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l r I If EDITOR: STEVE EASTERLING ASSISTANT EDITOR: CHERI CAMPBELL ADVISOR: WARREN K. DUNN SOUTHERN ER 1982 nf' 1. 1,1 1 :ff .P 7 ..........,..,,..t.,.. ..:.: .-. ,, A, W- , W4 '-MFL. 'N -M-L :J Al Nw" .--up -Q Nr xiii' - -'WUTB-IERNEF-1 NA. ' ' 'Yi' 82'-+4 University of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg, MS 39401 pe ?! 7- Z 1 5 Z s 5 I Pi A . X is 5 iff' :gs tx 5. RRESE' M 5 3 1 X, fi 5. E I i J If -1 I i 2 N nt? 1,32 "'x 'D' IM 0' Y' . ft 4 M Events Competition Participation Academics People Contents vu. -- 'QW Qavw. s..-Q1 ffijf 3' --.P' A4 A I 'fu' 1 , '1a.'V 'fli C .I 'H 4 gf' elif 4, V 11,1 , ,- A., As students, we are only at USM for a short while, yet those who make up the structure of the university work on a long range schedule. As a state supported school, USM is responsi- ble to the State of Mississippi first of all. Next in the heirarchy come the administration where most important decisions concerning the University are made. Then there are the various colleges that go into making up a university, each, headed By a dean. Each col- 'ilege has many depagtments with a depart- ment chairman and staff. The staff is com- prised of -the professor who is ideally the most important part'-of thewteaching process and is thus part of one Qltjhe University. Another uctu e student organizationss ' he A S AC, or the greek andservice? 9 nizat r fsz These func- tion as an integralipatt of the workings ofthe University. ' 5 , Evidence of structure within the Greek orga- nizations can be found as well ,as in the dor- matories with dorm councils and officers. Structure" is the skeleton of USM while the ,students are the flesh. . , V. ,,.., . X . 1, f 4. V . "A .fmeqrx 6 gopeningi 1. ,,, x V . ' ,."c:-' ' -' ' ' Q-' . N 1 . fx. .Q-gjsar., 5,1945 -f -5 --. .zu 1-1 ' 4' sea" . . -V.: si i'fv:7faw ' I , , as . . ,,.,, v- fit' ,. Q ?t7'ff'. " Ci, . 9 i Mm 39" 1: " ' " 44,-133' .,4.f.,:-ww! --L '- 4 Q N 1- -- 4. .rv H- ' , - , ' . . r ,, -. , -Mine . '. . 'ff fx"-TW-ff ' . ' - .. ' '.. vim., ,vii 3.1 .. - A , ,A .l ,Aa ... ,,v' .af ...' W ' w ,,,.5,,, ve, - ,M fl ana' 1 .g ang.- p., , Q AIN J -Pc' . ,ga 7 5 ' '52 4364- ,QA ' 3 figs.: ,Qi 1 sf ll A' :QW .ss 1 3425 I if 4? sl' C, 143' 1 ,.i!.1f.!,3,:g-1 .' 'QNOZ' t 4, A , at l i 21" fv I ff ,MM ,4 ,, 511961 il, ' f fin, 494314 'T 1-4 QQ:'1 ' galil h .-'gtluct . 'Q f m fQrf.. f..- -1 if U ff 'Aly' -' Z'r'r!f'steg1?w1't't't'r Wd ,. . ""'20dI'-' -' ' ff Of Structure Owrlns 7 8 Opening The use of the mind is what going to school and studying is all about-the process of learning what will be beneficial toward a ca- reer in the "real world." This acquiring knowledge or receiving an education is the purpose of the University of Southern Missis- sippi and there is much to stimulate the mind here-lectures by famous individuals on cur- rent issues, organizations whether political, religious, social or service, but most especial- ly the majors that are offered themselves. Each major proposes to shape the students' mind in its way of thinkingg to make the major a part of the student. Freud's Id, ego and superego each receive satisfaction at USM. To the Id. or animal in- stinct, USM offers social opportunities in many different forms such as Greek organiza- tions, dorm swaps and student body events. The Hattiesburg community also has much to offer the Id with many nightspots. The super- ego is also offered much at USM with many religious organizations on campus such as the Baptist Student Union, the Newman Club. the Wesley Foundation and Campus Crusade for Christ to name a few. The ego. or media- tor or balancer between the fun loving side and the strictly conservative side. is offered choices as to which the student could be do- ing-studying in the library, going to class. or partying. Cf Minds Opening 9 L 'AV ,1 in ' 5 ..,. K 4 9f""""--,...oP', ...ww -px' ., 0, . ,tags ', A ' 4 ' Q, 65 Q I V , 'lliis 5 In I 0 , . ' . 'L ' l ..- J . f if A x 1 LM 5 ., 'F' 5 1 m ' 10 Opening Pl There are many examples of color at USMg the most obvious being the seasons of the year. The fall is characterized by the changes of the trees from green to beautiful bright oranges, yellows, rusts, and browns. The spring is another time of change, except this time the earth awakens out of the deep sleep of winter and renews itself. The most brilliant 4 ,,,, colors imaginable lighten up the campus and give the sunny touch to everyone's spirits. Another example of color is evident at sport- ing events. For instance, the USM victory over MSU in Jackson in November '81g the entire USM section of the stadium was a black and gold mass of screaming fans-the color of support and school pride. The color- ful personalities found at USM would be yet another example of color. Whether it be stu- dents, faculty, or even administration. any- thing out of the ordinary colors the campus. In using color to describe the mood of USM. nothing dull could do, only the most attrac- tive and brilliant would be true. Of Color ff' " pi' ,w. --1 ,fqlzffsly Q0 ,, f,5-.,Q.- , ,I-651' af li. 4- ,. . Z 1 7 ' JJ- , . . 'ff ' Y. n -fm' A A. ., , ' w H9 W,v,f- 'gf www . 'U I 'ff' 391- I .K 0. 1' V me I ly' 4wg,,, V 4 - ,1 J , , A , f - J' 2. 1 ' , .Yr r 1 , " -A . J ,Z .-44,1 L, .. . ' . , 1 Q! A XJ 4 tv ' -. E , . s '- Q, w,fA1w.l,,. 1,-1.54: , r A In in , 5- 1 , . .Q -E, -Agn ,.r3,-,Q ,- ,. Qu. f ?wf'i-"W5'f L..1,'f?"fV W. ' :-' F f A .- , ' 112521,-ar' wi: ,. sf, -,. 1 ' - X .fu ' W1 '21 ' L V. . 'J ' K '93 ': '- wi I v'. , " f, 1. M " - -' s 'fm nk " ggffff,5. A . fa- t5""'?'a 'ses 3'-'fr ' 3 lim: fr- -7- '. Ji . . I I 'sw I .flv l , I Z re, .. -4'-4 - myvl, 3 17 , ,. '.-'M I , I 'fi'-r r9n ll 2'T'f.g,+wl -I 'Sf ' Fl . gllng.-, ,Qt ii: , 1 FY' - J -L "wwf TA. 1. 1 . S U' , . 1 'M ..N. :Q ' N 'A 1 . wgsqrtf w4'L' E 'xgbs N ' t W... - , , 3, - 5, gl, 5' Vi-"3'1.'-. T . ' s ' . . un' ,KS 1 - E vL..AN'C! r- A.. . ch Wise..- There are many ways and means used by students to attend USM. Some of these in- clude help from parents, grants, loans, schol- arships, work study, and off campus jobs. Some ways and means of getting about the campus and city of Hattiesburg include not only our feet, but bicycles, unicycles. and busses and automobiles Csometimes with some difficulty finding a parking spacel. There are various ways and means of study- ing, learning and making the grades. Many study alone or in groups in the library or at home in the dorm or apartment. Each uses his own formula for the burden faced by all. However, here we have our own way of doing things . . . it's called SOUTHERN STYLE! Of Ways And Means Opening 13 CY gf Cf Trends AQ, id M 3 f ,, N 1 ,,.. ' g R . wil- P 5 Fe ,Q ' cl ,, lf 1 W Sv -1 1' 1 Xb I is id, .... A university is the center of not only the most up to date thinking of the time, but also the trends of the time. So USM is where it's hap- pening in fads and fashion. The Cowboy fad is still around just like the preppie. People wear their jeans and boots and western shirts and hats and also their button downs and penny loafers with kahki pants. One of the latest fads to emerge on campus is the punk look, characterized by odd clothes and Rod Stewart hair cuts. The forever fashionable Levis, Izods, and Nike tennis shoes are being joined by the Polo. The trend is toward shorter dresses, knickers, and Bermuda shorts. Actually USM doesnt have a reputation for fashion, but has a mixture of many styles and a "do your own thing" attitude backing up the acceptance of each person as an intiititis ual with individual differences. Opening li ,..-- T I vs., ,J ' :LN w-'1'.":45 A . L , .f ,W ., .,-1.5 Q , ,Vi as 2' 1 . 1 2 ,, A H. 1 4,0 , . x Q Q lt - Q 'nf . A 1' V- , , . ,r . 6 .- my A,31,wN an-vi-. vl',k, Q mv, NN- 4 Yu' 'u 'v 1 ...-4? 'v 'Y 1 xd H4 16 Opening When the work "support" is mentioned on campus the first thought would be of the sup- port that the student body, faculty, adminis- tration, community, and state give to USM. Football fans found it easy to support the nationally ranked Golden Eagles all the way to Florida and the Tangerine Bowl. Two Bits was USM's own symbol of support for our team whether they won or lost. Other kinds of support materialized from campus securi- ty and the escort service offered as a form of protection on campus after dark. The coun- seling service offered support to those seek- ing to find their place in this "land of opportu- nity." USM is supported by community businesses and churches, many catering to the needs of students. Most retail businesses displayed Eagle Fever posters and helped to publicize the university in other ways. lt was a beneficial cycle of the community support- ing USM and USM supporting the communi- ty. Another very important area of support was the instruction by the professors and staff of the university working with students towards the goal of understanding. The underlying root to the whole complex mesh of support at the University of Southern Mississippi, A Complex Mesh Of Support Opening 1 - 4'-0 1 uw 4 CJ' , 1 G s K an u a- ,TQ Z . ,U I 'A ,GJ ,.f' .1 . 1 3535 2 ul., , gf , J x Til M ' ' 7.15 Y x r,... -, g : QI J :- , A Q .. , 'SZ-24 , f - ' 4 mnnsu A , 1 ' ' W . 453' ' 'Qm .' ' ,--gpg " ' "gg .v .F . "Wm Inside Pageants Concerts Performances Plays Lectures EVENTS Section Heads: Chuck Pardee Sandy Loveday The University Forum is a special series of lectures and programs on the widest possible range of topics featuring guest of national or international importance. The Forum is open without charge to all students faculty and townspeople and meets during the fall and spring semesters in Bennett Auditorium at 7:00 p.m. The University Honors College sponsors and administers the Forum. October 13 1981 Cal Thomas The Moral Majorlty Cal Thomas IS Vice President and nat1onal spokesman for Moral Maiority the political organization headed by Dr Jerry Falwell Mor al Majority was credited by pollster Lou I-Iarrls and others with making the difference ln electing conservative candidates in the 1980 elections Cal Thomas writes and broadcasts together with Dr Fal well a daily radio commentary for Moral Majority which is aired nationally on over 300 radio stations Another View From Washing tor on which professional correspondents analyze maior events and issues from a moral and splritual perspective The Umverslty Forum Q I 7 1 CC I 5. 7, T l 20 EventsfHonors Forum October 30, 1981 G. Gordon Liddy "The Watergate Affairf' Convicted Watergate conspiritor G. Gordon Liddy told a packed audience at Bennett Auditorium that Americans have been living a life of illusions and that decisions based on those illusions are hurting them. The world operates under social Darwinism-"The big fish have always eaten the little fish," Liddy said, and tithe realities are there which the illusions can never mask. Calling his address a continuation of the debate on the question on why so much is going wrong with the country, Liddy said the vast majority of Americans differ from the people of Europe, Africa, and Asia in that they "live lives of illusion." "Either we are unable to apprehend reality, or if we can, we tend to turn away from, shun, the harsher aspects of it. The idea being l suppose, if you don't look at it, pretend it isn't there, somehow or other it will go away." Americans have confused the world as it really is with the world the way they wish or pray it were, Liddy said. They have tried to create a "risk-free society"-through the regulation of foodstuffs, for exam- ple-which is impossible. And students are given a "Holiday lnn version of history" which is "sanitized for your protection," he said. A vital result of American's lives of illusion is the decline in the nation's intelligence activities, Liddy said, asserting that the decline is the result of illusions about the natures of man, the world, spying and the free press and that is has weakened the nation, in one instance by leading to this country's shutoff by other nations from participation in cooperative espionage. "The world happens to be a very bad neighborhood at about two thirty in the morning," Liddy said. And the United States is increas- ingly perceived as a "little old lady with a fat pocketbookn in the neighborhood rather than as an "offensive tackle for the Green Bay Packers" carrying a "baseball bat.' '...' 'and a Thompson subma' chine gun." If no covert intelligence branch of government exists, Liddy said, the nation has only two alternatives: to do nothing or to go to war. Intelligence provides a third option. The Central Intelligence Agency has been "gutted" he said. and despite the Reagan administration's expressed interest in revitalizing it, change "cannot come immediately." Living illusions and making decisions on them can be remedied if we "call things what they are, Liddy suggested, such an approach gives "precision in thought" and a foundation for proceeding further. Of Watergate, Liddy said that the break-ins into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate complex-uns like that investigation of Daniel Ellsberg and the burglary of his psychiatrist's office, which constituted a "legitimate national security operation within the power of the president to authorize"-had noth- ing to do with national security, but were "purely political intelligence gathering operation, the same kind of thing that goes on every four years. . . when the presidency of the United States is contested for in this country." Events Honors Forum 21 October 27, 1981 William Rusher "Reagan and the Economyl' William Rusher has been described as "one of America's finest public speakers and deadliest debatersf' He is perhaps most familiar nation- ally as one of the two regular "Advocates,' on the Emmy award winning PBS television program of the name. He is also seen fre- quently on "Face Off," the mini debates on ABC Television's Good Morning America program. Rusher also writes a nationally syndicat- ed newspaper column," the Conservative Advocate," that appears three times weekly in papers from coast to coast, and for two decades he has served as publisher of William F. Buckley's NATIONAL RE- VIEW, Americals leading journal of conservative opinion. M wqnw November 3, 1981 Frank Cappiello "Reagan and the Economy" Frank Cappiello is probably best known as a penelist on WALL STREET WEEK, the popular PBS television series on finance. He is also a contributing columnist to the CHICAGO TRIBUNE and the BALTIMORE SUN. Frank Cappiello lectures at Johns Hopkins Uni- versity and is vice president of Monumental Corporation, an insur- ance holding company, and president of one of it affiliates, Monumen- tal Capital Management, Inc. He is, in addition, one of the three members of the Advisory Investment Committee of the 51.7 billion Maryland State Retirement Systems Fund. X' 22 EventsfHonors Fourm ff November 10, 1981 Max Cleland "The Quest For Excellence" Max Cleland was Administrator of the Veterans Administration from 1977 to 1981. Nine years before being appointed to head the Veter- ans Administration he was in Vietnam where an exploding grenade cost him both legs and an arm. After 18 months of rehabilitation. he entered politics in Georgia and became the youngest member of the Georgia State Senate where he served two terms from 1970 to 1974. In 1975 he joined the U.S. Senate Veterans Affairs Committee staff to work on health care issues. He is the author of the recently pub- lished autobiography, STRONG AT THE BROKEN PLACES. November 17, 1981 Sarah Weddington "Can Reagan Make Women Disappear?" Sarah Weddington received her Juris Doctorate at age 21. At 26. she argued and won a landmark case before the U.S. Supreme Court. She was elected to the Texas State Legislature and served three terms during which she was rated on of the state's 10 best legislators. In 1977 she became General Counsel to the US. Department of Agriculture, and in 1978 she became a Special Assistant to President Jimmy Carter. In 1979, she was promoted to the senior White House staff as Assistant to the President. She was responsible for political liaison and women's issues. Events Honors Forum 23 Halloween '81 1 1 "' " ' 14n.Y1.l ,. fjf. I. E jr . Ll z jiyv, ' 51535 xl? 12355 213531 Qi 631 'l 5:12523 iif,Qf,A f r 5, ,f,,,,,,nl :fs r i E .vw Halloween in Hattiesburg wouldn't have been the same without the USM students and faculty alike celebrating October 31 as if it were a major holiday, Campus masquerade parties and swaps, the UAC horror movie presentation of "Halloween,', a Halloween carnival in the Union with a kissing booth, fortune telling, sponge throws, face painting and a spook house, and a special Halloween pep rally prepared students for the bewitching weekend. Saturday, October 31 held many options for students. Area party places held costume contests, the Hattiesburg Jaycees and WHSY radio sponsored a haunted house, and movie theaters showed midnight thrillers like "Halloween ll." Southern students, with their costumes and parties and a Golden Eagle football shut-out over North Texas State rounded out the holiday, and gave Hattiesburg a Halloween they wouldn't forget. T' . 'T' E I fl 5 , - i- M9556 26 Events 9 w "" , 1.1 CROSPORTS5 - ...,.w.,..,.. ,.,,-....p..w...,. ffl SMOKING Y 1 F AIM' , gym .f Qs- ,N P- W! x.,f K 'Qt' 9 2 .-, 'Q H w-"A , P 1 I' -',J..... Ts " I ,Q 4, ,p ' ' N Q 91 , . jx. ' X if nm e ,ar ,fx L 5 X . 5 4 5 ' ' A Q "4 Y " - X , l Q 1 . V f 1 rw 5- , A , fo! ik I ,f -R Q 4 . K' ' Qt Q. F. N. ll ax 4. it j . u X : ' ' 4 vn 9 , 1 2, . f K - .J Y ' ' S if ' 4' '- f , 0 'Q 9 V X1 ,In , 1 If f, Y, :X . - W mn 5 a ,ax .Ag 211 bu A' 3 A fb E., A ' n U I Z, Ai' Q Y 9 ,f ,+ f F I vf I H Q L N X I A I ,L ' S!Xg x -' -0. I 7 . w L a , X L41 mi 1 I I ew... , K X I9 155' 5 ' Q 5f ' X ,ff X f I wi' in Wvgxfmq. .arOlO. .5 9 January 23, 1982 i, if in .?':K". if 34 s . , 1 f N, 4 1, ,-f 1' 5 30 Events 4 ,Io gf ,rf up I lm ' -w S 4 lim v 'V H,-1 ' x - ,Q .' 1 S oi ,wg ,1 .,.1., f W fq 4 Q Q' .. 1:-Q ,. Y! 1 " " Q . , A QQ 1- -,.,. Z, . :fx ', ,W 1,23 5 si fi My :Z ', ' WN- 1 'Wi in ' 1 ral :ff , . K, Qx 'I , . ,, V 1 M, '1 1 n, - 1 V. X 2 49 . Q51 ff' W . x ' , y Nw - '. I x VJ H ' - M. . 1 " ' ' fb Y". ' 'Rf Q " - w V1 Kiwi ', . , - - .5-. ff . 3 - f -U,'.f.'w1,', ' - "5 f ' . 1, - v-1 4 ' 'M 1 , , Jw. , , 5 'nn 'f V 4 M, f . fi 1ff,,5.9,-ff ' Y W N ,A uf '. 5, V YA E Q A I--,X M 113 'M ff g, . Q , Q Wifi . 1- :lf , If-'f' ' f , -' ' Lf' , 'A - 1 - ' .4 1 ' , ' 'V XIV x ' 4.,,,2,1.,4- wk 40 .- N , if ,x 5- 5- ,- . . , V Q . ,, ., .V Q- ,M - Wh' fy I - - ff- "' . ,, .. 1,1-.,3'y , U 'Lf g:,g?fAf',.w 'griiy 3,9 Mi AQ 'vK6dH':.l , 'W ' 1 731 " qv.: , I' 1 , ' -' 1:1-. .' if 3 X cf far ff. ff .. ., '5'-I 1219,-fWg4:,'4, ff, f Q ' , 'JSA ' '1 ,-WWE-2 'gf 4 f Q, w fi, 14 7, 'Q Q - ff' ' fff'fwf',rA' ' MQVM ,569 M' .I wi' wuz f'. L 'ljv.x?-'P' wwf' 4- QA 1' , ,. .2 'V -, . ' ' f - AV. A , ff, . gp, J' .1 . .'uv, 882 ,Q O Ib- 'u. W - f .,,p,,W N , 4,-Jw an . ' ' - .WC S,,,,,,. , ,QA-,Q-,,,p , 'fx' 'U 4 ."'1.u. ,gg - 5 gf.. 44.-,Vg - H qw, 5 Q- ' 'Q i X ',: ,'7'f',,.,.QQ L1 1 f -ff flwgsfx ,Aa ,r ,, ' ajfi .. . w - .1 f Qkiif? 12354451 'IVY ' A5775 if E " 'ff f' fv fffxelgg-,.,y.f 1 ' QM Q., f , ,Z lj 4 ffhf,-,441 'wi ff , ff 1 '21 - ,. Y 1 ,Q 1 Q ' .x 'Q' pq, 4, .4-' 5 S f, .yay Wk ,.,7,,,gf:Y?15 it ,nu 4' v wa,,4,,p,kl', - ' 'wfrtik ., ' 2i?f'f5'f'o ' 'f""' "..'?--Z.. ' M 1 '?, 6 f" QfvS2Ef?s-'-Mp, 34 '- f' '---5, ' hi H Q. 14, Qv,wx,,vc! Q V , N, ,. "L Ae 0,-Q Jn. ,-N . . ,. ,,,, N, .Q , W N , ,gf Nw., - 1 wfvw. .V . - gg,-ff ' f" gi., N" 'fH!ss'g:.f, V ' ' f : Mivgv? A' - 7, . x Qvfxlwglq.-f ,,- ,1 - 3.1.1 . ' , ffwj 93951133 A . Q:'iqati4'5Qr , ,N ' YM , "'+f72'wU- Y H, ,, . ' ff! , X " f 'fy ,, ww f Ugg 'sf' Afww'-Mggk, . 'Mia . 1 'j-3462534-Qag'Q'?3c,,,' '- ' 1 f A "i,.iwff'f 'fm' ff? 4 ' " ,. . ,W f 4 if - ' A pf f f?f125'g,t'w, ,-1.1, ' 7,34 J zu ,M 'fa-Sm 1.5, ,- "' We Ali'-f,,.:Qf'.Q,. , ."' 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Ron Mills ................... Robert Thompson .......... . R. Jerold Thompson ........ Robert V. Presley ......... Joseph David Stem .......... Robert Wayne Thames ....... Lennie Powers ...................,... Gabriel Emile Masson, Ill ....... Kate Fred Graham lPetruchiol Harry Baptista lTrevorl ........Lois Lane lBiancal Ralph .......,.Lillie Vanessi lKatel ...........................Hattie Harriet ......Stage Doorman Cab Driver Bill Calhoun lLucentiol Gangsterl Gangster 2 ........Harrison Howell ............Hortensio Nathaniel Gregory .................Phillip Haberdasher Events 41 Qs 9: ?E iz ii I 1 2 5 i , ,V M -MMV ..A....k--.x.,,.--,-,..,, y, Y Y -. -N..--..,.... ....,,..-.,, . N., W., ,----w-------- --vf-,V Y .-- , .,.+.,..... H .,,,,,-,,,,,,.,,,Y V777 Y g-YY Y, ,g Y v V, WV Y V Ann W Y N 1 9 1 W . f. 1 1 l i I s F . I : Y A 5 E 1 , Y q a ,, 1 1 ' E il ., E 9 ,W r AA VA F- Aurxi ' -f f WW- iv s ' , Q - --X--... , g 1 ' , ' .' ?, 1 AY if ,f ,, Q 5 's ,, EL 5 1 I P 2 if 1 35 X . . H , 1 ? i I v 1 fi .QA -,-"-k WZ. 1 1 ' 1 1, wr W ,L , , 1 Q 1 1 2 , , ix 2 k -- w f s V, 1 L , , , P x v i L ,..,. . ,. , .. ., ... 4 ..,. H... , . ..., , A., , ,, . .... ,., ,. -. ,,, .. . ,., . .... ,. , ...... . ..4l E '1 """"""T'A"' """""" "" """A4' "M """"""""'A"' ' .i""1'W::::"", .'i'.'1TiTff"fT'T"'Q""'I"ff" --'-Af"'1i--.. gi, ' 1 4. 8 J'-.J 'iii , X 44 . ,W ' 'G ,, 1, v ' u .Sip . 5, .9 1.35 755: 'iff-r ,,---r-W- -v---MWf- -- 4- .W W.- -,.., M., .-1--W-W--v--------M---Q M -- i--Y in f ------, -- nn f 3. j Q .p .,.. H... :W . 'T . 1 3 1 As USM students and alumni converged on Hattiesburg on October 2-3 for the 1981-82 Homecoming proceedings under the theme 'LUSM Strikes Gold-The Rush Is On!", the various organizations on campus began cre- ating displays to coincide with that slogan. Excitement mounted throughout the week as those on campus readied themselves for the game Saturday night against Texas-Arling- ton and the festivities that would accompany il. lt was Thursday of Homecoming week that work began in earnest on the displays that speckled the campus. Dormitory bathrooms may have run dangerously low on toilet pa- per as the artisans of refuse molded the array of paper, glue and spray paint into marvels of collegiate ingenuity. Friday night proved to be the test of endur- ance for many of the crepe paper composers as they stuffed, glued and painted through- out the evening and into the morning. Traffic grew heavier on the avenue of the campus Saturday morning as cars snaked their way across campus giving the passengers a glimpse at the display mastery Southerners have honed to a fine edge. Those capturing recognition during the pre- game Homecoming festivities Saturday for excellence in displays included: Sigma Alpha Epsilon as overall winner. For Beauty were Pulley Hall, Mississippi Hall, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi Sigma, Kappa Delta, Del- ta Gamma, Botegha, and Air Force ROTC. For theme: Hillcrest, Pulley Hall, Sigma Al- pha Epsilon, Sigma Chi Sigma, Delta Gam- ma, Kappa Delta, Botegha, and Air Force ROTC. For originality: Mississippi Hall, Hillcrest, Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi Sigma, Delta Gamma, Kappa Delta, Botegha, and Air Force ROTC. , 44 EventsfHomecoming Homecoming 1981 G ET!! 1 JL F .W Y, 3.15 is '37,-5b'f4' :GAS T Y , 31816 f. Pff' LXR.-, E H Sky M54 g-13 4 ' 3 O 0 f a Q 4, , A' f I 6 if . -4' N. V, Q' J' ' fa I . W sw X. af N J v 1 . ,U I' 'T .Q A , ,,,g 6 . tl , 2 1 1,4 1 ' 1 ai. an Q 2' I 1 Q f ff' E. sa I .5 1 is 4, - .rm , 0 I 'I f 'g I 4 i 1 f I 3 ' ' ' I - f , V , V A-- 1 ' Q 5 jf . , Q 4 ' ' 1 X l 0 zyg z 7 ' ' 'Wi 4 ' lltln I mass-.wu+V:..4.f.,a-Pre. . 5 . h 'i Q, A I ' 2 I i ' f ,'x'Q ' I 1 5' I I ! , . li 'zu f : 1 ' . ,k G' .' n I ,f I , 1 t .L 1 U M ' Dv-itnililves.-0 'A -W-isa" Q 1. Q f f . , 5 I I 5 - y I . fs X 1 a 4 I : fi 1 A f I ' 4 Hugs' ' I I Q 4 I Q V I A 1 f s Q 51, V f , 1 . W . - Q .Q f xi - -'- 0 , I 4 N I J , C ' l ' x 1' ' 4 ,,,I u '-0 . is I "W 8 I I Meadowlark Lemon's ,SJ ! 1 . M H 1 ! QW' """"'i"f w,f 1 February 2, 1982 - -Q-'ft' I X Jul. iii .il Events 51 Cheryl ibbon Miss Southern 198 "They're Playing Our Song" provided the theme for the pageant and crowning of Miss Southern 1982, Cheryl Gibbon. Cheryl, a 21 year old from Newton Mississippi competed with 15 other USM coeds for the title in the Associated Student Body sponsored pageant. Sherry Elkins, winner of the swimsuit competi- tion was first runner up, Sharon Lumpkin, third runner up, Jaqueline Whatley, talent winner, was fourth runner up. Brenda Williams was named Miss Congeniality, and Leigh Ann Camp- bell won the Directors Award. Contestants were judged in talent, evening gown, and swimsuit competitions as well as judges interviews. The pageant, which is a preliminary for the Miss American contest, was hosted by the Delta Gammas. Mary Porter, a local television person- ality, served as Mistress of Ceremonies. Jeff Bell, a Speech Communications major from Gulfport, served as executive director. The Miss Southern Pageant Dancers, the USM Jazz Band, and Mary Ellen Franzen, Miss Southern 1981, all provided entertainment during the pageant. 52 Events -s .H WJ' ' 3 1 rw. J' Q E A . 'L -4' G """?n Ll . ,,,, I L , ' I 'S '7 "5 nu. 3K ..,,X Q. ' x KLA' ' N. . ww , . Y , I. .1- 1 , , ,Q ki -f W f 1 f ,f" ,,, UZ 1 ,Z , I, .,' .f' Q . W Z f ,- 1 x r A' 11 i"4' ' bf x " F, . -QI ' I. 5351 is 5 '?"W'g"' ' 9 'sw as sb. ,Que f' ff. i . g, , ,Aa 2 .,, y . 1+ .' , 'N' ' "7f5+'Sff2'ff95 YI In lm v-1 . . '.,.' I' .YI -,-.4 -I ' , '- ' . I ', fir- Q - '+-A -W 'jffx-'A-f' Q' T-'yfjs' 'fiC,?+'rg.Qf,9f?+Sf2f-gag-f' QAQV, -i95wzs1'w:ia --fffff-1' -., l ..r ' w -- ' -NE' :yt--ati: Q 5 w .O E F ' P L Vi .l m y . 1 1 . . . , ...g - , , .,, ... . 4, 4, .. ,MA 1.45 L -31. ., .r4'v"-4+l--- . . 1' . .. .T v- 'V ""?.-,wx 'l2"f"t Q1 31 ,u f'1v-fl, gig, ', 4 X:-, M.:-V N j ' ,. Lit .,,t,f'?,-1,,ifL'1- P-x1z,,..'l' , 1 .,v.,. -.. .N - . 4- " -1,1 l.'.g' 'r .1-',. ? f '- K' .1 -iw. 1? L x , .... ,M,......mA.,.:.f..v.... - 1 :nl lb w 54 Events Mg' Qevhf' I 1 UZGDQE Mi 1 II DD HJLFJLE k ,Il cQmx1iacfa Even A- 44 ',..- ., 2 Q k as 5 ' J x 5, ,,,, A 'Hia Ms v-, Y , . 31' 21,2 i an if if ff' , My 'V fl-' ,,.z4w,, -sy I 'Nha v 'f'4"'l?Hs-,.-w-' , K x .iff p wk in Vg . 'F g, X, S 'x A ., 'W 'K 4 5. 251 1982 SNELL A16 A' 'L DUCKWORTH 1 --,- 9 gZw'l?:,7",.e5?.'?' kr ' , "I L F,-, ,I G lf, f ,., , 'AW'- ., a 'iff ' 1' ' ' .-.v g uts' 3 rf' f' ,-.. 5- '-" . at-"" ' ' A J 1 .4 V1 , ' Q 4 ,A1 'fY'1'.-7 F I . " lv.- I V, - t gx , Q, 'f. ., H , l im y is lfzf' .1 m A -. W f , ff: . f 1' W. 15, J ' K 'w.,iv5' 1 , 'YW E if N2' x' fl c wg: 'l-,1 ' i O ,Q W . T if pw 3 '. xi ,L , 9 1 'lf ,wr ,E 4 1 45?- 'Q g A y 1, ,W mi, I ff x ""' . , 90 UN so i x ' x Q' ,Q 1. . ri -L f-Q 9' 4 Q 'Hi v'-154 Spring Dance Concert 60 Events . V' Ei' Y 2? :Q n X , ,g.qf',,,s 9 Qi? n f Q 2. 2 fs ,', M -QZZ Q- ,ge fig' 4 P I S if ix ,nw-K W, D' K 23: N. I x YS X f-Q 4 . 4 1 '51 ! Events 61 if QM 34.-' H' , fa, 41 U ' AQ was 7 , ' Aw, L if U I Q L . 1 3.5.22 , ,I 5' l Q2 ,gmlug 'iff nu. A Inside Football Basketball Baseball Tennis Swimming Golf Track Intramurals Athletics Section Editor Mark Sullivan Layouts by Cheri Campbell Since Coach Bobby Collins has come to USM, the Golden Eagles have made steady pro- gress towards a consistently winning football team. In an interview with Coach Collins on November 18, 1981 directly following the USM slaughter of nationally ranked Florida State I58-14l and immediately proceeding the crushing defeat of the Eagles 1981 sea- son at the hands of Louisville, Collins dis- cussed the Eagles' seasons on the gridiron- past, present, and future. SOUTHERNER: The first thing we have to ask is how 'bout them Eagles? COACH COLLINS: How 'bout them Eagles? Well, I think that as far as the football team is concerned, we're just so happy and proud for them because they've worked hard and de- serve the recognition they're receiving. I think we can turn right around and say that we're happy and proud of our supportive students as well. Averaging a year ago, 7,000 students attended each game-that's 7070 of our students seeing us play and I think that's most important. SOUTHERNER: The Eagles have really giv- en the students something to see lately, too COACH COLLINS: Well, I think that's im- portant. And we said that we've promised that we could build a team that would be exciting and a team that would earn the sup- port and the backing of our students and our people. I think that the football team has certainly done that. But I don't think that they could've done it alone. SOUTHERNER: l know coaching has to enter in there, too. If I were in your shoes right now, I'd be a pretty happy man. COACH COLLINS: I am. But again I can see 64 Football by Judy Day 5 A j . 4' 5 Ai J f so many people that have played such an important part in it and l'd mention them-the football players, number one, the support of the students, administration, fac- ulty and staff. SOUTHERNER: Well, how does it feel? Na- tional ranking and the tremendous record you have so far this year. It must be an im- pressive thing for you. COACH COLLINS: I think it is. The thing that makes us feel so good about the whole situation is the fact that we've had to strug- gle. It started with a situation in 1975-we didn't have a stadium. We had to play all eleven football games on the road. Then, to build a tremendous on campus facility and play nationally ranked teams such as Missis- sippi, Florida State and Alabama, hold our own, and then be recognized by people throughout the country in the polls gives a super feeling. I go back and give an awful lot of creidt to the football players because they put an awful lot of work into this, they're a very dedicated group of young men. SOUTHERNER: I know when you came here in 1975 you set up goals for yourself. Do you think this year's team is indicative to the kinds of teams you've wanted to have? COACH COLLINS: Basically we want a team that is constant-that you'll be reading about them in the top 20, that on a consistent basis you'll see us appear on regional televi- sion and on a consistant bases you'll see us having enough wins at the end of the year that the bowl people will be looking. That has to be our goals. Of course our ultimate goal has always been to win them all and I guess and in the same token to be ranked number one in the nation. I think the thing that some people don't real- ize is that here at Southern we qualify to be national champs, we can be national champs. We can have a Heisman Trophy winner-we can do anything that we want to do because we do qualify. So, we set these goals and we work hard to attain them. SOUTHERNER: You mentioned a minute ago that USM can have a Heisman winner- how do you go about coaching and training a talent like Reggie Collier? COACH COLLINS: Well, the training and the coaching is the easiest part-I think the hard part is getting him on campus. I'm not saying the hard part is getting Reggie Collier on campus, but getting a talent such as Reg- gie because there is no doubt that he's a super young man-an outstanding football player, tremendous leader-usually that goes on in a recruiting war. We're very fortu- nate to have Reggie here and I think that now he's more or less proved himself. I think an all-out campaign can really put him in the Heisman race next year. There's no doubt in my mind that he's deserving-I think it is a challenge for all of us to promote him. Again, we've got to give him a good record as far as our wins to give him that opportunity. SOUTHERNER: Do you think now that we're nationally ranked we stand a better chance of having less trouble recruiting talent like his? COACH COLLINS: I think it certainly at- tracts the talents throughout the state and the surrounding areas when they can recog- nize you and your university when you go into their homes. They've heard of players such as Reggie Collier, Sammy Winder, Gerald Baylus, George Tillman-then it's easier to go in and sit down in the living room and talk to these young men about your university. I think we have a top product here we're try- ing to sell. SOUTHERNER: How do you explain the tur- nabout in the Southern team in the last few years? COACH COLLINS: It just didn't happen this year. We must remember that we went after that 2-9 season, we lost nine in a row. Later on we got the Mississippi State forfeit, 3-8 after that year. We had records like 6-6, 7-4, 6-4-1, 9-3. So it's been a steady process, tak- ing steps in the right direction, building a solid foundation, recruiting and keeping that tal- ent coming in . . . This year should help us in the fact that year in and year out we expect to have this solid program that we can com- pete as say one of the top 20 teams in the nation and get the recognition and respect that we think we've earned and deserved. But it's been a slow process and we think itfs a solid foundation. We've got a solid founda- tion now and we're gonna be a pretty good football team in the next few years. ' EDITOR'S NOTE: Following the fall semes- ter, Bobby Collins accepted the head football coaching position at Southern Methodist Uni- versity in Dallas, Texas. Replacing Collins in time for recruiting and spring training is Jim Carmody, formerly a member of the coach- ing staff here at the University of Southern Mississippi and former defensive line coach for the Buffalo Bills of Buffalo, New York. PREPARATIO . A YEAR ROU D TI-II G Preparing for football games is a year round thing says Bill Clay defensive back coach Winter is a time for building Spring for preparing Summer for antici pating and Fall is for playing Lifting weights distance running and agil tendencies practice calls and running plays Fridays are usually spent traveling First thing on Saturday morning the squad meets for 15 minutes followed by the tra ditional pre game meal of steak and eggs Next the players are taped by trainers and then meet again with Coach Collins ity drilling are included in off season weight training from January through which is the mark of a good athlete Twen ty days of Spring Practice include evalua tions of offensive defensive and kicking games as well as moving players into their right positions Summer is no vacation even though the team may not be at school A six week workout schedule is taken home and completed prior to re porting in August Then players come back to 2 a days fmorning and afternnon practicesl and an 11 o clock curfew During the season Monday begins at 3 p m with a 30 minute meeting with one of the nine position coaches Then players put in one hour of practice 30 minutes of weightliftmg and 30 minutes of watching films of the opposition Tuesday through Thursday the team is coached on their game plan in such areas as down distance another 15 minutes where every impor tant phase of the game is discussed Then warm ups We plan that they reach their peak at the time of the game says Clay The success of this year s football team may be attribued to taking one game at a time and concentrating on that and that only says Clay The most important game is this Saturday he says The coaches also work all year long just as the players do If they are not analyzing the opposition and preparing the players they are recruiting Clay says the coaches don t get to enioy the victories as the fans do because after one game they come home and directly begin working on an other Clay says they emphasize to the players that all they have to do is give 100070 and the score will take care of it self MafCl'l-This builds UP Sffeflgfllsaid Clay, off to the stadium to get dressed and Football 65 425 -if 1 4 9 l 1 A I 'JC ' r N. , .., . ggi 4'5,?5f,i ' , ,mv N 1 . yy, . P T I f, " JM .A 2, fx ' , ,f ff. , mp. wif' 2 AQ, A . 1, ff A 1 -11.'-ffvif .,,, ,1 ,. ,x T f. 4, 1 :J f.. . A ff -,J wif? ,-' .,z-gp '.-n. 4, .5 F 14-.""-A. - 'B ..'f 4S...J: .'r f 66 Football 23, Q L 4. .-, an . f iff, 'b 235 ' uzf 45 - f 5?y Z5g,, Q Q al ,J J Ax , X153 I , , ., off' J' 1, A 5 .. - , 'L f J e!f"zV??5" 'fi' - v 2-" ,.'ziI.' . "1 . fl- ,rk ,A V , fi I 3 J-f' f.. ' 4 A 'W f it J " ff' ...V .Zf A-V11 42 f .fs 1 , 13 .. 4 la? 'M api, atc ,L ,, .Lt .pq ., V , Q: f'- ', n ., .,--1 Wy Lf Wi .f., 'vu-, 'P 'T 5 Qin SCRE ER SEASO The Golden Eagle football team ended its 1981 season sporting a 9-1-1 record and a national ranking, along with individual, school, and national records. The Eagles opened the season by defeating the University of Southwest Louisiana 33-7 at home in M.M. Roberts Stadium before a crowd of 23,567. At first concerned over sen- ior losses, the Golden Eagles wasted no time in proving their capabilities. The Nasty Bunch came back after halftime to hold the USL offense to only 37 yards in the entire second half. USM's total yardage for the game was 401 yards on 83 plays as com- pared to the Cajun's 174 yards on 60 plays-a figure as decisive as the final score. The Golden Eagles continued to dominate on the field in the match against Tulane. Roberts Stadium's second largest crowd ever, 32,756 spectators, watched as USM rode over Tu- lane 21-3. The third game of the season against the University of Richmond proved to be a closer game than the first two. The Ea- gles traveled to Richmond to edge against the Spiders 17-10. The Homecoming game against the Maver- icks of the University of Texas-Arlington was stunning in terms of high scores and re- cord setting statistics. With a record total of 630 offensive yards, the Golden Eagles ran over the Mavericks 52-9. On the second play of the game, quarterback Reggie Collier ran for an 80-yard touchdown. Tailback Sammy Winder scored his 31st career touchdown, setting a school record for Most Career Touchdowns. A Maverick field goal of 51 yards became the longest field goal ever made in Roberts Stadium. The Golden Ea- gles' performance during this Homecoming game kept the Eagle Fever alive for the re- mainder of the season. On October 10, Coach Bobby Collins and the team traveled to Brimingham to meet Bear Bryant and the Crimson Tide of Alabama. USM proved to be an equal match for Ala- bama as they evened the score in the last seconds of the game with a 13-13 tie. Rainstorms following Southern to their next two games seemed not to bother the Golden Eagles as they remained undefeated. A main- ly defensive battle with the Tigers of Mem- phis State at the Liberty Bowl Stadium in Tennessee, the game was scattered with pen- alties and turnovers. The Eagles came out on top in the end with a 10-0 victory. Football 67 After an open date, the Golden Eagles trav- eled to Denton, Texas on Halloween to take on the Eagles of North Texas State Universi- ty. The afternoon game was played on a field soaked from rainstorms which continued throughout the game. Stadium lights were needed to overcome the darkness created by the rainclouds. Again, the Golden Eagles seemed not to mind these weather conditions as they shut out NTSU 22-O. The Eagles were finally ranked by the nation- al polls after their seventh game. Being the only southeastern college to still be undefeat- ed, USM was listed as No. 20 on the AP national college football poll. But being no. 20 was not good enough for the Golden Eagles. The following week they trav- eled to Jackson with the intentions of unrank- ing 15th ranked Mississippi State. And they did it in what was probably the most exciting, if not frightening, victory of the season. The Nasty Bunch held the Bulldog offense to two field goals as the Eagles pulled off a 7-6 victo- ry before a crowd of 64,112-a state and Mississippi Memorial stadium record. USM moved to no. 14 in the ratings with a 7-O-1 record. "Florida State, don't be blue, Mississippi State got unranked, too!" seemed to be the theme for the regionally televised game against the Florida State Seminoles. If you were ever sitting on the east side of M.M. Roberts Stadium you can't help but notice him. His black pants, gold vest and button and ticket littered hat really stand out. Two Bits: A Tradition Ray Crawford, a '64 finance and insurance graduate, enthuses the crowds by leading 68 Football is . various sections in the traditional cheer "Two Bits." Originally Crawford had a partner, Joe Star- ling, and they were called "Two Bits and a Quarter." Both insurance men in Florida, they cheered for Florida State, and were just part of the crowd. A transfer brought them to Hattiesburg and USM. Both were surprised at the lack of support for the football team. Two Bits has been dressing up in his black and gold ever since. Joe Star- ling, unfortunately, was transfered back to Florida. Two Bits explained, "I am trying to promote school spirit, and show that the students and alumni have something to be proud of." With a son who is a Freshman at USM and . .li C I 0 I' X :NVQ x .3 gr I. 4. Q0 4 , r -74 ,fi 1 2 ' I J X ,a .v, " T' ' W1 9 " 91. , ' Vs - 7 , '- x' Y A 4214. ' SX ...A '1- . 7 5 ' I ' t 1 I JG Hy, 1 . 1 I ? 6 ' . M X q I Y-4.1 , I i . , at ' + in 3 . if 'bwzfz W? ,fn -,Aa , .- ' sf "4b' 1 W x , Wh.. 5 'Y 'f, ' 5.3 A , ,. , ' ' 'W ' Sm ' vw 'H A my V b ' ,W ' .. f , 1 . , -ve Ir wx , ' 4 Q 1 Qi Q ,gg 'Qu Q I wg - 3 I 'Q ba The Eagles pulled ahead, however, in the remainder of the game. In this match several records were set for the Eagles. Reggie Col- lier became the first player in NCAA history to rush and pass for over 1000 yards in one season. Collier totaled 1004 aerial yards for the season, while rushing for 1005 total yards this year. Sammy Winder also crossed the 1000 yard mark for the season as he totaled 1029 rushing yards for the year. Winder also set school records for having the most career touchdowns with 39 fthat's 273 pointsl, and most career carries of 736. Ricky Floyd rushed for 105 yards against the Cardinals, making this the first time three backs ever gained over 100 yards each in the same game. The Nasty Bunch ranked first in the nation in scoring defense, allowing an aver- age of 8.1 points per game-89 points for the season. The USM Golden Eagles ended their regular season with a no. 18 national ranking. 72 Football if Football 73 Bill Goodrich Voice- of the Golden Eagdes - Who is THE VOICE OF THE GOLDEN EA- GLES? He's actually an avid Eagle fan be- hind a microphone "who gets as excited as the coachesf, Bill Goodrich, formerly the voice of the Ole Miss Rebels and other teams such as the Clemson Tigers, is a veteran radiofTV an- nouncer who not only co-hosts and narrates the "Bobby Collins Show,', but is also a part of USM's Public Relations Department as Ra- diofTV director. His idea for the voice of USM to be employed by the University on a full time basis has set a trend for many other schools. Goodrich said USM is unique in that we have our own radio programs and TV interviews done right on campus by our own people. Southern is the only school he knows of in the state that uses a Teaching Learning Re- source Center CTLRCJ such as the one on campus for this service. Gooodrich travels with the football and bas- ketball teams not only announcing the games, but sees that the radio networks pick up on the games as well. "This year we had an average of 27 networks carrying the foot- ball games which is up over the 10 we had in 1972," said Goodrich, "and there are ap- proximately 10 networks that carry basket- ball.', In addition to these responsibilities, Goodrich interviews the coaches on a regular basis, makes up an overview newsletter and film containing highlights of the sports year. These are often used in recruiting. He said that he works very closely with the players themselves and likes "getting to know them and their families and girlfriends. "I even give them special nicknames." Which sport is his favorite? Goodrich couldn't say. Normally it would be basketball, but the football games are exciting offering extra things such as the band, cheerleaders, and Dixie Darlings he said. After leaving radio for six months prior to coming to Hattiesburg and working for WFOR, Goodrich siad he couldnft stand it, announcing here had become a part of him. "l've never been happier in my life, I feel part of the teams and of the school." Goodrich explained how he announced the football games. Three men are involved: an engineering coordinator, an analyst and the announcer. All three act as spotters. John Cox and Vic Purvis serve as the coordinator and analyst while Goodrich does the broad- casts. Goodrich got into announcing while attending the University of Wisconsin on a boxing schol- arship. He sold advertising and did play-by- plays for a radio station just after he got out of the Army. Then he came to Jackson and served as Sports Director at WLBT while "moonlighting" as the Voice of the Rebels. He left Mississippi for a while to work in South Carolina and Kentucky, but found his way back to Mississippi and "Woo Hoo Mer- cy," just look what happened. 