broad loot, C Ellmo, A Mote, D Farlsh are ---r.-. lll... ...--I I iir Fall Executive Council- First row: C Love tSr. Vice Pres.J, D Thompson tTreas J, D Hester tPresidentl, F Larue 1V P for Professional Activitiesl Second row: Dr. A. Williams tFaculty Advisory, D. Farish QV P Financel, C, Fox tSocial Chm l, M. Davis tSecretary7. C Ellmo QV P Pledge Edl, M. Chavez tHistorianl Third row: Dr, T. Smith tFaculty Advisorl, V, Chavez tC.E.l Chmj, B. Alexander tChanceIlorl Spring Executive Council' First raw: R White tChancellorl, S Scranage KV P Finance J. C Ellmo tPre-sidentl, B Evans ttlistorianj. Dr T Smith tlfaculty Advisor! Second row: M Simmons tSr. Vice Pres l, M Sower tV P Professional Activitiesl, J Roberts tSocial Chm l, T Blake tv P Pledge Edj. V Chavez CC El Chm J, T, Rankin tSe-cretaryl, Dr M Wones tffaculty Advisorl Third row: M Davis tTreasurerl Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities, to encourage scholarship, social activity, and the association of students for their mutal advancement by research and practiceg to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture to the civic and commercial welfare of the community. l6l First row: S. Ainsworth, S. Sarrls-Vice-pres., K. Cock- rell-Pres, C. Armstrong- Secflreas, P, Baroni, Second row: V. Bradley, L Gollott, D Collins, A, Agosta, M Hamill, C Jones. J Creel, J Johnson, P, Echols, D Pierce, M. An- toine, The purposes of ASPA are to aquaint students consider- ing a future in personnel ad- ministration or labor rela- tions with these fields, to keep students up-to-date on now developments, and to develop a nucleus of truly professional personnel ads mnnistrators for the future. Officers: J, Beasley, S, Lar- sen, T Husley. C. Walters, C. Hunt, C McClelland, K Bart' ley. Phi Beta Lambda is a na- tional business fraternity It is sponsored by the Business Education Department at USM PBL interacts with the Hattiesburg business Come munity as well as fellow ore ganlzations at USM. Goals are to develop competent and aggressive business leaders. Advisors are Dr. Donna Conerly and Mrs Cynthya Keith, l62 American Society for Business Administration V 1 in: ti 11 5 , I Sl 14 11 l l xi 11 ? I 1: nm tn- i -Q fs I l I 1 -1 1 1 I I l i 1 Phi Beta Lambda Phi Chi Theta Southern Style "wi-'Q' Maxi W ,Y 'vw' ., w 2 Q ,ti 5 HRW , I 1.4 7 I 1 1 7 l l 1 Left to right: R Lee, T Nr-v ties, M Heflrn, P Robertson, S Whitten, N Chan, E Du gas,D Koontz,D Wilkerson. C Hllbun, D Loyd, L Tra han, K Cockrell, D Foster, S Traweelm, T Hammond, L Hall, K Coppaqe, A Thomp- son,K KowaIchuk,N Black well, J Walters, S Parks, N Williams, M Gloab Lower Stairs: J Tate, M Brashuer, L Bolton, J Ox- man First row: J Rhodes. A Watson, A McKinley, P Page, L A Blackmer, K Smrth,N AIlen,C Abraham, R Mathews Second row: K Berry, S Lewis, D Gunn-Pres, C Terrell, S, Krohn, J. Tldwell Not pictured-L White Southern Style is the Offl' cial USM student host and hostess organization Mem- bers work with all functions of the Office of Hugh School and Junior College Rela- tronsiespecrally Mlm Quar- 'ET 163 Fl tra D J Halt 1- H PJ! VHr! QI1QRg TP II r Rt nn hll s., R r Second row M Hodqes P P M phy J R p D W tx v H C II g D a FIFSQ row J S! ckland M D C Sma tt C Eg! Second row P Bell LdayRHete-J Bl qevk 164 Y C Honors Student Assoc., Executive Council L it w il FH 1531... 1 1- - -i M1 tt ttt H 5 "' V 3 the fu X t j L .,,, -V.,, t It , ti 5 t Wtft f L A.-1 3 - ' I 5 F i .tut fi-I i 5 Mm 7 Rho Lambda ' . . .....T... . - .,. - Q ei nf E 'UW 1 -1 'r In ,M 'i..,7 W, .H of I 9 I f 1 -A I I 1 I I I 1+ tr nl, I , 'N 1 v 1 a Lambda Sigma r Q . .,,Nhc , ,.Q'f" fm H I' I P "Fill A Q . ,. slr Gamma Beta Phi .,,,f4 V,- 4 'xl Second row: V Russ, J M1 Donruf-I, f Karwr, H Nm-II, A lxlrasnlffrr-s, A Phllllpx-'twr First rowzfi Roms, M Voss T Pundal lr,nvv1l'X Varmdf-r daqy, K Iuvu, D Bufhan an-Tr:-as, N lows-ry, K Klvkpnfrsrk, D ladrv-r, Lf-s he- Dru kr-I-VI: ff pr:-5, Y Crlmm Lambda Suqma as A sophfu murf- honorary sur nf-lv basf-d on If-adf-rshlp, srholarahlp, frlf-ndshnp 165 Phi Delta Rho NIA KITS? KJ ex' First row: Amy Rogers, Gail WatersfPresident, Lisa Trahan-SecretaryfTreasurer, Margaret Davis Second row: Sherry Eklings. Jacquie Blessing, Nancy Goodrich. Phi Delta Rho recognizes 1 Although it is not an activ l66 .. unior and senior women who show outstanding service, scholarship, and leadership and citizenship on this campus e honorary with regular meetings, it strives to stimulate and encourage achievement among University women. , ,sw-X-"W" ,X , +,.,f-W' ...1 X 1 l i Five Outstanding Freshmen Women: Alesla Phillips, Toni Ponder. Kim McPhie. Not pictured: Nina Lowery, Angela Fokakis. Phi Theta Kappa Upper stairs: T Quick, R Morgan, D Blackman, M Barhonovich, Eileen, J Holt-lst Vice-pres, R Sanford-Pres , C Haffenden, B Brooks S Whitten-2nd Vice-pres , T Prewett,K.BignoI1,E Royal, V Beck, E. Wnlhams, K Rowell-Treas , Janet Walker, D Wnlkerson, B Brumfueld-Sec Paula Sanford, C Shull, B Malsbury Lower stairs: L Carter, T Lee, NXA, A Mathews M Lewis, C LeDouceur 167 First row: M Maranvrlle- Tre-as, B McClelland-2nd Vice-pres. K Baraltrnr- Pres. Jackie Ellmo-Isl Vice-pres, E Koskie-Sec Second row: C Evans, D Silver, D Wood, C Ma- honey,T KrrkIand,L Dzaz- Correspondung Sec , H Rus- sell, J Hem Third row: C Howard. S Holrfneld, K Gash First row: T Darling-Sec , C Scates,B Burgess-Sec., T Johnson-Vice-pres. Second row: D Yates- Treas, T. Trigg-Hist. R Payne. Drs! Coordinator, T Meacham, G, Ulerrch, R Suk, T Johnson, Pres, Ma Ingraffia, Pres, B Stiffler 168 Tau Beta Sigma YJ. CJ lx' -f-..4-4-lr . Kappa Kappa Psi NAL, ,kv ,0 Ck "" M ,, an M..-I - - l R . K , X ,v Mu Alpha Sinfonia Chi Tau Epsilon 67 51' 1- .,.-M.. Q ,. 'ZLL' TIP S-K rs, G 193 Q 2 r X First row: J Morrow, P Ps-nn-, l Grant, R Seals, M Bryant, S She-ppard Second row: G Vrancf-, B Slllllm-r, R Duc kr-rsonf Alumni Sec . C llf-rrrnqton C lidmunson-Swf-Pthc-art ,ll Barker, J Bart:-Is-Lit tlf- Sus, J Keaton, B Qha l3fJl'lI'E'8S, F Gr-mile. A Lovvrn-Little Sus, .J Hoff man-Pres and AKMOTA3 Third Row: K Myrrck. R B Hardy-Sec , F longlno, R Suk, J Lynn. T Johnson. J Britain, R Davis-Vice-pres Officers: A Rogers-Pres, M Towerv. Vlcepres. S lxlmbrell-Sec Treas, K Ballard-Public Relations Chartered on this rampus un l975 Chr Tau Epsilon is a service organization that serves the dance depart ment 169 Broadcasting Services Radio Staff First row: Mike Meadors, Mllron Travis, Assistant Di- rector Dr Robert Cade, Sta- cey Ball, Lawrence Adams Second row: Secretary Beth Perkins, Dick Ford, Torye Hurst, Charlie Walker Director Dennis Webster, Brett Smith, Dr Robert Cade, Natalie Jackson, Bette Prentice, Dick Ford. Not pic- tured: Jim Allen, Torye Hurst. l7O WMSLI al ' ,V , 1 -E -.. , H -..... f : , 14 ,. feng fp-.-.Y 'ig' -u 1 . 5 , N Broadcasting Staff .l c XXXX 'Q .g. i K E X t x Student Printz .19 T In fgm , 'if' as rv.. xv f -. ' Q9 Journal 'hes 'ud9V'lf Pry nfz, 11,3 A r ,, The ,D Slug em p, nv' ,f"'f 4'-lr, 'UIQ -vu-Nt , ai-,til 1 I 1 .,X.. Rho Gamma C17 F1015 ,Q i .. be-fo.:-W, First row: Copy editor Rhonda Holtfleld, photo edt tor Loursa Shearrn Second row: Typlst Debbie Rouse, asst feature editor Tammy Smith, asst manag- ing editor Megan Muller, asst news editor Sonya Rath. sports editor Tum Isbell. news editor Judy Day, asst sports editor Denms Tym' klw Third row: Managing editor Patti Jean Page, feature edu- tor Alice Locke Not pictured: Executive editor Fay Brewer, advertrs Ing manager Ernie Guyton. ad rep Mark Magee, ad rep Paula Chambers, typrst Jo' seph Sclafanr, circulation dr rector Gilland Welsch, route- man Alan Cameron Photo by M Welch Honorary Year- book Society Pictured: 'Susan Wolfe Rox- anne Heclxrnan. Sheila Sklp- perl Richard Herring Holly Hughes, John Stegall, Kim Wrllls, AI Newton, Susan La' mev Dredre Hodge Debbie Rouse, Janet Davis Frank Easterlrng, Gary Sessurns. Michael Krebs, Vlctorlono Barley Ill, Vrckr Wilson Joy Sarnrow, Lisa McQulllm Frank Zappa and Cnerl Campbell-President l7l Abbey f Barksdale Abbey. Sammy H. Pasraqoula. MS, Abbott, Ricardo Vina Dv-I Mar Chile Abraham. Cynthia C. Meridian. MS Abu-Khader. Zahi B. Ammon Jordan Adam. Gary Bay St louis MS, Adams. Denise M. Colunrhra MS. Adams. Edith J. Philadelphia MS. Adams. Jonathan E. Moss Point Mb Adams. Juanita Mf:nd+-nhrill MS Adams. Mark R. Nrwvrlle FL. Adams. Rick L. Fort Walton Be-anh. FL. Adamson. Angela D. Crullport, MS. Agosta, Ann M. Pearl M5 Aguilar. James R. Gautier MS Ainsworth, Cheryl K. Brandon Mt- Ainsworth, Denise R. Lalaye-me LA Ainsworth, Lori L. Hattwshurq MS Ainsworth, Particia A. Hartreshurq M5 Ainsworth. Paula S. l-lraml-rn MS, Alawine. Joan Llnr-rn, MS Albano, Terry K. Milton Fl Albert, Sherri L. Pasl aqoirla MS Alcorn. Shelley K. Halhesburq MS Alexander, Boyd D. Nalrln-1 MS Alexander, Naomi M. Biloxi MS Alexander, Susan D. Jar kwin Mb Alford. Alton L. Tolrmsuba MN Alford. Dina M. Vu lxshurq MS- Alford, Lisa L. M.1f1noIr.a MS- Allbrilton, Susie L. Braxlfm MN Allen. Gene S. Vu lx-.hurq MS Allen. Joey Hrookliaven MS Allen, Natalie J. Memphis TN Allen. Rebecca L. Cranium-1 MS Allison. Ken Mendf-nhall MS Allison. William R. Qullpnrl MS Allman. Mary B. Pwnsar :lla lr Allred, Janet D. l.1nn-l MN Amend. Christopher L. Qc wan Nprrnqs Mx Amos. Ruby L. Vu lxshurri M5 Anderson. Annie R. Newton MN Anderson. Carol E. Vu lwhurq MN Anderson. Cheryl D. Lrlrrster MN Anderson. Cynthia S. Mr-ncrmonev Falls. WI Anderson. Gregory kolumhiri MN Anderson, Jacquelyn A. lrluslr-r MS Anderson. Joeleanor J. Harm-slurrq, MS- Anderson. Lori S. Anderson. Milton Anderson. Sandra Anderson. Sharon Anderson. Sherri V. Anderson, Thomas J. Andrews, John G. l72 lltillleslurlli. llnttin-slmrq llrillrwslurrq llnllivsliii l.v'xlnr1h,m Vu lxshilr I.ix lwrrlr M5 MN M5 Mi M5 MS., MX f-r Sr Jr Sr 50 Jr Fr So Jr Jr Sr 'U fr Jr Fr So 'Sri l'r SU Sr lr Fr Fr 'il .lr bo Fr Jr Jr Jr Jr Jr Jr Sr ,lr Sr 'wr Fr ,lr 'in Jr 'Nr SI lil Sli lr 51 Xl lil Nu Nr Nl .lr 5:1 'Nl .. .tg .1 .' 12 ' .Nw , Q A .J in Q --5 J ri so I R- xr. r " ' QQ . -' ' ...- Q ' - at-yay. if ..-r + , .X A fbias 2 fifxf.. ' . . r W -0 3 1-'Q 1 J Noe 8' v- v-... 'wh I by - .-'T J-' x +1 . 0. : Q Ss. ,- nw. ,F.. vs 1. ,fir E83 A rf .xv- -Q 'fl .1 - f ss 'Uh ' -+C. I 1 I . ,N Q. N I. 5:1 . M 1 x If Q ' 0 d' 1 l A i - 1 . Q i I, 1: o :L hi. , , . ll i ' + ' l 1 lk X A. N XX 4. ' 'C' A .af 'S Xi .Sl f 'K ' Q. , ,fgfj .faq 1 "7 nf. r 1 - ,. 2 - GW-'ff P 'Q , r N. -N I' . f - . ' Di., 1 - :J ef , Q15 - L- l if 4 . , yi "Q I V .--gy. Q . 4 X ..,., V - ,. A. --Qiflif ..- .-,, XL " -'iii Q si gn 4: :via 43? 55:1 ' 1 .. Wai' ia-M 4. W ' l." 1--w f ,A -.f , .,f . ,Z A. V -' - x it 1' ng ' -If . I' ' Q .ap IW ' ilyuf '-. va 7-Q, Wx 5 4 ,sv 3 .. , .. ivy 4 1 " ' 'KF' app. if f 94 'W 1 ' 4 ' s .1 .4 W in J 33 1, w i 74 . . 4 W N fb ' Q Q . -r 1 K .- . F if. X , , '. wiki. 7 it lla U , 15' X? W ...- . . .,.,. 'l , ff 1 is ' f 1 -I ,ice . .- yn-- I-'W - 4 . ' in-w',g .-1. 9 ' KT fir 5. fm . 1 H.- f QQ.. W I Q' iffy' 93? 50" Q1 i 1' 3' f,. '. J, ,l ' 1 . Q 'V' tu A ,ff 114 v,- fhf, S E vcr, .- . N : R 1 f- ' i 'Y N . - 'Q-" Anglc. Joachim C. Anhang. Augustus W Anthony. Caryn D. Antoine. Mark D. Applegate. David W. Archie. Brenda L. Arender. Theresa R. Aris. Catherine M. Armst Armst rong. E. Genice rong. Stacy L. Arnold. Perta J. Ashcraft. Wayne H. Ashcroft. Paul A. Ashley. Lacey L. Atherton. Edward S. Atkins. Dorothy A. Autry. Anna L. Autry. Rebecca L. Avery. Charles D, Avery. Renee J. Ayers. David J. Baba. Hadjl A. Babair. Julie A. Babin. Dale A. Bady. Samuel W. Baily. Vicki L. Baker. Kenneth L. Baker. Nina K. Baker. Pamela G. Baker. Randall P. Baker. Rebecca M. Baker. Robert W. Baker. Selena A. Baker. Teresa C. Baldwin. Johnnie V. Balentine. Kevin R. Balius. Suzanne D. Ball. Chip Ball. Steven E. Ballard. Cindy K. Ballard. Ken R. Bancroft. Patricia A. Bancroft. Scott Banks. J.P. Banks. L.J. Bankston. Cheri Bankston. Laurie A. Bankston. Sheri L. Baratti. Clarke C. Baratti. Kim R. Barham. Pamela G. Baria. David W. Barker. J.C. Barksdale. Julie G. umm im. it M-X. A, lvrliii v 1 "l- Jr lilmvm ' Wil-.1 li ln.-wviwll. T41 ll ff. Milf-.lnivfl 41 fr c-li.1Iiiii.u ll ir 'iivililrl Vi, lv l'v-1vlNlvlv lllvrmiivill ilu 'NI ni A1 I, las.-.1l1..ill.i fl, . l ll W1ltffvll1ifi1ll ll lv llivvlrfcllllvii lvl .vii l'.il-l. My ., . A-11. V. . we it 'VV lil li: awlfiii . f,,....1 Ni. if lnlrim' 'WH Ji uiliiiiwliia MN lv 'lfluvvllim 'HH 'sf lm 1-il il lJlmlrvlsulli 'Www llllli-lliv Mx. 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Wonder Beard, Clay Beasley. Glenn D. Beasley. James O. Beaton. Julio C. Beaugez. Rose M. Beauvais. Vanessa G. Beck. Lesa L. Becker. Angie Bedwell. Tink Beech. Paula D. Beecham. Shanno Beeland. Janet C. nD. Past aqotila Mendenhall Biloxi Prentiss. Vrri-ntiss, Florem e Bay SI l ours Fort Walton Beach. Heldelherq. Biloxi Tvlerfown. Norwich. Bav St Louis Brandon Byron Center. Gulfport Bassfreld Ciulfport Fnrr-st Past aqoula Woodbury Laurel Delxalh Rockaway Beat h Vu lxshur-.1 We-ssrlri Pas: .1-14.-ula Hattieshurq Bay St louis Nah hex. Maqnolia Brookhaven. Hattlesburq Ove!! Mt Lolnh PhlI.1dvIph1.:1. Jr Jr Fr Fr So Sr Fr So 'Sr S0 bo So Jr Sr Fr Jr Fr Sr Jr Jr Sr Sr Jr Jr Br 5r Jr Sr Jr Sf: Sr Jr 'io Jr So S O -'-'- , ' 5 Y' ' 3 -'-X Q H , .eff N sl, 1 Q ex 1 ,Y Xx F? 3 K 4 .... 1 Qc 'Q ' A ' ' We ' , - :Sill-.fl P - 1 sas. is .. .. f'2-'mt-1-E' ' .E I fp-I 355 :-. - ' ,, - 'F-. -r l 15" 1 ,Q l A 2' ek 1 553 K K W. lg ft. 3 3 V . . ...ii X Q. 5 r g V . , . . aw X E . - y- J f X I l . . Q My K sr iw- -L X Q -.. f ...,- J 1 XA, . X ir 'tin' if I lt. se: 5' ' if ! if l if 'S' - P if 8' Nw . . X Q rl: s J i ' "' 1 ,.N..,.. ax I X kg h - N. ... --'--, Y V--C.-..... Q-s - fu 1. .. Q - g-.QF ' - ,ec ,W C .f 1.13.2 :Ill wt . EFX in ' XX X sf i 1 X x ,-, km Q' fffmi . X, ., E: .- r 'fig 45 . .V"" Future Eagles? Preschoolers take a water break on their way into class from recess. The Home Economics Department supervises classes for the children of USM faculty and staff while at the same time obtaining credit for student home economic majors. . i . 'i - ' 'vs .. ETB , ., I N - Kxvxh C- ' in--.Q ' ' . K lg , . Q :q ,.., -,,.:1,gf:gQx .1fr. .5.,J0 ,g ' ,., '2 ' R ' NI ff ', ' - - - - .1-1 1 av W4-Q' . ,rr - ws? - 1 , - ' "' I A .. ' gg.. r avi-1. 1 .0 - " ' . ..'1:'ffa4 vie!-' f '-I ,-ff' , .' uf, 'W . A' . . f if . - ' H ,... . ff' ,215 "i ww.-Lffli-5'-i " vwfpit - f if :Sz.'1'J9'Q: .53 ' i ' ,av -7-'-I 'z 'ja e f"' 3 - A N. gig' f' 1-fy. . ft ' - 5:-my-g:,t...A..fp. . . 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Jr' I-'-.rrrr J.1rP.r.rr Hrrrirrrrvmtrlr Prarmrrm f Hr, Urrllprrrr Hdllrrwfrrlrrl Qullrrrrrl Tor rrrrr-rilm Harrrvwhllrq. Bielstein, Donna G. Xkawlarrri Biglane. Walter ' rr.-1 Bignoli. Kathryn A. Hrlrrxr Bilbo. Terry rxrlrr Bingham, Barbara A, Harrrrfxlrrrrq Bingham. Ronald M. Bishop, Linda K, Bissell. Charlie P. Bittick. Kevin D. Bjorklund. Laura A. Black. Sherry L. Black. Terry C. Blackledge, Chuck Hattrl-xlrurrr X rr luhrirrr Hatrrexlrrir-1 Brririrlrrrr .Nl-rlrriw J rr1rvJ 'Ylrrw Pr rrrrr l,.mrr-I me '- i rl rrlfm "rr Nil. Jr Nil, 'wr MH 'wr MH Jr M5 ll '-v nr MN F r MN VI MN 'wr MN 'X MN Jr Nli- Fr Nik- 'wr MS Jr 'Nj lr Fl, Jr M9 'wr 'WS Sr .MS mr M5 Jr MS Jr MS Sr N15 Nr MS lr M5 Jr M5 Sf' 'WS Jr M5 Nm N18 S., r'Vl5r in 'KL Fr M3 xp. 'WS .lr xrx 'Qr 175 Blaczkmer Broadhead Blackmer. Cindy L. Blackmer, Lee Ann Blackstone, Jill P. Black stone. Ma rcus E. Blackwell. Linda K. Blackwell, Michael N. Blackwell. Mina L. Blais, Paul E. Blake. Theresa L. Blake. Tim Blakeney, Mary A. Blalock. Rhonda D. Blalock. Sara L. Blanchard, Debbie Bland, Billy Blankenship. Kellie J. Blanton. Doris P, Blass, Robert L. Blessing. Jacquie Bleyer, Ronnie Bobinger. Lyndon M. Bodden. Leslie A, Body. D. Beach Body. Shauranda M. Boldon. Billy G. Bolden. William K. Boleware. Mitchell G. Bolle, Karen L, Bolton. Eleanor C. Bolton, Janet L. Bond, Louis E. Bond, Tim R. Bond, Tina L. Bonds. Barbara M. Boney, John Bonham. Rod A. Bonin, Carey A. Bonones, Tone Bontemps. Celeste A. in r in Bontemps. Katherine M. in .min Npririqs Boone. Richard E. Bordages. Lisa A. Borden. Lori A. Borg. D.G. Borgatti. Tina M. Borges. Santiago A. Borosky. Michael L. Borosky, Patricia Borries. Angela E. Bosl. Lura W. Boslwick, Richard D. Bonrhillon, Kimble C. Boulwarv. Dixon F. Bourgeois, Kelly D. I76 lim-1 lj:-aah MS lnrm Beach MS 'blade-II LA Slide-ll, LA llunt-,ville Al. Qiullporl MS Lulllrrs Mi. Crullprirl Mi Ciillirnlms MS FI lmrailu AR J.n'ksnr1 MS libs-rly MS Mr-rr-.lran MS Bllrixl MS Fltilr-'-.ville MN Haltuvslmrlq M5 lay:--.s MN Nitsilrrm Al . Huntsville' Al. Vlrlwhurq MS llir 1-dale' MB. Mrwlvllw Al. Nunm Svrf-edwn inlvrv-xl MN Vu nyilm- M5 llntlieslvurig MS 4 rllllfrs MS Ru lim-mil IN llrilfwslmilriq MN. f'ur1Vumr'. Ms Petal MS VW-1-irrws MS 5-r1L1rlr'r M5- Vf-rnw 'r'ur.: il M5- Ullmir MB. lm lwrni MN l.irf-ilu lik ll.iIlirf-slrlllq M9 -. xprinfls Mi. MS lldllwslmril MN lalwslilirv MN Nlvlliilrarv Mb- wpluvlvrllv- lariilira Nlirlf-Il I 'X ll.rl!n-Xlrilrrr MN lmiilu-r MN. li.1iillr'r MN llI1wiliNivllllrlH MS Nlmrrii ll livillrviul MN lf'lilv1f-limi MN llllvixi MN mriiix ll:-HJ 'WN Sr Jr 'So Fr Sr 5-r Sr Sr Jr JI 'ir Fr SO Sr Sr Fr Fr Nr Nl Fr Fr So Jr ,lr So .Jr Br Br 'br Jr Br Fr Jr . Jr 'wo Jr NI ir Sm Fr Sr Sr lr .Ji NU Nm XI 'NU Fr Nl Nl Nu Nr ll ii NE? 312' if 22232 l x' T Q 1 -A .S Q . Q n l 2 ii - --v . 1 . dw- ,- JB is .. An. 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Brinson. Richard S. Brinston, Albert T. Brister. Carol D. Britt. Denny Broadfool. Deidre L. Broadhead, Debra K. Broadhead, Delwyn B. '..m,... 'fl' :mlm 'inllrmvv Vw ,twirl "lf,.allwlI lfvwll r'-. 1 fl lf' u.'- v RM, ll.1ltlv"-.tml 4 Vivvvllx "lf f ffvvl lf'-ll wiif ll 'il 'llwwflw sv l .V ivlwll l Hurrv.-.ill l l.1fl-V111 'Vl lllllw .lim 'W Fill-1 vu l g- .g,,,,, xi lmvwwllur l Mlm t-e.. lmvl N l'f'rvwlrwIn ll i mr l 'll l l'1-1 1qf,nI: 'Vl lim'-l ll ytlwxlwm M...-. Vhim 'mln ln s l.1vl-wha Nkillllf F-MI. lklllwxhvll fiullgl., Hill' w V1-1..1'J"lils Au mm y,,.,y i 'x,1x l'wwlx':1x 1 N li1'lw"elHl1l ll rl f'-wil lull "-x ll X 4 LJ . H1"'1-l ,' -ml vru nr HN l.,.. lw. ' l-. t ll ffl'-vullf f-ll BroadusfBuic:e Broadus. Carol A, Broadus. Kenneth E. Broadus. Trent M. Brogan, Cynthia L. Brooks. Rebecca A. Broom. Dodi L. Broome. Jenniler L. Broussard. Donna L. Broussard, Paul N. Brown. Andy J, Brown. Betty A. Brown, Charles L, Brown Cynthia D, Brown Debra A. Brown. Denise J. Brown, Dennis O. Brown, Elizabeth A. Brown. Ginny G. Brown, Glenda D, Brown Hash C, Brown Ida P. Brown James W. Brown Johnnie W. Brown Karen E. Brown Karen L. Brown Kenneth J. Brown Ladoris Brown. Linda L, Brown. Linda S. Brown Louise M. , Brown Michael L. Brown Pamela A. Brown Patricia A. Brown Patricia D. Brown Penny L. Brown Ray C. Brown, Raymond E. Brown. Rebecca A. Brown, Steven B. Brown, Tammie S. Brown. Wilford D. Brown. William H. Brown, Yudora S. Brumfield. Felecia Brumfield. Joseph E. Brumfield, Lisa G. Brumfield. Mary N. Brunner. Wayna Brunt, Neal T. Bryan. Billie L. Bryan. George M. Bryan. Ray Bryant. Craig, . Bryant. David H. 178 Pasfaqoula. Pascagoula. Long Beach. Laurel. Raymond. Pearl. . PUFVIS, , Biloxz. Bnloxu. Jackson. Petal, DeKalb. Laurel, . Liberty. McComb. Hazlehurst. Vlclxsburq Oxford. Lucedale, Ocean Sprnngs, Meridian. Magee. Hattuesburq. San Due-go Runnelslown. Pascaqoula. Brookhaven. Vucksburq. .. Axrs Perklnqston. Gulfport. . . Brandon. . Qultman. . . Brandon, Dekalb. . Vossburg. Mendenhall. . Biloxi. M055 Point. Sebastopol, Hazlehursl. Hattuebburg. . Shabula. McComb. Natchez, Merldvan. ., Tvlertown. Pemacola Madison lltittir--xhurq, Mow Polnl. San Antonio H.1IlvHsl1L1rq Jackson. .TX Sr Sr Fr Jr Jr So. So Fr So Jr Sr Jr Sr Fr Fr Sr Jr Gr Jr Jr Sr So Jr Sr So Jr Sr So So Gr Sr Sr Sr Jr. Fr So Jr Jr Sr Sr Sr Sr Sr Fr Jr Jr Jr Jr Jr Sr or Sr Sr Sr 73'-lm an 'Q . 1 A M -F ... . .. .me-, . r i R X'-ii: A421125 ': ' 31:53 4 3 ff' Q A W ,.v It 1 hx g- 4' X-, 'A -gs MS, iv . uv. -Q-u. iw! 1 Wipe M l: ,, .... '- v .5 new 'e 'e'ee' "" ii 'N" ", . i 1 - 1 3,11 X L 3' ' 'W ,.. f . W it Q Ov 'I ' .S F 1' if X fm Z .E 'JS1 ' ii. Y' .X 'K' 5 v fp .. me i 30" if 'ffm 3 F -,gl -P X xx . X au- -..,- Xxfs x NN fi '. t I l i V l or l 5. I l I 1. l ix F .. l I I l l lr i. I ll l N. -4 J i r n 5 F ii 9. lr r Q. r ,. 1 U Vi E' lx w l I l I l 1 l. l V 2 l l i I l rp 2 X. N 1 H .. , . CQ, ,i bf' 9 1 0 ,UA gs! L' ' .57 1' 14 i, , . . .. ..-J :+..c.:gw. if ef 0' my 1 , 7 Students Abroad! Seven USM political science students and i6 Radio, Television and Film students with professors Dr. Jerry Waltman and Dr. James Hall participated in the five-week British Studies Program last summer. The program, a componant of the USM Center for International Education, affords American students a unique social and educational experience at extremely low cost, and the chance to earn credit hours. Many interesting facets of Anglo- American culture were examined by those students who participated, some of which were, alcohol and drug abuse, the British monarchy and Parliament, the structure of the European Common Market, British radio, television, newspapers, and film, foreign policy, and literary trends. Also offered were both academic and non-academic tours to places of interest. Students visited such sites as Winsor Castle, the British Broadcasting Corporation, Dover, Canterbury, Cambridge, Oxford, and Edinburgh, as well as Normandy and France. According to Dr. Taylor, director of the u a.. vi-' QC' t 0 - tv Bryant. Q- X Bryant. Bryant. Bryant. Bryant. Bryant. Bryant. Brluzy. David L. David W. Jennifer Margret A. Maureen A. Mike Ronny S. John W. Buchanan. Dick Buchanan, Donna L. Buchanan, Virginia G. Buckley. Joey C. Buckley, Steve Buckoski. Brian E. Buffington, Raymond Bui, Hoa M. Bui, Huong Q. Buice, Mary V. Hill- Plz'-1 A f-'lil' "' lilwlilflifrui ti "T ' ir,'-.i.1l'-qniiiri. 'fl l' 'A-rltiiri lil .ii ' l vii L -.inn-i 'fl ll.iItn-alirizfi ffl Wir liiiurrwl I fflwlrili- llirilwvi ."'l 'flfiiilirii "1 liilwi 'rt will ln 1 "V llii-.1!ub.riiiri1Ie s'-l 'wiltilr 1 1... l- 'ft liiliixi 'fl Hilfrti M F'.is.s' liii--.lmu "N ui . USM Center, the object of the summer term is to "promote a more profound knowledge of our roots through a structured learning experience that leaves students with ample time to enjoy England . . . We are hopeful that the Schools of Home Economics, Nursing. Social Work, and the departments of anthropology, psychology, journalism. and theater arts will join us this year." 'fRohert Herring :Photos -nur! 'sv ot Dr laylorl 1 ig y A 3 H iw' rl i' 2, . 1 1 a S K '71 Bullard Bullard. Bullard. Kevin L. Shanna L. Bullock. William F. Bumper, Lydian Bums. Robert A. Buntyn, James A. Bunvant. Lowell M. Burch. Ronnie G. Burgess, Bonita G. Burjhed. Ragab M. Burkett, Kelly L. Burks, Stan J. Burnett, Ben Burnett, Daphyne M. Burke. Burrel Debra J. I, Beth Burton. Elizabeth J. Busche. Gregor J. Bush, Bush. Bush. Bush, Bush. Butler Butler Butler Butler Butler Butler Butler Butler Butler Aleta R. Geanne Glenn D. Phyllis J. Sydney C. .Angie C. .David , Deborah .Greg . Lisa R. .Mark .Robert , Sharon K. .Timothy F. Byington. Mary B. Byrd. James W. Byrd. Jeffry E. Bryd, Patti A. Brvge. Thomas A. Cade, Killer Cade. Lee Cagle. Mary L. Caldarelli. Debra D. Caldarelli. Kelly A. Caldwell. Bryan Caldwell. Bernon L. Calhoun. Cathleen P. Calhoun. Cathy J. Calhoun, Chris C. Callisla. Angela L. Cameron. Jennifer L. Campbell. Barbara D. Campbell. Kevin J. Campbell. Theresa A. Campbell. Thomas R. Candler, Sylvia N. l8O Childs .'ll.iw+' MN Biloxi MS 47t1'.lrl5prlr1r,ls MS lfillimhtis MIX ljlltml MN lVlerl-.lmu Ms Nww Orleans MS Laurel MS lllllwsburti MN tif-rmliazi lilw.i Pu awurw MS- llilllll-'5l'llll4'l MN Jar lxsulu Ms Prlpltirville Ms Forest MN Qtiulu-r MN ljelzonu MN l uri-1 Bear. li MN Hurley MN Hr 4'v4 irlisvrllv MN ,ltinlfxswjsll Ms Uroolmwillr' MX. Vwml MK. llalllr-slmrfl Ms l H1111 Beal li MN,1Ilpml Ms ltivlrlrwlllv MN llirl.lIl'bDVIlw1w MN. Laurel MN .lac lisou MN N.-iridersvllle MN Ralf-1-ilu MN Jlniul-.sim Ms l,e-,,ilxe'svlll+' MX Gully' wr'u rl. 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X, ' s A Q v -p .fp :A- 110' 1 1 lay .Q , l 'YF he-A K K ' - ll . .as A .-.,.3..-.,.x.,i-gg., . H .,..f:.',w.... ,v-:',.....,qy. ' n , . , 1 M Z5 ,f 'Lk rf , 1 , .- L, 4,3 , I -if 5 .2 ' V'-.IX in :XS . 'P df !k J'v'N -1-' A . " '1 . .. K 1.1 . 4' A. s W, so i .: l ZA 1 N Vx aw 5 ff, :swf ' ,al ,M i ,s -. -. I ,pf-Q X wr. L -,N . . ... L ii. . ' I' I ' DC Q, lg V -e rf, f 4 , 2 4. x .- Y . .,, 4 in wx! A xi I 1 f ' 0 I it W A. 5 , x an ...W-.,,, Y S4 LV: .. 1.3 . f'-si . Cannon, Clarence Canook, Chomyn Capetillo. Camille L. Caracci, Michael Th Carley, Cheryl S. Carlisle, Amy J. Carlson. Alan R. Carmack, James H. Carmichael, D. Michelle Carmichael, Mark C. Carpenter, Don Carpenter, John B. Carpentier. John Carpentier. Suzanne M. Carmichael. Gary D. Carmichael, Lisa A, Carmichael, Stacy Carmody. Brian Carr. Jon C. Carroll. Dianne S. Carruth, Letricia L. lb l E, -.' 'X ---. ve: - - --r 'fu W' 1 -.- U . 'IQ-P 5' -'mg In . gg 'V .U It b ...S QW. ' 9 - i Wiz? 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Lrrr 1--dale M5 Sr , V -n U ' "' 1h gf: Cienfuegos, Margarita l:S.1rr.jrwqrrrIIa Lolornbrcr Jr -al l V ' A 'Y-W, Q' j,,x Cimbora, Merrilu Prrrvrx MS 3:-0 lm., ,-N Z 4" I4 ' ,I ' Clark. Connolly L. Or 1-an Nprrrrqs MS Fr V ' f 7 1, Clark, Freelann w. Brlrmxr, Ms Sf , r " . l . 'I 75 N' X s g -1 'rf k Clark. Freida G. Pgrsraqrirrrlca MS Jr H ',,-H Clark Marisa P. Orean Nprlnqs MS, S13 I - ml' if K Clark, OSCar Ar1rql1ll.J.MS,'b-rj. :L . 'sg Clark Paula T, lf1ureI,MS Jr M ' Clark Priscilla N.1lrlw1,Nl5- Jr i i Clark Raymond V. llravtrvxlurrrq MN Fr L 'A 3.33, . f,w,,f" A V 9 off? , ,... Emi? 312853 ' Clark. Sherwood Brrwwnrrm MI Jr Clark. Stephanie L. Lrrerf-rwvrllw N C, , Sr, wg! Clarke. Joe Fr-wel MN Jr , ,rfb-sv Clarke, Rebecca L. Pmal MN Jr '05 ,....., '53 fly- crary.carny L. Vrrkxbrrrrg Mx wr ' b Clay, Kenneth L. Mwrrdmrr MS Gr rf" 4 D l 1 - - l r I 3 r I I I I 1 I l r 2' - Q Q W 182 I Q.. :im " fs 'F 1 ar... X N I? Z 'nv I. kf.,-X C"" Ji t 1 V I, i V' 1 A ,i l 4 .' 8 ? -2 - z 5 Wi F y Hu-5 A t 'Q' A, . 2 . v 3. ff' 4 , Y . . CU! ,ti 1 4 . .07 1.3 A7 11.15 52545. '- .1 iifiv ' , ff" f" W., ' 1 222111111 -1?W" ' ., , , ,, ff iv t , 1 4 V xv , ,af . 71 1 If 1 f .- 1? , A ., .Y .9 '. , , fu, - . 1 . . 'lv Z? gif! 'sv 1, 4440 'fussy 'mv X, x fs i S 1.4 1542! if-Q 42" .. . .V ' ' ' gV2.,Vi2xV A graze . V 1 . 1 .35-.s?1,,.-... ' 1 - 'Sf . . ' " i 1? ' . A' U, ,,' ix , 111-ff" V ' fv G it .Z-. , , i ' - f . f v V 1 'A fl -wr 3 Q 45 V. ,V .dns . ' ,f.,.x ,, .5 ve.-Q' 'I 'TK' -Wei A eff, fA' '-" ' 1 1 wwf ,, r- Qs:- ' 3 J. A90 at ,, , 49- .f ,.. .wut .. ,,., , 1, V , 'W -' 1 --.,, ...-, 2 , ' f, vv , ,axe V 'mv lu -0.-.r Q-we N. W-2 9 'file A 'uv' Q-'VN GV-I AQ-'x 17" ' 'C 9 .A K .-ffwpf' ve . 5- gun sq if ,M . ,.', . 565' Q .1 ' 'mv , 5522 'P PN g . NJ . If 2 Q -v-.. ' r JLNTSFJF. -3. Clayton, Allison P, Clayton, John H. Clayton, Thomas S. Clememts, Pamela G. Cline, Ruby C. Cobb. David H. Coburn, Stephanie M. Cockrell. Kiely M. Colbel, Maria T. Colbet, Mark W, Cole. Brenda J. Cole. Carla C. Cole. Jerry A. Cole. Kaylyn G. Cole, Linda Jo Cole, Patricia G. Coleman, Barrett A. Coleman, Edna Louise Coleman, Gary D. Coleman, Jack Coleman, John L. Coleman, Lacey A. Coleman, Lisa G. Coleman, Roger E. Collette, Jean Collins, Anne E. Collins. Brenda L, Collins. Celinda B. Collins. Diane M, Collins. Donna Collins. Lady M. Collins. Patricia R. Collins. Robert L. Collins. Valerie D. Collom, Tommy Comfort. E. Shawn Condia, Olivia A. Conerly. Snadra P. Conn, Jack C. Connally. Elizabeth R, Connally. Ronald D. Connell, Diana M. Conner. Lisa L. Conrad. Richard A. Coogan. Katherine A, Cook, Cook. Cook Cook Cook Cook Cook Cook David David A. Elliott T. .Glenn S. .James C. .Julie A. .Ken W. ,Linda M. Cooley. Kennety W. lnvivwl Mv -v llolvvewlnvivvv MH iv Perl-..1vvvIv1 I I -v fvvvllvvlvvl M lvlwvlf MH lv liilvvfv Nl ijvlvvxi Vvv I'-.lvvlvvi llvlvvxv fvvldl l liavlvv "f- lvvivvg Hv.1v'iv1fm f,.iv sv vvv frvlllilvizllx Viv kalvuvvl Pivllmlvllrvlilva v'Vi,avrefv-v Hvandvun Hrdvv-isvvv Mr-'ivdmvu lvn I-xsvvvv Vvr kabvlvrv Mvavivvlll' l rvpvwv iivll Bvm1v,iv'xiv uvvllpmvv Uvlllpcvvv I.,iv i-.vvvv livlvnv Nlv-vvvlmvi 'Viv-vvvlmvu fmllpuil Mvllvxv l.ivvvv-I X ,1vvv Iran:- l'-vvlvvrlvvvv l-vvvlv-vvv lQ'.1Xv.1+lvvvvl.J lnxvws l'1-- ,1vvvwv1l.1 l.1X...i.1..v1v.f Uv -vwxtvvvvrl llnvvwlmivu iivvv-'i lar le -vvvv vv-ivivvvivve v,,,lvp,,,v llivivv-sivvxvvv vtvvvvv-.luv-1 llvvvvwlv-v' v llvvvv-Vslwvvv Ig. L A 4 v.,v fv NI., .,. l'Vvv.L v-, Nl'-v lv v'Vi'W 'evv MH lv ilvlll 'wv MH Sv M". 