University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS)

 - Class of 1981

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University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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":n.'.s-1 ..'p, J v 1'5J"1,'7A ' f , , g 'f.rf 4 K . , . 1. . .ui o ' A 4.. . 5.5 IN I vt -I 4 v 'I ' L' ' 2 ,.sV ,knife 'f-'D' 4,7 ,Lil .,. lxjxvtx ' - -"4'N.b:J I . Ll'k ' 1 X . 'if' A-its ' 1 l"i ' W- Y 5 . . 5 , A I . . .-l':.k,.w f ' . Y 0 s :Y . I ' .Af ' li- ' 1' J" aff' 15 ' xl u -J..',', J .- ,-l-HVJQ. r ll v ,,' . , Q .I 0' lil , 1. , ,, -, v 'h . c . - ., ,. '4 b I .n I ,jr . L s. 1' , . .',f5?Iicnf. ' A ' Q 1- ,., . 6 .I 'n ' as 5- . - - 'Y f 25-1 , A1A!.4 4 ,e" .5 " '51 --"ff FA I' . - . , 45 - J . v I N ul, .r -N' :L k alxv X1 ' n .p,-' --L ...w 2 ..r. Wa" f ,u'. sf 1' Jfwf' wa" 1 b J ' 1 , ,w'.. '-: -'Q-'W' , - g - N' . S, Fzbf we ,f L ff pi bfh' J .',Lt-syfF . ,L K-..- .V, y-,r qv. " , 'Q-lr? , I ,4 W - ffl- f ..: , - 4, .. - ,J-gg . X., , .U- f,. ,?::k " . 'Nui . . . T ,f ' I A "h, .'-L, ' -.fl f" J' L . .J .Q,Q D ': ' -I' di ., - .. ,h-. V' 'f",::.ff, 'LA . v,f- . 1 -Q ,, HW! fl ,f .4 - f J' 4 J 5 .44 . 'Ol 'L . 'J .Q J. M, U K ',- :iz -' 1,'. 'f,,v3 SOUTHERNER 1981 Volume XLV Belinda Boone, Editor Ken Waltman, Assistant Editor Warren K. Dunn, Advisor Contents: Events Competition People Academics Participation 18 64 110 210 234 1 1,-W -,..41 . 1 1 u N J, l x ' an , 'v' "l 1:1 - v .vv x '4 4 ." T1iv ' -Y ' 7"3 . 'if-' . 'rv ' 3-I,-FQ: Q., D ,y 4 'Q 'tal 1 , L x. . K . ir- ,Pr ' 4 V If n ,'a,, ll 1 v r, n. .A .ir I . . N , u L.-- L' . L im.. . "'A's??': nf' ox-.N" - -, '.' 7 s J? "', 5.151 - bbw.. 4,5 " My..v'! ' - fo 431' " '. 0 QL'-4 '1.g'f'5,' dz: ,,,. .M , uv ,li .uh .' - ' - D s,g'.fN."' 'nsx"5Si?y'u y.. 1.-. , l f .-Y, Sl',f'I' , "ol 1 'J ID, .lv'1-'AQ-.-.4-fx -54 X's v .1 V 'F . . r ,,-., ,-- J..- 1 , ,Q 4 ,, , ,. . -Q .y 5,5 ' . 'NJ-.ff.' 1 f 4 !,'A'l I gn In-M-. . , . S, . ..m . ,,,. I' .."h 1 -. -. . . X X-.-,fr u..f' 4 -'s ' . ,ni A .Pf,s N V v Vvfv ' u. 'Lq '-'ii-4 I -. W.: JP 7 ,lp N v 'X J-3 In ,r 119, "in-- 'tn MISS Hattiesb MISSISSI 39401 9 I X X X 4. x X x., 34' .' ., Q., 's . S FL I r.A O Q Nm '.,.,. .Q- A , 1 1 I 1 ff f f 1 . 1 . ,...-, ,..Q..,.-..,. .Q T' ..,,,,- ...- , , , , 1 , , 1 .,. Q I ,.. -- . - r- -3-1--'rf rr- 1- Lv-1' f r f f r 1 . ., . .. V . . Q Q , , . , . . . vQ'QfQ,Q.Q'. "'Q.,Q'...., ,QT-.,QfQQ-..,.,Q, ,.., , ., fi, .,.,Q. , - ,,-..f,,.,..,'5. rf. CC V,j,., I A. , ,ta ' , ffm, . . , ' FQ.,-,, :J ,.,...-V, Q,.:Q,Q :. ,,.,,. . Q. r,Q,Q.... ..,.,. yr, , , . , lv " , ,- Q 4 1 v. A1 A-.Q Q.. .... ."' .QQ rQ.QQ-n - .QQQ 'Q fy ' - '-' -- 'wi'-7 Q.,- ' ' ' ' rn ,' . ' V f f . rf.. '.,, .Q--..:'..,',Q,' ',. .... f...,,v.,." ..,,.:-...,Q f--:'..,', 1 . I, ,. ,. . - .I , 1 1-I ., , 1.7 V l , . , .n "'.,...,Q ...,.-,Q --' Q,. :,Q.,,," Q'-W-P Q-F.-',,,--F ..., .., . ,.... . . ,, Y' :Q,Q,Q P .!..1F. ZW., ,uc qv., f.. ,.....Q. .,..Q, -. Q . Q . . . Q . , Qt-QQ I-Q....,7 1 .,, ,Q,QC.'...,., rH.r..,,,,. ..- f.,. 4, .A.', ... ,,. .. , . .,,... , '.,.....1. ...-,' ...:.-f. ,J H., F...-,. 'mm X .. ., . -' L.. . .Q' .. .... .i4..'. .J -,- ' P.-,. 3, ,Q,Q',Q'QZ..,Q "Tru-'ff 'T,Q..,,-." ,Q..,.' , . . .. .1.. ,..,....i .Jn.,1.,, . ., K.. L..,,. , ,, Q Q Q . .C cQQ..,Q.Q,...,, I ...,,Q.,7.,...l I Qc 7,-..f .. . . . . ....1- 1 .'-.. , . .,,, u,...... - 'pf ,...'.. :,. ':,.,.',, 7,,.,,,.. ,.rf-,,,,,,:..,, . . . .. M 4Jr.!4.., A ., Q,. L.,-g,Q...5, "Q ,..4'.'.1! .Q-,Q,--..Q....Q""2' 7- ...',z.,..1',,.C1,A ,Ki,1,U, I., Jv,1f,1,x :v ,..- 'Q ,. .Q .." .. .. ......-..,. . hes-26.1 x.l.C'G CLAHJQL. 'I In I 7 .Q UQ,-.I Q .QUQ .. .'fF. A. LF C.C..I' n,C.1.l.f5T.1 Q v. Q f"TI'1'TfTfF II'2lIG"fE 111 G'.'EI"' FF- - 1,7 . O .QQ F J' .":'c .f. T4 Q gxv 1 Q., l , X N . Q 4 ' I f 1. ., - . : J ' - ' 2 , . , Y 4'. ' I Z ' X I G LI u N ' 1 I ' I I l ' Q: . G gil.. f I r 1 40: if . . Y -F- ,I-P '. .U ,. 41 Q f , 5 X '15, unix I If.-Q. , u X w V1 I . 'Qs Eff! "1 .,.Ji. 14 'qui' ""' """2 If . 7 F 0 - 1 . I R ' I ' 4,. i Q I , V . . . RELIGIO Southern provides students of different faiths the opportunity of worshipping through orga- nizations and activities on and off campus. These include dormitory bible studies, cam- pus prayer meetings and dinners, transporta- tion to Hattiesburg-area churches, and organi- zations such as Campus Crusade for Christ, The Baptist Student Union, The Love, Salva- tion, and Determination Choir, Halleuiah Way, and The Newman Club. Through these clubs and activities students at Southern are able to contribute services to USM as well as improve themselves. '-------...1-...L.i -i1.-rw q-' -3 have --f-4 Opemng 7 i nl! Opening THE PEOPLE'S CHGICE llt-ingan1-lt-ctionyear, USM students had to make a choice. lX'ould it he Presiclent Carter or Ronald Reagan? ln a mock t-lt-etion held on campus Ronald Reagan came out with a large lead. On November -1, 1980, Reagan was victorious again. It st-enis that Americans were ready fora change. USM students were not only able to choose who they wanted as president of the U.S., but on campus they were asked to make another choice. Elections were held for ASB Senate and other campus positions. Candidates could be seen around campus campaigning for each office. USM's Associated Student Body operates in the same manner as our national government: thus, preparing students for the future. l i fb V52 T00 'TALL B. ARTS SEM' Up ning . . . LEISURE ttht-n stutlt-nts get .i lm-ak lroin studying, their outside interests take on inanx' tlil'l'ereut laces. .'Xt:tix'ities range from social, to .ithlt-titz, to st-i'x'it:t-. .intl to tlown-right entertaining. These luntitious oller the stutlent the ehanee to meet new people and lietzoiue iux'olx'etl. Being iiivolvetl helps students to really grasp the "Southern I-Ixperieneef .-X hig asset at Southern is the treiueiulous huneh ol' people who make USM the university that it is hy offering an environment where the student can grow and mature into a responsible, caring person. vvxj' wi? 'ff ' 4 oh win Az .f Q" 4 A ,vo 5 . B- 1-1. xl! . h fx? OZ ' W f ...K f AN :W u"2:,.,mv'Q 1 MSE if", + I Opening 11 ng Upenl EDUCATIO For all the reasons you go to college... the main one being education . . . USM offers that strong educational background which is respected throughout Mississippi and the South, while gaining respect throughout the country. Southern's wide range of curriculum coupled with a highly qualified and competent staff insures a strong, stable learning environment. Here the students learn to deal with today and tomorrow, while earning their place in society. Having ten schools and colleges, USM offers something for everyone. Some major areas are, fine arts, computer science. dietetics, polymer science and nursing. These are but a few choices that could be made from a huge selection of majors. Not only is Southern's undergraduate program well- rounded, but its graduate program is becoming more outstanding every year. This can be seen by increased enrollment and expanding curriculum. Yes, it is definitely Southern for quality education. I 'I ... LOVE lt is a wt-ll known fact that times spent at college produce many romantic rolationsliips. This can he seen all over campus with couples walking hand- in-hantl and passing affectionate glances. Some of these relationships come and go, hut for many couples they are long-lasting. Much can be learned from every encounter whether it is good or bad: therefore they fit into llSM's educational atmosphere. The MRS degree may not be sought by as many female students as in the past, due to more career minded women, but the essence of love is ever present. Hs. Wx 317K rm 'L I. ' ' 'cl -I N g.-, w Q. ""l-" x -4 ,IN-. W L. . J 'S vhs , ,N N "W ' ' 'Q' ' 'L "hs--ul 'ln Ju, 1, 's '1- -,. vw, 1- . . -4, I ffq Q, l Q an .f 'Y 0 ,rw 1: 5I1112:i,::'f ,..:. . wwf-, t -'Jfl -f 5. , 1 X 4 . , ,uf My f 'u -I ' , 1 ., ,, x . mmf JI " F "r wwf f ' I .dsx ZliU,15"H'I'ff.,li'J1?j2fZEUQ' gym: nif4,11m,.Z,.u ,mix UN !H:.1.n,,f,f H1,,1, 'Ml ,-,, ,J , M '-1 f , 1 riff. W 'X IW J, .fm .gx ' M ' .,.y , , fx, 4 In X I ygq, UNM ,AX ,y 1 w N X .. .. , - M 'E 'Q WP.. 3 Q v P Cc Q X V A ggi! 4 1 ?'.'x1 'il' fn I s 1 , 4' E -1 f, ,-- av pw .33 u 1 I Ln '--I " l T'IlH.'1+ L '.1' .4 41 . ,NX pf Q. w y., . Af M A ?P-iff? fi? 'G , 'H ' 4 J' Nu . I , ., - ,L-X bf I z. - V N ' ' 1 v r n X' 1 I 1, X 7 I Q s,. 1 1 dxf' 1'-A, wg -Jn ' 72 1 " 'I 'F' iv. , . -,5,:, '. .1'.-f YL4 - , . p -44:1 X 14- . nxt w .7' , " - -' ' - . ' on' 1 Y. I R. fix,- . ' 3 'X ' 1 A ' . '- '. 3 . ' ,- . ". fbi. V ,cgfrfgx . ,. - -' I..-L l, 5 W., .5 ll ' . n ' "'-. wi' '- "I-4 -. s 4 L, 1 :ts A . i .A b ll: :,-'27 Pal"' 'ts' .+I f"',x51-,1 iff x""7, L lqmvij .. TS...EVE TS... -5-1 "-1 " UWB' Y-S1 Mu" s tv, 'JH , V -'.I., 1 Xlv fr, .N"' 1 .fa -Nlfx ,xx , X xi 'fy' -AL :Tj QQ. 'Mgr I NI: wit Wfqx L :tvxxrlf 5155. Wx' I I- x -"A-:Ku 1,1 5 'V F ,fn r LL 1 I' I 2 4 K r 'luv U 'V E 'I'-1 ,git K rx 9X3-N 'E Im' 7' 19 7' vsqx Alxxif 'faux' 'ig -QA-if I A! sf I x 'Y "'x'!'1 Yxs I1 Y, Qin, K x' x ' X 1' 'VI I' I 1 L V 'Q' wa, M 'JN'S'1f v " 'Wk' "wi: , 2 J- -'fn is wx x Nw, , L1 'Juv -f' iff M W r"v: ff ,W QL ffgsxsv .rmi'rf? ,I lvlspsv 7 J E MECJX Jg,?!Js,:-gTAjY3g,.:i...,.,tf wks.-lj, Q: V .f,f:,,v':.:J,, ,Q 1 , ,J blmv M ,x ,af Vs, is-f,1f, X A N93-EwX3x,x 2 J' s N was W "K - "1 ' ff f f ' 1 w ,. wk - A 5 P' N N rf, -sf 143' 1-X. if-. 1, v- ff + xo 43,5 QL 1- ' A 1 - - '. f fm f K ff X N' R V5 X-rr-F1 , x 1 Yv.""': Ml -. f 1 Nb 155 5 ' x ',, 1 k I I lv 1 f -3 'z ' l -ll-453' i. RHJRS' gg. grew, ll Ixxfffqiwx gxiqx f ,-.SS 22.,,'3xK,2n-.5m, ,x 1g,,,l1,.J'-ix-fx, xl A I , , ,K 1 f H, Cf 1.5 3 r,?.',vi:Lx.5"g'x 54x gawk,-y4:,u,, , In r ,ta -1X?iJ'5L'5".-iqligffxifsff I 6,5 yas 14 I 0 1: ,xl I-s up ,fl -1 1' r vfx 5 5 Vx 5-7' ly-'Pldl"'f' 14-QYXL Hpx '54-I fi "1xf.-fi 4' "V 1 ,"'1'v P-1 'vu '-.' x ffl! fvx A21 f' X E I Ugg ,wr ll Y fuk jg is 5, s , 1:-.vx 1 'F .1-.II3-'igYX5f,9'f?'+,..l-g.,1x5 Q! ,'fL,'4.-54 x lu. ,,,gc,f"Qe4'1 'I-I .qckff B "3 xlibilx ., u gg 5, mff, jf',-'fp' Y 411+ ,sh .':4'I.l's-I' 's -wv.,, , 1 'J'9sJv.,Y1v,' 1,f,J MQ .Jw 'IX I7 I wr H1 1 fl ff' H-1 -J f "1 I I ,13"'l':?X-f Q 3"'f,'i "'!gL! 41"1,1'1',,f-"X ' 1. ' , I .-41 1 H: x' s 3 X :T xii, fu-V, 1.1 tg nk ,Sr , 3x,x I-'J ,s"1-5 f, r 1,19 xg :lx 4f!,lQfff,'rlQ 1 1 'x " Lr-,avr I g 13- -394 KV' ,Jr-Ni. ,gill .3 ,. L :Z J 11,'5,.,.,, ,fl x L, 1-.W-f r ,, ln,-Rf , gf Ulu: 5-'IH " " U, ," ' N Yank I ll limfllz 73 Ls 1 pon A 1 ., 6.11. I. 5, X1 :IQ-X ,rlyv xt , . Ql",Q.xT'i5Qx'w 2r'?'5x?ff VJQYS, 11, WW ,'5f'3xi',,::,7f'xv ,-,j'L".1." sw ff Pwr Ls ,L ww-1 ,- K'-AfX71K'1?v9,. OWN 55 Dk ,ga-i'X!,,xYP,1-S xxx,-ir' , x J -. X 'li 1 'fin 'xlaxxxr 'J -f - 1? ' f :QR up - Rf '- wk, Q.:-1' 'fwfr QQ.-ifa -pAx3.f'w-, gp-' 1. gym TaSj.A'NLbvt-"x,'Wi'Xw'AT-nj' 'R' s-"ji Cb, 15.2.44 xc. 'x Xia' xl'-vdirxfr' IZ:-' x r -. , V- s. v - v -. v -' -- f Q 'L My M MH- V Q w w f M vffueaw 49 - WSH Ax, X EW 4 -avr ' we A Qv.n'0,1Qf:f QI' HL- xl, .X qrswir 11 l'9,J 2-P fx j, lg -AJ X " DX ' 1, 1 1 5- win, ., . -M. 1' -' f- :Q x.u4 Af- . Qui! 'Ibrps 95, -fr-1-., '14w'j9'.1, 4J4N.,L' ll 'S-,Ei,11+!vP I Ile 1,8-141-, X1 1 tg' I I Ujlq 'I JN' ,l,'NxxW, tg y'xxP I 1125-lfj '5f'N,Q' g, ,X I 1' I il pgs ,X Was 1 l ,aww 'lg fp. r f C x .' R ' 'I' ' fx'?'."'1jr.lQ- MQ k,""'v,"sx.. 49" f, qi -:ruff fit- ,f:"1'g4fl1 N ' '33 aw' J I I-myrlfxijif l"j'u4E-ball 'Iii far .x-J4,:- D- -. ,Av-42 '-J ui.-Z.: KI 3 'ILA-Fl i'S3+'14q?2'x?fv QQ H ."rWS'r MLW? 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N If x g 5 X f- L '- 'IV y g Vw-.x v""-. sl 'va 'IV i r'4x L 1 J' Q! x'T L' r-I L -HA 1' Mak.,-' ' 1,1 'Kr -.x,?sL in 1 gg. fx'z'x,1 x, 1 l'L,'. N N I.-'iq-.f L..",5' I L, If-' 'Ak' xxff -. 1 9,4 .. ff ,h I x , I by 1 I , 0 1'-rr-"'s,,J.. 'fr -ip? 5,-N11 1-'I 63114 ww 'JM ' fir' '. A f , :W 'wi I+: Www ' "' ' f ' 1 x-1"F'f 1 L , 1-: ' 5'--" " -..,. t HPV' l chills' V59 N U Mbit? n fkfb Wy I 'V f"l"gl.xL"r6J I 'K 4: 1-XA I -C 'S Xu if lv'r5'l'fI 4: 4- rl , f,,r yay, mi 5,11 1 :Aix H11'g,e'51lxL :Chas FR 'Z-l":Q .-.,.,. 1,,",' -.Q-si-fs iz! 'S N .-bg Ty, ' sf IL., fs s. I' 135551, x' Q s.. Sfxl' Q: gffyff H! V195 57 f"'::5' 50 rs ..,!f::-I 131.1-,g'.-JT :Ll If S I I I I I vi. , 4, J' X ' "'N:'r'x1:v" k,,4.,-frix?'1-Jfh ,pkgiehf Jw- ,fzmv jj"-51' 415' 31 5 1 'v"lx of" I --sl Q 1 V ,P S 'ix V 1 s Jil 3 I I 1 .r'7--J"f" y' Lag I-v Nikki 'gr 1 !"' Y-I J 'ff hp I N, x- x ly "- "-.',1vlf s. k .-ul'x,,- ,N I L'-7 ax. l"?w:",: x A x I 5 V '?ix""x':T!-9" wx LAA ' JI N xii: x 5 ".'4w.x. 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'95 fiV25a,'sh'f1 -?i'kf'1'3:5 iii-"' " Ill? irq-xef-'f.-iaxmf'1'1f:Ef.f--.11'-,4-4-z1'e ,- L "f, A:,.:- -,.":?f-:-:-1. 5:6-.erfif ., in-j 1 .Rx 11: wif? '- .. ' '.:'ff2j2r1f.' ' 1 1 i--1.,2rn1'+ 2 , ., .' - .Mk - A .1e:'.1ff1r:r5,'zi:11. w 63121-12'-1'1-:ff"221.1: ' 1'-2:2 af- 1: .-1522: V' .aiiaif 'p2:z?, :ef.'--'.-2,191-f.'2. ia2E12"11-"1.-..:-Iiixiz. :-- 'I -xg' . .f:11.f1F'2F" '- M .I'??5i525?i.T7fi153sf51491173-?fE141LT-15115525 P:24fLQ:s25.xH:-' L '-2E:iW??:5 3: - -Lfdil wk. V . 3:2 1.i.i.-L2'.5L'y?:QH sm-:iiiii152:EZ':' .' 1: 4. jeg-1g".:fyI1' ,-31-5:11-11.3-,L v'Tg:,4,:43' ,f:t3:g. 111521--:f2"'.'.11ii6S.:"-" - 'fi -ii,-V.'F1'7 . :S+-1L.. "f1Q5: 11521, 3-153:-0z,i5,,-. i22'3?:a'Q:1. .21 - ' 4'f?i1::I'EaaiP1Qf'7i2'? - -F5 ' .ff '. 1 -- 1 :1 ,,,3?5.A:,2f' if E: :ra "hir 2 , :ef fa .g:"'4,-1: . - ,I ya- - ' ' .2"Zj:f. ' . ' ME, J '57 :W W2 -?I'2?gs-J- "lf'?? '???"'2'.ac, 5' ,":'1-122-'- 5 "' fffb '42, '- 'af R ' I--1-I,-1:15517-:.'---Ln .:f-.'-f.: 1---.3.A:-'-:A-fn fi' -- .' .ha '- :-- :.1:..-: ' --' .'-.::.,1--f:.-J'-1--Syl--.'f.-. ' "-I: l-W: . --7- - -- . -j.- ..-Em. .,::f:'-Q24 gh..-., -::'Y,'5- . -. .. .- -, -. 5. 5-. - fv LC- 512: f f5:-:f-53555 F-"zl:':'.""i. ' ri? " "3 :'- ' IH lhvisifmn Page 7--fe VENTS . . . EVENTS . . . EVENTI Editor: STEVE EASTERLING What's Inside . . . Bageants Concerts Performances Plays Lectures D Pg 19 H .QP LA. A.. L ' s ts f, -mp "H v V 'I ' J' 1 .-5, f 'oi uw '- -me -, ,. ,,,- Q, P A , '.' ' :Uv - 2.2 M Y? 1 Er if 'X X 'L 1 , 'f, " of" Frazen Crowned Miss Southern 1 98 1 in the talent segment of the pageant. Be- ing crowned the new Miss Southern, Mary Ellen was gifted with a S750 schol- arship, House of Cachet and McRae's gift certificates, a trophy, crown, and scepter. In Iuly she will represent USM in the Miss Mississippi America pageant held annually in Vicksburg. ' Miss Franzen was one of 23 ladies to compete for the coveted title. Sherry El- kins was named first runner-up: Tamara Fulton, second runner-up: Carolyn Pe- terson, third runner-upg and Palmer Paunovich, fourth runner-up. Cynthia Barrios was named Miss Congeniality and Suzanne Irby received the Direc- tor's Award, given to the girl who the directors felt worked the best among the directors themselves and among the oth- er girls. Aside from the winner and runners-up, other girls placing in the top ten included Pamela Breazeale, Cheryl Gibbon. lack- ie Whatley, lulie Blackmon, and Karen Galloway. The girls were judges accord- ing to a private interview with five judges from Louisiana and Mississippi. and in talent. swimsuit. and evening gown competition. The ASB sponsored pageant was direct- ed by leff Bell while Angela Lee served as assistant director. The ladies of Delta Gamma sorority hostessed the event. Tom Deluca February 23, 1981 A UAC Production E t 3 The nlverslty Forum "iid- V N S- r' P-lv H r -N fp' for Q We AA? Q AW Sponsors cl hx the Unix ersltx Honors College the Unix ersity Forum is 1 specul series of lectures and programs on the mule st possible range of topics featuring guests of national fu lUlPI'HlllOI'1ll importmce The Forum was open without th arp to the students fzcultx md townspeople and met in Bt nm tt Xllflllflflllm O 0 Vle, , YV - ' ,' - fer? ' ' L., ' arg ,fg'5fm,-- f , , ,. .ihegzv V x , :gif AV , V- 1 - . l'-if' ,, " S f" g . 4574 9 , s f V . f u " A! K 3 ' V ' ' . A '. - , M Q ,S - af , ' -X Q ,N Y J '. .- -1 . V. '71 T 2 ' ' -N A " X ' X4 v U CS 1' ' 11 ' - X , -. Y S' C Q ' , , W2 X ,SVU v V? V .rio I' , I: ' fg s ' gr 'TC " llctffk, '- is C , a"b-3 F 0 N ' 4f-- ' 5'7" ,ai . , 1 -w - C X , 7-'I - . JV. ve:-, :X I -:X--h - 4- A -C -, x . r - -' X: ' V V A x i V '14,-....7 V. KV V V I . V . V V . V . . E ' c 2 , V. JV V . V . . . ' , t Z 2 ,. . t . . , , , , , m f f , . , , L - , L I I A- ' ' . QL-l l'l'.'f-rits Joseph Campbell Psyche and Symbol A-1 -L-LJ X Ioseph Campbell was written or edited more than twenty books on mythology rellglon and symbolism including The Hero with 0 Thousand Faces A Skelton Key to Finnegons Woke and The Mask of the Gods. I-Ie is a graduate of Can- terbury School and Columbla and has done post-graduate study 'it the Universities of Paris and Munich. Mr. Camp- bell taught literature for thirty-eight years at Sarah Law- rence College and his life and work were the subject of a recent article in Fsquire entitled The Professor with a Thousand Faces . ff 77 . 9 I 5 5 I U' r V. I . . , Al 4 4.1 'X K A h V . . . v v Y . V . v c v tt I J -- September 30, 1980 Daniel Yergln Energy Future Daniel Yergln is the author and coedltor of the best selling book Energy Future He lectures at the Kennedy School at Harvard and directs the International Energy Seminar at Harvard s Center for International Affairs He is Associate Director of the Prolect on Energy and Politics In addition he serves as a consultant on energy to the European Common Market the U S Department of Energy and Transportation and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee The Wall Street Iournal has called Energy Future the most 1mpor tant and best work ever written on energy alternative re sources and the future of America s power O QQ 97 l 1 ' 'v - I I' , , ' . . . . . , . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . 9 ' ' I . . . Ll ' . . ' - ' Y V7 October '7 1980 Dr. Malcolm Andrew The Enghsh UD1VGIS1ty Dr. Malcolm Andrew is a member of the Department of lia in England. He is also in charge of the undergraduate admissions at the University. He is the editor of sex eral medieval texts including the works of the Gawain-poet. He is also a member of the Chaucer Variorum an international group of scholars formed to prepare a new edition of Chaucer s works. 9 Q Q ' ' ' 7 ' English and American Studies at the University of East Ang- Events 25 October 1 4, 1 980 Alexander Ginsberg "The Human Rights Struggle in the USSR." d"' Alex incler Ginsburg is a Russian dissident whose work for hum in rights in the Soviet Union resulted in his arrest by the KC B 1 state trial and imprisonment in a labor camp in 19 XX hile in the USSR he was the administrator of the Russi in Social Fund a charitable organization founded by him incl exiled author Alexander Solzhenltsyn to aid Soviet pristine rs and their families In 1976 Mr Ginsburg became one of the founding members of the Moscow Helsinki KX itrh C roup a citizen s organization committed to mom turing, the Soxiet Union s Adherence to the humanitarian prmlsmns ofthe Helsinki Accords Mr Ginsburg was serv ings the third xear of an eight year sentence when in April 1 3 J h intl sex er al other political prisoners were ex c h ings cl for two conx icted spies Mr Ginsburg was stripped of his Sm If t citizenship ind forced to leave the USSR with out his mile and children ,f , N 7 . Q K 145 ' i w r . . . . . , J , c c , 1 1. 2 , c K ,. .' 3 'Z . . . , . . , I . . . . c , J , L , C ' . . . . . . J 1 ' . I I . . r 1 . V . . , Y , Y -4 , . , ' ' ' l 1. ff r , , 1 , c A' Q i If , ' " . . .1 , t. x . . . I I . . m , , 1 I ' .' ' , 2 , , . .ffl ffvfcnls October 21 1980 Davld Halberstarn The Po11t1oa1 and Soo1a1 Power of the Medla fi David Halberstam is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and the author of two best-selling books The Best ond the Brightest about the men who made government policy dur- ing the Kennedy-Iohnson era of the 1960 s and The Powers Thot Be a book about the power of the media the influence of America s communications empires and the domination of the government by the media. Mr. Halberstam has worked on papers in Mississippi and Tennessee and for six years was a foreign correspondent for the New York Times. I-Iis reports from Saigon in 1962 and 1963 earned him a Pulitzer Prize. In 1967 Mr. Halberstam left New York Times and became a contributing editor of Harpers magazine a position he left in 1972 when he decided to devote his full time to work on The Powers That Be. 1 0 N . . . - 77 ' I 2 X , fff -,. le' ' r' v f , . :M 4' , 1' " .. V l 0 , , , . nl. xii s, 0 xl 'W' I 1. X . - . C Y Y , . , , V . ' c c c C . . - 1 c , . 1 November 4, 1980 R ' Chard B Egan "The Writing of Richard Brautigann 5 7 QR tif' - 2 Richard Brautigan has been described as a "gentle poet of the young, around whom a cult has grown, because of his preoccupation with Nature and with the gentle things in life." I-Ie is considered to be one of the most original writers of our time and many critics believe that several of his books will have a "permanent place" in American literature. Per- haps the most important of the nineteen books he was writ- ten are Trout Fishing in America and the Tokyo-Montana Express. November 18, 1980 1111am Price Fox "Southern Folklore and I-Iumor" -A William Price Fox was born in Waukegan Illinois and was educated at the University of South Carolina. He is a profes- sional writer at the University of South Carolina. He is a professional writer and has taught in the Writers Workshop University of South Carolina. He has written sex eral books including Southern Iiried Southern Fried Plus Six. 'ind Red Ruby and two screenplay s Cold Turkey' 'ind The Great Southern Amusement Company. He his 'ilso contributed 'irticles to Saturday Evening Post Holiday' Sports Illustrat- ed 'ind Southern Liying. f . f , 5 . my Q, I r at the University of Iowa and is presently' teaching at the ' c V v C I I C 1 c c ' , c . c Y 1 ' Events 27 January 13, 1981 Charlayne Hunter Gault Changes 1n the World and the Media 4? Jr 1 fir o Charlax ne Hunter Gault is a correspondent for the Lehrer 'xIc'Ne1l Report on PBS and from 1968 to 1976 she was the New York Times Metropolitan reporter for the urban Black Community She has written numerous articles for MS Life Change Saturday Review Essence New York Times Book Review and other publications She won the 1979 National Commission on Working Womens Women at Work Award and the Newswomen s Club s Front Page Award for her report A Matter of Dignity which was ludged the best documentary of the year 1 ff ' ' Y, - l 1 .3- .-5f..I 6 . g,' ff' 7 "R . 5, , . ., ..- g , Y, ' '-iq -- ,IJ ,. - . - e A " 1 y . A' , J' 1 ' . 'ff 1 . . al ' 5 1 x 'ff' ' 1 - aff," - .kx'l1 .f '1' ' -l' - f"s" ' ' .-- ' ff, . , i',:"'T1-It It I 1' .-"I-,gs-" ' vfffja. 1,4 ,, fa- ,, . Q . 1 I, . - f I P. V 5 , 4 --ffl tl W' I. ' 'V -. 'ff ' I I- 1 1 1 q: Y .' 4- - 4, ,-p , F--1 . ., '. .1 1 1.1, ' .- ,,,,,.. 4 P ' " 1 I, ' .' lfi I I 7' lrJ"'fV f lJf , 1 ' , rl I 'ag -' . . - I I I . , if 4' , 2 -1' 1 ,i , - ' ,. ' 1 , 1 '14 , 'n - v . . 1 , . . . . . . ., 1 I I I . . . , . . . . . , U H v r u F Y vi ,, . . ,, . Y I ZH Iiwfnts January 20, 1 98 1 J ack Anderson "The Washington Merry-Go-Round" lack Anderson IS the most widely read investigative reporter and syndicated Columnist in America. The stories in his column The Washington Merry-Go-Round are often months-sometimes years-ahead of the headlines. This Pulitzer Prizewinning columnist has made history shaken up governments rattled multinational corporations and has played an important role ln determining the direction of current events. He for example knew and reported as early as 1976 that the Shah of Iran would be replaced by a violent anti-American regime in Tehran. Two years later the CIA was still insisting that there was no problem in Iran. v 'ib- 4 : 0 1. 1 i - . . 1 . - u H 1 9 . 1 . - f - 1 - . . 1 Q - u . v 1 H ' 4 4 - - yy - - . - - March 3, 1981 March 24 1981 Dr' Brian Dr. Herbert W 0'Lea,ry Exp1or1ng New Worlds in Outer Space Dr. O Leary is an astro-physicist who was trained in NASA s in the field of space exploration and a successful author. His popular book The Making of an Ex-Astronaut was award- ed best young adult book of 1970 by the American Library Association and his latest book The Fertile Stars will be published in February 1981. He is a contributing editor to OMNI magazine and is a special consultant to the U.S. House Subcommittee for Energy and the Environment. Q Q ' 7 ! I x "Scientist Astronaut" program. He is now a leading futurist Boyer Genet1c Eng1neer1ng Dr. Boyer is Professor of Biochemistry and Director of the Graduate Program in Genetics at the University of Califor- nia at San Francisco and Investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Dr. Boyer and Dr. Stanley Cohen of Stanford University were the first researchers to splice genetic material from one species to another and in Nox em- ber of 1980 they received the first U.S. patent granted in the field of recombinant DNA research. He has set up a private company Genetech to find practical commercial uses for this discovery. Dr. Boyer feels that most of the fear and criticism of DNA research and genetic engineering is unawarded ln view of the numerous safeguards imposed in this field of research. 1 I Q' 1 4 0 ,Q , U O 1 . 4' Y ' x 44' pl . , x S 4' X 4 Y . . Y ' Y V Y V Events 29 ,-i" -,,, - THE SPCJCKS ARE LOCDSE Witches and ghosts. goblins and monsters, could be found all over the USM Campus on October 30. Many of them were students, faculty, and Hattiesburg area children, all coming out to celebrate Halloween. People gathered in the RC Cook Union or at Elam Arms for the fun and games offered at the annual Halloween Carnival. Costumes ranged from television and movie characters and S8zM artists, to the traditional witches and scary faces. Resident halls, Greek societies and other campus organizations were on hand to give out Halloween goodies to the trick or treaters. Halloween is traditionally reserved for playing tricks, but at USM, it's a real treat. x lylb 'F' ill, QT.: 'M ' 1 gi , NN' 34 'law ,fr hnfS'- Jil..- M mf T? 1:3551 O , 41 fLfgQf,"'-1'ff:1i.f ' Af ,'. n? AJY4' f 'qv -1 'J Qu l 's Events 31 Gene Cotton A UAC Production September 3, 1980 F Josh White Sn Andy Andrews A UAC Production October 1, 1980 As S O X ,I if r K hgfftg' jk 13' ld D' 0"O .K 05-- 'Q , -. 1, , 0 Lb ' , . The Lion In WYI1 ter Court Musicians ......... ......... M ichael Iohnson Alnis Capet ....... Rodney Moulds Inman Henry II ......... ........... H .G. Stelz john .......................... ............ C urtis Love Geoffrey '....................... .......... E ric Watkins Richard Lionheart ........ .......,.... R on Mills Eleanor of Aquitaine ....... ......... L isa Carballo Philip Capet ..............,.... ........ S haun Baggot '16 liwents in 1 i ? c 3 Q if kr' , , ,::.s--A+--u::F--:w:::- -muff:-1' f A '- ,1,.- Y,,,, ,..,.V,A,mm,A, ,M , . s x 'le N5 I Events 3 ercof 909 Ie The "Era of the Eagle" is upon us now at USM and it was especially apparent on November 1, 1980. This year's homecoming was the largest turnout ever with approximately 25Wff more alumni than last year. There was more participation in everything than ever before. Colorful and decorative displays, each pertaining to this year's theme "1980's: Era of the Eagle" were campus wide. In the display competition, Sigma Alpha Epsilon stole the overall title with their work of art, "When it comes to playing the cards, we've got the winning hand." Under the category of beauty, Delta Zeta placed first among the sororities and Sigma Alpha Epsilon - lint-awful seized first in the fraternity division. Others taking top honors in beauty were Bolton Hall and Delta Sigma Pi. Kappa Delta and Phi Kappa Tau received first place honors in the originality category along with Mississippi Hall and the Art Education Club. Titles of first place in the theme division were received by Chi Omega, Sigma Chi Sigma, Roberts Hall and the Wesley Foundation with such catchy displays as "Era of the Eagle" and "Eagles: The only bird of the 80's." We hope this year's homecoming success is an indication that with the help of the pride and spirit of the USM students the decade to come will truly be an "Era of the Eagle." S 'J' SFO fi bird Events the finale l . NX SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS ""k'Qf1-va J- 1' ' W' s..,- .V hx 'x -" ..v" W. -- ., w f+v:ff+,-:MO-. jf 1 . A. 4 - J' ' Q xx is-L' . 4 7 .JO ,'. . o s 3 L.. RN f S. 1 ., if-H ,Y X an . , 1 L .- -, J ? 'n .. . al Wi 7. ,lift 'L -X ,. 1 ' n 1 1 I 57" na ! f D , 0 . N of Q, X .l , . ...- . , '-Sv C"2""f YPIH 5' ,. :tl R14 Q J ug lf in .. J K-ill 1.2 . 1 -. , -. A ,I .. . .. - .ARK ' ' , F 2 f ' , 'i 5. ?ii:fQ3i2'.'577i"5 e .'AA' ' ' 1 Q -' 2 "'- v ' 4 X g :Elm-L ' ' , Q ' '- L'f1'?J-l'lr1L.?! . K , l Q. 41 -" Q v,,,,,f'..l-1 L. -.dn.1-fr Xu-at 4l8k. . J 1 '14 A 8 I Q 1 -. ,., , 1 'is W"- :If W 1k ff, Mm? ga' W1-91 in- sd' L'L A v 4 x , . wmewdtl W ...Ao--'- . 1 :gt . ,,,,,,...4.---- .2 J - ..x ,-X C .. , :- -JJ 1 W ' N J l l llflldlllllll 'lftll "C A ' l -. -H-1' , fx , , ffl- 'J 14' .io '- ' WSNCDNLELEL Euripide Poseidon .......................... Shaun Baggott Pallas Athena ..........,...... Lynette Bullock l-leouha ................. ........ D ayna A. Anderson Chorus ......... Talthybius ......... Cassandra .......... Andromaohe ........ Astyanax .,..,....... Helen ............. Menelaus ....... Soldiers ....... Cina Pauratore Emory Baria Maggie Kittrell Marilyn Lowery Catherine Aris Nancy Potts Margaret I-ledges Carla Sohmidtling Robert I. Thompson Lynn May Carole O'Connor Chad Lips Amy Smith loe Bodenmiller Marshall Copeland Greg Kassel Events I , Q, . ,I 1 hh. "bk f-. Ai 1,3 B., QQ f 3 I A ..W'Pbvf 1 .A , in IM -b f -. F 'Q ry' 5 k. .1 . I Wfrvri X Cv 5 5 ' .,v G O LX 4 1 4 is L4 Y' ' - 4 ' x if-J X7 I Q uv ' 1 .Ki I-' REQ 1 - ' f f 4 5 ' M11 S. 5. fs., f it x 61 31-... . , A I k N . .Q 45: 1 X ,E 4 J , . E Yin: N L 3 Ai - 5 IH ' rn , s f f' 1 '1 . ll . Q59 'V1 'id , . .4 -1 ,Au Q T. .,, , 21--v :lun QS? 39 G1 I1 n ' ,Q4 , ' STEVE FCJRBERT A UAC Production November 10, 1980 'Du 'WQQK Emgyfi' u4,,w'1f-.w -1 , - "- " ,A " '1 'N"" " " Ai 3 H W U! H 'U 'U H Q1- xxg ..lx...! f 0,- A 'u 59: H- ,J C Q I g . -f? .ffli rg 2 , 7 -...fl . ,.' ,QV 'Q 3. Y y 'Fi M, :gg . . 'Q 1zq?.jff4z1zi5, 'ff J 1 v f Q I , mf' My 961 Wlygf, mf ,, 1 141 ' if dv A v . , ,, ,-,.. .. , .M ... ' , , ,, ,gff,w-,- . - , E, ,,...f,-f A Z, 4 - www, J, W- 1, 1 , .I W , - 121.41 ',:',v..,, V-'V ,' w1,,,,r"- V, S'z"j:.qz-' gr, 5 v, Q51 'rv :fn , , , 2- A..,,,, ,ff ., 71 " 4.1, ' 414' ,uk v- 5. -,?f"'.L , ""3 ff.3" 1 5' A'-,1 "' ,- "jf ' ' ' W 1"2 J '. v, 13 3 ,N ff, . 'X 31 1,4 f-, ' ,, f 1 gj , 5 ,, ,VA 1 ,I 67,15 Y YM. ,I , 41,3 7 -f.- V, ,f ff' Jw, f-,. 41,4 1 124- ',f, -.-,ff ' 1,-15,l,, g,, Q55 x- v, 1 1 .-, ., 1, -4 1 1 Q , , , 4 w7v ,,g,,,A,z f . ,gf-TQ! , 91,464 ,f -, 1 1 u'f. M ' .152 '61 3 , L , 4 1 fx.-el 4 15 ,g,, .A M . 14 , 'Q " . i , ,.. U Z4 X1 V V ig 4.,,w...,, , ., ,IQ W, ., ,, , if' , , fl., .,, 1, ,Lu ,KE 61, , 4, ' y 4 - ,' 'MH . 4 ' '-'W ,ij I 1 -. ' . .., 1 l WN Y ' ,az ' A' - gf' i Z,'4l 4 X 1 his 'Y iiuwll Q 1 N X . .0 ' ' :ww .H+ 5, ,X vu, . .' . x . 2 . wwf S ix 'J Q. ll 3 ug 4 13, Harlem Globetrotters '- 635,11 :',.l'f'm- Jijl' 2 ,ef 1 . U - v'- N . .- L.. Q " M 1 ,I ' ' 1 ML -I 5 -my ,LF -- Qhtn'-s ' "",".,A"' 1 1 .' ,. If . E I 5 ' v' 7 - Y I . uni. " I J Q 'lg M- .1, Q",'s'f l-Q 0. ' 5 I n 5 ' " Q "MQ ui: .-Q ,,' Jug, W a ., 145-gm' ,lab 'Pg' is-A ,Q V' 'SI 'sf R - . '1 . .. I 1"H J. .2 .Lal .ns ' V ' .,r',f . :lf- 1'-5,09 - 1 . ., 'Q 'go 1 51356 if . January 20, 1 98 1 . .A ., ,A 1 J' g - ag +- ' . 'A'2,". '7' q"'E!f 1' .V 'Q ' L' -?7.'.i. :L . . , q R . -I X 6 J. ' r 51. - Q r, ,' 4 . I M W 3' W' a W a 'B+ N 351 A 5 "EU '- ' 4 L ' 7 A A' N, 1 a an Qa -x Q E W I o i i Q s l...-....... 1 l 1 1 I i Mike Davis Juggling Comedian A UAC Production January 26, 1981 E ls X P B Q 'fl f.. 1' I . - 1 9 . 0' .r' Vx . I.: N N K X - 1" o ,f-- I xx J I X I f t o 5 x f rxl. X 1 nf ..... 4 il, S. A UAC Production January 31, 1981 H E t 3 x Majik ms November 18, 1980 Winners Overall-lay Ussary Vocal-Ioey Gautier lst Sharon Lumpkin 2nd Variety-Chi-O-Tes 1st Tammy Fulton 81 lack Saucier 2nd Jr. Panhellenio Talent Show 1 February 16, 1981 U Events 55 February 24, 1981 A UAC Production '21 Gasino IISI'i.g'11.t 1' Oxfa' M 'A fxv7E' 'R xfiddix fi sz Q K i .ff ,IZ , If di 1 1 9 X2 Q Q GGG up 4: 290 9 Q W -. Q. ly s' :W 5 ' ' ' Q . n gfawa Events 57 .fx fi 'P I I A UAC Production Al'lllP BTH E t 59 Prancieswilson T3 lf ,W ' ' 2 I I Y . . ...V 'lk yy... x rc!-:J 94.-. 9- Events 61 5- K 4:1 .,,,, er: ' , . ,E ,L 'V 'QTN 4 vw I 'Y I ,Asif 1 K 'X .lofi-g WF i - . A 1 Q x ' H ,A f-Zvi., Y K t ' A i -r 5. - A - if .V W ' .v xs-s-g-ix- -gill h ...- . 41" .-- ,Q-755'-' 62 Events N A . . A JJ. 5 4 n S I Qu- - ol' .1 . A . 4 .' 5 , 5 Ai- 'Aa . I J 'V fs. 5 . xv. .' Y I I . . B .L "!!x.Qf.1i-'df' ". ' Ls, , 'f 'WT-Q". F 'P Q I WW' B . COMPETITICN . . . COM ' ETITIO I '4 K 1 P I K l J l W if P l CGMPETITION 95-ig 'AK Q 'muff N... .-,y4r' Editors: S RENEE SHOWS TANYA WESTER What's Inside . Football Basketball Baseball Tennis Soccer Swimming Track Volleyball Intramurals D Pg6 1- .t I 5-"-"' . if I1 f .T ., . . 4 . "" 1, - 4 it-, v. I - TTTT . -. i . Nev-11" - Q. . , ... "l' OO 3. 'T gf - - ':'2f-f+w-:-'- 4' " fl? Q Ll- ' ' U fi' 'X ' Y'-. - ' L' 6 -Lu Q v T v - . - , Y.. - , ' iv IL- Q Y In - i -of-.few Coaching Staff-Standing l to r: lim Callaspy-Assistant Trainer, Ieff Bower -Wide Receiver Coach, Ron Cheatham-Defensive End Coach, Larry "Doc" Harrington-All Sports Trainer, Thomas Coleman-Linebacker Coach, Bill Clay -Defensive Back Coach, P.M. "Bootsie" Larsen-Tightend Coach, Milo McCarthy-Quarterbacks and Running Backs Coach. Kneeling: lim Carmody -Defensive Coach, Bobby Collins-Head Coach, Whitney Iordan-Offensive Coordinator. i 1 1 w gl,- -v Trainers-Standing I to r: Mike Grill, Cary Harrelson, Chris Merten, Kim Ferrell, Kevin Mangum, Ricky Rainer, Barbara Kobolis, leff Van Pelt, Craig Brewer, Ieff Clemons, Pedro Moren, Ann Sebren, Dorothy GllBtt8. Mana- gers-Kneeling: Kevin Carr, O.B. Bowen, Scott Fike, Craig Ward, Mike Cooper, Ronnie Williams. hh lffifilllall T0 60 BALLOII 1980 Golden Eagles .2-...-1 Senlors Wmston Walker Iamey Watson Blane Burnett Marvm Harvey Eddle McCoy Butch Smlth Steve Combest Cl1ffLew1s Fred McLaughl1n Hanford DIXOH Grant Culllver Neal Alexander Larry Alford Mxke Alford Moochle Allen lerald Bayhs Bud Brown 11m Brown Ron Brown Ion Burkett Blane Burnett Mark Carmlchael Steve Carmody Charley Carter Reggxe Colher Steve Combest yt Conway Chuck Cook Tlm Cranford Grantt Culhver Ray Don DSVIS Hanford Dlxon Russell Dorsett Dale Flfe Rlcky Floyd Shane Gabourel Iames Hale Donald Hardman Marvm Harvey Archle Henderson Ioey Hendrix Don Horn Glen Howe Tony Howell Fred Huddleston Scott Huff Danny Iackson Charley Ienkms Al Iohnson Mlke Iustesen Greg Kelley Mlke Landrum Cllff Lewls LEWIS Llpps Mlke Llvmgs Rlchard Long Blll Mann Larry Mason Dwayne Massey Chuck Cook V1c McCombs Eddle McCoy Fred McLaughl1n Marc Means Bruce Miller Paul Mlms Iackle Moffett Bxll Munka Art Newberry Rod O Barr Derrlck Odom Robert Phllllps Raymond Powell Fred Rlchards Mlke Schxro Scott Seay Davv Sellers Butch Smlth Clemon Terrell Bruce Thompson D D Thompson George Tlllman Eddle Raw Walker Wmston Walker Steve Warner lamex Watson Rhett Whltlex Garx Wllllams Wendall Wllllams Sammx Wlnder Mike Woodard Germame Young Eagles Ride the Wave For Revenge l'SN1's Golden Eagles opened their 1980 season in New Or- leans' Superdome. riding the Tulane Green Wave to a 17-14 victory. The Big Gold performed before a Superdome crowd of 44.698 on regional television. USM kicked off the first quarter and after five plays, Tulane was forced to punt, but the Wave came back after a USM fumble with a field goal and a 3-0 lead. Tulane scored a second field goal the following quarter to put the Wave ahead 6-0. The Eagles were forced to punt early in the 3rd quarter and the Green Wave drove the ball in for a touchdown. After a two I point conversion, Tulane led 12-0. Despite the dismal scene, the Eagles refused to give up. Their determination paid off when Ricky Floyd carried the ball in for lISM's first touchdown. The extra point attempt was wide, leaving the 3rd quarter score 14-6. The Nasty Bunch got "nas- tier" in the fourth quarter and forced the Wave to punt. The Other Bunch took over and scored once again as Reggie Collier threw a 10 yard pass to Marvin Harvey. Harvey was hit again for the 2 pt. conversion. The game was tied 14-14. With 21 seconds left on the clock, Winston Walker came in and kicked a 36 yard field goal. The Eagles took the revenge they came for with a winning score 17-14. Once again a fourth quarter field goal determined the outcome of a USM-Tulane game. USM 1 '7 Tulane 1 4 08 lfofitliall USM Wins Big for First Home Game Quarterback Reggie Collier hit 9 of 12 passes to help the Eagles gain their second victory of the season, defeating the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs. It was an impressive first home game for the Golden Eagles. Collier amassed 142 yds. total offense to lead the squad to a 38-11 victory. USM set the pace of the game early in the first quarter as Sammy Winder carried the ball in for the first touchdown. Winston Walker added the extra point and the Eagles led 7-0. Walker came hack and kicked a field goal, moving the score up 10-0. The Bulldogs put their first points on the board with a field goal in the second quarter. The Eagles struck back with a touchdown pass to Marvin Harvey and a PAT. The scoreboard read 17-3. The Other Bunch added more points to the board late in the third quarter with a touchdown pass from Collier to Don Horn. Walker once again kicked the extra point, making the score 24-3. Winder went in with a touchdown early in the fourth quarter. The PAT put USM ahead 31-3. The Bulldogs refused to admit defeat and drove the ball in for their first touchdown of the evening. A two-point conversion put the score at 31-11. joey Hendrix recovered a La. Tech fumble in the end zone for another USM touchdown. Walker added the final point of the game and the Colden Eagles had their second big win . . .with more to follow. USM 38 Louisiana Tech 1 1 s 1 - , -. 