74 Football M" 'YJ ,bf ui' A-, Q ev' 1 5' Golden Eagle Football 1981 S.W. Louisiana Tulane Richmond U. Texas-Arlington Alabama Memphis State N. Texas State Mississippi State Florida State Louisville Lamar Home Home Richmond Homecoming Birmingham Memphis Denton Jackson Tallahassee Louisville Home 33-7 21-3 1 7-10 52-9 13-13 10-O 22-O 7-6 58-14 10-13 45-14 76 Sports ,file ORLANOO angerin owl Chuck Cook by Shelia Skipper The Golden Eagles traveled to Orlando, Flor- ida, Tuesday, December 15, for a week of gala activities at the Tangerine Bowl, high- lighted on the 19th by a game with the Mis- souri Tigers. The Eagles l9-1-ll met their match in the defensive battle with the Tigers. The Tigers, K7-4D began their lead in the first quarter and continued to dominate on the field through- out most of the game as they contained the Eagle offense and broke the Nasty Bunch defense. 'C USM's first touchdown came in the third quarter after an interception by Eagle sopho- more cornerback Bruce Miller. Miller also re- ceived the Most Valuable Defense Award. USM's long awaited comeback came late in the 4th 'quarter as senior reserve quarter- back Davy Sellers replaced Reggie Collier who left the game with a neck injury. On Seller's second play of the game, he complet- ed a long pass from the Eagle 26 to Louis Lipps on the Missouri 40. Lipps carried the ball in for USM's second touchdown of the evening. This new burst of energy revived a few spirits in the freezing stands, but with only 1:03 left in the game, time ran out before the Eagles could pull ahead for a win. The final score: Missouri 19, USM 17. 97 I ."v .1 ' 1 0 0 .g. 1 f ' i Lf3..V'- in , 4 ri, a Yu? ,T -' '.' rl 'y ., , U., X lv" . A' 'gl by Rachel Tullos When a loyal fan of USM thinks of USM's sports record this year, the outstanding 9-1-1 football season is hard to surpass but the basketball season could be considered a great asset to the university. With excitement still in the air from the Tangerine Bowl ap- pearance, the fans were fired up for once again another year of the "Golden Eagle". The first game of the new season matched USM against Missouri-St, Louis in which 8,961 screaming fans attended. This game was a part of a sports doubleheader on cam- pus featuring the first part as the Eagles de- feated Lamar 45-14. Starters for the Golden Eagles were guards Edgar Eason and Curtis Green, forwards Joe "Awesome" Dawson and Deora Marsh and center Carl Mitchell. The Golden Eagles jumped out to a com- manding 17-4 lead in the first half only to see it disappear to 19-15 after Turk substituted. The 'Rivermen never let the Eagles build a big lead and at the halftime buzzer the score was 38-31. In the final twenty minutes the Eagles domi- nated the game and with 9:35 left on the clock USM had a 21 point lead. USM went on to win by twenty 91-71. 78 Sports tit' ,QA -- :' If r 'aim jo... z l f 'i , , r , , nm, ,ig, i A Q D r I . I ov 5 3 x -4 alma! Y 423 Sy ,xx wx ga 1' may X 4--, ., 9 , 5 -R iw QE' 'H . ', , ,, H- -.--., 0 X X4 0. 1 2 Q, N Q , Interview: M. K. Turk by Susan Wolfe SOUTHERNER: In your six years as head coach at USM, what do you feel is your greatest accomplish- ment? TURK: The greatest ac- . complishment that we've had to date is last year's team participating in the National Invitational Tour- nament. It was the first time USM has ever gone to a post-season tournament since becoming a division 1 major university in the mid- sixties. SOUTHERNER: What do you feel is different about last year's team and this year's team? TURK: The teams are similar in style of play and many other aspects. Our 1980-1981 team was a great road team and found the way to win close ball games. This season's team has experienced extreme difficulty in winning close ball games on the road and therein lies the difference in the record. We have lost five games by a total of eight points and we've lost three games by two points and two games by one point, so obviously, if we had been able to win the close ballgames in key situations, we could have a very outstanding record and at this point could be riding high. As it works out, we are currently at the 500 mark. SOUTHERNER: Tell me more about this year's team, what have you concentrated on most? TURK: This team has gone against the most difficult and challenging schedule in the history on the University. We have played eight teams that participated in post-season tournaments last year. Of the nine losses we have to date, four of them have been to teams that are ranked in the top twenty. So obviously the strength of our schedule has been the greatest detriment that we have faced. We have concentrated on team play, unselfishness, and each player trying to reach his full potential in each and every game. f.. l. "1 SOUTHERNER: what about specific strengths I and weaknesses? '35 - I TURK: Each team has spe- ' cific strengths and weak- ' nesses. I would say that on the floor a weakness of this I team has been our inability to rebound. Joe Dawson is our leading rebounder and he does a tremendous job, but we need to get more out of our other players as far as rebounding is con- cerned. A couple of guys have also had a bad year shooting, so I would say that rebounding and inconsistency in field goal percentage have been two factors that have been detrimental to this team. ZZAVVZ I-f' SOUTHERNER: What do you consider your greatest honor in your career as a basketball coach? I know that last year you were named Collegiate Coach of the Year in Mississippi and this year placed second in that same category, plus the invitation to the post-season tourna- ment, but what do you feel is your greatest ac- complishment? TURK: Well, since coming to USM, I suppose that, so far as me individually, the greatest hon- or would be being selected as the Collegiate Coach of the Year. SOUTHERNER: What about the future? TURK: I see Golden Eagle athletics continuing to soar to the top as we continue to growg as we upgrade our academic standards and our bas- ketball goals and objectives. We will continue to get better caliber of athletes who will be facing a more difficult and challenging schedule. Greater things are ahead. SOUTHERNER: Is there anything you would like to add? TURK: I am proud to be a part of this great university and the growth that it is experiencing here in the athletic department. It is most re- warding to me. I could not be happier anywhere else. Cont. from page 78. Pamona Patzer College proved an easy victim for the hungry Eagles and provided several peaks of the season in the 107-71 whipping. USM made 43 field-goals. Twenty-one free throw points were added to the scoreboard as well as a season high 62 rebounds and iso farl the highest amount of points in the game were tallied. The Eagles third game at Reed Green coliseum added another mark in the win column. South- ern beat U.S. International 89-62 in front of 4,000 screaming fans. This season had a much more difficult schedule than ever before. Warning signs were evident in road game number 1. The Eagles lost a close, defensive heartbreaker to Southwestern Louisi- ana, 64-66. Problems occurred in the lineup, and Coach M.K. Turk began trying new combi- nations of players to help spark the game. Then the Eagles came back home to Reed Green and won a decisive victory, 60-47, over Louisiana Tech. USM struggled with free throws and shooting. Strong defense and the home crowd, a definite advantage, aided the Eagles in their win. Southern had a well-deserved break of 11 days before playing against McNeese State. The Ea- gles won easily, 86-62. Two days later the Ea- gles traveled to the Cotton States Classic. The road once again proved to be a jinx. The Eagles were soundly beaten by Alabama-Birmingham, 71-56, their first game in the Atlanta based event. jThe consolation game was disappoint- ing-Northeastern University pulled out and 82-81 victory in a close battle. Now 5-3 into the season, the Eagles suffered their third consecutive loss when they played Arkansas at Pine Bluff. USM hit the road for its first game after the Holidays. Southern lost another close defensive North Carolina State, 46-45. North battle to Carolina at Charlotte also defeated the stum- bling Eagles 74-70, in front of the NC crowd of 2,140 fans. The Eagles came home needing a victory. USM played outstanding ball against Tulane in the first quarter, led by Curtis Green and Joe Daw- son. Building up to a 19 point lead at one time. USM's poor rebounding and careless play al- lowed the Green Wave to roll over the Eagles in a crushing 60-58 victory. Fredonia State gave a much needed win to the Eagles where they had their best field-goal percentage f53.2: 42 of 79 attemptsl in the 88-65 romping. The Eagles, having a rough season. went to Lou- isiana Tech hoping to recreate the earlier victo- ry. Fate was not kind, and the Eagles again lost a close match, 58-60. Cont. on page 83 Sports 8 1 R4 w QE ., -2 4 -fx.--,Q,.q.J.M.m 82 Sports -1 nw ... V H ,fr- ,..-7--"- J -' G in A -Q. ai r-5 ' gf" ' an-'P' 1, If ' ' . "- 1-sim 'A' Lb ,P I V V' gl WW Q 4 QE-:im gm?-,a 1:1 -K' 'sf 13- 'T Cont. from page 81. The home game regularly scheduled against the University of New Orleans was moved to the Gulf Coast Coliseum in Biloxi because of delayed registration due to bad weather. USM defeated UNO 73-66. The Privateers pulled within two points late in the game, but a foul on Curtis Green and the resulting free throws gave the Eagles the added spark to charge ahead to victory. The Eagles came back home and played an outstanding 'defensive game against the Gamecocks of- South Carolina. The final score was Eagles 76. Gamecocks 67. South Carolina had a tremendous size advantage, but Joe Dawson and Carl Mitchell scored the needed points, and Edgar Eason, Curtis Green, and Larry Boyd handled the ball in the welcomed victory. The Eagles took an even 8-8 record to Geor- gia State and managed a win of 61 over 54 even though they shot a poor 41.5 per cent. The poor shooting percentage came back to haunt the Eagles in a tough loss to Virginia Commonwealth. The first minutes of the Pan American-USM game were nailbiting. The lead constantly fluctuated between teams. Joe Dawson scored his 1,547 career point and became the third leading scorer in USM history and was presented the game ball. Southern won the fast-breaking contest 101-70. USM compiled a winning record of 11-9 at yearbook presstime. The Eagles defeated the Georgia State Panthers for the second time in the season with an easy 83-68 victo- ry. The game was an exciting crowd pleas- er. Senior Deora Marsh was an inspiration to his teammates and fans when he made three slam dunks-including one spinning backward. The Eagles put on an excellent offensive and defensive show. This was Southern's sixth victory in the last eight games. Post-season hopes for this year's Eagles are not completely out of the picture, but al- most so. If USM wins the remainder of its games, the record would be 17-9. Perhaps a bid from the NIT is possible. Coach M.K. Turk said of his team, "I sup- pose the biggest problem we've faced this year is the quality of our opponents. This team hasnft played a bad game. We've been inconsistent in offensive shooting. For- tunately our defense has held up. It's won games for us and taken us down to the wire in others." . in , ' t' 1 V U xg. B117 ' - fi 1 ' -1' , ' T " if . g J .J i, .K D ng... vu. f U '4 '.q1,.,' .. -V F h '. - "QQ --. L .1-LST' l l l I I 1 I Larry Boyd ...... Paul Crowley ..... Kenny Dailey ..... Joe Dawson ..... Edgar Eason .......... Mike Funderburk ......11 ......41 ......5O . ...... 24 ......45 Curtis Green ........ ...... 1 O Deora Marsha .... Carl Mithcell .... Jim Powers ........ ......22 ......3O ......12 Willie Robinson .... ...... 2 1 James Williams .... ...... 2 5 Sports 83 Women's E'-l"""C :aI1'82cn TQOQZ we U' CX' ...Q, Xrcg-gg LDQQ O' or DLC mggflg Ezggg 5'l'1'l fn :swag .EWEHQS wmsgo' SUN rc mm?-"' Dice'-0-5:7 7r'go'U.'1" . HES. :r QVDQE 'UCD saw' 923:-lg' gfbfpnv zsfnowo. In their first game the Eagles defeated the Tulane Lady Green Waves in an easy 84-66 smashing in Reed Green Coliseum. "Porky" McCaskill had a game high 23 points. Several days later USM defeated Mississippi Univer- sity of Women 73-47, again they won at home. Louisiana became the next target for the Lady Eagles. First, Southeastern Louisi- ana was rolled over in a 78-54 loss to South- ern in Reed Green. Then, Northeastern Lou- isiana bit the dust in a close match. The final score was USM 75, Northeastern 73. Diane Jones led the Lady netters with 20 points, Prtland McCaskill had 19 rebounds in the game. 84 Sports Interview: Kay James by Lynne Clary SOUTI-IERNER: You're into your fifth season at USM- how do you feel about this year's team? I... ... JAMES: This year's team is a different team than any team that I've had in that we've got several freshmen. We have more of a fastbreak ball than we've had before. We're not quite as tall but can sf ' do things in a differ- ent way than in the past. We feel that, due to our leaping ability, we can rebound with tall- er teams and that with our quickness we can run with fast teams. So we have a combina- tion of both, where in the past we've had more of a patient-type offense and were not quite as quick. SOUTHERNER: So then your strong points are . . . JAMES: Quickness, fastbreak offense and leaping ability. SOUTHERNER: Weaknesses? JAMES: Our main weakness is that they're young. We start off three freshmen and untill you get a full year of college experience it's hard for a freshman to step in and be a start- er. We have three freshmen starters-that seems to be the only weakness at this point. They're working hard, they have good atti- tudes and fundamentally they are sound- just lack of experience. SOURTHERNER: What changes or improve- ments have you made? JAMES: Well, each year you change based ' - ' on what personnel you need. As far as improvements go we have a different look so we're not basing it on the years in the past, we are looking into the future and what areas we need more strength in. For example: next year we'll be looking for the girl insideg this year we picked up guards and for- wards. Each year it changes and it varies 'af .-3' based on personnel. SOUTHERNER: I-Iow do you feel about this year's schedule? JAMES: This yearfs schedule is very com- petitive, there's no question about that. It is one of the best wefve had at Southern and obviously it's pretty tough. Wefre nine and five right now and with the material that we have if we were playing a weak schedule we could possibly be undefeated-but we don't we play a tough schedule with big name schools and in the long run it will help us. lt may be a little hard on us this being the fresh- man year for some of these players but in the long run it'll pay off. SOUTHERNER: Over all what do you feel has been your greatest accomplishment in working with the Lady Golden Eagles? JAMES: We've had some big wins. I think the greatest accomplishment at this point is that we've not had a losing season. We have had some good years. We've gone as far as the regional tournament with the AIAW and now we're changing over to the NCAA, women's basketball, and our goals and our aims after we do is to get into a post season soon. USM's first loss came on the road. Arkansas College and the Lady Eagles battled through the game. Arkansas won 81-78. Then South- ern bounced back with a close win against Arkansas State. McCaskill led the lady Ea- gles with 16 points and 14 rebounds in the 55-53 defeat. USM had one of their most difficult games against Memphis State in Memphis. The Lady Eagles could not handle the powerful play and speed of Memphis, and lost in a sound whipping, 101-87. Juliette Weaver and Rose Smith were the leading scorers for the Eagles with 17 points, Smith had 11 re- bounds in the game. The Lady Eagles playing against Northeas- tern Louisiana for the second time in the sea- son won easily at home 116-79. Juliette Weaver and Joye Lee each had 17 points in the game, sharing top honors. Joye Lee had among her points, seven free throws. USM had 50 field-goals made, a team high for the season. USM lost their next three games all on the road. The Lady Eagles were defeated 81-72 by the Ole Miss Rebels in Oxford. Then Tu- lane rolled over Southern, 75-57, splitting the season's games with USM. Finally, USM lost a heartbreaker to Southeastern Louisiana. They were defeated by one point, 81-80 was the final tally. Southern's Lady Eagles regrouped and went on to defeat Florida 73-62. South Alabama fell victim to the Eagles next, and Florida was beaten in a 94-84 battle with the rampaging Eagles. In the Florida game, the Eagles played all aspects of the game well as they managed to connect on over 50 percent of their shots from the field. USM fell six points behind in the early-going, but rallied back behind Joye Lee's shooting. Lee had 24 total points in the game. Jackson State was a totally different story. Freshman sensation, Portland McCaskill was hurt early in the game in a collison against JSU's Gloria Freeman. Both girls had to have stitches. Behind strong offensive and defen- sive board work, the Lady Tigers were able to take a 25-22 lead at halftime. Jackson State went on to win the game. The Eagles dropped to 11-6 as a result of that contest. The Delta State Lady Statesmen could not handle the excellent offense of the Eagles, and as a result Delta State lost their battle 67- 85. USM led the whole game and was aided by Joye Lee, who had a game-high 26 points. Portland McCaskill returned to play after be- ing injured in the game earlier in the week. Starters for Coach Kay James were Portland "Porky" McCaskill, Dianne Jones. Rose Smith, Juliette Weaver and Joye Lee. McCaskill, a freshman forward from Menden- hall, Mississippi, led the Lady Eagles with 13.4 points per game. Jones was second behind Juliette Weaver with a 53.7 field-goal percentage. Rose Smith was an excellent rebounder. and had an average of 7.1 rebounds per game. Weaver led the Eagles in field-goal percent- age, she shot 61.5 percent from the floor. Joye Lee had an excellent year. Lee had high game for the Eagles with 26 points, Lee also led the team in free throws made. she had 83.3 percent from the line. Sports 85 Q Ill AJ, 86 Sports .1 I A. X ff 1 1 ,I 1 A . 'f' 'I E.. wTE?fkfi?1aad5'1 1 L . QV A L Q Y x 'WH 2 'Qx E , ,., 'U' 'bv 'IS'- wr fly, . Sw N C ,J 'B 1 -qc Q an WNW , IM if M, - xx, I . , , ,,.-,,,,,1x1, L f 2 ffeefmfavm V113-,p,, QMS!!! : v,,wg' w at uf ,f 1 Kal NT' 2223! Sports 89 BASEBALL which would be to our advantage. Interview: TAYLCDR by Susan Wolfe Southerner What is your overall view of USM athletics: Taylor: The strides in athletics under Coach Dale have been tremendous. For instance, now we can have an opponent like Tulane and have 30,000 people in the stands and only 1500 of those are from Tulane. Also, the MSU-USM game in Jackson this year set records in atten- dance with 64,000 people there. Used to, bas- ketball couldn't gear 1400 people, and now they have 65-7000 at some games. And this year James is in NIT lNational Invitational Tour- namentl. Everybody's doing so much in athlet- ics. Southerner: How is this year's baseball team doing thus far in the season? Taylor: "It's just one of those years." We are trying to get as respectable as we can. The things we were expecting out of this year's team just didn't turn out like we thought they would. Last year Doug Pearson broke every record in USM baseball except one, and this year he's not hitting 240 in some games. Our first string pitch- er broke his collar bone and our second string pitcher, Richard Garrett, had an arm injury. Coaches Rick, Deweese, Coleman and I are searching and hoping for a good caliber player, and the new field might help some too. Southerner: What are the strengths and weak- nesses of this year's team? Taylor: A weakness is that we don't have the long ball hitter. In 24 games we have had only two home runs. We don't have any fire power. In a seven inning game, we left 12 men on the bases, something you just don't do. If we have a good game pitching, then we don't have a hitting game and vice versa. We have to get better, but with our number one pitcher out, we have a bleak outlook, but we'll keep working. What we thought we had defensively and what we count- ed on didn't happen. We are not consistent and have no strong point as of now. Richard Garrett and Mike Minton are our mainstays and with power on the plate, we would have won more games than the 8-17 record we have now. Southerrier: What does the future hold for USM baseball. Taylor: A new ballpark and extensive recruiting. The only way we can go is up. We have three very fine student coaches who work and know baseball. In the next couple of years, I hope we can get over the 500 mark and be respectable, maybe even get in a prestigious conference, Southerner: Do you feel there is enough empha- sis on baseball at USM? Taylor: Yes, this year I have had more help than l ever had. Southerner: What in your 24-year career as head baseball coach and 15-years as assistant athletic director are you most proud of? Taylor: Working with Coach Dale and Coach Vann and being placed in three Hall of Fames. Those honors I am most proud of. Vann and being placed in three Hall of Fames. Those honors I am most proud of. Southerner: You have been associated with this university, both as a student and as a coach for 30 years, what are you pleased with most about USM? Taylor: The progress the university has made is a big part of my life. Athletics is doing its best to stay up with the rest of the university like the science department, nursing, The Pride and Dix- ie Darlings and the research done by the profes- sors and the university itself putting a lot of money into the economy. The university is mov- ing under Lucas. Our band is on national every year and our music program is second to none. The leadership of our university is in most capa- ble hands and we appreciate his lDr. Lucasl support for athletics. l'm pleased with the pace we have gotten going now and hope it keeps moving. Southerner: Are there any other comments you would like to make about USM or baseball? Taylor: The University of Southern Mississippi has been mighty good to me in every way-in the way of education, athletics and every other way. Sports 91 Tracy Coker Richard Garrett Rich Gerhardt Harold Jackson Dewey Lott Mike Membreno Mike Minton Kenneth Rice Jeff Rymer Jack Davenport Stan Massengale Bruce Roberts Juan Vazquez Con Corr Jeff Eure Alex Gutierrez David Howell Scott Nettles Doug Pearson Bert Stephens Reed Allison David Deaton Greg Gullickson Boggy Herring Todd Pfeiffer Sp 'I "nr Q '11 nl 311 in 'f'.1, iy. 6' ' I x v S .u, z J S 1 I' -ur R -, . - I I 1 ' iff' hi . fe- ' Q - X in W ' :ga ? , '-,,.' Q" is -Lil. , .- :3i".i: 55 f. ,P Q54 ' if ,A 4 i. -5 ' -Asia 5 f . A-ft -. ' 'L ,ago " 'S' T55 .4 rf- -1 n Y ? f 'M N -A- i . f ,. 1 'W K XX ' .wr 13 lege-f,,.4 V ...., . K 0 I W. 2- Q X Q A X hh' ,, "' .J ,. .'v,. ..,x-. n.,f .99 I ' ox 1, I l ,no xf ' , .1 . ..,, - 1-:.a.,. - . - s , -R Q ff., ' ,Arai -- s ' ---'r Q' ' W ,vm Eu --it ' -'fu' 'I . - . 'H "L..X'q-xv" "'- ', x 'u..Q'!,a.s.-we-M.-1 an 'Q' q,.,...4-, fu A. gags.: 'av'-T, lf- af. Y -x.. ui, 8 .- .Fi gs .JE ifikil- .3 - fx ' V .5 . , .I 4- '- l D P14 Alex Behar Michael Hansson Butch McKenzie Scott Bradley Ed McDaniels Claude Ware Robbie Palmer John Alford David Faust Stanley Ball Mark Zaremba Mark Peach ,- Nl . f 2 qw z-viewers!!! wwm2nnasq'2.asu VSQQF ,"YiB8.L4'!'5i?Aff B Qfurxszxvz-uwzizffsffl 6 ' H::wmmvsnraa.mbma -'-fu f mapa , 711,41 . IM- 1 Lumen, ,. . 4 ' 4m3qv,:::' f ' Xsvmg Si -vi -'K' ' - N. ,, 1 E rw is Sports 95 v 'EV f' z up-V 96 Sports A Q23 Q... Sl---A, '+3a,x.:x, 143: ,,f:fJwV . , if f V ,,,,,..-gr--ov' -.v-- 'A' QX Nl Darra Heim Vicki Purser Mimi Johnson Kim Smilek Antice Kay Laurie White Liz Lagarde Kay Young Christine Loughman Helen Grant, Coach r 1 ' , , 94 Sports Q7 SW MMl G JW Mfw Sports Shane Gaston Richard Bean Mark Smith Byron Bietel Marion Geissinger Daniel Libonate Pat Murphy Don Hanauer Kurt Crawford - Bobby Ross Dan Horton John Donlon Chris Clinton Kent Batman Jeff Andrews Kim Tyson Mike Giles, Coach TH ANKS C QLES DIMM William Bolden Bruce Colquitt Gary Ellis Bryant Gilbert James Graham Nicky Harbey Bob Herrington Kenny Perkins Ricky Rayborn Keith Reynolds Martin Roberts David Schexnayder Holmes Sturgeon Mitchell Williams Donnie Young Marshall Bell, Coach 100 Sports Tom Bauer Mike Smith , li Ken Chomyn ig V Lorm McWilliams f1fl i l'f1 ::'V ' - YV N 'f' :- --XY U r 1A'X"'-'- Todd Bradley ' e'd'lA': 'A'A' 'f": A Kim Bradley 5 " Keith Webb Pat Grill Jamie Sydboten l N: -Rami.. Aww SGFTBALL X .kv 4 , - Q- 4. N Helen Grant, Assistant Coach Tina Fullen Faith Harrold Gayle Eberhardt Julie Kivach Barbara Taylor ,Q 5 Association of College UHIOHS Ir1'f2rr1E1'I1Or121l Right: Front row-James Lockett, Paul Bieda. Back row-Wayne Scarborough, Charlie Bissell, Charles Orr, Marty Guess, Scott Murphy, Jim Ramsey. Lower Left: Mark Zaremba, Joe Du- mas, Lower Right: Front row-Rhonda Mitchell, Theresa Reiling. Back row-Sherri Tapp, Pam Jenkins, Eva Stone, Theresa Reiling. .Q .L -1: 31111 - 102 Sports The Union Board annually sponsors the campus games tournament dur- ing the month of December for the Association of College Unions-In- ternational. USM also hosted the ACU-I regional games tourna- ment which includes Florida, Ala- bama, Georgia, and Mississippi on February 25-27, 1982. Michael Rhodes became the region VI dart champion and the Women's bowling team emerged tops in their sport. Left: Micheal Rhodes. Lower Left: Eva Stone, Sherri Tapp. Lower Right: James Lockett. Sports 103 Shorts U-'I Putt Putt Golf Mark NaylerfDarreen Dearman Darreen Dearman Terry Lakey Natalie AllenfRhonda Mitchell Ray BaylisfTerry Lakey Tennis Doubles Davies f Haigler Winstead fMcClendon Volleyball Maulers Delta Delta Delta CoRec Flag Football Phi MufOld Nu's Tennis Singles Steve Carter Mellissa Winsteacl Raquetball Steve Ellis Tom McDonnell Pettis Susie Robertson Punt, Pass and Kick Larry Boyd Ramona Trombley Flag Football Fightin Cocks Delta Delta Delta Floor Hockey Sigma Nu Roberts Hall Hal fcourt Basketball CoRec Volleyball Netters Bowling Pi Kappa Alpha "B" Pi Beta Phi-"B" Turkey Trot Army R.O.T,C. I Army R.O.T.C. Women Alice Hart Linda Blackwell Trevor Dekoekkoek Chris Clinton Richard Vogel David Cundiff The Best Turkey Shoot High Voltage I Sigma Chi Sigma "D" Polymer Science Goal Tenders Sierra Charlie William Ferguson Martha Holloway Badminton Richard Fung-A-Fat Rita Grant Golf Filthy Five Weightlifting Meet Army R.O.T.C. Delta Delta Delta Stephanie Clark Ben Harder Steve Krohn Scott Rigby John Rogers Eddy Tyndall Hal Revette Sam Dudley George Miller Ricky Reed Sports 105 In r 5' 5. . 5 1 i S E n I. C E .Ti sr 1 A '715-M? -'G N9 QHF 'il' .l m "C-4' f.x5 F 6 'C' 'kv 54.1 vvl fs, , ik ,-,..:- 106 Organizations cfs? ,X Inside: Organizations Social Honorary Service Religious Departmental Special Interest Organizations Section Editor: Melissa Winstead Organizations 10 , ,-.s,,.. Through the years Alpha Kappa Alpha's program has had as its chief Conference. aim "service to all mankind." To fulfill this aim the members of the chapter participated in raising funds for the Kidne F d t y Oun 6 ion, Membership is open to women of high ethical and scholastic stan- Salvation Army, and Mafflh Of DUTIES- They visited rest h0fT19S, Col- dards who are pursuing or have a degree in an accredited college or lected and donated clothing, and sponsored a Black Collaborating university. WW i 5 . A ,. 14, t ,ani in ., ,., , t Z ' r ' 'V ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Barnes, Cherri L.g Belton, Brenda L.g Betts, Cynthia R.g Collins, Wendy lVl.g Cooper, Be- linda F.g Hart, Myrtis L.g Jackson, Gwendo- lyn? Jones, Ella W. Mock, Gwendolyng Oatis, Audry L., Rogers, Monica B.g Simmons, Phyllisg Titus, Mera A., Vann, Patricia A. 108 Greeks ai J' LV as , -5 X V 2 1 ii? 712. 'Y wi.-,wi :inf 1 'Y 'Sf 14' 3 A,!g9f:+r6f-wfipiffr ' - waf :,::, 'rf -. . 1,1 ., A . W, . , ,- 1 rv 51 fl ' -f,-x ,.,:f:'2. '- -1, .Q 1, ,fi -f , WQKM7Wf4wfr.,,w, . -, Q47-1 '.-:naw ' fggcez va " M53-ivFYa2 ' Z 'A I l l I A 6 A1 f' ll 8' q-X, Qu 'f!'sl '1 i 1 1 F'f.l.l7 1 'g 2 .. f. ,, , a Q t If All .J 'I ul Q .ii A lady is a truly beautiful creature-inside and out. She is a perfect mixture of grace complemented by a refreshing and loving personal- ity. Add to this a twinkle of mischief and the never extinguished spark of love in sisterhood and the product is an Alpha Sigma Alpha lady. As individuals, this bond of sisterhood enables us to blend into a harmonious and loving group who accepts each others faults and encourages each other in their abilities. This group is an intermingling of dancers, singers, nurses, teachers, librarians, pianists, and inter' ests. Our sisters are active throughout the campus in Alph Lambda delta, Lambda Sigma, Phi Delta Rho, Panhellenic Talent Show, Sen- ate, Del Sur, pep rallies, intramural champs, philanthropies, Greek Games champion and Greek goddess. Our social aim is fulfilled through formals, swaps, Alumni Tea, ParentfDaughter Banquet, Candlelights, Songfest, crying at a sister's wedding, Big Sis-Little Sis, Secret Sis and Christmas parties. To grow to our best ability physical- ly, spiritually, socially and intellectually-the four aims of our soror- ity. Alpha Sigma Alpha holds a wonderful experience that begins in college and will be cherished throughout a lifetime. IPX. ' aiu' 06' lr . 2 " ' CB 1 If 5 W.---4 I 1 l f 3. Y. Vi' af' 37 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Barnes. Patricia D,g Brier, Robette G.: Clements. Pamela: Costilow, Lucy W.: Cotton. Glenda Ag Guercio. Angie J.: Hillie, Carla E.: lrby. Merri F. Lee. Ava J.: McCloud. Donna: Mclns tosh. Lee Ann: Monier. Leslie E.: Stu- art. Betty J.: Tillman. Kimberly A.: Young, Carol L.: Busche. Gregory Greeks 109 Allen, Natalie, Ballen, Allison, Bates, Dina D., Becker, Angie, Berry, Pame- la, Bernhardt, Lisa, Blackwell, Nina, Blessing, Jacqueline, Bolton, Janet L. Bowman, Susan, Brahsier, Maribeth, Campbell, Leigh Ann, Campbell, Theresa, Carlisle, Amy, Carraway, Elizabeth, Castle, Patrice, Caveny, Deena, Collins, Diane M. Collins, Jayme, Dallas, Teri A., Da- vis, Deanne L., Davis, Margaret L., Davis, Sandra, Driskell, Leslie, Duck- worth, Lu-Anne C., Elkins, Sherry, Ezell, Tara Ezelle, Missy A., Finley, Erin, Frazier, Amber, Gardner, Mary Valerie, Goodrich, Nancy Lee, Harris, Stacy K., Henry, Donna G., Herrin, Sandra, House, Susan Kirkpartick, Katherine, Lang, Linda, Lang, Mary Margaret, Lee, Linda, Loper, Cheryl, Lowery, Nina, Lump- kin, Sharon, Lumpkin, Sheila, Man- tooth, Melissa 110 Greeks llf . :Q . . 9- -uh .r .. I L ' " gi? Sis X uh I ,,. g f s ,,,, i . ,. . r i na. ...f . 'Nw 5 si I Q 1 R ' f ni V , A Q.1iii'E2i riirai A Ja., ' 2,057 ,Z X 5:3 ,, 1, M., J , A I ' it Q ,, ' sw '47 I 5 , i '2 x A 'f - ,, 'rf ' '. J .4 fx V, . , ,f . ,' . fm, fr-H' 'vm . . .iw :wut all ,. ' ,.,?r-,ii ' 2 A M " , H ,s -,- : f , - H 1- n 1.-':llenE"' ' J XL-, ig Q1 Q , V tt 4 X Q X gs, a l 1 2 3 E.. 9 QW E '-', X W sl Q pl l 'll' -' -' .,.., ' M ' lll - ,file - 'A A L '- . fx '-I N f - N i it sv X Q ug . :ras-3' QR: - B 1 ' 4 , H L ,ri LR"'l 'L ll 4 ' W 1 , it i i A Chi Omega is known for its involvement in Who's Who . . . Omicron Delta Kappa . . . Dixie Darlings . . . Football and Basketball Cheerleaders . . . Homecoming Maids . . . Southern Misses . . . big-sis, lil-sis candlelights Owl Men Overall Spirit Award . . . Golden Girls . . . top ten beauties . . . Miss Mississippi Hospitality . . . South- ern Style .. . ASB Cabinet and Senate . . . the Pride . . . Pike Calendar Girl . . . Florida formal . . . fraternity little sisters . . . Lambda Sigma . . . Phi Delta Rho . . . Greek Scholarship Award . . . CHI OMEGA Mason, Lisa Ann, McClinton, Lisa, Middleton, Dianne, Mitchell, Rhonda, ' 1 Morris, Dee Dee, Pittman, Erin, Pitt- man, Ginny, Phillips, Alesia, Polk, Steffani 1 if " Pope, Teresa, Rayborn, Tena, , Reedy, Beth, Rentz, Helen, Roberts, Tammy, Rogers, Amy, Roseberry, i-V . Rachel E., Santa Cruz, Elizabeth, W ,,i 1. , ,. a ll . W, 5' - ,gr We-fi - 2 to ' I A-4' - Smith, Denise s 4 ' ' x ' Zlti - m',Yf'.fi 'N Al" ,?, 1 U 7.1 . .127 V' , il il fi ll ' . ' . " ' ' Smith, Kristy, Smith, Sandra, Smith, Stacy, Speed, Lisa Ann, Sproles. Amy, Stevens, Patrice, Stone, Virgin- ia, Stringer, Laurie, Stuart, Melanie ' " Tadlock, Toni, Teel, Barbara, Tin- non, Tracey, Toussaint, Victoria: - Vann, Vicki, Vardaman, Martha: Vic- , torian, Kim, Voss, Mary Glenn: Wa- . - ters, Lei A. 5 -1 . 4 Waters, Gail: Welch, Virginia: Welker, Angela, Wiley, Kathy, Wil- liamson, Ginger, Williamson. Jana, Manguno, Monte: Rimes, Greg: Ste- phens, Joe Greeks 111 The ladies of Delta Delta Delta can be seen everywhere on campus including . . . Phi Tau Chi . . . First Place in Songfest . . . Omicron Del- ta Kappa . . . Who's Who . . . Dixie Darlings . . . Phi Delta Rho .. . ASB Cabinet Lambda Sigma . . . Freshman Homecoming Maid . . . Delta Men Candlelights Football and basketball Cheerleaders . . . L.M. 104 . . . Sen- ate . . . Golden Girls . . . Gold Tenders . . . Top Ten Beauties . . . Prohibition Party . . . The Star and Crescent . . . Pom Pom Girls . . . Studentf Alumni Association . . . UAC . . . Miss Mississip- pi's Hospitality . . . Miss Hattiesburg . . . Frater- nity Little Sisters . . . Apple Polishing Party . . . Wine and Roses . . . "For Days." Alcorn, Shelley K., Barker, Karen S., Barnett, Betsy, Boardman, Joli E., p Breland, Stephanie, Burkett, Kelly W L., Carmichael, D. Michelle, Cart- 1,1 J lidge, Susan Lea, Catlett, Lynda G. Chatham, Caren M., Clark, Steph- r anie L., Collins, Lady M., Davis, An- nette C., Davis, Jamie Leigh, Dear- man, Darrene, Demetropoulos, Lisa Grey, DeRossett, Stephanie, Fergu- son, Debbie A. 5 . X All WS 'xl-I 'll I Foshee, Connie A., Frazier, Pamela Gent, Jacqueline Ann, Gillespie, Pa mela J., Gonzalez, Anna C., Good man, Laura Li, Hanley, Denise Har- iv-Y W - ,----se :gf 1 . 'J T ..A, i low, Hanley, Nancy C., Harrison ff V KN " Y. Patsy M. I Harwell, Rhonda G., Henderson aff'- - Sharla R,, Hilley, Carolyn E., Hol- :' -- land, Jeannie W., lnman, T.J., lrby N. Suzanne, Jackson, H. Suzi, John- son, Pamela R., King, Patti C. ' 1 , Y . ...4 v King, Shannon D., Kessler, Robin, Ladner, Delarie A., Laughlin, Kay, Lennon, Julie E., Mathis, Lisa K. 112 Greeks ,K -1 ,,, Z . . -fr P ' ,L r, ' - ,lt if if - Mm. Q, S' , 'K A' . are ' , ilk , H ' 1 , t 3 4' iw iz- G 3? 13 I n I M L 5'- A Ps.,-.- ."': ""' 55 33:55 . . I:-1, -is , v 3 A "! E fiifi gl 9 ,l :vw ., 'NYS Q. i ' " les 5 ' Q1 -, J: N , i I., 2:52 :gif-. , . I, x ll l TALL! , R I!-'J ,Tlx A -- ,. f74'lI N ii 5 ig, tmw .1 - 'A Z r I . 3 ,r .. 'Q .ge A ' r . , I , I , , .Y K. .t v u .,,.,g.n X I En. f Q .r rg 1 5 . xv , - si-'-' V, ' x I X x v rv ' lr '1 i xi, . il If f ll, ' ' 0 ll J il? if .S 'X A .W , ii DELTA DELTA DELTA if .m Y I .. 5 I b .1 ' 9 S -. ' Til: ' 4: W wmv W' Q 1 , X' l Z ' J K V l I ffl u X 1 fa., - ,- T l, . , .. Twfg' ' I'-V' EFT' fx X 'C Y -A r .iw Fl . ' sl Ml . l X l ,., ., :' F xg A 'ia McCrary, E. Shawn: Montgomery. Dianne: Noble, Stephanie L.: Odom. Tara L.: Parker, Deborah: Pittman. Jean C.: Pittman, Suzanne: Ramsay. Mary B.: Rawlings, Karen L. Redd, Leslie Lorraine: Richardson. Michelle: Riley, Glenna: Robinson, Tracy D.: Rogers, Becca: Russell, Laurie Nell: Snowden, Cindy: Snow- den, Sarah A.: Stewart, Laura B, Stockstill, C. Michele: Swanson. Kathy: Taylor. Angela K.: Taylor. Barbara: Thomas, Lisa P.: Thomas. Melissa Kay: Vanderdray, Katrina S.: Walker, Judy: Walker. Leisa Faye Walker, Sharon Kay: Walters, Karen M.: Watson, Amber J.: Welsh. Jeanne L.: Williams. Jadee L.: Wil- liams, Shannon K.: Wolford. Melodie J.: Woods, Jan D.: Bancroft. D. Bruce Davis. Charles J.: Duff. Kenny Eu- gene: Guthrie, Robert: O'Keefe. Matt: Taylor. John C.: Waddle. Benny: Williams. Lon Anthony Greeks 113 ,Q Agosta, Ann lVl., Alfonso, Joanna M., Bell, Patricia C., Bingham, Barbara A., Blackmer, Cindy L., Blackmer, Lee Ann, Blackston, Jenny, Bla- keney, Judy, Blanchard, Debbie Brown, Robin, Burkes, Becky C., Cox, Holly E., Cox, Susan D., Davis, Betty L., Dyar, Allison, Egley, Cath- erine A., Eubanks, Sue, Fulmer, Ann E. Gaines, Korby L., Gambrell, Tina, Gordon, Donna R., Grenn, Elizabeth A., Haag, Cheryl M., Haupt, Beth A., Haupt, Connie, Heflin, Michele, Hess, Jon A. Jones, Beverly, Kay, Antrice D., Ken- ny, Rebecca A., Kent, Angie C., Keys, Jackie, King, Kathy M. 114 Greeks ,Lk Az iv 2 'Q ,I k uL'5'u 1 1 sal! li Il, X y 1 Ae:---L 4 I 1 . Q H ,N F2 I 9 V at rf Q , . , is -5 E i .rr f l all Q 1 M my M ! Delta Gamma means being an individual in all aspects of campus life. You can find Dee Gee's involved in ASB Cabinet, and Senate, UAC, Southerner Staff, Southern Misses, Southern Style, Golden Girls, and Gold Tenders. Also, they have Dixie Darlings, Pride Members, Fra- ternity Little Sisters, and Angel Flight Members, and Officers. Dee Gee's are also involved in many honoraries such as Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma, Omicron, Delta Kappa, Phi Chi Theta, Gamma Beta Phi, Phi Kappa Phi, USM Civitan Club, ACM, Student Construction, and they also have Presidentls and Dean's List scholars. The Dee Gee's have many Miss I-lospitalities, and mem- bers of the Soccer and Tennis Teams. This year the Delta Gamma's won first place in Theme and Originality for their Homecoming Display. They received 2nd Place in Songfest. Every year the Delta Gamma's are hostesses for the Miss Southern Pageant and the annual PGA Magnolia Classic Golf Tournament. Some of the highlights of their year are intramurals, big sis, lil sis, candlelights, Fall Retreat, Fall Party, and the "Main Event" ANCHOR BALL!!! DELTA GAMMA Knight, Nancy Eg Ladner. Lee Ann: Laney, Leigh A.g Langston, Michele, Lee, Renee, Lindsay, Christine D.: Lucas, Carolg McDonald, Tammy G.g H D. ' ml " ,H , l . ' bf . lalxg s ,Q T t M McElroy, Kitty x ... if ll' l .. I i S .A Y ,, llhl -my Wg., C lk ify . -f Ft R xl l ,L MJ 1'0- McElroy, Pattyg McKee, Janag Mc- Kinley, E. Alicia: McLendon, Susan I A., Meitzler, Jan D.: Parks, Sandra X xi , C.: Ponder, Toni E.: Richart. Janie: l ' Robinson, Jennifer e X Jliltl . . 1 Rogers, Denise W., Safigan. Sandra M., Schwarzauer, Kathy: Smilek. Kimberly, Smith, Jodig Smith. Robin L.: Smith, Shelby M.: Strong. Sherri X1 -N T5 L.gTidwell,Carla si.: ti, Trentacoste, Josie Ag Wade, Connie Ward, Cynthia, White, Linda C.g Win- stead. Melissa F.: Waltman. Ken Greeks 115 EQ 12 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated is a public service organization dedicated to sharing membership skills and practices within the public interest. Founded at Howard University in 1913, Delta Sigma Theta, Mu Nu Chapter was chartered at USM on July 27, 1975. ini -. 1" .,'..'s ,Sf egg: 1, - , . I . . . 'fbi' ty-vlgyll. off I f if DELTA SIGMA THETA 116 Greeks Anderson, Judy Callaway, Ann Crosby, Sharon Goodman, Gladys Gore, Sandra Grady, Eunice Grady, Johnnie Greene, Donna Hane, Regina Harper, Jacqueline Holloway, Pamela Howard, Marchessa Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Gayle Johnson, Janet Johnson, Karen Lucas, Denise McCoy, Maxine Robinson, Patricia Sims, Phyllis Thompson, Sharon Ward, Irene Womack, Allene Yates, Phyllis Younkins, Beatrice 'f 1.. I g K . 4 . X1 .ZEMM - ,:V,- ,NA I Ir I ii' - f I ' r"' ' I . if "ff " ' 'vi E W. I , NN I- Q If -A, ' 9 , if f- - V "-I A I" ll I I 1 1 ' ' M ae, ., E? J Q fl A "5 2, . vi, J' " 5, ,gg A M, N-- 9 ,4- .TTT 1 ,l Cr ' I SIGMA GAMMA RHO G .. Q-A '4- .,,.z Arthur, Deborah A., Basden, Julia R., Bennett, Tracey C., Bourne, Lisa A., Carruth, Letricia L., Currie, Shei- la M., Dunlap, Alisa R., Estrada, An- gela, Frederick, Amy R. Gill, Sabrenag Gray, Denise M. 118 Greeks Q7 '21 DELTA ZETA Guy, Tracy L.: Huch. Donna L.: In gram, Kim R.: Jackson, Robyn N. Johnson. Cindy D.: Matkin. Mary A. Nix, Nikki D.: Reedy. Rene: Smith. Rhonda L. Ware, Kathy: Bennett. Dennise Greeks 119 ' "- ' IO. If . ..l. exif 9' P' ..lsv 5, 5 s f 'W if U' .xl 114' A ffej' S3 .ff p l'e .v ft Ashley, Amy C., Bishop, Cynthia D., Blackledge, Kim, Blakeney, Mary A., Braden, Jenny, Brown, Pamela A., Burney, Cassandra, Byington, Mary Beth, Christian, Linda K. Clayton, Allison, Coleman, Lisa G., Coleman, Vickie B., Crenshaw, Ka- ren M., Daniels, Regina K., Earles, Angela D., Ewell, Burnie Jo, Fletch- er, Karen E., Flowers, Donna K. Frye, Elizabeth, Gill, Tami L., Gollott, Lisa M., Gould, Danette K., Gray, Tina M., Grizzard, Laurie B., Guern- sey, Perilyn, Guffy, Laura Lee, Hall, Dee Harper, Teri, Hartnett, Kim, He- meter, Robin, Herring, Patricia L., Higgingbotham, Jayne, Holifield, Jan, Howell, Bernadine E., Hunt, Terri A., Johnson, Sandra K. Keene, Susan T., King, Katherine M., Kubitz, Linda M., Lane, Cynthia, LeBlanc, Angela M., Love, Lynne E., Love, Kerry A., Lowery, Lisa R., Massey, Aaryanne R. 120 Greeks 9 s l, iii. .-5 I P 9 U. L. Q ' X a ' F' hiv- . W V f ..,' A 'iff f sv - A, ru xv U A YE X 5 -A! It 5, . k X J- a.f5a:j::,.. ,S 5 rsili? -", . ' N 5 3 , r ' 355 -, ' v 22,1122 . - . 1- . . X ' . rl , X f -1 W.. a x X , ... D ..!,,,.. , .,.. . I 1 - Q 4 ' rf ,E ,E if . ,ax -if - f a e - -L V ' -.I f '1 f' " ' 3,41 .KS - f" SSI ' swf' 9 Being A Kappa Delta means . . . involvement in campus activi- ties . . . sharing sisterly love . . . Miss USM . . . Homecoming Queen and Senior Maid. . .Basketball Cheerleaders. . . Honor Societies UAC . . . Southern Style . . . Golden Girls . . . Fraternity Little Sisters . . . Slave Auction . . . Senators . . ASB . . . President's and Dean's List . . . Intramural Sports . . . Greek Games. . .First Place Red Cross Blood Drive. . . Special Olympics Round-up Miss Hospitalities National Watermelon Queen . . . Bat Girls . . . Dixie Darlings . . . South- ern Exposure . . . Campus Beauties. . . Pike Calendar Girls . . . loving the White Rose. . .Bible Studies. . .a room full of Teddy bears. .L -iffy'-1: . . C fl H I I. T ' 4 v I KAPPA DELTA , . , '.,.. - H . 