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 - Class of 1967

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Q Q n.'.-In ' ' 'U . " V ,Q '4 . ,... . N . Q, U - ,K .- , ' Q - . , 've - U i f, v ,. o 0 B -. 1' y I Southerner UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI LAUREL LAY ' Editor EMMY LOWREY ' Assistant Editor VOLUME 53 C0l1ll0lll1 ACTIVITY Student Christian Federation Student Government Association Beauty ATHLETICS Football Basketball Cheerleaders Marching Band Dixie Darlings Pom Pon Girls Baseball GREEKS Intrafraternity Council Panhellenic Council ACADEMIC Arts and Sciences Business Administration Education and Psychology Fine Arts Home Economics Graduate School Basic College 2. of 12 R H -I, X! ,, ar Q7 .,. ' 5 'jgu' , E43-.X 5 "' r' ' K ,XX Lf: Iggy - . 1 It f x Y xx A K . - ' '- 3 ' X M .1 1 wh F N Q, , may 1. 'ugh --f . , - . 'F-X VP- ' 1 - r v.' V F-Q ' f , A'. - . . x . 'K v I X X ,S G ls - X' '--- 'Q' Q " 'K S ' sf A .R Q- dedication 1 s K' .hx " " I ,A NJ 4 ,X DR. JOHN HORTON ALLEN, Dean of the University, is the man to whom we of the 1966-67 SOUTHERNER Staff chose to dedicate this fifty-third volume. We feel that he is a man of principle and character-an outstanding example of an administrator informed about student interests and problems. When students congregate for an important formal occasion, Dean Allen is on the platform. ROTC Commissioning Ceremonies, Religious Emphasis Days, a University service to the community such as Shelby Sunday, and Basketball Invitational Tournaments, are all graced by the warmth and wit of this man. He attends, and in doing so, adds stature to the event. We are grateful for his presence, for seldom is a university blessed with so personable a dean. We hope this dedication will in some way express our appreciation for the daily contributions he makes to the unity of administration and student body at the University of Southern Mississippi. 4 ,r 1 In ,p v s , u I I 1 A 1 I 1 A 1 6 1 ls vwmqqmmwv-ga ! , . 3. , l v I, - VLA 1. ,., 1. i 1' I. . I , i - I , 5 ,,,I, l If-ff.. -, l Lig..,,+4.g...-c---,-,-,-. aug. The purposeful progress evident in every endeavor of the University of Southern Mississippi is a strong steady stream surging us upward to ever-diversifying higher stages of accomplishment. It is the thirty-three new instructors of doctorate standing who chose USM this year. It is the unceasing construction . . . temporary inconvenience which yields a million-dollar coliseum, and the beautiful College Hall auditorium. It is the addition of a school of nursing, the long-awaited athletic dorm. Progress takes many forms, but it is continuous improvement. It must be the result of unified eifort between Administration, Faculty, and Student Body. There are occasion-al setbacks, but we believe unity of purpose will eventually elevate the University of Southern Mississippi to a point even beyond our present lofty position. As enrollment continues to increase by more than two thousand a year, the spirit will grow- the campus will progress 3 and with pride we shall say "USM-biggest and best." 7 Purpose is the object for which anything exists, is done, used, or formed. USM exists to educateg its methods are many. It can be harsh and hurtful. Then it will comfort. We learn to cope with the hurt g appreciate the comfort. We either learn or leave defeated. If we endure those first few lonely days of chaos . . . we find limitless opportunity. USM offers much in the realm of human relationship. We are bound by our Southern tradition of friendliness. We do not exclude, but welcome and readily include, the newcomer to our society. We are different and leam from one another. We conform and call ourselves individuals. University's purpose is to permit this and more. The University of Southern Mississippi also offers much in the academic realm. A liberal education--one which produces well-rounded, contributing citizens is Southern's to give to those willing and eager to take. 8 ev A . If . if I I r, Il I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I -I -' I'1r I I I W EW ,C Z s "Q rl nl 'BPL X 4 if ,... -FAQ, Q , 'TW FR. "' 4 1 'G lr 9 1 GT fa 4' iq., . s f . 1 ' , ,- . j I University is physical. It is an entity composed of tangibles- the classrooms, instructors, textbooks. Ours-the University of Southern Mississippi-is an object of pride. It is structurally well planned and has an ideal geographic location. It is adequate in every aspect, superior in many. However, it is but a means. Society has created this physical plant to fill a need. It exists as a housing agent for the facilitation of the development of minds-that they might learn to abstractualize. University provides a set for ideas, reason, and solution-supplying an ordered presentation for the student, that he, through intellectual evolution, might benefit society. Without him, it would be null-merely a monument to what might have been. The University is only a fragment, the external. 10 719 w, I ..,'fi 0 A 7 lr 1 T ,qi 52' 1' ' v is I ' PM '.f L ' ' 1.1 g J Y. 4 1 t iv 1 ' 131 N AQ! 's I -:-nY3'.'l"- f ' .MH err ' . . , ,u" S .rf d".:r'fS.':5'5,t ' J I 'E Parallel to the importance of academic exposure is what we unconsciously assimulate from the remainder of the USM environment. The effect of the opinions of others on the things which concern us. Whether to fight and possibly die in Vietnam, the questionable existance of God, the Great Society, LSD. All are paramount, but not immediate. University is protective. Here we confront, analyze, and deal with the daily crises of life and hypothetically solve the world's perplexities. Here contemporary problems are approachable. We balance the war against the threat to our present and future way of life, view tradition on our own terms, to form a religion which fits, or to decide if we possess a capacity for the metaphysical at all. Here we accept or reject individuality, a choice forced upon us by the University's attempts to 'fnumberizef' to make us that student file number. By rejecting we establish independence and self reliance. Still, we need the University's protective environment in order to develop rationality, intelligence . . . to become us. Here under the shelter provided by the University of Southern Mississippi we formulate and experiment with various behavorial systems which will enable us to cope with and contribute to the future. 12 .L V M1 .J "?.J"'F WWII: IKM fum,- pwf fe sv, ,fl ,..,. 14, MVN...-'M .nv ig' 'l We return to greet the old friends . . . meet more Registration the one in Fall is always most hectic Air Conditioned Coliseum improved things, but confusion and frustration can't be overcome merely endured in increased comfort. This is the beginning. , ',"'-f NU' :qi MQ W 1 i QQ, X2 Y ici Q E 'Hi' Ll? , 4 R 1 rg? RUSH . . . impossible to describe the emotion, indecision, and plain old exhaustion. The effort demanded is small price to pay for the result. Brotherhood . . . a beautiful, well-structured Greek system which will ever enrich the lives of those involved. J l Q' ' fl! Z I I Z Q' ff , F I . B f 5 fhNNfuw,,,,..W.,sm.:sxs1N,.ssss Mtw N. Mm is f 4. ,ln Vp! lg? fn wif ss' My IW nm ffiv WX-X ,uv I f' " A I , 1 You mal' riff. 51 p X x 5' . Q v A . cl' gk 1, 5 Q3 Aiieh! A charlie hone 3 -.12 3 'fmuha-fu: ' V. ,s W News-if. 3 lllll 1 jim i -Li -1' Nlllllll ll lllll if Y lvl . 6 'EQ' Q' Elections bring lots of interesting things out on campus. Elsie even imported a friend from Miss. State. P 1 I 0 S I "fu-0 + ka QQKMJ H - Ni ta 254112 wx 3 -i I ij Y- Frankie-poo Cain and the crew. Reigning monarrhs of organi:ation. justire. and fair pIa3 Shoes ain"t important, but, man, you jest gotta wear socks. Sherry, honey, you have to love this sport. You can't just retreat when minor obstacles arise. Improvise. So it's raining . . . so that's no reason for her to run of like that STATE PRISON? 91 iw 4 Q f 5? .5 :Q XM, W 'af . 'H ff--1. 7"-rf-Jr-r:f!4 p 'Q li' Q I. Q I F . Kappa Delta takes first in Beauty Category with this tropical mas- terpiece. HOMECOMING . . . is float stujfing and anticipation. The year's first big occasion. The KA's win house decoratzon with their torpedo theme. fWho will ever forget that house across the streetpj Sy-o 11 iwl 7 " gas as s . . s ' i " if r,frf?S4" ' WN H i 'Lit 'wr ,JSQCKQZAX 1 1' ' 'K ' ' ' YK S 'Q A ' A l ,eu 1 ,, O' was ' M. Qs.. ...Q Alums return to campus . . . .., n 1 Q s --sf-0 ,!I s Swiss-" ."'I, """'K" -1 my U ' 1 2 1 fs, I ,f , I f v 1 .4 x fa Q .fn D v N . " 'ifff i and remember the fun and frustratzon of makzng those messy machc' mon- sters. 1- , 's, ff wwf A , , . Q ,f ,lv 1 Q44 -A H .- .,-Y 154 I' V WN, , R v, ' ,K f--"' . . s - A 9' 1 J.: ' 1 13 FS 'Q 31,1 I ' x" 48, ... gd. -Sf! x 2 I M " 4 The KE house I l 5 r VW 5 XX'-1 ak. Q fx N. e. Niki alive with pre-game activity. I A guy could lose a finger this way. w l 1 w w 49 gil? 153 Originality . . . and First Place for the Pride. wn u . 7' if. 1' . 1 :pf . 5 at S ,f D mf V V ig, 5 f W Q T W.. Q Ma xd- b. X Sa' 'a '-' 1' , wa, ,fs,.,. ',,1nif1' 5. 3 P' 5 ,mv as , af L6t'S hall' K1 big NVD fO1' ViCl07y.' Pledge donjt gmile again, -3.5 fa' U No, but .NAA J, x V25 you see, we are genuinely interested in politics. We didn't mean to cause trouble we f'igu76d since there are ,Gfty of us we ought to run things. 216 Y ...A Blondes have moref You mee! the nicest people s .J l. v A ,I41,?- 'v A' I its yl. '1:.l I4 A ? 7:1 Xl ' I f' 49 4' ' '9 c 7- 'y 3 ' " 4, f W- "2" 15" . F,-.'5l vi if 4 ' '14 ' 3, .4 f-F ' f ' 8 I4 g X 1 A 1 4 "U:-r ilu? I Q 'v W ,sf , Q31 QBHVQETE fwii .vf.fH,f'g Hff. f,.,Vff,f-f,f'f'1s.'S :Dx J fm 1, L AS' QJ nw? 1 ifkvi gif Edu, 13,13 EWU? N t 'vii' A wT , ,W 4 nRMs1Q"'!Q"'Xt?-Aw F- if -' 'li fi-CRM? e,-3 i"'k l A 5 no QQ qwvqy, ll Aman ffl4q,0Q-3415 Q E pf L I x D'QESg?75 ', 5' ?' 3 5 9 9 .fig vie! 9 9 Iii ji rx ,QE ,H Q df fi . Q I iff? V.-9? - 'N 6 x .N 'M , ' u- ..', ' I ks. .. . .g.- V 3 N f f 51, V ff Chi Omega President Vicki Prescott presents the previously rotating trophy to Miss Linda Mann for permanent possession. fSmile, you Winklej The "Siggies" flet's vote on thatj annual victory serenade at Panhellenic. I . , 3 s 1 rn E i 5 2 x 'z I HEEMI fgilfv bday? kj' iam' J 1-zS"L -x-Lzzzf' 11'-11 . nf 1 , 1.1! I 6? ' ,. , xi, ., 'a ,Iwi-y "'J!. L21-HV " Q , ' '.q J',1:?Tr, , -, - ' :1i'f'Lg:g3.l' L: '53 f f'i " f dw -ffk fg 4 ' "?"5 5'?:'f.?3,irx fx? ' L E:. 'Y' QPF: A 2225? 1 i'T?'i' -:fl-M iz fV. , V ' il f "' I X L 4' ' K 1 1 .,.,lIf".f' 173' Y ll .1f,.'i L. ., u,.x Qt. .s.,..-f. ,ij-f:..,..,r..s,3,s nw. ... Y., U A L .1 V , , 1 .1 ' - A A 'H' Q 1 1 .- Y K 7 A. 1 ' 'v 1' J. I X11 'Y " I 1 'I LENIC 5253 lf! "' ., Stumbling jubilation. Thou shalt not drink. N I r 5-- 'M Y! , ctwhat am 1110 mg hm Z fx fffisgyyg A ,la ,1 4 , , 7 . """' , S ,sweat 9T:?'f"r H M .3 , I? xp . Q 3 'ft -1 QC, ., i ,yi 'Q 'Win . -QPNJ9' J-'35 5 . Q 4 Q .4 fm W'-'din 1 n l i l n If 'V N BENJAMIN SAY: Horsing around good way to pass night or day. BEN AMIN SAY: Girl who lay on ten-yard line bound to have peace on earth. BEN AMIN SAY: Fowl Play best way to make eggs . . . but is bad business to use only one basket. BEN AMIN SAY: Girls who sit on rock, bound to be bolder. Get lost, BENJAMIN . . . no more pun-ishrnent. fl 7 11 fy, Af, 01 Il U" ." -x:",.1 l Q-sr, 4 f- M2 - , 05- Ayfefklfst J-:L B ' V T"'5+1 vw Tv. . m-a. .gms "',,.,,,r-,af-5, its X -H .V , ,-vasgggw .f ' . E' ,' Nl 'QC " ,, 1, -2- ,U i sl y-wg. A if 2- fi-- ' - V,' W-,gp fg,n' in "pw ,Q 545:32 Lsxsng N 'F-35'-S+ ?2,ng3, N' -1 " Q: .- f , .:.K".i'?Cf'f J CHI OMEGA Halloween party for sorority pledges . . . Panhellenie spirit. 'fl-Ie looks just like' my Great Urzclef' I'll swear, that fortune teller ought to be censored. HO WD Y, PARD Let's hear it for the X. X Q Y 1' Yy I V 44 t + yi w ,Q mi rx A N 5 ,lf - . ' 75 3 liw 4' Q t .I I 5 Q: F 5. Q' 1 f A xx y, . xv J v 'I S in sl ' -'- Q.v ff ',. A 'Wi ntx- 6 , V W ,A e A 0 . 1 ir Q .4 A ,fl .Av 'B " V Q' 'ii A Qi nz V, ' :.f'.' s 7' 4 V ' . 1 Q . 5 x fx :'?:gtK,Q -V.: X ' Q .".",aP,A 1 R pm 1' wx.. . , A M u fn in 7 ,,, mf ,Q A if fi 49' wa! A X W 4 W M 1? 4 , :wi Mau' 4 .4 U f Wx.. ,I ,,.x, Q ,Af-ix' 4,0 '24 LET'S HAVE A BEACH PARTY. LET'S THROW EVERY- BODY IN THE WATER . . . LET'S BRIBE THE CONSTABLE . . . LET'S GET PUT ON PROBATION. Five fingers, but only one big black toe. --4 '73 W!" --. 4'Q six :xv 'C:l1f6'f, 'Gaim . . . lifti gf! grncg fp gfmd wld Pfxfifh, :Gatrr :mzfqfzzlzg grad tfmf. X s BED RACE . . . Coed, IFC Sponsored, just for fun, race. . Wylie, Wylie, what 'cha doin? Hold on to those Jams, or you'll be ruined. Everybody here? Pile on and let's run. . . Newly colonized Sigma Nu, good representation, great start This is bound to become an annual event. J 5, f'v"'lt, "wtf ff 'FZ Q in , Y' if if-j '1 Mr K Tzm and a hzppze zn dzsguzse LEF?5r Fountain-full of jazz. I never heard of Well hello there Mr. Miller. MW ffm 'Q -Q 1 5 A '1' lg r I 1 lx "Well, when it comes to giving the ball player a new ear and the daddy a new truck we balk, we just balk." However, there are advantages for the athlete who comes to U. S. 111. He Ls gi:-en ample opportunity to pick-up extra money that he might find . . . sweeping, or that devoted fans toss his way. 41 1 5 i f 6 'fa N X I 4 Q ,fl , it' -uc! M 'x Q ! V ,Www . . lf N- I P . .i . ,-3, .1...., z,.- x g,,,' Q .1 ..- f . N' . il .1 I 1 " 16 1 P 3 , f x ' - l Qfl ' " fl' L f - f W , v 1 , 1 4 f , . -V if I. ' N j K Y ' -V Q f Y -Q - , 5 U , ? I -Ji N , in r I 2 v..i V5 3' s 671 X aft, 2, 1 4.1 SH- 0 , ' n 1 O Q 1 1 'T , 3 v I 1 ' 0 C-fi M H I - ..,x , iv, ..,f .s -ml' V. ini ' ,pcm .qw -aw, av-fix QA- if 7 151 'Q 'AN m R, ' A L, 5 1 1395 sz 2 5 Wt I C. S' I 92' , 1 P -K k . 'My 5 - .... E E5 aww 5' - M ' f 1 Q51 ,,.,.W- l Jwfqffw N N N I i 1 A 1 I s W W I N 1 Nsxui- Upperclassmen excluded .... Frolicking Freshmen bring in spring. Mi ,KG qv' WRX, 43" '3 23: . I f. si. Wonder how it feels to have the biggest smile in the Freshman dass? Q , ,.l,i---sr-' ,4- l . 1--"il ?"' l SL, , bfi L, L, ,-l"iIfI!?,gf-Af'1 ,TZ if-fi 1 LL E' I if' ff F ,,,f!fLg,i , f"'OJ lflff Lflfi llfi Llfpal "W il J" . I f I., f f ,N ,ff i , -'TY A 'TT -- ,A ' I 'S ' V 22' ,, ,Q N, , Q gif - V i - VI , ..f ' S X' "'- sw-. I' 4 IT IS FOR THE SOPHOMORE TO ANSWER . . . the man in the hat? That's our President . . . the pits are passe, the bridge is better . . . pink socks? Oh, I thought that was a long shirt-tail . . . TO MANIFEST HIS KNOWLEDGE . . . Nope, the side door of Panhellenic doesn't have an alarm . . . 10:30 isnlt a damn bit better than nine o'clock . . . sure you can buy beer on Sunday night . . . TO MAINTAIN DESPITE CIRCUMSTANCES, BLOW NO COOL . . . that was the Fifth number on the list, who's next? . . . dear Mr. X, your fly is unzipped . . . So it is, Elton, so it is . . . Nah, I just spilled a little bit of bourbon . . . I-IE KNOWS IT ALL . . . national parks FQ party, and nobody there but Smoky the Bear . . . just ask for "Pat" . . . no, it's 5 "Flying . . .M --QF! IT IS FOR THE JUNIOR TO DOUBT . . . she says there is more to it than that . . . I wonder . . . where did you say this food comes from? . . . I don'ts knows,' Ils jest paid to pud it on da plate . . . TO DECIDE AND JUSTIFY . . . if I had athlete's foot maybe I could see wearing socks in the spring . . . Jesus wore a beard . . . on page seven of the 'gPhil0sophy" it says . . . freedom of the press must he obsolete . . . Dick Tracy swears they don,t need a Search warrent . . . RATIONALIZE OR REJECT . . . I'd rather keep the Spring Formal favor anyway . . . I don't even 'remember that third night of Mardi Gras . . . I wanted Petal, but guess I won't mind Student Teaching in Peru . . . MONOTONYTS FIRM GRASP GROWS STRONGER, BUT SALVATION COMES WITH THE SPRING . . . is that really sunshine? . . . this Tuesday-night class is a curse, and if he's at the Capri I'll kill him . . . there's still one bush at Byron, but you have to wait in line . . . Love is . . . . f 41. IT IS FOR THE SENIOR TO CHALLENGE . . . the administration is wrong . . . I am right . . . and . . . Yes, Sir, I do want to graduate . . . MEET DEFEAT, BUT REMAIN UNDEFEATED . . . just want you to bear in mind that indecision is the key to flexibility . . . here I am, twenty-two, and because of no I.D., I'm barred from Pat O,BFICDS . . . rather go to Harry's anyway . . . HE IS AT THE END OF A WAY OF LIFE . . . it's all over but the shoutin' . . . AN INDEPENDENT, RESPONSIBLE, SELF-CONFIDENT BEING . . . Dad better get that check down here soon, or the Bahamas are out . . . four years, and I don't know a damned thing . . . gotta find somebody to write this paper for me . . . READY AND WILLING TO MEET THE WORLD OUTSIDE . . . a lottery system? The draft is bad enough now . . . think I'll try grad school . . . Go all the way over there alone? . . . HE CAME . . . HE SAW . . . HE CONQUERED? .-,F . Q. i. A Y 'A ' . v 5 Q if H ' 1 nw mf: .rr PAA- ' .1 1 .1, W- cti it 2- 49 :tis -' Ffa '1- .-Q-4 X I s I i I .3 l'.8"i1 Iii!! A u., -I' YQ-YP -., 5,4 2:-1 3 ' , fn 10" aff-F Qfff-'. f94'F'0 firflflfxq 1 ,rv-rr ' 07r'PQl-gf ,Mr-p0Q.,' Dlffbrlr rrnrrnw mvpntrrrr ..,vv'PPI'on1 JV, ,HL-::..!, 1 , , "f:E r'-Cty: f,,olE:""0uo9z "'t::aP:n'., 1, -yf"'l0o-g: ' 10 "'.nP"""'1u, 2' :J .n,,,, I g7O'lcg.:: 54.7 "77fPiy l'lff77 "'-P1 19 in X 1 f University Activities Council activities entertain. We may spectate or participate, and enjoy both. Strictly for fun is the wholesome activity sponsored by USM's largest organization. The once-a-quarter Religious Emphasis Days under the direction of the Student Christian Federation . . the Student Government Association . . . long-awaited reapportionment plan passed by the Student Senate to insure a more fair student representation . . . selection of Campus Beauties and favorites . . . and the impromptu, are all part of the activity of Southern-Activity so vital to total growth, to leaming to live with and appreciate one's fellows. -4' .-5, Membership in PI KAPPA PI national honorary fraternity holds for its initiated participants a special honor. Names of qualified candidates are submitted annually and an initiation banquet for the new members is one of the organization's most important social events. Students must receive seventy percent Als on ninety consecutive quarter hours of school work at Southern to be considered for membership in Pi Kappa Pi. This national society received its charter in 1949, and holds the recognition and encouragement of sound scholarship as one of its high ideals. Cicely Reynolds, Ann Bond, Vicki Prescott, Dr. john Allen. 9154 rr .W"t"' FW! '12 frf. ' l One of the highest honors that can be attained by senior women at the University of Southern Mississippi is to be tapped for membership in PHI DELTA RHO. Projects of this local organization include providing the Guidance Library with materials and information pertaining to student guidance. Sending books abroad for the benefit of foreign students is one of the most recent projects. Membership selection is made by Dean Lawhorn and a select committee appointed by her. Membership is based on the worthy contributions of these women to their school, their association, and to themselves. They must rank high scholastically, and exemplify the qualities of a good leader. New members are selected each year to carry on the high standards of living exhibited by the Phi Delta Rho members, active on Southern's campus for twenty-four years. . --iii 2 realli: 'Z- 'CSV x if 1 Q' ' I Wifi? SEATED: Shelia Prichard, judy Lee, Miss Erestine Lawhorn, phriex, Vicki Prescott, Ann Pobjecky, Kay Weaver, Cindy Wat Bonnie Craig. STANDING: Sharon Land, Ann Bond, Sue Hum- lington, Mrx. Polly Wilson. OFFICERS Shelia Prichard Secretar ud Lee Presi- . . , Q rf I nf , dentg Bonnie Crazg, Vive-President. 23 , ,..,, Mark Lowrey, President jirn Weaver Vice-Prexident ,...-4 FRONT ROW: jimmy cox, Robert Combs, Frank Cain, Delrnas Crisp, jim globeff Cffmbf Dr- Reno' Hardin Weaver, Mark Lowrey. TOP TO BOTTOM: Stanley P. Orvis, Dr. Thomas fffffafy Chisholm, Robert Dubay, Dr. Rector Hardin, Dr. john Nau. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA recognizes and encourages achievement in scholarship, student government, social and religious affairs, and other diversified fields. Qualifications for membership in Omicron Delta Kappa are numerous and include character, service in campus life, outstanding scholarship and leadership, fellowship and dedication to democratic principles. It is a national honorary leadership society and was chartered here in 1954. To be selected for membership in this national society is considered the greatest honor that can be paid to a college man at the University of Southern Mississippi. 55 FRONT ROW: Bill Cast, Breland Hill, john Turner, Earl fohnxon, john Privett. TOP TO BOTTOM: Mike Howard, Henry Randazzo, Bill White, Danny Green, Danny Bizzell. f? Whols VVho Richard fudson Christmas Biloxi President IFC Albert Elton Andrews, jr. McComb University Activities Council Mark Leonard Lowrey, fr. Hattiesburg Student Government Association President Gary Richard Knecht Lyne Hyne Carter Beltsville, Maryland Magnolia Mathematics Mathematics Laurel Lay Sharon Land Newton Tyler, Texas SOUTHERNER Editor Music Among Students 5 Forty-one Southern students chosen for 'cVVho,s VVho Among Students in American Colleges and Universities" have attained one of the highest honors to be obtained by college students. Accomplished in scholarship, leadership, and citizenship, and interested in their schoolls welfare, students belonging to "Who's Whoa' were selected from nominations made by deans, advisors, and department chairmen. james Moore Weaver Tupelo Mr. USM Karen McCloud Weaver Paseagoula Special Education William Louis Strohm, fr. Bonnie Elizabeth Craig Grenada Prazrze U Music Kappa Delta President Fred Grady Grijin jackson Music Sheila Pritchard ackson Delta Delta Delta President Judith Carolyn Lee Greenville Student Government 57 lanife Kafen Wllliam5 Byron Arthur Bracewell jacob George Yuran- Bay St. Louis Pensacola, Florida Corapolis, Bennsylvania Music Finance BUSINESS ,,,,,,.-.punt Patricia Ann Hightower Vicki Lynn Preggggt Alva Ann B07lll' Meadville Hattiesburg Laurel Panhellenic Chi Omega President Student Gvvernment In American Colleges Betty Sue Humphries DeFuniak Springs, Florida Home Economics Linda Faye Blisset Morton Home Economics Clyne Adams Gilbertown, Alabama President's List Thomas Bailey Aiken, South Carolina Outstanding Military Student Ann Doris Gober Gulfport President's List Danny Phillip Green High Point, North Carolina Editor, STUDENT PRINTZ Gary Wynn Hannan Canton, Ohio Outstanding Athlete Byron Michael Howard Hattiesburg Outstanding Music Student john Robert Hubbard Pascagoula Music Lee Anthony Wallace Mead ville Business Donald Neal Tidwell Centralia, Illinois Music jan Regina Switzer Hattiesburg Music Royce Ann Siegrist Mason City, Illinois Homecoming Queen and Universities Ina Lynn Overby Bay Springs Home Economics Charliene Haden Purvzs Home Economics Marsha Lynn Turner Metarze, Louisiana Home Economics Leigh Anthony Wallace Meadville Business Lynn Wayne Miller Andalusia, Alabama Music john Earl johnson Hattiesburg Outstanding Military Student Robert Long Combs Newton Editor, CONTEMPORY ilu. 25? N Elf LZ' Members of the HALL OF FAME are selected by a faculty committee with a representative from each department on campus. These four people were chosen for the Hall of Fame by the committee which bases its selection upon campus contribution, character, leadership ability, and outstanding scholarship. ., .,....--,W-fwffffrw " MISS VICKI PRESCOTT MR. GARY HANNON 60 MISS BONNIE CRAIG MR. MARK LOWREY 61 SEATED: Alix: Erestine Lawhorn, janis Campbell, janet Shelton, Kathy Crowder, Patricia Harnmons. STANDING: Katherine Srhledwitz, Penny Hale, Elsie Cranberry, Ann Stahler, Frances Stone, Sherrye Ethridge, Linda Mclnnix, Shirley Hazzlerigg, Becky Boone, Margaret Boone. The DRUID SOCIETY was formed in 1965 with the purpose of promoting leadership, scholarship, and fellowship among women of the sophomore class, and promoting leadership among freshmen women. Re uirements for membershi are a 3.0 avera e in q 0 Q p . u 5 gl n scholarship, -real promiseuof leadership, partlcipation 1H extracurricular activities, an outgoing and pleasing personality, and evidence of willingness to be of service to the campus community. of OFFICERS: Kathy Crowder, Secretary, Patricia Harnrnons, Treas- urer, janet Shelton, Vice-President, janis Campbell, President. 62 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA, national honor society, was established at the University of Southern Mississippi in 1956 for the purpose of promoting intelligent living, learning, and superior scholarship on the campus. To earn membership a freshman woman must maintain a 3.5 grade average her Hrst quarter or an over-all 3.5 average during her freshman year. Those who maintain the required grade average are then invited to join Alpha Lambda Delta. This organization gives aid to freshmen women who are having difficulties in their studies. Each year Alpha Lambda Delta presents a trophy to the freshman woman maintaining the highest over-all grade point average for the year. SEATED: judy Honeycutt, Betty Lou Singley, Linda Carpenter, Dea Hanson, Shirley Hazzlerigg, Frances Stone, Lynn Baldwin, Margaret Peden, Miss Linda Buckley, Lynn Cox. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Hardy, Rebecca Rayfield, Charlotte Smalling, Mary Beth Dyess, Becky Chancellor, Louise Keifer, joan Williams, Elsie Gran- berry, Patricia Collins, Romona McMichael, Kathy Crowder, Ann Stahler, janet Shelton, janis Campbell, Patricia johnson, Patricia Hammons, Diane jones, Katherine Schledwitz, Rebecca Shirley, Anita Boggethe, Martha Helm. SEATED: Frances Stone. STANDING: Dea Hanson Linda Carpenter, Lynn Baldwin. Shirley Hazzlerigg. PHI ETA SIGMA is a freshman honor society. Eligibility for membership is based solely on scholarship. All freshman men who earn a scholarship average equal to or better than a 3.5 in their first quarter of college will be elected. Membership is also extended for achieving the same minimum average on the basis of an entire year's work. This year the members of Phi Eta Sigma instituted a free tutoring service for freshman males, Academic assistance was made available in nearly every subject in the Basic College. Other activities included a freshman visitation in the fall quarter, an initiation ceremony and banquet, and the granting of Honors Day awards for outstanding academic achievement. OFFICERS: Bill Lowrey, Vice Presidentg Gary Knecht, Presi- dentg Lyne Carter, Treasurerg Robert Combs, Secretary. The RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS DAY COMMITTEE composed of students who are interested in planning Religious Emphasis Day and promoting other religious activities on campus. The Student Christian Federation Council and the Religious Activities Committee, with a group of faculty members, carefully select these students by their contributions to campus religious work and participation in their particular denominational group. CO. I RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS COMMITTEE-FRONT ROW: Marie johnson, Susie Hutto, Carol Diver, Marilyn Skrrnetta, Ginny Trask, Nancy Hathorn, Pat Harrison Patty Wilhite. SECOND ROW: Becky Fuller, Linda Arnacker, Elaine Heider, Ann Stahler, Frances Nimocks, Sherry Hutchinson, Macy McKay, Linda Mclnnis. THIRD ROW: Evelyn Cranberry, Frances Stone, Phillip Voss, Lyne Carter, Lloyd Cole Seamon Thomas, john McCarty. is 3 W, -S Q , 5 us .Q 'Q K+ 0+ -t is Q v' B 0 5 es S Q35 ff 49 I a V Q' CJ 4' uvaxvil-5lfQllx+t1 l,, sv" Yr .l I T BETWEEN Two Bill Wade of the Chicago Bears addresses the Photographer. 