1 . I at-LA .. Q . ' if-BZ ' T nr- . f ' ' - 5 ,. .. ,. ..:' - Football 69 Eagle Fever Spreads to East Carolina the umletk-ated Eagles left their mark in Greenville, N.C., down- ing the liast tiarolina Pirates 35-7. The Eagles' offense was led by the running ot' Sainmy' Winder who scored three touchdowns in the gaine. Nasty liunch put a hold on the Pirates' offense, only allowing them 197 yds. USM took an early lead ol' 7-0 with a Winder touchdown and Winston Walker, adding the extra point. A 2 yard touchdown pass to Txlarvin liarvey and the point after upped the score to 14-0 in the st-cami quarter. The score remained the same at the half but the Pirates came hack in the third quarter to score their only toucluloxxn of the game. The PAT was good and the scoreboard read l-1-7. USM struck back in the fourth quarter to prove they had only been warming up. Winder took the ball in for his second touchdown. The point after put the score 21-7. The Big Gold, not satisfied with this commanding lead, upped the score to 28-7 as Winder once again ran the ball in for another touchdown. Rhett Whitley blocked an ECU punt and Robert Phillips carried the hall in for USIxI's final touchdown. The PAT ended the night's scoring and the Eagles had their third victory of the season. USM 35 ECU '7 70 lfrnollmil f 'f 2 W ,,. f if EQ, P - f-.F f! A LH ,K . . - -k it Ole Mlss B1tes the Dust! The Ole Miss Rebels will never be the same again after the beating they received from the Golden Eagles. The Eagles played one of their best games ever as they brought the Rebels to their knees 28-22. Ole Miss received the opening kickoff and drove the ball in for their first touchdown, taking a 7-0 lead. Ole Miss struck again early in the second quarter, moving the score up to 14-0. Not to be outdone, the Eagles put their first points on the board with a one-yard run by Sammy Winder. Winston Walker kicked the point after to make the score 14-7. The score was tied later in the quarter as Reggie Collier threw a 62-yd. pass to Don Horn who took it in untouched by the Rebel defense. The half ended with the two teams still tied. USM decided to change the scoreboard reading at the beginning of the second half. Collier and Winder teamed up again for another touch- down. Walker booted the PAT and the Eagles soared ahead. The score remained 21-14 throughout the third quarter. Winder put more points on the board in the fourth with a one-yard touchdown leap. Walker added his final extra point. USM now led 28-'1-1. Ole Miss tried to retaliate with another touchdown. After a two-point conver- sion. the Eagles still came out on top. As the crowd left Memorial Stadium. Southern fans were definitely heard as they "Hoddy Teddy, Gosh Almighty! Wheris Ole Miss gonna beet .s-e1Ftie- body?". USM 2 Ole Miss I Q Li K n . .,Ei4' ' 's 3 Q.- '5 l ' i. Bulldogs Blitzed . . . Eagles Retain State Title Although the Eagles went into the game with a -1-0 record, no one thought that the Eagles would com- pletely dominate the game! USM scored first on the opening kickoff, marching 80 yards in 12 plays culmi- nating in a 26 yard pass from Reggie Collier to Ricky Floyd for the score. The seven minute drive was the only score of the first quarter. The only score of the second quarter was brought about by a fumble recovery by Chuck Cook. Sammy Winder took it in for the first of his 3 touchdowns that day. The Bulldog Blitz was held scoreless the first half by the over- powering Nasty Bunch. The third quarter action opened with a State fumble recovered by Cliff Lewis. Six plays later Winder scored his second TD. making the score 21-0. Finally State scored on a run by Mardye XlcDole bringing the score to 21-7. That score was almost immediately answered for with a great touchdown run by Mike Woodard for 67 yards. An exciting third quarter ended with the score 28-7. State was allowed only one more score in the fourth quarter. The touchdown was soon forgotten when Reggie Collier ran a sweep 53 yards for a Southern TD only 2 min- utes after States. Their homecoming ruined. State fans were clearing the stadium as Hanford Dixon intercept- ed a pass. thus allowing Winder to score his 3rd TD. Winston Walker put the extra point thru making his days work a perfect 5-0. USM stomped the Bulldogs once again for the State Championship. USM 42 MSU 14 'Q Fofitliiall ity ' i. BULL "AW CWOY, LEU' FZAY AGA!!! 7UWO?EUlK. IVPTL 4 I '?".wQ'1,.. .A U .,,fQ:n.,w5 13. 4' ARKANSAS QT Q Ak ' ug 9 ' -51- '-' Hm,1w fr., mmm. 1 me Josrtomu ar fr!0 I mmrr mow If sm Yours , amass, Asn fur cam... Arkansas State Believes A rain soaked crowd of 31,915 watched the Golden Eagles crush the Arkansas State Indians with a 35-0 shutout. Despite the poor weather conditions, the Nasty Bunch throttled the Indians, allowing them only 19 yards total offense. The Eagles opened the scoring early in the first quarter with a touchdown run by Ricky Floyd. The score remained 6-0 as the point after attempt failed. Sam- my Winder pushed the score up with his twelfth touchdown of the season, tying the USM record for touchdown rushing. The two point conversion was successful and the quarter ended with a 14-0 score. In the 2nd quarter Reggie Collier drove the ball in for the third touchdown of the evening. The PAT gave USM a 21-0 halftime lead. The Eagles scored again late in the third quarter, and Winder set a new record with his thirteenth touchdown of the season. The extra point gave the Eagles a 28-0 lead. The Eagles were riding high into the fourth quarter. Ricky Floyd scored his second touch- down of the night and the point after closed the game's scoring, giving the Eagles an impressive win and their first ever national recognition. earn- ing a 20th ranking. USM 35 ASU O Football 73 Alabama Ends Eagles' inning Streak rx! you won Tue FIZST rwwo, avr lu B6 Mer' 6 ti A N I fl 0 R 'I - - A 'L f -5 1 l S J s1lICl!illllllIX1ll': KU' ,ali if f- 1 4 A A a l l ft The Alabama Crimson Tide put an end to the Golden Eagles' winning streak and shattered all hopes for an undefeated season. The no. 1 ranked Tide gained their 28th consecutive win as they crushed the Eagles 42-7. Alabama scored the first points of the day late in the first quarter. The Eagles came back to tie the game with a Sammy Winder touchdown and the extra point added by Winston Walker. The score re- mained 7-7 until the Tide recovered a fumble by USM in the second quarter and scored again. The PAT brought the score to 14-7. Alabama struck once more before the half ended, gaining a sound 21-7 lead. The Eagles' luck seemed to run short in the third quarter as another USM fumble gave the Tide an additional touchdown. The scoreboard read 28-7. Alabama added two more touchdowns before the game ended for their winning SCHIYS of -12-7. USM 7 Alabama' 42 T4 Ffmlliall K'- 1.8 ...I 4 -v7:l:" ,.. r- An Auburn Defect Drops USM to 7 2 For the second t1me 1n the season the Eagles faced defeat In a dlsappomtlng 31 0 shutout by the Auburn Tlgers The Auburn defense only allowed USM to complete 12 passes out of 41 attempts as they amassed 471 vards total offense The TIQGPS set the pattern early 1n the game and by half tlme took a dommatlng 21 0 lead Auburn contmued thexr pace 1n the second half and moved the score up to 28 0 A thlrd quarter fleld goal gave the Tlgers thexr flnal pomts of the day Auburn s vlctory dropped the Eagles record to 7 Z for the season USM Auburn W 1 I ' F , I 1 i ..- I' 'lf L... ' 1 I I . -5 4 ' f'l"" 4., X A 5--F 5 I ' .I f sa , 4 Irma.. ' - ".Q 5,-,,.,,,,,, " , 4' - ' . lj , , ' ,Q lf-e t.,a 31f5f,f33' 1 - 1 - ' . , . . - 7 - Q O 31 Bowl-Bound Eagles Blast Richmond lidult- l.1ns xxattrlu-tl the Ritzlunond Spiders crawl to a 33- IQ .is tht- tloldvn l-Ingles secured at spot in the post- stuisoii Iiitlvpeiitleiittt- lloxrl. Richmond pulled out .in early 3-0 lead in the first quarter but the Big tlold xrorked fast to tie the game 3-3. In the st-tinml tpmrtt-r. USM added another Winston Walker tit-ld goal to lead ti-3. The Spiders tied the score once .again xx ith .mother field goal, bringing the half-time score lo li-ti. In the third quarter. Sammy Winder took the ball in for the first touchdown of the game. The PAT attempt uns no good and USM took a '12-6 lead. Richmond tied the game once more with a touchdown run. The Eagles t:h.inged the scoreboard to '19-'12 soon afterwards with .mother Winder touchdown and the point after by Walk- er. Winder came back late in the third quarter to add his third touchdown. Walkers PAT was good and the score jumped up to 26-12. The Eagles put more points on the board in the fourth quarter. Ricky Floyd threw a halfback pass to Mike Livings in the endzone and Walker booted the extra point, giving the Golden Eagles their winning score of 33-12. USM 38 g Richmond 1 2 5, .-u -nfl 76 klifitlmll Season Ends Wlth D1sa,ppo1nt ment USM s season finale proved to be a dlS8ppO1I1l1I'lg expel' ience for the Golden Eagles as the LOl1lSX1ll8 Cardinals took a 6 3 edge A LOLl1SVlll9 field goal opened the scoring in the first qualter and gave the Cardinals a 3 0 lead USM came back in the second quirter to tie the game 3 3 with a 36 xaid field goal bx Winston Walker The scoreboard I9 brought about penalties agunst both teams on one pl ix This quarter vias scoreless The Cardin als put their final points on the board in the fourth quartet after recox ering an Eagle fumble A field goal gaxe Louisxille then um ning mugm of 6 3 USM Lou1sv111e Football ', I C I rnained tied at the half. The beginning of the third quarter 3 . . 6 USM Lamar 78 Football a 45 ' I I, g it Golden Eagles Stomp Ca,1'd1na1s for Homeoonung V1oto1'y The Eagles upped tht1r record to f 1 lb thex c1ged the L11n11 Cardinals for 1 36 10 homecoming win S1mmv Wmder the nation s leading scorer led the E.1gles to xlctorx While setting 1 new USM record w1th 1 touchdowns lol the se1son The Cardinals lumped out with 13 0 le 1d in the first qu 11t11 ried the ball in for 1 touchdown The PAT bv Winston W 1lke1 put the E1gles1r1 front 1 3 in the second qu 1rte1 USM thre1t ened 1g11n with 1 f1eldgo1l but the 1ttempt fuled The score rem 11ned 3 1t h 1lft1me The g 1me picked up during the sec ond half as Walker booted a successful field goal moving the score up 10 3 Later in the third quarter Wmder gained his second touchdown but the point alter was no good. The Eagles held the1r lead 16 3 Lamar recovered a fumble and scored on a touchdown pass which was the first of the season against the Nasty Bunch The Cardinals added a PAT to bring the score to 16 10 The Big Gold struck back as Clemon Terrel scored an- other touchdown for USM The two pomt conversion failed intercepted a Lamar pass The Other Bunch took over and Collier threw a touchdown pass to Raymond Powell. Walker's PAT pushed the score up to 29 10 Wmder came back to score the flnal touchdown and Walker once again kicked the extra pomt Nr Z5 11 1 FM s' T l N. ' Football 79 1 I , 1 ' W Y W I O 1 ,I rf 1'-1' gat, 111' ' ' -1 A 1 " 7 . ' ' . ',z . ' . ' if 'T , "a- ,a' Ve' ' , -' with a field goal. Lamar maintained its lead until Winder car- but the score remained in USM's favor ZZ-10. Chuck Cook , ' '7 ' , 1 f I I " 1 1 K 4 - lf ' zz' " 2' 2 ,z. a',. ', -.' 2' 7-zt',. ,iz L ' ' ' , I ,L V1 lx ' X 1 J I '- - 1 1" . Q 3' '1 A N C , mai' Q, Y ' R 05 1 11 Independence This season has proved to he one of the best in the Eagles' history. They ended the season with a winning record of 9-3, they were "state champs", and played in the Independence Bowl. All of the long hard workouts earlier this year seemed to he worth it when they came home with the Independence Bowl victory. The Eagles had taken a lead of 10-0 in the first quarter, but the McNeese State Cowboys took control in the second and third quarters. The score was now 14-10 and from then on. the Cowboys moved the ball at will and especially on third down situations. In the last two minutes of the game, the Cowboys fumbled on their seven. The Eagles recovered the ball and ran with it for six yards in three downs. The Eagles faced a fourth down and goal to go on the Cowboys one with 1:17 left in the game. The call was to let Sammy Winder do his thing. Reggie Collier faked to Winder and pitched wide left to fullback Mike Woodard. The results: an easy touch- down and a 16-14 victory over McNeese State. This was USMS first bowl victory in five tries. USM 1 6 MSU 1 4 80 Football -i H, V H. 4, X D 'gm 'ww' 'QM 5, 4 -gym if 4 W -f 4,3 QQ ,, fN 0, 1 K 0 wow. .H W ,Wt . W 7 '?r'5,'.vsv if ,du D ix Ci -O-9 . 5 Football 81 - ens' Basketbali--4 82 Basketball Q' 1-'TT X: Y uw- ---1-.....,. if Q1-iff W J, I I ww V' ' AZ A- Wg, -- ,Q-nv" , ,,. . .,.fM.w.f-...,s.... .. .....m.-..v-wfw,,,,..,.w--M , MQ. A--'f+a.Jfz,. ff -1 ' , u.,,X,., W .,' A, .144 'r 0 252442 M ff funny 'w- 4 l I F9 .L ' Q 1 98 1 Roster Donald Stinchcornb George Johnson Curtis Green Larry Boyd Nicky Fruge Willie Robinson Deora Marsh Edgar Eason M.K. Turk, Ronald Jackson Eddie J iles Paul Crowley Mike Funderburk Joe Dawson Head Coach Basket b rx., I ILL 3 1 5 N. I f QR SX A v 1,3513 5 1' M: 1-rm s Bnskfftlmll ll it Head coach IVI.K. Turk's Golden Eagle basketball team started off the season on a winning note. In the first game of the season played at Reed Green Coliseum. the Eagles defeated the University of Southwestern with a score of 72 to 67. Followed by wins over Eastern Ken- tucky with a score of 82 to 74, and the University of Oklahoma with the score of 74 to 66. In an exciting game against Mississippi State Ioe Dawson and Ronald Iackson both scored 15 points for their team en- abling the Eagles to win the game 68 to 53. In another exciting game played at Marquette University, Ronald Iackson scored 24 points and made 18 rebounds with the Eagles winning the game 84 to 74. A close game played at Pan American University saw Eddie Iiles score 20 points for the Eagles as they won the game by one point, 68 to 67. Mens Basketball 85 The Eagles' overall reczortl at year- hook presstime is a winning 16-5. Al- though there were a few upsets the Eagles still have a chance to beat Memphis State a team who beat the Eagles at the Memphis Coliseum with tl score of 70 to 65. Along with Mem- phis State the Eagles have four more games in their regular season, one of these being Tulane who the Eagles defeated at home with a record crowd of 8,237 fans watching. Hb fxlvns Basketball P,ll,1L 5 -.-. t ., L i Q ,-. 14' f 5 Y ' +L. . ,Eg- W 4 - N 1 'Y h ' ff- ' :, ' . 4 ,. .1 1, lf' "4.v4'7:' "L ' ,. ,Jw j, f,1,. . , I V, , I, V, ,V I Lf' , - f 1 f' iw" 3 6--M-M39 f L! ' . , ,f f ' 1' f F' 3' if f, A ', ' z , f :fi .f " f 'Q ' , .mg vf ' Q L , ,,'-, ' , g. 5 ' Eff f 4 , 7 Q " ' . J Q, 1' f A , . , 4 11 5' l ' 1 N . L ' ..,,,, N X ,J 1' if Lg , n U r v,,'v 'Q 4 f Ji V,. QQ I K," fi W' 90 1 F... 'Nun Qui . 41 'ff' '- tc 3 s X gf ,L . ' o x . . -,h W- H Wfbesa ' l ' 5 U 4 'G PM 'Lu - , . I 1 f vi .A E? xx fix L Men's Basketball 87 Women's B sketball 3. mme '7Ffr -52,1-Q I sl- : In 'X - 3 Ab in - 1 . ii-l. 1 98 1 Roster Dianne Jones Nena Brister Shirley Jones J oye Neil Lee Nancy Faulk Lynn Noble Kathy Griffin Pam McCoy Vianne Giddens Rose Smith Terah Berch Stacie Foster Terri Bailey Kay James Head Coach Laura Porciello Assistant Coach .wi W, mf!!! Women's B k tb ll 89 ,rl mi tloaoli Kay Iames and the Lady Golden Eagles have had a winning season with a record of17 wins and 5 loses and have only three games left in the regular season. Nancy Faulk scored 19 points in the game against Tulane with the Lady Eagles winning 81 to 65. Another victory came in against the Crimson Tide of Alabama played in Reed Green Coliseum with the Lady Eagles winning the game 75 to 73. In an exciting game against Louisiana State University, freshman Ioy Lee scored 2-1 points as the team won by the score of 87 to 70. """ -uni in 'Ht l.X'omen's Basketball had i Women's Basketball 91 'l'he Lady Eagles' winning credit goes to the experience of the returning members, the potential ol the new members and the lack of injuries the team has had in the past. Sen- ior Nancy Faulk averaged 23.5 points a game making her the high scorer for the Lady Eagles and the entire state. She has scored 1,000 points in her career. Also with the ex- perience of seniors Shirley Iones and Pam McCoy and the other team members it is easy to see why USlVI's ladies have had a great season. 92 Womens Basketball Women's Basketball - ii 1981 Baseball Steve Cloy Steve Cornbest Murray Fail Richard Garrett Harold Jackson Danny Jennings Johnny Kenna Mike Minton Jeff Rymer Mike Wesler Jimmy White 1 l 1 I F755 1981 B b ll 'iffy 1 98 1 Roster Jack Davenport Stan Massengale Rick Tippin Art Capell Rick Centenni Jeff Eure Alex Gutierrez Chuck Hollingsworth Matt Jones Doug Pearson Chuck Phillips Bert Stephens Joel Waters Don Bourgeois Bobby Herring Todd Pfeiffer Tom Rigby Curtis Washington Mark Weldy Head Coach, "Pete" Taylor Asst. Micky Harrington Grad. Asst. Glen Dewease Q", P Q 4 l an .1 -N Yi". s.-AJ X.. hxi' rr A '.'. I...-. "n..f'w- 1 Aflygi ' - Q Y V ' 'A '4-'10-.' 1 1 .gvtffr-, fab:-,Q-. ,,, 1981 Baseball 95 - il 1981 Men's Tennis 1981 Roster ' Mark Peach John Alford Steve Coleman Butch McKenzie Bob Stevens David Faust Coach Larry "Doo Harrington 96 1981 N1en's'Tennis WV' Jn T .Ca X V I ""mi"" , , ' 22 i5Ki?WZ5wLiQ H . f r , U 1. 1 new f ,,,,,,g,,g A 'f nggziiq miami? iaQZ,..52WM " , Wu ' A I N ,fri ,. ' ,- A ' ' , W ,W --ef" -wr ',A A ph0nunl"" ""' , .. ::""3'S5'.' gziiilfllliiasd n- ,n 1981 Women's Tennis il - 1' 1 xr dsx . 1981 Roster Chris Merten Mimi Johnson Kim Smilek Liz Lagarde Kelly Tyrone Laurie White k' 45+ 1 Darra Heim Melanie Harvey - A Coach Helen Grant X.. 1981 Women's Te 9 - il 1981 Golf n 1 98 1 Roster Chris Cockson Mike Smith David Levine Ken Chornyn Mike Milthorpe Tom Bauer Oscar McC1e11an Dale Snellrnan ' Ron Hickman Coach John Dale - .. , .J Q f H 1981 QOH Jeff Andrews Kent Batman Richard Bean Ashley Butler Don Carson Chris Clinton 1 98 1 Roster John Donlon David Edmonson Shane Gaston Don Hanauer Greg Dale Jones Keith Kennedy Mike Giles Head Coach Kline Estes Graduate Ass1stant Swimming Pat Murphy Patti Phillips Chr1s Prator Mark Smith Dave Sundeen Gary Rees, Graduate Assistant ' .- ' .TR " I W A Q- W, Q- ' ' ' ., . g.. , --fl!-'. ,, .. ul A. A' .-f K . L" - -. Uvih -5 . . . HOllfl6ld-TQFODG VVLIN fx' Haulers H "'-Aww VOLLEYQ QLL Men -USM H L Women-Pi Phi HALF COURT '49 - - x O FLAG FOOTBALL .vo . ,uw ., . ,3,3g',?7 'R A... V.. -1 . f . ' 5. - ', f' V -w-5 4, f gf' Yi -:., Mv- Men-Cook fglf Wfg McPeak M M -PKT H ' , Wggwn-Road emng I ' TENNIS I , ,dz-if' I fr' Dxvlslon ' 5 ' Emi? Sfggks 4" . 5 5' z I g . ' " us , 'Q , .X Anti' . 1 . . 4 ,f .U vs I 'J QV' J' ' 4' K 15 hnhammahg . 1,5 f 1 v , 1981 Women's Softball ii j' I an -4 F1 1 , 4 "df-in 1 l .,ti?,.. E is b 9 K! '95 9,411 up 3-i. .lf A N .- -M "fn-2 '- Z - --F -Jg. 'jim ,C -1 4- ,, ' - 'vu -- uv- - - 1 Q 0 v .- - Q assay "'1'Ii'i'D.x , -' fb" 3 Q ' 1 - . 1 lllhl 6 214 '- 3:19 1 98 1 Roster Vicki Jordan Cindy Patrick Bunny Tanner Sheila Milstead Charlene Wade Tina Fullen Barbara Taylor Geri Gilbert Cindy Lacy Coach Laura Porciello ' 1981 Women's Softball 101 gl W5m251i'Sl Volleyball - -E - , 1 u I x , 1 980 X Roster Julie Kovaoh Gine Riley Kerrin Wells Donlen Menesses Kelly Poolson Elizabeth Williamson Jeanie Turner Lani Nobles Brenda Rozar Trish Rhodes Tina Fullen Debbie Schroder Suzi Kergosien Helen Grant, Head Coach Judy Blackwood, Graduate Assistant 1980 Roster Ricky Draper N1oky Harvey Gary Harvey Gary Hernng Gary Holt Gary Ivy Thomas McGee Steven Wash Robert Wh1tt1ngton Sammy W1nder T1m Cull1ver Coach Marshall Bell Mff" E 1980 Traok - US X35 M TRACK TRACK G l rw' 'I ll V Kr " X35 M Wm SN TRACK TRACK - 'U ' t KK, P5 Track 103 1980 Baseball ' K I-of ,E i :L 4 rf? t,:,. .JT5 .9 : , 5fi".1?'cw 2: --...., 10-1 Baseball s..-., Y Au J-7's,.", J. -5 , '.x- -4,4,.- 'wsfasn-f-vffw' ' - .4 Q-, 4-Jv.Q-,. 'Viv YQOF4 ,Q yi 1- 1. 4 . - ., :.QfT.,- .A .. pg, - gf '. w '.,- A ' ' P. .1 n., 'na-13 G' li'---Azrivn wash--2' - . A qv up , , ' . ,fl nw-5'f','y-Q' 'L I' 'lag' ZX' 'Oi - ' n A fQ7mf'T?':nv 'yy Q 4 '75 35' w if.',3.9.f-,s7.'.f.f .-I , . 91 . X . -. ' '. u - .w"ax':.:6fj -1'f.l-- S- .,-.- J gn. . .,x,.. If ' l 9-li ... ' '. - ,V 7. A . 1, ,--v , A 1 ,s. . v- SY'-.q.'f?f:" fr' "Nfl - l.x.?s fly! 'r'5a' ,fG' 1 - L, . 0, - 1 A, 1 , . 'I '4.'5?' j'. , . . . nw .v,. Dick Buchanan Mark Weldy Johnny Kenna Danny Jennings Ron Baer Anthony Iovino Torn Rigby Mark Townsend Alex McKay Curt Washington Micky Harrington Assistant Coach ROSTER Hal Berry Stan Massengale Mike Minton Jeff Eure Art Capell Jon Owen Rick Tippin Mike Wesler Greg Haney Jay Suits Pete Taylor Head Coach Joel Waters Glen Dewease Mark Erickson Chuck Hollingsworth Jimmy Addison John Harmon Larry Harrington Murray Fail Harold Jackson Rick Hawthorne Student Assistant Baseball 105 - I Men's Tennis 1 Q4 , 1. . 5' NBR' U5 ,Af QSM THU5 1980 Roster John Alford Mark Peach Steve Coleman Bobby Stevens David Faust Claude Ware Robert Gaines Mark Zaremba Butch McKenzie Dr. Larry "Doc" Harrington IIN, ,x1f,n's Tennis xNxx r.Ll'7 7v547l if s '7!f'lf N 'J Women's Tennis E - 71 11: X iiizrfm A- 1980 Roster Rhonda Balius Terri Cheatham Paula Daymond Lael Haaseth Mimi Johnson Carole McManus Chris Merten Ann Rooney Kim Smilek Kim Ferrill XX T 10 " E 1980 Golf 1980 Roster D319 511911111311 Chris Cookson Ronald Hickman Ken Ghomyn Michael Smith David Levine STIHWI1 MUIISOT1 Oscar McClellan TOIT1 Baller Coach Larry Albers "W 4 . , .n v,., - V . Y WH Cfmlf 1986 SPRING INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS BASKETBALL W E CO-REC SOFTBALL Divlslon I-Whlte Shadow I-Iaulers-Rustlers Division AH-Mac s Pack DIVISIOII III--HPER Tension Women-Pearls Sigma Nu C0 REC BOWLING SWIMMING MEET 1 U TEAM TENNIS Alpha.Tau Omega-Sigma Sigma Sigma Men-Head Start Women--Delta Delta Delta COFREC BASKETBALL E GOLF TOURNAMENT sigma ,Chi Sigrna-Chi omega I I SOCCER I l M Men-Runners Wonden'-Hussys I I fi I Championship Flight-lack Warfield SN lst Flight-Kenny lordan, PKT 2nd Flight-Donnie Murray, Birds MIXED TENNIS DOUBLES C0-EEC INNERTUBE Alex Sivira-Rhonda Mitchell WATER BASKETBALL WEIGHTLIFTING Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Chi Omega Sguthern Barbell Club SOFTBALL TRACK Sn FIELD Division I-Phi Kappa Division II-Dukes Division I-Oreosi Division II-Hickman Tau Men-M Club Women-Independents . PEOPLE . . PECDPLE 1- , 3 1 sg ' i-t A by QIINK i""-ii.. 'K .. ...Il .LB jtninni 1-H4 1 10 D'vision Page I OPLE . . . PEGPLE . . . PEQPL1 l!ll!lllllf! Wlllfflilw W!flllIIIIH!!l lHlHlHMHIHl HlHlHIllIll , nw 1 I Wha,t's Inside . . . Graduates Unde g V 3 Q x 'r V O ff ,J 'Q I ,A-I ! 3' L , r 1 Ar I .l -.4 lpn!-D-1 1 ,f X- H51 71 I. N 5 XG'- ."'?s . 5, 'xv WIN L v 4 tl-, 4 Resurgence in interst in Golden Eagle football since Bobby Collins assumed command as head coach in 1975 has been remarkable. And as his sixth season at the helm approached it bordered on being phenomenal. It has been years since enthusiasm and just plain old fan spirit began exploding as early as the midway point of spring practice. Collins promised an interesting team to watch and vowed to make an all-out effort to firmly establish USM as a major independent football power. He has lived up to both pledges. In his five previous years he has gained and retained the confidence of the student body, faculty and staff members, alumni, and other old and new sup- porters of the Golden Eagles. Coach Collins feels that the invitation to the Independence Bowl shows the appreciation of the time and effort the players, the trainers, and coaching staff put in this season. They have in turn expressed confidence the program will continue to prosper under the leadership of the personable and dedicated young coach. 'l Coach Collins 113 Homecoming Court Jaqueline Kay Redd 1980 Queen This tootlmll st-.ison the student body elected Ia- qut-linv Key Rt-dd as the 1980 Homecoming Quvt-n. ltiqneline, ti computer science major, is tht- tlniighter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter I. Redd of linindon. Ms. Presenting Miss Redd with her tiloxwrs is Dr. Aubrey K. Lucas, USM President. ei" 'LO W 3 pr W- 4-,rr ,I 154 'wu- I' J' 3,1 'Q' Q..-'Z' Sherry Morrow Sancn Borganelh Stepharne Breland J un1or Mald Freshman Maud Freshman Maud r. and Miss USM Angela Magee Dan Ready Elf-trtvtl this fall as Mr. and Miss USM are Angela Magee and Dan Ready. Angela is a marketing management major from Men- denhall, MS. She is a member of Chi Ome- ga Sorority, President of Phi Delta Rho. a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma. Alpha Lambda Delta, and Rituals Chairman for Lambda Sigma. Angela has also served as Freshman Homecoming Maid 11977-781, Student Body Maid 11980- 81l, and Spirit Director on the ASB cabinet. She was a recipient of the Ivah O. Wilber Panhellenic Scholarship, a Dean's List Scholar. and noted as Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Dan is a business administration major from Richton, MS. He is a member of Sig- ma Nu Fraternity, Omicron Delta Epsilon, a manager for the football team. and a Kappa Delta Big Brother. Dan is also active in in- tramural sports and his future plans include furthering his business career. ' s hir and Miss USM 1, v 7 Q L -11 'X w Ol? N 1 ' 1 1 S '-. . . O i Q- ix 1 :"m'l . :vs . '1 'dw W . .9 Q , ,i K' 5 :J 'si J J, Hs' wg' . . , y 1 V' I , L E N, Zig fl Qi ty iiiel if , I . . 5 1 rl H+ . 32:12 - 4 X 1. . fi. A 75- 4' " i x 'K 2 ':sA , 'lv 2' . .Ng 6 ,, , 41 2 ffif "'a gif. N , .J .. .J 1 ff . MJ .Vx 61 f . i 15 3- Q . 5 3, 1 944 'Q 1' L i f f' f - . 5 1 59' 5 4 L 1E:'f'51', I M "' iw! I w 1 I X , SL 3 ' I Jun, , W fvig., . ,-iii: 1' V21 'f Y 1, 2 W? s il '. ff 1 A I l x 4 '-fa' ' iii' Q1 Beauty Stephanie Breland Stephanie Breland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Breland of Petal, was chosen Freshman Maid for the 1980 Homecoming Court. Stephanie is a freshman majoring in Business. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta social sorority. 4' S X Y ' ith llmiiitivs ,, . Q. n anus- 'H -.. 'Wi ig A ir 19 Beauty Helen Haddock Helen Haddock of Bay St. Louis is a sen- ior majoring in elementary education. Helen was chosen as Senior Maid on the 1980 Homecoming Court. She is a mem- ber of Chi Omega social sorority and a Kappa Sigma Starduster. JJ' ,Fug 3 s-YF rg ' . vb lla" ,: "f7'i1f Wi lu, 1 .qv l Hfeautwcs l e l -U I Y' 7-nal PM fl QM Beauty Renee Henderson Renee Henderson is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Henderson of Co- lumbus. Renee is a freshman majoring in accounting. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta social sorority and the Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes. Beauties 121 Beauty Tamara Inman 'llimara lean Inman, from lackson MS.. is .i theatre major here at USM and is the cl.il1gliteI'uffXlr. ancl Mrs. Frank Inman. .Xf.hiex'emenls include cheerleader from WTS!-15380. Outstanding Freshman Wom- .in .inrl Beauty lor 3 years. Honors in- i,li1ilel.aInl1llaSigmaramlAlpha Lamb- ila Us-lla. Tamara is also active in Delta ll'-lla Delta sorority as llisturian. and isa ini-nilmer nl the Childrens' Ensemble Raiiilinxx Cilnillilriy. .. .. llr-illll"S '1 gg- , -lx .ff fe- .Suri -'f:g.fw.+g.e ,If N .. ' 4 iv' ,'n1'+c' ' 4.n.1l,a,q Q ,' i,z ...l '. U., ' 'F' . , 1 .il 'H I' 0.1. ,1 'W , '.... l , "' O w 'I 'I st., tv 2 in ,pq If -n'.:m,I 2. ll, '.i'l"'-' i 'f""3' "' 'V ' 2' ..-tv f w -39' H -2. I ll 1 4 .5 5. "Q" JA" l I ' n . ilu:'+'n:Q' .,"5e!..ff""w':g.. A . O N. n .S , g f ..., gal "I .L ' ' '32 A.-..i'i Q 9 M -we 21... "' "gow H ul me Hu. 0 twang - . w., 2 ' sbp! Q 'Q' Q i f . 'I , , I l JO' , l l 'Sw'-' 1 9..o.o.. A vi- - - ' , . l Beauty Lisa Mason Miss Lisa Mason from Hattiesburg, MS. is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lex C. Mason. Her activities and honors include Chi Ome- ga Sorority, Dixie Darlings for 2 years, Pom Pom Girl, Civitan Club, Phi Kappa Tau Lit- tle Sister, Campus Beauty for 2 years, ASB Senator for 2 years, Vice-president of Speech Communication Association, and is listed as a Deans List Student. ' 4 E x Beauties X Beauty Carol McMichael Carol Phyllis McMichael from Biloxi MS. is ai nursing major at USM. A Dean's List Scholar, Carol is also involved with Phi Mu Sorority, College Republicans, BSU, and has been named as Nurse of the Month. N A 'X 1 li"vill7l"'w Beauty T1na Rayburn Tma Rex burn IS the daughter of Mr md Mrs Iohn H Raxhurn of Hattleshurg MS She IS a member of Chl Omega Lambdfa Sigma and a Phl Kappi Tau Little Sister Tma has also been E1 Pom Pom Glrl aD1Hc1eDarlmg md lscurrent lx Mlss Mxsslsslppl Hospltahtx vii ne B an ie: . ' . y ' ,' - ,- ' , ' . I . . L' i , . ' - v K y ,- , L , , . , c ' , , -1 .14 ' -Q Lui' ,j1 V ' x X 'Y 1 H.. 3 -3 . f,,.Sq S ge . Q 1 Um I s Beauty Pamela Rowe lhiiiit-lu Rowe, ai senior from Gulfport, is iimjuriiig in lilementziry Etluczition. Her Iitmtws tintl activities include the Pi Beta Phi Spirit Axvmcl, Phi Beta Phi Sorority. Rush Cliziirniun. Sigma Chi Little Sister, tiiitl College Republicans. 11? 6 ll' tlllllv Qlla Beauty Sharon Walker Shlroll Klw Walker IS 1 marketlng ma lor She IS the daughter of Ml and Mrs Rlchard Walker of I-lflttlesllllrg Sharon IS a member of Delta Deltl Delta SOFOI ltx Splrlt Commlttee Fellovwehlp of Chrlstlan Athletes and was Chosen fl Llt tle Slster bl the KA s l . Al rf. Q fi 3 W mil' 40, an I ' lx 1 A' rf 1' . "- "' .Q x . I . A , , H L P i it l 6. Q azz- is Y s 'Q .fp 3 Z3 Wim? , 4., 'K 1Q""" A 2' A Qc 3- I - ,.f 'I .'.., -. ,Q ww .1 u"1, flgg x I '! X x at 'ffl Q.. of - i Y 2 X he I f. Q, Y .M Dr. Lucas 129 ADMINISTR TIO ww ' r w . 97 . f K. . , ' .I ' , ix lil BILLY ALLEN Dir. of High School and lr. College Relations 130 Administration ROBERT VAN ALLER MINNIE AUSTIN Dean of Graduate School Asst. to the Dir, of R.C. Cook University Union X1' X 1 BOBBY DEAN ANDERSON THOMAS SCOTT BATEMAN Dean of the College of Education and Dir. of Communication Services Psychology ONVA K. BOSHEARS Dean of the School of Library Service IESSE BOYD Director of the University Commons 3 MAX BROMLEY Director of Campus Security WILLIAM BRUNDACE Director of Research and Sponsored Programs 'pw-A raw: si'-fi IAMES RAY CARPENTER. Golf Professional and Instructor Nfx Ts ACE CLEVELAND Sports Information Director THURMON L. COLLINS Head Football Coach Administration 131 ,4 BETTY GILLIS COOLEY Bursar WALTER ELMORE COOPER Dir. of the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation ,ZR hi 132 Administri ti n RDNALD HALL DALE Athletic Director ADMINISTR TIO RICHARD T. DODDER Dir. of the English Language Institute 'T 'NJ SY -,,'i " Xfilxlbfkq I MARY EDITH DRESSEL Dir. of Career Advisement and Cooperative Education l N 1 WARREN DUNN Dir. of University Union and Student Vice-president of Business and Finance Activities THOMAS ESTES ff!! fin .-.J WILLIAM G. FRON Dir. of Financial Aid PETER EASTON DURKEE Vice-president for Student Affairs Qt? J' fi f.,H! w ALINE R. EDDINS Dir, of the Office of Veterans Affairs NICHOLAS H. FRUGE Asst. to the Vice-president for Academic Affairs SARAH LNV. GIBBS Dean of the School of Home Economics CLYDE GIN Dean of Continuing Education Administration 133 I-dui AD INISTR TIO Qin, jg in n 'Cie Y 'X IOAN GLOVER Mgr. of University Bookstore 134 Administration BILLY WES GORE Dean-USM at Natchez B I ' 95- WILLIAM R. GRANTHAIVI Dean of Students IOE GREEN Dean of Business Administration IOHN GREEN Dean of the College of Fine Arts ELIZABETH C. HARKINS Dean and Professor of Nursing HOWARD GENE HENDERSON Dir. of the Physical Plant JN ROBERT I-IERRINGTON, IR. Dir. of Personnel Services l 4 IOE HOLLOWAY Dean-USM at Gulf Park ALBERT IOSEPH IAEGER Assistant Vice-President for Business and Finance slip' -.-15:3 o ,nu DIANA KAY IAMES Women's Basketball Coach ,.. .1 'cr"",-... ,eu----' '1 X ROGER B. IOHNSON Executive Administrative Assistant to the President SHIRLEY IONES Dean of the School of Social Work Administration 135 '- ADMINISTR TIC WALLACE KAY Dean of the Honors College 136 Administration I I lg x N BOYD KELLET, MD. Dir. of Student Health Services Y P WILLIAM ELLIS KIRKPATRICK Dir. of Public Relations ROBERT KIVETZ Dir. of Housing Administration CECIL KLUTTS Dir. of Purchasing CARL LAWRENCE Q Dir. of Placement Services DANNY MONTGOMERY W Registrar 1.7 ALICE LUCY MAW Dir. of International Students Advisement CHARLES W. MOORMAN Vice-president of Academic Affairs M 1 'TF' V 5' ' 4 ik ..b6,: 1 f 'A' 1-, CHARLES B. MCNEIL POWELL OGLETREE Dir. of Admissions Dir. of Alumni Activities IOSEPH SCOTT PAUL Assistant to the Vice-president for Student Affairs Administration 13 4' -M Y f"N 62 ski' ERIC PRENSHAW .Assistant to the Vice-president of ADMINISTR TIO CHARLES PROBST Dean of Student Services 1' Academic Affairs 5 A 138 Administration GENE SAUCIER At d f f tl , I , X A f Cx I Q WILLIAM C. SCRUGGS Dir. of the Computer Center 4.1-ul Ah BILL WAYNE SI-IAFER Dean of Admissions and Special Dir. of the University Counseling Academic Services Center alll' nl College of Liberal Arts Vice-president of Administration and Regional Campuses GARY VVILDMAN Dean of the College of Science and Technology MALCOLM TURK SGYWCGS Mens Basketball Coach 4lf :X wiv CELESTIAN IPETERJ TAYLOR SIDNEY L. WEATHERFORD Assistant Athletic Director and Head Dir. of Institutional Research Baseball Coach Administration 139 IAMES SIMS SHELBY THAMES I GREEK GODDESS Bnbara lXl1I'1ODl a Hattlesburg I1lllX e represented Trl Delta so IOIllX for the 1980 Greek Games In the sprmg each fraternltx and sororltx teams up and competes ln relaxs marathons and such tor the annual Greek games The pre selected god or goddess for the oxerall vunnlng fraternlty and sororrtx FGCGIVGS the honor and trtle of Greek God and Greek Goddess Barbara served sex eral Off1C6S 1n Delta Delta Delta and was a DIXIE Darllng K A Su eetheart and a basketball pom pom grrl She IS the daugh ter of Dr and Mrs Raymond txtanonland an audlologv mayor Z 1 4 .Z-. A fi QR we gy 'R I t 1 l l x 5 I l ...,,-, . ,f 5? X t A t X b is if gf 2 , X sd ' 3 ' sir ibg X' s - YR' F c six, , f f .E is ,i , t ' 4 A ' o f Y 1 . ,e I ,fl ' if .l Z f if f . . ' 5 2 : t ' z a 2 , l ' 'L , . A, D i 5 Q ' ' t 5 , L . k I .V 1 Y Q ' E 4 V , AA. . . A - . - f Q, 1 J . . t Q . . v . n f 5 -'ul E . 'if rf' GREEK GOD JESSIE LANG Iessie Lang, representing Sigma Nu, was chosen Greek God for 1980. As a business major from Pascogula, Iessie also lettered in offensive football for three years, was an I.F.C. delegate, and a member of Sigma Nu fra- ternity for four years. S TRINA ANDRE TERRI BYRD Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society: Resident Assis- tant: Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Honor Society: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Highest Scholastic Average: Army ROTC, Public Rela- tions Officer, Three and a Quarter's Honor Club: Ameri- can Legion Scholarship Excellence: National Dean's List: President's List. Chi Omega, Rush Counselor, Intramural Director: Dean's List: The Southerner: Sigma Delta Chi Professional Iour- nalist Society: Student Alumni Association: Dixie Dar- lings: Pom-pom Girl: Phi Kappa Tau Little Sister, Treasur- er: Angel Flight, Secretary: Snow Ski Club: ASB, Association Director of Public Relations, President's Cabinet: Editor of Creek Brochures: Speech Communica- tion Association, Publishing Editor and Reporter: Public Relations Student Society of America: Golden Eagle Ka- rate Club: Research Assistant-USM Public Relations. JAY BINDER SHANNON CLEVELAND 23 Alpha Tau Omega, President, Rush and Scholarship Chairman: Dean's List: President's List: National Dean's List: Southern Style: Alpha Epsilon Delta, Vice-president: Gold Key Society of O.D.K.: Honors College: Omicron Delta Kappa: University Scholar: Pi Tau Chi: A.C.S.: B.B.B.: Newman Club: Resident Assistant: Bond Hall Vice-president: Residence Hall Council President: Asso- ciated Student Body Cabinet: President's Advisory Com- mittee: Interfraternity Council: Varsity Cheerleader: Out- standing Young Man of America. Kappa Delta Pi Education Honorary: Dean's List: Student Council for Exceptional Children: Delta Gamma Sorority, Public Relations Officer, Anchora Publication, Ir. Panhel- lenic Delegate: Kappa Alpha Little Sister: Southern Style, Secretary: Intramurals, Basketball, Softball, Football. PATSY BLAKENEY Omicron Delta Kappa: Phi Delta Rho: Pi Tau Chi: Lambda Sigma' Ivah O. Wilbur Scholarship: Chi Omega Sorority, Personnel Chairman: Panhellenic Council, President, Vice-president, Greek Games Co-Chairman: ASB Ap- peals Committee: Basketball Cheerleader. ,Q-f"'d-'4'J " JM- v.v-""-'-,- . ,,.,-v' I 1 - ,f ,,..- , ,,,, , ,.,.- .,. ,.,.f' ,I- ,..-,.-- L.- ,,.,,.