1 .. ,i 4 ir' ,fl r Mclnnis, Sheila, McMillen, Caroline: Moak, Charlotte A., Morrow, Sherry: Myers, Sharon, Neal, Rebecca S., Page, Patti J. Parkinson, Rhonda, Pigott, Wynn: Pittman, Becky, Powell, Lecia L., Roberts, Lori L., Russell, Rochelle M., Sanders, Ginny, Saulters, Sabrina , G., Skinner, Sharon A. 1 iiiiliriiiii . s T a ra' ' Q U Slay, Debra R., Spain, Caren D.: ' ,fl K Speights, Kim A., Speights, Sharon -Q ' gs gf V., Steel, Susan, Sullivan, Donna M.: fl, 5 . Sullivan, Regina, Taylor. Melissa: . I .FA K J 'T , Theobald, Carol G, hx 1 A Z , 1 N' " ' . i . ufs If " '1 ' 1 . A .. I I F' -- , H F" Vaughn, Sheila Ann, Vaughn, Susan . L. I 7 Adair, Walker, Sonja, Wall, Terri A., I ,. s Si E R G U Watts, Melissa L., White. Laurie N., f , ,L , . v 1 ' Williams. Eileen M.. Wyman. cindy Q 3' ll ' I 5, 'l G., Benigno, Chuck A . ill ff 5555 r . , ' - ..,- r -1.4 2 r..' " 4, ,le Cook, Jim, Eure, Jeffery L., Stauter. Jeffrey B., Walker A. Drew Greeks 121 Being a Phi Mu means Big sis-Little Sis, Mother- Father-Daughter Banquet, Fall Fling, Carnation Ball, intermural games, fraternity little sisters, hon- orary and professional organizations, ASB, Dixie Darlings, Southern Exposure, Baseball Batgirls, the Pride, Basketball Cheerleaders, swaps, and loving sisters to share it all with. ililg ll-l -avi' - Allred, Lisa C., Allred, JanetDawn, EW" Alston, Mona J., Bailey, Jack Darwin, Bankston, Cheri, Barker, Tammy E., if Beckman, Brett W., Bonin, Carey A., if Borganelli, Sanci V. sJ Borgatti, Tina M., Bouton, Fran E: ' Boyd, Connie R., Blalock, Brenda D: ff Bryant, Margaret A., Caldarelli, Kel- ,V ly Ann, Catchot, Katherine A., Dal- las, Pam L., Davidson, June D. I .V .,,,l,'!,,hH1jf get l l' x I in 1 'rim' 'fr v r I , . 14 1 . I 1" ' - -W' if '.r- Dickerson, Julie J., Duncan, Lelia A., Eselin, Anne Marie, Flynt, Teresa A., French, Robin A., Furlow, Melanie, Goodsell, Carol, Gould, Missy, Gre- gorski, Cyndi Helgeson, Dan A., Hosch, Carole A., Jones, Rebecca, Kelley, Karen K., Klein, T.K., Lee, Connie D. 122 Greeks Ll, 4, ,. ,. ... 5 Jw x M W" ' 1 5 Q f M 7 X , Kr Nu f 1 B .f lr.. ,, 1 al ri 4 -5, an ,L V, 'VPWQ 4, .gd-. ,M aw .6 Jgih- . . user '15 . ,gf ' .F X ,.- . 5 V, ,Zz lu ' li--fmt: i wir ...ii fa. . 'sut nl. K. so QV'-1' , 4 X f f we-f l 'C V1 'l V l pl' N Y 'y g K., .. - as Nl ul -5.-jj 13 --- .ggvxjgzefgn WH ' if . l v , 1 l 5' 1 S:- XX X P11 V l i Q F A il' . , . 45- L P ., ,. i , fffgiigff , , , 3 l 'i , ' - r f ' '- " f - l i i 4 +'1,.., . ',10"""i' , f- "2 1. PHI MU Maddox, Stephanie: Marshall. Mick- ey: Mason, Tara S.: McKay. Angie L.: McKinney, Polly Ann: McMichael. Carol: McRigtt. Tamara: Middleton. Tracy M.: Mitchell, Linda S. Moore, Marcia R.: Pace, Lauri E.: Patrick, Janie E.: Peacock. Tere M.: Pinson, Elizabeth A.: Powell. Alice F.: Powers, Jacqueline: Reasonover, Leigh A.: Robinson, Sydney Rominger, Debby: Signa. Phyllis: Si- vira, Alex V.: Smith, Nancy C.: Strickland. Sissy: Tannehill. Susan D.: Trulsen, Angela D.: Uhland. Kel- lie L.: Yarbrough. Lisa Carol Waits, Mary E.: Wilkinson. Allyson Lind: Wiman, Dana M.: Wrolstad. Leslye L.: Zoller. Stephanie: O'Barr. Roderick D.: Schafer. Matt Greeks 123 l I i V! .-,,?fi i ,i ll ll' 1 Hsl'l"i- l' , li l ' . . 3 1 ' ' 1 Yr:-Q A l 3 Aris, Catherine M., Artigues, Teresa, Ates, Lashunda D., Ball, Stacy A., Beauvois, Vanessa, Benefield, Ra- chel E., Bolle, Karen L., Broom, Rhonda K., Burkett, Samuel B. Carroll, Lisa F., Case, Terri, Collette, Jean, Craft, Jenny L., Crane, Cindy G., Davenport, Connie D., Davis, Lisa I., Despeaux, Lisa R., Eidt, Alisa Dawn Feuerriegel, Lisa l., Frank, Rebecca B., Galloway, Meg, Gryder, Vicki L., Hardin, Elizabeth R., Heard, Kath- leen A., Hultz, Alice Faye, Irby, Ka- ren R., Jelusich, Andrea M. Kramer, Susie K., Lacy, Cindy L., La- zenby, Terri J., Little, Deedra E., Lo- flin, Mary Kay, McBride, Mika 124 Greeks l l l NV., p : , . l 2 S -lfyw nv. -I M R I . X , K , I 8 45' i 1 I , mr If 'a llxlldl My Wx A fi-fs, -if U ix lr. l is ' W. Hsu lr f-1 'm'l'sffY'v 3 lt at ' Li M . Z 'E :'..1:' il'- 1 I 1 1 - V-vw Y f. 31 L x . 4 K ,I h K y e s - ., dm. 'ff mb ll' K 2 li . .N-i..' 1 4 Qi r ' '. S ' f " Q I 1' Y rw 2 mx ' ' ' --'- 1-N 1 l ly' - Pifrv , t , lf K Fil' vi V' 'I 5 , ' H V , . 42 s. I 1 . A TQ 'R , it.. ff- J Q.. rr ' MQ H- . - ,M gg i 8. A .. ..'l",a., Q lf7tn' Q r ri 2 A .5 A 615- r 4 cf fn - - .-,fr If f 4- V " ll W, N FRY - Zi 'H 1- l V 'f. ., .t.,,-. 4v.,,.v I Lo. S 4 u A 1 an 'A ' n . U,qi.,1n tjh 90' if iv fe M 5' A 4. 2' , tigg-2.39. 04 ' - A "rr-2 f 1.-Q .."-' :: : : g- l tux" 'Z' 1 -'1 ai i it LJ? . 'X K f T-U 'W' ' 1l L1 l L -Q r P' x A HB4 L tl......,ln4if-'FL 1 .H 'gbf PI BETA PHI efgxf WG l -N -' XL .I i,?r 1 I 1 I ' l l 1 McGirt, Rebecca L.: Migues, Shelley A.: Montgomery, Lois C.: Mooney. Kimberly: Moore, Dara L.: Odom, Kelley K.: Perkins, Beth R.: Picker- ing, Carol Elaine: Pitalo, Marion G. Richardson, Leisa: Rogers. Connie C.: Ryan, R. Lynn: Schisler. Nancy L.: Schloegel, Melissa J.: Smith, Re- nee: Smith, Stacey P.: Sory. Deane Love: Sparks, K. Paige Stephens, Robin Taylor: Stewart. Tana C.: Stribling, Cheryl L.: Sum- rall, Marla: Verucchi, Pam S.: Wait- man, Alicia C.: Waits. Donna W.: Waldron, Sherry Evelyn: Ware. Lyn- da G. Warren, Cynthia D.: Whitney. Angela Lana: Wixon. Joy L.: Woods. Alenda A.: Cartier, Jeffrey A.: Nungesser. George S.: Watkins. Jim C. Greeks 125 Alexander, Pam D.g Ball, Robin, Baa ker, Dianne Eg Carpentier, Suzanne M.g Crooks, Paula 5.3 Curtis, Candy L., Davidson, Penne S., Fulton, Ta' mera C., Geceuricz, Nancy Frances Golden, Suzy Blair, Heard, Dana Su- san, Hobson, Cynthia Anng Kahl- store, Miki, Keeter, Melissa A.g Mill- er, Cheryl GJ Reeves, Lisa Dj Sablich, Julie M. 126 Greeks 2 f r: cial' 12' ir Va if f AM- ff 295 Qi mn ,, l gr. 3 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Smartt, Cindy: Smith, Lee A.: Valen- tine, Sheri A.: Vaughn, Greta Sellers: Westover, Deborah K.: Andrews. John G.: Dedeaux, David M.: Dillid- stone, Frederick D.: Hall. Bobby Thomas Hudson, William M.: Leavitt Jr.. John H.: Thompson, James R.: Thompson. Robert Jerald: Wilkinson, Mark C.: Wilkinson. Mark C.: Wolfkiel. Greg G.: Wood. Fred L. Greeks 127 .1 I f" wg, ,", 'E' ,gfig g i Q 1 W . V. .1 i 'L t .1 - H- , . it is in , ,f 9 , , A 3471+ -J I 1' , 1 V 'W 0 14- f,w,f'1-4-. .5, a, 2 25' ' ff fn -4 . MM 1"f?f27E'Qh,, , ,, fr? fly rx x. lwj ji pw 2 SHW5 A ALPHA PHI ALPHA 128 Greeks Mu Xi Chapter was established on November 15, 1976 as a metropolitan chapter and on October 7, 1981 became an official member of the Greek community at USM. The chap- ter's philosophy is "Be outstanding, don't be mediocreg be encouraged, but never become satisfied." The object of Alpha Phi Alpha is to stimulate the ambition of its members, to prepare them for the greatest usefulness in the cause of humanity. Alpha Phi Alpha has a long history of involvement, achievement, and leadership in civil and human rights ef- forts. James, Dennis I. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated was founded November 17, 1911 on the campus of Howard University. Nu Eta Chapter, char- tered on campus in Spring 1975, has provided for the membership of college men with similar ideas to promote the national principles of manhood, scholarship, perseverance, and uplift. The "Ques", as members are familiarly known, hold the colors of purple as the highest and gold as the purest. A social service fraternity, the men of Omega strive to insure that the strengths of their four founding fathers will live on. g,,, Be '-li, iGt Z r l r P OMEGA PSI PHI Davis, Gene C., Dawson, Josephg Drawns, Israel C., James, Alford Leong Johnson, Gregory Leeg Stam- pley, Michael Greeks 129 ATG ,J 'G Barrett, Kermit, Bullock, William F., Cartier, Jeffery Allen, Chapman, Mark S., Curry, Tobie L., Dauen- hauer, David E., Feckner, Thomas A., Glenn, Duane Thomas, Gottstine, Michael Joseph Groth, David A., Halterlein, Christo- pher Paul, Hudson, William M., Hurst, Richard A., Jackson, Steven J., Johnson, Jeffery Donald, Jolly, Timothy James, Keith, Paul M., Kloske, Michael D. Lynch, Thomas Charles, Matas, Rob- ert, McKee, Steven Shawn, Miller, James Phillip, Nungesser, George, Parker, Charles O., Reedy, Paul H. 130 Greeks .58 I ALPHA "" 1: X 'J K FX' N T lil , aw' ry, A, x Y! ,. fl , , . Q f - Fx il.. President: Chris Smilek Vice-President: Jerry Samies Treasurer: Jeff Smith Secretary: Fred Wood Historian: Steve Jackson ATO is one of the oldest fraternities on cam- pus. Being the oldest fraternity, the gentle- men in this fraternity are extremely involved. Christ is the center of the fraternity and they have members in Baptist Student Union, Campus Crusades for Christ, and other reli- gious organizations. In the area of leadership ATO is fully equipped: ASB president, ASB senator, outstanding Freshman, Greek of the Year, Scholastic Awards, and Assistant Di- rector of Government Relations. Also they participated in all Intramural sports and Greek Games. Honor Societies are a part of ATO's life: Lambda Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Omi- cron Delta Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, Honors College, Whols Who in American Col- leges and Universities and Phi Eta Sigma. Other activities include: UAC-University Activities Council, USM Computer team, Southern Style, Golden Eagle marching band, Southern Strategists Club, Debate team, ROTC honors and the Golden Key So- ciety, and Rho Gamma. ATO has little Sisters from Pi Beta Phi, Chi-o, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Delta Gamma, and Del- ta Zeta. Big Brothers of Delta Gamma, Pi beta Phi, and Tri Sigma. In the media, the Student Printz, and the Southerner are participated in. Swaps were held, the Spring Formal, and the Viking Par- ty. ATO is in a re-building process getting their membership back up to the top. TAU OMEGA Samies, Gerald H.: Sanders, Clark E.: Seal, Michael: Selman, Robert H.: Sempson, Arthur: Smilek, Franklin C.: Smith, Jeffery C: Stiglets. James: Sullivan, Mark C. Walker, Michael R.: Wolekiel. Greg G.: Wood, Fred Lee: Bell. Patricia C.: - Broadfoot, Deirdre L.: Davis. Betty v. -' Lea: Frank, Rebecca B.: Gecewicz. Nancy F.: Huch, Martha R. Lindsay, Christine Delane: Smilek. Kimberly: Stribling, Cheryl L.: Smith. Krist Carole: Tate. Jana M.: Wed- ding. Ann E. Greeks 131 ' cog dmv cw? 5 5 -,fp Tas...-4 3 ii 2. , , 0 L ,, .,.. . Nu.. Beckham, Joel I..g Benefield, Donald, Bethea, Ernest E.: Beverly, Glynn L., i Bonones, Tonyg Bradley, Kimg Buck- V ' ley, Edward E.g Clark, Steveg Cle- f ments, Doug f 4 , Y V J 1 . I 7 ki ii A if Courtney, Jeffrey, Dearman, Milton E lxll V ff llqrl K we D., Dedeaux, David M.g Determeyer, A i .I Emory P., Duff, Kenny Eugeneg Dun- ' 5' ' , '- can, Richard W., Floyd, Steven L., ,N , l ,ag 1 Wi ,Yu ,F I Gex III, Lucien Mariong Grissom, Jr., . V X 'iff UQV- 1 .V b -2 lx Robert E' ' l i I ' -Q .."i?ff1iiiil?5?"1.I i 4. X. 1 Guice, Jr., John, Ham, Robert Davidg ' 1 ll Herring, Bobby H., Hetrick, Mike Ed- wardg Huey, H.C.g Jordan, Edward Colleyg Kennington, Shelton Lee , l , 1' " f 4 eg, I , l l i. Q, - Y l'3gfSf', ' i l:-iajzlf . A . . '. L 1 'V ff: bl - 5 . i, 'l. 1 . a , Wi" 132 Greeks .Q 'lx ff .,' ., .rf .da 1., J A V l KA WOMEN S UF HATTIESBURG lg: .nil .lil Ill! u .EVE ' s ff f KAPPA ALPHA .. ""yf'2tf .4 ,Q ' f-V ll 1' 5 ' , - ,ff . 4 2 FW' ,,, 4 l " , 4. .ii 'f , " ,H .Q l l V A - J " 4 ,X A . 'A ' lilllxl .' J - sl! l Q l -5 ' 1 . fi ' Ahiiililila ff'151.'? f :wp Q- ws-s - . i .U I . li , 1 . J' SPY' mga Kittell, Leonard C.g Lovell, Frank Alan, Matthews, Robert Reese: McPhail, Kent D., Miller, Wayne: Mills, James Alang Myers, Peyton G.: O'Keefe, Matt, Overstreet, Joe Phillips, David M., Rey, Daryl S., Rey, Timothyg Smith, Gary S.: Sulli- van, Geoffrey, Taylor, John C.: Tur' nipseed, Edward, Walley, Pete D., Wheeler, Greg J. Woodruff, James Lee: Boardman. Joli E., Rominger, Debby: Tadlock. Toni, Tapper, Patricia: Walker, Shar- on Kayg Williams, Shannon K. Greeks 133 'si ,,nf riffs 134 Greeks Anderson, Marvin, Bender, Donald, Beverly, Louis B., Carmack, Jr., James Henry, Ellis, Philander Rene, Harris, Darryl G., Logan, Claude Eric gp,-of """"' "" fi? if UF' ,K 4 1, P , 5 'X - ig ' Alf 1, 32" 33.611, . K, N. .!L . . ,,. . A 9-lQC..1 ,,' -r , ' ' ' 4 . Y x K . ff ' -. -. . L , t. ,b -if . . ' . r 9' W .. .a " 0 Y , P . ' s ,s--x's- ' g 'M ll l"lJq,s.. Ill , x I x N-rv?- I C X ll 17,1 N I 'DNN -u MJ KAPPA ALPHA PSI Redd, Walter Andreg Taylor, Delbert Dwaneg Walker, Douglas Alleng Wil- liams, Wayne A.g Yates, Dobie M. Greeks 135 -sf Adams, Rick, Andrews, Martin W., Barnett, John W., Bass, Charles, Beasley, Jr., Glenn D., Beaton, Julio C., Beech, Larry L., Behar, Alex- ander, Berryhill, Toby V. Brock, Steven C., Bufkin, Eddie, Bush, Tommy, Busche, Gregory, Carter, Carl R., Carter, Chris R., Draeger, Martin J., Essary, Gary O., Fultz, Michael K. Furrh, Leigh H., Ginn, David T., Grush, Guy T., Hamby, Greg, Kassel, Jack G., Kelly, Scott R., Larson, Rudy A., Lazenby, Steve M., Lewis, Stephen P. Love, James K., Lowery, Mark G., Martin, Ken B., McDaniel, Bubba, McLaurin, James D., McPeak, Buster 136 Greeks ELI MM X A f D RUS C . x'. !LL.t Q .41 'i N ty' '. Q5 its lll""""""' w 'H W A F.. ' , . J' f A - an. 5? 95541 2:3 x gf was 3' Ii J KAPPA SIGMA Mers, Ronald H., Moorhead, John R., Niolet, Frank Joseph, Odom, Gene M., Pigott, Charles Martin, Pittman, James C., Powell, Douglas, Prid- more, Kevin, Quebedeau, Charles C. Rimes, Greg, Salter, James E., Stu' art, Jimmy, Swindoll, Edward B., Thomas, Charles S., Torres, Paul, Watkins, Jim C., Weathers, Tim, Weldy, Mark E. Wesley, Jeffrey M., Womack, Charles R., Barker, Karen S., Berry, Pamela K., Breland, Stephanie, Dal- las, Teri, Davis, Jennifer K., Gonza- lez, Anna C., Keene, Susan Lowry, Lisa R., Pigott, Wynn: Schultheis, Lori, Stevens, Patrice: Tannehill, Susan D., White. Laurie Nell, Zoller, Stephanie Greeks 137 'i' .- -- --.. Fi xr. -fn ,gf Abbey, Sammy H., Atherton, Ed- ward S., Atherton, John W., Baria, David W., Basone, David D., Beck- man, Brett W., Benigno, Chuck, Boyd, Larry L., Boyd, Robby I.. Byrd, Russell E., Cabell, Perre A., Caldwell, Bryan, Cabell, Bruce C., Churchwell, Ricky E., Coon, James H., Coor, Rodney O., DeGeorge, Rus- sell A.g Delmas, Kenneth R. Dillistone, Frederick D.g Farris, S. Christopher, Fitzgerald, Mike D., Floyd, Bert E., Fountain, James Brad- leyg Freeman, Thomas, Freshour, Ted C., Garner, Guy H.g Goff, Tony L. Graves, Gary J.g Harrell, Chuck J., Hewes lll, William G., Hinman, Mun- son P.g Howell, Ford Andrew, Ishee, David M., Johnson, Richard A., Jones, David Wg Key, Jackie B. 138 Greeks PHI KAPPA TAU Chgsen as the outstanding Chapter in the natign ASB ViCQ-pf2SiCl9l'lt, IFC Treasure and Judicial BOBTCL OIT1iC1'On Del- means . . . first national fraternity on campus . . . social commitment ta Kappa, Who's Who, Sorority Big Brothers, Varsity Athletes . . . . . . Gulfshore pledge-active retreat, Homecoming, Red Carnation Intramurals. . .Runner-up All-University Football, Volleyball, Frater- Ball, Lost Weekend, Fall Party . . . fun . . . Freedom, Chevy 6, Visi- nity Bowling Champs . . . Community service . . . Lonnie Schraeder dug Track IV , , , involvement , , , Benefit Run, Annual Halloween Visit, United Way Volleyball. 557' '. 59 I 4tJ1,. 'als 4-5 if wp,-il fvI.x- lt. ! ' 'firm'- ry' AJ: HW, 'Q 8 it Q 0 gs X PH A lf' in-b D .. , . ,351 .rn-,,,. 'f If'-5 vt- - ,. fl sf- , f - . ' I 5- si : Q V. ' J V 4 vb. ? s ' - A :h' KAPPA TAU Krohn, Steven C.g Lang, Cary T.: Leavitt, Jr., John H.3 Loris, Jamie: Lynn, Frankie D., McLean, Brennan J.3 Merritt, Nolen C., Mitchell, Scott - x Murrayg Moreno, Alvaro J. R f Neideffer, David Hg Payne. James D.: Peoples, Randallg Pickering. S. David, Pisarich, Thomas W.: Reiter ll, David E., Rhoads, Rong Ricks, Greg P., Roberson, John B. Smith, Tony: Stephens. Jesse A.g Sul- livan, Stanley E.: Villarreal. Jeffrey P.3 Villarreal, Mark Edward, Walker. Carlton R.g Wheeler. David Eric: White, Glenn A.g Wood, Ron A, Alfonso, Joanne M.g Duckworth. LuAnne Carter: Howell, Bernadine Eg Mason, Lisa: Sanders. Ginny1 Ray- born, Tena: Rogers. Amy Greeks 139 IN just the first semester of the 1981-82 school year, the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity has already won all-university tennis and bowling, interfraternity council Division I vol- leyball, weightlifting, and armwrestling, Divi- sion ll football, floor hockey, and basketball while making the play-offs in every other sport entered. The Pikes hold such campus positions as As- sociated Student Body Treasurer, IFC Presi- dent, Liberal Arts and Science-Technology senators and also have more Southern Style members than any other Fraternity. Social aspects of Being a Pi Kappa Alpha member include Dreamgirl Formal, Florida Party, Hawaiian, Toga, and Pat O'Brien Par- ties. Along with publishing a calender featur- ing twelve gorgeous campus beauties, the Pikes work yearly with the special Olympics Program, the American Cancer Society, and were Marshalls for the Magnolia Golf Classic. Alonzo, Reynolds C., Bailey, Jack Darwin, Baker, Christopher Neal, Barrett, Andrew Burton, Borgognoni, Larry Dale, Broussard Jr., Paul N., Burkett, Samuel B., Butler, David Howard, Byrge, Thomas Andrew Jr. Carter, Steven Brian, Carrton, Jef- frey l., Cobb, David Howell, Conner, Harry Spring, Cook, Jerry, Cook, Jim C., Cotton, G. Craig, Davis, Don E., Evans, James Marcus Jr. Fulling, Gregory Lee, Gandy, Jerry Leman, Hall, Thomas Robert, Ham- mond, Douglas A., Harvey, John J., Hastings, Michael Scott, Hollis, Charles Dixie, Johnson, Joseph Eric, Joseph, Robert Shelton Jr. 'S y' inn., ffl fr I I Kirkland, Leslie Kent, Koestler, Mi- ld an chael Wayne, Lacy, Steven K., Lee, ' ' I' Martin J., Lockwood, Michael '5 'Y Dwynn, Martinson, William Kelly, ' McCarty, Kevin Scott, McSwain, I , by X 1 Charlie C., Moore, Michael L. Nettles, Stephen Joseph, Odom, Jo- seph Neal, Palmer, Joseph W., Pol, Michael Lee 140 Greeks ,. -s ,fll K 1 ,. 'ln PI KAPPA ALPHA n Ragsdale, Russell Harold, Raley, Da- vid S., Rials, Robert Miller: Roberts, Charles Ray Jr., Scott Stanley Lee: Sisson, James Lewis, Smilek, Greg- ory Richard, Starks, Eugene A.: Sta- ton, Edward Everett ll Jones, Edward J., Vernon, Donald Lane, Vogle, Stephen C., Wagner. Brad L., Whatley Ill, J. Harold, Wil- liams, Joel Guy, Williams, Lon Antho- ny, Barnard, Tina, Bishop, Cynthia D. Burkett, Kelly L., Coleman, Vickie B., Elkins, Sherry L., Ely, Vallie Mi- chelle, Fulton, Tamara C., Frye, Eliz- abeth, Goodman, Laura L., Goodwin. Beverly R., Grizzard. Laurie B. Guffy, Laura Lee: Irby, Suzanne, McKinney, Polly Ann: Odom. Sonia M., Padgett, Margaret, Signa. Phyllis: Smith, Sandra L., Swanson, Kathy Celeste, Taylor, Melissa Vann, Vicki, Victorian. Kim: Ward. Amy L.: Welch, Virginia S. Greeks 141 1"'P!' .Db YQ MQ wir. W NX Bancroft, D. Bruce, Bancroft, Robert S., Barnes, Steve M., Batman, Kent A., Beard, Clay, Blackledge, Charles L., Bland, William R., Briggs, Bennett L., Buchanan, Dick W. Butler, Mark, Clarke, Joseph Ran- som, Cook, David K., Coppage, Joel A., Cosentino, Thomas S., Davis, Charles J., Donahoe, Kerwin D., Douglas, Kent H., Downing, James C. Duke, Buddy, Everill, Derek J., Ever- ill, Nathan Rooke, Giddis, Kevin H., Gillespie, Hugh B., Gough, Greg Lee, Guice, John M., Guion, John O., Guthrie, Robert Guy, Anthony Lee, Harris, Charles W., Hodges, Chris S., Holloman, Timothy L., Houston, Jr. John W., Kennedy, Andy, Krawczyk, Joseph Robert, Lindsay, Charles R., Man- guno, Monte M. Marine, Thomas W., Marshall, Mick- ey, McKenzie, Butch W., Meigs, Wil- liam A. 142 Greeks wg. l I l. .lil will N i 4 . N-migixiiiiim -If-flila Sigma Alpha Epsilon was again chosen away the top 10 chapters in the nation this year, along with being selected as a finalist in the community service award. The chapter membership this year included 84 broth- ers, 20 Little Sisters of Minerva, and Mom Eairley. The E's placed second in Songfest, first in beauty, originality and first overall Homecoming. There were football parties, swaps, Winter Formal, and another week-long Paddy Murphy. The SAE's were named Outstanding Greek Organization by Hattiesburg Red Cross, won its third annual Over-all Campus Spirit Award, and won the M.D. Bowl for their 2nd Straight year. Members participated at USM as ASB Senators, Cheerleaders, Sorority Big Brothers, IFC Officers, in Intramurals, Academic Honoraries, and varsity athlet- ics. -if j if i ,,. , l .1 I as SIGMA ALPHA li Q. ., ,ll I ' 4.1, liish-v-A , i i EPSILO Miller, Scott Hamilton, Mulkey, James R., Myers, Rodney D., Naylor, Mark A., Penn, Roger M., Penn, Wil- liam M., Pruitt, Jeffery, Rhodes, Jeff R., Rosamond, Mark Rowells, Michael, Rush, Jack C., Sim- mons, David, Smith, Ernest R.: Spradley, Mark R., Stephens, Joe L., Stewart, James A., Tidwell, Jody: Tucker, William C. Vardaman, John, Walker, Allen Drew, Waltman, Ken, Weimoris. Mark, Williams, Harold G.: Wolver- ton, Eddie, Borganelli, Sanci, Clay- ton, Allison, Collins, Jayme Ann Davis, Annette C,, Holifield. Jan: Mobley, Patricia D., Morrow, Sherry, Reedy, Elizabeth: Rogers. Becca, Sis- son, Leslye A.: Sullivan, Donna M., Sullivan, Regina Vardaman, Martha R., Vaughn, Su- san Adair, Fairley, Virginia Greeks 143 The Theta Delta chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity was officially installed on November 22, 1981 by national officers and regional Sigma Chi chapters. In their first year, Sigma Chi was defending their overall intramu- ral sports championship, while in scholastics, Sigma Chi once again obtained both pledge and active schol- arship awards among fraternities. Sigma Chi members are active as ASB senators, Golden Eagle football, baseball, track, and tennis team members, IFC Presi- dent, UAC Technical Director, Lambda Sigma Presi- dent and Vice-President, Student Alumni Association President, Southern Style, USM Mike Man, ODK members, and membership in several other honorar- ies. The Theta Delta chapter of Southern means swaps, Sweetheart Ball, assisting Kiwanis with a play- ground for handicapped children, Homecoming dis- play awards, fourteen sorority big brothers, and win- ter ski trips. Sigma Chi . . . you'll find it here. Ainsworth, Steven, Alderman, Keith H.: Baylis, Robert R.: Bartley, S. Kreg: Beckham, John R.: Bowen III, Robert L.: Box, James W.: Bradley, Scott T. Cheney, Guy N.: Conn, Anthony P.: Cranshow, Chris R.: Crabb, Joe L.: Duckworth, Raphael S.: Faust, David L.: Finley, Michael E.: Franco, Thom- as J.: Freeman, Frank B. Gordon, John D.: Gordon, Rodney Glen: Grantham, William M.: Haar- ala, Randy K.: Haddox, Kevin G.: Herbert, Curtis L., Jr.: Hoitt, Richard Jay: Huff, Cecil Scott: Lakey, Terry P. Leonard, Paul J.: Lockard, John Thompson: Lucas, Alan Douglas: May, Jeffery D.: Mclllwain, Kerry Todd 144 Greeks -3. SIGMA CHI Milstead, Marty: Nettles, Jerry W.: Nettles, Ron E.: Oliver. Albert: Peach, Mark P.: Rayborn. Timothy A.: Schwartz, Alan C.: Scott. Bruce R.: Snell, Bob Jackson lll Stanford, Keith: Starter, Jeffrey B.: Thompson, Richard Bruce: Tennon. Jeffrey: Waddle, Benny: Waters. Joel B.: Wilkinson, Mark C.: Williams. Bil- ly G.: Wolverton, Gary A. Blessing, Jacqueline: Flowers. Donna K.: Gillespie, Pamela J.: Hemeter. Robin L.: Lucas, Martha: Middleton. Tracy M.: Noble, Stephanie L.: Phil- lips, Alesia A.: Sproles. Amy Strickland, Sissy: Welker, Angela C.: Williams, Jadie L.: Williamson. Patri- cia Greeks 145 r "9'lF ru-uns:-5-.-Q.-..-,.,.....,.,, , ,, Q X X , . -.,. . Q rx , . I V 5 3, f J ' if 9 S ,rf :xi fl Baratti, Clarke C., Bedwell, Tink, Beeno, Ronald, Boone, Jeff, Bridges, Tubbs, Chamblis, John, Carpentar, John, Cooke, Steve, Davis, Roy Dawkins, Busch M., Denver, John, Ellingburg, Joe R., Endris, John, Fish, Arthur, Franciskato, Bobby, Graham, Gregory, Hasson, Michael, Helgson, Dan Hicks, Steve, Hogue, Keith, Huggins, Robert, Ingram, Kyle, Jackson, Har- old, Kennedy, Tex, Klein, T.K,, Liv- ingston, J. Scott, Massangle, Hoss Massangle, Stan, McCrary, Magoo M., Murphy, Patrick, O'Barr, Roder- ick, Panko, Thomas, Peters, Wes 146 Greeks mv """"4- Mzii. if ,Lfg-, 'rs w 31- 51 i ,.,.. ' --'J ,vw ' -1 -'V,,,,, .x 13. ' - 1' . .. rf ,H A, --,fi-7-7? gf " ' Q.. k.K,,:AM',itAZ .1g.,6..,,,,ss..!,5re?..M..1 :xi v ,tl .Af ill' Y' Alf.-. U 4 . - ,L 4-9.- T '1f5'f5'hli Qxw ,r "i 'fu ft" A5-Q r 1 " ,, ' , . '- -V ,2 - if -mv ,N X , ,y.'fza,' :H-:W ,-sg' 5 'M-'F , . ""ff"'ff?'i " --. 4 'arse V- -- reef- . - f' 't vi-lv,i1f,,' , ,1"f'54'-N 1 ' , . ,-r " , ,, 'Axle , -mi.. , A A0 - , V' -if - .nyc --MI.. , - 1 ,e,,,,,,.,-,1 5 fm, yzyig? T - " " . ,...r,2'ff ,g -2'f'g1.m-Aff 2-- i " 4 4. . . , ' f 1 - ' A ' -. A- , 5? Vi g ' ' 5 '.'1.-,ii . Q Q ' ' '-,fl .I ff if-+ -' -f"'- " Sf-f , ' 4,-r , , . -Yf ,Vx-gear ,- v,"1,, ,V 1 5 ,- , -a A - f' 'W .1 ' .,"" in --4? ' ' .Inu . I an ..'T.wq'5A Y ,.. x 13,35 If -MT IN? 1' iq , V f 'T ' fr V 'fffrrf -- B rc.. ' .. -Y - - 0-as - . -ww -...- 4 -4' A A 2 Q :ku nl: 0.4 cbd , is ' 'ull' -du-if """" -:Q-:-fiirim -4... . i The men of Sigma Nu are involved in their third straight non-stop run to Memphis for the children of St. Judes Hospital . . . honorary organi- zations. . .Who's Who. . ,student Senate. . .Southern Exposure . . . Intramural or IFC Championships in Flag Football, Golf, Floor Hock- ey, Softball, Swimming . .. Members on the varsity golf, football, baseball, swimming teams .. . White Rose Formal in Natchez . . . Cowboy Party . . . Mardi Gras Party . . . and the Toga Party at USM. N3 rf? SIGMA U Public, John, Ricci, Rickg Ritchey, Jong Rymer, Jeffg Sellers, Jeffg Smith, Mark, Stanton, Doctor: Stewart, Scott, Suits, Jay 9 1 vhs 4 D7 gllql uvllf' U 'ill ' Hi., i A Sullivan, Gary, Tippin, Richardg Tyn- -V 5 ' Q , dall, East, Vanderhein, A.V,1 Van A 'fi' .ga t, ' I , L , Pelt, Jeff, Walker, Fuzzy, Wesler. Mi- - , 1 ' s ' chaelg Whittington, Brian: Woods. - P ,C Moderick D. l J l - IW I Y t l ,- 11 , "'1 ' A - Y Alred, Lisag Ashley, Amy: Case. ' , 5 Terri: Goodsell, Carol: Hall. Dee: Hig- y S- ginbotham, Jayneg McDonald. " " ,' 4 V J Tammy, Migues, Shelley: Uhland. il - -1. I f ' w -I " '- ' V B3 5- A bf, Q 3 N .XX it ,gm WL-ij up-1 Kellie Vs Q ff" rl lm 352 avi T r ' r n fu? as F ' gi Nester, Cheryl: Perkins. Beth: Ri- chart, Janie, Wilkerson, Jolayne ' . ,- ,E EFX' . K 1 V' :Brit ' FFL ti ,-- f'.t1-'Sift ,f l X " iff-'ll!?"l,!l' l .1 "r 'l ' ' Greeks 147 I'D The Mississippi Gamma chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon at USM ideal- izes the fraternity based upon one cardinal principle . . . Brotherhood. By creating an environment designed to allow its members to be individuals as well as brothers, Sigma Phi Epsilon is unique to USM. Members enjoy an excellent social program intermeshed with an emphasis on scholarship. Yearly activities include: Casino Night Kfor- mal rushl, Bal Masque, Formal, and Pirate Party. Sigma Phi Epsilon is represented in the University Activities Council, the USM Pride, Toastmasters, Omicron Delta Kappa, Army and Air Force ROTC, Student-Alumni Association, and Who's Who Among American Universities and Colleges. RATHHR BE AN NAGT ,f ri , ,ff ' if QF 1 A ,- ff , -,ff ., QA ' g , c , 4 1 , c r c P is-P f - T I W: 'W V g is Q , f at A .l,, A ll 2. N..,,, .A , ,A 2 I 1 l TWH Bissell, Randall, Campbell, Patrick, fjif "c" Wai' ' gf' is" -"' Detomasse, Keith, Dutton, Scotty Ed' 'Q fli 4' 'G i , A sall, Stephan T., Grayson, Charlag E 7 A -' .. f Hambric, Annag Hanser, David, . A .Q . , lu l Landry, Sam Ng f F T' 'Lg ph 7 " A is ,f ., A ' l -3 -3 ' f ' A 'H' Q' f 'f1- ' ', . i Martin, Wayne, McDonald, John, 4 Ax 'TA Ai l XMI Klll J vt' E Ly Neal, Patrick, Palmore, Guy 1 Q 'lx Wit 148 Greeks 1 'Q5"f!r E3 l m I E M . SIGMA PHI EPSILO , Price, Janiceg Proulx. Mark: Richard' son, Kenta: Rogers. Larry: Scott. Shannong Smith. Craig: Smith. Mat- thew: Terry. Joseph: Welsch. John A. 1 Westmoreland. Darrell I Matkin, Mary l Smith, Rhonda Stokes. Brenda Creeks 149 Flutes And Piccolos Susan Alexander Patricia Barnes Cynthia Cummings Lida Diaz Michelle Maranville Beverly McClelland Malinda Silver Laura Sledge Lee Ann Treace Melissa Yarber Debbie Youmans Clarinets Johnny Alford Lori Anderson Dianne Baker Tina Chalk Robert Conway Lisa Domec Adela Estrada Mark Fishman Tammy Forsythe Cinde Freil Linde Freil Bruce Johnson Terrence Johnson Chris Leach Cecile Levert Richard Lutz Jeffrey Lynn Greg Lyons Vickie May Lisa McDonald Troy Meacham Jeff Meek Angel Parker Sharon Perry Steven Perry Michelle Porche Belinda Reed Robin Reeves John Scarbrough Tanya Thornton Annie Wilkinson Arthurine Woodward Euphoniums Ron Bingham Martin Hennis Denise Lee Danny Mason Norman Morris William Munn Glenn Perdue Clark Shull Kelly Love, Director "Pride of Mississippi" Georgane Love, Coordinator, Flag 8a Rifle Corps "3-:FQ Gary Adam, Drum major "fVAtl fl Bob Gilmore, Graduate Assistant Z Trombones Keith Bosarge Greg Douglas Thomas Feckner Dale Gibson Todd Hamrelec Robbie Hill Amy Hille Cindy Howard Terry Ingram Thomas Landry Michael Livingston Gregory Martin Robert Pilcher Pete Romeo Sylvia Strickland Denise Viator Richard Ward William Wehner Donald Winters Twirlers Cheryl Loper Dianne Middleton Linda Rigby Lesa Walker Saxophones Kin Baratine Valerie Bogart Samuel Britain Mark Bryant Benny Chatman Robert Davis Jack Fowler Glenn France Grance Gentile Donna Gordon Percy Harvey Stephanie Holifield Terry Johnson Leroy Jones Willie Lawrence Jan Mason James Meduous Darryl Milan Laura Mueller Hohn Patterson James Perry Richard Seale Debbie Skelton Becky Smith Richard Suk Sherri Valentine Michael Wilson Amy Wooten Bryant Young Tubas J.P. Banks Thomas Callaham Jamin Hoffman Larry Newsom Matthew Perry Greg Robinson Eddie Saunders Mike Shallock William Scott Stephen Sheppard Joseph Wheat Flags Mechelle Anderson Genice Armstrong Denise Balius Joy Boone Donna Bielstein Wayna Bruner Daphyne Burnett Rhonda Dunn Libby Egger Laurie Eiken Jackie Ellmo Elizabeth Grenn Debbie Hancock Dorothy Holiday Faith Irby Karla lverson Elizabeth Koskie Dainer Martin Donna McCloud Celest Miller Juana Moore Missy Morrison Sherry Nesmith Connie Price Rachel Pudas Lynn Reeves Janet Richardson Sharlot Roberts Delia Rovinson Pam Robinson Georgia Rorrer Sandy Safigan Debbie Sharp Teresa Sharpe Cindy Sibley Elizabeth Sivils Rhonda Smith Deanne Sory Margaret Starr Sharon Theriot Suzanne Thomas Kim Tillman Boo Williams Mechelle Williams 150 Pride of Mississippi Mary Yates Vickie Young Trumpets Bruce Adams Mark Deaton Karen Doherty Jimmy Downs Danny Soyle Larry Engel Jay Esty Kathie Evans Don Fikes William Ford David Fornes Stacy Gilder Tom Grant Robert Hamaker Al Harelson James Harris Chip Herrington Anthony Johnson Robert Keating James Lamousin Kelly Love Doug McBride Kevin Montford Ronald Pence Mark Perdue Charles Rathke Billy Rehmann Benny Reid William Ritchie Jerry Roberson Frank Robinson Ric Sjostrom Jerry Thorpe Mark Wade Sharyl Warrington Sheila Whitten Percussion Larry Atlow Harry Brown Bonita Burgess Gregory Busche Brian Chabot Timothy Doucette Mike lngraffia Russell Jennings Bradley Johnson Peter Krostag Paul Lyon Joel Martin David May Gary McNeeley Kent McPhail Seth Posey Lennie Powers Dwayne Rawl Vincent Rosse Ben Sloan Patrick Tate Edward Taylor Daniel Tubby Bryan Weiss Dobie Yates Gretchen Ulrich Horns Judy Bratels William Brown David Carlson Randy Dickerson Melanie Draut Warren Galle Leslie Hall Karen Long John Morrow Kristopher Smith Brian Stiffler Wendy Young Rifles Brenda Cook Donna Cook Kelly Burkett Carolyn Ferrell Mary Harrison Tina Hermann Melinda Johnson Lesa Kirk Susie Kramer Valerie Langley Stephanie Maddox Renae Nanney Roxanne Nanney Leslie Patterson Vickie Robinson Korinne Sikes Regina Sohrwide Regina Toomey David Allen John Barker Chris Barlow Phillio Crumbley Robert Honeycutt Nelson Ingram Mitch Mixon Tom Pharr Mark Russell Tim Smith Mark Thornell ' 1 J 1 1: . ,QQ , ,cr I C . ,, ,W c ia 4 3 '1 7 4 , 155 5, vga, W' ff 1 fu, A 7 'F 1 9 4 wi f I Q if Z' .Z fr f M a i 4 ZW 8 ' .221-x if ,f 1 i , Qlxxvwu- k 4 u 3 i 'ij' 55 551. , asv T ,fl w i gn, ll ri q3l':f:'. ' wb , V yu Inf- U -- 5" i J Q1 i ts 'tx . .,. ' I 111-, il ,Q i b Q p Rf, T I nv, r fu a A, Mx ,s u A ' P rg I' U V ' -1 .1 ' D' I 4 'lf' at 'wo ax , x N Z . 1' 'U'-" '57, ' I 5' I R ,. ' ' , if I0 w fl 'P Q., , x 'U' dv 11 :FF A Q 1 ' 5 ' nn ii 1 0 Q N ' I U ll Q ' '1 v 4' 4? n 'E rl :Isl vi' :g 5 3 I I ,?i.. x -I ff . ' ji. A? gg. Go is 'C ' lsr - J- "f, gf' an A Q lm? 9 S f ? 5f, fjeftiglw- ' 1' -ml f ll . ... , A, ,f , , A 3511 2' 3 .1 S 6 s.-1.5, i'l I P ff? .4-mv V1 . 5 I f , 0 . 6 I I 0 1 X HW Y nl U QL Angela Sarullo Robin Kessler Shanna Bullard Valerie Taylor Shawn McCrary Ginny Pittman Jeanne Lee Welsh Renee Smith Dee Dee Davis Christy Harrington Vicki Vann Lisa Wells Michele Farro Terri Wall Eileen Williams Lisa Thomas Natalie Jones Becky Cherry Angela Fokakis Peggy Graham Catherine Aris Tonja Painter Lisa Bernhardt Sherry Elkins Mellisa Watts Kim Hartnett Patti Page Kelly Uhland Marla Martin Jacqueline Whatley Valorie Pinson Cindy I-Iilburn Sharon Walker Deirdre Broadfoot Kim McFarland Kathy McCoy Lisa Hamilton Wendy Abrams Kathy King Angee Day Susan Tannehill Sandy Day Connie Rogers Jennifer Robinson Deborah Lyles Amy Rogers Ruth Leggett Missy Ezelle I x O 5 i 1 - i E , Jayme Collins n Natalie Allen Sharon Garbin Head Cheerleader Anna Gonzolez Theresa Campbell Carolyn Hilley David Williamson Joel Waters Mike Mann Kenny Clark Ken Waltman Head Cheerleader Drew Walker oMarty Lee David Neideffer Jeff Davis Mascot gg my 'if-If x 1 -21: ij i rf , gflrgfifg gf x, ! Q5 ivf Iwi VJ 53 77 1 313 ,,, mg . ,. silk pl r MS 435.4 s i 1 J3. Men's Basketball Cheerleaders lst row: Kellye Adams, Gina Daniels, Susan Bowman, Jeff Davis lmascotl, Laurie White, Angela Fokakis, Cynthia Abraham 2nd row: Kenny Clark, Monte Manguno, Jeff Johnson, Ken Waltman, Drew Walker, John Keys 156 Organizations Women's Basketball Cheerleaders Glenis Wansley, Yvonne Harris, Robin Bush, Jenny Braden, Lori Schultheis Organizations 157 USM Golden Girls N The 1981 Golden Girls are a group of co-eds who assist in the recuitment of student athletes in all varsity sports. They are also avid supporters of the Golden Eagles in all sports. Pictured are, from left: lst row-Jacquie Blessing, secretary, Joscelyn Davis, Vice-president, and Susan Keene, presidentg 2nd row: Perilyn Guernsey, Risette Posey, Tamara Carr, Madelyn Folkes, Anna Gonzalez, Meribeth Brasier, Ziva McLelland, Rhonda Mullins, Cathy Floyd and Tammy Husserg 3rd row-Janna Weeks, Patricia Williamson, Amy Sproles, Wynn Pigott, Amy Carlisle, Janie Richart, Josie Trentacoste, Pam Frazier, Jacquie Haynes, Sonja Carr, Alenda Woods, Suzanne Irby, Justine Hamrick, and Cathye Ross. 158 Organizations il ll USM Gold Tenders 1 . 3 2 ,V , I A . A, 5,4 . , ' . I I .- . . A ,, . f l L. f- ' f..,g,sf ,vw . sA,,'5:'u.. ', "4 V xv.. g ,. ,, 1, .AA .' A ' , , fy A A X Y"'1 NV 'NH'-V , . - , 1. f ' 'W - H, Lg ' ,- I J L - f- 1, . Organizations 159 I 1 i 1 1 i 1 l l Rho Gamma P - I A '- i f ,ss s fr-Q N ' ff' lj Qzfb Honorary Yearbook Fraternity 1st row: Holly Cox, Steve Easterling, presidentg Cheri Campbell, vice president, 2nd row: LeeAnn Blackmer, sec.ftreas.g Cindy Blackmer, Lance Chancellor, Melissa Winstead, Sandy Price, Shane Gaston, Jenny Blackston, Butch Meyers, Mike Krebs, Sandy Loveday, Gary Sessums, Susan La- mey, Warren Dunn, Mystic Advisor. 3rd row: Sheila Skipper, Cindy Martin, Vicki Wilson, Secretarial ad- ministrator Cindy Stewart, Janet Davis, Lori Howell, Jeannie Kirk. 4th row: Mascot, Rafe Duckworth, Mascot, Toni Wells, Chuck Pardee, Dorothy Atkins, Wade Hughes, Lee Ann Liberto, Kreg Bartley, Frank Easterling, Bob Snell, Humor Coordinator, Minnie Austin, Mystic-Assistant, Ken Waltman, Ann Alexander, Mark Sullivan, 160 Organizations Golden Eagle Civitans Student Speech and Hearing Association 1' . ' :Y r W -- ' li a 5 1- 1' Q ,, lf - 17 l J I lst row: Susan Lamey, H an Michael DePalma, Frank Easterling 2nd row: Lee Ann Liberto, Linda Lee, Caroline McMillan, Kathy Kirkpatrick, Belinda Boone, Jayne Fennimore, Cindy Martin 5 , ' 1 I l i B 'u . ., wi!-31 I Organizations 161 Unive-rjty Acglitiels Councll I ,,,,,7, Amy Ashley Randy Bissell Mike Borosky Caren Chatham Diana Collins Lynda Cruthirds Marmion Dambrino Elva Daugherty Kevin Davis Dee Dee Dothrow Steve Edsall Karen Fortner Pat Fredrick Betsy Gough Anna Halley Reginald Hubbard Suzi Jackson Suzi Kergosien Donna Krebs Mike Krebs Jeanie McDuff 162 Organizations Kevin McDuff Jan Mooney Joe Paul- Advisor Stella Payton Joyce Russell Johnny Sartin Cathy Stricker Betty Jo Stuart Jim Sullivan Cindy Tipton Ross Walton UAC Officers Diana Collins Kevin Davis Donna Krebs Kevin McDuff Cathy Stricker Advertising Chairman Nonmusic Chairman Secretary Music Chairman President Organizations 163 I 1 I I 1 i 1 I 1 i 1 i 1111, Associated Student Body Cabinet tAbove1 Gene Guernsey, Andy Howell, Susan Keene, Reginald Smith, Ken Stribling, Charles Curry, Erin Fin- ley, Gabe Kopf, David Turner, Chris Baker, Ivan Cross- ley, Divid Dedeaux, Guy Grush, Alicia McKinley, Joni Strickland, Ron Farris, Cindy Smartt, Tina Hines, Mar- gie Putnam, Jim Slater, Christy Townley, Amy Sproles, Toni Wells, Caren Chatham, Joe Paul. 11 Ken Stribling, President, 21 Andy Howell, vice presi- dent, 31 Erin Finley, Secretary, 41 Chris Baker, treasur- er, 51 Ron Farris, executive assistant, 61 David Dedeaux, election commissioner, 71 Caren Chatham, special pro- jects coordinator, 81 David Koelling, RHA president, 91 Tina Hines, RHA vice president, 101 Guy Grush, director of public relations and Amy Sproles his assistant, 111 Joni Strickland, director of spirit for spring and her assis- tant Alicia McKinley, 121 Toni Wells, Director of student services and her assistant Charles Curry, 131 Gabe Kopf, director of governmental relations and his assistant Su- san Keene, 141 lvan Crossley, director of university rela- tions and his assistant Cindy Smartt, 151 Jim Salter, Greek life advisorg Reginald Smith, Minority affairs advi- sorg David Turner, off campus advisor. 1 64 Oraganizations l N 1 , , 1 .3 , - i af-. W .A ,. .:. H L R me ., ,fa ,I ,Q F.. ... ... 5 s '3 Y:..u 5, I -Q l I 5 F"'P I V . I R V, I' gffzff, W1 iff f" fry.: i ga ,- , M, V , V KWU'J lx L4 X --. 3' I0 s Y.'v -'M4Jf"' ', - ,. .. 1 . ', '-. 'f"5'f' '?G'1? 'fp' 1. ?'F' ' ' - lax! -'X3g,A'p', '.- f ... J ','- , 'ff' - -...fc --f, ,'f1r Q., 4 .- , . x , A ,,:.k,.i,.., I, f, ., I , A, ,W ,.,.,--,,, , 41.y4.y" '-7--'ff' ff' L Ax Ove. ,, .-' ff " i,g,Z",gr ,.. 9 ,1 . 8 fx, wwf 11.1. " 'Pi A -, I - - - K I - - - - Q I - - - X .,H 'Z N , A 'N'?7b'z'. -A. sl v Q 7 nfl... ,3 Z , 1 J fs 11 - n.uuvnp,u,u,. Organizations 165 First Row: Paul Allen, Val- erie Jackson, Bruce John- son, Joli Boardman, David Groth, Korby Gaines, Ken Waltman, Valerie Pinson, Rick Adams, Vickie Gryder, Wes Peters, Eu- gene Starks. Second Row: Jana McKee, Buddy Lea- vitt, Florence Hawkins, Melissa Thomas, Charles Mosley, Lucy Guice, Les- ter Coleman, Melissa Tay- lor, Becky McGirt, Shelia Vaughn. Third Row: Rob- ert Thompson, Andy Howill, Jana Williamson, Rooke Everill, Ginny Sanders, Sam Burkett, Diane Silver, Tamara Dear, David Ginn, Jeff Rhodes, Marty Milstead. ASB Senate Election Commission 166 Organizations lFC Officers: Robbie Boyd-Treasurer Chris Baker-President Emory Determeyer-Secretary John Taylor-Vice President Ken Waltman-Rush Chairman Davis Smith-Advisor First Row Emmory Determeyer Mark Weldy Chuck Roberts Jamie Stiglets Pam Campbell Greg Dawkins, Eugene Starks. Second Row Alan Mills Chris Smilek Eric Labat Dennis James Robby Boyd Third Row Ken Waltman Chris Baker Clay Beard Monte Manguno David Smith, Marty Milstead. Fourth Row Bobby Grisson Rodger Singlex Ed s l Panhellenic Panhellenic Council A if-N lst row: Patricia Matthews, Michelle Fausnaugh, Sheila Currie Egley, Lisa Carroll 2nd row: Susan Tannehill, Kim Ingram, Mary Beth Ramsey, Barbara Ross, Maxine McCoy Officers: Michelle Faus- naugh, Secretaryg Cathy Egley, Vice Presiclentg 'A an Sheila Currie, Presidentg p it Barbara Ross, Advisorg Q: f 114 3 168 Organizations ll fl JR. Panhellenic Council i""" Officers: K Lisa Borne, Vice Presidentg Cathy Egley, Advisorg Phyllis Milton, Presidentg Debbie Parker, SecretaryfTreasurer. Rho Lambda National Panhellenic Recognition Society 169 lst row: Rita Lilly, Bettye Davis, Jan Holifield, Caren Chatham, Susan Keene, Anna Gonzalez, Donna Henry, Cathy Ross 2nd row: Monte Manguno, Greg Cassell, Rick Ad- ams, Ron Rhoads, Joel Waters, Jim Cook, Tony Williams, Ken Waltman 170 Organizations Southern Style Student Alumni Association -1. Carol McMichael, Lisa Mason, Sanci Borganelli, T.J, Inman, Stephanie Breeland, Renee Hender- son, Cynthia Walker, Sharon Walker, Sherry El- kins, and Kellie Uhland, Army ROTC Organization Organizations 171 First Row: Jason Basinger, Marvin Howard, Larry Gerladson, Russ Cloy, Paul Keith, Walter Langley, David McPhail, Robin Manan, Steve Long, Bill Murray Second Row: Mike Woo- dard, Robert Housely, Eddy Tyndall, David Williams, James Dupree, Joe Bryant, Steve Jackson, Jennie Boyd, Terry Smith, Lee Ellisworth. Third Row: Greg Price, Dennis Bennette, Steven Pluff, Joe Burnett, John Welsh, Patti Moulder, Amy Hille, Ann Callaway, Jim Ott, Terry Ma- gee, Gary Smith. Fourth Row: Ron Taylor, Reginald Hubbard, Mike Clay, John Chambliss, Ron Thornton, Laura Fauler, Joyce Reed, John Green, Brian Jay, Sammy Thurman, Wayne Hardaway. Fifth Row: Kim Jackson, Tommy Pisarich, Merry Lib- by, Rickey Mosey, Angela Wallace, Gaines Newell, Gary Cross, Rafe Duckworth. First Row: Randy Minton Luther Lar- Mark Collins John Gargarl Troy Bell, Glennn Beasley, Clifton Ratliff, Army RCTC Military Science IV Cadets .WV .tl Ls- . P. .,,. Army ROTC Military Science Cadets 5 V U W , , 1 9 I elace, Thomas Brown,Michael Berry, ,7 I , , if 4 Emory Determeyer. Second Row: Alex Chaney, Leona Boyd, Doryl Knight, James Eskridge, Annie Bell, Mike Delia, Luis Santana-Santiago, Steve Ainsworth, Edward Jordan, Mark Colbert. Third Row: Alice Hart, Wilford Brown, Arthur Richards, Charles Carson, Kenneth Hurllrert, Antonio Fontecchio, James Thomas, Cassandra Nicholson, James Hogue, Deidre Ladner, Manuel Rodriguez. Fourth Row: Jeffrey Harris, George Gray, Leta Darden, Edwin Goddwin, Edeard Station, Charles Hollis, Jef- frey Sellars, James Plunkett, Delbert Taylor, L.J. Banks, Carloyn Larson. Fifth Row: Cy-thia Starks, Kevin McNeil, Hergo Saaverdra, James Walker, Harry Huey, Kenneth Jim- merson, James Bonners, Geanne Bush, James Cook, Leslie Miller, Al- len Harrison. m,f,,,,,,, V M fe -ff-M Www- G- -V V, at V- VVM- ff- VV ., .- V . ., . V- . V W, V t. V , r... . 1, M L V , I V U 9 V - ,I , Q VV wb-V .H fmnunrawecwnn-v,nfz4...'e5gy-M-wwf: fw.-.ounw'4vm4,esc1-.w4affv,-nv44w4uwnnavA I wnqwoydnvlbinnummu-m "' Q ' f. " 4 f - - A - 1 V - 4 msmmnwaggfammisvnmrwa-ana-rw,Lrr-4-.1-as-Maw, ' amiwnamswwmnniw rm-1, 4 WV W f W 6, H 1 - - - - .. . awww,-.lnrff-V. .,-f"j ,s-1 mi., .4-. nfl: -151--a',. fa99V31areMfwV,.+z.z.fnfa .- 4-HH' "'f":"' Q " 1' I V V ee-:ww .. A .. V V - . ,-mm-V : s,Q,iiV.'-cater,-'r.ftV..1 . .-a--.11--1,,Mg,,,W4a,i ,yr ' ' ' ' , Th f'?fwbf- - . ,--Q a-,-f-q4-,.,1f'.-f'fwfV1-f--V'te--fm,f.,.,.V.-.,...--..-r- ---fm .- r... . V. .. ..... . Via- Q, .-.i,,.-.,,, .',',..V ., ,.,4e- W t dh ,fa-nw-1 ,-1r-m-,,,,.,,...,......,,,...,......'.......,....,,,,... ... ,. W, AM,,,, M, , .............................. 172 Organizations Army ROTC l M 5 N 1 x' 1 if 'WL ' " ,Z ' Captain Richard Vogel Sergeant Major Jimmy Major Ace Cozzalio Staff Sergeant Stanley Captain Anthony Cascio Shoemaker Gordon XF, lm Wir Ll I 1 gg- A Staff Sergeant Donald Colonel Tommy Palmertree Sergeant William Rozar Major Clinton Connerly Staff Sergeant Lawrence Kimbrough Cleveland W7 L5 Mrs. Louise Brown Mrs. Ottie Wells Captain Junior Treadway Sergeant Steven Earl Captain Donald Zodun Organizations 173 I ' l ll ROTC Army Rangers n - Organizations 'L l lst row: Mike Woodard, Ron Taylor, Eddy Tyn- dall, Walter Langley, Gary Cross, David Wil- liams, David McPhail, John Green, Steve Long, Paul Keith 2nd row: Jason Basinger, Marvin Havard, Robin Mahan, Mike Cloy, Larry Henderson, Laura Flower, Robert Housley, Russ Cloy, John Chamb- liss Organizations 175 Scabbard and Blade National Military Honor Society 'K uni hu..au3.4. ., K" 'li -E' MMV.. 