'wv NXH 'xv MX i v 'WN 'nv MN 'xv i A Sv, Mx Nv MN VI M5 Sv MS ll Mx 1: MN 'wvv VN N1 MN lv MS X... FWS, S.. Mi. Ni MN 'nv 'WN F' 'vlx vv 'WN li: Mx Vv Vik. sv. Mx x, mix vv xxx xv wx lv ,Vis lv Us x., Nix x.. MH Nv xv. v, 'WS Vv xve f. xv N, N.. Nix v: xy, v, xvx .AX .A qs v . xv. .- '-vs v 1 . . l83 Cooley f Davis Cooley. Lisa Y. Coon. Angela D. Cooper, Gerald L. Cooper, Janet W. Cooper, Karen A. Cooper, Lori M. Cooper, Mary E, Cooper, Perry T. Cooper, Todd Copling, Paula J. Coppage. Joel Coppage. Karen S. Corban. Christine E. Corban, Eleanor L. Cordes. Darla K. Corkern. Julie G. Corr, Donald E. Corr, Kerry J. Coslilow, Cindy L. Costilow. Lucy W. Cothern, Valerie C. Cotlon, Julie A. Cotruvo. Carla T. Cotton. Nancy S. Coullers. Francis J, Counts. Steven E. Courtney. Roosevelt Covington. Cecil L. Cowarl, Donna S. Cowling, Ronda L. Cox. Leesa M. Crabtree, Monique Crafl. Craft, Craft. Craft. Craft, Craig Crain, Diane P. Jenny L. K.Y. Patricia A. Teresa K. Willie J. Cindy G. Craven, Doris E. Craven, James M. Craven, Richard D. Craven, Taylor H. Crawford, Curl R. Crawford, Patricia A. Creekmore, Cecil R. Creekmore. Claudia Creel. Carla D. Creel, Franklin D. Creel. Mark D. Crenshaw. John M. Crenshaw, Karen M, Crimiel. Virginia A. Crimm. E. Yvonne l84 Laurel M5 .lavess MS lul-ra. MS Monrrcello MS, C-Jlrrrnbra, MS. Florence, MS Columbia MS Meridian. MS MF-rrdran. MS. Pr: ayune- MS, LaFayette. GA Brloxr, MS, Gullporr M9 Brloxr, M3 Vrnluhurq MS Hernando, MS Bay Sl Lorna Mb. Bay Sr Lcrurs, M3 Harahan LA Vrrqrnra Bearh VA, McComb MS Mfrbrle AL. Jaclr-,on MS Pemarola FL, Vrclxslvurq, MS. Brlrrxr M3 Jaclwon MS Jacl-r son MS Plc avunw MS Braxton M5 Brandon MS Pensacola Fl.. Tylerlown M5 ffhalrnelte LA, Ralerqh MS Biloxi M3 Collins MS Mrllon FL Carthaqe MS Hallreshurq MS Collrnsvrlle M5 Halllvsburq MS lynn MS Sprrurrllelrl Il Marks. MS Vrrprrrrrla MS f'rrPrran.1. MS NNW l'lr-'hrr'rr'r MN llrvrrlrw. 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James J. Davidson, William W. Davies. Brian S. Davion, Dawrlyn D. Davis. Annette C. Davis. Annie L. Davis. Betty L. Davis, Brenda L. Davis. Bronwyn E. Davis. Chuck Davis. Cindy C. Davis, Cynthia L. nom lam. l, 'A' v , . lfwlun fl. llnllqll, ff llfllllr-.l1lll'l 'fl -. l . l lffvl-vt. .V fl. lvwfnvlllf- l - Mwliflmvw NV. Mwrnlmvv 'vl'-. ,, . fmllpwll fl'-. lauvwl MH llallill-.ruin-L .MH lmlff-l Mx M x i f,rwIml'llfua MH PHMI ,'Vl'w flvvrf-ru w 'WH I mllwullv- MS Hgtlle-s.b1,lv'q MH llatm-tlmvq MN Hllluxl M3 J-11 lxsryn MS Anzrfatfsqur vwnwzilwla Moss Vffml MN Hlluxl .MN Mvnfif-nhall MN lb lil Mk. I on-1 lu MH l.orv-'1 B+-at lv MX. Pasf .jqfrulfi MS li-Ivy M6 Laurel M9 Lammel L Hallu-slvuwl P-'lx I aurwl WS NN lqluns Nix -Mir-irq IL Halln-slmm 'WN Lnillpiurl 'Wh Past .1-Milla 'WS Hallv-Nlulr-1 'WN Est tll.1nlap..a 'WN Hdtllfwfvtil-1 V5 W.1s1.Jflfwlxl.1 'WN Haltl:-stmlll 'Wx lislvllaxxpl 'WN l".1s-.mlmli 'WH Paws l,lws'1.1vw Nia lim--rl ff: Us Nat la-lwlm 'WN H.1tlw-llmy 'lla lx- l X l: '-ls rj, L xy. us '- vw rl. 1 "ns r ll.3"' ll 'W 'WN Nl ll .lv "l l85 Davis f Dobrosky Davis, Don E. Davis. Donna K. Davis. Dorothy J. Davis. Jaqueline M. Davis. Jamie L, Davis. Janet E, Davis. Janet R, Davis, Jeff Davis, Jim Davis, Keith Davis. Kevin Davis, Kevin R. Davis. Lisa I. Davis, Lynn Davis, Lynne Davis, Margaret K, Davis, Margaret L. Davis, Mary G. Davis. Mary P. Davis, Michael G, Davis. Sandra L, Davis, Tammy A. Davis. Tyrone P. Davitt, Patti A. Dawson, Joseph Day. Judy L. Daymond, Paula M. Deakle. Robin F. Dean, James B. Dean. Teresia A. Dear. Tamara Dcarman, Darrene Dt-arman. Lee B. Dcarman. Milton D. Deaton. Durwood Deadeaux. David M. 1-up N., S N . -V11 'Vi' . . ,4 X 3 Pvldhdtchlf-, MS, 50 Wiqqlns, MS .Jr Biloxi, MS Sr tl? Honol-xaa. Hawaii, Jr Q. Yazoo City, M5 JI Hattresburq, MS, So hffffswn' Aubq --,A Merldmn, MS Sr - Yazoo Cltv MN Br I Haltlesburq, MS, Jr W -:ff A L-Jnq Beanh. MS. 'wo .- if Ciultport Mb, ,Jr . Liiteddue. Ms, sf ' as ,. ,o. , i . 1 .' ff' 'Ky ' I I '.., . , i JJ. Summit MN Sf- A K, MN I it " ' .iautlr-v . I J -i Jackson. MS 'wr f -- ' 1, ' , H Il Iwi 1 MS I 'Au 'ha J les lit ,,r , V ,I Peltiiiatdiue, MS, Si Q " ,fa , . Htiltn-sburq, MS, 94,1 -' 'I 5.3. gb. hy' CIlnImr1.M'N lr - 5-, , .Q I I I MN J 'X-' Hnn:1Bear 1 M 1 Z W ggi, , attiesluurq S Sui A favK - 'Vg--v , 1 ' A W1-arIun1,1ti,nv MN Sr. 0 'T'-M 4 ' Vhscdqritiln MN fr ff 5' V Wwliwnqvon MN. N1 s lvl'-,falviimfi Al '51 1.11 tw.. Ms sf - 4- Periwrismri Ms Sv - A Huitlesimril Ms 'Nr X I ' Nfiiomfxtx MH Lv 1 1, V' fgsalznni Ms lr H Wulf! " as sq "qi ex at W1 Brdmimi MH Nu w 1 Lnlerprlsif- MN N11 vs 1 f' -il Htlttieshlirq MN Fl f M, . tiiirtiesiuiril fViN 'wi , V "vi 3 V I'.il1.1m,1 t :tx Fl Nw - ,r V -' tjitiirwi Ms lr ' .. : 7 ' ' t X 5 3 :nm nu- :zu 11: ln -un in u - 'F' 'ff aw' DEC VAX 1 1 780 6 ' Joins USM Computer Science Department I uv- ' . - .aff 1 - - . , Q. N If I. 1 - :AMP 3' . f I pi .2131 S' f 2 .,,, IS' fs I aww QS, g Us F Wax ' A in J . Q I i B , , 1 .i 5 I 1 - I 1 186 - 4 I -up 07, ,. Qfl 14. Av, Y ., if 0 l K 'N .Aw vs ' in , """ , 'www 7 ,ar , ' , ' ., ' .W , b , 'V 1' I 2 S. '1,, if E . 'w...."',,,- ' .I :au 1- VUIV 't Q 'V gu lls I 'via i 1 . 4- ...L M V, ., E I I- my G vm 7 N., '4- lr l The DEC VAX llf780 computer ystem, the latest addition to the fomputer Science Department. was acently purchased to handle the ever icreasing number of computer science tudents. Installed in May of 1982, the 'ax cost a half million dollars. Currently were are 64+ terminals, but with 1,400 ISS majors and more expected, extra erminals are to be installed. The VAX is sophisticated system which has the capability of graphics, a host of languages. of games. and a lot more. lt is the most widely used mini computer in the world. Besides the VAX, USM has a famous chess playing computer known as the CRAY Blitz. The program was designed by Robert Hyatt, and Dr. Albert Gower. both faculty members here, and has competed with humans since l976. The Xerox Sigma lX was used until i980 Ill Dees, Carol L. '-1 il.iiiii l Dc-Forrest. Linda E. In fiiiiiilli '-l llilifmi 'AY DcGeorge. Rusty Delaney. Janet S. 'nillimii 'A -. Delaney. Tina R. ll.iiziiU luiiii 'W- Dclcambre, Darlene l1ili..i 'ft'- Delcabre, Thomas J, ' ' '-li ,li-If l Dcmetropoulos, Lisa G. Den, Jameg B, llillif' lviiitz 'Ylhi Denham. Thomas li.f'-'-- "lb Dc-nley, Cindy K. tif l- -on M'- Dennis, Cassandra D. '-.iii li' 1 'l' Dennis. Donald W, ii' wlli- l l Dennis. Mark A. miiliii M. li Dennis. Olivia K. Denson. Julia S. Miiltilf- -il Dent. Michael "l till'-"li "la .in iii, liiiiiir 1 Denver. John Nltiliilw Al Dc-Rossett. Stephanie F, DeShazo, Angela E. llqiiifvsliiiitg MH Despeaux. Elissa R. Determeyer. Emory P. ll ilvivslniifl '-ls Devilt. Joni J. will lei i-.- ft- Fl Dewett. Donna G. W' will 'WN li Dickerson, Deborah liiiiliihin Ms li Dickerson, Randy C. lliiii it MS. Dickey, Pamela M, ll I- T-i '-Vs, Dickson, Stephanie L. will i '-ls Dieckman, Diana I in 'tt Diggs. Deirdre D, L iw iixilli- Nts Dillon. Cheryl L, l il Dillon. Robin R. l,li riowi "ls Discher, Maureen A. ltil - 'WS Dixon. Clark A. l- .i-i. it r. ll Dobrosky, Barbara J. liiiiiii lviiili '-ls Dobrosky, Mike lui in itll r.,..,.,...ii.. -is . lnxtxniili Mx l.inlf,si.ii MS Nu when CRAY Research of Minnesota began supporting the program. The CRAY computer can make 320 million calculations per second. lt was the first computer to win the Mississippi State Chess Championship. And. it is also expected to be mentioned in the Guiness Book of World Records as a result of its accomplishments in speed chess competitions. l- xv-'V ll'-P". iw i. ir. lvl i A I 7 Dodd Everett Dodd, Vickie L. Dolan. James A. Domec. Lisa A. Dominick. Ray B. Donavan, Nancy C. Donley, Barbara J. Donlin. Chuck Donnelly, Karen I. Dorman, Merrie C. Dossell. Sonya A. Douglas, Ken! Douglas, Ricky A. Doze, Joseph M. Draeger. Marlin J. Draughn. Max E. Draughn. Rex Draughn. Shirley C. Dravis. Martin W. Dreher. Stephanie S. Driskell. Leslie M. Driver. Mark J. Dubuisson, Theresa A. Ducksorth. J. Gregory Duckworth. Susan R. Dudding. David H. Dudley. Lavoyd R. Dudley. Sally E. Duffy, Janice M. Dugas. Elizabeth A. Dulton. Scott A. Dumas. Bryon K. Dunaway. Tony R. Duncan. Mary H. Duncan. Richard W. Duncan, Robyn E. Dunlap. Alisa R. Duprey, James E. Durham, Mary P. Durr. Katrenia R. Dye. Carol J. Dye. Kandi A. Dykes. Marsha C, Eagle Eakes. Clifton B. liakins. Richard D. Farles. Angela D, Earnest. Caroline Easley. Carolyn D. Easley. Sylvia P. East. Jerry W. Easterling. Edward E. Easlerling. Franklin L. Easterling, Julie R, Easterling, Lori C, 188 lflrjlrjdsvlllfe M5 ll Vlfksburq MS- Sm Luc edale MS- Cr-rlrvvllle MS Wwlrnr-r Al. l rlnq B+-an h MN Pow Lhrmlan Mx 31 Fl Vr Fl Fr Mobile AL 'mu Starkville MS Hernando MS Clinton MS. .lac lmon Ms Rl Fr Sr F-r Maura?-r Mx 'ml Fl Walton Bear l'1. VI Petal Mx Ppml MS .larkbon Mx VVuqf:qlnx MS C,Imt0n MK. Brookhaven MN Hernando M5- Kiullport MN Mandevlllv- l :X Maqw- MN If Irnlmrx Mx Natchez MN l3llllllllQlldlll AL Laurvl MN llullprvrl MS Slwdf-ll l fx lar I-rams MN Xurvvmll MN laurel f"'l'N llalrlwxlvlirrl MS l.r.lw.11dw MN liullprurt MN f.1uIly'mrI MN 1 rvlumrvm .MN Lllillprul Ms ilu-.1Il'Nprll1wlxMN Velul Mx l,.1uxr'l Ms HSM MN lvlvrvrlmri MN l wllrlffrrlnlv' Ms Mull rfl' MN l'l1rI.1rlr'Iplu.n MN lwllimlmx MN 1.1: I-.Mm MN Mu- 1. MH linxrxrl-lvw MN Ru lnlrrn MX lrllllywvl NVE. l'u- .lxvivw MN lr lr Fr Fr N1 F1 Nr: 'mv lr .lv Nl .li Nl Fr 'Sr 'Num xr. 'wr 'Nl Fi lr lr 5-rl 'Nr lr JI 'Nix 'Nu 'Nl Nr l I ll Srl fr lv Ir lr l I 'NI lr lv WN '- 1v..., I x ,A , k A v A .. .- P . , . V -. 53' MZ x c S3 , Q, .. Y. . 'vb QS.. S Y' f .. o A I M vs is ' 'l ':.-5 x +V ' 4' ' X A Y .Ye A- A . Q , A . x cs ..f..s- f 5 Y fs,-X 'S- r l .1 fl .' . r' I1 1 qw fx .f 1 xx., . FN .4-1. 4 ,SE ,I 1- 'Ai Q- l , l 1 E 4 3 . "'-4 A K 43 , 4. k if ' ilil'-ir ' ,.,gg.,.'f7'f jf' I 3 . W. .........Yg E X I 1 i' XD! 1 l 1 , i- a , r ' 1--. cN...,...,........ if .ai- ,J-sw .. gg. Wt" x-1 1 ni. Q 6' I 4.0 X M QF sd' :Mr - ri 'ff' '- Wi -4- 3 rv fx See Nr . Q ix t ,s X A 1 , . Nr' . l ... . Q 4 1 an N.. I, .1 uf- I tx. 'W e , R X S sg , A. . w , X Q Q. E . . X H as ma... . N- X ., . ,.,s.,, , .X T... ,CV ,,,...., if A-.Q 5 Nb. x x.. X . j,Qi as "xx A -':,'. -. X Q :il ' 14 - .-NX' - cfs an 'SP .'a E 'l-. Q E x F Q 4 M " 5 5'- f x .x I ve' -Q " z X. . ..i,,wf , F' N x. - ,J :1EEi:5E?:'.Zi1Ei1 :- 11-14:-.5 mst-1: S as ,agp as Q wie N Q ' vs Se X f t 2. x PW 4---- 'N -if -' oi' : 1' we '11 Q-qi ' N, . X i .11 ar ' iii f x 'fx if 2 Tr- 5 .. l H . 1 href" M Cgrilr iii. A 5 . :zrqfwx ., , . 5 ti 'lf rv v ' XY' W .uiv,.3.54 :if sz. gift? 2.21"-sen s. -ms: fi :f Q, '-1 -VER, ,, fm' 1- .- r . -Sa. eggs: r.,s,f.' v,.sz"r"-nr., tx ' 2 5. HH- WSI. ti' A. L:-',: ' 44 - :Wi . .- A . ,,, my Q I -, A. x fix- X , 1 ' fieglxd K r 1 x Easterling, Stephen E. Easterwood, Robin D. Eastland. Jiann Eastland, Jane G. Echols, Antoinette M, Edgeman. Shelly M. Edmondson, Carla M. Edon. Lowrence D. Edwards, Carla M. Edwards, Marie Edwards, Tanya Y. Egger, Libby Egley, Catherine A. Egloff. Tammy L. Ehlers. Lori A. Eichhorn, Karen E. Eidt, Andrea S. Eiken, Laurie E. Eiland, Terry R. Eisenhouer, Ava G. Eisenhouer. Fred R. Elfaky, Abdelkader A, Elia, Francisco J. Elkins. Sherry L. Elliott, James S.. Ellis, Gary L. Ellis, Philader R. Ellma, Craig T. Ellzey, Brenda D. Ellzey. Shari C. Eloby, Edwinia . England. Ellen English, Faye J. Ennis, Stephon M. Enoris, John G. Entrekin, Debbie Entrekin, Paul Entrican, Lisa J. Escher, Roland W. Essary, Gary O, Estapa, Kathleen A. Estrada, Jane A, Ethridge, James E. Eubanks. Rita F. Evans, Angela D. Evans, Marc Evans, Marcus C. Evans, Mary F. Evans, Pamela G. Evans, Patricia B. Evans, Stacy N. Evans. Theresa F. Everett, Kendall O. Everett. Susan E. Pr' irlrrrr Ir-rrr'.,rlIf- i1rr1wi'frr 'V lrnlrrrr frrlrrrrrlrrrr i,rrrr4f-i J,i1i-arm Jiri i-fur: Rr' irlfrrr Urlrlrrmrr 1.11 ifkfrlr V irrrlrrrr iffimrrl ilirrlrrrm I rrrrrq Umar lr irulir ff,. rr 'mn mf 'mlrlrer F'r1sr,1q-rrriu Peiai Htrrlrestvtrrtr i3vr'rql'rraZr i film rrrr M-'rn-1 XM--,xml Vicksburg Hattiesburg, Jaflwson. Brandon. Laurel Long Beaeh, Coahoma Magnolia. Columbia Gulf Breeze Canton Lmedalp. Ltrmberlurr Brookhave-n Paseaqoula. Haiti:-shurrr. Bar, Sl Lrrrurs Crulrport Jael-wr-rw Hartresbrrrtl. Bond .latlxsont Ilif- Lvxurw Hatrresbirrq Nirlf-ll Nrmrww' Nexxtfr- liavrrr-slrrrrrr V1.1 r'f4 'ilrrrrrrr vii, M ' .r 'Vi J r My ' M 'wr . M 'W i r M H Jr M Lv J r M ia- i r M N 'wr M iw ' rr M 'w lr Vi '2 'fr 'Vi H i r M X, Hr M 'w 'w M S 's,r M S 'sr Mb- or i r MN Br NXS Jr M3 Br nh,-1 Nr rrei-1 'wr MH Sr MS. E-r MS, Jr MS Jr Mb, ,Ir Mb, Jr MS. Su M5 Jr MS. Jr MS Sr FL. Sr 'WS-. Sr' MS Sr MS Fr MS Sr, MS Br MS Jr M5 lr MS Sr 'WS Br 'WN Sr MS, Su Fl it, MN. Jr 'iii . l N V' xv. x. 'XXX rr 'WN 'qs , me r 189 Everill Everill, Jon Everill, Rooke Evers. Gloria J. Ewald. Mary J. Ewell, Burnie J. Expose. Carol M. Ezell. Eric Ezelle. Linda D. Erelle. Missy A. Fail, T. Murray Fairchild. Rhonda C. Fairley, Rhonda L. Falls. Janet M. Fanl. Portiea L. Farmer. Kathryn H. Farmer. Paul L. Farmer. Tamara G. Farrell. Mary E. Farrior, Marcia L. Farris. Jon Farris. Ronald D. Farris. S. Christopher Farro. Michele E. Faver Sisan J. Fayard, Alicia J. Fayard, Mark D. Feazell. Shelton Fedric. Claire H. Fehrenbacher. Jim R. Felder, Pamela J. Felder. Sherri L. Felter, Cynthia G. Ferguson, J. Scott Ferguson, Mary A. Ferguson. Thomas E, Fero, Joseph P. Ferracci, Richele A. Ferrell. Carolyn E. Ferrell, Gloria A. Ferrell. Paul W. Feuerriegel. Lisa J. Files, Jana L. Finch. Reba J. Finley. Mary A. Finley. Michael E. Fish. Alice A. Fisher. Leigh A. Fishman, Cheryl A. Fitch. Becky s. Fitzgerald. Michael D. Fitzpatrick. Cynthia Filer, Brenda F. Fletcher. Karen E. Fletcher. Stacy A. 190 Formigoni Vu inline l'u.1x1m+- Lame! f.JLiIfprrvt Vu lwhuiiq L-ultiviilim Mylrursvillv l.Jr-t.1llH li.ilIu-shiim fiwwrixllli- Laurel llnttwshiiiq Vu .nnnvf lflhsxllir- lar kwin liwlrmlurv Pu .mum- Vi: kslvlilq NN .ewrwsh-iv 1. Piasriitiiviilu Petal Htsttir-slviirq MN Mx Mx MS Mx Mx MN MN Mx .Nl MN MS Mh- MN Mx MN Mx Mx MN MN MN MN Hrjvllvwtuitl Fl l mm limi- I1 lliullpurl Biloxi Flmrwm i- lf lallxsdulv' nt f-an 5-pimms l Ihr-rty Mt lrullllv I gt mlm PM .it nim- Lililtpirll 1 oliiiniwiis l'l.1ltu-shuni l'-,ix 'Bt Iruuls l Ifirlwrlnli- lwxlmsvillr- rlafm-s.l-111.1 1 .-limi .Lit hmm llntln-slwlirq Liuiltpuvl Nlwrvdv-vul1.iII lhittlvsinilq M1-rulmli lilliixi l'1'vif-,i:1vl. Huy N! linux v MN Mx MN Mx MN Mx Mx Mx Mx MN Mx will Mx MN. MN. MN MN till MN MN Mx MN Mx Mx Ms ill AlN Vis-.1 liiislmli MN 4I.iviv.-1.iIi li-emit UI. Mx ill Ylumm 'NNN 5 x .1 'Nil .. or 3- " 'Q Fr ' ft' ' V' Sr S0 'Nu ff , , , I . "Zi Ni Q I - , 1- . Nr iw-we , ' -E.. . ' J- ,Q 'Nr ' ,Q Q32 ,fa .sh . ' . . ' i 'I' --" V' - rw.. fsle 'wr is f' X Q ig F' . 'QMQ ,S '. ia 1, Q.: ,N - 'file ' Mix.. .. if ,f f ' , If ' N T . 1. , l I , Q f xi f ll lf: NI Nui Nl Nw Fr A . ' 1 Q A "1-A 'I .V . , ., sf a . . . ' .4-. ' t an 1. -I 1. fsrx N-1 7' ' ... ' Q- ...- v ' F1 . . 5 V Q gf, W M"-7 .1 Nr , ' " L . 1' vs . 4 . ,Q J r ' R . 99, J - . ef .li '- -- , s n Ei ' 4. - . rl Sn jg. L ,C fe W .. ' sr iq, 1 Q N' an .1 , ..A H .... nf J -, , A . Nr ' - 1 K ' sf 5 ck . ..ra . . .v ' 3,21 1 2 . . . .r 1- ri rs. ' J' -fri - 1' . .i 1 V vfwj. .-- .'. vw w -'Q ig' 4 -'V ' .QL-'. . '. , ' 521259 --H fn ' ' , V1 -Q 'ss 5 .... .. T Ny -ff wx .5 NI , ,1 2 ' i ,A , ..- j, . .I -1? - fs' N., I "T" - ,VN - Sl r , U A . '32 . 'L X " is M 'L i- i ii " 1i'?i??j xv H f VI 555 ,- 535 ' s.. :rin , Fr b- yv .. Q' f xi - l I ' I .1 y . I W., Q 4 I' . I ir N., A " ' an ' it ev. sv 1' 1: Y -' H V' iv Q , . . .-. ,J 'alll' rf.. .l f 63' , 'il 'FC 1- v ' . , -,, Y' 25-L in Q3 , 'X -uv " y ru U ' '-A1 ' is- rf: ,Q ar- Kiwi- -rn N .it- 1' w l limos hx H For If ff- i-4 2' x , ,' v--- . ,H . H . . 4 H 5 1 4, , l ' . E162 gl: l Flowers, Donna K. M f,'. l'i fzv' ' 'A . Flowers. Meg limi liiii i 'A N Flowers, Mickey C, lliiu l1-' liiiiii '41 Hi Floyd. Bert E. ltifrniiiii. MH N Floyd, Cathy D. 'f.1vilir,f MH 1' Floyd, Celia E. '1,,v.lii1 'fl ' Flynt.Jessica L. lliifliliiii l 'Vli li Flynt. Teres A. Mi lllivi- NV-. Foggo. John R. 'wif lil-1 'AN ir Folcs. Lance D. llrririi f4-. liiiiii '-NH ii Folkes. Billy W. 5v'iiiirr.ii', i"'l'2 -,i Folkes. Madelyn C. N mir-rift, MN fir Fokakis, Angela E, ll.ili lf" mill MH wi Forbes. Kim L. liiliilirlfm "YW or Forbes, Pamela B. lvrliiiriii MP wi Formby, Amy L. I'ir.1xiinif MH Ni Formby, Suzanne M. Vi- rmiiii- MX Formingoni. Lisa T, lun-1 lf' 1-ii MH li - - Q "I think she's at the library . . . " I The library. For many its considered to be an omnium of billions upon billions of dusty books to be avoided at all costs, Yet, for others the library is a haven for research and study, for browsing through magazines, and microfiche, and for working on classroom assignments. The quiet atmosphere lends itself to this for some will never study elsewhere. l9l Forrester Gleneck Forrester. David M. Forte. Austin Fortenberry. Nancy C. Forlenberry, Rhonda J. Foster. James B, Fountain. Candi S. Fountain, Jodee A, Fountain, Teresa A. Fowler. April M. Fowler. David B. Fowler, DeVon L. Fowler. Paula G. Fox. Cynthia J. Fox, Peggy A. Fox. Stephen L. Foxworlh. William M. Foy, Lori A. Frallis. Kare L. France, Glenn D. Franco, Maria E. Franco. Thomas J. Frank. Becky B. Franklin, David L. Franklin. J, Mark Frazier, Amber E, Frederick, Amy R. Freeman, Cassie L, Freeman, Donna G. Freeman. Frank B. Freeman. Lisa K. Freeman, Shelly K. Freiberl, Franz J. Freiberl. Richard J. Freil. Linde V. Frelix, Shiron A. French. Robin A. Frenlz, Mozzie G. Freshour, Ted C, Froundl, James C. Friesz. Linda M. Pulling, Gregory L. FuIt1,MichaelK. Fumhess. Lisa J. Funchess. Shelia C, Funes, Garda L. Funq AfFal, Richard H. Furrh, Leigh H. Fulrell. Joyce L. Grrgliano, Gary M. Ganrmage, Lisa L. Gaines, Kenneth A, Gaines, Kennelh L. Gaines, Therese S. Gale. Michelle M, l92 Ju: lvsori Luke Columbia Morlranlowri Buloxr Biloxi Hlluxr Biloxi Mx Nell Cnrrhdqe Jeri kson Pensacola Jar lxson R f'vu lx Hill R l'fn lr Hill Fuxwfirrlh M1 llumiu ltrllreshlrrq W.rvr-land New Orlearrs Mrrlwllf-I Melon lr- Fox worth l only Bl-.Jpll 1 lrrrrflrr lrlvmuls Pr-I.1l1.1lr hw Vurvls lrerlrllr-'I llnllle-shrrrq ll.rlIelmr-sl lar lxsrrrv Hlrllrr-slrurq llrlrrlsvrllf- srlwr 1 ro.-k lrlrllgrr 'rl Hlllwxl 'rllllprrrl f Irrilurr Vu lxslrlrlq lllyllrvvlllr' X lr lxslvrrlrl ll.illlr-slwlllry ll-rllrr-slrllrrl lr1.lIrr.a llrrrrrll lrlrllporl l,rr lrs-rrr Vu ,ryrrrrv ll,rllrv'Nlrlrlr1 lux 'srrrrrhrr l-Zrllrxr ll.rIll:-slim.. lvrrl.rllr I r-ru' .rr rrl.r MS MS MS. MS MS ME. Mb MS MS M5 MS. FL. Ms Sf, 'RI' M5 MS- MS MS IA, AL. LA, MS Mi Ms IWS Mi MS MN, Ms M5 Ms. MH Al Ms M5 M5 MS- MN MS- Ah MN M5 Ms llds MN. Ms MN M s M 'N l l my el M 's Nl N Fr Sr 'Sr Jr Jr 'br So So Sr Cir Sr bo 'br Jr Sr Fr Sr Jr Jr Cir Sr 'Sr 'S o Jr .lr Jr Jr Fr 'br .lr .lr Fr Ln Nr '51 Br Fr Bl 'br Sn ll 'NU Xl Fr 'NU II Nfl Nr Nr Hr ll 'wr Xl lr 1' gl"4 gr .my T.. , . , s. 'WV X , ,- H Q -J 5 ., f 'H' 9- KP' .-as ki . ,G vw V . , W, 'hr 'Q 'Q ffm.. N .L Napa, M' f . 5 in Q' fy 175 ,.u0"' ' Y-ff? I . rg. 'ST 'gl , 4- xfm 'A A 1' ig.. ,fl- 4 A ,i R 'Wd' rl rm 4, . an N , 9 . 1 X, 8.-an 3 Z 9 7 . . . ,A l nl ..... . I 1 i ny 'WG r-Q i , , 73 Fw ' rv- g ..1"" x Q... I, J '- 4. r 4 ., . .41 'i D A rx 5 A , ".,":' ,V 'C J? sf ,AES A '33 . .2 . 4 Ti ,'.. V' A . . XR, e , Lk Q . 4, Qs l A Q ,Q-. K . if I ,- i K i r r l M' t 6 he v W! t . ff f . . , X , If - x . ft 'nt 1' . aft . 155 469 'ww' wr-U ..,-f I. "mann" J --wp "!""5' : '- 'Q Q.. x 'fn' 55 i fr 'Cd' 0 l t ,i X Z sg? A ' Lil l . - 1 Y ,. ' . .w7f,,..,.,,.., V, .,, , .I 5,v.W..,5.,, 1 If L . . 1 t l ,H t. 'Q' 1 . 'M ' m y F 1 K , .4 i . I 1 3 A Q . E Q. i P ' I 1-" ' w 1 Q f ,I ef 1. gh X 0 Q X W4 it kv rw- 4. J I-a -8 ' ,M- gz 'af . 2:2 Q9 l ,ff 5- Ill! Ili 1 he 2... E L ft ,:. Q Q 2. f Q I ft. , 'fi if .. '3l:5EQ1I I ia ,,,,, im an .- fm " Z ,,,,,A ,V,,, ,, wr . ,WN . . gff 0 .6 ,. . - 24 52 ff i .. N 9 ff , AQ 4 v X, Q 49 ' 1 :Mi X . 'CN' xr '15, R Galloway, Margaret Gammage, Gloria D. Gandy, Jerry L. Gandy, John J. Gandy. Susan M. Garcia, Alejandro Gardner, M, Valerie Garner, Diane L. Garner, Guy H. Garner, Lisa M. Garrett, Hope C. Garrett, Stephen C. Garvey, Penny J. Gary, Lise M. Gasaway. Cynthia L Gash. Laura K. Gaston, Frederick W Gaston, Shane R. Gates, Elvis F, Gatewood. JoBeth Gatipon, Shaun B. Gatlin, Jennifer L. Gaude, Jan E. Gaudet, Mary E. Gautier. Kris Gayden, Debbie J. Geissinger, Marion George, Randall S. Gerhart, James B. Germany, Melanie R. Gibbs, Teresa H. Gibson. Lori L. Giddis, Kevin Gilbert, Bryant P. Gilbert, Sharon L. Gin. Kathy M, Gill, Sabrena V. Gilleon, Grant H. Gillespie. Gil Gillis, Charles Gillis, Dawn P. Gillis, John C. Gfllespie. Pam Gillespie, Suzanne K. Gillum, John L. Gilmer. Kinnard Gilmore, Clay Gilstrap, William G. Ginn. David R. Ginn, Donald L. Ginn, Donna K. Glaas. Monique T. Gladhill, Deborah A. Gleneck. Dale B. f urrturr Harm--,hurry Biloxi Hazlr-l1ure,t. Hazlrehurst Mara: allrrt, Vwrwlt Hattrr-sburq, Biloxi Past aquul-1 lurtq liver h Puplarvrllv' Herrtp-sttaatt. ffmutu-r Hattlffsllurq M-'mbtlp Pwvvsar Ula Gulfport Mubvlf-, M M .. M fr. M e M Jvla MS MS MS. M5 MS TX MX MS Al. Vl MS AL Lonq Bear l'u MS. Franklrnttm LA Atlanta QA Bourque Qhutt-it MS Plravune M5 Jackson, MS Lonq Beaah MS Mrfftwmb, Mi Biloxi M5 Btttjvxl MS Columbus Mb Merndtan, MS Laurt-I. MS 'I'--rm MH Laurel MS Eitloxt MS Cdrrrere M5 Med-Jvllle MS Vi twodlarwd Ms HattvwsbuV1J.MS Ray morrd MS Ctullpuft 'WS Hattresburq 'Vli Hattrrsburq M5 llatttfwliurtl Nl? Hgittteslaurtt 'WH lhtttt-sl"urt1 'Wa- ltlxxdtttx Nw li'r1tws.1rtvl.1 l'I Lnrltpttrt 'WN Nfl Vt' : ' - X litx at tt.u- -la 'ur Nr Jr Gr '51, Jr Jr Fr Str Fr Jr Gr 'wr 31 'Nw Jr Nl St, 5-tit Jr Jr Jr .Jr Sr 50 if lftr Fr Jr Jr Fr Jr ir .lr Fr Fr 'Nl vlt Br Vt br Ltr it tr ,lt Nt X. Vlyywt, .fx l Hwtmf-lttrt-1 l X XR xwfltrnl '-la. l' Ft XX :ltr-1: l-tt-.1-'A lt l93 Glover Grill Glover, Maragaret E. Hattiesburg, MS: Fr Goad, Sharon M. Gulfport, MS, Fr VP Godbold. Judy M. Jackson, MS, Sr VVWVVV Godfrey, Laurin D. ,Clinton MS, Fr -Q VV . va. .. . Ggdfrgy, Leah D, . , Cllnlori. MS, Jr M' ' Gollott, Lisa M. Biloxi. MS, Sr Ng, Gonzalez, Anna C. . Columbia, MS, ,, , - Goodman, Gladys S. , . . JSCFSOD, MS ff' ,V LV. V it Goodman, Laura L. . Tampa, Fl., Sr ' ,.' V V Goodrich, Nancy L. . .Pmayune-, MS. Sr fx ' ' Goodwin. Allyson B. , .. ..L8lJfSl, Ms, Fr Q' V --.VV Goodwin, Beverly R. Louisville, MS: Jr V "FW -X Q. 5 . 13 Goodwin, James M. . . Ocean Sprlrlqz., MS, So X ' V,. Rau Goodwin, Katherine E., . . Forest, MS, Jr :VN ' wil 6 Goodwin. Laura L. . Atwater, CA, Fr V N ' 3,2 V Gordon, Donald P. Meridian, MS, Sr ,V i n ,. ,J I Gordon, Donna R. , Grand Bay, AL, So 1 'V A Gordon, John E. . , Pascagoula, MS, Sr A LlI'Sll'lQ StUClel"ltS fI'Ol'T1 Gulfpark and M . , ' ' -. 1 Y 3' 1 " Ayers, Carol S ...,.,,,.,.,..., ,..... ,..,.,.. ,... .,..,,,,, ,.,,....,,...,,... , . . G u Ifport, MS, Sr. .- - ' Beaugel. Hugh S. ..,,... ,....., . .. ......,..........,,....., ......... . ..,..... Biloxi, MS, Sr. if W 3 .,..q,,..f, . iam is Q Bingham. Carla E. ....,,.. .,.......... . , .....,....,,... .,,.. .,,...,,... P a scagoula, MS, Sr fb' 'X VV .i '15 ' Q " I Clark. Mary A. .... .....,....., , ...,.....,.......,...,. ,...,,..... ...... O c e an Springs, MS, Sr, -3, - ,V 3 fgVVV V V - V, Deitrick, Kathryn T... ........,....,,,.,,.,.,.,.,...,,,.,.,. .. .. ..... Long Beach, MS, Sr ' ,, ' ""' V-L 1 , G -'fi V ' J l 1 hif i . f- , " ,Q ,. ,, VVV 4 Vg' V . -'QV , V ' - VVV! 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Krista S. ....,......,..,,,,,,.,,,..,.,..,..,....,,,,. , ....,...., Gulfport, MS, Sr. - V gi' . - 1' , -- ii gr r- " i , vw - " 5 , .1 Killen, Benda .,.,...,..,..,,.,,...,,.,.,,,,.,,.,..,...,,.,.....,... Collinsville, MS, Sr VL , , ' ' . , gf ii Q., V 2 - V McCoy, Sharon K. .. .........,...,...,.... ..................,,., ...,...... B iloxi, MS, Sr. Zi A4 " K V E ' N , QL- McDaniel, Charlotte A. ..,,....,.........,.,,..,.,,,.. ,, ....,... Ocean Springs, MS: Sr. 5' VVV V . VV 7 r Q ' ' . "' "' Packer. Patricia R.. .,,..,....,,. , .,...,.,...,.,.,..,..,,,.....,...,..,..,...,...,.. Biloxi, MS, Sr. Q V f' V V - VV: V..-Vglfl l V V I . V V:- N --" -7- X' - 1, lm , Nw, MV' " , x . -"" i f x ? .1 , 'P Ei M is 1-it.: V ' ' ,LV V V i V ' V- ,l,VV SV 1 V S' Q VV I Preston, Mary A. .,......, .,.,. ..,,.........,,..,,,., ..... A . ...,,..,....., G u lfporl, MS, Sr. fri V, N, as V V y V ' i Purvis, Sandra G.. ,,...., ...... .......,......,. .,.. ............ P a s cagoula, MS, Sr. V ' 9 " K 'X V -f S '- T, f' ig, 1- V iffy 'jr' V Roberts, Beth E ...,,,,,. .,....,,... ,,,,. . ....,.,...,,,...,...,..,,,,..,. L o ng Beach. MS: Sr. ' ' ' 5- -' V - 'A ' 4, ' ' f 3, V, -M Russell, Daniel R .,....., ,,...,., ,, ,, ...,,....,...,...,...,.....,,...,.,,...,,, Biloxi, Ms, sf. 'G ' ' l 3 'ti' , 5' Stewart. Bonnie P. ,....,.,...,.....,., ..,., ..,.....,,....,,....,,...,........... ls l ima, Msg sf. 5' ' - , .V ' - . fy , ' Y . ir, V hgguhf V VV . V. , V ll .LV V f - fi , , 1 --ll , f -117' sl V ' J . V, , .V VV VV ' .' 1. Williams, Patricia R. ...., ....,.... ,........ . . . ..,........,........... Moss Point, MSg Sr. V' VV VV V " . Wisniewski, Carol A. ..,..,,... .,....,.... ,.....,..., ..... ............ B i l o xi, MS: Sr. 'S l' A fr V- ,f ef- J - s- 194 L-. 'cr' 4 sr 'V' . V. .,,,,,.!: , 'Yr L ' A . Q 2211 ,, ,.,, ,,,. if , ii, .. . ,P . Q .., . ,,., E .. .4 Q 4 'Pb' . I AW' N 5:55:11 J Tb" """' " -. -2 14 - . , .Ji fi- ay-. liii 'L " lli . . . 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PM .jyunv M5 Mvlnirwlwll 'WN liislvir-srruvfq NNN f-'zfsiezsf-'Q .TWA , X, ,,.. .... . .. U . .W Q x 4? V Q . 1 it 2 'NL iii ' i xc P481 QT? n .Pr-. 1'L.. Q l 7 Ill 2 Q 'A' 'A ' Grantham, Jerrold J. Grantham, Leslie A. Grantham, William M. Gratta, Da vid M, Gratwich. John Graves. Gary Graves, Jeffrey B. Gray. Ann Gray, Barr yA. Gray, George E. Gray. JoAnn Gray. Julia L. Grayson, Charla K. Green. Blythe, W. Green, Jimmie G. Grenn, Elizabeth A. Green, Madonna J. Greelf, Rebecca A. lmlfpmrv MN Halvu-slmvfl 'Vla- Htntwsiimm MN Hams-xh1m1.M5 DM all-1 :Ni Tax lomvillv M5 Numvail MN Pevimw hi-1 V1 I-li-wkh.ivwri MN l AM- N15 Vim-NY 'WS 'W-rldnan 'N-15 Nlwrulldri 'WS Uliuvwr 'WB i ln reiialrf N15 i f .4 iii " 'Qc Q 'qgfm 1 'c -- , 1 N , R , .Aa gf' 5 Greene, Donna L. Greenwaldt, Michael E. Greer, Bobby R. Greer, Troy K. Greene. John R. Greene, Rhonda R. Gregory. Betty L. Grice, John M. Grice. Pamela L. Grierson, Raymond J. Griffin, Deborah A. Griffin. Susan R. Griffith, Lisa S. Grill, Michael J. Grill. Patrick M. Pearl W5 Pearl 'N-'iN H.i!twmhLm1 NNN Nl:-ridian 'VKX f alimn 'WN I nlumlwa WN. 'Vif'n.1-Anlmll N-la "lvrii1i.m Nia Xk.1xl1r-flwwrw Nia Im ami Nw Vu awww We Vi- ix um- 'NNN xi,,.e rx ,,- xi M it Nl -'i' v 1 NX Nui-Jimi '-la V1 'li if- Xi uw, I-,+, . rw Nl r-'ri pr: - T'- 195 Grimes f Harwell Grimes. Brenda G. Grizzard. Laurie B. Groggy. Jeffery F, Groth, David A. Grubbs. Dinah J. Grubbs, Matt R. Gryder. Vickie Guerico, Paul J. Guice, Pamala G. Guillotle. Kiplan A. Guion, John Guizerix, Kathleen L. Gustin. Leslie K. Guthrie. Arlo Guthrie. Donna J. Gutsch, Kenda Guy, Barbara S. Guy, Tony Guynes, Edwin A. Haarala. Misty L. Haarala. Randy Haas. Cletus A. Haddox, Keven G. Hagan, Albert W. Haik, Phillip B. Haines. Mary J. Hairston, Leontyne Hall. Bobby R. Hall. Daniel R. Hall, Laura D. Hall. Leslie A. Hall, William B. Halley, Robert J. Halliburton. Edwin Halterlein, Chris Halterlein, Maria B. Hallhon, Ollie M. Ham. Robert D. Hambric. Anna L. Hambrin. Steen H. Hamilton. Barbara A. Hammack, Vicki A. D. Hammond Douglas P. Hammond Eliza A. Hammond Sandra K. Hammond, Tammy J. Hammond, Wanda J. Hammons. Melissa L. Hancock. George A. Handle. l'.P. Ham-y, Allison Hanley, Denise H. Hansen. Georg R. Hansen, Knule 196 Mlllry AL Qcean Sprrnqe MS Mrlduai- Ontario Mary Ester, Fl. Star MS Brandon. Mir. Brloxr MS Natchez M5 Jackman, MS Pearl MS Yazoo City M35 Prravune' ME- Bav Sl L-JUI5 Mi. Laurel, MS Pearl MS. l'lattre-5-burrq M5 Braxton M5 Mprrdran MN. Htrzlwlrurat MN Paw rjrqoula Mfw Prim rjqoula M9 hrln M3 lfnlumbra, M5 Brlnxr. Mx .J.1rlxSOn MS Jafkaon MS Mwrrdlan. MS Jac kann MS Jaelwon MS Hattreuburg, M5 Brandon MS Vrr lrsburrr. MN Lrautrer MS. Brrjrrirl-wvrllr MS Lrrnq Beaph M5 Lnrrr1Beai-h Ms Pas' aqoula MS Maqe-if M5 Wi rrirrlhrrdqe VA Wi ir'r dhrrclqe VA Mr C0rT1l7 MN l aurvl MN Mmltrl Fl ilrlrvxr MX Mr rrrlrr rf-Ilu MN llrlnxl MN Vrrarrtrss Ms l rrre-xr MN llnlrrrwlrrrrrr MN l'-rx'-:lr Rrdrrr- lk rlrrrtrrrrrrr MN Nur I-wlrrrrrl MN 'nrllrrrrrt Ms tl.rrrrr-.rrrrrq Mx Sr '50 Fr Jr So S rv Sr Fr Sir Jr Sr Jr Sr Sr Cir Sr 'F-r HV ,lr Fr 'Nu Jr Sr Sn 'E-O 'NV Sr Sr Jr .Jr Sr Sr 'Sir Fr Jr Sri Sr Jr Jr Fr .lr 'Ur lr Nr Sri Jr Vi Nia lr Sl Ir lr ll Nr 'Q , 4:1 4 4. . -aux. ai! r xc? Y S Q. ,,. .r-. KI 'C' 1-:Y QR QB 3 3 iF .. ,fm . t r, g -. I , K G I 1 5 2 i A "V Q aw:-'-zgszzzff. 