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 - Class of 1970

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If I 1 , ' - 1 . 1 . , I K , LA' . L. !'d -1 1 M , fs r V . 'Wh 1 I ,fx ll 1 3 .1 Q 1 , ,gi 1 H. .nmffv . ,Al 1 . ja .1 . ,- up 'Lp' -,.-'ILA . ' fv . T' .5 Q. . T " ,--'wi 1- ft , .'-xmrjsg M", if-all ' 1" f 4-1. M' ,, ,Ari 's - -'ms -- . -1' --. ul . HQQ Ln ' A 'Ilia LL k ' jf Z, L f "F , ' ' iv. 1:71. 'V fi W-33 , .A uv! 1 .2 1' 1 ff. 5' Ll. Y -'Liv' , .-. 1. ' .,-yi 2 of.. .:' ,Y-. ul ' :Q , ,.'!',n J V? IA ' .,- O n v" W v Rx" 4. --.4 I J ' I -ry-I , 4 - V .' , '. v bin! .4., Q. ' p 'gferg sv - . L4 . V , 1'j a"' tl : J if' . . . A5 t 1 . . - 2 if a sw Ty? if, 1 . fi i k k xv, 1: '- - 'Q o' X x i "-- , N . M "7 ,1 i . X P t v Y i','2',5 ?if - 1 1 ii Q if W Q I A As ff".,,wfgW . 14 f N.. - 'w+'1,.k. qs.q,ij"r1-,WT...mi ' f i ' my-fam1,1'nlif'f" ' " .,... Q - ' 3593 s 4212-'F--M5-f .r N ifsiw -W 1 3 f . " ' N f f- f,,Lf+. -N -1, 'fl - i , w t - 7 EW! i . A if " H sl H,j,fLf1Qg,V,fQ',' ' 'Nfl - u f.lT" L ,r . .-LL...........,..QI.- S outhemer Volume 34 University of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg, Mississippi Gerald Hemphilll Editor Noel Holston l Associate Editor Foreword The Sixties have ended and the University of Southern Mississippi weathered them well. The best years, hopefully, are yet to come. The new attitude at Southern, like that of the rest of the nation's colleges and universities, is no sudden development. It is the culmination of a series of events-intellectual, political, and social. In Southernis case, the Sixties were simply the period of gestation for these new ideas. Since the 1970 SOUTHERNER covers the 1969-70 term, it marks both the end and beginning of important decades. Through the following pages the rising status of the University is shown, but as the Seventies begin we must learn how we can best employ our advances for our benefit and for the benefit of those we precede. 2 . . . in retrospect The decade of the 1960's was the most remarkable period of growth that Southern has ever experienced, Almost half of the buildings now in use on the campus have been constructed in the past ten years. Since gaining university status in 1962 Southern has become an ever changing institution of higher learning with a co-mingling of the philosophies of the old and the young that make it the most progressive university in the state. In the following pages the changes, the people, and the attitudes that characterized the Sixties at Southern are presented to make them a part of our history and to show us how far we have progressed. W -i. -will wtiw 3 1 4 ' , f A s The Sixties saw familiar faces disappear from the campus. Customs and styles came and went-some best forgotten, others to become treasured memories Southern, more or less, outgrew many of its facilities and "hand-me-downsfi Registration didn,t get any easier after it moved from the Sports Arenag it ust got cooler and longer. From a gossip sheet for the campus, The Student Printz grew into an All-American rated newspaper. The winding Homecoming parades through downtown Hattiesburg came to an end, as campus decoration became the means for building spirit. , WI 84.1 is 1' , ,. 1 ' .4 gi .."5"wuull0l"hv hm Wf':"..."-3-"'3"'3 """"" 1- A , ,Wlyf The Sixties saw the passing of an era in Southern football. Coach Thad "Pie" Vann, the soft-spoken Southern gentleman, retired bearing a string of titles and awards amassed over a tenure of twenty-two years. Bringing with him a new football philosophy and 'cBig Gold Countryf' P. W. "Bear,' Underwood became Head Coach in 1969. name X If . Qsvx 'Q Q. Their traditions, spirit, and leadership have added greatly to Southern's campus life over the past thirty-five years. And, like the campus, the Greeks have experienced a decade of growth. The Greek social organizations have expanded to a total of seventeen, adding three new sororities and two fraternities. The Sixties also witnessed the construction of the Panhellenic dormitory and the new fraternity row. Mm 1 1' f 1'-ff . eff '-7-x'N'Nu,Q if ' 'f -wu- Q4 S00 1.34. x ,Q 2 8 T W ,f gf M 'V SVN , ' 5 . .,, Lf, 3 Q 'f x N mx f V f , fn ,bw '. '- all IH f . ..' 73 A 1: 51 115, Q .. HR '-1 g,,.,. . W, - sn 6' SA 'Hs -'G i 093 ' 1 . 'M - K 4- V JNWQ' ' Y ., ",:m,,. 'Www Hi 'rfs"f'rW. , 5 1' TW" 1, 1,11 V L, w -Aff., sw' f ,ffwi Q., ,m- 4. N, , A, . U af 9 4 , . ,.,w,, . . ., , ' Ruff ' f Q ' 1- fu, f ak, ' W 1 Wi' .. ,1.4. N 'T-6 ...-n-q """ -.,. f. , Ng, " MS sa - f ' ' f f' ,. N ' 4 sg ' Z . Q 4 'Q ,. 16' la W ,, ff, ,K 4 AQ4. 4 Q V, W. 1 N g ' Q, 5 , SF ,f ,,,, 1 3 355 U 44. 1 l v AW' W.. F! 0-Q.. 34, 'AP U 5 . , .gi ,QI I, if Q .gig My ,Q L ,N .5 ,S ' .1 , rw: I 4 .31 ' . 1 wwf A L x Mama' , yy k x ., , K. H 1 3- Tgixy f ' Z g Q gml w. A ff ,Xxx x 44 1 Q if YT 1 M A . ,af 1 F32 1 ' Q.- 1 QE, srffzh -15 Southern was constantly changing its face during the Sixties. As students returned each quarter, some new structure was always there to greet them. New dormitories, class buildings, recreational facilities, and a new cafeteria sprang up in once vacant lots or intramural Fields. The buildings stretched outward and upward, as Southern became more and more a metropolitan institution. 15 ii 5f2 M UM? iii!! U IM Ili? -, ,, . A ,. ,Q S What woulda yearbook at Southern, be wlthoutih 11f' f i V ' ' picture of the Administration Buildingand the A e famous "dome"? The "dome" has become the symbol of the University. Its symbolism, however, is linked tothe past and the towering, dignified structure that shadowed the growth of the University of Southern Mississippi mustbecome part of the shadow. E 41 4 +.4.,...e,.. s S New Southern l f the ra id rowth that Southern is still The modern science tower now under construction is exemp ary o p g experiencing. It may never become a symbol as was the "dome,', but it does represent the progressive atmosphere of the University, The University of Southern Mississippi has grown physically through f h'tectural design. For Southern to continue to grow academically there buildings spanning years o arc 1 must be a similar integration of youth and maturity. LLNI H w r A 1 K T 4 Q, F rh . ' IU A 1 'il 1 , Q11 S1 5 'I L' I I' ' ' A . .A 14 . Mm. 41 'C . 1 i Jr . E 5 9 'Q -E ,QA W , 4 . il! - Je 2? S 4 i i Qi .3 fi Aa -1 . 2 A: 23 li 5'F.i.,,.X wk ,sse.144ga1wwmw,,W,ggXg X Q fx qu- Tm wc- A,.,,M...w p ,N .. 5 .. . 4 f . Umm. Vi . 'G-ug Communication has never been a problem for the students at Southern, but in the past the topics were usually lighter. Students still enjoyed a friendly B-S sessiong however, conversations often strayed into race, politics, the war, and whose campus riot was in the news that week. The Hub became a verbal battle ground on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the Student J' is ., . ..., ,X - :m:-.gi1,s-vp:,-wi-i.,:.f f X W, .fe f sx 4: ' ' f S-it 1 .,-4. 1 55551 W M K 3 gg - """""f . ,X W , h , : X. Vt X stew-"X:-' we tv Qt' , ,,., ,- 1 BNN , nw- E4 'V . ' W - 'f ff' ' "" t if if - il E p s . v 1 v " , it 'f ' S Q, 5 NW- ' " 'I' ' f 'ti f ' T it T ' A' 'M '. " 'ft' 3 3 ISP 1 S- N352 X X H ' f , lf. N' at we - f . L , ' ,, "W " F 1 ' Ng ' . , 1 , 5 f 3 r.,, , ,sw -wa., af. A-sw? S , -'V g, h . gp ,. sry-xskagf ,As ' x . agen vt. -lbxm:,..,,r,a, v , A D ,QQ,i5wst. '-W 41 .X Q Y gl 9 far wh.. h p R ,J WX Wt.. F M gQ,,?2fi'Qf5i5g lI1N , K . get Mix yt A tx - my rs -s , 'tv f ., ,X .L , mm' ve :.k'+,,s,,. ,ss,sw.ai4 Printz hit the stands. Each student picked his champion from the Printz columns and defended their mutual viewpoint until the opposition yielded or left for class. ng..-nah-nw' E , N x A NM... 4:51, FYR .A l J ,V , Q4 .13 321-41: gi' Qs 'ngfg' af W1 '::"' yf ff -I i X Ax' f 2 ,f W , wa-W .1 ? Q Q., ?V Y ' V-ff' . :rj 74 is W if ww ' 'iff N1 . fv- 6 .4- v ' 4 M, D 3 ,I gl!-:V 3cglgi?'Q 1, , ,,D I , 'ww ,ev gk: ' .',V F .y . ' , A 1 ,415 ue f' , ,x V 1 4 N 7 Y , ' 3, L' H " 49 M 5 54 '4 ' . I " I ,D J' ' . P I N ,eu w 1 T A -lf. wx I 'Zf xg, ' u , 4,51 - ,, 'H 'IK 1 aw if 1 a 1 i I I sg! ug 'U ,- X Q ,gh 5 'W X . W .5 A 4 V' Q -4 was 'A 1 da X . L 'V V is N fu A - A HN 1-""f --s' "" - -. "' - N - " . - I 1 MQ 5 V 's ,N I 'Wh QQ A .Im ' W Q, Q 1 . V,- R41 1 2 'HQ' -nu Q '-'A 1 1. ' 4 f Q, A M 1 " X 1445! V Y' 4 gi ,Q AQ Q 1 Q l Q Q x :.,fm,,mm. - N f- - . A A , M , 3! ' , ll ,N www , J, 'A - ,Q A ' . A . lg' 'I 4. Y - in 4- . Q 1 V N feta ' ug- 1 rg '15 A Q A . 'E Q ' 9 N . , K , 4 mn ., J P , -3 , ,,, 1 I. A, A. 1 ,, 1 Y, ,MQ ' Q x Q. , gy- , Y 2' ' Y A S , , 1 'M I 'Q W A , V N , ,, :' -vm " - 'I 1 .M-41 '. J, vfxk Y L Y ' X, Li , 'P -A i Q E - N ' ef ? 5 ig: ' """' 4 A 7n""" A ' Q Q ' 3 , I' K , V , "'-' V Y' Y '1!iMg:3f','w:,ju '- V . :Mu 'T 4 V at-" -1 ,q 1- ' 1 5:4 :Y 1 "fi K A , '- W """" an 1 1' k-M 4, Na- :ff 'll ,ah 'mt h , T-Q Q M- U " W- 'W Aw-Q Q .- A ln .W 1. .. Q .us A ,M ' x , 'W-vu .M lu. M, A Q V 3 ll ,,... Q A. 1 Q u ,t Q Q q ,,, N .A"" Q -Q gm- K , " "" A Inq 'Q Q '- ,, Y , , Y yy., Q kd 'N , AH ---. ln ang .. N ' - 0, t A , an I ' ,N ' 0 A 1. ' fi! 1 ' 4 A 'fin 1 ,md M ,nn qu Q 1 M' Q -0 . Y. Q M '-3 an :wi 5 -4 M 'Q A 'd X A -1 1 -q q n .. 1, nm W ae , M as ,Wa 'N Y h ' s-.Q -an 4 Y M94 0 '9 . "3 . 'i . - ' 1. ' aww' ,. V k C 1 C Q -un I 1 5 "' 4' I- . - , 4 4 1- 1' " ' ,A an 4 4 "" g,, vd A as 1 1- . - . ,4 , Q -5 Q . as 1-1 " I 4. - 0 4 4 ' ' . :U no 9 Q. . 1. . 4 .. 0 . . 4 , ,4"""' 5, Kium"'???".42wi.f" ' s ,fir ff f X f ' E' X A 22,-W ' , .f 21'75" 'YZ Z? f , N Y , yyrf X A Q 1 bi! A Organizations and movements for those who wanted people to agree with their views sprang to prominence during the 1969-70 term Qsafety in numbers?j. Nobody could really feel left out. Leftists and rightists, hips and hicks, blacks and whites, liberals and conservatives all found a place. Apathy was out, involvement was in. To find a random sample of students who could agree on anything was a rare discovery. From all this came three important points: students became aware of their differencesg they confronted each other with themg and they gained a better understanding of why we are different. . ,if"y' '- , 1 My U 5 .Q ..... . Qi Awww Maybe itls the time of year Or maybe itls the time of man I don't know who I am But life is for learning. Joni Mitchell 7-7 luaH'l 1.7, J V-2u..,1 '5fQEYE9w'1 M,--'nf HZ igfhx F . , ' . ,,.:.--5 ' ,nu- f " vm ' ' 'ff' .1-1, ! ' 'P-:L ..M" s ' ' ' Q.,..V, N ,I M -Bi li K 'C if . 1 'J 3 LAMYQ -E Big name entertainment, or the lack of it, was one of the usual campus gripes. Students felt that the school should have gotten more for the money. Blood, Sweat and Tears, Johnny Mathis, and Steppenwolf, all in the five-figure salary range, met with as much criticism as approval, Sweet Fever and Belland and Somerville, two of the inexpensive acts, pleased more students. Still, the cries for the big names ring out and the unknowns we had this year will probably be replaced with more expensive crowd displeasers next year. Q . xl 'YL will A his U V 1 3. V H , 'AQ' 3 A if ,Q .,,, V 'vm , f am' , f ff' my , 1 1 X ff My Q aw M , 44 x " "vw z. is rw ' 7 nw 2 For some it was only another step in the educational process for others it was the end of a long struggle and the realization of a dream. Graduation, beginning with an elegant procession, was the longest hour of the years of waiting. The Honorable John C. Stennis told us there was no such thing as a generation gap, but then, he doesn't visit us very often. When the degrees were finally conferred, mortarboards filled the air. Free at last? No, but the walls are not as high. f"5'w,N we Au. H, M , , TM, X QV M X'1J7'uuX ' ' f-ffl' 13QQ1w15','3' Wm ' . , 'WYQ'M '-'N'r5lHaf ff " Fw: 'Il Wm ,:,J,F1! in W-'fm .M - - - A , 11" TWs.H,+5ff-fW'4'lN ' W " ' ' " , . ' .- , Q :,, A, ,. 32 4-has mf , f W aa Can the University keep the pace of its ever changing student body? Can the students remain in an academic community that grows more impersonal as the University expands? These are questions whose answers the future holds. Our primary concern must be where do we stand now L,,..::.ff -mm zqa-.fafsmvwzffw A'-fxwfe-3 gcii' ,ggyiv 'g1y2f5f:5- -E-'gig-9,n-,gH:'wE-. ff:-.-:,?i'.2y f ,":" 1 -rg f gear" A s 'a,-115-,':,w.,:f,.v5.', 'b'ff5"'151,k:FJfE,f V-:aim 1 .,j2?gz1s:22'5 Vffgbdi ,L .1 iff ?'Sg ,vu 1 .. ww '. -A - , ,-,,-, V: - ,1j.t,,".:i::z vez., ' .4552-em , - V M, ..' -rl - :M 'vw-1 "Uv 4' "' fm. ",'f:'f1V'5.'--1'--TZ-NFL.:1'fpf- ,1--Ifga:1!.1'.k3f'f':"'9Hf" it-5 A -' 2- . -xvfma-.-11:14:151-.f":z1.f1-L41-rn...-sr: 173,-A . , .- - qw f.-,zyfg .fi-ffrisl.-Q1-.1 url Q1 '5Zg,:-Arm-A 51:51-n5fgQf:4:i:5:. Il '- gg13l.x gfgpf: ,,:pf:,1y,gi.g P ff3:,gaE.' z' ,. X gf QL ug-fv.x-fam,p,,5-fg.,.v.w':q11l?E - Grab-: f -1,, p-5gf.:Q:p:w--,cw 21:--.1':f:P"S".'t'f.-'1-1 ..'::.-ang: ,' .Jw 4.-,V ,:,1f?,. l-13. 'C'-'.qgg qfaxifgz--112 rf "figs-,flwysfvvbz ff,fi:,f.:g1L'-45.-Favwr'-,QE-viff Y 'fl-nieffef,f:':-Us-3 .vvffvifha 5x,Z3?f..,w- ,w,.-yf,-2f...w.'. A --,W -h,LJ:-f-1--.- -.-:, Sm- 1.7, - - V , .. , f '- ,, 'fi' tim-S-1, LR-iii:2??'ii4i5Zi13:23'g5xf-Q? f . ,Tu--.-'-cf..f"i:,,fff5:-1.151 - , ., " - .- f"::."'J-I 2,4-uvuff-Q, 5 4?if'Yf7f:5rg2v:ffjE?::?I1Z"f514-'ii'f,'5,f.,3iL':: ' ' - fy .F , - .'-'-f-1,-2: . f'. . . . ,.-..a.J'54v..-.-,---1 y.g- . 4 5 , 1 ' :w..gZA'. I W-,1.1Qge.frwr:e1 ' 7. 'fi . - - -. fm- 1 :,:f':,,,.:fv:s pq. 442 1 L Vg. 'Saw fif5'a42i2a2', '4 L.:aqiwzblmiikei-2-QQ'f- mg-.viA-iii,-ivlirgel1sa- 52155-V Q2g-ig 1,-my-r -9 -v . ,. .-.f P - v- -, ' -1.-- m D ' - 2 - 1 J, 'r fl ---:. 1 . wmv 'S "' .'-' 'AF' ':,'f,, "?'Qgz.'fS'-sf'-:-A'-' 11. ::A-,if-E-lI'W ' L .f 'ff 12 uf "'fJf1v- - ' ' W -' "-5515-53' '- Y- ZGEXQP JM '41-'5aafW,. ' K- wuz' winmah V t. 11,3 .-k.'1v: Y- 1: ':.u,--,z-,rff .::"n:v:.-:':v . arf 2-.fv, ,.,.u.-. m -e -x, - an., 1- 4.9: - L:g.'?eggf- '1.-4.--f.-gn? gre-: 75f:-E?,'.q:.s1-:,f1'- 2:,.:w.fh-2521.2 f:'-t1,'-,11- 41:14 -151' ,Q-:,-1-wif .12 -1,1'::'1-... 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'F-Ei? 17532 The Governor and Board of Trustees Governor John Bell Williams , . ss.. X.. . Wtfsif'-Z WEE Br ZIZREFQW 3 . ,.....w-M...-Q.-1.0 SEATED: Dr. R. C. Cookg T. N. Turnerg W. M. Shoe- makerg Henry H. Hedermang Dr. M. M. Roberts, Presi- dentg Dr. E. Ray Izard, Vice Presidentg Mrs. Nan M Sibley, Assistant to the Executive Secretaryg Milton E Bristerg Ira L. Morgang M, Paul Haynesg Leon Lowery STANDING: Dr. E. E. Thrash, Executive Secretaryg Dr Verner S. Holmesg Boswell Stevensg W. O. Stone. 2 3 ...ff 5 N N. President W. D. McCai11 President W. D. McCain managed to remain himself in an ever-changing environment. Serving in his fifteenth year as the head of the University, he found the 1969-70 term trying. In mediating the problems of faculty as well as students, he did a commendable job of keeping Southern 'ccool" in an era of academic disruption. 5 -VX ff' .,,.. 37 L nfrq- . S 1 5 1' :,,',.i 1 1 Charles Moorman, Dean of the University Roger Johnson, Administrative Assistant 38 ai e W .-s""J an i it '9 sg, ,...,,.,..,r M Mrs. Jesse Stout, Research and Editorial Assistant to the President Sidney Weatherford, Dean of the Basic College Aubrey Lucas, Dean of the Graduate School Paul Morgan, Dean of Continuing Education dt? , W ,. Robert Galbraith, Director of Reasearch and Projects 39 Peter Durkee, Dean of Student Affairs Herbert Lucy, Director of Student Counseling Y X w 1 1 4. 'QWVHKN 3 W' it Ng-r-W" 1 YQ! 'd 41 WNFNV K 7dr X 40 -mmm, I ' W 3 Rader Grantham, Dean of Men Dorothy Hille, Dean of Women Eugene Saucier, Director of Admissions Gilbert Langdon, Registrar , so Charles Smalling, Financial Secretary ,ag , ,aw Albert Jaeger, Assistant Financial Secretary 41 Warren Tracy, Head Librarian S. P. Gwin, Director of Public Relations ...QNX ff? xr' ,, YQ..-Q Z Z l 5 Z Homer Sullivan, Director of Housing Reed Green, Director of Intercollegiate Activities 1 i 2 ? 1 i ' Colon Bozeman, Director of the Placement Bureau Powell Cgletree, Alumni Secretary I i I Joel Eakens, Director of Physical Plant -.ef - ,A ' .,5 -. 11' 7fi'7i"','f-f f. ' "'1-Jar' , ff 4 4'-wk' ' N. Ns. ' " ,. ,A - , ,ll i 4 f Ralph Siverio, Director of the Latin American Institute W. E. Kirkpatrick, Director of University Union and Student Activities 43 College of Arts and Sciences The College of Arts and Sciences is organized into seventeen departments. The program of this large academic division provides a broad cultural and educational experience, specialized disciplines in major and minor fields, and pre-professional instruction. Claude Fike, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences '7'f'::-""" , ef W 2 ff fi V y l. 5 2 44 FIRST ROW: Forrest Wood, George Pessoneyg W. E. Hughes, T. T. Chisholm, P. K. Stocks, Arthell Kelley, John N. Burrus. SECOND ROW: James W. Wynn, John R. Skates, Jr., B. N. Irby: Porter G. Webster, William D. Norwood, Jr., F. Walker, Associate Dean, C. L. Fike, Dean. THIRD ROW: R. T. Van Allerg William H. Hatcher, Oscar L. Paulson, Jr., Forrest D. Tucker. FRONT ROW: P, W. Peddicordg Carl L. McQuagge, Deang L. C. Welker, Jr.g R. S. Musgrave. FIRST ROW Vertical: E. M. Cunng William V. Plueg C. E. McCarver. SECOND ROW Vertical: W. F, Tracyg John D. Alcorng E. M. Hunterg Herman Boroughs. College of Education and Psychology asv . Carl L. Mc Quagge, Dean of the College of Education 4 and Psychology Offering diverse programs in education and psychology, the College of Education and Psychology is a major multipurpose professional college. The curricula of the programs encompass both the undergraduate and graduate levels. These programs include the preparation of teachers and administrators for public schools, colleges, and universitiesg the preparation of specialized personnel in selected areas for public service, for business, and for industryg and clinical and professional services to public school systems, to community agencies, and to the University. Educational and psychological research is still another program of this steadily expanding and important college. School of Business Adlninistration The School of Business Administration is a professional school. Through its curricula and qualified professors it prepares the young men and women of Mississippi for leadership roles in business, industry, and government. At Southern the primary emphasis of the School is placed on the undergraduate, but an excellent graduate program at the masterls level is offered as well. In addition, research on business and the local economy is promoted by the Bureau of Business Research, and the faculty assist the area by seminars and workshops for various business groups. Joseph A. Greene, Jr., Dean of the School of Business Administration e 5 i 5 i i 1 ! i i Q I i 5 i 46 FIRST ROW: joseph A. Greene, Jr., Dean, Martin Stegengag D. C. Williamsg Louis K. Brandtg H. O. Jackson. SECOND ROW: Henry A. Gottleberg Jerold Morgang Kenneth R. Grubbsg Richard C. Vreeland. SEATED: David Foltz: Blaine Quarnstromg Walter Lok. STANDING: Gomer Pound, Assistant Dean: Raymond Mannoni, Deang William T. Gower. School of Fine Arts The School of Fine Arts at Southern is one of the most prestigious in the South. It enjoys this enviable reputation because of the achievements of its graduates. Of course, the high academic and artistic standards promoted by the artist-teacher faculty are responsible. Southernis School of Fine Arts has the largest faculty, with more of them holding doctoral degrees in their fields, than any other school in this area. Raymond Mannoni. Dean of the School of Fine Arts 47 School of Home Economics The curricula and courses in the School of Home Economics are planned to place major emphasis on improving family life. Students are prepared to assume responsibilities in areas related to the various aspects of living concerned with the environment of the individual, the family, and the community. Sarah Weaver, Dean of the School of Home Economics 48 SEATED: Dr. Sarah L. Weaver, Dean, Mrs. Fern Hesson, Mrs. Lois Drain, Mrs. Altra Hamman, Dr. Jewel Golden, Miss Sue Humphries, Miss Jamie Dixon, Mrs. Barbara Turnipseed, Mrs. Edith Lancaster, Dr. Margaret McCar- thy. STANDING: Mrs. Nancy Shaw, Mrs. Carol Jarvis, Miss Bonnie Daugherty, Mrs. Anita Blunt, Mrs. Linda Lloyd, Mrs. Lynette Tuggle, Miss Wanda King, Dr. Louella Milner, Dr. Mary Evelyn Faulkinberry, Mrs. Elsie B. Chichester, Mrs. Virginia Wilgus, Miss Fannie Owings. Miss Flora L. Bain 3 Mrs. Cora S. Balmatg Sister Mary James Yorkg Mrs. Avis B. Rabing Mrs. Lucy S. Batesg Mrs. Linda H. DuPuy. School of Nursing The primary purpose of the School of Nursing is to prepare the student to become a professional nurse practitioner. The educational program requires substantial knowledge in liberal arts and humanities in the natural and behavioral sciences and in the theory and practice of nursing. The graduate has the foundations for professional nursing practice in a variety of health care settings and for the pursuit of graduate study in nursing. Miss Flora L. Bain, Dean of the School of Nursing 49 Stalt Betty Cooley, University Cashierg Gail Dickerson, Assistant Dean of Womeng Willie Oubre, Director of Campus Securityg Baker Farrell, Director of the Univ- ersity Commonsg Walter Conn, Director of Student Aid 5 Berengher Brechtel, Assistant Dean of Men. f'-K S XM meer?-"' .is 1 -N-afff, xf ' "I Bill Green, Director of Data Proces- singg Ken Smith, Chief Accountantg Cecil Klutts, Purchasing Agentg Danny Montgomery, Assistant Regi- strarg Jesse Gore, Manager of the University Bookstore: Dr. Thomas Bfar tin, Director of Student Health Services. X X N 5 X 0-N NNW 5.-N-L XX X X X . X X N f f 'f px X x , X ..-.- -N X .5 5 .-KX .X 3 NON - . .- ww . Q. .W - X . Q. W- fs N. W .795 N W Q Q. A hw. ' . -f -ffsssfgw 9-if " lf PJ - x . -fa i r?-5-. - " 2 , . In 'IL 4 . .9 gr f' , I L JL.-. .1 ig, 5535 .' gf . ., 5-.Q '-'fa -24:-Q -5 "' 1 f 1 451 1' -Lil".-'1i"' - .eil-ev' . . ' iw-' fd- :- f?'1!'i5.'9Z1Y'Qvl'w2T Lp .. ,.- -.' If-Q-4. : ' ff. f f. T.' 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I ' ' '. 1 gy. ei I ' , Y Q , L A777 ' ' ' ' " A H ' ' ' B ff 1 S S5 9 E S X 'I 44 8'5 FRONT ROW: Dickey Surace, Wayne Hatcher, Arnold Thomas, Gary Rayburn, Mike Harris, Bubba Carter, Frank Johnston fco- capt.j 3 Ed Soberoski, Alan Isler, John Hale, Jerry Hinton, Radell Key, Rex Barnes, Scott Chisholm, Mike Battles, Danny Palmer. SECOND ROW: Tommy Brock, Henry Quick, Terry Griffin, Charley Hayden, Craig Logan, Tommy Davis, John McKay, Russell Miles, Hugh Eggersman, Doug Rouse, Danny Fairchild, Rusty Windham, Keith McClammy, Johnny Herron, Bill Davis, David Price, Larry Moulton, THIRD ROW.' Kenny Hall, Donnie Caughman fco-captainj g Richard Wood, Win Foshee, Ken Burge, Steve Fore, Stan Johnson, Clinton Tomp-kins, Jimmy Haynes, Mike Craft, Roger Eliott, Gary Grubbs, Billy Mikel, Lionel Fayard, Jim Stringer, Jerry Wright, Bob Shepherd, Joe Tuggle, Rick Donegan, Pitt Farrar, Darrell Landry. NOT PICTURED: Mike Letort, David Jussely. 1 VARSITY COACHES-Front: P. W. Underwood, Doug Barlield, Chas t J Stevens. Back: Wayne Armstrong, was Barney Poole, James Berry, Bob Hitch, Larry Harrington, Hamp Cook. 56 -. . .. . X-A-...-i --.NE .. I ,ai . I i ,I , FRESHMAN COACHES - Front: Milo McCarthy, Wayne Armstrong. Back: Ihor Kondrat, Toby Vance, Robert Harmon. usp, U 544, 1, CIACRV. sms FRONT ROW: Bill Wilkie, Donny Knoblock, Buddy Palazzo, Gary Johnson, Bill Foley, Gerry Saggus, James King, Fred Meyer, Shelby johnson, George Hunt, Marshall Veal, Mickey Hudson, Ed Turner, Willie White. SECOND ROW: Coach Milo McCarthy, Coach Toby Vance, Kyle Gantt, Dusty Freeman, Ray Guy, James Gallop-s, Jay Davey, Tom Moore, Ronnie Quick, Doug Parker, Eddie Sucum, Allen Goff, Billy Hickman, Morris Lester, Bill Purvis, James Arnold, Robert Wright, Coach Ihor Kondrat. BACK ROW: Coach Robert Harmon, Tony Rodriguez, Troy Ricks, Curtis Smith, Mark Owen, Manuel Sullivan, Larry Oradat, Steve Spence, Carl Jaynes, Cooper Huckabee, Bruce Hannah, Bob Flanders, James Boesch, Jerry Steele,Wayne Carr, Gary Clay, Ronnie Graves, Head Coach Wayne Armstrong. - I Winning four of their last five games, two by one-point margins, the University of Southern Mississippi Southerners managed a break-even record for the 1969-70 season. After the bruising first half of the season left them crippled and at a low ebb, the Southerners totaled a 5-5 campaign for first-year head coach P. W. CBearj Underwood. ....,.,. . , i , 1969-70 FOOTBALL RECORD USM Opp Southeastern La. Alabama Idaho Mississippi State Ole Miss U. of Richmond Louisiana Tech Memphis State East Carolina West Texas State V+ ' - , ,gms ,, 4 Y iv 5 A stubborn defensive unit that ignored numerous injuries, and a slender sophomore quarterback with a good crew of receivers sparked the line comeback. The defense managed to curtail the aerial assault of Louisiana Tech's Terry Bradshaw, Richmondls Butch Colson and West Texas Statels Duane Thomas well enough for the offense to pull out victories. Talented Ricky Donegan, a native of the local scene, became the second quarterback in USM history to pass for more than 1,000 yards in a season. Used only sparingly in the Hrst two games ftwo of nine for 26 yardsj and none in the third, he finished with 1,039 yards on 94 completions of 177 thrown. Amazingly he actually got over 1,000 yards in seven games. That Donegan tied one interception record and set another wonit be forgotten by the determined 154-pound youngster. Louisiana Tech intercepted him four times to tie the single game mark and his total of 17 set a new standard. Southernls team total of 28 steals by the opposition also was a new mark. While a total of 14 players caught at least one pass during the year, junior split end Billy Mikel stole the headlines. He tied a 20-year-old record with nine touchdown grabs and became the second leader in receptions for a season with his 47. Miraculous catches in the last two games got him the most Mink? 1 N is 1 . , . ' f-"ir, fi fgffr ,Wein- ' J ' -54" M .I W' v- , 4. is .' ,V , V' ., f -f " "4'1," 4 A K X , s NVQ'-pg M i if' it i 1 M Q' X A , S I ft - 2 wwf. ffl t A' ,X W' ' 2 63 . . ., ms. - - Mikel took a Donegan shot away from a defender and stepped into East Carolina's end zone for a score in the 14-7 win and, against West Texas State, stole one from two defenders in the end zone in the 10-9 victory. The latter catch came with just 34 seconds left in the game. Y' 3 Tight end Lionel Fayard, also a junior, had 36 receptions. Other leaders included wingback Wayne Hatcher with 22 and tailback Larry Moulton with 18. Moulton, a junior, led the team in rushing for the second straight year. A 105-yard effort in the finale pushed his total of 604 yards. 'Vlff' -36 xg r MX s 4 wil' 2. Q. ,X ft F' fi' N L ,X K GX. QQ5. R ss ,X A s 5 s-Qs, . X X t Q X X X r ' si t Q. 5 www. N so X if .c Y -Q X' ig X , N Q at x s, X is ' s S4 ,5A,,,,t Another sophomore quarterback, 1968 red-shirt Danny Palmer, was off and winging toward a 1,000-plus yard passing total when injuries in the fifth game put him out of commission for most of the rest of the way. Ki' g X N 'Wim -wx an ..- . 'R' M W ..,- - X 1 br K M , -Q 5 vm.. M., Y 5- Q s M -Hu-,,'-Q 'lm . , a Q 1 -1. Wx 'vs - Q' 5-5 , - - 'xi - - e 5 1 Q sa' ' ,gif . 5. ... X . Palmefs totals for the first four games showed 615 yards on 53 completions lout of 935. He threw only one incompletion the rest of the way. Defensively, names that should be mentioned include seniors Radell Key, Henry Quick, Rex Barnes, Mike Battles, Scott Chisholm, Steve Fore and Donnie i 1 Q u if is -uv--..:.,, JIM? 1 Caughma n. Q, X x Qs X USM 10 West Texas State 9 f .V ZX. 0 ,yy , at 'Nw a 5 e In 'A . .g 'Nav .13 -- Ms. ,, ,gre-5fa.,1-v .vTRX,.,W. ff". X 41'ilgh,.'g jf V ,AfgcgfaxQm.,Nry,,..Z . 'Sh H., Q S-gfergf:,wf..g'fqpQ,,., ' 3 mis-is . 4AfQ..'i?u,x:f. ' Q- 5"- 'if , ' 1.- Y N xx' i nv Q ' s . 'X X Q32'Nmzy 'if , X. 0.-1' A N, ' 1 as 'f5"""'iAs3gi wviilxi iaixwiiw X ,"i'f, lt- Mi . eks.,,"gf- farm-Ag ,. 'vw wO'Q',-1. ,r 4 " 1. f. cami, f 'F revf ' A 'VW' in 'S 'i'w"W 1'N.'+b?.'Nlx's-i' 0' W- .." 'fi "'f- "" Juniors deserving recognition are Terry Griffin. Mike Craft Bill Davis, Craig Logan, Dickey Surace, and Doug Rose. Interior olfensive forwards due recognition include seniors Bob Shepherd and Clinton Tompkins, juniors Joe Tuggle and David Price, and sophomores Jimmy Haynes, Charley Hayden and Jerry Wright. 67 .1 U -A , Ks! , In vw g "ii, 'J 4 N':"fY - -15 fu 2:5-r ' nf ix N.-5295, gfxg, .3 A it 'n x .L 5 li ' .. ., exQ'NiE"i A'?1r!NM.55"' YD' wk 5' affix Ma" ' v- rs A' X M ' Q as .vl W ' Q 1 ' Q ' Q ' 4 f sf 4 Q , is J , Q if if , Q. Q, M "2 i Zia ik , ,.., ' 9621, X dz fs., , ' 'O -AA Ps 1" L..L.L.. ' . .a L- 69 VARSITY BASKETBALL-KNEELING: Jim Morton, Wilbert Jordan, Tim Sumblin Bobby Jones Richard Corsetto Johnny V1 trano, John Byrne. STANDING: Bill Hammack, Kent Davidson, Tom Yachinich, Kent Palma Wendell Ladner Ricky Ragland The basketball Southerners whipped through the first half of the 1969-70 campaign with a 10-3 record but managed only a 5-8 mark in the second half. However, they Finished with a 15-11 overall record, giving Coach Lee Floyd his 12th wining season in 13 campaigns. Several records were set during the season. The team's 58.8 rebounding average is one new standard, and senior Wendell Ladner set a new one-game, one-season and career rebounding marks. He finished with 1,257 rebounds for three seasons, eclipsing Gary Hannan's old record of 1,191 Q over a four-year spanj. Head Coach, Lee Floyd 70 FRESHMAN BASKET BALL-Mike Patterson, Al Lahr, Tommy Edwards, Sid Tonner, Ricky Revon, Bobby Bowden Ladner also broke his own high game mark of 30 twice during the year, getting 31 againstOld Dominion College and then 32 against Pan American College. He pulled down 436 rebounds for the season, beating his old record of 411 last year. Ladner, who signed a professional contract with the New Orleans Bucs soon after the season, also became the leading three-year scorer in history as 467 points hiked his career total to 1,561. Only three players in the schoolis history, all of whom played four years, had higher totals. 54-.."'.1?.,,.i 'N 4 ,I Xu 4 '."..: E 1 1 i . Q V X" "iw: :O at WW ' nw , N g I Eefzfzqg ' 3' ,Q X V Nun' i .J Ja J Golden Giants End Season With 15-11 Mark USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM USM SCORES U. of Alabam St. Bernard S. Alabama Morehead St. San Francisco St San Francisco St Lamar Tech Louisiana Tech West Texas St. Arkansas St. Northwestern La. L.S.U.N.O. South Alabama Roanoke Centenary Spring Hill West Florida Old Dominion U. West Florida Southeastern La. Louisiana Tech Pan America Delta State U.T. at Chattanooqa Biscayne College Delta State Baseball Southern Nine Finish Season With 9-13 Record Billy Mikel, Joel Williams, Lionel Fayard, David Abbey, Perry Bracey. A' 'hi x 'll 2 . E l- Q, T ' 1 ' 2 4 'ff ' 29' Wx it 1. 2,-we.. - -as -4 lx 'mf , I, i.. gpm-ni Kauai ' ,, , A,,F'rf'f-N ,..',g,'1,sw',,4,v . , H . ef." V4 was .fl 'nf' ffcsf- ,gi Coach C. J. Taylor 'M 5 - ms. X. , ' iqwfv, e ww: S as Y 5. x Q A ,. 0 9 if , Q, -ix ,R 1 .Q aww fm iw' Bobby Muhs, George Lee, Frank Willoz, Richard 'Corsetto, Bobby Sheets, Randy Stewart, Johnny Flynt Statistics USM Opp. USM Opp Nicholls State 5 1 Miss. State Tulane 2 1 Miss. State Tulane 2 1 Miss, College Ole Miss 14 2 L.S.U. Southern Ill. 4 3 Spring Hill Monmouth Coll. 3 1 South Alabama Gannon College 1 6 South Alabama Gannon College O 2 Miss. College Ole Miss 4 1 Spring Hill Ole Miss 3 7 Delta State L.S.U. fN.O.l 0 2 L.S.U. iq! MW :E ,lfkfsaww .5 1 ,. M PM , Wm. ,Q N '. fgny- xP"V1e'...,5s ' . ,, . Q 6 . X , if Q -I .Nw ""' 1' A . "1 ' Q . ' 4... my ,ggyv Th. .- .1 ' QW? - . " . " V' M-QI! ,QW-'. -lv 5 - .Q ' ' ' ' Q- 4 1 1 ' J 5 Q 1 W , 'I ,av nu' ' vb'g, r L 80 4159! W 'Q' -- ,,u 'dimam BTW- ., u . r. vw V1 H 1' . If Ji W P -'TT W ' 'W. 'V J w-51 " f- ' ku ...-,. f -' rr -' 'w'f'f" '9"ffwJ1 L M yn. H . my Y - ,MJ W 1:4 QI' 'Q ' 1 9 1 ' " ,ri ' . - 4 4 .ww .aus he ' t " w An , . , ' V 'E +3.- W x ,, ft" I Southernc-:rs Played Well gainst Strong Opposition rf Z." ul 'K' - - M ,vnu 'w,t Luu4 Q as -fi.. I I 4 ind? ' :I-.. uw. as ,ix l .D EA 'A Ctrl mf-5' 5'.t .i' S-an M Awy-wx -Jggql.. Q. .M-' - .hgxb Z' r"',Q'1.gQL :"1,,' ' xml "f 1,1 of 0 H ',-I 1 Mp.. ol, M:,'.,q .YQ ,X-gif' ,.. '1,. ,Q " .v " . flaw: V. A f Q .A w. Q- wi Azz. . 42'-' 'Q wav 4'2lfK1"'wf-. +,...,,. . wb 1'-W - N539-2 -. own" " '..-. N 'Mfg-, ,, J 3-nj.,-1' -"tYfvuf:f"-Z.. 3' 'g..-' '21 ., Q. :H-vM,, ,WM W , .. M.-M M ,555 ,yn ,... 34- . An, hw.. ,.r.,.g,gg,'QA,c .Mo Aw X - .Q " , ,- onyx-,.,,, , -gr 4.46 The Record Wasn't the VVho1e Story 'Sis K J 82. -' fzf 41 , if A . ' .. .. T W -wwf' ffm .5 f ' gi iii 1 'E V ,mn r , , . A - 'N ' 2 ' SWK as V' bf-T 'S X ' M . 4 5 W' K, ' L ' Q ' , W Alv:-wvwwwigc xl, N . . .x . uh s. , ...N ' ' ' . , ' ,5 " K- . 1 .:57'.. , 591-4 , f-'f . ' 45 . 1- - ' , ll v .Y , Q f IBN ik xgfixih im V. . . 'U Mm. ,M --113,3 1' ' I . 1 5 - -' Y Mm Y. :.2:b:f?'5"' H' " . y 1 AY ' .bb , I . 'din H .,.,' 'T .A. . fir 'NSF f - Is I 83 Soccer Over the past 4- years USM has played on an intercollegiate basis. The Internationals have defeated major college soccer teams from LSU, Ga. Tech, Rice, Tulane, Miss. State, and Ole Miss. The team has amassed a record of 33 wins, 9 losses, and 4 tied. 1969-70 RECORD USM 3, Tulane 6 USM 1 g LSU 2 Q USM 25 LSUNO USM 3, KAFB USM 45 Ga. Tech USM 15 Keesler USM 75 LSU-NO USM 25 Alabama USM 75 Ole Miss S SS 3 it YQ rr' f. - ' S ,Q as s XXX S X 5 i, cs X WX S XXX XX Q X X ax XXX X X XX X X1 N X XXXX X XXX X QA XX X Sr X , , an S Q AN, . . -f 'ws 35514 ,, 1 I ' f A 4 T V Kg l S f , Y I VV I . 1' ,. I ' ' ' ':. "Hung .. nf, X M. ,,,. . S" N, , 1 . A-,.,v,, mm. .swf - -Q ff, 4 -...M W.. cuss-fem Q, ek, 5 X .f N-. y. xi, ,, , 'A . -,- s-, ,. ,:,!:.f.-fc X N t.. , . K W, , , fel . X' , 4 ,1 "'?1Xs'+i' wi' ." 4 Y I s A -cs., A - t . - I -Q F 4 W X , , . 4, 5. , , r. K X- ---, X A - - ax, , 4' ' - jfgf. 4 we 'E,3'1"kt ,.,, we .r ,fn ., .,. - ee . Q, as-.ffwt 5. N, , ' V .Z xg? 1 V -X so -X s . x, T 5 Q, V :p5g".wy+niftq fni, fx --- :MK V .. Q . - if 'N -ft ' "T".E4 - ' 1 .4 , A 4. ,Q , X- , . , , V , i MUN Q, ,,,.,- .. . ' 5 .. X W . A, '- .4 .ft - 5. ,, H , Y ff 4 . :gf ' ,,5X,.-,,, 'i 6 E. 'lI"U 3,,. 84 F5 FRONT ROW: Javier Saldana, Mexico, Jose Gomez, Venezuela, Raffaele Beltram, Italy, Freddye Mayorga, Nicaragua, Bart Gibson, Pascagoulag Arturo Rosales, ElSa1vador, Jorge Castaneda, Guatamalag Anibal Condor, Peru, Luis Paredes, Peru. BACK ROW: Luis Gracia, Spain, Enrique Garcia, Venezuela 5 Carlos Galdemez, El Salvador, Arthur Carlisle, Uruguay, Charlie Green, Pas- cagoulag Rolando Diez, Panama, Roberto Arrazatte, El Salvadorg Juan Tolosa, Chile, Director Ralph M. Siverio. mmf'-"Ii" Q Vmwh., is ngvwff Q S. l V 5 W, i' 1 ,AQ4 V. i f' . 4' X , A gpg X i ' , 4 "ff . i V A ' 1 if k if xv Q- , X11 3 x a i , X' 'Y li. . ...H KNEELING: Randy Pope, David Jefcoatsg Bill Abraham 5 Manch Cadwallader. STANDING: Dean Peter Durkeeg John Kramer John Bishopg Bubba Shirleyg Jim Bishopg Coach Larry Herrington. Tennis Three seniors and three sophomores made up the team, with sophomore standout Bubba Shirley playing in the number one position in singles and teaming with senior David Jefcoats to form the number one doubles tandem. Both are from Laurel. The singles order showed Shirley, senior Jim Bishop of Hattiesburg, Jefcoats, sophomore john Kramer of Quitman, sophomore John Bishop of Hattiesburg and senior Bill Abraham of Port Gibson. 86 M M asm 969 KA- Tenms Coach Larry Herringtonls 1970 tennis team finished with a 15-7 record and tied with Ole Miss for second place in th Mississippi Intercollegiate Tournament won by Mississippi State. The Southerners placed fourth in the Big Gold Invitationals Tournament. 5 5 as . .ef 534 fr 55, - up ,, ,,1A, as , iv v . 1: 5' at mpg-Qin I lr 5 .Q wx N' wmv" ' iii ii Q :gi k - B ,,,,,. ......,. --is Ha' Y fi 7' an M J' y 5' ' if ,i f .."'4. K f I . dvi, l e 5 t X1 'ggi' s' ' ' Lk xc' X! 1 A J., sq 1 f ,F , . J K x . e T' Q I 4 , , 59 f A..,Jik- N A ' f ' ' , """-iw.. ., , .rd "2 ' . ' , fmfg, 'f' In ,, I . mg. C Z fir . X .f FRONT: Wade Whitten, Barry Gore, Don Bounds. BACK: Doug Taylor, Ken Welker, Guy Vanergriff, Tim Malinoski Golf The 1970 golf season saw the Southerners compete mainly in tournaments . . . they played several fall dual matches, beating LSU of New Orleans and the University of South Alabama twice each. They Hnished second in a three-way match with LSU of New Orleans and Southeastern Louisiana Cwon by LSUNOD. In a fall tournament, the LSU Invitational CBaton Rougej, they finished fourth. Among 10 teams in the second annual Senior Bowl tournament at Mobile. In the regular season tournaments they finished 2nd among 17 in USM's annual B.O. Van Hook Invitational, 2nd among ll teams in Spring Hill's annual Buckhaults Invitational at Mobile, 2nd to Miss. State in the Mississippi Intercollegiate Tournament at Jackson fother teams: Ole Miss, Delta State, Millsapsj, 4th among 10 teams in the Centenary Invitational at Shreveport, and 7th among 89 teams in the Miami Invitational. WML ,X- Intramurals Bayrats-winners of overall intramural football trophy. The 1969-70 year of men's intramurals at Southern provided much excitement for everyone involved. Kappa Sigma captured the overall school championship. The Bayrats, who finished third overall, ripped the Kappa Sigs 22-6 for the football championship. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the second place finishers, won the top honors in golf, badminton, and tennis. The Kappa Sigs also won the trophy in volleyball in capturing their third straight intramural crown. 90 5, 4 A 'iff The Freshmen-overall intramural basketball champions. The Freshmen, a team composed of freshmen football players, made a strong showing to defeat the Phi Taus for the overall school championship in basketball. In other intramural sports the Jokers defeated the Kappa Sigs for the softball titleg the Sigma Nus won the intramural track meetg and the Bayrats took Hrst place in the Weightlifting competition. is-S1 W 'T Www shui? A mf sip .5 V. QS: E ...2 W N a, Q if Ni RS Intramural Champions Football-Bayrats Basketball-Freshmen Softball-Jokers Track--Sigma Nu Badminton-Sigma Alpha Epsilon Golf-Sigma Alpha Epsilon Handball-Graduates Swimming-Wrappers Tennis-Sigma Alpha Epsilon Volleyball-Kappa Sigma Weightlifting-Bayrats V82 141 km E M 'laf,,'fxf aff ' 'N' 'ew . , . 'QQ' Q ff M-vsti'f-'fQff'-.- i . - ' M4 MY. .4 ' sm, -I sqm' .. " ' ww ,N A A i, . W' TQ ,,, s., J. ' . so-g-.zsivfans I V , as 0. -s -1 ' " - , K Q The year i969-70 was a most successful one for girls' intramurals. Basketball was won by the Bayratsg Pulley Hall won volleyballg badminton singles was won by Stella Wedgeworth who played for Pulley Hall. Representing Tri Sigma Sorority, Linda Sparks and Mary Jane Richmond took first place in badminton doubles. Jones Hall led the field in track while Pi Beta Phi captured First place in the swimming meet. Independents took the softball crown and Pulley Hall won tennis doubles. Nancy Fox Batson won the tennis singles for Chi Omega Sorority. Stella Wedgeworth and Nancy Chappa tied for Most Outstanding Player. Chi Omega was the overall girls' intramural winner and Pi Beta Phi won the annual sportsmanship trophy. Bayrats-girls' intramural basketball champions. Linda Sparks and Mary Jane Richmond-badminton doubles winners, i l 94 Pulley Hall-girl's intramural volleyball champions. ,X 95 The last event in the long list of intramural competitions was the swimming meet. It was here that the overall school championships were finally decided. The Wrappers, who were not in contention for the overall trophy, won the meet and the Kappa Sigs' second place finish assured their victory. In the girls' division the Pi Beta Phis took top honors, but could not catch the Chi O's in the overall race. After the meet the final standings were announced and the trophies were presented. . m,w.s"" - -- V . ' W "" A -qf'g7" W -w Y"'X"-93311 Meri' i swsrxslfsaiy-f X rrsiwy. , :"4f"'5 GV' Q ' ' '-A . s Q - We ' X . . . 'X , .V . ",HS'W31A""h W,-frm sf-ff ri 'X ' - F m?""7':LZ2kQwM. X drawn , ,4 if s - - X, . fqkmwx 4, X Q, ,M M m..,w K H thi? i Y A y , kj y ,wwwesv-vqsa ,L cs. X X ., V- we Y so t , :strc a N, X ,S Q saws, , , I .,,, :Ni K iv 6 f X wwf-""r' , ,,,,,W, X:,,,,g,i.-.M . .- N., ' -' Q, f. V nv f, ' ' - Q . , f ,.tJ?7Q, Y" ' s -sm' x fx, H . . is ' X ' hw N . , ,,, W- , .am 0 ww is 13" f"Y-Hf"vl.....iX3ilXiiNS1.?fiK1: ui ,, f X , W ff, 1 Sn , ,M , IM ZW , y f ,Q www , ' M If X f f fw4Qp,,,,,,f. Wi ,z V ........,v, ,, k M WWW 1. , f fr H S S - - - . - 1- -W, ,, , f ',Q9f2'fff"ff ,M W f , ff 0. " ,wff y 41 hwy, f M. -y f , my iffy X , , ww , . QW Y sf i K ' ' "" 5' ,r WSW' YZ ' . W if -vvf QW 'Q ' X ' Aw we fo' ff af ff :. .,., ,. CY M -s N Q ., Q. sn ws H A M -X - - ivy, xr "4 X f , f .ff , 'i 4- "ig " - Q . :.,s...E-. ' Q-. S L5 -E i - ' " o ffi s , f ,.,, --'ff ,.,. i ' Ni' N xii' , 'i we .- " .. ' , X M f X st' fx -few cr, . , ., . ., ,,,, " 5 . .x , X . , M is r X ss 96h .Qt .v,Mw.,r:f, 1 ' ,wan 'Qs iq JQNQ sw'-N' f,..,' Ju., N Y s 'W :WW ,ww X W. .v-'- "Nap- . X, xx, XXX ""4v"fk X? if KX X k ' X X XX.. .2 ,X X X V. A X 'Sf '. X .YN-1XwaQL .X "5 N?" -1. X. , VX- ' X X, ' XX ' ,Q Ax Y, X Q' Q X, V X V' img X. 4' XX' A X ' s.. . -X , , Q - ' X-N X' :X-1 : ' 2XX.XX, U X' f-X XS. ig " ...X xx S XXX- .-X N .X h- Xa X g X X XXAXXQ . .ww X X . . X X Q -X ENA . W X X ,. h g,X:..JX3Asws ,XX XVN . Jn X, Q X. XXX,NXX5y XX ,NV X XX X X IQ' is . f N-W H A X,.gX2 ' X X. X ', -- . X.. -1 ,XXX ..XX . 'W':f-1X'X3XX : . 'Q :f x X. X, rf .X ,X-X --N.. X-., f- . ' I. .X 1 Y X 'NX - .- ' X X 'Q X X HN . I N A X Q X ks A y 4 - 13 - X X Q A 1.jlXf:,5. -gX,:gXjg- -"- Y 5' gr X W? :QNX XgMg.'f,.XX, .Ng ,XXX f X -. X - -X MS' ,X ,X V X,X,gX.X xl Q-Q X- X X . X X5 fm X KW wg, X,wewsmX, Xe.-XM-'Q X X X, XX ' f5W1w9' - ' .:" ' X. . X .ef 'X W av-QSXNV ' ,. X. X '5 ' X SN 1 .X X' X-A .See .rfsz .. ' , ' x ' fx " . X A Q XXX, f X-N 1 - -1 ' V. ,X,,.3.X X X X V XXXX5 XX.XX K sa .X K X- ..y.,f .,.,.XAN -X, X5 X . XA. ww X X K ,X . AXWQ X . X ...,, X X. .. V QawXXX Wig, X F :NS ' k ' N X '- .AX .X X- X WXXNAQ w QlX..,X M X A 4 X SN Xt' , X 5+-X XXX X - S' 'X X X .X X X4-MX 'X x -an X..?XgQXX.N.XN X N LgX X X "W w,XXXwX X V -V X Q W , -N Xs X XX. X . -X ' XX... .. X. X' WX -.Q X. W ly X X X X -4 XX ' XX . . mm n - 'B XXX, X X 'g-MQXXXVSST, Wim W' A- : x Xx f N- XX QXTYX X. "QW X . X. X X. .XXX-L 'N ' ..fXXwXXmX X' X WX. ' NU g xfsxggm MW - M-....,XX. ' - , H . . Nr' Xu H g? XM .XXX If XX, X Wu NZXXX-1...,X..,.X.mkMN - X XX X... , JW, X. . V QR . X ,N X, X- is YW 'X X 'xfw MX, A M XX - .X XX ' -S XMXXNM .XX ---. X . X H X ' ,Q ' qw 'WW-' N K Nw.. .. Q mw'5RNN,,X ,W LXXWN--X X-X Wfwi' A . ' .,.J'iX X. ,W XX. NW RW SYVWATX X N X X ' X MNH X, X., XXXXX. .X XXM-XX NW Xl- " ' 'x 'N' ,X X ' f XXXMX X ' - i 6' X- X x H x . an-wx ,- WW? iw X .X N X. XM Q U""'w-f'--1-9 NAM . i X A ww Xwmmiw-. X m- Siam.. Wmlxxm w xl' Q, .X f NSY W' Q .MN K N x x, R x gXXX XX fx NX .X X L- , ,xxx 5 v NX X' W K Q Ibxiggyi 4 X. .X X NSX... 'Yr 2. S4 S ww, SX F 42 X XXivs,. 1 Q X mmgwf ,gag-X ,A 4 v . ,W , QNX A 'Maw 4 . , 9 'V' wg. Xv x- .,g..2'lP ,,.,.,ggnllIHf' Xww 5, 1 . X. XNMX. f ,MX W, X, 'N Q A .f:..... -I --..... X XX X. . X1 X X .5 X W .X X.. N--- HM-- " XWYN : f . wlX: X - N fl' Tx X 441 NVQ" X , 4' -. - K NSS' ' XXXS Q. X- X Lf, -K" X --s A W ww- - X- Xl. - Ai 97 3" TOP: Brenda Talbert, Sally Floyd, Danny Mitchell, John Runnels. BOTTOM: Richard Peters, Nancy Meador, Jim Miller, Pam Stamps. Varsity Cheerleaders 98 Freshman Cheerleaders -Cf! 3 rgvw STANDING: Barbara Greer, Susan Courtney, Marsha Waggener. KNEELING: Sally Jean Blackburn, Terrie French, Nancy Wil liamson. 99 . ,W any .M we-' if fl 1 W. 1 rm:-mzvzgmw I 1 in 1 'P . " . J 5 an 5 .J ' " V ' P . J. ,fr ,f , .AN-19 6 LJ, . -gf' gf' if ,ff 1, rf I H A , 4' 4 I I by X? X Q - h'w""' H""" M.. Q. ., M . ' "-N 'D I , , ' , - f hw.. V Q X V! ,... ..,, , ,, , ' ' f ' w,MMfc:.a.wZ!'t . , ..: . .Mis USM Pipe Band As "The Presidentis O'Wn', honor guard, the Pipe Band makes its annual campus appearance at homecoming, thereafter retreating to the conlines of House Q where the nasal sounds of their pipes can be heard as they practice for upcoming engagements. This past year, the Pipe Band was featured in the coronation ceremonies for the king and queen of the Mobile Mardi Gras Association and at the opening of the Mississippi Arts Festival in Jackson. They were honored as guests of the Irish Club in Baton Rouge at their annual Saint Patrickls Day celebration and at the Highland Games and Festival, held each year in Dunedin, Florida. IOI - br X ' ' If , -- ' 'F ..,,, ,,,,, " A' " ' --' , M , .i H P+ A Campus Organizations Compared For Spirit Sword General N at And Cheerleaders Led Students In Weekly Pep Rallies Acrobaties and Cheers Gave Spirit L 'W' 1 S, -W ,M 51, if " .V",. ,Q xii 104, ...wmv wa.. ...,.-...,.N.............. 2 1 J s . w 4 I Q , Z V W 3 i , f I 3 K, PJ . : , H-N-wN.,,. 04 aging 105 Q93 :IK To Both Big Gold And Spectators Qgva.. 'Ar' a .,., y Q9 sv A .0- . 3.-5 .n4' -rn -, '59 fa- -, f. V ,..-. pl 4 ! I I I W7 nn an na As in the past, the DD's were back to once again do their thing at halftnne, to the dehght of the males 1n attendance Under the able d1rect1on of Mrs Karen uarnstrom thls year s dance rout1nes showed more or1g1nal1ty but less of the anatomy Wlth the dem1se of the off shoulder un1forms DIXIE Darlmgs Q. 7 I -:K . - 1 dt" il 1 Q. Debbie Southall, Betty Jo Ray, Sanfra Ange, Paula Courtney, Tammy O,Neal, Coleen O'Mara, Dale Russell, Suzette Gunter, Vistra Myers, Jackie Williams. I i li! ...wmww--.mis-.H+ ... -..w-,i-wNNm..- - W--W .Act ' 11711-.1 IO Pom Pom Girls Known as the Pom-PomCirls, these ten bouncy coeds have the responsibility of adding pep and spirit to Southern's home basketball games. Chosen each fall by a tryout process, this lively group furnishes time-out entertainment through short and snappy dance routines. X . X Q lg . ij : .3 -' -ffl f-ffwzf :QL .,h, wk - 5 wk, QQ , Ky .l . x wk, :Ns Q V- Ss ' 'f ,fq,V x J X.. 21 'xxx -X. 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' .ppl I,,g3Z:..fa,' gf.:- fs Student Life and Classes 109 Q 5 E E E : I L I a I i ix J V III gp an ...ff N x44'?SFf" Nwwn.. ...Q ,vm xx 'Q' qu - ww aj -..- H-N... .nn -0-- Ww ' -sag. ...MSN , , arf- J ...-.. -Q.. and --ww - -. ' 0' N, ,A -Q- .mf who 5 , w Awvw " ,gf 3 .., .- -. ' V 1 4 ,p 'Q -HRW, , -ffiwqrb M31 .LV qw WJQ. ' 1 W1 A - J ,AQY Q... ,aww nm- 1 Q fri . A 5 1. .A - . 1 ' v 1 'f A. . 'n P ., e .' ... ' . v in , N .f 57' tub, .J .-...H,1, . .. - . :..f 4" ff . 1, 1 la 4'- .y '-Q., 4 . 'v .- n z w Q 1 .1 , . .JA K , ,.. x . f c al -e.' n -v '-r Vit, .I....',m, . ,Vg , I. X I. 3? .- ... , . '1.1f'!jg .351-L I " ' 1 'Jiri wi.. .-. ..,!. J. 1-X Ni. 1-,, 'U 1 '-.:'?. ,Nu f... gr. J.. ,- .f y , The year of chan i e' Camxlle 'A ' 352: 1 ya a. .. , , .L. .F .A+ I I- UA. .v .. 5 : - ,u: .,,, . .-1 -,. ' , , ..,- nu-- - 45... .5 x..- .. VII.. K' r I .1,,. J 4 . 3. - r F 1-I' izanxfg' , .' 1" ' . ..,. f x -nf 'fiiwgi .1 ' ..,. 4 .1 1. v ,.-41: . :wb G.-u,g f x ..W.,.L ., Z.. 3 4: 'I 4 r ' -.-' .1115 '- .iv ' -N .3 if ff. L .A ' . '1--fg'-' -, , A--, , .f, 1 . . .,. ,.. :K " 1. .- .. .V .f',:.', A 541 5'--. ig L -'r yr.. .:.- rl" .i -.a. -4- il T4 ii 21 .fl ,li J el The Hub City Hattiesburg will never changeg it's dug in. But during the summer, the streets downtown were all changed . to one way. The citizens of Hattiesburg left their cars at home and 55 stood around laughing while students re-oriented to the maze known as Downtown H'burg. 3 The police department revenue came from USM students parking ii in front of the post office. Parking stickers didn't entitle anyone to l privileges downtown or on campus. The reason for the 15mph speed zones on Hardy Street was so that the little old lady could catch cars on foot. But H'burg is better than Oxford II or Starkville. Transition: Do you realize that you canit relate Hattiesburg to anything else, but it was a nice place to be because there was everyplace else to go. All roads lead from Hattiesburg . . . the coast, Mobile, Jackson, New Orleans . . . and if you have a few dollars extra, there was still more. 3353366 2 an ff v XX .xx 'xx R 'hm f im gk X , x, qs MM 'x gaun- MQ., w 5 f SL fi V if gtk 2 Vi 3+ ff' W 4 ' 3 if ' Q : L My ll Oli! mme " 1 H? Z' ,Q .,,3M.,, ' , 'W-w f- K 'Www k f , 1-Q 1:1 if , ,4 ww-mmnnvyimmwws W,-tv M653 mf ,, L mv, x ff ' an f fm 'A Meanwhile, back at the dip, things hadn't changed much, just moved around a little bit. The Administration Building, the one with the moss-covered air conditioner on the front, was the height of all picture-taking tours. Inside, the Student Depository was on a raffle system, but you had to be present to collect. The USM Library was a nice place to visit, but you didnit want to study there, try to study, they'd rattle the shelves, look for a book and it was sent off to the bindery which was located in west Hong Kongg periodicals were made into micro-film somewhere in Oshkosh-another one of the hot towns. Occasionally the books were in the library, somewhere-it could be better termed the USM Bookmobile. The welcoming committee at the front door fthe others were always lockedj consisted of one "smiling" little old lady who counted the take from the duplicating machines-the house never lost. For entertainment, the library housed the largest collection of children's books in the world. "Evergreen" was still catalogued in the agricultural section. 2 aims 3 ,t f4f"S ,-A ' 4 "9l0hsg. vwnxqgg 116 "f'1'Kf' aw fx ' 'Y wi "Qs'y5i?'Q1' 'f 'tag 4, bfi ' fl f X - ,. . 5 5 -'v 1 ww fjy,:.,, ,,3LZ,, Q 33.5, Q ki. My .L K fm, A3 , ff x , fm , V. 4 ffqlk . 1.- My 5 V' Q.. in ,L ,X - M-, 4 -. -"W V 'Q x X V fl 'I 1 f i - ' l' ig , ,gi . . B1-mq...,x-,vs ... K it 5 .4 , A 4 Sv V.-H '3 s. 1 I 'M 3 . x v " I ,Y , ,x,V V , .. , f 'fwfr - .. ' ' 1 ' . 1 4 f,,, -N . EV 1252 'ff . 'r Q 42 , f',,.:Lg,f M ,f,5,A:L., ,C 7 qgf fff i+f?'g'iQY'1iz w S. Ya' '- WL l gg, ,gg ,fab f--V ff' K ' f.1ifz,'??,-.f,ff55f,'- M n 1 3, M -fe Zffkfwes 531' fsfffz 45-z.:f Q V Q, - A F? '-, 'JU L 2Q45',3'f?,5'if 59' L 1.3 l',f.,Y ,. .mZ fl Q, ? xx L 1 7: H g, , f - fy :. f -- A my ,A V+ .V iv 1 ,, ,, , Q I , M, , , 'M 1 A i 4 , 5? ' 'ani' ' Af, M , lx 5 N t f J ,W , i A, A g?'37? 1fX ' . M l, A, 1, x I V A-. NM, i .4v's,,wq-,X g Wm' 433' -, 'W Y ' ' .. ., , .A u wivvqyw. 3 ' 5,5 ' , 5 ' x s , ,? ff .5,.W,,,f ,' f"" - 5"'f? ,Q 1:6 N gif 1 wmwbwi f 1 V 'I 1. X M , , f VA M J gk L' f . y R' . x 1 , Y 'N ., x ,N " I XM., Qlrf"""W A L, A. , X 5 ,, ,L WM QA 4, 5 W , hh . I L. X 35 km, ,4 Q hm 9 -' 1 'wwyaidx' ' , i N is , 5 ' , Q 'XX 1 -N 4 E A . xxx A xx N. x x f ..1,A. Mus LR 9 fi 4 f 5 auf. Y if mi' t Wm. .4...-..w. me 117 JF Hug Q qu-k 1. f 4 f xx f ff x f , f U15 f f L42 - ' 2 f 'K f 'N i 'Z' n.Jf X ,W Q 1 ff W 5 UW' 'X is The Commons was held up by spoons, knives, and napkins under rocky tables. If you didn't drop a tray this year, it will be your turn next year. The raisin counter was always asking if anyone was going to be on campus on the weekend, poor guy never had a date. The lemon pie wasnit lemon, just yellow, catsup wasn't for seasoning, it was camouflage, and the food wasn't much for nourishment, but it made plentiful ammunition-apple sauce, turnip greens, and other implements of destruction were quickly brought under control by Oflicer Oubre who was taking Hngerprints, footprints of the approach and getaway, not to mention the aerial photography. 119 , "Qf,,fZ' 7 , ,f . ' 1 V. fl ' yd, Q? UA,-ff I , 425, ff Muff f, f .,,, X . , J ,..,,,, , 7' ff -1' -' 1 f ,A 1 f 4 Q f s .,,.. : ' ,,,,, 1::?y,,. if '-Q f. ' :- -' " ' ., 'rv ff ff' . J V- ,.,.. fy A, ,, QA i After supper, girls took a run by the Hub to check their male. The football team was loose and lined the flowerbeds on the right side. Most of the time the Hub was the best place to be when there was no place to go. Wimpy's had reserved seatsg Cecil was the Maitre-d'. Through the front of the Hub were fourteen doors-each lethal. The mail was delivered at 8 and 2, but it was put in the boxes when ever the workers felt like itg rain, sleet, and dark of night didnit mean much to them. People didnlt put notices in mail boxes to let you know what was going on on campusg they just sort of scattered notices on the floor. If you wondered why three 6c stamps cost 25c, the Bookstore was in charge of the stamp machine. For part of a dry campus, the Bookstore certainly had an abundance of bar accessories. The Coliseum "looks like Flash Gordon's bathroom." than ..- LF'-1 17.0 5- Q fry. ZW is 5 , , J' LGA .,, X "QI W . "'+-...Qs "5'wn-..- 793. 9:-.2 Bb! .,,,. ,,,. ..,..-F, ...M-11,463 2154?-,1, z If 2 Z 2 in 5 2 2 Q Z f 2 it Z M,-ww WVW , , . I The Student Services Building has a back door. The first rule to remember upon entering: if you planned to go to any oflice, leave time enough to go to at least six othersg the entire staff took a course in referral. And don't try to pass on the stairs! The Clinic was notorious for its specialty item: throat swabs and hot salty water. If the dayis special happened to coincide with your ailment, you lived. But everybody won a door prize, they gave away red pills by the shoebox full. Actually they were just M8LM,s with the M's rubbed off. The Auditorium had the noise on top. During Fall Quarter the entire building had exploratory surgery. It still wasnat air conditioned, but it sounded like it. The old Science Building resembled a Howard Johnson Motel. The room numbers were in alphabetical order-eight, eleven, five, four, one, seven . . . over, under, sideways, and down. A student could die looking for House You had to be 6'5" and A weigh 280 to safely enter College Hall without accident insurance. The Administration Building had more doors than College Hall, the biggest date trap on campus-once she got in there, you knew she couldn't get out. .,w,.---- W , ,,,.i..,.W,,Wf0W' fm, ,. , 4 , Vw- "y A 1 V94 f , A E , 2 f -rv . r l at f ' F , f 4 if .. M41- fa , I ' r ...- . 5 I I E 8 S l I f- V f ' -re v-sf V .aw twSvfJ1'1T"""'Tw f 2225-i fqij , f ,,,,, 5 2' V ' a ' 4 If 7 Q ' , S. t N V 3 .. sgsgsi . Z,-g 5 f 5' "" 1 . ' 1 Mimi" " ' ' "" fx'-I -51' ' X is is.f"1:" sv E : : s ' i fi ' .,.. .R ft, ,... fr, 5, y .... Muff: - . ..+.. .-.-, - -K -4 X . E, ,,,,,. -,.. t '-'N 2 as 1' . i 17.7. LJ an LS -xAS,..:, I2 J' 5 ixayrgl-S ' S 9 1-'L s I rv +- ,-'.,- -A ,,,,,,,w M 'Q W 'bww' , .y X9F5- W , - K 1"g5,gm 4-14. :pf ,, W 1' ,,,,.,, f wwf?" :- r-, ,, 'NV' .'w 5'-Q,-f. . 'aa-A - -M' rw-W-ff - ,!W.,.?-V'1.'f , . ' ' .- 1 V .' --. JhQ1'3-ff"' -' ,' .. ' F . ,I ' 't sf. , '-- -1,112 L ,gli fi 'wr . HJ- . ,, nag' fm A' 'Wi ' . 1 :ei , . -, EW-, - -1. . . Q . 'E . . ' v' ' 4, 1 I -I 'W . 4 X- .... '.- 4 ' wif ' H 4"f"y ix e s z h ,, V an F 12.4 'ikgterramw Yi- if Xe yi J W nl, iigxv iw- wg was . . iw, ,X .if R Aw it NR .9 M 5- 'S .V 'N I At 'N . ...Q rn .1-J.- 1..r..f...1.- lr ivlagjg Q ..s -Y' r A College Hall begot Wilbur Stout, another safety hazard on campus, this was on faculty insurance rates. Someone really ought to install guard rails so the professors wonlt fall off the stages so often. But the rails would probably be painted black and yellar like the rest of the bars on campus-so forget it. The Business Building Auditorium rivaled Lake Byron for the deepest part of the dip. A hole was dug next to the Fine Arts Building big enough to bury the entire building. We were the only University in the South that didn't have a union . . f'We did! Where?', East Hall is an old ladies home. Mississippi Hall had a Museum, Hickman had eaglels nests 5 Jones had a bulge, Pulley was like Jones, except without the bulge, and Roberts dropped My of an inch on the east wing. Forrest County, McClesky, and McMillan are dead-euthanasia. gil 12' ll w i m EEF' A it 'fr ' Q - 'W .Q 1iffit'.ff.4,-M 1.1. f W ' 5 ' ,, .f"'f25 lE':t'i but 115 M . w Semor Treasurer MW, I ,MffW"'d Mark Boyles Freshman President 7 I ff - Henry Laird Sophomore Vice-President 116 I0 Anne Frese Keith Myers Umor Secntary Junior Vice-President ",.--X Gary Odom r ' if 5 Z1:.:?'