'N- -vu-mi X. ...H ...,.. , ii M W, ii II h i , MQ- "--- - x , - V- -., ' , Q - - A vi Q . . - , ard-Z, J N R 1 f I ' E Cdtfmajor Walter Lang- ley, Cdtfmajor David McPhail, Cdtfmajor Rob- ert Housely, CdtfI.TC Russ Cloy, Cdtfmajor Robin Maham, CdtfCol. Jason Basinger, CdtfLTC Marvin Havard, Cdtfmaj Paul Keith, Cdtfmaj Steve Long, Cdtfmaj Mike Cloy 176 Organizations Golden Eagle Brigade Staff ,of ,o- Colour Guard M, mr. Rifle Team X. Organizations 177 AFROTC Arnold Air Society ,A Q ,ans AF ROTC Squadron Staff lst row: Keith V. Tho- maier, Public Affairsg Alana Snow, Adm.g Wal- ter Ord, Operationsg Es- ther Bremmer, Comptrol- lerg 2nd row: Ken Scarborough, Vice Com- manderg Chuck Albers, Commanderg Major Gecewicz, Advisorg Steve Cohen, Pledge Trainer. nr'-'fr 1:1 v 6 .. l 178 Organizations lst row: James Poss. Commander: Col, Con- roy, Advisorg David Da- venhauer, Admg 2nd row: Ricky Winterstein, Public Affairsg Ray Bryan, Vice Commanderg Charles Orr, Comptroller. Organizations 179 Department of Department Staff First Row: Captain Boyd I I I I I Wilson, Mrs. Lenise Young, Colonel James Conroy, Commander, Ma- jor James Gecewicz. Sec- ond Row: TSGT Ken Mill- er, Captain Charles Ashley, TSGT Jack Ma- l gee, TSGT John Vamos. Not Pictured: TSGT Wil- liam Danner. V? T7 U5 4 I F25 , ,, ' 1 X - 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 T J Air Force V me 9 gqllgfx I I f "" is on . I 2 180 Organizations Aerospace Studies Cadet Drill Team 3 xg' vw . , ,f-.1 O pig? 'i -qw, -. , v, .. , J ,. , . l.,s,-gr Q - . , -. , 4' ,.1 .-. 'Nt 4 4' 'W ,, . v ,. -1 -.- -,-- .f 17 ., ,v Q, .2 " ' ' I 'S 'xt- First Row: Robert Wood- man, Alana Snow lCom- manderl, Captain Boyd Wilson lAdvisorJ, Second Row: Robert Selman, El- vis Gates, Valerie Ma- leche, Noel Blevins, Sid- ney Wilson, Linda Friesz. Third Row: Kent Perry, Tony Little, Tim Weiher, Ron Gavin, Mark Hwndscheid, Beth Gillum. Not Pictured: Robert Ma- son, Ron Moore, Kim Chapman, Gary Essary, Denise Johnson, Eric Mey- er. First Row: Commander- Cfmaj Brian Bauerlin, cf ssgt Rob Mason, cfsgt John Stevernson, cftsgt Robert Woodman Second Row: cfmsgt Richard Ryan, cfssgt Maury Wil- son, cftsgt Tim Wieher. Third Row: cfsgt Vincient Jefferson, cfsgt T.J. Young, cfsgt Noel Blevins Facing Away: cfsgt Ron Mers Personnel Not Seen: cftsgt Mark Hondshied, cfssgt Gary Ben. Organizations 181 Baptist Student Union I ., , Q ,I ttti I I B 'li y I I I I lst row: Bobby Blass, Barbara Whittington, Tom Ferguson, Todd Rogers, Will McCall, Carolyn Jackson. 2nd row: Lisa Moyer, Amy Frederick, Brian Ladner, Jimmy Stephenson, I Beth Kelly. 182 Organizations C.O.G.I.C. Fellowship l lst row: Thelma Jackson, Sara Johnson, Jackie Anderson, Roscoe Miskel, Addie S McBride, Sherman Gradison, Matel Payton. 2nd row: Lula Jane Carter, Joyce Eng- ! land, Donna Williams, Cynthia Walker, Francine Blount, Valerie Johnson, Mrs. J. 5 Catherine Wilson 3rd row: Beverett Thompson, Jacquline Miller, Steve Johnson, Willie 3 Burton, Eric Carter, David Simmons, Annie Tillman, Stephanie Butler, Thomas Den- Q ham, Paul Johnson, Ronald Bingham, Sidney Payton, and John Creagh. 'S 'fi ggi' -gzi- Organizations 183 184 Organ Latter Day Saints Newman Club Top: Sandy Loveday, Mickey Welch, David Johnson, Joe Brumfield Bottom: Kathy Geiser, Kathy Patrick, Linda Gib- son, Alison Winstead, Patti Shelton, Wendy Winstead, Heidi Win- stead, Jim Gibson, Vickie Borcher, Teresa Wilson, and Carol Johnson. Organizations 185 Lambda Sigma A Sophomore Honorary Society Officers: David Dedeaux iTreasurerl, Jeanne Lee Welsh lSecretaryl, Rod Gor- don lPresidenti, and Joel Wa- ters lVice Presidentl. 1st row: Amber Watson, Jeanne Lee Welsh, Robin Brown, Cathy Egley 2nd row: Cheryl Hill, David Dedeaux, Alice Hultz, David Groth, Kristy Smith, Leigh Laney, Joel Waters, Barbara Ross iAdvisorl. 3rd rowg Rod Gor- don, Dee Dee Morris, Ginny Pittman, Richard Craven, Tammy Hammond, Judy Bar- tel, Carol Lucas, Josie Trenta- coste, Brian Stiffler, Melissa Winstead, Genice Armstrong, Barbara Teel, Valerie Pinson, Jeff Tinnon, and Amy Car- lisle. WAI' jf.. 186 Organizations 3' r ,Fa MA, Phi Theta Kappa Alpha of Mississippi lst row lbottom to topl: Alicia Mathis, April Mitch- ell, Flo Harkins, Lorraine Chambliss, Tony Dunaway, Lisa Carter, Billy Holifield 2nd row: Roger Sanford, Greg Jackson, Jan Ainsworth, Reed, Lon Everett, Cindy Warfield 3rd row: Rox- anne Leomis, Melinda Murphy, Tim Gilmore, Lori Ehlers, Kecia Carter, Paula Sanford, Tammy Lee, Jill Ewald Organizations 187 Honorary Leadership Society lst row: Stephanie Lott lPresidentl, Shawn Bates, Susan Keene, Amy Rog- ers, Becca Rogers, Donna Henry, Cindy Smartt, Sherry Dear 2nd row: John Howell, Dr. John Gonzales, Dr. Wallace Kay, Dr. Joseph Cle- ments, Sharon Lumpkin, Caren Chatham, Eliza- beth Frye, Jim Salter .. ...te 1-gy-F Omicron Delta Kappa 1st row Rhonda Mitchell TJ Inman Susan Keene Leigh Ann Campbell Amy Sproles unidenti fied Elizabeth Frye Erm Finley Stephanie Lott Leah Richards Sharon fam Polk Lisa Mason Amy Rogers Melissa Watts unidentified Kath leen Koch Joan Katzen mayer 3rd row Palmer Paunovich Becca Rogers Sherry Dear Kathy Wi ley Cindy Smartt Sherri Hays Mary Parker I Phi Delta Rho Lumpkin. 2nd row: Stef- 188 Organizations Phi Chi Theta American Marketing Association . ...wt vm, . , mg Ci .,.:iM,,:f. ' YU gn,-.k 'It3:'kxx'.- , . N , . . , . 4 -QI , , W -:N ' . , 'i'Q',f.,7l z ':- ', ' ,- - -3' "ut-Q.. x-vt-ff' -- vw ww' ,1-, .V ,.i:,.,. . f - . Q 4 ir' .f gwvwai., . ., ,,.. ' V 1 TF- . . .. t Wx 0 fi Organizations 189 Professional Business Fraternity Delta Sigma Pi I 1 l 190 Organizations Phi Beta Lamba Chi Tau Epsilon Professional Business Fraternity 1st row ltop to bottoml: Sherry Carter, Kenta Richardson, Sherry Lar- sen, Sherry Mallette, Terri Husley, Brenda Tay- lor, Cathy Smith, David Franklin, Curtis Lawson 2nd row: Wanda Simpson, Steve Walker, Felice Fer- guson, Cynthia Hunt, Lau- rie Higgenbotham, David Young, Tim Gilmore, Da- vid Gosselin 3rd row: Mary Ferguson, Lance Chancellor, James Beas- ley I E Ftyxh 'W' Tm. sun YS' Organizations 191 7 I Southern Cinema ,i it I I 9 Kappa Mu Epsilon Math Honorary 1st row: Mike Carpenter, Stevie Byrd. 2nd row: Susan Collmer, Liz O'Neal, Ms. Lou Bell, Johnny Graves, Leah Fortenberry, April Mitchell, Charles Orr, Vivian Thomas, Donna Huch. 3rd row: Marie Turnage, Mr. B. Knighton, Robbie Keyes, Dr. Steve Doblin, Mrs. Alice Essary, Ching-shyang Chen. 192 Organizations Kappa Kappa Psi ilk"- Phi Mu Alpha Honorary Band Fraternity lst row: Diane Silver tsweetheartl, Johnny AI- ford isergeant at armsl, Mike lngraffia lhistorianl, Bonita Burgess isecre- taryl, Bob Pilcher ivice- presidentl, Jeff Miller ipresidentl, Larry Atlow. 2nd row: Willie Lawrence, Mike Wilson, Brian Stiffler, Tripp Morris, Ricky Suk. 3rd row: Frank Gentile, Bob Gilmore, Do- bie Yates. Professional Music Fraternity lst row: Keith Sharp, Frank Gentile, Richard Ward, Robert Chabot, Holly Compton, Annie Young, Jamin Hoffman. 2nd row: Vincent Rosse. Bruce Hardy, Danny Doyle, Warren Galle, John Conway. Robert Conway, Ricky Suk. 3rd row: Randy Dickerson. Mark Gibson. Peter Nomed, Tom Grant. Dr. John Donahue CAdvisorl 4th row: Glenn France. Thomas Ferguson, Joseph Britain, Robert Keating. Jeffrey Lynn. Bill Ford, Organizations 193 Southern Geological Society, Inc. First Row: Carla Smith, Darren Dueitt, Joel Davis, Shair Rhaim, Bill Curris, JoAnne Thigpen, Gary Rush, Liz Styron, Tim Hester, John Warner. Second row: Jay Collins, Mike Wright, Roger Meadows, Neville Crwson, Carolyne Cole, Mark Segars, John Tay- lor, Karen Primm, Dr. Froelicher, Phil Purser. Third row: Dr. Maurice Meylan, Mike Bradshaw, Steve Cash, Angie Hawes, Reggie Ladner, Ross Williams, Randy Bis- sell, Charlie Smith, Davy Simonson, Debbie Ulmer, Chris Bowen, Pete Wal- ley, Randy Smith, Ridk Ricci, Sally Burnham, Ben Anderson, Lael Haaseth, Jack Wintle, Roger San- ford, Rita Eubanks. First row: Brian Kinkoph, Deniel Rogers, Monte Keel, unidentified, Mike Stallone, Jeff Smith, Dr. Roger Hester lAdvisorl, Andy Voda. Second Row: Chuck Fite, Raymond HSU, Ken Engelherdt, un- identified, Ken Cooley, Jean Jarufe, David Wig- gins, Rajee Vaidya, Mark Nenweiler. Third Row: Brewer Hutchinson, Janet Adams, Carla Cotruxo, Natalie Wood lPublic Re- lationsl, Patricia Lewis lPresidentl, Greg Wos- comb, Gary Robertson, Janis Witchen, Sharon Furukawa lSecretaryD, Ken Stevens, Rod Mar- Zeit. 194 Organizations Society of Polymer Scientists f.-' 4' 2? - - I I I-1 Student Constructors First Row: Kitty McElroy lTreasurerl, Katherine Davis lFaculty Advisorl, Olin Funderburk, Bobby Grissom, Ginny Toole lSecretaryl, Benjie Jackson, Ricky Johnson, David I Rhodes, Barry Tierce. Second Row: Ralph Edwards lVice-Presidentl, Denny McPhate, Charles Nickels, Guy Cheney lPresidentl, Doug Tubertini. Third Row: Steve Edsall Nice- Presidentl, Edward Buckley, Ray Dudley. Not Pictured: George Mathis lFaculty Advisorl, Kim Tadlock, Donald Makamson, Ronnie Makamason, Frank Scianna, Mike Adams, David Chapman, Clay Davis, Russell Robinson, Kevin Roberts, Robert Blackwell, Louis Santana. ' Organizations 195 Architectural Technology Fraternity lst row: Anthony Toney, Joyce Maxcey, Colonel Buck, Vice President, Norman Carnovale 2nd row: Thomas Chatman, Yvetta Hines, Cathy Broome, Debbie Mari- sano, secretary, Ann Ca- laway, James Graves, Ysi- dro Salinas, Advisor 3rd row: B.J. Covington, Ad- ministrator, Paul Allen, Karen Brown, Frank Eas- terling, Treasurerg Dwayne Manning, Tom Rigby 4th row: Randy Ha- mill, reporterg Shawn Ro- mine, Ronald Bingham, Mike Grill, President, Da- vid Ivy, Sargeant at Arms 196 Organizations Botegha Student Education Association Association of Computing Machinery Robby Keyes President Joel Craig Vice President Sabrena Gill Secretary f Treasurer Mike McKinley Steering Committee Bobby Yates Steering Committee Martha Johnson Steering Committee Organizations 197 't mi , ,f 'ft ' f 'Aft' , N Y L 'A 'anal Michael Joachim, Ricky Ward, Billy Thornton, Jr., Mark Antoine, Kim Shuck, Patrice Stevens, Rebecca Frank, Vickie Coleman, Kiely Cockrell, Melissa Patterson, Mark King, Keith Morris, Joanne O'Keefe, Jeffrey O'Keefe, Karen Gallo- way, Virginia Hill, Advi- sor, Larry Bennett, Juan Chirinos 198 Organizations 1st row: Lisa Feuerriege, Kathy Cieglo isocial Chairmanl, Drr Linda Donnell iadvisorl, Vickie Hamrick, Darlene Wil- liams, Denise Jones 2nd row: Jane Harthcock, Joy Wixon, Patricia Matthews iProgram Chairmanl, Lib- by Egger iPresidentl, Rooke Everill itreasurerl, Rita Lilly isecretaryl, Mi' chelle Fausnaugh, and Jayne Higginbotham ivicepresidentl. Organizations 199 Psi Chi Speech Commumcatlon Assoclatlon 'hx 2.7 5 ?' I V' I ! I x " 1 J , X' Pr sl f ,,-5 ' -4 'W I . Q f 2 I i a I , ,. T J , , 2 af x , 5 .M-4 xf -- s g Q' , : gm , . I 0 h ' - P' I , 'TQ I 43 , if . -if " ' 5 ,-., A . CYS ' i gr, X -Q f . . 5 200 Organizations Student Council for Exceptional Children fl1im 5!-i I W -no HV -1-5121 6325? Egfr? W' if CJ ,Sf-,,.---.---""""" .4 -,f',.........--""" ,,,J-4'-s I ,- 1 4.5. Officers I Organizations 201 ' Paralegal Society Front Row: Dr. Joseph Parker, Amy Ward, Deb- bie Hicks, Caren Powell, Ruth Bealor, Anna Hendry, Teresa Hinton, Cheryl Lanbertg Second Row: Travis Taylor, Andy Stetleman, Laurie Berry- hill, Elizabeth Henshaw, Venessa Lindsey, Hank Ros, Janis Monk, Beverly Biter, Ann Wedding, Dan Hester, Karen Hardy. Of- ficers: Dan Hester, presi- dent, Beverly Biter, vice president, Cheryl Lam- bert, secretaryg Teresa Hinton, Treasurer. V-lil'-I" sign. 1 8. . r if i Pre-Law Society l l l 1 i i Q l x l Z 202 Organizations Alpha Psi Omega Student Nurses Association r....., International Food Service Executives Association 'af r"1f'.',,n ,'2', bo-vu 204 Organizations Institutional Administration 9 1st row: Awana Furr lpresidentl, Susan Ste- vens lvice-presidentl, An- gela Callista, Michelle Bond 2nd row: Ms. Jane Hudson ladvisorl, Kathy Welch, Edna Enslin, Mary Stinson, Kathy Simmons 3rd row: Lisa Wicker, De- bra Bolan , Vicki Picker- ing 4th row: Renee Gable, Paula Ainsworth ltreasur- erl, Rebecca Hinton, Greg Meyers, Beth Parham, Paul Curbow, Lisa Smith, Miriam Shipley Front: Wayne Williams, Butch Myers, Cathye Ross, Doris Norman, Cin- dy Marting Back: Warren Dunn, Wade Hughes, Alva Sims, Julie Easterl- ing, Jaffee Swetman, Tina Tumbling, Lance Chan- cellor. Organizations 205 L-R: Cynthia McBeth, Ha- zel Harper, Blake Can- non, Daelin May, Guy Parker, Dot Axton Nice' Presidentl, Pam Zumwalt, Angie Guercia, Ed Currie lPresidentl, Theresa Ev- ans, Paige Sparks, Helen Rentz lSecfTreasl, Paul Terrell, Theresa Bryant, Alex Smith, Martha Smith, and Kent Rid- fleisch. Rec Club l Golden Eagle Karate Club Jl 'll r .gi l l l i 206 Organizations ,, , ....-I l Institute of Electrical Engineers lst row: Terry Thornhill, Steve Jennings, Darnell Shields, and Dennis Wright. 2nd row: Ray Powell, James Graves, and Kent Tolbert. 3rd row: Mary l-logue, Johnny Odendhal, and Wade Nation. 4th row: Mary Thomaier, Darlene Dauro, and Shelton Foazell. 5th row: Charles Sterling, Don Porter, Tina Hughey, Shelton Houston, Kenneth Jimmerson, and Pat Gardner. Organizations 207 j 1 1 l 1 1 1 l l Residence Hall Council EY Executive Cabinet of RHA: Sarah Smith, Suzi Kergo- sien, David Koelling, Susan Guy, Tammy Jo Ham- 4 mond, Pat Wylie, Tina Hines, and Belinda Reed. -..Leland .4 208 Organizations Bolton Hall i U f """N' 'VJ 3, , f-7,,k'A., . 1 '?"""ff'3'?" ff'-' N , ""Q.:- gf ii IM, I-sy l . . Jones Hall Organizations 209 Scott Hall Hillcrest 210 Organizations X Hickman Hall 23 ,. - K 4, LM A QQ Eg 55 Mississippi Hall as , 13,- Organizations 21 1 Hattiesburg Hall 212 O Q I WMSU-F M P .ff i if M 113 sq toon on nmuks ' -- ..-. - -'A -Q l Organizations 213 5 is if' .'A.,' Academics Inside: College of Business Administration College of Education and Psychology College of Fine Arts School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation School of Home Economics College of Liberal Arts School of Library Service School of Nursing College of Science and Technology Honors College School of Social Work Academics Section Editor: Steve Easterling Ad' 15 p College of Business Administration Rapid technological change, the increasing complexity of society, and the growing role of government in business, economic, and social affairs are placing new requirements on the administration throughout the country whether they are employed in business, gov- ernment, or non-profit organizations. Within the College of Business Administra- tion the content of the courses and the cur- ricula are changed as needed to see that the college meets its primary objective of assist- ing students in securing entry-level positions in business and government and provides 5 2 1 5 ' 125- '-.,-cvlqggg 4 t 2 Q if '- : gn-,,. 'af " ,L . . 4 . .-ef . ,v "" 1 1.4 ' 41, 3 f 'J 5 2. 1 r : r r .. . ' 1 L , g 'J - - ' 1: . -E ,- 1 '--:Midi WLV I . ' 2 Z 1 gf xi xi, 1 ' ' ' 1- 3 ,E . sg g ? ii' , . , . - fi ', , , f. Tarif f ' af' .s . . if ffizywf 4.,W,,,r5 ,,-, , ' " ' " V W 1. , . ' '-V, . ,Jag 'Q . '.4L:,.c,i.Lf...1.., .. . . , V them the background for attaining higher lev- els of managerial responsibility after exper- ience. The young men and women who study in the college are provided with the opportu- nity for a liberal, education as well as profes- sional training. They are prepared to be flexi- ble in their thinking and adaptable to change as well as knowledgeable in their chosen fields. Thus they are given help in preparing not only for careers but also for satisfactory lives and as constructive citizens. A second objective of the college is to provide quality graduate education at the master's degree level for those currently working in business, military personnel with a need for business education, and college graduates who intend to pursue further graduate work or preparing not only for careers but also for better starting positions. The college is committed as resources per- mit, to servicing businesses, professional groups, and governmental units in the area through applied research and the sponsoring of workshops and seminars. The academic areas are the School of Professional Accoun- tancy, and the Departments of Economics, Finance, Management, and Marketing. Jo- seph Greene fleftl is the dean of the College of Business Administration and the senators tbelowl for 1981-82 were Joli Boardman, Ken Waltman, Jana Williamson, Marty Mil- stead, David Ginn, and Rick Adams. 216 AcademicsfBusiness - - N -. w at E, of rs, .n-',,,g4,y,ra ,X ,gk Q 1 -S iiiil g "' '7-f"'H-'--'---- 1 :':."':..':.-:.::..-'.. 8 W llailivl 4 L, ., inks , ' ' A 1.3 Qi ffl?-A :san 3 :'.L."- '.:-.r- A , - 3:35-sz.-':E-a. ..... l ,, ' ' 1 " '1 --' Z".1':'E'i?""5" r gg-1,33-w :ali ' , "' """"" L ' 1' 7:"ni"'L?-"muff-Tzu" .. li 'T H ,. ' ' -7-"-H J' -- '-'J.'.L"'..:"'.J.2':'-..".'L.'1'?.:" J 1 D ,W , nan:-nnusnmfwuab ' Tdffnvq "" fr " 'Qi - If ' ' 'T 'T iannuliui Mi ---,I 4- .L -L '- 1 in:-'uni 1 Q tp finite-v-11 Q-f iinyfuui it - :sf C1111 1:4 wisquuoi 11414331 'W-111 ,11rzv"0. it-if-as unlnsonnnul gn 07 Q an avnuluuauxvoif-vv us wa- anus:-su-ni M , 44.7. .ra ill xbilfif -4!qYri? ,MIK A U -W atzufinnnrnat' ,Q Cfamrvwl "' 'lhyli' 101.4 ' su:uannnu....4..,... L- ,ww-,-wp-n 'i'UiDl'OwleliC .f V.:-w tvidvl' 'IA -191101-KwDll!ivif6DQi :anus quo-aa ..-,- Q-.,.., VM-4-'N sqlvr wi-,aa 1 .-.Q -1. .- 4 -.1-4 IT:-viii,-,- f- Du- .-r... Ulla-mann- iii - 44'--1-au lliilvlvpcrt-mutual:-4 1:1 -fv- nninlssi-nuannv-nvu wvm '-.444-,,..U.1ut -nvnasn.-41 iiuuannnu-:fun-use--auf uuiiunqsnui-oncunav.u.,n.L-44.1 ro'--inavnvuns-1-1,u.fqafuw-o-m4-'ww 1,n..-anniu-no auf.. 'fuwwnun9nww.,n- Iuiunalnqs-.wfgs-usuuuvgnnfaj um H11 0-uwaalut-ff. 113'-zf:1n1vr-nun aol:-mu luyliiliiuacmniwm iiillainiui Q' iiiwf ,. ua1waeuuixi1l1IlQiwmi-:Quai liz-ffwttililliriiii-rw-A 111 3 ' Qwwniivi liiinmaxnualrafls Qs -:rail-9-favs.-ustulsvnpvnlsiuivpnnr lljliqnm-111100212 iiiliivuusnusiuii lv-Q iljnshnrenuuuil 4 ivliliiiiinnsnnist lliotniiqgs-su.-xuuminiiu nq1..i11rrwulz1uuva-:anti lililimuiiiuni itiiii-1511-mcuwuixl liiamfolnruiiiniii ivili-iquanuiiii ll lillibflli 1llQ,4w,ov . -'nts ti'-n,,--.14QL.-.o lui -wr- ..-au..4n4' I-.anna 4- 4 - , Y Q tgp-an , , ap..- li-as ,m, .1 -4 ina-.4-,. -. 4 . 5-.1-,.xa.'z4ct'--ng.: ii-nsauxnn.,-Q4-u -1 rn4.l'1 Q-.X--inn, .ihsnvfnn-ph.. Q 130 of his-1 1 A- ..p.onuf.-fau-an .1-, is-tu - ins ,p.u-. 111'-nvff -f-va-xl,-A-. timing:-:const 1-at-9v'o44u.vsun 301131111 Lili-11 J A 1114 :viii niCC2iuusuub itakiululbikrl vida to .fx A 1 4' 4 ' f' I an-suuununn-1-Q-up Ii'."Qi- :W ' 4 45 if 'Ld- A . It in-Q iilitqnv r11w:-',xirqsQo.- iitsp-311 .' ii, -.l uncut-1115: ap. niinnniuinz Quunucnn.--Q ,. 1- '5L"-"-'Z-"2-".."2 'Z.."'.-"LI"-Q'-.""...1 'I-'T'-5:"'-"'-T-""-'i Z-""..'1":2 3'-."'..": 33"-2"-f'.."'-'l"-."'.l L..'F....""..',..."..""'-"2 1ill -1:11111 an Olllilii liiiiuii auCQ1iaqa-ann-qtcasv .....,q1.-.- -. 3 .,-'--"A""' Z--" ,-l 'I -4-PQ? 1- .Q W . 1- KT' -? I , .-5 Academics,fBusiness 217 i l P1 , 1. ,, N . ft? mt V , M11 'K 2 18 Academics College of Education and Psychology The University of Southern Mississippi through its College of Education and Psychol- ogy, holds membership in the American As- sociation of Colleges for Teacher Education. All undergraduate programs in teacher edu- cation are fully accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Educa- tion. The purposes of the College of Education and Psychology are: ill to prepare teachers for the public schools and the colleges and universitiesg l2l to offer non-teaching degree programs on the undergraduate level in busi- ness education, industrial mechanics, psy- chology, and social and rehabilitation ser- vicesg l3l to provide clinical and professional services to the public schools of Mississippi and to the Universityg and C45 to promote educational and psychological research. Bobby Dean Anderson lrightl is the dean of the College of Education and Psychology and i t i 3, lt i l tp i le l 5. l Q.. IST xt .A 7' rl X6- 53 QI an ns Ui 'S Academics 210 College of Fine Arts The primary purpose of the College of Fine Arts is to provide its students with a well rounded preparation for professional and teaching careers in one of the many branches of art, music, dance, or theatre. ln addition, it seeks to provide opportunities for students in all departments of the University to partici- pate in artistic activities and develop an awareness of cultural values. To achieve its purposes, the College of Fine Arts offers courses of study centered around a core of theoretical, historical, and other academic subjects, as well as performance activities that are designed to develop artistic ability and general cultural awareness. Dean of the College is John E. Green while the senators representing the College for 1981-82 were Robert Thompson and Diane Silvers. 220 Academics ywghuvm- - 'wks' I Academics 221 - . . sq A, . X X. ,. is , gx x -. 'wr -i X 2' -sf? 4-rg X K' ggi! xx gk!! i X N: t xx QI W f, K E X XX .' 'f ' 1-1: Qi ,L 1 r - 2. ..'.:'-ww,-'-122, . V ' , HX ' " ' - 5 ti-ffi' -5 f ..IZ:?s?A1 r r , ""- 'K ' ' 's-T5-gb, .:.,-f -j.2Eg.Q!f'- 4 i gi W X ' JL f " f - Helath, Physical Education, and Recreation The primary purpose of the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation is to edu- cate future leaders in the fields of athletic administration and coaching, health, physical education, and recreation. Also of equal im- portance is the coordination of the physical education activity course program, intramu- ral activities, extramural sports clubs, and the recreational equipment loan service. The school is also responsible for coordinating the required physical education activity program and the intramural recreation sports pro- gram for the university. There are five departments in the school of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. They are Athletic administration and Coach- ing, Health and Safety Education, Physical Education, Recreation, and Intramural Re- creational Sports. Walter Cooper is the Dean of the School and Lester Coleman represent- ed the School in the ASB Senate for the 1981-82 semesters. 222 Academics 11' ins V 5' hh 1.1" , fn I -.M I N -T, ffffi. '. . 4. ,Q X x- ! ' 4 A mm..-1 "f1,f- " f hp. w. rt N7 N , 49-19' x F . ,P r' ,,. Lf.. . fy lg iii. 4- -dr .au x kv, v 17- 4 115-'1 A Ea. .-r , . .- ,,s.'35'W,Q-" -' 71" ' ' .. -, vi-yn K9-ff xi' . Q f Q A '- iii 'mix .Lv -, 3 '3-f-- 'I sail 'QQ-L' E' f""aJ.L' 4... .v1"' Academics 223 I. -5 D. f 1-i E' W .M--ff' 15 Q t R1 L.. 'UIQ' 'lil I I-I 'QB ...,,., 224 Academics ,. g, if-ry, ii QC 5 : I 'T' Ai?" K . Eli' 'N Q' l' 1 'fl ' A' Q M . NK K i I 6? The curricula in the School of Home Econom- ics are planned to place major emphasis on careers and on improving family life. Stu- dents are prepared to assume responsibilities in areas related to the various aspects of liv- ing concerned with the environment of the individual, the family, and the community. The School of Home Economics is divided into four departments: Environmental De- sign, Family Life Studies, Institution Adminis- tration, and Home Economics Education. Sarah Gibbs is the Dean of the School of Home Economics lleftl and Rooke Everill lfar leftl represents the school in the ASB as sena- tor for 1981-82. School of Home Economics Academics 225 "T nl- College of Liberal Arts The College of Liberal Arts provides a broad cultural and educational experience to help students acquire the means of making self- education the rewarding enterprise of a life- time as well as to guide them in their prepara- tion to serve both society and their own self interest productively and responsibly. Stu- dents are encouraged to widen their inter- ests, to develop mature habits of observation and reading in the major areas of man't cul- tural heritage, and to learn to think logically, communicate effectively, and judge wisely. The College of Liberal Arts is organized into fourteen departments: Aerospace Studies, Criminal Justice, English, Foreign Lan- guages, Geography and Area Development, History, Journalism, Military Science, Philos- ophy and Religion, Political Science, Radio, Television, and Film, Sociology and Anthro- pology, Speech and Hearing Sciences, and Speech Communication. James H. Sims trightl is the Dean of the Col- lege of Liberal Arts while the senators ffar rightl for 1981-82 were Ginny Sanders, Wes Peters, Eugene Starks, David Groth, Melissa Taylor, and Jeff Rhoads. 226 Academics Z V x 1 l i P+-T .5 - 1. ff? ,K Wa:'..,,. - " ' R f ,,. 4.5, 0: fam..- f .x,, EH h Academics 227 -nz--Q--g 'S--' T-In 's gi? f Q I 3 '- ge -. Lg., 6 4- if 93, A " Wu Q I 2 l v, Q ' rf a 1 ' 4 f -. L 4 I w 1 2+- o swan, ff: iff Q Arm, f.-,-1, gp, ,- 4:43, f 2'- ,,,..-1 ,wma The primary purpose of the School of Library Service is to educate students for careers of librarianship and related fields. With the cur- rent emphasis on all media formats, the cur- riculum is planned to prepare future librar- ians to organize, develop, facilitate, and evaluate a multiplicity of print and non-print resources in varying types of libraries. The School of Library Service is an institu- tional member of the American Library Asso- ciation, Association of American Library Schools, and the Mississippi Library Associ- ation. The graduate program in Library Sci- ence is accredited by the American Library Association. Onva K. Boshears is the Dean of the School and its 1981-82 senator was Val- erie Jackson. 1 gTT"' ,if '-f' V5 I 4 IJ 1' , 152-JF" , ...r ff School of Nursing 230 AcademicsfNursing .i .A The University of Southern Mississippi School of Nursing, through its undergrad- uate, graduate and continuing education pro- grams prepares nurses for a great range of job opportunities serving as valued members of today's health team. The baccalaureate degree in nursing is the first professional de- gree in nursing. The baccalaureate graduate is prepared for beginning general practice of professional nursing in hospitals, community helath agencies, and other health care agen- cies where nursing care is provided. This de- gree provides the educational background necessary for graduate study in nursing. Specialization in nursing occurs at the gra- duate level. The School of Nursing, through the Graduate School, offers the Master of Nursing, Community Health Nursing, and Nursing Service Administration. Role options are available in teaching, administration or clinical specialization. The continuing education program provides the educational opportunities for registerd nurses to maintain and augment nursing knowledge and skill competencies beyond ini- tial preparation. The rapid changes which are occurring in the health care field today, place responsibility for continued learning upon all practicing nurses whose goal is to provide the best in nursing care and in nurs- ing education. Jerri H. Laube lrightl is the Dean of the School of Nursing and Sheila Vaughn lfar rightl serves as senator for the 1981-82 year. X I ' ","il's ff? 2.3 E. I ,X '-,-f,'r'3' rr, 2-f-4QJ+'1'Qff3fs1 ff 0,212-7,i5?" f Z: . ,'Qg:3gw ww 12513555 2 'L ' ' 3- :Z ,Jr Hiffirv ,". xi,-5 -fzyiga, , ,. 2:1 ., ' f':' '1.,gg'.fF ?f3f'.' ' H' . -H - '-J"-L4 g11 1,'1,, ' fjgfgfw. J A .ily Y +f.L.:f'.. fd ' -1 . ,.f,,!,.0 HMM K ,,,,h?,, 1 4 , : f M gag ,QM ,, 31 f Ffa? 1 " . . 4' 346' ji' 13112 - 'v-H? J aff? 1151 lf . honing cr. ""'1, j, T4 UN 'fu 'VFRSAL OWNG QIGNAI A . f if if" 15-asf' " Academicsg'Nursing 231 College of Science a n d Technology The College of Science and Technology has enjoyed phenomenal growth since its begin- ning 14 years ago. USM's young faculty with the aid of thoroughly modern facilities has worked hard to achieve the objectives of ex- cellence in teaching, research, and service. We are dedicated to helping solve the prob- lems of today's world, in all scientific areas, ranging from our development of cardiac monitoring instruments to the excavation of fossils of large aquatic mammals. -P " rj-'rf 1 ' f""HS7f':-'.iZ,-'j.,g'P':': 'iff - i' 1 i -fi' ' xr. is V: . 1 : ,.,,fQ5si-Mya, 5 ag 1 i " f tr y - - . 'f' gg- '. fi '. "L -'i 4 iw . iys . 4 ,q- ,, 5 fp "ZW: ' ,i , --, ,' 'Q 3,21 C ' 'S 1"f2".3 - - - S- 4 -. 39 .42 V H n . f ' ' ' - wif? . ,sf- 'Y 'T - 'ZZSQAC ' , ' 3 f5".f-Q5-" F-T'1T,'.,: 'Q Y. :fm -- " ,, . . - ii- 4 Q ,. , ' . tic-isQ'f?'49Swi2!:'1r7,.qiL1-v.' Y, gi, , 'f e,Q , .t,,,1'4 , . . fe . , , ,.,, , ,, . 0 , I - 1. ' .. 2, - -fi? f' Q ,sri . 1- -. , , .. , I v,. , ,V ,,,A "Alf -' ' , , " ,, 1 . , ,M RP .,,, ",, U gp af . ,4 Nfl'-A-3 ,.-':, 21:3 . , ' ' . . nf, f , -,r ' Eli A .I ,, ,- x , 1 M 14,1 ,, , "' 2 ff: 1 V is? The college offers a combination of tradition- al and innovative programs in science, tech- nology, and mathematics. Our 12 depart- ments offer 20 different majors and 10 pre professional programs. We have many unique features such as learning labs, which individualize instruction, co-op programs, and student assisted research projects. The marine biology department is especially strong, due to our close proximity to the Gulf Coast Research Lab. Our technological pro- grams are specially developed for direct ap- plication to industry. They are designed to give students a working knowledge of indus- trial application and an understanding of ba- sic supervisory skills. Industry advisory boards have been estab- lished to assure that our curriculum remains up to date, practical and pertinent. USM graduates are continually proving the worth of the Science and Technology programs with successful careers throughout the world in all areas of science and technology. Bary Wildman lrightl is the Dean of the Col- lege of Science and Technology, and the sen- ators Cbelowl are Lucy Guice, Sam Burkett, Vicki Gryder, Paul Allen, Mellissa Thomas, and Charles Moseley. gif U4 C 'Ze 232 AcademicsfSci-Tech Qi? 'M-Nnqusbivf' rf'-we, mm ,,.....1"'?f-.41 Academics,-"Sci-Tech 233 Honors College The Honors College was established July 1, 1976, as an expansion and reorgnization of the former Honors Center. The purpose of the Honors College is to provide superior stu- dents with a broadly based, humanistic un- dergraduate education, to give a proper set- ting and perspective to their more specialized studies, and to challenge them to their best efforts. Its aim is to identify, encourage, and reward academic excellence in all fields and to serve students with widely varying aca- demic interest, awarding degrees cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude. Any major offered by the university can be chosen by an Honors Collete student. The core curriculum, however, will be replaced by research projects, independent study, and an honors core. The University and the community benefit from the Honors College through special ser- vice such as the University Program Series, which consists of a lecture series, outstanding films, panel, and other informative programs. Dean of the Honors College is Wallace Kay. ' if if of -' f I' f L , W r ' , A, -,f, J C -V 234 Academics z If I W ul " g is r- VXA- . -1 - I f ' In -M 2 fed' G9 'Hs xxx' . . 9 .01-"' if ' 1 W? , f i A 1-. -. . .Rw- Hr as ' ,. .QV ' ,qs K ef, N, . AYP. ' .V 5 ff T . , ll, Eff 4 4 -if :ui ,dxf i 4? jg it l C C Nw-'4""'M' Academics 235 The graduate school of Social Work at USM is fully accredited and offers the only MSW degree in the state of Mississippi. The School of Social Work prepares students for service to individuals, families, groups, and commu- r1itieS. USM offers three separate programs in the department of Social Work and they are reg- ular, accelerated, and part-time. Students spend a good deal of their time working in social agencies because the curriculum is competencey based and practice oriented. The USM program is dedicated to training students to help with significant social pro- grams among various groups of people. Dean of the School of Social Work is Shirley Jones lrightl while senator for 1981-82 was Flor- ence Harkins lfar rightl. ink u ., ' 5 xi'-'.S't - 1 . 1:5-Qi! K ' ei -5, 'X , x 'x 6iA"i'a" v f . QI Z,"l Q, 1, if 'AAN' . V' N, L q - ,,, ' -r ' - Q :iq- 1. Q, .. ,, 1 3 l Hausa. 3 Tl c-'W N9-1 f.: gk X ga' tml' X 1+ 5 's 4 17-.x.WA:. v -., V - .max if , ' 95 'uh "' L I fl ,V 9 , ga sf.: Qi ,fl , fs -' 11 S. r 5 wmv A Q! is 14 lp ,E 4 4 A gg "' -.P Lzifui 238 People Inside Homecoming Court Dr. Lucas Mr. and Miss USM Beauties Greek God and Goddess Whois Who Hall of Fame Administration Students l l People Section Editor: Sheila Whitten P pl 239 DR. AUBREY K. LUCAS USM PRESIDENT: Mo ing U SM To ard Distin tion "This university is moving toward a kind of distinction that cannot be denied it,', says Aubrey K. Lucas, president of USM "Every- one here wants it and it's being realized gradually but surely." Lucas has been associated with USM for al- most 30 years in one way or another. He first entered school here in 1952 as an undergrad- uate. Four years later with a major in Ele- mentary Education and a minor in History, Lucas worked on his Master's Degree in Reading while serving as Assistnat Director of the Reading Clinic. After teaching one year of Reading at Hinds Junior College, he returned to USM as director of Admissions and also served as Registrar and Dean of the Graduate School before becoming President of Delta State University. "He came back," as one person puts it, "to USM in 1975, this time as presidentf' "lf I have any success as president here, it will be because the students, faculty, staff and alumni have nurtured me to be the kind of president they feel their university needs," says Lucas. In his seven years as president of Southern, he says, "the biggest thing I feel l've accomplished is to create an environ- ment in which people with ability can devel- 11 op. Lucas says he could point to curriculm or 240 People by Susan Wolfe buildings as part of his success as a university president, "but that does not a university make." He adds, "A university is people who need to be encouraged, persuaded and re- warded to do those things which they can do bestf' "l've always enjoyed the teaching field," says Lucas, "but it seems my fate to devote most of my time to administration." He adds that his happiest moments are "seeing the faculty teaching beautifully, publishing, cre- ating, researching, developing students and rendering service to the state." Lucas said there is greater enthusiasm at USM and he credits some of that to the suc- cess in athletics. "I'm convinced that our suc- cessful athletic program gives us greater visa- bility than anything we could have done. It is very important." "I want us to be a university of great value particularly to this state and I want us to be judged by the people of this state to be the very best." Among those things Lucas wants for the university are a well paid faculty with national and international reputations, a Health-Education building, additions to the Cook Library, improved library holdings, ren- ovated or replaced dormatories, better equipment for teaching and research and im- proved offices for the faculty. "My main con- cern," says Lucas, "is financing the universi- ty and these goals in the face of the state's economic setbacks." When asked how he feels about this universi- ty which seems as much a part of his life as his wife, Ella, and his four children, Frances, 25, Carol, 20, Alan, 18, and Mark 13, Lucas replies, "I love this university . . . l'm proud of it." 3 to Q Q gf if X . 'rx Q ? a'- an 'Q 'Q Q In .Q ag fe., .Q .2 9 l ...v "' "'7'?f!I!Illlllllll l LL O S O o , C 'Q P 4 U. .4-I n x o E ' People 241 Mr. and Miss USM Rhett Whitley and Susan Keene K 4. .X I 1 1 V, i .L 44 Homecoming Court 1981 Queen Sherry Morrow Escort Ken Stribling Student Body Maid Freshman Maid Sophomore Maid Lisa Mason Angela Fokakis Jayme Collins Escort Andy Howell Escort Gabe Kopf Escort David Koelling f2"'f'f""'u """ ' fir? sf up i '14 , sr ' 4 :v:, if f v -'V , ,lt - Jr'-nv Q D, F 'mxsog I 'e A '. 'eff 345 ., ' 1h M rs . 1 ,N 2 L .An fi- d Q . 'Pia' 1991, 1 ul f qs f 9 :rg ,, ,Na+ Nl- ,. . Q I -is 4 . .QU 4 1 1 sq. l A . ' 1 L 1 . 4 ,fd Beauty Jacquie Blessing flvlwnnuurf' - ' ,Jw-V K 'K Nw, N. I' , 51, L. .. - 1 ik' ix, ,S K 4451.12. - -x' . 5 fi My-mm' WN V V A A ,him 1 A A , f ' wf2g:,5.:,-.1' 6 l '21:5z1. , 5 , 1 Ig ' '.':f:.VQ'1? A ir B s :W 246 PeoplefBeauties kv Beauty Theresa Campbell People Beauties 2 Beauty Teri Dallas Y f Beauty Dee Dee Davis P5315 Beauty Angela F okakis T3 'V 3 , 1 "N--. sf' I ' 1 .n 1, .- K 3 .f . A gg ' A , 1 Q5 ! E T 5 2 1 f . I . , 1 Qty "' 1 250 P pl XB Beauty Tammy Fulton People B Beauty Jayne I-Iigginbotham ,f 'x 1 3 S ,Z Beauty Patra Massey sg- 'Q gf: M 2 ,SKY 1' , -x l N v T ? y. df' If T 1 P13151 52 Beauty Jan McDonald .X gx bi ....,..f"' ff, ,rv , Q 1 wv-M 1, TW- , Y, , , L Q F x A Q I? M ZZ? W A 1 , 5 Q I l X 1 A my ., YS 3 K 1 gi . X E. 3 . X ' - fd x 1' E W 2 6 4 7? ? J ai' xx avi, gag rig A E ai Q. xx f , , x, M VZ .. , . X, ' A 'W' f5? i :g1ffg.f if ' " ., 254 PeoplefBeauties , , WY. Aff ., "V, Kim McGuffee People B t 255 1 Every spring semester the Greek community at USM comes together for the annual Greek Games competetion at USM's Lake Sehoy. Each fraternity is randomly paired with a sorority to comprise the teams. Weeks before the day-long competition, the teams ready themselves for such events as relay races, swimming, and tug-o-wars. Having selected their most deserving members, the fraternity and sorority team that wins the overall Greek Games competition also takes the honor of having the University's Greek God and Goddess for the year. For 1981 that honor went to Kappa Sigma and Chi Omega whose members Randy Shepherd and Nena Brister are USM,s Greek God and Goddess. Nena Brister was a senior from Crystal Springs, Mississippi. She persued a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Communication while minoring in English. While at the University of Southern Missis- sippi, Nena was a member of Chi Omega sorority, Southern Style, the 1980-81 Lady Eagles Basketball team, and was a Sigma Alpha Epsilon little sister. Nena is the daughter of Mrs. Eva Brister of Crystal Springs and Mr. Lowery Lee Brister of Gulfport, Mississippi. Greek God And Goddess Randy Shepherd And Nena Brister v A l, Randy Shepherd was a senior from Greenville, Mississippi majoring in building construction technology. Randy has played all intramural sports, was an lnter Fraternity Council delegate, and a member of the American Institute Constructors. An active member of Kappa Sigma fraternity, Randy has served as pledge trainer and guard. PeoplefGreek God and Goddess 257 ADMINISTRATIGN l 1 l BILLY ALLEN ROBERT VAN ALLER BOBBY DEAN ANDERSON Director of High Schogl and Junigr CQIIQQQ Dean of Graduate School Dean of College of EClLlCatiOn and Relations Psychology MINNIE R. AUSTIN THOMAS SCOTT BATEMAN ONVA K. BOSHEARS Assistant to the director of RC. Cook Director of Communications Services Dean of School of Library Science Union 258 PeoplefAclminist l JESSE BOYD HARRY BROWN WILLIAM BRUNDAGE Director of the University Commons Director of Accounting Services Director of Research and Sponsored Programs JAMES RAY CARPENTER ACE CLEVELAND TI-IURMAN L. COLLINS Golf Professional and Instructor Sports Information Director Head Football Coach P pl Ad 259 ADMINISTRATION BETTY GILLIS COOLEY WALTER COOPER ROLAND DALE Bursar Dean of School of Health, Phys. Ed. and Athletic Director Recreation I I 6, ' r. l If 1 stiff A ' 'I Q VX. ' -, v , I .L RICHARD T. DODDER MARY EDITH DRESSEL WARREN K. DUNN Director of English Language Institute Director of Career Advisement and Director of University Union and Student Cooperative Education Activities 260 PeoplefAd minist t PETER EASTON DURKEE ALINE R. EDDINS THOMAS ESTES Vice President for Student Affairs Director of the Office of Veterans Affairs Vice President of Business and Finance x-Af' IDX ff WILLIAM G. FRON NICHGLAS H. FRUGE SARAH GIBBS Director of Financial Aid Assistant to Vice President of Academic Dean of School of Home Economics affairs People,f'Administration 261 l 1 1 ADMINISTRATION CLYDE GINN JOAN GLOVER BILLY WES GORE Dean of Continuing Education Manager of University Bookstore Dean-USM at Natchez WILLIAM R. GRANTHAM JOE GREEN JOHN GREEN Dean of Students Dean of College of Business Administration Dean of Cgllege of Fine Arts 262 PeoplefAdminist t n l I n HOWARD GENE ROBERT HARRINGTON, JR. JOE HOLLOWAY Director of Personnel Services Dean-USM at Gulf Park Director of Physical Plant ' fi is C7 HOWARD MILLER ALBERT JOSEPH JAEGER JANICE JAMES Director, Department of Public Safety Assistant Vice President of Business and Manager of Research and Sponsored Program F P pl Ad 26 ADMINISTRATION DIANA KAY JAMES ROGER B. JOHNSON ROGER JOHNSON Women's Basketball Coach Executive Administrative Assistant to the English Language Institute President iinl SHIRLEY JONES WALLACE KAY W.E. KIRKPATRICK Dean of School of Social Work Dean of Honors College Director of Public Relations 264 PeoplefAd ministr t ROBERT KEVITZ CECIL KLUTTS JERRI LAUBE Director of Housing Director of Purchasing Dean of School of Nursing -.J CARL LAWRENCE ALICE MAW CHARLES MCNEIL Director of Placement Services Director of International Student Director of Admissions Advisement P pl !Ad t t 265 ADMINISTRATION DANNY MONTGOMERY POWELL OGLETREE JOSEPH SCOTT PAUL -- Registrar Director of Alumni Activities Assistant to the Vice President for Student ' Affairs V2 si ll it 2 STK .S ERIC PRENSHAW CHARLES PROBST GENE SAUCIER Assistant to the Vice President of Dean of Student Serv Dean of Admissions and Special Academic Academic Affairs Services 266 PeoplefAd mini ii WILLIAM C. SCRUGGS BILL SHAFER JAMES SIS Director of Computer Center Director of the University Counseling Dean of College of Liberal Arts Center :Dil-u... . F KEN SMITH CELESTIAN TAYLOR SHELBY THAMES Business Manager for Auxiliarieg Assistant Athletic Director and Head Vice President of Administration and Baseball Coach Regional Campuses Peoplef'Administration 267 GENE TINNON Dean of Continuing Education ADMINISTRATIGN MALCOLM TURK SIDNEY WEATHERFORD Menis Basketball Coach 1 ?!.6'f'f Director of Institutional Research 1.2 ..