- "' BRUCE COLE American Society for Personnel Administration, Presi- dent: Iohn F. English Scholarship: Phi Theta Kappa Schol- arship: South Mississippi Personnel Management, Troy Hill Memorial Award: Business-Transfer Achievement Award: Omicron Delta Kappa: Phi Beta Lambda, Mr. Fu- ture Business Executive: Society for the Advancement of Management: Phi Kappa Tau, Executive Representative: Student Alumni Association: President's List: Dean's List. PAMELA BREAZEALE MICHAEL CONDON G' M.., H J' Q Omicron Delta Kappa, Secretary: Rho Epsilon Real Estate Fraternity, President: Phi Delta Rho, Secretary: Business Student's Advisory Council, Secretary: Delta Sigma Pi, Historian: Alpha Lambda Delta: Beta Gamma Sigma: Honors College: University Scholar: Dean's List: Iunior Miss Scholarship: Will Davis Real Estate Scholarship: Marine Corps Officer Candidate School: University Ac- tivities Council: Miss Southern Top Ten: Resident Assis- tant: Residence Hall Council 'QQ Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, Community Service Chairman. Special Projects Chairman, Rush Chairman, House Man- ager, President: Water Ski Club, Vice-president: Ameri- can Marketing Association, President: Society for the Ad- vancement of Management: Pi Beta Phi, Big Brother: Business Student's Advisory Council. S SUSAN CRE SHERRI I-IAYS fi Lambda Sigma, Vice-president: Omicron Delta Kappa: Universities Activities Council "Officer-Scholar", NE- CAA Student Delegate: Resident Hall Council, Dorm Of- ficer: Gymnastics Club: Student Speech and Hearing As- sociation: Dean's List: President's List. WSW 1 , Art Alliance: Dixie Darlings: Fine Arts Senator: Universi- ty Relations Committee: Delta Gamma Sorority, Rush Chairman, Social Chariman, House Manager: Dean's List: President's List: Alpha Lambda Delta: Omicron Delta Kappa: Outstanding Art Student. RONNIE GARRIGA JAMES HERRINGTON Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Class Treasurer, Immanent Treasurer: Delta Gamma Anchor Man: Southern Style, Public Relations Director: Outstanding Mini-Quarter Fa- cilitator: Phi Theta Kappa Alumni: Associated Student Body, Business Senator, Election Committee: National Dean's List. x,.-.expr ff-I Alpha Lambda Delta: Resident Assistant: Iames A. Town- ley Award: Omicron Delta Kappa: Sigma Nu, Pledge Scholar of the Year: ASB Senate: Student-Alumni Associ- ation: Dean's List: President's List: USM Sports Officials Association, President: University Appeals Committee: Intramural Disciplinary Board, Chairman: IFC Delegate: Search Committee For New Director of Security: Depart- ment of Athletic Administration and Coaching Outstand- ing Scholar: Veteran Intramural Basketball, and Softball Official of the Year: Rookie Intramural Volleyball Official of the Year: Budweiser College Super Sports-National Runners-Up: National Dean's List: Intramural Advisory Board, President. l,. ROBIN GRANNELL JOHN HO ELL Y-7? I ff' Polymer Science Scholarship: Resident Assistant: Pi Tau Chi: Society of Polymer Scientists: Society of Platics Engi- neers: Society of Federations of Coatings and Paint Tech- nology, Public Relations Chairman: Newman Club, Presi- dent, Social Chairman, Foods Chairman: Residence Hall Association, Treasurer, Trukey Chase Chairman: Hill- crest Vice-president: College Republicans. it -tv flh- 2 Omicron Delta Kappa, President: Phi Kappa Phi: Univer- sity Scholar: Dean's List: President's List: Resident Assis- tant: Residence Hall Council: Pride: Student Iudicial Council, Chairman: ASB Supreme Court, Chief Iustice: Graduate Council, Honor Student Association: Graduate Assistant, USM laycees. JANET HARVEY ANTHONY IRELAND 'I' . University Activities Council, President: NECAA Student Delegate: Hillcrest, Vice-president: Resident Hall Coun- cil: Food Services Committee Representative: Charter Member Art Alliance: Dean's List. Omicron Delta Kappa: University Scholar: Dean's List: Air Force ROTC, Scholarship, Executive Officer. Yice- Commander: Arnold Air Society, Comptroller. Yice- Commander: Phi Kappa Tau, Laurel Editor, Secretary, Treasurer: Pi Beta Phi Arrowman: University Appeals Committee: USM Smallbore Rifle Team: American Chemical Society Student Affiliate. KATHLEEN KOCH CAROL NO ORYTA Q X pun- N Outstanding Freshman Woman: University Scholar: Hon- ors College: Society of Professional journalists, President: Sigma Delta Chi: The Student Printz, Reporter, Copy Edi- tor, News Editor, Executive Editor: Mademoiselle Maga- zine College Board: Outstanding Iournalism Achievement and Excellence in Reporting: Mississippi Press Women's Association Award for lournalism Achievement: Star Herald Iournalism Scholarship: Alpha Lambda Delta: Lambda Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa: St. Thomas Aqui- nas Newman Club: Honors Student Association: Student! Faculty Committee of Student Organizations: Dean's List: President's List. Omicron Delta Kappa: Southern Society for Coatings Technology: Society of Plastic Engineers: American Chemical Society: National Collegiates Honor Council, South Regional: Society of Polymer Scientists, President: American Association for the Advancement of Science: USM German Club: Honors Student Association: Free- man Science Award: Biological Research and Develop- ment Crant. BRUCE LANG MARY PARKER .I 'X Sigma Nu, Rush Chairman, President, Model Sigma Nu of the Year: I.F.C. Iudicial Board: Southern Style: Mini Qurter Facilitator: Varsity Swimming Team: Greek Week Committee: Greek Philantropy Chairman: Student Alum- ni Association: Greek Philantropy Committee: Iunior Pan- hellenic Talent Show Stage Director. IV, ' ff , 1 4 Alpha Lambda Delta: Tau Beta Sigma, Secretary, Out- standing Pledge: The Pride of Mississippi, Concert Band: Lambda Sigma Society, Secretary: Honors College: Hon- ors Student Association: Omicron Delta Kappa: William M. Colman American Studies Scholarship: President's List: Dean's List: National Dean's List. l ANGELA MAGEE LISA PRINCE Miss USM: Chi Omega, Rush Chairman, Chapter Corre- spondant, Elections Chairman: Phi Delta Rho, President: Omicron Delta Kappa: Lambda Sigma, Ritual Chairman: Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta: Freshman Home- coming Maid: Student Body Maid: Top Ten Beauty: Ivah O. Wilber Scholarship: ASB Spirit Director: Southern Style: Student Alumni Association: Mini Quarter Facilita- tor: National Dean's List: Home Economics Club: Civitan Club: Dean's List: Pi Kappa Alpha Calendar Girl: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister: Student Business Advisory Council. Omicron Delta Kappa: Phi Delta Rho: Lambda Sigma: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Eta Sigma: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Association of Computing Machinery: Southern Style. Mini Quarter Facilitator, Peer Advisor for Freshman Ori- entation: Chi Omega, President, Pledge Trainer, Model Pledge: Dean's Llst: President's List: Civitan Club. NANCY MYERS YOR PR N H JO Air Force ROTC, Scholarship, Kiwanis Outstanding Ca- det, Briefing Team: Arnold Air Society, Vice-Command- er, Liason Officer: Angel Flight, Administration Officer, Rush Committee, Pledge Trainer: Pride of Mississippi. Band Council, Secretary-Treasurer, Flag Corp Captain: Delta Gamma, House Manager, Editor Historian, Song Leader, Songfest Director. I -x "Vin- lt Alpha Tau Omega, Worthy Keeper of the Annals, Mem- bership Recruitment Chairman. Social Service Chairman. Fund Raising Chairman, Blood Drive Chairman, Secre- tary: David E. Dauenhauer Driving Excellence Award. Omar Nanu Memorial Sportsmanship Trophy: Alpha Ep- silon Delta: Honor's Student Association: Student Repre- sentative to Curriculum Committee: American Chemical Society, President: Mississippi Academy of Sciences: Southern Genetics Group: Honors Council: Student Advi- sory Committee for USM Alumni Association: University Scholar: DOW Senior Chemistry Student Scholarship: Karen M. Yarbrough Faculty Research Scholarship: Ze- ros. KAY REDD DEJUAN STROUD Pan-Afro Council. President: Golden Girl Publicity Chairman: Southern Style: Mini-Quarter Facilitator: Mi- nority Affairs Committee: Deputy Commander of Oper- ations, AFROTC: Associate Director of Student Services. ASB: Arnold Air Society: Student-Faculty Committee for Student Organizations: American Computing Machinery: Dean's List: Alpha Kappa Mu, Outstanding Service Award: Homecoming Queen: Afro-American Cultural Society's Outstanding Member: Kappa Alpha Psi Sweet- heart: Silver Valor Award: Phi Beta Sigma, Honorary Member, C AQ' ,' 24- 44 1 4, -o QI' Omicron Delta Kappa, Treasurer: Alpha Lambda Delta: Dean's List: Pride of Mississippi, Drillmaster, Concert Band: University Singers: Southern Style, President: Stu- dent-Alumni Association, Activities Chairman: Mini Quarter Facilitator: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President. Vice-president, Pledge Trainer, Secretary: IFC Rush Chairman. Executive Board: Delta Gamma Anchor Broth- er: Outstanding Southern Style Member 1979: American Marketing Association. LEAI-I RICHARDS LISA TAYLOR Omicron Delta Kappa: Student Alumni Association: Kappa Omicron Pi: Kappa Delta Sorority, Panhellenic Re- lations, Student Religious Federation: Fellowship Delega- tion: Most Active Award: ASB Senator, Cabinet: Director of University Relations: President's Advisory Council: Hattiesburg Mayor's Advisory Council: Student Iudicial Court: Financial Aid Committee: Spirit Committee: Gov- ernmental Relations Committee: Dean's Advisory Com- mittee: American Home Economics Association: Civitan Club: Sigma Nu Little Sister. Phi Beta Lambda, President, Secretary, State Secretary. Outstanding Member 1980: Pi Omega Pi, President, Scholarship: Phi Kappa Phi: Kappa Delta Pi: Pi Tau Chi: Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association: Southern Business Education Association Scholarship: Dean's List: Presi- dent's List. SUSAN SAULTERS Delta Gamma, Assistant Treasurer, Rush Chairman, Ref- erence Chairman: Pom Pom Girl: Southern Style! Mini Quarter Facilitator: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister: Rho Epsilon: Dean's List: Young Democrats: Governmental Relations Board. -I VICKIE STEPHENS Phi Mu, Ritual Chairman, Tutoring Director, Scholarship Award: Delta Sigma Pi, Senior Vice-President, Advertis- ing and Social Committees: ASB, Treasurer, University Relations Board, Election Commission, Traffic Appeals Court: American Marketing Association: Phi Kappa Tau Little Sister, Treasurer: Dean's List. EAW s CYNTHIA WALKER Kappa Alpha Psi Sweetheart: Southern Style: Mini-Quarter Facilitator: Afro-American Cul- tural Society: ASB Senator: Chairman of Mi- nority Affairs: Governmental Relations Com- mittee: Seven Iewel's Study Club, Leadership Award: Residence Hall Association: Hillcrest Publicity Chairman: Top Ten Beauty: Alpha Kappa Mu Academic Achievement Award: COGIC Fellowship: Alpha Kappa Mu Leader- ship Award: Student Speech and Hearing Asso- ciation: National Black Association for Speech, Language and Hearing: Dean's List: National Dean's List. SANDI WOOLF Mississippi Student Society for Medical Technology, President: ASB Cabinet, Senate Secretary: Resident As- sistant: Delta Gamma, Anchorsplash Chairman: Alpha Lambda Delta: Lambda Sigma: Omicron Delta Kappa: Southern Society for Medical Technology: American So- ciety for Medical Technology: National Dean's List. - MARK WILKINSON Presidents List: Dean's List: ASB, Attorney General, Director of Legal Services. Miss Southern Pageant Business Manager: ASB Mayor Advisory Board: Lambda Alpha Epsilon: Sigma Chi Sigma. President: ASB Chairman of Election Code Committee. 1-19 HALL OF FAME - V l'u9 - O I .Ll Q .I 1 I . np V ! .l , LJ'-" , . .1 AA 3:51. 1 14 I- v i t fu. ' it K . I 5 V- : I-'St T-,ll U I- wifi 1 I Witt REBECCA BROWN President's List: Dean's List: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Delta Rho, President: Omicron Delta Kappa: STUDENT PRINTZ, Executive Editor, Managing Editor, Editorial Editor, Excellence in Reporting Award, Excel- lence in Editing and Layout Award: Sigma Del- ta Chi. Program Director, Outstanding Chapter Member: The AERIE, Editor: Committee on Services and Resources for Women, Newsletter Editor: ASB lustice Court, Chief lustice: Presi- dent's Advisory Council: Academic Council: Who's Who Among Students In American Uni- versities and Colleges. 150 Hall of Fame 17- A1,,,.L.-.--4-V ,-' Ur I -V' .11 r . . . f 3 'A :Af . N I ' ' t w.-V . J 1 x , .ra vw , LX , -A J", ' 1 -my at lv if- -X 'X 1234" "H A , , I 1 , B . zu ,- HCWF' , Ag- DONALD BLAIR DRISKELL ' Omicron Delta Kappa, Outstanding Freshman: Gold Key Society: KME Math Award: Lambda Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Kappa Phi: President's List: ASB Senator: Stu- dent Alumni Association, Vice-President: Kappa Sigma: Honors College: Presidential Scholarship: Who's Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. .J I jr' :of - Y. it 6 t ,sf -' . if 0-f ."'?- 4' BYRON CLICK Dean's List: President's List: Lambda Iota Tau: Omicron Delta Kappa: University Scholar: Spe- cial Merit Scholar: Honors Student Association. President: Southern Regional Honor Council: Colegiate Honors Council: Editor S,C. Rival Honors College Newsletter: Who's Who Among Students In American Universities and Col- leges. IIMMY HARRINGTON Phi Eta Sigma: Omicron Delta Kappa: Dean's List: USM Marching Band, The Pride, Drum Major, President: Kappa Kappa Psi, President: Who's Who Among Students In American Uni- versities and Colleges. IRIS STRICKLAND Honors College: Regional Merit Scholarship: Irah O. Wilbur Scholarship: Alpha Lambda Delta: Lambda Sigma: Omicron Delta Kappa: Phi Delta Rho: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sis- ter: Dean's List: Kiwanis Club Academic Schol- arship: Chi Omega, Secretary, President: Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President: Student ludicial Council, Chairman: Campus Crusade for Christ: Who's Who Among Students In Ameri- can Universities and Colleges. 'T 3 MARTHA HOLLOWAY Omicron Delta Kappa: Pi Delta Phi, President: Kappa Mu Epsilon, Secretary: University Scholar: Uutstanding French Student Award: First Mississippi Corporation Scholarship: So- ciety of Physics Students: Honors Students As- sociation, Vice-President: Who's Who Among Students In American Universities and Col- leges. ' 1 er , N- , X a W V, V I Y my A kk. yr.v ,M s , , th Q Q I , t I 4 ,F 'Q L 4 . " rg' , . bf - 9' 1 s If :J .' as ' 0' 'I I4 I 3' Av 'sl-in . it r J o X- KH. , F - Q M I fe- , 6 1 A ff ,gf E Q-144' 1 as 'nh 'S-Jw' va ,- . , o .. will L' : . .egr- 'Q "AW ' ' A QS.. . - K 1- 5 . 3.4 ' , l ,, j, . fn. -'xl' xxx. f , I - f-r A '- .. , A A Q M f Ki..- HOWARD IAN IOINES Phi Eta Sigma: Gold Key Society of Imicron Delta Kappa: Lambda Sigma: Kappa Mu Epsi- lon: Pi Kappa Lambda: Honors College: Phi Kappa Phi: University Scholar: President's List: National Association of lazz Educators, lazz Musician of the Year: The Pride: Senior Repre- sentative: Dean's Liason Committee of the Col- lege of Fine Arts: Resident Assistant: Who's Who Among Students In American Universi- ties and Colleges. Hall of Fame 151 .-Xtltli. Ir.. lames E.: Newton. MS .-Xntlerson. Russell B.: Hattiesburg. MS Banks. Alpha T.: Moss Point, MS Bene-field. Robert E.: Pascagoula. MS Bernzott. Lynne A.: Gulfport. MS Blackwood. ludy M.: lackson, MS Bounds. Dane H.: Poplarville. MS Bullock, Linda C.: Laurel, MS Burgess. Virginia M.: Hattiesburg. MS Cade, Sherri R.: Greenwood, MS Cain, Cheryl A.: Bay Minette. AL Cason, Nica V.: Ocean Springs, MS Chen. Shiou-Chyur: Taipei, R.O.C. Coats, Daryl R.: Soso, MS Cole. Cynthia L.: Magee, MS Conway, lohn C.: Iackson, MS Craven, Otha D.: Hattiesburg, MS Crosby. Sharon G.: lackson, MS Crudup. Michelle V.: Iackson, MS Dedeaux. Andreune I.: De Lisle, MS Ferrill, Kimberly A.: Biloxi, MS Candy, lohn H.: Hazelhurst, MS Geotes, Kenneth G.: Gulfport, MS Cladden. lohn A.: Florence, MS Grady. lohnnie P.: lackson, MS Gratta, David M.: Hattiesburg, MS Griffon, Catherine Ann: Pass Christian, MS Grimes. Kennard A.: Nashville, TN Guise. Saul E.H.: Biloxi. MS Hamlett. Robert C.: lackson, TN Harrington. limmy: Petal, MS Hopper, Steve A.: Natchez, MS Howell. lohn C.: lackson, MS Hughes. Lelsie K.: Hattiesburg, Iackson. Carol M.: Greenville, MS MS 152 Graduates GRADUATES 15 ... --' 453 -,. -I gi- I 155C ' :"4 f X I4 rf., .'. , . o ' f M af. I . I . . f X ' lst.. fr . X. 04' J W 4 I I Qin Q ,I 4 i JF-Q ll A. r 1 J Q ' ' A -xi 5' .. '4 1 to-1 9' gn-v LQ? . v .1 ,, n il' J N gg. ,V Q, , lktx , Iefferson, Ceroy: Prentiss, MS Krell, Mitch: Hattiesburg. MS Morris, David E.: Gulfport, MS Ladnier, Donna L.: Wiggins, MS Lambert, Heleni Pearl, MS Lee, Ava I.: Gulfport, MS Mclnnis. Suzette G.: Metairie. LA Mayfield, Ioyce A.: Iackson, MS Miles, Britton D.: Hattiesburg, MS Miller, Steven I.: Ocean Springs, MS Ngu, Charles O.: Uburu, Nigeria Niestrath, Diane E.: Downers Grove, IL Pampley, Rose M: Vicksburg, MS Panko, Thomas R.: Dover. DW Parker, Deborah K.: Iackson. MS Perrott, Brenda G.: Hattiesburg, MS Patterson, Mary C.: Itta Bena. MS Pitalo, Laura G.: Ocean Springs. MS Reeves. Marcia D.: Prentiss, MS Roberts, Iay B.: Riverside. GA Robertson, Emily S.: Liberty, MS Schmidtling. R. Elaine: Long Beach, MS Shoemaker, Thomas A.: DeSoto, TX Sims, Bag T.: Hattiesburg, MS Smith, Ioseph E.: Hattiesburg.'MS Unny, Shakti K.: Bombay. India Vance, Sherry: Newton. MS Vanderfin, Gwen G.: Biloxi, MS Walsh. Steven B.: Newcastle. NB Ward, Ricky G.: Brookhaven, MS Washburn. Ronald A.: South Glens Falls, NY Washington. Victoria I.: Drew, MS Williams, Sarah L.: Hattiesburg. MS GRAD TES Graduates 153 I rv I li. -Ivrlx I NIS Sl I mix t.iitvl XII-svllt XIX It I I t in Il XI--r!tlt.i!i X15 5-I ?.,y-.' Lx ti...qti Siitiiwx MS It I -"' X RSI, I' Ikilttvii I: ll It 'x.l.t-.K I -':' NIS li 'xgtvwi Min Xl l"'.iil NIS l'i -. .-tilt l'.tiii--l.i X Simi X15 lx l'.iii..I S llmritltni NIS, Stu W. v.'.ti'l: Sli-'ia Il t'lir1ttu1 MS, I-'r I-,-. 'I Nunn: 'tk XI--ritlt-nlmll MS Ir Km.-.--it Ix.Ii.ill XI,-ritlmii .MS Sr Xirwit t..nI I. Slitl--ll. IA. lfi I t X. ww Sli'-Ilrx lx lltiitit-sltiirg. MS. Ss XI .'-r::i.m K1-:th II Ij.nlumlu.a 'x..x.mt1f-r Mthtvinli. X.'x.mtl'-r Il.-xwrlx I Ndtthwz. Xl'-writlf-r Iiwytl It Nuitlit-L. Xl. mrttlvr Sumn Ifl.tlt1lfI5rt-ein Xitfiiiw It--Xnuu X1,tluliptirt. .-'klttirti tflmrltvttv 'Iiutixilr-r. .XII-ml lltmuril ll . Mugrwlili. fklftml ltihn F . Tylvrttmn 'Xllt-nl lnhnnvi N . Iac ksmn XIII-nl Xin lim-I B. Iluttivslmrg .-Xllbritton. Susie L. Mendenhall. Allen. Bill H. Heidelberg. Allen, Iames R.: Summit. .XIII-n Imiuh Ann l'lnIIlt'SIlI1l'g, :Xllvn I . Mr-mphls. Xlliwvn, Kvn IX' . NIvntle'nl'i.ill. "-.Ili-atm M.1rth.i I. Gulfport Rlr.-il lun'-t Um-.n Ldurifl. Alrwl I.1s.4tQ I..iurPl Elwltrt-tilt I. PIII.-n lhittif-slmrg I tltrtttip: Xidri. Ann Huy St Louis. '-.Iwltrtttiks Tummy M . Picuyunp. f'-.lstfm l'lwrw K1 PASS Christian. 'Hrriw Rulix I. Yinksliur 2 .Mritlwrx Kntlij. N.itr.h.-z, '-.2-i--rv-n .-'Anim 1- Il Burl:-. rw: f..im1E lx'1f'lK5liIII'H. '-wivrwr. l'!'.1 Yifksluiirg. "wi-'rwn Imfiiif-I'.n .-K hlustvr tr' II.irri.'stmrsa. .wif-rwm Kfirvn Xl flullpfiri. Rr:tiwrwi'i K..r-- I, ll.,-af.f4wil1l,s '-.wiv fin I.1nvI.i."i Ili-r,.it1wr trvl--wuz I.mtl.if. I'ir.,nunp. Anderson. Paul D. Pascagoula Anderson. Sandra. Hattiesburg. .-knvlrfrsfm. Sharon D. Hattiesburg. Anrlervm William A. Hazlehurst. wiv -.1-x '.'..s'-rw Im lfsfnn ' Ima.. I..nirfAl -. '.I.,rL Il '.'i'I'Jitiry 154 Ilnrlefrgrzicluates MS. lr MS. lr MS. Sr MS. Fr FI.. Fr MS. Sr MS. Sr MS. Sr IXlS1Il" MS: Ir MS: lr MS: Fr. MS: So. MS: Sr. MS. Su TN. So MS lr MS lr MS. Fr MS lr MS Ir MS. Fr MS. Fr MS. Sn . MS. Ir MS. Fr MS. Sr MS, Fr MS lr MS. lr VIS Sri "JIS Fr MS Fr MS Sr MS. Sr MS. Sr MS. So MS: So MS. Fr MS Sr MS Sr NIS lr .I 1 ., , .1 il A --L' Q' T. f X i t, tx W l .1 Ji 21' W .ii 'liz' A . .4 4 4 , Qi? ,S 5 V 5? '.r""1 ri ii xiii I J 4 i iz A ' Sli.. is fi , 1 N fi Ex on' ,, , ' 55 -f . -, ESPN? zu 'D .ef 'E' 4 T' 4 Q 'NA N ' n I ,l:C,:. flfilf' .jtqI'GgfiQ:i'.ff? g 'fn' so ,1,....""' l X T ' G' sf ,... 0- 4 av- ,rl 1 21 L,-A ASSY Zag? :gi g ' , -. L- -fsw-x . wc i, . x J' t l ,, ,Q l ia kiwi ll N... , 'il 1 if 1 f vikr-- J. ...... ARIS I BARLOW Aris,Calh1:rine M, Birmingham, AL. So Armstrong, Christine A1 Hattiesburg, MS lr Armstrong, Edna G , Pasgagoula, MS. Pi Armstrong, Kairrfn I. , Brandon. MS. li Armstrong, Kenneth W , Columbia, MS, It Armstrong, Righaid E , Columbia. MS. Fr Arf'l0lLl, UI:l1ortil'i U, Biloxi, 5.15, II Arnold, Linda C, Biloxi, MS, It Arrington, Sherry R., Uufari Sprinys, MS Sr Arlman, Steve I . Pearl, MS, Sr Ashcroft, Paul A., Biloxi, MS, Sr. Asher, Robbie K.: Bay St. Louis, MS, Sr Ashker, Tommy: Clinton, MS. Ir Ashley, Amy C.: Brandon, MS, jr Aswell, Walter T.: Hattiesburg, MS, Sr Atherton, Iohn W.: Gulfport, MS: Ir Atkins. Carl T.: Gulfport, MS: lr Atkisson, Linda M.: New Hebron, MS, lr Ausmer. Drusilla: Pass Christian, MS: Sr Autry, Anna L.: Columbia, MS: Fr Avery, Charles D.: Long Beach, MS. So Axton, Dorothy T.: Laurel, MS: lr Ayers, Denice A.: Crystal Springs, MS. Sr Baer, Ron: Ankeny, IA: Sr. Baggett, Dora L.: Iackson, MS: Sr. Baggett, loe D.: Pearl, MS: Ir Baggett, Tim H.: Lake, MS: Ir Baggett, Vallie K.: Kodiak. AK: Fr Bailey, lack D.: Meridian, MS: Sr, Bailey, Victor, Pascagoula, MS: So Baird, Leanne: Mcneill, MS: Fr, Baker. Chris: Brandon, MS: Ir, Baker, Diane E.: Leland, MS: lr. Baker, Randall P.: Gulfport, MS: So Baker, Robin D.: Lucedale, MS: Fr. Balch, Tom: Poplarville, MS: lr, Ball, Randall S.: Monticello, MS: Ir. Ball. Robin: Iackson, MS: Soph. Ball, Steven E.: Moss Point, MS: Fr Ball, Wanda L.: Prentiss. MS: Sr. Ballard, B. Keith: Gulfport, MS: So. Ballard. Sharon L.: Mobile. AL: Fr. Bancroft, D. Bruce: Meridian. MS: lr. Banks, Derrick: Lumberton. MS: Sr. Banks, IP.: Ft. Walton Beach, FL: So Bankston, Cheryl L.: lackson, MS: Fr Baratti, Clarke C.: Sarasota. FL: Fr Barattini, Kim R.: Ne-xx Orleans. LA: Fr Barber, Donna K.: Carriere, MS: Sr Barber, Sheila R.: Kenner. LA: Sr Barker. Karen S.: Ft Walton Beach, FL. Fr Barkum, Hazel A.: Gulfport. MSL lr Barnes, Patricia D.: Magnolia. MS, lr Barnett, Betsy R.: Laurel, MS: Ir Barnett, Cynthia E.: Laurel. MS: lr Barnett, Larry B.: Tylertown, MS: Sr Undergraduates 155 !1.11'1.1:.1 1::1.1 1',1x1.1u11111.1 MS 11 111:'t1w l111'1N1 X111111.-1111.111 X15 11 11.1:11-'N 1'1111w1111111--1 111-xlvx N15 I1 11.11111-s 1-11111 X 1'--11s.11111.1 11 51 11111.12 1.1111111111 111-1111-111111u MN I1 11.111-11 11111111 X111 01111111111 1111 11 11.111--17 111111 11 X111u1-14 N15 S1 11.111111 11111111 11.11 SI 1.11111x. MS. Fr 11,111.11 XL11111111 I.1!11111k11.111111. Mh, Fr 11.1111-11 X11-111.11 1,U11g111'1ll1l,1X1S,SI' 11.111111 X11111.l1'1,X,111l1111'517ll1'H.N15 . lr A ' 1'r 1i.111111s 1 111111 A , N1-11 l1r111.111a,1..-X, ' 11.1rv1s 11111113 1.,M1111111-.A1,, Fr 11.11'11111 111-1hl.,h.1r.11.1n11. .'X1,. 11' 11.1s.1fh.1r11-N N . 13.155111-111, MS Ir 141.155, 14.11.111 1, , 1,:ll11.plDI'1, MS, lr Ham, 1.111111,1:111ll1'T111111, MS, Fr 11.11115 S11.lKX11U.S1111l-'11.1.A,S1" 11,1114 1f111l111.1 F. Lung B11.11th, MS. Sn 1i.11m.1n K1411.'X.C11I'111ln,1X1S.1f 11 1 1111.1 N111'1'1.1r'1 S 11115 S1 1,Ul1l'5.1X1S.Sl' 1'1.1111v, P1-.111 1,.1Ju1'.1n Springs. MS. lr B.111vr,Th11m.1s R,Comp1on. IL: Ir B1l1l111D, Fran: L1-land. MS: H.1x1vr, G1ngvr. Dewr Park, AL, 13.1111-s,1I11nn1v1.3P11-n11ss. MS. Fr 15.11115 R!l1TP1'1 R,11.a11iesb11rg,MS1Ir 11.11rn111wr, 1.1511 K. Ridgef1e1d,CT, lr Ir Fr Hmm. 13.1111 E. Lihwrtx, MS. Sr 111-1111. R11I.1l'lr1v' 1,. N11TC11m11, 1N1S. Sf Be:.1r11.CI.15'3X'icks1Jurg. MS: Ir 131111511-1,11.11S.Br11n11r1n,MS31r Iimslvy. p.l11'111dL,1dC14S0f1,1X1S,Sl' .1111zw:. Rnsf- M , H11ySl Louis. MS. Fr Bvrk. 1L1n.1.-X, lanksun, MS. Ir 11vK1'L1'111rT1,l11v-11,.Gll11p11rl,1X1S,1l' 111-f 1-1m.1r1. 1311111 W. Rmhmund. IN. Sr 131-1krn.1n.l11hn R.1'h1111ivph1.1,MS,1r 14 -111-r111.111gh. M1k1J 11.111if1sb11rg,MS,S0 151-11111-. M.1r11n F. P1c.1111nv. MS, Fr BV.-ph Af-111 F.. P1r,.1111n1-. MS. lr Hwfnv, Rv1n.1111 S . Pwsrl, MS, Ir 11111.11 .'x1w11-111111-r 1111111114 fl11I11m111.1, Su 11111111 1111111111 S M1111111-.,1X1.. Ir H1111 ,'.N114'D.11d111f'S1J1lfj2.1X1S,SY Hv11 1f1'.IS1'f f11r14111'r,1X1S,lf 111-11 Iv'f111r". S,f1l11fp11r1 MS If 151111 '1.11-1f1111,v11. '11-r11..MS Fr 11-111 1211111 1.1 f, 1'1'v'S11'-1l11,NY S11 11111 1'f'yy: 1. 11,1111s1111rg, MS. Ir 11-111111 1111-111111 1. '1.'11 1is1111rg, MS. Su 11-1 T-' 11111 1111 '.1 '.-. I1-11 '.15 S11 11.1.1111 11111.11-1 4.1111111111 ',1w lr 111 1 11.11111 '.1S 11 ' ' 11 '.11J111ru 'JS 1'r 1 1 1111 '.1'w I1 1311 11nr1vergr:11111z11es UNDERGRADUATES Ll .1- ' Y ff' ,' I lg' .3221 ' 9 r 1 ' ' r 1,1 . Y' VV - 31 ' V "IQ 2' ...QT t ' 15111 I1 1 ' 1 11 111 -1 1 1 14 - ,112-.1 M C 14' l,11:':Q'l'Y H, 15' 7 5 , - .5 ,, n V Q ,, if Y 1.1 .M A fL": M1911 N-1 1133 s"'t SIGMA CHI SIGMA In the spring of 1980, Sigma Chi Sigma fraternity was added to the greek sys- tem at USM. It was started by fifteen members who felt that there was a need for a new fraternity at Southern Through taco suppers, car washes dues and the support of local alumni they were able to raise enough money to buy a temporary house and have the needed funds to their national charter which they hope to receive early next fall Sigma Chi Sigma now has forty one members fourteen little sisters and is still growing No time was wasted in greek life 1 A. ni '- fs! Q Ig. fbi fn l BENNETT X BLACKENEY WI., w, -Li '1 G-3 I . - -' m , X .Z 1 v 1+ L . - V 5 5' .. Q - at t f 1 vw' 'I . . rug 9 Q . . y, Q , '- : ' Q 4 their becoming a big part of USM's 'l " ' 'u B I . Y hlglgh-,S Af, .' xx .A ' "., 'Q' ki. -,Lf ,, Bennett, Lisa B.: Indianola, MS1Ir Bennett, Teresa L.: Itta Bena, MS, Sr. Benson. L. Earl: Monticello, MS: Sr Berch, Terah M , New Hebron, MS: lr Berry. Beth: Moss Point, MS, Sr Berry, lefi: jackson, MS: Fr Berry, Laverne: jackson, MS: Fr Berry, Lisa L.: Crystal Springs, MS, So Berry, Pamela K.: Gulfport, MS, Ir Berry. Sheila G.: Vicksburg, MS, lr Berry, Susan I.: Gulfport, MS: lr Berryhill, Laurie O.: Hattiesburg, MS, So Berryhill, Toby V.: Hattiesburg, MS: So Berthelot, lean V.: Long Beach, MS: Sr Best, Susan L,: Woodville, MS: lr. Berthmann. Wendy M,: Long Beach. MS. Betts, Cynthia R.: Toomsuba, MS: Soph Beverly, Gina L.: Hattiesburg, MS: Sr. Bernhardt, Lisa D.: Hattiesburg, MS: Fr. Bias, Martha Y.: Columbia, MS: So, Bieda, Paul F.: Ocean Springs. MS: So Biediger, Diane M,: Iackson. MS: Sr, Bielstein, Donna G,: Waveland, MS: Ir. Biggerstaff. Iulie R,: Hattiesburg. MS: So, Bilal. Wali T.: Columbia, MS: Sr. Binder, lay: New Orleans, LA: Sr. Bingham, Ronald M.: Pearl, MS: Fr, Bishoff, Ben T.: Florence, MS: Sr. Bishop. Brenda E,: Waynesboro, MS: Sr. Bishop, Cynthia D,: Forest. MS: lr. F Bishop. Gwendolyn I.: Waynesboro. MS: Sr Bisnette. Dena L.: Laurel. MS: Sr. Bissell, Randell: lackson, MS: jr. Bittick, Tamara L.: Brandon, MS: So. Blackeney, Patsy L.: Ocean Springs, MS: Sr Undergraduates 157 1114. klrtlmi lltitl 1.niri'l X15 Sr 11..i.k .-'. lm- kim tlilltport X15 lr w' ti' t' t1.mtx--i X18 Soi-lm luliv Nah li-is X15 1 i wr' v' Riznl-vrlx R 1'.m.tu--til.: X18 1: 111.11 Xiii--r l --1- X long lime- li X18 l'1 1il...r,Nii-nf Nixon 11 S1111--lt l-X 1-i 111.11 ku--ll tlrtitqt' t' Shir. MS. Soph 1il.i1 lm-.vll lani'-5 R llnttlt-slit1rg,MS,Sr 111.41 kuwll, IR-ws.: R , l..aurt-l. MS. lr X1.irk R 1.11 kson, MS, Ir lifnk--rim liidi .X , M.igt-v, MS. Sopli lilakviit-x Marx S'kson,fX1S, A, Pearl, MS, Sr lilalotk. Brr'ndaC, 516l'ltlI.Il'1.lX1SQ Ir Blani hard, Cyndi. Gautier. MS, Fr lilaiikt-nship Rent S. Hattivsl'vurg. MS, Sr liiankr-riship, Kexin M , Hattiesliiirg, MSL lr Blessing, 1acqueline A.: Huntsville, AL, Soph. Bliven, Rebecca L.: Hattiesburg, MS: Fr. Blocker. Becky A.: Clinton, MS: Sr. lilootliwrth, Robert H., Alton, lL. Soph Hlooduuth, Robvrt S., lacksun, MSL lr Blue. Patricia X'. Laurel. MS, Sr Blount, Ieanne G4 Laurel, MS, Sr Boardman,loliE,Gulfpurt,lX1S1S0ph Bodin, Patti L , Ocean Springs, MS, Fr H1ttlUlllT1,CdX'l1'1 C 3 Ocean Springs, MS: Sr Bogan. Robert C , Gulfport. MS. Fr Boggs, Wanda C., Meridian, MS, Fr Bolla, Karen L.Richmond,lN1Soph Bolling. lohnny R 3 Gulfport, MS, Fr Bolton, Aralwds-lla. Hattiesburg. MS: Fr Boni1,.-Xrlvnv M , Perkinston, MS, lr Bon1n,Car4-5 A , Biloxi, MS1Soph Bonnffr. Ann, llattiesliurg, MS, Soph llonnvr, Marcia K, Waynesboro, MS, Sr Fi'-mln-.iiix. Iulie A. Pass Christian, MSL Sr Boone. Br-linda L. Florence, MS, Sr Boone Frank M. Biloxi, MS, Sr Boom- Righarti E,B1rmingliam,AL,1r Horizanwlli.Sunr,i,C-rwvnville,MS3Sripl1 liwrgrnan lJP1lN11'i1l'l A . 11attivshiirg. MS. Fr Borfvf.k'. Minhfwl 1. 111ll1114'f, MS, Soph liorfistdj. Cznthia A Cauthwr, MS, Sr lifimrgvr Keith .'X . Covlvn, AL, Soph Hvisvi.-.ifk Rinlmrfi D , Gulfport, MS in knnwth- X1 M:-nr1wnliall,MS Soph Bovinrls Kwith K1 R.i1+Jiqh,X1S. lr 51 1,rm.z-' llmw- '.1 X11-rivimn, MS. Soph 111f.'.fl--r. Roy 1- H 1'if,.1'.unw MS. Soph 11M.'.rr.,ir' Donn., R l'.1sr.iiavn1l.a, MS, Ir 11f, l,'.nnf- '.1 kwin MS' Sopli 11 mar. 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Snph Boyles, Ietfg Hattiesburg, MS, Sr Boyles. Marion K,, lacksun, MS, Sr Boykin, Bobby B. Hattiesburg. MS. lr Boykin, Lisa W , Mendenhall, MS. lr Brackmam. David M. Hattiesburg, MS. Fr Bradford, Standish I , Ocean Springs. MS. Sr Bradley, Scott T. Hattiesburg. MS, Ft Brady, Therese, Petal, MS. Ir Brady, LaDine: Natchez, MS. Soph Bragg, Melinda: Holly Springs, MS, Ir Bramlett, Pamela E.: Brandon, MS: Sr Brandt, Stephanie: Brandon, MS. Fr Branson. Michele M.. jackson, MS, Sr Brantley, Toletha N: Moss Point. MS, Sr Branton, Caroline, McComb, MS. Sr Brasher, Bobby L: Bude, MS: Sr Brasnier. Meribeth: Biloxi. MS, Soph Brauchle, Tina M.: Biloxi, MS: Sr Braxton, Ronnie D.: lackson. MS: Fr Breakfield, lean C.: Seminary. MS: lr Breaux, Edward I.: Metarie, LA: lr. Breeland, Becky C.: Biloxi, MS: Sr Breland. Stephanie A.: Petal. MS: Fr Brent, Ianice N.: lackson. MS: Sr Brent, Mitchell S,: Hattiesburg, MS: Soph Brewer, Barry E.: Pearl. MS: lr Brewer, Grace L.: Clara, MS: Sr Bridges, Pauline, Monticello, MS. Sr Bridges. Scott T.: Pearl. MS. lr, Bridges, Thomas, G.: Mobile, AL. Soph Brier. Robette G.: Mobile AL: Fr Bright, Sylvia E.: Picayune, MS. Fr Brister, Angela D.: Clinton. MS: lr Brister, Nena. Crystal Springs. MS. Sr Brister, Sara Kg lackson, MS. Sr Britt. Denny: Brookhaven. MS. Sr Britt, Ianice A.: dlheryille. MS, Soph Broadfoot. Deirdre L, Collins, MS. lr Brock, Lorilyn T.: Ray mond. MS. Sr Bockman. Cindy L. Vicksburg. MS. Fr Brooks. Derick L: Hattieshiirg, MS. Ir Brookshire, Roy C.: lackson. MS. Fr Broom. Rhonda K . Pasttagoiila. MS. Sr Broome, laqueline L: Summll, MS, Snph Undergraduates 159 1X ',1 xx ' X1N " . l1"' 1- A ' 'JN N' 1 Q'1un " ' 51N N 1. TI 111"1N . N- ' xx' 111, 1 '1 A' '11N ' 'L X I rw' . '-1X N 1' .' fx , ',1N N' 1 1 N Ei 11 "Z 'iii 11: 'xl 511g111 H' Y 11: 1-11,111 X18 11' Bnmn L P Natchez. MS. Soph Broun L.1Dor1s. Brookhaven. MSL Ir 11' ?'1':: ..1!' Hr,1:11f1111 X18 5111111 H' R P1101 SI.1rkxll11- X15 H '1 R If ll.1rZ111s1111ru X1S Pr 1' S.1rnir.1F I1-x:r:uI11r: N15 lr 13? S1r1E Dmwxzlif- YA Fr Br '.-.rt SH1-rr:L Pvmf X18 lr Bra-.'1 Nhzrlv-j. A Strmgvr 515. Ir Sh:r1wA X1.1111-n MS Ir H' 111111131 S S?m11u!.1 X18 Suph 1.15: N1 I.11,k:11rt AL Ir Hrmzmfzflhi llll E P-4.11 X15 Ir 1171277117511 1'.1Yr:1f Tj.lvrr11xxr'1 X15 If Eif'.77'f:vI11 R1:11'. A Tj.lsrI11xxn X15 Ir 1Sr1:::,f':1l.. 12.111111 1 12 X1.aen1'1l1.n, N1S,Sr Hrnm-r '.'.11j.n.11 Pwns.u'11ld FL Fr HTH' 1--ff--7. 5 Irfan Sprmus N18 lr Brlm' H1111 X1.1111511n MS lr E111' R1xri111f17 llu11p111rr X18 Sffph Br, ,r" 11111:!1ws11urg,N1S Ir Hi. J' 11.17. F 1'1.1tr1vs11u1rz F118 Fr 1- 1" '.11rJ'.11 1. F' '.'.11lr11n Bmfh FL, Sr H11 ?11m.1r: Dlfgk N111111l- AL. lr Hvzfkxr, F1f111e Lufw11.1l11 NIS Ir 51.111 111r'11' E Cu1fg111r1 N15 Sr E1'L,l11r1Z S?1mr,.1L H11-1x1 N15 Ir F11 ..,. rf Swan- '11 P11V11!"lxlf1 5.15 If . - Ei1r11ZE B11211'-fY.hI'111 N15 Sr H11 11 '.111F. E SHrr1:n,1r'j. 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MS: Fr Cagle, Melissa L.: Nicholson, MS. Fr Cain, Karen S.: Columbia, MS: Soph Caldarelli, Kelly A.: Long Beach. MS: Soph Caldwell, Bryan: Gulfport. MS: Ir Caldwell, Kevin G.: Gulfport. MSL Sr Caldwell, Marv lean: Columbus. MS. Ir Cameron. Iennifer L.: Laurel. MS1Soph Cameron, Mary G.: Panama City. FL. lr Campbell. Leigh A.: Collins. MS: Soph Campbell. Sandra G.: Collins. MS. Sr Campbell, Theresa A.. Clinton. MS. Soph Cannon, William B.: Waveland. MS. Sr Cantrell, Kent M.: McComb. MS: Sr Cantrell. Rhonda F.: McComb. MS: Sr Canzoneri, Cathy A.: David. FL: Sr Capell. Art A.: Selma, AL: Sr Carballo. Lisa C.: Iackson. MS: lr Cardone. Iohn: Montclair. Nl: Sr Carey. Marv D.: Summit. MS: lr Carlisle. Amy I.: Hattiesburg. MS: Fr Carlson. David L.: Hattiesburg, MS. Snph Carlson, Florence: Hattiesburg. MS. Ir Carmack. lames H L Iackson, MS. Soph Carmichael. Gary D: Ocean Springs, MS. Soph Carmichael. Lisa A: lackson. MS, Suph Undergraduates 161 N I'-HI ll.eHI.xln11g NIS 3-wg-ll wzvx ll'Ilx IIJIIIVNIVIIIK N15 Sl I rf: II fem.: I lh1Il..eIl1m1.I X15 Iv u 5,1114-1 KAY-'11 I' Slull. ll I 'X lx I H: Xl--lm-l.x lI.elI1.-xlmlu NIS N ..3 1 '. 1' XI1.l1,u-'Il ll.lIIl.-xlullg X15 Il I .I:1vx1!fx Ilwxtmx 5n'll.l!-vlllll NI5. Il 1 :V III IM-In-r.llm I, X.llm'l1a'.1.hIS.SnplI um-Ill Iu.m1I.u l..1.ulfp-url. Mb, Ir tlurrwll I 15.1 I-', .'M'1Xlt'. l..-X, l"r I .1ru1l1l1.u I--fvrmnl ll. I.ungIiv.wl1, MS. Ir :Hmmm I IXlQ'I'lllllll1. MS. lr 'ml'-r tfhumlm K.ShuhuI.1. MS,Suph 1 .urh-r llvurgv F. Wu-sl Pulnl. MS, Fr Q,I.urh-r. Klillr' R , Nah hvz. MS. Sr ll.lfIr'T Thomas D. Purvns. MS. Fr lf.1rIvr,W1ll1e' P. M.xgnoI1.a. MS, Fr. Carlv-r.XXllmd I. Eclxmrmls. MS. Ir kharlmr Ir-flrey A. Biloxi. MS. Suph CASA AIIFITI I . Biluxl. MSL Il' Cash, Fmnm-s E, Fun-sl. MS. Ir. Castle. Patricia. Laurf-l, MS, Ir Khnlswy. Teresa F: Mcilnmh. MS. Sr tldmlmrn. Rohm L1H.azlPhursl. MS: Ir nhfnnmm. Rugky P, Hattiesburg. MS, Soph. Ilvnmnnl, Michael P. Hattiesburg. MS. Sr Chnlwl, Rnberl B . Orlando. FL. Soph Chambers. Paula F: Forvsl. MS: Fr Chumhllss. Irlhn I C. IIAIIIPSIYIIYR, MS. Sr f:l'Idl'1CPlll'lI',C-iIl'lf'l'lHf? R . Elllsville. MS, Ir Ijhdncgwllur. Ifamvs C. Mohilv. AI.. Ir Chdmllwr. Dmna I.. Laurel. MS, Sr flhdnrllwr. Thffrwsa A . Wiggins. MS. Ir, Chdplm. Edmund E. Petal, MS. Sr, Ilhlnpmdn. Kll'T1IWr'l'Iy M.Bilox1,MS. Fr flhdsv, Suv- Ianksun. MS. Ir flhdllmm flfmfn Nl . IIQIIIIPSIJIIFLZ, MS. Ir 'mvhflm Zenuhm D. M4155 Pmn!,MS,Sr1ph Chumfy. Guy N Iacksnn. MS. Ir flhllds. Ruhf-rl I , Chinn. CA. Sr Chxrxnrms.Iuan.l.agumllaS,Zl1ll.l,Sr f,l'lIflDfIi MarldnvldI.5-1arar,flilJrm.Zl1lia Chrlsllfm Inhn I,, Ildphnr-, AL. Ir kllrxxrmn l.lnvl.a K llnllu-sln1ry,Px1S Fr turf I,-.-.I-II Idnvt G I,mllCfe5x'1lIv. fx1S.Suph 'Ink Ang:-ld P. Idnksun, MS. Snph fmgynr: fiuj. L Ucwln Spr1ngs,Tx1S l-'r KI-:Tk Inmlv f, . 541511, 515. SI' f,l.4rlf l'r1sr,1ll.n N1llf,l'I4'Z, MS Fr f..,,rlc Sims' I- Inn--slmrfl fl.-X Sflph fmhwm nhw.A xlwmv uslr r.IfllI'lf' l.w.m I-Q l.'AlIl"'l 215 Ir f.fI,YHr. f,:nrl'. '.I11nlywm--P. ,-Xl. Sr f,.f1.'wr, Slivrxvfll 'wlvrlflmn 5.13 Sr , K. I f...,,'w:'l 'Nh--rr1R .vmhf-1 .IS Suph Y..--.mmf hhlrlf-H R '.lfrlvl1.m X18 Ir N12 Ifnrlergraflllalfcs DERGRADUATES D u 'x 5 . lr. 1- . Aix A - H x - I t .5 'lv Q . . ,j,!- X ' - : 'I I ' '-I 3: .. , . Y-lv '- I. .- 1d..ilLb-Q I at .4 5 . ,, -. ,B . Q. J, , f, Y. -. J .-n 13 , ' .M .4 45. Q f R 6 . ri 1 ' f E sy. 'Q I 1 .hr .fri ,- " K. NE Q If? Ie' 9 I xx L fs V7 iv K ' QU fXci 3 Il-IMI-if N. ,- 5 . J 'fm Kxli .. J 3' ' I v 45- ' -fu I ' ,I 5. A lrhxlv 5 4. If -I ?. --' L I r 'I Q Q.. f - 5. if 1:4 ..l. ,X s 13' 1 f V ...:,:iJ 1 U x ' x . Z- I I5,I:'i?flIlfl' .I.h:..3?eea5i?ls lf.-,-I dl 2 'of i i n ' il If I' gll D x .QL 5 iff? C v V4 9' s ,dp . Y I P F , ri lg rl ' - nf " ' 4' I' - - , X I X X ' tl if i 4 I f S A I Ll' i ' 1'-'l I B .I . my X L I . +1 " jg I' ' It 'Q H V, , ' -" v- ' 4 1 A QA , l. . 5 , -ah, , ' X 4, ' - - t - .2 vs, I 4' ., I Yu V is . 4' , ' xv., Q x ' A 3 if . - 4 1 ' rx ' 'I V KW ' Q ill? M was ' . I as! 'xi V A vm - - t , ,., dn I I wi 4. 4 ' - 3 v' ' X ,J ,l Q E ' .. ,if A I 4, - ..Tq ., :XX R 4 I Q , tl V I ::g,fF. I wi 4 I I1 I :I I 'w I t f- ti Xl to if f ite i t .J .. f fi 3 . I , ull HSM 'til I M ' .3 9 J: 3 C1 CLEMENTS X CORBIN flletnvnts Douglas S , Gulfport, MS. Fr Cleveland, Shannon K, llnion, MS. Sr t'Ililiurn. Htlly ll, Pearl, MS, If Cliliurn, Brad R . lflorenur. MS If Clinton, Christoplier E , San Diego, LA Soph flloutir-r, Ioann A. fiullport, MS. Sr Cluy,SI1'phf:nfi. Pusan, Korea, Fr Clyburn, Paul I , Laurel. MS Ir Coats, Danny T, Hattiesburg. MS. Sr Coats, Victoria B. Laurel, MS. Sr Cobb, Deborah A . Biloxi. MS. Fr Cochran. Kim D : Waynesboro, MS. Sr Cockrell, Kiely M, Vicksburg, MS. Soph Coghlan. Bettye A: Newton. MS. Sr Coker. Kay. Biloxi, MS: Sr Coker, Paula I : Citronelle. AL: Soph Colbet. Maria T.: Biloxi, MS, Fr Cole. Brenda I : Hattiesburg, MS: Soph Cole. Carolyn R : Amory, MS: Ir Cole, Cynthia A : Iackson, MS, Sr Cole, Dawn R.: Meridian. MS. Fr Cole, Susan R. Katy. TX, Sr Coleman, Iohn L.: Iackson, MS: Soph. Coleman, Stephen E.: New Orleans. LA: Sr. Coleman, Vickie B.: Natchez. MS: Ir. Colex. Kathy M.: Pascagoula. MS: Sr. Collette, Iean: Brandon, MS: Fr. Collins, Diana G.: Gautier, MS: Soph. Coleman, Roger D 1 Arlington, VA. Soph Collins. Iayne A.: Hattiesburg, MS: Fr. Collins. Wendy M.: Laurel, MS: Ir. Collinsworth, Gina G.: Brandon, MS: Fr. Combest, Steve R.: Stonewall, MS: Sr, Comfort. Elinor S.: Brandon. MS, Fr. Condon, Michael S.: Long Beach, MS: Sr. Conerly. Martha H.: Iackson. MS: Sr. Conn. Anthony P.: Monticello, MS: Sr Connell, Iohn W : Tupelo. MS: Fr. Conway, Robert S.: Iackson, MS: Soph. Cook, Carroll L.: Hattiesburg, MS: Soph Cook, Iames C.: Hattiesburg, MS: Soph. Cook, Sandra L.: Morton. MS: Ir. Cooke, George A.: Madison, MS: Fr. Cooke. Stephanie L.: Hattiesburg. MS1Sr. Cooke, Steve BC.: Hattiesburg. MS: Fr Cookson, Chris L.: Mobile, AL: Sr. Cooley, Cynthia L: Hattiesburg, MS: Sr. Cooley. Ronnie. Waynesboro. MS. Ir Coombs. Dennis M: Senatobia, MS: Sr Coon, Iames A.: Pascagoula, MS: Soph Cooper. Belinda F.: Iackson. MS. Ir Cooper, Gail E.: Monticello, MS: Ir. Cooper, Ianet W 1 Monticello. MS: Ir Copeland, Era P: Petal. MS: Soph Coppage, Ioel A.: La Fayette. GA. Ir Corbin. Christian E: Gulfport. MS: Fr Undergraduates 163 IQ i zitillii Ninilx R II.ittn-sliiiiu NIS twin-'tt R-ilwit XI tliiltr-.tit NIS I.-it lx,-rn I II.ix St I-nth NIS It Si It I iz: R.-liin XX Ii.ix St Imiis NIS Stiplt I .-str l'.tin--Iii I' lziitvipim-, XIS Siiph init.-n Il.-tiigiiv Xt.-.ntxillp NIS mutt.-'i l.l-'ntl.t X XII-.nlxillv MS. thin-ii, l.iy l1,I.nkwn.MS tk-tt--ii, Nnmi S . Ili-imitirlii. I-'I.. tktttrill Shirli-3 II., MS Iiinmrtl, Ernt-st l., Murttin, MS. tfiix, Sh.irnn I-I. Iimmltin, MS. lim. Susan D, Hnttivslnirg, MS. ' ' FI l,,r.iIili, Inv I.. Miami, ,. 