72 'F 1 , H ,S I rr , A F A V fzfsj'-i1I'5E::f5f- ' ,v .V ,I .. iii-Q Ls 1 ,.' ,Q I - ., N A N pp 2 Q i , Qi- wa. .- fi N09 ,, X '06 'E' fu -r ,,.f: ,, E-fir: 4 l r ,r r 4. f Mg-..-.,.' Y 1 f l -r " N. Q 1' 5 r .4 3 'ff' . -'3 'RH ,Ja zmrggza af ar' 7 by f , ., 1, x fr -91- an ., . l 'fig , 1 X A 4 V. I F . ,Q x:-l ' i F1 K p .X . c4. ,fl 5 , , 1 1 f , Q if i f 3. 3 ' LZ.. 335' .:.-g-ff' 2 . K, fi -. 4 .. , 1 if i .. A Z ,si . " x fi f ln I N4 Y .. . , r., ,le 4- 'C!"l' 7 .ax W' 'Ex l l ll . V x .QV 42" -'T fw ,,., ' ur , 'Q' fa" ? x ' A e i 8 'J 'vl V 2' 'Q-' lr va,-. i -' l - '1' Li -I - an -r--2 5 . ' . Q . , gif 'Nj' . V I. g 1 1 ., s .H " , '-Q an al f "" fr! 4' 44 2 it U i .lf X , . g ' ,.- L- ,s 5 ' W., ff. Q .V V 'i3'v'?5?5Q I 1' ., . i 1 A , ' IM - Q ' 'N 1 Q. 1 . ' 1 Hn' V cz "fa l 'l iv-19' ' l V 1 Q---Q VV N I ,--. ,, -:Lx Hansen. Pamela Gay Hansen, William Mark Hanser, David F. Hanson. Cooke Hanson. Stork Hanzalik. James E. Haque. Anjum A. Haralson. Alfonzo Harbin. Deborah E. Harbin, Patricia A. Hardin, Carroll Atlee Hardin. Elizabeth Renee Hardison. Robert Ansel Hardman, Donald W. Hardy, Hardy. Hardy, Cindy Ann Karen Lee Robert Bruce Hargetl, Lisa Kay Harkins. Florence L. Harper. Harper. Harper. Harper. Harper. Harper. Harrell. Harrell. Harrell. Harold N. Jenny L. Jon Jonathan P. Teri Tressie S. Chuck Emma R. Micki L. Harrelson. Gary L. Harring Harris. Harris. Harris. Harris. Harris. Harris. Harris. Harris. Harris. ton. Elizabeth H. Donelson C. Evon Freddie L. Jeffrey T. Linda L. Pamela E. Richard L. Ruby E. Stacy K. Harrison, Allen K. Harrison. Patsy M. Hart, Jackie E. Harter. Harlfiel Hartfiel Hartfiel Harlfiel Phyllis A. d. Barry H. d. Roy J. d. Tina C. d. Vialla B. Hartmann, Maria M. Harvey. Harvey. Harvey. Harvey. Harvey. Betty L. John J. Mamie G. Nicky Percy L. Harwell. Tracy L. AA Vlrruw Pwlrrl . . fnrllrrrlrl M"- LA f '1f.,,1rr",r,rrrrfl . llrlllrrfulnlvfl Ni '- AA L ll.1llr"fl.fvlrf1 r M-. liliwxr r llflllr'-slrllrq M 1 ifllvwl MY Ham 1'L. lrrrrfg MS 'warrprmlfr Hrnlrl lill-rxr. ME. Mlrrrlpllls l" Mr-mplnx l" B1irrxr,NlH 1.11 Ir--.url .MS Jar lwrrlr. Nia, Vfrlllnllvus IWX. Vlr Mburq. MH Carlha-je' M5 DY Bartow, Fl, 5r Prenlles MS, Fr Cllnlwrl M9 ,lr Hallleslkurq MS Ir Hatllesburq MB, S-1,1 Harvreebtrrrq M5 'mr Moss Porn! MS, 3-fir Mmqnrrlla M5 Fr Fl Wallorr Br-,nh VI, Tr Alvxarldr-r Qrlx AL Jr H.:llVr+'sbr,rrq MN Vx Houston TX ,lr Yrfvono. MS ,lr Columbus 'WN Sw Defalrir MB. Sr VM-wrnn M5 Sv Hdlllf-shlllll M9 ,Ir Or can Springs M5 Nw Hallie-sbtrrq 'vii Sr Laurel 'VN Jr Ciaullel MS Jr Qllllp-wrt Mx Nr Flruol-rl1ax'r'v'r MN Sr Lonq Bear h 'Sli FH Halllrasbtllrr Nix ,lr Puri rx 'NW N' H-Jllrwslwrrrq 'lla Nr Prrmrs N19 H1 'rprlrms VN 'af' ferries! Ala 'sr lonrl Hear li Nl f Xrlksliurri V f llnlrwsllvr: 'Xl N. l.lrlVl1If' Nl av' lldllzeffla ..-r W F l97 Haskell f Hillman l l r Haskell, Edie Newport Beach, CA, So I i ' a, ' l Hasley, Linda L. Brloxr, MS, Sr 3' 3 ' ' 1 Hassell. Jannifer L. Coldwater, MS, So i' l ' I 1. Ns Hasson. Lori Ft Walton Beach FL, Fr f 1' r 1 L ' 1 . '- :',L..Q.d,, ff . QI. Hatcher. Michael R. Lure-dale MS .Jr ' , , www, if r Halhern, Angel Y. Merrdran MS So Z i 17 ' " , l --:ii fmwqyli ., .V ,. 1 .' ff -1- 113- '53, 'fll .,.w",,.- A-NMMA' Mmm 1 5 ' 2- 1 Haupt, Beth A. Crultport, Ms Sr H. Q , I Hawes, Leslie R. Hattrf-shurq, MS, Fr v -Z.. ve E Hawk, Henley Buzzard Roost, Mb Sr 'L , , Hawkins, Tricia L. Haltresburq, MS Fr I ' lv.. ' Hayes, Karen M. Pensarola, FL, Jr .-W A. M. ' I A ,, R l Hayes, Linda A. Hattresburq, MS, Sr r .V 'Q' an i 8 .I L Z V i H- ' . rn f M r . l - A L Hays, Nathan s. New Orleans LA. So I 'Q' 4 r Heaarey, Kris A. vrrraburq Ms Sr Q ,H A Heard, Kathleen A. Mr-rrdran MS. Sr V' V ' Heaton. Nancy H. Brookhaven MS, Jr I X i .. 2 l Heaberl. Curtis L. Past aqoula MS So E' If H ' 5 Hechman. Roxanne L. Brloxr MS So A D .. ' 4 f-:fi -. . r r ' 4 SM?-'-f -SUI A . i , . . ..,..,. 4 N24 . ..... . Hedgepelh. Curtis G. Ellrsvrllfr Mb, Sr 1? rr Hedges. Dean P. Os van Sprrnqs, MS, Fr all 'Ii .eh , I. A Q W V Z -. Heffner. Angela J. Vrralrsburq, So " V V Y 9. X Q 2 A Heflin, Michele Gulfport MS, Sr . "-. 7' V5""" ' , 'S' Li' Heidgerken, Theresa L. N Brloxr MS, Jr K V ' 'X , 'Q Helgeson, Dan A. Brloxr MS, Sr W, gg . . ' an ,i . -'5' 1 I Q, 0 -1 , I 4 - hal! 9, gf' Q , fillllfri' 5 5 I I ' , Hellz, Kevin P. Reserve LA, Fr 5 , -- 3 Hem, Jeanine N. lonq Bear h MS Jr I My A li M V- in i Hemeler, Beth N. Mr Comb, MS. Fr wh N' ' ' , Hemeler. Robin MrCnrnb MS Sr ix ,gk ' lg Henderson. Darrell G. Merrdran, MS Sr ' lap in' I, Q VV I 5 ' rl Henderson. DeWanda State Lrne, MS, Sr -Q r.. Q ...,, V' V ' I , r . . r e . :,r,. It V . , 'Q . 5-5-,.i,,,5,::.1:p734 4 r , 'r if' Q7 i ll .V , ..., , ...Zn . . Henderson. James H. Llrnton. MS. Gr Ll' ' r Henderson, Karr T. rrnaaarf- Ms So , Henderson, Laura A. Rrrhton, MS, Sr ' i, W" ' ' r 2 1 Henderson, Sharla R. Columbus MS Jr Q' 5' - 'V' i Hendrix, Joe B. fnlurnbus MS Sr ' N- .7 ' , , V : i 1 . ' 1 ' lb Hendry. Anna M. Own MS Sr -' 3, 5 ' f Q H "xi l L 'N' 1 ' ? Y I ' A K.. rr ! ' ' if. 'lr A . in '5 " . , - l I 1 ' 7 1 l I 1 I I iw l A Legend of H F rren 5 rp . St'll Grows? 4-a-ff-iff'-,QM .r Southern Living M.rfr.r1rn. Mrrlr lr lkliil ' ' I I I 1 1 I l l i l r 198 r , 1223- ' -V J- v-- 1 ,f I We I 5 , 454 is .JA 1.5. 1 ""' 6 A, ,A , frjffbfjf , , fu!" ' ' 4 , 7-5:3?2'1:l ' 6 'Q' 'wx ., "-ir ef , ,2 M I . .ZA. lQ.l,i1Qff.4 fm .,.f? ,Q - . , Yi A 5 " 5 1 iw. . . fs--X A. . f, J 1 l 44' fr 1 fl gy 1 . 1 1 l l 1 - ' The massive branches of Friendship Oak dip and then gracefully arch skyward again, dwarfing the building beside it. Hardy Hall, the conference center- cafeteria complex at the University of Southern Mississippis Gulf Park campus on Ll.S. 90 in Long Beach, is no insignificant building, but you can only glimpse patches of it through the expansive, twisting branches of the live oak. Friendship Oak shades an entire corner east of Hardy Hall, casting shadows on a plaque erected in i969 by the sophomore class of what was then still the Gulf Park College, a school for women. A legend, celebrated on the plaque, holds that those Henley, Craig E, rf.. ..i,., .A M-. i i Henry, Agnes C. laiivwl W. Henry, John D. PM i1,. if 1.1.1 fl Henry, Marla K. Mft owl' Nl". Henry, Pamela L. will hw M". Henry. Roscoe R. t- ifr--.-, Nl: Hensley. Bobby Half lv-1 MB Herndon, Amy N. l3opl.1rvill MF. Herrin. Jeffery B. liraxtnii MH Herring, Bobby H. Hailiffsliiirq MH Herring. Cynthia A. Iylferrfiwn Nil. Herring. Lon D. Narrliw MS Herring, Patricia L. Htirvwslfiirq MS Herring, Richard A. 1.41 lxsnn MS r Herring, Thomas S. C nluml ia. MS S Herrington. Chip F-ilnrnbia MS Herrington, Kim B. Biloxi MN Jr Herrington. Robert P. W-i-idvillw M2 Hester. Carlos D. Haitiwshurq MS. Hester. M. Denise Taylnrsville MS Helherington, Rachael A. Long Elma: h MS, Hewes, Charles A. Uullpnrt Mx Hewes, William G. Gulfport Mi, Hiatt, Jacky H. Haillesbiir-3, M9 Hickman. Denise A. Tonn'isub.i Ms Hicks, Debra K, Ja: ks.-.n MS Hicks, Tammy L, Idauvr-I MS Higgenbotham, Jayne ,lun lawn Ms. Higgenbotham. Margaret A Past aqi:ful.i Nia Higginbolham, Saxonie C-iflumhiis .Nts Hilbun, Cynthia M. Xi-'ltshnrii Ms Hill. Clois H. Delmillf NN Hille. Amy A. Hay Si l -,ii ii-. Nts Hille, Carla E, l at it lrvliis 'Nix Hilley. Carolyn E. c,,.,Uii.-f Ms J. Hillman. Paul M. Rn twin Ms s.. who enter the tree's shadow shall remain lifetime friends, and the plaque dates the tree to 1487, five years before Columbus' first explorations. While the date might be presumptive, on a campus dotted with grand live oaks, in an area of the country where such trees are legion as well as legendary, the Friendship Oak takes its place regally among them. Benches stand scattered in its shade, but perhaps the oak's best feature is that it's easy to climb. Steps lead to a major split in the trunk where you can walk through the limbs onto a wooden platform. Bluejays and mockingbirds call from its uppermost branches, and fern coats some of the limbs like gloves. A north wind stirs the mighty branches. some 5 feet in circumference, and the 50- foot-plus limbs create wonderful, sweeping shadow patterns in the wind. Reaching almost 70 feet tall. the oak measures I6 feet around the base. and its lateral roots reportedly extend 85 feet. Sitting cradled in its branches, you can easily understand why Americas vagabond poet. Vachel Lindsay. chose Friendship Oak as the site for his outdoor classes. An English literature and poetry instructor at the womens college. he regularly held classes at the wide oak. l99 Hilton Hyde Hilton. Karen L. Hines. Janet L. Hiser, Joe F. Hiter, Betsy R. Hidge, Sidney R. Hodges. Mark Hodges. Michael W. Hodges, Sylvia L. Hoffman, Jamin B. Hoggatt. John L. Hogue. Mary J. Hogue, Spud Hoitt. Richard J. Holcomb, Richard P. Holder, Roxie L. Holder, T.J. Holifield Holifield Holifield Holifield. Holifield Holland, Holland. Holland, Holland. Holland. Ann Debbie W. Jan Rhonda K. Stephanie A. Bob Brenda L. Janice R. John C. Linda J. Holland. Linda K. Holland, Paul R. Hollingsworth, Lisa C. Hollingsworth, Teresa Hollins, Mary L. Hollond. Stephen J.. Holloway. Scottye M. Holm, Carol A. Holman, George R. Holmes, Debra A. Holmes. Margaret W. Holmes. William L. Holt. Jerry W. Honeycutt, Jeffrey W. Hooker. Mary A. Hoover, Lindy Q. Hopkins, Patrick E. Horne, Jeane S. Horne, Latrecia A. Horne, Paula R. Horne, Regina A. Horton, Peggy M. Horton, Stephen A. Hoselle. Susan A. Hosey, Ella M. Hosey, Charlene M. Hosey, Dianne M. Hotard, Stephen A, 200 Biloxi. MS. . Madison, MS. Hamilton, MS. Baton Rouge. LA. Brandon. MS, Waynesboro. MS. Clinton, MS. Philadelphia MS. Mobile, AL. Gulfport. MS, Walnut Grove, MSL Mt Pilot, Sweden. Pascagoula. MS. Biloxi. MS. Bay Springs. MS. Jackson MS Elllsvllle. MS. Soso. MS Taylorsville, MS. Laurel. MS. Elllsvllle. MS, Philadelphia, MS. Lucedale-, MS. Lucedale. MS. Bassfield. MS Ocean Springs. MS Lucedale, MS. Gulfport MS Meadvllle. MS. Hattiesburg. MS Madison, MS. Elllsvllle. MS. Mendenhall. MS. Gloster M5 Bolton, M5 Gulfport MS Hattiesburg MS Hattiesburg MS Lake. MS Jackson. MS Springfield. VA Meadvmlle. M5 Pasraqoula. M5 Cuulfporl. MS Philadelphia MS Philadelphia M5 Jackson MN Hattlesburq MS Lolumhls MN l wnq Hem li MS Bay Sprtn-gs. MS Ut ean bplinqk.. MH Ur van Sprint1s.MN Or van Sprinqs MS Fr Jr Jr Fr Sr Jr Sr Sr Sr Fr Sr So Jr Jr Sr So Sr Jr Sr So Sr Sr Sr Fr Jr Jr Fr Jr Sr Jr So Sr Sr Jr Sr Jr Jr 'So Jr Sr Sr Sr Jr Sr Nr Fr Sf Jr Fr Jr Sr br 9.0 Fr .Sify 5 A., RN'-1 Gi 9- v-"v Q it w 3, 54 NN . 'P Q B X l J' we-N, .,. .mv . 1' ft 5 at uv' . fra, . if l 5 1 V X-.Wlfx Y 1 v , . 'N V ,. Vt 'S ' X -.if-N I Q we .lv '-:-ta. Ex 'x,'mfX I FE 4 R... 175' alll! As. il ,,,.. I. -. CIW me , 4 'Q ff- -. f x N. . fl I ' 6. l hex 4 l X we af- 1 ffl", is .i , 1 ,2 R e .', K' 1. . Se , + I. vnu Exe: X . 9. .J l 1 K, LL, ,...,., 0 I ,I A Eb. v, 4 ,ll ,. " W i 4- 'H x . z I f X ! . i i"'1 .144 ,,, .s 11' 1 . ' l iii w ,., Y 1 f AT: ., iv S f 2 ' 1 .KU l l T ag.. Y A '?i'u?7X ..'m .. C1 Lv , .. uv. . ' ve- 'fx 1.1" S- in M Housley. Rob Houston. Alton R. Houis, Terry A. Howard, Cindy L. Howard, Cynthia Howard, Guy J. Howard, Olga 0. Howe. Bobby G, Howell. Greg Howell. James D. Howell. Lorrie M. Howell, S. Janine Howell, Timothy E. Hoyt. Jennie M. Hubbard. Reginald J. Huch. Donna L. Huch. Martha R. Huddleston, Johnny E. Huddleston, Mary .. Huddleston, Ray P. Hudnall, Sharon M. Hudson. Cynthia A. Hudson. Jeffrey B. Hudson. Lisa K. Hudson, Lori Hudson, Nita D. Hudson, Phyllis S. Hudson. Richard D. 'fi fi l gs.-1 Mi , 1 N 1 . p .3 4 . ' J 1. Hueck. Erick M. Huff, C. Scott Huff, Leah D. Huff, Monica D. Hughes, Charles E. Hughes, Dawn R. Hughes. Gail Hughes. Holly D. Hughes. Leslie I. Hughes. Lisa M. Hughes. Wade K. Hultz. Alice F. Humenansky. Margaret A. Hundscheid, Mark J. Hunt. Lewis W. Hunt. Stacey A. Hutn. Terri A. Hunter. Julie A. Hurns. Reginald Hurst. Juanita Hurt. Allison L, Hurt. Lisa G. Husley. Terri L. Hutchiugs, Kaurri C. Hutto. Randy M. Hyde, Aaron T. Hall: fA-'. lmifi fmrlurrrlfus, fJ1r1f1ri3g1111111'-. flvlllpfrrt f.1ys1al's.prn1'114'--. M4f11d1ai1 Uullpnrt New !XIlm1'1N I w1'r1.1l1' Murulfirurirfry N1rI-.olswrr l.1Jr r-dale' Harrif-slfurq Dekalb Mendenhall Hdtlwslvurq Jac I-won Bay Bprun-1:- M- Mu Ms. Ma Mm Ms MN M5 MS Al M5 MH MH MS MS. M5 MS MS Bay Sprlnqs, MS Hattnesburg. MS Hnckorv MS Lafayette LA Prenrlss M9 Clarksdale MS. Newton, MS Sumrall, MS Hernando. MS. Maqv-re. MS Laurel MS. Brewmn AL. Glosler, MS Jail-xson, MS Magee MS Sl Auqust1ne.FL Jackson MS McComb MS. Harllesburq MSI Vtavl-land MQ Laurel M3 Mobile 'XL M1Q1b1lr: AL Harm-sburq N13 X'1cIwsl3u1q Mi. Brand-Jn 'Wi Brandon 'WS Hatllesburqk 'vli Llm-'vf-lantl xii Ma-11m-lla 'WS LL11.w.,l.1lw 'WS l.L111'1i1r-111111 Nix lflrlfwr 'WN 1.r11l11w111 'NNN .'Vlr'13L1x1l1f' '-'iN "Joss Pnrnl 'Nik 51. Q. 11 .11 "-1 1 11 S1 H11 J1 FV1 'wr Jr 11 lr F1 Jr Jr 311 Jr Jr Sr Sr Jr F1 'So Sr Sm Fr Fr F1 'Sr bo Fr S-3 Sr Jr Fr Sr ll Qr .ir F1 xg. N1 91 .11 11 S1 Pr 11 X1 sv 11 2Ol Ibrahim Ibrahim, Jamil M. Id-iot Backwood Igardner, William C. lllich. Thomas R. ' Inglett, Cynthia L. lngraffia. Michael H. Ingram. Kim R. Ingram. Walton E. Inkster. Don G. Irby, Karen Irby. Merri F. Irby, Norma S. Ireland, Carol L. Isbell, Timothy T. Ishee. David M. Ivy. David J. Ivy. Debra A. Jackson. Anita M. Jackson, Brenda G. Jackson, Craig Jackson. Greg Jackson, Gwendolyn Jackson, H. Suzi Jackson, Harold W. Jackson, Jennifer Jackson. Jimmy E. Jackson, Lydia B. Jackson, Mike L. Jackson, Ronald W. Jackson, Silk Jackson, Sonja L. Jackson, Steven J. Jackson. Thelma R. Jacob. Gwendolyn D. Jacobs. Everett M. Jacobs, Jill Jacobs. Joni L. Jacobs. Linda C. Jake. Indianna James. Dennis L. Jarrett, Thelma J. Jasper. Deborah A. Jcanlreau. Diana M. Jelks. Kenneth A. Jelusich, Andrea M. Jenkins, Gwendolyn A. Jenkins. Pamela J. Jenkins. Stephanie Jenner, Mark L. Jennings, Tina L. Jernigan. Dana D. Jessie, Sandra L. Jr-ter, Paula C. Jiles, Eddie B. 202 Johnson Hnltresburq Mb. Cir Yahoo. MS. Jr Home-wood. Al.. Lrr Lonq Bear ti, MB, Ltr Aurora CO. Hattieshurq MS. Vicksburg, ME- Moss Point MS. Clinton MS. Hattieshurq, MS. Meridian MS. Meridian. MS. Ocean Sprlnqs MB. Jackson, MS Ciullport, MS. Qurtman, MS. Oxlord MS. Gulfport. MS. Crloster, MS, Mr Comb, MS. Greenwood, MS. Edwards. MS. Florence, Mb. Hattiesburg, MS. Tylertown, MS. .Hattiesburg MS. Brookhaven, MS. Meridian. MS Selma, AL. Bush, CO Moss Ptnnt. MS. Summit M5 Nair hez M':-. Tyler!-iuwn M5 We-st I.-nltrrrrlvla. BC Vrrkshurt1,M5. Hattrexhul-1. MS. Davis IL, Nu 'bt ruples Gulfport M5 Ut 1-an E-prrnqx M5 Biloxi MB Mvtrrlrrr' LA Ivrrtri-vlllr' MS Hrlrrxt M5 Rrrtlr MS ll-vrrr l .atv-, MN litillrmrt Mx lrtlllptrrt MN Lrtillptirl MS fri v'r- nvtllv. MS tJrt'.1rr'NprIr1tls,M'7 lrrwvrrvrllt- MN ttmrlx Al Jr Sr Jr Jr br Jr Sr Sr So 'br So Sr Jr So Gr Sr Sl Sr Jr Sr Sr So So So Sr Sr Fr Sr Cir bo Fr S :ji Fr Fr TX 'br .lr Jr Sr Fr Sr Jr Jr Img Sr NV fr Sr .lr Nl in-,.::.,-.i4",. , I . I bv 1 Cx 1. rg . V -- Q F '.'f-, I- V V U I T ,lily , ' , r 5 Ve ri" I 'iitxiili -I'i f ' N- I A. . l 'ff gm. I ., ,f 134 par 1. I .. W.. .4 H .Ya h ' 9923 : V. ov- 4 ' ' as Q3 i fb. 9 'pf ,sy b b A, iilwv if 5 sf' im.. A.. '17 1. ' I. ' ' L4 Q In . in , 'fi' . t o 2 Q. 2 1 ,, 3" V. 'ww t I! , 3 Www 199 1- -" s , 4 ' fa.- ,Q nv wr : . f 1 as-. ,J I' P P vw. Sb ' -. L 1,. pk, X151 1 1 . 43 . . .,.., - 1 I. 1 Q' . 4? . . . ...FV-f .-,.,...,,..,. . , fl. if . . . . . Vw ' Wig.-5 ' " ad? A um. f ' qw. I fy 3.::!,'f:: . - fn.-x if - -1 ' . 9 'Wits' ' E1 ' rx tsw ltbgilggg , 1- fa Q 'tn u .V QQ - as if Q qi tg., ,,,. .:,, S v 4 rex. 4--1 1 3.1 as . 4' A,-X , E. I 1 . Zh 2.55. ' E' ' 7 WTI?-' 6 f .lQI':ff'. l I W- 1 9 J . 'V A 70' f W, 5' - ..,.j?g:7 .V W , . 35929 'L . " V . ' ' 7111, ,X at , , . l A 5 x. Nq- '.z.xa.w. L' .m ,. , f I A. Camille Albert L. Angie N. Anthony B Beverley. J Brenda D. Bruce E. Cheryl L. Cindy B. David W. Jeffery D. Joseph E. Karen B. Karen Y. Mimi C. Pamela R. Patrice E. Patricia A. l e fwiiflnex l-X111 x will 3. -'es x . 'lt rl iil"li,x,lHi1Il I Johnson Johnson Reginald C Johnson Ricky Johnson. Rochelle Johnson. Rufus J. Johnson. Sandra K. Johnson. Sharon L. Johnson Sharon P. Johnson Steve W. Johnson Terry B. Johnson. Terry D. Johnson Tim Johnson Valerie R. Johnston. Cynthia C. Johnston. Raymond Joiner. Danroy C. Joiner, Lawrence M. Jolly. David F. Jone. Sandra A. Jones. Angie Jones. Beverly A. Jones. Bobbie J. Jones. Carol L, Jones. Cheryl B. Jones. Clifford Jones, Daniel K. Jones. Deanna S. Jones, Denise G. Jones. Ella W. Jones, Helen L. Jones. Jacqueline A. Jones, Kandye L. Jones, Kelley R. Jones. Kevin G. Jones. Mark A. Jones. Melissa E. Jones. Michael G. Jones. Pamela J. Jones. Robert K. Jones. Soccer B. Jones. Steven A. Jones. Thomas C. Jones. Tim D. Jones. Vann E. Jones. Wild Bill Jordan. Patricia A. Jordan. Rabecca T. Jose. Cricket K. Joseph. Alton H. Joseph. Robert S. Joyner, Jessie W. Joyner. Julie A. Justesen. Mike A. Kahl. William C. Kahlstorf. Miki 204 . l Knight Collrns. Qultport. Clarksdale. Prentlss. Sr-bastopol. Lonq Beach Tvlertown. Ocean Springs. Lucedale. Gulfport. Monticello. Canton. Decatur. Decatur. Jackson. .Jackson Rrchton. Jackson Forest Hattlesburq. Canton. Jack:-on. Raymond Hattiesburg Gulfport. . Plcayunra Hattlesburq Lula Mobile Brookhaven Jackson HdllI6'Sl'7lJlL'l. Newport Beach Hrloxl. Hattwsburq. Hattiesburg, Laurel Gulfport Hattiesburg. Te-rry Past aqoula C Ilnton Hazlehurxl Hfittleshtlrrj Hultlrfslmrrl. Pas-. fr ln lstmri Clurksdalr-. Moss Point Nutr ltvl .J.n kwn l.n ksnn Mtvlnlrf lmutu-I Nliiravr-pt-it So Sr Sr Jr Jr Sr Jr So 'Sr So Jr So So Jr Fr So Fr Sr 'So Sr Jr Jr br Jr Jr Sr Fr Sr Jr Fr Sr So Jr So So So Jr Jr Jr Jr Fr Jr Jr Sr N Sr Fr Sr Nr 50 Vr Sr So So . F? ug.. ' V' i Q. vs ,.., ,ge a 1 A - .. . .mfrkffaa-.,.. ' X' ' , 'I FT ' .Q in nggw Q V., .x . ,A., -57' . L A J Q 1, -.: . if' ry, .1 1 . i 1,4 . 1' :ali fx IQ' 6. . I ' ni 'W E 1-.-4.-' V A 3312. 155 Lmmlm flllllllli - -t , -. I 45' 1 as . .- . g'i.5,Z-1. n"I"'ZiT. . .xg . 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T, Susan Keeney, Scott L. Keith. Jean P. Keith. Timothy M. Kellems. Tammie J. Kelley. Fred R. Kelley. Gregory Kelly. Amanda L. Kelly. Christopher A. Kelly. Edrica D. Kemp. Kimberly T. Kemper. Delores A. Kendrick. Victoria L. Kennedy Andy Kennedy David K. Kennedy, John R. Kennedy Kim Kennedy, Sonja Kennedy, Tex Kenny. Rebecca A. Kergosien, Patrick J Kern. Peggy A. Kesler, Gregory L. Kessler. Robin D. Key, Jackie B. Keys. Cedric C, Keys. Jackie K, Keys. John D. Keys. Sherry A, Kilby, Julie T. Kinest, Marla R. King, Debbie King. Dolores H. King, James A. King, Jerry King, Katherine M. King. Kathy L. King. Kathy M. King. Pattie C. King, Sam A, Kinnard. Shirley J. Kirk, Lisa D. Kirk. Montgomery B. Kirkpatrick, Caludia P. Kirkpatrick. Katherine M. Kiser, Christopher S. Knight, Juanita luri Zuq HW:-flrfrr Mr-rrdmn. V orrrrrti. Hott: 1"v brirq. Forest, Mobile. Flon-rv tg Braridwr. Or san Sprinqx. Hattie-sl'7L1rq, Hattiesburg. Greenville Hdyiehurst. Biloxi. 5050. Pas.: aqoula. l.urribertcin. Vlclxbburq, Jackson, Edwards. Magee, Hattiesburg. Hatlleuburg, Magee. Gulfport Stankypanlwv. Corinth Bay St l.-yum Gullporr Lithia Springs. Hattiesburg. Hattiesburg Jarlw-Jn Ma-liar: Jar I-won Laurel. Hallie-sburq Biloxi Edward-.. Maqee Gulfport Sumrdll Lyriiarr ,lar lv-Lin Htittlesiitirii, Hattie-5l1Lirr1 Br'Uxr Llrrt .1 K llrrt-,wru View i-iiriila lil:-lr.1iii .- ilitrrrasl'-rirti Brirwr Heirrreshurti M9 MS, MS M5 AL MB MS MS. MS MS. MS MS MS M3 MS MS. MS MS MS MS MS MS MS MS. TX MS MS MS GA. MS. M S Mb MS. MS M5 M S MS. MS M 5 M S ME- 'qi M 5 Nl X M x Nl N M x xr 5. 'Ni s OH 'Xl x xr C 'xr N. Sr 'wr Sm Fr l'r Jr Jr Sr 'Bu Sr So Sri Sr Jr Fr Jr S0 Sr Sr .lr Jr Sr Fr 'Sr So Sr S0 Fr Fr S. fr 'DQ Jr Sr 'DQ Sr br Jr Sr Fr Sr an 51 ir ill ,lr .Ir Nr Nr xr Hr N0 wo ir Br 205 Knight f Lee Knight, Mack E. Knight. Mary L. Knight. Priscilla Knight, Sheila Koontz, Diane M. Kopf, Alicia R. Koskie, Elizabeth C. Koury, Emile Koury, Marvin Kramer. Susie K. Krebs. Donna M. Krebs, Michael K. Ellrsvrllr- MS. Fr A. 3 Jackson MS, Fr ' ' f 4 Jackson, MS. Fr , error. Ms, So -V' ' f, Pearl, Ms Jr " ' V 1 V li 4 " 1 Jar kson. MS. Gr Gulfport MS. Jr Gullporl M5 Su Nc' Qultmari MS. Nr Pasfaqoula. Mi Gr Pasnaqoula MS, Jr if-'ff C? I . ' ti Kroeze, Judson K. Jackson, M5 Jr A Vlrl V vvl- " Krohn, Steve C. Gulfport. MS Jr V 4 Kynerd, Marybeth Merrdrfm. MS Jr - Gr Labar, Eric M. Barr 51 tours, Ms, Jr ' ' Lack, Edie L. Mdqffs, Ms, Fr l"' . Lacy, Steven K. Lonq Br-arh MS So V ' i - Step Down . . . I Whats a step down? It's where all Greek groups get together and entertain their audience with rythmic steps with the use of their feet, songs, and dances. The rhythmic steps are learned during pledge week and is performed whenever an event appears on campus. Charles Jenkins, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, says that the step down brings all Greeks together in a sense of brotherhood. The time that goes into a performance varies because each Greek has to learn new steps and old in order to perform their best. Preparation takes from one day to three weeks. I, I 'Mary hnrqht Photos bv S Gaston HI . li '. - Q, 1. I if is .qw MN-ri dx . .sf . ' ' ' V- A 5 r V ' ' 'N , ff' " ' f' ,. .""5P" l ' - ' r-AD . ix- . . A 4, U. - . V in .3 .W ...-..""""'f'f' V , 'Q--V -mV R V o . , V ., ..-45:5-e"l-'H-4 . h Q , .. N 54 vi, h. I-N, 1, a:21f'fgJ:i,5 2' 'X A 5 ,fbiwg-V' 'Z . ' 1 I I 4 , ..,,.,:,.5,T .... vw, 4 .Li.L.L,. A V-V.-.. 'A+--'W'-W--' ' , - . 'gg - bf V :Vw N Karr K t - ' . ' i....,4- "' . ff' "1 V t .f VS' img jf 1 -Jil I , .f wk., ...Eff 'ff 'J' .A .. J' .K if N .,. 11.1 i' r ' V.-is fy. -. .V-VV V rg lf.. ,L i sf-rs, 1 V 5 ' N ii' ,.il'!','5' tv' ' 5' ff'i,,.,, -yn ' 'rf Ei ' iii-3,7 -- , rw ,W -+ Q, .if ,fri-1.3 . -.-,...V...- V 1 , ' A-V-V, V VV V V , X 'V as 14 H ' Vw 1 . gin.. -Q . 1 74' ,,i's,f.- V M X" - 'il' . 2- 11:1 .E f A , .Vfgr .1 J A . i ff 4.3, Q .. gg x L' ' AV Agfa. .. X g,g..fiEwz1p4- ,Q Vsfaff1.' -,,,i. QSM. . ........., ,, .V fiwf-"I fri., f www Q, 1-rj. .. r1.,.9tf3?A . Y. N7 .1 V V V. 4 f . Vi ' 3 f- Fr-' if 3 .V j...t,"' -A , . M- , - .,..,,..4. ' .GT gr W fr N" -, f VM-X 1 . VV. . iff. P' C. 4, - f -Regis ' V., 3' I W.,-"":' , , I xxgz, nic? A if W" V' V , fair, ' g f ' rbi .Q 4 . me-M 3, . ' Vf K, , ,. 4 .f .fe-., QV A .,.t.- wi., .V "":- -'ff .Nt I A ,- .. .. - V YI... ...-.-JE ! Q-4 ,Z N.. 4 L, gg'll,"f." t .v W' V rdf lk, ,V , ' ' ,. 'X' 3 ' . i sf fix." ii f -in .fr .-.I QL .- L Q 'Q r ' l Us " x X P ' 206 8' x 61' N N 4' N L? 4 ff' :. ., I ,: I 4 1.-st. 3. -.., ff Y! 'A- . 5? , by -. r 5 . 4 4 e W Q 3: 9 J. i .2 , ' ,f .Q-4. 'cewr , J . I Q 4 ,,,q.,f. I ,:::.:- 4- f F5311 - ' ' , as s .,, 3' Q x-5 Y feiim. K ...f 1 ff . 4-...B I ir 'F S Q 2' W .aw . wg . L ' xl FN ' A , - 'W Ll - 'vi 1 lfe:v::a:z,-:V ' 'CO' S 6 I' . .V . .-,f.-. ,v ." fa rlfi 2' .55 5 " ' .f4.'f.g,:5 Z xgeff- 'Ziff ' .J .4 A. '. .- " J 133 M. I 'N-1.. . - V I A v H I. Q YZ' " 5 'fa .4 321 M C , .L N' I V 'HY'-1-rx -.1 Ta Y I , .AQ uw' E Jia, le' - ..... Q ...... v- H 5 1m.L..:1..2Y2w. 1. K. 1'3- ,- . , Q x vc 1 - 'I L .. fr. -'.-"2r , , Y J? A '8"?S uw. 4..- I f 1 S, .44 Ti ,f i k fif ' N - ,fd "' ' .EJV A ! f .1 A H . I . IV- I J v..4fl'I 5 Ladner. Ladner, Lander, Ladner. Ladner. Ladner Ladner. Ladner. Brian H. Carla J. Cherri L. Delarie A. Kristi K. Lee A. Morgan P. Woodie Laird. James E. Laird. Rebecca J. Lakey, Terry P. Lamey. Susan D. Lampe. Bruce E. Landrum. Bobby L. Landrum. Lynn Landry. Sam C, Landry, Mark J. Landry, Thomas Landskroner, Jeff S. Lane, Cynthia S. Lane, Jackie A. Lane, Virginia A. Laney, Leigh A. Langley, Sandra J. Langley. Valerie C. Langston, Nita F. Lampston. Richard Lanning, Jack M. Larkins, Karen E. Larry, Alisa A. Larry, Theron E. Larsen, Sherry L. Larson, Marcia G. Larson, Rudy A. Laseter, Dianne E. Latham. Theresa N. Lawrence, Leon Lawrence, Willie C. Lawson, Carolyn M -. f.Jl.1lu.ul.s . f...1r,....i M-. ililvvlvvfylim MH Pas-f. V lm'-.vv.1ri, Nl".,..,.f me Iuunlvvfvlvfu M3 ' Wl'vlYr' V yplw-H, MS Hayuu In lintvv AI Fmt: hw fhlml- V MN lfmql5+'a1M MH 'nv Hllnxi M3 kr Sv Croix Vlrqmn Island-N l r':v,r vnwiilm MH lifime-slmrr1, 'WB Pasfallmiia M'-. Hill,-xl. MH Baton l?-vuqe MS Danville. IL Moss Pom! MS Chaim:-mf, l A ffhlumblisl MS Maqe-1-, Ms W:lvrur-r AL DF-funiak Sprmqx FL. Ravrvwnd. MN Nlohlira M9 Halvwesburq MN i'.ordfvv.1 TN E-lalkvlllw NTS. 'irarkvlilv Mi Pd sa aqoul-11 Ms Theodore Al Lonq Br-an In MN Nlurlf in M5 Petal. MS Biloxi N5 Pvnsafmlli Fl. Lawson, Timothy A. Lazenby. Terri J. Leg. Coney W. Leake. Carol L. Leake. Penelope A. LeBlanc. Lisa A. Lee, Carole B. Lee, Connie D. Lee. Dan Lee. Debbie L. Lee. Denise Lee. Elizabeth A. Lee. Eugene R. Lee. Faith M. Lee. Katherine K. Pam w MS Moss Pom! MN Purvls M5 Brrinklmm-ri. M x Xkmwdvlliv M5 Lon-1 bear iw NNN long Bn-.11 li MS 'lxlvrlmui MN Liullpr-rv 'WS Hmm--slmm 'WN Pear! WN mf-vwvlvmvx 'Nix Nlqssx Vmw v- ll,1rm.-shnzq Us 1 fmwl 'Nix 'Nl 1.1fwi..1 Wi 207 S0 Lee f Malone Lee, Kim E. Lee, Kristi L. Lee. Linda G. Lee, Mary B. Lee, Randall Lee, Robin S. Lee. Sherry M. Lee. Tammy L. Lefevre, John P, Lehew, Lisa C, Leggett, Bruce A. Leggett, Contance R. Lehe, Erich D. Lehtola, Cheryl A. Lennox, Michelle R. Lenoir, Ray Leonard, John W. Leonard, Paul J. Leopard, John L. Lessard, Terry L. Sr Lewis. Butch Lewis, Connie R. Lewis. Deborah S. Lewis. John R. Lewis, Lewana Jo Lewis, Linda L. Lewis, Mary C. Lewis, Patricia A. Lewis, Tonda C. Lewis. Stephen D. Leyda, Deborah S. Libonate. Danielle T. Lick. Chuck Lightfoot. Patricia D. Lightsey. Regina Lilly, Rita L. Lindsay. Christy Lindsay. Jennifer L. Lindsey. Tambra M. Lingle, David Litten. Connie A. Little, Barbara A. Littlefield. Margit M. Littlepage. Janet L. Littlepage, Nancy L. Littlepage, 1. Michelle Livingston. Michael C. Livingston, Rebecca A. Locke. Alice A. Lockwood, Michel D. Lofland. lris A. Loltin. Jeannine C. Loftin. Randy S. Logan. Benjamin D. 208 . Philadelphia, MS. Hattiesburg, MS. Picayune, MS. Hattiesburg, MS. Hattiesburg, MS. . . .Biloxi, MS. Nicholson. MS. . Picavune. MS, Houma, LA. Clinton. MS. Laurel, MS Laurel, MS. . Jayess. MS. Brandon, MS. . Vero Beach, FL. Tvlertown, MS Hattiesburg, MS Pascagoula. MS Hattiesburg, MS. Ft Walton Beach. FL, Gautier. MS. Philadelphia. MS. Lucedale, MS. Flora, MS. Meridian, MS. Pasc agoula, MS. Jackson, MS Mt Olive MS Jackson MS. Petal, MS, Carlisle Barracks, PN. Pmravune MS Raymond MS Jackson, MS .Columl:via, MS Crystal Springs. MS Slide-I LA. I. Slidell. LA Quitrnan, MS. Meridian, MS Cir:-nada MS Plnola MS Stonr-liavvo Scotland Biloxi MS Blloxl. MS. Butler Al. louisville' MS Sumrmt, MS Wlriuvwa MS l'.is: .1t.1ul1l.i, MS Sain IPI. Ms llattiwstvur-1 MS Mali'-P MS 4..rrv'nada MS Jr Sr Jr Fr Jr Sr Sr Fr Fr Jr Sr Gr So So Jr Fr Sr Gr Sr Jr So Jr So Jr Sr So So Jr Jr Fr Jr So Jr Sr Sr Fr Fr Jr So Sr So Jr Cir Stl Sl lr Sl ll Sr Sr lr Sl A J- 1 . ,,...' l If , -A 14. . A - K' ww.- ifqg .l iq, A' ,. if I ff as . . .Va . II A ,. .4., . -... .... ppwwye- .. . .L .4 , " f t '-at . l . Q I ,V 'fs A. - v I1 'Q-..., .1 r li ,. - . A nrw. S I 'Aw it S .Tig l 41. t " , . . if 55 Q 'il 'l . . 4 1555? if E955 .. 5 4 if . ,A 8 " 1 r 1.-1-gi' f fr . . ' -'L - ' .' , N mn e- V-. at ' 'Vv I 535 '56 5 J. Sf ff J gf? gf Q i I ., .5 . 4 ,dj f X Q. , 'Q' SZ? lx- I ,X lx si :SJ S-13,3 Q6 -afa- ,V. Q-- '-x t 'UN .'X aa it-f , G 'C ,-. 9 Q. ..,,,. 3 l r L W. ix. ft., . r--6 .v . , . , is I .fgil 52: 1: F' ,v... dl rx Q I S Y i' . V., 3 - 1-N1 'V 2 , . t x R Y' 3 r 04 lx 'tv 'ik inf if? E 4. I l . 'S' ' if .QU v 1 r Q W' x N .1 r Lomelli, Iran Long, Karen E. Long, Wendel L. Longino, Fenessa A. Longino, Frank S. Longmire, Jennifer D Loomis, Roxann L. Loper, Cheryl A. Loris, Jamie Lott, Carla A, Lott, Daniel J. Lott, Thomas A. Lottstien, Michael J. Loughman, Christine Loughman, Michele A. Love. Curtis C. Love, Kerry A. Lovell. Frank A. Lovett. Jacqueline 55 - 1i u' . ' ' . ' V ' C 4 'f . . R.. V, . ., , . . X " " "' if Q, r, i .j' - , ... ., -41 if ' 1 I' ., 55 i ii :vw ., ii Atihn f ii ' I gl. I 4 Wifi 'ze 21:51 9 .5 -- Q N 5 1 . J - . -2 .34. ,. Ql- 5 , .Iv ,R .. , N ,Q SU V ...x .IE X .W H ' A . . 5. N . , . A Q . e Q 1 ..,, I ' ' i ,. L 5 X 'H vei,.. N .,.. In g l Q! Q' x ., ..., Xu . . F1223 I X f LN .,-' f- 1 -'4Q,f.f-E1 L .A .Ml 'wx X x ,Q -X J' vi i 52.35. ' . -ann- ww. 1 'i'.. " is-ix V A "lil: ,. . 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MH, 'nl Biloxi M3 YI Pas: aqrlula MS lr Sulvxrall M5 'wr Hartufshurcl, M5 S1 Eevwrmfv MS. 