65 WORLDS Every student of the University of Southern Mississippi is a member of the STUDENT CHRISTIAN FEDERATION. Its purpose is to provide the students with varied opportunities to participate in religious activities. A council governs and plans the activities of the Student Christian Federation. Among these activities are a Thanksgiving service, a Christmas Tree lighting, an Easter sunrise service, and a Religious Emphasis Day each quarter. There are also vesper services held each week in Danforth Chapel. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE STUDENT CHRISTIAN FEDERATION SEATED: Linda Mclnnis, Secretary, Mary Gayden Flowers, Assistant to the Presidentg Frances Nimocks, President, Rev. Louie Farmer. STANDING: Darby Sowell, Treasurer, Becky Boone, Vice-President, Lyne Carter, Senate Chaplain, Linda Amacker, Publicity Chairman, Father john Rietti, Brenda Wilson, Assistant Secretary. STUDENT CHRISTIAN FEDERATION OFFICERS- Frances Gayle Nimocks, President, Becky Boone, Vice- President, Linda McInnis, Secretary. Delta Alpha Chapter of PI TAU CHI is a religious society established on April 22, 1955, for the purpose of encouraging and recognizing exemplary Christian leadership, outstanding Christian character, and high scholastic achievement. Once every year, students and faculty members who have made notable contributions to the religious life of the university community are elected for membership. A banquet is held annually following initiation and elections of officers for the coming year are made. FIRST ROW: Brenda Wilson, Kay Weaver, Anne Gibbs, Pat Harrison, Donna Illclntyre, Kay Boatman, Carol Wentworth, Deenie Grubbs. SECOND ROW: Mark Lowrey, Dr. Charles Brent, Beverly Dale, Frances Gayle Nimocks, Marilyn Miller, jean Welch, Robert Barham, Miss Erestine Lawhorn, jim Weaver, Sharon Rawls, Mrs. Polly Wilson. THIRD ROW: Delrnas Crisp, Lyne Carter, Al Andrews, jim Waddell, Denson Napier, Bill Cast, Pat Welch, jarne Kelly, Dr. john Nau. fs FRONT ROW.' George L. Falldine, Vice-President, jessise Thorn, Secretary-Treasurer, G. Eric Renter, President. SECOND ROW: Rev. Frederick Zucker, Advisor, Wilma Ann Darnauer, Geofrey Hartwig. TOP ROW: Herman Bolick. SEATED: Piji White, Secretary,' George Martin, Treasurerg Carol Whetson, President, Colton M. White, Episcopalg Heli Gray, Vice- Prexident. STANDING: Nancy Barker, judy O'Neal, Tom Backus, john McCarty, Robert Breuillette, Tom G. Watson, Mike Kuhn, Gary Gay, Claudette Crawford, Francis Robinson, Carol Went- worth. GAMMA DELTA is the International Association of Lutheran Students sponsored by the Commission on College and University work of the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod and Governed by the students. It exists for one purpose: To be the obedient servant of jesus Christ and His Church. The goals are, therefore, to worship the Triune God, to study and proclaim the Gospel, and to set forth Christ's way of Life by Christian example and teaching. Gamma Delta was organized in 1934 and has grown to more than 170 chapters functioning on campuses in the United States and Canada. CANTERBURY CLUB, a religious organization for Episcopal students on Southern's campus, has prospered and enjoyed an inspiring year. Meetings on Tuesday night often were concerned with ecumenism and philosophies. Y - 1i , if? fy lk Q41 ff if KOINONIA, which means "fellowship," is the name of a club open to all students, but primarily for students who are members of the Church of Christ. Its purpose is to stimulate growth toward favor with God and man as well as wisdom and stature. It is the desire of the club to cultivate Christian friends and Christian social attitudes while members obtain a college education. T4 KOINONIA CLUB-SEATED: Martha Hutcherson, Charles Waldrop, Presidentg Phil Wharton, Vice-President, Helen Lan- drum, Secretary, Weldon Hatcher, Advisor. STANDING: Eddie Brown, Tommy Baragona, Tom Hutcherson, Susan Moore, Dianna Flanagan, Peggy Fendley, Marsha Landrum, Sharon Waldrop. VJ .'.i:'.:l' ' The DISCIPLES OF STUDENT FELLOWSHIP is the Christian Church student group on campus. During its ten-year campus history it has endeavored to stimulate intellectual and spiritual growth among its members. Weekly meetings are held for study, fellowship and planning of service projects. Members join other college- age youth in retreats of the Mississippi Young Disciples Fellowship. Students are urged to become active in the followship of Central Christian Church. Dr. O. L. Hargis is the minister. 'LJ me SEATED: Donald Vaughn, Carolyn Hardee, Miss Massey, Ann Kennedy, Bill Mclnnis. STANDING: Linda Bradner, Howard Daniels, Carol Bass, john Ashford, Kathleen Blackburn, Carol Foster, R 68 oger P. Wise, Kavanaugh Lea. A Q as FRONT ROW: Reza Louie Farmer, fr., BSU Direetorg Kay Cooper, Social Chairman: Irene Letehworth, Enliytment Chairman: Laura Goyer, Refords Chairrnanq Clint Conerly, Vive- President: Darby Sowell, Presiderztq Dr. David Knight, Faculty Adrixor. STANDI.N'C: Ann Ladner. Publivity Chairman: Carolyn Cook. Choir Director: jerrye Anderxon. BSF Presi- dentg Betty White. .Hiniorzv Chairman: furly Richmond, "I'uhard" Ifditor: Gene Roberts. Student Center Chairman: Doyle Freeman, De- votional Chairman: Paul Douglas ,1IcI1'hirter, Gytan Chairman: Glenn Adarnx, Recreation Chairrnang Ken Litton. Finanre Chairman. - -av27if7"?f sr 'll i.....,. .....,,. " F5 S3 .-.--.----' The NEWMAN FEDERATION offers a diversified program which is designed to meet the needs and interest of all Catholic students on campus. With the principles of Cardinal Henry Newman, a convert and scholar of the Roman Catholic Faith, as its guide, the Newman Federation seeks to promote the religious, intellectual, and social aspects of life on campus. Through a year Filled with interesting Tuesday-night programs, social-action projects, the building of a Homecoming Hoat, Sunday-night suppers, seasonal dances, and various religious programs, the Newman Federation serves as an important facet in the lives of OFFICERS: Szanding: Father Rierzi, Pat McCarty, Bubba Mor- Catholic students on campus. ton, Preszdentg Ed Ryder, Greg Edwards. Seated: Pat Harrzson, Charlene Haase, Darcell Russell. CLUB X H SSW SEATED: Noble Hurdle, Carolyn Hawell, Miriam DeMedici5, jimmy Waddell, Ioann Hawze. STANDING: Gene Lawson, Demon Napier, jimmy Williams, David Mangum, Mari- lyn McClendon, Ellen Fulton, Barbara Ray. WESLEY FOUNDATIGN is the university organization for students of the Methodist faith. Meetings are held in the Wesley Building adjacent to campus. Non- denominational services are held each Sunday morning in the building. Through its program Wesley seeks to provide a "home away from home'l including recreation fellowship, and worship, all of which may be found in the Wesley Foundation. Students are invited to visit the building which is open from 8 A.M. to 10 P.M. each day. RK. ,W , XA V 71 f I WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP is the student organization on campus for Preshyterians and others who are interested. Its primary purpose is to lead students to discover God's will for their lives through being complete disciples of Christ. The Reverend Brister Ware, Minister to Students, guides the organization in weekly program meetings, study groups, and recreational retreats. Westminster Fellowship is active in state conferences and projects. it ft . V: I f , ,,. it 1 I r , kr rr 5 iz I2 Q fe Q t, 5 ,W 3 H' 2 Q p e 4 f in . 5 - ,., , mr ,g f 931 3, ef Q Q wi gi JZ av 'I 1 A S ' . .V f Z E2 HH A Q23 4 ,f '. K 22 . ,K - -,grm-. .'.1- A ft' -f . K-.- . -, ,,,f- ...,1. -iw-. . Q . , .-,. - ,- , 1. -' 'f7i',f, '.1 .Q .f ,. ,- . . r . .r -. --.. -V '-: . . FRONT ROW: Caroline Peacock, Peggy Magehee, Carol Nix, Brister Ware, Linda Sigler, jeanie Trask, Lloyd Cold. STAND- ING: Mary Etta McRae, Bill Stanway, Bill Campbell, Curtis White, Linda Richardson, Eulalia Hallman, Frances McDowell, Linda Wicht. 77. Student Government Assoc1at1on FRANK CAIN First Vice-President 4" SHELIA PRICHARD JUDY LEE Secretary 1 'ls A Q L lu' 1 Serving in an advisory capacity to the President of the Student Government Association is the PRESIDENTIAL CABINET. Each member has a specified area of business to handle, as well as the responsibility of promoting student welfare, assisting the President, and serving as a vital line between student body and administration. SEATED: Mike Henderson, Secretary of Student Relationsg Marilyn Miller, Secretary of Publicity, Becky Parris, Secretary of Alumni Relationsg Breland Hill, Executive Assistant. STANDING: Bill Lowrey, Attorney Generalg Shir- ley Hazzlerigg, Secretary of Calendars and Conventionsg Kay Boatman, Secretary of Orientationg john McCarty, Secretary of Complaints and Ad- ! rninistrative Relations. ti Henry Randazzo, E. Albert Andrezqi, john Turner, Mark Lowrey, Chief The STUDENT CCCRT is the judicial power established by the Student Jaime: Judith Lee, Dr. Leon Wdben Government Association. The Court has the following powers and duties: Advisor, Mary Gayden Flowers. to interpret the Constitution, to adjudicate all Constitutional questions, to hear appeals from the Student Affairs Board, and to recommend punishment of any student for misconduct. Members of the Student court are appointed by the Student Government President with the approval of the Senate. The STUDENT SENATE, which handles all legislative matters of the student body and carries out the objectives of the Student Government Association, meets at 6:30 p.m. on Monday evenings. Prior to this year, senators were elected by popular vote at the ratio of one representative per every one hundred students of a given classification. This senate passed a reapportionment proposal which will insure more appropriate representation of the Student body at large. The 1966-67 Student Senate also formed functioning committees to deal with: Senator Orientation, Student Service, Teacher Evaluation, Student Orientation, Community Relations, and Student Senate Relations. rl Secretary. johnny Lazenby, Senate Presi- dent Spring and Fall, 1966. W 5' SENATE OFFICERS. Mike Morris, President Marilyn Mil- ler, Vice-President, Linda Dickey, -fp? qi? C-I SENIOR SENATORS-SEATED: Danny Greene, Nancy Hathorn, Dirkey. Donna Lee Field. Franr-fs Gayle Nirnorks Birks Parris jimmy Williamson, Carolyn Helveston, Franciso Bevazo, jane Fly, Marilyn Aliller. Peggy ilfal0r1e'.,l0-ff' Clzorron. ,Hike Horns Brenda Laurel Lay, Lyne Carter. JUNIOR SENATORS-STANDING, Wilson, Elaine Rahiam. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Skrmetta, Vicki Hendershot, Linda 75 4. 2 , ' i 5 Q as A ,, I ' If "z1 Q I SOPHOAIORE SENATORS-SEATED, FIRST ROW: Scotter Gill, jennifer Eichelberger, Shirley Hazzlerigg, janet Shelton, Bo Pollrnan, Carolyn Armstrong, Georgiana Risk, Suzzanne johnson, Princey Cook, Libby Dean Falcon, Bill Lowrey. FRESI-IMAN SENATORS-Emmy Lowrey, LuLu Camard. STANDING: Piji THE SENATE IN SESSION: White, Ellen McCurdie, Diane Malone, Brenda Burram, Wanda McKae, Linda Disahroon, Cindy Ross, Don Parker, Bob Tagg, Gary Odom, Beverly Robinson, Vicki Farr, Sally Floyd, john Lippleman, Kathy Bishop, Fran Sullivan. Decision . Conternplation . . 5 1...-nd Satisfaction! 'M ' .- '-. we if SEATED: Marsha Hive, Rebecca Hollingsworth, Treasurerj jerrye Anderson, UAC Representatiueg Pat Chambliss, Vice-Presi- a'erzt,' Beverly Dale, Presidentg Mary Ann Straham, Secretaryg Miss Erestine Lawhorn, Adziisorg jackie Kingston. STANDING: Donna it ,.,L-, J H - 4 ll 3 1 ,- if ' if E.','i ' L ft e I i 2 l fi-, . "' ii . 5 . ' ' " lu z F ki L :st Q I 'i , is gn is - ' 5 ' iii :fi E ., PM ID Q-'J Q4 V-P5724 Mclntyre, Patty Loper, Ann Pobjecky, Berky Parris. Phyllis Land, Shelia Allgood, Barbara Porch, Elanie Sibley, Cherry Pousse. NOT PICTURED: jane Toierzsend. Historian. The VVOMEN'S AFFAIRS BOARD. the official legislative body of Southern coeds. serves as coordinator of women student activities and revises all rules and regulations concerning women students. Quarterly activities. such as dormitory elections. convocations, and dormitory cultural programs. are sponsored by the board in order to bring the women close together to learn about and participate in student government. Each year a scholarship is awarded to some outstanding woman on Southern's campus. The Miss SOLYTHERN PI.-XNDBOOK is compiled to help the freshman woman become familiar with the way of life of the Southern coed before she arrives at the University. The PRESIDENTIAL ADVISORY COIXIMITTEE was fonned to discuss matters or problems which involve the school, the students. and the administration. This committee takes no action itself, but offers an opportunity for the administration to meet and discuss with the students. It is designed to bring about better communication and understanding among the teachers, the students, and the administration. Danny Green. Nancy Hathorrz, Danny Bizzell, SGA Presidentg Franrer Gayle Nimorks, Pat Harrison. SCOPE X-Nancy Hathorn, Danny Greene, Mr. Wil- liam Kirkpatrirk, Bill Lowrey, Mike Morris, Gerald Day, Gayden Flowers, Marilyn llfliller. The TENTH STUDENT CONFERENCE ON PARAMOUNT EVENTS at the University of Southern Mississippi has been established to provide the student an opportunity of direct confrontation with the issues and problems which beset the national and international arenas. The purpose of SCOPE is to foster the development of responsibility in the leaders of tomorrow through an awareness of their world and society. Each year a timely topic is chosen, and speakers who are recognized authorities in the selected field and who are intimately involved in the centers of policy and decision-making are invited to attend a symposium with outstanding students from Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, and to participate in the discussions and free exchanges of ideas. 'Q fx A OFFICERS-SEATED: Shirley Hazzlerigg, Secretary, Bob Posey, Vice-President, jimmy Williamson, President, janet jones, Regional Coordinator. STANDING: Billie jean Herrod, Refreshments, Carolyn Armstrong, Decorations, jej' Murray, Publicity, Carolyn Hardee, Murie,' Bill Nelson, Publicity. NOT PICTURED: Bill Cass, Film Committee. 79 The UNIVERSITY ACTIVITIES COUNCIL is composed of one representative from each social, religious, honorary and independent organization, and volunteers who request membership on the council. The council plans and promotes parties, dances, tournaments, talent shows, and other activities for students. These activities are under the direction of the Union Program Director. Throughout the year the Activities Council has brought "Big Name Entertainment" to the Southern campus. Some of the big names this year were Martin St. James, jack 8: Sally. Back Porch Majority, The Four Seasons and The Kingsmen. After-the-game-dances, the Christmas Dance, and the Computer Dance all had fine bands and provided fun for everyone. The Annual Mardi Gras Ball proved successful again with food. food, food. and The Basement Wlall providing the music. The UAC Scene 1' Q 9142 K -'le' u gg an - 4 ldlsiw Rerrrember how we laughed ourselvex sick and fell of flzazrs when . . . X. SEQ . Q7 ff, ,, ,, 5 2 A Mx :A o Y - 3 .fi is 2 .,i V, 4' g f' ' ,fi 1, r ll , K ffl 61, ' 3 , . 'gl . ,., .af Q v. ' X2 I V i ,, , tg. -S ..4.., Q rf In ... le . . . made this retiring soul believe he 10115 Elzrix Presley. . . . the INCOMPARABLE MARTIN ST. IAMES I 80 X , x Roger must be playing a toy piano 'Now you are your favorite statue." 1 ni 8 1 "2 1" 1 , ,fl . jx' ,Q 9 nw -3 , , is fl . -,E -,ffl 4.15 4 " ,Q -I.:-"QT-' 4 3 . X , . ,-. yr. 1 , ' ,:", , X gf irq ,'h.Y. SX4 Q ,. M 7 ..f is C Ng--2:5 N . 5 Y ,I ,L six.: l Aff f,, s H" X . ,,1, -1 if, 1 gif Alf' '24 .i ' 'ii' -Pl f IW gif , x , 54'-4? X E X X X le 1 X, gi "Si rv W'-6 ,,g,-QM.: is x, Y Iack and Sally Ienkins UAC Banquet UAC Christmas Dance AI Andrews presents UAC President jimmy William- son with a gave! in appreciation of a job well done. I Awards were presented at the UAC banquet at the What a colorful dance was the Christmas Dance. Pictures of the Band would have Hfagon Hfheel Restaurant. been nigg. Mardi Gras Ball Feasting and festivities. Wish Mardi Gras came more than once a year. Can't do this dance with your mouth closed. Lose the eject. 17 .1 if I3 Kingsmen V 'u NJ' 5 Q an ,V V The Four Seasons ' WF ga f ff 'M' 1 i i S vw- . 4, Elllimm .JH-4" S g Q l . l x r lg I Q fn, I 1 1 9 G ' '55 I S I I 1 Royce Ann Segriest from Macon City, Illinois is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority, in which she held the ofhce of Vice-President. She is a Dean's list Scholar, a member of Lambda Iota Tau, Mu Phi Epsilon, and the USM Concert and Marching Band. She received the Yellowjacket Outstanding Freshman Award and is listed among Who,s Who in American Colleges and Universities. She has received many honors from Southern students: Yellowjacket Sweetheart, ROTC Brigade Sponsor for two years, Homecoming Queen, Freshman and Junior Class Favorite, Valentine Queen and Top 10 Beauty for four years. Miss U. S. M. SENIORS Afary Sue Baylix and Eddie Payne a V l Class Favorites IUNIORS Donna Lee Field and Danny Bizzell x ,, SOPHOMORES Linda Amacker and Bill Lowrey FRESHMEN Piji White and Danny Mitchell l COLLEGIATE CIVINETTES is a service organization exclusively for women. The organization was chartered this year at Southern, and is the only Civinettes in Mississippi. The primary objective of every service project sponsored by the club is best described by its motto "Builders of Good Citizenship. Cv ,V if x, COLLEGIATE CIVITAN is a service organization dedicated to the promotion of good citizenship, scholastic endeavor and worthwhile service. This past year the USM club saw Robert Barham elected the first Governor of Mississippi District Collegiate Civitan and Brian Johnson as its first secretary. The club has just chartered the first Collegiate Civinettes Club in the state. 89 196 F515 it sl 5 ff-W 'in is' "l'L..:a' l W! , W 4 fe , Q. A site 'tiff e Q' , ,g, . , A .f I f 1' FIRST ROW: Philip C. Ainsworth, james Bankston, Stephen C. Burnham, Larry Lambert, Terry Cheathamb, Eugene Cosnahan, Lee R. Edmonson, john R. English. SECOND ROW: james M. Ferrell, jimmie R. Gabueci, Danny P. Greene, Bobby O. Ham- mond, james R. Hood, Larry W. jones, Elsworth Keen, II, Bur- rell W. Kyzar. THIRD ROW: Raymon Q. Leake, Brooks C. Matthews, Harold E. Parker, Bobby N. Posey, Larry E. Robinson, Steve R. Sims, Richard W. Skelton, Dennis P. Smith. FOURTH ROW: Donald W. Toler, Harry R. Turpin, Bill T. Vallas, Wil- liam White. OFFICERSSSEATED: james Hood, Treasurer, Burrell Ky- zar, President, Bobby Posey, Secretary. STANDING: Steve Sims, Vice-President, Buddy Keen, Athletic Chairman. The SOUTHWESTERN EXECUTIVE SALES CLUB is new to Southern this year. Several qualities distinguish this unique and energetic organization. They are: a desire to be independent and self-sufficient . . . the possession of an optimistic and positive attitude toward life and the future . . . a realization of the importance of practical experience in human relations along with information derived from formal education . . . the goal of improving mankind by the sale and distribution of educational material . . . the obligation of screening, hiring, and training capable and willing college students for successful summer employment . . and a genuine interest in the activities and growth of the University of Southern Mississippi. .aifflm el Wm file- Matsui 120'-ef Wi re. ww 'M 'csv' RHO ETA SIGMA was established as a residence hall service fraternity to give its members an opportunity for personal development, for service to others, and for individual expression and exchange of ideas. Its purpose is to serve as an organizational framework whereby its members, through individual service, can insure a better residence hall program for residents of USM. The organization has enjoyed excellent leadership. Because of this, wide participation in campus activities by individual members, and increased club-sponsored social functions, Rho Eta Sigma has attained well- deserved campus recognition. .. sMs.,......,,.t,. ,, OFFICERS-FRONT: Pete Hays, Treasurerg john Turner, Presidentg Frank Shernanski, Vice-President. BACK: Don Rohan, Social Chairman, Brelon Hill, Secretaryg Robert Du- bay, Faculty Advisor. TT' "iff- T' FIRST ROW: Wesley Aliller. Lou illason, Ben Fournier, joe McCollough, Eddie Payne, jerry Reed. .Hike Kuhn, Gary Silbernagel, Carlton Turner, johnny Privett. SECOND ROW: jim Hanberry, john illorrozr, Warren Redden. Doug Harrison. john Watkins, Baxter Beavers, Don Rohan. Pete Hays, Roy Whatley, Danny Long. THIRD ROIV: Ronnie Thaxton, Thomas Moody, Geojrey Canfield, Bob Dubay, Frank She- rnanski, lVillie Parnell, joe Ernest. john llirns. jimmy Cox, Henry Randazzo. FOURTH ROW: AI Walrhak, Roy Rush- ing, Brelon Hill, Charles Tullos. john Turner. President john Turner presents flowers to szveethearts Simone Cyr and Carolyn Armstrong. 1l "This is station WMSU broadcasting longer and louder 'cross campus these days with the best in popular music." BACK: Keith George, Ken Hollingsworth, Frank Jennings, Bill Burke, Lloyd Cole, Ron Phillips, George Guthrie, Monroe Frey, Bob May. FRONT: Mr. Edward Foote Graduate Director of WMSU,' Donald jackson, Sales Manager, Dan Bland, News Di- rector, Shirley Bland, Irz'in Cuevas, Station Alanagerg Hank Price, Chief Announcer, Harry Tisdale, Program Director, Mr. Dave Waite, Director of Radio-TV. 1' 93 The SOUTHERN BROADCASTERS is a unique organization formed of students interested in furthering broadcast education and practical broadcasting on the Southern campus. All members work on the campus radio station, WMSU, and have set broadcasting as their career Held. Harry T.-always happy to show how it's done. The YOUNG REPUBLICANS CLUB of USM is Mississippi's most active YR university organization. The fifty-plus members have enjoyed a busy year which included sponsoring members in the elections, chartering a bus to hear Barry Goldwater address a rally in Jackson, and working for state Republican nominees in November. Such distinguished speakers as Dr. William Moye and the State Republican Chairman have highlighted the bi-monthly meetings. And Spring quarter has USM's Young Republicans Club serving as host for the State YR convention March 18. i Suhnurf qnur :nam swift qnuuq pflfnuhlirnu i arm GHRNERG t fmvdldnfeg 'U' B iasasuwig me ' 4"'A 1 -or 1 if H Q.. H 1' I Y I' I I Yi ,- Z. f -o fl 3. Q. '2 FRONT: joe Lewis, Parliamentariang Laurel Lay. Second Vice-Chairmang Linda Kelliek, Recording Secretaryg Carol Diver, Corresponding Secre- tary. BACK: ferry Maxey, Treasurerg Dan Kellick, Chairmang Dan Green, First Vice- Chairman. .amy rfb' SEATED, FIRST ROW: Larry Owen KAFQ, Secretaryj Billy jay fAFj, Roy N. Moore KArmyj, Miss Katherine Glenn W. Varzvoorhis KAFQ, Vice-Presidentg William Roy Brown, Honorary Mernberg Goldman E. Parrish KAFQ, Jlloore, jr. KAFQ, Presidentg Dr. Miner L. Weems Francis C. Miles ffirmyj, Robert L. Mains IAFQ. ffirmyj, Faculty Advisor. STANDING, SECOND ROW: The PEN AND SWORD, a national professional organization, is open to students and members of the staff and faculty who are on active duty with the United States Armed Services, or who are retired members of the Armed Services. It was first organized at the University of Southern Mississippi in 1960. The Pen and Sword offers a social environment which strives to bind together the common interests of those with military backgrounds. '27 ALPHA PHI OMEGA is a national service fraternity dedicated to the principles of leadership, friendship and service. It was founded at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. Since 1925 over 300 chapters of Alpha Phi Omega have been chartered in campuses across the United States. Therefore, it has more chapters than any other men's fraterntity in the nation. Mike Ziliak served Alpha Phi Omega as president this year. I si 5 +1 4 Q i - iff X, 4 I lx , G ,, 'xii'4l5 1 'V s,' Y glvbv . f ' ' -' , WM 'pf' .HJ 4-Y, Q- I-I " O QU' 1,042 1.1 'Ll".J"" .3 ,J Yr, Rfk! ' v ' 1 4' 1 W 5" " Y ',fq 'ps Z.: if 0-'fa-Wwe .H Auf. :ily g1.lJlg J . ' " F ' ,Av 1. . . 0? p Af' wybMlAQf,g ' . "Q,.sv'ntbv.QL.b'. 'r- K-Shaq pyxip5yJoyLQl'lvX 'S' " ' I " "" 'nv . 5"--vw 'V' '15 a""' "X CTE- 5 " 'x'v"g"'n:?'z':1.1.S' Navi' 'I gn, v,n.'l.- Y, ,I 'Y 't L L,-. o1l,x:, Q' " L I- AIU... 1 S ...' 1 S'-A M- ' f's""1'f"v".!v.'3" ' ' 'J' 'd'vgw'.'-Sf-f'-. . Q 5' .fi ' 'a. ww I ' . ' N f H- , 1 s3,'xF5C,:ffAsh'p: 9"5:.5,sLb,'lo.F ,fduf-qf 'O ,v g, '.,k,!0.'. gF.?,l:,'f' F' 1 ' -'Hum P OA 'qv' q R .5 N n t' 'L"""' Q-U 8. 3 8 9 , " 5, A . .5 V UH' ' 5 . 5 e s4 I, 2 an Q: hgh' na glad L 53.8 IU5b6:i5l'f 9 ahh? Lip: Q, bl. .. ,J F., :I tl. 'apt 'u 5' 3"2Qa"3 "'be.u'+'5 'W "w":""-1"v"""b"1i"" """ "' '-r 'f'f-f 'M' ' - , '.n"' f-'0 -89,1-1,3 3, ,v.,y,v,',v,5y 'I K, 5 mg'xAguwL9.s-,s..P,.tH-1.5 'NA' L 9 ix Q . lp n I L L 'D . 1 A th Q' A Vw A. xx 'Q ,L M -M, . L. s ihzn 1-. sf .9 j.'q ul Y A L slut. V . Q -- 5 xt .' i Y . 'Pd ll. ' ja Vpfj. Y U r yi: F' pk' K, I .. Q. 'W.?1,:1',"g 'U' U , 'oo il 'P ,Q Aa: x,x 3 ik l -'uv lL'f4,q :gy al-,N 4, ,.UQ..F . X L50 X an N1 H ill 11 Emmy Lowery, Editorg Laurel Lay, Editor. If ,X 4 RVEETEY fl Y l l We of the SOUTHERNER STAFF present you with this 53rd edition in hopes that this book will serve you hereafter as a stimulus that you might readily recall the many memories of this year, 1966-67, Putting a university yearbook together is a monumental task requiring literally thousands of hours of tedious work. It demands cooperation from all organizations and individuals directly or indirectly involved. When that cooperation is lacking, the difficulty of our job is compounded, often making adequate coverage of a particular event or organization impossible. We sincerely appreciate the interest and cooperation we've received from so many of you . . . the patience of those roommates who tolerated SOUTHERNER pages scattered about the living-room floor for days at a time . . . the organization Presidents who arranged meetings overnight so a picture could be taken. We recall the temporary panics, the deadlines . . . always wondering how they manage to fall right along with final exams. We take pride in the result of our eFforts and, again, hope this SOUTHERNER will serve you well. Mr. johnny Bargar, Photographer. i f A Barbara Iversen, Ann Grove, Ellen McCurdie. 3:"Tl""' N r .., . , W 96 Q , x Mrs. Billie jean Bargar. -..,,, This is how it really is folks. Cheryl Cyr. 3055? H- Morris- Frances Byrd. STAFF MEMBERS ACTIVITY Sachia Long Bobby jean Davidson 0 4, Liz Pittman Cheryl Cyr julie Wingfield Frances Ann Byrd Diane Miller Dutchie Sudilmann Priscilla Long ARTISTS Susan Weese Roxanne Tyvol Skipper Macdonald ACADEMIC Mary Ellen Brown Pam Canfield as Barbara jean McGregor j Brenda joyce Plaisance ' ' jane Thompson Ellen McCurdie Frances Rodenborugh Lynda Richardson Ann Grove Linda Dupuy ATHLETIC Brian johnson Henry Randazzo Nancy Goettman Peggy Anderson jane Brophy COPY Bonnie Perritt Denzse Rowe GREEK Bobby jean Davidson and Scachia Long. Beverly johnson Marilyn Srmetta Vicki Farr Dale Lanius Diane Anders EDITORIAL AS S I S TAN TS Barbara Iuersen Sheila Walters Elaine Armstrong jim Ellis ' Sally Floyd Sharon Scruggs ,, Brian johnson, Sports Editor. UL- X77 'S jim Ellis, Pholographcr. STANDING: Ralph Frum, Dannye Long, Glen Adams, Earl Fox Theron Lott, Pete Baracev, Don Fillingame, Barry Langford, Terry Lambert, Bill McNeese, David Howell, Fred Stevens, Scooter Gill, Billy Kennon, Robert Sparks, Roy Mattina, jim Bishop. SEATED: . . , .. - .,,, p ,. .,-,X of I ' . I 'i ,i,. 