1 mt r.iIt l.itiuulyii XI . Inrnestuxx n, RI, Craft. luhn A , Purvis, MS: llmu-n, Richard D, Hattieslmrg, MS. Craig, lvaniv. Knoxville, TN, Su tjrimlnrti, Kayr L. Vicksburg, MS, So tirnuttirnl, Patrice, Mt Olive, MSL Creel, lutly A. Laurel, MS. Si I'r lr I'r Ir Sr lfr Sr Sr Fr, Fr Fr ph ph lr lr Crawl, Tracy Eg Bogalusa, LA: Ir. Crenshaw. Karen, Hattiesburg, IXISL Fr.'irginiaA,1McC0mh, MSL lr. Crunia, Iames M.1Vicksburg, MSL Ir. Cmsliy, Cheryl D.: Hattiesburg, MS: Soph Crossley. Ivan B1 lackson, MSL lr Criissley, lohn H.1Canton, MS: Sr, Crust-.hite, Nancy I , lackson, INISQ lr Cruutch. Monica F 3 Gulfport, MS: Fr tlrimdwr, Diane E. Long Beach. MS: lr rtmsun, William L. Hattiesburg, IXISQ Soph Cuellar, Norma C3 Petal, MSL Soph Culberson, Felicia A , Gulfport. MS, Cumhwrland, left' H1 Florence. MSL fliirli-tix, Paul R , Ocean Springs, MS: Fr Sr Sr tlurlwy, Kuthleen E. Hattiesburg, MS, Sr Currie. Sheila M , Gulfport, MS Curry. Candy, Gulfport, MS. :Ir Sr tiurry, Chdrlt-es D , Gulfport, MSL Sr CIIFFXTYIIWIO1. Hattiesburg, MS. Fr ClII'IIS,CdI'1Llj'lliiCkSUI'I, MS. Fr Curtis. Karen B , Utica, MS, Sr Ildwhnkv, Val-ci I., Pigdyiine, MS, Sr mph IJ.nlf-5. Pamela A . Bilrixi, MS. Srmph Dallas, Brililn I,, Ulu, MS. Sr Dallas, Pamela L., MS. Ir I', Teri A. Ulu, MS. Suph Il.inf,f-r Nluuriu-, Starkville. MS, Si iph Ilfinivl I'J.n-.n N . flftllins. MS. Sr Imriif-l I.slwlvtli.i, Pfipl.4rx'ills', MS. lr ltfivzt-ls Sliprffin I. Ft h1r.l'h1-rf-.on,fQA. Fr IJ-srtlvls SUI' llultiv-slrllfpl, NIS, II lJ.1j.tfiri lmlv Huy Springs, MS, Fr Imiirfi lhiriuni. KI fLiiIfpfirt,tx1S lr it-i'.f'tiliwlif'r IJ.i'.ul I,'.iIlv- NIS. Sr 164 Ilnclergracliieites DERGRADUATES - ...X Q ,ii ' X i "1 mul? K Y" N ui i Lb! .N gf. v Q Qu. .Qvi-' 1 ' Ma. lr 5, .' ls l! X' L X n Ia Q , I I ,x I I if ' - .. 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Fr Elizabeth D.: Canton, MS: Soph lanet R.: Meridian. MS: Ir Iennifer K.: DeKalb. MS: Sr lohn S.: Louisville. MS: Ir lim L.: Hattiesburg, MS: Fr loyce L.: Natchez, MS: lr. Ioscelyn M.: Brooklyn. MS: Soph. Kevin L.: Gulfport. MS: Soph Kevin R.: Lucedale, MS: Soph. Margaret L.: Pelahatchie, MS: Soph. Mary P.: Clinton, MS: Fr. Nancy A.: Hattiesburg, MS: Sr. Robert D.: Long Beach. MS: Sr. Robert L.: Brandon. MS: Soph. Davenport, lack H.: Hattiesburg. MS: Fr. Dawkins, Greg B.: Hattiesburg. MS: Fr. Dawsey, john E.: Columbus, MS: Fr. Dawson. David A.: McComb, MS: Sr. Dawson. Edward T.: Biloxi, MS: Sr. Undergraduates 165 -. M11 RUTH-II I' II.I!Ili-sIllll! I x., iii:-1 I'.iuI.I XI I-i1imIlv.nIi 1'.,.,::i.ii: II- iinix X lung II.-.ii Ii IM-.iii-ii XI.nik l.uIl Iirm-,w IM II.uiiI.'.. I---iw Iulif- X Ilullx Spin IM-II-III'N I II.illii-sliiilg, II.-.I--,iiix Ilixnl NI Klliltginrl IM-.ihiiix X-'iiinii I II.iwIfIii'isli.iii, II.-vii .-Xml-Ii.i IL , Ilulfpiirl. Ihiiiim I, Ui min Springm. II:-km-Mui.-I In-x-1i'I. Biloxi, I1vIi.i IL-th II.itIu-shurg, INII, ll I7.niiI, Uulfpiirl. Ilwllwiigvr Shin ll, Iiiluxi, MS Ir M5 Ii MS hr H Ir igs NIS X15 I'r MS, Fr MS, Sr MS. Ir MS Ir MS. Fr MS, hr MS, Fr MS, br Uc',Sl1SdI'l M , Iaiikson. MS Ir h, IW' ziwliup--iiliis Lis.: ll , Wilinvr, AL, Sup IM-nisiin, Cindy I2 , Signlm, NY, Sn II--If .iiiil-rv I' I , P.isn.igmil.i, MS, Fr ILAM.iiir-I Karr-n A, Iiicksun, MS: Si ll.-rilwii, Susan T, Currie-rv, MS, Su MSL Sr IlvI'.iIiii.i, Michael I , PiL.i5'unv. ph, xph ph. Il.-ri-rriim.-r I-irnirry P, Hattivsliiirg, MS, Soph Il.-xiii, Iiini I . Gulf Brvvzv, FL. Soph, Dvixs, I. Andrew Hiittiwshurg, MS, Sr Diaz, Roland, Biloxi, MS: Sr. Diaz, Misha:-I I , Biloxi, MS: Ir IMI Ivrwn II-inniv D. Lucedale, MS, Soph Iliikv-rwn,R.an1I5 C. Union, MSI Ir Ili' I.-rwn, Ilimmy A , McI'LrimIm. Ihif,k1m.iin Ann A , Bay St Louis. Iliplxinenn, K+-nsil I, Pascfiginila. Ili: kinwn, Rhiiniiia I., Breirikhaxwn Ilir ksnn, .-XIir,+- K, M055 Pninl, Ibirkswn,M1LhavIG,I.iLksnn. Ili.-wrt, Rim B. Ashland, Iliizux IJ.-irfirv U, HdIIIf'SIllII'H. Ilzlliwirii- Fr'-fivrick P, Iiattiesliurg. Ilisf hvr Mdurw-n A , Hiluxi. II'-hvrr: I.'i.irrvn I, II.illwsIiiirg. MS: MS, MS MS MS. MS, MS, MS, MS, MS. MSI Sr Fr .Ir .Ir, Fr Sr Sr. Fr SU, Fr Sr Dum:-Q Lis.: Iiiiq.-rlulv, MS, Snph Ilfirmhfii- Iwflrf-5 S ,,ksnn, MS. Sr IJiin4iIivw Kviin D , I'1if,st.iI Springs, MS, Ir IJiiriii.m HI.-rrw C Smrkxilli-, MS, Soph Ilfirswy, Ixmm-, I,l1IIf'IH. l,A1Sr Ilnss, Udxizi N , Iliilfpurl, MS, Sr Ilfiihwruv.. UH' Dfw, Br.iri:Inn, MS: Ir Imiiiinn RVIIIVFI X' f2iilIpf1rI,MS,Sr Ilfw.-.ning IJi.m.1I,.Mwriri1.nn,Mb,5r IJu',Iv Ilfinivl KY Rumnrikf-, YA, Ir Illililisf- Inari R Muliilr-, :Xl Soph 'imwri IIii'ri-8.1.5. fnilfpurl MS Snph ffIifP.'.fir'I. I,u,inn:1f. II.iiIi MH Im' I'I. Su-Min I' '.I.iizw- 7.15 Iniff Ifihn Ii II.inif'sIiiiriz, M , Suph Snph S, Pr Iluff Im-nri-'Yh I, II.illi:-xbiirpz, MS, Ir IJiiI-- Hurlfir I..nir:-I, MS 1611, Iinriffrgmriiizitfcs Sr DERGRADUATES fi Q. 4. i I --4 J . X r Im ,I I ' Q, 'Q VI." f ,' N Il- .4 wx. . .4 1 'li f , 3 no I 3 :5, T 5- 9, 1' Ll s x -U. 191- I, I I I , I V: tw' I . I3 allvvi I i . r I , X L 5 cw Zig .,!'w, ,I Q., 6 VIPQ aft V U-'V .v 5. wx' N fa" ,.". Yi 'A F! ' I I fx I if .fe ' 4 I i li 1 ' 1' .A Ir- 3, .2 4-ns -,. 'ix A 'fl W. f' , g ' up 2 -I . dv- Q, : I I . Q s NA 3' if 5 ' ,,i, 1 55' if f " DUKES 1 EUBAN KS IJlIl'lA'-. Iirii Ilattieshuig L15 bupii Iluiiias I fff- '.IuInI1: AL Supl. Imri.i-.A.aj. hlierrj. K Uiliirriliia RIS Fi IJtiii.ii.'.,i, I-.fIditf?.1 Idmuklia'.::r, LIS Ir Iliiiiuaii I,i-Iza F, Laurel HIS If Iltin ri I!li'iri1I.iIJ Litinrif-ll-A AI. Ii Ijtlttillii' lm-1, Elfibilf: AI. br i v-I IJiir.ind. xliuliael . ..IvfrivIuta II. 5: Iltirharn. Mai". I' Liiltirrilna L15 I'r Ilurr, ludj. ,'K.fQli1v.agfi. II. Sr Ilu illt ' I. Dur r.Kutr1:ma R , tit iurt..:1S I'i rfftt, Edith A . Hum I..1kf- M5 It Dye. Suv- IJ . bulfpnrt MS lr Uvk I-lad es, Marsha C , Laurr:l 5.15 It s. Charles. Vickshiirg, MS. Fr Easterling, Franklin L, Rinhton, MS Ir Iitisterling. Stephen E,RiLht1in. MS Suph Enhiils, Phala B. Linden, AL. lr I-Irlsall, Stifphtfn T: Pinayune, Mb. Si Edwards. lames R, Forest. MS. Ir Edwards. Carla M , Riehtun. MS, Ir Edwards, Marie. Carmiahael. MS. lr Egley. Catherine A . Leland, MS. Fr Eglriff, Tammy L.: Okolfina. MS. Snph Eidt. Alisa D., Natchez. MS, Fr Eiken. Laurie E . Gautier. MS. Suph Eiland.Terr1' R: Pascaguula. MS. lr Eisenhauer. Ava G., Petal, MS. Fr Eisenhauer. Fred R.: Petal, MS. Fr Ekey. Karen A L Biloxi. MS: Fr Eldridge, W Sue: Meridian. MS: Ir Elkins. Sherry L: Wesson, MS. Soph Ellis. Beth: Picayune, MS: Ir Ellis, lanet R.: Natchez, MS: Fr. Ellis, Philander R.: Iackson. MS: Fr. Ellis, Virginia C.: Winona. MS. Suph Ellison. Eugene T: Biloxi, MS: Fr Ellmo, Craig T.: Brandon, MS: Fr Ellmo. lackie: Brandon. MS, Soph Ellsworth. Lee W.: Hattiesburg. MS, Ir Ellzey, Timothy E.: Laurel. MS. Sr Ely. Vallie M: Richton, MS. Fr Emerson. Melanie L: Beaumont. MS. Fr Engel. Larry E.: Foley. AL: Soph England. loyce A.: Natchez. MS, Ir English, Michael G. Perkinston. MS. Sr Ensign. Dwayne Eg Pelahatchie, MS. Fr Erickson, Mark B.: Springfield. IL. Sr Eskrigge. Charles N: Greenville. MS. Ir Essary, Gary O: Hattiesburg. MS. Fr Essaiy Larry E.: Hattiesburg. MS. Ir Estrada. Angela: Gulfport, MS, Ir Etheridge, Elizabeth D , Brandon MS. Smyth Ethridge. Ron LjlBII'I't1II'1lZl1tiI'T1,,"XI,. lr Eulianks. Iames M. Lucedale. MS Sr Etihanks. Iulie A . Iackson. MS. Ir Undergraduates 167' ' nu IU unx I Inn I-.I.1Iv X15 Il.f'..11M FII: 5IhIn'II I X Im., I-!Ir1xI II,1I!1vwIvlIIg X121 ' I- N II- Iwlm IH' II.eII:fwIvlll! XIS E.-'N II,-I1,II.II II.nHn.-Nimru X15 I..n:wx 'II.1:'. 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MS. Sr Nr:.,nuI1 X11vI1vll+- E, flcgvdn Springs. MS. lr I-.mst Ihnld I., Pdscagoula, MS, lr Ihmv-1.1 F, Bay St Louis, MS: S0 fknvr Ilvmmy :X , FI Walton Beach. FI.. Fr III-,.,rvI Rnln-rt IuIn.m, Bay SI Louis. MS. lr I.45IIr11.'I'x-Illia N , Bllfwxl. MS, Sr If-.121-II,ShvIIf1n Ray. Florence. MS. lr Hlmlf-r SI1v'I'flI..IXICCIJIT'lI7,IXIS. Fr I'UbIfIvr Wlllmm KHHI1. I.iIxerK5. XIS. Sr I--rI,II--', III-Immh Kap' Plmaylnnfe, XIS, S0 I-wnmrrwrw Ifl'.f1b'I.,pl'l'T1IlI'flkf-' Pins-s, FL. lr I'f'I!lISHI'l N I"D'Ilf.P' Clllfpnrl, MS. Sr I---ruuwn lnrnwslnr-,I7llr.AnI.X1S. Fr I'--rguwru '.1.1r'. ,"xIIxwn.f2l1Ifpurl, XIS, Ir I'--rwzsnn 'I'hnm.Is E f.VlIlIfT1IllIS,fJII, Sn I'lfMn,K.IrI1I Plr.fIj.l1nP, MS. Sr Iwlf-s l.m.1I.5'nn, Imv I1 If-Ifrw, fQ.arI,I.Ir.ksnn.X1S. lr Im' II Rwlm lm II.I!lwsIn1rpz. X1S,Sn I 'lm-r Ixfxrf-r1I.'.nnv I.u,Icwn X1S.Sr Inf.. f-'. Izrm I' '.1-'nf1"nImII, XIS Ir 51.15.-.., Izvzu--n.. '.1ffn11vnI1.III, X15 Pr Im.:-. Hfdwrl I. fmlfpnrl XIS Fr I 'x.'r.-.II.11uI1 '.1f'r1rI1.m, X18 Sn iw .',- ' 1,I-xI"I'." III l.u.ksfrn LIS Sr I ' I1-f V, Sm- I'f'rIs.ImI'4 FI. Fr 168 IIDfI1'I'g'I'ilfIII2lIHS DERGR DU TES G .. N . 'K r L dv it I L N I 4 'II F. 3 if xv 'AHA 'Q ,"',. .L ,J 1 ' ,av V hx X r tw:-1 ., , Q1 ii- 3' -'Vu 1 ' ,tv - XJ K2 vi Q J ,- f ev 3 , V. ., .. S .1-ref. X , s ' ' f -1 Q :,:.,Al , ,ya 7 5 . .S flu, A WX .J , t sf I' ,ll s. Y Q Xa 1 1 1. yi' .., A is AJ! - -va? ' K .1 Qu : l :N-'XF nu Q . , 1 I H if Fins' QQ, Ajillli , Z" I X qv .i f 1- vv' FIZER ! FRANKLIN Fizer, Brenda Faye: Clarksdale. MS: So, Fleming. Marilyn Denise: lackson, MS: Sr. Fleming, Sandra Lynn: Natchez, MS: lr. Fletcher, Karen Elizabeth: Pensacola. FL: Fr. Flowers, Donna K.: Moss Point, MS: So. Flowers, Mickey C.: Petal, MS: So Floyd. Cathy Denise: Natchez. MS: Fr Floyd, Celia E.: Natchez, MS: lr. Floyd. Eddie B.: Brookhaven, MS: Sr, Floyd, Steven L.: Hattiesburg, MS: lr. Foles, Lance David: Hattiesburg. MS: So. Folkes. Madelyn Carole: Seminary. MS: jr, Fongasi, Yod: Bangkok, Thailand: Sr. Fontenelle, Michele Renee: Biloxi. MS: So. Ford, Euily Ann: Taylorsville. MS: Ir, Forehand, Kenneth lames: Gulfport. MS: So. Formby, Amy: Picayune, MS: Soph. Fornea, Sherri Lynn: Iackson, MS: So. Forte, Austin I.: Lake, MS: Sr. Fortenberry, Larry Nelson: Sumrall, MS: Sr. Fortenberry, Louis Vance: Magnolia, MS: Sr. Foshee, Connie: Terry, MS: So. Foster. Celeste Ann: Ocean Springs, MS: Sr Foster, limmieSue: Ocean Springs. MS: Fr Foster, Kathy L.: lackson, MS: lr. Foster, Stacie I.: Walker, MS: lr. Fountain, Candi S.: Biloxi. MS: Sr, Fountain. Lori F.: Forest, MS: Sr, Fowler, Charlotte L.: Hattiesburg. MS: So Fowler, David Brooks: Carthage, MS: lr Fowler. leffrey Scott: Ocean Springs. MS: Sr Fowler. Laura: Vicksburg, MS: lr. Franciskato. Robert Leu is: lackson. MS. So Frank, Beclq' Brumfield: Metairie. LA: So Franklin, David Norman: Brookhaven. MS. lr Undergraduates 169 E I A qr, II.-nn I' 111.-vxnxw-ul MS Sl I'.'IkI::w I' lh.m.- lung li.-.u I1 NIS I1 l:.n.'u-1 If-.mmv QIIIIINJII. MS I1 !1.u.'n1 l'.nnvl,u I Imka-v11.XlS. Ix Iw.:.11Ik Xmx R ll.mII1f-slullu MS I 1 I'-'.':z.m lmnk H lunxlxvr Mb SUIIII E '1f::'..u'm llm lk H.ulH1-slulri X15 Supl! I 1- I umm Wu llu lv I'vns.u uln. H., Soph In . 111.411 Rhwrni.n I W.hhlI1gIn1l1,fX1S.Sr I: -"' 1n.m lh-wm.1sI P.m.xgu11l.1. MS. Ir I-1-Allwrl. I'--guy M. Imksnn, MS,Sr l-zfnln-xl Ru ky I H.1lliosl1urg.MS. Ir Irml I.1mivX' Hllnlsvlllv, .-Xl.. Suph in-almxlr. If-Ilt..t,11Ifpnrl, MS, Ir !'Y1xl.IX K1-n.: I. Brnokhau-rm, MS, Fr Ifmxs, Dr-lvrdh I . Yamlmxw, MS, Ir Ifryw. Iillmln-th, Brandon. MS, Ir Ifulmvr,AnnE.Meridi.1n.MS3Fr Fullun. Gary R. Biloxi, MS. Sr Fulmn. I.nm-5 C . Gulfport. MS. Sr lfull-:n,'I1nn1n1y C,BIlUYl,FX1S.Il' Inn' 11.155, Lum I . Hdltl-Jshllrg. MS, Soph l'v1r::-Nhat Rurmld S , Gulfpurl. MS, Soph Funk, Ralph R, Lario, Fl,g Sr Furlmx.Mvl.1niP1IdCks0n.MSiFr Furr. Mr-lum A. Pic.a5unv, MS. Sr tgdlmlf-. lldrmen R. Rdlwlgh, MS, Ir l,.1gl1.mi1 X'll.kf 'If Edniicetnn. MS, Sr l7r.11H"N. Rwhwrt K. Pascagnuld. MS. Ir 1,..1n-fy.4Q1.4r.1 R.XX'.1ln11lCroxwf, MS. Ir f2dlln'.x.1y, Mvg, Canton. MS. Suph IL.1mInlI. Nrwmh I , Meridian, MS. Ir 1j,1n1Ilrvll,Tin.1LSlidvll.LA.Ir fQ,Inzrn1ln.SI+fphwn R.B1lux1,MS,Soph r1.mmi5 If-fry L.B1lnxl,MS,Fr lL..n:ix l.1nrLn T , Crmtwr. MS. Sr lmnfij. Zvlmfx E. Flnrvnmi, MS, Sr fmnuzv-nn. f,.nrl I Gulfport, MS, Snph Ildnf. Hn-nal.: I.. P1-url, MS. Fr Mfr!-In Shunn M Hu-dn Springs, MS. Ir ffffrfinwr Xlflv-rw Hdllwslmrg. MS, Fr fnfrlffnri Hwrrms C Idnksun, MS. Fr fmrulfl Ruw- M 4l.ml1:-r. MS. Ir '71:..w. H:-lwlmh K Hfllflklfll MS. Snph Runnw- Gulfpnrl MS. Sr fflfrrwfru Imnnxf- I. Idnksun, MS. Suph fmslrm HIIIWFI S fX1ulrllo'.Al.. Fl' ' 1 fmvlm .H-rn-um K I.4r.ksnr1. MS Ir fnnxfiwl N1.1r'. 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Sl1aron,Gullport. MS. Sr Gr-orge. Robert, K. Laurel, MS. Soph Gent. Ianet L. Hattiesburg, MS, Sr Gent, Iariuelinr- A Hattiesburg, MS, Soph Gentile, Frank I , Sarasota, FL, Fr Gerrard, Betsy G , Cleveland, MS, Sr Geltys. Angee M , Hattiesburg, MS. Ir Gvx, Kerry G . Pir.aj.'une, MS, Sr Gex. Lucien M, Waveland, MS. Sr Biggs, Iohn T 3 Saucier, MS. Sr Gibson, Dale C , Long Beach, MS, l'r Gibson, Susan M 3 Biloxi, MS. Fr Giese, Kevin L.: Columbia. MS. Soph Gilbert, Kathleen H , Ocean Springs, MS Sr Gilder, Karen A.: Iackson, MS: Fr Gill. Ben C: Iackson, MS, Sr Gill, Rachel L.: Meadville, MS. Soph Gill, Sabrena Y: Woodland, MS: Ir Gillespie, Hugh B.: Raymond, MS. Ir Gillespie, Pam I.: Hattiesburg, MS, Soph Gillespie, Suzanne K.: Hattiesburg. MS. Fr Gillis, Gary S.: Iackson, MS Gillis, Russell C.: Gulfport, MS: Sr Gillum. Iohn L.: Long Beach, MS, Fr Gily, Eugene P.: Purvis, MS. Ir Gilmore, I. Elizabeth: Purvis, MS, Sr Gilmore, Kenneth T, Bay St Lous, MS, Fr Ginn, David T: Atlanta, GA. Fr Ginn, Donald L, Bay St Louis, MS. Fr Gipson. Charles B.: Purvis, MSL Ir Gladney, Ioy E.: Iackson, MS: Ir Glenn. Duane T: Biloxi, MS. Sr Glidwell. Linton M: Biloxi, MS. Sr Guice, Claiborne D., Picayune. MS: Fr Godbold, Iucy M.: Iackson, MS, Ir Golden, Suzy B.: Dunedin, FL: Fr, Gonzalez, Anna C 3 Columbia, MS, Soph Gomez, Cassandra I : Vicksburg, MS: Sr Gomez, Michael E: Vicksburg. MS. Soph Gomillion, Lynne: Carthage. MS: Ir Gonzalez, Ralph M.: Gulfport, MS, Ir Goodman, Gladys S: Hattiesburg. MS. Sr Goodman, Laura L.: Tampa, FL: Soph Goodman, Lisa D: Iackson. MS. Sr Goodrich, Nancy L, Picayune, MS, Soph Goodsell, Carol I.: Iackson, MS: Ir Goodson, Dewanna R.: Fayette. MS: Sr Goodwin. Angela L.: Hattiesburg, MS: lr Goodwin, Iulia A: Newton. MS: Sr Goodwin, Kay EL Forest. MS. Fr Gordon, David L, Hattiesburg, MS. Ir Gordon. Ianet C.. Liberty, MS, Ir Gordon. Iohn D: Pascagoula. MS, Snph Gordon, Marilynn M , Meridian, MS Soph Gordon, Rodney G . Pascagoula, MS, Fr Gore, Rita A 3 Sumrall, MS. Sr Undergraduates 171 A111 am X1 llmweburxz N154 X15 Nr X15 M X15 5' X15 lr X15 l'r X15 11 X1S S., X15 Sr N1S,Ir 31381: X18 Sr X15 Sr 518, Fr NIS Ir S0 515. Ir L r Ramix Rmdall Pearl X1S,lr rn 1ma X1 Pacv. FL fmlnknnkd X15 A onm Kpnf- u-'la ,lr 1 Ama Ndtchvzl N15 Ir P rrlxn Pe-nsarola,F1. lr I ,mm ldurpl MS MS. Fr N1S.So MS. Sr MS. Sr N154 Fr MS. Sr k1S,So MS: Fr MS. Sr MS, Sr 315. Sr MS. Sr 515. S0 MS. Fr . MS. lr MS. Fr X151 Sr CA, So MS. Sr MS, Sr MS. Sr MS. Ir MS. Sr MS. Sr MS, Fr Fr l1.I.,AK Ir Sr So X18 Fr N18 lr N15 Fr Ms if N18 Pr 3.15 Fr 'JS Ir I A ,,,,,,,.,...,.-f---A Q. .tt - , , .a w 'b I ,- f- -,Q h,,. ,f-ty? 'lj'-. 3 -M - VS, ., ..,V -. A x n N X' '1 4, ". I!! A 'li z L! I wt' ' l A U4 1 , . is 's ,i Tv "t as at pf .- 431 GUNTER I HANCOCK 'Nt -ui :nun-3-5, -. ,.-1-1 PM Gunter. Deborah Lynn. Wiggins, MS. lr Gurdian, Ricardo E. Leon. Nicaragua, Sr Gustafson, Gayle Anne. Mobile. AL, Fr Guthrie, Donna lo, Pearl, MS, lr Guthrie, Robert C . Laurel, MS, Sr Guy. B Susan. Ruth, MS, So Guy, Skip. Muliile, AL, Sr Guy. Tracey Lynn, Laurel. MS. lr Haddock, Helen. Bay St Louis, MS. Sr Hage, Kathryn Fadwa. Cullport, MS. Fr Hager, Kathi lane. Long Beach. MS, Sr Haining, lanet M,: jackson, MS, So Hainds, Craig D: Los Angeles. CA. lr Hales. Patricia L.: Popularyille. MS, Sr Hall Hall Hall , Audrey Lynne: Enterprise, MS, lr Bee Hive: Hattisburg. MS: Fr Dory Louise: Natchez, MS. Fr Hall, Cordon Allen: Vicksburg, MS: Su Hall, Diane: Hattiesburg, MS, Fr, Hall Hall , Leslie Ann: Brandon, MS, So ,Robert Ir: Clinton, MS: Fr Hall, Thomas Robert: lackson, MSL lr Halley. Anna M.: Gautier, MS: Fr. Halthon, Ollie Mary: Pascagoula, MS: lr Ham, R, David: Magee. MS: Fr. Hambrie, Anna Louise: Ft. Belvoir, YA. Fr Hamel, Donna Lynn: Hattiesburg, MS: Sr Hamill, Rancly1 Brookhaven, MS: Sr. Hamilton, Lisa Gaye: Bogalusa. LA: lr, Hamilton, Walter L.: Laurel. MS: Sr, Hancock, Douglas O.: Mize, MS: lr Hammack, Marcus Charles: Bolton. MS: Sr Hammond. Tammy Io: Biloxi, MSL Fr Hamrick, Scott: Pensacola, FL: lr, Hancock, Debbie: Florence. MS: Fr Undergraduates 173 ll.-nt .tt R ltvrt lx l'lt.nul1t- ll.nntl llmxtt- Intlxwn ll.t:v.lxlt.m l'tlxx.nltl tfultptul ll.t:t.'x tl:--ut-rx S,tIulIp-ul ll.1m-x S.llII1ll.lX Xtntltwu ll.llllXIllK Iulut lf Xl.m.--- ll.tnl.-x ll.-nm' ll X tt blunt ll.Iltll.ilUItl lttllmrn Xl l,umlu-rtnn. ll.n.tlwn ltm X , linm-l1.sIt.t. Xknxnt- -X , l'll1ll'I'Pl'IS4' ll.u'tl1n llunmy tf , tlullpnrt, ,Xnu--l.t R, Plul.ul1-lpltm. ll.trtlx.tfr-r1l11vM,lmuln ll.lhlX,l.Sl1lltl.Il.,hlt'l'lllhll1. llnrtlx. N Kan-n, Iurkson. li.mlx Rnlvert B. Cnlumhus., Cathy L , Lung Beuuh. llurpvr, l'l.1rnld F, Burtuw llurp.-r, lnfqttvlyn D . Greenville ll.urpt-r, It-ri L., Vicksburg llnrrvll, Frances. Clurksdale, Hurr--lsnn. De-bbw G , Grenudtl. llurrxnglnn. 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Ms. if Y ' F 5' if + S ' .5ii,IiE,:'1S', 1 ' 1 Qs 1 . Q .1 Se V, A+ . V W6 31 As, 'Q Q v v- rf 1 "' tr , ' f ' f x , 14 ii. s 'i F: 5 E I . a 4 .jg ' f lL . il , .1 1 iv! i A '.,!. V , i 1 sr I 1 ' , - t i f 1 i e , , - 1 1 f ii i ' A ' 5 f ' 1 i , lf. " 1 s lu J A 7 .. Y At' I N f 1' hi 7 Haupl, Connie, Gulfport, MS, lr flames, Henri: B., Hattiesburg, F.1S,Sr awkiris, flandler B , Wesson. MS, lr ay-vkins,Snn1a A, Mendenhall, F.1S, Su awthurnrf, Daniel L, lanltsun, MS lr I dyes. Kalreena K . Hattiesburg, 3.15 Sr iyes, Linda A.Hattiesbury,F'.1S,So dyes, Sylvia A, Magee, MS, Si Hayman, lohn M, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr Haynes, Holly P, lackson, MS, Sr Haynes, laqueline, Oakvale, MS, So Haynes, Sarah E. New Hebron. MS, Sr Hayes, Sheila R, Inverness, MS, Sr Hays, Sherri L: Homewood. AL, Sr Heald, Kathy A Q Ocean Springs, MS, Sr Heard, Dana S., Brooksville, MS, lr Hegvvood, Leslie E.. Richton. MS: Fr Heidelberg, Kathryn B.: Laurel, MS, Sr Heim, Darra A., River Ridgf-:,LA1Fr Hemenway, Lee M., Pascagoula, MS: Sr Hemeter. Robin: Mc Comb. MS, So Henderson, De Wanda S, State Line. MS. Henderson, Marshae: lackson, MS, Sr Henderson, Sheila R.: Columbus. MS. Fr Hendricks, Nancy: Laurel, MS. Sr Henry, Donna C: McComb, MS: Ir Hensarling. Ronald L.: Picayune, MS: lr Henson, Dalphne D3 Biloxi, MS. Sr Herbert, Beth T.: Gulfport. MS. Sr Herrin, Debra P,, Petal, MS: Sr, Herring, Bobby H.: Hattiesburg. MS. Fr Herring, Gary L.: Laurel, MS: Sr Herring, Reuben W.: Tylertown, MS: Ir Herrington, Mary R,: Natchez, MS: Sr Herrington, Patti L.: Woodville. MS: So Hester, Mariorie C.: Taylorsville. MS. So Hewes. William G : Gulfport. MS: Fr Hewitt, Calvin R.: lackson, MS: Sr Hickman, Ronald L.: lamestown, RI: Ir Hicks, Amelia S.: Leakesville. MS, lr Hicks, lohn W.: Clinton, MS: So Hicks, Steve B: Natchez, MS: lr Higginbotham, Iayne: Iackson. MS, lr Hill, Cheryl K., lackson. MS: Fr Hill, Clois R.: De Kalb, MS: So Hill, Dianne W.: Hattiesburg, MS, Sr Hill, lohn R.1Springfield.X'A:Sn. Hille. Carla E: Bay St. Louis, MS, So Hilley. Carolyn E.: Gautier, MS. Fr Hines, Oliver W. lackson, MS: Fr Hines, Tina M.: Florence, MS, lr Hines. Yvetta K , Clarksdale, MS. Ir Hinesley, Steven E: Brookhaven. MS Fr Hinton, Gregory XX' , Hattiesburg. MS, Sr Hitchcock, Eloise M, Bay St Louis. Fr Undergraduates 1T5 Sri sr ks In N13 A 1 1 r X15 I I 1 H 1' I Q X15 S V1 x '-IS X15 5' 'IIN N I W. 51 "-IN Nr X15 5: '-15 1r X18 I-r NIS N- NIS 54- LA Fr NIS bw XIS Sr NIS lr X15 Fr X15 Ir RIS br XIS Sr XIS br NIS br XIS br NIS Ir XIS, Sr NIS Fr RIS, Fr NIS Sr NIS Sr RIS. br NIS Sr SIS. Ir NIS Ir NIS Sm NIS S0 NIS Fr N18 Sr NIS, Fr NIS Sm N15 SU NIS Sr N15 Fr NIS So Ir me NIS Fr Fr 1 NIS Sm r N18 Ir lr M15 lr H18 Sr HIS Sr RIS Ifr NIS lr lr H18 Ir MIS Fr NIS Sr H18 Fr SOUTHERN EXPOSURE Southern Exposure, USM's song and dance troup, was revived following a two year absence after the group disbanded in 1978. Tim Breland of Laurel, MS orga- nized and directed the group. Breland, a former mem- ber of the original Southern Exposure in 1975 wrote the group's show entitled "Celebration". The show is a salute to American popular music from the Mississippi River showboat era to today's Broadway. The singers, dancers, musicians, and technicians of Southern Exposure traveled throughout Mississippi performing at high schools, conventions, and other functions. Members of the group include Keith Bal- lard, Steven Cralle, Iohn Curtis, Tamara Fulton, Shari Grantham, Mike I-Ianaford, Karen Hargett, Kay Laughlin, Teresa Murphy, Greg Robinson, Iamie Satcher, lack Saucier, Iames Stewart, Randy Stewart, Ierry Thorpe, Angela Trulsen, and Tim Breland. Sponsored by Public Relations Southern Exposure re- presented USM around the state. Members like to think of themselves as goodwill ambassadors for the university, a unique style of public relations indeed. 'Y 1-f Q , ' 4.9- Mui ' I . 'f at f l 1' 'N "' 6. ' 3 . . . , . ., ' "" "H 'V . A 'iv X. as -t 1 ' .. t ' at f l ' -F , X .lf . 5' it V I f" . w Y ii N . mg- . V. 'Z ,,.,, 1P,SwN.5.:v g. A - : IL i i . -.again lg A Q is 1 " M " s i- 1 - " i wk K 1 ' , . v-Q 1 i 't Walk- x in E i gf R, 'S' E. 5? is ' .vw W ta, ' 'rt 'I' .l ,' 'lint-wig .I , 5 "Stl in " '- -5 tl S' Q ' 9 HUDDLESON I INGRAM Huddlest Hudson. Hudson. Hudson, Hudson. Hudson, on. I Aario, Charleston, SC. Sr Brenda I . Moss Point, MS, Ir Dorthea D 1 Bunkie, La, Fr Eliza K Q Monrovia. Liberia, Ir Tammy, Clinton, MS, lr William M , Wooster. OH. Ir Huey, Chip H . Hattiesburg, MS, Fr Huff, De bbieI.1Pearl.MS1Ir Huff, Caral G.: McHenry. MS, So Huff, HenryP,1Hattiesburg, MS. Fr Huff, Sandra I.: McHenry. MSL Sr Hughes. Hughes. Hughey. Huhn, Ti Deen A 2 Ocean Springs. MS. Sr lanet L.: Crystal Springs, MS, Sr loseph C., Biloxi, MS: Sr na B1Tylertown, MS. Sr Hulsebosch, Mary TL lackson. MS. So Hultz. Al Humphri ice. F 1 Mobile, AL: Fr es. Deane, Shalimar, FL. Sr Hunley, Evelyn L.: Anguilla. MS: Sr Hunt. Pamela K.. Roxie, MS: So Hunt, Paula R4 Vicksburg. MS: So Hunt. Sharon: Philadelphia. MS. Sr Hunt, Terri A1 Brandon. MS, So Hurst, lu anita: Magnolia. MSL lr Hurst, Richard A.: Hattiesburg. MS. Sr Hurst, Thomas E . Hattiesburg, MS. Fr Husband, D W Decieg Raleigh, MS. Sr Husband. Sheila F, Laurel. MS: Sr Husley. Lydia H , Biloxi. MS, Fr Huwer, Tammy L. Franklinton. LA. lr Hutto, Kay M 1 Waynesboro. MS, Sr Hutton, leffrey Pg Blossom Gultch. OR. Sr Hyde, Aaron T. Moss Point. MS. Fr Illich. Thomas R, Long Beach. MS. lr Ingram. Iudy D . Sumrall. MS. Su Undergraduates 177 l'::r.-in Kini Rent- Xu kslvurg lnginini Kyle l' Rn hmuntl 5 NIS Fr IY lr frtgmm ll .ill-in F, Nlnss l uint X15 l:r l:1:i:.m lA.lfU.lF.l Li- ks-in X15 lr lr!-x karvii Ruth llnititfslitirc X15 l-r lrlix Xlzl'Yll'.t!ll1 Xli'YItll.lll X18 Su lrlix XUfIH.lSll.'.1l!f!t' Ki. :' Xlh, Sn lrlix lxvrwsti lunv Gulfport, MS Sr lr 1'.. intl Anlli--ny A Gulfport. MS. Sr Nlilw Springs, MS Sr lrxing, tf.irl.1, Edwards. MS, Fr lshm- Llalxin Rat Gulfport, MS. Ir lshee, lllfllhlllf Reese, Laurel, MS, Ir lu. Uaxid l.Qu1tman. lu Rhonda Mar1e.Quitman. MS, So MS: Sr lna1,Yuko.Gumma.Fr lmao. Midori, lapan. Ir lackson, Brenda Gail. Gloster. MS, So, laclzson, Craig. McComb. MS, Ir Iackson. David N . Iackson. MS: Sr Iackson, Harold Wayne, Hattiesburg. MS: So, lackson. Gwendolyn, Edxxards. MS: So. lackson. Gisele, Gulfport. MS: Ir lackson. H Suzi, Florence. MS: Fr. lackson, Ienniferi Tylertown. MS: So. lackson, Iennifer Ann, Brookhaven, MS: Sr lackson. lennifer Elaine: Hattiesburg, MS: Fr lackson. Kim Donovan. Hattiesburg. MS: So. lackson. Mark S, Hattiesburg. MS, Sr, Iackson, Martha Ann: Crystal Springs. MS: lr Iackson, Robbin. Brookhaven. MS: Sr, lackson. Robyn N 3 Gulfport. MS: lr, Iackson, Sara E., Meridian. MS: Sr, Iackson, Sheila Ann: Tylertoixn. MS: lr. Jackson. Sheila Dianne:Gloster. MS1Sr, lacobus. Pamela B, Ell1sv1lle,MS,Sr lacobus. Reeve George. Ellisville. MSI Sr Iames, Clifford Leon. Gulfport. MSL Ir Iames. Dennis L, Gulfport. MS. Sr lames, Lula Bernice: Tchula . MS: Ir, larrell. Kenneth W. Kokomo, MS: lr, Iarrell, Phil. Kokomo. MS, Sr. lar'-'15, M Susan, Laurel. MS: Sr '.'ax2ez.Qu1nIanilla Pezales. Nuevo Leon lefferon Edith Mahal1a.l.aurel. MS. Fr lelusich Andrea Maria, Gulfport. MS, So lennings Danny Ray, Fairhope. AL. lr Ienmngs, Man Anne, Gulfport. MS, Sr lennings, Russell H . Gulfport, MS. lr rrzngs Sandra R Oc-:an Springs. MS. Sr Iffnnings Sip-.ft Hattiffshurg, MS. lr lodj. Cnnthia L Paducah. KY. Sr lfillfii fLhvr1.l Lev Pearl, MS Fr l ,insffn Albert Louis Rl1l+".'lllFf,?X1S.S0 'urinwn .knffrf-'.-. '.'..1rlff '.'if.ksbi1rg, MS, Ir l'fl'.:sfm Bflzvrlj. Irfan l.f'XlDjllftl'1. MS. Fr 178 Undergraduates DERGRADUATES qs 45.1 3 g., -. -s xi. 1' ll lx' I' .sniff I i 1-'-. - D so 5 I x x -JZ v 4 g mil i. it B ' K fl , P -lv 5 l ., Qfjivjjfd' . LQ: . Iii., ' i"r 9. 'I' 4, 'ar 4 , l 2, 'F bf, e-, f f-In aa. ' ski: ii 1 'intl 311' T ' ll -v . , " AK A hut - X'. A in A J I v JR 1 VL t lf :in-51. i A an i :hp L T r 1 l'- . , "1 1- . 5 ,,' N ' vw r.. Q ,S 0 vt fm I Q-.4 5 z 4 ' f if at tj JOHNSON X KEEN johnbon. johnson. johnbon. johnson. johnson. johnson johnson. johnson. johnson. johnson. johnson. johnson. johnson. johnson. johnson. johnson. johnson. johnson. johnson. johnson. lohnston. Cassandra A. vlCk5bUYg. MS. So Debra L Gautier. MS. So Dentse A . Blloxt. MS. Fr lrma D. Forest. MS. Sr janffl C jagkson. MS. jr jlrnmj. E. Hattiesburg. MS. jr Kathi, I. Soso. MS, Sr Lorl E, Bay St Louu. MS. Sr Lynda C.Ph1ladr:lph1a.MS Sr Marsha. Gulfport, MS. So Marylynn. Ft Walton Beach. FL. Michael. Gautier. MS. Sr Nettle L,Columb1a. MS. Sr Randall R . Viukshurg. M5130 Ricky1Gullport, MS. jr R0chelle1Clarksdale. MS. So Sandra. Mendenhall. MS: Fr Sharon A.. Prentiss. MS. S0 Steve. Humble. TX. Sr Terry D. Lucedale. MS. So Carl E, Petal. MS. Fr johnslon. Gary ln lhtltleshtlrg. MS. lr jtll'1I'I5llll'1.SIlZdl'1I'U'. j.rLl-cson. MS. Fr jont-s..'Xr1nw M. l..nr4l+1rdale. MS. jr jonwa. livx 1-rly A. llottteslmtrrg. MS. So jnnvs. lin-nrla A, Clnnton. MS. Sr. jom-5. Chnrln-5 L. McComb. MSL Fr jrrlivs.CjI'llhldA.Nl0:f1llf:nl13ll.lXlS.Sf june-s, U.1x'trl W. Gulfport. MS. jr jonws. Dvunna S. Plcnyune. MS, So junvs. Diane M. Grmtrter. MS. Sr jonvs. Edna L. Lttwrlale. MS. jr jomfa. HI.: XX . Lula. MS: jr jonvs. juaon A. Lrturwl, MS. So junvs joe' ll. Forvsl. MS, Sr jonm. lull.: L.Quitm.1n. MS. jr jon:-5. Knntlyv L. jackson. MS. So junvs. Karvn L. Prentlss. MS. Sr jonvs. Kathy j. Hattiesburg. MS. jr jonws. Mary B. Hattiesburg. MS. jr jonvs. Michael A. Biloxi. MS. Soph jones. Patrrcm G . Okolona. MS. Sn jojws. Nltlff E. Pnrqtyune. MS. lr jortlnn, UrlXlll C. llnltleshttrg, MS Sr jorrlnn. j .nmes M , jackson. MS, jr jnrtlnn. Rohm L, Mobile, AL. jr jortlun. Rosf-mary L , Collins. MS. Sr j1ll'tl1lf1. Ytckiv M . Ocean Springs. MS jr Im. Sm lih.x.Bllox1. MS. Sr jll5lr'5e'l1 Mukt-'. Molnle. .-XL. jr Kmsvr, j.lf'IlC8 L. Bmmlnn. MS. So Katz.-rmnwtvr. joan C. Ytcksburg. MS Sr Kmnton. Domel R,Ang1e. LA. Fr Kr-r-.'I'vrr1 L. Lumhvrton. MS. jr Km-n. t2vr1rgeXX'. Durant. MS. Sr Km-n. Ytxmn M. Rvtlunnd. MS. Sr Undergraduates 179 INN-'M Numn IIr.mtI-an XIS It Ix-:Ht XI-Inu.. X 1'Imhvn X15 It ks-"Im'I I't1rux NIS It R- ..-, I 1- .I R II.t.'Ia-Imrx! X15 Nt kv '. k.:nI---rIx lx I't-II1.tttI1:-- X15 It lx-Ilia I'.It XII HIM: X15 lr Ix"II'. 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Ir Klrid, Mdrpzarvt, Newton. MS, Sr Kvnlh. Paul M Blrmingham. AL, lr Knlv-3, tllnp, Sdmlantl, AL, Ir KlIIvIDI'vVn.f1dIIK.SUIT1fdII.518.80 Klllwn, Lm4I.I A . Umon. MS. Sr K1mI1mu1.zh Mt Olnw. MS, lr Kmy Cdml h1.X',?x1S.Sr Kung K-1II'1l'I'Il'1b' M Saumvr, MS, Su Kxma Kdthx R1 II.att1esImrg,MS, Fr Kxnz K:-'.1nU,Pf-arI.MS,lr Ktnsstj. I.f.u I, 'Iupf'Io. MS, Su Klrk I,1nfI.1IJ Natv,I1v'z,MS,Fr Kurk Lum Il l.I1nlfm MS, Ir .rr '.1fvntgftmvP. If I'.1sr.dgm1I.I 5.15.30 KxrkI.anfI I. KI-nt fdarrwrt- MS Sr Kwhvns Nunn I-I Mf-r1+I1.1n NIS Sr Iflw--r f.hrzQt',1tIu'r S H1lffxn,N1S Fr Kzmil I.mvA- I, I'lf.,r.11nv- NIS Sr KIIU-,I I. --ft :'t.tr1I f. Plf..a'.l1ru' X15 Ir . I VA-7 HtfI.11rfI '.'. I'.Is1.sLZfll1IfA NIS, Sn KIv':rt IK V.'m'.f-Ifsnfi NIS Sr K tfv- tw- '.1tfIt.t-'I IJ Hllfncx '-IS Fr If wr' I--rf 2.1 fpmltvr '-IS Sn mu I'nrIf-rgr.nI1mtf:s DERGR UATES lb- T1 xj 1 'n O' ,V 3 . ' I Ie- 36 v-L I 5 AIN I 1 ' up 5 , fs. ' K f i It - , 5 . X 1 LI- 'th 1.1-i qsv- T 1' Q 1 in fs 5 1? 0 G rv., f 4 Tl - Q s-1 if 'lf' as KNIGHT X LAGARDE li V t ' . 3. f .. 'L V,..4.w,. . ,,.V,,,,.,,H1 """"' """" 22 ,si B i i - 4 9! W f l ,. . ef'f"f"""fM . M 4 .J ---v - 'i , l 4 rl I ' i 1 .lv - fr- ,.,.w-wr' 1--'-'Y'-"ji"" J A .... .....-- .... A I M tl at 5 lg, I ' W as 4. 'J ,num --if I ! l M ui ' N 1-M ' .. , ' ' t' Ji 2' Q - l 1i .. L... .1 Knight. Michael fl . Meridian MS. lsr Knight. Nancy E. Hattiesburg. MS. lr Knox. Williarn A . Fort Walton Beach. FL Sr Kuestlvfr. Micliat-l Vx' Yicksliurg. L15 Sr Kolh,lohnA.l'urv1s.MS Ir Kulli, Roj. ll . lauksun. MS St K1JfJl.All'.Iu l" , Pearl Y-.15 lr Korte, james A , Las Vegas. NILY Si Korte. Mr.Meekin A. Las Vegas. Fill' Sr Koskie, Elizalieth C . Iaclcson. MS Sr Kovlan, Michael A. St Petersburg. I-'L Sr Koury, Emile I . Gulfport. MS, So Kramer. Kimala C. Long Beach. MS. Fr Kramer. Susie K . Quitman. MS. So Krawczyk, loseph R. San Antonio. TX. Sr Kreamer. Kevin M. Wesson. MS. Ir Krebs. Donna M.g Pascagoula. MS, Sr Krebs. Michael K.. Pascagoula. MS. So Krohn. Elisa S. Ocean Springs. MS. Sr Krohn. Steven C. Gulfport. MS, Fr Krug. Phyllis E.. Long Beach. MS. Ir Kubitz. Linda M . Ocean Springs. MS. lr Kushner. Cheryl A.. Pensacola. FL. Sr KuyKendall, William M.. Carrollton, MS. Sr Kuhnert. Iames F: Vicksburg. MS. Sr Labul. Eric M. Bay St. Louis. MS. Fr La Biche. TC 3 Meridian. MS. Sr Lacy. Cindy L Q Lung Beach. MS. S0 Ladner, Brenda A.. Pass Christian. MS. lr Ladner. Brian H 3 Picayune. MS1 Sr Ladner. Pam A.: Hattiesburg, MS. Ir Ladner, Robin L.: Picayune. MS: Fr Ladner, Veronica A.. Pass Christian. MS. Sr LaFon, Ronald. Russell: Columbia. MS: Ir Lagarde. Elizabeth A.. Bay St Louis. MS. lr Undergraduates 181 .4:11' I x::II11.I R II.uI.rrlR.u1g.- I.I:1m x I.r-n.m.n K Iiulr-xx Sumn II IMI-vxm I.m.,m--r I1x.nI II.ulIx-wIv11l: I.m.Imuh.u11 I-wx -X I-Alhq-I r.1:1.:r1:r:: -'R Ixun IIJIIIVNIIIIIH I.m.Irum II.-Hn' X1r'IhII.H1 L.m.Irum lux II EII1sxxIIv-, I..r:1.Ir1:z11 karl-I1 S Llulfpurl. I..mrIrum l.1.x A Llllsxlllc, I..4niIImr.I Sh'-rrll Lf.Ir!h.xgr', I..m.- Iillly P Imkson Lam' ILvnn.l A CIIVIIOFI. IA I1 NIS S1 XIS S-I NIS In XIS Sr NIS I"l NIS Sr MS. Sr M8511 Ms. Ir Ms, If ms If ms. Sr, Lum, Prvnlms. MS I..mQ-5, I.e1ghA, Niagra Lrmg Bruu- A Pascagmlld. Lang lldry 'I' Paw Chrislmn, Lam: I.lI'hI.l L Pascaguula. Lang, Palrum, A . Ty Ierluwn, Lang, Pr1sc1Il.1A.Shuhula. MS: Idmgslun C KIICIIPIP. PdSLLdg0llId. MSI Lam-fr Gaul NI,X'1cksIaurg. L.mn1ng,Iauk NI . Gulfpurl. L.1rk1ns,K.ar1-n E. Iacksun. Larnvy Gffmld Y . Bellvvlvxx, FL. Larsun Budy A , Lung Beach. I.I1wIvr,Kdren NI , Iackson. Laughlln Kay KIQFILIIAD. Ldhgnfl Ddxul KY, HAIIIESIJIIUZ. I..n-.lvr lflndy L, Purvis I..r.-.r-nr.-1, Levxer G Pascagould, I.dzwnb3, Slew M , Purvxs, I.dzenby.Tvrr1 I , Purvls. Lv-gfkv Carwl L , XNIOCKIYIIIP. IMI: X'omnxr.,4 A I Tylvrlrmn I.-uri. II.r.1:I A Ylrgmnla Bednh, I.v.r.-.xIY, Buddy I'Iop1-mvll I.-'f k1r,h NI.arkC.B1lmc1 I.vf-rua 4,I.HlfIPIIv K' Lung B:-duh. I,-'film-. firing KI Ldurf-I. In-H ,P-.nuwld D, Pwml. LW Hfwklv :X NIwr1rIx.m. LMA Lunnw fnlifpnrl I, v'f- Imp' N IIAIYIHSIIIIFLI. In-If Kdrhj, 'I' Kusnlllskn In-1' Krlsu L IIdlt1esIn1rg, I,--w I.mrI.rfl Plf.ALIlDF'. Irv I,u.mnv flulfpurt I,--A' '.I.1rvm I K'1rkQInlry,NIS IM- R--In-ff.. I1 '.'1rksIn1ry1, Im" IIMIM- IIHYAI I.fq.zyf-rw 'J 'MII f.ImIun I Iv.. If : LI.-.,,rf! If H.n-'v.1II.A I Imm P II.4lv1:-xbunru ' uv Iam- I: II.IHx-'slurry ,I-1: f,,,vI.'. fx '-.1v Ulu.- IRQ IIIIIIPIIJIAIIIIEIIHS MS. Fr MS, Sr MS. Fr MS, Fr MS. Ir So Su NIS, Sr MS, Fr MS: So Sr NIS. So MS, Fr MS, Sr MS. Ir MS. lr MS. Ir MS. Sr MSL So MS. Fr MS. lr YA, Fr YA. Ir MS, Ir MS. Sr MS, Sr NIS. Sr MS, Sr NIS lr NIS. Fr RIS. Fr MS, Su RIS, Fr , NIS Ir Ir NIS, Sr . NIS. lr NIS Sn 5-IS Sn RIS Fr RIS Ir NIS Sr 6 . l X. 1 L 1' 1 J .s ' 5 r .1 f ' S 7? V1 a 5 1 I' 'rf , , ' if yu l '3 J w-s,,w--ww...,..,...,,,.f-' " '- , ,wltgiuusr ' if s sa. in 3' f . f ff , as LEONARD X LOWERY Leonard, Leslie D.: Hattiesburg, MS: lr. Leslie, Martha C g Pascagoula, MS: Sr. Lessard, Terry L.: Ft. Walton Beach, FL: Levens, Leslie R.: Gulfport, MS: Sr. Levine, Alison V.: Monmouth, Il: So. Lewis, Patricia M.: Hickory, MS: Ir. Lewis, Phillip K.: Pascagoula, MS: Sr. Lewis, Ronda C.: Iackson, MS: Fr Liakey, Terry P.: Long Beach, MS: So. Libel, Gary: lackson, MS: Sr. Libonate, Daniel T,: Picayune, MS: Fr. Lightsey, Linda F.: Columbia, MS: Ir. Lilly, Rita Lavonne: Crystal Springs. MS Linder, Dean W.: Hattiesburg, MS: Sr. Lindsay, Charles R.: lackson, MS: Sr. Lindsay, Christine D.: Slidell, MS: So. Lindsay, Banessa L.: Gulfport. MS: lr, Little, B. Lynne: Bay St. Louis, MS: Fr. Little, Peggy I.: Hattiesburg, MS: So. Littlepage, Ianet L.: Biloxi, MS: Fr. Littlepage, Nancy L: Biloxi, MS: Sr. Livingston, 1. Brett: Columbia, MS: Sr. Livingston, Mary L.: Union, MS: Fr, Lloyd, Iamie L.: Ocean Spring, MS: lr, Lock, Duane: Brandon. MS: lr, Locke, Charles E.: Winona. MS: Ir. Locke, Karen F.: Little Rock, AK: So, Lockhart, Donna: Slidell, LA: lr, Lofton, Stan W.: Iackson. MS: Ir. Logan, Sherry D.: Raleigh. MS: Fr. Locke, Alice E.: Vaiden, MS: Fr. Long, Maurice M.: Meridian, MS: Ir. Long, Rebecca L.: Long Beach, MS: Sr. Longsdorf, I.R.: Rockford, IL: Sr. Looman, Kevin B.: Canton, MS: Sr, Loper, Beth C,: Hattiesburg, MS: Sr. Loper. Cheryl A.: Biloxi, MS: So. Lopez, Amye H.: Holly Springs, MS: Sr Loris, lames E.: Pascagoula. MS: Fr, Lott, Bobby: Birmingham, AL: Ir. Lott, Brian F,: Long Beach. MS: Sr. Lott, Gaye N.: Hattiesburg, MS: Fr. Lott, Patricia S.: Hattiesburg, MS: Ir. Lott, Stephanie A.: Hattiesburg, MS: lr. Loughman, Christine: Hattiesburg, MS: Love, Curtis C.: Biloxi, MS: Fr. Love, D. Kelly: Hattiesburg. MS: Ir. Love, Iames K.: Vicksburg, MS: So. Lovell, Frank A.: Hattiesburg, MS: So. Lovell, Leigh A.: Clinton, MS: Sr. Lovett, Richard A.: Mobile, MS: lr. Lowe, Donna M,: Laurel, MS: Fr. Lowery. Cynthia D.: Natchez MS: Fr. Lowery, lanice C.: Gulfport, MS: Sr, Lowery, Mark G.: Hattiesburg. MS: So. Lowery, Nancy S.: Wesson, MS: lr. Undergraduates 183 Fr lttn--:N l'.it t.ttllpurt l -iixzx l tm R ll.illtv-xlutlt: lttmix lx.ithx lWi.tiiii-f X1.ig.4.- .t.t .tx Xl.tith.i lftrtvl ll.itttw-l-tit: ltit .tx Rt-qt-ti.t l tit- vtixxtit-tl lui: R- li vkk. t tit. vttxillt- itNl1hilNtx likii 'Lu t.v....t' .tan l ut kt-tt Nm-n l' N .mm Lily lttt M'-lltl Kirk ll.ilti1-alittlkg, H luiiit-kin Sl1.lYtlHK.lX.llttlyllllt' I iiiiipkin Sh.-il.i lin. l'it.iytitiv. liintl lb-lvhiv I, Yitkslitirg. lui-4-r Sumlx F l.uniln-rtun. ltittrvll Nami t,. Inrksnn. lil.-x Brennt-tl U , Cuntnn. lxltw X1.iry lean, Ptisig.igmil.a, lxnn, .-'klfrr-ilia Mario, luuksnn. Lynn, Feletim l.. lauksnn. Lynn, Ivlfrey Tl1tlH'ldSQ Muliilt-'. Lynls. Shvri Lynn, Kiln Linns. Susan E, Biloxi. Xl: Aim- Xiirghmil Curtis. Bay Sl Lnuis. Xltlit-th,CinthiaGay1Tyli-irtrmwn. Nli Bride-. Addie Arvtha, Laurel. X11 Britlv, Idmes Milton, Laurel, N11 Britlv, Mika, Prince, George., Bruce St1mrt,Gullpnrt. Mttlulw. Kathryn Ann, Gulfport. X15 Stl X15 It NIS Sr X18 lr Xlfi. lfr XIS lfr MS Sr xis, if MS. Fr , MS. lr MS. Su MS. Fr N1S.Sr MS. Sr Ms, if MS, So MS. S0 MS, Sr AL. Sn MS: lr MS. Sr MS: Sr MSL lr MS, Ir MS: lr VA: Fr MSL Sr MS: lr Nl' Gain, lam:-es S. Ft Walton Beach. FL. lr Nlrtnll, Shirlvy N.Brnokhaven,MS1lr Xlfflallum, I, Dennis. Magee-, Nlftliirrti. Donna Lmiisv. Meridian, McCarthy. Bruce, Shuhula. Nlrtlurty, K+-nnelh Lindslpyg Louin, Nluflurfy. Rita lean. Wayne-sbnrn. '.lf f..irtj. Tvrpsd Cdrflv, Vfaynfislmrri. t MS: So MS: Fr MS: So MS. Sr MSQ Sr MS. Sr Bo-vwrly. Crystal Springs. MS, Sn '.1v4.l+',Usf:arLmf. lnhnson City. IL, lr N11f.wll.m, Tammy I , llattu-shiirg. '.1ffQl.-ll-mtl llvhr1rahl.x'nn.Nutch1-Z. '.lff.l.-ll.m:l, Dunita Kay, Brririkhavvn Nlff.l-rllunfl Rvginfilrl Tymnv.Ct1lfpnrt, '.lrfllf-ll.mrl Zim R fliilfprmrl. ',lf lmml Rdnrlfill Wuxnt-, I..it1rvl. MS. Sr MS. Fr MSL Fr MS. Sr MS. Su MSL S41 '.lff.1irmif,ln llvnrv-tt.i,ll:-itl+'lln1rg.Tx1S. Ir '-lt fmrr. In-sSir,.1YU-ltr-.fN.'luS5P1ltr'll. '.1f Uv. lhitriaia l, llultiwslitiriz. ',lf f,'. E Shaun lluttivsliiiry. H11 limp, Khks- 'xlnglm lllilttr-slillfjl. '.lrf,r.i'. l,in:lt, l.iliv-rtx. '.lff, 'llimmz lr. Ttipt-l'i. MS, Sri MS, Sr MS. Fr MS, Sr '.1ff.liii1tri lim lin.. f,.irriffr1-.MS.Fr '.1" t.'tf ll'-'tu' '.1.1riv' 'Joss llfnnl. ' lf lr- rtfttfl X'l.irif- living Ht-.uh '.11Imftrt..l1l T.tmm'. t,if,ksfin. Vlfllftrifilfl l,.irr'. Kurtis 't.l.igf'f: 184 l'nflf:rgrmltiatses MS, lr MS. Sr MS. Ir MS. lr MS. Sr ms. lr DERGRAD ATES vv- X 1 21' ' 0 '.:'.. '.. - l r 'i K il s I ff ,- N- qs I B , l --L1-A . E , , T3 -. lt. ,l t i 0 Ji 5 I J ts 4. ' w 'I. il l' 'l ft It E W Y , .r.., 1 .Ja tx 'K' IA il pn . Y Q 11 A41916- ,.....-- ---ll 3,11 'X '91 1 R A 4,t gli- .lb ya -4 A ...A 4,14 avr il' V 'P' W - ' '. ' I pf Y 1 .4 - . II' . f ' . fv ' ' D, .fYf,:v?we, .rw S -A -. 4" 4x."'e-ef ..... ,Aj if f, f, I,-,QD l La we-f' . at V R 8 i sf gaflf DMU an -..pzh k A Q 4, W 1 gs. Z ,. A f A 1 913954 I A 1 'R I ' ti is 1 , If M" .. 1 ' .,i.xWi:.g ' 9 K ' if + ni' fx. NL .P :A 'Six' A5315 4' . .: S 'n,,,l' I . . X an in Il-as as - ,- - Q Q .Q . we ,. A' an e, . . 