'w--J Wllnwr Al lr Plalllesbulq MB, Jr Haltlvslvur1g MS Fr Elllrixl MS Hi Halllf-'sr1llrf1,M5 Sm Hallwslfurq MN 'Si , Bev Springs MS Fr Hattif-shurg. MS Sr Hattiesburg, MS Sr Mendenhall MS 51,1 Mendenhall MS. Fr Hatlresburlq. Nl? S0 Harm-sburq, MN No Tvlertown. MS-, Sr Natrhf-L Nl? F1 .Nlaqw MS Sr Ma-gee, M5 Jn Hattiesburg M5 Jr Jaelxson. MB, .lr pIf.l3VUl1l:' M9 S1 Biloxi MS Yr Hazlehursr. MS 'bl Hartwsburq MS Fl Jackson MS .Ir Carwv-:in MS Nr Bllmtu M5 Sw -laaksr-rw MS Sr Vurvw N15 ,ll Pl:-axune MS Nr Brookhaven M5 Sr Hatlwshulg MS N.. Mc Comb MS Fr Cnlumbla 'WS A.. Mend:-nh.4ll MN V: P+-ml 'Wi l v Prenlxx- 'WN N lilmll,-lx VW N. Xue-ullvl Fl F' Hill ww 'Wa K- Pn .ix url" We N gully it Vx 5 lllvtnf-xbmiffz 'lla N 209 Mers Malsbury Malsbury. Billie G. Mangum. Susan D. Manuno. Monte Mann, Rosaland E. Mann. Thomas O. Mapp. Anelese Marine. Tom Marlow. Donna M. Marner. Mars. S Wesley, D. hawyn A. Marsalis. Rhonda C. Marshal Marshal I. Cassandra I. Mickey Martel. Natalie H. Martin. Martin. Martin. Martin. Martin. Martin. Martin. Angela M. Carrie V. Cynthia L. Dainer R. Dana H. David W. Frank B. Brookhaven. M5 Magee, MS Hattiesburg, MS Inianola. MS Biloxi, M5 Pontotof, MS Hattiesburg, MS . Jackson MS , Hattiesburg. MS , Mendenhall, MS Summit, Mb D. , Taylorsville. MS Clinton, MS Gullporr, MS. Hattie'-.hurq MS. Hattieshurq MS. Biloxi MS Mobile AL. for oa Beach. FL Natchez. Mb Pensacola, MS Martin. Joel D. Martin. Ken B. Martin. Tania M. Columbia. MS, Baker FL Jar kson MS R! I 'KT' ,5 ..,. O ' g .5 l gm Hi l l l 1 l ff B. f1g.:f-:.-s.- , . y .-f-1-- r ..:.'l ' 2 .... ' l Q " X i ,iff-M ,X XSL . is it fl 5 Martin, Toni F. Hattiesburg MS. -I l -V ,. 9.5 Martin. Wayne C. Tvlertown. MS VV X r. - 'Uv 1 Q Martinolich, Nancy A. Bay sf Laws, Ms ' X Mason. Danny L. Jarkson. MS, A 'stef' 1 Mason, Mike Hattiesburg, MS 5 m th .xg Mason. Terri L. Biloxi. MS 'W ' ' www' N ii L' 9. Ji ,. ,, - 5 :- :Q 1 . z 1 1 fi l ' 1? - l 1 1 f. Mason. Toye A. Quntman. MS. 2 3 " ' " ' A . f Massengale. Barbara A. Hattiesburg. MS ' 'S 8, . 15" Q1 v ' 3' Massengale. Boy Hattiesburg, MS 5 1 f .,, i . - - J V , , - 3 . cf: - ' i : 1. 4 Massengale. R, Cerrone Hattiesburg MS 5 ,A A l ' .W V Er.1'3:.x .. i . w - .1 Massey, Aaryanne R. Hattiesburg MS, E. ' i 5 H. V3 ' Massey, Bubba G.T. Meridian, MS V 3 1. eff. . .rl i 3 l R J f ' 1 I , x Q ' if '- I ..-. - I Q- X l 1 l 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 - Lake Sehoy 210 Lake Sehoy is a USM recreational facility for the University anwd community alike, according to Michael Giles, Aquatics Director. "Three years ago, the intramural and recreational department took over the facility. Now, in its fourth year, Lake Sehoy has been developed into a recreational area that offers a large pavilion, a log cabin used for meetings and parties, numerous picnic sites with charcoal grills, a waterfront, perfect for boating, fishing, and swimming, as well as a mini-golf course," said Giles. Fishing rodeoes, mini-golf tournaments, arts and crafts shows, as well as running trails, expanded picnic areas and more boating facilities are a few of the programs and offerings hoped to be provided by the lake in the future. The lake is basically open all year. lf last year is an indication, from April through November, the lake will be used by at least one group during the weekdays and by at least one or two groups on the weekends. gRobert Herring Photos bv 5 Gaston and USM Photo Service. 'V 2-. f i K Massey. John L. l.1.f.if1filllfi MH l: ,: r X' Massey, Patra L. Ml-will-iillall W. Nl 1' f 6' H Matas, Bob ll.i.l.l.l.l ll ll F ', , ,, Matheny, Anthony R. 1.1, low Nl'-f ll Q '- ll if 4 if Matheny, Ticia D. flllllg--ffl Nl'-. lv V- l ' Mathews. Mary L. I 1-.iii-' vllli- MN lv K? : f 1 1 V -Wai' - Malhi5, Lisa K. Hwy-Hv.ivr'ri MN lr 'Q K Mathis, Sharon A. Hrflvii-Will, MH. 'ii - VX ' n- Matthews, Deborah llarvlf--,hmlq MH lnv "" V i Matthews, Robert R. llfilm--,lflivfl MS, Nfl .. Mauhewsv Tracy W- rnw,1nNpviilfli- M5 Jr -L.: 'viii Maulden. Joe L. 'wlrlvliplf MH Ir A A 'Q - 5 A i Maulden, Melanie R I fillvill MS Sr A :A Q G, Maxey. Geary M. Vw- Imlluvfq Me- Hu is - 1 A. I, May, Deborah J. li-ml MX Nr '-N". t 'ix gm, I J May, Jeffery D. M.'ll.iHill..ll Ms sl I .QF - 1,3 - , f' V May, Kevin Hiil11i.if,l'illvl, MN lr l ' -, K, - ' . May, Vickie D. J..-ra... Ms sf ' -2+--., .. " 'iiiffi- .M KW f ' ' I ' l I , Q f i i - '1 2 3? iw' 2 A ff' i ' . E- ga , .ll .wi ,,-'Wa 1 .f s . iff-iyi5i-1':'3'i'-i 'fi1g.f"' i D :iff it fl T- ' ' y Mayfield, David w. was M5 Fl 'g mf y 1. ,gh I I A H Mayfield, Kathy wmlwrm. Ms 'sf w ..a. X ,, -' 7. Maynor, Mercedes C. Jaf Lwll MS Nr -.. ' , x . it ' ' .ik-f" 5' Meador, Mary F. llarru-slfnlq Mx If X, - K - i . ' -' I -' 0-' I 4. Meadors, Comie llinlfilfl Fl Jr . if n Q -' I " V 4, Medious, James C. 4,fiIllrvllil.,i M5 SU ' ff- i I' ,P -'fs . ' ' 5 FP 50.4 I ' .if "S A - Ai Meekey, Tommie L. 1 I.irksd.,iIi- M5 ll H 5 , . 4 "-' J .-.1 sg .qv Meitzler, Jan D. VH- ,iytlml MS ll I at l ,jj V" V 'iii' Melear, Scott Plilvls Ms ll Y X, I fi -. Melton, Michael E. Pmil M5 Fr ' ' Melton, Phyllis D. P.1sr.1q.-llllfi Mx xii .f Y. Mercer, Betsy A. l?lrl1n,m Mx F: 1 fs' ' Q i 1, A - , L' , if - Q V- Mergenschroer, Paula C. lnilmltala NW lr A "7" ' as ' Merritt, Blaine Nnvvlwf Mi- Fl - N ,. ' E an qt 'H X mafrin, Kristal L. Ma.. mal Ms sf .- 66 W., A Merritt, Nolen C. Lum l--tial? MS ,lr X , 1- 1: Merritt, Victor G. De- .jvur M5 'wr 1 -Q! 1 fi , V- Mers, Ronald H. mn -Xnrfgim-. TX ,lr , 5 f. saw- Q X I O l l l - K I fa.. ' " ' 'l?iOv,4-1-vlf"!.a,-'YL' -'Q' ' 1 - n , ' -15. 1-Q34 +. I ffff-fi" ' ' L' ,,-2-" . . .. f"'rwa Q - A:- '.. '1 0--Q,-V -- ' ' .M . - ya.. ""-l3"2.,-- E13 -Q - -'fl-TQ. F' Y tif 'f' . '- T 1 . , f-Tl' '-' ' ' D . 5' ' ' f - ': . , ,4 ' ' . "V.. . aw -- feeyevi 3' - ' . ."'i'5'.a : " Y" "', . -" fi ' . ' - .. , .H ..i-- .- 15-1 . Q-L' " "' D - 1 ' " ,4'.f,V -3 ' ' 'wi Ps ,J-,, hi"'-- .w""f ' 'fi-5..".Q.j:i .-57. 1 , 1 je "H ' . ' "A " L- t"'5r. ., e - - - A' --2 ' .. -ff A . ,ref . J-, ,Aj ' 'wi.....-,, -- NL ' 'iff ' U 5, -- .,g ' .. - W.: A- .' re -M 4 ws- '- A - V. - ..-, Y A... 5. 1-. rn --K, ning. .A -Q., 1-et, ,, - -v , ""'-arf . 21 -- -- 'sfizx -f-ffm - .-.. . 4 "--...W , -q,,,.s 'xzfif - Q a .. N- - 4. : ,nag-T '-:ENV , 1. x "hw r- w.: ,. ---e " -f1,.."Xs ' ' ' - R V 7... - ..- . ',. . 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Barbara A. Moak. Charlotte A. Mobley, Robert C. Moffett, Adrian D. Moffett. Jackie R. Monier. Elizabeth Monk, Janis D. Montford. Kevin E. Montgomery. Dianne L. Montqomery. Janeane Montgomery. Linda C. Montgomery. Lois C. Montgomery, Tina M. Montilla. Ronald C. Moore, Dara L. 212 l,.onq Beach. Blloxr, Laurel. Merrdran, Magnolia Bprrngs Bav St Lows, Brloxr Oc r-Aan Bprrnqs, Gautier New Orleans. Haltrresburq. New Auqusra Nrarrf Lum- Laurel, l'.l..1rlxsdale Wrmdvrllrf Jackson Br-mrnary Nlarirsnrr P.rxr.'1r1r,rL1la Forrest Or ran S-prrnqe. Pao aqoula Harlreshurq Gulfport. Hartrr-shurq. Pascaqoula Pas: aqoula. 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'55-'N ' 5 . i ' I x fb C' ' T 5 Y li' 1 -1' , . Q . , T. 0. Q.. ,V " j E A y A ' ' 'Z ' . P A , .. - . Q . ' 5,31-sf' ' ' " 'f s fl - f . , f 'f Y . 4' ' V rr .. r - ' XX . X L M i' f A 1 'S .31 r FN A 60' , .,.... ' x 's eo 6 x kv 1 ., f 1 2 r l l l r lr I I r r l I1 r l r r l Q l l l l on in ' -as Y wld. ', Q Q.: K-an-. X N. E an Q,- .vl My y I .Xu I S X -rx 'fig x- - -N ,gc ,.. Moore. Gloria J. Moore. Gregory L. Moore. Jerry R. Moore, Lisha G. Moore, Michael N. Moore, Ronald A. Moore. Shela R. Moore, Susan L. wa ax Cm tr F ' ' . X 5 XM -+- . V " 1. . r .. f s' 5 w il fa ' 4 '-2 1 f MW' . x- iw ' ' Y'--v' . so at ,ugl I . ,f 3 , I Y?" 0 fw- l . X -1 R' F5 s- Moorhead. Bobby Moran, Timothy L Mordica, Kerri T. Morel, Robin. L. Moreno, Alvaro J. Moreno, Pedro Moreton. Rachelle Morgan. Russell K. Morris. DeeDee Morris. Hinton A. Morris, Janice F. Morris, Lisa Lea Morris. Mandy M. Morris. Melanie H. Morris. Prentis K. Morris. Robert E. Morrison, Paul A. Morrison. Paul E. Morrison, Phyllis D. Morrison, Thomas C. ' 9. ,V ,. 5. Gut ez-s' 0 ' , is fi if 'V' vw. ', I, if li fl J jf l 'Q I 5 ,-99 P.. 1 ii' I . 7 Morrow, Libby A. Morrow, Scott A. Morton. Barry W. Mosley. David M. Moss. Linda F. Moulton. Thomas J. Mowdy, Cheryl A. Moyer. Lisa D. Mueller. Laura R. Mulkey, James Mullen, Anthony B. Muller, Lori G. Mullins. Tina E. Mungo. Albert J. Munn, Jon A. Munn. William L. Munn. William M. Murphey. Deborah J. Murphey. Julia A. Murray. David S. Murray. Roger S. Myers, Charles E. Myers. Delia D. Myers. Diane C. Myers. James E. Myers. Kenny R. lvl 1 'fl' fl-ll lx. f'. lw ml '-1 llxlw- Mull 'A .1, .v loin UN. lir m.1f.v. 'fl Mml11lll1.1,wI1 M ll.lvvl.--'Iwi' Nl ' ll.m..f'l..w1 ffl Mlm I. iw' M llzllu- lfwllfl "lr .ny 11 Iwi- 'rl li-.ali --xlllv I 1". all--xlllf' lil lfv' vmlllv Mllrulnivv ll.iItws.lrz:rl4 P1-Vvs.n -ll.: V' vwlI.- Nf-v. ll.-hum 1..Iuml.m l.1l1x.-H. 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Moss Point Vrrrst Lrnfoln Htiltlesbur-1. Pasraqoula Biloxi, l lr wan Springs, Jarlrson Holtresburq Laurel. 'wt Pelvrsburrr Lolrrrnlvla. Crullport Crullporl Meridian. Maqen: Collins llr Jkhaven Brooklyn Brooklyn fVlrCOrT1lW VI Walton Br-an h Nhubula Irrdratlantxr Gulfport McCleland. Beverly G. 1 rxsml 'sprrrr-rs McClelland, Celeste O. .lar Mum McClelland. Debbie L. Natchez McClelland. Jim E. .Jackson McClelland, Tim M. Mr-rrdran McClinton. Lisa Carrrf-rf McCIinl0n. Sidney L. Hazlehurst McCollum. Anthony M. Florenu- McCoy. Maxine Brookhaven McCoy. Tracey L. Mort-.rn McCraney, Tony D. Mobrle McCrary, E. Shawn Hattresburq McCrary. Robert H. llartresburq McCraw, Pamela R. Laurel McCraw. Ramona Nlrzr- McCray. Clintis S. Mr Comb McCree, Yolanda B. llattrvsbur-1 McDade, Beverly J. Me-rrdran. McDaniel, Bruce A. NlrfOr1llW McDaniel. Bubba G. llrrlrrvshurrr McDaniel, Eddie .Jar ks-vn McDaniel. Janet L. Usvlm McDaniel, Stephen C. Mr-rrrlmn McDonald, John C. Laurel McDonald. Marsha L. N .rrrr McDonald, Mary H. 1,1-rrr-I llr-rrrrrr ll McDonald, Valerie L. llrr'.1llNpllrrrlw McDowell, P. Frampton McEwen, Shirley M. lkr--r .141-ful.: McFarland, Leigh M. XM-sl M-mr 214 rw lA Jr Sr So Fr Sr Fr Sr Fr Jr ir ,lr 'bo Sr 'ho 50 Jr ir .lr .Jr Fr Fr Sr 50 Fr 'Br Bu Jr 'Nl 'Su lr Jr Nu Sr 'br 'DQ .Jr 5 Cr .Jr 'xr Yo Sw 5r lr . lr Snr 'wr Fr Nu ..--Q, 'ra-4 .. bf my . if it J' V ..n 1 .. 'E I .vw I an :expr ,nf ' 'fu 32 I R 1 'II . iid Q- , . , ' r ea ra - 1 53' U .....'i"- .,.,,..n.... .. .. .. :VI ' eff F , .az HA A.- ..,. . 4' CM ri 'JA R' , - . -xl , 'r I 'iv' -'nr ut 'H . .751 Q .rf A 5 1' l ' 11" 1 - y 't'v 6- X fl JY CI ' 'f 21? , - --rr- Q- ' A 652 W1 H 4 aw it . fr K t s-..-v ,N S, I "1- qe - Q' - 'Jn x A fx N... I l .ii 45 , . H . i "x J 'IX '75 .1 is fx in X r 21.5 1 A l ,a 5 1 x A Q. s is' ""'? A .P . S' . - Q--L' if Yr K. f JLLKQU , . ,V 3, wb -' X .' '. 1 it -- x... V -L... -,LWSDYS 'Kas -N U 'W' ' f, ' X 72 ' 4, X. , 4 'F' Q. .ei wxkqfax '- ' ' 1 5 ,. . 5 A , ,SQL ,, K. I 4 .W N . . 3 ., .12 t , , .gp , 4 4 w"Xf X' X -:V tn ., --4,5 i audi. W, 1' , t 4' :. e . ' .le , v R ' Q. ' 1 .7 fs '2 'q- un. 'ffl' lla QM Q 'Q 1 -.L-.4-I Www v..- it EQ' t A ,,? .. 'wiv' ww fi , -f af Mccaffifn, Dixie L. McGee, Friddis D. McGee, Jeanne L. McGhee. Dianne McGhee. Elizabeth M. McGill, Ronald L. McGilvery, Rodney A. McGinty, lron B. McGowan, Betty McGowan. Jerryl M. McGraw, Kathleen A. xv X . X' an . . W .X . 54 . if N- 1 s ..- + .QLQEZNS - , Q.. 1! . ,L ix o 92 e X .fi - 't f . i Q 9 Q Y . Lf A Q' K gl I .. .V 1' X y 'fl : .Ax :S we ' A? . wx q.. 15" W l',1lu.l5v'1.1'l fnnlpwrv im-Iffym 'NIA Anil:-T Nlmgl-ff l"v,lfI.1lwll.- ll.mnw.lunf4 llillmwnlnlrq l ulvrprxlf- ll rt ffl", ' 4 '45 lv Ml '.1 Nlb lv M5 lv M", in MN ' I MH Hx Vfflmffrviw, Mn ww, fmilpttrv MH lu McGuffee, Albert H. ' limhi. Mi, Ji McHenry. Kimber L. umlwr MH Yr Mclllwain, Kerry T. ll.ivrwwlfv,ir'1 MN 'wi Mclntosh, Leeann lirfm-myvw 'Wi 'wr Mclntire, Kenneth L. lcmm f,.v X M5 lv McKay. Angie L. J.1-kwn MH if McKee, Jana Www -:-' .V-out MN 'wr McKee. Shawn S. Lmfnulftu 'ww 'X McKenzie. Barbara D. ,Lu My-vi MH ' 1 McKenzie, Butch f Immn MS 'wi McKenzie, Kevin D. FH-ml MS 'wr McKeown, Kenneth D. lmlfm MH Jr McKinnon, Melinda L.'.tmm MS Vi McKissock. Richard 11- L-wr. MN H1 McKnight, Garret K. N-vxmrml Nik. I: McLain, Ken I mr'-I Me 'NJ McLain. Kenny Ji- l-x-,in MN if McLendon, Bryan L. fftlnvwlrm MK- 'wt McLendon, Susan P. PM-.url MX M McMahan, Gregory C. ildrrwxmm WS. wr McMahon, Hal lmvuf-.lwim 'WS lv McMahon. Tracy L. l1.1rr..-4,111.1 'WN lr McMellon. Raye L. 'WM-4111 'Wi M McMichael. Belinda J. ltnm-xlmm 'WN 11 McMillen, Caroline L. lmvlx--xtxmti, 'WN ll McNair. David J. l,.lM-1 'ww 'X' McNair, H. Earl 'Wttivn 1 mir NM 1 McNair. Norella L. llvillgfwvll Nw N1 McNeely. Gary W. lX.ilw.1-K nt Nll 11 MCNEH. Kevin D. luv l"I.1m P' WH X' McNickles, Dtra B. Xl v,vwf1-Iwi' We v 1 McPhail, Kent D. Pl illu-xl-mn Nlk- lr McPha!e, Denny W. N- in hr-: 'WN 'N McPhate. Lana P. X-,lil-1 MX X McPherson. Shannon R. 'W rwlr- Rl I McQuillin, Lisa M. 'Www-1-ll '-YN X McRaney, Larry M. Ml- ev,-f 'AN McVeay, Jerald D. I' 1-A 11 .1 1 'N' McWilliams. Louire D. r-.1 mi- N' X P Nahors. Paula W. 1. 4 - f X' Nanney. Roxanne 1 .pu Nations. Dudley S. l lv .tw '-1 5 Nations, Jimmy W. -- 4 rw M 1.1 Nw I 215 Nattrass f Patrick Nattrass. Tammy L. Nauman, Daniel P. Naylor, Mark Nazary, Cheri Lynn Neal, Johnnie R. Neal, Nancy A, Neal. Rebecca S. Necaise, Jeffrey F. Necaise, Joy A. Necaise, Sharon G. Neely. James . Neely, Jimmy E. Neese, Charles W. , Neighbors, Sandy A. Nelson, Deborah J. Nelson, Gary W. Nelson. Regina A. Nester, Cheryl L. Netterville, David B. Nettles, Jerry W, . Nettles, Karen E. Nettles, Ronnie E. Nettles, Theresa V. Nettles. Wanda M. Newcomb, Ben C. Newcomb. Honey Newell. Kimberly G. Newell, Owedia J. , Newman, Benjamin G. Newman, Debbie L.. Newman, William R. Newsom. Mary L. Newton, AL Nichols, Michelle L. Nichols, Vanessa L. Nicholson, Cassandra E. Nightengale. Pamela Niles, Emily V. , Noel, Mathias N. , Nored, Teresa A. Norman, Doris M. Norman. Kelly S. Norris, Melba A. North, Janice C. Northey, Vickey A. Norwood. Kendall L. Nowell, Penny N. Noyan, Metin Nungesser, George S. Oakes, R. Doug O'Boer, Rod D. O'Brian, Elain D. O'Brian, Mitchell C. Odie. Pamela D. 2l6 Ocean Springs, MS, Mlenomonee Falls, WI. Meridian, MS. Florence. MS, La Place, LA. Madison MS, Columbia. MS Netatse Crossing, MS. Netaise Crossing, MS. Perkrnston, MS. Gautier, MS. Gulfport, MS. Ft Walton Beach, MS, Ft Walton Beach MS. Foley. AL, Jayess, MS. Monticello, MS, Hatttesburq, MS. Petal, MS. Fayette, MS, Hattiesburg, MS . Fayette, MS, Moss Point. MS Jayess, MS. Hattiesburg, MS Hattiesburg MS, Meridian MS. Laurel. MS Natchez MS. Laurel, SM. Hattiesburg. MS, Columbia MS, Jackson, MS Moss Point. MS Jackson, MS Hattresburq MS Long Beach MS Meridian MS Corpus Christi, TX Waynesboro MS Newton, MS Hattiesburg MS, Collins MS Brandon MS Ft Walton B+-aah VL Laurel, MN l'lulllESlJLllq, MS Nicosia. Cyprus Biloxi, MS. Carrwre, MS Blrrnlnqharn, MS D l.vl MS CIdLlllt'l, MS Hattiesburq, MS. Fr Sr Sr So So Fr Sr Cir So Jr Jr Fr Fr Fr Fr Sr Jr Sr Jr Jr Jr Sr Jr Sr Sr Fr Sr Jr Fr So Fr Fr Jr Jr Fr Jr Sr Fr Sr Jr Sr So Sr Jr Jr Jr Fr Jr Sr Jr Sr Jr Fr Sm , -gli . ,F W W L at . X xr , ho. gl. Q air. ' Y' N . '4- ? JI! Q 419 M X ff l l . 55, '.?f 1 1" 1 J'- f l f' l K H I . lm f. . 3 4 5- , A r V N . -x f . s I I-n 'v ' Q . 'tr . r , , . i 'k.Q9o' 'Y PBQ14 .Vx 4 . ., , 't " an '.. ' 4 3 . Q, ' H :vi I .1 f l 'in ev' -A v xx' ' K. S Rt ' It x 1 r C K. I , P . ,. . , ,,,,, , fa' " f Q 5 .. I qi , . sv... 'J it 'Xt 'ws .Avo N, - I V . V," . 4 ff A ,gi 7 J! X . I 1 J 'K -1- 'Q "HI 1 ' "VN ':l -t t 1- , .. . N 9 1- .C . , ,ug I , . 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Janet M. Packer. Selena A. Padgett. Margaret R. Page. Patti J. Palmer. Joseph W. Pandey. Kusum L. Pandey. Santosha N. Papa, Tony Pappaceno. Pete D. Pardee. Charles C. Parkel. Charles O. Parkel. Susan M. Parker, Ashley K. Parker. Guy E. Parker. Mary A. Parkinson. Rhonda G. Parks. Sandra C. Parks. Terri L. Pate. Pate. Larry Robert M. Patrick. Carol A. Patrick. Janie E. Patrick. Joy M. "lv iv ll I A. rv M". 'wr M3 'nl MH ,lv M3 H.. MH Jr MH Hr Al H- MS fu NW. S. MN lr MS Nw Iwi 'mf M3 JI M5 'wx VA, 'ww Mx Nr MS, Jr MN .Il FL Fr Bal-,nu M5 50 Destin FL F1 M3 lv MS Nr MN Nr MS. NH fl, Nr M5 f-r 'WN Ir LA Fr l 'K Vt .MN 'Nl MN 'wr M5 Nl 'WN LM Mx LJ, M5 NH MN N1 VL Nr 'WN 'lr 'WN Fr 'WN N41 Mx Nr MN f' Mx sv NYN Nr Vi X xxx me X. xye 'Tlx : xx.....1..ux.. -xx. rr 217 Patrick f Price Patrick, Patricia J. Patten. Caroline E. Patterson, Jill D. Patterson. John M. Patterson, Leslie A. Patton, Cindy L. Paul, Kelly S, Payne. James D. Payne. Julia J. Payne. Michael T. Payne, Rhonda R. Payne, Tammy L. Payton, Dale M. Payton, Stella R. Peacock, L. Alan Peacock. Sherry V. Pearman, Ronald L. Pence, Ronald K. Pendarvis, Carey A. Pennebaker. David Peoples. Randall Pennington. Michael G. Perkins, Barbara E. Perdue, Glenn E. Perdue. Mark S. Perniciaro, Andrew J. Perrin, Jeannie M. Perry, Alan D. Perry. Janet E. Perry, Kent Perry, William D. Peterson, Donna M. Peterson, Jeri Peterson, Polly A. Peterson, Scoop Pettey, Cinde F. Pettey. Steven J. Phan, Huong T. Phelps, Steve L. Peterson, Kelly A, Philo, Robin L. Phillips. Alesia A. Phillips, David M. Phillips, Hank H. Phillips, Jim Phillips Kimberly Phillips, Robin L. Phillips, Sherry L. Phillips, Taylor C. Pic, Karin A. Pickering, Carol E. Pickering, Delia L Pickering, J. David Pierce, Jerry 218 Fore-st Laurel. Jackson, MS, Jarkson, Pearl, Bay St Louis, Pensacola, Bay Sl Louis, Pensacola, Gulfport. Jackson, Bay Springs Hattiesburg, Bay Mlnette. Ps-arl Haltresburq, Foley Sumrall Slidell. Jackson, Natthez S-umrall Cantonmenl. Pensar old, lim Sl Lrruls Vu kshulq Jan kson l aural, , ,Gulfporr MS, MS, MS, Jr Fr So So 50 50 SO br Jr Jr Fr Sr Jr Jr S 0 bo Jr 51,4 Fr 511 Sl 5r Fr 50 So .lr 543 ,lr Sf Jar lwrgrri, M5 AFROTC Hfmlesburg. Mnrnclran. Llullporl. Jafkson. Hattwshurg, llunl-,ville Der dtur Pparl lltilllexhurq, O14-dll Springs. Owdrr Spruntqs, Hfmieslnurq Hallie-xlmrq, l re-slvlew, 4 mwlnrd. Nlfvlnle, lmnn. Uvvll Nl Petersburg Mr-lam-' l"v-ml mr.-..,r1. laurel ll.1l!u--slmrrl Sr Fr So Fr Fr Sr Jr , Jr Sl Sr , Jr Sm Sr Fr Sr Ni , .lr ,Sl , Jr VI , Nl , Nr 'Nl 'Nl la Q 'tv' ri , f .M r rfl 72 4:0 .aa-rp.. was N , f- A' l , A 1 2. l -rm ' , -12 -, ah t' A - .Q 'P el- li 'K l 5- A S-QV, 'fa HK, -,- iv.. NJ . 4 -M x as , .. , .,,,, . . 2 4 ,sf Z ,.,,, ,gn , nf "W h , ' ' " .g ,,. V. W as f-' 3:2 1 ,rr 51. 4' J . H. - ., J 5. 4 - A 1' -' ., P .. ffiilfsilf F f' ' I' "fl ,, -V,, ,W . 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Michele Pigford, Tracy C. Pike, Eddie L. Pilcher, Bob Pillman, Beverly Pind, Michael D. Pinson, Elizabeth P. Pinson, Terry Pinson, Valerie C, Pique, Tammy L. Pisarich. Tommy Pitalo, Kristi J. Pitalo, Marion G. Pittman, Becky Pittman. Erin A. Pittman, Ginny Pittman. Gisele M. Pittman, Jean C. II.1IlI+-xlnirq MH VI F5124 f111r,IIII1 Mk-. II V IIIIIIIII. M'-I II Inf Iwefnn MH HI I,lIIf A M". 'ww Viv IIVIIVII' MN 'X-I Im I-J-.IIII MH EI Il.,1III ffk. bum MN Vr IIAIVIMIIIJIII M5 JI fiullprnrl NIS VV HIII-XI MH HI UI warn Nr,IIII'IIge M3 NI, UI run 'wprIIIfIs M3 HI I' IIIuITII1I.a MS Er Hatllee-IIUIIJ. MS, 59 IIIJIII +-M. bum .MY II Vai-I mlmllo MH ,II IIat!Ive.hIIIII NIS 'wo Pittman, Jill J. Pittman. Jim Pittman, Kenneth P. Pittman, L. Suzanne Pittman, Vincton B. Pledger, Linda K. Poellnitz. Michael Polk, Mark C. Polk, Melinda C. Ponder, Malinda A. Ponder. Terri F, Ponder, Toni E. Pope, Teresa L. Porter. Shelley M. Posey, Bart L, Posey. Bob Potter, Tekla C. Potts, Dann E. Poucet. Russell J. Poulin, Michael G. Powell, Alice F, Powell, Bessie Powell, Caren Powell, Jody Powell. Ray A. Powell. Robin M. Powell, W. Estes Powers. Lennie T. Powers, Thomas D. Prater, Carolynn K. Pressler, Mark A. Prestrige, Andrea L. Prewitt. Thomas O. Price, Brenda C. Price. Gregory A. Price. G. Weyman A. HAIIII-'slILIIf1, MS. FI PIJVI IJIDNJII M9 'BI Ja- Iwson MS 'wr Halvwsburfl. M5 Br Sandy HFIOI-X MS FI BLHIHI PII Fr MUIIIIH .Al VI AII1IeIs I A F1 RIIIleIs I A SI- .Im Iwun ,NVQ II MvIII,II'-nI'I,JII M5 SI MI-rxd-mhtill MN HI. QIIDIQII. M5 SU 'bIldf'II MX Fr II'IdaIIoIa M5 ,II PMI,-1I.1eIphI,1. MR JI '.IuIIpfIIY M9 VI VlIIx:.hurq M5 50 PIIIIIxI MN XII 'Vit I III! Hem I1 Q41 II HJIIIIJXIIIIII1 MN Ir I.1IIxsf,IlI MS FI X II Ivhum MN SI Mobile AL LII ITIIMMIIIII 'WN NI lII.IIItlI,III M5 XII Hr-,IIIIIIIIIII NIS II KIIIIIII-III WN II IIIIIITIIII' NIS II F.IIrII.,Ipt- -XI NI 'VII QRJIIIII- We X. IIJIII-IMIIU 'WIN N IIIJIIIAII Us ' IIIIIIe-t'IIII., 'IIC ,I II uw "I We V xxx I" Nix I' 219 Jr Price f Roberts Price, Janice L. Price. Sandra J. Price, Sandy A. Price. Terri L. Price. Tracy L. Price, Walker W. Pridgen, Tammy R. Primm. Karen A. Prine, Isaac R. Probst, Charles E. Psalmond, Frances L. Pudas, Rachel J. Purer. Ronda K. Purser. Vicky Putman, Yvonne Quan, Jose F. Quarles, Elizabeth A. Quinnelly. William H. Pachuba. Keith W. Raines, Lena K. Rains. Az V. Rains, Chales E. Ramogos, Sheldon W Ramsay, Susan K. Ramsay, Michael W. Randall, Richard W. Randle, Phyllis Randolph, Tubbs Rankin, Ann E. Rankin, Jenny Rankin, Mildred A. Rankin. Tana S. Ransom, Rhonda J. Rashka. Susanne L. Ratcliff, Wilroy Rath, Sonya R. Ratliff. Clifton Ratliff. Jacann L. Ratliff, Robin G. Rawlings, Karen L. Rawls. Anita L. Rawls. Dwight W. Ray. Lorri A. Ray, Shawn D. Rayborn, Ricky Rayborn. Timothy Rayburn, Terry A. Read. Frederic S. Rector, Franklin D. Redd. Lorraine Redd, Selina Redd. W. Andre Redma. Dwayne E. Reed, Raymond M. 220 Sa n Terrv, MS. Boque Chltto, MS. Gulfport MS ,Mendenhall MS. Mendenhall, MS. , Jackson, MS, Gulfport, MS Clinton, MS Hattiesburg MS. Ellrsvllle, MS. Ocean Sprrnqs, MS. Maqee MS. Lynn Haven FL Prfavune. MS, McComb, MS, Salvador, EI Salvador, Jarkson, Mb. Purvls MB. Pass Christian, Mb, Ft Walton Beach, FL. Pearl, Mb. Hattneshurq, MS Natchez. MS. Mt Olive MS. Lonq Beach MS. Lure-dale MS Lexmqton MS Cody WY Jar kson MS Columbia, MS. Lumber!-Jn, M5 Maqee. M5 Nan hez. MS Cream Springs, M5 Laurel, M5 Qautrer MN Columbia M5 Plc avune M5 Jar kson MS, Mr--rldlan. Mb Farrhope. AL Washington D C Hattiesburg MS Utlllprrrt, M5 Pu-.r .rqtyilla MS 'bulrrrall Ms frrlurrvlwrd MS Me-rrtllarr. Mx llnrmllrrsvllle UA. lam:-I, MS Wt--.vnu MN l'rr.rmlvvl1. MN Nr- lcslvurq MN luurrsvlllc' MN S0 So Jr bo Sr Sr Jr Sr Fr Fr So 'Su S0 Jr Cnr 'br lr br Jr Sr So Fr Fr Sn Jr Jr Sr Fr 51.3. Sr Jr So Fr .Jr Srl 5-r Jr 50 Jr Jr 'br Vt 'Nr ,lr 'Nl 'xr 'Nr Jr 'Br lr JI 'Nu Nl ir. l Q .. til -, 3, r. s H' ' 1 s H 1. x 1 'E' 1 4 ,Ml Q f It wr""w +040 Qs... T? , . l af' w. 4 I' 4' 4 . in 4:3 .wg 1: 1 .1 I eesqrxrgf . Y "'.' 'luv A ,jig H-A 521-.fvwxgg x . lx . 'Q - . J If 4. , N. .- NK . Q:- 4 s .43 if I NX hmm 'X 1 iwaffi L.. QW 1 'F-'e J' r .il I il ,' ,ps Vi 1 L D A .4 E I , 7 il R , ,L 5 S , cvs 'Q .,, As " 'O r N .X lx 9 6. Q am 'Q K. ai' Q' -3,4 ' mf' "7-,. 51, 'G' L. Q5 -i I 1 FN 1, I 4 we-.X .-aa. Yz' . . , , A 'vs-E1"5-11: 1 4 fb 4 .A 7 U E, W' N. A' 715 1. 9- 'xr .L , , 6. Q33 px --.r 'Q r n 1 -b QQ Mg '1 it "f 'f" 1 'QR N X I . 1-z ,J ,Q , , ,. mv.. M X we ssc QDNS, '. ks page ,:f::.5.- ffqfr. 1 . fe, ' ,. fx -to 1 t 1 03 . i J ws Q i 'W iglx - X- az ft.. N Z YS' I-ew 3 .., . We , S' R SX 9: it , . , as.. W . .. ff ' R R ss. .-L .f ga- X ix.. .0 V',', , Q E Q fs. X - s X 1 c wg 1" I 4 - l , a N Reedy. Paul H. Reedy, Rene Reese, Bruce E. Reese, June L. Reese, Timothy Reeves, David E. Reeves, Lynn Reeves. Tovin Reid, Benny Reid, Darla D. Reid, Jerry C. Reiling, Barbara J. Reinoso, Raul Adelfo Reiter, David E. Reiting, Steven J. Remich, Janet M. Rennick, Eddy Retting. Gayle Rey, Daryl S. Reynolds. Vivian G. Rhodes, Jeff Rhodes, Jeff R. Ricci, Rick Rice, Karen L. Rich, John A. S, Richard, Vessie L. Richards, Fred R, Richards. Mark A. Richardson, C. Denise Richardson. Janet C. Richardson, Kathy A. Richardson, Milton C. Richardson, Shannon Richart. Janet G. Richey. Betty J. Ricks, Susan E, Ridge, Leo J. Ridge, Melanie L. Ridlehoover, Leslie C. Riede, Kathy Rigdon. Melanie J. Riles. Stan Riley, Debra R. Riley. Glen Riley, James T. Rimmer. James W. Rische, Stephany R, Risher, Judy G. Risk. Don Ritter, Katherine A. Roberson, Jerry W. Roberson, Shellie W. Roberts. Charles R. Roberts. Joey C. ,,,, lrirwlv, .fly ,v lilfinlluli Nl", ,I fiflulnlf, ftl lv tlluluim Nl w s-4 Vins ' Puri-,tmn fr Uviilllwflixttff MH Jr lluqum- flwllff Nlw Ji Nlfilillil Al Jr 'w"r1irmfs, IA Hr Cllrllfm MH lv Hurrlrmt, MS HI Ur 1-an Nprlmis, M2 Ji farm as V1--rv-mf-la Hr Luriq B:-at li, MS SI Urw1r'vNprliifis, MS. Jr Pr-rls,1fol-1. Vl Fl Cir:-imvlllw MS Xi lflultpol! MN, V! Havrwsbur-.L MS, Jr Osvlsa. MS Sr Coldwater M3 S-I 5+-rmlobl-J M5 Er Barcelona. Spain, if Brandon MS, 'wg H,1YtlesI'Jurg M9 V1 PM mvurv: MS ,li Bess All lv Ciauiiev. 'WS JI Fulton M3 Jr Lonq Bear li MS So'w'm MN ,lr Hmmm:-r MS li Clrilorw M3 Si Ju- ivvjmn 'Wb Sv Xtqx vweshoro WH Ev ilatllf-shtirq MN fr 1 uriitwrlmi Mi lr Ltirnbelmvi Ms 'vi Clinton 'WN N., Flor:-riff MN .11 P'-.ul Nts Ni ltiuvr-l W5 51 liattwsbllr-1 WN N.- ll.mnt-stmm 'ws if 'Vlllr' WN N .1 if kwin "W Nw Fist ,Jl.1r'l1l.J 'WN N1 For-si Nts N., f, .Y,,. C, ,,,:,,, . me C, Vi l"vllf Nl V' xy ,.,.! 1 ,,, us a in its in Us s im , Ms. , xy, ,,.,. -,yt N 22l Roberts f Schloegel Roberts, Lynda D. Roberts. Lynn Roberyts. Craig P. Roberts. Kerbie Roberts. Lori L. Roberts, Martin J. Roberts, Mary E. Roberts, Sally M. Roberts, Sharlot L. Roberts, Tammy M. Robertson, John B. Robertson. Paula L. Robinson Arlene D. Robinson. Cecilia A. Robinson. Cindy E. Robinson, Janice A. Robinson. Jennifer K. Robinson Keith J. Robinson Kerry Robinson, Melanie R. Robinson. Monica M. Robinson. Pamela K. Robinson. Patricia A. Robinson. Sondra B. Robinson. Roy Robinson. Tracy D. Robinson. Eleanor I. Rochanasak. Sirikorn Rodriguez. Misanou Rogers, Amy Rogers. David A. Rogers. Denise W. Rogers. Glenda E. Rogers, James T. Rosamond. Mark Rosetti, Renee L. Ross. Kevin A. Ross. Lchwmon A. Ross. Robert E. Rosse. Vincent K. Roth. Steven T. Roth. Susan L. Roualet. Anita T. Rouse. Almarie E. Rouse. Debra L. Rowell. Angela D. Rowell. Karen E. Royal. Ellen B. Rubish. Joe B. Ruble. John H. Ruffin. Pamela Ruffin, Peggy Ruhl. Susan E. Rush. Gary R. 222 Pasriaqoula. Hattresburq. Hattresburq Hattresburq, Biloxi. Natchez, Vrclxslwurq Sernrnes Pr: ,rvurrp Gultpolt. Hattrf--.hurry Fdvvttf-' Brloxr, Hattresbtrrq, Bay Sprrnqs Hrrlwry Clrnton Brookhaven Tavlorsvrllr: Jan iwon Wrnstonvrlle Gulfport Nat: lwz. Brool-thaw-rr, Merrtlran l rirrrr-I Fr Walton Beartr Brloxr Bossrr-r City Mohrle Magee. CVrllInS. State- Lrne, Pass Chrrstran Raymond Bay St Lnurs, flolleqr- Park Biloxi COlurrrhus. Cnltrrrrhtrs. Pasrxrqolrltr Past aqnulo. 1.11 ltsnn l.ur edfalr- Vrr kslvrrrrr lylvrlrrwn Puplrrrvrllf- lrrrtrtrr-I Pri .rxnrrrf irrrllrrfrrt lhry Srrrrntrr. Huy 'Nprrnrrs lm lwfrn ll.rttrt-strrrrrr MS, MS. MS MS. MS. MS MS AL MS. MS MS, MS. MS. MS MS. ME-. MS MS. M5 MS MS. MS MS M5 MS MS, FL. MS LA Al. MS. MS. MS MS MS. MS. QA Mi Mb. QA M5 MS. M5 M3 M3 MS MN M5 Mx MX MN MN MN MX Fr Sr So So 50 Jr Fr Jr Br Sr. S-rr Sr Sr Jr SI Jr Jr Fr 'mn Jr Jr Jr br bo Jr 50 Sr .Jr Fr 'Sr Fr 'Sr So Jr Jr l-r Jr lr Snr Jr .Jr 'Nm Sm Sr l'r Nl lr lr 'wr Sn NI NI XI lr fe-, if ' ' ' I ut.,-A A4 40 5 'gm 'N 7' , X - ,, , V r , v fl. I Q -3 Qs. 515, 3 I 1 f al , Qs I 1 V" 'Z' N fair -. v 64 'ee I we fvfitf. .' r rf. " 1 t sf" X -. 'ffl ev. rn.. if P Uri ." iff ' -' gif ...Q r-ESE, K , x- to ..f .J F" Q. X 4 I .5 V. " ,p A 5, ' ,. h e x f' I i r C13 rv-,V I 'A 1 1 1-fy Lx X Q sv News tty, it ' .,. 39' A, -si? Q 7 Qi r 4 'N WS l 'sa -Q sf fllltl llrwrrrrr Pri in R 1 1 s a 4 Q 4 . -r ,ww ' Q ,, - NSA :-' Q' .Ni i N cl , -l .. .5 - 1 'Q V X Aw . . Nb X . W . 8 S L 3 A, zu- sv Q ,fe IL l in S l" 3:1 1 yr 'ii 4 ,sys to sf ff if I .Q 62 ,I dy- A.. 5 - . Q 17.6-.5-f. , .. yu- 7 A 1 X, ewgs 3 Q ks x f X QNX 'iz' Y MY . L X 4 F x I ,,.,., gg, .. 5' f ,- - ' mi ffiifiirf ' ' 'f - Eg 'E' 'Q ' I A 1 . V: .6 tr:-4 A ' . I' 1 X? 11,1 5' S E V L ::.. A in gi ig hw. 1 fps! Ki -nn 'G' Rush, Jack C. Rush, Michael R. Rushing. Robin Rushton, Peggy Jo Russell. Holly A. Russell, Laurie N. Russell. Pamela G. Russell, Rochelle M. Russell. Ronald E. Rutherford, Linda K. Rutherford, Terri L. Ruiz. Elena Ryan, R. Lynn Rymer, Jeff H. Rymer, Sandy K. Sabine, David C. Sackman. Michael D Safigan, Sandra M. Salazar, Jorge L. Samies, Roxanne L. nf fx N 'N 'iii-! "L ,Pi ' 1. ..,' . 1,4 'ik " " as N Q. , 6 . as JQ s"N , . i' - , 5' l . i .' I " ,A ,gk gg Q W. '-.ix , :A t ,Q ,i is ia. fig E '44 ff gov, , P -Ex l 1' W' ' 1. X . . , 9 l Samson, Thomas L. Sanders. Ginny Sanders, Jim Sanders, Susan M. Sanderson, Hugh Sandidge. Beverly A Sandidge. Hervert K Sandingo. Alfonso Sanford, Paula M. Sanford, Roger S, Santa Cruz. Elizabet Santana. Luis Santobianco, Mike J Sartin, Rooert K. Satin. Ricky Saucier. Mark E. Saucier, Rick Sauls, Donald R. Saullers. Paige A. Savage, James Q. Savage. Kevin R. Saville, Michael J. Saxon. Sandra F. Sbravat. Charles A. h Scandone. Michael A. A. Hn N! lou Scarborough, Charlotte F. Scarborough, Kathryn E, Scarborough, William B. Scates, Carleigh S. Schafer. Matt Scheeler, Teresa M. Schell, Ellene Schisler. Nancy L, Schloegel. Melissa J. Nlvvnlx 111 "WU Mr-nrlrm fl lvv,-iwimi 'fl , . limi:-l M,,..,1..,. 