1 STANDING: Tom Moody, Sergeant at Arms, Dean Radar Grantham, Ad- uzsorg Phillip Voss, Treasurer, Scooter Gill. SEATED: Patty Wilhite, Sweet- heartg Henry Randazzo, President. NOT PICTURED: Bill Lowrey, Vice- President. Nick Vesa, Tom Moody, Sergeant at Arrnsg Millard Quigley, Senior Member, Sandy Isabell, Senior Member, Patty Wilhite, Sweet- heart, Henry Randazzo, President, Bill Lowrey, Vice-President, Phillip Voss, Treasurer. The YELLOWJACKETS are a university tradition of long standing. Some of Southernls most able leaders are members of this seemingly mercenary crew. Original purpose of the organization was to boost school spirit and uphold USM's traditions. They eagerly greet incoming freshmen, see that frosh buy their beanies and Drawls, and willingly furnish freshmen men the incentive to purchase that gold and black head cover. Then the Yellowjackets sponsor a Beanie-Burning Bonfire. These gentlemen also serve as hosts and guides to campus visitors. We do a thorough job at small cost . . . and we enjoy our work. He Jhould buy a beanie. 5131.9- 1 NI f Q 'A -. T L I ti 1' fe f ff if 3 : fl " 3 , Hey, is that kid with the hair a boy or a girl? 99 .QM ,, U ' l' as-Ol' That 94fW"'.' guy told me it wouldift hurt. . one that got away. 4 . ! Lf! '10 32 it 1. A '-'J .Ny xN.....J MISS SUE ANN MILLER CDE MISS PRINCY COOK W.. ,,. -W - E- I , rm ff' I ' ' -s '7':v'kf:wff2 ' ya.- I' X ' rf-1' , ' 'svn V :2v7E??!EZ'3W'I5"??iA'l'x'::":,i' "F H ,W zzmsmf ' 65:1 ver' , qw ' 'li' ELU2. rm ' ' S. .,v 4 . ' v..X, ' 1-v.: , QXJJL .3 - j S4 'Qs E .Y fl :, Af 1- 252 E A ,OAIQF 1.0 I I ,wi we Y ' 'gb '!i..s5'I!f"!3?'4 ' I ' ' -FM . , M' ,f' MISS MARY SUE BAYLIS MISS ROSIE RAY KA IIK Fraternity Sweethearts CDKT YS 'V S g'?rf r if 3 f RIRII I I S r S Y T! ,fs 1 1 X 5,5 J. .. .V ' -1 f ' 545523 . - -A .ef 137: Nav if - J W ' A7 'Eli' YI-1? , 4 L. L "ff -'A MISS NANCY WELLS A ag , I! - 'I 1 .QM 4 -Q A 2 P fx, X 175 -57.2 X Iggy" Miss Linda Lankford, Graduate Maid Miss Ann Bond, Student Body Mazd M Miss Brenda Burnham, Freshman Maid 14 Miss Shenye Ethridge, Sophomore Maid Miss Linda 2 53 I x 5 1 ll"" I' a' i X IO I "' Homecomlng ueen Mzss MARY SUE BAYLIS Ill 'll if M1ss Mary Sue Bayhs a semor from Pasca oula relgned as the 1966 Homecommg ueen She was selected by popular xote of the student body Mary Sues grace charm and obuous beauty served hex and USM xxell durm the Homecommg Festrxltxes 3 L! 2 X y f .1 'E i 1 3 E 5 5 1 2305: . 'N 4 4' rw : ' .1 5 1, T! T ' ' ty: 22,1 'si I s' -A " ' ' " i 'S V fl i Q M 2 1 m"' fl l r E i Q E 5 5 A . f wuz ' g . ' my V ,H V 4' 5, 1 l Q Q1 A ' s V ff N' 3 ff 9 In y A - X :P . 5 tx U? E , Q ll bl sg ll , fe! i -my 4 4. y 'lg mb , , A W I yd TZ? fif .L , V hsvxxsq 'R "N . . , . g , uuuuruu .hr, ' ' Q . . X l . , I .3 ' 0. Miss Mississippi Miss Hospitality ROBBIE ROBERTSON CAROLYN ANDERSON Misses Robbie Robertson and Carolyn Anderson are shown here making one of their many public appearances for the state of Mississippi at Shelby Sunday at the USM Coliseum. Robbie Robertson was elected Miss Southern then became Miss Mississippi in June. She represented Mississippi in the Miss America Pageant. Carolyn Anderson became Mississippi's Miss Hospitality as she represented her home town of Biloxi. W w W N 1 MISS SHERRYE ETHRIDGE Delta Delta Delta IO 107 'li H SQ BBT! l 5 '..l 3 1,21 ,A f 5 , H tijbgg., 5-Wi: '- - .Q ,,. ,,,, K X -MV-m . 5 F' Q "' , i 14 T" 5... 5 I I 1 AIISS ROBBIE ROBERTSON Delta Delta Dclta 2 1 x .5 ,X 's 'Vx IWISS NANCY WELLS Phi Alu 108 iiii IO X AIISS ROYCE ANN SIEGRIST Kappa Dclfa :V -Xxx C x Q"A3f:1x 19, ,Me-"" , - . eww wx 24-.A Q as-mw,kizvg,1,.Y x K' x.f3':'3x5t? 3 ' xfxxiiqf : ' 3? ,""""UQ.Q4 5 Ter MISS MARILYN SKRMETTA Chi Omega W. .,. - , -,...w -..:..,m.f,.. , .WN IIO .M d"N mf' 'CF-37 kai H, f, Y 4 Q.. V- s.,,,,, .,,,..-. h ---.-4 . .V 1 f, 1 sin ' 'fu -.-, ,.. :P . J' 1 .-...Q . , 'fx iw, .5 , ,., in-.- -1- , - 9-'1 of-., ,.. III Q' Aw :Q 6 -T ,U I S S LINDA .1 I A NX Dalia Drlta Drlra 1 r .I A n I 1 E 5 E. Q wa-mwnvsmw 15. 1 .. 3 -1 . ' '.n-f-- 1 S MISS CAROLYN ARMSTRONG Kappa Delta H4 DONNA LEE FIELD Chi Omega ' an K f, A, X BRENDA BURNHAM Alpha Sigma Alpha GEORGIANA RISK Kappa Delta ANN BOND Chi Omega ,Q 0 " ' ' li F f BEVERLY DALE Delta Delta Delta NANCY ARCHER Kappa Delta PENNY HALE Chi Omega if DIANE ANDERS Kappa Delta POLLY WO ODELL Chi Omega WEEZY OR! Chi Omega Miss Southern Pageant TTS? ui!-l Eff I' I- J' 3 x- , X K - V i 3, MJ , , if' ' One winner crowns another. Every Spring quarter about the last of April the Student Government Association 2nd Vice President organizes and conducts a beauty pageant according to the official Miss America guidelines. Contestants are sponsored by various university organizations and dormitories. The 1966 pageant, under the direction of Miss Beverly Dale, was an outstanding one. It included bathing suit, talent, and evening gown competition. Robbie Robertson won the pageant and reigned as Miss USM until June when she was selected Miss Mississippi, whereupon first alternate Gail Reeves became Miss USM. The short weeks involved are full of emotion, tension, and fun, and many rich friendships are formed between contestants. f 4 f e 'S I H R X Q x 3 s 5 rf, 1 -, 1, X i f ' fx F 5, ' "'-"Quan ,i Y, re --'im QSSQXYEQ 'Vgiiwz ' L and , . , 1966 Miss USM, Linda Mann, 1966 Miss Mis- sissippi, Patsy Puckett, who served as hostess of Southern's pageant, Robbie Robertson, pa- geant winner, ana' Gail Reeves, Ist alternate, display a certain sign of sisterhood. 118 ,i i P i 1 U 5 i , 45 2 Y 5 , W i 1 r r K . , ,,, fi? J w, X X- Empress Kilpatrifk, 2nd alternateg Robbie Robertson, Miss USMg Gail Reeves, Ist alternate. Donna Lee Field :was selefted Miss Congeniality by the other contestants. FOOTBALL SEASON-full of color, enthusiasm, travel-a time for the University to unite in support of our "Stingy,' Southerners. Coach Vann enjoyed another winning season, which closed November 26 with a 6-4 record. From the first game against Louisiana Tech until the last with Alabama, USM was again rated the Number One defensive college team. Southern started the season by defeating Louisiana. Up north to Memphis. where the Southerners scored statistically, but couldn't get on the board. They came home with their first defeat: 6-0. Coach Underwood's vaunted vandals proved they were the best again in sixty-six. The Southerners allowed Mississippi State only 38 yards running and 47 yards passing while the raiders gained 83 yards on the ground and 41 in the air. Despite the 10-9 loss for Southern, it was a contest all the way. And the Bulldogs won't be looking to Southern for an easy Homecoming win in the future. In buses, hitchhiking, in ears bearing black and gold, the student body of "mighty Rebs" only 8 first downs in the entire game and held them scoreless for three and a half quarters, while USM fans revelled in that 7-point lead. of the team, fans, Dixie Darlings, and Marching Band warranted the pride felt by every Southerner as we departed. Y V H Y Y Coach "Pie" Van ended the year with his 16th straight winning season. fi 54 yiix his ,ry 1. 4' Grouped around the water trough, .soaking up shade. - 3 W. Spirit high, Southern bounced back with a crushing 27-0 ' Q A i defeat of Richmond and, fired up and out for blood, the Y' V Southerners marched to the Oyster Bowl, met the hardest- hitting team of the season, and emerged victorious over ., -- North Carolina 7-6. The following week, Southern moved ' -Q . -a fi I ' on to Greenville, North Carolina to battle with the ,t ff-'ff".f'-, s ,1 East Carolina Pirates and came from behind to win 1 X W 1 7 35-14 over the Southern Conference Champs to assure the H ' Southerners of their sixteenth straight winning season. 1 ' up it l To end the season, the Southerners moved to enemy j ' ' ' lf 4 i i Q XM, 1 I territory and Mobile's Ladd Stadium, where the rolling E154 ' ' ' 'i -X U tide and Bear Bryant defeated them for the first time in the H, w ' A f f- ,I ! 1 -f ' i last three contests between the two teams. If K V f , .xi fl if 1 N if J A Ii in COACHING STAFF-KNEELING' P w Mawr' U ,1 2 " H fs' ' rr ' :J . ', ' ' Ui, C I 'f i , , , .'. .Y Thad Pze Vann, Maxze Lambrzght STANDIN5' exgfinzxi Bight i of X kv t- ' at "", Larry "Doc" Harrington, Pete Taylor. i I y' USM invaded Ole Miss to support the Southerners. And our team allowed tht- The game ended 14-7, Ole Miss, but Southern was not defeated. The showing Q . .. ,,.....,. , ....m... ,,..., ,-V..-V...:: : -.- ... M -V if , V X 4 ' W v, N, , Q i is IW L1 ,,, yi, Y? I 5 ,Mf 7 ,Q n In fv Z' gf 7 If ,, 41,5 . 542, ' '14 r ,f M, W wqlhgzq 5 A 7 41: 'Ss 4 -mmf, an get ,A .. S... , 57. . of ,.f,F3.f M, 'lt A S . fn No. Pos. Ht. 10 QB 5-9 11 RCB 5-9 12 QB 5-11 14 RS 5-10 16 RS 5-10 18 QB 6-1 22 FB 5-9 25 LCB 5-10 26 FB 6-0 28 FB 5-8 30 RCB 5-11 33 LS 6-1 34 HB-CB 6-1 35 CB 5-10 36 LHB 5-11 37 HB-CB 6-1 40 RS 6-1 41 Spec. 5-11 43 RHB 6-1 44 LHB 5-9 45 FB 6-0 46 LHB 5-11 47 LH-LS 6-1 48 Spec. X5-9 50 ET 6-2 51 T 6-3 52 LLB 6-1 54 MG 6-0 C 6-3 6-3 C RLB 6-0 LLB 5-1 1 RG 5-1 1 LB 5-1 1 LC 6-0 MC 5-9 RC 6-0 LG-LB 5- 1 0 G-MG 6-1 5-1 1 6-1 6-0 6-0 6-2 6-1 6-0 Wt. 180 175 168 180 195 187 195 195 200 182 185 180 180 170 165 185 185 190 185 180 180 180 186 159 220 215 185 190 215 230 215 205 212 185 210 210 200 196 215 215 203 218 210 240 220 225 210 230 Class Jn Soph Soph Sn SL Soph Jn SL Soph Soph Soph SL Soph JL Soph JL Soph Sn Sn Sn Soph Soph Soph Jr- Jn Soph Soph Soph Soph JL Sn Jn SL JL .lf- Sn Soph JL Soph. Jr. Soph Jr. Jr. Soph .lf- .lf- Soph Name G. Bynum L. Ussery T. McMillan J. Barger M. McClellan C. Bourgeois M. McCarty T. Brennen C. Freidoff F. Johnston M. Walker B. Devrow T. Yelverton C. Wilkes D. Caughman R. Wells R. Windham G. Sumrall C. Dowd E. King M. Adams J. Johnson R. Channel D. Dunaway R. Johnson L. Hall L. He-Hin D. Harris M. Autry B. Webb K. Avery E. Trone A. Armstrong T. Garner I. Kondrat P. Stringfellow B. Braud B. McMahan W. Wright T. Vann B. Davis G. Bauchman H. Huelsbeck J. Meador B. Hun-ter D. McDonald P. Ballard A ll Home Town Baker, La. Shreveport, La. Magee Memphis, Tenn. Hidelberg Gulfport New Orleans Savannah, Ga. Philadelphia, Pa Waynesboro Meridian Hattiesburg Madison- Ridgeland Biloxi Mendenhall Moss Point Jackson Biloxi Shelby, NC. Biloxi Pascagoula Pensacola, Fla. Jackson Gulfport Quitman Hattiesburg Gulfport, Miss. Mendenhall Hattiesburg Panama City. Fla Miami, Fla. Biloxi Meridian Magee Mahwah, N.J. Lucedale Geismer, La. Hattiesburg Jackson Hattiesburg Chickasaw, Ala. Parsippany. N.J. Pensacola. Fla. Hattiesburg Pensacola, Fla. Memphis, Tenn. Opp. Ala. Biloxi I IZ 6-0 6-0 RE-TE 6-3 RE 6-1 RE-TE 6-4 SE 6-2 6-0 6-2 6-4 6-3 LE-SE 6-0 LE-TE 6-0 E-LB 5-10 55 56 58 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 G 69 RLB 70 RT 71 RT 73 LT 6-0 74 RT 5-11 75 LT 76 RT 77 LT 78 LT 79 T 80 81 82 83 84 SE 85 TE 86 TE 87 LE 90 91 92 V I. 1 , 210 230 215 200 212 210 210 190 215 220 175 195 200 1. Sn Soph .lf- Soph Sn Soph Jn Sn Soph JL .if- Soph Soph .lf- , 1 . Gi T. Dorsey L. Tolbert W. Adkinson T. Craft R. Elliot B. Hodges L. Wright S. Johnson J. McAlpin T. Roussel J. Sullivan T. Applewhite R. L. Sorey Sn. Jackson Magee Moss Point Biloxi Lumberton Biloxi Homestead. Fla. Baker, La. Magee Thibodaux. La. Mendenhall Basslield Raleigh -1- 5 We Recall: crowds, cold, cokes and comfort. The companionship and friendly fraternity rivalry. We Learn: there just ainat no way to keep Bear Underwood in that press box. The stairs rumble as he makes the field on the double. No wonder the defense is so greatg theylre afraid not to be. We Yell: "Give 'em Hell Southern," "Go, Go, Get ,Um, Get 'Um, UH! UH!" Go get 'em, Moose-remember one Bulldog biting the cement. That was real blood, guys. "Flim Flam, Bim Bam, Ole Miss Be Damned? Show them how to play ball, then how to party We Know: How the seniors must have felt as they all went out that last game to meet 'Bama. We know, too, the University of Southern Mississippi is great as it stands. And there is no stopping us . . . it's SOUTHERN TO THE TGP. 'JVFF -1,1 ff-,fd Q 1 -1 1' -Wm and ata ' "-2' I 2 ' 4 'I' ", 'N - ' .fit . 5,9 5 . , " ., .,,. ,vt 'xg if Q V' ""'Y- Q. f"T""',. . I T' "gg Q 7 f4,f' N K' 'X k 5' M 9' , ... f , 1 ' v i Y v HQ- 6,1 A' , "'- if 1- M ' .' . . ,Q P "l -H wg ., it L I 'L :xi W Q X- -Mg vw Qs. ' 13? 1 Wg7 ? p, .AZN , xg I "Y H.-,Q-H4 Q 4' ' Q Y, 1. - 'QF 'I-Y.-,. -UM sq 4 .NH ' 3 ,t 'Q 1 , 5 - L x I Resume of The 1966 Footbal LOUISIANA TECH Milo shoots through for first TD of season against Louisiana Tech. Sumrall boots the extra point. Brennan intercepts and returns 16 yards. Milo scores again and George Sumrall adds an- other conversion. Score: 14-0. STATISTICS: Louisiana Tech USA! First Downs 6 13 Rushing Yards 7 233 Passing Yards 61 30 Passes 25-6 20-4 Interceptions 2 2 Punts 12 7-37.1 Fumbles Lost 1 1 Penalties 30 46 1 Season STATISTICS: STATISTICS: Slate USM VMI USM 1EXS1113s0viz'Qldsss 23 ai Rushing Yardage 12 254 Passing Yardage 47 41 Passing Yardage 120 193 Passes' I 8-19 4-14 Passes 10-28 11-16 Passes Intercepated by 1 - Passes Intercepted by 1 3 Punts 8-35 9-40 Punts 8-42 4-43 Fumbles Lost 2 2 111111117195 1-0511 2 2 Yards Penalized 93 118 Yards Penallzed 53 132 NORTH CAROLINA STATE Oyster Bowl-N.C. State ahead 6-0. 3 min. 41 sec. left in play, and Milo bulls over for the OLE MISS tying score through combined efforts of Fried- First quarter bad snap to Reb punter and Troy is in there to block. The ball is ours on the four. Gary Bourgeois goes over for the TD and we lead 7-0 until fourth quarter, when the exhausted defense can hold no longer. A 57- hoff, Fife, McClellan and Wells. Southern's mar- gin of victory provided by Sumrallls conversion. Score: 7-6. S'L'C' yard runback of a Dunaway punt and Cun-ning- STATISTICS: Bynam and Mcgarthy put points on the ham's score gives Ole Miss 14 to our 7. NCS USM scoreboard. Sumrall provides the margin of vic- F1 D 12 13 1 rst owns tory on- a 40-yard Held goal. Glens run good Rlshing Yardage 70 115 for 8 yards. The Hnal Score: 15-13. Passing Yardage 206 108 ?a.sses 1 13-33 9-12 l'lteI'CE t1OIlS STATISTICS: 113sss1s11" 1 6-31.1 10-39.11 , um es ost STATISTICS: Ole Mm USM Yards Penaliz.-sd 24 30 Southwestern USM gIrs111D0,Qn5 d 153 53 - - us ing ar age 135122 321522 Sisiliif 2 11. gm- Yardage ,gg 513 First Downs by Penalties 1 1 Passes I d b ' 0 ' 0 Total First Downs if 18 P35553 ntercepte V 5--37 17-40 11?15sEs21a,i?5.-H3524 ss 153 Eunablg L14 11 33 31 EAST CAROLINA Passes Completed 8 6 ar 5 ena 116 1 1 Passes Had' Intercepted 1 79 Coming from behind, Southern- belts East 15311113 2333351 11-4112 8-3814 Carolina135-14. Mike hits lV1cAlphine once and Penalties 4-52 5-42 Dowd tW1CC for goals. Highlight-Johnson runs Fumbles Lost 3 3 92 yards for TD and Davis intercepts for a 36-yard goal. George kicks for 2 conversions. MEMPHIS STATE RICHMOND STATISTICS: . - .- - McCarthy carries for First TD. Mike hits ECS USM Southerners in scoring position several times, . . Dowd for 62-yard pass and run for second TD. 1:11.51 Downs 11 20 but penalties plague them. Sumrall misses a . . . . On 43-yard run Milo makes the third. Brennan Rvsbms Yardage 127 258 few field goals-then a pass 1nterference call . . . Passing Yardage 114 126 . . intercepts, six plays later. McClellan hits John- 1: . 10,17 7,13 Sets u T1 r TD. A ass from McM1ll . asses p ge - p . an to son for Final TD. Sumrall kicks 3 PAT's PHSSCS 1f1fefCeP1Cd bv 1 2 Dowd sparks last minute hope, but time and an ' Punts 9-42 6-45 interception end this heartbreaker. E.11111f'21131'1f,11111:11'f:ed 52 log STATISTICS: STATISTICS: Richmond USM MSU USM . ALABA First Downs 6 18 11,1521 DIQWES 11? 1111 Beautiful day, high hopes, color and grandeur, Yggdg P22525 5 174 T0tal1Offense 113 363 as 41,010 fans turn- out to see the nation's No. 6151411135 Offense 111117 152112 53:22 gnfngftt' 8-25 1422 1 defense meet 'Bama. Well, they meet: South- passes Inter 6 td ' Q 1 Fumbles lost 0 0 ern fights and loses. The Tide is fast, furious, C 1' C Punt-sv 8-36 7 4-43 0 . 1121311151185 9-40-2 34111-4 Penamef' 15 ,12 and the Bear won't be beat. 1Nuf said. Yards Penalized 3-35 8-11.6 STATISTICS: Alabama USM Emi' DOVE 113 33 MISS- STATE V M1 1-:sas sais 15111 511 Southerners rack up a total of 124 yards as ' ' ' 1Ii2i222Ime,Ce,,ted by 1 3 - 2 opposed to the Maroons' 85 yards. Devrow The Raiders shine-out of 6 TD's, McClellan Punts 6'37-2 10'40'5 - . . . - Fumbles Lost 0 2 intercepts 2 passes. Bourgeois scores TD. George carries for 3. Wells carries 47 yards to paydirt. Yards penauzed 5 29 kicks a 34-yard field goal. Despite Vandals' ex- Milo makes 2. Sumrall kicks 6 straight field cellent defense, State emerges victorious, 10-9. goals-final score is a crushing 42-6. 130 SOUTHERN 14 LOUISIANA TECH 0 YI' If X Southern plows through Louisiana Tech defense to victory. SOUTHERN 15 SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANA 13 SOUTHERN O MEMPHIS STATE 6 Scrappy Southeastern Louisiana piles on Terry McMillan. Glen Bynum racks up more statistics for the Southerners as a Alemphis State player attacks his vulnerable spot. ' 131 I v I I W. N Q :conf " 'S 1: . vacsfg' L.. k '91, W Q' f-weed? SOUTHERN 9 MISSISSIPPI STATE 10 The dead lay littered as Ken Avery and Troy ,Q Craft bring down their 33 quarry. 4 -1,559 if One lone bulldog trying to get through Larry Tolbert, George Sumrall, Elbert Trone, and Tom- his my Brennan, 'rots-a-rufrk fella. SOUTHERN 7 QLE MISS 14 df, is H '., S I, A e I 'B . .., ? lb it ' I x wig? WQV- - Lv: A -ff . ' '- 1-:r"-'ll I SLSDI' 1 X Untold woe befalls Tom Smith as big Ski flattens him and Avery hnishes him of. 132 Iy- Milo brings it back from the 10. SOUTHERN 42 SOUTHERN 27 RICHMOND O One of the many plays which produced Ihr' 27-0 :rin mer Richmond. Robert Wells eludes a would-be taflqlcr. V. , '4 ,Ax anew V4 a .,4 N' 'Q .wx . VMI 6 5. . - K I ,805 -V -Q' ,Q ' I bb , A, l ' 'Q 44' LY5 I. w 'll NQQ' Am -jg D Q' ," 'fain ,gl 'rl ' 'What fi. '.i -4 A 'I gl 'o I "Q, F 'Q' "' .51 . " -'-"N hx. la 'U' mfs zf,,4,.""4?"i:?:'l.,.f'. . 9.0. , 4 vs :bi 5 ,AV I 6 N I 4 .' xi.n,Q,,.., -. Y- - -Q , a, . .A . I 'I .3-ll""?.f '...'5S..n . 41,0 "'. Pin' .9 '.s'asr.-41,-nv --' "' " V 'ii' 'ff'af.e'- ' Surrounded by the enemy, Mike McClellan runs through VMI defenses. Nothing like that Devrow styleg poor Keydet hasn't caught on yet. Cl! o cr A m FJ av 2 OD U1 L11 IP U1 +-3 C3 SD vw o E 2 Db -P N 1UcClellan carries and gets caughtg that Ref ought to be on this side. at CV' KYKKHIIIKXXX Good block-clear held. i 134 Q 1 i A Y K, 1 I 4' 45 I L , v s f, 0,-J .V 'fr M ' fi,p'C? YW ' N Y 1 x A gi. HP 4 P t .1 - f WMV ,5 A .f 'Mu 1' if I J fs,,d'+f- D fi' ,A V Ri' lf'2,f?v D f A .1 f1S'1?7 Q ff ly 51 3 gg w s-, ' 3 51' r ,K-. ,Q Q "43'i.QA'x M 7 ,An ws? It wr, " A I ' h?"1 u'ff Q. 7 ' x"' W ff?-: ?Qfw"5FQ42f15 9 36 :NR 5 q41,..p?sg. mg +11 ff I wg 3? I If ' A' 5 X .X -cl' fp- 5 ,L.. ! I A ,, my www No. 10 11 12 14 15 16 20 22 25 28 30 33 35 36 42 44 45 51 54 57 60 61 62 70 72 73 76 77 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI 1966 Football Freshmen Roster Name Tom Davis Steve Fore Perry Coggin Russell Miles Rusty Windham Mike Letort Wesley Bowen Billy Brinkman Billy Selman Alan- Isler Jim Blevins Ken Gillian Lamar Carter Jimmy Holder Mike Lips Henry Quick Richard Wood Jim Stringer Dan Fairchild Fred Waites Mike Battles Willie Hinton David Ballard Radell Key Stott Chisholm Rex Barnes Sidney Ponder Bob Shepherd Larry Harris Keith Sanders ,lim Butler Harry Thomas Toby Vance Brandy Johnson Winston Armond Coach : Billy Larson Pos. QB QB EEESEEEEESSQQQQ 'C"1Ff'1F'1FX'1F'1P7F'7'-l'-9'-l'-l'dC?fDCUCUOO Ht. 5- 5-9 5-10 5- 5- 6-0 510 511 511 511 61 10 11 10 5-9 5-8 5-8 5-10 6-2 5- 11 6-1 6-0 6-1 5- 11 5-9 6-0 6-1 5-10 6-2 6-4 6-1 5- 1 6-0 5- 11 6-0 6-3 6-0 6-3 Wt. 170 161 205 168 183 170 192 168 219 205 180 160 153 163 171 201 169 215 190 205 167 220 203 228 260 258 210 241 187 203 195 200 186 180 232 Assistants: George Rodman, Tom Price Hometown Mobile, Alabama Flomaton, Alabama New Market, Alabama Wiggins, Mississippi Jackson, Mississippi Biloxi, Mississippi Mendenhall, Mississippi New Orleans, Louisiana Columbia, Mississippi Theodore, Alabama Valley Head, Alabama Albertville, Alabama Magee, Mississippi Pearl-McLaurin, Mississippi Vicksburg, Mississippi New Orleans, Louisiana Meraux, Louisiana Madison-Ridgeland, Mississippi Quitman, Mississippi Napoleonville, Louisiana Sylacauga, Alabama Petal, Mississippi Jackson, Mississippi Petal, Mississippi Vero Beach, Florida Dadeville, Alabama Mendenhall, Mississippi Melbourne, Florida Mendenhall, Mississippi McComb, Mississippi Madison-Ridgeland, Mississippi Panama City, Florida Ackerman, Mississippi Opp, Alabama Chalmette, Louisiana 136 x l 55- 1' fix 1 4 A Lvl Q41 QW v PQ. I .. D Mi IP H K A31 fx I A -M K N ff 51 f'76 9523.705 via Q X i A I' ' x 9 1? fm f -,.: -LF 15.1 x , Ili xp 1.1 Y.. I Q g G. ea '-" na gn ' 2 ' 35-'H' 22 5 -s- --x -F14 8 ,"'l 771 ,l"xl, VT: lv., 1- Xl, x ljm' I , -,. WI . 1 wg' , ijflx-1 THE PRIDE in action . . . spirit and enthusiasm in order. They couldn't be any finer . . . the world's most televised band. Whatever else is said about November 26, look below and know that the Dixie Darlings and this band beat ,Bama badly. r l I in ,x, un 1 ...Hu A A1 il alll VF? . , ,qu 1 5 .... i I j' 'J I Q63 'L ng.. A University could desire no more than this in a Homecoming Court. They were gorgeous and gracious. 0' ,ff Oh. My! I 'UMD 39 ul, XX , L4 . , 'S' 5 - ..n..z.n.1A 7 If 7' -,,. - , . V . Q.-..Z ' ?f'-uf l V' , .,,. 4 , V, .- . 1' lf? They yell and encourage . . . try to enthuse. Too often with little support- through rain, cold and heat- they endure and remain vibrant and cheering. These are the USM Cheerleaders. BASKETBALL ...exdwnmnt...tmnvpn1gnk.. crowds, and large ones too . . . USM Invitational, Bayou Classic . . . enthusiasm, in the stands and on the court . . . Kockersperger makes the impossible . . . Ladner runs court . . . Hannan "intercepts', . . . No. 15 fouled who? . . . Golden Giants do battle with mighty Frosh Team . . . look out, the Frosh have what it takes . . . Golden Giants end season with hnpresdve 16-8 record. 141 Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Miss. 76 Miss. 87 Miss. 77 Miss 63 Miss 89 Miss 82 Miss. 83 Miss 87 Miss. 99 Miss 54 Miss 63 Miss 2 Miss 84 Miss 82 Miss 87 Miss. 90 Miss 2 Miss. 95 Miss. 93 Miss. 68 Miss 2 Miss. 76 Miss. 99 Miss. 101 Miss. 89 SCORES Samford CHattiesburgj Southeastern Louisiana tHammondj Alabama CUSM In-vitationall Miss. State CUSM lnvitationalj Alabama Vfuscaloosal Ole Miss. fldlattiesburgl Nicholls State fBayou Classicj U, Southzvestern La. fBayou Glassicj St. Bernard CHattic-sburgl Texas Western KEI Pasoj Texas Western tEl Pasol Alamphis State CMemphisl Spring Hill Chlobilel Northwestern La. tHattiesburgl Louisiana Tefh fRustonl Centenary tl-lattiesburgl Delta State iHattiesbu1'gl Samford t Birmingham l Southeastern Louisiana iHattiesburgl Spring Hill rliattiesburql hlillsaps lHattiesburgl Delta State tClevelandl A'urtlz:t'ustrn1 I.a. LNatt'hitoCl1es OTE l Centenary tSlirevepo1'tl Louisiana Tech :Hattiesburg OTH '5 lx 49,1 x IJ x+s X Hwy! M UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI 1966-67 Varsity Basketball Roster n Player Don-ald Maestri Brice Thornbury Steve Campbell Gary Hannan Ronnie Kidd Bill Edkins Berlin Ladner Robert Swindle Gary Kochersperger Pat Murphy ,lack Lockhart Frank Baker Burkett Ross Ronnie Shivers Pos. Guard Guard Forward Forward Center Center Forward Guard Guard Guard Forward Guard Guard Guard Hgt. Wgt. 170 210 190 215 225 210 200 175 170 165 190 175 185 180 Clam Soph. Junior Junior Senior Senior Soph. Junior Soph. Senior Senior Soph. Junior Soph. Soph. Hometown New Orlean-s, La, Ashland, Ky. Chillicothe, Ohio Canton, Ohio Charleston, W.Va. New Orleans, La. Necaise Crossing, Miss Gulfport, Miss. Roslyn, Pa. Valley Station, Ky. Pikeville, Ky. Meridian, Miss. Hattiesburg, Miss. Bassfield, Miss. 141. COACH LEE FLOYD fp: AI: I ,xA I Dean john Allen presenting an outstandirzg player trophy to Gary Kochersperger. :,:gf,,-1 .. - X ,fx . fiimf- - 2 Q E-N. it 'X In , ,V ,W if , -Z., wg Q f X 1 x X 'HI T M51 fs ff ' 5' , 3 it V:' gy, 5 . l lla ' I I n I 'Z is Q? pl V ff? 'Q' 7 K , 5 vi ,E yr' 'V Cool jerk Ok, now watch closely. Hey! Thereiv a ball in your eye. Dorft let it get awag High-jumping Alike Newell is good for two. SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN FRESHMEN RESULTS MISS. 129 MISS. 83 MISS. 105 MISS. MISS. MISS. MISS. MISS Clarke College Pensacola Navy Alabama Ole Miss Pensacola ,IC Snead JC East Mississippi JC LSU Family Feud. SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN MISS. MISS. MISS. MISS MISS MISS. MISS. MISS. MISS MISS MISS. MISS. MISS. MISS MISS MISS East Mississippi JC Gulf Coast All-Stars Alabama Gordon Military Northwestern Louisiana IFC All-Stars Independent All-Stars Ole Miss Pearl River JC Gulf Coast All-Stars LSU Mississippi State Mississippi State Northwestern Louisiana Centenary USM Alumni -fvadbb, r..M,,,, 51 A-Eli'-1 Fil sb- y. wmv F .it ' W. Kiln. Name Tommy Taylor Richard Fulkerson John Vitrano John Hester Mike Newell Paul Dodge Jim Morton Keith Vegotsky Wendell Ladner Ernie Grant ,. ' " e, - ss ,- sw 9 fwwwswwww.. .X . as UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI 1966-67 Freshman Basketball Roster Pos. Forward Guard Guard Forward-Guard Guard Forward Forward-Guard Guard Center Center-Forward E W Cjeepl Clark-Freshman Basketball Coach Wgt. 160 155 190 215 180 185 190 190 230 210 "" iiilinnn. "' - -9 1 '-1 1--' u Homrtozvn New Orleans. La. Klagee. Miss. New Orleans. La. Union. Miss. Hueytown. Ala. Gulfport. Miss. Slidell. La. Trenton. NJ. Necaise Crossing, Miss Picayune. Miss. no-nfl- .1 .51 L 'tw-1 -is "In .So .-W ,ve Y x ff. sy... . IW new i .ll-Vu Cheerleaders 41. 1 , Z. 'M 1 , Q Linda Dobbx, Sheila Moore, Linda Dickey, Sharon Land, john McCarty, Mary jo Abraham, Nancy Wells, Don Toler, Bobby jean Morris, Kay Holmes, Emmy Lowrey, Georgiana Risk. 'a I 10-, , 1. ,inf 'yu' 1 A ' 1'-""fi3v,'f1?"f.H :Q- W bQZ.zffMff '7y:0zf'g1: f EQ , L,-1 ,' 'arg ffefy-1 8 t 1, I, JJ :gfsff V rl ., : lift! "Q Ziff' fi, IQ 4, 21 1 . l,,11'n L -1 iw 1 ,lull ' 'J 91' .av ff, fl 63 . 1 fp .jf w .I ' 5 9. Pg .o 5, s i'r.Sf'lff" ,ft fffi ' - er- M- f f 535'-i -Al' 4 1 ' ln' of 4 H , , JK ' 'Qi' 1 af .,- d 4, J, 1 .sw '92 b J 'UZ V ,tw f X gy vu- I f J- ,V I if I, W, . 41 4 ,f 7 :vw Qfv. 1 ,O A 5, G fl 'Y ',' 21, ' -xg H na 1 6 la 3 ,.- yy: - , ' ' 4 K I N f Q' fa? fig- 3' -4 X Z 2' 2 Z I 'kms K 'iw ....,,-4. gf pl K" A IBM,-,, -ml W. Richard Kellogg john Krajeski David Kennard David Kay Rodney Lippincott Dorothy Leach Billy Lee Marilyn Ladner jeannie Lyle Bill Lovette Nancy Lloyd William j. Moody, Band Director Lou Mason Tom Malone Tommy Maddox Wayne Miller Sybil Marty Ray Merlini Sandra Moon David Mayfield Dennis Mire Albert McKenzie Bobby McNamee Charles McGahey Sharon McCraney Louise Nuckols Nicky Nichols Greg Odjakjian Tony Pollard Mickey Pickett Walter Patterson Patty Pearson Willie Rigdon Naz Rhodes Pretty hard to be interested in watching someone else when you're so good. jimmy Robson Linda Rusling Larry Rigby james Rice Robin Richerson Webster Rowan Sherry Rudisell Alan Sipes Dan Settles Richard Smith Vic Steen Peggy Adams Frank Adarholdt Steve Andreivs Buddy Apperson Ann Armus Danny Averett jim Ball jerry Ball Mark Balius james Barnett janice Barnes james Birdsong john Balkeney Sue Blankenship Martha Booth Carol Boutwell Frances Bringnac Lawrence Brown Lowell Brown Keith Burroughs Hale Byrd Bob Christie Hugh E. Cain Bill Campbelle Durvan Clark Pam Cook David Corban Lee Cronett AIEMBERS Barbara Diggs jimmy Dixon Wanda Dunnarn llrllllllfll Dollarhide Vester Emerson Lucia Fishel Ifarl Fox Gail Freeman Richard Ford l'l'ayne Fallcs Sergio Fernandez Torn Freaschillo Gary Fuller jerry Flumrrzer Charles Gemeinhardt Pam Graves Hugh Garrauay Alton Geno Rick Graham Douglas Graham Rick Gilpin Bill Gower jimmy Golman Bobbie Griffiths Daiid Gregory JI. K. Henderson Kaye Hendricks jerry Herrington Eddie Coleman Linwood Cote Ray Cox jerry Crow Charles Crum Curtis Davis Gerald Dickerson Gross Scruggs Bob Stelle Louis Scenna Linda Stejskal Bill Slayton Dale Shackelford Neal Tidwell Cecil Todd Bill Tompkins Rogers Tyler jack Thomas Carl Hagan john Herring Tommy Hightou er joe Hull Sam Hong Jlarsha jones jim johnson jane Utz Don Varner jim lVilsorz john l1'aite Ken Wright Robert lfilliams Bobby lfilliams Karen lfilliams Phil lfharton Carol l1'hite Glenda Watler a N- N , -. si 4- 3" ,vqg 1 I K Z f Delia Stewart directs the Dixie Darlings. 