University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS)

 - Class of 1971

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University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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p 4 v 'itjlku si Q, .v , c ' :.,..5i.a:-Q.:-ri-:nah 4 The Campus is vanishing . . . Take a walk and sec. Buildings growingg iron railings rimning rampantg concrete follows our footsteps. Mississippfg "city Collcgc-.N Enjoy the great outdoors while you can. ng . . . Takea iings groseingg pant: eonerete s. Mississippik .n joy the great .hile you Call. v ' I 8 X. Q Y 1 0 v ri- dk- ., fx- S o 3 . 7 4 N uf ,T L 3 W I 9 O 3 . u Q Y P U i i fig if 1' 13 .A A J 7 'I Wiiffqg Y VW: . v fi fif S 6 . 1,1 ff H f u 1 ' , '- af' 5 "xy P Yip .. 2f,'w-al Fjiffx: .'.f1,'1. ! Mtv", A ' .A , 1 V V,Q.v,i.,.v, .5 fwi, 1'9':w7, , "AH 'Jgff C vx H13 . X c.5. . 7i5Sf3f"i ' We . 17 tm . .l A ,.,, , 1 ' i A ,lf .K 1 4 jf? ' 4 f ' ifyf ' '-viii ' Hiffflfc-r:' - '- '3,f:,5H . N . WZ, 1 - 35512 J -'vi-'E 1 :Fifi ' ,ffFf9'i9 . ,251 .' ' ' Tinirfa 2 ,agxfj I ,Jff I' ' 12.3 ' W . W , . "- 9- 'gf Iv' 15.2 . ' ui. 1 Q ,411 Ar 1-ff" 1 .. nf" .-Hfkvlf .. l ze 'Ava ' , 1. ff Y ,,, E I 'Q -1 x Wav, I 4,5 g lftu an if F8 I 759 .-.xqnauna-r"x: x LA .... . -3-4 " J' L9-Q 'rv f 1 on 50 nmlmy pmplv that wc wlll ncvcr know. Vzncvs svvn Cach clay that lmxc no ndmms. I,aCh of us l1xu1n.xsm.1ll41 umlcl that vxlsu onlx fox a few. uF3:S51..1gg1::f:ftxgiiinfx':51"""":'7W A " ' -'1 -'A-5-'-P--'-nfih"H""'!?t s l 'Qi' 6 'Q . . w 4 n L wwf g .fi 41. P Kg. W' H ..."f4'- ji,.1, - ' "5 Lix x 7 . K A N ' I, 'fx L .W ' Q x F ,r ,Q f U. f if Xigk J! fx Fx , xx X NX , I X x Q .X K I X X4 N . 11 , .' Z7 :Y s .V 'V' is A cl I 0"3'N if' ff. ' ' . H. , if fa A f L .s f, -X. fb' ', . "lilly .1 4 ' ll-, Q A X ,, w in v 41.2 hi ' V i, , 41 gl' l o'x 1' Y . ,J ' " ' . f f V fix xx, - 'ff f ' 1 - .,4' LQ K ,-, , iQ: I . ,' ,. 7 I ' ' v . ' V, ' 1 ' v 1- a' ' ' . , ,lK.'a..F "1-1, V, ' sk ' 1- ' "'X'--ifglfhxfi Ln' A ' 55' ' ' ll Y , -Ni ox-A .. ' -.1 X + 7 ' l I A' - Ai L"' , Ll Q 'v J V' ,. , 'A 1 A I -1 , - XO ill 1 -'xxx i' X 1'Flhf"'+','.A,k "T ' lrl' 4 R' ' Rx . in , I 1- 3-. B ff f 'L x , V. IP 5, , 'Rs kb 3 x M' I: 'S' ::'. 'fx V' 9,0 ff ? -Ty X D I. 5 r fl s 4 if 1 ' 1 1 15, ,fx 6 Juni' ? it Q'- .Y al ..' if 'Qu .N ' " fix, 3 rx'A,v new ,. 'X . Q -an ,, '-likg, ma, I W- Q' ,l H.,-Y,-Q Qltg J' 14" v Q 4 -. ' sn ' M x4-IJ!--48,1 l A 5' "" 1-aww, I.. V ' ' , , ' J. f I ""u'5v1, 4 '3"""1ls 0 -Q. " ' A' '- f-fb. ..,vli!!f C- -4' L ' - - -I Q. -'V J J '14, - 'tug' Q .Au A A . , - as .8 I A I- Q v .. :Q f l .F , B .,4, , f. , gif' LP- 'D 1' 'JL' 'bg AL'-Q 5, , . ., . not A 1 - 44, U -fait ,,,'5g,a 5 Serxiccs . H 'rheHUb"' gfgn ' " aim ticker 1 -- Mais 1 H ,, . v0 S0UthCm' . , L I ,.N....g 1. is-Q, 0 - ,Q-.,, --is ,., NJ , A Q 1 s, ,..f- p,.A- , - V . 1-ng f X'fi NN!! L 5 :ws 'a -s un v . O" A' ' '- - A .- V: U. Q. ' 'Q ,A-,3 ,.-1 .E I 1 's S 4 I Q , 4 , , , . .,,.x. -f . I 1" ' ,1- . 4... , as "ow .- fc we Q A ', , Z , ' .- ' H , , mia, I ." I O 'wvq 1 . A Ax Q?" ' 4"-by 5 '. . . z '13-2 fc I un' V , Q Ya I Q hub Qhubj, n. 1. the center part of a wheel. 2.21 center of interest, importance, or activity. Well for some of us anyway! rag? I v.,,...-- , .Qu R ..,,.-- 5 Q 3 44 U HI ,"'. 1 U I ,,....--- 1 eff H fl K P-, E l' ,pf ,Z 1 11 ' "'5..,' 4 1 ff!! Q 411, We 0- 1. -.' - if .', 1 ,Q if .MQ 5... 0 L.. ' L L... .W- W N 1 KL J 4 C L5 O x wa , , Q X Xlvq. X. fx X ,. is M '3- r . , B , . , I 0 - W -hxviqvhbrzm W1 ,- 'I ' , ' pt Q wt" U Q 1' I and v F ' , ,- . 4.8-LQ 1 1 4 ' n v A 5 1 Us -5, Jef' Q' K 5' 1,34-', A73 ffjlf .. -J I , . Q N! :v,7x' 1 i i 4 , x C Q v 4 I ll . 1 v i Y -rv '.1 - A 'V 5 ' , 1.- Q. ,5-. .L Nr It .. v'- A .5 E- 3 v 0 'X'-'H b W . if " , 4 'QS ur ' f '- W M Q 1511 ,Q-gr 'Lf il, I Q 3 I I x h I 1 ff .Q U 4 Q V - A- 5 n One. two, one +.. :org-1-:1:':"v",'j' - . ,gf ldaruvw s. -4.1 nf'- . , J ,A 'Q ..-.-yo , ..- in ii .rode-I-Q gnc. A, 1 .4 ,A , 4 A ,, as 'wh -rl' 54' .xf. ' 4 I' 1 Q 'S Q "' A S QA A xx U vc " ' an . A K ,gh 4."w.awiff1' " ,er , Qogk - Eff, +1 A 1-1 Hvwcf ,f A. ifgqgft , , 1 W A A h ,AA I , L V I, i 114, x A wr: Q V X K . 'QP' A ' 214393 1 '51 -. ' ' ' ' ' A ' 9 '-an-L-A J 1. - ? A 'ac-A ' -7- A t '- suv 'N' '-.1 1 "' if .,.,y, Q if QA I .Ji r ' K Y ' Ill! ' A f K- . ' b 4. vb V I ,, . H ' ' +L' A. ' " WA., W' JA.. A' ' A i' , '1"y:'S' ..v.' f:f,"'r',f,,A.',fA ' ' 'A' 1 -' 1 ' Y 'Y .'t,,. YfEQ' In W ,-L' .',4.,5gg- - 'a .,T',,. X., A-5' "- 'ff . A i '- f K ' ..,, 4 , -,- A,-,' f . 4 --uT'!'if- - " 1.13, 4- ft. M, A Wig' x,k' Nr, A. , in 5. ,flqlfji V Yi LS 'f u" K fxanwgx - 1- "1 . Q , . --, 3,5 N aff? 'J 'af 'ff 1-ja . ALP" N .-,,+f,' --Q-I R Aew- N -4 gw-Z R 'ag Morcbesaid... i5.RCf' HE ' ' 1 'vvvun.1v-v...'v.'Ji:'rvs,a 4-41's YlE SA4L'llTE You me Gow TEAM mcx wuo 1 X' .1 V K . , 1 1 Xx 4 L...- R V .i-Rlfilf rz-.LLLN KN BNN-t O' If-1fHlCH1Y ARE ,1 A,..-, R .. Y, Aug' l,. . . ,,,,,.. ' Q .' 4'pn:S.?'. ' 11. ' -V7 - 'fff-? ," ' SO U T H E R N -. Q 1 - SAY s , ARC Hn E. wno ,' gay., ' pig' , A K -Lu ' . ' ' 0 . 4 ,,,, U . ' , - - ' R " " F JLORTV IN EVERY ROOM FREE MASSAGIC --1v-.vv1-.-.-- : -out: ' .': . 114:--1:n.:. R-EI'x-- ...'l..X Aff- 5 ffffnill NN Q--V" 1, 4' 5- 1' Z WS' X Q HS rf., - - . ls1".s. 1 ' H in 'b"""'-" ' s-:if F-" . -.w' ., .. ,i,.,,g?g,.2f'- .3.nQ.. g 5 .i U' -.-.L:gryvgq,,' f s ,f 3 X N. nv'-' -1 1:'lll'I --:- 1- Ii' 11 Eli 9?-9 NP J-31 9, J, , 'l f A 5 kg., N 1 'I 'la , mA Students made the best of limited recreational facilities. A little imagination, friends, or music could be the difference in a bored look and a smile. 'LO xl? , . 4 I l ,iv M all 4 I 7 l g V .Q ill' Wig Vi 1 t F' 5 ,. 54 Q in E i N W KHiiifif?iQ?'35ET3WEififiili-55'5?F??T7??E'fiEfffffgi7222253555fQ?!H!!f5ZiEf'fiI?iT'f"f1,1333 ,fezggfgfw ., ...,,,4,.pfJf,,11-11 ,awww-,f,,m..,,...i.,,,,, .Wa R Q ,I sv' In x .M- ,IRI ., ,, ,zpw .411 '.J1gWQfa r 1 15,1 rv . '- K mv", , LUX IH-"Q 4. , f I ' A 4 . is Ti ,ii-J ational fa music C0 ,ok and a ciliriw- Q ' uld bf Smilfl 2 - Q ..,1---' - V- ,. ,. 'Tf"""? - - 1 I-4lN't s' L-V - ,.. .fn-T .i i. m Luns- .. .r,- k l9,"-qQ'wq9,.4n-- -f .f-- -1...,-V-,, W1 , - X , f..5'!Y,.g,HQgf5 fir, A it nga, v .A,,' X 4 .'n -4- fl. 4 lf,-fir' ' . v ' s ft! ' :RV-s . xvvv. ,,- .,J' ,X ' .L H, . IQ. " '- --.4.4,,-, ,f'.,'f'4f3 'si o,z , 4 rf ' f 'A' .-.-r Y 1 - , 4- "p "V ., --gg 5-1 -: ' Q ',qN,,,,,,Mo-1- LQVA. , -K "' '41 - '11, ' hx- "we never, ever do anything nice and easyg Tina Turner , . . Tina Turner . . . Tina Turner . , . Tina Turner . . . Turner. we do it nice and rough . . . ro11in', rollin, on the river . . . make me say, um, urn, ummmmm, shiiii, aah . . . you know what I want and baby you know what it is I need and I just gotta tell you . . . and baby, I never done this beforeg but I,1l try anything once .... " I e and casyg yh . . . rolliffl me say, um ah . . .you y you know lst gotta tell er done this lg once ..,. 'J XI, I . v I I l ! J-xxx' 'f ,-1 v' 4 N, X. " ' -pw- ! l'9"w -' H A. 4 I I M14 N NXNWQTWS ui ' ' W 1 I - A W . F3 . ,g f - .L i, - ' Qx A g fl '4 . X ' Q X , 2 ! g Q Kg Q 1 NK 'U' 1. , C 'I , sl 1 . 9- Hiya, 1 ':-Q 4.24 : J x" ,, - ,K Une clay the UAC and several private promoters will learn that in ortler for a concert to go over well at Southern, the performers must tlo at least one of the following: Cll have some kincl of choreography, C2l tell jokes antlXor talk to the aucliencc, play only their hit recordings. This is not to say that some of the people who heartl Delaney and Bonnie, Iron Butterfly, Black Oak Arkansas, the james Gang, jerry jeff VValker, antl even the New Seekers, clicl not appreciate goocl musicianship and originality. It says simply that people at Southern know what they want antl will get up and walk,out if they tlonlt get it. lronically enough. this is Hsoul country." aaiuwlaa' iff a mn-5 ' "N-'J,,,. Jig' X A Q. f ' FW 5519- Inf Y' ' y 3 QP- Xxx ,Q Q-K.4 1. iv, ,Z-E 3... v 'g ,af , Effi- Q 3-4' L it I Ili-f 4 Y . A 1 U V g -1 I 'S W1 ' fqx f ' , .I V, v 1: -',, V1 . X -: 5i L fl !! , 1 , T3 7 L 'f-",.s. U .z bf -L -- - 'M AJ, lf : .A . Q' 'I ,gn , :V .I , , ,. H AY.. YL, 'I 5 I' Qtiixmjx g 1 ' ' . Q!" f' 11'n fl ua V K 4 Pk s 6 1 1 - - 0 x 1 A I. ' I v N ' , 4 . . - ' When he works certain clubs, they put out signs that say simply, "Genius at Work". Rockin' Ray Charles brought down the house with an exuberant performance fall quarter. With his orchestra and the Raylettes, Charles presented a diverse program of big-band jazz, soul, and country-and-westem blues that pleased nearly all the usually hard to please Southern D 'Hn al pig fs" fu' ig l , N 1'-' audience. Sweet Fever of local fame was on hand for several occasions to jam or provide the beat for dances. v 5 4 1 Aff'-Av'-e.,,g.. x v.. .- ,., 1, 1, I gns that say srought down fall quarter. a diverse '-and-western ase Southern was on hand t for dances. si rted N- X . , -.- .11 Mel' 5..- Typieal Southern student, huh? Sure. A small sliee of life performed live every clay. Everyone talks ol the real worlcl we must enter some clay. Another sphere we must explore. ls there ' D life there as we know rt. 30 ,lv fi lg, ..fwf"M XX K' XXX 5' 1909 Ok! 3087 BURN JV! H114 4 AS.-A1 1 n I i 1 1 1 5 , ft r Q, X ff, I 1 -- -.......,,.,A , W rt ji 1 1 ,-,,. F If '- 14.37-rs-' - Y i 'Ff- are ll llllllllll Ill Y . ,t l Wm i " tw , l"llWffifl1flfiiii,il,i.5ggf.fIif l mttxllliilij my 1 X l lil'-lt 'X'X XXA. . lllillli'i llkliNXsl RN A , li- x,MKQtM V Q ,V SSX 5 XXT. 255 Pg' ia L.1Q2iEE2l1fE.::i22f.1i f?I - -12 .E , , gi. - - - - 33 '-'li'-'-1 --. - ,X rf , Chicago wasn't exactly sure what to expect of Southern. They got more than they expected from clear olcl Mississippi in attenclanet and enthusiasm. "Man, you clon't know how great it is not to have to play the same old stuff tonight Y" hlurtecl Robert Lamm. This was a compliment to what they consiclerecl a surprisingly goocl autlienee. But the stuclents rcceivecl the material from the then-unreleasecl Chicago III alhum as nothing more than a practice session at their expense. The bantl workecl harcl ancl those who clicln't join the nine ocloclt exoclus exploclecl in applause when Chicago cloflecl their ISM heanies ancl heatletl hack to another city of the hlues to the southwest. I 4 f1 ' gp ' Q. fl 0- 0 W? 9 0 0 p ' l U f Q I ,. . 'l rf' gf Q .lg 'fc' Y mf l ..f' "Forrest founded the KKK, man--I mean he was a racist." "General Nat stands for the lack of progress, for backwardnessf' "The General is nothing more than a carbon copy of Colonel Rebel of Ole Miss." So went the cries to oust General Nathan Bedford Forrest, the symbol of the athletic teams at USM. The Student Senate jumped right in and passed a bill adopting the name "Miners" to which the student body responded with irate enthusiasm. The controversy raged as the Student Printz became the battleground for everyone who thought he had "then name. A campus poll showed "Golden Eagles," "Miners," "Piney Woods Pulp Haulers," and "Aardvarks', failing to rally their forces enough to beat the incumbent. The end result was a trial by the Student Court which still did not resolve the matter in the minds of many students. -- The fact of the matter is that we do not really need a name change--just a very successful football season and the publicity that comes with it. A national ranking or bowl invitation to shoot for would be worth more to USM spirit than any new name conceivable. If things go right this fall, "Southerners" could become a very good name again. The General has weathered yet another attack. The cover is for him. A 32. V , M rw-,-NVQM, -31' va, ' ' "' 'Ju-,.,..4.f,., -,.,-,,,-,.., -'-1' - Y .,, - ., ..- 1 1 1 r' '- .. , , ... ..,..--. 1.-.vx-..212'Z:',--Q-,,'12.'.2'.'T""-----"Q1EQ?I'I:"L:3g,:l:f---if.ILS L 1 .., " -.. .' , :Z Ll ' s' -. :ii:r:?r.-fs 1--,-.-..- SM where you can get Vacation at U from it all Hardly an one bothers away . with the rest of the world. Drugs on campus? Sure, but the Bud ' ' bit. The War? distributor's 11Ot SWC3'E1I'1g It OHS Everyone knows the DMZ is the new .eeylr Za,-ij? . . V H Cam Us next l'l' soror1ty commg o p s ring. Race. Oh y p k 9 eah, we have is robably the classes together. USM p rmist of all major biggest nonconfo colleges. 'ml- i "A, viii' , t ' F-:'-:'f4'.'2Qij2g'f3Z:9" gli'-t', ,. , -Q-,A U... .-,, . . .. X .. , , K, : 4' 'J ,---Z-N"f":. .'-", A t"":' -..fL-:I7"'.'.'-.X"':-fi? ' WH2119,3,1331T4-Vif:-552--Yf"'lff,E-V Il-'f47""i 'FELT '15-Qvfif-f"L9s'-'iff'' X V" Nx-'ve - .- .- . .. -. . . .. . . .dr fy' 4ifffiffipf1-,,- -:-f1::,4f-..:.----- 15,17551-Fi-5.3is-if-f.n',-i1:i'.-'iw-'Q-542it-Zfffiziiiifikfi-25551' - f- -. 5,4-f?l?I43-2.25. 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R .meseeiiwzl F 1 Q l 1-ef' as FN W In almost every yearbook we saw this year, the topics of protests, the lVar, racism, destruction of tht environment, and nudity have been explored in copy and pictures whether they had :my significance on that particular campus or not. With the exception of nudity. which we probably could not have gotten away with anyway. none of these It topics have taken up much space in this book. Why? Because this is the record of zi year and no one here Qthe masses. that is! is really involved in all these things. Pictures on these two paces represent the closest we could come to meeting the challenge of all the other schools who seem so HZIYZIIII-QZ1l'ClC.H .-Xt first we felt that the students of USM should be criticized for their apathy, But then. it is not that they care so little. they just seek to overcome their horedrim in more orthodox manner. .', ' I ' ' I A .A , ' 2 . 1 f. C'. - r . 1. H1 It SE 'n .i "' n 'LN f.-' 5 9 I, ' l7?4?f?i"-7?-J. 4' "M " lrfgd' ' - H . ,, , . 1 nf 04:6 1"u?3l J j"l:'f!-' pr? X J' i d'4 .,..,g1, f ,wr UI 15, rc . .5 1' ,iq l 55555 il I Z ALM ,-,g,,.k1,...,,. 'A VV 2 l N M H 1 l I Q 1 i 1 1 i X 3 I 1 i li 3 . 1 1 4 4 I s 1 L P Q i 3 1 1 x I 4l"l. ....,f 7 ie A g-5B.lnhmon, B5 ,.Qmus'e xjsw N . H , . "by V iw' ' JHEWKIC ,Eff 1 ii wxp 4 w, VX 1 ,vtafl V if - M,u QM: A, ng llirx. xx. Wi J 5 ' Q x H 1 MX! I 2 4 wi F 1 X ...l IIL 11 on Xn1Qka6 5 ,L '-X s .Li Roger B. Johnson, B.S., M.S. .AXdministrativc Assistant ,.....- .S Charles W. Mmm 11 ,ou 'Q-...,,,-A , . I ff' ffjw Mrs. Dorothy H. Echols, BS., 31.5. Dean of Women .Q P i. 1, 19 ' r Q 11 -1 11 I-I 'IIY -2 X N112 y I-urlp,l-.X , XTUX 11115 , g A HrX2025if.:4f1'Z.Z,Ni!.a1Z'N ' ' I X Rzmdvx' Cfmmhnm. HS.. Tx Umm of Men W xxx . it fi iv . , V' fy L, Ncil R. Mchlillcn, BA., MA., Ph.D. Dean of the Basic College ' " "ZFX" fi' E K' . 5 E 2 2 QQQQA.. 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Kay, curriculum director The University Honors Program began in fall of 1964 with fifteen freshmen, chosen by their ACT scores, their high school records, an interview fWVho was Henry Clay? What have you read most recently? What's happening in Pakistan this week?l and an extemporaneous essay. During the past few years the Program has added more courses and has now expanded the number of freshmen selected to thirty. Ahead of each new group of freshmen await four years of colloquim fubull sessionw in Latinl, a senior thesis, a comprehensive exam in their major held during their last senior quarter, special Honors classes for Basic College courses, and tutorials in their major field if they want to grapple with some problem. Decisions about the Program and the selection of incoming freshmen are made by the Honors Council, composed of four students and some twenty-five professors. Besides getting to dine in the Charcoal Room, Council meetings also give the students and faculty a chance to solve problems by the accredited method of talking them out over dinner. The Program has had within its ranks many notable campus leaders, some long haired "hippie radicals," and a few solid souls who get their minds blown. i 66 0lSmi ill H22 lil, T56 il E 'N s 1 Hatcher, curriculum rosen by their .iii cad most recenter l in Lal e l Honors clasSf5i with Q ,he Honors Cowl Charcoal RN C - dmethol ks HIHHY not' an I , ds blott i mln C past few YW gn selected I0 'll' int, gr sem SOIUC Ploblfi . IC r ,credl qb IE! riff :cheeses F!! 4' zsnsEE,EE..-- 63Ff"ccKK B EEECEEEEEEEEEEEEQ crm-zzccrczxrl-'ifl' i' I8 ggzzxtrngrrzrxss 1 5?EEEEE5EEEEEEEEE-5 I I 1 I ' 1 I ' 8383888 I ' , , lf'.!'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE -if 55 E55 f? ff 5 if is 5 Iii DPEPEBEFPEEEPQ r rmrrsrsc 2622291 gg t asses eeeeessssssl If rr: uecneezzpg gg il 'miss sssssmt ss r 'fffFWHlIllilllfi ,, , .n:EE"EEfE 'fifrifeeesffffffffl - ' - 4 - 4,':.'.-'-'g7,'.L'. Fnccccsgususgsu hits Qi Board of Trustees Of State Institutions of Higher Learning john Bell hN'illiams W. O. Stone Dr. E. E. Thrash XN'illiam H. Mitchell Ira L. Klorgan Dr. M. XI. Roberts W. BI. Slroemalaer Boswell Stevells Governor State of Mississippi President Boztrcl of Trustees Executive Secretary Milton li. Brister Dr. R. Cl. Cook RI. Paul Haynes H. Henry Heclerman Dr. Yerner Sr llolmes Thomas N. 'l'tn'net Lyon I4m,I.,.X. 4 +3 -kr 1. ,. , -...-..V..... ,za 3 ,vo- 1-' gf -mum. 5 . ,.5: 2 ,:. ,. . fi' ffxt' ,tr 1 1 v ffl.. ., ,Q-a I f'E:1L w 0 1. 'N 7 5 2 1' ,,.. '21 :fi 'Q Q :ff 2 .. f-y3. 'IL F iff: Qi' ,isff 42 , ,, . ':.'z.,, 'Q' l ii ' V .PR "arf Y 23 ix V 1 71 -I T3 , 3,5 T, Q, 1' ': -Cf, 1 11 " ji ' --s. rd ., K, v . ix ,.,. , sv Mft' 5 :x,. - '3' fra fry wk -ff, .ew V v Q, 'M " A 'a ' wa" B . an E- fl' K 'Q S 3' .A.i", 1 N L v zu Qi' If,- 1. -1: .lr E.. , , 'Q -QQ. M it E. 41 ' '31 ill L. u,- 4 ra .fe 'ni 5 5 ff 'i ,L ' .532 w. , wg.: ,, ., .. .- . ..-. . . 4-.Y . . . . f- ' - - A --- -4- - - : 1' ' .......-14a-ff---V--7--M1--2-A----H we ' ' ' - ' ' ' ' ' ' ....' ' :..:..:.....1-.- z.:.: .-.:fz.: '.l:L.:" -.,.-,:. .,, . - A --'---:YL ---A -x 'Q .ziffff 4- g:111:':'1'-'f"':-- 1,-Mgr -. .-,...-.:.:1,:.,.1,. ..- 'D -V,, W, ,, ,,-,, -W , ,,,,,,,.,A, ,, ., ...1f.--- Q-1-f-""" r-I-I-r-r I'l'lI'l'Il'l"II'l"ll'l1 Id!!! 00060 0505050505 Football iQ,.i,3'-asm-,.-.,- x .g A W .X lr X . 5,1 4. 3 on-,FQ 5 fi f 'Q , M v 7'.V4 vi' fx . K R I I l."v 'p!'l " l' 1 I 'l I ' 49 7 i . 171. . Q,- -o" ". -4 fi if 4f If P O - Q I mugs! O O ,,x o v 6 P Pt -1 ig lg. ,. 'Q fel, 'f xl 2" 1 3,1 i n F .Ii ?Il r f, A "w r i q l 4 I1 l-, 2, ,s , 1 ' 1 1 4 V l sf? 1 . I G 1 v U ,..v-" 'J 1 O 4 Jn u ,Lv'7"'.' V! , M1 4 f I it L, i "I 4 'K' I I If .W . W-fi " . "thai- , . --'si-fftibiof cus. This was thc football season when the big one did not get away. It was caught, wrestled to the ground and beaten soundly by the avengeful Southerners. The 30-lil decision at Ole Miss meant many things. To most seniors, it was a dream come true. One student had said the incredible victory alone was worth the four years of college. Others cried with happiness. The team started off strongly. victories over Southwest Louisiana, Texas at Arlington and Richmond with losses to San Diego State and Auburn. But then the biggest upset of the College season followed on October 17. .-Xnd Klississippi had a new football king. fi 2-af. h ,vol Q ff 11:11 .4544 ij? A P' .a, . 5, h J Xfl".1." hh 'H 'A-A A D ,V any ,n, . - 453- s ,., :fl-M- t I :lf 'Q' " 4, . .o' fit' 1 F . '. .- . 'N' J' .- I Q Sn, 4 -. " K "' ' m Q 1 ' ' ' - , '53-u rf 1 A . - A ,- , . , Q - is ,I ,HQ K 4 " ' ' A Q . Q,g,'g . -A . an jx-. W -.4 K . J., 555,75 '55 'A' 'Ta f V M J.:-.. - 1 ' . .za - -Q dz., ' -'F' . Q 'W R 3 F gif- 'Q .Aix " 1 A ggah0'-'- ' x , , -. ' " 5 A . -. " 9. bf' 54 1 'L I ' ,Wo m.5.:q:,,, KV U - in-1'. , fyff 1 pri?" A' ' 'Qu ' ""' " ! '-w't 'A - ' V A ' K L 'QA rv K 4 '- N 1-f W 45-lik f "-' if v IRJ1 v-vv--" 1 x,hqS'bN- . T' .' ' - J' .., . , .I 1. A fri, - g- rn. M t"::fi'v .- ri,,"- - ' H Z' "'T':.-"' -f-V A-. I 1 ". . v -. "J ,4- 4"'ff-Q-.,..z-- ---A f- - 0 ,- Qi ' vw- ' V' 'Avi -afg'N. ,J A wt.. Q 13:4 fa: , '-4 . HV: " ' ,' ' '. ' W ' .. ..-W--1 1.-he A z" ff' M V +1 , fz 4 -. - . , - ff- 1 ' ."' ' . ', T1 - 'v'l" 'i Ls' f - - ,R .iw s-7' 'TT' '91 Lx 1- " '-1"-- , --ww , "'-1--,g' . . . v - f ' ' 'F' :"' 7' fl' .,.. 'L ' ,v'L'5:,' xglifip 'X 5 -. A-fr -,fi g,,,l Q 4 ,"- N J ,f H19 47: xg, 5-':.,657.-.tgsfrvz-FJ?4.7'lyF.g.ft,1 51334, ,'f --: '."" , -. , .--,vu-',.r-4 ' us, -1 ig- fcyrifq- ,n'21'-he ' J : f -IE J 'T f, ,.:",.s1 . 'I 17. f-,- Flag' 3 ,ta '.1'o.i.t,v,, ,gf I F sg r-5.z'5'1:2ea5 i ,x'+.f'f.'177.3-We 'fi.E'!g:Q,1i 5 1 ,-' 4 --J--ffl ' ff ' .i - .xi TT' ' , .nga .2 1 .- '- SVP MK L-fi Ap l 'r,4 ' 4 1, Q X P . Z ,. ' 'fm . -'hier g ..-U v3.'.u.,.',h Q -, ,- ' .4 I '. 41- The Ole Miss conquest must have been too much for even the football players to take. The Southerners next dropped big losses to Mississippi State and Memphis State before October was over. Homecoming did not provide any relief. Things got lower, if it was possible as Louisiana Tech won with surprising ease. Supporting a 4-5 record, Coach P. XV. Underwood's second USM squad lost another to West Texas State, before returning home and pasting Trinity U. during quarter break to finish 5-6. lt wasn't a winning season, but it will be remembered as the year Southern beat Ole Miss. miie -- ,. 1 1 ' 1 Y F- J 4 1 X - Ll, ' K . 2.5 Wm-Q. 12' f:Y.'Jf.'.1..:.:f'1f..-.-V-V . -'. -1-f-' , -HY. ' ll.l., ,. , .1 Y-.. , A -- -' - vi, -f , ' "..,.' g....' -g"' "" . M: 4 1:::lt1C13fE?E1JTI'-f Ziyi,::11::7f."t:1.:::,:'t::.::,,: .:iL.lA- -' , ' 'hlg L .-' 4 4 'J 4 - ""' '- 4 S F I I 5 F M' r 1 w 1 Y 4 A Y E I I V r .O W -,'Q.,p ,xl-5 , V -- - - . .. : ...-,.L..,., ,..... ..-A--. , . . ,, ., . ..V..Y.?Yn '5T"lgf'x1 s1vL "" -AJ' .44 S5 1... X 6 41 76 mfmvg R- JMIQU3, 5 4 'W' wi YJ WE F531 41, . ,W Y "'w1Z,, 1 5--, HI, Mig Ll" . NQHJ' 35- , W rfpilkgf :H r'- -Mies B' ' X ' N f' . fifBEH,,,:T ,, f , HMS 1 ., Y I-375,111 Tx' 'xl ' - . .WLC . X 5 Ulu-:w .R i fffdBmK-vi ich-f . "uit Xmm'H'Q E 'igi , 3 QNZN rl ., Nui' Crm IX- N 5 .f 'Q :i r5rgmHE f ,B Q Nw? ' ws- W1 Q 1 s 131 M ,Q Southernis ground game was used slightly less than its passing attack as Coach "Bean, Underwood's offense gained 1,908 -yards passing and 1,440 yards on the ground in the eleven games. Halfback Larry Moulton was the workhorse of the backfleld producing 778 yards on 164 carries. The Andalusia, Alabama senior scored ten touchdowns and Hnished as the team's leading scorer for sixty points. Kicking specialist Ray Guy scored 46 points for the Southerners. Sophomores Bill Foley, Buddy Pallazo, Gerry Saggus and juniors Willie Heidelburg, Ray Broussard and Ed Soberoski were also valuable running backs. Pallazo, the back-up quarterback, was noted as a potentially excellent passer and a talented scrambler. Senior end Billy Mikel, who established a new career pass receiving record, led pass catchers with 26 for 299 yards. Kenny Hall caught 25 for 308 yards. Each had one TD. Ray Guy and Craig Logan, who played defensive backs, stole the most opponents' passes with five each. Logan, a junior from Hattiesburg, and Saggus, were primary punt returners for the Big Gold. 77 ' I U f y we - as A .n 11 Y - V' ' ' ,b L :sir It iq I I M 1 ' ,- ' , . Y lY',p,'fr 1'fs-3 ii iv n it V 1' - - K, I : QQ 1 : p J 4 ,Y r Ya -- L, ' '1 M' 6 :vow -I ' A ... ' .--s-Q Y , 1 f7 1.-I 1-NK vfji -- .fvxx H, Wy, ffffilff us. A ,- Q , V, , , v is yi -as-g.f.,v: W M 5 A? -., y .Q 1 Q -, '-5 ,f ,. -v Qi 'Id i sl . 3,2 Q ff '. -n -I . T r . Wd. Av g',:LJfzE?1'vH ,asa-V Y If A 'fin I in Q-7" bi. Q .1. Ni .va b h 1 ' X h' , , ., Q ff- 0 5 LJ A H I ,Q Q- L, ,., l W Y -N A 1 - . Mel. . 1 Y - h 9 ' . ' 4-, ,3,..'g..':+f f I X 1- - .1 dj 1 I 'ri I y ,, , 1' ' ,'5'l.-"' V' lk, 8 2 4- -- -XM.. 4-. . , 'lltif ,, b Fe 'M ,, X ,N L nguvf- .. , 44 kn ,MEN -.. 1 s eF. :r:1...1 ' -.vs K ff"-.'I-'--'f'2. -vf? 5, as . ,N X - .,, ,. X 1 ., Q- - . fd ,h...'t3- . I X . . M .K N N: M.. .r ,.a-QM ,- N - . - . ,- .Q ,R ff. .. ll' , 52,4 ... -, - mga 1' 1. gm. 1 .fu W' Dr. 5.- - 1 Q' fiqr -H?-' '- Wt 'Ok t 5 1.5, 'lily n ff, . -'L Q. sc, 'V lr z f iff' ,-N tv P' ,1 ,lg o .uf 6 Sophomore punter and place kicker Ray Guy brought additional fame to the football team by Hnishing second in the country with a 45.3 punting average. Guy broke the old national record but was edged out as best in college football by a Utah junior. Guy also booted eight field goals, including a school record 47-yarder against Ole Miss. It was quite an afternoon for him as he also punted ten times for an incredible 4-8.6 mean. Rick Donegan quarterbacked the victory at Oxford, and little halfback Willie Heidelburg helped with some fancy running. Donegan finished the season with eight touchdown passes and a remarkable 53.1 completion percentage. He gained 1,593 yards via the air waves. Heidelburg was an Ole Miss hero too, as the tiny running back scored his only two touchdowns of the season in that game. Nevertheless, the 5-6 junior was the team's sparkplug from that point on. 79 .--' ni - A , f- - ,. -. ., s..,,,.,.., ,,,.,,,,,,, ,JIM MPZMLM MHA-:lzn . . . . 1, V - .' . ....,, .'.L.....t . - :. .,.. , A ' .. .,..... ax: 'j -. FBI aan ' ' . 'e1'ii -.. ' '5?3fI'f1f : , -. 1 , .fr:z - ,fe 1- M A " '1?4'f'im- lifffff21-"'3'-'fk"'f'f"s""l'f""mH'M-' A t ' I ""' I ' - f t' - i 45" -az' Varsity '70-71 I"RO,l1 I,EF'I', FIRST ROW: Tom Moore, Johnny Herron, David Earl Johnson, Jerry Hinton, Mike Blanchard, Tom Brock, johnny Mc-Kay, llzivid Price, Kenny Hall, Doug Parker, Larry Long, Lionel Fayard, Craig Logan, Mickey Hudson, Jesse Muf- plnrr-. Billy Miki-l...S'15C,'U,N'ID ROW: lfred Meyer, Keith McGlammy, Danny Palmer, Bubba Garter, Joey D,Angelo, Mike HHPFIF, Gregg lnndry. lid Solar-roski. liuddy Palazzo, Steve Broussard, Kyle Gantt, Larry Geppenati, Ken Phillips, Hugh Eggersrnan, W-11116 Ili-icllelinrg. THIRD ROW: Ray Guy, llicky Surace, Ronnie Grey, George Hunt, Bill Foley, Bill Davis, Wayne Hatcher, Rickl' Dont-gan. Miki- Cxnli. llinnny llaynes, Lzrriy Moulton, Allen Goff, Bob Flanders, jerry Wright, Arnold Thomas, Pitt Farrar, KGHUY llurgc, Gary Grubbs. Klnrslinll Veal. So 'V K in W Wd' 1555 mlhf af! i 'CU USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM Results Southwest Louisiana Auburn Texas at Arlington Richmond San Diego State Ole Miss Mississippi State Memphis State Louisiana Tech West Texas State Trinity Head Coach P. W. Bear Underwood ii 37 JW'-JiJE,."g'1 - v- -- ' ' """'?"T""f""" ET'-'lll-.!T1I"'5 :' "2!7"i2LlSI : "f"wn Q- , , . . -' -P - - " . ef....'z.: - a.z:4:g.,,ffgfT2ff'H-gei' -f f niziigggluur D' f f:,-ruin,-. , v ....-......-.v 523. .-.::g5lif.L.:f!Iff2tf:3g3,3,5iH,if,airs v -L'-H - ' -- -' - f v::g,,,,1...4-.,::rg,,,15-3. : 151:f,,3,i,H. J--.wiv UA' , .......,..-, . , 4- f3-1-1f.u:i'i.:'T1T':-...-.- .. . -.-.-. Y. ,., ,g,.5'N5--Sgqfffn-..,,,, IEE --..v IDA i 1. ' ,f 3? QQ -... Q Alf' ff Xl 3 g ,5,,, Lug! . , 1 M ,Qewf jFf? .4 , , ""- -.A "'g A .A - ' L-fzgfu --,,...- Q 3 "-""k'-4'-v--133.1 V li?-r . Ki 'I 1 1 V up---. Yr 4- E v I ..'4f, F if A 81 , J. --V . Q A ' . - 'A - . ' - ,A Y ' ' . , ' A-, '..,,, A., v' - , , g- , , if-153, '- J V f Freshman POW! WMWNPU wmmmnh vh 'iTi5,UI'.Q55Q BE: lb. has fLQC.Did Im fl ix 'fi?fjs,3S3m Phi: 1, 1 :urn M 'Ni mx Freshman Football i'1.......' -I l."+ FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: Jim Helms, Jim Feddelson, Mike Lavigan, Ronnie Hames, Fred Cook, Eddie Davis, Rick Burch- field, Robert Eric Bryant, Johnny Williams, Lee Gore, jeff Walsh, Bennie Cox, Gary Graves, Lane Cole. SECOND ROW: Nick Crucher, manager, Mike Moon, Robin Crocker, Mike Dennery, Eugene Bird, Doug White, Buddy Allen, Dennis Malone, Clinton Tapper, David Jones, Joe Solomon, Hugh Thomas, Nevil Barr. THIRD ROW: Ken Rogers, manager, Jim Waldron, David gflcghilllips, Wilson Plunkett, Clifton Fussell, Terrance Wells, Doyle Orange, Payne Limbo, Jessie Ennis, Bill Toler, johnny Dragg, o eisman. Results USM Frosh 28 Gordon Military 17 USM Frosh 14 Marion Institute 0 USM Frosh 21 Tulane Frosh 14 6.5.4 USM Frosh 14 Gulf Coast Junior College 52 USM Frosh 28 Memphis State 23 Led by the amazing Doyle Orange, the Southern F rosh compiled an impressive 4-1 record for the 1970 campaign. Orange gained an incredible 843 yards in just five games on 144 carries for a six yard gain mean each time he carried the ball, averaging 168.8 yards per game. Orange scored seven touchdowns to lead the team in scoring, with 54 points. He also booted 12 of 14 extra point tries. Quarterback Bill Toler connected on 28 of 56 passes for 544 yards and five touchdowns. His main target was John Dragg. Wilson Plunkett and Terrance Wells were also used as running backs. Outstanding linemen were Dennis Malone, Clinton Tapper and Jim Fendalson. Among those in the defensive lineup were Fred Cook, Mike Dennery, and Doug White. The frosh won their first three games, lost the next, and then finished the season at home with a victory over Memphis State. y Z X if-.A . ',.fjg 29.56 'L - com! iJA'.'' Q T", W, ,. . 2-'-'Ll .J f av? 1-iixcaiig-a,Lf"!-1 ' "' , VV ,:-... '-HL::::q:- 4-N --4-A - 2..i::,a241-sfrii-f::1fvff """ " ,K . ... . 1 A ig, :-'L,::-15Q1:::!?5fff1-- 'H " , l YXM,idi:L3Ri1i3,5:,aJQQQ5Qifgi5-Q?2fE3'l2f,"3fiE:::.:::g-::44...,--...- Qu 1 14 q, ,J-Sjgxr .Q ' ' Basketball 6 ,.a 9,s" 5 L IJ xx 44 'fa 34 l l Basketball was not kind to the Southerners this year. Though the team battled through a strong schedule without giving up, it was only able to win seven times in 26 games. The victories came in overtime early in the season with USM edging Corpus Christi and Arkansas State. The biggest victory came in a ll2-86 thrashing of St. Bernard on the Reed Green Coliseum hardwood. Lee Floyd's team also whipped Spring Hill lOl-85 at home. Southern pulled a surprise victory over usually powerful Morehead State for its final win of the season. Following that game was a road trip into the Carolinas which involved three losses and started a six-game streak to end the season on a sour note. ' X 1: -fr if . A J . - - l , - f f' t N-:" it 9 5 f . In I It -H All AID 'pvlbmjt -lohn liyrnt- Riflt Corsvtto Houston Cunningham Bohhy .loncs ll 'l'lit- SUllIlN'l'l1t'I'S wort- lvcl by svnior Rick Cot'sCtt0'S sharp-shooting. 'l'lit- 6'3" forwarcl from New tlvrscy avi-ragt-tl 19.9 pt-1' gatnv, H0 also hvlcl thc tcam high for points in a ganit' with 93 against Morclicafl State on Fch. 2. .'Xnotlit'r st-nior. Tom Yachinich. was svconcl in scoring witli ll .ti a gatnt' and was tops on thc lil inan squatl with l l.ti rchouncls pm' gamc. Yavliittirli was tht' lvatling shootvt' on tht? tttam with 21 'l5.9 he-lcl goal lJt'l'C't'lllllQl'. Corsctto lvcl thr Sotttltt-i'nt'i's on tht' foul lint' with a 75.6 mark. illxxootltrt'stal'lt't's:tx't't'1tQt'clintlOt1lJlt'9gt1l't'S.tl1Cy In-ing llouston Clunningliam ancl Ricky Ragland. Clunninuliatn. who Catnt' to tht' tvatn this yvai' from fiulf C foasl -Iuniot' Cfollt-qv. sCot't'tl a gamt' ancl liaglantl. from l'atlur'ali. Ky.. was worth lil.-l points an outing. -lunioi' -lolin Byrtit' was Clost' to tht' lil-point mark with 9.5. Sltootilttg was not in favor ol Southvrn rluring tht' long stxtsotl.ilillviioltlrllfiigtlllsfotlltlll1Lllit'tJI1ly'l'2 l1t't't't'lll of the-it' shots wliilt- tht-it' opponruts tnaclt- a nifty alll pi'i't't'iit, .Xs a tt-ani. liowt-wit. Soutlivrn was a tiotviit ollit-iisiw unit with llxlff points mining a gamtr. 1 l l 4 l 4 4 I X .-F....-..,-.,-ffm,-n-ru . "xl V u N D f R i 4 , "e:y g-..+hamX vmfbp II ,n,m Wilbeft Jordan Ricky Ragland Tim Sumblin Tom Yachinich Wim 5' 0 S. . 87 .,.!.K ' Cum-Ito. who 2lX't'l'llQf'Ci Z1 point higlwr .Vx ' 'fi- llm 111 XX'K'llllt'H I,11cIm'1' lmcl thc' yvzu' bvforcr. xc'orr'fl:1c'111'r'm'1'mlz1lof l.2f?5poims:1t SOllllll'l'Il. 'l'l1ix lmznl mnkm-cl him six th HHN mg all Iimm- wu1'4'1s 111 tha' l '11ix'c'1'sitx. llv. Y1xc'l1inic'l1 :xml Ruglzmcl 111111110 onlx' E g1'z1cl11z1lc's on tha' tvum. -ns- ...LZ- qv.-9-v li f 9' 1 ing. Qu?-V II' f-xr ,Z 1 ,wi 4 f N1 . 'X XX xi "Q 3. .M L- 'S - . u""V:" ffffbf Ja 2 5 T H""l--.D-1 flu-' , " 4 1 A 10011151 r7""'i i i . . . , Eff , ina, ,, '1 I -, f42f'1'w, ' ,, 1, 1,4-' , - sl-,,',1,5g1', Al ,. 51, ,,,, yz.'f7y4f34,,,',ff, vgfjj ' P 1 1 4 Q f ,' 4 , 2' ff , ' an '. ,z f ,MWV ,, , ,f X ' , 'vs 1 9' 4 f 1, V2 ,f -1 v.:,,.av4,-UW ' - :M i, , .-' 1 C f ,f ff , . f -2,2 vhfv ,,gq,f4,, , ,, 'f . , . H ' f , 1 H1 1 , , f ,mf Q1 w.. , f , ' 'f Y' ' 'Hi 2 I 1-. f ,-.514 4 ' '. 'WW 1 'G -' V , ,":'f 1 4 if .1 sf 54 , , f , f,, if 1 , , ' 2 " A' V, ' tiff? . f 4 ' ff' 31,3 .M , 'I , , I ., ,,q,3,?.,.,, y, .,.. V m,d,,y,, !1." '. Vxggf f, .HM ".,:'2. My H T- 15 , 'Wy 745,534-ay' A 1' vm- f 4 f, 9 ' '- 'f f'ff-,iw ' 1 7-rf ' I f, vs iih' Q ggi 1 4, , . , Q A 4 3 415, 'X' r " a , , fg r 14 A " T Q f . W f , 4 -1' M 1 if . 14 ,, ' 4, f ' 4,5 J .fgi m 4' ly- 1 v ' ' A 2. 'M if 'r . "1 ., ' ' -fffffq 'f". 'Q' 1 , L- .wggaz f fu:-.f. ,ff ' uf.. Ldv- - pm f -f 5 1 7-9. f,,,f 'A ' A ,Q ,,,.,f,w-,,,,,,, f .I ,,,,,f I ' 4 ' ' , ,m,3,,, ff f ff X 4 5' f X A: 9 7 f Ulf 2 . mf' 9 Wffrwi, -,1 1: " AM? . , ' 1-, .42 41,155 1469 2 ., Q: ' 24' ' Gyn fy 54- ,V nf, ,F 37 - 1 V. s .,j,,.f' 1:35 .14 Q ' w : , L NJ 2 f-T. gif' pil A f--'A-1. 'f' .- if Q imwff 'fx - 5 , X w' "! ll ,,, 4 ' fi USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM 91 Results Texas Wesleyan Corpus Christi Florida State George Washington Arkansas State Texas at Austin Ole Miss St. Bernard Centenary Trinity Southeastern La. North Texas State South Alabama Tenn. at Chattanooga Spring Hill I Lamar State VVest Texas State N. Carolina at Charlotte Northwestern Louisiana Morehead State Old Dominion Roanoke College East Carolina South Alabama Centenary Pan American it Cvertime 91 885 117 95 75+ 95 109 86 74 91 77 96 93 111 85 77 108 89 103 89 121 106 103 71 106 87 X X 1 1 fn 'fff1ffWlEPr,F1ms '7 T , '-X -5, 'i V -N HQ- ? M .M TRU f-Meow: Lam. 4 , L N. Q - X f . i i E ' Burton Jeff Cooksey Casey Price Coach "Jeep" Clark FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: Chuck Abadie, Buddy Davenport, rrue , , , 1 ' N' k Cruthers, manager. SECOND ROW: Larry Spi nks, Bill Smith, Phil Horn, Danny Grey, Danny Thornsberry, Joe Ta f1CO, 1C 93 Baseball ' - i I wg W i We kb,i1f""'.,5 A 5 bbw wi N3 03 R 1 6 lun: ii i i FROM LEFT, FIRST ROIV: Eddie Chanove, David Abbey, Tony Chance, Perry Bracy, Bobby Muhs, Sammy Frichter, Rusty Milla-r, llnrwin Lott. llnriy Phillips. manager. SECOND ROW: Coach Pete Taylor, Rich Corsctto, Jack Rodriguez,JOhI1UY Fllmtr lluclcly lD:xx'viipol't. llliurk .fXb:iclic, Nlilu' Eclwzxrds. Joe Talarico. Lionel Fayard, Jim Smith, Ray Guy. 94 .J 'Yr' 4 +'H1 X .e . 3 ww pw 4' 'Q flf E wiim cm iw Univuiiy d N Ullivniry d N cu Tulane Tulane William 1 Sims Hill cd UW 1 s Hwy d s UMR of A UMW of A Gannon 1 L. sebal " x 4 ,gil 'S rl 1 'l x 1 6 l' W veil T5 p lvl A me' -g, lf. ' 'Y.4,,. ' 'kv ' ml , ldchlffv gmt -L.,a.' rn Johnny . '!fi.- - ' ., x. USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM , .SA 4 Yr- 6 . . .V t, ,,.,, - ,..-1-,Vg Y I V, ,4 X. A . Wiki- han-as' '. wtf 1' " "'4'6 .1 William Carey College LSU University of Alabama University of Alabama Mississippi College Tulane Tulane William Carey College Spring Hill College University of South Ala. University of South Ala. University of Alabama University of Alabama Gannon College Results 1 USM 0 USM 2 USM 3 USM 3 USM 0 USM 0 USM 2 USM 2 USM Z USM 0 USM 1 USM 0 USM 95 Jl Q , C "' I 4'-... 3 I I 1 if ' 94 - -7' 9115 ty, . xv- Z fm- ,', . b " vw Gannon College LSUNO Mississippi College Delta State College Delta State College Mississippi State University Mississippi State University Delta State College Delta State College LSU LSUNO Wlilliam Carey College University of Mississippi v e 4 ' 'fiiil' 4 - .-ggi' ' -- 1 - W---' 1 A -Q I X if 91 QT' X fl. J x 3 , v ' l , 1" i- W K A' - 1-' K f 1 .1 1 sn ':"' - 0 -- :: ....f- ff. - - , 5? L, ' Q.. ' , 1 ,- ., C.,Q,'.1"",' , 1 ., .-qw - W , ,Q .-..L , , . .x .., -v is. .0 H'- Q- ' N J 1 I u Q n , fi I'- L 'r :I 'J sth .Ln 'vp' it -7 1 v X Mu! I I , 1 f 'a N - xxx 1 'Xf X 4- ,AQ Q, 1 If wr 5 'i'6 ,A ,,s, O v Q-' I K K Q I L.. U Q if X 4 - f r 4 x O6 I -l wg, r ell. I ! PM 4 VJ. f 9 r L N I x .pur"f' - ,. -4 i Q lu - Y 1 IAA Nr I , 44,1 .3 ...N T 'V' 1 X 1.1 I bn. - , . . nf- . 'PZ.'5"':' .ND . 0 1 OO ,sa -. n n 'Pi f --gi Q all 'I 1 4 .. Y ,,L'f',f-4'-,rff , my. 'ui F. nts. 'yr fag-If ff' ,Q-Z 1 Q 1 ' . 'Q t 1 - 2'-fl! , . , . P 1, , A r. . L 1 2 ,,,, g , ' , I , ' I lbw-wmv ,CIGYFWAQQLLQ Q 2.5 "- .fl ! h, 1 'x X V - . 7 3 , L - X -.ff---f,5j, 2,-U5 ,H W f mf me H - K. z f .JSRN X jj 97 Southern's baseball team enjoyed unusual success during the 1971 season considering the tough schedule which Coach Pete Taylor arranged. Southern played nine games against Southeastern Conference teams, winning Hve. Overall, the Southerners won 17 and lost 10 with an outstanding start, In the first half of the season, Tay1or's crew posted one of the best records in the South, going 13-3 before a disastrous road trip into north Mississippi. Included in the good start were victories over LSU, Tulane, William Carey College, South Alabama, Alabama, LSUNO and Cannon College. I Then three road games were lost in late innings when Southern unexplainably fell apart. First was a 6-5 loss to Mississippi College in the ninth inning and then two losses to Delta State by identical scores of 4-3. Southern lost a fourth straight to Mississippi State, the SEC champions for 1971, before downing the Bulldogs 6-3 in the second game of the series. This win gave Southern a 14-7 record. ,113 'if J., J v .. , J A.-.. . .. .A .A , . ,,. .A.. A. ... ,A,Y, ,,,,,,.-,Lg 4, , :. .,-....,-. A A nv--z-1, ,L .....-. . -, J-ffii . , 'LH B'n'm I ll." .I::- B J:Lz:::Ai':"-4::-:.:g-:-'----1: -4 -'--':gL14g:1::'Q:r ---f----1 ---fgfn' """""""-"""" ' N ' 'P , ..Q1,-Z4 ,A5q1-1fz5liA, A .,.A . . .-.Ln LJ.. Q - . S tx - '- E5 'Ll' :IQ -. ., S 5 Q l Q - X A 5 - 3' D- ' sl C fish.. '-f I . 1. .... . '- . A ' 1 I 'W , -,'- 5.4 -f 5 r. . A . - ' -. ,, '- " -A'-. -4.-I ' f ' A ,v-H-, A . .3 , 1" kk- -. ',y, x ---. ' v '. A - . -.STL-gr 1-. . - A A- - A '- A. -. A ff' """v -Q..-:V 1f. ,gig'. ' J' ' . -T' 1 ' 'r ' -- -As. -f -'. A: -'---- .. . -, .-. .T Alvgq-4, ., 4.,!'s'.l,g.. .A , , , l 'EY , f . .- , ' ' "Q, '.-S Fifth, L A .1 : 'A' ' 4 P., :ff Ent v""'i "'- -'S-"" ,,...zs -L I' v 5' R A - - 3' 591 , A , Y' wi, A' 'll - x A 5. f.,-QLY431' 5 ' 1 A 9 '1, ..' I f is - v' -Ll1r'. J Y L Vg' 1 I 1 c . A 5 A.. Q ,, Q .ff -1 4 , . ' N Q4 2 Y' - 3 Qs I 1 g . A A J' .1 A ff-20:1 I 1 ' l "Vs1.V.,H - wpv ,.:' P ,.v ,A A ,, ,..,, Q . - - . 1 LV A., " 'h8'7'F - A" ' I . tv' , Af-rf, - .--- - ' .. . U-s . -+--nz.-sa---1,"1."4Sl '94 if .1 -5.-f"v"T'T'ff' fj'--"' p,':ATi.iYlLE"f- -.fkdlr A -.-' .v A - - 'A -- A- . mm- -,-gf - V 4, Avy- li ""'Z5'-1A"'- fri-N Q2 Q- - . ..,,,,,wA. X K ,hp A nw. ...-. .-..q5Qi""" -' x ffl-'24, F,',r,-7'-X,A'L'Q' --Jtii - h p, - A. A , .,..,--."" .,---- - .., 'AA,.,.,W - A , , . , .. ,LA . A. -.-.' A- ::"'iM'7""'- ' X --' "A, Qz':x'.l."y"'f"'?i 'fi' . " 5""' AQ' Ap- N x 1' ws .. A -' 'Yfl ' - ' .--..f.-,cf!':,.- V ' b , -gh -..Z :AA ,.., , ,Y A . . .y""":A"'1- H ' 'P..'. xr .4 . A .,,.'-- U A. -' 11 .l:'- ." . 1 ' - :Ah A ' x I A. A--. , - , -A f- -- - K- CL, - 1 . '-' A -. A- A - ,As- . A, ' I ' 47A'.AA. -A A Sou m L" . ' - A A - ff-A--: ,pf A-.,.A A Q A A - ' , b., , P r : - - , Ljz. ' W a',,,.,' A , A' - A , - - ' .J " ' ' . ' J. JTA3 ' -I, x A- ,.'- ' - fi-.5f,wf".-Bf,,Ag-4 ' 4.7: I A 4.4. , , . I M V: R wr v :f-... , -wk-1-tlggqvl .QA ' 1?-..,. A M: - A nf' .T - Lux Z if V' -A A ,g 'V A r - fu- -- .-.v-'Aw'-n - - .a Th Sodjfff N 3 ""-"'L1A1"': - .as-..'.Q.i:, A - - '-r,':'.-X. 4 'J-'H ' ' " "' 6 "" ' C U vw' Q VA J! ,--.--sv' 144 1-4 - - ,". .1 . ' -. AL... 'hp .. 4 L: f --, .Ai " 'I o', M .-'I - , 98 I. Q' tn!- ,. 1. -,r V.:-,W . ., ,M , e?"'9' ,4'Y N ff. J 1 ,.-v ,. . A three-game series with across-town neighbor William Carey College was initiated and was one of the high lights of the season. Each of the games were tense and close, but Southern won each by scores of 4-1, 5-2 and 6-3. Senior Rich Corsetto and sophomore Ray Guy were the most used pitchers on the staff. Bobby Muhs had the best record, 3-l. Guy was 6-3 on the season and had a one-hitter to his credit. Corsetto was 5-O before losing three games at the end of the season to wind up 5-3. Hitting was led by Lionel Fayard, Tommy Monroe, Perry Bracey, and Sammy Frichter. Also counted on were David Abbey, Eddie Chanove, Tony Chance and Jack Rodriguez. Other pitchers were Buddy Davenport, Johnny Flynt and Chuck Abadie. Southernis competition against the major schools in the south proved the team's abilities were not a fluke during the season. Southern was 5-4 against the SEC teams and split with LSUNO, 'won two from Tulane and split with power South Alabama. The Southerners split four games with Alabama, split with Mississippi State, lost once to Ole Miss and took a pair from LSU. f. - . -v ff' - , ..- -.,,. . ,r-1' ...,u........-uv -V, .-i- if .1 ' ' .'2y,,-,JA-aims-:JL 99 1 " as-.-ti52'.a:i'i2q+-Q-4-5 ?+"!z!::i:.:3:f:f'a:?tf:57:-s'2'r+-:uf-1 2 -' -"ma Soccer A protested call in the championship game of the Mobile Invitational Tournament in May was all that kept the Southern Soccer Club from being undefeated in the spring quarter. Coach Ralph Siverio objected to the call which cost Southern the championship game. The season ended with the runner-up honors in that meet and the championship in the Pan American Tournament on campus. Southern was 7-1 in the spring and 3-2-1 during the fall schedule. For the year, Southernis club was IO-3-1. Southern can claim at least part of the state championship because of its soccer conquests during the year. In the fall, it beat Ole Miss 8-O and 10-O and tied Mississippi State 2-all and lost 3-1. Then in the spring, Southern beat the Brooklyn Soccer Club twice, 4-2 and 5-1, and Ole Miss again, 7-O. Senior Raffaele Beltram of Italy and Jorge Santos of Honduras led the team offensively. Santos was the team's leading score, including a fantastic 12 goals in the Mobile tournament. Team captain Emilio Martinez of Venezuela was named the best defensive player on the team by Siverio. he I 1 17 s .. ' X - - Q .4 Q: QS v Y ' , . A 'I 0- A I si I Y V 4.- I 1.-I i ., If , - " .1 ' ' ' , -Q ' . . s", ' we 3. X . , . . - i I . i 1 .4 , V I .5 g . . .,,u,M1-me ,., A X-"'.-'. . I 1.-.rv L Vfkf .'. ' ' 7:t:A,. - .. - , - -. ,N ' ' I ..-W K .. , . ! x , +'a..e+23gs1-quggyqfiw A . .- 1 f' ' , -- v , .-, 4 - . v " 4 Aw.-?:'f ' W- ' . - '1 ' . ., ',.'.p A, j.. ,' ' --' " -L5.S.1'L.'1'.S. . 4 lay -Was all that Sprmg quarter. C 5C350I1 ended Toumament on i1Cm's club was during lilf year. Tilfll lhg Miss again, 7.0. was the teams iile toumament. C8111 by Siverio. 1 7 B" 'Malia an ,,- - 5 A iMi"Viim'i l' - ' 4 if! . if ii IOI USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM Results Fall Schedule 3 LSUNO 8 Ole Miss 2 Mississippi State 8 LSUNO 10 Ole Miss 1 Mississippi State Spring Schedule 4 Brooklyn Soccer Club 5 Brooklyn Soccer Club 7 Ole Miss 4 4 Alabama li 5 Glynco, Ga. Naval Air Station + 4 Pensacola Naval Air Station -l- 4 Georgia Tech -l- l Ft. Benning, Ga. -l- 95Denotes Pan American Invitational -l-Denotes lNlobile Invitational : :.-,gf r:f::::""1"'gg--'--- '.'. .f.::-.-. .M - x.- .- .1 . ,gg-ug, -, , Q C ku.. Q.. -5-4.ao4L...,...-......-.. .-.,.t. "" Uk 0 . .5, - 1 L15 . Tennis Southern's tennis team met with one of the strongest schedules ever and came out ahead when the smoke had cleared at the end of the year Coach Larry "Doc" Harrington pitted his non-scholarship team against the most outstanding tennis teams in the south in three major campus tournaments and 17 dual matches Among the teams that Southern faced were Memphis State, Mississippi State, Samford Alabama, Illinois State and William and Mary The Southerners finished second in the Mississippi Intercollegiate Tournament on campus and fared well in the Big Gold Invitational which Memphis State and Mississippi State dominated The team finished with a 10-7 record. But midway in the season Harrington's team was 4-7 forcing a strong end of the season for the winning record No. 2 seeded David Jeffcoats and No.5 seeded Randy Ward compiled the best records with 12 wins and six losses. No. 1 seeded Bubba Shirley and No. 3 John Kramer both compiled 12-7 worksheets Shirley and Jefcoats also earned the distinction of being top doubles team by winning the state title. With a fine 12-4 record, they took wins over outstanding competition FROXW LEFT, FIRST ROW: Butch Simmons, Jerry Hoffman, Randy Y'Vard. SECOND ROW: Larry rington, Bubba Shirley, John Kramer, John Bishop, Dr. Peter Durkee. Doc" Her Q' .' HQ , 0 . Yr . , ' ,P ' . t '43 . . ,I- 'w?"" , . .3171 . 4 ,. 1 .' Q r x g ' . J f -ru - L- unus- ... -J-J Nad IO7. oe. , .Q ihl , ,, , . ., . , ---W... .W- - .. -r v 1- 'zz-- --v ,z. Z, 'g-vm-. -'u, :xxx-w.:.::Lr':'1v-:vie -,,h,,., .L . .. .., our ahead 'ht Year tlllf most Ulittelleg, Samford! all Mary, WUPUS and tate d0I11rnared. team was reoord best record, Kramer both worksheets. doubles team outstanding Oompetitiort um' Ton" Her- , ...i- E IO3 USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM --T 2 9 1 2 3 9 9 0 6 3 2 7 9 5 6 7 X 1 K I . Results West Florida Southeastern Louisiana Mississippi State Nicholls State William and Mary Nlississippi College Millsaps University of Alabama Mississippi College Illinois State Samford University Belhaven Southeastern Louisiana University of Mississippi Belhaven Spring Hill if 1 N .Ak 'A t 1 A e tc:-vi . '-t v . . K 1. X 44 s ' X 1. vi.. . ,rf f l -tt.-2-f , ,.'. .- , .4sl5 , 2-3 Vi! FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: Ursula Jones, Gail Bishop, Judy Podyema. SECOND ROW: Betty Beach, Mary Loftus, Susie Grafton. NOT PICTURED: Carol Noel, Sue Beach. Women's Tennis The first recognized effort in many years, if ever, to start a women's tennis team at USM and it is still unofhcial Qno budgetl. In spite of all these handicaps these Raequettes Qas they WCTC dubbeclj competed against teams throughout the south and enclecl up in the top brackets of competition HI various tournaments throughout the state. 1o4 M, A ,g v., vw , 1, , 'Y -i---0--v-vu 1' . ' .w- -' " " ' ' -' ' """ " ' 'V " 'J' it 'N t J tim . ' tw- 1 9' . '51 lr. i 1 'Q LM., 5. l Q-I 'D Carol Nvfl 11,5 l6I1Hl5 If Mfr, -. .-' l 1'-311 qi they wfff -k - th ouilhefou mPe1iuoH3l , it ,- ,- ffl I A' 'um tht SWE' f -r l Golf The 1971 Golf Season saw the Southerners complete mainly in tournaments. In regular season tournaments they finished second in USM,s annual B.O. Van Hook Invitational and finished second in the state at the Mississippi Intercollegiate Tournament. 1o5 -4 Womenis Intramurals Overall Wmners First Place-Independents Second Place-Alpha Slgma Alpha Third Place-Hickman Hall Outstanding Ind1V1dual Carol Henderson, Independents Outstanding Manager Susan Ferry, Roberts Hall Sportsmanship Award Roberts Hall Tennis Singles First Place Susie Grafton, Jones Hall Second Place Sue Beach, Independents Tennis Doubles First Place Carol Henderson, Suzanne Dees Independents Second Place Kay Jackson, Linda Sparks- Independents IO W ii 4, Badminton Singles First Place Carol Henderson, Independents Sue Beach, Independents Second Place Ursula Jones, Alpha Sigma Alpha Alpha Sigma Alpha , Volleyball wi First Place-Independents Second Place-Alpha Sigma Alpha fi 4 Basketball First Place-Hickman Hall Second Place--Hillcrest yy! rx: 31,11 7 Y Y yfxvy ff f' First Place-Jones Hall Softball I S - pffefgfif 'v ' ,l .Y-' Y -. ' Q. f V y. ' , , iq , K fr' ' 1 . fir 'I l A - f -11.1 V , ffsifitff' Second PIHCC-HlCkm3H Hall fjXf7fT ff ,ig up ff' ' ...W ., 5. Swimming First Place-Hillcrest Second Place-Chi Omega 1o7 - -::L1222ss4s1s1s:,,,..," W- ::..n 5 'i..:.' l L:i:i':..:z:..r:.--. Men's Intramurals Overall Wiianers First Place Kappa Sigma Second Place HPESLR Third Place Sigma Alpha Epsilon Flag Football First Place Conde's Heroes Second Place Phi Tau Pledges Basketball First Place Easy Riders Second Place Firing Squad Golf First Place Sigma Alpha Epsilon Second Place Kappa Alpha Pro-Put Tournament First Place Kappa Sigma Second Place Kappa Alpha Tennis First Place Doubles Faculty 9963 Bill Davison Aubrey Seviers Second Place Doubles Bayrats Duane Johnson Kenny Alman Badminton First Place HPESLR Wayne Babin Henry Walter Second Place--Faculty and Friends Dr. Peter Durkee Bill Davison Weightlifting First Place Kappa Sigma Second Place Phi Kappa Tau Track and Field First Place Kappa Sigma Second Place Conde's Heroes K .F 1 7.4, rf 14. ' 4' 5 :1 .niiu ' IJ:- . - J . J' , r rv , ,f fl' !,, 'aL",'5"' 1' 1, I 4 .f' I 's ' ,-'f' 'f fn. .rv . .,. .v " ---. nw" ., 5. Au., 'iff' x, -. , , '. P' -"Ji . ,. -..Q . .-rr' lk..-.. , 0 , fi, 1 ' fd, f- . i, ' V., M -gil, ,l , . .M . I T: A wif I f f 1 , . . .J - - A ......-...Y x 1 , X . 1 ..,..mJ-',,,"' , X X- ML-,g,,N,fg,',':.. V .... - , f ,V X Vuwiwg f . " "- L.,-.- gl'-'inf wg,--.. . ' .I f...fN 'A ni ...f5.. 1.1. .se-: , -g,':gt!"E'-Q . V. V.. 5. -r3,,, -S"'i2i'Ife2E'lf?x1?fZ?:f'j' '. A A' -'fl -B . X '-N:"- 4. . 6:3563-,Szrim,-k,,..i,,Y3.,,:i?...,3,4l, ..,gf.. .I 4: , ,1 , -I 7,"!"'571g'-1135319 !r.',vxi,'ih1x'-jnigqtv I -N .Q ' .Q51'?s.P9fT'ITf,'.Sgg1+241IH:S'f'tei:'-f-'gy-iv'-' .-nr V' 'X' f . 5. . ,fn .-,3!:?J..,lL.g,.pl7QffLiQ-it-5153? . .Ad I . . . --V-.:::..J-.I-. -I ---a- w A-4-f1,1.rr' .f---JH" W V - , A ,.w.-.1111 . -,ef . sg... , Y.: "' ' . -- -v4-sun,-ul.-..p..-v--..' .ml .vs st.:n+:,,g:rf?qQ,1Aw,gs:5i.:.::'.Q:igwu:4.:.: NN Y' nw . V. . 1 .. ' ' ' ' . ' , f , amp - . M-, ,, 3,-1, -,V..v.V . V .. f. , V A "J-!?'Vi, A ' -fV'.,fM.., MYVFHJIAQGH ,- x-9, . -- . - . . . -. -. -fr 4- I , , V ' Y, 1' ,.-H- ., -I , :., ,.g,,n A .,. .. .V 5.5-7... 4 V . I, 4 ..T,.,,I.,?,?:1,,'.t-bl .Q 51,1 :PJWAH ' V -, .. ., ' ' "-'f .- .. -'. -, V fx , '--+'-5'--v.-wg A v , D -. .4 -gg ., .4,3'gf5y.' -rw - - -3 4'-:Q411 I?-if-11.13 , ,V ahh. ' ' . .... N --:fb .,':,. 1., 4- Q' LL' ', - ,,-"' "fi -- ,' . 'V ,. - MQ. ' ' if-.3 J. 3,1,g."r'gs...w'T"f--'-Vt'ie'-'117376 ft'-fam, 'fs.gTf'f'fg1k-V:-7'-- '-"'?5f2E5",F5.71'iq.:4,M-,-fy.--'I ggfjdff- ffF,A4fc,g-f " " ' - '- , , VZ 453- J.--nu I ' .- 1-. -' X. .5 ,, gg, . -, ,. I . . ,,,,- , .9 . ,, Q... , VV 4, : V.. - '1-":0'5.:-,. ra"' " '. ""' X ' V , Y,--z'w"?".?."',r.1"-'M-:u,.1'YL'3f'5'Zt?"'f - -.4 'A --'- - x -ff-ff' Q' f 5 ,.v,, A3 A -I fm . . - A ' ' ' .' rbi! ",,. ' 'kv f.,-' .cgi-..,yk, NA' , 1. -'g lu' ,'-.-1-,Vp - -"' D , - L-2-7 V..-.,--q I: ' 3 'i 5 N1, , 1" x' ,, . . f-- f V -'J V- ' V ' 'Q ' - - '. . . 1 V, 'r-,Ph-' .12 '- F-fi'-.-V st.-.'ii:!.11. -1 'vf',S'-..,- '- - ., - ' , -- -1-'V . v-1 ,' , r .x'. -. 'O---u.,'w, .4 1 -Q., Y . .JA Q -7.,..q.. 2,1-.63 " 7' ', V ,,,, 34 - . Q- ' s-Mp - 5 Mig-.,1' J'-,Q L -,pf .5775-1 V -K, - hJ.5,1.'. J: - .. . - , .,., f- 4 - , V, : 1, J., - , g,V. f- , . .,- ., -,4 .. . .1!'v.'.x. . ' ' ' , .' ' 'A 1, N, . -. V1 XI api- rf... -'m:xfdT1..i f - I 11's-r.'I ?',..'LL:. ui-hy. '61 .f h I X NT V , - W fu" U 1, M., ,, , .. J . , .,, W" ' ' ' ' 'J f.f"' , ' -'1 ...-- , H M, . Q ..-Q 9 1" - -'kR"'."t'f 1 rr: L 04 Q Q ' " ' -'Wh' 1 -- V1 , V V' r .Nfl:4,rg , V Jf,.T I' ,A '7' N' if j' ,. "'. ...av 1 1 A V . I7 I f., 7, I 1 e,. .I vi, 1, ' - f . , X Q -K 1 ,L -'H I r . A ,l . , ' . - -,ll ,V , r ...- , , .. - - " iv x x fdyf 'lf 1 ' i . -- .x - , , 4 - - N ' 3 R 4, iQff'211"' 'fL.-..,...---'r-1--L..-,,' .-' --2-4. 1' "'Ji:1'f?542.!-W ' V- ' M951 B'-Y ' N- 'VV ,Q-.V-'. ""' 'NX :v.- --.'1'?"V-?-I-o A "T'?-5'-Z"5 ,,. ,- - ' ' 'Y' 2- . 'iw' 3-" 2' - "5-' " ""f5.-'mhz -"-'fav Ziff.- Q . ' - - 'L ' , ----'aazaffa VV' . "- .'1.' ' -V .. --. - :14 f , - - ...f '?'m1:"--- 1- ' 1 2 5, . -.Fit-. .3-' 1: I... .rj ,Q-r,3!.l, L, ga. .44:Tp Xffhi ' " 1- 2- .fr," . .-1 1. - ---,' --aww' ' -x: ,. - ' 'GT'-P"3?sir'-ef-:ir."'2"f-kr-'fV ual' '.- 4 .:-?1.,1qfef:51w'.f:-'fF1f'7 '1-ff-'L -ff: x, L13-' 'S--S j:g'P??' -2',q1Q.1,2-'1'.9'1f,i,'..',,..-- -:'f. A 11'-.-J'-.' JA 'gf-:. A-f -v'!Z,f. '- V -- f -1-2,34 Vr., 57... A- :..,.f . --" ..s',,:-AL ., .. ,f-- . 1. - Y- ,'.95'i3G.2',,-i.- -F' -7" 7'7"'V'r'? gl-:'T-jf.,-' f. .' -1? ,:'iQ.jL, J5Y.'.QRI1'.- .,,"f'-'ff' 5.95 ji 1 -' f '-3'-W? 1: ':',H-' ."i'---1,1 if-311.-.V'gl-'-'v::T":'k '-'-'1:'LkAl ' n, -Qi.-1. -'- "Lili VN., , ..4'.f,--"4,..'-A-V' , :ggi '4iff2"'fLr"rf.1-Maimff -:S--A .-f-.L J '34 -'Pg'-11: - '--' .,Q'V.. . -A". " LA. - 'H-1 4.1 I. ,-..' f-if ,.,.'p :fm "i-ly!" Qreqllg' . -- -- , ' flafhgw A' X7 ,"' 1"'?'.I 'f' .--' .4-"L" 'rf '."1x:p-: '-' "T ,. -4: P' .im ","':-- "'f-- I -Juxln -,K a.l,iQpqk,, ' Z., -V -u - 1 ,,-:'1..A :-31' ,,,.-' ,' h ., 9" ' ' .' ' - -'x ' ' - . ' ' 'L : C 5' V-'K ,,.' . -'fs-,' fm: ,. 'Vx Il., 'Z4"gO'-jg ' ' 9- 5' '-'-- 7 V '.-Q".'-. 3111 1 g.-V.,-' ff-. .. V .:'-: - - . - ' '.V,-.1 -- . -, . . :n,.-. ,f.,'--, 'L'4"f.-it--A-Jf1'f-l9"'?fY"7. Rikhcf fm'-'---' " +-'-"'- N' ' ', . 1"" V Ax '-3 VUL-9: V0 . "'g"7'4J7'5xtlqAb""fgE:d3fr"f""I "i'f':: 5-j5"I:"'f'3::- P" .5,'..,, -jf -.. ', .. I'--f , '. .. j- '-D' .--xy -1- : -'L k--'.A' -C114 . . -.",.f- -v,.., H- 'Elf '.' -:JP V-'-Vf' nav.. .'f "f -"rt 7- ,.+.- ""f02-- 1:-V":,'-' X lx -'f".f, -,- 1 1 .'f +'w.j.- .. '7' 'dff-rw .'f.'syf. 1. '- , Y -1" V,n1 ,.,.-.3.!'l. -gf , . .f '- .sg S Jf,-n,.--.1 .." 'H '. ,.. ' ,H G X aj ,- V '-'-'1-41.' ...Wy-1, -.-Lfufa.-f, 4.Sv.'.1.w " V " "' ' A ' . -' 'YH'-' '-:' "'1- 'f' f- ' ' - " ff...-,.-".f'v--- "' ' ' V '. 9132 -. -,., ,Juv . V . L, svr Q-1-.H ,,, .Q -,.,. .- , -..,.-. .L 1-, .F .., . ,-,- 5-4, H-4,11 v . V- " ' "1" 24 " ' f- ' - x 7' - .f3'. - '--if r ' -Y "L-f'7:A-A-? ar' 'f . ----ws. . f ."' 109 iy,W1gw5?Q5kq4Q3RQai5EEE2,, mww,mu1 A'gg5nL,,J H 5uq5ifMj9Hh?h9r2ihM - '-r. nu..,nLnn,,a- wY-u., -aa A, .,.- , Spirit Spirit at Southern during 1970-71 was normal-mostly bottled or canned. The usual groups attended the usual pep rallies and posted the usual signs for the game of the week. The Homecoming parade sloshed the miles down Hardy Street to a muddy defeat. And the Black and Gold Game was rained out and could not be rescheduled. A poll taken on the Senatels bill to change the mascot got more voters than most of the other elections put together, but the stands remain empty. There was however one high point in the pulse beat of USM Spirit. Mid-October came and Big Gold made their yearly trek to a school in the northern part of the state. Spirit swelled. Everyone wanted to win. Everyone took part. Everyone went! And much to the surprise of the state, and the nation, the Red and Blue army retreated from a 30-14 blow. Sl DI u. 'Qc 00,1 Steve Hood General Nat . A Ji xi Z' 51 ' . . , ' V T o L11 ff I-W S .xx p I . ' , . p . , Y V r f ' f . -1 X, '.- K . - A sc fi - T 1 J K, :K l'AR.S'ITl' Cl1'IfERI.I:'ADl:'R.S'. FRIUI I.lfl"'l'. BU7'TO.lI.' Burk Black. Paul Kent. John llunncls, Gary Robinson. YYPP: 'l'm-rriw i'il't'IlI'll. Nanci' X14-zulor. llrm-nda 'li2lllDC'I'l. SUSHII Ci0lll'lIlL'y. i 110 ... , iq tx V"s . Nev' v . I 1 , f ,- , V ,, ,,,, Sm Hood Sergeant Giienl lat Bill Litchliter 1 .Lv "WJ ee-ull ...J .1 , FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS. FROM LEFT. STANDING: Becky Vkfindham, Vicki Mashburn, Gary Scarborough, Jane Powell. SEATED: Becky Love. NOT PICTURED: Tom McConnell. in III ,..-.L -1 . ,,. . , , - 4 -. 55 .h .Q by 'HIE' ' S .,,.1 . 1 If 1-' g. I 'l ' ft -A A f' - 5 J 1. '12 x w y. r. -V 'Y 2 . , . A U Qf ! J Q N - ? 1 O Q K 'S t t 4 1 J Q my 4 If ,. K V A fs Southern went wild! Students in attendance at the game nearly tore the stadium down. The team was so excited that they toppled over as they hugged each other on the field. Hattiesburg went wild! For the first time the city was in support of the University, Signs were everywhere. Victory was the talk of the town people ofthe students, throughout the state, and the nation. Hattiesburg was "Football Capital? Southern was queen for a day. One week later-Mississippi State. 1 If . xwv' 1 X 2 I 'X I 4 L E9 ' S Y ,Q 1 ,D . ' QL-2 NDS- r ULN-30 ' 'X ,.4 , lv' 5 I ,lg. fi v J, .' Wg: ,' rj! 4 , xv ,tml "r Q' WI 1,0 .V I ' ELLA: , " I 9, I .1 1 if .-L 1 9 EJ, X lx Y 5 Y A v I X . :SQ li PM k . F9-'65 V -ll l -as " it-A t ix X l 1 ' 0 x nl "yi 7 l t ' 4 5 .. 4 ,v"rff " 1 I F jr!! Yi ""' 4 ' - - z . - if aff' fu 4' AC' t gn l., 'L xp. 3 f 5 A" l fd O I o .F 'I ,lf l fu. fy ,lf 1, Q' ,." rf-f B ,-, Q r ' 'fl:'ug.QK11,'...,':1's'-fapgl"!T:f"W'L"'5 ," "F ' z "". . J," "4 ', ' Z " ' ' .v'- -ff -.ff f-gf.-t f.. "- - fsff?..:w:s"?Z f 'JWSB'-11.27 .mb 1 ---, .1 t ., - s--gkszan-'-fr:-5, ., ,. , , , -L. . - Y . .N--. ---Jw gg. , -gr-.5-.ff-f , , -9' , I A -1 p ' ,, ,K - ',t,, N, , A - Q - , .,-,,,.- .- xgz,-'th L1 n - .uri-Y , - -4 1-15.-:art '-- s P , v .V , L- . ,- - - -' ' 1 ,,,, 44. , -. i , Y N Jf,,'i ,T .I -, , V. ,V , ., '-3,g'.,x-' 'Y i , , A .gif-,-7'-saw!! N--.Ag ., b 4 Y Pride members have been called insane. Nobody in their right minds would try to commit suicide on a two acre plot bearing their name like a marker. Rain, sleet, heat, pure hell. All to make a bunch of emotionless fans rise to the sounds of "Ladies and Gentlemen. the Pride of Mississippi" and get their moneys' worth. And people wonder about their road trips, warped humor and weird cheers. Man, they have to do something to keep it all together. ,J-' PD '97 u..,1l GQ lngtf --..-..-.,,,...,,., ,-,v,-Y . .,-LlJLYL:A- J.. -'L H. In +----A-A A.. .,.,..,.......,.,.-6.......,.u,'-9.2 1.L H f"T Y:"'i ipfyf-LF-7 V. V' - M 'ff' P0111 Y A .. v D at . Fw ' 'I..f'-.-,J - L-ai.-' -.1-F ' bziil "x'! 'V ik ,. :A ' ki A Tn1saHd:!,,,f E f buf FW 44 .l 1105 D . i 1 3 K fx ,W X 1 T gh' W 116 ' "' K' 7'F?'1'51. ls Q N fi 7 S' ' s ix 'Wir . - I Pom Pom Girls A USM basketball tradition-Porn-Porn Girls erform l l l. 'l p et on tue lmtICXN'OOCl of Rcecl Clrven Coliseum uncl as in the past only subtracted ten from the number of students not there B1 f olcl cl1cl ns but mtl 4 x tn u on Thls and the Pom Pom G1r1s halftlme rout1nes drd llttle to get Southern S b ulxttb rll spun xbox t rm tlnn but normal too low to be ahve and too hrgh not to be dead . ff' ..f-5- 'QLHQPG ai'-ft.. l at . n" in. r 3, V1 A? .33 . I' QB :ll rx gas . Hn Quads-, . ,,e,..,,3 'Y' " . . ' ' ' Z1-.-, . F . 5 ' nr...f9f' RBA ng, kv .WY ,yi 5 ISWT' Eg X K Q xii- -I E . .I x I r I .5 S 8 1 S 118 , g Q ' 'Y - ' L., ,L :L "-. .., -2'..fe 1-HI-11 ' -f " ..,. ..- ,W --:-, M.-. - , ., -, , .- -fy . ,.,, r,,.. ,-,.,,c. .. ... ,ff-"1.y"f: -5- .gy .-., -rar-L, ,.-,H ' 4,1 ' pi -L5.,'g.- 'fgf'-f ,-1'Eff',' :X ' ., . Q... . 5. :- 2- -.' f' ,.. 1'-fi' ., ' J -1 ' - . 3-.y,.'3j-,i JL' A. , :H . v . Q-Avjjr, qfiffj L iii' K Q Graduates CAYLORD B. ANDERSON Psychology JOSEPH H. BARICEV History REGINALD E. BASS Health and P.E. ROBERT L. BAUGHN Communications FREDDIE R. BEGG Audiology DONALD R. BOOTH Management PEGGY O. BROWN Home Economics KEARY E. BURGER History Tacoma Wash. in an Biloxi Long Beach Hattiesburg Tupelo Gloster Brookhaven Natchez Q st!! -in-fs .IN-:'f" 'fgfgagiggiggggiggffq Qgg,:f3Q,5g1,,33,,,,' nf 'i ff'- r's'..x.. 22, - -anus . .t. 3 Q. J., I , , x -f... I X' ff Q ,........ .. IV . . I A M GERRY A. CAIN Special Education MELTON H. CARAWAY History DAVID C. CARTER Mathematics TARAS J. CERKEVICH Psychology SYBIL M. CHESSMAN Music ROBERTA M. CHISHOLM Home Economics JAMES M. COLLINS Health and P.E. HENRY E. CORKERN Education BEVERLY J. DAVIS Mathematics LINDA D. DEATON Mathematics FREDRIC U. DEEGEN Biology WILLIAM A. DENKLER Guidance ALLEN L. EVERETT History JAMES M. FELDMAN Sociologyfljsychology SUSAN E. FREDERIC Childhood Education GARY E. CANDY Business Administration BEN GARRETT Microbiology JOE E. GARVIN Recreation JESSE R. GREER Business VAUGHN W. GUY Marine Biology JEAN H. GURRIGUES Marketing LARRY B. GOODMAN College Counseling SHIRLEY N. GOODMAN Business Education NANCY A. HARMON Vicksburg Hattiesburg Lorman Staten Island, N.Y. Casper, Wyo. Natchez Houston Hammond, La. Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Biloxi Pensacola3 Fla. Biloxi New Orleans, La. Pascagoula Hattiesburg Franklinton, La. Hattiesburg Jackson Hattiesburg Gulfport Meridian Meridian Hattiesburg fm! vvfy If!" X 11' 1 .- fx 'D .ZX I 4 N . 9 ff , .z , , . f . . .. ,. IL s 'Ts 1. S - X X l l 17.0 I va 75 "' . . ., 34. J X sv . I 1' 1, i.. .3 ii .U , as " 3. 5 J Q H 'g . W3-f. Q gk .- ..a .e I I 5 ':. IZ X vga? N X 1 58 .. ,. ,M s IW - I. -,,f-g.,.... ,tg I .. ' f A F 1 43' 1 ' ,cf , 14: ' if! R nl Graduates V, . M. 1 JAMES I.. IAIEFLIN Brandon "' 'fx K, W5 COlIlIllllIllCHlllID .,, , 1 . p NOEL w. IIoI.sToN Laurel ' 'fd-it 'fi Finance ' RICHARD HOOD Hattiesburg I M A Music Education .tix jx I .'ANN.'x Lcglkggyillg T Q X A A .. .Q....T.A ,.., Special Education V f' JOE P. HUNT Forest as i 0 ' 'A W Audiology ir' SUZANNE HUTTO Hattiesburg it 'S '1-P -ek , ,VAA ' ' Zoology 3 of , ' ROBERT D. INGRAM Llfccomb shag' i " l Marketing l I A BILL JACKSON Hattiesburg " ll' A J A I Political Science X, DONNA L. JACKSON . l Laurel j 1 R 4 5 Communication -0: '? ELLEN S. JOHNSON Hattiesburg GuidancefCounseling I -, va NORBERT Hatticsbllfg X GuidancefCounscling WILLIAM H. JOHNSON Meridian 3 l Political Science Hr 3- ' JOHN H. JONES, Jr. McAdams ' ' J Accounting .3 ' A I "" 7 A: JOE D. JONES i Raymond , ' f Accounting vi N G""'v' I ' ,,- y 5 '-- G. R. JONES Mobile, Ala. 'I A J Zoology , I WAYNE R. JOSEY Columbus lf 1 AAL: Industrial Arts I Q KENNETH F. KERR Meridian M - Political Science at "' THOMAS E. KYNERD Raymond fr' Q ',j'- Political Science DONNA B. LASSITER Houma, La. ' Q English ,M '. I in BRENDA s. LoMAX Petal S K ' Speech Pathology . ,,,, , . , ., N A x RHEA P. LOMAX Laurel ' Political Science , 21-tg LILLIAN A. LONG E I. h Hattiesburg ,X ng 15 MANUEL LORONA Biloxi Spanish f PATRICIA C. MAPP Laurel' X Mathematics ' . fi Xf I I I. .'.t il! if - ' P, CAROL S. MASEK Chicopee Falls, Mass. f ' ' Institutional Management I Q , ALICE MAW Jackson I , , ' fi If-Q College Counseling . -5 I ' at 4, , . J -I JOX E. MAY Mobile ' fd - ff' Secondary Education f ' "3 '- ALICE M. MCCARDLE Brooklyn ' Communication Q .. 1 I BARBARA D. MCCARTHY New Orleans, La. . Psychology 5- - JOHN E. MCCARTY Laurel A J I.. Geology KIICHAEL D. KICINTYRE Natchez Finance j CAROLYN D. INICRANEY Petal .. t TZ 111 Business Education Asif 4' a ff K 'rag m Graduates ION J. MONTGOMERY Hattiesburg Guidance DIANA L. MOORE Enterprise English HENRY MOORE Staten Island, N.Y. Mathematics SUSAN R. MOORE Picayune Management ROBERT L. MULLINS Birmingham, Ala. Industrial Technology ROBERT D. MYERS Bogue Chitto Counseling DURELL L. OWENS Pensacola, Fla. English WILLIAM L. PAPIZAN Crystal Springs Accounting ROBIN D. PARKINSON Houston, Texas Elementary Education CHARLES E. PARSLEY Biloxi Counseling NARENDRAKUMAR M. PATEL India Polymer Chemistry BARBARA A. PATTERSON Jackson Economics MARILYN P. PAYNE Hattiesburg Business Education JANISE G. POLEWODA Mobile, Ala. Speech Pathology PAUL H. PONDER Mendenhall Management ANNETTE L. PRATTE Alexandria, Va, Reading CHARLES B. RABB Greenwogd Recreation TERESA RANDALL Pascagoula Mathematics MARTHA A. RAWLS Hattiesburg Business Education HAMILTON D. REBER Petal Audiology PAUL H. REUTER Charlotte, N.C. History SUE B. RICHMOND Jackson Speech Pathology MARTHA G- RIGBY Pensacola, Fla. History NANCY G. ROBERTS Prentiss GuidancefCounseling Kogciuskg Recreation CHARLES D. SCHWAB Chalmette, La, Zoology PATRICIA E. SCOTT Gulfport Communication JOSEPH W. SHERILL, II Hattiesburg Business Administration WILLIAM E. SLAYTON, Jr. WALTER D. SMITH Music Education Health and P.E, CLIFTON A. SPACKMAN Industrial Management MAXINE M. SPANGLER Home Economics Pensacola, Fla. Allentown, Pa. Hattiesburg Purvis ,fa , I ff? r R 'M ,sz f P l is i M 4 1' gi I If ,. .sw J' ' s, ,V I'-Q, 4193. , ' 4- .1 . . ' X - .. 'YZLT7' 'Y ,, . i'- -4' it -ve . , ri' '..r..YvQEi:As.ia:fz:.i..,,a IGI . . . V. . , ...V ,,-.,,.-,. .W A ' f., , 7-"PE Vqfff !1?f:'W,.'1:?fff'fi-313' '"'-7"'e1.2..-iit.2f'f'irf A ' -Tibiffbi v f fl '14, 12 5 n . We wx, fra M gg , . 5' PW -.H -.L ,,,y,fl-1 ','iw. A ,pw , ., A f . X ff 0: Mg V .. 5 , 1 ' 'ace-. gf ' 'f ' 1 V A, wi' X J. ji? ' ' J'! 1 ' 1 -M' ,I , ,, W. 7 :7 far .am 1- ,V Y ' ' 6147. :.f X Wfaj P- ' I f I a 5 . iff . 1 "' I il ,493 C13 I ov. T , 17.2 'QT , -,X ----vo 45 fys -Q 9.1 ., it . Y-.Y - .C--i.-..........-.............,Y .. ., ... , ,, . - W... . . W H, ,1g.h,,,.gu. ' ,, 13- X.: .ti , . N ' 1. 2 'Y' Graduates Afflgl v g WlI,I,I.XXI .I S'I'II,I-ZS Natchez X , N 3 s',, fyg- Bllsitlvss .xiitllilliilflllltlll "' 'N ' , JANIIQ Ia. S'ItII.I, Iplliwillv H0 x i..,.Jlf .1 LIIfIIIIItIIIIiI'ntioII 3. ' CIIIIQRYL Ni. S'I'ONIiSTRIil-TI' Clilrksdftlc T" Spcvvli and Ht':II'iIIq Sk'il'Ill'CN i"i P.-NUI, SZUCII I"CIIsncuIn, Fin. W 5" I 'k' X JI' Busincss liducatimi A X f , 'I CLIFF THOMAS Newport Ncws, Va. I 2 5' ffl Ciiitlnricc 4. O I i is ROBERT C. TIAIOM.-XS Hattiesburg I ,, .'.XlldiOi0Qt' 'u du," B. D. THORNTON Jackson SpCCCiI Pathology Q ri X WILLIAM J. TREST Gulfport . R ' Management I GEORGE G. TRUITT Mintcr City , , ,is Q 5 -,s Accounting L , 'J'-5 6 I M, 9 CHARLES H. TYLER MOISIIC city A lv i 4: . ' Education Administration T fr Q N NICK D. VLAHOS Biloxi ,I ,ff ' . x -" I-f, Q Business Administration - Q.,-W EARL L. WASHINGTON Cleveland L "' I Y7.I1f'fff'fff'- . X . Guid21HCC ki ' RONALD K. WILLIAMS Jackson '- 'g.,.,:'3 . 'lu Q Reading 5- if NANCEY F. WILLSQN oak Grove rd ivy Mathematics I-5 f 2 S THOMAS L. WOLFE Hattiesburg V Q Political Science . . iii P-I, !5Qt:'I .ii 4 -1 113 '5:fsiefe4e5.ei:is..'zfsz4e4+Lsf?5?iQ.saa:- -,-- f el-A-M---E. . .. ff .- .A Q.. fwf2:'1fff:'f-rf::f:- 4 +-R: Seniors ADA L. ABNEY LIONEL C. ACKER Moss Point Bay St. Louis DANNY L. ADAMS Smithdale JOHN H. AINSWORTH Laurel JULIA A. AINSWORTH Magee SARAH R. AINSWORTH Laurel JOHN J. ALBRYCHT Ocean Springs NITA L. ALEXANDER Jackson CARLENE T. ALFONSO Gulfport RANDAL P. ALFORD Jackson VERNA ALFORD Foxworth JEWEL W. ALFORD Poplarville DANIEL P. ALLEN Magnolia ROBERT S. ALLEN Gulfport SCOTT R. ALLEN Philadelphia SUE C. ALLMON Seminary DIANE P. ALMOND Moss Point AUDREY E. ANDERSON Gulfport CHRISTINA L. ANDERSON Seminary GAVIN LaRUE ANDERSON Columbus, Ga. SANFRA L. ANGE Edenton, N.C. CHARLES P. AUTULLIS Burlington, Mass. CECILIA R. ARD ROBERT N. ARMSTRONG BETH P. ARNOLD REBECCA A. ASKEW JOYE F. ATKINSON EDITH C. AYCOCK FREDERICK L. AYCOCK LARRY H. BAKER GLENN M. BARNETT ELEANOR M. BARRY JAMES M. BASS LARRY D. BATEMAN DONNA R. BATES LYNDA L. BATES DAYLE M, BATTALORA JIMMY D. BEALL CHERRY L. BEARD Hurley Gulfport Vicksburg Hattiesburg Biloxi Meridian Laurel Gulfport Hattiesburg Wesson Enterprise Meridian Philadelphia Gulfport Bay St. Louis Hazclhurst Tylertown .tl we "1. -J .f"'G"N. -ff-X if vs? , x. if -. . 1 it up If A ! A df 2 1 K -as . t ms. W R .3 iq I 1: l I-, .3 .3 A f T Hgg . 1 . .' '-U Q . we Oil 1 ...Eh Q 41' -ai Y 111 A 1 "-' 'Z I -i-'if A . f -Q' J S , ' .. 'N '51 my if KV' .,, 4' -inn ' X I Yi I I 1. .Y I- We I. nvsnx A A D 5 r ,N I7 I v F. f---T W ...,,,qL,f..:,:::, lj , ' , . sq Q I Q' is V T '17 fy, iq I -9 X ,- ll, '- ' A .4 I a.. KA4 li V , x n We fa I itllfll l . !E.:f,?i f I. ' T N -4-2' ,All I .A f - . . ,A ,X i S. - 1. 1' A -pa- -45 f""b r" Tix ...,.-.. ,. . ....,.,...,..,, 5 V ,.m..w 'H S. Kal., g-N hu ll .1 Q. fl :PGA 1955 g:ff..f.1f' A. ...Q -cr' ff' uf 4-0 .Q t ' W H , I I-, .I . 9 A."P At "S-I T' x . 5 91, lg l 1' all 'f L :C L. I ' '- 115 .N . I' f I MIITI l.Xl-Il, If IIICARIJ 'Ii W. IIILXRIJICN Il-IAN B. Illil-IILXNID MI'.l,,XN I lp .X. IlI',I:M.XN Cl. R. BI-II,'l'RAM CATIIERINIQ I-'. BENEZUE DEM.-X C. BENNICR CHARLES fl. BERDAN DEBRA li. BERIIERON BRENDA B. BERRY RAMESII K. BHATIA JOHN W. BILLINCS LEE R. BISHOP LARRY D. BIVINS ADEN J. BLACKLEDGE, Jr. Seniors liurt-st 'IQy'lt'rtHu :NUM hilt c.tllllllNX'lllt' TI'lt'Slt', It Ili' Ot'l'llll Springs Ilztttieglmrg Paterson, NJ. Gulfport Magee Bornbay, India Columbia Ogden, Utah State Lint- Waynesboro SAMUEL M. BLACKLEDGE Natchez JAMES R. BLACKMON JUDY K. BLACKWELL MARILYN BLACKWELL JOSEPHINE S. BLAIR MICHAEL B. DAVID CARL M. BOLENDER LARRY w. BOLBS OAROLYN s. BOONE JEFF J. BOONE EVA J. BOOZER ROBERTA C. BORDEN MEIDA BOUNDS KENNETH J. BOURGEOIS MINNIE E. BOUTWELL SHERYL A. BOUTWELL MARY L. BOYD BOB H. BOYLES EDWARD A. BRADERA, Jr. MARTIN B. DANIEL PATRICIA A. BRAKE WILLIAM W. BRANDON DOROTHY A. BRASHIER DENTON G. BRASWELL RITA C. BREELAND New Hebron Jackson Ellisvillt- Natchez Morton Gulfport Hattiesburg Laurel Puckett Hattiesburg Belzoni Lueedalc Bay St. Louis Petal Newton Laurel Forest Greenville Gulfport Pensacola, Fla. Woodville Quitman Meridian Hattiesburg d."5i3'1- fflfififrifzglr-,gg,gguiyfg a . .. -0 .-- aa... . , .3 J r A 4 . . -.,. r - 1 .ar.. ,..-. 940 'O-A g... O 301 'T B ' ,... .-.-...-.,- ...f2:::: " 'g4,,- in '. .',....-........-.-r - - '.. ' ' W... M-an ,,,L HM... L, L ,, Y -... ,,,,,,,,m, -,H K , . K " Nr. fra, . qs.. 4, X, . Semors JENNIFER A. BREWER RUBY A. BREWER JAMES L. BRIDGES GLADYS BRISCOE TOMMYE C. BRISTER J. D. BROCK, Jr. SHARON B. BRODY BARBARA J. BROOKS CYNTHIA N. BROOME DOUGLAS s, BROOME BRENDA R. BROWN JAMES G. BROWN TASWELL M. BROWN WILLIAM W. BROWN PATSY A. BRUMFIELD ROSCOE B. BRYANT JOHN L. BUCK, III GARY F. BUCKELS SONJA E. BUFFINGTON ARHONDA J. BULLOCK Shubuta . U Tullulah, La. R N Ocean Springs J ni J Conehatta -A , fa-il., l xi 121-Lrg 'Y 5 Gulfport Vicksburg ...-. . Hattiesburg , QVV Panama City, Fla. I, ,, I 3. .' f ' 4 ' I gas , B R 'es Q ,S- - . .... 1 Ocean Springs M . 1 Ocean Springs Waynesboro Canton Hattiesburg Tylertown Magnolia Daphne, Ala. Meadville Grove Hill, Ala. Clinton Prentiss 'QS 'GZ F 4 2 A ?f lift lf' la .if 3 ,, , ,X 'Y MP rl, ,f fra, 'S , r ri' , -.I . ,, X . J.,- . 2 ' . if .ff Sgr sd- . K1 K sg ' K Q f L SX U 2 5 I AM if I r I . . .JJT 7? r .. . I . arf me A I V ' 1 I in Li Y ' " A A-v ' " .rf . NM 5 J J -.A fig ' l I .12 an r - , ., I A 151, f'l-W g- sg 'i I "YY 7 List, Y as If D? In I2 DANNY H. BULLOGK Laurel JEFFREY L. BULLOOK Mroomb WILLIAM E. BUNKER Natchez DENNIS J. BURKE Biloxi DANNY L. BURKES Forest ROBERT D. BURKETTE Hattiesburg MARTHA L. BURNS Union ALTON W. BUSBY summit GEORGE R. BUSH Raleigh CHARLIE G. BUSLER Meridian WILLIAM L. BUSTIN Laurel POWELL W. BUTLER Bude JUNE B. BYANT Pufvis DAVID E. BYRD Natchez LAURENCE G. BYRD Biloxi BYRON M. CAIN New Orleans, L21- WILLIAM H. CAIN Biloxi TOM L. CALDWELL Lynchburg, VH- PAMELA O. CALVERT woodville Meridian BARRY R. CAMP l l a BLLLOCK L, 5.71105 si S'-'Nm - :Will .N-' - 331555 I 9 Eillifm . 1' YS i If BJ' -': Y Yo sa-5 xiii ai BV' : if BLISLER al L 35563 . ER L' in 31, LN i I ffl? 7 -' ' , ,A sm xp Y " .VN V A . . -0 if 'll f,,s'1"' I , 'K .ity u. Ati? iz ,L :Ui fr? ,-.X Wx K7 X ax-- ii ' s 'ff . iw ff V V- !f-. ,-g ,va v 1 I' l . A 'f -7' " ' ,-,.. -C: 2 a + - 1 l 4 v W.. R? ,.... Q-1 Ab FRANCIS A. CASE Brookhaven JAMES M. CASEY Montgomery, Ala. CHARLES E. CATON CATHERINE J. CERRA WILLIAM P. CHEEK LAURA E. CHILDRE JOHN c. cH1LDRRss VICKY T. CLANTON BARBARA G. CLARK HAL M. CLARK, Jr. .IUDY A. CLARK LINDA L. CLARK PAUL G. CLARK ROBERT E. CLARY DAN L. CLAY MICHAEL E. CLEMENT PATRICK H. CLEVELAND WILLIAM R. COCKERHAM Massillon-, Ohio Pass Christian Nettleton Jackson Jackson Sidon Taylorsville Biloxi Louisville Jackson Charleston Gulfport Collinsville Perkinston Union Laurei ALFRED F. COFRANCESCO Waldwick, N.J. CATHY E. COKER Ellisville 1 .L I :Q ,A I r' ,ii l r Q'Wb lR.X W. CI.XMl'lIlfl.L KVI' LZ.XMl'Blil.l. l.OL'lSl-I tI.XNlI'liliI.l. RUSIQNLXRY C.XNIl'lilil.I, Bi kIOl lN li. C.XR.XW.XY Seniors Quitinan Wnwluml Pirny um' iqalnsn, Ln. Snndcrsvillv KATIILEIQN li. CIARLIN L ivrm Q Bi-nvli CARLA Ii. LI. CARLSON l'asi-ng-mlzi CSIQORGE Ni. ClARMlCllAEI,, Moriclizin EDDIE E. CARNLEY Century, l-'l:i. NIEDERO B. CARR Forcsx EARL D. CARROLL Petal JOHN P. CARROLL Meridian NORMA C. CARROLL Pascag fwlz ln FRANCES II. CARRUBBA Hattiesburg DENVER L. CARTER Magee MICHAEL D. CARTER Ripley RALPH E. CARTER Moss Point RONALD P. CARTER Ellisvillc WARRENE H. CARTER Magnolia WILLIAM D. CARTER, Jr. Yazoo City 'CN IU' l 0.5, I I -:ar I U' , I ,-.-X l ff .H A-2 ,qi ..L x i 117 513 F51 'QQ Y",?5'8' ,- '23 f . -,...-.- -.- . 4 :::.r:'.-:.: 1.- .,- 1- I-L , , -- .1 ,-...' . "..1.4...:..'. 1-..,. .-.E.-.-.- z..:-1. 47' Seniors JOHN H. ooLE Columbus RONALD E. COLE Biloxi MATTIE M. COLEMAN Br00khaVCI1 SHIRLEY M. COLLIER Vicksburg GLENDA J. COLLINS Ellisville SUSIE COMBY Philadelphia CHARLES W. COMSTOCK Biloxi PATRICIA R. CONLEY Tylertown MARY K. COPELAND Ocean Springs RUDOLPH L. CONNER Hattiesburg JERRY D. COOK Heidelberg KATHERINE E. COOK jackson PATSY R. COOK BrandOn BOBBIE E. COOLEY Petal ALAN G. COOPER Memphis, Tenn. TOMMYE CORLEY Hattiesburg Soso CHARLES O. CORNELL ANTHONY J. CORRERO, Jr. Clarksdale RICHARD F. CORSETTO Paterson, NJ. LAWRENCE J. COURTNEY Hattiesburg THOMAS LeROY COUSINS Vicksburg MELISSA K. COWLING Robertsdale, Ala. JOHN J. COX Biloxi RONALD F. COX Gulfport WINSTON R. COX Jackson BILLY A. CRAFT Jackson RONALD M. CRAFT Biloxi HAROLD D. CRAIN Tylertown LINDA C. CRAWFORD Jackson BILLY R. CROW Hazlehurst M. J. CRUTCHFIELD Milton, Fla. ANNA L. CULLEFER Hattisburg SUE P. CULPEPPER Gulfport MICHAEL F. CUMBERLAND Meridan CHARLOTTE E. CUMBO Woodville JOHN YV. CUNNINGHAM Biloxi MICHAEL G. CURTIS Hamond, La. PAULA E. CURTIS Jackson JAIVIES H. CUTRELL Prentiss HUGH K. DABBS Quitman i'.". .. . ,l 4 I 1 ' Wi W gf , , t""""1.' 095 E25 HU f M f 4 A ff!! 552 1435, f vi-.f ' - -5 " if ' pa, . f f ' ..n',,' 91. 4 f", ff L . 'fj' T22 I .,! .M A. ' 42 2. M .. ., . 5 i I ' gi' '-fxzw f -l ...M , .QQZFHQ4 ' ' xi ,zf M . I.. ig. I 1 5 1 . ,Q K , ai f' ' I ' Z gf Z I fpb 15... ... Z? ...ZZ 118 f yy mf! 5 A . . ,I In 1 1 I' N. n ,CN U .ve v ' 'N xxx X 1 'T' R M if V I 'sri 4 HSI .I J . -AJ? 'X 1--' f , fl" 'W Dm . 1...-, ii gui 1""? I AM fa, i-A 'X r 1" 'ex ,......4,. .-.I . I RITA Cl. DACUS AI,I"REDI.'X V DANIPIER PATRILIIA A. D,XMI'II-IR IANIES CZ. DZXNCPIZLO DARYI, A, DANIELS KENNETI I A. DAVI-1NI'OR'I' KENT I,. DAVIDSON RITA A. DAVIES CHARLOTTE R. DAVIS GERALDINE L. DAVIS JACQUELINE O. DAVIS ,IUDITH DAVIS SIDNEY W. DAVIS MICHAEL C. DAVIS WILLIAM C. DAVIS ARON V. DAWSON CHARLES N. DAY WILLIAM L. DEAN DONALD R. DEARMAN MACDALENA de BLOCK Seniors jackson XIonliveIIo Blontivvllo Gulfport Piuqiyum- I'ir:iyunv Denver, Colo, Carthage Enterprise Biloxi Fayette Laurel Meridian Rosehill Chickasaw, Ala. Pascagoula Columbia Hattiesburg Petal Tallahassc, Fla. 1 cf' Ni 1 hex-.,'e+s'2 Ya 1' .. - J. -. U . ' . , -' .Q Miz... . ...- ,'. 'A ,I ., X . 0, . .F N . ,, . eo wx , 'S--...fx fu - . I -. M. .H -iw: -s.,v...o - 1 -. ,.. .kfzs .EFF iaW'i"N gy: - Nj. M- - . I H ku. ' A ' .9 u..-Ds' 'VY I1 ffyo-in k..,,,... -.-,-. .-,,,,, H A M- " so o 4 .4 1 o 3 3 V3 ta if '.' . . . . -.-, -... :' 1 --4 ooh' ' - 1 - Q -oo LT r 5 L. I if ----i----- ' ."'1'............ 1. -...z .,. " .,,w-N .. Q Seniors SUSANNE DEES Wiggins RICHARD DE LA FUENTE Utica, N.Y. KATHRYN A. DeORNELLAS Columbia Long Beach MARCELLE E. DESSOMMES Q. rf-07 i n ff uv It aft A , 'Q W fff 4 7 4 -it vow- .1 ww-at,-..a , ,fi . C '55 if ..,.,,,. fi . ,.. X X e ,A ., 1 lg MARTHA B. DEWEESE Meridian ELMER G. DIGKENS Gulfport BRENDA J. DiFATTA Hattiesburg MICHAEL L. DIKEMAN New Albany RANDALL DILLON suiitbtiaio SYLVIA D. DILLON Tyiot-towu WILMA G. DILLON Tylertown JOHN P. DONOVAN Vicksburg DEANNA M. DOUGLAS Gulfport ROBERT L. DOUGLAS Newton J LILA M. DOW Bogota, Colombia ' Af t . . , VIOKI J. DRISKILL Milton, Fla. GEORGE T. DUBOSE Btowtou, Ala. J ' 'i f JOSEPH D. DUBOSE Pensacola, Bla. -All i1 A ELIZABEH N. DUCEY Jaokaou I. B. JOY DUCKETT Meridian ' f X X ? 2 X W if f? y f IA' 44 f fr WM, 4 ,wi K . ft, 1 .1 . via, '-t ,,, 7 f hs 1 "' . Qt' 1-Q t ,S I JS JR i I t"5 I fi-f".ff ' p 7 ' . ' ',," 1 : fav ttti ' it tt .1 ' 5. - 'ff -. g, ,I - rf fa A ,. -:Y t f I -. P .. :Sigel ' fg '2:.tI:f fgiiiii lam'-.jf"f'., J 5 V ' .. flflii I V . fa 4- 'D or K I 4 1 ' . M' i f- :fb ZW' -f YT' ' fi.- . 7 'W' tr of - .- , ' 'lf 130 it WILLIAM G. DUPREE PAUL A. DYRES ANDRA S. EASLEY JILL J. EASTON MARY A. EDWARDS NANCY H. EDWARDS SARA A. EDWARDS TRUDY M. EDWARDS ROBERT W. EDWARDS BETTY E. EICHELBERGER JACK M. ELLIOTT, JR. JOHN G. ELLIS MINNIE M. EKES PEGGY S. ELLIS JOHN D. ELLWOOD WAYNE E. ELLZEY MARY M. ENTREKIN DALE R. EPLIN ' JERRY A. EVANS MICHAEL F. EVANS NM, 'nt 2 X' I -. af E J Hattiesburg McComb Lucedale Pass Christian Newton Walnut Grove Conehatta Hattiesburg Richton Morton Forest Jackson Laurel Tylertown Biloxi Laurel Lumberton Picayune Hattiesburg Waynesboro ta. ow 1:4 , . 