'W . N-L X MCDILL 1 MCNAIL McDill, Cheryll: Conehatta. MS: Ir McDufl'. Kevin M.: Pascagoula. MS. lr McDuff. Lisa Diane: Gulfport. MS: Fr McElroy, Patty: Madison. MS: So, McElroy, Kitty: Madison, MS: Sr. McEwen, Shirley Marie: Pascagoula. MS, So McFarkland, Carol Sue: Conehatta. MS: Sr McFarland. Rhonda D.: Bay Springs. MS: Sr McGaffick. Dixie Lee: West Palm Beach, FL: Fr McGee, Rhea Antoinette: Hattiesburg. MS. So, McGee. Rose M.: Lake. MS: lr. McGee. Samuel Scott: Meridian. MS: Sr McGehee, Kathleen K.: Natchez, MS: Sr lv1cGehee. Melinda Ann: Madison, MS: Fr McGhee, Rebecca Anne: Magee. MS: Sr McGhee, Elizabeth Margett: Magee, MS: So McGirt. Rebecca L.: Meridian. MS: lr Mcllwain, Kerry Todd: Moberly. MO: So Mclnnis, Sheila Ann: Magee. MS: lr McKay. Angie Lynn: lackson, MS: Fr McKay. David Christopher: Hattiesburg. MS. lr McKay. Kathy A.: Gulfport. MS: Sr, McKay. Thomas Edward: Long Beach, MS. Sr McKenzie. Kevin D.: Petal. MS: So McKinley. Evelyn Alicia: Pascagoula. MS. So McKinney, Polly Ann: Mobile. AL: lr McLaurin, lames David: Hattiesburg. MS, So McLaurin. Rebecca: Hattiesburg. MS: Sr McLendon. Terresa Ann: Crystal Springs. MS: Sr. McLendon. Susan A.: Pearl. MSL Fr McLeod. Iohn A. IV: Hattiesburg. MS. Ir McMahon. Hal: Hattiesburg. MS: Sn McMicheal. Carol P. Biloxi, MS: Sn McMillen, Caroline Leslie. Hattiesburg. MS. Fr McNail, Kevin Douglas: Memphis. TN, So Undergraduates 185 M. Nair lhixttl lutmthiiti. llllnxt. MS. Sn Mt Nair ltu ku- l.:-on. Gulfport, MS. It M.N.i1r Martha It-an. Yickstvtirg. MS. Sr MtN.iir lhiultt Ruse. Mt Ullu' MS lr litlnri Faye. Lttutlerrlule. MS. Ir XitNt-.ise l.imes Greg. Lltiutn-r. MS. So McNr-ere Iames. Meridian. MS. Sr McNeese. Robbie lean, Columbia. MS. So Mt Nm-se Stephen Dale. Pensacola. FL: Sr McNeil. lames R. Laurel. MS: Sr Mt Neil. Rubtun Renee. Ocean Springs. MS. Sr McNtckles. Detra B. Waynesboro. MS: lr McPeak. Buster: lackson, MS: McPhatl. Kent Dyer. Hattiesburg. MS: McPhate. Dennis W. Natchez. MS: Sr Fr Fr McPhate. Russell Brent: Fayette. MS: lr McQueen. Barbara Leah: Carriere. MS: Sr McQueen. Beverly M 5 Collins. MS: lr McRaven. Carmen L . Vicksburg. MS: McSorley. Cary Wayne: Pittsburg. PA: Sr Fr McSparrin. Micheal E.: lackson. MS: lr McWilliams. Brenda Sue: Vicksburg. MS: McWilliams. Susan: Meridian, MS: Mabry. Karen S.: Purvis. MS: Mackabee. Vemita: Brookhaven. MS: Sr Sr So Sr Maclean. H, Scott: Pascagoula. MS: Ir MS Sr Macon. Pamela Sue: lackson. 3 Madison. Dana leanne: Pascagoula. MS: Madison. lulia Raybong Hattiesburg. MS: Magee. Angela Frances: Mendenhall. MS: Magee. Benita: Long Beach, MS, Magee. Terry L.: Magnolia, MS' Maily, Marguerite M.: Ellisville, MS: Maisel. Ty: lackson, MS: Makamson, Donnie L.: Greenville. MS: Makamson. Ronnie W . Greenville. MS: Mallette. Beth. Moss Point. MS: Mallette. Sherry S.: Purvis, MS. Mattezo. Tracie Lynne: Pascagoula, MS: Manguno. Monte. Hattiesburg. MS: Mantscalco. Mitzi A . Hattiesburg. MS: Mann. David C , Hattiesburg, MS: Mann. Thomas Owen. Biloxi. MS' Mansour. Cathy. Greenville. MS Maples. Patricia Anne. Lucedale. MS Margum. Cynthia F. Brandon. MS: Marine. Iani. Biloxi, MS Marine. Tom, Hattiesburg. MS Mars. Sha'--.yn A . Mendenhall, MS Marshall. .-' D. Brookhaven. MS: Marshall Charles Nesley. Clinton. MS Marshall. Mickey L. Clinton, MS Martin Billie Faye. Ruth. MS. Martin. Brad. Hattiesburg. MS Martin Connie M Tylf:r1own. MS. fvlF1l'Tll'l.Cfv'f'lfl'1lBl..BIl0Xl,lN1S: 186 lAll!ll'ljll'iiflllilltfS So So Sr lr. Ir. Sr. Fr. Sr. Fr Sr So Fr Sr Fr Fr Sr Fr So Sr Sr lr So DERGR ATES x E4 ZZ fl ' X YI vvlf -.. 'N 9 s 6 , 4 4 't xt' :X sf gif: 0? 'a 1 J lie ' f tc , 1 L 2 l ' r l,y I .wt J T 4 4 tw ,sl i' XX! u Q ,X ' t ,F '1 - Q. '. H1 ' J . 11 .x 1 1 l 435. nv-15 A -,, I 7 , -5- .- 'v'-4 1- -. all Q , D or-.Mi it C' is a.. . ' A ,l 9 4 A Q, L' r , ' A L xx if I f S I t .Q K I K I in ... P :ASM ' I "' S I if. lf' . If it xx 1. 1 :'9 ,, 1 . . Y ' 1,1 ' 'M 0 5 . 1 , .Mme .,t,t,,.,,., - . .wk .wa - Q-s ' L at N .f I '. ,,X i i -6' wit XX. 2' wg! g ?l.' 'V 9: ' A .L s , : 1' LW 2 f "" ,I ,f 5 1 . i , . I ' I i - L . 'I A in ' 1 ,Q vw 3 . 4- , , 'I - Sflhaiimrim ,1 . 35 5' q. 0 ' MARTINXMERRITT Martin, Dainer Rennee: Mobile, AL: So Martin, Gwendolyn Faye: Laurel, MS: Sr Martin, Laura K., Long Beach, MS: Sr Martin, Marla Rochelle: Natchez, MS: Fr Martin, Mignon M., Waveland, MS: Ir Martin, Pam: Laurel, MS: Fr Martin, Rebecca Ann: Star, MS: So, Martin. Martin. Martin, Stephen Glen: Meridian, MS, So Theresa Marie: Waveland, MS, lr Toni F.: lackson, MS: Ir. Martinez, Alan R.: Hattiesburg. MS: Sr Massengale, Hugh Hoss: Hattiesburg, MS: Fr Massengale, Candis Lea1Collins, MSL Sr. Massengale, Stan: Hattiesburg, MS, lr Massey, Cynthia lane: Pensacola, FL: Sr Massey, Patra L.: Mendenhall, MS: So Massey, Tommy L.: Waynesboro, MS: lr Mason, lan Renee: Biloxi, MS: Fr. Mason, Lisa Ann: Hattiesburg. MS: lr Matas, Robert K,: Elmhurst, lL: Fr, Matheny, Gayle Denise: Pascagoula, MS: Fr Mathis, S. Alicia: Stonewall, MS: Ir. Mathes, Tim E,: Hattiesburg, MS: Sr. Matkin, Mary Ann: Festus, MO: Sr. Matthews, Doris A,: Benoit, MS: Sr. Matthews, Patricia Ann: Ocean Springs, MS: So Matthews, Robert Reese: Hattiesburg, MS: Fr. Mauldin, Kevin S.: Meridian, MS: Sr, Maxey, Denise Leigh: Gulfport, MS: Ir. Maxey, Freda Ioyce: Union, MS: Ir. Maximchuck, Debra Marie: jackson, MS: So, Maxwell, Ian Elizabeth: Brookhaven, MS: Sr. Maxwell, Ierry: Iackson, MS: Sr. Maxwell, Mark Alan: Iackson, MS: Sr. May, Brookes Anne: Newton, MS: Sr. May, Daelin A.: Moss Point, MS: lr, May, Deborah lane: Petal, MS: So. May, Ieffrey Dale: Mendenhall, MS: So. May. Ruth: Columbia, MS: So. Mayes. lackie Sue: Decatur, MS: Sr. Mayfield, Kathy: Waynesboro, MS: lr, Maynor, Mercedes Choles: lackson, MS: So. Meador, Mary F.: Hattiesburg, MS: Fr, Meadows, Ricky William: Laurel. MS: Ir. Means. Ianna: Brandon, MS: Sr. Means. Marc: Iackson. MS: lr, Medley, Meliss Renee: Hattiesburg, MS: So. Medrano. Evelyn E.: Bay St. Louis. MS: Fr Meekey. Tommie L.: Clarksville, MS: Fr. Meigs, William A,: Anniston. AL: Ir. Metizler, Ian DeBeth: Picayune, MS, Fr Melear. Scott: Purvis, MS: Fr, Merchant, Iulie M.: lackson, MS: lr. Merchant, Thomas Lee: lackson, MS: Sr Mercier, Andrew Brian: lackson. MS: So Merritt, Micheal Paul: Hattiesburg, MS: Sr Undergraduates 18? Nlvri. Rtlntlltl H. Mi-rt.-n Christine, Li-high Autres. X't'xNt'l' Diixid l. . Greenville. N11-st.iyvr. Nom E. Pascagiiiil.i, MS. Mi-yt-rs, Uaxid tl . l..iurvI. Mitlillt-ton, Harold N. Mivlnlv. Miguvs. Shelly A, Biloxi. Xtikkvlsen. Thema L. Magnolia Springs. Milazzo. Ruth A. Bay St Louis. Miley. Patricia K . Walnut Grove. Millard. Mary H D . Vicksburg, Miller. Betty.-X.Gult'por1. Miller, Cheryl G . Fairhope. Miller. laqueline Y . Clarksdale, Miller. leffrey W: Pass Christian. Miller. Ienanne M.. Vicksburg. Miller. Monique L.: lackson. Miller. Monteneze L.: lackson. Miller. Patricia A.: Laurel. Miller. Sheila R.: Ocean Springs. Miller. Wayne: Gautier. Milling. Billy D.: Pearl. Mills. lames A.: Hattiesburg. Mills. Steve F.: lackson, Fr Fl.. Sr MS. Sr Su MS. Sr .Xl., Su MS, lr AL: Fr MS. lr. MS: Sr. MS. lr. MS: Sr. AL: lr MS: Ir MS: Ir. MS: Fr. MS: Sr. MS: So. MS: Sr. MS: Fr. MS: So. MS: Sr. MS: Sr. Mills, Lydia S.: Carbondale. IL: lr. MS: Ir. Milstead. Marty: Pascagoula. MS: So. Milstead. Terri L.: Stonewall, MS: Fr. Milstead. Virginia E.: Pascagoula, MS: Sr. Milthorpe. Michael E.: St: Catherines. Canada: Sr. Mims. Brently C.: Hattiesburg. MS: So. Mims. Stephen I.: Hattiesburg. MS: Sr. Mims. Virginia L.: Natchez. MS: Fr. Ming. Amanda L.: Acherman. MS: So. Ming. Steven I.: Pearl, MS. Fr. Minter. Kaye E.: Long Beach. MS: lr. Miranda. Conrado E.: Toronto. Canada: So. Miskol. Roscoe: Pascagoula. MS: lr. Milamura. Akiko: Nagasaki. lapan: Sr. Mitchell. April E.: Biloxi, MS: So. Mitchell. lames K.: Nicholson. MS: Sr, Mitchell. Kim E. Ocean Springs. MS: Fr. Mitchell. Patty: Picayune. MS: Ir. Mitchell. Rhonda R.. Lithia Springs. Mitchell. Scott M , Ft Walton Beach. Mitchell. Terry S. Meridian, Mitchell. Valerie D: Milloy Mitzenberg. A. Paul: Bogalusa. '.1.,'-- Kath. l: Iiiils--it ' Z x- ..i tit- lx lliiil- '. Moak. Charlotte A , Brandon. Mock, Gwendolyn, Natchez. Molesx-.or1h. Gayle A. Hattiesburg. Molsbee. lohn F. Bay St Louis. Monk. Michael W. Mendenhall. Montague. lohn W . Hattiesburg. Montgomery: Dianne L. Hattiesburg. 188 ljndergradiiates GA: lr. FL: So. MS: lr. . AL: lr. LA: 215 'JS Sr Sr lr MS. Fr MS: lr MS: Fr MS: lr MS. Fr MS: Sr MS, Fr DERGRADUATES .J '-3 so sd .il -x 0 bt. Sf' 3,5 ' ' . r hi ' ,f k i. gr: V f 1 f - J l L . 7 ,. X .151 S 1 ' ' !?' ' H' 'n tb: D 't .I ' . . lo..i:.::n1al'r g 2 it x fx f' if . tg. A A .1 t ft. . lA! "5- 'U . 41-Q5 n. Q W .1 .5 f . Xp' 'MQ' uf, l 1 if J. W . TL4 ,lb , Q ffl , Q .. LLB . . ELI' ,Q 'ag LI4, Q ,f af., fm l , l ight. X WI' l 4 ffmat fl i ff ., -kit . lf X 2' , ,, ,"fo,,'..f1rl 2,41 '., lllgfj A A la. ff - seal! .if ' f' A ....f h X. I . N . r . 5 5 . u . . , ' lasgfi! iii. Tm - MONTGOMERY X MOSS Q Montgomery, Rhonda S , Newton, MS. lr Moody. Sharon, B: Laurel, MS. Sr Mooney, Kimberly l , Pascagoula, MS. Fr Mooney. Tonya E , Biloxi, MS, Sr Moore, Carla P , lackson, MS, Sr Moore, Darrel P , Biloxi, MS: Sr Moore, Elaine K, Monterey, LA. Fr Moore, Moore. Moore. Moore. Moore. Moore. Moran. Moran. lerry R,: Petal, MS, So luana L., Pearl, MS, lr L Vinson: Sumrall, MS, Sr Marcia R.: Hattiesburg, MS, So Mark S.: lackson, MS. lr Michael L.: lackson, MS, Sr Margaret A.: Biloxi. MS: lr Pete E.: Gulfport, MS: Sr, Moreland, K. lem: Mobile, AL: So. Moreno , Alvaro l,: Leakesville. MS: Ir Moreno. Pedro S.: Leakesville, MS: Sr Morgan Morgan Morgan Morris. Morris. Morris. Morris. Morris. Morris. Morris. , Ira L.: Vicksburg. MS: Fr. , lohn T.: Biloxi, MS: Sr. . Karen L.: Hattiesburg, MS: Fr B, Ann: Pensacola, FL: lr. Daphne L.: Hattiesburg, MS: Fr Deborah L.: Ocean Springs. MS: Donna K.: Gulfport, MS: Ir. Michael A.: Columbia, MS: So, Norman E.: Mobile, AL: So. Sallie A.: Picayune, MS: So Morrison, Miwy: Utica. MS: Ir, Morrison. Sandra K.: Biloxi, MS: Sr Morrow. Sherry I.: Whitfield. MS: lr. Morrow. William A.: Whitfield, MS: Fr Moseley, ferry B.: Mobile, AL: Fr. Moses. Moss. L Felicia R.: McComb, Fr, inda F.: Meridian, MS: So. Undergraduates 189 Muuiils Turn D. Hariiesbiiqz. MS. Sn Muaiiign, Don P. Gulfport. MS. Fr Mulcahy Michael K Biloxi. MS. Fr Mulfnni Cynthia A , Columbia. MS jr Mullen Rhonda L, Pascagoula. MS. So Mullins, Tina E Wesson MS. Ir Munka, William P, Wigmington. Nl., So Murdock, Angela D. Picayune. MSL Sr. Murphy. Carla M , Hattiesburg, MS: So Murphy. james E. Hattiesburg, MS: Fr. Murphy. Maureen C. jackson, MS: Sr. Murphy, Melinda C . Quitman. MS: jr. Murphy. Patricia L: jackson. MS: Fr. Murphy. Sara L. Birmingham, AL: So. Murray. james C.: jackson, MS: Sr Murray. Ken CD. Bay St, Louis. MS: Sr Murray. William D.: Oneonta. AL: jr. Myers. Delia D.: Hattiesburg, MS: Fr. Myers. Diane C.: Vicksburg. MS: So. Myers, james E.: Biloxi. MS: jr. Myers, julie j.: Hattiesburg. MS: Sr. Myers. Linda M.: Clinton. OK: Fr. Myers, Nancy R.: Niceville, FL: Sr. Myers. Sharon L.: Biloxi, MS: So. Myers. Steven j 3 Florence. MS: Sr. Myers, William A.: Niceville, FL: So. Myrick. james M.: Laurel. MS: jr. Nagai. Yumi: Tokyo, japan: So. Nance, Bill T.: jackson, MS: Fr. Nanney. Roxanne: Tupelo. MS: So. Nassirinia, Nasser: Look Out Mt., TN: Sr. Neal, Patrick M.: jackson. MS: So. Neal, Rebecca S.: Columbia. MS: So. Necaise, jeffrey F: Necaise Crossing. MS: So. Necaise. Sabrina D.: Pass Christian, MS: Fr. Necaise. Tanya j 3 Gulfport. MS: Sr Neideffer. David H.: Gulfport, MS: jr Nelson. Elizabeth G.: Petal. MS: Fr Nelson. Vallery DM., Bay Springs. MS: Sr Nester, Cheryl L.: Hattiesburg. MS: jr Nettles, Karen E.: Hatiiesburg, MS: Fr Nettles. Patricia M.: Brandon. MS: S0 Nettles, Ronnie E.. Fayette. MS: So. Newcomb. Ben C: Hattiesburg. MS: jr Newman. Lisa G.: Wesson, MS: Fr Newsom. Tanya D: New Hebron. MS: jr Nichols, Martha C.: Raleigh, MS: lr. Nicholson. Robert W . Hattiesburg. MS: Sr Nicholson, Sherrye. Laurel. MS: Sr Niolet. Frank j , Long Beach. MS: So Nixon. john W. Brooklyn. NY: Sr Nobie, Stephanie L. Ocean Springs, MS: Fr Nobles. Sheila A . Shubuta, MS: Fr Norman. Doris M. Nevwon, MS: So Norris. james B. Collins. MS. jr Norris. john M . Seminary. MSL Sr 190 Undergraduates DERGR DU TES Q , .1 I xi . ,V I MOULDS X NORRIS ' hi' ff X X1 ffuliixll 'x . ,ix i. .- ..- T i l " . .- ' 4-V , ,NK . , ,- , -. 3- j , ii? , W 'ji i":14oQ 9 - E Y 1. .5 rf v 'I ,ff ,, 9 it . . " e , 'f:f'- ,- W? ' . . i fi t .' -. if t S., Q 395, - . Q 4: 1 . K S' za f 2 ' 1. I I T. 'HH' --- .ii ,Il-'f J Y 5 ' -, x Q . 413, " f N " K- -y I N! fi 4 J 5- I .ff 1 at f i if trail? I ' lil. 3 .. .ag-79, Z 4 glans' '5 'fir ll 'sn v-x : - '- M li... J- ., is i N- ! NORTHROPX PATRICK Northrop, Dan F., Pascagoula, MS, Ir Noullet, Suzanne R.: Meridian, MS, Sr Nourse, David: Biloxi, MS: Sr Nowling, Linda E, Mobile. AL, lr Noyan, Metin, Nicosia, Cyprus: Fr Nugent, Rose M . Biloxi, MS: Sr Nuttall, Leal F , Vicksburg, MS, Sr Oatis, Audrey L.: Hattiesburg, MS, Ir Oberkirch, Susan M., Long Beach, MS. Sr Ocampo, Buddy: Hialeah, Fl, Sr O'Connor, Carole A,: Gulfport, MS, Sr O'Connor, Ioseph A., Biloxi, MS, Sr Odom, Neva A., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr O'Dom, Teresa K., Waynesboro, MS, Sr Ogletree, Bebe L., Raymond. MS: lr, O'Hara, Ellece M., lackson, MS, Fr. O'Keefe, lohn M., Hattiesburg, MS, Ir O'Kelley, Karen, Sylacauga, AL: Sr, Olinger, Ann M.: Long Beach, MS, Sr. Olinger, Sheila R., Long Beach. MS: lr. Oliver, Albert L.: Columbus, Gag lr. Oliver, Darienne L.: Gulfport, MS: Sr. O'Neill, Michael D.: Gulfport, MS: Sr. Ormon, Shane, Clinton. MS: So. O'Rourke, lames P.: McComb, MS: Ir. O'Rourke, Michael W., McComb, MS: Sr. O'Rourke, Sean T., McComb, MS, Sr. Orr, Charles W., Meridian, MS: So. Overstreet, Ioe V.: Hattiesburg, MS: Fr. Pace, Kathryn A.: Monticello, MS: Fr. Pace, Tracy A., Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Pace, Triceta R., Hattiesburg, MS, Sr. Padgett, Margaret, R., Picayune. MS, So. Pahia, Robert M.: Kailua, HA, Sr. Painter, Tonia S., Pascagoula, MS: So. Palmer, Ioseph W.: Purvis, MS, So. Palmer, Lawrence E., Carson, MS, Sr, Palmer, Michael B., Hattiesburg, MS, So. Palmer, Guy W., Virginia Beach. VA: lr. Pardee. Charles C., St. Petersburg. FL: So. Parham, Beth M.: Baton Rouge, LA, lr. Parkel, Charles O., Brandon, MS, Fr, Parker, Dianna L., Ellisville, MS: Ir. Parker, Iohn T.: Hattiesburg, MS: Sr. Parker, Mary A., Laurel, MS, Sr. Parks. loyce E., Utica. MS: Sr. Parks. Mike: Hattiesburg, MS: Sr. Parks, Sandra C.: Hattiesburg, MS, So. Parsons, Frank C.: lackson, MS: So. Patch, Bridget A.: Carriere. MS: Sr. Pate, Betty H.: Fulton, MS, lr. Pate. Donald G.: Fulton, MS: Sr. Patrick, Cynthia L., Pearl, MS, Sr, Patrick, Ianie E.: Woodville, MS, Fr, Patrick, Kathy E., lackson, MS, Fr, Patrick, Penny: Magee. MS: Sr, Undergraduates 191 DERGRADUATES Pratt. Iutinitti M . Mrtiotiib. MS. Sr A L lkrttersun Kathy. lltittieslmrpt. MS. FI' l'.rtt.-mm, Kathryn I . Betiumunt. MS. lr 4 l'.itt-'rstm Kathy E . Betiunmnl, MS, lr 1 P.rttt-rsmi Melissa. Paw Christian. MS. Sri P.rrtis-in Rosalie B . Ocean Springs. MS. Fr lhriinmich, Palmer Y , liollyxmml. Fl.. lr Payne, Btirhara M . Meridian, MS. Fr Payne. Iames D. Pensacola. FL, lr Payne, lulia I . Bay St Louis. MS: Fr. Payne, Mike T. Pensacola. FL: Fr Peach, Mark Pg Madison, MS: lr Peake, Brenda L. Long Beach, MS: So. Peeler. Carolyn T: Slidell. LA: Fr QC. 3 X 3 Peepers. Renee A.: Tulsa, OK: Sr Pellett. Peggy A., Verona. WI: Fr. Pena. Tim: Homestead. FL: Sr. Pendergrass. lames F.. Vicksburg, MS: Sr. Pennington. Cindy L.: Decatur. MS: Sr. A qi ' Peoples. Charlton L.: Laurel. MS: Sr. 'G Peresich, Thomas W: Biloxi. MS: Sr. Perkins. Beth R,1Gulfport, MS: lr. Perniciaro. Andrew I.: Bay St. Louis. MS: Fr. Perry, Alan D.: lackson. MS: Fr. Perry, Iames L.: Mobile, AL: So. Perry. William D.: Hattiesburg, MS: lr. Peters, Darrold L.: McHenry. MS: Sr. Peters. Phylis D.: Poplarville. MS: lr. ll 5 I Ll l 45 Peters. Wes W.: Iackson. MS: So. "' ' H Petersen. Mark S.: Florence. MS: lr. ' Peterson, Kelly A.: Ocean Springs. MS: lr, A v Peterson, Wyndal M: Pass Christian. MS: Sr. Phelps. Steve C.: Hattiesburg, MS: lr. ' , Phillips, Cynthia M.: Pascagoula. MS: lr. , F' Phillips, David M.: Hattiesburg. MS: So. , fl utr - I, Af .I 911-.wt ' Phillips. Dena F.: Laurel. MS: lr. Phillips. Elna I L Quitman, MS: Fr. " Phillips, lo Ellen: Hattiesburg, MS: lr. Phillips. Kathy M.: lackson. MS: Fr. Phillips. Raymond, FJ Clinton, MS: So. Philpot, Catherine E.: Hattiesburg, MS: Sr. Phipps. Esther E.: jackson. MS: Sr. Q x Phongam. Viruth L: Iackson. MS: Sr. N Pickard. loseph E , Ocean Springs. MS: Fr ' IX Pickering. Carol E, Petal. MS: So. Pierce. Elisa. Hattiesburg. MS: So ' Pierce, Ianice M. Clinton, MS. lr. ' Q I Q - AU 'A- 'S Pierce. Marion E. Leakesville, MS: lr. Pierce. Timothy G . Booneville. MS, Sr T . ' Pierson. George W. Hattiesburg. MS. lr Pietrangelo. Greg. Long Beach. MS, Sr Pigritt Charles M . Vicksburg, MS, Fr Pigrutt. Vynn. Vicksburg. MS. lr Pigott. Sheila I , Carriere, MS: Ir Ptlcher, Debbie L. lackson, MS: Fr Pilcher. Robert W, lackson. MS. lr T. W2 lfnrlergrzirliizitfes "i 5 in " Et"",,, L , il. X . I .z 5, .. .ff-:'fAQ. ' . T ku " . 6 4 'G ip H' PILGRIM X POWELL Pilgrim, Manuel R.: Bay Springs, MS: Sr. Pilgrim, Steven W.: Gulfport. MS: Ir. Pilgrim, Susan A.: Laurel, MS: Fr. Pinson, Elizabeth A.: Iackson, MS: Fr. Pinson, Valerie C.: Hattiesburg, MS: Fr. Pisarich, Thomas W.: Biloxi, MS: Ir. Pittman, Betty C.: Iackson, MS: So. Pittman, Cheryl L.: Columbia, MS: Ir. Pittman, Iris E.: Bay Springs, MS: Ir. Pittman, Iames C.: Hattiesburg, MS: Ir. Pittman, Suzanne: Hattiesburg, MS: So. Pittman, Virginia A.: Hattiesburg, MS: Fr Pitts, Iennifer L.: Meridian, MS: So. Pixley, Linda G.: Meridian, MS: Ir. Pizzetta, Kathy: Biloxi, MS: Ir. Plunk, Betty I.: Gulfport. MS: Sr. Plunkett, Robert G.: Hattiesburg, MS: So. Polito, Victor P.: Gulfport, MS: So. Polk, Steffani R.: Picayune, MS: Ir. Polson, Zane: Smackover, AK: Sr, Ponder, Sarah E.: Mendenhall, MS: Sr. Ponder, Terri F.: Mendenhall, MS: Ir, Poolson, Kelly E.: Waveland. MS: Fr. Poorman. Rachel A.: Biloxi, MS: Ir. Pope, Iudy A.: Angie, LA: Ir, Porter, Debora R.: Starkville. MS: So. Porter, Dory E.: Valley Park. MS: Sr. Porter, Leon D.: Iackson, MS: Ir. Porter, Ronald A.: Brandon, MS: Sr. Portwood, Robert I.: Vicksburg, MS: Ir Posey, Velma S.: Forest, MS: Sr, Powell. Alice F.: Hattiesburg. MS: Fr. Powell, Caren M.: Vicksburg, MS: So. Powell. Harold I.: Mobile, AL: Ir, Powell, Lana M.: Vidalia, LA: Ir. Undergraduates 193 Pmwll. Lt-cm L, liicksun. Vim:-ll. l.on-tin, Holltintlttlv. Vim--rx, lurqtieline M , Brookhaven. Posters, Lennie T , Gulfport. Prtiytor, Antlwr G , Hattiesburg, Pendergtist. .-'xaron E , Gautier, Prescott, Ramon K , Magnolia. Presley, Lynn. Senatobia. Price, Billy R , Prentiss. Price, Connie E, lackson. Price. Curtis U, Pascagoula. Price. Cary W.. Foxworth. Price, Gregory A., Foxworth, Price, lohn D.: Wiggins, Price. Karen A.: Mendenhall. Price, Nancy S.: Seminary. Price. Phil M.: McComb. Price. Tina C.: Vicksburg. Pridmore, Scott K.: Columbus. Prince, Eric E.: Lumberton. Prince, Lisa C.: Mendenhall. Prisock, Russell H.: Pearl. Proctor. Pam G.: Meridian. Proulx, Mark D.: Bay St. Louis, MS: Pryor. lohnny C.: Laurel, Pulliam, Don: Ellisville. Pulliam, Patricia L.: Ft, Walton Beach. Purser, Darlene: Vicksburg. MS: Pustay. lean S.: Washington MS, lr MS. lr MS. Fr MS. Sn MS, Fr MS. Sr Ms. if MS: Sr. MS: Sr. MS: So. MS: Sr. MS: Fr. MS: Fr. MS: Ir. MS: lr, MS: Fr. MS: Sr. MS: Fr, MS: Fr. MS: Sr, MS: Sr. MS: Sr. MS: Sr. lr, MS: Sr. MS: Sr. MS: Fr. lr, DC: Sr. Putman. Yvonne: McComb. MS: Fr. Putnam, Cassandra A.: Eupora. Quebedeau. Charles C.: Church Point. Quince. Katherine: Louin. Quinn, Regina R.: lackson. Quinn. Sherrill: Laurel. Rabby, William E.: Wiggins. Rackley, Rebecca L.: Columbia Raden. Teresa A.: Vicksburg. Rainey, Terry W.: Hattiesburg. Rains, Angie: Tupelo. Raises. Frank W.: lackson Raley. David S.: Meridian, Raley, Mike R, Pascagoula Ramsay, Mary B: Mt Olive, Ramsey, E Key: lackson Ramsey. Henrietta. Brooklyn Ramsey, Larry H.: Biloxi. Ranager, loseph T.: Iackson. Randle, Phyllis: Lexington. Rashid, Sabree A , Biloxi, MS Rassier. lim C , Gulfport, MS Ratclifi, Cynthia A, Laurel, MS, Sr Raicliii. Kathryn M, Biloxi. MS. Ratclifi, Wade C , Columbus. MS. Ratlifi, lacalyn L, Picayune. MS. Rai-.l. Dwayne A . Lake Charles, LA. lr if!-i l'nrlf:rgrsitlii:ites MS: So. LA: So. MS: Sr. MS: lr, MS: Sr. MS: Sr . MS: Ir MS: Sr MS3 lr MS: Fr . MS: lr MS: Sr , MS: lr MS: Fr . MS: lr . MS: lr MS: Sr MS: Sr. MSL Fr. : lr 1 lr Sr Sr Fr DERGR DUATES .Fin X , t" ' L 2 R vt J ,A r 1 fr . .ii . - ' ' ' xlQ"Z.r:'1 Cf" X IVL. x 11, ' s aa Q. 1 '19 k' l' yy. if ' :I ? Q Nw 4, , A ao , U U . l 4 1 , a - . N ' A vs .., 5 is gi' I 'i ' r L nl 'iam wfiek IE S' 9 4' . 5- kv . Q X -QM H' 5 We "' " i 4 Q' n -. ffwil, , as-ty.-1 , 9 M ::f" . 1 ' "hm v--. ff ...nm no A lx In Q. .-.,., , . .ik 'i ,.. T' y B3 Q: i f e if' qv! Q--s - E lf' f' 9 kv 1 L 1 l if 'WI as " -I ,CA 6 "n , -' 1 M - , vi. Yrfx fr" Q 519-I . ROWLAND X RIGBY Rowland, Cassaundra L.: Corinth, MS. Fr. Rawls, Susan: Hattiesburg, MS: So. Rawls, Dwight W.: Hillcrest Hghts, MD: lr Rawson, E, Camie: Meridian, MS: Sr. Rawson, Edward C.: jackson, MS: Sr Ray. Kathy: Laurel, MS. lr. Rayborn, Charlie D , Pascagoula, MS: Fr Rayborn, Ricky D.: Pascagoula, MS: So Rayborn, Sandra K.: Waveland, MS: Sr. Rayborn, Tena V.: Hattiesburg, MS: Sr. Ready, Louis D.: Richton, MS: Sr. Reasoner, Leigh A.: Gulfport, MS: Fr. Redd, Facqueline K.: Brandon, MS: Sr Rademacher, Kevin R.: Biloxi, MS: Fr Redmond, Teresa B.: Stonewall, MS: Sr. Reed, Belinda M.: Biloxi, MS: Fr. Reed, Dottie A.: Laurel, MS: lr. Reedy, Beth I.: Tupelo, MS: Sr. Reedy, Rene: Brandon, MS: lr. Reese, Mary A.: Mobile, AL: lr. Reeves, Brenda R.: lackson, MS: Fr. Reeves, Charles G.: Bogue Chitto, MS: Sr. Reeves, Eva L.: Bogue Chitto, MS: Fr. Reeves, Laura R.: Slidell, LA: So. Reeves, Lisa: Long Beach. MS: Ir. Reeves, Robin I.: Mobile, AL: Fr. Reeves, Sharon D.: Florence. MS: So. Rehmann, Stacie E.: Slidell, LA: lr. Reid, Benny: Semmes, AL: So. Reid, Kimberly R.: Poplarville, MS: Ir. Reiling, Teresa M.: Ocean Springs, MS: Ir. Reiter, David E,: Long Beach, MS: Ir. Rentz. Helen: Laurel, MS: Fr. Rester, Cindy L.: Poplarville, MS: Sr. Resta, Iohn B.: Vicksburg, MS: So. Rey, Mary: Hattiesburg, MS: Sr. Rhodes, David O.: Picayune, MS: Ir, Rhodes, Patricia A.: Slidell, LAL So. Rhoads, Ron: Gulfport, MS: Sr. Rhinewalt, Marsha B.: Forest, MS: lr. Ricci, Rick: Natchez, MS: lr. Rice, Karen L.: Pensacola, FL: Fr. Rich, lames L,: Gulf Breeze, FL: lr. Rich, Martha A.: Gulf Breeze, FL: Sr. Richards, Leah R.: Ocean Springs. MS: Sr, Richards, Steven I.: Gautier, MS: Sr. Richardson, Kathy A.: Union, MS: Fr. Richardson. Leisa L,: Union. MS: Ir. Richardson, Susan E,: Vicksburg, MS Richart, lanie G.: lackson, MS: lr. Ricks, Gregory P.: Hattiesburg, MS: Fr. Ridge, Leo I.: Lumberton. MS: Fr. Ridge, Melanie L.: Lumberton, MS: lr. Rievley, Mike A.: Greenville, MS: Sr Rigby, Linda C-,: Pascagoula. MS: lr. Rigby, Tom: Pascagoula, MS: Sr. Undergraduates if Rigvl lliiiii-l ll liilnxi, MS R.l.w R.-limtu l. lltc'.lllSlil'll1g5,fXlS Rilvs Stun l' l..iuri-l MS. R111-5 l'urt R MS Riinvs X tirvg ll.llllr'SlPll!E MS Ru-li-x'.ilwllil. ll.ittiwlvui'u N15 Rmln' Sh-pli.uix R l'.ist.igtuil.l NIS Rulit-i, lux li Furl-sl, MS. Rita lim l'll.U.iltl1riix'v. MS. Rin li--5, lvlllltltlt I. Mnliilv, Al.. Rin-r.i. Xluriir .-X . Curt:-s. llonslunisl Riwrf S Wxnii, lft ltliltun Ht-Juli. FI.. R-il-luiis l'illL.llh'll1.'X. Hnttivslitirg. MS Rtililwim. l.invl L. LItilumhi.i. MSL Rulilsins. Miclmvl. Biloxi, MS: Riwliluns. Susan L 1 Columliiu, MSL Ruta.-min. Angelid A1 Hdrrisville. MS. Rnlwrsmi, Dvlzy Z. Moss Point. MS. Rulir-rls, Durtiy K. McComb. MSL Ruhr-rts. Elizalwth A , McLain, MS. Rnlwrts. Lorie A 1 Meridian. MSL Rulwrlsun, Duvitl B 3 Clinton. MS: Robertson. Mary: Iackson. MS: Ruhertson. Rita F1 Prentiss. MS: Rolwrtson, Term-sa L., Ellisville. MS: Robinson, Frank E . Gulfport. MS Riiliinsun. Iennifer K. Clinton. MS: Rtihinson, lessie R . Meridian. MS: Rtll1ll'1S0fl.K3ll1Q R1Iacksnn. MS: Robinson, Lisa: Laurel. MS: It It Sl Ii li Nu Su So Fr Fr Su. Sr Ir. Fr Sr lr Fr Sr Sr Sr So So Sr Fr Sr :Ir Fr. Fr So lr Ruhinsnn, Lriu A.. Moss Point. MS: lr Riilwinsun, Mrinipd M . Winstonvillv. MS: Ruliinwn, Patricia A., Natchez. MS: Robinson. Slater K 3 Raleigh. MS: Robinson, Stacy C. Biloxi, MS: Rugf-rs. .-'xmfelis E, Mohilf-'.AL1 Rugvrs. Becca B1 Pensacola. FL. Rum-rs. Cnnniv C . Columbia, MSL Rug:-rs, Dunntl C , Mt Olivi-, MS: Rug:-rs. lumvs F, Lriuisvillv, MS. Rug'-rs. Kimm. lldttiesburg. MS: Rffwrs. Mnnind B 1 Taylnrsvillv. MS. Fr S0 Sr Sr Ir. Ir. Ir. Ir lr lr. Sr Rwvfirs P.imPl.i I . Mobile. Al.. Ir Riigvrs Rf-nit.: ll. Laura-l, MS. lr Rogers Susan IQ, Prwntiss. MS, Raw-rs, Trinj. I.. l.v.ef. MS, Sr Sr Ruiz'-rs W Hrwnl,, MS. Ir Rollins. l'.itrit.mfqfilustr-r,MS1 lr Rrimlnyvr. Ur-lilly, P4-tul. MS, lr Riiiikfir Kim S . lfinksrin. MS. Fr Rus Ifvwph H X-lhlihllllfil. MS, 1 1 Su lt'---irrwnvl .'.llv-n IJ , firm-ni-.unrl, MS. Ir Humrninvl I ?.l.irln Ruxrninrl. MS. lr Riiw l.infl.i l. rN1l'I'lfll:lD.xlS,ll' Rvws Hnlilm- I l.illIT1'l,LX1S.Sl' Huw f..itli'.r- P l.u.l151m. fxlS, W6 Ilnrlffrfzrmliizites Su UNDERGR DU TES RIGEL X ROSS 'VN vi" ' ,. ,- . . 'X v. .!- wp K I , 'T-' I , nz! n fi lf , X ..: lx f ,N A X . x I I Q 't'.". ' " n f l : if f W' L ,Y I 1 l O " 1 1-f' 'itil-ff ., y, Z . 5 4 F, J li. 7 l , ' i . A' I l t Y I l Q I it 1 nt 9 xl i' ,L figw' "L v L.. ...wilt L A I ,Ni Russ. lwlilitf, PUFYIS. 5115. SU Roth, Steven T, Pascagoula, MS, So Rounsaville, Laura L, Hattiesburg, MS Fr Rouse, Steve V.: Vicksburg, MS: lr, R"Yfllb, Christy R, Lumlierton, MS, Ir Rowe. Pamela E , Gulfport, MS, Sr Roviells, Michelle A. llattiesburg, MS, Pr Ruliisch, joseph B. Picayune, MS, So Rucker, Christopher R, Durant, MS, lr Runnels, Constance C, Laurel, MS. Sr Rush, Gary R: Hattiesburg. MS, lr Rushing, Cindy L, Tylertovtn, MS, Ir Rushing, Kirstan, Pensacola Beach, FL, Sr Russell, H Ioyce. Laurel. MS. lr Russell, Pamela G 1 Gautier, MS, So Russell. Theresa D.: Union, MS: Ir Russell, Toni M L Magee. MS, Sr Russum, Paula R: Pulaski. MS, Ir Rutledge, Don S.: Bay St Louis, MS. Sr Rutland, Douglass I : lackson. MS: Fr Ryan, Lynn: Meridian, MS, Fr Rymer, lefl H,: Vero Beach, FL, Fr Saab, ludy T.: Iackson, MS: lr Sadler, Donald P.: Vicksburg. MS, Sr Safigan, Sandra M.: Clinton, MS. Fr Salter. Iames E.: lackson. MS: lr Samies, Gerald H : Ocean Springs, MS: So Saunders, Cherry L: Natchez, MSL Ir Sanders, Clark E.: Iackson, MS: Sr Sanders, Virginia L.: Pearl, MS: Fr Sanderson, Robert D.: Wilmer, AL: So Sandifer, Mary P,: Hattiesburg. MS: lr Sandifer, Sheila A.: McComb, MS: Sr Sanford, Cynthia: Collins, MS: Ir, Sanford, Teresa L.: Collins, MS: Sr Undergraduates 197 Srmlana, I.uls :N . Puvrlu Rico Suu.: Vru: Edgar W . Bay SI Louis, MS .lr .Ir N., -". II 'us l'll.'..ln-Ill ll.ux Sl l-:un NIS Ir Numa Slum-I1 .-N Lung lil-.1-ln N1S.5rv Surlm I--hum N lldlllvalillli NIS ll Sarull-1 .Nugr-l.u llraml-um NIS Ir 5.11:-url Nl.1rN I I''ml.l NIS Sn N I. A 'lzluzl l'.'1.ll NIS lx Sur: NII 'lxf I luumll--rl-vu NIS lx Sullls lhnmlll R , lay-xi. MS, lr S.mlh'r5 Salvrma L1 , PHJIIIISS, MS. Ir S.u1lh-rs. Susan. Prvnllw. MS. Sr S.n.1g.- Kf-xm R . Mow Pu1nl.MS.l-'r Suwllv Kallmlm-r1C.Culumlvus, MS. Sr SI .Irlwr-lugh. Angvla C . Gullpnrl. MS. lr .lrlmrullmh IX'1llxam H. HdIllHSl1llFg,lNlS.S1W Nr hwlvr, Umm- NI . llwan Sprmgs. MS. lr .h.l.-I.-r Dwayne N1.OI,f-an Spring. MS. Sr Scl'1.lfr'r. Malt. bra-fa! Falls. NA. Ir, SI hallur k. I-my D, Pass Christian. MS. So l1..llr,I.lx.'l I2 , Pass Chrislian. MS. Sr Srhwl. Ilnlnrvs Nl , Hattiesburg. MS. Sn Snhwl, Lau rf-nue F. Hattiesburg, MS. Fr Sghwl. Marla E. Hattiesburg. MS. Sr SCl1t'lIl'Fl',Tt'I'l'l I 3 Greenville. MS. Sr Shu-lrls, Darn:-ll. Clmlun, MSL lr Sclusler. Nancy L., lacksnn. MS. Fr Schlovgvl. Melissa I , Gulfport. MS, Fr Srhmnll. Danni A.Cr1lumlJus.OHg So Sr hmxdllmg. Carla E. Long Beach. MS. Fr Srhmdwn. Ilwlmrah A , Nr-xx Orleans. Fr Srhulvr.Tn-rrl-Ann.lar1lcsun. MS: Fr. Srhullhf-ms. Lon M. Belle Chasse La: Fr Sghx-.arIz. Alan C.Cilmnelle.AL1Sn 5: uanna. Annvttv M . Bay St Louis. MS. Ir Sr xanna. Danna l,. Bay St Lmus, MS. Fr Swggxns. Donna E. Laurel. MS, Sr Smnu-rs Wnlllam F. London. England. Su Srnll Ilavul K. Halue-sburg, MS. Fr Smit. lillzalv-IhC,Ql1llman. MS: Sr Sf rangp 1,1-la C . Hallivslmrg. MS, Sr Sval, Danny R. Kiln. MS1Sr Svalv Rulwrta U. Nalnhs-2. MS, Sn Sv-arv j. T:-rrl l.. Pwarl. MS. Srl Sv-arm NN'lll1Am l. l.1f.lcSnn. NIS, ll' Searrl. lames R. Greenville. MS: lr Sebren. Mary A . Yazoo City, MS, Sr Sugars Carol l,. Marks. MS. Sr fm-mars Mark 'If Iuka. NIS. Sr S4-kul Rflsf- I. lixlnxl, MS. Sr S-all Susan IJ Plurr-nw-, MS. Sr SQ-ll--rs f.rf'!a l, Ia1kwn.N1S. Fr S-'Elma lf-Ilvr. IJ ffrw-nxlll'-, MS Fr Svlzlr. har. X' flullpurl. MS lr mar lffrrff-rl ll f.rj.slal Springs, NIS Fr Sv-uwlfrns Pvlvr fl '.1f-rnl1.m.MS.Fr WH llflfllffj-lfklfll1?IlffS DERGR DU TES .f A. frm aff' T .PX s . I r 4' .' .. J ni . Q Hx" W I-il ax o fN-- -fx . I '.f v- 2- 5 -4 . :uni 'I' lf-'U 1 " 5- , I ix A .PQ . A , , , 4 -- V-'V ' , Q' 'A Ss ,-1:- 5'3" ,Q ,Q .Af - '95 v l SESSUMS X SIVILS Sessums, Carmen R.: Brandon, MS: Sr Sessums, Gary: Vicksburg, MS: Sr Sexton, Michelle R.: Long Beach, MS: So Shams, Hossien I., Hattiesburg, MS: Sr Sharak, Kenneth C.: Wesson, MS: So Sharp, Deborah F.: Hattiesburg, MS: Ir Sharp, Matha A.: Philadelphia, MS: Sr Shaw, Elizabeth T.: Jackson. MS, Sr Shaw, loyce M.: Meridian, MS, Ir Shaw, Linda: Hattiesburg, MS: Sr Shaw, Scott: Gulfport, MS: Sr Shearer, loyce L.: Petal, MS: Sr Shearer, Shannon, D.: Clinton, MS: lr. Shelley, Tammie S.: Petal, MS: So. Shelton, Brenda K.: Laurel, MS: lr. Shelton, Vel: Union Church, MS: Sr Shepherd, Randy W.: Greenville, MS: Sr Shepherd, Richard D.: Iackson, MS: Sr. Shepherd, Sallie L.: Hattiesburg, MS: So. Shepard, Sara L.: Gautier, MS: Sr. Sheppard, Toni D.: Pearl, MS: Fr. Shields. Resa G.: Iackson, MS: Fr. Shiyou, Wanda C.: Mendenhall, MS: Sr Sholl, Ruth L.: Pascagoula, MS: Sr Shoulders, lerry W.: Mobile, AL: So, Shows, Cynthia F.: Mendenhall. MS: Fr. Shows, Ieffrey S.: Mendenhall, MS: Ir. Shows, Ken K.: Brandon, MS: Sr, Shuck, Rhonda K,: Hattiesburg, MS: lr. Shelnutt, Karen D.: Magee, MS: Fr. Shumate, David P,: Pascagoula, MS: lr. Shumock, lohn F.: Pascagoula. MS: Sr. Sibley, Bonnie N.: Gloster, MS: Sr. Sibley, Cindy M.: Long Beach, MS: Fr. Signa, Phyllis M,: Greenville, MS: lr. Sigrest, Clarence B.: Pascagoula, MS: Ir. Silver. Nalinda D.: Mobile. AL: Fr. Simon, Carol D.: Bessemer, AL: Fr. Simpson, Wanda I.: State Line, MS: lr. Sims, Elton Hg Hattiesburg, MS: So. Sims, Lori: Bay Springs, MS: Ir. Sims, Richard W.: McComb. MS: Sr. Simmons, Anna D.: Natchez. MS: lr. Simmons, David E.: Hattiesburg, MS: Fr. Simmons, Ioseph B,: Hattiesburg. MS: lr. Simmons, Kathy L.: Stringer, MS: lr. Simmons, Kenneth R.: Magnolia, MS: Fr Simmons, Phyllis D.: Hattiesburg, MS: Ir Simms, Donna W.: Hattiesburg, MS: Sr. Singh, lrvinder: Waynesboro, MS: Sr Singleton, Vander M.: New Orleans. LA: Sr Singleton, Verretta: Shaw, MS: So Singley, Rodger B.: Gulfport, MS: So. Sirmon, Becky L.: Brandon. MS: So, Sita, Alexander F.: Gretna, LA: Sr Sivils, Elizabeth A.: Hattiesburg. MS: lr. Undergraduates 199 StxLl.t Xlvx X' X t'ttt'Ltlt'l.l, Sf S .-tt: Rt. l I-it lX.iltnn llvatli. lfl., Sit Sk. lion Mit liat-l S . Mvrttlian, MS. Sr Sk--lt--ti lout R . l'.ist.iguul.i, MS Ir Skttini-t'ltSitt1.MS St' Skinner Rn kx tf llattu-slmrg, MS, lfr xattto t.l.-run .X l-t Italian Bt-ath, H., Ir Slatiglitvr llvnnis l., lat ltsun. Slat Kar.-n li. llattiealiurg. Slay. Stt-xt-n I . Natchez. Sli-tlg--. l.attr.i l. . Sheffield. Stti.illxttt.-tl. l-luxe It ,Gulfport Smartt, tiintly S . Signal Mt , TN. Ir Smile-k. Franklin C. Biloxi. Smith. Aly sun, Poplarville. Smith. Ann M , Mobile Smith. Barbara I . Picayune. Smith, Barlsara I , Nexxgehron. Smith. Bertha L . Gulfport. Smith. Cathy S . Wesson. Smith, Cecila D. Mobile. Smith. Chuck I.. Purvis. Smith. Cinda. Hattiesburg. Smith, tf Michael: Ocean Springs Smith. David W . Brookhaven Smith, Damn, Gulfport. Smith. Debi F. Hattiesburg. Smith. Denise: Laurel. Smith. Donald R. Brookhaven Smith. Danna I . Brookhaven. Smith, Greg S , Iackson. Smith, Ianes A . Water Valley Smith, Iam:-s H. Poplar Grove, Smith. lane E. Magnolia Smith. lanvt R. Hattiesburg Smith. lrirll. Petal, Smith. Karen C, McAdx'ille. MS. Sr MS. So MS. Fr AL. Sr MS. Fr MSL Sr MS. Fr .-XL, So MS. Su MSL Ir MS3 Fr Ms. Ir ALL Sr MS. Ir MSL Sr MS: Ir MSL Ir. MSL Fr. MS: Sr MSL So. MS: Ir MSL Sr MS. Sr MS: Ir AK. Sr. Ms. if MS. Ir, Smith. Karen G . Sumrall. MS: Ir Smith, Kathy D . Iackson. Smith. Kay F. Picayune. Smith Ks-nn:-thA.Mendenhall.MS1Ir Smith. Kimlwrly A . Gulfport. Smith. Kristy fl. l'latti+-shurg, Smith Laura I . Meridian, Smith. l.1SaH Gallman. Smith Lisa U. Mentlenhall. Smith. 'tlark T. Long Beach. Smith Nl:-laniv M , Natnhvz. Smith. 5.1ir.h.if-lK.Ianksun. Stntth 'tlitlivfi fs1"VltlIdD. Smith Nlamj. ll . ll.ittwslnirIz. Smith N--nal llattivslitirg. Smith Paint-la A flarrit-ru. Srriith Rantlk llf1ltll'Slll1fK. Smart B-Avtnalrl K . fum-nt. tlle. Stnttl. Rhftntla l, Putil.iP.tllw. Zrtrt t'nrlert1rarlt1ates MS. Sr MSL Sr MS: So MS. Sr MS: Fr MS. Fr MS. Ir Ms. Fr MS. Ir MS. Sr MS. S0 MS. Fr MS, Sr MS. Ir MS, Sr MS. Ir MS, So MS. Ir MS. So DERGRADUATES Q7 p :V I I: tlft L. .i.::J", 'L . al if . Q xxx- ,- S Tat 1 .af-1 -S-T., .l.f.8- A I n . 9 -.., r A S' fy. ef .4 it . l v . as S .5- v- -. -Go t I ' t t l ' I 11 'Rx .,.. I L: vs 1 . t af:,,'g Q 0 I I 1 N. 'li 114 ,Nl 4 . .. ."' up Z' . 's' gt? 'T' it L' iff' llwzs xiii . 'fx ' I s-:1 1 . P it.. t -4 ' E2 Q X x X 1 .a'?a,7..,s 9 U 5 um '45 .. Q. . ., H . , 2 .4 - ' ii. L. .. , F . I. I' 4. ' . S A ' -as .Q . ' . I t 4. ,-X. Q :w V 4. A as Q? -5 ' , fy, I s if .- : l Q ' , ,X 3' i . ,V . A t s. if :fleai --'ml' it L L Ji x f vs Q... SMITH! SPRADLEY Smith, Smith. Smith. Smith. Smith. Smith. Smith, Smith Smith Smith Smith Roan A.: Wiggins, MS: S0 Robert E.: Columbus. MS: Fr Robin L.: Petal, MS: Fr, Rochelle I 3 Greenville, MS: So Russell B.: Brookhaven. MS: Ir Sarah E.: Gulfport, MS: So. Sharon T.: Benoit. MS: lr. Stacey P.: Biloxi, MS: Fr. Stephanie: Natchez, MS: Sr. ,Terry L.: Magee. MS: Sr. .Tony W.: Biloxi. MS: Ir, Smithey, C-ayla Y.: Milton, FL: Sr. Smithart, Richard C.: Vicksburg. MS: lr Smythe, Rose M,: Vicksburg. MS: So: Speed, Elizabeth: Long Beach. MS: Sr. Sneed. Torrence H.: Panama Canal Zone: Sr Snow, Alana L.: Brandon, MS: Fr. Snowden, Cindy M.: Hattiesburg, MS, Fr. Snowden. Sarah A.: Hattiesburg. MS: lr. Snyder, Debra L.: Natchez. MS: Sr. Spann. Iohnny W.: Columbus, MS: So Sotile, Kathy M.: Ft, Walton Beach, FL: Sr Soukup, William E.: Gulfport, MS: Sr Spangler, Denise M.: Dollins, MS: lr Spann. Wayne P.: Gulfport, MS: Ir Speaker, Diane M.: Ocean Springs. MS, Sr Speed, Daniel G.: Poplarville, MS: Fr Speed, Kimberly K.: Seminary. MS: Ir Speights. Kimberli Ag Prenliss, MSL Ir Speights. Regina S.: Carson. MSL lr Spell, Frank: Iackson. MS: Sr Spell. Sally S 3 lackson, MSL Sr Spence, Nancy L.: Nexx Orleans. LA. Sr Spencer. Cheryl R.: Canton. MS. Sr Spradley, Mark R., Mos. MS: Ir. Undergraduates 201 DERGR SPRADLEY f STRINGER UATES N':.i.:l.'x l-'rf-Na ll. llatln-sluirg MS Ii' " " ' Sgiiziru--i lxnIli1.iS klillljv-vi'l MS Sn . . K H S Spwlf-5 Xinx lim-vLl1.ixvii MS Ii V 4 Si-mill Susanl lliilfport N1S Ii 1 . kr X Slax Xian iN . llallnwlwiiru US Sn ' Q .' . Si.: l'ai'iiiir-vl lx Imkrrvii NIS Su Siall--iii' Riilli ll. lliluxx X1S.Sr ' i Slaiilvx ll.-xi-rlx S. Muiilire-ilu. Slanl--x llaxnl XX Muiiliu-ilu. Sian!-in Xiu liavl K. I.irl,suii. Slapp. l'liill1i- lf Biloxi. Starks. Eligvm' A. liiluxi. Siaiih-i. I-'ffrvy li, Mugs Puinl, Sldlllvf 'l'nmmy, Mugs Point. St.-lvlnns. B laiiiri-m-. lariksun. Sh-el. Susan, Iacksun. Si.-mi, Nancy li , Bramlun, Sh-rin. lk-ggi ll , Vicksburg. Sh-lanski. Frank I , Gautier. Slviner. Lyrlia A . Laurvl. Srwph.-m, le-ff:-ry.Ucv.ir1Springs Slvphr-ny lvgw A . Um-an Springs. Siwphf-ns. Inv L, Magee SI.-phvns, Yirki l.. Pascagoiila. Sh-lvlman. .-'xnlirvxx D, Hattiesburg. Slvw. Scot! T. Hattiesburg. Su-xi-na, Allen. Hattiesburg. Slvwns. Palrim-. Brandon Slvxiswn. Michael W . Meridian. Sh-xxarl, Chvri G . Prentiss. Stf-uart. Dann R . Lung Beach, Stewart, DunnaC.1Pearl Sh-mart. lamf-s A.. Canton. Stvuxarl, Minhaefl C. Pascagnuld. SIvixarl.Rdn1ix M. Carriers' Siuxxarl. Small F. Macon Sh-mari. Tana C. Picayunv, Shri-.arl, Tuyanv G . Nalclwz, Slilflr-r Brian IJ. Lung Breach. Siiylwl, Tom Fx. Pasnagoula. Sliglvls. Iams-3 C . lackson. Slugnwr. flhi-ryl T. Tylr-rlnwn, Slrmo- Durfilhy A , l,aurr'l. MS Slonv flrvg li. Rucklnn, ll.. Sim-.s-rs. lanzla I . Nalrhf-Z. Siraiiim llnnna Px P.iSrJ1gul1la.lN'lS, Sirililxmzflhvryll..Iaf.ksr1n. Slrilrliny. Kvn, limksun, MS. 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Angie M , Hattiesburg, MS Sr ,Charles M, Braxton, MS, jr ,Donna M : Pearl, MS, lr .Glenda M., Morton, MS, lr .lohn M.: Hattiesburg, MS, lr .Kathleen H, Hilrrxl, MS, So Sullivan, Marian S: Lucedale, MS, Ir Sullivan, Regina C.: Brandon, MS, lr Sullivan, Sherrie E.: Terry, MS: So Sullivan, Teresa F.: Petal, MS, Ir Sullivan, Wayne C.: Gulfport, MS, Sr Summers, Kirk M., Gulfport, MS: Ir Sumrall, Cheryl A.: Bay Springs, MS: Sr Sumrall. Marla L.: Gulfport, MS, Fr Swaggart, Teresa F.: Gloster, MS: So Swales. Cheryl L,: jackson, MS: Sr. Swanson, Kathy C,: jackson, MS: So Swanson, Kevin C.: Iackson, MS: Sr. Swanson, Richard P.: Gulfport, MS: So Swetman, Iaffe L.: Biloxi, MS: Sr. Tadlock, Danny M.: lackson, MS: Sr, Tadlock, Kim L.: Greenville, MS: Sr, Tait, Elizabeth E.: Gautier. MS: Sr. Takas, Terry W.: Gautier, MS: So. Talley, I Tannehi Tanner. Tanner. Tanner. Tapper. ean C.: Pascagoula, MS: So, ll, Susan D.: Iackson, MS: Fr, Darvin R,: Wilmer, AL: So David R.: Cantonment, FL: So Royce A.: Hazlehurst, MS: S0 Patricia L.: Gulfport, MS: lr, Tate, lana M.: Biloxi, MS: Fr, Taylor. Betty R.: Ocean Springs. MS: Fr. Taylor, Branda G: Gallman, MS: So, Taylor, Dean C.: Picayune, MS: Sr. Taylor, Taylor. Deborah 1.2 Heidelberg, MS: lr Delbert D.: Leland, MS: So Taylor, Denise D 1 Wiggins, MS: lr Taylor, Griselda L: Picayune, MS: Ir Taylor, lackie C.: Coldwater, MS: lr Taylor, lanet E.: Laurel, MS: Ir Taylor, lohn L.: Hattiesburg, MS: So Taylor, Lisa A.: Perkinston, MS: Sr Taylor, Maria E.: Panama. Sn Taylor, Mary L: Clarksdale. MS, So Taylor, Robert C: Vicksburg, MS, Su Taylor, Roger L.: lackson, MS, lr Taylor, Sherry G : Hattiesburg, MS. lr Taylor, Valerie L.: Long Beach, MS, Fr Undergraduates 203 K 1- llntrtwtvnxrc . , 1:11 '.'