'F' M gl V Practicing behind the Fraternity houses was suicide. The nationally renowned DIXIE DARLINGS dance to music provided by the PRIDE. They entertain at all home football games, other special university functions, and often travel to various parts of the country for appearances. This year they were televised in the New Orleans Sugar Bowl and in Mobile during the Senior Bowl. fi '- G iq! U I Q, Qs rv' fx ' ' .1 'HW' W N , -gty 'j mf sf . , 7,71 ,v ., .A..-r , be . . jvY""Lv W., 154- A I I' L , - Q I - 'Tff-,2' , W fr' ! f fn.N K N -- "' ae. , i ff-5 A ' '- 5 '.., ,,, 4 Ng 4 .,- 45 ,Q Q. P - . . ., b f 5 flwf 1. gm, f 1 - i lrff 1 i y 14' 1 0 ' '-. . ' 5 1 nf. - I ' A, Q' wi - f 5 ' f. 5 ' ' o ' it ,f 1 A i f v. . I qi Ni ,r ' im 'A A ' f 0 'gl am I ff 'A F 4 R aging J--.Vs ' z ' A La Q 5 Q W I S M if 9 if 4 X j 1. Q, Q .,., v , , ' L. gl .Y .r .V L :L I v 2 F L? I Lu A ,. - ' .2 ' ' . .fl Z: 5.331 Y awfyvn 'Lg'fi'1g5,g, ME. 'Ynfb ' IJ il. P .Ln I, M v Q' 1434 'A ' Q E.. Y' I ,.g ...i fs. I. La ,, Q 'Sf' . Q -1. .vt K. Ea!! t' ,P ixvlii-21 ,ta ' " ,, 37"--, ff' 134' J5',:l'ufM,,J-1" 9 'S C"1 ' 'Z . . M , -rf wfbefw :fic R" f A 1 I ., . 2 f Q '- M . . 5 . rv W-5. "k"26?,1:g- . 'f im- :SMA H11-3a',! 'ix wigs' ff ? J. ' rhgf :iq wi41'f'. j"7'?1.,,- r f fl oft f",f4' " ix if x f" i"" Q 3,1 ' s V. v , ' Q, 1-f Q '51 -., '- I :M . ,Q Af . X ' R fr' ,- xl. I , ilu- ld 4, B14 ,. .Q vi y A vw , W1 5 Y I 'I ' if . r - 155 9 1 , f 4 ,J al 4 W' 4 1 . " 2 x 0 'M . . 'Q' 1 .N ll f4 1 ,,, K :J i 0 , Y. lx' 4- M: 'J 'v , Gig F A. ., M m Q. 1 W Q' 4A H +0 Airmail, Q 44 W gl 0 ' 'V is ,L.w,'- ?Qv - by M M ,Y K ,pg 1, . , y2J'Zf.f1f5 fi 1,4 ., mf' . , t . ' . s t I 'f Wx S Q Q W " I 1 l 5 QA -S 'ef . -s. h I 1 K A -s h ANG? Q flfhy , 14's .f , X X , 4. . 1' RN , an T X ' wg. 'Q A 5' Q . aw-1 ..- ' Q 9 i If ,. q t -an Q .. Aw... K ' 'Qt Ii 4 ' ' i 'i ' W , VX? il These are POM PON GIRLS, red and white and brightening the coliseum floor during time outs with their short snappy dances to popular music. BOTTOM: Pam Forte, Colleen O'maraV, Sherrye Ethridge, Dale Ruxsell. STANDING: Suzanne johnson, Sonja Wilkes, Donna Lee Field, Kay Fruetel. .-,, W ,ww ff' ini! I iff ' A'-Q- Eg --" I ' 'A 4 32 'I M , s 5. S . egg: " l gf-1. V , w iq. Q V AMW! I -K--I ,.-n-HU -J , ,,..c,,,. Coafh Pete Taylor and john Vitrano. FIRST ROW: joel Williams, jerry Enis, David Graham, Billy Dabbs. Dickey Travis, Russ Key, Erving Farve, jaeky MeCaskil, john Vitrano. SECOND ROW: Thad Vann, Chuck Charvgo, Kenny Weis. Buddy jorden, Tornrny Davis, George Barnhill, Pete 1966 BASEBALL SEASON-WON 9, LOST 11 SOUTHERN MISS. SOUTHERN MISS. SOUTHERN MISS. SOUTHERN MISS. SOUTHERN MISS. SOUTHERN MISS. SOUTHERN MISS. SOUTHERN MISS. SOUTHERN MISS. SOUTHERN MISS. SOUTHERN MISS. SOUTHERN MISS. SOUTHERN MISS. SOUTHERN MISS. SOUTHERN MISS. SOUTHERN MISS. SOUTHERN MISS. SOUTHERN MISS. SOUTHERN MISS, SOUTHERN MISS. Nicholls State Nicholls State Ole Miss Ole Miss Miss. College Spring Hill Spring Hill Miss. College Illinois State Illinois State Southeastern .Arkansas Arkansas Louisiana Southeastern Louisiana Alabama Alabama Alabama Delta State Delta State Delta State Hayes, jerry CoSillo, Coach Taylor. THIRD ROW: Bob Sheetz Butch Stevens, George Sumrall, Tony Engles, joe Wzllzams FOURTH ROW: Frank Baker, Garry Hannon, Steve Campbell Curtis Matherne, Ed Assaf. 'Qi Afqu W XJ s - V 'Li' I I 9 1 -. ll I A f"X-X xf f A 1967 BASEBALL SCHEDULE -Fri. Illinois State University :OO p.m. Home -Sat. Illinois State University :00 p.m Home -Mon. Nicholls State Thibodaux, La. -Tues. Nicholls State Thibodaux, La. -Thurs University of Mississippi O0 p.m. Home -Fri. University of Mississippi O0 p.m. Home -Sat. University of Mississippi 30 a.m. Home -Sat. Kalamazoo 00 p.m Laurel -Tues. Un-iversity of Ala. C2 gamesl Tuscaloosa, Ala -Sat. University of South Alabama Mobile, Ala. -Mon. Mississippi State University Starkville -Tues. Mississippi State University Starkville -Sat. Spring Hill Mobile, Ala. -Wed. Spring Hill 3 00 p.m Home -Fri. Mississippi College 3 OO p.m Home -Wed. University of Ala. C2 gamesj 1 00 p.m Home -Thurs. Delta State 3 00 p.m Home -Fri. Delta State 3 00 p.m Home -Mon. University of South Ala. 3 00 p.m Home -Wed. Mississippi College Clinton -Fri. Delta State Cleveland -Sat. Delta State Cleveland Thad Vann, Garry Hannan, David Graham. M M fg- Y . X 1 sy "'?f H X A: l i XA AA , H , Y- 1 x ' ,KX ,K v l ,a pn- - 4 , ,., A-.var-,1"'-'-3 I , : s!z.'1iU?f?fffr.3'.i TIM'- GEORGE SUMRALL Frank Baker, john Vitrano, Garry Hannan, Steve Cambbell. J R 1 .!,Lx, . MW, M.. 4... ml!! - N ' .:f'1f. Q-K L .,.. gg N55 N iss X x " 1 .M , , , 1. 1' ' 35 QF W ' X X M K 'wigs' vklghx 8 ,M , as 1. VM N? X X uw 3 X , 5 www N M -K , ,5 0 "' X W Q 'Q' ,l gk H mm, X N E x ff WSG X N Y Ni + Q xnxx X 5 f 'K Mx 3' ix 3 N. E .1 Qu l. s . ua- XW Q 1 n FRANK BAKER N, 'Y' f Q ,.,. . ,f :Q if f fi ZF 160 IK! Coach Pete Taylor giving last-minute details. Grow, baby, Grow. Birds? ff A-' 5 Q3 1966 RESULTS OF USM GOLF TEAM Bill Yandell and jack Crawford watch as Byron Bracewell prepares to sink a long USM Opponent S6-we one. All three of these men are returning lettermen, as are Don Rutt and Danny Dietrick os UHIVCTSIIY of Alabama won 312 University of South Alabama r Buckhaults Tournament Cten teamsl won 1412 So Illinois Un1vers1ty 12 won 81 Q So Illinois UHIVCYSIW won 211 Spring H111 College 12 won Tulane University won 1312 UHIVBTSIIY of South Alabama 2 won 41 2 Millsaps College 2 won 412 Delta State College 2 6th LSU Invltatlonal Tournament C17 teamsj won University of Alabama won MISSISSIPPI State University won Tulane Un1vers1ty won UHIVCTSIIY of Alabama won M Spring H111 College vton V Millsaps College 2 won University of South Alabama r Mississippi Intercollegiate Tournament C5 teamsl . 1 1 7 ' ' 20 1 X ' ' 2M Q 3d . H, X I . . . . 12! A 1 X g . . . . SM ' Y A ' ' 17f if , 5 15 ' ' 12 X ' ' 4V 1 X ' 37 1 X 3V 16 ' ' 11 14 . . . . . . 13 23 . . 4 16 ' ' 11 23 ' ' im V 22 2 ' 4V 16 ' ' 11 gd . . . . . U.S.M. INVITATIONAL GOLF TOURNEY 1967-March 2-3 FINAL RESULTS TEAM SCORES Louisiana State, 583 Alabama, 598 Mississippi, 601 Southern Mississippi, 615 Mississippi State, 615 Northeast Louisiana, 621 Nicholls fLa.j State, 622 Tulane University, 625 Southwestern Louisiana, 627 Spring Hill, 631 South Alabama, 648 Centenary, 650 Southwestern of Memphis, 657 Delta State, 664 Louisiana College, 695 Millsaps, 703 INDIVIDUAL SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI Don Rutt, 77-70-147 Buddy Whitten, 79-72-151 Danny Dietrick, 77-80-157 Byron1Bracewell, 79-81-160 Good weather and playing conditions added to the success of the first USM INVITATIONAL Royce Wilkinson, 85,76.i161 TOURNAMENT as we were host to 15 visiting schools. Bill Yandell, 83-83-166 167. I l l l 4 V l 'ZH ' ,N il '75 ,Q Xe! ,-31. . , 4-H Q' - 37. 1 7 la, 1967 GOLF TEAM KNEELING B1llYandell D071 Rutt Danny ING Terry Crawford Bruce Garrett Tzm Malznoskz Ray Dzan Dzetrzck Byron Bracewell Fred Sartzn jack Crawford STAND Owgkr Tom Yandell Randy Dake Royce Wzlkznson March March 16 17 March 23 24 March April 1 April 5 April 7 April ll April 15 April 19 April 24 April 27-28 May 3 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI VARSITY GOLF SCHEDULE 1967 USM Invitational fT1ed for 4thl Buckhaults Invitational Tournament at Sprlng Hill LSU Invitational Tournament Spring Hill College Tulane University University of South Alabama Tulane University Spring Hill College Keesler Air Force Base Mississippi State University University of South Alabama Mississippi State Intercollegiate Tournament at USM Nicholls State College Hattiesburg LIISSISSIPQI Liobile Alabama Baton Rouge Louisiana Mobile, Alabama Hattiesburg. Mississippi INIobile, Alabama New Orleans, Louisiana Hattiesburg, Iwfississippi Hattiesburg. Mississippi Iwleridian, hfississippi Hattiesburg, Llississippi Hattiesburg, biississippi Thibodaux, Louisiana ,Vs wasif! -ef at Xl-5.4! l q U. SJ! U. SA! 0.5.14 . ...X .f M., .Q .sf 4, Y I . l.. f r 5 '5- aj Q .ag Tyr s a s af ' if U. SM QD. ,- Q M is L "' 1 ,4.,,,,r-..i4 U-5-M N I We if I ,K L 95? I Q 1, IMS. rl , .f A -v SEATED: jim Bishop, Max Bozzetti, john Weams, Tommy Ifincent, Fred Miller. STANDING: Kim Chase, Cheuzs Suietman, Bill Pen- dergrasx, jimmy Baldrop, Denny Hays, Doc Harrington, Coach. DOC HARRINGTON 1966 TENNIS RESULTS fDual SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN SOUTHERN Matches, Won 10, Lost 4j MISS MISS. MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS Mississippi College 3 Belhaven 0 Millsaps 4 Belhaven 0 Mississippi College 5 Arkansas 5 Ole Miss 4- Millsaps 2 South Alabama 0 Spring Hill 1 Alabama 5 LSU 5 South Alabama 2 Spring Hill 3 Finished third in USM Invitational Tournament. Tied for second in Mississippi Intercollegiate Tournament. 1 QQ' X3- 164. 'F l 11 l El l l i l I l l 1 , I l is Y l F r l i l P O Double: anyone ? - lr W , V' 1 I WM. f if K2 " fs. gf- . af I .f W I 'PQ QV. if MARCH APRIL MAY 1 1-Sat. 1 1-Sat. -Wed. -Fri. -Mon. -Tues. Thurs. -Fri. -Sat. 4-Tues. 7 -Fri. -Sat. -Wed. -Sat. -Sat. -Tues. Thurs. -Fri. -Sat. Wed. 1967 TENNIS SCHEDULE Belhaven CMorningj Millsaps CAfternoonj Belhaven Mississippi College Nicholls State College Nicholls State College Illinois State University USM Invitational Tnmt. Miss. College, University of Mississippi, Millsaps, Spring Hill College, University of South Alabama, Louisiana Tech, Southeastern La., Cen- tenary, Nicholls State, Mc- Murray College, Illinois State U. 8: USM. University of Alabama Mississippi College Spring Hill Millsaps University of So. Alabama fMorningj Spring Hill QAfternoonD University of Alabama University of Mississippi Miss. Intercollegiate Tnmt. Miss. Intercollegiate Tnmt. University of So. Alabama Jackson Jackson Home Clinton Thibodaux, La. Thibodaux, La. Home Tuscaloosa, Ala. Home Home Home Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Home Jackson Clinton Clinton Home 165 v 1-sy "s' 'U I 'li qo I ,.. -......,-.. .,,-.. 1-iff "" ' .-f' .1 lac: .Q ff' -' .sv ffm" ifgwf 'Y fp, . ,IF gps Pendergrass puts it across. You gota want-it. .w 'if ll: -N VFRS, QOL iHEqN fsfssiP" -.. ' C I q . , 1, - f -. 7 .j,:,1. ,Q-4-eil". Q K ,,.. . qevbx "'4'V iiiiff. , Q- jn..--h..- ,- BACK ROW: Ralph Siverio, Faculty Advisorg Carlos Galdamez, El Saz'aa'or,' Tom Bailey, Wilmington, Delaware, Halil Ozerden, Turkey, Arturo Rosales, El Saloadorg jose Castaneda, Guatemalag Ernesto Garzon, Colombia, Charlie Green, Pascagoula, Missg Erzrigue Umbert, Peru,' Neri Yon, Guatemala, Team Captain and Coach, Francisco Bueso, Assistant Coaoh, Guatemala. FRONT ROW: Steve McDonald, Titusville, Pa., jose Gomez, Spaing Ro- berto Mora, Guatemala, Richardo Palerea, Guatemalag Rafaele Beltram, Italy, Max Bozzetti, Italy, Uve Deegan, Germany, Emilio Hidalgo, Mexico, Daniel Gracia, Colombia. 5 The USM SOCCER TEAM was first scheduled for intercollegiate competition this year. Only the determination of the team members, with love for the game and desire to contribute to this university, has carried them through much administrative difliculty. Their record speaks for itself. Presently the team is one of the top in the Delta Intercollegiate Soccer League. With university support they could join a larger league next year and receive competition more appropriate to their ability. SCORES W. Opponent 2 Loyola 5 SLC 2 Tulane 1 LSU 14 LSUNO 2 USL 1 Tulane O Delgado . 2 Loyola 2 USL 2 Delgado 6 SLC LSUNO LSU 166 V' , , ize.,, THE M-CLUB is the organization for varsity athletes who have earned a letter in football, basketball, tennis, golf, or from the rifle team. Earning the letter is not suHicient in itself for membership. Members of this brotherhood have all gone through the rigors of initiation at the hands of their fellow athletes. Endurance, and membership is a reflection of honor, fortitude, and a strong stomach. The members strive to increase sportsmanship and athletics on campus. The annual "mum-sale" project as well as the deep-voiced carollers at basketball games during Christmas time are but two of the projects which show the versility of the M-Club. FIRST ROW: Ken Avery, Mel Autry, Gene Bachman, Frank Baker, jimmy Barger, Tommy Brennan, Gary Bourgeois, Glen Bynum. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Channel, Troy Craft, William Edkins, Don MacDonald, Clyde Dowd, Richard Dunaway, Gary Hannan, William Hodges. THIRD ROW: Harry Huelsbeek. .4 ,455 O ts-...fair jimmy Barger, Treasurer, Poochie Stringfellow, Sgt.-at-Army, Tommy Brennan, Vice-President, Pete Hayes, Secretary, Ken Avery, President. Buddy Hunter, johnny johnson, Floyd Kellum, Gary Kosher- xperger, Berlin Ladner, Michael lllcAdarnJ, jack 1WcAlpin. FOURTH ROW: Milo flIcCarty, Tommy Roussel, jerry Smith, Poochie Stringfellow, George Sumrall, Larry Usxery, Bobby Webb, Robert Wells. 'hs Q., 1 Q' 1--A 'LG 'nr' 6- .Am 'Wx in---W ' MEMBERS Mike McClellan, Terry McMillan, Chuck Wilkex, Gary Friedhoj, Earl Kina Rod Windham Blanchard Braud, Thor Kondrat, Larry Tolbert,Q.f'1rthur Gill, Elbert Trone, Billy Davis, Larry wfighi, Wayne A dkinson. W ,ak ggi' sf- 3 4. Om. C:-'X ' 5, 'L T H .J , Q.. , N f' f f f n 1 1 ll tgi- .Th A The MEN,S INTRAMURAL PROGRAM is designed to offer every male student the opportunity to compete and participate in athletic activities. The sports provide for a healthy relationship among various campus organizations and are supported by both the faculty and administration. This popular program is directed by the Department of Physical Education, which plans and supervises each event. MEN'S INTRAMURAL RESULTS TOUCH FOOTBALL 1. Kappa Sigma 2. Bayrats 3. S.A.E. "B" VOLLEYBALL 1. Kappa Sigma 2. Bayrats 3. S.A.E. BASKETBALL 1. j.C.'s 2. 69ers 3. Sidewinders WEIGHT LIFTING 1. Kappa Sigma 2. A.T.O. 3. Kappa Alpha HANDBALL 1. Phi Kappa Tau 2. Kappa Sigma 3. Bayrats SPRING, 1966 Swimming-Kappa Sigma Track-Kappa Sigma Softball-J.G.'s Tennis-Phi Tau Golf-Acacia MR. BILLY SLAY Men's Intramural Director WESLEY WILKERSON Graduate Merfs Intramural Director I E Kappa Sigma Champs f t af Q la MISS MARIANNE BROWN Director of Womerfs Intramurals NP' 4 'lljzr sf 1 N f, W, . 4 ' MARCIA LUMPKIN Graduate Intramurals Director The WOMEN'S INTRAMURALS program provides many different sports throughout the year which are intended to develop physical abilities and promote healthy attitudes toward physical education. Any organization, dormitory, or sorority is invited to join the intramural program to compete in any of the sports offered. Each organization elects one intramural chairman, who is on the Intramural Board. Trophies are awarded at the end of the year to winners in both team and individual events. 170 5 i 7. Y f W ,. .47 1 W .,. f Aj .:. ' ' V - ,, x r ' fff. X , 5, .ia W, I , 2 Q 1 my -- ,ik ' Q 1. ,M :Q W w .f f, , X , V? V , Q gn 19 X .5 I A ,, A K ,J ,Q k ,e , Swimming Champs. WOMENS INTRAMURAL RESULTS VOLLEYBALL 1. Pulley Hall 2. Hillcrest 3. Chi Omega BADMINTON 1. Hillcrest 2. Hickman 3. Pulley BASKETBALL 1. Jones 2. B.S.U. 3. Hickman' Hall BOWLING ggy McGeehee-Hillcrest ary Jo Newmane-Hillcrest m Molaison-Hillcrest TENNIS Lynn Cook-Hillcrest Marilyn Meyers-HB6 Betty Melton-Wesley SPRING, 1966 Softball-Bolton Swimming-Jones Track-Chi Omega All Star Basketball. All Star Volleyball l I i fu Us 171 Greeks 173 338 44 'P lf ll 5- Ill 174 J ,ji P r- - oc' I 1,1 ,?'wqum , -er. - r"' atv A J- . ' 'A' A 1. '..1x,,.: , +'iQ5,'X'f,'f '51, '-. :iv ,-3,432-15. 3 U-J' -'QQS . '?..'5-x- 5 'sq , 1 :7'." I.-' -' Q :3' A-.'a. ' 1- -3-2' 'I -: JJ? . .. ,ag Q ,fa ., . ny' v. I r-, I no 1 . 1 55 4 4 'I X 4 SY lv 1 ...Z ,qi X ' x A 1 'W """' . L13 HQ- ., , , , 1-1 Nnf J, '- 'Y' ffl-4M,p,4.g-Af 2 Q- 4, 'A 1 ' : W 'f . 4X e ,, ' ' "l A, ig ' J "Hifi 4 1 n ...H , ,iv 1 ,U '4 .!,f 'A' "1',.-f--Ji' b ' It V --x " -f. ' -- "'-.-...L - . N, 1 f. s V' I -2 , , ' Q' r , , - ,Nh 1 4 f K " ,ji ""--4-..J" .r l, V . . 5- , 3. ', u 'K X shi -fi A wr of ' 9 ,JK YQ W 1 p A ,... I Fri I X f 4 ' 9 . .b g g X Q . as 1 S .X X. wow? .sg F1 ' G-4? "" 'Y M.- ii! 4' ,wk , 1 . l . , I , sq SQ! 'l"'.W N H15 Acacia contributes to Southern spirit with outstanding decoration. x ffflq gm QW11 GG WF 'Ou "9 it Mom always has time to talk it over with "her boysf, Allright. let's have some organization around here. what an arm- , . i ,.,, ,,., 'T at ,, , , 4, f-:arg-1 g:,-,..:,...vn1: -QQ f ... P' 'f fg fa 'Q I Acacia NOT PICTURED: Harold D. Beckner john C. Castle William L. Elmore William H. Ewingc Cecil L. Gunter Maurice N. Hazen Mark R. johnson Christopher G. Sigler FIRST ROW: Dale Richard Barrett Clark Thomas Browning William Albert Campbell Bland Campbell Robert E. Clements Lee Trenton Davis, III SECOND ROW: Michael Streng Davis Edward Leroy Edert William H. Edkins Patrick Michael Fitzpatrick David joseph Hajduk Lane G. Haskew THIRD ROW: Earle Michael Golden Kerry Neil Kinder john Albert Metzler Lawrence Boykin McGee james Randall Smith Harold Edward Talbot 1 ACACIA was founded in 1904 at the University of Michigan by fourteen Master Masons on the Masonic principles of brotherhood. Southern's Luther A. Smith chapter came into existence in 1961 and has seen many ups and downs. But through thick and thin, the right triangle continues to thrive. This year, though a difiicult one, Acacia's brotherhood has been elevated to an even higher plane. After five years of dreaming and working, Acacia finally has a home. Though temporary, it is an improvement, and one step on the way to a permanent location on the new fraternity row. On a campus, all fraternities have social life and other things in common. However, Acacia has a unique quality: our undefeatable spirit. It has been tried and tested . . . the school spirit . . . in the classroom . . . and on the intramural field. The unblemished record of our football team stands strong-three years and no wins. Yet Acacia Fights on-undaunted and with bright hopes for the future. 61 Qi sa james Smith, junior Deang Lane Haskew, Treasurer and House Managerg Harold Beckner, Secretaryg Clark Brozrning, Venerable Deang Lawrence McGee, Senzor Dean. Vs...- W.-f' NL' ,,..,- H, In ki ' if X.. UQ! X -Q Q ll-5. J Suv Q'v -p., LJ 'Vx I i l r i 1 I Secretaryg Mike STANDING: Tim Bragassa, Corresponding Mooney, House Managerg Gene Silcox, Master of Ceremonies. SEATED: Sid Cromer, Presidentg Ray Mayhall, Vice President, Chip Speaker, Recording Secretaryg johnny Lazenby, Treasurer. ALPHA TAU OMEGA was founded at Richmond, Virginia, September 11, 1865-the first Greek letter fraternity founded after the Civil War. Southern's Epsilon Upsilon chapter was installed November 19, 1949. Since then the ATQ's have grown, prospered, and created an unmistakable image: L'Rush successful as usual despite repeat performance of clothes lists and hundred-dollar assessments. Won't you beggers ever learn? H.D. came over to Cromer's room for a drink-free drinks. Party room adapted to more functional appearance with addition of new bar, French-cellar wine racks, and half-kegs extending from wall. "The house-best on campus-cafeteria facilities. maids color TV, and Mooney . . . Skulker's long road trin . . Heart-attack, Sid didnit die . . . meat head pledge team. "Homecoming came off with a 'Bangi . . . Christmas came too . . . IOOW members on President's list-wrong list . . . what more can you say but Rebel Yell and drink? "Warren got last blow . . . Tolley gives Saturday night shampoo . . . Lazenby pinned and dropped but not to the same girl . . . Silcox earns free pass for turkey dinner . . . Uniontown vs. Punta-Gorda-Punta-Gorda loses." ATQ's like those at Southern . . . no campus should be without them. as V X fx if F .1 "XI - -. 'T . s . 4 sk is -1 S X, inf-X ""' Xxx X Nt : x s I is XX QM X N.. 'Rim X X Kgs S if Z W, ff f 7 ,V ,t.y , , w f V Z 2 1 ,. 'eg , K. 3 f X? .ie Zi. Zeyf ' fs wee: W . fo- 'ew J s lf ,,,V if f 1 Qs, S N wap ff c t ew' N vi, X9 ewes N XXss W, N X1 S ws, sb X f at A X XXX Q X X is? 39' Ganga, if aux ,--,X 1 1 .- my if A 1 gf! fl ' ' . I' , if in-f 4 ' 1 ' QZQQ 5 A 'N 9 'zz' K . ,. +- ' 1 ' ,X - D' I V . '- ' , , avi -4. a , 4- s 5. Xl .,, Y my -v si '--. ,, QA., mt.. l N in 5 Ex-my 1 f-P L i L L 1 n. .- 180 lpha Tau me a NOT PICTURED: Edward G. Assaf, john E. Atchley, Peter W. Brouwer, john A. Cook, Gregory S. Coaped, David R. Dietz, Gregory j. Dobp, Thomas E. Faulkner, Vernon H. Freeman, Michael T. Glover, Michael E. Govern, Earl Ronald jor- dan, joel M. Kellman, Charles G. Koyiades, john P. Lippelman, Ronald P. Menley, Harry F. Moore, William C. McCrony, Thomas R. Rushin, Bryson Elton Stephens, F. Michael Stewart, Terry W. Thorpe, Carl W. Wallman, Kenton Giles Ward, Latham William Weathers. FIRST ROW: Thomas Haley Anderson, Larry joe Baker, David Berry, Timothy Dwight Bragassa, Peter W. Brower, Dick Bryant, Keary E. Bwrger, james Terry Chaney, Garnett W. Chisenhall, Sid W. Cromer. SECOND ROW: Bill E. Cullom, William George Dickenson, Hank M. Dismukes, Robert Milton Distin, Hugh Allen Dosset, Marshall Dwaine Dunaway, Charley T. Fowinkle, john Charles Fowler, Richard Warren Gonzales, Mike Gore. THIRD ROW: Mason L. Green, Bill R. Haas, j. G. Hambright III, Gordon Dale Hill, Robert john Hoskin, john Raymond Inzaina, Ronald Earl jordan, Richard Kent Larson, Herbert H. Lawley, john E. Lazenby. FOURTH ROW: Adam Rudolph MacWhinnie, Skip Matheson, Ray Mayhall, Randall Mims, Michael William Mooney, james Edgar Pledger, William Ogden Pyler, Roy Amar Ross, Tom T. Rushin, Charles Douglas Russell. FIFTH ROW: A. .Paul Sala, I. Eugene Silcox, Mende W. Smith, Harry Anton Speaker, Elton Bryson Stephens, jr., Michael F. Stewart, Doug Stone, john A. Stringfellow, john Mace Tolley, john james Tringas. SIXTH ROW: john Thomas Tuso, Pete j. Umbdenstock, Chuck Andrew Wade. Thomas Edward Walton, Giles Kenton Ward, William Natham Weathers, Kenneth D. Weiss, Edward Harold Wood. 181 Let it not be said that the men of Alpha Tau Omega are one-sided, for it is not so. They ever aspire for academic elevation while maintaining a healthy interest in the social. Here, for example are two young men hoping to impress their active brothers by the intellectual pursuit of bird-watching. Soon they will spot that youne hen approaching from the rear, and focus accordingly. f .af ,Q -4 I i g ? eva, K 5 ' ...L in o Edward, that is a rnaniacal leer. Couldn't find anyone to play chess . . . so we decided to drink. J? '. x Q , , .., , -A 5... ... 2 F . -...fat-I Sl I . X V' " lt.-.s Kappa Alpha 'zwqfilfffggggh g NOT PICTURED: Larry Brown, Thomas Dorsey. Go, Go, Get 'Uml UH! UH! K FIRST ROW: ,I james Abernethy, William Abraham, Edward I Adams, Edward Atkinson, Kenneth Boutwell, Byron Bracewell, David Brandon, Travis ,F Brewer, jim Brumfield, Malcolm Carmichael. " b ji, " up ' ""' H -'e"' SECOND ROW: . . 4 QQ Thomas Clark, Auther Cole, william cox, X S Ronald Farmer, Robert Flynt, Warner Gaston, X Hermes Gautier, john Goddard, David Gris- N I N, som, may Guillen. - L ' 1 F2 . V T ' ! 3 THIRD ROW: ' Rodney Gallo, Walter Hammonds, Richard R' f Hattier, Michael Heidelberg, Pat Heidelberg, if ii x' I james Hills, Paul johnson, William Keeton, Q Z james McClay, Fred McNeel. Wee Willie Wright . . . is everything allright . . . Uptight??.' FOURTH ROW: William Mottern, Dale Nichols, joe Pair, james Pinnix, Edward Pippin, Steven Purdy, Ikzrold Purdy, Dennis Robinson, Harry Rujjin, Vic Rumore. Exhibition of brotherly love. FIFTH ROW: Kelly Runnels, Robert Schneeflock, Danny Smith, Michael Smith, Robert Sowell, Adrian Stallone, Stanford Steadman, Stephen Stiglets, johnny Sykes, Lamar Taylor. sa SIXTH ROW: George Touart, Duane Trochessett, Richard Turner, Hal Walker, Roy Watson, Thomas Webb, johnny Whitehead, james Wilson, Wil- liam Wright. 187. KAPPA ALPHA ORDER, founded December 21, 1865, at Washington College, Virginia, has long been in the forefront of the college fraternity scene. Over 56,000 living Kappa Alphas can testify to the beneficial influence of the fraternity that lives in the shadow of Robert Edward Lee. Kappa Alpha came to Southern on january 9, 1949, and has since held a dominant position in Southern life. KA is now like Forrest County--all wet. Our social activities include Old South Ball, Black and White Formal, football game parties, Christmas parties, week-end parties, beer busts, stag parties, and front yard Honda races. Politics is a new thing to Kappa Alpha at Southern. In our first serious ride on the campaign trail, Davey Bear Brandon was elected Sophomore President. Kappa Alpha pins and drops cover the campus. Baldy and Fly have been pinned, unpinned, repinned, dropped, undropped, and pinned again. Wheat, Barley, Alfalfa lets get supersmoked. SEATED: Stan Steadman, Number I. STANDING: Pete Gaston, Number IX,' Mark Purdy. Number VI, Bill Atkinson, Number VII,' johnny Sykes, Number III,' Robert Srheenjqnck, Number Iiflllg Ron Farmer, IV, Pat Heidleburg, II,' Harry Rufin, Num- er V. I ru Q, , 73 'f .., ,..., 1 ,ff , 5 5 . fl if Q. M ,,, 4: '11- 'k- ,I , ' , 4, 'L -' QA 7 ? ,W vw f 1 I -. , , V kg V 'x r. 4, -s 'V' ' 1 7 A I: -A . .W rw, - , 1 . , 1 - ' V sv- fl Q- M i A N f , 8' ' gh-4 Y C-T' 4, Q " . , , I ,' Q , . 1 il - . '-r f f "zz: -195 f FW - .v , F. ..., ,,. , 2 V , - ' 43, A , qu, . , 2' '-- Q ,-., -0- , . ,., ,t ,, .. ff., R , . '7-I' -C fx 'R . . Vs t- rf sf " Y ,' , ,gg , , . ,- . Er' W:-W," .Vg--U hx ,P we-v I If, L Q- - . A ,K Jr . A g .., tj if , . x , y .. ' i e --ir DX in A Ms,- xs N 'iv L' If fi get M. , , 15 ax Q- L, . .,, f 5:-..., fs X ,x v- Q -i is j . , F., , KR, t ami, , y in -.. t 1 s' GP "' ' Hr ' 3 1 4 id Y I sq' 'Psi W i .5-gs. ,... 0 XY' .., 1 i 1 A . L iL -' A. fn, 0. ,- ji L. ' ..- s-, " " . C' ' ' , 1' 1 all C M f tl. 4: , I 1' Q f. G , ' .L-, . :Lv Q- f .- 11 ' tw 1 ' ig. . ..., xx -. ' 32 'Ne i LD J' S ,TIT-, , -ve 1 I 183 WS. -5241- ff" mmm" ' 'A " 1.1, KF. STANDING: Kenny Davis, Guard, jimmy Horn, House Managerg Randy Hubert, Pledge Trainer, George Hoppe, Guardg Chuck Cartwright, Grand Scribe, jimmy Parrish, Guard,' Phil Vosx, Grand Treasurer. SEATED: Bill White, Grand Master, Roger Poulos, Grand Procuratorg Scooter Gill, Grand Master of Cere- monies. KAPPA SIGMA was traditionally founded at the University of Bologna. December 10, 1869, live friends and brothers founded Kappa Sigma at the University of Virginia. Today it is one of the largest and richest fraternities. Kappa Sigma at Southern-"Bestest and the Hrstest with the mostestf' Parties!!-Would you believe the Legion Hut? The tough gets going--over-all football, track, swimming. Chi O Song Fest. "First in football, first in song, go Kappa Sig, you can't go wrongf' Sig politicians on campus-Vice President SGA, ODK President, Freshman Class President-again, Yellowjackets President-you name it, we got it! February 27-panic was heard, in 15 minutes fire had engulfed what 18 years had built. " 'South Sea Island' party tremendous success-Fall quarter probation nevertheless." "No mon, no fun"-GM squeezes blood out of turnips. "The House of Champions is gone, but the Champions remainf' The past was greatg the future looks tremendous. 1 I ' f ' . 4 "M ' f 7 ' m 5' 'X ' ' J ....- 4 Q Q M . it ,. , . f . iff f ' ' 'f 11 ' -.424 ' 64 1' ' 'ff f .f . "ew -.. 'W , , .i X 'rf . .,-fe , i ffkv ' 1 . V My ' . ' if .---r 9 ' 1 .4 1 M ff f' 7 Mn? . r , 1 y W y , -5 . A ' if ei- , fi- f f ' , if Q, ii. if Q .. ., ,f v.. V I . - ' fe ,any Y 1' I , f f f ,f .f 1 If- 1 : C 2 x at . f , ,e ,,,, , 23 ,., g MZ.. D K W V ,ei Y ef 1 2 1, ,Q ' A ' Z KPI' P , :rg ,Q v -X Q' "'- ey- f wt- 2 A we , Ls- 4, . ' - M . , ' f " 'X Y- ' i cps I li f"' S 1 1 ,f".' f M ., 4 if . wi . V . ii i, A W . .W ' f f fwff f f .sf f . w , if f 'iff' ee 1 f f --'-' V f M ' I sk- M' V ' f , . V ,' Q, 4, 1 ', f ' f . 4- -' , -' or .7 f . - 5,1 X . 6,-M .v . A f 'r - ' ' ' af- 1 nz 1' jf .,1... W - 1 ,. eff -Q 'fi f' . ' ' if fp .. ff , , x ? I sw " I . , . X u Y M . in ,, 7 . in I W , ,ffm .Wy .. 