'I 'n in kb ' 'ia 'RA 5 U I o. 'Q Q.. O Q- Q . I 'N l Ili. Hallf'l"' mmf .N liflfi SLU. lucel W Passflfi I I Niki' MRD! . uws ll'alnUllf' ISS, F Comb.. .GDB Hglllfx-' JMRDS Rllt Ili S l? 'fylfli rS I9 4009 U. Zgi' ml' QEKIN Fifi' llatlffi' is xW: INS ar. 'I ar- f 1 'YT ra-R ,. 5, Sa in l f. 'x ag -R X ' . .A 'xns 1 'fi A h 1 B HI INR. I PAUL E. FISCHER, III New Orleans JOHN L. FISHER Pascagoula WILLIAM G. FLYNN Port Townsend, 'Wash. WILLIAM H. FORBES Columbia JAMES L. FORD Columbia RICHARD M. FORE Jackson SUSAN A. FORTENBERRY Spartanburg, S.C. TONY M. FOX Meridian ADA L. FOXWORTH Foxworth DIANE M. FREEMAN Forest JUDITI-I M. FRENCH Hattiesburg PAMELA FRENCH Union VICKI L. FRENCH Long Beach SHARON R. FRERET Saucier Jo ANNE FRESE Quincy, Ill. IOHN W. FULLER Gautier B. K. FULTON Carthage MARY G. FULTON Philadelphia EDWARD FURGALACK Ellisville LARRY V. GAGNON Bay St. Louis -.xi fs Q P Q o , F d QA. V f"'T5" J I.. fc-79' .J X x Q ,- pg as - Q . .,, K B! ,T w K ' , Ig i 4 . 5, w -.",g 7 -fu ' -1x -if Q.- YP 3... f .-.i ix 'Q -- --Q ix 1 A E 2 ' I-I ' if ia IN' - ' 'fx ak . ...F . ox 436 fv- 5...- A Q NIZWANA EI. EVANS Bll.I. lf l1X'IiRlC'l"l' CLIZRALIJ ti. IZYERITIVI' I2I.'I'ON I'. liX'IiRl'l"I' WILLIAM ll. I-IWINCL PATRICIA R. IfAIRI.IiY SIIIRLIIY I.. I".XI.GOU'l' RICIIARD W. PANT DAVID M. FAYARD JOSEPH L. FAYARD CARI. B. FELDER CONNIIZ C. FENNELI. Seniors llnuiexburu Sexnirn.iI'M Iill-vXl l'el.mlx:1u'l1ie l":Iirf.1x, Ya. Biloxi Greenville Gulfport Bilrlxi Biloxi Summit Long Beach EDWARD B. FERNSTROM New Albany WILLIAM B. FERRELL WILLIAM R. FERRY ROGER A. FETTERLY Hattiesburg Riclcrwoocl, Aln. Pcshtigo, IVisc. PATRICIA L. FIELD Hattiesburg THERESA D. FIELDER Hattiesburg LYNDAL M. FILLINGAME Picayunc GENIE C. FILLINGIM Gulfport gs I -Tb 14' 1.5 4. ' N' nn- , V 'rw we ...- iff 1 ff f .A ffxi N , . P I .7 I 4. lf of 131 '23 F Ltlg. . " -- : I ' a:s:1'f:r:f1 f -u I D4-4 'NCI ! . -1- .2 ..1:.: .. .-.:.-TT.-..f... '-. JJ- "'-'rixz-' "Mrs:-grfeiw gg ,.-..--..............-.4..L - - ' ll M0 ,947 affirm pf LAX? Seniors RANDY J. GANT RONALD O. GARNER ELLEN S. GATEWOOD LINDA C. GAUTIER CALVIN R. GEORGE DANNY M. GEORGE AMBROSE J. GIAMETTA RICKY D. GIBBS ANITA M. GIBSON VIRGIE E. GILBERT ANNE s. GILL HAROLD M. GILL PHILLIP K. GILMORE WENDY J. GLOVER SUZANNE GODBOLD JOHN w. GODDARD, 111 CANDY L. GODFREY JAMES H. GOLMON BETTYE L. ooM1LL1oN Jackson Gulfport Collins Biloxi Pascagoula. Canton Bay St. Louis Newton Mendenhall Meridian Edwards McCall Creek Lena Huntsville, Ala. Brookhaven Woodville Jackson Monticello Walnut Grove LEONARD C. GORNEY Orland Park, Ill. v .4 A I IW .- .', , 1. ' uv vm ' -.HA P- f NL. I' ' s i .' If' I. .A ff- Q Q' iwiiiff g I 0 I-L 1 gl "-',"7tf. - "ZS - 4:8 Qi I. wn,.,.- 1. as Ig? all QQ wk V 1 if '36-55 .bg "fi fvx df' W-5 .I ,R 7' ' I A A ' 14 A '1 . --A-T? l Q Q' .--1... pn.. '-'X PI, A .ax i I 1 E' AAI, l ' x N A 133 f If SLARI' I. GOZA IIA'IRII:IA A IQRAIII' IQRNIQST II. I:RAN'Ii If LYSLIQ I-1. IIRAIIAAI NORXI.-X I GRAIIAKI EVELYN L. GRAYES BECKY A. GR.-XY JANE S. GRAY LESTER W. GRAY SUSAN K. GRAY ALBERT GRAYSON, jr. DEBORAH G. GREEN ALGIE L. GREEN, Jr. LARRY T, GREEN KATHRYN A. GREENE SANDRA GREER PAUL E. GRICE RALPH M. GRIFFIN YUTANA R. GULLEDGE PIERRE D. GUNNOE PATRICIA O. HADAD THOMAS Ia, HAFFEY, Jr. BARBARA L. HALL CLYDE T. HALL, Jr. JOHN S. HALL KEN C. HALL LORA D. HALL RANDAL B. HALL CLIFTON O. HAMILTON RICHARD W. HANNON SHIRLEY C. HANSON WALLACE I". HARDY HERBERT I-'. HARPER CHARLES A. HARRIS HAROLD Y. HARRIS, Jr. .IOANNA AI. HARRIS AIICIIARI. xi HARRIS LEWIS O. HARRISON. jf. MELTON T. HARRISON TOMMY xv. HARRISON Seniors Lauri-I ll:IItiI-sliIII'u l'iI :Ip un II:IIIIcslIuI'u St'b.IxIIwp-Il S1-IIIiII.II'y Yirlxslnirnz Baker, LII. Biloxi Cfillllllbli Mizc Virksburq Lcillu-svillr' Meridian Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Boguc Chittu Hattiesburg Collins Picayunc- Vicksburg Lexington Biloxi Moscllc Wiggins Wauchula, Fla. Brookhaven Brandon Pascagoula Raymond Esratawpa Augusta, Ga, Ellisvillc Edwards Forest Laurel Jackson Milton, Fla. .Hattiesburg Meridian -s'--'Zf.5i..E -ge . f155':Q-LIQHI-if iifffifiif 5555 l'f!'fiE'?.?z.'ii-lei? U '::: -Q " -I --- -44 ., , --.0 Seniors JUSTIN W. HARFORD Meridian GLENDA F. HARRELL Quitrnan MAROLYN L. HART McComb PEGGY J. HART Hattiesburg EDWIN J. HARVEY Poplarville CARL D. HASKEW Jackson, Ala. JOHN J. HAYDEN Perkinston KEARY D. HAYES Norman HENRY J. HAYES, II Tuscaloosa, Ala. JOHN T. HAZARD, Jr. Gulfport MAURICE N. HAZEN Prichard, Ala. CATHERINE A. HEAD Hattiesburg GERALD F. HEMPHILL Biloxi JEAN C. HENDERSHOT Jackson TOM M. HENDERSON Jackson- THOMAS W. HENDERSON Jackson GEORGE D. HENDRICK Bogalusa, La. JAMES K. HENSARLING Petal JANIE K. HERNDON Greenville Biloxi BRADLEY C. HERRING 4' NX. . - . i f. 9 ,.. I f-' , .,,,.' .f 1 . wwe' .1 'wx' -f I S' f" 'e"jT"' I . Eli ., A 2j. , ., f ."1 ,v.., ,. -.-f., ff V. 5' '-1 ' I 1.245 ..,.j,L . lj -v " Qi E . if . 'lx VA! ,", vc" , Ui 'MV' A "" I ggi' n w' , ' fir?" 1 - 1 f f'-.ffm 2 ftff rf. l in v R s ' I I 1 X ry- 5 3' I ,Q--.. .ff 'Ma nf I I 3 f i , 'Quai pe a X 2-fr lff I I if L N 4, 4 Y 4- Q 'Zh I "1" , f'c'?t, Y Jig If-Q'-'Y . 423' , .I Q M.. ' ' SQ., f 9 1. ' . we fa fun . f f A- l Vft., ,G 'ti' Q lla A 'ei l r im' f' "5 ' -M V"'Q,Q ee'A- if ,J . lk fjfgj 'if fi 1f5'3,5? 'N 134 Q- ' ff' 'Ma ia A R f 'Q 2 'V I 2141:-:.-V-.1..' . ...,.,.. . ,. Q I ' 'v'V?-F13 . ' P41551 if.. 5,11 :V QW 3 A f JUDITH M. HERRING Port St. Joe, Fla. LINDA A. HERRINGTON Meridian MARCIA J. HERRINGTON Jackson WILLIAM L. HERRINGTON Laurel ALFRED HERRON Prentiss RITA D. HESTER Laurel GEORGIA K. HIGGINBOTHAM Cairo CHRISTOPHER M. HILL Laurel ELLEN E. HILL Hattiesburg ELLIS D. HILL Biloxi MICHAEL C. HILL Biloxi TOM W. HILL Woodville MARILYN J. HILLHOUSE Charleston MAE N. HILTON Mendenhall JOHN C. HINES Forest CHARLOTTE E. HINSON Soso GILBERT H. HIXON Coco Solo, Canal Zone Laurel PAUL S. HOBSON RALPH E. HODE JOHN E. HODGES Bay St. LOL1iS Pass Christian s ' ' "3 I K .V ,qv- ,,. ,.,. ,. 1. . ,wg ' '1 ., Al ru-Nl 'vw-vl ul s .iz Y fo u rx ,... -saw. A"""""' - To 41 zwXO Eff A ,.l 4 .. . - ' 4 f '-4, if I' J B -P1 4 gr -Vg . H 3' . fix ' I . I dx A . if Q V 'O :frm i X' F y r I 3 lLLlllIllX L1.1l111l.L ' Y A fxlxhgsff' A A f 5514 1. if ' CMS? ff f . 'A xT4ilf"'f7 ' T ' A ' 'I 3 ',1J3Xq'F,H' ,fo T A . A 2. A WWF, fl.-F --,-411A-Wiifh.. ' U- ' ar ' To . ,fawf '7 ffvosilz 5W.'L'E.34 X-.1K5'r??QfL?T M454-L.- A ,:l15.?..'-fRtf'rif52- li Semors ' .W . HMG viiortslllfgi ERROLL R. HOGAN Jackson A' ' , M M' 1' ' 'N' 'TN WESTON ,M BURTON w. HOITT Gulfport -A A AERRDGTON DAVID s. HOLLAND Piooyooo 7 ' EERRINGTON P I4' WILLIAM M. HOLLAND Jackson K EROS WANDA J, HOLLOWAY Jackson- LSTER BETTIE L. HOLMES Tylertown W ,Q - L HYQGINTOTHHM 1' ELAINE J. HOLMES Gautier 1 X VRMIHILL JEAN O. HOLMES Niceville, Fla. T ,gms L W THETA E. HOLSTON Poplarville f KK 1 I ILE A KATHY L. HOOVER Jackson A EL WILLIAM L. HORAHAN New Egypt . .4 :A ""' "J I5 'Vs A HILL W LARRY R. HORDE Gulfport by 5 , .EN ou, G, SUSAN HORN viokobofg , ,NLLHOUSE WL BETTY G. HOSEY Moss Point HON FREDDIE O. HOWARD Thomasville N55 ,f r Y .J gn . NUS! TDM' DANNX L HOWARD MICH-XEL G HOWARD PHXLLIS E HOWELL Carson P1cay unc Lucedale WILLIAM C HOYVTON Jr New Orleans La DNVE A HUDDLESTON Mow Pom 5-Q -ls ibn? Seniors IJ,"xX'Ii CI. HUDSON RI2lLIN.'xI.IJ I HUDSGN fLI,fJRI."xj IIITQHIZS TIIONI'-.S A HI.'5I PI IILI-QYS LI1."x'I'II HUNT MARX' I N 'I'. I II.'NTSXIAN PIZRRY IQ. IIIUITIIIINSON MARIINN R. IIl.'T'I'ON IIMMIIZ IJ Hl"I'I'O j D. II.I,ICH II'DY K II,I.ICH JOSIZIIII II. INGRAM IZ Il INMAN RON.'kI,IJ .N IRIIY .I.XNI'l'I' 'I'. ISHIZIC I-.x'i'iuc:l.fx A. isnma mvin ii hmzxsox wni.i.iif. ic. juzxsox I'Al'I. I, ,IANIIZS fLl,URI.'X IJ. ,lIiI"CZO.-YI' WII,I.I.'XM Ii AIOIINSON ,IUIINNY U ,IOIINSON LYNN .IOIINSON .xi.x1.x 1, ,ioxias i..xx.x 14 VIUNIQS 'riimixs w joxias i'i'.i:11.i.i-1 V1 .IIQNKINS xixmas xx' IIQNKINS. jr xx ii mmm '1' QIINKINS IXNIIN X ITNNIIR IIAIIII-.m. III! VXI KN Ii IIRXIYN IINIIX Ii IIRNIKLXN lIINIiIIN I' IUIINSUN IINIIN l' IHIIYNHN IIINRY II IUIINYIHN 1n1xNY Il1IIN'i'I'mX rim x I' Umm I min' is www IQIAIIITVX x www Qwliiu V IHNIN Summll Purvis Maeee Bax' Sz I.ouis Fr-rest Biloxi Glen .-'xllen Clarkrdale M1-adville Ocean Springs Orean Springs Petal NaSI1viIIe, Tenn, GuIfporl Laurel Laurel Purvis IIattimImrg Laurel Richton Mess Point Laurel Ilatiieshurg I,ucvcIaIi- IR-tal IIIIIIIPSINITLZ Uaktri-p, I.a. Nr-wtun I,:mi1'I Canal Z'-nf' fiuII'p1irl Iixl1"I- IIJHI11-'-Iwixrv I.m:f' n"ZiI III X, I-.,., .3 XIJ, IIIIA' I I '.i IR',1-.y,- I ef Q' A ,l I L . nv l fl 1' I M, ky I H ,YZ - 53 I QPR I 'ex I 11 F5 jg A I :PS r - 1- .ml 'G ,Q If 'ni . fi 'I I ,Ah X. 'QB 34. ag v ., s., I X r X Q 1...-,-' S I: K " ' 2 f 5' V--4' Q'f""" if ii Q, AZ Wine '-K A C-If I LA I -1 '-" 1 m . 1, V ,I -.. wg, gr- -ui' f- :f4.L I.. 5 -I .ik A hi VIA, A 'ft' 1. -3 J "f . K 6. 1 g'.,l . 9 . in I I ' if ---' 'Q . ' - ,lin . ! -sl . Q If QM W .,- L. 2. .L .Q 137 f""'P . ' ,vs , X I X ' xy . . If P41 If pq gl L X . - 'i ia L DAVID II. bIL'SSI2I.Y WILLIAM D. RICIIOIL Ir. CYNTIIIA I., KIQIIII MARILYN L. KIENNI-QIJY Seniors IIalIiuNIIuru jmkwrx JLIIAIASOII I.Ylf.'fIlPXN'll MIGHAEL R. KENNEDY Laurel RANDY S. KIQNNIQR Nmcm., OLA M. KENT way lxf' In-.f-I GERALD J. KIQRSII flglligglmrq MICIEIAIZI. KEYS Ivmm EMMA L. KING I,mIaA-i1I.- KATHRYN L. KIRK Bcnmnia EVELYN L. KISIER Infkm HELEN T. KISS IHIUAIH-IIIC, ALI. KATHY J. KITTRELI. Laurel JO ANN KLEIN Pensacola, Ifl... GENE E. KLOS Bedford Park, III. MICHAEL A. KNIGHT comm ROBERT A. KNOTT Meridian EDWIN E. KNOX Natchez KARL E. KOBERGIZR Gulfport CHERYL L. KOUBA DIANA E. KOUNS Long Bcarh Atlanta, Ca. SUSAN M. KREBS Pascagoula MICHAEL LADNER Lumberton SANDRA G. LADNER Jackson WILLIAM H. LADSHAW, III Elliwillf- GERALD B. LAING Newton THOMAS w. LAING NI-Wm DAVID M. LAMOTHE Metairie, La. MARY ANN LAND Humilzon JOSEPH D. LANDRY Bayou La Ram. Ala. MARGARET A. LANG OAI.. SAMMY L. LANG NIfIqnf.IIa wII.LIAM If LANHARI PAmqf,IIIa Bilf.:-gi MARIA dc Ia I.. LANGHANS ERIC M. LANTRIP LINDA NI. LATIIEM v - ' X azffo C,1ly Sc-I,zIsIOpfII RALPH E. LAWI-ESS LB'-IYCI NANCY A. LAY .lfifksfm CHARLES D. LEA Carthage. Ark. Seniors CECELIA P. LCBLANC Hattiesburg DIZNISE cg. I.cBL.-XNC Jackson CI.AL'DE E. LEE CBUIOU ESTIIER J. LEE Hattiesburg MOPSY LEE ViCl'4SbUF'S TERRY T. LEGGETT Collins E.-NRI. W. LAI.-XSTERS McComb RICIIARD Il. LECCETT Vicksburg JOHN A. LCSTELLE, jr. Chalmette, La. RICHARD B. LEWANDOWSKI Warrington. England DAVID I-I. LEWIS Hattiesburg FRICIJI-IRICK N. LEWIS Bogalusa. La. SHARON R. LICHTSEY Laurel FREDA Ii. LITTLE Columbia ROBERT S LOCKE Gulfport IIARIIARA E. LOFTON Picayune TIZRRI Y. LOGAN Southaven tzfxkol, J. I.oNc:ifi2LI.ow jackson ALFRED I,. LOPER Petal BERTIS I.. LOPER Laurel -D f' 'lx Af 7 jd' li .. '-,,:' if 1 -. f ,- -oo l1"""? L lo 4, A, "iid M ki od E. YY D' if , I X 5 1' , . ,lef fi . if Q. . Q 2- E ag :Q ' I - Mf- vi' Y., 36 11' ix ,ii -1 fx A 'I f 4, , 4 . up 1 Nfl tat. L . ,111 A .. if wh l if 0 I I r 4 -1 . 1 1 de - f' J 1.115 ' F' x 'I ESRB' ' Yr S I 5 1 Ich I I A x fl.. Ii , ....--. ...J I 28 'Q dbx ,ov by .1-g ,, JANET G. LOPEZ SUSAN I. LOTT WAYNE A. LOVETT JOHN M. LOVORN CLAUDE E. LOWERY DONALD LOWERY MYRA L. LOWERY RONALD LOWERY ROGER L. LUTHER JOHN W, LYLE ALAN MacARTHUR WILLIAM II. MACKIN MARTIIA A. MACEE PATRICIA A. MAGEE KENNETH R. MACEE MAR'I'IIA C. NIANBERC RI,'SSIiI.I, Cl. NIANCUSO TIIKINIAS Il. TXIAIURE , . Q.. ,i it 1 - , EY L x " ' an ' Q Q, H IDI ' I I.I,AI.'NIE H. NIARCHANT IARRY W. NIARCIIANT Q . Y omcstcad, Fla. Bassfield Raymond Fairfax, VD.. Wesson Columbia Wesson Columbia Lakeland Gulfporl Culfp0rl Shalimar, FIJ- JL-fm pfcniio Brookhavvfl Hattiesbnril Kcnnvf. Lal BIIUXI v .In Jafksflll jackson LOPEZ I'I0HlCSll3li!! wrr It V LOVETI- RMU DOVORN Fairfax! L LOWERY lla Cold Wm we 'WIKI cols WR Law mm Gulll' Z Gull!! HUR shiliwlffl IACKIN ,il MGEE W' MGEE I-lilly G E MNCUSO I AIURE ,Jff It ll A MARCIIANT II MW X-of -3 -yr X f-at v Seniors '35 3 9 f L' -I I'-' of r +3 . nf' JOHN C. XIARTIN IV3ync5b01-U t r MICHAEL A. MARTIN Crystal Springs SELL.-xisi it. xi.-xsnaunx Bmndon now..xRn if. si.-wuls, in Mobile, .-un. ' wl1.1,x.-xxx G. M..xT1.oCx Meridian ,Fifa . 7' .lxvnav L. MAULDIN Gulfport .5 CQ ff Louis v. MAURIO Toms River, NJ. if I '- 'S-3 WILLIAM B. M.-wrmto Prentiss A f LULA s. MQCANN jafkon T JOHN S. Mc.-XRTHUR Hattiesburg '6' KEITH A. MCCLAMMY East Brett-ron, ma. nu PAUL H. MCCLELLAN Laurel i. ."' QD. b.v Sr .5-if' f'? 'g I 4 Alu 1' Q s, A Ia 1' ' ..' 'Y Z V .. QAC' v. f I 13 4 1 RICHARD M. McCOOK Northport, Ala. STANLEY C. MCCOWN Columbus SANDRA C. MCCRORY Lawrence TOMMY L. MCDONALD Meridian N, ALAN R. MCDUFF Hattiesburg WILLIAM R. MCELROY Biloxi MICHAEL G. MCGEHEE Natchez BILLY R. MCGUFFIE Monticello O Attic shape! Fair attitude! with brede Of marble men and maidens overwrought, With forest branches and the trodden weedg Thou, silent form, dost tease us out of thought As doth eternity. Cold Pastoral! When old age shall this generation waste, Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou saylst. "Beauty is truth, truth beauty"-that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. Ode on a Grecian Urn John Keats 139 Seniors LINDA L. MQINNIS JOHNNY L fwffli.-XY ROGER D. Nfflil-QNNON .-'xI.BliRT Cl, Xlfl..-XNIJ l'IAR0l.D A Mfl.Ii.XN DON.-XLD E. Xlfl,l'i5IORlT ROBIZRT W, Mi-LICOD IZRICNDA K MrM.'xNl.'S RfJHliR'I' I. N11 Nlliillklil P.-XUI. ll, MrP.-Xllll., jr, DAVID C2 MrQlflI,l.AN YAZWC- Gulfpffrt Nfcndcnliall Petal Biloxi Meridian Gulfport Culfpnrt , Pliiladvlpliiii llalticsburg Gulfport DUNN.-X AI MICTSIPIQR Pasral'fmul:1 RICIIIARD ll. MHYD.-XG Tulsa. Okla. P.'X'I'RlCIA Ii. MIDDLIZTON Vicksburg Vlfllilli Mll.llR.AXNDT Brriokllavcn ,IESSE j MlfiI,'liS Biloxi llll.l.Y W. Mllilil. Fi. Walton Beach. Fla. IAMIZS M. MlI.l,liR Woodvillc Mlfill.-UCI, I,. Mll.I,liR Laurel SHIRLIZY S. Mll.l.liR Quitman TIIICRIZSA A, Nlll,l,liR Oman Springs IRMA R Mll.l,S Hattiesburg lfl.lf.'Xlllf'l'll M. NHMS Birminghani, Ala, lilI.l.Y MINSIIHW Carthage llARI.liNlC MlTCllliI,l. Purvis SVS.-'KN l-I Ml'I'l1llliI,l. l,anrf-l W.-XYNIC 'l' MIXON Indiannlg, IXNICY K MOAK jafkwn .-xx'i'nxiii Vi xmi.ix,x R1 TN Xl,ll li NlUl,l.lfRl-1 I INHX S MHN'I'42UMliRX ITRRY tl MUN'l'l2UMlfRY VHNNII5 Il MUURIC l7l"llUR.Xll l, MUURIC lXXll',S M MOURV MNRY W XlUORl' NIXXINI' ll NlHHRlf RIN NN l MUURI' QVSXN S MOURV l'lfl7 S MOORE l' alwfii, X 1-m'7iii'l:l llattii--lmuru ,Iavlm in la- kwin Pvarl llil- wi Nlrricliaii 15.4-1-1 Rpm'-K. ll.iHlPu'i 47-'PAH Spriiz,-x I.i.l.i Siriiiur 4: "LW, i v All if Z S 1 X Y 10" A ' I Z5 -1, il' " 12' iv mill.. 95. J X lr. I1 'UN ll Fl"- 'MX l nt' '1 - ,., NN A ,- 'X-ol T Q. 3 5 ' 1. 1 4 Q -J,', "A-'ri 'fi f ELL 1" 'Q 15 Y if K i 50N fx !"9. 6- ? F4 ' 140 'FN' I 4 6- W 'I' I . ,I nh.. Q . If .- M-, .I J rx 5 Q 'ff . .- 1- , S-a-A .4 , .lzgrvx A if -2 is i 2 2-J ' . V m- , f""N iff,-' l ' N Jil vi is xx K h ff -1: , J GQ I X i i - L -gk sl -.rf 'ii 'N fl . . Wm 0 f . 'R Q. flf Q I" Iii, ' . f '-- --- 'I gf -" 'Z ff, 4, I ' I . 5 1 I A 1 xl " , v-, it . ?ff.',. 4-ch' 'ON AQ If-5 'N f-lx 7.2. 1 fx 'J X 4 N Din. r fx - 1, 'O 4. E7 . Qis X, an L Y . fklkw 493. -5 M X05 ag- ...- , 4. 'f"",., f N ., aj 'UN .vx CI' IM 14.1 XN'lI.I.l.XM IJ MOORI' NN ll.l.I XM R MI HIRE Seniors SIOIIQ-ax all lluil. Hill l.,XllliY I, Nllll Plili, Slllillltll I-QI.lZ.-XIII-1'l'II A NIOINEIIIQXIJ I,:IIIr1'l Bfilllfi MUIUC.-KN llattivxlmrq MIKIIIAEI. C MORGAN Pl'I1KIll'l!i1l, Fla Nifll. A, NIORRIS Biloxi CIIIARLES IV. NIORRISON Gulfport TIIUNIAS C. MORROIY, Jr. Hillticsbllrq ROBERT V. MORROXN' Gulfport O. F, NIORTON Gulfport CHARLES I.. MOLITON MARTHA CZ, MULLINS JANE MUNSELI, RICHARD W. MUNSELI, KATHY J. MURRAY KENNETH J. MYERS KEITH W, MYERS JEAN P. NAPIER DONNA M. NASIF NANETTE N.-xsIIf B.-xRB.xR.Ax J. NATION D.IxvID M. NATIONS M. s. NIL.,-II. ANN E. NEELY NELDA R. NEWELI. KAY S. NEWMAN BRENDA G. NICHOLS DRENNAN T. NICHOLS HORACE M. NICHOLSON JERRY S. NICHOLSON SARAH R. NICKELSON BRENDA If. NOBLE GLEN NOBLES ALAN M. NOONE IEWIQI. E, NORMAN JOAN If. NORRIS REBECCA M. NORSWORTHY PAMELA N. NLNLEY SAM "Rnd-1" OBERLIN Andalusia, Ala. Hattiesburg Jackson Hatticsburu Taylorsville Jackson Jackson Brcmcn, Indiana Vicksburg Port Gibson Gulfport Brwvkhavcn Vicksburg Vicksburg Starkville Biloxi Yazoo City Magee Jackson Laurel Quitrnan Occan Springs Sumrall Jackson Summit Cary Hattiesburg Fayette Natchez Seniors MAR,IORIli E OUUEN RALPII OI.IIiR MICHAEL II OLIPIIAXT JAMES fi. OWIZXS joux D. owrxs CLIFFORD II. JACIK JOHN I-' PAl,IjMIlO I.L'lS I". PAREDIZS KIINNIZTII I.. PARKER MARY I' PARKER ROBERT j PARKER I'liRRY I.. PARKINSON KIIIRIS A. PECK PIZCKZY W, PEIDDICORD MARY A. PIINNYAN MARTHA A PENTECOST CZIIRISTINE M, PI-IRRIIZN IIZAN N PIITIZRS I.II.A 1, PIZYTON SALYADOR -I. PIAZZ.-5. I1I.SIIi C, PIERCIIZ IAMIZS S l'If2O'l"I' PENNY PICOTT I'.Al'l, Y PINKIZRTON MAR I I.Y I'I.ANCIII.-XRD II'IJl'I'II Y POIJYM,-X VIUIIN A I'Ol.K QIII-fI,'l'UN R I'OI.K KI1I.I.Y I-I I'OI'I-1 IXMIiS ti I'Ol'NKZI2Y xixklixxx 1' mwii ymtiti It I'OXX'I'.I.l. WII.I 1 ui t' mm'i'i r, Ki'l'l'it 1- I'OWl'RS IKM! H I maxi 1' IIXNNY A l'RI-NSIIY XNIJRIT X I. I'RICS'l'HN IOIIN t' VRIIIII X DUN XI.IJ W I'RItAI' IYAYIID .I I'Rlt'Ii N Natchez 'l 1 Biloxi at h Rirhton i 'Z' ' lselin. Jackson New Orleans, La. fi ff' Fort Myers, Fla. Hattiesburg - Noxnpater if Q x Laurel Biloxi Drew Miss Cleveland Hattieburg Glostcr Ridgeland Biloxi Gulfport Raymond jackson Hattiesburg Q Meridian Bogalusa, La. Hattiesburg - ,- xtccomb 4- Clinton l 'T Prentiss 'N .Iackon Hattiesburg lint:-rprisv State I,ine Sumrnll Alai-kfftn -Ilfllsrwll I.aI:fIand Wicrtiw 'R Iflliwille Rall'-' Nl -q I , Meridia: Sfuyqr' XIIV. Ii.1 If 3- ,BN '. ,.4s .iii 'X i 'Y N.. 5 ,so Q fi. ISL X r fs Q 1 Et A 2 Xu Q 'Af T4- 'Vs Y 'Vx fu? 141 f ,Q f'3 A 63:5- .' ir.. 4 fr 'f I6 'R ,VX 45 f 'P 1 'v-' G '4 1- ! . 1 . . ,. I ' .f ni .. ' " .25 X 1 :- Li 'Q .. . do , If-: A , . . 4, .X N WMI! Eb.. A", I x Y '4'7 -.Z ,43 'Q '----IP a i nf ff W 14' RG' t i , 3-ug? I X rx . W, ,VR 35- ami li Pk X .I ' ,pix er. 4- A "' v- IW- . 7 13 . N vm-' vL-N . . ,' wj,:g'.. .,. I "'if"T" .Hi - " ,Q LS. K U L ,nn ax fo' 4" S if'- X 45 rf- X Ny' ' '45 -I Y? N 'v ' FI., I ,H-'Y ' r ,,, 1 li--f ,. 143 C: . C- Ab, 4? x Ki' .' f 'xx L f.. Q. " if f I 8 21' I. I, 'Q l E It 1 Jill K -,Q-. ff X 'n .aww I-3 l y ff!!!-I I 1- .Q . .. ,r . gi w ,I i 1 I I' Ag 4 1 El : M its ,s p rv 'S ul' 4, .. f 1 YE. sl! I' XXII-IIA I. IIRIIIE I.lfSI.IIQ I. I'liI IKTIIXRIJ NANLIY LT l'RUI'S'li St III1YICRI.Y ti I'I'tLll IOIIN tl I'L'IlI.lf SUSAN I-1,Ql'ltTK M.XR'l'IlA Ii. RAIJAL' BE'I"I'Y JO RAY IIENRY I.. RAINER DON R. RAINEY RUSSELL G. RAMAGE ROBERT G, RANISAY RICIIARD II. RANDALL Il.'LIE R. RATCI,lI"If BILL G. RATLIFI' GARY D. RAYBORN GLENN M. RAYBURN KENNETH R. REA SUSAN A. READ CHERYL A. REID MARY K. RENEGAR GENE NI. RESTER RETA L. RESTER ROBERT T. RICHARDS Seniors IAA IMI 'II Ilatticxlitxrt' Siznoris Islancl, tht Bax Spxings Occan Sprintgi Incliztni-lzi Snncivt Ocean Springs Mt-ritlian Ilattii-sburq Gulfport Pascagoula Purvis Collins Clinton jaycss Long Beach Philadelphia Pachuta Tuscaloosa, Ala. jackson Mobile, Ala. Wiggins jackson BETTY JO RICHARDSON Auburnclalc-, Fla. ALBERT M. RICHARDSON JOELENE G. RIDEOUT CHARLES V. RION ALEX D. ROBERTS DANNY M. ROBINSON GEORGE D. ROBINSON IJAYNA A. ROBOSRY TERESA M. ROCK GARY N. ROCKWELL LAURA N. ROGERS MARY D. ROGERS NEDA G. ROGERS RAY CT. ROLISON BARBARA L. RONE JOSEPH W. ROSE McComb Clarksdalf- Hattiesburg Jackson Jackson Utica Bonifay. I-'Ia. Slidell, La. Portsmouth. NH. .Iacl-:son Foxworth Gulfport Gulfport Ethel Biloxi Seniors PHILLIP j. ROSETTI Bilfifil Ii!-.RB.fXR.X I, ROSS Mernplzia Tenn, BIZYERLY .X RUSS Nlemphia Tenn. CLI-lNIJ.-X If. ROSS Prentixs I'A'I'RICI.'X .N ROL'NSAX'II.LE Petal SUS.-KN I", ROWLANDS ICIJWARIJ ll. RUWLES Yardley. Penn. Iiront Royal, Va, lIlil.l'IN Ii, RL'NDIfI.I. Richton BRIZNDA j, RVNNIQLS Pascagoula SIlIRI.liY J. RUSII Pascagoula ,IANN li RL'SSlfl.I. Vicksburg IOIIN I., RL'SSIiI.I. Walnut Hills, Fla. KIJWARIIJ P. RYAN Vicksburg SVSAN NI. RYAN Bay St. Louis ROIIIiR'I' .-X. S.-XDLER I'AL'I. A. S.-XI..-K Vicksburg Baton Rouge, La. RAIEXICI, A. SAl..tXZAR Zulia, Venezuela TUIIY IJ. S.-XNIJERFORIJ New Bmunslel, Tex. GLORIA NI. SANDERS Forest KIEITII P. SANDIFER Tylcrtown IiR.'XKIl'1 .N SASSONE Usylta jIiI"I" S S.-X'I'TliRWIIl'I'I2 Hattiesburg IDI'1.'NNN.'X Il, S.-XVCIIQR Gulfport jAMl'1S R S:'Xl'CflIfR Hatliehburg KIIYIN S S.-XUCZIIIR Ocean Springs s'i'i1viiN is s.xv.-xmi Upper Darby, Pa. tN'II,I.tJl't2IllIY 'I' SAX'I.I.I. Philadelpliia tfI'Il'I'lS NI SKTIIANTZ llattiesburg Nl.XR'I'Il,X t7 StIIIII.I.lNt IlXRII,XR.'X S Sl2IIIl,I.INtL Ilillll Il SITIIXIIIYI' IIINIJN II StTIIl'I.'I'Z I'Xl'l, tp SI'III'I.'I'7 l.INlIX If SIKRIZY IXN I, SICI.I" Zarhary, I.a. Oxylxa Gulfport Iwlm Br-at h fflintf In 1 . , lm- .lui-iil.i Nlenclwnlizill I'I"l4IiR t' RVIIUN Ililfrxi IIUYXLII II SIIXRI' Ililoxi INNIIN I' YIIXW t'l-.girlf--.cfm W XlfI'IiR li SIIXIN' IN'.ilggt,g Ili -.r C' NRI, R SlIlfIfl'ON,i, Illi:.- :Q il. .V -4. I "5 H' ' gf .l If If 1 " S., :fir A - I' U' I H tl F ,NN 7 ' lt. fx ,-- Y .. ,-.Q . Y '1 I Q X 'T-T4 5 if 1 ' ' L 1-4-N v-5 W-'Q . 94 , gli ' if 1 1,11 mar A - r . 1 A' 'I 'ct f 'gf 5 : ' Q N , 1- X N 34312 I 72 G l 1 v no Q--o F1 - 'Q' ,P I-QQ 144 'IQ ,56- l , .u . 'I 'A A-2, . rg f 0 .1 A fx x A f""7 2:49 Q I 'R iv- Pg - I tml in 1 Q . I , 41 v I I X J I' 1 l fm' at 'el A T- f.-.' '45- QL 'lf'E7T,, K , , .L F35 ,- if .-X ,t "?"' J U 'fl' we lift fs Q1 'KR '1 'fs- I v ff I i 1 I. -vq ,Nb IH- IU-x. 1- -s 1-v zu I IQ, -JW IN' I I .I ' A CA .A G1 NIXRY fl 5IIIIfXI,lm lf,XI.X'IN Ii SIIIRK I5IiI1NIl.X S SIIHI XI.XI'xI1 IiIJXN.XRI3 S SIIHVNI XKI I,UNNII1'I' SIIUI'I.'I'l, I Seniors Prvnlisx Yi. kburq Lfullim IIQHIICSIHIIL: 1xqI1:m1, .KIA SHANNON ti SIIILI-'.Y lfolumbizu IXIII-Q K. SKINNIQR l'hiI.ndc-Iphin RI"I'II Ii, SIMPSON Wiggins IIiRRY Ii. SIMS S z-rx xinars RIJWNIQIJ I., SKIPPI-IR Mm-ridian CII.-XRIJZS I,. SM.-XI,I.IiY Ilntlivwhuru BRNNY SNIITII Iiil-lxi BII.I,Y G. SNIITII Uni--u BUBBIIC j. SMITH O-.-cu DIHSRA I,. SMITII Glmlcr DONALD K. SMITII Pr:-miss DOUGLAS NI, SMITII I'iv:uy-um LORIND.-X G. SMITH Wu cwrm s fmn' km, R I. CAMII,I.Ii S. SMITII Bnmklmvcn IERRY W. SMI'I'I'I Starkville ' , :44:.4L..- ' Ib t ux' . 1 - A..- ... , ,M L . , U L - - - .. . A f Seniors l'.XTRICII.X fx. SMITH NIT.-X SMITH RfJlil'lR'l' E, SMITH Slll-ll.I.-X A. SMITH SUS.-'-.N M. SNYIJI-IR S'l'liYliN R. SIKXRKS tiI,ORl.X I.. SI'El'.lJ CIGRA I.. SPIZLI, I,'kNlt2li .N SPIZNCIH W I I,l,I .XM M SPR.-XTLEX KARI-IN S'l'Alilll.lNG Wll.l.lAM CI. STANl,liY tl ROB!-1R'l'S'I'ANl.IiY ll.XROl.lJ S'l'.'Xl'l,ES Hl'lID.rX tl. STICPHIZNS WAYNIC IJ STIZPIIENS DOROTIIY G. STICYIZNS MARY CI, STIQYI-INS IIZSSI-1 ll. Sl'1l'llliNSON HAROLD W. STEVENS Moliilc, Ala. llatzif-tlvzrz Biloxi Mtil-airi Biloxi . Thomas. Ky. jackson Woodvillc jackson Pascaqoula Biloxi Ocean Sprinzs Hattiesburg Biloxi Sumrall Canton Hattiesburg Laurel Orcan Springs Hattiesburg vw? Af 'T IW' A . JESSE L. STEVENS JOE B. STEWART WILLIAM J. STEWART RICHARD L. STOUDER RICHARD H. STRATTON CAROLYN S. STRAWBRIDGE LARRY C. STRAWDER JOYCE A. STREET JIMMIIE C. STRICKLAND MI SIDNEY D. STINGER STCJNEY M. STRINCIER DON C. STRINCFELLOW FRANK li. STROHM SIIARON ll. STROHM I. R. S'l'Lf.IXR'l' RCJILI-2R'l' 'li S'I'Rt't:KIiR l.ol'IS R. STUIDICNY Itmii-1 M Strat: imitis qi. Sl.'l.I.lX'.IXN iwiix If S'i'I'x1I'II 146 1 lr' Q. L 'ii- A Y' Petal Jackson Chunky Moss Point Liberty Shaw Florcnrt- Luccdali- Point, Misa Lriurvl Lauri-l Laurt-I Wiggins Wiqqim Hatticslxuru Coluiiilmi Colninlvui liolfl Collini l,:1urr'l xiii I. TERRANOVA il ii. TERRY iioiii Tim, Ill Eilll I. Iiw ES ll. IIIAGGARD Ui G. THEAD Diiiioiiip I IHEMILL I- Hioiils I I Tiioilis 'vllloiils :IIHOMPSQN .Am Il A IIIIOIIIIQN .ITHOIIIIILL It THWIITON . ON 1 I'- ll H111 Ware F2151 Heir Xia E C: I. ,- A M: v. A'-t X S n. 0: tg. M XI XIUVXIQII' Ii 9I'I I IX' ff I-I3 1 35 I I QVLYS 'ff ARI 575Is'ART :Tomi I 5 57p,xTT0N I. TLIIIIJER L 'fail .CKLLXD IW PII' T11-1 , :TRINGER WELLOIII 7 ,VIII TROIIII ff gf.fTI4fR c 'W If g' Ui :PH , I , . I IARRY Sl IQHWIVK an IDI-QIIURXII li SWAIN NIAli'l'IlA ,I SWAl.IfS If II IN NI SYKICS Rf L I a 'I I,Al'RIIi IJ, SYNIAIICS IIRICNIJA A 'l'AI,llIiR'I' L fc., I IIRIAIDA R. IANNLR maxlczls 1. 'ILINNI-:R , lk RAYMOND II. '1'.xNNr:R, ' - ' ' GEORGE H TAQLHNO L MELANIE F. TERRANOVA BART M. TERRY RAYMOND TERRY, III CAROLE L. TEW JAMES M. THAGGARD SUSAN G. THEAD DAVID THEOBALD I. M. THERRELL JAMES E. THOMAS JAMES M. THOMAS MELANIE THOMAS MYRA THOMAS BOBBY THOMPSON RANDALL G. THOMPSON BRENDA S. THOMPSON NANCY J. THORNELL ALICE THORNHILL VICTOR E. THORNTON GERALD L. THORNTON JOHN L. TILLMAN, Jr. Mobile Hattiesburg Biloxi Waynesboro Philadelphia Heidelberg Vicksburg Bassett Gulfport Forest jackson Meridian Kosciusl-zo Natchez Bassfield Vicksburg McComb Jackson Ashland Union rm Q LARRY fl. TATE L. 5. T.u'r.OR l"5 T.Iwr.OR w, 'I'AYl.OR ROBIQRT w, 'I'AYI.OR, jr PATSY K. TEM PLE f-'N 1 JAJA L pn- Seniors XY I I IQXIIIII IP NI XIXIIRS I.. lvzzf - IUIIN Sl'N1RXI.I. l..mr1- IQXIIIILRIYI. X SVNIISIIUIXI O. .-., ,, s,,,5,,L- RIVIIARIJ I Sl'Il Xlfl-Q I',Ii:l YJ tlenlfpflrr AI.1- In-lm .I.u'I,s- 'll ll.lllI4'sIlllI'x' Inllfpf-ll llnltirwlluuf llnlfpffrt l.m-1-mlzmlf' l.uf f'cI.1I1' hulfpf-rr Pcml Jnrsl-:mn l':m'qu.gOuI:x I l:u lIf'SlJlH'Lf Meridian ,lc - 'Y' 1 fill "T we . iw- I ra I A 1. Q I li. l ' 147 u.6!ou33iJ.lId"K1t163H ' I .L .QI I I II 1'---U .-. Seniors A lfl1rim'j.Tol.BERT coiiliogo if ,Q A," I Arg y ITMT ii "TILT ' oxlzl. la. 'roxllflqlxs Biloxi Q jx "M" A ' ' .,- IJ.-'-.YIIJ w. 'roxslzl-:lm Toiiioo, lflo. ' 4 7 filaolull-3 lf. 'roL'.xR'l' Pensacola, rio. RoBl-1R'l' cz. Towxl.Ei' Bllisiiillo l..i-iam' J. TOWNSIZND colliiiovillo 4: G I-'RANCICS xi 'lowxslzxo Loiia A A c:ll,xlcl.l:s R. 'IARICQC Hoiiioxloiiig ROIJNIZY ll. 'I'RIPI,Ii'I'I' Moss Point A it ll-Lxxr .ti 'rlzoxl.BR Natchez ' iw ltlczllklzn l,. TICKER Biloxi so lore ra. 'l' lloiiioobiirg ' Jem' cz. 'rL'l,l.os Vicksburg I ' lqlaxxl-:Tll D. 'l'ul.l,os To,-loixxillo c:..x'l'lll-:lzlxl-1 l.. 'I'L'RNER wo,-iiosboio ltloxix J. 'rulzxlzlt Looliooi-illo lxnxxlfrll TYNES Salem -4. slmlmx 'rvxns Sartinsville QT' ,losl-Ll-lllxl-1 lx. 'l'vRA Biloxi Rfwxloxo s. ULLAND Biloxi '33 A K .-' , .5 5 Q : olii fl 1' I A . J I 1-fl, K. -.O ,,.. 7 tx 0- OW .a 9 .- 4.-. sQ R 'oh M., ,- I4 1 5? ls- tx 4' . -l fi .,.. li, ' . 8 KENNETH A. VALVERDE Pascagoula MARY V. VanCI..OOSTERE Long Benrh GAIL VANDERGRIFT Hattiesburg THOMAS VAN DEVENDER Bent mlll VIRGINIA S. Van EGMOND Vicksburg MARGELLA VAUGHN LINDA M. VAUGHAN FRED F. VERZONE FRANK S. VINCENT JAMES L. VINCENT KAIITY WADE CHARLES A. WAITE LILI,IIi WALKER THOMAS W. WALKER CI IARLOTTIC T. WALL SYLYIA fi, WALL DIANE T. WALL WI LLIAM D. WALLACE SLSAN I WALKER 'IIIIJIJY NI. WALKER Conchatta Yazoo City Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Marks Port Gibson Vicksburg McComb Pascagrlula Osykzl Gillsburg Osyka Wesson Gulfport Magee 1190. 1' if Qi, 5 I 1 4l 5. IV-'22 TI PI I '51 I I Q 4 IJ. A 3, VALVERDE fmCID0STEP-I5 IERGRHT 'ASDEVHWER VAEGI5 'UIUGPIAN you INCDT :CDT ER NALKER ,V WALL ,L ILLACE 512 LEX Paxzgi. Ions If Hilda? If nl Inn. Cori Hamff. II Pon GI' III? III PW' O GIF 0 If' MJ? 'lx I 'Y 1' I"'I m',g l lI 11- 1-7 Q ' ' -I--44 E "A" " L y - rv-4 ,,,, 1-rv-'I ""' ,, -H---of .......- .. ,-1.4.4 ' ....... - . usa .-...- -. ' .......-. -9 ,. ....... -q . . .-....- -Q . ....- 9. .. qu-su 3 , Www' I I :ss czn 5 -4 3 E 2.115 I "' "' "' I 'I?T"f 1 ' T i 31 Tk 5- 8' 6'N Q:", 4l1"" . A! A . PF p-C? 1, ::"1n va , ..-gx 43 Xl I I I I ...J :JI I lJI.IIN I XY XIIIIY SXRXII I I-N'XI.IIIi IIII,I,Y I XXQXLIXIXX SHlIiI.I'.Y I, XNQXI, I1 1X flYNl'III.X If XYXRIJ IfI,Ii.XNUR Ii WXRI N VIRGINIA IJ, XN',XRIiI.N IJICISORAII I. WAIQIQIZN jOIIN XYXRRICN Seniors I'.IgvI.lZ'. LfI" M Nz! :I I.,1l.f' II.utErI r Qf:'Iuz:.3-x I.1. Ipwu NI"IviIr', .XI.z Iiil- -xl S.nmIv Il-I-'In raxml-:'1'1'r-1 uxxruu-:N vf1.I,.Ir.1, .Im CIIIIiS'l'OPIIIiR W,XSIIINfL'l'ON Ili!--xi c:11.xm.1-is '11 w.-wr-:1uI.1, Ima,-Ir,..,L, sTzix'1aN cs. wwxlxs yu-IQ,..,. VICKI w. W.X'I'KINS Ay...IQx..,. 'rllmms lx W.-X'I"I'S ,f4.III..I. w1L1,l.-m 11, wrz.-wr-:R 'Im-1I1.N.g1., mu.. P.x'1'R1c:l,x 1., wr-:ms 1.. .III 1 n.,..I. s'1'nPm:Ns 1-1. wmaxs K1 ..IA ks f,,, TI1oM,xs I WI-1ISSMII.I,IiR Ilnttimlmrg Ronlam' L. wlamsokx s f,5f, 4 x.: 'Q-fbi-6-4:26- i1'1u5f,g3g ' H ' - , -f ,,,,,,3.. w'?'f'J-6'f'2'r'v:Q.- "'- ' Seniors THOMAS A. WELLS BUBBY R. WENTZELL JAMES Y. WIiN'I'ZELL CIIARLES E, WEST S'I'I2X'E WESTMORELAND CYNTIIIA A. WIIIDDON IOYCE E. WIIITAKER IJEYAN W. WI-IITE fwfoss Point Biloxi Biloxi Gulfport Crystal Springs Poplarvillc Columbia Mobile, Ala. IOAN I-'. WIIITE Florala, Ala. WILLIAM II. WI-IITIZ Edwards WILLIAM R, WIII'I'LEY Shreveport, La. WILLIAM II. WIIITLICY Natchez JAMES L. WIIZDECKER Ocean Springs CATIIY O. WILKES Picayunc CIATIIIZRINE R. WILKINS Hattiesburg WILLIAM IJ. WILLIAMS Ocean Springs FRANK II. WILLIAMS. III Prentiss CIARUI. AI, WILLIAMS jackon FRANK AI. WILLIAMS Stonewall FRED E. WILLIAMS Meridian LYNN I. WILLIAMS Osyka LARRY C. WILLIAMS Columbia MARTIIA L. WILLIAMS Poplarvillc ROBERT E. WILLIAMS McComb l'A'I'RIt2IA A. WILLIAMSON Prentiss PAIILA j. WILLIAMSON jackson WAL'I'IiR CZ. WILLIAMSON Prentiss CZIIARLIZS O. WILLISON Wiggins IIYNIJI ID. WILLOUGIIBY jackson CAROL Ii WILSON Grand Bay, Ala. WAND.-X I". WILSON Lake tif irii ifvrnnt HWI-INIJOLYN WILSON Laurel YAIYGIIN I" WILSON Pr-tal WILLIAM M WILSON I,utvtl4iIt- PA'I'RItiI.X .X WINTICR jziilgwn RHIII-IRI' S WISI-f. III II,itHn Rviiiuf-. Lgi SANDRA K WINS'I'Ii,XI3 hlziilw-ii LIAROLYN I. WINSICR .l.iiIw-n t5IiORtGII W wcilflkikli Mviitpliis IAUKIIC I-', WOMIILIY Moss I'f-in! ,,..g .Mi , if Q 1:55 3 X Q I 4 2 q? S- I 4 7 Q ,N p I . . I lqzsrx -55111 fx i K I -'X'1':.ff-ph x r R . 3 9' .,, N .,, I5 W -B1 f-f'." x ki f ri P l nv Irv. fi Q Q 411 'I -1 .X ..- uf Y' .LX 3- ISO JT vf 4 if r I '05 5,29 I I L u A me of ' Wal for a new nimsmitben .Od Ci is I' v fx Seniors .wx K Q, Ax . , R I ,-A X , V' I r S sl X r Q, Fw f M HXIIJN I1 Xxncllm lggfux NNIIIIXHI Xklvull 'l'M,1x, XXII l I xx! xi xumrmlm 5 1gg1..x, NURM XI, I2 he M wlvlqlyfg X11-r-i H .x!.! Lil. 3 L LXIHX lx Xxwulms 1,.,Hix-,,l!f 4, IIH.ll,X 5 NNKDHIJXMXIQID l,.ux:"ll kg 'UZ a Q .Ig " I..XXf.XR NN'HUIlXN',XIlI7 N.l!1:'.' ni V K 'N ff- f J r.lxn.x.x wmc:11'1' 4...1.,mn,a.. - 5 TY, F, ,, J' 'M SHII mx 1 man HI x..Q.r.f.' Q! -' ,e f I .D 'W M w.-x1.'1'1-:la wlclcaulwux, jf ,-Xrl.1m.1, m Il.URl'2Nfflf M, YN'l'l"l'lf i,wlu1x1lri.x ,. ww W " N PIIYI.I,IS .x wnxxu Mmm... -2 R.-XYMONIJ I.. YuN'1'z Bill-xi IOIIN n. Ycurxrz I.:nun-I P.-xL'1.,Ax Ymfxc: Uranus.- M1z1u,1-: c:. xlxixiramux cram. mn., Q ar Nom xi. mx Biluxi -:r Q" IOIIN zufxo nnuxi v ,im 4 The Passinv of a sourhem landmark site of the USM hedge. Removed in dw SPHW1 Of 197' l""'f'k'1 D ' . . .N xi - ' ' 1 K Way for a new network of sidewalks surrouudmg thc Admnmbuauon Blllldlllq. F ISI r 23.871-'TIS-I ',.. .. ndergraduates SCOTT P. ABERNATHY. junior SHREYL L. ABLES. Sophomore PAMELA L. ABELSON. Freshman JOE B. ADAMS. Freshman SUSAN L. ADAMS, Freshman THOMAS Af. ADKINS. Junior CAROLYN J. AGENT. Freshman BRENDA F. AlNSXN'OR'FH, Junior OVEE D. AlNSVVOR'Fl'i. Junior THOMAS C. AINSYVORTH, Freshman CHARLENE AINSWORTH, Freshman LARAYN M. AINSWORTH, Freshman CYNTHIA C. AITKEN. Sophomore BARBARA S. ALEXANDER. Junior CZAROLYN A. ALEXANDER. Junior noxA1.D s. ALFQRD. Junior 1.n,1,.x J. ALFORD. rrcnlnnnn ROSAMOND J. ALFORD, rrnsnnrnn 'mov N. Arronn, snpnnrnorr- mzwis R. rnxsooo. rrrrnrnnn J. M. ALLEN, Freshman Rlli ALLEN, Freshman ROBERT C. ALLEN, Freshman RAYMOND C. ALLGOOD, Freshman MARILYN C. ALLRED, junior DIZHORAII A. AMASON. Sophomore MARTHA j. AMASON, Sophomore ADELE E. ANDERSON, Sophomore ANNliT'I'l'1 S. ANDERSON, junior .IRAN C. ANDERSON, Freshman JAMES li. ANDERSON, Junior lANlCl'i K. ANDERSON. -Iunioi jOllN T. ANDERSQTN, sl tlll lm' l,lNl7A li. ANDERSON, Junior MARY K. ANDERSON, l"r1'slnnan MlCIllAlCl, O. ANDERSON. .lnnim Rlillliifif.-X li. ANDERSON. junior DIOHN A. ANDREWS. Sopliomori liARl. W. ANDREWS. l-'rvslnnan filiNl-1 A. ARl",NDl-IR, .lnnior Sl'S.XN R .XN'l'llUNY, Si-pli--ni. ii l. N ARDUl,lNl'l, .Innior llUl'lil.AS N .XRMS'l'RONf'i, -Iunnn l.ORl'.N.X bl. ARMS l RONU. l' 1'f' BOBBY W. .XRMSTRONKL jnnir-r McComb Vicksburg Mt. Olive Pensacola. Fla. Natchez Scooba Columbia Jackson Bay Springs Gulfport Bay Springs Gulfport Jackson Columbia Moss Point Jackson Morton Sumrall Tylertown Louisville Philadelphia jackson Fayetteville, Tenn. Yazoo City Slidell, La. Magee Hattiesburg Ocean Springs Baton Rouge, La. Monticello Gautier Petal Edwards Mobile, Ala. Gulfport Purvis Petal lialtivsbnrg Columbia Morton l'.issC.hr1sn:in Biloxi Biloxi hNX'llllP, Arli. Sanclvrsvillr- W' 1 -. , fi 1 . l J- Q Q 'R 'S 4 ,Q r Q l "Sy W xi F: 1 3' uh. 'ln vxsrj l 1 , N f. A- ' 4 i , 'D x". Y , riff i Q- i l l.:.-f , ,d '-N W, x r ,Z :Q 1'-01" 3 ' Tvs .I. S ,.- Cl-5 l s , " ff iff ii N' as 4 ir J if AV F'-9. -1 . 1 I i --"' ' A: I: YQ? Ga A v R S .. .9 K .es T' 'I 1 fi. ' V ll lllril f"'! E , " v ra ' -Q 7 , . 1- , ' ' 0 N . , .... Va iv' 'R l 4 I -- N I A AJ S ' ' Ex. A1 N I I hJ W l I 0 l ,J 1 763i va vi' ,L 35? 151 T iii uw I is r'- f Fit? I I ii ' IFF' . l X . A 1 I -0 . 9,5 hy-.. , A 'A l'Ii,,..'i. . , " ' 5X,gj,,,r,!VT '3gF'ii'E 4,3 ga 93 A , 1 l X I , X ,Al A-E , f .Ss 1 1- ' I , wi A 5 . "J I ' I A 53-ji I I ' 1 Yi , A A .vt J V. I ag fu 'f' ,... . AJ' I , 0 Q ff ft j ig -' A v - K , 'I . .. s is I L, ,gf .4 ., , .X I - I 3 A - N 1' I, fr I - A ' f A. ' 'Q .' '31 rv 3, V ' :r , A A-f g A :girl -ca -I -4 4 . 4 l 4 , " ., . I I 'ii ' f 5 , .1 2-.. IA '36- V , I-1 K iw Q 1:- X 9 if -rx . , ilu, 4 l 2- . ' '7""'l' i I V' ., , sr --nt u , " ,-:ev , Lx-24,3 1 i ' , -i ' 7743 .i Jai, 153 ndergraduates SHARON ARXISTRONCQ, J LII1 ior ROSS IV. ARNOLD, jr., Freshman SUSAN L. ARNOLD, junior ELIZABETH ASHER, junior ANGELA V. ASHKER, Freshman JOE E. ASHKER, Junior WINFORD C. ASHLEY, junior ANNETTE M. ASMAR, Freshman JEANNETTE ASMAR, Freshman MARJORIE K. ASP, Sophomore JILL M. ATKINSON, Freshman SYBLE S. ATKINSON, Sophomore LARRY E. ATWELL, Junior SUE w. ATWELL, Junior VERNELL AULTMAN, Junior STEPHANIE A. AUSTIN, Sophomore MARJORIE L. AUSTIN, Frosnrnon SUZANNE E. AUTRY, Frornrnon STEPHAN C. AUMAN, Erosnrnon THERON L. AVERY, Junior BEVERLY J. AYERS, Sophomore MAURUEEN H. AYCOCK, Freshman FRANCES S. BACON, Sophomore CYNTHIA BAGLAI, Junior BECKY F. BAHLMAN, Junior LORENA BAILEY, Junior MARTHA A. BAINE, Sophomore RONALD E. BAIR, Freshman ALICE A. BAILEY, Junior CHARLES D. BALES, Junior JACKIE A BALDWIN, Junior ANNA J. BALL, Junior DANICE R. BALL, Junior DEBORAH A. BALL, Sophomore SHERRY D. BALL, Erosnrnan GERALD W. BALLARD, Freshman ROBERT H. BANKS, Jr., junior MARILYN J. BANKSTON, junior MIKE BARBER, Junior SAMUEL H. BARHAM, Freshman LARRY J. BARNARD, Sophomore DONALD N. BARNES, Junior LORRAINE E. BARNES, Freshman MARY L. BARNES, Freshman J REBECCA A. BARNES, Freshman Johnstown Laurel McCall Creek Picayunc Clinton jackson jackson Laurel Laurel Moorchcad, Minn. Biloxi Vicksburg Tallahassee, Fla. Pascagoula Columbia Panama City, Fla. Saucicr Hattiesburg Asheboro, N.C. Purvis St. Paul, Minn. Biloxi Wiggins Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. Houston Gulfport Escatawpa Picayune Kansas City, Mo. Soso Wiggins Meridian Greenwood Batesville Pinola Brookhaven Jackson Memphis, Tenn. Clarksdale Mendenhall Greenville Taylorsville Manchester, Ga. 1 V -Z'-1?3!4qL!:?QQ."l. . - 5--.-43.2.9 task A . . o J.-.4,. . Undergraduates SHIRLEY A. BARNES, Junior SUSAN E. BARNES, junior CAROL E. BARNETT, Junior CHERYL C. BARNETT, Freshman VICTOR J. BARONICH, Freshman NEVIL E. BARR, Freshman BRENDA BARRETT, Sophomore CHARLES T. BARRON, junior SIQNNE J. BARRON, Sophomore KAREN L. BASHAM, Junior MARGARET A. BATES, Sophomore CHARLES S. BATSON, Freshman IANET G. BAUGH, Freshman HERMANN M. BAXTER, Junior OPAL A. BAXTER, Sophomore CINDY L. BAYLOT, Sophomore MARIAN S. BEACH, Junior BETTY A. DEBRA K. KAREN D. CHARLES DARLENE MICHAEL REBECCA BEARD, Freshman BEARD, Freshman BEARD, Sophomore E. BEARDEN, Sophomore G. BEARDEN, Junior E. BEARDEN, Junior F. BEARDEN, Sophomore DEBORAH L. BEASLEY, Freshman RITA BEASLEY, Freshman HABSON D. BEEMAN, III, Junior CATHY L. BELL, Freshman ANTHONY W. BENNETT, Sophomore BARBARA G. BENNETT, junior LESLIE E. BENSON, Freshman FRANKIE L. BENTON, Sophomore E. D. BENWARD, Sophomore SCOTT M. BERGERON, Sophomore j.1XNlS M. BERRY. juninr Kiaxxiarn M. BERRY, junior PALII, G. BERRY, Freshman C.-NROLYN BESHEARS, Sophomore CATHY A. BIBB, Junior K.-X'l'HRYN A. BIBLER, Freshman WILLI .-XM M. BIGGERS, Freshman YVILTON D. BIGGS, Sophomore EUGENE L. BIRD, Freshman B A R BA R A A. BIRDSONG, Junior JOHN ll. BISHOP. junior -:.'.-:.'.:.: . ' '-:::: : Columbia Jackson Cleveland Gulfport Biloxi Purvis Jackson Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Ellisville Meridian Petal Ellisville Bay St. Louis Lumberton Vicksburg Hattiesburg Laurel Columbia Vicksburg Woodville Natchez Raymond Woodville Vicksburg Vicksburg Coffeeville Hattiesburg Noxapater Morton Monticello Hattiesburg Ocean Springs Biloxi Hattiesburg Pinola Columbia Preston Vicksburg Jackson Greenwood Osyka Waycross, Ga. Clarksdalc Hattiesburg '-3 x , l X I I Jxl J I l :NX i x . If A xP.-1'-li ,43 " '. .ff-Q9 .....f., .. . . ...7,,., ... . ..e,5,j4 ,Q 'Y I .1 1 l f.eeurmn1u1fs.a al ll ! 'i n,ll.4-rnI.J.n.! Ffffffi' E4 L .rr J A A '7 I Ss I A l. in , If Q Q 5 r wif: lf' I5 l Undergraduates l.Xl It X is IllSIl1lI'. l:"rl:x:1.m CIYNTIIIA I. IIISIIUV, Ifrrshtnan MARY IIISIIUV, junior FAI IY IIISIIUP, Sopllfntrlftrr' 0'I'IIfI 'lf IIISIIOP, Jr, I'ift'KlHHQl11 WlI.l,.-XRD S BISSIZLL, junior SUSAN R. Iil'I'ZIitiAlO, I-'rvwluxmn DARWIN W, BIVINS, Supl xfvrxnfx rw- DEBORAII I". BLACKWI-1I.I,, S--phomr SL'Ii K. BLACKWELL, Sophomore N. P. BLACKWELL, Fresl mxxm an BARRY D. BLAINE, Freshman SHEILA C. BLAINE, junior MARGARET A. BLAIR, Freshman CHERYL A. BLAIZE, Freshman THOMAS F. BLAKE, Snphnrnnrc ROBERT w. BLAKBNBY, Frrrnnrnn JEFFERY K, BLALOCK, Jnninr JOSEPH s. BLANCIIARD, J 1.,1 inr MICHAEL E. BLANCHARD, Sophomore BDMUND M. BLANOHARD, junior DORCAS L. BLANCHETTE, Jnninr RANDY O. BLEDSOE, Jnninr MBLANIB A. BLOUNT, junior JANN R. BOBO, Frnrnrnnn ALAN C. BODET, Freshman GLENN 1. BODIN, junior JIM M. BOESCH, Sophomore VESTA A. BOGEN, junior REBECCA A. BOISTURE, Freshman BARBAR.-x O. BOND, Frrsnnrnn BECKY s. BOND, Jnninr BETH BOND, junior w1LL1.-tm L. BOND, Freshman ALTON B. BONNER, Jr., Frrsnnrnn GAYLE C. BONNER, junior DEBORAH Ii. BONNER, Sophomore MARTIN L. BONNER, junior JEAN T. BOTTEN, Freshman WILLIAM A. BOOTY, Sophomore BONNIE B. BOLCHARD, Sophomore PAULA M. BOUNDS, Sophomore GAIL A. BOLNDS, Sophomore CLENDA S. BOIQNDS, Freihman MISS IRENE E. BOIQRNF. Junior II.utir-slfure jackson Laurel Biloxi Forest jarltmn Terre Haute, Intl Stan- Line Ilattiesburg Hot CofIee Kaneohe, Hawaii jackson Kosciuslco Magee Bay St. Louis jackson Crystal Springs Little Rock NN'avelantl Lima, .Ohio Port Allen, La. Pass Christian Hattiesburg Poplarville Vicksburg jackson Brookhaven Long Beach jackson Jennings, La. Hattiesburg Biloxi Wiggins Hattiesburg Refomm Waynesboro Natchez Quitrnan jackson Jackson Greenwood Luccdalc Purvis Sum:-all jackson ' :.'.'. 'z-2: 'x3.g. , - .:g34.u..4,gQg5.s fig.. 5a7 t:giL5.!.-.- 5... - fig. rg.: :N N-:s :h-A' V ' H H 7 , .g:?"7.+,:?,-f, " " ,' . .1 v. . . . .nf.E .:Lk:.:.r. : !?- zgzr-I yr. ' I -K Undergraduates TOMMY R. BOURNE, Freshman SHERYL L. BOUSHELL, Freshman JERRY L. BOWEN, Junior BRIAN K. BOWERS, Junior EULA M. BOWIE, Junior VICTOR L. BOWMAN, Freshman JUDY F. BOYD, Freshman G. S. BOYD, Sophomore WAYNE C. BOYD, Junior THERESA BOYES, Freshman HARRY E. BOYTER, Sophomore PERRY W. BRACEY, Sophomore JULIE A. BRADY, Freshman MONICA C. BRADY, Junior R. G. BRANCH, Sophomore GLENN D. BRANTLEY, Sophomore JULIAN W. BRANTON, Junior KENNETH M. BRASELL, Junior PAULA E. BRASHER, Sophomore DEBORAH C. BREAKFIELD, Sophomore MARTHA B. BREARD, Junior CHRISTINE A. BREAUX, Freshman CHERYL A. BREHM, Junior DONICE A. BRELAND, Freshman LOLA BRELAND, Freshman DANA M. BRELAND, Freshman REBECCA L. BRELAND, Freshman VIRGINIA L. BRELAND, Junior CYNTHIA M. BRIGGS, Freshman DONALD J. BRINK, Freshman BILL M. BRISTER, Sophomore ERNEST P. BRISTER, Sophomore DEBORAH A. BROADHEAD, Freshman JUDY C. BROADUS, Junior JUDY W. BROCK, junior KATHY A. BROCK, Freshman RONALD C. BROCK, Freshman THOMAS F. BROCK, junior DAWN L. BROOKS, Freshman DENNIS C. BROOKS, Freshman TAWESIA A. BROOKS, Junior BARBARA A. BROOME, Sophomore TONY J. BROOME, Junior JERRY D. BROOME, Junior TERESA l. BROOME, Freshman Foxworth Hattiesburg Greenville Jackson McComb Pelahatchie Natchez Richton Gulfport Biloxi Gainesville, Tex. Morgantown Gulfport Pass Christian Columbia Moss Point Meridian Batesville Greenville Sumrall Yazoo City Kiln Biloxi Wiggins Brooklyn New Augusta Bogalusa, La. Wiggins Mobile, Ala. Ocean Springs Brookhaven Purvis Morton McComb Jackson Gulfport Hattiesburg Kenner, La. Biloxi Jackson Magee Jackson Bassfield Hattiesburg Vicksburg A film L5 ..-Q ft U' .6 F I . . hfuvg 433 -Y "5l'U5 A 'FK wr "l tt uv.: I9 P 7 F 6 ' Q W Q A this A ,a 'D f--19 NY-gtn ' 1 I I js. I 'ld --9 I 3 2. . 'Q .-. . 49 b ., ng a-v .1-A X ,Q . 1 if-' A. 73- " 3' ' -as -J --,-xx . '11 J 0 l ' I 7 1 ,' I psf. sv I ,I 5 A4 A ,Q ' f ml .QN T wr 'X 4, lil 1-rx R. S. fffs V it L- 3 4: 4K. X . if 14 4 rr if It v' " 1, ' .. 't ' . 'J 4 43 wi H -A A AC 1 gi' I A 'ls-f l X I -- 4 A! If A ,or X40 A U r- HO 4-sv 1 ah 4 I -M' . '3 9 qi. fr " .' . L 1.6. A I Ag' I 4 Q 01 . i KJLN I - i ,ns X1 faggx 1-x ,- AY bf 1-. N IK 1, I - L ,IA of I' I 'H '- Q I I -4- '.. I' V1 I . s -. Y IQ X . .3 Q, .- Q an .fa gf- mlgln. 157 Unclcrgradilates 9iI'IfX'l" I lll' ' . . . , xfll SSARIX junior KfIl.Xlil.I.S li IIIUHYN, junior l.I.l.NIJ.X j BROWN, N-pliozmr KINIlI,XI.I. I". BRHXYN, Supl:-'rn I Klfxi.-KN R ISROYYN, l'.I'l'NllIII.lIl Lows 'li BROWN. j ..,, a..r w.x1.'1'1aR 1-1. nkowx. jllllllll wlI.1.l.xx1 fp. imcmxj ..f. ior I-IILIQICN J. 1sRoY1.x2s, 1 lll. aol- CIIARLES B. BRLIICK, I"I'l'SllIIlIlI1 CYNTHIA C. BRL'Ml"IIiI,D, I-'rm-sl rrxm an MARY B. BRLNSON, j mnrn ior RICHARD W. BRYAN, junior ROBERT Ii. BRYAN, I-'rm-shxnan IAMES H. BRYANT, Ifrvshxnan LORILEE E. BUCHANAN, junior ELIZABETH A. BUCK, I'lI'CSllIIliH'l TIMOTHY j. BUCKLEY, Sophornorm LEICH M. BULLEN, jr., junior ELAINE BUNCH, Scnior PATTY A. BURBAGE, Freshman REBECCA L. BURCHARD, junior RICK N. BURCHFIELD, Freshman KATHLEEN L. BURFORD, Soplio rxmfw rr CAROL V. BURGE, junior KEN W. BURGE, junior VERA L. BURKHEAD, Frcsl irli an BARRY D. BURNS. I" 1'1- sl irxu an PETER T. BURNS, jr., Frcsl irli an ROBERT E. BURNS, Sophomore SHARON Ii. BURNS, junior LINDA K. BIQRRAIZI-I, I"ri-slnnan ROBIN K. BURR, junior DONALD j. BUSH, junior CIIIARI.liS W. BLRRIS. j xixi il r XIARSIIA L. BLRRIS, l"rm-shxnan jANIES B. BLRROW, junior SlIII.EY Y. BLRTON, juni-Ir BICTSY Ii BLSII. lfrvslnnzin EI.lZABlf'I'lI A Bl'SlI. Sf-pl:-lzzzf r .XNNI-.I Il. N. Bl II,I',R. I'I'l'SIUIIfII .XR'I'lll.'Il R BL'TI,IiR. IEIVNIIIIIIIII LINDA ID BL"I'l.lQR, junior LIININIIS 5. IIXARS, Sffplgrizz. Y . . , I.l1HN.'xRIJI'.BN Nl XI, Soplil ::w r Biloxi Collinsx ille- Ilauicslmrn: I.ulllI--ck, Tex llaltirxlmurq Ou-an Sprinqx Arnold javkson Ilatlicslmunz Culfporz Magnolia Mon-llr Meridian L llt'l ' clalr Biloxi Picayum- Biloxi Clcvm-land Tun-.-ilcr Waynesboro Columbia Gulfport Maryville, Tcnn. Columbus Poplarvillc Poplarvillc' jackson jackwn Natfhcz jackson jackson jackson EIlll'I'pflSY' 'I'ay'lor-willc Magnolia Ifvrnxsoocl BIVFICIIJIII B'I1'I'ItIIIlll jar kson I.aurf-I Xffffoxnli Flora Flora Marym- Wiggins ' 1 S-I3iEF.32f,L'4555- -, -?Q'g':JLKQQ.!:f.l5?'1'i'E' fAf'fl:-f!L!f!?!fo2f'liv6:fi!z 5:-,-.I-,L.,.u,,:.m::,,.L.,,. ,, , A a W Undergraduates MARY J. BYNUM, Junior ANTHONY C, BYRD, Junior ALLEN F. BYRD, Freshman SAMSON E. BYRD, Freshman MARY S. BYRNE. Freshman JANE V. CABANISS, Freshman LINDA C, CAIN. Freshman JULIA A. CAISON, Junior JAMES C. CAMPBELL, Junior BRIDCET M. CAMPION, Sophomore MYNETTE CANTERBURY, Freshman ROSALYN A. CARADINE, Sophomore CANDY CARAWAY, Freshman SONJA A. CARD, Freshman VICKY L. CARDEN, Sophomore FAYE Y. CARDWELL, Freshman WILLIAM B. CARLIN, II, Junior .ANTHONY Y. CARLISLE, Sophomore HOMER R. CARLISLE, Jr., Freshman CONNIE CARPENTER, Freshman LEACENIA i. CARPENTER, Junior MARGARET M. CARPENTER, Junior Jo ANN CARR, Junior wii.LiAM T. CARR, III, Junior JANICE w. CARRAWAY. Sophomore HENRY CARROLL, Freshman l.nNELI.E CARROLL, Junior WILLIAM A. CARTER, Junior ALIX C. CARTER, Sophomore CATHRYN J. CARTER. Junior CATHY O. CARTER. Freshman DIANE P. CARTER, Junior NANCY YV. CARTER. Sophomore RONALD CASANO, Junior DEBORAH A. CASE. Sophomore Hattiesburg Mt. Olive Columbia Brookhaven Wake Forest, N.C. Purvis Canton Hattiesburg Walton Beach, Fla. Waveland Jackson Jackson Mobile, Ala. Eupora Manistee, Mich. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Long Beach Morton Long Beach Biloxi Collinsville Mount Olive Liberty McComb Utica Biloxi Meridian Pascagoula Port St. Joe, Fla. Philadelphia McLaurin Biloxi Tinsley Gulfport Meadville I 'R .C -go . fn , A- ' an 2. 'ig , 'A af' I fo- xr f l I 1 A so X .1 ' ' l 53. J .JSI . V., .I . f" T X 3 'sun ,M Y f .3 Mvwfy AI A as F ' .ISl'l.,5 l vi? QQ A . A F fol- A x K ,I T H - q il A . , A ?, 'f at as In 'A fi I .pdl . l Y Ji, I I We 1 im ' 4. nw , , . , rs x .WA it ' A fo. 'r fi 15 ir ,- A . ' 115 ,if X Q . 1 T X iff! .I I iliiflf 56. l 1.Q'f1Q.f1xmQx1a! .hiffixbft V . Lf, .,...1:i:i.i. ndcrgraduiltes ' ,r , I.'xI liEI.I lxxix x "fi MNIHM I xvmx x,,3. ,A u if - -'N ' h , I U5 , IIXRIQINMNI Ixxlllx x 1, 'ff I . .. ' 1.1 x x I xl xlmxu g,,,. LN ll IXIIP N11gv!,H: '-4 . - lxkilw x ml IIHCN 11.-Im.. n :L 'A R i x XIIl'II.XI'.I. Il k1.XX'll. S--pix-Izzw rhxrum' 1. ClI.l'l'liN.X'I'I, ,imw WI , x1.x1u11.x ci:-1Ru.x,j..f.i.,r .ll Mk A j . 1':l.lz.xma'l'rl CIlI.XIJXN'IliK, ,umm -IUIIX NI CTIIXNCII-., S'-plz-,nur ROISIQRT NI. KIIINNLIIQ, juuim IJIXNN CII I.-Xl'NI.XN. I'lx:-xIm1.ux AI.-XMI-IS XI. LZII.Xl'M.'XN, Swplx--xxlwrv 'H A jo ANN CZII.-XI'M.XN,juni1-r MICIIIAIQI. IJ. CII.-XI'XI.XN. I'.H'XIlHlLlll NIII'xI'. W. CII.XI'M.-NN, juni-wr " CIYN'I'IIl.4X S. CII.-X'I'II.XNI, juuiwr i JACKIE I., CIIAS'I'I'1N. I"rcsIuu:m W In I7:XYIf Y. CI'I.'XL', JIIIIIUI' f N, JOHN '11 czmsni, SupI 1..11 . M 6: 2 5 UINAM J. c:uol,s0p1 1f,,111,. . ' :-I 51.5. wr1,I.l.xx1 czriuxcpj llll inf R Q. , cpxxm' c:uRls'1'1Nra, s.,,,h.,m0f.- A if . A ' N I Mx-:RRHQ K. Q:HR1s'r'x1.-xs, I-'n-sl lfll gm I I -1 A , ,X MICH.-XEI, D. c:nR1s'1'x', 1-' .-Q- shnmn . , v M N C 1 1 I- M. XY. CIHUI. Swplunwvrv , 9 R 1 f-- ' THOM.-xs R.c:HuRc:u, 1-'ri-Srlmgm I' Q tu U' ,g In It ROBERT L. c:lRLo'1', junior X ,I A ,A K -Q susfxx cz. czlssxvx, RICIII.-XRD I.. CII..-XNTON, I"rvshman ' qw 2 'R A A ,g,-.V CAROL cII..'XRK.JllI1Illf X rf, I ,., DEIIOR.-XII L, CI..-XRK. I"rm-shmzm ' L DORIS R, CfI..'XRK. I:I'l'SIlXllZlI1 A A uowxku .-x. c:1..xRK. Junior JUDY U. CfI..fXRI'i, juni-rr 3, 22 Q XIILfII.'XI'.I. XX. L,I..'XRlx. ,Iumur "" smpmu' .x. c:1..x1u4. I-'mm.,..H if CIIILRX I. l.I..XX. 5"IJIl"Ill'-F SXXIJRA I. lfI.,'kY. Ifrf-QI1n1:xu IJUX.XI.IJ -I UI..-XYI1. I"r1'NI:z:1.x , ' w.xN1m.x I, I:1.1zw11..xx1:. s..,1I.:f..f ,aux ,g,. 1 'of . jg yu '-H ' 7 y1L'Rx.lxr: ra. K.I,II'TfJN, Vilma.-f I . , 4 xml-ix .x l'l,Ol'IJ. 1 'ff-x1.f1..fI - it 'ff' U I 0. ., , I-'Q f A MIX - .rg I XYII.I.I.-XXI Ii ct1.fmL'1a I-'f--4. I 159 XM- Inv: I..u:fr'I III:-r'H'.lIfr' Iwuq Iinuh BV- 'I.Il.l'-Fil Nikhil:-V .XI.x lIf'1'l x:-- rx! II.1:Iwx .'XIl"u, III I'.1-I lThrix!i.m ,I.u'I.wn ja- I. wfvx 1 j.u I-.wn Nvwtuu .'XH.nIIgn, .NIJ I..uurl .Mmll.u, .Xla Ililnxi Row Hill I Inltiz-slmrng Urrcnwm nl I IIIZPIIIIITSI Seoul, Kwrm Pun-rin Cwvlvs, Hfrndurzu I'vus:u-mln, I' I.: Orrzln Sprimgx Iiilfvxl Hung K1-mg, llhirm Mobile-, Alan. Nfnsi I'uIlll , . . P1155 c-IIFISIILIII Iunn an Kilmirhnrl Iinsdhlcl Suxnmll I.:nkr'lund. I' la. SCIIIIIIIIQ' Nntrhcz IInllif'sImrn' Hnttirslxurq Ifallifwlmrv llrmxf-shura I.j-'mzm Ihffzmwuln Summit Clinton Undergraduates fNI:I.I.lIA. NI, LHHI5. junior S'I'IQI'IlIlN I-Q CIOIIII j wzz. ir SANIXIY CIOCIIIK,-KN, -l:ir.i1'r SL'S."kN NI CIOKZIIKXN. Ifrf-sl xrzz an 'I'lItJNI.XS I. t1OtIKRI1l.l..juni'r l'lIll.ll' .-X COLIN, junihr lfl.lZ."xlIl'l'l'll CffJl.lQ, Jurliifr IIARRY I. lfOl,I'i, l'rr-shman ,-XNNIIL l. CUl,l'iNI.-KN, Swpllwmrvrr' l,lI,l.-XX II c:ot.l.lNs, lireslinmn l'1IJW.1XRIJ fl t2OI.l.lNS, Soplwtm-ri' NIILIIAI-.l, t, t.OI,l.IfN8, juni-ir CARI.,-X R tZOLI,L'M. I'iI'l'SIlIIlIlIl j.'XNlIiS R CZOI.'I'IIARI', l"r1-slmmn CZAROI. Ii QZOMMISKEY. Sf-plw-nwn NIAlUQ,fXRlf'I' CI CZOMNIISKIQY, l"rt'slunan IJ.-XYIIJ A tIOMI'RIi'I'I'.'X. S1-plwnmrr TIIOMAS M, C2ONIiRl,Y. I"rvslV ixm. in ROlIlili'I' I. CONN, I'il'l'SlllllilIl Il.'NRII.A'sR.-'X A VONNIQR, S1-ph fvxxm 'Ire lflihli II COOK. l"reslun:m jll.l, COOK, I"rr'shman M.'Xl!I'1I.lNIi IJ 110014. l"rvshman DAN S tTOOl.liY. Freslitnan IAM!-,S M liOOl.l,X, Supll1'lt1wt't' MARY 1 COOLHY,Lmhw RUHHfVl.tKNHLY,jmmw Jssur n txuimnt,rmaw .IOYUIC li CfOl'Iil.:XNlJ, juni:-r IMNH-1l,j tit lRl,l-QY, S..,,1,.,m.rv tQl'.R.Nl.IJINIi li tfORNl'1I,l,, juni--r SIlllll,lfY .X tTORNlil.I., juni--r URI-1t.URY M t'O'lNl'l".N, Sifplni-in--rv INN tTtiI'I.'l'l1R, S- iph- -tm -ir SVSXN l. tTt7l'R'l'NIfY Snllllvlllfrlt Ili XNf IQS S Vt BYINILII iN -Iiixiiny IHNNX ,X tam XRD. nl Inunu- .1 nuvxx Iv t'tJXkXlilJ,l1 IIII.. 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Q C2 I Q-N 'J' l I 1A if It ,sy I . -'29 -f-v 'i 160 3 X vii. 4 v . 5 - . I f A 6 YR 1 'Thni .n -64" A v4.0 1 ' ' 'TS 'Wi f N 'ff ' Vi Avi' B . "- .R f gi 7. A, 1, , .A V -1 X "If 'J " 7 It SI - 'Q ' "' I 1 , ' '7' B.. Far .J A' AA ,I lf, f ' ' ' V- 15 I. I iii I - A l za ff is I in In H A P I A 'I A 'Q 1 :sl A I I in ,-1 - ff f 'Y' R5 rg 15 4 A X' X -' .21 4- ' "' .-J: iq, n' I AA - BT' -. J'-""" 5 " ,,'3I4g ff 1 Q I Q. 447' An v A - It I ew if, I -r ,gt K ,F 4- 1 .N 4' 1 i 1' D 161 r..i,i1..1. . . Undcrgrridurltc-:S ROI-I-1R xi t'RXl' 1' S .,,i,. ,. X. .. AN I. liRAI',I', i'ift'xI1H1J11 SANIJRA fi, LIRAIIS, I'tr'sIun.u1 UAYIIJ W IIRANVURIP, juuifir NIIQLINIJA S. QIRANVORIJ, Supiifrm--r w11.l.1,xx1 is, LRAXNIORI7 i-r.-ti,,,,f,,. Stilplltqliulg LINDA L. CIR.-XiYI"ORU, junior NICIHOLAS CTRIQIQKNIURIQ, Ifrmfitiizixi HOLLIS R. CRISLIQR, I"rt-SI nrxngx n FARRIS II. CRISLRR, Ifrt-whman SHARON D. CIRISS,juui1-r GEORGE B. CROSBY, juniur MARYANNI-I CROSBY, I"rt-slunan RON n. CROSBY, Sfipho ,,.- in ROBIN S. c:Roc:R12R, Ifrcsl fxllg in BETH' fx. CROSS, J ..,1 inf PIZARSON cs. CROSS, 1-'ft-Simian IONE w. CROSS, junior JOHN J. CROSS, junior WILLIAM CROUSIZ. stiph ..,11., rm S.-xR,x CROL'SE,j ..f, inf CH.-xR1,ES v, c:U1.t.E1f1aR, I"fl'SilItlI1Il JEAN .-x. QULP, Frcsl II11 an RITA D. CUMBERLAND, junifir PAMELA M. CIQMMINGS, I-'rt-sl nrxu an CYNTHIA I,. CUNNINUHAM, Ifrt-sluimn JOANN CURB, Freshman EDWARD H. CURRIE. Vrcshmzui EVITA M. CURRIH, S+-phuniur MARY S. CURTAS, Frm-shman DAWN M. CURTIS, Soph 11111 wrt- KATHY DABBS, junior ROBERT D. DABBS, juni'-r JUNE D. DALE, Suph- -rxlf irc JOHN j. DANILOL'-II, Ifrvslunzxn RICHARD H, DANA. I"rc-Shnian NORNIA Ii. IDANFORD, junif-r .IOSEPH NI, D'ANf2IiI,O, junior ,xxxta 1J,xRi1x, Sf-ph' -III .in RENT rp, D,-xRSx-1x1 JUIHHI' D.-.x'm 1a,xuzr11aRTi'.j 1111 ifir yonx R Ii.--.x'f1Y, Sf,,, WILLIAM H. DAX HJ. Irv-S:: 'Im Iuun Iinttxriimtq Hurt- In ,Im in-ui Ind it .i rd s I'u-utin Wcxflfrtf, l'.i. M1121-:nb lfulduxucr Uulfpurt -I.u'ksun Clinton Cnlhuun City jzirkwn SIIIIIFIIH Pnscaquulxi Mt. Plvnsnnt, S C Baker, La Santa Rum, LZ.ilif. Gillsburg Vicksburg Columbus Vifksburq Hattivshurg fiulfpfvrt Lurcdnlc W1-St Puint jnrksfin Hattiesburg Biloxi Ellisvillv Dune-din, Fla, jackson Hattiesburg Quitmzxn Pr:-miss Lnurrl Biloxi Laurel Gulfport' Haiti:-sburq Gulfport Gulfport CIiarIr'Stf-rx, SC Biloxi ' .L"L"' 'ig' H11 nt. "0 """ Undergraduates DON W. DAVIS. junior DIiI.ORlfS II DAVIS, I-'rn-slinian J.-xxttas H. IJ.xx'1s, junior jAMES L DAVIS, junior LEE R. DAVIS, junior MARIANNE II. DAVIS. junior MORTON R. DAVIS. I'.ff'9llH1I1D RI'1IIIiCICA I.:tV. DAVIS, junior ROGER A. DAVIS, junior ROY YY DAVIS, I"rt-sliinan AMANDA S DAVIS, l"rewlnnan SANDRA j. DAVIS, junior S'I'ANl.IiY CI. DAVIS. junior WILLIAM If, DAVIS, Ifreslixnan Dlilililli DAY, I"rvsl irii an I'A'I'RlCZIA I. DAY. Sophomore jOlIN M. DEAN, Sophomore CZIIARLIZS R. DEAR, junior MAVIS A DEAR, junior DANNY j. DEARING, Freshman CARLA CI. DICARMAN, junior DI2I,lIIiR'I' W. DIQARNIAN, I7rt'sliman tLARRIi'l"I' S. DIQARMAN jR., Sophomore 'I'I-QD II. DICARMAN, junior RICIIHCICA II. DliARMAN, l"rt'shm:in ROlIIiR'l' 'I' lumaxt.-xx. jr., I-'mtmmn 1-:I.lz.fxtiti'l'lt R. IJ.-B.-xxtiv. -jllllltll' tnxxtt-:t..x .lx nt-1t:t-21.l., S--pl ir.. nore tu-im-:t:t:,rx t, n.-t:ot'x, junior DUl'ti A DIQDICIOS, I"rt-xlitnan LYNN ll DIiI'iN, I"rt-sliiiiati IfMII.Y j DI2I'iN, S--plioinort' XI.NIUlARl'i'l' lf Dl'lI'lN, l"rt'sliman NI.XIU3ARI'I'I' ll Ill'lliS, Sopliotnori- ., Y I'.I.I'.N.X AI llr'.XNUI'.I.IS, S"jlIlUlll1'ff' , Vl'fRN.X NI Dlfl.NRUS,X, l'iir-slitnzin 'IAUMNIY j DI-Il.lA. junior ,IUIIN Il JFKIUNII, l"tr'wlitu.m Sl i7ANNl'. Dl-ZNIINNI, juni'-r MIK.. . In IN Ill.NNI'.IlX lrvslitmm I'VI'Illl'IX I Dl'N'l' Iilfkllllhill NIXRtQNlll'fl' ll Ilf'Iil'i.XNIl'Ii, jiznzir illl.I.I'.I',N In lllzx l.lN, juni-1 SINMII NI DII.Xl.lXN.Xl. S-'pli in-I Wiggins Yazoo City Biloxi Harrisville Brooklyn Natchez Prichard. Ala. Escatawpa Decatur Seminary Belle Glade, Fla. Raleigh Andalmia, Ala. Knoxville, Tenn. Magee Columbia Lakeland, Fla. Enterprise Bay Springs Forrest City, Ark. jackson Petal Hattiesburg jackson Mobile, Ala. jackson Mobile, Ala. jackson McComb Gulfport Brooksville, Fla. Corinth I Iattiesburnz XVigqins Urlll II:tlt'CIoH, Nc-it Orleans, I.a. llattir-slmurt: l.utt'I1r'r, l,a. c:I.lI'k9KIIllf' l'I1il.idi-lplmia, Pa. lI.ittir'Hlmurt: I..tuta-I Ill Pav -, 'I'r'x.ix I'unj.ilr, lnclia lllllxxll X 5 Dll.Xl.lNN XI, I trklitzntt li' sxsrlll Nr-is XI,-yi.. Q , E. A A I f -A . "' ,A - LT- ! . . 1-df if 'll ' C , J, .-, I .1 ff " X 4 ll X f f t 1 I ml 1 X Lf.. ,4- fa 19 ri f' , - 4 .4 Q 'J fA0'.. 'l:':"' A l 1 . . 1 I i A ff' f Q. ,,1f E ,A I 53152, X ffm lA if 'Qt . 'S' A , -. Ml 1 1 . ,.-Q 1 1 1 qs, 1 . .4 .-e, l .' l l '5u YJ 'R 161 AK f is va - ' 7 V L N' I . I r -'S "Nr X " , .9 i jiff A f I C9 X xv . Ulldcrgrzldwltes VI4i'l'URlXI IHXIIIN -:Q I1 1 l'f-"-- JIII-.I I mv Iv.-.I--I .., IJUNNIIZ IJ IIIIQIQIININ ,,,,,,,., XIII.I.If.I.NI .X IJII,I'xI'.X, IIIIII I XI.XRII,YN .X IJIIIKICY, slum'-r M,'XR'I'II.-X S IJIIIKEY, -Iurmr DI.-XNNE I'. IDII-'I-'ICRI-IN'I', I nzxr iw TERRY IJII,I., I mxxn il-r D.-XNIEI. Ii. IJII.I..'XRIJ, S-,pl 1f,x11 -In SARAII I. IJII.I,ON, S--pin-In-r. F. M. DI'I"I'U, JIIHIUI LUCY D. mxox, J 1,,. s..f CARQI. I.. mxsox, If .wl- II lfll nn RIQIIARD R. IIOIQRR, juni-.f JOHN L. IJoI.Ia.Ixc:, I-'row llll. In ALICE M. DON.-'II.D,j mnrm iwr GARY DUNAI,DSON, Sup! nmnxrmf PH RICK W, DONEC.-XN,j mnrm ior JOYCE M. DORRIS, Supl 1f-rr11 n LARRY D. DORSEY, Frm-sl xxxm an P.fXKII2I,A .-X. DOUCET. Suphffrrlorm- CATHERINE NI, DOL'flI,:XSS, I"fI'SIlIllllIl ALLEN NI. DOL'CI,.'XSS, junior LINDA D. DONVE, I"rvsIIIII:III BRIAN C. DOWLINC, .Iuniwr DAVID I., DOWNS, I'.fUNIlIIlilIl J.-was Dm'I.I:, Junior JOHNNY .-I. Im.-xczcs, I-'H-.IIm4m KEITH J. IIRAIQIQ, snprw Ill., II- BARB.-xR.AI .I IIII.-mmm. s.,,,hf.m.fI STEPHEN W. DR.-'kI'IiR, Supl IIIIIIII rv DELL.-X S, DROMCOOLI-1, S--phf IIII1 In CHERYI, .X. DRUNI-IT, j IIII iwr BO W. DRUNIMOND, juni'-r .-XI.BER'I' Y. DL'BL'ISSON, SupIwIIIur KEITII I., DLBUISSON, S--pin-Im-re RICHARD II. DIIBOSE. juni:-r DEBRA I.. DL'IfS'IsIfRII.-XLS, I'-ITSIIIIIQIII xIII:II.-IRI. R, I1L'c:I4w0R'I'H. Jlwiwf P.-X'I'RICI.vX IJL'I-'I-T, S1-IIIIHIIIHII' KK I III.I.I'.X XI. DL INXS, I'I'1'SIIIIlJ!1 KAREN S. DLNIINIL, S1-IIIIHIIIII XRTIILR DL'XIUN'I'. III. 'IUIIII' IIJXRRX' IJ. IJL X,-ULXX, -II:IIIf I IOIIN II DL'NI.OI', Ifrvxf 11 .thJ, IIII ,xx If.II:.I::I I III' -A '!'.Il.l'- FII I.II-: I xIJqrf II.I!1IrI?IIII kf I."I1Lf Iivzu II IIII- 'Ki 'I.kII'IIuXsll XII ll-IIIII NIUIIIIQ-, .Xl.I Iiiluxi II!'1"'ILIl.lKI'II II.IIIiz-IIIIIIQ Quutxnrun IIIIIIIVKIIIIILZ II.lIIIt'SIll1fLf Immg Iiczu In I' lum Slidr-ll, I.gI. Slidvll, Ln I'fvplnrvillf- Vickslnxng Pnrlin, N j, QIIIKIIHIII Ilv-Iivgmr, 'IW-IIII. ff-virlktlun, I,:I Iyulfpurl .lllfkvrll I,II'Lly'llIIl' I'npl:Irvillv' Iiilwxi MI. Oliva- I'iI-:Iyunf flulfpffrt Mvridiznrm IJIIIII4 Ill XIfHllI1"II" ffultpffrt IIAIIIPSIIIIII' jar Igvm I'.Iv auffula If' 'f'1'v'-'NYII1 Frzirhwpf-, Ma. 63 5 Y 'sf-3.93 A n......'-' -1 l A " ' "1-' 1 :z 1. vs- f --' .. Undergraduates JOYKLE l' DUNN. j ...SU Bfl ' 'l.RI1X'L'll W,-XNDA IJYICSS, Supl. f-::.- 'rv Columbia Twlf-.R'I'll.'-. K IJYKl-15, S+-pl 1f-z:nf- 1 Swsff VXI' II EMP!-ZR. Swhf -:1:" rf: Climf-ri jUI..XYNli M. IiAKliNS. Sfrph- rzru on javkson PAUI. W H.'xRl.Y, i'i!'l'Klll1lIlll Pascag-Hula fLl.lNlJ."k M IZASIIMOND, Soplv 'rxm- fre llatlieslmm Bl-QYI-1Rl.Y l,. li.XS'l'HRl,lNfi, lfrvslnnan Petal ROBYQRT "Savill" lillRl'l'li, l"resl mrrm an Srlienertady, N.Y. lJ,XX'llJ .-N. HIJWARIJS, lfrvslu xm4nr1 lilom lil.lZAllli'I'll K lilJW.b'kRDS,j mnrm i-wr Laurel j.'XNli'l' ll lilJW.'XRlJS, lfrrsl xrxm an Hattiesburg l'.-'xllllllli M. lilJW.XRDS, -I wnxx i--r lndianola Nililllklil, C. HIDW.-XRIDS, l" r'r' shman Munlifellu SllliRM.'XN ll IQDW.-XRIDS, Sf-pl nffxxm ore Bilnxi Slll",RRY I-1, l'1lJW.1XRDS, juni:-r Flrwra X'lil.N'.-X A, l1I'l"l.liR I mnrn iwr Pirayunf- lll'fLll li llfifil-IRSMAN. .I mnrm if-r North Augusta, S.C. KIMLYN .N lil.lJliR, j mnrm if-r Shawnee Mission. Kan IN DRINIJ.-X l.. lil.llRlIJ!2li, juniur Long Beach fill,-XRl.U'l"I'li l, lil.l.lOT'l', junior Laurel WliNlJl'1l.l. ll. l'1I.l.lO'l'T, Swphfwnwrr- Laur.-l Sllllil.l'1Y l". lil.l.lSON. lfreslnnan Vicksburg Rfllil-1ll'l' ll. l'1NlJ'l'l".ll, lfresl lxxn an Aberdeen lllil.lNllA l'Nfll..'XNlJ, l-'rewhman Hattiesburg ."kI'RYl. liNl2lil.l,, .I lnru if-r Meridian llRliNll.-X l.. l-lNNlS. juniur ll'1SSl1 .X l'1NNlS, lfffxlllllllll MARY li l'lNlX1llS, l"rr'sliman t:.Xll. W l'Y'l'lll'1KlY Iuniwr sux 1-. la 1 ws, s..,,i...l. Hifi' lNlRH'l'llA S l-IRll,Xlill, junk MllTlll1l.ll l1'l'llRllN.l' l jl'Nl-I lRYl"i'lA lil liman VK llllll F Nlli'llNl"l l l-QSIWJNIIU 3 pl...m..n- lll"l"l'Y l. l'l'llXNKR lun: r if ll lX.XNN lnm-ii sl ll'NllX l' IX XN9, l'rv' num I xxtlis M l X XXX N-pll win ng l,l"fI'l'll' Xl VYXN5 N-pl:--mfr l'llYl l IS I l'X'XXN llfxl "-- in lllllla I. lXl',lil ll N gli-my-1 lll'Yllil,N I llNllx I-lm-1 INN ll lXllNl l'f1l:-" ,...i l.YlllX li 'Nlillll l:ri l Pensacola. Fla. Savannah, Cla. Nz-wlmern, Tenn. Saucier Petal Gulfport Meridian Mfvlnlv, Ala, Philadelphia, Pa l,uf'vcl:ilv -lar kKUIlYlllf'. lfla, Smitlivillr- l i 'il lirwlvurq lN'iQuins l'r't:il Xl' 'fl' in Clarlzulalf- ll.llill'5llllfQ N.ll1'l2f'l Q '. 4- 1 3 x 's iyv ,,. 9- I' rf' I9 - f' li ,il v:'ljT- I if Q XA. ,N , l 50- ll'v- 9 '7 'ip U Q- "'f' 425 1 R ' -4 S 09 --3' 6 w vu: r 11' i ,-'v In f ,fi 3 Q A X 'u. X ri I K a l 1 Qu' :Q ' ' . ' ,Q l,- SA Q ' 7 r' 4 4 v I . Yfwlvx QXA K Ili' 3 , -ff . 0 216- v. +5 . N l "'-v - '55 Ii .- w w?-4, , A y ,", . 3 -l I Q., Ar, N l si Q R A 6 164 hwk . Sf.- at 1 . , 9,4 , v I l' 1 . tlfg J ,7 A J I QP' 1 l W, . SW ? F law Q , . - l Q Nu 3 l u I, 1 I xx W, -, I , ph rr- .Y t A 1? I A 54 . 5 f ......L1---I Q Rui 7 4 ,T 5-3. 'D ff If K 4, 111 ff? 76- 0375 .1 7' 'Qs -'9'x it 1? I A 4 . I Adi FP, A - 'mu If I :I .rwvmfrvf-fi-f -V F I N A Q A ff' f-1-si xx IV A .ff -FS A A ni Ah, I my 6:1-mf 'f w- '- I ff: T II'Q'?:' . , 2 N . V I .iw :EBZLIXI I V ' Ash 'Q J 3. I .S ,,, ' J F if 5 "T F. 9' ..,, - A X 4, - J 1 . ,N J N , .5 T ' ' 1 .53 ,f , ff.. we 1 K -'- Q " iz 7 ' 4 0 v- N 5 A--Q f W ' -J ' x Q rv I ' R ' ' I A I . 4 A is 1' A 167 Undergraduates LAI RA fv.XI.I..VIIII'.R Juni-- wxxxx ll G.xI.I.I.xx. II,,,,.., LINDA IJ. Ii.XAIIII.I'i, Juni--r C.I.C.LI.'k M MAXIM. Sopiium., SUSAN II. IQANIIY, s..,,II..,,,.., uII.I.I.-IM Ix Gul I, s..,,I...,,,. , D.-WID j. G.-XNLTIIII-1.IXl', II.III.,f CLAYTON J. GARDNER. Junior EDN.-'K R. GARRE'I"I', Junior BRUCE M. GARRISON, Junior JAMES R. GATLIN, Ifrv-shiuxui DAVID D. CANDY. Junior JANET E. GARYEY, Soph ffxnm I ri VERNON D. GAUTIER, I-'rr-sl xrxm gui MICHAEL W. GAVIN, Junior JEAN GAVIN, Junior ANDREW E. GAY, Ifre-sIIIuan CHARLOTTE A, GEE. Sopi xmprnnfy rs KYRA M. GEIGER, I-'ri-Nhrnan JULIA G. GENTRY, I'-TCSIH Imau II MARY K. GENTRY, Junior JAMES B. GEORGE, Junior PETER T. GEORGIAN, Junior DAVID W. GIBBS, Junior NORA G. GIBSON, Junior PATSY L. GIBSON, I:l"l'ShlIlZlI1 It-xMI2I..ix A. GII.I:s, Jimi.-f TIMOTHY R. GILES, sopiwm- If BEVERLY D. GILI,, Sophornori- GARY s. GILI., s-,ph IIYYIII fl SHAWN M. GILI.. Junior JANEY D. GILLIS, Sophomore RHOMIE GILMORE, Junior CHARLOTTE D. GINN. Junior MARY K. GODBOLD. Fr-'shinnn REBER.-III GGmaGI.IJ, Fri-slunan LARRY Y. GODWIN. Juni-r 0I.I.II2 .-I. GGFI-1 S-iiilwfn' ff SUSAN F. GOFF. SHP' 1"f 'W W, J. GOLDEN. Sophorni-fi' I,.xRc:I2 E. GGxIII.I,IGN. ,Iuninf P.xTRIc:I.x R GONIJRIC.-XL. Fr'-Ihrnnn P.-xL'I.INE E GGxz.u.Ias. Ifff-.hfYI.Y.II c:H,IRI.I2s xi. GGRIJIIN. Jwiof I.GL'Isr s. GORDON, si pn' I: f J.I Jnim t'I.IrkuI.IIr Y:.i.1IIIIIq I'-IIIIIIII-I.l X.HII1"! .XIIII.IIuII,I, XI.: Biloxi xI"Fllil.lll I..IurrI I.rxIIII1I-III, Ks XI'-Iulr, .Xl.I II.II!ir'1IIIIrIq IS--ylr Mou Ii'-Ill! Iiiloxi I.:Iurrl Slidr-II, IA Biloxi IIzIIlif-Ilmrg fir:-r'IIviIIr Biloxi Pascagoula Haltiuburq Summit Mrridinn I..uIrcI Brookhuvc-n Glam IInIIir-xhurq Gulfport Biloxi Bro' fkhavrn II:-ici'-lin-rf.: Tylrrtown Brrxikhuvcri Mrffornh Montirf-Ilo Pau nqf-uI:I I.urfd:IIe IIIIIIIPKIIVIYL' Fun-xl IIAIIIMISIIVK Lurfdalr: Sardis Flr-rr-nrr I-lk Undergraduates SUSAN P. GORDON. Freshman LEE P. GORE, Freshman VIVIAN D. GORE, Freshman EDDIE I,. GOSHORN, junior SUSAN B. GRAFTON, junior ANNETTE GRAHAM, junior EMILY S. GRAHAM, junior KATHRYN GRAHAM, Freshman DONAI.D R. GRAHAM. Junior I.INDA S. GRAHAM. Freshman ROBERT A, GRAIIAM. Freshman I,INDA D. GRANBERRY. Freshman EDWARD F. GRANISE, junior IEWEI. D, GRANT, junior GARY D. GRAVES, Freshman MARY I.. GRAVES, Freshman RONALD Ii. GRAVES, Sophomore ALVIN Ii. GRAY, junior DANNY N. GRAY, Freshman DONNA M. GRAY, junior MIRANDA A, GRAY. Junior ,IAMES A GREEN, Junior SANDRA C, GREENE, Junior DEIIORAII j. GREGORY. junior .IANYS .-x. muilrs, junio.- WII.l,IAM II. GRESSETT, junior MARTIIA j. GRIFFIN, Sophomore I'A'I'RICIA A, GRIFFIN, junior jAMIiS KI. GRIFFITII, junior KAREN A, GRIGSIIY, Sophomore IIARRY GRISIIMAN, junior GINGER I.. GRISSOM, Supl! 1vll11w rt' WAI.'I'IiR II, GROTEFEND, Sophomore IIARIIARA If. URUVNIJS, I'iI'l'SllIIlSlIl KICNNI-I'I'II W GRUYICS. I"reslunnn IIRI-IN'I' N IQRVIIIIS. juni: r ,ION ti KLRVIIIIS, ,I uxlm ior tZII,NRI.O'IvI'Ii P. GUESS, Sopl 1'-r1 14 Fl JOHN cz fzvllms, Sf-pl xrrrll- -rf II'iNSIli.'X R HVIIIRUZ, I-irvslinigin QIUIINNY M I2l'lI.I'1S, juni.: ,XI..XINli M Iil'lNI'iY, lfrrslimzin Ifxxlli I" UVNN, Snpltv llliirr' MARILYN II GVNN. junior IAMI-IS Il ICVRAEDY. junio: I Picayunc Marks Laurel Vicksburg Laurel Collins Sumrall jackson Heidelberg Hattiesburg Pascagoula Collins Biloxi Ellisvillc Rome, Ga. Laurel jacksonville, Fla. Waynesboro Pclahatchie Picayunc Hattiesburg Natchez Columbus Winchester, Tenn. Laurel Meridian Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Prcntiss Hattiesburg Biloxi Meridian Columbia Soso Pickerington Tylertown Prentiss jackson Nfemirie, I,n 'anniim City, I-'la Runnelstown Vicksburg Forest Pirnyunr' -Iarkson R ',. 8 '-X fr f ' " 4' x , P Q., Q X, . .,... . .-... ... -cw?- Q , Ag x x f, F. it! ' . -i I if it X-SN, Q1 6 I 'ff Q-I 'L' 1 Vs' " T ,l , 5 IJ: ' We .1 gn . I is 3. 1? fd CX fig i up-nv If MIME l lf-1' 'AR 'Y cp, I ir 1"' ,EY E I I A N TT AC. -vu In ' I Lf 9 Q V ,A ff :I-9 ' A I xi M - 168 ' A , fP'g?5g'.g ,ii s.. I tial Q ., z --- : ,.-. 1 '73 . - 312, " ,Qin if ' A on 1 .. J. l sz 1 Vx If 'x as PW gr f 'F 'T' 'ai . 4 4. Y' A 15 I -.- ' . ' 3 , of, I ' S1 535 'Y fr-e I J . ,ft 'I av - 'Q v- , N I om -A4 "5 I YW' I it 'a 1-41. nm- -J-' 5 vw' ,Q 4 xx. Us -0' 'fr f W A-Ks J . ,Q-cv I S A 169 ndergraduates Suphiiygl, H YN'II,I.IAXI R, CCY, SUI,h.,,,,,,n. H' S' H-'xGIfRR. ,lnnior D-AVID lv- II-AIIILIQR, l"rI-shrnan RICHARD D. HALBERT, junior LYNN j. IIALES, I-'rf-sl mrxmq in MARTHA D. HALL, junior PATRICIA GAYLE HALL, Ifrrshrnan MARY B. HALL. Sopl x1wrrmfv re SHERRY K. HALL. Sopsor lxfv ri EVELYN M. HAMBLIN, Supl xfvrr more CLARENCE S. HAMILTON, J mnrm ior LINDA C. HAMILTON, Sophomore LIND.A M. HAMMETT, Freshman REBECCA L. HAMMONS. Sopho rx11v re JAMES M. HANCOCK, junior ELAINE C. HANDJIS, Junior SUSAN A. HANKS, junior RONALD E. HANNA, Junior ROBERT P. HANSEN, Freshman SHERRY B. HANSON, Freshman BEVERLY E. HARE, junior BEVERLY S. HARCRODER, Sophomore KAREN S. HARCRODER, Freshman SUSAN G. HARMON, Freshman SUSAN G. HARMON, Freshman MARIAN HAROLD, Sophomore LINDA C. HARPER, Sophomore JUDITH A. HARRELL, Freshman LI. G. HARRINCTON, Sophomore ERNEST R. HARRIS. Freshman JAMES HARRIS, jr., Soph frxr more XVILLIAM G. HARRIS, Sopho rr1f fre SUSAN E. HARRISON. Freshman CARY HARVEY, Freshman RIQNNIE D. HARVEY, ,Junior SARA J. HARVEY, Junior DORIS If. HART. Junior BRENDA II. HARTEEY, Iwfghmfm KAREN R. HARTMANN, Imwhrmn LINDA S. HARVEY. Freshman PATRICIA L HARVEY, Emrlmn RIARYIX cz. HAssEI.I'EI.D. I'fI-Amman ,ANXE W, HASTINGS, Sfiphifrwff' RODNEY W. HATCHER. Junifff Ilirrninqhani, Al.. 'I'Il4'IIl1"H, 12,1 lILH!I"xIvufg IN-mn. ola, FIA Quitrnan Gulfport Macro Iilllflnvfl Cf-lurnhia Ilan .iq-Iula CJDIWH jackson Annandale-, Ya I.:-xinqlon Brandon jaycss Natrhcl Virkshurq Hattiesburg Bay Sl. Louis Vicksburg Summit Ilattie-sburq Hattiesburg Wa yncsboro Waym-slioro Leland jackson jackson Laurel Hauicshurg Hattiesburg Hattie-shura Hauirshurg IIJIIIPKIJIIFKY McComb jackson Mizc jarkson Biloxi Columbia Xfoss Point WI-luster Oro'-+A, M0- Tunica Lucedale --- 'f--n f' .. ' ndergraduates SUSAN M. H.-'-.'I'CIIIiR, junif-r BETTIE D. I-IATCIIER, Sfiplzonzfirf: STEPHEN M. II.-YIIIIORNIL junif-r LaRL'E IIATTEN, Freslunan IAIVRENCIE If. H."x'I'I'EN. Frwlunan El.lZ.f'xBE'I'II II.-KTTON, juni--r CHRISTINE IIAR'I'WICI. S'-plmmnwrv BONNIE A. II.-XY.-XRD, Swphomf-rt EMILY A. IIAWKE. Ifreslunan RICIIIARIJ j. IIAYDEL, Ifreslunan l.IND.-X I. IIAYES. Suphnmore LORIi'I"I'A HAYES. junior JAMES W. IIAYNIZS, junior MARC.-'kRE'I' A. HAYES. Freshman WARIJELI. IIAYWOOD. If.. Frewliman DONNA I.. IIE.-XRN. Snphnmore RIIOND.-X il. III-I.-XRN. Sfvplif-more MARY K. IIE.-XTII, Sopl Iffxum ore MYRA S lIEIXLliPE'I'I-I, Sopli rprxmfw rt- TUNY R IIEI'I.lN. Frm-slunan WlI.I.lIi R III'1lDEI.I3L'Rfi, Junior RAYMOND li, III'1l'I'ZM.-XNN, S1-phfvmnre SANDY CI. IIliIDEl.IIIiRfl, juninr JAMES Ii IIELMS, lfrt-slunan ROliliR'I' IJ III'1I.MS, Suplioinnrt- IJURUTIIY Ii IIELWICIK. juninr I-IIIW.-NRI! I'. IIIZMIIRI-lli, junior ARIUICNA IIIZNIIERSON, -luni-if txxktil. If IIENIJERSON, Si-pluuxiurv lIII',RUN ff, III'.NIlI'.RSON, Snplifvtiirwa- XN'lI.I.l.XM If IIICNIIERSON, Suplwinort WIl.l.l,XM N lIl",NllliRSON, l"rvslun:tn l'."NMlfl..X R IIIQNIIERSUN, I-'ri-xlttugm Y.XI.I.ll'f l. IIIQNIIICRSUN. I"rt-tlinigin VlI.XRI.l'.S Il Ill-1NIIRltiKS,Snplinin r SXMI I'.I. .X Ill Nlllix, Vlumf-I IIIIIRX S Ill NNY, IAI'l'WllIlI.lII IUIIN I, IIIQRRUN -l'IIll'l K YIAIIY tl lllss, St-plu-:mini Rl'llliI4i'X .X IIl'i'l'lll'f IX, IEYVNIIIIIJIII llll.I.Y IIIVKM XN, Suplii-:ru-ir I-.ll I I-.N I. lllt'KM.XN. S' plpl ::.-r IIITRIIIRI' X lIlt'KM.XN 'luniir MXRSIIX ,X Illt'l'iM.NN, l"re1lm::..i: 1-I-URI-I-.l. Illl-IIIIN Alxzmw I'Iumv.'illv:. .XIII Brf -olzlia-. vu Cullins Surnrall Brooklyn Baisfield Hattiesburg Lueedale Pensacola. Fla. Natchez Waveland Cleveland Gainesville, Fla. Jackson Laurel Laurel Laurel Hattiesburg Monticello Gulfport Lumberton Bay St. Louis Laurel e Mountain, Ga. Hattiesburg Gulfport Pascagrwula Richtfwn Hattiesburg 'rclitlu Ilenrlt. Ala. Meridian Tulsa, Oltla. lN'aytu-slmuru I Iatti--sliuru I,IllII't'l Ilaltia-slmuru Nt-t-. lun II.tx' Mint-ttf-, .Xlgu l.ili.-rlv I'l'l.xl Witrvin lm I.-i-1. x IN :vvz l'i:r'. Ilr ll - II li I ll I-muh! l3'I""'T'ZI5rf '-4 4 nl 'Nm' ,f'XX' I X- ! .1 h 5. I r 1 -A -H+ '2' 0-O k I x QQ ,Q l"'N, -s -3 V72 -1-'Y lim -A Wir 1--3 ,s I 'T I ' A. 1 f ndcrgrnduntcs Hum II: ulnm iff-rrffn 11.1, I - ILIVIIAIIID My III'-IIIHXNIR I1 QQ1. iv rma V mu-ix IIII,IPI',RISR,XNIJ lg. ,,,, A , v,.I.r.,.f.f ' ILXYIID 1, HlI.I., ju! 11.., M..--In . vm .x IIIl.I,, mn ,,f1. U. 4z..u,...n od I .' 2 rw. J f.- fig 5 ., fs " . fr, 1.4.3 171 as n., IJIQBURNII I, HIl.l.,j lxxmxl -r NIIITHI1I.I.Ii I. IIII.I.,j lxxm ifr S.XNIJR.X HII.I., Ifrv-QI xrxm an IZIIARIQS NI IIINI-IS, I"rrsI uxuxg HI If.-XIlUI.YN .-X IIINTUN, SfIpIx1-xrvrr M.-xrzllxxj r1lN'1'uN,jr.m..f JERRY mxrox, Juni--f Rr-zrmczm urxrox, 1-'mr ,.,11 In jul.-x cz. rlmrgj 1... i-fr 'INISIC L. IIOCILf'I"I', I'tl"1'SIlIIIilI1 TROY P. HOCUTT, Freshman GIZR.-NLD H. HOI:I"M.-KN, juni'-r CHARLES P. HUISARTH, Snphf rrxx urc- DOROTHY I,. HONG, Suph-unnrv BARB.-XR.-X CI. HOLIZOMII. S1-phurnurr QI.-'IMIQS E. HOILZOMB, Frm! xrxm an RICNEE NI. IIOI,IZONIIIIi. Ifn-NI mrrx nn RON.f'II.ID W. IIOIAIONIII. Fra-sl xrxn :rn EDITH K. HOLIDER.j nxxm ir-r JOHNNY Ci. HOLIJI-IR, junior HKBIZRT CI. HOLDINIZSS, j rnrm lor j. D. IIUI,II"IliI.IJ, I-'rr-shmzxn H.rXROI.I3 R. II.XI,l., I-'rvshnmn I3IiX'IiRI.Y IJ HOLI.IiNI.'kN, Fr:-sh rrxg mn SHARON K HOIIONION. I"rr-drxrman CH.'XRI.OT'I'I-I Ii HUI,I,INfQI2R, SUIJIV' -IININIY If HOIIINILSWURTH, S'-ph-r I-IDIJIE .-X. IIOI.I.OW.AXY. Frf'S?1:r1nr1 IXI'I"L'9 I H01 IOM XX Iur'--r . .. . . . . I. P.X'I'RICII.AX I.. HI lI.I,OW.'IY, S1 ph' :ruf- IIVIYY' I'fn-.U r-Lu, I In II.nUu'-Imu: II.I!lir-II-urq I.uIIpf-rl R.xIf'lqII Magm- I,.1urrI I'r'ma- mln, Fla Orc-gun Springx II.ulIIr-slmrq IInllirxImrq I,.1un-I Ifulumbus Mnnticrlln I.ucf-dale' I,urr-dale' -Inrkwn xvIlYf'll'1IYJf" Hu! lirsburq IInlliraImrn: Iirralur Ormrw Sprinqx Ihllirshurc ffulfpffrt I'I3!liv-sIn1rq NI'-:rd-.-illf' Lak'- I'Iat!ir-'-Imrg SIMS Pf-im I.::urr-I Undergraduates CYNTHIA A. IIOLMIiS. Srtphf vrrm or KENNETH W, IIOIAIIQS, S-'phumftrt M.-XURICE HOLMES, I-'rv--hrnan RONNIR W. HOLMES. Freshman S.-XNIJR.-X Ii. HOLSTON. Suphurnf-rt SL'S.-KN NI. IIOLT. I-'rcshrnan IIMMIE L. IIOOKI-IR, I7rr-shman MICDALINE HOOKER. Freshman PHILIP HORN. Ifrr-shman MARIA j. IIORNI-1. junit r KARL j. HOSILYK, junior IQLAINE IIOSKINS, Suphwmorc j.-KMES I.. IIOUSLHY, junior WII.I.IAM B. HOUSTON, Ifrvshman ANl'I'A HK JWELL, I"r1'shman C. KIiNNIiTII HOWIZLI.. juniur I'A'I'SY L. HOWELL. Ifrvshman TIIOMAS M. HOWELL. junior S'I'l2I'IlANIIi .-X. IIRIZZO. Snphmnurc CIIIIA P. Ill', juninr c:,uu.1aNra HLJBB.-XRD, I:l'l'Sl1IIl1l!1 P.-XI'l.A .vt uL'c:u. s.,,,h0m0r.- 'rumms cz. 1iL'c:x.-xnma. s-iphomorc x1.,xRc:..xR1a'I' s. nrnsox, junior Maru' iz. uunsux. swrmmrift- XIICKIQY fi, lIl'lJSfJN, Swpllrllllnrr' P.-XL'I. I.. IIIIIJSUN, Junior S'I'I'iVIfN A. HUDSON, Sfvpltomorr' WILLI.-XM NI III'DSI'E'I'II, Suplwrnnrc 'l'liRRY R llL'EY, I"rvsl1nmn til-IANIH A IIIYIIIIQS, juniur ll ,I lIl'Ml'lIRlIiS, I-'rvsl uxrx an HIIMMY O. lIUMl'IIRlIiS, lfri-slmmn YIKZKI I.. lll'MI'IlRIIiS, I-'rvsl mxmm an .NIIRII-ZNNII I' IlI'N'l', S'-pl uf-x111 -rr- Hattiesburg Prcritiss Columbia ZXICCUIUI3 Hattiesburg Mcflchcc, Ark. Prcntiss Prtntiss McComb Luccdalc Pittsburgh. Pa. Tuscumbia. Ala. Hattiesburg jackson McComb Luccdalc Hattiesburg Petal Winter Haven, Fla. Sao Paulo. Brazil DcFuniak Springs, Fla. Long Beach Mobile, Ala. Sumrall Carthage Bay Mincttc, Ala. Laurel Sumrall Hattiesburg Mobilv, Ala. Mr-ridian Binningham, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. Nailvliitfwht-S, Lit. Biluxi .. I-V - N T. , im. it ' A f , - . 794g 'X v' ' -ttf Ti? nf' X 'Q' w ' 4- ff v-7 I 'f I ' .' ' '. "1'n's'r vw.-f . A - ' I Q. I I sl I 'l L , "J 4 . W . ,,, Q "Q x.. Q . ' I. M71 Q Q i i ,h ' X 'wh 2 I 1 ,A ' ' lgagtnt nn I ' - Mug l, a E-'P' Il .. 1- S ' ' will f ' O 'i, 2 1 T7 , , t g 1 I I ' - Ax I - ,- H HA fs. xx 'ii , . , A 'T ,. A J' ' ,l W ' Fl. f gt, "1 it -Ai f Q 8 I 4 -f 'A f 9 ,J . v! R Ad 'A I IQ 0 ,Q 0-: ,M li I.. . ci A .. r, FN 'X N' 4 'R , ll' Wil LL fv 14 Q, . .. I WK l. 42, 6-X. qua- I A r" j. Q 111 ff I --f ' K I B D ,al "7 .5 , A 171 if ... 7' Ar., .hi 1 H.. I 1 1 ,,. vm' '5 9' A., 5- UI1dLI2I lduntcs X 1 HI I lr fg-,s 1' .'a. .J I 1 1 111 N1 X U,-,, Illll HI NI I 1,..f,,.. IIIXXHIIHHINHRI lm.-V 1... 1 , -' X. , , V I ll HR rf r . l1..H,.,r.,.,, Hulfp!-I l.n'fp-'ll fulllfpvfl j.u- La-,sn H.H!u-Jmrq Ur-vH1.ux-rn xi: l.nIlll! Yi- Mhuuf r.m Springs lr: hmm i.uluml1m XILXH j S l v-ku, j.1p.m DON NLD I .IXC INS -I rx r Laurf-I C XROI X N R .IXC RSON In slum llnllirsbmq SLSXN N1 ,INC KSON J , Sl.nrkviHr X ICI S XC RSUN S 31 un rr Mnzliwn RN D JK IXSUN Sugh m will:-, NY XRRON I ,IN IxSON S ph ru r Hutirabnrq Bi!-'xi Prhll ll.lUif'3'IUfkf 1.11 Mun fnlullglnxi Wan-land f:JUl"Il I'i1nf.-nur lnxrmfwr! .IXXNIS S ph ru rr Hnumql Ig RI IJ Il -IPRNH 'KN jR S ph 1 rr llIlllil"1hllfQ QOIHN 1 r Yillw- ffily' RRX I U N I r I nu Hznszif--huts: ixx J X1'r?:Il" X13 Suv. Snllis Hxilguif'Iphi.n I I Hfgnfh, Flu 1 I sm I-fix, Hia S 1 Ilsnfz-nur: ,sq 1 INNHN N Lnurf' IJX I Purxl UN I X111 Pfnn: 73 ' Undergraduates LEE C. JOHNSON, Junior JAMES D. JOHNSON. Sophomore JEAN M. JOHNSON, Freshman JOHN D. JOHNSON. Freshman RALPH B. JOHNSON, Junior ROBERT H. JOHNSON, Juinor SHEILA S. JOHNSON, Freshman THOMAS E. JOHNSON, Freshman HERBERT A. JOHNSTON, Sophomore TERESA E. JOHNSON, Sophomore TONIE L. JOHNSON, Freshman MARGARET J. JOHNSTON, Freshman WILLIAM E. JOHNSTON, Junior BARBARA L. JONES, Sophomore DAVID C. JONES, Freshman CLYDE C. JONES, Junior DANA H. JONES, Sophomore DEBORAH L. JONES, Junior EDWINA L. JONES, Sophomore GORDON S. JONES, Freshman PATRICIA JONES, Freshman GLENDA K. JONES, Junior LINDA M. JONES, Junior JAMES M. JONES, Freshman KAREN M. JONES. Sophomore LARRY N. JONES, Junior MARILYN J. JONES, Junior RICHARD II. JONES, Junior ROGER S. JONES, Junior ROIIERT M. JONES, Sophomore l'RSULA R. JONES, Junior DAVID I". JORDAN, Freshman FRANCES R. JORDAN. Junior JANICIE K. JORDAN, Fresllman LINDA R. JORDAN, Sophomore Laurel Hattiesburg Bay St. Louis Hattiesburg Laurel Mt. Olive Picayune Clarksdale Hattiesburg Centreville Meridian Mobile, Ala. Greenwood Pass Christian Biloxi Vicksburg Gulfport Wiggins Fairhope, Ala. Fairhopc, Ala. Orlando, Fla. Morton Pascagoula. Pascagoula Jackson Prentiss Meridian Jackson Pclahatchie Bay Springs Hattiesburg Jackson Petal Mobile, Ala. Waynesboro Q3 4 Q7 12 I .IQ vb'-3 nf l 'fo -.3 - . A 15 I - . x. P 4 I7-I f, ' " 41- 1531 N A ' P i f 9, 'fs . I I Z f l 1. .'p-s..- frk in .,. .N QW, 'iii tx .- ff: Q- ,Q 'O . .AI 'P' 9 N ' f I N at v W I4 3 Q 'K 5 V . lx. I 1- px .W wi , I ' 4 X 1 CN sf 1. 11 1 . ,fre N . - - - --' 'mes 1--gulfls illeswh fr r zusnz u-a ll 'I .Q I 1 ?li.!i'l' I . i -4 I ,er ' ., 'L Y. iq 5' 'ff' ' zu. , R. - . W I Q7 'K A1 ., -. 'V I Xu ' J i i ' ' 'i E ' . eo. vu J X f of 1' gr N yi! if In ' 3' 'R ,Q -or I iii N l u l 'I 'CS ' U f ' A xi' 5 J 4 W fx in .4 - rf- - FI' I ' 71:5 i 1' , 4 vis lg, fr - , Xa. , . iff V ii ,R Qv.. , . Y, f " I 0 5-fm T' . K ' 'Fl ' 7 ' ' . I - -44 r 1 ' - fslq' V 111:-. 1 if 7 9 J 'E A me ix e IA is qfvi' 175 Undergraduates CHARLES M. JORDAN, Sophomore ROBERT M. JORDAN, Junior TERRY J. JORDAN, Freshman NEOMA V. JOYNER, Freshman M. EDMUND JULIAN, Freshman JOHN R. JUNKIN, Freshman THOMAS C. KADERLI, Junior CHRISTENE KARABETSOS, Sophomore LINDA F. KEITH, Sopohmore RAYMOND E. KEITH, Freshman DINNIE O. KELLY, Freshman DOROTHY A. KELLY, Junior CARRIE J. KELLY, Junior TERESA L. KELLY, Sophomore PATRICIA A. KELLY, Freshman LINDSEY J. KEMP, Sophomore BETTY J. KENNEDY, Junior DONNA N. KENNEY, Junior KIRK R. KENNEDY, Sophomore THOMAS M. KENNEDY, Sophomore LANEE J. KENT, Junior JOSEPH w. KERLEY, Junior LoRi K. KERR, Freshman BRENDALYN A. KEYS, Junior VERA M. KEYS, Junior PAMELA R. KIEHM, Freshman CONNIE M. KIHYET, Freshman PATRICIA L. KILLOUGH, Junior ROY J. KIMMEL, Freshman JAMES R. KIMBRELL, Junior OCTAVIA C. KINCHLOE, Sophomore JAMES H. KING, Sophomore MARGARET v. KINSEY, Junior TIMOTHY D. KIRKLAND, Freshman R. JEANNE KISER, Junior ALSON C. KNIGHT, III, Junior CINDY KNIGHT, Sophomore VICTORIA G. KNIGHT, Freshman DONIE W. KNOBLOCH, Sophomore LEIGH A. KOHNKE, Freshman LINDA M. KONKLE, Junior LARRY S. KROPFF, JR., Freshman JOSEPH C. KURLGER, Junior BETTY L. KWONG, Sophomore GARRY Y. KYZAR, Junior Hattiesburg Meridian Waynesboro McHenry Hattiesburg Natchez Biloxi Jackson Wauwatosa, Wise. Foley, Ala. Vicksburg Newton Quitman Biloxi Ocean Springs Forest South, Ill. Tylertown Brookhaven Biloxi Biloxi Gulfport Hattiesburg Jackson Laurel Laurel Meridian Pascagoula Columbus McComb Meridian Tunica Mullins, S.C. Brookhaven Chickasaw, Ala. Jackson Laurel Hattiesburg Vicksburg Jackson New Orleans Picayune Hattiesburg Jackson- Greenwood McComb Undergraduates STEVEN D. KYZAR. junior jAKli I". Lali-ILLLO. junior ALLEN LaCOUR, Sophom r CAROLYN I.ADNliR. junior CATIIY M. LADNER, junior DONALD I.. LADNIZR. Sophom re FITQLICIA S. LADNIZR. Freshman M. FRANCES LAIJNER, Sophomore GAII. A. LADNER, Sophomore GARY L. LAIJNER, junior MYRNA A. LADNER, junior PATRICIA G. LADNER, junior PATSY li. LADNER, junior SUSAN M. LADNHR, Sophomore TRAVIS M. LADNER, junior Iil.lZABl'1'l'II j. LADNIER, junior MICIIIAEI. LADNER, junior SUSAN C. LADNIER, junior BER'I'l'IA F. LAIRD, Sophomore III-ZNRY F. LAIRD, jR., junior jI2NNY L. LAIRD, Freshman jAMliS K. LAMBERT, Freshman CATI-IERINH M. LAMEY, Sophomore lIlI.IJA C. LANALX, Freshman MARY A. LANCIZ, Freshman IIFZCZKY LAND, junior .IliI"l" CI. I,ANllRL'M, Freshman l.Alll-1liN M. LANDRLIM. Sophomore CIYNTIIIA A. LANIJRY, I-'rt-slnnain IJAYIIJ K. LANDRY, F i'n-s lnnan jl'1l"FRliY Y. LANIJRY. Freslnnan MAlUiARlf'l' lf. LANIJRY, Sophomoit 'FIIUMAS R. l,ANfil.l'iY, llii ior MltilIAlil. l'. LANIUAN, l"rvshinan Xlll.ll.Xl'.l. ll. LAN!