1.1 l.fxii.,4vr.1. l' f ll.1vnff-, M . llflllwfwlfxlvq Nl'- lllflufm M , llIu-.wII-- M- H14 I-in , H41 M". liwlfrxu 'fl'-, Mwvlrlmvu M1 Xivrw litem li F I N'v'lHl3v'.1'li ll lfflurvxllm MN w--limi-,Iv ll flmlfm MW 5rwllm,l.1I.A MH +2441 Nprwlm-5 Nl s. Nlefvzvilulv 'Vik VH-,ul 'tl Harm-sl-mf 1 'il H Nlniwll 'Wm lmull fmllrrful N114 lv-1 4 ami as Vermeer Uullpw-rr Pnqyxivw l ui f-f11I in .- H. spm,.,. 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Semmes, Deborah R, Semski. E. Marian Sentilles. Kimberly A. Sessums, Gary Sessums, Vivian K. Sewell, James A. Seymour, Clinton M, Shabani. Mahmoud Shackelford, Lisa M. Shaffer, Walter S. Shamis, Tina M. Shamklin, Arcurtis Shapley. Bonnie K. Sharp, Cy X. Sharp, Sissy Shaw. Kathleen E. Shearer, Robert K. Sheller. Rick L. Shemaker. Sonya P. Shemper, Leah S. Sheppard. Steve 224 . ,Biloxl, MS, , Belort, WI, Hattiesburg, MS, Ft Walton Beach, FL. Jackson, MS. ,, Be-Ile Chasse, LA. , Cltronelle, AL. ...Silver Creek, MS1 , Pensacola, FL, , Bay St Louis, MS, . . Laurel, MS: Brookhaven, MS: . Jackson, MS, Hattiesburg, MS Fayette, MS, Hattiesburg, MS, Gautrer MS. Grrftrn, GA, Llriron, MS Long Beach, MS . BllOXI, MS Petal, MS, Surnmrt, MS Jackson MS Jac kson, MS, Biloxi, MS, Long Beach, MS Alton, lL Moss Potnt, MS Brooklyn MS Hattueshurq. MS Monticello MS Crystal Sprrnqs, MS Merrdran, MS Brloxr MS Lafayette, MS. Vrcksburq, MS Morton MS Hattresburq, MS Van: leave, MS Tehran, Iran. Hattlesburq, MS, Corinth, MS. MrCon1lv, MS Jar ksrvn MS Greenville-A MS Gultprwrt MS, Hattiesburg MS Vlfkxtvtrrrl. MS Gulfport, MS New Urlearws, LA Otrwirt Sprrrrqs, MS Blloxr MQ., Pu avnnr-, MS, Fr Sr So. So Jr Jr Sr So. So Jr Sr Sr So Jr Sr So Sr So Jr Jr Jr So Jr Jr Sr Fr So Jr Jr So Jr Jr Jr Jr Sr So Sr Jr So SU Gr So So Fr Fr Fr So Fr Fr .lr Jr Sm Sm Stir l 5, ff l. YQ-Jw ' i lwrlkg, A, , , f , , J 42:5 , I 1, ,A 7 1 J , . F "' , K R, t . V1 ' ,W V. R' 45. 2,1 I I mx fm 'Y N f I all Br., ,Vivid L ,. w ,f . .4 ,Q ew D If E 9, iffy.-Q51 -'V' l l Q -v-- . H :v'.-- ' 'Vi-'iz "3 it Q. 1 , t x r v.g.:,-.g.g.r .' A - - 4 V ' I . .,. Q ' Pl 2 .. gt 5 r . 1 Z , , r ' if V . , , . ,QACLJEE . v4.2 L .Q , W, , . 'tu- -r--v w 1 6 lf rl 45. L , Q 5, 5 if , if r ' We QQ -x..4s QQ .A ,X lc, t., r r-.1 .a y ra Sl year r '6- r Hb. X 'riff- O '. . 55,242 z I L- in.. Z75"77f"Z "7" "31'fV'WV' mwyxf 5 . five, " f Lffil , fy f . 2' . .J ,ya f f ., 4 ' -N. Q , I .. M 6' f D I wa" leer If sf 'I X 'K cfs. 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Linda C. Skinner, Ricky G. Skinner, Sharon A. Skinner. Timothy D, Skipper, Jerry D. Skipper, Sheila A. Slack. Pat Slaven. Leigh A. Slay, Debra R. Slay. Karen E. Sliman, Angela M, Small. Cathy A. Smartt. Cindy S. Smilek, Franklin. C. Smilek. Kimberly A. Smith. Becky K. Smith. Billy K. Smith. Brenda K. vurtrrrrrrr Nr'-. rr flrrrlrrrr MV- l'r UVM? NIH ir Nlrlrrrp-1 .NIH fr Mrrlrrlr- 'WI lr ll Wfsllrrrr Ii:-mli YI lr Jfirl--,rrrr MN Sr Hllrrxl MQ. Ir Frrlwy AI Fr Irmrr-I M3 'iff Ulnrxrrer. M5 Sr 'X4vv,rAlhf1m. M3 Jr Mrkrhllrr, AI Sri Nlululr- AI Jr New llrlrarwrw I Fx, Jr Nr Vrrsrrrrxvlllr- IA Fr Hallwxlrllrrr MS JI Margrrnrlrri Mir Jr lrarurrrr MS xo laurel M5 'Sr Cfrlrrrnbro. 'VIS Fr Braxrrirn. NIS Fr Mrjrbrlr- WI Fr Rr-tl Wood MS Fr Hal rrvalrurq NIS 'Sr Qarrrr-rw 'VIS Fr Lrnurn. NIS Sr Nrgsrr M5 Jr 'wtrrrmiqrar MS. lr it Pri-rerf.I'rulq FL Sr Pasarjerra CA Sr Txlerlrimrr Nlfr. 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Kimberly A. Kristopher T. Kristy C. Larry B. Lee A. Leslie R. Lori E. Marsha K. Matthew E. Matthew R. Mike R. Paul D. Peggy L. Randy Rebecca A. Reginald K. Rhonda L. Rochelle J. R. Tracy Russell B. Sandra L. Sandra L. Sharon T. Sheila M. Shelby M. Sheri M. Stacey L. Stacey P. Stacy Steven D. Stuart K. Susan J. Stephens Lai new Petii Iinqtun . Put via Picavuiwe HOC-Rei Q Monticello Crystal Springs Mt Olive Daphne Hattiesburg Jan kewl Biloxi Nan hez Haitieshtim. Poplnrviile ffleetiii S-prinqe . ljroul-theivi:-ii Jmksiiiit .hir I-tai iii. Hattleehuiij .lac havin Lonq Beat ii, Biaiitiuii Ltitiwl Vi Vvlillmti Hem ii V14 lwliti Vifulfjwz Hu iiiiligiiitiiii VJiii,Ie.uv.- Latirei Hatileshtiiii Biimi Vvfl vi.w dvillv iiatllvxlvtiiii W1 vr.ii iviilp Hattivwltiiiiig tigiiil Beta: h Lireenvlllr- Piiiplarvillt- KmJel'ivilIi- Pearl Hriviiixliiivr-ii Hi tiiitli,-ii Mr-ri-iitiii Hr-ni vi! 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Milton L. Speed. Daniel G. Speed. Jean L. Speed. Lisa A. Speer, Carol L. Speights. Sharon V. Spencer, Frank Spencer, M. Melissa Spiers, Brenda H. Spillmann. Paula E. Spinney. Mark E. Spitchley. Douglas C. Springs. Hollie J. Springs, Linda J, Sproles, Sarah L. Stafford. Cindy J. Stallings. Robert R. Stallworth. Stella C. Stalnaker, Lynn P. Starford. James K. Starks, Eugene A. Staton, Edward E. Stauter. Jeffrey B. Steadman. Charles T. Stebbins. B. Lourene Steele, Janet C. Steele. Rhonda E. Steen, Arlin W. Steen. Nancy E. Stegall, John R. Steinbruck. Beth A. Stephens, Bert Stephens. James R. lily-f,-ii fl .fx U1 lmllpffii MH lr M5 'ww Vi". Ji 'fl'a- Ji NV. Jr M5 'wf MH 'wr M5 Fr . MH, Ji MS Sr IN 'bo MH gr MS. Elf MS '51 M6 Jr M5 Fi Fig- Jr MS Jr MS 513 MN 9... MS, Fr M2 S.. M5 S0 MS Fr M5 Jr WS Fr 'WS Fr N15 Br FL ,Ir FL SH 'Vli Fr f-xx Urlf-Jus lyk ,lr .'Yl.,1qvwll.1 'WX Yr liwlmu MN w F441 Mrwvwllts MS Jr N18 Fr M5 ,Ir NN x., NSS Sv 'Wx x, . Nix iv xyx X, -qs - xi X V- 'J N e Nl X F xxx f V 'Nl S N: ws, X. 227 Stephens f Thomas Stephens. John W. Stephens, Lynn D. Stephens. Robin T. Stephenson. James Steuart. Alan Steward. Michael F. Stewart. Andy Stewart, Benita K. Stewart, Cindy G. Stewart, Ellen M. Stewart. Feleta A. Stewart, James A. Stewart. Marvin G. Stewart. Sheila V. Stewart. Tana C. Stewart. Timothy M. Stiffler. Brian D. Stiffler. Sara J. Stiglets. Jamey C. Stockman. Carol M. Stockstill. C. Michele Stockstill. Kevin C. Stokes. Brenda Stoltenborg, Velinda Stone. C. Scott Stone. Dorothy A. Stone. Virginia L. Story. William P. Stouter. Stud Stovall. Janice P. Straub, Maria A. Stricker. Cathy L. Strickland, Joni R. Strickland. Shawn M. Strickland. Sylvia L. Strickland. Stuart. Betty J. Stuart. Horace D. Sturgeon Sturgeon Sturgeon . Alonzo H. . Charles E. . Holmes Sturgeon. James A. Sturgeon. John R. Styron. J. Lynn Suits, Jay E. Suk, Richard E. Sullivan. David Sullivan. Gary Sullivan. Gary L. Sullivan. Geoffrey H. Sullivan. James A. Sullivan, John Sullivan. John Sullivan, Karen R. 228 H. J. Virginia R, Surnrall MS. Long Beach MS. Long Beach MS. McComb, MS, Murlreesboro AK Markham, IL. Canton MS Isola MS. Hattiesburg, MS. Perlxlnsrcrn, MS' Qultrnan, MS. Canton, MS. Perlxrnstrirn MS, Jac kson MS Plcayune MS. Pas: aguula MS Lmriq Bean li MS. Long Beac li, MS JEJC I-wmn MS Jackson MS Prcavmw MS. Plcay une MS Natchez MS Salt-ty l'larlvrrr FL Hatrresburq MS Laurel MS. Crullporl. MS. Blur- Springer MS Moss Point. MS. Mflomb MS Hattiesburg. MS. Kenner LS JBCIK'-fill MS. Columbia MS Wiggins, MS. McComb MS Plcavime, MS, Purvrc MS Woodvrllw MS, Hatlresbtirq MS Woodvrlln-, MS Mnntqorm-ry AL llultlreslviirri, MS Mari elu- MS Sprrnqlu--ld MS Mfrlvilt- AL Lflllsvlllv. MS Qullpr rrt MS ll.illl4-xlmrry, MS Wirjrlrl 4'1' MS Mwrlrllr- MS 'Ntarlwvrllr' MS ll.1ttn-fxlrlirrr Mx Surrimll MS Jr Fr So Sr Gr Fr Jr So So Sr Jr Jr Sr Jr Sr So Jr S-J Jr Jr Su Fr S0 S-,r Fr Sr So Jr Sr Jr Fr Sr Jr Jr .lr Fr Jr Jr Str lr Sir Fr Fr Fr Sr Sr Fr Jr , 'xr Str St- l I as- , 9 'ng 'Q QI' , i inf rv 5. 'J' ., .S- .- .ld fi 4 "Mir 9 1.- ' .xi J? fire I U., 1 1' 0 1? 1 'fk N I p i A 'S .7 li. S' il r il M Y Y ff ,..,. 15, 5 , vs. X 1 Sr ln . Nr 1 'S Q' rv 52" s an ,.E. " . 121-7 'I f- J l H ,M,.,A. . J. ,, I . J rf' ri' - -1.1. 'W Wwe-f.f-e,'.1-'.-' .Aw tu 1, l av. K A .W '.,, 1 LLM ., IQ' I 1 '-Q. . .. ,, my 7 ' f 'if A . 44 '47 .fc .a "rv . :.-A 1 fr 'C' r -If-,f ,..f- ' ' 'C was I Q ' '-xi. A Ah.. " Qi J... 4 Jovi-.,c .lr WCW 1 , 2 an-R -6 ' QS. L ,kx .rv - - , M S 'ry Q..-1 619, Z 'Qc ,- ,. 4:-5 g liff if . H. its af' .. W .' K ve, J. 6 r Y .,,-f az 453 X'-S S in J: 1 . 1- if " K? 'sf- ' I if 0 1' X Y K .?, lf? 1 Qs, ' -t 1. 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Mullin 'iilllpfiel l I,1li.1v1 lil. fliiiiiliii llillif'-mill lili.--rf-i illllpiiil 11: l -mi in in npiiri-is Tarnabine. Carolyn G. X.-1-slviiill Tarver. Sonda F. Tate. Jana M. f 3 -- use ' .- -.4 -sf . - . i K x, ' . will: y "VSA Q. ' Wgvwr ya... L. '2 Pkv' Q. sl Af x w J Taylor, Angela K, Taylor. Carol A. Taylor. Dean G. Taylor. Deborah J. Taylor, Delbert D. Taylor. Dorothy D. Taylor. Jeana A. Taylor. John C. Taylor. Karissa L. Taylor. Lisa R. Taylor. Mark W. Taylor. Melissa Taylor. Robert C. Taylor. Robin D. Taylor. Sandra A, Taylor, Valerie L. Teel. Barbara E. Temple. Mike Templeton. Thomas N. Terrell. Clemon D. Terry. Joseph P. Terry. Rand C. Thames. Lisa A, Theobald. Carol G. Theriot. Sharon K. Thomaier. Mary C. Thomas. Alison Thomas. Charles M. Thomas. Lisa M. l',rfiiil.li1w'ii Ulliini llarviilsmiii Nlwriiilaiw Vin iyiliif- ll'-lllellw-iii l P-lniiil F ali hi ,pf- Um .mil lil-shiliq ill 1liNpiirvfls. 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Laura L. Todd, Veronica L, Tollence, Leslie B. Toney. Anthony G. Tonore, Tami M. Torrence, Natalie M. Torres. Paul D. Torgeson, Keith M. Toussaint, Victoria L. Towler, Thomas T. Townsend. Dwelia L. Trahan, Elizabeth M. Travis. Milron P, Traweek, Barbara S. Tregoe, Shari K. Trest, Randy O. Trigg. Charlotte R. Trigg. Terry L. Trigg. Tracy E. Trippe. Felice A. Trouchessett. Lance Trosclair, Finley J. Troth, Andrea M. Trotter, Dale J. Truitl, Searlett l. 230 B. J. Bay St Louls. MS .. Gulfport MS1Sr Valparaiso, Fl.. Sr . .Gulfport MS. So ,. Hattiesburg, MS. Fr . , Biloxi. MS. Fr . Brandon, MS, Jr . ,Moss Point, MS. Sr . Moraless, IN, Sr Huntsville, Al.: Sr . Columbia, MS. So . . Summit, MS, Jr Ocean Springs. MS, Sr , Gulfport. MS, Jr Jael-xson. MS. Sr , Thrashtown, USA, Jr . Hattiesburg, MS, So , .Surf City, USA, S0 ,. Petal. MS, So Philadelphia, MS: Sr . Philadelphia. MS, Sr Braxton, MS. Jr , Pascagoula, MS, Sr Vicksburg, MS, Jr Clarksdale. MS, Sr Hattiesburg MS, Jr Hattteshurq. MS. S0 , Tehafhapl. CA, Sr Hattiesburg MS, So Ft Walton Beach FL Fr . ,.Brloxi, MS So ,. Oxford. MS, Fr Magnolia. MS Sr Monroe, LA. Fr , Oxford, MS. Fr ,. Hattiesburg, MS, Jr Pass Christian, MS So Hattiesburg, MS: So . Biloxi, MS, So Laurel, MS, Sr Vrplssburg, MS Sr Bllox1.MS,So .Jatiksorm MS: Jr Fr Walton Beach FL, Fr ., Forest, MS. Cir Hattresburq. MS So 'Se-rnlnary. MS, Jr Wrrvnr-Asboro, MS. Sr lirrttrrfslmrq. MS. Cir Btloxl MS, Fr Natchez MS., So Pale-lqlr, MS. Srl llattlr-slvlrrq, MS ,lr lt--xrrrqlorr. MS .lr -W .SI .. .xi I 9 ' .Q. , at is l. "S 'Gb i th L ., ff. x A 3 fi x .. .T 'Q Ig eb' ,,.,.:.,..- .- , 9 - Y A 5 S4 ,M ' E, x, ..,, 1. ,t K , ' I 4 ..i -:J Ji , 'ez S' 'Egg' 'ET ... .ihf V 'X 'tel Q. vvlbyl .,,,ffAw . , sis, feggfif l i 2 4 Qi r '10 Q s-we fp. .SQL . Y.. X .ENN -A. 3 1 "' ' ., gt, Qgifiilqr . .J .firm 5 S S -s -O 'rt i. in ,. rr situ! f " My at K "" wt: xlilfxtf' ii' S t 45.2 Miz P- 9? I l J: A , aw 'wg lb Q X .. . 'S it 5 s W , x e'..C4'f1fZE2 ' EST: 1- mf. W .Q , N X X SMX Q ' st . he X .ov v. ENSYEYLRA T' 2 -S1 .N ' vii t XXX lsxi Q Q X ,X X XX , Eg eil, . X X Rx tw xii 5 Fi S 2. xx ,twig 4. .-3.5 .nm .E 1, sq.- ie.,- 'Px .---.,, F T ' -1 so . 115 l l 1 l 1 1 l , X Eiga! I1 t M . ,, Q.. . ,bf ..: .' ' . an X6 S. 3 Q 5 , 'Q ' Ji- R- E 5 fy., tx fi! .3 -A- .,,, F "TP as G.. 1 ...Q- sa I --. l i 4- . V' ,:--- Tfi A .A X X we r Q- W , X s. X .f 4:73, I X I R . . . , 2' 1 l We DMX 'var iwwblb 4 f . 5 S 1 i . 1-vu I .-A is wh ,.,. fix M 255' Q 5 . ,,., K' f"" i gi gi' .J L s -' ' , . sr. 1 if X Y I e g 1 ,Wg , .mf 'J V. S' A. 4' -lm .' , X l , xx I' f 'PX C? 'W' w . 53" 2 C v X ' fgws . Lv. x Trussell. Cleveland D. Tuhertini. Stewart D, Tucker. Clay Tucker, James K. Tucker, Jan D. Tucker, K. Ann Tucker, S. Lynn Tucker, William C. Tully. Jan E. Turnage, Doris M. Turnage. Trudy L. Turnbough, Michael Turner. Turner. Turner. Turner. Turner. Turner, Turner. Bernadette Betty J. . Dale A. Ginger S. Greg L. Melanie F. Stephen G. Turnipseed. Gregory T. Tutor, Lorie A. Tyler. Tammie R. Tyner. Sarah L. . Ulerich. Gretchen M. Underwood. David Usey, Amy L, Vallor. Joann F. Van Brocklin. Jeff D. Vance. Shannon K. Vanderdray. Katrina S. Vance, Amy M. Vann, Carolyn D. Vann, Vicki L. Van Wart, Louise S. Vardaman, John Vardaman, Martha Vaughn. Vaughn Vaughn Vaughn Vaughn Vernon. Ronald D, Greta L. Lisa Sheila A. Victor R. Donald L. Vericchi. Pam Vervaeke, Tommy Vickers, Kristi L, Villarreal, Mark E. Villeret, Tammy L. Voivedich. Dana A. Volz. William T. Vosen. Laura S.E. Voss. Lisa C. Voss. Mary G. Vuyovich, Troy L, Wade. Lana J. Ni'-11111.11 Nl'-. H fn r'v' rwwllw 'Wu ' Yialflfffil, 'AH Mr f will' M", Ii Mi fa ffrllii MN H Vu ii mu M" '- Pu mum- M'-, Yan -:'. F iv, MS at Tdllalw.1sswf i I li Pwraridffri MH Ir Ffvxwmtim MH 'wi rllliip 14'f rl Vik. '-,i fldrksdial'-, MH S. l aurwl MS 'wr Elldvil l 'N ll Ur Sprmfle Nik- N1 Nan Aiitomlf IX Ir , Jarl-sf-vw MN F: . Oderltoru Ml! Y.. P-,wrt Gibson MS K.. . Carrier M3 N. 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Jacqueline Tylertown, MS. Walker, James R. Brookhaven, MS, Walker, Jennifer M Pascaqoula, MS Walker, Judy . Hattiesburg. MS, Walker, Roberta S. Natchez, MS, Walker, Sonja . , Jackson, MS Wlaker. Susan L. Columbia, MS Wallace, Tanya L. Natchez. MS. Waller, Mignon T. Natchez, MS, Waller, Teri L. .Vicksburg MS Walley, Paul Richton, MS Walsh, Karen A. Pearl River, LA Walt, Bruce Hattiesburg. MS Walters, Claire E. Vancleave, MS Walters, Dork Pinhead, MS Walters, Jacke L. Hattiesburg, MS Walters, Jan M. Hattiesburg, MS, Walters, Daron M. Laurel, MS. Walters, Terry Vancleave, MS. Walters, Tina D, Philadelphia, MS, Waltman, Ken Jackson, MSQ Walton, Arthur R. Mendenhall, MS, Walton, Robert M. Corinth, MS, Wansley, Tina, Biloxi, MS. Wansley, Vicki J. Decatur, MS, Ward, Amy L. Brandon, MS, Ward, Sarah B. Durant, MS, Ward, William C. Andalusia, AL, Ware. Charles E. , Jackson, MA, Warfield. Jack K. Islamorada, FL, Warner, Arthur J. Houston, TX. Warren, Cynthia D. Hattiesburg. MS. Warren, Genie M. . Brandon, MS, Warren, James T. , Biloxi. MS. Warren, Lee A. Vicksburg, MS. Warren, Mary E. . Forest, MS, Warren, Thomas Jackson, MS, Wash, Rosetta . Wiggins, MS. Washer, Barbara C. . Biloxi, MS. Washington, Arbutas, A. Waynesboro, MS, Washington, Ethel . Hazlehurst, MS, Washington, Kimble R. Jackson, MS, Washington, Lillie K. .llazlf-burst, MS Waters, Joel B. Clinton MS, Waters, Kathy G. Pwritortiti, MS, Waters. Lei A. Yazoo City, Mi, Waters, Muddy Ttitllelick Canada Watkins, Martie M. Petal, MS Watson, Amber J. Hattiesburg. MS Watts, Bobby Biloxi, MS Watts. Don R. Star, MS 232 Jr Fr. Jr Jr Fr. Jr Jr Sr Jr Sr Sr Jr Fr Jr Sr So Fr Jr Sr So Jr Jr So Sr Jr Sr Sr Sr Sr Sr Jr Sr Jr Fr Fr Si Sr Fr So Sr Jr Sr Si So Fr Sr Ji Jr 'S-I ...N ...E ,, . - ' - J... s""-.r ' s 'aw up-1 :rig l I ..., if Y' A Q . 'W Q ' 3 f 0 vt X 3' ri + Q it i'Y"' . t 'f"" ' 4 Alf? wi ' . ,.., l X. J "-"sir we 5 Url. 5 5, in 1 . .,, 'T aw- -A Qe i 1 "" 5 - :Q I , ' .l . . -. 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Wax, Tim D. Weaver, John T, Weaver, Kimberly J Webb, H. Darrel Webb, Ron L. Weber, Jeffery H. Weber, Kevin Webster, Barry J. Webster, Cynthia A. Webster, Jimmy J. Wedding, Ann E. Weekley, David W. Weekley, Larry D. Weeks, Amy Weger, Hans Weinberger, Ronald M. Weiss Weiss Bryan J. David l. Welch. Janice L. Welch, Suzie Welch, William R. Wells, Douglas, A. Wells. Kerrin M, Wells. Lisa A. Wells, Virginia A. Weldy, Amy A. Weldy, Mark E. Welker, Angela C. Welsch, Frederick G. Welsh. Jeanne L, Welsh, Kimberly J. Wenzler. Debbie S. Wesler, Jeffrey M. West, Cynthia J. West, Fran West, Mary K. West, Melissa W. West, Ron L. West, Verdina Westmoreland. Dee Dee M. Westrope. Sheila N. Whatley, J. Harold Wheeler. Donna C. Wheeler. Greg J. Whitaker, Eli M. White, Cynthia A. White. Donna E. White, Holly E. White. Jeffrey B. White, Kevin E. White. Laurie N. White, Robin C. White. S. Carolyn White, Timothy J. l Whitehead, Charles B. Whitley, Sally S. Whitney. Angala L. Whitten, Shelia C. Whittington. 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Teresa R. Terri L. Tina R. Williamson, Donald D Williamson, Ginger Williamson. Jana L. Willis, Kimberly A. Willis. Sa ndra A. . Wilson, Craig Wilson. Jan Wilson. Josiah E. Wilson, K athryn S. . Wilson, Leigh A. .. Wilson. Leonard Wilson. S Wilson, V idney M. ickie D. Willz, Thomas T. Wimberly Windham Windham Windham . Lana G. . C. Denise , Rigina K. . Tina D. Wink, John W. Winpigler, Robert E. 234 . Gotjlev. .Andalusia .. .Janksorr .. .Hattiesburg .. . .Clinton . Jackson, . .Laurel. ....Amory, .. .. Jatkson. .. . Jackson. . . Utica, . Tylertown. Baton Rouge, .... . Magee. . . Jackson. .. ..Magee TX AL. MS MS MS MS MS MS MS MS MS MS LA MS MS MS Ocean Springs, MS . Bolton, MS .. Chalmette. LA .l-lollarrdale, MS . . ...BIlOXI, MS ...Laurel. MS. .. . . Gulfport, MS Ocean Springs. MS. . Chalrne-tte. ,. .. Gulfport. MS . Waynesboro. M5 . Hattiesburg. MS. .. .Hattie-sburq. .. Hattiesburg. . .Quttrnair . . Gulfport. .Gulfport . Gulfport, . Moss Point Hattiesburg Brandon. . Jackson. Biloxi. . Crultport. Foley. Biloxi. Escatawlpa. . Hattiesburg, . Mendenhall. . Brandon .. Biloxi. ... Hattiesburg. . Hattiesburg. Taylorsville. New Orleans.. , Laurel. Ru' ltton. Purvis. Natchez. Gr:--nada .Orrean Springs Pass C.ltrrstl.1n .Boy Sp: mils. Jar lx-writ. Past.1t1uL1la. lm k sun. Vic kslruitq, MS MS MS MS M9 MS. MS MS MT?- MQ MS' Mi A l.. MS MS Mb. MS. MS MS MS MS MS LA, Mb. M9 MS, MS. MS. MS Mis. MS Ms MS. Ms M5 Jr So Sr Sr Sr Fr Fr Sr Sr Fr Jr Sr Sr Sr Jr Fr Jr Jr Sr .Jr Sr Gr Jr So Fr St Sr So Sr Jr Si Fr Fr So Fr Fr S0 Jr So Jr Fr Jr Jr So So br Fr Jr Fr Ji Cir So Fr Gr So Fr Sl So Ji Jr 'sr Ft Fr na V.. .5 ,. .,,,, ., .... .. ,A .fi Nr 2 ... -2 ... I I i, . F , r . ' ! . 1 UQ' 2 wi' it A ri? W' L J rr . Q iw ...Q f' Sw ilu- . ,-. 57 . ge. .X .if , x 5 2 ian.. v . Y' 'M X... A . My 6 ,ww 1' ,449 .- , V ,- Z . .hx YV rr I My X . sl: X .. QQ X r I ..,. 3, .gp-. !""' - I . ,.,.. gV,. . 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Julia Yarbrough. Latarsie A. Yates, Doble W. Yates. George W. Yates. Jerry K. Yates. Mavis C. Yates. Phyllis Yates. Tommy E. Yerger. George S. Youmans. Debbie E. Young. Bryant Young. Daffy Young. Eleanor D. Young. Frances M. Young. Joyce C. Young Zar. A Young. Terry T. blood. John C. llyson J. Zasoski. Zerkus. Sebrina D. Zwerg, Russell D. Zylstra. Leonard J. Zysk. Dana J. r lr MIL' vm '-N rf.....1 'fx- v.......,....l.. ffxn llfilwf- limfr 'AH I.1l'- 'A' i'1'-Hi "TH '.t.1vl..lI-A "lb, In f.if4wzl1 'A'-. Vi' wif-vrlmli "W" Vvhlmlfl rww- '-'l' llhwwtlv- MH Mfrlulf- 'W M-1" Uwvrv 'v'l': Mflvirimvr NV. l'.gxf.,r4r,vll.n 'VNS Uri fllr '-To ml ov. We Nlv'mlw.1vu 'rio lirlllwlwvllrl N19 HUM v-'. lmrrr MS lm,'I1rr'fx ill' 'WK film-in M2 l lmtvm NNN Mf'V.1wvv ii' W wmv 'WS l.14l-'-vm 'Ww lirilllv-lmwrx 'tik- lwlpwlrr Nik. Pfw-in lfxrl-ul MH P511-1-l-lv.1xv'rw 'tif' lmllp-,rl 'WH luzilgnvvt 'WN l"".1r4 '-lk. tlmlerlii' "-if lu I vm 'WN Xulslrvlm "Vw chilli..-rv Nls. 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This promising combination-consisting of sixteen returning starters, a new head coach, a 1981 Heisman Trophy candidate, a spot in Sports lllustrated's Top 20 predictions, a newly polished reputation, and the toughest schedule in the history of USM football-was being watched closely by sports fans across the nation as the Golden Eagles fought to deepen their reputation untarnished. Eagle Fever spread rapidly as USM romped over the Northeast Louisiana Indians 45-27. The Golden Eagles gained a new hero in sophomore tailback Sam Dejarnette as he set an M.M. Roberts Stadium record and tied Ben Garry's if fl record for rushing attempts with 34 carries for 171 yards. What seemed to be the beginning of another glorious season, however, turned out to be a booster shot for the Eagle defeats which were to follow. A long-kindling flame grew into fire as the Golden Eagles traveled to Oxford to battle with the Ole Miss Rebels. But the "battle" resulted in embarrassment for the Eagles as the Rebels took early control of the game, ignoring the courageous second-half Eagle comeback, to win 28-19. Second-half strategy did not work with the War Eagles of Auburn, either. After a 21-3 Auburn lead, the Eagles closed the gap to 21-19 before the final minutes of the game. During those final minutes USM felt they could pull ahead. continued on page 240 Si.-41 Left: Jim Carmody, assistant head coach and defensive boss of the Golden Eagles from 1978 through 1980, is back on the USM scene as THE head coach. He was away for only a season, spent with the professional Buffalo Bills as a defensive coach. Photos by T, Isbell, S Gaston, B S t B F b h 239 Q 4 I i ,W ZS! i' "Lula l Football cont. but lack of time and questionable officiating prevented the Eagles to kick a last minute field goal. So the score remained and the Eagles suffered their second defeat of the season. September 25, The Florida State University Seminoles came to get revenge for the 58-14 humiliation USM handed to them during last season's regionally televised game. The Seminoles first goal was to stop Eagle quarterback Reggie Collier, however, in controlling Collier, FSU allowed Dejarnette to run rampant for a 304 yard gain on 43 plays, Dejarnette was named the Associated Press National Back of the Week and added his name as no. 16 on NCAA's all- time list of "Best Single Game Performance."But for all of USM's efforts, FSU continued the fight to regain their dignity. A Seminole fake field goal with 5:20 remaining in the game was the turning point. FSU kept their lead to win 24-17. Memphis State seemed to be the "confidence builder" USM needed. The Eagles jumped right in playing ball from 5 5' ' ' Ili . -, -.-- -1.35 ,H b ,qW,. ., 5 'tie .1 , ' .fn n- U SENIORS Seated: 135 Don Horn, 165 Bruce Thompson, 1105 Reggie Collier, 1155 Eddie Ray Walker, 1185 Mark Means, 1225 Mark Carmichael, 1295 Gary Williams. Standing: 1545 Mike Justesen, 1585 Larry Alford, 1775 Charlie Carter, 1815 George Tillman, 1865 Raymond Powell, 1915 Charlie Jenkins, 1985 Archie Henderson, 1995 Moochie Allen. 240 I til d 1 ty.. Q 5 v ' ' W E x A H f l,.. .',.,. -A I ' A"- ' 2? -1 fi ..,' i 2 Y -- s the beginning, leaving the Tigers far behind. The Nasty Bunch held the MSU offense to 126 yards in 36 rushes, while the Eagles totaled 447 yards for the game. Southern handed Memphis State their fifth loss of the season while winning 34-14. The Golden Eagles kept their confidence as they met Mississippi State in Jackson on October 9. The Nasty bunch revived after a few games of silence and held off the explosive Bulldog offense as USM won 20-14. Southern continued to control the field as they 5. K ' J v i Y -- uw spoiled Tulane's Homecoming with a 22- 10 victory the following week. October 23 was LlSM's Homecoming, and Louisville came down assuming to continue their three-year clutch. As one sports writer commented, "Louisville's big mistake was showing up. After that it only got worse." And so it did as the USM offense and defense collaborated for their best performance of the season. The Eagle offense gained 500 total yards. continued on page 242 'i' Y Football cont. while the Nasty Bunch had six interceptions, six deflections, three fumble recoveries, and four quarterback sacks. The first 90-yard return by Louisville was called back, the Cardinals continued to make mistakes, USM capitalized on this for a glorious 48-O Homecoming win. Southern continued for a five-game winning streak showing before interested Independence Bowl scouts as they shut out the Cajuns of the University of Southwest Louisiana 36-O. Dejarnette set a single-season rushing record with 1,257 yards. November 4 was an open date, but that week did anything but allowed rest before the Alabama game, for the NCAA slapped a two-year probation on the Eagles for recruiting violations - which meant no bowl game. So what? The Golden Eagles had a bowl game of their own with Alabama November 13 Cdubbed the GATA Bowlj and proved what USM could do. ln the greatest victory in Southern history, Continued on page 244 242 Ticketline Blues Football tickets are among the most demanded items on campus in the fall. Even so, USM sticks with traditional means of distribution . .. Unlike many universities who charge students for game tickets, Southern provides them free with presentation of a valid campus l.D. l.D.'s are punched in specific areas of the card preventing students from receiving more than one ticket per game. To reduce crowded lines at the ticket booth, students may obtain group tickets. Windows are specified for numbers of sixteen to twenty-five tickets and so forth. With section E reserved for football players, competition for seats in sections D and F is fierce. lt is not unusual for groups, especially fraternities, to camp out two and three days ahead of time to insure preferred areas of the stadium. Many take their place in line equipped with books, radios, and sleeping bags or mattresses. Tickets are given out on a first-come-first-served basis. Nevertheless, everyone attends the game with ---"' enthusiasm even when stuck with HH. Next day, of course, ticket line strategy is planned for the following week's game. N "W '. f t "4 3 " ,:--v" -' , I: ...Q X' ' ' -X55 f,., -xif, .jig - A ".:XgQ,.1v " I I I 'i it Q . s Y B Af' f 'XX Football cont. the Eagles became the first team since Florida in 1963 to beat the Tide in Bryant Denny Stadium and score the most points on a Bryant-coached team in this stadium. The Eagles totally dominated to win 38-29. AP and UPI named Collier Back of the Week, while the AP named Jerald Baylis the Lineman of the week. Still in the fanfare of the week before, the Eagles hosted the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs for the last game of the season. Tech brought in a powerful passing quarterback and pursued in the rainy weather for a 13-6 win. The Golden Eagles ended the 1982 season with a 7-4 record. ln after-season awards, the Clarion-Ledger, Jackson Daily News named Sam Dejarnette the offensive Player of the Year, and Jerald Baylis Defensive Player of the Year for their performances during the 1982 season. Reggie Collier was selected to play in the Blue-Gray game and the Senior Bowl, and has since signed with the LISFL Stallions. 244 Q, f'l , 1 fr lf' y i Q Q -2 FOOTBALL RESULTS 7 Wins 4 Lost USM 45 Northeast USM 19 Ole Miss USM 19 Auburn USM 17 Florida State USM 34 Memphis State USM 20 Mississippi State USM 22 Tulane USM 48 Louisville USM 36 Southwest La. USM 38 Alabama USM 6 Louisiana Tech I In Memory Pie Vann 5 xtxvij The author of an era in USM football died September 7, 1982, at the age of 76 in Jackson after an illness. Thad "Pie" Vann led the USM team from 1949-1968 with a record of 139-55-2. His 1958 team, with the only perfect season in Southern history, was ranked no.1, as was his 1962 team with a 9-1 record. The athletic dormitory was named in his honor during ' the 1967-68 school year. He is truly missed. 245 The Pride of Mississippi Dr. James I. Nail-Director of Bands Mr. Kelley Love-Director of the Pride of Mississippi Mrs. Georgeane Love-Co-ordinator of Auxilliary Units The Pride of Mississippi is known nation-wide for their outstanding musical performances. Playing for all the home games, the Pride missed only one of the away games this year. Preparation for football season doesn't come easy. Practice time totaled 20 hours a week including 6 a.m, and Saturday sessions. This year the Pride held a Parents' Day on November 20th. Approximately 350 parents, friends, and relatives of the band members came to the football game and other activities that day. 246 24 Dixie Darlings lt is not all glamour and prestige. ln fact it takes a lot of time, hard work, and dedication to become and stay a USM Dixie Darling. The D.D.'s were formed back in 1954 by Dr. Manony to enhance the band during half-time presentations Hopefuls are judged on personality, kick, weight, technical merit, and how quickly they can learn a routine. Out of all those who try out, only 65 are chosen-including four captains. lt is the responsibility of the captains to make up the routines, with the help of their sponsor Mrs. Karen Quarnstrom, to lead Right: Karen Quarnstrom, Director. Below: Captains Shawna Bullard, Melissa Watts, Missey Ezelle, Sherry Elkins. 