-l JOHN WELLONS GARY WILDMAN KAREN YARBURCUGH Director of Development Dean of College of Science and Technology Viw President of Academic Affairs 268 PeoplefAd 4' ,fd LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP FOR USM ADMINISTRATORS 3 d J mes Sims Joe Holloway Jerri Laube Sara Gibbs Roy lst: Shelby Thames, Joe Paul, Susan Graham, Shirley Jones, 2nd: Gary Wildman, Walter Cooper, Gene Tinnong r : a ,... Moore, Peter Durkeeg 4th: Al Jaeger, Roger Johnson, Karen Yarbrough, Bill Gore, Nick Frugeg 5th: Sidney Weatherford, Rader Grantham, Aubrey Lucas. Gene Saucier, Tom Es- de Ginn Bob Van Aller' 6th: Wallace Kay, Dick Prenshaw, John Green, Joe Green, Roland Dale, Charles Probst, Bob Anderson. tes, Cly , , 26 9 l 1 WI-IO S WI-IO AMO G STUDE TS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND U IVERSITIES AMY ASHLEY Southern Style, Mini-quarter facilitatorg Kappa Delta Sorority, Vice-President of Pledge class, Vice-President of Sorority, Public Relations Chairman, Standards Board Chairman, Student Alumni Association, Campus Crusade for Christ, Sigman Nu Sweetheart, President of Junior Panhellenicg Member of the USM Band Flag Corpsg Pi Tau Chi Honorary Religious Societyg University Relation Councilg Univer- sity Activities Council, Officer Review Board, Non-Music Committee, American lnstructors of the Deaf lCAlDlg American Organization for Education of the Hear- ing lmpaired IAOEHDQ Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf, Speech and Hearing Association, Student Education Association, Dean's List, Kappa Delta Model Member. JOHNNY ATHERTON A Alpha Lambda Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa, Southern Toastmasters, Charter Member, Sargent-At-Arms, Social Committeeg American Marketing Associationg Deans List, Inter-Fraternity Council, Delegate, Executive Board, President, Judici- al Board, Fraternity-Sorority Committee Memberg Phi Kappa Tau, Vice-President, President, Executive Council, Most Improved Member Award. CHRIS BAKER Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Vice President, Rush Chairman, Active of the Year, lnter-fraternity Council, President, Treasurer, Delegate, Associated Student Body, Treasurer, Senator for the School of Business, Cabinet, Documents Committee Chairman, Election Council, Omicron Delta Kappa, Treasurer, Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Beta Gamma Sigma, Kappa Delta Sorority Big Brother, Dean's List, President's List. BELINDA BOONE Southerner Editor-in-chief, Southerner Classes Co-editor, ASB Election Council, ASB Student Services Committee, Rho Gamma, Charter President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Sigma Gamma, American Marketing Associ- ation, University Publications Board, Golden Eagle Civitans, UAC, Non-voting member, USM Dean's List, USM President's List, National Dean's List, Alpha Phi Omega. PAM BERRY Omicron Delta Epsilon, Chi Omega, Publicity Chairman, Phi Chi Theta, President, Rush Chairman, Kappa Sigma Little Sister, ASB, Executive Secretary, Mississippi Youth Congress, Alph Phi Omega, Secretary, Treasurer, Campus Crusade for Christ, Society for Advancement of Management, Young Republicans for USM, Civitan Club, Student-Alumni Association, Chi-O-Tee Singing Group, Committee on Services and Resources for Women, Public Safety Advisory Council, Business Advisory Committee. ,gl 34 CAREN CHATHAM Omicron Delta Kappa, Southern Style Member, Mini-Quarter Facilitator, Universi- ty Activities Council lUACl, Officer Review Board, Dean's List, Member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority, Pledge Trainer, Marshall, Service Projects, ASB Cabinet Member, Director of Governmental Relations. Chairman: Special Projects Coordin- ator for ASB, Member of Student Alumni Association, Secretary, Public Relations Chairman, Member of Student Judicial Committee. Who's Who 271 STEPHANIE COOKE President's and Dean's List, Recipient of Betty Duke Craft Scholarship, Member of Chi Omega Fraternity, Panellenic Representative, Civitan Club, International Food Service Executive Association, Institutional Administration Club, Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Ecomonics Honorary, Omicron Delta Kappa, Panhellenic Rush Chair- person, Senior Class Representative in Dietetics, Sigma Nu Fraternity Little Sister. SHEILA CURRIE Panhellic Council, President, Vice-President, Jr. Panhellenic Advisor, Speech Communication Association, Vice-President, Delta Zeta Sorority, Vice-President, Rush Chairperson, House Chairman Guard, Voted Outstanding Active, Chairper- son of Sophomore Class, Rho Lambda National Panhellenic Recognition Society, Charter President, Pi Tau Chi National Honor Society in Religion, Vice-President, Wesley Foundation Clown, President, Organizer, Public Relations Student Society of American National Liaison, Gold Tender, Campus Crusade for Christ, Ivah O. Wilber Scholarship, Fraternity and Sorority Committee, Jr. Civitans. 272 Who's Who IVAN B. CROSSLEY Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Alpha Psi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Pledge Class President, Academic Brother of the Year, Executive Director of Miss Black and Gold Pagaent, Peat, Marwick, Mitchell and Co, ICPAJ Scholastic Award, Dean's List, National Dean's List, ASB Director of University Relations, Student Judicial Council, Afro Ameri- can Cultural Society, Vice-President, University Publications Board, University Traffic Appeals Board, American Marketing Association. SHERRY DEAR Chi Omega, Vice-President, 1980 Song Fest Chairperson, Rush Information Chair- person, Vocations and Programs Chairperson, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Episi- lon Delta, Student Alumni Association, Campus Crusade for Christ, National Dean's List, President's List, Phi Delta Rho, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta Beta Beta. lip STEPHEN THOMAS EDSALL Sigma Lambda Chi, President, Student Constructors, President, USM Home- builders, Treasurer, University Activities Council, Voting Member, Sigma Phi Epsi- lon, Secretary, Brotherhood Development Coordinator, National Association of Homebuilders, American Institute of Constructors, Construction Specifications Institute, NAHB Scholarship Winner, National Eagle Scout Association, Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 11, Associated General Contractors, Delta Zeta Big Brother. ERIN F INLEY ASB Secretary, ASB Senate Secretary, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Rho, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Gamma Sigma, Society for Advancement of Manage- ment, Most Outstanding New Member, President, Phi Beta Lambda, American Society for Personnel Administration, Chi Omega Social Sorority, Dean's List, President's List, National Dean's List Member, USM Women's Varsity Basketball Cheerleader, C2 yrsl USM Ski Club, USM Publication's Board, National Register of Outstanding College Graduates, Troy C. Hill Memorial Award in Personnel Man- agement, ACT Scholarship. SHERRY ELKINS President's List, Most Outstanding Freshman Women, Campus beauty K3 yrsl, Miss Copiah County, Talent Winner and First Alternate to Miss Southern, Junior Home- coming Maid, Dixie Darling l2 yrsl, Captain, Chi-Omega Rush Chairperson, Most Outstanding Pledge, Phi Kappa Alpha Little Sister and National Finalist in Calen- dar Competition C2 yrsl, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Chi Tau Epsilon, Lambda Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Nutcracker K2 yrsl, Kiss Me Kate. ELIZABETH FRYE Kappa Delta Sorority, President for two Years, Omicron Delta Kappa 1 Phi Delta Rho, Rho Lambda, Kappa Omicron Phi, Secretary: Alpha Lambda Delta. Vice- President, American Marketing Association, Home Ecomonics Club: Associated Student Body Election Council, Recipient of the Kappa Delta Founders' Scholars ship, Recipient of lvah O. Wilber Panhellenic Scholarship: Resident Assistant: Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister, Dean's List, Presidents List. Who's Who 273 in--.ra l 3 i I 1 GUY GRUSH ASB Director of Public Relations, ASB Management, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, House Manager, Pledge Trainer, R.J. J.Lindon House award, Outstanding Big Brother, Public Relations Student Society of America, President, Sigma Delta Chi, Vice-President, USM powerlifting team, Student Printz, Staff Writer. TAMARA J . INMAN Outstanding Freshman Woman 1978-79, Top Five Freshmen Women 1978-79, Freshman Homecoming Maid 1978, Sophomore Homecoming Maid 1979, Top Ten Beauty C3 yrsl, Basketball Cheerleader 1978-79, Football Cheerleader K2 yrsl, Delta Delta Delta Sorority, Social Chairperson, Historian, Phi Kappa Tau Little Sister 14 yrsl, Theatre Service Award Scholarship, Dean's List, President's List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma, Phi Delta Rho, Alpha Psi Omega, Secretary, Treasurer, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Roles in 17 USM Theatre Productions. 274 Who's Who DONNA HENRY Omicron Delta Kappa, Dean's List, Phi Delta Kappa, Chi Omega, Pledge Vice- President, Assistant Personnel Director, Social and Civic Chairperson, Southern Style, Vice-President, ASB Election Commission, Student Alumni Association, Mini Quarter Facilitator, Student Council for Exceptional Children QSCECD, Student Education Association tSEAl, Activities Award for 1981, College Civitan Club, Campus Crusade of Christ, Panhellenic Talent Show Winner, Kappa Sigma Star- duster. JOAN KATZENMEYER Delta Gamma Sorority, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, and Assistant Trea- surer, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Vice-President for two years, Omicron Delta Kappa, Financial Management Association National Honor Society, President, Business Student Advisory Council, Secretary-Treasurer, "The Pride" Flag Corps, Phi Delta Rho, Dean's List, President's List Graduate Assistant, and National Dean's List. SUSAN KEENE Miss USM, Kappa Delta, Panhellenic Delegate, Panhellenic Council, Vice-Presi- dent, President, Executive Council, USM Golden Girls, President, Kappa Sigma Starduster, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Rho, Rho Lambda, Student Alumni Association, Campus Crusade for Christ, Southern Style, Mini Quarter Facilitator, lvah O. Wilber Scholarship, ASB Cabinet Member, Associate Director of Govern- mental Relations, and University Relations, ASB Election Council, University Rela- tions Council, Dean's List. Nr" 'Will' STEPHANIE LOTT Chi Omega Social Fraternity, Rush Correspondent, Assistant Songfest Chairper- son, and Assistant Rush Chairperson, Presidential Scholarship, USM Honors Col- lege, Omicron Delta Kappa, President, Phi Delta Rho, Lambda Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, National Dean's List, Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society, Dixie Darling, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Southern Genetics Society tStudent Memberi, Civitan Club, Lamar County's Miss Hospitality 1981, Dean's List, President's List. PAUL KEITH Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, President, Secretary, Pledge Trainer, Alumni Rela- tions Officer, lnter Fraternity Council, Student Judicial Council, Army ROTC: Brigade S-1, Distinguished Military Student, National Sojouners Award, Scabbard and Blade, Vice-President, USM Rangers, Dean's List. SHARON LUMPKIN Chi Omega, President, Chapter Correspondent, Campus Crusade for Christ, Om- nicron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Rho, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pom Pom Girl, Civitan Club, Dixie Darlings, WMSU Station Manager, INNERVIEW Reporter: Mississippi Broadcasters Association Scholarship, Rho Lambda, ASB Public Relations Com- mittee, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Presidents List, Dean's List. Who's Who 275 LISA A. MASON Dean's List, Vice-President, President Speech Communication Association, Secre- tary Phi Delta Rho, Pi Tau Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Chi Omega Sorority, Phi Kappa Tau Little Sister, ASB Senator, Chairperson of ASB Ways and Means Committee, ASB Public Relations Committee, Spirit Committee, Pom Pom Girl, Dixie Darling, Society of America, Southern Misses, Homecoming Student Body Maid, Campus Beauty, Campus Crusade for Christ. WES PETERS Dean's List, Presidents List, ASB Senator, Chairman of the Investigations Commit- tee, Pre-Law Society, L.A.E. American Criminal Justice Association, Sigma Nu Active Scholarship Award, Sigma Nu Sergeant-at-Arms, Spirit Committee, Mem- ber of Southern Barbell Club, Intramural 242 lbs. Class, Squat Record Holder, A.B.I. Community Leaders of America, R. and R. Outstanding College Graduate, Army ROTC, Three and a Quarters Honor Club, l.F.C. Senior Delegate, l.F.C. Judicial Board. 276 Who's Who , 55 lx' ' if 'J A f 2 . l, t . ,fx sl .M- l .f l ll iff., RHON DA RYN MITCHELL Chi Omega Sorority, Pledge Class Treasurer, Model Pledge, Assistant Treasurer, Big Brother Chairperson, Phi Delta Rho, Lambda Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Dean's List, National Dean's List, Honor Scholarship, Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Phi Chi Theta, Treasurer, USM Bowling Team, Captain, Vice-President of Bowling Sports Club, Student Alumni Association, ASB Public Relations Committee, USM Pom Pom Girl, Chi-O-Tees. BETH REEDY Chi Omega, Panhellenic Representative, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister, and Treasurer K2 yrsl, Student Alumni Association, President, Student Alumni Award, Phi Chi Theta, Dean's List, ASB Assistant Spirit Director, ASB Senator, Superior Award at Youth Congress, Panhellenic's RHC Representative, Speech Communi- cation Association, Music Scholarship Recipient C2 yrsl, University Singers Q3 yrsl, Minor Leads in: Ballad of Baby Doe and Amahl and The Night Vistors, Campus Crusade for Christ, Reporter for "lnnerview". 23 'U' I Tj' 'G ji' GREG RIMES Omicron Delta Kappa, Southern Style, President, Kappa Sigma Fraternity Presi- dent, Rush Chairman, Secretary, Endowment Fund Scholarship Recipient, Out- standing Young Men of America 1981, Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Pi Tau Chi, National Register of Outstanding College Graduates, Dean's List, Chi Omega Sorority Big Brother, Accounting Club, Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, Collegiate Civitan Club. JIM SALTER USM Honor College! Honors Student Organization, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa Gold Key Society, Lambda Sigma, President, South- ern Style, Beta Beta Beta, President's List, ASB Senator, ASB Cabinet Member, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Secretary, Student Alumni Association, Campus Cru- sade for Christ, Alpha Epsilon Delta. F'-N REBECCA ROGERS Whose Who Among College American Students, Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice- President, Phi Delta Rho Women's Honorary Society, Southern Style Member, Mini Quarter Facilitator, Member of University Activities Council IUACJ, Outstand- ing Member, Tri Delta Sorority, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Outstanding USM Greek Pledge, Tri-Delta Model Pledge, Recipient of lvah O. Wilber Panhel- lenic Scholarship, President's List, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister. l l ANGELA SARULLO P Delta Delta Delta, President, Scholarship Chairperson, Activities Fund Chairper- son, Dean's List, National Dean's List, Dixie Darling, Captain, Kappa Delta Pi Honorary Fraternity, Student Education Association, Pom Pom Girl, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister, Intramurals, Basketball, Softball, Greek Week Committee. Who's Who 277 Jil -xtmm CINDY SMARTT Outstanding Senator, ASB Election Commissioner, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, President, Alpha Lambda Delta, President, Campus Crusade for Christ, Vice- President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Rho Lambda, Dean's List, Phi Delta Rho, Chi Tau Epsilon, Speech Communication Association, Treasurer, ASB Executive Assis- tant to the President, ASB Associate Director of University Relations, Nutcracker Ballet. PATRICE STEVENS Chi Omega, Corresponding Secretary, Forms and Records Chairperson, Model Initiate, Pledge Class President, Phi Chi Theta, American Society for Personnel Administration, ASB, Election Committee, Public Relations Committee, Student Alumni Association, Treasurer, Angel Flight, Information Officer, Kappa Sigma Little Sister, Civitan Club, College Republicans, Campus Crusade for Christ, Dean's List. 278 Who's Who 'HHH' AMY SPROLES Chi Omega Sorority, Pledge Class Vice-President, Sigma Chi Little Sister, ASB, Assistant Public Relations Director, Spirit Committee, Cabinet, Golden Girl, Varsi- ty Softball Letterman, Intramural Advisory Board Secretary, Student Printz, News Director, Staff Writer, "lnnerview", Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Rho, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta Chi, Alpha Chi Omega, Dean's List, President's List. l ROBERT J. THOMPSON Alpha Psi Omega Honorary Dramatics Fraternity, President, Secretary, Public Relations, ASB Fine Arts Senator, Dean's List, Dean's Liaison Committee for the College of Fine Arts, ASB, Ways and Means Committee, Special Legislation Committee, Sigma Sigma Sigma Big Brother, Baptist Student Union, Paper Staff, Residence Hall Council, Performing Arts Center Box Office Supervisor, Theatre Arts Service Award Scholarship, Alpha Psi Omega Award. i CHRISTY TOWNLEY Delta Delta Delta, Activities Chairperson, Sponsor Chairperson, ASB Associate Spirit Director, Kappa Sigma Starduster, Historian, Panhellenic Rush Counselor, Omicron Delta Kappa, Dean's List, Varsity Cheerleader, ASB Election Commit- tee, Vice-President Intramural Advisory Board, College Republicans, Greek Games Co-Chairperson, Outstanding Leadership Award CHDERJ, Model Active Award iDelta Delta Deltal. RHETT WHITLEY Mr. USM, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, President, Rho Epsilon, Vice-President, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Lambda Sigma, Student Advisory Council, ROTC, Cam- pus Crusade for Christ, Three-Year Varsity Letterman for Golden Eagles Foot- ball, Chi Omega Owl Man, National Register of Outstanding College Graduates, First Team All-State, Second Team All-South Independent, East-West Shrine Game Athlete, Eagle Club, Dean's List Scholar. I JEFF WHITE Kappa Sigma Fraternity, President, Vice-President, Inter-Fraternity Council, Vice- President, Judicial Board Chairman, Associated Student Body, President Pro Tempore, Senator, Director of Public Relations, College Republicans, Co-Chair- man, USM Youth Congress Director, Dean's List, Hattiesburg Mayor's Youth Advisory Board, USM President's Advisory Board, Mississippi Speech Association Youth Congress, City of Jackson Mayor's Youth Council, University Public Rela- tions Committee. JAMES LEE WOODRUFF JR. Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's List, President's List, Recipient of the Kappa Alpha Freshman Scholarship Citation, Recipient of the "J.P. Nard III Scholarship Award", Kappa Alpha. President. Recording Secretary, Historian, Council of Honor, Most Outstanding Pledge: Varsi' ty Football Cheerleader, Captain, Delta Sigma Pi, Inter-Fraternity Council Judicial Board, Chairman of "University Greek Week", Associated Student Body Cabinet, University Relations Board, Co-Editor of "Gamma Zeta News", Producer and Editor of the 1980-81 Film Entry for the CBS TV Network National Collegiate Cheerleading Championships. Who's Who 279 hp. -,-. Q 5' ff HALL CDF FAME f if N i T9 .- ' Q' 5 ' 'Aff :Mika "f . : . , ,-- .Q ' L 3 J lflibillj. .1 W ' ' JAY BINDER , JAMES I-IERRINGTGN ANGELA MAGEE I D 280 Hall of Fame .VMI . 's 'J . 7 ax 's 'ni 1' :'-' . I . .Am Lx, ,. CHRISTINE MERTEN LISA PRINCE DEJUAN STROUD ' I 1 1 - I 1 1 1 l I I ill 1 HII IF 281 '4 ,,, Abbey, Sammy H., Pascagoula, MS Adams, lvan J., Poplarville, MS, So Adams, Janet K., Ocean Springs, MS Adams, Joseph L., Pascagoula, MS Adams, Lawrence D., Brookhaven, Adams, Rick, Fort Walton Beach, Adkins, Terry L., Pickens, Agosta, Ann M., Pearl, Ainsworth, Cheryl K., Brandon, Ainsworth, Jan C., Wiggins, Ainsworth, Pamela A., Soso, Ainsworth, Paula S., Brandon, Ainsworth, Steven W., Mendenhall, Alayon, Gregory, Hattiesburg, Albert, Gail L., Slidell, Alcorn, Shelley K., Hattiesburg, Alderman, Keith H., Columbia, Alexander, Boyd D,, Natchez, Alexander, Pam D., Biloxi, Alfonso, JoAnna M., Gulfport, Alonzo, Reynolds C., Hattiesburg, Alford, Johnney N., Jackson, Alford, Martha R., Carthage, Allbritton, Susie L., Braxton, Allen, Gary E., Houston, Allen, Natalie J., Memphis, Allen, Paul E., Hattiesburg, Allison, William R., Gulfport, Allred, Janet D., Laurel, Allred, Linda C., Jackson, Alsobrook, Mary A., Bay St. Louis, Alsobrooks, Tammy M., Picayune, Alston, Mona J., Edwards, Alston, Paul, Moss Point, Amos, Ruby L., Vicksburg, Anderson, Annie R., Newton, Anderson, Carol E., Vicksburg, Anderson, David M., Vicksburg, Anderson, Jacquelyn A., Gloster, Anderson, Joeleanor P., Hattiesburg, Anderson, Judy F., Jackson, Anderson, Lisa P., Ellisville, Anderson, Marvin, Schriever, Anderson, Paul D., Pascagoula, Anderson, Saundra, Hattiesburg, Anderson, Sharon D., Hattiesburg, Andrews, Jeffrey A., Long Beach, Andrews, John G., Jackson, Andrews, Martin W., Mobile, Andry, Michele A., New Orleans, Anthony, Laura B., Pensacola, Antoine, Cheryl R., Pass Christian, Antoine, Mark D., Vicksburg, Aris, Catherine M., Birmingham, Arledge, William R., Philadelphia, Arnold, Laurie L., South Hill, 282 People MS, So FL MS MS, So MS MS MS MS MS MS LA, MS MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS MS' 1 MS TN MS, MS MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS MS, MS' MS MS, MS. MS MS, MS, LA, MS' MS MS MS, MS, AL' v FL MS MS, AL MS' v VA 1 1 v v v LA, l ' 1 Sl Af I 4 Q gf 1 ' ll A 1 if fa 'fi' k,. ' f-If 1 "3" ""f::" . lg - '-'- i ' " f f" ' -A., fl 1 - i' ' A 1 l uv vu .y , I S., L -..,- K-.:, 5- . 5 4' ,. fl 1' 4 K M K - . 'I2:W.f gm' rico 'U A 1 a t as 1 , 0 Students A if , ,gc ,5,,,,-V7 i ., JW, LL- , r i f bw "X I- N .1 1 ,, ., -Ab l in , -.-. c.. S' f x l,,,,5?.!,, , ., I - 4 4' JF 1, 119' f 1 4? Wi 5 Z," 1 5 , wg, u f, 5 "W, 'xr '44 ' A 4 1 1 fl!-0 , Qlf ' '21-nf? i J Q 32 iq, 1, ' a .if . ? . . 1. 454,-'J vp, 9. f' , 1 6 s x 9 Ng A i ixiiliii vi ,. ,,:j-f'fLf,?- .jfuig-flfr-Ii , fs-5"W'-52,-fs' 'P 3 if 'iff .1 l A Arnold, Linda C., Biloxi, MS, Sr. Arrington, Brenda L., Newton, MS, Jr. Arthur, Deborah A., Franklinton, LA, Jr. Artiques, Teresa, Jackson, MS, So. Ashcroft, Paul A., Biloxi, MS, So. Ashley, Amy C., Brandon, MS, Sr. Ates, Lashunda D., Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Atherton, Edward J., Gulfport, MS, So. Atherton, John W., Gulfport, MS, Sr. Atkins, Carl T., Gulfport, MS, Sr. Atkins, Dorothy A., Gunnison, MS, Jr. Atkisson, Linda M., New Hebron, MS, Sr Authier, Patricia A., Huntsville. AL, Fr. Autry, Anna L., Columbia, MS, So. Averett, Michele R., Columbia, MS, Fr. Avery Axton Bailey, Bailey, Baird, Baird, Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker Balius , Renee J., Lucedale, MS, Fr. Dorothy T., Laurel, MS, Sr. Chantal M., Biloxi, MS, Fr. Victor, Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Leanne, McNeill, MS, So. Stacy, McNeill, MS, Fr. Christopher N., Brandon, MS, Sr. Cindy C., Laurel, MS, Jr. Lisa C., Grenada, MS, Jr. Randall P., Gulfport, MS, Jr. Selena A., Southaven, MS, Sr. Suzanne D., Biloxi, MS, Fr. Ball, Robin, Jackson, MS, So. Ball, Stacy A., Pearlington, MS, Jr. Ball, Steven E., Escatawpa, MS, So. Ballard, Cindy, Baton Rouge, LA, Fr. Ballew, Allison B., Jackson, MS, Sr. Balton, Brenda L., Vicksburg, MS, Jr. Bancroft, D. Bruce, Meridian, MS, Sr. Bancroft, Robert S., Meridian, MS, Jr. Banks, J.P., Fort Walton Beach, FL, Jr. Bankston, Cheri L., Jackson. MS: So. Baram, Kelly M., Gautier, MS, So. Baratti, Clarke C., Sarasota, FL, So. Barber, Donna K., Carriere, MS, Sr. Barham, Pamela G., Philadelphia, MS: Fr Baria, David W., Moss Point, MS, Fr. Barker, Karen S., Fort Walton Beach. FL So Barker, Tammy E., Picayune, MS, Fr. Barksdale, Julie G., Sibley, MS, Fr. Barnard, Tina, Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Barnes, Barnes, Barnes, Barnes, Barnes, Cherri L., Jackson. MS, So. Christopher, Dexter, MS: Sr. Loretta, Prentiss, MS, Fr. Patricia D., Fort Walton Beach. FL Steve M., Florence, MS, Jr. Barnett, Lisa A., Raymond, MS, Jr. Barnett, Betsy R., Laurel, MS, Sr. Barnett, Carolyn D., Heidelburg. MS, Sr. Baronich, Darla T.: Biloxi, MS: Fr. Barrett, Andrew B.: Waveland. MS: Fr. People 283 Barret, Dana, Laurel, MS, Jr Barrett, John, New Concord, OH, Fr. Barrett, Julie I., Bay St. Louis, MS, SO. Barrett, Kermit, Ellisville, MC, Jr. Barrett, Michael A., McComb, MC, Sr. Bartels, Judith L., Mobile, AL, So Bartley, S. Kreg, Brandon, MS, Fr Basden, Julia R., Jackson, MS, Fr Bass, Barbara J., Prentill, MS, Fr Bass, Charles, Bassfield, MS, Sr Basone, David D., Gulfport, MS, Fr Bateman, Sharon K., Gloster, MS, Jr Bates, Betty L., Flora, MS, Jr Batew, Dina D., Slidell, LA, So Batman, Kent A, Woodbury, MN, Sr Batson, Michelle Y., Gulfport, MS, Sr Battaile, William G., Gulfport, MS, Sr Battalora, Michael, Bay St. Louis, MS, Sr Battle, Pearl L., Ocean Springs, MS, Sr Baucum, Zeb, Laurel, MS, Sr Bauer, Thomas R., Compton, IL' Sr r Bayles, Connie L., Prentiss, MS, So Bayles, Frances D., Carson Ms., Fr Baylis, Robert R., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr Baylor, Levett, DeKalb, MS, Sr Beal, Virginia R., Long Beach, MS, Fr Bealor, Ruth L., Panama City, FL, Jr Beard, Clay, Vicksburg, MS, Sr Beasley, Glenn D. Jr., Wesson, MS, Jr Beaton, Julio C., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr Beaugez, Rose M., Bay St. Louis, MS, So Beauvais, Vanessa G., Natchez, MS, Fr Becker, Angie, Brookhaven, MS, Jr Beckham, John R., Philadelphia, MS, Sr Beckman, Brett W., Richmand, lN, Sr Bedvvell, Tink, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr Beech, Larry L., Mendenhall, MS, Fr Beecham, Shannon D., McComb, MS, Fr Beeland, Janet C., Philadelphia, MS, Fr Beeno, Ronald A., Pearl, MS, Sr Behar, Alexander, Bogota, Columbia, Jr Bell, Annie M., Starkville, MS, Fr 284 People V P ff , , if c,- ' ' 1' f-. -,'?':.', ,. 'V ,C-, Z I ,,v4sw35, .. ,,,, :mfr ft 2-1 W XVI. : ft ,-if' . ,Q 1,5 . ,, Vai, N , , '. af. ,six ' 1 ' J' fi! ,221 -r f 1 Tx 'af ee 'f iw rlff l-I f T' .Q '- . Q A A .1 ,ss V: ,V .4 ,fa , . ,v., f, , x 4 ,f f X ' ,T , r y , 72252 11, , , ' -A riiv f rf: -g. 4' f ? ,4 N W , iff, f ,f if 1 N- - riff. - 1 61... I I t ,Q ' z QW! , . , fl I " 47 mg: l . , A3 6 1. ' 57 ,534 ,, 4, ,,.,,,., f '-'few 3 'M ., ' 'H' ,l f y 5 ' 4 ' ' New 1 S-gif- ' f " A -,fail it 'N ,,J K. R 1 A , . fe", ""? .Mg 3,51-Q'-v 44 1- .-f my .4 wwf-. '. f' ' 'Jag Q- Vx ' l Y, w 'Y 5 , 0, ff -f .2 . , .B , , Q ' is , f, ty XS., ' ' LTY21! ssl . s -Fx Q19' -l Y. 1 , Q y- F., , . 5, .' 'Q ' -,, V' 4 ., ll' J 1 1,1 . ' . 617 13 :xii , 'ii'-'K"em.'N ' ll .Lk if. f Bell, Debra A., Greenwood, MS, Sr. Bell, Patricia C., West lslip, NY, Jr. V Bellipanni, Gregg V., lndianola, MS, Jr. If Bernard, Mary I., Gu,fport, MS, Jr. Bernhardt, Lisa D., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Bender, Donald, Newton, MS, Jr. Benefield, Rachel E., Gulfport, MS, Fr. Benfield, Bennett, Bennett, James E., Spudton, OH, So. Ann, Sloster, MS, Jr. Dennis K., Hattiesburg, MS: Sr. Bennett, Jevelyn T., Hattiesburg, MS, Gr. Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett Lisa B., Indianola, MS, Sr. Teresa l., ltta Bena, MS, Sr. Tommy, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Tracey C., Hattiesburg, MS: Sr. Benson, James T., Purvis, MS, Fr. Berger, Charleen R., Carriere, MS, Sr. Berry, Della E., Moss Point, MS, Sr. Berry, Pamela K., Gulfport, MS, Sr. Berryhill, Toby V., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Bertucci, Alan T., Gulfport, MS, Fr. Best, Susan L., Woodville, MS: Sr. Bethman, Wendy M., Pass Christian, MS, So Betts, Cynthia R., Toomsuba, MS: Jr. Beverly, Angela, Picayune, MS, Jr. Beverly, Louis B., Jackson, MS, Sr. Bielstein, Donna G., Waveland, MS: Sr. Bingham, Barbara A., Hattiesburg. MS: Fr. Bingham, Ronald, Pearl, MS, So. Bird, Steve C., Mendenhall, MS, Sr. Birdrow, George W., Biloxi, MS: Sr. Birdsong, Tammy J., Meridian. MS: Fr. Bishop, Cynthia D., Forest, MS: Sr. Bishop, Huett E., Pascagoula. MS: Sr. Bissell, Randall, Jackson, MS: Sr, Biter, Beverly A., Hattiesburg. MS: Jr. Bittick, Kevin D., Brandon. MS: Fr. Blackledge, Charles, Laurel. MS: Sr. Blackledge, Kim, Gulfport. MS: Sr. Blackmer, Cindy L.: Long Beach. MS: So, Blackmer, Lee A., Long Beach. MS: So. Blackston, Jenny, Oxford, MS: Fr. People 285 Blackstone, Jill P., Slidell, LA Blackstone, Susan E., Slidell, LA Blackwell, Nina L., Collins, MS Blake, Faye W., Ocean Springs, MS Blake, Theresa L., Columbus, MS, Blakeney, Gregg M., Long Beach, MS Blakeney, Judy A., Magee, MS, Blakeney, Mary A., Jackson, MS Blalock, Brenda D., Meridian, MS Blanchard, Debbie E., Biloxi, MS Bland, William R., Batesville, MS Blass, Robert L., Satsuma, AL Bloodworth, Robert S., Jancson, MS Bogart, Valerie L., Long Beach, MS Boalt, Keith J., Hattiesburg, MS, Boggs, Wanda D., Meridian, MS, Bolle, Karen L., Richamond, IN Bolton, Eleanor C., Hattiesburg, MS Bolton, Janet L,, Picayune, MS, Bolton, Linda J., Gulfport, MS Boleware, Monica, L., Carson, MS Bond, Arlene M., Perkinston, MS Bond, Michele A., Wiggins, MS Boney, John V., Biloxi, MS Bonin, Carey A., Biloxi, MS Bontemps, Celes A., Ocean Springs, Booker, Allison A., Brandon, MS Booker, Dorothy E., Houston, TX Booker, Gregory M., Meridian, MS Booker, Roderick, Oxford, MS Boolos, Kimberly A., Vicksburg, MS Boone, Belinda L., Florence, MS Boone, Brenda J., Purvis, MS Boone, Jeff L., Tehran, Iran Bordages, Lisa A., Lakeshore, MS Borgatti, Tina M., Slidell, LA 1 Borgognoni, Larry D., Clarksdale, MS, Borosky, Cynthia A., Gautier, MS, Borosky, Michael L., Gautier, MS Borosky, Tricia A., Gautier, MS, Bostwick, Richard D., Gulfport, MS Bounds, Sharon G., Pearl, MS Bourne, Lisa A., Petal, MS Bournes, Peggy D., Gulfport, MS, Bourrage, Dessie M., Meridian, MS Bouton, Fran E., Leland, MS Boutwell, Kim L., Long Beach, MS Bowden, Royce O, Jr., Picayune, MS Bowe, Lance A., Clifton Springs, NY Bowen, Julia A., Vicksburg, MS Bowen, Mark H., Pass Christian, MS, Bowen, Robert L., Hattiesburg, Bowlin, Connie R., Smithdale, MS, Bowlin, Margaret R., Long Beach, MS Bowman, Carol L., Magnolia, MS, 286 People 1 1 1 1 1 1 Blount, Jeanne F., Laurel, MS, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,ga-3 Q? cf " , M1535 "1 -"Af 4 - ivg n rf tl lg. . , , Q: " Q J. .. ,vm A 1 YS -v- 'E , , . i..,ff,'f1 , 1 'J 'j 2 ,... ,. . , , . ,!5g!32i'f1f'ff' ll 6 A tgy.,v,:.' ' ., in , . ."N gg - --1-v A I l um x 4 rtfgrr' IV. Q1 ' 0. .X Sf ! . xl -1 'll Bill - S H' 5:1 Clif li - .. il 3 m llf s 'gi' ll . i I '1 ,. Q ,5 Q. X -X ,X , --:x fZ-f- - if w LZ... L, T1f:,"',,- -' .,, i"'., Bowman, Lynne M., Jackson, MS, Jr. Bowman, Robert W., Poplarville, MS, Jr. Bowman, Susan C., Natchez, MS, Fr, Boyd, Connie R., Clinton, MS, So. Boyd, Eric K., Monticello, MS, So. Boyd, Larry L., Pensacola, Fl, Jr. Boyd, Robby L., Bay St. Louis, MS, Jr. Boyd, Robert C., Meridian, MS, Sr. Boykin, Bobby B., Harrisville, MS, Sr. Boykin, Lisa W., Mendenhall, MS, Sr. Box, Douglas L., Jackson, MS, Fr. Box, James W., Satsuma, AL, Jr. Bradley, Deborah A., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Bradley, Scott T., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Brady, LaDine, Natchez, MS, Jr. Brantley, Christy L,, Madden, MS, Jr. Brashears, Tammy M., Foxworth, MS, Fr, Brashier, Meribeth, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Breedlove, Sheila A., Biloxi, MS, Jr. Breeland, Read H., Biloxi, MS, Jr. Breland, Phyllis L,, Wiggins, MS, Fr. Breland, Stephanie A., Petal, MS, So. Breland, Teresa C., Wiggins, MS, Sr. Breland, Timothy K., Brooklyn, MS, Sr. Bremmer, Esther E., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Bremmer, Marietta J., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Brenke, Karen F., Vancleave, MS, Jr. Brennan, Mary A., Brookhaven, MS, Jr. Brennan, Mary I., Gulfport, MS, Fr. Brent, Mitch S., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Brewer, Benita J., Leakesville, MS, So. Brewer, Bridges, Bridges, Bridges, Joe R., Brookhaven, MS, Sr. Errol M., Poplarville, MS, Sr. Jesse Ill, Hattiesburg, MS, So, Tubbs, Copenhagen, Denmark, Jr. Brier, Robette C., Mobile, AL, So. Briggs, Bennett L., Pascagoula, MS, Fr. Bright, Mark A., Gulfport, MS, So. Bright, Nancy J., Mobile, AL, Gr. Bright, Pamela S., Gulfport, MS, Sr. Brister, Brister, Angela D., Clinton, MS, Sr. Glenn H., McComb, MS, Jr. Britain, Samuel J., Mobile, AL, Jr. Britt, Daniel E., Brookhaven, MS, Sr. Britt, William Denver Jr., Brookhaven, MS: Sr Britton, Rose A., Waynesboro, MS, Sr. Broadfoot, Deirdre L. Collins, MS: Sr. Broadway, Stacy J., Mize, MS, Jr. Brock, Steven C., Summit, MS, Sr. Brondum, Claude A., Woodville, MS, Fr. Brooks, Dedrick, Hattiesburg, MS: Sr. Brookshire, Ray C. Jr,, Jackson. MS, So. Broome, Jeanette S., Hattiesburg. MS: Fr. Broome, Jennifer L., Purvis, MS, Fr. Broome, Jessie A., Purvis, MS, So. Brown, Alicia N., Jackson, MS, Sr. People 287 Two Days Off . . . Brown, Catherine E., Summit, M5, Sr Brown, Charles L., DeKalb, MS, So Brown, Cynthia D., Laurel, MS, Jr Brown, Dennis O., Hazlehurst, MS, Sr Brown, Pamela A., Brandon, MS, Jr Brown, Raymond E., Meridian, MS, So Snow and ice chilled and thrilled Hattiesburg residents the week of January 14th with pow- er outages, slick roads, and frozen noses. While other parts of the state received up to six inches of snow and ice, Hattiesburg's one- half inch postponed USM registration two days, giving students and extended Christ- mas break. Brown, Rebecca A., Biloxi, MS, 50. lf X Brown, Rhonda K,, Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Brown, Ricky D., Vossburg, MS, Sr. , Brown, Robin E., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Brown, Sandra F., Lexington, MS, Sr. 'f' if ', V376 ' " ' wi 4: ffffaf , ft' Q' '- ' 4' .L , fff. 'aff V . '-ff ' f'-.:- . -an faf1.w " W ,.-,free Egifiiv - ' , ,L , J' 5 1 P fi. 1' L .ii .. ky, 194 ,v M H ix Brown, Sara E., Danville, VA, 50. Brown, Steve B., Moss Point, MS, Jr. Brown, W. Donald Jr., Hazlehurst, MS, Jr Brown, Yudora S., Shubuta, MS, Jr Broussard, Paul N. Jr., Biloxi, MS, Fr Brown, Linda L., Vicksburg, MS, Fr Brown, Shirley A., Stringer, MS, Sr Brumfield, AnnClaire, Tylertown, MS, Jr Brumfield, Brian K., Foxworth, MS, Jr Brumfield, Patrice, Tylertown, MS, Sr Brumfield, Ruby A., Tylertown, MS, 5r Bruner, Wayna J., Pensacola, FL, So Bruno, Jeffery S., Ocean Springs, MS, Sr Brunt, Wilson E., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr Bryan, George M. Jr., Moss Point, MS, Jr Bryant, David H., Jackson, MS, Jr Bryant, David W., Mize, MS, Sr Bryant, Margaret A., Crystal Springs, MS, Fr. Bryant, Pamela S., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Buckhalter, Cheryl D., Mendenhall, MS, Jr. Buchanan, Dick W., Mobile, AL, Sr. Buchanan, Donna L., Clinton, MS, Fr. Bufkin, Eddie, Lucedale, MS, Sr. A Bullock, Elizabeth L., Laurel, MS, So. Bullock, William F., Ocean Springs, MS' Jr Burdine, Phyllis M., Yazoo City, MS, So Bunch, Landy R., Hattiesburg, MS' Fr Buntyn, James A., Meridian, MS, Jr Burgos, Andres R., Philadelphia, MS' Fr Burke, Debra J., Forest, MS, So Burkes, Becky C., Slidell, LA, Sr 288 People v v v 1 1 ,-. ' Q ig . 9' -ug'-v 2' K, S7 " 1 Q-3 qw l hy! 1, 5 I Y J bg M rw, I ,z .' , . v Q X 1, 4 o 2 Jr? fi 'J ti 'yi 'mffoz , If "4 1 - , ,, Q fp lg f 05:22 I' F "NF ff? 1, ,'.ZZf?7' 4:11251- if ,Q WN' , f ziefff " , ff . ' fi " , If- 113,.5, - j ,:. I P .. 4:265 4 . .- 4' X . 5. 1, f - us, J evx- . is r f " , f i 2:7ff1'f 4 if " i l :',.1 . , f irri ' 53? ,- , K t r , ' . ' ""' " , , ' , it ,Q ' N .,.. 2, J A k3,v:r,g . - Q z 1 ' 1 1 fb: cy ' 2 -371' mn i if 9 X 1 I .41 .4 4' l. he ... L 1. .-4' . 'ima 9 YI' ' A f' J Burkesm, Sheri E., Meridian, MS, Fr. Burkett, Kelly L., Picayune, MS, Fr. Burkett, Samuel B., Picayune, MS, Sr. Burkle, Margaret A., Ocean Springs, MS, Jr Burkley, Dale W., Vicksburg, MS, Sr. Burnett, Joe, Biloxi, MS, Sr. Burney, Cassandra D., Jackson, MS, Fr. Burns, Melodie E., Vicksburg, MS, Sr. Burns, Robert A., Biloxi, MS, Jr. Burton, Elizabeth J., Belzoni, MS, Jr. Burton, Patricia L., Biloxi, MS, Jr. Burvant, Lowell M., New Orleans, LA, Fr. Busby, Jack D., Vancleave, MS, Sr. Busby, Lisa C., Mendenhall, MS, Sr. Busche, Gregory J., Long Beach, MS, Jr. Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush Bush Geanne, Brooksville, MS, Jr. Glenn D., Jackson, MS, Jr. Karl C., Hurley, MS, Jr. Robin N., Gulfport, MS, Jr. Tommy A., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Butler, David H., Long Beach, MS, So. Butler, Mark, Laurel, MS, Jr. Butler, Stephanie E., Jackson, MS, Fr. Butts, Cynthia G., Gulfport, MS, Sr. Byington, Mary B., Jackson, MS, Fr. Byrd, Jeffry E., Gulfport, MS, So. Byrd, Kenneth L., Meadville, MS, Sr. Byrd, Patricia L., Natchez, MS, Fr. Byrd, Patti A., Lucedale, MS, Fr. Byrge, Thomas A., Vancleave, MS, Fr. Cabell, Bruce C., Bay St. Louis, MS: Fr. Cabell, Perre A., Bay St. Louis. MS, Fr Cade, Lee, Greenwood, MS, Fr. Cagle, Mary L., Seminary. MS, Jr. Caldarelli, Debra D., Long Beach. MS, Fr. Caldarelli, Kelly A., Long Beach. MS: Sr. Caldwell, Bryan, Gulfport. MS: Sr. Callista, Angela L., Pearle. MS, Fr. Callaway, Ann J., Pascagoula. MS: Sr. Calloway, William F.: Jackson. MS: Fr. Campbell, Leigh A., Collins. MS, Sr. Campbell, Pamela A., Purvis. MS, Jr. People 289 Campbell, Patrick H., Natchez, Campbell, Theresa A., Clinton, Cannon, Clarence Jr., Hattiesburg, Cannon, Peggy, Long Beach, Cantrell, Rhonds F., McComb, Carley, Cheryl S., Columbia, Carley, Jennifer A., Columbia, Carlisle, Amy J., Hattiesburg, Carlton, Jeffrey l., Ft. Lonesome, MS MS MS MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, Carmack, James H. Jr., Jackson, MS Carmichael, D. Michelle, Gautier, MS, Carmichael, Lisa A., Jackson, MS Carmody, Stephen J., Orchard Park, NY Carpenter, Donna L., Buckatunna MS, Carpenter, John P., Hattiesburg, MS, Carpenter, Michael L., Hattiesburg, MS, Carpenter, Penny R., Clinton, MS Carpenter, Suzanne M., Ocean Springs, MS, Carr, J. David, Queenstown, MD, Carraway, Elizabeth M., Magnolia, MS, Carroll, Juanita L., Gulfport, MS, Carroll, Lisa F., Angie, LA, Carruth, Letricia L., Jackson, MS Carson, Charles A., Vicksburg, MS, Carson, Donald J., Meridian, MS, Carter, Carl R., Brandon, MS, Carter, Chris R., Hattiesburg, MS, Carter, Chuhdra K., Shubuta, MS Carter, Courtland C., Natchez, MS, Carter, David S., Pascagoula, MS Carter, Jhalisa L., Lumberton, MS Carter, Lekecia A., Lumberton, MS Carter, Sherry A., Shubuta, MS, Carter, Steven B., Ocean Springs, MS, Carter, Wilma J,, Edwards, MS, Cartlidge, Susan L., Hattiesburg, MS, Cash, Frances E., Forest, MS, Castle, Patricia, Laurel, MS Carver, Rachelle M., Hattiesburg, MS Carver, William R., Hattiesburg, MS Case, Robert C., Brookhaven, MS, Cassel, Tamie J., Vicksburg, MS Catchot, Katherine A., Biloxi, MS, Cate, Kathy L., Brandon, MS Catlett, Lynda G., Meridian, MS Causey, Becky E., Jackson, MS Cavanaugh, Glynis A., Bassfield, MS, Caveny, Deanna M., Hattiesburg, MS, Cawthorn, Robin L., Hazlehurst, MS, Caylor, Vicki B., Jackson, AL' Chadwell, Charles W., Meridian, MS Chalk, Tina R., Pensacola FL., Chambliss, John G., Hattiesburg, MS, Chan, Nga M., Biloxi, MS, Chancellor, Jim C., Mobile, AL, Chaney, Alex R., Hickory, MS Fr PM , 290 People FI., 2 f QM g. . ?5i,,,1 , if I . ,, ' Q , - 635. fx K L. i.-i. I-,. .M 2 Q 0 J I ? Chapman, David M, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Chapman, Mark S., Ocean Springs, MS, Jr. Chatham, Caren M., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Chavez, Javier A., Caracas, Venezuela, So. Cheatham, Jennifer K., Jackson, MS, Fr. Cheney, Guy N., Jackson, MS, Jr. Chisolm, Pamela D., Laurel, MS, Fr. Christian, Linda K., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Churchwell, Ricky E., Lucedale, MS, Jr. Cieglo, Kathleen M., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Cienfuegos, Margarita, Barranguilla, Colombia Cimbora, Merrilu, Purvis, MS, Fr. av 'XJ ' fc: --1. K Yi swf ' l' li A l xx F K : "-- -an - - 7--,---H f V Ziff ,-. I 4 A f 4 ii M if '71 'fy K' " ig' . , . U! 45 , ,, ' " fs .... ' il , - ' ,X ,,. ,xx V I X V I l . 11" A .hi- ,zlxx 1 'al ., i I ' s ,F F fmfmf V 'Z' 8 -WMI . g L 1 N -L 1 J ' R f L as 75 Q . i Ns x , 5 3 V I .. ,"r 4. . ' ff 2 3 'JG' . I Cirlot, Jerrie T., Moss Point, MS, Sr. Clark, Kenneth A., Meridian, MS, Jr. Clark, Kenneth W., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Clark, Linda S., Ocean Springs, MS, Fr. Clark, Priscilla, Natchez, MS, So. Clark, Stephanie L., Greenville, SC, Fr. Clarke, Joseph R., Forest, MS, So. Clay, Kenneth L., Meridian, MS, Sr. Clayton, Cathy A., Natchez, MS, Sr. Clayton, Jacquelyn D., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Clayton, Sherie D., Meridian, MS, Sr. Clayton, Sherri R., Natchez, MS, Jr. Clements, Pamela G., Gulfport, MS, Fr. Clingon, Barbara A., Laurel, MS, Jr. Clinton, Merl, Columbia, MS, Sr. Cobb, David H., Biloxi, MS, Fr. Cockrell, Kiely M., Vicksburg, MS, Jr. Cockrell, Robin L., Quitman, MS, Fr. Coker, Tracey R., Newton, MS, Jr. Colbet, Maria T., Biloxi, MS, So. Colbert, Mark W., Cedar Bluff, MS, So. Colby, Craig D., Gulfport, MS, So. Cole, Dawn R., Jackson, TN, So. Cole, Jerri A., Carson, MS, Jr. Cole, Patricia G., Philadelphia, MS, Jr. Coleman, Barrett A., Marrer, LA, Fr. Coleman, John L., Jackson, MS, So. Coleman, Lacey A. Jr., Vicksburg. MS: So. Coleman, Lester V., Gulfport, MS, Sr. Coleman, Lisa G., Meadville, MS, Fr. Coleman, Roger E., Reston, VA, Jr. Colen, Joseph W., Jackson, MS, Fr. Collette, Jean, Brandon, MS, So. Collins, Brenda L., Gulfport, MS, Fr. Collins, Diane M., Biloxi, MS, Jr. Collins, Jayme A., Hattiesburg. MS. So. Collins, Lady M., Meridian, MS: So. Collins Collins Collins , Seoria J., Brookhaven. MS: So. , Valerie D., Laurel, MS, Fr. , Wendy M.: Laurel. MS: Sr. Collmer, Susan L., Pascagoula. MS: Sr. Colson, Anthony. C., Meridian, MS, Jr. Comfort, Elinor S., Brandon. MS, So. Crondia, Olivia A.: Bolton, MS: Jr. People 291 Conerly, Deborah A., Hattiesburg, MS Conerly, Nanette D., Vicksburg, MS Conerly, Sandra P., Pascagoula, MS, Conn, Anthony P., Monticello, MS Connelly, Elizabeth R., Pascagoula, MS Connally, Ronald D., Pascagoula, MS, Conner, Harry S., Tampa, Fl Conway, Eddie M., Clinton, MS, Cook, David K., Columbia, MS Cook, Jerry, Hattiesburg, MS Cook, Jim C., Hattiesburg, MS Cook, Kenneth W., Jackson, MS, Cook, Mary A., Gulfport, MS Cook, Toni L., Columbia, MS Cooke, Steve, Bayroot, Lebanon Coon, James A., Pascagoula, MS Cooper, Belinda K., Jackson, MS Cooper, Monty L., Decatur, MS Copeland, Michael G., Clinton, MS Copling, Paula J., Picayune, MS, Coppage, Joel A., LaFayette, GA, Corban, Christine E., Gulfport, MS, Cordell, Sandy K., Hattiesburg, MS, Cordes, Darla K., Vicksburg, MS, Corr, Rodney O., Bay St. Louis, MS, Cosentino, Thomas S., Sarasota, FL, Costilow, Lucy W., New Orleans, LA Cortruvo, Carla T., Jackson, MS, Cotten, Babette, Meadville, Ms, Cotten, Glenda A., Meadville, MS, Cotten, Joy D., Jackson, MS, Cotton, G. Craig, Brandon, MS, Cotton, Laverne, Gloster, MS Cottrill, Shirley E., Meridian, MS, Courtney, Roosevelt, Jackson, MS, Cowan, Kathy A., Laurel, MS Cox, Angelia M., Bay St. Louis, Cox, Holly E., Wiggins, MS, Cox, Laura E., Bay St. Louis, MS, Cox, Sharon E., Brandon, MS, Cox, Susan D., Hattiesburg, MS, Crabb, Joe L., Umatilla, FL, 292 People v 1 w 1 1 Jr Sr f Jr C , Q Jr mf wif- Fr. if ' S, as f ! 1 V 11 ,V I 4 ffyiwru .1 f lap . J 2711: . ' 7-f. .W f gi., 5' 4 E: ,. E my . j i 'i" f 9 "" 2 , Q . - ' '-1 ' f T-.A v ' 4 A ' Q , 1 'I' . .471 f l., 4 , Y Ii. , 1 rf if A T , ' V .tl L' ff If . 9 y. , ,ff Z6 ,fi c 4 , 5 iv- gl 1 Eg Y 5 r f, is Qi 9 f iff? 'J ll .p ai xl l A31 ' 34 Q-1 ra ,A li 4: Q 'lf' 'C ' i fe' gt l :- r It ' M' ,gs. 'if 5 - .. ,' ... ' . ,S V ,Mfg 1 .jgff YA ' 'X 'l"',-Q11 l,, I Y' . '14, 1 ' V. "QS '. f" i 'x 1- fy, Mllrfyd' "fs .f,ff55'5 'f 'S -X ' fi .f I k 'fqzf' 'HH' ' I Q fake -,., N, 4. ,.f - QI' was '..'fz4Q-: 'Xi 25,9 M41 f , V N. .