-l,UlS, Sophotnott IUIIN li l,.XNKl-'ORIL lll junirx tfll.XRl.lfS W l..XSllliR, junior l.lNlJ.X lf l.ASSlil'l'ili. S.-pl:-inn: CT XRULYN S l..X'l'llAM. jnninr IIARX l. ll l..Xl lll.llll.Xl.l., Sopltotiu tt RAY lf l..Xl"l'l'iN, l'.I'l'KlIlllJlll Orlando. Fla. Baton Rouge. La- Canton Lumberton Pass Christian Lumberton Pascagoula Pass Christian Columbia Necaise Gulfport jackson Poplarville Pass Christian Gulfport Gulfport Gautier Ocean Springs Gulfport Gulfport Natchez Brooklyn Biloxi New Orleans, La. Hattiesburg Tyler, Tex. Clinton Brooklyn Luce-dale Hattiesburg I.nt-edale lliloxi IV:tynt-slmoro Arlington. Ya. Gulfport Long lIt'4n'h li wrvst Yirltslmru .Xlniort-. Ala tltxttier l'.xrlf4. lla Mobile. Ala itoxun s rn naxic, ,I tii. i.-1 i...t.f--1 ttonrittr it t. my Ant. lf .-.- ti tftt. tn ttnta.-time tuxllfit. If 1.1-ini-ixri x. fi.ll".l1.lS.x' .-,,.v H..-i.. nrzvtakm' A'x. ,I titt i.-I twat... Fa fa ff 2 4-'I I 'Y 5 'Z I 31 fx 1, I A J S f L:-xg! IA I wi: I A -, - 'Y I 4 QI J x Y' . J iw Wa' 8 . t L oi' ,-, I t ,bf iff, I is 76 ,.q F . I Q--Q Il I ,F Q. - .fs ,L IO D5 t GS 8 .21 .r ,. 1., 5. 5 . tn . pl 7' t Li. v ,. t. Ak ' 'iii -tk 3 H' - G I f I l v D ., - .1 . 7 J' A , a I. sa... 'I 'TT 5 Q8 . 'Q' Y' M t ya -, ' 3'?'f7 if 1 I 1 1 I!! -9 Ag P M F , 2 ,Tb A A f' 'as ' f" or 1:9 ..,.,.,,, r, fs- ' T". A I . ""' .A . ""-7 f ' Q' f I 1 - ' . ' ' 1 . Wg. . ' f . MI .,.,, I .4 iv , ' , A 1 . W of es'-1, an x ...e . A. , , I t gl ,, . . . . V1 A,,L I Q A .. , Y K , V, . my 41, 5 -f,' f '." - A . T" I A ,Z f 4, x A 3 -"7'w:ff?"2:f..e'.. "' 3 x .'-qef.f2y74"-ff A '-'ff.r4i'wif5 J 'I..'i?ljEZf:g .- '+. 1' X749 ff if "-fi ., . Q: ' em. .. 4 .. , .,. . fl ,K 2 fi f .e .4 61 1 in sm! i.. A ll " ., V' Zin M' c " I' Q5 . ii. . ',,- I fr y X . .xi . A y If 2 1 o F 1' 4.19 S ya v 4' A ,- 1, r2"r::.72zi:Ew -- M1-ici' vmfoqm ,, .. f eh v ' - , V ' ' ,,', .. I "Q .. . I ,,', ,, .- I. ' ' 2 -1 52. " Q-, 1 f 'i '-: ' ' ' P: - ' " " ' I I f eo. y A V Q . ' Q4 ,," ' . ' to - .' I fi " f V A: . ,V A . I M I 'i I as 6 'F ?f'?f.?7i m,,,. . -7.1 H I , . vw . e- fo ef-. A f""" if f r 1 .. I H 2 I' ' wr '," .. ,I '4' 5 .A ',f.f A 'Axx "I - ,fi f ' ' ' I f wi" ii 72? .I - . 1 ' Q 4 A I -A, 'A - i pa K, .V .K.. I 'A 177 giHU,,,.4,.5Lg: ,.. ..Y 53, V w - 2, Q L 'V ,KLA -A-H' 1 evn-as-4 U I .,. L u "P, ndergraduates CATHERINE S. LEARY, Sophomore BOBBY N. LEE, Junior JAMES L. LEE, Junior .IOE T. LEE, Freshman L. KENNETH LEE, Sophomore FRANKLIN C. LEGGETT, Junior EDWARD R. LENTANNI, Sophomore NELDA LEONARD, Sophomore THOMAS P. LETT, Freshman EDDIE L. LEWIS, Freshman FRANCES R. LEWIS, Junior JOHN D. LEWIS, Freshman LINDA L. LEWIS, Sophomore PHILIP L. LEWIS, junior SUZANNE LEWIS, Sophomore WILLIAM L. LIBBEY, Junior CARMEN LIDE, Freshman ANNE B. LIGHTSEY, Freshman JOHN W. LILLEY, Junior FAYNE LIMBO, Freshman DEBBIE E. LINDSEY, Sophomore RONNIE L. LINDSEY, Freshman CHRIS A. LINKHOKER, Freshman MARY R. LITCHLITER, Freshman KATHRYN S. LITTLE, Sophomore MICHAEL A. LITTLE, Freshman ROBERTA s. LITTLE, Sophomore DAVID C. LIVINGSTON, Sophomore ALLEN E. LOCKHART, Freshman JOHN B. LOFTUS, Sophomore MARY M. LOFTUS, Fressman BETTY L. LOGAN, Junior JESSIE H. LOGAN, Junior MARVIN O. LOGAN, Junior STEPHEN C. LOGAN, Junior BRENDA L. LONG, Junior CHARLES L. LONG, Junior MICHAEL J. LOG, Sophomore BRENDA G. LOPER, Sophomore NANCY C. LOPER, Freshman ANTHONY J. LOPEZ, Freshman JOHNNY D. LOTT, Sophomore JUDY E. LOTT, Freshman LEO T. LOTT, JR., Sophomore WINSTON E. LOTT, Sophomore Pass Christian Pinola Oak Grove Prcntiss Oak Crovc, Louisiana Collins Saraland, Ala. Meadvillc Moss Point Ridgeland Bentonia Richmond, Virginia Pascagoula Fairhope, Ala. Union Vicksburg Pascagoula Laurel Clinton College Park, Georgia Gulfport Clinton Radford, Virginia Picayune Hattiesburg Biloxi Ocean Springs Starkville Pass Christian Long Beach Long Beach Lake Waynesboro Heidleburg Hattiesburg Jackson Quitman Hattiesburg Petal Pensacola, Fla. Natchez Sumrall Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Jackson I Undergraduates MARCO LOVE, Sophomore REBECCA S. LOVE, Freshman V. DIANNE LOVELACE. Sophomore ELIZABETH C. LOVETT. Sophomore PAUL U. LOVETTE, junior BILL LOWRY, Freshman PERRIN H. LOWRY, Freshman MICHAEL YV, LOWRY, Sophomore CAIL LUCAS, Freshman CHARLES M. LUCAS, Sophomore MELISSA L. LUCKETT, Freshman THOMAS M. LUKE, Sophomore PATRICIA A. LUNDREGAN, Freshman DANA T. LUNDY. junior PATRICIA A. LUSK. Sophomore NANCY L. LYLE, junior jAMES W. LYNN, junior DEBORAH N. LYONS, Freshman CHARLES C. MacCRECOR, Sophomore RICHARD A. MacMlLLAN, Freshman BELINDA M. MADDOX, Freshman E. jEAN MADDOX, Sophomore RICK L. MADDOX, Freshman NANCY I.. MADISON, Sophomore BEVERLY I. MACEE, Freshman MARTHTA B. MACEE, junior RITA j. MACEE, junior BETTY R. MACERS, Freshman ROBERT A. MAXWELL, junior CORNELL E. MALONE, junior DEBORAH I. MALONE, Sophomore DENNIS If. MALONE, Freshman RICIIARD YV. MALONE, Sophomore ROBERT S. MALONEY, Sophomore SALLY M. MALONEY. I"reshm:in ROBERT I.. MALIIASS, junior CONRAD R. MANEI:I"RAY, Freshman I'Al'I.A R. MANCFNO, Sophomore jIfRRl A MANNINC, Sophomore LINDA If. MANNINC. Freshman r:1.oRl.-x .rx suxsotfu, SUPIIUIIIIIIT c:lit:1l..x. si.-xi'I.ras,,1i.ni0r N.-xxczx' st s1.rxR.xx'1', sqm f.,1 more jonx .fx si.-mcziifxxr, s.,,m..m.-W BARBIE .-x. MARSI1.-x1.1., Junior jackson Slidell, Louisiana jackson Vicksburg Pascagoula Moss Point Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Chatom, Alabama State Line Canton Carthage Northbrook, Illinois jackson Natchez Morton Rcidsville, Georgia Gulfport Hattiesburg Biloxi Magee Jackson Hattiesburg Meridian jackson Slidell, Louisiana Columbia Morton Butler, Alabama Hattiesburg IVashington, D.C. Hattiesburg Picayunc jackson jackson Biloxi Bay St. Louis Ilattiesburg jarkson jackson Crecnvillr- Mobile, Alabama Pass Christian jackson McComb fx, V3 P I X ,., A, " I vi f i I A , v s 2.- . 4" . : na, A '- -f.. .- ' x v 'rx . ' --IM l 6' L - , IF? fi A . 'f' I? r A 1 lvl J il I 3- 'i .T vw J' "S t I 4 Q? T fafrr 0,1 ,fr I ii? wb -'ez' .Z i Y A IQ 4 '- 3' L 'Z rv. - .- x 1' X I. -T, .v ,-1 I I 'Q 1 xy 178 'fi 1 00 - J' ,-. 9 '5 +0 If 'fig' 'TT' if-X ' --7' lil ' ' Img. .g"'-fl N :I 4 .,.1-,.QfrLi, DQQLLLQ. L- if f mmfmmr .rf it r agirzs 'W Undergraduates JOHN G. MARSHALL, Freshman l SUSAN E. MARSHALL, Freshman " 'f BEVERLY A. MARTER, Frornrnnn f.N, I .- DAVINA M. MARTIN, Freshman RICHARD R. MARTIN, Junior VICKI A. MASHBURN, Freshman KAREN S. MASON, Freshman THOMAS M. MASON, Junior ED MASSEY, junior LYNDA C. MATHEWS, Sophomore I t as 5- T1 5 ,E 1 N , , ' ' 5 I 'J WILLIAM C. MATTERN, Freshman ' MERILEE A. MATHEWS, Sophomore ,ni .,i ,Q JESSE P. MATTHEWS, Junior 1 'Y 4 Q its J ..- .,-n- I ',,f , - f, 1 li JULIA C. MATTHEWS, Freshman My ROSS v. MAURIGI, Junior MARGARET A. MAYES, Sophomore SANDY D. MAYES, Junior , 11" RANDY MAYFIELD, Junior A if RICHARD D. MAYFIELD, Froonnion I EJ, 3 1 ANGIE L. MCADAMS, Junior Q' S'UE C. MCALISTER, Junior x A X R 8 4 it WANDA J. MCCAIN, Junior f ld. A , DOROTHY P. MCCARTHY, Sophomore ii -S ' JOHNNIE E. MCCARTY, Jun-ior ,- , , I 5 ' 11 -. fe e- -' , .L CHARLENE B. MCCLELLAN, Sophomore DEBRA G. McCLENAHAN, Freshman SALLY M. McCLINTOCK, Sophomore KATHRYN L. MCCOMB, Freshman MICHAEL E. MCCURLEY, Freshman CECELIA M. MCDANIEL, Junior X E , I ff RONALD D. MCDONOUGH, Freshman ,Z ff in , R ns PATRICIA A. MCELFRESH, Sophomore rc- 1 9 x, A - i 4 -55 ' CYNTHIA L. McELROY, sopnornoro Xi' Kg, ' J, I GEORGE E. MCGEE, Freshman ,, A f HARVEY C. MCGEE, Sophomore W- E-1-I'-..a:a:-at-ai-'.i1:-Lsifessaiiee a -2.5-E-E: -F'-"-1 r 3 - J A r . "" ii A 'EE ii f ' if . or D if I .ITSG A -!"- Sli . 75 J- I it I TE .... A e"'e ,- I A. ..... M if 1 if r - . ,A rf. F" ..---2 ' V-.- 'J t o ' 2 ' ....,f'e'D -0- A - .4.ia. - .. .?-Ls:-:-in..-::.e 179 McComb Winnetka, Illinois Vicksburg Pascagoula Columbia Brandon Newton Shubuta Pensacola, Fla. Hattiesburg Long Beach Canton Jackson Rucker, Alabama Bay St. Louis Norfolk, Virginia Bay Springs Meridian N atchez' Waynesboro Meridian Jackson Columbia DeKalb Natchez Jackson Jackson Biloxi Jackson Johnston Station Mobile, Alabama Pensacola, Florida Ocean Springs Hattiesburg Philadelphia, Pa. ,vow ndergraduates I.I'.I'. .X XIff1ll.I.. Iumf r XIlI.IJRI,ID Ii. NLMIXIN Sflprifrii rr KIXKIIQS CI Xlffifllili. ltr'-Nllrziar SIIIRLIQY M. Mff.L'IRI-1, jimi' r I'.'x'I'RlCll.X If KI: INQIS. lfrvkliziiari S.XR.XII R. XI: INNIS, SUIJIIHIII ir LYNN -I NI: II,lN'.XIN, S"IJII"III"f IJ.-'kl.I-. XII IxI,I-.. juni'-r I'IffifiY M XII Klflf, I'iI"'9IIIIIIlIl Laurel U. can Springs Klan'-in Giillp' -rr Xawio City I.valxr'willc' Hnuicxlmru XN'ayr1Cslmru Cfilumlnia CIYNIIIIX I., NIf'KIfI.I..XR, I"Ff'NIIHIflH Hattiesburg I5I'1X'IiRl.Y .X xil KAY. ll lnra if r Ccntrcwillr- ROB!-IR'I' I' Nlrlilli. Supl mfwrrzfr rv DL-Kalb RIATII I NIfKINNliY, .I unrn iur Ocean Sprinqx I'.X'IiIiIfIlCIl.X AI Ni: IAIN. j nxxm iwr Clarksdalc' fi NIICZII.-Xlfl, NI: I,AI'fGIILIN. Ifrm-xlmian Pc-nsacola. Fla, LINDA fi McI,IiOII. Sfvplic Jrnmfv rr- Mnhilc WII.I,I.XNI NI. NIr'KIICfII.'XIiI., VIIIIIIHI' Kvxisinqtfwli. Md. ,IlfI,IIi R. NI: NIl'I.I,.'XN, Sfiplifvrwfra- klatksrm .IULYN MQN.-XIR. I-'rvsl nrrm an Magee NIARK IJ MrI'II.'XII.. junii-r Collinsville JOAN NI. NI1'I'IIIi."KRSON,junifvr Silas, Ala. DAVID Cf. N14 I'IIlI,I,II"S, Ifrwhman Temple Terrace, Fla. JAMES II. NHRAIQ. Sopluvmorc' Carthage M.'XRlL.XIiI'1'I' A. Mc'SW.-RIN. I-'rrwliman Riclimn NIAIK-If IRII-I I. MI'1.XlJOR..lunim' NANCY .N XIILXIJOIQ. juni-ii I.XNI'i II NII'iIIIfI.. Swpli-'ln in K,UI,l IN .X XII',lI'.R, I'u-slimau RUIlI1R'I'.N Ml1I'l'Zl.liR,jimim' IN PN-NI,lJ Ir NII',I.IUN. -lumiq VKX IN, SIICNIIIUIIH I'i!l'NIllll1lll Mohilv, Ala, Ilatlicshuru Olmslvd Ifallw. Ohio Clulfpw-rt I'ir'ayuni- flrvnada XIIVIRSIIIIFLY rl.-xxx.: c' Xil',RRI1I.I,. ,1 ..ii im' I.:mr1-I l,lNll.X 1, x1i1luuzl.1,. .1 ..i. a... caiilfwn vi mu' I. x1i:mu11.l,, V1 ..,.i.., cp..1f,,..n ixxiizsu xii-iiuuiii ii.-ii ,,i...,, f:..1fpHfi nuumu ri x1im:ll,l. i,, .i,, .-1 xixiuguu 1' il xuiimii ip Iii-'xl .,1i.., c'..,.1..,. I 141 ii mfwu ia Si pi.. i. iii..-, in-X..N mixxir I xiiwrus :iam ..., ima. mix uni N1ItIIXll,l iii. ni lima.-aii...i mmm 1. xiii mi xi-,.il.if: ff xml fi,u,..,,X li.. :flux xx umm 1' mx Ili N ,.i. I N ,.'. I.cLRl4.MRYX1lIlIRN31 iv in .,.,,- . x Y lim by wi iii: ii.-ir :I .,,, xii WINS!-'I'Il ll xilllru ii. 1.1-.V iii ,uX ol 1-AJ ,, fs A 4 4' l . -F I1 4 I 4' 'D I If lf I0 2 xii I g .H if :. A X 'V .2 - X ! M' Y X 0.9 af' 'G gr., . 2'- Q . XX Q sr' ,J "E," 1 - NA , ' a , 245 W v-7 fli 4-R. 180 My 0 X an A 1 au f is 4 6 ' na -r' , 9. l 14 fl 'jf 4 - 'Q 45 ' - ,- 'FFSTD lv, -L -ur' x fl. C: M 3 I . 72 fl .LL 5 'Q' A I .gli . ' ii L' J I i ,,. AS 4 I . '- s .' 'f J 7' fi 4 'ml I fi- J W 'U 'rr H 'x Q 0' ff? ' I . . X 'I I ,"""' . ,I , ' 5 , lr. .rx :rx I ns FT f - fr I 41. I It , .' I ti , 2, -H r' u Q X . 1' '21 gs " ' , -9, 'A - -.- H- . 7' ,jf I ff' ,.f'U5,f' 'ff " f? .ff A I, " , I .f X a ,P '44 -I ' A 4 4k A it 3 . 9 -. - : f-QW. .Q . ex f g f' . X .X 9 . . ,- ' rf' ff' ' ' j A . . x X lm , J I A ff! - I A fr gf ' r 5: , RJ ,A . I I -4 . -we ag Y was . 1 , I X La 'YN 181 .,...:1'gJ'a Undergraduates MARLA J. MILLER. Junior PAMELA A. MILLER, Sopl mrmx nore RICHARD C. MILLER, Junior STEPHANIE A. MILLER, Freshman EDWARD R. MILLET, JR., Freshman MICHAEL E. MILLS, Freshman ALAN T. MILLSAPS, Freshman RUSSELL D. MIMS, Freshman LEE L. MIMS, Junior PATSY Y. MIMS, Freshman DAISY M. MINGLEDORFF, Junior DOUGLAS K. MITCHELL, Junior LUCINDA S. MITCHELL, Sophomore MARY L. MITCHELL, Freshman BARRY D. MIXON, Junior GENA M. MIXON, Junior E. KATHRYN MIZE, Freshman ROBIN S. MOFFETT, Junior RICKY L. MONCRIEF, ,Freshman SHARON J. MONTI, Sophomore ALVARO MONTEGRO, Junior ANNE M. MONTGOMERY, Sophomore BARBARA J. MONTGOMERY, Junior ROBERT L. MOODY, Freshman JOHN M. MOON, Freshman JOHN M. MOONEY, JR., Freshman DELTON T. MOORE, Junior DONNE B. MOORE, Junior THOMAS W. MOORE, Sophomore ANTHONY W. MOORE, Freshman FLOYD A. MORELL, Freshman MARY K. MORD, Freshman GAYLE H. MORGAN, Sophomore HOMER G. MORGAN, JR., Junior JAMES W. MORGAN, Junior MARY E. MORRIS, Sophomore QUINTIN G. MORRIS, Freshman THOMAS P. MORRIS, Sophomore BRENDA IMORRISON, Freshman JULIE MORRISON, Freshman WILLIAM T. MORRISON, Sophomore ROBERT C. MORROW, Sophomore TRUDY D. MOSES, Freshman NANCY E. MOSS, Junior DONALD R. MOTT, Junior Natchez Jackson Hattiesburg Vicksburg Long Beach Columbia Canton Mobile, Ala. Bradenton, Fla. Greenville Tallahassee, Fla. Biloxi Ocean Springs Jackson Gulfport McLain Dothan, Ala. Quitman Puckett Bay St. Louis Managua, Nicaragua Clinton Picayune Gulfport Atlanta, Ga. Seminary Woodville Taylorsville Gulfport Brookhaven Mobile, Ala. Tylertown Jackson Petal Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Biloxi Picayune Brandon Florence Crystal Springs Webb Vicksburg Laurel Gulfport Undergraduates GEORGE W. MIQLLEN. Junior MITTIE R. MIQLLINS. Sophomore MARCIE K. MUNN. Freshman MICHAEL L. MIQRKS. Junior JESSE W. MURPHREE, Junior LINDA E. MLRPHREE. Junior DAVID C. MURPHY. Junior PAUL R. MURPHY. Freshman MAURICE T. MURPHY. Junior SHARON L. MURPHY, Junior RONNIE H. MURRAY, Freshman EDITH J. MUSE, Sophomore HAROLD C. MYATT, Sophomore HUGH F. MYERS. Freshman HENRY L. MYERS, JR., Junior JOHN D. MYERS, Junior ROGER S. MYRICK, Junior TERRI NALL, Sophomore RIPLEY A. NANCE, Junior WILLIAM J. NAPIER, Freshman JOHN J. NASH, JR., Freshman CHARLOTTE J. NEAL. Junior S. MARIE NEESE, Junior MICHAEL S. NELSON, Sophomore PATSY A. NESTER, Junior DAVID B. NE'I'I'ERVILLE, Junior SYLVIA L. NETTLES, Junior CHARLES G. NEUMANN, Junior MARY M. NEVILLE, Freshman LARRY W, NEWELL. Sophomore JUDITH D. NEWMAN. Freshman JAN S. NEWMAN, Sophomore D0l'GI.AS E. NEWSHAM, Sophomore WILLIAM F. NIBI,E'I'I'. JR.. Freshman DEANA M NICHOLS, Freshman KINNEY PAK-KIN NG. Freshman WAYNE Ii NIX. Freshman E Il NOIILES, JR . Sophomori SI'li W NOIILICS, Junior CAROL CT NUIQI., Freshman l.lI.I.I.-KN I NUI..-KN, Jumor JOYCE M NOONE. J ixri ior DEIIOR.-XII I. NOXVELI.. Supl if-iii ore LARRY M OAKICS, J iiii ior SUSAN OIIICRT, lfrr-sluuan Greenville Prentiss Hattiesburg Gulfport Clarksdale Huntsville, Ala. Biloxi Mount Olive Kosciusko Pascagoula Bay St. Louis Jackson Purvis Jackson Canton Batesville Laurel Pensacola, Fla. Jackson New Orleans. La, Mobile, Ala. Canton Brcwton, Ala. Long Beach Lake McComb Brandon Biloxi Hurley Mobile, Ala. Gillsburg Gulfport Jackson Foley. Ala. Thomasville, Ala. Hong Kong. China llatlieslmurg Gulfport llaltif-shura .lrlfls sfil 1 Biloxi Jackson Philacla-lphia Rr-clwoorl Biloxi K aes., as 1 9 1? I ix I. dn JZ X 3 .-.- fi b it Q 4 T9 4 1? Y. jx. x l 5 'ft F ' fl Q gg ' W A l ez 1 1 ' ' 6 -A if 181 if s : fn ' 5, ..g..', ' - ,. r "9" :Q Y is r " iff Ill -:iii A -A ' I - lj la '. L, Aiulif :gl 'Ill . . v W . , ,, 1 42:-r 11-' J I , Q .. 13:1 .' 4 C an K' ' I 1 li .frigid . i - QLLA K f -it 3 7' f..L'.,Ilr 7-Tr . .af t 4 'T I N J A - - 'i if '- x ' ffilf' . l Q P V ' -I A-an N gf x I - 1 i r f ' V-3 bg , 5 'X r r I o . ,J r. ,. " - - 515 , . . , , N., . - n- r ' y 'ff' 'gf . . L' , . A L1 . vw I JTFYE 1 . r ' . ?Q,fl75- , - r. 'I QQ LWQ- 'i If ' - L ,- . Q.. 5 . ' l . I r A ' .1 - 1.4 , .'4 5 -.. V J ' I Q ' 3,3 . 5-"fro Q X 183 r .,-,- w- r:!t Lui.. flggf. L11 'A 'Y Under raduates BETTIE S. O'BRlAN, Junior EILEEN B. O'BRlEN. Freshman KATHY O'BRIEN, Freshman NANCY E. ODOM, Sophomore KATHLEEN M. O'HARA, Junior MEDA D. OHR, Junior DEBORAH C. OLIVER, Sophomore LURETHA OLIVER, Freshman TAMARA L. O'NEAL, Junior WILL M. O'NEAL, Freshman MARSHALL L. O'NEIL, Freshman LINDA M. O'QUINN, Junior SAMMIE L. O'QUINN, Junior LARRY L. ORADAT, Sophomore BRENDA A. ORANGE, Junior DOYLE T. ORANGE, Freshman HELEN A. ORGERON, Junior Biloxi Pass Christian Biloxi Jackson Gulfport Biloxi Baton Rouge, La. Laurel Birmingham, Ala. Andalusia, Ala. Laurel Natchez Tylertown Marion, Ind. Laurel Waycross, Ga. Marrero, La. DEBBIE A. OSBORNE, Junior Hattiesburg LIBBY O'SHEA, Freshman Charleston ELIZABETH A. OSWALT, Freshman Columbia GAYLE L. OVERTON, Junior Overland Park, Kan. JESSICA A. OVERSTREET, Junior Laurel CHANDRA P. OVERSTREET, Freshman Shubuta ALICE F. OWEN, Junior Long Beach MARC F. OWEN, Sophomore Gulfport PEGGY F. OWENS, Junior Laurel DONNA S. OUBRE, Freshman Hattiesburg ANNA J. PACE, Junior Prentiss MICHAEL C. PACE, Sophomore Petal HOWARD L. PAILET, Junior New Orleans, La. GEORGE B. PALAZZO, Sophomore Gulfport DANNY W. PALMER, Junior Tyler, Tex. DEBORAH A. PALMER, Sophomore Preston ELLIOT E. PALMER, Freshman DeKalb LORETTA J. PALMER, Freshman Morton ALICE D. PARDOE, Junior Pascagoula HAROLD C. PARKER, Junior Sumrall DIANE C. PARKER, Junior Wiggins DEBRA PARKER, Sophomore Pascagoula DOUG PARKER, Sophomore Meridian PAMELA A. PARKER, Freshman Oxford VICKI L. PARKER, Junior Quitman DONNA K. PARKS, Freshman Moss Point CYNTHIA A. PARR, Freshman J2.CkSOI'l BILLIE M. PARROTT, Junior Hattiesburg Undergraduates THEODORE G. PARSONS, Junior JIMMY D. PARTIN, Sophomore KAY PASCHAL, Sophomore MURRAY W. PATE, Junior RAY A. PATTEN, Jr., Junior DEBORAH C. PATTERSON, Sophomore VICKI A. PATTERSON, Junior TERESA L. PATTERSON, Junior WILLIAM D. PA'I'FERSON, Sophomore ZACHARY PATTERSON, Freshman FRED J. PATRICK. Junior PAMELA E. PAYMENT, Freshman DEBRA A. PAYNE, Freshman DIXIE L. PAYNE, Freshman A. W, PAYNE. Junior BRENDA G. PAYTON, Sophomore JACKIE D. PAYTON, Sophomore M. T. PEARCE. Freshman HENRY R. PEDEM. Freshman EMILY L. PEEL, Junior DICK PEOPLES, Sophomore ANN R. PERKINS, Freshman CAROL S. PERKINS, Freshman CATHERINE J. PERKINS, Junior KENNETH M. PERKINS, Freshman HARDIR I.. PERRITT, sophomore r. D. PERRY, Junior nouoms u. PIQRRYMAN, Junior su.-wxox F. PERRYMAN, Junior MARY E. PERNICIARO, Junior ALLEN C. PETERS. Freshman MARGARET E. PETERS. Sophomore MICIIAEI. W. PETERSON, Freshman LINDA PEVEY, Junior SANDRA K. PEVEY, Freshman PAMEI..-X A. PEYTON, Junior GAYLEN M. PIIILLIPS, Freshman KEN Ci. I'IIII.l.lPS. Junior J. I.. I'llII.l.IPS. Freshman PATRICIA L. PllII.l.lI'S. Freshman si.-xRTu.-x ii, ifliaifiaxisizuxcs, Suphomorr j,u:R 1. m1aRc:ia. Jr.. iff.-.Iimmi R.-Wm' I.. PIIQRCE. I-'fi-511.11311 e.xRo1. .lx mc:roRn. 1-'ri-trim., ANN.-x Picsmrli Junior Perkinston Meadville Newton Meridian Poplarville Magnolia Pensacola, Fla. Long Beach Hattiesburg McComb Biloxi Jackson Jackson Meridian Hattiesburg Columbia Hattiesburg Slidell Gulfport Gulfport Carthage Jackson Jackson Jackson Pasadena, Tex. Meridian Holly Bluff Huntsville, Ala. Hattiesburg Bay St. Louis Gulfport Jackson Biloxi Morton Jackson Raymond Jacksonville. Fla. Manchester, Ga. Mobile. Ala. Yazoo City Ceorgetown Hattiesburg Jackson Meridian Plfllylllli' f .f 111 A 49' Ag "l ff-'f '- Ab -i fa A in Al. Ab. x 1-he ' 'Q I F? 6.51 il ...,. ., '. . - x f-J, . .X if -We ' ' I j "l'1:5 A . I 1, '7 11 . 1 in 'NN , 'N' " 'Qi' . 'L C X 1 A 1 . up I 1 . 0 ' . . I f 3 .. V. f 6' rl! . I -I 3:-' I as 184 . - If 3 . , ,. . . rv - I Q . r V .fmt Ts w.gx. ,f v---v- ,-f"'i :1 Ax . T: . 'Hz' 5, 1.-'13, ' I V . Q1 1 X lf-:-'-t .K l Q - A Q? 1 3' ' . . it J -1 fl K L - ., : ' N ., J :Ng 'F we -fi l N . ' 'f " an Ye? :. . .". If . Q. A ' Y WI x .A uk t 1. 'L' ng.. . f. - f .51 FAQ? -of 'cam 4' N. ffl Raiai sl: JUN , W ir 9443. ri ab as I .i'fgs-an I. -has :I Z5 ,Q ., I 4- r. -A pl., ,E 44 1:4 E .L .. ML., L. 4,4 Lt Undergraduates LEROY D. PILCHER. Sophomore PHYLLIS A. PINKERTON, Sophomore J. A. PIPA, Junior VALDA C. PITCAIRN, Junior CHARLOTTE D. PITTMAN, Junior F. R. PITTMAN, Sophomore PATSY J. PITTMAN, Sophomore DANNY C. PITTS, Junior JEAN C. PITTS, Junior JACQUELINE PLEASANT, Junior JOHN M. PLEASANT, Junior CARLA J. PLUE, Junior LEON W. PLUNKETT, Freshman THOMAS A. POBJECKY, Freshman DON C. POLK, Sophomore JIMMY H. POLK, Freshman SAMUEL o. POLK, Junior GEORGE A. POLLITZ, Freshman JANICE L. POPE, Junior JAMES L. POPE, Junior RANDY POPE, Sophomore MARY K. PORTER, Freshman VERNETTA A. POSEY, Sophomore THELMA S. POSEY, Freshman V. D. POWELL, Junior D. J. POWELL, Freshman LINDA J. POWELL, Freshman PAMELA POWELL, Sophomore TIM POWELL, Freshman RICHARD F. PRATT, Freshman BARBARA L. PREHODA, Sophomore BRENDA S. PRESTRIDGE, Sophomore KIT L. PRESTRIDGE, Sophomore MICHAEL R. PRESTRIDGE, Junior BETTYE J. PRICE, Sophomore GLENDA K. PRICE, Sophomore HAROLD D. PRICE, Sophomore JOHN E. PRICE, Sophomore J'UDY C. PRICE, Sophomore JUNE F. PRICE, Junior MOLLY J. PRICE, Sophomore NANCY J. PRICE, Sophomore RON D. PRICE, Sophomore WILLIAM D. PRICE, Sophomore JACK G. PRIDE, Sophomore Slidell, La. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Bay St. Louis Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Columbia Hattiesburg Laurel Hattiesburg Jackson Hattiesburg Aiken, S.C. Winter Haven, Fla. Moss Point Prentiss Camden, Ala. Picayune Jackson Clinton Hattiesburg Picayune Collins Collins Jackson Bay Springs Biloxi Columbia Jackson Horseshoe Bend, Ark. Wiggins Hattiesburg Liberty Liberty Hattiesburg Meridian Tupelo Vicksburg Mendensall Pachuta Gulfport Jackson Columbus, Ga. Crystal Springs Mobile, Ala. Undergraduates w1L1.1Ax1 F. PRITCHARD. rfoshmoo Pass Christian JACK M. PRINGLE. Sophomore Gulfport CLARA G. PROCHAZKA, Sophomore Foley, Ala. ROBERT M. PROFFITT, Freshman Paseagoula JOHN M. PROSSER, Freshman Pascagoula TONI S. PROTHRO, Junior Hattiesburg LINDA L. PRFOCLE, Freshman MOSS Point CHARLES F. PULLIAM, Jr., Freshman Laurel CHARLES N. PUNZO, Sophomore Biloxi GARRY G. PURVIS, Freshman Ahoskie PAT o. PURVIS, Junior Jackson PATRICIA J. PYLE, sophomore Jackson B. R. PURVIS, Junior Meridian PHYLLIS R. QUALLS, Sophomore Brookhaven CAROL J. QUAM, Sophomore Laurel ANNE D. QUINLAN, Freshman Bay St. Louis REBECCA D. QUINN, Freshman Columbus BEATE R. RABE, Freshman Biloxi JOHN M. RAINEY, Junior Ellisville RENAE RAINEY, Sophomore Hattiesburg SHARON RAKESTRAW, Sophomore Tupelo ARIEL R. RAMSAY, Junior Pascagoula BETTY S. RANDLE, Sophomore Tupelo WILLIAM C. RANKIN, Junior Magee COPELAND R. RATCLIFFE, Junior Laurel JOSEPH M. RATCLIFF, Freshman Hattiesburg PAMELA C. RATHBUN, Sophomore Prentiss SHARON L. RATHELL, Freshman Vienna PAT RAWLS, Sopl icwl nore Hattiesburg THOMAS V. RAWLS, Sophomore Tylertown JOZAN M. RAY, Junior Pensacola, Fla, GINNY I.. RAY, Sopl icmiiiri ri Collins IARRY cs, RAY, Junior Suyninil l'l-IGGY J. RAY. Si-pho irifw ra Meridian LONNY L. RAY, Junior Summit "1 ,.- rf -Q-, .- Y i.,,Q.- , . S.. . I VSV 43 1-.Fei r, e f - . . . the gloominess of the place. and the use to which it is applied, with the solemnity of the building. :incl the eonclition of the people who lie in it. are zipt to hll the mincl with 11 kincl of melancholy, or rather tliouglitfulness. that is not cliszigreeable. from Meditations in iilestminister Abbey Joseph Aclclison 186 Fl. . G .4 B- X Q7-Q s V r 'J ' Y 4 1 Q L . ,- as ri, '.ON 'IP' db. -our' -""' I I I I I A Y -'-LI,.:Qfg,s:1:i.f1mIz.trLd:tzI1txi.. I."Z15.2..' , 'Ja l 'J ,, QI. , ,f - -A .xl AN ' ,-.. as J f If ., gif,-5 Q 2193 4? ' i N EQ ,Q . f- ti all li' Qillllg .1 ' I JR" It J r , . it p jg H f I 1 , :III l i L ,l i ,- l I .. I 5 -' 0-Q . 1 I W., , a ik? 'ex vs t v Q A 1' Q , Q ., , ,.., , . , ,-ff-vv .iv W- Q7 M4 4 fly E 515 f 41- Qi. 1 -.Pk Q.--J I I-105 .Q 1-x t A... 9-t . ft, -.Q .,..-.x , M 2. I 0 . -1-' If 3' 'ff Q . -. tt L .QNX z ,, I I X ,fa if Rs i n ,. fn, Us 1, ., A '4-.K r tn I up 8, A. gf,-3 J -,N it .-. if 1 I ' 'S . f E ff' . N 5-1 5 . 4, 1 -auf F ' , 6 , . , 34 A K 1,3 .Y bf A It l 'yi V 11' x. I 1 .. ' f 1' 7' . . 'R -iii , . I - 2 ' A 3 , V 4 l 4 J N ' 1 L X, ip i 3, Q m A f 0 gf? Qtgw .'-'ii -':-r A . as Q , ,J ll as f -, if I - sr I v' -s I I: ' J 18 ,,f 7 I Undergraduates CHARLIE D. RALAND, Junior BRENDA G. RAYBORN, Fresl 1r11 an MARY J. REDDELL, Junior CREST M. REED, Junior RICHARD E. REED, Sophomore BILLY T. REED, Junior VEDA A. REED, Sophomore MARY L. REESE, Sophomore COZETTE O. REEVES, Junior DORIS E. REEVES, Sophomore PHYLLIS E. REEVES, Sophomore WANDA REEVES, Junior DAVID C. REGISTER, Freshman ELIZABETH A. REID, Junior THERESA H. RESTOM, Sophomore ROBIN REVERE, Sophomore GEORGE A. REYNOLDS, Freshman PHYLLIS M. REYNOLDS, Sophomore DENNIS C. RHEA, Freshman LOUIS RHIAN, Freshman GINGER RHINEHARDT, Sophomore ROBERT C. RHODES, Sophomore WILLIAM P. RIALS, Sophomore WALTER A. RICHARDSON, Junior Carthage Wavcland Wiggins Hattiesburg Natchez McComb Bogalusa, La. Centerville Ocean Springs Hattiesburg Yazoo City Brookhaven Gulfport Ovett Hattiesburg Mendenhall Gulfport State Line Petal Hattiesburg Waynesboro Waynesboro Pass Christian Port St. Joe, Fla. PAT L. RICHARDSON, Freshman Jackson HOUSTON L. RICKARD, Sophomore Toms Brook, X" PAMELA S. RICKER, Freshman Pascagoula TROY A. RICKS, Sophomore Raymond PATRICIA A. RIDGWAY, Sophomore Jackson MARVIN D. RIGBY, Freshman Jackson JIMMY N. RIGDON, Freshman Meridian SYBIL J. RILEY, Freshman Pattison BRADY R. RIMES, Freshman Jackson ROBIN RINGS, Sophomore Macon KAREN S. RION, Junior Ocean Springs LINDA C. ROBBINS, Junior Pascagoula WANDA J. ROBBINS, Junior Columbia RITA K. ROBERSON, Freshman Greenwood CYNTHIA A. ROBERTS, Freshman Jackson ROBIN C. ROBERTS, Sophomore Hattiesburg SARAH D. ROBERTS, Freshman Petal CHRISTINE E. ROBERTS, Freshman Laurel FREDDIE ROBERTS, Junior Panama City, Fla. LAURIE J. ROBERTS, Sophomore Laurel JERRY N. ROBERTS, Junior Jackson Undergraduates SANDRA M. ROBERTS, Freshman BILL O. ROBERTSON. Junior BETTY S. ROBERTSON, Freshman BRENDA ROBERTSON. Freshman EDITH M. ROBERTSON, Junior EDWARD O. ROBINSON. Junior wANDA I. ROBINSON. Junior OALLEMANDE J. ROBINSON. Junior GARY A. ROBINSON, Junior JERRY w. ROBINSON, Freshman JANETTE D. RODY. Junior KENDALL L. ROGERS, Freshman REBECCA A. ROGERS. Sophomore RETA G. ROGERS, Sophomore ANN J. ROLLINS, Sophomore LLOYD E. ROLLINS, Junior DENNIS R. ROSE, Junior BECKY ROSS, Freshman GAYNELL ROSS, Junior JUDY C. ROSS, Freshman RICHARD C. ROSS, Freshman REBECCA R. ROWLAND, Freshman ROGER W. ROWZEE, Junior JERRY C. RUFFIN, Junior GLADYS L. RUMFELT, Freshman KAREL J. RUFFIN. Freshman JUNE G. RUSSUM, Sophomore JOHN S. RUSK, Freshman JOYCE RUTLAND, Sophomore REBECCA R. RUTTER. Sophomore JAMES E. SABLICH, Junior GERALD P. SACGUS, Sophomore :XNTIIONY S.-XK.'Xl..'XRlOS, Junior M.'XRfiL'ERlTE R. SANDER, Sophomore CIYNTIIIA S. SANDERS. Freshrnan I'AKIEl,.-X J. SANDERS. Freshman GEORGE W. SANDERS, Junior 'VIIOMAS W. SANDERS, Junior XN'II,l.lE XY, SANDERS, Junior ELIZ.-XBETII R. SANDERSON, Junir-r El.lZ.-XBE'I'lI S S.-XNDERSON. Soplnuu lIlI,Bl'RN cs. SANFORII. I-'r-.-Sinnnn P.-XUI..-X SANFORD, Junior J.-XNETTE S. SANFORD, Snni rrrrr nm. STEVEN A. S.-XUCIER, Snnh-rnr.-rr HIT' Milton, Fla. M055 Point Jackson Columbia Ellisville Raymond Laurel Laurel Hattiesburg Ocean Springs Biloxi Hattiesburg Escatawpa Gulfport Purvis Prentiss Meridian Jackson Laurel Gulfport Hattiesburg Vicksburg Decatur Laurel Jackson Jackson Jackson Ocean Springs Hattiesburg Brookhaven Biloxi N. Augusta, SC. Pensacola, Fla. Laurel Laurel Columbia Carthage Meridian Hattiesburg Sumrall PUIISIIFIIIJJI Fla, Fetal Jackson Seminary Purvis 4 . U I 1 3 1 9 I 41x 3 I 'J i , i K , 1 X ,. , S in . X 5 Q. V J X N l 4 "" "' lgequi-I vm . . xi' !, I . ll Y .5 ' 53- N AT, x QL I -3 I I ' f. - j if . A 'C Jill :Jill-li If ii- I 1' 3 I A' I ' . ' nr 1 ' - ' J Tijgg 21.5 B . I .. . In -. - ,ar 1 -' ,- - 'S P L A S I I 4 . 'Z ,..a Y,-vu K, ' fs 1- A f 0 J 0 fi f- . J a I ' I .fa HQ -J . fi-1: . A ax sn.- fy fr, A' rl Q' ,- - f?-55 A 4 . , 535 "fx, .fi , e . lb 188 vu-Q Lf, 7.6: AA F I K I s i f ' 1 .. f r A I - N 'J 4 , . -- X ,A e ii? - 1., . I 5 c ' Fa 1 1 .7, . .1 1 '5- "s... -L ,I I I. I I ,JE-I or S7 i , 'N EN I W Q K 1 wiv- 'L . I ' .fi x 9 1 A- YA if ill! - LA . , o '-P, X , I C i . . 'I 1' f W 4 7 ,t W' ef' ,J '57 It . cv- , A ' R Fifi , ' 1- ls . 'Q 4' J, as I' f fy ag! la' -v I J 25 -- A . gr-7' 1 r X it I ' 'F ..lxn..4-A .151 A ' -ov .R ,- '-'!xf'S.f -' . .Sf ' ' ,cg..a.t i.1n-,.. ,.I-..faa,...L aL....u..,.. Under raduates DONALD K. SAUCIER. Junior JANET M. SAUCIER, Junior RAYMOND A. S.-XUCIER, Junior VIKI L. SAUL, Freshman JANIS D. SAULTERS, Freshman JEFFREY L. SAV.-XRESE, Freshman DEBORAH L. SAWYER, Freshman MANDA S. SCARBROUGH, Sophomore KAREN S. SCHALLER, Freshman VICKI D. SCHARF, Freshman C. R. SCHNADELBACH, Freshman CHARLOTTE A. SCHUENKE, Junior BRENDA A. SCHMIDT, Freshman BRENDA R. SCHROCK, Sophomore DONALD R. SCHWELUL, Junior M. J. SCHWEBEL, Junior MARCELLE SCITZS, Freshman CYNTHIA L. SCOGGINS, Freshman BARBARA SCOTT, Freshman BETTY R. SCOTT, Junior JUDY D. SCOTT, Freshman MICHAEL J. SCOTT, Junior ELIZABETH A. SCRUGGS, Sophomore ROBERT B. SEAL, Junior ELLA B. SELBY, Freshman SEANA A. SCOTT, Sophomore DEBORAH L. SEARS, Sophomore GRANT J. SELLERS, Junior KATHY A. SHANAFELT, Sophomore BELINDA K. SHAW, Freshman JANICE E. SHAW, Freshman PAMELA ELIZABETH, Freshman GARY M. SHEMPER, Freshman BETTY C. SHEPHERD, Junior TERESA C. SHEPHERD, Junior BRUNETTA J. SHERMAN, Junior CLIFFORD A. SHIELDS, Sophomore ELMO T. SHIFALO, Jr., Junior HAYNES M. SHOEMAKE, Junior G. M. SHOEMAKE, Sophomore PATSY S. SHOEMAKER, Junior ANN E. SHORT, Junior JOSEPH M. SHOWS, Freshman STANLEY A. SHOWS, Junior MARY D. SI-IULTS. Sophomore Leland Biloxi Poplarville Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg Long Beach Brandenton Meridian Benton Marietta, Ga. Clarksdale Faribault, Minn. New Orleans, La. Biloxi Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Lucedale Erath, La. Jackson Hattiesburg Moss Point Mobile Vicksburg Picayune Vicksburg Littleton Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Anna Maria, Fla. McComb Bellefontaine Gulfport Biloxi Jackson Hattiesburg Lena Mobile, Ala. Gulfport Petal Hattiesburg Gulfport Brookhaven Ellisville Mendenhall Rolling Fork Undergraduates WANDA D. SHIQLTZ, Junior KATHRYN A. SHUMAKER, Freshman MARY M. SHUMOCK, Sophomore REGGIE SHURDON, Freshman SUSAN C. SIMONSON, Freshman LARRY R. SIEVERS. Freshman SHARMAN SIMMONS, Sophomore ALBERT W. SIMMONS, Junior JAMES E. SIMS. Freshman JUANITA L. SIMS, Sophomore FRANCES K. SIMS, Junior LISA C. SIMS, Freshman LARRY R. SIMS, Junior JOSEPH D. SINGLETARY, Junior WILLIAM H. SINGLETARY, Sophomore JERRY E. SKIPPER, Junior JANET M. SLADE, Sophomore JOHNNIE B. SLAY, Junior JUDITH P. SLAYTON, Junior CHARLES M. SLEEPER, Freshman ALBORNE L. SLIDER, Sophomore GARY E. SMALLWOOD, Freshman RODNEY A. SMITH, Sophomore CANDACE B. SMITH, Junior CARL L. SMITH, Junior CAROL B. SMITH, Sophomore JANE C. SMITH, Freshman CINDY L. SMITH, Junior EVELYN C. SMITH, Sophomore DOYLE C. SMITH, Freshman CURTIS A. SMITH, Sophomore DARYL E. SMITH, Junior ELAINE P. SMITH, Freshman PATTIE A. SMITH. Freshman EI,IZABE'I'I'I A. SMITH, Freshman ni.-wma J. srturu, Junior Ii'I"I'.-X I., SMITH. Sophomore GAII. I.. sxuru, lfmlmmn ixuzrn.-x if. smrm, Ifmhmnn Jovcziz L. sxuru, sopiwmorv LINDA G. SMITH, Junior KATHY SMITH. Freshman LINDA C. SMITH, Ifreslnnan Joumn M. sMIT11,,,r PAM E. SMITH, Junior Meridian Gulfport Wade Drew Long Beach Greenville Hattiesburg Natchez Prentiss Canton Jackson Hattiesburg Sanatorium Jackson Clinton Laureal Sumrall Hattiesburg Pensacola, Fla. Metairie, La. Wamer Robbins, Ga. Chickasaw, Ala. Forest Brookhaven McComb Hattiesburg Quitman Prentiss Jackson Jackson Jackson McComb Gloster Laurel Petal Booneville Foxworth Jackson Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Meridian Hattiesburg Jacksonville, Fla. DeKalb Jackson lf.. Q-v 1 for 0 .:,.., . ,I , Q .L I 'i K xx f I K I: APS , 'as F Ki. 55 "9 -- ' 'SAW Ii f-.JN 5' f ,S , V .bfi 2. 7 17 1 ,A 1, i ' ".,.-"X .- . -. ,f X , . f X T ' .wi ' 0 .. ' ff f Y f 'ai 'J , fx I '. -A -P ,it -- ' . F if i I - ' sf' f aft. I . I? '-.TSW ' xx .I sg , E' '3 3. -.-4 We N Q A gk PQ' -I WL , -Z 1 u A F L ., , L Ai. as, A, "'?' . mfg!" I-g J rf 9 1 If :.' 957' , " x rv: AP J- . . 43.9 .V 5 X I "xi A 6. 190 44 -Q Ji-f X 7. ' 'f -. ' X t If 5 5 5 'rs t Qt, ' Li,1L.-i, ' :..f?IL" ..n.1L.1.1il ".LLm.Ajiisii" i'i7'3f5f'5'3' as r, P N I l ,1- ..Z', i .A 4 4.-' I I ' Alf ' ' ' 1.-:-Z-.1 '39, -'M lf? f A1 Q - A ,Je '-17 " 1' X - .tl - .-2-Q 4' be , A ' s a - ff' A I. . 1' fi" . I-"Q I7 'K ': 'QA fs 1. ,gy ,- fxpv '3- .as lx fe? v t , A 7 ik ' if f Ai ' -7.3 gf A as , , I- ..,t, IV .. 6 X' I A I , 'Q 0 'Trl 'ii N IQ if vf ,fer 1 ., . X, . X IQK l we V+- ,. sux ."'i N W. f. -nf , "':::i' 191 ndergraduates PHILLIP P, SMITH, Junior SANDRA IJ, SMITH, J mnrm ior SHELLIE C. SMITH, Junior STANLEY E. SMITH, Junior SIQE P. SMITH, Junior SUEELLEN SMITH, Freshman HERMAN SOARES, Freshman ELBERT D. SOLOMON, Junior RICHARD D. SONES, Junior JOYCE P. SOREY, Junior AUBREY K. SPARKMAN, Freshman JO A. SPEIGHTS, Sophomore LYNN B. SELLS, Junior HAROLD W. SPENCE, Junior STEVE R. SPENCE, Sophomore REBECCA M. SPEIRS, Junior EDWARD A. SOBEROSKI, Junior JOE D. SOLOMON, Freshman FRANCES E. SONES, Junior MARCIA C. SPEED, Sophomore KATHY SPINKS, Sophomore LARRY D. SPOONER, Freshman DEBORAH A. SPRAGUE, Freshman CAMELIA M. SPRIGGS, Freshman EVELON A. SPRUELL, Sophomore EVELON A. SPRUELL, Sophomore MAUREEN G. STAMM, Freshman WILLIAM H. STAMPS, Freshman PRENTISS D. STAMPER, Junior SUE D. STALLINGS, Junior RHONDA L. STANFIELD, Sophomore JANET E. STANFORD, Freshman CINDY STANLEY, Sophomore GAIL L. STANLEY, Freshman JANE E. STANOVICH. Sophomore JANE STATON, Junior WILLIAM P. STARKS, Junior JANET S. STARNES, Sophomore MARY A. STARNES, Junior PATRICIA STEEL, Sophomore WILLIAM H. STEELE, Sophomore LINDA K. STEELE. Sophomore LYNN D. STEVENS, Freshman ANN G. STEVENS, Freshman GERALD L. STEVENS, Sophomore Clark' H Batesville New Hehron Natchez Pensacola, Fla, Hattiesburu GlflSll'l' Biloxi Prentis Bay St. Louis Forest Quitman Monticello Meridian Tylertown Atlanta, Ga. McNeil s Summit, Pa. Luccdalc Columbia Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Pascagoula Gulfport Hattiesburg Magee Magee Bay St. Louis Hattiesburg Newton Shubuta Jackson kV0odville Jackson untsville, Ala. Biloxi Hattiesburg Biloxi Jackson Lamesa, Texas Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Montgomery, Ala. Jackson Jackson Hattiesburg ndergraduates L. VIRGINIA STEVENS, Junior MELISSA R. STEVISON, Sophomore TINA M. STEVENSON, Sophomore DEBORAH A. STEWART, Sophomore ELSIE I. STEWART, Junior MIRIAM H. STEWART, Junior MARILYN E. STIFFLER, Freshman ALLAN E. STIFFLER, Junior HUGH B. ST. MARTIN. Junior TOMMY H. STOCKSTILL, Freshman O. CHALMERS STOGNER, Junior SHIRLENE STOGNER, Junior ANN A. STOKES, Sophomore DIXIE H. STOKES, Freshman PATRICIA A. STOKES, Freshman PHILLIS A. STOKES, Junior LYNDA J. STONE, Sophomore RICHARD N. STONE, Freshman PEGGY R. STOVALL, Junior LARRY L. STRAHAN. Junior CHANETA W. STREET. Junior DANIEL W. STREET, Freshman CARROL E. STREETMAN, Junior DAVID K. STRIBLIN, Freshman DEBORAH K. STRIBLING, Junior BONNIE G. STRICKLAND, Junior SHARON STRICKLAND, Sophomore CYNTHIA STRINGER, Junior JANE STRINGER, Freshman JANICIQ I-' STRINGER, Freshman MARGARET A. STRINGER, Sophomore NANCY S. STRINGER. Sophomore WILLIAM T, STRINGER, Sophomore CIAROLYN A. STROMEYER. Sophomore JIMNIIE L. STRONG. Freshman SANDRA K. S'l'ROl.'D. Junior TOLLIE P. S'I'ROL'D. Junior TOMMY l.. STROLIJ, I'iH'SllII13II Llili S. S'I'L'.'kR'l'. l"rPshman ROBERT K. S'l'L'NIP, l"ivshman IJ,-XVIII lf. SUGGS, Junior ,Xl.l,.XN R SL'l,LlX'AN. Junior NIANI EI, SL l.l.IX AN, Sophomort Rl'I'A A SL'I.l.IX'.-KN, Junior MARIA C. SL NIl'.RAl,l,. Sopliom rc Hattiesburg Seminary Raymond Magnolia Moss Point Chunky Salem, Ohio Salem, Ohio Biloxi Pieayune Tylertown Tylertown Greenwood McComb Gulfport McComb Butler, Ala. Columbus McComb Lumberton Lueedale Hattiesburg Jackson Jackson Clinton Laurel Vicksburg Hattiesburg Magee Hattiesburg New Augusta New Augusta Jackson Hattiesburg Lambert Gautier Gautier Heidelberg Birmingham. Ala. st Palestine, Ohio Petal Bassheld Ocean Springs Laurel Isola .KV I. W ,ff vu T A 'k. 'tl .- r QR 'gl' Q- . I .s' . 'Q l I X 4 I io!! xt . ' li " " l a I f Ivy "'I."" -.3 445 , sm X ' a. , I V ,Q I ,IV hilyrg. I J' 'X Q 1' KN A QQ I.. Q-A ' 1. 'QQ 5 ,A 'L ui -Qbgi 1 5 I l I I ' 1 Es. t f- 1.55 X nfl. fi? as A A. ...Q ,I I 'AN '- ff? '-Qt I I I . CHQ, tl n 41' : .x -U A , , 191 ti' Eli? 1 lei:-ssl ffl 4 jf ily . 5 dh -J ...,... - ...,......,., Y i, ' I A 1. fa- , "' 4- J .W . , 9 A L taht .Mx rx IU' ,pw ,. I 005 1-9 A I , .gif l'.' .1 L Qt., 'mf , ,,,,,,,,. me 'Mt 3 Q, it , sr 'Ee , N .gr A ease- ' Wil? 'I 4 f 4, f Q 4? 3 Alu , t NN xt P X 41 X I ',..3t fer . I .: Fi " ui l - 1 J if XF . 3 2 E - r l ,.,.. I f X . - X .' lip- 1 G' fb . 193 1 .v 4 t H. 4-..- f ' 4 ' . 4LL11L!E..lag 1.4.5431 4.1 sa-. L .L f,-:Ltd u. Undergraduates BRIJCE A. SIQMMY. Junior DELIA A. SIQMRALL, Freshman JAMES D. SIJMRALL. Sopl mfwr norc ALICE C, SUTIIERLAND, Junior DAPHNE D. SUTTER, Junior SHERRY K, SWILLEY, Sophomore WAYNE W. SWILLEY, Sophomore ERIC D. SUMLIN, Junior ROBERT E. SWITZER, Frcsl mxxma in JILL SYMMES, Freshman MARY J. TANKSLEY, Junior BEVERLY A. TANNER, Junior CHERYL L. TANNER, Freshman CAROL E. TANNER, Junior CLINTON T. TAPPER, Freshman JOHN R. TAPPER, Junior NANCY O. TATUM, Junior RONALD J. TARBATTON, Junior AMY C. TARLOR, Junior BETHY A. TAYLOR, Sophomore DEE TAYLOR, Freshman JESSIE L. TAYLOR, Junior ELLIS J. TAYLOR, Junior LOWERY M. TAYLOR, Junior TERESA D. TAYLOR, Junior C. RICHARD TEAGUE, Freshman WALTER W. TEEL, Junior ERNEST A. TEMPLE, Freshman A. PATRICIA TEMPLE, Freshman HARRY C. TERRELL, Junior BEVERLY M. TERRY, Freshman CARL J. TERRY, Freshman NANCY E. THIGPEN, Junior HARVEY A. TESTON, JR., Junior EDWARD THAMES, Freshman ARNOLD E. THOMAS, Junior MARLENA A. THOMAS, Freshman JUDY THOMAS. Junior WAYNE H. THOMAS, Freshman ROBERT B. THOMAS. Junior DAVID E. THOMPSON, Freshman GEORGE G. THOMPSON, Sophomore JEAN B. THOMPSON, Freshman BELINDA K. THOMPSON, Sophomore PAMELA L. THOMPSON, Sophomore Gulfport Wiggins Laurel Paseagoula Toonisuba Brandon Brandon IVaynesborn Aherd ccn Gulfport Collinsville Luccdzxle Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Biloxi Biloxi Hattiesburg Biloxi Sandy Hook Brandon Florence Waynesboro Biloxi Magee Gulfport Petal Gulfport Hattiesburg Kensington, Meadville Columbus Lexington Maryland McCc1rnb Hattiesburg Crystal Springs Vicksburg Biloxi Columbia Panama City, Fla. Long Beach Columbia Fayette Lynn Haven, Fla. BassHeId Picayune Undergraduates PHILLIP 1.. THOMPSON. Junior w. T. THOMPSON. JR., Freshman oox..-mo .tt THORNTON, junio.- DEBR.-x M. THORNTON, Freshman N.-xxev L. THORNTON, Junior LAVON THURMAN. JR.. Junior BILLY D. TILL, Sophomore THOMAS L. TILLER, Sophoi 11fm re PEGGY S. TILLEY, Sophomore KATHRYN D. TILLMAN, Junior SHIRLEY TILLMAN. Junior JUDY I.. TIPTON. Sophomore PAUL A. TISDALE, Freshman TIIOMAS J. TOLAR. Sophomore WILLIAM L. TOLER, Freshman .-xL1.YN 1.. TOPP, Sophomore jfxmizs A. TORRENCE, Freshman ELLIQN M. TORRIES, Frcslmmn Mfxavis cs. TORREY, Freshman MIKE w. 'rowLEs, Junior CZIIARLES A. TOUCHSTONE, Freshman TERRY L. TOWLES, Junior MARGARET J. TRAPP, Junior DEBBIE TREBOTICH, Junior DEBRA L. TREVILLION, Freshman PAULA S. TRIGC, Junior WILLIE J. TROTTER, Junior WYNN J. TROUTMAN, Junior .'XI.I.EN TRUE, Fresluunn I'AMEI,.-X C. TUCKER, Freshman I'AMEI,A A. TUDOR, Freshman DIANE T. TUMINELLO. Freshman A. N.-XNE'I"I'E TURNER, Junior WII.I,IAM li. TURNER, Junior EIHYIN NY. TURNER. Sophomore Nferidian Lucedale White Oak Hattiesburg Jackson Hattiesburg Pelahatchie Jackson Lucedale Newton Collins Lucedale Biloxi Columbia Purvis Moss Point Brandon Mobile, Ala. Vicksburg Gulfport Crystal Springs Gulfport Monticello Jackson Natchez Hattiesburg Laurel Natchez Gulfport Pensacola, Fla. Hattiesburg Clarksdale Moss Point lVashington, D.C. Shreveport, La. IRENE R. TURNER. Sophomore Hattiesburg Jl'DY KT. TURNER, Frm-sl ilii an Luttedale NIILZII.-XIZI, IJ. TURNER, Junior Biloxi Nl.-XNCIY I.. TURNER, Supl ifriiirl re Leukesville SLSAN CI. TURNER, Sopl itwixmr it Newton I'. J E.'XNE'I'TE 'I'YI.ER. J iiui if 1 McComb JUIIN w. 'l'x'ss1ii.1Nc.. .1 ...I i.-I blacks... 'I'IIERIiS.X .X. l'I'SII.-NW. .I llli if: jgfkwn I"R.XNCTES E VANCE, I"lvsI irii :in Vicksburg P.-X'I'RItII.-X Ii. Y.'XNI7EYIiNIJIiR. lfrvsliman Ilattieshurrg Y 3' J V 2 , V g. LZZS AC' . c "5 G T313 IU! . 'Q . QQ, , ,.. J- 10 4-I qs!!! If sb- xx XX I J X A any 'QT xl.. ,-119' 'E pig. ' lf' 675 'N .0 T--5 ' 1 "is sa' B ,4-Q. FUN 5 .l 194 I flu ? , ' ,J 'Q 45.5. M :T l ' E N' l A :fi A - wk l ' E Z: 11' t ,I t K I J! 1 I Q- . A I F -, A I V"""nY'l.LX 'R Q 'ii .Q 1 ii I -,4, 'L X at -Y ,4- -N bl '. J' . IW -fa. l il, 'N I f f . g- lf R I A I 1 U 'lil .x LZ- YIL A' Fifi. - lt I B 'Qs it ' A77 195 ,A-1-'I rf-17 C,-so 4 ,Htl 44y1!lnv.H.11JL!fi1!Sl.lf'..T,. L ..s2f1LL Undergraduates JEAN x'.ms1.x'Kr1, junior- inxul. R. xxxxz.-xxo'1', J,,,,1..r K.xTr1RYN s. V.-xss1z1.t's ,rumor B1z'1'11.,xNEY cs, x',xL'oi1N, Jtmio, M.AxRs1i.rxL1. D. via.-x1.,sQpi 1.1111 I it MARIS S. YECLIA, Junior JANE B. VICUERIE, Soph 1vr11ffx 1 LINDA K. VICIQERIE, Sopl 1c1rx mort MARGARET WACKER, Freshman JAMES H. WADDELL, Freshman JERRY L. WADDELL, Junior ANTHONY A. WADE, Junior HALERON E. WADE, Junior LINDA C. WADE, Sopho rxmcm rc WANDA A. WADE, Junior MARSHA WAGGERNER, Sopl mrwrxxrm re CHRIS C. WACGONER, Junior SARAH M. WAINWRICHT, Junior LINDA E. WAITE, Sophomore JANES L. WALDEN, Junior BEVERLY J. WALKER, Sophomore DONALD K. WALKER, Junior GALE C. WALKER, Freshman HARRY M. WALKER, Junior JOHN D. NVALKER, Sophomore JULIE A. WALKER, Sophomore MAY B. WALKER, Sophomore RONNIE S. WALKER, Freshman THOMAS R. WALKER, Freshman BENJAMEN D. WALL, Freshman HELEN F. YVALL, Freshman DOT L. WALLACE, Junior FRANCIS IVALLER, Junior JEWELDA WALLEY. Junior JEFFREY J. WALSH. Freshman BRENDA C. WALTERS. Freshman DEBBIE J. WALTERS, Junior TERESA C. WALTERS, Freshman RONALD WALTERS, Freshman JANE D. WALTON. Junior JANET E. warfrox, ifmhmfm SANDEE J. WALTON. Freshman ANDREW D. w,xRD. Freshman BARRY L. WARD. Freshman MIKE C. WARD, Junior Hattiesburg Nliguni. Fla. Ilgilliesliurq Jaelssori . , . , luast lomt, lm. Lonu Beach Waveland I.u i'i- dale Slidell, La. Ocean Springs I leiclelherg Biloxi Collins Hattiesburg Vicksburg Long Beach Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Jackson Biloxi Pascagoula Magee Magee Taylorsville Morgan City Wlayneshoro Meridian Columbia Waynesboro Luccdale Hattiesburg Magee McComb Richton Canton, Ohio Runnelstown Collinsville Brandon Crystal Springs Mobile. Ala. Tylertown New Augusta Clinton Richmond Brookhaven Undergraduates DONALD L. WARD. Freshman LAURA R. YYARD, Junior PAULA A. IVARD, Junior RAY S, WARD. Sophomore JOSEPH R, WARD. Freshman JAMES WARE, Junior JAMES L. WARE, Junior PATRICIA D. WARNER, sophomore LESLIE A. w,xsHB1sH, Junior D. eixnv s. WATKINS, sophomore ED Ci, WATSON. Sophomore MATTIE E. WATSON, Freshman LUREE WATSON, junior REID WATSON, junior THOMAS L. WATSON, Sophomore ARTHUR KI. WATTS, Freshman SHERRY L. WATTS, junior H. MICHAEL WEBB, Sophomore ,IENNY A. WEBB, Freshman NATHANIEL L. WEBB, junior VIRGINIA A. WEBRE, Sophomore RAY N. WEEKS, Freshman BILLY W. WEEMS, Junior ,IOIIN W. WEEMS, Freshman ,IOI-IN C. WEHAMAN, junior MARY WEILEPP. Sophomore WILLIAM A. WEINISCHKE, Junior KENNETH C. WEIR, Junior ROBERT C. WEISSMANN, Freshman RHONDA C. WELCH. Junior IEYI-ILYN A. WIELFORD. Soplim rmcw ic SUSAN E. WELKER, Freshman JAMES AI. WELLS, JR., Junior SANDRA K. WELLS. Junior 'I'ERl'iNCfE L. IYELLS. liresliman NIEREIPITII WENTWORTH. Junior KIARCII L lN'lfNTZEI,L, l'i1'PSllIllI1ll CfAYLlfNIf K. WEST, l'il'l'NIlIllIlll SLS.-KN Al. XNESF. l"u-slimzm .-XNIJREW fi. uilfsilv, I"l'1-slimgln KAREN ,I. lN'I'iS'l'. I"rm-slinizxri S I .XN CG, N LS I I'.RN, I-'rt-slimim I,OI..X ll. INLSION. l'rm-slimain Nl.XRfIl'ERl'liE H. lN'llliA'l'. junior .XNN S. XYIIIQICLER. S-Iplioin-In Pascagoula Natchez Stringer Hattiesburg Natchez Magee Gulfport Pascagoula Key West, Fla. Carthage jackson Laurel Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Pineville, Ohio Lucedale Jackson Brandon Jackson Natchez Bay St. Louis Foley, Ala. Racine, Wis. Columbia Gulfport Hattiesburg Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Poplarville Covington, La. Gulfport Lucedale Hattiesburg Gulfport Laurel Wade Hattiesburg Biloxi Montircllo llatlicsliurg Natcliez I lalliesbure llatlieshuru Pass Christian Culfpf ,rt llatlivsliuru K4 K. ,II 4' fa 1-QA f-5 'Q I .2 I -L Q- it 2 e F 3-R 4 -av, .X -44. Nr! gk x 6 ,fy N 6 , ,AL x .11 "" FQ 'F " y - 2 Y' , J .,t .4 . 4 7 'iv X . Y 154-., 1: " , 'V f I Q . 1' , fv,,v,4 A: tb A , I V ' . - S. ' GN - I V 'R Q , F123 . , ' 'te 5 " . ' ' w, 1 I 6 We C 'li' '- ' V Q1 , .2-f M' LU' "' . On. 4- v' I 1 I gl 8 'VH " . ' D I 1 I I , , . 5 ' , x - 1 . v 196 lg .. it .4 I . si W . if Ti!! rs s .IQ 'pig bv 7 4 9 'Lair - I 9 ly. V I l r 10 Q I 5 ,Y l tl 1 IFJ' .,X --Av J. N 36 . -f .,.,A .il Q' A I I of .od . . I4 , ,N If L .45 , rr ,,- ,,. 1 -44 . f 1 ., 1 L 1 5 !'hn Hrs,- A mio I Q- on -Q .f x ' . vlti If tl J' 'eb 5 .' .NX f ,' 'nh' I r' . 1 4.. I 31 I' Q. i I 'I .Q 5 . I at A . ,ass x. A . J' iff' 5 435 2 , 3 'VD ..-rq A --.4 In , 1 I 5 at 'll 'S l'f X 4 ot A ' I 97 "J ,...f 2 f' tr ro .sls,.,1:?:,L' A 1 YY., ELLJL. L ,LLL L-, . Uddergraduates NORBERT J. WHINERY. JR.. J mmru ior LINDA S. WHINERY, Fresl mrxm an SHERRY R. WHINNERY. Junior ADDYE WHITE, J Lnrm ior ALBERT B. WHITE. Freshman BILLY R. WHITE, Freshman JOHN D. WHITE. Fresh rxmzx n CAYLON C. WHITE, Junior LINDA J. WHITE, Sophomore LARRY A. WHITE, Junior THOMAS C. WHITE. Freshman WILLIE J. WHITE, Sophomore JUDY L. WHITE, Junior ALICE R. WHITEHEAD, Soph rrrllcm re BONNIE R. VVHITEHEAD, Freshman ALAN D. WHITEHURST, Junior ROBERT L. WHITMORE, FreshnIan RONALD L. WHITTINGTON, Juni cmi' NANCY L. WHITTEN, Freshman JOHN F. WHITT, Sophomore BETSY L. WHITTINGTON, Sophomore LUCIE WHITTINGTON, Junior HYLON s. WHITTINGTON, Junior STEPHEN T. WHITTINGTON, Freshman JANE M. WICHT, sophomoro HARLON D. WIGGNS, Freshman WILLIAM E. WILEY, Junior ANNA L. WILGUS, Froshmoh WILLIAM J. WILKENS, JR., Junior DANNY H. WILKERSON, Freshman BETTY G. WILLIAMS, Sophomore BRENDA G. WILLIAMS, Junior CAROLYN A. WILLIAMS, Junior ELAINE C. WILLIAMS, Junior ELAINE N. WILLIAMS, Sophomore CHARLES w. wILLIAhIs, Froohmrm CHARLEY E. WILLIAMS. Junior CYNTHIA N. WILLIANIS. Junior ELIZABETH M. WILLIAMS. Sophomore KENNETH E. wILLIANIs. Sophomore GARY L. WILLIAMS. Freshman K..xREN J. wILLIANIs, Junior JERRY L. WILLIAMS. Sophomore JOHN A. wILLIAxIs. Freshman E. KENNETH WILLIAMS. Sophomore Cliarlt-stun, SC. Biloxi Carthage Moss Point Jackson Prentiss Gulfport MCCIIIIIII I'I:tttit-sburig Mize Crestview, Fla. Hattiesburg Florala, Ala. Clinton Pickens Ellisville Moss Point Sumrnit Greenwood Laurel Iklagnolia Brookhaven Liberty Natchez Hattiesburg Gulfport Pasragoula Hattiesburg Anniston, Ala. Philadelphia Lucetlale Hattiesburg Como Moselle Picayunc Waveland State Line Hattiesburg Jackson Hattiesburg Jackson Petal LeLand Lucedale Glasgon. Montana Undergraduates 1,1ND,x M. w11,L1.xx1s. junior 13. D1,xNx1z w1LL1.-ms. Junior wrx1.TFR 11. w11.1.1Ah1s. Freshman FRANK M. w1L1.1AMsoN. Junior JULIE rx. w11.L1AMsoN. Freshman NANCY K. WILLIAMSON. Sophomore DONALD C. WILLIS. junior STEVEN A. WILLIS, junior CAREY G. WILLOUGHBY, Freshman VIRGINIA L. WILLS, Sophomore ALBERT 13, WILLSON 111. Freshman ALYCF F. w11.soN, Freshman BARBARA A. WILSON, junior c:1,AUD1a D. WILSON, Junior Joram w. WILSON, Junior JAMES A. WILSON, Freshman L. H. WILSON, junior PAMELA WILSON, Sophomore ELIZABETH V. WILSON, Freshman PAYNE R. WIMAN, junior BEVERLY W. WINDHAM, Junior C. MICHAEL WINDHAM, Freshman REBECCA WVINDHAM, Freshman ERNEST R. WINGARD, Freshman PEGGY L. WISE, Sophomore SHELDON H. WOLF. junior FONNIE C. WOLVERTON. junior ARTHUR L. WOLZ, Freshman MARSIIA V. WOMACK, Junior ELSIE E. WOODRICK, junior LINDA D. WOODS, Freshman SIIELIA D. NVOODS, Sophomore LOUISE M. WOODSON, Sophomore EVA G. WOODWARD, Freslnnan l'A'I'RIClA A. WOODWORTH. Sophoinoxt REBECCA II. WOODWORTII, Sophornon KAREN I.. WOODYARD. Soph rvrx iorc BONNIE WOOTON. Soplnnnore ANDREA G. WORTIIY. junior BARBARA A. WRIGHT. S1-ph 11111 ore 1n.rxN.rx 1. w1uc:11'1'. nlnmm- hlmwrxkli N. w1z1c:11'1'. .1 rrrr iol jiaknx' w. w1z1c:11'1'. 1 rrrr im- 11o11FRT 11. w111c:11T. Sf-phi rrrr hr. M.-xR11zTT.-x wvhrrxx. lfreslnnan Laurel Ocean Springs Clarksdale McComb jackson lwfonticello Hattiesburg Lawrence jackson Gulfport Plfrvis Meridian Winona Gillsburg McComb Vicksburg Poplar Bluff, Mo. Jackson Natchez Brandon Laurel Moss Jackson Picayu ne Picayune Ijakeland, Fla. Pascagoula Hartford, New York Hernando Vicksburg Gulfport Hattiesburg Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Hattiesburg Gulfport Gulfport Calvert, Ala. ITZIIIIPSDIIYQI Picayune Mvriclixxn Vicksburg Cirt'lc'x'Illl', Ohio Nurlllpwrl, Ala. l'1'11s:1cola. Fla. Pcnrlinqton 5 1 '4!?F 1'-5 P- '-A ' x , i . V Lil 4- Q A Ass" fs s ra 1 P. lv-'f Q Ll f A D in ' 1 '32 -1 lg E "ri, 5' 4 F A A .. 198 Q-. omg ' in ' I ...,'3.I J Undergmdufltes wmn.u1Qmt2Q1!f ,Zk . ' ILLLLE WW' C C LOLISE D. YARBRO, Swph flrr lllfl JACQUELINE YE.-XCSI-IR. j xnxm ifwr P. MILTON YIQAISER, jk., SI-pl mfvxxmm IR RON.-NLD G. YIC.-XTES, junior IE.-KN YEDINAK, junior JOANNII YEDIN.-XR, Ifrcxh ,111 U1 MIOIMIAILL J. YENNI, Junior HOWARD K. YOOONI, Freshman BONNIE s. YOUNG, Freshman LINDA F. YOUNG, Junior INILLIAM H. YOUNGBLOOD, Junior ALBERT IV. L. YUNG, junior EUGENE ZIEBACH III, Freshman DARRELL R. ZIEGLER, junior DONALD M. ZODUN, Sophomore ,gf V ,J 4 Q , .JA xv' J- wr dp- .QA-. ,. - 'I "Hin fm.,--ajqg' q -1-rim, - 'Y 1' YIIIIIII CIIY Gulfpurl Nlubilv. .'XI.I. LAIII--II Long BI-MII Imnq I3 1'.II II New Orh-nm, Ln. Kiulfpurl Ililwxi Ellisvilla- Wayru-slwm Hung Kung Mobile, Alan. Mississippi City Czmtonrncnl, I"l:I. mm... 'l I. . . XA.,-fl' , igivlv N ' 1' A Q ,N 1-- XQ' . ,fff i -I C -I-I-I C 201 an wha-"' ' X175 . ' 9' I n 1 BCHUUCS ' ' ,' . .1 .'e h -v .a . A 'I ' an . , r I gpfx-3.- ng ,,M 'ls y f 1 al.-' '- x -' 1' 4' S X A W-.. K x . m ' , 5 -, 2,f 541- Lx 'wx 'W .i ffl :J il Wm. ,,x,i,,pf fl' "1 K W ix "'l'v""u 'L 'hi YI-4 4, la nz' .9 s U -1 43. WN 1 F C lg, bg, It ls. iv 5:11 ' 0 I QIHUUWQNKA' "'fHI.l:, 91' .yi when- e"'Qg 1 'N I o ,, Q A 1 .. "- to . 4. Ya. ofx il, 'wif' .n x .1r... I ' Q .l' 9' ' , . ,lava ' lu v xl l 53- .- I I .4 rm, ,xii Y' x ' 1 X SKX 5. on F 5 5 ' .5 fl I 'An xx ' 1 .,1 ff . , U I .V 4 I If Kay Mashburn Nfmcy Bleidor 'n !l"9wzf. fy vw , din jp. fr.. gn- ,j . . .1 I 'Q 104 X, Susan C0l11'IHiff' fl' , 11" "ns-, 5 V iv K l Q . ,A , 1 1' Y3 9 x . 1 X 1 Susan Courtney . 4, ' fi Debbie Iabour Linda llills Debbye Moore u -r iii - 5' N -ab 4. 'y, X :'Q-X " X 5 ,. pak, :aff-Q. A Q 'D 1 Q my Jn. .Eliza ,Y Vicki Mashburn nl 106 ' 1 Murray Woodm 'Wide Kihyet Murray Wood son Connie Kihyet i 1. nf! dv . 1 2.- ,.,. .LL Lula Fuller 4 Q.. Q' 'J -L ...........1'1:-1 , Q, Qw- Q .. ..- .-. , . 'Il -J' ...v :Q -.- .,-1 an -Q .- -- ..- .rn - an 5-LQ :.i g ll. ,. 1,01 4 f Ju Q If 4.0 vw ' X. 1 N- Nl pn ,,.,..., B. - 1- Q. in 1 V tsl .W 1 pf f 1 , , .-4 ef' 4 'A ' 'Lila - it iii- , 1 J A 1-Qi .f?5i.fQgf,..f 'li i ' V . I- V311 1 y l ' .4 . - . y . P. s ll 31- Ye X ' ,. 'l FQ A -,J . J' at , ., , 1 wf Q' +2 yu Kill! gqfjlfi L--Lu" 1 ,..f-Q , -v 1 g o till' l 4. ' ' ,x . .!,. . v f- .5. ,H , , 4" N ,, .1-RW ff " ' ' i-A' . 4, A. in-f. L-:..-.f..f ' ' mv.: , n A,.- it ,1 . K , x, I .593 , fx rf l 'Ji Miss Southern 1971 Miss Southern 1971 presentecl twenty-three lovelies competing for the campus title as well as the first step on the rozicl to Atlantic City Qvia Viclisburgl Saluting the twenty-fifth anniversary of Miss Southern. "the CIoininittc'c" pullctl out all stops in making Illt'IJllQ'l'21IllZ1IlZlllllll'lOI'PIT1CIT1lJOI'. Hospitality ZllDOl1IlClt'Cl" former Miss Southcrns' were .- -. ,... t We i,.,,..- 5.44 .SV .LW asked back as well as the reigning beauties from junior colleges and high schools throughout the state. '2.1O For both preliminary ancl final nights of competition, people came early to get a seat antl more than a few enclecl up sitting in the balcony. Ole Main Auditorium haclnit hacl as many people at one time since the tlays of compulsory chapel. .YQ .. an QF! lldil Slal- ' Alnll-2 B5-1. Wag meg: . lllS0ltI1v31r H fm , f 1-grit .Jill T. N - Brett ' DI-0 llllf fx il ducellm , v .luctio li Mn Nlli sf X OIC Qf Oth :n 1 Ig , I , ,I I 4 ,lf ,CRM Guest star Anita Bryant Qi'Steam press these without sleep in many eases. to see that the show cigningbtilllut blll 7 dressesuj was indeed a showstopper but was rivaled went on. "You know who you are :incl you are .l9lherdlr0ugh0Ullhil, bl' USMS own gallery of performers-Susie lfrharcl the real winners." isfllools ' htS0lC0IHPfU2i Ginger Grissom. Tammy OiNeal and Carroll After two nights of preserihefl Miss .Xmerica mglirlilmgdmorgtllllii' Freeman. Executive director .lean Hendershot eompetition. one girl w at proelgiimefl. llehorah yt3563l31alcOny,Olf'yi, and producer Jim Foster niasterminded the lltliriclge was eiownefl to eontinue Ll Southern 'tmginthc 0PlC2t0llli production Q"Now peoplt '.., pleast S... U and more tixulition for the liixt y'f'LiliIll-L1llFllll1'l' quartercent :L5fism3?i5E1pu15oD'll'if than a score of others worked tirelessly. wdilllo 111 fl' P ms Qi V will 'w'a4fl. Y Homecoming Court N-4. ., 3 Az xx .41 v 3 My ffi, f- 1: A' . Brenda Talbert Homecoming Queen ulllnne Gfflduare at "TD G I js.: Suzanne Taylor Graduate Maid Kay Nlashburn Student Body Maid 'LT all " Z 4, X 4 ' w rl' W H 5 lin Llllil Punt Fregl-mln XL ,I ,x .4 , i my Meador ufliof f or C ,f, 'W as 572' I - X , X X L 4 . - 1 S . e403-5' V .xNl,,ig4g.-I " , '41 A . :J '91 Lula Fuller Freshman Blaid ' 9 A ? I A , 1 v .Q ' --'zffri-' n ix Ginny Ray Sophomore Maid ' F . , Nancy ML'1lC1OI' Gam' Robinson Iunior Class P' Kay Mashburn Steve Hood Scnnor Class - ., -..- -,,.. - ,.,.'..--- "g if . 'i"aiLf?:'f "4' ,xgry A Vv.. -. ,Lrg H Q , - bi ,.,AZ!5?l'3.,'Z , ournmng A 3 3 55 .-Kg i 5 6. 4 '21 1 W .41 gquv- ii " 'Eiiliii di' Interfraternity Council lf! K . .n n 1 x c! M EMA' ' 1 Keith Myers treasurer Alpha Tau Omega Tap Pierce secretary Kappa Alpha Order John Lovom president Phi Kappa Tau Randy Ferry, judicial v. . 11 Sigma Nu Don Clark, Sigma Nu Berengher Brechtel, adviser wif- 2" ,Za Paul Delcambre Pi Kappa Alpha Ronnie Day Phi Kappa Tau Henry Laird Sigma Bobby Waites Kappa Sigma Charles Sevier, Sigma Alpha Epsilon John Ellis, Sigma Nu 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. Wayne Bra.nton, Kappa Sigma Frank Riggs, Kappa Sigma Joel Herron, Kappa Sigma Hugh Chewning, Pi Kappa Alpha Richard McMillen, 'Phi Kappa Tau Alan Torrence, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Clay Johnson, Sigma Alpha Epsilon john Coleman, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Rodney Smith, Alpha Tau Omega Gary Housefield, Pi Kappa Alpha Russell Ratclifif, .Alpha Tau Omega Tim Holston, Sigma Nu David Livingston, Sigma Phi Epsilon John Gaddis, Sigma Phi Epsilon Joe Dabbs, Pi Kappa Alpha Rodney Snattleback, Pi Kappa Alpha Eddie Gay, Alpha Tau Omega Larry Harrison, I Sigma Phi Epsilon Rudy Sims, Sigma Phi Epsilon Scott Bergeron, Sigma Phi Epsilon Bill Litchliter, Sigma Nu Mike Oliphant, Kappa Alpha Order Sam Jones, Kappa Alpha Order David Myers, Kappa Alpha Order Phil Morris, Kappa Alpha Order Bubba Peet, Kappa Alpha Order W ,z QM W' XE "Nag, Panhellenic COUHC '2.'2.0 llllpnl up u,i,,,,, ma Q Awning a api, Mauiii 'Pi Tau A umm l MPM ipgf-T pau., Alpha Epp. A ulempp, Aillill Epi l Smith, ,Tau Huaaaii,' aiu Apu ll luulll, a Tau Om Hulslun,Slgi1' A Llvinpip, A3 iipiiq i Cfaclalia, ma Phi Ppila: Dahlia, Piiiapge lney Suattlaliai Kappa Alplu lie Gay, pha Tau Opp ny Haiiiuou' .gma Phi lpix ualy Sims, igma Phi lui putt Beigilffi Sigma Plai alll Lluliliuili Allie Olipliaui Kappa AAPAAU gm louis, Kami Alibi Ai Daiiai Mimi I Kapil Mlm' Phil MMP' f. Kailua Allin' . Bubba PWA P, Kauai Allin AAA A Z OM 'ITBGD -r' A I , unior Panhcllcnic Council l, Ninrmrv-i Pkitrx, IJ:-im Za-i,a 1, Ki! i'!1'ulri1iL1r, Uviha Hguiiiiia 3. UW' Burns Pa Pirli Phi -ln l.ul.i ifullvr, Chi Haiimpu D1-hhir lYnila'rv, Da-lin, Dr-ltga, Drlm fi. ,Iain Slrvvris, Shim.: Siafum Sigma 7. Dinm' Hwllrxiiaari, Dr-lu Da-li.a Da-im 8. Iivfky Pi-rkim, Alpha Siqmn Alpha 9. Buhbiv XAUllil:UIlll'l'Y, Phi Mu IO. May Bvlh Walk:-r, Phi Mu ll. Bvfky Rullvr, Chi Ornrqa l'2. jan Barra-ai, Pi livin Phi I3. Tamil? Juhrisfan, Kappa Dr-lm I4. Carol Forvav, Dvlln Cnnmm l5. Kathy Shaimiakvr, Kappa Dvim l6. Linda .-Xmnrkcr, advisc-r , I Council 1. Sharon Smith. Dviln Della Di-lm Q. Betsy Bfralorh, Dvltzi Zvln 3. Charlotte' Gi-a-. Phi Mu Al. Knrvn XYamciwaxrd. Phi Mu 5. Rm' Neil Himtair, Dvlta Caiiiiim 6, Tlavrcsn johnson. Chi Omvun 7 Nancy Tuma-r. Sigma Siqmn Siumaa 8. Murray Wimdwn. Kappa Da-lisa 9. Siiidi Xirlflrawy, Dvltzu Dvlm Da'll.i Ill Brvnda Nubian Alpha Simms .-'Alpha ll. Laura Ward. Siazmu Sigma Siumn ll. Linda .-'xni:aCka'r, gidvisa-r h 13. Cumiia' Fri-naih. Pi BNA Phi li. Libby Yam, Chi 0111113 lim. Lziqimntn Millvr, Kappa Da-lui 4 HS, xillfiilll YN'41QE4'IH'I'- Pi BN-1 Phi Alpha Sigma Alpha A X l l s 1, H 4' '74 Q S ' GQ, Beta Delta Chapter Judy Clark President Brenda Noble Vice-President Leah Chambers Vice-President Jane Sullivan Recording Secretary Kaye Magee Corresponding Secretary Laura Walker Treasurer Lynda Cole Chaplain Ursula Jones Editor Established . . . Longwood College . . . Farmville, Va .,.. Hrst sorority founded in twentieth century. Alpha Sigs strive . . . intellectually . . . socially . . . physically . . . spiritually . . . through scholarship suppers, formals, intramurals, chapter church days. Alpha Sigs Aspire, Seek, Attain . . . fraternity sweethearts . . . ROTC sponsors Whois Who . . . Officers in Alpha Lambda Delta . , . Cwens and Phi Delta Rho. . . executive editor of The Student Printz . . . Pi Tau Chi. . . Senate secretary. . . second place in intramurals. Alpha Sig is ...Romeo and Watts?? ...Goto State for a Mate! . . . W'here,s Harry Larry? . . . Urs won! I I . . . Becky and Cathy had dates . . . Pat has a BOYfriend-we think . . . PE-VE-X '... Whois the little boy. No. 1? . . . You threw Clint what?! I? But Alpha Sig is more than thisg it begins at home-in our own ehapterroom, It is love and honest concern for each other which we shall carry on even beyond our college years. We fill our days, Hnd beauty, know peace. love life and joyously live each day to its ultimate-GOOD. Diane Tuminello Judi French Mynette Canterbury Nedra Ford Viki Saul Pinkie Watts Linda Coxwell Anita Howell Janet Ford lvlary Ann Edwards Beverly Goodin Beverly Gill Pat Field Barbara Steed Becky Perkins Delia Sumrall Ursula Jones Jan Carraway Leah Chambers Brenda Noble Sharman Simmons Jackie Dole Judy Clark Sarah Tompkins Cynthia Ferrell Kaye Magee Becky Askew Cathy Perkins 5, v BNWT. v: ' 085 itll End, 'ef' ' Bei 'P ll' W . ' .ax 32. if ,pf d ,. 3+ San, I xlff-' ' wh is ziiorwlfl ' .REI YUT P16715 lflllfa Brew Debbitmicri Kle W 291 R 1. is'f0dl'il 30 EM I Wk fi" BCCM, CD2- JJ Cecilia Hu 419 3 I 'T N-Yr X 1 , 4 - dv- 3, L fag. ' sa' qc? av iq' 5 Q . ' M ' L .. X 1 K . ,gi a tif 5 W5 i 1 I. .. 41114, X Ji! A ', X . 1 . ' ,I r I ! , ' V-f!fg .3, tv' ' I N 1' ' .4 'Q' , .5 ji'-'. ' . Q. ' ,V J ,aw -+f."',-- f ' . V-15 -.f 1 i ' '. 'I' ' M" ' s I-1 - -I 1' . - iv 'xg " ' v L' H 1 ' ' ." ..,',g ' ,-32'a'J1Q:'fy"1Wfj 3 1 , 'N - ' . - . 4 1 L , , .W 1 fm.. . 1 , , x , , :A fl V. , v ' 1 , g ' ' P v " Q' v -'P .,'1f"Q f 3' -1 is-xi '9""2' ' Nl o. + 1 'f-' FM- -- xg, -'-1 M-Wise:-',. - Y. . . -, . in J gr' 'Ip i L -,Nil-Q ' ab ,L JA , 0 gl 'Uk' -A our ..i. ,, A xx d" 5 g1.,' r:QT1v 'Q ' .nf ,4.,5 ,p2ihgw.Q.:4' -, 5,4 JYAAM- 4 LN. VA . . I 1 2 . .A-.xx 1 A J ,fit if aftkzvvi t h16'A SI' . x-l?S3QItn:j?q:"'5 X., A'-W 1' ' wgii' ' . ' 'v 1 f ' f - L' - ""1 ' ' ' 1 .' I f -4 ! - i, .. ' fn f my '-1 .11524 6,5 "' ' K j' -s5,irf-"T f',4.'. f" M A ' ' 9 I Alpha Tau Omega All in -Q.. F 1 Q R.. Q -a 8 by m, f- Epsilon Upsilon Chapter Barry Tabor President Keith Myers Vice-President Walter Shelton Secretary Ken Myers Treasurer Charles Hartman Rush Chairman Alpha Tau Omega was founded on September 11, 1865 at Richmond, Virginia, and was the first Greek letter fraternity founded after the Civil War. Epsilon Upsilon Chapter was installed at Southern on November 19, 1949. Great year for ATO: largest pledge class on campus, 29 new initiates, a new housemother, a new roof, fraternity basketball champs, runner-up pledge football, and largest collector in March of Dimes campaign. However, Song Fest is Song Fest and ATO's are ATO's. We can't go where? Won second prize for homecoming decoration and first prize for homecoming party, six weeks probation for being "too soeialf' Well, ATO's are ATO,s. lfVho invited Kirkpatrick? Regis? The showis over, Hartman. Nance is married? Salais got a train! Yea, youire right! Great Student Printz write-ups? Great parties! Everybody in the pool. Macis on the high board. 1 Viking Party! Everybody loves a "smoker," Derrill's on the phone. Hutch is practice teaching? Poor kids! lfamiliar sounds? Russell's fat! lVhere's RaRa? Hit me. who? Get off the what? llverybocly go to the Library! lf everyboclys at the Library. why can't we make our grades? Gutstanding social life and brotherhood combine to give ATO its unmistakable image as social leaders of USM. Ya Ya Ya. '1 P .Je -. ,gy .ve 5:7 -- 'i'.3":':1"s 'Effie ' ' 1 4-61.2.3 '. - George E. Agnew Richard Alexander George K. Barnett Victor Baronich Thomas A. Fava George M. Ferniany Vern Freeman Forrest D. Foster James R. Coltharp, Jr. Andrew E. Gay Robert L. Conn, Jr. David VV. Haigler Tommy Delia Reginald D. Hammill Regis Domergue Gary Hasselfeld Carl Fallo Jerry Hooper 214 Q n' f ' J-'Z mi' tt Q12 Psi-HiiQ1I 9 731011135 E 1 Nha I ' . Charle L I str Ray Q. Lax MOUIOQ LQT 'vi 3 'WG X K n 1 5 7 . A 5 b - " J A 'Ag Y- -:H 'J f'- if J'-. 4- 'A' .-' - .rv - 1 - , ' I . . Chi Umega l l QSKI4 Epsilon Delta Chapter Susan Walker PI'CSidCIlt Martha Williams ViCC-P1'CSiClCl1f Kathy C0014 Secretary Susan Cain Treasurer Debbye Moore Pledge Trainer W l H, ., W A999 P ff? lt U Oi lat tg W at Ml' PM Nancy Meador Veda Reed Susan Horn Barbara Lightsey Pam Calvert Susan Wlalker Debbye Moore hfleredith YVentworth Jane Price Susan Cain Louise Cordon Sally Stretcher Margy lVheat Cynthia lXleKellar Wanda Evans Pam Smith Paula Sanford Sue Dickey 19. jackie Ellis Qrline Stevens Mary Jayne Bynum Nlargaret Trapp Martha Williams Bettie Sue O,Brian Rosemary Campbell Becky Rutter Sue Ramsay Theresa Johnson Mareie Munn Vicky Foster Susie Paul qlune Dale Alva Stevens Cale Vlalker Kathy Cowan Carol Shelton 37 38. Lula Fuller . Nlolly Price . Ginny Ray . Anne- Daren , Nancy Wlilliamson . Laura Gallagher . Sandra Jones . Phyllis Pinkerton . Lauren lX'lCCOI'II'llCk . Libby Voss 17.6 Sue Erhard Kathy Cook Cindy Jones Leda Batson Janis Berry Betsy Bush Paula lylanguno . Joan Alford Patty Crawford Julie lylorrison ll lust take lffnallthf Queen, , , R0llI1gy llgniltutel lima Ros: Window I Glas I Lint C Nen hazards Clags Omg work P2111 at the my 5 fam. SQlll0f X tl 4 Erhord Cook jones ' Eamon of ' BUTE 1 Boro Woofooo ,olforo ford nw H W Kr, Nloroioo 1 Kappa Alpha Urder Swank 3 , Z. T X 1 . :F U ol- XJ? JJ Nix V In so .1 0 'Z e..kXk gigs I f I W Pity 5" Eli m"o""'ES Er hifi 5 Gamma Zeta Chapter David Myers President George Touart Vice-President Harry Walker Recording Secretary Tommy Blake Corresponding Secretary Mike Oliphant Historian Alan Cooper Treasurer Peter Farguson Parliamentarian Sam Jones Sergeant-at-Arms Larry Doleac Social Chairman I A f 1 s l ' '- .11 l' Llllfla Ga M Rose 2' HQITY We 3' Mike Olil l- David M, E' Eau? Do i. Momn X ll Bubba Pe 9' Rusty N ri A H ll-A54 . 1+ 27 49 W a , mpip i 4 ,D t 1 'Q 7.7. 4 .A, 10 Kim Brow ll Bohm We Fol hz, MW, 4 fp. :a,?'yi1A:- Linda Gahlenbeck KA Rose Harry Walker Mike Oliphant David Myers Larry Doleac "Mom" Wall Bubba Peet Rusty Winfree Kim Brown Donnie Doleac Mike Fokakis Paul Kent Peter Farguson Sam jones Alan Cooper Tommy Blake Wayne Pruett Ed Mitchell David Law Wayne Cranford Bruce Mitchell Tommy Ligon Bo Pigott 7.1 Tommy White David Denny Kevin Macey Arthur Hewitt Mike Flannes Gary Bourgeois Phil Morse Barry Blaine Bill Howton Clay Terrell Bruce Holliday John Clark """"'x13..,.n. Larry Lewis Greg Gray Donnie McCrory Jim Morgan Jimmy Askew Jimmy Ligon Jimmy Walker NOT PICTURED: George Touart Delta Delta Delta fl Ao, as Q Q 40 I OT , J 4Yt2T7uT1pgv PT? Q Delta Epsilon Chapter Eleanor Waren Margaret Keifer Becky Glenn Melanie Thomas Eileen Broyles President Vice-President Treasurer Pledge Trainer Rush Chairman will W2 in ,i l l ff 130 Jolynn Callaway Nancy Lay Sharon Smith Sanfra Ange Lorena Bailey Sandra Boone Lida Sue l'Vhite Daphne Hudson Ann Short Becky Earp Elaine Hoskins Beth Ann Morehead Donna Neely Martha Clark Suzanne Autry Debbie Walters Dixie Stokes Cindy Cunningham Kevan Brown Libby O'Shea A X 'ml' K we ,.'W f iw- .- -. 1 3 vw. 'AM an U' . . o Of . .... 1. gl :a.:::::3y " I, f t rf' I . ' Q, ' " 9' we It T, W' :Q A J V 'x if in X ms, M K A V ,X w, , 4 V Y " a 0 5 'V A l f- H M' h ' A or f 5, , Q , . - X Q G- , n A 'gr' 'N Q, ,I Q ' l , , - K us : - ' . J ' A 3 ' Q I . 1 ' Q -s, 4, .ff :: -2 2: ' ' 1- 5-TESLQ' 1 f " - .tm A ' , - u ! , 4 L .V . I Q' ' me -19 'H P 'iq' 2 .al ...H " f ' fl' V' ' 'ff s . ' 2 N ....,-..-- !l.'f....,.Qf.,, .f...w, fQ...Yfffl4,-.,,,,. Q- . ,Q 54" 5' " . h A , 9 lt' v J Fwu - 1,4 V f I I V I 1 ,, I NT A 3 s -Q... 1 ,g,.,,'?"R .X . 1" ' , P'- -X 1 . . L 1 , M., , ,M , i QQ ' 1' 1 If 2 A : . t g .J 5 f I 4 I 4 r i ,-,pf ,1- iss: Q t"'9"Q- - J, f,,.,.NaiH:f"f' 7 i i it ,, are -ar'--.. ' " af-x,a.,l IITWH 'P -'L' T as., ' ' ' Kiwi A '. X15 . " W . at ' Wai.. if im' 0 N., .. ,ff agaszis M , V . Ka El S1 H13 ww W' ,, . .is his :W Qwmwm 'Ulm Epsilon Nu Chapter Gary Odom Grand Master Bobby Waites Grand Procurator Ed Magenheimer Grand Master of Ceremonies George Ellis Grand Scribe Glynn Giacone Grand Treasurer Paul Dealy Guard john Russell Guard Caeser Lamonaca Pledge Trainer Through the efforts of hard work, brotherhood, and fun, Kappa Sigma has had another successful year at Southern. Honors have included SGA president, Mr. USM, Student Court justice, Sophomore class president and vice-president, two senators, sophomore class favorite, senior class favorite, president of Omicron Delta Kappa, president of Phi Eta Sigma, ROTC brigade commander, and ROTC Scabbard and Blade president. Kappa Sigma also won Song Fest for the third year in a row. First place IFC football, badminton, volleyball, Weightlifting, and first place overall Weightlifting have been only a few of Kappa Sigis intramural victories. Heeeey Rich! . . . Dit-Dum. . . Demolation Derby Dewey . . .Cry me a River! . . .Straight Man! . . . Mickey Mouse Films . . . Lady . . . Knee Super Bowl . . . Wine Fests . . . Mag, A Man of Letters . . . Florida 'R SX mt N Qu S SRS. Www ,W KWH-N -.t 5 . NW 'X uwm"'5fWR i F whim flstwv ' I Nami we mm, 'smile ,Em . Q vacation" . . .The Pub . . . Phil Cote Paul Elias Glynn Giacone Jake Middleton Al Cofrancesco Neal Vaughn David Abbey Rudy Erwin Paul Dealy Bobby Waites Bill Weinschke Ultra! ! . . . Strange Not to Kappa Sigs! J. K. Cunniff Dewey Wilson Bill Carr Randy Stewart Danny Russell lVayne Branton Joel Herron Tully Morrison Pat Stubbs Jim Eaton Chad Robinson Torn Cleveland Ricky Bryant Mike Chance Bill Patterson Frank Vincent Harry Goza Dewey lVilson John Russell Buster Knellinger Charlie Graham Bill Covington Nonnan Shirley . Gant Danny Davis Shannon Sibley 35. Billy Sanders 36 J . Joe Best Lofton Cox Wayne McCormick Danny Cappaert Rick Maddox Gary Rockwell x N r9M 4? si is ,4 :1 Q f .I uv- ,fu -4 V I Q U W 'Y-.01 -f QF? g ..., 'Q T 21' IL V - . -. L' ,Q .... 'Z , .4 Ni?-lx Ti A NV, IYNUF , PN, I M K I K L yi 'TRJQ3' 'V , ? , . lr: , ' fr' 21' gf. 4 , M A' I 0 Q , L, f, , , , . , n M W L Ek V Y e 1 ,Y -.-. . .f..,...,-, ,. . ,,, Y,,,,,A , 'vang' T A , K rr , ' k K. 'WQJQF' , , .,:,?'AQg43iZf, ,, 342: H 3, H i ip fl' ' M ligl' 1+ ' 1 . . 'I 'get '71 . QW I' A .L ,A 1. L A ' A' "LS L .'.lff'I, 'fig' ' QT ' T,"'L ' 1 ' ' M 7 .. 7. 19.1. -rf '.,.Qf'.,Q, K. M, xx . ..I-4..rA. '.T....... V , JA 'i " 7"'Y -'v'f 13 Vg 5 311, - , 'f . , f V --r I - Q 1 1' 5,2 'L N ,X - -'gr ,JL 5, -. ' , l-As' .-f ' , 1-If 1 4 :pf F - A" 'T .. P' . ,f r 'rt ' 9 1 L ly 4 gr 1 if ' fu . X. ,. 1 In , Y 479 ix: fl .VT -, 31 Lf' i I . 1 . 2 1 . f hir f? ' ' 1 A :YT 'fy ' ' V t A- ' -rr-'nl ' . 6 A A W, Q 8 ,' W 4:4 N I V J x .TA ' c 4 2? 1 I e 'Q ay - A . ' ,g., Q A 3, 41 fi 1 r , ' 1 -2 4 A! Q A .5 j x a r A 4,1 Ev' , 2 fa l 24 I ax ' 1 ..z. W ' 'H .. :if r Q, 1 ,k -Z , 1 - ,. s .1 , fa M ,, ' I 1: 5,1 V X w ' - L, 'G , ,L me W 'TQ It 5' i If e I ,E 3 x 'tg Vs W 'A if 'x r , ' -1 A .. .M..u4 n+i5-- A Delta Gamma EB ELTA Q o Delta Pi Chapter Lynn Thompson President Trica Webb First Vice-President Melinda Cranford Second Vice-President Belinda Thompson Recording Secretary Jean Duffy Treasurer Kit Prestridge Sandra Cason Belinda Thompson Sharon Criss Joy Jones Pam Thompson Patricia Parker Dawn Brooks Kathy Mord lN4elinda Cranford Lynn Thompson jean Duffy Dianne Ducote Ann Smith Trica Ridgeway Sue Bacon Terri Nall Becky Hinton Rlartha Allen Michele Jones Lynn Jenkins Beverly lN'alkcr 23. Rae Nell Hunter 24. Jann Russell 25. Pam Miller 26. Theresa Walters 27. Janet Hartley 28. Donna Fite 29. Cindy Landry 30. Laurel Casey 31. Susan Harrison 32. Carol Noel 33. Diane Crawford 341. Shann Smith 35. Carol Foose 36. Cathy McComb 37. Janice Shaw 38. Sonya Card NOT PICTURED: Susan Obert Trica lfVebb f 4 S I L ...... Q f ff' 2 ...- ,iff 'of' . Q Y' f ., ,.:m..m..s.. or Q - , is .... . - I C . QQ' . 8' nf? rf-. f fy 1 . vi-iv. -V IK A "J M" A Q 9 f' Y ' iv , z r ,.'- ' 338- ,' :sn . .Q 4 - 2 M P 1.1 ',4., N, 3'E,uj?xn'iA . at . .- 2253 S Kufv. va, .a ,.d4..'4f5' 1' .' 14 9 50 'il it . 9' WA ffl W ? 'x i R HH ! f -' W . -,-.vgqp ' --- ' W -' i' X ' " ' .o- , ' Id .. - . . , I d . . ,- , ,, -, , ' I I1 5-4 A- L -.. V '1 w fl . XJ yf XX ff f J ,f ,ff f 'Q 'A Uv 1 ' 'xv .M jf 135 A I 1 ,S I Aux: Phi Kappa Tau . Beta Epsilon Chapter Jeff Satterwhite Frankie Morton jimmy Lynn Cecil Klutts james Thomas Chipper Mathis Vice-President House Manager Pledge Trainer Social Chairman President Treasurer ' zz T T G gl 'A ' I ,1 WISH ll I ' N YI i l 1 l. James Thomas -l, Mike Peterson 7. Bob lN'ICKiC 2. lllf'llf11'ClStOllClCI' 5. Rirlialecl Xiehlillan 8. SonnyXVeh1'1nan 3. .loc Cain 6. Rodney lilaekwell 9. ChuCk COl61'I'l2iU it U io' TOM- 5 PPV Ny, .. . A, 'fr :ii EH 94 gg' Q9 -qv.. , ! f Q . iff fi- I. 5, TP: ZLL .x' 74' 'fi ii NT 3' nm ali Eff il xii u b--v 'r . Lf? ig, 5 fig :S gg, 5. ...U +- :VI ter at e. 1 .3 'i ,L,. ,a nn in 3. ,. A., .A ix. .v 4 -9. ..v J' Delta Zeta fl TAA A I 4- 1 ' X Epsilon Mu Chapter Sue Beth Richmond P1'CSidCI1f Vistra Myers Rush Chairman JoAnn Smith Pledge Trainer Vesta Bogen Recording Secretary Susan Fortenberry Corresponding Secretary Angela Kiehm HiSf0I'i2111 Delta Zeta, the Worldas largest national sorority, established Epsilon Mu of Delta Zeta at the University of Southern Mississippi in April, 1966. As light is the basis of life, Delta Zeta has chosen the golden lamp with its flame of friendship as her symbol. Delta Zeta also dons the kilarny rose, clothed in the colors of old rose and vieux green, a single diamond and four pearls. All symbolize the eternal bond of sisterhood in the light of the flame. D Z's are busy being Dixie Darling captains, Pom Pom girls, class ofllcers, fraternity little sisters, homecoming float winner, placing in Greek Week competitions and in Songfest, cheerleaders, in scholastic activities, and in service projects. Go to Province Day and rack up, Hendershot. What about the red pine tree? Lecile got dropped alright, but no candlelight? The Bobbsey Twins-Gail and Sharon. Letls play spades and study later. Geanie switched from zippers to buttons. Marsha, is Jack coming to the formal? Anderson is coming on a motorcycle in a space suit. M.V. dyed the funeral grass like a rainbow. Order your realistic candles in room 702 fhome of the Big Applej from Irene, supply limited. The goose ate the frog. Miss Irene unlock your door to Phi Delta Rho. Friar has the top down in the rain. The Great Pumpkin is on a diet. Alan, the flame of 65 hearts "naturally sof, 'L v .. :sl .. -A 1 - ., Q, .Q -'E y , 4 . f ,agp-.,..,-Q-,.,,, 4. ,-- ss . Q 1 gag.-f.ff,if13,s?sZ1::v ,ff-5 ef' 1 z. ,f.g,, e' A - we My ewgvgmw - f f'w. - ' I. - 4,4 ' ' 'f. ,a I nh- . ffl t lb ww can . A. ,' w-X."J,' , 1 ' x' . ' 'PA .Q 5 A ll' Sue Sfarbom., lafllte P I Hit 3'D21HaH. ,M Lu .I C 9- lliilnlla I Q lCklP3'la . .HJ M Linda SP:-L Q N -..i.. H Qxalllllvi-.. M. li gm Buck- M " har! in 13 lolix liqaml . ii, SMR v. x1if,g,,,,AA,,f,- ai if-Ilene Pi , 0 X. I. do 7 in l 1, i 'S 1 o . fx 'K t ' " ' ' L ' 1 f r N . Q.. -IU, ' F- ., . A 1 -5 - v 4 ". .-I1 ,133 1'- , , R- I I f. L . I ' I - A A44 . ' - 1' A ' ' . , . I . -. .- . '--Pj F. ' V 8 .5 , f J- , 'Q'-M . . -. A.. ,- bv '- X i "7 N" . 4 'I di ' ' ' I -"' '1-'P , .-. -r . x 1 N.. A," r ., ' ' . . ' , ,gf-',r . .'--m.'-' N "T ap-, -.'f.' fl - t .81 U ' Q ' . 'i ' ,, v 1- s " o V' - 'f' 1 f '- i'.' . 'AA " - ' ' 'A' .- ' ' ' 4.x '44 -' " V' 'J x , 't JQNL .A '- -.' r .,. ,Ji , A 4 '4,'. gr' -I " R S '-5 Jafff-.-.3igivLJw'-,L .iii sm' 5 L -' ,x , T J N b' - 1 , -4-, ,K .K' ' .-Jkry ' I r . Y '11 1'-'-, M' ,iv-Ia f-qv ,','fKf,y.- 4' ' ', 'ti tg . f-H ' Q :K-1,1 -V , I , , ., L ,' ,.'- ,c,e2v-Q- rg 1. A, . - A - --- . ' H .,'. ' S ,- "' . S , ,"-- ,A. - H' . f" 1.-" ' -'fl' 1 1 . '. 1' 1. ' - N , , 5 I - 4 , ,M V- -4 . f. ' ,nw Z" Z :'1,,- , ,..' -f'. . .CT-.-.'vji"fl.i.-w.-.xy,-vi... 6,4 i j.,,5'- V fr-ft! I -N. ' . ' . '." '. f. '-. .f ' , ii " " 'rffsid 2 ,-'aT-r-'-,g'l. J" .-V-'M' ,A 'v A A ' ' v ' .4 Sue Scarborough vlaniee Friar Dana Hurst Becky Vlindham Margaret Bates Vlanda Bardwell Miss Irene Bourne Vicki Parker Linda Smith X Iary Virginia Terry Ann Buck Charlotte Hollinger Carol Ruffin Kay Sherry Smith 1 '5- . ',f" g Geanie Hughes Linda Osterliolty Marilyn Dickey Glenda Price Dehhie Stallings Kate Rohichaux Pam Kiehm 'Ioy Conn Carter Donna Poole Dixie Payne Babs Fowler Becky Quinn Cindy Slinkard Vesta Bogen ., Q 2 T, --' fffafxf . 1 4,3 N ' . . ' 'l A n ' .'-. ' 29. Stephanie Ouille 30. Martha YYicht 31. Lorinda Smith 32. Gail Vaughn 33. Sharon Anderson 34. Pat Gatlin 35. Kfarsha Thompson 36. Lynda Stone 37. Lecile Garrett 38. Gloria Kfansour NUT PICTURED: Sue Beth Richmond lean Hendershot - -av , ..,. 1 P 2 v4'. 'M' ', 141 I 1 '-4 x, I 'i-'Dr FJ. ' - i jo.-Xnn Smith Cheryl Reid Esther Lee Angela Kiehm jane Thompson Cathy Purvis Betsy Rlaloch Ginger Grissom Yistra Myers llorthea Brock Cheryl Germany Trica Klclilfresh Susan Babbitt Susan lfortenherrj Pi Kappa Alpha X A f 4097, :Vx aimTfKA ii! 5 V BXV -writ 0 A Aff Xe all '.