248 in warm ups, drill the other members, and record music. During Football season, practice schedule is everyday from four to six and Saturdays before the game. Not all girls can perform at each game. Tryouts are held weekly, and judging, again, is on performance,weight, and routine. Those who do not march still attend the game in uniform. Mrs. Karen Quarnstrom, the Dixie Darling Sponsor, is very proud of her group of girls. "They all work very hard out there." Wu 'C'l?"-in x L ' T s - . .... ... ....., . me . .. .. .,,..,m...,.4n................, ..n...,,..... ,. ., Front Row: Theresa Taylor, Jackie Lane, Catherine Aris, Robin Kessler, Kerri Mordica, Sissy Sharp, Debra Broadhead, Tonya Painter, Becky Cherry, Gina Radondo, Jill Pittman, Amy Jackson, Selina Redd. Second Row: Sherry Elkins, Jennifer Nagle, Cassandra Burney, Alison Clayton, Melissa Taylor, Jeanne Lee Welsh, Lisa Wells, Anita Rawls, Vicki Vann. Lisa Thomas, Patty Jean Page, Delaine Taylor, Heather Duncan, Belinda Mize, Karen Brown, Lisa Bernhardt, Shawna Bullard Third Row: Melissa Watta, Cheryl Boyles, Jamean Montgomery, Julie Denson, Ruth Leggett, Michele Farro, Degra Lyles, Rhonda McCall, Stacy Ball, Kellie Uhland, Cindy Ballard, Marla Martin, Micki Harrell, Gigi Gerson, Rene Smith, Angie Whitney, Marion McCaleb, Missy Ezelle, 249 Football Cheerleaders USM Football Cheerleaders attended College Spirit Camp at Memphis State University this past summer and placed in the top squads. On the road this fall, the cheerleaders traveled to all away games and to the senior bowl. Several members teach for various cheerleading organizations such as ECA, UCA, and NCA. The Eagle Mascot was named Outstanding Mascot by LICA at summer camp. Members: Dina Alford Natalie Allen Steve Buckeley Kenny Clark Gina Daniels Jeff Davis-Mascot Angela Fokakis Sharon Ciarlin-Captain Anna Gonzalez Carolyn Hilley Dianne Hosey John Keys Monte Manguno David Neideffer Ken Waltman-Captain Joel Waters-Mike Man fu --t,:..:.i'?12 A Q! fuk, Aj 3 S Southern Misses r. 5 4 i - E 5 G 5 First row: Renee Smith, Brenda Price, Marla Martin, Hope Garret, Amy Firmin Second row: Selina Redd, Erin Finley, Marion McCaleb, Miki Kalstorf, Kerri Mordica Third row: Kim Herrington, Jan Meitzler, Leigh Lamey, Robin Dungan, Wendy Abrams, Chris Hall, director Becky Askew Southern Misses perform pom pom routines at half-time for all the men's basketball games, 252 Goal Tenders - . 3 : :iii , -SX "31- , Z , X1-K 0 W -af, '36 1982320 Af N Men's Basketball When Southern's Coach Turk came to USM seven years ago, he wanted to upgrade the Eagle's basketball schedule. He's done just that. This spring, to the fans' delight, USM joined the Metro Conference, one of the toughest basketball conferences in the nation. Other members of the conference are Tulane, Virginia Tech, Louisville, Florida State, Cincinnati, and Memphis State. Two of the teams are ranked among the top ten in the country. Over 4000 fans who eagerly awaited the new season came to see the Eagles play their first game of roundball on November 27. And play they did-the Eagles easily overran Northeast Louisiana. Starters for the game were guards Curtis Green, the only full-time starter from the 1981-1982 season, and 6'3" senior Larry Boyd. The forwards were freshman Robert McDaniel and junior college transfer Ken Suttles. Carl Mitchell began the difficult task of replacing Joe Dawson at center. The first half of the game, the teams seemed easily matched. USM took a slim two point lead into halftime. The second half was another story. Behind the terrific outside shooting of Curtis Green, the Eagles went on to win the game by an easy margin. The final score read USM- 75, Northeast-65. USM controlled the boards and got the rebounds that led to the victory. Curtis Green was the team's leading scorer with 17 points, and Carl Mitchell followed close behind with 15. Mitchell also had 10 rebounds in the game. The Golden Eagle team that played in Humphrey Coliseum at Starkville looked nothing like the team of two nights before. The Bulldogs, with a supportive home crowd and a new-looking offense, simply ran over USM, 81-58. Only Curtis Green scored in double figures, with 26 points to his credit. Larry Boyd, Willie Robinson, and Ken Suttles each had six points. The key play in the loss came in the first half with a little over seven minutes left on the clock. Back-to-back slam dunks were made by the Bulldogs, extending their lead to 24- 17. Southern came home to play their third game in four days. The result was a big win that boosted the players' lagging spirits. USM simply outdid the Division lll Wisconsin-Oshkosh team. Oshkosh never had a chance. Everybody knew after the first few minutes of play that the Eagles were in total control. Michael Jett led in scoring with 18 points, while Curtis Green and Willie Robinson had sixteen each. The final score was a satisfying 103-66. The Eagles hit the road again, this time headed to the I Pay Twenty Dollars A Year UPAYJ tournament at Clemson, North Carolina. The tournament field included Clemson, Bucknell, Furman, and USM. The Eagles played their first game against Furman on Friday night. lt was a defensive battle in which USM toppled Continued on page 256 3-1- 1 . f-qv T? A 'N 'Qi' 'U A. Ab Hd Coach M.K. Tu k f tr'-1 55155 NULHER 5Ulll'l'llf i .-ij X L' N 5 5 25 Caught in Mid-Air N . 4 ..,,,.-. t yd ' -. V 53:2 : "4 , 4 . f--'. 1 'QW H 7 , 9' A ' 43 ' if x .,.,. 1 --,f- X,., .sz , U J is 'a"",iN-4 ,log Na Basketball cont. Furman 56-53, improving their record to 3-1. Curtis Green led in scoring with 23 points. Mitchell led rebounds with four. The win put the Eagles in the tenth annual IPTDAY Championship game with Clemson. The Eagles controlled the pace and whipped the Tigers 60-58, to have their first championship of the new season. The key to the game was slow-down. USM never allowed the Tigers the chance to use their fast-pace attack. Green once again was high point man for the Eagles, with 19 points. The defense played as well as the offense. USM committed only 11 fouls and Clemson only had four points from the free-throw line. USM is only one of three teams to ever beat Clemson in the tournament's history. Curtis Green was named Most Valuable Player in the tournament and was a member of the All-Tournament team. Carl Mitchell was also chosen for the team. LlSM's first Metro Conference game with Tulane came two nights later in front of an enthusiastic home crowd of 5400 fans. lt was the kind of game that puts you on the edge of your seat. The lead changed hands 11 times during the game when the two teams were tied. Also, neither club ever had more than a six point margin. Larry Boyd had a steal on an inbounder by Tulane, and got a hook shot that tied the game at 48-48 with a little over two minutes left to play. Ken Shuttles got the rebound after Tulane missed the shot that gave the Eagles the chance to win. Curtis Green sank a 19-footer to win the game with three seconds left on the clock. The Eagles now have a 5-1 record. The Eagles' record climbed to a 6-1 mark when they easily smeared the Grenadiers of lndiana-SE. The final tally was USM-91, Grenadiers-45. Kenny Dailey led all scorers with 18 points. Unfortunately for the Eagles, easy street was behind them. They were heading into a five-game stretch of road games against some very imposing teams. Continued on page 258 6 l 4' iq Q fd.: ,nf -WA l 1, A' .rn wy., Xxx NNN.. "Ss-.-ass. ....x... N-I r . o yu " Q'?vS it M3 wt:-5 e x -....-. ., -.e.,,... - s- ,i.- as Nev.. i i 22 ,., w. 1 t , l A xr , P 3 First row: Student manager Kevin Ross, student manager Scott McCann, Robert McDaniel, Curtis Green, Larry Boyd, Michael Jett. Mir hae! Crosby, student trainer Mike Grill, student manager Andy Brown Second row: Head coach M,K. Turk, graduate assistant Jimmy Seay, James Williams, Marty Stubblefreld, Willie Robinson Carl Mitt hell Paul Crowley, Ken Suttles, Marc Tisza, Kenny Dauley. student assistant Ronald Jackson, assistant coach Mike Jones and assistant toach Robert Mclnnis, 257 J x Basketball Cont. The Christmas holidays were not all that joyful for the USM squad. The first two road games brought immediate disaster. A heartbreaking 64-62 loss to the Arkansas Razorbacks in Pine Bluff began a losing streak that was to last through January, with only occasional glimpses of a good-caliber team. Two days later, the pain of losing was reinforced on Christmas Eve with an easy victory for the Memphis State Tigers. The Tigers blasted the Eagles 81-60. Curtis Green led USM with 18 points. Carl Mitchell pulled down eight rebounds. Coach Turk now knew that the Metro meant business, the conference was tough. After a short break for the holidays, the Eagles headed north to Blacksburg, Virginia, to play the Hokies of Virginia Tech. Once again, the result was a loss, with a drop in the Metro Conference standings. USM had a 61-60 lead in the game with a little over five minutes left, when poor thinking, shooting, and rebounding gave the opponents the game. The Hokies won, 74-69. Still on the road, USM came with high spirits to Tallahassee and with the intent of upsetting Florida State, but all to no avail. The Eagles played better than they had in previous games, but personal fouls were the breaking point in the 94-82 loss to the Seminoles. One of the bright spots of the season was Southern's emotional game against Tulane. After losing four road games, USM went to New Orleans with fire in its eyes. The confidence worked this time, with Curtis Green scoring 24 points. The Eagles edged the Green Wave in a 62-61 Metro Conference victory over Tulane. The Eagles came home, but the opponent, Virginia-Commonwealth, was no slouch. Sloppy playing and unnecessary turnovers gave V-C the chance to give the Eagles their sixth defeat of the season. The scoreboard read V-C-78. USM-64. Another loss was in the making, with a final score of 63-48. The ninth ranked Louisville Cardinals had to play great ball to defeat the Eagles in the harder-than-it- seems Metro Conference game. Milt Wagner did the job for the Cardinals with 32 total points. He scored 20 in the 258 second half alone. USM lost six of its last seven games, falling to 7-7 overall and 2-5 in the conference. Home once more, USM was hoping to get back in the groove of winning. Things looked good for Turk that night. The hardwood club gave him a brand new pick-up truck and his Eagles had an eight point halftime lead over the 17th ranked Virginia Tech Hokies. But looks were deceiving, after 15 turnovers in the second half and 15 steals by Tech, the - ...-' A . "" ' '- - . . . 1- , .- QP 1 if--fits-. -- in ' E 'W " 4 ' . ,Q ,IMQM L V ' AQ l I A. ' A H ,.'. 552, -Q W 2, v - N 5 I "sw W , . Nl I' ' --vw-'Q-vu., ,QV 9 awww . Eagles were once again going to the lockerroom with slumped shoulders and a Metro Conference loss. The next two games left USM on the short side, with a disastrous, poorly- played loss at home to NIT-bound UNO and a Metro whipping by the FSU Seminoles. The UNO Privateers played almost picture-perfect roundball in the embarrassing 91-74 win by the Privateers. The Seminoles brought USM's overall record to 7-10 with their victory score of 71-65. The Eagles were 2-8 in the Metro. Pan-American gave the downtrodden team a needed win, and put an end to a five-game losing streak. The Eagles had an easy time crushing the Broncos. James Williams led all scorers with 20 points and pulled down five rebounds. The team was finally on the right track. They played high-caliber basketball and even received some help from UNCC's . - - . wslgi,'w, '.,: .E?L:..,,K Y -il ' .. ,-ff...'.e-.- coaches in their 92-66 victory over the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. UNCC had two technicals called on both coaches as a result of "bad manners" over a referee's foul call on one of their players. As a result, Curtis Green got six easy points, and the Eagles took a commanding lead. Curtis Green was the man of the hour once more in a 59-45 triumph over the Broncos of Pan-AM on their home court. Curtis hit eight out of 12 field goals in the second half to pull the Eagles from behind and lead them to the winner's circle. Green finished with 24 points for the night. With a 10-10 record on the line, Southern came home to play NCAA- tournament bound Southwestern Louisiana. The game went down to the wire at Reed Green Coliseum. Once again, the Eagles did not take advantage of the 3" -all Q gb-af ai in .AVWC 'X B .f --4" nt. . v-if breaks and were defeated. With the score standing at 70-65, the team's record dropped to 10-11. Turk received his 100th career victory when the Eagles handed the Bearcats of Cincinnati a 69-59 loss in Ohio. Freethrows, a sore spot with the Eagles, were actually a help to USM. Southern once again evened out their record. USM gave up a 14 point lead as a result, dropping a 82-81 overtime game to UNO at New Orleans. The Eagles moved their record back to .500 with an 85-69 pounding of Western Illinois at Reed Green. The last episode of M"A"S"H was on the tube, causing the crowd to be even smaller than usual at the coliseum, but that didn't stop the Golden Eagles from M"A"S"'Hing East Tennessee State University, 77-61. Senior Guard Larry Boyd paced the Eagles with 20 points, his career high. All the seniors played well in their final home appearance. USM finished the regular season on a high note. Spurred by Michael Jett's staring performance for flu-bitten Larry Body, the Golden boys presented Turk with a winning season by beating Western Illinois 70-62. USM's season came to a close when they played the Virginia Tech Hokies in the opening round of the Metro Conference tournament. The Eagles lost decisively, 79-68. The winner of the tournament was Louisville, who simply outdistanced a much-improved Tulane Green Wave. The Eagles made it through the first year in the Metro, thanks to Coach Turk and company. Only good things can be expected in the future. -R T ll Photos bv Photo Service d M K b 259 Basketball Cheerleaders-Men '5s.,,-Q sm WMM ah-W..-M WA. nv Y V Y-gm W MW,-,,,,,, - ' 'yificff -' 4' .-r- 'v ' i - mt. as-,ti ,, .-f J eil? IJ.. ' I TT ' ifrff taidgx- . i Q , r H? .f,,. My 14 .. we :mv so , 144 'f-5 -t H ' I 260 Roster: Mark Butler, Kenny Clark, Ken Waltman-Co-captain, Monte Manguno, Jeff Smith, Todd Gillis, Karen Brackman, Missy Ezelle, Jayme Collins-Co-Captain, Lori Hasson, Kristi Ritalo, Polly Anna Peterson. Basketball Cheefleaders-Wonien .- 3 51,45 'ZF' ' Wim? ifriw' 4" S -I 'ugil Q", ...rf , I ' '.jlfx"'f' iff: .75 ,J A , ,, fx, 1 . 7 be 14.5. , 1 -1dNL'f,f Mi ". lf' ' I ,,. r"",r'f-"1 f 7,g:ffi.,y'p 7fQ,'.--,gg AJ' u 1' 'f DSI' !."4fA.q5:,'1'Wf,iks'f' at,-j "' -' gxf-53" fd, :fn 5 Qi. ,Q 5-5 f, I tyrl, qiyyl'--Wil' 1 , Nam.-Sz .1-M -'i , JN if fast - 1 . if -,ii'.fi.f,'Qf','5'5kQ'gfif- lt VI, .5 M '- la i f 'gt'-zwfkfvcfe-f'?':-A Q-f Q- -4 -. .vw W" fl-WH4' J-J.",aad'c'Y' J F., . Vt. L. Sys 'gif' -. 7' Roster: Jennie Braden-Co-captain, Stephanie Gilmore, Cathy Smith, Charla Little, Janet Renuick, Glenis Wans- Iey-Co-Captain. 261 . M V ,. gg.. mf' ANQ we-5Q'Nf5.if5? '1A " X sw ., 'iii wb , Q., X' " 3 K X X Xx Q-ww S 4' X I. EA K ,, '25 Women's Basketball The Lady Eagles basketball team entered their 1982-83 season with hopes of reaching the National Women's Invitational Tournament. The Lady Eagles joined the Metro Conference, and began looking forward to a promising season with four returning starters from last year's 16-11 team. With decisive wins over Tulane and South Alabama, the Lady Eagles began to reach for their goal. The 1982-83 Lady Eagles, with basically a sophomore team, ended the season with a 17-10 record. Starting for head coach Kay James were Portland McCaskill, Joye Lee, Dianne Backstrom, Rose Smith, and Wilhelmina Smith. The Lady Eagles opened the season on November 30, with a six game winning streak. Backstrom led the scoring over the Green Wave of Tulane in Reed Green Coliseum with 18 points. McCaskill, Rose Smith, and Juliette Weaver added double figure scores to help defeat the Green Wave 86-70. On December 7, USM rolled over South Alabama 84-64 before hosting the Lady Eagle Classic. The Lady Eagles became 4- 0 as they defeated Arkansas State 81-59 and Mercer 101-90, winning the tournament. McCaskill was named the Most Valuable Player, scoring 20 points, and grabbing 11 rebounds against , Arkansas State, with 26 points and six steals against Mercer in the championship game. The Lady Eagles remained at home for the next two victories. ln a Metro Conference game on December 13, Memphis State was downed 86-78, two days later, USM defeated Troy State 84- 67. The Lady Eagles suffered their first defeat of the season 106-97 against North Carolina in the Auburn Dial Classic. The Lady Netters persevered in Auburn to triumph over Austin Peay 102-69. USM continued to win as they traveled to Troy State to win 83-80, and to Chattanooga, where they defeated the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga 71-63. The Lady Eagles traveled to Southwestern Louisiana to suffer a 91-81 loss before entering the Magic City Classic. Once in Birmingham, USM was downed by Louisville 81-69, but came back to defeat the University of Alabama- Birmingham 92-88, and place third in the tournament. The Lady Eagles traveled to New Orleans on January 18, for the season's second victory over Tulane 71-66. They then came back home to defeat Mississippi College 81-58 in a team effort which left USM with a 12-3 record. The Lady Eagles began to stumble on their next three games. The Lady Jaguars of South Alabama capitalized on USM's mistakes to win 79-71 in Mobile. Back in Green Coliseum, the Lady Eagles fell to University of New Orleans 91-89. Hoping to raise their spirits and the apparent game slump, the Lady Eagles traveled to Cleveland, Mississippi, after a few days of rest to take on the Lady Statesmen of Delta State. USM lost its third straight game, 73-67. Continued on page 265 :ji-E" -if . . 1 X 7. 4 -g.f.rg,s.,...155:z3,.g3fg,,gg1.q,.3g.5g:g:. 5 , .x 1 , W ,si :ff 2 1 1 ---- - r f s ww .... 'N .. -, .Q 1 . I - - - - I - Ab . Head Coach K y J mes 263 il ll l 6? USM gm "nf at ga.. 'f 31:6 USM 5,4 WM usn USM N USM vi USM USM SM ,.....1.- lf Si..-ff-..,--,fi -e f First row: Faye Hodges, Suzie We-Ich, Joye Lee, Dianne Backstrom, Charlene Jones, Valerie Webb, Anita Dudley 5 Second row: Rose Smith, Wilhelrnina Smith, Anna Jones, Pam Wilson, Juliette Weaver, Tish Thompson, Portland McCaskiIl Third row: Student trainer Linda Blat lxwell, graduate assistant Shirley Jones, head coach Kay James, assistant coach Laura Porciello, student trainer Janet Passrnan and student trainer Cindy Blackmer 264 ff' 'I .wg s t ,X 1'-gi - ,ry Nt x ' -X 'N -Vg", NVQ, X , ,gt vs ,fm Q. ,. - will kfpeg.. st. ,g,,, 14 adams- i ,.,- l s. 9 M Basketball Cont Using stronger defense play, Coach James and her Lady Eagles ended the losing skid to defeat Southwestern Louisiana 86-81 at home. The offense also did well, as McCaskill scored 30 points and Lee added 22 points. USM's consistent aggressiveness, despite free- throw deficiencies, enabled the Lady Eagles to stomp Belhaven 86-59 in Jackson. The Lady Eagles split the next two home games 86-80 with Louisiana State and University of Alabama-Birmingham. LSU dominated for most of that game to win. USM fought to keep on top of UAB after McCaskill and Rose Smith received eye injuries in the first half. USM continued to win as they edged by Jackson State 62-61, but later fell for two as they lost 86-80 to UNO for the second meeting of the season, and to MC 103-99 in double overtime. The Lady Eagles ended the regular season with a big 104-93 win over Delta State. The Lady Eagles lost 75-71 to Louisville in the opening round of the Metro Conference tournament. -by S Skipper Photos by Photo Service 265 4 f'- ,. ,. 1. Q y "" Q N ' Q S n 1 1 , V ,,,4 .,.,,.., . .k ,A -"'iijv2r,f, H ,LQ ,F jf' R af 7 ' ' Q C ,5NfI,'5 ,VA ' ' 'X ' X Y -1 -a-,:' 1 . A .vi N "5 -X ' ' - " " 'fQXaRzfa9'v6'M Q, 'fr-:, " W A' N, x x X: .M A -.53 - ,Q Q ll 3 2 VW? NL? JI is . 2 Baseball Reed Allison Greg Bryant David Howell Ken Harbuch Alan Mattox Alex Gutierrez Juan Vazquez Ive Burnett Ben Chancey Alan Powers Jeff Hogg Greg Bradley Brian Kozlowski ii: 5 a- 'Q David Cannon "H l David Deaton Robert Hughes Val Overstreet K+ 1? V . V AMLEJM ' :2f19"4qj 341755 4, 'V ' , W!fjf'7,' ', . pm r, f,V",,f .ff 4 4'-lad 4 151' V fe V V l -1 Am 4 F -V ,. ' V V , V 1 -1 S , V . i V V, Y '. 3:5 f:"' 'fff1KE.-.-,, V ., 42- 55111522 ' V .V -2 . " f 'FV X .Vg V ' , A .... ' 1 .- V ' 'T , 1 V--gig . ,. A ,,'V55,, , ,V:.f1'f'f "i ,,f f , 'gyfgfz' VV V. .. ' , V. ' ., .,... 'l I 'V f. ., -. - V- .. '-:,:,'::2:5g:g.:,V:,,.j.:::::-1,.-as A. A, V.g--:g-'-- - V-V V iw. V- ,' 1 - V , .,,,6. , , V , Q, : ' f " --" ' A ' A A ,fn VV,eV Af Q X ,. 'V ' IV '- ,um x 'V'2V.-MNQSQ1' Wi-., . ,, -fiN-QV - fb-M '. " -4 ,V1f."" 2- QV.,, ,QV - Av- V5 , , 1eV:V.. . VV X , - ,V V V V4 gkep V, V, .. Q 4, x , xVV1gzV,V:Vi,,Vf W- 'V - FQ. u V ' Viufg' V y V ar- A 'qi' , 1 7, V Vw 4 7 E11233:22-E'f5j:?JE'i3'5L-.f'f5"'?"E5I:13??5:Vs7?l:2-553'V' -'z-52221: 3: f f ' -:Vi .,fV2-3?-1:-V5 "" ' '- :V2' 'Vai-:Su ., . '2V11:::,'VVV-'-' " 1 x 1 . '- " .g::',':'f-VSTj'fa5e'..,j1.i'?"'5f,-as - N, 9' V, , , , ,Q A. V V ,L ,. f . '-A ' .,i .1V1i:QQ,:,V,?VVV .V -- 3 V, " ' ' V f- V I '71'Vf,.fkif':5'Z22:'r':f":'f3i"'Y1..hf.-I.X221V'V-'1-"22"':PVI"'1V:. 'Q 'A fi ' 1" "?'Q?f2,':,g. VV ,V Vx, ' f-'1-Va flgizly WJAQI: If-f .44 V . if, MZ :JV ., V, V, VV Q V, :MW g ,V ,QV-LV - 1 453,54 , 'V V' V V- ,,,V , V V. w w' s:,gaV,,V1fV g,.V, V ' N f , 'V 'V f' f, ' V 3V,f " .:I':'f z1" '??f Ii:L'."ff"x.',?EV :VV--' 3,,:V. .V ai-'51 ww, VV 11, 5- Q 3,V e,!,::lE ,V3:f.,,: 1 V:.,V,,,::V WV 4174- 3,1 - - w w . 5V.,V,3.5,,.,,.U V.,,:. Q-4:-Z ,nl-Q V JV , H V' ,V VV' V-,:,,:.52,,f'8V:.- V V ' 4322211 ,,fg,sf?:g -.i::.g.,:,,.-4:5 ,, . ,. az. . . ,. I V ggizi-V,:aV .351 qw.. .VSV .V,,Qg?:Sifn:. ::,i:V-,VVVV-H ,:'g,5,T ,V dj ' 3 ,Q -1' we Vs: .. , Q-:pw :jVVV'f'-s-V:.- V V.--. V. V , . 5. V,:V.:,-. v, V, .,V, K. - Y, .-V, V, ,, -H11 h Vw", '1j'3VV-"--'YE:,.'.Q.i4::u-' I - . I-,.-:':.Vg-, -yi. :gan ,V . -:fn gfVV2'.'.2f'g:-:--V: 'f-iw'-+45,V fu' L VM Q, ., kr A .,g,Wgg?gV5g:,QWL?:v3,2v4. v : V , A, 1. T, - V , " , V in-1.',jU-Vi,--V jg., .VL ra.V'?'eVf,-,-V ., V , fi -' QV. - ,W , V MMM V' 5 'V 1'VfP1:."Yf ?f.??f2"1-FEV EWVLVV' ,-fy V,V2Vi A - -'I - """ ,Vw 'V Ve -T? 1 "ml 'J' " , i V ' rf' a Q V ws., 44 'WN' 'X - .x ,f,+N,E"'A' JI- A, , W., Softball Coach-Laura Porciello Manager-Melissa Hodges Trainer-Kathy Gendron Stats-Amy Musson Linda Blackwell Joan Copeland Becky Allen Misty Haarala Faith Johnson Denise Lee Keren Sullivan Stephanie Jones Julie Kovach Rozanne Samies Donna Legg Kay Hudson Linda Hubbard Linda Springs A.,,. -4- 114.1 , its-.FQ ,3 "5 ,ew f..,..'f-' ' 1' i.- , A x 1.- . , , 1 W- K 4-.4 1, 7 Women's Tennis Antrice Kay Laurie White Kim Smilek Vicky Purser Betsy Mercer Tammie Kellems .2955 Behind Memphis State at .272. Antrice Kay ll-6 record was second in the No. l singles for the METRO. Laurie White 8-8 record was fourth in the No. 2 singles for the METRO. Tammie Kellems 7-ll record was fifth in the No. 5 singles for the METRO. Kim Smilek 3-12 record was fifth in the No. 6 singles for the METRO. Antrice Kay won the first round of play in the METRO Conference Tournament defeating Debbie Giroux of the University of Louisville. Then lost to Memphis State and Virginia Tech. The USM Women's Team came in third in the METRO in winfloss percentage. Q5-12 'Q , 4-Q, K 4 xg, 193 A " Ar 4 ff, , , M . ,, , M 3 uw -ff 1 2 .Mcv,,f:.,7 , A o 40 bl , 32 .12 , , - . o l Q v A f 1 f 4.4 Men's Tennis g 91 ,. 1 X' W: If TSE? LLSB ,IAN Q U,S.m. ,N 55 U,s.nL yenNS 'ik ' if till!! at 'I ,H in X J! lx 19,54 HHN? F IIA .,:,:,B:'lvf.'Q':'?'M: 'ins I I 1 4'9" - ' ' ' HP ' Egg 'wow ,. +X 'zfr-'I i W . f " 'T '1 , .,'V A 2 s r 15.2 ,. H 6 'v , .kt i fx? ' 0 . F. : 'Qs 9 1-rm 275 7 Track Head Coach-Marshall Bell 91,4 'jfizfvxf T , .W 'j J' W Y 1, r A, 'Q I V ' ' 4,4 Q ik' ey v "1 dis' wiuzxzi 'Vx 'N Effie: 1---Q51 A V .x 'JUN .' -Q I A v .7980 2 ,ff V. 2 I 'Aux' K .. A ?i Mi? s 1 5 i 5 ' 1 , 1' -'I Photos by S Gaston 'T' 277 Swimming The USM swimming team developed four years ago when the NCAA passed leg- islation to require teams in Division l com- petition to have a certain number of varsity sports in order to keep the Division I status. Men's swimming was chosen as one of the varsity sports added. The team consists of 14 swimmers who competed in 14 meets this year. These in- cluded the National Independent Collegiate Championships in Columbia. South Caroli- na and the National Collegiate Champion- ships in March. Coach Michael Giles says that the future of USM swimming looks terrific. Since it is the only collegiate team in the state, people are inquiring into the program everyday. 1983 Roster John Ahern Kent Batman Richard Bean Curt Crawford Don Hanuaer Stephen Horton Erick Hueck Matt Johnson Keith Kennedy Chris Prator Robert Ross, Jr. Joe Shanabrough Jim Sisson Joanna Taylor Dan Horton, Asst. Coach Mike Giles, Head Coach 278 'WSW .Admit-in ' use iw" .M-ff x - ,sq KW.. ' 'V Flip- .-,SMH W - I Q, -3. A N., 1 we ll-V Q A, .f .,,, , - , ,. A. A ' , ' - -- ' '5W3imwm.-,,a.,,,,- ,W 1 .. " ' M' .""7'ir- ' Wsfk, 'i1Sw.5h+1.v1ff!',w ,zv n i' ff' 27 I . I I I I I I I G If I I USM concluded this year's golf season finishing in a tie for 13th in the Mississippi State Coca-Cola Country Club of Jackson Intercollegiate. The University of Georgia :I won the prestigious event with a team total of 860. I The Golden Eagles finished third in the Mississippi Intercollegiate and had a third place finish in the Nichols State Invitational. I Leading this season was sophomore Jamie Sydboten of Paducah, KY, who had the lowest scoring average among the regulars at 78.45. Sydboten edged out junior Lorne McWilliams of Winnipeg, Canada, who finished with an average of 78.71. strokes per I round. I Other Eagles included freshman Clark Dixon of Benton, III. 179.363, freshman Bruce .I Magee of Prentiss 179.505 and senior Ken Chomyn of Winnipeg, Canada 180043. Q In the fall USM was llth at eh Northeast Lousiana Central Bank College AM., took II I5th at the USM Broadwater beach Invitational and placed ninth at the Hillman I Robbins Intercollegiate. 43" During the spring season the Eagles played in the Seminole Classic and finished . 1 20th, placed 17th in the UNO Marriott Classic and finished ninth in the Panhandle Invitational. Q , 1 jk Coach-J.R. Carpenter If Jamie Sydboten It Ken Chomyn I ' Lorne MacWiIliam I Clark Dixon Teddy Bouchillon I I Bruce Magee I I Pat Grill 1y EI I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 280 1 w 1, I 22 vw, 1 iff' 1 5, v 1, f , ' .iiffff-X C ' 1 s 'zgwg 1' I nv 1 2' ,. A af g ! ,K flfi 114 bi 1 . own QP -n.-r Of -. ' x 4' 0" 'N Ls 1'-J Lf f y , ff o x ir? N- V4 1 ni I JJEQ Nilfx. J I kv. N Aw.-1 X 281 Sports Clubs Men's Soccer Women's Soccer Gymnastics A Bowling Fencing Outdoor Adventure Karate Q, -x,. . va lg 282 sim 'H ,1 la.. IN 3' 3-ALL S xg 'v JN"-Q Na Af 1 7' ,l x f' 4-lx, ,Z- NX N'o.,....- ,,...-. by L. Sh 283 Intramurals lf 1-. F ""'A' X 1983 lntramural ,I Sports Champions Bowling Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Gamma Volleyball Big Daddy's, BSU, Animals INTRAMURALS Flag Football Phi Kappa Tau, Goal Tenders Co-Rec Flag Football Phi Kappa Tau 8 Lil Sisters Co-Rec Volleyball Big Daddy's 8 Lil Mama's Scottish Golf Ralph Bisland, Russell West Tennis Singles John Alford, Bob Olliff, Scott Davis, Liz Lagarde Putt Putt Golf .M ss John Harvey, Leslie Gustin, Jimmy Farris, as-M Lea Smith 1 Badminton Michael Lockwood, Mark Hoo Fatt, Carolyn Carnelison Tennis Doubles Mark Jackson 5 Mike Livings, Bob Oliff E3 Jeff Schwind, Kaylyn Cole 8 Pam Jenkins Racquetball Steve Ellis, Richard Funk, John Alford, Rita Grant Soccer Sigma Nu, Pi Beta Phi Turkey Trot Steve Venable, Barbara Ross c d p Q 286 284 ...where the 5lCTl01V I5 -'WW T363 9497? we l if .Un x . Ml , 34 ,-fy:-mrivig .W -- f,-. "f'4"'-Q13-.2,bfmifwb u ga,,ff",.ag 'slr' fc' 1:,'vw'.,3,. , ,f,,..,'if' y ,.5,Vf-9' NNI' . 'mi , . vyfevfl I ,yy 'vm ,t ,,..,e,,,,'y 4,.c- f V I f-lf, 1: ,, ,sv 1-iff. ,2f1ff'3'7g, X ' 1. ,l ,Ci?m5vfi"3 'V:?34b'f':' ft' 1-'kk J' , ,, . I. ,N ,ww war, FR, xliwghjw K., - A .. ,gf ey V if -w -1' ' f,. 41,5-ft-Lge. ' -' e 1 'f . 1- ,1. My PJ if ...Km it ' ms.. A ,I 1 , - ' . W., .,. A X M, I 2 . K f 4. ' wt. ,fri A ,- . r - I ,I A X4 A In . ' ' ' Q r : . 