- ' R t .f diy. M .'ff"'-. ' ,. -2-5: ,ff ll"'Lx P I Mm ' Z' 4 'Y-z t i -" f v H 1 5 , , anxyr ' FN L Craft, Jenny L., Chalmette, LA, Fr. Craft, John A., Purvis, M5, So. Craft, Nancy S., Seminary, MS, Sr. Craft, Terest K., Collins, MS, Sr. Craig, Jeanie, Knoxville, TN, Jr. Craig, Joel S., Pensacola, FL, Sr. Crane, Cindy G., Carthage, MS, Fr. Cranford, Alicia, Columbia, MS, Sr. Cranford, Tim, Laurel, MS, Jr. Craven, Doris E., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Craven, Richard D., Hattiesburg, MS, 50. Crawford, Curt R., Springfield, lLI., Fr. Crawford, Kaye L., Vicksburg, MS, Jr. Creagh, Curtis E, Shubuta, MS, So. Creel, Carla D., New Hebron, MS, Jr. Creel, Cindy L., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Creel, Gerry A., Biloxi, MS, Fr. Creel, Judy A., Laurel, MS, Sr. Crenshaw, Chris R., Caruthersville, MO, So Crenshaw, Karen M, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Crimeal, Virginia A., McComb. MS, Sr. Crimm, Elizabeth Y., Vicksburg, MS: Fr. Crismore, Dawn R., Gulfport, M5, Jr. Croft, Cedric R., Enterprise, MS, So. Crooks, Paula S., Williamsville. NY: So. Crosby, Sharon G., Jackson, MS: Gr. Crosby, Susan K., Picayune, MS, So. Crossley, John H. Jr. Canton, MS: Gr. Crotwell s Crowder, Crowson, Crumbly Frances A., Florence. MS, Fr. Diane E., Long Beach, MS, Sr. William L., Hattiesburg. M51 Jr. Phillip T., Laurel. MS: Fr. Crumby, Benjamin L., Raymond, MS, Fr. Cruthirds, Lynda L., Columbus. M5: Sr. Cuellar, Norma G., Petal, MS, Jr. Cuevas, Brenda L., Kiln. MS: Fr. Curbow, Paul R., Ocean Springs. MS: Sr. Culpepper, Carla D., Pascagoula. MS, So. Culpepper, Joel, Pascagoula. MS, So. Curley, Cecilia C.: Hattiesburg. MS: Fr. Currie, Sheila M, Gulfport, MS, Sr. Curry, Tobbie L., Hattiesburg. MS, So. People 293 Students Curtis, Candy L,, Jackson, Daehnke, Victoria L., Picayune Dailey, Pamela A., Biloxi Dallas, Pam L., Jackson, Dambrino, Marmion, Pascagoula Daniel, Eskeletha, Poplarville, Daniel, Louis F., Pascagoula, Daniels, Regina K., Jackson, Daughdrill, Beverly A., Newhebron, Daughdrill, Cindy S., Morgantown, Daughdrill, Richard P., Pascagoula, Dauro, Darlene M., Gulfport, Dauenhouer, David E., Poplarville, Davenport, Connie D., Pascagoula Davenport, Jack H., Hattiesburg, Davenport, Regina A., Cedar Bluff, Daves, Roy S., Hattiesburg, Davidson, Debra W., Hattiesburg, Davidson, June D., Oxford, Davidson, Penne S., Clinton, Davies, Brian S., Pascagoula, Davis, Alesha M., Conehatta 9 Davis, Annette C., Benton, Davis, Bonnie J., Hattiesburg, Davis, Bronwyn E., Jackson, Davis, Charles J., Benton, Davis, David A., Monticello, Davis, Deanne L., Biloxi, Davis, Deborah S., Gulfport, Davis, Delphine E., Port Gibson, Davis, Dewey M., Clinton, Davis, Don E., Pelahatchie, Davis, Gene C., Gulfport, Davis, James C., Jackson, Davis, Jamie L., Benton, Davis, Jennifer K., Dekalb, Davis, Keith O., Long Beach, Davis, Kevin R., Lucedale, Davis, Lisa l., Summit, Davis, Margaret L., Pelahatchie, Davis, Mary P., Clinton, Davis, Michael G., Long Beach, Davis, Robert D., Long Beach, Davis, Robert L., Brandon, Davis, Roy W., Seminary, Davis, Sandra L., Hattiesburg, Davis, Tammy A,, Pearlington, Dawkins, Busch M., Crab Apple Cove, Dawson, Dawn L., Jackson, Dawson, Joseph, Tuscaloosa Day, Judy L., Jackson, Day, Steve M., Bentonia Daymond, Paula M., Long Beach Dean, Lamar, Marks, Dear, Tamara, Brandon Dearman, Darrene, Enterprise 294 People v 1 1 1 MS, MS MS MS, MS MS, MS, MS MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS MS, MS MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, ME, M5, AL MS, MS MS MS MS s MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, a MS, MS, v 1 MS, MS, MS, 1 MS, u v MS, . L, if Fr. '7 . www' xg 2563 "I, li A 1 ,Ewa I :usd X A ru: .Q as oe Mil, V V g., ,.,. f i fi A' , , f af 5? 4 1 V .- , 4 ,',W:,7w'A. ZVVVR, . ,J . WN ,V ,rf .r -. -. ' , V yi PV! I f ' ,fy 1 V W-4 Al, 'fl fp 7? . V. , ft '52 ii 1 ... , , .. wi, ef I xv , 1 v , M 4-ff 21 'A' ,hiv f 1. Q 5, , f, "'lJ'7'1n1z! ' A g-1, fr - wf'ff'JiW,,"N- V fqifrfaf- , f f '7 ff? lg ,A li, Q ,- 'Vg i" 'tb .V ,f ..-N, ,V Y, .'. k 1 ali. J 14 9 41 I . fs,- .7 WA ,M , Q: if Q.- we - x fl! Mali, rr. ff?-but H., w-V.- rv , we 4 :ww -' 'z WZ ,fa lib: 91 , if M, , 4 1 V' 15' t I . I XX , l 1 'K 'iii 1 ul , 5 5 .Zig 2-3-L 1:21 it L? .'... -. 'i3'1Z"1W.1,e, ,-., 2 'Ln il wQs'1' WN, . . I V.. , 1 in '1i:'.f"2ff-l . 1 1 f M iq ff f ' 4 I ., , V f H, , M-- 1 -v f A f I4 ,gf 1 f V " f 2 21, ' ff, , 9 1 ff - ff fff , I I ff! Vf ' K -R I 4 l.l.,' tif l I W Y' W! ' A 4, 1 V .EW N X izzgnfli. ? . X x., -fall: 7 J nf " o ' . 42-55:- BWIJI ,J ITT! 2" 1 'v' 411 V ', 2'9'!' 5 'Rift - 'Q Fsgvefafg I 'mr 4- -5-efeh ' t Q lil . " .59 Z.. Deaton, David L., Panama City, FL, Fr. Deese, Donna L., Ocean Srings, MS, Sr. DeGeorge, Russell A., Bi,oxi, MS, Sr. Delcambre, Thomas J., Pascagoula, MS, So. Delmas, Kenneth R., Pascagoula, MS, So. Delmas, Michael T., Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Delong, Michael D., Ocean Springs, MS, Gr. Dement, Cathy N., Lucedale, MS, Fr. Demetropoulos, Lisa F., Wilber, AL, Jr. Denison, Cynthia G., Scotia, NY, Jr. Dennis, Aquetta, Natchez, MS, Fr. Dennis, Cassandra D., Natchez, MS, Jr. Dennis, Olivia K., Foxworth, MS, Jr. Denver, John, Aspen, CO, Sr. DeRossett, Stephanie F., Mobile, AL, Fr. Derrington, Chip, Jackson, MS, Jr, Desens, Tim, Cato, NY, Jr. Despeaux, Lisa R., Jackson, MS, So. DeTommaso, Keith E., Vicksburg, MS, Jr. Devine, Jefferson D., Long Beach, MS, Jr. Dews, Luther A., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Diaz, Leda M, Mobile, AL, Fr. Dickerson, Julie J., Brandon, MS, Fr. Dickerson, Peggy, Wesson, MS, Sr. Dickerson, Randy C., Union, MS, Sr. Dickey, Pamela M., Biloxi, MS, Fr. Dickinson, Kensil J., Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Dickinson, Rhonda L., Brookhaven, MS, Sr. Dieckman, Denise, Jackson, MS, Fr. Dieckman, Diana, Jackson, MS, Fr. Diggs, Deirdre D., Greenville, MS, So. Discher, Maureen A., Biloxi, MS, So. Dixon, Russell M., Utica, MS, Sr. Dixon, Sandra M., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Dodson, Mary A., Ocean Springs. MS, Sr. Domec, Lisa A., Lucedale, MS, Jr. Donahoe, Kevin D., Crystal Springs, MS, Sr. Donald, Jennie D., Quitman, MS, Sr. Donnelly, Karen l., Mobile. AL, Fr. Dorman, Julie, Pensacola, FL, Jr. Dorman, Merrie C., Starksville. MS, Jr. Doss, David N., Gulfport, MS, Sr. Dotherow, Dee Dee, Brandon, MS, Sr. Douglas, James J., Brookhaven, MS: Sr. Douglas, Kent H., Clinton, MS: Jr. Dowe, Jack E. Jr., Utica. MS, Jr. Downing, James C., Lacombe. LA: Fr. Draeger, Martin J., Fort Walton Beach. FL: Drawns, lsreal C., Mobile, AL, Sr. Driskell, Leslie M., Brookhaven. MS, Fr. Drury, M.R.: Carriere, MS: Jr. DuBoe, Roger, Chicago. lL: Gr. DuBose. Victor A., Mobile. AL: Gr. Duckworth, Lu-Anne C.: Hayti. MO, Jr. Duckworth. Raphael S., Pic-c-ott. AK, Sr, Dueitt, Darren S., Hattiesburg. MS, Sr. People 295 Eagle Mascot: A USM Tradition He dances with cheerleaders, Dixie Darlings, and pompon girls! He tears up a teddy bear at Alabama! He climbs goal posts in a single bound! Who is this daring masked man? Is it a bird? Plane? No! lt's USM's Golden Eagle Mascot. Athletics at Southern is not complete without the entertaining Eagle. The mascot, whose purpose is to generate USM enthusiasm, per- forms along sidelines fand sometimes in the midst of thingsl at all major athletic functions. In 1981, Jeff Davis, a junior from Yazoo City, Mississippi was the driving force inside the crazy-costumed Eagle. Davis, a hotel and res- taurant administration major, was chosen for mascot because he was the first person to ever flip while in complete costume. Davis lalias the Golden Eagle! does flips and a lot more for Southern fans. Along with dancing and cheering, the mascot also marches with the band, mimickes referees, and scraps with other school mascots. The most spectacular stunt came at Homecoming when Davis rolled onto the field inside a giant egg. When the egg finally cracked, Davis hopped out revealing the big surprise. A new S1400 ea- gle suit donated by Hattiesburg businessmen and banks. The new suit and the extraordi- nary personality inside it combined to make the one and only Eagle Mascot an integral part of Southern athletics and a USM tradi- tion. Dostrow, Alix, Diamond Bar, CA, Doucet, John T., Gulfport, MS, Draughn, Max E., Petal, MS, Drinkard, Rhonda M., Mobile, AL, Driskell, Glenn G., Brookhaven, MS, Drown, Scott J., Gulfport, MS, DuBose, Lori R., Mobile, Al, Dubourg, Michael W., Crystal Springs, MS, Duckworth, Susan F., Magee, MS, Duff, Kenny E., Hattiesburg, MS, Duffy, Jan, Laurel, MS, Duke, Buddy, Laurel, MS, Dulaney, Deborah E., Canton, Dulton, Scott A., Slidell, LA, Dumas, Bryon D., Gulfport, MS, Dunaway, Cherry K., Columbia, MS, Dunaway, Eddie M., Brookhaven, MS, Dunaway, James N., Summit, MS, Dunaway, Tony R., Sumrall, MS, Duncan, Leila A., Laurel, MS, Dunlap, Alisa R., Lumberton, MS, Dunn, Natalie L., Natchez, MS, Dunn, Rhonda D., Citronelle, AL, Dunu, Emeka S., Lagos, Nigeria, Durham, Mary P., Columbia, MS, Durkin, Camille G., Natchez, MS, Duty, Susan R., Collins, MS, Dyar, Allison, Magee, MS, Dye, Carol J., Ocean Springs, MS Dye, Sue D., Gulfport, MS Dyson, Christopher A., Jackson, MS Easterling, Franklin L., Richton, MS Easterling, Julie R., Gulfport, MS Easterling, Stephen E., Richton, MS Eaton, James M., Seminary, MS Edmondson, Carla M., Jackson, MS, Edsall, Stephen T., Picayune, MS Edwards, Ethel M., Ocean Springs, MS Edwards, Marie, Quitman, MS Edwards, Mary L., Clinton, MS, Edwards, Pamela D., McCall Creek, MS, 296 People 1 1 1 Earles, Angela D., Magee, MS, 1 1 1 1 1 . '. ' TTTJFQZ . . . . 'imap ffifeg .1 Q nga . ,gg 2 , 'f k Q-1 .Y SH K4 no ., X 5'5" 1 5 .. ral! -gifs-tm 324, e vwvii 1 X 1 n W' ZfQf?Yf 3 Q 5 ' sf ! . .M 7- f age' ' V .,--4 i 2152255 I 1-X , ' .4 A. .'., , H, ' ' , - J' 5 ..s .. Z: V' .1 - 2. 4 "" E' A i f . 1 ff ..,, 4 ' j,.,,'f1'-gl, fi A .-5, ' U- 12" A f' f 5 fc 5 'Y I ii 'J 'X Y l N . 1 L L, flis. ' ' 1 to . . .45 , 1 1 'ua ' f , 747511 .,-71,1-..., ,f 'x . .,., , , ' .. 'Y ,gt t Z, -. iI", .,r . ', ., jggryxg g W W'--1 . K 1 if' . .- I 1 rf if i 1 i 1 3 5. .,1. ,X-,.. ,Ill f ff' il, if igjj. f,5fi:..,,i,. .1 . 'j ,.g:g::!: 'iiiii' ll "sstf'!!24iii!".w..f4 tllu f. ' fillll!! f ftijw , .Qi 5 Z 54,5 hr 1-'v v Qewiw I: Edwards, Tanya Y., Jackson, MS, So. Egley, Catherine A., Leland, MS, So. Egli, Lana J., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Ehlers, Lori A., Long Beach, MS, Jr. Eidt, Alisa D., Natchez, MS, So. Eidt, Andrea S., Natchez, MS, Fr. Eiken, Laurie E., Gautier, MS, Jr. Eisenhauer, Ava, Petal, MS, So. Eisenhauer, Fred R., Hattiesburg, MS, Ekey, Karen A., Biloxi, MS, So. Ekey, Richard D., Biloxi, MS, Fr. Elkins, Sherry L., Wesson, MS, Jr. Ellingburg, Joe R., Brandon, MS, Fr. Ellis, Gary L., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Ellis, Kendra J., Picayune, MS, Sr. Ellis, Mamie L., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Ellis, Philander R., Jackson, MS, So. Ellis, Terry, Picayune, MS, Jr. Ellison, Cathy T., Gulfport, MS, Fr. Ellmo, Craig T., Brandon, MS, So. Ellmo, Jackie, Brandon, MS, Jr. Ellzey, Shari C., Long Beach, MS, Fr. Ely, Vallie M., Richton, MS, So. Emmich, Katherine, Vicksburg. MS, Gr Endris, John C., Canton, MS, Jr. English, Faye J., Columbia, MS, Jr. English, Malcolm L., Hattiesburg, MS: Jr Ensign, Dwayne E., Pelahatchie, MS: So Enslin, Shrista L., Hattiesburg. MS, Sr Enslin, Georgie A., Hattiesburg. MS, Jr. Ernst, Gloria A., Gulfport, MS: Jr. Eselin, Anne M., Pascagoula, MS: Fr. Essary, Gary O., Hattieaburg. MS: So. Estrada, Adela S., Gulfport. MS, Fr. Estrada, Angela, Gulfport. MS, Sr, Ethridge James E., Jackson, MS, Jr. Eubanks, James M.: Lucedale. MS: Sr Eubanks, Julie A., Jackson, MS, Sr. Eubanks, Katherine P., Mt. Olive. MS: Eubanks, Penny L., Lucedale. MS, Sr. Eubanks, Rita F., Hattiesburg. MS, Sr. Eubanks, Sue People 297 Eure, Jeffrey L., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr Evans, Emily F., Magee, MS, Sr Evans, James M., Lynn Haven, FL, Fr Evans, Mary F., Hattiesburg, MS, So Evans, Lisa J., Laurel, MS, Sr Evans, Marcus C., Louin, MS, Jr Evans, Michael A., Palatine, IL, Sr Everett, Kendall O., Magee, MS, Fr Everett, Lon L., Bonifay, FL, Sr Everett, Susan R., Monticello, MS, Sr Everill, Derek J., Picayune, MS, Fr Everill, Nathan R., Picayune, MS, Sr Ewell, Burnie J., Vicksburg, MS, Fr Ezell, Eric, Taylorsville, MS, Jr Ezell, Sharon K., Waynesboro, MS, Sr Ezell, Tara L., Hattiesburg, MS, So Ezelle, Missy A., Hattiesburg, MS, So Fairburn, Karen B., Magnolia, MS, Sr Fairchild, Natalie M., Morton, MS, Fr Fairley, Ola N., Hattiesburg, MS, So Fallon, Karen A., Lucedale, MS, Jr Falls, Janet M., Picayune, MS, So Fant, Portia L., Ellisville, MS, Jr Farris, Ronald D., Petal, MS, Jr Farris, S. Christopher, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr Faust, David L., Pascagoula, MS, Jr Favre, Christy T., Bay St. Louis, MS, Fr Fedric, Claire H., Clarksdale, MS, Fr Felder, Pamela J., Liberty, MS, Jr Felkner, Thomas A., Fort Walton Beach, FL, So Fendley, Debby, Picayune, MS, Jr Ferguson, Debbie A., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr Ferguson, Joseph C., Byrd's Chapel, MS, Jr Ferguson, Mary A., Gulfport, MS, Sr Ferguson, Tommy G., Columbus, MS, Sr Ferrell, Carolyn E., Bay St. Louis, MS, Sr Ferrell, Gloria A., Taylorsville, MS, Jr Feuerrigel, Lisa J., Brookhaven, MS, Fr Fife, Dale K., Fort Walton Beach, FL, Sr Fife, Margaret E., Hattiesburg, MS, Gr Finch, Reba J., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr Finley, Erin P., Mendenhall, MS, Sr Finley, Michael E., Mendenhall, MS, So. Fischer, Laura E., Mary Esther, FL, Jr. Fish, Arthur G., Lower Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, Fisher, Audrey S., Canton, MS, Fisher, Belinda D., Philadelphia, MS, Fisher, Clarence lll, Jackson, MS, Fisher, Leigh A., Meridian, MS, Fishman, Mark A., Biloxi, MS, Jr Fite, William J., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr Fitzgerald, Martin F., Gautier, MS, Sr Fitzgerald, Mike D., Bay St. Louis, MS, Fr Fizer, Brenda F., Clarksdale, MS, Jr Fleming, Sandra L., Natchez, MS, Sr Fletcher, Karen E., Pensacola, FL, So 298 People Q' ' ' s 42141:--si 4 H L A A91 '31 . r A - A 4 Students J A 'ti""' 4,41 Qf"33a',g T: H 11. 563 2 ' H25 1- '77 f ,531 , A 'Y W 'f 1 Z4 1. . A ,. .5 w w 3 V V, V, 1 '- f f- aw-. , ff 1 , , f f cc, Q " ' U.: ll 1 -s ,., 4 fl l 3' 1- ' lf . t ' i ' . .li C4 YW' 4 V , ,t , , ' "1 ' ,L . ,, . K, ,. iw: T .,, , K ff gil . - il'-, 14,1 , z M ' A.- 'G... T17 ,-, X. .sl 54-494- Q . . 42. es. J, ' H Max , f xt 'my-i.,,,v i4,iQ,!,i,r, it Q ii . . 'fa Y -'WL , .V V Zi - jf- 1 ff Am W OJ . V N ,K I Flint, Anne N., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Floyd, Bert E., Brandon, MS, Fr. Flynt, Teresa A., Mt. Olive, MS, Fr. Foggo, John T., Natchez, MS, Fr. Folkes, Billy W., Seminary, MS, Jr. Follin, Elizabeth C., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Fontecchio, Tony R., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Forbes, Kim L., Columbia, MS, Sr. Ford, William G., Lynchburg, VA, Sr. Ford, William M., Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Formby, Amy L., Picayune, MS, Jr. Formby, Suzanne M., Picayune, MS, Fr. Forrest, Pam R., Brookhaven, MS, Jr. Fortenberry, Betty J., Columbia, MS, Fr. Fortenberry, Nancy C., Columbia, MS, Sr. Fortenberry, Rhonda L., Columbia, Foshee, Connie A., Terry, MS., Jr. Foster, Kathy L., Jackson, MS, Sr. Foster, Stacie J., Walker, LA, Sr. Fountain, Candi S., Biloxi, MS, Sr. MS, Sr Fowler Fowler James B., Jackson, MS, Fr. David B., Carthage, MS, Sr. Fowler, Charlotte L., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Fowler, De Von L., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Fowler, Laura, Vicksburg, MS, Sr. Fowler, William J., Mobile, AL, Fr. Fox, Cyndi J., Jackson, MS, Jr. Frallic, Susan G., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. France, Glenn D., Waveland, MS, So. Franciskato, Bobby, Jackson, MS, Jr. Franco, Thomas J., Mobile, AL, Sr. Frank, Rebecca B., Metairie, LA, Jr. Franklin, David N., Brookhaven, MS, Sr, Franklin, Leon, Mobile, AL, Sr. Franklin, Sheba A., Columbia, MS, So. Frazier, Amber E., Clinton, MS, So. Frazier, Gloria J., Quitman, MS, Sr. Frazier, Pamela J., Jackson, MS, Sr. Frederick, Amy R., Edwards, MS, So. Freeman, Carol S., Pascagoula. MS, So. Freeman, Sherrie J., Pascagoula, MS, Fr. Freeman, Thomas, Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Freil, Cinde S., Huntsville, AL, Jr. French, Robin A., Gulfport, MS: Jr. Frentz, Ann M., Biloxi, MS, Fr. Freshour, Ted C., Gulfport. MS, Sr. Friday, Kena L., Brookhaven, MS, So. Friesz, Linda Marie, Vicksburg. MS: Fr. Fross, Debrah J., Ocean Springs. MS, Sr. Frye, Elizabeth, Brandon. MS: Sr. Fullen, Tina D., Hattiesburg. MS, Jr. Fulling, Gregory L., Blytheville. AR: So. Fulmer, Ann E., Long Beach. MS: So. Fulton, Tamara C., Biloxi, MS: Jr. Fultz, Michael K., Vicksburg. MS, Fr. Funchess. Lisa H.: Hattiesburg. MS: Jr. People 299 Fung-A-Fat, Richard H., Gulfport, MS, Fung-A-Fat, Ronald S., Gulfport, MS, Sr Furlow, Melanie, Jackson, MS, Furr, Awana K., Picayune, MS Furrh, Leigh H., Jackson, MS, Furtrell, Joyce L., Picayune, MS Gable, Carmen R., Raleigh, MS, Gagliano, Gary M., Hattiesburg, MS Gaines, Korby L., Newton MS Gainey, Clara R., Walnut Grove, MS, Galle, Warren R., Gulfport, Galloway, Meg, Canton, MS, Jr Gambill, Norah l., Meridian, MS, Gambrell, Tina, Slidell, LA, Gameron, Jennifer L., Laurel, MS Gammage, Lisa L., Bay Springs, MS Gandy, Charles H., Picayune, MS, Gandy, Jerry L., Biloxi, MS, Gandy,'Susan M., Hazlehurst, MS, Gardner, Mary V., Hattiesburg, MS, Garner, Guy H., Pascagoula, MS., Gargaro, John M., Vicksburg, MS, Garrison, Jimmie L., Jackson, MS Gaston, Anne E., Gulfport, MS, Gaston, Frederick J., Gulfport, MS, Gaston, William, Gulfport, MS Gates, Elvis B., Long Beach, Gatewood, Jo Beth, Franklinton, LA, Gatlin, Nancy G., Laurel, MS, Gautier, Kris, Long Beach, MS, Gecewicz, Nancy R., Canton, MA, Gent, Jaqueline A., Hattiesburg, MS Gentile, Frank J., Sarasota, FL, George, Mary C., Brookhaven, MS Gex, Lucien M. lll, Waveland, MS Giachelli, Melinda L., Greenville, MS Gibbens, Patrick C., Bay St. Louis, MS Gibbs, Esther L., Quitman, MS Gibson, Julie K., Clinton, MS, Gibson, Linda J., Picayune, MS Gibson, Lori L., Terrv. MS: 300 People Geller, Harry J., Ocean Springs, MS, 1 1 v f , A . 4. ' x aid, if f f fvzvyff ' f., 4 wk fly, . ii- ' f A , 4 , amy. . -ii ' 1.11 ---1,1-. . 0 4 ,' f 2 j.'.4', -,Nz , 'i Za, 3 , , I 1 'J' i., L, 5 4 - 41,-.-yg,,,sQ?.,ff l . .- .,, - -ai, A - ,X 5 f' fr , Q! Q X N . Ju, ,V I Q:- W , , .4 S .ri QQ H., 5 , f 1 - 1 4 i 1 31, 'li ' L' 3' - V . i . :A '59 J . " f" " ' - 1 - rt ' - wt 1, --'I , , ., 1 2-f.3I:.'T'1.': ..-522.535, V' 1 . . 1 rvif1T'?i if if l " ' 'T' Z'-. 'T 52 , .C-.1 T',':e"'., ' 4 f7as15se.+Efs.'1. 23122141 4, A Q.-'4,J:g'13,fe-'r:w:-q:- 1 .1 f -,:aw'-what--Sw vs: f 5 -.jf ,Vj '. - ff? It ij. !,. . if 75' t4 'i N ' -'Q' we ' 'bf' filmtv fs N Q., .1 ,V H's"9:q,,ff irq .V ., f if 4 J' F .1 I., ML ,F 2 A, ' J E, . . 5 , .. 1 . T - A 1 . T Z! I, 4 V I . ,An h .., in . . f 4 ... --4-"de " 416--1. f " 'jf' , . In 'L ' S . ' , F, I .v . V wx ' A ' 9 S I ' ' ,4.AL.-,-.vgcslk--q'gL:Al'2 . ,I g .lx F , x ,i,..l .A 4 I I I e I .I 'gp ,LIJIVQ-Ivmf - -. 'Viz' HZ.. . sf" " x" ' 'Tv "1" ,'5Id.w'i'i'vJ.2'-.L' H " Q ' . ' ' f ' 1 "' . . ,- , . - - 'N' ' ' - ' - 1" - lf' 1 ' 5 ,uni ' -Sigel.-.' N. 4 .i 1' 3 Q Q' .f 1-: f.,-'naiilili sa 2- " ,,-M -. ., .- 'T lr-C. .-' N - UIQ'-' ' -it-gf... 45.1,-x -f '.' 1.4 X, , V lg Q, '-'fw ,Vs H j 2 4 - V lr. I- at 4 J ,bv by A Are, qw., ak!! dl c a A , pq' V , N l ' -a' 1.6 f ' ... ' w I . , ' . . ', ', , . , 4 ..."4' A., 'Y " . --Y 5 . fail .I I 3 . BW:-., Vg ...nv tg-l.i.lM. -, , ,yykyla J Q fs- - Sli sr v Y in 4"' e,r' Lfi if r . ', ff , ' -,bf "' 'gag 'f,X',,",-TQ," A L -1 krE5M'r12B'..1 PEW. U A' ' 1 'A " Ii i" 4' cm . N5 7 A , X i - J 11 1 A P 5 ' , . .341 3 - gm Es, .- wif ' ' 1 I f A M fail -r I, 5 ' 5 r A-A ' V w 2321, --.1-,va f if ' .L ' ' T1 1 74 ' 5' 255 tffifi ' V 7 hfllgiiwfz-.-'fre-'fy 2 fr N " i Y. 'fl 'f'-."j- lla - ''11- 2. 1 ' ' 4' 'fifiil l mi 'illllf - .. ' aff - K l v N ,. ,5 IIB! -. ' X Q' Q 1 7 . . 4 , ,,, .4 L' .1 E - 9 F ' X l I 6 1 'O 4. ., 4 f . , I I 1 l X1 LL if , x v , 1 f ' . Z- X Gibson, Mark A., Moss Point, MS, Sr. Gibson, Susan M., Biloxi, MS, So. Gibson, Tammy J., Natchez, MS, Fr. Giddis, Kevin H., Gulf Breeze, FL, Jr. Gilbert, Bryant P., Biloxi, MS, So. Gilchrist, Margaret L., Laurel, MS, Sr. Gill, Rachel L., Meadville, MS, Jr. Gill, Sabrena B., Woodland, MS, Sr. Gill, Tami L., Picayune, MS, Fr. Gilleon, Grant H., Slidell, LA, Jr. Gillespie, Hugh B. IV, Raymond, MS, Sr. Gillespie, Pamela J. Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Gillham, Bradley I., Okolona, MS, Sr. Gillum, John L., Long Beach, MS, So. Gilmer, Kinnard, Edwards, MS, Jr. Gilmore, Clayton, Pensacola, FL, Sr. Gilmore, Richard A., Bay St. Louis, MS, Jr Gilmore, Timothy D., Jackson, MS, Jr. Ginn, David T., Atlanta GA, So. Ginn, Donald L., Bay St. Louis, MS, So. Gipson, Sandy D., Magee, MS, Fr. Gisewsk, Greg A., Atlanta, GA, Jr. Glenn, Duane T., Biloxi, MS, Sr. Godbold, Judy M., Jackson, MS, Sr. Godbolt, Lisah S., Jackson, MS, So. Goff, Tony L., Escatawpa, MS, So. Golden, Suzy B., Dunedin, GL, So. Gollott, Lisa M., Biloxi, MS, Jr. Gomillion, Lynne, Carthage, MS, Sr, Gonzalez, Anna C., Columbia. MS: Jr. Gonzalez, Ralph M., Hattiesburg, MS: Sr. Goodman, Gladys S., Jackson. MS, Sr. Goodman, Laura L., Tampa, FL, Jr. Goodrich, Nancy L., Picayune, MS: Jr, Goodwin, Angela, Forest. MS: Sr. Goodwin, Beverly R., Louisville, MS: So. Gordon, Donna R.: Grand Bay. AL: Fr. Gordon, Donna R., Hattiesburg. MS: Fr. Gordon. John D.: Pascagoula. MS: So. Gordon, Rodney G.: Pascagoula. MS, So. Gore. Sandra J.: Jackson. MS: Sr. Gosa, Sandra L.: Jackson. MS: Jr. People 301 Gottsche, Joanne M., Ocean Springs, MS Gottstine, Michael J., Wilmer, AL, Gough, Greg L., Senatobia, MS, Gould, Danette K., Atlanta, GA Gould, Missy, Monticello, MS Goux, Charles E., Chunky, MS Gower, Elizabeth G., Hattiesburg, MS, Grady, Eunice R., Jackson, MS Grady, Johnny P., Jackson, MS, Graham, Debra G., Hattiesburg, MS, Graham, Gregory A., Petal, MS Grant, Beth, Picayune, MS, Grant, Rita R., Carson, CA, Grantham, William M,, Hattiesburg, MS Graves, Cora V., Gulfport, MS Graves, Gary J., Taylorsville, MS Graves, James M., Taylorsville, MS Gray, Denise M., Slidell, LA, Gray, Malcolm V., Hattiesburg, MS, Gray, Tammy K., Philadelphia, MS Gray, Tina M. Grayson, Charla K., Meridian, MS, Green, Madonna J., Pearl, MS Greene, Donna L., Meridian, MS Greenwaldt, Mike E., Canton, MS, Greer, Bobby R., Columbia, MS, Gregorski, Cynthia A., Mobile, AL, Grenn, Elizabeth A., Pearl, MS, Grierson, Raymond J., Moss Point MS, Griffin, Kathy, Alapaha, GA Griffith, Deborah K., Long Beach, MS, Griffon, Catherine A., Pass Christian, MS, Grill, Patrick M., Memphis, TN, Grimes, Brenda G., Millny, AL Grissom, Robert E. Jr., Taylorsville, MS, Grizzard, Laurie B., Ocean Springs, MS, Grubbs, Carolyn A., Magee, MS, Grubbs, Dinah J., Star, MS Grubbs, John M., Florence, MS, Grush, Guy T., Slidell, LA, Gryder, Vickie L., Biloxi, MS, Guercio, Angela J., Natchez, MS, Guernsey, Perilyn, Pensacola, FL, Guerrero, Wilson G., Caracas, Venesuala, Guess, Martin W., Hattiesburg, MS, Guice, John M., Hattiesburg, MS, Guion, John O., Yazoo, MS Guizerix, David J., Picayune, MS, Guizerix, Kathleen L., Picayune, MS, Gulledge, Lisa L., Canton, MS, Gunn, Mark E., Forest, MS Gunter, Deborah L., Wiggins, MS, Gustafson, Gayle A., Mobile, AL, Guthrie, Donna, Pearl, MS, Guthrie, Robert G., Laurel, MS, Gutierrez, Alex R., Maracaibo, Venezuela 302 People 1 v 1 y 1 v 1 Sr So. So. Fr Fr Sr So Sr Gr Sr Jr So Sr Jr Jr Jr Jr Fr Sr Jr Sr So Jr Jr So Sr Fr So So Jr Fr Gr So Jr Sr Fr So Fr Sr Sr Sr Sr Sr Sr Fr Sr Jr Sr So So Jr Sr So Sr Sr Jr ..,. : ,n,,,,.- 13,0 . g,?!f'sf3: 11:-t -A is . , iw . 1' -J . if M, 35,5 9 4 H41 Q ' x I .9 i . V. ' ipsum? ik' '31 lk H Q -, ,s f S, 1 I ig Q"'i!',, 0 t- 5 y 1 f z my 3 ' 73:1 'T55' ff ,I f, E T- , . , . .A Q, .- zap Bw' ,- . ' . 2 -'71 . 5 :rg - A' 1 . . . ,. gg T., .u ,M -w fi f " 'iifizllil V ' , , .-Am ff . '5'J,hlg:,4,5J ,lfllli , 1' 'M' ll tl' ' ll 1 , .1. ,sg QW' mtg '21, qu unqi n 5.1.1, , 1. 1 . , , , 1:1 Ei' "'EIJf.f' '55 13' . V ' ,.2qz-559532551 . Fm rr 3 1 V 4, , ff 6,5 I I X 4' ll llnuii' 'I 5. t V . . f " f...l455:l5flll' y , .I . - V5 if at K ,f f r L 1' ' . wyfwz. ......,... , ' tw 'r""-- 'fr-.-f-f-'hi ..... 1 f -A. 'F F . 'M 1 :L . 2 4- ? -,J vu- ,fi ' I' Q ffm I lil 1. Students fi ' ' f 7 ii. ' M 41 ,L I 1 kr Q ' L ll V, 5 ii , I fi ,. ll 5, . rn' J 'l fi ,di if 1 " l ,. ll I I 1- ,....t. '31 is .. r .,,. . , - ' ' 1 F , 1 ,V- 7 ,I ffl! Y C S A0 ' ' iw f,f,7.' -, , ft ' ' N gf: , ,,f,f "' Q ri, ., LV ,gras-blfh, ' L f i,j ,,Q5u:,','2,f,, -. -V -1 V X A f g fmwrg, ,' ,t-1, ,,w,,3iff.'f-1 , A 4 F. ,fu-kim sv .Qi an . Q X 3 . v ttf '. , . J ' ,WMA J 1 ,fl ff1.1',,l'. V sa , 1 Q l'l...217lil I wi A 7 A W J lr 'fp ,. . Q ,, ,Y l J ta.. l W' ffl . -VV C Q -- ., ,ft 'iff M3 ' 1 3 . . W i l. . G X, 7. li-. 9, s i , 1 K t '. K Q ii- l law J 'ill T , - YJ I I R J ! l- l Q ,nm ,' f Guy, Anthony L., Meridian, M5, Jr. Guy, Tracey L., Laurel, MS, Sr. Haag, Cheryl M., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Haarala, Randy K., Pascagoula, MS, Fr. Haas, Cletus A., Kiln, MS, So. Haas, Nicholas M. Jr., Bay St. Louis, MS, Haase, Randy J., Biloxi, MS, Sr. Haddox, Kevin G., Columbia, MS, Jr. Haddox, Laura N., Columbia, MS., Sr. Haggard, Patricia, Louisville, MS, Sr. Hale, Virginia A., Belzoni, MS, 50. Hales, Robert C. Jr., McComb, MS, Jr. Hainds, Craig, San Pedro, CA, Sr. Hall, Charles W., Hattiesburg, MS, Gr, Hall, Diane L., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Hall, Dody L., Natchez, MS, So. Hall, Gordon A., Vicksburg, MS, Jr. Hall, Janet A., Mount Olive, MS, Jr. Hall, Mannie E., Purvis, MS, Jr. Hall, Robin E., Natchez, MS, Jr. Hall, Samuel C., Magnolia, M5, Jr. Hall, Thomas R., Jackson, MS, Sr. Halterlein, Christopher P., Long Beach Halthon, Ollie M., Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Hambric, Anna L., Ft. Belvoir, VA, So. Hamby, Greg, Ripley, MS, So. Hamby, Harry W., Petal, MS, So. Hamil, Rita C., Madison, MS, Jr. Hamill, Randy N., Brookhaven, MS, Sr. Hammack Hammond, Hammond, Hammond, Hammond, Hammond, Marcus C., Brownsville, MS, Sr Douglas A., Laurel, MS, So. Eliza A., Biloxi, MS, Jr. Kim E., Biloxi, MS, Sr. Sandra K., Monticello, MS, Fr. Tammy J., Biloxi, MS, So. Hamrick, Justine L., Ft. Walton Beach, FL So Hamrick, Vicki A., Hickory, MS, Jr. Hanauer, Donald E., Springfield, II., So. Hanberry, William P., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Hancock, Debbie, Florence, MS, So. Hancock, Vallerie S., Meadville, MS, Jr. Hand, William P., Bay St. Louis. MS, Sr. Hands, Wanda R., Hattiesburg, MS, So, Haney, Allison, Quitman, MS, So. Hanley, Denise H., Vicksburg, MS, So. Hanley, Nancy C., Jackson. MS, Fr. Hansen, William N., Gulfport. MS, Sr. Hanser, David F., Ocean Springs. MS: Jr. Hansson, Micheal L., Vanersborg. Sweden, Fr Hardacre, Lynn M., Jackson. MS: Jr. Haralson, Alfonzo, Forrest, MS: Jr. Hardaway, Wayne A., Enterprise. MS: Sr. Hardin, Elizabeth R., Memphis. TN, Jr. Hardy, Cennie M., Louin. MS, Sr. Hardy. R. Bruce. Columbus. MS: Jr. Harkins, Florence L.: Carthage. MS, Jr. People 303 Sr , MS So Harlan, Cathy L., W. Mephis, Harman, Debbe R., Pearl, Harper, Harold F,, Bartow, Harper, Jacquelyn D., Greenville, Harper, Jeri L., Vicksburg, Harper, Teresa K., Tylertown, Harper, Teri, Hattiesburg, Harrell, Chuck, Moss Point, Harrelson, Debbie G., Grenada, Harris, Cassandra A., Clarksdale, Harris, Charles W., Gulfport, Harris, Darryl G., Moss Point, Harris, James R., Brooklyn, Harris, Linda L., Newton, Harris, Namon Jr., Jackson, Harris, Richard L. Jr., Ocean Springs, Harris, Stacey K., Laurel, Harris, Stella M, Tougaloo, Harrison, Kathryn A., Philadelphia, Harrison, Mary B., Columbia, Harrison, Patsy M., Gulfport, Hart, Jackie E., Brookhaven, Hart, Myrtis L., Jackson, Hart, Teri, Pascagoula, Hartfield, Roy J. Jr., Purvis, Hartmann, Maria, Ocean Springs, Hartfield, Bialla B., Purvis, Harthcock, Jane L., Newton, Hartnett, Kim, Pensacola, Harvey, John J., Long Beach, Harvey, Percy L., Carthage, Harville, Larence G., Hattiesburg, Harwell, Rhonda G., Brandon, Haskins, Bonnie K., Brandon, Hastings, Michael S., Brandon, Hathorn, Angela Y., Meridian, M1 AK, So MS, Jr FL, Sr MS, Sr MS, Sr MS, Fr MS, Fr MS, Fr MS, Sr MS, So MS, So MS, Sr MS, Jr MS, Jr MS, Sr MS, Fr MS, So MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, Sr MS, Gr MS, Fr MS, Fr MS, Fr. MS, Sr. MS, Jr FL, So MS, So MS, Jr MS, Sr MS, Fr MS, So MS, So MS, Fr Haupt, Beth A., Gulfport, MS Jr Haupt, Connie, Gulfport, Hawkins, Landler B., Wesson, Hawkins, Carrie, Ft. Walton Beach, Hawkins, Sonja A., Mendenhall, Hawthorn, Angela, Hattiesburg, 304 People MS, Sr MS, Sr FL, Sr MS, Jr MS, Fr ' Hff, ., .. Qi , . 1' QW31, -' sf' I 1 ff: .. Z 3 ef , x bn 9' 1? a ,- on v . ,.. ,f ,., f, , ' 0 y iv 'Q I f 1 " 'I 'll 2' .' ll K" fir f "G mfx-...,, C, . ...M ........,,s., 1430 is . ' 1 jf 41,4 . a L, W i ? ,me wrt' X F N 'Q g 1 I , ,V . .N .A,,, IA., 1, - fa rr r A is ,M .-, . A? ia.. fn I W iff, Hayden, David S., Biloxi, MS, So. Hayes, Linda A., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Hayman, John M., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Haywood, Joy E., Macm, MS, Jr, Headley, Kris A., Vicksburg, MS, Jr. Heard, Dana S., Brooksville, MS, Sr. Heard, Kathleen A., Meridian, MS, Jr. Heaton, Nancy H., Brookhaven, MS, So. Hebert, Curtis L., Pascagoula, MS, Fr. Hedgepeth, Curtis G., Ellisville, MS, JR. Heflin, Michele, Gulfport, MS, Jr, Hegwood, Leslie E., Richton, MS, So. Hegwood, Lisa R., Forest, MS, So. Hemeter, Robin L., McComb, MS, Jr. Hemphill, Mary A., Rose Hill, MS, Sr. Henderson, Karl T., Lucedale, MS, Fr. Henderson, Laura A., Sandhill, MS, Fr. Henderson, Sharla R., Columbus, MS, So. Hendrix, Joe B., Columbus, MS, Sr. Hendry, Anna M., Ovett, MS, Jr. Henley, Craig E., Picayune, MS, Sr. Hennis, Marty R., Chatom, AL, Fr. Henry, Donna G., McComb, MS, Sr. Henry, Pamela L., Natchez, MS, Fr. Herrin, Sandra, Braxton, MS, Sr. Herring, Patricia L., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Herring, Richard A., Jackson, MS, Jr. Herring, Rose M., Bassfield, MS, Sr. Herrington, Kimberly B., Gulfport, MS, So. Herrington, Pattie L., Woodville, MS, Jr. Herrington, Robert P., Woodville, MS, Fr. Hensleigh, Deborah L., Hattiesburg. MS: Sr Hess, Von A., Belle Chasse, LA, So. Hester, Denise, Taylorsville, MS: Jr. Hetrick, Scott A., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Hewes, William G. Ill, Gulfport. MS: So. Hickman, Ron L., Jamestown. Rl, Sr. Hicks. Debra K., Jackson. MS: So. Hicks, Steve E., Natchez. MS, Sr. Hicks, Tammy L.: Laurel. MS, Jr. Higginbotham. Jayne, Jackson. MS, Sr. Higginbotham, Lori L.: Biloxi. MS: Jr. People 305 Hilbun, Cynthia M., Vicksburg, MS, Jr Hill, Ann M., Jackson, MS, Jr Hill, Pamela K., Hattiesburg, MS, So Hille, Carla E., Bay St. Louis, MS, Jr Hilley, Carolyn E., Gautier, MS, So Hillman, Paul M., Richton, MS, Fr Hilton, Twylia F., Biloxi, MS, So Hindman, Cheryl, Bay Springs, MS, Sr Hines, Janet L., Ridgeland, MS, So Hines, Janice M., Corinth, MS, Gr Hines, Lee Anne, Long Beach, MS, Fr Hines, Oliver W., Jackson, MS, So Hines, Randall J., Ocean Springs, MS, Jr Hines, Yvetta K., Clarksdale, MS, Sr Hinman, Munson P., Pascagoula, MS, So Hinton, Teresa B., Laurel, MS, Sr Hobson, Cynthia A., Lafayette, LA., So Hodges, Chris S., Lyon, MS, Fr Hogue, Keith, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr Hoitt, Richard J., Pascagoula, MS, So Holifield, Billy C., Laurel, MS, Jr Holifield, Jan, Taylorsville, MS, Jr Holland, Jeannie W., Jackson, TN, So Holland, Paul R., Biloxi, MS, So Holley, Michiel E., West Point, MS, Sr Hollingsworth, Lisa C., Meadville, MS, Sr Hollins, Mary L., Madison, MS, Fr Holloman, Timothy L., Bay Springs, MS, Sr Holloway, Jo L., Long Beach, MS, Fr Holloway, Pamala J., Jackson, MS, Sr Holloway, Scottye M., Magee, MS, Jr Holloway, Tammy L., Vicksburg, MS, So Holm, Carol A., Gioster, MS, So Holman, George R., Bolton, MS, Jr Holley, Karen D., Holly Springs, MS, Sr Hollis, Charles D., Biloxi, MS, So Holsomback, Jack A., Vicksburg, MS, Sr Holyfield, Kevin P., Lucedale, MS, Sr Honeycutt, Jeffrey W., Jackson, MS, Jr Hoover, Lindy C., Meadville, MS, Jr Hopper, Steve A., Natchez, MS, Gr Horne, Jeana S., Gulfport, MS, So Horne, Latrecia A., Philadelphia, MS, Jr Horne, Regina A., Jackson, MS, Jr Horton, Verlena, Si,ver Creek, MS, Jr Hosch, Carole A., Gulfport, MS, Fr Hosey, Ella M, Bay Springs, MS, Jr Hossein-Dahbashi, Donna M., Jackson, MS, Jr Hossein-Dahbushi, Mojtaba, Tehran, Iran, Gr House, Susan R., Hattiesburg, MS, So Houston, Alton R., Columbus, MS, Fr Houston, John W., Carriere, MS, Fr Howard, Marchessa L., Jackson, MS, Howard, Olga O., Gulfport, MS, So Howe, Bobby G., New Albany, MS, Jr Howell, Bobby A., Moss Point, MS, Sr 306 People Students t f ' 'iff L . , , 4 "4 QMS J . 2-23 5' jxgx-Z S-,, ff L1 fs f V if ,, , if 5 x Xb' ' L . l e iii as J' 'GSI 2 It I K 5,1-x , eg ' , ,., ' ' I , n .- I c l jun- ff -1 gn ' i rt . 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Hudson, William M., Wooster, OH, Sr. Huff, Cecil S., Brewton, AL, Jr. Huff, Debbie J., Pearl, MS, Sr. Huggins, Bobert W., Gulfport, MS, Sr. Hughes, Leslie I., Magee, MS, Jr. Hughes, Wade K., Laurel, MS, Sr. Hughes, William E., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Hultz, Alice F., Mobile, AL, So. Humphries, Robin E., Biloxi, MS, Fr. Hunt, Pamela K., Roxie, MS, Jr. Hunt, Terri A., Brandon, MS, Jr. Hurns, Reginald, Cleveland, MS, Jr. Hurst, Juanita, Magnolia, MS, Sr. Hurst, Richard A., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Hurst, Walter J., Magnolia, MS, Fr. Hurt, Lisa G., Lumberton, MS, Fr. Husley, Terri L., Biloxi, MS, Sr. Husser, Tammy L., Franklinton, LA, Sr. Idol, Sally F., Gulfport, MS, Jr. Ingraffin, Michael H., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr ,fn ,K P9 l Ingram, Ingram, Ingram, Ingram, Judy D., Sumrall, MS, Jr. Kim R., Vicksburg, MS, So. Kyle T., Palo Alto, CA, Sr. Lisa H., Laurel, MS, Sr. Inman, T.J., Jackson, MS, Sr Irby, Karen R., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Irby, Merri F., Meridian, MS, Jr. Irby, Suzanne, Jr. Ireland, Carol L., Ocean Springs, MS, Fr. Isbell, Timothy T., Jackson, MS, Jr. Iseman, Ron, Ford City, PA, Sr. lshee, David, Gulfport, MS, Fr. Iverson, Karla A., Hernando, MS: So. Ivy, Debra A., Oxford, MS, Jr. Jackson, Corolyn L., McComb, MS, Jr. Jackson, Craig, McComb, MS, Sr. Jackson, Curt P., East Molin. IL, Sr. Jackson, Danny L., Picayune. MS, Sr. Jackson, Denton L., Coldwater. MS: Sr. Jackson, Gwendolyn, Edwards. MS: Jr. Jackson, MS: Florence, MS: So. Jackson, Harold W., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Jackson, Joseph A., New Orleans. LA, Fr Jackson, Kim D., Hattiesburg. MS1 Jr. Jackson, Linda S., Coldwater. MS: Gr. People 307 Jackson, Martha A., Hattiesburg, MS Jackson, Paula E., Gloster, MS Jackson, Robyn N., Gulfport, MS, Jackson, Sheila A., Tylertown, MS, Jackson, Steven J., Summit, MS, James, Clifford L., Gulfport, MS, James, Dennis L., Gulfport, MS, James, Julie V., Jackson, MS, Jannehill, Susan D., Jackson, MS, Janus, Cynthia A., Biloxi, MS, Jarrell, Kenneth W., Tylertown, MS, Jarvis, Katherine L., Pascagoula, MS Jeanfreau, Diane M., Metairie, LA Jelusich, Andrea M., Gulfport, MS Jenkins, Charles R. Jackson, MS, Jenkins, Pamela J., Hornlake, MS, Jennings, Steven E., Hattiesburg, MS, Jennings, Tina L., Gulfport, MS Jessie, Sandra L., Ocean Springs, MS Jeter, Paula L., Greenville, MS, Jimmerson, Kenneth L., Moss Point, MS Joachim, Michael R., Biloxi, MS, Johnson, Andrew W., Vicksburg, MS Johnson, Anthony B., Sebastopol, MS Johnson, Beverly J., Lexington, MS, Johnson, Bradley B., Tylertown, MS Johnson, Brenda D., Port Gibson, MS Johnson, Bruce E., Gulfport, MS, Johnson, Bud, Vicksburg, MS, Johnson, Cheryl L., Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Johnson, Cindy D., Ocean Springs, MS, Johnson, Debra A., Colguitt, GA, Johnson, Gayle L., Jackson, MS, Johnson, Gregory L., Natchez, MS, Johnson, Irma D., Forest, MS, Johnson, Jackqueline, Chicago, lL Johnson, Janet C., Jackson, MS, Johnson, Jeffery D., Madison, MS, Johnson, Jeffrey A., Jackson, MS Johnson, Jerri A., Hattiesburg, MS Johnson, Joseph E., Vicksburg, MS, Johnson, Karen Y., Lorman, MS, 308 People a 1 Jr Jr Sr Sr Sr Sr Sr Fr So Gr Sr Jr Jr Jr Sr So Sr Jr Jr So Jr Sr Jr Jr So Jr Jr Sr So Fr So Sr Sr Sr Sr Jr Sr So Jr Jr So Jr , 4 Z , " W"3 Q, 3 i . E '25 ' U r A J If Q Q-, , Fi r ' ' my aa ""." 5:57545 ' if'-'LL' f' , ' V .g- ' 5' Et, ' I4 Fw' H. 1 .A -m stiff, . - JUCYA ' lj gall Nfl i 2 In J g 5- ' l fxfx '.- ' .-,fl XL L i i Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Katrina R., Melinda L., Melissa C., Pamela R., Patricia A., Richard A., Mantee, MS: So. Gulfport, MS, Fr. Rochelle, Clarksdale, MS, Jr. Sandra Sandra Sharon Sherry, Steven K., Mendenhall, MS, So P., Durant, MS, Sr. A., Prentiss, MS: Jr. Biloxi, MS, Fr. , Boyle, MS, So. Terrance K., Gulfport, MS, Fr Terry D., Lucedale, MS, Jr. Johnston, Carl E., Petal, MS, So. Johnston, Cynthia C., Decatur, MS, Fr Joiner, Lawrence M., Jackson, MS, Fr Jolly, Timothy J., Meridian, MS, Fr. Jones, Annie M., Lauderdale, MS, Sr. Jones, Ava C., Jackson, MS, Fr. Jones, Avery M. Jr., Shubuta, MS, Jr, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Beverly A., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr Jones, Charles H. Jr., Gulfport, MS, Jr Jones, Cheryl B., Raymond, MS, Jr. David W., Gulfport, MS: Sr. Demeatra W., Hattiesburg. MS: Fr Edna L., Lucedale, MS, Sr. Ella W., Lula, MS, Sr. Gay L., Raymond, MS, Jr. Lori A., Natchez, MS, Fr. Mary S. B., Hattiesburg, MS: So Melissa E., Hattiesburg. MS: Fr Rebecca, Shubuta, MS, Sr. Gregory, Greenwood, MS: Jr. Kandye L., Jackson. MS: Sr. Kelley R., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Leroy, Columbus, MS: Fr. Patricia G.: Sherry A., William S.: Jordan, Robin L.: Joseph, Alton H ' Okolona, MS: Sr. Mize. MS: Sr. Corinth. MS: Sr. Mobile. AL: Sr. Moss Point, MS: So. People Seminary, MS, Sr Crystal Springs, MS Jr New Orleans, LA F Gulfport, MS, Sr. Joseph, Robert S. Jr., Natchez, MS Justice, David B., Melbourne, FL, Kahlstorf, Miki, Orlando, FL, Kalil, Gena D., McComb, MS, Kamiya, Hideyuki, Toyko, Japan, Kasaj, Michael, Gulfport, MS, Kaskie, Mark A., Forest, MS, Kay, Antrice D., Corinth, MS, Kee, Terri L, Lumberton, MS, Keene, Scott L., Ocean Springs, MS, Keene, Susan T., Brnadon, MS, Keene, Roy J., Mobile, AL, Keeter, Melissa A., Clinton, MS, Keith, Paul M., Birmingham, AL, Keith, Thomas B., Purvis, MS Keith, Tim M., Hattiesburg, MS, Kellar, Sylvia V., Picayune, MS, Kelley, Brenda F., Meridian, MS, Kelley, Fred R., Hazelhurst, MS Kelly, Rhonda C., Southhaven, MS, Kemp, Cynthia M., Gulfport, MS Kemp, Janet, Gulfport, MS, Kemper, Delores A., Jackson, MS Kennedy, Andy, Magee, MS Kennedy, David S., Biloxi, MS, Kennedy, Michael D., Hattiesburg, MS, Kennedy, Tex K., Honalulu, Hawaii Kenny, Rebecca A., Corinth, MS, Kensler, Peggy L., Pascagoula, MS, Kent, Angie C., Clinton, MS, Kenworthy, Jim S., Anaheim, CA, Kergosien, Suzi M., Bay St. Louis, MS Kern, Deborah D., Terre Haute, IN, Kern, Lisa A., Bay St. Louis, MS Kesler, Gregory L., Ocean Springs, MS, Kessler, Robin O., Hattiesburg, MS, Key, Jackie B., Hattiesburg, MS, Key, Tommie J., Dekalb, MS, Keyes, Robert W. Jr., Hattiesburg, MS, Keys, Cedric C., Jackson, MS, Keyes, Lynda C., Jackson, MS, Keys, Jackie, Magee, MS, Keys, Kimberly D., Florence, MS, Kidd, Maranda J., Sandersville, MS Kilgore, Joel E., West Point, MS Killebrew, Gail K., Sumrall, MS Kinest, Marla R., Biloxi, MS King, Dixie L., Vance, MS King, Dolores H., Magee, MS King, Jerry, Sumrall, MS King, Katherine M., Lyman, MS King, Kathy L., Jackson, MS, King, Kathy M., Hattiesburg, MS, 310 People v Kassel J. Gregory, Hattiesburg, MS, Kelley, Karen K., Pascagoula, MS, 1 1 Kilsby, Julie T., Hattiesburg, MS fy---1.0 fi A 5. v vv "L..,f9 W '- i an . u .... Fix A., 'fl . re, fi t 5' C' v-1 N V, I X I 4 K 1.- , :rv .qv ,F is. ,nd Q. f Q -QA, ax up .. ' 1 A. v.iiQfK Y T . , J , D ' H. . if A - fn Le,- King, Kenneth P., Slidell, LA, Jr, King, Patti C., Hattiesburg, MS, So. King, Shannon D, Clinton, MS, So. Kirk, Montgomery B., Pascgoula, MS, Jr. Kirkland, Leslie K., Picayune, MS, Sr. Kirkley, Angela C., Carson, MS, Fr. Kirkpatrick, Claudia P., Defiance, OH, Fr. Kirkpatrick, Katherine M., Hattiesburg, MS, Kinnard, Shirley J., Utica, MS, Jr. Kiser, Christopher S., Biloxi, MS, So. Kitchens, Brian C., Vicksburg, MS, Jr. Kitchens, Nancy E,, Meridian, MS, Gr. Kittell, Leonard C., Picayune, MS, Sr. Klein, T.K., Waveland, MS, Sr. Kleiss, Barbara A., Crystal Lake, lL, Gr. Knight, Clay P., Poparville, MS, Jr. Knight, Karen, Jackson, MS, Sr. Knight, Nancy E., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Knight, Sheila, Stringer, MS, Jr. Koelling, David C., Starkville, MS, Jr, Koger, Thomas L., Bay St. Louis, MS, Jr. Koontz, Diane M., Biloxi, MS, Fr. Koskie, Elizabeth C., Jackson, MS, Gr. Kozakiewiez, Peter J,, Gulfport, MS, Jr. Kramer, Susie K., Quitman, MS, Jr. Krawezyk, Joseph R., San Antonio, TX, Sr. Kreamer, Kevin M,, Wesson, MS, Sr. Krebs, Carolyn R., Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Krebs, Donna M., Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Krebs, Michael K., Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Krenek, Christopher B., Jackson, MS, So, Krenek, Clayton J., Jackson, MS, Jr. Krohn, Steven C., Gulfport, MS, So. Krug, Phyllis E., Long Beach, MS, Sr. Kubitz, Linda M., Ocean Springs, MS, Sr. Kuluz, Peter J., Ocean Springs, MS, Sr. Labat, Eric M., Bay St. Louis, MS, So. LaBiche, T.C., Meridian, MS, Sr. Lacy, Cindy L., Long Beach, MS, Jr. Lacy, Steven K., Long Beach, MS, Fr, Ladner, Brian H., Picayune, MS, Sr. Ladner, Delarie A., Pass Christian, MS, Fr, Ladner, Lee A., Lumberton, MS, Fr. Ladner, Robin L., Picayune, MS, So. Ladnier, Edward C., Gulfport, MS, Jr. La Fon, Ronald R., Columbia. MS: Sr. Lagman, Elizabeth V vie, AL, Fr. Lakey, Terry P., Long Beach. MS: Jr. Lamb, Carolyn G, Biloxi, MSL Jr. Lamb, Cynthia R., Baton Rouge. LA, Sr, Lambert, John P., Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Lambert, Theresa D., Laurel, MS: Sr. Lampe, Bruce E., Hattiesburg. MS, Sr. Lander, David M, Moss Point. MS: Sr. Landrum, Betty L., Waynesboro. MS: Jr. Lane. Cynthia S., Moss Point. MS: So. People 311 New Head Coach: Jim Carmody Laney, Leigh A., Magee, Lang, Karen E., Long Beach, Lang, Linda L., Pascagoula, Lang, Mary M., Pascagoula, Langford, Sherri J., Carthage, Langley, Valerie C., Defuniak Springs, Langston, Michele, Pascagoula, Langston, Nita F., Raymond, Lansdale, Mark S., Ocean Springs, Larry, Alisa A., Starkville, Larsen, Sherry L., Pascagoula, Laseter, Dianne E., Morton, Lashley, Rebecca, Meridian, Lauderdale, Kathryn, Jackson, Lauhlin, Kay, Meridian, LaVigne, David W., Hattiesburg, Lawler, Cindy L., Purvis, Lawless, Elizabeth A., Laurel, Lawrence, Claire F., Ocean Springs, Lawrence, Darla N., Pascagoula, Lawson, Curtis W., Braxton, Lazenby, Terri J., Purvis, Leach, Vickie L., Jackson, Leake, Carol L., Woodville, Lear, Veronica A., Tylertown, Lear, William L., Bay St. Louis, LeBlanc, Angela M., Wiggins, LeBlanc, Lisa A., Hattiesburg, Lee, Ava J., Gulfport, Lee, Connie D., Gulfport, Lee, Denise, Seminary, Lee, J. Renee, Petal, Lee, Joyce N., Picayune, Lee, Kristi L., Hattiesburg, Lee, Linda G., Picayune, 312 People MS, MS, MS, MS MS, FL' 9 MS MS MS, MS MS MS MS, MS, MS MS MS MS, MS, MS MS, MS, MS' 1 MS, MS MS, MS MS v 1 MS, MS, 1 1 MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, So. Fr So Fr Sr Fr Jr Jr So Fr Jr Jr So So Sr J r Sr Sr Sr So Sr Jr Sr So Sr Sr So Fr Gr Sr Jr Sr So Jr Jr 'ms-., ,....w-YV I 51. sy ' -03 W if , V 4 -V T .Fr I all l l . ' 5 S 'f "f 11" Q i3:2ni,gf,5'.- ,, ,,, . , if Q 1-.Q 3 A A Z1 Qs A f Xl J ,al ' ' '5 t . 