-335' Senior President 5 f Bettie Sue O'Brian Sophomore Secretary 'vi Ree Stauss Senior Secretary C . . Suzy Robinson S ' . Sophomore Treasurer Gary Robinson Sophomore President Sherry Pound Freshman Treasurex Tom Wickliff e Graduate President gum '2"" ii' 117 jan Walker Graduate Treasurer f 5 raduates WAYNE J. ARMSTRONG Hattiesburg Physical Education MARY E. ATKINSON New Orleans, La. Sociology CECIL W. ATWOOD Laurel Finance RITA BAKER Wiggins Theater .IUDITH M. BALO Whitewood, S.D. Applied Music PAUL P. BASS Sumrall Psychology BETTY J. BATSON Hattiesburg Speech Pathology GLENDA S. BLANKENSHIP Memphis Music LINDA E. BORRIES Mobile, Ala. Counseling CHARLES C. BOUNDS Shreveport, La. Guidance DONALD O. BRADLEY Biloxi Marine Biology RODNEY K. BRANDSTEDTER Biloxi Finance DELORES A. BROADUS Purvis Speech Pathology VIRGINIA D. BROOKS Bolton Speech Pathology GARY L. BROWN Tupelo Marketing CHARLES M. BURKE Baton Rouge, La. Elementary Education SHERIDAN BURKE Baton Rouge, La. Childhood Education WESLEY C. BURKHARDT New Orleans, La. Biology JOE E. BUSH Hattiesburg English CAROLYN J. BUTTLES Hattiesburg Political Science VIRGINIA H. CANTERBURY Gautier Education Administration ELIZABETH A. CARAVAN Brigantine, N.J. Microbiology MELTON H. CARAWAY Hattiesburg History DOROTHY CARTER Hattiesburg English WILLIAM CLARK, III Newport News, Va. Finance DELIA F. COLVILLE Pensacola, Fla' Mathematics MARGUERITE R. COWLES New Orleans, La- History TERRY W. CRESS Hattiesburg Finance H. MARTIN CREWS Panama City, Fla. Finance STANLEY R. DALTON Hattiesburg Biology EUGENE H. DAMON Meridian Business Administration BONNIE R. DAUGHERTY McIntosh, Ala. Family Living 11 Satsuma, Ala. Walton Beach, Fla. Chunky New Orleans, La. Long Island, N.Y. New Iberia, La. Blackwell, Okla. RONALD L EVANS Salisbury, N.C. FRAZIER S EWING Charleston, W. Va. EDWARD D GODBY Lymington, England DONNA M GOODWIN Asheville, N.C. Ellisville Pascagoula Meridian Greenville Hattiesburg McComb Hattiesburg JEANETTE G HERITAGE Mgbile, Ala. CQNSTANCE L HOLMES Tylerfoyvn WILLIAM R HOLMES Oklahoma City, Okla. State Line Candler, N.C. Candler, N.C. Hattiesburg Crosby Lubbock, Tex. jackson Van Cleave Meridian FRANK L KILGARD IR Coral Cables, Fla. Viola, Ark. SANDRA L. LANIER RAY H. LEE YUEH-LI B. LIN MARY L. LOTT raduates Speech Pathology Elementary Education Economics LINDA D. LLOYD Institutional Management Music Education LLOYD W. MARSALIS SCILA J. MARSALIS Guidance Biology-Chemistry JAMES P. MCCARTNEY Political Science BRENT E. McMAHAN WILLIAM F. MEARS KING MERRITT Political Science Political Science Elementary Education RICHARD T. MIDDLETON, III Secondary Education WILLIAM R. MORGAN. JR. Political Science JO N. MULHOLLAND English WILLIAM C. NAYLOR Physical Education PATRICIA W. NEWMAN SALLY T. NIELSON RITA PAGE CAROLYN PERRY English Early Childhood Political Science English JOHN F. PHILLIPS School Administration MARTHA N. PICKETT CLARA R. POTEAT Speech Pathology Recreation CHARLES B. RABB Recreation ,IOHN D. ROAN Administration Doctoral JUDY F. RODNEY Elementary Education E. BENSON ROPER Philosophy MARY K. RUSSELL Elementary Education GLENN F. RYAN Guidance THOMAS F. SANDERS Management GILBERT D. SCOTT Geography NELDA F. SEAL Speech Pathology WILLIAM C. SEALE Secondary Education Waycross, Ga. Jackson Taipei, Taiwan Biloxi Seminary Columbus Columbus Petal Hattiesburg Petersburg, Fla. Hattiesburg Jackson Jackson Carthage Mathiston Vicksburg Bogalusa, La. Hazlehurst Philadelphia Lake City, Fla. Newton Amory Greenwood Naples, Fla. Greenville Escatawpa Columbia Ocean- Springs Hattiesburg Mississippi City Angie, La. Delta City a. '91 130 JB! lit ,rm AU el mil. 131 raduates PAUL SHAFER CARLIE J. SHAFER Sur Education Administration JAN O. SHOEMAKER Voice CAROLYN K. SHEPHERD Nlathematics MARTHA M. SIMPSON Mathematics THOMAS WAI-TUNG SIN Library Science PATRICK F. SKRMETTI CHARLES W. SMITH JAMES R. SPEARS SHERRA N. SPENCE LARRY D. STANLEY LILLIE M. STOKES Business History Managernent Guidance Psychology Reading ROLAND R. STROUD English JERRY C. SULLIVAN BARRY TEWIS CLIFF D. THOMAS Political Science Mathematics Guidance CARLTON E. TURNER JAMES W. ULMER FRED. C. VINSON Chemistry Management Management DEMETRI N. VLAHOS Business EDWARD K. WALKER JAMES A. WALKER JAN WALKER Management College Counseling Psychology CHARLEY C. WATKINS Art Education JOHN B. WARTHMAN JERRY B. WHITE Elementary Education Jr-rvisor OI Instruction Long Beach Long Beach Magee Benoit Biloxi Hong Kong Biloxi Hattiesburg Ellisville Picayune Hazen, Ark. Memphis, Tenn. Petal Hattiesburg French Camp Hampton, Va. Hermanville Laurel Hattiesburg Biloxi Ellisville Hattiesburg Senatobia Crystal Springs Brockport. N.Y. Tylertown Education Administration DAVID O. WICKLIFFE Natchez History HENRY H. WILLIS Alta Loma, Tex. Education Administration MARY G. WOLFE Hattiesburg Library Science WILLIAM R. WRIGHT Jackson Finance Seniors MARGARET A. ABBOTT ADELE M. ABRAHAM NANCY D. ADAMS SHARON A. ADAMS Natchez Vicksburg Jackson Ocean Springs FRANK W. ADERHOLT, JR. Clarksdale JACOB E. AINSWORTH JUDITH A. AINSWORTH KATHRYN E. ALERITTON DIXIE L. ALDRICH GORDON A. ALEXANDER CORENE ALLEN MARJoR1E J. ALLEN MARY R. ALLEN RANDALL J. ANASTASIO DOLLY D. ANDERS RAY ANDERS JAMES M. ANDERSON MARGARET C. ANDERSON ROBERT W. ANDERSON SHIRLEY A. ANDERSON JUDY A. ANDREWS ANNA S. ANEST MARTHA R. ANGLIN HENRY M. APPERSON, JR. WYNN APPLEWHITE HARRY P. ARoAREsE MAX X. ARINDER MARTHA J. ASHLEY JACQUELYN s. ATES White Oak Bay Springs Picayune Florence McComb Columbia Jackson Moss Point Gulfport Sturgis Gloster Gulfport Brooklyn Jackson Hattiesburg Pascagoula Tupelo Mt. Olive West Point Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Jackson Bay Sp rings Milton, Fla. ROSE ATKINSON Pickens WALTER C. ATKINSON Panama City, Fla. CHARLES L. ATWOOD Pascagoula LYNDA M. AULTMAN Sumrall KENNETH T. AVERY Hattiesburg RONALD R. BABERS Woodville CAROLYN BAILESS Vicksburg PAUL E. BAILEY Hattiesburg DONALD G. BAKER MARGARET J. BALCH MARK H. BALIUS Long Beach Pass Christian Biloxi 137. in v-J" 41 133 Seniors JERRY L. BALL Panama City, Fla. JAMES P. BALTHROP, JR. Mobile, Ala.. RICARDO F. BALZARETTI San Salvador, El Salvador JAMES V. BANKSTON Myriek THOMAS C. BARAGONA Natchez RICKI N. BARFIELD Meridian JOSEPH H. BARICEY Biloxi DOUGLAS D. BARLOW Hattiesburg ROY E. BARNARD Holley. Fla. REX M. BARNES Cadeville, Ala. CHARLOTTE M. BARNETT Gulfport HAROLD W. BARNETT Natchez RITA K. BARNETT Gulfport DEBORAH J. BARRON Pascagoula LYNDA L. BARRON Hattiesburg JAMES M. BASS Enterprise JAMES W. BASS Poplarville MARTIN K. BFATEMAN Bay Minette. Ala. MARY A. BATER Vicksburg THOMAS E. BATES Meridian JOSEPH E. BATSON Poplarville MICHAEL BATTLES MADELINE M. BAUCOM MARY E. BAXTER BEVERLY R. BEASLEY TOMMY C. BEASLEY CHARLES R. BECK FREDDIE R. BEGGS BRIAN R. BELKNAP KATHYAN BELL RAFAELE G. BELTRAM CONNIE L. BENEDICT THOMAS R. BENEFIELD ANNE BENKE JOHNNY J. BENNETT REBECCA L. BENSON ELIZABETH BERGIN LYNN L. BERRY MARTIN L. BERRY Sylaeauga, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg Gloster Gloster Pensacola. Fla. Tupelo Poplar Bluff, Mo. Jackson Trieste. Italy Hattiesburg Kreole Jackson Harrisville Slidell. La. Ocean Springs NVilmington, N.C. Picayune ROBERT G. BERRY Panama City, Fla. I Semors ELIZABETH D. BERRYHILL Natchez RICHARD E, BERQUIST McKeesport, Pa. ALEXANDER A. BERTOLLA Fairhope, Ala. DIANE BIANCHI Jackson JIM C. BISHOP Hattiesburg DETRA S. BISHOP Laurel MARY E. BISHOP Nashville, Tenn. KATHLEEN BLACKBURN Hattiesburg RAYMOND A. BLACKLIDGE Gulfport MICHAEL L. BLACKWELL MCI-Ienry NITA L. BLACKWELL Gulfport JOHN W. BLAKENEY Hattiesburg ALBERT E. BLANKENSHIP Puryear, Tenn. KENT I. BLANTON Natchez VIRGINIA G. BLOUNT Gillsburg RUTH A. BOBINGER Gulfport FRANK J. BOETTCHER Gulfport FRANCES K. BOGGAN Mendenhall LINDA A. BOLES Quitman PEGGY W. BOLER Laurel LINDA N. BOLEWARE Seminary JUDITH H. BOND Wiggins JAMES E. BONEY Biloxi HENRY T. BONNETTE Waterproof, La. DONALD R, BOOTH GlOStCI' BARRY K. BOUNDS Hattiesburg GEORGE T. BOUNDS Sumrall JIMMIE T. BOUNDS Ellisville LARRY C. BOURNE Columbia JOSEPH A. BOURGEOIS Hattiesburg MARTHA 13, BOUTWELL Laurel WILLIAM A. BOUTWELL Hallehufst LYNN G. Bowmzs Meridian MARY K. Bowmzs Birmingham, Ala- DIXIE L. Boxx MOHOH CLAUDE C. BOYD Florence THOMAS H. BOYD Gulfport LARRY W. BRADDOCK Laurel JANE E. BRADLEY Hattiesburg JAMES L. BRAMLETT Belzoni I 'eff'- 4!"""'s JW 1 I1 is :sfmgsifh 135 Seniors Pensacola, Fla. PATRICIA A. BRANNON New Orleans, La. TASKA BRANTLEY BONNIE G. BRASFIELD DEBORAH R. BRAUN Quitman Hueytown, Ala. Syracuse, N.Y. EDWARD R. BREAKFIELD Columbia BARBARA BREWER LEE R. BREWER, JR. THOMAS G. BREWER TRAVIS E. BREWER ,IUANITA BRITT SHEILA A. BRITT CHARLES E. BRITT SHARON B, BRODY BARBARA J. BROOKS CLAUDE M. BROOKS RUTH A. BROOME BUFORD R. BROOME Richton McComb Hattiesburg Gulfport Brookhaven Magee Hattiesburg Vineland, NRI. Panama City, Fla. Independence Hattiesburg Moss Point ROBERT E. BROUILLETTE, III Gulfport LEAH R. BROWDER BILLIE J. BROWN CAROL A. BROWN JAMES M. BROWN OLLIE W. BROWN RICHARD B. BROWN SHIRLEY M. BROWN HENRY M. BRUMFIELD MARTHA J. BRYANT WILLIE Y. BRYANT LBNA K. BUCK JOE L. BUIE MARY A. BULLOCK LARRY L. BURCHAM KEARY E. BURGER MARY C. BURKE LINDA F. BURKETT IOHN C. BURKHALTER RONALD T. BURKES LARRY VV. BURRAGE MARTHA L. BURRAGE Hattiesburg Brandon Waynesboro Gulfport Carthage Gulfport Decatur Pascagoula Jackson Hattiesburg Biloxi Meridian Picayune Meridian Natchez Gulfport New Hebron Seminary Picayune Jackson Pascagoula CHARLES W. CARLSON Ft. Myers, Fla. HILDA L. CARNEY Columbia ANNIE L. CARO Mobile, Ala. TOMMY CARR Forest HULON D. CARR Forest MEDERO B. CARR Forest JOHN P. CARROLL Meridian JOE M. CARTER Petal RALPH L. CARTER, JR. Noxapater WALTER P. CARTIER Richton DEBORAH M. CASE Canton JAMES D. CASE Brookhaven JOHN R. CASE Brookhaven KAREN L. CASE Jackson WILLIAM A. CATHEY Fort St. Joe, Fla. DONNIE N. CAUGHMAN Mendenhall CHRIS CAVE Bay St. Louis JOSE M. CHACON San Salvador, El Salvador EDWARD H. CHAMPNEY Hattiesburg CARY J. CHAMPION New Orleans, La. Seniors GEORGE A. BURRIS McComb WAYNE L. BURRUS New Orleans, La. JULIUS W. BURT Brookhaven JAMES F. BUSH, JR. Hattiesburg PARIS K. BUSH Gulfport CAMILLE S. BUTLER Jackson JEAN H. BYRAM Forest FRANCES A. BYRD Laurel GUILLERMO CACERES Puerto Armeulles, Panama CHARLOTTE B. CAHILL Laurel HUGH E. CAIN Hattiesburg KENNETH W. CALDWELL Biloxi ANTHONY A. CALLIA New Orleans, La. BOBBY L. CALVERY Forest JIMMY C. CAMERON Hattiesburg CYNTHIA M. CAMPBELL Hattiesburg MARY F. CAMPION Waveland ROBERT C. CAVANAN Philadelphia, Pa. I GERALD H. CAPERS Gulfport JOHANNA K. CAPTIVA Pascagoula Seniors 7 P? LINDA G. CHAPMAN Jacksvn JAMES W. CHEEK Hattiesburg AUBREY M. CHILDRE Jackson ROBERTA CHISHOLM Natchez SCOTT D. CHISHOLM Vero Beach, Fla. CARLA F. CHRISCO Biloxi ETHEL C. CLARK Madison JACK B. CLARK, JR. Petal LINDA L. CLARK Jackson GEORGANNE CLARK Pascagoula SHIRLEY R. CLAY Mobile, Ala. JAMES T. CLEMONS Hattiesburg VICTOR R. CLEPPER Petal BRUCE W. CLIFFORD Morton NANCY F. CLUFF Moss Point LAUREN B. COATS Pascagoula RODNEY W. COCKERHAM Laurel ROY W. COCKERHAM Laurel SANDRA P. COCKERHAM Laurel FLORENE COKE Mendenhall 137 CHRISTIE COLDEWEY Port St. Joe, Fla. LYNDA A. COLE Bisbee, Ariz. SHERMAN T. COLE Biloxi E. REBECCA COLEMAN Coldwater WILLIAM E. COLEMAN Wade BENJAMIN A. COLLINS Lucedale DAVID J. CONNER Lucedale DAVID M. CONNER Hattiesburg VIRGINIA A. CONRAD Redwood JAMES M. COOK Meridian MICHAEL R. COOK Jackson REBECCA A. COOK Columbia CHARLENE COOLEY Petal LYNN A. COOLEY Bude LESLIE C. COOPER Morton MELANEY A. COPELAND Jackson JERRY D. CORNS Jackson CLYDE S. COTHERN Tylertown PATRICIA M. COTHERN Gulfport LINDA G. COUNTRYMAN Bay Minette, Ala. 'Qu-fun. N-of ., 1 .W ,gi f Af -I . hiv' . Q J , ,I s wt '73 dl' ,1",'s,A5g 'pdf bfi' Q! few 72? 445 M it fi OWS ff ,fy Ay. . 4 .. Q.. . 4. A. .- I v- 1 f- 1 I f f .f . . f- f 0 S 1' T emo s PAULA T. COURTNEY Bassfield MARTHA A. COX Bentonia MARY W. COX Madden RAYMOND W. COX Hattiesburg GLORIA J. CRAFT Magee BARBARA F. CRAIG Picayune MARGARET A. CRAIG Morton HAROLD D. CRAIN Tylertown RITA R. CRAIN Columbia SHERRY A. CRANE Newton HARRY CRAPON Ocean Springs JERRY W. CRAVEN Meridian ALMUS E. CRAWFORD Flora CHERIE Q. CRAWFORD Flora CLAUDETTE D. CRAWFORD Laurel SAMUEL S. CREEL, JR. Columbia CLAUDE T. CREIGHTON. JR. Foley, Ala. LARRY K. CRENSHAW Mobile, Ala. JEFFERY R. CROCKER Cortland, N.Y. MARSHA L. CROSBY Laurel LANA F. CROSS Petal CHARLES R. CRUM Hattiesburg JOHNNY L. CRUM Ashland SIDNEY E. CRUTHIRDS Ocean Springs ALICE P. CUBLEY Hattiesburg KENNETH P. CULPEPPER Laurel WILLIAM R. CURRIE Meridian JOHN B, CURRY Woodville GERARD P. CUTILLO Amityville, N.Y. DONNA A. CUTTER Hattiesburg EMILY A. DAHLGREN Pensacola. Fla. SHELEY DARBY Jackson T. JOHNATHAN DART Biloxi JOSEPH R. DAUGHERTY Quitman SUSAN M. DAUGHERTY Quitman ANNIE K. DAUGHTREY Collins WILLIAM R. DAVENPORT, JR. Pensacola, Fla. JUANITA A. DAVIS Hattiesburg BETTE J. DAVIS Hattiesburg CAROL M. DAVIS Picayune 1 Seniors ELIZABETH R. DAVIS Pascagoula HUELENE DAVIS Purvis JESSE L. DAVIS Meridian RICHARD H. DAVIS Columbia TIMOTHY J. DAVIS Pascagoula TONI L. DAVIS Bay St. Louis WILLARD J. DAVIS Prentiss GEORGE DAY, JR. Laurel ALAN R. DEAN Lucedale LARRY R. DEAN Hattiesburg UWE F. DEEGEN Biloxi KIRBY T. DEER, JR. McComb ROY J. DeFRANCO North Haledon, N.J. BILLY DeLONG Summit WILLIAM M. DENCHY Jessup, Pa. ANITA T. De-NICOLA Gulfport ED. M. DENNIS MARGARET L. DETHLOFF WILLIAM H. DEVER LARRY Q. DICKINS WILLIAM P. DICKEY, JR. PRIMRosI3 H. DIKEMAN PATRICIA w. DILLION Pensacola, Fla. Moss Point Hattiesburg Collins Lucien Yazoo City Columbia ELIZABETH L. DISHAROON Port Gibson JAMES F. DIXON Liberty LINDA R. DOBBS Edgewater Park GREGORY J. DOBY York. Pa. PAUL S. DODGE Gulfport ALLEN E. DOERING Natchez MALCOLM R. DOLEAC Hattiesburg JAMES P. DONALD Morton KATHY S. DONALD Quitman STEPHEN J. DONNELL Vicksburg ROSE E. DONOHUE Brooklyn, N.Y. .JOHN A. DORSA Biloxi WALTER R. DOTY Pascagoula DOROTHY J. DOWNING Jackson PAUL E. DOWNING Jackson JOHN S. DRIBBEN Rolling Fork RICHARD C. DUCKWORTH Biloxi Seniors .IANETTE M. DUDA Ocean Springs CALVIN W. DUERSON, JR. Jackson LEN E. DUFFEY Birmingham, Ala. MAXINE S. DUKE ARTHUR B. DuMONT CHRISTA L. DUNN HELEN L. DUNN CAROL S. DURBIN Jackson Mobile, Ala. Ocean Springs Mississippi City Ocean Springs MARGARET L. DWIGHT Hattiesburg BEVERLY J. EASTERLING Mt. Olive JEFFERSON S. EASTERLING Columbia CLAUDE W. EATON RAY E. EBBERMAN WILLIAM H. EDKINS Hattiesburg Biloxi New Orleans, La. ELIZABETH E. EDMONDSON Edwards STEVEN G. EDWARDS New Orleans, La. VIRGINIA L. EDWARDS Meridian WILLIAM O. EIDSON ROGER F. ELLIOTT ELTON V. ELKINS BEVERLY A. ELLIS FRANK W. ELLIS JANE L. ELLIS .IULIANN B. ELMER CAROL D. EMMETT GERALD D. ENTREKIN ERIK A. ERICHSEN GEORGE R. ESCUDERO TERRY L. ESTEP HENRI C. ETZLER HARDY N. EUBANKS, III Meridian Lumberton Hattiesburg Yazoo City Yazoo City Hattiesburg New Orleans, La. Hattiesburg Columbia Moss Point Sumrall Gulfport Pensacola, Fla. Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. JANET W. EUBANKS Lucedale MARGARET A. EUBANKS Gulfport R. MARSHALL EUBANKS Woodbridge, Va. CASSANDRA D. EVANS FRANCIS K. EVANS ALLEN L. EVERETT IOHN o. EVERETT SANDRA F, EVERETT JESSE R. EWELL Laurel Pascagoula Biloxi Petal Pascagoula Jackson 140 Seniors LYNN V, EWELL MARY H. EZELL DANIEL L. FAIRCHILD Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Quitman THOMAS M. FARMER, JR. Yazoo City CHARLES H. FAULKNER Hueytown, Ala. DANA S. FAYARD Bay St. Louis JoHN w. FEALLOCK, III Biloxi DoRoTHY s. FEIGENBAUM Carbondale, Ill. BRUCE J. FELDMAN Falls church, va. JAMES M. FELDMAN New Orleans, La. SAMMIE S. FENN Smithdale CYNTHIA J. FENNEL Maracaibo, Venezuela CHARLES H. FERMAN San Salvador, El Salvador TERESA A. FEWELL ELLEN FINCH JOHN L. FISHER WILLIAM R. FISHER SUSAN C. FITZGERALD WILLIAM M. FITZPATRICK ALBERT N. FLEMING ANITA L. FLOYD DONALD F. FLOYD SALLY FLOYD JEROME S. FLUMMER ELMER T. FLURRY RoBERT o. FLYNT, JR. SHEILA D. FLYNT DAVID L. FOIL PATSY K. FOIL NORMA A. FOLEY HARRY W. FORBES JAMES R. FORD STEVE W. FORE DELL H. FORREST BEULAH F. FORTENBERRY BILLY D. FORTENBERRY LARRY N. FORTENBERRY CRAIG W. FOSHEE DENNIS E. FOSTER SUSAN M. FRASIER Wave Land Hattiesburg Pascagoula Hattiesburg Pascagoula Biloxi Shubuta Petal Vicksburg Hattiesburg Tuscaloosa, Ala. Long Beach Biloxi Hattiesburg Tylertown McComb Gulfport Columbia Jackson Flomaton, Ala. Morton Columbia Tylertown Tylertown Hattiesburg hleridian Jackson Seniors AUDREY K. FRAZIER Jackson JEFF E. FRAZIER Jackson THOMAS F. FRAZIER, JR. Jackson SUSAN E. FREDERIC Pascagoula ALLEN M. FREEMAN Ricton ARNOLD R. FREEMAN Hattiesburg DANIEL E. FRITH Laurel RALPH FRUM Biloxi CURTIS B. FRYE Hattiesburg RICHARD F. FULKERSON Magee GARY R. FULLER McComb RICHARD A. FULLER Biloxi JIMMIE R. GABUCCI Jackson CARLOS A. GALDAMEZ San Salvador, El Salvador JAMES B. GALLASPY, JR. Jackson ROBERT T. GALOFARO McComb MARY L. GAMARD Pass Christian DOROTHY L. GAMMEL Hattiesburg JANICE C. GANDY Laurel LINDA E. GANNON Gulfport BARBARA GARDNER Laurel JAMES H. GARNIER Hattiesburg SARAH M. GARRAWAY Hattiesburg HERMAN B. GARRETT, II Franklington, La. JOE E. GARVIN Hattiesburg ,M JUDITH L. GARY Isola JOE R. GASKIN Pulaski ELLEN S. GATEWOOD Collins QUIN GAUTIER, JR. Pascagoula MARILYN L. GERHART Columbus SANDRA M. GERWACH Petal Q-M N JERRY W. GIBSON Corinth Y' JERRY w. GIBSON DeKalb DONALD O. GILL Hattiesburg NORMA A. GILL Hattiesburg 5 GHERYL GILLIAM Greenville BARRY W. GILMER Lena MADELYN G. GIUFFRIA Long Beach GLEN D. GIVENS Picayune KAY R. GIVENS Kokomo ALBERT K. GRAY HERBERT J. GRAY, II CAROLYN A. GREEN JOSEPH s. GREEN DAVID M. GREER FRANCES W. GREER JAMES L. GREER ERNEST E. GREGORY JAMES L. GRIFFITH JOSEPH D. GRIMES LINDA F. GRIMSLEY REBECCA A. GROVE DEMERY F. GRUBBS DYANNA D. GRUBBS ROBERT J. GUEL MARCO A. GURDIAN LUCKY GUY WILLIAM V. GUY, JR. THOMAS E. HADAD MARY C. HADAWAY Meridian Hattiesburg Vancleave Semmes, Ala. Brookhaven Jackson Wesson Montreal, Quebec Hattiesburg Saraland, Ala. Hattiesburg Jackson Prentiss Prentiss Gulfport Leon, Nicaragua Crystal Springs Hattiesburg Vicksburg Forest Seniors PAMELA C. GLISSON Magee NANCY L. GOFF Ocean Springs PAULA M. GOFF Pascagoula ADDIE V. GOINES Enterprise VELMA A. GOLDSMITH Natchez JAMES H. GOLMON, JR. Monticello JOSE M. GOMEZ Barcelona, Spain DONNA L. GONSOULIN Biloxi JOHN F. GOODMAN Hattiesburg LARRY B. GOODMAN Meridian LOUISE L. GOOLSBY Potts Camp CATHY A. GORDON Laurel JAMES D. GORDON Sardis JOE C. GORDY Sumrall DONALD L. GRAFTON Laurel FRANCES L. GRAHAM Laurel MARY E. GRAHAM Sumrall ROBERT D. GRAHAM Mobile, Ala. LINDA A. GRANGER Gulfport THOMAS L. GRAVES Gulfport I Seniors MARY L. HAFFEY McComb THOMAS E. HAFFEY, JR. Lexington JOHN W. HALE L1lCCdalC BILLY M. HALL Raleigh SANDRA K. HALLIDAY Laurel THOMAS E. HAMPTON Yazoo City JAMES R. HANCOCK Picayune SHIRLEY C. HANSON Escatawpa NANCY A. HARMON Hattiesburg LEXIE HARPER Eupora EDGAR A. HARRELL Sumrall MARTHA L. HARRELL Jackson JAMES E. HARRINGTON Biloxi HAL S. HARRIS Prentiss SANDRA L. HARRIS Union BRENDA C. HARRISON Meridian RIDLEY L. HART Fairhope, Ala. HULDAH A. HARTFORD Jackson CANDIS M. HARVEY Mt. Olive CAROLYN R. HARVEY Carriere DAVID M. HARVEY Taylorsville JAMES E. HARVEY Poplarville JOHN R. HARVEY Mt. Olive CLARENCE O. HAUCK Gulfport HARRY J. HAWKINS New Orleans, La. DIANE S. HAYDEN Hattiesburg KEARY D. HAYES Norman, Okla. LAURA A. HAYES Gulfport PEGGY L. HAYES Meridian ROGER L. HAYES Ocean Springs PHILLIP D. HAYS Pascagoula RALPH IC. HAYS NANCY S. IIECHT CYNTHIA G. I-IEGWOOD VICKI S. HELMS LAURA L. HELVESTON MARTHA C. HENDERSON Port Gibson Brooklyn, N.Y. Beaumont Tupelo Citronelle, Ala. Brookhaven DAVID W. HENDRY Gulfport JOYCE A. HERNANDEZ Pensacola, Fla. LOIS S. HERRIN Prcntiss xy, Ah 4--'x 'Wx 93:1 Kf- 15-5- 14-5 W hw' Gnu Alu'-Y Seniors SYLVIA F. HERRING Columbia CAROLYN H. HERRINGTON Laurel MARQUETTE HERRINCTON Silver JAMES N. HICKMAN Brookhaven WILLIAM T, HIGDON Pascagoula GEORGIA K. HIGGINBOTHAM Cairo, Ga. KAREN J. HIGHTOWER TERRY L. HIGHTOWER BOYD A. HILL ETTA F. HILL JERRY R. HILL JOHN W. HILL JOHN C. HINES EDWARD T. HINTON EVELYN L. HINTON PHYLLIS L. HINTON CHERYL A. HOCUTT IANET L. HODGES RONALD P. HODGES ELLEN M. HODUM STEVEN o. HoELsoHER JUDITH F. HOLIFIELD NEIL L. HOLIFIELD SYLVIA F. HOLIFIELD DEMARIS P. HoLLIMoN MAMIE L. HoLLINs PAUL R. HOLMES NOEL w. HoLsToN JACK H. HoNEA DIANE A. HooD EMILY L. HORNE JEAN H. HORNER DORMAN M. HOWELL HERSHEL A. HOWELL, JR. KINNON H. HOWELL SHIRLEY A. HOWELL SYLVIA B. HUBBARD NANCY D. HULLUM RALPH L. HULLUM CAROL A. HUPP Petal Clinton Laurel Laurel Sandersville Gulfport Forest Laurel Lucedale McComb Hattiesburg Biloxi Jackson Magee St. Paul, Minn. Laurel Laurel Laurel Hattiesburg Pinckneyville Clinton Laurel Magnolia Yazoo City Pensacola, Fla. Ocean Springs Tylertown Richmond, Va. Ocean Springs Lucedale Jackson Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Columbia MARY E. HURST RICHARD C. HURT Seniors Hattiesburg Pensacola, Fla. SHARYN L. HUTCHINSON Bogalusa, La. SUZANNE HUTTO Hattiesburg EUGENIA L. HYATT Meridian ROBERT D. IVEY McComb LINDA L. IVY Jackson DONNA L. JACKSON Laurel JOSEPH JACKSON Meridian ANN C. JAMES Bay Springs MARK W. JENKINS, JR. Newton CHRISTIE E. JENNER Balboa, Canal Zone RAYMOND B. JETTUS Paulding DAVID S. JOACHIM Biloxi MARY A. JOHNS Mobile, Ala. ALLEN S. JOHNSON Baker, La. BARBARA C. JOHNSON Carthage CHARLOTTE JOHNSON Meridian JOE E. JOHNSON Meridian JUDY K. JOHNSON Jackson LABE B. JOHNSON, JR. Jackson M. KAREN JOHNSON Pensacola MARY M. JOHNSON Neshoba SUSAN W. JOHNSON Lakeland, Fla. FLOYD V. JOHNSTON McComb FRANK A. JOHNSTON Waynesboro JEAN C. JOHNSTON Shubuta THOMAS A. JOHNSTON Hattiesburg ANTHONY H. JONES Crystal Springs BARBARA W. JONES Biloxi CHARLIE V. JONES Hattiesburg CORA A. JONES Hattiesburg DAVID F. JONES Meridian DONALD R. JONES Poplar Bluff, Mo. GARY E. JONES Greenville HOUSTON B. JONES Jackson JOEL C. JONES Mt. Olive JOHN H. JONES, JR. McAdams KENNETH F. JONES Jackson TROY JORDAN Bogalusa, La. mi, f' 1 I Il' ii . V 'I . - -in in I E 1 ll l I 5 1 me --wma.: V i 1 l i Z 3 1 5 5 1 i ll i 1 i l 2 I i I I l 1 -1 fl ll ll 1 1 1 I 4 1 J l 'Vx aww 545: Ns..- 'QV-m -":-- Sl-VI I . 'H . XL. 14-7 Seniors EVELYN G. JOSEY WAYNE R. JOSEY DANE F. JUSTICE, JR. CATHY A. KANADY DAVID L. KAY IRVIN L. KELLEY CULLERTON M. KELLEY PHILLIP W. KELLEY Natchez Columbus Biloxi Ocean Springs Collins Biloxi Mississippi City Milton-, Fla. IRENE T. KEM Collins CLAUDETTE KENNEDY Magee SUSAN A. KENNEDY Philadelphia WILLIAM L. KERZEE Hattiesburg RADELL KEY Petal ANNE C. KIDD Enterprise DAVID E. KIHYET lPascagoula ARTHUR I. KING Moss Point GLENN D. KING Jayess KAREN P. KING Brandon KATHY B. KING Natchez LINDA B. KING Louisville MELTON C. KING Natchez LINDA A. KING Taylorsville WANDA K. KING Hattiesburg JOHN R. KINGSAFER Berrien Springs, Mich. RALPH D. KLEIN, JR. Biloxi FRANKLIN B. KLEINHANS High Ridge, MQ. OSCAR KLOTH Esteli, Nicaragua DEE W. KLUR Biloxi DARRELL L. KNIGHT Meridian LINDA -I. KNIGHT Panama City, Fla. PATRICK KNIGHT Collins KAREN KOCH Ocean Springs KATHERINE G. KOLGER Leaksville EDWARD N. KRAMER Quitrnan DANIEL A. KROHN Biloxi VINCENT M. KRUMBECK Biloxi CARVIN J. LADNER Gulfport .IANICE C. LADNER i Bay St. Louis KATHIE LADNER Natchez ROYCE C. LADNIER Gulfport ,gp-N V ':. ss. I J Q . I ff,, f f ff' f f x W f . V45 1 .af1w2' .D -ea GL We 525 4' f' , - 5 GUY A. LAYTON JOHN E. LAZENBY DORIS C. LeDUKl-3 LINDA D. LEDLOW DoRoTHY L. LEE LARRY K. LEE MARY M. LEE RONNIE L. LEE SUSAN B. LEE WILLIAM A. LEE WILLIAM H. LEE DOROTHY A. LEE RICHARD B. LEGGETT FRANCES L. LEONARD MARK H. LEONARD LINDA S. LEIPRE RONALD D. LESSNER AUGUST J. LCSTELLE, J FRED M. LETORT ALNA C. LEWIS www Meridian Mobile, Ala. McComb Laurel Lucedale State Line Wiggins Hattiesburg Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Biloxi Jackson Vicksburg Bogue Ghitto Blountstown Biloxi Biloxi R. Chalmette, La. Biloxi Hattiesburg Seniors LINDA R. LAIRD Brookhaven STEVE LAMBERT McComb WILLIAM B. LAMBERT Natchez ROBERT E. LAMEY Mobile, Ala. JULIE K. LAMMELL Memphis, Tenn. CAESER A. LAMONACA Brooklyn, N.Y. CARLTON J. LANDRUM Laurel MICHAEL J. LANDRY Hattiesburg WILLIAM P. LANG Magee FRANCES LANGLINAIS Biloxi EDWARD J. LANGSTON Long Beach DALE LANIUS Jackson JAMES N. LANSING Schenectady, N.Y. JANET E. LARSEN Pascagoula GEORGE L. LATIMER Arcadia, Fla. JOHN W. LAWRENCE Gulfport DOUGLAS E. LAWRY Vicksburg ROBERT E. LAWSON Mt. Washington, Ky. WILLIAM E. LAWSON Hattiesburg NANCY A. LAY Newton 14 l l l l H: l l A l L. Seniors BEN R. LEWIS Laurel CAROLYN J. LEWIS Laurel 'lv' GENEVIEVE LEWIS Pascagoula JOHN S. LEWIS Natchez MARGIE D. LEWIS Morton SALLY M. LEWIS Biloxi SHIRLEY F. LIBERTO Thornton MARY L. LIGHTSEY Stringer BETTIE G. LINDLEY Moselle HARVEY R. LITTLE Jackson THOMAS D. LITTLEPAGE Hattiesburg ALETHA A. LLOYD JOHN H. LLOYD NANCY E. LLOYD Canton Mobile, Ala. Dothan, Ala. 'X RHEA P. LOMAX Laurel f ,WWW GINGER LONG Tupelo L. ANNE LONG Gulfport ROSA R. LONGWITZ Quitman JANICE M. LoNNBoRG Gulfport ff f STEVEN R. LooMlS Biloxi 'VN 1 MIR SAMMIE J. LOPER MANUEL LORONA JERRY A. LoTT SHERYL T. LoTT SUSAN l. LoTT PATRICIA K. LOWE YVIZA Y. LUGKIE 5 Fx . VA A 9 is K . 1.152 5:9 Y Union Biloxi Beaumont Collins Bassfield Clewiston, Fla. Wewahitchka, Fla. HAL D. LUSE Benton RANDOLPH C. LUSK McComb JESSE R. LUTHER Holly Springs ROGER B. LYLE Jackson JEROME C. LYNN Reidsville, Ga. DONNA L. MacARTHUR Gulfport THOMAS J. MacDERMOTT Hattiesburg WILLIAM H. MACKLIN Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. JOHN B. MADDEN THOMAS N. MADDOX SHERRY A. MADISON NOLA F. MAGEE TERRENCE C. MAJURE Jackson Florala, Ala. Meridian Tylertown Decatur Seniors JOHN E. MALANCHAK Pittsburgh, Pa. GusTAv13 J. MALLY, JR. Ellisville EDWARD P. MALONE Lucedale KATHLEEN M. MALONEY Bay St. Louis V. C. MANNING Philadelphia EUGENIA R. MARBURY Jackson WILLIAM R. MARSHALL Gulfport CANDY K. MARTIN Petal LINDA D. MASON Jackson TOMMYE L. MASON Ocean Springs SYLVIA A. MASSEY Meridian JOHN M. MATTHEWS, JR. McComb JOY E. MAY Mobile, Ala. ROBERT L. MAY Newton JANIS E. MAYFIELD Hamburg, N.Y. PEGGY A. MAYFIELD Biloxi CHARLEY S. MAYO Crystal Springs JANET N. MCCANTS Columbia JUNE E. MCCASKILL Laurel STEPHEN C. MCCRAW Ellisville MARY F. MCCULLEY Jackson ELLEN W. MCCURDIE Hattiesburg JOYCE C. MCDANIEL Brookhaven KATHY E. MCDANIEL Meridian PERRY W. McDANIEL Columbia DALE H. MCDAVITT McComb FRANCES O. MCDOWALL Jackson JAN MCGAHEY Laurel EVA MAE MCGEE Collins JERRY A. MCGHEE Hattiesburg JOHN R. MCGRATH Pascagoula RICHARD E. MQGILVRAY Hattiesburg PAMELA A. MCGUIRE Columbus, Ohio FAYE J. MCILWAIN Meridian MARTHA S. MCILWAIN Pascagoula CAREY U. MCINNIS Jackson, Ala. LINDA D. McINNIS Leakesville JAMES P. MCINTYRE Vicksburg MICHAEL D. MCINTYRE Natchez MACY L. McKAY Bogalusa, La. 150 ff? I 151 Seniors JOHN N. MCKENDREE SILAS W. MCLEOD MARY C. MQLENDON HORACE E. MCMAHON JANIS R. MCMULLAN CLAYTON W. MCNAIR. LARRY MQNAIR OLIVIA C. MCNAIR RONNIE E. MCNAIR ROBERT L. MCNAMEE BEVERLY K. MCNEER DONALE W. MCNEIL BLAYNE S. MCPHERSON CAROLYN D. MQRANEY JAMES T. MCREE, JR. ELIZABETH R. MCSWAIN CAROLYN J. MCVADON JUNE K. MEADOWS SUSAN A. MEEBoER JOHN E. MELTON Bradenton, Fla. Hattiesburg Mendenhall Hattiesburg Newton Ridgeland Raymond Magee Magee Raleigh Moss Magee Long Beach Petal Louin Hattiesburg Biloxi Mendenhall Biloxi Grenada GEORGE R. MERLINI, JR. Faifhope, Ala. REX J. MICHEL New Orleans, La. IVA J. MIDDLEBERG New Orleans, La. JIM S. MIDDLETON, JR. Pattison JOHN W. MIDDLETON Natchez MARY K. MIDDLETON Mobile, Ala. CHARLOTTE E. MIECZYNSKI Bay St. Louis RUSSELL E. MILES Wiggins JERRY MILLS Fulton LEIGHTON S. MILLER Clarksdale MARILYN G. MILLER Woodville JOEY E. MILSTED Ocean Springs ELIZABETH M. MIMS Birmingham, Ala. GENE B. MINSHEW JOSEPH V. MITCHAM DANNY F. MITCHELL MARY E. MITCHELL ROSEMARY MITCHELL VIRGINIA A. MITCHELL LOUIE W. MODLING Carthage Pelahatchie Prentiss Poplarville Forest Picayune Lyman Seniors VIRGINIA G. MOFFETT Stonewall DAVID G. MOHLER Gulfport RONALD E. MOLLEY Hattiesburg DONNA R. MONROE Taylorsville CHARLES D. MONTGOMERY Natchez INA L. MONTGOMERY Bay Springs RICHARD P. MONTGOMERY Jackson GERALD MOODY Lucedale MARILYN MOON Meridian BETTY L. MOORE Tylertown DIANA L. MOORE Enterprise JOHN E. MOORE Picayune LINDA E. MOORE Hattiesburg PATRICIA A. MOORE Pascagoula PERCY C. MOORE, JR, Soso SHARON K. MOORE Pensacola, Fla. SUSAN R. MOORE Picayune JERRY P. MOOREHEAD Pascagoula CAROLYN A. MORGAN Gulfport LARRY R. MORGAN McComb MARTIN A. MORREALE Bay St. Louis FORREST M. MORRIS, III Hattiesburg GLENN F. MORRIS Jackson GORDON L. MORRIS Woodville REGINA B. MORRIS Hattiesburg O. FRANKLIN MORTON Gulfport MARTHA C. MORROW Hattiesburg GEORGE R. MUNTON Lucedale CHARLENE S. MURPHY Biloxi GLEN V. MURPHY Gulfport PHILIP J. MURPHY Meridian VERNORA L. MURPHY Gulfport M. KAY MURRAY Meridian GAYLE K. MYERS Jackson JIMMY G. MYERS Lake LOUISE O. MYERS Jackson MILLNER H. MYERS, JR. Hattiesburg ROBERT D. MYERS Bogue Chitto PATRICIA R. NASH Natchez MICHAEL A. NELLUMS Picayune 157. fr-A... 4' D 153 Seniors BILLY S. NELSON Philadelphia CONRAD A. NESOSSIS, JR. Gulfport THOMAS H. NEVILLE Pascagoula DANIEL B. NEWELL Kosciusko DAVID W. NEWELL Kosciusko GAHLE H. NEWELL Colorado City, Texas J. DEMPSEY NEUMAN, JR. Liberty LESLIE D. NEWMAN McComb GEORGE J. NEWTON, III Meridian BRENDA G. NICHOLS DALE H. NICHOLS PARRICIER I. NICHOLS VERONICA A. NIOLET CAROLYN E. NIV CONNIE J. NIXON NANCY NOBLE TRAVIS E. NORMAN IVA J. NORRIS Yazoo City Nashville, Tenn. Magee Pass Christian Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Fayette Ocean Springs Fort Myers, Fla. JAMES- A. NUCKOLS Laurel CHARLEEN A. NULL Hattiesburg NOREEN D. O'BEIRNE Natchez CAROLE M. OICAIN Canton GARY ODOM Hattiesburg MICHAELE T. OGLESBEE Pascagoula PAULA M. OHR Biloxi JEREMIAH O'KEEFE Biloxi COLLEEN E. OJMARA McComb JOHN S. ORRELL Charleston MARSHA OVERBY Virgin-ia Beach, Va. WILLIAM C. OVERSTREET Waynesboro GENEVIEVE R. OWEN WILLIAM E. OWEN THOMAS L. OWENS WILTON P. OWENS GAIL D. PACE JAMES R. PAGE WILLIAM E. PALOCHKO JANET C. PAPE BRENDA J. PARISH PHYLLIS G. PARKE Mobile, Ala. Prichard, Ala. Jackson Jackson Philadelphia Biloxi McKeesport, Pa. Seminary Prentiss Meridian Seniors JIMMY E. PARKER Jackson WILLIAM R. PARKER Lucedale CHARLES G. PARNELL Prichard, Ala. JEROME G. PARSON, JR. Gulfport CATHY E. PASSMORE Biloxi BARBARA A. PATTERSON Jackson EDGAR J. PATTERSON, JR. Long Beach MARILYN P. PAYNE Hattiesburg CAROLINE E. PEACOCK Belzoni HELEN G. PEARCE Brooklyn DALLAS L. PEARSON Carriere GINGER PEDEN Jackson TRAVIS R. PEDEN Meridian CELESTE D. PEEL Hattiesburg RICHARD M. PENN Gautier BUFORD T. PENNINGTON Morton PATRICIA G. PENTON Picayune LOUIS R. PERKINS Raymond PATTY PERKINS Jackson ROGER F. PERMENTER Macon 154 PAT PERNICIARO Bay St. Louis LINDA C. PERRY Laurel CHARLES M. PERSONS Lucedale CAROLINE I. PETERSON Bay St. Louis THOMAS P. PETTIS Quitman ELSIE W. PETTY Meridian JAMES E. PETTY Meridian ALAN V. 'PHILLIPS Louin CAROLYN W. PHILLIPS Hattiesburg DOROTHY A. PHILLIPS- Collinsville JANICE L. PHILLIPS Brookhaven JOHN H. PHILLIPS Wiggins MARY V. PHILLI'PS Jackson PAUL H. PHILLIPS Lucedale LYNDA B. PICKLER Laurel CHARLOTTE D. PIERCE Decatur WAYNE H. PIERCE Pensacola, Fla. JANE P. PIGOTT Foxworth JAMES E PINNIX Jackson CHARLES D. PIPPEN Sandersville 4. ,3'1H'11Belff5Q -. -I :ai :iw ..i iii .,i A1 . I 'I I 1 ,I I JCE H. PRICE, JR. MARY N. .PRICE JANNA PRICHARD CHAREs R. PRINCE MARILYN PSENIK EDDIE D. PUCKETT JOHN P. PUCYLowsKI HENRY L. QUICK New SUSAN E. QUICK JAKE E. QUIN KATHLEEN A. RABBY DONALD M. RAHAIM DON R. RAINEY DRAGO RAISOVICH ROBERT G. RAMSAY SUSAN L. RAMSEY ROBBIE E. RANDALL TERESA RANDALL BRENDA G. RANDLE BILL A. RANEY Clinton Columbia Meadville Magee Meridian Raleigh Hattiesburg Orleans, La. Indianola Columbia Wiggins Laurel Hattiesburg Crothersville, Ind. Pascagoula Biloxi Columbus Pascagoula Meridian Wesson Seniors CHERYL A. PIPPEN Laurel DANIEL S. PITTMAN, JR. Grenada RALPH l'ITTS Waynesboro TOMMY L. PLISCO Laurel JUDITH V. PODYMA Clinton JAMES E. POGUE Montgomery, Ala. WILLIAM D. POLEN Laurel JANISE C. POLEWODA Mobile, Ala, BETTY R. POLK Picayune JOHN W. POLK Jackson RAUDE B. POLK Brandon JAMES H. PONDER, JR. Jackson PAUL H. PONDER Mendenhall KATHRYN POOL Ellisville SHARRON D. POPE Jackson FRED D. POTEAT Panama City, Fla. LESTER R. 'POTTER Jackson MARY A. POWELL West Palm Beach, Fla. MICHAEL G. POWELL Bay Springs PHILIP POWELL West Palm Beach, Fla. I f. AQ 4, Q'-r Seniors JOE D. RANKIN Magee TERRY D. RASBERRY Laurel SHERRY W. RASCO Jackson EDWIN C. RATCLIFF, JR. Hattiesburg GLENN P. RAWLS Hattiesburg MARTHA A. RAWLS Hattiesburg GLYNN RAWSON Carthage ROY G. RAY Lamar GARY S. RAYBURN Gulfport GEORGINA RAYBURN Collins KENNETH R. REA Philadelphia JETTE REAGAN Tylertown HAMILTON D. REBER, JR. Petal SHARON A. REDMON Seminary JAMES W. REED Gulfport OLLIE L. REED, JR. Natchez MARY REEDY Pensacola, Fla. JAMES M. REEVES Lucedale ROBERT M. REID Monticello WILLIAM L. REIMAN, III Clinton JOSEPH J. RENAND Taylorsville GENE M. RESTER Mobile, Ala. BILLY D. RHODES Enterprise ROBERT T. RICHARDS Jackson LYN RICHARDSON Montgomery, Ala. MARTHA M. RICHARDSON Vicksburg ELIZABETH K. RICHTER Gulfport JAMES E. RICKLES, JR. Philadelphia JOHN W. RICKNER Hattiesburg WILLIAM C. RIEDEL Hackensack, N.J. CHARLES E. RIEIS Lucedale LARRY A. RIGBY Forest FRANK E. RIGGS Hattiesburg BETTY A. RIMMER Canton DEBORAH S. RISHER Pensacola, Fla. JAMES A. RISHER Meridian THOMAS V. ROAN Jackson DAVID L, ROBBINS Columbia RANDOLPH B. ROBERSON Jackson BARBARA B. ROBERTS Tuscaloosa, Ala. I Seniors BILLY C. ROBERTS Biloxi EUGENE E. ROBERTS, JR. Natchez GLORIA L. ROBERTS Ocean Springs MACKIE W. ROBERTS Richton VICTOR J. ROBERTS Prentiss ALDEN W. ROBINSON Jackson HELENE C. ROBINSON Monroe, La. JOHN A. ROBINSON Carriere DANA G. ROBY Forest GERRI ROCHE Laurel JOHN A. RODGERS Lansing, N.Y. DOMINGO RODRIGUEZ Biloxi GLEN R. ROGERS Collins THERESIA L. ROGERS Brookhaven RONALD R. ROLLISON Hattiesburg MICHAEL A. ROMAN Beaumont REBECCA ROSENZWEIG Jackson ADDIE ROSS Gulfport ,IOHN L. ROSS, JR. Ocean Springs LANE M. ROSS Hattiesburg MARGO ROSS Ocean Springs PAUL K. ROSS Jackson WANDA C. ROUNSAVILLE Petal LARRY H. ROUSNE Hattiesburg LYNDA G. ROWLEY Foxworth RITA II. ROWZEE Laurel GLENDA S. RUDDER Bogue Chitto KAREN L. RUFF Booneville SUSAN RUMSEY THOMAS R. RUSHIN HELEN RUSHING MARGARET A. RUSHING SANDRA K. RUSHING RONALD RUSSEL DOROTHY D. RUSSELL RHETT R. RUSSELL RUTH L. RUSSELL WOODROW C. RUSTIN NANCY M. RYALS NANCY M. RYAN Ocean- Springs Ocean Springs Brookhaven Petal Jackson Sumrall Bay St. Louis Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Lucedale Philadelphia Biloxi Seniors STANTON W. SALATHE New Orleans, La. STEPHEN SAMPLEY Ridgeland BARBARA G, SANDERS Waynesboro RICHARD S. SANDERS Kosciusko SHIRLEY J. SANDERS Carthage JAMIE H. SANDIFER Prentiss SAMUEL T. SANDIFER, JR. Prentiss BENTON L. SANFORD Biloxi KENNETH W. SARAVANJA Tela, Honduras ALLAN J. SARRAT, JR. FRED R. SARTIN WINFRED E. SARTIN STUART L. SAUCIER ROBBI L. SAVAGE BECKY B. SCHOENCK Bay St. Louis Ocean Springs Jackson Gulf port Pensacola, Fla. Gulfport RHONDA T. SCHOLLE New Orleans, La. DAVID A. SCHRADER Pensacola, Fla. ROBERT L. SCIFRES Jackson CHARLES D. SCOGGIN Decatur JAMES R. SCOTT Natchez JUDY J. SCOTT Crystal Springs, LYNDA S. SCOTT Florence MADELON R. SCOTT Laurel PATRICIA E. SCOTT Roswell, N.M. GROSS SCRUGGS, JR. Meridian ROBERT E. SCRUGGS Laurel MARILYN E. SEABROOK State Line BARBARA G. SELLERS Laurel ELLA L. SELLERS Richton DAN R. SETTLES Anchorage, Alas. CHARLES D. SHAMOUN, JR. Greenville LINDA F. SHANKS Tchula MITCHEL C. SHARP Ellisville NANCY Q. SHARPLING McComb BARRY L, SHAW Charleston DIANA R. SHAW Eupora LINDA D. SHAW Hollandale WALTER R. SHAW Forest JOHN D. SHEEKS Mattoon, Ill. MARY J. SHEELY Pelahatchie I I Seniors WILLIAM B. SHEFFIELD, III Picayune ROBERT T. SHEPHERD Melbourne, Fla. THOMAS E. SHEPPARD Biloxi JOSEPH W. SHERRILL Hattiesburg DONALD O. SHIRLEY Meridian BRENDA R. SHOEMAKE Petal ROBERT E. SHOEMAKER Mississippi City CHARLES T. SHORTER Braxton FREDERICK D. SHOWS Laurel MARGARET L. SIEVERS Greenville ELIZABETH L. SILLS Jackson NELL E. SIMMONS McComb WILLIAM S. SIMMONS Picayune JIMMY T. SIMPSON Morton ALAN O. SIPES Jackson GAYLON A. SISSON Enterprise JAMES C. SKELTON Meridian ELVER G. SKINNER Gulfport WILLIAM T. SLAUGHTER WILLIAM E. SLAYTON Bay St. Louis Pensacola, Fla. ALEX G. SMITH Beaumont BETTY J. SMITH Columbia CHARLES M. SMITH Picayune CHARLES M. SMITH Bogalusa, La. CHERYL L. SMITH Jackson DANIEL B. SMITH Pensacola, Fla. DOUGLAS I. SMITH, JR. Sidon FREDDIE L. SMITH Jackson GREGORY T. SMITH Picayune HERMAN W. SMITH Meridian LINDA W. SMITH Picayune MAMIE R. SMITH Gulfport MAUREEN SMITH McComb RONNIE K. SMITH Picayune RONNY W. SMITH Union THOMAS A. SMITH Philadelphia THOMAS L. SMITH Gibbstown, N.J. WILBUR H. SMITH McComb ROBERT D. SNOWDEN Meridian JAMES M. SONES Picayune Seniors JAMES N. SOPER Biloxi CLIFTON SPACKMAN Hattiesburg LINDA K. SPARKS Fort Thomas, Ky. REBECCA L. SPEAKMAN Baton Rouge, La. LYNNE C. SPEARS Jackson BETTY L. SPEIGHTS Columbia JERRY M. SPENCE Columbia RUBYE A. SPENCER Grenada JAMES R. SPERANCE WILLIAM A. SPERANCE CHARLES L. SPIELER GALE M. SPREEMAN THOMAS K. STANLEY VALOA L. STANLEY MARIE STAUSS PAUL L. STAUTER STAN STEADMAN KEITH W. STEELE TERESA A. STEGALL HENRY W. STEPHENS SUSAN H. STEIPHENS WAYNE D. STEPHENS LINDA K. STEPHENSON BRIAN E. STEVENS CAROL A. STEVENS DOROTHY G. STEVENS EARNEST H, STEVENS HUGH W. STEVENS JESSE L. STEVENS LARRY E. STEVENS MARTHA L. STEVENS DAVID R. STEWART JANET STEWART LYNDA F. STEWART ALONZO W. STILES JANIE E. STILL Pass Christian Pass Christian Miami, Fla. Hampton, Va. Shubuta Hattiesburg Jackson Moss Point Huntsville, Ala. Fulton Jackson Biloxi Hattiesburg Canton Richton Dunedin, Fla. Jackson Hattiesburg Hazlehurst Jackson Petal Jackson Brandon Gulfport Jackson- Poplarville Natchez Ellisville CHARLES A, STOGNER, JR. Tylertown CHERYL M. STONESTREET Clarksdale MAXINE Y. STOVALL ALBERT E. STRAHAN Leakesville Collins 160 Seniors Moss Point LARRY C. STRAWDER Jackson CHARLES V. STRICKLAND Columbia MARILYN STRICKLAND Richton JAMES W. STRINGER Madison LARRY A. STROHM Wiggins LEROY J. STUART, JR. Pelahatchie ROBERT L. STUDENY Columbus JOHN L. SULLIVAN Lumberton SANDRA G. SULLIVAN Sumrall SHARON A. SULLIVAN Ocean Springs STEPHEN J. SULLIVAN Tulsa, Okla. DOYLE F. SUMRALL Jackson WILLIAM R. SUMRALL Tylertown ANTHONY H. SUTTON Sistersville, W. Va. CYNTHIA L. SWEENEY Canton DAVID L. SYKES Long Beach BRENDA C. TATUM Laurel NADA TAWAM Jackson DONALD L. TAYLOR Jackson JOE E. TAYLOR Jackson LINDA R. TAYLOR Waynesboro MARIE TAYLOR Buckatuna THOMAS H. TAYLOR New Orleans, La. WAYNE H. TAYLOR Hattiesburg WILLIAM H. TAYLOR Brookhaven LLOYD B. TEASTER Yazoo City ROBERT D. TERKEURST Pascagoula JAMES H. TERRY, III Vicksburg BARON W. THAMES Hattiesburg CHAKAWN THANAWAT Bangkok, Thaliand LINDA L. THEOBALD J. MURRAY THERRELL JAMES M. THOMAS MARTHA K. THOMAS ROBERT W. THOMAS BARRY K. THOMPSON GEORGIA L. THOMPSON LINDA K. THOMPSON LUCIEN G. THOMPSON Pass Christian Bassett, Ark. Forest Moss Point Woodville Moselle Vicksburg Columbia Biloxi Seniors MARIANNE THOMPSON Morton SYLVIA A. THOMPSON Petal JEFFERY D. THOMSEN Hattiesburg GARLAND A. THORNTON, JR. Mobile, Ala. VICTOR E. THORNTON Jackson HARRY N. TILLERY Clinton RICHARD H. TILLEY Gulfport ELIZABETH T. TILLSON Raleigh ROSS F. TINGLE Meridian CLINTON L. TOMIPKINS Kilmichael JOE M. TOMS Bailey DAVID W. TONSBURG Tampa, Fla. BOB R. TOWNSEND Moselle DONALD G. TOWNSEND Hattiesburg .GAREY M. TRAHAN Biloxi BEVERLY A. TRASK Bogalusa KENNETH H. TRAYLOR Sumrall LARRY J. TREST Clinton LINDA D. TRIGG Seminary THOMAS K. TRIGG, JR. Hattiesburg HAZEL R. TRUSSELL Collinsville JAMES A. TRUSSELL Hattiesburg JAY W. TUCKER Jackson MICHAEL S. TUCKER Forest DON TULLOS Taylorsville JOHN L. TULLOS Columbia JOHN W. TURCOTTE Clinton BRENDA G. TURNAGE Tylertown PATRICIA A. TUTTEROW Tchula ROGERS O. TYLER Hattiesburg GERALD R. UGOLINI Greenville ENRIQUE UMBERT Arequipa, Peru KAYE F. UPSI-IAW Pickens MARY L. UZZLE Rolling Fork CHARLA D. VALENTINE Laurel SUSAN E. VANDOVER Poplar Bluff, Mo. PHYLLIS A. VAN RossUM MAGER A. VARNADO, JR. DoNALD M. VAUGHN Shubuta Gulfport Aberdeen DOUGLAS A. VAUGHN Ocean Springs 1 l 1 Seniors HILDA F. VAUGHN NEAL VAUGHN RONNIE L. VEACH ANTENOR VELAZCO ,IANIE L. VICK GLENDY B. VICKERY KAREN P. VICKERY Brookhaven Pensacola, Fla. Terry Lima, Peru DeKalb Gulfport Newton .IOHNNY H. VITRANO New Orleans, La. MICHAEL A. VLAMING NANCY E. VOGLE BRUCE C. WADE JANET L. WADE ROMA L. WADE WENDY L. WAITE THOMAS E. WALDEN GEORGE D. WALKER JAMES F. WALKER, JR. LAURA s. WALKER MAURICE R. WALKER MICHAEL B. WALKER RICHARD W. WALKER RONALD L. WALKER SHELDIA M. WALKER EDNA E. WALL LINDA R. WALL ALDEN M. WALLACE WILLIAM L. WALLER OLEN L. WALLEY THOMAS M. WALLIS RUSSELL C. WALRATH FRED I. WALTERS JAMES H. WALTERS KENT L. WALTERS JAMES R. WALTHER SUSAN A. WALTON THOMAS E. WALTON WILLIAM H. WALTON RICHARD D. WARD DANNY J. WARE DAVID M. WARREN Chicago, Ill. Gulfport Magee Hattiesburg Moselle Hattiesburg Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Taylorsville Taylorsville Meridian Meridian Monticello Pascagoula Gulfport Oakvale Newton Meridian Laurel Poplarville Syracuse, N.Y. Meridian Laurel Laurel Pensacola, Fla. Lucedale Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. New Augusta Hattiesburg State Line Brookhaven Seniors EMMETTE L. WARREN Prichard, Ala. ANNE F. WARRINER Jackson F. CHARLES WARRINER Madison LARRY B. WATSON Meridian RAMON K. WATSON Escatawpa DONALD E. WEBB Heflin, Ala. THOMAS H. WEBB, JR. Hattiesburg THOMAS L. WEBB Meridian ROBERT E. WEBER McComb STANLEY E. WEIDMAN Waveland EDWARD L. WELCH Soso FELIX E. WELLMAN Hattiesburg PHYLLIS B. WELLS Walnut Hill, Fla. SHARLENE R. WELLS Waynesboro THOMAS C. WELLS McComb MELVIN F. WESTERFIELD Morton SUSAN E. WHEELER Columbus, Ohio ANNA C. WHITE Wiggins DAVID O. WHITE Jackson MARGARET A. WHITE Mendenhall MARILYN C. WHITE Laurel MARY L, WHITE Prentiss PAMELA G. WHITE Virginia Beach, Va. ROBERTA A. WHITE Crestview, Fla. RONALD R. WHITFIELD Picayune DOROTHY D. WHITLEY Natchez SANDRA J. WHITMORE SANDRA K. WIGGS ANNETTE WIGINTON LYNN WILDER NYOKA WILDER LOUIS E. WILLARD BRAGG WILLIAMS DIANE M. WILLIAMS FRED E. WILLIAMS Moss 'Poin-t Butler, Ala. Pino-la Tupelo Tupelo Natchez Poplarville Centreville Hattiesburg ,IACQUELINE M. WILLIAMS Pascagoula JOEL A. WILLIAMS Hattiesburg MALCOLM R. WILLIAMS Newton MORRIS o. WILLIAMS, JR. Jackson BETTYE J. WILLIAMSON oakvale 164 I 'Lg Ora Q- 'kv Wu! v5g1g..-:.w5,:- 451 Senior JUDY K. WILLIAMSON Grove Hill, Ala. JUDY M. WILLIAMSON Magee BOBBY C. WILSON Liberty CATHY S. WILSON Pascagoula JOAN E. WILSON Lyman LETTIE F. WILSON Long Beach LINDA F. WILSON Prentiss ROBERT G. WILSON Brookhaven ELMER W. WILSON Natchez BILL A. WINDHAM Laurel LINDA J. WINDHAM Morton DIXIE H. WINGARD Hattiesburg RICHARD E. WINK Gulfport CAROL S. WISE Mt. Olive FREDA P. WISE Gulfport BETSY R. WOLCOTT kvaveland RUTH G. WOMACK Waynesboro JUNE A. WOODRUFF Louisville THOMAS A. WOODS Hattiesburg CONNIE S. WOOTEN Brookhaven LINDA A. WRIGHT Columbia TOMMYE S. WYATT Laurel LINDA S WYNNE Plain LINDA M. YARBROUGH Indianola GERALD A. YATES Springfield, Mo. SYLVIA D. YELVERTON Hattiesburg PHYLLIS A. YONKO ,If1CkS0f1 CHARLES E. YOUENS Mobile, Ala. JAMES H. YOUNG MCCOITIIU JOHN E. ZUPKO Biloxi 165 uniors ROBERT I. ABBAY, III ADA L. ABNEY LIONEL C. ACKER DONALD O. ACREY, JR. DANNY L. ADAMS Tunica Moss Point Bay St. Louis Amarillo, Tex. Smithdale MARGARET B. ADERHOLT Clarksdale BILL AGALL WALTER B. AIKENS Pensacola, Fla. Mobile, Ala. JOHN H. AINSWORT Laurel JULIA A. AINSWORTH Magee SARAH R. AINSWORTH Laurel MICKY C. ALBRITTON Hattiesburg NITA L. ALEXANDER Mobile, Ala. T. CARLENE ALFONSO Columbia JANIS L. ALFORD Morton JEWEL W. ALFORD Poplarville RANDALL P. ALFORD Jackson VERNA ALFORD Columbia PRENTISS D. ALLEN Magnolia SCOTT R. ALLEN Philadelphia CAROLYN S. ALLMON Hattiesburg JOHN A. ALTMAN, III Perkinston AUDREY E. ANDERSON Gulfport CHRISTINA L. ANDERSON Seminary GAVIN L. ANDERSON Columbus, Ga. TIMOTHY N, ANDERSON Jackson TIMOTHY S. ANDERSON Gulfport BECKY K. ANDREWS Vicksburg BERTHA ANDREWS Wiggins SANFRA L. ANGE Edenton, N.C. CHARLES P. ANTULLIS, JR. Boston, Mass. CECILIA R. ARD Hurley STEVEN C. ARGENBRIGHT Hattiesburg ROBERT N. ARMSTRONG Gulfport BETH P. ARNOLD Vicksburg JOHN S. ASHLEY Vicksburg PATRICIA A. ASHLEY Hattiesburg SANDRA K. ASHLEY Hattiesburg REBECCA A. ASKEW Hattiesburg JOYE F. ATKINSON Biloxi EDITH C. AYCOCK Meridian JOHN W. AVENT Greenville LARRY H, BAKER Hornell, N.Y. DOUGLAS M. BALLARD McComb HENRY A. BALLARD Bogue Chitto MIRIAM J. BARBER Lake MARY E. BARBO Bay St. Louis NANCY J. BARNEKO Meridian CYNTHIA L. BARNES Mobile, Ala. GEORGE B. BARNETT Ellisville JANE C. BASS Prentiss PHILLIP B. BASS Bassfield LARRY BATEMAN Meridian DONNA K. BATES Philadelphia WENDY BATES Gulfport DAYLE M. BATTALORA Bay St. Louis ROBERT R. BATTIN Gulfport BARBARA BEAN Petal CHERRY L. BEARD Tylertown MICHAEL F. BEARD Forest T. W. BEARDEN Tylertown WILLIAM J. BEASLEY, JR. Waynesboro MILTON E. BECKNELL Jackson BARBARA J. BEELAND Newton MELANIE A. BEEMAN Collinsville LAWRENCE P. BENEFIELD Gulfport FAYE C. BENEZUE Ocean Springs AMY L. BENNETT Picayune EVELYN A. BENNETT Pass Christian JAMES BENNETT, III Meridian I uniors WILLIAM I. BENSON Meridian DAVID L. BERRY Gonzales, La. RHETT S. BILEK Laurel WILLIAM J. BILLINGS Columbia LARIS K. BISHOP Pinellas Park THELMA F. BLACK Jackson JAMES R. BLACKMON New Hebron CLARESSA J, BLACKWELL McHenry JUDY K. BLACKWELL Jackson MARILYN BLACKWELL Ellisville KIRK J. BLANCHARD New Orleans, La. ELIZABETH F. BLAYLOCK Holly Springs PAMELA A. BOLANDER Laurel CARL M. BOLENDER Gulfport BEVERLY J. BOND Wiggins BRENDA S. BONNER Meridian ROBERTA C. BORDEN Clarksdale JANIE BORING Hattiesburg GARY H. BORTONE Pensacola. Fla. RUTH K. BOSWELL Jackson LAUREN D. BOUNDS Neely MEIDA BOUNDS Lucedale RANDON D. BOUNDS Picayune SHELBY R. BOURNE Columbia MARY BOUTHILET Jackson MINNIE E. BOUTWELL Petal SHERYL A. BOUTWELL Newton JOHN S. BOYD Mobile, Ala. MARY L. BOYD Laurel PHILLIP K. BOYDSTON Carthage BOB H. BOYLES Forest BOB A. BRACEY Foxworth EDWARD A. BRADERA, JR. Greenville DANIEL M. BRADLEY Gulfport DAVID E. BRADLEY Moselle SUSAN H. BRADLEY Biloxi PATRICIA A. BRAKE Pensacola, Fla. NORMA A. BRANCH Picayune DENTON G. BRASWELL Meridian CATHERINE L. BREAUX Biloxi FRANCES E, BRECKENRIDGE Newton GLORIA L. BRELAND Ocean Springs TROY L. BRELAND Beaumont RUBY A. BREWER JAMES L. BRIDGES TOMMY C. BRISTER BERNICE BRoAoH CAROL A. BROCATO J. D. BROCK, JR. LYNDA S. BRODY BRENDA F. BROOKS DONALD L. BROOKS DOUGLAS S. BROOME SHEILA M. BROOME THOMAS L. BROOME BRENDA R. BROWN HARVEY J. D. BROWN JOHN T. BROWN TASWELL M. BROWN JAMES E. BRUMFIELD PATSY A. BRUMFIELD GRADY E. BRYAN BETTY J. BRYANT SHEILA F. BRYANT JOHN L. BUCK. III GARY F. BUCKELS ARHONDA J. BULLOCK BOBBY G. BULLOCK JEFFERY L. BULLOCK ELAINE BUNCH Tallulah, La. Ocean Springs Gulfport Hattiesburg Clarksdale Vicksburg Vineland, N.J. Magee Vicksburg Ocean Springs Biloxi Petal Waynesboro Collins Kosciusko Gulfport McComb Magnolia Jackson Purvis Raleigh Dothan, Ala. INIeadville Prentiss Laurel McComb Waynesboro uniors WILLIAM E. BUNKER Natchez SANDRA M. BURGE Picayune ELLEN R. BURGIN Birmingham, Ala. DENNIS J. BURKE Biloxi DANNY L. BURKES Forest ANITA R. BURNETT Meridian ROBERT G. BURNEY Keysport, N.J. TIM C. BURNEY Jackson MARTHA L. BURNS Union WILLIAM D. BURNS Kosciusko ARTHUR E. BURROUGHS Lucedale ALTON W. BUSBY Summit DARLA J. BUSH Richton OWEN E. BUSH Bay Springs CHARLIE G. BUSLER Meridian WILLIAM L. BUSTIN Laurel JIMMY B. BUTLER Hattiesburg MARVIN G. BUTLER Hattiesburg POWELL W. BUTLER, JR. Bude LAURENCE C. BYRD Biloxi OLIVER W. BYRD West Point MANCH S, CADWALLADER, JR. Baton Rouge, La. LADYE S. CAIN JOEL A. CAISON JOLYNN CALLAWAY REBECCA J. CALLAWAY PAMELA C. CALVERT BARRY R. CAMP IRA W. CAMPBELL JAMES F. CAMPBELL KIT CAMPBELL LOUISE CAMPBELL ROSEMARY CAMPBELL Utica Hattiesburg Natchez Jackson Woodville Meridian Quitman Seminary Waveland Picayune Bogalusa, La. LINDA A. CANARD Albuquerque, N.Mex. GEOFF ERY B. CANFIELD TERRY L. CAPERS JOHN E. CARAWAY KATHLEEN E. CARLIN KATHY L. CARLSON GEORGE M. CARMICHAEL, GARY CARNEY EARL D. CARROLL NORMA G. CARROLL FRANCES H. CARRUBBA DIANNE CARRUTH BRENDA L. CARTER DENVER L. CARTER MICHAEL D. CARTER WARRENE H. CARTER THOMAS R. CASE CHARLES CATON FREDERICK L. CERAMI CATHERINE J. CERRA TONY G. CHANCE NORMAN D, CHATHAM WILLIAM P. CHEEK ROBERT D. CHEESEMAN LAURA E. CHILDRE KAY CHISHOLM DONNA A. CLANTON BARBARA G. CLARK DON CLARK, JR. GARY P. CLARK JUDY A. CLARK MARTHA K. CLARK SHARON A. CLARK WYNN E. CLARK DAN L. CLAY MICHAEL E. CLEMENT PATRICK H. CLEVELAND Purvis Escatawpa Sandersville Long Beach Yazoo City JR. Meridian Desoto Petal Pascagoula Hattiesburg Summit Wade Magee Ripley Magnolia Brookhaven Gulfport Colonia, N.J. Pass Christian Columbia Rose Hill Nettleton Man-teo, N.C. Jackson Picayune Waynesboro Taylorsville Waynesboro Charleston Louisville Ocean Springs Yazoo City Pascagoula Collinsville Perkinston Union 1 uniors BURVON T. CLYBURN DENNIS COATS Georgetown Stonewall FREEMAN M. COCHRAN, JR. Carchagf- ALFRED F. COFRANCESCIO Wlaldwick, NJ. CATHY E. COKER JOHN H. COLE CRAIG S. COLEMAN MATTIE M. COLEMAN MARTHA J. COLGAN SHIRLEY M. COLLIER GLENDA J. COLLINS CHARLES w. COMSTOCK RUDOLPH L. CONNER CATHY E. Cook LAVERNE C. COOLEY ALAN G. COOPER NANCY Y. COOPER MARY K. COPELAND JEANNIE COPLING BETTY C, CORNS Ellisville Columbus Gonzales, Fla. Brookhaven Elyria, Ohio Vicksburg Ellisville Biloxi Hattiesburg Jackson Waynesboro Memphis Petal Pascagoula Picayune Quincy, Ill. ANTHONY J. CORRERO, JR. Clarksdale CARY A. COTTINGIM SUSAN E, COURSON JAMES R. COURTNEY JAN M. COURTNEY GERALD w. COVINGTON Biloxi Biloxi Gulfport Bassfield Stonewall MELISSA K. COWLING Robertsdale, Ala. JOHN J. Cox RONALD F. COX BILLY A. CRAFT CYNTHIA D. CRAFT RONALD M. CRAFT LINDA G. CRAIG LINDA C. CRAWFORD PHILLIP E. CRIDDLE PATSY A. CROSBY SHIRLEY A. CROSS BILLY R. CROW LINDA F. CROWDER L. CROWELL GLENDA JOY CRUTCHFIELD ANNA CULLEFER GARRY W. CUMBEST MIKE CURTIS PAULA E. CURTIS SUSAN E. CURTISS JAMES H. CUTRELL HUGH K. DABBS RITA G. DACUS MICHAEL K. D'ANGELO PAMELA DANIEL DARYL A. DANIELS GARY F. D'AQUILLA JUDY L. DARBY KENNETH A. DAVENPORT FAYE K. DAVIDSON KENT L. DAVIDSON Biloxi Gulfport Jackson Tylertown Biloxi Morton Jackson Raymond Ellisville Petal Hazlehurst Laurel Jackson Milton, Fla. Hattiesburg Pascagoula Hamond, La. Jackson Long Beach Prentiss Quitman Jackson Hattiesburg Jackson Picayune lVoOClville Batesville Picayune 'Waynesboro Denver. Colo. RITA A. DAVIES Carthage CHARLES M. DAVIS Rose Hill CHARLOTTE R. DAVIS Enterprise DANNY F. DAVIS Vicksburg GLENN F. DAVIS Pascagoula JERRY XV. DAVIS Gulfport SIDNEY XV. DAVIS Meridian THOMAS DAVIS Semmes. Ala. YNILLIAINI C. DAVIS Chickasaw. Ala. CLEVELAND R. DAYVSEY Picayune CHARLES N, DAY Columbia GENE K. DAY Jayess WILLIAM L. DEAN Hattiesburg uniors DONALD R. DEARMAN ROBERT W. DEARMAN Petal Quitman MACSDALENA de BLOCK Tallahassee, Fla. SLSANNE DEES Wiggins RICHARD DE LA FUENTE Biloxi DAVID W. DELANEY Hazlehurst JUDITH C. de MEDICIS Jackson VIRGINIA R. DENSON Long Beach ANNA K. DeORNELLAS Columbia GUY T. DeSANTIS, JR. Waynesboro IVIARCELLE E. DESSOMMES Long Beach MARTHA B. DEWEESE Meridian ELMER C. DICKENS Gulfport BARRY D. DICKERSON Summit BRENDA J. DIFATTA Hattiesburg MICHAEL L. DIKEMAN New Albany JEAN DILLON Columbia RANDALL DILLON Smithdale MARGARET A. DIXON Terry CARLIN T. DOBBS Bay St. Louis JOHN F. DONOVAN Vicksburg PEGGY S. DORTON Laurel ALICE A. DOUGLAS State Line DEANNA M. DOUGLAS Gulfport LARRY B. DOUGLAS Petal ROBERT L. DOUGLAS Newton WILLIAM L. DOUGLAS Leakesville LILIA M. DOW Bogota, Columbia, S.A. ANN M. DOWNING Collins GEORGE T. DUBOSE Brewton, Ala. BRENDA J. DUCKETT Meridian JANE E. DUCKWORTH Magee JAN M. DUDLEY Lucedale LAURIE A. DUKES Gulfport GEORGE S. DULEH Mishawaka, Indiana PATRICIA M. DYAR Hattiesburg PAUL A. DYKES McComb CECIL EASTERLING Collins SHELIA A. EASTERLING JILL J. EASTON PHYLLIS A. DDMONDS MARY A. EDWARDS MARY T. EDWARDS ROBERT W. EDWARDS SARA A. EDWARDS RHONDA A. EHLERS BETTY EICHELBERGER MINNIE M. EKES RONNIE J. ELIAS JACK M. ELLIOTT, JR. MARY 12. ELLIOTT JOHN O. ELLIS ERVIN L. ELLZEY, JR. WAYNE E. ELLZEY DON ca, EMERSON RICKY D. EPLIN EMILY M. EVANS MICHAEL F. EVANS GEORGE G. EVERETT ELTON P. EVERITT PATRICIA R. FAIRLEY RICHARD W. FANT SANDRA D. FARISH JERRY R. FAST THOMAS A. FAVA JOSEPH L. FAYARD CARL B. FELDER MARTHA S. FELDER CAROLYN F. FENECH HELEN B. FERGUSON Mount Olive Pass Christian Newton Newton Hattiesburg Richton Conehatta Escatawpa Morton Laurel Gulfport Forest Ripley Jackson Laurel Lat 'rel Como Picayune Moss Point Waynesboro Biloxi Pelahatchie Biloxi Gulfport Indianola Ocean Springs Greenville Biloxi Summit McComb Heidelberg Greenville S 3 170 4 gf I I 1 I 4 . I uniors LOUAN G. FERRELL WILLIAM B. FERRELL, WILLIAM R. FERRY RUTH A. FICK LINDA A. FIKE GENIE C. FILLINGIM SHELDON T. FLEMING JOSEPH E. FLOYD STEWART M. FOLEY MARILYN J. FORD MARY S. FOREMAN SUSAN A. FORTENBERRY Bristol, Tenn. JANIS K. FOSTER MARY A. FOSTER ROYCE FOSTER, II DONNIE E. FOWLER MICHAEL R. FOX DIANE M. FREEMAN ROSE M. FREEMAN SHELIA A. FREEMAN JUDI M. FRENCH PAMELA FRENCH VICKI L. FRENCH SHARON R. FRERET JOANNE FRESE SAMUEL P. FRICHTER KATHERN B. FULTON MARY G. FULTON 171 Natchez Hattiesburg Riderwood, Ala. State Line Prentiss Gulfport McComb Meridian Laurel Taylorsville Biloxi 2 ' Jackson Saucier Smith's Crossing Jackson Pensacola, Fla. Forest Sandy Hook Richton Hattiesburg Union Long Beach Saucier A - ,I . ok Jun 'f - Quincy, Ill. Arabi, La. Carthage Philadelphia SIMON D. FULTON, JR. EDWARD FURGALACK MARTHA J. GAFFENEY LARRY J. GAGNON PATSY K. GAMBILL ANN G. GANDY CAROLE J. GARDNER RONALD O. GARNER KATHERINE J. GARON JUDY K. GARRETTE MALCUM H. GATEWOOD LINDA C. GAUTIER JOSIE K. GAY DANNY M. GEORGE RICKY D. GIBBS BETTY J. GIBSON PERRY A. GIBSON VIRGIE E. GILBERT ANNE E. GILL TERRY L. GILLESPIE PHILLIP K. GILMORE '90 1 . wr ' NK" Carthage Laurel Clarksdale Bay St. Louis Meridian Poplarville lNIagnolia Gulfport Gulfport Philadelphia Satsuma, Ala. Biloxi Natchez Canton Newton Newton Wlaveland lN'Ieridian Edwards Sarolis Lena I Y? uniors JENNIFER L. GINN Brandon JAIMIFS R. CIPSON, II Picayune ROBERT N. GLENN, JR. Hattiesburg SIFZANNE GODBOLD Brookhaven JOHN W. GODDARD, III Natchez CANDY L. GODFREY Jackson WILLIAM E. GODWIN Meridian BRUCE S. GOFORTH Gulfport GAYEL E. GOODMAN Jackson BARRY K. GORE Hattiesburg LEONARD C. GORNEY Orland Park, Ill. GERRY L. GOWER Hattiesburg MARY I. GOZA Laurel PATTYE A. GRADY Hattiesburg CHARLOTTE GRAHAM Bassfield LYSLE E. GRAHAM Hattiesburg MARY J. GRAVES Tylertown MARY J. GRAVES Liberty .IANE S. GRAY Baker, La. SANDRA K. GRAY Philadelphia SUSAN K. GRAY Columbia ALGIE L. GREEN, JR. Leakesville DEBORAH G. GREEN Vicksburg WILLIAM D. GREEN Hattiesburg KATHY A. GREENE Hattiesburg RICHARD R. GREENE Meridian CAROLE A. GRESHAM Ellisville PAUL E. GRICE Bogue Chitto RALPH M. GRIFFIN Hattiesburg SYLVIA B. GRIFFIN Decatur TERRY L. GRIFFIN Salem JUDITH A. GROWER Jackson ANITA GRUNCHY Wesson PATRICIA R. GUIDER Vicksburg PIERRE D. GUNNOE Picayune WILLIAM T. GUYETTE Gulf Breeze, Fla. JOAN H. CUYMON Wesson PATRICK F. GUYTON Kosciusko PATRICIA G. HADAD Vicksburg BILL HALL Brandon CLYDE T. HALL, JR. Moselle JOHN E. HALL Natchez KENNETH C. HALL Wauchula, Fla. LORA D. HALL Brookhaven SHARON L. HALL Columbia CANDIS P. HAMIL Hattiesburg CLIFTON O. HAMILTON Pascagoula JIMMY D. HANCOCK Mize RICHARD W. HANNON Raymond GREG HARDEN Key West, Fla. WILLIAM J. HARFORD Meridian EVA L. HARGETT Ocean Springs HERBERT F. HARPER Ellisville JIMMY R. HARPER, JR. McComb GLENDA F. HARRELL Quitman LINDA G. HARRELSON Niceville, Fla. JAMES M. HARRIS Pascagoula Jo ANNA M. HARRIS Laurel MYRON L. HARRIS, JR. Lucedale VERNON H. HARRIS Forest WILLIAIVI NI. HARRIS Jackson MELTON T, HARRISON Hattiesburg TOMMY W. HARRISON Meridian GEOFFREY A. HARSCH Jackson MADOLYN L. HART McComb ALFRED R. HARTLINE CARL D. HASKEW JOHN J. HASLE RODNEY W. HATCHER SUZY HATCHER Rome, Ga. Jackson, Ala. Picayune Lucedale Hattiesburg 171 I I I I I 173 uniors ELIZABETH HATTON Bassfield AUBREY W. HAVARD Gloster JULIUS J. HAYDEN, III Perkinston JAMES W. HAYNEE Gainesville, Fla. ROSE A. HAYWOOD Laurel JOHN T. HAZARD Gulfport KATIE HEAD Whitfield EARL E. HEIDERHOFF Jackson JEAN C. HENDERSHOT Jackson JOHN R. HENDERSON Greenville NANCY L. HENDERSON Walnut Grove RICHARD L. HENDERSON Forest THOMAS M. HENDERSON Jackson THOMAS W. HENDERSON, III Jackson JAMES K. HENSARLING JUDITH M. HERRING MARCIA J. HERRINGTON BUNNIE J. HERSEY RITA D. HESTER GREGORY P. HEWES WOODY W. HEWITT MARY A. HICKMAN ELLIS D. HILL MICHAEL C. HILL TOM W. HILL MAE N. HILTON CHARLOTTE E. HINTON GILBERT H. HIXON Coco RALPH E. HODE DANIEL T. HODGES JOHN E. HODGES DANEY J. HOFFMAN GAIL N. HOGUE JUDY HOLCOMB LARRY K. HOLIFIELD RICHARD W. HOLLAND BRUCE A. HOLLIDAY KATHY L. HOLLIMAN DONALD E. HOLLOWAY WANDA J. HOLLOWAY BETTY L. HOLMES CAROLYN J. HOLMES THETA F, HOLSTON KATHY L. HOOVER NEIL P. HOPKINS PATRICIA G. HOPPER SUSAN HORN MICHAEL G. HOWARD BEVERLY J. HOWELL Petal Port St. Joe, Fla. Jackson Lakeland, Fla. Laurel Bangor, Maine Meadville Wiggins Biloxi Biloxi Woodville Mendenhall Soso Solo, Canal Zone Bay St. Louis Pascagoula Pass Christian Biloxi Pascagoula Gulfport Laurel Columbus, Ga. Pensacola, Fla. Ovett Prentiss Jackson Tylertown Valparaiso, Fla. Poplarville Jackson Jackson Columbus Vicksburg Picayune Black Hawk WILLIAM C. HOWTON, JR. New Orleans, La. DAVE A. HUDDLESTON DAVE G. HUDSON SUSAN C. HUDSON CHARLES D. HUGHES GLORIA J. HUGHES WAYNE A. HUGHES CAROL M. HUMPHRIES JERRY L. HUNT YOLAN A. HUNTER MARVIN T. HUNTSMAN JAMES D. HUTCHINS PERRY G. HUTCHINSON JIMMIE D. HUTTO MARILYN R. HUTTON DENNIS J. ILLICH JUDY K. ILLICH JOSEPH H. INGRAM JANET T. ISHEE PATRICIA A. ISHEE JAMES A. ISLER Moss Sumrall Hattiesburg Jackson Magee Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Forest Pensacola, Fla. Biloxi New Hebron Glen Allan Meadxille Clarksclale Ocean Springs Ocean Springs Petal Laurel Laurel Theodore, Ala. uniors LARRY W. IVEY SANDRA L. IVISON WILLIE R. JACKSON KATHY M. JAMES PAUL L. JAMES JANE C. JENKINS JOAN L. JENKINS JAMES A. JENNER LESLEY R. .IERNIGAN CHARLES P. JOHNSON JOLYNN JOHNSON LYNN JOHNSON SANDRA V. JOHNSON WILLIAM E. JOHNSO-N JENNIFER A. JONES KAREN N. JONES KENNETH D. JONES LANA K. JONES LARRY R. JONES PAULA J. JONES PERCY C. JONES REBECCA A. JONES SHERRY L. JONES THOMAS W. JONES WANDA E. JONES CHARLES M. JORDAN KATHLEEN A. JORDAN JULIE A. JURICH DAVID H. JUSSLEY CHARLES T. KADERLI FRANK W. KEEN WILLIAM D. KEHOE, JR. MARGARET R. KEIFER CATHERINE D. KEITH CYNTHIA L. KEITH RONALD E. KELLER THERESE E. KELLER E. MARILYN KENNEDY ESTHER KENNEDY MARTHA F. KENNEDY MICHAEL R. KENNEDY RANDY S. KENNEDY PAUL D. KENT GERALD J. KERSH CARLOS R. KEY MICHAEL E. KEYS ANGELA M. KIEHM KURT KILPATRICK ANDREA L. KING BARBARA A. KING EMMA I.. KING SHEILA J. KING WILLIAM M. KING EVELYN L. KISER HELEN T. KISS KATHY J. KITTRELL JO ANN KLEIN CECIL M. KLUTTS, JR. BUTCH KNIGHT MICHAEL A. KNIGHT Jackson Forest Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Laurel Bastrop, La. Meridian Canal Zone Tupelo Hattiesburg Picayune Hattiesburg Waynesboro Moss 'Point State Line Smithdale Laurel Petal Magee Mobile, Ala. Prentiss Orlando, Fla. Prentiss Hattiesburg Union Laurel Jackson Ocean Springs Hattiesburg Biloxi Redwood jackson Jackson Mooreville Jackson Petal Pass Christian Tylertown Forest Collins Laurel Natchez Vicksburg Hattiesburg lPascagoula Wesson Meridian Jackson- Natchez Jackson Louisville Stringer Bay Springs Jackson Huntsville, Ala. Laurel Pensacola, Fla. Hattiesburg Ridgeland Collins I 1 uniors WAYNE R. KNIPPERS Magnolia CYNTHIA A. KNOWLES Solon KARL E. KOBERGER Gulfport THOMAS L. KOLB Meadville SUSAN M. KREBS Pascagoula ROBERT J. KYSER Pensacola, Fla. MICHAEL LADNER Lumberton- WILLIAM H. LADSHAW, III Ellisville WALTER B. LAGERGON Pensacola, Fla. BILLY G. LAING Newton WALTER T. LAING Newton DAVID M. LAMOTHE Metairie, La. BURKE F, LAMPTON, III Tylertown M. ANN LAND Hamilton JAMES E. LANDRY Biloxi JOSEPH D. LANDRY Bayou La Batre, Ala. SHIRLEY A. LANE Jackson MARGARET A. LANG Osyka SAMMY L. LANG Magnolia SHELLEY E. LANG Natchez SHIRLEY A. LANGLEY Waynesboro SARAH A. LANGSTON Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. LINDA M. LATHEM Sebastopol LARRY L. LAUDERDALE Madison DAVID Y. LAW Natchez DONNY L. LAWSON Hattiesburg RICHARD L. LEARD Hattiesburg TERRY R. LEARY Brookhaven DENISE C. LeBLANC Jackson BARBARA E. LEE Picayune MOPSY LEE Vicksburg TERRY T. LEGGETT Collins MARY E. LEO Vicksburg BETTYE S. LEWIS FREDERICK N. LEWIS SHARON R. LIGHTSEY AUSTIN LINDLEY NANCY R. LITTLE TERRI Y. LOGAN TERRY D. LONG ALFRED L. LOPER JANET G. LOPEZ RETA E. LOTT JOHN M. LOVORN CONSTANCE M. LOWE CLAUDE E. LOWERY DONALD LOWERY MICHAEL P. LOWERY MYRA L. LOWERY RONALD LOWERY WILLIAM R. LOWERY LOU A. LUMPKIN JESSE C. LUTER, III ROGER L. LUTHER FRANCESH I. MacINTOSH Walnut Grove Bogalusa, La. Laurel McComb Hattiesburg Southaven Laurel Petal Homestead, Fla. Wiggins Fairfax, Va. Ellisville Wesson Columbia Wesson Wesson Columbia Moselle Jackson Jackson Lakeland, Fla. Baton Rouge, La. MARTHA A, MAGEE PATRICIA A. MAGEE THOMAS B. MAJURE, JR. MARTHA C. MANBERG M. LOUISE MANCUSO Jackson Prentiss Biloxi Hattiesburg McComb 0 llI11OI' S GUILLAUME H. MARCHANT, JR. Biloxi ALAN G. MARKELL MIKE A. MARTIN N. KAY MASHBURN JIMMIE A. MASON LARRY E. MASON HOWARD F. MATHIS, III WILLIAM G. MATLOCK AVERY L. MAULDIN LOUIS V. MAURIO CHARLENE A. MAY BILLY B. MAYFIELD RONALD O. MCAFEE JOHN S. MCARTHUR JUDY C. MCCARTY GARY T. MCCASKILL MARY E. MCCLATCHY STANLEY C. MCCOWN SANDRA C. MCCRORY NOEL D. MCDANIEL DOROTHY L. MCDAVID TOMMY L. MCDONALD ALAN R. MQDUFF ROBERT B. MCGUFFIE Gulfport Crystal Springs Brandon Hattiesburg Shubuta Mobile, Ala. Meridian Gulfport Toms River, N.J. Pascagoula Prentiss Pensacola, Fla. Hattiesburg Moss Mendenhall Indianola Columbus Lawrence Magnolia Petal Meridian Hattiesburg Monticello 35,2 LINDA L. MCINNIS JERRY W. McKAY Vicksburg JOHNNY L. McKAY Gulfport LINDA H. McKAY Gulfport NANCY MQKELLAR Jackson ROGER D. MCKENNON Mendenhall PATREECIA J. MQLAIN Clarksdale ALBERT C. MCLAND Petal BRENDA F. MCLEAN Milton, Fla. RITA MCLENNAN Hattiesburg SANDRA S. MCMAHAN Hattiesburg BRENDA K. MCMANUS Gulfport FRED L. MQMANUS Hattiesburg JOAN M. MCPHERSON Silas, Ala.. HILDA R. MCQUEEN Petal DAVID C. MCQUILLEN Gulfport FRANCES E. MCRAE Laurel WILLIAM E. MEADOR Laurel DONNA J. METSLER Pascagoula LINDA J. MEYERS New Orleans, La. ARTHUR MICIELLO, JR. Carriere Yazoo City I uniors DAVID L. MIDDLETON V' If b PATRICIA E. MIDDLETON vigkibiiig JESSE J. MIGUES Biloxi BILLY W. MIKEL Ft. Walton Beach, Fla, VICKIE MILBRANDT LINDA MILES Bfoffjfjjgjg BRENDA D. MILLER picayune JAMES M. MILLER Woodville THERESA A. MILLER Ocean Springs IRMA R. MILLS Pe1a1 BRUCE E. MINCHEW Meridian DARLENE MITCHELL Purvis SUSAN P. MITCHELL Laurel WAYNE T. MIXON Indiannla JANEY K. MOAK Jackson REBECCA E. MONROE Hattiesburg ALEC W. MOORE I-lattiesbt. rg CONNIE D. MOORE Hattiesburg DAVID W. MOORE Stonew Ill DEBORAH L. MOORE Richton JAMES M. MOORE Meridian SUSAN MOORE Ocean Springs TED S. MOORE Stringer WILLIAM R. MOORE, JR. Duck Hill ELIZABETH A. MOREHEAD Laurel BOBO MORGAN Hattiesburg DAN P. MORGAN Jackson MICHAEL G. MORGAN Pensacola, Fla. NEIL A. MORRIS Biloxi ROBERT V. MORROW Biloxi THOMAS O. MORROW, JR. Hattiesburg MARTHA A. MOULDS Decatur WILLIAM C. MOULDS, JR. Meridian CHARLES L. MOULTON Andalusia, Ala. LARRY H. MOWDY Conchatta LINDA L. MUGGENBURG Hattiesburg RICHARD W. MUNSELL Hattiesburg ANNA J. MURPHREE Pascagoula LINDA E. MURPHREE Huntsville, Ala. KEITH W. MYERS Jackson KENNETH J. MYERS Jackson DONNA M. NASIF Vicksburg RUTH N. NASIF Port Gibson MARTHA S. NEAL Vicksburg ELLA E. NEWELL Richton KAY S. NEWMAN Biloxi CATHERINE J. NICHOLLS Pascagoula JERRY S. NICHOLSON Laurel SARAH R. NICKELSON Quitman BRENDA F. NOBLE DALE L. NOBLE GLENN NOBLES JOEY H. NOEL IDA L. NOLAN JEWEL E. NORMAN JOAN F. NORRIS Ocean Springs Ocean Springs Sumrall Ocean Springs Biloxi Sumitt Rolling Fork BECKY M. NORSWORTHY Hattiesburg PAMELA N. NUNLEY Fayette PATRICIA M. NUNN Natchez MARI K. OAKES McComb ROCK M. OBERLIN Natchez TIMOTHY A. O'BRIAN Gulfport TERRY J. O'DELL Muskegon, Mich. MARTIN M. ODEN DeKalb BOBBY ODOINI Laurel HARRY M. OLIIPHANT Richton JERRY O'NEAL Gulfport LINDA E. ORANGE Hattiesburg BARBARA J. OVERSTREET Chickasaw JUDITH C. OWEN Picayune uniors CAROLYN J. OWENS CARLYLE H. PACK New CLIFFORD H. PACK New JOHNNIE B. PARKER KENNETH L. PARKER LINDA J PARKER MARY P. FPARKER CHERYL G. PARRISH MARGARITA PARSONS KATHERINE C. PATRICK PAUL G. PATTERSON PATRICIA A. PAYNE JOE M. PEACOCK GINGER T. PEARSON PEGGY W. PEDDICORD MARY A. PENNYAN MARTHA A. PENTECOST LOUIS A. PEREZ Petal Orleans, La. Orleans, La. Meridian N oxapater Sandersville Laurel Laurel Wiggins Laurel Laurel N ettleton Belzoni Union Hattiesburg Gloster Ridgeland Miami, Fla. DOUGLAS H. PERRYMAN Huntsville, Ala. LILA J. PEYTON Raymond FLORINE R. PHILLIPS Bay Springs KENNETH B. PICKERING Natchez BEN H. PICKETT, III Pascagoula BRENDA S. PIERCE Hattiesburg BARBARA L. PINE McComb BETTY J. PITTMAN Gulfport STANLEY S. PITTMAN Mendenhall MARILYN PLANCHARD McComb SHERROL A. PLUNKETT Union JOHN A. POLK LPrentiss CAROLYN D. POOLE Jackson DARWIN M. POPE Margarita, Canal Zone MARGARET E. POPE Columbia SCOTT POSEY Gulfport JAMES C. POUNCEY Enterprise JOYCE J. POWELL Mendenhall WILLIAM C. POWELL Jackson KEITH P. POWERS Jackson ROSEMARY PRATHER Meadville MARVIS S. PRESLAR, JR. Jackson DANNY A. PRESSLEY Wiggins ANDREA L. PRESTON Ellisville DAVID J. PRICE Stone Mountain, Ga. PAMELA L. PRICE JHCICSOH WALLACE D. PRINGLE Biloxi LESLIE L. PRITCHARD Hattiesburg NANCY C. PROPST H.I. Ambacht, Netherlands JANICE H. PROUT Mobile, Ala. MARTHA E. RADAU Sauder HANK L. RAINER Meridian LINDA C. RAKESTRAW PicaYUUe KENNETH D, RANNY Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. JULIE R, RATCLIFF Collins BILL G. RATLIFF Clinton BOBBIE N. RAY Hattiesburg GARY D. RAYBORN Jayess GLENN M. RAYBURN Long Beach BETTY O. REAGAN Foxworth WILLIE J. REDMOND Meridian MARY K. RENEGAR Jackson I I uniors MARVIN REYNOLDS MARY I. REYNOLDS TERRY R. RHODES RICHARD D. RICE OWEN E. RICHARDS BETTY J. RICHARDSON SUE B. RICHMOND NANCY S. RIDGEWAY JERRY E. RIVERS NELDA J. ROBERSON ALEX D. ROBERTS DONALD R. ROBERTS PAUL E. ROBERTS Grove Hill, Ala. Waynesboro Houston Florence Yazoo, City Auburndale, Fla. Jackson Ocean- Springs Petal Starkville Jackson Wesson Laurel WILLIAM H. ROBERTS, JR. Hattiesburg BERNARD T. ROBERTSON Portsmouth, va. DANNY M. ROBINSON EARL R, ROBINSON THERESA ROBINSON GEORGE D. ROBISON DAYNA A. ROBOSKY TERESA M. ROCK ELLEN R. ROGERS LAURA N. ROGERS MARY D. ROGERS M. KATHLEEN ROGERS NEDA G. ROGERS LLOYD F. ROLLINS BARBARA L. RONE BARBARA L. ROSS BEVERLY A. ROSS Jackson Odessa, Texas Jackson Utica Bonifay, Fla. Slidell, La. Collins Jackson Foxworth Perkinston Gulfport Prentiss Ethel Memphis, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. CHARLES C. ROSS Tutwiler LOLA K. ROSS Laurel PATRICIA A. ROUNSAVILLE Petal BILLY J. ROUSE Lumberton DOUG W. ROUSE Hattiesburg MYRA S. ROWE Laurel JIMMY L. ROWELL Tylertown ELLEN S. ROWLANDS Toronto, Ontario HELEN E. RUNDELL Richton SHIRLEY J. RUSH Pascagoula JANN E. RUSSELL Vicksburg JOHN L. RUSSELL Walnut Hills, Fla. ROBERT E. RYAN Biloxi SUSAN M. RYAN FRANCISCO J. SABATER Bay St. Louis San Salvador, El Salvador ALEXANDER SAHAYDAK Bethlehem, Pa. RAGAEL A. SALAZAR LARRY K. SALTER GLORIA M. SANDERS FRANCES C. SANFORD ANN G. SASSONE D. BERNICE SAUCIER JAMES R. SAUCIER KEVIN S. SAUCIER Ellisville Meridian Forest Petal Osyka Gulfport Hattiesburg Biloxi STEVEN B. SAVAGE Clifton Heights, Pa. WILLOUCHBY T, SAVELL Philadelphia GWENDOLYN SAWYER Tylertown DAVID S. SCHELL Ft. Walton Beach. Fla. MARTHA C. SCHILLING Zachary PATRICIA L. SCHRADER Jackson, Ohio uniors - LINDA E. SEARCY NELDA S. SECERS PETER C. SEHON JAN L. SELF BETTY J. SELLERS CHERYL L. SELLERS HAROLD T. SELLERS JUDY L. SELLERS MARY J. SELLERS WANDA C. SEWARD PATRICIA SEYMORE JOSEPH D. SHADOW PAUL C. SHAIFER ELAINE S. SHARP HERSCHEL L. SHATTLES JAMES C. SHAW BARBARA G. SHELBY LILLIAN K. SHELTON CALVIN R. SHIRK LONNIE T. SHOULTZ, JR. SHERRILL T. SHOWS WINSTON T. SHOWS, JR. DONALE P. SIBLEY SHIRLEY SIMMONS JERRY R. SIMS KARAN E. SIMS LARRY W. SIMS DAVID W. SINCLAIR JACK K. SKINNER LAWRENCE E. SKIPPER BILLY C. SMITH BILLY R. SMITH BOBBIE J. SMITH DAVID E. SMITH DEBORAH L. SMITH EW Pascagoula Montrose Biloxi Mendenhall J Philadelphia Richton Jackson Laurel Decatur, Ga. Jackson Gulfport Meridian Natchez Union Hattiesburg Charleston Taylorsville Hattiesburg Vicksburg Gulfport Laurel Laurel Redwood Hazlehurst Seminary Jackson Jackson Quitman Philadelphia Meridian Union Ellisville Ovett Moselle Gloster GORDON C. SMITH HAROLD L. SMITH JERRY W. SMITH LORINDA G. SMITH MARK D. SMITH PATRICIA A. SMITH RICHARD V. SMITH ROBERT E. SMITH, JR. SARAH C. SMITH SHEILA A. SMITH WILLIAM V. SMITH GEORGIA C. SMITHHART DIANNE L. SNOWDEN RONALD A. SOWELL STEVEN R. SPARKS PHILLIP R. SPEAKE New Orleans, La. Natchez Starkville Franklin, Mass. Picayune Mobile, Ala. Meridian Biloxi Brookhaven McLain Moss Point Jackson Jackson omas, Ky. Jackson Gulfport Th . 