07 X ,X ,. f 1 , . yt., I. , M 'f . ,W - , I, ww ff ' ,. Q: jg 'i f , ... . 7 ' 1 " . ' - ,," wffxfw .. A iff rv z ,f V iw it ,Zrfffrfw ' 2 . 1 1 V 1 r' 2 W, . fn - , ,vp ,fi fl ' 9 'T , ' rf? '- ' 5751 - ' , Q - , , Q., -,4 f. ' , , -. - X fr - . -..., .1 L - wr' fv , . . gi V I. , I V . , , fy I 5 x- . ' 1 .ef - 1' :fri I. 1. '7,1',f 2,974 a U .5 I M A A ,I , if ,git 7 ,Wi , V? 1. V- 'J 6' 2' A K ' F "". " f' ' Qnwges' . 2 ' '51 - 1 Q "'- , " G- I N ' ' ' K -, ,P-2 Q- -:I gf. , W. I 6" VM- f' ., 3 - gsm-J '- 'Q i ' ' ,ul . ,f 1 ' I, , Y 4. 1. - .. , . V ' 7 ,fx I Y g . -vw - f.. fgfi A' i 'n A 1 A " . ,M I... - . ' K t ii, Y' "' 'Z' ' W " s ' 1 '71 . , f 2 'C EL-- . Kappa vi C S1gma NOT PICTURED: Thomas Bailey, james Balthrop, Donald Bann, james Bishop, Frank Cain, Richard Destafany, Hal Fox. john Gardner, james Hafner, Michael Gowen, Elmer Hemphill, Hillard Kelly, julian McLeod, Frank Montresor, Charles Porter, Thomas Rebold, Kerry Vix, Paul Wheeler, William White. FIRST ROW: Peter Baricev, Rick Bennett, Buford Blount, Bruce Boerner, Massimo Bozzetti, Michael Brown, Tommy Brown, Freddy Burdine, Chuck Cartwright, jimmy Cox, Gerald Cutillo. SECOND ROW: Mark Dabbs, Kenneth Davis, Robert Deas, Roy DeFranco, Thomas Dickerson, Allen Doering, Michael Dwyer, Thomas Elias, Kirby Everette, Leonard Farello, Richard Fields. THIRD ROW: Don Fillingame, johnny Freeman, Orin Gill, Fred Grifin, john Haifacre, George Halliday, john Hammond, William Harris, Geoffrey Hartwig, George Hoppe, james Horn. FOURTH ROW: Randall Howard, Randolph Hubert, Preston Isbell, William Kennon, Melton King, joe King Terry Lambert, jerry Lambuth, David Leggett, Robert LeProtto, Mark Lowrey. FIFTH ROW: Bill Lowrey, Raymond McEachern, Charles llfIcElwee, Tommy McDaniel, William Mclnnis, Steven lVIacDonald, Edward Magenheimer, Richard Medlin, Charles Moses, Robert Neal, Gary Odom. SIXTH ROW: james Parrish, Claude Partridge, Eddie Payne, Rahezm, Henry Randazzo, john Robson, Gary Rockwell, Clyde Rose, Charles Rouse. SEVENTH ROW: Robert Seitzinger, George Sherrill, Emery Smith, Reagan Spiers, james Staggs, Charlie Stange, Robert Stroup, james Tharp, Nicholas Vesa Robert Vincent, Philip Voss. EIGHTH ROW: Billy Walters, james Weaver, Milton Wilderson, john Zupko, Billy Berry, Michael Walker, Thomas Wicklif. 18 William Pendergrass, Roger Poulos, Ronald all I, ,- W 614 3 , 3 . -1. ' E Qfifali. 4 . . I' x ' I 4 What fate destroyed, we rebuild. Future home of Kappa Sigma. amz'-13 IS A rt Always a friendly smile from Mom. Mr. Dabbs, that man isn't yawning, is he? ngff I N E3 K 'N .LL Fx.- P Scene of the Great House Decoration Dupe . . . Second only to the Great Song Fest Swindle of '65. W . ,., MW, -,M ,, -. f-, fz. . . ,, . L91 in nm W 4. . , gg ami? rv! 5- Qin? Phi Kappa S155 if Tau NOT PICTURED: Denton L. Asberry, Stuart M. Baker, Paul R. Bosarge, john M. Deakle, Nick Doyle, joseph D. Landry, Carl H. Line, Burton O. Lewis, Donald R. Luckie, Thomas L. Patterson, Sam- rnze-R. Rawls, Malin B. Runnels, Fred R. Sartzn, james E. Tatum, john R. Thames, Fred W. Wright. FIRST ROW: Al Elton Andrews, Ronnie E. Balzli, jack L. Bilbo, jr., Daniel Leo Bizzell, Gary joseph Bostwick, Richard Glenn Bounds, Michael Randall Broome, j. R. Brown, Harold E. Brumfield, Milburne C. Cassady, jr. SECOND ROW: Guy j. Chapman, Rick j. Christmas, Clinton Earl Conerly, William B. Edmondson, William Fite, L. Patrick Harden, Brian Ross Hinman, Glenn Ray Howell, Mike Howard, William jejerson johnson. THIRD ROW: Ronnie Edward Kopesky, Ed K. Laurendine, Wayne Alvin Lochbaum, Ernie Martin, james C. McDonald, Charles Albert McLean, Thomas Roy McLellen, Robert W. McMinn, Dewey B. Aliller, Harold Leon Miller. FOURTH ROW: Hollinger L. Morton, Gregory Berge Odjakjian, Don L. Parker, james Larry Payne, Harvey R. Post, Barney B. Purvis, Stewart Holm Ramsay, Harry Risher, Ronnie Russell, Wilson F. Smith. FIFTH ROW: George Dewey Sullivan, james Randolph Swan, Charlie Taylor, Skeet Waites, Wendell Edwards Walker, john Sharp Warren, Glen Gerald Webb, Kenneth Larry Williamson, Obie S. Young. 186 PHI KAPPA TAU, from its national founding in 1906, through its emergence as the first fraternity on the USM campus in 1948, has grown to be a pace-setter in sports, student government, and social functions. We take pride in the history of achievement that makes Phi Tau a leader. We emphasize the social: Red Carnation Ball, French Quarter Party . . . "She signed out for what! . . . Happy Birthday Lynn . . . and can you believe those uninvited guests peering through the window?" Homecoming swings, and plenty of pledge swaps. Then make "Oaks City." Where ya'at Gen'l Nat . . . Moose, Didja have to bash his head in? "Put 'dat on me." , . . Bosarge graduates. Another wonder, Skeet is initiated. SGA president, Senior V.P.! Junior President, intramural championships, and much more. Hip Hip Phi Tau, clear and bold, rings the cheer for the red and gold. E . I li, gf 1 si . 4 " .22 if ' li 4- If 1 1 3, ,N vw .Z SEATED: jimmy McDonald, Recording Secretary: Wayne Lorh- baum, Presidentg Francis Ulloosej Godfrey, Vibe President.: Harold Brumfield, Treasurer. STANDING: Guy Chapman, Pledge Trainer, Ronnie Balzli. Corresponding Sefretary. NOT PIC- TURED: Pat Hardin, House Alanager. v-5 S 3. 'x ', A, 'Qi 4 hd- QLD' -Ns ,E .. :I ' K ex- 'Q- ..- - . - wa- v nv- , as , A. - A s- T 3 6 UM Nd PN fir OFFICERS-SEATED: Tom Burt, President, Eddie Langton, Secretary, Tony Cain, Vice President. BACK: Donald H. Presutti, Social Chairman ,' Robert AlvCormick, Historian, Gordon Bradford, PI KAPPA ALPHA grew out of the friendship of six men at the University of Virginia on March 1, 1868. As the founders stated, they little imagined the great Oak tree which was to grow from their planning. But it grew, and we continue to grow. The House burns, but Pikes never die-no probation, new house by summer, best pledges, world's finest "Mom.', IFC president, and Ken, Pike All American. What party, Mr. Dickerson? A beer can . . . Gouldn't be. The Dream Girl is Greek Goddess, Homecoming Queen. Halloween, and the Great Pumpkin visits pledges . . . Hwhich Morris is the fool?" Shield and Diamond . . . Hey, whatls good Engles? . . . Let's make love, Mary Sue . . . Tom makes it big at National. The Phantom pledge is dead, and what ho, French graduates! Thank God for the "Pin for we are Pi Kappa Alpha. Whether it's to Jerry's for a Pabst or all out for the Roman party. The garnet and gold forever. Hip, hip, Pike! Treasurer. 7' f I xv. '57 , lv- 6 U 4 L- .f 2 ,. - N 's xi' 1'- Y' w gf K- 'fav in as 1' Gm '17-f. I S gh Str if , B .mfg X N N1 'R ,. ss.- U Sf K. ! . -so K! X 'iv-. f We-1 rf. . qw.,,.,, ' -'1 K, X M if R FQ: ig? Q 52' 1 I . ff' ' . A ,E J ' ' Y Q . A 2 9' J w Fl lx 1, v Pi Kappa lpha NOT PICTURED: Wayne Adkinson Kenneth Avery Charles Baxter Gordon Bradford William Brignac Edwin Buckley joseph Butchka Robert Cain Glen Cantry Richard Cartledge Ernest Cosnahan james Farrell Charles Faulkner Earl Hensley Ronald Irby Bennett jennings Earl Lagraize Michael Morris jefrey Murray Paul Pinkston Michael Powell Richard Schwing William Strohm Rodney Windham Russell Windham FIRST ROW: john Ammons Baxter Beavers james Bowers William Boswell jerry Brocato Thomas Burt Stephen Coker jerry Dyess SECOND ROW: Tony Engels Marc Fentress Shannon Flynn Bobby French j. C. Hensen Lewis Herrington joseph Langton john Madden THIRD ROW: Robert JllcCormick Scott Middleton Michael Newell Robert Noonan Michael Peters Billy Polk Donald Presutti Tony Purvis FOURTH ROW: Robert Saxon Turner Scarborough Thomas Scott Wyatt Sharp james Starnes Michael Stein joseph Stoessel Audley Taylor FIFTH ROW: Monroe Wallace jim Wanek Thomas Watts Bragg Williams Morris Williams 1 Think heill pledge, Scott? W , in e fy f f f A171 S ,Fl d ev V WQWM I , He's ugly, but you should have seen Tal! Eleven men on a football team . . . but the big one is a Pike, " x 1 xi' P P? XZ9' mmm aww 3 , , 1, .-:A 'Q we fha 43 Qs 5' if 'rf-0 0 I a .x E EE W W X The flag above all others at a Pep Rally State . . . at Ole Miss. . . the flag waves forever, and the E's are there. 1 all .. 3 5 , , I l 4 Q I X . will ag X Q W '35 gy- ! " X X x l' ' . 1 a 'Qs s f I, - 1 at X ups! with H W. k Wonder who will decorate Lake Byron next year? We'll lzave a new house to do. 4 1 Near' xx. ..fS3ii, . 1 ff-i r j . gt. ., '44 t- 4' s " f ' A iw 4 . . ...aa .V Like we said, the EAE's are everywhere . . . but the Fair survived anyway. 190 E A E NOT PICTURED: Richard Booker, Robert Ghiswell, Robert Cote, Robert Duval, Thomas Gillaspy, Kenneth In- man, William Kloss, john Low, Frank Lusk, joseph McCollough, Edwin Matheny, james Morton, Padraic O,Brien, james O'Dell, Harold Parker, james Plaisance, Victor Roberts, William White, Royce Wilkinson, Enrique Yon. FIRST ROW: james Allen, William Beard, Curt Berg, Benjy Best, james Biedenharn, jim Bozeman, joe Calahan, Stephens Calcote, William Gathey, Steve Childers. SECOND ROW: Lanny Craft, john Curro, Gerald Day, Danny Denton, William Dickey, Dutch Felchlin,' Al- fred Foster, Ray Gibson, Bill Grinsted, Fred Haddad. THIRD ROW: Brelon Hill, joel Holifield, Aubrey Kirkland, Alpheus Leigh, john Lewis, james Lilly, joseph Lott, Don Macdonald, Richard Maes, Wesley Miller. FOURTH ROW: Phillip Minyard, Ronnie Mizell, Al Nation, jej Newman, Michael Parker, Ellis Perkins, Torn Sanders, Mike Schwartz, james Seymour, Roger Staford. FIFTH ROW: Walter Sullivan, Harry Sunderland, jimmy Sut- ton, Randall Tschannen, Gary Wakstein, jerry Waltman, joseph Wash, Thomas Weathersby, Charles Weathersby, Francis Wheat. SIXTH ROW: Gladstone Williams, Paul Wimberly, Kye Wood- ham, Neri Yon. 4 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON was founded on March 9, 1856, at the University of Alabama. It was the first Greek-letter fraternity founded in the South and the only one to survive the Civil War. It not only survived, but grew, and is now the nationls largest social fraternity. Sigma Alpha Epsilon appeared at USM as a Phi Alpha local on May 8, 1963. Two years of hard work and high goals were climaxed on December 11, 1965, when Mississippi Sigma Chapter was oflicially installed as the 151st chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. That constant first place in scholarship doesnit stop us from knowing how to party. Homecoming . . . and Travis Womack . . . pickin' with his toes. "But the Legion Hut won't hold 700 peopleln Maybe . . . Hey, Boooo. And what can I say. Remembering the good old days . . . the gater and GLORIA. How 'bout that pledge football team.? Come through, athletes. Winter quarter highlights-"Paddy Murphyi' party, Mardi Gras Ball, Spring Formal coming, too. The House . . . Three contractors, building our two- story Southern Colonial which the 'Els will occupy in September '67. What more need we say? Sigma Alpha Epsilon biggest, best in the nation. TOP ROW: Michael Levine, Corresponding S z H B W B Chaplain! fohnny Curro, Herald Roger Sta5biji,aBvfarjf:zrii Rediz dell Allen., Athletic Chairman. BOTTOIU ROW: Frank Lusk Vzre President, Tom Sanders, Presidentg Brelon Hill, Treasurer ws . 'W .H K -'ai . - t V if ',,,' -M, ' K' um .3 , . J " L K' . , . ."l" i . ,t ws s-+7-M:-'V ., . , , it , 1 we Q S 'Os i ax . 3, N 5151 X L' vs? x YL 'S ss it . isa :y:.-,f- .. . y , xl-, V 1 ' F N , , -A- Q' y -si 6 v, Q N U.-53 re-. x 6 t f M -ff" .- . L fe Q .- Q 1 1 .. 1 f X . v X A Q' L' 1 Q ' . "" x ' in ,IX I X X , ff 'gal' F A rg ,vi 1 ft' ' " ' gf- ' 2-CL: ki - 1 ., ,X q ' ,,,,W.,,,., ac- - X A X jx . .' ia' 'R Rf 'X' r"i . TQ .. Sf - . , f . " V' :Ls 5 N .- 4:1 is- 1 .gt 1 fr - 3 5 -L -. st gl if ' Ak' X T v 1- v 2 ' . by it . J 'iffvfl j Sf X Kik i: - su' l Ah K , 'JN A ,ul K 4, X 4 L- .fi ,xl g Lv. ig. :Q Q- 1-. , ' T , Q-KQV 8. an N I fs. ' 9 V , A - sy. ,, f- - X Qf, 1. - xx- . -A- K - tv - - .. - g, 14 A ,MQ i gn .. Q. , A 5 L, U .Q .J ' A- Q . 54 - X ,,,,.. ,N -, - S - is . X I OFFICERS-SEATED, FRONT: Howard 1. Lee, President, Frank Misurelly, Vice President, Terry Lechner, Comptroller. BACK ROW: Gene McDanielx, Recorder, Chezfis Swetrnan, Sec- retary. SIGMA PHI EPSILON was born in 1901 at Richmond College. As one of the six mother fraternities, Sigma Phi Epsilon has grown from its original twelve chapters to one of the largest fraternities in the world. Mississippi Gamma Chapter was chartered in 1953 as the third chapter in Mississippi and the 137th in the nation. Today, there are over 170 chapters with a combined membership of well over 70,000. With an active chapter of over twenty members, Sigma Phi Epsilon held one of its most successful rushes ever this year, and the pledge class stands at about thirty strong. With pledges and brothers working together on projects such as homecoming floats, car washes, pledge swaps, and work parties, we strive toward our ultimate goal of true brotherhood. Truly, Sigma Phi Epsilon at Southern strives to maintain the high ideals for which it is known throughout the nation. ,an .avr- ,u... I J' W rr- gg-,X ., gi ,i.. 1,-,-Y, , Q -V-- . ,Nfl ' K f ililffff' if VAX Q ' gs s AQ N sy -' Nx N Wwe... X f Yr! K -9 ,angie WY: I' '73-5 if Q7 'x 'it' err? 5-f v""' ,f, Sigma Phi Epsilon NOT PICTURED: Sid Eurer Doug Hinson Leo joseph Ric Marshall Gene MeDaniels Dwight Nelson jerome Parsons jack Quin Roy Rodrigas Dan Seely Ron Slaughter Petey Smith Lionel Treadway jim Wilcox FIRST ROW: Gary Lynn Bitzer Paul Harry Bloomdahl Elbert Boothe Q Wesley Gary Bush Bobby Campbell Charles Lamar Capps john Linwood Cote joey Donnell William Duckey SECOND ROW: Arthur Louis Duvall jerry Evans john james Evans George Malcolm Farrish james Elliott Foster Bill Francisco Robert Galofaro Ronald Wayne Gillis Henry Grantham THIRD ROW: john Grimes john Rexal Harris Wilbur Holder Edward Nicholas Kramer Terrence Michael Lechner Howard jennings Lee Thomas David Littlepage jerome Madison Frank Misurelly FOURTH ROW: Walter jejj' Nettles Donald Earl Perry jerry Lee Sims Wilbur Harold Smith Charles Merrick Smith Chevis Clark Swetman Eugene Theodore Tibbett Rande Wall james Wilcox FIFTH ROW: Robert Willemoes john Elvin Williams jerome Wilder Whipple Charles David Yarborough Robert Young I A Hey, pledges, dontt slow down-the bus is next! The big thing isn't winning, it's the way you play the game that counts. S A rush scene in the hnest house on Fraternity Row. 193 xl, NES-L, fn 56 iz" AAAAhh . . .w V-1 I WZ Choo!!! M. -s .. i 194 w4"1 Censored I ...J- KM The super-athletic Deltas crawl away with the "Snake" Former IFC V.P. supervising . . . "Your fraternity would rather you lose fairly than to win by cheating." GREEK WEEK, the yearls finale, and what a way to be sent off. It is a week of fun, sponsored by the Greeks, but intended for everyone. The Carnival, Street Dance, Slave Auctions are all a part. The whole thing is carefully organized and supervised by the Interfraternity Council, and comes to a close with day-long competition around College Lake followed by a dance as we all become friends again. Hey! Have ya'll seen an emerald green contact? X 'fri . , ,V mf , Some sorority leazlem and ruiheei enjoy a Panhellenic-spom .fared Jtyle show. .Mrs. Chappell regiyters and adriiei ruxhees at regislralion in Nafs Nook. l ' "II:-si' 1 The PANHELLENIC COUNCIL, which is composed of two representatives from each sorority, for the first time this year has been under the direction of Mrs. Ben Chappell, Assistant Dean of Women in charge of sororities. The council's activities have ranged from entering a Hrst-place float in Hattiesburg's Christmas parade to regularly visiting a ' local home for the elderly. Their unified efforts have helped strengthen Southern's Greek system and illustrate to the community some of the ideals and purposes of sorority women. BACK ROW: Carol Whetstone, Carol Diver, Linda Dickey, Dorthy Mennell, Medora Poole, Shelia Shotts, jean Quesenberry, Becky Allums, Pat Hollinger. FRONT ROW: Marcia Hire, Vice Presidentg Sandy Weigle, Presidentj Noailles Sarphie, Treasurerg Rosemary Boswell, Secretaryg Beverly johnson. 195 ' I Y SEATED: Sandi Weigle, Ist Vice Presidentg Edna Skinner, Presi- dent, Dorothy Mennell, 2nd Vice President. STANDING: Elaine Rahaim, Recording Secretaryg Susan Taylor, Treasurerg Peggy Malone, Pledge Trainer, Pat Prescott, Corresponding Secretary. ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA was founded in Farmville, Virginia, on November 15, 1901. Beta Delta, one of forty-five chapters, began its history at USM as the second national sorority on campus. We started off the year with a successful rush . . . great pledges . . . slumber parties, pledges' Halloween party for actives . . . will we ever get over it? The Founder's Day Banquet, parent-daughter banquet, and finally the long-awaited Red Slipper Ball Hlled the Alpha Sigma Alpha Calandar. Spirit, enthusiasm, and hard work brought Beta Delta the national Scholastic Improvement Award. Alpha Sigs also topped in charity projects, athletics, and campus activities. Alpha Sigs are . . . active in all phases of campus life . . . social and scholastic achievements . . . ROTC sponsors . . . beauties . . . class officers . . . senators . . . Alpha Lambda Delta officers . . . Druids . . . Dean's List and President's List Scholars. Sisters of Alpha.Sigrna Alpha share everlasting friendships in a wonderful sorority. ' k ' , ' Q ' -. R fx ' . ff -- nfs . , M V in ., . t igjgk . 1 , Q .n t ,ff -N F N., if S" 1 5 ' 52 -' , ' 4 K ' V' Y sv fi f 255535 f M ix . 1 , se 4- Q.. . - ."1""rP if is X X ' 1 ' ,SC ,' A xxx .-EK my ' W ,gh ' - 1 1- X Q .. .s 'Ww ,N 'Z nv. 1' ' Q -lb lg w - , D ' , F x K , 4 2 ...E Q 4 5- , . A in ' 'igik A Y ' 1 ,V 'v p Q - A ,,.x.:'-:gig NN A . A11 4 f, 5 5 f V .V .QS ff x H it-i 'lf V an , ' . s - f 355 X -- , 1. ' 'A A, Xa, K V s 1, " A.. r 1 7 f ' S E7-t tt ' vt ? , .. , , X S. X, b Q , 5 g 1 'P vi , ' 4 , . 5 B" . at ., r . 1 - z f 5 fs! 'R A A ,, NJ! wt as 1' , Ns- "' "' .5 x - f' , V ' 3 an Q Vt , x K .1 V ,Q Q 'Q x 4 ' S, Q., F, - ., 5 Q. , ,N , - , 19: 1. , , V "' vs , vs i .P rv- iv.. , ' I Q 0 A ml 'L ' 'rr v A 1 I ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA NOT PICTURED: Martha Bankston, Suzanne Hutto, judy Louise Klein, Elaine Theresa Rahaim, Lydia White. FIRST ROW: Leah Beth Allen, Margaret Elise Anderson, Suzanne Hutto, Anne Benke, Kathleen Black- burn, Theresa jane Brophy, Brenda Burnham, Shelia Burnham, Carolyn jean Buttles, Kath- erine Davis. SECOND ROW: Rosy Donohue, jean Eagar, jennifer Eichel- berger, Connie Eien, Karen Fairley, Becky Fuller, Susan French, Patricia Ann jabour, Susan Elyse Goforth, judy Kay Hallenus. THIRD ROW: Dea Hanson, Stephanie Lew jones, Ann Cecilia Kennedy, Patricia Loper, Gloria Dianne Lu- trick, Barbara jean MacGregor, Dianne Malone, Peggy Malone, Dorothy Mennell, Patricia Ann McMullan. FOURTH ROW: Charlotte Ann McQueen, Wanda Ann Murrah, Donna Ruth Nelson, Sherry Nowlin, Louise Margaret Peden, Patty Perkins, Patricia Pres- cott, Myra L. Richardson, Frances Elena Rodenbough, Ruth Ann Shelton. FIFTH ROW: Edna Skinner, Patricia Sue Sornmers, Cynthia Faye Speed, Frances jean Stone, Ina jo Shrahan, jamey Lyn Sushinski, Susan Regina Taylor, Lydia Elise White, Barbara Ellen Weiss, Sandy Ellen Weigle. I Pioneefs AMERICAN SHOP 4 set 1 .1- 1' J 3 P' , .5 .,.,,,,., .o 4, qv ' in N 4 41 V, gmzd - N L Alpha Sigs show their spirit through the result of lots of thought and work. Panhellenic president demonstrates prowess in egg-throwing contest. E 5 1 rl? 3 .......,a.,.,,...,.:.f:.-g 0 Z E 9 Po - 6 ' P5 5715-meff' ' If 1,060 2 I 4 FOL wgapu I CTHO5 ,XA A national Fluff . . . being honored at Convention in the Bahamas. 5. S'EQ Q?'t it i Chi O rush Party. I CHI OMEGA NOT PICTURED.' jumel Thames Hicks FIRST ROW: Trisha Anderson, Linda Amacker, janis Barnes, Bev Berry, Ann Bond, Becky Bonne, Sarai Ann Canfield, Princy Cook, Martha Kaye Cornbest, Claudette Crawford, Marsha Crosby. SECOND ROW: Kathryn Crowder, Marion Daniel, Gail Yvonne Dantzler, Linda Daws, Linda Dobbs, Betty DeMoville, Linda Dickey, Martha Alice Duna- gin, Patricia Lucille Ellis, Libby Falcon, judy Lynn Field. . THIRD ROW: Donna Lee Field, jane Fly, Lynda Ann Ford, Rachel Fortenberry, Linda Gannon, Marilyn Gerhart, Sharon Diane Grubbs, Penny Hale, Barbara Hayles, Aflerida Hathorn, Carolyn Helveston. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Clair Holder, Pat Hollinger, Sharyn Lynne Huthinson, jean Nlarie johnson, janet jones, Kathy Lambeth, Barbara Anne Lewis, Marilyn Miller, Pamela Mitchell, Rebecca Mc- Allister, Ellen McCurdie. FIFTH ROW: janet McCurdie, Linda Diane McKay, Nancy Nerf, Frances Gayle Nimocks, Brenda Ogletree, Linda Ogletree, Louise Ory, jacqueline Pace, jean Parker, Shelley Percy, jo Perkins. SIXTH ROW: janice Phillips, Vicki Prescott, Merry Rich- mond, Connie Lou Riley, Cindy Ross, Cheryl Ann Sanders, Sandra Schrader, janet Elaine Shearer, janet Shelton, Marilyn Skrrnetta, Sylvia jane Smith. SEVENTH ROW: Susan Rebecca Smith, Fran Sullivan, jacque Summers, Katherine Sutherland, Delphirne Voss, Carol Wentworth, joan Wentworth, Brenda Lou Wilson, Polly Eileen Woodell, Dale Yarborongh. if N 1 l 4 1 V I i I I ! I 4 51 1. l l I I l l i I l l 1 I I ,X W l wr fi, CHI OMEGA, the first national fraternity for women, was founded April 9, 1895, at the University of Arkansas. Chi Omega was truly Southern-born for at this time there were no sororities below the Mason-Dixon Line, Chi Omega was started on Southern's campus as Mu Omega and became the National Epsilon Delta chapter on April 23, 1949. Seventeen Chi Omegas were elected campus senators, class favorites, campus honoraries, pom-pon girls, Dixie Darlings, six ROTC positions, beauties, fraternity sweethearts, cheerleaders, Best Dressed Coed for 1966, Homecoming maids, Druids, SCF officers, and USM pageant finalist. Chi Omegas will remember the pallet parties, workshops, Hoat decorating, banquets, dances, popcorn time, coffee pots perking, and song fest. But aside from activities on campus, there is a depth in Chi Omega which goes beneath the glitter of University honors-Chi Omega remains a true sisterhood. lb. Z W L fl W 9 4h L A 'lbfsffg TN dx if 'N If " ' sis ly , 'Y 1 "Al, 'H , bu t Q, l gg Q AL " Nl 1- A .- 199 f av X Q A V 1 ff 1 ! Tr f f Y ,, 5 -5, 'W 1 H- . ey If if 5 x L C3 1 ,NJ T? 1 fx I I M N, I 1 X ' Q5 'PN I as xi K . s 1 "' x - It X New "TRI DELTA is for alwaysf, That's what Sara Ida Shaw intended when she founded our sisterhood at Boston University, Thanksgiving Eve, 1888. Southern's Phi Epsilon became one of the 108 international chapters on March 31, 1951. 1 Our endeavors and joys are many, from the granting of scholarships each year to the love we feel for "Wang Chi," , our adopted Korean orphan. We try-always together-and 5 1 succeed. . Z of all we're Tri-Delts. 5 for always. SEATED: Sheila Prichard, President, Sharon Land, Vice Presi- dent. STANDING: Beverly Dale, Secretary, judy Lee, Treasurerg Carolee Floyd, Marshall. Delta Delta Deltas are everywhere: Three SGA ofhcers, , Pom Pon girls, cheerleaders, D.D.,s, ROTC Brigade and Company Sponsors, ATQ Sweetheart and KA Rose. Class Officers and homecoming court, four in Who's Who, Druids president, Phi Delta Rho president, Miss lylississippi, Miss Southern, Miss USMg the list goes on and on. But most Those unbelievable meetings and the beautiful ones. Song Fest forever! Candlelight epidemic, social life, but again number one scholastically. Friendliness: a way of life for the Tri Delta. We are 78,000 women, strongly bound by a set of inspiring and beautiful rituals and ideals. Little wonder we sing, L'Delta love lives within us forever." Tri Delta is, truly, 4.34, ff - -.-- - , - ' ' ZW' cf' 1-',,e1.,.W-1 J, ""' , ,. ..... A In s A f X f -, fr 4 1-Ce .4 ff' 1- ' .gt-: . .1 : s 4 if Q f ' f " . . 1 f f? v ' f 3 qw - ,ff V, V 7 I X , f ,. , , - b S - 'Z , ' e .-.1 , V ,Z ,H ., ,H I i ll? A 5:5 , if In ,ie . g Q, 4 V If... , , 5, f X , 1 ,gf 46' .. Wgfl K 1 V- A Q, ,. ,,, , .s W 1 ,gb , Y fm, 2 f.,. Q .., ig, My fi 5 'K 'D Q. , , E: X H N' iw X 'Vg W. I ,aw M W. ,G " V f ' . 'nw " "' f W' i' 11 ' W , .- V yy- e- V, f " - X , ,, . . ,,, , 4, M ll - P 3 5' . 1 1' '. . : "" ' ' . , if , . , - f . " " 1' asm-11.1 1 .1 fn 0 1 "" ,- 1 1 ' '- if 1. 1 1 2' . 1. f " 'f -- ze ' -1... " W f if 5 mi Q .V - . - ,f , f f. fr ff, V 1 .- f 1 ,w 4 3' , ' 'V as , .... YN 'LF 1 f . if '-f. " fl' f W' ' NAM 'Y'--9 - ' - 1 H f f X ' f f 3 .' 4 " , - ,f 'if MM - ,fy M l ' ' ' ' " ' 1 .. vi- l l ', f ' ' 1 -M . ,f-7 - ev 6 iitit M . if 1 V. . f is . V. 1 1 fi A f . A., ,1 I We -:glam r V A ,I rg, 1. , , f 4 , , 1- M -rg ' ' 4' f . ' ' f fat ' Q .. Q X , , A . A, f, , Z, Q, , , V' - C 1 f .f V f -' f W Q ..... 1 f , V 1 -4 V f vi 1 ' f " e' we ' . ji' A ' ., , ,...,.., r 1 1 - tw -' V , 1 , , I, nf 1 -vw fe ' ff f 1 f' ' . 1- W-1' A . . . 1 3 1 f . H e ' vi - ! 1 r ' .fi f AQ, f 'l f 417"'u,f t 3, .f , if I at K , - ,iw 2 Q ' ' V I , L L A .l S A f 'Q ' .. 4 Mg ,.. .H " Q f f ' f I 1 ff 4 -Q ' " ' ff X- ' ' 1"'z 54 . , , . f Ai 1 ' f - ' S Sri, ' is. ' Q21 199' . J", , vw A V ' we? M ' 'f ' f .. 1 if f it ' f 3 A , ....... . f ' ' it . ' ' f -. ' '5 42 1- " aff' Y df? . . 1 ,qw f Cf We - ' . . - V , f f : - , ' 'ffm' .wan I 1 A 1 Q N , ,Z a Q ':. 1 . 1 Vf . - if .. j . ' f ,V fn , rr . " 1 if , 'X 33, ZOO DELTA DELTA DELTA s jf! NOT PICTURED: Sharon Land, Laurel Lay. FIRST ROW: Peggy Abshier, Sylvia Alley, Kathy Bell, Martha Kay Blue, Kay Boatman, janis Campbell, Patsy Chance, Pat Cubley, Beverly Dale, Bobby jean Davidson, johnnette Dees. SECOND ROW: jeanne Anne Edwards, Ann Ellzey, Sherrye Ethridge, Sally Floyd, Carolee Floyd, Gayden Flowers, Pam Forte, Paula Gautier, Mary Eve- lyn Gautier, Shan Grijin, Pat Hammons. THIRD ROW: Liz Hague, Gerrie Hogue, Camille Kling, Kitty Kolger, Sharyn Lawson, judy Lee, Kathy Little, ilmmy Lowrey, Kay Lucius, Lana Luper, Linda ann. FOURTH ROW: Nancy McMillan, Ann McWhorter, Sue Ann Miller, janet Neher, Colleen O'Mara, Carolyn Parker, Becky Parris, Sherry Pierce, Carole Pigott, Mary jo Pollman, jacque Posey. FIFTH ROW: Shelia Prichard, jean Quesenberry, Marty Rawls, Carolyn Reynolds, Betty Ann Rimmer, Beth Roberts, Dale Russell, Susan Russell, Noailles Sarphie, Carol Sartin, Candy Sealy. SIXTH ROW: Beverly Smith, Cindy Stewart, Cheryl Smith Tippie Waites, joan Webb, Cheryl Wilgar, Sonja Wilkes, julie Wingfield. 'LOI I I o , tx - Even the most sophisticated gathering must have somebody-out of line. Fear not "Squattyf' Posiedon will guide you. 2 .5 I I JQYUAKWQ A congregation of more than two Deltas, and nobody talking? . . . Bo must be doing a solo. I.- Loyal float-builders work, dnuntless in zero-degree weather. A 'uv- . 5 . m e , ll Ill R4 K-2 N I Ax " 'A F i n1 f - Stop, in the name of love! if x. Jxrww Congratulations are in order for the three Delta Zeta ROTC sponsors. How do you build the best float? AZ's plus representatives from all fraternities 202 DELTA ZETA. NOT PICTURED: Becky Allums, Sharon Ellis, Susan McClintoc. Vicki Owens, Mary Beth Nelson. FIRST ROW: Rita justina Austin, Linda Ayers, Lynn Bald- win, Charlotte Marie Barnett, Marcia jean Broadus, Susan Elaine Brown, Melrose Burns, Karen Lynn Case, Marinell Davis, Elizabeth Ann Edwards. SECOND ROW: Linda Ann Granger, Linda Kay Harrison, Shir- ley Anne Hazzlerigg, Virki Hendershot, Billie jean Herrod, Candy Bernadette Hilton, Mary Katherine Holman, Bambia jan Horton, Linda Dale Hulse, Beverly Gay johnson. THIRD ROW: Diane jones, Rebecca jones, Susan Diane jones, Pamela Keller, Laura Dale Lanius, Shelby Dean Latham, Gayle Leech, Peggy Colleen Lojlin, Priscilla jane Long, Karen McCool. FOURTH ROW: Wanda Faye McKey, Patricia Elizabeth Mur- phy, Paulette Elaine Page, Tanya Peterson, Elizaeth Ann Pittman, Ginger Ponder, Marilyn Ann Psencik, Dedee Roberts, Marcia jeanne Schad, jima Carter' Schaen. FIFTH ROW: Paula Dianne Shelton, Stephanie Marie Smith, Ronee Camille Sommers, Astrid Spencer, San- dra Nora Stewart, Susan Stevenson, Pamela Paulette Walker, Marcia Kirk White, Sandra Kay Williams. DELTA ZETA was founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio on October 24, 1902. Since then Delta Zeta has grown to over 165 chapters across the nation, making it the largest national sorority with a membership of over 65,000 After one short year, Epsilon Mu boasts many honors distributed among a membership of over sixty girls. "' Fall found Delta Zeta busy with big sister-little sister parties, pledge swaps, float decorating parties, and impromptu entertainment for the pledges by the actives. With a brand new active class, Valentine and spring formals highlighted the season. Intramurals and Greek Week rounded out a great Delta Zeta year for the proud girls who wear the the Diamond and Four Pearls. 