. 1141111 s1'l1'K .. :'- R K'.,nr1.-N11-wrt' ui KAN.. .11 X'1.v.wI.tr1t1 . l1.1r1'.1r.1I' lir.111t1t-I1 1. , S.t11'. 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L Baton Rougw, Tnus Myrna A . Como, Toldr L1nr13 R Tylwrtoxxn. Tonw. Anthony C,N1dpznol1 X15 lr X15 lr X15 l'r X15 Sr X15 lr X15 51 X15 1-1 N18 l'r -, Il.. Su NIS, Fr NIS. Fr K1S,Sr N15 Sr N15 hr 318,511 MS, Su N1S,hr MS, Fr MS, lr X1S.Sr MS, So MS. Sr MS. Sr Fr . MS. Ir MS. Ir lr AL, So . MS, lr MS, So MS. S0 MS. Fr MS, Fr . MS, Ir ma. MS. . IN, Sr MS. Ir MS, Sr MS, lr Ir Tfrlhf-rt Kwnt L, Iackson, MS. a, MS. Tonwj. 111114-' K fllostvr N15 Ionoi I-Qfiu-.ffrfil flrv-fn'.11lv R18 Tff'1rT1P1., fl Rv-gxnn 'N1n1:l1f' .-XL Twornwj. 1J,r.lr1E Br.an11on.11S Iwrr-As P11111 D 11.mws1n1rg4k1S Tw.: Uvnrv: K fQl1nton,f-15, 1 -.fl .-'. Chrrs!-. H4111-shurxz. N15 17-:tw fi!:Z.1tw'r1'.1 '.'1f,ifxPn1l'u X15 Imhdr low '.1 Hlluxx N18 fs. 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Karen A , Picayune, MS, So Tucker, Sharon L,, Pieayune, MS So Tullos. DEiI'l"ylS.lVl8gEf:,lN1SI Fr Tully, Norman N.: Lumberton, MS. Fr Tully. Steven P.: Gulfport, MS. Sr Turnage, Doris M: Brandon, MS. Fr Turner, Betty T: Laurel. MS: So Turner, lean M.: Collins, MS, Sr Turner, Randal B4 Stonewall, MS: Sr Turner, William R,1Lucedale, MS. Fr Turnipseed, Donna l 7 Meridian, MS: Ir Turnipseed, Edward C.: Bay St Louis, MS, Sr Tyner, Sarah L.1 Canton, MS, So Tyner, Vicki L,: Canton, MS: So Tynes, Bonita I.: layess. MS: Sr. Tynes, Rebecca D: layess, MS: Sr Tyrone, Kelly Ag Laurel, MS: lr. Uhland, Kellie L.: Biloxi. MS: lr. Ussery. lames G.: Long Beach. MS, Sr Van Allen, Laurie A.: Long Beach, MS. Sr Van Loon, Gilbert C.: Biloxi, MS, Sr. Van Norman, Tracy E.: Biloxi. MS: So Vance, lames C., Union. MS, So, Vance, Mickey W.: Newton, MSQ Sr Vanclerheiden. Alan: Amory, MS, Sr Vardaman. Martha R.: Hattiesburg. MS, So, Varner, Susan C.: Winona, MN: Sr Undergraduates 205 r ..riigli.r1i Rnririrv Il l'ri.ni1m- NIS X t rri.-ii Ilrvrmltl I IK rgulrts MS X .friir t lit l'.rrii S N.lhl1r',' M5 X it turi.rri kim IH-t.rl N15 X Mark If lliilfp--rt MS Xt-4-'I kt-xiii ll Ililuxi MS Mm-ri l.lI1Y.l 5 I.-iiiri N15 Xkriirllw Iirtiim ll.rttivsI1urg.MS Kkntir- 1 li.irl--:iv Orlando. FI., Itatlv lirvtttttz' li Mvrttlmn. MS. Kkatl- lim R Ilupkinsxille, KY. Itarlv Kr-trilwrly R Tt1pz'lri.MS. Mails- l..rt1r.r R. Pzlarl, MS. limit' XI.irg.arf-t Ii Winona, MS Xtatlu, Sherry ll, Iacksnn. MS, Wagnt-r. Inhn tj, Bellevlle. IL, Ir MS Harte, Grant I . Natchez, . Ikaitg, Donna W. Wiggins, MSL Knits Man Ii, Pass Christian. MS. Rkaltlrtrn. Shvrry E. Hattiesburg, MS. Xhalker, Allen D. Raymond. MS. Walker. Cynthia I. Columbia. MS. Walker. Douglas A, West Port, MS: Stalk'-r. Eclr-.ard IX' , Ocean Springs, MS Walker, Gail W Mendenhall. MSL Walker. Lesa L, Iackson. MSL Walker, Ianet D. Picayune, MS. Walker. Kelly XY. Petal, MS. Walker, Lee Anne. Columbia, MS. Ir Str DERGRADUATES VAUGHN X WARD Str ' Sr I i Nl I ,' Stl , Ir Sr Fr Sr Fr Sr .Ir S 0 IR S0 Fr Fr Ir Sr Fr :Ir Sr Sr Fr Sr So Walker, Lesa E. Biloxi. MS, So Walker. Melody I. Clinton. MS: Walker. Mickey F. Plcayune, MS. INAII-:er Sharon K. Hattiesburg. MS. Walker, Sonia. Iackson. MS. Walkt-r. Stevv I, Bmokhaben. MS: Wall. Ts-rri A. Huntsville, AL. Ir I Wallace. Iriy I.. Bogus Chitto, MS, Ir Sr Sn Fr Sr Sr kkallacv. Palms-la I. Richton. MS. Ir Wallace, Sandra R, Natchez. MS, Ir Kkallacv, Tanya I.. Natchez, MS. Vrallffy fllivvr Y, Rose Hill, MS. '.'.allwy. Paul U. Rrchton, MS. 'r'r'allv5. Pvttis IJ Ric litnn, MS, '.'..ills flarlirirla S Valli,-5 Falls, So Sr Fr Sri KS t -.rl-any M f.lrath.1m Hwarl. Canarlzr, Ir I-'sf1llf't's Kathy IJ. Lauri-fl, MS '.'-.rltman Alicia fl flulumbia. MS '.'..i.trnan Harlmra A. Ilazlvhursl, MS I.'..rltl'nf-m Kvn Ianksrm. MS mn '.1f-infix f. I'IdIIl1'Slll1l'R,lN1S. '-in '-Iattivi I. Hapsprings. MS '.'.f1rfl .f'xm'. I, Brandon, MS. Ir Fr Ir Ir Fr .Ir So .ml Anita K I..4urel. MS. Fr I ' f.infli-f- Hattiesburg MS. Ir '.'.arfl K.rtl'i'. Iacksfin MS. Ir '.'.:IIiam f. .-Knflzilusia AI. So Jlth I'nflv:rgrmliizites , r fr' :Lf in-I v I Ji x n..-"- A ' 'Q I . s 4 I I .41- r of t Ii N xl I k c 9 flu S X xx ,L C l S 4 Lo X r D 1 ,' IA .. 3 H 1 -4 .A I Q .. T r ea 5 ffl 0 'vo- t, YL' xv S. ir I Q ' 'A -L A cz, ,I .rf fs. ' n v. I ,. L ' ' I 2702-.,, JB I ,f ,M Sffrr.-2 ,ing .-I ' f ' I WI. ,, 'I jg. J .W 'Ira ,RN .2 .. . ,--A . use : - r F' if ' KP- " l ' fl . Af V , ,-" ,I fi l- ' A M , 1 .. J :I K V I vf 'M r f FL . I, 5 ! x gmt f' , L-4 1, lg, 8 9- 9 - .3 .z ,gg ,. s J X.- K X I Aw ' , 0 N . . iff I ' A ' it . ' I ' iii? f .. .,k:.. I j., V- . A i A 15. ts 4 1. N' i Q AQ i1'Ua . Mfr "4 .fs Y . QE 1 . ' ff. 1. -1a2t5:. "-: 4-'fi-:-f:sSaS1f'Mi:.: it A F 1. '- ..,. , AW 4 W A -I 1, ' 4 A ll 5, 1 t grl ,...v S 1 f- U T-'J F Ak 1 ,N fs itil . ,,V,V t V J VK I I ' . e -. 1 . I M ' - f- . :f'0'B,:t mi Nt ,..., 'L "",f' 'A S x r A X X L: gif? .1 X 1 :A I.. ' wr Q 2 . . .bg ' Jilin:-, .. ' if A W 'gli J ' , ' . : f . W'-faxzsm s ., t Mefi Nil . l :ery ., vw, ,A A WARDEN I WESTPHAL Warden, Billy, A, Columbus, MS, Ir Ware, Arlene, Starkville, MS, Ir Ware, Arthur N, Lexington, MS. lr Ware, Teresa F Batesvillfk, MS, Sr Warfield, lagk K, Carlsbad, CA, Sr Warmack, Dorothy T, Long beanh. MS Sr Warner, john A, Houston TX lr Warner, Stew: E, Brandon, MS So Warren. Cindy E, Hattiesburg, Fr Warren. Iames L, Tiplersville, MS Fr Warwick, Mike, lackson. MS, Sr Wascomb, Gregory L, Columbia, MS, lr Wash, Rosetta, Wiggins, MS, So Washer. Barbara D, Hattiesburg. MS Sr Washington, Lillie K, Magnolia, MS, Fr Washington, Linda D. Waveland MS, lr Waters. Gail, Benton, MS, So Watkins, Iames M. lackson, MS, Ir Watson, Amber I, Hattiesburg, MS, Fr Watson, Audrey L. Hattiesburg, MS, So Watson. Edward B: Memphis, TN, Sr Watson, Iames R1 Montgomery, AL, Sr Watts, Melissa L: Hattiesburg, MS: Ir Wax, Gregory P.: New Orleans, LA, Fr Weathers, Tim L,: Hattiesburg, MS. So Weaver, Becky A.: Tupelo. MS, Sr Weaver, limmy W: Gulfport, MS, Sr Weaver. Kimberly I,: Fr Walton Beach, FL, Fr Weaver, Roy K,: lackson, MS: Sr Webb, lane M.: Meridian, MS: lr Webber, Kennieth: Warner Robbins. GA, Ir Weber, Becky A.: lackson MS: So Webster, Wendy A,: Vicksburg, MS: Ir Wedding, Ann Eg Gulfport, MS: So, Wedding. Thomas E,: Gulfport, MS, Ir Weeks, lanna L.: Canton, MS: Sr Weik, Ion A.: Ashkum, IL: Sr Welch, Catherine C.: Durant, MS: Sr Welch Steve W: lackson, MS: Ir Wells, Anita R: Maben Ms: Sr Wells, Beverly 1,3 Three Rivers. Pascagoula, MS: Fr, Wells, Ioy R: Natchez, MS: Sr Wells Wells Kerrin M, Long Beach, MS Fr Mary L.: Natchez. MS, Fr Wells, Mavis D.: Natchez. MS, Sr Wells, Shirley D.: Pascagoula. MS. Sr Wells. Toni L.: Brandon. MS: Sr Welniak, David A: Ft Walton Beach, FL. So Welsch, F.: Gilland: Iackson. MS, Fr Welsh, Ieanne L, lackson, MS. Fr Welsh. Iohn A: lackson, MS, Fr Wesler. Michael W, Next Paris. OH, Sr West, Daisy M: Waynesboro, MS. Sr West, Patty M, Hattiesburg. MS. Ir Wester, Tanya M, Panama Cin. FL lr Westphal, Tami C, Pasragoula. MS Sn Undergraduates 207 XM-Nt--ti kristi I Mm tinili ll lt KX-wtvrii t'li.irl-vttr X llttttuwlitiig MS Si XM-at-tx--r ll:-xtvr.ilt k l'lxn!-in MS Ii lXl1.itl.-x I.iit1ti4-t I't-nx.i- nl.. l l li 'tklitnutlvx tlliristnpli-'t N Illt.lXl1!lv' MS lt XXII:-1-lvi ll.ixitl I' lk: run.-it Ml Sn Hliiftfla-r t.rf-gl ll.itti.-Nl-ttrm MS lr hh.-ill.-r Si.-it I tt.iitit-Sliiirg, MS Sr Xtli----lt-55 Ri-ln-tt.: A litltvl. MS. Fr hliitltltvri I-'lin l. llqltivslvttrg, MS, So Hliitf- Klnm M tlulfpurl, MS. Su ktliitf- llmriit- E,l1nlun1lu.i, MS, Sr XXl'iiti- Dunn.: E. Dvlmlla. MS. Su Hliitv tliu-ritltilyti Y, I.iLkson. MS Sr White, lack l , lflnre-ntiv. MS. Sr Hliitv l,.iuriv N , Ucvali Springs, MS, Su Whitv. Lintl.i C, Hdttivslnrrg, MS Ir Whitt-, Selena D, ldcksnn, MS. So XX hitlieltl, P.imel.i C, Iackson, MS. Ir Whitlt-3, ll Wnyni-, Laurel, MS, Sr llliitlt-3. Debnmh D. Elltsvlllv MS, Sr XX hitlvy Rhett H. Birmingham. Al., Sr kkhitmtirv. Pvn'-lnpe A. New Orleans, LS. Sr Whitney, Stan I , Meridian, MS, Sr Whitt!-n. Shelm C, Newton MS Ir XNit.h.irt, ljri-gory T, lldttieslittrg, MS, Fr XX'ii.kQ-r MiiriLynn K. Mcflnmlx, MS, Sr Wiest .-Xniirvix A, Hattieslmurg MS. Ir Higgins, Stintlra S, Meridian, MS, Sr Wiley Brfnda I. Moss, MS, Ir Wilpzus, Twld. Hattiesburg MS, Sn hxlkf-5, Idnqut-lyn D, Hattie-sliurg, MS. So Wilkinson, Mark C3 Iackson, MSL Sr Wilkie. Idmvs K, Clinton, MS, So, Lynn Gulfport. MS So Willi.1ms.Am5 D, Mnnlevallo. AL Sr Williams. fllmrlnttv A. Hattiesburg, MS, Sr Williams. Cynthia S. Hattiesburg, MS, Sr kkillidms, Ddrli-nw R, Ocean Springs, MS. Fr Willidrns, Donald C, W Helena. AK. Ir Williams. Eilevn M, Clmlmvtti-, LA, So Williams, Elizdlwth A, Yinksbtrrg, MS, IR Vfillmms Gin.: L, Idcksfln. AL. Ir Viillnims Imlw' L, L.atirwl, MS, Ir Kkillmrns I.imws D,,ksr1n. MS. Ir H'-illi.ims Idmt-s I. Rifhmuntl YA, Sn 'Williams Kr-nnvtli Muss Pviint. MS, Sr '.'i'illi.rms Kan-n E Hamm Springs, MS, Su '.'.illif1mS Kdthf-rtnv M tltillpfirt, MS, Ir XNAIIIIAYTXS M.irth.i S ll:-1,1-llv NIS Sr l.'.illifims Mu hvlv- H Lung li, MS, Sri K'-illidms Rv-Iztnf1S lldttivslnirg MS Sr Rkillmms, Rulwrt W Pimytinv- MS Ir V-'illi.1ms,RulninfL Biloxi, MS Sr 'iiillmms Rnnniv- H Nldgw- MS I'r Vwillidrns, Russ U. lirdntlnn MS, Ir 1'-illmms S.inrlrd Hlnstwr MS, Fr 'fvillrnrris S.inrlr1-ll Innksrin, MS Fr '.'..llidms Slmnnun K ll:-wr Park. Al., Ir '.'.illi.4ms Slmirfin l, M1-rirlmn. MS Sn '-'.:lli.ims '. 1-rd M Biloxi MS So '-'iillmrriwn I.1n.4 I. limnvlnn MS Fr '.'.z.l14m'wn Pdtrifm f". lflnrv-nut, MS Ir JIH l.lIfl4'fI1l'lflllill4fS UNDERGRADU TES n v- t Q ' I ' LJ Q. f I f N I 1 .ffl 9' .J ., 0 B l 1 X flu, , 'I ', 1.3, H rr -rm , Q 0 i I l , 4 X I S ' I '- I it ' . ' f g ' lv -5 d ,A N 47 4 4. :' 5 "' A N ' ' .1 . A " "" ,ff 1" "' foprqql 3' ,Q rl .tt-Lw, :p'. Ifigs. i :I . t ' -A , , 'ff S f N 1 I X N' X , l lx ' J" I' ll I I X X I I . 'S 'J' r a 4. ,- t BL 9 -J a H YR-Aw I if V as ,Mfr . ---r 5? I I , A" , FUI! X, V' l.u .. I 1 l rf . X 5 R .. in f A H- , T ' ,At 1 69 'I A , ., ' 1' , 7 xl . Y v ials 13' I ' ,, if 5.4 fl M ha f X. . A3259 , . , T. 4' 44 u,Nf,,y-,gr -fi 1- f' i Iflutl ll K ki " . 5 A Q A . -V iv, ' I ,L I. i I If :ri aw . H' " -4 A- Qs is is - we I I as ,, , I 'we I , Q. 'Y T le- , f -4 I' n 5 Wfduaa rf! in f I -li .,, gg . gi, 15, gf A .- ig' ,Z ,... I J K, , L 'f' . , I " lwtlf 1 k K fliljfl' i. fa. -Ae I, H X- : - I I - Inn-gin, i .5 N f W ,. -I x K 4, M., I' 'CC fs I' ' N- W4 Mg - l -. 'vi ' V ' ii .. ii' ' 'I S D vi' X1 N 'f Q ' ' X A , f i , .',. . :N Q, Q Xxf, ff. ' , is f , . ,. D -,IP ,N xl 1 f i WILLIAMSON ! ZYSK Williarnson. Pvnnj. 'l . Kiln MS Ir Willilord, Walter l.'y Yirjsliiirg. MS Sr Willingham ?.li-linda lr' Nw-'.'ille H. lrr Willis. Kathy l. HiIoxi,?'.1S Ir Wilson, Alisa R, Ianlnson. L15 So YN'ilson. l"ranr,1v:s E Metairie lf-. Sr Wilson. Iudy A, Biuksburg, MS Si Wilson, Marcia A, Ellishillff. MS. Sr Wilson. Pamela I Iackson, MS, Ir Wimlierley. George R, Mobile, Al. Ir Winhorne, Donald E Brookliawfn. MS Sr Wimherly. Loretta A Pass Christian, MS. So Windham. Cynthia A, Carriere, MS. Sr Windham. Ierry M. Pascagoula, MS, Ir Windham, Tina D. Pascagoula, MS So Winstead, Melissa F. Summit, MS. Fr Wise, Amanda M , Carriere. MS Ir Wilchen. Ianis R, Pascagoula, MS. Ir Wilhers, Danny R. Pearl. MS. Fr Withers, Iimmy C. Pearl. MS So Wolfe, Cecil A . Greenville, MS, Sr Wolfkiel, Greg G. Baton Rouge, LA. Ir Wolford. Melodiez New Hebron. MS. Ir Wolverton, Gayr A: Starkville. MS. Fr Womack, Allene: Mendenhall. MS. So Womack, Lydia Ig Mobile. AL. Sr Womack. Mary E. Hernando, MS, Fr Wood. Fred L1 Moss Point, MS So Wood. Susan E., Pine Bluff. AK: Fr Woodard. Mary A1 Chatom. AL. Ir Woods, Alenda A3 Clinton. MS. Ir Woods, Brenda G1 Natchez. MS. Woods, Nelda R: Beaumont. MS. So Woods. Roderick D. Hattiesburg. MS. Ir Woods, Vivian R., Natchez, MS. Ir Wooten, Regina F: Carthage. MS. lr Wright. David I.. Mobile, AL. Ir Wright, Dennis R1 Hattiesburg, MS Ir Wright Iack L.. Clinton. MS. Sr Wright, Lisa: laclcson, MS. Fr Wright. Michael I: Collinsville, MS. Sr Wright. Steven I, Gulfport, MS. Ir Wylie. Patrick I, Biloxi. MSL So Yarbrough, Allyson D.: Slidell. LA. Ir Yeager. Carl E1 Biloxi. MSL Ir Yeager. Mark H. Taylorsville. MS Sr Yost. Barbara A4 Mobile. AL, Sr Yost. Alice B' Iackson. MSL Ir Yoles, Carolyn. Lucedale. MS: Fr Yates, Dobie M . West Point. MS. So Yates. Mary E.. Lucedale, MS. Sr Youmans. Debbie E.: Birginia B, YA, So Young. Beyelyn D: Waynesboro. MS. Sr Young, Eleanor D,1 Yazoo. MS. So Zaremba Mark. Mobile AL, So Ziegler. Iulie A,1Culfport. MS. Sr Zimmerman. Ralphg Norwood, LA. Ir Zoller Stephanie, Moss Point. MS, Ir Zuuboukos. Evangeline D. Iackson, MS Ir Zuccaro. Philip I 3 Natchez. MS. Sr Zixerg. Russell Biloxi. MS. Fr Zysk, Dana I, Brandon. MS. So Undergraduates 209 ACADEMICS . . . ACADEMIC ....,.. 0014 'tl-Q 51 vw' A faff sw," I!!-' Y,,f""'v IU Division Pago . S ACADEMICS ...ACADE MMM wh xmmmxmummm , X l V l' l 1 H nsnnmmm XNl mmm l f 'ffJ!!21W!WJJlJJDW MM V . an PARDEE .jf V "lIl1ZIIliZLSmW mwwxxxxxwxNl mmmxlummxxllxxxxxxllmmmaml 2l7Qi'fZ1ffffl1EN V ll l Wha,t's Inside . . . W mw lllllllllllllllillllll mBfl!rli1i MWl li'-l Colle e o ' M, 8 W'."m ' k' N School of VXIYIIIIIIIIW!f!!2!!lf!fQQgQW!!!WXYFWWWWW!!!YW! WMWW!'ffffffflillffffflffmffX 5355312 I J Nu l I 'wi r '.f:':::'M"W College o lllllllA A eee lllllllllllllllllllNWNllKllllllllllll Mlllll MW W ll'NNNWW SUMO- of l School of g Colleg Hon g .rrcrw 'P ..a ,,,...,,wuw-"' v n I WW! 'J' ' i- 'QF' X fu' 5-Q. n,1..Y . .. ,X ,W ,,- ....,.,,... fn- hf, "",'. Q '. ,. if I .D .' 4' U:Uj."1' 'j4'hy,"3.', Joseph Greene, 5 A . Jr., Dean " SENATORS: L to R-Iulie X Blackmrm, Iucly Blakeney. .Ei " Chris Baker, Rick Puckett -Ig p'xv..1fi4-rr11v,s 1 'a xx LQ. V -W-.rywa .1 1.2125-yQ34'!,,,.,' Zilla V4 ,BQ- in Major Areas of Study Accounting Advertising Banking and Finance Business Administration Data Processing Economics Industrial Institutional Accounting Industrial Management Marketing Management Personnel Management Sales Management In today's societythere is an ever in- creasing demand for administrators that are ready to face new problems and challenges. The College of Busi- ness Administration, with its many departments such as Accounting, Eco- nomics, Management, Marketing, Fi- nance and General Business, empha- sizes problem solving and creative thinking. The curriculum of the College of Busi- ness Administration begins with a sol- id liberal arts background and then continues with a diversified business core. Students graduating from USM with a degree in business are able to enter the business world with the abil- ity to adapt to an ever-changing soci- etv. Academics 2 -1 thtgi ,. qs . -g,.s 1. -CL. Bobby Anderson Dean SENATORS L to R: Buddy Leavitt: Alice Rosamond: Scott Shaw: Tina Gam- hrell: Iohn Connell, 14 ."+.f..1flffrn1f.s may I 4 J f - Major Areas of Study Adult Education Bi-Lingual Secretarial Study Business Education College Counseling Counseling 81 Guidance Counseling Psychology Early Childhood Education Education Educational Admin. 81 Survey Educational Media 8: Tech Educational Research Elementary Education Industrial Arts Industrial 81 Vocational Ed. Industrial Mechanics Office Management Psychology Reading Secondary Education Secretarial Study Social 8: Rehabilitation Services Special Education USM began as a teachers college in 1910 when the University was known as Mississippi Normal College. To- day, USM is still considered as one of the best teachers colleges in the South. The College of Education and Psy- chology believes it is their duty to train teachers to be creative and informed educators. Students in the teacher certification program receive practical training in their field of specialization. Teacher education graduates who feel that their talents can best be utilized in non-teaching human service fields leave USM well-equipped with the necessary attitudes and skills to ac- quire jobs outside the classroom. Ca- reer opportunities are limitless for both teaching and non-teaching de- grees from USM. Academics 2 E S x John Green, Dean SENATORS: Bruce Iohn- son, Sherri Hays 16, Armlffmirgs F l i at Q ll ll ll i it l l l l E ,X Major Areas of Study Art Art Education Dance Drawing and Painting Music Music Education Performance and Pedogoy Theatre Southern's College of Fine Arts is one of the most respected in the South. USM, with its large Fine Arts faculty, strives to prepare students for profes- sional or teaching careers in one of the many branches of art, music, or the- atre. The department of music features a professional recording studio and thousands of records and tapes in a comprehensive music library. Stu- dents in this department are trained to be creative conductors, composers, musicians, and singers. Theatre majors are amazed by the di- versity of activity in their field cover- ing everything from construction of props to producing and directing. The art department is devoted to teaching fine art and graphic commu- nications concepts and stresses exten- sive practical training. The USM art gallery features at least eight shows annually. Academics 'f. ,lfa -1 5f? H, lj' 1 .Q as 4 ii- Walter Cooper, Dean SENATOR: Rhonda Freeman IH .'Xf,i'1fi4ffI1if s rf. -,V ,rf '2 ' LM? - l nm-v-.--.-.-.,.g.. Major Areas of Study Athletic Administration and Coaching Health Education Health Physical Education and Recreation Physical Education Recreation The School of Health, Physical Edu- cation, and Recreation offers a wide variety of majors. There are a large number of students specializing in fields such as outdoor recreation and elementary physical education. There are four academic departments under the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation which are athletic administration and coaching, health, physical education, and re- creation. All majors have certification and non-certification programs. Practical experience is an important part of the training of the student. The students use their practical knowl- edge to benefit the community, in schools, rehabilitation centers, and re- creation programs. USM also spon- sors the annual Mississippi Special Olympics which is a state-wide pro- gram that allows mentally retarded children and adults to compete in sports and athletic activities. Academics 219 fx Sarah Gibbs, Dean SENATOR: Lisa Brister 120 Argurlemics E 4 2, ' 1' ,-,.,-- t 4' V'-:IQ 1 if if 4 -.x NN X... Major Areas of Study Child Development Clothing 81 Textiles Clothing Merchandising Dietetics Foods 8: Nutrition Home Economic Education Home Economics in Equipment Hotel 8: Restaurant Administration Institution Management Interior Design Marriage Sz Family Life The four departments of the School of Home Economics, Environmental De- sign, Family and Life Services, Insti- tutional Administration, and Home Economics Education, place great em- phasis on careers used to improve the quality of life. USM has developed the best pro- grams possible for all Home Econom- ics majors. There are several courses of study that are available to help stu- dents gain practical experience in their particular field. Examples of the practical aspect are the extensive co- op program utilized by the Hotel and Restaurant Administration program and the annual field trip to the market in Dallas sponsored by the Environ- mental Design department. The field of Home Economics is rap- idly expanding for both men and women and USM is keeping pace with this competitive career world. Academics ,g S Q.1 541, 25: ,. .HH :. Vf , 4.1 tn il gn sun, J arnes A. Sims, Dean C-.1 -as SENATORS: Seated l to r: Joni Strickland: Angela Lee: Cynthia Walkerg Lisa Mason. Standing l to r: Da- vid Dedeaux: Andy Howell. I! ACarlemiCS .pig a gi W? '.t'x li 27 4555 ...N .-. ' ..-, vi. . -. rf wil., fx ,M5-x...ih'x ,if 5Major Areas of Study Advertising-Liberal Arts American Studies Anthropology Audiology Classics Communication Community 8: Regional Plan Comparative Literature Criminal Justice Economic Development Economics-Liberal Arts Education of the Deaf English French Geography German History Iournalism Latin American Studies Linguistics Paralegal Studies Philosophy Philosophy 8: Religion Political Science Prelaw Radio-Television 8: Film Social Studies Sociology Spanish Speech Communication Speech 8: Hearing Science Speech Pathology 48 6 Z5 14 3 73 25 1 185 8 4 40 149 12 21 4 125 6 6 62 10 14 102 57 167 15 102 4 37 52 92 A Liberal Arts education widens the horizons and broadens the prospec- tive of a student and encourages him to serve both society and their own self-interests productively and re- sponsibly. In the College of Liberal Arts many departments are involved in research and are funded by both public and private agencies. The Criminal lus- tice, Speech and Hearing, Geography, and Area Development departments are supported to a large extent by these grants. The grants make jobs available for students in their individ- ual fields. USM offers many special and unique features in the College of Liberal Arts, such as the Creative Writing Center, where full time pro- fessors are available to help students create and publish their work. A Liberal Arts degree assures students of a well-rounded education which will allow them to pursue a career in any specialized field. Academics 2"3 I 1' f-n 5 'avi 4. I -v----U Major Area of Study Library Science 83 Modern librarianship is everything from small town librarians to highly specialized bibliographers involved in business and industry. The School of Library Science offers both teach- ing and non-teaching degree pro- grams at the Bachelors and Master's levels. USM encourages Library Sci- ence majors to specialize in another major before beginning their field training. The theory behind this idea is the fact that Library Science is a combination of many different disci- plines and a student must be know- ledg- able in many areas. Students majoring in Library Science are taught to select, organize, and managee printed materials, films. tapes, art prints, and audio-visual equipment. Students are encouraged to gain practical knowledge about their field by using Southern's library facilities. Academics fi 55 -if tw 1 fgsfjtii JJ 1 . 4 .cl 1,- .-.-v-.-.'..v. n , u 3 M haf! Jerri Laube, Dean Il I X u Zin SENATORS: L to R: Ianice S Iones. She-lla Sandifer U R-It iii II l"" sw vi! X H 4Xlrms Kgmx ff 37 fl--Q QI, nf' y ll 1,19-W' Major Area of Study Nursing The School of Nursing at USM is na- tionally accredited and looked upon as one of the best training programs in the South. Nursing students receive excellent medical training and learn the importance of the patient self-care concept. Through the use of the Skills Labora- tory, students are taught practical nursing procedures. The curriculum combines all phases of the nursing field into practical learning and train- ing situations. At the Learning Center facilities. stu- dents can videotape themselves and their peers at work. By studying prere- corded lectures and demonstrations, students are also able to gain an in- depth understanding of the field of nursing outside the classroom. Graduates receive a BS in nursing and are eligible to take the State Board of Nursing Examination to become an RN. USM students find the nursing field very rewarding and exciting. Academics I Af- ,. in u - 'vb' bf ' 'PTI 5 Earl EET' X? H4 f Q I 4 4 l P fi i I , 4 ,F 'kia Gary Wildman, Dean SENATORS: L to R: Boo Williams, Melissa Thomas, David Dauenheur, Frank A Easterling H .'Xr..irlv'rnif,s ,- 'f 3 QQ l i W -w""v1lI""' ni! Major Areas of Study Architectural Technology 101 Biology 205 Building Construction Technology 110 Chemistry 62 Computer Science 500 Computer Technology 25 Data Processing 40 Electronics Technology 83 Environmental Technology 12 Food Science and Technology 1 Geology 95 Industrial Technology 48 Mathematics 68 Mechanical Technology 23 Medical Technology 160 Microbiology 28 Physics 20 Polymer Science 61 Predental 36 Predental Hygiene 10 Preengineering 66 Premedical 137 Premedical Records Administration 6 Preoptometry 6 Prephysical Therapy 28 Prepharmacy Z1 Preveterinary Medicine 18 Science Education 39 Statistics 1 B: 5' For 13 years the College of Science and Technology has worked hard to achieve the objectives of excellence in teaching, research, and service. USM's department has a young, but superior faculty and the most modern facilities. They are dedicated to help- ing solve the problems of today's world in all scientific areas. The college offers a combination of traditional programs in science and technology and mathematics. There are 12 departments, 20 different ma- jors, and 10 pre-professional pro- grams available in this college. Some of their special features include learn- ing labs, co-op programs, and student- assisted research projects. Curriculum remains up to date. prac- tical, and pertinent due to the industry advisory boardf Graduates of USM in the College of Science and Technol- ogy are successful in careers through- out the world in all areas of science and technology. Academics 229 Q 1 I L-.xi , F' si .1:"' i' ,P K- Wallace Kay, Dean 130 ."Xf,mlf:rnir s ,.f' Wx ,QI . L- --1 f USM Honors College was established to challenge Southern's most intellec- tual students to achieve their potential and reward their success. An invita- tion to membership in the Honors College is extended to students by the University Honors Council on the ba- sis of high grades, ACT scores, person- al recommendation, interviews and an extemporaneous essay. Any major offered by the university can be chosen by a Honors College student. The core curriculum. howev- er, will be replaced by research pro- jects, independent study, and a hon- ors core. The University and the community benefit from the Honors College through special services such as the University Program Series. which consists of a lecture series, outstand- ing films, panels, and other informa- tive programs. Academics - lie . fi 1 Wig ,, - P ,sr . ,1- gf'zf Shirley Jones Dean SI-QN.X'I'f JR: f,hffrx'l Cain 1.1.4111-rrlifs SP1 2 l I 4 f E i S Major Area of Study Social Work sg .. 'T -- V. V E- ,ff The graduate school of Social Work at USM is fully accredited and offers the only MSW degree in the state of Mis- sissippi. The School of Social Work prepares students for service to indi- viduals, families, groups, and commu- nities. USM offers three separate programs in the department of Social Work and they are regular. accelerated. and part-time. Students spend a good deal of their time working in social agen- cies hecause the curriculum is compe- tency-hased and practice oriented. The USM program is dedicated to training students to help with signifi- cant social programs among various groups of people. Academics 33 .A J na- 'J Aifhsmmf aiu- -fa, Q, r l . v 1 . .. .r ' ' I W il.. 1 F qx . , AX: -4 - :.1 , -- ' "' " 321 -' 7' 9'f'f" T' x ' ' ' - .. - face- 1?-' " . .. 'fP.'1. Q , -'J D -4. ,' 1, Lv . all N 41- """"' I 1 ,. .f Qu. .r1.- " . I -I V J. . 1-1 lv., ,"", .- r -. + V. , A, ,. .ff 4 9, tw,M'.,u at K' E If ' ,Ap , ..q...-lawqvsrlaylvfna' it .,'g,v Ap- ,, ,, - r . r- - , cQ. ' , 1 arty .' . 0 'J ' --fffwmlug s- J"-24, f'f"?"1'.1S-"'-'1 - 4 - -f'1'f'f-r N. ,-.SL-, ,db 2-""' "7'3f'i1'23'.-.:.f"'Z'--- bf' .J - va.. s.. v.A.v,--4.1.1-... 1 1 S 1 Z TICIPATION . . PARTICIPA BRINGIU YW THE BEST .... A Q Editor: JACKIE ELLMO Assistant Editor: DENA PHILLIPS What's Inside Organizations Sooial Honorary Service Religious Departmental Special Interest 5 D Pg 35 I OW. Alpha Kappa Alpha v 4 5 Q! 41" " '""" I-f3JFfr"",f'?vn's X vi' AX-4 Y C 9 n A i-'M:J?'-H-silo' W lt- , t- i fx 'LV K if A - I .fnfv li xr . '7f"""", 'L-7 ' . ' , . 53 - ,rlv5QgE.:, J ,H - -. , ' ' f " 'Y' uf- 43-4. -' ,Ji -' - -'.f-xl. ' .i . :. 1 c 7, I . . -'f'-ff-tn' -qs .Iv I ' . K, Aging. ' l I' W4 A .J Q ., '14 K -U, . g 4 A 1 X . .1 1 1 ' V H U s Qggfqv . X4 f . N 9 l 'K ' -4 XJ- Iota Kappa Chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha, the world's ol- dest college based sorority founded by Black women participates in . . . read- ing programs for disadvantaged youth raising money for the Kidney Foundation visiting convalescent homes and the Panhellenic fund raising for the Special Olympics. Sh fQrf:f:lCS Anderson, Anieceg Banks, Alpha: Betts, Cynthia! Clark, Angela: Cole, Cynthia Grant, Iessie: Hunley, Evelyn: Kendrick, Cynthia: Miller, Monique: Mock, Gwendolyn Oatis, Audrey: Rogers. Monica: Simmons. Phyllis: Titus, Merna: Womak, Lydia 1 A - ,S Alpha Sigma Alpha I 9 D, ,r L ' ? Q6 , ,I 't,,x fy , f"'1 4' A ,, .U it 4 :dll . :I wr , 1 Q ,Mufti V , 1 L xi 1' 4 . " T e e I I l 1 ' A tl V .V P? f -' K 5' A kkkh . 1 S. -f .x lf, 9. .W .G tra 3 C ii 39 3 Barber, Donnag Brier, Robetteg Fausnaugh, Michelle: Fleming, Marilyn: Grantham, Pamg Guercia, Angie Haining, Ianet: Hille, Carla, Hitchcock, Eloise: Irby, Merrig Kemp, Katherine: Kittell, Ianice Lee, Ava: Leslie, Marthag Luttrell, Nancy: Macon, Pamelag Maltezo, Tracie: Peeler, Carolyn Russum, Paula: Savelle, Kathleen: Smith, Roang Snyder, Debra: Talley, lean: Tillman, Kimberly Ware, Teresa tn Beta Delta Chapter Alpha Sigma Alpha means . . . intramurals . . . attend- ing churches of the differ- ent faiths as a chapter . . . swaps parties the annual Le Ball D' Hiver. . . Alpha Lambda Delta . . . Lambda Sigma . . . Phi Del- ta Rho . . . and Top Twenty Beauties. Greeks 23? E Chi Qmega - - .- I Z Chi Omega is known for its involvement in . . . Who's Who . . . EPSHOT1 Delta Chapter Miss USM . . . Dixie Darlings . . . Homecoming Maids . . . Pom Pom Girls big sis, lil sis candlelights Owl Men Golden Girls top ten beauties Miss Southern Miss Mississippi Hospitality . . . football and basketball cheerleaders . . . Southern Style . . . ASB Cabinet and Senate . . . the Pride . . . Pike calendar girls . . . Florida Formal . . . intramurals and frater- nity little sisters in Kappa Alpha, Kappa Sigma, Phi Kappa Tau, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Nu, and Alpha Tau Gmega. L.. 'rs M ,s Q it 1' A . .1 1. x N 'Z ' Q Y . s K J.. 1 1 F-- 'UQQ' 2'iH fQrf:f:liS v -.1 43,0 if t pj 1' , an-in l . ' 9 L " 0: Y 1 'i 5 ,fl ' ,V ,, , 133 ' 'A ' f f? Q 5 ' 1 F Q A l ' .I , . V -:lan N N fi . , L.. 93+ 1' If 4, 22: it "' ' at I wa' 'ai' , Q ii , ,. , ,, . ' PM N: ,K 7 V 5 ' " 'A 4 ' . x, f ' M:-2in A l X 1 f , , , , f 'W 1 lhik ' ' '-1' 2 wi? iflfi? A A 1. .., , , ie-- 'es-P r , L ' I 4 1 '75 H li le. Allen, Natalie: Bates, Shawn, Brister, Nena, Brashier, Meri- beth: Blessing, Iacqueline: Bla- keney, Patsy, Berry, Pamela: Bernhardt, Lisa Campbell, Leigh: Campell, The- resa, Carlisle, Amy, Cashe, Pat, Coley, Kathy: Collins, Iayne: Dal- las, Teri, Davis, DeeDee Davis, Margaret, Duckworth, Lu- Anne, Elkins, Sherry, Ellis, Vir- ginia: Ezell, Tara, Ezelle, Melissa: Ezelle, Sabrina: Finley, Erin Garbin, Sharon: Gardner, Valer- ie, Goodrich, Nancy, Haddock, Helen, Hardin, Tammy, Harris, Stacey, Henry, Donna: Herrin, Sandra Iackson, jennifer: Iackson, Rob- bin: Lane, Donna: Lang, Linda: Lee, Linda, Leonard, Cathy, Lott, Stephanie: Loper, Cheryl Lovell, Leigh, Magee, Angela: Lumpkin, Sharon: Lumpkin, She- lia, Mason, Lisa, McClinton, Lisa: Milstead, Virginia: Mitchell, Rhonda Morris, Daphne: Pittman, Virgin- ia, Polk, Steffani: Prince, Lisa: Pulliam, Patricia, Rayborn. Tena: Reedy, Beth, Rentz, Helen Rogers, Amy: Rogers, Susan: San- ta Cruz, Elizabeth: Segars, Carol, Smith, Denise: Smith, Ann: Smith. Kristy, Smith, Debi Smith, Kay, Smith, Melanie, Smith, Stephanie: Sproles, Amy, Stevens, Patrice: Stringer, Laurie: Teel, Barbara, Vardaman, Martha Victorian, Kim: Walker, Melody: Waters, Gail, Williamson. Iana: Wilson, Francies: Wright, Lisa: Meyers, David Greeks '33 an Delta, Delta, Delta -ill- Delta Delta Delta includes . . . Freshman Homecoming Maid . . . top ten beauties . . . Pom Pom Girls . . . silver, gold, and blue . . . ASB Cabinet . . . Fraternity little sisters . . . Who's Who . . . Dixie Darlings . . . Madhatters Party. . . Big sis, lil sis . . .Golden Girls. . .swaps . . . Izod-Polo. . .Cheer- leaders . . . Southern Style . . . the Star and Cresent . . . UAC . . . Omicron Delta Kappa . . . Lambda Sigma . . . Apple Polishing Party . . . Phi Delta Rho . . . Scholarship . . . Founders Day . . . Sara Ida Shaw Award . . . hot cheese dip parties . . . and "Mega" ETH j' I I' l ' h if I ' . tg iil Q .n A ' 9 r X it . -L l K .I . A l fl ' V ...iff 1.6 ll' 1 , 'IFS . Q . ,-f - ly' In A W g V ' 5. ll ligffll ' time x f Qu". 4 ' Q H ag is If z..1:,4. 'S A 0 ,Q iff. . , i V f :..'4 A X Y 9 " ' l f xx Jn -Q 3 " li A .F ff, ,.Caw,, Nfl ' l C ll' li lt I , S , l A.Q,A ,, Alcorn. Shelley Arrington, Sherry Barker. Karen Barnett. Betsy Bell. Peggy Biggerstaff. luli Boardman. loli Brauchle. Tina Breland. Stephanie Brumfield, lill Camerson. Mary Chatham, Caren Coste. Pam Davis. Annette Demetropoulos, Lisa Frazier, Pamela Gent, lacqueline Gent, lanet Gillespie. Pam Gillespie, Suzanne Goodman, Laura Gonzalez. Anna Green, Donna Grosscup. Kaysia Hanley. Denise Harrington. Heather Harrison. Patsy Henderson. Sharla Hilley, Carolyn Holland. leanriie Humphries. Diane Inman. Tamara Irby. Norma jackson. Suzi Kennedy, Missy Laughlin, Kay Lennon, Dana Lennon. Iulie Lewis, Ronda Little, Peggy Massey. Patra McCarra, Donna McClellan. Tammy McCrary, Shawn Mitchell, Kim Montgomery, Dianne Mooney. Tonya Noble. Stephanie Pilgrim, Susan Pittman, Cheryl Pittman, Suzanne Proctor. Pam Pustay, lean Quinn, Sherrill Ramsey. Mary Rayborn, Sandra Riley. Cine Rivers. Wynn Robinson. Lisa Rogers. Becca Rogers. Kimm Sarulla. Angela Saulters. Susan Snowclen. Cindy Snowden, Sarah Swanson. Kathy Taylor, Angela Thomas, Lisa Thomas, Melissa Townley. Christy Walker, Sharon Watson. Amber Welsh. leanne Whatley, lacque Williams. Iadee Williams, Shannon Wolford. lvielodie Greeks 2-il Delta Gamma Delta Gamma. celebrating their '10th anniversary at USM. is active in ASB Senate. . . UAC . . . Southerner Staff. . . Student Printz. . .Dixie Darlings. . .Southern Style Pom Pom Girls Golden Girls RHC members . . . sponsoring "Anchor Splash" . . . hostess- es for the annual PGA Magnolia Classic Golf Tourna- ment and the Miss Southern Pageant . . . time keepers for the USM swim team . . . intramurals . . . big sis, lil sis . . . candlelights, Fall Retreat . . . Fall Party . . . An- chor Ball . . . and Anchor Splash. J-ll fQVf:fflCS UI i X4 'zialejl ,Q s 3 8 QQ O E In .71 it N. Y po - . 4 . 1 QQ' .A 'rfjyl ' ln My , I 1 l A' I ' 'n , ff ,WLHG4 J. B' ,sp- 8 fu- -Jfr 1 Q S XX t if .... E- I , X it Litirmx A O ,E ,,,. gulf '52-t ' :,'15 .V .2 s A , 1 3 Q 4, , rl v Rr 4 K fifllfil 1 i Sf Of? , 5 I . ,I A , 5 ' f at., Ay!! X4 I4 X U fi , , I . P v 'L' S. Q- 6 N Of :init Alai 'B 8 IK ft P F1 . wg fl e is I ll A ' I rlf' il T A , Alfonso, loAnna: Anderson, Lin- da: Bell, Paticia: Blackmer, Lee Blacknon, Iulie: Blakeney, Iudy: Boudreau, Annette: Boyles, The- F888 Bragg, Melinda: Brown, Robin: Cleveland, Shannon: Cole, Caro- lyn: Cox, Susan: Crawford, Pa- trice: Curry, Candy: Davis, Betty Dickson, Alice: Egley, Catherine Eubanks, Sue: Fountain, Lori Freeman, Rhonda: Fulmer, Ann Gambrell, Tina: Gladney. Ioy Graham, Peggy: Hardy, Angela: I-laupt, Connie: Hays, Sherri: Henderson, DeWanda: Huhn. Tina: Iones, Beverly: Katzen- meyer, Ioan Keys, Glenda: Killen, Linda: King, Kathy: Landrum, Karen: Laney. Leigh: Langston, Michele: Lee. Angela: Lee, Renee Lindsay, Christine: Lucas, Mar- tha: Mallette, Beth: Martin, Dainer: Mayes, Iackie: McCoy, Patricia: McCreary, Tammy: Mc- Donald, Tammy McElroy, Kitty: McElroy, Patty: McKinley, Alicia: McLendon, Su- san: Mestayer, Nora: Myers. Iulie: Myers, Nancy: Oliver, Darienne Pace, Kathryn: Parks, Sandra: Patrick, Penny: Pennington, Cin- dy: Phillips, IoEllen: Plunk, Betty: Raden, Teresa: Rawls, Susan Richart, Ianie: Robinson, lenni- fer: Russell, Toni: Smith, Iodi: Smith, Robin: Thomas, Terri: Trentacoste, Iosie: Wade, Connie Walker, Lesa: Ward, Cindee: Weaver, Becky: White, Linda: Williams, Elizabeth Greeks Delta, Sigma, Theta, N351 M"s r pi' so 1" Mu Nu Chapter Delta Sigrna Theta is a public service sorority dedicated to sharing member- ship skills and organizational prac- tices within the public interest. 144 Greeks Q. . x'G Andrews, Trina: Burton, Angela: Crosby, Sharong Goodman, Gladys: Gore, Sandra Grady, Eunice: Grady. lohnnie: Green, Valerie: Hayes, Shelia: Henson. Dalphne Holloway, Pamala: Howard. Marchessaz Iohnson. Ianet: McWilliams, Brenda: Parker, Deborah Roberson, Delzy '?llQg,, ith l 2 Sigma Gamma Rho li, 2 FP a 'Eff is Battle, Pearl ' Bridges, Pauline Brown, Sandra ' Chatman, Zenobia 1 ' Husband, Shelial Quince, Katherine fb s i Eta Tau Chapter Sigma Gamma Rho is devoted to motivating youth to greater achievements, wholesome liv- ing, inspired actions, and explo- ration of new horizons. They re- present women bound together in thought and effort toward common purposes of self-im- provements, uplifting young people, and rendering service whenever needed. Q Y l Greeks 245 Delta, Zeta T.: 1 ' ,,',"?..'i, T""!q 4-"5r'::' Epsilon Mu Q 'mt YEHR I5 NQDQ GBR .H clfffffks B Till HUVUY 5 U s"'e ERH 'ful ' ' Y is 6 'lil' 'V x lb A , J V FQ ilzllmflliiitnni if i 3 i Rh linsiii.1l,l1,iffQ f - .. J :A f " A j ,, Q 0 9 9 A ' A -if . 1 W I 1 f . " ,J I. if . fl N MGX V 'lb X 3 ',' 1 Dlx- 'N J- lt i E Bockman, Cindy: Boyd, Pamela: Craig, Ieanie: Creel, Traceyg Currie, Sheliag Estrada, Angela: Frederick, Amy Garraway, Rebekah: Gill, Sabrena: Guy, Tracey: Hogue, Mary: Huch, Donna: Ingram. Kim: Iackson, Robyn Lockhart, Donna: Matkin, Mary: McKay, Kathy: McLaurin. Rebecca: Merchant, lulie: Minter, Kaye: Murphy, Sara Reedy, Reneg Richardson, Susan: Smith, Rhonda: Spence. Nancy: Steen, Peggy: Sullivan, Angie: Whitmore. Penelope McCabe, Bruce: Moore, Darrel: Rogers, Tony: Yeager. Mark Greeks 2-1 ... appa Delta - - - - 92 Being a Kappa Delta means . . . sharing honors and offering en- couragement . . . serious and sentimental . . . fun loving and talk- ative . . . intramural games . . . love of the white rose . . . winning first place in Songfest . . . fraternity little sisters and sweethearts . . . midnight talk sessions . . . the Emerald Ball . . . Southern Style . . . selling Christmas Seals . . . Dean's and Presidents Lists . . . l swaps . . . Dixie Darlings . . . UAC . . . and loving teddy bears. ' 2 Beta Sigma Chapter WA mg. I l' ' 4 'I 4" - - Ill :"l.,' A l I ln tl ig ' :'t. 2-s2U:fSE:V23:l 52f,l .gr y liiii JU5 flrM:l'4S V tw. Ati. Y ,,..,,,... , . ,, M.. S ' rl, X Er' Q A ' 1' l Li. -A M is at .y il L' A M ' . it A4 iff H . 