- A f v 3 4. ' I 3 F . . I ' F l- ' l ff , xg If I, -:sw 2,2 3, f 0 " ' N T f I I ' ' ff t i lx A Delta Mu Chapter Ronnie Adams President John Hall Vice-President Skeeter Forbes Treasurer Steve Steward Secretary Bob Abby Pledge Trainer Bryan McCraw Pledge Master The ideals of Pi Kappa Alpha' represent the highest in honor, leadership and truth. Since our birth in 1868 by six young men at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville, Pi Kappa Alpha has become an obvious leader in the fraternity world. The achievements of over 65,000 members illustrate the powerful influence of these ideals. We have found in these standards of character and conduct a constant source of stimulation. Being known as "The Friendly Fraternity," we firmly believe we are better men for having the privilege of lifetime associations with other members of Pi Kappa Alpha who share our ideals and aspirations. Membership in Pi Kappa Alpha is an open door to friendship. Pi Kappa Alpha is truly a national fraternity with over 150 chapters from coast to coast. Pi Kappa Alpha continually strives, by careful selection of its men, to assist in the scholastic achievement and character development of all who wisely say, 'Cl want to belong to Pi Kappa Alphafl Paul Delcambre Steve Spence Steve Reed Rodney Schnadelback John Faulkinberry Pat Dognen Tommy Sexton Dink Coppejans Luther Lewis Steve Bartole Mike Roop Hugh Chewning Bryan McGraw Bob Abby Ben McGraw Jeff Boone John Harvey Phil Abernathy Bill Brignac Andy Reeves Joe Dabbs Jimmy Curry Al Simmons Denny Howell Reed Watson Jim Linville Clgtf 211 Tf, 18. lol' ,OV r ,v , '7 10, Bl F Q ffm? iplgj to B00 ' 1' . Q5 chwif lohfl A 35. C355 36, ffm 31. BOW Dgllll I Stagg S1 ! , MW., ..,.,, MA 'Ulm fs U f I L Lljiti-'Til in ' rg-,J ,J bind' afg I'-v' 'W 4 1 V 1 Z' L f - 1 .L . J I ' .-.4. XE' 'mill ,-a'v J 1 -4- 4 -. ds. 4 oy v'0 -ag -- had ' is an W Kappa Delta dew Tot Keio. A WWI Beta Sigma Chapter Bethany Brock President Sharon Hall Vice-President Beth Bouchillon Secretary Brenda Jones T1'C21Su1'CI' Ruby Kihyet Rush Chairman gy 1, Sisterhood, the White Rose and being a KD lady all come together to form Kappa Delta. Giving parties 1 . . l. Kfv""':k for the retarded children and going to Play Haven to work with them. . . Selling Christmas Seals for our national jxgew-1 3 Y .l.t philanthropy . . . Work and homecoming floats . . . First Place in beauty . . . Parties for the football ' v-. team . . . pledge class, secret sorority . . . Cheerleaders at the freshman games, and varsity games . . . it Student Body Maid and Graduate Maid at Homecoming . . . Second Place in Song Fest . . , ROTC W i A -TT? Q, Dm , Sponsors, KA Rose, Pike Dream Girl court member . . . ATO Sweetheart . . . Senior class favorite and campus at .AMN beauties . . , annual staff members, Panhellenic Council president, Yellowjacket members and hitt- vice-president . . . SRF president . . . Election Commission member, student-alumni members, senior and T, freshman class oflicers . . . Hnalists in Miss Southern Pageant . . . Work for the March of Dimes, the Halloween Carnival, elections, and special olympics . . . happies for little sis, kitchen duty, pep rallies, intramurals 31 . . . White Rose Formal this year, new chapter at Mississippi State and fraternity parties. Green and white and the diamond pin. !ff-iii Have you seen the great KD intramural team! HA-what a joke! Oh, well. we have spirit! BANANA BANANA! ! Hey Tuber, hear you got the cleanest room award. Mystery Day-what a blast! Hea- ij UH! Who's this that gets their lip caught in the elevator??? Do What??? Candlelights are a blast, aren't they BG? BANANA says Hea-UH! Happiness, sorrow, work and play . . . sisterhood . , . Hip Hip KD! ,4- .Nw Ak sw 5 Vx' tl 1 xxx ' " -Q-Aff' 2 1 2 .nf - J v'1N" 'O 5 v -,-. 5 . f"'l!'Hr. X-. '--so-msg ' ::i"Ii:fi11F'-:LA:f'f.1.'.iff2L:g:. LT-4 ' 07:1 f , '- ff-LIT .1 -R . R 1 :1i'i'?F" wifi Connie Carpenter 18. Brenda Hartley Barbara GFCCF '11 TOr1i 1011115011 I BCY6-fly O'Ne31 Afigl Rgnqggi' Betty Randle BCIl1Z1I1y' fOf0UlI12il101l1 Nmmette Nolan 20. Kathy pie,-CQ Linda Cahlenbeck -113 Patty Woodworth ' 1116100111311 Tracy lXf'lorris 21. Vicki lXlZ1Sl'1DL1I'I1 Suzy Estes '11 Brenda Robinson M V, Murray 1'Voodson 22. Kay Nlashburn Debbie Sears -15 Linda Robbins Wgamcs Diane Gillis 23. Becky Barnes M2-1121 Miller 46 51611121 CZIFPCFNCF 1 Laquanta lXliller 24. 'lizinnny OlNeal .fandgimplli Ann 11Vilson 25 Susan Ladner ? it bersaufl Pam Tiickei- 26. Vicki Fi-Ciicii A Q zmfm, d Gay Tiibei-iiiii 27. Jeanie Miiiei- A JU ,Sn 5611101 an Debbie Oliver 28. Connie Kihyet , L7 n 1131101115511 Susan Courtney 29. Kathy Shoenmker F771 I amufdl Ann Campbell 30. Charlotte Duck I wilful and Freclrieka Rogers 31. Kathy Smith A M V4 615611 . Susanne lXlowdy 32. Paula Bounds C -. J 15 Mmondpln' Pzun Daniels 33. .lane Powell 1 1 H5111 Becky Iioiisioii 3+ Bi-iii Hall i, H I3 2113111 1111? l ' K ij J- ' f Wg. alfa KDI 7'-43 UT it? "--- Sigma Alpha Epsilon J EL N Slqlli x. E11 Q"- F - IX fit Q 1-1 t,Eigg,J 1, e24 1 A if 1' fu - . who A AA4wA E Mississippi Sigma Chapter Frank Aitcheson President John Ramphrey Vice-President Mike Lucas Treasurer Harris White Herald John Hazard Chronicler Delton Moore Correspondent Powell Butler Warden Johnny Johnson Secretary Gary Robinson Chaplain On March 9, 1856 Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded on the campus of the University of Alabama. Since that time SAE has grown to be the largest social fraternity in the nation and Mississippi Sigma Chapter has exemplified this growth on the USM campus. The men of SAE have excelled in intramurals, scholarship, leadership and community service since its installation. Whether it is work or play, the SAFXS give 100 per. What a year for the House of the Lions- Opossum and Babbles have graduated . , . Who has the Old Man's cane . . . Billy Witz and T. Who . . . Pup and his Shadow are doing Hne . . . the Badge . . . Who has the GGG pole now. . . Rack, a little girl called . . . No Blondero, she hasn't called yet . . . Guppies just cannot drive . . , Kink is whois brother . . . Brother Murphy is sick again . . . Gunn and His Ghost . . . 2002 Space Oddessey and his Co-Pilot . . . Sparks Barks and Radical Jim . . , Luke, someone slept in your bed . . . Thanks Weird . . . Yea, youire right-BEHOLD, How GOOD AND How PLEASANT IT IS FOR BROTHERS TO DWELL TOGETHER IN UNITY. Lam a I IIE pEaag s IIE Ill Nflmu, , fi ,, , ,I .- I, f - T Af. , M- ua -"',m- '. , 5 ' y-1fjvf?iqx .g,.q3,,x 'fi' ,,' A A. A 3 - .Ls v f -', .-ffwum I f I 1 "-1 ,UQ " fifsdz 7, 17' -3.2151-l'...v'-,ww Zig: nt-1: 1. ,ff l- D 'f' ' Q EP9 . ,-""" J-A 1 L G 1 4' , J If its T' 3522 A 7-44 in , L A , L.. -4, IIB-L. xlib' X . I . WMA ALPHA EPsiLoN 4,4 ,VI +--+A-an. .5661 'Q . .. J.. ,lima -Q ,U ,W . . ,J 51.341 DISNEY HERE W '-,.4-n--4 4mlslA-4.-l.:3'dU3 Buck Endter John Switzer Trey Fouehe George Cunningham Jim Batson Dick Weathersby Sonny Dickey Leo Tommy Luke Reggie Shurden Bobbie Banks Daryl Lauderdale Randy Branch Frank Aiteheson -fx, .-, . s an...4..-.- Bob Douglas hlike Bryant George Gunn Charles Sevier Steve Smith Skeet Jernigan hlike Lucas Bill Brister john Rainphrey Harris White Tiin Brown Robert Fennell Steve Sparks Paul Early Rlike Scott David Figueroa Brent Wallace .Xllen Torrence Jamie Sablich Eddie Jones Gary Gordon John Coleman Robert Klorrow John Hazard Bobby Switzer Cass Moore Tip Bishop Gary Robinson . 4. .... -.4.4 -- I 43. Delton Moore NH. Ross Arnold 45. Powell Butler -116. Clay Johnson -l7. Paul Phillips 48. Johnny johnson -PQ. Don Cross 50. Bill Booty 51. llardie Perritt NOT PIC'Y'L'RED.' Carl .Xycock Danny Dunnaway Mom Sanders Mike Montgomery 1 Phi Mu ...wiv aw Alpha Omicron Chapter Claudia Raymond President Diane Beason Vice-President Helen Howie Treasurer Debbie Ball Rush Chairman Linda Jones Panhellenic Delegate 30. Merrie Garrett 31. Barbara Mauldin 1. Pam Smith 2. Martha Jane Ratclilfe 3. Debbie Jabour 32. Angela Ashker 4 Judy Price 33. Lela McDill Lynn Smith Barbara Wfeeks Ann Marie Montgomery Debbie Ball Marlene Gillick Debbie Sablich May Beth VValker Jan Coulter Lou Smith Polly Gonzales Judy Heflin Pain Peyton Sandra Kaiser Daphne Sutter Nancy Farmer Charlene Ainsworth Vickie Simes Susan Stillman Jan Summerford Linda Hammett Francie Higgs Betty Beard Cathy Askew Theresa Echols Betty Shell 34. Mary Lee Matthews 35. Cathy Evans 36. Margaret Dixon 37. Sarah Kennedy 38. Bobbie Montgomery 39. Pam Doucet 40. Charlotte Gee 41. Linda Jones 42. Brenda Schrock 43. Karen Woodyard 44. Terrie Gorman 45. Sherry Lemrnox 46. Nancy Whitton 47. Martha Morrison 48. Candy Carraway 49. Janice Jordan NOT PICTURED: Diane Beason Mary Sutherland Ann Land Debbie Blackwell Chickic Hellman Sandi Glidewell Jo Ann Campbell . . f ff Q ' " 'L J Q 'L K ' Y . A ' xg su 1+ :M 0 .. 'iw is E . wr' . x ' f .1 it A f fx 4 ,gr WL, A fa' ?L'fl"h? ffm' 59' 1..' ft I.. 1 I 1, 1 - f., ,122-,Z A 1 if 'K brew!! it P fi, 'F 1 13218 ' f 1 'J' 'Elvira . A , . ,fx -fa. .2 I 3 4 4, i, I -U ,V i L r "i 'K' it Aa 1 "AJ ' 1 4 '.-1.7 A Illt Q Q' . r K 'mcg lli BCUJ, 1 A l Ni. 'M' H iiih Phl llu. VW 4 lil MUS aff at Q l E Wind' m rn rv 9 Qlbwf' if ffnrtl J J J Cx io K1 I 30 ix 1 4 W W 'JP .I A . F ' 3A 1' N MMU R Fit' P f-ffl f' o ' 5 M "',2i'l K . U I ' Lg fi .E l I r l l l L lt. I . 1 Jah - F Q, W T" 1' Al- Q ,I W . O r H ,R I J f f . . 4 r A f ' f , O f 3 f :S 'xt' V if r E i i7 'S ' jr .jff,'f. 5 g',eg,1fl-"f'M- Q 431 ' 'Qi 4: I' X ' 5 f f f x, X , 5 1 1- , ' f .- . " 9:1 3 il, l rg.: - Y I f ' , 4 , rf N , , , -, .- ,, , . 1 l l -L n ' P 1 I, L X1 E V I, ll r 1' V Phi Mu, the second oldest national sorority, was founded on Southern's campus on March 25, 1950. j Since its beginning, Phi Mu has grown into a close bond of love and sisterhood which dwells in the heart of g each .Phi Mu. f Phi Mus are active on campus-members of Alpha Lambda Delta. Cwens. ROTC sponsors. beauty. SGA -F secretary. members of UAC, Dixie Darlings. fraternity swcethearts and little sisters. student senators. president - and Deans List scholars. Phi Blu has won the March of Dimes campus campaign for the past three years. Another candlelight? . . . Formal was great . . . can't wait until Spring Fling . . . big brothers . , . basketball team-7991 . . . big brothers . . . Doucet's in left field . . . Summerford's painting the kitchen . . . whois sharpy? l registration is a hassle . . . Linda Jones-really Flip XVilson in disguise? . . . kite Hying? . , . Charlotte's on the l sun deck again , . . great pledge class . . , ladybug . . . Burgertown . . . banquet was a success . . . l My Blackwell made, another.-1.0 I I . Q . 0 I h I , , at Phi Mu is happiness. Phi Mu is love. Phi Mu is sharing. and most of all. Phi Mu is sisterhood-being a Phi Mu lady. rf l f ' X g .3 - Sigma Nu wlllllff i Bi-if-44 Theta Gamma Chapter Don Clark Commander Bruce Moreton Lieutenant Commander Jimmy Jones Recorder Jim Green Treasurer John Ellis Chaplin Mike Bormer Pledge Marshall Sigma Nu was founded in 1869, on the campus of Virginia Military Institute. The principles of knightly honor upon which it was founded still endure in the men who wear the five armed star. As Sigma Nu begins its second hundred year, Theta Gamma ends its third complete year as a chapter at USM-and what a year it was! The "Machine,' . . . Cherry , . . Andy Anaconda and Bob Boa Constrictor bite the dust . . . Capt. Oink Moore . . . Wareen Gunch and her Shadow . . . Gazer! . . . Low flying ducks injure Hooker . . . Poppin'-fresh Ellis . . . Come wuff me, Da-Da . . . What's that in the bathtub, Don? . . . Peaches, Phantom, Slick-top and Tooter C145 ...D.C. and Litch recommend the Holiday Inn in Biloxi . . . Clark solves the Were Wolf mystery. 1971 was indeed the "year of the snakes." On campus Sigma Nu's could be found in such leadership positions as SGA president, IFC vice-president, Freshman and junior Class presidents and many more. Sigma Nu also emphasizes the social aspect of fraternity life with the White Rose Formal and the Roaring 20,5 Party being the big events of the year. But above all, Sigma Nu emphasizes ideals- Honor now and always-thatls Sigma Nu! aan.. Ek. , ,, M. ,,., ,ew .1 1 . ,...,,....., Q ff - , ,,,s1...a-amd. ic 1-y,,,, ,, ,,, , J Q , V f A - :arm--Wm, a,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,, .. M A - , ,,,V , .v,,.. V ,f wfwmw, e f- awww, fffffaflwmt' Mmuu Q 4 ' , 1 A P ,. , - A p , 543211, .I . ,gf at ' ' .. ' , ' , g V g,qa"f'z " - N ' - 1' - V - it ".g,,1',q14 , . - A sv ' ...A -.., ' , .,-. 37, , K -I ' ,Q --.Mi 5 gl, 71,11 , . Q I , , . - ,jx I A 1 M p 'V -U an A4 In nimzjf ,. , I . ,Z y ,K a ,, ,,,. ,,,,,, ,.... W ,,, 148 Randy Ferry Louis Holcom'b Henry Laird Rick Mirick Bill Cloud Bob Singleton Kim Savant Bruce Moreton Billy Litchliter Alan Kitchens johnny Mooney Chuck Davis John McCarty Garry Dearman Gary Williams Randy Walker Woody Holcomb Tim Holston David Jefcoats Jim Green Don Clark Jerry Casano Faris Crisler Tommy Bryant Tommy Dantoni Jimmy Campbell 27. Steven 28' Bam- Bm ll. Tom O-QQ! 30- Mike itxgi Pill far: i 321 R0bert -'I B 33. Alarms,-O 3a.B . , 36 DUCITBM ' alll Gaza lol Pm - . l K: N Mike Romer P., 26. ' . i 1.1 'E 2' V, . , 43-X 5 rv... . ,q -,.., 4 1,.,..,h, ", A -fs , ? 'l:..1'z - L " 'LWB - 1 -., g 1 ' f,,.3f,'i Lugsv .ff ,i-fr' WF:-y' 5 - ' ", .3- L Art, r Q., nf Lvfjk-np? ',Wu.N M P' r 1 5 3 if ' 53? R?" 4 ctw tl I ' J' " "', . ,Q , , my i 14 Y . . 1 J . '-61.4 t Y? -4" TW in ' W? 1 ' I' iz! . Y PM 15.1. I ' Tx' '+r.,,,x4- VJ: 3 ' .fmrazhfiimrm u W M. 9 xss,X' N s -I-.-44,5 ,Kgl HI My. ll 15. CHD' ' 16. Rall - nmll l .l. ia. Timlff. rr wtllf 20. Jimlll 91, DDU C9 22. JW 23. PM 34, TOWN: 25. TCW jjnlffll' ' Bla 27. Steven Hill 28. Barry Burns 29. Tom O,Gonnell 30. Mike McNeese 31. Pitt Farrar 32. Robert Burns 33. Sam Armstrong 34. John Ellis 35. Buck Black 36. David Gates NOT PICTURED Mike Bonner Warren Dunn Noel Holston Greg McNeese Danny Mitchell jerry Waldrup Bob Garrett Jimmy Jones Herman Soares Leon Raines Jim Gilliland Kenny Groves Jamie Bunch George Mayfield Billy Bliss rf? 9' fil llfllmlglgmr 7-4 Pi Beta Phi Fir' H ai: .YI i'."... 1.2, I nj,- -2 'v Mississippi Alpha Chapter Barbara Ross President jenny Troxler Vice-President Lynn johnson Corresponding Secretary JoAnne Frese Recording Secretary Brenda Barrett Treasurer The pride of Pi Beta Phi aims her arrow high as the oldest national fraternity for women moves into its 105th year. Pi Beta Phi can look upon the past year and be proud of such accomplishments as First Place winners in Songfest and recipients of the Best Sportsmanship and Fall Quarter Spirit awards. The individual qualities of each Pi Phi are seen on campus as SGA secretary, Senate parliamentarian, Sophomore Class favorite, Sophomore Class secretary, vice-president of Cwens, student Senators, Dixie Darlings and members of the AWS Judicial Board and Yellowjackets. But A Pi Phi's life is also filled with another side of college life-Fun! Jeanis special attribute . . . Let one odd Duck in and there goes the whole pond . . . SPIFFY! . . . Thaggardas an arsonist . . . Trees in 'the Ma'nsion?' . . . Win a date with B.R. Only ten cents a chance! I SLADY LADY ! I . . . Hoganis our favorite cupid . . . Gimma Q! . . .We love you, Bill . . . yea S., Yea S., Yea, Yea . . . and George smiles on. When looking over her college life, a Pi Phi understands that to be a sister of the wine and blue is not only to appreciate the unity of friendship but to also develop the character of the individual. 150 Melinda Henson Elsie Burns Brenda Schmidt Becky Ramsay Renee Ford Janet Slay Cozy Reeves Missy Christo Susie Morrison Denise Dix Jan Barrett Beverly Ross Susan Cissna Stephanie Taylor Gail Stanley Jane Owen Margaret ButreSS Charlotte Pittman Shelley Hall Leigh Konke x AL ."' 4 4' '19 M' I ILM, ' v " s l ' ,-vc.-J 0 5 Fo' . . J' v 5 ' O 'Vx I 5- s 'N' v -' ,b ..- G f a X. , o a 441 t , x 4x""'b'q" ' 56' ffm ! f l I 4- 'Y ffl 'I fQf- , rx.. . .' 0, . u ",,. .N T QI' ' bl Q., a .w. v :fn Ya' Sigma Phi Epsilon XX kklilfywfff is Mississippi Gamma Chapter Rudy Sims President Larry Harrison Vice-President Allen La Cour Controller Keith Dubuisson SCCTCUYY Bob Carlisle Recorder From its origin at Richmond College in 1901, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity has grown to the second-largest national fraternity. Presently, Sig Ep has 185 chapters and more than 95,000 members. Mississippi Gamma Chapter was chartered in 1953, and after 18 years on campus, the chapter has developed a tradition of true brotherhood. KICKS . . , Defense committee . . . finally makes it . . . Mom in the lake . . . "Can you relate to that?" . . . The Wild Kingdom with "Jungle Jim" Justice . . , Bigots . . . Our own ROTC brigade . . . miscellaneous expenditures . . . Gamma Phi . . . The flagpole made out of clay . . , Donk . . . 3rd in Song F est-thank you, Professor Foster . . . Dracula is alive and well in room if 6 . . . The neophytes, gift of U of H . . . Anne gets the stick . . . Homer, author of the Idiot and the Oddity . . . Give Marty his poon poon . . . WRT: Follow me, men! . . . TBS vs. Ali . . . Rudy's headlight . . . The Black Bomb in the back . . . The All-American- Burrow, J.B .... Dickie's and Linda's Grand Opening-February 28th . . . For the 70-71 school year, the SPE's upheld their tradition of high achievement in the scholastic, social, athletic, and fraternial aspects of university life. Known throughout the nation as the "fraternity with a heart," the men of, Mississippi Gamma cherish the memories of the past year as they strive for even greater achievements in the future. Y 4 ' ,W ., ., .,,.,.,,mmm-f ' , fee-fw'vn-pv4ppvqpw1fWy4,,,fN,.ffW ', ,lf QQ' " 3 1' M- 9 ai., KIUI In .2 ALL w f 111.iaiig2:,v at 257. 1' HOIBIC1: 9- Soon P, 3' l06 Pea i' me G 3- Rifk Lf 6- Ric 313 7' T031 Se 8' Ron Ke lg' C111 P2 11. 1111 Gini Zl 13. BOD M5 I TQITQ1 H' SklPpQQ -dak .' 0. ' '-,u..fls1fw,--v-v - if nfs..-V V -1-mini l N P fl gy , I an fi 'Y CQ r L M l fat BULL 'la Houston Hodgin Scott Bergeron Joe Peacock Mike Gauin Rick Long Ric Blayiield Toni Sanders Ron Keller Gary Philips Allen La Cour Gene Ziebach Bob Mitcham Tonnny Harley Skipper Johnson Boyd Burrow Glenn Sanford Liyy Livingston Rudy Sims Robbie Taylor Alan Richardson Keith Dubuisson Larry Harrison John Guidos John Hunt . John True Sonny Hines Klarty Hudspeth Art lYolz 29. Gerald Von Antz 30. Mike Biggers 31. Bill Mattern 32. Clifl' Krider NOT PICTURED: Ernie Grant Jerty Evans Al Gordy John Williams Rick Justice Mike Cave Bob Carlisle Pearson Cross 153 In-0 . -. :iid Chip Millet Doug Biggs Bo Ricleout John Sojourner Ken Bourgeois Scooter Taylor David Register Howard McClendon Al jacobi Paul Hayes Gary Braswell Jeff Sayarese Butch Hard f 5 2 3 3 s 3 Q '-uw 'vy- .v. K '--4 Hi.: .N .L v N., x FP, Nw. ,Nu vy- Ng .,'x, .UV A ...LQ-V x.,4 T . ,. Ang, 1-r 1, A-N. ha I - glldlrg- 3 A., W Codon :Ke iv Carb 1:5 Dom I2 Hem X J' jane Rlwk Eamon UICTFREDJ Robodq Cm Rs aher get Nloore pg NIMH ,an fa 1' 13 I- I Don Clark Clrcck Clad Bcrtx' Rgmdlc C Qrwl-Q C loddcss 64' 'H-Q mtig i 1, N,.n izcvw- Greek Activities l 1' PML. , , ff , '.z? l6,! 'I' L. .1-u."ff4.4qL., J A1-p V- --inndL..- , 1 1 J ff Fraternity Soronty ush B1d Till' 1m.rf' 'f+5A, ' "'1: M ,fra ' 'f"N21j, 'fry-,f lfffffffvm, 'IM A-5 wx ,' n ' - V. ".J'X Fr1 Q, "' I-A , new , ' 'day ight Any Night 'vsp , Y 5 '1f.?'.4z.L'a ,,-"5 . ' ' . -Qgxx " 4 I 1 9 u,1.,,, wg, ' ff., ' s fo' lf f FH el' Q 4, as 81 Yu 8 Q' G Y V 3 S . ' r 5158 22514 , ' V. , 1 Q, . , A 4. i ,Lam 1 L 1 V17 I. Qkfb' yqli .M Flowers KISSSS Brotherhood S1 4 , . f 4 I . ! '2- Uv fx-, -I . ,. 1 H ' 1 ' 4 . . f ' ' . I 1 V4 1' 'hw ig lf- ' , u 4 . x, .H-. .., - H - --v -- --' H gp- " "'-.. -1 ri ! ,.. ,UQ - ' r ,. QW- . ' ,7,HQ'-fy1ff ' if 5 .yy , , 1 xqgy , J- K A I 4 xg V' A R V- ' 1 S. g..JI -.-v'x'3- 1 ,R' V: I ' 1 ' V I K .. '- . Q., .,. . V: - V gy -'mfg N t , V ., ' 4. , . 5 ' 7, :. 'V lm 1+ ' 1 W, . b fa ., , 0 Q mi J- " f 1. Q. -wr -. --P 2 . , V ,A ' 1' - ' . '- . -'- ' ff, x "K K , UM M ,,,, mm ji' ' 1, K' H gl 'V "W 5 1- '-.' ,Qi " " ' ', --' - -'Q3'?i:-'Q'-'A ., " .1 3- , , ."" . ' ", "4-, " 4 Q 2' , " ,, ' 'f' . K - ' " "' ' ,- QW-:., if w W - 4 M 1 A -. ,,. I, 3 V,-Jia' It ,. r"P"", .., iw ig' n' ., i F 'Sw Linda H 11. . JSI lyk XXV Susn v 'N--O' . '- .Q . sp. 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I avi.-it 1 rt Y "SL,-ws.: . ' ' -'--A t V? ' -- --Hifi? xi Nu 4 fi'-'pd bs ' -Sung: jay' 1 ' 1, .. i , x, American Universities :md Colleges "' 1 ...Q -V-.. - ' ff-S'.P,:--.NK Q. ..,-..,.:-.... ... .iQ fl tri' -- -xr--J uf '1 + 'arm Q it Jim! x' Es i x 1-- N ' Mr 4 9' ' : f li : ,A X E r '5 ' it ,X 1. I D ,'!, 1 fi' yan' pkg?-, i K Q . n u ih x . "E -1 ,f f ix t J' k 5 I . X FN , 1k . l r -ff 'f' ll Srl 5,5 .r og! Wities and Coll? ,Z .'4 .-., E its . ' ' '+""' 7 3, I I B I '.3.g3aniW g ' . I' 7.69 BBN Jxxxsggi 1 3,- , ni., .- 1 r A.. -,yu ,-v .n--11' Q2 axis: ef .Q 1533 535311-figs!! M1i."'..- Q is W 5 Tina Anderson Becky Askew Joe Best Bethany Brock Susan Cain Don Clark Judy Clark Sonny Correro Danny Dunnaway John Ellis Pat Field Kathy Greene gg-5I""'J',. . 'TVB x. ,x. is 4 I 1' L 1 x M. I li 5 Qu. J th. s-9 '-5 .sq I ,x. I - P ,,. A 'HJ J' 1 fH!!iiLLLU'9i2liL.fiLig35Q4. MUSE!-uiilbjii 'Q F1532 . "'31-:swf-vfpwgigxgsirgtv -. ,':,g.gH,,,,,,,Q ' 'A ' - -f 'P -- 0 - '+l' Q-.ovvfi . 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"Phi Dvltzx Rho Comm to you in thc' night. 1 E" 1. x1xf'xxm? fo:Xhipm1z Phi l3f'h.1 Rh1riXIllf'lU1lllf'NI honor that mn hm- hf-slow:-cl upon 21 svnior WMTIIIH ul lhrh 1? f mf.13-lv 'l!1f'l.1!NIliI7."1HxK.iTlflillU h'1lfh'I'Nllil72lIV151'I'X'iC'1' tothe'lfr1ix'r'rsityz1rrtthr' Vwfll .H up lzzmifiaiioxxaoxp'-15.11 !1'lf'Tllli1ifPIl of lhvw l1fll'lfJl'N, Phi Urltzx Rho f'HC0L1I'2iuf'S IIIYVIVXY -UUE UV-' 'X1' Y' ' 1 -1' 2 1 Xfwffflml uf-'.fQm1x1f'111. gmcl 2lf'llfh'IlliC'S. zmrl strivvs to promotf' high srww' tht- UniVf'T5itY- Nl-lH'1- T" -f ' ,Jil "1 'WI' X' 2: osrhl' lhqal nl1f-xorivmv itsvlf Vim lm W DC , ,-' ,gm Nu ,,.,, V . -' UW ,f lu" 2: ' '- W- .-x ,f .f -,,' , ' , fry' fwfcfgb- If jnfff- W" 4 an M li" Avfdfd Q f ll' 'ffm pmidenl f Ti kite-preidant 'fiigm IIEASUIEI Lili 1 Bhuyian HEY rw L! 1 1 Aim V im flii . 5-,1 my r""A Omicron Delta Kappa ,Cy-on Delta Kappa was founded Dccemhei 3. 1914- a gg ff Q nmftuenn V 7' II . , . Y . ., ,-vi-'.l..,'1 I f i-fi gig ll'atllHS llii Ragga llomt A R25 W ESF R05 Nm' RWD . i.-1: Slmlll F' ' V Tgwllll fy 'fi ll L '--' 1 ,oulllr J . ol WPG V. 2 ,-4' A 1 Uniwft.. C rl. tc toll Riu Dflll 'I 'l' l 1. . 'i t' v' 1- l r ll ,lllll :fl in 'itiilnlcv ,bel -k C pjllrlflltlllifll , '1 ,I it ,f n .V i "x 'Q NA ' l n the L5M Cf1mPU5 OH ALW bf 1934- fOur1Clcclon thc iclcals that ltatlt iship of exeeptioiigtl tluitlitv gtntl vii ttihtx in college should be recognized, that representative men in all phases of eollt-typ lift-elmulfl1-UHiH.l..lU. in . -NK . wortliwhile endeavor, and that outstanding students. faculty and ztclininistrattion iiit-iiilwix slmultl mt-,-I fyI1 ', basis of mutual interest, understanding, and helpfulness. selection into ODK is the liieliest litmm. th 1, can be afforded a male student while at Southern. Keith Myers, president Doug Rouse, vice-president Bobo Morgan, treasurer Studentt Mike Beard Abdul L. Bhuyian George Bufkin Mel Caraway Bob Chance Jack Coppenbarger Elton Elkins George Ellis John Ellis J im Colman N061 Holston Bob Ingram Percy Jones David Jussely , -. .,,,-. . 5 ' ' TQ ' Qfflff ......,-.,..,.--.---. Henry Laird Danny Mitchell Bill Morgan James Pratt Paul Reuter Bo Rideout Frank Riggs John Russell Alan Schabilion George Shirley Lonnie Shoultz 'fl"3F. y I Lavon Thurmon, Jr. John Tyvoll Randall Wfebb Norman Wloodriek John Zupko Faculty and Honorzlt Cauta James Bishop '2. Howard Bowie Dean Peter Durkee Giovanni Fontecehio Dean Claude E. Fike Dr. john Gonzales Dr. Stanford P. Gwin Reverend Graham Hales Dr. William Hatcher Jack Hill Jess Hughes Dean Neil R. McMillan Dean Charles W. Moorman Dr. XVilliam ll. Poirier H. David Roberts Eugene D. Saucier Dr. John Skates Dr. Forrest D. Tucker Dr. Fred Walker N- Alpha Lambda Delta Scholastic Honor Society for Freshman Women Beverly Walker. president Molly Price. vice-president Melinda Cranford. secretary Marie Kepper. treasurer Sue lYeir, historian Jane Sullivan. editor Pamela Ableson Carolyn Jean Agent Rosamoncl Joy Alford Clare Jean Anderson Lorene Jane Armstrong Marjorie L. Austin Rebecca Anne Barnes Janet llaugh Rebecca Ann Boisture Peggy Antlree Bourtlin Cynthia Briggs 'l'eresa Inez Briggs Linda Carol Cain Nlynette Canterbury Sherry Ann Clark Susan Mary Cochran Jean Aylene Culp Amanda Davis Rebecca Holmes Dearman Margaret Carol Deen Catherine Mary Douglas Allentla Sue Etlwarcls lleyerly A. lilorrieh Victoria Ann Poster liarhara Jane Fowler Lula l.intla lfuller Yirlti Gershon Dnnire Rebekah llotllinltl Ann Cnereian l.intla Diane firanlierry l.intla Kay Ciulliy Jessiea Rea fiuitlrtw lhentla llartley l'.ttrieia Lynn llaiwey lirnily .Xnn llawlte Xlargaiet Ann llayee .Xnita llurwell Yirlti l xnn llurnplnaes Xl-llllflll Willis llunt l'.tlrii ia Ann Kelly lirvitni1'Kiliy4't Cynthia Alice Landry Terri Jeanne Leone Carmen Lide Mary Rogers Litchliter Jennifer Gail Lucas Dayina Mae Martin Karen Sue Mason Jolyn McNair Margaret Ellen Metcalfe Sherry Lee Mills Brenda Jo Morrison Trudy Diane Moses Judith Diane Newman Amy Lawrence Nix Elizabeth Anne Oswalt Cynthia Anne Parr Pamela Elizabeth Payment Jacqueline Annette Pelt Jane H. Peneguy Mary Gaylen Phillips Carol Annette Pigford Linda Powell Elizabeth Anne Quinlan Beate Regina Rabe Christine Roberts Betty Sue Robertson Patricia Anne Rutledge Viki Louise Saul Vicki Dee Scharf Carol Jane Smith lmelcla Frances Smith Linda Cail Smith Mary Louise Smith Patsy Elaine Smith Deborah Ann Sprague Gail Stanley Dixie lliltla Stokes Debra Marie lhorton Jocelyn Violet 'Trigg Pamela Ann 'l'utlor Susan Elizabeth XN'elker Lola D. XXX-sion Linda Sue XN'hint-ry Katherine L. XN'ill-cinson Julie Ann XN'illiamson ya,-email 1-Liam.-tri warm l.intla Darlene lN'oocls tflsigma I l N E ' .. P fly ' H011 or LEFT, J YVSECON J, Dltowf Em like Lum, Tully M01 Phi Eta Sigma Scholastic Honor Society for Freshman M611 Ifflllf QPEFT, FIRST ROW: Gary Jackson, David lYillis, George lillis. pu-siclm-nl. l,:non 'l'lnn'xn:nn, tim--pn-sill' Ka-rsh, svn Qlllgscx. .5I:.CO.VD ROW: Evan Gallagher. Donnie lYillis, Robvrt Pc-clcn, tlznnvs 'lill0llllJ5Ull. llivlmgml lin Lson. Hill l'.nrf-m.1,. fp.-1,1 1 L iw' MIM Lufasf Tlllly Morrison, Ross .-Xrnoltl, Gary Hasscllclcl. Su-w Ili-iil. Xlikv llllfll'-l.lrI'lll, lkiltfir fiiotflif-rifl, 177 Cwens n lformi-rlv ilii- Driiirl Sociviy. ilu' Ngiiiongil Society of Cwcns. Sophomore wrmriii-ii! liu1im',i1'j', ci-li-lmiii-s iis tirsi your on tlic L 551 campus. Members irc' pickvcl lngw-cl on tirfi wgir fcliolgirsliip ginil iiivolvcinciit from all areas ol univcrsity lifc. 1 'fri l'1:"""" W V ,,. 'Q 296. Lvsstm - g Zlf'-A '.' N- linll Jrvsiclcnt: Carol Shelton, l"Rl7.ll l.l'fl"'l': Kit Pi'e-slriclqv. m'c'i'i-tziiyz Nlzirilyn Ulvn. Snrali 'l.OUll7l'ilHS.SUSIUIcl0lll'lIlCy.'l'l1Cl'CSI1-lOllllSOIl,I ' ' ' " "" ' '- ""- - ' 'z l': ' M ,l mis, Mclinclzx Cranford .fm-i Brrmlzi Scliimlg, lliuqi-1' lllllIll'lllll'l, .lucly Lrnll, ll'l'ZX5llll'l. Xl.iig.1iil laura, xiii pusiclmnl. Yu ill xly C 1 , tlzinv Sullivgin. Molly l'riu', -luginilai Sims, Yi-clzi Ann Rm-Ll. Clziyli- Morgan. Pziiilzi llonncls. 'licrri l"rcnc'li, Miss Lincln .'XlllIlCliCI', nd- viwr. Nzuivy Nlvzulor. ' Gold Key Society l'l707l lllfl-12 Xl.iil lloylvx llill C'loi1cl l'.ii'i-ill lil'1'K'lllI1ll l'.x4mfi.1ll.1"l11'l' l'1llklll'lUlll'N Ki-11111-llil,1Uxi-5 liillx lNlHlAl'isul1 Ili-'li l..iiiiln-il ll.i!1slx lluln' llwlu-il Slimlli lloir' ll'-iw: giclviwi li.l'H'll lli1i1iii.ii1, .ulvif-1-i 1-9 , y4,.,,. fi--:ze , : -if 1 .W 5,612 Philc . Yr qswrl! M325 fs:a:-'- mv-:ao , .,.. , ,, pam: 27.4132 52 71 axe? Sgh0l3fi iw :he lf pronwlf ll rewgnlw membffl learning- discipline creatively Dr. l. Dr. li Dr. I Dr. l Edu' juar Sim Alle lolr Joh Dee Dia Dr. Dr Dr DI D1 :off Al Pm ' . ff.. lgf i S Campu ophomore fllltnt f S' Members areas of mm all uIllVQrsity Ill llllll ill E 5 wlmlililimqw lon, presidentg Cami Shelton, Mclnnis, Melinda Cranford, h, Miss Linda Amacler, ad- . ' ' 512324122-.QQ ' fa 1 iii?" i. Q ze, lil .Q 1 .Zi ctw N75 V . Q i x . N " W t .t 'f:,+"' .1 " . t .4 at-if Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship "Let the love of learning rule mankind." The primary purpose of this society is to promote the pursuit of excellence in all fields of higher education. The society recognizes outstanding achievement by students and faculty through election to membership. It prides itself on a dedication to the integration and democracy of learning. It is therefore open to scholars of character from all academics and disciplines. Phi Kappa Phi's programs and activities are designed to serve creatively as it serves for the realization of its motto. Dr. Lilly Annelle Bonner Dr. Richard H. Bowers Dr. Bruce E. Campbell Dr. Orly Caudill Edward H. Champney Juanita Antony Davis Susan Hudson Emerson Allen Leon Everett John Otis Everett John A. Fairley Dean Claude E. Fike Diane Marie Freeman Dr. Jewel Golden Dr. John E. Gonzales Dr. Glenn T. Harper Dr. YVilliam H. Hatcher Dr. Roger B. Johnson, Jr. Percy Coleman Jones Dr. Wallace G. Kay Kunchithapatham Kandaswam Frederick D. Kenamond Dr. l'Valter Lok Dean Aubrey Lucas Dean Raymond Mannoni Dr. W. D. McCain Sandra McMahan Dr. James H. McPhail Dr. L. Erl Mehearg Rebecca Eloise Monroe Dean Charles W. Moorman Dr. Howard C. Nesbitt Dr. Karl Neumann Dr. Linwood E. Orange Dr. Ralph S. Owings 7-79 Y Dr. Gomer Pound Betty Jean Rcyer Mary Martha Richardson John R. Skates, Jr. Dr. Jack A. Smith Dr. Martin Stegenga Dr. Peter K. Stocks Dr. Reginald Switzer Dr. Gloria B. Taylor Dr. Shelby F. Thames Dr. Forrest D. Tucker John Winfield Turcotte Dr. Sidney Weatherford Dr. Sarah Weaver Martha Lynn Williams Dr. Jack lVimherly Alpha Epsilon Alpha Accounting 'YREETEEZ M .,1-vii, , I is Tm? M3 l ELEJWQ' ' E1 i I1 .jfiiixi 1 K Sl TB Eiffii I 'f Ki 3264255 45521 X' 'N I 1 1' f" H F1211 N21 .4815-'1. NCQ" ai! will Ol, l7l1'f'1l lll'Hl I-'ll1'N'l l1'1 lllf' l1fl1V1Y4'11 Il:1X1:1'1v. 1141-:1e111A1-1': Xr1r11121 I'IoU11r'. s1'c'rf't2x1'y1 uvilliilm 11131131-lf' .1 - 11 1.1 N ,f .1. 4 .1z:.,g111N1111-111 .N'lff.'f1,X'lJICHIV: livllx' 1llll1l Small. 112111112111 llillirm. 1111171 121 1 111' 1-1, 'xiflzfi 'fffllm lffillf' lI.1x11:111l .XIll1!'I'SfJll. 111111151-141 Rifky f9"'1'5- 1 1 1 1 1 111, xg,-..., 1111341111 11.1.1111 1ff1l11f'l'f'f 1111111 111111111M1111-111111.f2w11'US1"" "" 1. . , 31, '.1-' 19 l7l1' 'l ll l1'f 711-5 Il1111.1111.l11111w.1111-1111111-N.Rf1I1r'1'1.lf'ff4ff21i,,101'n Smmph' 19-11 1115515511717 FRo1111EFT ghurman Kell in , I E-1 11111115116 111111 Stay 11111 111111111 Pha111e Hmm 'I O111CC1'S L , D111 on T11111man ,ame 1 Q- Gavls HQ11sar1inU 1 , 12 Sanford Alpha i D611 i Mg' pf lllllllalll llillif 8 I VV L, 3clVl55l: lllljslffl' yOU Gall P X dvi 1 W? fflllflfflalf loll in-1-.. Alpha Epsilon Delta Mississippi Delta Chapter P Xl I. I FC-A CCICLI IQROQU LE1?T, FIRST ROll".' Uorotliy Hogg. Terrie liortc. Nliulivllt- Som-ll. .lam-i lJ.arxvy. l'l1ylis lliint. l..rx'on Hll1l11'Illl1I1, Ren I'lcnsarlinfr Garv jackson. Dr. lfrecl Wgillwr. .S'l:'C,'U.X'IJ Rllllf lJ.ixirl fiaiifli.. lLr-oifw lillis, Siclnf--. Boyd. Donnie Willis. Cornelius lflowcrs. xlaines Nicholson. THIRD Rflllf Simi' init-ii. lxixirl XX illi-, llgnxa. 'lmilvi TO11yBy1-d, immv llollinwsworili, Miki- Low,-y, Nov'1'1f.'1'z'mf1Q,- iam,-1 law.-, im, s,,,1.g,,, f,iirf..,.,,.ii J , D Stcplmllle HFCZO. Karen McKinley. Robert Briggs. .Xrilinrl7nn1oni.fL.1ylr-S.inll+nl. Officers Lfwon Tliurinan. president David Canclr. pnlvliriiv cliaini an . 1 - . , . '. . Doug lN0115C- YICG-president Cveorgc Ellis, srliolnrslnp rliazrii i james Hensarlinq. sccretaiw' Dr. ll. lfrcd Walker. giclvisor Gdyle Sanford. treasurer 1 8 1 Kappa Delta Pi Them Gamma Chapter Education gan Bi' l"lff'.ll l,l:'l"'l'. l"lR.S'7' RUIV: Susan Xlziriv Ryan. Robert Esfuclero. Elizabeth Stevens, Tina Anderson, Num fir. lli liiii fiiiim, .N'l1'l,'1l,YlJ lfflllf llr. Xxilllllllll l'0ii'in'l'. U11 llfllllllf' l5Z1X'iS. DF. JCSSXC lN'I1ll, Piggy lfffilxifliil, l'.l.iiiu- liiinili-ll. Claiiilxii llimuii. lfgiyi- limi-il. l"i'L'cl:1 l". Wise, Xlzxry lN.lSCIllflIl, D11 Paul l-'eClCliCO1'Cl. lllllfll lfflll' Xlis. lpiil lliilwiwii. Xlilw llmwll. Curtis Svliantv. lean Yan Slylie, Toininye Corley, l"If'IH" lllvlilwitg Delta Slglllil Gamma Tau Chapter Business ld 11 ill li ii! 11 :Ulwlr I 1 -il YI!- 'il ii l ll Sli Nga If INV! JV mr , . . ' l X ll In l ' lx" ff 'if li-rruff XlQ1l'f,". lN'Qlli,iii: Clliringf, Clalvin Sliirl':.sf'F- M V I V l'N.:,iwf" l'r::, lv: lif':is11l'f'1. Sifiiff- l l-Fi lwfiff. inf "x'iflll:llg rliziir' i' f lf i i1 ig iw1f1ii, ianiif-ii. :' iff, I Killa A Mill will Home Econ loan Nflfflsf Pla Helen Kl55f me p Bettv L4 Gomluiol Rho Sa-wh lllillflf rep ncla Bullock rl Paulafllllloll li' llllmon Judy Broafl11S Cfull11IdS Peggy Anne Gill llaigaiet SPM Frames Toimse Paula YOUHE lilnis Cars Chex Catl Jai l03'f Pen lla Sus lla Ev lar Pfi- lun Tina Anderson, sie Wall, Peggy Paul Peddioonl 'ominye Corley Business . f 14, stl' ffm- 315 dnl , tilt' 2 .,.,. .:,.. ., -1, . . "'1ff'f fffffffftyf'.'f'f72"f'fff''f"f9'f'f'1f.Yf 6 7 ' f 1 5ff411:,,' Ka a m lcron Ph 1 QWWJ1 f 64.15 M22 my 3 fu, +4435 hfia if fi .,.,,,,, .,-gg 2+ vt .se- rs 'FYSSES :vs Alpha Lambda Chapter 'ff-.a-. :-:-:Az-:-,-4 - f , Home Econom1cs Joan Norris, president 57:5 . . . Helen Kiss, vice president Betty L. Gomillion, secretary ifilifz' Rhonda Bullock, treasurer f Sarah Walter, reporter Paula Almond Joy Atkinson ZEZLEZZZZ 'af-:gf Judy Broadus ifiififii Cyd Cruthirds , - Peggy Ellis 1 Anne Gill Margaret Spangler Frances Townsend .. s --'- Paula Young My-:arf an ' "4- is Janis Berry Margot S. Hayes Caroline Birchett Susan Horn 535: Cheryl Brehm Donna Lasiter Cathy Carlin Linda Lathem Janice K. Cook Anne Long Joyce Copeland. Mary Martin XXX Penny Currie Sue McAlister Maly Ann Edwards Sandra McMahan Susan Hudson Emerson Kathy Mills . NO . Mary S. Franklin Lynn Moore 53 Evelyn L. Graves Margaret H. Xlurphy Janys Greig Ann E. Neely Patricia Gliel-Son Mary Anne Pennyan SARS - Judy Hatfield Erbci s. Perkins QA! 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'-51 N, 'x1 Q I. 1L1T' KXII1 ,111 11 IIIIII IJ1 H1 DIN XI H xl Il I1II II111 1If11 P21 I II XIII I I11 CI1 111 T I111 11, I II XII111 Il IJ1 I IJI1 II I' NRIUIP XI 1 I XII111 I1 I llllf I I II GRI I It ll I 111111 If Illl IN 1II1 C 11111 1 I1 III1 Xl1I11II I 111I IJ1 I I1 11I 1IIIJ1x1 I ff: . ., , 111, . LJ1 X . !11..1l111K1 11111 XI111 I 11111 ll IXIIIIIIII I 111 IJ III KIIIM I11 I 1 1 II 11111 , ifr.1,j 1 1 ' IIk'11' ,11 1 .1l Ing, QI I 11315 '?II5wN Nfphfm IIIIOI QIRMHM :md .ffm- I.IMm IRIMM1 JOIHMM IamAIWM T -' 1-- II11 , 14 I .. 1 1 ' I 1 J x 1 1 1 I V p1 I111 VI ,fl ,1 f 5 II I 1 I UIDWII- IJ.E11'1 IUII11 Student Gm-ernment Association 1 xx, 1 V- I. asf' 1 L , 1 N , 1 N ,ff 1 xx as E X1 ,f 1'1 11 Cf11:11111-, S115 1J!'1'S1f1l'I11 D3-Vid .Iusselyf SGA president ,f 1 'fL. 1 Qi' 1.1 7 f , ' 'Simi I , X ,-. 4-P X . N 1 1 1 H,,. president 1 X:-.1111 111-114 -f-f 11-1.11-1 171-111111 11.1111111118 S1-11:11v pI'1'S1C1C'I1l Kz1t11yf1rccn1', lI'C215UFCV Nl? 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X XX Mark Boyles, president Bob Ingram, J. Garlt, SGA PI'CSidC11tiHl 21ClViSCfS Association of Nlen Students l ' X Nh ' ' if NUT PlC"l'I'RI:'D: V Greene, treasurer ,I 9 ' - 1 i M A i is . Poe Syinines. spirit director Sharon Hall, Ron Hanna, election commissioner election commissioner , ffll Cllefgli , . . til :1bur5t,OfBil0Xi21Ill1r The smoke has long since cleared that surrounded those days and we see that while in office Chance -0m,Cn6Cl1I1 he 1970151 established a refrigerator-rental system to students,which turned into a jackpot for the SGA and led .im clurirlgl eapaqfli to establishing Qon paperj a student loan program Qhopefully in effect as you read thisj. , fhistlrfl nd The above-mentioned, lus a cabinet of student advisers, solely for the purpose of advising the -.1 t, At Olla . p . I , of the heyeaf, SGA president were put into effect by David jussely, president of the Student Senate, Nut the f65l0ft t USM who succeeded Chance in oflice. -E " W faCt1OUQingruH, Jussely took the machinery already set up by the previous administration and turned from peanut .politics to mNlff1f?HlW21SI Cationil, another Vein-service to the students ofthe University. But surrounding the system and the situations was the dint-rl his reSlgn infully old plague-student apathy. This age old disease. common in one form or another to all college campuses, W' Hanna Pa Han! seemed to lessen as the year went on . . . but was this just because everyone had gotten used to it? ifillfiri ll 'R'l'll I J. 1 228. ,' C -' :tru u 4-'. TH 'uw "lv rl 1 lf 1 I lt" Xl.-l fjlrgtf '17 t H I 1 1 t,, H9 N xt xx t t . l. g f f t . .x- tlltll Sem lugtll will ullle- ju 'll doillg Cac fl ' ut W fuer ol df 'le w ftcrs onl tttuffivqfplutiw' ,mer Sl University l' thin H15 , , -t alld tuutg Wt ,- dunough 351113 lllun In of hd I wal' 'lpn g ttlllm dl bmitte ,ipecllully su at lar. tutufd 05 Campus ru llffll luni0rC1a5s Secretm' Qzl Black . llliur Class Vice-Prestf ut lltttteu Hattiesburg Hall ieul llrehm llftlutan Hall fl Caraway Graduate Class Presidez lCloud lusluuan Class Preside: l Cuolsey llun Hall ll1l'0ll Ctiss lltlley Hall 535 'llabbif' Dovle ull tlmts ' utge Fallcline llll Campus t Foster lffltuau cull get "1 Garrett re Gtmdy Gul Gibbs llld Hall if Gore Gunter flld Hall gamwn : amllu5 s Han lla Hall End tutor Ol l5Hitt mkur ll ,lmlltaven fiflgll MY gfgpus lltsh Q0UtlJ man .ass Vic Student Senate "It was the age of w25d0m,' if wa-V the age Uf f00lZ5h7'!6':95 . . ." This year the Senate sat down firm in the resolution to do something . . . and stayed seated. Monday evenings provided entertainment for anyone passing Banquet Room A of the Commons. As Henry M. Roberts turned over in his grave, different senators took special delight in outdoing each other as they re-interpreted parliamentary procedure. ' ' JJ - . "It was the wmter of despazr . . . The. house publication, The Senator tnatchj was revived but during the fall and winter quarters only appeared twice. Who can be blamed? What news was there to write up? Spring quarter saw its publication at more regular dates. Plans for a full-scale investigation of many of the sacred cows within the University was launched by the Senate but the only visible results were angering the top brass and leaving everyone to ask the same questions as before. As winter quarter came to a close, the Senate had run through as many disillusioned senators as it had Senate pages in years past. " Simply because it was that time of year and the Senate had muddled "It was the spring of hope . . . through that far. Respectfully submitted. Mike Beard Off Campus Janis Berry junior Class Secretary Buck Black Junior Class Vice-President Jean Botten Hattiesburg Hall Cheryl Brehm Hickman Hall Mel Caraway Graduate Class President Bill Cloud Freshman Class President Jeff Cooksey Vann Hall Sharon Criss Pulley Hall James c'Rabbit,' Doyle Elam Arms George Falldine Off Campus Vicky Foster Freshman Class Secretary liBen Garrett i+Gary Gandy David Gibbs Bond Hall i"Lee Gore Suzette Gunter Junior Class Treasurer Ron Hanna Bond Hall Susan Harrison Off Campus leDoris Hart Jones Hall .lean Hendershot Senior Class Treasurer Ellis Hill Pinehaven Mike Hill Off Campus Woody Holcomb Freshman Class Vice-President Leath Hunt Bond Hall Becky Huston Mississippi Hall William E. Johnson OH' Campus Cindy Jones Hillcrest Ursula Jones Panhellenic Senate Secretary Kurt Kilpatrick Senior Class President Henry Laird junior Class President lWary Ann Lance Off Campus Margo Love Roberts Hall Mike Lowry Off Campus Iohn McCarty i Graduate Class Secretary Cynthia McKellar ,Off Campus 4Larrv McPhail WSallv' Maloney Robert Maxwell Scott Hall dDon Miloy 289 Keith Myers Senior Class Vice-President Bill Napier Scott Hall Will O'Neal Elam Arms Bill Patterson , Sophomore Class Vice-President Marty Peipenbring Sophomore Class Secretary Margaret Peters Senate Parliamentarian Phyllis Pinkerton OH' Campus Randy Pope Sophomore Class President Sherry Pound Sophomore Class Treasurer Senate Parliamentarian Jane Powell Freshman Class Treasurer flohn Ramphrey Martha Rigby Graduate Class Treasurer "'Gail Smith Pam S. Smith Panhellenic fCindy Stanley .lane Sullivan OH' Campus i5Ellis Taylor Barbara Thompson Hillcrest Lavon Thurman OH' Campus Jim Trest Graduate Class Vice-President fLaura XN'ard Debby Vlarren Senior Class Secretary Dennis Williams Off Campus President Pro-Tem fappointed as vacancies occurred during the year Student 1 , 1 s , Co urt LPN l'.1lt-1-n liroylfrs Chit-f'tf -john lfllis Clliief Alustitte llouu Rouse ly E? llustict- ik., Ag, lit-1'lLy' lit-Clmix ' PLN. ' 1' mlustirt- .Xdvist-r f-F 4 V . J 1,,Il'f' L J Rktgwa- bw-'t - - N -4 ,f. liilly Sztiitlvrs justin' The futility of justice was thc exercise as the Student Court emerged as the only victor in Southern's of "Mascot, Mascot. Whos Cot the Mascot?' After a less-than-promising start with only two returning justices tOn1- of whom could not decide if he was a justicel, the Court became an issue in the Fall Quarter 1-xt-ctitiw branch's fruit basket turnover. When the dust had cleared, new SGA President David Jusscly gami- got his chance to pack the court. Thus the justices began a slow year which promised to come to an almost scrccching halt. In fact. one of the cases tried got so boring and over-dramatic, the chief justice himself would not cven go to the final session. So checks and balances at USM-of course, when thereas nothing to balance, checking is easy. Yellowjackets The uollicial st-rvicc arm" of tht- Student fiOX't'l'llll'lt'lll .Nssociation st'11l1'd ll t'0llll'0X't'l'Sy at i that had llart-d from lllllt' to tune' in tht' past two yt'ill'S by palinlvsslv iiiia-:ffl Y : ' ' in.-may I 1- aud lllll't'l'lllOlllUll5lY ",,":',:':', I :1 going ro-1-tl. lfrom tht' 55-1, 1 small ligmtlful of pt-tuple it 1111 lllt' 1't1ll ill ll1t' Illllt' 1 ofll11st'l1111111t'. tti1'1nlit-rslnp lIlt'1't'QlN1'Cl almost imtnt-diattt-ly. ' 'Xt'1lYl1lt's ll1l'111l!l11111l lllt' ytxir lllt'llltllllQ worlainu , , . 1 ' 33,4 , tt Ilt . llsllt IIIIQ -ll l FRIJIU lfll.l,"l'A l,.lR5,.l- HHH' HI'-Wh IflH.ll1,?.' Cumm. Killwm Nmwlw Nolan' Suqm Ilndnm., m'lf""l'1'lfl lllillllllil Kdllf lii"l"' xii' lf Xlflfl' -YU l lf-'iN XT4111l" I 9'11i1li. l,ii1tlg1 Kvilli. ffviutlllit ,hllLt'll.1Silff,'f1!NlD H-ith spirit nlsliyilii-N lf' 'll 'llfltir ll:7.'1-:. ll'-.1 :Qi N':1'll.:!"!"fl1'!. Xrzv. Xi'-.. l'.llll Slwfllt-lfl. lil'Sl'll2l lrmt's.S11S2111filSSIl21. lm' Xl' " ffffliff l1"'ll' xiii." Ci,.t51itt.11., 1111's:fl1':11 l,i11fl:1 llfiw. 1-gmit' Mill:-r. .. .. 7 ,. ., ,X.1l1f . l1111111, lf!! Riff RUN- Xlllf Y-'11 'V ll" ll '1"'t ' l KY' l' " illtf .df l1,t' l':3fft liiniiij. llay. l.:1vmi ilillllflllilll, li:-f. 811.1111-:., t 1 41 ll ' ll 1, S. v X! ti 3lllli1II1S D llttte Cllllmlw ia TQ! ltjg 1 llttnt lv- . lflllmglifnt 5011 Ortfff ovffl iaflh f ccltfbl ,df 13 til bwlf Catlll Micht South Ham? MBS! favor Th to b0 Undt Pifff and c lastct Sheba Plfh SU USB cole SUS whi Col sixt Ot Co SC G ' - -M1---' ..4..4- -.Q 1.9 .., 0 t U 0 0 I W ictoriiSoutl1emi only two rclumig ul issuc in the lil lent David justly iiscd to wmetoan ramatic, the chief USM+ofQurtt, H,fM"ttt'f" ta l"'TrW p .W W. E. Kirkpatrick Dennis Williams SUSGA State Chairman J Gant K8-thy Greene Vice President I Southern Universities Student Government Association Organized for the sole purpose of promoting better Student government to member schools through service and cooperation with each other, made up of schools throughout the South, SUSGA celebrated its eighteenth year . . . annual convention held this year in Atlanta, Ga., headquartered at the Sheraton-Biltmore Hotel C"Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton. . .nj ". . . USM, on the banks of the majestic Leaf River sends five lovely ladies . . ."- Cathy Askew, Kathy Greene Q". . . she is convention queen . . .nj Michele Jones, Linda Keith, Margaret Peters--". . . and nine Southern gentlemen . . f'-Mark Boyles, Bill Carlin, John Ellis, Ron Hanna, Leath Hunt, Henry Laird, Bill Wilkins, Dennis Williams, Mississippi SUSGA State Chairman, and J. Cant, "Southern's favorite son, the next president . . ." The USM delegation learned a lot, from political management to how to lose an election, but a good time was had by all-Atlanta Underground . . . Six Flags . . .Harvey Wallbanger . . .Aunt Pittypat's Porch . . . Fan and Bill's-some spots on the itenerary and others not, plus a showcase of stars and a bus tour of the city that lasted from 3 245 until 12:00. All pretty good considering the whole shebang was planned around some long forgotten Ph.Dfs pychological theory. SUSGA National Spirit and Sportsmanship Workshop USM has the distinction of being the host school for the nationis only collegiate spirit and sportsmanship workshop. Sponsored by SUSGA and masterminded by W. E. Kirkpatrick, the workshop, which holds two other summer sessions in North Carolina and Colorado, beside here at Southern, this year begins its sixth session. Mississippi Womenis Student Government Association Operating under the jurisdiction of the Mississippi Intercollegiate . - G Council, this -year, USM had the honor of having Kathy reene serving as Vice-President of the Mississippi Womenis Student Government Association, and JoAnne Frese serving as Secretary of this same body. Student Conference on Paramount Events SCOPE, seemingly thought to be a mouthwash by most on the USM h campus was this year revitalized through the efforts of t e T committee-Tully Morrison, J Gant, Ron Hanna and Donna lNealy. This yearis discussion topic 'cThe U.S. Space Progr21ff1,hPHgi Present and Futurew brought former astronaut Col. jo . n erm and Dr. Albert Hibbs, noted et propulsion expelit, t0 CIISCUSS the ds at both sessions comparable only issues. Main Auditorium saw crow p g l to last year's SCOPE convocation on Earth Day or the Greek Awards JoAnne Frese S l Day assembly held scarcely a week before. MWSGA Secretary I won rJ,v:q1,W5,','., g:kN U-J 1 ,. .... 1 ...-.--.V,.. - .. -. -- A 1 - . . E., veit gi 1 David jussely "Ja 'f ,fr J X 14 .zf - 1 :iii Mark Boyles President, Association of Men Students Dr Peter Durkee Dean of Student Affairs Mrs Dorothy Eehols Dean of Women jo Anne Frese Secretary, Student Government Association Radar Grantham Dean of Men Reed Green Director of Intercollegiate Activities kathy Greene Treasurer Student Government Association Ron Hanna I leetion Commissioner President s Advisory Board Members I I 8 xxx b W . X X 5 J X i X l 2 X Q if ' l l' T gil Jo Ann Klein Executive Editor, The Student Printz VV. E. Kirkpatrick Director of Student Activities and the University Union Dr. William D. McCain President of the University Doug McKay Station Manager, WMSU Dr. Charles W. Moorman Dean of the University C. O. Smalling Financial Secretary Nancy Tatum President, Association of Women Students l W i' lvl 1 fl viii il,'!' ,f'lli'1,?l Wgs , ggi f iii L ii. 'ii , U3 ni . 5 I Q3 l I , . !"'b. .,,..:f"' , ,asv V001 Holgmn Dr. Forrest Tucker lk l I dltor 1971 SQUTH ERNER Chairman, Division of Communication Services '1 i Dennis Williams i'lllEpf,FIRS President, Student Government Association President, Student Senate iijlialliliii. x Apamuytoz 3 -iiimtol lllt iiiliilillln in h -ET.-if.-.L A,.f . y:1f:,1rE,3i-5,5 ,wifi ,:-g'- .1-N I gpg. - if -fgj-ZZ,-7-Af,.,2j,,,,..,,,,7,:,iQ,,,,,,y,7, W lr, , '73 I H M I, L ' l s a 1 iii' Q 'iiillizatiotegn . ,, H 0 S imma 5, iilits to Si 191 He Coy ii ihfiiiihe ' f Wi' , ' ' -it 'Wei ll i, , if M Qi, , FTLIVEII Printz 1.2.5365 and the University ,-Q.. Vsl ..,u I P- f . fvyjfgffl . 'ces ,imitation W ,f i l 1 l r I l I .,,f.,,,,,, 2 ""-ev-1-vm-f-wgyf . X .i ,a1mlitilis,:" i . 'S fli1:1ggivf"' gZn"" -I ,. 7'0- University Activities Council - OFFICERS, CLOCKWISE: Ai-- thur Hltchw Hewitt, v.p.-musical events, Paul Dealy, v,p,Mgva1ua- tion, Bill Wlilkins, v.p.-non- musical events, Dave Lamothe, V.p.-special events, Pat Guyton, president, Ron Michael, v.p.-- publicity. at nv' . " w., 1 I . 4 ,...1' . h 'K' , I ' '7"-39! ' -H,.'xJk, 4 tl . 1 ' A nie" f't "V " i-"""'1 1-5 l ' ' 1 1'1" 'X V3 I-I iw a 5 it ti i ill -Q 'ii , ' -"ily -g ,, 'U' t .. 37 5,1 fr '12 7, i '52, A 31' 3 wt I x F ty ,WW + 0 Ak V fig" L Ti' 4 . ,dx l l ' V LM 1, wr- ' v Pei: .. Y' -e '.V X rw gr "L-f " Elf, L' QZXAQA 4.2 M ff 1 1- 'aw , . llgwhl -,wh VN' V my 511, 512 'I t-3 ,C A W M l.f. V :gg-nj. in ' N j frm., . -2' se g. . F Q lil' sl, .. 1,513 'fr -4 pt- I k 'P ' .iigf ' 3- ' at ' lg, sh' 'f -i-X lfaf, s , 13.9 rg Q, . , 1 - ,RH Lx Q1 iQ"i,x i 4 I Fi D ll 1 A ,. a xv! ,ff f, ,iv ' M, -.W 21, - ti. . .,,, .y I- ' v. uf in jhra' , if f,":"'d .-. ff sf 39311 . X ,L-Agn LEFT, FIRST ROW: Bill Rhodes, lXfIike Ganzerla, Linda lYaite. Shirley Burton. Paul Dt-aly. Linda Keith. Cindy N iii?Q'lEff':'f'f+ Siisan Hatch. SECOND ROW: Charles Rabb, adviser, 'Dave Lahlothe, Lziriy Spooner. .Ion Whitt. Ron Xlivhael. S tt. lat Guyton, Bill lVilkins, James Courtney, Arthur Hewitt. , , The game of the game seemed to be reorganization during this last year. The UAC, with new 5 R CfHSt1tution in hand reduced the membership of its body from untold scores down to around four l5C01'f3Sl- Patterning its apportionment after that of the Student Senate, this only ended in another 1'Q01'ganization for the coming year. In spite of internal strifeQ?l THE UAC succeeded in bringing R 'Charles, Chicago. Delaney and Bonnie f b - . . ig name and just plain entertainment to the campus. ay S ' ff Fling. the Allman Brothers. Friday night and the New Seekers-successful and unsuccessful- pring ie adx eitisedj plus a host of other smaller mov' , , 165 C0116 Could never be sure you would see the mov . L - - "' - " l be V come heie. seemed to subside on y to 3 . .. r?1f1f1CS. The erys of "YV e never have anybody good to P aced bl' those who wanted a more varied bill of fare. i University Publications Board Members Made up of faculty and students representing UF- Cliludf' E- Fikci Chaifman the different areas of communication and the lm Easton Ur- Glenn Harper different campus publications, the Board meets 1 NOC' Homo" D" Wallace Kal' throughout the year to select the editors of the ' Leith Dr' Lloyd Wm Drawl, Keyhole, SOUTHERNER and The Joi nn Cm str. w. E. Kirkpatrick Student Pmtz' Dr. Forrest D. Tucker Contemporary " . . . the key to the whole thing . . ." USM's infamous teacher-course evaluation, which at times caused controversy on the campus and comment throughout the state, this year ran up on a streak of hard luck, Editor jim Green, selected at the first of Fall uarter, found himself plagued with a lack of workers. With his resignation during Q Winter Quarter and the graduation of the one-man staff, Keyhole surely looked faced with oblivion. Spring came, and also the personage of Skeet Jernigan who was selected as editor, but to no avail, for this academic year anyway. Reorganization, authorized by the Publications Board, seemed paramount for the remainder of this year and the next, with another keyhole due out in fall of 1972. The campus literary magazine, this year edited by Margot Hayes and advised by Dr. Gordon Weaver appeared on the scene at the end of Spring Quarter. To give credit where it is due, this publication, which seemingly appears from no where every year, continually plagued by non-support and little funds, is the one outlet on campus for students to vent their literary talents on the ga , ' X Lonnie Trice Shoulu. -Ir. lfditor USM campus. Drawl This past year. a completely revamped Draw! to come out in a magazine format. A noble experiment, to appear at the first of each quarter. Something seems to have gone wrong. lYith the Fall Quarter edition, students fiipped through this publication and still wondered why they hadn't gotten their student handbook. Winter and Spring saw a complete disappearance of the Drawl. Some inquisitive students inquired about its wht-rt-abouts, but no one seemed to know what had happened, 194 Back to the drawling board... l'l1I'l1l'l1l"'l Ill! 2222 l'l1I'l1I'l1I'l1 Noel Holston Bill Carlin Bill Booty Ann Campbell Cathy Carlin Mattie Coleman Sue Dickey jill Easton john Ellis Lecile Garrett Bnxce Garrison Ron Hanna Charles Harris Susan Horn Leath Hunt Ruth jackson Ursula jones Marla Miller Amy Nix Tern Rock Laura Ward Editor Associate Editor Artwork Clerical Organizations Classes Features Classes Fraternities Chief Typist Athletics Military Photography Features Organizations Classes Spmt Fine Arts Classes Clauses Sororlnes AU. AMERICAN ACP 1970 'R 'Dix fl i. 1 5 O 411 110i 4: i up Wu YV ...--' ,, 'X ' JV-H FN 1 , i 9. 1.34 X 1 l .r , . v xi M f FV, N- - Q Q A L E gg I. I .,!' N J ' V x N i 5 1 Y if I t V n 1 i E 4 A 2 s r . E 1 CS . . Sports Iglsofgan Dave LaMothe Dale Winters jack Elliott L slstant Production Assistant Business Manager Managing Editor esl' - . le Jenkms Bill Spratley Bob Ingram JO Ann Klein TTS Qperator Executive Editor TTS Operator Editorial Assistant 08 Y ,: fp Wy..- -we Y ---... '---J f, F" x r-up in-' s . . . A" , 1 f-. P gg.. ' ' , A Q 6-g 1 A if 7 A.Pn,w-- W5 ' 1- N X 1 w -f 1 Q-'-"""A x . .ix ' V.A,.1lI , X . LX R ...-,.,- , 1 '., "" Q Nl v-.4 I nn-n 7-'D 1"T Q A 5. X4 r-'S 4443. 11 'YY' 1 'i .wwf X 1 5.-4' N-I f 'V' bf .44 w-a-...Q at di 1 J. . -21 . 1, '. ar? 4-v-f-J ,,i........ - A Z- 41 Y 'v ., -sf, ,Y .ergo h . Student Religious Federation f l it . E35 I-5-I F 1'-my , ew A .W - eve s -A-ee ee e B A -- H ee ----Q 1 FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: Jean Hendershot, Secretaryg Sue Dickey, Vice Presidentg LaNitz1 Smith, President. .S'l:'COND ROW: Tamzny O'Neal, Tommye Corley, Beverly MeKey, Kaye Magee, Pam l'Vilson, Donna Nealy. THIRD ROW: Meredith Wentworth, Robin Revere, Brenda McManus, Kay Anderson, Diane Holleinan, David Nl1'Qlllll2lIl. FOURTH ROW: Leatli llunt, Jim Golmon, Tommy Blyers, Bill Carlin. 'QOH P1 T' I. 'a FOURT Dr. Don mon M0 llll Eflio H A, . ' 1 rr 12552 5: x.: - XLR-gg M Ngqigp 2 4.4 23251 DIY Hi - E.,Q gr.: Pi Tau Chi n" Wifi' . -. ...F q My 1' 1 ,' 2 FROAI LEFT, FIRST ROIV: Janis Berry. Laura Gallagher. Karen Xicliinley. SEC'U.'N'D RUHY Nanry Tatum, Paula S3I1fOI'C1, Nancy Meador, Glenda Meadows. THIRD ROW: Gayle Worthy, 'Io .Xnn Klein. Iiww-rly Nirlslf-j.'. FOLRTH ROW: Kathy Greene. Martha Williaxns, Susan Horn, 'IQUIHIUYLT Clnrlc-yn FIFTH ROHY Dr, john F. Nau, Dr. Don Georae. Bliss Sally Hines. Becky DeCoux. Mrs. Donna Cum-1'ly. .N'1X'l'll RUIV: ,If-an II:-rxcfvrsnm. Miss .leasin- IEI'E.N'TH RUIV: Ur. Leon Wilber. Dr. Sarah Weavcfr. Dean Doro- Morrison. D15 Hayward Anderson. John Dale. A thy Echols, Becky Askew. ,4 I I Baptist Student Union ,I svf his Nyf ll! DI :aunt gg' , wap, '1,1 I -X -.1 , , x I I I x 1' I .I' .il. ,.?' - - -.x. lxf I'In'I' f ll I III I!! l I I II XX NI 'vw I.If4-1:22 III- NXI.111fq ln.nnm Sum Il'lIl 'XI'mn1n" In XIII! f'l1'nlm1:1n. Hub I I I I II IN I I XXI NI I 1 lIn1fII1I1In1 XX lllx Wmslrz In IlllfI .I -. I' I . X Y ' " I I YI" It D' ,, 3 1 . X dnl wwf? ifianyisuifiki fxfx Association of Baptist Students SEATED: Nnnfy Mzlgvv, Sil1'l'I'ycilLl!'k, cilllily' fiimlorm President. .S'T:1NlJl.YC.' Iicldia- Nfitrln-ll, NIim'hxu:l Thornton, Larry Bolt-5, Koinonia Club 303 Newman Federation 1 I i .,...,.-- 4,1 nnh 1 ,pf .CY 'H , "' A 4 ' 'r I . . N.. x-f'- JH K7 Y'-A l"Rf7.H I.l'fI"'l'. l"lR.S'T RU!! X1 nrtlm Hrrnrci, 1111011111 Smith, jo A111111 Harris, f1:113' Morris. 1401111117 Mvcrs, A1111 II11LSOn, Father 11-11111 l71.11111111fl. .Nl-.LUX IJ HUIV: i1.11'r1l lJl'l'Il, Ninn' I,Oflll5. H011 S111ci1'11y', I,i111lz1 Ilnyvs, Kathy liilrlr-11' 304 1 1 S-,,, Lo- wY'o 1 "'-f. Latter day Samts Instltutc of RCIIQIOII UI LEFT. TOP TO BOTTOJI: Palsy Pittman. Uauivl Sum-Q. l"1'.xl1u-Q Srmw. llwxmrin Iiumll f,,m.- XNJ ' cyillllll 'm Iluhl- Olwrz' I5-:.1n. Im". lJ:.1z1'- Ilvilkl lk' 4 L X. . , 1 . . drop Charlie Buslcr, Dr. Blniuc Qunx 1 'IlSIl'0ll1. -Iolum UUYY. llvllbim' Irv, Xuuis Flake. Shclin Smith. Gnylc Sutherland. Susan 305 ISSHEI S Association of Computing Maehhleqf .5 C' .,d"P"' xxf .' sf l"RU.ll l,lil"'l',F1R.S'7' ROIV: John Kellum. Benton lfernstrom. Thomas XN'alke1'. NY:11'1'ene Carter. presi- clm-nl: Roln-rl Sildllvll .S'l:'C,'U.Y1Q RUIV: Karl Kolnerger. -lolm .XllJx'igl1t. -lov Buie. LZIITY YVilliamson, Betty llmxlm-ll, lirin lm-. lJ:1nnyCZm'1vr. zlclviserg Mike llikemzm, Bill Tezxgue. THIRD ROW: Herbert Harper, lloln-rl Ilyllll. lllillll' l"rc'en1:1n, llzxyclcn. James llousely. Lewis Smalley. Botegha l"1fU.lI I,lfI"'l'. l"ll?.S"l' Ifllllf' Ysiclvm Szllinzls. zlclviseri Rzllpll llocle. lion Rainey, James C. lirown, liilly lllllll'il'l'..l1'l'l'y' lloxvmi, .S'lzY,'U.YlJ RUIV: lYinslon ll. Cox. -ll1Illl'S li. ll1ll'X'L'y, ROIl2llCl U. f 1 l:u'clne1'. THIRD ROW: William l. Cheek. lioblmy Wemvell, Larry D. Craft. 3o6 Bulfless . b l FROM LEFT melefv SECQND Business Fraternity Council ,,,.,....---., l x llgmng Cami larry llllllalml, lf ROW: Helm de. Don xy ll, Craft. l A l l 1 I ,fr- l l l 1 l l X Vx mm-. qulvisf-rg Ruln-rl Srlmzmlx- FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: Kathleen Burford, Eleanor B21I'I'y, Roberta Little. Dean .lUSt'lJll . . . 1-- ll Sl lton llvrlgllt. liulelm lYall1xc'v. lX'illi:1m Cllmng, Xlilgs' 1,1-mngucl, ""'Yl'l'- SECOND ROW: Hal Spence, Daniel Ba , me O OFFICERS. 17160.11 LEFT FIRST ROW: Gail Gibson Mississippi HPIQR 9f'!iI'l'lLlI'y'-U'CZ1Fl1!'l'I'I 'l'ammy O'Ncal ptililicitv c'li1iii'mai1: Stella lVf.'fl!Cv-'0I'tli. editor: Ellen Rog- ers- P,-,V-Sidcmg SlfC,'O.YIJ ROW: Mrs. Katliiyii Ciiiiiiiiingfs. aclvismt lieth fiilbt-rt. iiicmbc-:ship chaimiaii: Carol llciicicr son, social c'iiziii'maii: Kathy Rigby. SCF1'Cl?1I'y'-IYCZISUVCY' wg -.f,. Health, Physical Education and Recreation Club 'Nr s , . l' l,l'.l'l.l'll?.Sl ROI! ,- finym-ll Ross. Carol Ili-iidc-i'soii. Eva .lc-an Iiowt-r. Su-lla Xvl'ClQl'XX'OI'lll, lillt-ii Rogers, Ursula Jones, i' " glllll! I iiicli Spiik Xl! UND RUN Nlis lxitliixii C iiiiiiiiiii s ilxi ti Hill Iolt C li l.iiiuiiy .Xiiii. 5 , 1 . 1 "s,. '.. . Cf' l A l, .c "s"2 ' y . , I zirlmic ,fXinsw0rlli, llvlnipi 'I'ii-lmiirli. lim-Ili Ciillu-il. Kailliy Rigby. Slizirmi Sims. Yivki KillSl'f'.xI1li'Ril' l'ix't-itll. liiirvc- lYzilsmi. THIRD ROIV: Ric Varncll, Susaii liyiiiiz Bguicly l'i-givvy, Gail Clilismi. 'l'c'i'i'y 1,1-ggvtt. Xliclizicl Knight. Slizimi 1 .'Xl'IllSll'UIlg. sf, 1 65 N - ' -A11 '54 30 .lilnn. 8 1 45 I .EWS , A 1 351 ' FRGM lgnd , T21 i ' We Maseka LEFT . VS, Robin Y 11, if X . N Home Econonucs Club i W 'I Sami: XYQlIll'l'. x'111--pau! .1 1 .'Xum- H1111-11. ll't'11SllI'I'I Y Plllllll Xlzmgunn, I'l'I1fvl'lm'l' Y 'f f IA0tLCl11fkW!"d "?'3-W", 4 1 A K inf ' lf,- x X ,QQ F f ,, , .' X '-cv' zu' ivli w . Q I A ' R W' ' 4 Q A 55.3 ' N., "L , 4 'Q L,f-511 A . V' will L N . n . J M ,V M' If L 1 , J , H , V IR as P -V MY M M-EMA.'l"'4.-'APL 'V L' Q Q- W Y W WW A QL k Y 1 INV my P ,NEAL XI,5j,j.I. u 5-IV-13' xx IJ N XX Ii Y i Q . I F .. -1 A . , x ffROA11LEFT, FIRST ROI1'v. DI.. Maw. h- 1.3u1k?nbci113. NIR X,iI.lE:.E,i vm- V4 X ,,., E, I I A y- fmdm Aram. Roberta C111S11O1m. 5.ECO.YD RW ' UVM , 14 x1.a1g,A 11:1 1f,.:if.'. , 6 f RQSUS. Robin Moffett, Ammo IULIVCI1. CU1915' umkmg' X Cdl l V I" 309 F . i,"" FRO,lI LEFT, FIRST RUIV: Kathy Yasseltis. historian Melissa Sliocmalae. SCc1'f'ta1'y: Alamo lltinkly. public rela- tions: Mattie Colcriian. sc-Cretary of literature activities. SECOND RUIV: Ralph Siverio, adviser: Ktmcliitlia- patliam Kanduswainy. treasurer: Steve Badger. vice-presi dent: Abdul lilit1iy'a11. presidr-nt. International Student Organization Pen and Sword l"RU.ll l.l'fl'i'l', l"llC.N"l' Rfllif' l,1. 61111. XXAilli.1111 XXil1itl1-yy Stull Sui, XX'1lli:1111 cilllll, Mai. Rirlizircl ll. Xlf'x1f.1m C.111rl1', lif111.1lrl fl. l11111.111 fI:1i11. lXi11rlf-ll l,, li1111111'lN. .S'lifjU,X'lJ RUI1':'l'.Sql. l'1'f'tl C.. III ".-. .:1rl. i'.111t. llf-11ix ,X Xlflii1111f'11, xllll. llillf-31 ll. lZ1'11cli11'1. cilllll, llflllillfl l,. l.:1rl11r1 l'.S1t cillllix Xl, N1l..11111' 'l'!llli'lJ lffflii' l N21 liitlmifi l. 'l11rl.f'1, cflll, SUI. law' ll. Iiisliop. fizipt Cinzzlw 1 , NH'-lNi.f'l. C.,1i11,Ci..::f"x IJ. lm-.1. 91' lit-1:1 1 NN111i1l1,l"fllil1"l'l!lfUIi'. If1l111lJ.lCIwr1f1cl lm-i1ii:1 . liNX llf-1. 'li NMI. 1511111111 .Nl.1'li"!1, l,i 'l l.f111,.1X l. Iif1ol.f1111, Xl, SUI. lillllflll NN lloitl, C..1:11. ll.f:11l-34-fl'.l11.lfllf'l'l!HHH' XXI N'-1. l..:i 'li1f1111g1l.i11x. Xl. Sqft, li. li. lS13'2x11t 'lf Sql. Uilizazz. K' N1.11.l11. il N-it Ci,1Gf11.1,, XX,1el.i:,' "f- 1, .Vl.X"lll lfflllf Nfl. Xlzii. ,'Xllf'll l lzwzr liNX lil-1. .tI'c1ixi11i.:11. l, ID f-.: I., 641311, f.i,.11HN ll, l1.:Ifw. l,1. Cf-l. fXl:t11i11 li. lI11li1r1 'lf Str CE.1:ffN lQ I,.Zlxi"i-. 50ciCfY - I 20M LEFT , FIRST i-presidentg Daniel I iyg Gail Wall, coire 1: Huddleston, Sheltt :1:'.q:51'-E:gWg:':f" '11,ix-- " W , 'e:1:+i:m1w1-:-:-:-:-W ' -: Studei T0IHmye Cc David Mc Linda Tom Christy Peaa Linda Lathe. lanet lshee, leITY Pe Carolyn Chlistina Brenda 1 CECelia , Salldra If Becky M Caroline Lee Bishop Carolyn Manha 1 Patsy Bn Rebecca lo Can. Nofma Q lllanene Cfvmelia l U61 Cl Joanne 2'-Tk .Mu gs A 1 e 'M-1-'K 'ua . ..ffg5.,2pfxa',mtttt.faa.4vszs1sm ?"W 'A f""'!"""- Society for the Advancement of Marizigeiiieiit i r fy FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: Dr. H. A. Gottleber, adviserg Bill Forbes, presidentg Glenn Rayburn, first vice-presidentg Daniel Ball, second vice-presidentg Richard McCook, treasurerg Eleanor Barry, recording sec- retaryg Gail Wall, corresponding secretary SECOND ROW: Delbert Stringer, Stoney Stringer, Nick Vlahos, Dave I-luddleston, Shelton T. Wright, Larry Green. x S HIM , -f 0 V... 4, 'Hz 1 WB. ,Q ' J . . . --it-N ' z.-:Q ,.,..a..,.....,..A,i,:,,.ix...,..,..:,.., .... ..,.:...,..,..., ,.... ..., V.. ...... ... Student Education Association Tommye Corley, president Ellen Cody David McQuillan, vice-president Sandra Commiskey Linda Tomerlin, vice-president Christy Peacock, secretary Linda Lathem, secretary janet Ishee, treasurer jerij' Peyton, parliamentarian Carolyn Allmon Christina Anderson Brenda Anding Cecelia Ard Sandra Ashley Becky Askew Caroline Birchett Lee Bishop Carolyn Boone Martha Breard Patsy Brumfield 5 -c.,.. Q , -hard iris Rebecca Callander I Rlf 1. ij' Y: alSvr.FlT"l ' F' JO Cm T' UT ggi. Norma Carroll dnefi ' ty . ' Capt. , ariene Carter 15ll0pEWwd 3' Cornelia Childress 0174, Hom. Judy Clark u l Sgt. Joanne Clearman ant' ieifll it ET . ... .. .. . . .. t . .. Lnnsv 1'- sir-Ll. Y' Sara Crouse hfary Darby Juanita Davis Rebecca Davis Martha Dickey Richard DuBose Paula Dunn George Escudero Patricia Field Lyndal Fillingame Sharon Freret Katherine Fulton Mary Fulton Patti Garvin john Gibson Suzanne Godbold Klart' Dayne Greg! Lora Hall Martha Hall Linda Harrelson Susan Hatch Bobbie Herring Klan' Herrington Kathy Holliman R. I. Hudson Geanie llughes Kathy james Meladic jones .lanie Jordan Margaret Keiler Ronnie Kendrick Donna Kenny lluqh Kinard Billy Ladner Susan Lee Richard Leggett Barbara Lolton Manuel Lorona NN'illiam McCIollister Susan Mitchell Barbara Montgomery Beckie N Ionroe klane Montgomery llenry Moore Susan Moori- Elohn Moori- Brenda Nichols Jann-s Norris Roxanne Owen Kenneth Parker Phyllis Pinkerton Janice Prout l,arry Rigby Shirley Rush llelcn Rushing Patricia Rushing Curtis Schantz l'1vclj.'n Segraves Ramon Shelton Charles Shorter l.inda Smith l.arry Strawder Bonnie Strickland Raymond Tanner Margaret Thomas Jo Anne Thompson Norris 'Froney Anthony Wade Robert Weber Stella Wedgeworth Linda Weems Cheryl Wheelis Cynthia Williams Diana Wright Student Nurses 0rgan1zat1on 1. l fl-,M OFFICERS, FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: Janie Stanovich, Peggy Hart, Linda Searcy, Katie Head, Linda Pendergast. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Ferrell, Pam Sheflield, Mrs. Cora Balmat, adviser, Kay Carson, Jeff Malpass. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Linda DuPuy, adviser. USM Karate Club C,1.UClxHlSI,. lxussc-ll Szzuls, lommx' Luke Bill xi ll ' I Icnkins. ll Cn. instructor: Mac Berry, XN'hi1 I1 Thffwii L FROM LEFT, john Price lansley, Vivian p THIRD ROW: : Selina Wade 'X ,s , r-1'l""' " ' I - ,,, r, , ,., 'A N' ' 'l M '2fa?fi??QtW'??1Mi,, is ,i 135553, '5""""" fhe Afro-American Cultural Society ilili 'F' mi Fw Ham Lind mfjmfi Pam sheffield, 344' -lb! Lllld-3 DuPug adviser. f L r Lf F,,,,,,,.,w A. , 'Y A FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: Dr. Robert D. Smith, adviser, Cynthia Barnes, Mattie Coleman, pnrlinmcntzirizmg mp " by in john Price, president, Lettie Evans, secretary, Robert Williams, Samson Byrd. SIiCO.X'D ROW: joyrc Sm-et, Nlziry if . Ahf "' Tanslcy, Vivian Gore, secretary, Joyce Simmons, JoAnn jackson, Linda Merrell, Rhoda Ilvrn, Eugene lla-ncli-rsrm. . V F THIRD ROW: Melvin Miller, Charles Collins, Linda Harvey, secretary to president, Medaline Ilooker, 'l'crry Czxins, ' a L wx Selina Wade, Linda Lassiter. ag v. I p-L ilk! ' .. .Q VI a , .1 ' -' F' 'R ,J-M ,tw H M Q r.. -. ..4 - 1-ar? ar: K 5, I 'L USM Young Republicans CLOCKWISE: .-'xnna Wilgflis. Corresponding S1-creirirjc. John jones, treasurer: Dzivicl Jefcoais, vice-presidr-m: IS:-clay Godbold. recordinu bCCl'Cl.l1If-'. NOT PICTL'RIfD: Dennis Williarns. president. -'E .N 5 1 1 4 i r ',.'.+i rm ' J iffy, 41.4 ,A ,"'gxcli,. - ji'!',iQfQsg.-,iN35l,Ai'. i,iiilw'w.f+'sii" A 151' wru1'3sfwg 1 , g. 2-:fn if -K Qi .Wifi , , - , 'f ' "ia . .fX,1qif'-V,-ah' t .Mn 2, ,Q wif" sag .Qi , ff5Lg,,,3 , , 4,, WM' 1f'QJ?lf,9i qggizagf j B1 cljgiax .JM wf2,1iw,I' 'A -'ffflfe .tif 'Ziff -JE: I V mu.. - . f gran , vii ' ff' H? 72555 fil- Q42 "'-if f- -ft"J'W 313 Alpha Psi Umega Lambda Nu Chapter Dramatics FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: Vicky Carden, Miller, Margaret Carpenter. SECOND ROW: Andy Novak, Kathy Wilkinson. Deane Allen, Nancy Farnum, Cabbot Laroux, Ann McDaniel. THIRD ROW: R. B. Hill, Bill Singletary, Cathy Carlin, Billy Cowan, Lanny Flaherty, Patty Woodworth, Dr. Gilbert Hartwig, Beverly Trask, Darrel Zigler, Ky Oakes. Patty Schrader, Alton Gcno, Sherrie Waggener, Vicki Helms Carter, Greg Carstens, George T. Crook, -Ir., Leon Smith. 14 Ka? Gallll Band FROM Y0l1ng, Bill Nil Gene B Patten, Robert V 'i y:'l" 'I g,n.L.. ,a,.g ' 1 , ,, VLa, hALU' A W A Q N - ,. ., .,-.,.,axu L,-.1va1m:1a.xrzaL 4u.t..gzf..:...f Q 3' 4 T fi? ij. J:J',1i,:rv'ffv-3--ag'-:': r .- ra Alpha Psi lambda Dim. Oni Nu Chap. Kappa Kappa Psi Gamma Chi Chapter Band .!agi, A . diN IW SECOND ROW. All lliiljlgiiglfi. riff' . ,B.l'lllli , ,i THIRD foggy W, Diffs Qgfstenbceorge I B . 1iROllI LEFT, FIRST ROW: Bfark Chapman, Neil lnlnrTis. Tom Hhtson. clistrift coorclinatcr: Mr. Raymond C, Xolmg- diSU'iCl viii governor: Dana Lundy, Dave Ranny. SlfC'0.YlJ RIHV: Richrircl lh- l,:i I"uc-mc, Milan- lfnu-ml. llill Nihlcl. liziriy Ward, liclclic Ccntunni, livan Cinllziglivr, Sonny CIm'r-vm, mxmin-rg law XY.iNl1liixli, 'l'lllRll lf11H'g Ccnc Bonner, Larry Sims. Chuck Caton. .lov .-Xclmns, Slcvc Iilnckwull, lfrzink liclgzir, Chris Nzirris, ju- lnurzun, Anv-I P1'l.H0lASOI1,J0lN1 Cole. FOURTH ROIV: Micky Ycngvr. Kirby I.ainhi-rt. jim Rigxclon, Shi-lclwn Wulf. Sam Polk. Robert Stump, Dave Riedel, Jim Pratt, president: Scs rllllOl'Ill0!l, Holm Pi-cli-n, Nonnzui Wrwclrifla, 'fin'-pn-siclf-rim. 315 Mu Phi Epsilon Alpha Gamma Chapter Music l"lr'19,H l,l','l"'l'. l'ill6.S"l' lr'fIli': Ihr-lmliiv Cirrsv. .Xpryl lingr-ll. Xlzrry Imiqlm lN'c'str-rHr'lcl, Marilyn Ulcen, Nfary Starncs, Ann Rollins, 'Indy Wlriw-, flmlf- Nlor-f.n1, I,rnr'--li.r Slum, .N'l:'CY7.YIJ RUIV: Nlzrrla Xlillc-ry Cllwri Atkinson, Iicefky llanrpton, Carol Foosv, lvlimi Bounds. fLl..r'i.r S.llllll'I'N. Xl.rrx Slrrrrnor l, 'l'lllRlJ RHIV: Cxrylr- lN'or'tlmy. blzrvkir- lialclwin. llvfky Ilonvs, Nancy Tatum, lXTary Jam- Rrolimoncl, .Irrrlx Alolrns, .l.llllll l..nnr-ll, l".llr-I1 fXl:1Illu-ws 316 I, 5 FROM LEP? vim Saul, Of Becky HHYUP Teresa Brooll gon, Cindy Nr Cheri True, B Hamilton. Fl Guidroz, lan novale, Barb: Rkhard BH Gan wum 'ho'-ig-f - 'Es 'Y,':,,,,,..... -.qu Q -. --1 Nik he--aw,v U4-A + .M k f .,, ,. ,, ..-nv H .A Qtr... :Wm-U Nik-- '...-.,. .-.nn ..-1.-. .eq . ,. -.--v . un. an-.1 -n--Y was Q. ,,.,.,,.. an-3. X A ' Y ,yan .A- 'ir-U ' , V n - ,I-'.z::.:-..-1 1 We ' n ,. ' r M N x...i' I"lfU.U l,l:'lf'l',F1RS7'ROW: I'1ill'1'I1 Ilifklllilll, I.imlzL Hnlpvr. liwky xxliuilllllvlll. inllllilll' ffulv-' Yiki Saul, Uclglvizl Kirwlxvlow, liz11'lJz1m llorn-w, lim-bln' Snyxwny .N'l:Y.'U,X'lI R1 lllf Kath-. 4Q1.m.1::. lil-1-ky Illllllpllill. Phyllis Yonko, Yicki l"n-nclvlsmm. ,Inn c:I'.lXYI-4ll'li, l:UIllli" limuhml, Sill-. Km-'E 'l.l'll'Nl1 Bl'0l1llll'..IU1lIl.Xl'IlO.'IYIIRD Rl,7Il'.'Ric-.'Xllm'x1. l'.1lly llgu'wx', I'.nm lzllllllllillfy Sm- I PM-11. sun, Cindy Norris.Cf1xll1ySl111n11fvlt. xI1lllI'l'1'H Slllllllll. lim' H1-mlm-I. 1511! 'R'l'll ICI ll!" ll.ulf.11.L ibnn- Clwri Vlxl'lll', lillun XILIUIICXYS, I,IlIl11 Kay Joni-s. -Inn:-llv HQIIIIVU. l'lliXYillLlLltlIlf'N. li.1il l,l11.u, l.:n1!.n 1 ma! Hguniluvn. FIFTII ROIV: Sharon llZlkCSlI'ZlXN'. lluckiv linlclxxin. Putty Null:-alum-. 511.111-n I'--nl'-X.. If-Hu Uuimlnw, tIIlI1C.XI'Il1Sll'OI1g'. SIXTH ROIV: Judy Whiu-, -Iulin Cfzniswn. Slmzwrx 1.1-Ima: P.. ilu- nmxmlc. linrlmrn :Xnn Young. Mary Robinson. .i lX1ll1.llx1 Us 1.41 lncntv. prcsmdcnli I5L'f3E7IL' L .HN-. 15:1 Iyru lx 13- .. .- A - 1011 fvllll L.1dI1C1'. Sonnv CTOX'1'CI'U, fQ1O!'i.1 Xxztnfvznf. ffl.:-, Xi.1":w1.x. V311 Zandt. Doug Wvgllll Ruin' Min, ,Xlfu-d.1 I..1ZTTE7:: "'. 317 Pnde ij . 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N Y 3 S P i L ,af -.A f ' 11 XJ Symphonic Band Percussion Ensemble 11 ,Li 2.4 ri ' I 2 f I . . Wi of Theater Arts f on lh ' e life of G6 presented a tfun "Over There." ' llreater as Jim llitall Will Nunez, and Under the direcr lflueaiolral The lllfl in the Pac th literal fliif aleer, Brlr 'f-'fA'fh"f f u- 3- 1 g-rv ., s I ,.x,,,' . P Cf- ' va .. f' I L1 X . JY 1 4' 15113116 vi! 1 .", . f.. ... . . 1 ' 1 . f"'- -'fxn ' I N'g . . Witl ' - - . . . 1 l1te1al Hiig'-YYZ1X'1Ilfl and F1 quahty SIINIIHI' to that of an cxp x loding h1'c'C1':1ck1-1'. PSHE D1-p:11'1n11 NI ' ff thc fourth of july ww-k. .X 111usiC41l I,1lSf'fl of " 'n - . ., - . Matu A1t5 opened IIS p1'oduct1on of Gcorgc . Y CIlll'II'15 on ' . - the hfe of Geoxfre M. Cohan. thc cockv. l1Cl'X'y. show1n41n of 1111-11 of Illc' 1w111111'y B1-o,1fl11g1y. 1111- 11,011 h 1 D11 D re . , ' ,, H. -- .. - P Sented Z1 tlunlxful of Cohan SI2'tIlClZ1l'ClS- Cnvc My Rsqnrds to B1'o:1dw41y. X llll w-1' lim fllf- 1 lily Cf OX' ' - 7' Y S .. - - tl C1 Them, HX ou rc A Grand Ole Flaq. and INLIHX' 111o1'c plux Nuvh IlHIQ1lJh'N oi 1111-5f1111l1"1'11 11 f NI11'Nl141 1113: C g11'1'oll I'IAf'l'Il1LlIl lom In.l1g1N. iatx, N . Y U K' . U Hb Jlm Mlllcr. Alton Cano. C1111 X LlI1Cil'l'AglAl 1. - 4 C Balxel. Bluce BPOXVIIIIIQ. X lCkl Hchns. BCY1'l'lf' Imek. 5l101'1'11- U ll!fl'I1l'l'. Ixg11'v11 Q11411'f-11N11'o111. Wi T k , U 3 Nunez. and Buddy Shcfhcld. Cl the d11ect1on of Dr. Blame QL1Hl'CIlSI!'OIT1. dns IJIACQCINLIIIOII 11111 xpo11Nf11-1-fl hy Tllf' I SCJ. .hIHf'l'lFZ1Il 11Im1'I'1l of Dv!-1'I1v' U1 lfllll' l'.S. 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Ii H Wg. st ' M 'Q - - I I!! it ,I 4 vu JMC ' k1?f.,' N-'23 1-PM JL t 51.-mr W-' I i i t if , -1' 'N .N .ff ' V. , I t - 4 11-.J -M, 7. The past few yt ress their opi UP protested is a w of expression, Yes, the military fighting for wha Q if Q' .dig iv Wi A ' I Q The past few years have unleashed a desire from coast to coast within this country for people to outwardly express their opinion by protesting the different issues from local up to national level. One main 'issue' protested is a war that many do not believe in-in a sense a protest against those who protect this right of expression, Yes, the military is here and as long as there is a cause worth hghting for. they will always be llQ'I'l'-' men fighting for what they believe in, their homes and families and dignities. 5 no ' K Cadre Cfiicers Q "1r5.f'r51If'L"f"" iv . ' 4 ' i 1 , 7 1 7' ' ' A I . . X V 3 , L. - f ' 7 ' . ,f, ' ' . I " 5 Hx- . s ' ., . ' ' 1 -fl , H 6+ l ' 'J , I , ' u.. , , y.-4 ,. 1. ' . vs -F an I .-,. Kg ,, 4 1 ' T-'b 'Q . 4 f A FROM I,15FT,FIR.S"I' ROW: Capt. james B. Howe, Maj. Ronal B. Cook, Col. James E. Echols, Lt. Col. James M. McCool, Maj- flvorqv A. Inqlf-riqlmt. Maj. Sll'X'l'Il .X. 'llll0Ul11S. SECOND RUW: Capt. Daniel A. Raymond, Capt. Tommy A. Baucum, Capt. l Ilaum-s lll4'l'lllllI1ll. Nl. Sgt, llolu-rl li. I.ammc'rs. Capt. Visvalclis Kimcnis, Stall Sgt. Lloyd NI. Norris, Nl. Sgt. Billy Bottoms, lSI Sgt. William llaviclson. 330 i 'P' 'Z 2 V- KWH Q ,"'g2Q'3 :xi-v:..'.1J f to --M5 xQ"f , 'A V 'far' - illiiun f 1' ., H 'ms' 5 dv -4- .Lff-E.-3 FRU U I FF7 rn Orr in rwmmx 11rr an 4 Junk f hw. xiflllfiff' Scabbard and Blade d Bl de sets forth as its purpose to raise the standard of ' il't r societ for men Scabbard an H 7 . , , .. A rlailomil m 1 ay Hy d 7 niversities to unite in closer relationship their m1l1tary departments, military trammg m American CO ages an u fi h t' 1 qualities of good and efficient officers, and to t e essen 13 to encourage and foster the development o ' . f b h. . . - Hicers. Qualifications or mem ers ip are not d ood fellowship among the cadet o . . . promote mumacy an g ' ' h' initiative and character which based on scholarship alone, but also on those qualities of leaders lp, id b d 0 1 . cannot be expresse y a eclma point. .i Yi. 31 A Qi' It - - X .. x i i .lt 'tw 'R rfiw.- . - ff " F Q s s t tt c F ""'?"t a " - ' . W f T . f-'f e tr e eac' 1 .... f H f' f ' -L 1 ,nt ,. if ' ,L QV' 1:- lv 1 grit- . ' ' 1 "' jg g'x""ii f fx ! as , X 5. ' Q ,, .tQt...t L-N - 'I Af ,kff-' JL , Z - X fix l Q, fs as n qs 5 -. A' 'Lv I 1 U-'. .s., - f ,L . A ,f I., ,ts V- ' ' 5 M-asc....MwSm- s -K ,, F ,,4 X- wg, , 'N 5 'e Vg' - - I x ,xr 5 -y ' sr D - Q ' R it ' in Xu F M ' 'W 'JL il' - . 'Q' , J fs N' .ff, C ' ft 4 f- " "J- .ae vJ 9 XV. Y an bg , J - ., - -I Va 7 1 gs t XX ,YJ J . f A 5 . ,Af e f .J ' XX lf Q X w'f'4 ' ff V K- ,l? - 1 l FROAI LEFT, FIRST ROW: John Russell, Ann James, sponsor, Richard Stouder. SECOND ROW: Clifford Pack, Bill Ferrell, Mich- ael lox Bobby Kyser, Al Confrancesco, Danny George, Thomas Weismueller. THIRD ROW: Steve Boyd, Bob Douglas, ThOITl3-S C 1915 Bruce Harris, Kent Lomax, Ellis Hill. FOURTH ROW: Larry Harrison, John Lindsey, Richard Hightower, Harvey Testorl 337- -'U :dffll ws A, J- ,, ,t1:2i,, M' 3 F s H Q.. 2 . Unix '54 wi lf NU N Mlqh -. for dill' ind ' than Q kqumdbyad if S 1 i llwl Bill Fmflw Pri fav' www 1 K' 9 .,..g 1 . ff. , .:- - .H--,f ' ,. S' iigif' A ---A - , , -7, J " , K' "" . : ' 223122151 1,144 5 ':Z":2:f: 5 52552 be .9 1 f 5 A E 25:2 :- ':-:-:-:-- "'4:5- 5555. :rl siaii 2553 E Y N Q R 4 '-...-. :E wr:- -:I5:f: lx : 1 I X"-: :NR- E555 21: 45:3 23' -F5252 '-'-.-A22 Q3557: :QF at1ona1 SOCICICY of Pershmg RIHCS A nat1ona1 organ1zat1on wh1ch sets forth the ideals of devolpmg leadershlp qual1t1es and promoting fellowshlp and cooperat1on between members of ROTC units 1n colleges and l.l1'11VCI'S1t1CS Bill Ferrell Company Commander Robin Burr Melvin Miller Robert Rhodes Tommy Fairchild Terry Jordan John Russell Clifford Pack Harrison Castlen Donald Claye Maurice Holmes Charles ackson Efyiiif' .- , 'ff ,,,,. "fm-W-' ff 4 1, """" '-4 , .-If 1 4.2 U , ,.3,.5,,.g,,',-. .'.-,.- Y", 1.5, ,. ',:, ,,:,. I... . "!:,4,: -I: iw. 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Knight, Cliflord Pack, john llazarcl. THIRD ROW: James Evans, Steve Epps. Gary l3czn'1nan, Clmrlc-s Brofk, Mel Jordan, Cary llonalson. FOLYRTII ROW: lvlike Parker, Charlie Crnlmznn. 'lSlIl1 Ricsketts. Mike XICKlalmn. Xyllllfilll llzxrris. llouglus Biggs. "-'. l.. "."7" " O. -"-,I I ".k1'I '7!'.'.H1"-Q.. 3:51,-, ...,. V A Q uL,'.f,lhi,!?a if-.,,l:-ifk i R' , MAT I X U " """ 1121156 1 ,Q is 1 .K ll lx Ik. ? Elf '- --lf? Mu 1313 FROM LEF drlxa l0hn L Mllqe Windo .Q , ,..,,,,, 4 f 'is Y-L,-.1 jg, j 5 ,-Lu, 2 U X- V h-..,-..........!,,, :A M gzgqxszx anzssfy ggy za' , , f , , , 14-41. . -- 34,1233 fvyg ,V-,o+vva?fr.g,55 4: , Thu " '----'1-fp,-ir , .-t. 5 O .1- M,,,..,1 f 1 1' 195. 1 A. L 1 .4-pu. ':."V,g.Y svkowfvmsl Rom .ki I ROW: vm Ji 1 FIFTH Hou 5.' sz mlm rr W' qu 5 .1 ' , I! ' Y '.4,. gl , 4 ,i , w ad LK 'I I' 4' 1,59 1' ' .ml ,. if Y if A , rir'If I ' 5 1 , 4 A Y 9 I J? 'fr'- L .vu- 1 'XV , X 7777 Y W Y 'VE' BMP- 337 Rheff A FUN df?" B - ,411-, .,,.. 2, l QF' ' "'v:'7 ' ,. - - .. , rnrzfv a n , , 2, , .. .,,-,g, ' H -I-'?:!n1'3':g . Lu.