3 CY7 Sandra Stewart, Treasurer, Billie jean Herrod. Vire President in charge of Pledge Training: Beverly johnson, President, Sharon Ellis, Recording Secretaryg Linda Ayers, Vice President in rharge of Mernberxhip. Q . ' QQ.-:V lst I kits' x V x ,N 'S K 'lx lg i i.,, , 1. KX X U 4, , it si X 4 R sz 00 X! fs. R rr '- K 4. . dx A gg wg .. P I, L, D K vs X , , X I. , M , T x 5 V - , A K ,,., E. Qggg ,WA Q N, W W lf' . i i l -if 1 V 3 in i ,Al my . l1,,., ,V In 1, - , if , t . " Q' if fs ff e ini, A .. , A 4 ,i 3 V 1- , ' 5 ' " . I? Q 1 4.0 Q g'O ' ch " 1 . ' -' r - .nl .'.. A y K- I I I 3 - A lu - ti. Q 4 X V , ewy' 4 ul- I f . A If KAPPA DELTA was founded on October 23, 1897, at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia. Beta Sigma Chapter of Kappa Delta was founded at Mississippi Southern College, May 14, 1949. Getting the year off with a most successful rush, Kappa Delta faced a new, exciting year. Kappa Deltas on campus include cheerleaders, class officers, favorites, beauties, ROTC sponsors, Greek Goddess, Dixie Darlings, senior maid, and homecoming queen. Honorary organizations with Kappa Delta members are: Phi Delta Rho, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Beta Phi, and Druids. Besides that, we set a scholarship record of 3.1, and received the scholarship plaque on Honors Day. The Kappa Deltas have planned numerous parties including the Christmas dance and the White Rose formal at the end of the school year. Kappa Delta is a composite of many things, little sisters plus big sisters equal Kappa Delta love, entertaining in the chapter room, hard work, fun, and that genuine Kappa Delta spirit. - K 1 AL fi 4, , f 51' ,M NX x R , , in 4 ,Q 73 KAPPA DELTA NOT PICTURED: Gayle Breazeale, Mary jo Engles, jeannie Fairly, Sandra Harrison, Eleanor McKezthen, jeanie McPherson, Linda Thompson. FIRST ROW: Diane Anders, Nancy Archer, Carolyn Arm- strong, Rita Baker, Mary Sue Baylis, Becky Benson, Sherry Benson, jenny Biglane, Kathy Bishop, Donna Brasher, Barbara Burns. SECOND ROW: Camille Butler, Camille Campbell, Tommie Carney, Sherrie Carpenter, jacqueline Carr, Lisa Clark, Montressa Cochran, justine Ann Cox, Bonnie Craig, jan Dale, Tommie Davis. THIRD ROW: Linda Disharoon, Lynn Ellis, Vicki Farr, Sandra Faulkner, Dianne Fisackerly, Lulu Gamard, Patty Graham, Beth Hardage, Linda Hinton, Suzanne johnson, Betty johnston. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Nell jones, Laurel jordan, jo Ann jus- sely, Faye Kersh, Empress Kilpatrick, Linda King, Pat King, Gaye Long, Sachia Long, Margaret MacLennan, Sandra McCall. FIFTH ROW: Nan McCormick, Linda Mclnnis, Donna Mc- Kinnon, Dinah McMillan, joy Montgomery, Shelia Moore, Bobby jean Morris, Bonita Murjj, jane Murray, Mary jo Myrick, janet Piccinati. SIXTH ROW: Medora Poole, Vicki Ramsay, Karlyn Riggsby, Georgiana Risk, Beverly Robinson, Ludie Rogers, Lynn Russell, Donna Schwinler, Shelia Shotts, Royce Ann Siegrist, Ann Smith. SEVENTH ROW: Glenda Smith, Tamara Smith, Ann Stahler, Sany Taylor, Linda Thompson, Ginny Trask, Carol Wadsworth, Charlotte Warren, Patty Wilhite, jean W'illiams. L L jimmy's enjoying this as much as Diane, as they dance V during the KA's party for retarded children. t t SAYS A 'V ERAL5 Put it on 'em, Piccinattifl 105 i fl Kappa Delta spirit is obvious as zce back Southern. f,,r 1' 'W X ,. Any minute that little Underwood will spill the beans about Santa Claus. ngsgglgimmw ww WW x 'Z QW 3 Q , is ba fx Gary's a happy fellow-surrounded by two Phi Mu,s. 'LO PHI NOT PICTURED: Mary Ann Durrant, Cherly Ann Haslett, Cyn- thia Ann Perkins, Marilyn Kay Pittman. FIRST ROW: Mary Imogene Beech, Rose Mary Boswell, Linda Gale Brooks, Patricia Caraher, Barbara Ann Davis, Leslie Virginia Dame, Sandra Eliza- beth Defean, Portie Demetropolis, Patricia Domergue, Phyliss Fay DuBose. SECOND ROW: Randa Dyar, Suzonne Ellis, Cynthia jean 'Fen- nel, Elizabeth Finnegan, Donna Lyn Gellnicht, foahan Grimm, Deborah Pamela Haley, Bev- erly Hawkins, Viki Suzanne Helms, Charlotte Hope Hinson. THIRD ROW: Karen King Hiley, Carol Hollingsworth, Kay Holmes, Sue King, jean Carol Lanier, Susan Lockhart, Paula Ann Longmire, Sue Lynda Luster, Geraldine Oberg, jenny McDaniel. FOURTH ROW: Sherry Marie Moudy, Kay Murray, Pam Nel- son, Helen Patterson, fanice Polewoda, Suzanne Purvis, Sandi Reeves, Elizabeth Richardson, Frances Robinson, Nancy Shoemake. FIFTH ROW: Toni Cherie Shows, Peggy Smith, Sue Smith, Drenda Spitchley, Mary Kay Stewart, joy Lisbeth Stowe, Pamela Stubbs, luanita Sullivan, Melanie Terranova, judy Toy. SIXTH ROW: Philis Ree Van Landingham, Linda Wacaster, Cynthia Ward Waller, Sandra Walker, Kathy Webb, Roblyn Lee Wells, Nancy Wells. PHI MU sorority was founded by three prominent students at Wesleyan College on March 4, 1852. Since then it has become a growing organization of sisterhood having 95 active chapters with 45,000 members. The Alpha Omicron chapter was installed on Southern's campus March 25, 1950. Phi Mu's are active and interested in their university's endeavors. Phi Muls can be found in the Committee of 100, the student senate, and as representatives to the SCOPE conferences. Campus life at USM has been enriched by the presence of Phi Mu's as campus beauties, ROTC sponsors, and cheerleaders. The Pike pledge class and Phi Taus claim Phi Mu's as Sweethearts. We enjoy Big Sister-Little Sister parties, senior parties, and the annual Valentine and Spring dances. Girls are so gullible, Susan the Ghost, panics Panhellenic . . . "We've got the Spiritlv Always en masse at Pep Rallies. Other things to remember . . . how to sneak a mouse exterminator into the building. Phi Mu's shall strive for excellence, as we are the proud wearers of the three bright stars. W 'P NPS?-2 V I' gap" 11 ' P L1 SEATED: Charlotte Hinson, Membership Chairrnang Sandi Reeves, Prexidentg Roblyn Wells, Vice President. STANDING: Barbara Davis, Recording Secretary, Sue King, Pledge Directorg Beverly Hawkins, Corresponding Secretary. 3 N , -5 ci hifwxi , .K X i .fwgu 5,1 5 S Q X, Ytx Q "' " ' . X W .. . I K wa.- tra? Q., 5 .55 x , Y I . Y 1-in Af, I V . ,FOP-1 gs . . 1 ' g- N y KA x Q QE .wi gn Yi aw 4. ' A - 1 1 sr-5 . - . E M'- yws , : H . .Q g. X X . 5 X , . , Q. , A 1 5 ' S is: AL 'hr Sage 'pfiffr " - ' in ' - 5 ' Q. - 1- ,,' Ti ft .4 iv- -V 31 , IW 4 Al' - Aw "1 Q- ,Q J! S "' L y rx ! I ll "4 7514515 3 1 5. Qmif , 1 'A' . ,. . 2' Q7 .- Hfilff ' ,L Q3 'X F N T., V, I .Z ' 'lb .4 0 ,I ' ' 4- , . A ' J gg Vqkk A Tx I . MK 1' A, if ni L " l l It Pd -il Q - 9' "' L 31- ? F 1 SEATED: Nancy Hathorn, Pledge Trainer, Gail Rouse, Vice Presidentg Louise Bailey, President. STANDING: Pam Prichard, Corresponding Secretaryg Becky Taylor, Rush Chairman, Dawn Crornarti. Recording Secretaryg Mary Hudson, Treasurerj Kath- erine Schledwitz, Scholarship Chairman. Pl BETA PHI, one hundred years old, is one of the oldest national fraternities for women. Mississippi Alpha Chapter, started on Southern's campus in April of 1961, is one of 111 chapters across the United States. Active members and pledges participate and hold offices in many extracurricular activities . . . Alpha Lambda Delta, Druids, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and the Student Government Association. Pi Phiis win Homecoming Hoat awards, Who's Who band fraternity sweetheart, and debate trophies from tournaments throughout the South. This year is highlighted by pledge swaps, service projects, and initiation. In this centennial year the Pi Phi is even closer to the wine and silver blue and looks forward to another next century of sisterhood. X . , N. .4 . , vm., ' x N- X .l V 4 , A 4.3.7235 Nh 1, A , 1, .ilg , ,. . N xx . up S Q fr.,Q,,,,ggg' s Y ' .2114 ei ' i . M 4 Ss' ' G V' U s vs Xkkh, . 1- ll .3 si 5, iv, A ti: f V ' ' , 4- .- g .fe I .. ix 7 ,,..., X if s tl i .X ,,.,,, , ,. ., W K K . .W I X ps fn W , . X Q ri "' 1 . In 'V' A .i is ,. 1-si - A . W ,, ' 323, y A-in 1 1 g gig, ,, g-5Z.t .L . - fl Q fi ff - . , 3 A, X Lil , ,Xi J PI BET PHI NOT PICTURED: I Martha Harris, Sybil Marty. FIRST ROW: judy Diane Auw, Louise Bailey, Bethany Bert Barron, Carole Ann Baylis, Mary Elizabeth Bishop, feanne Louise Bridges, Rebecca joyce Burst, Patricia Byrnes, Kathryn Elizabeth Carr, Dawn Crornartie. SECOND ROW: Marilee Dukes, Katrina Marguerite Farrie, Linda Marie Garrard, Holli Gray, Marsha fo Gillis, Ann Grove, Nancy Hathorn, Marcia Ann Hire, Mary Hudson, Mary Elizabeth Hurst. THIRD ROW: Marcella Ann jordan, joy Elaine johnson, jean Susan LaCasse, Alice Marie Land, Genevieve Lewis, june Elizabeth McCaskill, Margueritte Ellen McDonnell, Marilyn Ann Myers, Mary janice Myers, Nancy Nicholson. FOURTH ROW: Linda Angeline Noland, Kay Nowlin, Bettie jane Patterson, Natalie Marie Peters, Beverly Dianne Poole, Ingrid Dayne Price, Anne Pamela Pritchard, Gail Rouse, Kathryn Ann Schledwitz, janet Kay Seale. FIFTH ROW: Robin Smalling, Sarah Ann Strayham, Becky Taylor, Sarah Anne Thurman, Frances Welker, Nancy Gale Waller, Eddie Katherine Welford, Cheryl Eileen Williams, Elizabeth Wilson. SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA NOTE PICTURED Clairlei Morrison FIRST ROW: Mary Cameron Susy Christiance Sandra D'Angelo Rebecca Antoinette Dillard Carol Ann Diver Melissa Elm Diane Fant SECOND ROW: Rita Suzanne Fletcher Dianne Frances Foster Margaret jo Gamble Janis Marie Graham joyce Marie Lylee Susan Leigh Maddox Marilyn Gail Illiller THIRD ROW: Cynthia Suzanne Miller Carolyn Edna Moore Mary Celina Mulvihill Anna jane Odom Rita Quinnelly Robbie Elizabeth Randall Rebecca Marie Rayfield FOURTH ROW: Ruby Frances Roberts Anne B. Shaddock Mary Elizabeth Simmons Candance L. Smith Patricia E. Thompson Carol Ann Whetstone SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA, the first national sorority installed on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi, was founded April 20, 1898, in Farmville, Virginia. The founders established the sorority on the belief that high ideals, self-confidence, and lasting friendships will produce well-rounded, self reliant women. The Tri-Sigmas' national philanthropic project is the "Robbie Page Memorial." Started in order to build a ward - for crippled children at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the project has now branched out into other fields, all centering around the theme of "helping children." Sigma Sigma Sigmas on Southern's campus enjoy a full calendar of activities each year. Highlights of the year are a Big Sister-Little Sister Christmas Party, a Christmas Charity Project, a nMiss What-Ever-It-Is" contest, Sigma Week, a spring formal, and the Founder's Day Banquet. SEATED: Sandra D,Angelo, Outgoing Presidentg Cyndy Miller, Vice President, Suzanne Fletcher, Recording Secretary. STAND- ING: jams Graham, Treasurer, Rebecca Rayjild, Corresponding Secretaryg Suzi Christiance, Keeper of the Gradesg Fran Roberts, Incoming President. its 157 7 A K tg, frkk N as Q'-. X in umm CI! X-A 2 A , V" .. ,X 4 -W , L 4 'M iqlwl ' M I 1-.WG ' ' X f W N X 3 , 1 i I K M K r A ,1 171 F N A , ,. 5 1 , 'Hg :jg V4 3.1, QQ- j K Q I f?'12-- X I f S X' it ,xy ... A - K AL A ln A - s Y f V45 'xii' ' 1 I SONG FEST which each year the ever-gracious Chi Omega hostesses organize and conduct. Here, the Tri-Deltas proceed to win for the third consecutive year, thereby earning permamanent possessions of the trophy. PANHELLENIC suggested the balconies be decorated for Homecoming .... Great zdea. Together we Greeks stufed plastic in those little holes and loved zt. However, when roused at dawn following Homecoming Eve to Unstuf- Well . . . enthusiasm waned somewhat. The shoes ana' belt won't dog but those earrings are kinda nice. 'I 5 , - ,3 A pkg, f ,p-42 l . , - ."i"i',.', ' .Sf 2, , ' 14 4 'sfii g -,grin X. - -4.-J 4 r 2 ,fgfzgg v'.A,. -ll 5. fs 1 12 '5 " V ' '. 32?-M514 555 Z 5' 5 ' 'es s W I f .15 24,2 4 . l PANNl ,LENIC E.-iga.. Q 0.--iv... ...B 1. alt-iS-Ll' 12 :16 . ..,.. . H, 5 '1 .............. 1 r e- A- ' 4 N s 1 A 4 w ol w 1 l I w I l K l l 1 1 E .... 'I Q x .-...... ............ H-Q-.--7,-W,-P-Q..--N.-W , , .. ..., , ,fm-fr-A s N. 'N BgS , . :Y ' ......................... .,...,,, ,, .,,.. rfs gl 3 xt :V xii IK f 7? A iw iw .ef fx .A ,wiv .-a- Ir' 3 ' 2 'V 11' me 23. ,K Q 92:-, '- r,.f . i r I? 4 l Q U K r I Academics i 'RE X--1 113 Q' 'L 7.14, x lm, Q8 v Mg. i. QQ 1 .,5,.,. ,- '1- U-.. 12235 1 lx! f U I I w ,v A 11 . - , If. Ti 1 n' fl v Q 1 ..l. I -"Y 'Z H ml" 1 . A 17- 'Lg' Q Vw A xl' Q 'LI 5 I I HW F.. - 'L A Wi? I 1 ?'v 4 I 7-I X S I x , Q is .'! N -"" A. ,AK V R ' ,. xv-, 'v 1. , J H af- -, K 5,4-,. 'S-:Pj Us Q..vYE ., rl ,L w!1.r'fif-F fin' '--fr' . fi- . l 5 ULN 'J' " f,-.,u:.k ' , f . -1 .- v4 ' f . 5. - i -. 1. - 1 1-1 DR. WILLIAM D. McCA1N President, University of Southern Mississippi The SOUTHERNER is a useful, entertaining, and beautiful picture record of the happenings on our campus year after year. This valuable book is a vital part of our college life, and it helps to portray the progress made through the years. It is important to us now, but in the years to come it will become an invaluable source of information and pleasure. Congratulations to the editor and her staff on this 1967 edition of the SOUTHERNER. President 4 Members whose terms expire May 7, 1976 MILTON E. BRISTER, Fourth Congressional District Kilmic hael THE HONORABLE PAUL B. JOHNSON Governor, State of Mississippi Administration 11 M. PAUL HAYNES, Northern Supreme Court District ..Baldu'yn THOMAS N. TURNER, Third Congressional District ...Belzoni SENATOR GEORGE M. YARBROUGH, Second Congressional District ...................................... Red Banks LEON LOWREY, LaBauve Trustee KDesoto Countyj Olive Branch hlembers whose terms expire tllay 7, 1972 W. O. STONE, Central Supreme Court District ........ jackson IRA L. MORGAN, State-at-Large .................... Oxford M. M. ROBERTS, Sixth Congressional District ..... Hattiesburg E. RAY IZARD, Southern Supreme Court District . ..1-1a:lehurst Alembers whose terms expire .Hay 7 1968 DR. VERNER S. HOLMES, Seventh Congressional District .l1cComb j. N. LIPSCOMB, First Congressional District .......... Macon S. R. EVANS. State-at-Large ..................... Greenzrood TALLY RIDDELL, Fifth Congressional District ....... Quirman Officers of Board S. R. EVANS ..... ............................. C hairrrzan DR. E. R. JOBE .... .... . . .... Secretary and Director 'LI ,Q X- his Y-pf ' E--Q' V X. 11517 IAMES REGINALD SWITZER, B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Dean of Student Affairs S 2 3 CHARLES OTTO SMALLING, B.S. Financial Secretary 65' gf Q, ,1 "f r 'I' .-1. 'ity fliwfi. M-ii' I ROGER BARTON JOHNSON, B.S., M.S. Administrative Assistant JOHN HORTON ALLEN, B.A., M.A., Ph.D Dean of the University BERNARD REED GREEN, B.S. Director of Intercollegiate Athletics 'Slam PAULINE ROGERS STOUT, B.A., M.A. Research and Editorial Assistant to the President ERNESTINE LAWHON, B.S., M.A. Dean of Women WILLIAM RADER GRANTHAM, B.S., M.A Dean of Men AUBREY KEITH LUCAS, B.S., M.A. Registrar ALONZO HOLMES STURGEON, B.S., LL.B Acting Director of Admissions ALBERT .IOSEPH JAEGER, B.B.A. Assistant Financial Secretary PA UL CLAUDE MORGAN, A.B., M.S., Ed.D. Dean of Division of Continuing Education WARREN FRANCIS TRACY, A.B., B.S., M.A.., Ph.D. Librarian ROBERT HAYS CLEVELAND, B.S. Director of Public Relations CLIFFORD HELMAR HAGENSON, B.S.Ea'., Ph.M. Director of Housing POWELL G. OLGETREE, B.S., M.A. Alumni Secretary IAMES EDWARD BAXTER, B.A., M.A., Ed.D. Director of Placement Bureau WILLIAM ELLIS KIRKPATRICK, B.S., M.S. Director of University Union IOEL REESE EAKENS, B.S. Director of Physical Plant ROBERT WILLIAM PETERS, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Director of Research and Projects Some of our Administrators meet with the Building Committee of the State Board of Trustees. New Buildings must keep pace with an ever increasing enrollment. V7 'Vi 'S l. if K1 A x f x ,xc QT"'7 H.-f 3 r Q .ZX K, 13" xx .Auf F 'Srl' I .41 7 g Sl 1-H", College of Arts and Sciences Graduate enrollment in the College of Arts and Sciences increased during the past year nearly l00'Zp and new doctoral programs were inaugurated in the Helds of Geography and Science Education. Out of a faculty of 155 in the College, 72 have the Ph.D. degree. In addition to teaching duties, there has been notable increase by the faculty in publication of books, articles and the presentation of papers before conventions. Moreover, two scholarly journals, The journal of Mississippi History and The Southern Quarterly, are edited by faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences. Nddx DEAN CLAUDE H. FIKE i 2-'LO he f Departments Biology Botany Microbiology Zoology Chemistry Communications journalism Public Address Radio-Television English French German Spanish Geography Geology History Mathematics Physics Political Science Philosophy Religion and Philosophy Sociology Speech and Hearing Sciences Audiology Language Disorders Speech Pathology FACULTY Barbara A. Adams Dr. john H. Allen Irmgard Zeyss Anderson Dr. William Hilton Anderson Dr. Howard W. Bahr Sgt. jason Basinger john L. Bean Dr. john H. Bedenbaugh Stanley Black Ben Blackman Dr. Gordon C. Bond Dr. john Howard Bounds Dr. Richard Lee Bowen Dr. Richard H. Bowens Lt. Col. Colon A. Bozeman Mrs. Lois T. Breland Dr. Robert A. Brent Mrs. Bonnie Carter Bringar D1. Bahngrell Brown Fred W. Brown Marice Brown Ruth B. Brown Frank W. Buckley Dr. john Burrus Danny Carter Dr. Ben A. Chappell Thomas T. Chisholm Ernest james Clark joe R. Clayton Margaret G. Clayton Dr. William Cliburn Dr. Gordon R. Coe Dr. William S. Coker john Melton Coleman George T. Crocker Mrs. Virginia P. Cromwell George Frederick Crozier Col. john Dale Dr. julia M. Davis Dr. j. Treadwell Davis Capt. john H. Dorland Dr. Christos Leonidas Doumas Raymond V. Downey Miss Etoile DuBard Dr. Horace C. Dudley Col. james E. Echols james Edwards Capt. jesse F. Edwards Linda Elkins Mary Ellis Alice Wilkinson Essary Leon Eubanks Russell I. Everett Dr. Virginia Felder Dr. William M. Felsher Dr. Claude E. Fike Arthur Geofrey Fish Giovanni Fontecchio Linda Fox Billie W. Franks john M. Frazier Sgt. jesse W. Frier Dr. Argle Scott Garrow Patricia Garrow Dr. Albert Donald George Dr. Mildred Giles Dr. john Gonzales Alton Hare Dr. Glen T. Harper Dr. james E. Harris Dr. Antonio Harrises Robert D. Hatcher Dr. William H. Hatcher Dr. Edvard Heiberg Mrs. Virginia Hopper Guy Horton Amelia Hudson George Hurst 111 Mrs. Sara johnson Dr. Samuel P. jones Dr. Wallace G. Kay Dr. Arthell Kelley Dr. Edgar Kelly Dr. Norman H. Kiess Geraldine Y. Lambright Dr. Charles E. Lane Dr. j. Scott Long Dr. Robert Bruce Mahafjey Capt. john P. Massey Charles B. Mauldin Kenneth G. McCarty Harry Wells McCraw jesse Oscar McKee Daniel McMurry Patricia A. McRaven Maj. Barney Meaders Perry Lou Milner Lola Mobley Dr. Charles W. Moorman Ruth G. Moorman Dr. Ashley G. Morgan jack Munn M!Sgt. Rollins H. Nash Dr. john Nau Editha Neumann Dr. Carl R. Newsom Dr. George W. Nicholson Dr. Linwood Orange Dr. Stanley Parry Barbara Parsons Dr. Oscar L. Paulson Dr. Robert W. Peters Henry I. Phillips Carrie Louise Porter Dr. john Phillip Posey lllichael R. Rathbun Mrs. Elizabeth Rogers Reynolds Dr. john D. Reynolds Donald E. Riley Myrah N. Riley james A. Robertson Anthony C. Rouchon Robert P. Russun Dr. William K. Scarborough Eduardo Scheel john Simpson janet T. Sims Ralph Siverio Rufus Sizemore Dr. john R. Skates Dr. Byron C. Smith Dr. Gaston Smith Dr. jack A. Smith William F. St. Clair Dr. Peter Stocks Airs. Pauline R. Stout Ray Strebeck Dr. Clayton Sullivan A. Henry Szcann Dr. Shelby F. Thames jaroslazv Tornaszizvskyj Dr. Williarn Tuchak Dr. Forrest D. Tucker Dr. Frank Turner Benjamin O. Van Hook David L. Waite Dr. Fred Walker Tommy G. Watson Dr. Porter Webster Dr. .Winer L. l1'eerns Dr. David Lee Wert: Sgt. Donald G. Ifiedel Dr. Leon A. I1'iIber Capt. Clinton L. Williarrzs Carl L. Willis Douglas C. Windham Dr. Forrest E. Wood 0 e 4 'W,,,,,.v'f Before class, a time to relax, or maybe to plan some new way to support followed by "CHARGE,,' and know the Latin American students are U.S.1ll. Not every university is blessed with such spirited individuals. lending enthusiasm. Where, but at Southern would you hear Malequena from a bugle, R, Qs IVR. RALPH SIVERIO Director of the Institute 7.7.7. The LATIN AMERICAN INSTITUTE was founded at Southern in January of 1947. Foreign students were arriving on campus without a useful knowledge of English, American customs, manners, or morals. Realizing this, the late Col. Melvin G. Nydegger founded the institute. Courses are offered in English as well as customs, culture and politics of the United States. The Institute at Southern is an accredited one approved by the oflice of the Attorney General. Students passing the Test of English as a Foreign Language are qualified to enter any college or university in the nation to pursue further studies. Classes are small, with emphasis on individual participation. ft . 'A 6 yz f , -h...., l 'X 4' " X r l A l ,4"'xN , ' Nl , Q I X f 1 I I' r 5 C I' A is no VH A fy x sfnlmiv u 1 'Fit Q p ff rnyj lg ,L l qilx go MW NX 1 ,J ' , ' nl' K I '45 Il 1 F f Z x- all ,V l , I fr! . x' f W! s M J luggssx 'gt ,st-V J JJ! A ' " M ' A ff 'Mg S .Q in N Latin-American students utilize the language lab to improve English verbal ability. That happy fellow on the right must have a music channel tuned in. ji-nQ"" -'x Lan WW?-'t Mrs. Nydegger has been at the institute since her husband founded it in 1947. Here we caught her by surprise. STUDENT PRINTZ provides English reading practice. See the man on crutches. Heis alsoccer hero, with a broken foot to prove :L i B- A busload of inquisitive young from the coast come to zieu' our L,A.I. 1 4 PS1 xf N 'I fl Takes a lot of practice to produce a squad this close to perfection. FIRST ROW: Dixie Kelly, Cecilia Lewis, Merilee Dukes, Lois Ann Peckham, foyce Taylor. SECOND ROW: Carol Diver, Frances Cochran, Kathryn Scnledwitz, Mary Anne Strahan. THIRD ROW: joe Lewis, Danny Kellich, Ed Nelson, Roger Hearn, Richard Beeson, jimmie Gabucci, Scott Swanson, Danny Mitchell, ferry Maxey. THE DEBATE SQUAD is, without qualification, one of the finest and most successful in the entire South. Under the coaching of Dr. Ben Chappell, the group has attained national recognition for excellence. And, although most of the members were without previous experience, they achieved a phenomenal 66 per cent win record last year. During 1965-66 the group traveled over 33,000 miles for competition, and Southern was one of few schools in the nation to have winning teams in both the national varsity and national novice tournaments. Squad membership is open to any student with an inquiring and organized mind who is interested in representing the University in inter-collegiate competition. 7.7.4. .lf lfiiffg ti. :AWE :sE,.,. Z Z, til, riljjgyg A, E it 'fr t ,yay V , , W-., Let me show you a few of the trophies. Preparing to add a few miles to that already accumulated 33,000 Ll i M , I :UN '37 LAMBDA IOTA TAU, an international honorary society for students majoring or minoring in literature, was organized in 1953 and is a member of the American Association of College Honor Societies. The Alpha Delta chapter at USM was organized in 1954. Membership in Lambda Iota Tau not only constitutes a reward for excellence in scholastic achievement, but also provides the member an opportunity to if 'C' '7 FIRST ROW: judi Foster, Publieityg Brian johnson III, Essay Editorg Robert Combs, Editor-in-Chief. SECOND ROW: Pat Richardson, Poetry Editorg Linda Savell, Art Editor: Don Tanne- hill, Drama Editorg Ben Roper, Short Story Editor. Q ' 'W E 'fr' Y iii A i - i I i 5 .F 'S ifafj 'W' n- ,. L discuss literature with the best students of his college generation. Members of Lambda Iota Tau make up the CONTEMPORARY staff. CONTEMPORARY, an annual publication, is Southernls literary magazine. Student and faculty contributions in the areas of poetry, creative essays and fiction are edited and presented for student appreciation, enjoyment, and contemplation. 2.7. FIRST ROIV: Doris Gober. joseplzine Haley. Sorial Chairman: Marilyin Burris. Publieity Chairman: Perry Lou Jfilner. Faculty Moderator,' Robert Combs. President: Patricia Riehardson. Secre- tary,' Royce Ann Siegrist, Treasurer: Anne Gibbs. SECOND ROW: Sally lllensi, fune Bailey, Agnes Russell. Su:anne .lIfLain. Sue Dueitt. Anita Dushlek, rllary Hall. .llarilyn .lIiIler. Delnzas Crisp. Edward Benson Roper, john A. Turner. Frances Nimocks, Sherrie Ford, Cicely Reynolds, Regina Spiers. Martha Brozrn. Alive Prize. Sherry Richards, Cindy illiller. 'Q 9311 Fw. Danny Green, Editor-in-Chief. The kid Jtrikes out for SGA reform, more student freedom. Personable photographers, jim Ellis and Marco Nieovich. NU -bu' Nezw Editori Ann Williams and Dennix Hay- zrard mr! info from UPI teletype. Q 'Z Y F Tl A N 1, fi If .. Cx-J V ffl I' AT' fl' 9 .. r ff 4: THE STUDENT PRINTZ, having recently installed a brand new offset press, is striving for better quality not only in printing, but also in editorial material. The bi-weekly publication has accumulated seven All-American and 13 Columbia Medalist honors over the years. The PRINTZ strives to provide Southern students with an accurate report of the news and to comment on campus situations. In addition to the new printing equipment, the PRINTZ has a photography processing laboratory, a United Press International wire service, and editorial and advertising offices. Dove and Society Editor Shirley Warrick diseuss things social. john Harris, Managing Editor 116 7 Times All-American 13 Times Columbia Medalist-1 Stu en P imftz Pacemaker of Southern Iurna1ism UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI, HATTIESBURG, MISS. 'si F X Lynn Cook, Feature Editor' Anne erri an, Edi- , J g torial A.f5istant,' jim Foster, Sports Editor. xx 'Q Ed Bozeman, in charge of backshop operationx, pastes a page. Ronnie Buckley, Business ,Manager ',,.-Wm. lg.. Peggy Loftzn, Entertaznments Edztor. joe Dove, Marzagzng Edztor. , l. iii" i '-if-liiim ' 'V in .- D Pls. 7X And in this corner is AI Nation. Controrersial Cartooniit FRONT ROW: Donna Alrlrztyre, Dr. Glenn T. Harper, Faculty Adz'ixor: .llabel Donavarz, Hittorian: Arthur E. Larkey, Vice Prexirlent: Robert S. Young, Serretary: Eric Thurston, Presidentg Lury Caxtlernarz. BACK ROW: john R. Skater jr., Dr. john E. Gonzalei, William B. Taylor, Nolan H. Brooks, jimmy Williamson, Robert A. Bret. Bill Jlartin, Don Pittman, joseph Kiesoriski, Frank L. Turner jr.. Dr. I. Treadzvell Davix. PHI ALPHA THETA membership consists of students and professors who have achieved a standard of excellence in the study or writing of history. The major objective of the international honor society is promotion of the study of history. The organization provides service to members in the form of scholarships for scholarly work, and maintenance of a placement bureau. - wr-ni V all . 