5 'V' ' , 9' v""'+ W-endured ' f, ' -4 4 . . f N .r xl seg. Photos to left and directly above are from the second annual Coors Campusfest held at the union plaza November 19th The Intramural- Recreational Sports Department directed the event consisting of fair-like game activities, food, music and lots of lun Photos by S Gaston nr, 'Wire ' - -. t I f fr Y N A 1 A' Intramurals continued Turkey Shoot Andy Voda, Lea Smith Weightlifting Sandra Matheney, Amy Hille, Gerald Warren, Patrick Ryan, Kris Gautier, Chris Smilek, Paul Mims, Greg Kelly, Michael Byrd, Hal Revette, Taylor Phillips 1-on-1 Basketball Brian Ladner, Stan Ball, Helen Phillips, Robbie Grady Halfcourt Basketball Big Daddy's, Greased Lightning, Kappa Alpha Psi, Goal Tenders ' Floor Hockey Sigma Nu, Pi Beta Phi Basketball Alpha Phi Alpha, GATA, Rejects, Goal Tenders Co-Rec Basketball S.O.B.'s, Goal Tenders Co-Rec Bowling Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Beta Phi Sports Trivia Bowl Red Sox Wallyball Alan Bean 8 Mark Hodges, Bill Flickinger S Larry Essary, Kerrin Wells S Cheri Barto Ultimate Frisbee + Phi Kappa Tau, Pi Beta Phi Super Sports Los Arrechos Co-Rec Water Basketball Pi Kappa Alpha, Chi Omega Easter Run Jhn Cook, Alice Hultz 286 QP' , . A,I.vNl, V V 0 u .uf-v,,..,,,,, A , .p f.'T,,:V'w ' w.wE.". ' W ' 1 --q,,,.-4 . ... . n . ,,.,,, - -ssnw:.iLm,7vA??5.f' -- .w4msg5,EJvw3a,pa4w4 .... u ' 12. .,.4.,. W I ---.W 1, ,-a "2" . anim' v'3"'z -1-w-.w.,,.,.. w.,f,,,, ., 4,55 . gi ' .4 2 ' 3, - ,le 'Q -A-viulnv-v-gg. 4.-..,,, v. . nf... Throughout history the man on horseback has been awarded respect and has been clothed in an aura of glamour and adventure-from king to cowboy, cavalryman to jockey, polo player to trailrider. Because of a deep personal and overall interest, USM was given the opportunity to open a center to provide the University community with equestrian activities as a part of the recreational activities. Officers: President-Denise Hanley Vice President-Clois Ray Hill Secretary-Lisa Jochumsen Treasurer-Tracy Roberts Advisors: Mickey Harrington Major Ace Cozzalio Lou Marciani 288 ffl ll l l l The University Equestrian Center it ,. ,.,. ..,..........k 12 P' P' Y r l l USM Parks and Recreation Association I' , it f iz 'n -s-4 lu: I , ,i L. lp' ,jing Q.. ltr: all jig I1 A Q, Hn :V H ' fp fy . ,l 1 , , M. - 5 ' E mg W tl ,. , :L gli kr USM Student Sports Medicine Association ,,,."" ini The purpose of the organization is to help the students enrolled in the athletic training curriculum at USM to further their education beyond the classroom through guest speakers and practical experience. Our members are assigned to varsity sports as well as intramurals. Members help in the reorganizing, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. First row: Johnnie Neal, Gary Harrelson, Janet Passman, Mark Kniphfer, Jeff Weber, Ronnie Hamrick, Cindy Blackmer. Second row: Joe Hanley, Barry Adcock, Joey Davis, Mike Williamson, Craig Brewer, Pedro Marno. Third row: Frank Glenn, Linda Blackwell, Vicki Johnson, Gary Grant, Ricky Rainer, Jeri Peterson, Kathy Gendron. 289 l I 1 X I x 'Xl S . ir- -NW' " w x v 'XNx X, 3 ' QYQ S xXXiX?'SZZVf7 - B SNGi Welcome Back Week ....... ......,. Registration ............... ........ Pep Rallies ...,,,.. Union ............. Fall Forums ....,....... The Lark ......,,.....,..... ,....... The Elephant Man .....,. .,...... Arts Center Series ....,,., ........ Southern Exposure ...,.. ........ Homecoming ....,......., ........ Halloween ........,...... ,,.. ..., Burrito Brothers ........ Hank Williams .......,.,. ,....,,. Amazing Jonathan ....... ,... .... Novo Combo .,,,......,,. .,.,..., Cheap Trick...,,... Songfest ,.....,,......,,,.,..., .,...... The Cool Band ,,......,....... ........ Omar and the Howlers ..,,,.. ..,..,,, Talent Show .,,......,,.....,,.. ......., Simon Sez .....,,. Mascot.. .,.... Miss USM ........,,...,.,..,....,..,. ,....... Greek God and Goddess .....,,, ,......, Flood ........,............,.,,.....,.... ,....,., International Education ...... .,...... Retrospect .. ,...... . ,... ,... ,.... . .,..rr . . Gallery ........ 292 294 296 298 300 304 308 309 3 l 0 3 l 2 314 3 l 6 317 3 l 8 320 321 322 324 325 326 327 328 330 332 334 336 338 340 The Musicians Exchange, Sponsored by the Union Board, invited students to its Showcase '82' during fall Welcome Back Week. Bands including Damascus, Natural High, Trac I, Voyager, Full House, and Visions of Tommorrow jammed at the plaza adjacent to the Union and were broadcast live by SL lOO. August 31, 1982 G 7 Showcase 82 'IVF 1 Y QW lk. fb 4, .U ' " .r i 9 Registration, Mini-Quarter, and Rush prove to be trying as well as exciting for incoming freshmen. Students are introduced to C.lSlVl in a two-day nonstop preview of college life through Mini-Quarter. Southern Style members assist newcomers with registration and schedules, answer questions, and help make that first semester a little less confusing. Formal Rush is a thrill for freshmen who are interested in fraternities and sororities. Meeting other people, social gatherings, and the excitement of who will be chosen for which fraternity provides many fond memories for those who seek the greek life. Yet, the registration maze still survives. Ploys such as waiting a couple of hours after the packet appointment time to avoid waiting in line proves to be of no avail, for nine times out of ten, forgotten parking tickets and library fines are found at the first stop. That means leaving the coloseum, straightening everything out at the Business Office, and retuning to Reed Green without losing the clearing receipt. All of this is done in good humor, of course. Registration Mini-Quarter Rush 294 .LJ E Q5 SH STEP 7 This year's pep rallies saw Greeks competing for spirit awards and players reving up for the games. To show support for the University, Jitney Jungle of Hattiesburg donated ten per cent of all earnings from midnight Wednesday to midnight Thursday after the LISMX Alabama pep rally to a scholarship fund later to be distributed by the scholarship foundation. Other peprallies occured at the Petal Fairgrounds, featuring different bands and a beerbust, and by the tennis courts on campus. Pep Rallys 'S' -Sa A A Anxmmuaxu ' nm n Avuitneu 4 . 5 i i I 3 4 , 4 Q 5 i i i i i 4 i i i i J. -fp'-,A ' 42.1, 'S QM ff-'T - 'TF'-qw "fw'Yz1:,223' ' L3 M I' The R.C. Cook Union Building celebrated its 7th annual birthday party August 28, 1982, in the Union lobby. The Union was named after Mr. R.C. Cook, a former president of USM. Cost of construction amounted to 2.5 million dollars and was the first union to be built on a Mississippi college campus. Originally located in McLemore Hall, the Union was moved in 1976 to where it now stands. Future plans for the building are to eventually expand by adding a third floor within the next ten years. The Union has a fall schedule consisting of a Band Showcase, Birthday Party, Halloween Carnival, Coffee Houses, Arts and Crafts shows, and a Homecoming dance. A spring schedule includes a Bridal Show and Dinner Theatre. However, the Union is in full use year round for organizational meetings, banquets, seminars, lectures, or just for messing around in the game room or coffee shop. Meet Me at the Union . . . .3 -129' 299 The University Forum is a special series of lectures and programs on the widest possible range of topics featuring guests of national or international importance. The Forum is open without charge to all students, faculty, and townspeople and meets during the fall and spring semesters in Bennett Auditorium. The University Honors College sponsors and administers the Forum. Reviews by Kim Willis. Fall Forum Ryan Duren September 28, 1982 "lf Your Best Friend Was an Alcoholic" fx ,hm - For four years, Ryan Duren was a relief pitcher for the New York Yankees and, like many athletes, was an alcoholic. With alcohol no longer controlling his life, Duren is quick to emphasize that he does not advocate anti-drinking but anti- alcoholism. He does not believe that he became an alcoholic because of the "pressures of baseball" or a history of "family alcoholism" or some flaw in his "moral makeup." He feels that a person's attitude toward drinking is programmed by the age of 3 and that nothing happening from the ages of 3 to 39 can alter that attitude. Duren came to equate drinking with manliness and said, "l was already chemically dependent before l was out of high school." While he was an alcoholic, he wrecked several cars, burned down his own home, ruined his marriage, and was hospitalized a total of seven times. Duren resisted taking any type of medicine, opting instead for booze to dull the pain, but doctors told him that he was a drug addict "just as surely as if I was hooked on Heroin." As he struggled to overcome his addiction, his teammates would laugh and insist, "You're no more of an alcoholic than we are." After two years in a rehabilitation program at DePaul Hospital in Milwaukee, he succeeded in quitting drinking altogether and has since devoted his life to helping other alcoholics recover. Youth Goodwill Mission Thomas Houser October 12, 1982 October 5, 1Q82 "Missing: An American Tragedy Talent and enthusiasm, paired with dozens of elaborate costumes, came together to produce a dazzling Chinese song and dance performance by the Youth Goodwill Mission from Taiwan, Republic of China. The fourteen member cast, consisting of six males and eight females, was selected from students of 106 Taiwan colleges and universities and s XZ 1 aa' aw .gsxx included surprisingly few dance majors. The program began with "On the Ancient Silk Road," featuring the dances of the ethnic groups who lived along the route. The second segment, "Folk Celebrations," highlighted a variety of traditional Mongolian and Taiwan folk activities and dances. The program concluded with "From Traditional to Modern," which outlined the transition of traditional styles of dance to modern techniques. Thomas Houser was a Columbia Law School graduate specializing in cases involving freedom of the press when he wrote his 1978 book Missing: an American Tragedy. The book deals with the subject of the death of Charles Horman in Chile after the government was overthrown by a military coup. Horman had observed first hand many signs hinting at United States involvement. Soon after, Horman was arrested by Chilean military officialsg his body was identified in a morgue one month later. Houser's book traces the search by Ed Horman to find out what happened to his son and explores the possibilities that Charles Horman was executed while in military custody and that the United States attempted to cover up the circumstances surrounding his death. Missing was nominated for a Pulitzer prize before it was made into a movie of the same title starring Jack Lemmon and Sissy Spacek. Houser has continued to write, having recently published his third book, and maintains his monthly column "You and the Law" in McCalls magazine. Diana Nyad November 16, 1982 "The Role of Women in the Media" Diana Nyad holds the honor of being the greatest long-distance swimmer in the world. "For ten years, l did something better than any other human being," said Nyad, in a speech about self-confidence and achievement. Today, Nyad is a full-time commentator with ABC Sports, announcing track, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, and many other events covered by the Wide World of Sports. Diana graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Lake Forest College, plays several musical instruments, and speaks three foreign languages. ln addition to her ABC career, Diana has her own cable television exercise show and plays on the professional raquetball tour when her schedule permits. She also writes and her latest book, Basic Training for Women, is selling well and going into a paperback edition. James Doohan November 30, 1982 "Science Fiction: Science Fact Since 1965, actor James Doohan has been known to millions of devoted Trekkies as "Scotty," chief engineer of the Starship Enterprise in the Star Trek series and movies. A native of Canada, Doohan earned a reputation as the "craziest pilot in the Canadian Air Force" prior to science fiction fame. Now living in California, he has appeared in hundreds of television roles. A self-proclaimed science fact and fiction fan, Doohan's interest led to a job as narrator of the NASA film "Space Shuttle: Mission to the Future." Pleaded Doohan, "Please don't ever stop science from advancing." He noted that although the moon program cost S20 billion, it brought over a trillion to the economy. While allowing that it would be impossible to accurately analyze Star Trek's success, there is no question that it proved to be a profitable venture. The two movies have grossed a total of S260 million, with eight future installments set to be filmed and released every 18 months. Ellis Woodward December 7, 1982 "Ground Zero-A Plan for Survival" Ellis Woodward is the Director of Public affairs and national spokesman for Ground Zero, a non-partisan project seeking to educate and involve the American people in the issue of nuclear war. Pointing out that nearly 50 thousand nuclear weapons exist today with each being over 500 times more powerful than those used in Japan, Woodward finds nuclear war a frightening possibility. With the first nuclear explosion, " . . . 500 million people would die immediately," said Woodward. "That's V8 of the world population." The American people would not know if other cities or countries still exist. At best, "100 million Americans would survive such an attack." Speaking of the Russian threat of nuclear war, Woodward stated, "The Soviets have been true to their word . . . what they have been doing is trying to catch up to the United States." Senator Strom Thurmond November 9,1982 "The State of the Nation" Senator Strom Thurmond began his career in the Senate in 1954 when he was elected in a write-in campaign. ln 1964, he switched from the Democratic to the Republican party. The conservative trend which has developed within the party in recent years accompanies the rise of a new attitude in the country. For the first time in half a century, we have a truly conservative president, a conservative- controlled Senate, and many Democratic representatives with conservative views, said Thurmond. Changes within the party are being led by those opposed to New Deal-type proposals with the ultimate goal of improving the economic forecast. "The government is the source of, not the cure for, our economic woes," said Thurmond. To stimulate the economy, the conservatives favor tax relief and a balanced budget. John Coleman October 19, 1982 "Prisons and Reform" John Coleman has made a career as an economics teacher and a college administrator, having served as president of Harvard College in Philadelphia from 1967 to 1977. For a six-month stint in 1973, Coleman chose to work as a dishwasher, ditch digger, short order cook, and garbage collector. The television movie "The Secret Life of John Chapman" was based on this experience. ln recent years, however, Coleman has researched prison conditions, posing as both a guard and an inmate. "Prisons are not working," said Coleman. "We don't know what we need to get them working." Problems with violence, rape, and overcrowding are widespread while therapy for reform is limited. Continuing with his interest, Coleman is presently serving as president of the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation in New York City, an organization working to improve conditions for those not served by established institutions. "The Lark", written by Jean Anouilh, was presented at the Performing Arts center by the USM College of Fine Arts October 13 through October 16. The story portrayed Joan of Ark, the virgin saint who led the Christian army to victory in France. Cast Warwick-Garth Currie Cauchon-Clay Rouse Joan-Lynette D. Bullock Joan's Father-Robbert B. Hill Joan's Mother-Patricia Hays Joan's Brother-Todd B. SanMillan The Promoter-Jeffrey W. Honeycutt The lnquisitor-Tracy Pigford Brother Ladvenu-Marlin Seal Robert de Beauclricourt-Michael A. Plummer Agnes-Paula Schexnayder The Little Queen-Ginger Parsons Charles, The Dauphin-Phillipe Simon Queen Yolande-Patrice Harrison Monsieur de la Tremouille-Terry Perry Archbishop of Reims-Kenneth lVlcDade Captain LaHire--David A. Turner English Soldier-Stacy Smith Scribe-Gregory Simmons Executioner--Allan Maul Kings Pages-Matthew Pardew -Anthony Rich The Lark Gctober 13, 1982 304 ,W Qty il' ,,, ef - , Photos Courtesy of the theatre department - 'im 305 At first glance, Bernard Pomerance's "The Elephant Man" appears to be the touching story of John Merrick, the terribly deformed young man who made his living in side shows in Victorian England. In fact, it is much more than the story of one young man's struggle to survive. The essence of the play is centered in the relationship between Merrick and the brilliant young surgeon Frederick Treves, who befriended Merrick in 1884. Cast Dr. Trevesf Belgian Policeman-David Wheeler Carr Gommf Pin head Manager-Philippe Simon Conductorf Lord Johnf Will fPorterJ-Anthony Batterman Rossf Bishop Howe-David Pennebaker John Merrick-Eric N. Watkins London Policemanf Orderly--Paul T. Sessum Snorkf Orderly-Todd B. SanMiIlan Nurse Sandwichf Pinhead-J. Dagney Bell Princess Alexandra-Le Richards Countessf Pinhead-Stephanie Hospes Duchessf Pinhead-Sharlot Roberts Mrs. Kendal-Susan Whitenight Pathologist-C. Warren Robertson The Elephant Man November 16, 1982 306 I-fl? M .. 3 2 . ti 4. K . 3 A Photos by S, Gaston The mistaken identities situation in "See How they Run" is one of the most proven devices in the theatre and one that audiences have been laughing at for over 2,000 years. Phillip King has exploited a time-honored theme in a fresh way with his play and the result has become one of the favorites in the repertories of theatre groups around the world. Cast lda-Lynette Bullock Miss Skillon-Patrice Harrison Rev. Lionel Toop-Clay Rouse Clive-Tracy Pigford Man fthe intruderl-Todd SanMillen The Bishop of Lax-H.G. Stelz Rev. Humphrey-Michael Hill Sergeant Towers-Ron Schmidtling Guards-Kenneth McDade-Marlin Seal See How They Run February 8, 1983 Arts Center Series The Arts Center Series has been consistant in bringing high quality performers to USM. This year is no exception: October: November: December: January: February: March: April: Anthony Di Bonaventura, one of the most eminent pianists of his generation. He has performed in twenty-two countries and has appeared with many of the world's major orchestras. Chantal Juillet, violinist, was the 1980 winner of the prestigious Young Concert Artisits International Auditions. She has been featured with many of the major orchestras in the United States and Canada. Amahl and the Night Visitors, a fully staged production complete with orchestra of Gian Carlo Menotti's perennial favorite. Small Dance Company. Through an abstract movement vocabulary and the principles of time, space, shape, and energy, Artistic Director to this company Robert Small communicated his art in works pure motion, but with a strong sense of theatricality, wit, and humor. Oh, Mr. Faulkner, Do You Write? John Maxwell put on this one-man show based on letters, Speeches, and the personal recollections of Mississippians who knew the Nobel Prize-winning author. It was a blend of literature and theatre, of reason and emotion: of the heart and the mind. Florence Quivar, Mezzo Soprano has repeatedly been engaged by the world's leading conductors, including Bernstein, Boulez, Ozawa, Leinsdorf, and others. The Metropolitan Opera mezzo has well over twenty-five roles to her credit. The Magic Flute was a fully staged opera production complete with symphony orchestra. It was Mozart's masterpiece-the story of Ramino, a prince who rescues Pamina, a princess, from the forces of evil, symbolized by the Queen of Night, through the powers of the Magic Flute. Broadway hits to Country Gold, Golden Oldies of years long ago to the Pop music of today, its all done by C.lSM's own Southern Exposure. This talented group operates out of the Public Relations Department and was established in 1975. lts main purposes are to recruit high school students and entertain alumni and other organizations. The group consists of approximately 22 members, ll of which are the actual performers and the remaining are band members and other key personnel. At the beginning of 1982, the ll performers were Joan Alawine, Sherry Elkins, Donna Ginn, Linda Bishop, Melissa Watts, Lisa Hargett, David Ayers, Billy Bryan, Scott Cables, Shawyn Mars, and Brian Whittington. Auditions are held in the fall during the first week of school. Those who try out show their performance potential by singing, dancing, or by playing an instrument. Those who make it are in for a lot of hard work. Members practice three nights a week for three to four hours at a time. By the time they perform the first show, the members have put in over TOO hours of rehearsing. The group averages 40 shows a year. Most of these are done at high schools throughout the state. Some of the major credits to date have been performances at the Miss USA Pageant and the Worlds Fair. The group's director, Tim Breland, would like to see the group have more television "exposure" so the group can reach a wider audience. Their constant goal is to reach as many people as possible letting them know about USM as well as providing quality entertainment. Southern xposure 310 ,fn 'Q 1 gpg 94' ' 1 IV' f 091 1 P Eagle Fever soared among students and alumni as USM celebrated its 1982 Homecoming. Thursday afternoon began the week of festivities with a car parade from campus to Hattiesburg's City Hall, demonstrating the Homecoming theme- "l.lSM and Hattiesburg . . . a Winning Tradition." Following the parade, a pep rally was held in front of Vann Hall featuring "The Pride", Dixie Darlings, and Head Coach Jim Carmody. On Friday, campus organizations were busy applying finishing touches to their displays. Sigma Chi Fraternity captured the honor of best overall. Also, the traditional Midnight Pep I Rally was held in front of the campus. Saturday was filled with various open Y! houses and sponsored events. The highlight of the week, of course, was the game held at lVl.M. Roberts stadium. ln a pregame show, the court was presented and Anna Gonzalez of Columbus was crowned Homecoming Queen. Following the Eagle victory over Louisville, victory celebrations were abound as the week ended. October 23, 1982 F ., , . :QQ- ,,i . sc., al., Sri .?'qkg,qxtsv., .,. C , ,,- -is-Mig J: ., ...r, ir. :F W V 4. -,IPQA - K'- ' Fulk' x-. "VT: K Homecoming nw' 1 .sf ' fy- V-4 i 312 ' E442 X' ,g 4 g, 1 M' - xx. -4-.pu-vwqqv.-.f hm, ,4 ff.,-vx.-1 :J A. , -.. ,, ..., Qjfffg iq? 4 ,E . ,ai ""'f'Y ' fm, ... -4 Q. 4 .:i 1, , 44 '32 m wg. J K nm, 41 - .I,,I, - . V1 Hex . 4,1 ,f , A J , A +.k 1 ,KA yea .1 I ffm? LA vii mm ug R 4491. -' 'W -, ,,ff1'. 7g.,1 6,1-4 , -. ,V "fi ,..fU.'vf. , .'1,,,5,rfL,:,P, 1, ,z Y Still" if . M?-'dn'115:.,.. ,iff C f ' ,.-F 'mv 1' 5' fn: F 4:1 4-,gf - N "1 2 T, '3-i.fQ2."if- ig 1 -5:5 "'TN?1'?'l3'fl"'l:'l,fF-'5' Y 1 ' N V V ri am-rfV':,' October. The last day of October, with white bone masks and cut pumpkins and the smellrof dropped candle fat . . . ' October 31, 1982 Ray Bradbury Halloween is 314 '4 1 New . 1 L x QS Q f 'YM' FX 2 ... ..,, - 1 X O .ff ,gsgl swf W I X W I ,. 'xyla -:ir uvy,3,A.qtf - J ' V :Q I .. ,X .cw , " .-WNQ, ' sive X K I . ,.f':! - p R . 55 Q 9 I 4 9 team' at Q I . A ' 41 5 We x -rye ,J X 02, F 'K ,,,x F X 1 1 it N ' a 1 :V x N xx, f-1 f fl Q 1 .A M i --" 'u i ly Z fri-'fi K X P f -' , F xx I W A , , ' X 'X '33-Q' ' - J ' a A. - .. f?f3Q Q-, 010' x """""T' 4 I Lf- 5 ,f in fQ'Jl M- -I iff I L October 22, 1982 Hank Williams, Jr The Burrito Brothers 7 The Amazing Johnathan wowed the crowd at Bennet Auditorium with comedy, magic, and chewing razor blades. November 10, 1982 The Amazing Johnathan 319 Cheap Trick and Novo Combo, a LIAC production, performed for about 3000 fans at Reed Green Coliseum. Contributing to the atmosphere ofthe concert, many of the fans dressed punk with stripped pants and buzzed hair cuts. November 5, 1982 Cheap Trick Novo Combo 'ggi' V I i i V 320 l f 321 The 31st annual Chi Omega Song Fest was held Friday, Dec. 3 in Reed Green Coliseum. The program featured sororities and fraternities singing Christmas songs in competition for awards. Winners in the sorority division were Delta Delta Delta, first place, Kappa Delta, second place, and Delta Gamma, third place. Winners in the fraternity division were Sigma Alpha Epsilon, first place, Kappa Alpha Psi, second placeg and Sigma Chi, third place. All proceeds from Song Fest went to the United Way. Natalie Allen, Chi Omega president presented a check for 52,202.35 which was the largest donation the Hattiesburg United Way has received from a student organization. December 3, 1982 Songfest 322 ' cw -4? .Jig 'Yin JI 1 I 4 I 'u , 2 v -- W w 4 i I , 1 ,fy Q - 1 I ' i E it N ' 1' 1 ' D . Ny! II, : Q 5 ,SA , -, . ""'- fn. - .E . Qi vw 1 : , f . - -1 Z 521 kvff ' iff ,iw ff W tl L ' L W' EX X ' F5 'X 1 Q, 5 . X. x ,FJ -L ........, 0 - .F 2' 2 ' ' Q T .. 1 " A ,4-- x ' ff 1 AQ 4 " X. I ' f I '53-1""..-..,zL.? , .311 .". fi " 53, V yy? , l X , v.g, . l- ',.. . '-lV,.v Ajit 9 - B ' M , , ,1 Q'- -mreiggif "" ,Ib Nd Photos by S Gaston and M hreh i wa Winners of this year's Jr. Panhellenic Talent Show Cpictured near rightj was the Left Wing Band. Members consisted of Linda Bishop-vocals, Harold Scooter Whatley-drums, Russ Harless-bass, Mark Saucier-Guitar. On command about 80 students suddenly leaned back with their hands on their hips. They were not exercising nor were they doing it just to get a few laughs. This manuever and many more were directed by a hypnotizing and energetic man named Bob Schaffer, Mr. Schaffer had made a profession out of the game we all remember from elementary school, "Simon Sezf' For all those participating, it was fun and real break from the mundane. Jr. Panhellenic Talent Show January 27, 1983 Simon Says February 28, 1983 326 Photos by S Gaston and M Krebs N Q' Q s ,NX X N ,own M41 7 1 Jeff Davis Doin' lt Like an Eagle . . Thank goodness for accidents for that's how Jeff Davis became the Eagle mascot. Jeff, a senior in hotel and restaurant major with minors in theatre and business, accepted the job as mascot after failing to make the cheerleading squad-something he had wanted to do since he was a youngster. He tried out for mascot, thinking it was the next best thing and a way to get his foot in the door for next year's tryouts, and was chosen because he could do a flip in the costume. Later he realized that he enjoyed being the Eagle as much as he would have cheerleading, especially after getting a brand new costume designed for more maneuverability and especially for him. Jeff then began to work closely with the squad and took gymnastic classes and dance to improve his act. Before Davis, the Eagle did little more than prance up and down the sidelines but Davis brought new dimension to the act. When he wasn't doing tricks on a motor scooter, he was climbing goal posts for running into themj, making hundred yard touchdowns, flipping, and dancing with the cheerleaders. He has arrived at the game in a long black limosine and has burst from a giant egg. To top off this his last year, Davis proved that Nugget doesn't have the corner on flying and came out of the sky. He jumped out of a plane and parachuted to the field. Well, maybe it wasn't Jeff Davis in costume but, as Davis put it, "all stars have stunt men." And a star he seems to be. Jeff gets as many as 30-40 requests a week for birthday parties, grand openings, parades and important events statewide. He also makes appearances around the country which requires quite a bit of 328 traveling. ln his travels he has met such notables as O.J. Simpson, Alexander Haig, Paul Harvey, and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. He's even worked with the San Diego Chicken. Perhaps being Eagle isn't all fun though. lrrate Tulane fraternity members attacked him during half time when USM played at Tulane's homecoming. They thought he was being obnoxious by doing ballet to their fight alma mater song and planned to take the costume back to their fraternity house. Davis said he didn't realize that he was being rude, he was just fooling around like he usually does. ln a study conducted it was shown that after weigh-ins and weigh-outs, the Eagle loses about eight pounds, not including water loss, per game-which no doubt is excessive taking into account the bulky costume and his energetic antics. Being Eagle is very time consuming but despite this, Davis has managed to find time to be rush chairman of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, president of the" International Executive Food Service Association, and works with the March of Dimes chapter in Mississippi. Davis says he'll miss being the Eagle. Being and developing the Eagle Mascot has led to a very nice job opportunity- Davis is to be the official mascot of the l984 World's Fair in New Orleans. He'll wear a pelican costume that "costs about the price of a mid-american car." He has already been traveling extensively in connection with the World's Fair. After two years with the Fair, where to then? Well, Davis hopes to gain some contacts working as mascot so that he can come out from behind his mask and go into theatre. lf that doesn't pan out he is still very interested in hotel and restaurant x . management. Jeff Davis may be leaving the USM nest but by no means is he leaving it empty. Davis' graduation is not the end of a three-year long tradition of exuberent, innovative mascot game shows-he has a fledgling he is personally training to fill his place. So hopefully what Davis has started will become a tradition-a great Eagle mascot to help give the Fever to the fans of a great team. -Lynn Clear Y 1 wfrwffxr-14 em Q, 1 up-. TILVLE -Fw? - 2 WCHINE -Q f H - "f F'-Aw , , 5, ffl. A Y" ' + -, , ,,1"t'9, H" 5' " 4. J , ' U J '. a.