-vu, L ,diem-1,---.. .-, , ...... .. r-H". 1 ' .-:--2 1:':3:..-.... f,, ,W AY 'P-13' A, , ,,- ,, 4.4..1.1s-:Es!7'::i'x,f:xizv:g,,,eg5:s.5,193,535ijggliliiiilfiif:EZIf'?71g:gp1,,,-.Www . A With the changing of the ROTC participation among Freshmen and Sophomores to a voluntary status, the ROTC Department also revised its Wednesday drill activities. Included in the revision is a Held day, or Gymkhana, a day of exercise, physical competition through various games and activities, and developing military techniques not achieved in the classroom. FTYTTN1 , K 51553 E RH: ., .ii 4 - - ---- -----f- ' -- . .- ,.-. - Af.,-1 ,,-,,,',r.-:s.,-. - 338 f-'4 ,.. 2 -7 -rlgf--""-132 - ' ' Affvf'-V QM, H . .1lmimixfanf?e1gm4nznu441z4f m!ir.."1! f,',', ',.4:sa , ,A , A ' 53fVp,- 2 "i.fv,Q g A' 'rj .M . 4' '-'v- ' WM? 'farm 'A'LQVl2!'d4w , .. W ' in .f - main: rl im! 'p-,fr ' Uirfgfw Nz . fp Zur -ag -5 WK" - ii , v ff' rr -L. 1 H K' Lf Ulm- Q 1 .... +.'., -Q ,V A,.l.,:,.::.w..tL.- -wg ' X' ,-- '. ,.,Lj' ,,-5,,f4- 11 b-3, -' . .- ,.-Ae-'frfvf l34.,m.gS1-gi' ,A .A :,,.- . , " . ', -i' ,T ' ' "ii--"f,! 27.1. fy. ...L-1 ., ,, U. . V ,., 4 . , 5.-'QQ,"',",fQLAf. 'bv ' ' Q4 V. 54 ' ,1 1 J ' xf'F , I- ,- ,::-:.. -, -1 - s 4,:w. -- 4 .. , .,- . :kg - X - lx , .hy ,I . .1 K :pe ,-.1. . 'V A., ' -. U-' ,. ' x. .. ffifwmf -,. -- .1-,JD .. ,A--. , . -,X -- - Y. 3, H- -'y V., ' - 1. .' , ' x 'M 1 A v., ...W 'fq,:'1.f"'-.lf ge-, T. ,, , .---'71 5 4 Q ,U s .V . , ? ,-. ' ,-in Nr- 'L g'f,:f1- 7 - -Q 3-5 - -1-5, ig..-V 'ml A - v- A.. ' LEQI '.!.-gfj .4 - A' I --f 31" A"- f ' r .. " ,n N .,- 4'-. ' , 'L ' ' 5.- ' T' Q. '.A, f, " -. 1' -- .- '- ""J"'A-"f',1' , 1 41'-'4 , A -. . ' ' 'ff' .. -. .. - - ' - '- ,- -.a, 1 ' V ' '3"Y' '.","7i1q v .1 ,jfw if-if' ,v.V.,ff '. 1 '-.: T' m ..'i':' ,f , In "g'.-7.13 '4 if. , -' x. . -54.:,3t-Q- 'f:g'f"',"',.' -2.'.A3'A4,, .' . V,5f-- ,, 1 - V .T 1 S ., -H . Q h -, ,Ji 5 . 5 , ,.,A. ,,'u,,.,-.vd.v,, ',. li A Ig, , -.. .-. - . ,, V. .. . , .g,,- . - - . 47.1 1 f., ' L! N ,541 - ,, , , , , ' f A- - - -" - , - . .. . - - . ,K ' . .- A, - . -0- - 44' ' - - ' '. -. - U ,V ,, , I f fl.,-rf ,SL gd ..4 .rv--. ',,. ,. , xxx.. ,... .. . ,V , K f K .y- I f s ' .qu X we 4-2 n, M. ' . 1 'iq 1,1341 ., f f -"Q -- ' ,- v 19 - .'. - .. , -.I ..-L ,. - - 'J . F7 ., 1 X. .U,A. , . , 'f 1 1- , !-3771" '-' -' ' -'-:f""' 2" " ' ' gf' .' x.K:""' L g 'gba --'J ', , 3- ..-... 5. -' . v, . . x '- -- ...Im-L.. ,141-1 ,r -, .1 , .4,.. L- .,-.L -- . - A '51 Ju, Y, , A '57 5 ,-. I' fhs , AN 1. .1 -rg? :aging uanafvn , rv- -1 v-v-v r.,.,.,...,... , rg -gg '1 f- 'X "' in I2 bfv:4oCf"!-'in'Sn'735'3 'Y .rn u 1- L -. . . ,rw-r 11 uf 1 - un, 2:5 fx 1 1 Dorm Hostesses " If Z S QS I 5 , SEE io ' . .. Q " . 5 . y , R X on , . - A l A a ,- v A M 1 . - f . I - 41 T. ., Q .5 R N, . Q, . Q.. 'A ix-. FROM LEFT, SEATED: Mrs. Eloise Brand, Jones, Mrs. Jewel Culpepper, Mississippi, Mrs. Julia Randall, Bolton, lX1rs. Thelma Carroll, Panhellenicg Mrs. Geneva Eichelburger, Hattiesburg, Mrs. Laura Swarthout, Hickman. STANDING: Mrs. Mildred W'eldy, Hillcrest, Mrs. Ferriell Jackson, Pul- ley, Mrs. Irene Touchstone, Roberts. Housemothers ii i 1 i i is i mb . D0 ,- , . , J 4 9 , 0 N ,. 0 .v Q xx, 4 I, 40 04 Oo! 4,50 Q . . 0, 9004 '0 ., - 1 ' G, Q Q . do 4' of,-9 . ' ' .,. 01+ 4 0 ' . gi 2 ' i - ...7 4 sb. 4' . . A . wb ' I .1 np.. , ll A 4.'Q 5 - , v,,, -A in N. F Y I N V 0 Q ',. TI . , .. ' :,"l "" l ,A. ,, .. ,S-rc I1 .' K 'X -- ff rs f - - r f' ,1 Q., . , r ' i , . a X . aw T ' ' i. Q X , 'I 111 4 is , ' wx- -I MY' x . I of ' ' . T Y Vu FROJI LEFT, SEAY'l:'D: Xlrs, Nlildred lN'all. Kappa Alpha: Mrs. Reid Tyrone, Clrace Magee, Phi Kappa Tau. ST.fl.YD1NG: Nlrs. .Xlive K. Sanders. Sigma Alpha I Kappa Sigmag Mrs. Epsilon, lvlrs. Clive Odom, .Xlplia Tau Omega: Mrs. .Ivan Burrows. Sigma llii Epsilon: Mrs. Ruth Barry, Pi Kappa Alpha. 340 WW H011 1 Hoi' -5 iw '-Stir lllwiru i W .W ,I- Freshmen Counselors Nb lun - . . .5.,3qi hi W :hs 53 ., FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW.' Paula Sandford, Nancy Nleador, Kathy Greene, Cyndi Willoughby. SECOND ROW: Barby Straub, Sally Stretcher, Gayle lYo1'thy, Tornmye Corley, Laura Gallagher. THIRD ROW: Jan Lopez, Sue Neal, Becky DeCoux, Linda Murphree, Becky Askew, Shirley Collier. 341 mfg Q 'Wi : . if ,O ., . 0' ' -' -22'-ii --- - " 2 . - . -.-...... -i . hi. 7--wr--f - . -'M-if " ' -A -M-' '-We-We 1 4 gif' i"i"!"""""'f!""":SRi :z " Y.-+4 AINSWORTH, JOAN M., In- structor of Nursing, Natchez Resi- dent Center, B.A., Sir George Williams University. ALBERS, LAWRENCE C., As- sistant Professor of Communica- tion, B.G.E., University of Omaha, M.A., 'University of Southern Califomia. ALCORN, JOHN DOUGLAS, Chairman of Department of Guidance and Professor of Guid- ance, B.S., M.Ed., Ph.D., East Texas State University. ANDERSEN, PAUL DAVID, Associate Professor of Music, B. Mus., Drake University, M.Mus., Syracuse University, Ph.D., Wash- ington University. ANDERSON, BOBBY DEAN, Associate Professor of Education-al Administration, B.S.E., Arkansas State College, M.Ed., University of Missouri, Ed.D., University of Tennessee. ANDERSON, HAYWARD GLENN, Associate Professor of Accounting, B.S., M.A., Univer- sity of Southern Mississippi, grad- uate study, Uni-versity of Ala- bama. ANDERSON, JANE RYON, Assistant Professor of English, A.B., Randolph Macon Woman's College, M.A., University of South Carolina. ANDERSON, WILLIAM HIL- TON, Associate Professor of English, A.B., Wofford College, M.A., Ph.D., University of South Carolina. ANGLIN, ELIZABETH LOWE, Part-time Instructor of Foreign Languages, B.A., University of Colorado, M.A., University of Califomia at Santa Barbara. ANGLIN, JAY PASCAL, Asso- ciate Professor of History, B.A., Louisiana State University, Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles. ARRIETA, FERMAN HUM- BERTO, Librarian II, Social Science, LL.D., Havana Univer- sity, M.L.S., Louisiana State 'University. ASHLEY, GROVER CLEVE- LAND, JR., Administrative Li- brarian, B.S., Arkansas State College, M.S., University of Southern Mississippi. ATKINSON, GARY MICHAEL, Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy, A.B., College of Holy Cross, Ph.D., Duke Uni- versity. BABIN, WAYNE LOUIS, Chair- man of Department of Physical Education and Associate Profes- sor of Health and Physical Edu- cation, B.S., M.S., Ed.D., Uni- versity of Southern Mississippi. BAHR, HOWARD WILSON, Professor of English, A.B., Ober- lin College, graduate study, The Ohio State University, Oberlin College, Ph.D., University of North Carolina. Faculty BAIN, FLORA LEE, Acting Dean of School of Nursing, As- sistant Professor of Nursing, and Director of Continuing Education in Nursing, B.S.N., University of Mississippi, M.A., George Pea- body College for Teachers. BAKER, NANCY LORENE, As- sociate Professor of Psychology, B.A., Texas College of Arts and Industries, M.S.W., C.S.W., Loui- siana State University. BALDWIN, MABEL MAE, As- sociate Professor of Business Education, B.S., in Ed., Central Missouri State College, M.A., University of Iowa, graduate study, Columbia University. BALDWIN, MODENA MAR- TIN, Part-time Instructor of Mathematics, B.A., University of Mississippi, M.S., Un-iversity of Southern Mississippi. BALMAT, CORA ELIZABETH SUITS, Assistant Professor of Nursin-g, B.S.N., Louisiana State University in New Orleans, M.S.N., University of California at San Francisco. BARRETT, DORIS WHITE- HEAD, Instructor in Microbiol- ogy, B.S., Mississippi State Uni- versity. BATES, LUCY SHARP, In- structor of Nursing, B.S.U., Uni- versity of Mississippi. BAUCUM, Assistant Professor of Military Science, Captain, U.S.A., B.S., Texas A SL M Uni- versity. BECKHAM, KARLENE K., In- structor of Speech and Hearing Sciences, B.S., M.Ed., Southwest Texas State University. BEDENBAUGH, ANGELA OWEN, Research Associate in Chemistry, B.S., University of Texas, Ph.D., University of South Carolina. BEDENBAUGH, EDGAR HUGH, JR., Associate Professor of Administrative Personnel and Services, B.A., M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Florida. BEDENBAUGH, JOHN HOL- COMBE, Chairman of Depart- ment of Chemistry and Associate Professor of Chemistry, B.S., Newberry College, M.A., Uni- versity of North Carolina, Ph.D., University of Texas. BELLIPANN I, LAWRENCE JOHN, Instructor of Science Ed- ucation, B.S., M.S., University of Southern Mississippi. BENJAMIN, ELIZABETH GU- THRIE, Assistant Professor of Nursing, B.S.N., Northwestern State College, M.S.N., Emory 'University. BENNER, FRANCES ELIZA- BETH, Associate Professor of Music, Arthur Jordan Conserva- tory, Butler University, Soloist Diploma in Piano, Fontainbleau School of Music, B.M., Mus.M. in voice, Cincinnati College of Music. BERRY, JOHN CALVIN, In- structor of Curriculum and In- struction, B.S., Alcorn A. and M., M.S., Indiana University. BIERMANN, JAMES, Captain, U.S.A., Assistant Professor of Military Science, B.G.S., Univer- sity of Nebraska At Omaha. BISHOP, JAMES C., Director of Communication Services and As- sistant Professor of Communica- tion, B.A., University of Missis- sippi, M.S., :University of South- ern Mississippi. BLACK, HAROLD TYRONE BLACK, Assistant Professor of Economics, B.B.A., M.A., Texas Technological College, Ph.D., Tulane University. BONNER, LILLY ANNELLE, Chairman of Department of Busi- n-ess Education and Professor of Business Education, B.S., M.A,. University of Southern Missis- sippi, Ed.D., Indiana University. BOROUGHS, HERMAN, Coor- dinator of Graduate Studies in Education and Psychology and Professor of Guidance, B.S., Texas College of Arts and Indus- tries, M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Missouri. BOURGEOIS, LAWRENCE LOUIS, Professor of Sociology, A.B., Loyola University, M.A. Louisiana State University' Ph.D., Harvard University. BOUSHELL, VERNON LEE, Part-Ttime Instructor of Music A.A., New York University, M.M., Westminster Choir Col- lege. BOWEN, RICHARD LEE, Chaimian of Department of Ge- ology and Professor of Geology, A.B., University of North Caro- lina, M.A., Indiana University, Ph.D., University of Melbourne' Fulbright Scholar to Australia. BOWERS, RICHARD HUGH Associate Professor of History, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Mississippi State University. BOYTE, CARLOS LARON, In- structor of Industrial and Tech- n-ical Education, B.S., M.S., Uni- versity of Southern Missisippi. BRACEY, HYLER JEFFERY, Associate Professor of Manage- ment, B.B.A., Lamar State Col- lege of Technology, M.B.A., Ph.D., Louisiana State Univer- sity. BRAND, ROSALIE PARKIN, Librarian II, Cataloger, B.S., M.S., University of Southern Mississippi. BRANDT, LOUIS KOHL, Chairman of Department of Fi- nance and Professor of Finance, B.E., Wisconsin State College at Whitewater, M.A., Ph.D., Uni- versity of Wisconsin. BRANTLEY, WILLIAM OS- CAR, Instructor of Education, B.S., M.Ed., University of South- ern Mississippi. BRAUN, JULIUS CHRIS- 9 J 3 42 TIAN, Professor of Educational Administration, B.S., Buffalo State Teachers College, Ed.M., University of Buffalo, Ed.D., Co- lumbia University. BRECHTEL, JOSEPH BE- RENGHER, Assistant Dean of Men and Instructor of Physical Education, B.S., M.S., University of Southern Mississippi. BRELAND, LOIS TRUE, As- sistant Professor of English, B.S., M.S., University of Southern Mississippi. BRENT, CHARLES RAY, Pro- fessor of Chemistry, B.A., 'Uni- versity of Southern Mississippi, M.S., Ph.D., Tulane University. BRENT, ROBERT ARTHUR, Professor of History, A.B., Get- tysburg College, M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia. BREVARD, DORIS ANDER- SON, Assistant Professor of Edu- cation, B.S., Livingston State College, M.A., Ph.D., University of Alabama. BRINEGAR, BONNIE CAR- TER, Instructor of En-glish, B.A., M.A., Un-iversity of Mississippi. BROOME, GIPSIE JOY, In- structor of Health and Physical Education, B.A., Judson College, M.Ed., University of Southem Mississippi. BAHNGRELL, WALTER BROWN, Professor of Geology, B.A., University of Omaha, M.S., Ph.D., University of Nebraska. BROWN, FRED WALDO, Pro- fessor of Science Education, B.S., Georgia Southern, M.A., Univer- sity of Alabama, Ed.D., Univer- sity of Georgia. BROWN, LARADEANE KOHLS, Instructor of Physical Education, A.B., M.A., Morehead State College. BROWN, MARIANNE, Assis- tant Professor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., Delta State College, M.A., University of Southern Mississippi, graduate study, University of Alabama. BROWN, MARICE COLLINS, Associate Professor of English, A.B., Mississippi State College for Women, M.A., University of Southern Mississippi, Ph.D., Louisiana State University. BRUNDAGE, WILLIAM GREGORY, Associate Professor of Microbiology, B.S., M.S., Northwestem State College, Ph.D., Louisiana State 'Univer- sity. BULLARD, GEORGE EDWIN, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Harrison County Resident Cen- ter, B.S., University of Arizona, M.S., Mississippi State Univer- sity. BUNCH, CORRIE LYNNE, Li- brarian II, Order Librarian, B.S., University of Southern Missis- sippi, M.A. in L.S., George Pea- body College. BURCH, JOHN CECIL, Coun- ll QW sv 45 Wifi! qi, A , J 11,450-,Vt 0531 I 'ff' QW 'L .Wg UW 'wi I y '1 a If XS- .. NW aid" . 1 ' , , . ,QWTIQ M, lift le ' 149' W. A ,lagwd Wal sim ig CME is 3, multi iw W 3 ., gm GM' I MS. ii!! i0l,0Tl!-mg W-' WHITHXGTUI. in gsm.-.wh li 5gX1:m:llA.l'v Tlimki ga me am rlrlfsmeilflalizi .fiziyiIm.l.!. lil Suzi Nm llzrirtiln 351-U.lllIlK3. iilrimci Exim. Ufiviilazrh ,gn 5,21 FUI- fm .7 12?- fmfll MY su iizjlulmfae. ffm-1. TL: .Fi W SQ " fini: ,WE px am bi- 1' fl Hg, Q22 fs. ,Sm ,Our ,mrfftxgq ll-lg gi, . Xu- J l0SipH .ffl . 0. il ie.. I-35 Ag . Pint? -.Tilt QQ Sa. Wink' A hit ilbshqbr , ' 53' x ,i-.. .., if ' . 'ir 4. X ai 5' F 'fa tl- --1 5 fi QQ si . fel' If ' I, 1 va 5 M Bl' if ,M .QKLI ,BA 9" is PIU all F35 ,gl bl ll itll Q 2215 .Ill lm .4 .1 ,Ill lil 'IM fb 1 Al -3311 Y Ii, 'YU' s is has ian in i-YN sm li I 5311 'va ill! 1 an lim V? ' ie. 'Yr ffif ws li 'R ft. .J Q1 li In Zito il in gh 'inf I I is 5,5 it Ni 'Ft- NQ N Si' 'RSSB gg: -t--4: its "l"4'n 'stil N 5 'hz 'Q' ""'1.'tfll Qgfh 5 . 52.11 c 5NP'l iltllsf 'est ng s I , In gully Eiiiiif' il 'Kg mlllllt ilu- mmf 'H - Pi' ills h. Q35 uhh. 21.55 'Mitt I "ill mutt U Thani llfmtt 9 5:""' 22,22 . A i Q - ii., Q5 lu-the . nh ,, 1 IiTnlu,n' H HBE llllfivfi . 1.11: MWF, aiu-qs "ltI',',,jf,fig . l h I 'rg Elalggi t Qjlmleillft I ' dlhfw-5' ' F gf: :toni idea W lltii egtb WW g X . Bullitt-t' nal-",. mjlt- We l phd? vwfiifiii r Dann ,WW i l , - W ul' mv ,,,,owff,,. win- r -Iliff U WM: I" W 'i V 'll J ,ag swim I W IP, 91" fflmlieii Inf! 'ii' DQPVV M flirt I ,AWP fuuwlfi . B A 5 ls' Llfii PM ' if wtf,-ll' Ml 4 WM? selor and Instructor of Mathe- matics, Keesler Air Force Base and Harrison County Resident Centers, B.A., University of Min- nesota, M.Ed., Ed.D., University uthern Mississippi of So ' , 'BURGE, CECIL D., Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Statistics, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Mississippi State University. BURNHAM, ROBERT LAW- RENCE, Instructor of English, Natchez Resident Center, B.A., M.S., University of Southern Mississippi. BURNS, WILLIAM BAXTER, Instructor of Industrial and Technical Education, B.S., M.S., University of Southern- Missis- sippi. BURNS, ZED HOUSTON, Pro- fessor of Educational Psychology, Division of Continuing Educa- tion, B.S., in Arch., M.S., Au- bum University, M.A., Univer- sity of Southern Mississippi, Ed.D., University of Cincinnati. BURRUS, JOHN NEWELL, Distinguished University Profes- sor of Sociology, A.B., University of Mississippi, M.A., Ph.D., Louisiana State University. BUTLER, HILLMAN HER- BERT, Assistant Professor Math- ematics, Harrison County Resi- den-t Center, B.S., M.S., 'Univer- sity of Southern Mississippi. CAMERON, OTTAMISE COL- LEEN WHITTINGTON, Assis- tant Professor of Economics, B.S., University of Kansas, M.A., Uni- versity of Southern Mississippi, D.B.A., Indiana University. CAMPBELL, BRUCE HENRY, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, B.S., University of Kansas, M.A., University of South Dakota, Ph.D., University of Texas. CAMPBELL, CLAUDE LOUIS, Associate Professor of Education, B.S., University of Southern Mis- sissippi, M.A., Ed.D., George Peabody College. CARMICHAEL, MARY ANN, Instructor of Elementary Educa- tion, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.S., Univer- Sity of Southern Mississippi. CARNOVALE, AUGUST NOR- BERT, Assistant Professor of Mu- sic Education, B.M., Louisiana State University, M.A., Columbia University, advanced study, Colorado Western State College, Oklahoma State University. CARPENTER, JAMES RAY, Golf Coach and Part-time In- structor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., M.A., Univer- sity of Southern Mississippi. CARPENTER, STANLEY MALCOLM, Associate Professor of Accounting. B.S., University of Southern Mississippi, M.B.A., doctoral study, University of Georgia. CARSON, JOSEPH O., JR., Professor of Educational Admin- lstration, B.A., M.A., Tulane University, Ph.D., Florida State University. CARTER, DANNY REED, Act- and Associate Professor of Com- puter Science and Statistics, B.S., M.S., University of Southern Mississippi, doctoral study, Vir- ginia Polytechnic Institute. CAUDILL, ORLEY BRANDT, Associate Professor of Political Science, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Uni- versity of Maryland. CHEN, JOHN H. M., Chairman of Department of Library Science and Professor of Library Science, B.S., Kansas University, M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute, M.S. in L.S., Columbia Univer- sity, M.A., New York University, Ed.D., The Pennsylvania State University. CHICHESTER, ELSIE BOS- CHERT, Assistant Professor of Home Economics, B.S., Delta State Teachers College, M.S., University of Tennessee. CICCARELLI, ORAZIO AU- DREA, Assistant Professor of History, B.A., Fran-cis College, M.A., Ph.D., University of Florida. CLARK, EVELYN HAMIL- TON, Instructor of Commun-ica- tion, B.A., M.A., University of Southern Mississippi. CLARK, GUINN LEWIS, As- sistant Professor of Art, B.S., University of Southern Missis- sippi. CLEMENTS, JOSEPH HAR- DIN, Professor of Finance, A.B., University of Kentucky, M.B.A., University of Mississippi, Ed.D., University of Oklahoma. CLIBURN, JOSEPH WIL- LIAM, Professor of Biology, B.S., Millsaps College, M.A., Univer- sity of Southern Mississippi, Ph.D., University of Alabama. COCHRAN, ROBERT DRADY, Assistant Professor of English, B.S., M.A., Northwestern Uni- versity, doctoral study, University of Toronto. COLLINGS, DAVID STUART, Part-time Instructor of Music Education, B.M.Ed., M.M.Ed., Florida State University. CONERLY, DONNA LYNN, Instructor of Business Education, B.S., M.S., University of South- ern Mississippi. COOK, EDGAR D., JR., The Parham Bridges Professor of Fi- nance, B.S. in B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Florida. COOK, RONAL BLAINE, Ma- jor, U.S.A., Assistant Professor of Military Science, B.S.C.E., Uni- versity of Tennessee. COOLEY, JACK CARLUS, As- sistant Professor of Accounting, B.S., M.S., University of South- ern Mississippi. COOLEY, WILLIE EARL, In- structor of Education, B.S., M.Ed., University of SOtltl1CI'I'1 Mississippi. COOPER, WALTER ELMORE, JR., .Assistant to the Dean of Education and Psychology and Associate Professor of Education, Administration, and Supervislon B.S., Huntingdon College: M.A., Assistant Professor of Special Ed- Usafifm. B-M.Ed., stat., Ph.D., University of Southern Missis- sippi. COUSLEY, SAMUEL BOYD. JR., B.S., M.B.A., Mississippi State University, Instructor of Marketing. CRADDOCK, GEORGE ED.- WARD, JR., Associate Professor of Foreign Languages, A.B., Uni- versity of North Carolina, M.A., Ph.D., Louisiana State Univer- sity. CRAVEN, BOBBY EUGENE, Assistant Professor of Science Ed- ucation, B.S., Mississippi College, M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Mis- sissippi. CROOK, GEORGE TRUETT, JR., Assistant Professor of Thea- tre Arts and Technical Director. B.A., M.A., University of Cali- fornia, Davis. CROWLEY, DONNA JESSE, Instructor in Acoustics Institute, B.A., M.A., University of Florida. CULBERSON, JAMES OLIN, Associate Professor of Guidance, B.S., Bob Jones University, M.A., Columbia Bible College, M.Ed., University of South Carolina, Ed.D., University of Georgia. CUMMINGS, JO AN, Instruc- tor of Health and Physical Edu- cation, B.S., University of Mary- land, M.S., West Virginia Uni- versity. CUMMINGS, ROBERT RAY, Assistant Professor of Accounting, B.B.A., M.B.A., Memphis State University, doctoral study, 'Uni- versity of Mississippi. CUNNINGHAM, DAVID FRANKLIN, Professor of Ele- mentary Education, B.S.E., Ar- kansas State Teachers College, M.A., George Peabody College, Ed.D., University of Houston. DALE, JOHN HARBERT, In- structor of Science Education, B.S., Mississippi State University, M.S., University of Southern Mis- sissippi. DANIELS, JACK LEMORE, Associate Professor of Guidance and Counseling, B.S., University of Texas, M.Ed., Stephen F. Austin State College, Ph.D., East Texas State University. D'AQUILLA, SYLVESTER, In- structor of Mathematics, Keesler Air Force Base Resident Center, B.S., M.S., University of South- ern Mississippi. DAVIDSON, VILLIAM VAN, Assistant Professor of Geography, B.A., Union University, M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers. DAVIS, JAMES LOUIS, Asso- ciate Professor of Management, M.S., Ph.D., University of South- ern Mississippi. DAVIS, JAMES LOUIS, Asso- ciate Professor of Management, B.S., M.S., University of South- ern Mississippi: doctoral study. Louisiana State University. DAVIS, JAMES TREADWELL, Professor of History. B.S.. Mem- DAVIS, JULIA McBROOM, Associate Professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences, B.A., M.S., Northwestern State College of Louisiana: Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi. DAWSON. CHARLES As- sistant Professor of Biology, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, B.S., University of Miami. DEAR, JAMES ESTUR, Profes- sor of Accounting, B.S., North- east Louisiana State College, M.B.A., Ph.D., Louisiana State University. DENNIS, PERRY BROOKS, Assistant Professor of Music Ed- ucation and Assistant Professor of Education, B.S., Misissippi State University, B.Mus.Ed., Vander- crook School of Music, M.Mus. Ed., University of Michigan. DICKERSON, GALE SAN- DERS, Assistant Professor of Home Economics, B.S., M.S., University of Southern Missis- sippi. DOD, GLENNA ASBURY, Part- time Instructor of Business Edu- cation, B.S., M.A., East Kentucky University. DONOHUE, JOHN ROBERT, Associate Professor of Music, B.M., M.M., Louisiana State University, Ph.D., Michigan State 'University. DONOVAN, JACK POLLARD, Associate Professor of Music Ed- ucation, B.S., M.Mus., University of Nebraska, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi. DORE, DONALD EDWARD, JR., Instructor of Biology, B.S., M.D., Louisiana State University. DOUMAS, CHRISTOS LEON- IDAS, Professor of Political Sci- ence, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Univer- sity of California at Los Angeles. DOWNEY, RAYMOND VIVI- AN, Instructor of English, B.A., William Carney College, M.A., University of Southern Mississippi. DRAIN, LOIS ARENDER, As- sistant Professor of Home Eco- nomics, B.S., Northeastem State College, M.S., Oklahoma State University. DUBARD, NETTIE ETOILE, Associate Professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences, B.S., Mary Hardin-Baylor 'University, M.A., George Peabody College, gradu- ate study, University of Texas, University of Utah, Central In- stitute of the Deaf at Washing- ton University, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi. DUKE, JAMES ROGERS, As- sistant Professor of Art, B.A., 'University of California at Santa Barbara: M.A., University of California at Los Angeles. DUNIGAN, NANCY CASEY, Assistant Professor of Mathe- matics, A.B., Greensboro College, M.M., University of Tennessee, doctoral study, Northwestern University. DUPUY, LINDA CAROL HALL. Assistant Professor of Nursing, B.S.N., University of Alabama. any New T 6 tmmllm, ir nu I ing Chairman of Department of Computer Science and Statistics Ed.D., University of Alabama. COTTEN, PAUL DAVID, SR., 4 phis State University, M.A.. Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. DURKEE, PETER EASTON, Dean of Student Affairs and As- sociate Professor of Guidance, B.A., M.A., Colgate University, Ph.D., University of Southem Mississippi. EASTERLING, HENRY BEN- JAMIN, Professor of Education, B.S., University of Southem Mis- sissippi, M.A., University of Ala- bama, Ed.D., Duke University. ECHOLS, JAMES EWELL, JR., Colonel, U.S.A., Chairman of Department of Military Science and Professor of Military Science, B.S., M.B.A., University of South- ern Mississippi. ESSARY, ALICE WILKIN- SON, Instructor of Mathematics, B.S., M.S., University of South- ern Mississippi. ESTES, THOMAS GLEN- VALL, JR., Assistant Professor of Accoun-ting, B.S., University of Southern Mississippi, M.S., Ok- lahoma State University, Ph.D., University of Arkansas. EUBANKS, MASON LEON, As- sistant Professor of English, B.S., University of Southern Missis- sippi, M.A., Un-iversity of Missis- sippi, graduate study, George Peabody College. EURE, MARTHA NETTER- VILLE, Librarian I, Assistant Cataloger, B.S., University of Southern Mississippi. EVERETT, WALTER KEN- NEDY, Assistant Professor of English, B.A., M.A., Mississippi College, doctoral study, Univer- sity of North Carolina. F AGERBERG, SEIGF RED WALTER, Assistant Professor of Health, and Physical Education, B.S., Union Un-iversity, M.Ed., Memphis State University, Ed.D., University of Southern Mississippi. FAULKINBERRY, MARY EVELYN McCOMIC, Professor of Home Economics, B.S., Texas Woman's University, M.S., Colo- rado State University, Ph.D., Texas Woman's University. FELDER, VIRGINIA ISA- BELLE, Professor of Mathe- matics, A.B., Mississippi State College for Women, M.S., Tu- lane 'University , Ed.D., Columbia University. FELTY, LARRY THOMAS, As- sistant Professor of Art Educa- tion, B.S., M.S., East Texas State University. FIKE, CLAUDE EDWIN, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Professor of History, A.B., Duke University, A.M., Colum- bia University, Ph.D., University of Illinois. FISCHER, BARBARA ANN, As- sistant Professor of Biology, B.A., University of Missouri, M.A., University of California at Berke- ley, Ph.D., St. Louis University. FISH, ARTHUR GEOFFREY, Associate Professor of Biology, B.S., Carleton University, M.S., McGill University, 'Ph.D., Uni- versity of British Columbia. FITCH, HUBERT VENSON, Assistant Professor of Music, B.Mus., M.Mus., University of Michigan, doctoral study, Co- lumbia University. FLOWERS, JOHN MORGAN, JR., Associate Professor of Sci- ence Education, A.B., M.S., Uni- versity of Alabama, M.Ed., Ed.D., Duke University. FLYNT, MADELINE VIR- GINIA, Assistant Professor of Li- bra Science A.B. William FY , Carey College, Certificate in Li- brary Science, University of Ala- bama, M.A., George Peabody College. FOLSE, RAYMOND FRANCIS, JR., Associate Professor of Phys- ics, B.S., Loyola University, Ph.D., Louisiana State Univer- sity. FOLTZ, DAVID BARON, Chairman of Department of Mu- sic and Professor of Music, B.M., M.M., Illinois Wesleyan Univer- sity, Mus.D., Texas Wesleyan College. FONTECCHIO, GIOVANNI, Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages, B.S., Northern Michi- gan University, M.A., Louisiana State University. FORD, WILLIAM COLUM- BUS, JR., Assistan-t Professor of Art, B.F.A., Memphis Academy of Arts, M.A., University of Ala- bama. FRIEDMAN, LORA RUTH MOSKOWITZ, Associate Pro- fessor of Education, B.S., M.A., City College of New York, Ed.D., University of Florida. GANDY, RUDOLPH BURKS, Instructor of Communication B.S., Arkansas A. and M., M.A., University of Mississippi. GATES, CARL JAY, Counselor and Assistant Professor of Guid- ance, B.S., M.S., Ed.D., Univer- sity of Southern Mississippi. GEORGE, ALBERT DONALD, Professor of Communication, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Louisiana State University. GOLDEN, JEWEL, Professor of Home Economics, B.S., Auburn 'Un-iversity, M.A., Columbia Uni- versity, Ph.D., Florida State Uni- versity. GONZALES, JOHN ED- MONDS, The William D. Mc- Cain Professor of History, B.S., M.A., Louisiana State University, Ph.D., University of North Caro- lina. GOOSSENS, PIERRE J., Assis- tant Professor of Geology, DR. SCI., Universite Catholique de Louvain. GORE, BILL WES, Director of Natchez Resident Center and.In- structor of Mathematics, B.S., Mississippi College, M.S., Uni- versity of Mississippi. GOTTLEBER, HENRY AR- THUR, Associate Professor of Management and Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Business Ad- ministration, B.S., University of Southern Mississippi, M.B.A., Boston University, Ph.D., Uni- versity of Arkansas. GOWER, ALBERT EDWARD, Associate Professor of Music, A.B., Sacramento State College' 3 J M.M., University of Oregon, Ph.D., North Texas State Univer- sit . GOWER, WILLIAM TURNER, Chairman of Department of Mu- sic Education and Professor of Music Education, B.Mus., M. Mus., University of Denver, M.F.A., Ph.D., University of Iowa. GRANTHAM, BILLY JOE, As- sistant Professor of Biology, B.S., M.S., Ph.Q,,, University of South- ern Mississippi. GRANTHAM, WILLIAM RA- DER, Dean of Men and Assis- tant Professor of Health and Phys- ical Education, B.S., M.A., Uni- versity of Southern Mississippi, doctoral study, Louisiana State University. GREEN, BILLY LEON, Direc- tor of Data Processing and Part- time Instructor of Finance, B.S., M.B.A., University of Southern Mississippi. GREENE, JOSEPH ARTH'UR, JR., Dean of the School of Busi- ness Administration and Professor of Economics, B.A., Berea Col- lege, M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia. GREESON, BRANTLEY DEES, Part-time Instructor of Music Ed- ucation, B.M., M.M., Westmin- ster Choir College. GREGORY, JOHN ROBERT, Associate Professor of Communi- cation, B.A., M.A., Montana State University, Ph.D., Univer- sity of Illinois. GUIBBORY, YENOIN EPHRI- AM, Assistant Professor of Music, B.Mus., Ph.D., West Virginia University. GUICE, JOHN DAVID WYNNE, Assistant Professor of History, B.A., Yale University, M.A., University of Texas, Ph.D., University of Colorado. GUILBEAU, NEWTS EAS- TON, Assistant Professor of Mu- sic Education, B.Mus., M.M.Ed., North Texas State University. GUNN, ERIC McCOY, Dean of College of Education and Psy- chology and Professor of Educa- tion, B.S., M.A., University of Southern Mississippi, Ed.D., George Peabody College. GUNTER, GORDON, Professor of Biology, A.B., Northwestern State College of Louisiana, M.A., Ph.D., University of Texas. GUTSCH, KENNETH URIAL, Professor of Guidance, B.M., 'University of Miami, M.Ed., University of Mississippi, Ed.D., Florida State University. GWIN, STANFORD PAYNE, Chairman of Department of Communication and Associate Professor of Communication, B.S., M.S., University of South- ern Mississippi, Ph.D., University of Florida. HAGENSON, CLIFFORD HELMAR, Administrative Assis- tant and Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, B.S. Ed., University of Illinois, Ph.M., University of Wisconsin, gradu- ate study, University of Illinois. 344 HALES, GRAHAM LEE, JR., Chaplain and Coordinator of Re- ligious Activities and Assistant Professor of Religion and Philos- ophy, B.A., Millsaps College, B.D., Th.D., Southem Baptist Seminary. HALEY, BETTY BROWN, As- sistant Professor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., M.S., Northwestern State College of Louisiana, Ed.D., Louisiana State University. HAMMAN, ALTHRA HOWSE GILL, Associate Professor of Home Economics, B.S., Univer- sity of Southern Mississippi, M.S., University of Tennessee, Ph.D., Texas Woman's College. HAMPTON, KENNETH GER- ALD, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, B.S., Wake Forest College, Ph.D., Duke University. HANSON, JAMES THOMAS, Librarian II, Mississippi Room, B.S., Louisiana State University. HARE, ALTON LAMAR, As- sistant Professor of Mathematics, B.S., Northeast Louisiana State College, M.S., Louisiana Poly- technic Institute, graduate study, Aubury University. F HARKINS, M. ELIZABETH CATHERINE, Dean of the School of Nursing and Professor of Nursing, B.S.N.E., St. Mary College, M.S.N., Catholic Uni- versity, doctoral study, Florida State University. HARMON, MARY MIXON, In-structor of Foreign Languages, B.A., University of Americas, M.A., University of Southern Mississippi. HARPER, GLENN TERRY, As- sociate Professor of History, B.A., Furman University, M.A., Ph.D., Duke University. HARRINGTON, EARNEST LAWRENCE, Track Coach, Trainer, Equipment Manager, and Instructor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., M.Ed., University of Southern Missis- sippi. HARTWIG, GILBERT FRED- ERICK, Professor of Theatre Arts, Ph.B., M.A., Marquette University, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. HARWOOD, ALAN EDWARD Assistant Professor of Art Educa- tion, B.S., University of Tampa' M.A., University of Mississippi. HATCHER, WILLIAM HAM- ILTON, Chairman of Depart- ment of Political Science, Direc- tor of University Honors Program, and Professor of Political Science, B.A., M.A., University of Arkan- sas, Ph.D., Duke University. HAYNIE, JERRY THOMAS Assistant Professor of Music Ed- ucation, B.M., Union University, M.M., George Peabody College for Teachers. HAYS, PATRICIA RUTH Mc- COY, Instructor of Music, B.M. Ed., M.A., University of South- ern Mississippi. HESSON, FERN ROGERS, As- sistan-t Professor of Home Eco- nornics, B.S., M.A., University of 5 3 3 9495 pf I 4 ifmfi-M 21533 li W fffj ,Hwy diff: fan, H0304 ill, PM fwfr iUl,lfwBg1fl1' ' will nf. ,W lf' :ii ll. 55516 'I .fllwf d wg: 9 ,wif W ,ipff',,1,ug'igs wg Al' 55. ,UP llfVLl"i'hD ,jim 9l5l3"f,a Iv B 11 ' Fd 'f limi'-' 9 .2 ', En lim? ML iq 109 Dwi trim 1 W' sm GW? 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'S 5 mllilpiiilivigClgEieJ1iMAl1iiieriiiifrust0r is Muisic Educatiori, B.M.Ed., . HlllUniversity of Southern Missis- HJ,5ippi, M.Mus.Ed., Northwestern f A f 'U ' ity. I . Q I5 '51hiiHgiiiiN, CHARLES MORRIS, ' 7 -s hm Associate Professor of Geology, 1 -:Nik ml,q,fB.S., Hsigs1bssg.c01,ggsbA.M., 6 dh DukefU'F1vers1ty, Ph. ., n-1ver- 5 , asxt o exas. ii Hu HOUSLEY, Research Associate K , ' H and Assistant Professor of Eco- , A nomics, B.S., East Tennessee is - , , State University, Ph.D., Florida M sm mmil State University. t . QSM-ill I Audi.: get UU-hum. 1 Milli- ntrgi f lf-Lllliiifi ll-iii ,gn U rmrimii I D atm miata lr Until! fmvmii R Ubi Mm, I. ,I I , ts ' I-:MMM D 'B W rflmsi? .ML IIE. ,mlm BK! U, gg if f2,,?'riv.ff M91 W viii W 'P H Htllf00llM6,g """ Us ,mit Al. twill- at amlmlgf till' df. Iwi if -fvtfriif -W W ff7r.i.l,",,l'iE ai- . plI.g,i 2 ,ffm gfddnfxlgllllii 545,352,514 gflnwl. Wlfviffi- Eigapiimiuiigli MW' HOWELL, JOHN EMORY, As- sistant Professor of Chemistry, B.S.Ed., Marion College M.N.S., Arizona State University 5 Ph.D., University of Iowa. HOWLE, JAMES BOYD, Cap- tain, U.S.A., B.S., Clemson Uni- versity, Assistant Professor of Military Science. HOWSE, HAROLD D., Associ- ate Professor of Biology Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, B.S., M.S., University of Southern Mississippi, Ph.D., Tulane Uni- versity. HUCK, JOSEPH FRANCIS, Associate Professor of Music, Mus.B., M.M., American Con- servatory, graduate study, Ameri- can Conservatory, Chicago Mus- ical College, HUCKABEE, MALCOLM WAYNE, Professor of Psychol- 0S'Ys B.A., Mississippi College, M-A-, Texas Christian Univer- SIWS Ph-D., University of South- ern Mississippi. HUGHES, WILLIAM EU- GENE, Chairman of Department Rf PhYSics and Professor of Phys- ICS: University of Southern Mississippi, Ph.D., University of Alabama, HUMPHRIES, BETTY SUE, Instructor of Home Economics, If-S-, University of Southern Mis- sissippr, HUNTER, ELVIN MAX, Chair- man of Department of Industrial and Technical Education and Pf'-Vfcssor of Industrial and Tech- UICS-1 Education, B.S., M.Ed., gd-D., University of Missouri. AURST, GEORGE GIBSON, Essistant Professor of Science ducauons B.S., University of Southern Mississippi, M.S, Tu- 13-HC University. , IMBRAGULIO, GEORGE EU- GENT, Assistant Professor of Music, B.M., M.M., Michigan State University, summer study, Aspen, Colorado, St. Cecilia Con- servatory, Rome, Italy, Florida State University, Michigan State University. INGLERIGHT, GEORGE ADAMS, Major, U.S.A., Assis- tant Professor of Military Science, B.S., Florence State University. IRBY, BOBBY NEWELL, Chair- man of Department of Science Education and Associate Profes- sor of Science Education, B.A., University of Washington, M.S., Ed.D., University of Mississippi. IVY, THOMAS TUCKER, As- sistant Professor of Marketing, B.A., Hendrix College, M.Ed., University of Arkansas, doctoral study, Arizona State University. JACKSON, HOWARD OLI- VER, Assistant Dean of School of Business Administration and Associate Professor of Accounting, B.S., M.A., University of South- ern Mississippi , graduate study, University of Alabama. JEROME, RAOUL FRANK HOWARD, Assistant Professor of Music Education, B.M., M.M., North Texas State University. JOHNSON, ALVIS CLAYTON, Director of Keesler Air Force Base and Harrison County Resi- dent Centers and Assistant Pro- fessor of Political Science, B.S., University of Southern Missis- sippi, M.A., University of Mis- sissippi, J.D., University of Alabama. JOHNSON, MARION CLOW- ER, Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., University of Southern Missis- sippi, M.S., Louisiana State Uni- versity. JOHNSON, RICHARD SIKES, Professor of English, B.A., South- ern Methodist University, M.A., University of Oregon, Ph.D., University of Denver. JOHNSON, ROGER BARTON, Chairman of Department of Foreign Languages and Associate Professor of Foreign Languages, B.A., 'University of Southern Mis- sissippi, A.M., Ph.D., University of Illinois. JOHNSTON, LEROY, Assistant Professor of Music Education, B.A., Kansas State Teachers College, M.S., Julliard School of Music, doctoral study, University of Southern California. JONES, LLOYD EDWARD, Part-time Instructor of Music Education, B.S., M.A., University of Alabama. JORDAN, BRYCE DONNELL, Associate Professor of FiI1aIiCC, B.S., Mississippi State University, M.P.A., Harvard UniversitY5 doc- toral study, University of Ala- bama. KAY, WALLACE GRANT, Cur- riculum Director of Universifl' Honors Program and A550013-te Professor of English, B-A-, South' ern Methodist UniversitYS M-A-s Ph.D., Emory Univers1tY- i KAZELSKIS, RICHARD, A5515' tant Professor Educational Ad- 345 ministration, B.S., Ed.D., Unit-er- sity of Georgia. KECK, WILLIAM THOMAS Assistant Professor of Music Edu: cation, B.M., Eastman School of MUSIC? M-M., Vandercrook Col- lege of Music. KELLEY, ARTHELL, Acting Chairman of Department gf GCOgraphy and Professor of Geog- raphy, B.S., University of South- ern Mississippi, M.A., University of Missouri, Ph.D., University of Nebraska. KENAMOND, FREDERICK DILL, Associate Professor of Ac- counting, A.B., Shepherd College, M.S., University of Southem Mi55i55iPPi3 Ph-D-, University of Alabama. KIMENIS, VISVALDIS, Cap- tain, U.S.A., Assistant Professor of Military Science, B.A., Nor- wich Un-iversity. KING, JOHN MORGAN, Chair- man, Department of Recreation, and Professor of Recreation, B.S., Mississippi College, M.S., Uni- versity of Florida, Re.D., Indiana University. KING, ROBERT WILLIAM, Associate Professor of Mathe- matics, B.S., M.A., University of Southern Mississippi, M.S., Ph.D., Florida State University. KING, ROGER TERRY, Associ- ate Professor of Finance, B.B.A., University of Mississippi, M.B.A., D.B.A., Texas Technological Col- lege. KNIGHT, DAVID WINSTON, Associate Professor of Education and Director of Reading Center, B.S., University of Florida, M.Ed., Mississippi College, Ph.D., Florida State 'University. KNIGHT, HAROLD VICTOR, Director of Research and Educa- tional Programs and Associate Professor of Educational Admin- istration, B.S., Livingston State College, M.S.Ed., Northwestern State College of Louisiana, Ed.D., University of Southern Missis- sippi. KNIGHTON, WILLIAM LEE, Instructor of Mathematics, B.A., Louisiana State University. KOEPPEL, JOHN CARRING- TON, Associate Professor of Psychology, B.S., M.A., Memphis State University, Ph.D., Okla- homa State University. LACY, ROBERT PAUL, Asso- ciate Professor of Communication, B.S., M.S., Indiana State Uni- versity, Ph.D., The Ohio State University. LA FEVERS, J AMES RONDAL, Instructor of Geography, B-5-s State College of Arkansas, M.A., University of Southem Missis- sippi. LAYTON, JAMES RONALD, Instructor of Curriculum and Instruction, B.S., M.A., Appla- chian State University. LEBSACK, SHARON ELAINE, Assistant Professor of Music Edu- cation, B.A., B.M., M.A., Colo- rado State College. LEE, BILLY EUGENE, Instruc- tor of Curriculum and Instruc- tion, Student Teaching, Biloxi, Mississippi, B.S., M.Ed., Missis- sippi State University, Ed.D., University of Mississippi. LEMOINE, SHERWOOD JOHN, Instructor of Finance, B.S., University of Southwest Louisiana. LESTER, THERESA GOELL- NER, Assistant Professor of Nurs- ing, B.S., 'University of Missis- sippi School of Nursing, M.N., University of Florida. LEWIS, ARNOLD DAVID, Associate Professor of Biology, B.S., Louisiana State University, M.S., Auburn University, Ph.D., Louisiana State University. LEWIS, EDDIE MILEY, ln- structor of Economics, B.S., M.B.A., University of Southern Mississippi. LI, CHEN-TUAN, Associate Professor of Economics, B.A., National Chingchi University, M.A., Ph.D., University of Flor- ida. LIGHT, MARGARET PANSY, Instructor of Mathematics, B.S., University of Southern Missis- sippi, M.A., M.S., Auburn Uni- versity. LINTON, ADRIANNE DILL, Instructor of Nursing, B.S., Uni- versity of Southern Mississippi. LOK, WALTER JAMES, Chair- man of Department of Art and Professor of Art, B.Des., M.Des., University of Michigan, Ph.D., University of Alabama. LOWE, JAMES DOUGLAS, JR., Professor of Psychology, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., University of Alabama. LUCAS, AUBREY KEITH, Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Education, B.S., M.A., University of Southem Mississippi, Ph.D., Florida State University. LUCY, HERBERT EUGENE, Director of Student Counseling and Associate Professor of Psy- chology, B.A., William Carey College, M.Ed., Ed.D., Univer- sity of Southern Mississippi. MCCARTHY, MARY MAR- GARET, Assistant Professor of Home Economics, B.S., M.A., University of Southem Missis- sippi, Ph.D., Louisiana State University. MCCARTNEY, JESSE FRANK- LIN, Assistant Professor of En- glish, B.S., Oklahoma State University, M.A., doctoral study, University of Arkansas. MCCARTY, KENNETH GRA- HAM, JR., Assistant Professor of History, B.S., M.A., University of Southern Mississippi, Ph.D., Duke University. MCCARVER, CLARENCE ED- WARD, Director of Graduate Studies and Professor of Health and Physical Education, A.B., Howard Payne College, B.S., M.A., George Washington Uni- versity, Ed.D., University of Texas. MCCOOL, JAMES MAX, Lieu- tenant Colonel, U.S.A., Associate Professor of Military Science, B.S., University of Southern Mis- sissippi. MCCRAW, Assistant Professor of English, B.S., Massachusetts In- stitute of Technology, M.A., Ph.D., Tulane University. MCCULLOUGH, JAMES PEARSE, Assistant Professor of Psychology, B.A., Louisiana State 'University, B.D., Southern Meth- odist University, M.S., Ph.D., University of Georgia. McCUTCHEN, FRANCES JONES VARNER, B.A., M.A., Assistant Professor of Geography, B.A., University of Tennessee, M.A., Memphis State University, doctoral study, University of Georgia. MCDUFF, LAURENCE HEI- DELBERG, B.S.C., M.B.A., C.P.A., Assistant Professor of Ac- counting, B.S.C., University of Mississippi, M.B.A., University of Southern Mississippi. MCGOWEN, DOUGLAS NEALE, B.S., M.S., Instructor of Industrial and Technical Educa- tion, B.S., M.S., University of Southern Mississippi. MCGREW, WYNEMA, B.S.N., M.N., Assistant Professor of Nursing, B.S.N., University of Tennessee, M.N., University of Washington. MCHENRY, CHARLOTTE SWALES, B.S., Assistant Profes- sor of Nursing, B.S., University of Mississippi School of Nursing. McKEE, JESSE OSCAR, B.S. in ED., M.A., Assistant Professor of Geography, B.S. in Ed., Clarion State College, M.A., Michigan State University. MCMILLEN, NEIL RAYMOND, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Dean of Basic College and Assistant Professor of History, B.A., M.A., University Southern Mississippi, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. MCNINCH, GEORGE HAAS, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D., Assistan-t Professor of Curriculum and In- struction, B.S., University of Southern Mississippi, M.Ed., University of Mississippi, Ed.D., University of Georgia. MCPHAIL, JAMES HAROLD, B.S., M.Ed., Chairman of Depart- ment of Educational Administra- tion and Supervision and Professor of Educational Admin- istration, B.S., M.Ed., University of Southern Mississippi, Ed.D., Boston University. MCQUISTON, JAMES MER- WYN, JR., B.S., Assistant Profes- sor of Economics, B.S., University of Southern Mississippi, doctoral study, University of Virginia. MCRAVEN, PATRICIA ANNE, B.A., M.A., Instructor of English, B.A., Little Rock University' M.A., University of Arkansas. MADSEN, THEODORE WAL- TER, B.A., M.A., Assistant Pro- fessor of Music Education, B.A., Colorado State College, M.A., University of Iowa. MAHAFFEY, ROBERT BRUCE, Chairman of Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences and Associate Professor of Speech and 3 Hearing Sciences, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., The Ohio State Univer- sity. MANGUM, DAVID ERNEST, Instructor of Religion, B.A., M.A., University of Southern Mississippi. MANNONI, RAYMOND, Dean of School of Fine Arts and Pro- fessor of Music, B.S., Kansas State College, B.M., UI1iV6I'S1l5Y of Michigan, M.M.Ed., North- western University, Mus. Ed.D., Chicago Musical College, study, U.S. Navy School of Music, Uni- versity of Chicago, Kansas Uni- versity. MARTIN, THOMAS STAN- LEY, Director of Student Health Services and Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Educa- tion, B.S., Mississippi College, M.Ed., University of Southern Mississippi, M.D., University of Mississippi. MASON, ROBERT FINDLEY, Assistant Professor of Music Edu- cation, D.R.S.A.M., Royal Scot- tish Academy of Music, M.M., University of Southern Missis- sippi. MATTHEWS, JACK GIBSON, Assistant Professor of Science Education, B.S.E., Henderson State College, M.S., University of Arkansas, Ph.D., The Ohio State University. MEADOR, MARY VIRGINIA, Librarian II, Assistant Reference Librarian, B.S., University of Southern Mississippi. MEARS, WILLIAM FRANCIS, Librarian II, Assistant, Public Services, B.S., Tampa University, M.S., University of Southern Mississippi. MEHEARG, LILLIEN ERL, Professor of Psychology, B.A., Millsaps College, M.A., Louisiana State University, Ph.D., Univer- sity of Southern Mississippi. MENDENHALL, RICHARD JUNIUS, Assistant Professor of History, Keesler Air Force Base Resident Cen-ter, B.S., Livingston State University, M.Ed., 'Univer- sity of Southern Mississippi. MERRIFIELD, VERNON EU- GENE, Assistant Professor of Arts, B.F.A., M.A., University of Alabama. MESROBIAN, ROBERT, Assis- tant Professor and Director o-f Opera Theatre, B.F.A., M.F.A., Boston University College of Music. MILAM, JESSE LLOYD, Pro- fessor of Health and Physical Education, B.A., Louisiana Poly- technic Institute, M.A., Ed.D. Columbia University. MILLER, LEO REYNOLDS, Professor of Elementary Educa- tion, B.S:Ed., Kansas City, Mis- souri Teachers College, M.S.Ed., University of Kansas, Ed.D., The Pennsylvania State University. MILNER, LOUELLA GILL, Associate Professor of Home Eco- nomics, B.S., M.S., Ed.D., Uni- versity of Southern Mississippi. MOBLEY, LOLA PENNYAN, Assistant Professor of Political 3 Science, B.A., M-A-, George Washington University, doctoral study, University of Kentucky. MOELLER, CARL A., Associate Professor of Industrial and Tech- nical Education, A.B., Michigan State College, M.Ed., Texas Agricultural and Mechanical Col- lege, Ed.D., Wayne State Univer- sit . MBOFFAT, GENE HERBERT, Assistant Professor of Psychology, B.S., Allegheny College, A.M., Northern Illinois University, Ph.D., University of South Da- kota. MOORE, ROY NEWTON, As- sistant Professor of Management, B.S., M.B.A., University of South- ern Mississippi, doctoral study, University of Alabama. MOORMAN, CHARLES WICK- LIFFE, Dean of the University and Professor of English, A.B., Kenyon College, M.A., Ph.D., Tulane 'University , Guggenheim Fellow. MOORMAN, RUTH GLIND- MEYER, Part-time Assistant Pro- fessor of Foreign Languages, A.B., Agnes Scott College, M.A., University of Cincin-nati. MORGAN, JEROLD JOSEPH, Chairman of the Department of Accounting and Professor of Ac- counting, B.S., University of Southern Mississippi, M.B.A., University of Houston, Ph.D., University of Alabama. MORRELL, JOSEPH S., Associ- ate Professor of Mathematics, B.S., University of Southwest Louisiana, M.S., Louisiana State University, Ph.D., Florida State University. MULLINS, JOE BARRY, Pro- fessor of Music and Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Fine Arts, B.Mus., Southwestern at Mem- phis, M.M., George Peabody College, Ed.D., University of Illinois. MULLINS, VIRGINIA LOU WILLIAMS, Instructor of Mathe- matics, B.S., Northeast Louisiana College, M.S., University of Illinois. MUNN, JACK DOUGLAS, As- sociate Professor of Mathematics, B.S., University of Southern Mississippi, M.A., University of Alabama, graduate study, Okla- homa State 'University. MUNSELL, DONALD THOMAS, Assistant Professor of Music Education, B.M., Univer- sity of Miami, M.A., Ph.D., State University of Iowa. MURPHY, SHIRLEY, Librarian II, Reference Librarian, B.S., University of Southern Missis- sippi, M.S., Louisiana State Un-i- versity. MUSGRAVE, RAY SIGLER, Chairman of Department of Psy- chology and Professor of -Psychol- Ogy, B.A., Bethany College, M.A. Ohio Wesleyan University, Ph.D. Syracuse University. MYERS, MILNER HOWARD, Librarian I, Science and Tech- nology, B.S., University of South- ern Mississippi. 3 3 346 NADERHOFF, GWINN JR Counselor and Instructbr 0? French and Guidance, Harrison County Resident Center, BIA M.Ed., University of Southerx Mississippi. NAGURNEY, FRANK KLEIN Instructor of Computer Science and Statistics, B.A., Rider Col. lege. NAU, JOHN FREDERICK, Dis- tinguished University Professor of Religion and Philosophy, B.D., Concordia Seminary, M,A,, Tu, lane University, Ph.D., University of South Carolina. NESBITT, HOWARD CAR. ROLL, Professor of Health, Phys- ical Education, and Recreation, B.A., Washington College, M.A., Ed.D., Columbia University. NE'UMANN, EDITHA SCHLANSTEDT, Associate Pro- fesor of Foreign Languages, B.A., University of Berlin, S.S.W., University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D., Tulane University. NEUMANN, KARL, Professor of Music Education, LL.D., Prague University, M.F.A., Car- negie Institute of Technology. NICHOLS, DUDLEY STEPH- EN, JR., Instructor of English, Natchez Resident Center, B.A., M.A., Mississippi College. NIELSEN, SALLY TOM HEMP- HILL, Instructor of Education, B.S., William Carey College, M.Ed., University of Southern Mississippi. WISSAN, EDWARD, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Statistics, B.S., M.A., Uni- versity of Kansas, Ph.D., Texas A. and M. 'University. NORRIS, DONALD EARL, JR., Assistant Professor of Biology, B.S., Indiana State Un-iversity, M.S., Ph.D., Tulane University. NORRIS, MARTHA FRANCES HILL, Librarian I, Assistant Cataloger, B.S., University of Southern Mississippi. NORSWORTHY, JOHN Mc- CALL, Assistant Professor of Spe- cial Education, B.S., M.Ed., Mis- sissippi State University, Ed.D., University of Southem Missis- sippi. NORWOOD, WILLIAM DUR- WARD, Chairman of Department of English and Professor of En- glish, B.A., Baylor University, M.A., Lamar State College of Technology, Ph.D., University of Texas. NOWAKOWSKI, MARIAN ZYGMUNT, Assistant Professor of Music, Performance Diploma, Conservatory of Music and Fine Arts, Lwon, Poland. OLIVER, CHARLES MICH- AEL, Director of Conferences, and Extension and Instructor of Guidance, Division of Continu- ing Education, B.S., M.S., East Texas State College, Ed.D., Um' versity of Southern Mississippi. ORANGE, LINWOOD ELDEN, Professor of English, A.B., M-A-1 Ph.D., Duke University. OUBRE, WILLIE VERNON, Instructor of Law Enforcement, L i J igvli '51 . Y it flip M olfpw, uf V 5051 BJ, 3514. 1.394 WG ' zlolwl f . , N 1?Z.lg,'W 'fra Jill 5,15 15 swim lllpmif ' W me . W. 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OVERSTREET, ROBIN M., As- sistant Professor of Biology, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, B.S., University of Oregon, M.S., Ph.D., University of Miami. OWINGS, FANNIE OZELL, As- sistant Professor of Home Eco- nomics, B.S., University of Southern Mississippi, M.S., Uni- versity of Tennessee, graduate study, University of Kentucky, Michigan State University. OZERDIN, HALIL, Instructor of Psychology, Harrison County Resident Center, B.A., Hunting- don College, M.A., University of Southem Mississippi. PADGETT, CLIFTON OS- BORN, Assistant Professor of Education, B.A., William Carey College, M.Ed., Univerity of Southern Mississippi. PARKER, PATRICIA ALICE, Assistant Professor of Music, B.Mus., M.Mus., University of Michigan. PAUL, JOEY HAROLD, In- structor of Mathematics, Natchez Resident Center, B.S., M.S., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. PAULSON, OSCAR LAW- RENCE, JR., Associate Professor of Geology, B.S., M.S., Mississippi State University, Ph.D., Louisi- ana State 'University. PEDDICORD, PAUL WAL- LACE, Chairman of Department of Curriculum and Instruction and Professor of Educational Foundations, B.A., Furma.n Uni- versity, M.Ed., University of Houston, Ed.D., Duke Univer- sity. PERRY, FLORENCE LIGHT- SEY, Librarian II, Education and Psychology, B.S., M.S., University of Southern Mississippi. PESSONEY, GEORGE FRAN- CIS, III, Chairman of Depart- ment of Biology and Associate Professor of Biology, B.S., M.S., Sam Houston State College, Ph.D., University of Texas. PETERS, RICHARD CLARK, Instructor of Curriculum and In- struction, B.A., Milton College. PHILLIPPI, BRAIN MICHAEL, Instructor of Computer Science and Statistics and Systems Pro- grammer, B.S., University of Southern Mississippi. PHILLIPS, OLIVER OTTO, Assistant Professor of Elementary Education, B.S., M.A., Ed.D., University of Southem Missis- sippi. PIERCE, ELVA JO CROSS, In- structor of Nursing, Natchez Resi- dent Center, B.S., Northwestern State College of Louisiana. PIERCE, MARNELL, Assistant Professor of Special Education, B.A., M.Ed., University of Flor- ida. PIERLE, ROBERT CHRISTO- PHER, Assistant Professor of English, B.A., Hampden-Sydney College, M.A., Duke University, doctoral study, Auburn Univer- sity. PILIAWSKY, MONTE EDDY, Assistant Professor of Political Science, B.A., Louisiana State University at New Orleans, M.A., doctoral study, Tulane University. PINSON, Associate Professor of Chemistry, B.S., William Carey College, M.S., Ph.D., University of Mississippi. PITTMAN, PA'UL HOWARD, Part-time Instructor of Communi- cation, B.A., University of Mis- sissippi. PLUE, WILLIAM VILAS, Chairman of Department of Spe- cial Education and Associate Professor of Special Education, B.S., M.Ed., Lewis and Clark College, Ed.D., University of Oregon. POIRIER, WILLIAM HAR- VEY, Chairman of Department of Art Education and Associate Professor of Art Education, B.S., Eastern Michigan University, M.A., Ed.S., George Peabody College, Ed.D., University of Southern Mississippi. PORTER, CARRIE LOUISE, Instructor of English, A.B., Mis- sissippi State College for Women, M.A., University of Alabama. PORTER, DELTON, Counselor and Instructor of Guidance, Nat- chez Resident Center, B.S., M.Ed., Delta State College. POSEY, BETTY DRAKE, Li- brarian II, Periodicals, B.S., M.S., Auburn University. POTTER, RUSSELL HAY- WARD, IV, Librarian II, Collec- tion B.A., University of Southem Mississippi. POUND, GOMER JEFFREY, Assistant Dean of the School of Fine Arts and Professor of Music Education, Mus.B., Michigan State University, M.Mus.Ed., Ph.D. in M.Ed., Florida State University. PRENSHAW, ERIC RICHARD, Assistant Professor of Music Edu- cation, B.M., M.M., Northwestern University, D.M.A., University of Texas. PRESSER, WILLIAM HENRY, Associate Professor of Music, A.B., Alma College, Mus.M., University of Michigan, Ph.D., 'University of Manchester. QUARNSTRQM, ISAAC BLAINE, Chairman of Depart- ment of Theatre Arts and Asso- ciate Professor of Theatre Arts, B.S., M.A., Brigham Young Uni- versity, Ph.D., The Ohio State University. QUIMBY, CHARLES COOPER, Instructor of History, NatCh6Z Resident Center, B.A., M.Ed., Northeast Louisiana State Col- lege. RABIN, AVIS BEAUCHAMP, Assistant Professor of Nursing, B.S.N., Emory University, M.A., Columbia University. RABIN, MORTON HERBERT, Associate Professor of Psychology, B.A., New York University, M.A., 347 Columbia University, Ph.D., Flor- tda State University. RAINS, OHREN WILLIS, As- sistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, B.S., Arkansas Agricultural and Mechanical Col- lege, M.Ed., Alabama Polytech- nic Institute, Ed.D., Oklahoma State University. RATCLIFF, CHARLES HENRY, Associate Professor of Mathematics, B.M.E., Georgia In- stitute of Technology, M.S., Mis- sissippi State University, Ph.D., University of Alabama. RATCLIFF, RUTH ANN TAY- LOR, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, B.S., Mississippi State University, M.A., Ph.D., University of Alabama. RAYBORN, GRAYSON HANKS, Assistant Professor of Physics, B.S., Rensselaer, Ph.D., University of Florida. RAYMOND, DANIEL AR- TH'UR, JR., Captain, U.S.A., Assistant Professor of Military Science, B.S., The Citadel. REED, CAROLYN ANN, Li- brarian I, Humanities, B.S., Uni- versity of Southern Mississippi. RHODES, ROBERT CLYDE, Associate Professor of Speech and Hearing, B.S., Colorado State University, M.A., University of Colorado, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. RILEY, MYRAH NORINE WATKINS, Instructor of English, B.A., M.A., Graduate Study, Uni- versity of Southern Mississippi. RIVAS LUIS R., Associate Pro- fessor of Biology, B.L.-B.S., Que- bec Technical School. ROGERS, HILDA LYNELL, Assistant Professor of Home Eco- nomics, B.S., M.S., University of Southem Mississippi, Graduate Study, Eastern Kentucky State College. ROGERS, HOWARD NOAH, Instructor of History, Keesler Air Force Base and Harrison County Resident Centers, B.A., Franklin College, M.A., Indiana Univer- sity. ROGERS, KEN EDWARD, As- sistant Professor of Biology, B.S., Tennessee Polytechnic Institute, M.S., Auburn University, Ph.D., University of Tennessee. ROGERS, LOUIS LEROY, Di- rector of Office of Student Teach- ing and Professor of Education, B.S., M.A., University of South- ern Mississippi, Ed.D., University of Tennessee. ROUSH, ANNIE VAN LAND- INGHAM, Instructor of Micro- biology, B.S., Mississippi State College for Women. RYAN, MARGARET WILSON, Assistant Professor of Art Educa- tion, B.S., M.Ed., Florida Atlantic University, Ed.D., University of Florida. SAETRE, GILBERT THEO- DORE, .Associate Professor of Music Education, B.S., M.A. in Mus.Ed., New York University, Graduate Study,'Juilliard School of Music. ST. CLAIR, WILLIAM FEA- GIN, Associate Professor of Physics, B.S., University of Flor- ida, M.A., 'University of Alabama, Graduate Study, University of Alabama. SALINAS, YSIDRO, Instructor of Industrial and Technical Edu- cation, B.S., M.S., University of Southern Mississippi. SANFORD, AUBREY CECIL, Assistant Professor of Manage- ment, B.S., M.B.A., University of Southern Mississippi, Ph.D., Lou- isiana State University. SCARBOROUGH, WILLIAM KAUFFMAN, Associate Professor of History, A.B., University of North Carolina, M.A., Cornell University, Ph.D., University of North Carolina. SCHEEL, EDUARDO GON- ZALEZ, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages, B.A., M.A., doctoral study, University of Texas. SCHOELL, WILLIAM FRED- ERICK III, Associate Professor of Marketing, B.S., Louisiana State University at New Orleans, M.B.A., Ph.D., University of Arkansas. SCOGGINS, JAMES ANDREW, Instructor of Secondary Educa- tion, B.A., Vanderbilt University, M.Ed., University of Southern Mississippi. SEAL, JAMES WALTER, In- structor of Economics, B.S., Uni- versity of Southern Mississippi. SHAFFER, JOHN RICHARD, Professor of Curriculum and In- struction, B.S., Memphis State University, M.A., Teachers' Col- lege, Columbia University, Ed.D., Indiana University. SHAW, LUCRETIA FAYE, As- sistant Professor of Music, B.A., Northeastern State College, M. Mus. Eel., North Texas State Uni- versity. SHOEMAKER, DONALD JO- SEPH, Assistant Professor of So- ciology, B.A., Millsaps, M.A., Ph.D., University of Georgia. SIEVERS, CHARLES AUBREY, Assistant Professor of Education, B.M., Louisiana State University, M.Mus. Ed., University of Colo- rado. SIMMONS, HENRY LAMAR, Librarian I, Assistant, Mississippi Room, B.S., University of South- ern Mississippi. SIRMON, WILLIAM ARNOLD, Associate Professor of Finance, B.S., M.S., University of South- ern Mississippi, D.B.Z., Missis- sippi State University. ' SISEMORE, DAVID ALLEN, Assistant Professor of Psychology, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Arkansas. SIVERIO, RALPH MANUEL, Assista,nt Professor of Foreign Languages, International Student Adviser, and Consultant to En- glish Language Institute, B.S., Louisiana State University, Grad- uate Study, Louisiana State University, San Francisco State College. SKATES, CRAIG BARNWELL, Instructor of English, B.A., Mill- saps College, M.A., University of Southern Mississippi. SKATES, JOHN RAY, Chair- man of Department of History and Professor of History, B.B.A., University of Mississippi, M.A., Ph.D., 'University of Georgia. SLAY, BILLY BORDEN, Asso- ciate Professor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., M.S., University of Southern Missis- sippi, Ed.D., Louisiana State University. SMITH, BYRON COLMAN, Associate Professor of Biology, B.S., Indiana State University, .M.A., DePauw University, Ph.D., University of Georgia. SMITH, EDDIE MALVIN, In- structor of Science, Natchez Resi- dent Center, B.S., Mississippi State University, M.Ed., Univer- sity of Southern Mississippi. SMITH, JACK ALAN, Admin- istrative Assistant to Dean of University and Associate Profes- sor of English, B.S., Troy State College, M.A., Ph.D., Auburn University. SMITH, JAMES LOGAN, In- structor of Chemistry, A.B., M.D., George Washington University. SMITH, ROBERT DALTON, Assistant Professor of Political Science, B.A., University of Vir- ginia, Ph.D., Vanderbilt Univer- sity. SONNIER, ISADORE LEON, Associate Professor of Science Education, A.B., University of Southwestern Louisiana, A.M., Louisiana State University, Ed.D., Colorado State College. SOUTH, DONALD RAY, Chair- man of Department of Sociology and Associate Professor of So- ciology, B.S., University of South- ern Mississippi, M.S., Ph.D., Louisiana State 'University. SPEAIRS, FLORENCE ANN, Librarian I, Assistant Cataloger, B.A., University of Southern Mississippi. STAFFORD, BEVERLY LOUISE, Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., Southeastem- Louisiana Col- lege, M.S., Ed.D., Louisiana State University. STEGENGA, MARTIN, Chair- man of Department of Manage- ment and Professor of Manage- ment, B.S., M.S., Mississippi State University, D.B.A., Indiana Uni- versity. STEVENS, ROBERT ELLIS, Assistant Professor of Marketing, B.S., Arkansas State College, M.B.A., Doctoral Study, Univer- sity of Arkansas. STEWART, RIC OSCAR, In- structor of Computer Science B.S., University of Southern Mis- sissippi, M.C.S., Texas A, and M. University. STOCKER, LEONARD DON Associate Professor of Music A.B., University of Michigan M.A., Columbia University, Ph.D., Florida State University. STOCKS, PETER KONRAD, Chairman of Department of Mi- crobiology and Professor of 7 7 x Microbiology, B.S., Millsaps Col- lege, M.S., University of South- ern Mississippi, Ph.D., Louisiana State University. STOUT, PAULINE ROGERS, Research and Editorial Assistant to the President and Instructor of English, A.B., Concord College, M.A., University of North Caro- lina. STROUD, ROLAND RAY, JR., Part-time Instructor of Foreign Languages, B.A., M.A., Univer- sity of Southern Mississippi. STURDIVANT, MARY BABB, Assistant Professor of Nursing, B.S.N., University of Mississippi School of Nursing, M.N., Emory University. SULLIVAN, WARREN CLAY- TON, Associate Professor of Re- ligion, B.A., Mississippi College, B.D., Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. SWEAT, C. DOWNING, JR., Assistant Professor of Manage- ment, B.M.E., Auburn Univer- sity, M.S., Florida State Univer- sity, Doctoral-Study, University of Alabama. SWITZER, JAMES REGI- NALD, Acting Chairman of De- partment of Health and Profes- sor of Health and Physical Edu- cation, B.S., University of South- ern Mississippi, M.S., Louisiana State University, Ed.D., Univer- sity of Texas. TAYLOR, GLORIA BRUEM- MER, Assistan-t Professor of Busi- ness Education, B.S., M.S., Ed.D., University of Southern Missis- sippi. THAGARD, OLIVER BOGGS, Part-time Instructor of Sociology, A.B., Samford 'University. THAMES, SELBY FRELAND, Chairman of Department of Poly- mer Science and Professor of Polymer Science, B.S., M.S., Uni- versity of Southern Mississippi Ph.D., University of Tennessee. THARP, JAC LYNDON, Profes- sor of English, B.A., M.A., Uni- versity of Tennessee, Ph.D., Har- vard University. THOMAS, ROBERT PAYNE, Instructor of Educational Foun- dations, B.S., Oklahoma State University, M.S., Southern Illi- nois University. THOMAS, STEVEN ALBERT, Major, U.S.A., Assistant Profes- sor of Military Science, B.A., Po- mona College. THOMPSON, CHARLES ED- WIN, Assistant Professor of Edu- cation, Harrison County Resident Center, A.B., Allegheny College, M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Southern Mississippi. THRASH, JOE BARHAM, JR., Assistant Professor of Mathe- matics, B.S., M.S., Lamar State College. THRASH, LOIS GLEN, Assis- 7 tant Professor of English, B.S., La- mar State College, M.A., Texas Technological College. TJARKS, LARRY DEAN, As- sistant Professor of English, B.A., Hastings College, M.A., Ph.D., University of Nebraska. TOMASZWISKYJ, JAROS- LAW, Assistant Professor of For- eign Languages, B.S. Ukrainian School of Economics, M.A., New York University. TOOM, PAUL MARVIN, As- sistant Professor of Chemistry, B.A., Central College Clowaj, Ph.D., Colorado State University. TORRES, PAUL DELMAS, As- sociate Professor of Accoun-ting, B.S.C., Spring Hill College, M.B.A., Doctoral Study, Univer- sity of Alabama. TOWNLEY, JAMES AIRD, As- sistant Professor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., M.A., University of Southern Missis- sippi, Doctoral Study, Louisiana State Uni-versity. TOWNSEND, LINDA S'UE CLARK, Instructor of Health, Physical Education, and Recrea- tion, B.S., M.A., Murray State College. TRACY, WARREN FRANCIS, Librarian and Professor of Li- brary Science, A.B., Earlham College, B.S., Western Reserve University, M.A., Ph.D., Univer- sity of Chicago. TRAIL, GUY THOMAS, Assis- tant Professor of Foreign Lan- guages, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Uni- versity of Illinois. TROKEL, MARY JANE, In- structor and Acting Director of Dance, B.S., Eastern Michigan University. TUCHAK, WILLIAM, Professor of Political Science, LL.M., Casi- mir University, I.A.M., Columbia University, Ph.D., University of Colorado. TUCKER, FORREST DALE, Chairman of Division of Com- munications, Professor of Com- munication, and Director of Of- fice of Public Information-, B.A. University of Wichita, M.A. Ph.D., Cornell University. TUGGLE, LYNETTE CAL- COTE, Instructor of Home Eco- nomics, B.S., M.S., University of Southern Mississippi. TURNER, ROBERT WALDO, Instructor of Sociology, B.A., M.A., University of Mississippi. 'UPHAM, SIDNEY D., Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Universities' Marine Center, A.B., Clark University, Ph.D., Okla- homa State University. VAN ALLER, ROBERT THOMAS, Dean of College of Science and Professor of Chemis- try, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of Alabama. VIETS, ELLEN MARIE CAMPBELL, Librarian II, Cir- culation Librarian, A.B., West Virginia University, B.S. in L.S., Drexel Institute of Technology. VIRDEN, FRANK, Associate Professor of Political Science, B.S., United States Naval Acad- emy, M.A., D.P.A., George Wash- lngton University. VON WAHLDE, BARBARA ANN KETTERMAN, Librarian ll, Head Cataloger, B.S., M.A., Indiana University. VREELAND, RICHARD 7 I 343 CRAWFORD, Chairman of De- partment of Markeing and Pro- fessor of Marketing, B.A., Rollins College, M.B.A., Ph.D., Unive,-, sity of Florida. WAITE, DAVID LAIRD, Assis. tant Professor of Communication B.S., University of Oregon, WALKER, JAMES FREDER- ICK, Professor of Biology, A.B., M.S., University of Mississippi Ph.D., University of Iowa. WALL, JESSIE STEWART Professors of Elementary Educai tion, A.B., Fairmont State Col- ICSC, A-M., West Texas State College, Ed.D., Florida State University. WALLACE, JOHN EDMUND, Assistant Professor of History and English, Keesler Air Fo-rce Base Resident Center, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., ,University of Southern Mississippi. A WALTON, HENRY HARRI- SON, Instructor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., M,S,, Northwestern State College of Louisiana. WARD, HARRY CALVIN, JR., Assistant Professor of Art, B.A., University of Southern Missis- sippi, M.A., East Tennessee State University. WEATHERFORD, SIDNEY EDWARD LEE, JR., Director of the Bureau of Institutional Re- search -and Professor of Educa- tion, B.S., M.A., 'University of Southern Mississippi, Ed.D., Uni- versity of Florida. WEAVER, GORDON ALLI- SON, Assistant Professor of En- glish, B.A., University of 'Wiscon- sin, M.A., University of Illinois, Ph.D., University of Denver. WEBB, CHARLES FIRMIN, Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recrea- tion, B.S., M.A., University of Southern Mississippi. WEBSTER, PORTER GRIGS- BY, Acting Chairman of Depart- ment of Mathematics and Profes- sor of Mathematics, B.A., George- town College, M.S., Ph.D., Au- burn University. WELKER, LATNEY CONRAD, JR., Chairman of Department of Research and Human Develop- ment and Professor of Education, B.S., Millsaps College, M.A., Ed.D., University of Southern Mississippi. WEST, BEN MARSHALL, AS- sociate Professor of Finance, B.S., United State Military Academy, M.S., University of Colorado, J.D., University of Mississippi. WHITESELL, FRANK COOK, Assistant Professor of Economics, B.A., M.A., University of South Carolina, Doctoral Study, Tulane University. WILBER, LEON AUSTIN, Dis- tinguished University Professor of Political Science, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan. WILGUS, VIRGINIA RO- BERTA, Instructor of Home Economics, A.B., Northwestern State College, M.A., University of Southern Mississippi. J 7 UV' Cu , wi vw E773 111 d "W W w riff W' ff, 95355 Hamid ' yllf AB. D, L't9"'1 it " .. of Hin, A ,JLISP 4 ggnlfrd W W0 WHY 91,02 cvs MQW! PM J i B-ll Lwii-W Mt Xfllwow URl'l'l'0N,' Huis 1 nUll"l7 llllcmamip' i .L.DC-411 vm uns fe Iiisrioxa WAN lf fl etnftothill Obi, . My mis uw. 0? awww if we it EXIROS, Sllllf lui 95' :tfyi0tl!tRqi5J'I!. itsimul iw. on Iq- d Gt-dug: iirizxiiii' L sm.- rsifnwmt Elllll, PEGGY L Gui my JAMLS ALTQY In iiinis, 101 gm, lion mm' mx H, film-D11 hmm M T551 .i,'?fffl12I1lH ' 'gmt 3 Qmfifl mr. fag' TW- fm' will Jolt - . Lim, L Cf' Qgiiiimhiiscmm lj-1 EOIS, 'A BENQ K Lx if Dmhqr , . . T mu 15. will X-Refi, .mmf fr Wir - M'-I i3M,S,is - 'mix ,fiilgmibaykf Li K .tml P:. mf V ti. mimi Bus ...EDR ,S 'Surf 'I r' V JOSE F S-. if PH x , , 275 W t ng I . whims tx-i V, NL-. N I Us . ' 59525. - A .F-it I ,lair iii,-'F ss F' 'NIT' '1?'ii'14. :la 'N is ARM- ufw ,ggi . ., ny, :SQ-1s,, lt it ill 155, IQ -'Z -Left: I lit.. 5 . IB: t P N - mill? I .,"if-EEE -I '-"f-'F' hi . ':."7':st1' Att 5, 'btzldof Emi it in LNUH will ,E m"'f-It me " at -'Mft ltttttg " kwin lla: . H 522i i gsfm- I-u.?Li-gf zllugum ,Hitti- 5, """"f4 biota - 'm"""Hn ml 'ln We hmmm. 'Wi "Nikita mil? 3151113 than A- an K' d slliimlttllisi gIll,M,lli1tir lltmrnuz slime. hill illiudb MGH ilhritl- MH -' Q LD, Uidmifrcllr was-' 11 WW' in J lui. tu. -'Ji , yf,I'5' Sgtlanlfm, mm ew ,'Hj,l,l,,,.5 -ifdllttwllfq M ldmmmliiif gi mm mgntgtliii 1 if ,L mimi ,,.,. pn 4 . trutfttf-WJ. uU"'4:',,'f,. IWTj,f,,'f'f 'H ' wld dp. lIIl"""" It "'Witi5 ' lin' li W lf 75'-s,""" BPM.. 'ual WI IT,Ei'?l.,lllfil7i gjtftyygii 11, ,ga-I' tt, :qw-mf. lu an lp,UHfU'l,R,Lfll, 'nl I. ttfflflelff QW' Iv iw itll- ,lQi',,IaW"'nIs 4 I WILLIAMS, D- C-, JR-, Direc- tor, Bureau of Business Research and Associate Professor of Eco- nomics, B.S., Southeastern Louisi- ana College, M.S., Ph.D., Louisi- ana State 'University. WILLIAMS, HOWARD PER- SON, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, A.B., East Carolina University, M.S., Ph.D., Univer- sity of Florida. WILLIS, CARL LESTER, As- sistant Professor of Communica- tion, B.A., Ouachita Baptist Uni- versity. WILSON, HAROLD MARTIN, Assistant Professor of Communi- cation, B.A., University of Ala- bama, M.A., Louisiana State University, Ph.D., University of North Carolina. ALBRITTON, HELEN T. Nurse, University Clinic. AMACKER, LINDA L. Assistant to the Dean of Women. ANDERSON, DAVID LARRY. Civil Engineer, Physical Plant. ARMSTRONG, WAYNE J., JR. Assistant Football Coach. BARNES, JANIS DEAN. Clerk Typist, Department of Music Ed- ucation. BARRON, SADIE CLARK. Sec- retary to the Registrar. BASS, LYNDA ANN. Clerk Typ- ist, Department of Geology. BATES, BEVERLY L. Secretary, University Bookstore. BAYLIS, PEGGY L. Clerk Typ- ist, Department of Psychology. BERRY, JAMES ALTON. De- fensive Backfield Coach. BERRYMAN, JOE. Director, Music Camp. BISHOP, LARRY VON. Ma- chine Operator, Data Processing. BISHOP, LAVERTA PENE- LOPE. Clerk Typist, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences. BLACKLEDGE, BETTY BANK- STON. Clerk Typist, Financial Ofiice. BLANTON, JOAN E. Clerk Typist, Library. BOND, VELMA CARLENA. Clerk Typist, Library. BOURGEOIS, MARGARET K. Assistant to Director of Duplicat- Ing Center. BOUSHELL, GRACE LIL- LIAN. Clerk Typist, Department of Music Education. ' BOWLING, OCHIE MAE. Nurse, University Clinic. BOZEMAN, CURTIS EDWIN. Machinist, Department of Com- mumcattons. BRAND, ROSALIE M. Cata- WIMBERLY, JACK COOK. Chairman of Department of Eco- nomics and Professor of Econom- ics, B.A., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, M.A., Ph.D., Louisiana State University. WINGER, ROGER KOHLER, Assistant Professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences, B.S., Ashland College, M.A., Ph.D., The Ohio State University. WOLFE, MARY GRANTHAM, Librarian II, Assistant Order Li- brarian, B.S., University of Southern Mississippi. WOOD, FORREST ED- WARDS, Acting Chairman of Department of Religion and Philosophy and Associate Profes- sor of Religion and Philosophy, B.A., Baylor University, Th.D., S0uthwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. K WOOD, JOHN HERBERT, As- sistant Professor of Physics and Asfffyfwmy, Bs., Ms., Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute. WRIGHT, MARJORIE WEST, Instructor of Nursing, Natchez Resident Center, B.S., University of Mississippi School of Nursing. YARBROUGH, KAREN MAR- GUERITE, Associate Professor of Microbiology, B.S., M.A., Mississippi State University, Ph.D., North Carolina University. YARNELL, THOMAS DON- ALD, Assistant Professor of Psychology, B.A., Fairleigh Dick- inson 'University, M.A., Ph.D., Louisiana State University. YARROW, WALTER HARRY, Staff Counselor, Basic College. BREWER, SHIRLEY A. Clerk Typist, Office of Research and Projects. BROADUS, NANCY TUCKER. Clerk Typist, Media Services Center. BROOME, RUTH ANN. Clerk Typist, Department of Physics. BROWN, DIANE MARIE. Clerk Typist, Education and Psychology Research Department. BROWN, IONE SIMS. Clerk Typist, Department of Mathe- matics. BROWN, KATHERINE INDIA. Coordinator of Armed Forces Ed- ucation. BROWN, MARY LOUISE. Clerk Stenographer, Department of Military Science. BROWN, SHEILA. Clerk Typist to the Financial Secretary. BROWN, VICTORIA RITA. Clerk Typist, Ofhce of the Regis- trar. BRUNSON, JANET SUE. Clerk Typist, Department of Adminis- trative Personnel and Services. BULLOCK, JUDITH BRUN- SON. Clerk Stenographer, De- velopmen-tal Reading Center. BURKS, MARY RUTH. Secre- tary, Placement Bureau. BURNS, BONNIE B. Clerk Typ- ist, Student Aid and Scholarships. BURNS, ROLAND L. Super- visor of Mens Housing. CALHOUN, SUZANNE A. Ma- chine Operator, Duplicating Cen- ter. CALLAHAN, CHERYL ANN. Programmer, Data Processing. CAREY, DONALD EDWARD. Chief Operator, Data Processing. CARNEY, WANDA R. Secre- tary, Office of the President. Nurse, University Clinic. CHATHAM, WALTER LEON. Acting Director, Meridian Resi- dent Center. CLARK, EUGENE WARREN. Assistant Basketball Coach. CLARK, PAULINE NEELY. Secretary to the Dean of Men. CLAY, KATHERINE MCMA- HAN. Secretary, Office of Inter- collegiate Athletics. CLEVELAND, ROBERT HAYES. Director, Athletic Pub- lic Relations. COLE, VERNA R. Assistant, University Commons. CONN, WALTER OLIVER. Di- rector, Office of Student Aid and Scholarships. COOK, CHARLES HAMP- TON. Assistant Football Coach. COOLEY, BETTY F. University Cashier. COURTNEY, VIOLA KATIE. Assistant, Hillcrest Cafeteria. CRAFT, EARLENT M. Clerk Typist, Library. CREEL, PAMELA GAYLE. Clerk Typist, Department of In- dustrial and Technical Educa- tion. CUBLEY, DORIS B. Book- keeper, University Credit Union. CUEVAS, ENA KING. Clerk General, Office of the Registrar. CURRY, SARAH G. Clerk Typ- ist, Department of Communica- tion. DARBY, PERRY JAKE. Admis- sions Counselor. DARBY, ROBERTA KAY. Clerk Typist, Athletic Associa- tion. DAVIDSON, CAROL L. Secre- tary, School of Nursing. DAVIS, BERYLE DIANE. Sec- retary, Office of the Dean. DAVIS. JOHN MALCOLM. at . .ps .f ying - rr untill, loger, Library. CARPENTER, JAMES RAY. H , BRAXTON, DIANNE DAVIS. Golf Professional. Laboratory Technician. Univer- - gn ll, Clerk Typist, Department of sei- CARTER, EMMA KEEI.s. sm' Chmc- , , , H. ence Education, Clerk Typist. Purchasing. DAVIS. MARVIN, Director. lf.