3 T fy. 5' W U ar I I Q04 lug G? FIRST ROW: Earl Kelly, Martha Elizabeth Helm, Betty Lou Singley, Carol Whetstone, SECOND ROW: Lamar Newman, Glenn W. Van Voorhis, jacq Lynn jones. THIRD ROW: Terry Larnber, Sarah Strayharn, Diane Dow, Bill Lowery. FOURTH ROW: jafk D. llflunrz, Robert Stanley. FIFTH ROW: Daniel A. Hogan, Lyne H. Carter, William P. Cast, Henry Randazzo, Earl johnson, Gary Knecht, Wilbert Parnell. KAPPA MU EPSILON is an honor society for outstanding students in the field of mathematics. Prospective members must have a 2.75 over-all average, and a 3.0 average in mathematics. Another requirement for membership is enrollment in calculus or a more advanced mathematics course. The chapter at Southern was founded on May 21, 1949. Kappa Mu Epsilon's aim is to promote an appreciation for the important role mathematics plays in today's world. SIGMA ALPHA ETA is a national honorary professional fraternity in the Held of speech and hearing. The Sigma Chapter was organized at Southern in 1950. The organization strives to inspire high planes of achievement in academic and clinical activities, and to provide situations in which students and faculty may work together to advance the profession. Sigma Chapter locally takes part in speech therapy of the deaf, and representatives from Southern attend the National Convention. uv . 'F' 21 ' ' ' D q I ggi" I FIRST ROW: Linda Kellirk, Lynda Walley, Treasurerg jon Deal, Vice Presidentg jane Alay, Presidentg illary Bush, Seeretaryg Dr. Robert Peters, Advisory jirna Srhaen. Amelia Hudson. SECOND ROW: Sara Pennington, lllildred Giles, Lenoir Nobles. Vicky Burch, Katherine O'Cain, Winford Kinard, john Ashford, Brenda Houston, Pam Harrison. Eugene Stassi, Kay Boatman. judy Dowdle. si: tl 'JF F . 'FY ALPHA EPSILON DELTA, an international honor society which stimulates an appreciation for the importance of medical education among pre-medical. pre-dental, and medical technology students, was founded at Southern in 1948. Its activities include informal gatherings with medically oriented talks, films, and discussions. Requirements for admission are Junior status and an over-all "Bw average. 7.7. FIRST ROlV, SEATED: Irene Lott, Serretary: Dr. j. F. lfallcer, Faculty Advisor: Sara Strayharn. Treasurer: l1'. F. St. Clair. Brrky Fuller, Historian. SECOND ROW. STA.YDI.YC: johnny Pri: eff. Pat Welsh. President: Daria' Hardin. Vice President: Hank Rob- erts. Clyne Adams. Reporter. . . 1 '. -f-.44 .4 .-. . 1' ' . ! 4 ,T 1 :X .. X X ' ' . r XPJL . . , . 'X ' - X Xi " I - . 5. X - ' A XX . . .X,. QX gx .X5 , X X. .. 25, Xp 9 pa X .k . Y' X x, X' f if-X" -Ph X' ' g-'fl ' '-.' , -.' ' ,. X ' . Iwi" 1 1- 1 ' '.f '- '3 , X X , . 1- . . V' X N ' I I I U. I 1 I v ' - N , X vu 1.,-'. X- u 7 M X- X f , X 1,-1-I 1' X Xt .,' ' 0 I .r - . ' x ' -1 -L ' - X1 ' . , ' X X .- - 0 XX X - . .' 1 2 1 f X X - ' ' 4 V' .. , Xi' fb I X " 31 7' . ' ' . f . '-'ff ' 1. .- 4 - .1 ' ' X1 x X ' X XX I X ,,f . . 'X X 1 K 'X X Y 1 'X I 4 y X J J .. 4. .N .11. X 'lf f ' X X. .11 A 'In ' X ' '. ' ll A ' , , . XX X X . X XX ','.,,," A W, ' .' I , u ' X XX T X X1 X, 3 - N ..X3 X - . s X .-- Q v ? . ' . 4 ' . , ' ' -1 .'-Xp 1 'g, . 1 X ' :XX X .1 ' -.W n ' fl .X ,. X - , fl . . ' " . - - ' ' 4 -. 3 - I ' 1 '. ' X a-au.-Q ' - - 'RNA lf, 1, 4, X X . X hu--W4 ' 1 . 'Q-4... ,W X , , 1 ' ' X' X 'K 'f .- . X , XV'I:'t 1 Xl.f' XX X ,i.XL,XX,,XyXXCX '1 r'fX'. -X X 1' QXX X 612. -X X, Mi. ,XX,X. X ' .X 1 I -" .1 r 1 111'1.f.'-1-1'. ' . 'sf Q. ' ,, 1 1 X4' ai. fp. 1 ,,.1v"f-fi' . I if QX?- . ' 'ijfg-"T X . X X XL 5 X X X .AT K X1 XX , X J" HQ . 'ff' ',". ' 3 111, ' ' Q: f .X,,if" ? Q' 1 X ,X ' 551-Wf'Lw:-1 " '11 -film' .- " f-. 1,1 . 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JN, -,. - 1 X . X A ,,XfJX,.,? IX X 2. 5- X51 , . ..., X 1-,X-X ...X-XX -.X R .X ., ' :X 'ANZ--1 ",p f"1i:'1 r..1.- : ' Q' ' ' ' 1 ""-C '-, - L. 1' 1" f- X 1 X, .3,.5. ,Xfffz 1 :Z :iii X X1 "-.XM --.,1XA'-..Xw f4..1,AX 1' X 'x QXX Jag- Q.1gf""' -X 913.1 . 'f4..XX.h N -Tj-:FX I 1 X Xfjm HQ .45 Qj.m.i5T?.X, - .X X XX. g.X: X. . X X . A .gwwn -R ...w1.,,. f X XX . . -,,- QQLQM X 1 X , X .WX h ,QE 1 X XX A , N X -XXX ., . . 'X X -Vik X-H - X X3 X qX1X7'fr.,' H' 'X A1T1 . Q51 9'-U-1..., x 'M' mm ' ' ' --..Quin 1 XX ' -M R. 0. T. C. The first ROTC unit at the University of Southern Mississippi was initiated in 1950. It was a branch Material Unit to prepare cadets for commissioning in Field Artillery. In 1953, a program of General Military Science was adopted to give the cadet a wider range of military training in his precommissioning schooling. Cadets are given the opportunity during their 4th year to select a branch of the Army in which to be commissioned. In 1958 Southern adopted a mandatory program of ROTC training for all eligible male Freshman and Sophomore students. Upon the retirement of Colonel John P. Dale last spring, Colonel James E. Echols, professor of Military Science, was assigned to USM. Colonel Echols graduated from Southern in 1963, and comes here directly from the Pentagon. SEATED: Capt. john H. Dorland, Capt. jolzn P. Massey, Maj. W Frzer SFC Douglas C liznrlham SFC ja zBat1n er Sgt ll Barney R. Meaalers III, Lt. Col. A. Bozeman, Col. james E. Rollin: H Nash SFC Bzllg B ttomf b!S'qt Dwnald S I1 zedel Echols, jr., Maj. Anthony C. Rouchon, jr., Maj. Clinton L. Spf5 Darrell D Selbj Wzlliams, jr., Capt. jesse F. Edwards. STANDING: SfSgt. jesxie ' r gn RY? Brigade Officers -or - ' FRONT ROW: Commander: Cadet Col. james F. Merritt. Brigade Executive Ojicer: Lt. Col. Albert Andrews. Brigade Sponsor: jean Quesenberry. BACK ROW: Brigade S-I: Cadet Major Harry A. Speaker. Brigade S-2: Cadet Lt. Col. joseph Keronski. Brigade S-3: Cadet Major Thomas C. Hightower, jr. Brigade Sgt. Major: Cadet Sgt. Alajor Wayne H. Lochbaum. First Battalion Officers Second Battalion Ofhcers .. ,!, ,r 1 N. ua. XJ -,ft u. Commander: Cadet Lt. Col. Thomas L. Bailey. Sponsor: Weezie Ory. Commander: Cadet Lt. Col. Louis j. Lartigue. Sponsor: Pam Walker. Bat- Battalian S-I: Cadet Capt. Edward H. Beaumont. Battalion S-4: Cadet talion S-I: Cadet Capt. Alton Phillips. Battalion .SI-4: Cadet Capt. Robert Capt. Frank Misurelly- Battalion S-2l3: Cadet Capt. William D. Britton- E. Owens. Sgt. Major:Cadet Sgt. Major Donald R. Luckie. Battalion S-213: Battalion Sgt. Major: Cadet Sgt. Major joel R. Holifield. Cadet Capt, Harvey R. Post. 7.37. 4 Y t.. 'Q 4 Third Battalion Officers Fourth Battalion Officers .V ygqc. Qffi 'lei fi 1-:ff Commander: Cadet Lt. Troy Craft. Sponsor: Brenda Burnham. Battalion Major: Cadet Sgt. Major Edward K. Laurendirze. S-1: Cadet Capt. Harry L. Wheeler. Battalion S-2f3: Cadet Capt. Hilliard Commander: Cadet Lt. Col. Paul D. Ladnier. Sponsor: Cindy Rom, Brigade F. Kelly, fr. Battalion S-4: Cadet Capt. Lawrence O. Wright. Battalion Sgt. Sgt. Major: Cadet Sgt. .Major Holly L. Alorton. Battalion S-I: Cadet Capt. Conrad P. Skantz. Battalion S-2f3: Cadet Capt. George E. Hunter. Bat- talion S-4: Cadet justen C. Schafer. 1522 I if it W "V 4 ' ' eg 'X 6 ffl-Q-""""f 3'3- .N 0- ma Q X ? ifffigfi t ' 'NL 1' -- --IH Y- 1' - f--ww "' ' ' ff ' " !',z. ' V1-JM , .. - " 'P . ,H '-4 'UYJV'-i , f 44"-'5' wk J' Presentation of the Colors by the prerision marching Color Gund. ,U!Sgt. Hamilton S. Prestridgr. S Sgt. Doom' Bo:e- man. SfSgt. Larry 1. Odom, S!Sgt. james W. Foster, S!Sgt. Robert S. Fellows. jr. 7-33 4-3 - .XV PERSHING RIFLES-Commander: Cadet Capt. jerry L. Tharp Sponsor: Susan Wells. BAND-Comfnander: Cadet Lt. Warren H. Redden. Sponsor: Sherrye Eth ridge. Director: Professor Gilbert Satre. Qu-'Ai' 'ul' 'KPs1""'- M 'R ""',g..' 7-34 Juv 5-U 4520 ,- ."F gd... ,.,. - V . fpfw, ii Y -V ,-' -f'?r'?3f"f?"4 Q X .J --1 5 xl-- COMPANY B-Commanding Offcer: Cadet Capt. john E. john son. Sponsor: Donna Lee Field. 41. nerr-n.,"" . 4 .- - '. ,L , ...ii-s... -,-J 'a COMPANY A-Commanding Oficer: Cadet Capt. Richard f. Christmas. Spon- sor: Vicki Farr. COMPANY C-Commanding Ofieer: Cadet Capt. Cecil T. Gunter. Sponsor: Laurel La jf. ,yn ... V- 4 .IIB TIITB if DFID, LX w van 3 ' ' - 135 -ii- 4 . P' .V ' . X if A 1, 1 Q, 'L-I. - J , V ' r.n'5f""fX,n.. . '- COMPANY D-Commanding Ojfcer: Capt. Harry H. Huelesbeck. Sponsor: Linda Thompson Knot picturedj. f'L,-:,:.-H 1-MH , f-f : . ',, 45, lg: 3251?-3 -Q I - ' .. QW...- ,ra t-.4..:5Pftf"f?: -:1 L-f I 1, nr" nk'f:,,1i-9' an--r"f 3 4 . .N..,. t,. . 4-sf '-he ' 'L COMPANY E-Commanding Ojicer: Cadet Capt. Guy L. Chapman. Sponsor: Wanda McKey. COMPANY F-Commanding Ojicer: Cadet Capt. George L. Sumrall, jr. Sponsor: Wanda Murrah. 1, COMPANY G-Com- manding Omcer: Cadet 'M Capt. john E. Watkins, jr. Sponsor: Penny Hale. L Q A4 F ,gain-. 'Si MPANY H--Comrnandzng OWCBT. Cadet Capt. Wzllzam E. Hodges. Span COMPANY I Commandzng Officer Cadet Capt Kenneth M Dau: Drenda Spitchley. Sponsor: Carolyn Armstrong. 'n..q,.,1 -pk ' lm -tr.. . , ' - away, - ., ,, Q. ,gf -- - 1g5z'?'xf-as 1at".,5"'....'. if Wednesday, and the campus is decorated with men in uniform. Some are dedicated, and actively acquiring skills to be practiced throughout life 3 others merely appear for drill. Whatever their purpose, all of these men will see active duty. And the Army ROTC training they have received under capable, personable instructors at the University of Southern Mississippi will serve them in good stead-whether they carry messages in the Pentagon or lug rifles through mire in Southeast Asia. 7. COMPANY K-Commanding Ojieer: Cadet Capt. William L. Bess. Sponsor: Shirley Haz- zlerigg. COMPANY' L- Commanding Oficer: Cadet Capt. Freddie M. Boudreaux. Sponxor: Diane Anders. .A .-.Q ...uv-an an-4 4' 11, '--5 4 sxsifx' .. Q .. ,gs X -- ' R 7 L ef-4, - -B '-j x.5. Graduates College of Arts and Sciences FIRST ROW: ELTON HUGH BATEMAN, Speech Pathology Laurel BARBARA ANN BROWN, Sociology Chunchula, Ala. WILLIAM PERRY CAST, TKE, Mathematics Tampa, Fla. WILLIAM LEON COKER, History Iuka SECOND ROW: DELMAS S. CRISP, English Canton, Ohio IUDY IEANETTE DOWDLE, Speech Pathology Carthage IOE RHODES ETHRIDGE, Communication Iackson PAUL NEEDHAM FOGG, Chemistry Metairie, La. THIRD ROW: RAYMOND BOURDA GONZALES, Political Science New Orleans, La. DANIEL GRACIA IR., Biology Bogota, Colombia, S.A. ALEX V. IANOWSKI, Geography Crestview, Fla. TOMMY KING, Biology Hattiesburg FOURTH ROW: ARTHUR EDWARD LACKY, Sociology DeKalb GARDNER WILLIAM MILLER IR, Chemistry Hattiesburg GUY CHARLES NEFF, Geography New Hartford, N.Y. ROSE ESTELLE PANSANO, Sociology Fayette FIFTH ROW: CORNELIA ANNE PITTMAN, KA, English Laurel SHERRY ANN IRENE RICHARDS, English Biloxi PATRICIA LEE RICHARDSON, English Bay St. Louis T. G. SARPHIE IR., EAE, Biology Hattiesburg SIXTH ROW: FRED Z. SHIRLEY, English 11161165011 DANIEL SMITH, Public Address Monticello CHARLES LEONARD SULLIVAN, IIKA, Geography Natchez BILL TAYLOR, IIKA, History SEVENTH ROW: E. L. THURSTON, Political Science CARLOTON EDGAR TURNER, Chemistry ROWLAND PATRICK WELSH, Mathematics Tupelo Hattiesburg Port Gibson Hattiesburg ARTHUR C. WHITTEMORE II, Political Science Cleveland IZ, 'VX QR qv: ., ..: . ...kttw Q It fr x 1 A xv. s. Yif, N '74 . I , ! ' L "Muir .1'iihis2Ab'a'7' Q15 . .., QF . wg fi . I 9 HM' , St. 1 ' ., .V . ""'N s Y. f- , F? -v Ka 'Y' q .. F Q 5, 1 rQ5 i 4 ,- 7:5 .QPR Fix 2. Seniors Arts and Sciences FIRST ROW: CLYDE ADAMS, Biology Gilberton, Ala, Beta Beta Beta: Phi Eta Sigma: Rho Eta Sigma: Yellou' jackets Aderit Scholar- ship: SCOPE Delegate: Dean's List: President's List: Counselor, Elam Arms. EDMOND S. ALEXANDER, Marine Biology jackson Newman Club: Married Student Associatio GARY ALEXANDER, fournalism Puriis TRISHA WAGGNER ANDERSON, XQ, French Long Beach SECOND ROW: VIRGIL ISAAC AULTMAN, Chemistry Seminary LOUISE DOW BAILEY, IIBQ, Geography, jackson, Ohio President, Pi Beta Phi: Secretary, Vice President, Panhellen C il: Gamma Theta Upsilon: Advisor to junior Panhellenic: De ic ounc 's List. PRYOR GARNER BAILEY, Chemical Engineering Hattiesburg CAROL BEVERLY BAKER, Sociology Brandon Sociology Club. THIRD ROW: FRANCES SHERYL BASS, Biology Sumrall Baptist Student Federation: Dean's List. CURTIS FREDERICK BEDSOLE, Chemistry Eight Alile, Ala. Yellow jackets: Secretary, Circle K: Scabbard and Blade. WILLIE ADONIS BERGIN, Chemistry Laurel Phi Eta Sigma,' Dean's List. IACK L. BILBO, fR., IIPKT, English Pensacola. Fla. Alpha Psi Omega. FOURTH ROW: LYNN NELL BISHOP, French Hattiesburg Pi Delta Phi. MICHAEL ARMOR BORIA, Biology Pensacola. Fla. President, Alpha Phi Omega: Committee ol 100: University Activities Council: Geology Club. FREDDIE MARTAIN BOUDREAUX, Biology Sumrall ROTC Distinguished hlilitary Student. EVERETT H. BOYD, History llIcComb FIFTH ROW: IOHN FRANK BRIDGES, Biology jackson LINDA W. BROCK, English IVaynesboro Freshman Counselor: Lambda Iota Tau: Pi Delta Phi: Baptist Student Union. WILLIAM IOESEPH BUCK, Physics lllobile, Ala. Physics Club: Dean's List. RONNIE L. BUCKLEY, journalism Business Manager, Student Printz: Advertising Manager, Student Printz. Hattiesburg SIXTH ROW: DANA IO BURGE, Chemistry Poplarville DOUGLAS W. BURKETT, History Vista, Calif. BARBARA ELIZABETH BURNETT, English Richton CHARLES WILLIAM CARDER, GermanfEnglish lllobile. Ala. SEVENTH ROW: JAMES MILTON CARLISLE, Aledical Technology Bay Springs LYNE HYNER CARTER. Alath,fPhysics .Magnolia Merit Scholarships: Omicron Delta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Kappa .Uu Epsilon.' Men's Afairs Board,' Pi Tau Chi.' Westminster Fellozrship: Crown Zcllerbach Scholarship: Presidenl's List: Committee of l00,' ODK Outstanding Freshman Nominee: Lab Instructor. CHARLES C. CARTWRIGHT. KE, Communication Panama City, Fla. Grand Scribe, Kappa Sigma: Guard and Public Relations, Kappa Sigma: Vice President, Freshman Class: Vice President, Sophomore Class: Student Scnatc Delegate to SCOPE.' Yellow jackets: l'ni:'crsity Singers: Southern Players: Summer Theater Scholarship: Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Studio Pioduf- tion 1965. SERGIO CASTELLON, Chemistry Jlatagalpa. Nicaragua Dean's List. EIGHTH ROW: jAlllES ROBERT CHRISTIE II. llfusic Education Escatazepa Phi Alu Alpha Sinfonia: University hfarching Band: L'niz'cr.fity Singrrs: l'ni- versity Ensemble: Alpha Phi Omega: Opera lforkshop. DORIWAN STAHL CONKLIN. History Rose Hill JOHN LINFVOOD COTE, EQIPE. Political Science Norfolk. Va. USA! tllarching Band.' USAI Orchestra: Kappa Kappa Psi: Sigma Phi Epsilon Officer: Advanced ROTC. BONNIE BETH CRAIG. KA, English Prairie Wesley: KA President: University Singers: ,Vu Phi Epsilon: Pi Tau Chi. Vice President: Phi Della Rho, Vice President: Al ha Lambda Della: Committcc 100: Student Christian Federation: Phi ,ilu Ailpha Sinfonia Sztecthmrt: Out' standing Freshman H'oman. Seniors FIRST ROW: Arts and Sciences GEORGE CROCEVERA, Political Science and History New York City, N.Y. President's List, Dean's List. SID W. CROVER, ATQ, Political Science Uniontown, Ala. President of ATO: Secretary ol ATO: Senator: Men's Affairs Board, MIC Delegate: lnterfratcrnity Council: Dean's List: Young Republicans Club: SCOPE. IRVIN T. CUEVAS, Radio-T.V. Bay St. Louis Station Manager and Chief Announcer of WMSU: Southern Broadcasters, Newman Club: Student Print: Staff. JOHN RANDALL DAY, Biology jayess SECOND ROI47: IVILLIAAI T. DUKE, Political Science Meridian ANITA ELLEN DUSHLEK, English Gulf Breeze Dean's List: President's List: Alpha Lambda Delta: Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Woman Scholarship Award: Newman Club. ERNIE PV. ELKINS, History Hattiesburg JOHN RAY ENGLISH, Personnel and Industrial Management Keene, N.H. THIRD ROW: LEA-IUEL RUSSELL EUBANKS, Computer Sciences Lucedale Secretary of ACM. IOHN LOUIS FERNADES jr., journalism Waveland TERRY K. FICKEN, Medical Technology Biloxi NORAIA SUE FREEMAN, Mathematics Laurel FOURTH ROW: ROBERT DARREL FREEMAN, History Richton .MICHAEL FULCO, IR., Political Science and History New Orleans Young Republicans: Dean's List. CARROLL GASTON FULGHAM, Religion and Philosophy ' Hattiesburg IERRY W. GADDIS, Mathematics Hattiesburg FIFTH ROW: LUCLLLA SARTAIN GARRETT, KA, Speech Dallas, Tex. Kappa Delta Social Chairman, Homecoming Chairman, President of Pledge Class':,Alpha Psi Omega: Southern Players, Vice President: Secretary Theatre Publicity and Business Manage'r,' Canterbury Club: SNEA: Universrity Activities Council. IANIES KEITH GEORGE, Radio-Television Pascagoula Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. ANNA DORIS GOBER, English Gulfport Alpha Lambda Delta: Lambda Iota Tau: Pi Delta Phi,' Treasurer, Freshman Counselor: Dean's List, President's List: House Council: Westminster Fellowship. CAROLYN MARIE GODBOLD, Biology McComb SIXTH ROW: EARLE MICIIAEL GOLDEN, Public Address in Radio and TV Hattiesburg Southern Broadcasters: President of Pledge Class: junior Dean. WAYNE HARRIS GOODWIN, English Picayune Presidenfs List: Alpha Gamma Sigma. JOHN D. GOSS, Chemistry Columbia Wesley Foundation. PAUL LOUIS GRUBE, Chemistry Mobile, Ala. Phi Eta Sigma: Dean's List: Presidentls List,' VISCO Scholarship Recipient: ROTC Senior, American Chemical Society Afiliate. SEVENTH RO W: RUSSELL EDDIE HALE, Biology Waveland Advanced ROTC. ' AIARY LYDIA HALL, English Ellisville Lambda Iota Tau: Winner of Francis Fox Scholarship, Winner of jones County Alumni Association Scholarship: Publicity Chairman of Wesley Foundation. CAROLYN SUE HARWELL, Sociology Ellisville Vice President ol Wesley Foundation, Sociology Club. BLANCHE A. HAUSLEY, Sociology Sacramento, Calif. EIGHTH ROW: DIANA MARIE HAYS, Biology jackson CHERRLY DIANNE HAZELWOOD, Biology Taylorsville ,MARGARET LOUISE HERMANN, Sociology Vicksburg PAT H. HEIDELBER, KA, Finance Pascagoula Vice President and Doorkeeper of Kappa Alpha, Pledge Class Vice President: Student Activities Council. 140 ' L" -... f 'Zi wx-in I ' ss- -org.. it 9 X x Ng in X K A .. 1? iw We-- ,945 in Seniors Arts and Sciences FIRST ROW: fOHN RICHARDSON HENDERSON, Political Science Gulfport THOMAS C. HIGHTOWER, Chemistry Petal Dean's List: Phi Eta Sigma,' Gamma Beta Phi: Scabbard and Blade: ROTC Scholarship: Freshman PMS Award,' Outstanding Sophomore Cadet: Outstand- ing junior Cadet: Kappa Kappa Psi. MARGARET HELEN HILL, Chemistry Toomsuba DOUGLAS BRYON Hzxsozv, Biology Mobile, Ala. SECOND ROW: WALTER GEORGE HOLCOMB, History Ellisuille Young Republicans. PATRICIA ANN HOLLINGER. XO, Biolo1g?1fHistory Ellisville SCOPE VII Delegate: Dean's List: Staff SOUTHER ER 1964: REW Commit- tee of 100: Pi Gamma Mu: Freshman Councelor: Dixie Darling: Rush Chairman of Chi Omega: Alternate Panhellenic Delegate: Editor of Panhellenic Rush Handbook: Order of the Owl of Chi Omega, University Chorus: Newman Club: Delegate to Regional Panhellenic Conference and Chi Omega National Conven- tion. JOHN JOSEPH HOWANIER, Physics Biloxi American Institute of Physics. EUGENIA DONNELL HUDSON, Chemistry Chickasaw, Ala. Dean's List. THIRD ROW: - MARY KATHLEEN HUDSON, Computer Science, Semmes, Ala. Treasurer of Pi Beta Phi: Committee of 100: Election Commission: Dean's List. jAMES HOWARD HUGHES, History Meridian LOUISE MARGARET HUGHES, Microbiology Hattiesburg L. C. IAMES, Political Science Picayune FOURTH ROW: BILLY IAY, History Ocean Springs EARL jOHN IOHNSON, Mathematics Hattiesburg Kappa Mu Epsilon: Distinguished Military Student: Scabbard and Blade: Wesley Foundation: ROTC Scholarship: Dean's List. GARY RICHARD KNECHT, MathfPhysics Washington, D.C. President, Phi Eta Sigma: President, Kappa Mu Epsilon: Crown Zellerbach, Francis O. Fox, Yellow jacket Scholarships: Lab Instruction: President's List. JUDY ANN KING, English Bayfield FIFTH ROW: LAUREL HILDA LAY, AAA, Communication Laurel Hill, N.C. Editor in Chief, SOUTHERNER: Senior Classs Secretary,' ROTC Sponspr Student Senate: 2nd Vice President, Young Republicans Club: Actzpztzes Chair- man, Delta Delta Delta: Intramural Bowling Champion: Committee of I00 Publicity Chairman. TERRENCE MICHAEL LECHNER, DIPE, PhilosophyfHistory Mundlelezn, Ill. Alpha Phi Omega: Yellow jackets: Newman Club: Dean's List: American Chemical Society. HASKEL M. LEE, Mathematics Petal Kappa Mu Epsilon: ACM: Dean's List. NELDA LYNNE LEE, Sociology Petal Dean's List: Monitor: House Council: Baptist Student Union. SIXTH ROW: LESSIE CHARLES LEWIS, MathfC0mputer Science Meridian ACM: Dean's List, President's List. LARRY ALTON LOPER, Mathematics Laurel BARBARA IRENE LOTT, Biology Laurel Secretary, Alpha Epsilon Delta: Beta Beta Beta. FLORENCE ANITA LOUP, Medical Technology Sylacauga SEVENTH ROW: JAMES WILKINS LOUP, Microbiology Bay St. Louis ROBERT LOUIS MAINS, History Elkhart, Ind. TON! P. MARSH, journalism McComb DAN McDANIEL, Sociology . Bude EIGHTH ROW: E. P. McINTOSH, Radio-T.V. Theodore, Ala. FRANCES CHARLES MILES, History Augusta, Ga. CYNTHIA SUZANNE MILLER, EEE, English Woodville Dorm Oficer: Lambda Iota Tau,' Committee of I00: Annual Staff: Vice President, Pledge Trainer, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Mem- bership Chairman: Music Chazrman of Sigma Sigma Sigma. PATRICK D. MIMS, Mathematics Hattiesburg ll K-fx if Sb'- te - 9""s .-.A Q. . JD fir ' . ff' 3- ,. !,...: X it 9. 'ibn 7.41 , if I' 1 J 1 1 . '-Q , s - ' lg... ,,'- 1 V 3 t.- ,., 5- ,tn ' , Q.. xx - P Q,- , A ra-ca... if .. Vi s' V, in K 55 . . 1 , ll 'Xl 'B'- '-- use qs Pl' fbi' 5-v.41'?"W ,Q f 4 X L f TG yd X 1 Y 'keqx Si- ' x is-A-. , Q, - ,' ,. , f Q' 'W L , : A , .,, nn' use L e ,ml ,, ., 'Z f Z YV 'US L . iq,- Qu-"K, I f r 1 .1 Q 5. wp- Y ' .5 P Q .. fi 42 f- 'Sl' el Q' 1 I r i' Seniors Arts and Sciences FIRST ROW: IOHN PATRICK MORRIS, III, KA, Political Science Biloxi Scholarship Chairman, Athletic Chairman Kappa Alpha, Young Republicans. SUSAN WEIXEL MORRISON, Physics and Math Laurel PATRICIA EILEEN MURPHY, English Natchez PAMELA ROWE MURRAY, Sociology Hattiesburg SECOND ROW: MARY IANICE MYERS, TBQIJ, Math and Computer Science A Laurel Varsity Tennis Team,' President's List,' Dean's List,' Alpha Lambda Delta. WILLIAM RILEY NELSON, History Vicksburg Executive Council of UAC, 'Co-chairrrian of Publicity, Dean's List,' Presidenfs Lit. WALTER PRESTON NEWELL, Physics Kosciusko HILTON LAMAR NEWMAN, Mathematics Pascagoula Presidentis List, Dean's List. THIRD ROW: HELEN LUCILE NORRIS, English Hattiesburg GERALD ERVIN OBERLIES, Chemistry Gulfport LARRY GENE OWEN, Physics Stuttgart Pen and Sword. GOLDMAN EVERETTE PARRISH, Physics Waco, Tex. Pen and Sword, American Institute of Physics,' President's List. FOURTH ROW: EDDIE TALBOT PA YNE, KE, Math Biloxi Deanls Listg Proctor of Phi Eta Sigma, President Geology Club. RICHARD A. PERKINS, Chemistry Hattiesburg Gamma Beta Phi. THOMAS RIGBY PERRIEN, journalism New Orleans, La. RAYMOND CALVIN PITTS, Chemistry Petal FIFTH ROW: I TOMMIE IEWEL PITTS, Sociology Laurel ALICE MARIE PRICE, English Clinton Nomination for Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, Lambda Iota Tau. LYNDA CLARE PRICE, IIBCI1, journalism Gulfport Vice President of Pi Beta Phig Society Editor, Student Printzg Publicity Chair- man, UAC President, Psi Chi Theta, Dean's List. JOHN E. PRIVETT, Pre-Medical Thomasville, Ala. Gamma Beta Phig Alpha Epsilon Delta,' Rho Eta Sigma, Beta Beta Betag Dean's List, President's List, Proctor. SIXTH ROW: MICHAEL KEITH POWELL, Physics Pascagoula Dean's List,' American Institute of Physics. LARRY EUGENE ROBINSON, Chemistry Ellisville LOIS EVE RODGERS, English Petal DOUGLAS WAYNE ROS, Biology Pascagoula SEVENTH ROW: FRANK K. ROSHTO, Mathematics Hattiesburg RALPH LEE SA VAGE, History and Political Science Pascagoula IOHN N. SATCHER, History and Pre-Law Heidelberg CHESTER VERNON SAULS, Chemistry Gulfport EIGHTH ROW: IIAIA CARTER SCHAEN, AZ, Szreech Pathology Pontotoc Sigma Alp a Eta. THOMAS FORBES SCIPLE, Chemistry Mobile, Ala. DUANE HARPER SCOTT, Chemistry Waynesboro JOHNNY REX SHANNON, Political Science Meridian 'M s , 'Ng LLL 3 1 sd 1,5 at WK. X "5 gps!! Q...-0 t It r k' ew nz 'N Q 531' he - 6 hw Ax sf I ,V,A... . I "1 , . A I . s xyhe. 11 O ' , 1 , ,V Q.-:Q .fr or 4 iz s 1 B' x 3. W J Wi bio 1 ,V I .pl Y' 'C1177 ,.. 15. x ,fx fr- 5 .. K 1 C , 1 ,a.. j 'PMI gs' pg. nk Seniors Arts and Sciences FIRST ROW: LARRY DON SHAPPLEY, Biology THOMAS EDGAR SHEFFIELD, Biology Alpha Epsilon D ella. FRANK DAVID SHEMANSKI, Zoology CONRAD PETER SKANTZ, Chemistry Advanced ROTC: Nezcman Club. SECOND ROW: IAMES VICTOR STRAHAN, Physics Hattiesburg lltoorhead Edzcardszille Carriere Collins President, Physics Clubg Treasurer, Westminster Fellouship. FRANCIS P. STRATAKOS, Chemistry Ocean Springs SARAH ANN STRAYHAM, Microbiology' Biloxi Activities Chairman, Pi Beta Phig Dean's List: Treasurer, Alpha Epsilon Delta. BILLY NASH STURDIVANT, ChemistryfBi0l0gy Columbia THIRD ROW: MARY JEWEL TARVER En lish Dean,s List ,SchoB1r: Dormitory Oficer. EDWARD G. TAYLOR, Biology JAMES ATKINS THARP, Kz, Biology Saraland, Ala. lltetairie, La. Hattiesburg LARRY KEITH THOMAS, Political Science!History Gulfport FOURTH ROW: HARRY LITTLE TISDALE, Radio-Television Biloxi Program Director for WMSUQ Southern Broadcasters. JAMES C. TOSH, Mathematics ,Mobile IOHN ALDEN TURNER, Englishflrlistory Biloxi LINDA SUE TURNER, Microbiology Leakesfille FIFTH ROW: IOHN LEE TYVOLL, Chemistry Picayune Dean,s Listj P1'esident's List. MARITZA UGARTE, Biology Atanagua. Nicaragua BILL EDWARD YANDELL, Mathematics South Bend, Ind. MARTHA CATHERINE VAN AIERKESTYN. English Gulfport SIXTH ROW: GLENN WILSON VAN VOORHIS, Alathematics Biloxi Dea11's Lislg Pen and Sxorcl, 111 GLENN VARAADO, Histor, 0111-so IVest1ninster Fellowship' Student Print" SCOPE IH' ROBERT ARTHUR WALDRUP Geography Gul port Young R publ a s Club ANN BARBARA WALTERS Spanish Laurel za Delt Dean Lis 1 our o ccto ie Illusic Alan S u c T1rac SEI ENTH ROW THERON LAVELLE HARD English ca 1 lst jOHN SHARP WARREN 4bIxT Chemistry C1 RIL A WASHER III Political Science JAAIES H WATTS journalz 111 English EIGHTH ROW THOAIAS CABE I1 EATHERSB1 XE History JIM HEADER lx Publu Relat1111s Pesd t Kappa Sg aPldg Cla O1ttancI11qPl1Ig 1 Colu111b1a Prichard Ala B K1 111115071 Florcn c Tupelo t C 71 c auth tl Players F 1an YG 0 1 Tau Ch D 1: SCOIE Rl E a Stgttld P s 1t of Sop1o 1 u 1 and Sc a o 1 mo a d 111110 la s Fa 0 c Scabba d and Blaa' D t g t Sl rt t P 1d nt S D t K I a tl 1 r ong ICFO afzfa ze 11 Illajo Roc I9 -I st clor ajo R 100-I LS S St cl. Pmductor jIt1I HOIE I1 EAI ER Computer Science Stat1st1t C ulfpt rt 71 asurc -ICU ALISON KATHLEEN HELLS Englzsh llcrzalzan 1 for V ,h A A- f H ' c rc Il , U 1 Sign a Ping 'J 'tg Dormitory H s C until: Art Dir r of s I "Tl ," ummcr .U si l t rg l'ni:'c1'sity Cl nrus. 1 r . 5 If D 1 s I. . Q l X 1 7 1 I Q u A . Q - ' x , ' . ' , ' ' " ilo.-' - :P . , . 1 . , 1 1 1 1 .- I v. Es . A. ' 1' 1 1 'fo ' . ' , ..., L o 1' i rn , i 111 4' 1' . ss, 1 s i 5 . c l'11i:'c1si 1' ci g rs: as S Fl ' .' IFIIHI -Sci t r: P' ' If IFC clgatc: . ' 'W' VIII: 111 t ' .' rc tdcr I 11015, J 1101, nior Cl ss: ' S plo 1'c n I ' 1' C s 1' Vit ' 1 c' is in uishra' Uili- 'Q T ry ci .' cs 1' , 1' 1' 1 k111a.' I irc gPl'c'X1dC7! , Ullx: C Best Ac 0 ', ' 1' l , 63-6 ,' be A , .U r cvlr: . I .H f11111111c1 11 ' ' i rs. V ' 7 ' , 'h ' no Sis pf 1 "6 1', . . . 7-43 LQ 45 ' -Tr an--.., ---N-' T' 'N 1' Q . FIRST ROW: CAROL WESTERFIELD, Microbiology Lena Beta Beta Beta. ALLEE ANCEL WHIDDEN, History Pascagoula President's List. ROBERT WAYNE WHITE, History Brookhaven President's List,' Dean's List,' Secretary-Treasurer of MSAQ GTU Honorary Fraternity. IAMES RAIFORD WILLIAMSON, Political Science Vicksburg President, UAC,' President Circle K: Vice President and Secretary of Circle K: Yellow Iacketsg Committee of 1005 Westminster Fellowshipg Pi Gamma Mu: Alpha Gamma Rho: Phi Alpha Theta, Student Senateg Dean's Listg SCOPE Delegate. SECOND ROW: ROBERT STEPHEN YOUNG, ZQPE, History jackson House Manager, Secretary, Social Chairman, Scholarship Chairman, Sigma Phi Epsilong Secretary, Phi Alpha Theta. MICHAEL A. ZILIAK, History jackson Student Senateg Vice President of UAC,' Election Commissionerg Treasurer of Student Christian Federation, Sergeant at Arms, Senateg President of Alpha Phi Omega: Yellow jacketsg Alpha Gamma Rho,' Delegate to MIC,' Susga, SCOPE, American College Union Conference. . , , .Www-f-ww . if "So there I was vainly attempting to explain the narcotizing "Well, joe, did he interpret it to mean take dope while watching dysfunction of the mass media to Fred Freshman." T.V.?,' -4- ,-.. in Hello, there, Fred Freshman. 