- :J ffm., he ' , ' ' Myayfd , - 464-,.y'..'ir441.4-.25 2913 1. , ...Lf '5 "S",-' - , A I -., , .V - f - , by L5 A ,, inf fx-A2 I . O Q6 -QAVA f .paul Photos by Photo Servnce, L She-run. 5 Gaston - - - - 329 Vw Sherry Elkins 1983 Miss Southern Sherry Elkins of Wesson took the title of Miss Southern Saturday evening in the 1983 Miss Southern Pageant held in the Performing Arts Center on campus. Elkins, who also won the swimsuit competition, is a senior dance major at USM where she has been a member of the Dixie Darlings for four years, serving as a captain of the group for two years. Runner-up to Miss Southern last year, Elkins represented Copiah County in the 1982 Miss Mississippi Pageant where she was first alternate. She will return to the Miss Mississippi Pageant in 1983 representing USM as Miss Southern. Runners up to Elkins were Beth Glover, first alternate, a communications major from Hattiesburg, Rachel Roseberry, second alternate and talent competition winner, paralegal studies, Hattiesburg, Brenda Williams, third alternate, and Miss Congeniality, psychology major, Meridian, and Gayle Davis, fourth alternate, medical technology, Hattiesburg. Claudia Michelle Miggins, a speech pathology major from Jackson, won the Director's Award. The program featured songs from the Broadway musical "A Chorus Line." Entertainers attending the pageant were Shari Sneider from Jackson, Oliver Woodall from Jackson and Diane Evans, current Miss Mississippi. Other contestants involved in the pageant were Theresa Mikkelson, business major from Magnolia Springs, AL, Joan Alauine, English major from Union, Jan Meitzler, marketing major from Picayune, Michelle Nichols, pre-med major from Moss Point, and Debbie Wood, music education major from Ellisville. The executive committee for the pageant was Alicia McKinley, executive director, Ken Waltman, assistant director, and Cathye Ross, business manager. 330 W nil f-QQ ,suis ff? ' Q ,VM -. wr! Photos by Photo Service Wes Peters and Sproles Named 1982 Greek God and Goddess Greek Week-a week set aside 2 weeks prior to spring finals for campus greeks to compete with each other for recognition through awards and scholarships. Every year the inter-fraternity Council recognizes the most outstanding greek male and female. Last year's winners were lFC's Johnny Atherton, Panhellinic active Christy Townly, and pledge Patty Jean Paige. Beginning the Greek Week Games, names of all fraternities and sororities are placed in 2 containers. Winners from week showing outstanding ability. The greeks show off their representatives at a parade held during the festivities. Cars are decorated to some particular theme with their representatives dressed accordingly. When the winners of Greek Games are determined, the greek representatives become the new Greek God and Goddess. Last year's winners were Chi Omega's Amy Sproles and Sigma Nu's Wes Peters. Referees vote for the teams with most sportsmanship. Winners included Sigma these pairings were Chi Omega and tAlpha Epsilon and Pi Beta Phi. Sigma Nu. The Co-chairmen of Greek Week were Each greek organization also selects a representative for Greek God and Goddess who have been active during the l I B Chi Omega's Beth Reedy and Phi Kappa Tau's Johnny Atherton. Left: Wes Peters. Above: Amy Sproles. X if N M Q f , -ng.: A2261-FE'-iz-111:11 X 1 .qlvziws r Y. , N Wi ' ,A" 3 The Flood of '83 April showers were unusually heavy for South Mississippi during the first week of the month with over 12 inches of rain in one day which caused flash flooding and forced many people in lowlying areas of Hattiesburg, Petal and Columbia to evacuate their homes. lt was called the worst flooding in 100 years in this part of Mississippi and earned the title of both Federal and State Disaster Areas. The heavy rains began on Wednesday, April 6, and continued through Thursday causing major flooding downtown Hattiesburg with the Leaf River exceeding its flood stage and finally reaching a crest of 29.1 feet on Friday. A number of businesses in the area suffered major losses when flood waters forced their way into stores on East Hardy, Main, Highway 49 South, Forrest and other streets. Also, several residential sections of Hattiesburg were partially submerged. Several apartments were flooded near the campus and on-campus streets were several inches under water just after the hard rains. A steam tunnel under the 334 sidewalk in front of the ROTC Building collapsed from water pressure. Other than getting wet and having classes called off Wednesday night and all day Thursday, USM students seemed to be unaffected by the disaster going on around them unless they had personal property involved, were unable to go home or they volunteered their services to the Red Cross to help in the evacuation shelters at local schools housing approximately 350 people left homeless. ln addition, there were three deaths in the state, S129 million in damages, 5,000 people evacuated and 3,375 buildings damaged. A total of 19 bridges were destroyed, another 97 bridges and approaches were damaged and 775 miles of roads, streets and utilities were damaged. The Hattiesburg American quoted Marion-Jefferson County Civil Defense Director Jim Thornhill as saying, "lt looks like giant tidal wave just roared across the county. lt will be long remembered." -Susan Wolfe W. am 3 1 S., iw' ' -as "5" -L l1,uw,..,,,,. .. 1- I ,,,. if 3,0 'Q x ,W Ng: -v . x x xpge Q BR XQXLX K x am Nwg... Q :L i 5, , ,, 4 International Education All programs bringing international students to USM for study or carrying USM students abroad for academic credit fall under the auspices of The Center for International Education. Headed by Dr. William B. Taylor, the Center also exists to promote the development of an international outlook within the academic community, as well as to assist business and government in projects of an international nature. 0ne of the componants of the Center is the English Language Institute. Founded in 1947 as The Latin American Institute to help Latin-American businessmen learn English, the E.L.I. has broadened its scope considerably since its inception. Today it provides intensive language instruction to students from all over the world who wish either to learn English, or to improve their existing knowledge of the language. The Institute is among the oldest and largest language institutes in the United States. Since I977 some 7000 students representing forty countries have studied at the E.L.l. Many E.L.I. students stay to continue their education at USM or nearby colleges and universities or junior colleges. Over 336 92 former E.L.I. students are presently enrolled in USM. A second component of the Center exists to process applications and to advise and give assistance to these and all international students attending the University. The office of International Student Admission and Advisement, directed by Alice L. Maw, processed over 900 applications this year. A third component of the Center, The Office of International Studies, coordinates all USM courses offered abroad for academic credit while a fourth, The Institute of Anglo-American Studies, attempts to foster a more profound understanding of Anglo-American culture among students and faculty through scholarly activities in the United Kingdom and the United States. Some come to E.L.I. on scholarship from their government won after surviving a series of gruelling exams and coming out with top honors. Some find out about the Institute from their embassies, while probably the majority hear of E.L.l. by word-of-mouth from friends and relatives who are former students. For the first time students from Malaysia are studying here at the Institute. All twenty of them have applied for admission to USM. They will stay in the U.S. for six years until they complete their degrees, returning home every two years for some RER. Twenty Japanese students and one each from Taiwan, Vietnam and Korea make up the rest of the Asian population at the Institute. The largest contingent of students comes from Venezuela with 61 students in attendance this session. Sixty-four per cent of E.L.l. students are Spanish- speaking and come from many nations in South and Central America, as well as Mexico and the Caribbean. Students are also here this session from Europe and the Arab states. Many E.L.I. students stay to continue their studies in the U.S., often remaining in the Mississippi area. Former E.L.l. students presently enrolled at USM are working toward degrees in the sciences, particularly computer science and polymer science, and Business Administration, as well as pre-engineering, courses and communication. ' -Mellissa Jon ,ADW ,nf . Photo by L Tracheset. - - I - 337 A Look Back at the Ll.S., Ll.S.M. and the World of 1982-1983 . . . Looking back over the past school year, every day is filled with happenings around the world, in the C.l.S., and in Mississippi. Trends, wars, and people fill the hours. The biggest news event worldwide was the lsraeli-Lebanese war. Bitter plan attacks and constant artillery shelling were swapped back and forth between the two countries. After a tentative settlement there was a vengeful massacre of about 1200 Palestinians by the Lebanese Christian Phalangists. The angry feelings still have yet to be resolved. Because of a terrible worldwide economic recession, leaders who long ruled their countries were ousted. Spain, Mexico, Japan, and West Germany all elected new political leaders. El Salvador had an election, but the new regime still could not control the rebel's merciless killing. The most important change in leaders came as a result of Russia's Leonid Brezhnev's death. The new man in control of the polit-bureau is Yuri Andropov, a onetime KGB head. ln October, Chicago, as well as the whole nation, was stricken by the Tylenol murders. Cyanide was found in bottles of 338 extra strength Tylenol capsules. The killer never was found. As a result, all major pharmaceutical companies began using tamper proof packaging. November, election month, saw changes in the congress and in governorships. Since people were dissatisfied with Reaganomics and the poor economy, the democrats won 26 new seats in the House of Representatives. Seven more governorships went to the Democrats. ln Mississippi, Senator John Stennis easily out distanced republican candidate Haley Barbour. Representative Trent Lott was also reelected. Christmastime brought some recovery to the economy, but sales were still down. Norman Mayer, a nuclear-freeze proponent, held the Washington Monument hostage for ten hours, to draw attention to the possibility of nuclear war. Mayer was killed by Washington police after his seige. The big news in January was the EPA and its administration. The head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Anne Gorsuch, resigned under intense pressure. The EPA was found to have eased regulations for some chemical companies clean-up operations. Gorsuch was also cited for contempt of Congress. Mississippi's greatest advance during the past year was the education bill, encouraged by William Winter, passed by the legislature. The bill will set up public kindergartens. But, funding has become a major problem for the state. So vast is the problem that cutbacks were made everywhere, including money available to USM. Men across the country became better friends with their wives and girlfriends during the eight week football players strike. Later in the year the season resumed. Once the games began the Washington Redskins took control of the shortened season, they went on to take the Super Bowl crown from the Miami Dolphins. In college football, Penn State was declared national champion after beating Georgia and stopping LISFL bound Herschell Walker. USM did not go to a bowl as a result of a NCAA probation. The eagles did beat the "Bear" on his home turf. Paul "Bear" Bryant died two months later, one month after he announced his retirement. After months of speculation, Reggie Collier signed a multi-million dollar contract with the newly-formed Llnited States Football -eague as a quarterback for the Birmingham Stallions. Other sports notes: Bjorn Borg quit Dlaying tennis because of lack of motivation. Boxing's Sugar Ray Leonard stepped out of the ring for good, and boxer Duk Koo Kim was killed in a fight with Ray QBoom Boomj Mancini. A new football league was formed, the LISFL. M"A"'S"H's last episode was viewed by the largest T.V. audience ever. All the characters we learned to love over the years went home from the Korean War. But while some people stayed home to watch the last season of M"'A"SfH, others flocked to the theatres to see Tootsie, Ghandi, The Verdict, Sophie's Choice, Rocky lll, and the big hit of the year and the Academy Awards falong with Cihandij E.T. Princess Diana and Little William were always in the society pages. Prince Andrew's romantic escapades with Koo Stark were plastered across the front pages. John De Lorean saw his name on the T.V. screen after his company failed and he was involved with an illegal cocaine deal. Sophia Loren was the best prisoner in the Italian Prisons. Sadly, America lost some heros. Barney Clark, the first person ever to receive an artificial heart, died after four months. Henry Fonda, last seen in the film "On Golden Pond" died quietly after a lengthy fight with heart disease. Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, was killed in a tragic car wreck. Her daughter Stephanie survived. Bess Truman, the wife of the late President Harry Truman, died at the age of 97. Closer to home: Three USM students were arrested for first-degree arson after setting off a military artillery simulator bomb in Elam Arms, creating an explosion which blasted the door off of one room. Sherry Elkins, a senior from Wesson majoring in dance, was named Miss Southern and was chosen first alternate in the Miss Mississippi contest. Jeff Davis traded in his eagle wings for a pelican suit when he was chosen as the official mascot for the 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans. Jim Warren and Steve Sheppard won the student body presidential and vice- presidential elections for the 1983-1984 school year. The University Commons was renovated through the addition of carpeting, new furniture, framed photographs and art prints plus murals. After a year of construction to replace roofing materials containing asbestos, the Natatorium reopened its doors for swimming activities. For the first semester ever, freshmen were issued reports to inform their parents of their progress. The College of Science and technology continued to grow at a phenominal rate, with more than one-tenth of USM's students opting to major in computer science. The computer science department, along with the communications and the marine education departments, received leadership roles in the state from the Mississippi Board of Trustees for the Institution of Higher Learning. Dr. Lucas designated that these three areas were to be developed as "Centers of Academic Excellence." One of the biggest issues affecting students this year dealt with financial aid The number of students receiving financial aid tincluding work-study, loans, and grantsl during the 82-83 school year numbered between six and eight thousand. -Sheila Skippe Kim Will: 339 Gallery 341 42 Gallery Y ou ALL V THE fwA N 3 if 'NEW -X 8, 9 F5 Ri QM H1-ra-ga, 'Sie' of 44 Gallery X. X NM ,, Yffsg. . ?"22-X Q . , Q H Gallery !., I 4 I 4 w W N N i 1 ' sf 'Q I 1 wiv it - - 0, 3 v I - 1 wwf ' , wav-' -W" 1,4-L S. M ' mx N- ,, A' .. , M -5 , 1? -. , xg, ' S ,,,. Z , , Q 2 Z 5 I N., ' f . VAQV 5 if 1 ...R .Mx 'w X 'Qi " 1 W ' 5 ,y.M,w,Q.x Nw f.-,wx Agxywr f-zy.,,T:x.M N ,,N. ,. I x vqt-.z M- , - -- .1 w.Q.x.W , Q rf' W'-' f f' f f g pg, A 1, :U',l,f 3224" 51415 WW ' 7?2Wi?'f1 'Q 5212, ,f - MW f. 1, u EZ ,lG'f2L, Uhr .,z gi?dii"5'J1?lci1I.N' 3,229 f , -1 ,ffwzwmz ' ,f ,nm-, 4 a'm1ffwfumf-wx' , -, 053-3' ' -JZYM V , 1MQ1'4f9Li'fxf,1W f' -'Q ' rf- 1 iff. ,fviiffyid ,eqzz i4.j4jgTfg2 fifi :mr 1 'z am, ww: Www wx: Wiriazwm, Wi if 1:-112112 1' W M i fvgzzpf? 7535 ' " W?" may - 'aw YQ ffm. . ff - f fyd 4' , ff: 'f,:5"x41wxwm9 zfffiwmik' . , aj f 'ag fy. ,,gz.,gf mf--. 145 h 4 I 7.. ,nw U .rc h x " V ' HHQW f .WW-V, f A ik Blnimw mmz ' QW x, .K mmm Wifi' fmwfp, ,-:rv , " - 4-' . .- 1, ,mm 'fax f "" rw f ' a Y " ' L ' ' 'bww . 3' , x I f fl , mm 7,1 f f L - ' r ' ' ,'fi"l"' - -I .--gg,-gf ,V "Wagga,-,I 1 , 2 t E in Y, E .gs . you ,.,, Y ,Y I, A if F, A , W V' f' ...g, Q , 1, 4-Q ,J ,. , v K . , f , ,V 4 A ' . , V D, --2 H3 K. , A , v 1 1 A HMM AME 3 . A Nh Q I.. W...-'MT ,.,A,V .,.. ' Q Q 'z K 3, " ' Lt . .L -,ug Ai, - Sr rs. ,- ..'w,j!- . .E Y 1 ., 4 ' ,, 1 ' A' f 1 6 ' 'ff W j.. . ' 1 Q I t ' Q 1 A 21- ' Q Q' ' f"f'nnE K X 'MI' ,KF ...W ey, vw , - E .5-. Q. 4 347 lndex Actions ............... Administration ......... 236 20 Aerospace Studies ....... ..... 1 26 Afro American Cultural Society ...... ..... 1 50 Alpha Kappa Alpha ........ ....... 8 2 Alpha Phi Alpha .......... ....... 8 3 Alpha Sigma Alpha ....... ....... 8 4 Alpha Tau Omega ...... ....... 8 6 Amazing Jonathan ...... ........ 3 18 American Marketing Association ................. ..... 1 60 American Society for Interior Design ............ ..... 1 48 American Society for Personnel Adm ........ ..... 1 62 Angel Flight ............. 129 Army ROTC ............. 122 Arnold Air Society ...... ...... 1 28 ASB Cabinet ............. 130 ASB Senate ................. ...... 1 32 Assn, for Computer Machinery ............... ...... 1 56 Baseball .................. 268 Basketball, Men ........ 254 Basketball, Women ...... ........ 2 62 Beauties ..................... ....... 3 8 Beta Alpha Psi ....... 160 Beta Beta Beta ...... 158 Botega ................ 159 British Studies program ....................... ..... 1 79 Broadcasting Services ....... ..... 1 70 BSU ................................. ........ 1 52 Buritto Brothers ................. ........ 3 16 Business Administration, College of ...............,....... ....... 6 0 348 Cheap Trick ................ Cheerleaders, Mens' Basketball ................. Cheerleaders, Women's Basketball ................,...... ........ Cheerleaders, Football ....... ........ Chi Omega .................. Chi Tau Epsilon ....... Classes .................. Cogic Fellowship ...... Cray Blitz ........... Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta ..... Gamma ........ Sigma Pi ............ Sigma Theta ...... Dinner Theatre ...... Dixie Darlings ........ EducationfPsychology, College of ................. Equestrian Center ....... Fashion Plus ................ Fine Arts, College of .... Flood ........................... Football ........ Forums ......... Fraternities ....,.... Friendship Oak ..... Future Eagles ........ Gallery ................... Gamma Beta Phi ............ ..... George Hurst Student Ed. Association ....... 321 260 261 250 .88 169 172 151 186 .......90 .......92 161 94 308 268 ..62 288 148 .. ....... 64 334 238 300 .......82 198 174 340 165 154 Goal Tenders ...... Golf .............................. Greek Games ................... Greek God and Godess .,.. Hall of Fame ...... Halloween ................. Hank Williams Jr. ...... . Hattiesburg Hall ....... HPER, School of ...... Homecoming .................... Homecoming Court .......... Home Economics, School of .................................. Honors ................... Honors College ......... IAD ........ ...... .... IFSEA .,.............................. ...... lnterfraternity Council ...... ...... International Education Intramurals ........................ ...... Jr. Panhellenic Talent Show ........................ Kappa Alpha ............ Kappa Alpha Psi ...... Kappa Delta ............. Kappa Kappa Psi ........ Kappa Sigma ........ Lake Sehoy ........ 253 280 332 332 ........48 314 319 147 ,.......67 312 ........34 ........68 ..58 ..70 149 149 141 336 284 326 ..96 ..95 ..98 168 100 ........210 V .! l l i i l i l l i i l l l i i l l l l i l l l l l s l i l l l 1 I l T i l l i l i l l l i Lambda Sigma ............. LDS ............................... Liberal Arts, School of. Library ........................... Library Science, School of ............................... Life ................................ Lucas, Dr. Aubrey K ..... Mascot ................. Mississippi Hall ....... Miss Southern ............ Mu Alpha Sinfonia ........ Newman Center ........ Novo Combo ............. Nursing, School of ........ Nursing Students ...... Omar and the Howlers . Panhellenic Council ...... Parks and Recreation Club ........................... Pep Rallies .............. Phi Beta Lambda ...... Phi Delta Rho ...... Phi Kappa Tau ....... Phi Mu .................... Phi Theta Kappa ....... Pi Beta Phi .................... Pi Kappa Alpha ............... ........ Polymer Science Club. Pre Law Society .............. ........ Pride, The ............ Prolifics ......... 165 153 ..72 191 ......74 290 .... ..32 328 146 330 169 153 320 324 194 325 142 288 296 164 166 102 104 167 106 108 158 155 246 ..18 Psi Chi ........ Registration ............ Retrospective ............ Resident Assistants ...... Residence Hall Association ...... Rho Gamma ........ Science and Technology, School of .................... Scott Hall ..............,...... Sigma Alpha Epsilon ..... Sigma Chi ..................... Sigma Nu ..................... Sigma Sigma Sigma ...... Simon Sez ...................... Social Work, School of.. Softball ......................... Songfest .................... Southern Christian Student Center ...... Southern Exposure ....... Southern Misses ........... Southern Society for Med. Tech .................. Speech Communication Association ................. Sports Clubs .......... Sports Medicine ........ Step Down .......... Student Alumni Association ............... Student Constructors .... Student Printz ........... Swimming ........... 157 294 338 145 144 171 .. .....,... 78 146 110 112 114 116 327 ......80 270 322 154 311 252 157 155 282 289 206 140 159 171 278 Tau Beta Sigma .......... ..... 1 68 Tau Kappa Epsilon ........ 118 Tennis, Men .........,... 274 Tennis, Women ........ 272 The Elephant Man ...... 306 The Lark ................... 304 Ticketline Blues ....... 243 Track ..................... 276 Trustees ....... .. 31 UAC ........ 136 Union ...................... 298 Union Board ,............. ...., 1 39 USM, Mr. and Miss ...... ....... 3 6 Vann, Pie ......... 245 Vax System ........ 186 Vice-Presidents ....... Welcome Back Week ...... v Who s Who ................,.. ...... WMSU ........ Zeta Phi Beta ...... 30 292 .50 170 120 34 I 1 19 3 Pictured Above: Susan Wolfe, Chuck Pardee, Sandy Loveday, Shane Gaston Editor ..,........... Advisor .......,...... Business Mgr. ..,. . ....,...Cheri Campbell Warren K. Dunn ....,...Sandy Loveday Layout Assistant ...,.. .....,, C huck Pardee Copy Editor ........ Photo Editors ..... Photo Staff ........ Copy Staff .......,. Typing and Layo 350 . ..... Susan Wolfe . ..........., Bill Searcy Shane Gaston .........Bob Forbish, Debbie Rouse, Gary Sessums, Lance Tracheset, Al Newton, Susan Lamey, Donna Krebs, Michael Krebs, Patti Lightfoot. Lynn Clary, Janet Davis, Richard Herring, Roxanne Heckman, Kim Willis, Mellisa Jones, Shelia Skipper, Rachael Tullos, Tamara Myers, Diedre Hodge. ut .,.... John Stegall, Holly Hughes, Frank Easterling, Steve Easterling, Lewanika Davis, Mary Meador, Shelia Whitten, Carmia Turner, Cindy Blackmer, Amy Shumate, Leah Summersell. YT? Colophon Volume XLVII of the University of Southern Mississippi Southerner was printed and bound by Paragon Press a division of Herff Jones Yearbooks in Montgomery Alabama Inside paper stock is 80 pound Calais Endsheets front and back are White VC2 printed top side in Ochre HJ123 Press run was 5 800 copies of 352 pages each Using Vista Lith process the cover was printed on trim size 9x12 Inch white litho material in 4color Cover art by Cheri Campbell photos by staff photographers The Southerner is contained by a Smyth Sewn round back binding using headbands A flat of full color alternating with Spot Color HJ123 appears on pages 1 17 and is followed by two additional flats of Spot Color HJ123 on pages 20 32 Two more flats of 4 color follow on pages 33 48 Type is Korinna and Korinna Bold in 36 24 28 14 I0 and 6 point sizes Photo Credits flblot previously indicatedj Bill Searcy Shane Gaston Lance Tracheset Bob Forbish Cindy Blackmer Mike Krebs T R Campbell 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 44 4 4 44 4 4 4 Here it is An accumulation of six years in asso clation with year book production has ended with the honor of hold ing the edltorship for The 1983 Southerner a position much sought after since I was a sen lor hi school T ere are many people I would like to per sonally acknowl edge for their continuous guid ance and support Mr and Mrs T R Campbell Susie Randy BR Carey Jerry Ercel Charles Babs Clark Puffy Hodges Buddy Mayo Bill Ray Cheryl Jones Judy Boo Buster James Bishop Gene Wiggins Big AI and Company Steve and Frank for it is they I admire and have learned the Many thanks goes to our advisor Warren K Dunn for all his help and patience to the 1983 Staff especial ly Shane Susan Sandy Kim and John for their perserverence to photo service Robert Phillips Vaughn Wilson fwho graciously al lowed us to take beauties pictures at his mother s homej Peggy Meadows Tommy Bennet to the folks at Herff Jones Billy Benson Debbie Kenne dy to the Union Staff Vickie Wil son Minnie Aus tin Scott Dos sett Lisa McQu1llan Mom Samrow Public Relations Rog er Brenniger John Cox Ace Cleveland tothe Honors College for Forum plc tures to he Student Prlntz as a source of in formation and Louisa Sherin Tim Isbell and Micky Welsh for use of their pho tos to Cin y Blackmer also for use of her photos UAC the USM Publications Board and to everyone involved I hope you find the 1983 edition of your liking We have worked long hours to continue an upswing in USM yearbook quality To Sandy Loveday and Kim Willis erner is turned over to you I wish you as much satisfaction in undertaking the challenge as I have had And finally it is with great pleasure that I dedicate this year s Southern er to the futures of the 1983 USM graduates Cilwu Cm-,WCW Cheri Campbell Editor i . ' . 1 T l ' . . .gh ' ' . . . h ' ' ' - v . . I 'I 3 ' d . , I V . . Y ' I, . . 1 . ? 3 , ' ....., .,..... 2 96, 297, 298, 315, ' ,I 7 ' 'W . ' I I ' ' ' 316, 3 3. u .1 I ' ' - I 1 I 293, 29 , 295, ' 296 297 301 314 most from. theCo-EditorshipofThe1984South- 315, 316, 317, 320, . . . . ' . 321,342,3 3,3 , . t' - . t 3 5, 3 6, 3 7. ' - - . - . ' ' ................. 292, 293, 296, 297, - .. ' ' , 302, 303, 319, 3 , ' ' - , 3 5, 3 6, 3 7. ' ' - ' .......... 295, 342, 3 3, 3 4, ' ' , , 3 5. I 1 I - ' ........... ....... 2 49. - D 1 ' ' Q' ' . . ...... ...... 1 4. 5 '- I 351 - P l N I in I W W 1 .v nk: M - yy 1 4 4 any '. 11111 cl . ug. 4 .,f ' I I ' ' 1 v ' A , ,M X4 r .1 1' 1 1 - Q .K ,, . '-..,..-.AQ.....Jn..s4...1L..-.L. ...n...n.. . - ..Q.. - - .. - -. 4 . 1 1.,, w ' "Y ,mf w 3 J., f bf x a 5 A K 1 ,Y X wifi T' " ,511-gg Q. ,. fx W cf . MN .-. 'A ,-igggff'-s'..l wi A .:. ....,,,. , V . i 'Q R ,. A f L" 'S ' Zu Y ig i 1 if f F, Q E, S , Q' Q, ,. . " v - X Q- 1 ' S. L, s y

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