180 C' f sz, . Y K . I T19 , ? 1 uniors GLORIA L. SPEED ELLA K. SPEIGHTS CORA L. SPELL JANICE A. SPENCE WILLIAM M. SPRATLEY Jackson Hattiesburg Woodville Jackson Pascagoula YOLANDA L. STANLEY Chickasaw, Ala. HAROLD STAPLES, JR. Biloxi PATRICIA G. STEAGALL Long Beach MARTHA L. STEPHENS Belzoni JON G. STEEPHENSON Columbia GARY L. STEVENS Pascagoula HAROLD W. STEVENS Hattiesburg MARY C. STEVENS Laurel JAMES L. STEWART Laurel JOE B. STEWART Jackson WILLIAM J. STEWART, JR. Jackson DWIGHT E. STOCKTON Summit GAIL E. STOKES Gulfport RICHARD H. STRATTON Liberty CAROLYN S. STRAWBRIDGE Shaw JOYCE A. STREET Lucedale LINCOLN M. STREET Waynesboro JOHN A. STRICKLAND Long Beach LONNIE S. STRICKLIN Yazoo City DELBERT S. STRINGER Laurel STONEY M. STRINGER Laurel FRANK E. STROHM Hattiesburg HAZEL S. STROHM Hattiesburg LEWIS C. STROUD Lake SHEILA STRUM Biloxi RONALD J. STUART Hattiesburg JOHN P. STUMPH Laurel SUSAN A. STUTTS Forest MEREDITH SUGG Isola MARGARET K. SULLIVAN Handsboro RACHEL D. SUMMERS Laurel PEGGY D. SUMRALL Jackson KATHERINE A. SUNDSTROM Ocean Springs RICHARD C. SURACE Franklin, Va. CAROLYN E. SWAGERT Ellisville DEBORAH G. SWAIN Hattiesburg MARTHA SWALES Jackson SUE A. SWITZER Ocean Springs THOMAS E. TABB Brandon MARTHA L. TABOR Plain BRENDA A. TALBERT Mobile, Ala. MARY J. TANKSLEY Collinsville BRENDA K. TANNER Gulfport DANIEL E. TANNER Moss Point CARLOTTA J. TATE Gulfport BENJAMIN L. TAYLOR Waynesboro JENNIE TAYLOR Jackson WILLIAM R. TAYLOR, JR. Hattiesburg GEORGE D. TEMPLE Meridian MELANIE TERRANOVA Mobile, Ala. JULIE A. TERRY Gulfport RAYMOND TERRY, III Biloxi JAMES M. THAGGARD Philadelphia SUSAN G. THEAD Heidleburg ARNOLD E. THOMAS Vicksburg DAVID A. THOMAS Leland LOUIS A. THOMAS, III Seattle, Wash. MYRA THOMAS Meridian STEPHANIE A. THOMPKINS Laurel BOBBY THOMPSON Kosciusko ERIC D. THOMPSON Pascagoula JANE THOMPSON Jackson JANET D. THOMPSON Wesson ,IO ANN THOMPSON Hattiesburg WADE R. THORLEY, JR. Lakeland, Fla. uniors ALICE THORNHILL McComb GERALD L. THORNTON Newton JOYCE L. TILLEY Gulfport JOHN L. TILLMAN, JR. Union BARBARA J. TIMS Collins PEGGY J. TOLBERT Carthage LINDA L. TOMERLIN Meridian MARY A. TONEY Tylertown JAMES A. TORREY 'Pascagoula REX TOOTLE Ocean Springs DIANNE G. TOOTLE Gulfport ROBERT C. TOWNLEY Ellisville FRANCES V. TOWNSEND Lena LARRY J. TOWNSEND Collinsville CHARLES T. TRAVIS Picayune C. REED TRIGG Hattiesburg RODNEY D. TRIPLETT Moss Point MARY P. TROSTLE Biloxi JENNY A. TROXLER Natchez ALAN L. TRUSSEL Hattiesburg RICHARD D. TRUSSELL Hattiesburg JOE G. TUGGLE Hattiesburg SHARON M. TUNES Tylertown MONA TURNER Leaksville REBECCA J. TYRA Biloxi GEORGIA C. UITHOVEN Magee PATRICIA A. UNDERWOOD Jackson ANTHONY K. VALDERDE Pascagoula TOBY G. VANCE Ackerman MARY V. VAN CLOOSTERE Long Beach MARTIN A. VAN WICK, JR. Hattiesburg PEGGY A. VERANT Ocean Springs JANICE A. VICK Laurel FRANK S. VINCENT Hattiesburg KATHY WADE Port Gibson MARSHA P. WADE Laurel LILLIE WALKER McComb PATRICIA D. WALKER Mobile, Ala.. SUSAN J. WALKER Gulfport THOMAS P. WALKER Pascagoula WAYNE P. WALKER Magnolia CHARLOTTE T. WALL Osyka SYLVIA G. WALL Gillsburg KAREN S. WALLACE Meridian RUSSELL T. WALLACE Magnolia WILLIAM D. WALLACE Wesson JOHN K. WALSH Gloster SARAH I. WALTER Morton MICHAEL L. WALTMAN Pascagoula CYNTHIA E. WARD Columbia GARY L. WARE Gulfport ELEANOR R. WAREN Jackson BEFKY L. WARREN Union DEBORAH L. WARREN Biloxi JOHN E. D. WARREN Sandy Hook SARA K. WARREN Hattiesburg CHARLES T. WATERALL Richton BARBARA C. WATSON Moss Poin-t THOMAS P. WATTS Jackson ELIZABETH S. WEATHERS Hattiesburg DAVID W. WEAVER Tuscaloosa, Ala. MICHAEL S. WEBB Handsboro PATRICIA L. WEBB RELL M. WEBBER, JR. Long Beach West Point STELLA R. WEDGEWORTH Vicksburg ERNEST S. WEEKS Jackson SHIRLEY F. WEIR Parchman THOMAS J. WEISSMILLER Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. ROBERT L. WELBORN Soso FRANK T. WELCH, JR. Rich S 5 i 181. K . I :I - I I I I I I I I I I I I 'fa art'7' X if 5 1"' ' at I by uniors KENNETH J. WELKER Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. BARBARA L. WELLS GLORIA G. WELLS SANDRA R. WELLS TEENA WELLS THOMAS A. WELLS BOBBY R. WENTZELL CHARLES E. WEST STEVE WESTMORELAND JOYCE E. WHITAKER ELTON I.. WHITE JOAN F. WHITE RONNIE E. WHITE W. DEVAN WHITE WILLIAM H. WHITE Meridian Escatawpa Laurel Jackson Moss Point Biloxi Gulfport Crystal Springs Columbia Raymond Florala, Ala. Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Edwards HAROLD M. WHITTINGTON, JR. Natchez CATHERINE WILKINS EARL W, WILLIAMS Hattiesburg McComb ELIZABETH D. WILLIAMS Ocean Springs FRANK Jl. WILLIAMS Stonewall FRANK H. WILLIAMS, III Prentiss HIRAM IG. WILLIAMS Prentiss LARRY G. WILLIAMS Columbia MARTHA L. WILLIAMS Poplarville MARY L WILLIAMS Hattiesburg WILLIAM D. WILLIAMS Ocean Springs A. PATRICIA WILLIAMSON Prentiss LARRY A. WILLIAMSON Prentiss SHARON M. WILLIS Mendenhall CHARLES D. WILLISON Wiggins CYNDI ID. WILLOUGHBY Jackson FRANK J. WILLOZ CAROL E. WILSON Chalmette, La. Grand Bay, Ala. CLAUDE D. WILSON Gillsburg DONNIE P. WILSON Newton GWENDOLYN WILSON Hattiesburg RAIJPH S. WILSON Gillsburg VAUGHN F. WILSON Petal WANDA F. WILSON Lake Cormorant WILLIAM M. WILSON Lucedale BEN F. WIMBERLY Biloxi GEORGE F. WINDHAM Bay Springs GILLIS R. WINDHAM Magnolia RUSSELL S. WINDHAM Jackson SANDRA K. WINSTEAD Jackson PATTI A. WINTER Jackson LINDA C. WINTERS Gulfport JAMES V. WISE Clinton ROBERT S. WISE, III Baton Rouge, La. JANE C. WISNER Jackson WILLIAM P. WITTMAN Laurel THOMAS L. WOLFE Hattiesburg JACKIE F. WOMBLE Moss Point BEVERLY D. WOOD Biloxi KAREN S. WOOD Kokomo RICHARD A. WOOD New Orleans WILLIAM G. WOOD Tylertown NORMAN E. WOODRICK Meridian CATHY R. WOODS Louisville HILDA F. WOODWARD Ovett HENRY E. WOOLBERT Clarksdale GLENNA C. WRIGHT LINDA S. WRIGHT Syracuse, N.Y. Lake Cormorant WALTER WRIGHTSON, JR. Atlanta, Ga. JAY R. WUCHER North Miami Beach, Fla. WILLIAM V. YATES. JR. BLAKE YOUNG GAROLYN A. YOUNG PAULA YOUNG NORA M. ZIZ Jackson Laurel Ocean Springs Ellisville Biloxi So homores CHARLOTTE L. ALBRITTON Picayune CAROLYN A. ALEXANDER Moss Point DAVID E. ALEXANDER MARGARET ALFONSO JAMES D. ALLEN PAMELA ALLEN ENRIQUE E. ALLWOOD Oxon Hill, Md. Gulfport Grenada Gulfport San Salvador, El Salvador PAULA D. ALMOND JANICE K. ANDERSON MICHAEL O. ANDERSON REBECCA ANDERSON Moss Point Petal Purvis Petal SHARON A. ANDERSON Baton Rouge, La. MICHAEL D. ARCHER NANETTE L. ARDOLINE Jackson Biloxi SHARON C. ARMSTRONG Johnstown-, NY. JOAN C. ARNO Mobile, Ala. WINFORD C. ASHLEY Jackson CATHERINE H. ASKEW Mobile, Ala. DONALD R. BAILEY Clarksdale LORENA BAILEY Birmingham, Ala. VENCE G. BAILEY Brookhaven JACKIE A. BALDWIN Lakeland, Fla. PATRICIA M. BALLARD Clarksdale DONALD N. BARNES Mendenhall SHIRLEY A. BARNES Columbia WILLIAM A. BARNES Forest LINDA I. BARNETT Taylorsville HOWARD A. BARRET Picayune CHARLES T. BARRON Hattiesburg JUDITH L, BARRON Pascagoula SUSAN C. BAUCUM Newton HERMANN BAXTER Bay St. Louis DIANNE BEASON Laurel PATRICIA J. BEATTY Jackson LOUIS K. R. BEENE Starkville DEMA C. BENNER Hattiesburg STEVE M. BENNER Hattiesburg STANLEY H. BENNETT Columbia SYLVIA E. BENNETT Pearlington JANIS M. BERRY Hattiesburg JOHN H. BISHOP Hattiesburg LARRY D. BIVINS State Line GEORGE G. BLACK Hattiesburg JENNIFER J. BLAIR Tupelo MICHAEL E. BLANCHARD Port Allen, La. DORCAS L. BLANCHETTE Pass Christian RANDOLPH O. BLEDSOE VESTA A. BOGEN DAVID W. BONDERER JEFFERY J. BOONE SANDRA L. BOONE DIANE M. BOSTWICK JERRY L. BOWEN CAROLYN J. BOYD GARY A. BRAND DOROTHY A. BRASHIER MARTHA BREARD KATHY BRELAND SANDRA W. BREWER JUDY C. BROADUS TOM F. BROCK CYNTHIA E. BROOME JAMES T. BROOME ALAN R. BROWN PATRICK M. BROWN TIMOTHY L. BROWN JUDITH E. BROYLES RICHARD W. BRYAN SHERRY D. BRYSON HELEN S. BULLOCK Hattiesburg Jackson Pascagoula Puckett Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Greenville Gulfport Laurel Quitman Belzoni Tylerto-wn Brooksville, Fla. McComb Kenner, La. Ocean Springs Bassfield Covington, La. Hattiesb irg Ocean Springs Hattiesburg Meridian Pascago ula Pascago ula 184. I Sophomores KEN w. BUROE ROBIN K. BURR GEORGE R. BUSH LINDA D. BUTLER JUDITH E. BYRD JOSEPH R. CAIN, JR. JULIA A. CAISON JAMES C. CAMPBELL Poplarville Enterp 'ise Raleigh Fl ora Lat rel Gulfport Hattiesb Irg Ft. Walton Beach, I'la. WILLIAM B. CARLIN, II CARLA J. CARLSON SHIRLEY M. CARROLL Long Bench Pascagoula Mobile, Ala. WALLACE E. CARRUTH, JR. ALEX B. CARTER CHARLES H. CARTER, JR. GEORGE R. CHAMP VIRGINIA F. CHAN ROBERT M. CHANCE SARAH K. CHANCELLOR RICHARD E. CHANOVE MIKE W. CHAPMAN JESSICA S. CHAZE WALTER M. CHUNN HOWARD A. CLARK MURLEEN B. CLIFTON NELLIE M. COBB STEPHEN E. COBB PHILIP A. COCO BEVERLY D. COLEMAN SUSIE COMBY PEGGY A. CONERLY PATRICIA R. CONLEY MARC R. CONNOLLY JOYCE E. COPELAND TOMMYE CORLEY Tuscaloosa, Ala. Woodv ille LaI rel Bil :xi Greenwc Od Jackson Lau rel Arabi, La. Bil Jxi Hattiesburg Jackfon Lakeland, Pla. Pascagoula Jackson Pensacola, Fla. Yazoo City Wade Philadelphia Hattiesburg Tylertown Pittsburgh, Pa. Laurel Hattiesburg CHARLES 'P. CORNEAL Auburndale, Fla. SHIRLEY A. CORNELL Gulfport ESTELLA F. COVINGTON Summit LINDA E. COXWELL Buckatunna AMY CRAFT Tylertown JAN C. CRAWFORD Canton JOHN J. CROSS Vicksburg J. KEVIN CUNIFF Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. CARLA C. CURTIS Jackson KATHY DABBS Hattiesburg ROBERT D. DABBS Quitman ALFREDIA V. DAMPIER Monticello PATRICIA A. DAMPIER Monticello JOSEPH M. D'ANGELO Gulfport CLARK S. DAVIS Andalusia, Ala. HELEN M. DAVIS NHYCIICZ JACQUELINE O. DAVIS Fayette SANDRA J. DAVIS Raleigh WALTER K. DAVIS Hattiesburg JAMES D. DAY Natchez HENRY T. DEARMAN Prentiss VIVIAN A. DEARMAN ELIZABETH R. DE BAKEY REBECCA L. DE COVE THERESA W. DENNIS DAVID E, DEVILLE COLLEN DEVLIN CHRISTINE V. DIABIN MARILYN A, DICKEY MARTHA S. DICKEY PAULA D. DIFFERENT LUCY D. DIXON M. DEWAYNE DOLAN NANCY E. DOLLAR BETTY N. DONALD RICKY W. DONEGAN Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. McComb Pensacola, Fla. Moss Point El Paso, Tex. Perkinston Lucien Magee Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Ocean Springs Bay Springs Quitman Hattiesburg SOP Omores HOWARD B. DOSTER BRIAN C. DOWLING Dothan., Ala. Parlin, NJ. JAMES B. DOYLE Bolivar, Tenn. CHERYL A. DRONET STEPHEN R. DRYDEN Biloxi Hattiesburg MICHAEL R. DUCKWORTH Monticello ARTHUR DUMONT, III Pascagoula BOBBIE I. DUNCAN MCCOmb LILLIE DWIGHT Hattiesburg PATRICIA A. EASTERLING Petal CAROLYN J. EASTMAN Hattiesburg FRANK P. EDWARDS McComb MARY P. EDWARDS Indianola SHERRY E. EDWARDS F1012 HUGH E. EGGERSMAN North Augusta, S.C. KIMLYN A. ELDER Shawnee Mission, Kan. DORINDA L. ELDRIDGE GEORGE H. ELLIS IACKIE H. ELLIS PEGGY S. ELLIS APRYL ENGELL BRENDA L. ENNIS MARY M. ENTREKIN SUE ERHARD GREGORY S. ERVIN BEATRICE C. ETZOLD KATHY EVERITT ELSIE FAIRCHILD ETHELYN P. FAIRLEY TERRY D. FARR OMAH P. FARRAR CAROL L. FAYARD CONSTANCE C. FENNELL M. CHARLES FEST BRENDA G. FEW SUSAN E. FIELD THERESA D. FIELDER SHARON A. FIKES BILLY G. FINCH CYNTHIA 1. FLEMING BETTY R. FORD JACQUELINE A. FORD NEDRA E. FORD MEL L. FORT DEBORAH M. FORTE LINDA J. FORTE MILTON w. FORTE, JR. GRACE L. FORTENBERRY SANDRA FORTINBERRY WINSTON C. FOSHEE BILLY G. FOWLER ADA L. FOXWORTH MARY S. FRANKLIN JOE E. FREEMAN CAROL FRENCH Long Beach New Orleans Waynesboro Tylertown Meridian Pensacola, Fla. Lumberton Gulfport Hattiesburg Orlando, Fla. Prentiss Seminary Hattiesburg Jackson Clinton Biloxi Long Beach Biloxi Greenville Jackson Hattiesburg Morton Hattiesburg Stonewall Hattiesburg Magnolia Hattiesburg Mayhew Hattiesbrug Hattiesburg Schlater Monticello Tylertown Jackson Columbus Foxworth Hattiesburg jackson Petal ALBERT L. FULLER, JR. Thorn-dale, Ala. LINDA A. GAHLENBECK TERRY S. GAINES LAURA 1. GALLAGHER DAVID AI. GANDY DAVID W. GIBBS ANITA M. GIBSON PAMELA A. GILES PATRICIA K. GILLIS RHOMIE GILMORE MARIE F. GIUFFRIA AL E. GLASS BECKY H. GLENN SANDRA A. GLIDEWELL CARROLL L. GLOER Pensacola, Fla. Laurel Jackson Hattiesburg Summit Mendenhall Brookhaven McComb Heidleburg Long Beach Ocean Springs Hattiesburg Biloxi Jackson in-., A as :guns x"' 1 g g .x , ' 2 .5 A 3 , A4 , M i M X ..... E .,, 1 l " ' ' ' t'f-Q ' . 1-'- ' '-'l .,3fs.NQ.".'s f1f. i - rc As- Sophomores BARBARA C. GOULD DIANE E. GRADY GLORIA D. GRAHAM EDWARD F. GRANDISH, JR. JOSEPH L. GRAVES MARY A. GRAVES MIRANDA A. GRAY JAMES A. GREEN, JR. SANDRA C. GREEN TRELLIS G. GREEN JANYS A. GREIG PATRICIA A. GRIFFIN JAMES C. GRIFFIN JON G. GRUBBS JAMES B. GURAEDY PATRICIA B. HALE MARY J. HAMMOND REBECCA L. HAMPTON CATHERINE E. HANDJIS RONALD E. HANNA BEVERLY E. HARE SHARON D. HARGON VALONNE C. HARMON WYNNE HARMON DAVE S. HARRIS HARVELL HARRIS, JR. STANTON L. HARRIS DENNIS A. HART MERCER H. HARZ MARY S. HATCH Quitman Collins Jackson Biloxi Bassfield Pascagoula Hattiesburg Natchez Columbus Vicksburg Laurel Hattiesburg Prentiss Prentiss Jackson Lucedale Crystal Springs Carthage, Mo. Natchez Hattiesburg Summit Meridian Clinton Northbrook, Ill. Jackson Hattiesburg Orlando, Fla. Wiggins Vicksburg Huntsville, Ala. GEORGE V. HAWKINS, III Birmingham, Ala. CAROLYN D. HAYDEN Hattiesburg CHARLES E. HAYDEN Hattiesburg DAVID R. HAYDEN, III Hattiesburg LORETTA HAYES Cleveland HELEN G. HAYNES Columbus RANDY L. HEAD Pensacola, Fla. SHERRIE A. HENRY Canton JEAN HANSARLING Petal SHILLOY S. HENTGES Rochester, Minn. JANIE K. HERNDON Laurel DOUGLAS J. HERRING Petal MARSHA A. HERRING Meadville JOHNNY L. HERRON, JR. Bay Minette, Ala. RICHARD J. HIGHTOWER Petal DAVID L. HILL Macon DEBORAH L. HILL Pensacola, Fla. JERRY L. HINTON Laurel MARILYN J. HINTON Magee 'saw "ie- 5 Sophomores KATHY M. HIRN Gulfport DAVID E. HOLCOMB Long Beach EDITH K. HOLDER Hattiesburg JOHNNY G. HOLDER Hattiesburg SHEILA G. HOLLAND Hattiesburg MARY G. HOLLOWAY Prentiss ELAINE J. HOLMES Gautier LIDA L. HORD Hattiesburg GAY B. HOUSTON Laurel CHIA P. HU Sao Paulo, Brazil MARGARET S. HUDSON Sumrall SUSAN J. HUGHEY Gulfport JOHNNIE J. HUNTER Gulfport BOBBY M. INGRAM Petal HIRAZUMI ITSUKE Kyoto, Japan MELVINA S. JACKSON Vicksburg WILLIAM G. JACKSON Jackson JOYCE A. JAMES Canton ROBERT M. JEANES Jackson DOROTHY C. JESSE Yazoo City JUDITH A. JOHNS Mobile, Ala. JUDY M. JOHNS Jackson LINDA A. JOHNSON Vicksburg LINDA G. JOHNSON Laurel HENRY H. JOHNSTON Benton DEBORAH L. JONES Wiggins LARRY N. JONES Prentiss LINDA M. JONES Pascagoula MARGARET F. JONES Hattiesburg URSULA R. JONES Hattiesburg WILBERT F. JORDAN Waynesboro JOLYNN M. JUEN Biloxi CYNTHIA L. KAUTZ MICHAEL D. KELLEY DONNA N. KENNEY OLA M. KENT CHARLOTTE F. KEYEs RUBY A. KIHYET TERRY L. KILGORE KATHRYN I.. KIRK JEANNE R. KISER BRENDA C. KNIGHT CHERYL L. KOUBA MARY F. KURIGER PATRICIA G. LADNER MELISSA D. LADNIER SUSAN C. LADNIER HENRY F. LAIRD, JR. BECKY LAND S. CABBOT LAROUX CAROLYN S. LATHAM RONALD S. LAVIGNE RUTH S. LEE GILBERT E. LEIDING ROBERTA S. LEVENS CHARLES A. LEWIS FRANCES R. LEWIS LINDA I LEWIS JIM LINVILLE STEPHEN C. LOGAN FOREST K. LOMAX CHARLES L. LONG HERBERT D. LOTT WAYNE A. LovETT WILLIAM T. LowE, JR DANA T. LUNDY BELINDA R. LYERLY JAMES w. LYNN KEVIN I. MACEY BARBARA K. MAGEE Melbourne, Fla. Summerville, S.C. Brookhaven Waynesboro Collins Pascagoula Gulfport Bentonia Jackson Hattiesburg Long Beach Jackson Jackson Collins Ocean Springs Gulfport Tyler, Tex. Long Beach Atmore, Ala. Laurel Indianola Cloquet, Minn. Robertsdale, Ala. Laurel Bentonia Natchez Clarksdale Hattiesburg Chickasaw, Ala. Quitman Hattiesburg Raymond Laurel Jackson Dunodin, Ala. Reidsville, Ga. Pensacola, Fla. Magee l I Sophomores MARTHA B. MAGEE Slidell, La. RITA J. MAGEE Columbia RUTH A. MAJURE Newton MARY E. MALOCH Jackson EDWARD C. MALONE Hattiesburg DIANNE MANGUM Magee ELIZABETH D. MANTON Columbia CECIL A. MAPLES Mobile, Ala. ILLONA M. MARQUEZ Bay St. Louis BARBIE A. MARSHALL McComb DENNIS C. MASON Wrightstown, N.J. CONNIE L. MASSEY Jackson SHARON S. MASSENGALE Hattiesburg HERBERT D. MAXWELL Webb ROBERT A. MAXWELL Butler, Ala. LINDA E. MCBROOM Magee WANDA J. MCCAIN Jackson JOE W. MCCALL Hattiesburg WILLIAM B. MCCLAIN Jackson CECILIA M. MCDANIEL Johnson Station LAURA E. MCDONALD Pass Christian PETER W. MCKEE Greenville BARBARA A. MCKENZIE LaGrange, Ga. BEVERLY A. MCKEY Centreville KAREN K. MCKINLEY Lamesa, Tex. CAPPIE MCLEAN Jackson JERRY A. MCLELLAND Hattiesburg PAULA P. MCLEOD Laurel WILLIAM H. MCMICHAEL, JR. Kensington, Md. ANDREW N. MCMILLAN Vicksburg RAY MCNEECE Jackson DEBORAH G. MCRANEY MARJORIE L. MEADOR Panama City, Fla. Mobile, Ala. NANCY A. MEADOR Hattiesburg HARRY A. MEIER Gulfport DONALD G. MELTON Grenada LINDA L, MERRELL Gulfport RONALD E. MICHAEL Hattiesburg MARGARET L. MILLER Mt. Olive MARLA J. MILLER Natchez MELVIN A. MILLER Hattiesburg NATALIE P. MILLER Vicksburg DONALD C. MILLOY Hattiesburg MARY L. MILLS Springfield, Tenn. LEE L. MIMS Bredenton, Fla. WILMER L. MINER Mendenhall DONALD J. MOEN Two Harbors, Minn. ANTONIO J. MOLINA Falcon, Venezuela DONALD C. MOORE Garden City, N.Y. KATHLEEN A. MOORE Biloxi T. DENTON MOORE Woodville JANE L. MOORER Gulfport LARRY L. MOREE Sumrall HOMER G. MORGAN, JR. Hattiesburg SHIRLEY A. MORGAN Hattiesburg ANAISE C. MORRISON Gulfport KENDALL R. MOSES Gulfport DONALD R. MOTT Gulfport MARCEE M. MURRAY Montgomery. Ala. DANIEL B. MYERS, JR. Pelehatchie DANNY R. MYERS Eddiceton HENRY L. MYERS. JR. Canton DAVID A. NAUMANN LUIS M. NAVADA Orlano, Fla. Lima, Peru ELLEN T. NEWMAN Summit BARBARA A. NICHOLLS Pascagoula DRENNAN T. NICHOLS Magee JERRY L. NIX Jackson BEVERLY S. NORWOOD Brookhaven NANCY A. NUNNALLY Biloxi Sophomores BETTIE S. OIBRIAN Biloxi MACKIE E. ODOM Hattiesburg KATHLEEN M. O'HARA Gulfport MENA D. OHR Biloxi TAMARA L. OINEAL Birmingham, Ala. LINDA M. O'QUINN Church Hill DEBORAH A. OSBORNE Hattiesburg ALAN J. OUBRE Hattiesburg JANE D. OUSLEY Hattiesburg GAYLE L. OVERTON Kansas City, Kan. ROXANNE E. OWEN Marks ANNA J. PACE Prentiss DANNY W. PALMER Tyler, Tex. BILLIE M. PARROTT Hattiesburg CHARME M. PEARSON Columbus CHRIS A. IPECK Cleveland EMILY L. PEEL Gulfport ANN L. PENEGUY Pass Christian CATHY PERKINS Jackson DEBBIE F. PERRY Holly Bluff MIRIAM M. PERRY Gulfport WAYNE B. PERSONS Prichard, Ala. JOY A. PETERSON Clermont Harbor PAMELA J. PETRO Hattiesburg LINDA PEVEY Morton BECKY PHILLIPS Hattiesburg RILEY F. PHILLIPS Petal PHYLLIS A. PINKERTON Hattiesburg CHARLOTTE D. PITTMAN Hattiesburg JACQUELINE 'P. PLEASANT Hattiesburg ROBERT M. POBJECKY Winter SAMUEL O. POLK LYNN A. PORTER SALLY PORTER MARILYNN E. POWE DAWN V. POWELL TCNI s. PROTHRO GAINES P. IPURVIS, JR. PATRICIA G. QUICK ARIEL R. RAMSAY REBECCA A. RAMSEY RICHARD H. RANDALL JOE M. RANKIN WILLIAM C. RANKIN COPELAND R. RATCLIFFE GIGI D. REEKS COZETTE REEVES Haven, Fla. Camden, Ala. Pattison Bay St. Louis State Line Jackson Hattiesburg Jackson Picayune Pascagoula Natchez Purvis Clarksdale Magee Laurel Ocean Springs Ocean Springs KENNETH L. RHEA Columbia ATHALINE B. RHODES Biloxi PRESTON D. RIDEOUT Hopewell, Va. KATHERINE M. RIGBY Forest LINDA ROBBINS Pascagoula WANDA J. ROBBINS Columbia WILLIAM E. ROBBINS Bassfield PHYLLIS W. ROBERSON Greenwood BRENDA A. ROBINSON Waynesboro GARY A. ROBINSON Hattiesburg SUZY ROBINSON Magee JOY B. RODNEY Greenville ,IANETTE D. RODY Biloxi MELVIN K. ROGERS New Orleans, La. DENNIS R. ROSE Meridian GAYNELL ROSS Laurel BARBARA L. ROUND Laurel JAMES H. ROWELL Jackson BEVERLY A. ROWLAND Marks BRENDA J. RUNNELS Pascagoula SHIRLEY M. RUSHING Petal CYNTHIA E. SADLER Bentonia ANTHONY SAKALARIOS Pensacola, Fla. 191 Sophomores JORGE A. SANCHEZ San Salvador, El Salvador HELEN E. SANDERS PAULA SANFORD DONALD K. SAUCIER JANET M. SAUCIER MELANIE P. SAUCIER ALAN R. SCHABILION SHARON I. SCHILLING BETTY R. SCOTT ETTA M. SEAL SANDRA L. SHAW JOHN W. SHEARIN LINDA L. SHELL TERESA C. SHEPHERD BONNIE J. SHEPPARD JANE B. SHERMAN TONY E. SHIFALO, JR. WANDA D. SHULTS KATHY M. SIMMONS BARBARA C. SIMPSON LARRY R. SIMS MICHAEL P. SKRMETTI JOHNNIE B. SLAY JUDITH P. SLAYTON CHARLOTTE R. SMITH CINDY L. SMITH DONNA J. SMITH KAREN L. SMITH PAMELA E. SMITH PAMELA S. SMITH SHARI T. SMITH STANLEY E. SMITH EDWARD A. SOBEROSKI Mobile. Ala. Jackson Leland Biloxi Biloxi Flora Magnolia CHARLOTTE A. SCHUENKE Fairbault, Minn. Hattiesburg Bogalusa, La. Port Gibson Meridian Roxie Hattiesburg Pascagoula Lena Gulfport Meridian Forest Morton Sanatorium Biloxi Hattiesburg Pensacola. Fla. Monticello Prentiss Meadville Hattiesburg Jackson Hattiesburg Gulfport Pensacola, Fla. Clarks Summit. Pa. ELBERT D. SOLOMON Prentiss RICHARD D. SONES Bay St. Louis MARGARET A. SPANGLER Purvis REBECCA M. SPIERS McNeil LOTS K. STAGG Purvis DEBORAH S. STALLINGS Shubuta PAMELA L. STAMPS Hattiesburg MARY A STARNES Larnesa. Tex. .JANE STATON Hattiesburg BARBARA A. STEED Meridian STEVE G. STEELE Cleveland LINDA K. STEELMAN Ocean Springs OUIDA C. STEPHENS Sumrall VIRGINIA L. STEVENS Hattiesburg KATHY L. STIPULKOSKI Pass Christian PATRICIA A. STOKES Gulfport PEGGY R. STOVALL McComb BARBARA A. STRAUB Clinton VVANDA C. STREET Lucedale SALLY E. STRETCHER Bakersfield, Calif. BONNIE G. STRICKLAND Laurel CYNTHIA STRINGER Hattiesburg CYNTHIA V. STRONG Columbus CHARLES D. SUGGS Petal INIICHELLE KI. STVONTEK Gulfport SUE A. SYKES Quitman CAROL E. TANNER Mobile. Ala. JOHN R. TAPPER Biloxi RONALD J. TARBIQTTON Biloxi NANCY O. TATL'M Hattiesburg AMY C. TAYLOR Sandyhook CHERYL A. TAYLOR Jackson LOYVERY lvl. TAYLOR Alagee NETTIE J. TAYLOR Leaksville STEPHANIE F. TAYLOR Bakersfield, Calif. TERESA D. TAYLOR Gulfport Sophomores HARVEY A. TESTON, JR. LEE C. TEW IRIS K. THEAD BRUCE IP. THOMAS JUDY THOMAS BRENDA S. THOMPSON LOIS C. THOMPSON NANCY J. THORNELL PATRICIA A. THRASH LAVON THURMAN, JR. JO A. TILLMAN Hattiesburg Waynesboro Quitman Abilene, Tex. Columbia Bassfield Magnolia Vicksburg Ocean Springs Hattiesburg Pensacola, Fla. CHARLOTTE H. TOWNSEND Hattiesburg MICHAEL S. TOWNSEND MARGARET J. TRAPP JOHNNY M. TRAVIS MARBESON E. TRIGG PAULA S. TRIGG NORRIS H. TRONEY, JR. JAMES W. TIROUTMAN CHERI TRUE CAROL A. TUCKER CATHERINE L. TURNER WILLIAM J. TURNER NANCY M. UPCHURCH THERESA A. UPSHAW THERESA C. VANDECRIET VIRGINIA VAN HOOSE JEAN VAN SLYKE PAUL R. VAN ZANT KATHERN S. VASSELUS BETHANY G. VAUGHN STELLA M. VAGLIA WILLIAM G. VON ANTZ Moselle Monticello Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Ocean Springs Natchez Cleveland, Ga. Hattiesburg Waynesboro Norfok, Va. Parchman Jackson Doraville, Ala. Natchez Hattiesburg Miami, Fla. Hattiesburg jackson Long Beach Bay St. Louis CHRISTINE C. WAGGONER Hattiesburg HARRY M. WALKER GERALD WALL BRENT WALLACE DOT L. WALLACE ROBERT A. WALTERS JANE D. WALTON LAURA R. WARD WANDA WARD CAROL I. WARREN VIRGINIA D. WARREN LESLIE A, WASHBISH LYNDAL M. WATKINS MARGARET L. WATSON REID WATSON ROBERT L. WATTIGNY Taylorsw ille Brookha ven M: Irks Ma gee Hattiesb urg Mobile, Ala. Natc hez Pensacola, Fla. Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Key West, Fla. Picayune Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Gretna, La. 191. Sophomores KAREN S. WELDY PAULA J. WELLS WILLIAM A. WEINISCHE Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Hattiesburg Harlaw, Ky. MEREDITH WENTWORTH Hattiesburg JAMES V. WENTZELL, JR. Biloxi MARGUERRITE H. WHEAT Gulfport GAYLON C. WHITE McComb JANET L. WHITE Brookhaven JUDY L. WHITE Florala, Ala. PATRICIA A, WHITTEN Greenwood WILLIAM J. WILKINS, JR. Anniston SUZANNE WILKINSON Biloxi BRENDA G. WILLIAMS Hattiesburg HILLARY K. WILLIAMS Laurel MARCIA WILLIAMS Jackson PATTY A. WILLIAMS Meridian STEPHEN R. WILLIAMS Foley, Ala. WENDY S. WILLIAMS Hattiesburg EMMITT R. WILLIAMSON McComb FRANK M. WILLIAMSON Prentiss REBECCA M. WILLIAMSON Prentiss RICHARD D. WILLIS Hattiesburg L. H. WILSON Poplar Bluff, Mo. MARTHA J. WILSON Jackson PATRICIA A. WILSON Pascagoula RICHARD P. WIMAN Brandon FLORENCE M. WITTE Columbia MARY P. WOEHRL SHELDON H. WOLF Madison, Wise. Lakeland. Fla. ROBYN F. WOMACK McComb LARRY J. WOODHAM Hattiesburg KAREN J. WOODS Gulfport SUSAN E. WORD Hattiesburg ANDREA G. WVORTHY Picayune JERRY W. WRIGHT Northport, Ala. SUSAN P. WRIGHT Hattiesburg SUSAN P. YARBROUGH Corinth RONALD G. YEATS Canton JEAN M. YEDINAK Long Beach, Calif. MICHAEL YENNI New Orleans, La. GERALD L. YOUNG Long Beach ROBERT M. YOUNG Birmingham, Ala. DARRELL R. ZIEGLER Gulfport GEORGE A. ZIZ Biloxi Freshmen ROBERT V. ABBEY, Clarksdale 0 SI-IERLY L. ABLES, Vicksburg 0 HELEN M. ABRAHAM, Vicksburg 0 I-IASKELL AGEE, JR., Hattiesburg 0 CYNTHIA C. AITKIN, Jackson 0 DANA AL- BRIGHT, Picayune I ELISE H. ALFORD, Rolling Fork 0 STEVE S. ALLEN, Hazlehurst DEBORAH A. AMASON, Magee 0 MARTHA AMASON, Hattiesburg 0 BUTCH AMMONS, Monticello U SANDRA D. ANDERSON, Magee ' STEPHEN C. ANDERSON, Pascagoula 0 GERALD A. ANTICI, Clarksdale 0 RENEE P. ANTOINE, Vicksburg OA JOSEPH A. ARCARESE, Hattiesburg LINVILLE D. ARMISTEAD, Jackson 0 MARI- ANNA ARMSTRONG, Moss Point 0 JAMES K. ARNOLD, Vicksburg 0 CECIL E. ARRINGTON, Jackson 0 SUSIE L. ASHFORD, Hattiesburg 0 MARJORIE K. ASP, Moorhead, Minn. 0 SYBLE C. ATKINSON, Vicksburg - BEVERLEY J. AY1-:Rs, st. Paul, Minn-. FRANCES S. BACON, Wiggins 0 CYNTHIA BAGLAI, Mobile, Ala. 0 MARTHA A. BAINE, Brvan, Tex. 0 ALBERT S. BALIUS, Biloxi 0 AN- DREW A. BALIUS, Biloxi 0 MOLLY K. BAL- LARD. McComb 0 LEE M. BANKS, Coco Solo, Canal Zone 0 SAM R. BARDWELL, Columbus JOHN L. BARNARD, Tutwiler 0 MICHAEL H. BARNES. Hattiesburg 0 BRENDA BARRETT, Jackson 0 SUNNE J. BARRON, Hattiesburg 0 ROB- ERT J, BARROW, Jackson 0 ANN BAXTER, Lumberton 0 SUSAN B. BEALL, Petal 0 AN- THONY W. BENNETT, Noxapater DONNIE L. BENNETT, Morton 0 FRANKIE L. BENTON. Hattiesburg 0 SCOTT M. BERGERON, Biloxi 0 KENNETH M. BERRY, Pinola 0 CARO- LYN J. BESHEARS. Preston v FAITH D. BEVON, Hattiesburg ' DEBORAH J. BISHOP, Magee 0 PATRICIA A. BISHOP, Laurel SALLY J. BLACKBURN. Hattiesburg 0 DEBORAH F. BLACKWELL, Hattiesburg ' KATHRYN S. BLACKWELL, Hot Coffee 0 EDITH A. BLAKNEY, Pascagoula U JIMMY D. BLISSETT, Morton 0 ERICH S. BLUNT, JR., Gulfport 0 THOMAS L. BONDS, Roxie 0 ALFRED E. BONNABEL, III, McComb BONNIE B. BOUCHARD, Greenwood 0 GAIL A. BOUNDS, Purvis ' PAULA D. BOUNDS, Picayune 0 PAULA M. BOUNDS, Lucedale 0 PAMELA A. BOWEN, Jackson 0 DIANNA L. BOYLAN, New Orleans, La. 0 MARK K. BOYLES, Hattiesburg 0 MALCOLM B. BRACEY, Tylertown PERRY W. BRACEY, Morgantown 0 WANDA G. BRADSHAW, Madison 0 GERALD R. BRANCH, Madison 0 JACQUELINE M. BRAND, Laurel 0 WILLI.-X W. BRANDON, Woodville 0 GLENN D. BRANTLEY. Moss Point ' JULIAN W. BRANTON, Meridian 0 PAL'LA E. BRASHER, Greenville ANN KI. BRELAND, Hattiesburg 0 KENNETH E. BRELAND, Tvlertown 0 LESLIE W. BRETTMAN, River Forest. Ill. I RUTH E. BRIDGES, Pass Chris- tian 0 ERNEST P. BRISTER, Purvis ' TOMMIE J. BROCK. Jackson I CONSTANCE A. BROD- NAX. Little Rock, Ark. 0 TAWESIA A. BROOKS, Magee BARBARA A. BROOME, Jackson 0 JERRY D. BROOMIZ. Hattiesburg 0 PEGGY G. BROOM- IIALL, Hattiesburg D GLENDA BROWN, Hat- tiesburg 0 RANDY T. BROWN, Columbia 0 JO- SEPH Nl. BRYANT, Purvis 0 TIMOTHY BIQCKLEY. Cleveland 0 ROGER G. BURGESS, Lake Charles, La. ROBERT BURNS, Jackson 0 SHARON E. BURNS, Jackson 0 ELIZABETH A. BUSH, Laurel 0 PAMELA A BUSICK, Brandon ' RONALD E. BUTLER. Natchez 0 LEONARD P. BYNUM, Wiggins 0 JANICE A. BYRD, Gulfport 0 SAMSON E. BYRD, Brookhaven I Freshmen ROBERT B. CAFFERY, New Orleans, La. 0 JO ANN CAMPBELL, Pascagoula 0 LAURA A. CAMPBELL, Columbia 0 MARY B. CAMPION, Waveland ROSALYN A. CARADINE, Jackson 0 MADELINE S. CARBONETTE, Picayune 0 VICTORIA L. GARDEN, Manistee Mich. 0 YORK A. CARLILSE, Morton. JANICE W. CARRAWAY, Utica 0 EDMOND C. CARROLL, Hattiesburg 0 ALIX C. CARTER, Port St. Joe, Fla. 0 DEBORAH A. CASE, Medville LAUREL L. CASEY, Natchez ' SANDRA CASON, Laurel 0 WESLEY J. CASTENADO, Long Beach 0 HARRISON F. CASTLEN, Greenville LUCY D. CATO, Brookhaven 0 R. MICHAEL CAVE, Clermont Harbor 0 EDWCARD R. CENT- ANNI, Saraland, Ala. 0 JOHN M. CHANCE, Jackson JANE CHANCELLOR, Hattiesburg ' JAMES M. CHAPMAN, Attalla, Ala. 0 WILLIAM E. CHAP- MAN, III, Jackson 0 DAVID L. CHILDS, Hatties- burg JOHN T. CHISM, Hazlehurst 0 WILLIAM CH- ONG, Puerto Cortes, Honduras 0 CANDACE F. CHRISTINE, Pensacola, Fla. 0 WILLIAM M.-H. CHUI, Hong Kong SUSAN C. CISSNA, Pass Christian 0 RODNEY H. CLARKEN, Greenville, Iowa 0 CHERYL J. CLAY, Hattiesburg 0 CAROL D. COKER, Hattiesburg JULIE A. COKER, Mobile, Ala. 0 ANNIE L. COLEMAN, Brookhaven 0 JOHN L. COLEMAN, Gulfport 0 CHARLES E. COLLINS, Laurel CAROL E. COMMISKEY, Carthage H BARBARA A. CONNER, Hattiesburg 0 S. EDWARD COOK, Hattiesburg 0 JAMES M. COO-LEY, Picayune DANIEL J. OORLEY, Hattiesburg - MARY R. OORNELISON, Hattiesburg - THOMAS P. COTE, III, Jackson - GREGORY M. COTTON, Slidell, La. VIVIAN J. COULTER, Pascagoula 0 DEMETRIOS COUMBOS, Athens, Greece 0 JUDY E. COURT- NEY, Hattiesburg 0 SUSAN L. COURTNEY, Sumrall 195 - S - x 35 . I: '5 r ' 7 , f , a alum' Freshmen WILLIAM L. COVINGTON, Jackson 0 LOFTON S. COX, Pascagoula U JUDY D. CRAFT, Laurel 0 SUSAN M. CRANFORD, Prentiss 0 LINDA F. CRECINK, Meadville 0 MARGARETTE A. CROS- BY, Hattiesburg 0 RON H. CROSBY, Pascagoula ' IONE W. CROSS, Gillsburg WILLIAM E. CROUSE, JR., Columbus 0 SHARON G. CULPEPPER, Macon 0 EVITA M. CURRIE, Ellisville 0 MARY A. CURRIE, Hattiesburg 'O DAWN M. CURTIS, Jackson 0 CHARLES C. DALE, Columbia 0 ANNE DAREN, Hattiesburg I JANE M. DAUGHERTY, Prichard, Ala. BARNEY L. DAVIS, Jackson 0 JUDY H. DAVIS, Star 0 LAWRENCE E. DAVIS, Jackson 0 SUSAN E. DAVIS, Yazoo City 0 SYBIL G. DAVIS, Colum- bia 0 VIRGINIA DAVIS, Hattiesburg 0 CAREEN E. DAY, Jackson 0 PATRICIA L. DAY, Columbia JOHN M. DEAN, Lakeland, Fla. 0 GARRY S. DEARMAN, JR., Hattiesburg 'O PAMELA A. DECELL, Jackson 0 EMILY DEEN, Corinth 0 HELEN M. DEES, Wiggins 0 PATRICIA A. DELANCY, Hattiesburg 0 PAUL DELCAMBRE, JR., Biloxi 0 KATHRYN A, DENT, Newton DANIEL E. DILLARD, Gulfport 0 SARAH L. DILLON, Tylertown 0 JACKIE K. DOLE, Hatties- burg 0 ANDREW T. DONOHOE, Crystal Springs 0 GARY DONALDSON, Hattiesburg 0 JOYCE M. DORRIS, Long Beach 0 PAMELA A. DOUCET, Slidell. La. 0 RICKY DOWDY, Southaven- THOMAS A. DOZIER, Chesapeake, Va. U BAR- BARA A. DRAMER, Jackson 0 STEPHEN W. DRAPER, Picayune 0 VICKI J. DRISKELL, Poplar Bluff, Mo. 0 DELLA S. DROMGOOLE, Centreville 0 LAWRENCE K. DUBISSON, Gulf- port 0 VICTOR A. DUBISSON, Brookhaven 0 DIANNE A. DUCOTE, Long Beach JEAN P. DUFFY, Gulfport 0 BILLY S. DUKE, Glen Alan 0 GLENN B. DUKE, Jackson ' FLETCHER M. DUNN, West Point 0 ERNEST G. DUPRIES, Vicksburg 0 ALICE F. DWIGHT, Hat- tiesburg 0 MARTHA K. DYKES, Soso 0 JOLAYNE M. EAKENS, Jackson ANDRA S. EASLEY, Lucedale 0 RHONDA E. EASLEY, Lumberton 0 RENEE D. EASTERLING, Long Beach 0 ANDY L. EDWARDS, Hattiesburg 0 CONNIE R. EDWARDS. Jackson 0 WENDELL H. ELLIOTT, Laurel 0 DAVID W. ELLIS, Fairhope, Ala. 0 THOMAS W. EMERSON, Beaumont STEVE R. EPPS, Petal 0 SUZANNE ESTES, Gulf- port 0 CATHY G. EVANS, Hazlehurst 0 JAMES M. EVANS, Hattiesburg 0 LETTIE M. EVANS, Wig- gins ' MAMIE C. EVANS, Hattiesburg 0 WANDA C. EVANS, Magee 0 JERRY L. EVERETT, Morton TOMMY L. FAIRCHILD, Hattiesburg 0 MILTON W. FAIRLEY, Picayune 0 ELIZABETH M. FALANGA, New Orleans, La. 0 DANA A. FALL, Sandersville 0 CAROL B. FARAGHER, Franklin, Tenn. 0 NEWTON H. FARMER, Hattiesburg 'O SUSAN E. FARMER, Gloster 0 NANCY C. FAR- NAM, Jackson JIMMY L. FARRAGUT, Moss Point 0 MAR- GARET A. FAVA, Greenville 0 CYNTHIA A. FERRELL, Gulfport 0 SUSAN M. FERRY, Wave- land 0 ELEANOR J. FIELD, Grenada 0 HELEN L. FIKE, Luccdale 0 DONNA S. FITE, Marianna, Fla. 0 MICHAEL S. FLANNES, Jackson GRADY L. FLEMING, Meadville 0 STEVE P. FLEMING, Bay St. Louis 0 VINCENT T. FLESH- ER, Jackson 0 CORNELIUS FLOVNCERS, Collins 0 CLIFTON C. FLURRY, JR., Vancleave 0 CAROL P. FOOSE, Jackson 0 ASHBY M. FOOTE, Clinton ' JUDY L. FORMIGONI, Greenville wr il 5+ -1 is as I 4 ev il .J F i l l l .4 Freshmen EVERETT H. FORTE, Schlater O TERESA A. FORTE, Ilattiesburg 0 PATRICIA FORTNER, Foxworth 0 REGINA FOSTER, Hattiesburg 0 CAR- ROLL B. FREEMAN, Hattiesburg U LAURIE FREEMAN, Picayune 0 CONNIE L. FRENCH, Pass Christian 0 TERRIE L. FRENCH, Long Beach JANE S. FRESE, Quincy, Ill. 0 CHARLES M. FREUND, Greenville 0 CHARLOTTE A, FRY, W'est Point 0 ISSAC L. FURR, III, Hattiesburg 0 CATHY E. GABOUREL, Tele. Honduras 0 LYNN V. GADDIS, foluxnbia 0 DANNY D. GADDY, Lyon 0 CELIA INT. GANDY. Columbia JANET E. GARVEY, Boyle 0 M. ADELL GAR- RICK, Fairliope, Ala. 0 CHARLOTTE A. GRE. Biloxi 0 CARL T. GEENEN, Gautier ' APOSTO- LOS C. GEKIDES, Thessalonki, Greece 0 TIIVIO- THY R. GILES, Clara 0 BEVERLY D. GILL, Hat- tiesburg 0 GAIL A. GILL, Fernandina Beach, Fla. GAIL S. GILL, Gulfport 0 JANEY D. GILLIS. Brookhaven 0 WENDELL J. GILMER, Chickasaw, Ala. 0 EMILY M. GIVINS, Jackson 0 ROSE A. GLENN, Jackson 0 OLLIE A. GOFF. IVade 0 ALAN GOLD, Vicksburg 0 WINNIE C. GONG, Green- wood VATRICE L. GOODLOE, Canton 0 NORMA F. GOODSON, Jackson ' LOUISE S. GORDON, Florence 0 TERRY L. GORMAN, Pascagoula 0 HARRY E. GOZA. JR., Hattiesburg 0 CHARLES W. GRAHAM, Collins 0 RICKEY D. GRAHAM, Long Beach 0 PEGGY F. GRAMMER. New Augusta CYNTHIA M. GRANTHAM, Hattiesburg 0 JAMES YV. GREEN. Philadelphia U VICTOR IV. GREEN, Hattiesburg 0 JACKIE GREENE, Hattiesburg 0 LOUISE GREENIVALD, New Orleans, La. 0 BAR- BARA J. GREER, Jackson 0 MARTHA GRIF- FIN, Hattiesburg 0 KAREN A, GRIGSBY, Hatties- burg GINGER L. GRISSOM, Meridian 0 CHARLOTTE P. GUESS, Brookhaven 0 RANDALL B. GUESS, Jackson 0 JOHN C. GUIDOS, Metarie. La. ' GEORGE C.'GUINN. Columbia, Mo, 0 PATRICIA A. GUM, Hattiesburg 0 EDITH M. HAISE, Biloxi 0 CHARLENE HALL, Hattiesburg DEBRA D. HALL, Clinton 0 MARY B. HALL, Columbia 0 EVELYN M. HAMBLIN, Canton 0 LINDA G. HAMILTON, Annandale, Va. 0 REB- ECCA L. HAMMONS, Brandon ' ROGER D. HAMPTON, Hattiesburg 0 SHARRON B. HANNA. Hattiesburg 0 DOROTHY E. HANS, Pascagoula BEVERLY S. HARGRODER, Hattiesburg 0 NIA- RIAN HAROLD. Leland 0 LINDA C, HARPER, Jackson 0 GAIL HARRINGTON, Laurel 0 DAVID N. HARRIS, Pensacola, Fla. 0 JAINIES HARRIS, Hattiesburg 0 IVILLIAINI G. HARRIS, Hatties- burg 0 FLORENCE M. HARRISON, Hattiesburg ROBERT G. HARRISON, Hattiesburg 0 CHRIS- TINE E. I-IARTWIG. Hattiesburg 0 BONNIE A. HAVARD, Hattiesburg 0 FRAN E. HAIVKINS, lklobile, Ala. 0 PAMELA S. HAWKINS, Biloxi U SANDRA A. HAWKINS, New Orleans, La. 0 DEBORAH E. HAYES. Biloxi 0 LINDA L. HAYES, Wfavelan-d KAREY L. HEARD. Gulf Breeze 0 DONNA L. HEARN, Laurel 0 RHONDA HEARN, Laurel 0 KATHERINE HEATH, Hattiesburg 0 SANDRA G. HEBERT, Greenville 0 MYRA S. HEDGEPETH. lXIonticello 0 SHARON G. HEFLIN. Gulfport 0 ERIC W. HELLEMS. Jackson ' EUGENE W. HENDERSON, III,.Meridian 0 PA- TRICIA A. HENDERSON, Mt. Olive 0 TI-IERON G. HENDERSON, Perdido Beach, Ala. 0 DELMAR C. HENDRICKS, Laurel 0 DOUG R. HENSON, Hattiesburg 0 VIRGINIA C. HERSCHEDE, Stark- ville 0 KATHY G. HESS, Liberty 0 EILEEN L. HICKMAN, Jackson Freshmen ANNA M. HIGHT, Leaksville 0 BONNIE J. HILL, Hattiesburg 0 LEAH M. HILL, Hattiesburg 0 LO- WELL D. HILL, Hattiesburg 0 SUSAN A. HILL, Macon 0 CAROLYN A. HINTON, Raleigh 0 SU- SAN J. HOGAN, Natchez 0 CHARLES P. HOR- GARTH, JR., Columbus DOROTHY L. HOGG, Monticello 0 BARBARA C. HOLCOMB, Lucedale 0 CHARLES E. HOLI- FIELD, Collins 0 JUDY F. HOLLEY, Jackson 0 CHARLOTTE E. HOLLINGER, Meadville ' JIMMY E. HOLLINGSWORTH, Lake ' WIL- LIAM C. HOLLINGSWORTH, Jackson 0 PA- TRICIA L. HOLLOWAY, Laurel POEM HOLLOWAY, Prentiss 0 VIRGINIA A. HOLLOWAY, Wewahitchka, Fla. ' KENNETH W. HOLMES, Prentiss ' SANDRA E. HOLSTON, Hat- tiesburg 0 STEPHANIE A. HREZO, Winter Haven, Fla. 0 PAULA A. HUCH, Long Beach 0 THOMAS C. HUCKABEE, Mobile, Ala. ' DAPHNE R. HUD- SON, Louisville WILLIAM M. HUDSPETH, II, Hattiesburg 0 CHERYL D. HUEY, Mobile 0 GERALD F. HUGHES, Clarksdale 0 BARBARA E. HUNT, Daytona Beach, Fla. 0 PHYLLIS A. HUNT, Biloxi 0 MARY E, HUNTER, Gulfport 0 DANA L. HURST, Hattiesburg 0 JANICE E. HURST, Lumberton MICHAEL P. IDOM, Lenoir City, Tenn. 0 CHAR- LES E. INGRAM, Gulfport 0 DEBORAH A. JABOUR, Vicksburg 0 NANCY L. JABOUR, Hat- tiesburg 0 MARY D. JACKSON, Wellsville, N.Y. 0 ROBERT F. JACKSON, Foxworth I SHARRON P. JACKSON, Hattiesburg 0 RANDALL V. JAMES, Montrose RALPH C. JAYNES, Houma, La. 0 JERRYE L. JENNER, Balboa, Canal Zone 0 JOHN R. JETER, Belzoni 0 CATHERINE E. JOACHIM, Biloxi 0 MICHAEL J. JOHNS, Jackson 0 DEMPSEY L. JOHNSON, Carthage 0 EDGAR D. JOHNSON, Hattiesburg 0 JOHNNY O. JOHNSON, Laurel MARGIE L. JOHNSON, Jackson 0 TERESA E. JOHNSON, Centreville 0 HERBERT A. JOHNS- TON, Hattiesburg f WAUWESIA A. JOHNSTON, Purvis 0 ALANA K. JONES, Waynesboro 0 AMANDA A. JONES, Port Gibson 0 CHARLES S. JONES, Columbus 0 EDWARD R, JONES, Laurel JANICE C. JONES, Liberty 0 KAREN M. JONES, Jackson 0 MICHAEL R. JONES, Bay Springs 'O SANDRA K. JONES, Jackson 0 WILLIAM D. JONES, Natchez 0 CHARLES M. JORDAN, Hat- tiesburg 0 LINDA R. JORDAN, Waynesboro 0 CHESTER K. JUMONVILLE, Biloxi MICHELE A. JUSTICE, Picayune 0 L. RONALD KAELLINGER, Jackson 0 CHRISTENE KARA- BETSOS, Jackson 0 KATHRYN L. KATZ, Hat- tiesburg ' LINDA F. KEITH, Wauwatosa, Wisc. 0 JOHN M. KELLUM, Sumrall 0 CAROL A. KELLY, Balboa, Canal Zone 'O MARSHA D. KELLY, Hattiesburg EVELYN C. KELLY, Hattiesburg 0 LANY T. KELLY, Biloxi 0 WILLIAM L. KELLY, Hatties- burg 0 AUDREY M. KEMP, Hattiesburg 0 LINDSEY J. KEMP, Vicksburg 0 MARION T. KEMP, JR., Jackson 0 HELEN 'P. KENNEDY, Hattiesburg 0 THOMAS M. KENNEDY, Biloxi WILLIAM G. KENNEDY, Dickinson, Ala. 0 MA- RIE KEPPER, Hattiesburg 0 WILLIAM KER- LEY, Hat'icsburg 0 ELIZABETH KERVIN, COI- lins 0 CHARLEY E. KILMER, Auburndale, Fla. ' BETH KING, Petal U JAMES H. KING, Mul- lins, S.C. 0 JUNE M. KING, Gulfport SIMEON A. KING, Brandon 0 SUSAN A. KING, Biloxi ' VIVIAN H. KING, Long Beach 0 SU- ZANNE KIRBY, Mobile, Ala. 0 KATIE M. KIRK, Hattiesburg 0 MADELINE L. KLAR, Jackson 0 CYNTHIA L. KNIGHT, Hattiesburg 0 DONALD W. KNOBLOCH, Jackson I Freshmen WILLIAM A. KNOKE, Jackson ' LELAND N. KORNEGAY, Jackson 0 DEBORAH L, KROLAK, Slidell, La. ' BETTY L. KWONCQ, Greenwood 0 IRVING A. LaCOUR, Canton 0 RITA LaCUESTA, Gulfport 0 PAMELA S. LACY, Moss Point 0 ANDREW L. LADNER, Pass Christian DONALD L. LADNER, Lumberton 0 GAIL A. LADNER, Columbia 0 MARY F. LADNER, Pass Cfhristizxn 0 SUSAN M. LADNER, Pass Christian 0 ALAN D. LAHR. New Haven, Indiana 0 MAVIS LANDRUM. Brooklyn 0 DAVID M. LANGLOIS, Gulfport ' ERIC lvl. LANTRIP, Yazoo City FRED B. LARSEN, Jackson 0 KENNY R. LASH- LEY, Waveland 0 LINDA E. LASSITER, Vicksburg 0 RUSSELL L. LAST, Eaton, Colo, 0 PATSY C, LAWRENCE, Canton 0 CATHERINE S. LEARY, Pass Christian 0 ERIN L. LEE, Hattiesburg 0 HAY- DEN A. LEE. Walker KENNETH L. LEE, Oak Grove, La. 0 SHERRI D. LEHMANN, Jackson 0 NELDA LEONARD, Mead- ville 0 PAULA A. LEONARD, Laurel 0 DEBBIE L. LESTER, Picayune 0 MORRIS E. LESTER, Jack- son 0 DEBORAH A. LEWIS, Natchez 0 SUZANNE LEWIS, Union GLORIA D. LIMERICK, DeKalb 0 DEBBIE E. LINDSEY, Gulfport ' WILLIAM B. LITELITER. Picayune 0 KATHRYN S. LITTLE, Hattiesburg 0 ROBERT W. LITTLEPAGE, Metarie, La. 0 JOHN B. LOFTUS, Long Beach 0 BRENDA L. LONG, Jackson 0 JOSEPH M. LONG, Hattiesburg MONROE W. LONG, Brandon - BRENDA G. LOPER, Petal - MARCO L. LOVE, Brandon - ELIZABETH C. LQVETTE, Vicksburg - LARRY N, LUDLOW, oooon Springs - PATRICIA A. LUsK, Natchez - WILLIAM J. LYDDON, Long Beach - JOHN w. LYLE, Gulfport Freshmen CHARLES G. MacGREGOR, JR., Hattiesburg I DOUGLAS K. MacKAY, Carbondale, Pa. 0 KATH- ERINE E. MADDEN. Wiggins 0 E. JEAN MAD- DOX, Ridgeland ' DEBORAH I. MALONE, Washington, D.C. 0 ROBERT S. MALONEY, Jackson 0 GLINDA V. MANAWAY, Hattiesburg 0 PAULA R. MANGUNO, Rolling Fork JERRI A. MANNING, Jackson - GLORIA A. MANSOUR, oi-eeiiville - MARILYN J. MAPP, Forest - MARY L, MARCANCELI, Philadelphia - JOHN A. MARCHANT, Rielgeleiiid - ELIZABETH R. MARSDEN, Titusville, Fla. - BRENDA J. MAR- TIN, Heeelliiii-Si - LYNDA o. MATHEWS, Hee- I tiesburg MERILEE A. MATHEWS, Meadville 'O MAR- GARET A. MAYES, Pensacola, Fla. 0 TOM G. MCAULEY, Bay St. Louis 0 DOROTHY P. MC- CARTHY, Columbia 0 MARK MCCARVER, Hat- tiesburg 0 BARBARA C. IWCCLELLAN, Natchez 0 PAUL H. MCCLELLAN, Laurel 0 SALLY M. Mc- CLINTOCK, Jackson LAUREEN C. MCCORMICK, Laurel 0 BRYAN F. MCCRAW. Foxworth 0 WILLIAM O. MCDUFFEE, Moss Point 0 PATRICIA A. MCELFRESH, Pensa- cola, Fla. 0 CYNTHIA L. MCELROY, Ocean Springs 0 RONALD R. MCGANN, Duxbury ' JAMES M. MCGEHEE, Long Beach 0 JOHNNIE L. MCIWAIN, Hattiesburg ANN MCINNIS. Hattiesburg 0 SARAH R. Mc- INNIS, Leaksville ' JOSEPHY A. MCJIMSEY, Mobile, Ala. 0 GAYBRELLA D. MCLEOD, Pasca- goula ' MICHAEL MCMAHAN. Blaine 0 ELAINE M. MCNALLY, Gulfport 0 MICHAEL L. Mc- QUEEN, Gulfport 0 BEVERLY J, MEDEL, Olm- stead Falks, Ohio DONNA L. MICKLE, New Orleans, La. 0 JANIE K. MIKEL, Fort Walton Beach, Fla. 0 XAVIER MILES, Lucedale 0 LAQUANTA J. MILLER, Mo- bile, Ala. 0 PAMELA A. MILLER, Jackson 0 ROB- ERT D. MITCHAM, Pelahatchie 0 LUCINDA S. MITCHELL, Ocean Springs 0 DEBORAH J. MIZE, Clinton ROBIN S. MOFFETT, Quitman I ANNE M. MONTGOMERY, Clinton 0 JEAN S. MONTI, Bay St. Louis 0 PEGGY MOODY, Jackson 0 COLLEEN MOORE, Louisville D THOMAS E. MOORE, Biloxi l HELEN G. MORGAN, Jackson 0 JEROLD J. MORGAN, JR., Hattiesburg MARY E. MORRIS, Hattiesburg I TERRENCE K. MORRIS, Las Vegas, Nev. 0 TULLY W. MORRI- SON, Crystal Springs 0 ROBERT C. MORROW, Webb 0 CHESTER R. MOULDER, Hattiesburg 0 PATTI J. MURRAY, Baton Rouge, La. 0 EDITH MUSE, Jackson 0 BARBARA A. MYERS, Hatties- burg RALPH D. MYERS. West Point 0 VISTRA C. MYERS, McComb 0 TERRI S. NALL, Pensacola, Fla. 0 VICTOR G. NANCE, Olive Branch 0 MI- CHAEL S. NELSON, Long Beach ' MICHAEL D. NETHERLAND, Jackson 0 CYNTHIA A. NEU- BERGER, Sumrall 0 LARRY W. NEWELL, Mobile, Ala. 'ZOO .. E X' A Q, 1 -2 Fi 1 I 1. , f,,,.,-o""TtT , Wes' 4 K Lxym . . Ex . . ,., 4 angs- . K 'nmviiim ii P .A I vb 5" , 3 PAMELA J. POWELL, Columbia - BARBARA L. PREHODA, Wiggins - KENNETH H. PRESCOTT, , i 4 a s Ms. Hattiesburg - KIT L. PRESTRIDGE, Liberty - t av .g-s ' A ' . BETTYE J. PRICE, Hattiesburg - HAROLD D. , N , PRICE, Liberty 0 JOHN E. PRICE, Vicksburg 'O ' i NV! LULIE R. PRICE, Clinton - P .. MOLLY PRICE, Gulfport 0 RONALD D. PRICE, Columbus 0 JACK G. PRIDE, Mobile, Ala. 0 GEORGI C. PROCHAZKA, Foley, Ala. 0 WAL- TER D. PROWELL, Clarksdale 0 GARY W. PRUITT, Grove Hill, Ala. " CHARLES N. PUNZO, Biloxi 0 CATHRYN G. PURVIS, Carriere SYLVIA C. PURVIS, Hattiesburg 0 PATRICIA J. PYLE, Jackson 0 CAROL J. QUAM, Laurel 0 RENAE RAINEY, Hattiesburg 0 SHARON RAKE- STRAW, Tupelo 0 JOHN P. RAMPHREY, Vicks- burg 0 CAROLYN C. RARICK, Baton Rouge, La. 0 MARTHA J. RATCLIFF, Natchez Freshmen JOSEPH W. NICHOLS, Guin, Ala. 0 DONNA K. NOBLITT, Pascagoula 0 CHRISTOPHER E. NORRIS, Columbus, Ga. 0 SHELIA B. OATIS, Hattiesburg ' NANCY E. ODOM, Jackson 0 VENE- TIA D, OERTING, Mobile, Ala. 0 DEBORAH C. OLIVER, Baton Rouge, La. U CHERYL L. O'MlRE, Jackson BEVERLY A. O'NEAL, Petal 0 DARRYL L. LJRTENZI, Barliourville, Ky. 0 LINDA C. OSTER- HOIITZ, Mobile, Ala. 0 GAIL D. OVERBY, Bran- don 0 MARC F. OWEN, Gulfport 0 MICHAEL C. PACE, Petal 0 DEBORAH A. PALMER, Preston 0 PATRICIA V. PARISH, Lueedale DOUG PARKER, Meridian 0 MARY C. PARKER, Natchez 0 MICHAEL W. PARKER, Hattiesburg 0 VICKI L. PARKER, Quitman 0 JIMMY D. PAR- TIN, Meadville 0 KAY PASCHAL, Newton 0 WIL- LIAM D. PATTERSON, Hattiesburg 0 MARTA S. PAUL, Bay St. Louis BRENDA G. PAYTON, Columbia 0 JACKIE D. PAYTON, Hattiesburg D CATHY A. PENNY, Biloxi ' DICK PEOPLES, Carthage 0 JAMIE PEOPLES, Jackson 0 SUSAN R. PERRY, Hattiesburg 0 MAR- GARET E. PETERS, Jackson 0 RICHARD S. PETERS, Metairie, La. TINA L. PETERSON, Kenia, Ohio 0 WANDA J. PFEIFFER, Hattiesburg 0 HERBERT W. PHIL- LTIPS, JR., Hattiesburg 0 PAUL R. PHILLIPS, Brookhaven 0 JACK C. PICKETT, Pascagoula 0 MARTHA B. PIEPENBRING, Mobile, Ala. 0 PEGGY A. PIERCE, Columbia U DAVID L. PILCHER, Slidell, La. F. REID PITTMAN, Hattiesburg I PATSY PITTMAN, Columbia 0 REBECCA S. PITTMAN, Lumberton 0 DON C. POLK, Moss Point 0 RANDY POPE, Hattiesburg 0 MARTHA A. POSEY, Mead- ville 0 VERNETTA A. POSEY, Collins 0 SHERRY L. POUND, Hattiesburg 'LOI Freshmen PAMELA C. RATHBURN, Prentiss 0 PATRICIA A. RAWLS, Hattiesburg 0 THOMAS V. RAWLS, Tylertown 0 VIRGINIA L. RAY, Collins 0 CECIL L. RECTOR, Ocean Springs ' RICHARD E. REED, Natchez 0 VEDA A. REED, Bogalusa, La. 0 DORIS E. REEVES, Hattiesburg PHYLLIS E. REEVES, Yazoo City 0 HELEN T. RESTOM, Hattiesburg 0 RICHARD A. REVON, New Orleans, La. 0 K. GINGER RHINEHART, Waynesboro 0 ROBERT C. RHODES, Laurel 0 MARY L. RICHARDS, Gulfport 0 LYMAN H. RICKARD, Auburndale, Fla. ' RUTH S. RID- DICK, Greenwood PATRICIA A. RIDGWAY, Jackson ' GARY E. RIGCS, San Diego, Calif. 0 SHERRAN E. RIGGS, Hattiesburg 0 PATRICIA O. RILEY, Jackson 0 RODNEY M. RILEY, JR., Monticello D ROBIN V. RINGS, Pensacola 0 MARY R. ROBERTS, Jackson 0 ROBIN C. ROBERTS, Hattiesburg SUSAN S. ROBERTS, Tuscaloosa 0 CHAD M. ROBINSON, Clarksdale ' KENNETH ROBINSON, Pinola v RODNEY B. ROBINSON, Meridian- 0 JOHN B. RODRIGUEZ, New Orleans, La. 0 PA- TRICIA L. ROGERS, Centreville 0 REBECCA A. ROGERS, Moss Point T0 RETA G. ROGERS, Gulf- port MICHAEL R. ROO'P, Gulfport 0 DEBORAH S. RUCKER, Florence 0 TERRY L. RUNNELS, Hat- tiesburg ' CHERYLL D. RUSSELL, Spencer, Iowa 0 DANIEL G. RUSSELL, Jackson 0 LARRY J. RUSSELL, Hattiesburg 0 JUNE G, RUSSUM, Jack- son ' DEBBIE A. RUTLAND, Vicksburg JOYCE RUTLAND, Hattiesburg 0 RACHEL R. RUTTER, Brookhaven 0 BETTY L. RYAN, Biloxi 0 MARCIA L. SAMS, Gulfport 0 SUE E. SANDER- SON, Pensacola, Fla. U BARRY S. SANDIDGE, Brookhaven I JANETTE SANFORD, Seminary 0 ALEXIS SARGENT, Natchez JOSEPH E. SARPHIE, IV, Hattiesburg 0 LYNNE SAUCIER, Gulfport 0 STEVEN A. SAUCIER, Purvis 0 JAMES L. SCHELL, Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. I BRENDA K. SCHROCK, Biloxi 0 KURT R. SCHROCK, Picayune 0 BEVERLY J. SCREWS, Jackson 0 ELIZABETH A. SCRUGGS, Vicksburg EDIE A. SEAMEN, Pascagoula 0 DEBORAH L. SEARS, Hattiesburg 0 LINDA M. SELMAN, Columbia 0 CHARLES A. SEVIER, Jackson 0 DA- VID W. SHAIFER, Natchez 0 KATHY A. SHANA- FELT, Anna Maria, Fla. 0 CAROLYN M. SHAN- NON, Gulfport 0 TERRY SHAW, Oxford BETTYE SHELL, Laurel 0 ANN L. SHELTON, Lanbert 0 CAROL M. SHELTON, Melbourne, Australia 0 MARTHA E. SHILL, Natchez 0 ME- LISSA G. SHOEMAKE, Hattiesburg 0 PATRICIA A. SHOEMAKE, Runnelstown 0 MARY M. SHOULTZ, Gulfport I MARY M. SHUMOCK, Pascagoula ., ,Q x X M WS I 'fl is ? at -La. . 'Z-. -tv-silk-many... 207. ' -wlmww Freshmen GD s l 2.03 ' "w.'725f - , . ' . f. J a iiiwww ewt ,Q . 1 V N fy, M, .XR Xin Z . '21-xf-It' . J ,J . "' 1- BERNELL E. SIMMONS, McComb U DONNA V. SIMMONS, Newton ' MARY R. SIMMONS, Jack- son OSHARMAN SIMMONS, Hattiesburg 0 JUA- NITA L. SIMS, Canton 0 RAY L. SIMS, Monticello 0 RUDOLPH H. SIMS, Hattiesburg U VICKIE D. SIMS, Laurel JANET M. SLADE, Sumrall 0 GION E. SLAY, Hattiesbrug 0 ALBORNE L. SLIDER, Warner Robins, Ga. 0 ANN SMITH, Magee 0 BARBARA A. SMITH, Greensboro 0 CHARLES H. SMITH, II, Hattiesburg 'O CLAUDINE E. SMITH, Jackson 0 GLENDA M. SMITH, Long Beach JOYCE L. SMITH, Hattiesburg 0 LYNNETTE F. SMITH, Hattiesburg 0 MARY I. SMITH, Bassfield I MARY L. SMITH, Natchez 0 WARREN H. SMITH, Brookhaven 0 H. MONROE SNIDER. Hattiesburg U GEORGE L. SNYDER, Biloxi 0 P. JEAN SOMMERS, Hattiesburg DEBORAH G, SOUTHALL, Panama City, Fla. 0 VECIE M. SOWELL, Mobile, Ala. 0 MARCIA C. SPEED, Hattiesburg 0 KATHY A. SPINKS, Hat- tiesburg 0 EVELYN A. SPRUELL, Magee 0 RHONDA L. STANFIELD, Jackson 0 JANE E. STANOVICH, Biloxi 0 JACQUELINE A. STAPLETON, Pascagoula JANET S. STARNES, Jackson 0 HILDA STAUSS, Jackson 0 PATRICIA STEEL, Biloxi 0 JERRY L. STENNET, Jackson 0 GERALD L. STEVENS, Hat- tiesburg 0 KATHY L. STEVENS, Jackson 0 KATHY P. STEVENS, Gulfport 0 TINA M. STEVENSON, Raymond STEPHEN M. STEWVART, Biloxi 0 EDNA S. STOGNER, Tylertown 0 LYNDA J. STONE, Butler. Ala. " ROBERT L. STONE, hlemphis, Tenn. 0 VICKI M. STOTTS, Jackson 0 SHARON STRICK- LAND, Vicksburg 0 IVIARGARET A. STRINGER, Ellisville 0 WILLIAM T. STRINGER, Jackson Freshmen CAROLYN A. STROINIEYER, Hattiesburg 0 ANN C. SLIAREZ, Pensacola, Fla. 0 JANE E, SULLI- VAN, Hattiesburg 0 JENNIFER F. SULLIVAN, Jackson 0 MANUEL SULLIVAN, Ocean Springs ' JOHN RONALD SUIN'IMER, Columbia 0 JAN SUMMERFORD, Panama City, Fla. 0 LARRY W. SUMMERS, Calhoun City JANICE K. SUMRALL, Sumrall 0 VIRGINIA SUMRALL, Hattiesburg I JOHN E. SUNDER- HAUS. Lima, Ohio 0 SUSAN C. SUTTON, Au- hurndale, Fla. 0 WILLIAM WV. SYVILLEY, Brandon 0 JULIE F. SYMANSKI. Pass Christian 0 KEN- NETH E. TACERT, Bassfield ' SUSAN L. TATE, Jackson DORIS E. TATUNI, Hattiesburg 0 PATRICIA A. TEMPLE, Meaclville 0 MARY V. TERRY, Hatties- burg 0 TERRE L. THAGARD, Hattiesburg 0 DE- YVANNA THOINIAS, Tylertoxvn 0 BELINDA K. THOMPSON, Bassfteld 0 GEORGE G. THOMP- SON, Fayette ' JOE D. THOMPSON, Philadelphia MARSHA H. THOMPSON, Jackson 0 MICHAEL NI. THOMPSON, Hattiesburg 0 PAMELA L. THOMPSON, Picavune 0 THERESA L. THOMP- SON, Morton 0 JANE E, THOIWSON, Miami, Fla. 0 THOMAS L. TILLER, Jackson 0 JUDY L. TFPTON, Lucedale 0 THOMAS TOLAR, Columbia SARAH J. TOMPKINS. Hattiesburg 0 ALLYN L. TOPP, Puscugoula ' EVELYN D. TORREY, Natchez 0 YVANDA S. TOUCHSTONE, Hatties- burg 0 KENT A. TURNER, Vicksburg 0 NANCY L. TURNER, Lcaksvile D ROMANA I. TURNER, Hattiesburg 0 SUSAN C. TURNER, Newton. s 4, I -f 1- . 1 . . -X ---, ,C ,. - M x. .- gax I , sf 104 gf' Qt-X Q, QT1 "N 'Seq xe- "' i l l h t , I A J . . . ., - I . 'LO Freshmen GARY T. TYSON, Long Beach 0 MARILYN K. ULEN, Pensacola, Fla. 0 LEONARD W. VAN EATON, Memphis, Tenn. 0 LINDA K. VIGUERIE, Lucedale 0 RICHARD D. VINCENT, Hattiesburg I DAVID B. VINING, Jackson 0 ELIZABETH C. VOSS, Natchez 0 JOHN M. WALDON, Rolling Fork BEVERLY J. WALKER, Pascagoula 0 MICKY S. WALKER, Pascagoula 0 PHILIP N. WALKER. Chalmette, La. 0 SANDRA J. WALKER, Pascagoula 'O DEBORAH F. WALL, Liberty 0 MARGARET G. WALLER, Gloster 0 MARGARET G. WALLEY, Hattiesburg 0 MARSHA WAGGENER, Long Beach MARY E. WALTERS, Greenville 0 PATRICIA D. WARNER, Pascagoula 0 MARY L. WASTER- FIELD, Mobile, Ala. 0 CINDY S. WATKINS, Carthage 0 EDWARD G. WATSON, Brandon 'O PINKIE WATTS, Hattiesburg 0 MARIORIE C. WEBER, Yazoo City 0 VIRGINIA A. WEBRE, Bay St. Louis LYNN F. WEBSTER, Jackson 0 BARBARA J. WEEKS. Laurel 0 MARY V. WEILEPP, Hatties- burg 0 SUSAN A. WEIR, Gulfport 0 KEVIN E. WELCH, Folev, Ala. 0 EVELYN A. WELFORD. Lucedale 0 RICK L. WHEELER, Gulfport 0 STEPHANIE A. WHEELER, Hattiesburg NORBERT I. WI-IINERY, JR., Charleston, S.C. 0 LINDA J. WHITE, Hattiesburg 0 THOMAS D. WHITE, McComb 0 ALICE R. WHITEHEAD, Canton 0 IOHN F. WHITT, Laurel 0 SUSANNE WHITTAKER, Bilovi 0 MILES M. WHITTING- TON, Liberty 0 MARTHA J. WICHT, Hattiesburg BETTY G. WILLIAMS. Luceclale U KENNETH E. WILLIAMS, Tacoma, Wash. 0 NANCY K. WILLIAMSON, Monticello 0 VIRGINIA L. WILLS. Gulfport 0 CHARLES F. WILSON. Natchez 0 DEIVEY E. IVILSON, Mobile, Ala. 0 ELLEN WILSON, Laurel 0 WANDA J. WINGO, Jackson DEBORAH D. WINTERS, Picayune 0 PEGGY L. WISE, Picayune 0 TERRY R. VVOLCOTT, IVave- land 0 PATRICIA A. WOODVVORTH, Gulfport 0 REBECCA J. WOODWORTH, Gulfport 0 KAREN L. WOODYARD, Calvert, Ala. 0 BONNIE INOOT- ON, Hattiesburg 0 LOUISE M. WOODSON, Bir- mingham, Ala. BARBARA A. WRIGHT, Hattiesburg 0 DAVID W. WYATT, Cullman, Ala. 0 DELLA L. YARBRO, Yazoo City 0 MILTON P. YEAGER, JR., Mobile 0 BEVERLY A. YOUNG, Tallahassee, Fla. 0 TERRY ZEANAH, Tuscaloosa, Ala. l KONSTANTINE P. ZITSOS, Mobile, Ala. 0 DONALD M. ZODUN, Cantonment, Fla. x M. A-,w.m4iw,.f,x. ,,. 'rn' 'NA I N I 1, 'Vr ' ,: 1, i4 g, If If J, I Q, fu Wi Q 12 11 it I 1 Y I 5 w I i 5 206 I l Change I-the willow was gone from the island in Lake Byron. Change II-instead of the usual f'What-did-you-do-this summer" trash, 'fDid-Camille-do-much- damage-at-your-homei' was the main topic of Nothing-Better conversations. Change III-a huge structure was challenging Panhellenic for the top of the dip. Architecturally it fit just as well as anything else on campus. In years to come, it is bound to acquire a few endearing names, but at this time nobody knows what to say about it, it is just the new science building. How come the windows aren't straight? Change IV-noise. Hale's Bells were installed on the top of the Auditorium-4th floor Hickman got 40,000 decibels right in the ear. It struck on the hour, every hour, all day, and ALL NIGHT. All movement came to a halt when "Onward Christian Soldiers" was played just before 8:00 classes, and thousands of draft cards were burned when "My Country Tis of Thee" was blasted out across the campus at midnight. Maybe the chimes could be moved to a more suitable place like William Carey or better yet, Ship Island. The people who could get packed a week ahead of time came to rush-a period of bull sessions, smokers, parties, and mistaken names. Once rush was over, and everybody had found his place or made his first mistake, the freshmen began to appear in their Cant shirts with mother's note pinned to them and handfuls of vital instructions. 107 A 1 - , ,, L I Q ,A -V-wr 4, K wwf-SW Y 1 X I if F-,, ,,.1 .. ,, C ' Vw . i....... , Jugs 'LO 5 fy y W x V If x , lg, in M ge I o T If ,ap xii ,,,..m,.f6 l il Orientation disoriented freshmen so they could figure it all out for themselves. The first and most helpful assistance they could learn was: don't ask anyone on campus in any responsible position . . . they wonlt know and the treasure they send you could last for days. During orientation McCain gave his first speech and first impression to the unimpressed freshmen who seem also to be unmoved by the fact that their blood would not be on his hands-rather glad as a matter of fact. For freshmen, moving-in was exciting, awesome, and a tremendous task. They all qualified for degrees in compressive engineering, they brought everything they owned. Upperclassmen had done it enough to know to bring at least 14 posters to cover the cracks and enough junk to rival Joe College or Jane Sterilosky. Before you could get completely moved in, classes began at their constant, hectic pace. The campus shrunk for newcomers who discovered that they could find their way around. After a week, classes werenit any better, parties had begun, and "How-was-the-summer?,, was completely worn out. Attacks on the AWS were as habitual as classes. The AWS controlled social requirements on campus, it was a mother. Surprisingly enough, the boys did all the ranting and raving. The girls were, as always, subversive, they complained to boyfriend and boyfriend did all the fighting. As long as dresses are, there will be dress codes and complaints about dress codes, we had our share. By spring quarter, hair rollers and barefeet were legal. nigga 'SM 4 .- 109 l Female students surprised the campus by being as responsible as the authorities thought they weren't. The hours were changed to 1 a.m. and girls added this responsibility to the others they held as mature young women away from home and mother. Despite popular belief and demand, students held their first fand secondl organized peaceful demonstration when they participated in the National Moratorium for the war in Viet Nam. The majority of the USM students associated as much with the march as they do with the war. Itis terrible for spirit to have an apathetic student body, but it's completely deteriorating to have an apathetic administration. They just ignored us and ignored us, and if there was anything we couldnit stand, it was ignorance. Q . ' r x ? . . . Wager.W-.agawvxsswissswssws M'-"M""'WW"""'g , 1' lf' V ,, 53, ,-,,,,,,,....--f-"- ,LV Y ' 4 , .Y.,,... Q. K - ,.. W 'N fa 4 Q., ,mf . , P " ' .wc . , f ,, , 4.-, iff LJ ljff ifi.1..w l 7.10 e X33 xx? 1-'S' ,. ' Q.-"fp: .Nw -My Y-wa-'C 'QM a I' . ' , - gy Fi. t 'XS " .- 'K-.' .-Q f f Q' " 'lf 3.50, - , "4 Q '-w., 1. , x 4 ' 'X 'fav' f E Q-.Li , . .. fx' N vi .H 552g .QQ 'fb i vt. w-.- 54s, Y iv m, 1 . Q Q - N Qiyf' . v ,f . ,L X. F., I , D X Kay, 7.11 "I 'F , w 3.- -l M M Qwwi. , X ,, g W , . Q , - . if A ' I A A . 1. f - " , 'fnwfg' 'ri' fm: . . I K ' -. fi ' ' -' 3, nw 1-2: 'E 2' ' ' ' wma 1'M+w ' A ., r , M W , g 'f new ws-3,2139 , f f 4 If ' I I I I I I I - I I I I I 5 I I I , M s I! I I AN I 'I I I I , I I I I I I I III 'I I: X, I. 112. sagwp bs "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" really put out a show when they performed in front of our rather put out student body. It wasn't BS8LT's fault, they were great, but an invasion of high schoolers with complimentary tickets was sitting in our paid reserved seats. After much apologizing and passing the buck, it was finally settled and amended. This year being a long-hair didn't make anyone any more of an individual, just part of a growing majority. Pinning hippie-weirdo tags on people stopped during fall quarter because your professor was probably part of the crowd. But most of the Hairs were susceptible freshmen or seniors on their last fling because they had to get a job. Football spirit was certainly not what was expected. Since the players have been segregated from the student body, they have been protected. Homecoming was an exception to our other scores, maybe they bought a football team with the Homecoming Fund this year. N N GQUIN QD :qw fell? Roomies went home with roomies during Thanksgiving break and found out why they act the way they do. Freshmen returned as seasoned Southerners, but the poor things still got bungled up in registration. Nobody studied during the two weeks before Christmas-never have, never will-Rule No. 314, Student Code. But before we could allget home, the Christmas decorationswere strung all over campus. This year there were just the candles on the Administration Building, it looked like a birthday cake Qwe could have been eaten out of house and domej. If McCain had had the decorations on his home during homecoming, he might have won an award. Anyone who attended the choral presentation of the "Messiah,' will remember the downbeat. The chimes strike again-TA-DUM. Christmas left Southern a deserted dip, but we all had things to get done, so we all came back. Along with the students came the VIRUS. Everybody either got it or gave it or both. After all the numbers were drawn and assigned, the whole nation went on a binge,reither celebrating or drowning sorrows. The Lottery gave yet another number to the male populace, a number that was perhaps a little more meaningful than most. Some boys had never won anything before in their lives. "What's-your-major?,, was shifted to second place in social questioning, "What's-your-number?,' took precedence-a girl had to know where she stood. One of the biggest kicks of the year was to watch Waite's Supermarket change their sign. "Jezebel was an evil woman. Dogs ate her." Cabbage Wigs?? aas r H., - 5 t a,s as as tits gf ix Q N., ss, A . W ts' A six N X A 4 , s "S ck t K , P lid I . X il' ' f V sg V 5 sh s s A , - Q ,X V X ,tg S f if X ,A sb . uf ,Q -as Q K 'ilitlixb L 'AN 'N ,, X, x, EN is A Q K Q N A -, ,,,, r m., rs A 55 sale A-1 . a Q S , N' 1 tg K KM, , , .N HSN 1+ X ,S 3 Q C it li 114, 4 . . . -- V Y- , -.,Y.,1..