'l la .1 ,m 1,3 xc ,Nu E L 5 ,, S 1 W 3 ,F , .. I iv Y I, i ""-1 l iii ii i vi 4 ' iii.: Af,- L7 1, Q ' ff i A il 6 X 'Q ' l 4 " s !.z.,:n IW ' lx ls fl V WL Q. .HQ i f ' Vilili "N P-id . 1 . is L aim! 1 4 E! f x X' 1 z A ii? "" 'S A ' an f-Q Q- I 2 9, Allison, Martha: Ashley, Amy: Bass, Karen: Bishop, Diane: Blackledge, Kim: Blakeney, Mary: Bramlett, Pamela: Brown, Patricia Clayton, Cindy: Cole, Susan: Cox, Sharon: Crenshaw, Ka- ren: Crenshaw, Linda: Dan- iels, Sherron: Delia, Beth: Fincher, Karen Fletcher, Karen: Flowers, Donna: Freeman, Phyllis: Frye, Elizabeth: Gray, Tina Guernsey, Perilyn: Guffy Laura: Hage, Kathryn Hall, Diane: Harrison, Paula Hartnett, Kim: Haynes, Holly: -Hemeter, Robin: Higgin- botham, Iayne: Hoke, Sherry: Holifield, Ian Holmes, Mary: Howell, Ber- nardine: Hunt, Terri: Hutto Kay:.1ackson, Iennifer: Iohn: son, Sandra: Keene, Susan King, Katherine Kubitz, Linda: Kushner Cheryl: Lane, Lisa: Leonard, Leslie: Lott, Gaye: Lott, Patri- cia: Lowry, Lisa: Matthews, Patricia May, Ruth: Mclnnis, Sheila McMillen, Caroline: Moak Charlotte: Morrow, Sherry Myers, Sharon: Neal, Rebec: ca: Pace, Triceta Peterson, Kelly: Pigott, Wynn: Powell, Lecia: Richards, Leah: Sanders, Virginia: Saulters, Sabrina: Sirmon, Becky: Slay, Karen Speights, Kimberli: Spradley, Teresa: Steel, Susan: Sullivan, Donna: Sullivan, Regina: Walker, Sonia: Wall, Terri: Watts, Melissa White, Laurie: Williams, Ei- leen: Alford, Michael: Stauter, Ieffrey v Greeks 2-19 -- Phi Mu isinvolved in. . .Big Sis-Little Sis parties. . .International Dinner. . . Alpha Omieron Chapter Fall Fling Easter Break Florida Party intramurals Lambda Sigma Phi Delta Rho ASB Senate Committee of 82 Dixie Darlings. . . Cheerleaders. . . Pom Pom Girls. . .Southern Style .Top Ten Beauties . . . Homecoming Maids. . . and Fraternity little sisters for Pi Kappa Alpha, Kappa Alpha, Phi Kappa Tau, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Kappa Sigma. K iw 'F' In XJ 1-'gf is-.. - ,ra Q J 330 Greeks ,I 6 , 1,1 .F '71 l. 1 .1 if i 4' '7',' , . P' . , , .D ll , ru, YT' 'irulaiflfeffl A f 4 , 5, v ' +-Viv 1 dxf' ff,-gf . , L5 1 . 'ff K' ' Lf" :ffm 'V - . 8,1 Q OH' nil R- if! , 53' s Qi A it is Qi Q ' 'i I -1, 4' ff ef! is if fi - .. it ii 9 i .,. hi p ,,,,7,, V -l x t A .Q jsp xii WJ tiff! ,. 1. -t I 1v" ' " , ' " I Q A I-. 1 .,.il:Qxv .,:3:.:!- . o ,, gunz, , 4 , 5 5 ,inn . 4 ' V! Q' a ni 4' 3 I i , -. - , i , , 'Li if . .f . , ,,., - " ' ' A , .1-.6 ... -1 A , 1' fx tj 355-4 ' . Q i S. , ,. , A Q 4 I V "' I i Z, v 1 ,, nf Q U ig., v.': I Allred, Ianet:'Allred, Lisa: Ar- nold, Deborah: Bankson, Cheryl: Blalock, Brenda: Bonin, Carey: Borganelli, Sanci Bouton, Fran: Bullard, Susie: Buxton, Sondra: Caldarelli, Kelly: Carpenter, Karen: Kal- las, Pamela: Duncan, Lelia Evans, Debbie: Everitt, Mar- tha: Franklin, Dawn: Furlow, Melanie: Goodsell, Carol: Hand, Diane: Hosch, Coy , Iohnston, Suzanne: Iones, Iu- lia: Kramer, Kimala: Lamb, Cynthia: Lee, Connie: Locke, Karen: Mansour, Cathy Martin, Pam: Martin, Theresa: May, Brookes: McKinney, Polly: McMicheal, Carol: Mi- lazzo, Ruth: Mitchell, April rick, Ianie: Peepers, Renee Pinson, Elizabeth: Pinson Valerie Powell. Alice: Presley, Lynn: Reasonover, Leigh: Rawson, Carnie: Rominger, Debby: Rowells, Michelle: Smith, Dawn Sotile, Kathy: Stephens, Vicki: Strickland, Ioni: Strickland, Sissy: Tannehill, Susan: Tis- dale, Kathy: Trulsen, Angela Uhland, Kellie: Waits, Mary' White, Alma: Whitfield, Pa- mela: Yarborough, Allyson Aswell, Walter: Bailey, lack Beckman, Brett: Carney, Billy: Centanni, Michael: Cookson, Chris: Holmes, Martin: Munka, William: Northrop, Dan Watkins, lames Moore, Marcia: Nester, Cheryiz Oberkirch, Susan: Pat- 4 v Pi Beta, Phi - t Mississippi Alpha Chapter 'vi ll' Pi Beta Phi achievements include . . . President's and Dean's Lists. . . professional fraternities. . .honors college. . .ASB sentor, senate forum . . . panhellenic rush chairman. . .cam- pus organization members . . . fraternity little sisters for Phi Kappa Tau, Sigma Nu, Kappa Sigma, Sigma Chi Sigma. Alpha Tau Omega . . . Pom Pom Girls . . . Golden Girls . . . varsity softball and bowling Angel Flight Campus Beauty . . . annual staff . . . official Miss Southern photogra- pher . . . and intramural champs in volleyball. bowling, and co-rec football. fig! -'s nnsn, -H'-IW. hs flrvvks I :ei fm. if 1 -Q 'V an '. cy 1 ew - - , SI E 4 , ff .5 KX W ,Q for 1,1 , 5, 5 l rf - . -. n- fx, i,,Ei z"- j' V-.Q iv . -Q V. V 4 E 4 X9 gal' 'T --' r i,g,,.z..r,2., X, , . ff JW, f+i,,i W Q A i I 7 ' 'lizf lf' 79' .gf .. ' fig, W A if V ,. R ' f? 'J' :ij 1 iff ,Q ' .' i . . ' 1252 r 'lv 'Mu-, :wad ' if? ' I x i .. VV.. ' , If :ifzgjj is J A y I t , , 1: .Y 61. X f x . f f L. ,A , , 1 ,, 1 if '.'7f 'Z,ZZ"' T- y Q'Qflff2"" f - ' ' , VQZM -V .. 3 f ,, ,, , 5 ,,f as , .1 , M3 '?'f,1f.,, . fy a , V 4,131 HL ' vu q , fy mb! V - it-lr ' ,Y fp it .., 1, vw 31 5: ' . , 1 . :J 4 W i ..-if in Anders, Kathy: Aris, Cather- ine: Barber, Sheila: Berryhill, Laura: Broom, Rhonda: Broome, Iacqueline: Bullard, Shanna P Burns, Debra: Carey, Mary: Case, Terri: Cloutier, Ioann: Coghlan, Bettye: Cole, Brenda: Collette, lean Corr, Robin: Davis, Elizabeth: Eidt, Dawn: Favre, Pamela: Ford, Emily: Frank, Becky: Franklin, Diane Galloway, Meg: Gant, Brenda: Hultz, Alice: Irby, Karen: Ivy, Rhonda: Ielusich, Andrea: Kramer, Susie Ladnar, Pam: Lazenby, Terri: LeCoq, Claudette: Mabry, Ka- ren: McBride, Mika: McDuff, Lisa: McGirt, Rebecca Migues, Shelley: Mooney, Ian: Morris, Sallie: Mullen, Rhonda: Murphy, Carla: Nowling, Linda: Perkins, Beth Pickering, Carol: Pizzetta, Kathy: Richardson, Leisa: Rogers, Connie: Rose, Linda: Rowe, Pamela: Ryan, Lynn Schisler, Nancy: Schloegel, Melissa: Smith, Leslie: Steen, Nancy: Steiner, Lydia: Stew- art, Tana: Sumrall. Marla Tyner, Vicki: Verucchi, Pam: Waits, Donna: Waldron, Sher- ry: Wallace, Pamela: Walt- man, Alicia: Warren. Cindy Westen, Kristi: Woods. Alenda: Bryant, Craig: Ire- land, Anthony: Ishee. Calvin: Ivy, David: Iustesen, Mike Greeks 253 E Sigma Sigma Sigma Alpha Sigma Chapter Being a Sigma Sigma Sigma means membership in Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Delta Rho, Lambda Sigma, Omicorn Delta . Kappa, Phi Chi Theta, Phi Beta Lambda, and Phi Eta Sigma . . .Top Ten Beauties. . . fraternity little sisters and Sweethearts . . . Robbie Page Memorial . . . and sailboats. , NL . 1 . re .M ' ow.-fi LEW, ' fy f Q t - J 4 S'--"" ml X 254 Greeks Q Saw , 1, - 4 ,V -- , ,'- . 11 0 'v '. r l l i X . , 'lux itfvl, 'P 1. l , ff " ' , f if I 4 ll Qii' 1 s Q Q 9 if ff' 1 -f Y, v Adams, Ianetg Anderson, Karen: Baker, Diane: Ball, Robin: Collinsworth, Gina: Curtis, Candy: Davidson, Penne Fornea, Sherri: Fulton, Tammy: Gibson, Susan: Golden, Suzy: Heard, Dana: Hobson, Cynthia: Iohnson, Marsha Iody, Cynthia: Ketter, Melissa: Marshall, Abi: Miller, Cheryl: Phillips, Cynthia: Reeves, Lisa: Rey, Mary Shelnutt, Karen: Smartt, Cindy: Stringer, Gloria: Stuart, Sherry: Thornton, Diann: Westover, Deborah: Gill, Ben Hewitt, Calvin Greeks I Alpha, Tau Cmega, Epsilon Upsilon Chapter xx 'N Jin Hrvwks If in -51 Q , Q if t L nl.. I 5 lfrx It r Bullock, William, Cartier, lef- freyg Curry, Tobie: Dauen- Bell, jeffrey, Brown, Robert' hauer, David, Diaz, Roland Donahoe, Iefferyg Easterling, Frank: Feckner, Tommy: Gil- lis, Scott: Gilmore, Kenneth, Glenn, Duane: Groth, David Hudson, William: Hughes, Dean, Hurst, Richard: Hurst, Thomas: Iackson, David, Keith, Paul: Kloske, Michael Lott, Bobby: Lucius, Michael, McCain, lames: McNair, Da- vid, Miller, Steven: Moore, Darrel: Pate, Donald Parkel, Charles: Pryor, Iohn- ny: Samies, Gerald: Sanders, Clark: Selman, Robert: Smi- lek, Franklin: Stiglets, lamey Stribling, Ken: White, lack: Wolfkiel, Greg: Wood, Fred: Vogel, Kevin: Binder, lay: Bell, Patricia ' Blackmon, Iulie: Daniels, Sue: Davis, Betty: Gaudet, Mary: Gecewicz, Nancy, Gladney, Ioyg I-Iulsebosch, Mary Lancaster, Lisa, Pate, Betty: Stribling, Cheryl: Tate, Iana: Thornton, Diann Greeks S5 Kappa Alpha - - -I - - Gamma Zeta . Kappa Alpha is involved in . . . intramural basketball volleyball and Old South Celebration. xl MY' il ,,,, ,- 'TP and swimming . . . Muscular Dystrophy Football game swaps . . . Presidents List . . . Black and White Formal Llttle Brother Big Brother weekend Lake Charles softball tournament 5 I 'Ai ' I 1' KA 4' Greeks i f Q Bel f, id th l 9:-1 , fl-JNX N X 1 T-I I i..lfl'x X' ' ' . , I , 'viiiillwwflfliliill' Z ' L- ,J , l'S"NSl'?'l55?i' 1' itll! l I ' v . X . i is I. ll l , 1.0 ..f 'ff " . A , 9 9 M All l ls li Al ig? -21 55 t , 5,-, QQ 4 " ' 4 ' f F 2: ill' 3 al. IE, gli: Q ,Q Q sl 't g K f 7 5 ,iw Xl l ' -in Alston, Pierce: Aswell, Walter: Beckham, loel: Benefield, Donald: Bedenbaugh, Mike: Clark, Steve: Clements, Douglas Cornett, Robert: Davis, lim: Dedeaux, David: Determeyer, Emory: Duff, Kenneth: Duff, Iohn: Eure, Ieffrey Ezell, Michael: Felder, Keith: Flowers, Mickey: Floyd, Steven: Gex, Lucien: Grissom, Robert: Guice, Iohn I-Iamrick, Scott: Havard, Marvin Herring, Bobby: Hill, Iohn: Kittell, Leonard: Lovell, Frank: Massey, Tony Matthews, Robert: McLeod, Iohn: Miller, Wayne: Mills, Iamesz Moseley, lerry: Mozingo, Don: O'Keefe, Iohn Overstreet, Ioe: Phillips, David: Santa Cruz, Edgar: Smallwood, Russ: Soukup, William: Taylor, Iohn: Turnipseed, Edward Walley, Paul: Walley, Pettis: Weaver, Iirnmy: Wheeler, Greg: McCoy, Bonnie: Necaise, Tanya: ' Cleveland, Shannon ' Little, Peggy: Phillips, Io Ellen: Walker, Sharon - Greeks Kappa Alpha Psi- 1 - - Z -1 -I-:-J n 11,97 Q X' X so 1 ' ' ' - ' -.v v,-1,1 v -l ,6 ' u 4 .v w-uv Delta Delta Chapter Kappa Alpha Psi, true to the ideals of their fraternity, aid one another whenever, whereever, and however needed. They regard fraternity as an experience of cooperative group liv- ing, a process of continuous socializa- tion. 1410 Greeks ,ren , Carmack, Iames: Curry, Charles: Gomez, Michael: Harris. Darrylg Logan, Claude McClelland, Reginald: McNail, Kevin: Rawl, Dwayne: Seard, Iames: Smith, Reginald Spann, lohnny: Taylor. . Delbertg Williams, Kenneth: Yates, Dobie ,ii ll, 1 x A N12 X l I vid it ? I r ? N 1 Gmega Psi Phi 1 - I-Iuddieston, I. Aario Iames, Clifford N Eta Wllflllg W N A A u Ck 61 gi appa, Sigma - Kappa Sigma involves . . . membership in Alpha Lambda Delta',.Phi- Eta Sigma, The Gold Key Society, Phi Kappa Phi, and Omicron'Delta Kappa Q . . .USM Citizenship and Outstanding Freshman Awards. . .USM Hall of KW, Fame. . .Student Senate. . . Interfraternity Council. . . representatives on r' Epsilon Nu 'Fu J l 'til' H ..jkI' 'F' 0 Varsity football, baseball, and soccer teams first in swimming and V VC'4lf :A-1 bowling intramurals and second in tennis and floor hockey. , , ' M1 .7 5 Y j il an All I , A Q 1- . ,.- I . N .V - -- A i Bl, M "f:t-My 4-,f Lg-' " 7' 1' nn, Y Y Y HW-, V f 'rn-'i - f" ' ' n 7f f c f Q ,yr H A,.f - I L A , ill' ' 'Sl Q . ,er "l Bzheves , 302 Greeks KK E F v - w-.- L- C' x 9 G' 4 :Ira ' lr f, l i. ur 6- N li. z 4 l X 1 2 'JZ' at .v 'r A A MA: 'S t .M tri tiff N -fy Q, 1 "S L -:ay f A 1 S4 1 PM 981. 7Zv""' .IQ V. kai -Q .rl ,N n :-' We ho., Q. I 'If N Q. 1" ' 5 e Adams, Rick: Alford, Michael: Barrett, john: Bass, Charles: Behar, Alexander: Benn, Nathan: Berryhill, Toby: Blacknell, George Bounds, Keith: Brackman, David: Brown, David: Bruno, jeffery: Bryant, Craig: Bryant, Harry: Bufkin, Eddie: Busche, Gregory Carmody, Stephen: Carney, Bill: Connell, john: Dallas, Bobby: Essary, Gary: Ethridge, Ron: Ginn, David: Greene, David Grush, Guy: Hall, Robert: I-layman, john: Herring, Reuben Howell, Richard: justesen, Mike: Kuykendall, William: Larson, Rudy Lazenby, Steve: Kenna, john: Love, Keaton: Lowery, Mark: McLaurin, james: McPeak Buster: Mers, Ronald: Murphy. james Nance. Bill: Niolet, Frank: Pigott Charles: Pittman, james: Plunkett, Robert: Price. Phil: Pridmore, Scott: Quebedeau, Charles Ratcliff, Wade: Rimes, Greg: Ross, Mike: Salter, james: Scheel, Larry: Scott, David: Scott, Steve: Shepherd, Randy Shumate, David: Slay, Steven: Smith, Robert: Strickland, Greg: Stuart. jimmy: Tadlock, Kim: Torres, Paul: Walsh, Steven Warren, james: Weathers, Tim: Whiddon, john: Williams. james: Williford, Walter: Withers. Danny: Withers, jimmy: Wright. Steven Berry, Pamela: Berry, Susan: Cole, Susan: Guernsey, Perilyn: Holmes, Mary: Keene, Susan: Lowry, Lisa: Mansour, Cathy McNeil, Robbin: Mitchell. Patty: Pigott, Wynn: Rayborn, Sandra: Townley, Christy Greeks Y Phi Kappa, Tau Beta, Epsilon Chapter 1 Phi Kappa Tau, honored by capturing the second most outstanding chapter Wils- ps in the nation as well as a distinguished service award, is involved in . . . IFC President . . . ASB election commissioner and senators. . .Alpha Phi Omega 1 . . . SSHA vice president . . . softball, football, and bowling intramural cham- pions . . . members on the varsity basketball and baseball teams . .. Lost Weekend . . . Red Carnation Ball . . . Senior Banquet . . . Founders Day . . . Chapter Retreat . . . Florida Keys Trip . . . and French Quarter Party. , 4 I' - jill! ' Q1 LTC hi Tw HPP3 'J'f'1"9 ff-Hifi? rfraiifafi ii JA firwlcs I gil -5 I ixxtff - w . . 1 A M ' ft Li iii ell tl f 5- 1.- Wx 'x fx Q 5 lglii tx fi A Ni' .,. E lf,-. ft . ' .1 A I i E 7 li f : s 5 v V'9 l i x FV e ' ' , . I 5 4, Atherton, lohn: Beckman, Brett: Benefield, Robert: Ben- igno, Chuck: Bolling, Iohnny: Bowman, Marc: Boyd, Robby Brewer, Barry: Bryan, Ray- mond: Byrd, Russell: Cabell, Perre: Caldwell. Bryan: Cen- tanni, Ricky: Condon, Michael Coon, Iames: Curr, Kerry: De- Palma, Michael: Dillistone, Frederick: Freeman, Thomas: Freshour, Ted: Fulton, Gary Gautier, Walter: Hewes, Wil-- liam: Howell, Andy: Ireland, Anthony: Key, Iackie: Korte, Mclvieeking Krohn, Steven johnson, Ricky: Iones, David: Iones, Ioe: Lang, Cary: Leavitt, Buddy: Loris, Iarnes: Lovett, Richard Mitchell. Scott: Moreno, Al- varo: Neideffer, David: Nor- throp, Dan: O'Neill, Michael: Payne, Iames: Pietrangelo. Greg , Pilgrim, Steven: Pisarich, Thomas: Raley, Mike: Reiter, David: Rhodes, Ron: Ricks. Gregory: Rubish, Ioseph Shaw, Scott: Skelton, Tony: Smith, Mark: Smith, Tony: Stephens, Ieffery: Stephens, iesse: Villarrear, Mark Weir, Ion: Wheeler, David: Windham, Ierry: Centanni, Michael: Alfonso, loAnna: Byrd, Terri: Campbell, There- S8 Davis, DeeDee: Duckworth. Lu-Anne: Mallette, Beth: Ma- son, Lisa: Myers, Iulie: Piz- zetta, Kathy: Powell, Lecia Rayborn, Tena: Reasoner. Leigh: Sirmon, Becky: Ste- phens, Vicki Greeks 265 Pi Kappa Alpha, one of the oldest fraternities at Southern, means . . . participating 'inall intramural sports . . . winning overall I-Iomecomingfloats .:. service projects including Mississippi State Special Olympics. American Cancer s0ciefy,i'BigtBf0thers of America, and the Run for St. luM's Hospital . . . the only fraternity house with aprivate swimming pool . .. and parties. - 'i' Q. Q-' . 'W l ll L hi 4x qv I 5 A g r i S ix A I t i 1 , M , y ,R 7 L X J ., ' is i nfl to ' W , P -1 Qin ' ,, Q ll Q' ii, A i X li . S 'S ff oft Q if M Q , 1, , Q 1 ,Il j . F Bailey, lack: Baker, Chris: Blackman, Christan: Boone, Frank: Burkett, Samuel: Clearman, Charles: Cook, lames Cooke, George: Gandy, lerry: Gily, Eugene: Guice, Saul: I-Iartness, Wm.: Harvey, Iohn: Holmes, Martin I-Iospes, Alan: Iohnston, Gary: jordan, David: Kirkland, Kent: Korte, Iames: Koestler, Wayne: Leary, David Leckich, Mark: Lee, Martin: Makamson, Donnie: Makamson, Ronnie: McKay, Thomas: Merchant, Thomas: Moore, Mark Moore, Michael: Palmer, losephg Prendergast, Aaron: Rabby, William: Raley, David: Rigel, Daniel: Sessions, Peter Smithhart, Richard: Starks, Eugene: Stewart, Michael: Swanson, Kevin: Taylor, Roger: Tonos, Edward: Vernon, Donald Watkins, Iames: Coleman, Vickie: Dallas, Pamela: Delia, Beth: Frye, Elizabeth: Hand, Diane: Lyons, Susan Signa, Phyllis: Strickland, loni: Swanson, Kathy Creeks Mississippi Sigma Chapter Sigma Alpha Epsilon, chosen among the top five chap- ter in the nation, means . . . 91 brothers and 15 Little Sisters of Minerva . . . first place Homecoming display in fraternity and overall winner among all displays . . . winning the first Miller Truck Pull . . . football spirit award . . . intramural bowling division champions and play off contenders in co-rec football, floor hockey, and basketball, sorority receptions . .. Dixie Darling swap Homecoming Barbecue and dance . .. pledge-active retreat on the Pearl River. . . and Paddy Murphy. :Z 14. Sigma Alpha Epsilon - - 7 -- - aa 'r ,, 14 V V 'uw Q53 3 x as -s 7 2 2 -v- ..Y- 1 . .h. has -.-, v' oa-iQ l nfl Sn 3 6, eegsfo H El Q env un 9 9 9 Mundi 9 UM .XA Y 'RWM xy lil ,pl 1 A 1 x X 1 Allison. Ken: Bancroft, Bruce: Batman, Kent: Beard. Clay: Blackledge, Bud: Blaine, Mark: Bridges, Thomas: Buchanan. Dick Cliburn, Brad: Coppage, loel: Coward, Ernest: Davis, Charles: Dawson, Robert: Donahoe, Kevin: Duke, Buddy: Dukes, lim Everill, Nathan: Garriga, Ronnie: George, Robert: Gillespie, Hugh: Gillis, Russell: Gough, Gregory: Green, William: Guthrie, Robert Ham, David: Harris, Charles: Hewitt, Calvin: Hill, Clois: Irwin, Mike: Iohnson, Randall: Kennedy, Andy: Krawczyk, Ioseph Lindsay, Charles: Lott, Brian: Manguno, Monte: Marine, Tom: Marshall, Mickey: Martin, Brad: Maxwell, Ierry: Maxwell, Mark McCallum, Dennis: Meadows, Ricky: Meigs, William: Merritt, Michael: Morrow, Austin: Pena. Tom: Powell, Harold: Pulliam, Don Ramsey, Ken: Rawson, Edward: Rayborn, Charlie: Rayborn. Ricky: Rich, jimmy: Robertson, David: Robinson, Roy: Rogers, Brent Rosamond, Mark: Rutland, Douglas: Shoulders, Ierry: Simmons, David: Spradley. Mark: Stephens, loe: Stroud. Deluan: Terschluse, Steve Tidwell, Iody: Vance, Chris: Wagner, Iohn: Walker. Drew: Waltman, Ken: Wilkie, Kevin: Wright, lack: Brister, Nena Hosch, Coy: Marine, Ian: Reedy. Beth: Rogers, Becca: Sarullo. Angela: Farley, Virginia Greeks Sigma Chi Sigma. - - - I Colony of Sigma Chi Fraternity Y C41 1 1 WS SH I ' k N Q- XW' i Q A Q. " I E7 ll Q eat, v. . . iv 4 ' ,. , il iii fe . 5-iii ' if ::2 'wif' I r f i flizfl 1 t ifl lQS':.z'l5"b Q.. ':.'.' 9 45 ., 9' All P rw" if. Es , 5 -- 1,1113 Ainsworth, Steven: Alford, Iohn: Baylis, Robert: Beckham, Iohng Bowen, Robert: Bradley. Scott: Brent, Mitchell Conn, Anthony: Crabb, Ioe: Dickinson, Kensil: Faust, David: Finley, Michael: Freeman, Frank: Gaines, Robert Gordon, Iohn: Gordon, Robert: Grantham, William: Grenn. Chip: Howell, Bobby: Iackson, Mark: Lakey, Terry Lanning, Iackg Lessard, Terry: May, Iefferyg Mclllwain, Kerry: McNeil, Iames: Meyers, David: Milstead, Marty Mims, Brantly: Oliver, Albert: Peach, Mark, Perry, William: Ramsey, Larry, Riles, Stan: Schwartz, Chris Sconiers, Bill: Stauter, Ieffrey: Tinnon, Jeffrey: Waddle, Benny: Ward, William: Wilkinson, Mark: Yeager, Mark Blessing, Iacquelineg Caldarelli, Kelly: Flowers, Donna: Gandy, Zelma: McClellan, Tammy: Oberkirch, Susan: Quinn. Sherrill Rowe, Pamela: Sproles. Amy: Strickland, Sissy: Williamson, Patricia Greeks - Sigma, Nu Theta Gamma Chapter Y it I .X . -- .l f . 1 'W ' QC' QQ' XJ' The men of Sigma Nu are involved in philanthropic contributions . . .student government . . .honorary organizations. L .leadership positions Mr. USM Outstanding Greek Community Service Award Who's Who Intramural championships including the All-Sport Trophy toga parties and Lorris Morris. fs f - 4 QE xnxx ' M1-ngf' w- ff . 1 wr' flu-' 3-'., V-V' ' N 1. J 1 'V' X ff 'L ' 'f K f' , L, i 5' A" I I f".t ,nt if A for l Xi f fi ' ' ...W ' 'F LQ' - " ': ' P , fs? '. .au ' " 2 ,C A ' ,wr . ,. -' t . a 1-P- Qyzffiffg is fa WEN ,ZNQ H 1 W 3711 flrueks LN V i 1 I 4 P 'few 5-al Zlfit . -,rgxf L I -'Vg L' 1 f' tffiljs W r ' Calida! if Q92 f-if -.. if , g. t R ' ' "' I .iq fi 5 .Ja .' ' lui U 2 N 5 I , 'S-A li leaf" are ' - -v s. as Q1 '52 A ii - Q01 Baer, Ron: Beene, Ronald: Bowen, Chris: Bridge, Scott, Chambliss, LC.: Christian, lohn: Clinton, Christopher Cooke, B.C.g Dawkins, Gregg Erickson, Mark, Evans, Donald, Gray, Randy: Greer, Lane, Hall, Bee Hawes, Henry, Holman, Mark, Hutton, Ieffreyg Ishee, Calvin, Iackson, Harold: Iennings, Danny, Iohnson, Steve Kennedy, Keith, Klein, T.K.g Lang, Bruce, Livingston, Brett, Massengale, Hughg McCrary, Mike, Moran, Pete Massengale, Stan: Milthorpe, Michael: Panko, Thomasg Peters, Wes: Ready, Louis: Ricci, Rick, Ritchey, P.B. Sims, Bag, Stanton, Michael, Stewart, Scott, Sullivan, Wayne, Tippin, Richard: Walker, Mickey: Warfield, lack Wesler, Michael: Wheeler, Scott Woods, Moderichg Vanderheiden, Alan: Allred, Lisa, Hall, Diane, McDonald, Tammy Perkins, Beth: Richards, Leah: Rochart, Ianieg Thomas, T errig Uhland, Kelli Sigma Phi Epsilon Mississippi Gamma Chapter 4 I ks FHLL u. . ' I-J' 2-li? I t m . 3 .nf 1 1:1 Hwlllam EMM 1 W t diirf, h ' if '1- '- 'N-.V ' ' ','.-' 5, , 1 -V ,L ., --in u-- r .. , Y w I , ,- 'A', 'W' Ai ' I 1.5, 1255 I-,, .h W A. .Q fzgdg. Van L? 'ft N th.. . . -V R ' , W -- M 1 A YL E x 2 5 'bij ,.,,-Av IA 5' Q -5 Q I xx if .-'mei' " 55? - 0 M'AT V 1 I I -V-V LT li 1 v.. .fini H- ' . 1 I . E Nr- . r ,Andemmgrwillsauir nissan, Raixda1l:.Edsa11, Stephen: ' Ellsworth, Lee: Gammon, 5"??hQf1 e i , Gross, Warren: Klecker, Richard: Lane, Bikly: Neal. Patrick: Pahnora, .G uy 4 , Prioe.fCurtis: Proulx, Markg Singley. Rodger: Terry. Ioseph: 'Ifrest.,7Ra,ndy f vb, , , ., r Walley, Oliver: Welniak, Davids Welsh, Iohng Welsh. Gillandg Causey, Teresa Wflnw Everson, Georgia: Fleming, Marilyn: Rische, Stephany: Smith, Rhonda: Samrow, loy E Greeks 275 Lambda Sigma l Front Rom Iacqule Blessmg Mfarthfz Vardaman 'xl nrtx lxlllstefad Mlssx Thomis Shella Lumpkln Sanrl Bmganelll Second Row Shellx Alcorn Bnrlnrx Rose AClX1SOI Sherrx Elklns Doug Pom ll Suzl Kergoslen Lee Ann Campbell llcltme Fllmo Robert Dans Rhonda Mullins Betty Davis' Bark Row: Giil Waters Mike Bor- osky: Bill! r'1nth'am' Di'1n'1 Collins: Iohn Gordon' N' 'zlie 'X ,n. Sophomore Honorary Society h Urunnlzzatluns v ,'u , ,,1 .. .F -0 'W , 'G-L 3 J A11 Lambda Delta Delta lv, . i, Sa! .M ' '55 -'11 4 . F R .l N1 at 'ft -9 F, 7? el. X ax 1 r .- . 957. -.-.l-.'.fJrw, Iicquie Blessing Vice President' Carla urphy. Secretary' Cindy Smartt Presi- dent' Melissa Thom- as, Treasurer. Scholastic Honorary Society for Freshmen .2 .l, -,sg K L' rv., 1 .. - -YA Seated Pamela Brea zell Sherr1Haxs An geli Magee Patsy Blakenex Tina Brocklex Leah Rich ards Lisa Prince Marx Ku Holmes Standing Marci Co hen Ken Geotes Dinnx Coats Dr Io seph Clements D Iohn Gonzales D Willice Kix Deluan Stroud lohn Hoxxell limes Herr1ng,ton Ciiolx n Peterson Honorary Leadershlp SOCIGYY Organizations A1r Fo ron row sgt anner Mrs Lemse Young Col Iames Conrox Back row Capt Boyd WIISOH Tsgt lack Magee May Charles Daugherty Mal Iames Gecewlez Tsgt Iohn Vamos Air Force ROTC NIU Left to right: Nancy Myers, Angel Flight Liaison Offi- cer: George Crull, Infor- mation Officer: Gary Ful- ton, Administrative Officer: Anthony Ireland. Vice Commanderfflomp troller Ifimes Poss Com minder Arnold Au' Socnety 1 . t. Organizatione A1r Force ROTC is I Front row: Robert Selmang David Lammg Eric Meyer: Michael Gottstine: Fred Wood: Boyd Wilson, Captain. Second row: Charles Parks: Dorothy Thompsong Gregory Wichertg Denise Iohnson: Charles Orr: Marie Cochran: Alana Snow: Patricia Thelon. Back row: Kim- berly Chapman: Kevin Davis: David Simmons: Hugh Roliinson: lim Slater. Leadership Training Or anization an Uri inixations Sitting: Sandra Iohnson: Suzy Pe- terson: Sheila Mclnnis: Iulie Black- man: Catherine Browng lean Col- lette. Standing: Cenice Armstrong: Lee Ann Blackmer: Cynthia Hoff- man: Cheryl Lehtola: Lynn Ryan: Cathy Elgex She1laOl1nger IoAnn ClOllll9I' Connie Foshee Leisa Richardson Becky Bozeman Con me Haupt Crganizations ASB Cabmet 'N-77 if X! I-P I I x Front Row: loe Paul: Stacie Rehmann: Eddie Wolver- ton: Caren Chatum: Ken Striblingg Liz Worcester: Mike Pruittg Vicki Stephens: Back Row: Bruce Ban- croft: Chuck Lindsey: Cindy Smartt: Cal Hewitt: Kay Redd: Toni Wells: Rita Lilly: Mark Wilkinson: Beth Reedy: Pam Berry. F Uri. Ulf ll ns D Front Row Angela Lee lulle Blackmon Shella Sandlfer Alice Rosamond Cynthia Walker Sec ond Row Dav1dDaunhauer Cvnthxa Hoffman Boo Williams Rhonda Freeman Buddv Leavitt Iamce Iones Ieff DHVIS Third Row Tad Bourne Barrx Howell Scott Shaw ChervlCa1n Lisa Mason Tina Gambrell Chris Baker ludx Blakenev Sherrx Hayes Davld Dedeaux Lisa Brlster Mlssx Thomas Iohn Connell Ianet Adams Diane Humphries Ken Stribhng Ionl Strickland 1 ' 9 ' : 5 j Brewer: Frank Easterling: Grant Waite: Andy 2 ' : 3 ,: 1 . 0 . . n ' 'y Q 2 1 ' ' : Organizations 281 ASB Pubhc Relatlon ' . 5 '4 . an Ill Front Row' Roblne Brown Iayne Fem- more Zenobla Chatman Second Row SUZ1 Kergo- slen loyce Russell Cvnthla Cole Phyl- Colhns Thlrd Row Kathryn Pace Ton1 Wells Cal Hewltt Pattle Mltchell Tanya Edwards Bruce johnson lis Signag Wendy I ASB Election Com Front Row Palmer Paunovlch Iana Flles Clndy Smartt Kathye Ross Second Row Leah Rlchards Mary Beth Brashler Pam Bramlet Buddy Leavltt Bera Welborn Thlrd Row Terry Lackey Chns Baker Susan Keen Melody Bell Maurice Danc u 1 9 ' I a u u o o I I I a 1 o ' I n n n I I Q n a s Q I I ' 4 o a I I 1 . u - I I 71405, I , if If Hall Association Front Row Iosden Davls Sarah Smith Rob1nGrannell KenStr1bl1ng Karen Gild er Iana Files Cheryl Parmon Advisor Cynthia Walker Susan Lamey Shelia San difer Tina Hines Stacie Rehmann Back Row Regina Horne Regina Iones Ziva McClelland Priscilla Lang Donna Green Brian Ladner, David Koelllng, Toni Wells, Ioyce Russellg Melodye Bell, Executive As- sistantg Liz Worcesterg Harold Bullock. Officers: Stacie Rehmann, Vice Presidentg Tina Hines, "What's Happening" Editorg Liz Worchester, Presidentg David Koelling, NCCQ Iana Files, Public Relationsg Robin Grannell, Treasurer. Organizat 8 v-"' 1. Chuck Lindsey, President: 2. Ken Stribling, Vice Presi- dent: 3. Vicki Stephens, Treasurer: 4. Pam Berry, Secre- tary: 5. Mike Pruitt, Director of Public Relations: 6. Toni Wells, Associate Director of Public Relations: 7. Cal Hewitt, Director of University Relations: 8. Cindy Smartt, Election Commissioner: Rita Lilly, Associate Director of University Relations: 10. Kay Redd, Associate Director of Student Services: 11. Eddie Wolverton, Director of Stu- dent Services: 12. Mark Wilkinson, Attorney General: 13. Beth Reedy, Associate Spirit Director: 14. Mark Yeager, Spirit Director: 15. Liz Worchester, RHA President: 16. Stacie Rehmann, RHA Vice President: 17. Caren Chat- ham, Director of Governmental Relations: 18. Ioe Paul, ASB Advisor. H6 Organizations ASB 0- o Walter Langley, Cassandra Nicholson, William Murry, Phlis Randale, Dixie McGaffick, Margaret Hall, Eric Carter, Ronnie Brax- ton, Brett Powell, Herbert I-Iino. - Drill Team Organizations 2 ROTC t D1st1ngu1shed Mllltary y Students 0 ' . . ...-- 'I-, ml' 42568 flcltlf'l Xlaj. Patricia Cadet Clyl' Mark Cadet LTC Cadet CPT john Cadet Maj. Victor Iarlm-r Norwood Mclvleekin Korte Montague Ayers flaflt-I fxlaj, Stffwen Cadet l,'I'tl Brett Cadet LTC Charles Cadet Col. Margaret Cadet Maj. Forrest lfloycl l'owell Kirchen Hall C- Wentworth ROTC Qifjiiz W l ' a ...-.L ' l : . -fa - 4 4. ' 1 'I if Ak BF Q' 1 l 1 A 1 ..., his 'A' i Col. Tommy R. ' Mrs. Mary L. Brown CPT Richard I. CPT Iunior CPT Anthony F. Palmertree ' Vogel Treadway Cascio, Ir. 5 'V-ir Nu. SPC Albert Barnett SFC William A. Mrs. Ottie I. Wells SSC Donald R. Maj. Willie S. Ritter Rozar, Ir. Kimbrough l Ilnlw xfx f 'ix i s ,nfl X.--f SFC Herbert S, Hino CPT Donald M. SFC Steven D. Earl SCM limmy D. Maj. Ronald E. Reed Zodum Shoemaker Organizations 289 ROTC 'NI Urganizations Top Semor Class Ixl d e A Com pany Iuniors Bottom: "B" Com pany Iuniors -1 16--3-1 ' 6721- . ol 55. 4:3": X- -:ffl-e'r.a!L4+i' 'W W 4 I p'f4 4 fr q 1 ROTC F1 O 6 r 'Dian Front row Laura Fowler Tom Weddmg Davld Brvant Back row Authur Rlchards Iohn Craft Margaret Hall Melmcla Sue Parker. Rifle Team 1 mf, xl -sr - 'N Organizations I f , Front row: Scott Mea- chum: Ed Dawson lAir Forcel: Anthony Cas- cio: Tracy Barham' row: Nictor Ayers' Ioe Burnett: Lloyd Hudson: Brett Powell: Aurthur Richards. Scabbard Harold Bullock. aclr and Howell Teresa Smlth '93 Organizations Fraterm :ront row: Anthony Toney: lobert Taylor: Austin Forte: Second row: Roy Ballard, Sar- gent-at-arms: Sheri Lyons: Ka- 'en Brown: Colonel Buck: Ia- iice Lowery. President: Jebbie Marsiano. Mike Eng- ish, Vice President: Frank Zasterling: Back row: Randy -Iamill, Reporterfl-Iistorian: lashmi Bhatt: Kimmy jackson. Kvetta Kay Hines: Paul Allen: vlike Grill, Treasurer: David vy: Don Godwin: Not Pic- ured: Earl Benson: Cathy 3roome, Secretary: Ann Iallaway: lohnny Crocker: Cen Gower: Greg Hinton: Spencer Law: lon Lewis: Os- :ar Lott: Ray McCollum: Eve- yn Medrano: Shawn Romine: Jon Rutledge: Son Schenzel: eanne Young: Robert Man- gum. Seated Paul Douglas Xice President Dcott Sherman Presldent Dean Green Spon sor Cherxl Kushner Secre tarx Susan Desport Standing Mike Condon Nancy Little page: Karen Curtis' loan Katz- mey er' lay Ball' Sandra Flem- ing: Bruce Cole' loyce Parks' Ernie Cowart: Angela Magee. Organizations 293 Front Row: Sandra lohnson' Nalerie Gardner' Barbra Teel: X alerie Pinson' Susan Tanne- hill' Alice Powell' Carey Bonin' Pam Martin' Lisa McClinton' Shelia McKinnis' Karen Fletcher' Ruth Thuber' loyce Russell Secretary' Sec- ond Row: Helen Rentz' Kathy King: Lisa Lancaster- Amy Carlilse' Kim Hartnett' lenni fer lackson' Elizabeth Santa Cruz: Teri Dallas' Nancy Goodrich' Shelia Lumpkin' Pam Smith: Ruth May: Aman- da Wise: Third Row: lulie Schnider: Cynthia Barrios: Frank Easterling: Linda Lee: Mike Depalma. President: Kerry Mclllwain: Mitch Brent. Vice President: Toni Wells: Kristy Smith: ludy Blakenly: Gaynell Lott: Linda Lang: Kathy Wiley: Steve Easterling. Treasurer: Mike Monk: Kent Randelesh, Advisor: Denise Fleming. Seated: Cheryl Hill: Mark Zor emba: Ioe Dumas: Eastlyn Burkholder: Standing: Vialla Hartfield: Diana Collins lames Barrett: Katy Lou An derson: Cynthia Odom: Loret ta Spahmer. JW-l Hrgnnixntirms Interfraternity Council fs 101 fb ,J 4 am Front Row Steve Edsall David Dauenhauer Gene Davis Iohn Gordon Iohnnx Atherton Second Rovx Bobbw Lott lee Terrx Ierrx Cook Chr1sBaker Ken neth Williams Third Row Mike Phillips Emorx Determexer Martx Mllstead Randx Sheppard Reginald Smith Fourth Row Mark Kuxkendall Bruce Lang Chris Blackman Mark Holman Tom my Bridges Fifth Rom. Robbie Boyd' Dan North- rup' Ken Waltman' leff White' john Taylor. Officers: Barbara Ross Adxlsor' Ieff White Vice President: Iohn Taylor, Secretary: Iohnny Atherton President: Deluan Stroud, Rush Chairman: Chris Baker, Treasurer: Rusy Anderson, Advisor. Organizations 29 L , U. ., .Y- nag S. I la '..1 15' .. ,g .lf-" t .a at 'Y ,t-. 4 4 Panhe11en1c Counc11 Ut'fice,1s: Front: Susan Keene. President' Back'Row: Shelia Currie Vice Prusident' Pam Laclner Rush Chairman' Barbara Ross Advisor Laurie Stringer SeCret1rx!Treaau1e1. U I-ront: Laurie Stringer Chi Omega' First Row' Pam Ladner P1 Beta Phi C ynthia Betts Alpha Kappa Alpha' Shelia Currie Delta Zeta' Shelia Hus lrind Sigma G imma Rho' Ianet lohnson Delta Sigma Theta Second Row lmet Haimng Alpha Srgma Alpha' Pam Frazier Delta Delta Delta Donna Flowers Kappa Delt'1'Cam1e Rawson Phi Mu' Third Row. Dlann Thornton Sigma Sigma Sigma' Susan Keene Kappa Delta' Tammy McCreary Delta C mmm 1. J urnor Panhelleruc Councul VD 'Hu 7 b i . , ,T Hllirgers: Carol Lucas. President: Shelia Cnr- . gf I4 rife. fXflx'ism'Z Seated: Iezinne Welsh, Vice llrf-sirlfentg Sherry Hoke Publicity: Karen An- 7 elf-rson. StttlflflilI'Xf'l'l'HklSllI'tZl'. lfrontz lemme- l.e:f:lX'e:lSh1 Dawn Allred: Sher- ry' lloku: Carol l,nr:as: Back Row: Karen An- A 4 tif-rson:SaIir'e:naGill:Clhristyl,indsz1y:Margo- iff" it r-ft Davis: Shelia Curry. P I . VW- V, A .J uni Ph1 Theta Kappa Alumm Assoo1a.t1on gt' L. 'sp ' ' . Officers Front Debble Fross Second Vice Presldent Tina Beth Huhn President Back Row Roger Sanford First Vice President V1Ck18 Holston HISIOFITH Ianet Taylor Reporter Ron Longsdorf Past President Mar anda Kidd, Treasurer. Alpha of Mississippi Organizations 29 K", - - .. Southern - , '. l ,vol ga ki, lf' QC ali- ' Q l xi Front Row: Amy Ashley' Nena Brlsterz Pattw Mitchell Ser reriry' Kay Redd' Becca Rogers' Donna Sullivan Lynthiw Wilkei' Back Row: Roland Bullock' Dan Readv breg Rimes President' Ronnie Garriga' lack Wright' lim Salters' Not Pictured: lim Watkins' Paul Panquerne' l'vl'nilyn Broome. Social Chairman. W UH. mf I1 ns 5 -'11 nd gil Baptnst Student Un1on .WLT rv 4-wa fm 'X ,,f Xxx 84.1 'l98'l Officexs!Council Seated: P'im Foibeoz Billy Fwye Mirtin' Tom Ferguson: N'1t Dunn. President' l'Vllll'iITl Cimrcyz Dawn Brister: Stmding: B'irb'1r'i Whittington Associ ite Dlrertoi' Bruce Hardy: Lis'i Wwtkins' TGIGSW Wilker' Donn'i Road' W il Mcbill Diieotoi' Pauli Dwymond' Patti Lew bradmte Rs- '1980 Council Seated: P'im Forbes' Gingei Langley: Robbie Boyd' Dawn Blister' Kwien Hirdy' Stand- ing. Wil Mcbill Diieotor' Kent Miller: lvithy Sliotts' Pwtti Lew President' B'irb'n'i Whittington Associate Director' Xrileiie Innes' Tom F6lgllSOl'1' lvlaiy Robeitson. , K . K c ' c 1 l , c t , ' n L ,r ' c c r c 1 , i , '. ' c Q Y i I . r 1 I . c ,c . z , v 1 s X , c c . c , c 4 sistant: Ianice Britt: Carol Leake. r c ' , . ' c 1 1 I n f C 1 L I D 0 4' v N V C g q K 5 1 y C K , 1 q I K C v . . r . ' . I 1 4 K nu n Organizations 299 Wesley Clowns-"Gods Messengers" Seated: Kim Ingram1 Sara Murphy Standing: Shelia Currie: Maurice Dancer: Tracey Creelg Ieannie Fra- zier. Methodist Student Organization HH! Hrggnnizntirmns Wesley Foundation T 7 ,sfo 4,2 k 'X COGIC I t l Front Row: Iackie Miller: Thelma Iackson: Phyllis IRandle: Lula Iames: Sidney Payton: Shelia Sandifer. Secretary: Cynthia Walker: laclcie Anderson: Donna Williams: Back Row: Roscoe Miskel: Thomas Den- Iham: Ray Payton: Ronnie Braxton: David Simmons: Ricky Vanderbilt: Victor Ayers: Lindsey Robinson: Sherman Crandison: Paul Iohnson. Charter Officers: Matiel Payton. President: David Simmons, Vice President: Cheryl lohnson, Treasurer. USM Church of God in Christ Fellowship Organizations 301 Catholic Student QTSEPIT-iZ?'2i02 .nl l L,- Newrhan-Elub 1-X Front Row: Karen Curtis: Ruth Scholl: Roxanne Bean: Bar- bara McQueen: Kathryn Saul: Sherry Vance: Celeste Feduc- cio. Second Vice President: Susan Self, Secretary: Second Row: Leigh Ann Lovell: Nan- cy Crosswhite: Becky Wil- liams: Ken Geotes. President: Kathy Emmich: Sarah Ponder: Erin Curley. First Vice Presi- dent: Ben Bishoff: Dale McNeese: Back Row: Dr. Stanely Lewis. Sponsor: Tammy McClain: Linda Grantham: David Morris: Da- vid McKay: Manual Pilgrim, Accounting Honor Fraternity l 'NIJ Organizations Alpha Epsilon Alpha ' I Alpha Epsilon Delta ii""sr::"":'r's' . -. .,2a:'wr1vefa--1' -' x- r,:t"1'l Front Row: Kenny Duff: Dianne McAlpin: Nena Smith: Patricia Ross: Gayle Gower: Ben Fleming, Presi- dent: Third Row: Iay Binder. Vice President: Iames Addy, Historian: Reese Matthews: Richard Craven: Kirby Woo- ley: Back Row: Karl Bush: Kenneth Simmons. Pre-Professional Medical Honor Society I' I ii . Delta Sigma wg- .,xas,,u.:., ,. , -- .-7.1 . .-a.:..... ' was-1-.W , " of- 1 ,. Front Row: M. Chaivez: V. Chaivez: D. Mangum: S. Collmer: F. Polaski: R. Sholl: D. Hamel: D. Evans: S. Bates: L. Freeman: V. Stephens: Sec- ond Row: C. Reeves: L. For- tenberry: I. Carpenter: S. Moody: B. Morgan: D. Stone: C. Cooper: B. Flaggs: I. Smith: T. Welch: P. Bryant: T. Tanko: Back Row: D. Tolleson: E. Tur- nipseed: M. Parks: D. Nourse: D. Parker: I. Chirinos: F. Maurer: B. Lea: R. Coley: T. West: M. Iackson: I. Pender- grass: Not Pictured: I. Thig- pen: R. Baylis: I. Keith: A. Smith: L. Woodruff: B. Tanko: C. Connerly: K. Hilderbrand: Dr. Thomas Smith. Dr. Thom- as IW, Sponsors. Professional Busines raternity Organizations 303 ' USM Collegiate Chapter of American Marketing Association Officers: Danny O'Keefe, Treasurerg Iaffe Swetman Vice President: Mike Condon, Presidentg Beth Sneed Projects Chairpersong Standing: Dolly Loyd, Sponsor: Sue Oberkirch, Public Relations: Celeste Foster, Sec- retary: Dee Mangum, Speaker Chairperson: Dr. Wil- liam Shoell. Sponsor. 