1 February 27, the Southerner was granted an interview with new Head Football Coach Jim Carmody. Below are some excerpts from that interview. SOUTHERNER: How do you feel about the situation you're stepping into here-football wise-as far as the team is concerned? CARMODY: I feel like the schedule is more difficult. I realize that and I think we have to guard against complacency. I think it looks like the players are determined, but some- times when you look at it down on paper- you can easily say, "Oh boy, we've got every- one back-all the football players, but we've got to work even harder than we did in the past because the schedule's harder. We dropped Texas-Arlington and Lamar and added Auburn and Ole Miss. That's just two examples there. I think it's the most difficult schedule USM's ever had in the history of the school. SOUTHERNER: I know you mentioned a lot of returning football players. Davey Sellers is gone and Sammy Winder won't be back. Are Q ,fix gr? .-1, If? 'fb W, XA, , SY, . ,... .. .... . V. . . . . .--- W ..... N .... Ni, . Wx . ss-as-H-V xv- 'B' ir, " fi 1. f 9' N 5 M. ,v 5, I Mg. N2 5 ,gs v,x Q X52 N . ff, ,. . I. j 3' .. NX X . ai xi fx if x .N you going to make any significant changes, as far as the running game is concerned, to more of a passing-oriented game? CARMODY: Davey Sellers is gone-that's true. But not only is Sammy Winder gone, but Ricky Floyd who played behind Sammy, cer- tainly a big, big threat for four years, particu- larly in catching the football and throwing the option-pass. He can make a long run for you with his great speed. So We've lost our first two tailbacks. I think the jury's out on the others. But as far as throwing the football- we may throw the football more, but we're not going to change drastically. I think to win nine games, and you have a quarterback like Reggie Collier coming back to go out there and change your whole offense is not very smart. So we're going to keep the same run- ning attack, and we might add a few new wrinkles to the passing game. There won't be any drastic changes. SOUTHERNER: How do you think the change in coaching has affected recruiting players? I guess the best example would be Marcus Dupree. A lot of people had high hopes about him. CARMODY: I think that's a real misconcep- tion about Marcus Dupree. The change in coaches had nothing to do with Marcus Du- pree . . . if it had he would have gone to SMU. People need to figure it out. It wasn't individ- uals or coaching staff. We got down to the wire with Oklahoma. It was Oklahoma and the University of Southern Mississippi vying for the most prestigious player in America. He decided on Oklahoma. We certainly do wish him well. He's a fine player. We've got a lot of good players. Marcus Dupree went with Oklahoma, but we're very, very excited about our team. SOUTHERNER: When we talked with Bobby Collins he said Reggie Collier had a good chance ifor a Heisman Trophyl-that is was possible at Southern Mississippi to have a Heisman Trophy winner. CARMODY: Well, I think that's true. I talked to the players about that. Some people say "Don't go to Southern Mississippi-you won't get the recognition," but this is untrue. Reggie finished ninth in the voting for the Heisman trophy as an underclassman. Cer- tainly he is one of, if not the best, quarter- backs in the nation. We don't stress that with Reggie-I didn't even bring that up in the team meeting-those are things that are ex- tra. We don't stress thinking about individual achievements and individual awards. This is a team-oriented ball club. We've got a good year-we've got a good chance for some post-season awards, but as far as the main problem of Southern Mississippi getting a Heisman Trophy, that isn't the issue, the main thing is to win as a team. SOUTHERNER: Do you sense any appre- hension on the part of the players about the schedule next year? CARMODY: We really strive-this is an old cliche-as you start looking to a date later in the season, you'll probably get beat by North Louisana. We have not sat down and started spring practice yet and gone over our sched- ule. Whether there will be any apprehension or not-I feel like we've got a good football team and they'll be looking forward to it en- thusiastically. , .'. ., .3 i E :Rfb- g..,,..x . 1 M . ws, I l , .sq , Q Lee, Ramona M., Hattiesburg, MS, So. 'W Lee, Robin S., Biloxi, MS, Jr. I 1' Lee, Sherry M., Nicholson, Ms, Fr. D Lee, Tammy L., Picayune, MS, Jr. - Legg, Sharon H., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. . I I , A 1? ,- ,s .. .-,wx I ' 3' 42,1 . s .' I " 3 1 s , f A b a l I . " 1 L I I l v-9 ff 3. ll- I .. ,x Z if ' :.- ,fr N.. ss if ' T v K . tg. Leggett, Scherolyn A., Columbia, MS, Jr. Lehe, Erich D., Jayess, MS, Sr. Lennon, Julie E., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Leonberger, Tim, Champaign, IL, Gr. Leslie, Andy, Pascagoula, MS, So. Lewis, George E., Gulfport, MS, Jr. Lewis, John R., Flora, MS, Fr. Lewis, Patricia A., Mt. Olive, MS, Fr. Lewis, Rex T., Pelahatchie, MS, Jr. Lewis, Willie E., Gulfport, MS, So. Lick, Charles D., Raymond, MS, So. Lightsey, Linda F., Columbia, MS, Sr. Lightsey, Regina A., Columbia, MS, So. Lightsey, Stella J., Pachuta, MS, Jr. Lilly, Rita L., Crystal Springs, MS, Jr. Lindsay, Vanessa L., Gulfport, MS, Sr. Lisenbee, Doug G., Cantonment, FL, Fr. Little, Billy D., New Hebron, MS: Jr. Little, Deedra E., Vicksburg, MS, Fr. Little, Suzette, Hazlehurst. MS, Jr. Littlepage, Janet L., Biloxi, MS, So. Littlepage, Nancy L., Biloxi, MS, Gr. Livingston, Lynn, Union, MS, So. Lloyd, Jamie L., Ocean Springs. MS, Sr. Locke. Alice E., Winona. MS: So. Locke, Charles E., Winona, MS, Sr. Lofland. Iris A., Saucier, MS, Jr. Logan, Julius S., Hattiesburg. MS: Sr. Logan, Paula L., Magee, MS: Fr. Longino, Frank S.: Mobile. AL: So. People 313 Loper, Cheryl A., Biloxi, MS Lopez, Pedro C., Maracaibo, Venezuela Lott, David J., Hattiesburg, MS 1 Lott, Oscar D., Wiggins, MS, Lott, Thomas A., Seminary, MS, Loughman, Christine M., Hattiesburg, MS, Love, Curtis C. Jr., Biloxi, MS Love, D. Kelly, Maranello, Italy, 1 Love, Kerry A., Vicksburg, MS, Love, Lynne E., Corinth, MS, Love, James K., Vicksburg, MS Loveday, Sandra R., Clinton, MS Lovelady, Darrell E., Petal, MS, Lovell, Frank A,, Hattiesburg, MS Lovern, Zella A., Hattiesburg, MS, Lovitt, Lisa A., Brookhaven, MS, Lowery, Cynthia D., Natchez, MS, Lowery, Nancy S., Wesson, MS, Lowery, Nina J., Mendenhall, MS, Lowry, Lisa R., Hattiesburg, MS Lubritz, Paige A,, Hattiesburg, MS, Lucas, Denise, Tylertown, MS Lucas, Martha C., Hattiesburg, MS, Lucas, Regena L., Greenwood, MS, Luckett, Karen R., Yazoo City, MS, Luckey, Billy C., Magee, MS Lucky, Jarold K., Hattiesburg, MS, Luke, Elizabeth L., Florence, MS Lumpkin, Sharon K., Picayune, MS, Lumpkin, Sheila L., Picayune, MS, Lynch, Thomas C., Biloxi, MS, Lynn, Alfredia M., Jackson, MS, Lynn, Frankie D., Moss Point, MS, Lytle, Gina V., Biloxi, MS, Mackabee, Velma M., Brookhaven, MS Mackay, Kevin M., Columbia, MS, Mackey, Rufus, Batesville, MS Macklin, Dennis, Hattiesburg, MS, MacLean, Hillies S., Pascagoula, MS, Maddox, Stephanie L., Clinton, MS, Madison, Dana J., Pascagoula, MS Maeda, Hirohisa, Tokyo, Japan, Magee, Benita, Long Beach, MS, Magee, Debra S., Tylertown, MS Malache, Valerie C,, Biloxi, MS, Mallette, Sherry S., Purvis, MS, Malley, Richard J., Gulfport, MS, Manguno, Monte M., Hattiesburg, MS Mantooth, Melissa L,, Hattiesburg, MS, Manville, Marcia A., Clinton, MS Mark, Monica L., East Berlin, PA Mars, Shawyn A., Mendenhall, MS, Marsalis, Rachel F., Summit, MS, So Marshall, Mickey L., Clinton, MS Martin, Angela R., Petal, MS Martin, Connie M., Tylertown, MS 314 People x 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 v 1 Pk- 333' ., Q., K . ,X... ., . . . , 5 . ki l' 4 4 'f f - ,L ' A I .N A ..,. 0 V s 'B .. f Q , 4: , Y.-1 ' , .. ,,,. ,.,., , , , If 1. . , '5 -s32'fT,' - A ' ' . . - 12' - . ' X -Q is ' 5 X 4 an . X P I ll X :Qs ' ll V 5-2 5' f lf! ' 091 .f '9 X f 2 '1 X? ff ' ' as A fi ' lr ,3. 3 .Q X K. ! - iif 2 , ,112 ,..a, jg 5 -- X M' Xw-. 1 ...., , ': 1555.11- u ggi. ' Y' , 4 X A Xa 4-1 X -r bf '21, XV , 'f I ' 1, SL, H. I Q31 1 1 Ang. sr . in x Y X S' A at QQ E1 fern, 5 ,af Nm, ., .3 ui' ,pw we If A W R32 N u ' m X tr X 'XC X !'.,:,f' ' fi-" 6-. It , 1. " 1' 2 Students 1 XXX- QX gg S Xr ., , -NZM , we has w J Y nf xi f '71 'No' . .5 :..-.a- 1, "'X. I is 1. , Matkin, 'X 45 V5 i k . ,Y L, ,, ill! . -ff 1 :fd 95 f tr'u7 l'r L ffl' ' ... 1 I I ln! 1-li Z X Six' 1 B J If 5 . 44. ' Q4 , x ' 'if -ff' fr lil... Xa JL 'X . N .4 V 4. Q- r 'rl -4 'Z . Fi.: 'Q fig,-. Q v1".v H., .1 o-Q...---Q rf's'tw B ' Mila...--1 'xNu0"f' I 1 - ' fm u I ',L. .--'uw' - . H: , N- . win .uatuvl ',..n:f-:-sri' ks . " ' Luffi i in 0-'46 51,1 xx , 1 I 'ia Z li: i if 'NOT X . 11 Q -f-1 J x-.Ai Martin, Cynthia L., Biloxi, MS, Sr. Martin, David W., Natchez, MS, So. Martin, Terri S., Clinton, MS, Jr. Martin, Frances V., Batesville, MS, Jr. Martin, Robert L.H., Ellisville, MS, Sr. Martin, Toni F., Jackson, MS, Sr. Martin, Wayne C., Tylertown, MS, Fr. Martinez, Alan R., Satellite Beach, Fl, Sr. Martinolich, Kathy A., Bay St. Louis, MS, Fr. Martinolich, Nancy A., Bay St. Louis, MS, So Mason, Mason, Mason, Lex M., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Lisa A., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Tata S., Waynesboro, MS, Fr, Massah, Akbar, Ahwaz, lran, Sr. Massey, Aaryanne R., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Massey, Garland T. Jr., Meridian, MS, Gr. Massey, Patra L., Mendenhall, MS, Jr, Mathis, Deborah L., Corinth, MS, So. Mathis, Jennifer J., Stonewall, MS, Fr. Mathis, Lisa K., Brookhaven, MS, So. Mathis, Sharon A., Stonewall, MS, Sr. Mary A., Festus, MO, Sr. Matthews, Patricia A., Ocean Springs, MS, Jr Mauldin, Kevin S., Meridian, MS, Sr. Mauldin, Melanie R., Laurel, MS, Jr. Maxwy, Denise L., Gulfport, MS, Sr. Maxey, Freda J., Union, MS, Sr. May, Daelin A., Moss Point, MS, Sr. May, David J., Vicksburg, MS, Fr. May, Deborah J., Petal, MS, Jr. May, Jeffery D., Mendenhall, MS, Jr. May, Ruth C., Columbia, MS, Jr. Maynor, Mercedes C., Jackson, MS, Jr. McAtee, Michael C., Kiln, MS, Sr. McBride, Addie A., Laurel, MS, Sr. McBride, James M., Laurel, MS, Jr. McBride, Mika, Prince George, VA, So. McCabe, John P., Gulfport, MS, Fr. McCabe, Kathryn A., Gulfport, MS, Sr. McCarty, Bruce, Shubuta, MS, Jr. McCarty, Kevin S., lndianola, MS, Fr. McCary, Karla J., Hattiesburg. MS, So. McCary, Timothy G., Baldwyn. MS: Jr. McClean, Breunan J., Pensacola, FL, Fr. McCleland, Beverly G., Crystal Springs. MS: Sr McClellan, Oscar L., Johnston City, ll.: Sr. McClelland, Celest O., Jackson, MS, Fr. McClelland, Danita K., Brookhaven. MS: So. McClelland, Jim E., Jackson, MS, Jr. McClelland, Ziva R., Gulfport, MS, Jr. McClinton, Lisa T., Carriere, MS, So. McCloskey, Kevin W., Picayune. MS: Sr. McCloud, Donna J., Lucedale. MS, Jr. McCollum, Anthony M.: Florence. MS: Fr. McCollum, Ray W., Paragould. AK, Sr. McCoy, Ginny L., Yazoo City, MS: Fr. People 315 Aquila chrysaetos: Nuggett McCoy, Vicki J., Brookhaven, McCrary, E. Shawn, Hattiesburg, McCraw, Cynthia R., Mize, McCray, Lindy F., Liberty, McCune, Bettye M., Moss Point, McDaniel, Janet L., Osyka, McDonald, Lisa D., Ocean Springs, McDonald, Vanessa, Magee, McDonald, Nancy I., Vicksburg, McDowell, Gloria B., Brooklyn, McDuff, Jean M., Pascagoula, McDuffie, Bobby, Petal, McElroy, Kitty, Madison, McElroy, Patty, Madison, McEwen, Shirley M., Pascagoula, McGee, Rhea A., Hattiesburg, McGee, Thomas D., Jackson, McGilvery, Rodney A., Hattiesburg, McGirt, Rebecca L., Meridian, McGowen, Russlyn M., Hattiesburg v McGraw, William W., Woodville, McHann, Reba: Edwards, Mcillwain, Kerry T., Hattiesburg, Mclnnis, Shelia A., Magee, McIntosh, Lee A., Brandon, McKay, Angie L., Jackson, McKee, Jana, Waynesboro McKenzie, Barbara D., Jackson McKenzie, Kevin D., Petal McKinlsy, E. Alicia, Pascagoula McKinney, Polly A., Mobile McLain, Ken, Laurel, McLaurin, Becky, Hattiesburg McLendon, Susan A., Pearl, McMahan, Gregory C., Hattiesburg 316 People MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS: MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS MS MS MS MS AL, MS MS v 1 MS, MS, So. So. Jr. Sr. Sr. Jr. Fr. There is something awesome about an eagle. They seem to be the embodiment of pride and power. In choosing a mascot, the Univer- sity of Southern Mississippi couldn't have done better when they chose the Golden Ea- gle, Aquila chrysaetos. USM's own live, warm blooded, Golden Ea- gle has a wing span of six feet and nine inches, weighs nine to eleven pounds, is ap- proximately three and a half years old ljust a youngster considering her life span is 60 to 70 yearsl and lives in a special constructed mew on USM's campus. Her name is Nug- gett, a name chosen in a contest by students and alumni. Nuggett was found in southern Louisiana ' ' sf: 4 1 Fr is Sr , Jr 2 So " f X gf Fr ' , f Sr GLY 4 ,gli Jr. f W' Jr. Jr. Sr. So. Sr. Jr Fr Jr. Jr. Sr. So. So Jr Jr Jr Jr Sr Jr Sr So Fr A , ix, .EM . I... ,l 1 Q 4 sf 'ix' ff 1 ., , AM-if if ' XZ 155 4 , 5 fl' ' : 1 "- - . " i' , 1 f 9- in 'Q www 3 .1 .. H , 50, YT' . ,554 iii-3 kl! ..... . 4 hzaimiiiss with a gunshot wound in one of her wings. She was taken to Auburn University, where she was rehabilitated at Auburn's Small Ani- mal Clinic. USM was granted custody of N ug- gett by the Department of Interior and she was moved to Hattiesburg just over a year ago and kept at Kamper Park Zoo until the permanent mew tthis is what one calls a cage for a bird of preyl could be built. The reason for USM being able to keep a Golden Eagle in captivity is due to the fact that she was evalu- ated as not being able to survive in the wild. As it is she has the next best thing-a whole university for a fan club and two handlers, Patty Simm and Trecia Osadchuk who adore here and are concerned with her every need. Trecia and Patty are animal behavior majors at USM and volunteered for the almost never easy task of caring for and training Nuggett. Nuggett isn't only the concern of USM, she is protected by Federal regulations that carry fines up to 520,000 andfor a year in jail on each count. Even the feathers that Nuggett might shed are carefully collected and sent to the Department of Interior to be given to the American Indians who are the only group who can legally possess and use them. All funding for the feeding and care of Nuggett comes from students, alumni and friends in the form of donation. Golden Eagles are known to form monoga- mous life-long pair bonds and in the future it is hoped that it will be possible to secure a mate for Nuggett-you know what that means-more gold nuggetts. l .1 ffl--.-A .-'51 :1:.'X. . ' ,,,.,-.-..:g::-::, C rim... .-1.i?f'iiif5j:5sisi 2 '. I f'frg.gkgj :1:Q::1fE:?5M f, -.g:g:g.i.,:P3:Q5 ,, ii. A 0 ' rv ,' V! , V lftglrll l Qu ., -W, is A, ?. 5' ' 4. ll ?Q' omg I . ,ga . B. , i.. Q , x - 1 x I, A 5-1'. .f . D C I ' 1 'Q- V .-4 , , ,Q :A-:I " I ll, Al .xx . N 4. E K . 5 .. 1 .rl L4 McMahon, Hal, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. McMichael, Carol, Biloxi, MS, Jr. McMillan, Francis G., Pensacola, FL, Jr. McMillen, Caroline L., Hattiesburg, MS, So. McMorris, Jimmie D., Petal, MS, Fr. McNabb, Sandra L., Purvis, MS, Jr. McNair, Jackie L., Gulfport, MS, Sr. McNair, Paula R., Mt. Olive, MS, Sr. McNease, J. Greg, Gautier, MS, Jr. McNeely, Reginald J., Columbia, SC, Gr. McNeese, Robbie J., Columbia, MS, Jr. McPhail, David L., Ellisville, MS, Sr. McPhate, Dennis W., Natchez, MS, So. McQuillin, Lisa M., Brookhaven, MS, Jr. McRight, Tamara L., Greenville, MS, So. McSwain, Anita B., Petal, MS, Sr. McSwain, Shirley J., Richton, MS, So. McWilliams, Terrie D., Picayune, MS, So. Meadors, Michael A., Sanford, FL, So. Meadows, Ricky W., Laurel, MS, Sr. Medious, James C., Columbia, MS, Fr. Meekey, Tommie L., Clarksdale, MS, So. Meitzler, Jan D., Picayune, MS, So. Menasco, Mary R., Long Beach, MS, Sr. Merchant, Julie M., Jackson, MS: Sr. Merritt, Kristal L., Moss Point, MS: Jr. Middleton, Dianne C., Biloxi, MS, So. Middleton, Tracy M., Laurel. MS: Fr. Mihalsky, Lori E., Mobile. Al., Sr. Mikkelsen, Theresa L., Magnolia Springs. MS So Milhollin, Belinda K., Biloxi, MX, Fr. Miller, Cheryl G.: Fairhope, AL, Sr. Miller, Betty A., Gulfport, MS, Sr. Miller, James P.: Biloxi, MS: Sr. Miller, Joyce E., State Line. MS: Jr. People 317 Miller, Keith R., Laurel, MS Miller, Monteneze L., Jackson, MS Miller, Nancy K., Seminary, MS Miller, Patricia A., Madison, MS Miller, Rebecca L., Long Beach, MS Miller, Sheila R., Ocean Springs, MS, Miller, Warren D., Gulfport, MS, Miller, Wayne, Gautier, MS Mills, James A., Hattiesburg, MS, Milner, Angela G., Hattiesburg, MS, Mims, Kimberli Y., Poplarville, MS, Mims, Virginia L., Natchez, MS, Minter, Deidra L., Sebastopol, MS, Minter, Margaret M., Collins, MS, Miranda, Conrado E., Toronto, Ontario Miskel, Roscoe, Pascagoula, MS, Mitchell, April D., McNeil, MS Mitchell, Emily K., Tylertown, MS Mitchell, James K., Nicholson, MS, Mitchell, Jeffrey T., Hattiesburg, MS, Mitchell, Jon D., Jackson, MS Mitchell, Linda S., Gulf Breeze, FL, Mitchell, Patty G., Picayune, MS, Mitchell, Rhonda R., Lithia Springs, GA, Mitchell, Valerie D., Millky, AL, Mixon, Donna S., Tylertown, MS Moak, Barbara A., Summit, MS Moak, Charlotte A., Brandon, MS, Moak, Delos D., Brookhaven, MS Moak, Tracy R., Brookhaven, MS Mobley, Patricia D., Hattiesburg, MS, Mobley, Robert C., Utica, MS Mock, Gwendolyn, Natchez, MS, Moffett, Jackie R., Taylorsville, MS Moncure, Barbara R., Jackson, MS, Monier, Leslie E., McComb, MS Monk, Angela, Clinton, MS Monk, Janis D., Franklinton, LA, Monk, Michael W., Mendenhall, MS Montford, Kevin M., Cantanment, FL, Montgomery, Dianne L., Hattiesburg, MS, Montgomery, Linda C., Jackson, MS 318 People 1 v Y 02421-1 my Fa , ' :-', l 15 ik, i its x 9 fs ' f C EL 5,1 V' - ,. if! .' ' ' ll "U L i c L .. nur. ., Q Qu 2 23 ' fi! 3 at . if 9 - , . fe-1', ' '- - , has vt. A 'w qv - 3 -J:n.',., I 3. Q P , av- L 'gi I' l . wg' ,fffff 1 ,61 .. 'nr' "Jr .f Q, 1 'if' S U3 QQ Pi . ,.f'9 , ,.,. ., A, , 35: , X Wy , . 1 1 f 11 1 f . P 4 'l , , 1 ll. " . ra- y xg to .ff -' -.4 Xl 'J Q Montgomery, Lois C., Long Beach, MS, Fr. Montgomery, Rhonda S., Newton, MS, Sr. Mooney, Kimberly J., Pascagoula, MS, So. Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Dara L., Mobile, AL, Fr. Elaine K., Lafayette, LA, So. Gregory L., Meridian, MS, Fr. Jennifer, McComb, MS, So. Juana L., Pearl, MS, Sr. Lisha G., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Marcia R., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Michael W., Bay St. Louis, MS, Fr. Ronald A., Brandon, MS, Fr. Thomas W., Magee, MS, Fr. Moran, Margaret A., Biloxi, MS, Sr. Morel, Robin L., Bay St. Louis, MS, Fr. Moreno, Alvaro J., Leakesville, MS, Sr. Moreno, Pedro S,, Leaksville, MS, Sr. Morgan, Benita L., Moss Point, MS, Sr. Morgan, Brian K., Biloxi, MS, Jr. Morris, DeeDee, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Morris, Lisa L., New Hebron, MS, Jr. Morris, Sallie A., Picayune, MS, Jr. Morrison, Missy, Utica, MS, Sr. Morriso Morriso Moses, n, Paul E., Jackson, MS, Jr. n, William J., Millport, AL, Fr, Felicia R., McComb, MS: So. Moss, Linda F., Meridian, MS, Jr. Mote, W. Ansel, McComb, MS, Jr. Moulds, Torri D., Hattiesburg. MS: Jr, Moyer, Lisa D., Vicksburg, MS: Jr. Mullins, James K., Roxie, MS, Sr. Munn, Patricia A., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Munn, William L., Mendenhall, MS, Jr. Munn, William M., Bailey, MS: Fr. Murphey, Deborah J., Newton, MS, Jr. Murphey, Kenneth A., Laurel. MS, Sr. Murphy, Patrick E., Columbus, MS: So. Murrell, Gregory S., Laurel, MS, So. Myers, Myers, Myers. Myers, Diane C.: Vicksburg. MS: Jr. Kenneth R.: Natchez. MS: Fr. Mickey D., Brookhaven. MS: Sr. Nelda KJ Jackson. MS: Sr. People 319 Myers, Peyton G., Hattiesburg, MS, So Myers, Sharon L., Biloxi, MS, Jr Myrick, Joseph O., Pearl, MS, So Myrick, Lisa A., Sr., Brandon, MS Nance, Brenda E., Collins, Nanney, Jacqueline R., Tupelo, Nanney, Roxanne, Tupelo, Napier, Leita L., Vicksburg, Nash, Gyrtis M., Summit, Nash, Todd M., Gulfport, Nassirinia, Nasser, Tehran, Naylor, Mark A., Meridian, Neal, Patrick M., Jackson, Neal, Rebecca S., Columbia, Necaise, Albert J., Kiln, Necaise, Jeffrey F., Perkinston, Necaise, Joy A., Necaise Crossing, MS MS, MS MS Neely, Nancy J., Hattiesburg, MS Neideffer, David H., Gulfport, Nelson, Brenda E., Bassfield, Nelson, David W., Newton Nelson, Gary W., Jayess, MS MS, ,MS MS MS, MS, MS, MS, Iran, MS, Ms, MS, MS, 1 1 Nester, Cheryl L., Nettles, Jerry W., Fayette, Nettles, Karen E., Hattiesburg, Nettles, Ronnie E., Fayette, Nettles, Stephen J., Ocean Springs, Nettles, Wanda M., Jayess, Netto, Barbara J., Hurley, Newberry, Art S., Pensacola, Newsome, Robert L., New Hebron, Newsome, Tanya D., New Hebron, Nichols, Margaret A., Hattiesburg, Nichols, Martha C., Raleigh, Nicholson, Karen L., Mobile, Nicholson, Robert W., Picayune, Nightengale, Pamela S., Long Beach, MS, MS, MS MS, MS MS, MS, MS' 1 MS, AL, MS, MS y 1 MS, FL, 1 Niolet, Frank J Nix, Nikki D., Long Beach, MS, Nix, Teri R., Natchez, MS, Noble, Stephanie L., Ocean Springs, Nobles, Sandra, Leakesville, MS Nobles, Sheila A., Shubuta, MS, MS, Norman, Doris M., Newton, MS Noullet, Suzanne R., Meridian, FL Noyan, Metin, Nicosia, Cyprus, Nungesser, George S., Biloxi, Nunnery, William L., Magnolia, Nutter, Pat K., Flora, Oatis, Audry, Hattiesburg, MS MS, MS MS, O'Barr, Roderick D., Birmingham, AL O'Brien, Elaine D., D'Lo, Odend'hal, John S., Hattiesburg, Odie, Powell, Jackson, MS, 1 1 1 MS, MS, Odom, Gene M., Shalimar, FL, Odom, Joseph N., Vicksburg, 320 People MS, . 1-V, . . Students E . 1 7 5 mx .'?Jl' ' Nm." ' S Ama: . -. .A ..'1ts.' -, ' . .,,...7 . . V tr? 1.1, V 51.5 if ' ' ie. J, - ".1- 1 A if ' f 'Z if 'f . l ' , ' V. 1 , -ifi'iff? i N as 'YJ uf' aylwi ., if QMIWH L, ' ' - , 55-riff?-.b,?-g.-R' i 8 fri 1.4 'ii . r X 1 ff: L, ! .121-4 nl fs 'J' X A -,f'-Ee' A' 1, 'la 52 I i 1 1 , 54 G 'flffw li ' 1 1 , A rx mU"J1'5 fi --xi", 9' f --.,:' 2' 'p ' 't .tg . 'ft . 'ff l X , X .f-v 1... 7 tff-is , 3.2, ' .7 ' K iffy .. . 'wi Yi 7 6 .' f A , fiifi . .J 1 H' iii, ff yi' 2 f 1 I 21,.g,,A.: . W ..,., In 3 A ft ' -1 I, . ff- 1 E ff i e gf ,fir . aff! 1 M . ' r ,.. .. 1 rf' l i LA K i K l l 5? . ni-:- .tt- 6 4. Fi--.A ,. ,. 1 -R ng ' . Q3' i' l. .4 I' if 1' , .gf M, + '72 1' 4 it ff 'iv' V Odom, Kelly K., Laurel, MS., Jr. Odom, Neva A., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Odom, Sonja M., Vicksburg, MS, Fr. Odom, Tara L., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. O'Grady, Robyn M., Biloxi, MS, So. O'Hara, Ellece M., Jackson, MS, So. O'Keefe, Jeffrey H., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. O'Keefe, Joanne B., Hattiesburg, MS, Gr. O'Keefe, Matt, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. O'Kelly, Karen G., Sylacauga, AL, Sr. Oliver, Albert L. Ill, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Olliff, Bob, Pensacola, FL, Fr. .- .f ' it 13,52- Ah-'X iff' ik- -.4 I x Q Olinger, Sheila R., Long Beach, MS, Sr. O'Neal O'Neal , Charles C., Wiggins, MS, Sr. O'Neal, , Stephen F., Wiggins, MS, Jr. Elizabeth A., Ocean Springs, MS, Jr Oritz, Margo A., Gulfport, MS, Sr. Orittuela, Nayle l., Caracas, Venezuela, Jr. O'Rourke, Helen J., Burke, VA, Fr. O'Steen, David R., Quitman, MS, Sr. Ostander, Mark A., Roscommon, Ml, Jr. O'Sullivan, Mary T., Pascagoula, MS, Jr. Oulliber, Mary B., Slidell, LA, Jr. Pace, Lauri E., Biloxi, MS, Fr. Pacheco, Juan C., Caracor, Venezuela, Jr. Padgett, Margaret R., Carriere, MS, Jr. Page, Patti J., Hazlehurst, MS, Jr. Page, Steven T., Biloxi, MS, So. Palermo, Catherine R., Vicksburg, MS, Sr. Palmer, Joseph W., Purvis, MS, Jr. Palmore, Guy W., Virginia Beach, VA, Sr. Pandey, Santosha N., Lorman, MS, Gr. Pappaceno, Pete D., Ft. Walton Beach, FL: Pardee, Charles C., St. Petersburg, FL, Jr. Parham, Beth M., Baton Rouge. LA, Sr. Parham, William S., Magee, MS, Sr. Parkel, Charles O., Brandon, MS, So. Parker, Ashley K., Jackson, MS, Fr. Parker, Deborah F., Ocean Springs, MS, Fr. Parker, Dianna L., Ellisville, MS: Sr. Parker, Nancy R., Macon, MS, Gr. Parker, Susan D., Canton, MS, Jr. Parkinson, Rhonda G., Gulfport, MS, Jr. Parks, Robert J., Jackson, MS, Jr. Parks, Sandra C., Hattiesburg. MS: Jr. Parshotam, Vikram B., Hattiesburg, MS: Sr. Pate, Robert M., Jackson, MS, Jr. Fr Patrick, Janie E., Woodville. MS: So. Patterson, John M., Gulfport, MS, Fr. Patterson, Kathryn J., Beaumont, MS, Sr. Patterson, Kathy E., Beaumont, MS: Sr. Patterson, Michael D., Brandon. MS: So. Patton, Cindy L.: Flowood. MS, Fr. Patton. Mary F.: Columbia. MS: So. Paul, Kelly S., Bay St. Louis, MS, Fr. Paunovich, V. Palmer, Hollywood. FL, Sr. People 321 Payne, James D., Pensacola, FL, MS, Payne, Julia J., Bay St. Louis, Payne, Mike T., Pensacola, FL, MS MS Payne, Tammy L., Jackson, Payton, Johnny, Gulfport, Payton, Joyce E., Bay Springs, MS, Peach, Mark P., Madison, MS, Peacock, Sherry V., Pearl, MS, Peacock, Terel M., Vicksburg, MS, MS Pearce, Louanne M., Flora, Pearce, Stphanie S., Vicksburg, MS, Pearman, Ronald L., Hattiesburg, MS Sr So So Jr Jr Fr Sr Fr Fr Jr So Jr Pellett, Peggy A., Verona, Wl, So Pendergrass, James F., Vicksburg, MS, Sr Penn, Roger M., Canton, MS, Fr Penn, William M., Canton, MS Fr Penton, Lisa L., Picayune, MS, Sr Peoples, Randall, Jackson, MS Jr Perdue, Glenn E., Contonment, FL, Fr Perdue, Mark A., Pensacola, FL., Peresich, Thomas W., Biloxi, MS Perkins, Beth R., Gulfport, MS, MS, Perkins, William N., Hattiesburg, ' Perniciaro, Andrew J., Bay St. Louis, MS, AL Perry, James L., Theodore, Perry, Kent L., Jackson, MS, Peters, Phylis D., Poplarville, MS, Peters, Wes W., Loi Choi, Japan, Peterson, Crysta A., Jackson, MS Peterson, Wyndal M., Pass Christian, MS, Pettey, Steven J., Decatur, AL, Pettus, Arlene B., Pascagoula, MS, Pharr, Thomas A. Ill, Vicksburg, MS, Phillips, Alesia A., Hattiesburg, MS, Phillips, Dena F., Laurel, MS, Phillips, David M., Hattiesburg, MS Phillips, Raymond F., Dover, FL MS Phillips, Sherry L., Ovett, Pickard, Joseph G., Ocean Springs, MS, Pickering, Carol E., Petal, MS Pickering, J. David, Laurel, MS Pidgeon, Cindy, Panama City, FL 322 People v v So Sr Sr Sr So Jr So Sr Sr Jr Sr So Sr Fr Fr Sr Jr Jr Sr So Jr Jr Sr Not only did USM receive national ranking in 1981 and Coach Collins was named UPI "Coach of the Week," But seven members of the Golden Eagle squad were also recognized for outstanding personal achievement. Reggie Collier is the first quarterback in the NCAA annals to run and pass for more than 1,000 yards in a single season. Collier, who ran for 1,005 and passed for 1,004 yards, was selected as the State of Mississippi's "Of- fensive Player of the Year," as well as being named the Associated Press third-team All America choice at quarterback, Tailback Sammy Winder was a first team selection on the All South Independent team, along with teammates Collier, nose guard Jerald Baylis and defensive end George Tillman. Three an ,X others earned second-team All South honors: defensive end Rhett Whitley, offensive tackle Glen Howe and defensive cornerback Bud Brown. Winder, who led the nation in scoring in 1980 with 120 points on 20 touchdowns, had 12 TD's in '81, The school's all-time career touchdown king had 39 to his credit and was also the leading scorer with 324 points. Wind- er's 1,029 yards in '81 hiked his career rush- ing total to 3,114 yards, which is the second best in USM's history. In addition to football honors, Head Basket- ball coach M.K. Turk placed second as the Male Basketball College Coach of the year. 1981: Record Breaking Year . W 4f',1 ' ., p Q A ' 1' NY' I , I a Q f J t 4 Ju' . if it il X, X :':'ff ffl-5' " 'H ff W f I, I 'if iffiw affiii 4 ii i 1 'Af I fx i . i I N L ' Q M f 1- if x NP, algal l ' . . 3 ' ' tx 'H if W' is ,xt kk ' -Q 5 E I, if ,. iii? E . lllll 3 B T - 1 s . 'iv ' if - 3 3 is it sr f , r , 1 1 ,s 3 r-:M x -5 if 5 , 'sr 1 'K Pierce, Elisa, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Pierson, George W. Jr., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr Pigott, Charles, M., Vicksburg. MS, So. Pigott, Craig, F,, Tylertown, MS, Sr. Pigott, Sheila J., Carriere, MS, Jr. Pigott, Wynn, Vicksburg, MS, Sr. Pilcher, Robert W. Jr., Jackson, MS, Sr. Pinson, Elizabeth A., Jackson, MS, So. Pinson, Terry W., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Pinson, Valerie C., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Pisarich, Thomas W., Biloxi, MS, Sr. Pitalo, Marion G., Ocean Springs, MS, Jr. Pittman, Pittman, Pittman, Pittman, Pittman Pittman Pittman Pittman Pittman Becky, Columbia, MS, Jr. Erin A., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Ginny, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Iris E. Bay Springs, MS, Sr. James C., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Jean C., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Jim, Port Gibson, MS, Jr. Penny L., Mendenhall, MS, Fr. Suzanne, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Poelma, John C., Long Beach, MS, So. Pogue, Lynn H., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Pol, Michael L., Pascagoula, MS, So. Polk, Melinda C., Burke, VA, Fr. Polk, Sammy G., Gulfport, MS, Jr. Polk, Steffani R., Picayune, MS, Sr. Pollan, Cecil B., Roxie, MS, Sr. Polles, Alexandra J., Jackson. MS, Fr. Ponce de Leon, Maria L., Hattiesburg. MS: Gr Ponder, Terri Frances, Mendenhall. MS, Sr. Ponder, Toni E., Mendenhall, MS, Fr. Pope, Judy, Angie, LA, Sr. Pope, Kenneth L., Pearl, MS, Jr. Pope, Teresa L., Clinton, MS, Fr. Porter, Debora R., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Porter, Dory E., Valley Park, MS, Sr. Porter, Leon D. Jr,, Hattiesburg. MS: Sr. Posey, Risette, Collins, MS, Jr. Poss, James O.: Ocean Springs. MS: Sr. Potts, Dannetta, Vicksburg, MS, Fr. Powell, Alice F., Hattiesburg, MS, So. People 323 Powell, Caren M., Vicksburg, MS Powell, Clarence V., Harrisville, MS Powell, Douglas, Hattiesburg, MS Powell, Lana M., Vidalia, LA Powers, Brenda K., Biloxi, MS, Powers, Dorman D., Jackson, MS, Powers, Jacqueline M., Brookhaven, MS, Powers, Lennie T., Gulfport, MS Powers, Thomas D., Gulfport, MS, Prator, Chris S., Picayune, MS Price, Gregory A., Foxworth, MS, Price, G. Weyman, Foxworth, MS, Price, Janice L., Terry, MS, Price, John D., Wiggins, MS, Price, Karen A., Mendenhall, MS, Price, Tracy L., Mendenhall, MS, Price, Walker W., Terry, MS, Pridmore, Kevin S., Columbus, MS, Priest, Kelly R., Natchez, MS, Primm, Karen A., Clinton, MS, Prine, Randy, Hattiesburg, MS, Prouhx, Mark D., Bay St. Louis, MS, Provencher, Steven J., Biloxi, MS, Pruitt, Jeffrey E., Senatobia, MS, Public, John Q., Iamdense, Java, Pudas, Rachel J., Magee, MS, Purer, Rhonda K., Lynn Haven, Fl, Purser, H. Darlene, Vicksburg, MS, Pyatt, Jeffrey S., Moss Point, MS, Quarles, Elizabeth A., Jackson, MS, Quehedeau, Charles C., Church Point, LA, Quinnelly, William H., Purvis, MS, Rademacher, Kevin R., Biloxi, MS, Ragsdale, Russell H., Vicksburg, MS, Rainey, Alice R., Hattiesburg, MS, Rains, Angie, Tupelo, MS, Raises, Frank W., Jackson, MS, Raley, Cynthia K., Pascagoula, MS' 1 Raley, David S., Meridian, MS, Ramsay, Mary B., Magee, MS, Ramsey, Larry H., Biloxi, MS, Randall, Alan K., Lucedale, MS, Randall, Richard W., Lucedale, MS, Rankin, Jenny, Columbia, MS, Rankin, Mi,dred A., Lumberton MS' 1 a Ransom, Rhonda J., Natchez, MS, Ratcliff, Peggy J., Monticello, MS, Rathke, Charles T., Fort Walton Beach, FL, Ratliff, Clifton, Columbia, MS, Rawlings, Karen L., Meridian, MS, Ray, Wendel A., Hattiesburg, MS, Raybon, Roger L., Pearl, MS, 324 People Powell, Johnnie D., Magnolia, MS, Powell, Karen J., Collinsville, MS, Powell, Lecia L., Jackson, MS' 1 9 1 Prescott, Teresa L., Petal, MS, SO. 'W-ff' WL . ,. 34 5 -rfvrplfu... Fr. P Students , x ' ,eq 15452 1 ,Q ' iff 'iumw 4 uf 1 42,514 1 5 4 "" " , ., , ,. W ,iff-'Q . A " fi'7'j":,' ' " ' V - -X - 1 ' 5 f fl ' .aa 1 , , --1' if ,, L ,gguzff V' i " ' ' , 3.42" , 4 .,.. L Q-Ja ' if ,. 1 we f A ' ,, 5 r. f ., ,P , 3, 1 , is-. .. f- J - ,' -if . Nr , 'Q--an----+,,N . ,- ,, V 2 4 I ,gr S," . V :li gig., qw --,,- ia i f 'ri' if - m. l l 1 ffli.1g.f-' . giggle, . r ., If rg .I ' ,. ,M ,,x, , .4 gig ,. Gr? Ce "'E:A:fg:,' 3 ' r M 122251 X9 f ig V .c Q, , i ,,. f" "emi" ' 1 Lil-fi ia. 1 if 7 Y 3 gf f M A f J Q lf ', I J My 3 ff 'T ff AV' '12-'vc P 1. .1-1 rf", u -rm I 4 es. i ..,, -f 1, ,V ' wr' ,ann-fi' - , in, ' QF, lf, Q1-vnu n.uxn.,, I Ki . , U. vu.-.a.Q an ii-sn,,,,, 5 1 . 4 - 'f. ff:f."!" .1 Fr. :,.x2ij,....,a,i ,,,.If,',j:s.3i +L 3 i tsl . r-3-. , . 7 ff f nl!! 4.-. tg " -JT., , X P , f. 3- Q1 54-fgrrf :'-: f'1C:jv',-vigjfrg f. 1 tl S i . .,. 15.2, f"v, -,.,., 79, f..,- 5 91 2 ff 4 V i L f jf' f-, -or f 1 ff 7 P' H I- 'lam ,- ii 41 S ,gf -K V ,yi ,. ei 1-:-iz Q v ,v , n i si ' ,-z fr.-4f 1..-42:5 i l Rayborn, Tena, Hattiesburg, M5, Jr. Rayborn, Timothy A., Sumrall, MS, Jr. Raley, David S., Meridian, MS, Sr. Reames, Dale J., Jackson, MS, Fr. Reasonover, Leigh A., Gulfport, MS, So. Redd, Leslie, Laurel, MS, Jr. Redd, Walter A., Brandon, MS, So. Redman, Anna M., Meridian, MS, Fr. Reed, Belinda M., Biloxi, MS, So. Reed, Joyce A., Clarksdale, MS, Sr. Reedy, Elizabeth J., Tupelo, MS, Sr. Reedy, Paul H., Tueplo, MS, Jr. Reedy, Rene, Brandon, MS, Jr. Reeed, Raymond M., Louisville, Ms, Jr. Reese, Cheryl A., Miami, FL, So. Reeves, Brenda R., Jackson, MS, So. Reeves, Debra E., Liberty, MS, Jr. Reeves, Lisa D., Long Beach, Ms, Sr. Reeves Lynn, Bogue Chitto, MS, So. Reeves, Robin J., Mobile, AL, So. Reeves, Sharon D., Florence, MS, Jr. Reid, Benny, Semmes, AL, Jr. Reid, Jerry C. Jr., Summit, MS, Jr. Reinoso, Raul A., Caracas, Venezuela, Jr. Reiter, David E. ll, Long Beach, MS, Jr. Renard, Jenny C., Eustis, FL, Sr. Rentz, Helen, Laurel, MS, So. Resta, John, Vicksburg, MS, Jr. Rey, Daryl S., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Reynolds, Candace K., Wiggins, MS, Jr. Rhodes, David O., Picayune, MS, Sr. Rhodes, Jeff R., Senatobia, MS, Jr. Rhodes, Jodi L., Southaven, Ms, Fr. Rhoads, Ron, Anchorage, Alaska, Sr. Rials, Robert M., Vicksburg, MS, Fr. Ricci, Rick, Natchez, MS, Sr. Richards, Donald P., Fort Walton Beach, FL, 50 Richardson Janet C., Long Beach, MS, Fr. Richardson, Kathy A., Union, MS, So. Richardson Kenta M., Jackson, MS, So. Richardson Leisa L., Union, MS, Sr. Richardson, Michelle E., Metairie, LA, Fr. Richardson, Susan E., Vicksburg, MS: So. Richart, Janie G., Jackson, MS: Sr. Richey, Betty J., Waynesboro, MS, Jr. Ricks, Greg P., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Riddle, Janet A., Hattiesburg. MS: Jr. Ridley, Janice D., Summit, MS: So. Riede, Kathy, Florence, MS, So. Rigby, Gerald W., Bay St. Louis, MS, Fr. Riley, Debra R., Hattiesburg. MS, Fr. Riley, Glenna, Saraland, AL, Sr. Riley, James T. Jr., Mize, MS, Sr. Risher, Judy G., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Risk, Don, Ocean Springs. MS: Jr. Ritchey, Jon K., Hattiesburg. MS, So. People 325 'T Rivera, Hector E., La Lima, Honduras, Jr. .n,, a Rivera, Lynn J., Jayess, MS, Sr. S ' is M1 Rivera, Mario A., La Lima, Honduras, Jr. 333-gi. V Roach, William H., Enterprise, MS, So. Roase, Stephen V., Vicksburg, MS, Sr. I ' it 1 X Robbins, Donald L., Hattiesburg, Ms, Jr. it f 1, K Robbins, Janet L., Columbia, MS, So. V 'l 4 A I l J! Robbins, Susan L., Columbia, MS, Sr Roberson, John B., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr Roberts, Barbara L., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr Roberts, Charles R. Jr., Biloxi, MS, So Roberts, Craig P., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr Roberts, Joey C., Magee, MS, Jr Roberts, Lori L., Biloxi, MS, Fr Roberts, Patricia A. Roberts, Tammy M., Gulfport, MS, Fr Robertson, Paula L., Fayette, MS, Jr Robertson, Rita F., Prentiss, MS, So Robertson, Shellie W., Jackson, MS, Fr. Robinson, Cecilia A., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Robinson, Eddie D., Tylertown, MS, Sr Robinson, Frank E., Gulfport, MS, Sr Robinson, Irish M., Newton, MS, Robinson, Jennifer K., Clinton, MS, So Robinson, Kathy R., Jackson, MS, Jr Robinson, Lou A., Mize, MS, Sr Robinson, Pamela K., Gulfport, MS, Fr Robinson, Patricia A., Natchez, MS, Jr Robinson, Sydney A., Buram, MS, Fr Robinson, Tracy D., Laurel, MS, Fr Rogers, Amy, Mobile, AL, Sr Rogers, Becca, Pensacola, FL, Sr Rogers, Connie C., Columbia, MS, Sr Rogers, Denise W., Collins, MS, Jr Rogers, Donna C., Collins, MS, Sr Rogers, Glenda E., State Line, MS, Fr Rogers, James D., Lucedale, MS, Jr Rogers, James T., Pass Christian, MS, So Rogers, John G., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr Rogers, Larry, Picayune, MS, Jr Rogers, Monica B., Taylorsville, NS, Sr Rogers, Todd A., Tupelo, MS, Jr Robison, Eleanor l., Ft. Walton Beach, FL, So Roebuck, Clinton, MS, Jr Rollins, Mollie F., Centerville, MS, Sr Rollins, Patricia E., Gloster, MS, Sr Rominger, Debby, Petal, MS, Sr Rorrer, Pandy G., Pensacola, FL, Fr Rosamond, l. Mark, Raymond, MS, Sr Rodeberry, Rachel E., Hattiesburg, MS, So Rosse, Vincent K., Columbus, GA, S0 Roth, Steven T., Pascagoula, MS, Jr Roualet, Anita T., Jackson, MS, Fr Rouse, Almarie E., Lucedale, MS, Sr Roivells, Michael C., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr Rowe, Ronnie C., Pass Christian, MS, Jr 326 People Students ' 55.1.1 . . ,I Wm 2 l, i E. .Aft 553361 Aid! of ? A gg .,.. . U-H tl Q , . .. , 3 , 1 , i' 'N J ...... H 9 . v Q' I X 1 R ,fi 1 tx 7 ll . 3 OK .-' L ,f ,Q 14' X sl .. . . Aly 2 -4-. . iix f 4 1? as fgwx, 5, 5 ' z ,Q ' ' ,. , ,W ,V V F' uf -,1 . , ,,,.,,,. 1 mtg, f H, . TAI? if, -, I... v A . ' 1 4155? y' ., ' ' ' t v ' www!! , bg ,ua . - V, in 1? ' vi . l ' ik . af gp .. , ,Y 1 E, 'Wa ' 5 . f ' A ' 'if' ' I . ii T t 1 ' f gif' ref A , I or QW' 4 , ,.,, , , - lvl V -fi-IQ 3 Yi gi g KJWQ s f -si 1 . il, . st, I . C' ' cb 4 Q . rw X A if V A-4. ' S15 AQ l"!t ,li . ' " 'S 15? is ., 5 5 ,I n V5 v, X r AWB iii, A llmiilil -. 'A ,. it if 1 is ,LN o x, l i A s. in-Q' 1 l Q . "' -gy -.. ,A my Q sf Royals, Christy R., Lumberton, MS, Sr. Rubble, Borney R., Fresno, CA, Fr. Rudman, Syzanne V., Brookhaven, MS, Fr. Ruffin, Pamela, Bay St. Louis, MS, Sr. Ruffin, Peggy, Bay Springs, MS, Jr. Rush, Jack C., Meridian, MS, Jr. Rushing, Cindy L., Tylertown, MS, Sr. Russell, Andra V., Clinton, MS, So. Russell, B. Joyce, Laurel, MS, Sr. Russell, John M., Hatteisburg, MS, Fr. Russell, Laurie N., Lexington, MS, So. Russell, Pamela G., Gautier, MS, Jr. Russell, Rochelle M., Fr. Russell, Ronald E., Taylorsville, MS, Jr. Ryan R. Lynn, Meridian, MS, So. Rymer, Jeff H., Vero Beach, FL, So. Saavedra, Hugo, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Sabine, David C., Columbia, MS, Jr. Sabine, Sammy K., Columbia, MS, Sr. Sablich, Julie M., Biloxi, MS, Fr. Safigan, Sandra M., Clinton, MS, So. Sainsbury, Keith B., Lucedale, MS, So. Salgado, Pedro J., Bogota, Colombia, Gr. Salter, James E., Jackson, MS, Sr. Samies, Gerald H., Ocean Springs, MS, Jr. Samies, Roxanne L., Ocean Springs, MS, Fr. Sanders, Clark E., Jackson, MS, Sr. Sanders, Daniel L., Bleu Mtn., MS, Jr. Sanders, Ginny, Pearle, MS, So. Sandidge, Beverly A., Gulfport, MS, Jr. Sanford, Annette R., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Sanford, Beth, Petal, MS, Sr. Sanford, Paula M., Gulfport, MS, Jr. Sanford, Roger S., Carriere, MS, Sr. Sanford, Stennett Z., Mt. Olive, MS, Jr. Santa Cruz, Elizabeth A., Bay St. Louis, MS, So Santana, Luis A., Lucedale, MS, Sr. Sanville, Mike J., Jackson, MS, So. Sartin, Johnny N., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Sartin, Robert, Mt. Olive, MS, Jr. Satcher, Donna li., Shubuta, MS, Fr. Satcher, Jamie F Q Union, MS, Sr. Satcher, Retha C , Union, MS, Jr. Saucier, Rick, Pearl River, MS, Fr. Saulters, Sabrina G., Union, MS, Jr. Savage, Kevin R.: Moss Point. MS: So. Saxon, Sandra F., Moiiricello, MS, Jr. Scarborough. Kathryn E.. Benton. MS: Fr. Scarborough, William B., Hattiesburg. MS, Jr. Schafer, Matt, Great Falls, VA, Jr. Scheel, Dolores M., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Scheel, Lawrence F., Hattiesburg. MS, So. Scheel, Maria E., Hattiesburg. MS, Sr. Scheeler, Teresa M., Pascagoula, MS: Fr. Schexayder, Paula F., Biloxi. MS: Fr. Schisler, Nancy L., Jackson. MS: So. People 327 Schloegel, Melissa J., Gulfport, Schmidt, Kathy F., Carriere, Schmidtling, Carla E., Long Beach, Schneider, Brian R., Hattiesburg, Schuler, Terri-Ann, Jackson, Schultheis, Lori M., Belle Chasse, Schwub, Keith A., Ocean Springs, Schwartz, Alan C., Citronelle Schwartzauer, Mary K., Silver Creek, Scianna, Danita L., Bay St. Louis, Scoggins, Lori J., Laurel Scott, Bruce R., Brookhaven, Scott, Lauren E., Jackson, Scott, Rebecca A., McComb, Scott, Shannon K., Brandon, MS., MS, MS, MS, MS, LA., MS, MS, Scitzs, Teresa D., Laurel, , MS MS, MS, MS, MS, AL, MS, MS, v Scott, Stanley L., Greenwood, MS, Scott, Virgil E., Fayette, MS' Scott, William M, Ft. Walton Beach, FL., Scranage, Sharon L., Hattiesburg, Seaborn, Jennie, Gautier Seal, Danny R., Kiln, Seal, Michael G., Pascagoula, , MS MS, Seale, Roberta D., Natchez, MS Searcy, William L., Jackson Seidenburg, James D., Laurel, Sekul, Rose, Biloxi Seliby, Gary V., Gulfport Sellers, Connie, Brooklin Sellers, Jeff D., Greenville, Selman, Robert H., Crystal Springs, Sessions, Elizabeth D., Hattiesburg 1 ,MS ,MS MS., MS, ,MS Sessums, Gary, Vicksburg, MS Seymoure, Rebecca L., Ocean Springs, MS Shamloo, Shahryar, Tehron, Shams, Hossein, Shiraz, lran Iran, MS, MS, MS, MS, 1 MS, v 1 v Sharak, Kenneth C., Wesson, MS, Sharp, R. Keith, Pearl River, LA, Sharpe, Teresa J., Mobile, AL, Shaw, Elizabeth T., Jackson, Shearer, Joh Shearer, Robert K., Gulfport, 328 People MS, n W., MS, So. So. l So. .- , So. ,. , , E So. 2 Fr. Fr. , Fr Jr Fr. , Fr. , Jr. Sr So Jr Jr Sr Sr Sr Fr So So Sr Sr Sr Sr Gr So So Jr Sr Jr Fr - n U So. i So. v . , N Sf' YN -':"-MM W ,k,,y?,,,,. , . f 4. f G' F or -at rf, f N I I 1 f N' A fm 47 f S ,N ' ? " 'N ., . J 3' XX J 14 A -4 A, 4 ' bf.: '21, N v ff, 5 , . 5 955 ' l Tr 5- ,ggi i C -.ifffi .', , f , . V v A- f s 525. ' 4, F" F, 2 ,. 'Q 'T w 'fe ,e . - 6 . .. M 2 f , I, :mi x 1? ji ri df A bv Q-1 l"7,J f fi H5 . v f' 3 , J Qsaui 1 ga i il , 2 n . V A 1:ij4'gg,2,Lv3 ' 'iz-, . ,an -' ., f 2 F1i?i :: ' -, "'- E, -4- - fg gf" J ,, . '. ---- T. I--ex . .- 11- : 71 '--- nik- "F -+3 'N L zu: gs .