-.,r..,,.-. ,.. 1, , ,. .,..,.,.................... .....-........ -..U A.....,.--..,...-..,,,--.......,.t, .- ww 3 2 1 iffy -f f X' f , f , Z f 5 , f, nf, , Myffw 'MW' AE' Xiihw Students spent more time eating than anything else Cthis might be a reflection on the Commonsj. Pasquale's, Burger-Town-Host-House, Shoney's, Minnie Pearl-Chicken Chef-Kentucky Fried, Frostop, Ma Twilley's, California Sandwich Shop, Pizza Hut, Oaks, Jerry's, Bush's, North Heights, Mac's, Seale-Lily, Curleyis Do-Nuts, McCaffrey's fon Sundaysj , Round Table, Captain John's, Wagon Wheel, Lee's, Coney Island Sandwich Shop, Snack-a-Minute, Dobbs House, Dari-Swirl, and the Town House-as a college student, it was a requirement to see how much you could cram or soak through your body. For the first time since free campus movies were presented, people came Hlling Wilbur Stout up into the aisles, even though they couldn't decipher a word. The highway to New Orleans was the most heavily traveled week-end route fthe coast was brokenj It was amazing to see how many people had relatives in New Orleans. Winter seemed the shortest, but Spring was the fastest. For those who left all their winter clothes at home during quarter break and brought all their spring things-our sincerest sympathy. At this writing summer still hasn't put down both feet. Hercules had a rotten reputation, so it got all sorts of undue complaints when an oil explosion at Woods Hlled the air with rotten eggs and speckled the entire area with yellow dust. After Easter Vacation, there was no more relief, just straight classes. The end of the quarter loomed and zoomed. The only break in the routine was a held breath for 3 Apollo 13 astronauts. Studying has always had strong competition in the sp ring, so it was easy to make,or find an excuse, or two to get away, and into the sun. Piney 17' . ' R K . o .Q l 1' W . W' U fx: , ,Y .. L 5 X if ' ' I . I L "Transit routes" were the excuse for absences for UAC activities this spring. Julian Bond and Steppenwolf were waylaid from appearances. Bond never showed and Steppenwolf played to a restless audience that had been waiting over two hours. One of the highlights of the evening was a kid who walked on his hands around the concourse during the concert. Who donated 3,000 gallons of ugly uyellarl' paint and miles of welded metal fences to the University? They couldnft have been bought because "we just don't have the funds available", but those fences kept growing and glowing. TACKY. It was one thing to be efficient, but altogether another thing to have good taste. NW W s as X N' + aims . . - 3 Y? ' - X 3 s 5 6 'PN 'iw a , 1 2.18 A rf" st lik . M ' y A 0 'N x A s.........,......... Mt... 4. .. M-. IN gay- 'Wi 'Ll H MQlpl,:'a6azw I 7 AA ,K X-X,WW4 mwffwayfwwdw .aww-v --w wwfawm ,wfmfyfwf -4' Y Aga mmwqbryw Jil pkiwbfk' WWF' WOWWWWHFVWY W., v w 4' ,I M 1. ah' .qw ffw W mf-wwf ww' v" ,fe W. Graduation seemed a little impromptu. The candidates for bachelors degrees didnit know who they 'were or when to standg Dean Moorman needed a footstool or the Ph.d's should have kneltg and one graduate received a degree from "the president of the University of Mississippi." With a shower of 'mortarboards the graduating class of 1970 left Southern. For Seniors, things have changed and things are somewhat better. It used to take three hours to drive to Jackson, now only one and a half. We came here to change and improve ourselves, to make a better future. Sometimes we find out what we 'want to be by learning what we don't want to be. ll-lu , Yost J 22.1 ff Q r '11 MW 413, ' was , , If A If ' - saggy' GEF ' r.,-Q, :-W, ,.. 1 , ' gi t' 2 ig' ' l .4 71 ' - miie: J 7,4-k33'4-fs: if .4-rsrfrk.-i m Q, 4-R1,1::.:5 , 8, 3 Eiffm :PJ rf ., L . A 4 ix gtxlisgv' ug fl , ms' If rP11'f'l- 'TCR- ' ,, Av mix x.,x '11 4. J , 5 -3?-awww' 4. fm 1' '-1, ,..4 f QQ-ff ,, 1 'Q WN! v lp, -X 'Th' J ,, 9 ,,.. ,, ,1,,-1,5 A ix . , , -L iii? A iff"-x-' J- .' I auf.--'2" '.-.- .'-hm' 4-'L - x . QQ' .ug , ' f 'HMC "7:,2..':T:-'fini-.'Z ' ' fa- ' f SQ' 5 1, . ' 11,.Ef"f 1 - Wy..-E 1:55:71 1-9, 5: g., 1QG,v"f'x-2 x.Lw,. , 1 ww , ,W ff ff .ff-gs E. 5 - QC --A-wi ff-1 1 .-is ' ., Lf - 1. TALL? . .., Q'-xr'-Q1',:-ge, -,f ig 25: wg. ' ' .Q-:j?' :E-Dr' 'fp Q., -:. 1 Eilfif 1:-uv ' 4 f.,K,. A . R..-H34 bkil-Eff -QJ4. In 1-' b , , N, 43: ' 3 w . Lzqgflxi .53 .- f J r r. :,,jg,..Q : ." X ,Q 2512 . 1 7732: ' 'PE Qi-5' Qfiilf g '51 ,3.4,'.?,-l '1Q,55,5L. 3, .ew-.s' '-I-7: ' ,sf-15:15 ' ff? 1-:vr'v .,f 11,719 -.51 ?52ki'2:"-!??1'fsF1L'i Fifi " ' it ,W igfm, r 151191 , fi ri , - .-'Fifa 1, .,Q,..v, , ... 44.1, at -ug. ., 33:35. . fgzvg 7' .I 533. ,gif .. . , A sq mlm f ,Iv-1 T-2-3K115?.- .-F '. f-f-uea.I'gr,K in: 1-wi ,351 fa, ': , ,. by :'f'4f?'S':'w-1 ' 'df 1f't"'2.-K lv r. Asa N 4 ,r -Z9 - 59 ,L fm -A.. 'kv if .4-'SQEYEG 4 V1 -w X- G 319 , 4. It Q 0 'f .,, 5 s x Un L1 if .F 4: 3 f a. v 1' N x 4.4,-.: V:-. Jr., 42.1. ,Ep-'i'2P!4g3'5't 3,52 lf is '-fiiffrfklffa V P 4-'2Ef153f'2E 5"5sfi25,33'?fg,5,ff Pig? .q,5g573 E4-.'fimsf'3::f't..16 --3yv'5.kyg'f 'IQ K .1 ew www asoifiqfffl-' 'TFEYL XAL' ,J du.. 4: 454 3 ,-,1-, E Y? ,X 5 -.S 221 -Fr 7 il-,, . ,. . . , 5 V :v .fb ,gf-3,1055-5iv1rg ,1 - -: - 5 QE' 32: 1,5141 A ' i'rik:aZv'p-5-1 -1: Y - .2X:4Yi3i.w wg '?f.57il2 5 fi N .-L4 'mrwfi -' 5 4 '7:x9N:E f . 'Mi e5Ali"S:-iw , 5351- Q ' x .F-'F -I :-5-:F-Eifaflri'-,.S: 1:4 ,fi-9.4.-I-' cgaqc.-s,'.fui-,5,.v 4--I 5131- ' 'e -957 x BM, wh, ri JJ f Ji EI ...Q ,bfi 1 gh . if ' I 3 .32 g x 1 ET if, 3911-7 1. ' J , A .1 .f A , ., 1-5 4 A L A L Q 5 A gk X 15, ,X 7 tb -N 'T .1 f Vi' H -QQ w 1 -ff Pam , 6 4 1 jig, 1 'via " Q, RJ fig? I? -I 7 1 Q , 'Ex rr u 'R T , ,pin ' H ,L Av lg ,, ,... 2 ia, .,.'E.- , h: ..EiH.:f,35' f ,msc-'fl , . ff . 5' Q 71 '7' ff, N . . is 2 ' xl. W '7f'f"" T91 --., .. -' . - .. f. g A' ,fi ' vL JL-Fug ., gs, -...ff-I'.-.S'?5T'l125?-'?3?7'.x k gli.: '- . -gig? H ' is ' in S ' ' -vg 'F' ' 'XgHsf:a:es.itf2':l'f'. .- 1 A , q ,m' .,..Sj?: ,-fur.. 'ix ?3 ?5ii?7' bf Q' , n --'11,-5. 315-:,: " ., - . 1-Q 3.:,fgys::.'-g' - ' w , I h , ,L -'gg f '- ,Z f 3.11, 1: ' ., ,, :..,1 N .Lf ,- ,- , A X Q ,X I'J2::EE '1?Q3 'LT7fi'? f.f.e.sgeg . ra.-A 293: af: -. ff gf L If-'U QESQZ iff W. 1359 .55 19? 271553 ' " : 't ' f-ifkf' :f?i5' ,T?2 Q '13 'ii' R3 x ' ! ' in A ' ' "-71':"?f:5?f 2 ' if . " ' '5 Lf: fr ,-.541 NX fs f?S: ?fi, r5? 5 M J 1'- - - 553 5,-ffi E , cg' sb 'Q xe 1 ,- ' "3 " " " ' " "Sz, Q? -, " - " L J -r " PN1"1 r51 ?G?IA in if H' I ASL Y 4 'Y 1 xW K ' -, ,ACM 3145 V , I X0 N 1 7 'e c if 'TL Q 1,-,Hb .H N11 X X X Uk 'l!J,f Sis 5 1 4 Aff' L73 ,NQK. Nr, Ln-11:-2 . ..1,.1vm-11.-1.-.ff 2 4 .1 'f W 11.7 .31-.1-.ref ,ff 'mlm , N i. . . -W .5 :Qui-.J:f'4:f:gg-,11 .4-ZHRTM,-4-'1 'lrawkghzzmvi .055,5:g:f1i.f-, La-qv'-w my---92:.'xi,1: 'em'-, A -err-ga-.11 .-,,,f..f , V., -,-13, 1-:.,.-.1 J .jr52,.:,,0,, , V.:-1.'5..f,i7,:3..1L, f..:j:?K f,g,,4:,...iw-X-y,,.y...LQ.,-.-s 5.4..,, V..-.f.,',:,-:.,-,pry -1 ,,.,,:'.,,:gL-, 11 -f.,n...-,x,.x,-g.,. .--. H- ,f-.-.-1 ,. QL.. .ig g '::.,5,-f.:::5,:-.: -nf-,, :L-: :1,'1'v1.'1 E-:Jars-s.151zf744f?vvSffvifRvX1-11m:1sw-nfeYm'9'g'+z1'emi' a9l'W'?'4: am -'. 'wfEMzf,:f. 1f:-:+f-":1f.- 156 gegwgssxa 13:ray-zza,mz:jv:31.x31Q-1 3:-A193-:im-Q,Q-.1513 1 I Q r-:SQ-322913 1515: '-:!f2?!nq6 ' .-fax-ng: 5-5 333531-Laiqtgg a151.:f.:,.-4:::':-fgi-3511.42 ",gQ5gsQ5 '.-21'L--rS?4a2:,i.-fniaza' ikfibtliilii-fi .Egg 4,-ff-at-., A1 ...-5Ng,',:,.f1.?'x:gq ywfgg-.1 Fzrgip X'L-9:-f2,-JF:-Q-, H ...Ln-L:-any! Hui.:-f z'-,.---uguz-11-f 5-42--'iff-i,,2s.-Vg,-'mm 1.-1 34 sfiifif. f.'.'f,21f. 5 Sai h'2:':A-1412175-E1-2ffqcefnfe66:-:im-12-z1'LI 'fp-:Z X1-1:51 :dig -125.2mfgfwkgfszwz-i'4'ff l' fa-4'q.5,-,Eyl21:'2 g:,:g:':7:522:,f:g15g ':A-.5w'.31?.g.,,--551J?Qga1HQ.?q3!fnm:EQiPfe:Qa1 if " , 7.2.2. we my W.. 1- 9 3 N - 4 WWQSS ' , . . V X.,vk,: Q -iw? SNXQ ,A ' ww, ,. M VV Sf, .,, Y , ,L -s, ,asv Q. -1. ,1 Q, .. m em' 400, gy vw pg, QW xv- 5 N . f Z, i6"W'W 1 K5 f M vb vxwwswvzsv rganizations 2.7.3 xg -me J, 14 2 -if-dli""" A if K. v' '4- 3-V .nf ni? Q.,-. 1,,.. 21 1 up 4 1... ff ff fi ,, , 'na 1 ,M Q .all 6 , 455, it tm ' 'Kali Rn ,9 M 'fs-Q 2 xv. ik' , f 4- 0 'A-an 'Sun 5... f. 6 W sv, W.. 93, K my 'Sw VW Yan im 8 Q, N 51" .N w Wu Jo Bryant Each year a secret faculty committee chosen by the Dean of the University selects six outstanding students for the Hall of Fame. These students have excelled in scholarship, campus participation, and leadership in their respective fields during their years at the University of Southern Mississippi. Hall of Fame r , Q Gayle Myers' " Frand Riggs NWN I 4 l C r E. x. '. - 'tin mx M. SEATED: Doug Rouse, Ronnie Doleac, Bill Boroughs, Garvin Ladner, Alan Sipes, Jim Goldman, Tom Maddox, Keith Myers STANDING: jack Coppenbarger, Dr. Tucker, Glenn Morris, William Marshall, Robert Leard ,Richard Rollison, Tom Wickliffe, Dr. Gonzales, Dr. Welker, Dr. Gwin, Col. Echols. ' Omicron Delta Kappa was founded Dec. 3, 1914 at Onllcron Washington 8: Lee University. The U.S.M. circle was Delta installed on May 6, 1954. Selection into ODK is the highest honor that can be afforded a male student while at Southern. Among the many purposes of the Kappa society are: recognizing men who are outstanding in their particular fields, bringing together men from many fields of campus life, and bringing the faculty and student body together on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. 216 :uw-'f SITTING: Ann Grove-Treasurer, Beverly Trask-President, Lynn Berry-Secretaryg Ree Staussg Linda King. STANDING Gayle Myers, Miss Donna Jesse, Wanda King, Linda Dobbs, Sharyn Hutchinson. Membership in Phi Delta Rho, founded in 1941, is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a senior Woman. Selection of the recipient of this honor is made by the members of Phi Delta Rho and faculty advisors and is based upon scholarship and the contributions of the members to the school, to their associations and to themselves. Phi Delta Rho recognizes scholarship, leadership, and character among senior women and promotes high standards of conduct. Activities of Phi Delta Rho include selection of the recipient of the Outstanding Freshman Woman Award and other projects concerned with the promotion of scholarship and University activities. 7.17 Phi Delta Rho Ll 1 'T ohn Jones I I Hal-In QI Z I I VVho's VVho in American Collegefi .,,,,-S! ' "n' 5 as l's',l'u X, f an, .ul l'g" . I I' 5 l Q 3 .I nl.l R l'p.g U' " 'BT I l I Ill. 'Q' A rg' I I I l.l on Q I Patricia Perkins Q i 1 -S 'QW my cw Ronald Doleac Linda Dobbs K and niversities 41-- Pie Payne Thomas Maddox ' -an-D. -as..,,,,, 9' at L fn, f -, X , .0,f, 'af Jw 4 -E . ,:zA5.: W .A., , Wa A -Fx, I if ,l'l g 1 Q I An Q, i .. 3 .,A . N W. f .gf ,-:MJ 'neg ' X4- .. 7. -4' , s. Richard Rollison Kathleen Blackburn W K ix, Y Q ' 7 ,Qi I I ' . Q " 1:' i ' - Q il ,'- fi n ' ,Q 2 4 I ' ' , . wef Z. L ' 1 ' 5 2 . 1 my , ,Y , - in Q R fi Y Q . , if 1 2 4 ii , 2 a 1 E " 2 5 A i Q fi W W A, by 7 W s ,, Q ' Q Z0 ,A lv ' ie sf, ""'M i i f Carol Nix Susan Moore wnrwm-W dl! K' in new ,-'I W in 'hi Nancy Marie Ryan 7.30 'HUP' ' Diane Watkins NNN' Bob Eflinger VVho's VVho Bill Boroughs my-ew x -fm... WA! 1, Y, . , 131 ..- Beverly Trask L A Frank Riggs as XX, .. f A km 'E Rive qx Mx S Wm. X ,Q SSYN . ,R QSXQQERNXQ Xe' fv Ms- - . Ji ,Z -K gig3j:.:Lk M- Av i ' .T 5' .- QF: blwk. ' M, - 'MY N. 5-:e'."S M' + X .Nz R W Q, : ,WF '.?.,,.. x r' 'S ' , e X.: . 4.5m - x . Jw . , ,ww 44 -,. Aff' . 1525- 73 1 f. . Alan Sipes Ann Grove V:- ,.., ' Lynn Berry 'L VVho,s VVho 22' Ree Stauss M4945 ' Maw Z Jo Bryant ,X Z if 7-34 Frank Aderholdt 1 4 1 1 I 1, 'W 'E WY I xl 1 i k t.?Njws.,mg, if . f N Q S mf I 5-1 " ' 4-Q S W 1 I 4 f I E I f V f W l 1 I -1 VVho's 1 VVho 4 W Phi Alpha Theta History Paul Reuter, President Buzz Elkins, Vice-President Mary Day, Secretary Carolyn Nix, Treasurer Mabel Donovan, Historian Kenneth McCarthy, Advisor Jay Anglin, Ass't. Advisor, Mary Alsworth, Clois Aycock Robert Baily Joseph Baricev Gerald Berry Henry Black Ann Bowden Beatrice Bradley Robert Brent, Ph. Sam Brown Zed Burns, Ed.lD. Jimmy Butler Druids Sophomore Women's Honorary Society Nancy Meador, President Nancy Tatum, Vice-President Pam Stamps, Secretary Janis Berry, Treasurer Sally Hines, Advisor Bethany Brock, Advisor Kathy Everitt Margy Wheat Bettie Sue O'Brien Paula Sanford Laura Gallagher Karen McKinley Suzy Robinson Tommye Corley Ursula Jones Pat Field Marla Miller Sharon Hall Honoraries 2. 35 Mel Carraway Rose Cowles Cecil Davis Treadwell Davis, Ph.D Mary Dent Guy Desantis Malcolm Doleac John Donovan John Dorsa Laurie Drago Margaret Dunn Peggy Edgar Allen Everett Mary Ezell Louis F asulo Susan Fitzgerald John Gonzales, Ph.D. David Greer David Guynes Robert Harmon Glenn Harper, Ph.D. Cynthia Hegwood Judith Herring Sue Hill Sylvia Hubbard John Kidder William Lee Samuel Lewis Nancy Lloyd Gerald Lumm William D. McCain, James McCartney Sylvia McCoy Janis McMullan Patricia Moore Mary Montague Vernona Murphy John Nau, Ph.D. John Ross David Sansing, Ph.D. William Schmidt Evelyn Skrmetta Charles Smith Christina Smith Peg Smith Alonzo Sturgeon Jerry Sullivan Stephen Sullivan Susanne Sullivan Jesse Tabor Gregory Taylor William Taylor Lucian Thompson Warren Tracy, Ph.D. James True john Wallace, Ph.D. jerry Watkins Katherine Webster David Wickliffe Leon Wilber, Ph.D. Elijah Williams Jackie Williams Ph.D Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Medical Charles Barron Martin Berry Thomas Brewer Mattie Coleman Gary Cottingim Mike Duckworth George Ellis Mike Fox Tom Graves Ken Hensarling Wayne Hughes Patricia McClain Glenn Morris Brenda Pierce Doug Rouse Lavon Thurman Richard Tilley Don Townsend Dr. J. Fred Walker Sandra Whitmore Donnie Wilson Nancy Diana Adams Frank Aderholdt Andrew Badger Lynn Berry Dixie Boxx Betty Boyd Ruth A. Campbell Cathy Carlin Leah M. Chambers Linda Countryman Claudette Crawford Mrs. Penny Currie Juanita Anthony Davis Larry R. Dean Linda Dobbs Jane Gardner Gatlin Sandra McCoy Gerlach Pattye Grady Darlene Gravett Peggy Lynne Hayes Margot Smith Hays Rose Anita Haywood Susan Horn E. Lanelle Hyatt Lambda Iota Tau Literature Wayne Innerarity Frank Jaster Q Martin C. Kelly Linda Lathem W.'Douglas Logan Anne Long Mary Carolyn McLendon Mary Martin Carole Mattox Kathy Mills Jo Mulholland Brenda Nichols Brenda Noble Noreen O'Beirne Rita Page Caroline Peacock Carolyn Perry Gwen Porter Janice Hornbeak Prout Mary Martha Richardson Ronald Richard Rollison Ben Roper Addie Ross Lynda Rowley Rita Rowzee Jan Shoemaker Linda Williams Smith Susan Holloman Stephens Mary Carol Stevens Nada Tawam Barbara Janelle Tims Tom Wickliffe Joan Elaine Wilson Freda P. Wise 7.36 Gamma Beta Phi Service and Leadership President: Alan Schabilion Secretary: Dale Lanius Treasurer: Lynne Moore Advisor: Dr. Carl Gates Beverly Walker Martha Kaye Dykes Jimmy Hollingsworth Pat Hollingsworth Martha Posey Lynda Stone Ginger Rhinehart Kathryn Sue Blackwell Kay Paschal Sharon Heflin Robert Pobjecky Shirlene Stogner 'Carolyn Hinton Nelda Leonard Pat Temple Dana Hurst Vicki Stotts Peggy Moody Mackie Odom Judy Byrd Linda Butler Jan Lonnborg Sally Lewis 7. Pi Delta Phi French Nada Tawam, President Sue Rowlands, Vice President Cecelia Patrick, Secretary Treasurer Lynn Berry Sylvia Bums jean Garner Susanne Howell Gerry Martin Linda Moore Jo Mulholland Irma Myers Domingo Rodriguez Patricia Scott Sandra Wells Donna Zappariello Carol Wilson Conception lXlacNl1llan Connie Fennell Alpha Lambda Delta Scholastic Honorary for Freshman Women President: Laura Gallagher Vice President: Dorcas Blanchette Secretary: Bettie Sue O'Brien Treasurer: Patricia Field Editor: Tommye Corley Historian: Vivian Dearman Marjorie Kay Asp Beverly Jean Ayers Brenda Joyce Barrett Sunne Jean Barron Sally Jean Blackburn Deborah Faye Blackwell Dorcas Lynn Blanchette Irene Elaine Bourne Barbara Ann Broome Victoria Lee Carden Deborah Ann Case Jane Chancellor Peggy Ann Conerly Tommye Corley Shirley Ann Cornell Estella Frances Covington Susan Melinda Cranford Jane Marhea Daugherty Vivian Annette Dearman Emily Jo Deen Kathryn Ann Dent Paula Dianne Different Barbara Ann Dramer Jean Patricia Duffy Martha Kaye Dykes Carolyn Jane Eastman Robin Ehlert Elizabeth Mary Falanga Dona Ann Fall Connie Fennell Patricia Lynn Field Helen Louise Fike Patricia Fortner Regina Foster Laurie Freeman Laura Jean Gallagher Celia Milton Gandy Marjorie Adell Garrick Lucille Marie Giametta Deborah Brady Hall Mary Jane Hammond Christine Hartwig Frances Eve Hawkins Linda Louise Hayes Rhonda Jean Hearn Shilloy Suzanne Hentges Leah Michelle Hill Carolyn Ann Hinton Kathleen Margaret Hirn Dorothy Lane Hogg Barbara Carol Holcomb Patricia Holloway Stephanie Anne Hrezo Dana Lynn Hurst Nancy Lynn Jabour Catherine Joachim Judith Ann Johns Brenda Kay Jones Linda Marie Jones Marie Virginia Kepp-er Elizabeth Keryin Cheryl Lynn Kouba Mary Frances Kuriger Sue Lynn Lams Katherine Lumm Belinda Rae Lyerly Barbara Kaye Magee Paula Ruth Manguno Jerri Anita Manning Elizabeth Rhys Marsden Dorothy Patricia McCarth Sarah Ray Mclnnis Karen McKinley Nancy Ann Meador Marla Jo Miller Natalie Miller Deborah Morgan Helen Gayle Morgan Judith Ann Nelson Barbara Nicholls Brenda Noble Bettie Sue O'Brian Linda Orange Marta Suzanne Paul Charme Pearson Y Patsy Jean Pittman Martha Ann Posey Sherry Lynn Pound Marilyn Powe Mary Ann Powell Molly Jane Price Renae Rainey Pamela Carol Rathbun Veda Ann Reed Phyllis Roberson Laurie Jean Roberts Suzanne Robinson Pamela Runnels Shirley Rushing June Gail Russum Betty Ruth Scott Linda Mariea Selman Carolyn Marie Shannon Patricia Annette Shoemake Juanita Lutisha Sims Claudine Evelyn Smith Deborah Glynn Southall Vecie Michelle Sowell Margaret Spangler Marcia Speed Rebecca Spiers Pamela Stamps Cynthia Ruth Stanley Janet Sue Stamps Carolyn Ann Stromeyer Hilda Stauss Jane Elizabeth Sullivan Susan Christine Sutton Mary Virginia Terry Peggy Suzanne Tilley Sarah Jane Tompkins Cheri True Nancy Luellen Turner Kathryn Vasselus Beverly Jean Walker Margaret Gail Waller Diane Watkins Susan Ann Weir Mary Leigh Westerfield Florence Maria Witte Sue Williams Gail Worthy 7.38 Tau Beta Sigma Band Women President: Cheri True Vice-President: Pam Runnels Recording Secretary: Sue Thompson Corresponding Secretary: Kathy Shanafelt Treasurer: Becky Jones Parliamentarian: Ann Johnston Joan Arno Ann Austin Jackie Baldwin Janell Barnett Bonnie Bouchard Mimi Bounds Julie Caison Jan Crawford Linda Gail Hamilton Becky Hampton Linda Harper Eileen Hickman Edwina Jones Beth King Robin Lewis Ellen Matthews Beverly Medel Ann Shelton Judy White Becky Williamson Barbara Wright Phyllis Yonko Beta Beta Beta Biology R. A. Askew E. Canavan B. Canavan G. H. Capers S. T. Cole P. Dealy J. Elmer B. Garrett W. Guy J. K. Hensarling H. B. Herririg P. W. Kelly T. M. Kinder W. B. Lambert R. Markiton G. Morris C. Overstreet T. Robinson B. Sasser E. J. Shumski L. F. Stewart R. Sullivan D. F. Sumrall D. Terkeurst R. H. Tilley F. S. Vincent D. A. Watkins .4-x A 7. Pi Gamma Mu Social Science Dr. Warren Francis Tracy, Jr. President: VVilliam R. Morgan Jac ueline Mae Williams - - ' ll q Vice-President: Cynthia W. Campbe John Eu we Zu ko . S P Secretary-Treasurer: Dr. Leon A. Wilbur Dr. 01.165, B- Caudiu Faculty Advisor: Dr. Forrest E. Wood Jr. Jenny Susan Graves Dixie Lee Aldrich Margaret Belle Alfonso Joseph Hugh Baricev Michael Francis Beard E. Ann Bowden Judy Ann Boyd Marvin G. Butler Cynthia M. Campbell Catherine Julia Cerra James Alan Coning Larry Ryan Dean Harold de Montfort Malcom Ronald Doleac Susan Carmen Fitzgerald Haride Michael Gaston Rebecca Ann Grove Kenneth R. Grubbs Mary Louise Haffey Graham L. Hales, Jr. Noel Wesley Holston Danny Thomas Harrell Suzanne Hatcher Bill F. Jackson Ronald Ross Kanagy Gerald Kersh Denise Celia LeBlanc Sylvia Lynn McCoy Janis Ruth McMullan Linda Johnell Meyers Jerome George Parson, Jr. Roger Pearson' Charles Robert Prince John S. Robey Linda Dell Shaw Robert Dalton Smith William Robert Taylor, Jr. Raymond Terry, HI Phi Eta Sigma Scholastic Charles Thomas Barron John Hines Bishop X James Mark Chapman David Lynn Childs Ming Hing William Chui Daniel Joel Corley Gregory Marshall Cotton James Robert Culpepper Richard Malcolm Dickson Daniel Eugene Dillard Victor Albert Dubuisson Michael Ralph Duckworth Sherwin W. Easterling Wendell Holmes Elliott George Hamrick Ellis Robert William Fellows Everett Hamilton Forte Carroll Benton Freeman Gary Sutton Gill Jimmy Eugene Hollingsworth Jerry Alexander Hooper William Maurice Hudspeth, II David Michael Langlois Charles Michael Lucas Michael Blaine McMahan William Tully Morrison Larry Wayne Newell John Samuel Palumbo Michael Wayne Parker Kurt Randall Schrock Jerry Leon Stennett Lavon Thurman, Jr. 140 Presidenfs Advisory Board as , , Gary Odom,' Frank Riggs, Bobo Morgan, Laura Gallagher, Dean Hille, W. E. Kirkpatrick, Pres. McCain, Moorman, Dean Durkee, Gayle Myers, Jerry Hemphill, Kathy Cook. 2.41 L 2 , 5 Dean Grantham, Dean J J D0 -4 ,-.- , ,L Student Government W 41" if HFHINM ' P5411 Q 31' rv, v" I 2 1 xii' Q W pf,-my N 'X 4 w Association ,V H2 .43 'Q Keeping pace with an expanding university, the Student Government Association underwent changes during 1969-70 in the Executive Branch organization. In a special Winter Quarter election, students ratified a revised SGA constitution which most notably created the positions of Election Commissioner and Men's Affairs Board President. This change took these responsibilities off the First Vice-President, making them full-time jobs to keep up with the needs of a growing student body. BELOW: Students and administrators relax between meetings at the Student Leadership Conference held the First weekend of Fall Quarter. Ken Caldwell, Barry Tabor, John McCartney, James Doyle, Lane Ross, C. J. Ladner, Allen Rogers, Richard Peters, Jim Rice, John Hampton, Tom Henderson, Tommy VanDevender. FIRST ROW: Fran Hawkins, Trudy Edwards, Janis Berry, Tommye Corley, Helen Abraham, Janie Mikel, Nancy Tatum, Gayle Myers, Frances Ladner, Dorothy Hille. SECOND ROW: Michele Jones, Sandra Burge, Linda Searcy, Carolyn Latham, Cynthia Keith, Karen Lee Ruff, Stevie Hrezo, Patricia Parker, Beverly Wood, Emma Lou King, Patricia Pyle, Margy Wheat, Charleen Null, Debbie Winters, Karen Grigsby, Jo Captiva, Maggie de Block. 5 taxa , , W" ' ' f PT iam 2 2 M1 , 4 f t E We 12 SSYQWA Yellowjackets The year 1969-70, a year of immense change for the University, was the year in which the Yellowjackets evolved from an organization dedicated to Freshman harassment to one dedicated to the development of civic expression through community service. Yellowjackets were, for the First time, consistently seen helping students during every registration, at every election, and at every student government function which required their aid, The highlight of the year was the passage of a new charter which provided for both the abolition of Orientation fees and the recognition of the Club as the service arm of the Student Government Association. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-Joe Kersh-Sec- I retaryg Barry Camp-Member at Large: Mike Beard-President, Mike Hill-Treasurer. FIRST ROW: Mike Beard-President, Sharon Hall--Sweetheart, Joe Kersh-Secretary. SECOND ROW: Milton Forte II, Anthony Sakalarios, William D. Wallace, Bill Carlin. THIRD ROW: Larry Neil Jones, Stephen E, Cobb, Leath Hunt, lxlike Chapman, David Gibbs. FOURTH ROW: Ron Hanna, Richard De La Fuente, Bobby Wentzell, jack Elliott, DeVan White, Barry Camp. FIFTH ROW.' Chuck Caton, Dana Lundy, Alex Cauthen, Sheldon Wolf, Paul Van Zandt, Richard Holland. STANDING: Tom Maddox- Parliamentariang Charles B. Rabb-Advisong Mike Hill-Treasurer. 41" I E l 2.2- ?' l Professional IRQ, OFFICERS-Bob Lawson-Treasurer, Baron Thames-President, Hayward Anderson -Faculty Advisor, Lou Ann Poynter-Vice-President, I N OT PICTUREDj Nancy Vogel-Secretary. FIRST ROW: Susan Gain, Iva Nell Middleton, Darryl Haskew, Hayward Anderson, Bob Lawson, Baron Thames, William D. Wal- lace, Brenda M. Glenn, Norma Hogue. SECOND ROW: Charles Riels, George R. Munton, John Waller, Earl Ray Robinson, Jerry j Hill, John Everett, John Curry, Edward Ghampney, George Newton, Barbara W. Sellers, Lou Ann Poynter, I, Vs.. is is., - ,NV s 'A - gzw2ffESZQgs , jfs. 2. ' ag, ,. gsgf-,.3g.,xf:g?,,, M if Q sa x 1 if ll W...-a..,.,, if W am ffm- sw., MM, ,Af Alpha Epsilon Alpha li. K' Oscar Kloth, Joe King, Warren Gillis, Bob Eflinger, Charles Boyd, John Lowrey, Delos Simmons. s Pi Sigma Epsilon 1 i Mm 43811 xiwla 'Bikini szhllfiiq llH as- 'iq American Chemical Society SEATED: Cheryl Smith, Jim Pennington-Treasurer, Beverly Gilbert-Secretary, Don Rahaim-Vice President, Mark Eubanks-President, Dr, Bruce H. Campbell-Senior Advisor, Frances Le Roy. STANDING: Mattie Mae Coleman, i Ronnie Stuart, Steven Edwards, Herbert Johnston, Don Roberts, Milton Yeager, Mike Anderson, Wayne Eaton. II +1 14 il ,ff Rv t 1 I K. i A 1 N 6 1 v Ii A 1 A 1 4 I Society for the Advancement of Management iF SITTING: Gail Fulton, Linda Tomerlin, Mary Lightsey-President, Tommye Corley, Cathy Per- A kms. STANDING. Lmda Lathem, Carol Hupp, Beverly Trask, John L. Ross, Doyle Case, Davxd C. McQui1lan, Roce Case, Frances McDowell, jane Pigott. 7-49 .4 Pi Omega Pi Kappa Mu Epsilon SITTING BOTTOM: Porter G. Webster-Acting Chairman 5 June McCaskil-Secretaryg William R. Marshall- President 5 Jack D. Munn-Corresponding Secretary, SITTING: Nancy C. Dunigan-Advisorg Richard A. Leedy- Vice Presidentg Diane Freeman-Treasurer. THIRD: Richard Rollison, Paula Courtney, Mark Eubanks. TOP David Heil Massey. BACK ROW: Evelyn Hinton, Treasurerg Patsy Garnbil, Recording Secretaryg Sheila Broome, Corresponding Secre- tary. FRONT: Dr. Camoron, Advisor 5 Kathy McKaniel, President 5 Kathy Greene, Vice President. 'Q Tj? .. X ess ca' 5 ' . X-X . 0 Q. are aww? 1 .X X ef!! fix Pi Chi Theta Gymnastic Club Richard Peters, Gail Vandegrift, John Runnels, Marsha Collins, Tony Correro. FIRST ROW: Julia Caison-Sweetheart, Tom Maddox-President, David Schell-Vice-President, Sonny Correro-Secretary, James Pratt-Treasurer, Raymond Guinn Young-Head Man, Polly Brasher-Sweetheart. SECOND ROW: Mike Freund, Mark Chapman, Dana Lundy, Bryan Herring, John M. Deans, Alborne L. Slider, Jerome Gilmer, Richard S. Peters, Jay R. Wucher, Les Washbish. THIRD ROW: La Rue Anderson, John Buck, Butch Ammons, Don Ladner, Neil Harris, Raymond Cox, David Mavfield, Allan Stiffler, Charley Kilmery, Chris Norris, Thomas L. Watson, Edward R. Centanni, Kenneth David Ranney. FOURTH ROW: Richard De La Fuente, Jerry G. Trusty, Charles R. Crum, Larry Pierce, David A. Naumann, Don- ald R. Bailey, Charles Waite, Jim Golmon, Joe Rankin, Dave Berry, Bill Slayton, Norman Woodrick, Eddie Coleman. FIFTH ROW: Henry M. Apperson, Stan Davis, Chuck Caton, Sheldon Welf, David Ellis, Milton Yeager, James Schell, David Langlois, Robert McNamee, Rogers Tyler, John Blakenoy Joe Merritt, Bob.Cheesman, Jay Luter. i Kappa Kappa Psi H Kappa Delta Pi SEATED: Beth Ann Richey, Mabel Baldwin, Jewel Israel, Historian, Ellen Finch, Secretary, Dale Russell, Vice-President, Bettie Gail Lindley, President, Bonnie Davis, Co-Counselor, Nola Magee. STANDING ON STAGE: Ethel Claire Clark, Liz Stevens, Toni Ladner Davis, Susan Marie Ryan, Phyllis Parke, Nora Marie Ziz, Frances Byrd, Tommye S. Wyatt, Patsy Glover, Vivia Gunn, Betty McKittrick. Brenda Randle, Joan Norris, Mary McGilvray, Linda Mason. STANDING ON FLOOR: Roy G. Bigelor, Paul D'. Cot- ten, Paul W. Peddicord, Clark Bryan, John H. Allen, Conrad Walker, Eric M. Gunn, Charles Moorrnan. 7-57' I ,nl Hyper Club .5 Y FIRST ROW: Maureen Smith, Shorty Varnell, Kathy Little, Linda Sparks, Ellen Rogers, Ann Moran, Diane Miller, Kathy Rigby, Macy McKay, Ann Suarez, SECOND ROW: Judy Holcomb, Dianna Snowden, Karen McKay, Nancy Chappa, Beth Gilbert, Adele Abraham, Billy Meador, Bruce Kleinhans, Mike Letort. THIRD ROW: Cindy Sweeney, Jamie Sandifer, Georgia Smithhart, Kay Evans, Linda Parker, Joyce Whitaker, Billy Lott, Larry Ussery, Sonny Orrell, Donnie Caughman. 7-53 l 1 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a professional music fraternity. It was founded in 1898, at the New England Conservatory of Music. Today there are over 300 active chapters throughout the world. The Eta Phi Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha was founded on Southern's campus on May 15, 1957. Since that time Eta Phi has taken an active role in many musical activities on and off the USM campus. This Year the chapter sponsored the Southern Arts Jazz Festival which featured Mr. Dea Barton, one of the nation's best jazz composers. The festival was a big step forward for Southern, and Eta Phi hopes to help make it an annual affair. OFFICERS-Jim Donovan, Larry Rigby, Richard Munsell, David Ranney, Raoul Jerome, Faculty Advisor. 7-5 4 Student Nurses Association Mu Phi Epsilon 155 W X XWMQTN' ' N , wwf 'N gsifkisasiaf . 'im 5 is ici? . 5'5".a ,Z Q 151 u P, Qi. Mad, 5 BACK: Dr. Clements, Larry Ratcliff, Butch Knight, Harry Little, Dr. Cummings, Chapter Advisor.. MIDDLE: Henry Umbert Mike Kennedy, Bill Ratliffe, Wallace Pringle, Mike Blackwell, Tommy Plisco. FRONT: Sheldon Wright, George Wofford, Roger Hayes, Wayne McCloud, Ralph Pitts, Calvin Shirk, Donald Booth. Delta Sigma Pi A professional fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi was organized with the purpose of acting as an extension of the study of business in universities. Its goals include the encouragement of scholarship, social activity, and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice. Emphasis is also placed on business ethics and concern for the commercial welfare of the community. Lectures by noted authorities on business and the Delta Sigma Pi Formal were among the many activities offered to the members. 156 'E .gig vmfsfafwfw ,Q Jolynn Callaway, Sweetheart Y 2. 1 L 5 QQ., 7. 4 .-aj. L.-X -2 Business Fraternity Council K 1, 1 I V ' a i ig ia S55 is - 1 E , 5 Q 2 s El . ,X sg is J is z A -.. ysmgw, . M-' 7 x 4 R 2 YN wwf F N X-fa, .- , g Q gl Vs s ur X X M ig 'J N Q.f ,':'2's's..:'--fr Dr. Clements, Dean Greene, Earl Robinson, Debra Swain, Butch Knight. STANDING: Mike Kennedy, Norma Hogue. Physics Club Service I: - ., es S+' gg 'I E I v , i frw D I Q if ii x 'Q' D " V .. A TOP: Joyce Ann Street, Deborah L. Jones, Chris Angela Pack, Elbert Soloman, Samson Byrd, Alfred Herron, Lillie Walker-Pan liamentariang Rhomie Gilmore. BOTTOM: Verna Alford-Secretary, Milton Forte, Melvin Miller-President, Alfredia Darnpier, Jean Dillon, Frankie Benton, Jr., Sidney McArthur-Vice-President. Q-if 'ff'?"4-Y' 'Tiff' Afro-American Cultural Society i 5 Southern Players This year the Southern Players once again brought the students and local residents a wide variety of dramatic performances. "Barefoot in the Parkf "Celebration,'3 and "Spoon River Anthologyw were among the offerings that most people didn't see. The long hours of preparation, both on stage and behind the scenes, were finally rewarded 'with applause, but the show went on more because of the desire of the Players than the interest shown by the students in one of Southernis best departments. if as 1.61 Pen and Sword ' FIRST ROW: Manuel Lorona-MSGT., USAF 3 Donald E. Webb-MAJ., USMC, Louis A. Fasulo-SNSGT., USAF 3 Denis A. McKinnon-CAPT., USMC, jerry W. Gibson-MA-I., USAg John A. Dorsa-MSGT., USAF. SECOND ROW: MAJ. Richard H. Meydag, MAJ. Lawrence B. H. Young, TSGT. Gerald A. Yates, MCPO William L. Dean, USN, MSGT. Gilbert E. Leiding, USAF, SSGT. William M, Denchy, USAF. THIRD ROW: Allen L. Everett-SGT. MAJ. USMC3 Ret., Harold de Montford-lst LT., AUS Ret., Roy K. Ray-MAJ., USA, Albert E. Blankenship-MSGT., USAF, Felix E. Wellman-CMSGT., USAF, Ret. . , l 162. Civinettes We University Singers 4 sr I ' , ., ,ff 5 FRONT: Ann Baxter, Tammy O'Neal, Mary Maloch, Colleen O'Mara, Diane Oerting, MIDDLE: Greg yr glalrstens, Sherry Waggener, Beverly Trask, Linda Peavy, Judy Podyrna, Billy Gowan. TOP: Drew Erwin, Susie g r ard. 3 Dance Club 263 JT i f' aT Association of Baptist Students wa an X N ,aafsif N" V i S 'X Wswsf- N N 'W Was... SEATED: Judy Holiiield-Presidentg Cathy A. Gordon-Vice-President. STANDING: Larry Bustin, J. E. Moore, June Reddin, Cfharle Reddin. SEATED: Donny Lawson-Vice-President. STANDING: Susan Moore-Treasurerg Tommy Baragona-Presidentg Carlton Landrum-Secretaryg Rev. Weldon Hatcher-Advisor. ff!! Koinonia P 7 if 'WCS X Q, ni ,Qi E f 5 2 2 1 Q S, EN? X , ,fx ' S' A 1 .X 'L j .5 . 5 X? gg x Q X X X X LE U in k yi .E X VY-W Q . Q6 Q ' , N i . 6 x V Q' xv? S X X3 'S dl gi: ilk .. . . A - XX 'g 5 A .. . Q . Q 1. U . M5 Q -- k,- 5, ..,. 1 L 4 X ae? bf wg ' 'PRA - i gl Q, ,K x g. 1 N, s 1 V, , ', f - 5 fry v. 45 N Q? . P XC 1' x 'ta S+ "N 6 lk .wi ' ' -0 Y ' 'is 4 fi, J f Q .' 9 A xx. Q ' " " iw, . 3 H 1 .1 'ff , ,1 p. - 5. , , J s Q I . kb. I- E A., 5 5 1 N I ' w S ix E f-Q ' 2 2 'lp si i f f W , X N 2 1 . +f5?f'9'sj' A ,ff'IZ . iiw Student Religious Federation SFR OFFICERS-Cynthia Campbell, Vice-President, Linda King, President 5 Laura Gallagher, Secretary. s mf ,wand ..,......- . Q P T A fi ,. - fe N - f Q ,LAW , tv " 15- . , 1 Q -- .,,,, 1- ,yt h K, . r ,V 1 .. ., , V SEATED: Janis Berry, Nancy Tatum, Marty Rawls, Cynthia Campbell-Vice-President, Laura Gallagher--Secretary, Linda King- Presidentg Camille Butler, Ann Downing, Jackie Dole, Pam Smith, Danny Pittman. SECOND ROW: David C. McQuillan, Brenda Noble, Sherry Pound, Joyce Ann Street, Anne Daren, Janey Moak, Kathy Vasselus, Anita Marie Gibson, Tommye Corley, Lou Ann Lumpkin, Kathy Everitt, Meredith Wentworth, Susan Walker, Sally Stretcher, Chris Waggoner. THIRD ROW.' Jim Goldman, Nancy Lay, Susan Yarbrough, Nora M. Ziz, Lida I-lord, Karen McKinley, Becky Askew, Bettie Sue O'Brien, Sue Dickey, Leah Chambers, Kaye Magee, Beckie Monroe, Whit jenkins, Alan Schabilion. T' +V , -Q N9'f"Q ' fs"99S44v- New YWKN QJ -I l 1 . 2 5 .v 1-"""' I 5 I ' Y l 11 M xl Q ., 3 V X 1 1 ! l 5 WY ' ,. 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Mike Tumer, Athletics Section Editor. , J I 5 03" 'Ki ,IAN Reed Guice, Organizations Section Editor A--il., Ed Mager1he1mer, Greek Section Editor. Susan Horn, Features Section Editor.'X"'e Q X S f Peggy Moody, staff member, Brenda McManus, Staff member Lynda Stone, staff member. 111 Easton Retrospect Section Editor. Laura Ward staff member. R Q fx S N-5 SX X X'2A.X?N, .x xr X X fx X 0 r . . ,K .ka i w X xi U F E NX fe f a Y is S ,wet W . ,N 171. 2 E .0 I 'uf Wu 'f Southerner Regina Foster, staff member Tommye Brister, secretary. Martha Radau, Secretary '-' ' x f 1w:iMifQ'3"t"' h--Jul. X X. Q ' x .wav U4 .-ul. Li ' .Q-- Sherrie Henry, staff member. Beverly Sue Norwood, staff member. Mike Turner, Athletics Section Editor. Bill Kehoe, staff member. 1 Keyhole I For the first year as The Keyhole Q "The key to the whole thingvj, USMDS teacher-course evaluation rolls along combatting First quarter frosh who comment "This is the best college course I have ever takenf, and faculty who consider "poor,' a dirty word. The purpose behind this project is two fold: to point up the teachers, strengths and weaknesses and to give the ! student an idea of what hels getting into. FRONT: Jane Sherman, Cathy Carlin, Editor, Jill Easton, Bill Carlin. BACK: Ron Hanna, Terrie Rock, Leath Hunt, Director, Jean Yedinak, Jim Green. Southern , Broadcasters 1 HV l S 'l L 5 I 2 5 tu is 2 Nl 'WW' wk 'ffff ' X Effhmf' A le M ? ,A I8 s As' 1 if 54855 """ Sv use M X 1 s rf N 2? Q ., . r in Mai its i - R 4' r--s,:'t:.::ta. . t A r- - -an if ' f-,Qi ,S FIRST ROW: Jimmy Wentzell, Ray McNeece, Steve Colb, Patrice Edwards, John Polk, Kurt Kilpatrick, Maggie Magee, Jill Easton. SECOND ROW: Bill Hartfords, Mike Nellums, Mike Webb, Joe Peacock, Mike Luckett, Larry Harrison, Jack Elliott, Mary 'Io Hurley. THIRD ROW: Bill French, David Joachim, Rob Roblin, Jon Stevenson, August Taconi, Danny Ortiz, , Willie Redmonds, Sergio Fernandez, Alice Richardson, Tommy Rushin. FOURTH ROW: Joe Feduccia, Jimmy Smith, Bobby , D . U , W abbs, John McKendr1e, Doug McKay. as J., iff 2 M., ' 22 79 Military Color Guard Harrison Castlen, Harvey Teston, Carl Jaynes, John Bishop. sk vs as-XA sxl x r...... Q Echols, PMS, LTC. Wynn, MAJ. Sentell. 7. l il Cadre Staff STANDING: MSG. Larnmers, CPT. Kimeris, SFC. Davidson, MSG. Bottoms, SSG. Capece, CPT. . Howe, SSG. Groover, SFC. Hassey. SITTING: MAJ. Cook, MAJ. Murchison, LTC. Chadick, COL. 75 ublic Information Staff 3 Teger, Turner, Foote, Zupko, Lampton, Dearman. .,f it A f. to Ing! Hilda Straub Diane Beason Glenda Meadows Janice Ladner Sherry Madison Charlotte Smith June McCaskill x , N f t. L, l . s .0 -,gA,.' 4 4 . 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Burr, Glenda Meadows, Melvin Miller yr , '-:1412'f.G:2:g-1.39 . 5: Zcigaggj , I ff-n n " 5:3551 E:a'1'f.1"- S-fu'-"f.' fi '51115 J -vffv '-411-225 13.4.12 I..-1-4 5-Z','-f,gf.',5'LV'. -1' 1f":,51Xi: if fwfr gg-,ggw Pfyfigwr-:5. -1 r.'2::.s:5l' Dr-fi-154271 -- f--12--"J: Si -' -x .1 - fliv. E-'HH 'fu E1 UI: 55312. ff ?!siYs32E'zfm??b' 215-,:g:f'a-Qjmgis, -jig .fE'I"fi7fE'.-'fi R ?r" I1fT-,' ' I A , f U X f , rw 5,505 fLLf.'f NGN ,.x,1,', fAg'QN't1' S., X 'lax' lx '-K vltxff-wwf "'H' R16 -1 .0--g,Lv'.fr..fa-, . .1...Jn5 '1L.xf Yffab' Jae 1:K':'1J'H r 'Q'-'!."545173-:i5.3-'13ii':hy'42255E':Q5.?iYS'g-XfqfSZh'3vf1'5:1F-.fY.I4f'1'-Q7 r 1 .Q 7 , XL K ,..-9-,Mx .f-.-1-1-1.011-4-.A ,,:,--,..-f,-'-w,-- N---1,1 .... 1 fx A fl X Rant, :TW ,...J,g K K, I Q U. N,-6 hr 4 ,, , IJ i k 1 ,Ko rJ1,u1L9,1,,yvf' X 1,.1I' mu' a ' .nga lg.-V r,uq,e+ .1-,H ' , . 1 1-ffi' '.' ,w"zf'd ' 1 f L' rv ' ff f Jw " nf-1 .g,s,t4.,'yq we v xl' , ,, 1 X x , 1 ' iw' :"5:'1Mg.' 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Q I x ' I 4 Greeks "YM , 1 Ji' 'if 4 . " 'ff A Q45 fr' r, .Wx my 1rv a1QL,:f J W R uw 1 s. A I 0' Q x ft- sm 41- ,R 4 , 7 ., ' Ms, . Q N X ' 'fa s ! A Alpha Sigma Alpha J OFFICERS: ri l TOP.- Dale McMahan Kaye Magee Patrica Field Judy Clark J SITTING: J Anne Benke Katherine Blackburn Cynthia Campbell l l 1 l I 5 Micky C. Albritton I Linville Dawn Amiisfead i , Kathleen Blackburn Sally Jean Blackburn Kathy Breland Cynthia M. Campbell Janice Wray Carraway Leah M. Chambers Judy Annette Clark Lynda Ann Cole Charlene Cooley Tommye Corley Linda E.. Coxwell Jackie Kay Dale Patrica Ann Delancey Eleanor Jane Field Patrica Lynn Field Nedra Frances Ford l Sandra Fortinberry Judi Marie French Anita Marie Gibson Cynthia Marie Grantham Leah Michelle Hill Cheryl Ann Hocutt 184 as fe Vs- 1-, N an Min Susan Christine Hudson Suzanne Hutto Nancy Lynn Jabour Judy Kay Johnson Jo Ann Klein Linda Diane Mason Rebecca Eloise Monroe Diane Kay Moore ,Helen Gayle Morgan Brenda Faye Noble Cathy Perkins Patty Perkins Elizabeth Kathleen Richter Mary Ruth Roberts Edie A. Seamen Barbra Cecile Sheflield Melissa Gail Shoemake Sharman Simmons Barbara Ann Steed Martha Lynn Stevens Jane Elizabeth Sullivan Janice Karen Sumrall Carole Lee Tew Sarah Jane Tompkins Laura Sharon Walker Patricia Diane Warner Pinkie Watts Bonnie Wooton Susan Paulette Wright Established College in Farmvii1s,virginia, Alpha Sigma Alpha was the first sorority founded in the twentieth strive to develop intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually through such activities formals, intramurals, and chapter church days. Alpha ATTAIN . . . top ten beauty . . . cheerleader . . . Panhellenic scholarship award for fi., fp. two spirit officers in Alpha Lambda Delta, Druids, and Phi Delta Rho . . . executive editor of 3 B I sys n x ui- . n Q o . . 1- . J ut b I Jypp not in the admimstratlon building or classrooms but in our own chapter room. J The beyond the ritualistic services. What's sharing? It's having your family seek you dere W g"'BtM4 staggefrate Page? ! tf .Steel IS so excited . . . the devil made me do it . . . 'tis who? . . . . iifs rs-ii i ,eii so L Ur W ed again P F Henry M Peppermint finally got elected . . . Campbell's gone where for th end . . Sisterhood what icesi it?S2?all about. if' ."'s" if Q it 2.,. ., .r.'-5:,.:-- f ,f'e"'!fQ'7 .jiri 'P if -R ' . f ' X e rzntz . . . amifkaternity sweetheart. S gi Q b ' ' ' if ' ' X A , - - - - ,,.' :L -Jv- gvskw ,.-,W X swf an . 5 f XXXM W I B X ' 2, -.qs P 'Qi Q ' l R933 X si 'QQ x 2 sys? ' ' X . -a 'it et- .ckwe 5 J 7. 1' George Edward Agnew Richard G. Alexander john E. Atchley N. Lavaughn Backstrom ...aa Henry M. Brumfield C. Regis Domergue Hugh Allen Dossett Len E. Duffey Vernon Hall Freeman Derrel Hammill Charles Jackson Hartman George V. Hawkins David Warren Holmes -Q.. Perry Guy Hutchinson Charles Edward Kent John E. Lazenby Monroe William Long Robert Stanley Maloney Leo A. McDermott Robert C. McLemore xg ff 'V' n ' f - r f. - E Z,Vk:f.,s'f.,tw'r,,N Alpha Tau Ginegaiiiflraternity was founded on September 11, 1865 at Virginia and was the letter fraternity founded after the Civil War. S011tI1crn's Epsilon Upsilon chapter was installed 1949 and since that time has enjoyedfactive social and academic The year really started off with a bang, the houseigot a new coat of paintgiand we got a new outlook on life. then there was rush-well back to the days of gettingynear a sheepskinifandyflsinda, too. Sala and Regis have floors now and one of them is blue. Diamondsiare a girl's best friendQfai'en't they Little Bear? And no wrecks since Tabor sold the target. Dossett and Sellers have a tiger in their-tank now. Grades are grades I Q 13 always try harder. The ole red-head is gone, but we won't forgeftijris spirit will live on in room Homecoming was great, great band, great partyi and great to be nmnbeflttyrgjiie in decorations. Song aren't singers, but we were entertaining. The Viking Party was a success as this time ' . j x 5: --kh 1 -s-'-,, N g. .',, . . X- A g S Q l ' if is 7.86 Alpha Tau Omega OFFICERS BOTTOM: Barry Tabor Keith Myers Ken Myers TOP: George Hawkins Doug Scruggs Walter Shelton James Randolph Miller Keith William Myers Kenneth John Myers John Grant Oden Herbert Weems Phillips Paul Alan Sala Philip John Scorclin J. Doug Scruggs James Sellers Walter Lee Shelton Rodney Alston Smith Barry L. Tabor Billy Ray Thompson Anthony Tuccio Thomas Edward Walton Lauri Katherine Acree Margaret Alfonso T. Carlene Alfonso Janis Margaret Berry Garry Glenn Blount Martha Jo Bryant Ladye Susan Cain Pamela Clare Calvert Rosemary Campbell Peggy Anne Conerly Kathy E. Cook Melissa Kathleen Cowling Claudette Demant Crawford Marsha L. Crosby Dana Jo Dameier Anne Daren Alta Carolyn Davis Martha Sue Dickey Linda Rae Dobbs Jackie Huggins Ellis Juliann Beba Elmer Dorotha Sue Erhard Wanda Carolyn Evans Kathy Everitt Carol Brooke Faragher Laura Jean Gallagher Madelyn Carol Giulfria Louise Slater Gordon Patricia Ryan Guider Susan Horn Chi Cmega "In the Shades of Evening" . . . Hello, Baby! This is the Big Bopper speaking !" . . . 75th Anniversary, Miss Southern, "I Gotta Be Men . . . Homecoming Queen, Fort Knox . . . Girls! Girls! Please stop the tap-dancing on Seventh North! . . . Hey B. S.-Fallen out of any cars lately? . . . Greek Woman of the Year . . . Class officers . . . Spirit. . . 6th declares war on 7th . . . SPLASH! ! ! . . . What is it? . . . joe D-Owl Man forever . . . Phi Tau Little Sis and Pike Dream Girl Court . . . Beauties-you've got to change with the times . . . We'll try, we'll . . . The Green Phantom will play "Deep Purple? in the chapter room and EVERYONE is expected to attend . . . "Oh, what a goose you are, oh what a goose . . . If Ree Stauss married Al Capp, she'd be ........ . . . . . . . Hey, Rice, Rice? . . . RICE! ! ! ! . . . Rushmarella . . . Please, not the F rostop again . . . "Consider yourself" . . . Ratso! . . . Rosemary Omega . . . Ah, so! . . . Now, would you do that in your kitchen? . . . Mack's . . . Monopoly anyone? . . . From Momma Owl, to Head Hoot, to . . . Big Bird? 0.0.S. Award . . . Judicial Board, Druids, Alpha Lamb, and Phi Delta Rho . . . I Pledge . . . This is the first time a Chi O ever got burned by a Kappa Sig . . . Good Grief Charlotte Brown . . . Tom Jones is alive and well in room 742 . . . my Fiance, Diamond Jim Potter . . . "Hello Young Lovers . . . You're under arrest !" . . . "No, we don't think this steak tastes like hamburger, Phillips" . . . Let there be peace-fthrough the air vents! Cheerleaders and Senators . . . Who's Who . . . Chi O, Everafterg we'll remember you . . . Hip Hip Chi O!! Hip Hip Chi O! ! Sharyn Lynne Hutchinson Lanelle E. Hyatt Teresa Ellen Johnson Sandra Kathryn Jones Paula Ruth Manguno Laureen Clair McCormick Ellen Welch McCurdie Macy Linda McKay Nancy Meador Glenda C. Meadows Debbye Moore Beverly Sue Norwood Bettie Sue O,Brian Kay Paschal Janice Lynn Phillips Phyllis Anne Pinkerton janet Leigh Preston Molly Jane Price Virginia Lynn Ray Veda Ann Reed Paula Sanford Carol Milner Shelton Pam Elizabeth Smith L. Marie Stauss Alva Hazel Stephens Orline M. Stevens Sally E. Stretcher Brenda Alicia Talbert Margaret Jean- Trapp Beverly A. Trask Elizabeth Catherine Voss Susan Joy YValker Meredith Wentworth Margueritte Helen Wheat Martha Lynn Wfilliams Nancy Kaye Williamson 7.89 I I I I I I I . For nearly one hundred years the philosophy of Kappa Alpha Order has etched itself upon the minds of thousands of leaders in every phase of our social life. The world of Kappa Alpha Order is many things to many men Foremost among things which are Kappa Alpha is the vision of a life nobly lived. The motto Dieu et les Dames" means For God And Womanhood . . . lifeisi two most noble treasures Biloxi strangler strikes again . . . Mardi Gras at the Stables . . . Wally's shy approach Green Palace Lounge, Home of KA . . . HOUSE FOR SALE . . . OK Neely . . . Ah--Santa needs another drink William Byron Abraham I Jerry B. Altrey John Marvin Beard David Brandon I Alan G. Cooper Walter David Drowell, III Peter Robinson Fargason Michael Scott Flannes Craig Wright F oshee Quin Gautier, Jr. Walter E. Hammons Steven Hancock J Bruce Alan Holliday ' William Curry Howton, Jr. I John Thomas Stifle Jones Samuel G. Jones Paul D. Kent Michael Kervin David E. Kihyet Robert Julian Kyser . . . Tap s in the Shower? A 3 V.. rv' . 'Vx Vis 290 'Wx - f . ,Jum- , 'W , 'Eff' David Young Law Philip Newman Morse Dale Hunt Nichols Harry Michael Oliphant Robert james Peet James Edward Pinnix Bernell Eustis Simmons Robert Lawrence Stone Thomas Edward Tabb Joe Edgar Taylor Harry Moore Walker Thomas Daniel White OFFICERS-SEATED: James Morgan, John Myers, Arthur Hewitt. STANDING: Tom Rusling, Harry Walker, Alan Cooper, Peter Fargason, Sam Jones, Donnie Doleac. Kappa Alpha 2.91 Delta Delta Delta OFFICERS Kathy Greene Sally Floyd Becky Glenn Pie Payne Eleanor Waren Colleen O'Mara Melaney Copeland Sandra Lynn Ange Ann Austin Lorena Bailey Nancy Jo Barneko Sandra Lee Boone Beverly Rogers Bradford Shelia Miles Broome Judith Eileen Broyles Pamela Ann Busick Anna Beth Callaway Jolynn Callaway Martha K. Clark Melaney A. Copeland Judy Dianne Craft Margret Helen Dees oy Elizabeth Degrummond Lorraine Dews Sally Floyd Judy Kay Garrette Becky Glenn Jackie Greene Kathy Ann Greene Robyn Suzette Gunter Sharon Gail Heflin Sherrie Ann Henry Cynthia Ann Holmes Louise Lida Hord Daphine Renee Hudson Jane Cecille Jenkins Margret Ruth Keifer Katherine G. Kolger Becky Land 2.91 Nancy Lay Barbie Ann Marshall Cynthia LuAnne McElroy Ann Mclnnis to 'fowl Karen Kay McKinley Brenda Kay McManus Betsy Ruth McSwain Linda Mills Robin Sue Moffett Elizabeth Morehead Pattie Jo Murray Donna jo Nealy .L-, Elizabeth Colleen O'Mara Phyllis Gail Parke Pie Payne Charms Marie Pearson Becky Phillips Janna Prichard Mary Kay Renegar Ginger K. Rhinehart cf' Betty Ann Rimmer Barbara Beth Roberts Suzanne Robinson Theresia Lynn Rogers Dorthy Dale Russell Sharon Kaye Smith Deborah Glynn Southall Gail Lowry Spann Pamela Lowery Stamps Melanie Rose Thomas Eleanor Rose Waren D. Cindy Sue Watkins is .iii 'rr Phyllis Ann Yarbrough Susan Paulette Yarbrough Sylvia Diane Yelverton 'V N Beverly Anne Young Phi Epsiloiifchapter of Delta Delta Delta was installed at USM on March 31, 1951, and since that time Tri-Delta has growutin number and sisterhood. Tri Deltas are known on campus for their winning smiles, and they are always sgit' willing to pitch in help on any worthwhile social or community project. Deltas are also active in campus, activities such as . . . cheerleaders, treasurer of SGA, secretary of UAC, Miss Southern who went on to be first to Miss Mississippi, campus beauties, religious honoraries, Alpha Lamb, Druids, Phi Delta Rho . . . mention a few. Often times Tri Deltas are working behind the scenes, but this does not mean that they go , ticed by our chapter. This past year for Tri Delta has been one of fun and hard work, but more than been a year of close sisterhood for the Deltas, and next year the Tri Delts will be on the move toward goals of scholarship, leadership, and sisterhood. time ., , sbs AMN 1- 1, ,. .ii f, 7-93 Richard Douglas Allen Frank Joseph Best Mark Kevin Boyles Jul-ian Wayne Branton Richard Wayne Bryan Manch Stanley Cadwallader Danny R. Cappaert Edmond Carter Carroll John Michael Chance Robert Merritt Chance Alfred Francis Cofrancesco Thomas Philip Cote William Lynn Covington Lofton Samuel Cox Kervin J. Cunniff Bamey Lyerly Davis James Paul Dealy Garry Stuart Dearman, Jr. James William Eaton Paul Louis Elias Thomas Marshall Elias Elton Van Elkins George Hamrick Ellis Thomas Firman Frazier, Jr. Joseph Patrick Gautier Glynn Barry Giacone Harry Ellis Goza, Jr. John Reed Guice William Joel Herron Wayne Morris Howell William Louis Jones William Jon Kennon James Robert Kilgore L. Ronald Knellinger Richard Hugh Laird Caesar Anthony Lamonaca James Ronald Locke William Henry Mackin Edward Fred Magenheimer John Allen Marchant William Hollis McMichael, Jr. Rex John Michael lv-.i XX 5? ' it . wx Qf Qvwv , uqgs- Again in 1970 Kappa Sigma at Southern proves to be truly the "House of Championsf' Many honors on campus such as: President of SGA, President of IFC, Mr, USM, Greek of the Year, Presidents of Senior, Junior and Freshmen Class. In Sports: IFC and Overall School Champs. Accomplishments such as this can be obtained with only one quality-brotherhood. Weird !-the Swirl Kid-Demo the drunk-where is Suzy-Dustrige Geno--Rex's Den-Rabbit Tooth-Wick and Redhead-Hey Rich-Ceasar's F ilms-Marsha, Mag and Rankin forever. And as for the future-we shall remain first and foremost--Kappa Sigma -1.94 Kappa Sigma OFFICERS TOP: Roger Smith, Charlie Stange, Frank Vincent, Ed Mage-nheimer, Tommy Webb. BOTTOM.' Alton Geno, Rex Michel, Bob Eilinger, Joe Best, Butch Collins. -. 7. Sn. RS- 1. -' Q3 ,xg J 5 , ' 4 , ax . ui Tully William Morrison James Doug Nobles Jerome George Parson, J Peter Joseph Pikul Randy Pope James Ronald Rankin Joe David Rankin Bill A. Rhodes, Jr. Frank Earl Riggs, Jr. Chad McClain Robinson Gary Norman Rockwell Dennis Ray Rose Daniel Grady Russell John Lamar Russell Robert A. Sadler Herschel Lynn Shattles Shannon G. Sibley Roger W. Smith, Jr. Neal Vaughn Frank Stanley Vincent Thomas Hilton Webb, Jr lNilliam Andrew Weinischke Kenneth Jerome Welker Dewey E. Wilson John Eugene Zupko 'T I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I Delta Gamma Hwy' 1-mf if bk OFFICERS SEATED: Lynn Thompson, Jean Duffy, Diane Ducote, Patti Webb. STANDING: Susan Cranford, Betty Kervin 7.96 Frances Sue Bacon Sandra Cason Susan Melinda Cranford Jane Marhea Daugherty Dianne A. Ducote Jean Patricia Duffy Donna Sue Fite ""' Peggy F. Grammer Betty Kervin 'BY-'ff' Pamela Ann Miller , '-P' L' Ae' v K, Patricia Ann Ridgway Jann Erle Russell i, Sue Elizabeth Sanderson MW an-f-P, Doris Elaine Tatum P "7M"'f Belinda Kaye Thompson ri a a a r a v Theresa Lynn Thompson Patricia Lee Webb january 25, 1970, Delta Gamma colonizedphere at USM. A little nervous yet very happy and excited, we came to Delta Gamma with great expectations. Sincethat day only a few short months ago, we have grown very close through the bonds of love and friendship by which Delta Gamma is best exemplified. The DG's can be seen working hard' and playing hard, gaining great new pledges all the while, as we made our first attempt at intramurals, campus elections, Greek Week activities, and charitable projects. We are proud to have officers of AWS, president and secretary. of Alpha Lambda Delta, and members of Druids as our energetic sisters. We strive always so that rrsv through our efforts, a strong foundation will be set in order that Delta Gamma will have many many years success at Southern. - The candlelights, midnight gahgsessions, and all the tears and joy that we share are very special to us now as the anchor and the bronze, blue of Delta Gamma becomes a way of life for us. And this is only the v. if V. 75 7-97 The ideals of Pi Kappa Alpha represent the highest inehonor, leadership and truth. Since our birth in 1868 s by six young men at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville, Pi Kappa Alpha has become anobvious leader 5 in the fraternity world. The achievements of over 65,000 members illustrate the powerful influence of these r ideals. We have found in these standards of character and conduct a constant source of stimulation. Being the ,sit fraternity known as "The Friendly Fraternityf, we firmly believe we are better men for having the privilege of lifetime associations with other members of Pie Kappa Alpha who share our ideals and aspirations. Membership in Pi Kappa Alpha isflanopen door to Pi Kappa Alpha is truly a national fraternity with over .130 chapters from yeoastto coast. Pi continually strives, by careful selection of its men, to assist in the achievement and development of all who wisely say, "I want toebelong to Pi Kappa l gzqgasg ' 11.1256 Robert Vernon Abbey John A. Aitman, III Bruce Anderson Timothy Norwood Anderson George Preston Ballard f'i?sN 'WD'W-'v Gunnar' Cassie Harold Barnes, Jr. Jeffery Joe Brown Patrick M. Brown Drew Byrnes C. Ray Campbell Ava., 'XL- W Glenn Alan Canty Larry George Garter 7:22 HM lNesley Joseph Castanedo Hugh Claudius Chewning James Robinson Curry uv--W -f Patrick james Degnam Paul joseph Delcambre is Richard Rowland Doerr George Stevenson Duleh Royce Foster ha is l. I l -1 f - x 455. ':?v' "' lb..- S9 KA L Ul"""h- tas- "QS-W 4079. as ,aff , f ii is.. ww-....,,,'S WW' S Q? L .DV OFFICERS-Joe Johnson, Andy Reeves, Steve Docksteder, Mike Morris, Brenda Talbert, Bruce Anderson, George Ballard, Bob Ennis, Carlton Kick, Gary Turner, Steve HOGlSCh6'f. 7-99 Robert Michael Grice John Sheehan Hall Dave Shappley Harris Steven Charles Hoelscher Ronald Andrew Irby Joseph M. Johnson Harry Earl Jones Edward Langton Luther Danias Lewis Jim Linville Bryan Frank McCraw Michael Lynn McQueen Edgar Joseph Patterson, Jr Lex Stewart Prichard, Jr. Robert Glenn Ramsay Peter Christian Sehon Donald Keith Smith Stephen Mark Stewart Robert Alan Walters Morris Clair Williams, Jr. Pi Kappa Alpha Cynthia Cheryl Aitken Sharon .Annette Anderson Becky Kay Andrews Anna Sue Anest Martha Ann Baine Charlotte Marie Barnett Vesta Ann Bogen Irene Elaine Bourne Dorothea Brock Karen Lynn Case Marilyn Anne Dickey Virginia Lee Edwards Susan Ann Fortenberry Gerry Laine Gower Ginger Llen Grissom Patricia A. Gunn Charlotte Elizabeth Hollinger Dana Lynn Hurst Amanda Anne Jones Catherine Dianne Keith Lindsey Jean Kemp Angela Marie Kiehm Barbara Ann Kimp Dale Lanius OFFICERS BOTTOM: Angela Kiehm Sue Beth Richmond Carolyn Poole TOP: Ester Lee Cheryl Reid Irene Bourne 2 Throughout the ages of man, light has been the symbol of civilization. Worshipped by ancient peoples, and adored' by poets, musicians and artists of all times, light is the basis of life. Therefore, Delta Zeta has chosen the Golden Lamp with its flame of friendship as her symbol. Delta Zeta, the world's largest national sorority, established Epsilon Mu of Delta Zeta at the University of Southern Mississippi in April, 1966. Guided by the flame of love and friendship, Delta Zetas have become R.O.T.C. sponsors, Greek Goddess, homecoming maid, Greek Week champions, class officers, senators, organizational presidents, tennis champions, College Queen, and fraternity little sisters. Delta Zeta's were active in connnunity service projects, scholastic activities, and campus honoraries. Delta Zetas also donned the Kilarny rose, clothed in the colors of old rose and vieux green, a single diamond and four pearls, which all symbolize the eternal bond of sisterhood to be found within the sacred vows of Delta Zeta. Delta Zetas, throughout the world, shall now and eternally walk truly in the light of the flame. y Sherry A. Madison Mary Elizabeth Maloch Merleen Manning Gloria Ann Mansour Candice Karen Martin Sally Marie McClintock fkxm Q11- Peggy Moody Marcee Marie Murray Vistra Christine Myers Venetia Dianne Oerting Linda Catherine Osterholtz Vicki Lynne Parker 'FLT' Carolyn Dolores Poole Martha Ann Posey Marilyn Psencik Cathryn Gail Purvis ,... , Cheryl Anne Reid Sue Beth Richmond FH Nancy Marie Ryan Carolyn hiarie Shannon Donna Jo Smith w- Jo Ann Smith Lorinda Grace Smith Lynda Jane Stone Vickie Mae Stotts Cynthia Vonceil Strong '16, lklary Virginia Terry -.. I Niarsha Hendricks Thompson ' Gail Bethney Vaughn hlartha Wlicht 4 iv V I 1 X 4, 5 301 Danny Armstrong Raymond Allen Blacklidge Rodney Hays Blackwell Larry Bourne John Francis Brown 'tv lu, Roger Alan Burlingame Craig Scott Coleman Ronald R. Day Glenn Boyd Duke R Robert Wayne Gilbert Uk.. 98 1l.!'T""' YQ 41" Robert N. Glenn Perry Thomas Hansen David Randolph Hayden, III Ralph Edward Hays Eddie HeiderhoH' Rodney L. Herring Michael Ghauencey Hinman Wendell Larry Ladner John Murrah Lovorn James W. Lynn R, fikzzvrr 11:9 qt? s ' T ' . ' V is WPQ: Phi Kappa Tau, founded twenty one years ago, is the first national social fraternity founded at USM. Today Phil Tau continues to lead the way just as we did twenty one years ago. Phi Tau excels inischolarship, ' sports, and most important in brotherhood. If we got any more social, the Assistant Dean of Men would resign. What happened in "69," Yank goes to the army . .' . Baune gets a hairdresser . . . Shamburger uses bear grease . . . Shumaker is cool . . . Asberry comes back for another quarter . . . Romiie Day turns gross . '. . French Quarter is held again . . . Last weekend is ,great as usual . . . Hoip makes an unusual SantgafClaus . . . Homecoming comes only once a yeari. gsGreat . . . If it took a new house to be number one, Phi Tau would be number eight, but it takes more thailsa house, it takes brotherhood. In brotherhood Phi Tau ranks, ignxnber one. As we stand and look on "69," we are proud, and as we look to the future, we see the Glowing Starloftillu Kappa Tau rising. Phi Tau we are! 5'sjif,,X. T,,b6 ' 307. OFFICERS BOTTOM: Rodney Herring Wayne Gilbert John Lovorn Franklin Morton BACK: Torn McDermott Ace Weathers Larry Bourne Ralph Hays Thomas James MacDe1Tr1ott Howard Francis Mathis, III William Boyd McClain Robert Polk McKie Harry Alva Meier Franklin O. Morton Lee Cecil Rector V. Bert Rhodes Billy Roberts James V. Shamburger 'VK James Lee Shumaker I James M. Taylor James Everett Thomas Richard H. Tilley Terrell H, Waddell, Jr. Ernmette Lee lNarren John Fletcher Whitt Bob Lee Whittington C. Blair Wood Kappa Delta Diane Anders Rebecca Leigh Benson Barbara Berg Jennifer Jo Blair Beth Bouchillon Mary Bouthilet Bethany Brock Camille S. Butler Laura Ann Campbell Susan Lynn Courtney Pamela Daniel, Elizabeth Linda Disharoon Lucy Diane Dixon Mary Elaine Elliott Suzanne Estes Terrie Laine French Vickie Lynn French Gloria Daphne Graham Barbara Jo Greer Mary Beth Hall Sharon Leigh Hall Patricia Gail Hopper Brenda Kay Jones Irene Terrell Kern Anastasia Ruby Kihyet Linda Baxter King Simeon Ann King Brenda Carol Knight Cindy Knight Linda Gene Knight Kathie Ladner Alexa Leonard OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Bethany Brock Linda Disharoon Camille Butler BACK ROW: Sharon Hall Linda King Wendy Williams Linda Thompson 04 Nancey McKellar Kay N. Mashburn Lynda Carol Mathews Nancey McKellar Laquanta Joy Miller Marla Jo Miller Linda Elaine Murrphree Deborah Carol Oliver Tamara Lynn O'Neal Susan Perry Renae Rainey Ariel Ruth Ramsay Betty Sharon Randle Brenda Anne Robinson Fredricks Rogers Rhonda Theresa Scholle Deborah Lehman Sears Julie Sellers Karen Lanita Smith Marcia Carol Speed Sharon Lee Stahler Linda Ruth Taylor Suzanne Lynn Taylor Linda Katherine Thompson Barbra Lynn Vowell Sandy Walker Deborah Lynn Warren Sara K. Warren Linda Faye Webb Pamela Gayle White Wendy Sue Williams Jane Carolyn Wisner Louise Murray Woodson Kappa Delta is sisters sharing, sisterly love, the white rose, a diamond shield, and being a KD lady. Beta Sigma shares a stronger bond of sisterly love as they work together to build a greater and better Kappa Delta. KD claims such honors as having three of the four Freshman cheerleaders, and for the coming year two of the four varsity cheerleadersgtlxree of the top ten beauties, two of whom were in the top Eve, fraternity little sisters, five campus sweetheartsyfthe SRF President for last year and this coming year, Dean's and President's list scholars, Senators, the SGA Election Commissioner, members of Mu Phi Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Druids. KD's served as class oflicers, the Freshman class maid at Homecoming, a class favorite, the Dixie Darling Captain and members of her team, Miss Glamour for Southern, several pageant alternates and winners, Miss Congeniality for the Miss Southern Pageant and three in the top ten with one as lst alternate, counselors, members of the Uniyfersity Singers, the University Activities Council, and the S-pirit Club. Three KD,s were in Who's Who in American Colleges, some were members of Phi Delta Rho, and together as a chapter-the KD's were the Song Fest Winners. The chapter also had the honor of having the Outstanding Freshman Woman. Greer-don't you like pie? ! ! ! Hey Courtney, stand up so we can look at your legs! ! ! ! Boy, you should see Bethany and Frank say goodnight-huh Bethany?? ! ! Man, why has everyone got a dress like me? Who fell down the stairs at Song Fest?? Courtney? French and her fake candlelights! ! Where is the secret closet? ! ! You say that if my car gets stuck in the mud, I can call the KD,s ! ! I ! 