-999 n,,,uIivf'l',l,GfItl,i. BRECHTEL, JOSEPH BE- CARTER, KATHERINE H. PropgftrAcwumabllirr. H ' H ISVMJGQ RENGHER. Assistant Dean of Clerk. Office of the Financial DAYIS. ROBERT M- Stock flu: fgttllf M5151 Men, SeC,eta,.,,, Clerk. Physical Plant Stores. WTA, Afibjtbg BRECHTEL, REBECCA ANN. CHATHAM. ANNIE LAURIE. DAVIS, SUSAN C. Clerk Typ- ' WUWWVV fi JWW 349 .- TW- ,.,' g?ifi.Q3'3ii,-Qnfi i ' e--l -- - 5 - A.r1'f1-A VA -I -- A wtf :tt .1 : asia- - , WW Professor of Health and Physical Education, B.S., M.A., Ed.D., University of Southern Missis- sippi. YESTADT, JAMES FRANCIS, Assistant Professor of Music, B.S., Lebanon Valley College, M.A., Columbia University. YOUNG, RAYMOND GUINN, Assistant Professor of Music Edu- cation :Ind Director of Bands, B.M.Ed., M.M., University of Michigan. ZAHRT, MERTON STROE- BEL, Professor of Music Educa- tion and Coordinator of Gradu- ate Studies in Fine Arts, Mus.B., Lawrence College, Mus.M., Uni- versity of Rochester, Ed.D., Co- lumbia University. ist, Office of Public Information. DAWSON, WAYNE ALEXAN- DER. Pharmacist, University Clinic. DEAR, EMMIE LOU. Chief Operator, University Telephone Exchange. DEL, VILLAR ROSENDA. Clerk Typist, Foreign Language. DIAMOND, LORENZO. Cam- pus Minister. DOHERTY, BRENDA JOYCE. Clerk Typist, Department of Geography. DONOVAN, MARGARET PE- TERS. Clerk Typist, Department of Theatre Arts. DOUGLAS, HAROLD JAMES. Assistant Director of Housing. DRAUGHN, WILLIAM R. Su- perintendent of Grounds. DUKE, FRANCIS MARION. Clerk Typist, Office of Financial Secretary. DUNN, VONCILE F. Clerk Typist, Department of Special Education. DUNN, WARREN K. Assistant Director of Admissions. EDMONDS, TERESA ANNE. Clerk Typist, Library. EURE, MARTHA N. Assistant Cataloger, Library. FARMER, LOUIE. Campus Minister. FERRELL, BAKER MOONEY. Director, University Commons. FERRELL, MARY K. Clerk General, University Clinic. FIELD. DOROTHY E. Clerk Typist, Placement Bureau. FIELD, RICHARD M. Director, Personnel Services. FILLINGANE, KENNETH L. Science Storeroom Manager. FISHEL, ANN MCWILLIAMS. Clerk Typist, Library. FLOYD, ALICE JUNE. Supply Mana er University Bookstore g I ' FLOYD, LEE PAUL. Head Bas- ketball Coach. FLIJKER. JAMES ALBERT. Campus Security Patrolman. FORD, WALTER C. Assistant Manager, University Bookstore. F ORTENBERRY, LINDA GAIL. Clerk Typist, Physical Plant. FOSTER, DOROTHY C. Clerk General, Purchasing. FREEMAN, HELLON FORD. Secretary, Office of Research and Projects. FRENCH, RUBY T. Clerk Typ- ist, Department of English. FUNDERBURK, ALICE FAYE. Supervisor of Women's Housing. GALBRAITH, ROBERT W. Contracts and Grants Officer. GALEY, GAYLE BRACKETT. Clerk Typist, Library. GAMBLE, KARLA SHEA. Clerk Typist, Library. GARDNER, CHESTER HU- RON. Assistant Director, Student Aid and Scholarships. GATES, CARL JAY. Student Counselor and Assistant Professor of Guidance. GOERSS, JOHN MARK. Carn- pus Minister. GORE, BILL WES. Director, Natchez Resident Center. GORE, JESSE AUSTIN. Man- ager, University Bookstore. GOTTLEBER, HENRY AR- THUR. Coordinator of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor. GRAHAM, SUSAN O. Clerk Typist, Department of Market- ing. GRANTI-IAM, DEE COLE. Sec- retary, College of Science. GREEN, BILLY L. Director, Data Processing. GREEN, FRANCES CORTS. Clerk Typist, Department of Business Education. GREGORY, JESSIE AINS- WORTH. Systems Analyst, Of- fice of the President. HAINES, ROY WALTER. As- sistant, Office of Public Informa- tion. HALES, GRAHAM LEE, JR. Chaplain and Coordinator of Re- ligious Activities. HANSON, JAMES T. Missis- sippi Room Librarian. HARE, ALTON LAMAR. Sab- batical Leave, 1970-1971. HARMON, ROBERT LEE, JR. Admissions Counselor. HARPER, MADGE EDWARDS. Assistant, University Commons. HARTFIELD, MARGARET B. Graduate Record Clerk, Office of the Registrar. HARVEY, MILDRED RUTH. Clerk General Admissions. HASTY, REBECCA DALE. Clerk Typist, Office of the Finan- cial Secretary. HATCHER, JOYCE H. Clerk General, Ofhce of Correspon- dence. HATCHER, WELDON. Campus Minister. HATTEN, FANNIE RUE. Sec- retary, Graduate School. HAYDEN, CAROLYN DAVIS. Clerk Typist, Office of Research and Projects. HENDERSON, ELIZABETH R. Clerk Typist, Department of Bi- ology. HENDERSON, WILLIAM N. Physician, Student Health Serv- ices. HENRY, THOMAS JOSEPH. Campus Minister. HIGHTOWER, DOROTHY JANE. Clerk Typist, Office of the Registrar. HILL, ROBERT BYRON. Au- ditorium Manager and Technical Director. HINES, SALLY MOORE. As- sistant to the Dean of Women. HITCH, ROBERT LEE. Assis- tant Football Coach. HOLMES, ANN EVELYN. Sec- retary, School of Business Admin- istration. HOWELL, DORA DOT. Clerk General, Office of Admissions. HOWELL, RUBY NIVEN. Chief Clerk, Audio Visual Aids. HUNTER, ANNIE LEE. Secre- tary to Director of Natchez Resi- dent Center. HUTSON, THOMAS MON- ROE, Assistant Director of Cam- pus Security. HYATT, ROBERT MORGAN. Supervisor of Computer Opera- tions. INGRAM, DOROTHY D. As- sistant, 'University Commons. JABOUR, CATHERINE. Clerk Typist, Office of Curriculum and Instruction. JOHNSON, HADEN SUE. Clerk Typist, Student Aid and Scholar- ships. JOHNSON, JERONE P. Coun- selor, Office of the Dean of Men. JOHNSON, LAWRENCE ED- WARD. Supervisor, Receiving Department. JOHNSON, SUSAN BAUCUM. Clerk Typist, School of Home Economics. JOHNSTON, JUNE M. Assis- tant, University Commons. JOHNSTON, LYNDA F. Clerk Typist, Alumni Office. JONES, BEATRICE. Manager, Elam Arms Cafeteria. JONES, BETTY NELL. Clerk Typist, Office of Student Teach- ing. JONES, NELVA ETTA. Clerk Typist, Office of the Registrar. JORDAN, THETUS HELEN. Clerk General, Office of Person- nel Services. KEY, RADELL. Patrolman, Campus Security. KING, MILES H. Patrolman, Campus Security. KLUTTS, CECIL M. Purchas- ing Agent. KNIGHT, REBECCA RO- MINES. Clerk General, Dupli- cating Center. LANGDON, BONNIE. Secre- tary, College of Education and Psychology. LANGSTON, ROBERT EARL. Watchman, Campus Security. LAYTON, BARBARA A. Clerk Stenographer, Office of Curricu- lum and Instruction. LEE, LINDA L. Clerk Typist, Housing Office. LEE, MAUDELL S. Clerk Typ- ist, Office of the Registrar. LEONARD, PAUL. Construc- tion Foreman. LOTT, CLYDE. Patrolman, Campus Security. LOTT, DELBERT LEVOY. Pa- trolman, Campus Security. LOTT, VERA BARRETT. Clerk Typist, Department of Health and Physical Education. LUCY, ADA COLE. Clerk Stenographer, School of Nursing. LYON, BETTY J. Clerk Typist, Office of the Chaplain. LYON, WOODROW G. Assis- tant Purchasing Agent. MANBERG, JOHN ANSTON. Watchman, Campus Security. MANNERS, SUZANNE. Secre- tary, Bureau of Institutional Re- search. MARTIN, THOMAS S., M.D. Director of Student Health Serv- ices. MASSENGALE, MARY O. Textbook Manager, University Bookstore. MATTISON, LURA MAE. As- sistant, University Commons. McCLAMMY, DEBORAH ANN. Clerk Typist, Department of Religion and Philosophy. MCCLENDON, THURRELL O. Residen-t Assistant, Bureau of Business Research. MCCOY, LUVA H. Clerk Gen- eral, Office of the Registrar. MCCRARY, LILLIAN. Machine Operator, Duplicating Center. McGEE, BETTY J'UNE. Clerk Typist, Office of Campus Secur- ity. MCINNIS, MAUDIE WAITES. Clerk General, OHice of Admis- sions. McKAY, LOUIE THOMAS. Mechanical Engineer, University Physical Plant. , MCKENZIE, WOODROW J. Director, Duplicating Center. McKINLEY, WYLTON DOWN- ING. Clerk Gen-eral, Office of the Financial Secretary. MCKINNEY, FRED. Patrolman, Campus Security. McCLEMORE, SANDRA RILE. Clerk Typist, Department of Art. MCMAHAN, THOMAS J. Sen- ior Press Operator, Duplicating Center. MCNEILL, CHARLES B. Coun- selor, Basic College. McPHAIL, LOUIE LARRY. Patrolman, Campus Security. MEADOR, MARY VIRGINIA. Assistant Reference Librarian. MEADOWS, PEGGY JUNE. Photo Technician, University Photo Service. MEADOWS, WENDELL RAN- DOLPH. Press Room Foreman, Duplicating Center. MEARS, WILLIAM EDGAR. Public Service Librarian Assist- ant. MILLS, KATHLEEN GLENN. Secretary, Office of Community Services. MINTON, MARY JO. Secre- tary, Basic College. MOFFETT, WARNER CAS- SIDY. Patrolman, Campus Se- curity. MONTGOMERY, DANNY WAYNE. Assistant Registrar. MONTGOMERY, INA LYNN. Secretary, Alumni Office. 350 MOORE, MAURINE VIR- GINIA. Assistant, University Commons. MORRISON, JESSIE HAG- LER. Executive Secretary to the Presiden-t. MOUDY, LIBBY MARIE. Clerk General, Office of the Financial Secretary. MULLEN, JOHN WILLIAM. Programmer, Office of Data Processing. MURPHY, HOLLY VERNON. Secretary, School of Home Eco- nomics. MYERS, DONALD HALD- RICH. Assistant, Office of Pub- lic Information. MYERS, GREATHER OCTA- VIA. Clerk Typist, Department of Political Science. MYERS, MILLNER H., JR. Li- brarian. MYERS, WILLIAM THEO- DORE. Supervisor, Buildings Maintenance. NANCE, THOMAS RANDLE. Office Manager, Alumni Office. NICHOLSON, ELIZABETH ANN. Clerk Typist, Office of the Registrar. NIX, LUTIE B. Clerk Stenogra- pher, Library. NOBLES, LUCILLE LEE, Clerk Stenographer, Library. NORRIS, LLOYD MELVIN. Supply Sergeant, Department of Military Science. NORRIS, MARTHA FRAN- CES. Assistant Cataloger, Li- brary. NORVAL, DEBORAH HEN- DRIX. Accounting Machine Op- erator, Office of the Financial Secretary. NYDEGGER, DONNA SMITH. Chairman of Student Welfare, Latin American Institute. OLIVER, GUY. Campus Minis- ter. DUBRE, WILLIE VERNON. Director of Security. OWENS, CAROLYN JAN- ETTE. Clerk General, University Physical Plant. OWENS, JOHNNIE. Watch- man, Campus Security. PARRISH, JAMES RICHARD. Assistant, Office of Public Infor- mation. ' PEEL, ELSIE S. Accounting Machine Operator, Office of the Financial Secretary. PENNINGTON, JEAN D. Clerk Typist, Department of English. PEVSNER, HARRIET HAN- SON. Clerk Typist, Library. PHILLIPS, ROBERT B. Man- ager, University Photo Services. PHILLIPS, RONALD DEN- MAN. Field Representative, Uni- versity Alumni Association. PITTMAN, WILMER J. Patrol- man, Campus Security. PONDER, MARTHA GWEN- DOLYN. Clerk Typist, Depart- ment of Management. POOLE, GEORGE BARNEY. Assistant Football Coach. POOLE, KATHLEEN HART. Manager, Hillcrest Cafteria. POSEY, BETTY D. Periodicals Librarian, University Library. nw' J ef, Q HJ' . . rmaffwif at ,gli We EEUU' A lf' g,iH1"' LH pf: V ffgi' 'iii - ' ' ffmm UD gwili-l-ly DA fi W 'fra fp uujj 59 , 'Still lids! - uw fi. ILL'-l .thu - Qnvf' g'w .1 """' rf!QdfW"f A351195 igmefm' if milf ' of Tlfosf Cf if FW WIN nf' 'ifafwdmm lm' 'fl D?-'am if It gif, mu J. 95" gMdkOiFf -' I1 Hmm on ci Pak-me Elflf. IKXITII K zlpi Oi: sf 'ie Sm-- QM. lllll' P. frm- h Dm :i if .fi I1 in WMA X251 grim. at 9 gli'-4 iam IIMLQX LQ .1 rg ji,ll'lllG'AlfI. Qt Q., 1:2 ' 5 in if f . .f at . - 1' I M.. his . , N NS Qtr 53. 'sn Qt t'l"'m'7ife, t-,ff g'3"'w2"s ,gtg I-.. 2 Ls N it -'QQ 2' F-was gh 53,555 '-.""" w . iff It 's'5te., 5 it U uhm. .a"':f"'1lu " 'dak 'Wi imllkq ' gamma 'lu ' Qliglgc' fllllllllty Inq ""' nw xl ill!! iff '. lmrailffe riff: . fo- CH Wt? "' me unlink . I :illllmus tiiuiiuiiii -..."" 2. I . A i DIIX. 'lr nun ml' an :mill hnnllinh ummm H3300 Magma, Illtt mtvltnmt mgllftttli: Sam r Sl'DEGGlltIX1Wr Gimudltlci hilmitnlmf ..m"""'B..- uhh-"""' 1 'iff' ,WMI f E r dim? tiflifl clllllt HEMWY .funn-N4"' gu5ttl0llllll'if B W llwhunf Ml' Q W ' gm' H510 WW g, lcj. . MW, wi .,. "" nf W rmttfllllif Q . mgtill W, ,Www 5arCl0'l0,,jfIl' hd IL5 T puifmma 'W W' H . WOW an ,aww , U' Pi Rolf 7-1:33 ""' aw Wiwtfil . pi nfff gwiiwlfljitt' H I Q M L f ig' .I ,silfgiiifffli I f 9 by looiiffwvalfii 5 . N . ,M . .n L , -,Law ,. 11 ,lfef W ..j,?ta2ig ' .ff .- ififf 'i5gis'?'s1+. ' X, - 5 g Y" . ,V , .Q-ik-.ft-'v.', -,., v .,.V.,. , , v-fi' H , 4 is elsif. -F T-2'-S. QSEY, FLORA. Director of Ilzlursing, Natchez Resident Cen- ESTTER, R, H., IV. Assistant Librarian, University Library. PRESCOTT, ELLIE EVELYN. Secretary, Office of the Dean of Student Affairs. PROBST, CHARLIE H. Veter- ans Administration Counselor. PURVIS, JAMES HENRY. Utility Foreman, University Physical Plant. PURVIS, WILLIAM DAVID. Patrolman, CarI1puS SCCUFUY- RABB, CHARLES BANISTER. Assistant Director, University Union. RAINEY, LILLIAN LEONA. Assistant, University Commons. RATLIFF, EVA M. Manager, Vann Hall Cafeteria. RAWSON, BENNIE GLYNN. Assistant to the Director of Cor-- respondence and Communication. REED, CAROLYN ANN. Hu- manities Librarian, University Li- brary. REEVES, VIVIAN B. Clerk General, Office of the Financial Secretary. RHODES, CATHERINE BRY- AN. Administrative Secretary, Office of the Financial Secretary. RHODES, MARTHA WEBB. Clerk Typist, Department of Mu- sic. ROBERTS, EMMA J. Secretary to the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts. ROBINSON, BRENDA. Clerk Typist, Department of Polymer Science. ROBINSON, JANETTE H. Clerk Typist, Office of the Hon- ors Program. ROBINSON, MARY P. Secre- tary, Office of the Dean of the School of Fine Arts. ROGERS, WANDA WILSON. Secretary and Assistant in the Of- fice of Continuing Education. RUFF, WILSON LEE. Superin- tendent of Utilities, University Physical Plant. RUSSUM, VIRGINIA B. Chief Key Punch Operator, Depart- ment of Data Processing. SANCHEZ, M. GEMMA. Clerk Typist, Office of Housing. SANDERSON, EARL CON- RAD, JR., Administrative Assis- tant, University Physical Plant. SATTERWHITE, MARY SLOAN. Nurse, University Clinic. SAUCIER, GENE DUANE. Di- rector of Admissions. SCARBOROUGH, FRANCIS B. Production Assistant, Office of Media Services. SHARP, ANNIE LOU. Nurse, Student Health Services. SHOCKEY, MARGARET J. Clerk General, Oflice of the Fi- nancial Secretary. SHOEMAKE, MARGARET E. Nurse, Student Health Services. SHOULTZ, MARY JO. Clerk Stenographer, Office of Public Information. SHROYER, JAMES S. Watch- man, Campus Security. SIMMONS, HENRY L. Assis- tant Librarian, Mississippi Room, University Library. SIMS, JOHNIE MACK. Store- room Supervisor, University Commons. SIZEMORE, RUFUS EARL. Administrative Supervisor, De- partment of Military Science. SMITH, DONNA BARRON. Clerk General, Personnel Serv- ices. SMITH, KENNETH ELMO. Chief Accountant of the Univer- sity. SMITH, 'LOUISE KNIGHT. Clerk General, Office of the Fi- nancial Secretary. SMITH, RUBY A. Clerk Gen- eral, Office of the Financial Sec- retary. SPEAIRS, FLORENCE A. As- sistant Cataloger, University Li- brary. STANLEY, JUDI KILLION Secretary to the Dean of Women. STEINBERG, RICHARD C Assistant Football Coach. STENNETT, LINDA H. Key Punch Operator, Office of Data Processing. STENNETT, MEDA H. Ma- chine Operator, Duplicating Cen- ter. STEPHENS, CHARLES RAY- MOND. Assistant Football Coach. STEWART, HAROLD. Patrol- man, Campus Security. STRAHAN, JIMMY LEE. Press Operator, Duplicating Center. STUART, ALLEN GARLAND. Watchman, Campus Security, SULLIVAN, BILLIE WAR- REN. Secretary and Testing As- sistant, Office of Student Coun- seling. TAYLOR, CELESTIAN J. As- sistant Director of Athletics and Head Baseball Coach. TERRY, DOROTHY BOND. Clerk General, Office of the Reg- istrar. THOMAS, ANABEL R. Clerk General, Office of the Registrar. THOMAS, HARRY MILTON. Associate Director, University Physical Plant. TINNON, JOSEPH EUGENE. Director of Community Services and Correspondence. TOMPKINS, BLANCHE WELLS. Clerk Typist, Depart- ment of Sociology. TOWNSEND, MARY SHOWS. Clerk General, Office of the Fi- nancial Secretary. TRACY, GEORGIA GARBER. Curriculum Librarian, 'University Library. TRAHAN, CAROL DZNOW- SKI. Clerk Typist, Department of Economics. TRUSSELL, ARLYN R. Secre- tary Bookkeeper, University Phys- ical Plant. TUCCIO, PAULA H. Clerk Typist, Office of Purchasing. TURNER, DIANE H. Clerk Typist, University Union. UNDERWOOD, P. W. Head Football Coach. VALLADARES, MARIA ES- THER. Secretary, Latin Ameri- can Institute. VANDEVENDER, CYNTHIA H. Clerk Typist, Department of History. VIETS, ELLEN CAMPBELL. Circulation Librarian, University Library. VON WAHLDE, BARBARA K. Head Cataloger, University Li- brary. WAITS, MARY HAZEL. Secre- tary, Department of Communica- tion. I WALKER, PEARL Ab PBX Operzttor. WALKER, PHYLLIS H. Cler.. Typist, Departrnt-nt of Chemis- try. WALL, DEWITT J., JR. Super- intendent of Janitorial Services. WALTERS, ESTHER B. Nurse, University Clinic. WALTMAN, ZONIA ALFARO. Clerk Typist, Department of Psychology. WARREN, CAROL JEANNE. Secretary, School of Nursing. WATSON, JAMES N. Engineer, University Media Services Cen- ter. WHITE, EMILY MYER. Super- visor, University Commons. WHITEI-IOUSE, GEORGE ED- WARD. Production Assistant, Office of Media Services. WICKLIFFE, CAROL SUE. Clerk Typist, School of Home Economics. WILBERDING, DOROTHY. Clerk General, Office of the Fi- nancial Secretary. WILLIAMS, DONALD. Campus Minister. WILLIAMS, HAZEL B. Assis- tant, University Commons. WILLIAMS, LINDA D. Key- punch Operator, Office of Stu- dent Services. WILLIAMS, PAMELA BARRI- NEAU. Secretary, Bureau of Business Research. WILLIAMS, RHODA E. Uni- versity Post Office Staff. WOLFE, MARY GRANTI-IAM. Assistant Order Librarian, 'Uni- versity Library. WOOLLY, CAROL BURNETT. Clerk Typist, Office of Student Counseling. WRIGHT, MARJORIE WEST. Instructor of Nursing, Natchez Resident Center. YARBROUGH, MARY RAY- MOND. Clerk Typist, Depart- ment of Guidance. YATES, CYLVIA LARAINE. Clerk Typist, School of Home Economics. YOUNG, HARMON LEE, JR. Watchman, Campus Security. ABNEY, ADA LORRAINE. Moss Point, Mississippi. Business Administration and Marketing. Transfer student from Jackson County Junior College. A mem- ber of Afro American Cultural Society. ABRAHAM, WILLIAM BRY- ON. Port Gibson, Mississippi. ACREY, DONALD OLIVER, JR. Amarillo, Texas. ADAMS, DANNY LEE. Smith- dale, Mississippi. Finance. ADAMS, GERALD JOE. Gau- tier, Mississippi. ADAMS, RONALD HARVEY. Pensacola, Florida. ADERHOLDT, MARGARET B. Clarksdale, Mississippi. AGALL, BILL G. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. AIKENS, WALTER BARCLAY. Mobile, Alabama AINSWORTH, JOHN HAR- OLD. Laurel, Mississippi. AINSWORTH, JULIA ANN. Magee, Mississippi. AINSWORTH, SARAH RE- BECCA. Laurel, Mississippi. Ele- mentary Education. Dean's List. AITCHESON, FRANK L., III. Orlando, Florida. Political Sci- ence. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Presi- dent. Secretary of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon pledge class, Vice Presi- dent, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Province Convention Delegate and Inter Fraternity Council Representative. ALBRITTON, CHARLOTTE M. Picayune, Mississippi. ALBRYCHT, JOHN J. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Computer Science. Association of Comput- ing Machinery, Dean's List. ALEXANDER, DAVID HAR- OLD. Little Rock, Mississippi. ALEXANDER, NITA LOR- RAINE. Jackson, Mississippi. Speech Therapy. Sigma Alpha Eta Fraternity qSpeech St Hear- ingj Treasurer, Baptist Student Union Choir fB.S.U.J, B.S.U. Devotional Chairman, Bolton Dorm Treasurer. ALFONSO, TOMMYE CAR- LENE. Gulfport, Mississippi. ALFORD, JEWEL WAYNE. Poplarville, Mississippi. Biology, G.D.I. ALFORD, RANDAL PRISOCK. Jackson-, Mississippi. ALFORD, VERNA D. Colum- bia, Mississippi. Execirtive Secre- tarial Studies. The Afro-American Cultural Society, Secretary, The U.A.C. ALLEN, DEANE. Leland, Mis- sissippi. ALLEN, PRENTISS DANIEL. Magnolia, Mississippi. General Business. ALLEN, RICHARD DOUGLAS. Magnolia, Mississippi. Business Administration. Kappa Sigma. Pi Sigma Epsilon CMarketingJ, Mas- ter Mason, Inter Fraternity Senior Biograph Council C2 Yearsj. ALLEN, ROBERT SPENCER. Gulfport, Mississippi. ALLEN, SCOTT RAY. Neshoba, Mississippi. ALLISON, THOMAS IRVIN. Union-, Mississippi. ALLMON, CAROLYN SUE. Seminary, Mississippi. Business Education. Pi Omega Pi, Second Vice President, Student Educa- tion Association, National Busi- ness Education Association , Dean's List. ANDERSON, AUDREY, EL- LEN. Gulfport, Mississippi. Clothing Merchandising. Dean's List. ANDERSON, CHRISTINA LOU. Seminary, Mississippi. Special Education. Presiden-t's List, Who's Who Among Stu- dents in American Colleges and Universities, Wesley Foundation Secretary, Council for Exception- al Children Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi Secretary, Senior Year Traineeship in Special Educa- tion, Student Education Asso- ciation. ANDERSON, JAMES MICH- AEL. Gulfport, Mississippi. ANDERSON, TIMOTHY NOR- WOOD. Jackson Mississippi. ANDERSON, TIMOTHY SIMS. Gulfport, Mississippi. ANDING, BRENDA GAIL. Brookhaven, Mississippi. ANDREWS, BEKCY Vicksburg, Mississippi. ANDREWS, BERTHA. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. ANGE, SANFRA LYNN. Eden- ton, North Carolina. General Business. Delta Delta Delta. Dixie Darling Captain and Dixie Dar- lin C3 yearsj, Pom Pom Girl Q3 yearsj, Circle Favorite, ROTC Sponsor, Song Chairman of Delta Delta Delta, Phi Tau Chi Re- ligious Honorary Society, Assis- tant Social Chairman of Delta Delta Delta, Miss Dau District of North Carolina. ANTULLIS, CHARLES P., JR. Burlington, Mass. ARD, CENCILIA RUTH. Pas- cagoula, Mississippi. History. Baptist Studen-t Union, Sigma Epsilon Alpha, Phi Theta Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Alpha Theta, Dean's List. President's List. ARMSTRONG, ROBERT NOR- MAN. Gulfport, Mississippi. ARMSTRONG, SAMUEL T. Jackson, Mississippi. ARNOLD, BETH PAYNE. Vicksburg, Mississippi. Speech Pathology. Transfer from MSCW. Sigma Alpha Eta. ASHLEY, PATRICIA ANN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. ASHLEY, SANDRA KAY. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. KAY. ASKEW, REBECCA ANN. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. Biology. Al- pha Sigma. Alpha. Listed in Whois Who in American Col- leges and Universities, Member of Dixie Darlings, Representative to Dixie Darling Council, Vice- president of Phi Delta Rho, Treas- urer of Druids, Member of Al- pha Lambda Delta, Member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, Philanthro- pic Chairman of Alpha Sigma Alpha? Devotional Chairman of Alpha Sigma Alpha Pledge Class, Member of Pi Tau Chi, Fresh- man Orientation Committee, Member of Student Christian Federation CSCFJ, Member of SCF Executive Board, SCF Sec- retary, Member of Committee of 100, Member of Committee 50, Member of Student Religious Federation CSRFJ, Member of SRF Executive Board, Constitu- tion Chairman of SCF, Deanis List Scholar, Received General merit Scholarship, President of Dormitory, Member of Associa- tion of Women Students, Mem- ber of Beta Beta Beta-Biology Honorary. ASKIN, LOUIS JOSEPH, JR. Biloxi, Mississippi. ATKINSON, JOYE FLOR- ENCE. Biloxi, Mississippi. Insti- tution Management - Dietetics. Home Economics Club-S'opho- more, Junior, Senior year. Kappa Omicron Phi-Junior, Senior member. Vice President Kappa Omicron Phi-Senior year. Civi- nettes-Sophomore, Junior year. Dean's List. ATKINSON, WALTER CAR- LOS. Panama City, Florida. AUSTIN, LARRY LIDELL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. AUTREY, JERRY BROOK. Batesville, Mississippi. Personnel Management. Kappa Alpha. Kap- pa Alpha House Manager, Re- cording Secretary QNO. 3J Inter Fraternity Council. AYCOCK, CARL JACKSON. Monticello, Mississippi. AYCOCK, EDITH CARLEEN. Meridian, Mississippi. BACKSTROM, H. LA- VAUGHN. Richton, Mississippi. General Business. Alpha Tau Omega. BAGBY, MARY MARTHA R. Vicksburg, Mississippi. BAILEY, PAUL EDWIN, JR. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BAKER, LARRY HUGH. Gulf- port, Mississippi. Accounting. Baptist Student Union, 'Pre-Law Club. BALIUS, MARK HASTING. Biloxi, Mississippi. BALL, GERALD LEE. Panama City, Florida. BALLARD, GEORGE PRES- TON. Tupelo, Mississippi. BALZARETTI, RICARDO F. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BARADELL, WILLIAM LANG. Meridian, Mississippi. BARBO, MARY ELIZABETH. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. 357- BARFIELD, THOMAS FOS- TER. Selma, Alabama. BARKLEY, TIMOTHY BRY- ON. Waveland, Mississippi. BARNES, CYNTHIA LAFAYE. Eight Mile, Alabama. BARNES, JANIS DEAN. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. BARNETT, LINDA JANELL. Taylorsville, Mississippi. Music Education. Tau Beta Sigma-So- cial Chairman, Mu Phi Epsilon, Music Educators National Con- ference. Pride of Mississippi Marching Band. USM Concert Band. BARNETT, GEORGE BARRY. Ellisville, Mississippi. BARNETT, MORRIS GLENN, JR. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Mathematics. BARNHILL, MEREDITH RICHMON. Hattiesburg, Missis- sippi. BARR, CHRISTOPHER CAR- WIN. Raymond, Mississippi. BARRETT, JERRY EDWIN. Carson, Mississippi. BARRETT, J UDITY CROLYN. Gulfport, Mississippi. BARRY, ELEANOR MAE. Jackson, Mississippi. Personnel Management, Business Adminis- tration. Recording Secretary of Society for Advancement of Man- agement. BARTON, CAROL HUMPH- REY. Ebenezer, Mississippi. BASHAM, GLENN EMORY. Ellisville, Mississippi. BASS, JAMES MARVIN. Enter- prise, Mississippi. BASS, PHILLIP B. Bassfield, Mississippi. Marine Biology. Dean's List, Progressive Students Association. BATEMAN, LARRY D. Merid- ian, Misissippi. Personnel Man- agement. BATEMAN, MARTIN KARR, JR. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BATES, DONNA KATHLEEN. Philadelphia, Mississippi. BATES, LYNDA LOUISE. Gulf- port, Mississippi. BATSON, JAMES COVING- TON. Brookhaven, Mississippi. Industrial Technology. Sigma Al- pha Epsilon. BATTALORA, DAYLE MARIE. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. BAUDRY, CLAY FRANK, JR. Biloxi, Mississippi. BAXTER, DONALD WAYNE. Poplarville, Mississippi. BAXTER, MARY ELLEN. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. BEACH, JACOB HILDON. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. BEAN, BARBARA JOYCE. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. BEARD, CHERRY LYNN. Ty- lertown, Mississippi. BEARD, JOHN MARVIN. Lau- rel, Mississippi. BEARD, MICHAEL FRANCIS. Forest, Mississippi. History. Mem- ber, University Honors Program , Dean's List Scholar, President's f.r'?"l4 .wi tlwlffff . M' wi ,.'1?.': W. ,WH ,lt ,, ' . ,fm off, hh , ffl va-'J df ' W' fd gif: W in X11 096' fllj,Dim V ' TyU"f' ,Dm T. W. hd ,rw I! .saw sm K MW lu mm' EDM 52 QW' In G ill Mmm ,uw we H' im. su- vl 9' 5055 Iam-5? ilfltltilcdg' gli mt camp zom SM lf" EIB, LAWIIXI DDL! im- lt Sm Tm. LSI! Sain llll' llX'i. FQ- EXILIN 1151 ifQ3'fs -il Wllw mu QXSLB Qs' 3153 'mfml img-lllillt ig., -.J fmmlm 4, , the is mi 'lllllbt 51 iid he iz A .fstk1,,,""' -liiil"11abl,:E ,z+fs:tz,,,, ,, 5-: iiiclltks L Mfr!! ll'-2 gawk it 'ith we slim. E will fs 2i,,,'M . 'xxx , lilliig, in 1 stfs is f-th, .Qian Shui A-figs?-ty PM In fx? N pc ..., -2.-N: 2..s'::-it s NSR Wit nt w.."'u"N. at in 1- 'Hr-."'9'k "iii A Iqluil, Q, hill H -E l' 9nn,"4u hit? M K 3 llll 2 '-..."'+'i'7 Sli : 22'-3:12 U lillltmet if 'gras 1311015 I ""'Ni-ha: .vs . 'ls Wkiui F hm mllllllti -Rae as "UP-HH-is 315:19 mms :gif 111113 Emu- ilnhhlz mmm hal-hips llflfllllllllf sag- mia-is new T' 1 mmm MPM, Chili lillmluf an um mu ,W,,,, 1.3015 was lhfiliilillmil Z--ef' tm' uni! um I Fm' all-Il' SUM iidii wg ll W2 iii um Nb .Tisliiiiwti gl! MMM, ' I nl",,',T'f5 iiiwffw in' l Pnmiiylff uf' Buitif mafia! Hllllii gf - i1'1'f"lfpliJ11l"'1i :wif is H' . WWWY5' H' milftil I 4 "' eaii'7l"'W L mr' Siiiwiitl' mit' I hwvomillll k I ' Lllii Y' F Kflfgillllif Q M . flown fl R W "'Efr'ZiW l' .eii -- f X - .- . . 'Sw .. ,- s -ts. ir? -S-A 'CF ..- ' Q.: at " A s "4 'ANR ft, 'Q 5 is zsgskkii List Scholarg Omicron Delta Kappag Phi Alpha Theta, Vice President, Pi Gamma Mug Phi Eta Sigma, Secretary, Yellow- jackets, President, Yellowiaeketsg Member, Pride of Mississippi, Freshman Year, Senator, Chair- man, Constitution Committee, Biograhee in the first and second edition of The National Student Registerg First Alternate for the Wahington Summer Intern Pro- gram, USM Day Chairman, 19695 Member, Young Demo- cratsg Administrative Assistant, 1969-70 fSGAl. BEARDEN, T. W. Tylertown, Mississippi. Accounting. Baptist Student Union, Phi Theta Kappa. BECKHAM, CARL STEVEN. Carthage, Mississippi. BEELAND, BARBARA JEAN. Newton, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Dean's List. BEEMAN, MELANIE ANN. Collinsville, Mississippi. Library Science. Dean's List, Presiden-t's List. BELTRAM, RAFFAELE G. Triete, Italy. Language. Inter- national Student Organization- Chairman and Public Relations Secretary. Student Christian Fed- eration, Committee of 100, New- man Club-President and State President, Soccer Team-Cap- tain, All Star, All Con-ference. BENEZUE, FAYE CATHE- RINE. Ocean Springs, Missis- sippi. BENFIELD, LAWRENCE PETER. Gulfport, Mississippi. BENNER, DEMA CON- STANCE. Hattiesburg, Mississip- pi. Sociology. Ft. Scott Junior College Transfer. USM Sociology Club. BENNETT, AMY LYNN. Picay- une, Mississippi. BENNETT, EVELYN ANNE. Pass Christian, Mississippi. BENSON, WILLIAM IRVIN. Meridian, Mississippi. BERDAN, CHARLES GARY. Paterson, New Jersey. Marketing. BERN, CERYL DEVRA. Moni- 80mery, Alabama. BERRY, BRENDA BROOKS. Magee, MiSSiSSippi. Elementary Education. Dean's List, Presi- Clent's List. BERRY, DAVID L. GONZA- IjES, Louisiana. Music Educa- UDP- Symphonic Band for 4 years, Wind Ensemble 1 year, Brass Choir I 8a II, Jazz Lab Band I-1 years Marching Band fPrideJ 4 Years, ROTC Band-2 years, First Chair Euphonium in Symphonic Band QM years, have been mem- ber of Phi Mu Alpha and Kappa Kappa Psi, Dean's List, National Merit Scholar. BESS, B. FERN E. Collinsville Mississippi, i BEST, JESEPH FRANK. Rosk- ville City, New York. BEST ROBERT EARL. Richton, Mississippi, BU-EIS, RHETT s. Laurel, Mis- s'S5lPP1- History. Phi Alpha Theta fHonorary History Fraternityj. BILLINGS, WILLIAM JOHN. Columbia, Mississippi. BIRD, PAUL. Hattiesburg, Mis- s1ss1pp1. BISHOP, LARIS KAY. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. BISHOP, LEE ROY. Hiss AFB Utah. Mathematics, Pen. 81 Swordi Student Education Association Mississippi Education Associationi National Education Association. Pen 8: Sword Fraternity-Seq-e- tary!Treasurer, 'President's List -Summer Qt. 1970, Dean's List -Fall Qt. 1970, Chief Master Sergeant, U.S. Air Force, fStill on Active Dutyj. BIVINS, LARRY DAVID. State Line, Mississippi. Biology. BLACKLEDGE, ADEN JACK, JR. Waynesboro, Mississippi. BLACKLEDGE, SAMUEL MAURICE. Natchez, Mississippi. Personnel Management. Delta Sigma Pi. Secretary, Delta Sigma 1. BLACKMON, BEN ALLAN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BLACKMON, JAMES RUDY. New Hebron, Mississippi. Archi- tectural Technology. Yellowjack- ets 1967-68. BLACKWELL, JUDY KAY. Jackson, Mississippi. BLACKWELL, MARILYN. El- lisville, Mississippi. Special Edu- cation. BLACKWELL, QUENTICE D. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BLACKWELL, I RICHARD BRUCE. Jackson, Mississippi. BLAIR, SHIELA JOSEPHINE. Natchez, Mississippi. BLAKE, JOHN GROVER. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. BLAKENERY, JOHN WIL- LIAM. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BLANENEY, RANDALL ADAM. Magee, Mississippi. BLANCHARD, KIRK JAMES. New Orleans, Louisiana. BLANTON, IRVIN KENT. Nat- chez, Mississippi. BLAYLOCK, Elizabeth F. Hol- ly Springs, Mississippi. BLESSEY, STEPHEN CRAIG. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BLISSETT, DAVID MICHAEL. Morton, Mississippi. BLOUNT, BUFORD CHARLES III. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BLOUNT, CHARLES ROB- ERT. Decatur, Mississippi. BOLENDER, CARL MICHAEL. Gulfport, Mississippi. Music Edu- cation. 'Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. "Pride", Jazz Lab Band II. BOLES, LARRY W. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BOND, BEVERLY JOYCE. Wiggins, Mississippi. BONNER, MICHAEL STE- PHEN. Natchez, Mississippi. BOONE, CAROLYN SUE QGANDYJ. Hattiesburg, Missis- sippi. Elementary ECluCati0I1- Dean's List. BOONE, GEORGE CARRING- TON. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BOONE, JEFF J. PUCKETT, Mississippi. Finance. Pi Kappa Alpha. Pi Kappa Alpha-Schol- arship Chairman, Dean's List, Phi Beta Lambda. BOONE, LINDA BARBOUR. Laurel, Mississippi. 353 BOOZER, EVA JEAN. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. BORDEN, ROBERTA CLARE Clarksdale. Mississippi, BORTONE, GARY HARRI- MAN. Pensacola, Florida. BOSARGE, BARBARA OVER- STREET. Mobile, Alabama. BOTTIN, ROBERT RAY. Gulf- port, Mississippi. BOUCHILLION, LAURA E, Meridian, Mississippi. BOUNDS, EILEEN PATRICIA. Gulfport, Mississippi. BOUNDS, MEIDA. Lucedale, Mississippi. Music Education. University Singers, University Choral Union Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Marching Band, Tau Beta Sigma, Mu Phi Epsilon, Music Educators National Con- ference CMENCJ, Dean's List Scholar, Clyde C. Bryan Schol- arship, Theadore Presser Foun- dation- Scholarship. BOUNDS, RANDON DEWEY. Picayune, Mississippi. BOURDETTE, JAY RUSSELL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BOURGEOIS, CLYDE JO- SEPH. Waveland, Mississippi. Ac- counting. Delta Sigma Pi. Phi Beta Lambda-Pearl River Jr. College. Bay Rats-Southem. BOURGEOIS, KENNETH J. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Mathe- matics. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Junior Inter Fraternity Council, Phi Mu Epsilon, ACM Club. BOUNE, LARRY CLYDE. Co- lumbia, Mississippi. BOURNE, LOVELL EUGENE. Columbia, Mississippi. BOUTWELL, MINNIE ELIZA- BETH. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BOUTWELL, SHERYL ANN. Newton, Mississippi. Library Sci- ence. BOWTON, ROBERT ELS- WORTH. Hattiesburg, Mississip- 1. BOYD, JOHN STEVEN. Mobile, Alabama. BOYD, MARY LESLIE. Laurel, Mississippi. BOYD, RONALD PAUL. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. BOYDSTON, PHILLIP KEL- LY, Carthage, Mississippi. BOYLES, BOB HAROLD. For- est, Mississippi. BOZEMAN, CURTIS EDWIN, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BRADDOCK, SHEILA LOR- RAINE. Ripley, Mississippi. BRADERA, EDWARD AL- FRED, JR. Greenville, Mississip- pi. Radio 8a TV. Newman Club, International Students Organiza- tion. BRADLEY, DANIEL M. Gulf- port, Mississippi. MathCmaliCS- BRADLEY, DAVID E. Moselle, Mississippi. ' BRADLEY, JOSEPH K. Hatties- burg, hlississippi. BRADLEY, PATRICIA GAYLE D. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BRAKE, PATRICIA ANNE. -Pensacola, Florida. Home Eco- nomics Education. Home ECO- nomics Club-Reporter 61969- 70j, Represented Bolton Hall in Miss Southern Pageant Ql969J. . 'A' .-ill. .Z. BRASHIER, DOROTHY ANN. Quitman. Mississippi. Business Education. Sigma Sigma Sigma. Pi Omcsa Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Baptist Student Union, George R. Ollephant Scholarship. Dean's List. BRANCH, NORMA ANN. Pic- ayune, Mississippi. BRANCH, SAMUEL D. Pasca- goula, Mississippi. BRASWELL, DENTON GRA- HAM, JR. Meridian, Mississippi. Special Education, Dean's List. BRATCHER, CARY BREAUX. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BREAKFIELD, EDWARD RAY. Columbia, Mississippi. BREAKFIELD, MARION LOUIS. Columbia, Mississippi. BREAKFIELD, MICHAEL WAYNE. Sumrall, Mississippi. BREAUX, CATHERINE LOUISE. Biloxi, Mississippi. Home Economics Education. Pi Beta Phi. Alpha Lambda Delta, Home Economics Club, USM Marching Concert 8: Symphonic Bands, Pi Beta Phi-Program Chairman and music Chairman, Dean's List, Phi Delta Rho. BRELAND, GLORIA LANORA. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Ele- mentary Education. Dean 8: Presi- dent's List. BRELAND, SHEILA SUE M. Picayune, Mississippi. BREWER, CAROLYN. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. BREWER, JENNIFER ANN. Shubuta, Mississippi. BREWER, RUBY ANN. Tallu- lah, Louisiana. Accounting. Sigma Sigma Sigma.-Pledge Treasurer, Keeper of the Grades, Robbie Page Memorial Chairman. Dean's List. Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Amer- ican Society of Women Account- ants, University Activities Council -Freshman year. Yellowjackcts. BREYER, JOHN STEWART. Biloxi, Mississippi. BRIDGES, JAMES LANGDON. Ocean Springs, Mississippi BRIGGS, ROBERT EARL, JR. Jackson, Mississippi. BRISCOE, GLADYS. Conehatta, Mississippi. Elementary Educa- tion. BRITTON, SUSAN LUCILLE. Picayunc, Mississippi. BROADUS, RONALD KEITH. Lumberton, Mississippi. BROCK, BETHANY ANN. Jack- son, Mississippi. Spcech Patholo- gy. Kappa Delta. Treasurer and President. Druid Society-Presi- dent and Senior Advisor, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma. Alpha Eta, Uni- versity Activities Council, Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship, Committee of 50, Committee of 100, Junior Panhellcnic Scholar- ship, Dean's List, Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities. BROCK, J. D., JR. Vicksburg, Mississippi. Mathematics. BRODY, SHARON BETTY. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BROOKS, BARBARA JEAN. Panama City, Florida. BROOKS, BRENDA FAYE. Ma- gee, Mississippi. BROOKS, DONALD LAMAR. Vicksburg, Mississippi. BROOKS, ESSIE MAE. Perkins- ton, Mississippi. Elementary Edu- cation. BROOME, CARLTON WADE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BROOME, CYNTHIA ELAINE. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. BROOME, DOUGLAS SCOTT. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Per- sonnel Management. Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society. President's List and Dean's List. BROOME, WILLIAM ADRI- AN. Bassfield, Mississippi. BROOME, THOMAS LA- VELLE, Petal, Mississippi. Bi- ology. BROWN, BRENDA R., Waynes- boro, Mississippi. Elementary Ed- ucation. BROWN, CLIFTON WALKER. Laurel, Mississippi. BROWN, HULON W., JR. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. BROWN, JAMES C. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. BROWN, JOHNNY EUGENE. Pascagoula, Mississippi. BROWN, JUDY L. DARBY. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BROWN, SHEILA BURNHAM. Petal, Mississippi. BROWN, THOMAS EDWIN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BROWNING, DONNY BRUCE. Ecru, Mississippi. BRUMFIELD, BYRON L. Lau- rel, Mississippi. Industrial Man- agement. BRUMFIELD, PATSY ANNE. Magnolia, Mississippi. BRYANT, BETTY ANDERSON. Lumberton, Mississippi. BRYANT, ROSCOE BLANEY. Clinton North Carolina. Person- nel Management. Pen 8: Sword. USAF Bootstrapper-Active Duty MSgt. BRYANT, SHEILA FRANCES. Raleigh, Mississippi. BRYANT, THOMAS LEIGH. Gulfport, Mississippi. BUCHANAN, DONNA S. Jack- sonville, North Carolina. BUCK, JOHN LEROY, III. Daphane, Alabama. Music Edu- cation. Phi Mu Alpha-Historian Kappa Kappa Psi-Parliamentari- an, "Pride of Mississippi" March- ing Band, Symphonic Band, Con- cert Band, Jazz Lab Band I, Jazz Lab Band II. BUCKELS, GARY FREDER- ICK. Meadville, Mississippi. BUFFINGTON, SONJA EU R. Grove Hill, Alabama. BUIE, JOE LEE, III. Meridian, Mississippi. BULLOCK, ARHONDA JO. Prentiss, Mississippi. Home Eco- nomics Education. Home Eco- nomics Club-Treasurer C1969- 701. Kappa Omicron Phi-Trea.s- urer 1970-711. Collegiate Civin- ettes C1967-68l. Betty Dukes Craft Award-1970-71. BULLOCK, BOBBY GEORGE. Laurel, Mississippi. 3 BULLOCK, DANNEY HOLMES. Laurel, Mississippi. Instrumental Music Education. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Proctor- Counselor-Scott Hall. BULLOCK, JEFFREY LYNN. McComb, Mississippi. Radio-TV- Film. Participated in WMSU 8: Student Printz. -Dean's List and President's List. BULLOCK, MARY ANN S. Picayune, Mississippi. BULLOCK, PATRICIA MA- RIE. Pascagoula, Mississippi. BUNCH, ELAINE. Petal, Mis- sissippi. BUNKER, WILLIAM ED- WARD. Natchez, Mississippi. Architectural Technology. Bote- gha. Vice President of Botegha. President of Methodist Youth Group-Natchez. BURCH, REBA BOONE. Fox- worth, Mississippi. BURGER, KEARY ELVIN. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. BURGESS, MELVIN MILANE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BURKE, DENNIS JOSEPH. Bi- loxi, Mississippi. Finance. BURKE, WAYNE ROY. New Orleans, Louisiana. BURKES, DANNY LEE. Forest, Mississippi. Geography. Pi Gam- ma Mu fNational Social Science Honor Societyl. Gamma Theta Upsilon, Mississippi Education Association, National Education Association, Dean's List. BURKETT, DORTHY SUE J. Waynesboro, Mississippi. BURKS, STANLEY J. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. BURLINGAME, DONNA G. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Speech Pathology. Delta Zeta. Universi- ty Activities Council. Sigma Al- pha Eta. BURLINGAME, ROGER ALAN, Jackson, Mississippi. Com- puter Science. Phi Kappa Tau. BURNEY, ROBERT GERARD. Keyport, New Jersey. BURNEY, TIM. Jackson, Mis- sissippi. BURNS, MARTHA LOU. Un- ion, Mississippi. BURRAGE, WILLIAM LARRY. Jackson, Mississippi. BURROUGHS, ARTHUR EU- GENE. Lucedale, Mississippi. BUSBY, ALTON WAYNE. Sum- mit, Mississippi. BUSH, DARLA JOYCE. Rich- ton, Mississippi. BUSH, GEORGE RAYMOND. Hattiesburg, Missisippi. BUSH, JACK ROSS. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. BUSH, JEANETTE PERKINS. Laurel, Mississippi. BUSH, OWEN EDWARD. Bay Springs, Mississippi. BUSH, PARIS KEATS. Hands- boro, Mississippi. BUSLER, CHARLIE GRAY. Meridian, Mississippi. BUSTIN, WILLIAM LARRY. Laurel, Mississippi. BUTLER, JIMMY BOYD. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. BUTLER, MARVIN G. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. BUTLER, POWELL W., JR. Bude, Mississippi. BYRD, DAVID ERNEST. Nat- chez, Mississippi. Business Ad- ministration. BYRD, LAURENCE CHARLES. Biloxi, Mississippi. History. Dean's List. BYRNES, GEORGE ANDREW. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. CACERES, EDGAR. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. CAIN, LADYE SUSAN. Utica, Mississippi. Accounting. Chi Omega. Alpha Lambda Delta- Treasurer, Druids, Phi Delta Rho, Chi Omega-Songfest Chairman, assistant treasurer, treasurer, Outstanding pledge. Alpha Epsi- lon Alpha-Business Fraternity Council Representative CSecre- tary of BFCl, President of AEA -Nominee for standard OK "Out- standing Senior in Accounting" Award. Who's Who in American Colleges 8: Universities. Dean's List and President's List. CAIN, WILLIAM HARRISON. Biloxi, Mississippi. CALDWELL, JAMES PAT- RICK. Natchez, Mississippi. CALDWELL, J UDITH CAROL. Biloxi, Mississippi. C A L H O U N, CHARLOTTE MARIE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. CALLAHAN, C H A R L E S LARDY. Purvis, Mississippi. CALLAWAY, JOLYNN. Nat- chez, Mississippi. CALLENDER, GARRY MIT- CHELL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. CALVERT, PAMELA CLARE. Woodville, Mississippi. CAMERON, JIMMY CHARLES. Hattiesburg, Missis- Slppl. CAMP, BARRY RUSSELL. Me- ridian, Mississippi. Radio-Televi- sion-Film. WMSU, News Director WMSU, The Student Printz, Yel- lowjackets, Member-at-large Yel- lowjackets, Marching Band, Con- cert Band, Dean's List, Top Re- porter WMSU. 1969-70. South- ern Journalism Society. Southern Broadcasters. CAMPBELL, BERTHA LOU- ISE. Picayune, Nlississippi. CAMPBELL, JAMES FOR- REST. Seminary, Mississippi. CAMPBELL, JOHN ROBERT. Brandon, Mississippi. CAMPBELL, KIT. Waveland, Mississippi. Art. Transfer from PRC. CAMPBELL, ROSEMARY. Bog- alusa, Louisiana. Elementary Ed- ucation. Member of Committee of 100, 1967-68. Member of Dixie Darlings, 1968-69. House Chair- man, 1969-70, Elections' Chair- man, 1968-69, Chi Omega Soror- ity. Student Mississippi Education Association, 1970. Student Na- tional Education Association-, 1970. Dean's List Scholar. CANARD, LINDA ANNE. Al- buquerque, New Mexico. 354 CANFIELD, GEOFFREY B. Purvis, Mississippi. CAiPERS, TERRY LAVON. Es- catawpa, Mississippi. CAPPAERT, DANIEL REX. Vicksburg, Mississippi. CARAWAY, JOHN ERNEST. Sandersville, Mississippi. Special Education. Council for Excep- tional Children. CAREY, DONALD EDWARD. Laurel, Mississippi. CARLEY, MICHAEL LEE. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. CARLIN, KATHLEEN ELIZA- BETH. Lon-g Beach, Mississippi. English. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Al- pha Lambda Delta, Honors Pro- gram, Editor of Keyhole, Histo- rian of Southern Players, Lamb- da Iota Tau, Delegate to SUSGA, Annual Staff, Sentinel of Sigma Sigma Sigma, Honors Council, S.M.E.A., Senate page, Senior Class. Senator-at-large, Printz theatre critic, Protect Your En- vironment, Kappa Delta Pi, Al- pha Psi Omega, Grand Czatina of MTOM, Ass't. Editor of Sena- tor, Contemporary Staff, Dean's List, SNEA. Phi Delta Rho. CARLISLE, ARTHUR DALE. Montevidecl, Uruguay. CARMICHAEL, GEORGE M., JR. Meridian, Mississippi. Ac- counting. CARMICHAEL, WILLIAM MALCOL. Laurel, Mississippi. CARNLEY, EDDIE ERNAL. Century, Florida. Physical Edu- cation. Hyper Club, Intramurals, MHSAA. CARNEY, TOMMY LOVE. Monticello, Mississippi. Industri- al Arts Teaching Major. Dean's List Scholar. Honor Roll in Ju- nior College. CARR, JOHN ROBERT. Laurel, Mississippi. CARR, MEDERO BARNES. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. CARROLL, ANDREW J., III. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. CARROLL, EARL DUANE, Petal, Mississippi. CARROLL, JOHN PAUL. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. CARROLL, MACK EDWARD. Petal, Mississippi. CARROLL, NORMA GAYLE. Pascagoula, Mississippi. Library Science. Dean's List. President's List. Student Education Asocia- tion. CARRUBBA, FRANCES H. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. Music Ed- ucation-. University Singers, Uni- versity Madrigals, University Opera Theater, University Choral Union. CARSON, PATRICIA KAYE. Laurel, Mississippi. Nursing, SNASM-Student Nursing Associa- tion of Southern Mississippi. CARTER, DENVER LAMAR. Magee, Mississippi. CARTER, IVA WANSLEY. Laurel Mississippi. CARTER, LARRY GEORGE. Mobile, Alabama. ,,,g1.lfP9itI'i?' .WMM 'B W 'li W' W ,wanlfirlta fl. 11531. R011 ' wtf' ,gli-4, f winvj. A-2' Q,Q:,,,fdw'4" ,?alfW,,, CW .MM up Gi!-W 950- fyriwm A was mwff QW we 'iff'- fskwlmsjsi Qimtlwllmn ig Elini 11' UP' SML lf"5'5" iff-IN! l,PlllllCl1 DLLN NIKON A.Vl'H0.'0 fm MIHIRLKI ,mix Sf- E Gam Lk Hz X2 film ,Gur- Em- ilrlw USM A+ Q: i',,,', Sm 2 Ff7,033?5'iiQ1 Dm: 5:11215 Qi 103 lil? Mmm' YP:-1 i Fe Aim igjmlrr lm Ls-. .4 MJ mf gl l Tig.. T. HLFP' Page Q Q94 -- 1 3,1 fill, nm N tei.fEL,llhf3lP.i.a,x K rx,-if' We ,-gil, rilxifl 1 v img, bm 1 XLR Iqm ' 'N X .N C' I ,. 0 ,A F 4 if 1 1" G N C in C 9? QI il N. il tri II Ol av if H nn il ml Us pu if W C. in C.. FU il lil CT! 51 U1 'tn Z 1: ian an hu '-.chi IF!! me in f r --..- Us i -uf fill: lin- . Sli: I . V3 T322 Iggy, ' ef age 'fu .f'.,4 H.- 12,1 l . an I... ..,,1 l wi. .f, 4 ,. E An L .1 L. 1.- 1 - i 1 fl-i .M 2 st LT' 'st I . t.,,,"f-'i'-'2 'll :Ss ls We wt Wit 1 stfi '5DgNf'k in ,-.fig F' Q nu N 'hh 14:25 Qiihg 335355, bw-at., 2'i'."a -.slum 3-liar lhmliqg 3-WM li 81111013 1 mms Qlhliili :mms 2-1-L aww ggitlibnw hliihii' 'ii an Wiiillimilllia vmmlliri iii-il' lolita li EiHlh? W5 cm-Ili, mst, in lti't":f,iiiii?i lin tgmmgllii hlmymndmhb Allml Smwilmi Sm Sign, Hmm Simi if-'llt mag M. Sgmtmit-km' but ull? Pflltl lui ""'m'll11i1Dtlif "l'l'i0mfs0mdtiQQ mmfpgqltls ' S ,Q litsiiuiniiii WHS'-Pt Mtn it u4llCiitltl,Urtgmy. Cllllllclilll., Glllllll ll Sliml- WWI' Iilllllllllllllli, llllllll llllllll. lzuml, mint mms it Ummm lloili aim Hyper Gil, lim WWI . cami will lt? I Am 'failing llllil. mgdplatllmtfllli' mliiatoiit-W Wait it WWW m tAlRoLLlllllll" Wax WOW.. Mlwli milf wtomllll' aiilwiiit t-HOW ,till wtollillll' iff l'7'li1w'fll1 t :wyntlllliitf wx, lf - Wi iff et' itil 'ft at M ll' t M cull" Witt 'AU Dwi . Ati ld' Mi CARTER. MICHAEL DICKER- SON. Ripley. Mississippi. Com- munication. Staff announcer on WMSU. Reporter for Student Printz. Dean's List. CARTER, PHILLIP JACKSON. Wildwood, Florida- CARTER, RALPH EUGENE. Moss Point,' Mississippi. CARTER, RONALD PEARSON. Ellisville, Mississippi. CARTER, WARRENE HYNER. Magnolia, Mississippi. Mathemat- ics Sz Computer Science. Awarded merit Scholarship Freshman year. Member Alpha Lambda Delta, Member Westminster Fellowship. SecretaryfTreasurer of Kappa Mu Epsilon. President of Associa- tion of Computing Machinery. Phi Delta Rho. CASANO, JERALD GLENN. Gulfport, Mississippi. CASE, FRANCIS A. Natchez, Mississippi. CASEY, JAMES MILTON. Mont ome Alabama. Math S' FY, - Scabbard 8: Blade, Distinguished Military Student ROTC Scholar- ship. CASTANEDA, JOSE VICENTE. Tiquisate, Guatemala. CASTLEBERRY, JAN ETHE- RIDGE. Meridian, Mississippi. Library Science. CATON, CHARLES EUGENE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. CAVIN, PATRICIA DIANNE B. Natchez, Mississippi. CAVIN, VERNON ANTHONY, JR. Natchez, Mississippi. CERRA, CATHERINE JULIA. Pass Christian, Mississippi. So- ciology. Pi Gamma Mu. Phi Theta Kappa f Gamma Nu Presi- dent and State Secretaryj. Gene- ral Merit Scholarship-1969. Har- rison County U.S.M. Alumni As- sociation Scholarship-1969. Who's Who Among Students in Ameri- can Junior Colleges-l968. Dean's List. Sociology Club. CHACON, JOSE MIGUEL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. CHAMBERS, LEAH M. Jack- son, Mississippi. Chemistry, Eng- lish. Alpha Sigma Alpha. Alpha Sigma Alpha 2nd Vice President, Assistant Treasurer, Parliamen- tarian, Pledge Class Treasurer, Pi Tau Chi, Dean's List, Com- mittee of 100, Lambda Iota Tau- President, Freshman Orientation Leader, Spring Leadership Con- ference 1970. Alpha Sigma Alpha National Ideal Pledge 1969. CHANCE, TONY GLEN. Co- lumbia, Mississippi. Finance. Pi Kappa Alpha. President's List, Varsity Baseball. CHAPMAN, THOMAS AL- FRED. Utica, Mississippi. CHEEK, WILLIAM PARK. Net- tleton, Mississippi. Architectural Tectnology. Botegha QArchitec- tural Fraternityj. Membership Chairman-Botega. CHEESMAN, ROBERT DALE. Manted, North Carolina. CHILDRE, LAURA ESTHER. Jackson, Mississippi. English. CHILDREE, MARY MARGA- RET S. Hattiesburg. Mississippi CHILDRESS. JOHN CECIL Ocean Springs, Mississippi, CHISI-IOLM, SCOTT DOUG- LAS. Vero Beach. Florida. CLANTON, DONNA ANN, Hfavnesboro, Mississippi. CLANTON. VICKY TERRELL. Greenwood, Mississippi. Industrial Management. CLARK, BARBARA GAIL. Tay- lorsville, Mississippi. CLARK, CAROLYN JOHN- SON. Decatur, Mississippi. Busi- ness Education. CLARK, DONALD, JR. Waynes- boro, Mississippi. CLARK, GARY PAUL. Charles- ton-, Mississippi. Industrial Man- agement. Member of Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment. Dean's List CUSMJ Phi Beta Lambda, Dean's List and President's List fNorthwest Mis- sissippi Junior Collegei. CLARK, HAL MELVIN, JR. Bi- loxi, Mississippi. Mathematics. Phi Kappa Phi. Graduated with honors. CLARK, HOLLIS DURVAN. Meridian, Mississippi. CLARK, JAMES WILFRED. Bassfield, Mississippi. CLARK, JOHN SAUNDERS. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. CLARK, JUDY ANNETTE. Louisville, Mississippi. Mathemat- ics. Alpha Sigma Alpha. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Treasurer, Presi- den. Phi Delta Rho. Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Tau Chi, Kap- pa Mu Epsilon-Vice President, Kappa Delta Pi, Panhellenic Council, Spring Leadership Con- ference-I969-70, Group Orienta- tion Leadership, 1969, SGA Leadership Conference-1970. CLARK, LINDA L. Jackson, Mississippi. Music Education. University Singers. Music Edu- cators National Conference. CLARK, MARTHA KEITH. Meridian, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Delta Delta Delta. Delta Delta Delta-Social Chair- man, Dean's List. Student Re- ligious Federation. CLARK, OBIE EARL. Laurel, Mississippi. CLARK, RANDY KAY DYAR. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. CLARK, SHARRON ANNE. Yazoo City, Mississippi. CLARK, SHERYL LESLIE. Pass Christian, Mississippi. CLARK, WYNN EUGENE. Pascagoula, Mississippi. CLARY, ROBERT EDWIN. Gulfport, Nlississippi. CLAY, DAN LAMAR. Collins- ville, Mississippi. History. Phi Alpha Theta. CLAY, JOHN LOUIS. Moss Point, Mississippi. CLEARMAN, PEGGY JOANNE T. Meridian, Mississippi. CLEMENT, MICHAEL EU- GENE. Pcrkinston, Mississippi. 355 CLEMONS, JAMES THOMAS. Hatttesbtirg. Mississippi. CLEVELAND. PATRICK H, Union, Nfississippi. Political Sci- ence. CLIFFORD, BRUCE WHEEL. ER. Morton, Itiississippi. CLIFFORD. CARROLL L., III Gautier. Iviississippi. CLYBURN, BURVON THOM- AS. Hattiesburg, Miggiggippiu COCHRAN, CHARLES DAV- ID. Brooklyn, Mississippi. COCHRAN, FREEMAN J., JR. Hattiesburg, Itiississippi. COCKERHAM, ROY WIL- LIAM. Laurel, Mississippi. CONFRANCESCO, ALFRED F. Ivaldwick, New Jersey. Biology. Kappa Sigma. ROTC Advanced. DMS, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel, Inter Fraternity ,Council Repre- sentative, Dean's List, Scabbard and Blade Fraternity. COKER, CATHY ELLEN. El- lisville, Mississippi. Child Devel- opment. COLDEWEY, M. CHRISTIE. Port St. Joe, Florida. COLE, JOHN HARRISON. Co- lumbia, Mississippi. COLE, LYNDA ANN. Bisbee, Arizona. COLE, RONALD EDWARD. Biloxi, Mississippi. COLEMAN, CRAIG SCOTT. Gonzales, Florida. COLEMAN, DAVID NOAH. Pascagoula, Mississippi. COLEMAN, FLOSSIE W. CUR- RIE. Ellisville, Mississippi. COLLIER, SHIRLEY MARIE. Vicksburg, Mississippi. Element- ary Education. Dean's List. Freshman Councelor, Dorm Presi- dent-Pulley Hall Slimmer 1970. COLLINS, GLENDA JEAN. El- lisville, Mississippi. Elementary Education-. Afro-American Cul- ture Society. University Chorus. Baptist Student Union. COLLINS, MINI LOIS L. Mo- selle, Mississippi. COLSON, PHILIP LAKE. Cor- pus Christi, Texas. COMBY, SUSIE. Philadelphia, Mississippi. Elementary Educa- tion. Wesley Foundation. COMMISKEY, SANDRA TU- CEI. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. COMSTOCK, CHARLES WIL- LARD. Biloxi, Mississippi. Art Education. CONLEY, PATRICIA RUTH. Tylertown, Mississippi. Element- ary Education. CONN, TOMMY LEWIS. Am- ite, Louisiana. CONNER, DAVID MCGEE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. CONNER, RUDOLPH LEE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Market- in . COOK, JERRY DON. Heidel- berg, Mississippi. Finance fGen- eral Business Emphasisj. COOK, KATHERINE E. Jack- son, Mississippi. Drawing 8: Painting. Chi Omega. Senator Mississippi Hall, Panhellenic Council. tChi Omega PlCdSCl- Senate Page, SCOPE Executive S'l'Cf0lfH"v'. Secretary of S.G.A., Pre-sident's Advisors' Bnnrd, Inu-r. Vnrsitv Christina Fellowship. Pi Tint Chi. Phi Delta Pi, Secretary of Chi Omega. Executive Com. of Inter-Varsity Christian Fel- lowship. Dt-nn's COOK, TERRY GENE. Ocean Snrinvs. Mississippi. COOKSEY, GRACE BENNETT. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. COOLEY, BOBEIE ELAINE M. Petal, Mississippi. COOLEY, GINGER SUE. Lucc- dnle, Mississippi. COOPER, ALAN GARY. Mem- phis, Tennessee. History--Seo ondary Education. Kappa Alpha Order. Kappa Alpha Order Treasurer. COPELAND, MARY KATHA- LEEN. Ocean Springs, Missis- sippi. COPLING, NORMA WHEAT. Picayune, Mississippi. COPPINGER, MARTHA LOU- ISE. Birmingham, Alabama. CORBAN, DAVID A. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. CORLEY, TOMMYE. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Alpha Sigma Alpha. Alpha Lambda Delta-Editor, Druids, Cwcns, President of Pan- hellenic, Vice President of Asso- ciation of Women Students, Kap- pa Dclta Pi, Pi Tau Chi, Lambda Iota Tau, President of Student Education Association, MEA, Committee ol' 100, Vice House Chairman of Mississippi Hall, Freshman Counselor, Dean's List, Alpha Sigma Alpha-House Chairman-, Yellowjacket Sweet- heart. Phi Delta Rho. CORNELL, CHARLES OVEE. Soso, Mississippi. CORNS, BETTY FRESE. Quin- cy, Illinois. CORNS, JERRY DAVID. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. CORRERO, ANTHONY JO- SEPH, JR. Clarksdale, Missis- sippi. Music Education. Kappa Kappa Psig Phi Mu Alpha. Marching Band fDrum Majorj, ROTC Band fDrum Majorj, Southern Highlands fDrum Ma- jorl, Most Outstanding ROTC Bandsman, Symphonic Band, Wind nEnscmblc, Orchestra, Per- cussion Ensemblcs, Brass Choir, Reporter of MENC, Co-Editor of the "Pride", Secretary and Treasurer of Kappa Kappa Psi, Band Council, Drum Major of 1969 USA Band fPresident of Concert Bandj, Who's Who Among Students in American Univcrsitics,and Colleges, Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Principal Per- cussionist Senior Year, Yellow- jackets, Pi Kappa Lambda, Na- tional Honorary Music Society. CORSETTO, RICHARD FLO- RIO. Paterson, New Jersey. Health and Physical Education. Member of Varsity Baseball and Basketball Teams. Scored over 1000 points for three seasons of varsity Basketball. Made all USM Invitational Tournament team. Member of MAHPER Club. COTE, KATHRYN BISHOP. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. COTHERN, WILLIAM S. II. Gulfport, Mississippi. COTTEN, JOHN STEVEN, JR. Gulfport, Mississippi. Biology. Phi Delta Theta. Alpha Epsilon Delta. COURTNEY, JAMES LAW- RENCE, JR. Gulfport, Missis- sippi. Sociology. University Activ- ities Council. Phi Beta Lambda. COVINGTON, MACK WAYNE. Lexington, Mississippi. COWLING, MELISSA KATH- LEEN. Robertsdale, Alabama. COX, JOHN JOSEPH. Biloxi, Mississippi. Personnel Manage- ment. Yellowjackets 1968-69- Treasurer. COX, RONALD FIELD. Gulf- port, Mississippi. Personnel Man- agement. Member of Nuget Methodist Church. COX, WINSTON RAY. Jack- son, Mississippi. Architecture, Technology and Drafting. Bo- tegha. Color grade commander in Circle Air Patrol Color Grade Commander in R.O.T.C. High Schools. "Associate in Applied Science Degree", in Architecture. Diploma in "Architecture Tech- nology," at Hinds. Certificate of Proficiency-General Billy Mitch- ell Award. Military Training Certificate, R.O.T.C. CRAFT, BILLY ANTHONY. Jackson, Mississippi. History. CRAFT, CHERYL CHRIS- TINE. Petal, Mississippi. CRAFT, RONALD MICHAEL. Biloxi, Mississippi. CRAIG, LATIMER WELDON. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. CRAIN, HAROLD DEWITT. Tylertownf, Mississippi. CRAWFORD, ALMUS EU- GENE, JR. Hattiesburg, Missis- s1pp1. CRAWFORD, CHERIE QUINN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. CRAWFORD, FRANK RAM- SEY. New Orleans, Louisiana. CRAWFORD, LINDA CAR- ROL. Jackson, Mississippi. So- ciology. Sociology Club, Wesley Foundation-1st Vice President, Staff Resident at Hickman Hall. CREEKMORE, THOMAS, H. III. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. CREEL, TROY JAMES. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. CROSS, IRMA ELEANOR. Monticello, Mississippi. CROW, BILLY REID. Hazle- hurst, Mississippi. CROWDER, LINDA FAYE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. CROWELL, GLENDA LOU. Jackson, Mississippi. CRUTCHFIELD, JOY. Milton, Florida. Home Economics Edu- cation. Progressive Students Asso- ciation, Dean's List, Home Eco- nomics Club. CRUTCHIRDS, SYDNEY E. Ocean Sprin-gs, Mississippi. CULBERSON, BARBARA ANN. Moss Point, Mississippi. CULLEFER, ANNA LOUISE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. CULPEPPER, SUE POPE. Gulf- port, Mississippi. Home Econom- ics Education. Transfer student from Gulfpark Junior College. CUMBO, CHARLOTTE E. Woodville, Mississippi. CUNNINGHAM, JOHN WAL- LACE. Biloxi, Mississippi. CURRIE, BETTY R. THET- FORD. Laurel, Mississippi. CURTIS, MICHAEL GORDON. Hammond, Louisiana. , CURTIS, PAULA ELLEN. Jack- son, Mississippi. CURTISS, SUSAN E. Long Beach, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Student Education Association. CUTRELL, JAMES HAROLD. Prentiss, Mississippi. CUTTER, DONNA ANN. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. DACUS, RITA GAIL. Jackson, Mississippi. Office Managemen-t. SMEA. QSAMJ Society for Ad- vancement of Management. Phi Beta Lambda Treasurer, Dean's List. DALE, REBECCA ANN. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. DAMPIER, ALFREDIA VE- RONICA. Monticello, Mississippi. Piano. Member of University Chorus and Singers, MENC, Afro American Cultural Society. Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship and Opera Workshop. Honor's and Dean's List. DAMPIER, PATRICIA ANN. Monticello, Mississippi. Sociology. Afro-American Cultural Society -Chairman of Entertainment Committee. Dean's List. DANGELO, JAMES CHARLES. Gulfport, Mississippi. DANIELS, DARYL ADELE. Picayune, Mississippi. Elemen- tary Education. MEA Member, SEA Member, Newman Club, Phi Beta Lambda fVice Presi- dentj Freshman Counselor, Dean's List Scholar. DAQUILLA, GARY FRANCIS. Woodville, Mississippi. Elemen- tary Education. DARBY, MARY SHELEY. Jack- son, Mississippi. Public Address. Chi Omega CMillsaps Collegej. Dean's List. DAVENPORT, KENNEITH AARON. Picayune, Mississippi. DAVIDSON, FAYE KIDD. Waynesboro, Mississippi. DAVIDSON, KENT LEE. Den- ver, Colorado. DAVIS, BERYLE DIANE H. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. DAVIS, CAROL M. Picayune, Mississippi. DAVIS, CHARLES MICHALE. Rose Hill, Mississippi. DAVIS, CHARLOTTE REBEC- CA. Enterprise, Mississippi. Ele- mentary Education. DAVIS, DANIEL FRANK. Vicksburg, Mississippi. DAVIS, ELWYN LEE. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. DAVIS, GERALDINE LAURA E. Biloxi, Mississippi. Biology! Botany. Member Mississippi Academy of Science. DAVIS, JERALD POWE. Buck- atunna, Mississippi. DAVIS, JERRY WAYNE. Gulf- port, Mississippi. DAVIS, JUANITA ANTHONY. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. DAVIS, JUDITH E. Laurel, Mississippi. Chemistry. Honor's Program, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, Dean's List. DAVIS, LEO EARL. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. DAVIS, MARLENE BOZEMAN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Elemen- tary Education. DAVIS, SIDNEY WAYNE. Toomsuba, Mississippi. DAVIS, THOMAS JAMES. Eight Mile, Alabama. DAVIS, TOMMY MACK. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. DAVIS, WILLIAM CORBET. Chickasaw, Alabama. Finance. Phi Kappa Tau. M Club, Social Chairman, Best Hitter, Most Val- uable Player, Senior Leadership Award. DAWSEY, CLEVELAND RUE- BEN. Picayune, Mississippi. DAWSON, ARON VOL. Jack- son, Mississippi. Computer Sci- ence. Acacia. Association for Computer Machinery. USM Acro Club, Yellowjackets, Newman Club. Dean's List. DAY, CHARLES NORMAN, Columbia, Mississippi. DE BLOCK, MAGDALENA. Tallahassee, Florida. Geography 8: German. Civinettes, Geography Club, Vice President, President. German Club, SecretaryfTreas- urer. Gamma Theta Upsilon Secretary. fRegional Merit Schol- arshipJ House Chairman, Bolton. AWS Council. DE LA FUENTE, RICHARD. New York Mills, New York. Mu- sic Education. Member of the "Pride" Marching Band 4 years. Drill Master Sr Head of Percus- sion section-. Concert Band-USM Symphonic Band 3 years. Mem- ber of percussion ensemble and marimba choir 4 years. Kappa Kappa Psi, Secretary. President of Pledge Class Most outstand- ing pledge MENC fMusic Edu- cators National Conferencej. Vice President, President in in ROTC. Ribbons for "Fres- man NGO" and "Superior Bands- man" nominee for Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities. Member of Yellowjackets 3 years. DEAKLE, JOHN MITCHELL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. DEAN, WILLIAM LEROY. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Sociology and Political Science. Pi Gamma Mu, Pen and Sword. Sociology Club. DEARMAN, DONAD RAY- MOND. Petal, Mississippi. DEARMAN, ROBERT WAYNE. Quitman, Mississippi. DEES, CLIFTON MARYLAND. Vancelave, Mississippi. DEES, SUSANNE. Wiggins, Mis- sissippi. History. Dixie Darling Organization, 1969. Intermural Tennis girlis double champs, 1970. DELANEY, DAVID WALLACE. Hazlehurst, Mississippi. M6 DELBRIDGE, BARBARA ANN. Concord, North Carolina. Library Science. Phi Kappa Phi. DELBRIDGE, THOMAS EUIN. Rockvale, Ten-nessee. Industrial Arts. Mississippi Industrial Arts Association. Woodmen of the World. Rockvale Lodge No. 413, Free and Accepted Masons Re- tired SMSOT from USAF with 21 years service. DELMORE, LAURENCE III. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. DENEHIE, CHARLENE. Biloxi, Mississippi. Elementary Educa- tion. DENSON, VIRGINIA REA. Long Beach, Mississippi. DEORNELLAS, ANNA KATH- RYN. Columbia, Mississippi. Speech Pathology. Secretary, Sig- ma Alpha Eta, Dean's List. DESOBRY, LOUIS EDWARD. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. DESSOMMES, MARCELLE E. Long Beach, Mississippi. DEWEESE, MARTHA BONI- TA. Meridian, Mississippi. Eng- lish. DICKENS, ELMER CHARLES. Gulfport, Mississippi. DICKENS, LARRY QUINN. Collins, Mississippi. DICKENSON, MARGARET ELLEN. Gulfport, Mississippi. DICKENSON, WILLIAM GEORGE. Gulfport, Mississippi. DICKERSON, BARRY DALE. Summit, Mississippi. DICKERSON, JEAN ROL- LINS. Biloxi, Mississippi. DICKEY, WILLIAM P. JR., Lucien, Mississippi. Insurance and Real Estate. Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon. Warden Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon. DIKEMAN, MICHAEL LEE. New Alban-y, Mississippi. DILLEY, DONALD ELWOOD. Metairie, Louisiana. DILLON, RANDALL, Smithdale, Mississippi. Accounting. Alpha Epsilon Alpha fAccounting Fra- ternityj, Historian and Parlia- mentarian of Business Fraternity Council. DILLON, SYLVIA DEAN. Ty- lertown, Mississippi. Child De- velopment. DILLON, WILLIE JEAN. Fox- worth, Mississippi. History. The Afro-American Cultural Society. DILLON, WILMA GAYLE. Ty- lertown, Mississippi. Elementary Education. DIXON, MARGARET ANN. Terry, Mississippi. DODGE, PAUL SHELDON, III. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. DOHERTY, ROBERT LEE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. DONOVAN, JAMES MICH- AEL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. af' 46 W Miva 75:4 ' 1 ftw 2.45, L tvfu taglllif' gf QW ' KW' wif U' at WWW gi' MG., HW D ' u GEUM iz: 5 gg 3mM" gl W it WL www at M glfw- flttauiw mf ohh ,lf- jcglmu ni ld Sli, Dali! Ll. filing fi H Bl 4541972 GE by is 'livl lllo in Aish ip. SAI Din u SSW Gia B. jiuifk A5 -gliiillfflf Wim IIC nam QWHMA 'fmolm mcg, 'R .7 wlilami 1EG"?lBm RNIB ' 01-1 flmtll Mmm Stihl mn' ,L Rn 'L - SM Gut. 'Wi DONOVAN, JOHN FARRANT. ji., Vicksburg, Mississippi. History. Phi Alpha Theta, History Honor, Cut., Society. DoRToN, PEGGY sUE. Laurel, 5 Mississippi. DOUGLAS, DEANNA MAE. pit, .JQHM Gulfport, Mississippi. Commer- cial Art. Pi Tau Chi, Tau Beta lfigigsllih Sigma, Concert Band, Marching Band. President, Dean's List. wif: C l F 0 ffl! ..- Et'ff?i'i'?3'.5i'r3"5EE'B!E5'35Pliqaiiiqgqliifqlfli9'l.?aK"2.t:Pawnas aa ESI' ,- 6 'iii' 73575 F Q J' 552' iff 5' iff will if." J'l'?-?'fi"i5 ii 5 R L-V vt' . X ' ' 'f-if -tire A was -. s Rbghwu lI' -Se I.. is '- si 'qteifis tilt-5. 'E-at A -lfitltimi Q, lflliiailii ii' ir- s. is Vim' am Iifiii.. 'N rig- it ltsfig N'-I-.."h Dio. " inlilE,fIll.,tlt4i.f i"Msa',,f', 551 'ms A '04 - SMP. ls TLP: nil' ,gftlriliflmi -u E '-is i52fI,,f0ii.T, awww "m0Miiii2I. t 'TIN-Ili iam: mlllr 1 . mb at A G"lfP0flllitu Li Ian nrctiws timmy Wifslfsuppi ' DICKINSON tint: Elllulfillfwtlfiug gflmlui they Kilim mi... I Dmmitlitt Sm 1 lmtztt nlcttisoi limi ll' WI init trannies., tunhghgi, ntctmtsottiitilit 5 s M M l, llisisippi n Ol hafta DICKIRSOII IM it ' 1 h Erin mtltnllknpt lrtniiritdi mont, lvtttii it 5 Quik lndw.lfLti1ipPllM'F 553 ltal but Sigma lil it U RE. llillll In Wudenilvmiilblt L. lm ':.?.'7.."5- rlniwlift' unH"""" gill-U uH""j . tgnhli' wmllpmliwm, i lllf'IIl'Iliw iifnfiitfllimmi' . its .MMV ,iiiiriotiinzmu Eiii,witHitj?,i W-WPPL flmllli 5. unH""' lib, hi' Q .,:"' H' S?i'i'bltSivtDgfl.lll up Minis ,utr vitlnllllmli 5. D I li fihwqi nn, iiisiiiitimjgi MW .Ill A,,mmn5IG,yu1lr 1' diggs' tlllill Wai W ' ll twirl I . nl"""u ,QT It owl N Dlx I limi 1 '55, 4 a. 55" wttwliiitl ui DONOVAI' Jgmlliiitllliq. III' utmmiioilliliiit 3,0i0V'll,,.,iiii its Wbblug ,,HisloI1 With' Thi, ii ntl' Sgt!-E' 5-'W pi al' oifiifllslitgllfiiti V GKIIIMIHIIU dlllfldii' lf, ,ii ,,im,,,,i1w,,,wt Q Q testenv D.,- ' , . f . -'gf--1f"a " ' . f . .w2i.l..- fi " -f ii i -P . wr ' -- iiifl. ...,,.?5. ZA., "' i, . , A 1 pp . f ' L25-':1.?"'Wi3Q wie- ..- DOUGLAS, ROBERT LEWIS. Newton, Mississippi. Real Estate and Insurance. Sigma Alpha Ep- silon IPledge Class President and Social Chairmanj. Scabbard 8: Blade. DOUBLAS, WILLIAM LARRY. Leakesville, Mississippi. DOW, LILA MARTHA. Bogota, Columbia-South America. Geog- raphy. Member of Phi Chi Theta I Business Fraternity for Womenj. Newman Club, International Stu- dent Organization. DOWNING, ANN MARIE. Col- lins, Mississippi. DOWNING, WILLIAM STE- PHEN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. DRINKARD, DAVID WILSON. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. DRUMMOND, GEORGE D. Picayune, Mississippi. DUBOSE, GEORGE THOMAS. Brewton, Alabama. Health 8: Physical Education. M Club, Dean's List. DUBOSE, JOSEPH DANIEL. Pensacola, Florida. DUCEY, NAN ELIZABETH. Jackson, Mississippi. Speech Path- ology. DUCKETT, BRENDA JOY. Meridian, Mississippi. DUCKWORTH, RICHARD CHARLES. Biloxi, Mississippi. DUNAGIN, LOUIS MICHAEL. Laurel, Mississippi. DUNNAWAY, DANNY MEL- VIN. Columbia, M.ississippi. Ac- counting. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. President, Treasurer and Rush Chairman of SAE, Dean's List, Phi Eta Sigma, Committee of 100, Omicron Delta Kappa, SAE Best Active 1970, Gold Key So- ciety, Who's Who in American Colleges 8: Universities, Alpha Epsilon Alpha, SAE Delegate to Leadership School, Chicago, Ill., SAE Delegate to Province Con- vention, Memphis, Tennessee. All- Star Intramural Fraternity Foot- ball Team 1970. ROTC Scholar- Ship "B" Ribbon, IFC Delegate. DUNN, CHRISTA LENA. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. DUNN, THOMAS MICHAEL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. DUPREE, WILLIAM G. Laurel, Mississippi. General Business. DURBIN, RONALD. Ocean SPYlIlgS, Mississippi. DYAR, PATRICIA MCCAIN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. DYER, CHARLES WESLEY. Duncan, Mississippi. DYESS, VICKI KAYE. Gulf- POFY, Mississippi. Home Economic Education. Dean's List. DYKES, PAUL ASTON, JR. McComb, Mississippi. Pre Dental. USM Karate Club. EASTERLING, CECIL. Collins, Mississippi, EASTERLING, JEFFERSON S. Morgantown, Mississippi. EASTON, JILL JOHANNA. Pass Christian, Mississippi. RTF! .l0l1rnalism. Theatre Minor. Sig- ma Sigma Sigma. Pledge Class Pl'eSiClent, Sisterhood Award. Pan- hellenic Delegate, Sentinel, Pub- hc Relatlons Chairman, Triangle, Chairman, Alumni Relations. Southern Players, Pledge Trainer, Pied Piper Players Mu Tau Omega MUS KCYh0le Staffg wMsU Theatre critic, Public Affairs Chairman, Annual Staff Section Editorg University Pubi lications Board, Printz Staff Lighting Chairman Miss South: ern Pageant, Housing Commit- tee, Young Republicans, Fencing Club, Southern Journalism So- ciety, Southern Broadcasters, Spirit Club, Public Relations, Opera Workshop, Panhellenic Handbook Staff, National Student Register, Theta Sigma Phi fHon- orary Journalisml. EATON, JAMES WILLIAM. Sumrall, Mississippi. ECKERT, JAMES CARL. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. EDWARDS, MARY ANN. New- ton, Mississippi. English. Alpha Sigma Alpha. Lambda Iota Tau. Student Education Association. Baptist Student Union. EDWARDS, MARY TRUDY. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. EDWARDS, MILTON A. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. EDWARDS, NANCY HENDER- SON. Walnut Grove, Mississippi. EDWARDS, PHYLLIS HIN- TON. McComb, Mississippi. EDWARDS, ROBERT WIL- LIAM. Richton, Mississippi. EDWARDS, SARAH ARLENE. Conehatta, Mississippi. EHLERS, RHONDA ANN. Es- catawpa, Mississippi. Nursing. EHRHARDT, FRED CRAIG. Morton Grove, Illinois. EICHELBERGER, BETTY E. Morton, Mississippi. EKES, MINNIE MARGARET. Laurel, Mississippi. Journalism 8: Religion, Philosophy. Southern Journalism Society-Recording Secretary. Baptist Student Union -Executive Council, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Student Printz, Contemporary Staff. ELIAS, RONALD J. Long Beach, Mississippi. ELIAS, THOMAS MARSHALL. Laurel, Mississippi. ELIOTT, ROGER FRANKLIN. Prentiss, Mississippi. ELKINS, SUZANNE HATCH- ER. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. ELLIOTT, DOROTHY B. Meri- dian, Mississippi. ELLIOTT, JACK M., JR. For- est, Mississippi. Journalism. "Pride of Mississippi" Yellow- jackets Vice President, Southern Journalism Society. WMSU, The Student Printz fNews Edlt01' and Managing Editor.J ELLIOTT, MARY ELAINE. Ripley, Mississippi. ELLIS, BEVERLY ANNE. Ya- zoo City, Mississippi. ELLIS, JOHN CHARLES. Jack- son, Mississippi. Political Science and Communication. Sigma Nu. Honors Program, General Merlt Scholarship, Young Republ1caI1Si Phi Eta Sigma, Gold Key SOCICWJ Five Most Outstanding F1'CShmCU, Soph. Class President, Sigma Nu -outstanding Pledge Scholar, 357 Commander, Rush Chairman Chaplain, Scholarship Chairi man, Jr. IFC Delegate, IFCE. Delegate, Secretary, Judicial Boafda Community Serviccg Chairman, University Relations Chairman, Expansion Chairman, ODK, Who's IVho, UAC Dcle- gate, SCOPE Delegate, SUSGA Delegate, Committee of l00 As- sociate Editor of The Dmwl, Greek Co-Editor of 1971 Sour:-r- ERNER, Order of Omega, BSU, Co-Chief Justice of Student Court, Delegate to Student Lead- ership Workshop. ELLIS, PEGGY SUE. Tylertown, Mississippi. Institution Manage- ment-Dietetics. Baptist Student Un-ion. Home Economics Club, Kappa Omicron Phi-Home Eco- nomics Honorary Fraternityl. ELLWOOD, JOHN DOUGLAS. Biloxi, Mississippi. Math. Pen 8: Sword. ELLZEY, WAYNE EWELL. Laurel, Mississippi. Political Sci- ence. EMERSON, DON G. Como, Mississippi. Radio-TV-Film. Ad- vertising Staff-Student Printz. Chief Announcer WMSU, Pro- gram Director WMSU, PLC Pro- gram IUnited States Marine Corpsj. EMERSON, SUSAN HUDSON. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. ENIS, JERRY THOMAS, JR. Woodville, Mississippi. ENNIS, JOHN ROBERT. Jack- son, Mississippi. History. Pi Kap- pa Alpha. Pi Kappa Alpha Presi- dent, Treasurer, Active of the Year. Honor Pledge. ENTREKIN, MARY MAR- GARET. Lumberton, Mississippi. Elementary Education. EPLIN, RICKY DALE. Pica- yune, Mississippi. History. Phi Alpha Theta. ESCUDERO, GEROGE ROB- ERT. Sumrall, Mississippi. ESCUDERO, JOYCE ANN. ETHRIDGE, KELLIS RAY. Bailey, Mississippi. EVANS, CASSANDRA DIANE. Laurel, Mississippi. EVANS, FRANCIS KAY. Pasca- goula, Mississippi. EVANS, JERRY ALLEN. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. EVANS, MICHAEL FRANK- LIN, Waynesboro, Mississippi. History. , EVANS, NEWANA JANE. Ellis- ville, Mississippi. English. Dean's List. EVERETT, ELTON PURVIS. Pelahatchie, Mississippi. Finance, General Business. Vice President of Baptist Student Union. EWING, IVILLIAINI HUGH. Fairfax, Virginia. FA1Ls AMES DANIEL. Bass- , .I field Mississippi. FA1itc1-IILD, DANIEL LA- MAR. Quitman, Mississippi. FAIRLY, JOHN ARCHY. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. OUT SHIRLEY LOR- I . . . . . RAINE. Greenville, Mississippi. PANT, RICHARD WILSON. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. ' ,:.:T3. 'f':?:.1'f:'.g FARRELI-, JOHN THOMAS. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. FAURE, NANCY VERONICA Kiln, Mississippi. English. Lamb- da Iota Tau. FAYARD. DAVID MICHAEL. Biloxi, Mississippi. Finance. FAYARD, JOSEPII LIONEL. Biloxi, Mississippi. Recreation. Member of USM Football and Baseball Team. Member of M Club serve as social chairman. FELDER, CARI. BRYANT. Summit. Mississippi. FEI.DMAN,"BRUCE JAN. Falls Church, Virginia. FELDMAN, JAMES MICHAEL. Newton, Mississippi. FENNELL, CONSTANCE C. Long Beach, Mississippi. French. Dean's List, President's List, Al- pha Lambda Delta, Pi Delta, Phi, Kappa, Delta Pi, Southern Alum- ni Association Scholarship. FERNANDEZ, SERGIO WAL- TER. Key West, Florida. Radio- Telcvision-Film. Jazz Lab Band, Pride, Orchestra, Program Direc- tor WMSU, ROTC Squad Lead- er. FERNICOLA, JAMES, Wiggins, Mississippi. FERNSTORM, EDWARD BEN- TON. New Albany, Mississippi. Computer Science. Member of ACM, USM Chess Club, Delta Psi Omega. FERRELL, WILLIAM B., JR. Hattiesburg, Mississippi.. FERRY, WILLIAM RANDALL. Riderwood, Alabama. Personnel Management. Sigma Nu. Honors Program, IFC Judicial Vice Presi- dent. Sigma Nu Commander and Treasurer, Dean's List. UAC Delegate, Charter Member of USM Spirit Club. FETTERLY, ROGER ALLEN. Pcshtigo, Wisconsin. Math. Pen 8: Sword. FEW, EDWARD ALLEN III. Mobile, Alabama. FICK, RUTH ANN. State Line, Mississippi. Elementary Educa- tion. FIELD, PATRICIA LYNN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Elemen- tary Education. Alpha Sigma Al- pha. ASA Pledge Trainer, Rush Chairman. Alpha Lambda Delta Treasurer, Druids, Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities. FIELDER, THERESA DIANE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Sociol- ogy. Afro-American Cultural So- ciety, Sociology Club ISecretaryJ. FILLINGIM, GENIE CHERYL. Gulfport, Mississippi. Business Education. Pi Omega Pi-Secre- tary, Phi Beta Lambda-Secrb tary, Collegiate Civinettes-Pub- licity Chairman, National Business Education Association, Dean's List, Student Education Associa- t1Ot1. FISCHER, PAUL EUGENE, III. New Orleans, Louisiana. Indus- trial Technology. Theta XI INa- tional Social Fraternity, Chapter at U.S.L.J FISHER, BARBARA LOU R. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. FISHER. JOHN LEE. Hatties- burg. Mississippi. FLAHERTY, LANNY RAY. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. FLANAGAN, RODRIC WAYNE. Meridian. Mississippi. FLATT, SIDNEY M. Gulfport, Mississippi. FLEMING, SHELDON THOM- AS. McComb, Mississippi. Busi- ness Administration. FLETCHER, PAUL DOUGLAS. Natchez, Mississippi. FLOYD, ANITA LOUISE R. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. FLOYD, JOSEPH EDWARD. Meridian, Mississippi. Accounting 8: Finance 8: Philosophy. Kappa Alpha. FLYNN, WILLIAM GEORGE. Laurel, Mississippi. History and Secondary Education. Pen And Sword, Pi Gamma Mu, Deanfs List, President's List. FLYNT, BOB. Laurel, Missis- sippi. FLYNT, ELLIS SUTTON. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. FLYNT, JOHN HERRING- TON. Jackson, Mississippi. Phys- ical Education. Pi Kappa Alpha. Baseball 4- years, M Club, FCA CFellowship Christian Athleticsj , Senator Vann Hall. FLYNT, ROBERT C. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. FLYNT, SHEILA DIANNE C. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. FOKAKIS, JOSEPH S. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. FOLEY, KAREN GASCON. Natchez, Mississippi. Elementary Education. President's List, to be initiated in Phi Kappa Phi- Spring. F OLEY, STEWARD MICHAEL. Laurel, Mississippi. FOLKES, VIRGINIA DIANE. Seminary, Mississippi. Business Education. FORBES, WILMA HARRY. Co- lumbia, Mississippi. Industrial Managemen-t. Society for the Ad- vancement of Management fPres- identj. FORD, JAMES LANCE. Wig- gins, Mississippi., FORD, MARILYN JEAN. Tay- lorsville, Mississippi. FORE, RICHARD M. Jackson, Mississippi. Marketing. Pi Sigma Epsilon, CMarketingJ. American Marketing Association, Dean's List. FORE, STEVIE WAYNE. Flo- mation, Alabama. FORTENBERRY, SUSAN ANN. Spartanburg, South Carolina. FOSTER, ALICE CATHERINE. Vicksburg, Mississippi. FOSTER, DENNIS EARL. Me- ridian, Mississippi. FOSTER, ROYCE II. Magee, Mississippi. Political Science 8: History. Pi Kappa Alpha. Fresh- man Class President. IFC Rush Chairman. SEIFC, Phi Kappa Rush Chairman, Public Relations Chairman, National Convention Delegate, and National Leader- ship Convention. FOX, MICHAEL RAY. Pensa- cola, Florida. FOX. RONALD EVANS. Ocean Springs. Mississippi. FOX. TONY MACK. Laurel, Nfississippi. FOXWORTH, ADA LEE. Fox- worth, Mississippi. Political Sci- ence. Afro-American Cultural Society. AWS Legislative Council, Inter Varsitv Christian- Fellow- ship. Dean's List, Presirient's List. FRAISER, MARY SUSAN. Jack- son, hiississippi. FRAIZER, THOMAS F., JR. Jackson, Mississippi. FREEMAN, ALLEN MICHAEL. Richton, Mississippi. FREEMAN. ARNOLD ROYCE. Richton, Mississippi. FREEMAN, DIANE MARIE. Forest, Mississippi. Mathematics and Computer Science. Baptist Studen-t Union CFreshmanJ, Al- pha Lambda Delta, Collegiate Civinettes fJuniorJ, Kappa Mu Epsilon fTreasurer, Junior 5 Presi- dent, Seniorj, Phi Kappa Phi, Nominee for Sparks Fellowship by Phi Kappa Phi. Association for Computing Machinery. Scholar- ships-General Merit, Yellow- jackets, Crown-Zellerbach, Presi- dent's List. FREEMAN, ROBERT WAYNE. Richton, Mississippi. FREEMAN, ROSE MARIE. Sandy Hook, Mississippi. FREEMAN, SHEILA ANN. Richton, Mississippi. FRENCH, JUDITH MARIE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. FRENCH, PAMELA. Union, Mississippi. Elementary Educa- tion. FRENCH, VICKI LYNN. Gulf- port, Mississippi. FRERET, SHARON R. Saucier, Mississippi. Mathematics. MEA and NEA. FRESE, JO ANN. Quincy, Il- linois. Speech Education. Pi Beta Phi. Student Senator of Hatties- burg Hall, Most Outstandin-g Freshman Woman, Vice Presi- dent of Druids, Hospitality Chair- man of Miss Southern Pageant, Sophomore Class Secretary-Most outstanding Sophomore Woman of Lambda Province CPi Beta Phij. R.O.T.C. Sponsor, SCOPE Executive Council. Southern Players, Pied Piper Players, Sec- retary of Junior Class, Student Senate Secretary, Delegate to SUSGA for 3 years, Student Government Association Secre- tary, Phi Delta Rho, Secretary of the Women's Division of Missis- sippi, Intercollegiate Council, Angel of the Year Award and Re- cording Secretary of Pi Beta Phi. Panhellenic Council Delegate. FRYE, CURTIS BRUCE. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. FULLER, JOHN WAYNE. Gau- tier, Mississippi. Industrial Tech- nology. FULTON, KATHERN BECK- HAM. Carthage, Mississippi. Ele- mentary Education. Kappa Delta Pi, Student NEA. FULTON, MARY GAIL. Phila- delphia, Mississippi. FULTON, SIMON DAN, JR. Carthage, Mississippi. FUNDERBURK, HARRIET W'ALL. Hattiesburg. Mississippi. Elementary Education. Student Chapter National Teacher's As- sociation. FTIRGALACK, EDWARD. Ellis- ville, Mississippi. Personal Man- agement. GAFFENEY. MARTHA JOE- LENE. Clarksdale. Mississippi. GAGNON. LARRY J. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Industrial Arts. GALDAMEZ, CARLOS ALBER- TO. Hattiesburg. Mississippi. GAMBILL, PATSY KAY. Me- ridian. Mississippi. CANDY, GWENDOLYN ANN. Poplarville, Mississippi. GANDY, JANICE CAROL. Lau- rel, Mississippi. GARDNER, DAVID MILLER. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. GARDNER, MARY C. GREEN. Pascagoula, Mississippi. Element- ary Education. - GARNER, LYNDA LUCILLE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. GARNER, RONALD OTTIS. Gulfport, Mississippi. Architec- tural Technology. Member of Bo- tegha, Member of USM Band. GARRAWAY, HUGH PEARCE III. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. GARRETT, JOHN BRUCE. Gulfport, Mississippi. GARVIN, ERNEST CLAUDE. Laurel, Mississippi. GARY, JUDITY LYNN. Isola, Mississippi. GASQUET, MARIE IONE. Nat- chez, Mississippi. GASTON, WARNER H. Meridi- an, Mississippi. GATES, DAVID FRANK. Pica- yune, Mississippi. GATEWOOD, ELLEN SUE. Collins, Mississippi. GAULTNEY, EMORY HAR- OLD. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. GAUTIER, JOSEPH PATRICK. Biloxi, Mississippi. Political Sci- ence and History. Kappa Sigma. GAUTIER, 'LINDA CHRIS- TINE. Biloxi, Mississippi. GEE, ROBERT WILLIAM. Gulfport, Mississippi. GENO, ALTON. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. GEORGE, CALVIN RICHARD, JR. Pascagoula, Mississippi. Mathematics. Deanis List, Phi Theta Kappa fJunior College Honor Societyl. GEORGE, DANNY MARK. Canton, Mississippi. Finance QGeneral Businessj. Scabbard and Blade CMilitary Societyj, Distinguished Military Student, Intramurals, Dorm Counselor, Dorm Vice President, Dean's List. GEORGE, JANE STEWARD. Monticello, Mississippi. CESVANTNER, ELIZABETH W. Biloxi, Mississippi. GIBBS, RICKY DALE. New- ton, Mississippi. Accounting. Al- pha Epsilon Alpha. GIBSON, ANITA MARIE. Men- denhall, Mississippi. Special Ed- ucation. Alpha Sigma Alpha. Al- pha Sigma Alpha "Ideal Pledge" and Philenthropic Chairman. 358 Spirit Club, Dean's List Scholar, Committee of 100, Council for Exrentional Children. GIBSON. BARTON KEITH. Biloxi. Mississippi. GIBSON, BELINDA 'PARKER Hattiesburg, Mississippi. GIBSON. PERRY ANGELA. Coconut Grove, Florida. GILBERT, RICHARD LEE. Bi- loxi, Mississippi. GILBERT, ROBERT WAYNE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. GILBERT, VIRGIE ELIZA- BETH. Meridian, Mississippi. GILES. GERALD D. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. GILL, ANNE ELIZABETH. Ed- wards, Mississippi. Home Eco- nomics. Kappa Omicron Phi. - GILL, HAROLD MITCHELL. McCall Creek, Mississippi. GILL, SHAWN MARGARET. Biloxi, Mississippi. Nursing. Stu- dent Nurses Association fParlia- mentarianj. GILLESPIE, TERRY LEE. Sar- dis, Mississippi. GILLIAM, CHERYL JEAN B. Greenville, Mississippi. GILMORE, LYDA ANNETTE G. Purvis, Mississippi. GILMORE, PHILLIP KING. Lena, Mississippi. Biology. Dean's List. GIVENS, KAY ROWLEY. Ko- komo, Mississippi. Kindergarten Primary Education. GODBOLD, DUNCAN GILL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. GODBOLD, SUZANNE. Brook- haven, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Member of Student Education Association, Dean's List. GODDARD, JOHN W. III. Woodville, Mississippi. Finance. Kappa Alpha. GODFREY, CANDY L. Jack- son, Mississippi. Speech 'Path- ology. Sigma Alpha Eta, Speech and Hearing Fraternity. Presi- dent's List. Dean's List. GODWIN, WILLIAM E. Meri- dian, Mississippi. GOFF, PAULA M. Gautier, Mis- sissippi. GOLMON, JAMES, HOLLIS, JR. Mon-ticello, Mississippi. Math- ematics. Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Senior Advisor, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsi- lon, President Christian Science Organization, The Pride, Sym- phonic Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, Outstanding Freshman Award ROTC. 'President's List, Dean's List. GOMEZ, ARTHUR JOHN. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. GOMILLION, BETTYE CSUEJ LEWIS. Walnut Grove, Missis- sippi. Home Economics Educa- tion. Secretary of Kappa Omicron Phi fHonorary Home Econom- ics Societyj. Member of Home Economics Club, Member of Wes- ley Foundation. GOODMAN, DANNA CHRIS- TENE H. Hattiesburg, Missis- Slppl. GOOLSBY, BILLY ARNAL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. tstt tue, SW GORUY, Ann . I. .Y tow 'ini itibRE,5AME,f,iH!i'a myw gv fini, ttf1i"0,',f,,,tcvnel'c ttlmml BARBARA W QG3 n, .Wi Pg W tt1oMwir,,, Pawn Pm Kava, Hot-2 'WW Dinan J llnlidljglylsu' ff, l towtik, Umm Msg WS, mmap: 1,7511 5 tration. Della J Q tttt0fM"M5'b' if ,,,tsimph0tv0'E"'?,,,, bool the USM Sim! 1 GOZA, IHKIXS' 5 tthttioisdvpl Hamm thiwi Tn 7' to vw' Hmwmhm t ,t5sitSiPPL EJIQJDY, PATIUCLQ . NEITE. Hattiesbuflfo NW' tjgliih, Honors PIDSIW m tet,Alpl12 lambfll Dblil. Lf ttlota Tau-Trwuxrr. DG lift, Presidents List. GRAFTON, DONAID LKRI l.at1rel,Mississippi tttttitt, cuviw Tw Stinger, Misisxippi Sp Pathology. GRAHAM, CYNTHIA LY! tftott, rtottoi GRAHAM, ROBERT DAY EfttH1fS,A1abami ttHMt,S11:Pt-ir.w.' Stmou,ttLoisippi lou GRANT HE - tttsoi. onli ,509 SAVES: EVELIN my lambda Iota 'failing Y Ms mutt gf, nm wmw WY Im to I sco . tlumm' Hmofi' ,img F-tllttadonjh -. ,Lmdent gm, f Mt dQmMmm Pi Gamm Pitt Politjql ll liember-,iflPhi5lCn5e M113 List nk'-IR Hutt, MIPNiN1J.t . lttls, uiitiimmippi. ritptj, , DRA my me t - - P: 'R1ll7, S PPL S wilt' ' . TH it JEE0NfLQ'S'BiPoL L5 tttffii Rm N gdgmod, yllmi R wmmpmp ttllelta Philsmbo, ,gh 1: F . lu. . ., gb- ' is WIT. '3 5-his-,E 'lv as-1"'2s,1gi lr-is It ' lit it I lSqm3Y!.ttx sn'-E' L is Wt'- 3-. ti,iL,i2ll,n.,.,, Evfmin llllm, its Glltonillhid titltttt. . Ubi H, .OIBEL cisgztitimti iiim"'i limiikkl, lt: ILBERT ,plttt 'J iiiigfslwtmmt Haiti' llttitt-J. GILB miillttgg,-'lx it ml' Vlttl GE, lltrldja, 51112 ll ' -.illttif Mmlll liri ms-Klnmtsm'-9 at hm G .i "" Miiiiiflflts um, Biloxi, I 1 dent Num, R img mul, missing, his Hs GlLLESPlE,1JJRyU,, 'fi limmlCllllt'S1 use 'smltltiit H in i :gg H GILMORE, Limits I-WW IQMIQ G' N but Gf1if0ii.itttn lm, Elfsliflttliibi . 3, Q' mm gms, KAY Rotun- it ' ' 1 Y llimazylfducatiozt i K Us GODBULD, DUNIJSII ' mu Hattiesburg oonnom, sump. KX , l!"""f l' Etlucation Assotittitllis tiiinnirtv JUHI li l . , V ' I 1,515 M want, mile l Ka Alba. , M Nl! .sts Gti1iiiii,ciwii5f ' BBW? mn, llistisitli lN""."m- dost-Stettl' ir it A E SG- l"ttlEllllll'n . I1 .Wil d,,,g,I.utDeaus lk . p, Ill! GoDwm.lllllllm -A an Mmiii 57 'mm cot'f,PAUllWi J- ' , . ' ,lg Qgienii' citiiii0Ni Wil-ii Mgntltllloililmwf ,www litaowetlli g iii' yntnpitllt Wit nfl ,,, ni ,,,.siB.Ktit-p 9. Pl! we ,,,, pffiiaiitftltgp Y ' dolly The Olpnm mu- ' Binds ll' PW- Frtwp Oullilndmgf fgllii t Ura Prgidtll 'V . GOMEZ' 'PPL qi -be w,:gEjLwm fg 0. il ' HW' ppflllii evt,..irf,.A glttmliatiiii il Uiilllllt is Ziiiid'i0iiiltIii Wvtglwlat V mg ,JV . it? gp. , lj f GOOLSBY, LOUISE LOGAN. Potts Camp, Mississippi. Business Education. GORDON, HOMER GLEN. gmc Line, Mississippi. GORDY, ALLEN CRAIG. Ma- gee, Mississippi. CORE, BARRY KEITH. Haf- tiesburg, Mississippi. GORE, SAME PINKNEY, III. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. GORNEY, LEONARD C. Or- land Park, Illinois. Geography and History. Baseball, Men's In- tramural Board, Geography Club. COULD, BARBARA CAROL. Quitman, Mississippi. GOWDY, WILLARD P. Green- ville, Mississippi. Pre Medicine. Phi Kappa Tau. Former Pledge master 'Phi Kappa Tau. Former House manager Phi Kappa Tau. Former Program Director of Ra- dio Station WMSU. GOWER, GERRY LAINE. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. Music Ed- ucation. Delta Zeta. USM Sym- phony Orchestra-Member of Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra. Mem- ber of the USM String Ensemble. GOZA, MARY JENKINS. Lau- rel, Mississippi. Elementary Edu- cation. GRACIA, JOSEPH L. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. GRADY, PATRICIA AN- NETTE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. English. Honor's Program mem- ber, Alpha Lambda Delta, Lamb- da Iota Tau-Treasurer, Deanis List, Presidentfs List. GRAFTON, DONALD LARRY. Laurel, Mississippi. GRAHAM, CALVIN TERRY. Stringer, Mississippi. Speech Pathology. GRAHAM, CYNTHIA LYNN. Penscalo, Florida. GRAHAM, ROBERT DAVID. Semmes, Alabama. GRAHAM, STEPHEN NORRIS. Surnrall, Mississippi. GRANT HELEN OLIVIA WILSON. Picayune, Mississippi. GRAVES, EVELYN LOYIS. Seminary, Mississippi. English. Lambda Iota Tau, Presidentis List, DCan's List. GRAY, JAMES LAMAR. Biloxi, Ml5si5siPPi- S0Ci0l0gy. Phi Beta Lambda, Reporter-Jefferson Davis .lumor College. GRAY, JANE sooTT. Baker Louisiana. History tMinor-Secj fefafy Educationj. BSU, Mem- ber Student NEA. GRAY. LESTER WILLIAM. Bi- lonxl, Mississippi. Political Science. P1 Gammu Mu. Member of NEA, Member of Phi Theta Kap- PH. Deanfs List. g1xiYL MIRANDA ALLEN, es UTS, Mississi '. ' , GRAY, SANDRA iiiiivii df-3lPhi21, Mississippi. GRAY, SUSAN KATHLEEN gfslumbia, Mississippi. i w1iAYsON, ALBERT, JR. Mike, 1 Iississxppl, Eifiifi' WIA. KAY- 0 MISSISSI 1 French and English. L bdppli Phi Delta 'Phi' am a ota Tau. GREEN, ALGIE LAVERN, JR, Leakesville, Mississippi. GREEN, CHARLES F. Pasca- souls, Mississippi- Personnel Management. Bay rats. USM Soccer Team. All G.C.S.C. CO- captain. Freshman football. Scab- bard 8c Blade, Rangers, Deayfs List. GREEN, DEBORAH GAIL. Vicksburg, Mississippi. GREEN, LARRY THOMAS. Meridian, Mississippi. Industrial Management. GREENE, KATHRYN ANN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Econo- mics. Delta Delta Delta. DDD Vice President, Marshal-Student Governmen-t Treasurer, Miss. Wornen's S.G.A. Vice President. Phi Chi Theta President, Vice President. Association of Women Students Treasurer, Member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Cwens, Phi Delta Rho, Pi Tau Chi. Freshman Counselor. GREENE, RICHARD ROBERT. Meridian, Mississippi. GREER, SANDRA MCMAHAN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. English Member of Lambda Iota Tau, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi. GREGG, MARY DAYNE. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. Mathemat- ics. Chi Omega. Whois Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties. Phi Delta Rho. Druids. Al- pha Lambda Delta, AWS Judicial Board fChairmanJ Phi Kappa Phi, Dean's Advisory Board, Paul Waldoff Memorial Scholarship. GRESHAM, CAROLE ANN. El- lisville, Mississippi. GRICE, PAUL ELLIOT. Bogue Chitto, Mississippi. GRIFFIN, RALPH MICHAEL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. GRIFFIN, SYLVIA BETH. De- catur, Mississippi. GUICE, JOHN REED. Biloxi, liflississippi. GUIDER, PATRICIA RYAN. Vicksburg, Mississippi. French. Chi Omega. Dixie Darlings. Chi Omega Rush Chairman and Big Little Sister Chaimaan. Freshman Counselor, Dean's List. GULLEDGE, YUTANA RUTH. Collins, Mississippi. English. Wes- ley Foundation. GUNNOE, JANICE ANN F. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. GUNNOE, PIERRE DALPHIN. Huntsville, Alabama. Computer Science. Rho Eta Sigma. ACM tAssociation for Computing Ma- chineryj Rho Eta Sigma CUSM Housing-Student Counselorj. Un- iversity Activities Council. Order of DeMolay. GUY, WILLIM VAUGHN, JR. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. GUYMON, JOAN HELEN. Wes- son, Mississippi. Elementary Ed- ucation. Member of MEA, Dean's List. Wesley Foundation. GUYTON, PATRICK FLEM- ING. West, Mississippi. HADAD, PATRICIA GAIL. Vicksburg, Mississippi. HAFFEY, THOMAS E. JR. Lex- ington, hfiississippi. 359 I-TALE, HAROLD FREDERICK JR. Hattiesburg, Niississippi. l HALE, MARY TRUDY. Hatties- llltfq. Iviississippi. Home Econo- mics Education. Recipient of Dflnfftfth Freshman Scholarship iMSClVl. Dcan's List. HALL, BARBARA ELIZA- BETH. Biloxi, Ivlississippi, His. t0YY- SCCFCMIFY Of Student Coun- cil, Dean's List. HALL, CLYDE THOMAS. Mo- selle, Mississippi. Communica- tions. HALL, JOHN SHEEHAN. IVig- gins, Mississippi. HALL, KENNETH CARL. Wau- chula, Florida. HALL, LORA DIANE. Wesson, Mississippi. HALL, RANDAL BOYD. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. HAMIL, CANDIS PAULETTE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. HAMILTON, CLIFTON ONEIL. Pascagoula, Mississippi. HAMMONS, BILLY RAY. Petal, Mississippi. HAMMONS, WALTER EARL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. HANKINS, DANNY NASH. Pur- vis, Mississippi. HANNON, RICHARD WAYNE. Petal, Mississippi. HANSEN, JOHN CHARLES. Daytona Beach, Florida. HANSON, SHIRLEY CARYN. Escatawpa, Mississippi. HARDY, WALLACE FREDER- ICK. Augusta, Georgia. HARGETT, EVA LYNN. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. HARPER, HERBERT FREDER- ICK. Ellisville, Mississippi. Com- puter Science. American Com- puter Machinery., HARRELL, GLENDA FAE. Quitman, Mississippi. Home Eco- nomics Education. HARRELL, IRVIN BRENT. Picayune, Mississippi. HARRELL, THOMAS WAYNE. Morton, Mississippi. HARRELSON, LINDA GAIL. Niceville, Florida. HARRIS, CHARLES A., JR. Ed- wards, Mississippi. HARRIS, JO ANNA MARIA. Laurel, Mississippi. Speech Path- ology. Crown-Zellerbach Scholar- ship. Newman Club, Dean's List, President's List. HARRIS, NORMAN BRUCE. Gulfport, Mississippi. HARRIS, VERNON HAROLD. Forest, Mississippi. H A R R I S , WILLIAM MI- CHAEL, Jackson Mississippi. HARRISON, BRENDA CAROL. Meridian, Mississippi. HARRISON, LEWIS GOLSON. Milton, Florida. History. HARRISON, MELTON THOM- AS. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. HARRISON, TOMMY WAYNE. Meridian, Mississippi. Account- ing, Phi Beta Lambda, Deans List, BSU, Theatre. HARSCH, GEOFFREY ALAN. Jackson, Mississippi. HART, MADOLYN LUCILLE. McComb, Mississippi BuSiI1CSS Teacher Education. Pi Omega Pi, Publicity Chairman. H.-KRT. PEGGY SIMMONS Ilnttieshurg, Mississippi. Nursing Alpha Epsilon Delta, Vice Pri-gi. dflll ttf Student Body of Nurses De:tn's List. Prv:sideut's HART. RIDLEY LEE. IR. Fair. hope, Alabnmzt. Music Education. University Singers. Senior ROTC Sc ROTC Flight Program. HARTLINE, ROBERT AL- FRED. Rome, Georgia. IIARVEY, GARY YV, I,:mr1-I, Mississippi. HARVEY, JAMES E., JR. Pop- lnrville, Mississippi. HASKEW, CARI. DARRYL. Jackson. Mississippi. Accounting. Alpha Epsilon Alpha Treasurer, Ycllowjackets, President's List, Dcan's List. HATCHER, RODNEY WAYNE. Luccdale, Mississippi. HATCHER, RONNY JOE. Co- lumbus, Nlississippi. HAVARD, AUBREY WAYNE. Gloster, Mississippi. HAYDEN, JULIUS JOHN III. Pcrkinston, Mississippi. HAYES, KEARY DANA. Biloxi, Mississippi. HAZARD, JOHN THOMAS, JR. Gulfport, Mississippi. Fi- nance. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Pledge Class Secretary. Active Chapter Chaplain, Member of thc Corp of Cadets ROTC, Dcan's List. Public Relations Chairman for SAE. HAZEN, MAURICE NEAL. Prichard, Alabama. HEAD, CATHERINE ANN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Nursing. Freshman Class President, School of Nursing. Member of Extra- mural team. Sophomore Class President School of Nursing, Member of SNASM. Junior Class President School of Nursing, Vice President of SNASM. Member of MASN. Senior Class President School of Nursing, State Pres. of Mississippi Association of Student Nurses. HEBERT, THOMAS. Biloxi, Mississippi. HEBLER, MARTIN TER- RANCE. Vicksburg, Mississippi. HEFLIN, JACULIN ANN. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. HEIDLEBERG, MICHAEL J. Pascagoula, Mississippi. HELFERICH, HOWARD CUL- VER. Gulfport, Mississippi. HELLPENSTELL KATHRYN ANN. Biloxi, Mississippi. HELM, VICK SUZANN. Tupe- lo, Mississippi. HELMUTH, JANE MATHEWS. Meridian, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Baptist Student Union. Kappa Delta Pi. HELTON, THOMAS JOSEPH. Pascagoula, Mississippi. HELVESTON, LAUREN LA- MAR. Citronelle, Alabama. HEMPHILL, GERALD FOYD. Gulfport, Mississippi. HENDERSHOP, JEAN CLARE. Jackson, Mississippi. Journalism and English. Delta Zeta. Junior Panhellenic publicity chairman, Circle K sponsor, Greek Week "Gutter Dance" Chairman, Jun- ior Panhellenic talent show corn- mittee, Homecoming parade chairman Ql967 and 68j, fresh- man dance committee, University Activities Council , Panhellenic Council, Delta Zeta Scholarship Chairman, Activities Chairman, reference Chairman, historian- editor, and Song Fest Director C68-'69 and '7OJ, SOUTHERNER Section Editor, Student Religious Federation Publicity Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class Treasurer, The Student Printz Society Editor, Homecom- ing co-chairman, Miss SOUTHERN Pageant Executive Director, Pi Tau Chi, Theta Sigma Phi, SOUTHERN Journalistic Society Corresponding Secretary, and commencement committee. HENDERSON, THOMAS M. Jackson, Mississippi. Zoology. Re- porter-Society for Physics Stu- dents. ' HENDERSON, THOMAS WAL- TER III. Jackson, Mississippi. History. Phi Alpha Theta, Rho Eta Sigma, Counselor, Dean's List, Annual Staff, Student Sen- ate, Editorial Board, SOUTHERN Historian. HENDRICK, GEORGE DAN- IEL. Bogalusa, Louisiana. Mar- keting. Dean's List at Pearl River Jr. College. HENRIQUES, MARIE ANNE. Miss City, Mississippi. HENRY, FRANK. Philadelphia, Mississippi. Elementary Educa- tion. HENSARLING, DAVID IVIAL- COLM. Petal, Mississippi. HENSARLING, JAMES KEN- NETH. Petal, Mississippi. Biol- ogy. Alpha Epsilon Delta Secre- tary, Beta Beta Beta, Outstand- ing Freshman ROTC Cadet. HERRING, BOBBIE FAYE P. Petal, Mississippi. HERRRING, BRADLEY CHARLES. Biloxi, Mississippi. Music Education. Brass Choir I, Jazz Lab Band II. HERRING, JUDITH MARIE. Port St. Joe, Florida. History. Pi Beta Phi. Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Delta Pi, Student MEA. President's List and Dean's List. AWS Scholarship, Regional Merit Scholarship, SJPC Scholarship, Spring Leadership Conference. Pi Beta Phi, Scholarship Chairman, House Chairman, Exect, Arrow- board. HERRINGTON, FLORENCE ESPEY, Meridian, Mississippi. HERRINGTON, JERRY WIL- LARD. Laurel, Mississippi. HERRINGTON, LINDA ANN. Meridian, Mississippi. HERRINGTON, MARCIA JEAN. Jackson, .Mississippi. Ex- ecutive Secretarial Studies. . HERRINGTON, MARY L. NEWMAN. Columbia, lvlissis- sippi. HERRINGTON, W I L L I A M LYON. Laurel, Mississippi. Fi- nance. Dean's List. HERRON, ALFRED. Prentiss, Mississippi. H E S T E R , RITA DIANNE. Laurel, Mississippi. HICKMAN, MARY ANN. Wig- gins, Mississippi. HIGGINBOTHAM, GEORGIA K. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. HILL, CHRISTOPHER M. Laurel, Mississippi. HILL, ELLEN E. WILLIAM- SON. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. HILL, MICHAEL CARROLL. Biloxi, Mississippi. History and Political Science. Pre-Law Club, Scabbard 8z Blade, Yellowjackets fTreasurerj. Senator. ROTC Scholarship. HILL, PATRICIA ANN. Ellis- ville, Mississippi. Elementary Edu- cation. President's List, Dean's List. HILL, SUE ELLIOTT. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. HILL, TOM WAX. Woodville, Mississippi. HILTON, MAE NELL. Menden- hall, Mississippi. HINES, JOHN CARLTON. For- est, Mississippi. HINTON, CHARLOTTE ELIZ- ABETH. Laurel, Mississippi. Home Economics Education. Member of Home Economics Club. Dean's List. HIXON, GILBERT HIFNER. Coco Solo, Canal Zone. RTF. HIXON, LINDA MEYERS. New Orleans, Louisiana. Political Sci- ence. Member of AWS. Delegate to Mississippi Intercollegiate Con- ference at State 119671, Member of Student Senate from Jones Hall. Phi Gamma Mu. HOBSON, PAUL SAMUEL Laurel, Mississippi. HODE, RALPH EDWARD. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Architec- tural Tech. Botegha-Secretary 1969-70, President 1970-71. HODGES, DANIEL THOMAS. St. Petersburg, Florida. Music Education. 'Phi Mu Alpha Sin- fonia. Phi Mu Alpha Treasurer. USM "Price", Symphonic Band, Orchestra, Jazz Lab Band. HODGES, JOHN EDWARD. Pass Christian, Mississippi. Gen- eral Business. HOFFMAN, NANCY JANE. Bi- loxi, Mississippi. HOFFMAN, SUSAN ELIZA- BETH. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. HOGAN, ERROLL ROSS. Jack- son, Mississippi. HOGAN, JAMES DONALD. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. HOGUE, NORMA GAIL. Pas- cagoula, Mississippi. HOITT, BURTON WINFIELD. Dover, New Hampshire. Mathe- matics. Pen 81 Sword Society, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Na- tional Council for Teachers of Mathematics. HOLCOMB, AUBREY, S., JR. Purvis, Mississippi. HOLCOMB, LOUIS F. Waynes- boro, Mississippi. HOLDER, LESSIE HAMIL- TON. Natchez, Mississippi. Ele- mentary Education. USM Alum- ni, MEA-Teachers, Mississippi Educational Association. HOLDER, WILBUR F. II. Gulfport, Mississippi. HOLIFIELD, LARRY KEN- NETH. Laurel, Mississippi. HOLIFIELD, SYLVIA FLOW- ERS. Laurel, Mississippi. HOLLAND, RICHARD. Colum- bus, Georgia. Music Educational. Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Jazz Lab Band, Honor Band, Yel- lowjackets, Dean's List. HOLLAND, WILLIAM MAR- ION. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. HOLIMAN, KATHY LOR- RAINE. Ovett, Mississippi. HOLLIMON, LARRY CARL. Ovett, Mississippi. HOLLINS, MAMIE LEE, Pinck- ney, Mississippi. History and Geography. Newman Club CPresi- dentj. HOLLOWAY, WANDA JEAN. Jackson, Mississippi. HOLMES, BETTIE LOUISE. Tylertown, Mississippi. HOLMES, PAUL RUSSELE. Clinton, Mississippi. HOSTON, THETA FAYE. Pop- larville, Mississippi. Sociology. HOMES, MARION M. Pass Christian, Mississippi. HOOD, ANGELA DIANNE. Yazoo City, Mississippi. HOOD, STEPHEN, CRAIG. Natchez, Mississippi. Communica- tions. Sigma Nu. Pershing Rifles, Scabbard 8z Blade, Yellowjackets, Student Senate, Rho Eta Sigma, Sigma Nu CPledge President, Pledge Marshall, Chaplain, Re- corderj, General Nat, University Singers, Senior Class Favorite. HOOKS, ROBERT WAYNE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. HOPKINS, NEIL PAUL. Jack- son, Mississippi. HORDE, LARRY RAY. Gulf- port, Mississippi. General Busi- ness. HORN, SUSAN. Vicksburg, Mis- sissippi. French and English. Chi Omega. University Activities Council, Lambda Iota Tau, The SOUTHERNER-Spifit Editor, SGA Editor, Features Editor, Chi Omega - Personnel Chairman, Chapter Correspondent, Deanis List, President's List, Pi Tau Chi. HORNE, FREDERICK, D. Ya- zoo City, Mississippi. HORNE, RONNIE J. Jackson, Mississippi. HOSEY, BETTY CAROLYN. Moss, Mississippi. HOUSTON, JAMES EDWIN, JR. Carthage, Mississippi. Com- puter Science. HOWARD, FREDDIE COLE- MAN. Biloxi, Mississippi. HOWARD, MICHAEL GLYNN. Picayune, Mississippi. Personnel Management. HOWELL, JANE SUSANNE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. HOWELL, LEE ELMA. Biloxi, Mississippi. HOWELL, PHYLLIS ELAINE. Lucedale, Mississippi. Elementary Education. HOWELL, WAYNE MORRIS. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. HOWES, KIRKE DALE. Ocean Sprin-gs, Mississippi. HOWIE, HELEN FRANCES. Gulfport, Mississippi. Mathemat- ics Phi Mu Sorority. Committee of 50, University Activities Coun- cil, Phi Mu Sorority QFraternity 360 information chairman, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurerl. A HUBBARD, PATRICK, DUTY. Long Beach, Mississippi. HUBBARD, SYLVIA BOOTH. Jackson, Mississippi. HUDDLESTON, DAVE AN- THONY. Moss, Mississippi. HUDSON, DAVE COMERON. Sumrall, Mississippi. HUDSON, REGINALD INZER. Purvis, Mississippi. HUGGINS, JOAN HOLLAND. Waynesboro, Mississippi. HUGHES, DONALD GENE. Jackson, Mississippi. HUGHHES, GLORIA JEAN. Magee, Mississippi. Elementary Education. HULLUM, RALPH LINTON, JR. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. HUMPHREYS, THOMAS A. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Health and Physical Education. HUNT, JERRY LEATH. Forest Mississippi. Sociology-S o c i al Studies. Director and Editor of Keyhole. Young Republicans, SOUTHERNER Staff, Columnist for Student Printz, University Publi- cations Board, Auditorium Com- mittee, Senate Page, Senator fBond Hall 8: Off Campusj, Edi- tor of Senator, Member of Sen- ate Rules Committee and Chair- man of Constitution Committee, Student Religious Federation, University Activities Council, Yel- lowjackets fDirector of P.R.J, Sociology Club, Leadership Con- ference, Student Mississippi Edu- cation Association, Listed in National Student Register, Dean's List, Delegate to SUSGA, Miss Southern Pageant fP.R. Direc- torj. HUNTSMAN, MARVIN THOMAS. Biloxi, Mississippi. Ac- counting. Member Perkinston Football Squad. HURLEY, JOLENE. Meridian, Mississippi. HUTCHINS, JAMES D. II. Newhebron, Mississippi. HUTCHISON, JERRY WAYNE. Glen Allan, Mississippi. Health SL Physical Education. Al- pha Tau Omega. Freshman and Sophomore Favorite of Miss. Delta Junior College. OHicer in Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. HUTCHINSON, PERRY GUY. Glen Allan, Mississippi. Ele- mentary Education. Alpha Tau Omega, Student Government As- sociation at Miss. Delta Junior College. HUTTO, JIMMIE DALE. Mc- Comb, Mississippi. Radio 8c Tele- vision 8c Film. HUTTO, SUZANNE. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. HUTTO, MARILYN ROSE. Clarksdale, Mississippi. Nuring. Dean's List, Spring Leadership Conference QSophomore 8a Ju- nior Yearsj, Vice President Stu- dent Nurses Association of South- ern Mississippi, Member of Stu- dent Body of Nurses, Member of Newman Club. HYATT, ALLEN L. Lucedale, Mississippi. M, yGli.vlf"'0' jwcyjiifvm Magi .1 WJ, , if 1' Wm 4 val lil""""' "iff linac iililww 1 .flaw nu fliii 'islam flliiilifldsmdp 3119701-, cyni- JvN,l0i,l,A2,,g Ili? serv ?lGAvv1S.""""L .. IMF - na- EI1lWAf ,dum ffgimwi ginwifstd J, pt me nw-SK' fl' 1. In isllllimllcm Lx' tb :w,5mdm.lflIF U' mienlmilfl izptistlblllllllflfl yicxsox, nivm HAIL!! gicisox, nom tm, gicisos, wnuz nm NWI. ggponws, PEGGY mu a. ll-lil, mm mn. as we : . il-WON HIL 1mlgMj,,,',,,-,,,,,- ml' 5' 1lliP.s,PAL1 ul ilwivpi sam gamut, llfg,j,f0Bf-RT Umm FW 'lf'-mg .. mwwt iilllwn ,GLORIA Du-NNI. . lv gilEduQll0l1,Dnni M WINS. JAM,-,S 'Ia Elle, MACK B' Milli? Cwur WINS! U-SL IL 't Mlllxlvpt Riigmm Xm- R Phi- W . . Q jlltnr Fggkwni Mun oil :tl 'Mi wit! Mah. .Zh :QM li Mash, hum In u1'llSM Kan vi H M llhilllw 'BW .Q canal RATS AI-KX. .- lf. In it Qgtglni. F 'M inlqymat iiiflmuinlihmtl- N, I-0s QQ +I I miiflsliillllws l tif':'3,2m Ili JFBIIIE ,lima A gg-re, si. Hlt1I.lgs.lI It .snltrgy ,nl J,EgilY.M,?,N,,lltg ,, uf ' H CARL .Pi Ji M IPL at M l,,IiItti,,,QJl,,lf,F,,H0tL,,- :E 'pm su .Z I ON ,'l,t'! limi mx rs, Q, Q mm Edwin, mill- s gg 'mt,,i,,,JlllI :A fH!.mtts,, i,iiigfl,',flII.,moiii,. I - udp,-uB'M'mSIlilsg A lint I M EIIIIUII J: P. HHRRIII-lllllpg ,gm an 5IIdisilJiectiiin0,mfi'i Q, "sv In ll., ,,.:i? at um 50t1sgm,S,,m,,,,,Ei M SWIM! Prinlz, Unittsit, L,':"-hint sIsia,l.l..E.g .. 2."ftL'l-22 liillm' It ' , . ltllllilaniptsll-E. H V- Rb an als..i,tflin'-,. : 'ez-I , F "' ' ns on if: 'A 5, Statler, Religiois ledtsis Z1 m um lmiuslyAcuwhtsC0unal,ll- ' ' ll, IIS """"" l5"i.2lllWlZUlll I mm lsmtr,Sttltttll1sisipili:- I 1 H, uint lsttiltini, litl I Q- 5 M . 3tmlSmlstltgiiw,Da't R. Midi' utbtltgatimlltllllb Munras is Wmmlmi lllilillllll. lim in "" EOIIIIIIIWEQ 531415 mg, lletlu lub . 31193 gqlll .. M . ' MM IMS I A 9 li yjllllll--it U' IIE' ivilmlllwiiiii W ,gghha XnifhIIlWipje.i wif- its IIIISIII F HU JANIE: N' tint-GIA J Jil H,,1,JllllIfwii:.-S get IF' ,,i.t0i,i1,,fJTs ft I I1 A 7:2 W Mm DA Tauowlnlpi le pid . 'Ii iot,PIIll2L 519 ' I' HUIIII ' I ' V' its , w Gill EJWUBI AI,,,,1,. Pwr? WSIIIIIJE:-' .pf ' W ti' 0' sittin EW if '40 Hb, VY, . as ,twill F'-L5- Jlllll ni If viivl 5Ul-l. we Ilmiiiisitllli ll Win as 'liI0'. as at it Www -sul' 19' WliwlfJ.ii?i? YT W ' tiriitftrf M d0',,,,mlll,,s , I JiilIliiI,,1-I' V45 r stile ,404 M ,Piggy at ff , 4' X K ILLICH, DENNIS, IJOHN. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. JLLICH, JUDY KEITH. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. INGRAM, JOSEPH HAROLD. petal, Mississippi. Instrumental Music Education. Kappa Kappa Psi Band Fraternity. Member of P,-ide of Mississippi Marching Band, Member of U.S.M. Con- cert Band, Member of Kappa Kappa Psi, Honorary Fraternity for College Bandsmen, Member of Music Educators National Conference IMENCJ Student Chapter 494295, Member of ROTC Band, Member of Summer Jazz Band lI970J. INMAN, RONALD C. Nashville, Tennessee. Personnel Manage- ment. Pen 8s Sword QVice Presi- denti. ISHEE, GADDIS MICHAEL. Raleigh, Mississippi. ISHEE, JANET THERESA. Laurel, Mississippi. Special Edu- cation. Kappa Delta Pi, Student Education Association-Treasurer, Council for Exceptional Children-, President's List, Dean's List, Se- nior Traineeship in Special Edu- cation, Phi Theta Kappa-Secre- tary. ISHEE, PATRICIA ANN. Lau- rel, Mississippi. Elementary Edu- cation. Student Mississippi Edu- cation Association. Student Na- tional Education Association, Baptist Student Union. JACKSON, DAVID HARRIS. Purvis, Mississippi. Biology. JACKSON, DONNA LYNN. Laurel, Mississippi. JACKSON, WILLIE RUTY. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. JACQRBUS, PEGGY JOYCE H. Elltsville, Mississippi. JAMES, KATHY MARIE. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Baptist Student Un- IOIIJ Dean's List. JAMES, LAVON MILTON. E1- ltsvtlle, Mississippi. ,PAUL LEE. Laurel, MISSISSIPPI- Science Education. JAMES, ROBERT CLINTON. JR. Laurel, Mississippi. JP-RMP-N. CHARLES WAL- LACE: Gulfport, Mississippi. JEFCGAT, GLORIA DIANNE. Beaumont, MiSSiSSippi. Element- ary Education. Dean's List, JENKINS, JAMES MACK. E1- llsville, Mississippi. JENKINS, ,JANE CECILLE. QSUOP, Louisiana. JENKINS, JOAN LESLIE. Me- fldlan, -Mississippi. JENKINS, MARK w., JR. New- IOH, Mississippi. Religion 8: Phi- OSOPIIY- Westminster Fellowship, Smdeflt RCIISIOUS Federation iChairman of Interfaith Council Committee, Member of Program Committeel, Member of Pi Gam- me MII, USM Karate Club. JENKINS, WILLARD THOM- AS. Laurel, Mississippi. JENNER, JAMES ALAN. Bal- b0a, Canal Zone, JERMYN, THOMAS ROGER. Gulfport, Mississippi. JERNIGAN. LESLEY RAY, Tupelo, Mississippi. Speech Path- ology. Sigma Alpha Eta Qspeech and Hearing Fraternityj, Baptist Student Union. JINKS, KATHERINE LOUISE. Biloxi, Mississippi. Psychology. Vice President and treasurer of Pi Kappa Delta CMSCWJ. Alpha Psi Omega. JOHNS, JUDITH ANN. Mobile, Alabama. JOHNSON, CAROLE, JANE M. Biloxi, Mississippi. JOHNSON, CHARLES PAT- RICK. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Biology and History. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Committee of 100, Color Guard ROTC. Alumni Relation-s Chairman, Homecoming Chair- man of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Dean's List. J O H N S O N, CHARLOTTE PRICE. Bay St. Louis, Mississip- px. JOHNSON, CRAIG ROBERT. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. JOHNSON, DUANE O'NEIL. Meridian, Mississippi. JOHNSON, GEORGE CARL. Jackson, Mississippi. JOHNSON, JERYL LEROY. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. JOHNSON, LESLEY THERON. Laurel, Mississippi. JOHNSON, MAUDE EVELYN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. JOHNSON, RAYMOND AN- DREW. Mize, Mississippi. JOHNSON, WILLIAM EARL. Moss 2Point, Mississippi. JOHNSTON, FLOYD VIN- CENT. Summit, Mississippi. JOHNSTON, HENRY H. Ben- ton, Mississippi. JOHNSTON, JOLYNN. Pica- yune, Mississippi. Microbiology. JOHNSTON, SIDNEY EU- GENE Hattiesburg, Mississippi. JOHNSTON, WILLIAM ED- WARD, Greenwood, Mississippi. Communications and English. University Activities Council QVice President, Publicity Com- mittee.J Student Faculty Com- mittee for New Organizations, Student Alumni Association Steer- ing Committee. JONES, JAMES LIDE. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. JONES, JENNIFER ANN. State Line, Mississippi. Elementary Education. JONES, JOHN THOMAS STI- FLE, Fairhope, Alabama. Per- sonnel Management. Kappa AI- pha Order QScholarship Chair- manj. JONES, KENNETH DALE. Laurel, Mississippi. MED. Um- versity Singers, University Choral Union. JONES, LARRY ROYCE. Ma- gee, Mississippi. JONES, MILDRED, AILEEN- Pascagoula, Mississippi. Element- ary Education. JONES, PAMELA ROSE. Mor- I 'vfississi i lZOl , I PP - JONES, PERCY COLEMAN. Prentiss, Mississippi. Recreation. Member Phi Eta Sigma, Mem- ber Alpha Epsilon Delta, Mgm. ber Phi Kappa Phi, Treasurer, Sflabbard 8: Blade Military SO- CICIYI Vice President USM Rec- reation Association, Member Omicron Delta Kappa, Superior Cadet Award Junior Class- RQTC, Excellence in Military Science Award Junior C1355 ROTC, 1970 Kiwanis ROTC Award, Distinguished Military Student f1970-7lJ. JONES, REBECCA ANN. Or- lando, Florida. Instrumental Music Education. JONES: RICHARD HOLLIS. Jackson, Mississippi. Accounting. Alpha Epsilon Alpha. JONES, SANDRA FAY W. Waynesboro, Mississippi. Ele- mentary Education. JONES, SHERRY LANELL. Prentiss, Mississippi. JONES, THOMAS WILLIE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. JORDAN, JANIE LEE. Ellisville, Mississippi. English. JORDAN, WILBERT FRA- ZIER. Waynesboro, Mississippi. Biology. Afro-American Culture Society, Earned Letter in Basket- ball, Member USM Basketball team. Member of USM M Club. JOSEY, WAYNE ROBERT. Co- lumbus, Mississippi. JULIAN, MARTIN D. Long Beach, Mississippi. Personnel Management. Pen and Sword Military Fraternity, fPresidentJ. JURICK, JULIE ANN. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. JUSSELY, DAVID HATTEN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. JUSTICE, RICKTER SCOTT. La Mirada, Califomia. KANAGY, RONALD ROSS. Meridian, Mississippi. KEHOE, WILLIAM D., JR. Jackson, Mississippi. Communica- tions. Yellowjackets, 1970 SOUTH- ERNER Staff, Student Printz, Uni- vegsity Chorus, WMSU. KEIFER, MARGARET RUTH. Jackson, Mississippi. KEITH, CYNTHIA LEE. Jack- son, Mississippi. Elementary Edu- cation Sc Library Science. Dean's List, Pi Tau Chi, House Chair- man, AWS Board, Staff Resident. KELLER, RONALD EDWARD. Petal, Mississippi. KELLER, THERESE E. Pass Christian, Mississippi. Executive Secretary. Phi Mu. KELLY, GEORGIA BETH. Tay- lorville, Mississippi. KENDRICK, RONNIE JACK. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. KENNEDY, ESTHER. Forest, Mississippi. KENNEDY, MARILYN E. Ty- Iertown, Mississippi. KENNEDY, MARTHA FRAN- CES. Collins, Mississippi. KENNEDY, MICHAEL RAY. Laurel, Mississippi. Personnel Management. Delta Sigma Alpha Sigma Pi fSenior Vice Business Fratemity Presidentj, I Council Representauve. KENNEDY, NITA A. Jackson, Mississippi. Speech Pathology. Sigma Alpha Eta Treasurer CPr0- 361 L .:.:Q':Qg2,,,,3 fessionztl Speech 8: Hearing Fm. Iemityi, Baptist Student Union Devotional Chaimian, Dean's List, BSU Choir, Bolton Domi Treasurer. KENNER, RANDY SHERROD. Natchez, Mississippi. KERR, EUGENE JOSEPH. Bi- loxi, Mississippi. KERSH, GERALD JONES. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. Philosophy and German. Phi Eta Sigma Member QSenior Advisori, Pi Gamma Mu, Yellowiacliets Mem- ber ISecretary, Presidenti, Dean's List, President's List, Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities, German Club Member, IVice Presidentl, Society of Physics Students, Lab Instructor and Ofiice Assistant in Depart- ment of Foreign Languages. KEY, RADELL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. KEYS, MICHAEL EDWARD. Wesson, Mississippi. Accounting. Alpha Epsilon Alpha. KIEHM, ANGELA MARIE. Me- ridian, Mississippi. KILLINGSWORTH, JERRY LYNN. Carthage, Mississippi. KILPATRICK, CURTIS L. Jackson, Mississippi. Radio, TV 8: Film. Interim President of Junior Class, Member of Student Senate. Chief Announcer for WMSU, 1970 Winter Qt. Presi- dent of Senior Class, Chairman of Public Relations Committee, Print: Columnist, Dean's List, Sighted For orfI'm in the Na- tional Student Register, Varsity USM Debate Team l969, Fresh- man Favorite, Debate Team, Ten- nis Team, Dramatics Club, Choir. KIMLE, LINDA JOYCE. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. KING, ANDREA LYNN. Nat- chez, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Dean's List. KING, BARBARA ANN. Jack- son, Mississippi. , KING, DALE. Monticello, Mis- sissippi. KING, EMMA LOU. Louisville, Mississippi. KING, JOSEPH WILLIAM, JR. Gulfport, Mississippi. KING, KAREN P. Brandon, Mis- sissippi. KING, MELVIN L. Bay Springs, Mississippi. KANGSAFER, LOUAN FER- RELL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. KIRK, CARLTON KENDALL. Mobile, Alabama. KIRK, KATHRYN LORAINE. Bentonia, Mississippi. Ex. Sectrial Studies. KIRKWOOD, KIM WHELESS. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. KISER, EVELYN L. Jackson, Mississippi. KISS, HELEN THERESA. Huntsville, Alabama. Home Eco- nomics Education. Home Eco- Kappa Omicron nomics Club. , lVice President, Phi guard, Presidcntj. KITTRELL, ETT. Laurel, KLEIN, JO ANN. Pensacola, Florida. Joumalism 8: Political KATHY JEAN- Mississippi. I ,alma F ftp, Science. Alpha Sigma Alpha. His- torian-Alpha Lambda Delta, Druids: President-Theta Sigma Phi, 2nd Vice President South- ern Journalism Society, Universi- ty Publications Board, Pi Tau Chi, Publicity Chairman, Parlia- mentarian, Standards Chairman, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Society Edi- tor, Entertainments Editor, The Student Printzg Outstanding Freshman Journalist 1967-68, Outstanding Sophomore Journal- ist 1958-69: Committee of 50, Delegate and Student Speaker at Associated Collegiate 'Press Na- tional Conference, Delegate, Mis- sissippi Collegiate Press Associa- tion, Delegate, Mississippi Inter- collegiate Council, President's List, Dean's List, Keyhole Ad- visory Committee, Historian, Phi Delta Rho, Pi Gamma Mu, President's Advisory Board , Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities, National Student Register, Young Repub- licans. KNIGHT, C. M. Ridgeland, Mis- sissippi. Personnel Management. KNIGHT, MICHAEL AR- MAND. Collins, Mississippi. KNIPPERS, ROY WAYNE. Magnolia, Mississippi. Political Science. KNOTT, ROBERT A. Meridian, Mississippi. KNOWLES, CYNTHIA ANN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. KNOX, EDWIN B. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. KOBERGER, KARL EDMUND. Gulfport, Mississippi. Computer Science. General Merit Scholar- ship, Dean's List, Newman Club, ACM Member, Camera Arts Club, Student 'Printz Staff, Pro- duction Merit Award, Certihcate for Journalism CStudent Printzj. KOESTLER, MICHAEL TIL- LER. Vicksburg, Mississippi. KOLB, THOMAS LYNN. Mead- ville, Mississippi. KOUBA, CHERYL LYNN. Long Beach, Mississippi. Social Studies. President's List, Deanfs List, Phi Alpha Theta fTreasurerJ, Alpha Lambda Delta, 'Phi Gamma Mu, Honors Program. KOUNS, DIANA EUGENIA. Atlanta, Georgia. Elementary Ed- ucation. UAC CFreshman Yearj, Annual Staff fFreshman yearj. KRABEL, JEFFERY ROBERT. Ottawa, Illinois. KREBS, SUSAN MARIE. Pas- cagoula, Mississippi. Radio, Tele- vision, 8: Film. Camera Arts Club. Newman Club fSophomore yearj, WMSU, Southern Journ- alistic Society. KRUGER, BETTY FARR. Pren- tiss, Mississippi. KYSER, MARY JULANE SEL- LERS. Decatur, Georgia. KYSER, ROBERT JULIAN. Jensacola, Florida. LADNER, BOBBY STEPHEN. Saucier, Mississippi. LADNER, KENNETH M. Pass Christian, Mississippi. LADNER, MICHAEL. Lumber- ton, Mississippi. Math. LADNER, RICHARD OWEN. Saucier. Mississippi. LADNER, RONALD LOYD. Lumberton, Mississippi. Political Science. LADNER, SANDRA GAIL P. Jackson, Mississippi. LADNIER, ROYCE C. Gulfport, Mississippi. T,ADSHAW. WILLIAM H., III. Ellisville. Mississippi. LAGRONE, CHARLES GAR- VIS. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. LAING. BILLY GERALD. New- ton, Mississippi. Accounting. Phi Beta Lambda fEast Central Jun- ior Collegej. LAING, WALTER THOMAS. Newton, Mississippi. Industrial Technology. LAMB, MILTON EARL, JR. Lucedale, Mississippi. LAMB, ROBERT CARL. Luce- dale, Mississippi. LAMOTHE, DAVID MACKIE. Metairie, Louisiana. Radio-Tele- vision-Film. Progressive Student Association, Pershing Rifles, Yel- lowjacket, Vice President in Charge of Special Events fUni- versity Activities Councilj, Mu- sic Director-WMSU, Treasurer- Southern Journalist Society, Cam- era Arts Club, Production part of The Student Printz, Member of the French "Let's Eat"!, Meta- physics Club. LAMPTON, BURKE FRANK, III. Tylertown, Mississippi. LAND, M. ANN. Hamilton, Mis- SISSIPPI. LANDRY, JAMES EDWARD. Biloxi, Mississippi. LANDRY, JOSEPH DARREL. Bayou La Batre, Alabama. Physi- cal Education. Deanis List, M Club, Hyper Club. LANE, SHIRLEY ANN. Jack- son Mississippi. LANG, MARGARET AYPPLE- WHITE. Osyka, Mississippi. Business Education. Pi Omega Pi, Phi Beta Lambda, Phi Theta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi. LANG, SAMMY LAMAR. Mag- nolia, Mississippi. Personnal Man- agement. Presidentis List Scholar, Dean's List Scholar, Delta Sig- ma Pi. LANGHANS, MARIA DE LA LUZ. Biloxi, Mississippi. Span- ish. Biloxi Teachers Association. LANHAM, WILLIAM LEE. Pascagoula, Mississippi. Account- ing. Dean's List. LANKFORD, JUDY ANN L. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. LAROUX, S. CABBOT. Long Beach, Mississippi. Theatre. Al- pha Psi Omega. LARSEN, MAXINE JUDITH. Pass Christian-, Mississippi. LATHEM, LINDA M. Sebasto- pol, Mississippi. English and Journalism. Southern Journalism Society-Corresponding Secretary, Theta Sigma Phi, Lambda Iota Tau-Publicity, SEA Secretary, Entertainment Editor-The Stu- dent Printz, Junior Certificate of Merit in Journalism, Wesley Foundation. LAUDERDALE, JU D I T H MELAINE. Bay St. Louis, Mis- sissippi. LAW. DAVTD YOUNG. Nat- chez, Mississippi. LAWLER, BOBBY C. Milton, Florida. LAWLESS, RALPH EDWARD. Laurel, Mississippi. LAWRENCE. JAMES MICH- AEL. Kosciusko, MississipDi- LAWREY, SANDRA PATRICK. Gulfport, Mississippi. LAWSON. DONNA LEE. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. LAY, NANCY ANN. Jackson, Mississippi. Elementary Educa- tion. Delta Delta Delta. SOUTH- ERNER Staff. Student Religious Federation, University Activities Council. Assistant Pledge Trainer of DDD. LAY, WILLIAM B. Jackson, Mississippi. LEA, CHARLES D. Carthage, Arkansas. Psychology and History. Pen and Sword. LEARD, RICHARD LYNN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. LEARY, TERRY RICHARD. Brookhaven, Mississippi. LEBLANC, CECELIA, PAT- TERSON. Hattiesburg, Missis- sippi. LEBLANC, DENNS CELIA. Jackson, Mississippi. History. Transfer from Hinds Junior Col- lege. USM Pi Gamma Mu. LEE, CHARLES DANIEL. Lau- rel, Mississippi. LEE, CLAUDE ERNEST. Ben- ton, Mississippi. Accountin-g. Dean's List. LEE, ESTHER JANE. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. Elementary Ed- ucation. Delta Zeta. University Activities Council. LEE, MARTHA FRANCES, Vicksburg, Mississippi. LEE, SUSAN BUDINICH. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. LEE, WILLIAM ALTON, JR. Whistler, Alabama. LEE, WILLIAM DOUGLAS. Bassfield, Mississippi. LEGGETT, RICHARD BER- NARD. Vicksburg, Mississippi. History. Student Education Asso- ciation. Wesley Foundation. LEGGETT, TERRY TRAVIS. Collins, Mississippi. LEIDING, GILBERT ELMER. Colquet, Minnesota. Physics. Pen and Sword, Society of Phy- sics Student QVice President 1970-711. LEMASTERS, EARL WIL- LIAM. McComb, Mississippi. Computer Science. Member of Association of Computing Ma- chines. W. B. Harlon Memorial Scholarship. Lestor Haddox Scholarship. LEONARD, MARK HAMP- TON. Blountstown, Florida. LESTELLE, AUGUST JOHN JR. Chalmette, Louisiana. LEVENS, ROBERTA SUE. Robertsdale, Alabama. LEWIS, ALNA CHRISTINE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. LEWIS, CECELIA ANN S. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. LEWIS, FRANCES ROBINS. Bentenia, Mississippi. Sociology. Q1 Tau Beta Sigma KBand Sororityj- District Vice lPresident, USM Marching Band, USM Concert Band-Secretary 1969-70, Kappa Delta Pi CEducation Fraternityj, Dean's List. LEWIS, FREDERICK NOR- TON. Bogalusa, Louisiana. LEWIS, HARRY DAVID. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. LEWIS, RANDALL SCOTT. Gulfport, Mississippi. LIGHTSEY, SHARON RUTH. Lai vrel, Mississippi. agement. LINDSAY, JOHN DOUGLAS. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. LINDSEY, WARNER MICH- AEL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. LIPPELMAN, JOHN PECK. Pensacola, Florida. LITTLE, NANCY REBECCA. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Busi- ness Education. Pi Omega Pi, Phi Beta Lambda, Kappa Delta Pi. LIVEAKOS, RICHARD KRUD. Tupelo, Mississippi. LOCKE, JAMES RONALD. Co- lumbus, Mississippi. LOCKE, PATRICIA HOPPER. Columbus, Mississippi. LOCKE, ROBERT STEWART. Gulfport, Mississippi. Recreation. Dean's List. LOFTIN, JANICE OLIVIA C. Brandon, Mississippi. LOFTIN, SAM HINTON, III. Agricola, Mississippi. LOFTON, BARBARA LEE. Pi- cayune, Mississippi. Elementary Education, Student NEA. LOFTON, JOE CLEVELAND. Laurel, Mississippi. LOGAN, TERRI YVONNE. Southaven, Mississippi. LONG, LYNDA M. WALLACE. Petal, Mississippi. English. LONG, TERRY DALE. Laurel, Mississippi. LONGFELLOW, CAROL JEAN. Jackson, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Deanls List. LOPER, ALFRED LEON. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. LOPER, BERTIS LEE L. Lau- rel, Mississippi. Elementary Edu- cation. President's List. LOPEZ, JANET GAYLE. Home- stead, Florida. Elementary Edu- cation. Freshmen Counselor. LORONA, MANUEL. Biloxi, Mississippi. LOTT, BILLY JACK. Gulfport, Mississippi. LOTT, LINDA ANN. Purvis, Mississippi. LOTT, SUSAN IRENE. Bass- field, Mississippi. LOVELESS, SYLVIA ANITA. Wiggins, Mississippi. LOVORN, JOHN MURRAH. Fairfax, Virginia. Health 81 Phy- sical Education. Phi Kappa Tau. Phi Kappa Tau Rush Chairman, Athletic Chairman, Secretary, Vice President. Inter Fraternity Council, Secretary, Athletic Chairman, President. Who's Who. Order of Omega. LOWERY, CLAUDE EDWIN. Wesson, Mississippi. Accounting. Alpha Epsilon Alpha. hmmm AH h QM Hmmm nigga AW EVA, tv ,jim dt any .fp Q 6 ,1 .fy Z 'Lg 923 LINDAHL, RODNEY VON. ,119 V Chicago, Illinois. Personnel Man- ., tmp! 'ff tae 4, ,gt S V if 22 sawn' 2.47, , , ga fm. RWM has ,w, Ww w an . Www' w -f .,v- ijlgf- ' noel it-as -4 MMU' been it .Lk WEEE U-rumah FPWHI FWHM Emid ,w T-1 - . U itiyggs itmmm ixrfi .LL ie' YQ ifQi!Lfi1'6 1 X REM iii: if ,SMH Q im? mlm MMD ff Pail my N '-. Q4-L 1' , s..i.. M WP. WUWQ WTWQ NNW NLR., r s xv 1 W A il .Nvidia it-pigs, l2Ql,W, miami ii HN V it ' "lu n, Q, . 5.5. y i, 'Ji' AQ' - i i:- ' 'fi 5' if t F sl S+ ti' 'I S ,l if ,Q E3 3 ul al an uf U' all dl Qi 5 If Q' gl I3 1 N5 ll I If IN Wi LW Wi E W! M Ill it u H M U u N N M M M B M H lil H M Nm N M N Hfldffffffgff' Ill! N if 'lv Z2 PM . is 'tp '6- 'Ht .i . ' bt, lst, I s 'LT' vi xr. Ik-L, es.. 37. ll C 5 f-il' 'ws w e ,, lltum, Lllggidtf, 'AV hilt sglilti 'F vi, mil Hilti . ,gm In , lflllgf M H " gl Sh: "" is.. I ' UG F S P My kin, ns. '- 1-.gps it., little -sq, ,""" H hs.. lim? K I 1'-es fi 2 I sm li 1 N ls kg ., uk: A a. 'ls :Haag iii lun 'aug mat in s.,,"1iwtm ,fwwtif l Q Lnuiimilii -,,, ..,,j",,:mm, ,mi,iAQ, li -im M' lbtltimj- ht - . Q: ,Q Hmm.. in -Hmmm, 'ms WIKI, mii- Ctlfmbtte lr ill lug. ht mcmolllf 'H "2"-'si-C4 illlflim I' "'M""5 UIITIIIJMIII. , 'IU wnttiuiii' Q. IIB sm Rui- muitisiiii' I, Kimiw- T ilhfimh u """ I wcitmiil I 3 mm swtiittilfmiig I - wXG,LltllIlll g Hg. Pct2I,llI-Wliiij 3:9 'ml wg, iriiiii E L':"""" . mn, X' r l4,.ERamDf5E i , mi it-ID! ggymi r fgonpmdplilf, i me mt! MMIII' t jim ffiliiltgif' w ad0,,It2I1Wm,,TJ l pl M IDRUIIIL I 36' IWIIPL yiltil wh" wtllll ,, 'I yr Mmwmwllt ,i lg, P iitfittlslipiil-1 I 2 mime- ,. Y' 9' Wiiitif .if for-0ii,,,g,2ii?,f PIM Tillllblti 'DPP' ' Pl W. Wit ixhlikpi iz 4 PM pTIni.llIi' Ialjliiliitliisgidllll Ai 'WWII , 1,7 v 7 ... ,Qt qi, .... ij, .: fi. ,-, . .Ant ::....t........ .5.,t .:vb,g:!:f?,.,f,.,r..?T.3r..:'.,1,4v.,.H'3,,.-.'.,.3,,,Tim-, Sli' 2 , I, ,haw I Z t . ,.,,,3: ...h I. A, ' I ., :tp .-- - -- . ... . .., - - , .,........-. -.. wg. . 'bv ., ,, ,,, , LOWERY, DONALD. Columbia Mississippi. Finance. LOWERY. MYRA LYNN, Wes- son Mississippi. Elernentary Edu- cation. Dean's List, Kappa Dr-Ita Phi. LOWERY, RONALD. Columbia, Mississippi. Finance. LOWERY, IVILLIAM RAY. Moselle, Mississippi. LUCAS, JIM YV. Laurel, lxfis- sissippi. I.I.fCKET'I', MICHAEL ALLEN. Jackson, bfississippi. LUMM, GERALD IVILLIAM. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. LUMPKIN, LOU ANN. Jack- son, hiississippi. LUMPKIN, ROBERT LEE. Picayune, Mississippi. LUSE, HAL DOUGLAS. Ben- ton, Mississippi. LUTER, JESSE C. III Jackson, Mississippi. MACARTHUR, ALAN. Gulf- port, Mississippi. Accounting. MACDONALD, JAMES CAL- VIN. Picayune, Mississippi. MACKIN, WILLIAM HENRY. Shalimar, Florida. MADDOX, PEGGY ANN P. Mize, Mississippi. Health and Physical Education. MADDOX, SUSAN LEIGH. Laurel, Mississippi. MADSEN, JON PHILLIP. Den- ver, Colorado. MAGEE, KENNETH REGIN- ALD. Brookhaven, Mississippi. MAGEE, MARTHA ANN. Jack- son, Mississippi. MAGEE, PATRICIA ANN. Prentiss, Mississippi. MAGENHEIMER, EDWARD FRED. South Hempstead, New York. Communications. Kappa Sigma. Yellowjackets member, Greek Editor for 1970 SOUTH- ERN!-LR. Kappa Sigma Pledge Trainer, Secretary of Pledge Class. Kappa Sigma Grand Mas- ter of Ceremonies. Inter Frater- nity Council Delegate. All Greek Bowling Team. MAJOR, MICHAEL ANTHO- NY. Binghampton, New York. MAJURE, THOMAS R. JR. Biloxi, Mississippi. Finance. MALINOSKI, TIMMOTHY S. Poplar Bluff, Missouri. MALONE, BRENDA SUE. Rich- ton, Mississippi. MALPASS, GEOFFREY PAUL. Biloxi, Mississippi. MANBERG, MARTHA GAIL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MANCUSO, MEDE LOUISE. McComb, Mississippi. M A N C U S O, RUSSELL GEORGE. Kenner, Louisiana. Fi- nance. MANN, JACK WILLIAM. Lau- rel, Mississippi. MARCHANT, GUILLAUME H. JR. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MARCHANT, LARRY WAYNE. Jackson, Mississippi. Commercial Art. Camera Arts Club, USM Flying Club. MARKELL, ALAN GILBERT. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MARTIN, ANNE ELIZABETH. Jackson, Mississippi. MARTIN, MARY If MIXON. New Augusta, Aiississippi. MARTIN, MICHAEL Al.- IIORIJ. Crystal Springs, hiissis- sippi. Personnel Management D:-an's List. Society for the Ad- vanteruent of Management. MASIIBVRN, NICLLAH KAY. Brandon, Mississippi. Librarj: Sci- ence. Kappa Delta. I'AC fI'ni- versity Activities Couucill, Stu- dent Religious Federation. Kap- pa Delta-parliamentarian, social chairman. ROTC Sponsor, Stu- dent Body Maid in Homecoming. Senior Ifitvorile. Tops of Top 'l'en Beauties. MASON, JIMMIE WARREN ARD. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MASSEY, DAVID HEIL. Men- denhall, Mississippi. Mathematics. Kappa Mu Epsilon fMathematics Honor Societyj, President's List. Dean's List. Received the Patil Waldoff Memorial Scholarship. MATHIS, HOWARD FRAN- CIS, III. Mobile Alabama, Geog- raphy. Phi Kappa Tau-President, Social Chairman, Pledge Trainer, Pledge of the Year, Pledge Presi- dent. Delegate to Inter Fraternity Council, Student Government Association, Senator, Dean's List. MATLOCK, WILLIAM GARY. Meridian, Mississippi. Mathemat- ics. MATTSON, MAURINE ELIZA- BETH. Jackson, Mississippi. MAULDIN, AVERY LYNN. Gulfport, Mississippi. MAULDIN, CHARLES COL- LETTE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MAURIO, LOUIS VINCENT. Toms River, New Jersey. Double Major: Biology and Health Edu- cation. Newman Club, Yellow- jackets. Organization set up by the Catholic Church designed to educate Negro High School drop outs and poor whites "Educa- tional Developmental Assisting Program", Dean's List. MAXEY, GLORIA ANNETTE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MAY, CHARLENE A. Pasca- goula, Mississippi. Sociology. Phi Beta Lambda. Sociology Club. MAYBERRY, RICHARD DOIV. Jackson, Mississippi. MAYFIELD, JANIS ELAINE. Hamburg, New York. MAYFIELD, PEGGY LOUISE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. M A Y F I E L D WILLIAM BRUCE. Prentiss, Mississippi. Math. Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kap- pa Phi. Kappa Mu Epsilon fMathl. Pride of Mississippi Marching Band. MAYORGA, FREDDY REN. Tiguisate, Gaut. MCAFEE, RONALD ORYILLE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MCARTHUR, JOHN SIDNEY. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MCCANDLESS, IVILLIAM RONALD. Kosciusko, Missis- Sippi. MCCANN, EYELYN FRAN- CES. Collins, Mississippi. NICCANN, LL'LA SCHAN- BOCK. Jackson, Mississippi. Ele- mentary Education. Dean's List, Dixie Darlings, University Chor- 353 us, lf' -nt 1-rt Iland MftTXN'l'lS, JANI-'fl' NOBLE C+-luuilua, Altsstsstppt MftfAR'I'Y, JOSEPH L JR ii Lauri-l, xIl's'slNxtl 1 1. MIZCIARTY, JIADY tZ.' NIMH, Xilssikxlplll. MQCLAMMY, ALLAN KICITII. East Brewtori, Alabarua Ile-altli K Physical Education. NI Club. I-'ellouship of Christian Athletes, IIYPER Club. 2 year lettt-rman varsity frvolligtll, MCCLARY, JAMES EMMI-ITT. JR. Decatur, Georgia. MUGLELLAN, PAUL HAR- DEN, JR. Laurel, Mississippi. General Business. Mr:CI.ENDON, CHARLES R. Summit, Mississippi. MCCOLLISTER, WILLIAM T. Long Beach, Mississippi. MCCOWN, STANLEY CLARK. Columbus, Mississippi. Industrial Technology Minor in Science. Independant. MCCRORY, DONALD PAT- RICK. Forest, Mississippi. MCCRORY, SANDRA CAROL. Lawrence, Mississippi. MCCULLEY, MARY FRAN- CES. Jackson, Mississippi. MCDANIEL, ANN ELIZA- BETH. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MCDANIEL, DANNY MAR- VIN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MCDAVID, DOROTHY LIN- DA. Petal, Mississippi. Economics. J.C.J.C. Band, Phi Theta Kappa, InterVarsity Christian Fellow- ship. MCDERMOTT, LEO ALBERT. Pass Christian, Mississippi. MCDONALD, BONNIE JEAN R. Collinsville, Mississippi. MCDONALD, TOMMY LEE. Meridian, Mississippi. MCDUFF, ALAN REA. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. MCFADDEN, ROBERT FRANK. Purvis, Mississippi. MCGEHEE, MICHAEL GLENN. Natchez, Mississippi. General Business. MCGUFFIE, ROBERT BILLY. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MCINNIS, LINDA LOUISE. Yazoo City, Mississippi. Elemen- tary Education. McKAY, JERRY WAYNE. Vicksburg, Mississippi. McKAY, JOHNNY L. Gulfport, Mississippi. Recreation. M Club. MCKAY, KAREN ANGELA. Gulfport, Mississippi. MCKAY, LINDA HEFLIN. Gulfport, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Dixie Darling 1967- 68, 1968,-69. MCKAY, NANCY BROOKS. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. English. Alpha Lambda Delta Member. McKAY, RAY PARNELL, JR. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MCKINNON, DENIS ALEX. Pensacola, Florida. Finance. Pen SL Sword. MCLAND, ALBERT CALVIN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. General Business. LES. Army, Captain, 'Rgtirgdlig Boy Scouts of Amer- ica, District Scout Executive, Scoutmaster, Neighborhood Com- missioner: Veterans of Foreign I Wars, American Legion, Post 5 t'o:ruriautli-rg Sgt-at Artnsg Iro- fi-sl-i-trial l'liotot:raplif-rs of Amer- ira, Royal l'h--tograpliic Society --I Great Britain, Felloug Jasper Count Miuistral Assoriatiori, Pro- tgrarn Chairruan, Stewardship tfhairruaui Ordained Clerqyuian SBGEQ Dr-au'x List: I'.S. Army- Arruv Comrucndation Medal, Purple llrart Medal w 'clutter, Good C--ntluct Medal w"l clasps, National Defense Service Medal, Arur-rican Defense Service Medal, Asiatic-Pacihc Campaign Medal w"Arrowheatl and 7 stars, Arncr- ican Campaign Medal, World IYar Victory Medal, Army of Occupation Medal lflcrrnany and Japaul. Royal Photographic Society Fellow. Mf:l.EAN, DOROTHY MAR- GARET. Biloxi, Mississippi. MCLEAN, HAROLD ARDEN. Biloxi, Mississippi. Political Sci- ence and History. Pi Eta Sigma, President's List. Dr-an's List. Mt:l.EMORE, DONALD F. Meridian, Mississippi. Chemistry. Scholarship- Paint Industry Edu- cation Board. Ontstitnding Anil- lytical Chemist Award. MCLEOD, JULIAN W. JR. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MCLEOD, ROBERT WESI.EY. Gulfport, Mississippi. Finance. Presidcnt's List. Dcan't List. Coast Federal Savings and Loan Academic Scholarship. Hancock Batik Academy Scholarship. MCLEOD, SILAS WAYNE. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. MCMAHAN, PAULINE HAYNES. Hattiesburg, Missis- sippi. MCMAHAN, SANDRA SUE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. ' MCMANUS, BRENDA KAY. Gulfport, Mississippi. Executive Secretarial Studies, Delta Delta Delta fPrcsidcnt, Recording Sec- rctaryi, ROTC Sponsor, SOUTH- r-Lnxmz Staff, Phi Beta Lambda, Student Religious Federation, University Activities Council, Baptist Student Union. MCMICHAEL, PERRY ALLEN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MCMILLEN, BEVERLY J. SMITH. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MCMURPHY, CARL HUGH. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MCNAMEE, ROBERT LLOYD. Raleigh, Mississippi. MCNEIL, KENNETH TRAVIS. AFB, Florida. MCPHERSON, BLAYNE SU- ZANNE. Long Beach, Mississippi. MCQUILLAN, DAVID CIIARLES, Gulfport, Mississippi. Geography. Student Religious Federation, Christian Science Organization fVice Prcsidentj, Geography Club, George Hurst Chapter-Student Education As- sociation flst Vice Presidentj. Dean's List. MEADOWS, GLENDA CHERYL. Richton, Mississippi. MELTON, CARL WILLIAM. Clarksville, Tennessee. History. MERLINI, GEORGE R. JR. Fairhope, Alabama. MERRITT. GWENDOLYN LE- RESA. Hattiesburg, ltlississippi. MERRITT. JOSEPH REN- FORD. Assburndale. Florida. MERRTTT. PETER BRYANT. Pass Christian, Mississippi. METSGER, DONNA JEAN. Pascagoula, Mississippi. MEYDAG, RICHARD H. Tul- sa, Olkahoma. MIDDLETON, PATRICIA EVELYN. Vicksburg, Mississippi. Business Education. Delta Gam- ma. Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, 1970-71 AWS Scholarship. Delta Gamma Vice President of Pledge Class. Dean-'s List. MIGUES, JESSE JAMES. Bi- loxi, Mississippi. Finance. MIKEL, BILLY WAYNE. Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. Recrea- tion. Recreation Club fVice Presidenti, M Club, Committee of 100, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Who's Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities, M Club Distinguished Athlete, Member of football team. MILBRANDT, VICKIE. Brook- haven, Mississippi. MILES, LEON COLLINS. Co- lumbia, Mississippi. MILES, LINDA LOUISE, Luce- dale, Mississippi. MILES, RUSSELL EUGENE. Wiggins, Mississippi. MILLER, JAMES MADISON. Woodville, Mississippi. Theatre and English. Alpha Psi Omega, Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities, South- ern Players fVice Presidenti, Varsity Cheerleader f1969l, Best Actor fAcademic Year 1969i, Best Actor fSummer Stock 19685, Most Outstanding Fresh- man in Theatre 1968, Gymnas- tics Club, USO Tour to the Ori- ent 1970. MILLER, MICHAEL LOUIE, Laurel, Mississippi. Accounting. MILLER, SHIRLEY SMITH. Quitsnan, Mississippi. MILLER, THERESA ANN. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Psy- chology. Transfer from Perkins- ton Junior College. MILLS, IRMA RUTH. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. MILLS, LIZZIE JANE. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. MILLS, MARK E. Petal, ,Mis- sissippi. MILLS, MARY LINDA. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. Art Educa- tion. Delta Delta Delta fSong Chairmani, USM Top Five Beauty, Miss Southern, Miss Mississippi, Member of Who's Who in American Colleges and L'niversities, Director of 1969 Miss Southern Pageant. Deanls List Scholar. MIMS, ELIZABETH MAR- BURY, Birmingham, Alabama. MINCHEW, BRUCE ED- WARD. Meridian, Mississippi. MINTER, LARRY STEVEN. Jennings, Louisiana. MITCHELL, DARLENE. Pur- vis, Mississippi. MITCHEL, GARY LEON. Pic- ayune, Mississippi. MITCHELL, SUSAN E. PUR- VIS. Laurel, Mississippi. Ele- mentary Education. Member of Teacher Education Club. NIIXON, WAYNE TODD. Doodsville. Mississippi. MOAK, JANEY KAREN. Jack- son. Mississippi. Elementary Edu- cation. Alpha Lambda Delta, 'Dean's List, President's List, University Activities Council, Baptist Student Union, Student Religious Federation. MODLING, LOUIE WIN- FRED. Lyman, Mississippi. MOLINA, ANTONIO JOSE. Coro Falcon, Venezuela. Ac- counting. International Student, Dean-'s List, President's List, Nominated for the Annual Stand- ard Oil Outstanding Senior Award. MOLLERE, RONALD EMILE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MONROE, REBECCA ELOISE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Spanish, Alpha Sigma Alpha. Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities, Phi Kappa Phi National Honorary fVice Presidenti, Phi Delta Rho Senior Women's Hon- orary, Alpha Lambda Delta Freshmen Honorary, Executive Council Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Committee of 100 Student Religious Federation. AWS Judicial Board, USM Hon- ors Program, President's and Dean's List, General Merit Schol- arship Recipient, Senator for Panhellenic Dormitory, Alpha Sigma Alpha Pledge Trainer and Rush Chairman, Spring Leadership Conference, Pi Tau Chi--Religious Honorary CPresi- denti. MONTGOMERY, CHARLES DAVID. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MONTGOMERY, JANE E. Windels, Lumberton-, Mississippi. MONTGOMERY, J E N N A TURNER. Hattiesburg, Missis- sippi. MONTGOMERY, LINDA SCOTT. Jackson, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Dean's List. MONTGOMERY, MICHAEL EDWARD. Clarksdale, Missis- sspps. MONTGOMERY, T E R R Y GRANT. Jackson, Mississippi. Personnel Management. Member of Distribution Education Club of America. MOODY, ROBERT LLOYD. Kosciusko, Mississippi. MOORE, CONNIE DELONG. Pearl, Mississippi. Physics. Mem- ber of Society of Physics Stu- dents, Secretary. MOORE, DEBORAH LEIGH. Biloxi, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Chi Omega CPledge Traincri, SGA Spirit Club fClsairman J, UAC Treasurer Sophomore Class, Senator, Sec- retary AWS Judicial Board, Pi Tau Chi, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Junior Class Treag- urer, Editor Panhellenic Rush Book, Most Outstanding Greek Woman 1969-70, Top Ten Beau- ly' C1969-705, Freshman Class Favorite, Sophomore Class Favor- ite, Junior Class Favorite, Top Ten Beauty H970-713, Senior Homecoming Maid, Dean's LISY, Miss USM. MOORE. HENRY. Staten Is- land, New York. Mathematics. Kappa Mu Epsilon, SEA, NCTM, Dean's List, President's List. Phi Kappa Phi. MOORE, I. SUSAN. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Mathematics. Kappa Mu Epsilon-National Mathematics Honor Society, Southern Education Association, Deanfs List. . MOORE, JAMES HOWARD. Biloxi, Mississippi. MOORE, JAMES MELVIN. Meridian, Mississippi. Personnel Management. Dean's List. MOORE, JOHN ELBERT, JR. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MOORE, MARY WHITE. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Li- brary Science. Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, President's List, Dean's List. MOORE, TED SHERRILL. Laurel, Mississippi. History. MOORE, WILLIAM DAVID. Stonewall, Mississippi. Geogra- Phy- MOORE, WILLIAM RALPH, JR Duck Hill, Mississippi. In- dustrial Arts. MOREE, LARRY LYNN. Petal, Mississippi. MORGAN, CHESTER MON- ROE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MORGAN, CLARENCE, JR. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MORGAN, DENNIS EUGENE. Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. MORGAN, DONNIE G. Jack- son, Mississippi. MORGAN, JIMMY HUGH. Ruth, Mississippi. MORGAN, LARRY BRADY. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. MORRIS, JOHN DENSON, JR. Ellisville, Mississippi. MORRIS, NEIL ANTON. Bi- loxi, Mississippi. MORRIS, SHANNON GALE. Gulfport, Mississippi. MORRISON, CHARLES WAL- TER. Gulfport, Mississippi. MORRISON, JANICE CAR- OLE. Poplarville, Mississippi. MORROW, PATRICIA. Purvis, Mississippi. MORROW, ROBERT VIN- CENT. Gulfport, Mississippi. Ac- counting. Delta Sigma Pi fCor- respondenti, Scholarship Com- mittee for Delta Sigma Pi. MORROW, THOMAS CLARK, JR. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MORSE, PHILIP NEWMAN. Pensacola, Florida. MORTENSON, BENJAMIN FREDER. Picayune, Mississippi. MORTON, O. FRANKLIN. Gulfport, Mississippi. Political Science. Phi Kappa, Tau fViCe President, Scholarship Chairman, Recording Secretaryj, Dean's List. MORTON, VIRGINIA DEN- SON. Long Beach, Mississippi. Elementary Education. MOTT, DONALD RAY. Gulf- port, Mississippi. Radio-Televis- ion-Film. Camera Arts Club, 364 World Student Organization. MOULDS, MARTHA ANN. Decatur. Mississiovi. MOULDS. WILLIAM C. JR. Meridian. Mississippi. MOULTON, CHARLES LAR- RY. Andalusia, Alabama. MOWDY, LARRY HERMES. Conehatta, Mississippi. MUCHA, LINDA GANNON. Gulfport, Mississippi. MULLEN, JOHN W. Jackson, Mississippi. MULLINS, MARTHA COL- GAN. Elyria, Ohio. Music Edu- cation. Singers I-Choral Union, Pride Marching Band, Alpha Lambda Delta fWomen's Fresh- men Honoraryi, Delta Omicron, Omicron Epsilon Chapter. Tau Beta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean-'s List. MUNSELL, RICHARD WIL- LIAM. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. MURPHY, HARRY F. JR. Gulf- port, Mississippi. MURRAY, KATHY JANE. Tay- lorsville, Mississippi. English. Phi Theta Kappa fJunior Collegej. MYERS, HORTENSE B. Biloxi, Mississippi. Library Science, Minor Education. MYERS, KEITH WILLIAM. Jackson, Mississippi. Marketing. Alpha Tau Omega. Vice Presi- dent Freshman, Sophomore, Ju- nior, 8: Senior Classes, Freshman and Sophomore Class Favorite, ODK Top Five Freshmen, Gold Key Society, Student Senate C1967-681, Alpha Tau Omega Pledge Treasurer, Honor Pledge, Treasurer, Vice President, Pledge Trainer. Inter Fraternity Council fRepresentative, Treasurer, Ju- dicial Board Memberj, Freshman Orientation leader, National Stu- dent Register, Who's Who Among Greek Fraternities 8: Sororities of America, Delta Sigma Pi, Omi- cron Delta Kappa fPresidentJ, Order of Omega, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges 8t Universities. MYERS, KENNETH JOHN. Jackson, Mississippi. Marketing. Alpha Tau Omega fTreasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Master of Ceremonies, Honor Pledge, Pledge Class Secretary, Outstand- ing Senior Memberl, Delta Sig- ma Pi, Gold Key Society, Inter Fraternity Council fVice Presi- denti, Committee of 50, Fresh- man Orientation leader, Order of Omega, Greek Week Chairman 1969. MYERS, SHELLEY LANG. Nat- chez, Mississippi. MYERS, TOMMY ELDRIDGE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Biology. Circle K Club fVice President, Secretary, Lt. Governor Louisi- ana, Mississippi, Tennessee Dis- trict, Outstanding Lt. Governor 19691. Protect Your Environ- ment, Student Religious Federa- tion, Universities Council, Pro- gressive Student Association. NAPIER, JEAN PAYNE. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. GEF NAL? sum' R0 We ililiouiiiie Us sl e - Lil j?lliQ2,e,s,lZMff Yslls . ' ' sss.uessue,, NATl0N'M3,sisiPP1' , GullPi,l:,',, Phi Kipp. sul 1100, . g,TION51viiiMisnNP u.Bt0W ' nu,s,'g'g'N,,NcY A M A 1. isisfiSSlP,'QQ,RrsIA SUE' iiiss, DONNA I ' I- ,nw is ciiiswlg, sus,.l'l'?u5 Chun! sessill 5!'fe'EQ,,s,,1, los uuuws' sl Sue. is ' ssvsssg, llllelx li ssiwsss, 19511152 Koseiuslws ssswssn, NE ,M SON, Hattleslillfis sssssuu,,14f?Y Sm l ', MissssS1PP1' lillll'l0LS,r BRENDA ll Nashville, seem s NIGHOL-5sDALEmm ville, Tennessee. IHCIUW agement Kappa AIPIB ssscssossoss, Hosts' TON. Jackson, Mimi! NIGHOLSON, IERIII TIE. Laurel, Mississxp trial Management NIGHOLSON, RONA post, Mississippi. NICKELSON, SARAH NA. Quitman, ' ' A NIXON, CONNIE tiesburg, Mississippi. NOBLE, BRENDA 3PYlH8s, Mississippi E Phe Sim Alpha llst dqu,PanhsunnDuq la1n,Intramural Chai Pill Lambda Delta, L Tu lvsee Presitlen Delta Pi, Pi Tau C Religious Federation, u su0,scoP1s ness liqBIfEsv GLENN. S mslplil- Elementary JOENE. Mic 1iitiRi1iQ,,:lissitSiPPi Summit'iisiEiVEL Nokklg Jgsilplll- Forls - FA' nomic, EFEEPD1. da ness ruin' t President' Amshmg EC0l10mi, Phis Hom Club, Ka' ,Vice Plllellicunum Kappa Right Presidente tail, P N0RSW8L15h,D MGCALL RTHY, llllpi, Histo Hattie P111 Alpha ry' NULL G Theta, tiesburg sM1s,issip ts t""l'iv-'H s gk NN., Wt FP' Wiki illl,f,,ttt, wt . QXNQQ iitlltil ut""st. ' l'fli'lltt '-mf "'-MH ttttlt N ina lttilllltt Uistillttg lb'-1' t-. B we igmm 'mltitiltllii Omjmn t t. letagilllllkt It ls . lllllllt illtllt tt ujlllltllilli M mllmgmhk Nts "hqm"!lttt L' 3' D'll1'tliT'Pllli hmmm tttt in ,, . is Q Ha Mvmlllllllllt 1, Witititt 'I' m 'ml'-L mmttt' Mlttittait Gln mshtotastti MlllgRsl'tlutal?b 1 KEITH IL Alph Tau Omii tlttttIttshmat,Sqplts- m tus wtttttttttt-, at stpttnt tltrtn :Q www I. Ruling? 1.131815 I M in j an ODK Toplitelmlrrl ' ni Kq Sotiert Sttlmls tttmal, ttptt its mutans Prltfllttttfltti gtstulapa Wt"'ilw tw gtytlttlml tntnvtststgtt aiu. Inttrlrattrtttl- Botttl Mentlttlt tation ludtt NW llltolllltl' Sh . 0601 -Am llHlllf5ll'lt,, fi cmtltatertttsllllli ,Wim,lltlli5ll"lllI I Dil Ktttllfi Q ll 5 5"',l, therewith!! It Unlvtttlltl ' imttttt li 'ttillli ' Wim ws Milli cttw lslf gmgrietllllll my flirt fttifll or eww ow wet tw' Tau Ollliia l tstllllfa I an 'I' .ttf A s fl ,multi I or 'lyk' 'II' ttlttlm Av .Cl ,attltli I7 Cl,,,,,,f5llf rietlfllllimtiili Kill Wt WUI til' wlfflliillwm' . 5 iaistttlllllttt ,wbtlfh l'Wi,tttl? Wm li Gililwltlli W I" li M99 ,WPI Lt. .I 3 Otultldfniytt l9I9l' Witllll PP wt, swrlw, gqtlllll . Uniflfl ,W 'I .W .UE I, itll ll NASCA, RONALD GERALD. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. NASIF, DONNA MARIA. Vicksburg, Mississippi. Element- ary Education. Dean's List. NASIF, RUTH NANETTE. Port Gibson, Mississippi. NATION, BARBARA JEAN. Gulfport, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Phi Kappa Phi, Dean's List. NATIONS, MALCOLM DAV- ID. Brookhaven, Mississippi. Ac- counting. NAUSE, NANCY A. Meridian, Mississippi. NEAL, MARTHA SUE. Vicks- burg, Mississippi. NEALY, DONNA JO. Texas City, Texas. NEELY, ANN ELAINE. Vicks- burg, ,Mississippi English. Uni- versity Singers, Choral Union, Dean's List, Limbda Iota Tau. NELSON, JULIA A. MCVEY. Soso, Mississippi. NEVILLE, THOMAS HUGH. Hurley, Mississippi. NEWELL, DANIEL BAKER. Kosciusko, Mississippi. NEWELL, NELDA ROBER- SON. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. NEWMAN, KAY SHARON. Bi- loxi, Mississippi. NICHOLS, BRENDA JOYCE G. Nashville, Tennessee. NICHOLS, DALE HUNT. Nash- ville, Tennessee. Industrial Man- agement. Kappa Alpha. NICHOLSON, HORACE MIL- TON. Jackson, Mississippi. NICHOLSON, JERRY SCOT- TIE. Laurel, Mississippi. Indus- trial Management. NICHOLSON, RONALD. Gulf- port, Mississippi. NICKELSON, SARAH ROSAN- NA. Quitman, Mississippi. NIXON, CONNIE JEAN. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. NOBLE, BRENDA F. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. English. Al- pha Sigma Alpha Qlst Vice Presi- dent, Panhellenic Delegate, Chap- lain, Intramural Chairmanj, Al- pha Lambda Delta, Lambda Iota Tau lVice Presidentj, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Tau Chi, Student Religious Federation, Committee of 100, SCOPE Delegate. NOBLES, GLENN. Sumrall, Mis- sissippi. Elementary Education. NOONE, MICHAEL ALAN. Jackson, Mississippi. NORMAN, JEWEL EUGENE. Summit, ffiississippi. NORRIS, JOAN FAYE. Rolling Fork, Mississippi. Home Eco- nomics Education. Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Freshrnan Dormitory President, AWS Board, Home Economics Club, Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Economics Fraternity lVice President and Presidentj, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, President's List, Dean's List. NORSWORTHY, REBECCA MCCALL, Hattiesburg, Missis- sippi. History. Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta, Dean's List. NULL, CHARLEEN ANN. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. NUNEZ, JOSEPH W. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. NUNLEY, PAMELA NELL. Fayette, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Transfer from CoLin Junior College. NUNN, PATRICIA MARIE. Natchez, Mississippi. Elementary Education. OAKES, MARI KLYCE. Mc- Comb, Mississippi. ODELL, TERRY JOSEPH. Bi- loxi, Mississippi. ODEN, MARTIN MITCHEL. DeKalb, Mississippi. History, Yel- lowyackets, Pershing Rifles. ODOM, GARY EURE. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. Geography. Kappa Sigma. President Fresh- man Class, Executive Assistant to the Student Government Presi- dent, Junior Inter Fratemity Council, Rho Eta Sigma, UAC, Sophomore Class Favorite, Yel- lowjackets Vice President, Yel- lowjackets Senior Member, Presi- dent of Student Senate, Presiden-t Pro Tempore of Student Senate, President's Advisory Board, Sen- ior Olass President, Senior Class Favorite, Geography Club, Seab- bard 8: Blade, Army ROTC Flight Program, President of Kappa Sigma.. OGDEN, MARJORIE ELAINE. Natchez, Mississippi. OLIER, RALPH STEVE. Bi- loxi, Mississippi. OLIPHANT, HARRY MI- CHAEL. Richton, Mississippi. OVERBEY, MARSHA CAROL. Virginia Beach, Virginia. OVERSTREET, SUSAN PER- RY. Brewton, Alabama. History. Dean's List. OVERSTREET, WILLIAM C. Waynesboro, Mississippi. OWEN, GENEVIEVE RICE. Mobile, Alabama. Theatre. Al- pha Psi Omega. OWEN, WILLIAM ERNEST. Prichard, Alabama. OWENS, GEORGIA R. Collins, Mississippi. OWENS, JAMES GERALD. Ise- lin, New Jersey. OWENS, JOHN DREW. Jack- son, Mississippi. PAAP, MARYLOU E. Biloxi, Mississippi. PACE, CHARLES A. Moorings- port, Louisiana. PACE, KATHERINE LYNDIA B. Vicksburg, Mississippi. PACK, CARLYLE HASTINGS. New Orleans, Louisiana. Chemis- try. Scabbard Sc Blade, Pershing Rifles, USM Marching Band, USM Symphonic Band, USM Brass Choir, USM Symphonic Orchestra, USM Jazz Lab Band, Gold Key Society. PACK, CLIFFORD HARRI- SON. New Orleans, Louisiana. PADGETT, BILLY BOB. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. PAGE, JAMES RICHARD. Bi- loxi, Mississippi. PALMA, KENT ALAN. Cham- ai n Illinois P S , - PALMER, ANDERSON LEE. Mobile, Alabama. PALMER, DANNY WARREN. Tvler, Texas. PALUMBO, JOHN FERLISE. Fort Myers, Florida. PAREDES, LUIS F. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Marketing - Advertis- ing. USM Soccer Team l968-69 Captain, USM Soccer Team 1967-68 Captain, Pan American Student Association l96B--Public Relations, International Student Organization l97O. PAREDES, MARY GRAVES. Liberty, Mississippi. PARISH, BILLY RANDALL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. PARKER, KATHERINE MA- RIE C. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. PAPKER, KENNETH LADELL. Halt. ,bt rx, Mississippi. PARKER, MARY PATRICIA. Laurel, Mississippi. Executive Secretarial St tdies. Delta Gam- ma. University Singers, Univer- sity Chorus, Vice President of Dormitory, Secretary of AWS Legislative Council, Co-Chairman ot' AWS Sponsored Glamour Con- test, Delegate to Intercollegiate AWS Convention, Served on two committees for Miss Southem Pageant for 1971, Historian of Delta Gamma Pledge Class. PARKER, WILLIAM RAN- DOLPH. Lucedale, Mississippi. PARKINSTON, TERRY LEE. Hattiesburg. Mississippi. PARRISH, CHERYL GLENN. Laurel, Mississippi. PARRISH, LINDA CARO... Laurel, Mississippi. PARSONS, MARGARITA ANN Perkinston, Mississippi. PATRICK, KATHERINE C CELIA. Biloxi, Mississippi. PATTERSON, PAUL GLEN- NON. Laurel, Mississippi. PATTERSON, RANDALL HI- MAN. Biloxi, Mississippi. PATTON, WILLIAM BYRON. Sardis, Mississippi. PEARSON, ERIC LENNART. Miami, Florida. PECK, CHRIS ANGELA. Cleve- land, Mississippi. Real Estate and Insurance. Phi Chi Theta lVice Presidentl House Chairman Hickman Hall, Association of Women Students lTreasurer, His- torian 8t Consultant for South- east Region-Commission of Women Students, Consultant, "Atlanta 40", Baptist Student Union, Choir, WSL, University Chorus, Afro-American Cultural Society, Women's Intramural Manager, Progressive Students Association. Dean's List. PEDDICORD, PERRG WE- HUNT. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Library Science 6: History. Kap- pa Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Kappa Phi. PELT, MICHAEL ALBERT. Pensacola, Florida. PENDERGAST, LINDA R. Pieayune, Mississippi. PENN, RICHARD MICHAEL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. PENNYAN, MARY ANNE. Glos- ter, Mississippi. English. Member of Lambda Iota Tau, Dean's List. PERNICIARO, PATRICIA. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. 365 PERRIEN, CHRISTINE MARY B Petal. Mississippi. PERRIEN, DAWN MARIE. Biloxi, Mississippi. PERRONE, WILLIAM JAMES. Norristown, Pennsylvania. PERSONS, DOROTHY LEE T. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. PETERMAN, THOMAS D. Gulfport, Mississippi. PETERSON, DONNA ROSE. Xenia, Ohio. PEYTON, LILA JEROME. Ray- mond, Mississippi. Speech Edu- cation. Student Education Asso- ciation, Kappa Delta Pi----Nation- al Honorary Education Fratern- ity, Debate Team, Pi Kappa Del- ta-National Honorary Debate Fraternity, Annual Staff, Phi Theta Kappa-National Honor- ary Scholastic Fraternity fjunior Collegel. PHILLIPS, BEVERLY NOR- WOOD. Brookhaven, Mississippi. Speech Therapy. Chi Omega tModel Pledgel. Assistant on sports section of 1969-70 Annual. Dean's List. PHILLIPS, CAREY JAMES. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Psy- chology. Honors Program. PHILLIPS, ELZIE FLORINE R. Bay Springs, Mississippi. PHILLIPS, ERNEST REID. Laurel, Mississippi. PHILLIPS, GEORGE LAN- DON. Fulton, Mississippi. PHILLIPS, JOSEPH JAMES. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. PHIPPS, EDWARD TYSON. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. PIERCE, BRENDA CARTER. Pascagoula, Mississippi. PIERCE, ELSIE C. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. PIERCE, ROBERT K. JR. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. PIGOTT, PENNEY. Bogalusa, Louisiana. Elementary Education. Phi Mu. PIKUL, PETER JOSEPH. Vicksburg, Mississippi. History. Kappa Sigma, House Manager. PINKERTON, PAUL VER- NON. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. PIPAS, JAMES MOORE. Mo- bile, Alabama. PITCAIRN, VELDA CARLINE. Bay St. Louis. History. - PITTMAN, LURLENE PEAR- SON. Birmingham, Alabama. PITTS, JAMES MORRIS. Lau- rel, Mississippi. PLUNKETT, BETTY ALLEN. Kosciusko, Mississippi. PLUNKETT, SHERROL ANN J. Union, Mississippi. PODYMA, JUDITH YVONNE. Clinton, Mississippi. POETKER, DONALD JEAN. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. POGUE, James rawtsu.. Hat- tiesbur Mississippi 8. - POLK, BETTY RENNETTE. Picayune, Mississippi. POLK, JOHN ALLEN. Prentiss, Mississippi. Radio-TV-Film 8: Communications. Southem Jour- nalism Societ fist Vice Presi- ,. dentl, Southern Broadcasters Kappa Kappa Psi, Dean's List. POLK, JOHN WAYNE. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. POLK. M. JEAN. Prentiss, Riis- sissippi. POLK. RANDY BARDWELL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. POLK, SHELTON RAN- DOLPH. Jackson, Mississippi. POLK, WILLARD ONEAL. Poplarville, Itiississippi. POOLE, CAROLYN DO- LORES. Jackson, Mississippi. Speech Pathology. Delta Zeta. As- sistant Panhellenic Delegate, Rush Chairman, and scholarship chairman. Member of UAC. Member of Sigma .Alpha Eta. Dean's List, Member of Essex House College Board. POOLE, MORRIS HENRY. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. POPE, DARWIN MARTIN. Margarita, Canal Zone. POPE, KELLY EUGENE. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. POPE, MARGARET ELYSE. Columbia, Mississippi. POPE, SHERRELL GENNET- TE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. POSEY, RUB1.. SCOTT. Gulf- port, Mississippi. POSS, FRED W. JR. Jackson, Mississippi. POUNCEY, JAMES CURTIS. Enterprise, Mississippi. POWE, CHARLES HOWARD., Laurel, Mississippi. POWE, MARILYNN ELAINE. State Line, Mississippi. French and English. Baptist Student Un- ion, Lambda Iota Tau, Alpha Lambda Delta, The French Cir- cle. POWELL, JIMMY DALE. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. POWELL, JOYCE JEANNE. Mendenhall, Mississippi. POWERS, KEITH PARKER. Jackson, Mississippi. PRATT, JAMES JEFFERIES. Lakeland, Florida. PRESSLEY, DANNY ALEXAN- DER. Wiggins, Mississippi. PRESTON, ANDREA LA- VERNE. Ellisville, Mississippi. French, Dean's List. PRICE, DAVID JAMES. Stone Mount, Georgia. PRICE, MARY RENFROE. Co- lumbia, Mississippi. Elementary Education. PRICE, PAMELA LEA. Jack- son, Mississippi. Accounting. PRINGLE, WALLACE DU- MONT. Biloxi, Mississippi. Ac- counting. Delta Sigma Pi. Mem- ber of Ycllowjackets, Member of Delta Sigma Pi tTreasurer and ll istoriani. PRITCHARD, LESLIE LAROY. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Finance. Delta. Sigma Pi QPlcdge Class Secretary, Chancellori. PROPST, NANCY CAROLYN. Greensboro, North Carolina, Pl-IOTHRO, SAMUEL SCOTT. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. PROUT, JANICE CAMILLE H. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. PL'CKE'I'T, EDDIE DARNELL. Morton, Mississippi. PUIILE. JOHN GUS. Ocean Springs. Mississippi. QU ICK, SUSAN ELIZABETH. Indianola. Mississippi. Nursing. Kappa Delta fCorresponding Sec- retarv and Model pledge, Educa- tional Directori. Student Nurses Association of Southern Itiissis- sinni. Sigma Nu Sweetheart. QUIN. JACK EDWARD. Co- lumbia, Mississippi. RADAU, MARTHA ELLEN. Saucier, Mississippi. RAGLAND, RICKY T. Paducah, Kentucky. RAHAIM, RONALD PALMER. Richton, Mississippi. RAINER, HENRY L. JR. Meri- dian, lhiississippi. Sociology. So- ciology Club QVice President, Program Chairmanj. RAINEY, DON ROWE. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. RAMAGE, RUSSELL GARY. Handsboro, Mississippi. RAMSAY, JAMES SHANE. Laurel, Mississippi. RAMSAY, ROBERT GLENN. Pascagoula, Mississippi. RANDALL JANET KAYE W Hattiesburgj Mississippi. RANDALL JOHN SCOTT Hattiesburg, Mississippi. RANDALL RY. Purvisj RICHARD HEN- Mississippi. Philoso- phy and Political Science. Presi- dent's 8t Dean's List. RASBERRY, TERRY DON. Laurel, Mississippi. RATCLIFF, JULIE RAY- NELLE. Collin-s, Mississippi. Speech Therapy. Sigma Alpha Eta. RATCIFFE, BILL G. Clinton, Mississippi. Marketing. Delta Sigma Pi. Dean's List, President Protem of USM Senate, President of Business Fraternity Council, Delta Sigma Pi Social Chairman. RAWLS, DON MOLTON. Lake .Charles, Louisiana. Elementary Education. Phi Kappa Phi. RAWLS, GLENN PAXTON. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. RAWSON, BENNIE GLYNN. Carthage, Mississippi. RAY, BETTY JO. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. RAY, BOBBIE NELL SMITH. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. RAYBORN, GARY DOYLE. Jayess, Mississippi. RAYBURN, GLENN MAR- SHALL, Long Beach, Mississippi. RAYMOND, CLAUDIA ANN. Biloxi, Mississippi. Speech Path- ologyf'Special Education. Phi Mu tPresident, Treasurer, Panhellen- ic Delegate, Scholarship Chair- man, Outstanding memberj. Sig- ma Alpha Eta, Dean's List, Har- rison County Aluma Scholarship, Alpha Memorial Fund Scholar- ship, University Activities Coun- cil REA, KENNETH ROLAND Philadelphia, Mississippi. REACAN, BETTY OLIVIA lfoxu-orth, Mississippi. REDMOND, JOHNNY MICH- AEI.. Stonewall, Mississippi. REED. STEVE EUGENE. Chat- tanooga, Tennessee. REEDY, MARY Ii. MINOR. Ilaltiesburg. Mississippi. REI-TKS. GIGT DANIELS. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Nfusic Edu- cation tVoicej. Sigma Sigma Sigma tRush Chairman. Cor- responding Secretarvl. University Singers I, Ihiu Phi Epsilon. REESE, LOUISE MAGNE. New Orleans, Louisiana. REEVES, ANDREW R. III. Langley AFB. Virginia- REEVES, STANLEY NOEL. Tvlertown, Mississippi. REID, CHERYL ANNE. Tus- caloosa. Alabama. Special Educa- tion. Delta -Zeta. University Ac- tivities Council, Recording Secre- tary DZ. REID, WILLIE VON, JR. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. REIN, SANDRA KAY. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. REISENBICHLER, RICHARD M. Jackson, Mississippi. RENEGAR, MARY KAY. Jack- son, Mississippi. Elementary Edu- cation. Delta Delta Delta fOfH- cerj, Committee of 100, Studen-t Religious Federation, Student Education Association, University Activities Council, SOUTHERNER Staff, Dean's List, President's List. RESTER, GENE R. Mobile, Ala- bama. History!Education. Pen and Sword Society. RESTER, RETA LOTT. Wig- gins, Mississippi. Home Econom- ics. REVELS, ERNEST DAVID. Wauchula, Florida. History. REYER, BETTY MAYO. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Council for Exceptional Children. President's List. REYNOLDS, MARVIN OTH- ELL, Grove Hill, Alabama. Music Education. Pride March- ing Band, University Singers, Dean's List. REYNOLDS, MARY JO. Waynesboro, Mississippi. RHODES, CHARLES WIL- LIAM. Gautier, Mississippi. RHODES, VIRGIL BER- TRAND. Mobile, Alabama. RHODES, WILLYS W., JR. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. RHYMES, HILDA GAYLE W. Columbia, Mississippi. RICE, CAROLYN BETTS. Jack- son, Mississippi. RICE, JAMES HAROLD, JR. Gulfport, Mississippi. RICE, RICHARD DAVID. Florence, Mississippi. RICHARDS, ROBERT TAN- DY. Florence, Mississippi. RICHARDSON, ALBERT MITCHEL. McComb Mississippi. RICHARDSON, BETTY JO. Auburndale, Florida. Business Education. Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Dixie Darling fCap- tainj, Dean's List. RICHARDSON, SAM LEE. Ward, Mississippi. Political Sci- ence. RICHMOND, SUE ELIZA- BETH. Jackson, Mississippi. SPCCCll Pathology, Delta Zeta CPanhellenic Delegate, President, 366 Rose Court 8: Rose Oueen. Out- standing Pledge, Big-Little Sister Scholarship Award. University Activities Council, Women's Af- fairs Board, Dormitory President. RIDEOUT. JOELENE. Clarks- dale. Mississippi. Nursing. SNASM, fTreasurer. PresidentJ, Student Body School of nursing tPresiclentJ, Sophomore Nursing Class President, Junior Nursing Class President. RIGBY, LARRY AUBRY. For- est, Mississippi. RIGGS, GEORGE ELLIOTT. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. RION CHARLES VERNON Ocean Springs, Mississippi. RISHER. JAMES ALLEN. Me- ridian, Mississippi. RISHER, THOMAS H., JR. Mobile, Alabama. RISTVEDT, JAMES WAL- LACE. Picayune, Mississippi. RIVERS, JERRY EUGENE Petal, Mississippi. History. ROBERTS, ALEX DONALD Jackson, Mississippi. Business Ad- ministration-Management. Delta Sigma Pi, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Cir- cle K, Society for Advancement of Management. ROBERTS, DONALD RAY. Wesson, Mississippi. ROBERTSON, LEWIS MAX- WELL. Ellisville, Mississippi. ROBINSON, ALDEN WAT- KINS. Jackson, Mississippi. ROBINSON, CHERYL HELEN. Monroe, Louisiana. ROBINSON, EARL RAY. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. ROBINSON, NANCY CARL. McComb, Mississippi. ROBINSON, TERESA CLAIR. Jackson-, Mississippi. ROBISON, GEORGE DAVID. Utica, Mississippi. ROBOSKY, DAYNA A. Bonifay, Florida, Speech Ed. Sigma Sigma Sigma. Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Sigma Sigma tRush and Mem- bership Chairman, Social Chair- mani, Dean's List, Phi Theta Kappa Honorary Vice President, Debate Squad, Southern Players, Annual Staff, Leadership Confer- ence Delegate 1970, Wesley Foundation. ROCK, TERESA MERRY. Sli- dell, Louisiana. Sociology. Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, Sourr-IERNER Staff, Keyhole Staff. ROGERS, ELLEN RUTH. Col- lins, Mississippi. ROGERS, GLEN RAYFORD. Collins, Mississippi. Accounting. ROGERS, LAURA NELL. Jack- son, Mississippi. ROGERS, MARY DIANNE. Foxworth, Mississippi. ROGERS, NEDA GAYLE. Gulf- port, Mississippi. En-glish. Kappa Delta Pi. ROLAND, RONALD PRES- TON. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. ROLISON, CHARLES RAY. Gulfport, Mississippi. Special Education. Member of Council For Exceptional Children and Circle K. RONEY, BURLON RAY. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. S I . 7, lsslppl- ifsiigbiiilup W Rii5sissiPPi' JAKE l' TTI Indu' r05i,,itsQtssirPi' LE Bililny R. Tertllessc Rv ph15s . fpfcsident' ct Wmiimmmls of iianilman Counselfgni 5 iieeatiot cEiib,Phi D' no Com' ' Y AN ioss BEVERL rod' ' illtllnesseei t Phi' Phi fA5515taEDP Jiigziulcrs Fouuflatlon' esidenfs Dean's List, Pf 1' EUGENE iitifilt, Mistlsslppimr ross, Wiglgpps Hattiesburg! ioSS,,L9LA iiiiiliiiipl'RICKY CA 1, MississiPPi' iiouustsvll-115: . ANN' Petal, MISSISSIPPN 1t0UNSAVILLE,, ,I error Petal, we roost, DOUGPAS Hattiesburg, Misslssfpp President InterVars1t?' Fellowship, Vice P13510 Epsilon Della, Via Omicron Delta KHPPE of Phi Eta Sigma, Society, M Club Trw sity Letterman tlioot' lowship ol Christian Vice President, Recipi tional Hall of Fam Athlete Award. ROUSE, PAMELA Hattiesburg, Mississip Education. Delta De Lambda Delta, Cwen Pi Tall Commit Inter Varsity Christi SMP, iVice Presiden Cheerleader, Alma Scholarship Recipier bulg lullior Cotillion dolls College Board. tor. ROWELL, JIMMY I Mississippi, ' RGWLANDS, ELLI Yardley, Delta Phi Wine Pm' unity sagem, f Lambda lot, Tau ROWLES, EDW liront Royal, Virgil gg' Pte it Sword, S M S E Y , S U s ISGHISS, Missisgip ii enietoiiii Mlssissllllli Edutat' embed Kal D x lonal H011 Bans List P - 0 RUNNELS Fd? PaSCaS0l1la: i.lNNELS. Jiiiii Rllhiiii Mississippi. Mt.. fALV1N L RU lssrppll E t0uieii,i,EH,IREY l?US1i1INE1ssgif:mi. Il, - . 3 i Reimer? L w fs. , "- 33'-if 'N LB' Bav- We V he 'lx 1-nm"-sq SQ N2 . flu SSRN ttcilmi Us ' th . I , s omtstz 'lla M ttttllll Hmm it ck-Fatt at . P-td. ROSALES, ARTURO, JR. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. ROSE, WILFRED J., JR. Biloxi, Mississippi. ROSETTI, JAKE PHILLIP. Biloxi, Mississippi. Industrial Arts. ROSS, BARBARA LEE. Mem- phis, Tennessee, Recreation. Pi Beta Phi, CPresident, Rush Chair- man, Intramurals Chairmanj. Freshman Counselor Dean's List, Recreation Club, University Ac- tivities Council, Phi Delta Rho. ROSS, BEVERLY ANN. Nlem- phis, Tennessee. Psychology. PI Beta Phi fAssistant Treasurer, Treasurer, Censor, EDPJ, Wesley Foundation, Freshman Counselor, Dean's List, President's List. ROSS, EUGENE ALFORD. Sumrall, Mississippi. ROSS, LANEY MERIDITH. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. ROSS, LOLA KRISTA. Laurel, Mississippi. ROUND, RICKY CATO. Lau- rel, Mississippi. ROUNSAVILLE, PATRICIA ANN. Petal, Mississippi. ROUNSAVILLE, W A N D A CAROL. Petal, Mississippi. ROUSE, DOUGLAS WESLEY. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Biology. President InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Vice President Alpha Epsilon Delta, Vice President Omicron Delta Kappa, Member of Phi Eta Sigma, Gold Key Society, M Club Treasurer, Var- sity Letterman fFootballJ, Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes- Vice President, Recipient of Na- tional Hall of Fame Scholar. Athlete Award. ROUSE, PAMELA STAMPS. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Special Education. Delta Delta. Alpha Lambda Delta, Cwens-Secretary, Pi Tau Chi, Committee of 100, Inter Varsity Christian Fellow- ship, tVice Presidentj, Varsity Cheerleader, Alma Hickman Scholarship Recipient, Hatties- burg Junior Cotillion, and Wal- doffs College Board-Co-ordina- lOI'. ROWELL, JIMMY LEE. Jayess, Mississippi. ROWLANDS, ELLEN SUSAN. Yardley, Pennsylvania. French. Pi Delta Phi fVice Presidentj. Uni- versity Singers, Dean's List. Lambda Iota Tau. ROWLES, EDWARD BROWN. Front Royal, Virginia. Account- ing. Pen 8: Sword. RUMSEY,SUSAN.Ocean Springs, Mississippi. RUNDELL, HELEN ELAINE. Richton, Mississippi. Library Sci- ence. Member Kappa Delta Pi Educational Honorary Society, Dean's List, President's List. RUNNELS, BRENDA JOYCE. Pascagoula, Mississippi. RUNNELS, JOHN CARROLL. Laurel, Mississippi. RUSH, ALVIN LEON. Gulfport, Mississippi. RUSH, SHIREY JEAN. Pasca- goula, Mississippi. RUSHING, HELEN. Brookhav- en, Mississippi. RUSHING, ROBERT LUTH- ER. Tvlertown, hlississippi, RI'SSEI.I., J.-'INN ERLE, Vit-I-no burg, Mississippi. RI'SSEI.I.. JOHN I.. IValnut Ilill, Florida. Political Science antl Iiistory. Kappa Sigma fGuardl. Rho Eta Sigma, Pi Gamma Xiu, Omicron Delta Kappa, Distinguished Military Student, Distinguished Military Graduate, ROTC Brigade Com- mander, Who's Who In American Colleges and L'niversities, Dean's List, Outstanding Junior Cadet l970, Department of the Army Outstanding Senior Cadet, Seab- bard and Blade Military Honor- ary fPresidentJ. Committee of 50. RUSSELL, RONALD. Sumrall, Mississippi. RUSSOM, ROY LEN. Brandon, Mississippi. RYALS, ANTHA DIANNE. Preston, Mississippi. RYALS, GERALD GENE. Co- lumbia, Mississippi. Accounting. RYAN, DONN THOMAS. Pic- ayune, Mississippi. RYAN, EDWARD PATRICK. Vicksburg, Mississippi. RYAN, SUSAN MARIE. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi freporterj , President's List, Deanls List, Recipient of Delta Delta Delta Scholarship. Recip- ient of General Merit Scholar- ship. SADLER, ROBERT ARM- STRONG. Vicksburg, Mississippi. Computer Science. Kappa Sig- ma. Gold Key Honorary Society, Student Conference on Para- mount Events, Association for Computing Machinery fSecre- taryfTreasurcrJ, Dean's List. SAGET, GARY LYNN. Merid- ian, Mississippi. SALA, PAUL ALAN. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. SALAZAR, RAFAEL ANTON- IO. Ciudad Ojeda-Zulia QVene- zuelaj. Mathematical. Vice Presi- dent of the Teachers organization in my Hometown. SALTER, LARRY KEITH. De- Kalb, Mississippi. SANDEL, CHRISTINE ANN H. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. SANDERFORD, TONY DEAN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. SANDERS, GLORIA MAR- LESE. Forest, Mississippi. Music Education fVoiceJ. Transfer from East Central Junior College. SANDERS, SARA JANE. Jack- son, Mississippi. SANDIFER, PHILIP KEITH. Tylertown, Mississippi. SANFORD, FRANCES GAYLE. Petal, Mississippi. Microbiology R Chemistry. International Stu- dent Organization. Protcct Your Environment, Alpha Epsilon Del- ta CTreasurerJ, Dean's List. SARAVANJA, KENNETH WIL- LIAM. New Orleans, Louisiana. SASSONE, GRACE ANN. Osy- lsa, Mississippi. Special Education. Council of Exceptional Children. SAIQCIER, DEANNA BER- NICE. Gulfport, Mississippi. Busi- nes Education. Phi Theta Kappa, Natiftftftl Httxinrss Ffitirgttiun Aww.'f-ti, hflssissippt B':suu'ss Hilti- cation Association, Phi Beta I.a1nl.cla S.-'sl,'fIII'iR, JAMES R Ilattirs- lturu, Mississippi. SALCIIISR, Jl'DI'I'II DIANE Ilattit-slittrtq, Niississippi, SALCIER, KEVIN SCOT'I'. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. SAVAGE, STEVEN BOND. Clifton Ilciehts, Pennsylvania. SCIIIANTZ, CURTIS MI- CIIAEI.. Harrington Parl-1, New Jersey. Political Science. Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Gamma Mu, Pen S: Sword, Dean's List. SCHELI., DAVID STANFORD. Fort Walton Beach. Florida. Music Education. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Kappa Kappa Psi tSecretary, Vice President, Presi- dent District VIII---Southern Districtl, Music Educators Na- tional Conference, Vice President of University of Southem Missis- sippi Bands, Drill Master----Pride of Mississippi, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Woodwind Chamber Music Ensemble Sym- phonic Orchestra, Pride of Mis- sissippi, ROTC Band. SCHMIDT, FRED HERBERT. Gulfport, Mississippi. SCHOENICK, RICARD HOW- ARD. Biloxi, Mississippi. SCHOLLE, RHONDA THE- RESA W. Picayune, Mississippi. SCHRADER, DAVID ALLEN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. SCHULTZ, LINDA KAY H. Petal, Mississippi. SCOTT, JAMES ROBERT. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. SEARCY, LINDA ELIZABETH. Pascagoula, Mississippi. Nursing. Baptist Student Union, Student Nurse Association Of Southern Mississippi, Student Body Or- ganization of the School of Nurs- ing tPresidentJ, Collegiate Civin- ettes fPresidentJ, AWS fChair- man of Roberts I-Iallj. SEGERS, NELDA STANLEY. Montrose, Mississippi. SEGRAVES, EVELYN CECEL- IA. Gulfport, Mississippi. Math Education. Phi Theta Kappa IJr. College Honor Fratcrnityj , Trans- fer from Perlcinston Junior Col- lege. SEHON, PETER C. Biloxi, Mis- sissippi. Personnel Management. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity fPub- lic Relations Chaimtanj, Society for thc Advancement of Manage- ITICFII. SELF, JAN LOUISE. Menden- hall, Mississippi. Psychology. Con- cert Band, University Chorus, University Theatre, Dean's List, President's List, Phi Kappa Phi. SELLERS, BETTY JANE. Phil- adclphia, Mississippi. SELLERS, JUDY LYNN. Laurel, Mississippi. SENTER, DAVID LESLEY. Fulton, Mississippi. SEXTON, THOMAS GRANT. Pascagoula, Mississippi. SEYMOUR, JAMES M. Colum- bia, Mississippi. SHADOW, JOSEPH DONALD. Meridian, Mississippi. SHARP, ELAINE SE.-XI.. Union, Mississippi. SIIARPIT, BARRY TYLER. Hat- ticslutrtr. Mississippi. SIIA'I'I'I.ES, RAINER IYEB- Moss P--int, Mississippi. Iftlucation Phi Kappa 'IPLHI ISU-vtliall I, 2. BARRY LLOYD. STER Physical SHAW, Charleston, Mississippi. SHAW, JAMES CARROLL. Mississippi Indus- trial Manaqrtnr-nt F: Personnel Management. President Koinona Club, Vice President Circle K Club. Dc-an's List. SHAW, KENT DAVIS. Hatties- burg. Mississippi. SHAW, WALTER ROYCE. For- est, Mississippi. History and Sec- ondary Education. SHEFFIELD, DAVID ALLI- SON. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. SHE F F I E LD, MICHAEL THOMAS. Picayune, Mississippi. SHEFFIELD, WILLIAM B., III. Picavune, Mississippi. SIIEBY, BARBARA GAYE. Tay- lorsville, Missiuippi. SHELTON, RAMON CARL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. SHEPHERD, ROBERT THOM- AS. Melbourne, Florida, SHEPPARD, JACK MURFF, JR. El Dorado, Arkansas. SI-IEPPARD, NANCY MAR- GARET. El Dorado, Arkansas. SHERRILL, GEORGE WAL- TER. Hattiesburg, Missiuippi. SHIRK, CALVIN RUSSELL. Vicksburg, Mississippi. SHIRLEY, DONALD ODIS. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. SIIOEMAKE, BRENDA SUE. Collins, Mississippi. English. Prui- dcnt's List, Dean's List. SHOLTIS, STEPHEN ED- WARD. Elliville, Mississippi. SHORT, BUDDY M. Ovett, Mississippi. SHORTER, CHARLES THOM- AS. Braxton, Mississippi. SHORTER, JANET THOMP- SON. Wesson, Mississippi. SHOULTZ, LONNIE T., JR. Birmingham, Alabama. Account- ing. ODK, Listed in Who's Who in American Universities and Col- leges, and The National Student Register, Editor of The Draw! and The Student Leader, Phi Eta Sigma, tPresident, Vice Presi- dent and Chairman of the Boardi Circle K Club, Director of School Spirit, Pre-Law Club, Assistant Director of the National Spirit St Sportsmanship Workshop, EXCCU- tivc Council of Ill!! Southcm Uni- versities Student Government As- sociation, Dean's List, Assistant Director of the University Union. SHOWS, FREDERICK DAN- IEL. Laurel, Mississippi. SHOWS, OTIS BUTLER, JR. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. SHOWS, RONALD CLIFFORD. Bassfield, Mississippi. SHIQMAKER, JAMES LEE. Gulfport, Mississippi. Geography! Geology. Phi Kappa Tau, Inter- Fratcrnity Council, Dean's List. Charleston, SIBLEY, SHARRON GAYLE. Hattiesburg. Mississippi. SIBLEY, YOLANDA STAN- LEY. Hattiesburg, Biississippi. SIGUR, KENNETH MICHAEL. Chalmette, Louisiana. SIMMONS, ADRIENNE CHAILLE. McComb, Mississippi. Music Education. Sigma Sigma Sigma fMusic Chairmani. Uni- versity Singers I. SIMMONS, CLAUDE B., JR. Meridian, Mississippi. SIMMONS, ROBERT DELK. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. SIMS, JERRY ROBERT. Semi- nary, Mississippi. Math. SIMS. KAREN ESTELLE. Jack- son, Mississippi. SIMS, LARRY W. Jackson, Mis- sissippi. History. SINCLAIR, DAVID WILLIAM. Quitman, Mississippi. SKELTON, DANA WILLIAM. Clinton, Mississippi. Music Edu- cation. Marching Band, Jazz Lab, Band, Wind Ensemble, Brass Choir, Orchestra, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha. SKELTON, JAMES CHARLES. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. SKINNER, JACK KEITH. Phil- adelphia, Mississippi. Industrial Arts. SKIPPER, LAWRENCE ED- WARD. Meridian, Mississippi. Geography. Member of UAC, Vice President Geography Club, Dean's List, President's List, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Phi Kap- pa Phi. SLAUGHTER, JAMES M. JR. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. SLAYTON, JUDITH PAULK. Pensacola, Florida. Business Edu- cation. Pi Omega Pi CSecretaryj, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi. SMALLEY, CHARLES LEWIS. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Com- puter Science. ACM Member. SMELCER, HAROLD ROS- COE. Panama City, Florida. SMERZ, NANCY RIDGEWAY. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. SMITH, BENNY SAMP. Biloxi, Mississippi. SMITH, BETTY JEAN. Colum- bia, Mississippi. SMITH, BILLY GENE. Union, Mississippi. SMITH, BILLY RAY. Seminary, Mississippi. SMITH, B O B B I E JEAN FLOYD. Ovett, Mississippi. SMITH, DAVID WHITE- HEAD. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. SMITH, DEBORAH LYNN. Gloster, Mississippi. SMITH, DONALD KEITH. Prcntiss, Mississippi. SMITH, DONALD LLOYD. McComb, Mississippi. SMITH, GERALD GAYDEN. Brookhaven, Mississippi. SMITH, HAROLD LEE. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. SMITH, JAMES DANNY. Petal, Mississippi. SMITH, JAMES ROBERT. El- lisville, Mississippi. SMITH, JANIE KAYE HAR- RIS. Meridian, Mississippi. SMITH, JERRY RONALD. Perkinston, Mississippi. SMITH, JERRY WAYNE. Starkville, liiississippi. SMITH, JO ANN. Quitman, Mississippi. SMITH, KEVIN DALE. Nat- chez. Mississippi. SMITH, LEE GIBSON. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. SMITH, LINDA CAROL. Lau- rel, Mississippi. SMITH, LORINDA G. Frank- lin, Mass. SMITH, MARK DOUGLAS. Picayune, Mississippi. SMITH, MICHAEL LYNN. Es- catawpa, Mississippi. SMITH, NITA S. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. SMITH, PATRICIA ANN. Mo- bile, Alabama. Elementary Edu- cation. SMITH, RICHARD BRINSON. Lucedale, Mississippi. SMITH, RICHARD VICKERS. Meridian, Mississippi. SMITH, ROBBIE MURLAND. Neely, Mississippi. Geography. SMITH, ROBERT EATON, JR. Biloxi, Mississippi. SMITH, ROBERT EDWARD. Seminary, Mississippi. SMITH, SARAH CAMILLE. Brookhaven, Mississippi. Element- ary Education. Student Educa- tion Association. SMITH, SARAH SUE. Monti- cello, Mississippi. SMITH, SHARON KAYE. Way- cross, Georgia. SMITH, SHEILA ANN. Mc- Lain, Mississippi. SMITH, VICKY CAROL. Nat- chez, Mississippi. SMITH, WILLIAM VAUGHN. Moss Point, Mississippi. SNEED, RALPH ELWOOD. Jackson, Mississippi. Chemistry. Dean's List. SNOWDEN, DIANNA LYNN. Gulfport, Mississippi. SNOWDEN, MARY ALICE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Element- ary Education. SOUTHERNER Staff, Dean-'s List, President's List. SNOWDEN, WILLIAM KEN- NETH. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. SNYDER, SUSAN MARY. Bi- loxi, Mississippi. Home Econom- ics Education. SOJOURNER, JOHN CLEM- ON. Georgetown, Mississippi. SOLOMON, JEFFRY ALAN. Lucedale, Mississippi. Chemistry. Phi Eta Sigma, American Chemi- cal Society. SOPER, JAMES NICHOLAS. Biloxi, Mississippi. SOWELL, RONALD ALLAN. Jackson, Mississippi. SPACKMAN, CLIFTON AR- THUR. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. SPARKS, DIANNE TOOTLE. Biloxi, Mississippi. SPARKS, LINDA KAY. Fort Thomas, Kentucky. SPARKS. STEVEN REED, Fort Thomas, Kentucky. SPEED, GLORIA LYNN. Jack- ton, Mississippi. Elementary Ed- ucation. Kappa Delta Pi, Dean's List. SPEIGHTS, PAUL WILLIAM. Jackson, Mississippi. SPELL, CORA L. Woodville, Mississippi. English. Pi Beta Phi tPledge Class President, Pledge Trainer, Panhellenic Delegate, Model Pledgej, University Ac- tivities Council, Freshman Dorm Ofiicer. SPENCE, HAROLD WATSON, JR. Tylertowni, Mississippi. Mar- keting. Delta Sigma Pi, Business Fraternity Council, Outstanding Pledge. SPENCE, JANICE ANN. Jack- son, Mississippi. Accounting. Al- pha Epsilon Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta. SPENCER, RUBYE ANNE. Gre- nada, Mississippi. SPERANCE, WILLIAM A. Pass Christian, Mississippi. SPIELER, CHARLES LAW- RENCE. Miami, Florida. SPILLMAN, GERALD M. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. SPRATLEY, WILLIAM MAR- TIN. Pascagoula, Mississippi. Journalism. Dean's List, Camera Arts Club, Southern Journalism Society, Associate Editor of Stu- dent Printz. STAEHLING, KAREN KATH- LEEN. Biloxi, Mississippi. STANFORD, ELLEN JOYCE S. Moss Point, Mississippi. STANLEY, ROBERT C. Nor- wich, Connecticut. Communica- tions. STANLEY, WILLIAM CLAY- TON. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. History. Pen and Sword. Dean's List. STAPLES, HAROLD. Biloxi, Mississippi. Industrial Arts Dean's List. STEELMAN, LINDA KAYE. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. STEEN, JOHN CONRAD. Pas- cagoula, Mississippi. STEEN, JOHN ROBERT, JR. Laurel, Mississippi. STEPHENS, OUIDA CLARK. Sumrall, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Dean's List. STEPHENS, WAYNE DUSTIN. Canton, Mississippi. STEPHENSON, JESSE HARRI- SON, JR. Ocean Springs, Mis- sissippi. General Business. Pen 8a Sword. STEPHENSON, JON GIL- BERT. Columbia, Mississippi. STEPNEY, PAULINE WASH- INGTON. Columbia, Mississippi. STEVENS, DOROTHY GEIG- ER. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. STEVENS, ELIZABETH ANN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. STEVENS, GARY LYNN. Pas- goula, Mississippi. STEVENS, HAROLD WAL- LACE, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Mathematics. Chemical Rubber Co. Award for Achievement in Freshman Science, Phi Eta Sigma. STEVENS, JESSE LEE. Petal, Mississippi. Business Education. Pi Omega Pi tVice Presidentl, Na- 368 tional Business Education Associa- tion. STEVENS, MARY CAROL. Laurel, Mississippi. English. Lambda Iota Tau. STEVERSON, HUBERT LES- LIE. Brandon, Mississippi. STEWART, JOE B. Jackson, Mississippi. Sociology. Sociology Club tVice President, Presidenti. STEWART, WILLIAM J . Jack- son-, Mississippi. Industrial Tech- nology. STOCKTON, DWIGHT EL- WIN. Summit, Mississippi. STOGNER, CHARLES A., JR. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. STOKES, GAIL ELOISE. Gulf- port, Mississippi. STOUDER, RICHARD LEE. Moss Point, Mississippi. Political Science. Phi Kappa Tau fPledge Trainer, Athletic Directorj. Yel- lowjackets, Scabbard 8: Blade tPledge Trainer and Secretaryl, ROTC fMajor Distinguished Military Studentj, Inter Fraterni- ty Council flntramural Boardj. STOVER, CYNTHIA GAIL. Purvis, Mississippi. S T R A N G E, SHIRLEY HUGHES. Meridian, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Preside.nt's List. STRATTON, RICHARD HOW- ARD. Liberty, Mississippi. STRAWBRIDGE, CAROLYN SUE. Shaw, Mississippi. STRAWDER, LARRY CALVIN. Florence, Mississippi. 1' STREET, JOYCE ANN. Luce- dale, Mississippi. STREET, LINCOLN MAC- ARTHUR. Shubuta, Mississippi. STRICKLAND, CHARLES VERNON. Columbia, Mississippi. STRICKLAND, J I M M I E CLYDE. Moss Point, Mississippi. STRINGER, DELBERT SID- NEY. Laurel, Mississippi. STRINGER, MARILYN SUE. Roanoke, Virginia. STRINGER, STONEY MIT- CHELL. Laurel, Mississippi. Person-nel Management. Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment. Honor Student at Jones County Junior College. STRINGFELLOW, DON C. Laurel, Mississippi. STROHM, FRANK E. Wiggins, Mississippi. Accounting. STROHM, HAZEL SHARON. Wiggins, Mississippi. Elementary Education. STROUD, LEWIE CARLTON. Lake, Mississippi. STRUM, SHEILA. Biloxi, Mis- sissippi. STUART, RONALD JOSEPH. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Chemistry. Student Aliiliate of American Chemical Society. Ger- man Club. STUDENY, ROBERT LOUIS. Columbus, Mississippi. Journal- ism, University Activities Coun- cil, Southern Journalism Society, Geographical Society, Interna- tional Students Organization and Newman Federation fPublicity Chairmanj, Essay Editor for 'arf' co1"""0 AIP rifle Simi ,tired I Fratgliutyi 5TUMPHi 'ssiPPl' Lurel, MIQJSAN sililii' i pi. est Mls51?CiYCE ?MississiPP:,,ONN SULLIVGAIS, pgrkinfw new M iiiiillvmculfr ATHERINI' dum! Ii - pi, Special E, r iiiipof oouosll 0 ouidffQ',,Q,IEA' WILI: iiiiin. Nifshaf M' , . ANN- Biloxi' sUMMERSf Lailfelr SUMNER' yiiississiroil Hattiesburg, , S society of aj tett Your Eflvlmnm dent pi SPS aild 5tind1niiPhY51c5 V v monk Lino. Pascagol112,,M sUnnBsRG, POW Dlllllths Mmnesotz ary Education. IQHPPQ Dcan's List, PICSIIICUI sutosrnom, W Ocean SpliDS5s Mmm' suntan, RICHARD Franklin, Virginia. SUROWIECKI, LAR NY. Mississippi City, f surson, SANDRA i Hattiesburg, Mississipp SWAIN, DEBORAH t Mississippi. Personnel ment. Who's Who Ai dents in American Ct Universities. Expect tt Wiiil honors, Society ft vancement of Manager funding member Assai mg smeiafis Perfon Awerd Chairmanj I Business Fraternity ,Co Tiiii' and Treasurer' Lsiilai Presidents s SWS, MARTHA Jak - . mem, 55011, Mrssrs isWANSONi DORO1 uck Hill Mi - - . S J SSISSIP niisITZEi'- ROBBIE sig,Q,,i,f155'SSiPPi. i stssziiia Engliggl gffgmola, sociation em Edt iiidi1iS'l1iAViD LAi SYKF: Mississippi ' tiesbursi JOHN MICI irfce:dIieiidisisfiffii'g ES iii diitsoiithmter YM 1 Ewm Gulftiiish-Lfmliil flgleation Iiislislppi. F- 3 sta iit1tiDQ'lSList I eSQ0unci :Ur ls FTA, 'Nt 3 I L is I' W D 'A se S "' milltii all ,E',fl"vilt,,f,: H-B , ,. as . Ji ' but . tit, 'ii-ill It st. is mtlgt f ullllnndlllti, tl '- lliq s Sttw tmtfitlillllltf 'titty 'tis PP I. men 5-W tsiiimocimil its 'summit siolilllllt, lb -M tt- Wt llltsb .,l1 :Ball Walgglm AMG, lm- !! uw. uk SEUYWPI i M lllllt 9' Ptttta, 'ia Pl Killilci RPM Aileltltg llwlttlet, plan. mm lllajt lltug. RCI: Ili ritu- in li MCU L ICE:- in- :cutt- I.. IMI ,lui :Duff pit Ss. till ull 311 gg!!-1 alll ,lit ,M Gllf ii IN? if FK' let Il' Wt if 'F' in ll it ,Il B' i'mll1l'i5l11tlentlE tmmtqtttmg will Wltttz PM ltisttpt sttttct, 5 HUci1ts.tttti,y. Elm-'ltvttttttis list TB s'mtttoN,t1cttiz ARD- sttttwitmct it Sl.lE.Shavtllisiiit5i stttvtvttttttiti Flew. lltititti , matt, totes tt. dtltltiwliittt , Smit LINOOLIS ARIHURSIUIUUE SIRICKLAWI .' vmtoN.ctiiltE anti, llll gRYi,g,M,,.Ptitl2fE mwttt Dill' ist.utf1.lfttf'g, mttttg W' ' RMWIW Ugmuttti gpgmctt, my ctlltllt Wi' st wt' Wie fa ,heAtlW'iW vi sitti- wt Hllllllf ww Ctllllll iam W ' STR? Jtttditl igitt vtttlii LE uv . . mo g.. .. niet at ZTUWSHEM ,-1 .. ' lt' writ totlll. swqjtswtt Aww CW Ili wcllit llllgli m, I 9' W 'ell-9 cg, SW .aj 500 wt, rl' anpqsnldlllu don l 1 tw' W ttf I sf' . tr? f' tis X .Ia 3, f 5 ' 1,217 lpledll Inimmg - "The Contemporary" and a pledge of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. STUMPH, JOHN PHILLIP. Laurel, Mississippi. STUTTS, SUSAN ANNE. For- est, Mississippi. SUGG, JOYCE MEREDITH. Isola, Mississippi. SULLIVAN, DONNA WEA- THERFOR. Perkinston, Missis- sippi. SULLIVAN, MARGARET KATHERINE. Gulfport, Mis- sissippi. Special Education. Mem- ber of Council for Exceptional Children. NEA. SULLIVAN, WILLOUGHBY AARON. Natchez, Mississippi. SUMMERLIN, DEBORAH ANN. Biloxi, Mississippi. SUMMERS, RACHEL DI- ANNE. Laurel, Mississippi. SUMNER, JOHNNY GENE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Physics. Society of Physics Students, Pro- tect Your Environment, Presi- dent of SPS and Secretary, Out- standing Physics Student, USM Fellowship. SUMRALL, RICARD GAR- LAND. Pascagoula, Mississippi. SUNDBERG, DONALD ROG- ER. Duluth, Minnesota. Element- ary Education. Kappa Delta Pi, Dean's List, President's List. SUNDSTROM, KATHERINE. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. SURACE, RICHARD CARTER. Franklin, Virginia. SUROWIECKI, LARRY RON- NY. Mississippi City, Mississippi. SUTTON, SANDRA MCCALL. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. SWAIN, DEBORAH C. Jackson, Mississippi. Personnel Manage- ment. Who's Who Among Stu- dents in American Colleges and Universities. Expect to graduate with honors, Society for the Ad- vancement of Management COut- standing member Award, Record- ing Secretary, Performance and Award Chairmanj, Delegate to Business Fraternity Council fSec- retaxy and Treasurerj, Phi Chi Theta, President's List, Dean's List. SWALES, MARTHA JACQUE- LINE. Jackson, Mississippi. Com- mercial Art. SWANSON, DOROTHY DEE. Duck Hill, Mississippi. SWITZER, ROBERT. Inver- ness, Mississippi. Mathematics Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SWITZER, MARY ELIZA- BETH. Indianola, Mississippi. English. Student Education As- sociation. SYKES, DAVID LAMAR. Long Beach, Mississippi. SYKES, JOHN MICHAEL. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. Political Sci- ence. Dean's List, SGA Senate, President Southwestern Executive Sales Club, Newman Club. SYMMES, LAURIE DUKES. Gulfport, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Pi Beta Phi CHistori- ani. Dean's List, University Ac- tivities Council, FTA, Spirit Club. TABOR, BARRY LAWRENCE. Hattiesburg. Mississippi. TALBERT, BRENDA A. Hat- tiesburg. Mississippi. TANNER. BRENDA KAY. Gulf- port, Mississippi. English. Pi Beta Phi. Dean's List. Student Missis- sippi Education Asociation. WAC, Annual Staff, Dorm Officer, TANNER, DANIEL E. Moss Point, Mississippi. TANNER, RAYMOND HARRI- SON, JR. Lucedale, Mississippi. Math. TAQUINO, GEORGE ED- WARD. Gulfport, Mississippi. TATE, CARLOTTA JEWEL. Gulfport, Mississippi. TATE, LARRY GRADY. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi, TAYLOR, BENJAMIN LANE. Waynesboro, Mississippi. TAYLOR, HERSHAL WAR- REN. Pascagoula, Mississippi. TAYLOR, JEANNIE. Jackson, Mississippi. Speech Pathology. Sigma Alpha Eta, President's List, Dean's List. TAYLOR, LOLA JEAN. Jack- son, Mississippi. TAYLOR, SWEP SMITH. Jack- son, Mississippi. TAYLOR, WAYNE HUDSON. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. TAYLOR, WILLIAM HARRY. Brookhaven, Mississippi. TAYLOR, WILLIAM ROBERT, JR. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. His- tory, Sigma Phi Epsilon fSecre- taryj, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Gam- ma 'Mu, Distinguished Military Student, Dean's List, Circle K Club. Pre Law Club. TEAGUE, WILLIAM G. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. TEDFORD, DAVID PRICE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. TEMPLE, PATSY KAY. Meridi- an, Mississippi. Accounting. Phi Chi Theta Fraternity fRecording Secretaryj, Business Fraternity Council. TERRANOVA, M E L A N I E FLYNN. Mobile, Alabama. TERRY, JAMES HARVEY, II. Vicksburg, Mississippi. TERRY, MICHAEL BARTHO- LOMEW. Hattiesburg, Mississip- 1. FTERRY, RAYMOND, III. Bi- loxi, Mississippi. Political Science and History. Phi Theta Kappa, Who's Who in American Junior Colleges. Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Alpha Theta. TEW, CAROLE LEE. WHYUCS' boro, Mississippi. Special Educa- tion. Alpha Sigma Alpha. Junior Panhellenic Council tTreasurerJ, Vice President Pledge Glass. Pan- hellenic Council, Council for Ex- ceptional Children. Spirit Club, Dean's List. THAGGARD, JAMES MAU- RICE. Philadelphia, Mississippi. Finance. THEAD, IRIS KAY. Quitmath Mississippi. Sociology. CiVlC Chairman of Mississippi Hall. Monitor in Mississippi Hall, So- cial Chairman in Jones Hall, Monitor in Jones Hall. Civic 369 Chairman in Jones Hall. THEAD, SUSAN GRETCIIEN Ileiclleht-rg, Mississippi. Special Eclltcrttifin, Council for Eg.-pp. tional Children. L'niversitv Sing- ers, Senior Year Trainee-ship in Special Education, President List, Dean's List. THEOBALD. DAVID MCCAA. Hnttiesburtl. hfississippi, THERRELL. IOHN MURRAY. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. THOMAS, ARNOLD ELIAS. Vicksburg, Mississippi. THOMAS, HARRY FANNIN. Panama City, Florida. THOMAS, JAMES EVERETT. Gulfport, Mississippi. Political Science and History. Phi Kappa Tau, Pre Law Club, Pledge Mas- ter Phi Kappa Tau-House Man- ager, Dean's List. THOMAS, JAMES MICHAEL. Forest, Mississippi. Industrial Ed- ucation. Rho Eta Sigma. fMost Valuable Back in Intramural-Ju- ior Collegei, President Scott Hall, Member AMS, Proctor for 3 years tScott Halll, Head Resi- dent Elam Arms, Lab Assistant Industrial Arts Department. THOMAS, MELANIE ROSE. Jackson, Mississippi. English. Delta Delta Delta fHeld offices of Corresponding Secretary and Pledge Trainerj, University Ac- tivities Council, Spirit Commit- tce, Teacher Course Evaluation Committee, Dean's List. THOMAS, MYRA. Meridian, Mississippi. Special Education. Council for Exceptional Children, Miss. Education Association, Na- tional Education Association. THOMPKINS, STEPHANIE ANN. Laurel, Mississippi. THOMPSON, BETTY JANE. Jackson-, Mississippi. THOMPSON, BILLY RAY. Metairie, Louisiana. THOMPSON, BOBBY. Philadel- phia, Mississippi. THOMPSON, BRENDA SUE. Bassiield, Mississippi. English. Tau Beta Sigma CRecording Sec- retaryl, Lambda Iota Tau, USM Marching Band, USM Concert Band. THOMPSON, CARLA ANN S. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. THOMPSON, JAMES FRANK. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. THOMPSON, JO ANNE. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. THOMPSON, R A N D A L L GLEN. Natchez, Mississippi. THORLEY, WADE RUDOLPH, JR. Lakeland, Florida. THORNHILL, ALICE J. Mc- Comb, Mississippi. Elementary Education. THORNTON, BRYON CLEVE- LAND. Laurel, Mississippi. His- torv. THORNTON, CHARLIE E. III. Clinton, Mississippi. THORNTON, DAVID MICH- AEL. Jackson, Mississippi. THORNTON, GERALD LA- YOIQGHN. Ashland, Mississippi. Vocal Music Education. Baptist Student Ifnion fPreside'nt St Church Relations Chairmanl, Student Alumni Association. THORNTON, VICTOR ERN- EST. Iaekwtt, Mississippi. Com- twter Sri'-nee. Tim.-xst-t, JAMES wtt.t.t.AM, IR Decatur. Mississippi. T H I' R M A N, CHARLES CLEVELAND. Hattiesburg, Mis- sissippi. TILLMAN, IOHN L. Union, Mississippi. Marketing. National Societv of Scabbard and Blade. Jean Dixion Scholarship in Mar- kt-ting. TIMS, BARBARA JANELLE. Collins, Mississippi. English. Lambda Iota Tau fSecretaryJ. TIMS, YVONNE. Gulfport, Mis- sissippi. TINGLE, ROSS FRANKLIN, JR. Mcridianurg, Mississippi. TOLAR, WILLIAM AUSTIN. Tylcrtown, Mississippi. TOLBERT, PEGGY JOYCE. Carthage, Mississippi. Elementary Education. TOMERLIN, LINDA LOUISE. Meridian, Mississippi. TOMPKINS, CARL EDWAY. Keesler AFB, Mississippi. TOMPKINS, MARCIA WILLS. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. TONSBERG, DAVID WIL- LIAM. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. TOOLE, BRIGHAM. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. TOWNLEY, ROBERT COOP- ER. Ellisville, Mississippi. Library Science. TOWNSEND, FRANCES VAL- ERIA. Lena, Mississippi. TOWNSEND, LARRY JOE. Collinsville, Mississippi. TRAVIS, CHARLES THOMAS. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. TRAVIS, SHEILA E. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. TREST, LARRY JOSEPH. Clin- ton, Mississippi. TRIGG, CHARLES REED. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. TRIGG, MARSHA PAULINE. Richton, Mississippi. TRIMBLE, PATRICIA. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. TRIPLETT, RODNEY DOUG- LAS. Moss Point, Mississippi. History. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia tHistorianJ, Circle K of USM, CSecretaryJ, Paper Staff fNorth- west Junior Collegei, Mississippi Opinion Editor Sophomore year. TROCHESSETT, DUANE MICHAEL. Biloxi, Mississippi. TRONEY, NORRIS HENRY. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Spe- cial Education. Member of CEC. TROTTER, MARY LEE. Jaclt- son, Mississippi. TROUTMAN, JAMES WAYNN. Natchez, Mississippi. Math. Presi- dent's List and Dean's List. TROXLER, JENNY ANNE. Natchez, Mississippi. Business Ed- ucation. Pi Beta Phi fPledge Trainer and Vice Presidentj, University Activities Council, Na- tional Business Education Associa- tion, Pi Omega Pi, Alpha Lamb- da Delta. Model Pledge Pi Beta Phi, Dean's List, Leadership Con- ference. TRUSSELL, ANN ARLYN R. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. TRUSTY, JERRY GLYN. Ty- lertown. Mississippi. TUCKER, ELMER KITTRELL. Gulfport, Mississippi. TUCKER, JAY VVILFRED, III. Jackson, Mississippi. TUCKER, MICHAEL STE- PHEN. Forest, Mississippi. TUCKER, RICHARD LEE. Bi- loxi, Mississippi. TUGGLE, JOE G. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. TUGGLE, REGINA LITTLE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. TULLOS, JUDY CRECEIL. Vicksburg, Mississippi. TULLOS, KENNETH DON. Taylorsville, Mississippi. T U R N E R, CATHENINE. Waynesboro, Mississippi. Special Education. Baptist Student, CEC, Afro American Cultural Society. TURNER, MONA JEAN. Leakcsville, Mississippi. TURNER, WAYNE A. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. TYLER, ROGERS O. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. TYNES, M. SHARON. Sartins- ville, Mississippi. Sociology. Wes- ley Foundation. Intramurals, Dorm Ofiicer, AWS, Dean's List. TYNES, S. KENNETH. Jayess, Mississippi. TYNES, REBECCA J. Biloxi, Mississippi. ULLAND, RAYMOND STU- ART. Biloxi, Mississippi. Indus- trial Technology. ULMER, LAVERNE CHRIS- TINE. Laurel, Mississippi. VALVERDO, ANTHONY KEN- NETH. Pascagoula, Mississippi. VANDEGRIFT, GAIL ELIZA- BETH. Foraville, Georgia. Physi- cal Education. Dixie Darlings, HPER Club, Dance Club, Gym- nastic Club, Southern Players QUSO Tour Fall 1969 "George M"J. Dean's List. VAN CLOOSTERE, MARY VICTORIA. Long Beach, Mis- sissippi. Sociology. Graduate of Perkinston Junior College. Mem- ber of Newman Club, Vice Presi- dent of Newman Club. VAN DEVENDER, THOMAS M. Bentonia, Mississippi. Biology. Member of USM Honors Pro- gram, Men's Affairs Board CSec- rctary, Dorm Presidentj, Pro- gressive Students Association. Dean's List. VAN EGMOND, MARTHA V. STEEN. Picayune, Mississippi. VANCE, TOBY GLYN. Acker- man, Mississippi. VASSELUS, KATHRYN STEP- I-IANIE. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. German and French. Alpha Lambda Delta, Honors Program, Honors Council Member, Inter- national Student Organization fHistorianj, German Club fPresi- denti, Student Religious Federa- tion, Phi Kappa Phi, President's and Dean's List. VAUGHAN, LINDA MARIE. Yazoo City, Mississippi. VAUGHN, HILDA FAY. Brook- haven, ibiississippi. VAUGHN, MARCELLA. Cone- hatta, Mississippi. VEACH, RONIE LEE. Mize, Mississippi. VEACH, VIRGINIA CAROL S. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. VERZONE, FRED F. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. Personnel Man- agement. Young Republicans Inter Varsity Christian Fellow- ship, Society for Advancement of Management. VICK, CARL THOMAS. Mo- selle, Mississippi. VICK, DWIGHT MONROE. Ellisville, Mississippi. VINCENT, FRANK STANLEY. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. i WADE, JANET LEIGH. Hatties- burg, Mississippi. WADE, KATHY HELEN. Port Gibson, Mississippi. WADE, MARSHA PICKER- ING. Laurel, Mississippi. WAITE, CHARLES ALAN. Vicksburg, Mississippi. WAITE, WENDY LYNN. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. WAKELAND, JIM GORDON. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. WALDEN, THOMAS EVERETT. Biloxi, Mississippi. WALDROP, THOMAS BISH- OP, JR. Columbia, Mississippi. WALDROP, WILLIAM GENE. Heidelberg, Mississippi. WALDVOGEL, FLOY WATTS. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. WALKER, JOHN WILTON. Waynesboro, Mississippi. WALKER, LAURA SHARON. Taylorsville, Mississippi. WALKER, LILLIE MAE. Mc- Comb, Mississippi. Sociology. Afro-American Cultural Society Cparliamentarianj, Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship. Sociology Club. WALKER, PATRICIA DEVER. Mobile, Alabama. WALKER, SUSAN JOY. Gulf- port, Mississippi. General Busi- ness. Chi Omega. fPresidentJ. Alpha Lambda Delta, UAC QTreasurerl, Committee of 100, Phi Chi Theta fVice Presidentj. WALKER, THOMAS WIL- MER. Pascagoula, Mississippi. Computer Science. Association of Computing Machines, Dean's List. WALL, CHARLOTTE TERE- SA. Osyka, Mississippi. WALL, GREGORY GLENN. Liberty, Mississippi. WALL, SYLVIA GAIL. Gills- burg, Mississippi. Office Man- agement. Society for the Ad- vancement of Management fCor- responding Secretaryl. WALL, TERESA DIANE. Osy- ko, Mississippi. Science Educa- tion. WALLACE, A. BRENT. Marks, Mississippi. Art. Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. Ijniversity Activities Coun- cil, Associate of Arts Degree fNorthwest Mississippi Junior Collegej. WALLACE, KAREN STOCK- TON. Iwieridian, Mississippi. W A L L A C E WILLIAM DUANE. Wesson, Mississippi. VVALLACE , WILLIAM IVARREN. Forest, Mississippi. WALLEY, CONSTANCE CAR- OL S. Richton, Mississippi. WALLEY, OLEN LLOYD. Pop- larville, Mississippi. WALLY, ROBERT JAMES. McComb, Mississippi. WALRATH, RUSSELL CLYDE. Meridian, Mississippi. WALSH, JOHN KEVIN. Glos- ter, Mississippi. WALTER, SARAH IRENE. Morton, Mississippi. Home Eco- nomics Education. Sigma Sigma Sigma CCorresponding Secretary, Treasurerj, Vice President Home Economics Club, Reporter Kap- pa Omicron Phi. Who's Who in American Universities and Col- leges. WALTER, JAMES LARRY. Laurel, Mississippi. WALTERS, WILLIAM CARL. Meridian, Mississippi. WALTHER, JAMES RU- DOLPH. Lucedale, Mississippi. WALTMAN, BILLY TAL- MAGE. Lake, Mississippi. WALTON, SHIRLEY LOU. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. WARD, CYNTHIA ELAINE. Columbia, Mississippi. WARD, RICHARD DEEN. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. WAREN, ELEANOR ROSE. Jackson, Mississippi. English. Delta Delta Delta fPresidentJ. Dean's List, Student Religious Federation, Committee of 100, University Activities Council CSecretary-Treasurerj, Editor of Drawl, Who's Who Among Col- leges and Universities. WARREN, BECKY LYNN. Union, Mississippi. WARREN, DAVID MICHAEL. Brookhaven, Mississippi. WARREN, DEBORAH LYNN. Gulfport, Mississippi. Commercial Art, Kappa Delta fHistorian and Activities Chairmanj, Universities Activities Committee, Student Printz CAdvertisingJ, Yellow- jacket Sweetheart, lst Alternate Miss Gulfport, Top Five Miss Hattiesburg Pageant, Waldofiis College Board, Senior Class Secre- tary Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister. WARREN, EMMETTE LEE. Prichard, Alabama. General Bus- iness. Phi Kappa Tau. WARREN, JOHN EMLIN DAN- IEL. Sandy Hook, Mississippi. Biology. President's List, Dean's List, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi. WARREN, SARA KATHRYN. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. WASI-IBURN, PAUL MAX- WELL, Pinellas Park, Florida. WASHINGTON, CHRISTO- PHE. Biloxi, Mississippi. W A T E R A L L , CHARLES THOMAS. Hattiesburg, Missis- sippi. 370 WATKINS, GEORGE STEVEN. Jackson, Mississippi. WATKINS, LARRY ELLIOTT. Carriere, Mississippi. WATKINS, VICKI WARE. Jackson, Mississippi. WATSON, BARBARA CAROL. Kreole, Mississippi. WATSON, RAMON KAREL. Escatawpa, Mississippi. WATTS, JOHN MOSELEY. JR. Macon-, Mississippi. WATTS, THOMAS PARRISH. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. WEATHERS, ELIZABETH S. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. WEBB, DAN W. Saltillo, Missis- sippi. History. National Social Science Honor Society, Pi Gam- ma Mu, Dean's List, President's List. WEBB, MICHAEL ROBERT. Hansboro, Mississippi. WEBB, PATRICIA LEE. Long Beach, Mississippi. Speech Path- ology. Delta Gamma flst Vice President, Vice President Pledge Class, Charter Member, Spirit Committee Chairmanj. WEBBER, KAREN JONES. Smithdale, Mississippi. WEDGEWORTH, S T E L L A RUTH. Vicksburg, Mississippi. WEEKS, E. STEPHENS. Jack- son, Mississippi. Real Estate 8: Insurance. Alpha Tau Omega. WEEMS, LINDA CAROLYN. Lawrence, Mississippi. Elementary Education. Member of SEA, BSU, Dean's List. WEEMS, GREGORY LAW- RENCE. Clarksdale, Mississippi. WEGER, GREGORY ANDREW. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. WEISSMILLER, T H O M A S JAY. Pompano Beach, Florida. Spanish. Sigma Nu. ROTC Scholarship, Sigma Nu Scholar- ship Chairman, and Social Chair- man. Scabbard 81 Blade. WELBORN, ROBERT LARRY. Laurel, Mississippi. Accounting. Member of Alpha Epsilon Alpha. Received Commercial National Bank Scholarship. WELCH, JANICE ADELE. Laurel, Mississippi. Accounting. Member of Phi Theta Kappa in Junior College. WELLS, CAROLYN ANNE. Laurel, Mississippi. WELLS, JUDY L. Richton-, Mis- sissippi. WELLS, THOMAS ARNOLD. Moss Point, Mississippi. Market- ing. University Chorus. WENTZELL, BOBBY RAY. Bi- loxi, Mississippi. Architectural Tech. Yellowjacket, Botegha. WEST, CHARLES EDWARD. Gulfport, Mississippi. Journalism. Camera Arts Club, Southern Journalism Society, Dean's List. WEST, LINDA I. WARE. Lau- rel, Mississippi. Elementary Edu- cation. WEST, MARY LOUISE R. New Orleans, Louisiana. WESTFALL, SHIRLEY ANNE. Memphis, Tennessee. WHIDDON, CYNTHIA AB.- BOTT. Poplarville, Mississippi. .I i KWPI dfflgfii 1 LISII I s . iiIIIII'I3,IERiIississitI3,I5:,, , nd ,S Health, C,,,b, Af olfIl,,,crgat1onHea,,h, I Igiciatiin fIi1crqti0U' iliciiiiidentisniiinwi ,151 , , WHIIIII WMarkef1"5'D, Al Ima' Club, , iiikefi II Dewmvonl H0fnCC0IIImg ty and iaifwiiiiiiiam PI IIIIITE' MississiPPI' EiiwarA,pha Epsilon I, , IIII2, hold office, ,Ph Ilglafiiohairmanfial ci of PIIIPIII' Sociass VI S Ned 3,5 pledge C , E rogmjn PII pgfclIIII0giI' PMI derp, r if Univel lee. . ' 'des R MIITEHOUSII' GEO., WARD, Sac CIW, Im' 1-V.Film. ,AN EY, WILL IIIII. SIIPVPPPIQ ,E English, Pen Klpiiwor I I J,i5l,DC3I1,5 - WHITTINGTONi PQI RQY, Hattiesburg, M15 WHITTLEi PATRICIA Laurel, MiSSI55IIIPI- , iviananininn, ,JP-III Ocean Springs, MI55I55III WILBERDING, Josiil McLauiin, Mississippi. WILKES, CATHY AN Picayune, Mississippi. E Education. WILKINS, CA'I RUTH. Hattiesburg, I wiLLiAMs, DORLE VIS. Perkinston, Mississ wiLLiAMs, FRANK Prentiss, Mississippi. wiLL1AMs, FRANK Stonewall, Mississippi. IIIIIaSement, Phi The Presidentls List, Dean? wiLLiAMs, FRED Hattiesburg, Mississipp WILLIAMS, HIM, IIIH. Prentiss, Migsig IIIIIAMS. JAME IPHI1HH1i,iiiisiisi -S iv PP' ILLIAMS, JOHN HandsIIIII0i Mississi 1 WILLIAMS, Spa, Mississippi S, ion, Q - ' Childrendmncll for I WILLIAM Newton, Misgmfcc WILLIAMS Mini. Inlaiiiiii 'M IIII iniciiiimf Chfssisiip Presidenq ANI Ori III? Im, sigilna La? Ulu Delta Rho is Pi S 9 rl Kappa Dah, s gif.. itil: . .egg ,- .iff S,."Is. L '- Vats z z . . . . . kt Allltts its et at "I E gQKttllj",,,ttyl'iP ' . , tri, . , I img! ll "limits N pi it 'Fmt Mt 'lltttii Q IIATg0xim5llPpi, li mn Ku. Wttts his 'L tim 1tttL.l0ll tt. , ',!ttft,itlli',i,tg to Jltlttlz lb fm uh alll ,ti 0' Pl Hit 1. fm 5f1fHceH:,iy'llihllllli 'ft mtwtftitt. -A uwsgh anllmlpdtl I 'I' l Mic u ' Hltti ., the g,,,b0ml,,,m,p, te lg. Pl mu. Wlltttttttctttiih gd Mh'MLllllPPi.Spttp' mmgcmlltli itipmii A um Cl2SSlChartet tttitiif 'fm Wiillttmtlsiti. B IU. '- M WEDGEWORTH, STE 1, Illllll. Viclsltuttliiiig aut, wttts,t.sttttntit I. mn, llimppi Real tel l IDU, Ixmttanmillplialatlm wttits, ttttnttttttt iim miami" tim Bumtiott Mm tl ii isttn 'tit M' ttttttsimistttott it llIlllCE.Clalstltlfilllti5?f E t-tttttitttttttt - ttiubiiig lltsttttl -at lb' Ha , , wttssittttm ttoll 4 9, iit.lttmtft0 U-ii ssliiiutihtsliitiltilmi :at awmff tm i'i'iit0tlit0lllllli uint mn, Mfttlff ,MM N154 km iiijgfjiolztillll- .iii Wlmiiiiiiltd ll' l1'ml'fPhiTl"'W 03' Maiwcite tf gb' IW' G,tit0LYN 5' tv tfmttatt. t "' viiitliiltttllllii ig -alll THOMAS 'Vim' tttittll W P01-llli W M059 -Glttlllls IH- -nv n -it 5 B' UF- if' L '0 9 0 W tl? iff tg, llfgjgllt 0-tllP"n' Arts Cllipll 05156, Soqitllt wlsiri , -A Huw will t .til este' lWPD0N,wgJ,, ,tg . . U'vf15'll tlll' Wiiit, lp ,tt J f Y ,. . ,J x P 1 lf .W ..t . . at ,- 2. Psvehologv. Phi Kappa Phi, Dean! List. President's List. WIIITAKER, JOYCE ELAINE. Columbia. Xlississippi. Ilealtlt and Physical Education. Xletnber of AWS, Ilealth, Physical Educa- tion dk Recreation Club, American ,tggociation for Health, Physical 1-jfliipgiiiott Recreation. Dean's, President's List. WIIITE, W. DEVAN. Mobile, Yellow- iacket, Ad Clttb, Dormitory Homecoming Decoration Commit- tee tliorest Cottnty and Scottj. WIIITE, WILLIAM HARRIS. Edwards, Mississippi. Finance. Sigma Alpha Epsilon fSociaI Fra- ternity, hold office of Eminent Ilerlad, Chairman of Little Sisters of Minerva, Social Chairman, Served as pledge Class Vice Presi- dent, Pledge program Cotnmit- teel. Member of University Ac- tivities Council. WIIITEHOUSE, GEORGE ED- WARD. Sac City, Iowa. Radio- TV-Film. WI-IITLEY, WILLIAM ROG- ER, JR. Shreveport, Louisiana. English. Pen St Sword, President's List, Dean's List. WHITTINGTON, BOBBY LE- ROY. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. WHITTLE, PATRICIA ANN G. Laurel, Mississippi. WIEDERKEHR, JAMES LEE. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. WILBERDING, JOSEPH LEE. McLaurin, Mississippi. WILKES, CATHY ANN OSER. Picayune, Mississippi. Elementary Education. W I L K I N S, CATHERINE RUTH. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. WILLIAMS, DORLEAN DA- VIS. Perkinston, Mississippi. WILLIAMS, FRANK H. III. Prentiss, Mississippi. WILLIAMS, FRANK JERRY. Stonewall, Mississippi. Industrial Managetnent. Phi Theta Kappa, President's List, Dean's List. WILLIAMS, FRED EDIVIN. Irlattiesburg, Mississippi. WILLIAMS, HIRAM GRIF- FITH. Prentiss, Mississippi. WILLIAMS, JAINIES ELIVIER. Seminary, Mississippi. WILLIAMS, JOHN ELVIN. I'IIlnClSlJ0t'o, L-fis5i55ippi, WILLIAMS. LYNN IRENE. Osyka, Mississippi. Special Edu- cation. Council for Exceptional Children. WILLIAMS, MALCOLM RAY. Newton, Mississippi. WILLIAMS, MARTHA LYNN. Poplatyille, Mississippi. Speech Edttcation. Chi Omega QVice Presidentj, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tau Beta Sigma, Pi Tau Chi. Phi Delta Rho fSecretatyfTreas- ureri Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Alabama. Marketing. Phi. Debate Teatn, Nlarcltitit-. symphonit- and court-ri lmmlt, Pt'esiclent's, IYho's IYlto Among Atnericztn Colleges and I'ttiyt't'sitit's lYII.I,IANIS, NIARYIN IIOIY- ARD. McComb, Mississippi. IYILLIAMS. MICKEY ANN Osvl-ta, Mississippi. WILLIAMS, ROBERT NEI.- SON. Ilattiesburg, Nfississippi. WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY AN- DERSON. Ilattiesburg, Missis- sippi. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM DEN- NIS. Ocean Springs, Mississippi. WILLIAMSON. ADDIE PA- TRICIA. Oakyale, Mississippi. WILLIAMSON, E M M E T T RAY. Sandy' Hook, Xlississippi. Political Science. Dean's List. WILLIAMSON. JERRY HOW- ARD. Union, Mississippi. WILLIAMSON, JUDY C. Mr:- ALPIN. Magee, lylississippi, WILLIAMSON, LARRY ALEX- ANDE. Prentiss, Mississippi. XVILLIAMSON, PAULA JEAN. Jackson, Alississippi. WILLIAMSON, REBECCA MIKELL. Prentiss, Mississippi. WILLIS, M. LOUISE. Phila- delphia, Mississippi. WILLIS, POLAN D. Philadel- phia, Mississippi. WILLISON, CHARLES D. I'Viggins, lkfississippi. WILLOUGHBY, CYNDL DOROTHY. Jackson, Mississippi. Communications. Delta Delta Delta tRoom Chairmanl. Who's Who Among Students in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities, President's List, Dean's List, Freshman Counselor, Phi Delta Rho, Theta Sigma Phi CScholar- ship Cltairmani, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dixie Darling, Fashion Columnist for tlte Student Printz, AIVS Legislative Council. Pub- licity Chairman for Southern's Annual Spring Leadership Con- ference. SCOPE Delegate, Fresh- man Orientation Group Leader. Delta Sigma Pi Rose Court. WILSON. CAROL ELIZA- BETH. Grand Bay, Alabama. French. Pi Delta Phi, American Independent Youth. WILSON, CHARLES THOM- AS. Gulfport, Mississippi. WILSON, GWENDOLYN. Lau- rel. Mississippi. Political Science. WILSON, LEE DELLE B. Hat- tiesburg, Mississippi. WILSON, YAUGHN F. Petal. Mississippi. WILSON, WANDA PAYE. Lake Cormorant, Mississippi. Clothing Merchandising. W I L S O N, WILLIAM MI- CIIAEL. Gulfport, Mississippi. WIMBERLY. BENJAMIN. JR. Biloxi. hiississippi. 37 1 wtxtutsxt. XilI.'I'rN rim. ll.tY'iI'-lvttz' Xli-ti-sipgti IYINDIIAM, Rl'QSl"l,I. sllii. NIO' l.ol.--tn, Mississippi WINS'l'IiNlt, sxxnttx KAY .I-'Vl'-Hill. Mississippi Iflt'tt:1'nt.tty l'itlttt.ttit-tt Meniltei- of Kopp., Delta Pi, Alpha Siutuzt Alpha St''slup, lst Mit., N,,i,..,ml Banl-1 Srltolarsliip, IYINTER, P.X'I'RICIA ANN. Jarlzson, Mississippi. IYINTERS, LINDA CAROI. Gulfport, Alississippi. IYISE, Rfllilfllili S. Ill. Baton Rouge. Louisiana. Elementary Education, Yellowiacl-gets, Inter. Varsity, Neuman Club. XYISNER. JANE CAROLYN. Jackson. Mississippi. WITTMANN, TIIOMAS ROD- NEY. Pass Christian, Mississippi. WOI"I"ORD, GEORGE XV. Mem- phis, Tennessee. WOLFE, TIIOMAS LINDSEY. Ilaltiesbnrg. Mississippi. WOMBLE, JACKIE PAYE. Moss Point, Mississippi. Psychol- ogy. WOOD, BEVERLY DIANNE. Biloxi, Mississippi. History, AWS, Vice Chairman of Dorm lPul- leyj, Phi Theta Kappa tPerkins- tott Junior Collegel. WOOD. PAMELA BOLANDER. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. WOOD, RICHARD ALONZO. Hattiesburg, Mississippi. WOOD, WILLIAM GERALD. Tylertown, Mississippi. WOOD, WILLIAM M., JR. Biloxi, Mississippi. WOODRICK, NORMAN EARL. Meridian, Mississippi. Music Edu- cation. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, National Honorary Music Fra- ternity. Kappa Kappa Phi, Hon- orary Band Fraternity fVice President and Pledgemaster. Omi- cron Delta Kappa, National Leadership Society. "Pride of Mississippi" Marching Band. USM Symphonic Band, USM Wind Ensetnble, USM Band Scholarship. WOODS, CATIIY ROSE. Louis- ville, Mississippi. Home Econom- ice Education and Equipment. Alpha Sigma Alpha. Home Eco- iiotnitis Club fPresidc-ntl, Baptist Student L'nion 1CofI'eehoust- Chairtnattl. WOODS, WILLIAM GERALD. Nfrtigtdti, L0tlISiZlll3. IIISIUFY. XYOODSUN. JANORA FRAN- CENNE. llattiesllllfl. Mississippi. Sociology. Afro-Atnerican Cul- tural Society. WOODWARD. IIILDA S. Ovett. Mississippi. Business Edttcatiott. Pi Omega Pi ,National Ilonorary I"ratett:ity-, Phi Beta Lambda 'President. ICSAI Chapter . Na- iiongil Business Iiducation Asso- .,...f: .5...--3... t if. S 1:'l:--ru Bruin:-st Iftlu- -.t'i .I Ms -ti.t'i-tr: Alissivippi Il :sitns-s I't! N'-1.--sI.tll"II, lltmtf I ii! txt Htl Il.l'.R'I'. IIENRY ITD. ll Xlslb I, Mi-.stsstppi WRIIIIII' tiI,l'NN.X CARUI.E I, 5'-Luttsf' KVM N--fig lX'ltlflll'l'. I.INIlA ANN Co- l1ttnlti.t, Nlississippi Ilistorv Enq- li-li Alpha I..i:ulttl.i Delta,'s WRl4LIl'l', LINDA Sl'E. Lalgr, Mississippi Wlllfillili, SIII'iI.'I'HN TIIOM- AS. N.lIm'Ilr'J. Alississippi, WRICIITSON. WAL'I'I'iR, JR., tie--rgi.i. YARBROVGII, SUSAN PAl'- I.I'i'l"I'Ii. C--tinth, Mississippi, YONKO, PlIYI.I.IS ANN. Jarlt- son. Mississippi. YONTZ, RAYMOND LEE. Bi- lt-xi, Mississippi. Computer Sci- ence, Minor Mathetnatics. Mem- ber of ACM, Dean's List. YOLNG, CAROLYN I". DIL- I.ON. Tylertoun, Mississippi. YOUNG, JAMES IIENRY. Mc- Comb, Mississippi. YOVNG, JOIIN BLAKE. Lauri-l, Mississippi. Ctttntnunications. Yi FENG, PAIQLA. Ellisvillr, Mississippi. Ilome Economics. Kappa Omirron Phi. Dean's List: YOIQNG, SARAII ENORMA II. Biloxi, Mississippi. Z I M M E R M A N , MERLE CIIARLES. Monticello, Missis- sippi. ZIZ, NORA MARIE. Biloxi, Mississippi. Elementary Educa- tion. Dean's List, Newman Club, Student Religious Federation, Committee of l00, Committee of ill, Alpha Lambda Delta, Druid Society, Orientation Group Lead- er, I"reshman Counselor, Kappa Delta Pi, AWS !X'icc President, Presidenti Legislative Council, AWS Judicial Board, President. Phi Delta Rho, AWS Scholarship Winner, Delegate to Women's Spring Leadership Conference, Dorm Chairman. ZLPKO, JOIIN EUGENE. Bi- loxi. Mississippi. Geography. Kap- pa Sigma. Omicron Delta Kappa, fiattuna Theta L'p5ilon---Presi- dent, Pi Gamma Mu, Scabbard St Blade, USM Geographical So- ciety 'Pri-sident, Vice President, Secretary.. Circle K. Club, 'President Vice President, Treas- urer 5, Yell- --.-.-jackets Vfrcasureri, ROTC I year Scholarship. ZI.'PKO. PATRICIA ANNE. Gulfport. Mississippi. Elementary Education. Pi Beta Phi. Presi- dt-nt's List, De:tn's List. Alpha Lzimbda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi. Pi Beta Phi-Secretary, University Activities Council. Laura Ward Amy Nix Lcath Hunt Lccile Garrett Susan Gordo' Bill Booty, Barry Camp, jean Hendcrshot, Joe McCall Q , . I 'Q' ,-.,,','l S- -,. .D- .- u wh ll Klfill F" x Q " 1 . r L 2 'K . bar? V ' F ,, fir, r fi 5 ' r , 1 J, V ' 5 . M 'I' me 1 F ak x ,Af Q WTI ga, A I l ' A M 'jglx Xin I " - fur. 45 asf- . . I K M i, Lu 1 . 5 'F' I , 4 'ilk sw , r N r . 1 u +- .xwfb Y Q9 -Q - --LFSXI. A d. . 17W , 4' ' - r", I n 1 . . 1 . Vp J .", t , n - V , X I f it ' "'-Q..-Q...-nno.....oiU'Q'i". ' ug. X .4. 9 'Q xv. K xg? J' 1 , '1 a . nz ' A R U Z . K A g 4 . jf ' I . 1 r - . AK ' ' ' "X 1, .- - 2 X I 3 X .IX gtk! . L1fe and 'X ku. w . 1 1 W., I1 ,gt 1, lm" Ilul: mu I 1 Hrndrnhrll I d tw, ,M .jx 'U jo Ann Klein jack Elliott jil?'E3mm Cuhy Cum. Bob I Cl umm jonm Charles Harris mm Rm :umm cw' S .-"hir t' Q W.. V ,ti ru-' lv -,- L 31" N-'-his J '3 - V . 'zu -4 F X '. I ,L x Y' L, . f 5 - lip, H 7 . u -M. 1 3'9eTl" 'yn-l iid, 4 , ,gf az 4 4 " ix' l .lf . A' lkliffwu .U s M i .f , -. - t.,n - ' O ' - V of' ' n., A ff'-M. u"V if s N I , i f I O I 5 NI Q.. iq. 1 4 .- , - -A in-. 5w X. - -' -'X n Q l w 5 I I +1 . Il. HNK xl 2.5K TA,', V , X K .id jK:I,.,,'?vA, LA?h:'WlA"!nu L X , ' M, N A S"?, 's ' A' ' g ' ',l '.'- JP..-' ff:7'f,-'ff Skiyf.-V .W ' A 4-,' F' A BN fx pf 1' V 'VVS .k I - 'Vg in .f .L P - N 'Al' 'X 'A ' ' ' . 1 ' ,x -Q Q ' . VM. L 1 A i ix ..'-555.15231 N :If f ' 0,5 U .ll ADMINISTRATION Administrative Assistant Afro-American Cultural Society Alpha Epsilon Alpha Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Sigma Alpha Alpha Tau Omega Alumni Secretary Assistant Financial Secretary Association of Baptist Students Association for Computing Machinery Association of Men Students Association of Women Students ATHLETICS Baptist Student Union Baseball Basketball Beauties Board of Trustees Botegha Business Fraternity Council Chi Omega CLASSES Class Favorites College of Education and Psychology College of Liberal Arts College of Sciences Contemporary Cwens Dean of the Basic College Dean, Division of Continuing Education Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean Delta Delta of the Graduate School of Men of Women of Student Affairs of the University Delta Delta Gamma spim Delta Sigma Pi Delta Zeta Director of Admissions Director, English Language Institute Director, Housing Director, Intercollegiate Activities Director, International Student Office Director, Physical Plant Director, Placement Bureau Director, Student Activities and Union Director, Student Counseling Drazvl, The FEATURES Financial Secretary Football Gold Key Society Golf Governor, State of Mississippi GREEKS Greek Activities Greek God and Goddess Hall of Fame Health, Physical Education and Recreation Club Home Economics Club Homecoming Court Honors Program Intramurals International Students Organization Interfraternity Council Institute of Religion Jazz Lab Band Junior Panhellenic Council ganization Index 48-67 51 314 280 281 276 314 222-223 224-225 55 55 303 306 288 288 68-117 302 94-99 84-93 202-207 67 306 307 226-227 118-199 216-217 60 58 59 294 270 53 53 53 52 52 52 51 230-231 234-235 282 238-239 52 56 56 53 57 57 57 57 54 294 200-217 55 70-85 278 105 67 218-263 257-263 256 266-277 308 309 212-215 66 106-109 310 221 304 332 220 37 4 Kappa Delta Kappa Alpha Order Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Omicron Phi Kappa Sigma Keyhole, The Lambda Iota Tau Librarian MIC Mr. St Miss USM Miss Southern Mu Phi Epsilon Mu Tau Omega Mu Music Education National Conference Newman Federation Omicron Delta Kappa ORGANIZATIONS Panhellenic Council Pen and Sword Percussion Ensemble Pershing Rifles Honor Society Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Alpha Theta Chi Theta Delta Rho Eta Sigma Kappa Phi Kappa Tau Mu Beta Phi Pi Gamma Mu Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Omega Pi Pi Tau Chi President of the University Pride Registrar , v ResearchjEditorial Assistant to President ROTC "' 7 Scabbard and Blade School School School School School Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Soccer of Business Administration of Fine Arts of HPESLR of Home Economics of Nursing Alpha Epsilon Nu Phi Epsilon Sigma Sigma Society for the Advancement of Management Student Student Student Student Student Student Student S'USGA Sympho Education 'Association Court Government Association Nurses Organization Printz, The Religious Federation Senate nic Band Tau Beta Sigma Tennis University Activities Council University Singers USM Orchestra USM Karate Club Who's Who WMSU Yellowjackets Young Republicans 242-243 228-229 283 315 283 232-233 294 282 55 291 208-209 210-211 316 372-373 317 305 275 264-341 220 310 323 332 283 284 277 277 279 267-273 246-247 250-251 285 240-241 285 301 50 319 55 54 328-340 334 61 62 65 63 64 244-245 248-249 252-253 254-255 100-101 311 1 10-111 311 290 268-287 312 296-297 300 289 291 322 317 102-104 293 321 320 312 268-273 298-299 290 313 fy x f 'V R. J. . ff Wiliam his Y nnhuidfnf main aww' 1 il The 'iflltm 91 th' 1971 SOt"1'1e11-:nxt-:it 1.111.111 ma- I.. 111.1111 111.- following liusinesses and friends lor tln-ir :iid and coopt-1-gnirmg USM Photo Service Robert Phillips George Johnson Peggy Meadows Diane Rody Patty Bishop Mrs. H. A. Gilliam A. J. Jones Family B. C. Blount Family Mrs. Betty Sherrill Circuit Judge's Office Forrest County Courthouse Holiday Inn South Southern Railroad System Crescent Division Special thanks to Brenda Conerly, Susan Davis and Diane Turner fox their assistance in those last frenzied days. Photos in this book taken by Robert Phillips and George johnson with the exception of selected pictures on the following pages: Assorted class pictures taken by varied Photo Service personnel. Barry Camp, pages 46-47. Charles Harris, pages 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. 14, 15, 16, 17. 20, 21, 30 31, 38, 39, 40, 41, 46, 47, 74, 76, 77. 78, 79, 92. 93, 106. 107. 108 109, 264, 268, 269, 314. Linda Lathem, pages 18, 259. Dave Thornton, pages 36, 37. Artwork, page 19, by Bill Morse. South Bend Tribune, South Bend. Indiana. Artwork, page 326, 327, by Ron Foreman. Artwork, page 238 by Richard Reed. XVMSU logo, page 298. by Mike D. Chapman. 375 - Q 1 W ,3 A , . .N L, ..b...,,A K as. N 7- 44 ,-.w,w V, A A .. .r"N.-5,2-,.w,,.-,'-5 41- fy wi., i.. " -1 gg , -s"f"'VUv"fi - .3f2.t:'S"i'HL4.14..L'?,--.-".. :yi if 2- - -5- -7 ::f'Zf.:.f,mf ' 1 ',:-2314" --if , . ,, ,, , , , . ,, ldv.. . --.. .-',,,- f. A. -.1 ," ' " 1' ' ' ' , r - ,-, QATQ,---.g,-1.4 1- -,fu ij. J-4 j,.-.-Q Y. - Q A A, -,--A-YJ., , -- -...V , ,Q ' -ng 1-.,-w,.N.'L-,55,--5.--g'Z,',.5,-,-gfffvt ',Ss 'A v.fnA 4

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