304 Organizations at l - 1 Home Econormos Club . grill? Front Row: Robin Tait: Angela Hardy: Pam Proctor: Lark He- menway: Leahne Beeman: Katherine Washburn: Barbara Entre- kin: Torri Molds: joy Wilson: Caren Sibley: Gina Williams: Iill Warren: Second Row: Ieannie Frazier: Lisa Carmichael: Shelly Poorman: Suzanne Sikes: Io Groves: Lynell Brackman: Lisa Bus- by: Betsy Gough: Brenda Nance: Renee McNeil: Penny William- son: Rachell Richards: Wanda Shiyou: Danier Martin: Third Row: Robin Williams: Becke Bounds: Darlene Williams: Cindy Ratcliff: Paula Dixon: Linda Candy: Edna Iones: Brenda Iackson: Carol McFarland: Priscilla Lang: Lisa Brister: Rick Cox: Butch Myers: Thomas Iordan: Kathleen McGehee: Iudy Durr. Officers: Robin Williams, President: lo Groves, Vice President: Standing: Robin Tait, Committee Chairperson: Lark Hemenway, Treasurer: Wanda Shiyou, Committee Chairperson: Becke Bounds, President of Student Member Section of the Southeast District of the Mississippi Home Economics Association: Carol McFarland, Reporter: Angela Hardy, Secretary: Kathleen McGehee, Committee Chairperson and Vice President of the Student Member Section of the Mississippi Home Economics Association. Organizations 309 Klksley Powell' Be li Brennin' Robert Cise' lince Breneman' 'm bentsse' Rick lN'i1'cl' Divid Eohols' Dr. Iesse Mclxee. Honorary Geograph Fraternity Front Row Xtilliam Ingraffia President Robert Pilcher Xice President Robert Gil more Serretarx Dvvaxne Raul Treasurer Michael In gra fra Hietormn Reece Paxne Sgt at Arms Bank Ron Frank Robinson Rirh ard Nloisan Ricky Suk M1 chael Schallock: Nlfitthew Perry: eff Miller' Michael Diaz, Director of Activities' Eddie Saunders. District Poor- dimtor: Fhurles Burgess. Honorary Band Fraternity 306 Oryzanizntions Gamma Theta Upsilon Kappa Kappa PS1 - ' l l Y' l M Ph1 Beta, Lambda, Front Row: Kenny Phillips: Robin Robin- son: Bevelyn Youngg Kenta Richardson: Curtis Lawson: Second Row: Shelia lack- song Stephanie Phillips: Greg Reeves: Third Row: Sandra Fleming: Margaret Keddl Richard Kelleyg Fourth Row: Terri Husleyg Steve Walkerg Fifth Row: K.C. Crawford: Pam Iacobusg Kiri Rushing: Sixth Row: Val- lery Nelson: lay Iacobus: Sherry Malletteg Dwayne Schaeferg Seventh Row: Cynthia Cole: Amy Cleggg Eighth Row: David Franklin: Ninth Row: Debbie Reed: Kelly Eldridgeg Cathy Smith. Business Fraternity Front Row Bobbx Keating Pete Roneo Zane Polson Greg Douglas Donald Carson Daxld Arias Daxid Gunn leff Lxnn Second Ron Iamin Hoffman Tim Pierce lohn Hamilton MarlxG1bson Tom Grant Fourth Ron Bob Chi bot Daxid Carlson Iimmx Harrington Bruce Hardx Professional Music F ratermty Conway:lThird Row:.Craig Organizations 30 - - Tau Beta Sigma -' 1 3 ' ' I '- ' xg " b' Forsy' Q.: ' . : i li ' .- ii ' it 'venom mx: .- 3' XYUU ' Di in B'ikei': bteplii re ' 'ivkif E c' Q Bums he x ig iuri bloc B ir Jiri mi X in lu ix Honorary Band Sororlty lfront Row: Cynthi flfilff. llI'efSiLlel'll1 Sheli Yming. Vice Presiclen Stiimling: Donn Krfflmlis: Dr. Carolyn lx l.+-iris. Sponsor and Na tional Sezcreetary-Histf Iilillll lilizalmeth lNICKen ziif. National Stucler Rfepnesfeiitaitive: Marge' net Kiclcl: Br1liliyeWincf ham. Surzreetaryz Pats llliiu, Historian: Lis ,lliiylfllf Cheryl Uwer 'l'n-iisiirfer. Professional Busine Education Honoral WH flrufinizations 'KJ hi Chi Theta Front Row: Pam Berry: Shawn Bates: Dolly Loyd, Advisor: Ioyce Parks: Second Row: Kacky Savelle: Vonda Thompson: Third Row: Kernan Crawford: Diane Stallone: Leigh Ann Lowell: Fourth Row: Donna Sul- livan' Rhonda Mitchell' Fifth Row: Patrice Stevens' Gail Manning. Professional Business Society ll- 'I ll V ll I I 1 1 Q l l , I Q 4 ' : '77 .f -, . ll ll t n,,, ar 4- ,X V - x Front. Charles Curry' Standing. Doris Nor man' Wendy Collins Kenneth Fairley Cle mon Terrell' Regina Quinn Richard Brown' Willie Robinson' Cecilia Robinson' Rachelle Da Us Griselda Tawlor Row Sylvia Haxs Linda Thames Melinda Mur phx Virgina Crimiel l , f ' 1 ' 1' - Shelia Whitten: Back 1' ' J ' ' Organizations 309 Association for Computing 'iiiery Offlcers Front Row Kenneth Wesley DeVon Fowler Treasurer Susan Wlell Secretary Karen Trest Presl Strnhm Scott Brooks Bobby Yates Phll Purser dent: Mary Millard, Vice Presidevntg Back Rovlf: Billy tn flljJdlllZilllflllS 'M C hi Tau Front Row: Pam Coste: Sherry Elkins: Rose Sekal, Public Relations Chairman: Tammy lVIcCreary President' Robbin lickson Vice Presi- dent' Garlanda Walls Secretary! Treasurer' Second Row: Carol Fisher' lin Harris' Cin y Smartt' Suzie Noul- Lisa Wright' Michelle Smith Missy Ezelle' Amy Rogers. L . . d let: Cavin Bodowinl Dance Fraternity Club Ierrv Woodland Cathxe Ross Doris Nor man:Will1e Robinson: Sonia Carr: Kenneth Clark: Diedrick Brooks: Rachelle Davis: Alysia Pace: Daryl Harris: Alisa Wilson: Rochelle Smith: Tanya Edward: Wendy South: Rita Lilly: Leontyne Hairston: Evon Harris: Cherry Barnes: Priscilla Lang: la- nice Harbour: Debbie Gayden: Namon Harris: Iackie Singleton: Althea Fisher: Shirley McCall: lessica McCovery. Organizations 311 lohn Conway, President Doug Conwill, Vice President Roxanne Nanney, Secretary Leslie Hall, Treasurer Lou Kinsey, Photographer Iohn Craig Barker ludy Bartels Kim Barratini Melodie Burns Bob Conway Rita Dievert Tammy Forsythe Frank Gentile Debbie Hancock Decie Husband Greg Lyons Beverly McClelland Richard Moisan Barbara Moore Sara Murphy Tim Pierce Bob Pilcher Angie Raines Pam Rogers Pete Romeo lan Saucier Laura Sledge Bob Smith: Daxid Simmons: Butch Myers' Ginger Earwood President: Mitzi Maniscalco' Second Row: Louis I-Iuener' Beth Berry' Ricky White' Carla Hilly' Warren' Holly Martin Secretary' Glen Slaton' Mike McArther' David Moulder. Shawyn Mars: Christina' Ma nolia Branch Front Row Marx Carter Christian Boyd Denise Dillon Wanda Simpson Second Row Swlvia Hawes Doris Matthews Emilw Rembert Tama Edwards Carol Simon Sharon lohnson Third Rovx Shelia Whitten Margaret Kidd Ioyce Mclnnis Yxetta Hme Curtis Creagh Fourth Row Bruce Iohnson X ernon Kendrick Carol McFarland Iackle Holmes Michael Lee Skip Gux Darrell Crumblx Edward Leland ' y Q a I l - a . v ' , I 3 . uv I . Q I . Drganizations 311 Front Row: lane Hudson Advisor: X-'icki Pickering X ice President' Teresa Scitzs Secretary' Sandi Woolf' Lori Saxon. President' Cathy Welsh: Cindy lones' Vanessa Rawson' Lisa Smith' Second Row: Edna Enslin' Liz bilmore' Sandra Delancey Hassan Ghahremanian' Carman Gaines' Lisa Darby' Homer Bhatt: Third Row: Beth Parham: Blair Seibert: Van Doridna: Kenny Byrd: Greg Myers: Back Row: Becky Randolph: Kay Davis: Sue Eldridge: Patricia Lott, Treasurer: Michelle Bond: Ruth Ann Milazzo. Front Row Anthony Smith Cynthia McGee Bernard Williams Stella Peyton Tommy Lancaster Ztva McClellum Nemon Harms Kathx Ross Kenneth Clark Deana lones Gary Morgan Second Row Micheal Dickey Rev Kenneth Fairley Andre Dean' lohnny Sartin' Ida Brown' Leroy Barron' Rochelle Smith' Ernie Watson' Back Row: lack Coleman' Iesse Vanish' Dennis lames: Dedrick Brooks: Carlis Andrews. 414 Organizations Medical Technology Club ' Q '-5 FW ' .X MEotcAL TECHNULOGY nn Ar Cnnulvn Hs unonoav IIIUIOLOGV Seven Jewels Study Club su V - HI I n I 4 1 till l ety for Parale al Studies Dr. Ron Marquardt, Sponsor: Pam Griffin Kelly Walker: Cindy Smithg Vanessa Lindsay: Michelle Herman: Theresa Kemp' Cal Hewitt' Ron Thornton' Melinda Carpenter' Brenda Wiley CVTlthl8 Hunt' Sharon Arledge' Neal Nuttall' Iulle Madison' Cathy Ray. Students I I i l Ron Thornton' Dawid Rimanich' Craig Pinter Audrex Hall N ice President Michael X ogel President Vanessa Treasurer Robbie Asher lax Iacobus Y 2 1 . 7' ' . Lindsay, Secretary- : ag 1 Annie lonesl Standing Organizations 310 Dr lames Wolfe Ron Marquardt Sponsors. Sitting: Melissa Winstead: lean Collette: Connie Ward: Alicia McKinley: Ann Fulmer: Ronnie Garriga: Lisa Lancaster: Butch Myers: Tanya Wester: Belinda Boone Mike Krebs: Mike Andrews: Standing: Christine Roberts: lackie Ellmo: Shelia Whitten: Griselda Taylor Liz Pinson: Kim Rooker: Chuch Pardee: Steve Easterling: Shane Gaston: Sandy Parks: Ioyce Russell: Toni Wells: Dena Phillips: Lorrie Howell: Lisa Brister: Melodye Bell: Donna Krebs: Raphael Duckworth: Dee Dee Dotherow. l fl ll ll SOUTHERNER Society of Polymer Scientists if F.- sslfa fx X KKi'.!yfi7fF -'xx in -, gy Y., f, Front Row Sharon Furukawa Ralph Gonzalez Vance Fortenberry Robin Grannell Carol Noworyta President Second Row Kenneth Daniels lams Wltchan Thomas Ienkms Robert Stahl Glenn Bosarge Patricia Lewis Vxce Rechtor Back Row Mike Evans Michael O Rourke Scott Seale Perry Hamilton Alan Randall Treasurer Dr Roger Hester Dr Shelby Thames leffT1nnon Richard Klecker Keith Samsburg jeff Harris President: Gordon Smith: Del ont Row: Randy Bissell: iwn Stewart: Robert Baker: Jug Woods: Frank escatory: Second Row: Ron est: Dave Elfert: Dr. Daniel mdeen: Melissa Harris: Lin nes: Rita Eubanks: Dr. aury Meylan: Third Row: ane Dooleyg Mike 'adshawg Dr. Franz urth Row lay Roberts lchael Wright Vincent ane lohn Warner David rd1n: Eddie Floyd: Chris wen: Ross Williams: Ben 'oelicherz Karen Woodyard: n : ' 3 5 .' . ' . J n derson: Mark Segans: anne Thigpen. Organizations 31 Saucierl Not Pictured: loanne ASSOCIBUOD Ni Front Row: Angela Magee' Caren Chatham' Terri Byrd' Beth Reedy' Nancy Knight' Martx Milstead' Randy Magee' Regie Iackson' Nancy Childs' Toni Wells' Cal Hewitt' Ron Rhilips. Leah Richards: Back Rowal 3? Sitting' Lisa Hitt' Tina Beth Hugh Elizabeth Sneed Ingrid Shults Cindy Shorey Barbara Davis Standing Steve Coleman Curt Guenther Wayne Hardy George Halford Malcomb English Andy Wlest Mark F.. Gottsche David Longmlre Pamell McKay Keith Hxlderbrand Guy Crush L 'ave-I .,31f.I, I-K ,, ,g53.'f?Q -' asgrrfe 'HH Organizations USM Student Speech and Hearing Association SPEECH AND HEAR NG READING SPECIAL EDUCA Bret Beckman Vice President 1980 Vlckex zanne Tillman Liason Marv Schaub Facultx Advisor Marv Eliza be Ross Cindx Powell Secretarx loxce Bean Melinda Holland Donna Ladnler Lisa Craig Linda Cruthirds Nancv Potts Carol Mos leg V1cePres1dent1981 Susan Parker Susan Crews t , I l - 4 : l ll. ' I W N W fs i - , ,X 1 I J - t P48 1 1 -'ul ' ' X no . 1- -2, -J P- A- t 'f Garner, President: Su- . th 1 ' h I . . . N l r ugh Bob Tanko lim Ram ont Row: Kerry McCul- ey, Coach: Robert Burns: Tom teadman: Scott Murphyg 'ayne Martino: Back Row: annie Powers: Charlie Bis- ell: Teresa Reilingg Paul .edaz Scott Dossett, Union epresentativeg Not Pictured: harles Orr: Mark Fishman: mes Lockett: Sherri Tapp: tndy Fairchild: Debbie 'cTaggartp Rhonda Mitchell: innie Austin. Union Repre- ntative. Organizations 319 USM Judo Club Q2 Front: Nancy Lambert: Sec- ond Row: Ken Grimes. Coach: Teresa Doherty: Ianet Adams: Becky Randolphg Third Row: Robbie Wiest: Todd Ladner' Danny Randolph' Tim Bre- land' Michael Clary' Dale Milling' Mak Korte Assistant Instructor' Not Pictured: Ron- a Fung-A-Fat' Scott McClendon' Daxid Cook' Mark Denham' Tim Grierson' Tim Mathis' Chlaford Ladner' Curt lackson' Walter Dees' Midori Iwao. ld . 1 l I Translators: Mari Hariguchig I - - -n Officers lohn Chloco Instruc tor Bill lac Watkins Pres: dent Banner Clemmons X ice President Tony Gra ham. Treasurer: leri Downs ecretary: Martin Fitzgerald Equipment Manager. 'SLU flrgariizntions Nw f rf? l l . USM Karate Club v USM Parks and Recreation 1 ,Q . f .Lf ' "r ,Q ,I , 5, Lisa Wade Secretary !Trea- surer' Gwen Trochessett' Pa- mela Lynne Holifield' Betsy Lou Gerrard Vice President: Cindy Smith' I. Michele Tra- han, Historian: Barbara Yost: Helen Rentz: lason Farris: Daisy May: Beverly Yates: Blake Cannon, President: Da- vid Iustice: Pam Zumwaltg Kent Rindfleisch. Advisor. USM t Constructors A' '- 2153 1651- I . l ' 'hour Front Row Ricky Dyess President Eddie Prendergest Vice President Cecil Wolfe Greg Stone Ronald Longs dorf Edward Buckley Second Row David Rhodes Grant Lowe Treasurer Keith len kms Vice President AGC Steve Edsall Kelly Mclnnis Lynwood Williams Bobby Grissom Shahriar Tehrania Third Row Ion Ros Kurt lack son Kent Iackson Genny Toole Doug Tubertini Nasser Santana Fourth Row Richard Goff Byron Polk Ralph Ed wards Mike Rieylev David Messer Kitty McElroy leff Finch Not Pictured Kather me Davis Advisor George Hopkins Debroah Carrall la mei, Watson Raymond Maw Stey e Mitchell Ronald Court ney Richard lohnson Dan Northrop Charles Nickles Mel Ulmer Barry Tlerce 1 I ' 1 Nassiriniag Guy Cheney: Luis ' D . . I' H v. Organizations 3L1 Front Row Cathy Strlcker Suz1Kergos1en Second Row Pat Frederlc Matt Schaffer Rlckv Hurst Randy Blssell Allen Vanderhelden lohnnv Sartm Davld Messer Kevm Davls john Beckham Thlrd Row Felicia Lynn IOSIB Trentacoste Karen Fortner Betsy Gough Steve Edsell Kevm McDuff Lorr lohnson Amx Ashley Fourth Row loe O Conner Dee Dee Dotherovt Barble BlddlX Angela Clark Llsa Krohn Becca Rogers Donna Krebs Dlana Collms Tma Durkee Suzanne Sanders Ianet Harvey Caren Chatum . . . . . . . . , , . . . . . . . . o 1 , y 1 . . . . . . . . . 1 0 v 1 1 . . . . . . . . I ' 1 Y . . , . . . v 1 1 3 ' 1 y l I , a y - v - 1 . . . . ,. . . . 1 1 n 1 . . . . . . . 4 u u s . 7 V ' V 'ill Urganizati ns University Act1v1t1es Counc11 Activities Counoi1's ""m""" Chairman Matt Schaffer Non Music Chalrman Suzi Kergoslen Secretary Allen Vanderhelden Music Chairman Ioe Paul Advlsor lane! Harvey, Presidentg Cathy Stricker, Advertising Organizations 323 Elarn Arms I 324 Organizations 'WNA fo, 'ff Hattiesburg Hall "1 ..4, , N.. ,-.. X Organizations 325 Mississippi Hall L... 4.3 5,4-.f Ind Hrunnizatiuns 3 i ,, I nb' PID. fs -5'-" " 4 by 1 I Y"! 1 3. - 4' 'Q t4,,d'- ' ui .4-sa. --lim..-.L-L M Km S tr it-. Linda Bloom, Resident Manager: Resident Assistants: Standing: Sa- brina Ezel1e:Boo Williams: Elizabeth Frye: Tricita Pace: Sitting: Kathy McKay: Kathy Ware. Organizations 327 ?5 H111CI6St '5 ,Qa- H ,ff , Pulley Hall I. 1 ' J. ! If 1 K -,ik 3 ,Al LQ 'pw "sU'fE fjlllilflililll ns Roberts ,-11:-li ' Organizations 329 Kelly Love, Director Georgeanne Love, Auxiliary Coordinator Jimmy Harrington, Drum Major Bill Braden, Graduate Assistant Flutes and Piccolos Susan Alexander l.C. Barker Carey Bonin Diane Bracken Angie Comans Melora Furr Mary Harrison Donna Herin Alan Keating Kelly King Nancy McCall Beverly McClelland Martha McNair Barbara Moore Kim Moreland Karen Nettles Carolyn Peterson Debbora Porter Pam Rogers lane Seal Patricia Sckiets Diane Silver Laura Sledge Nancy Spence Debbie Youmans .5 Q 'vm fmt: ri 1 l , .F ' 1 1 1 J -1 ' . ., J l A px if g ' - ll li ii? if Yi I it 41 1 ' x yt .' 5 Y J, v . if U 34 ,X . , ,.. ,, lm, - d Q f. e 4' L k ll ii is i 2 ' " ' ui' je 3 5' .XY Y 'rg 1 ' U 5 I 9 1 4 ' 'Q Y I if f .tg .i ' W - - I V l ' 5 -l . Vyli? efl,QQ,g,gE Y Y I Y p ' lr 2 f' f' r f 'I' 1' ? 9 D " lf ' Isl Q. if Trumpets Trombones . Amelia Alexander Timothy Breland Donald Carson Paula Daymond Mark Deaton Karen Doherty limmy Downs Danny Doyle Larry Engel lay Esw Kathie Evans Bobby Fayard Bill Ford Ken Forehand Tom Grant David Gunn Iames Harris Homer Hill Bobby Keating Steven Kelly Tim Loper Kelly Love Douglas McBride Kevin Montford Sara Murphy lames Myers Mark Perdu David Powley Chuck Rathke Billy Rehmann Benny Reid Leo Ridge Will Ritchie Ierry Roberson Frank Robinson Robert Sanderson Ric Siostrom Rusty Tanner lerry Thorpe Shelia Whitten Herbie Barr Keith Bosarge David Clarke Greg Douglas Iohn Duncan Thomas Feckner Dale Gibson Robbie Hill Terry Ingram Thomas Landry George Lewis Michael Livingston 1 William Myers Bob Pilcher r Ieffery Rainey Pete Romeo Eugene Stahl l Chester Thrash Daniel Wade William Wehner Donald Winters 1 i l Clarinets Saxophones ilcrhnny Alford Todd Leach Iulie Schindler David Arias Terry Iohnson Ray Saucier i, , ,Diane Baker Greg Lyons Byron Stanley Kim Barattini Willie Lawrence loy Schallock Bobby Conway r Vickie May Shaun Thomas Greg Binger Ieff Lynn Debbie Skelton ,l A i Lisa Domec Steve O'B1-onto Tanya Thorton V Benny Chapman Ty Maisel DavidIStanley C, W Terry Fields S Mary Alice Parker David Welniak Robert Davis Ian Mason Rick Suk a y ' fivlark Fishman Belinda Reed Ann Wheeler Glenn France Darryl Milan Mike Wilson , C flTammy'Foirsythel,y Robin Reeves Rebecca Wheelers Elizabeth Gautier Richard Moisan Amy Wooten f flZinf'lelFreilel i by Sandra Safigan A T Frank Gentile. ' Iames PCPFYI ,yyy in illl Brtme Iohnson Keith Sainsbury ' f Stephanie I-lolifield Sammy Sabine ,rfr V L C' Twirlers l e Q.. -G V aaa. m r. 'smear - 1 fr: are R a T -. l - , f . .i D . , , . , ' ' ". .: -Q n'1I-Oper Lmda Rigby if ' ' l W? D i '49 '71, 'Iv 'iq - up 1355. A-ggi Dianne Middleton Lesa Walker W -1 ' ' Ia ,.' 1 M " A :AA r.Al. h " -' H, ' - ef i ,A ' '- J , i' i ' i , f - yqrfr Qe. ,'Zl?lQ'-1'- ffxfluiy. fy, 4 a t at as 1 f . A- -.-' at Fla S F ' ' fbi! ' S ' 4 W Ti' .' 5' ii"f4'lltiff,,Q , 'S nl"1"k ' ii T 624.6 g T, ,4 A ' , ' s , ' L " L' .1" 4 111 TT-tgp-1 ' Jvihtl ' Q., .ps gm ' ' ' 1 3 H ' - f Q I , ' . Sally Beard Cindy Mangum ' X - 4418. ,lf ,l-, 4,e,w g , Nw 5,1 rf " 3 Donna Bielstein Danier Martin if .1 l l"f' illv 'av g ' 5 F ,M 4 by y ' "ft W lanice Britt Iuana Moore 5 J'j"'f' J fig V , 4,j"g9.,i c.,, A , 'il 19' 5, l2".' l .J 'fi' ,, :?,T,,5,l ,Q ,.y . H it 6012 Wayne Bruner Sandra Morrison I1 f ' "m'l"' "ii ' 2 ' " K 'bf ' R ' ' -A ' Rhonda Dunn Sherry Paterson S B , aurle 1 en eame 1 ge 6 5- 5? Q fl I 5 , ,I ', I Iackie Ellmo Sharlot Roberts lf. if 6' . it V. . . W' W " -' T ' v P r F f " F ' ' . :Q Valley Ely Delia Robinson ,qu W 4 V'l , I A 4 R an ,. h E, I5 ' F i . Nancy Gecewicz Christy Royals ig if " if K 52 gf , fi l' F' , HY Q f' -'Qi ' Marbeth Gray Donna Scafidi r V if I? vm P b if pf I - , Elizabeth Grenn Michelle Schwab P B r vi P N B, r F L Freda Guillot Debbie Sharp , 7 .... ' Pa ,,-.ef r M I Deborah Hancock Cindy Sibley t V ,. Pl if D nl? Wanda Hands Carol Simon , ' A :A H . ' Karen Hays Liz Sivils H P r r Terri Kee Rhonda Smith --' ' , T 7 Elizabeth Koskie Kim Tillman r ' r p Rita Lilly Boo Williams ,L ' Pamela Macon Michele Williams Dana Madison Mary Yates if 'i' W A 'E K5 I qt gl gf 4. Q Q- Rifles ,A A' ,, Ion Barlow Melvin Mixon ? Brenda Cook Donna Cook Connie Foshee Susan Guy Iames Hannah Kent Hisaw Roxanne Nanney Tim Pierce Susan Rawls Victoria Robinson Maria Scheel Bengie Shelton Buddy Honeycut Regina Sohrwide Lisa Kirk Carolyn Toomey L eeccy y y Euphonium if lrc C R Horns at Perousslon TL1baS we g at S sesi g . Fon Bingham lIudy'Bartels Tami Bittick I-'red Mcinnis l.P. Banks TNPP MU' Y 15 f- ,R S WillBrowne S- i - f 1 slvfelociie Burns .V S Randy Dickerson 4 efohn Driscoll " Leslie Hall iarnm Hoffman Bill Ingraffia Derrick Parker Anthony Smith Brian Stiffler iiai ' Tammy ll-Iammond ter 'roms 1 "-' gytvliice Vaugh Bonita Burgess Greg Busche Mark Butler Bob Chabot Glenn Daniels Mike Diaz Billy Hawes Mike Ingraffia Russell Iennings Robert Iohnson Pete Krostag Paul Lyon Pat Maples Kent McPhail Ieffery Miller Reece Payne Lindy Peoples Seth Posey Lennie Powers Dwayne Rawl Vincent Rosse Ben Sloan Gayle Smithey Danny Speed Iames Stewart Dobie Yates Ricky Brown Charles Burgess Doug Conwill Ieff Funderburk Bob Gilmore Thomas james Matthew Perry gGreg Robinson 3iCharles Rush QEddie Saunders 'Mike Schallock ,Ed Simpson i l The Pride of Mississippi 331 M Anders C Arls S Barber K Bolle D Broad foot S Bullard D Carroll V Coleman P Coste D Dans S Day S Elkins L Eubanks M Ezelle S Ezelle M Farro R Freeman M Graham S Gurganus D Hall L Hamilton C Harrington S Haxs C Higgenbotham B Ienkms M Iones D Kessler C Lamb L Leonard S Lott S Lump lun M Martin L Mason S McCrary B McNeil S.Noullet S.Noullet V Pinson V Pitt man P. Pulliam T.Rayborn, S. R1vers,L.Rob1n son A. Rogers, C. Rogers, A. Sarullo, A. Smith, K Smith. T. Steele, K. Swanson, S. Tannehill, V Taylor, K. Tisdale, A. Trulsen, K. Uhland, P. Ver- ucchi. T. Wall, M. Watts, M. Wells, P. Wells, I Whatley, E. Williams, K. Williams, K. Woodyard HZ Urganizuti ns o Universmty Front row E Koskle R Elmore F Wllsou M Dame! R Nanney D Crum V1C9PI'0S1d9I1t R Kzevert P Tarr M Wolford M Wilson K Hardy C Canzonerl I Thomp son D Booker M Conner Second row N Waldrup D Belch S Wluttxngton S Gratham K Iohnson Back row L Na1l Mlranda D Trickett I Powell V Rams B Hardy L Iackson I Brltam D Wade K Clay D Haw thorne M Bounds M lylo Glbson IfMcLellnd Accompa mst D Conwlll President VV Slgler S Hetrlck S Wogerg oll T. Brelandg W Mclntosh. .jx Football Cheerleaders Theresa Campbell Tl Inman Sandra Rayborn Captain Iulle Langton Sharon Garbln Bull Soukup Davxd Neldeffer 777 'R IC' Lee Woodruff Captam Ieff Davls Eagle lay Bmder Brad Martm '14 Organizations 7' layme Collms Anna Gonzales Cmdy Lamb Iudy Durr Blll Soukup Captain Carolyn Hxlley K Clark lay Bmder Ken Waltman Captain 7 lvlarty Lee x Organizations 330 Women's Basketball Cheerleaders --IH Rohm Bush Erm Fmley Not pictured Becky Cherry Lori Schultheis ' 336 Organizations -1-nil' ' flee: ..-., ..... V,............-Q...., .,,., ,ef , ., : if . Al S ,.. Qi- ip. Q. , ,, Q L 4.1 -.1 f he . . iyuf' G65 VI? V' W f ffy , Front row Martha Varda man Captaln Renee Smith Shelley Mlgues Amy Carllsle Laurle Strmger Rhonda Mxth chell Second row Leigh Ann Campbell Arm lack son: Marcla Moore: Dlane Bishopg Angie Taylor. Back row: Ioyce Davis: Captain: Sandy Safigarg Iennifer Robinson: Patra Massey: Amber Watson: Donna Henry. Organizations 33 "'1 M"wx? Front row Beverly Iones Beatr1ceYounkms Irene Ward Soma Carr Doris Norman Tammy Carr Shlrlev Wells Clalre Green Second row Karen Luckett Shelley Alcorn Iadee Wllllams Tammy McClellang Donna Wh1l6Q Veretta Slngleton, Shella Currle' Madelyn Folkes Back row. Patty McElroy' Kay Redd' Gall Mannmg, Becky Fltchg Arlene Wareg Ziva McClelland: Pam Gillespie: Beth Grant. HH Organizations Gold Tenders .5 V4 V! Golden G1r1s If Front row lame Rlchart Susan Hardy Ianna Weeks Patrlcla Wllhamson Susle Lyons Leslle MCIHUIS Trlceta Pace Susan Keene Anna Gon zolaz Pam Frazler Rhonda Ivy Tammy McClel lan Iacqule Blessmg Ioscelyn Davxs Amy Sproles Back row. Llsa Tyrone Cathye Ross' Kay Redd' Shlrley Wells' Dalphne Henson Gall Mannmg' Kathy Wiley Tammy Husser' Kltty McElroy, IeEtte Mayureg Lydla Stelner Rhonda Mullen: Anne Thorpe ZIVZ McClelland, Tamara Carr. Organizations 339 -1 Hattiesburg Night Life I Q .Xlter dark a different side of Hattiesburg emerges. Being the typical college town, the setting sun forced academics to take a hack seat to the more enjoyable side of college . . . the night life. Ofthe 115 restaurants, 20 bars, and other assorted "hang outs," there was at least one to suit every- one's taste. l ? lostnu u 'i l l l ,E .l 4 I u .it I I J 1 i r l l i l I l li l l ue, Hardy Street, the Hub City's "main drag," was lined with an array of eating and drinking establishments and speakeasies while other night spots dotted the city. The End Zone and Nicks were spots for the easy- going crowd. They were always favorites for grabbing a beer, shooting pool, or playing backgammon. In addition to a place to gather, Ieramiah's featured live entertainment along with a relaxed atmosphere. For the dance crowd, Cash McCool's rated a "10." With Millionaire Monday Night, nickel beer on Tuesday, and free beer on Thursday, Cash's never failed to attract a capacity crowd. The bearer of two dollars and a valid I.D. was entitled to a night full of dancing, socializing and good times. Catering to the urban cowboys of Hattiesburg, Tal's Corral featured the finest in western music, Texas Two-Steppin, and a mechanical bull for the daring. As two of their specialty nights, Cash McCool's went country western on Wednes- days and Fridays. One hinderance, however, to Hat- tiesburg's night life was a city ordi- nance requiring all liquor-selling establishments to shut down by midnight. Nevertheless, a deter- mined good-timer could party 'til early morning hours at numerous private get-togethers. :rs ' fn- , r , fx, .41 Closing 3-11 342 Closing Dorm Life Dormitory life is an education in itself. It's learning to be more considerate ol' others and learning how to take on the responsibilities of everyday life away from home. Now it's your responsibility to set your own hours and wash those clothes that have been in the laundry basket for 3 weeks before they come alive. It's ti little like having a three-room apartment that has been compacted into one room. You can lay on your bed and watch T.V. while your dinner is cooking in the popcorn popper on the desk. Yet, even though there may be hardships in living in a dorm your neighbors become your family away from home. Many life long friends have been made while watching T.V., or running out for a bite to eat in the middle of the night, or loaning you 3511: for a -D 1' Q' Q Qi" it 1 1 .f. !l??i27lWlf'iir:i 5 Ili :lm coke. Through social events such as dorm swaps, dances and the memorable panty raids you meet other students. Dormitory life in one word can be said is . . . FUN! -ss f t ' "5 ', FYI . 'Y 1511. Lili L' 6" Closing 343 Gul' OW l-'tu' many students, their home away tram home isn't a dorm hut an apart- ment. trailer. or house located some- xxliert- oft' campus. .Ns vvith all things in lile. oil'-cainpus living has its advantages and disadvantages. lfor those vvho dis- agree vvith the restrictions ol space, pri- vacy and rules, in the dormitory alterna- tive housing arrangements must be made. lt's intlepentlence from the hustle and hustle at campus life including meals and confined space. Prohlt-ins may arise however, when youre late for class and can't find a park- ing place. While you have privacy and a certain degree of quietness off-campus, you may also miss some of the action happening on campus. The time spent traveling between apartments and cam- pus maybe spent on activities or meeting other students. Financially, you can live off campus al- most as cheaply as you can in the dorm and if privacy and total independence are what you desire then, off-campus liv- ing is for you. YE! Q : . i ,,..--nu-vi 32. -'Gnu M-1. . ' HX q THE 1 98 1 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE CF YEARBCCK PUBLICATICNS it-4 '11 ' v ix - i 15931 .- .- , my 21 I ,"'-he-r Steve Easterling, Events Editor Renee Shows, Competition Editor o 4 Belinda Boone Executive Editor 11 I .' IA Jef' Cheri Campbgll, Althea Fisher People Editor People Assistant Editor K I Ken Waltman, Executlve Comm1ttee Iaflkie EHU10 PHrtiCipHIiOH Editor Ass1sta,nt Ed1tOI Dena Phillips Assistant Editor w 'Qt' V6 f 5 Q Lisa Lancaster, Photography Editor Gail Albgrt, Cgpy Editor Chuck Pardee, Academics Editor Mike Krebs, Assistant Editor Sheila Whitten, Assistant Editor Specifies The 1981 Southerner was printed and bound in Montgomery, Ala- bama, by Paragon Press, a division of Herff Iones Yearbooks. Bordeaux Special paper stock was used for the 352 pages which includes four multiples of Multicolor Plus and three multiples of spot color back- grounds lone HI-471 Rust, one HI-320 Turquoise, one HI-145 Siennal. All other background colors were achieved through the four-color process. The cover is antique plum mission grain with a gold metalay University of Southern Mississippi seal. Headlines and subheads throughout the book are 30 point and 14 point Clarendon. Body copy is 10 point melion and caption copy is 8 point. Division pages include pebble grain, en- larged dot, vertical black line, vertical wavy line, and direct line special effects for added dominance. Mr 8z Mrs Charles C Howell Great Oaks Parkway Heights United Methodist Church Patlohnston Mr Dunn Mr Benson Debbie Ken nedy Photo Service Robert Phillips Vaughn Wilson Peggy Meadows Tommy Bennett Iudy Pope Susan Spruill Tom Balch Sherry Wade Wilson Minnie Austin Valerie Davis Ioy Samrow Scott Dossett Lyn da Stephens Connie Dickerson Angie Ritchie Lisa McQu1llan Ioy Richardson Barbara Ross ASB UAC Ioe Paul Fran Iones Karen Brenke Public Relations Herff Iones employees Faculty Parents Siblings Friends and understanding roommates I I Alicia Davis, Kara Kimbrough: The Student Printzg Union Staff, Vicki Closing 1 98 1 Southerner Staff Ed1tOI Ass1stant Ed1tor Events Compet1t1on People Aoademms Part1o1pat1on Copy Sz. Artwork Photography ......................................... .......................... Belinda Boone Ken Waltman Steve Easterlmg Editor Dee Dee Dotherow Ioyce Russell Terri Byrd Tanya Wester and Renee Shows Editors Lorrie Larson Christine Roberts Lisa Brister Cherl Campbell Editor Althea Fisher Assistant Editor Melissa Wlnstead Kathy Ph1ll1pS Kelly Peterson Brenda Iohnson Karen Locke Ann Fulmer Lee Ann Blackner Cindee Ward Connie Wade Chuck Pardee Editor Shella Whitten Assistant Editor Cindy Martin Crlselda Taylor Patty McElroy Iackle Ellrno Editor Dena Phillips Assistant Editor Alicia McKinley Ronnie Carriga Ieff Davis Lorrie Howell lean Collette Toni Wells Kimberly Rooker Call Albert Editor Melodye Bell Nora Mestayer Betty Mallett Sandy Parks Lisa Lancaster Edltor Mike Krebs Assistant Editor' Liz Pinson' Raphael Duckworth' Robin Neely' Mlke Andrews' Shane Gaston' Butch Myers' Betti Hatch' Leo Ridge' Donna Krebs' Paula Chambers' Louisa Shearin Closing 3-19 Photos Copy Artwork Russ tiloy- ........,... .,.... 1 111, 1115 Gail A111111-1 ................ 7, 80, 128, 157 Pat Iohnston ......... ......... 7 1, 72, Steve tiolt-111.111 ....., ..1...,, 1 1, 0, 06 Belinda Boone .................... 8, 10, 14 73, 74, 79 lilllltiii Cook ..,,.... .............. 7 0 Cheri Campbell .................. 116-127 l'lI'tlIll'i l-I.1sto1'li11g... ...... 340 Ieff Davis .................................... ..340 Xlikt- Pruitt .......... ...... 2 86 Steve Easterling ........... 21, 177, 340 Alicia McKinley ................. 342, 344 Ken Waltman ..............................., 13 Tanya Wester... 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 79 Becky VVomack.85, 86, 90, 92, 113, 342, 344 Gratitude Photography is the backbone ofa yearbook, and this year we were fortunate to have the best photo staff ever. A lot of time and effort was put forward by them to produce the more than 500 candid shots actually in the book and 4 times that many were taken. Since it is impossible to list each photo sepa- rately a big thank you is extended to each contribut- ing photographer. Another group that put in many hours behind a lens was Photo Service. This year saw a record number of students turn out for class shots for a total of more than 4,000 This was a 1,000 more than last year. Photo Service also takes group, beauty, administra- tion. and other various shots. A special thanks goes out to each of them. Uthor contributing photographers are listed above. 1 K 4 is - 111 fllosmg I fi C1 ff xt . Y I ,ACK 'Ta ii? 4 , I Baseball '81 .........,........ Academics ....... .... . . Administration ......... Air Force ROTC ...,..... Afro American Cultural Society ............. Alpha Epsilon Alpha ........ I Alpha Epsilon De ta ......... 1 Alpha Kappja Alpha ....... Qi Alpha Lam da Delta ......., Alpha Sigma Alpha ....... American Marketing Association .,................. Andy Andrews ............ Angel Flight ..................,.. Army ROTC ,............. 4..4..... Arnold Air Society ................ Associated Student Body ........ Association for Computing Machinery ........ Baptist Student Union ............. Barnett, Billy .....,........,..,..,.. Baseball '80 ...................... 1 Basketball, Men's ........... fi Basketball, Women's ......... y Beauties ..............i............. j Boteglia ......................... i Brav, Arnie ...............,.,......................... 1 Buffett, Iimm ...................,......................... 210-233 130-131 278-279 ........309 ........302 ...,....303 ........236 ...,....277 237 .......,304 287-292 282-286 ....,...310 ........289 104-105 92-93 ........82-87 88-93 116-127 ...,........293 34-35 Business Students Advisory Board ,.......... .. ...........,... 293 Business Administration, College of .......... ...... Casino Night ,....................,..,....................... Cheerleaders ..........................................., Chi Omega ................ l Chi Tau Epsilon ,........, ' Collegiate Civitans ......... 1 cooic ..........,..,......,..... Collins, Bobby ......... l Competition .......... l Cotton, Gene ........ l Davis, Mike ............. ' Delta Delta Delta ........ 3 Delta Gamma .......,.. , Delta Sigma Pi ........ 1 Delta Zeta ................. i Dixie Darlings ......... ........... ....... Dorms ...........................,..............,........,.... X Eagle Boosters ........,.................................... ' Education!Psychology, College of .......... i i Elam Arms ............................................... ' Events .................................................... 1 Fall Dance Concert ......,.... Fine Arts, College of ........ 1 Football ............................. l 7 .212-213 334-336 238-239 ............311 ,.......294 112-113 64-109 240-241 242-243 ............393 246-247 324-329 214-215 .....,......324 18-63 40-41 216-217 ........66-81 4 big, 54 .nj ln Index Forbert Steve Fraternities Gamma Theta Upsilon Gamma Ut Gold Tenders Golden Girls Graduates Greek Games Greek God 81 Goddess Hall of Fame Halloween Harlem Glovetrotters Hattiesburg Hall HPER School of Hillcrest Home Economics Club Home Economics School of Homecoming Court Homecoming Displays Honors College Honor Student Association IFSEA Intrafraternity Council lntramurals 80 Intramurals 81 ludo Club Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Karate Alpha Order Al ha Psi De ta Kappa Psi Si ma C ub Lambda Sigma Leadership Trainm Organization Liberal Arts Schoo of Library Science School of Lincoln County Lion ln Winter LSD Choir Lucas Dr Aubrey K Malik Medical Technology Club Milsap Ronnie Miss Southern 80 Miss Southern 81 Mis slppi Mississippi Hall Mr 81 Miss USM New York Ballet Repertory Newman Club Nursing School of Omega Psi Phi Omicron Delta Kappa 256 75 152 153 62 63 140 141 150 151 30 31 218 219 220 221 114 115 38 39 230 231 100 101 258 259 248 249 262 263 222 223 224 225 36 37 128 129 52 53 60 61 20 21 116 117 44 45 226 227 Panhellenic Council ..,..,. Panhellenic Dorm ..,..,. Paralegal Society ......,., Participation ....,.,,.....,. People ,,..,..,...,...,..,,.,... Phi Beta Lambda ,......,. Phi Chi Theta ,,..,..,..,. Phi Kappa Tau ..,...,..,....,.. Phi Mu ....,....,......,..,.......,,,.... Phi Mu Alpha "Sinfonia" Phi Theta Kappa ...,..,..,.,.,,,. Pi Beta Phi .,,..,.,,............... Pi Kappa Alpha ...,.,.. Pi Omega Pi. ..,,..,. ., Pom Pon Girls ,,.,.,. "Pride" ..,..,.,.......... ,, Pulley Hall ,..,.......,.,.., Recreation Club .,,..... Residence Halls ...,..,,.,. Resident Ruckus '80 ...,,..,,.,..... Roberts Hall ..,..,..,...........,..,..,., Science and Technology, Col Scott Hall ,..,.,..,....,..,..,., ,....,,..,.. Seven Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Iewels Study Club ...... Alpha Epsilon ..,..,...,... Chi Sigma .,.,..,.,,.,,,.. Gamma Rho .,,...... Nu. ,,., ..,.... , .... ,... . Phi Epsilon ,..,.,..,....,..,.. Si ma Sigma ,,.,,........... , ' ,,,,.,,.,,.,,........r....r.......,..,..,................,..,..,..,....,.. 46 N''H"N"H'''''ffIfIfffffffffflffQfffffffifffflfl ......,. Bos ' ,,,,..,.,,.,,.,..,.,,.,..,........,...,...,..,..........,.. .............,, 3 39 """"""""H'IfiffiffIffffffffflffffifffffffflflffl ,.,.., so ' ,.,,.,, ....,..,......,..,..... ,..,..,.......,...... ............... , 3 2 5 ' ' . ..,.....,..,., fflff,flffffQfffffflffffflffffffllflfl ..,.,... aza ' .,..,.,,.,.,..,,....,.,.....,....,..,..,............... 305 H'U"'"1"H""'HffQIfflffQfffflffffffffflffl .... ,... 2 94 ' ' ..,..,.,.....,..........,..,....,..,.........,,......... 295 ' ..,.4,....,.4,.,,....,,............,.,..,..,..,..,....,..,....,..,.... 109 .........IfffffffflfffflffffffffffififififIfIfffff........a2o lunior Panhellenic Council. .................,.....,,.,..,....,..,..,....,. 296 gi ' ...... flfffflfffffffffffififfffflffflffffflf .,.,.... zen "H'""fiffffffifififIfffffifffffffffffQfffflff. ,..,. .sos V ' lg ..ifffffIfIIfiffffflffffffif,fffffflfffffffffffffflff ...... ,.320 ' .,,.....,.,.....,..,....,..,..,..,..,.,.......,..,.......,..,.,.....,. 276 I ' ' ' g ' ' ,.,..,..,.i,.,,.,.,..........,..,... 279 ' f .,.......,..,....,. fiffflflffffffffflfffffffflfifff .,..,.. 1,49 ' ., ...... fffffiflffflffIfi,fffflQflfffffflffffffffffffffff,...a1a ....... ' .......r.,.......... 1 Ifffflfiffflfflfffffffffffffffffflfffff .......... 54 ' ...................,.......................,..,... 314 ' ...... ..... . .... f Iffffflffffffffffffiffffffffffffffffffffffflfff .... ..4a A ' ' ' ...,....,.,........,.... ,........... .................... .....,...., . 3 2 7 ....,.......,..,........fIfIfifQQffffflffffffIffiffQfIQfIlf...,So2 ' ' ' ........ IfIffffffffffffflffffffffffffffffffflfflffffffff .....,.. 261 ' .....,,...,..,..,..,.,....,..........,.,..........,....,. 277 1 .9 ff, + 1 532 . 1 iff ,w.1a,f' , ,,,, , ifiiifi! H 1" 1, Society 0? Polymer Scientists Society of Pre-Law ....,....,...,.,.. Southern Geological ..,.,..,..,.,,,, Southern Style .,,........... Southerner ,,.. ...,......................, Sports ..,......,..,..,.,....,..,..,..,.,..,.... Student Alumni Association . Student Constructors .....,...,.... lege of .....,. .,,.,,.... 234 ,....152 . 264 .W250 .252- 266- ,ffffaisol fQfflfia'zi4" , Student Speech and Hearing ..,..,... Student Printz ...,.,..,.,,...,..,...,.,. Swim Team ..,.............. ,........ ..... Tau Beta Sigma ,.,..,.., Tennis. Men's' . ,,,, Tennis, Men's '81 ........ Tennis, Women's ' ....,.. Tennis, Women's '81 .... UAC .,....,..,.,....,..,........... Undergraduates ..,.,... University Forum ,,.,. University Singers ....... USM Bowlin Club ........ Wesley Foun ation Who s Who ....,....,.......,. 268- 270- ' m29'2'Q 274- 254- QfiQ1Q52'2'Q 296 327 315 335 209 307 308 265 251 307 297 253 267 308 337 331 228 321 329 . 63 329 229 329 31-1 269 271 245 273 275 255 317 315 317 7 323 ......154-209 24-29 142-149 Closing 351 3 ls? 'W GGNE CRUISIN "n nv' ,Q f N . 'W f. '1".f7 f f"'-"-. 7',f15.f.A,L- . qc. ,K If ' 'i oytx J I' 1 ' '- f s"-' 512' 'ix' 'ffm' --lf' "ir . I 5 ' 5 '. ,. 'H u 5 ' .ln-.' D . A '.'v'- f KH x' L' Lg., " . ' , .A- -ws: U1 Q '- . 4- - , N-'. ': K Lf It 1. 'Q-Iv -1. xx."-f ' . V " . .' . ' Li '-AL" '.,1'.u ' 1.:..,':,yf".g . ,v4,A1. . 'ff'-""Q -'A' ', Lfifklh' , Q, jv' un 4 ' " x N,.13 .1 . . . "mfr ,Q 0 'Q Kung 1 ,,-3. f .. . .,. ,r r s . , fax, I . 4 XJ- u,. L4 I' ., - A . v 1, ... -eo-X N, , , 5.1 a 5 1" . ' wg y ,,lwk ' . , , 3-W. V-'-.1 - Wx a' '-..f W. .:'x.'l ' ' ' ll' I r!'f.' sf. 'VR 5 '4A7":.'-7 1 'n, ' xs'..- .- n -4 .4 .- 'QF ,w v N' U 'I ki sw' . rs uf' avg. ,-1'., 1' - "-.f 1, .v,, , . . 4 .' ' - x.-.V x 2: .l Igxs' . ,4,, I 'rf fe- Q fa '. f Fav- '7', ' 0 -47, ik' .qg' " f' "' .' ' u -,y.!' .N . . "L.N 'JJ' - .' X .9 - ' 6 n,,':v' . . . ,,., mln, . ' ..,o - ,PX , Hr, V. -N.. ,- '15 . .- . . 1 .'4'. .'- 1' ,v -'-917352-L", '. .nn ,':wfa,.x r-'. r.,.T ff,- lw iaith? xiii, I '. r" "S " AN ga' . J ..3 H '-an .' - .G -jx-Mx.-L ex, N .54 . ,-" 4. 'Jr . 'J,H".. ' 4, -.n'. 'Q'-N' Aa, s , .'.' g-- -2, .v M-.' 'X 'w 'P :aww 'f -fn. HYQ' PV? av,-I 1-. '. .. A V. ' 'ffl fl L KJ 4 4 , - -x' , " 93,3 '-X " JXv , 151-142 3E"f5 4!-A ' ' W., ., - ',f' at . , "pf :iv-5' .. ,QU A J." ..,f , M' A .4 3 ,rf .' " pri" 4,. I 'V' .' - ,1. x , x . .-Nr , .fn-ima. A 5i "4?:- '., F, ,'. o v

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