3 ! ! ! Scholarship, friendship, fun, work, honors, projects-all these and many more go into making a KD lady. 305 gf at 'iwiltffif 'Z Z' Q E, , ,N .,,, '3:,X,.r 59' X , we 1 - , ' .. ' ,,:,f QMJLML , ' Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded in the Deeppsouth and has grown to largest National Social Fraternity. A leader at USM, SAE exoelsiin scholarship and social in community service. The house with the beautiful mural . . . Opossum and country music . . . Hinton stilljthe radical weirdo . . . larger lions to paint . . . finally won Songfest . . . 2 jars of flies for Brother Alford . 1 lives . . . Brother Neanderthal . . . Spider Monkey has someoneeto swing with . . . . . without Vesta's car, he'd walk . . . Pig Sflueels and dog barks . . . Hey, Magi ia Murhpy sent away in style again . . . Hey, Roliac! . . . Say goodnight, Norman Mr. Cool, got a date for Homecoming yet? . . . the quarterback wears a girdle . . . whose sells Weird is still here, alive and well in a blue and white can . . . the fight for the Bantam Weight . . . Whing-ding-ding! . . . Slats? . . . Guppies Fish Bowl . . . Who's been shot down? . . . Buffy has beenfiined again . . . The "pup," Frank Louis Aitcheson, H Randal Prisock Alford Walter Carlos Atkinson John Larry Barnard Thomas Edwin Bates James Lawrenece Bramlett John T. Brown Timothy Louis Brown Thomas Edwin Brown Mike Bryant Phillip Jackson Carter William Allen Cathey John Lee Coleman William Calhoun Cook George L. Cunningham VVillia.m P, Dickey, Jr. Dewayne M. Dolan Malcolm Ronald Doleac Robert Louis Douglas Danny Melvin Dunnaway R. Mark Eubanks Robert William Fennell David A. Figueroa John H. Granger Geroge Clanton Gunn John Thomas Hazard Edward Talmage Hinton William C. Hollingsworth Edward R. Jones Thomas M. Kemp, Jr. ,,, Q., is X bg s 2 A as V W BX we we v U Cm! , 'if ff -Q fi? Q, ' -1,' .f " lllilil' ,L ,p 'eve 'im ,V y .. 4 -""""' f 'sf Q f f J X 4"""-. AL. io.,- 5 42,1321- any O ZZ? 'WM-ww, N W X -tis William Albert Kuokc f 1 John South Lewis i Michael Lucas Wayne Todd Mixon q-5, . Robert Caldwell Morrow Paul Raymond Phillips W ,S W "' - my ii . fv f f ' SL W I ' Buddy Potter V F -gy Q' G. Pat Purvis M f Thomas Van Rawls 5' n 1 :Q i Gary Andrew Robinson J Winfred Eugene Sartin e Charles Allen Sevier gk ' -' 1 f fi' P it ff iii pf . A ,... . . is .., 53 .-'. I, , . X If h X Tm e J in i -eiyy Harold Steve Simpson , X :b at ' M mi P KV Stephen Lee Smith ' 8 R 5 it , M 1 , Q VVarren H. Smith sw, ly " i Steven Reed Sparks 1 m W A David Allen Thomas gg f E A L David Oscar White William Harris White William John Wilkins, Jr. S:--, I Sigma Alpha Epsilon FRONT ROW: Danny Dunnaway Bob Cote Buddy Potter BACK ROW: VVillis Harvey lylark Eubanks Bill Cook Melvin Lauderdale Marty Crews Carl Aycock Houston Lilly 307 I l Brenda Joyce Barrett Judith L. Barron Lynn Louise Berry Diane Marie Bostwick Willia Wall Brandon Mary Roberta Chisholm Irene Laurette Christo Susan Coolidge Cissna Joyce Eloise Copeland Frankie Karen Corns Laurie Ann Dukes Carolyn Jane Eastman Beatrice Clair Etzold Louan Gabbert Ferrell Ellen Elyse Fleming B. Renee Ford Grace Lynn Fortenberry Connie Louise French Jane Susan Frese Donna Lynn Gonsoulin Teresa Ann Grant Rebecca Ann Grove Mary Jane Hammond Judith Marie Herring Marsha Ann Herring Virginia A. Holloway Helen Patricia Kennedy Genevieve Lewis Rae Belinda Lyerly June E. McCaskill OFFICERS SEATED: Lynn Berry Jenny Troxler STANDING: Patty Seymore Beverly Ross Karen Corns l Pi Beta Phi O 3 l the Alph est national fraternity for women, was founded April 28, 1867 in Momnouth, Illinois. a chapter is now looking forward to its tenth anniversary next year. This has been a great year for Phis have won such honors as first place in homecoming decorations, Miss USM, spirit-word, ROTC freshman cheerleader, six senators, senior class favorite, Phi Delta Rho, Druid, Alpha Lambda Delta, y of SUSGA, and Secretary of the Student Senate. was the year of The Engagement Ring . . . our scholarship was outstanding as always . . . every Pi Phi sings bird-a chicken, specifically . . . what is this about Gopher Girls? . . . remember the day we all went skating . . . Santa Claus had a fall-out problem this year . . . Judy and Lynn went on a road trip . . . let's be nebulous . . . O.K. you guys . . . the chapter room ghost was busy with the lights . . . Panama City has a hypnotic attractionaround Easter . . . we enjoyed fun get togethers like kitchen duty and study hall . Geor e dressed up for Halloween . . . keep on diggin' . . . and as another year passed, we look back at our silver blue. g on its with pride and confidence that our sisterhood will continue true and deep in bonds of wine ,ffl Uhr' 'Qin 4319 'IL' 'liixf' O Dorothy M. McLean Jamie Peoples Margaret Esther Peters Charlotte Diane Pittman Sherry Lyn Pound Rebecca A. Ramsey O. Cozette Reeves Janette Dianne Rody Barbara Lee Ross Beverly Ann Ross Beverly Ann Rowland Patricia A. Seymore Janet hiarilyn Slade Cora Spell Cindy Stanley Barby Straub Meredith Sugg Brenda Kay Tanner Stephanie Fern Taylor Terrie L. Thagard Jenny Anne Troxler Virginia Yan Hoose Jean Van Slyke Jon Hlalker Patti Ann YVinter l l l 1 n I v I Q l l E l M Walter Barclay Aikens Samuel Townsend Armstrong George Glenn Black S. Michael Bonner James L. Bunch John Charles Burkhalter Shu Robert Edward Burns Wayne Lee Burrus Owen Edward Bush James Clarence Campbell Charles VVilliam Carlson, Jr. Ralph Eugene Carter Jerald Glenn Casano Michael David Childs Don Clark Jerry David Corns Tommy Creekmore Randolph W. Davenport II 1129 f James E. Davis Tommy Mack Davis Victor Arlington Davis M Clifton Marland Dees Stephen Wayne Draper Arthur Dumont John Charles Ellis William Randall Ferry Ashby Minor Foote Robert Eugene Garrett David Frank Gates James Arthur Green 1-M-Y Sigma Nu was founded in 1869 on the campus of the Virginia Military Institute. The principles of knightly honor upon which it was founded still endure in the men who wear the five-armed-star. As Sigma Nu begins its second hundred years, Theta Gamma begins its second year as a Chapter at USM. Being the youngest fraternity on campus, Sigma Nu offers its men the opportunity to-grow and build, with a strong national background of over 100,000 initiates. A new house . . . enough trouble with the old one . . . B.A.T .... Mom and the gang hits Memphis . . . St. Valentine's Day Massacre Party . . , Ivan and the Hunchback haunt the towers . . . Ring Bearer, D.C. . . . Hondo . . . jamie's'big rush 'speech . . . Don't worry T. B., everybody's getting fat . . . Placing at Song Fest . . . jack Frost . . . the senile one . . . the vulture and his evil assistant . . . Pm hot, and you can believe that. Participation is a key word with Sigma Nu-spirit, songfest, athletics, social, politics, brotherhood, and honor. Sigma Nu looks to the future in a new house with the same unity and strength in diversity. Honor Now and ,Always-Sigma Nu. 310 1 i l v S1gma Nu . VZ.: 2 I ff ' 'V R? " 'mlm 03' X' 5-W--rl e 1' Xe' ' f A - Anthony Howard Sutton Thomas Jay Weissmiller Jay Richard Wucher 311 f L A X OFFICERS SEATED: Noel, Holston John Ellis Kim Savant Randy Ferry BACK ROW: Jamie Bunch Jim Green Mike Bonner Tom Weissmiller Tony Sutton Steven Keith Hill Louis Franklin Holcomb Noel Wesley Holston Steve Hood James Lide Jones Henry F. Laird William Burk Litchliter James Mark McCarver Gregory M. McNeese Rick A. Miiick Danny F. Mitchell James Darrell Moore Bruce Todd Moreton Paul Glennon Patterson William C. Riedel Ronald Preston Roland John Daniel Sheeks Hugh Robert Singleton I l l l 4 l l l l l 1 in Phi Mu OFFICERS SEA TED: Charlene Hellmann Claudia Raymond Mrs. William D. Coombs Advisor Dianne Beason STANDING: Blayne McPherson Linda Jones Helen Howie Cathy Askew Catherine Harriet Askew Rose Atkinson Deborah Anne Ball Dianne Beason Carol Ann Brocato Jo Ann Campbell Betty Lee Carr Irma Eleanor Cross Mary Aline Currie Careen Elizabeth Day Margaret Ann Dixon Ann Pamela Doucet Celia E. Eastland Cathy Glynn Evans Marilyn Jean Ford Regina Foster Karen Josie Gay l Charlotte Anne Gee Gayle Ellis Goodman Cindy L. Graham Judy Diane Heflin Charlene Hcllmann Vicki Suzanne Helms Marcia Katherine Hindman Helen Frances Howie Rebecca Ann Huff Mary Alice Johns Jean Clare Johnston Betty Lee Jones Linda Marie Jones 1 I1 Georgia Beth Kelly Ann Land Patsy Carter Lawrence Sherry Victoria Lemox Paula Patricia McLeod Blayne Suzanne McPherson Frances Elizabeth McRae Shirley Jean Mangum Marilee Adams Mathews Anne Marie Montgomery M. Kay Murray jan Pacific Patricia Payne Penney Pigott Janise Green Polewoda Susan Russell Brenda Kathleen Shrock Bettye Shell Teresa Carol Shepherd Charlotte Rose Smith Joyce Lynn Smith Jan Summerford Deborah Ann Summerlin Nancy Marie Upchurch Barbara Jean Weeks Sandra Kay Wells Susanne Whittaker Ellen Wilson Karen L. Woodyard Terry Zeanah Watch that girleshefsa it Heygwhat do you mean? Phi Mu's are a special gmup of girls-full of energy, enthusiasm, and rtlf ofstall-sfumg propagated by Les Soeurs Fidelis, The Faithful Sisters working together for a purpose. It evident onycampus-a feature twirler, members of Alpha Lambda Delta, Druids, R.O.T.C. Sponsors, S.G.A. oliieers, members of the annual staff, Dixie Darlings, three fraternity sweethearts and a fraternityg Even fliliiill the dorms-who's got the popper, I gotta have some popcorn . . . powder, Karen, it's a candlelight . . . who wants ahotdog? A Phi is serious, too-feanother 4.0 Regina . . . sell those tickets for the March of Dimes . . . how many bulletin the Speechfnepartment do we need? The in therrwiork of a sororityi-f-shine those shoes . . . polish that silver, Cathy . . . who IIICSSCCI up again .lr gi I was second baseyesterday . . . did you get the band for the Spring Fling yet? . . . roses yvhat? Ijrthought we were going to serenade our big brothers! Alpha Omicroni of since its beginning on Southern's campus in 1950, has given each group of girls a well-rounded, more :meaningful college career and will continue to do so . . . No Diane, you can't major in l Phi Mu! ,e i f 313 J 1 3 Chartered at Southern in 1953, Mississippi Gamma Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon has grown into one of the most fruitful and best organized fraternities on campus. The "Fraternity with a Hearty is here to develop social competency, scholarship, and that most worthyrquality of leadtiiis i - Engagement ring trading mart . . . Godfathers all . . . Who're you dropped to this week . . ,Wendy it . . . no more missing link . . . Pabst for president . . . baby cats for a boa . . . How ,bout a game of poker . . . E big cars breed passion . . . "High above a .......... 's garter . . ." S l Sigma Phi Epsilon is emergingg LOOK OUT LITTLE WORLD. V l E l Charles Thomas Barron i 5 p Scott Michael Bergeron 3 i William Otis Biggs 9 Osmond A, Blaize L Wilton Douglas Buggs, Jr. N E I James Boyd Burrow Leonard Wyeth Callaway Chris S. Cave R. Michael Cave i i Andrew Touchstone Donahoe 3 i i l Joey Donnell iv Lawrence Keith Dubuisson Arthur Louis Duyall Foster XY. Foster ' Thomas Edwin Haffey, Jr. 7 Lawrence Harrison, jr. Lewis David Howell r john Lawrence Hunt Charles Patrick johnson l Rickter Scott Justice 1 I 314 l 4- w il ning, Ronald Edward Keller Cliff Wayne Krider Irving Allen LaCour 5, - 1 Michael Joseph Ladner George Rudy Lavine Terry Richard Leary Thomas D. Littlepage Michael Paton Lowery Robert Dewitt Mitcham f Thomas Walter Morris 'TY' Joe Mason Peacock Preston Davis Rideout Thomas Benton Sanders Rudolph Harold Sims John Clemon Sojourner William Robert Taylor Gerald lNilliam VonAntz Rick Lee Wheeler Ronald Ray VVhitfield John Elvin Wfilliams OFFICERS Mike Cave Tom Sanders Larry Harrison Boyd Burrow Keith Dubuison I I I I I I I I I I I I Ruby Ann Brewer Patsy Ann Brumfield Madeline Sue Carbonette If f we ., i Dorothy Ann Brashler X . 95? 6 ' yf W' 1 ma A x 41:2 W Kathleen Elizabeth Carlin Mary Roselyn Cornelison Jill Johonna Easton Cathy A. Goodrich Sue Beverly Hargroder Kathy Ann Hellpenstell Nelene B. Lambert Julie Katherine Lammel ga OFFICERS SEATED: Julie Lammel Patsy Bmmfield Marilyn Miller STANDING: Betty Scott Susan Moore Sarah Walters Sigma Sigma Sigma 316 Qu A Tri sigma has fostered sisterhood at Southern for thirty- three years. This year held campus honors, service, relaxation and wholehearted fun for sisters . . . "Hey, Elmo's a Whois I" . . . Beef stroganoff, ugh . . . If anyone finds an annual section, please notify Jill Easton .... "A queer pixie? Who's a queer pixie?" . . . Laura and her purple cow . . . fourth in softball, first in badminton .,.. "Any sister of mine will keyhole" . . . SUSGA, Druids, Honors Program, Alpha Lamb were all reason for missing cleaning the chapter room. Ask any pledge to explain the Robbie Page Memorial. A wider interpretation of this national philanthropy is our motto "Sigma Serves Childrenf' Nationally, we finished a Children's floor at the Chapel Hill Hospital. Our chapter gave: a Christmas party for two tiny girls-with a bearded Goodrich as Santa Claus-and found we all gained because we had given. Pep rallies, placing in both Song Fest and Greek Week involved each quarter's plans--along with each days' j0YSi,'fC2l1'S, and plans to shortsheet yoiu' roormmateis bed. Joyce Marie Lyle Elizabeth R- Marsden Sarah Ray Mclnnis lyfarilyn Gail Miller Susan Rae Moore Sarah Rosanne Nickelson Debbie A. Osborne Gail Dianne Overby Robbie Elizabeth Randall Gigi Daniels Reeks Grace Ann Sassone Betty Ruth Scott Cynthia Lee Sissell Nancy Luellen Turner Sarah Irene Walters Laura Ruth Vklard 317 'Y ," ifxifg, . r fhans , 555 I , f f y f sigg. i ' gskw 1- . iii' '11 Ain "if if iw, webs. "'i'f'-lvl '- ,S 'ii V' -Q., I 4, ' . 'J ' 5,m'gi'k' . 'ff' Z4Xl'f." mv -4 1 .N QQ s ,. v . A , . - MS -' X. , if, fa ffl. ':f20.-:-b--:- lE.'6f-V. W .'.z..s'ix?'.f95Zi".e Bobby Waites-Athletic Chairman, Steve Sparks-Rush chairman, Bill Riedel-Treas., Ronny Doleac- Judicial Vice President, john Lovorn-Sec., Rex Michel-President, Ken Myers-Administrative Vice President, Hugh Chewning-Public Relations Chairman, Dean Berengher Brechtel-Assistant Dean of Men. Interfraternity Council TOP: Jeff Satterwhite, Bobby Waites, John Horton, Tom- my Littlepage, Mike Cave, Scott Justice, Bill Rhodes, Ron- nie Harrison, Bill McMichael, Rex Michel, Tom Sanders, Pat Purvis, John Lovern, Mike McQueen, Peter Pikul, Keith Myers, Joe King, Larry Ford, Jim Curry, Hugh Chewning, Don Purvis. BOTTOM: Dean Berrenger Brech- tel, Jimmy Kilgore, Paul Arnn, Peter Farguson, Gibby McEachen, Barry Tabor, Ken Myers, Paul Kent, Jim Tucker, David Prowell, Bobby Dews, Steve Sparks, Bill Wilkins, Buddy Potter, Ronnie Doleac, George Gunn. Panhellenic Council ra:-st za.: . 6 45 4' 4 shame ' 0' Of 0- 1 QQPQ' , 4 O 0 O Q 4 S 4 . ,Q --,V-hx, K f'-5 '0""42'ci'-Q' 0"'0'f 4044.04 ,9Q1y9a9a9z9hfz9z9 - 4- 1 ff e i , A , . lr 4 K Y - - - . nik! v'W :fly fig - -. F1'LfLfs's'sgagsgig4g434g4g4g4 j0f0j4f0f0Z+,0,f,e,a,i9ga.00 v ' " A 2,a,00,v,v.v,Q.0,6 Q 9441. 11- 0 Q Z2'SYl'lf?l'2fQ' ' if ',sV,'1f,,u', . lf' .'Yx'l 011' . ,0,0,0', . 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QXVA au .QQ f 'X iw' " -1 1 9' 6 ' ' Q , km? ,M 'fi 1- ' 'i eg Qmxvigf A Q. gn, x , X3 N4 :, -A A gr "1 W ', k ,Q J ' Q. Q . .X :A an 4 ,,-.. AL ,?"x"' fm' .,,.. fx ' ,M ,-wgiiax, , Greek ACfiV1t1CS AEA ATS2 XS2 KA AAA KZ AI' IIKA AZ CDKT KA ZAE IIBCD EN CDM ZCIDE EEZ Greek Games ,W 1 0 7-4 gh sk! A yf- H! f an ,f ' f 5 f f ff," f 5 iM if 'WA' lmlmsvr' mmf WZ 3 S Q? 'Q Q , ,k,. .A-.. S v 1 . ... Y ,gl 34:4 5,1 sv' 39:9 1' , in . . 'Ld ..- -.Q 'suv' ' 1 ' 4 . if V W, .,'L' fy' Q r X , Q Wwe ' ,.-n. 4 1 . V w- vi, M . ,,. X I 1 8.1 'Q 4 7 Q tg , U jQ1..Q 5 'S 1..1.,.5 - 1 W in ,ffm 5 a 3 : ,afxzf , The Greek Games highlighted a week of Greek activities that included visits from Governor Williams and Andrew Fabacher. The games, held at Camp Shelby this year, seemed endless due to the gravel game field, the bugs, and the added events. But things really got rolling when time came for the water sports. Those who didn't take to the water got taken anyway, Sigma Nu and Delta Zeta took top honors and the Kappa Sigs won the food war in the Commons. Ivy Peebles' Medicine Show was the band for the first annual Greek Dance, but most people were too worn out to enjoy them. e ,--'f'f""iig::z-izl fi. -'3'Eef1"j'f Aw , .19 E 3, V . gf 'Q . - ' cm, 2. vm , X , . ML 1 sf" , W ,N QCQXW ii? ffm " 5 www -4awwmaAf...,.,..v...-M ,.-,...,. . .W ' as 315 E . 1 5 aww - ff M In addition to the social gatherings usually associated with Greek organizations, there were numerous other areas in which they participated. Chi Omega Songfest was one of the highlights of the Christmas season. Kappa Sigma and Kappa Delta took top honors this year. The Greeks also had many community service projects, both on campus and in the Hattiesburg area. 2. 55355: 1 ' ' " .15 'T ii P! ,V I Newwixfbyfgwuegvgxm'W3w:gpg:3spnL1f"iEfwfgagw-5ff-eP:.efu3-5':fe'f5a,s2,gQg'VVwm':P'bfxigiifwfsilgsfi-"5'eQ,3 4-.ss1:s4.fZVp1g,. 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' ' "Ha iff, Q3 335 Ruby Kihyet S Dianne Beason Alternates Brenda Talbert Qt' 13 Camille Butler f s ! ' ,g,, x.,,.-N mm' Debbye Moore 0 i 337 Bonnie Wooten I 33 Miss Southern Pageant The first University activity in the revamped, reramped auditorium was the Miss Southern Pageant, waved in by Fannie Flagg. At the end of two evenings of competition, the judges selected a new Miss Southern, and at the end of a year, Colleen O,Mara passed the crown to Kay Paschal. 8 I Wiz' 'Hr lf! if, S ' ,QQ "'wm,g-. Homecoming 1969 1 3 40 ,,--9' Homecoming eve arrived, and once again all night vigils went into effect, as students wrestled with chicken wire and crepe paper. Somehow this bedlam resulted in stagecoaches, mountains, globes, caged spiders, and the largest Rebel flag in the world. Alums battled through all of this paraphernalia to see Big Gold victorious over the Spiders, but if the game had lasted two minutes longer, we would have lost. QZQVQFA1 num... V I '1 XX rv-lg ,ffy ,, ,af Homeco 5 ,w-. 'WP J4, I 'CY Homecoming Queen jo Bryant, escorted by Frank Riggs Homecoming court junior Maid Nancy Barneko, escorted by Gary Rockwell G d M 'd K h d .w - ra uate ai aye S epher , escorted by Tom A-4 XXXXXWXXXXXXXXXW 41 Senior Maid Linda Dobbs, escorted by Gary Odom Sophomore Maid Nancy Meador, escorted by Gary Robinson Student Body Maid Colleen O'Mara, escorted by Bobo Morgan k a? Freshman Maid Susan Courtney, escorted by Mark Boyles 343 J iii IZ' I , I I I I I VI I I: II i I- I 'I ,I II'FII III III II If: I II III II I III SI I I I NI I I. I I V I, II I I 'I II I I I II I ...III E if f A . ,-,. , w I fm I 'W If W I X f Freshmen: Terrie French and Mike Long 1970 Class Favorites ,M-.-nan13m z Sophomores: Nancy Meador and Henry Laird 344 uniors: Debbye Moore and Bobo Morgan ,Lf Seniors: Lynn Berry and Gary Odom ABBOTT, MARGARET ANN. Natchez. Elementary Education. ABRAHAM, ADELE MARIE. Vicksburg. Health and Physical Education. HPER Club, Mem- bership Chairrnan. ADAMS, NANCY DIANA. Jack- son. English. Lamda Iota Tau, SMEA, Phi Kappa Phi, Dean's List. ADAMS, SHARON ANN. Ocean Springs. Elementary Education. ADERHOLDT, FRANK WIL- LIAMS, JR. Clarksdale. English. Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Vice President, Lamda Iota Tau, Vice President, Dean's List, Presi- dent's List, University Honors Program. AINSWORTH, JACOB BUR- TON. White Oak. Science Edu- cation. AINSWORTH, JUDY ANN. Bay Springs. Medical Tech- nology. ALBRITTON, KATHRYN BAR- RETT. Picayune. Accounting. ALDRICH, DIXIE LEE. Flor- ence. Political Science. Pi Gam- ma Mu. Student Senator, Uni- versity Singers. ALEXANDER, GORDON AN- DERSON. McComb. Mathemat- ics. ALLEN, CORENE. Columbia. Special Education. ALLEN, MARJORIE JOYCE. Jackson. Home Economics. Home Economics Club. ALLEN, MARY ROBERTS. Moss Point. Nursing. ANASTASIO, RANDALL JOS- EPH. Gulfport. Industrial Tech- nology. ANDERS, DOLLY DIANE. Sturgis. Speech Pathology. Kap- pa Delta. ANDERS, RAY. Gloster, Politi- cal Science. ANDERSON, JAMES MICH- AEL. Gulfport. Psychology. ANDERSON, MARGARET CE- CELIA. Brooklyn. Physical Edu- cation. ANDERSON, ROBERT WAL- LACE. Jackson. Geography. ANDERSON, SHIRLEY ANN. Hattiesburg. Speech Pathology. ANDREWS, JUDY ANN. Pasca- goula. Elementary Education. ANEST, ANNA SUE. Tupelo. Art. Delta Zeta. ANGLIN, MARTHA RAY. Mt. Olive. Elementary Education. Kappa Delta Pi, Deanls List. APPERSON. HENRY MIL- TON. JR. West Point. Music Education. Phi Mu Alpa Sin- fonia. APPLEWHITE. WYNN. Hat- tiesburg. Psychology. Student Senator. ARCARESE. HARRY PHILIP. Hattiesburg. Institution Manage- ment. ARINDER, MAX KIRBY. Jack- son. Psychology. Prcsident's List, Dcan's List. ASHLEY, MARTHA JANE. Bay Springs. English. Dean's List. Senior Biographies ATES, JACQUELYN SUE. Mil- ton, Florida. Elementary Educa- tion. ATKINSON, ROSE. Pickens. Elementary Education. Phi Mu. ATKINSON, WALTER CAR- LOS. Panama City, Florida. Bi- ology. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ATWOOD, CHARLES LAFAY- ETTE. Pascagoula. Accounting. AULTMAN, LINDA MARIE. Sumrall. Elementary Education. Alpha Sigma Alpha. AVERY, KENNETH TER- RELL, Hattiesburg. Accounting. Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Dean's List, President's List. BABERS, RONALD ROY. Woodville. Finance. BAILESS, CAROLYN. Vicks- burg. Business Education. BAILY, PAUL E. Hattiesburg. Business Education. BAKER, DONALD GLENN. Long Beach. Marketing. BALCH, MARGARET J. Pass Christian. Elementary Education. BALIUS, MARK HASTINGS. Biloxi. Psychology. Kappa Kap- pa Psi. BALL, JERRY LEE. Panama City, Florida. Dean's List. BALTHROP, JAMES PASCAL, JR. Mobile, Ala. Kappa Sigma. Yellowjackets, Newman Club, Tennis Team. BALZARETTI, RICARDO FRANCISCO. San Salvador, El Salva. Languages-Business. BANKSTON, JAMES VER- NON. Myrick. Psychology. BARAGONA THOMAS CHARLES. Natchez. Personnel Management. BARFIELD, RICKI N. Meridi- an. Microbiology. BARICEV, JOSEPH H. Biloxi. BARLOW, DOUGLAS D. Hat- tiesburg. Chemistry. BARNARD, ROY EDWARD. Holley, Fla. Finance. BARNES, REX MASON. Dade- ville, Ala. Physical Education. BARNETT CHARLOTT MA- RIE. Gulfport. Special Educa- tion. BARNETT. HAROLD WAYNE. Natchez. History. BARNETT, RITA KAY. Gulf- port. Business Education. BARRON, DEBORAH JANE. Pascagoula. Speech Pathology. BARRON, LYNDA LOTT. Hat- tiesburg. Elementary Education. BASS, JAMES MARVIN. Enter- prise. Management. BASS, JAMES WARREN. Pop- larville. Management. BATEMAN, MARTIN KARR. Bay Minette, Ala. BATER, MARY ANN. Vicks- burg. Nursing. Student Nurses Association. BATES, THOMAS EDWIN. Meridian. Personnel Manage- ment. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Class President, Out- standing Pledge l968, Communi- ty Service Chairman, Pledge Trainer, IFC Rush Chairman. BATSON, JOSEPH EDWARD. Polarville. Management. BATTLES, MICHAEL THOM- AS. Sylacauga, Ala. Physical Edu- cation. M Club. BAUCOM, MADELINE MA- RIE. Mobile, Ala. Business Edu- cation. BAXTER, MARY ELLEN. Hat- tiesburg. Elementary Education. BEASLEY, BEVERLY ROL- LINS. Gloster. Industrial Man- agement. BECK, CHARLES RAY. Pensa- cola, Fla. Mathematics. BEGGS, FREDDIE RAY. Tupe- lo. Audiology. Dean's List. BELKNAP, BRIAN R. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Finance. BELL, KATHYAN. Jackson. English. BELTRAM, RAFAELE GIOR- GIO. Trieste, Italy. Architecture. BENEDICT, CONNIE LEE. Hattiesburg. Business Education. Alpha Lamba Delta, Druids, Freshman Counselor, Staff Resi- dent. BENEFIELD, THOMAS RAND. Kreole. Political Science. BENKE, ANNE. Jackso-n. Child Development. BENNETT, JOHNNY JE- ROME. Harrisville. Personnel Management. BENSON, REBECCA LEIGH. Slidell, La. Medical Technology. Kappa Delta, BSU, UAC, Inter- varsity Christian Fellowship. BERGIN, ELIZABETH. Ocean Springs. Elementary Education. Dixie Darlings. BERRY, LYNN LOUISE. Wil- mington, N.C. French-English. Pi Beta Phi, President, Phi Delta Rho, Vice President, Student Senator, Senate Secretary, Senior Class Treasurer, University Hon- ors Program, Who's Who, Junior Panhellenic Council, President, Panhellenic Council, Dean's Ad- visory Council, Pi Delta Phi, Lambda Iota Tau, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, MIC-SUSGA Dele- gate, Committee of 50, Miss USM, Senior Class Favorite, Deanis List, President's List. BERRY, MARTIN L. Picayune. Biology. BERRY, ROBERT GERALD. Panama City, Fla. Communica- tion-History. Student Printz, Bus- iness Manager: Student Senator, SGA Executive Council. BERRYHILL, ELIZABETH DE- NISE. Natchez. Home Economics. Wesley Foundation, Mississippi Home Economics Association. BERQUIST, RICHARD ER- NEST, McKeesport, Pa. Recrea- tion. Kappa Sigma, IFC. Recrea- tion Club, Deanls List. BERTOLLA, ALEXANDER ANDERSON, Fairhope, Ala. Fi- nance. BIANCHI, DIANE. Jackson. Sociology. Committee of 100, Southerner Staff. BISHOP, DEATRA SHAWN. Laurel. Elementary Education. 346 Alpha Lambda Delta. Dean's List. BISHOP, JIM C. Hattiesburg. Math-Chemistry. Kappa Sigma, Yellow Jackets, Tennis Team. BISHOP, MARY ELIZABETH. Nashville, Tenn. Sociology. Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Class President, Censor, Contemporary Staff, Soci- ology Club, Dean's List. BLACKBURN, KATHLEEN. Hattiesburg. Computer Science. Alpha Sigma Alpha, President, Scholarship Chairman, Alpha Lambda Delta, Druids, Phi Delta Rho, Secretary-Treasurer, Asso- ciation for Computing Machinery, Committee of 100, Program Chairman, Junior Panhellenic Council, President, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Tau Chi, Circle K Fav- orite, Orientation Group Leader, Who's Who, 'University Honors Program, President's List, Dean's List. BLACKLIDGE, RAYMOND ALLEN. Gulfport. Advertising. Phi Kappa Tau. BLACKWELL, M I C H A E L LLOYD. McHenry. Industrial Management. Delta Sigma Pi. BLACKWELL, NITA LOUISE. Gulfport. Business Education. BLAKENERY, JOHN W. Hat- tiesburg. Music Education. Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi. BLANKENSHIP, ALBERT EU- GENE. Puryear, Tenn. History. BLANTON, KENT IRVIN. Nat- chez. Industrial Arts. BLOUNT, VIRGINIA GAYLE! Gillsburg. Elementary Education. BOBINGER, RUTH ANN. Gulf- port. Business Education. BOETTCHER, FRANK J. Gulf port. Business Education. BOGGAN, FRANCES KAY. Mendenhall. English. BOLER, PEGGY WAYNETFE. Laurel. English. BOLES, LINDA ANN. Quitman. English-History. Dean's List, President's List. BOLEWARE, LINDA NELL. Seminary. Radio-Television. BOND, JUDITH HENZE. Wig- gins. Home Economics. Home Economics Club. BONEY, JAMES ELWOOD. Bi- loxi. Accounting. BONNETTE, HENRY THOM- AS. Waterproof, La. Finance. BOOTHE, DONALD RAY. Gloster. Marketing. Delta Sigma Pi, Society of Advancement of Management. BOUNDS, BARRY KYLES, Hat- tiesburg. Computer Science. BOUNDS, GEORGE THOMAS. Sumrall. Computer Science. BOUNDS, JIMMIE THOMAS. Ellisville. Accounting. BOURGEOIS, JOSEPH AL- LAN. Hattiesburg. Recreation. BOURNE, LARRY C. Columbia. Marketing. Phi Kappa Tau, Cor- responding Secretary. BOUTWELL, MARTHA ELEA- NOR. Laurel. Elementary Educa- tion. Choctaw Indian Intern Pro- gram, Dean's List. BOUTWELL, WILLIAM AL- LEN. Hazlehurst. Accounting. BOWERS, MARY KAY. Bir- mingham, Ala. Speech Pathology. Dixie Darlings. BOXX, DIXIE LEE. Morton. English. Lambda Iota Tau. SEA. BOYD, CLAUDE C., JR. Flor- ence. Sociology. Delta Psi Omega. BOYD, THOMAS HUGHIE. Gulfport. Biology. BRADDOCK, LARRY WAYNE. Laurel. Political Science. BRADLEY,,JANE ELIZABETH. Hattiesburg. English. BRAMLETT, JAMES LAW- RENCE. Belzoni. Mathematics. BRANDON, DAVID. Pensacola, Fla. History. Kappa Alpha, Rush Chairman, Sophomore Class President, IFC, SEIFC Repre- sentative, SMEA, SEA, Junior Class Favorite, Greek God, Order of Omega, Greek Week Chair- man, Phi Mu Big Brother, Mas- ter Mason. BRANNON, PATRICIA ANN. New Orleans, La. Sociology. BRASFIELD, BONNIE GAYLE. Hueytown, Ala. English. BRAUN, DEBORAH ROSE. Syracuse, N.Y. English. BREAKFIELD, EDWARD RAY. Columbia. Marketing. Phi Kap- pa Tau. BREWER, BARBARA EARL. Richton. Library Science. BREWER, LEE ROY, JR. Mc- Comb. Mathematics. BREWER, THOMAS GEORGE. Hattiesburg. 'Pre-Med. BREWER, TRAVIS EARL. Gulfport. Computer Science. BRITT, JUANITA. Brookhaven. Elementary Education. BRITT, SHEILA ANN. Magee. Elementary Education. SEA, Cor- responding Secretary, Dean's List. BRITTON, CHARLES ED- WARD. Hattiesburg. Accounting. BRODY, SHARON BETTY. Vineland, N.J. Elementary Edu- cation. BROOKS, BARBARA JEAN. Panama City, Fla. Elementary Education. BROOKS, CLAUDE MICH- AEL. Independence. Psychology. BROOME, BUFORD RAY. Moss Point. Commercial Art. BROOME, RUTH ANN. Hat- tiesburg. Home Economics. BROUILLETTE, R O B E R T EARL. III. Gulfport. Geology. BROWDER, LEAH BETH. Hat- tiesburg. Mathematics. Alpha Sig- ma Alpha. BROWN, BILLIE JEAN. Bran- don. Piano. BSU, Secretary, Dean's List. BROWN, CAROL ANNE, Waynesboro. Elementary Educa- tion. BROWN, JAMES MIKE. Gulf- port. Computer Science. BROWN, OLLIE WAYNE. Car- thage. Industrial Technology. BROWN, RICHARD B. Gulf- port. Political Science. Student Senator, Men's Affairs Board, Secretary, Dormitory President, SUSGA Delegate, SCOPE XI St XII Delegate, SCOPE XII Ex- ecutive Committee, Spirit Com- mittee, Westminister Fellowship, President, Vice-Presidenlt Advis- ory Board, The Keyhole, Editor, Deanls List. BROWN, SHIRLEY M. Decatur. Elementary Education. BRUMFIELD, HENRY M. Pas- cagoula. Personnel Management. BRYANT, MARTHA JO. Jack- son. Special Education. Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer, House Chairman-Mississippi Hall, Wom- en's Affairs Board, Secretary, Al- pha Lambda Delta, President, Druids, Secretary, SUSGA Dele- gate, Beauty, Phi Delta Rho, Junior Class Secretary, Student Committee of 50, Freshman Counselor, Dean's List, Presi- dentls List. BRYANT, WILLIE YVONNE. Hattiesburg. Mathematics. BUCK, LENA KATHRYN. Bi- loxi. Home Economics. Delta Zeta, Gamma Beta Phi, Home Economics Club, Dean's List. BULLOCK, MARY ANN. Pica- yune. Elementary Education. BURCHAM, LARRY LEROY. Meridian. History. BURGER, KEARY ELVIN. Nat- chez. History. Alpha Tau Omega. BURKE, MARY CAROL. Gulf- port. Elementary Education. BURKETT, LINDA FAY. New Hebron. Psychology. BURKHALTER, JOHN CHARLES. Seminary. Communi- cations. Sigma Nu, Secretary, Rush Chairman, Outstanding Pledge-1968. Greek God 1970. BURKS, RONALD TRUETT. Picayune. Industrial Technology. BURRAGE, LARRY WIL- LIAM. Jackson. Marketing. BURRAGE, MARTHA LYNN. Pascagoula. Elementary Educa- tion. Committee of 100, House Chairman, Civic House Chair- manhJones Hall, BSU, Secre- tary. BURRIS, GEORGE ARTHUR. McComb. Geography. BURRUS, WAYNE LEE. New Orleans, La. Communications. Sigma Nu, Treasurer, Social Chairman, Student Printz Staff. BURT, JULIUS WILLIAM. Brookhaven. Health and Physical Education. BUSH, JAMES F., JR. Hatties- burg. Mathematics. BUSH, 'PARIS KEATS. Gulf- port, Sociology. BUTLER, CAMILLE S. Jack- son. Speech Pathology. Kappa Delta, Vice-President, Pledge Educator, Pike Dream Girl, Beauty, Student Senator, Class Officer, Senator, Editor, Dixie Darling, Sigma Alpha Eta, SCOPE, UAC, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Council for Exceptional Children, Dc-an's List. BYRAM, JEAN H. Forest. Home Economics. BYRD, FRANCES ANN. Laurel. Mathematics. Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, SMEA, BSU. C A C E R E S, GUILLERMO. Puerto Armeulles, Panama. Po- litical Science. CAHILL, CHARLOTTE BIS- HOP. Laurel. English. HUGH E. Hattiesburg. CAIN, Music Education. CALDWELL, KENNETH W. Biloxi. Geography. Rho Eta Gamma Theta Upsilon, Sigma, Men's Affairs Board, Geographi- cal Society, Geology. CALLIA, ANTHONY ALEX. New Orleans, La. Industrial Management. Delta Sigma Pi. CALVERY, BOBBY LEE. For- est. History. CAMERON, JIMMY CHARLES. Hattiesburg. Radio- Television-Film. WMSU, Chief Announcer. CAMPBELL, CYNTHIA M. Hattiesburg. Sociology. Alpha Sigma Alpha. First Vice-Presi- dent, Alpha Lambda Delta, President, Druids, University Honors Program, Student Chris- tian Federation, Vice-President: Pi Tau Chi, Vice President, Jus- tice, Student Court. CAMPION, MARY FAITH. Waveland. Geography. Gamma Theta Upsilon, Dean's List. CANAVAN, ROBERT C. Phila- delphia. Pa. Biology. CAPERS, GERALD HARRY. Gulfport. Microbiology-Biology. CAPTIVA, JOHANNA KATH- ERINE. Pascagoula. History-Ge- ography. CARLSON, CHARLES WIL- LIAM, JR. Ft. Myers, Fla. Per- sonnel Management. Sigma Nu. CARNEY, HILDA LOU. Co- lumbia. Home Economics. CARO, ANNIE LUCILLE. Mo- bile, Ala. University Singers. CARR, HULON DEWITT. For- est. History. CARR, MEDERO BARNES. Forest. Music Education. CARR, TOMMY. Forest. Mar- keting. CARROLL, JOHN PAUL. Mer- idian. General Business. CARTER, JOE MCLEOD. Petal. Finance. CARTER, RALPH LEE, JR. Noxapater. Biology. CARTIER, WALTER P. Rich- ton. History. CASE, DEBORAH MAD- ELINE. Canton. Music Educa- tion. Mu Phi Epsilon, University Singers, MENC, Dean't List. CASE, JAMES DOYLE. Brook- haven. History. Dean's List. CASE, JOHN RYAN. Brook- haven. History. CASE, KAREN LYNN. Jackson. Elementary Education, Delta Zeta. CATHEY, WILLIAM ALLEN. Ft. St. Joe, Fla. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CAUGHMAN, DONNIE N. Mendenhall. Health and Physical Education. CAVE, CHRIS. Bay St. Louis. Psychology. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice-President, Social Chairman: IFC Greek Week Chairman, 347 NIFC, Delegate, SEIFC, Dele- gate. CHACON, JOSE MIGUEL. San Salvador, El Salvador. CHAMPNEY, EDWARD H. New Orleans, La. Marketing. CHAPMAN, LINDA GAIL. Jackson. Art. Phi Mu. CHEEK, JAMES WILSON. Hattiesburg. Mathematics. CHILDRE, AUBREY MITCH- ELL. Jackson. Political Science. Student Senator. CHISHOLM, MARY ROBER- TA. Natchez. Home Economics. Pi Beta Phi, Social Chairman, Publicity Chairman, Kappa Omicron Phi, President, Kappa Delta Pi, Who's Who, Dean's List. CHISHOLM, SCOTT DOUG- LAS. Vero Beach, Fla. Vice President. M Club, HYPER Club, Vice President. CHRISCO, CARLA FAYE. Bi- loxi. Journalism-Political Science. Student Pfintz Staff. CLARK, ETHEL CLAIRE. Madison. Elementary Education. Kappa Delta Pi. CLARK, JACK BROWN, JR. Petal. Psychology. CLARK, LINDA L. Jackson. Music Education. University Singers. CLARKE, GEORGANNE. Pas- cagoula. Institutional Manage- ment. CLAY, SHIRLEY RUTH. Mo- bile, Ala. History. CLEMONS, JAMES THOMAS. Hattiesburg, Accounting. CLEPPER, VICTOR ROY. Petal. Physical Education. CLIFFORD, BRUCE WHEEL- ER. Morton. Accounting. Persh- ing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade. CLUFF, NANCY FRANCES. Moss Point. Medical Technology. COATS, LAUREN BRUCE. Pascagoula. Computer Science. COCKERHAM, RODNEY WAYNE. Laurel. Personnel Management. COCKERHAM, ROY WIL- LIAM. Laurel. Science Educa- tion. COCKERHAM, SANDRA PA- TILLO. Laurel. Elementary Ed- ucation. COKE, FLORENE. Mendenhall. Biology. COLDEWEY, CHRISTIE M. Port St. Joe. Fla. Elementary Education. COLE, LYNDA ANN. Bisbee. Ariz. Bacteriology. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Spirit Chairman: Com- mittee of 50, Westminister Fel- lowship, Secretary. COLE, SHERMAN TERRY. Bi- loxi. Biology. COLEMAN, E. REBECCA. Coldwater. Music Education. University Singers. COLEMAN, VVILLIAM ED- WARD. Wade. English. Kappa Kappa Psi, Lambda Iota Tau. Pride of Mississippi, Usm Sym- phonic Band. Usm Wind Band. COLLINS, BENJAMIN AL- LEN. Lucedale. Psychology. CONNER, DAVID JAMES. Lucedale. Biology. 1 I 1 I r l l. gl fi . li , it l t 1 -L F 4 l 4 .il 'I It l .Lt CONNER, DAVID MAGEE. Hattiesburg. Industrial Manage- ment. CONRAD, VIRGINIA ANN. Redwood. Elementary Education. COOK, JAMES MICHAEL. Meridian. Marketing. Pi Sigma Epsilon, Dean's List. COOK, MICHAEL ROYCE. Jackson. Physical Education. Pi Kappa Alpha. COOK, REBECCA ANN. Co- lumbia. History. COOLEY, CHARLENE. Petal. Elementary Education. Alpha Sigma Alpha. COOLEY, LYNN ALLISON. Bude. Music Education. Kappa Kappa Psi, University Singers, Pride of Mississippi, Wesley Foundation. COOPER. LESLIE CAROL. Morton. Library Science. SEA, Freshman House Council, BSU, Pianist: Dean's List. COPELAND, MELANEY A. Jackson. Elementary Education. Delta Delta Delta: UAC, South- erner Staff, Spirit Committee, Kappa Delta Pi. CORNS, JERRY DAVID. Jack- son. History. Sigma Nu, Pledge Class President: UAC, Pi Beta Phi Arrowman. SMEA. COTHERN, CLYDE SHIRLEY. Tylertown. Speech Education. COTHERN. PATRICIA MA- RIE. Gulfport. Special Educa- tion. COUNTRYMAN, LINDA GAYLE. Bay Minette, Ala. Eng- lish. Lambda Iota Tau, Dean's List. COURTNEY, PAULA TERE- SA, Bassfield. Mathematics. COX. MARTHA ANN. Ben- tonia. History. COX, MARY WAYNETTE. Madden. Elementary Education. Dean's List. COX. RAYMOND WEBSTER. Hattiesburg. Music Education. Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Al- pha. CRAFT, GLORIA JEANETTE. Magee. Elementary Education. ROTC Sponsor, Dormitory Coun- cil-Jones Hall. SNEA, Dean's List. CRAIG. BARBARA F. Pica- yune. Elementary Education. CRAIG. MARGARET ANN. Morton. Child Development. CRAIN. HAROLD DEWITT. Tylertown. Computer Science. CRAIN. RITA R. Columbia. Elementary Education. CRANE. SHERRY ANN. New- lim. ET1Q,'lISll. CRAPON. HARRY. Ocean Springs. Marine Biology. CIRAYEN. JERRY WAYNE. Meridian. Accounting. CRAWFORD. ALMUS EU- GENE. JR. Flora. Personnel Management. CRAIVFORD. CHERRIE QIIINN. Flora. Home Econom- ics. Home Economics Club. American Home Economics As- sociation. CRAWFORD, CLAUDETTE DEMANT. Laurel. French-Eng- lish. Chi Omega, Vice-President. Scholarship Chairman, Social Chairman, Model Pledge, Pi Delta Phi, Lambda Iota Tau, University Singers, French Club, Vice President: UAC, Deanis List. CREEL, SAMUEL SYLVES- TER, JR. Columbia. History. CREIGHTON, CLAUDE TY- LER, JR., Foley, Ala. Biology. CRENSHAW, LARRY KEITH. Mobile, Ala. Business. CROCKER, JEFFERY ROB- ERT. Cortland, N.Y. Personnel Management. CROSBY, MARSHA LEE. Lau- rel. Business Education. Chi Omega, Corresponding Secre- tary. CROSS, LANA FAYE. Petal. Elementary Education. Kappa Delta Pi. CRUM, CHARLES RAY- MOND. Hattiesburg. Music Ed- ucation. Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha. CRUM, JOHNNY LYNN. Ash- land. Mathematics. CRUTHIRDS, SYDNEY E. Ocean Springs. Home Econom- ics. CUBLEY, ALICE PATRICIA. Hattiesburg. Home Economics. Delta Delta Delta, Pi Tau Chi, ROTC Sponsor, Phi Kappa Tau Sweetheart. CULPEPPER, KENNETH PARKER. Laurel. Accounting. CURRIE, WILLIAM R. Merid- ian. Psychology. CURRY, JOHN BOATNER. Woodville. Accounting. Alpha Epsilon Alpha. CUTILLO, GERALD P. Amity- ville, N.Y. Communications. CUTTER, DONNA ANN. Hat- tiesburg. English-Psychology. DAHLGREN, EMILY ANITA. Pensacola. Fla. English. DARBY, SHELEY. Jackson. Chi Omega. DART, T. JOHNATHAN. Bi- loxi. Personnel Management. Wesley Foundation, Treasurer: Collegiate Civitan. DAUGHERTY, JOSEPH RAY. Quitman. Industrial Technology. DAUGHERTY, SUSAN M. Quitman. Elementary Education. Kappa Delta Pi. DAUGHTREY, ANNIE KAY. Collins. English. DAVENPORT. WILLIAM RANDOLPH, II. Pensacola, Fla. Sigma Nu. DAVIS, A. JUANITA. Hatties- burg. English. DAVIS, BETTE JEAN. Hatties- burg. English. DAVIS, CAROL M. Picayune. History. DAVIS. ELIZABETH ROB- ERTS. Pascagoula. Elementary Education. DAVIS, HUELENE. Purvis. English. DAVIS. JESSE LAMAR. Merid- ian. Industrial Management. DAVIS, RICHARD HULON. Columbia. Personnel Manage- ment. DAVIS. TIMOTHY JOSEPH. Pascagoula. Music Education. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. DAVIS, TONI LADNER. Bay St. Louis. Elementary Education. Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi. DAVIS, WILLARD J. Prentiss. Music Education. DAY, GEORGE, JR. Laurel. In- dustrial Management. DEAN, ALAN ROSS. Lucedale. Geography. DEAN, LARRY RYAN. Hatties- burg. Political Science. Univer- sity Honors Program, Dean's List. DEEGEN, UWE FREDRIC. Bi- loxi. Biloxi. MathfBiologyfGer- man. Kappa Mu Epsilon. Beta Beta Beta, Circle K, Dean's List. DEER, KIRBY TILTON, JR. McComb. Computer Science. DEFRANCO, ROY JAMES. North Haledon, N.J. Marketing. "'DELONG, BILLY. Summit. DENCHY, WILLIAM MAR- TIN. Jessup, Pa. History. DENICOLA, ANITA THERE- SA. Gulfport. Business Educa- tion. DENNIS, ED M. Pensacola, Fla. Marketing. Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi. DETHLOFF, MARGARET LEE. Moss Point. History. DEVER, WILLIAM H. Hatties- burg. Marketing. DICKENS, LARRY QUINN. Collins. Architectural Technol- ogy. Scabbard and Blade. DICKEY, WILLIAM P., JR. Lucien. Business Administration. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Warden. DIKEMAN, PRIMROSE HIN- SHAW. Yazoo City. Elementary Education. DILLON, PATRICIA WARD. Columbia. Elementary Educa- tion. University Singers, SEA, BSU, Dean's List. DISHAROON, ELIZABETH LINDA. Port Gibson. Elemen- tary Education. Kappa Delta, Editor: Student Senator, Dixi Darlings, Captain: Pom-Pom Girl, Council for Exceptional Children, SEA, MEA, NEA. DIXON, JAMES FLYNN. Lib- erty. Personnel Management. So- ciety for Advancement of Man- agement, USM Jazz Lab Band. DOBBS, LINDA RAE. Edge- water Park. English. Chi Omega, President, Pledge Trainer: Alpha Lambda Delta, Druids, President: Freshman Cheerleader, SGA Sec- retary, Phi Delta Rho, Kappa Delta Pi, Spirit Club, Director: Panhellenic Delegate. DOBY, GREGORY J. York, Pa. Personnel Management. Alpha Tau Omega, Rush Chairman, Dean's List. DODGE, PAUL SHELDON. Gulfport. Recreation. DOERING, ALLEN EDWARD. Natchez. Elementary Education. Kappa Sigma, Choctaw Indian Intern Program. DOLEAC, MALCOLM RON- ALD. Hattiesburg. Political Sci- ence. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres- ident, Secretary: IFC, Judicial Vice-President. DONALD, JAMES PATTER- SON. Morton. Political Science. 348 Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Gamma Mu, Young Republicans, Secretary, Pre-Law Club, Public Relations Director, UAC. DONALD, KATHY SUE. Quit- man. Home Economics. Kappa Delta Pi. DONNELL, STEPHEN JO- SEPH. Vicksburg. Accounting. Sigma 'Phi Epsilon. DONOHUE, ROSE ELLEN. Brooklyn, N.Y. History-English. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Intermural Chairman, SMEA, Regional Merit Scholarship, UAC, New- man Club. DORSA, JOHN ANTHONY. Biloxi. History. Pen and Sword. DOTY, WALTER RAY. Pasca- goula. Personnel and Industrial Management. DOWNING, DOROTHY JEAN. Jackson. Elementary Education. DOWNING, PAUL EDWARD. Jackson. Marketing. Student Sen- ator, Pi Sigma Epsilon, USM Advertising Club. DRIBBEN, JOHN SAMUEL. Rolling Fork. History. Dean's List, President List. DUCKWORTH, RICHARD CHARLES. Biloxi. Mathematics. Scabbard and Blade, Men's Af- fairs Board, Dormitory President. DUDA, JANETTE MARY. Ocean Springs. Library Science. DUERSON, CALVIN W., JR. Jackson. General Business-Politi- cal Science. DUFFEY, LEN E. Bihaw, Ala. Political Science. Alpha Tau Omega. DUKE, MAXINE S. Jackson. Speech Pathology. Sigma Alpha Eta, BSU, Hostess. ' DUMONT, ARTHUR BAILEY. Mobile, Ala. Geography. Gamma Theta Upsilon, Geographical So- ciety of USM. DUNN, CHRISTA LENE. Ocean Springs, Clothing Mer- chandising. Dorm Counselor, House Counsel, Sophomore. DUNN, HELEN LINDSEY. Mississippi City. Elementary Ed- ucation. DURBIN, CAROL SUE. Ocean Springs. Elementary Education. DWIGHT, MARGARET L. Hattiesburg. History. EASTERLING, BEVERLY JANET. Mount Olive. Library Science. EASTERLING, JEFFERSON S. Columbia. Finance. EATON, CLAUDE WAYNE. Hattiesburg. Chemistry. EBBERMAN, RAY E. Biloxi. Architectural Technology. EDKINS, WILLIAM H. New Orleans, La. Sociology. EDMONDSON, ELIZABETH EMILE. Edwards. Accounting. EWARDS, STEVEN GLYNN. New Orleans, La. Chemistry. Student Afiiliate, ACS. EDWARDS, VIRGINIA LEE. Meridian. Mathematics. Delta Zeta, Courtesy Chairman, Kappa Mu Epsilon, UAC, Gamma Beta Phi, President, Dean's List, President's List, Committee of 100. EIDSON, WILLIAM O. Merid- ian. Physical Education. ELIOTT, ROGER FRANK. Lumberton. Industrial Arts. ELKINS, ELTON VAN. Hat- tiesburg. History and Political Science. Kappa Sigma, Phi Al- pha Theta, Vice President, Scab- bard 8: Blade. ELLIS, BEVERLY ANNE. Ya- zoo City. History. ELLIS, FRANK W. Yazoo City. Marketing. ELLIS, JANE LOIS. Hatties- burg. Elementary Education. ELMER, JULIANN BEBA. Pass Christian. Biology. Chi Omega, Beta Beta Beta, Secretary, Geol- ogy Club, Publicity Chairman, Dean's List. EMMETT, CAROL DAVEN- PORT. Hattiesburg. Speech. USM Debate Squad, Honor De- bate Team, Phi Kappa Delta, Vice-President, Young Repub- licans, Newman Federation, Dean's List. ENTREKIN, D. GERALD. Co- lumbia. Psychology. ERICHSEN, ERIK A. Moss Point. Biology. ESTEP, TERRY LAWRENCE. Gulfport. Chemistry 8x Mathe- matics. ETZLER, HENRI C. Pensacola, Fla. Personnel Management. Delta Sigma Pi, Dean's List. EUBANKS, HARDY NAPO- LEON, III. Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Geography. EUBANKS, JANET WAL- TERS. Lucedale. Spanish. EUBANKS, MARGARET AN- NETTE. Gulfport. Elementary Education. EUBANKS, R. MARSHALL. Woodbridge, Va. Computer Sci- ence.-Scabbard St Blade. EVANS, DIANE CASSANDRA. Laurel. Speech Pathology. EVANS, FRANCIS KAY. Pas- cagoula. Biology. EVERETT, ALLEN LEON. Bi- loxi. History. Kappa Delta Pi Pen 8: Sword. EVERETT, JOHN OTIS. Petal. Accounting. President's List, Dean's List. EVERETT, SANDRA FAYE. Pascagoula. Education. EWELL, JESSE RAY. Jackson. Architectual Technology. EZELL, MARY HELEN. Hat- tiesburg. History. Phi Alpha Theta, Gamma Mu. FAIRCHILD, DANIEL LA- MAR. Quitman. Management. M-Club, FCA. FARMER, THOMAS MACK, JR., Yazoo City. Industrial Tech- nology. FAULKNER, CHARLES HAN- SEL. Hueytown, Ala. History. FAYARD, DANA S. Bay St. Louis. Business Education. FEALLOCK, JOHN WIL- LIAM, III. Biloxi. Commercial Art. FELGENBAUM, DOROTHY SUE. Carvondale, Ill. Child De- velopment. Home Economics Club. Flying Club, Secretary. 7 Home Economics FELDMAN, BRUCE J. Falls Church, Va. Management. Phi Beta Kappa, SAM, Dean's List. FELDMAN, JAMES MI- CHAEL. New Orleans, La. So- ciology. FENN, SAMMIE SUE. Smith- dale, Business Education. FENNEL, CYNTHIA JEAN. Maracaibo, Venezuela. Elemen- tary Education. Phi Mu. FERMAN, CHARLES H. San Salvador. Foreign Trade. FEWELL, TERESA ANNE. Waveland. Library Science. FINCH, ELLEN. Hattiesburg. Elementary Education. Kappa Delta. Pi, Secretary, Honorary So- ciety in Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister of Minerva, Dean's List. FISHER, JOHN LEE. Pasca- goula. Computer Science. Young Republicans, Association of Com- puting Machinery. FISHER, WILLIAM RAGON. Hattiesburg. Political Science. Dean's List, President's List. FITZGERALD, SUSAN CAR- MEN. Pascagoula. History 'Phi Theta Alpha, Pi Gamma Mu, Dean's List. FITZPATRICK, W I L L I A M MICHAEL. Biloxi. Personnel Management. FLEMING, ALBERT N. Sha- buta. Biology. FLOYD, ANITA LOUISE. Pe- tal. Elementary Education. FLOYD, DONALD FRANK- LIN. Vicksburg. Industrial Tech- nology. FLOYD, SALLY. Hattiesburg. Physical Education. Delta Delta Delta, Annual Staff, UAC. HPER Club, Treasurer, State Student President of HPER, Pi Tau Chi, Varsity Cheerleader Three Years, Head Cheerleader Senior Year, Outstanding Swimmer Intramur- als 1968, Tri Delta, Marshal. FLUMMER, JERONE SKIP- PER. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Political Science. FLURRY, E L M E R TAL- MADGE. Long Beach. Personnel Management. FLYNT, ROBERT COURT- NEY, JR. Biloxi. Marketing. Kappa Alpha. FLYNT, SHEILA D. Hatties- burg. Psychology. FOIL, DAVID LLOYD. Tyler- town. Health Sr Physcial Edu- cation. FOIL, PATSY KAY. McComb. Special Education. FOLEY, NORMA ANNE. Gulf- port. Political Science. Dean's List. FORBES, WILMAN HARRY. Columbia. Industrial Manage- ment. FORD, JAMES ROBERT. Jack- son. Real Estate and Insurance. FORE, STEVE WAYNE. Floma- ton, Ala. Personnel Management. FORREST, DELL H. Morton. Elementary Education. SEA. FORTENBERRY, BEULAH FAY. Columbia. Biology. FORTENBERRY, BILLY DON. Tylertown. Industrial Techno- logy. FORTENBERRY, L A R R Y NOEL. Tylertown. Accounting. FOSI-IEE, CRAIG WRIGHT. Hattiesburg. Marketing. Kappa Alpha. FOSTER, DENNIS EARL. Me- ridian. Finance. FRAISER, MARY SUSAN. Jack- son. Executive Secretary. FRAZIER, AUDREY KAY. Jackson. Physical Education. FRAZIER, JEFF EDWARD. Jackson. Physical Education. FRAZIER, THOMAS F., JR. Jackson. Marketing. Kappa Sig- ma. FREDERIC, SUSAN ELIZA- BETH. Pascagoula. Elementary Education. FREEMAN, ALLEN MICHAEL. Richton. Health and Physical Education. FREEMAN, ARNOLD ROYCE. Hattiesburg. Biology. FRITH, DANIEL E. Laurel. Personnel Management. FRUM, RALPH. Biloxi. Mar- keting. FRYE, CURTIS BRUCE. Hat- tiesburg. Mathematics. FULKERSON, RICHARD FIELDS. Magee. Architectural Technology. FULLER, GARY R. McComb. Political Science. Kappa Kappa Psi, Treasurer, President, District Secretary-Treasurer, Phi Mu Al- pha Sinfonia. USM Marching Band, USM Symphonic Band, USM Orchestra, USM Concert Band, Outstanding ROTC Bands- man, Pershing Rifles, Outstand- ing Member of the Pershing Rif- les Drill, Team Commander, Dis- tinguished Military Student. FULLER, RICHARD AR- THUR. Biloxi. Accounting. Proc- tor, Rho Eta Sigma. GABUCCI, JIMMIE ROBERT. Jackson. History USM Debate Team 1965-66, Chairman of the Young Republican 1967-69. GACDAMEZ, CARIOS AL- BERTO. San Salvador, El Sal- vador. Math. GALLASPY, JAMES BOLAN. Jackson. Health 8a Physical Edu- cation. M-Club, Dean's List, HPER Club. GALOFARO, ROBERT TRY- ITT. McComb. Accounting. Sig- ma Phi Epsilon, Comptroller, Guard, Athletic Chairman, Delta Sigma Pi, Pledge President, Uni- versity Activities Council. GAMARD, MARY LUCILLE. Pass Christian. Elementary Edu- cation. Kappa Delta. GAMMEL, DOROTHY LEE. Hattiesburg. Special Education. Vice-President Alpha Lambda Delta, President Council for Ex- ceptional Children, Spirit Club, President's List. CANDY, JANICE CAROL. Laurel. English. GANNON, LINDA ELIZA- BETH. Gulfport. Elementary Education. GARDNER, BARBARA JANE. Laurel. English. Lambda Iota Tau, Deanls List. 349 GARNER, JAMES H. Hatties- burg. Political SciencefHistory. Kappa Sigma. GARRAWAY, SARAH MAR- GARET. Hattiesburg. Element- ary Education. GARRETT, HERMAN BEN- TON, II. Franklinton, La. Bi- ology. Beta Beta Beta, American Chemical Society, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Wesley Foundation. GARVIN, JOE EDWARD. Hat- tiesburg. Z0ology!Business Ad- ministration. Committee of 100, Dean's List, Fellowship of Chris- tian Athletes. GARY, JUDITH LYNN. Isola. Recreation. GASKIN, JOE RANDALL. Pu- laski, Elementary Education. GATEWOOD, ELLEN SUE. Collins. Clothing Merchandising. GAUTIER, QUIN, JR. Pasca- goula. Kappa Alpha, UAC, Vice- President. GERHART, MARILYN LOU- ISE. Columbus. Elementary Edu- cation. Chi Omega. GERLACH, SANDRA M. Petal. English. Lambda Iota Tau, Lit- erary Honor Society. GIBSON, W. JERRY. Corinth. History. GIBSON, JERRY WAYNE. De- kalb. Architectural Technology. GILL, DONALD O. Hattiesburg. Industrial Technology. GILL, NORMA ANN. Hatties- burg. Elementary Education. GILMER, BARRY W. Lena. In- dustrial Management. GIUFFRA, MADELYN CAROL. Long Beach. Chi Omega, Freshman Counselor, Druids, Phi Delta Rho, Univer- sity Activities Council Secretary, Corresponding Secretary of SCF, Vice-House Chairman Mississippi Hall, WAB Board, Committee of 50, SUSGA Delegate, Union Planning Committee, Dean's List. GIVENS, KAY ROWLEY. Kokomo. Elementary Education. GLOENS, GLEN DOUGLAS. Picayune. Mathematics. GLISSON, PAMELA CELESTE. Magee. Commercial Art. GOFF, NANCY LEE. Ocean Springs. Elementary Education. GOFF, PAULA M. Pascagoula. English. GOINES, ADDIE VIVIAN. En- terprise. Library Science. GOLDSMITH, VELMA ANN. Natchez. Mathematics. Dean's List. GOLMON, JAMES HOLLIS. JR. Monticello, Mathematics. Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kap- pa, Pride. Symphonic Band, Out- standing ROTC Award, Kappa Kappa Psi. Phi Kappa Phi. Dean's List, President's List. COMEZ, JOSE M. Barcelona. Spain. Computer Science!Mathe- matics. GONSOULIN, DONNA LYNN. Biloxi. Mathematics. Pi Beta Phi. Dean's List. GOODMAN, JOHN FORD. Hattiesburg. Economics. Dean's List. GOODMAN, LARRY B. Meridi- an. Speech Education. I I I I I I I: .P It Ig- .1, .II I: ,I s .,, III III II 1. E ,. II I, I: I I I I It i I I I I I I I I I I I I I i,,n-.,,.,., GOOLSBY, LOUISE L. Potts Camp. Business Education. GORDON, CATHY ANNETTE. Laurel. Home Economics. ABS, Vice President, Dean's List. GORDON, JAMES D. Sardis. Real Estate St Insurance. Kappa Alpha Order, Historian, Publicity Chairman, Dean's List. GORDY, JOE C. Sumrall. Health 8: Physical Education. GRAFTON, DONALD LARRY. Laurel. Accounting. GRAHAM, FRANCES LENITA. Laurel. Medical Technology. GRAHAM, MARY ELAIN. Sumrall. Special Education. GRAHAM, ROBERT DAVID. Mobile. Political Science. GRANGER, LINDA ANN. Gulf- port. Elementary Education. Del- ta Zeta. GRAVES, THOMAS LESLIE. Gulfport. Pre-Med. GRAY. ALBERT KIRKWOOD. Meridian. Marketing. GRAY, HERBERT JAMES, II. Hattiesburg. Finance. GREEN, CAROLYN ANN. Van- cleave. Library Science!History. GREEN, JOSEPH STAFFORD. Semmes, Ala. Industrial Tech- nology. GREER, DAVID M. Brookhav- en. EnglishfHistory. Phi Alpha Theta. Contemporary, Editor. GREER, FRANCES WALDINE. Jackson. Elementary Education. GREER, JAMES LARRY. Wes- son. Mathematics. Kappa Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon. GREGORY, EDMUND ER- NEST. Montreal. Industrial Man- agement. Phi Sigma Alpha. GRIFFITH, JAMES LAW- RENCE. Hattiesburg. Industrial Arts. GRIMES, JOSEPH DARRELL. Saraland, Ala. Industrial Tech- nology. GRIMSLEY, LINDA F. Hatties- burg. Elementary Education. GROVE, REBECCA ANN. Jackson. Sociology. Pi Beta Phi, Treasurer, Druids, Phi Delta Rho, Pi Gamma Mu, Women's Affairs Board, UAC, Freshman Counselor, Whois Who in Ameri- can Colleges 8t Universities. GRUBBS. DEMERY FLOYD. Prentiss. Recreation. GRUBBS, DYANNA DAVIS. Prentiss. Mathematics. GUEL, ROBERT JOHN. 'Gulf- port. Commercial Art. GURDIAN, MARCO ANTO- NIO. Leon, Nicaragur. Econom- ics. GUY, LUCKY. Crystal Springs. Radio-Television. GUY, WILLIAM VAUGHN, JR. Hattiesburg. Marine Biology. Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Beta Beta. HADAD, THOMAS ELIAS, Vicksburg. General Business. HADAWAY, MARY CARLEEN. Forest. Home Economics Educa- tion. Home Economics Club. HAFFEY, MARY LOUISE. Mc- Comb. Political Science!History. HAFFEY, THOMAS EDWIN, JR. Lexington. Personnel Man- agement. Sigma Phi Epsilon. HALE, JOHN W. Lucedale. Physical Education. M Club. HALL, BILLY MICHAEL. Ra- leigh. Industrial Technology. HALLIDAY, SANDRA KAY. Laurel. Elementary Education. Delta Zeta. HAMPTON, THOMAS ED- WARD. Yazoo City. Personnel Management. Pi Sigma Epsilon, President, Outstanding Member Award, Dean's List. HANCOCK, JAMES RU- DOLPH. Picayune. Physical Edu- cation!Health. HPER Club. HANSON, SHIRLEY CARYN. Escatawpa. Art. HARMON, NANCY ALTHEA. Hattiesburg. Health St Physical Education. Alpha Lambda Delta, Druids, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Secretary, HPER Club. HARPER, LEXIE. Eupora. Busi- ness Education. Phi Beta Lamb- da. HARRELL, EDGAR ALLEN. Sumrall. Political Science. HARRELL, MARTHA LOU. Jackson. Art. Alpha Lambda Delta. HARRINGTON, JAMES EL- DER. Biloxi. Sociology. HARRIS, HAL SUTTON. Pren- tiss. Marketing. HARRIS, SANDRA L. Union. Elementary Education. HARRISON, BRENDA CAROL. Meridian. Elementary Educa- tion. HART, RIDLEY LEE. Fairhope, Ala. Music Education. ROTC, University Singers, Highland Pipe Band. HARTFORD, HULDAH ANN. Jackson. Dietetics. Kappa Omi- cron Phi, Dean's List, President's List, Home Economics Club, Treasurer. HARVEY, CANDIS MAE. Mt. Olive. Mathematics. HARVEY, CAROLYN ROW- ELL. Carriere. Business Educa- tion. Pi Omega Pi, SNEA. HARVEY, DAVID MITCHELL. Taylorsville. Accounting. HARVEY, JAMES E. Poplar- ville. Architectural Technology. HARVEY, JOHN RONNIE. Mt. Olive. Math. HAUCK, O. CLARENCE. Gulf- port. Industrial Management. HAWKINS, HARRY JULIAN. New Orleans, La. Industrial Art Education. HAYDEN, DIANE STILL. Hat- tiesburg. Instrumental. Music Education. Deanis List, Tau Beta Sigma. HAYES, LAURA ANNE. Gulf- port. Art Education. Dean's List, House Council. HAYES, PEGGY LYNNE. Me- ridian. English. LIT. HAYES, ROGER LEE. Ocean Springs. Delta Sigma Pi, Dean's List. HAYS, PHILLIP DARRELL. Pascagoula. Political Science. Al- pha Iota Omega, Menis Affairs Board, Dormitory Vice-Chair- man, Young Democrats, Dean's List. 35 HAYS, RALPH EDWARD. Port Gibson. Computer Science!Math. Phi Kappa Tau. HECHT, NANCY STANFORD. Brooklyn, N.Y. Elementary Edu- cation. HEGWOOD, CYNTHIA GAY. Beaumont. History. Phi Alpha Theta, Committee of 100, Fresh- man Counselor. HELMS, VICKI SUZANNE. Tupelo. Piano. Phi Mu, Com- mittee of 100, Accompanist for University Singers. HELVESTON, LAUREN LA- MAR. Citronelle, Ala. Political Science. HENDERSON, M A R T H A CAROL. Brookhaven. Elemen- tary Education. HENDRY, DAVID W. Gulfport. Management. HERNANDEZ, JOYCE ANN. Pensacola, Fla. Music Education. Mu Phi Epsilon, Pi Kappa Lamb- da, Mu Phi Epsilon, USM Sym- phony. HERRIN, LOIS SUE. Prentiss. Elementary Education. Dean's List. HERRING, SYLVIA F. Colum- bia. Health St Physical Educa- tion, Dixie Darling, HPER Club, Dean's List. HERRINGTON, CAROLYN HENSON. Laurel. Elementary Education. Dean's List, Presi- dentls List, Kappa Delta Pi. HERRINGTON, MAR- QUETTE. Silver Creek. Person- nel Management. HICKMAN, JAMES HELL. Brookhaven. Marketing. HIGDON, WILLIAM TRAVIS. Pascagoula. Pre-Dental. HIGGINBOTHAM, GEORGIA K. Cairo, Ga. Geography. Tau Beta Epsilon, USM Marching Band, USM Orchestra, Opera Workshop, Geography Club. HIGHTOWER, KAREN JANE. Petal. Special Education. Presi- dent Council for Exceptional Children. HIGHTOWER, TERRY LEIGH. Clinton. Home Eco- nomics. Dean's List. HILL, BOYD AARON. Laurel. Finance. HILL, ETTA FAYE. Laurel. El- ementary Education. HILL, JERRY RAY. Sanders- ville. Accounting. HILL, JOHN W. Gulfport. His- ory. HINES, JOHN CARLTON. For- est. Real Estate St Insurance. HINTON, EDWARD TAL- MAGE. Laurel. Journalism. Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon, Chronicler, Southern Journalism Society, Treasurer, Student Printz, staff, Mississippi Power and Light Ad- vertising Award. HINTON, E V E L Y N LE- VAUGHN. Lucedale. Personnel Management. HINTON, PHYLLIS LEE. Mc- Comb. Library Science. HOCUTT, CHERYL ANN. Hat- tiesburg. Elementary Education. Alpha Sigma Alpha. O HODGES, JANET LOUISE. Bi- loxi. Elementary Education. SMEA, Dean's List. HODGES, RONALD PAT- RICK. Jackson. Personnel Man- agement. HODUM, ELLEN MARIE. Ma- gee. Elementary Education. HOELSCHER, STEVEN CHARLES. St. Paul, Minn. Pi Kappa Alpha. HOLIFIED, JUDITH FAYE. Laurel. Speech Education. USM Singers, BSU, President. Theta Sigma Pi. HOLIFIELD, NEIL LELAND. Laurel. Industrial Arts. HOLIFIELD, SYLVIA FLOW- ERS. Laurel. History. Dean's List. HOLLIMAN, DEMARIS PHIL- LIPS. Hattiesburg. Elementary Education. Kappa Delta Pi, Deanis List. HOLLINS, MAMIE LEE. Pinck- neyville. History. HOLMES, PAUL RUSSELL. Clinton. Industrial Technology. HOLSTON, NOEL WESLEY. Laurel. Finance. Sigma Nu, re- corder, IFC Scholarship Chair- man, Pi Gamma Mu, Associate Editor 1970 Southernerg Univer- sity Publications Board, Dean's List. HONEA, JACK H. Magnolia. Computer Science. HORNE, EMILY LOUISE. Pensacola, Fla. Mathematics. As- sociation of Computing Machin- ery. HORNER, JEAN A. Ocean Springs. English. HOWELL, DORMAN McAR- THUR. Tylertown. History. , HOWELL, HERSEHL A., JR. Richmond, Va. Mathflndustrial Technology. A HOWELL, KINNON HUNTER. Ocean Springs. Political Science. HOWELL, SHIRLEY ANN. Lucedale. Mathematics!Philoso- phyfReligion. HUB'BARD, SYLVIA BOOTH. Jackson. History. Phi Alpha Theta, President's List. HULLUM, NANCY DIANE. Hattiesburg. Music. University Singers. HULLUM, RALPH LINTON. Hattiesburg. Music Education. University Singers. HUPP, CAROL ANN. Columbia. Elementary Education. Dean's List, President's List, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA. HURST, MARY ELIZABETH. Hattiesburg. History. Dean's List. HURT, RICHARD CRAIG. Pensacola, Fla. Geography. HUTCHINSON, SHARYN LYNNE. Bogalusa, La. Speech Pathology. Chi Omega, Fresh- man Counselor, MSHA, SMEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Delta Rho, Sigma Alta Eta, Whois Who in Ameri- can Colleges, Council Exception- al Ch-ildren, Committee of 50, Scope Delegate. HUTTO, SUZANNE. Hatties- burg. Marine Biology. Alpha Ep- silon Alpha, Pi Tau Chi. HYATT, LANELLE EUGENIA. Meridian. English. Lambda Iota Tau, Chi Omega, Spirit Chair man, President's List, Annual Staff. INGRAM, ROBERT DEWEY. McComb. Marketing. Historian for Business Fraternity Council, Pi Sigma, Epsilon, President. IVY, LINDA LEE. Jackson. Commercial Art, Alpha Lambda Delta. JACKSON, DONNA L. Laurel. Psychology. JACKSON, JOSEPH KEITH. Meridian. Health 8t Physical Education. JAMES, ANN C. Bay Springs. Elementary Education. JENKINS, MARKS W., JR. Newton. Speech Pathology. JENNER, CHRISTIE E. Bal- boa, Canal Zone. Institutional ManagementfDietetics. JETTUS, RAYMOND BUNN. Paulding. Chemistry. JOACHIM, DAVID SCOTT. Biloxi. Radio-Television. Dean's List. JOHNS, MARY ALICE. Mobile, Ala. Music Education. Phi Mu. JOHNSON, ALLEN STAN. Baker, La. Physical Education. JOHNSON, BARBARA CAS- CAL. Carthage. Art Education. Dean's List. JOHNSON, CHARLOTTE ANN. Meridian. Elementary Edu- cation. Dean's List. JOHNSON, JOE EDWARD. Meridian. Biology. JOHNSON, JUDY KAY. Jack- son. Elementary Education. Al- pha Sigma Alpha. JOHNSON, LABE BRAD- FORD, JR. Jackson. General Business. JOHNSON, M. KAREN. Pensa- cola, Fla. Sociology. Sociology Club, Secretary, Dean's List. JOHNSON, MARY MARGA- RET. Neshoba. Sociology. JOHNSON, SUSAN WISH- NAIZKI. Lakeland, Fla. Art. Pi Lambda Theta, Women in Edu- cation Honorary Society. JOHNSTON, FLOYD VIN- CENT. McComb. Physical Edu- cation. JOHNSTON, FRANK ALLEN. Waynesboro. Personnel Manage- ment. JOHNSTON, JEAN CLARE. Shubuta. History. Phi Mu. IOHNSTON, THOMAS AL- EXANDER. Hattiesburg. English. JONES, ANTHONY HANSEL. Crystal Springs. Journalism. JONES, BARBARA W. Biloxi. Child Development. JONES, CHARLIE VINSON. Hattiesburg. Marketing. JONES, CORA ANNETEE, Hat- tiesburg. Elementary Education. Dean's List. JONES, DAVID FRANKLIN. Meridian. Marketing. IONES. DONALD RAY. Pop- lar Bluff, Mo. Psychology!Social Studies. JONES, GARY E. Greenville. Art. Dean's List. JONES, HOUSTON B. Jackson. Voice. IM JONES, JOEL, CHANIN. Mt. Olive. Computer Science. JONES, JOHN HOWELL, JR. McAdams. Accounting. Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Jarvis Maxie Award in Accounting, ROTC. JONES, KENNETH FRED. Jackson. Psychology. JORDAN, TROY. Bogalusa, La. Industrial Management. JOSEY, EVELYN GAYNELL. Natchez. Elementary Education. Student Education Association, Vice-President. JOSEY, WAYNE ROBERT, JR. Columbus. Industrial Arts. JUSTICE, DANE F., JR. Bi- loxi. History. KANADY, CATHY ANN. Ocean Springs. Library Science!English. KAY, DAVID LEWIS. Collins. Biology. KELLY, IRVIN L. Biloxi. Jour- nalism. KELLY MARTIN CULLER- TON. Mississippi City. English. KELLY, -PHILLIP 'WAYNE. Milton, Fla. Zoology. Lambda Delta Sigma. KEM, IRENE JERRELL. Col- lins. Home Economics. Kappa Delta, Kappa Omega Iota, UAC. KENNEDY, CLAUDETTE. Ma- gee. English. SMEA, BSU, Presi- dent's List, Dean's List. KENNEDY, SUSAN ANN. Phil- adelphia. English. KERZEE, WILLIAM LEE. Hat- tiesburg. Physics!Math. KEY, RADELL, Petal. Physical Education. KIDD, ANNE CHERYL. Enter- prise. Elementary Education. SEA. KIHYET, DAVID goula. Kappa Alpha. Q KING, ARTHUR Moss Point. Finance. KING, GLENN DEWEY. Jay- ess. Personnel Management. KING, KAREN P. Brandon. Elementary Education. KING, KATHY BROWN. Nat- chez. Elementary Education. Dean's List. KING, LINDA BAXTER. Louis- ville. Music Education. Kappa Delta, Student Christian Federa- tion, - president, President's Ad- visory Board, Freshman Counse- lor, Phi Delta Rho, Pi Tau Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Omega Mu Al- pha Sinfonia Sweetheart, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Little Sister of Minerva, Mu Phi Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, Druids, Dean's List. KING, MELTON C. Natchez. General Business. Kappa Sigma. University Singers, Interfrater- nity Council. KING, WANDA ANN. Taylors- ville. Clothing Merchandising. Delta Zeta, Treasurer, Guard, Phi Delta Rho, Phi Kappa Phi, Home Econ-omics Club, Kappa Omicron Phi, Pledge Scholarship Award, Active Scholarship Award, Delta Zeta Province Scholarship Award. KINGSAFER, JOHN RICH- ARD. Berriew Springs, Mich. Political Science!History. E. Pasca- IRVING. 35 I KLEIN, RALPH DENNERY, JR. Biloxi. Marketing. KLEINHANS, FRANKLIN BRUCE. High Ridge, Mo. Health!Physical Education. Bay Rats, HPER Club, NEA, MEA. KLOTH, OSCAR. Esteli, Nica- ragua. Marketing. Phi Sigma Epsilon, Marketing Fraternity Spirit Award. KLUR, DEE W. Biloxi. Political Science. Dean's List, Cheerleader, Tennis Team, Hillcrest President, Phi Mu Pledge. Annual Editor Texas Lutheran College. KNIGHT, DARRELL LANE. Meridian. Business Administra- tion. KNIGHT, LINDA GENE. Pan- ama City, Fla. Elementary Edu- cation. Kappa Delta, UAC. KNIGHT, PATRICK JONES. Collins. Psychology. KOCH, KAREN. Ocean Springs. Painting St Drawing!Art. KOLGER, KATHERINE G. Leakesville. Library Science. Del- ta Delta Delta. KRAMER, EDWARD NICHOL- AS. Quitman. Finance. KROHN, DANIEL A. Biloxi. Elementary Education. KRUMBECK, V I N C E N T MICHAEL. Biloxi. General Busi- ness. LADNER, CARVIN JOHN. Gulfport. Accounting. Delta Sigma Pi, Vice President, Busi- ness Fraternity Council, Vice- President, President of Dorm, Men's Afiairs Board. ROTC, Al- pha Epsilon Alpha, Dean's List, Distinguished Military Student, ROTC, Rho Eta Sigma. LADNER, CYNTHIA JANICE. Bay St. Louis. Elementary Edu- cation. LADNER, KATHIE. Natchez. Business Education. Kappa Delta. LADNIER, ROYCE CONRAD. Gulfport. Elementary Education. LAIRD, LINDA RAE. Brook- haven. Elementary Education. Committee of 100, Dean's List, SEA. LAMBERT, STEVE. McComb. Industrial Management. LAMBERT, WILLIAM BEANE. Natchez. Biology. LAMEY, ROBERT EDWARD. Mobile. Architectural Technol- ogy. LAMMEL, JULIE KATHER- INE. Memphis, Tenn. Speech Pathology. Sigma Sigma Sigma, President, Pledge Treasurer, Panhellenic Delegate, Committee of 50, Sigma Alpha Eta, Dean's 'List. LAMONAEA, CAESAR AN- THONY. Brooklyn, N.Y. Mar- keting. Kappa Sigma. LANDRUM, CARLTON JANET. Laurel. Elementary Ed- cation. LANDRY, MICHAEL JUAN. Hattiesburg. Architectural Tech- nology. LANG, PAUL WILLIAM. Ma- gee. Accounting. LANGLINAIS, FRANCES. Bi- loxi. English. Lambda Iota Tau, Publicity Director, Southern Journalism Society, Correspond- ing Secretary, Committee of 100, Theta Sigma Pi, Dean's List. LANGTON, EDWARD J. Long Beach. General Marketing. Pi Kappa Alpha. LANIUS, DALE. Jackson. Rec- reation. Delta Zeta, Public Re- lations Chairman, House Man- ager, Gamma Beta Phi, Secre- tary, Committee of 50 HPER Club, Greek Editor and Com- munications Editor for South- erner, Dean's List. LANSING, JAMES N. Pass Christian. History. LARSEN, JANET ELAINE. Pascagoula. Physical Education. LATIMER, GEORGE LEON- ARD. Arcadia, Florida. Health! Physical Education. LAWRENCE, JOHN WIL- LIAM. Gulfport. Physical Edu- cation. LAWRY, DOUGLAS EUGENE. Vicksburg. Audiology. LAWSON, ROBERT E. Mt. Washington, Ky. Accounting. Pi Kappa Alpha, Regional Merit Scholarship, Trail's End Founda- tion Scholarship, Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Collegiate Civitan, Treasurer, Alpha Epsi- lon Alpha, Representative Busi- ness Fraternity Council, Alpha Epsilon Alpha Outstanding Ac- counting Student Award. LAWSON, WILLIAM EU- GENE. Hattiesburg. Health! Physical Education. LAY, NANCY ANN. Newton. Elementary Education. Delta Delta Delta. LAYTON, GUY ANTHONY. Meridian. General Business. LAZENBY, JOHN E. Mobile, Ala. Psychology. Alpha Tau Omega, President, Student Sen- ate, President, President Sopho- more Class, Senator, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Dean's List. LEDUKE, DORIS CURRY, McComb. Music Education. LEDLOW, LINDA D. Laurel. Business Education. Phi Beta Lambda, National Business Edu- cation Association. LEE, DOROTHY LORAINE. Lucedale. Accounting. LEE, LARRY KEITH. State Line. Personnel Management. LEE, MARY MAUDE. Wiggins. Nursing. LEE, RONNIE LARUE. Hat- tiesburg. Political Science. Pre- Law Club. LEE, SUSAN BUDINICH. Bi- loxi. Business Education. LEE, WILLIAM A., JR. Mobile, Ala. LEE, WILLIAM HENRY, JR. Biloxi. Political Science. LEES, DOROTHY ANNE. Jackson. Physics!Mathematics. Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's List. LEGGETT, RICHARD BER- NARD. Vicksburg. Business Ad- ministration. LEONARD, FRANCES LOU- ISE. Bogue Chitto. Elementary Education. Committee of 100. SEA, Dean's List. .v t W1 I W W ,W W: Wa? WW 5 W ll E E ,W W W W ,W W W a i . W W . t l f i W lit it L1 W A W LEONARD, HAMPTON MARK. Blountstown, Fla. Po- litical Science. LEPRE, LINDA SUE. Biloxi. Dietetics. LESSNER, RONALD DENNIS. ,Biloxi. Marketing. Pi Sigma Ep- silon. LE STELLE, AUGUST JOHN, JR. Chalmette, La. History. LETORT, FRED MICHAEL. Biloxi. Biology. LEWIS, ALNA CHRISTINE. Hattiesburg. Elementary Educa- tion. LEWIS, BEN ROSS. Laurel. Bi- ology. LEWIS, CAROLYN JOYCE. Laurel. Elementary Education. LEWIS, GENEVIEVE. Pasca- goula. Biology. Pi Beta Sigma. LEWIS, JOHN SOUTH. Nat- chez. Personnel Management. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LEWIS, MARGIE DELL. Mor- ton. Elementary Education. LEWIS, SALLY MAE. Biloxi. Home Economics Education. LIBERTO, SHIRLEY FAYE. Thornton. Child Development. LIGHTSEY, MARY LOUISE. Stringer. Elementary Education. SEA, Presidentg BSU, First Na- tional Bank of Hattiesburg Schol- arships, Mississippi Congress of Parents and Teachers Scholar- ships, President's List, Dean's List. LINDLEY, BETTIE GAIL. Mo- selle. Elementary Education. Al- pha Epsilon Delta, Freshman Counselor, Kappa Delta Pi, President: SNEA, SMEA. LITTLE, HARVEY ROY. Jack- son. Market Management. Delta Sigma Pi. LITTLEPAGE, THOMAS D. Hattiesburg. Biology. Sigma Phi Epsilon. LLOYD, ALETHA ANNE. Can- ton. Geography. Pi Delta Phi, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Dean's List. LLOYD, JOHN HENRY. Mo- bile, Ala. Mathematics. Battalion Commander, ROTC, Scabbard 8: Blade, lst Sergeant, Pershing Ri-He Senior Advisor, Dean's List, Computer Science Lab Instruc- tor, Outstanding Resident Scott Hall, Distinguished Military Stu- dent. LLOYD, NANCY ELIZABETH. Dothan, Ala. History. USM Marching Band, Tau Beta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Theta, Dean's List, SEA. LOMAX, RHEA PEARY. Lau- rel. Political Science. LONG, GINGER. Tupelo. Die- tetics. LONG, L. ANNE. Gulfport. English. Lambda Iota Tau. LONGWITZ, ROSA ROB- ERTS. Quitman. Music Educa- tion. Mu Phi Epsilon. LONNBORG, JANICE MAE. Gulfport. Clothing Merchandis- ing. Kappa Omega Phi, Home Economics Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Honors Program. LOOMIS, STEVEN ROBERT. Biloxi. Communications. ' 'r LOPER, SAMMIE JOE. Union. Industrial Technology. LORONA, MANUEL. Biloxi. Spanish. Pen and Sword. LOTT, JERRY A. Beaumont. Physical Education!Health. LOTT, SHERYL THERESA. Collins. Commercial Art. LOTT, SUSAN IRENE. Bass- field. Nursing. LOWE, PATRICIA KAY. Clew- iston. History. LUCKIE, YVIZA YVONNE. Wewahitchka, Fla. Home Eco- nomics Education. Home Eco- nomics Club, SMEA, BSU. LUSE, HAL DOUGLAS. Ben- ton. Physical Education. LUSK, RANDOLPH CARTER. McComb. Political Science. LUTHER, JESSE R. Holly Springs. History. LYLE, ROGER BRENTON, JR. Jackson. Zoology. LYNN, JEROME CLIFTON. Reidsville, Ga. Accounting. MACARTHUR, DONNA LYNN. Gulfport. Political Sci- ence. Phi Mu. MACDERMOTT, THOMAS J. Hattiesburg. Marketing. Phi Kappa Tau. MACKIN, W. HENRY. Ft. Wal- ton Beach, Fla. Math. Kappa Sigina. MADDEN, JOHN B. Jackson. General Marketing. Pi Kap-pa Alpha. MADDOX, THOMAS NOR- MAN. Florala, Ala. Music Edu- cation. Kappa Kappa Psi, Presi- dent, Phi Mu Alpha sinfonia, Rho Eta Sigma, VicePresidentg Alpha Phi Omega, Yellowjackets, Parliamentarian, Proctor, USM Marching Band, USM Sym- phonic Band, Drill Master- Pride of Mississippi, Who's Who, District VIII Secretary-Treas- urer-Kappa Kappa Psi. MADISON, SHERRY ANN. Meridian. Sociology. Delta Zeta, Vice-President: ROTC Sponsor, Circle K Sweetheart. MAGEE, NOLA FAYE. Tyler- town. English. Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA. MAILY, GUSTAVE JOSEPH. Ellisville. Physical Education. MAJURE, TERRENCE CHARLES. Decatur. Zoology. MALANCHAK, JOHN E. Pitts- burg, Pa. Geology. Geology Club, President. MALONE, EDWARD PHIL- LIP. Lucedale. Industrial Tech- nology. MALONEY, KATHLEEN MAE. Bay St. Louis. Math. SNEA, Wesley Foundation. MANNING, V. C. Philadelphia. Finance. MARBURY, EUGENIA RUTH. Jackson. Elementary Education. MARSHALL, WILLIAM ROD- ERICK. Gulfport. Pre-Med! Mathematics. Kappa Mu Epsi- lon, President, Gold Key Society, President, Phi Eta Sigma, Secre- tary, Most Outstanding Fresh- man, Associate Justice of Student Court, Bernard Reed Green Merit Scholarship, Sam Woods Scholastic Scholarship, Chairman 35 Dormitory, Academic Commit- tee, Dormitory Judicial Commit- tee. MARTIN, CANDY KAREN. Petal. Speech Pathology. Delta Zeta. MASON, LINDA DIANE. Jack- son. Elementary Education. Al- pha Sigma Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi, Dean's List, University Ac- tivity Council, SMEA. MATTHEWS, JOHN MEN- TON, JR. McComb. Physical Education. MASON, TOMMYE LYN. Ocean Springs. Elementary Edu- cation. MASSEY, SYLVIA ANITA. Meridian. Elementary Education. MAY, JOY ELAINE. Mobile, Ala. English. Southern Jour- nalism Society, Secretary, Theta Sigma Phi, Dixie Darling, "Girl of the Golden Heart" of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Staff Writer of The Student Printz, Staff Resident of Hillcrest. MAY, ROBERT LOUIS. New- ton. Radio!Television. MAYFIELD, JANIS ELAINE. Hamburg, N.Y. Elementary Edu- cation. SEA, Dean's List. MAYFIELD, PEGGY ADAMS Biloxi. Music Education. Tau Beta Sigma, Secretary: USM Or- chestra, Secretary, USM Sym- phonic Band, USM Orchestra, Kappa Kappa Tau Sweetheart, Outstanding Bandswomen, USM Marching Band. MAYO, CHARLEY SUE. Cry- stal Springs. Library Science. MQCANTS, JANET NOBLE. Columbia. Recreation. Deanis List. MCCASKILL, JUNE E. Laurel. Mathematics. Pi Beta Phi, AWS, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, ROTC Sponsor, Vice- Chairman Panhellenic Dormi- tory, Dean's List. MCCRAW, STEPHEN CON- NOR. Ellisville. Personnel Man- agement. MCCULLEY, MARY FRAN- CES. Jackson, History. McCURDIE, ELLEN WELCH. Hattiesburg. History. Chi Ome- ga, Treasurer, Senator, Dean's List, Druids, Vice-President: SCOPE XI, Drawl, Editor, 1969 SOUTHERNER, Associate Edi- tor, Justice on Student Court. MCDANIEL, JOYCE CAROL. Brookhaven. Home Economics Education. Kappa Omega Phi, Home Economics Association. MCDANIEL, KATHY ELAINE. Meridian. Marketing. Dean's List. MCDANIEL, PERRY WADE. Columbia. Marketing. Pi Sigma Epsilon, Vice-President. McDAVID, DALE HENRY. McComb. Political Science. MCDOWALL, FRANCES OZE- LIA. Jackson. Elementary Edu- cation. Civinettes, SEA, Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship, Westminister Fellowship. MCGAHEY, JAN. Laurel. His- tory. MCGEE, EVA MAE. Collins. History. 7. MCGHEE, JERRY AUBREY. Hattiesburg. Accounting. MCGILVRAY, RICHARD EARL. Hattiesburg. Math. MCGRATH, JOHN R. Pasca- goula. Speech. Newman Club, Young Democrats, President, Vice-President, Dean's List, Ford Foundation Fellowship for Grad- uate Study at Southem Illinois University. MCGUIRE, PAMELA ANNE. Columbus, Ohio. History. McILWAIN, FAYE JEWELL. Meridian. Child Development. McILWAIN, MARTHA SUE. Pascagoula. Library Science. Dixie Darling. MCINNIS, CAREY UTHA. Jackson, Ala. General Business. MCINNIS, LINDA DIANE. Leakesville. Executive Secretarial Studies. McINTYRE, JAMES PAT- RICK. Vicksburg. English. McINTYRE, MICHAEL DEAN. Natchez. Finance. McKAY, MACY LINDA. Boga- lusa, La. Health!Physical Educa- tion. Chi Omega, Deanis List. Outstanding Woman Intramural Participant MCKENDREE, JOHN NEW- TON. Bradenton, Fla. Radiol Television. Iota Beta Sigma, Rho Eta Sigma, Manager WMSU, Southern Broadcasters, Univer- sity Symphony, Dorm Counselor. MCLEOD, SILAS WAYNE. Hattiesburg. Accounting. Delta Sigma Pi, President, Business Fraternity Council Representa- tive, Delegate to Grand Chapter Congress of Delta Sigma Pi in Mackinan, Mich. ' MACLENDON, MARY CARO- LYN. Mendenhall. English. MCMAHEN, E. HORACE. Hat- tiesburg. Math. MCMULLAN, JANIS RUTH. Newton. Political Science. Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Gamma Mu, SNEA, Young Republican. McNAIR, OLIVIA CAROL. Magee. Clothing 8: Textiles. MENAIR, CLAYTON WAYNE. Ridgeland. Industrial Technol- ogy. McNAIR, RONNIE EARL. Ma- gee. Physical Education. McNAIR, LARRY. Raymond. Business. McNAMEE, LLOYD ROBERT. Raleigh. Music Education. Kap- pa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha. MCNEER, BEVERLY K. Moss. English. MCNEIL, DONALD W. Magee. General Business. MCPHERSON, BLAYNE SUZ- ANNE. Long Beach. Art. Phi Mu, Secretary Pledge Class. MCRANEY, CAROLYN DI- ANE. Petal. Business Education. Dixie Darlings, Pom Pom Girl, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi. Presidentg President's List, Dean's List. MCREE, JAMES TIMOTHY, JR. Louin. Personnel Manage- ment. MCSWAIN, ELIZABETH RUTH. Hattiesburg. Library Science. Delta Delta Delta, Dixie Darlings, Pi Kappa Alpha Cal- endar Girl. McVADON, CAROLYN JEAN. Biloxi. Art. MEADOWS, JUNE KAY. Men- denhall. Library Science. Alpha Lambda Delta, Deanls List, Presi- dent's List, AWS, Phi Kappa Phi. MEEBOER, SUSAN ANN. Bi- loxi. Biology. MELTON, JOHN ELVIS. Gre- nada. Architectural Technology. MERLINI, GEORGE RAY- MOND, JR. Fairhope, Ala. Mu- sic Education. Symphonic Band, Marching Band. MICHEL, REX JOHN. New Orleans, La. Finance. Kappa Sigma, Vice-President, Junior Class Vice-President, Senior Class Vice-President, IFC, Presi- dent, National Student Registar, Member Men's Affairs Board. MIDDLEBERG, IVA JOEL. New Orleans, La. Finance. Rho Epsilon. MIDDLETON, JIM SCOTT, JR. Pattison. Industrial Manage- ment. Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Class President, Pledge Trainer, Honor Pledge, Society for the Advancement of Management, Dean's List. MIDDLETON, JOHN WES- LEY. Natchez. Business. MIDDLETON, MARY KAY. Mobile, Ala. Business Education. National Business Education As- sociation. MIECZYNSKI, CHARLOTTE ELAINE. Bay St. Louis. Elemen- tary Education. MILES, RUSSELL EUGENE. Wiggins. 'Political Science. MILLS, JERRY. Fulton. His- tory!Political Science. Dorm President, MAB. MILLES, LEIGHTON SMY- LIE. Clarksdale. Finance. MILLER, MARILYN GAIL. Library Science. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sentinel Recording Sec- retary. MILSTED, JOEY E. Ocean Springs. Painting 8: Drawing. MIMS, ELIZABETH MAR- BURY. Birmingham, Ala. Recre- ation. MINSHEW, GENE BILLY. Carthage. Education. MITCHAM, JOSEPH VER- NON. Pelahatchie. Personnel Management. MITCHELL, DANNY F. Pren- tiss. Public Address. Sigma Nu, Pledge Marshal, Freshman Fav- orite, P-i Beta Phi Arrowman, Rho Eta Sigma, Social Chair- man, Phi Kappa Delta, Twice USM Outstanding Debater, Men's Affairs Board, Chairman of SCOPE, Delegate to: IFC, SCOPE, MIC, SUSGA, SCO- NA, Soph. Class President, Presi- dent of Senate 1967-69, Presi- dent's Advisory Board, President of Junior Class, Varsity Cheer- leader. MITCHELL, MARY ELIZA- BETH. Poplarville. History. MITCHELL, ROSEMARY. For- est. Special Education. LM MITCHELL, VIRGINIA ANN. Picayune. Executive Secretarial Studies. MODLING, LOUIE W. Lyman. Economics. MOFFETT, VIRGINIA G. Stonewall. Business Education. MOHLER, DAVID GRISBY. Gulfport. Communications. MOLLERE, RONALD EMILE. Hattiesburg. Management. MONROE, DONNA REECE. Clothing Merchandise. MONGOMERY, C H A R L E S DAVID. Natchez. Math. MONTGOMERY, INA LYNN. Bay Springs. Business Education. MONTGOMERY, RICHARD PA'UL. Jackson. Political Sci- encefHistory. Dean's List, Stu- dent Senate. MOODY, GERALD. Lucedale. Geography. MOON, MARILYN. Meridian. Physical Education. HPER Club, Floor Monitor, House Council, Intramurals co-chairman for dorm. MOORE, BETTY LOU. Tyler- town. Library Science. MOORE, DIANA LYNNE. En- terprise. English. MOORE, JOHN ELBERT. Pica- yune. English. MOORE, LINDA EMILY. Hat- tiesburg. Spanish!French. Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta Pi, Vice Presidentg Pi Delta Phi, Le Cercle Frangois, Southern Play- ers. MOORE, PATRICIA ANN. Pascagoula. History. MOORE, PERCY C., JR. Soso. Health!Physical Education. MOORE, SHARON KAY. Pen- sacola. Clothing Merchandising. MOORE, SUSAN RAE. Pica- yune. General Business. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Treasurer, Trian- gle Correspondent, Sisterhood Award, Alpha Lambda Delta, Annual Staff, Committee of 50, Dean's List, Freshman Counselor, Freshman Woman with the High- est Scholastic Average, Honors Program, Treasurer, Koinonia Club, Panhellenic Handbook Staff. MOOREHEAD, JERRY P. Pas- cagoula. Personnel Management. MORGAN, CAROLYN ANN. Gulfport. Business Education. MORGAN, RICHARD LARRY. McComb. Political Science. MORREALE, MARTIN A. Bay St. Louis. Finance. MORRIS, FORREST MAR- VIN. Hattiesburg. Finance. MORRIS, GLENN FARRELL. Jackson. BiologyfPre-Med. Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, President, Vice-President, Beta Beta Beta, Society of Phys- ics Studentsg Treasurer, Out- standing Sophomore Physics Stu- dent, Outstanding Sophomore ROTC Cadet, Dean's List, Presi- dent's List, General Merit Schol- arship. MORRIS, GORDON LEIGH. Woodville. Industrial Manage- ITIEIII. MORRIS, REGINA BARR. Hattiesburg. Accounting. Dean's List. MORROW, MARTHA CAROL. Elementary Educa- Hattiesburg, tion. Wesley Foundation, SNEA, Delta Kappa Pi. MORTON, O. FRANKLIN. Gulfport. Philosophy!Political Science. Omega Kappa Tau, Re- cording Secretary. MUNTON, GEORGE RICH- ARD. Lucedale. Accounting. Dean's List. MURPHY, CHARLENE SA- RAH. Biloxi. Elementary Educa- tion. MURPHY, GLEN VERNON. Gulfport. Marketing. MURPHY, PHILIP JOE. Me- ridian, Marine Biology. MURPHY, VERONA L. Gulf- port. History. Dean's List, SEA. MURRAY, M. KAY. Meridian. Elementary Education. Phi Mu, President, Vice-President, Arts 8: Activities Chairman. MYERS, GAYLE KAREN. Jackson. Microbiology. AWS President, Phi Delta Rho, Dormi- tory President. MYERS, JIMMY GUY. Lake. Industrial Technology. MYERS, LOUISE O. Jackson. Elementary Education. Chi Omega. MYERS, ROBERT DONALD. Bogue Chitto. Sociology!H-istory. NASH, PATRICIA RHODE. Natchez. Music Education. Kappa Delta Pi, Mu Phi Epsilon, University Singers, Dean's List, MENC. NELLUMS, MICHAEL AL- LEN. Picayune. Radio!Television Film. NELSON, BILLY STEVE. Phil- adelphia. Science Education. NESOSSIS, CONRAD AN- THONY, JR. Gulfport. Political Science. NEVILLE, THOMAS HUGH. Pascagoula. History. NEWELL, DANIEL BAKER. Kosciusko. Economics. NEWELL, Kosciusko. Sociology. NEWELL, GAYLE H. Colorado City, Tex. Speech Pathology. NEUMAN, J. DEMPSEY, JR. Liberty. Physical Education. NEWMAN, LESLIE DAVID. McComb. Marketing. NEWTON, GEORGE JOSEPH III. Meridian. Accounting. NICHOLS, BRENDA GALLO- WAY. Yazoo City. English. NICHOLS, DALE HUNT. Nashville, Tenn. Industrial Man- agement. Kappa Alpha. NICHOLS, PARRICIER ILENE. Magee. Elementary Ed- ucation. NIOLET, VERONICA A. Pass Christian. Nursing. Pulley Hall House Chairman, President of Student Nurses Association of Southern Mississippi, SNASM, AWS. NIX, CAROLYN ELIZABETH. Hattiesburg. French!History. NIXON, CONNIE JEAN. Hat- tiesburg. Elementary Education. DAVID WILLIAM. S 353 NOBLE, NANCY. Fayette. Eng- lishfJournalism. NORMAN, TRAVIS EDWIN. Ocean Springs. Industrial Tech- nology. NORRIS, IVA JO. Fort Myers, Fla. Library Science. NUCKOLS, JAMES ANDREW. Laurel. Accounting!Marketing. Basketball. NULL, CHARLEEN ANN. Hat- tiesburg. Art Education!Drawing 8: Painting. O'BEIRNE, NOREEN DORO- THY. Natchez. English. O'CAIN, CAROLE MARIE. Canton. Home Economics Edu- cation. Kappa Omicron Phi, Vice President, Dean's List, Home Economics Club. ODOM, GARY. Hattiesburg. Geography. Kappa Sigma, Fresh- man Class President, Senior Class President, Yellowjacket, Vice- President, Senator, President of Senate, President Pro Tem Sen- ate, Soph. Class Favorite, Yel- lowjacket Top Frosh Award, Yel- lowjacket Senior Member. OGLESBEE, MICHAELE THOMAS. Pascagoula. Theatre. Southern Players, Alpha Psi Omega. OHR, PAULA MARIE. Biloxi. Elementary Education. O'KEEFE, JEREMIRA. Biloxi. Political Science. Phi Eta Sigma, Freshman Scholarship Trophy, Dean's List, President's List, Academic Scholarship. O'M.ARA, COLLENE ELIZA- BETH. McComb. Elementary Education. Delta Delta Delta, Fraternity Education Chairman Sr Chaplaing Pi Tau Chi, Dean's List, Dixie Darling Captain, Pom Pom Girl Captain, Miss South- ern, Committee of 50, lst alter- nate Miss Mississippi. ORRELL, JOHN SHARP. Charleston. Physical Education. M Club, Sig1na Nu, Varsity Football Team, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, BSU, Vice- President Pledge Class. OVERBEY, MARSHA. Virginia Beach, Va. Mathematics. OVERSTREET, WILLIAM CRAIG. Waynesboro. Marine Bi- ology. OWEN, GENEVIEVE RICE. Mobile, Ala. Theatre. OWEN, WILLIAM ERNEST. Prichard, Ala. Personnel Man- agement. Society for Advance- ment of Management. OWENS, THOMAS LEE. Jack- son. Accounting. OWENS, WILTON PRICE. Jackson. Communicationsflndus- trial Relations. PAGE, JAMES RICHARD. Bi- loxi. Business Administration. PALOCHKO, WILLIAM E. McKeesport, Pa. Administrative Recreation. PAPE, JANET CATHERINE. Seminary. Elementary Educa- tion. Dean's List. PARISH, BRENDA JOYCE. Prentiss. Elementary Education. PARKE, PHYLLIS GAIL. Me- ridian. Mathematics. Delta Delta Delta, University Activities Council-Vice President, Fresh- man Counselor, Kappa Delta Phi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Delta Rho, Dean's List, Junior Panhellenic Council. PARKER, JINNY EDWARD. Jackson. Commercial Art. PARKER, WILLIAM RAN- DOLPH. Lucedale. Industrial Technology. PARNELL, CHARLES GER- ALD. Prichard, Alabama. Per- sonnel Management. Dean's List, Society for Advancements of Management. PARSON, JEROME GEORGE. Gulfport. Political Science. Scab- bard 8: Blade. Kappa Sigma. PASSMORE, CATHY EILEEN. Biloxi. Elementary Education. Who's Who in American Junior Colleges-1967, 68. PATTERSON, BARBARA ANNE. Jackson Political Science. Phi Gamma Mu, Young Demo- crats, Treasurer: Newman Club. PATTERSON, EDGAR JO- SEPHY, JR. Long Beach. Geol- ogy. Pi Kappa Alpha. PAYNE, MARILYN PIE. Hat- tiesburg. Business Education. Delta Delta Delta, Student Sen- ate, AWS Legislative Board, Ju- dicial Board, Pi Tau Chi, Com- mittee of 100. PEACOCK, CAROLINE ELAINE. Belzoni. English. Sec- retary, Wesley Foundation, Lambda Iota Tau, Deanis List. PEARCE, HELEN G. Brooklyn. Elementary Education. PEARSON, DALLAS LEAN- DER. Carriere. Physics. PEDEN, GINGER. Jackson. English. PEDEN, TRAVIS RAY. Merid- ian. Health!Physical Education. Intramural Sports, HPER Club. PEEL, CELESTE DIANE. Hat- tiesburg. Elementary Education. PENN, RICHARD MICHAEL. Gautier. Accounting. PENNINGTON, BUFARD TIMOTHY. Morton. Chemistry. PENTON, PATRICIA GAIL. Picayune. Mathematics. PERKINS, LOUIS RONNIE. Raymond. Journalism. PERKINS, PATTY. Jackson. In- stitutional Management. Student Home Economics Association Reporter, Kappa Omicron Phi, Reporter, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Corresponding Secretary, Inter- varsity Christian Fellowship, Druids, Committee of 50. Pi Tau Chi, Freshman Orientation Lead- er, Essex House College Board, University Activities Council Panhellenic Rush Booklet Com- mittee, Dean's List, Spirit Club. PERMENTER, ROGER F. Ma- con. Business Administration. PERNICIARO, PAT. Bay St. Louis. Math. University Activi- ties Council. PERRY, LINDA CAROL. Lau- rel. Home Economics Education. PERSONS, CHARLES M. Luce- dale. Finance. PETERSON, CAROLINE ISA- BEL. Bay St. Louis. Business Education. J 7 PETTIS, THOMAS P. Quit- man. Personnel Management. PETTY, ELSIE WIGGINS. Me- ridian. Speech Education. PETTY, JAMES EDWARD. Meridian. Political Science. PHILLIPS, ALAN VICTOR. Louin. Finance. PHILLIPS, CAROLYN WAL- TERS. Hattiesburg. Journalism! RTV. PHILLIPS, DOROTHY ANN. Collinsville. Elementary Educa- tion. PHILLIPS, JANICE LYNN. Brookhaven. Speech Pathology. PHILLIPS, JOHN H. Wiggins. Accounting. PHILLIPS, Lucedale. Accounting. PICKLER, LYNDA BUSSEY. Laurel. Home Economics. Dean's List. PIERCE, CHARLOTTE D. De- catur. Elementary Education. PIERCE, WAYNE HOWARD. Pensacola, Fla. Finance. PIGOTT, JANE PITTMAN. Foxworth. Elementary Educa- tion. PINNIX, JAMES EDWARD. Jackson. Industrial Technology. Kappa Alpha. PIPPEN, CHARLES DAVID. Sandersville. History. PIPPEN, CHERYL ANNE. Laurel. Music Education. PITTMAN, DANIEL SAYLE. Grenada. Instrumental Music Education. USM Band, Presi- dent, Music Educators' National Conference, President, Pride of Mississippi, Symphonic Band, Symphony Orchestra, Brass Choir, Student Brass Quintet, Dean's List. PITTS, RALPH. Waynesboro. Real Estate 8: Insurance. Delta Sigma Pi, SMEA, Treasurer, Phi Beta Lambda, President. PLISCO, TOMMY LEO. Lau- rel. Accounting. Delta Sigma Pi. PODYMA, JUDITH YVONNE. Clinton. Sociology. POGUE, JAMES EWELL. Montgomery, Ala. Mathematics. Scabbard 8: Blade, Rho Eta Sigma, Distinguished Military Student. POLEN, WILLIAM DONALD. Laurel. Audiology. Sigma Alpha Eta, President, President's List. POLEWODA, JANISE GREEN. Mobile, Ala. Speech Pathology. Phi Mu, Sigma Alpha Eta, Dean's List. POLK, BETTY RENNETTE. Picayune. Clothing and Mer- chandising. POLK, JOHN WAYNE. Jack- son. History. POLK, RAUDE B. Brandon. Special Education. PONDER, JAMES H. JR. Jack- son. General Business. Delta Psi Omega - Honorary Dramatics, University Singers. PONDER, PAUL HENRY. Mindenhall. Personnel Manage- ment. POOL, KATHRYN. Ellisville. Physical Education. PAUL HENRY. POPE, SHARRON DIANNE. Jackson. Elementary Education. Member of Student Miss. Educa- tion Assoc. POTEAT, FRED DELAND. Panama City, Fla. History. POTTER, LESTER RAY. Jack- son. Communications. Sigma Al- pha Epsilon, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon Vice President, and Secre- tary, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pub- lic Relations Chairman, Senator. POWELL, MARY ANN. West Palm Beach, Fla. Chemistry. Al- pha Lambda Delta, President's List, Dean's List, Chemistry Paint Scholarship, Industrial Arts Wives, Treasure. POWELL, MICHAEL GLEN. Bay Springs. Marketing. Pi Kappa Alpha. POWELL, PHILIP. West Palm Beach, Fla. Industrial Technol- ogy. Dean's List, President's List. PRICE, JOE HENRY, JR. Clin- ton. Mathematics. PRICE, MARY NELL. Colum- bia. Elementary Education. PRICHARD, JANNA. Mead- ville. Elementary Education. Delta Delta Delta, Social Chair- man of Tri Delta Sorority, Coun- cil for Exceptional Children, Dean's List. PRINCE, CHARLES ROBERT. Magee. Economics. PSENCIK, MARILYN. Merid- ian. Elementary Education. Delta Zeta. PUCKETT, EDDIE DAR- NELL. Raleigh. Finance. PUCYLOWSKI, JOHN FRANK. Hattiesburg. Computer Science. QUICK, HENRY LOUIS. New Orleans, La. Finance. Vice Presi- dent of M Club. QUIN, JACK EDWARD. Co- lumbia. Communications. South- ern Broadcasters. RABBY, KATHLEEN ANN. Wiggins. Elementary Education. RAHAIM, DONALD M. Laurel. Chemistry. Vice President of American Chemical Society. RAINEY, DON ROWE. Hatties- burg. Architecture. RAISOVICH, DRAGO. Croth- ersville, Indiana. Math!English. Pen 8: Sword. RAMSAY, ROBERT GLENN. Pascagoula. Industrial Manage- ment. Pi Kappa Alpha. RAMSEY, SUSAN LOUISE. Bi- loxi. English. RANDALL, ROBBIE ELIZA- BETH. Columbus. Speech Edu- cation. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Vice President, Pledge, Trainer, Social Chairman, Publicity Chairman, Panhellenic Hellenic Council, University Activities Council. RANDALL, TERESA GUN- TER. Pascagoula. Mathematics. Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's List. RANDLE, BRENDA GAYLE. Meridian. Elementary Education. Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, President's List, Dean's List. RANEY, BILL A. Wesson. Gen- eral Business. 354 RANKIN, JOE DAVID. Magee. Finance. Kappa Sigma, Univer- sity Activities Council, Circle K, Committee of 50, University Homecoming Chairman. RASBERRY, TERRY DON. Laurel. General Business. RASCO, SHERRY WEBB. Jack- son. Home Economics Education. RATCLIFF, CLIFTON ED. WIN, JR. Hattiesburg. Business Administration. Phi Kappa Tau, Deanis List, Phi Eta Sigma. RAWLS, GLENN PAXTON. Hattiesburg. Industrial Manage- ment. RAWLS, MARTHA A. Hatties- burg. Business Education. Delta Delta Delta, recommendations chairman, publicity chairman, Merit Scholar, Sam Miller Schol- arship, Dean's List, Pi Tau Chi, Committee of 100, Pi Omega Pi, Publicity Chairman. RAWSON, GLYNN. Carthage. Political Science!History. Young Republicans, Yellowjackets. RAY, ROY GILMER. Lamar. Marketing, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Pen 8: Sword. RAYBURN, GARY SCOTT. Gulfport. Recreation. RAYBURN, GEORGINA. Col- lins. Clothing 8: Textiles. REA, KENNETH ROLAND. Philadelphia. General Business. REAGAN, JETTE. Tylertown. Elementary Education. REBER, HAMILTON DYKES, JR. Petal. Audiology. Alpha Phi Omega, Sigma Alpha Eta, Piper in USM Pipe and Drum Band. REDMON, SHARON AMAN- DA. Seminary. Elementary Edu- cation. Dean's List, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA. REED, JAMES WILLIAM, III. Gulfport. Math. ' REED, OLLIE LEE, JR. Nat- chez. Journalism. REED, ROBERT MICHAEL. Monticello. Health!Physical Ed- ucation. REEDY, MARY. Pensacola, Fla. Elementary Education. REEVES, JAMES. Lucedale. Personnel Management. REIMAN, WILLIAM LOUIS, III. Clinton. Political Science. RENAND, JOSEPH JOFFRE. Taylorsville. Psychology. RESTER, GENE MURRY. Mo- bile, Ala. History. Pen 8: Sword. RHODES, BILLY D. Enterprise. History. RICHARDS, ROBERT TAN- DY. Jackson. Sociology. RICHARDSON, LYN. Mont. gomery, Ala. Elementary Educa- tion. RICHARDSON, MARTHA MARY. Vicksburg. English. Dean's List, President's List, Lambda Iota Tau, Kappa Delta IPi. RICHTER, ELIZABETH KATHLEEN. Gulfport. Elemen- tary Education. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Social Chairman, Record- ing Secretary, Parliamentarian, Dean's List. RICKLES, JAMES EVER- ETTE, JR. Philadelphia. Healthf Physical Education. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I RICKNER, JOHN WILLIAM. Hattiesburg. Political Science. Phi Kappa Tau. RIEDEL, WILLIAM CHARLES. Hackensack, N.J. History. Sigma Nu, President, Rush Chairman, House Manager, University Activities Council, In- ter Fraternity Council, Treas- urer, SCOPE, X, XI, Order of Omega. RIELS, CHARLES E. Lucedale. Accounting. RIGBY, LARRY AUBRY. For- est. Music Education. Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Historian, University Singers, USM Marching Band, MENC, Dean's List. RIGGS, FRANK EARL. Hat- tiesburg. Computer Science. Kappa Sigma, President Student Government, Omicron Delta Kappa, Gold Key Society, Secre- tary Treasurer, President's List, Omicron Delta Kappa Outstand- ing Freshman Award, DRAWL, Assistant Editor, Student Sena- tor, Student Justice, Supreme Court, Executive Council of In- ter Varsity Christian Fellowship, Freshman Counselor, Mr. USM. RIMMER, BETTY ANN. Can- ton. Speech Pathology. Delta Delta Delta. RISHER, DEBORAH SHA- RON. Pensacola, Fla. Radio Television. RISHER, JAMES AL-AN. Me- ridian. Art. ROAN, THOMAS V. Jackson. Accounting. ROBBINS, DAVID LARRY. Columbia. Commercial Art. ROBERSON, RANDOLPH BRUCE. Jackson. Marketing. Dean's List. ROBERTS, BARBARA BETH. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Mathematics. Delta Delta Delta, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Committee of 50, Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer, SCOPE, Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges, Rush Counselor. ROBERTS, BILLY C. Biloxi. Accounting. Phi Kappa Tau, Senator, Dean's List, National President of Rho Eta Sigma, Na- tional Treasurer of Rho Eta Sigma, President of Elam Arms, Vice President of Scott Hall, Men's Affairs Board, Yellotwjack- ets, Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Com- mittee of 100, SCOPE X, Proc- tor, Social Chairman of Scott Hall, Varsity Tennis, Committee of 50. ROBERTS, EUGENE EDWIN, JR. Natchez. Medical Technol- ogy. ROBERTS, GLORIA L. Ocean Springs. Home Economics Edu- cation. Home Economics Club. ROBERTS, MACKIE WAYNE. Richton. Science Education. ROBERTS, VICTOR J. Pren- tiss. Marketing. ROBINSON, ALDEN WAT- KINS. Jackson. Physics. ROBINSON, CHERYL HEL- ENE. Monroe, La. Music Edu- cation. Delta Omicron Epsilon. ROBINSON, JOHN ALLEN. Carriere. Industrial Manage- ment. Society for the Advance- ment of Management. ROBY, DANA GRACE. Forest. English. Student Education As- sociation. ROCHE, GERRI. Laurel. Home Economics Education. Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Economics Chapter, Francis Fox Scholar- ship. RODGERS, JOHN ANDREW. Lansing, N.Y. Physical Educa- tion. Dorm Counselor, Scabbard Sc Blade, Rho Eta Sigma, HPER Club. RODRIGUEZ, DOMINGO. Bi- loxi. French-Spanish. French Na- tional Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, Dean's List. ROGERS, GLEN RAYFORD. Collins. Accounting. ROGERS, THERESIA LYNN. Brookhaven. Home Economics Education. Delta Delta Delta, Pi Taw Chi Honorary, University Activity Council, Home Econom- ics Club, Kappa Omicron Phi. ROLLISON, RONALD RICH- ARD. Hattisburg. Math Sc Eng- lish. President of Omicron Delta Kappa, Member of Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Presi- dentis and Dean's List, 15 ROTC awards, ROTC Brigade Com- mander, Legion of Uclor Brunce Award for Achivement, No. l Cadet 3rd. Army 69-70. ROMAN, MICHAEL ALLEN. Beaumont. History. ROSENZWEIG, REBECCA PAULINE. Jackson. Elementary Education. ROSS, ADDIE. Gulfport. Eng- l-ish. Dean's List, Lambda Iota Tau. ROSS, JOHN L., JR. Ocean Springs. History. Deanis List. ROSS, LANE M. Hattiesburg. Architectural Technology. Presi- dent-Inter-Varsity, Christian Fel- lowship. ROSS, MARGO. Ocean Springs. Elementary Education. President of Hickman Hall 68-69, Commit- tee of 100, 69 Southerner Feature Editor. ROSS, PAUL KENNETH. Jack- son. Computer Science. ROUNSAVILLE, WANDA CAROL. Petal Music Education. ROUSE, LARRY HARRISON. Hattiesburg. History. ROWLEY, LYNDA GALE. Fox- worth. English. Lambda Iota Tau. ROWZEE, RITA JEAN. Laurel. English. RUDDER, GLENDA SUE. Bogue Chittu. Elementary Edu- cation. RUFF, KAREN LEE. Boone- ville. Institutional Management- Dietetics. Dean's List. RUMSEY, SUSAN. Ocean Springs. English. RUSHIN, THOMAS R. Ocean Springs. Communications. Alpha Tau Omega. RUSHING, HELEN. Brook- haven. Business Education. RUSHING, MARGARET A. Petal. Mathematics. RUSHING, SANDRA KATH- RYN. Jackson. English. Tau Beta Sigma, Kappa Kappa Psi Sweet- heart, Lambda Iota Tau, USM Band fConcert St Marchingj Alpha Lambda Delta, President's and Dean's List, Student Miss. Education Assoc. RUSSELL, DORTHY DALE. Bay St. Louis. Elementary Edu- cation, Delta Delta Delta, Pan- hellenic President, Top Ten Beauty, Vice-President of Kappa Delta Pi, Cheerleader, Pom-Pom Girl, March of Dimes Chairman, Dean's List, Historian of Tri Delta, Fraternity Education Chairman of pledge class, Miss Gulfport, Model for Seventeen Magazine. RUSSELL, RHETT R. Hatties- burg. Accounting. RUSSEL, RONALD. Sumall, Communication. Phi Kappa Tau. RUSSELL, RUTH LYNN. Hat- tiesburg. Elementary Education. Kappa Delta, Dean's List. RUSTIN, WOODROW C. Lucedale. Industrial Technology. President's List, Deanis List, Men,s Affairs Board, Vice-Presi- dent of Scott Hall, Rho Eta Sigma, Intramural Athletics, Yel- low Jackets. RYALS, ANTHA DIANNE. Philadelphia. Elementary Educa- tion. RYAN, MANCY MARIE. Bi- loxi. Institutional Management and Dietetics. Delta Zeta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dixie Darlings, Kappa Omicron Phi, Betty Dukes Crafts Scholarship, Dean's and President's List. SALATHE, STANTON W. New Orleans, La. Marketing. SAMPLEY, STEPHEN GARY. Ridgeland. Industrial Technol- ogy, Dean's List. SANDERS, BARBARA GAIL. Waynesboro. Elementary Educa- tion. SANDERS, RICHARD SPEN- CER. Koscivsko. Recreation. SANDERS, SHIRLEY JEAN. Carthage. History. Deanis List. SANDIFER, JAMIE HOLLO- WAY. Prentiss. Physical Educa- tion. SANDIFER, SAMUEL THAD, JR. Prentiss. Personnel Manage- ment. Society for the Advance- ment of Management. SANFORD, BENTON LEE. Bi- loxi. Mathematics. SARAVANJA, KENNETH WILLIAM. Tela, Hoduras. In- dustrial Technology. SARRAT, ALLAN J., JR. Bay St. Louis. Psychology. Sigma Phi Epsilon. SARTIN, FRED ROBERT. Ocean Springs. Industrial Tech- nology. Phi Kappa Tau, Social Chairman: USM Golf Team, Phi Kappa Tau Groomsman. SARTIN, WINFRED EUGENE. Jackson. Finance. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SAUCIER, STUART LAN- DRUM. Gulfport. Finance. 355 SAVAGE, ROBBI LYN. Pensa- cola, Fla. Art Education. SCHOENECK, BECKY BURST. Gulfport. Elementary Education. Deanis List. SCHOLLE, RHONDA THE- RESA. New Orleans, La. Busi- ness Teacher Education. Kappa Delta. SCHRADER, DAVID ALLEN. Pensacola, Fla. Computer Sci- ence. SCIFRES, ROBERT LYNN. Jackson. History. SCOGGIN, CHARLES D. De- catun. Industrial Technology. SCOTT, JAMES ROBERT. Natchez. Physical Education. SCOTT, JUDY JACKSON. Crystal Springs. Elementary Ed- ucation. SCOTT, LINDA SHARON. Florence. Physical Education. SCOTT, MADELON REDD. Laurel. Elementary Education. SCOTT, PATRICIA ELAINE. Roswell, New Mexico. Journal- ism. Delta Zeta, Pledge Class President, House Manager, Edi- tor, Chaplain, Theta Sigma Phi, Corresponding Secretary. SCRUGGS, GROSS JR. Merid- ian. Music Education. SCRUGGS, ROBERT EARL. Laurel. Computer Science and Statistics. SEABROOK, MARILYN ELIZ- ABETH. State Line. Home Eco- nomics Education. SELLERS, BARBARA GALE. Laurel. Accounting. Alpha Epsi- lon Alpha. SELLERS, ELLA LOUISE. Richton. Elementary Education. SETTLES, DAN R. Anchorage, Alaska. History. Contemporary- magazine, Marching Band, Uni- versity Singers I, Project Biafra. SHAMOUN, CHARLES DAV- ID, JR. Greenvill. Personal Man- agement. SHANKS, LINDA FAYE. Tchula. Sociology. SHARP, MITCHEL CURTIS. Ellisville. Finance. SHARPLING, NANCY QUIN. McComb. Elementary Education. Student Miss. Education Assoc. SHAW, BARRY LLOYD. Charleston. Music Education. Phi Mu Alpha SinFonia, Marching Band, Concert Band, Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble. SHAW, DIANA RUTH. Eu- pona. Elementary Education. SHAW, LINDA DELL. Hollan- dale. Political Science and His- tory. Dean's List. SHAW, WALTER ROYCE. For- est. History. SHEEKS, JOHN DANIEL. Mat- toon, Ill. History. Sigma Nu, Circle K Treasure 67-68. SHEELY, MARY JANE. Pela- hatchie. Recreation. SHEFFIELD, WILLIAM BRY- AN. III. Picayune. Business Edu- cation. National Business Educa- tion Association. SHEPHERD, ROBERT THO- MAS. Melborne, Fla. History. 3 5 SHEPPARD, THOMAS ED- WARD. Biloxi. Finance. Dean's List, Southern Players. SHERRILL, JOSEPH W. Hat- tiesburg. Math and Computer Science. SHIRLEY, DONALD ODIS. Meridian. Physical Education. SHOEMAKE, BRENDA RAE. Petal. Speech Therapy. Sigma Alpha Eta. SHOEMAKER, ROBERT ED- WARD. Mississippi City. Politi- cal Science. Dean's List. SHORTER, CHARLES THO- MAS. Braxton. History. SHOWS, FREDERIC DANIEL. Laurel. Commercial Art. SIEVERS, MARGARET LINN. Greenville. Executive Secretarial Studies. SILLS, ELIZABETH LOUISE. Jackson. Music Education. Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Deans' List, Singers I, Mu Phi Epsilon-President. SIMMONS, NELL ELIZA- BETH. McComb. English. Dean's List, Pride of Mississippi, Tau Beta Sigma. SIMMONS, WILLIAM SID- NEY. Picayune. Industrial Arts. SIMPSON, JIMMY T. Morton. Marketing. Dorm President, Rho Eta Sigma, Treasurerg Men's Af- fairs Board, Dorm Counselor, Dean's List, Scabbard 8: Blade, Committee of 100, Distinguished Military Student. SIPES, ALAN OSCAR. Jackson. Math!German. Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, College of Arts and Sci- ence Honors Program, Gold Key Society. SISSON, GAYLON ARNOLD. Enterprise. Political Science. SKELTON, JAMES CHARLES. Meridian. History. Dean's List. SKINNER, ELVER GEORGE. Gulfport. Economics. SLAUGHTER, WILLIAM THOMAS. Bay St. Louis. His- tory. Yellowjackets, Rho Eta Sigma, ROTC. SLAYTON, WILLIAM ER- SKINE. Pensacola, Fla. Music Education. Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha, Alpha Phi Omega, Pride Drillmaster, Dean's List, Symphonic Band, Jazz Lab Band. SMITH, ALEX GARDNER. Beaumont. Physical Education. SMITH, BETTY JEAN. Colum- bia. Nursing. SMITH, CHARLES MARTIN. Picayune. Radio, Television, WMSU News Director. SMITH, CHARLES MER- RICK. Bogalusa, La. Personnel Management. SMITH, CHERYL LANE. Jack- son. Microbiology. Alpha Lamb- da Delta, DRUIDS, Dean's List, President's List. SMITH, DANIEL BLOOD. Pensacola, Fla. History. Sigma Nu. SMITH, DOUGLAS IRVING, JR. Didon. General Business. Distinguished Military Student, Head Resident, Scabbard 8x Blade, President, Captain South- ern Rifles, Delta Sigma Pi. SMITH, FREDDIE L. Jackson. Geography. SMITH, GREGORY THEO- DORE. Picayune. Political Sci- ence. SMITH, HAROLD WILBUR. McComb-Management. SMITH, LINDA WILLIAMS. Picayune. English. SMITH, MAUREEN. McComb. Physical Education. SMITH, RONNIE KEITH. Pi- cayune. History. SMITH, RONNY WAYNE. Union. History. SMITH, THOMAS ALBERT. Philadelphia. Art Education. SMITH, THOMAS L. Gibbs- town. Math. Pen 8a Sword. SMITH, WILLIAM HERMAN. Meridian-Special Education. SNOWDEN, ROBERT DON- ALD. Meridian. Biology. SONES, JAMES MARTIN. Pi- cayune. Math. SPACKMAN, CLIFTON. Hat- tiesburg. Business. SPARKS, LINDA KAY. Fort Thomas, Ky. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Little Sister of Minerva. SPEAKMAN, REBECCA LYN. Baton Rouge, La. Elementary Education. SPEARS, LYNNE CURTIS. Jackson. English. Lambda Iota Tau, Dean's List, SEA. SPEIGHTS, BETTY LOU. Co- lumbia. English. SPENCE, JERRY M. Columbia. English. SPENCER, RUBYE ANNE. Grenada. Drawing 81 Painting. Deanis List. SPERANCE, JAMES RONALD. Pass Christian. Personnel Man- agement. SPERANCE, WILLIAM AN- THONY. Pass Christian. Ac- counting. SPIELER, CHARLES LARRY. Miami, Fla. Business. SPREEMAN, GALE MARIE. Hampton, Va. Recreation. STANLEY, THOMAS K. Shu- buta. Industrial Technology. STANLEY, VALOA LORINE. Hattiesburg. Sociology. STAUSS, MARIE. Jackson. Commercial Art. Chi Omega, Secretary Senior Class, Who's Who, Editor 1969 Southerner, Contemporary staff, president's list, Dean's List, Phi Delta Rho, Alpha Lambda Delta, SGA Sen- ator, SGA Chairman of Calen- dars 8L Events, Miss. Arts Fes- Collegiate Watercolor lst tival, place Award. One-Man show at Miss. State University, two Pur- chase Awards 'in Edgewater Art Exhibit. STEADMAN, STAN. Huntsville, Ala. Marketing. Kappa Alpha. STEELE, KEITH WESLEY. Fulton. History. STEGALL, TERESA ANN. Jackson. Business Education. STEPHENS, HENRY WOOD- WARD. Biloxi. Personnel Man- agement. STEPHENS, SUSAN HOLLO- MAN. Hattiesburg. English. STEPHENS, WAYNE DUS- TINE. Canton. Music Education. STEPHENSON, LINDA KOEN. Richton. Elementary Education. University Chorus, MENC, SMEA, University Singers II. STEVENS, BRIAN ELLS- WORTH. Dunedin, Fla. Person- nel Management. STEVENS, CAROL ANN. Jack- son. Business Education. STEVENS, ERNEST H. Hazle- hurst. Industrial Technology. STEVENS, HUGH WARD. Jackson. Biology. STEVENS, JESSE LEE. Petal. Business Education. STEVENS, LARRY EUGENE. Jackson. Personnel Management. STEVENS, MARTHA LYNN. Brandon. Elementary Education. Alpha Sigma Alpha. STEWARD, DAVID ROY. Gulfport. Speech Pathology. STEWART, JANET. Jackson. History. STEWART, LYNDA FAYE. Poplarville. Biology. President's List, Sam Woods Scholarship, Beta Beta Beta. STILES, ALONZO WILLIAM. Natchez. General Business. STILL, JANIE ELIZABETH. Ellisville. Speech Education. As- sociation of Women Students, Student Government Association, University Singers, 'BSU Execu- tive Council, Dean's List. STOGNER, CHARLES AUS- TIN. Tylertown. Industrial Man- agement. STONESTREET, CHERYL MARIE. Clarksdale. Speech Pathology. Sigma Alpha Eta. STOVALL, YVONNE MAX- INE. Leakesville. Library Sci- ence. STRAHAN, ALBERT EARL. Collins. Physics. Society of Phys- ics Students. STRAHAH, RONNIE CURTIS. Moss Point. Computer Science. STRAWDER, LARRY CAL- VIN. Jackson. History. STRICKLAND, CHARLES VERNON. Columbia. Industrial Arts. STRICKLAND, MARILYN. Richton. Elementary Education. STRINGER, JAMES WILEY. Madison. Accounting. STROHM, LARRY ALLEN. Wiggins. Health 8: Physical Ed- ucation. STUART, LEROY J., JR. Pela- hatchie. Music Education. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. STUDENY, ROBERT LOUIS. Columbus. Journalism. Contem- porary Staff, Geographical So- ciety, Newman Club. SULLIVAN, JOHN LARRY. Lumberton. Personnel Manage- ment. SULLIVAN, SANDRA GORE. Sumrall. Business Education. SULLIVAN, SHARON ANN. Ocean Springs. Home Econom- ics Education. SULLIVAN, STEPHEN JAMES. Tulsa, Oklahoma. His- tory. President's List, Dean's List, History Fraternity, SMEA. 355 SUMRALL, DOYLE FRAZIER. Jackson. Biology. Beta Beta Beta Deanis List. SUMRALL, WILLIAM RAN- DY. Tylertown. Health St Physi- cal Education. SUTTON, ANTHONY HOW- ARD. Sisterville, West Va. In- dustrial Technology. Sigma Nu, Pledge Marshall, Corresponding Secretary, IFC Delegate, 'General Nat's Sergeant. SWEENEY, CYNTHIA LOU- ISE. Canton. Health 8t Physical Education. Dean's List, Presi. dent's List, HPER Club. SYKES, DAVID LAMAR. Long Beach. PreMed. TATUM, BRENDA CHAN- CELLOR. Laurel. Elementary Education. Dean's List, Kappa Delta Pi. TAWAM, NADA. Jackson. French Sr English. Pi Delta Pi, President, LIT, Social Chairman of civinettes. TAYLOR, DONALD L. Jack- son. Political Science. TAYLOR, JOE E. Jackson. Math. Kappa Alpha. TAYLOR, LINDA RUTH. Waynesboro. English. Kappa Delta. TAYLOR, MARIE. Buckatunna. Corrective Therapy. TAYLOR, THOMAS HENRY. New Orleans, La. Finance. TAYLOR, WAYNE H. Hatties- burg. Psychology. TAYLOR, WILLIAM HARRY. Brookhaven. English. TEASTER, LLOYD BINFORD. Yazoo City. Finance. TERKEUST, ROBERT DEN- NIS. Pascagoula. Biology. Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Epsilon Delta. TERRY, JAMES HARVEY, III. Vicksburg. Computer Science. THAMES, BARON WALTER. Hattiesburg. Accounting. THANAWAT, CHAKAWN. Bangkok, Thailand. Chemistry! Pre-Med. Alpha Epsilon Alpha. THEOBALD, LINDA LEE. Pass Christian. Commercial. Dean's List. THERRELL, J. MURRAY J. Bassett, Ark. Music Composition. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. THOMAS, JAMES MICHAEL. Forest. Industrial Education. Rho Eta Sigma, National Service Hall, Fraternity-Student Coun- celor. THOMAS, MARTHA KAYE. Moss Point. Elementary Educa- tion. THOMAS, ROBERT WALL. Woodville. General Business. THOMPKINS, LIGE CLIN- TON. Kilmichael. Biology. THOMPSON, BARRY KEN- NETH. Moselle. Marketing. THOMPSON, GEORGIA LYNN. Vicksburg. Elementary Education. Dean's List, Presi- dent's List, Student Miss. Educa- tion Assoc.-member. THOMPSON, LINDA KATH- ERINE. Columbia. Elementary Education. Kappa Delta, ROTC Sponsor, Cheerleader, University Activity Council, Kappa Delta- Chairman. 2 THOMPSON, LUCIAN GLEN. Biloxi. History. THOMPSON, MARIANNE. Morton. Elementary Education. SEA member. THOMPSON, SYLVIA ANN. Petal. Elementary Education. THOMSEN, JEFFREY D. Hat- tiesburg. Computer Science. As- sociation for Computing Machin- ery. THORNTON, GARLAND A., JR. Mobile, Alabama. Industrial Technology. THORNTON, VICTOR ERN- EST. Jackson. Computer Science. TILLERY, HARRY NEAL. Clinton. Piano. Member of Music Educators National Conference. TILLEY, RICHARD H. Gulf- port. Bio-Pre-Med. Phi Kappa Tau. TILLSON, ELIZABETH TAY- LOR. Raleigh. Business Educa- tion. TINGLE, ROSS F. Meridian. Physical Education. TOMS, JOE M. Bailey. History. TONSBERG, DAVID WIL- LIAM. Tampa, Fla. Biology Sc Nursing. TOWNSEND, BOB RICHARD. Noselle. Industrial Arts Teach- ing. TOWNSEND, DONALD GAYE. Hattiesburg. Biology. Deanls List. Alpha Epsilon Delta- Pre Med Honor Society, Scab- bard 8L Blade. TRAHAN, GAREY MAURICE. Biloxi. Finance. TRASK, BEVERLY ANN. Bo- galusa. Biology. Chi Omega, Dixie Darling, Dixie Darling Captain, Chi Omega-Pledge Class President, Phi Delta Rho- Class President, Phi Delta Rho- President, Women's Affairs Board, Drawl Staff, Committee of 100, Vice-House Chairmen. TRAYLOR, KENNETH H. Sumrall. Political Science. Dean's List, Rho Eta Sigma, Student Senate, University Traffic St Parking Committee, Chairman. TREST, LARRY JOSEPH. Clinton. General Business. TRIGG, LINDA DORIS. Semi- nary. Elementary Education. TRIGG, THOMAS KEATON, JR. Hattiesburg. Biology. Phi Kappa Tau, Deanls List. TRUSSELL, HAZEL RUTH, Collinsville. Elementary Educa- tion. TRUSSELL, JAMES ALEXAN- DER. Hattiesburg. Personnel Manager. TUCKER, JAY WILFRED. Jackson. Accounting. TUCKER, STEPHEN MI- CHAEL. Forest. Physical Educa- tion. TULLOS, DON. Taylorsville. Personnel Manager. TULLOS, JOHN LEE. Colum- bia. Finance. TURCOTTE, JOHN WIN- FIELD. Clinton. Political Sci- ence. Deanis List, President's List, Merit Scholarship. TURNAGE, BRENDA G. Tyler- town. Home Economics. TUTTERROW, PATRICIA A. Tchula. Home Economics. TYLER, ROGERS OREL. Hat- tiesburg. Music Education. UGOLINI, GERALD RAY. Greenville. French. UMBERT, ENRIQUE. Are- quipa-Peru. Marketing. Delta Sigma Pi. UPSHAW, KAYE FRANCES. Pickens. Business Education. UZZLE, MARY LEONA. Roll- ing Ford. Sociology. AWS, Sec- retary, Freshman Counselor. VALENTINE, CHARLA DE- NISE. Laurel. Journalism. VANDOVER, SUSAN ELIZA- BETH. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Ele- mentary Education. VAN ROSSUM, PHYLLIS ANN. Shubuta. Elementary Edu- cation. VARNADO, MAGER ALTON, JR. Gulfport. History. VAUGHN, DONALD MAH- LON. Aberdeen. Speech. VAUGHN, DOUGLAS A. Ocean Springs. Industrial Man- agement. Phi Kappa Tau. VAUGHN, HILDA FAY. Brook- haven. Business Education. VAUGHN, NEAL. Pensacola. Physical Education. Kappa Sig- ma, Athletic Chairman, HPER Club, Vice President, USM Gymnastic Club, Circle K. VEACH, RONIE LEE. Terry. Church Music. University Sing- ers, Wesley Foundation. VELAZCO, ANTENOR. Lima- Peru. Chemistry. Dean's List. VICK, JANIE LOUISE. Dekalb, Business Education. Phi Beta Lambda, Secretary, AWS, House Chairman, Bolton Hall. VICKEY, GLENDY BURKE. Gulfport. Finance. Rho Epsilon. VICKEY, KAREN PENNING- TON. Newton. English. Honors Program, Dean's List, Collegiate Civinettes, President. VITRANO, JOHNNY HENRY. New Orleans, La. Physical Edu- cation. Phi Mu Big Brother, Who's Who in American Univer- sities and Colleges, M-Club, HPER Club, Dean's List, Var- sity Basketball. VLAMING, MICHAEL ALAN. Chicago, Ill. Sociology. Varsity Baseball, Sociology Club, New- man Club, Intramural Football. VOGLE, NANCY E. Gulfport. Accounting. Alpha Epsilon Al- pha, Secretary, President's List, Dean's List, Merit Scholarship. WADE, BRUCE CLIFFORD. Magee. Radio Television 8t Film. WADE, JANET LEIGH. Hat- tiesburg. Music!English. WADE, ROMA LEE. Moselle. Psychology. WAITE, WENDY LYNN. Hat- tiesburg. Public Address. Pi Kappa Delta, Southern Players, Dean's List, MSCW Tour Choir Chorale, MSCW Debate Team, Alpha Psi Omega. WALDEN, THOMAS EVER- ETT. Biloxi. Industrial Manage- ment. Scabbard 8a Blade, Society for Advancement of Manage- ment. WALKER, ERNEST EDWARD. Hattiesburg. Accounting. WALKER, GEORGE D. Mobile, Ala. Physical Education. Student Christian Federation, HPER Club. WALKER, JAMES FRANK- LIN, JR. Taylorsville. Biology. Kappa Alpha, President, Out- standing Pledge. WALKER, LAURA SHARON. Taylorsville. Microbiology. Al- pha Sigma Alpha, Scholarship Chairman, Committee of 50, Westminister Fellowship, Editor. WALKER, MAURICE RAY. Meridian. Personnel Manage- ment. WALKER, MICHAEL BRUCE. Meridian. Marketing. Dean's List, President's List. WALKER, RONALD LEE. Pas- cagoula. Industrial Management. Society for the Advancement of Management. WALKER, SHELDIA MARIE. Gulfport. Microbiology. WALL, EDNA EARLE. Oak- vale. Elementary Education. WALL, LINDA RUTH. New- ton. Business Education. WALLACE, ALDEW M. Merid- ian. Marketing. WALLER, WILLIAM LAMAR. Laurel. History. President's List, Deanis List, Young Democrats, President. WALLEY, OLEN LLOYD. Pop- larville. Speech Education. Alpha Phi Omega. WALLIS, THOMAS MI- CHAEL. Syracuse, N.Y. Philos- ohpy. Newman Club, Dean's List. WALRATH, RUSSELL CLYDE, Meridian. HistoryfGe- ology. WALTERS, FRED IRVIN. Lau- rel. Industrial Management. WALTERS, JAMES HARRY. Laurel. Physical Education. WALTERS, KENT LOUIS. Pensacola, Fla. Personnel Man- agement. WALTHER, JAMES RU- DOLPH. Lucedale. Political Science. WALTON, SUSAN ALLEN. Hattiesburg. Home Economics. WALTON, THOMAS ED- WARD. Mobile, Ala. General Business. Alpha Tau Omega, House Manager, Public Relations Oflicer, Rush Chairman, IFC Delegate. WALTON, WILLIAM HUGO. New Augusta. Biology. Sigma Phi Epsilon. WARD, RICHARD DEEN. Hattiesburg. Chemistry. WARE, DANNY JOE. State Line. Accounting. WARREN, DAVID MICHAEL. Brookhaven. Chemistry. WARREN. EMMETTE LEE. Prichard, Ala. Management. Phi Kappa Tau. WARRINER, ANNE FOWLER. Jackson. Library Science. IVARRINER, F. CHARLES. Madison. Political Science. WATSON, LARRY B. Meridian. Finance. WATSON, RAYMON KAREL. Escatawpa. Accounting. 357 WEBB, DONALD EDWIN. Hef- lin, Ala. History. WEBB, THOMAS HILTON, JR. Hattiesburg. Kappa Sigma. WEBB, THOMAS LOWRY THOMAS. Meridian. History! Political. Kappa Alpha. Dean's List. WEBER, ROBERT EDWIN. McComb. Math. WEIDMAN, STANLEY ED- WARD. Waveland. Recreation. WELCH, EDWARD LAMAR. Soso. Geography. WELLMAN, FELIX EUGENE. Hattiesburg. Personal 8a Indus- trial Management. Pen St Sword. WELLS, PHYLLIS BROWN. Walnut Hill, Fla. Music Educa- tion. Treasurer, Mu Phi Epsilon, Little Sister of Minerva, Deanls List, Music Educators National Conference. WELLS, REBECCA SHAR- LENE. Waynesboro. English. WELLS, THOMAS CHRISTO- PHER. McComb. Accounting. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ROTC Scabbard St Blade, College Civi- tan Club. WESTERFIELD, MELVIN F. Morton. General Business. WHEELER, SUSAN E. Colum- bus, Ohio. Elementary Education. Kappa Delta Pi. WHITE, ANNA CAROL. Wig- gins. Elementary Education. WHITE, DAVID OSCAR. Jack- son. Accounting. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WHITE, MARGARET ANNE. Mendenhall. Elementary Educa- tion. WHITE, MARILYN CARTER. Laurel. Executive Secretarial Science. WHITE, MARY LOUISE. Pren- tiss. Executive Secretarial Stud- ies. WHITE, PAMOLA GAYLE. Virginia Beach, Virginia. French. Kappa Delta. WHITE, ROBERTA ANNETT. Crestview, Fla. Nursing. Student Nurses Association, Secretary, Mississippi Association of Student Nurses, National Student Nurses Association. WHITFIELD, RONALD RAY. Picayune. Math. Sigma Phi Ep- silon, Assistant House Manager, Scholarship Chairman, Record- ing Secretary. WHITLEY, DOROTHY DI- ANNE. Natchez. Elementary Education. WHITMORE, SANDRA JEAN. Moss Point. Zoology. Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's List. WIGGS, SANDRA KAY. But- ler, Ala. Elementary Education. WIGINGTON, ANNETTE. Pin- ola. Elementary Education. WILDER, LYNN. Tupelo. Ra- dio, Television, 8a Film. WILDER, NYOKA. Tupelo. English.. WILLARD. LOUIS EUGENE. Natchez. Personnel Management. Alpha Tau Omega. VVILLIAIVIS, DIANE INIARIE. Centerville. Elementary Educa- tion. WILLIAMS, E. BRAGG. Pop- larville. Political Science!History. Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Alpha Theta, USM Sym- phonic Band, Honors Program, Dean's List, Pi Kappa Alpha. WILLIAMS, FRED E. Hatties- burg. Accounting. WILLIAMS, JACQUELINE MAE. Pascagoula. Sociology. Dean's List. WILLIAMS, JOEL ALLEN. Hattiesburg. Marketing. WILLIAMS, MALCOLM RAY. Newton. Physical Education. WILLIAMS, MORRIS CLAIR. Jackson. Political Science. Phi Kappa Alpha, Alumni Chair- man, Social Chairman. WILLIAMSON, BETTYE JAM- ICE. Oakvale. Elementary Edu- cation. WILLIAMSON, JUDY KATH- RYN. Grove Hill, Ala. Elemen- tary Education. WILLIAMSON, JUDY McAL- PIN. Magee. Speech Pathology. WILSON, BOBBY CLARENCE. Liberty. Industrial Technology. WILSON, CATHY SUSAN. Pas- cagoula. Elementary Education. Kappa Delta Pi. WILSON, JOAN ELAINE. Ly- man. EnglishfFrench!German. Honors Program, President's List, Pi Kappa Delta, M.M. Robert's Scholarship, Merit Scholarship, Alpha Lambda Del- ta, University Activities Council, BSU, Dormitory Ofiicer. WILSON, LETTIE FAYE. Long Beach. Recreation. WILSON, LINDA FAY. Pren- tiss. Clothing Merchandising. WILSON, ROBERT GLYN. Brookhaven. Accounting. WILSON, ELMER WILLIAM. Natchez. Industrial Arts. WINDHAM, BILL ALLEN. Laurel. Sociology. WINDHAM, LINDA JOAN. Morton. Home Economics Edu- cation. Kappa Omicron Phi, As- sociation of Women Students, Who's Who. WINGARD, DIXIE HILL. Hat- tiesburg. Computer Science 8: Statistics. WINK, RICHARD EUGENE. Gulfport. Social Studies. WISE, CAROL SUE. Mt. Olive. Elementary Education. WISE, FREDA P. Gulfport. English. WOLCOTT, BETSY ROSS. Waveland. Elementary Education. WOMACK, RUTH GLENDA. Waynesboro. Mathematics. WOODRUFF, JUNE ANNE. Louisville. English. Ind-ian Edu- cation-Choctaw Internship Pro- gram. WOODS, THOMAS ALBERT. Hattiesburg. Biology. WOOTEN, CONNIE SUE. Brookhaven. Home Economics Education. Kappa Omicron Phi, Dean's List. WRIGHT, LINDA ANN. Co- lumbia. History. Alpha Lambda Delta. WYATT, TOMMYE S. Laurel. Speech Pathology. Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi. WYNNE, LINDA SUE. Plain. Speech Pathology. YARBROUGH, LINDA MA- RIE. Indianola. Industrial Man- 353 agement. Home Economics Club Dean's List. YATES, GERALD ANTHONY. Springfield, Mo. Mathematics. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Pen 8: Sword. YELVERTON, SYLVIA DI- ANE. Hattiesburg. Elementary Education. Delta Delta Delta, Recommendations C h a i r m a ng Freshman Counselor, Drawl stalf, Student Court Justice, Spirit Committee, SCOPE, Chairman. YONKO, PHYLLIS ANN. Jack- son. Music Education. Tau Beta Sigma. YOUENS, CHARLES E. Mobile, Ala. Computer Science. YOUNG, JAMES HENRY. Mc- Comb. Math. ZUPKO, JOHN EUGENE. Bi- loxi. Geography!Russian Lang- uage. Kappa Sigma, Pi Beta Phi Arrowsman, Circle K, Vice Presi- dent, President, Yellowjackets, Treasurer, USM Geography Club, Corresponding Secretary, Vice-President, President, Gam- ma Theta Upsilon, Scabbard 8: Blade. I 0 A Abbay, Robert Irwin, III, 166, 194 Abbey, David Charles, 78 Abbey, Robert Vernon, 298 Abbott, Margaret Ann, 132 Ables, Sheryl L., 194 Abney, Ada Lorraine, 166 Abraham, Adele Marie, 132, 253 Abraham, Helen Marie, 194, 244 Abraham William Byron, 86, 290 Acker, Lionel Carter, 166 Acree, Lauri Katherine, 288 Acrey, Donald Oliver, Jr., 166 Adams, Danny Lee, 166 Adams, Nancy Diana, 132 Aderholdt, Frank W., Jr., 132, 234 Aderholdt Margaret B., 166 Agall, Bill G., 166 Agee, Haskell, Jr. 194 Agnew, George Edward, 286 Aikens, Walter Barclay, 166 Ainsworth, Jacob Burton, 132 Atwood, Charles L., 132 Beeland, Barbara Jean, 166 Boone, Ainsworth Ainsworth Ainsworth Sarah Rebecca, 166 Frank L., III, 306 , John Harold, 166 , Judith Ann, 132 , Julia Ann, 166 Ainsworth, Aitcheson. Armstrong, Armstrong, Student Index Marianna, 194 Robert Norman, 166 Armstrong, Samuel T., 310 Armstrong, Sharon Chaundy, 184 Armstrong, Wayne J., Jr., 128 Arno, Joan Carol, 184, 239 Arnold, Beth Payne, 166 Arnold, Arrazat Arringt James Kelly, 57, 194, 279 te, Roberto, 85 on, Cecil Edward, 194 Ashford, Susie Lee, 194 Ashley, John Stanley, 166 Ashley, Martha Jane, 132 Ashley, Sandra Kay, 166, Ashley, Winford Clarence, 184 Askew, Catherine Harriet, 184, 312 Askew, Asp, M Atchley, Rebecca Ann. 266, 166, 239 arjorie Kay, 194, 238 Bater, Mary Ann, 133 Bates, Donna Kathleen, 166 Bates, Bates, Batson, Ba tson, Thomas Edwin, 11, 133, 291 Wendy, 166, 321 Betty Jo, 128 Joseph Edward, III, 133 Battalora, Dayle Marie, 166 Battles, Battin, Michael Thomas, 56, 133 Robert Ray, 166 Baucom, Madeline Marie, 133 Baucum, Susan Carol, 184 Baxter, Baxter, Mary Ellen, 133 Opal Ann, 194 Beall, Beverly Susan, 194 Bean, Barbara Joyce, 166 Beard, Beard, Beard, Cherry Lynn, 166 John Marvin, 290 Michael Francis, 166, 240, 243 John Edison, 286 Ates, Jacquelyn Sue, 132 Atkinson, Joye Florence, 166 Bearden, T. W., 166 Beasley, Beverly A. Rollins, 133 Beasley, William Jr., 166 Beason. Dianne, 184, 276, 279, 312, 336 Beatty. Patricia Jane, 184 Atkinson, Mary Elizabeth, 128 Atkinson, Rose, 132 Atkinson, Syble Cherie, 194 Atkinson. Walter Carlos. 132, 306 Atwood, Cecil Wayne, 128 Beck, Charles Ray, 133 Beckler. Frederick Charles, 279 Becknell, Milton Edward, 166 Blankenship, Albert Eugene, 134 Blankenship, Glenda Sue, 128 Blanton, Irvin Kent, 134 Blaylock, Elizabeth F., 167 Bledsoe, Randolph O., 184 Blissett, Jimmy Dale, 194 Blount, Garry Glenn, 288 Blount, Virginia Gayle, 134 Blunt, Erich S., Jr., 194 Bobinger, Ruth Ann M., 134 Boesch, Jimmy Martin, 57, 279 Boettcher, Frank James, 134 Bogen, Vesta Ann, 184, 300, 320 Boggan, Frances Kay, 134 Bolander, Pamela Anne, 167 Boler, Peggy Waynette, 134 Boles, Linda Ann, 134 Boleware, Linda Nell, 134 Bond, Beverly Joyce, 167 Bonderer, David Warren, 184 Bonds, Thomas Lenard, 194 Boney, James Elwood, 134 Bonnabel, Alfred E., III, 194 Bonner, Brenda Sue, 167 Bonner, Michael Stephen, 310, 310 Bonnette, Henry Thomas, 134 Aitken, Cynthia Cheryl, 194, 300 Albright, Dana Jan, 194 Albritton, Charlotte M., 184, 284 Albritton, Kathryn Barrett, 132 Albritton. Micky Carye, 166 Aldrich. Dixie Lee, 132, 240 Aultman, Lynda Marie, 132 Austin, Ann, 292, 239 Avent, John Watts, 186 Avery, Kenneth Terrell, 132 Aycock. Clois R.. 235 Aycock. Edith Carleen, 166 Ayers. Beverley Jean, 194, 238 Beeman. Melanie Ann. 166 Beene. Louis Kenneth Ray, 184 Beggs, Freddie Roy. 133 Belknap, Brian Richard, 133 Bell, Kathyan, 133 Beltram, Rafliaele G., 85, 133 Benedict, Connie Lee, 133 Boone, Jeff Joe, 184, 298 Sandra Lee, 184, 292 Boothe, Donald Lynn, 256 Boothe, Donald Ray, 134 Borden, Boring, Roberta Clare, 167 Janie. 167 Boroughs, William Thomas, 231, 279 Borries, Linda E., 128 erald Lee. 132 Alexander Alexander Alexander Alexander , Carolyn Anne, 184 , David Ernest, 184 . Gordon Anderson, 132 , Nita Lorraine, 166 Alexander, Richard Goodman, 286 Alfonso, Margaret Belle, 184, 240, 288 Alfonso. Tommy Carlene, 166, 288 Alford, Elise Hovis, 194 Alford, Janis Lynn, 166 Alford, Jewel Wayne. 166 Alford, Randal Prisock, 166, 306 Alford, Verna Dean, 166, 259 Allen, Corene, 132 Allen, James Dacus, 184 Allen Marjorie Jo ce 132 Allen, Allen, Y 1 Mary Roberts, 132 Pamela Ann. 184 Allen, Prentiss Daniel 166 Allen Richard Douglas, 294 Alleni semi Ray, 166 Allen , Steve Shelton, 194 Allmon, Carolyn Sue, 166 Allwood, Enrique Eduardo, 184 Almond, Paula Diane, 184 Altman, John Alfred, III, 166, 298 Altrey, Jerry B., 290 Amason, Deborah Ann, 194 Amason, Martha Jane, 194 Ammons, John Billy, Jr., 194, 251 Anastasio, Randall J., 132 Anders, Dolly Diane, 132, 304 Anders. Kay, 132 B Babers. Ronald Roy, 132 Backstrom H. LaVaughn, Jr., 286 Frances Sue, 194, 297 Bacon. Baglai, Cynthia, 194 Bailess, Carolyn. 132 Bailey, Bailey, Bailey. Ba'ley, Baine. Donald Ray, 184. 251 Lorena, 184, 292 Paul Edwin, Jr., 132 Robert James, 235 Martha Ann, 194, 300 Baker, Donald Glenn, 132 Baker. Larry Hugh, 186 Baker. Rita P., 128 Balch. Margaret Jackson, 132 Baldwin. Jacqueline Ann, 184, 239 Balius, Albert Scott. 194 Balius, Andrew Arthur, 194 Balius, Mark Hastings, 132 Ball. Deborah Anne, 312 . Ball, G Ballard Ballard. Ballard Ballard Ballard Balo. J , Douglas Mitchel, 166 George Preston. 298, 299 . Henry Alonzo, 166 , Molly Kerr, 194 . Patricia Marian, 184 udith Mary, 128 Benezue, Faye Catherine, 166 Benfield, Lawrence Peter, 166 Benefie Benke. Benner. ld. Thomas Rand, 133 Anne, 133, 284 Dema C. Gibbs, 184 Benner. Steve Matthew, 184 Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett. Amy Lynn, 166 Anthony Wayne, 194 Donnie Lee 194 Evelyn Anne, 166 Bennett, James, III, 166 Bennett. Johnny Jerome, 133 Bennett, Bennett Stanley Herston. 184 Sylvia Elaine 184 B0ns0n.'Rebeeea Leigh. 133, 167, 304 Benton. Frankie Louis, 194, 259 Berg. Barbara Lynn, 304 Bergeron. Scott M., 194. 279, 314 Bergin. Elizabeth Anne, 133 Berkemeyer. Roland A.. 279 Bortone. Gary Harriman, 167 Bostwick, Diane Marie, 184, 308 Boswell, Ruth Karen, 167 Bouchard. Bonnie Blanche, 194, 239 Bouchillon, Laura E., 304 Bounds, Barry Kyle, 134 Bounds, Charles Chandler, 128 Bounds, Don Harrison, 88 Bounds. Gail Allison, 194 Bounds George Thomas, 134 Bounds, Jimmie Thomas, 134 Bounds, Lauren Dale, 167 Bounds, Meida, 239 Bounds. Paula Dianne, 194 Bounds. Paula Miriam, 167, 194 Bourgeois. Joseph Allan, 134 Bourne, Irene Elaine, 238, 300 Bourne. Larry Clyde. 134, 167, 302. 3 Bouthilet, Marg Agneita, 167, 304 Boutwell, Martha Eleanor. 134 Boutwell. Boutwell. Boutwell. Minnie Elizabeth, 167 Sheryl Ann, 167 William Allen, 134 Berry. David Locke, 167, 251 Berry, Janis Margaret, 184, 235, 244, 266, 288 Berry. Kenneth Mack, 194 Berry, Lynn Louise, 133, 227, 308, 331, 345 Berry, Martin Leroy, 133, 233, 236, 237 Berry Robert Gerald 133 235 Bowden, E. Ann. 235, 240 Bowden, Robert Leslie, 71 Bowen, Jerry Lynn, 184 Bowen. Pamela Anne, 194 Bowers. Mary Kay Stewart, 134 Black. Balthrop, James P., Jr., 133 Balzaretti, Ricardo F., 133 Banks, Lee Merrick, 194 Bankston. James Vernon, 133 Baragona. Thomas Charles. 133, 264 Barber, Miriam Jeanne, 186 Barbo, Mary Elizabeth, 166 Bardwell, Samuel Richard, 194 Barfield, Rickie Newell, 133 Baricev, Joseph Hugh, 133, 235, 240 Barlow. Douglas Deric, 132 Barnard, John Larry, 194, 306 Barnard, Roy Edward, 133 Berryhill, Elizabeth D., 133 Berquist. Richard Ernest, 134 Bertolla, Alexander A.. 134 Beshears, Carolyn Jean, 194 Best, Joseph Frank, 294, 295 Bevon. Faith Durden. 194 Bianchi. Diane Kay. 134 Biggs. William O., II, 314 Biggs. Wilton D.. Jr., 279 Anderson, Gavin Larue, 166, 251 Anderson, Austin Dale, 166 Anderson, Christina Lou, 166 Anderson, Daniel O. Jr., 279 Anderson, Harry Bruce, 298, 299 Anderson, James Michael, 132 Anderson, Janice Kay, 184 Anderson, Margaret Cecilia, 132 Anderson, Michael Odell, 184, 248 Anderson, Rebecca Geane, 184 Anderson, Robert Wallace, 132 Anderson, Sandra Diane, 194 Anderson, Sharon Annette, 184, 300 Anderson, Shirley Ann, 132 Anderson. Timothy Norwood, 166, 298, 299 Anderson. Timothy Sims, 166 Andrews, Becky Kay, 166, 300 Andrews, Bertha, 166 Andrews, Judy Ann, 132 Anest, Anna Sue, 132, 300 Ange. Sanfra Lynn, 166, 292 Anglin. Martha Ray, 132 Antici Gerald Anthony, 194 Antoine, Renee Patrice, 194 Antullis, Charles Paul. Jr., 166 Apperson, Henry Milton, Jr., 132, 251 Applewhite, Margaret E., 175 Applewhite, Wynn, 132 Arcarese, Harry Philip, 132 Arcarese, Joseph Anthony, 194 Archer, Michael David, 184 Ard, Cecilia Ruth, 166 Ardoline. Nanette L., 184 Argenbright. Stephen C., 166 Arinder, Max Kirby, 132 Armistead, Linville Dawn. 184, 284 Armstrong, Danny Joe, 302 Barneko, Nancy Jo, 166, 292, 342 Barnes. Cassie Harold, Jr., 298 Barnes, Cynthia Lafaye. 166 Barnes, Donald Nelson, 184 Barnes. Michael Hugh, 194 Barnes, Rex Mason, 85, 133 Barnes, Shirley Ann, 184 Barnes. 1Villiam A., 184 Barnett, Charlotte Marie. 133, 300 Barnett, George Barry, 166 Barnett Barnett Barnett , Harold Wayne, 133 . Linda Janell, 184, 239 . Rita Kay, 133 Bilek. Rhett Stanley, 167 Billings. William John, 167 Bishop. Deborah Jane, 194 Bishop, Jim C., 86, 133 Bishop, John Hines, 86, 184. 279 Bishop. Laris Kay. 167 Bishop. Mary Elizabeth, 133 Bishop, Bivins Patricia Ann, 194 Lar David 184 279 1 VY - 1 Black. George Glenn, 184, 310 Henry Wendell, 235 Boxx, Dixie Lee, 134 Boyd, Carolyn Joy, 184 Boyd. Claude C.. Jr.. 134 Boyd. John Steven, 167 Boyd. Judy Ann, 240 Boyd. Mary Lesile, 167 Boyd. Thomas Hughie, 134, 280 Boylan. Diana Lynne. 194 Boyles, Bob Harold, 167 Boyles, Mark Kevin. 294 Bracey, Bracey, Bob Allen. 167 Malcolm Brent. 194 Bracey. Perry Wayne, 78, 279 Braddock. Larry Wayne, 134 Bradera, Edward A., Jr., 167 Black, Thelma Frances. 167 Blackburn Kathleen, 134, 229, 284 Blackburn Sally Jean. 99, 194. 238, 284 Blacklidge. Raymond Allen, 134, 302 Blackmon. James Rudy, 167 Blackwell, Claressa Jane, 167 Blackwell, Deborah Faye, 194, 238 Blackwell. Judy Kay, 167 Blackwell, Kathryn Sue, 194, 237 Blackwell, Marilyn, 167 Blackwell. Michael Lloyd, 256 Blackwell, Blackwell, Nita Louise B., 134 Rodney Hays, 302 Barrett, Billy, Jr., 279 Barrett. Brenda Joyce, 194, 238, 308 Barrett, Howard Austin, 184 Barron, Charles Thomas, 184, 236. 314 Barron, Deborah Jane, 133 Barron, Judith Louise, 308 Barron. Lynda Lott, 133 Barron, Sunne Jean. 194, 238 Barrow, Robert Jefferson, 194 Bass. James Marvin, 133 Bass, Bass. Bass, Jane Carol W., 166 Paul Patterson, 128 Phillip Burton, 166 Bateman. Larry Dewayne, 166 Bateman, Martin Kara, Jr., 133 Blain Jennifer Jo, 184, 304 Blaize. Osmond Alphonse. 314 Blakeney. Edith Ann, 194 Blakeney. John William. 251 Blakeslee. John David, 134 Blanchard, Kirk James. 167 Blanchard, Michael Edmund, 184 Blanchette, Dorcas Lynn, 184, 238 Bradford. Beverly Rogers. 292 Bradley, Daniel Martin, 167 Bradley David E., 167 Bradley. Donald Oroon, Jr.. 128 Bradley Jane Elizabeth, 134 Bradley. Susan Higgins. 167 Bradshaw. Wanda Gayle. 194 Brake, Patricia Anne, 167 Bramlett. James Lawrence, 134, 306 Branch, Gerald R.. 194 Branch. Norma Ann. 167 Brand. Brand. Gary. 184 Jacqueline Marie, 184 Brandon, Frederick David. 134, 290 Brandon. Willia 1Vall. 184. 308 Brandstedter, Rodney Keith. 128 Brannon, Patricia Anne. 134 Brantley. Glenn D., 794, 279 Branton. Julian Wayne. 294 Brasfield. Bonnie G.. 135 Brasher Brashier Braswell Paula Ellen, 194. 251 . Dorothy Ann. 184. 316 . Denton G., Jr., 167 Braun. Deborah Rose H.. 134 Breakfield, Edward Ray, 134 Breard. Martha Bres. 184 v Carter, Alix Camille, 195 Breaux, Breland, Breland, Breland, Breland, Breland, Catherine Louise, 167 Annie Marie, 194 Charles Marion, 279 Burkett, Linda Fay, 135 Burkhalter, John Charles, 135, 310, 322 Gloria Lanora, 167 Kenneth Eugene, 194 Nee Oma Kathryn, 284 Burkhardt, Wesley C., Jr., 128 Burks, Ronald Truett, 135 Burlingame, Roger Alan, 302 Burnett, Anita Rhea, 168 Burney, Robert Gerard, 168 Burney, Tim C., 168 Carr, Medero Barnes, 136 Carr, Tommy L., 136 Carr. Wayne Edward, 57 Carraway, Janice Wray, 194, 284 Carroll, Earl Duane, 168 Carroll, Edmond Carter, 194, 294 Carroll, John Paul, 136 Carroll Norma Ga le 168 Cockerham, Roy William, 137 Cockerham, Sandra Pattillo, 137 Cofrancesco, Alfred F., 167, 294 Coke, W. Florene, 137 Coker, Carol Dianne, 195 Coker, Cathy Ellen, 169 Coker, Julie Anne, 195 Breland, Troy Lee, 167 Brettman, Leslie William, 194 Brewer, Barbara Earl, 135 Brewer, Lee Roy, Jr., 135 Brewer. Ruby Ann. 167, 316 Brewer, Sandra Winslow. 184 Brewer, Thomas George, 135 Brewer, Thomas W., 135 Brewer, Travis Earl, 135. 280 Bridges, James Langdon. 167 Bridges, Ruth Eileen, 194 Brister, Ernest Patrick, 194 Brister, Tommye Carolyn, 167 Burns, , Robert Edward, 194, 310 Burns, Burns, Burr, Burns Martha Lou, 168 Sharon Elizabeth, 194 William Dwight, 168 Robin Kamper, 185, 281 Britt, Ruthie Juanita, 135 Britt, Shelia Ann. 135 Britton, Charles Edward, 135 Broach. Bernice, 167 Broadus, Delores Ann, 128 Broadus, Judy Carolyn, 184 Brocato, Carol Ann, 167, 312 Brock, Bethany Ann, 304 Brock, Dorothea Kay, 300 Brock, J. D., Jr. 167 Brock, Thomas Floyd, 56, 185 Brock, Tommie Jean, 194 Burrage, Martha Lynn, 135 Burris, George Arthur, 135 Burroughs, Arthur Eugene, 168 Burrow, James Boyd, 314, 315, Burrus, Wayne Lee, 135, 310 Burt, Julius William, 135 Busby, Alton Wayne, 168 v Y i Carroll, Shirley Marie, 185 Carrubba, Frances H., 168 Carruth, Dianne, 168 Carruth, Wallace Earl, Jr., 185 Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Brenda Lou, 168 Denver Lamar, 168 Dorothy Mclnnis, 128 Joe McLeod, 136 Larry George, 298 Coldewey M. Christie, 137 Cole, John Harrison, 169 Cole, Lynda Ann, 139, 284 Cole, Sherman Terry, 137, 239 Coleman Coleman Annie Laura, 195 , Craig Scott, 169, 302 Coleman, E. Rebecca, 137 Coleman, John Lee, 195, 306 Coleman, Mattie Mae, 169, 236, 248, 267 Coleman, William Edward, 137, 251 Colgan Martha Jean 169 Collier: Shirley Mariel 169 Collins, Benjamin Allen, 137 Clark. Martha Jane. 292 Brodnax, Constance Ann, 194 Brody, Lynda Suzanne, 167 Brody. Sharon Betty, 135 Brooks, Barbara Jean, 135 Brooks, Claude Michael, 135 Brooks, Donald Lamar, 167 Brooks, Tawesia Ann, 194 Brooks. Virginia Diane M., 128 Broome. Barbara Ann, 194, 238 Broome. Buford Ray, 135 Broome Broome , Cynthia Elaine N.. 185 , Douglas Scott, 167 Bush, Darla Joyce, 168 Bush, Elizabeth Ann, 194 Bush, George Raymond, 185 Bush. Bush, James F., Jr., 135 Joseph Edward, 128 Bush, Owen Edward, 167, 310 Bush, Busick, Busler, Bustin, Butler, Butler, Butler, Butler. Butler, Butler, Buttles, Bynum, Byram. Byrd, Byrd, Byrd, Byrd, Byrd. Byrd. Byrne, Paris Keats, 136 Pamela Ann, 194, 292 Charlie Gray, 168 William Larry, 168, 264 Camille Susanne, 136, 266, 337, 364 Jimmy Boyd, 168, 235 Linda Diane, 185, 237 Marvin G., 168, 240 Powell W., Jr., 168 Ronald Elliott, 194 Carolyn Jean, 128 Leonard P., 194 H. Jean Blackwell, 135 Frances Ann, 252 Janice Ann, 194 Judith Elaine. 185, 237 Laurence Charles, 168 Oliver Wayne, 168 Samson Eugene, 194, 259 John Walter. 70 Carter, Michael Dickerson, 168 Carter, Phillip Jackson, 306 Carter, Ralph Eugene, 136, 310 Carter, Warrene Hyner, 168 Cartier, Walter Powham, 136 Casano, Jerald Glenn, 310 Case, Deborah Ann, 195, 238 Case, Deborah Madeline, 136 Case, James Doyle, 136, 249 Case Case, Case, Case, x John Royce, 249 John Ryan, 136 Karen Lynn, 136, 300 Thomas Ray, 168 Collins, Collins, Colville, Charles Edward, 195, 281 Glenda Jean, 169 Delia Faye, 128 Commiskey, Carol E., 195 Comstock, Charles Willard, 167 Condor, Anibal, 85 Conerly, Peggy Anne, 238, 288 Coning, James Alan, 240 Conner, Conner, Barbara Ann, 195 David James, 137 Conner, Rudolph Lee, 169 Broome, James Tony, 185 Broome, Jerry Dewayne, 194 Broome, Ruth Ann, 135 Broome, Sheila Miles, 167, 250, 292 Broome . Thomas Lavelle, 167 Broomhall, Peggy M. Graves, 194 Brouillette, Robert E., III., 135 Browder. Leah Allen. 135 Brown. Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Alan Robert, 185 Billie Jean, 135 Brenda Rogers, 167 Carol Anne A., 135 Gary Lee, 128 Brown, Glenda Joyce, 194 Brown, Harvey J. D., 167 Brown, James Michael, 135 Brown. John Francis, 302 Brown, John Thomas, 167, 306 Brown, Ollie Wayne, 135 Brown, Patrick Marion, 298 Brown, Randy Thomas, 194 Brown, Richard Benbury, Jr., 135 Brown, Sam Piazza, 235 Brown, Shirley Mae, 133 Brown, Taswell Marzelle, 167 Brown, Thomas Edwin, 306 Brown, Timothy Louis. 185, 306 Broyles. Byrnes, Drew, 298 C Caceres, Guillermo, 136 Cadwallader, Manch S., Jr., 86, 168, 294 Caffery, Robert Batson, 194 Cahill. Charlotte Bishop, 136 Cain. Hugh Elery, Jr., 136 Cain, Joseph Remy, Jr., 185 Cain, Ladye Susan, 167, 246, 288 Caison, Joel Albert 168 Caison, Julia Ann, 185, 239, 251 Caldwell, Kenneth W., 136 Callaway, Anna Beth. 292 Callaway. Jolynn, 167, 292 Callaway, Leonard Wyeth, 111, 314 Callia. Anthony Alex. 136 Calvert, Pamela Clare, 167, 288, 319 Calvery, Bobby Lee. 136 Cameron, Jimmy Charles, 136 Camp. Barry Russell. 168, 243, 274 Campbell. C. Ray. 298 Campbell. Cynthia Mae, 136, 232, 240, Judith Eileen, 185, 292 Bruce. Larry Eugene, 279 Brumfield, Henry M., 286 Brumfield, Patsy Anne, 167, 316 Bryan. Grady Earl, 167 Bryan, Richard Wayne. 186, 294 Bryan, Thomas Clark, 252 Bryant, Betty Anderson. 167 Bryant, Donald Michael, 306 Bryant. Joseph Martin, 194 Bryant, Martha Jo, 135. 224, 288, 342, 343 Bryant. Maurice D.. 234 Bryant. Sheila Frances, 167 Bryant, Bryson Willie Yvonne, 135 Cherry Dianne 185 Buck. john Leroy, III,ll67, 251 266. 284, 319 Campbell, Ira Waldo, 168 Campbell, James Clarence, 185, 310 Campbell. James Forrest. 168 Casey, Laurel Lee, 195 Cason, Sandra, 195, 297 Castaneda, Jorge Mauricio, 85 Castanedo, Wesley Joseph. 195, 298 Castlen, Harrison Fluitt, 195 Cathey, William Allen, 136, 306 Cato, Lucy Debra, 195 Caton, Charles Eugene, 168, 243, 251 Caughman, Donnie Norris, 56, 136, 253 Cauthen. Charles Alexander, 243 Cave, Chris S., 136, 314 Cave, R. Michael. 195, 314, 315, 319 Centanni, Edward Ross, 195, 251 Cerami, Frederick Louis, 168 Cerra, Catherine J., 168, 240 Chacon, Jose Miguel, 136 Chambers, Leah Martin, 266, 284 Champney, Edward Henry, 136, 246 Chance, John Michael, 195, 294 Chance, Robert M., 294 Chance, Tony Glen, 168 Chapman, James Mark. 195, 251 Chapman, Linda Gail, 136 Chapman, Mike William, 243 Chapman. William E., III, 195 Chappa, Nancy Ann, 252 Chatham. Norman Dennis, 168 Cheek, James Wilson, 136 Cheek, William Park, 168 Cheesman. Robert Dale, 168, 251 Chewning, Hugh Claudius, 279, 298, 3 319 Childre, Aubrey M., 136 Childre, Laura Esther, 168 Childs, David Lynn, 195, 279 Childs, Michael David, 310 Chisholm, Kay, 168 Chisholm. Mary Roberta, 136, 308 Chisholm. Scott Douglas, 56, 136 Chism, John Thomas, 195 Chong. William, 195 Chrisco, Carla Faye, 137 Christine. Candace Fort, 195 Christo. Irene Laurette, 308 Chui. William Ming-Hing, 195 Cissna. Susan Coolidge, 195, 308 Clanton, Donna Ann, 168 Conrad, Virginia Anne, 137 Cook, James Michael, 137 Cook, Katherine Eugenia, 169, 240, 288 Cook, Michael Royce, 137 Cook Rebecca Ann 137 Cook? Shirley Edwaid, 195 Cook, William Calhoun, Jr., 306, 307 Cooley, Charlene, 137 Cooley, James Monroe, 195, 279 Cooley, Laverne Christine, 169, 284 Cooper, Alan Gary, 169, 290, 291 Cooper, Leslie Carol, 137 Cooper, Nancy Yvette, 169 Copeland, Joyce Eloise, 308 Copeland, Mary Kathaleen, 169 Copeland, Melaney Arilia, 137, 292 Copling, Norma Wheat, 169 Corley, Daniel Joel, 195 Corley, Tommye, 235, 238, 244, 249, 266 284 Corneal, Charles F., 279 Cornelison, Mary Roselyn, 195, 316 Cornell, Shirley Ann, 238 Corns, Betty Frese, 169 Corns, Frankie Karen, 308 Corns, Jerry David, 137, 310 . Correro, Anthony J., Jr., 169, 251 Corsetto, Richard Florio, 79 Cote, Thomas P., III, 195, 294 Cothern, Patricia Marie, 137 Cottingim, Gary Allen, 169, 236 Cotton, Gregory Marshall, 195 Coulter, Vivian Janelle, 195 Coumbos, Demetrios, 195 Countryman, Linda Gayle, 137 Courson, Susan Eugenia, 169 Courtney, James L., Jr., 169 Courtney, Jan Shivers, 169 Campbell, Jo Ann. 195, 312 Campbell. Kit, 168 Campbell. Laura Ann, 195, 304 Campbell, Louise, 168 Campbell. Rosemary, 167, 288 Campion, Bridget Mary, 195 Campion. Mary Faith. 135 Canard, Linda. Anne, 168 Canavan. Elizabeth Ann S.. 128, 239 Canavan Robert Charles. 135 Canfield. Geoffrey B., 168 Canterbury, Virginia M. H., 128 Buck. Lena Kathryn, 135 Buckels, Gary Fredrick, 167 Buckley. Timothy James, 194 Buggs, Wilton Douglas. 314 Bullock, Arhonda Jo, 167 Bullock, Bobby George, 167 Canty, Glenn Alan, 298 Capers, Gerald Harry, 136, 239 Cappaert. Daniel Rex, 294 Captiva. Johanna Katherine. 136, 244 Caradine, Rosalyn Adele. 194 Caraway. John Ernest, 168 Caraway. Melton Hayes. 128 Clark. Barbara Gail, 168 Clark, Donald. Jr., 168, 310 Clark, Ethel Claire, 137, 252 Clark. Gary Paul, 168 Clark, Jack B., Jr., 137 Clark, Judy A., 168, 284, 319 Clark. Linda Louise, 137 Clark Clark Clark Clark Courtney, Judy Elaine, 195 Courtney, Paula Teresa, 137, 250 Courtney. Susan Lynn, 99, 195, 304, 332 333, 335, 343 Covington, Estella Frances, 238 Covington, Gerald Wayne, 169 Covington, William Lynn, 195, 294 Cowles, Marguerite Rose, 128, 235 Cowling, Melissa Kathleen, 169, 288 Joh Cox, Cox, n Joseph, 169 Lofton Samuel, 196, 294 Cox, Martha Ann. 137 Cox, Mary Wynette, 137 Cox, Raymond Joseph, 251 Cox, Raymond Webster, 137 Cox. Ronald Field, 169 Martha Keith, 168 Sharron Anne 168 i William J., ni, 128 Wynn Eugene, 168 Clarke, Georganne, 137 Clarken. Rodney Hal, 195 Coxwell. Linda Elizabeth, 284 Craft, Billy Anthony, 169 Craft, Cynthia Dianne, 169 Craft. Gloria Jeannette, 137. 279 Craft. Judy Dianne, 196, 292 Bunch, Crane. Bullock. Helen Susan. 185 Bullock Jeffrey Lynn. 167 Bullock. Mary Ann S., 135 Bunch, Elaine, 167 James L., Jr., 310, 311 Bunker, William Edward, 168 Burcham. Larry Leroy. 135 Burge, Ken Wayne, 56, 185 Burge. Sandra Marie, 168, 244 Burger, Keary Elvin, 135 Burgess, Roger Glenn, 194 Burgin. Ellen Rebecca, 168 Burke, Charles Matthew, 128 Burke. Dennis Joseph, 168 Burke, Mary Carol. 135 Burkes, Danny L., 168 Carbonette. Madeline Sue. 195. 316 Carden, Victoria Lee. 195, 238 Carley, Michael Lee, 279 Carlin. Kathleen Elizabeth. 168. 316 243 Carlin, William B., Jr., 185, Carlisle. Arthur Dale. 85 Carlisle. York Anthony. 195, 279 Carlson, Carla Eva J.. 185 Carlson, Charles W., Jr.. 136, 310 Carlson. Kathy Lynn, 168 Carmichael. George M., Jr., 168 Carney, Gary, 168 Carney. Hilda Lou, 136 Caro. Annie Lucille, 136 Carr. Betty Lee, 312 Carr, Hulon Dewitt, 136 Clay, Cheryl Janet, 195 Clay. Dan Lamar, 168 Clay, Gary Michael, 57 Clay, Shirley Ruth, 137 Clement. Michael Eugene, 168 Clemons, James Thomas. 137 Clepper, Victor Roy. 137 Cleveland, Patrick H.. 168 ClifTord, Bruce Wheeler, 137, 280 Cluff, Nancy F., 137 Clyburn. Burvon Thomas, 169 Coats, Dennis Elgin, 169 Coats, Lauren Bruce, Jr., 137 Cobb. Stephen Edward, 243 Cochran. Freeman Martin, Jr.. 169 Cockerham, Rodney Wayne, 137 O Craft, Ronald Michael, 56, 169 Craig, Barbara Jean F., 137 Craig. Linda Gelaine, 169 Craig. Margaret Ann, 137 Crain, Harold Dewitt, 137 Crain, Rita J. Robbins, 137 Sherry Ann, 137 Cranford, Susan Melinda, 196, 238, 297 Crapon, Harry D., 137 Craven, Jerry Wayne, 137 Crawford, Almus Eugene, 137 Crawford, Cherie Quinn, 137 Crawford, Claudette D., 137, 288 Crawford, Jan Clare, 239 Crawford. Linda Carrol, 169, 267 Crecink, Linda Fay, 196 Creekmore, Thomas H., 111, 310 296 Creel, Samuel S., 137 Creighton, Claude T., Jr., 137 Crenshaw, Larry Keith, 137 Cress, Terry Wayne, 128 Criddle, Phillip Earl, 169 Crocker, Jeffrey Robert, 137 Crosby, Margarette Ann, 196 Crosby, Marsha Lee, 137, 288 Crosby, Ronald Herbert, 196 Cross, lone Williams, 196 Cross, Irma Eleanor, 312 Cross, John Joseph, 185 Cross, Lana Faye M., 137 Cross, Shirley Ann, 169 Crouse, William E., Jr., 196 Crow, Billy Reid, 169 Crowder, Linda Faye, 169 Crowell. Glenda Lou, 169 Crum, Charles Raymond, 137, 251 Crum, Johnny Lynn, 137 Crutchfield, M. Joy, 169 Cruthirds, Sydney E., 137 Cubley. Alice Patricia, 137 Cullefer, Anna Louise, 169 Culpepper, Kenneth Parker, 137 Culpepper, Sharon Gay, 196 Cumbest, Harvey Benard, 169 Cunniff, J. Kevin, 185, 294 Cunningham, George Leslie, 306 Currie, Evita Maria, 196 Currie, Mary A.. 312 Currie, William R, Jr., 137 Curry, James Robinson, 298, 319 Curry, John Boatner, 137, 246 Curtis, Carla Charleen, 185 Curtis, Dawn Maureen, 196 Davis, Willard Jefferson, 138 Dawsey, Cleveland Rueben, 169 Day, Careen Elizabeth, 196, 312 Day, Charles Norman, 169 Day, Gene Kelly, 170 Day, George, Jr., 138 Day, James Delos, 186 Day, Mary Evelyn, 235 Day, Patricia Lynn, 196 Day, Robert Gordon, 129 Day, Ronald Ray, 279, 302 De La Fuente, Richard, 251 Dealy, James Paul, 239, 294 Dean, Alan Ross, 138 Dean, John Marion, 196, 251 Dean, Larry Ryan, 138, 240 Dean, Pamela Diane, 129 Dean, William L., 170 Dearman, Donald Ra mond 170 Dearman, 294 Y 4 Garrett Stuart, Jr., 196, Dearman, Henry Ted, 186 Dearman, Robert Wayne, 170 Dearman, Vivian Annette, 186, 238 Debakey. Elizabeth Ro, 186 DeBlock. Magdelena, 70, 244 Decell, Pamela Anne, 196 Decoux, Rebecca Lee, 186 Deegen, Uwe Fredrick, 138 Deen, Emily Jo, 196, 238 Deer, Kirby Tilton, Jr., 138 Dees, Clifton Marland, 310 Dees, H. Susanne, 170 Dees, Helen Margaret. 196, 292 Defranco. Roy James, 138 281. Curtis, Paula Ellen, 169 Curtiss, Susan Elizabeth, 169 Cutillo. Gerard Paul. 137 Cutrell, James Harold, 169 Cutter. Donna Ann, 137 D Dabbs, Hugh Kelly, 169 Dabbs, Norma Kathryn, 185 Dabbs, Robert Donovan, 185, 274 Dacus. Dahlgr Rita Gail. 169 en, Emily Anita. 137 Dale, Charles Curtis. 196 Dale, Jackie Kay. 284 Degnan, Patrick James, 279, 298 Degrummon. Joy Elizabeth. 292 Delancey. Patricia Ann, 196, 284 Delcambre, Paul Jr., 196, 298 Delong. Billy R., 138 Demontfort. Harold, 129, 240 Denchy. William Martin, 138 Doucet, Pamela Ann, 196, 312 Douglas, Alice Ann, 170 Douglas, Deanna Mae, 170 Douglas, Larry Brooks, 170 Douglas, Robert Lewis, 306 Douglas. William Larry, 170 Dow, Lilia Martha G., 170 Dowdy, Ricky, 196 Dowling, Brian Carl, 186 Downing. Ann Marie, 170, 266 Downing, Dorothy J. Bowie, 138 Downing, Paul Edward, 138 Doyle, James Buckner, 186 Dozier, Thomas Andrew, 196 Drago, Laurie Anthony, 128, 235 Dramer. Barbara Ann, 196, 238 Draper. Stephen Wayne, 196, 310 Dribben, John Samuel, 138 Driskill, Vicki Jo, 196 Dromgoole, Della Sue, 196 Dronet, Cheryl Ann, 186 Drowell, Walter David, III, 290 Dryden, Stephen Ryan, 186 Dubuisson, Lawrence Keith, 196, 260, 279, 314, 315 Dubuisson, Victor Albert, 196 Duckworth, Jane Elizabeth, 170 Duckworth, Michael Ralph, 186, 236, 279 Duckworth, Richard Charles, 138 Ducote, Dianne Annie, 196, 296, 297 Duda, Janette Mary, 138 Dudley, Jan Michael, 170 Duerson, Calvin Wise, Jr., 138 Dulley, Leonard Ernest. Jr., 138, 286 Duffy, Jean Patricia, 196. 238, 296. 297 Dugas. Sandra Frances, 260 Duke, Billye Sue, 196 Duke, Glenn Boyd, 196, 302 Duke. Maxine Smothers, 138 Dukes, Laurie Ann, 170. 308 Duleh, George Stevenson. 170, 298 Dumont. Arthur Bailey, 138 Ellis, Ellis Ellis, Ellis, Ellis, David William, 196, 251 Frank West, 139 George Hamrick, 236, 294 Jacquelyn Huggins, 288 John Charles, 170, 310, 311 Ellzey, Ervin Lavon, Jr., 170 Ellzey, Wayne Ewell, 170 Elmer, Juliann Beba, 139, 239, 288 Emerson, Don G., 170 Emerson, Thomas William, 196, 279 Emmett, Carol Marie D., 139 Entrekin, Gerald D., 139 Enterkin, Eric A., 139 Eplin, Ricky Dale, 170 Epps, Steve Richard, 196, 279 Erhard, Dorotha Sue, 288 Estep, Terry Lawrence, 139 Estes, Suzanne, 196, 304 Etzler, Henri Chatet, Jr., 139 Etzold, Beatrice Clair, 308 Eubanks, Hardy Napoleon, III, 139 Eubanks, Janet Walters, 139 Eubanks, Margaret Annette, 139 Eubanks, Mark Richard, 249, 250 Eubanks, Rayford Marshall, 139, 279, 306 307 Farms Evans Evans Evans Evans , Cassandra Diane, 139 , Cathy Glynn, 196, 312 , Emily M., 170 , Francis Kay, 139, 253 , James Milton, 196, 279 Evans, Lettie Marie, 196 Evans Evans Evans Evans. , Mamie Catherine, 196 , Michael Franklin, 170 , Ronald Lee, 129 Wanda Carolyn. 196, 288 Everett, Allen Leon, 235 Everett. James Caroll, 279 Everett , Jerry Lavon, 196 Everett, John Otis, 139, 246 Everett. Sandra Faye, 139 Everitt, Elton Purvis, 170 Denicola, Anita Therese. 138 Dennis, Mack -Edgar, 138 Dennis. Theresa Wagenheim, 186 Denson. Virginia Rea. 170 Dent. Kathryn Anne, 196 Dent, Mary Catherine, 235, 238 Dumont, Arthur, III, 186. 310 Duncan, Bobbie Joyce, 186 Dunn, Anna Margaret, 235 Dunn. Christa Lene, 139 Dunn. Fletcher Merle, 196 Dunn, Helen Lindsey, 139 Everitt. Kathy, 235, 266, 288 Ewell. Jesse Ray, 139 Ewing, Frazier Stephen, 129 Ezell, Mary Annie W., 235 Ezell, Mary Helen, 139 Deornellas. Anna Kathryn, 170 Desantis, Guy Thomas, 170, 235 Dunnaway, Danny Melvin, 306. 307 Dunning. Suzanne R. Ohan, 129 F Dalton, Stanley Roger, Jr., 128 Dameier, Dana Jo, 288 Damon, Henry Eugene, 128 Dampier, Alfredia, 185, 259 Dampier, Patricia Ann, 185 Dangelo, Joseph Michael, 185 Dangelo. Michael Kenneth, 169 Daniel. Pamela. 169, 304 Daniels, Daryl Adele, 169 Darby, Judy Lynn, 169 Darby, Mary Sheley, 137 Daren, Anne, 196, 266, 288 Dart, Jonathan T.. 137. 279 Daugherty, Bonnie Rae, 128 Dessomrnes. Marcelle E., 170 Dethloff. Margaret Lee, 138 Dever, William H., Jr., 138 Deville, David Edward, 186 Devlin, Colleen Elizabeth, 186 Deweese, Martha Bonita, 170 Dews, Lorraine, 292 Dews, Robert Carrington, 319 Diabin, Victoria C., 186 Dickens, Elmer Charles, 170 Dickens, John Howard, 279 Dickens, Larry Quinn, 138 Dickerson. Barry Dale, 170 Dickey. Marilyn Anne. 186, 300 Dupries. Ernest Gordon, 196 Durbin, Carolyn S. Bond, 139 Duvall. Arthur Louis, 314 Dwight, Alice Faye, 196 Dwight. Lillie Beatrice, 186 Dwight. Margaret L., 139 Dyar, Patricia McCain. 170 Dykes, Martha Kaye, 196, 237, 238 Dykes. Paul Aston, Jr., 170 E Ealcens, Jolayne Marie, 196 Easley. Andra Shirlene, 196 Easley, Rhonda Elizabeth, 196 Daugherty, Jane Marhea, 196, 238, 297 Daugherty, Joseph Ray, 137 Daugherty, Susan McClinton, 137 Daughtrey, Annie Kay, 137 Davenport, Kenneth Aaron, 169 Davenport, William R.. II, 137, 310 Davey. John Ray, 57, 279 Davidson, Faye Kidd, 169 Davidson. Kent Lee, 70, 169 Davies, Rita Ann, 169 Davis. Davis Alta Carolyn, 288 Barney Lyerly 196. 294 navel Betty Jean Hill, 137 Davis, Bobbie Sue, 2 Davis, Carol M.. 137 Davis, Cecil Ponder, 235 Davis, Charles Michael, 169 Davis, Charlotte Rebecca, 169 Davis, Clark Stanley, 185, 251 Davis, Cloy Ore, Jr., 129 Davis, Daniel Frank, 169 Davis, Elizabeth Anne R., 137 Davis, Glen Frederick, 169 Davis, Helen Marianne. 185 Davis, Huelene, 137 Davis, Jacqueline O., 186 Davis, James Ethan. Jr., 310 Davis. Jerry Wayne, 169 Davis. Jesse Lamar, 137 Davis. Juanita Anthony. 137 Davis. Judy Hal, 196 Davis. Lawrence E., 196 Davis. Mary Toni L., 252 Davis, Richard Hulon, 137 Davis. Sandra Joyce. 186 Davis, Sidney Fred. III, 168 Davis, Susan Elizabeth, 196 Davis. Sybil Gail, 196 Davis. Timothy Joseph. 137 Davis, Tommy Mack, 56, 310 Davis, Toni Ladner, 138. 252 Davis, Victor Arlington, 310 Davis, Virginia, 196 Davis, Walter Kenneth, 186 Dickey, Martha Sue, 266. 288 Dickey, William P.. Jr., 138, 306 Diez, Rolando Antonio, 85 Difatta. Brenda Joyce. 170 Different, 'Paula Dianne, 186, 238 Dikeman, Michael Lee, 170 Dikeman, Primrose Hinshaw, 138 Dillard, Daniel Eugene, 196 Dillon, Patricia Ward, 138 Dillon, Randall, 170 Dillon, Sarah Lee, 196 Dillon, Willie Jean, 259 Disharoon. Elizabeth Linda, 138, 304 Dixon, James Flynn, 138 Dixon, Lucy Diane, 186, 304 Dixon, Margaret Ann, 170, 312 Dobbs, Carlin Thomas. 170 Dobbs, Linda Rae, 133. 227, zaa, 343 Doby, Gregory James, 138, 228 Dodge, Paul Sheldon, III, 138 Doering. Allen Edward, 138 Doerr. Richard Rowland. 298 Dolan, M. Dewayne, 186. 306 Dole. Jacquelyn Kay, 196, 266 Doleac. Donald Louis, 291 Doleac. Malcom Ronald. 138. 225, 228. 235. 240. 306, 318, 319 Dollar. Nancy Elizabeth, 186 Domergue. Clarence Regis. 286 Donahoe. Andrew T., 196, 314 Donahue. William C., 129 Donald. Betty N., 186 Donaldson. Gary. 196 Donegan. Ricky W., 56. 186 Donnell, Joseph Stephen, 138, 314 Donohue. Rosy Ellen. 138 Donovan. James Michael. 254 Donovan. John Farrant, 170, 235 Dorris, Joyce Margaret, 196 Dorsa. John Anthony. 138, 235 Dorton, Peggy Sue, 170 Dossett. Hugh Allen, 286 Doster. Howard Benjamin, 186 Doty, Walter Ray, 138 Easterling. Beverly Janet, 139 Easterlin Cecil, 170 S. Easterling, Jefferson S., 139 Easterling, Patricia Ann, 186 Easterling. Renee Duynne, 196 Eastland. Eastman, Celia Elizabeth, 312 Carolyn Jane. 186. 238. 308 Easton. .lill Johanna, 170, 274, 316 Eaton, Claude Wayne, 138, 248 Eaton, James William. 294 Ebberman, Ray E., 139 Edgar, Peggy Ann Tisdale. 235 Edgin Ri chard A r 279 . .. J ., Edkins. William Henry, Jr., 139 Edmonds. Alan Thomas, 170 Edmondson. Elizabeth Emile, 139 Edwards, Andy Lee, 196 Edwards, Constance Rebecca, 196 Edwards, Frank P., 186 Edwards. Mary Ann, 170 Edwards. Edwards, Edwards, Edwards. Edwards, Edwards. Edwards. Etlinger, Mary Patrice, 186, 274 Mary Trudy. 170, 244 Robert William. 170 Sara Arlene, 170 Steven Glynn, 139. 248. 279 Thomas A., 71 Virginia Lee. 139. 300 Robert George. 231, 295 Eggersman, Hugh Edward, 56 Ehlers. Rhonda Ann. 170 Ehlert. R obin Lynn. 23 8 Eichelberger. Betty fE.. 170 Eidson. William Oscar, 139 Ekes. Minnie Margaret. 170 Elias, Paul Louis. 294 Elias. Ronald 170 Elias. Thomas Marshall. 260. 294 Elintt. Roger Franklin, 139 Elkins. El Elliott, Ja ton Van. 139. 235. 294 ck M.. 170. 243. 274 Elliott. Mary Elaine, 170. 304 Elliott. M ichael Roger, 56 Elliott. Wendell Holmes, 196 Ellis. Beverly Anne, 139 I Fairchild, Daniel Lamar, 56, 139 Fairchild, Elsie, 186 Fairchild. Tommy Lerue, 196, 281 Fairley. Milton Wayne, 196 Fairley. 'Patricia Rae, 170 Falanga, Elizabeth Mary, 196, 238 Fall, Dana Ann. 196, 238 Fant, Richard Wilson, 170 Faragher, Carol Brooke, 196, 288 Fargason, Peter Robinson. 290, 291, 319 Farish, Sandra Diane, 170 Farmer. Newton Henry, 196 Farmer. Susan Elizabeth, 196 Farmer, Thomas Mack, Jr., 139 Farnam, Nancy Curry, 196 Farr. Terry Davis, 186 Farragut, James Leoence, 196 Farrar. Omah Pittman, 56, 186 Fast. Jerry Ronald, 170 Fasulo. Louis Michael. 235 Faulkner. Charles Hansel. 139 Fava. Margaret Alyse, 196 Fava. Thomas Andrew, 170 Fayard. Carol Lynn. 186 Fayard. Dana S., 139 Fayard. Joseph Lionel, 56. 79, 170 Feallock. William John. III, 139 Felder. Carl Bryant, 170 Felrler. Martha Susan. 170 Feldman, Bruce Jan, 139 Feldman. James Michael, 139 Felgenbaum. Dorothy Sue, 139 Fellows, Robert William, 279 Fenech. Carolyn Kersh. 170 Fenn. Sammie Sue, 139 Fennel. Cynthia Jean, 139 Fennell. Constance Clara. 186, 237, 238 Fennell. Robert William, 306 Ferguson. Helen Beth. 170 Ferman. Charles Henry. 139 Fernandez. Sergio Walter. 274 Ferrell. Cynthia Ann. 196 Ferrell. Louan Gabbert, 170, 308 Ferrell, lVilliam B.. Jr., 171, 267 Ferry. Susan Marie, 196 Ferry. William Randall. 171, 310. 311 Fest. Meredith Charles, 186 Few. Brenda Gail. 186 Fe-well. John Thomas, 139 Fick. Ruth Ann, 171 Field. Eleanor Jane, 196. 284 Field, Patricia Lynn. 235. 238. 284 Field. Susan Elizabeth. 186 Fielder. Theresa Diane. 186 Figueroa. David A.. 306 Fike. Helen Louise. 196. 238 Fike. Linda Ann. 171 Fikes, Sharon Ann. 186 Fillingirn. Genie Cheryl, 171 Finch, Billy Gene, 186 Finch, Ellen, 139, 252 Fisher, John Lee, 139 Fite, Donna Sue, 196, 297 Fitzgerald, Susan C., 139, 235, 240 Flaherty, Lanny Ray, 260 Flanders, Robert Alton, 57, 279 Flannes, Michael Scott, 196, 290 Fleming, Albert Nickey, 139 Fleming, Cynthia Irene, 186 Fleming, Ellen Elyse, 308 Fleming, Grady Lynn, 196 Fleming, Sheldon Thomas, 171 Fleming, Steven Philip. 196 Flesher, Vincent T., 196 Hall, Flowers, Cornelius, 196 Floyd, Anita Louise R., 139 Floyd, Donald Franklin, 139 Floyd, Joseph E., 171 Floyd, Sarah Jane, 98, 139, 292 Flummer, Jerone Skipper, 139 Flurry, Clifton Cooper, Jr., 196 Flurry, Elmer T., Jr., 139 Flynt, John Herrington, 79 Flynt. Sheila Dianne C., 139 Foil. David Lloyd, 139 Foil. Patsy Kay P., 139 Foley, Norma Anne, 139 Foley, Stewart Michael, 171 Foley. Foose, Foote. Forbes. William Gerard, 57 Carol Pickens, 196 Ashby Minor, 196, 281, 310 Wilman Harry, 139 Ford, Bettye Renee, 186, 308 Ford. Jacqueline Anne, 186 Ford. James Robert, 139 Ford. Marilyn Jean, 171, 312 Ford. Nedra Frances, 186, 284 Fore, Stevie Wayne, 56, 139 Foreman. Mary Susan, 171 Formigoni. Judy L., 196 Forrest. Dell Hampton. 139 Fort, Melville Lea, 186 Forte, Forte. Forte, Forte. Forte. Deborah Marie, 186 Everett Hamilton, 196 Linda Joyce, 186 Milton W., Jr., 186, 243, 259 Teresa Angela, 197 Fortenberry, Beulah Fay, 139 Fortenberry. Billy Don, 139 Fortenberry. Grace Lynn, 186, 308 Fortenberry Fortenberry, Fortinberry, Larry Noel, 139 Susan Ann, 171, Sandra. 186. 284 Fortner, Patricia, 197, 238 300 Harmon, Valonne Claire, 187 Gibson Foshee . Crai Wright, 139. 290 g Foshee. Winston Charles, 56, 186 Foster, Foster. Foster. Foster. Dennis Earl, 139 Janis Kay. 171 Mary Alice, 171 Regina, 197. 238. 312 G Gabourel, Cathy Evelyn, 197 Gabucci, Jimmie Robert, 140 Gacdamez, Carios Alberto, 140 Gaddis, Vivian Lynn, 197 Gaddy, Danny Darrel, 197 Gaffeney, Martha Joelene, 171 Gagnon, Larry John, 171 Gahlenbeck, Linda Ann, 186, 320 Galdamez, Carlos Alberto, 85 Gallagher, Laura Jean, 235, 238, 24 288 Gallaspy, James Bolan, 140 Gallops, James Hudson, 57 Galolaro, Robert Truitt, 140 Gamard, Mary Lucille, 140 Gambill, Patsy Kay, 171, 250 Gammel, Dorothy Lee, 140 Gandy, Celia Milton, 197, 238 Gandy, David John, 186, 279 Gandy, Gwendolyn Ann, 171 Gandy, Janice Carol, 140 Gannon, Linda Elizabeth, 140 Gantt, John William, 57 Gantt. William Kyle, 279 Garcia. Enrique, 85 Gardner, Barbara Jane, 140 Gardner, Carole Jean, 171 Garner, James Huston, 140 Garner, Jean C. Conner, 237 Garner, Ronald Ottis, 171 Garon, Katherine Julia, 171 Garraway, Sarah Margaret, 140 Garrett, Herman Benton, 140 Garrett, Robert Eugene, Jr., 310 Garrette. Judy Kay, 171, 292, 321 Garrick. Marjorie Adell, 197, 238 Garvey, Janet Elizabeth, 197 Garvin. Joe Edward, 140 Gary, Judith Lynn, 140 Gaskin. Joe Randall, 140 Gaston. Hardie Michael, 240 Gates, David Frank, 310 Gatewood, Ellen Sue, 140 Gatewood. Malcum Harvey, 171 Gautier. Hermes Quin. 140, 290 Gautier. Joseph Patrick, 294 Gautier, Linda Christine, 171 Gay, Josie Karen, 171, 312 Gee, Charlotte Anne, 197, 312 Geenen, Carl Thomas, 197 Gekides, Apostolos C., 197 Geno. Alton R., 295 George. Danny Mark, 171 Gerhart. Marilyn Louise, 140 Gerlach, Sandra Lynn M.. 140 Giaeone. Glynn Barry, 294 Gibbs, David Wayne, 186, 243 Gibbs. Ricky Dale, 171 Golmon, James Hollis, Jr., 140, 251, 266 Gomez, Arthur John, 85 Gomez, Jose Maria, 140 Gong, Winnie Ching, 197 Gonsoulin, Donna Lynn, 141, 308 Goodlor, Vatriee Louise, 197 Goodman, Gayle Ellis, 172, 312 Goodman, John Ford, 141 Goodman, Larry Brown, 141 Goodrich, Cathy, 316 Goodson, Norma Faye, 197 Goodwin, Donna Marie, 129 Goolsby, Gordon, Gordon, Guyette, William T., Jr., 172 Guymon, Joan Helene, 172 Guynes, David E., 235 Guyton, Patrick Fleming, 172 H Habeeb, Evelyn Ann, 129 Hadad, Patricia Gail, 172 Hadad, Thomas Elias, 141 Hadaway, Mary Carleen, 141 Haffey, Mary Louise, 141, 240 Louise Logan, 141 Cathy Annette, 141, 264 James David, 141 Hail' ey, Haise, Thomas Edwin, Jr., 141, 314 Edith Margaret, 197 Hale, John William, 56, 141, Gordon, Louise Slater, 197, 288 Gordy, Joe C., 141 Gore, Barry Keith, 88, 172 Gorman, Terry Lee, 197 Gorney, Leonard Chester, 172 Gould, Barbara Carol, 188 Hale, Hall, Patricia Ann, 187 Billy Michael, 141, 172 Hall, Charlene, 197 Hall, Deborah, 238 Hall, Debra Dianne, 197 John Sheehan, 299 Gowan, Billy Morris, 260 Gower, Gerry Laine, 172, 300 Goza, Harry Ellis, Jr., 197, 294 Goza, Mary Jenkins, 172 Gracia, Jose Luis, 85 Grady, Elizabeth Diane, 187 Grady, Patricia Annette, 172 Hall Hall, L Hall , Kenneth Carl, 56, 172 ora Diane, 172 Mary Beth 197 304 Hall: sharon Leigh, 1,72, 235, 244, 304 Halliday, Sandra K. Williams, 141 Hamblin, Evelyn Marie, 197 Hambright, G., 129 Hamil, Candis Paulette, 172 Grafton, Donald Larry, 141 Graham , Charles Wesley, 197, 279 Graham, Charlotte, 172 Graham Graham Graham , Cynthia Lynn, 312 , Frances Lenita, 141 , Gloria Daphne, 187, 304 Graham, Lysle Edwin, 172 Graham, Mary Elaine, 141 Graham , Robert David, 141 Grammer, Peggy Faye, 197, 297 Granger, John Hamilton, 306 Granger, Linda Ann, 141 Granish, Edward F., Jr., 187 Grant, Teresa Ann, 308 Hamilton, Clifton Oneil, 172 Hamilton, Linda Gail, 197, 239 Hamilton, Sara Beth, 129 Hammaek, William Clanton, 70 Hammill, Reginald Derrel, 286 Hammond, Mary Jane, 187, 238, 308 Hammons, Rebecca Lee, 197 Hammons, Walter Earl, 290 Hampton, Rebecca Lea, 187, 239 Hampton, Roger Dale, 197 Hampton, Thomas Edward, 142 Hancock, James Rudolph, 142 Hancock, Jimmy Dell, 172 Hancock, Steven, 290 Grantham, Cynthia Marie, 197, 284 Graves, Graves , Graves, Jenny Susan, 129, 240 Joseph Lavon, 187 Mary Ann, 187 Graves, Mary Jane, 172 Graves. Graves, Graves. Mary Julia, 172 Ronald Edward, 57, 279 Thomas Leslie, 141, 236 Gray, Albert Kirkwood, 141 Gray, Herbert James, ll, 141 Gray, Jane Scott, 172 Gray. Miranda Allen, 187 Handjis, Catherine Elaine, 187 Harma, Ronald Earl, 187, 243, 279 Hanna. Sharron. Elaine B., 197 Hannah, Bruce David, 57 Hannon, Richard Wayne, 172 Hans, Dorothy Eleanor, 197 Hansen, -Perry Thomas, 302 Hanson. Shirley Caryn, 141 Harden. Gregory Joseph, 172 Hare. Beverly Ellen, 187 Harford, William Justin, 172 Hargett. Eva Lynn, 172 Gray, Susan Kathleen, 172 Green, Green , Algie Lavem, Jr., 172 Caorlyn Ann, 141 Green, Charlie H., Jr., 85 Green, Deborah Gail, 172 Hargon , Hargrod Sharon Diane, 187 er. Beverly Sue, 197, 316 Harmon, Nancy Althea, 142 Harmon, Norwood Russell, Jr., 129 Harmon, Robert Lee, 235 Foster. Royce, II, 171. 298 Foster. Walter Rev., 279 Fowler. Billy Gene, 186 Fowler. Donald C., 171 For Michael Ray, 171, 236 "'v"worth. Ada LCC, 186 Fraiser, Mary Susan, 139 Franklin. Mary Stover, 186 Frazier, Audrey Kay W., 139 Frazier, Jeff Edward, 139 Gibson Gibson Gibson Gibson Anita Marie. 186. 266, 284 Barton Keith. 85 Betty Jean, 171 Jerry Wayne, 140 Jerry Wayne, 140 Gibson. Perry Angela, 171 Gilbert. Beverly Jean, 248 Gilbert, Robert Wayne, 302, 303 Gilbert. Virgie Elizabeth, 171, 253 Green. James Arthur, Jr., 187, 310 Green, James Willard. 197, 279 Green. Joseph Stafford, 141 Green. Sandra Carole, 187 Green, Trellis Garnett, 187 Green, Victor Wayne. 197 Green, William D., 172 Greene, Jacqueline Lee, 292 Greene, Kathryn Ann, 172, 250, 292 Giles, Pamela Ann, 186 Giles. Timothy Richard. 197, 279 Harriso Freund. Frazier, Thomas F.. Jr., 139, 294 Frederic. Susan Elizabeth, 139 Freeman. Allen Micheal, 139 Freeman. Arnold Royce, 139 Freeman, Carroll B., Jr.. 197 Freeman. Diane Marie, 171. 250 Freeman, Joe E., Jr., 186 Freeman, Kendall Tme, Jr.. 279 Freeman. Laurie. 197, 238 Freeman. Rose Marie, 171 Freeman. Shelia Ann, 171 Freeman, Vernon Hall, 286 French, French, Connie Louise, 197, 308 Judith Marie, 171, 284 Gill Anne Elizabeth, 171 Gill Beverly Diane, 197 Gill Donald Oren, 140 Gill Gill Gill Gail Annette, 197 Gary Sutton, 197 Norma Ann, 140 Greene, Richard Robert, 172 Greenwald, Emilee Louise, 197 Greer, Barbara Jo. 99, 197, 304 Greer. David Monty, 141, 235 Gregory, Ernest E., 141 Greig, Janys Alana, 187 Griee, Paul Elliot, 172 Griee, Robert Michal, 299 Gillespie, Terry Lee, 171 Gillis. Janey Diane, 197 Gillis, Patricia Kay, 186 Gilmer, Barry Wade, 140 Gilmer. Wendell erome 197 251 Griliin, Martha Jane Keys, 197 Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Patricia Ann, 187 Ralph Michael, 172 Sylvia Beth, 172 Griffin, Terry Lee, 56, 172 French. Martha Carol, 186 French. Pamela, 171 French, Terrie Laine, 99, 197. 304, 345 French. Vicki Lynn, l7l, 304 Freret, Sharon Rose, 171 Frese. Jane Susan, 197, 308 Frese, Jo Anne, 171 Charles Michael, 197. 251 .l . , Gilmore. Phillip King, 171 Gilmore. Rhomie, 187 Ginn, Jennifer Lynnette, 171 Gipson, James Robert ll, 171 Giuffria. Frances Marie. 187 Giuffria. Madelyn Carol, 140, 288 Givens. Emily Marian, 197 Glass. Albert Edgar, 187 Glenn. Brenda M., 246 Glenn, Rebecca Hale, 188, 292 Glenn, Robert Norris, Jr., 172 Glenn, Rose Ann, 197 Frichter, Samuel P., 171 Frith. Daniel Edgar, 139 Frum. Ralph, 139 Fry. Charlotte Ann. 197 Frye, Curtis Bruce. 140, 279 Fulkerson. Richard Fields. 140 Fuller, Fuller, Fuller, Albert Lawrence, Jr., 186 Gary Ray, 140 Richard A., ll, 140 Fulton. Kathern B., 171 Fulton. Mary Gail, 171, 249, 267 Fulton, Simon Dan. Jr., 171 Furgalack, Edward. 171 Furr, Isaac Luther, 111, 197 Glidcwell. Sandra Ann, 187 Glisson. Pamela Celeste. 140 Gloens, Glen Douglas, 140 Gloer, Carroll Louise T., 187 Godbold. Suzanne. 172 Godby, David Edward. 128 Goddard. John W., 111, 172 Godfrey, Candace Lee. 172 Godwin. William E., 172 Goff. Ollie Allen, 57, 197, 279 Goff, Paula Marie, 140 Goforth, Bruce Scott, 172 Goines. Addie Vivian, 140 Gold. Alan. 197 Goldsmith, Velma Ann, 140 Griflith, James Carl, 187 Griflith, James Lawrence, 141 Grigsby, Karen Ann, 197, 244 Grimes, Joseph Darrell, 141 Grimsley, Linda Faye, 141 Grissom, Ginger Llen, 197, 300 Grove, Rebecca Ann, 141. 227, 233, 240, 308 Grower, Judith Ann, 172 Grubbs, Demery Floyd, 141 Grubbs, Dyanna Davis, 141 Grubbs, Jon Gary, 57, 187 Gruchy. Lillian Anita, 172 Guel, Robert John, 141 Guess, Charlotte Patrycia, 197 Guess. Randall Barron, 197 Guider. Patricia Ryan, 172. 288 Guidos, John Charles, 197 Gunn, George Clanton, lll, 306, 319 Gunn, Patricia Anne, 300 Gunnoe, Pierre Dalphin, Jr., 172 Gunter. Robyn Suzette, 292 Guraedy, James Burce, 187, 279 Gurdian, Marco Antonio, 141 Guy. Ellen Katherine, 141 Guy. William Ray, 57, 279 Guy William Vaughn, Jr., 141 2. Harmon , Wynne, 187 ' Harold, Marian, 197 Harper, Herbert Frederick, 172 Harper, Jimmy Ray, Jr., 172 Harper, Lexie Myrtle, 142 Harper, Linda Cecile, 197, 239 Harrell. Danny Thomas, 129, 240 Harrell, Edgar Allen, 142 Harrell. Glenda Fae, 172 Harrell , Martha Lou, 142 Harrington, James Elder, 142 Harrington. Margaret Gail, 197 Harris, Charles A., Jr., 269 Harris, Dave Shappley, Jr., 187, 299 Harris. David Neil, 197, 251 Harris, Hal Sutton. 142 Harris, Harvell, Jr., 187 Harris, Jack Lynn, 129 Harris, James, 197 Harris. James Michael, 172 Harris, James Perry, 279 Harris, Jo Anna Maria, 172 Harris, Myron Lowery, Jr., 172 Harris, Sandra Lou, 142 Harris, Stanton Lewis, 187 Harris, Vernon Harold, 172 Harris, Harris, Harriso Harriso Harriso Harriso William Gabriel, 197, 279 William Michael, 56, 172 n. Brenda Carol, 142 n. Florence Marie, 197 n, George Lawrence, 314, 315 n, Lawrence J., Jr., 274, 279 n. Melton Thomas, 172 Harrison, Robert Grady, 197 Harrison. Tommy Wayne, 172 Harsch. Geoffrey Alan, 172 Hart. Dennis Austin, 187 Hart. Madolyn Lucille, 172 Hart. Ridley Lee, Jr., 142 Hartfor d, Huldah Ann, 142 Hartline, Robert Alfred, 172 Hartman. Charles J.. Jr-. 285 Hartwig. Christine E., 197, 238 Harvey, Harvey, Candis Mae, 142 Carolyn Rowell, 142 Harvey, David Mitchell, 142 Harvey, James E., Jr., 142 Harvey, John Ronnie, 142 Harz, Mercer Hawkins, 187 Haskew, Carl Darryl, 246 Hasle, John Jarman, 172 Hatch, Mary Susan, 187 Hatcher, Rodney Wayne, 56, 172 Hatcher, Suzanne, 172, 240 Hatton, Elizabeth, 172 Hauck, Clarence Otto, 142 Havard, Aubrey Wayne, 172 Hill, Hill, Jerry Ray, 143 John William, 143 Hill, Leah Michelle, 198, 238, 284 Hill, Lowell Dana, 198 Hill Michael Carroll 173 243 Hilli Stevan Keith, 311 1 Hill, Sue Elliott, 235 Hill Hill , Susan Anne, 198 Tom Wax 173 Hughes, Charles Daniel, 173 Hughes, Gerald Fitzgerald, 198 Hughes, Gloria Jean, 173 Hughes, Wayne Allen, 173, 236 Hughey, Janice Susan, 188 Hullum, Nancy Diane Davis, 143 Hullum , Ralph Linton, Jr., 143 Humphries, Carol Marie, 173 Hunt, Barbara Ellen, 198 Havard, Bonnie Ann, 197 Hawkins, Frances Eve, 197, 238, 244 Hawkins, George V, III, 187, 286, 287 Hawkins, Harry Julian, Jr., 142 Hawkins, Pamela Suzanne, 197 Hawkins, Sandra Ann, 197 Hayden, Charles Edward, 56 Hayden, David Randolph, III, 187, 302 Hayden , ulius John III 172 .I , , Hayden, Mary Diane S., 142 Hayes, Hayes, Hayes, Hayes Hayes Deborah Elaine, 197 Laura Anne, 142 Linda Louise, 197, 238 Loretta, 187 Peggy Lynne, 142 Hilti:-n, Mae Nell, 113 Hindman, Marcia K., 312 Hines, John Carlton, 143 Hinman, Michael Chauncey, 302 Hinton Carolyn Anne 198 237 238 Hinton: Charlotte slizibethl 173, Hinton, Hinton, Hinton, Edward Talmage, 143, 306 Evelyn L., 143, 250 Jerry Lloyd, 56 Hinton , Marilyn Jean, 188 Hinton, Phyllis Lee, 143 Hirn, Kathleen Margaret, 188, 238 Hixon, Gilbert Hifner, 173 Hocutt, Cheryl Ann. 143, 284 Hode, Ralph Edward, 173 Hunt, George Frances, IV, 57, 279 Hunt, Jerry Leath, 173, 243 Hunt, John Lawrence, 279, 314 Hunt, Phyllis Adrienne, 198 Hunter, Johnnie Jan, 188 Hunter, Mary Evelyn, 198 Hunter, Yolan A., 173 Hupp, Carol Ann, 143, 249 Hurley, Mary Johanna, 274 Hurst, Dana Lynn, 198, 237, Hurst, Janice Elizabeth, 198 Hurst, Mary Elizabeth, 143 Hurt, Richard Craig, 143 Hutchins, James D., II, 173 233, 300 Hutchinson Perry Guy, 173, 286 Hayes, Roger Lee, 142, 256 Haynes, Helen Gwendolyn, 187 Haynes, James Wyatt, 173 Hays, Phillip Darrel, 142 Hays, Ralph Edward, 302, 303 Haywood, Rose Anita, 173 Hazard, John Thomas, Jr., 173, 306 Head, Randolph Lynn, 187 Heard, Karey Lee, 197 Hearn, Donna Lynn, 197 Hearn, Rhonda Jean, 197. 238 Heath, Mary K., 197 Hebert Sandra Gayle, 197 Hecht, Nancy Marie S., 142 Hedgepeth, Myra Sue, 197 Heflin, Judy Diane, 312 Heflin, Sharon Gail, 197, 237, 292 Hegwood, Cynthia Gay, 142, 235 Heiderhofif, Earl Edison, Jr., 173, 302 Hellems, Eric Wheatley, 197 Hellmann, Lily Charlene, 312 Hellpenstell, Kathryn Ann, 316 Helms, Vicki Suzanne, 142, 312 Helveston, Lauren Lamar, 142 Hemphill, Gerald Floyd, 1, 241 Hendershot, Jean Clare, 173 Hodges, Daniel Thomas, 173 Hodges, Janet Louise, 143 Hodges, John Edward, 173 Hodges, Ronald Patrick, 143 Hodum, Ellen Marie C., 143 Hoelscher, Steven Charles, 143, 299 Henderson Henderson Carol Elizabeth, 197 John Robert, 173 Hendersoni Martha Carol, 142 Henderson Nancy Lee, 173 Henderson Patricia Allene, 197 Henderson Henderson Richard Lambert, 173 Theron Gale, 197 Hoffman, Nancy Jane, 173 Hogan, Susan Jo, 198 Hogarth, Charles P., Jr., 198, 279 Hogg, Dorothy Lane, 198, 238 Hogue, Norma Gail, 173, 246, 259 Holcomb, Barbara Carol, 198, 238 Holcomb. David Eugene, 188 Holcomb, Judy, 173, 253 Holcomb. Louis F., 311 Holder, Edith Kay, 188 Holder. Johnny George, 188 Holifield, Charles Eugene, 198, 279 HoliHeld, Judith Faye, 264 Holifield. Sylvia Flowers, 143 Holland, Richard Wayne, 173, 243 Holley, Judy Frances, 198 Holliday, Bruce Alan, 173, 290 Holliman, Kathy Lorraine, 173 Hollimon, Demaris Phillips, 143 Hollinger, Charlotte E., 198, 300 Hollingsworth, Jimmy Eugene, 198, 237 Hollingsworth, Patricia P., 237 Hollingsworth, William C., 307 Hollins, Mamie Lee, 143 Holloway, Donald Eugene, 173 Holloway. Patricia Louise, 198, 238 Holloway. Poem, 198 Hutchinson, Sharyn Lynne, 143, 227, 289 Hutto, Jimmie Dale, 173 Hutto, Suzanne, 143, 285 Hutton, Marilyn Rose, 173 Hyatt, Eugenia Lanelle, 143, 289 I Idom, Michael Phillip, 198, 267 Illich, Dennis John, 173 Illich, Judy Keith, 173 Ingram, Bobby Milton, 188 Ingram, Charles Edward, 198 Ingram, Joseph Harold, 173 Ingram, Robert Dewey, 143, 269 Irby, Paul Daniel, 129, 279 Irby, Ronald Andrew, 299 Ishee, Janet Theresa, 173 Isler, James Alan, 57, 173 Israel, Jewel May B., 129, 252 Israel, Kenneth Davidson, 129 Itsuki, Hirazuml, 188 Ivey, Larry Wayne, 173 Ivison, Sandra Lynn H., 173 Ivy, Linda Lee, 143 Henderson, Thomas M., 173 Henderson, Thomas Walter. 173 Hendricks. Delma C., Jr., 197, 279 Hendry, David Wilson, 142 Henning, William Lewis, Jr., 279 Henry, Sherrie Ann, 187, 292, 319 Hensarling, David Malcolm, 187 Hensarling, James Kenneth, 173, 236, 239 Henson, Douglas Ryon, 197 Hentges, Shilloy Suzanne, 187, 238 Heritage, Jeannette Greer, 128 Hernandez, Joyce Ann, 142 Herndon, Janie Katherine, 187 Herrin, Lois Sue, 142 Holloway. Virginia Alma, 198, 308 Holloway. Wanda Jean, 173 Holmes. Holmes, Holmes. Holmes, Holmes, Holmes, Holmes , Holmes, Holmes, Bettie Louise, 173 Carolyn Jean. 173 Constance L. Lee, 129 Cynthia Ann, 292 David Warren, III, 286 Elaine Joyce, 188 Kenneth Wayne, 198 'Paul Russell, 143 William Robert, 129 Holston, Noel Wesley, 143, 240, 311 Holston Hols ton , Sandra Elaine, 198 , Theta Faye, 173 Herring, George B., III, 251 Herring, Henry Buford, Jr., 239 Herring, John Douglas, 187 Herring, Judith Marie, 173, 235, 308 Herring, Marsha Ann, 187, 308 Herring, Rodney Louis, 302, 303 Hen-ing, Sylvia F., 142 Herrington, Carolyn H., 142 Herrington, Marcia Jean, 173 Hen'ington. Marquette, 142 Herron, Alfred, 259 Honea, Jack H., 143 Hood, Stephen Craig, 279, 311 Hoover, Kathy Lynn, 173 Hopkins, Neil Paul, 173 Hopper, Patricia Gail. 173, 304 Hord.. Lida Louise, 188, 266, 292 Horn. Susan, 173, 288 Horne. Emily Louise, 143 Horner, Jean Alliene, 143 Houston, Gay Beth, 188 Howard, Michael Glynn, 173 Jabour, Jackson Jackson Jackson .1 Nancy Lynn, 198, 238, 285 , Bill F., 129, 240 , Donna Lynn, 143 , Joseph Keith, 143 Jackson, Kenneth Edwin, Jr., 279 Jackson , Mary Dee, 198 Jackson, Melvia Susan, 188 Jackson. Robert Fred. 198 Jackson, Robert Thomas, 279 Jackson, Sharron Paulette, 198 Jackson, William Glyn, II, 188 Jackson, Willie Ruth, 174 Jacobs, Jesse Earl, 129 James, Ann C., 144 James, James, James, Joyce Anne, 188 Kathy Marie, 174 Paul Lee, 174 James, Randall Valrie. 198 Jaynes, Ralph Carl, 57, 198, 281 Jeanes, Robert Mathis, 183 Jefcoats, David Austin, 86 Jenkins, Jane Cecille, 174, 292 Jenkins, Jimmie Darrell, 129 Jenkins, Marks Whittle, Jr., 144, 266 Jenner, Jenner, Jenner, Christie E., 14-4 James Alan, 174 Jerrye Lynn, 198 Johnson, Teresa Ellen, 198 Johnson, William Earl, 174 Johnston, Carol A. Terry, 239 Johnston, Floyd Vincent, 144 Johnston, Frank Allen, 56 Johnston, Henry H., 188 Johnston, Herbert Alexander, 198, 248 Johnston, Jean Clare, 144, 312 Johnston, Jolynn, 174 Johnston, Thomas Alexander, 144 Johnston, Wauwesia Ann, 198 Jones. Alana Kaye. 198 Jones, Amanda Anne. 198, 300 Jones, Brenda Kay, 238, 304 Jones, Charles Samuel, 198 Jones, Charlie Vinson, 144 Jones, Cora Annette, 144 Jones, David Franklin, 1444 Jones, Deborah Lenora. 188. 259 Jones, Edward Rawl, 198, 306 Jones, Edwina Louise, 239 Jones, Elizabeth Lee, 312 Jones, Gary Eugene, 144 Jones, Hansel Anthony, 144 Jones, Harry Earl, 299 Jones, Houston B., 144 Jones, James Lide, 311 Jones, Janice Clair, 198 Jones, Jennifer Ann, 174 Jones, Joel Chanin, 144 Jones. John Howell, Jr., 144, 228 Jones, John Thomas Stifle, 290 Jones, Karen Michele, 198, 244 Jones, Karen Nell. 174 Jones, Kenneth Dale, 174 Jones, Kenneth Fred, 144 Jones, Lana Kay, 174 Jones. Larry Neil, 188, 243 Janes. Larry Royce, 174 Jones. Linda Marie, 188. 238, 312, 320 Jones. Margaret Frances, 188 Jones, Paula Jinltle, 174 Jones, Percy Coleman, 174 Jones. Rebecca Ann, 174. 239 Jones, Samuel Gordon, 279, 290, 291 Jones. Sandra Kathryn, 198, 289 Jones, Sherry Lanell. 174 Jones, Thomas Willie, 174 Jones, Ursula Ruth. 188, 235 Jones. Wanda Fay, 174 Jones, William Louis. 279, 294 Jordan, Charles Melton, 198 Jordan, Kathleen Almeida, 174 Jordan, Linda Ruth, 198 Jordan, Troy, 14-4 Jordan, Wilbert F., 188 Jordan, Wilbert Frazier. 70, 279 Jernigan. Lesley Ray. 174 Jesse, Dorothy Camille, 188 Jeter, John Randolph, 198 Jettus, Raymond Bunn, 144 Josey, Evelyn Gaynell, 144 Josey, Wayne Robert, Jr., 144 Juen, Jolynn Marie, 188 Jumonville, Chester K., 198 Jurick. Julie Ann, 174 Jussely, David Hatten, 174 Justice, Dane Forrest, Jr., 144 Justice, Michele Ann, 198 Justice, Rickter Scott, 314, 319 K Kaderli. Charles Thomas, 174 Kanady. Catherine Ann, 144 Kanagy, Ronald Ross, 240 Karabetsos, Christene, 198 Katz. Kathryn Lucille, 198 Kay, David Lewis, 144 Keen. Frank Wilson, 174 Kehoe. William D., Jr., 174 Keifer, Margret Ruth, 174. 292 Keith. Catherine Dianne, 174, 300 Keith. Cynthia Lee, 174, 244 Keith. Linda Frances, 198 Herron, Johnny Larkin. Jr., 56, 187 Herron, William Joel, 294 Herschede, Virginia Carol, 197 Hershey. Bunnie Joyce, 173 Hess, Kathy Gay, 197 Hester, Rita Dianne, 173 Hewes, Gregory Philip, 173 Hewitt, Lowe Arthur, 291 Hewitt, Woody Wilson, 173 Hickman, Eileen Louise, 197, 239 Hickman, James Neel, 142 Hickman, Mary Ann, 173 Hickman. William R., 57, 279 Higdon, William T., III. 142 Higginbotham. Georgia K., 142 Hight, Anna Mable, 198 Hightower, Karen Jane. 142 Hightower, Richard J., 189, 279 Hightower Terr Lei h 142 Howell, Beverly Joyce, 173 Howell, Dorman McArthu.r, 143 Howell, Hershel A., Jr., 143 Howell, Jane Susanne, 237 Howell. Howell, Kinnon Hunter, 143 Lewis David, III, 314 Howell. Shirley Ann, 143 Joachim, Catherine E., 198, 238 Joachim, David Scott, 274 Johns, Judith Ann, 188. 238 Howell, Howie. Helen Frances, 312 Howton. William Curry, Jr., 173, 290 Hrezo, Stephanie Anne, 198, 238, 24-4 Hu. Chia Peng, 188 Hubbard, Sylvia Booth, 143, 235 Huch, Paula Ann, 198 Huckabee, Thomas Cooper, 57, 198 Huddleston. Dave Anthony. 173. 279 Wayne Morris. 294 , . V s . Hill. Bonnie Jane, 198 Hudson, Hudson. Daphne Renee, 198, 292 Dave Comeron, 173 Hudson, Margaret Suzanne, 188 Hudson, Hudson, Hudson. Mary Ellen, 198 Mickey Conrad. 57, 279 Steven Allen, 279 Hudson, Susan Christine. 173. 285 Hill Boyd Aaron. 143 Hill David Lipscomb, 188, 279 Hill Deborah Lynn, 188 Hill, Ellis Dean. 173 Hill. Etta Faye T., 143 Hill , Jerry Michael, 246 Hudspeth. William M.. II, 198, 279 Huey. Cheryl Donnette. 198 Huff, Rebecca Ann, 312 Johns. Judith Marie. 188 Johns. Mary Alice, 312 Johns. Michael Joseph. 198 Johnson, Allen Stanley. 56. 144 Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson . Barbara Cascal, 144 . Charles Patrick, 174, 314 , Charlotte Ann, 144 , Dempsey Lee. 198 . Edgar Davis. 198. 279 Johnson. Gary Lynn, 57, 174, 279 Johnson Johnson Johnson . George Carl, 129 . Joe Edward. 144, 299 . Johnny Odell, 198 Johnson. Judy Kay. 144, 285 Johnson. Labe Bradford. Jr., 144 Johnson. Linda Anne. 188 Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson . Linda Gae, 188 . Mamie Karen, 144 , Margie Lynn, 198 . Mary Margaret, 144 Johnson. Sandra Vinson. 174 Johnson. .Shelby Venable. 57, 279 Johnson. Susan E. Wishnatzki. 144 363 Keller. Ronald Edward, 174, 315 Kellum. John Max, 198 Kelly, Carol Ann, 198 Kelly, .Evelyn Ca Sandra, 198 Kelly, Georgia Beth, 313 Kelly. Irvin Louis. Jr., 144 Kelly, Lany Teresa. 198 Kelly. Marsha Deen. 198 Kelly. Martin Cullerton. 144 Kelly. Phillip Wayne, 144. 239 Kelly. William Lloyd. 198 Kem. Irene Jerrell. 144 Kemp. Audrey Moseley. 198 Kemp. Lindsey Jean. 198. 300 Kemp. Marion Thomas. Jr.. 198, 306 Kennedy, Claudette. 145 Kennedy. Helen P., 198. 308 Kennedy. Marilyn E., 174 Kennedy. hlartha Frances. 174 Kennedy. Michael Ray. 256, 259 Kennedy. Susan Ann. 145 Kennedy Thomas Morgan. 198 Kennedy William Grover. 198 Kenner. Randy Sherrod, 174 Kenney. Donna Nel, 188 Kennon. Williani Jon. 294 Kent. Charles Edward. 286 Kent, Ola Mae. 188 Kent, Paul Douglas, 174, 290, 319 Kepper, Marie Virginia. 198, 238 Kerley. William Joseph, 198 Kern. Irene Terrell, 304 Kerr, Kenneth Fred, 129 Kersh, Gerald Jones, 174, 240, 243 Kervin. Elizabeth. 198, 238, 296, 297 Kervin, Lewis Michael, 290 Kerzee, William Lee, 145 Key, Carlos Roland, 174 Key. Radell, 56, 145 Keyes. Charlotte Faye. 188 Keys, Michael Edward, 174 Kidd, Anne Cheryl, 145 Kidder, John Overton, 235 Kiehm, Angela Marie, 174, 300 Kihyet, David Elias, 145, 290 Kihyet, Ruby Anastasia, 188, 304, 332. 