-:vs 1 - 744' 1 'P-N. , ilu Q Shelby, Tracy, Laurel, MS, Sr. Shelly, Tammie S., Petal, MS, Jr. Shelton, Brenda K., Laurel, MS, Sr. Shepard, Richard D., Jackson, MS, Sr. Sheppard, Toni G., Pearl, MS, So, Shields, Juanita, Louisville, MS, Fr. Shields, Resa G., Jackson, MS, So. Shipley, Miriam I., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Shirley, Bill, Quitman, MS, So. Shoemake, Sandra J., Oven, MS, Jr. Shows, Deborah D., Jackson, MS, Jr. Shows, Ken, Brandon, MS, Sr. Sibley, Bonnie N., Gloster, MS, Sr. Sibley, Cindy M., Long Beach, MS, So. Siddon, Waymond W., Laurel, MS, So. Siedell, Cindy C., Pascagoula, MS, Fr. Signa, Phyllis, Greenville, MS, Sr. Sigrest, Clarence B., Moss Point, MS, Sr Sikes, Linda K., Purvis, MS, Fr. Silver, Malinda D., Mobile, AL, So. Simmons, Anna D., Natchez, MS, Sr. Simmons, David, Laurel, MS, So. Simmons, Kathy L., Stringer, MS, Sr. Simmons, Kenneth R., Magnolia, MS, So. Simmons, Phyllis, D., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Simpson, Arthur T. Jr., Biloxi, MS, Fr. Simpson, Wanda J., State Line, MS, Sr. Sims, Elton H., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Sims, Jackie M., Jackson, MS, Sr. Sims, Lori, Bay Springs. MS, Sr. Sims, Phyllis J., Gulfport. MS, Sr. Sims, Sims, Scott C., St. Petersburg, FL, Sr. Shelia D., Biloxi, MS, Fr. Singley, Margarette C., Gulfport, MS, Sr. Sisson, James L., Co,umbus. MS, Fr. Sisson, Leslye A., Laurel. MS, Jr. Sivira, Alex V., Caracas. Venezuela, Sr. Sjostrom, Ric L., Ft. Walton Beach. FL: Jr. Skinner, Ricky C., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Skinner, Sharon A., Pensacola. FL, So. Skipper, Rhonda R., Picayune. MS, Sr. Skipper, Robin R., Waynesboro. MS: Jr. People 329 Skipper, Sheila A., Madison, MS, Slaughter, George G., Tylertown, MS, Slay, Debra R., Hattiesburg, MS, Slayton, William J., Jackson, MS, Sledge, Laura L., Sheffield, AL, Sluytermanvanloo, Claire, R., Clinton, MS, Smallman, Sheila D., Ocean Springs, MS, Smartt, Cindy S., Signal Mtn., TN, Smeltzer, Gina D., Hattiesburg, MS, Smilek, Franklin C., Biloxi, MS, Smilek, Gregory R., Biloxi, MS, Smilek, Kimberly A., Biloxi, MS, Smith, Angela D., Laurel, MS, Smith, Barbara J., Picayune, MS, Smith, Billy K., Newhebron, MS Smith, Brenda S., Slidell, LA, Smith, Canda R., Purvis, MS, Smith, Carla D., Carriere, MS, Smith, Chuck J., Purvis, MS, Smith, Craig D., Jackson, MS, Smith, David W., Brookhaven, MS, Smith, Deidre S., Monticello, MS, Smith, Dona L., Channahon, lL, Smith, Donald R., Brookhaven, MS, Smith, Donna J., Mt. Olive, MS, Smith, Donna J., Brookhaven, MS, Smith, Earl L., Brandon, MS, Smith, Ernest R. Jr., Philadelphia, MS, Smith, Ginny L., Jackson, MS, Smith, Greg S., Jackson, MS, Smith, James A,, Natchez, MS, Smith, James A., Water Valley, MS, Smith, Jeffrey C., Ocean Springs, MS Smith, Jeffrey, L., Brookhaven, MS Smith, Kristy C., Ft. Walton Beach, FL Smith, Lee A., Natchez, MS Smith, Lisa D., Mendenhall, MS, Smith, Mark E., Marietta, GA Smith, Matthew R., Biloxi, MS Smith, Michael K., Jackson, MS, Smith, Michael R., Woodville, MS, Smith, Nancy C., Long Beach, MS, Smith, Nancy H., Jackson, MS, Smith, Pamela A., Carriere, MS, Smith, Randy, Hattiesburg, MS Smith, Renee, Birmingham, AL, Smith, Rhonda L., Poparville, MS Smith, Robin L., Petal, MS, Smith, Sarah E., Gulfport, MS Smith, Sharon T., Benoit, MS Smith, Shelby M., Guntown, MS Smith, Stacey L., Brandon, MS, Smith, Stacey P., Biloxi, MS, 330 People Q 1 Smith, Jodi, Petal, MS, 1 Smith, Russell B., Brookhaven, MS, Smith, Sandra L., Brandon, MS, v v D ',, .ww 1 n it' -n" x 'i'.a'. 4-'74 t1'.' -' ' . . -' p' A t t I-4' , ' fi - . ,t 1 f. , Q, . t 'U ! il i . L i 4 9 f l l xx! Smith, Tony W., Biloxi, MS, Sr. Smith, William T., Crystal Springs, MS, So. Snell, Bob J, II., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Snow, Robert D., Jackson, MS, Fr. Snow, Alana L., Brandon, MS, So. Snowden, Cindy M., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Snowden, Sarah A., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Sohrwide, Reginia M., Lake Charles, LA, Sr Sorrell, Barbara L., Rienzi, MS, Jr. Sory, Deanne L., Germantown, TN, Fr. Spain, Caren D., Gulfport, MS, Jr. Spangler, Denise M., Collins, MS, Sr. Spangler, Mary B., Collins, MS, Jr. Sparks, K. Paige, Meridian, MS, So. Speed, J. Lee, Jackaon, MS, Fr. Speed, Lisa A., Collins, MS, Fr. Speights, Speights, Speights, Kim A., Prentiss, MS, Sr. Regina S., Carson, MS, Sr. Sharon V., Prentiss, MS, Fr. Spence, Debbie A., Meridian, MS, So. Spence, William D., McComb, MS, Sr. Spense, Cheryl R., Canton, MS, Sr. Spradley, Mark R., Moss, MS, Sr. Springer, Cynthia S., Gulfport, MS, Jr. Sra, Parmjeet K., Jackson, MS, Jr. Stampley, Michael, Natchez, MS, Sr. Stamps, Debbie K., Columbia, MS, Jr. Stanford, James K., Grenada, MS, So. Stanton, Uoctor, K., lama, Slut, Sr. Starks, Eugene A., Biloxi, MS, Jr. Starr, Margaret E., Columbia, MS, Fr. Staton, Edward E. lll, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Stauter, Jeffrey B., Moss Point, MS: Jr. Stebbins, B. Lourene, Jackson. MS, Sr. Steel, Susan, Jackson, MS, So. Stem, Joseph D., Tampa, FL, So. Stephens , Jesse A., Ocean Springs. MS: Sr. Stephens, Joe L., Magee, MS, Sr. Stephens, John W., Sumral,, MS, So. Stephens, Lynda L., Hattiesburg. MS: Sr. Stephens, Robin T., Long Beach, MS: Fr. Stephenson, James H., McComb, MS: Jr. Stevens, Patrice, Brandon, MS, Sr. Stevenson, Anita F., McComb. MS, Jr. Stevenson, John L., Pearl, MS, Fr. Stevison, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Michael W., Meridian. MS: Sr. Benita K., Isola, MS, Fr. Dawn R., Long Beach. MS: Sr. George R., Gulfport, MS, So. James A.: Canton. MS: So. Laura B., Purvis, MS: Fr. Randy M., Carriere. MS, Sr. Scott E., Sr. Sheila V.: Jackson, MS: So. Tana C., Picayune. MS: Jr. Stiffler, Brian D., Long Beach. MS: So. People 331 Stiffler, Sara J., Long Beach, MS, Stiglets, James C., Jackson, MS, Stockman, Carol M., Jackson, MS, Stockman William L., Bay Springs, MS, Stockstill, C. Michele, Picayune, MS, Stokes, Brenda F., Natchez, MS, Stone, Debbie J., Brandon, MS, Stone, Dorothy A., Laurel, MS, Stone, Virginia L., Gulfport, MS, Storey, Alice R., Bude, MS Sotler, Barbara J., Fort Walton Beach, FL, Stotler, Wesley L., Ripley, MS Stribling, Cheryl L., Jackson, MS Stricker, Cathy L., Kenner, LA Strickland, Jo A., Hattiesburg, MS Strickland, Shawn M., Columbia, MS, Strickland, Sissy, West Helena, AR, Strickland, Sylvia L., Wiggins, MS, Stringer, Laurie, Hattiesburg, MS, Stringer, Susie, Hattiesburg, MS, Strong, Carolyn L,, Richton, MS, Strong, Linda A., Birmingham, AL, Strong, Sherri L., Birmingham, AL, Stuart, Betty Jo, Picayune, MS, Stuart, Horace D., Purvis, MS, Stuart, Jimmy, Purvis, MS, Stuart, Melanie J., Purvis, MS Sturgis, Kathy D., Jackson, MS, Suits, Jay E., Springfield, IL, Suk, Richard E., Mobile, AL Sullivan, Aleta, Raleigh, MS, Sullivan, Betsy A., Raleigh, MS, Sullivan, Charles M., Mendenhall, MS, Sullivan, Donna M., Jackson, MS, Sullivan, Gary L,, Gulfport, MS Sullivan, Idalia I., Petal, MS Sullivan, James A., Mobile, AL Sullivan, Karen R., Sumrall, MS Sullivan, Marian S., Lucedale, MS Sullivan, Mark C., Pascagoula, MS Sullivan, Regina C., Brandon, MS 332 People 1 1 Strahan, Tammy L., Picayune, MS, 1 v 1 v 1 1 1 ,is Wlggi i 13, , ki , W fiiff We We ,fy 1 if ai, f' + Y 2 f 126 1 li fy I f ' 22 7? 4 ,fr we l X' ff!! .a Toi x Q ' 1 ' A ' it r y .Q 1, XF ,ruff-i?.'IBy' ' ' ' Nz? 1 " f ' Q Q -1 :cz ' , . 14, Bi . I s f 4 '1 U ll Sullivan, Sherrie E., Terry, MS, Jr. Sullivan, Stanley E. Jr., Terry, MS, Jr. Sullivan, Teresa F., Petal, MS, Sr. . - 1 I A I x ix 'ir lf . Summer, Barbara L., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Sumrall, Blanche M., Pascagoula, MS, Sr. Sumrall, Cindy E., Angie, LA, Fr. Sumrall, Jeanne C., Laurel, MS, So, Sumrall, Marla L., Gulfport, MS, So. Suszek, Tim J., Oxford, MS, Sr. Suzuki, Tatsuya, Jersey City, NJ, So. Swaggart, Raymond A., Woodville, MS, Fr. Swanson, Kathy C., Jackson, MS, Jr. Swetman, Jaffe L., Biloxi, MS, Sr. Swindall, Edward B., Petal, MS, So. Swofford, Susan C., Bayminette, AL, Fr. Tadlock, Toni L., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Takas, Terry W., Gautier, MS, Jr. Tanner, Royce A., Hazlehurst, MS, Jr. Tapper, Patricia L., Gulfport, MS, Sr. Tate, Jana M., Biloxi, MS, So. Taylor, Al, Laurel, MS, Sr. Taylor, Angela K., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Taylor, Barbara, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr, Taylor, Betty R., Ocean Springs, MS, So. Taylor Bob, Vicksburg, MS, Jr. Taylor, Brenda G., Gallman, MS, Jr. Taylor, Charles, Ruleville, MS, Sr. Taylor Dean G., Picayune, MS, Gr. Taylor Delbert D., Leland, MS, Jr. Taylor Janet E., Laurel, MS, Sr. Taylor Elizabeth, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Taylor John C., Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Taylor Karissa L., Ocean Springs, MS: Jr. Taylor Mark W., Liberty, MS, Jr. Taylor Melissa, Ocean Springs, MS, Fr. Taylor Rick T., Petal, MS, So. Taylor Ronnie J., Gulfport, MS, Sr. Taylor Sandra A., Brandon, MS, Jr. Taylor Sherry G., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Taylor u Valerie L., Long Beach, MS, So. Taylor, William W., Hattiesburg. MS, Sr. Teel, Barbara E., Brandon. MS, So, People 333 Students Teerlink, Elizabeth, Mesa' ite, Templeton, Tommy N., Jzxson, Terger, George S Jackson, Terrell, Cind' rx., Collins, Terrell, L .fry D., Osyka, Terry, Jos ph P., Vicksburg, Thedford. Pnenique, Porterville, Theobald, Carol G., Vicksburg, Theriot, Sharon K., Summit, NV, MS' MS, MS, MS, MS, MS, MS Thomaier, Mary C., Seattle, WA, Thomas, Charles S., Greenville, MS Thomas, Thomas, John A., Hattiesburg, Thomas, Karen, Hattiesburg, Thomas, Lisa M., Hattiesburg, Thomas, Lias P., Bay St. Louis, Thomas, Melissa K., Gulfport, Thomas, Sarah E., Gulfport, Thomas, Shawn R., Valparaiso, Thomas, Terri L., Jackson, Thompson, Beverett B. ll, Gulfport, Thompson, Dorothy J., Biloxi, Thompson, E. Denise, Brandon, Thompson, Gale R., Moss Point, Thompson, James R., Biloxi, Thompson, Robert J., Ocean Springs, Thompson, Richard B., Huntsville, Thompson, Roland, Columbia, Thompson, Sharon M., Natchez, Thompson, Walter M., Purvis, Thornell, Mark S., Vicksburg, Thornhill, Terry L., Greenville, Thornton, Donna N., Hazlehurst, Thornton, Jason W., Ocean Springs, Thornton, Millicent O., Gulfport, Thornton, Ronald E., Biloxi, Thornton, Samuel, Jackson, Thornton, Tanya S., Ellisville, Thorpe, Anne E., Norfolk, Thorpe, Jerry A., Theodore, Thrash, Terry L., Decatur, Thurmond, John E., Ripley, Tidwell, Carla, Philadelphia, Tidwell, Jody, Philadelphia, Tillman, Kimberly A., Pascagoula, Tillman, Marjorie R., Vicksburg, Tillman, Annie, Clarksdale, Tillman, David D., Brandon, Tinnin, Karen C., Jackson, Tinnon, Jeffrey, Hattiesburg, Tinnon, Tracey L., Hattiesburg, Tippin, Richard A., Shelbyville Tipton, Cynthia L., Gautier, Tisdale, Barbara A., Ovett, Tisdale, Jill F., Biloxi, Titus, Merna A., Como, MS, 334 People Jim, MS MS MS MS MS, FL- v MS, MS, MS MS, MS MS, AL MS, MS, MS, MS' MS, MS, MS MS MS, MS, MS' 1 VA AL MS, MS, MS MS MS MS, MS MS, MS MS, MS , IN MS, MS MS MS MS, 1 1 MS, 1 MS, v , H . A 5 n n .. r-'fs i t ,I ,A . T u E gmw, V rf' .i f 'F 'fl ' ,, z- I . , V .,, I X1 A 'R we ,NN "I -ng, ,- 1 J gr 'W W .wi -l , Y, v M .z- 7 ' 'c . g , . , . lu , l A' is M -L, l sl. 'fri Jrglgffi ' r M,-.A , I 5' fi , , V' K - N512 ,rf lf, ,,,z.,,,,,,,,, -, .., fag? 't in 1 J t ai. W - 1 . ,lg gezay I 0 af , IAP! r.-J-' I lik' PSX' TT! FV, -,X if-F""fQl '44 'Via af Ar., Xxx '49 ' , , S Todd, Suzanne D., Ft. Walton Beach, FL, Sr Todd, Veronica L., Biloxi, MS, Fr. Tolbert, Kent L., Jackson, MS, Sr. Toney, Toney, Tonos, TOPPS. Torres, Torres, Anthony G., Magnolia, MS, Jr. Kimberly L., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Edward J., Greenville, MS, Sr. Cynthia A., Jackson, MS, Fr. Adriana M., Ormond Beach, FL, Fr. Paul D., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Tournillon, Rose P., Gulfport, MS, Sr, Toussaint, Victoria L., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Towne , Nancy A., Meridian, MS, Sr. Townsend, Dwelia L., Laurel, MS, Jr. Townsend, George K., Laurel, MS, Jr. Trahan, Elizabeth M., Vicksburg, MS, Jr. Trappey, Toni J., New lberia, LA, Gr. Travis, Milron P., Biloxi, MS, Fr. Traweek, Barbara S., Jackson, MS, So. Trentacoste, Josie A., Gulfport, MS, So. Trigg, Tracy E., Waynesboro, MS, Jr. Trippe, Trippe, Cindy C., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Peter M., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Trombley, Ramona J., Roxie, MS, Sr. Troupe, Lore M., Cheyenne, WY, Fr. Trulsen, Angela D., Laurel, MS, So. Trussell, Cleveland C., Meridian, MS, Jr. Trussell, Glenna, Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Tucker, Ann, Picayune, MS, Jr. Tucker Tucker Tucker , Clay, Yazoo City, MS, Fr. , Jackie, Carthage, MS, Sr. Tucker, , William C., Yazoo City, MS, Fr. Lynn, Picayune, MS, Jr. Turan, David W., Gulfport, MS, So. Turnage, Doris M., Brandon, MS, So. Turnage, Trudy L., Foxworth, MS, Fr. Turner, Turner, Turner , Ginger S., Ocean Springs. MS: Jr, Turner, Turner Bernadette, Clarksdale, MS, Sr. Betty J., Laurel, MS, Jr. Julie l., Jackson, MS, Sr. , Stephen G., Odenton, MD, Fr. Turnipseed, Donna J., Meridian, MS, Sr. Tutor, Lorie A., Carriere, MS, Fr. Tyndall, Fast E., Ocean Springs, MS: Sr. Tyner, Sarah L., Canton, MS, Jr. Uhland, Kellie L., Biloxi, MS, Sr. Ulerich, Gretchen M., Picayune, MS: Fr. Underwood, Richard D., Quitman, MS, Fr. Usey, Amy L., Canton, MS, Fr. Ussery, James G., Long Beach. MS, Sr. Valentine, Sheri A., Laurel, MS, Fr. VanCleave, Eugene P., Yazoo, MS, Jr. Vanderdray. Katrina S.: Ocean Springs. Vanderheiden, A.V., Dennis. MS: Sr. Vann, Vicki L., Sheffield. AL, Fr. Vann, Patricia A., Tchula. MS, Gr. VanNorman, Tracy E., Biloxi. MS, Jr. People 335 MS. Fr obody's Perfect VanPelt, Jeffrey P., Dalhart, Vanwart, Louise S., Hattiesburg, Vardaman, John B., Jackson, Vardaman, Martha R., Hattiesburg Varner, Susan C., Winona, Vaughn, Greta S., Jackson, Vaughn, Sheila A., Meridian, Vaughn, Susan A., Meridian, Vernon, Donald L., Wiggins Verucchi, Pam S., Natchez Vickers, Marie, Thomasville, Victorian, Kim, Petal, Villarreal, Jeffrey P., Gulfport, Villarreal, Mark E., Gulfport, Vital, Tara A., Hattiesburg, Voda, Andy B., Pascagoula Vogle, Stephen C., Saucier, Volz, William T., Hattiesburg, Voss, Mary G., Natchez, Vuyovich, Troy L., Biloxi, Waddle, Benny, Hattiesburg, Wade, Connie E., Meridian, Wadsworth, William E., Natchez, Wagner, Brad L., Jackson, Waid, James K., Long Beach, Waitman, Alicia C., Hattiesburg, Waits, Donna W., Wiggins, Waits, Mary E., Pass Christian, Waldrip, Nana E., Anniston, Waldron, Sherry E., Hattiesburg, Walker, Allen D., Raymond, Walker, Carlton R., Pascagoula, Walker, Cindy, Collins, Walker, Douglas A., West Point, Walker, Fuzzy, Picayune, Walker, James R., Brookhaven, Walker, Jennifer M, Pascagoula, Walker, Judy, Hattiesburg, Walker, Lee A., Columbia, Walker, Leisa F., Hattiesburg, Walker, Lesa E., Biloxi, Walker, Michael R., Laurel, 336 People w v , M., 9 We can't always be perfect . . . During photo sessions for the SGUTHERNER, Miss USM Susan Keene, Beauties Dee Dee Davis and Tammy Fulton, and open- ing section models Cathye Ross and Nat- alie Ballard were photographed numerous times showing nobody's perfect all the time .. . Actually, foul weather and ex- perimenting with an electric fan caused the less than perfect photos. fl ll' i if ? 84- f f H Walker, Patricia A., Heidelberg, MS, So, Walker, Sharon L., Gulfport, MS, Sr. '- - Walker, Sonja, Jackson, MS, So. Ware Walker, Stephen J., Brookhaven, MS, Sr. Walker Wall, Terri A., Huntsville, AL, Sr. Wallace, Joy L., Bogue Chitta, MS, Sr. , Tammy D,, Yazoo City, MS, So. Wallace, Sandra R., Natchez, MS, Sr. Waller, Mignon T., Natchez, MS, Jr. Wallter, Teri L., Vicksburg, MS, Jr. Walley, Pete D., Richton, MS, Jr, Wallington, Doug E., Starkville, MS, Jr. Walters, Angela D., Laurel, MS, Fr. Walters, Claire E., Ocean Springs, MS, So Walters, Karon M., Laurel, MS, Fr. Walters, Monica R., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Waltman, Barbara A., Hazlehurst, MS, Sr. Waltman, Ken, Jackson, MS, Jr. Walton, Arthur R., Mendenhall, MS, Fr. Wand, Gary K., Brookhaven, MS, So. Wansley, Vicki J., Decatur, MS, Fr. Ward, Amy L., Brandon, MS, Jr. Ward, Cynthia L., Hattiesburg, MS: Sr. Ward, Irene, Jackson, MS, Sr. Ward, Ricky G., Brookhaven, MS, Fr. Ware Charles E., Jackson, MS, Jr. Lynda G., Vicksburg, MS, Jr. Warner, Steve E., Brandon. MS, Jr. Warren, Cynthia D., Hattiesburg. MS, Jr. Wascomb, Gregory L., Columbia, MS: Sr. Washer, Barbara A., Biloxi, MS, Sr. Washer, Barbara C., Pass Christian. MS, S Washington, Ethel, Jackson. MS, Fr. Washington, Linda D., Waveland, MS: Sr. Waters, Joel B.: Clinton. MS: So. Waters, Kathy G.: Benton. MS: Jr. Waters, Lei A., Benton. MS, Fr. Waters, Melisa L., Jackson, MS: Fr. i Watkins, Ceil D., Moselle, MS: Fr. Watkins, Jim C., Hattiesburg. MS: Sr. Watkins, Marie M., Gulfport, MS, Jr. Watson, Amber J.: Hattiesburg. MS: So. People 337 Watson, Audrey L., Hattiesburg, MS, Watts, Gaby L., Utica, MS, Watts, Anna E., Natchez, MS, MS, Watts, Daffy L., Pearl, Watts, Melissa L., Hattiesburg, MS, MS: Wax, Tim D., Starkville, Way, Glenn E. Jr., Pelahatchie, MS, Weathers, Tim, Hattiesburg, MS, Weathersby, Sharon D., Jackson, MS, Weaver, Kimberly J., Ft. Walton Beach, FL, Weaver, Roy K., Jackson, MS, Weaver, Winifred S., Carriere, MS, Webb, Jane M., Meridian, MS, Weber, Becky A., Jackson, MS, Webster, Wendy A., Vicksburg, MS, Wedding, Ann E., Gulfport, MS, Wedding, Thomas E., Gulfport, MS, Weeks, Janna L., Canton, MS, Weimorts, Mark, Ft. Walton Beach, FL., Weiss, Bryan J., Jackson, MS, Welch, Virginia S., Mendenhall, MS, Weldy, Mark E., Hattiesburg, MS, Welker, Angela C., Hattiesburg, MS, Welsch, Frederick G., Jackson, MS, Welsch, John A. Ill, Jackson, MS, Welsh, Jeanne L., Jackson, MS, Welsh, Mickey E., Hattiesburg, MS, Wells, Pamela K., Natchez, MS, Wentworth, Stuart, Mccall Creek, MS, Wesler, Michael W., New Paris, Ohio, Wesley, Jeffrey M., Hattiesburg, MS, Wesley, Michael T., Foxworth, MS, West, Mary K., Racine, WI, West, Patty M., Hattiesburg, MS, West, Theresa A., Waynesboro, MS, West, Verdina, Vicksburg, MS Westbrook, John O., Jackson, MS, Westmoreland, Darrell Z., Crystal Springs, MS' Westover, Deborah K., Clinton, MS, Weyandt, Susan E., Ocean Springs, MS, Whatley, J. Harold Ill, Vicksburg, MS, Wheeler, David E., Kenneth, MO White, Cindy A., Ellisville, MS, White, Donna E., Dekalb, MS White, Glenn A., Long Beach, MS, White, Janet M., Mccomb, MS White, Joseph E., Woodville, MS, MS White, Kevin E., Pascagoula, White, Laurie N., Ocean Springs, MS White, Linda C., Hattiesburg, MS' v White, Owen R., Brandon, Whitfield, Jan E., Carriere, White, Timothy, Ellisville, MS, Whitley, Darlene, Ellisville, MS, 338 People u MS, White, Nena M., Columbia, MS, White, Pamela J., West Point, MS, MS' v Jr. Fr. So. So. Sr. Sr. Jr. So. Sr. So. Sr. Fr. Sr. Jr. Sr. Jr. Sr. Gr. So. Fr. Fr. Jr. So. So. Sr. So. Jr. Sr. Sr. Sr. Jr. Sr. Sr. Sr. Sr. Jr Sr Fr Sr Fr So Jr Sr Jr Gr Jr Fr Jr Jr Sr Sr So Fr Fr So Sr ,jx . li ' if ,, Ma, , IM X ' ll' i X y Y Q:Jllllll'lUQl' 1 few- F I A 2451! Y vi Whitley, Rhett H., Birmingham, AL, Sr. Whitney, Angala L., Meridian, MS, Jr. Whitten, Ivory R., Newton, MS, Fr. Whitten, Shelia C., Newton, MS, Sr. Whittington, Brian K., Natchez, MS, So. Whittington, Gina L., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Wichert, Greg, Hattiesburg, MS, So. Wicker, Lisa A., Ellisville, MS, Sr. Wicker, Marilyn K., Mccomb, MS, Sr. Weist, Andrew A., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Wigginton, Mark W., Pinola, MS, Jr. Wilbert, Patricia A., Hazlehurst, MS, So. Wiley, Brenda J., Moss, MS, Sr. Wiley, Kathy A., Picayune, MS, Sr. Wilgus, Tedd, Hattiesburg, MS, Jr. Wilkerson, Donna L., Lucedale, MS, Jr. Wilkerson, Jolayne, Amory, MS, Sr. Wilkes, Jason W., Picayune, MS, Fr. Wilkinson, Allyson L., Houston, TX, Fr. Wilkinson, John C., Columbia, MS, Sr. Wilkinson, Mark C., Jackson, MS, Gr. Wilks, Lisa L., Tylertown, MS, Jr. .2 'V is V, xg J Q ,Alanis ?Q i. Williams Bernard, Florence, MS, Sr. Williams Billy G., Magee, MS, Sr. Williams, Carolyn J., Jackson, MS, Jr. Williams Donald C., W, Helena, AR, Sr. Williams Williams Williams, Eileen M., Chalinette, LA, Jr. Gina L., Biloxi, MS, Sr. Harold G., Water Valley, MS, Fr, Williams, Jadee L., Laurel, MS, Sr. Williams James D., Jackson, MS, Sr. Williams, Jeffrey M, Pascagouls, MS, So. Williams Joel G., Ocean Springs, MS, So. Williams, Judith L., Gulfport, MS, Jr. Williams Karen E., Ocean Springs, MS, Jr. Williams Katherine M., Hatteisburg, MS, Sr. Williams, Kaye, Waynesboro, MS, Jr. Williams Kymberly K., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Williams, Lon A., Lucedale, MS, Sr, Williams Michele H., Long Beach, MS, Jr. Williams Robin C., Biloxi. MS, Gr, Williams R. Michelle, Gulfport. MS, Fr, Williams Sandra, Gloster, MS, So. Williams Sandra D., Brandon, MS, Fr. Williams Sandra F., Hattiesburg. MS, Sr. Williams, Shannon K., Deer Park. AL, Sr. Williams Sheila A., Biloxi, MS, Fr. Williams Sheldon T., Waynesboro. MS, Jr. Williams Solomon U,, Nigeria, Gr. Williams Terri L., Biloxi, MS, So. Williams Vera M.: Biloxi, MS, Jr, Williams Wayne A., Walls. MS, Jr. Williamson, Bryan: Mendenhall, MS: Fr. Williamson, David E., Florence. MS, Sr, Williamson, Dorothy R., Hattiesburg. MSL Jr Williamson. Ginger, Mendenhall, MS: Fr. People 339 74 9: , . 4 1 3 U: ' i, -, s -k . l Williamson, Jana L., Brandon, Willingham, Melinda F., Niceville, Williamson, Patricia, Florence Wilson, Cynthia K., Brookhaven Wilson, Josiah E., New Orleans, Wilson, Joy L., Monticello Wilson, Kay S., Hattiesburg Wilson, Marvin B., Mccomb Wilson, Patricia A., Brandon Wilson, Sidney M., Natchez Wiltz, Thomas T., Ocean Springs Wimberley, Lana G., Pass Christian Winder, Sammy, Jackson Windham, Tina D., Pascagoula Winfrey, Tammy K., Forrest City, Winstead, Dorothy D., Hattiesburg Winstead, Melissa F., Summit, Winstead, Sherry L., Union Witchen, Janis R., Pascagoula, Wixon, Joy L., Pascagoula, Wise, Amanda M., Carriere, Wiman, Dana M., Brandon, Wojcik, Nanette M., Brookhaven Wolfe, Jesse C., Lake Wolfe, Susan A., Pearl, Wolfkien, Greg G., Baton Rouge, Wolford, Melodie J., Pinola, Wolverton, Brenda D., Union Wolverton, Eddie D., Clinton, Wolverton, Gary A., Starkville, Wolverton, Sherri L., Taylorsville Womack, Allene, Mendenhall Womack, Charles R. Jr., Mendenhall: Womack, May E., Hernando, Wood, Fred L., Moss Point Wood, Ron A., Jackson, Wood, Susan E., Pine Bluff, Woodard, May A., Chatom, Woodcock, Williams B., Bulfport, Woodland, Jerry W., Hattiesburg, Woodruff, James L., Hattiesburg, Woods, Alenda A., Clinton, 340 People v 1 1 u 1 i 1 a 1 u n MS, FL' MS MS LA- MS MS MS MS MS MS MS MS MS AK' MS MS, MS MS' MS' MS' MS' MS MS MS. LA' MS' MS MS, MS, MS MS MS, MS, MS MS AR' AL MS MS' MS' MS So. So Sr Fr Gr Sr Fr Sr Fr Fr J r Fr Sr Jr Fr Jr So J r Sr Fr Sr Fr. Jr. Jr. Jr Sr Sr. Jr. Sr. So. Jr. Jr. Fr. So. Jr. Jr. So. Sr, Jr. So. Sr. Sr. l.M .QQ-Q qi 'Af' W - jgffgj 4 Q my im, .. ,, S - .if ., , v , , I I ' ' ' I V 1 i' . ' I 5 f H - 1 . .I 5 I .I , 1 I gsm-':"5' ..7 if 'i' 5 E lil. -- 'Fly X Ni. 1 5 T Mia, 'S Ei A f 145 'Q i' 4, Off., ' 1 I 1 ff J- M 'Iggy .A t I 416. ..,'.12 ' -ff Weill L' W' G' A I . ,X fr -vvwqi? A 4 A ', ARUBA' fs' " ' ?7Lf:'fiT X - 5 Woods, Jan D., Metairie, LA, Fr. A A ' Woods, Natalie A., Mt. Olive, MS, So. - . Q 1 Woods, Nelda R., Mclain, MS, Sr. ' ' .J L woods, Modefich D., Hattiesburg, Msg sf. i i " ' .5 I 4 Woods, Sam R., Jackson, MS, Jr. X I Q ' Woodyard, Linda G., Picayune, MS, Sr. l . .4. I i 'rl 'il '4 I I' f f ill : a P .am ,. . 034. - Q .An . A i Q iz . 'F J 12 Arr? .f l J Qi fZfi'YT'T X i . I fu ,-. if .o's., 1 il! E l L L 5 1 h' P Aix , .. M x :iff ii Q iii ,' ' ' in ncaa, F'1 Wnunr S 1- ... lv v, -.. 7 v i iq v N l " s ' 5 mx l,, Wooley, Kirby A., Bogue Chitto, MS: Sr. Wooten, Kenneth W., Gulfport, MS: Jr. Wooten, Regina, Carthage, MS, Sr. Worley, Angela, Pearl, MS, Fr. Wright, Charles, Gulfport, MS: Sr. Wright, Wright, Wright, Dennis, Gautier, MS, Sr. Lisa, Jonesboro, AR, Sr. Rebel, Jackson, MS, Fr. Wrolstad, Leslye, Gulfport, MS, So. Wusterbarth, Lori J., Brookhaven. MS, Fr Wyatt, Ricky, Pearl, MS, So. Wylie, Patrick, Biloxi, MS, Jr. Wyman, Cindy, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Yarber, Melissa A., Mobile, AL, Fr Yarbrough, Lisa, Jackson, MS, Fr. Yarbrough, Valerie, Meridian. MS: Fr. Yates, Bobby, West Point, MS, Jr. Yates, Phyllis, Jackson, MS, Jr. Yates, Tommy, Union, MS, Fr. Yates, Tracy, Jackson, MS, So. Yeager, Carl E., Biloxi. MS: Sr. Young, Young, Young, Young, Young, Young, Young, Young, Bryant, Jackson, MS: Fr. Carol L., Natchez, MS: Fr. Eleanor D., Yazoo City. MS, Ji: James D.: Crystal Springs. MS: Jr Kay E.: Natchez, MS: Jr. Steven M., Jackson. MS1 Jr. Terry J., Ocean Springs. MS. Fr. Vickie, Pearlington, MS: Fr, Yuen, Kelady Y,, Brandon, MS, Sr Zacca, Wadie A.: Miami. FL: Sr. Ziegeler, Sandra, Bay St. Louis. MS, Fr. Zoller. Stephanie, Moss Point. MS: Jr. Zumwalt, Pamela, Laurel. MSL Sr. Zysk, Dana J., Brandon, MS, Jr. People 341 SRE? dm attiesbur 1982 marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of Hattiesburg. Through assorted media, both students at USM and Hatties- burg natives were made aware of the centen- nial. Local schools and community service organizations sponsored programs in con- junction with the Hub City. Originally known as the Piney Woods Area, Hattiesburg was founded by William H. Har- dy, a railroad employee. ln 1882, while Har- dy was enroute from Meridian to New Or- leans, setting up railway stations along the way, he came across the Piney Woods Area and named the new-found settlement loca- tion after his wife, Hattie. The teens, twenties . . . forties . . . fifties . . . and seventies have past . . . ten decades in all. Today, in 1982, Hattiesburg is a full fledged city of 40,829 residents, hundreds of businesses, a dozen schools and is growing all the time. . ' t i 1 1 . 342 Closing -9 -is , SU . 1-Q, ma' 4:3221 1 . f S 7 512 -if 5 -- I , fi , F ..4,--qi I Z LA . edgy.:-I ,2,, 4 --tzzizzvr' . i Closing 343 Lifestyles Living in the dorm is an experience in sharing everyday events with those in the same hall or floor. It has been said that dorm life is a big part of college education and earning a de- gree would not be complete without it. All residents have to deal with the normalities of dorm life, like no hot water for a shower, the room being too hot or cold, or everyone deciding to test the volume on their stereos at the same time-around midnight. It is the frustrated R.A. who finally yells, "Quiet!", after nicely asking the residents to hold the noise down fifty times previously. Actually it is the resident managers and assistants that keep the confusion and chaos in the dorm as organized and as efficient as it is to where most dorm residents consider "their room or hall" their "home away from home". Loneliness seems to be rare for the dorm resident, unless he stays in his room with the door closed all the time. People are every- where, especially in the strategically located places like the bathroom or lobby where the TV is. Visitation offers another opportunity to be with people. Thursdays from 6 to 11:30pm and Fridays, Saturdays, and Sun- days from 2 to 11:30 pm are the times resi- dents have to remember to dress in a present- able fashion for the visiting opposite sex and also to be careful not to go into the wrong bathroom. And all residents know to expect the same announcement at the same time each night, "Visitation will be over in fifteen minutes. Please bring your guest to the lob- by. The good times include parties and swaps and the extremely interesting floor meetings where the same rules are recited over and over in hopes of some form of comprehension or understanding. Late nights prove very ex- citing at times when everyone is feeling good and there are people throwing others in the showers or having shaving cream or water balloon wars. Unless one has a hearing prob- 77 344 Closing lem, he keeps up with his neighbors because of the convenience of thin walls. Not only can one standing in one room hear the next room's phone ringing or stereo blaring, but also its occupants talking in their normal voices. The walls really need to be at least four feet thick! Dorm life is a growing experience that teach- es patience, acceptance, and diplomacy. When living in such a compact space, one is very close to others, possibly and probably much different from himself. This naturally brings in conflict, which once dealt with and resolved, makes a person much stronger from the experience. Some of a person's best friends are made in college, and one reason for this could be that both people share in the growing and shaping of the ideas one carries with himself for the rest of his life. Eating itoo muchl, sleeping Knot enoughl, studying lnever enoughl, playing itoo muchl-just living-is done primarily in the dorm setting with basi- cally the same people. Living off campus, has its good aspects and its not so good aspects also. Usually living off campus entails an apartment, trailor, or du- plex. One of the nicest aspects of off campus living is privacy and the freedom to do what one wants to when one wants to and how one wants to. Room is also a very nice part of apartment living-one isn't confined to shar- ing one small space with another person. Liv- ing in an apartment also leaves open the pos- sibility of those nice little or large get- togethers which one is frequently inclined to have. One also doesn't have to wait on the shower ldepending on one's roommatel or tote toothpaste down a long hall. Neither does one have to eat or be quiet at a certain time-for a person renting his own place there is a greater possibility for a more flexi- ble schedule than that of a dorm student's. There is also a certain amount of learning which goes along with off campus living. The learning of responsibility. Now we're getting into the less desirable aspects of off campus living: BILLS. At a certain time of the month a certain aching pain occurs in one's pocket- book if he happens to live in an apartment. The pain of rent and the various other bills that go along with the territory. One learns quickly that nasty things occur when one ne- glects paying these bills and, when such an occasion arises, there is no one to blame it on but nfl. Time is another problem with renting an apartment-there's never enough. Apart- ments are usually larger than dorm rooms- Rik..-4 1 Ak ' ' Hill N IIS GOOD, .S 1 I X li l I WEN WHEN Y l'l"S BAD l l I more space to mess up-there's vacuuming and washing dishes etc., which takes up time. Another time consumer is cooking for one's self-and even worse than the time lost is the fact that one has to actually eat one's own cooking iyou can't go to McDonalds every- dayl. Something that goes along with eating is grocery shopping-another syphon for time, not to mention money. One learns quickly the meaning of budget when it comes to time and money. Then there is transportation. Unlike dorm students, a person living off campus must somehow get to the campus. There are var- V., s .? . H .W if ,Jil ious ways of doing this, depending how far one lives off campus. Bringing a car is fine- if you can fold it up and tuck it in a book when you get to campus-otherwise, it's a game of merry-go-round the campus looking for a parking space, which is often never found. Of course there is always the old reliable bike and the never failing feet, both of which are easy to park. It may sound as if the bad aspects are greater than the good in off campus living but this all depends on how much one values those as- pects which he considers good. ...c ll? I Tuul' F", -,W ' .Q i ,, . . was . fi! . . ,fy 3 tl 1' Closing 345 P A long time ago, about the middle of the ninth century, in a place far, far away, Europe to be exact, the first universities were built. The students studied the usual stuff . . . Rhetoric, astronomy, logic and parchment writing. Back then, when the all male students had to escape the pressures of schoolwork, their en- tertainment was vastly different from today's coeds. The young man often stayed up all night gambling away his meager allowance or robbing the poor defenseless people in the streets. If he was lucky he spent an enjoyable evening with females . . . in brothels. Times have changed. Students are not so unorthodox in their entertainment anymore. When a student finds spare time from study- ing, which isn't often, he or she likes to take his or her mind off school. So, what do stu- dents do at USM for entertainment? Certain- ly the night out on the town of dinner and dancing is one of the most entertaining of USM coeds. Bonnie and Clydes, Cash McCools and Mad Jack's in Laurel were the favorite dancing spots. The better eat-outs were Ichabod's, Conestoga Steak House, Faughn's, and the old favorite, Pizza Hut. The End Zone and Nicks rated tops in brew- n-fun establishments. Patrick McCabe, a freshman from Gulfport, Mississippi said, "My friends and l like to go dancing on the Robert E. Lee Showboat in Biloxi." Sporting events were popular with the crowd, whether they participated or just ob- served the game. Athletes like Reggie Col- lier, Curtis Green, and Jeff Eure spent a lot of spare time practicing and preparing for their respective sports. Intramurals had the aver- 346 Closing by Rachel Tullos age student participating in athletics for fun. Wanda Tisdale spent most of her free time watching television, her favorites included Dynasty and Flamingo Road. Wanda added "I collect coins and stamus, but USM doesn't allow much time for that." The University Activities Council plays a big part in on campus entertainment. Concerts like Snow, Pablo Cruise, and Kool and the Gang were special events. Hit movies every Thursday night for 50C was an added treat. Then, of course, the famous UAC beer busts! Students not only saw great movies on Thurs- day, but they often went out with friends to some of the local theatres. Some of the more popular flicks were Taps, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Reds, On Golden Pond, Ragtime, and Victor f Victoria. Pac Man held its own among all the new video games and students were often found giving up their quarters in the Union Game Room. Pool, foosball, and other rabble games remained a pastime of the students. Every- one did something to have a good time. Lance Chancellor, a junior marketing major from Laurel, Mississippi, commented "My girlfriend Lisa and I, during our spare time, either go to the coast for an evening of fine dining and dancing, or we get a group of friends together for a canoe trip." Professors also must clear their minds of such hazardous things as thoughts of tests to be graded and curves to be adjusted. They en- joy the same pastimes as the students. Of course, that can't be said of all teachers. Dr. James Lea, a political science professor beats his frustrations out with a tennis ball, and Dr. T.H. Fay, who teaches trigonometry, enjoys fishing in his spare time. Professors are human too. l As children we learn the need to play and enjoy ourselves for relaxation, as adults we continue to "play", but the games are for grownups. Karl Menninger once said, "peo- ple who don't play are potentially dangerous. There seems to be a general idea that recrea- tion is all right if one doesn't take it too seri- ously. My belief is that the greater danger lies in not taking it seriously enough." u E-f 5, 'Ki is 15, f ' 1 - ri f ,W A ,, K 'Y- F -.. ,. I 5:5 , Q M .Q WF" 2-If ..,,. , .M-. EL' . P .:. 124' , , ' Q Www I ,.AC. ' if gm-,gg srl 'F I .. '- -Q 2 Y' 5 ri-- H 1 U 0 Q. ,, 4 -' .,, .r . . lf, . Q., ,fl .- gt' ." it 1-4, kr' 'xr .- - I s . aff ,Aa ' 1' 'D Closing 347 Walk into any fast food restaurant, retail store, or just about any small business in Hat- tiesburg and you are sure to see a familiar face waiting to help you-someone you have seen before but just cannot seem to place. That face, more than likely, belongs to a stu- dent at USM. In fact, almost half of the stu- dents here at USM hold part-time or full time jobs either in Hattiesburg or on the campus. Why is such a large number of USM students working? Many students work in order to put their way through school, while some work just for extra spending money. Still others work for the experience in their major field of study. No matter what their reason for work- ing may be, these students will tell you work- ing while going to school sometimes is not very easy. For many, learning to juggle work, :za Q-. 2 -.-vat, " Q X X A . JKT, , -. gs I N iw X class, and study schedules soon becomes a way of life. For those students who wish to work, but do not know which jobs are available or how to find out about them, the University provides the Student Employment Service. The Ser- vice attempts to find jobs for those students who go to the office for help. During the 1981 fall semester, approximately one thousand students applied for work through the Stu- dent Employment Service. Working provides a number of benefits for many students. Work experience and a pay- check top the list, but working also gives stu- dents a chance to meet and work with many new people they might not have met other- wise. It s a Workin World by Sheila Skipper Q ...., CIW 9' Q Closing 349 ACM .............................. General Index Academics ....... ACUI Games ,...... Administration ........... Air Force ROTC ........ Alpha Kappa Alpha ...... Alpha Phi Alpha ........ Alpha Psi Omega ...... Alpha Sigma Alpha .......... Alpha Tau Omega ................... ...... American Marketing Ass. .....,..... ..... . American Ass. Interior Design ....... ...... Army ROTC ............................... ...... ASB .......................................,. ...... Baptist Student Union ....... Baseball ..................... Basketball ........ Beauties ............... Beauties, past ......... Beta Alpha Psi ....... Boetgha ........... Cheerleaders ....... Chi Omega ............. Chi Tau Epsilon ......... COGIC Fellowship ......... Competition ............ Collins, Bobby ......... Delta Delta Delta ...... Delta Gamma ......... Delta Sigma Pi ....... Dixie Darlings ................... Delta Sigma Theta .............. Education and Psychology ......, ........, Events ................................. Fashion Plus ........... ....... Fine Art ........... . . Football ........ .................... ........ 6 6 -1 '26 A i1"""7' Golden Eagle Civitans ......... Golden Girls ..................... Gold Tenders ............... Greek GodfGoddess ........... Hall of Fame ..........,............................ ....... Health, Physical Ed. and Recreation ....... ....... Home Economics . .............................. .. Homecoming Court ....... Honors College ......,.. IEEE ................................... IFSEA ..................................... Institutional Administration ........ Intramurals ............................. Jr. Panhellenic Council ....... Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Karate Alpha ................... Alpha Psi ...... Delta ............. Kappa Psi ......... Mu Epsilon ........ Sigma ............ Club ........... Lambda Sigma ......... Latter Day Saints ......... Liberal Arts .............. L'Esprit De Corps ........ Lucas, Aubrey K. .......... . Medical Technolocy ........ Mr. f Miss USM ............. Newman Club ........ Nursing ........................ Omega Psi Phi .................... Omnicron Delta Kappa ....... Panhellenic Council ......... Participation ............. People ...................... Phi Beta Lambda ........ Phi Chi Theta ..................... A r. i P 161 158 159 256 280 222 224 244 234 204 204 204 104 196 132 134 120 193 192 136 206 186 184 226 1 71 240 205 242 184 230 129 186 168 1 10 238 180 186 Phi Kappa Tau ....... Phi Mu ............... Phi Mu Alpha ......... Pi Theta Kappa ......... Pi Beta Phi ................ Phi Kappa Alpha ....... Pre Law Society ........ Pride ...................... Psi Chi ................. Recreation Club ...... Residence Halls ............. Rho Gamma ..................... Science and Technology ....... Sigma Alpha Epsilon ........ Sigma Chi ...................... Sigma Gamma Rho ........ Sigma Nu ................... Sigma Phi Epsilon ....... Sigma Sigma Sigma ....... Social Work ................ Southern Cinema .................. Southern Christian Center ....... Society of Polymer Scientists ...... Southern Geological Society ........ Southern Style ......................... Student Alumni Ass ....... Student Constructors ........ Student Education Ass .......... Student Nurses ........................ Student Speech and Hearing ...... Swimming ................................ Tennis .......... Track ............ UAC .................... Union Board ........ Who's Who ....... WMSU .......... '3' fi 3 'L S.. Chuck Pardee Sandy Loveday Mark Sullivan Melissa Winstead Events Co-editor Events Co-editor Sports Editor Organizations Editor 350 Closing Special Thanks Mr. and Mrs. L.F. Easterling, Warren K. Dunn, Billy Benson, Debbie Kennedy, Minnie Austin, Vickie Wilson, Scott Dossett, Valerie Davis, Lisa McQuillin, Lance Chancellor, Robert Phillips, Vaughn Wilson, Peggy Meadows, Tommy Bennett, STUDENT PRINTZ, UAC, Union Board, Clarence Powell, Chuck Cook, Reggie Smith, Bekke Ray, Kenny Bergeron,Natalie Ballard,Cathye Ross,Mary Poythress, Bob Snell, Charles Curry, Frank Easterling, Public Relations. Bobby Col- lins, M.K. Turk, Bill Goodrich, Kay James, Jim Carmody, Pete Tay- lor, and Joy "Mom" Samrow Specifics The 1982 SOUTHERNER was printed in Montgomery, Alabama by Paragon Press, a division of Herff Jones Yearbooks. The paper stock was Bordeaux Special. 3 flats of multicolor process was used along with 3 flats of spot color: Tan HJ 465, Ocre HJ 123, and Sienna HJ 145. The color has a black base with embossed USM logo covered in gold foil. The type face is Souvenier Light in 30, 14, 10, and 8 point sizes. Photo Credits Chuck Cook 76, 77 Warren K. Dunn 102, 103 Clarence Powell 44, 45 Reggie Smith 106, 134, 135 ......I K - . Ki Editor Steve Easterling f Eli -41 A Sheila Whitten Susan Wolfe Butch Myers Cheri Campbell People Editor Copy Editor Photo Editor Assistant Editor ll Closing 351 Ge Aca ACI Adr Air Alp Alp Alp Alp Alpf Am' Am' Arn ASE ACI Bap Bas- Basl Bea Bea Beta Boe Che Chi Chi CO1 Con Coll Delt Deit Delt Dixi Delt Edu Evei Fasi Fine Foot I 1 ' I Staff EDITOR ......................... ...... S teve Easterling ASSISTANT EDITOR .,..... ....... C heri Campbell ADVISOR ..,...................................... Warren K. Dunn EVENTS ......... ........ C huck Pardee, Sandy Loveday, Shelby Smith, Kreg Bartley, Paul Allen, Lee Ann Liberto, Frank Easterling, Carla Murphy, LeWanika Davis SPORTS ...... ............. M ark Sullivan, Robin Smith, Sandra Price, Cindy Blackmer, Cindy Martin, Susan Lamey, Ann Thorpe, Jeannie Kirk, Andriana Torres, Cindy Stewart ORGANIZATIONS .. Melissa Winstead, Ken Waltman, Charles Curry, Wade Hughes, Dena Phillips, Alicia McKinley, Robin Brown, Jan Meitzler, Lee Ann Blackmer, Alesia Phillips, Sandy Davis, Robin Smith, Janet Davis, Pamela Dickey, Kelly Becton, LeWanika Davis PEOPLE ..,... ...... S hella Whitten, Lorrie Howell, Janet Davis, Rhonda Harwell, Connie Wade, Dorothy Atkins, Chris Loughman, Kathy Schwarzauer, Sally Idol, Michele Sykes, Allison Dyar, Toni Wells, Deborah White, Madonna Green, Kelly Jones, Lisa Speed ACADEMICS ....... .................. S teve Easterling PHOTOGRAPHERS ..,.... Butch Myers, Lorrie I-Iowell, Holly Cox, Mike Krebs, Donna Krebs, Shane Gaston, Jason Thornton, Allen Harrison, Gary Sessums, Cindy Blackmer, Mickey Welsh, Jenny Blackston, Tim Isbell, Susan Lamey COPYWRITERS ............ Susan Wolfe, Sheila Skipper, Rachel Tullos, Judy Day, Chris Loughman, Lynne Clary Editing the 1982 SOUTHERNER was an honor. It was also the largest but most re- warding challenge I have ever undertaken. It was a lesson in leadership, public relations, and time management all in one. The benefits of the experience heavily outweighed the most trying of times. A lot more goes into compiling a yearbook than many realize. Countless hours were spent drawing layouts, interviewing, photo- graphing, copywriting, and proofing. There were many who helped to put the book to- gether but I would especially like to thank those dedicated few who were always on hand to help out. I would never have been able to put it all together without Cheri Campbell, my assistant editor. I-Ier creativ- ity, loyalty, and patience were so very valu- able. Thanks to Warren K. Dunn's under- standing and willingness to try new concepts in the 1982 SOUTI-IERNER I feel the book is a success. As the SOUTI-lERNER's advisor, Mr. Dunn could not have been more support- ive and helpful. Also deserving a special thanks are my section editors and staff. It is impossible to please everyone. However, I hope that all will find some part of the 1982 SOUTHERNER satisfactory. Here it is! Steve Easterling lm glwgwg

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