333 Kilgard, Frank Leroy, Jr., 129 Kilgore, James Robert, 294, 319 Kilgore, Terry Lynn. 188 Kilmer, Charley Earl, 198, 251 Kilpatrick. Curtis L.. 174, 274 Kinder, Kerry Neil, 239 King, Andrea Lynn, 174 King. Arthur Irving, 145 King, Barbara Ann. 174, 239 King. Dewey Glenn. 145 King, Emma Lou, 174, 244 King, King. James Edward, 279 James Hilton. 198 King. Joe Judson, 319 King, June Maria, 198 King. Karen Patterson. 145 King. Kathy Brown, 145 Lafevers, James Ronald, 129 Lagergren, Walter Bernard. 175 Lahr. Alan Dale, 71, 199 Laing, Billy Gerald, 175 Lain Walter Thomas 175 Sw 1 Laird. Henry Ford, Jr., 145, 188, 311, Laird. Richard Hugh. 294 Lambert, Nelene B., 316 Lambert, Steve, 145 Lambert. William B., 239 Lamey. Robert Edward, 145 Lammel. Julie Katherine, 145, 316 Lamonaca, Caesar Anthony. 145, 294 Lamothe. David Mackie. 175 Lampton. Burke Frank, 111, 175, 266 Lams, Sue Lynn, 238 Land. M. Ann, 175, 313 Land. Rebecca Sue, 188, 292 Landrum. Carlton Janet. 145, 264 Landrum. Mavis Ladeen, 199 Landry. James Edward, 175 Landry, Joseph Darrel. 175 Landry, Michael Juan, 145 Lane, Shirley Ann, 175 Lang. Paul William, 145 Lang, Sammy Lamar, 175 Lang, Shelley Elizabeth, 175 Langley, Shirley Ann, 175 Langlinais. Frances. 145 Langlois, David Michael, 19, 251 Langston, Sarah Ann, 175 Langton. Edward Joseph, 145, 299 Lanier. Sandra Lorene. 129 Lanius. Laura Dale, 145. 237, 300 Lansing. James Norman. 145 Lantrip. Eric Michael. 199 Laroux. Cabbot, 188, 260 Larsen, Frederick Breedlove, 199 King. Linda Baxter. 145. 227. 266. 304 King. Melton C., 145 King, Sheila Jones. 174 King. Simeon Ann. 198. 304 King. Susan Allyne. 198 King. King. Vivian Helen. 198 Wanda Ann. 145, 227 King. 1Villiam 1vIcAlpine. 174 Kingsafer. John Richard, 145 Kirby. Suzanne. 198 Kirk. Kathryn Loraine, 188 Kirk. Katie M., 198 Kiser. Evelyn L.. 174 Kiser. Jeanne Rue. 188 Kiss. Helen Theresa, 174 Kittrell. Kathy Jeanette. 174 Klar. Madeline Louise. 198 Klein. Jo Ann, 174. 269, 285 Klein , Ralph Dennery. Jr.. 145 Kleinhans. Franklin Bruce. 145 Kloth Klur. . Oscar. 145 Dee J. Wewer. 145 Klutts. Cecil Marshall. Jr., 174 Knellinger. Ronald Leroy. 294 Knight. Brenda Carol. 188, 304 Knight. C. M.. 174 Knight. Knight. Cynthia Lou, 198. 304 Darrell Lane, 145 Knight. Linda Gene, 145. 304 Knight. Knight. Michael Armand. 174 Patrick Jones, 145 Knippers. Roy Wayne, 174 Knobloch. Donald Walter. 57. 199, 279 Knoke. VVilliam Albert, 199 Know les. Cynthia Anne. 174 Koberger. Karl Edmund. 175 Koch. Kolb Kolge Karen Kathryn, 145 Thomas Lynn. 175 r. Katherine G.. 145. 292 199 Kornegay. Leland Neville, Kouba. Cheryl Lynn. 188. Kram Kram Krebs K ride 238 er, Edward Nicholas. 145 er. John Marvin. 86 . Susan Marie. 175 r. Clifton Wayne, 35 Krohn. Daniel Alfred. 145 Krola Krum k. Deborah Lynn. 199 beck. Vincent Michael, 145 Kuork. William Albert. 306 K uri g K yser er. Mary Frances, 188. 238 , Robert Julian. 175. 290 L Lacour. Irving Allen. 199, 315 Laruesta. Rita. 199 Lacy. Ladner. Ladner Ladm 1.3.11 Ill Pamela Sue. 199 Andrew Lugis, 199 Carvin 145 -r. Donald L.. 199 251 'r Elizabeth K.. 304 Ladner Gail Ann 199 Ladner Janice Cynthia, 145, 276 Larlner Kathie 145 Ladner Nlary Frances. 199. 244 Ladner Michael. 175 Ladner. Ladner Ladner. Nlirhael Joseph 315 Particia Gail. 188 Susan Marslia 199 260 Ladner. Wendell Larry. 70. 72-73, 302 1.a1lni Lad ni l..rdsh er Rover' C., 145 er Susan Carnl 188 aw. lVilliam H., III. 175 Larsen. Janet Elainc. 145 Lashley. Kenny Ross. 199 Lassiter. Linda Elizabeth. 199 Latham. Carolyn Susan. 188. 244 Lathem. Linda Mae. 175. 249. 266 Latimer. George Leonard, 145 Lauderdale. Leonard Louis. 175 Lavigne. Ronald Stephen. Sr.. 188 Lavine. Rudy George, 315 Law, David Young. 175, 291 Lawrence. John William. 145 Lawrence, Patsy Carter, 199, 312 Lawry. Douglas Eugene. 145 Lawson. Donny Lee. 175. 264 Lawson. Robert Elmer, Jr.. 145, 246 Lawson. William Eugene. 145 Lay, Nancy Ann. 145, 266. 293 Layton. Guy Anthony, 145 Lazenby. John E., 145, 286 Le Duke. Doris Rhea C.. 145 Leard, Richard Lynn, 175 Leary. Catherine Shannon, 199 Leary. Terry Richard. Leblanc. Denise Celia, 175, 315 175, 240 Ledlmv. Linda Diane, 145 Lee. Barbara E., 175 Lee. Dorothy Loraine, 145 Lee. Erin L., 199 Lee, Larry Keith, 145 Lee. Mary Maude. 145 Lee. Ray Hance, 130 Lee. Ronnie Larue, 145 Lee. Ruth Sandifer, 188 Lee. Susan Budinich, 145 Lee. William Alton. Jr., 145 Lee. William Henry, Jr., 145 Leedy, Richard Allen. 250 Lees. Dorothy Anne, 145 Leggett. Leggett, Richard Bernard. 145 Terry Travis, 175 Lehmann. Sherri Denise, 199 Leiding. Gilbert Elmer, 188 Lennox. Sherry Victoria, 313 Leo. Mary Ellen, 175 Leonard, Alexa. 304 Leonard, Frances Louise. 145 Leonard, Nelda F., 199. 237 Leonard. Paula Ann, 199 Leroy. Frances Gertrude, 248 Lestelle. August John, Jr., 145 Lester. Morris Ervin, 57. 199. 279 Letort, Fred Michael, 154, 253 Levens, Roberta Sue. 188 Lewis. Alna Christine, 145 I.:-wus, Benjamin Ross. Jr., 145 Lewis. Bettye S., 175 Lewis Lewis. Carolyn Joyce, 145 Charles Aaron, 188 is Deborah Ann, 199 Lewis. 1.1'M'ii. Lewis. Lewis Lewis. Frances Robbins. 188 Genevieve, 145, 308 John South. 145. 307 Linda Irene, 188 Luther Darias. 299 Lewis. Margie Dell, 145 237 1.1-wxs Sally Mae. 145, Liberto Lightsey. Mary Louise. Lightwy. Sharon Ruth. Lin. Yueh-Li Bonnie, 145 145, 249 175 130 Shirley Faye, 3 Lindley, Lindley, Bettie Gail, 145, 252 Edward Austin, 175 Lindsey, Danny R., 279 Lindsey, Deborah Elizabeth, 199 Linville, Jimmy Roy, 188, 299 Litchliter, William Burk, 199, 311 Little, Harvey Roy, 145, 256 Little, Kathryn Susan 199, 253 Little, Nancy Rebecca, 175 Littlepage, Robert William, 199 Littlepage, Thomas David, 146, 315, 319 Lloyd. Lloyd, Lloyd. Lloyd, Locke, Loftus, Logan, Logan, Lomax, Lomax. Aletha Anne, 146 John Henry, 146, 278 Linda Dale H., 130 Nancy Elizabeth, 146, 235 James Ronald, 294 John Bernard, 199, 281 Stephen Craig, 56, 188 Terri Yvonne, 175 Forest Kent, 188, 279 Rhea Peary, 146 Long. Brenda Louise, 199 Long, Charles Larry, 188 Long. Ginger, 146 Long, Joseph Michael, 199, 344 Long. Monroe William, 199 Lon Terry Dale 175 8' f Longwitz, Rosa L. Roberts, 146 Lonnborg. Janice Mae, 146, 237 Loomis, Loper, Robert Steve, 146 Alfred Leon, 175 Loper, Brenda Gail, 199 Loper, Sammie Joe, 146 Lopez, Janet Gayle, 175 Lorona. Manuel, 146 Lott. Billy Dale, 252 Lott. Herbert Darwin, 188 Lott. Jerry A., 146 Maloney, Maloney, Manaway, Manberg, Mancuso, Mangum, Mangum, Manguno, Manning, Manning, Maning, Mansour, Kathleen Mae, 146 Robert Stanley, 200, 286 Glinda Virgie, 200 Martha Gail, 175 Mede Louise, 175 Charlotte Dianne, 189 Shirley Jean, 313 Paula Ruth, 200, 238, 289 Jerri Anita, 200, 238 Merleen, 301 Vennis Cartwright, 146 Gloria Ann, 200, 301 Manton, .Elizabeth Dianne, 189 Maples, Cecil Allan, 189 v Marilyn Jacqueline, 2111 Marbury, Eugenia Ruth, 146 Marcangeli, Mary Louise, 200 Marchant, Guillaume H., Jr., 175 Marchant. John Allen, 200 Markell, Alan Gilbert, 176 Markiton, Marquez, Robert Irvine, 239 Illona Marie, 189 Marsalis, Sula M. Johnson, 130 Marsden, Marshall, Marshall, Elizabeth Rhys, 200, 238, 317 Barbara Ann, 189, 293 William Roderick, 146, 250 Martin, Brenda Jean, 200 Martin, Candice Karen, 146, 301 Martin, J erry Arden, 200, 237 Martin. Michael Alford, 176 Mashburn. Nellah Kay, 176, 304 Mason, Dennis Charles, 189 Mason, Ji mmie Warren Ard, 176 Mason, Larry Edward, 176 Mason, L Mason. L Massengal Massey, inda Belle, 252 inda Diane, 147, 285 e, Sharron S., 189 David Heil, 250 Lott. Lott, Lf-tr. Lott. Love. Mary Lou, 130 Reta E., 175 Sheryl Theresa, 146 Susan Irene, 146 Margo Louise, 199 Lovett. Wayne Allen. 188 Lovette. Elizabeth C., 199 Lovorn, John Murrah, 175, 302, 303 318, 319 Lowe, Constance Marie, 175 Lowe. Patricia Kay. 146 Lowe. William Terrell, Jr., 279 Lowery. Claude Edwin, 175 Lowery. Donald, 175 Lowry. Michael Paxton. 175 Lowry. Myra Lynn, 175 Lowry, Ronald. 175 Lowry. William Ray, 175 Lucas. Charles Michael, 307 Luckett. Michael Allen, 274 Luckie. Yvita Yvonne, 146 Ludlo w. Larry Noel, 199 Lumm. Gerald William. 235 Lumm. Katharine R. Hammond. 238 Lumpkin. Lou Ann, 175, 266 Lundy. Dana Thomas, 188, 243, 251 Luse. Lusk, Lusk. Hal Douglas, 146 Patricia Ann, 199 Randol h Carter 146 P 1 Luter, Jesse C., 111, 175. 251 Luthe r. Roger Lane, 175 Lyddon. William John, 199 Lyerly. Belinda Rae, 188, 238. 308 Lyle. Lyle, Lvle Lynn. Lynn, Lyon. MacA John Woodrow. 199, 279 Joyce Marie, 317 Roger Brenton. Jr., 146 James Wiley, 189, 302 Jerome Clifton, 146 James Stephen, 279 M rthur, Donna Lynn, 146 MacDermott, Thomas James, 146, 303 Macey. Kevin John, 189 MacGregor, Charles G. Jr., 200 Maclntosh. Frances Ione. 175 Massey. Sylvia Anita, 147 Mathews. Lynda Carol, 200 Mathews. Merilee Adams, 200 Mathews. Thomas Davis, 313 Mathis. Howard Francis, III, 176, 303 Matlock, William Gary, 176 Mauldin. Avery Lynn, 176 Maurio Louis Vincent, 176 Maxwell. Herbert D., 189 Maxwell. Robert Arthur, 189 May. Charlene Amanda, 176 May, Joy Elaine, 146 May. Robert Lewis, 147 Mayes, Margaret Anne. 200 fMayf'ield. David Cook, 251 Mayfield, Janis Elaine, 147 Mayfield. William Bruce, 176 Mayo. Charley Sue, 147 Mayorga, Freddy Ren. 85 McAfee, Ronald Orville, 176 McArthur, John Sidney, 176, 259 McAuley, Tom George, 200 McBroom. Linda Elaine, 189 McCain. Wanda Janelle, 189 McCall, Joe Wiley, 189 McCants, Janet Noble, 147 McCarthy, Dorothy Patricia, 200, 238 McCartney. James Patrick, 130, 235 McCarty, Judy Carole, 176 McCarver. James Mark, 200, 311 McCaskill. Gary Thomas, 176 McCaskill. June Elizabeth, 147, 250, 276 279. 308 McClain. William Boyd, 189, 303 McClammy, Allan Keith, 56 McClatchy, Mary E., 176 McClellan, Barbara C., 200 McClellan. Paul Harden, Jr., 200 McCle0d. Graybrella, 200 McClintock, Sally Marie, 200. 301 McCormick. Laureen Clair, 200, 289 MeCown, Stanley Clark. 176 McCoy, Sylvia Lynn, 235, 240 McCraw, Bryan Frank, 200, 299 McCraw, Stephen Connor, 147 McCrory. Sandra Carol, 176 MacKay. Douglas Kent, 200. 279 ltlefflilley. Mary Frances, 147 McCurdie. Ellen Welch. 147, 288 McDaniel. McDaniel. Cecelia Marie, 189 Douglas Noel, 176 Mackin. William Henry. 146, 294 MacMillan. Conception M.. 237 Madden, John Boykin, 146 lkiadden. Katherine Elizabeth, 200 Maddox. Erma Jean, 200 Maddox. Thomas Norman, 146, 229, 243. 251 Madison. Sherry Ann, 146. 274, 301 Magee. Barbara Kaye. 189. 238, 266, 284 Magee, Martha Ann. 175. 274 Magee. Magee. Nola Faye. 146. 252 Patricia Ann, 175 Magee. Rita Jeanette. 189 Magenheimer. Edward Fred, 294 Maily. Gustave Joseph, Jr., 146 Majure, Ruth Ann. 190 Maiure. Thomas B.. Jr.. 146 Malan rhak. John Edward. 146 Malinoski. Timothy S.. 88 Maloc h. Mary Elizabeth. 189, 301 Malone. Deborah, Inez. 200 Malone. Edward Cornell. 189 Malone, Edward Phillip, 146 McDaniel . Joyce Carol, 147 McDaniel. Kathy Elaine, 147 Perry Wade 147 McDaniel, . McDavid. Dorothy Linda, 176 Dale Henry, 147 McDavitt. McDermott. Leo Albert, 286 McDonald. Laura Elizabeth, 189 McDonald, Tommy Lee. 176 McDowall. Frances Ozella, 147, 249 McDuf1'. Alan Rea, 176 McDuffee. William Ormand, 200 Mr-Eachern, Raymond G., 319 McElfresh, Patricia Anna L., 200 1NfcElroy. Cynthia Luanne, 200, 292 McGahey. Ina Jan S., 147 McGann. Ronald Richard, 200 McGee. Eva Mae, 147 McGehee, James Michael. 200, 279 McGhee. Jerry Aubrey, 147 McGilvray, Richard Earl, 147 6 l 34 Mclnnis, Ann, 200, 293 McGrath, McGuFl'ie John R., 147 Robert Billy, 176 McGuire,l Pamela Anne, 147 Mcllwain, Faye Jewell T., 147 Mcllwain, Johnnie Lynn, 200 Mcllwain. Martha Sue, 147 Mclnnis, Carey Utha, 147 Mclnnis, Linda Louise, 176 Mclnnis, S Mclntyre, arah Ray, 200, 238, 317 James Patrick, 147 Mclntyre, Michael Dean, 147 McJimsey, Joseph Arthur, 200 McKay, Jerry Wayne, 176 McKay, Johnny L., 56, 176 McKay, K aren Angela, 253, McKay. Macy Linda, 147, 253 McKee, Walter Peter, 1.89 McKellar, Nancey Ruth, 176, 305 McKendree, John Newton, 147, 274 McKennon, Roger Darce, 176 McKie. Robert Polk, 303 McKinley, Karen Kay, 189, 235, 238, 266. 293 McClain, Patreecia Jo, 176, 236 McLean, Cappie, 189 McLean, Dorothy Margaret, 309 McLelland, Jerry Alan, 189 McLernore, George Scotty, 279 McLemore, Robert Carl, 286 McLennan, Rita, 176 McLeod, Paula Patricia, 189, 313 McLeod, Silas Wayne, 147 McMahan, Brent Edwin, 130 McMahan. Mike Blaine, 200, 279 McMahan, Sandra Sue, 176 McMahan, Virginia Dale, 284 McMahon. Horace Edgar, 147 McManus, Brenda Kay, 176, 293 McManus. Fred Leroy, 176 McMichael. William H., Jr., 189. 294, McMillin. Andrew Noble. 189 McMullan. Janis Ruth, 147, 235, 240 McNair. Henry Lawrence. 147 McNair. Olivia White, 147 McNair, Ronnie Earl. 147 McNally. Elaine Marie, 200 McNamee. Robert Lloyd, 147. 251 McNeece. Connie Ray. 189. 279 McNeer. Beverly King, 148 McNeese, Gregory Maurice. 311 McNeil. Donald Wendell, 148 Mordica, George Joseph, 279 Michael lVayne. 201, 281 Parker. McPhearson. lvfary Joan, 176 McPherson, Blayne Suzanne, 148, 313 McQueen, Hilda Ray. 176 MgQueen. Micheal Lynn, 200. 279, 19 McOuillan, David Charles, 176, 249, McRae, Frances Elizabeth, 176, 312 McRaney. Carolyn Diane. 148 McRaney, Deborah Gail, 189 McRee. James Timothy. Jr.. 148 McSwain. Elizabeth Ruth. 148. 293 McVadon, Carolyn Jean, 148 Meador, Marjorie Louise. 189 Meador, Nancy Anne. 98. 189. 235, 289, 332, 333, 334, 343, 344 Moador. William Edwin, 176. 253 Meadows, Glenda Cheryl, 276, 289 Meadows, June Kay. 148 Mears. William Francis, 130 Medel. Beverly Jane, 200. 239 Gordon Leigh, 149 Meier, Harry Alva, Jr., 189, 303 Melton. Donald Glen, 189 Melton. John Elvis, 148 Merlini, George R., Jr., 148 Merrell. Linda Louise, 189 Merritt, Joseph Renford, 251 Merritt, King, 130 Metsger. Donna Jean, 176 Meyer, Frederick Milton. 57, 279 Meyers. Li nda Johnell. 176, 240 Michel. Rex John, 148. 294, 295. 318. 319 Miciello, Arthur, Jr., 176 Mickle. Donna Lorinda, 200 Middleberg. Ira Joel, 148 Middleton. Middleton, Middleton. Middleton, David Louis, 176 Iva Nell, 246 Jim Scott. Jr.. 148 Middlet John Wesley. Jr., 148, 279 on, Mary Kay, 148 Middleton. Patricia Evelyn, 177 Middleton. Richard T., 111, 130 Mieczynski. Charlotte E.. 148 MJQIIPS. Jesse James. 177 Mikel. Billy wayne. 56, 78, 177 Milffl- .lanie Kay. 200, 244 Milbran dt, Vickie, 177 Miles. Linda Louise, 177 Miles. Russell Eugene, 56, 148 Miles, Xavie. 200 Miller. Brenda Diane, 177 Miller, James Madison, 177 Miller. James Randolph, 287 ""lf-r, Jimmy H., 260 Miller. Miller. Laquanta Joy, 305 Marilyn Gail, 148, 316, 317 319 312 299 266 238 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller Marla Jo, 189, 235, 238, 305 Melvin Allen, 189, 281, 259 Natalie Palermo, 189, 238 Pamela Ann 200 297 Miller: Theresa Annj 177, Miller, Milles, Milloy, Milloy, Mills, 1 Thomas Glenn, 279 Leighton Smylie, 148 Daniel Calhoun, 279 Donald Cox, 189, 279 rma Ruth, 177 Mills, Kathy Anne, 148, 236 Mills, Mary Linda, 189, 293, 332-333, 334 Milsted, Josephine E., 148 Mims, Elizabeth M., 148 Mims, Lloyd Lee, Jr., 189 Minchew, Bruce Edward, 177 Miner, Wilmer Lee, 189 Minshew, Billy Gene, 148 Mirick, Rick Anthony, 311 Mitcham, Joseph Vernon, 148 Mitcham, Robert Dewitt, 200, 279, 315 Mitchell, Danny Ferrell, 98, 148, 311 Mitchell, Darlene, 177 Mitchell. Lucinda Shell, 200 Mitchell, Mary Elizabeth, 148 Mitchell, Rosemary, 148 Mitchell. Susan E. Purvis, 177 Mitchell, Virginia Ann, 148 Mixon, Wayne Todd, 177, 307 Mize, Deborah Jay, 200 Moak, Janey Karen, 177, 266 Modling, Louie Winfred, 148 Moen, Donald James, 189 Moffett, Robin Sue, 200, 293 Moffett, Virginia Grayson, 148 Mohler, David Grigsby, 148 Mmfina, Antonio Jose, 189 Mollcre, Ronald Emile. 148 Monroe, Monroe. lvlontgo Donna. Reece, 148 Rebecca Eloise, 177, 266, 285 mery, Anne Marie, 200, 312 Montgomery. Charles David, 148 Montgomery, Ina Lynn, 148 Nlontgomery, Richard Paul, 148 Margaret Sue, 200, 237, 301 Monti. Sharon Jean, 200 Moody. Moon, Marilyn. 148 Moore, Alec Wayne, 177 Moore. Moore. Moore, Moore, Moore. Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Nloore. Moore. Moore, Moore, Moore Moore, Moore. Moore Betty Lou, 148 Colleen. 200 Connie Delong, 177 David William, 177 Deborah Leigh, 177, 288, 337, Diana Lynne. 149 Diane Kay, 285 Donald Clements, 189, 281 James Darrell, 311 James Melvin, 177 John Elbert, Jr., 149, 264 Kathleen Ann, 189 Linda Emily. 149, 237 Patricia Ann. 149, 235 Percy Crump, Jr., 149 Sharon Kay, 149 Susan Rae 149 230 264 317 Mom-f Ted Sherrill, 177 ' ' Moore. Thomas Estes. 57. 200. 279 Moore. Tobic Delton, 189 Moore. Mooreh William Ralph, Jr., 177 cad, Jerry Parks, 149 Moorer. Jane Louise, 189 Moran, Ann ray, 253 Morehead. Elizabeth Ann. 177, 293 Moreton. Bruce Todd. 311 Morgan. Carolyn Ann, 149 Morgan. Chester Monroe, 177, 345 Morgan Morgan Morgan, Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morreal Morris . Dan Parkman, 177 , Deborah, 238 Helen Gayle, 200, 238. 285 . Homer Grady, Jr., 189 . James Welch, 291 , Michael Glenn, 177 . Richard Larry. 149 . Shirley Ann, 189 , William R., Jr., 130 e. Martin Arthur. 149 Forrest M. 111 149 Morris: Glenn Farrell, 149. 236 Morris. Morris, Morris. Morris, Morris, Morris, Mary Elizabeth. 200 Neil Anton, 177 Regina Barr, 149 Terrence Keith, 200 Thomas Walter. 315 Morrison. Anaise Cecilia, 189 Morrison, William Tully. 200, 295 Morrow. Morrow. Morrow. Morrow Morse. Morton, Morton. Martha Carol, 149 Robert Caldwell. 200. 307 Robert Vincent, 177 . Thomas Clark, Jr., 177 Philip Newman. 291 James Macmillan, 70 O. Franklin. 149, 303 Moses, Kendall Roy. 189 Mott. Donald Ray. 189 Mculder. Chester Randell, 200 Nloulds, Martha Ann. 177 5 Moulds, William C., Jr., 177 Moulton, Charles Larry, 56, 177 Mowdy, Larry Hermes, 177 Muggenburg, Linda S., 177 Muhs, Robert Carl, 79 Mulholland, Jo Nora, 130, 236, 237 Mullins, Harry Miller, 279 Munscll, Richard William, 177, 254 Ocain, Carole Marie. 150 Odell, Terry Joseph, 177 Oden, John Grant, 287 Oden, Martin Mitchell, 177 Odom, B Odom, Odom, obby Joe, 177 Gary Eurc. 150, 345 Mackie Edward. 190, 237 Oerting, Venetia Dianne, 201, 301 Munton. George Richard, Jr., 149, 246 Murphree, Anna J., 177 Murphree, Linda Elaine, 177, 304 Murphy, Charlene Sarah. 149 Murphy. Glen Vernon, 149 Murphy, Philip Joe, 149 Murphy, Vernona Louise, 149, 235 Murray, Marcee Marie, 189, 301 lylurray, Martha Kay, 149, 313 Murray, Patti Jo, 200, 293 Muse, Edith Jean, 200 Myatt, Harold Clyde, 279 Myers, Barbara Ann. 200 Myers, Daniel Benton, Jr.. 189 Myers, Danny Roy, 189 Myers, Gayle Karen, 149, 224, 227, 241, 244 Myers, Irma Mae Riley, 237 Myers. Jimmy Guy, 149 Myers, John David, 291 Myers. Keith William, 177, 287, 319 Myers, Kenneth John, 177, 287, 318, 319 Myers, Louise O., 149 Myers. Ralph Dennis, 200 Myers, Robert Donald, 149 Myers. Vistra Christine, 200, 301 Oglesbee, Michaelc T., 150 Ohara, Kathleen Marie, 190 Ohr, Mena Dianne, 190 Ohr, Paula Marie, 150 Okeefe, Jeremiah Joseph. Jr., 150 Oliphant, Harry Michael, 177, 291 Oliver, Deborah Carol, 201, 305 Ornara. Colleen Elizabeth, 150, 292 332-333, 335, 338-339, 343 Ornire. Cheryl Lynn, 201 Oncal, Beverly Ann, 201 Oneal, Jerry, 177 Oncal, Tamara Lynn, 190, 305 Oquinn, Linda Marie, 190 Oradat, Larry Lee, 57, 279 Orange, Linda Elizabeth, 177, 238 Orrell, John Sharp, 150, 253 Ortenzi, Darryl Lay, 201 Ortiz. Daniel V., 274 Osborne, Debbie Ann, 190, 317 Osterholtz, Linda C., 201, 301 Oubre, Alan Jennings, 190 Osuley, D. Jane. 190 Overbcy, Marsha Carol, 150 Overby, Gail Dianne. 201, 317 Oxerstrcet, Barbara Jean, 177 N Nall, Terri Sue, 201 Nance. Victor Giles, 201 Nash, Charles Ray, 149 Nasif, Donna M., 177 Nasif, Ruth Nanette. 177 Naumann. David Arthur, 189, 251 Naylor. William C., 130 Neal. Martha Sue, 177 Nealy. Donna Jo, 293, 319 Nellums. Michael Allen, 149, 274 Nelson, Billy Steve, 149 Nelson, Julia A. McVey, 238 Nelson. Michael Saunders. 201 Nesossis. Conrad Anthony, Jr., 149 Netherland. Michael D.. 201 Nvuburger. Cynthia Anne, 201 Overstree Overton. t. William C.. 150, 239 Gayle Lynn, 190 Owen, Genevieve Rice, 150 Owen. Owen, Owen. R Owen, Judith Carol, 177 Marc Ford. 67, 201, 279 oxanne Elizabeth, 190 William Ernest, 150 Owens. Carolyn Janette, 177 Owens. Tommy Lee, 150 Owens, Wilton Price, 150 P Pace, Anna Jean, 190 Pace. Michael Croxton, 201 Pacific. Janetta Jane. 313 Pack. Carlyle Hastings, 178 Pack. Clifford Harrison. 178 Page. James Richard, 150 Neville. Thomas Hugh, 149 Newell. Daniel Baker, 149 Newell. David William. 149 Newell, Ella Estelle. 177 Newell, Gayle Hart. 149 Newell. Newma Newma Larry Wayne. 201 n, Janis Ellen C., 189 n Jule Dempsey Page. Rita. 130. 236 Palazzo. George Eugene, 57 Palma. Kent Alan, 70 Palmer. Danny Warren. 57, Palmer. Deborah Ann, 201 Palochko. William Eugene. 150 Pape. Janet Catherine. 150 Paredes, Luis F.. 85 190 . , Jr., 149 Newman. Kay Sharon, 177 Newman. Leslie David. 149 Patricia. Alice W., 130 Douglas Edward. 201 Newman, Newsham. Newton, George Joseph. III, 149, 246 Nicholls, Barbara Ann, 189, 238 Nicholls. Catherine Jean. 177 Brenda Joyce G.. 149. 236 Nichols. Nichols. Dale Hunt. 149. 291 Drennan T., 189 Joseph William, 201 Parrecier Ilene. 150 Nichols, Nichols, Nichols. Nicholson, Jerry Scottie, 177 Nickelson. Sarah Rosanne, 177. 317 Nielsen. Sally Tom H., 130 Nix. Carolyn Elizabeth, 150, 230 Nix. Jerry Lynn, 189 Nixon, Connie Jean, 150 Noble, Brenda Faye, 177. 236. 238, 266 285 Noble, Nancy, 150 Nobles. Glenn. 177 Nobles. James Douglas. 295 Noblitt. Donna Kay, 201 Noel. Joey Herrnan, 177 Nolan. Ida Lillian, 177 Norman. Jewel Eugene, 177 Norman, Travis Edwin. 150 Norris, Christopher E.. 201, 251 Norris. lva Jo. 150 Norris. Joan Faye. 177, 252 Norsworthy. Rebecca McCall. 177 Norwood. Beverly Sue. 189, 289 Novak. Andre Joseph, 260 Nuckols. James Andrew, 150 Null. Charleen Ann, 150. 244 Nunlcy. Pamela Nell, 177 Nunnally. Nancy Alice, 189 O Oakes, Mari Klyce, 177 Oatis, Shelia Beatrice, 201 Obeirne. Noreen Dorothy, 150, 236 Oberlin. Rock M., 177 Obrian. Betty Sue. 190, 235, 238, 266, 289, 319 Obrien. Timothy Aaron. 177 365 Parish. Brenda Joyce, 150 Parish. Patricia Vianne. 201 Parke, Parker. Phyllis Gail. 150, 252, 293 Douglas, 57, 201 Parker, Jimmy Edward, 150 Parker, Johnnie Belinda, 178 Parker. Kenneth Ladell, 178 Parker, Leo Franklin, Jr., 281 Parker, Lucille Marie. 238 Parker. Linda Joyce. 178, 253 Parker, Mary Catherine, 201 Parker, Mary Patricia, 178, 244- Parker, Parker, Vicki Lynne. 201. 301 William Randolph, 150 Parnell. Charles Gerald. 150 Parrish. Cheryl Glenn, 178 Parrott. Billie Morgan. 190 Parson, J Parsons. Partin. erome George. Jr., 150. 240, 294 Margarita Ann, 178 Jimmy Dale. 201 Paschal. Elizabeth Kay. 201. 289, 338-339 Passmore. Cathy Eileen, 150. 237 Patrick. Katherine Cecelia. 178. 237 Patterson. Patterson. Barbara Anne, 150 Edgar Joseph, Jr.. 150. 299 Patterson. Jeanette. 190 Patterson. Patterson. Patterson. Michael Dennis. 71 Paul Glennon. 178. 311 William David. 201. 279 Paul. Marta Suzanne. 201, 238 Payne, Marilyn Pic. 150. 229. 292, 293 Payne. Patricia Ann. 178. 313 Payton. Brenda Geraldine. 201 Payton. Jackie Deborah. 201 Peacock. Caroline Elaine. 150. 236 Peacock. Joseph Mason. 178. 279. 315 Pearce. Helen M. Gelling. 150 Pearson. Charrne Marie, 190. 238. 293 Pearson. Dallas L.. 111. 159 Pearson. Ginger Leona T., 178 Peck. Chris Angela. 190. 259 Peddicord. Peggy VVehunt. 178 Pcden. Ginger. 150 Peden. Travis Ray. 151 Peel. Celeste Diane. 151 Peel, Emily Lyon. 190 Peet. Robert James. 291 Price. Peneguy, Ann Louise, 190 Pennington, Buford T., 151 Penny, Cathy Ann, 201 Pennyan. Mary Anne, 178 Pentecost, Martha Ann, 178 Penton, Patricia Gail, 150 Peoples. Dick Parker, 201 Peoples. Jamie, 201, 309 Perez. Louis Anthony, 178 Perkins, Catherine Jean, 190, 249, 285 Perkins, Judith Faye, 285 Perkins. Louis Ronnie, 111, 151 Perkins, Patricia Linda, 151, 228 Permenter, Roger Fred, Jr., 151 Perniciaro, Patricia, 151 Perry. Carolyn, 130, 236 Perry, Debbie F., 190 Perry, Linda Carol, 151 Perry. Marian Marjo M.. 190 Pery. Susan Rae, 201. 305 Perryman. Douglas Harold, 178 Persons, Charles Marion, 151 Persons, Wayne B., ,190 Peters. Margaret Esther, 201, 309 Peters, Richard Spencer, 98. 201, 251 Peterson. Caroline Isabel, 151 Peterson. Joy Ann. 190 Peterson. Tina Louise, 201 Pound, Sherry Lyn, 201, 238, 266, 309 Powe, Marilynn Elaine, 190, 238 Powell, Powell. Dawn Vernice, 190 Joyce Jeanne, 178 Powell, Mary Ann, 152, 238 Powell, Michael Glen, 152 Powell, Pamela Jo, 201 Powell. William Charles, 178 Powers, Keith Parker, 178 Poynter, Lou Ann N., 246 Prather. Rosemary, 178 Pratt. James Jefferies, 251 Prehoda. Barbara Lynn, 201 Preslar, Pressley Marvin S., Jr., 178 , Danny Alexander, 178 Preston, Andrea Laverne, 178 Preston, Janet Leigh, 289 Prestridge, Kit Louetta, 201 Price, Bettye J., 201 Price, David James, 178 Price, Harold David, 57, 201 Price, Joe Henry, Jr., 152 Price, John Ellis, 201, 279 Price, Lulie Ruth, 201 Price. Molly Jane, 201, 238, 289 Price, Pamela Lea, 178 Price. Ronald Dennis, 201 William Douglas, 201 . Franklin Reid. 201 Chervll Diane, 202 Plancha Petro. Pamela Joy, 190 Pettis. Thomas Pharoah, 151 Petty. Elsie Wiggins. 151 Pett alnes Edward, 151 Y. J Pevey, Linda, 190 Peyton. Lila Jerome, 178 Pfeifler. Wanda Jean, 201 Phillips. Alan Victor. 151 Phillips, Carolyn Edelle W., 151 Phillips. Dorothy Ann B.. 151 Phillips. Elzie Florine R., 178 Phillips. Herbert W., Jr., 201, 287 Phillips, Janice Lynn. 151, 289 Phillips, John Franklin. 130 Phillips, John Harrison. 151 Phillips. Paul Henry. 151 Phillips. Paul Raymond. 201, 307 Phillips. Rebecca Sue, 190, 293 Phillips. Riley Floyd, 190 Pickering. Kenneth B.. 178 Pickett, Benjamin H., HI, 178 Pickett. Jack Colle. 201 Pickett. Martha Nelle. 130 Pickler. Lynda B.. 151 Piepenbring. Martha Beth, 201 Pierce, Brenda Sue. 178, 236 Pierce. Charlotte Dolores. 151 Pierce. Larry Amasa. 251 Pierce. Peggy Ann, 201 Pierce, Wayne Howard. 151 Pigott, Jane Pittman. 151, 249 Pifrott. Penelone. 313 Pikul, Peter Joseph. 294, 319 Pilcher. David Leroy, 201 Pine. Barbara Louise, 178 Pinkerton. Phyllis Ann. 190. 289 Pinnix. James Edward. 151. 291 Pippen. Charles David. 151 Pittman, Betty Joy. 178 Pittman. Charlotte D.. 190. 309 Pittman, Daniel Sayle. Jr.. 151, 266 Pittman Pittman, Pittman Pittman Patsy Jean, 201. 238 . Rebecca Sue. 201 . Stanley S., 178 Pitts. Ralph. 151 rd. Marilyn, 178 Prichard, Janna, 293 Prichard. Lex Stewart, Jr., 299 Pride, Jack Guy, 201 Prince, Charles Robert, 240 Pringle. Wallace Dumont, 178, 256 Pritchard, Leslie Lardy, 178 Prochazka, Georgi Clara, 201 Propst, Nancy Carolyn, 178 Prothro. Toni Suzette, 190 Prout. Janice Camille H., 178, 236 Prowell. Walter David, 201, 319 Pruitt, Gary Wendell, 201 Psencik. Marilyn Ann, 152, 301 Pucylowski, John Franklin, 152 Reagan, Jette, 152 Reber, Hamilton Dykes, Jr., 152 Rector, Cecil Lee, 202, 303 Reddin, Charles Henry, 264 Rednlon, Sharon Amanda, 152 Redmond, Willie James, 178, 274 Reed, James William, III, 153 Reed, Ollie Lee, Jr., 153 Reed, Richard Edward, 202 Reed. Robert Michael, 153, 279 Reed. Veda Ann, 202, 238, 289 Reedy, Mary E. Minor, 153 Reeks, Reeves, Reeves, Reeves, Reeves, Gigi Daniels, 190 Doris Elaine, 202 James M., 153 Ora Cozette, 190, 309 Phyllis Elizabeth, 202 Reid. Cheryl Anne, 300, 301 Reiman, William Louis, III, 153 Renaud, Joseph J., Jr., 153 Renegar, Mary Kay, 178, 293 Rester, Gene Murry, 153 Res tom, Helen Theresa, 202 Revon, Richard Arthur, 71, 202 Reynolds, Marvin Othell, 178 Reynolds, Mary Jo, 179 Rhea. Kenneth Lee, 190 Rhinehart, Ginger K., 202, 237, Rhodes 293 Athaline Byrd 190 Rnndesi Billy Dean, 153, 319 Rhodes. Rhodes, Rhodes. Jalnes Scott, 279 Robert Carl, 202 Robert Edward, 281 Rhodes, Terry Ray, 179 Rhodes, Rhodes, Virgil Bertrand, 303 William A., Jr., 295 Rice, Richard David, 179 Richards, Mary Louise, 202 Richards, Richards Owen Earl, 179 , Robert Tandy. 153 Richardson, Alice L., 274 Richardson, Betty Jo, 179 Punzo, Purvis. Purvis. Purvis, Puwis, Charles Nicholas, 201 Cathryn Gail, 201, 301 Gaines Patrick, Jr., 190, 306, 319 Sylvia Carol, 201 William David, 57, 279 Pyle. Patricia Jean. 201, 244 Quam. Quick, Quick. Quick Q Carol Jean, 202 Henry Louis, Jr., 56, 152 Patricia Gay, 190 Ronald Anthony 57 Quin. i Jack Edward, l5'2 Richardson, Richardson. Lynda Cheryl, 153 Mary Martha, 153, 236 Richey, Beth Ann, 252 Richmond, Sue Elizabeth, 179, 300, 301 Richter, Elizabeth K., 153, 285 Rickard, Lyman Houston, 202 Ricketts. Timothy Russell. 279 Rickles, James E., Jr., 153 Rickner, John William, 153 Ricks. Troy Arlis, 57, 279 Riddick, Ruth Sharon, 202 Rideout, Preston Davis, 190, 315 Ridgeway, Nancy Sylvia, 179 R Rabb, Charles Banister, 130, 243 Rabby. Kathleen Ann, 152 Radau, Martha Ellen, 178 Ragland. Ricky T., 70 Rahaim, Donald Milheim, 152, 248 Rainer, Henry Louie, 178 Rainey, Don Rowe, 152 Rainey, Lilie Renae, 202, 238, 305 Raisovich, Drago, 152 Rakestraw, Linda, 178 Rakestraw, Sharon. 201 Ramphrey. John Phillip, 202 Ridgway, Patricia Ann. 297 Riedel. William C., 153, 311, 318 Riels, Charles Edward, 153, 246 953 Rigby, Katherine Mary, 190, 253 Rigby. Larry Aubry, 153, 254 Riggs, Frank Earl, 153. 224. 241, 2 , Riggs, Gary Edward, 202, 232 Riggs, Sherran Elise. 202 Riley. Patricia Odell, 202 Riley, Rodney Marshall, Jr., 202 Rimmer. Rings, R Betty Ann, 153, 293 obin Vivia. 202 Risher, Glenda H., 153 Risher, James Alan, 153 Rivers. Jerry Eugene, 179 Pleasant. Jacqueline P., 190 Plisco. Tommy Leo. 151, 256 Plunkett, Sherrol Anne J., 178 Pobjecky. Robert Michael. 190, 237 Podyma. Jlldith Yvonne. 151 Pogue. James Ewell. 151 Polen. William Donald. Jr.. 151 Polewoda. Janise Green. 151, 313 Ramsay, Ramsay Ramsey Ramsey Randall Randall Randall Randle, Randle, Raney. Rankin, Rankin, Rankin, Ariel Ruth, 190, 305, 319 , Robert Glenn, 152. 299 , Rebecca Anne, 190, 309 , Susan Louise C., 152 . Richard Henry, 190 , Robbie Elizabeth, 152, 317, 319 , Teresa Lynn G., 152 Betty Sharon, 305 Brenda Gayle, 152, 252 Bill A., 152 James Ronald, 295 Joe David, 152. 251, 295 Joe Marvin, 190 Roan, John David, 130 Roan. Thomas Vardaman. 153 Robbins, David Larry, 153 Robbins. Wanda Jo, 190 Robbins. William Eugene, 190, 279 Carolyn Dolores, 178. 300, 301 Polk. Betty Rennette. 151 Polk. Don Curtis. 201. 279 Polk John Allen. 178. 274 Polk. John Wayne, 151 Polk. Samuel Ottis, 190 Ponder, Ponder. Pool. K Poole, Pope. James H.. Jr., 151 Paul Henry, 151 athryn Evelyn, 152 Darwin Martin. 178 Pope. Margaret Elyse. 178 Pope, Randy. 86. 201. 295 Pope. Sharron Dianne. 151 Porter. Gwendolyn Eloise, 236 Porter. Lynn Ann, 190 Porter. Sally. 190 Posey. Martha Ann. 201. 237, 238. 301 Posey. Rubin Scott, 178 Posey. Vernetta Athelda, 201 Pospicil. Martin Eugene, 279 Poteat, Clara Ruth R.. 130 Poteat. Freddy Delano. 152 Potter. Lester Ray. 152 Potter, Russell H.. IV, 306, 319 Pouncey, James Curtis, 178 Rankin. William Curtis, 190 Ranney, Kenneth David. 178, 251, 254 Rarick. Carolyn Cherie. 202 Rasberry, Terry Don, 152 Ratcliff. Clifton -E., Jr., 152 Ratcliff. Julie R., 178 Rutclifi. Martha Jane. 202 Ratclie, Copeland R., 190 Roberson, Nelda Jean, 179 Roberson, Phyllis Wanda, 190, 238 Roberson. Randolph Bruce, 153 Roberts, Roberts, Alex Donald, 179 Barbara Beth, 153, 293 Roberts. Billy Clyde, 153 Roberts, Donald Ray, 179. 248 Roberts, Eugene Edwin, Jr., 153 Roberts, Gloria Louise, 153 Roberts, Laurie Jean. 202. 238 Rathbun. Pamela Carol, 202, 238 Ratlifl, Bill G.. 178, 256 Rawls, Glenn P., 152 Rawls. Martha Annette, 152, 266 Rawls. Patricia Ann, 202 Rawls. Rawson Thomas Van, 202. 307 , Bennie Glynn, 152 Ray. Bobbie Nell Smith, 178 Ray. Roy Gilmer, 152 Ray. Virginia Lynn, 202, 289 Rayborn, Gary Doyle, 178 Rayburn. Gary Scott, 56, 152 Rayburn, Georgina. 152 Rayburn. Glenn Marshall, 178 Rayburn, Lonnie Elwood, 279 Rea. K Reagan. enneth Roland, 152 Betty Olivia, 178 Roberts, Cackie Wayne, 153 Roberts, Mary Ruth, 202, 285 Roberts, Paul Ervin, 179 Roberts. Robin Calvert, 202 Roberts, Susan Sheryl, 202 Roberts, Victor Jerald, 153 Roberts. William Henry, Jr., 179 Robertson. Bernard Thomas, 179 Robinson. Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Alden Watkins, 153 190, 305 Brenda Anne, Chad McClain, 202, 295 Cheryl Helene, 153 Danny Marlin, 179 Robinson, Earl Ray, 179, 246, 259 Robinson. Gary Andrew, 190, 307 Robinson, John Allen, 153 Robinson. Rodney Bruce. 202 Robinson, Robinson. Teresa Clair. 179. 239 Robison, George David, 179 Roblin, Robert James. 274 Robosky, Dayna A., 179 Roby, Dana Grace, 153 Suzanne. 190, 235, 238, 293 30 Roche, F. Geraldine Smith, 153 Rock, Teresa Merry, 179 Rockwel l, Gary Nomlan, 295 Rodgers, John Andrew, 153 Rodney, Rodney, Joy Bethany, 190 Judith Faye, 130 Rodriguez, Domingo, Jr., 153, 237 Rodriguez, John B., Jr., 202, 279 Rodriguez, Jose Antonio, 57 Rody, J Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers , Rogers, Rogers , Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Roland, Rollins anette Dianne, 190, 309 Ellen Ruth, 179, 253 Glen Rayforcl, 153 Laura Nell, 179 Mary Dianne, 179 Mary Kathleen, 179 Melvin Karl, 190 Nancy Fredricka, 305 Neda Gayle, 179 Patricia Lee, 202 Rebecca Anne, 202 Reta Gay, 202 Theresia Lynn, 153, 293 Ronald Preston, 311 Felix Lloyd 179 Rollison, Larry L., 279 Rollison, Ronald Richard, 154, 225 236, 250 Roman, Michael Allen, 154 Rone, Barbara Lynn, 179 Roop, Micheal Ray, 202 Roper, Edward Benson, 130, 236 Rosales, Arturo, Jr., 85 Rose, Dennis Ray, 190, 295 Rosenzweig, Rebecca P., 154 Ross, Addie J., 154 Ross, Barbara Ann, 308, 309 Ross Ross, Ross, Ross, Ross, v Barbara Lee, 179 Beverly Ann, 309 Charles Cothrer, John L., Jr., 154, 235, 249 Laney Meridith, 154 179 Ross, Lola Krista, 179 Ross, Margo, 154 Ross, Paul Kenneth, 154 Round, Barbara Lou, 190 Rounsaville, 'Patricia Ann, 179 Rounsaville, Wanda Carol, 154 Rouse, Billy Joe, 179 Roues, Douglas Wesley, 56, 179, 236 Rouse, Larry Harrison, 154 Rowe, Myra Suzanne, 179 Rowell, Jimmy Lee, 179 Rowland, Beverly Ann, 170, 309 Rowlands. E. Susan, 179, 237 Rowley, Lynda Gale, 154, 236 Rowzee, Rita Jean, 154, 236 Rucker, Deborah Sue, 202 Rudder, Glenda Sue, 154 Ruff, Karen Lee, 154, 244 Rumsey, Susan, 154 Rundell, Helen Elaine, 179 ' Runnels, Brenda Joyce, 190 Runnels, John Carroll, 98 Runnels, Pamala Dianne, 238, 239 Runnels Terry Lynn 202 Rushin, Thomas Raines, 154 Rushing, Sandra Hernbloom, 154 Rushing, Shirley Mae, 196, 238 Rusling, Tom, 291 Russell, Russell, Russell, Russell, Russell. Russell, Russell, Russell, Daniel Grady, 295 Dorothy Dale, 154, 252, 29 Jann Erle, 297 Johnny Lamar, 295 Mary Kathryn. 130 Rhett Ralph, 154- Ronald, 154 Russell, Ruth Lynn, 154 Russell, Russum, Rustin, Rutland, Rutland Susan, 313 June G., 202, 238 Woodrow C., 154 Deborah Ann, 202 , Joyce, 202 Rutter, Rachel Rebecca, 202 Ryals, Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan Sabater, Sadler, Antha Dianne, 154 Betty Lou. 202 Glenn Farrell, 130 Nancy Marie, 154. 301, Robert Edward, 179 Susan Marie, 179, 252 S Francisco Jorge, 179 Cynthia E., 190 330 Sadler. Robert Armstrong, 295 Saggus, Gerald Palmer, 57, 279 Sahaydak, Alexander, Jr., 179 Sakalarios, Anthony, 191, 243 Sala. Paul Alan, 287 Salathe, Stanton Wayne, 154 Salazar, Rafael Antonio, 179 Saldana. Javier, 85 Salter, Larry Keith, 170 Sampley. Stephen Gary, 154 Sams, Marcia Lee, 202 Sanchez, Jorge Antonio, 191 Sanderford, Tony Dean, 253 Sanders, Barbara Gail, 154 3, 366 l Schell, Sanders, Gloria Marlese, 179 Sanders, Helen Elaine, 191 Sanders, Richard Spencer, 154 Sanders, Shirley Jean, 154 Sanders, Thomas Benton, 315 Sanders, Thomas Frank, 130, 319 Sanderson, Sue Elizabeth, 202, 297 Sandige, Barry Simon, 202 Sandifer, Jamie Louise H., 154 Sandife r, Samuel Thad, Jr., 154 Sanford, Benton Lee, 154 Sanford, Frances Gayle, 179 Sanford. Paula, 191, 235, 289 Sanford, Sharron Janette, 202 Saravanja, Kenneth William, 154 Sargent, Alexis, 202 Sarphie, Joseph Elite, IV, 202 Sarrat, Allan Joseph, 154 Sartin, Fred Robert, 154 Sartin, Winfred Eugene, Jr., 154, 307 Sasser, Betty, 239 Sassone, Grace Ann, 179, 317 Satterwhite, Jeffery Sloan, 319 Shelby, Barbara Gaye, 179 Shell, D. Elizabeth, 202, 313 Shell, Linda Louise, 191 Shelton, Ann Louise, 239 Shelton, Carol Milner, 202, 289 Shelton, Walter Lee, 287 Shepherd, Carolyn Kaye, 348 Shepherd, Robert Thomas, 56, 155 Shepherd, Teresa Carol, 191, 313 Sheppard, Bonnie Jean, 191 Sherman, Jane Brunetta, 191 Sherrill, Joseph Walter, 155 Sherrill, Stephen Douglas, 279 Shifalo, Mary G. H., 188 Shifalo, Tony Elmo, Jr., 191 Shill, Martha Ellen, 203 Shirk, Calvin Russell, 179, 256 Shirley, Donald Odis, 155 Shirley, George Norman, Jr., 86 Shoernake, Brenda Rae, 155 Shomake, Melissa Gail, 285 Shomake, Patricia Annette, 203, 238 Shoemaker, Jan Ophelia, 131, 236 Shoemaker, Robert E., 155 Shorter, Charles Thomas, 155 Shoultz, Lonnie T., Jr., 179 Shoultz, Mary Jo M., 202 Smith, Linda Williams, 156, 236 Smith, Lorinda G., 179, 301 Smith.Lynnette Frances, 203 Smith, Mark Douglas, 179 Smith, Mary Imogene, 203 Smith, Mary Louise, 203 Smith, Maureen, 156, 253 Smith, Pamela Elizabeth, 191, 289 Smith, Pamela Sue, 191, 266 Smith, Peggy Tom, 235 Smith, Richard Vickers, 179 Smith, Robert Eaton, Jr., 179 Smith, Rodney Alston, 287 Smith, Roger William, Jr., 295 Smith, Ronnie Keith, 156 Smith, Ronny Wayne, 156 Smith, Sarah Camille, 179 Smith, Shari Theresa, 191 Smith, Sharon Kaye, 293 Smith, Shelia Ann, 179 Smith, Stanley Edward, 191 Smith, Stephen Lee, 307 Smith, Thomas Albert, 156 Smith, Thomas Leslie, 156 Smith, Warren Hewitt, 203, 307 Smith, William Herman, 156 Smith, William Vaughn, 179 Saucier, Deanna Bernice, 179 Saucier, Donald Keith, 191 Saucier, James R., 179 Saucier, Janet Marie, 191 Saucier, Kevin Scott, 179 Shows, Frederick Daniel, 155 Shows, Sherrill Teresa, 179 Shows, Winston Thomas, Jr., 179 Shults, Wanda Diane, 191 Saucier, Lynne, 202 Saucier, Melanie Patricia, 191 Saucier, Steven Anthony, 202 Saucier, Stuart Landrum, 154 Savage, Robbi Lyn, 154 Savage, Steven Bond, 179 Savell, Willoughby Tingle, 179 Sawyer Gwendolyn 179 Scliabilion, Alan Rcibert, 191, 237, 266 David Stanford, 179, 251 Shumaker, James Lee, 303 Shumock, Mary Margaret, 202 Shumski, Edward J., Jr., 238, 277 Sibley, Donald Philip, 179 Sibley. Shannon Gayle, 295 Sievers, Margaret Linn, 155 Sills, Elizabeth Louise. 155 319 , Speake, Phillip Ray, 179 Schell. James Lawrence, 202, 251 Schilling, Martha Cole, 179 Schmidt, William Theodore, 235 Schoeneck, Rebecca Burst, 155 Scholle. Rhonda Theresa W., 155, 304 Schrader, David Allen, 155 Schrock, Brenda Kathleen, 202, 313 Schrock, Kurt Randall, 202 Scifres, Robert Lynn, 155 Scoggin, Charles Donald, 155 Scordino, Philip John, 287 Simmons, Bernell Eustis, Jr., 202, 291 Simmons, Kathy Marie, 191 Simmons. Nell Elizabeth, 155 Simmons, Sharman, 202. 285 Simmons, Shirley Louise, 179 Scott, Betty Ruth, 191, 238, 317 Scott, Gilbert David, 130 Scott, James Robert, 155 Scott, Judy Lynn J., 155 Scott Lynda Sharon 155 scmff Madeitm C. Redd, 155 Scott, Patricia Elaine, 155, 237 Screws, Beverly Jean, 202 Scruggs, Elizabeth Anne, 202 Scruggs, ,Gross, Jr., 155 Scruggs, John Douglas, 287 Scruggs, Robert Earl, 155 Simmons. William Sidney, 155 Simpson. Barbara Gayle, 191 Simpson, Harold Stephen. 307 Simpson, James Hugh, 277 Simpson, Jimmy Talmedge, 155 Simpson, Martha Marie, 130 Sims, Jerry Robert, 179 Sims. Juanita Lutisha. 202, 238 Sims. Karen Estelle. 179 Sims, Larry Ray, 191 Sims, Larry Wayne, 179 Sims, Sims. Sims. Ray Larry. 203 Rudolph Harold. 203, 315 Vickie Dianne, 203 Sin. Thomas Wai-Tung, 130 Sinclair. David William, 179 Single ton, Hugh Robert. 311 Seabrook, Marilyn E., 155 Seal, Etta Marie, 191 Seal, Nelda Faye C., 130 Seamen, Edith Adrianne, 202, 285 Searcy. Linda Elizabeth, 179, 244 Sears, Deborah Lehman. 202, 305 Segers, Nelda Stanley, 179 Sehon, Peter Christian, 179, 299 Self, Jan Louise, 179 Sipes. Oscar Alan, 156, 233 Sissell. Cynthia Lee. 317 Sisson, Gaylon Arnold, 156 Skelton. James Charles, 156 Skinner, Elver George, 156 Skinner. Jack Keith, 179 Skipper, Lawrence E., 179 Skrmetta, Evelyn Creel, 235 Skrmetti, Michael Paul, 191 Skrmetti. Patrick Francis. 130 Stuart. Sellers. Sellers, Sellers. Sellers. Barbara G. White, 155, 246 Betty Jane, 179 Cheryl Lynn, 179 Ella Louise B., 155 Sellers, Harold Thomas, 179 Slade. Janet Marilyn. 203. 309 Slaughter, William Thomas, 156 Slay, Gion Edward, Jr., 203 Slay. Johnnie Bea, 191 Slayton, Judith Paulk. 191 Smithhart, Georgia Carol, 179, 253 Snider, Herbert Monroe, 203 Snowden, Dianna Lynn, 179, 253 Snowden, Robert Donald, 156 Snyder, George Leroy, 203 Soberoski, Edward Alan, 56, 191 Sojourner, John Clemon, 315 Solomon, Elbert Dewayne, 191, 259 Sommers, P. Jean, 203 Sones, James Martin, 156 Sones, Richard Daniel, 191 Southall, Deborah Glynn, 203, 238, 293 Sowell, Ronald Allan, 179 Sowell, Vicie Michele, 203, 238 Spackman. Clifton Arthur, 156 Spangler, Margarett Ann, 191, 238 Spann, Gail Lowry, 293 Sparks, Linda Kay, 156, 253 Stevens, Carol Ann, 157 Stevens, Earnest Henry, 157 Stevens. Elizabeth Ann, 252 Stevens, Gary Lynn, 180 Stevens, Gerald Lee. 204 Stevens, Harold Wallace, 180 Stevens, Hugh Ward, 157 Stevens, Jesse Lee, 157 Stevens, Kathryn Patricia, 203 Stevens, Kathy Lynn, 204 Stevens, Martha Lynn, 157, 285 Stevens, Mary Carol, 180, 236 Stevens, Orline Margart-t, 289 Stevens Virginia Louise 191 Stevenson, Gerald Allen: 274 Stevenson, Tina Marie, 204 Stewart, David Roy, 157 Stewart, James Larry, 180 Stewart, Janet, 157 Stewart. Joe Bruce, 180 Stewart, Lynda Faye, 157, 239 Stewart, Randall Thomas, 79 Stewart, Randy William, 279 Stewart, Stephen Mark, 299 Stewart, William J. Jr., 180 Stifller, Allan Eugene, 251 Stiles, William Alonzo, 157 Still, Janie Elizabeth, 157 Stipulkoski, Kathy L., 191 Stockton, Dwight Elwin, 180 Stogner, Charles A., Jr., 157 Stogner, Edna Shirlene, 204, 237 Stokes, Stokes. Stokes. Gail Eloise, 180 Lillie M., 131 Patricia Ann. 191 Stone, Lynda Jane, 204, 237, 301 Stone. Robert Lawrence, 204, 291 Stonestreet, Cheryl Marie. 157 Sparks, Steven Reed, 179, 266, 307, 318, Speakman. Rebecca Lyn, 156 Spears, James Rudolph, 131 Spears, Lynne Dale Curtis, 156 Speed, Gloria Lynn, 179 Speed, Marcia Carol, 203, 238, 305 Speights, Betty Lou, 156 Speights, Ella Karen, 179 Spell, Cora Laverne, 179, 309 Spence, Janice Ann, 179 Spence. Jerry Michael. 156 Spence, Sherra Nell, 131 Spence, Stephen R., 57 Spencer, Rubye Anne, 156 Sperance, James R., Jr., 156 Sperance, William A., 156 Spieler, Charles Lawrence, 156 Spiers, Rebecca Marie, 191, 238 Spinks, Kathryn Annette, 203 Spratley, William Martin, 180 Spreemann, Gale Marie, 156 Spruell, Evelyn Ann, 203 Stagg, Lois Kathleen, 191 Stahler, Sharon Lee, 305 Stallings, Deborah Sue, 191 Stamps. Pamela Lowery, 98, 191, 238, 293 Standrod, Marcus B., Jr., 203 Sellers, James Grant, 287 Sellers, Julie, 305 Sellers, Judy Lynn, 179 Selman, Linda Mariea. 202, 238 Settles, Sevier, Daniel Ross, 155 Charles Allen, 202, 307 Seward, Wanda Gaynell, 179 251 Steele. Seymore, Patricia Anne, 179, 308, 309 Shadow. Joseph Donald, 179 Shafer, Carlie Joyce C., 130 Shafer, Paul, 131 Shaifer, David Wayne, 202 Shaifer. Paul Gary, 179 Shamburger, James V., 302 Shamoun, Charles David, 155 Shanafelt. Kathy Ann, 202, 239 Shanks, Linda Faye, 155 Shannon. Carolyn Marie, 202, 238, 301 Sharp, Elaine Seal, 179 Sharp. Mitchel Curtis, 155 Sharpling. Nancy Quin, 155 Shattles, Herschel Lynn, 179, 295 Shaw, Barry Lloyd, 155 Shaw, Diana Ruth, 155 Shaw. James Carroll, 179 Shaw, Linda Dell, 240 Shaw, Sandra Lynn S., 191 . Terry, 203, 260 Sheeks, John Daniel. 155, 311 sh90lY- Mary Jane, 155 Sheets. Robert Ross, 79 Shellield. Barbra Cecile, 285 Sheffield, William B., IH, 155 Shaw Slayton. William Erskine. Jr., 156, Slider. Alborne. Lonnie, 203, 251 Smith, Ann. 203 Smith, Barbara Anne. 203 Smith. Betty Jean. 156 Smith. Billy Gene, 179 Smith, Billy Ray, 179 Smith. Charles Gordon. 179 Smith, Charles Howard, Il, 203 Smith. Charles Martin, 156 Smith, Charles Merrick. 156 Smith, Charles Wayne, 130 Smith. Charlotte Rose. 191, 276, 3 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith . Cheryl Ann S., 248 , Cheryl Lane. 156 . Cindy Lou, 191 . Claudine Evelyn, 203, 238 . Curtis Alvin. 57 . Daniel Blood, 156 . David Earl. 179 Smith, Deborah Lynn. 179 Smith. Donald Keith, 299 Smith. Donna Jo. 191, 301 Smith. Douglas Irving, Jr., 156 Smith. Freddie Leon, 156 Smith. Glenda Mae, 203 Smith, Gregory Theodore. 156 Smith. Harold Lee, 179 Smith, Harold Wilbur, Jr., 156 Smith. Jerry Wayne. 179 Smith, Joyce Lynn, 203, 313 Smith, Karen Lanita, 191, 305 Stanfield. Rhonda Lynn, 203 Stanley. Cynthia Ruth, 238, 309 Stanley, Larry Daniel, 131 Stanley, Thomas Kirgis. 156 Stanley. Valoa Lorine, 156 Stanley, Yolanda, 180 Stanovich, Jane Ellen, 203 Staples, Harold, Jr., 180 Staples, William Edward, 281 Stapleton, Jacqueline Ann, 203 Starne Starne s. Janet Sue, 203 s. Mary Alexandra, 191 Staton. Jane, 191 Stauss, Hilda, 203, 238 Stauss, Lilli Marie, 156, 227. 234. 289 Steagall. Patricia Gail. 180 Steed, Barbara Ann, 191. 285 Steel, Patricia. 204 Steele. Jerry Wayne, 57 Keith Wesley, 157 Steele. Steve Gary, 191, Steelman. Linda Kaye, 191 Stegall, Teresa Ann, 157 Stephens Stephens Stephens , Alva Hazel. 289 , Henry Woodward, 157 . Martha Louise. 180 Stephens, Ouida Sue Clark. 191 Stephens Stephens . Susan H., 157. 236 . Wayne Dustine, 157 Stephenson, Jon Gilbert, 180 Stephenson, Linda Koen. 157 Stevens. 367 Brian Ellsworth. 157 2 Stotts. Vickie Mae, 204, 237, 301 Stovall, Peggy Read, 191 Stovall. Yvonne Maxine. 157 Strahan, Albert Earl, 157 Strahan. Ronald Curtis, 157 Stratton. Richard Howard, 180 Straub, Barbara Anne. 191, 276 309, 319 Strawbridge, Carolyn Sue, 180 Strawder. Larry Calvin. 157 Street. Joyce Ann. 180, 259. 266 Street, Lincoln Macarthur, 180 Street. Wanda Chaneta, 191 Stretcher, Sally E., 191. 266, 289 Strickland, Bonnie Gaye, 191 Strickland, Charles Vernon, 157 Strickla nd, John Alfred. 180 Strickland. Marilyn, 157 Strickland. Sharon, 204 Stricklin, Lonnie Shepherd, 180 Stringer. Cynthia. 191 Stringer, Delbert Sidney, 180 Stringer, James Wiley, 56, 157, 279 Stringer, Margaret Ann, 204 Stringer. Stoney Mitchell. 180 Strohm, Frank E., 180 Strohm, Larry Allen, 157 Stromeyer. Carolyn Ann, 204, 238 Strong, Cynthia Vonceil, 191, 301 Stroud, Lewie Carlton, 180 Stroud. Roland Ray, 131 Strum, Sheila, 180 Stuart. Leroy J.. Jr., 157 Ronald Joseph. 180, 248 Studeny. Robert Louis, 157 Stumph. John Phillip, 180 Stutts. Susan Anne. 180 Suarez. Sueum. Ann Card, 204. 253 Eddie. 57 Sugg. Joyce Meredith, 309 Suggs, Charles David, 191 Sullivan Jane Elizabeth, 204. 238, Sullivan. , Jennifer Frances. 204 Sullivan, Jerry Glenn, 131, 235 Sullivan. John Larry, 157, 204 Sullivan. Manuel, 57, 204 Sullivan. Margaret K.. 180 Sullivan. Sandra Lee G., 157 Sullivan. Sharon Ann. 157 Sullivan, Stephen James, 157. 235 Sumblin . Gary Timothy, 70 Summer. John Ronald, 204 Summcrford. Jan. 204. 313 Sumnierlin. Deborah Ann, 313 Summers. Rachel Dianne. 180 Sumrall. Sumrall. Sumrall. Doyle Frazier, 157. 239 Janice Karen. 285 Peggy Dianne, 180 Sumrall. William Randy, 157 Sunderhaus, John Edward, 204 Sunclstroin, Katherine A.. 180 Surace. Richard Carter, 56, 180 Sutton. Anthony Howard. 157 Sutton. Susan Christine. 204. 238 Swagert. Carolyn. Elizabeth, 180 Swain. Deborah C.. 259 Swales. Martha Jacqueline. 180 Sweeney. Cynthia Louise. 157. 253 Swilley. William 1Vayne. 204 Switzer, Sue Ann. 180 Swontek. lylichelle Marie, 191 Sykes, David Lamar, 157 Sykes. Sue Ann. 191 Szymanski. Julie Faye. 204 T Tabb, Thomas Edward. 180. 291 Tabor. Barry Lawrence, 287, 319 Tabor. Martha L.. 180 Taconi. August Bernard, 274 Tagert. Kenneth Earl, 204 Talbert. Brenda A., 98, 180, 289, 321. 337 Tanksley. Mary Jean. 180 Tanner, Brenda Kay. 180, 309 Tanner, Carol Elise. 191 Tanner. Daniel E., 180 Tapper. John Rufus. 191 Tilley, Richard Howard, 158, 236, 238, 239, 302 Tillman, John L., Jr., 180 Tillson, Elizabeth Taylor, 158 Tims, Barbara Janelle, 181, 236 Tingle, Ross Franklin, Jr., 158 Tipton, Judy Lorene, 204 Tolar, Thomas Jerry, 205 Tolbert, Peggy Joyce, 181 Tolosa. Juan Carlos, 85 Tomerlin, Linda Louise, 181, 249 Tompkins. Lize Clinton, 56 Tompkins, Sarah Jane, 205, 238 Toms. Joe M., Jr., 158 Toney, Mary Ann, 181 Tonner, Sidney J., 71 Tonsberg, David William, 158 Tootle, Brigham, 181 Vaughn, Vaughn, Vaughn, Vaughn. Bethney Gail, 192, 301 Donald Mahlon, 159 Hilda Fay, 159 Wiley Neal. 159, 295 Veach. Ronie Lee, 159 Veal. Marshall Dwight, 57, 279 Veglia, Maris Stella, 192 Velazco, Verant, Antenor, 159 Peggy Ann, 181 Vick. Janice Arlene, 181 Vick, Janie Louise, 159 Vickery, Viekery, Viguerie. Glendy Burke, 159 Karen Pennington, 159 Linda Karen, 205 Vincent, Frank Stanley, 181, 239, 295 Vincent, Vining. Vinson, Richard Drew, 205 David Bland. 205 Fred C., 131 Weeks, Ernest Stephens, 181 Weilepp, Mary Victoria, 205 Weinischke, William A., 193, 295 Weir. Shirley Faye, 182 Weir, Susan Ann, 205, 238 Weissmiller, Thomas Jay, 182 Welborn. Robert Larry, 182 Welch. Frank Townsend, 182 Welch, Kevin Elbert, 205 Weldy, Karen Sue, 193 Welford, Evelyn Audrey, 205 Welker, Kenneth Jerome, 88, 182, 295 Wells, Barbara Lynn, 182 Wells, Wells, Wells. Wells. Wells, Gloria Gene, 182 Paula Jane, 193 Sandra Kay, 182. 237, 313 Teena. 182 Thomas Amold, 182 Tarbutton. Ronald James. 191 Tate, Carlotta Jewel, 180 Tate. Susan Loraine. 204 Tatum, Brenda Chancellor. 158 Tatum. Doris Elaine. 204. 297 Tatum, Nancy Oneal. 191. 235, 244, 266 Tawam. Nada. 158. 236. 237 Taylor. Amy Carolyn, 191 Taylor. Benjamin Lane, 180 Tootle, Dianne Gail, 181 Topp, Allyn Lee, 205 Torrey, Evelyn Diane, 204 Torrey, James Alvin, 181 Touchstone, Wanda Sue, 205 Townley, Robert Cooper, 181 Townsend, Townsend, Bobby Richard, 158 Townsend, Donald Gaye, 236 Charlotte Hall, 192 Townsend, Frances Valeria, 181 Townsend, Larry Joe, 181 Vitrando, Johnny Henry, 70, 159, 232 Vlahos, Demetri Nick, 131 Vlaming, Michael Alan, 159 Von Antz, Gerald William, 315 Voss. Elizabeth Catherine, 205, 289 Vowell, Barbara Lynn, 305 W Waddell, Terrell H., Jr., 303 Wade, Bruce Clifford, 274 Wentworth, Dorothy M., 193, 266, 289 Wentzell, Bobby Ray, 182, 243 Wentzell, James Vester, Jr., 193 Wescovich, Veronica Niolet, 150 West. Charles Edward, 182 Westerfield, Mary Leigh, 238 Westmoreland, Steven Paul, 182 Wheat, Margueritte Helen, 193, 235, 244 289 Wheeler, Richard Lee, 315 Wheeler, Stephenie Ann, 205 Taylor, Cheryl Ann. 191 Taylor, Donald Louis. 158 Taylor. Douglas Evans, 88 Taylor Taylor, , Gregory Andrew. 235 James Myron. 302 Taylor. Joe Edgar, 158, 291 Taylor. Linda Ruth. 158. 305 Taylor. Lowery Mike, 191 Taylor, Nettie Jewell, 191 Taylor. Stephanie Fern, 192. 309 Taylor, Su zanne Lynn. 305 Taylor. Teresa Dawn, 192 Taylor, Taylor. Thomas Henry. 158 Wayne Hudson, 158 Taylor, William Harry, 158 Taylor. William Robert. Jr.. 180. 240, 315 Teastt r L lodB r 158 f . Y .. J -- Temple, George D.. Jr.. 180 Temple. Patricia Anna. 204. 237 Terkeurst, Robert Dennis. 158. 239 Terranova. Melanie Flynn. 180 Terry, James Harvey. Ill. 158 Tracy. Warren Francis, 235, 240 Trahan, Garey Maurice, 158 Trapp, Margaret Jean, 192, 289 Trask, Beverly Ann, 158, 225, 227, 231, 249, 260, 289 Travis. Charles Thomas, 181 Travis. Johnny Maurice, 192 Traylor, Kenneth H., 159 Trest, Larry Joseph, 159 Trigg, Charles Reed, 181 Trigg. Linda Doris, 159 Trigg. Marsha Pauline, 260 Trigg. Thomas Keaton, Jr., 159 Triplett, Rodney Douglas, 181 Troney, Norris H., Jr., 192 Trostle, Mary Patricia, 181 Troutman, James Wynn, 192 Troxler, Jenny Anne, 181, 308, 309 True. Cheri. 192. 238. 239 True. James Robert, 235 Wade, Kathy Helen, 181 Wade, Marsha Pickering, 181 Waggener, Marsha, 99, 205 Waggener, Sherrie, 260 Waggoner, Christine Claire, 192, 266 Waite. Charles Alan, 251 Waites, Robert Guinn, 279, 318, 319 Waldon, John Maurice, 205 Walker, Beverly Jean, 205, 237, 238 Walker, Edward K., 131 Walker Harry Moore 192 291 Walkeri James Alvin, 131 l Walker. Walker, Jan, 131, 319 Jon Ewing, 309 Walker, Mickey Smith, 205 Whinery, Norbert J., Jr., 205 Whitaker, Joyce Elaine, 182, 253 White. White, David Oscar, 307 Gaylon Clyde, 193 White, Janet Louise, 193 White. Jerry Beason, 131 White, Judy Louise, 193, 239 White, Linda Joyce, 205 White, Pamela Gayle, 305 VVhite, Thomas Daniel, 205, 291 White, William Harris, 307 White. White. Willie James, 57 Woodrow Devan, 243 Whitehead. Alice Ruth. 205 Whitfield, Ronald Ray, 315 Whitmore. Sandra Jean, 236 Whitt, John Fletcher, 205, 302 Whittaker. Susanne, 205, 313 Whitten, Homer W., Jr., 88 Whitten. Patricia Ann, 193 Terry. Julie Anne, 180 Terry. Mary Virginia, 204, 238. 301 Terry, Raymond. 111. 240 Teston. Harvey Aubrey. Jr., 193. 281 Tew. Carole Lee. 193, 285 Tewis. Barry W.. 131 Thagard. Terre Lane. 204, 309 Thaggard James Maurice, 180 Thames. Baron Walter. 158. 232, 246 Thanawat. Chakawn. 158 Thead, Susan Gretchen. 180 Theobald. Linda Lee. 158 Therrell. John Murray, 158 Trussell, Alan Lamar, 181 Trussell, Hazel Ruth L., 159 Trusty. Jerry Glyn, 251 Tuccio. Anthony Louis, 287 Tucker, Carol Ann, 192 Tucker, Jay Wilfred, III, 159 Tuggle Joe G 57 181 Tullos,iJohn Lee, 159 Turcotte. John Winfield, 159 Turnage, Brenda G., 159 Turner, Carlton Edgar, 131 Turner. Catherine Lamar, 192 Turner. Edwin Wray, 57, 279 Turner, Kent Alan, 205 Walker, Laura Sharon, 285 Walker, Patricia Dever, 181 Walker, Sandra Jayne, 205, 305 Walker, Susan Joy, 181, 266, 289 Walker, Thomas Wilmer, 181 Walker, Wayne Presley, 181 Wall, Charlotte Teresa, 181 Wall. Deborah Faye, 205 Wall, Gerald, 192 Wall. Sylvia Gail, 181 Wallace. Algie Brent, 192 Whittington, Miles Moore, 205 Wicht, Martha Jane, 205 Wicklilife. David Ogden, 131, 235 Wiekliffe. Thomas Nash, 236 Wight, Joanne D., 301 Wilkens, William John, Jr., 193, 279, 307 Turner, Michael Patrick, 281 Thomas. Arnold Elias. 56. 180 Thomas, Bobby Wayne. 192 Wallace. Wallace Wallace. Dot Louise, 192 Karen Stockton, 181 Russell Thomas, 181 Wallace. William Duane, 181, 243, 246 Waller, Waller. John Franklin, 246 Margaret Gail, 205, 238 Waller, William Lamar, 279 Walley, Margaret Gwin, 205 John Kevin, 181 Walsh, 319 Wilkie, William John, 57 Wilkinson. Suzanne, 193 Williams, Brenda Gayle, 193 Williams, Betty Gail, 205 Williams, Brenda Gayle. 193 Williams, E. Bragg, 235 Williams, Elizabeth D., 182 Williams, Frank Jerry, 182 Williams: Martha Lynn, iai, 289 Thomas. Clifton Davis. 131 Thomas. David Allen, 180. 307 Thomas, James Everett, 302 Thomas Thomas Thomas . Judy. 192 , Louis Andrew, III, 180 . Martha Kaye, 158 Turner, Mona Jean, 181 Turner, Nancy Faye, 238 Turner, Nancy Luellen, 205, 317 Turner, Ramonia Irene, 205 Turner, Susan Christine, 205 Tutterow, Patricia Ann, 159 Tyler. Rogers O., 159, 251 Tynes, M. Sharon, 181 Tyra. Rebecca J., 181 Walter, Sarah Irene, 181, 316, 317 Walters, Mary Elizabeth, 205 Walters, Robert Alan, 192, 299 Waltman, Michael Lee, 181 Walton, Jane Dowell, 192 Walton. Thomas, Edward, 287 Ward. Cynthia Elaine, 181 Ward. Laura Ruth, 192, 317 Ward, Wanda, 192 Ware, Gary Lamar, 181 Williams Williams Williams. Williams, lvilliams Williams Williams, Williams v Hillary Kathleen, 193 Hiram Griffith, 182 Jacqueline Mae, 235, 240 Joel Allen, 78 John Elvin, 315 Kenneth Eugene, 281 Larry Glenn, 182 Marcia Elizabeth 193 Thomas. Melanie Rose, 293 Thomas, Myra, 180 Thomas, Robert Wall, 158 Thompson, Barry Kenneth, 158 Thom kins Stephanie Ann, 180 17 1 Thompson, Belinda Kaye, 204, 296, 297 Thompson, Billy Ray. 287 Thompson, Bobby, 180 Thompson, Brenda Sue, 192, 239 Thompson . Eric Dwight, 180 Thompson, George Gerald, 204, 279 Thompson, Georgia Lynn, 158 Thompson Thompson , Jo Anne, 180 , Joe Douglas, 204 Thompson, Linda Katherine, 158, 305 Thompson , Lois Camille, 192 Thompson. Lucian Glen, 158, 235 Thompson. Marianne. 158 Thompson, Marsha H., 204, 301 Thompson. Michael Maurice, 204 Thompson. Pamela L., 204 Thompson Thompson Thomsen, Thomson. , Sylvia Ann, 158 , Theresa Lynn, 204, 297 Jeffrey Donald, 158 Jane Ellen, 204 Thorley. Wade Rudolph, Jr., 180 Thornell. Thornhill. Thornton, Thornton, Nancy Jean, 192 Alice Mary J., 180 Garland Alain, Jr., 158 Gerald L., 180 Thornton. Victor Ernest. 158 Thrash, -Patricia Ann, 192 Thurman, Lavon, Jr., 236 Tiller. Thomas Larry, 204 Tillery, H arry Neal, 158 Tilley, Joyce Lynn W., 180 Tyson, Gary Tyrone, 205 U Ugolini. Gerald Ray, 159 Uithoven, Georgia Carol, 181 Ulen. Marilyn Kay, 205 Ulmer. James William, 131 Umbert. Enrique, 159, 256 Underwood, Patricia Ann, 181, 267 Upchurch. Nancy Marie, 192, 313 Upshaw, Kaye Frances, 159 Upshaw, Theresa Ann, 192 Ussery, Larry Gurod, 253 Uzzle. Mary Leona, 159 V Valentine, Charla Denise, 159 Valverde, Anthony Kenneth, 181 Van Cloostere, Mary V., 181 Vandover. Susan Elizabeth, 159 Van Eaton. Leonard Walter, 205 Van Hoose, Virginia D.. 192, 309 Van Rossum, Phyllis Ann J.. 159 Van Slyke. Barbara Jean, 192. 309 Van Wick. Martin A., Jr., 181 Vance, Toby Glyn. 181 Vandergrift. Gail Elizabeth, 192 Vandegrilt, Guy Stephen, 88 Vanzandt. Paul Ryan. 192 Varnado, Mager Alton, Jr., 159 Varnell, Cora Charlene, 253 Vasselus, Kathryn Stephanie, 192, 238, 266 Waren, Warner, Eleanor Rose, 181, 292. 293 Patricia Diane, 205, 285 Warren, Carol Jeanne, 192 Warren, Deborah Lynn, 305 Warren. Emmette Lee, 302 Warren. Sara Kathryn, 305 Warren, Virginia Darling, 192 Warthman, John B., 131 Washbish, Leslie Allen, 192, 251 Waterall, Charles Thomas, 181 Watkins, Dianne Alaine, 230, 238, 239 Watkins Watkins, . Doella Cindy Sue. 205, 293 Jerry Lee, 235 Watkins, Lyndal Marlene, 192 Watson. Barbara Carol B., 181 Watson, Edward George, 205 Watson, George Reid, 192 Watson, Thomas Lee. 251 Wattigny. Robert Lyle, 192 Watts. Jimmie Lillian, 205, 285 Watts, Thomas Parrish, 181 Weathers. Elizabeth. 181 Weaver, David William, 181 Webb. Linda Faye, 192, 321 Webb, Michael Robert, 181 Webb, Patricia Lee, 181, 296, 297 Webb, Thomas H., Jr., 295 YVebber. Weber. Marjorie Cecilia, Webre. Webster, Malcolm Rell, 181 205 Virginia Ann, 205 Lynn Frances, 205 Wedgeworth, Stella Ruth, 181 Weeks, Barbara Jean, 205, 313 368 Williams, Mary Linda, 182 Williams. Morris Clair, Jr., 299 Williams Williams. Patty Anne, 193 Stephen Ray. 193 Williams. Wendy Sue, 193, 238, 304, 305 Williams. William Dennis, 182 Williamson, Addie Patricia, 182 Williamson, Emmitt Ray, 193 Williamson, Larry Alexander, 182 Williamson. Nancy Kaye, 99, 205, 289 Williamson, Rebecca Mikell, 193, 239 Willis. Willis. Willis, Henry Holley, 131 Richard David, 193 Sharon Marie, 182 Willison, Charles D., 182 Willoughby, Cyndi Dorothy, 182 Willoz, Frank Joseph, Jr., 182 Wills. Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Virginia L., 205 . Carol E., 182, 237 , Charles Franklin, 205 , Charles Thomas, 281 , Claude Dennis, 182 , Dewey Errol, 205, 295 , Donnie Parks, 182, 236 , Ellen, 205, 313 , Gwendolyn, 182 , Joan Elaine, 236 . Leonard Henry, 193 , Patricia Ann, 193 Wilson, Ralph Steven, 182 Wilson, Vaughn F., 182 Wilson, Wanda Faye, 182 Wilson, William Michael, 182 Wiman, Richard Payne, 193 Wright, Wimberly, Benjamin F., Jr., 182 Windham George Franklin, 182 Windham, Gillis Randal, 182 Windham Russell Sidney, 182 Wingo, Wanda Jean, 205 Winstead, Sandra Kay, 182 Winter, Patricia Ann, 182, 309 Winters, Deborah Diane, 205, 244 Winters, Linda Carol, 182 Wise, Freda Louise IP., 236 Wise, James Vance, 182 Wise, Peggy Lee, 205 Wisner, Jane Carolyn, 305 Witte, Florence Maria, 193, 238 Wisner, Jane Carolyn, 305 Wittman, William Paul, 182 Woflord, George W., 256 Wolcott, Terry Richard, 205 Wolf, Sheldon Howard, 193, 243, 251 Wolfe, Mary Grantham, 131 Wolfe, Thomas Lindsey, 182 Womack, Robyn Faye, 193 Womble, Jackie Faye, 182 Wood, Beverly Dianne, 182, 244 Wood, Cleveland B., Jr., 302 Wood, Karen Sue, 182 Wood, Richard Alonzo, 56, 182 Wood, William Gerald, 182 Woodliam, john Larry, 193 Woodrick, Norman Earl, 182, 251 Woods, Cathy Rose, 182 Woods, Karen Jean, 193 Woodson, Louise Murray, 205, 305 Woodward, Hilda Faye S., 182 Woodworth, Patricia Ann, 205. 260 Woodworth, Rebecca Jane, 205 Woodyard, Karen Lee. 313 Woolbert, Henry Edward, 182 Wooton, Florence Rebecca. 285, 337 Word, Susan Elizabeth. 193 Worthy, Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright Wright. Wright, Andrea Gayle, 193, 238 Barbara Ann, 205, 239 Glenna Carole, 182 Jerry Wayne, 193 Linda Sue, 182 Robert Edwin, 57, 279 Susan Paulette, 193, 285 William Richard, 131 Wrightson, Walter, Jr., 182 Wucher, Jay Richard, 182, 251, 311 Wyatt, David Warren, 205 Wyatt, Tommye Jean S., 252 Y Yachinich, Thomas Edward, 70 Yarbro. Delle Louise, 205 Yeager, Milton Price, 205, 248. 251 Yeates, Ronald Gs-ne. 193 Yelverton, Sylvia Diane, 293 Yenni. Michael J., 193 Yarbrough, Phyllis Ann, 293 Yarbrough, Susan Paulette, 193. 206. 293 Yates, William Val, Jr., 182 369 Yonko, Young. Phyllis Ann. 238 Beverly Anne. 205. 293 Young. Carolyn Ann. 182 Young, Gerald Lee, 193 Young, john Blake, 182 Young, Paula. 182 Z Zeanah, Terry. 205, 313 Ziegler, Darrell Robert. 193. 279 Zitsos. Konstantine Peter. 205 Ziz, George Anthony. Jr.. 193, 279 Ziz, Nora Marie, 182. 252. 260 Zodun, Donald Mickey, 205, 279 Zupko, john Eugene. 240. 277. 281, 295 The S outherner would like to thank the following businesses and friends lor their aid and cooperation: Mr. and Mrs. M. Barger Mr. W. E. Kirkpatrick Mr. H. M. Cole Pasquale's The Dome Theater Milton's, Ltd.. Pioneer Furniture Company NWN h f d h f r so ny." 37 .J 9 X J r-- , 3 ll d I good yearbooks deserve BENSON nnsnvuus l 1 others need US X Donated by Genie C. Hendry Class of 1971

Suggestions in the University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) collection:

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