7-44 3 1 as 1. .. . " -. , g . i j.. D, Af.. , , ..,...s:esL 1 - as A Lk Cir W f .-'2 . 1 6, y A' .gs 4, M af' is. 'l""s s if- S'-' x XX fist V lv 4 K u 'N . Q Q 1 xg. 7-45 K Q vm 'rv 'xr uniors Arts and Sciences FIRST RO W: DONALD W. ANDERSON, Mathematics Clinton RONALD L. ANDERSON, Illathematics Clinton BETTYE IEAN AULTIWAN. .Ueclical Technology Seminary LARRY O. AVERA, Mathematics jlgfjdjan DAVID SAMUEI, AYERS. Biology Bay St. Louis SECOND ROW: THOAIAS WILLIAAI BACKUS III, EQE. History- Education Ocean Springs PATRICIA LEE BAKER, Alathematics Clanton, Ala. BERNICE BAND Y, English-History West Point IIMIVIY GROVER BASSET, Chemistry Louin SHEILA ANN BATCHELOR, journalism Leakewzlle THIRD ROW: CAREY DWIGHT BEARDEN, Pre-Lau' Biloxi WILLIAAI A. BENFIELD, Geology Picayune HACKETT IAAIES BENNETT, ,Hath ,Meridian JOHN IOSEPH BERGES, Marine Biology New Orleans, La. DANIEL LEO BIZZELL, QIDKT, Political Science Pensacola, Fla. FOURTH ROW: GINGER LEIGH BLAIR, Sociology Centerville CAROL KAY BOATMAN, AAA, Speech Therapy Hattiesburg ACTON BURNIE BOUTWELL, Mathematics Hazlehurst LINDIA SUE BROWN, Biology Bogue Chitto SYBIL NAN BUCKLEY, llledical Technology Laurel FIFTH ROW: BILLY GEORGE BUFKIN, .Math-Chemistry Columbia AIELROSE BURNS, AZ, French llobile, Ala. IAMES F. BUSH, IR., Alathernatics Hattiesburg PHYLLIS IVIARIE BYRD, English Gulfport DAVID E. CAAIPBELL, Communication ,Ueadcille SIXTH ROW: ELIZABETH ANN CANAVAN, Biology Brigantine, NJ. GORDON LEE CARVER, Statistics .Ueridian JACK BYRNES CHANCE, History Natchez BEVERLY SUE CHRISTIANCE, 555. Art Ambler PAUL EDWARD CHRISTOPER, Biology Forest SEVENTH ROW: DONNA IWAE GINN, Illathernatics Tylertozun ROBERT LONG COAIBS, English Nezctorz ANN REBECCA COOK. Pre-Dental Columbia DONALD RAY COTTEN. Biology .ileadcille BEVERLY ANN DALE, AAA, ,Uicrobiology Hattiesburfr EIGHTH ROW: HOWARD IUELVEN DANIELS, Sociology Handsboro DONALD EUGENE DAVIS. History-English .Uoss Point IACQUELINE RUTH DAY, Sociology Laurel AIARILYN DIANE DOIV, .Hathernatics Broolfharcn BRENDA EDWARDS. Sociology Hatticsburg NINTH ROW: VONICA V. ERVIN, Sociology .Xleridian DIANNA LYNN FLANAGAN. .Uedical Technology .Ueridian Bastrop, La Hattiesburg jA3IES RA Y FLORENCE, Pre-Dental ARTHUR NICK FOKAKIS, Biology SHERRIE LYNN FORD, English Valdosta, Ga. 'ev 'ar Qi" Q Q 'li LN l1I11OI' S Arts and Sciences FIRST ROW: O 2 ,w wx i o o--x f 0. 1 X 1 9 R 4. K Q g..., V N E. ., , Q""'fY y- Q.. A R gif an 135 f N 4 ln L Y' 'B' 0-Q., N.. x , 7. Q.- Wh.,- 1- 1 3: 1 we f 1-W, X V X X I C? Q. Ly, 111. xl N., 1 , X, -,1'. ., eg. -ns. Y 'SV X f ,,o fre- I ' fs. .nw 'H B- is Q gi., 7-4 ANN FREUTEL, Medical Technology Vicksburg MONROE FREY, Radio-Television Chickasaw, Ala. BECKY FULLER, AEA, Medical Technology Monticello WILLIAM EMANUAL GIBSON, Medical Technology Ellisville BEVERLY JEAN GILBERT, Biology Orlando, Flo. SECOND ROW: JANIS M. GRAHAM, 222, Sociology-Recreation Oxford A. JOAHAN GRIMM, QM, Radio-Television New Orleans, La. WILLIAM ALLEN HAASE, Biology Rockledge, Fla. ROY WAYNE HAMILTON, Chemistry Moss Point JAMES CECIL HANBERRY, Sociology Moss Point THIRD ROW: MALCOLM JOHN HARGRAVE, Mathematics Delta City CECELIA JO HARPER, Medical Technology Yazoo City CHARLES DOUGLAS HARRISON, Sociology Pensacola, Fla. VIRGINIA VAIDEN HAWKINS, AAA, English Lexington foHN L. HILBUN, English Soso FOURTH ROW: REBECCA ELIZABETH HILTON, Mathematics Florence BRIAN ROSS HINMAN, QKT, History Gulfport WILLIAM DALE HOLIFIELD, Mathematics Laurel SAMUEL JOSEPH HOWARD, Physics Leakesville CHARLES BAY HUTSON, Physics McComb FIFTH ROW: PRESTON L. ISBELL, KE, Pre-Engineering Hattiesburg JOHN TYLER JACKS, Political Science Jackson LINDA PAULINE JAMES, Political Science Moss ANNE M. JERNIGAN, journalism McComb BRIAN BENJAMIN JOHNSON, III, English Jackson SIXTH ROW: PATRICK LOU KELLY, Botany Casper, Wyo. GEORGIA ANNA KENNEDY, Biology Cairo, Ga. JUDY LOUISE KLEIN, AEA, Mathematics Pensacola, Fla. GARY LEE KNIGHT, Mathematics Altas, Okla. BOBBY STEPHEN LADNER, Medical Technology Gulfport SEVENTH ROW: LADNER H. LADNER, Chemistry Bay St. Louis MARSHA LANDRUM, English Laurel BARBARA LEWIS, XQ, Journalism Bogalusa SANDRA RAY LOFTON, Microbiology Brookhaven VINCENT LUPO, Veterinary Medicine Biloxi EIGHTH ROW: JOHN RICHARD MAPP, Zoology Soso ETNA DALE MARTIN, Mathematics Hattiesburg REBECCA MASSEY, Sociology Carthage RICHARD SMITH McBROOM, Physics Fairhope, Ala. JOHN EDWARD McCARTY, Geology Laurel NINTH ROW: JACKIE RAND McCASKILL, Chemistry Molino, Fla. LYNDA ANN McCONNELL, Sociology, Psychology Gulfport EDWARD FRANCIS McDILL, JR., Journalism Meridian ELIZABETH KAROL McDOWELL, English Columbia DA VID McEACHERN, German Lucedale uniors Arts and Sciences FIRST ROW: LINDA C. IVHCUFFEE. journalism MAXWELL D. AHKEY. Chemistry LYNN B. AINUAHAN, KA. Biology fOHN R. McNEAL. Pre-,Heil PAUL D. McWHIRTER, Religion and Ph SECOND ROW: CECELIA M. IMEFF, French AIARILYN M. MILLER. XQ, English AIICHAEL C. MILTON, Dentistry AIICHAEL H. MOORE. Political Science JEFFREY A. MURRY, Zoology THIRD ROW: LARRY D. MYATT, Mathematics Gulfport Cerzterzille Hattiesburg .Voss Point ilosofrhy Pascagoula Hattiesburg Vicksburg .Ui Comb llobile. Ala. Biloxi Pu TIJZIS EMILY ANNE NEWMAN, Mathematics Pascagoula FRANCES GAIL NIMOCKS, XQ, English Hattiesburg CANDACE B. OZERDEN, Sociology Alontgomery, Ala. PATRICK K. PATTERSON, Physics FOURTH ROW: ,Uorzticello jO PERKINS, XD. llledical Technology Pascagoula THOMAS D. PETERMAN, Computer Science and Statistics Lyman jA.MES SLATER PORTER, Political Science Picayune EUGENE E. ROBERTS, IR., Biology Natchez MELINDA SAMPLE, Alathematics G Sociology Pickens FIFTH ROW.' DIANE F. SHEPHERD. ,Uedical Technology Pascagoula EDWARD 1. SHLHUSKI. .Uicrobiology Bay St. Louis BARBARA ANN SJIITH. ,Uedical Techology Ihmibcrton CARTHYN F. SJIITH, .Uedical Technology Ozctt CHARLES H. SAIITH. Speech Ea'zication Broolghazen SIXTH ROW: DANIEL P. SAIITH, Biology Pensacola. Fla. ROBERT F. STEELE, History and Politii al Science Hnntszillc. Ala. BUNYAN DL'DLEY STEPHENS. Political Science fACK D. STEVENSON. Accozlntirlg .VARY ANNE STRAHAN. Speeclz SEVENTH Row.- IESSEE A. TAEOR. History .'lIcria'ian PIc'Illl.f.NA Collins I-'loicn SUSAN ELIZABETH TAYLOR, Conivpntcr Scicncc .Nea Orlcanv. La. SYDNEY ll. TERRY. Soiiology Till!-LJUIIIIIIX. La. ARTHUR R. THORP. Biology .-irzclznragc. Alaflxa GARY E. THRASH. Biology Sancicr EIGHTH ROIV: DOUGLAS A. TRAll'EEK. Political Scicizcc Qziitman IOHN A. I'A.N'DEI'E.YDER. Pliysic,s jA.1lES IV. I'Al'CiI1AX. History RICHARD A. IVAGES. Communication HUGO IV. IVALTON. Sciencc NIXTH ROW: f.4c71f n'.4RRE.x'. ctoozogy CHARLES I.Y.X'.Y IVEATHERSBY. Hi ROBERT HILTON Ii'EE.'lIS. History LINDA IVELCH. Foreign Language ROBLYN LEE WELLS. 4131. English Hatticslinig . .'A .xfiisy Piwtl. Pascagozila .Yczc Augusta Broolfliac cn storm' Plorcncc Plain .Ucriclian l'icli.flJ11 rg is :Jim 'U "P, 5' - vs ,,, 0. ' 1' 1 I never can look sexy. fe, W e ' W X224 f V , 5 m f' f W . ,ju t ,, M t V fe fr f . I L Would like a clarihcation of that fasinating point, ple FIRST ROW: CAROL ANN WHETSTONE, 222, Mathematics Biloxi GLADSTONE E. WILLIAMS, EAE, Political Science Clinton IAMES ALEXANDER WILLIAMS, IR., Religion and Ph1l050Ph3' Poplarville MICHAEL A. WILLIAMS, Political Science Vancleave JIMMY RANDAL WOODS, Engineering Anguilla SECOND ROW.' MARY FRANCES ZIZ, Sociology Biloxi Sophomores Arts and SCICHCCS FIRST ROW: ALVA ROQUELL BARBER, Science Education Forest JAMES WILSON FOSTER, Engineering Mobile, Ala. BEN GARRET, Pre-Med Franklinton, La. ORIN j. GILL, KE, Political Science Biloxi CHERYL LYNN GOODWIN, Medical Technology I Lumberton SECOND ROW: DAVID EUGENE GREEN, Political Science Mobile, Ala. IUMEL THAMES HICKS, Secretarial Training Natchez IUDITH D. McBRIDE, Sociology Hattiesburg THOMAS H. McPHILLIPS, Pre-Dental Mobile, Ala. GERALDINE W. OBERG, Biology Fairhope, Ala. THIRD ROW: CALVIN CHARLES STEIN, Industrial Technology New Orleans, La. RICHARD HOWARD TILLEY, Medicine Gulfport PAUL WHITE, Biology Jaycees DARRYL L. WOMACK, Commercial Art McComb ,Now, letps break for lunch. kiffjif DEAN JOSEPH A, GREENE In the business world today, the student without an adequate education is at a distinct disadvantage. This disadvantage exists from the time he applies for a .ml position to the length of time it will take him to master the fundamentals of operation and rise to any type 5 E of administrative position. The SCHOOL OF JI. Will ll BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION has as its objective meeting the needs of our students who desire a TI! flllllf H CT U' QE. C 5 53.2 Qu: Om ag- FP n its r'+f'?. O5 V3.5 4 mtg' Efo Bo P? 5- 551 'IJ gm 'OS Qs: G-Q 5' w 5 H Q5 912 UQ 95 77: E.-, E. knowledge, economic literacy, basic business tools, and specialized knowledge to permit him to secure an acceptable position upon graduation and rise in the business world to the maximum of his abilities. 7-49 PM CULTY Alf. Hayward G. Anderson Afr. Aff. Alf. Air. Dr. Alf. Air. Air. Air. Dr. Allen H. Bizzell Hyler Bracey Roger D. Calcote Stanley Al. Carpenter joseph Clements james Davis Carlos F. de Orrigunaga Thomas G. Estes, jr. David j. Etzold joseph A. Greene Dr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr Mr Dr. Mr Dr. Kenneth R. Gribbs Rector R. Hardin H. O. jackson Bryce jordon james W. Kelley Fred D. Kenomond Kie Wook Lee james MeQuiston Ingolf H. E. Otto jerry B. Reeves Marguerite L. Rittenhouse Mr. Aubrey C. Sanford Mr. Brooks Smith Dr. Elizabeth Sorbet Dr. Martin Stengenga Dr. john S. Szilasi Miss Bettie M. Taylor Dr. Richard C. Vreeland Mr. Ben West Dr. D. C. Williams Dr. Rolf E. Wubbels I N if 250 MA 1012.9 Accounting Economics Finance General Business Industrial Management Marketing Personnel Management 2 'W ' 5 3 X l FIRST ROW: Hugh Wallace, Historiang Buddy Bullock, Dr. Clements, Faculty Advisor. SECOND ROW: Stewart Ramsay, jack Yuran, Secretary-Treasurer, Barry Franzino, Presidentg Dr. Greene, Faculty Advisorg jim McDonald, Mary Ann Coker, Ken jordan. X 45 .,,. , y t ,W . X - z l..., V ' . -W -f f- . hiv- P gig A- - -.,,, .Qv f .. w 15,1 nb ,. The BUSINESS FRATERNITY COUNCIL is an organization of business students, appointed by the president of each of the business fraternities, to serve as their oflicial representatives in all matters of concern to them in the School of Business Administration. It provides a medium through which student opinion may be heard and a forum for the consideration of common business fraternity problems. I am. You are. OFFICERS-SEATED: john Richardson, President, Reginald Phillips, Vice-President. STANDING: Walter Pennington, Record- ing Secretary, Robert L. Harris, Historian, jimmy D. McGuire, Donald R. Davis, Treasurer, Earl j. Cuevas, Sergeant at Arms, Frank G. Pates, Historian, Leigh Wallace, Corresponding Secretary. ' S., ,- S gi , ,sc A m I. , in I 45 'bw X t S? X ,LW ' mg -Q- Delta Chapter of PI SIGMA EPSILON, a national professional fraternity in marketing, sales management, and selling, is in its fifteenth year at Southern. Its purpose is to create a collegiate brotherhood of men who are interested in the advancement of marketing, sales management, and selling as a profession. Pi Sigma Epsilon was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1951, by Mr. Lloyd L. Antle. Since then Pi Sigma Epsilon has grown to better than forty chapters across the United States. Delta Chapter has been growing too, this year by almost trippling its membership during 1966-67. Outstanding among this yearls accomplishments was co-sponsorship of the Jeanne Dixon appearance in the Coliseum. The program grossed S12,000, a portion of which was added to the 38,000 Pi Sigma Epsilon scholarship fund. FIRST ROW: Donald j. Alfonso, Clarence R. Bell, joseph A. Bellanca, james L. Cameron, john C. Castlen, Samuel M. Cates, Ronnie Cole. SECOND ROW: Earl j. Cuevas, Donald R. Davis, Gerald W. Dietrick, .Barry Franzino, jr., Robert L. Harris, Gary W. Heard, David H. Hughley. THIRD ROW: Gerald A. Kasovich, Earl King, jimmy D. McGuire, Richard P. Moran, joe Pair, Frank G. Pates, Walter T. Pennington. FOURTH ROW: Reginald j. Phillips, II, Roger D. Poulos, jacque D. Posey. Pi Sigma Epsilon Sweetheart, john C. Richardson, Mills S. Savage, George E. Sey- mour, james F. Shows, Dave A. Smith, john S. Szilasi, john D. Stone, Aldon W. Thronton, Leigh A. Wallace, Marvin H. Williams, Ken Woodruf. .1 .f" E,---' -x ,ivii Y 5 QXK., WN 'X'-tvsnvw "Qi a g' . t ,g ,, ' ii V? W' 355' I fix A.. we K., 2 5 fU""x is 41 1? . Y I ffl I. 'ski 'C-3 s.L . 'ms' K- 2.59. Q 'fam jeanne Dixon, forecaster of the future, as she is introduced to the audience ALPHA EPSILON ALPHA is an honorary accounting fraternity which was formed to create a common meeting ground between practitioners, theorists, and students of the professional field of accounting. Clyde Rose served as president of the organization this year in leading the members to a better understanding of the ethics, laws, and regulations governing the practice of accounting. WMM W ef QW? WE lWgWmA M QJMW sn- '1-"Eg,-"?efsisa at ea..- WW5W?w QWZ Q Wm Mme Wasil QW5 5:3 We Agieawlfg W' M i-flaw MYWJKWK MWWE ' QHJQQQI '9""g:s', , PI BETA LAMBDA-STANDING: jannell Kingston, Linda Gerrard, De- loris Hosey, Sandra Schrader, Rebecca McAllister, Beverly Berry, janet Gail Ladiner, Ruth Ann Shelton, Rose Ann Keeney, Princy Cook, Betty Lewis, Kay Kent, jean Parker. SITTING: Dorothy Whitaker, Suzanne Fletcher, Carolyn Lewis, Sponsor, Francis Coqhran, President, Doris Ladnier, Secre- tary-Treasurerg Billie Fay Carter, Vice-President, Brenda Baldwin. FIRST ROW: Illartha Gomez, Noailles Sarphie, Charlotte Hailey, Sara Gomez. Presidents Ree Thomas, Recording Secretary, Bev- erly Parrish, Vice-Presiderztg Elizabeth Donovan, Social Chairman, Elaine Sibley, Treasurer, Genie Davis, Corresponding Secretary: Alary Ann Coker. Rush Chairman, Dr. Hardin. SECOND ROW: Q .E R -11 r fs. -we W -- ,r Fw- I I PHI CHI THETA is a national professional fraternity for women enrolled in schools of business administration or commerce. Phi Chi Theta was organized to promote the cause of higher business education and training for all women, to foster high ideals for Women in business careers, to encourage fraternity and cooperation among Women preparing for such careers, and to stimulate the spirit of sacrifice and unselfish devotion to the attainment of such ends. Faye Bradley, Nell O'Neil, Pam Canfield, Betty Hewitt, Pay Som'- rners, Linda Pierce, Georeane Landrum, Margie Hawthorne, Mary jean Pigott, G. G. Moses, Faye Tullus, Medora Poole, Sylvia Tourne, Jeanie Murphy, Sharon Scruggs, Brenda Huggins, Cherry Rousse. I .X - 3 gl l Vi A Q 1 r Q I 3 I The SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT is the national organization of management people in industry, commerce, government and education. S.A.M. conducts and promotes scientific studies of the principles of organized effort in industrial and economic life. This aim is achieved through research, discussion, publications, and other appropriate means. Members of the University of Southern Mississippi Division of S.A.M. made a field trip to Inland Container Corporation in Hattiesburg during the Fall Quarter. Field trips furnish insights of the industrial world, offer members an opportunity to talk with leaders in business, and help acquaint industry with the University of Southern Mississippi. -nf S Q' S.A.M. MEMBERS-FIRST ROW: Aubrey Sanford, Sponsorg ley, David Green, Ralph Taylor, j. B. Pattison, Ken jordan. Judson Fidler, Louis Enslen, Clara jean Wilson, Stewart Ramsay, THIRD ROW: Max Huey, Roy Moore, Sr., Bill Geddie, Bobby Iohnnie Wright, Harry Wheeler. SECOND ROW: Ronald Sing- Regan, Raymond Davis, Paul Wimberly, Gerald Gilmore. S.A.M. OFFICERS-FRONT ROW: Stewart Ramsay, President, Paul Wirnberly, Vice-President. BACK ROW: David Green, Secretaryg Ken jordan, Recording Secretary, Raymond Davis, Treasurer. 7-55 DELTA SIGMA PI, professional business fraternity, is composed of business students who seek to enhance their knowledge through this association with others in the business field and unite them in brotherhood. Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universitiesg to encourage scholarship, social activity, and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice: to promote closer afliliation between the commercial world and students of commerce: and to foster the higher standards of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. The chapter professional program of speakers, tours, and business research is designed to provide the member with knowledge of his chosen field that cannot be gained in the classroom or from textbooks. Our social events are varied and plentiful, and include immediate plans for a Delta Sigma Pi house. High point of each social year is the Rose Dance and selection of a sweetheart from the Rose Court. ,un an-fhsn. ,,, ,577 list DELTA SIGMA PI OFFICERS: Gene St. Andrie, Treasurerg Don Combs, Historiang Steve Sims, Presidentg Ken Litton, Secretaryj Brad Castleberry, 2nd Vice-Presidentg Ken Sayers, lst,Vice-Presi- dentg Dr. joseph Hardin Clements, Faculty Advisor. Delta Sigma Pi Sweetheart is Mrs. Steve Sims. ION 9.56 MEMBERS-First Row: Thomas Charles Baldwin, Robert Preston Barham, William Larry Bess, Ulmer Bullock, jr., Bradley Castle- berry, Philipp Richard Crant, Donald Ray Combs. Second Row: Harvey C. Felts, Stanley Samuel Harris, jerry L. Maxey, john Allan Keith, William Marshall Kloss, II, Burrell W. Kyzar, Ken- neth Edward Litton, jr. Third Row: Douglas Chester Nietzel, Sam Kennedy Payne, john Franklin Pinnix, Mack Godman Pitts, jr., Stewart Holm Ramsey, jerry Ray Reed, Norma LeRoy Roche. Fourth Row: Clyde Rose, Kenneth john Sayers, Steve R. Sims, joseph Eugene St. Andrie, jerry Lyn Tharp, Richard Turpin, Robert F. Winland. Fifth Row: George Franklin Wright, jacob George Yuran. Kb' 1,--Q S A C fmt Q-- Q' N - 5-r 'N ii, of IW, wx. GR Ql..r uv--' XDR Q0 '1"""" was 43? Ex gg '41--A Q'-0 sqm -ng., bi ff?s 9' x 'K k -s . T' X ' in-if 7-57 'Vx m. . x .. ,V X mx 'XX' "'l-"J 1... .gy f i - I' X . au- M N.- raduates Business Administration Hg.. ' U , . 'QF ,X 5- - Q1--, FIRST ROW: bf BAKER McRIMMON, Marketing Birmingham, Ala. f LIOW fIEUN CHEN, Business Administration Republic of China M 'fist gi FRANK MARION EMERSON, JR., Management , ..,., ,L b ff' New Orleans, La. 'bs" f 9' 'N SECOND ROW.' THIRD ROW: GEORGE WESLEY LANGLY, Economics jOHN M. LOTT, IR., MBA IOHN PAUL NEWELL, Finance FOURTH' ROW: DOUGLAS CHESTER NIETZEL, KA, MBA ROBERT PARKER REGAN, Management JAMES HAROLD SHIVERS, Economics W' AQ , A51-S , ti . 1 'Zi M! 9' 552 ..,.. . N , 3353- :-- 241.014 , wif.. ,. . Qu FIFTH ROW: WAYNE CARL TAYLOR, IIKA, MBA I clon't believe she was wearing an ankle bracelet. YAN CHENG FU, Finance Bangkok, Thailand FENG REEN HUANG, Economies Taiwan, China IENG MING HWANG, Economies Taiwan, China Greenville Hattiesburg Kosciusko New York Wiggins Bassjield Laurel Semors Busmess Ad1I11H1StfHI1OH FIRST ROW CHARLES AUSTIN AINSWORTH Business Gulfport RAMON ARTURO ALB 4RRAN .Marketing Venezuela, S.A. fOSEPH DONALD ALFONSO Marketing Gulfport RAY ALLEN Marketing Pascagoula University Singers Deans List Highlanders Chorus BSU, Della Sigma Pi: President s List SECOND ROW AL E ANDREWS KIJKT Sales Manager McComb President of UAC Vice President of UAC Sophomore Senator, junior Senator,- Unwn Program Director Vice President of Yellow jackets: Delegate to SUSGA 1964 65 66' 67 SCOPE Delegate 64 65 66,' Associate justice of Student Court Chairman of SAVE. IOHN EARL ARMSTRONG Economics Laurel RONALD E BALZLI fIPKT Advertising Mobile, Ala. Yellow jackets Vice President of Pledge Class Chapter Corresponding Secretary. ROBERT PRESTON BARHAM Marketing Meridian University Singers Choral Union Wesley Foundation, Education chairman: Committee of I00 Pi Tau Ch: Dormitory Chazrmang Men's Ajairs Board, Secretary University Actzuztzes Council Delta Sigma Pi, Outstandin pledge, Secretary Collegiate Cwztans Vice President President, State overnor, Outstanding Service Award THIRD ROW I H BARNETT Personnel Mana ement Wa nesboro HARRY BAXTER General Business Sumrall CLARENCE R BELL Marketing jackson Pz Sigma Epsilon IOSEPH ANTHONY BELLANCA Marketing Passiac, N.j. P1 Sigma Epszlon FOURTH ROW LARRY WILLIAMS BESS General Business Delta Sigma P IANICE LANETTE BLOCKER Business LESTER LEE BOURNE .Marketing CHARLES R BOUTWELL Accounting Nash ville, Tenn. jackson fackson Newton FIFTH ROW IIM BOZEMAN EAE Industrial Management Wewahitchka I R BROWN fIJIxT Business Bay Springs HAROLD E BRUMFIELD fPIxT Marketing McComb President of Phi Kappa Tau Pledge Class 1964, Treasurer, '66, FRANCISCO j BUESO Business Guatemala City SIXTH ROW ULMER T BULLOCK jR Accounting Collins Business Fraternity Counczl Delta Sigma P1 Alpha Epsilon Alpha. CHARLES ELLIS BURNHAIVI General Business Magee POLLARD FORD BURRIS Accounting McComb IOHN MARION CALLIA Management New Orleans, La. SEVENTH ROW IAMES LARRY CAMERON Marketing Wiggins Pt Sigma Epsilon SAMUEL MARTIN CATFS Marketing Gulfport GUY IARVIS CHAPMAN fbIxT Industrial Managament Mobile, Ala. HAROLD HAVARD CLOPTON III Management Wesson MARY ANN COKER Economics Pensacola, Fla. Phz Chi Theta Newman Club. RONALD EDWARD COLE Marketing Biloxi Pi Sigma Epsilon, University Singers, Opera Workshop. GRADY FOREMAN COLEMAN, Nlanagement Gulfport WILLIAM GATES COLLINS. Foreign Trade New Orleans, La. Newman Club, Circle K I I I I I 3 1 1 I 1 1 1 J 1 1 J' J. J' . , . 1 D 1 , 1 J . 1 . . . f ,. ' ' ' ' 'D J I l J. I J l ,. I I n 1 , , I s 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 I I 1 J. 1 1 . i . . . i . . 1' . . . . 5 . 5 J , , , . , IOSEPH KE T 1 , g 31 Society for Advancement of Management. , , . ' J 1 I , 1 1 1. , . 1 Q . , l J 3 , . . . , , , h . - , . J ' 1 . I 1 I 1 -I 1 K1 I I J ,V J ff I, ' A 1 J J . , , I 1, 1 I J ' I 1 A 1 ll 'Vx 5- .X gl. 1 2-Y 11' 'N ' M - if-'M if f Q . .Nm :Fl QQ-L . a"x CX . s sl Q T' ' 1 1 1 .vpwizjr ' In I 1 Q W T Ln ' us' li tt 5 1 has I M fu-xxx '35 'Tw Q4 'Fx x 1- 'Y Ls C 15 9 Q, v ego AI I Yi. l vx .- dv a. w-..,. Q1 tcm.. ww N11-an 4? Q X SA 1. 'lv3if:2'l ,. IM IK , . x SX M5-x .X -. 2-V ' , , f. I S M W ' flew 5 Qu- - by Orr'-N. 2- vu., 51 I A 1 T2-Riaifizs sfix 544' 'iv- A Hrs 'bww .1 4, 3 4 H3 E1 ' '1 , p A.. X Y sa IR' . 4?-1. .' Q ull' U Qi ffl: jug V '- wr V In 4, 1 v y 'PJ . " ' -iii. -1' ., Mn.. Seniors Business Administration FIRST ROW: fOHN LOUIS COLLINS, Marketing jackson IOSEPH P. COMPRETTA, Finance Bay St. Louis CLINTON EARL CONERLY, fI1KT, Management Gulfport MAURA SHANNON COOK, General Business Pass Christian SECOND ROW: TIMOTHY ALBERT CORKRAN, Accounting Baltimore, Md. Dean's List, Alpha Epsilon Alpha. STEVE GAYLON COTHERN, Management fayess Dean's List. fOE EVERETTE CRAWFORD, Marketing Meridian Pi Sigma Epsilon. EARL IUNIOR CUEVAS, Marketing Gulfport Pi Sigma Epsilon. THIRD ROW: THOMAS IOSEPH CUSACK, Finance Pittsburgh, Penn. Rho Epsilon, Newman Club, Chorus, Intramurals. MARK B. DABBS, KE, Business Administration Meridian Seabbard and Blade, Southern Players. CLIFTON MOORE DAVIS, General Business Meridian DONALD RAY DAVIS, Marketing Poplaryillg Pi Sigma Epsilon. FOURTH ROW: IOHN f. DAVIS, Accounting Yazoo City Dean's List. LEE JARRELL DAVIS, Personnel Management Hattiesburg RAYMOND TRIPP DAVIS, IR., Industrial Management Natchez Newman Club,' Delta Sigma Pi, University Activities Council, Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer of the Society for the Advancement of Management. ROBERT LEE DAVIS III, Marketing Crystal Springs FIFTH ROW: GERALD ALAN DICKERSON, Business Management Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia, outstanding pledge, Kappa -Kappa Psi, outstanding Lucedale pledge, Dean's List, Assistant to the conductors, University orchestra, Symphonic Band,' Drum major, ROTC Band. DANIEL ,IOHN DIETRICK, Accounting Picayune Civitan Club, Newman Club, Golf Team, Dean's List. GERALD WILLIAM DIETRICK, Marketing Picayune ELIZABETH JOAN DONOVAN, Marketing Pensacola, Fla. Social Chairman of Phi Chi Theta, President of Southern Marketing Club, Hillcrest House Council, Newman Club. SIXTH ROW: RAYMOND GEORGE DRAKE, Industrial Management DeFuniak Springs, Fla. IERRY VANN DYESS, IIKA, Personnel and Industrial Mgt. Waynesboro Social Chairman and Intramural coach of Pi Kappa Alpha. PETER FRANK ECKDAHL, Marketing Princeton, Ill. Pi Sigma Epsilon. LYNN C. ELLIS, KA, Business Administration Arlington, Va. Kappa Delta Secretary, Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Senator, Dixie Darling, Dean's List. SEVENTH ROW: JOHN BROOKS EMOKY III, ATSZ, Finance Birmingham, Ala. LOUIS PHILIP ENSLEN, IR., Personnel Relations Meridian Society for the Advancement of Management. IAMES jOHN EVANS III, EIDE, Personnel Management Bay Springs HARVEY C. FELTS, Marketing Pascagoula Dean's List, Yellow jackets, Delta Sigma Pi. EIGHTH ROW: CHARLES DANIEL FIANTACA, Management Summit IUDSON WOODWARD FIDLER, Industrial Management Mobile, Ala. Highlanders Bagpipe Band, Society for Advancement of Management. THOMAS WALTER FINCHER, Business Mobile, Ala. 7,60 JOHN HOWARD FLOWERS, Accounting Hattiesburg Seniors Business Administration FIRST ROW.' PERCY WAYNE FOLKS, Personnel Management JOE DALE FORTENBERRY, General Business BARRY FRANZINO, IR., Marketing President of Business Fraternity Council, President of Pi EDWARD D. FREEMAN, Accounting SECOND ROW: AMES CARROLL GARVIN Accountin I , g Member of Alpha Sigma Alpha and Delta Sigm BILLY IOE GEDDIE, Industrial Management Bougalusa Hattiesburg Passaic, N.j. Sigma Epsilon. Natchez Laurel a Pi. Laurel IOHN GERALD GILMORE, Personnel Management Durant Sigma Alpha Mu. GEORGE F. GODWIN, Accounting THIRD ROW: DONALD EDWARD GOLDMAN, Accounting Meridian Mobile, Ala. MICHAEL AUSTIN GORE, ATS2, Business Administration CLARENCE RICHARD GRANT, Accounting PHILIPP RICHARD GRANT, Accounting Delta Sigma Pi. FOURTH ROW.' BILLY N. GREEN, Management Hattiesburg Selma, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg DAVID PAUL GREEN, Management New Orleans, La. Corresponding Secretary of Society for the Advancement of Management: Newman's Club: Deanis List: Regional Merit Scholarship. WALTER WARREN GREENE, Management Dean's List. CECIL THOMAS GUNTER, Management FIFTH ROW: WILLARD GLENWOOD HALL, Marketing Moss Point Soso Tampa, Fla. GEORGE BARRY HALLIDAY, Industrial Management Bay Minette, Ala. HUBERT VERNON HARLESS, Accounting Panama City, Fla. ATLEE O. HARMON, Accounting Dean's List,' President's List. ROBERT LESLIE HARRIS, Marketing Historian and Publicity Chairman for Pi Sigma STANLEY SAMUEL HARRIS, Management Morton Tupelo Epsilon. Hattiesburg Delta Sigma Pi: Commander of Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade. CLAUDE PETE HAYS, Accounting Memphis, Tenn. "ToCp Five Freshmenug Phi Eta Sigma,' Proctor: Rho Eta Sigma,-Treasurer M lub,' Secretary Varsity Baseball: Men's Ajairs Board: Westminster Fel- lowship: Treasurer of Kappa Alpha Pledge Class. GARY W. HEARD, Marketing Biloxi SEVENTH ROW: ROBERT ALTON HERRINCTON, Business Administration Columbia Yellow jackets. BETTY W. HEWITT, Marketing Aleadville Phi Chi Theta. GORDON DALE HILL. Illarketing Tupelo Phi Sigma Epsilon. IACKSON D. HINTON, General Business New Augusta EIGHTH ROW: LESLIE B. HINTON, Ofce Management Escatawpa RAYMOND WESTON HOLDER, Alarketing Natchez BSU, Financial Chairman, Pi Sigma Epsilon. O. DAVID HOLLINGSWORTH, Accounting Raleigh IAMES RILEY HOOD III, Accounting jackson Southwestern Executive Sales Club, Treasurer Yrs- fa G' 4 Qi 'byvv ,YN .A vs- fr ' 29 Si A is is E' XX eu- .1- " x 0- 1 . A. , i lls iff X' .,s15,, 4234 ' gi '.tL3f" -I 1 V Ti" .- 9 294' 41 'H-r an 'r-g' 2 X' 4-2 K. 'QR X s 'lib ,ew .--4. A-'Us 2.67. Seniors Business Administration FIRST ROW: LOUIS RONALD HOWARD, Management Picayune WILSON C. HUDSON, Personnel Administration jackson DONALD MAX HUEY, Personnel Management Little Rock NOBLE KNOWLES HURDLE, Accounting Union Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Treasurer: Wesley Foundation, President and Treasurer: Alpha Phi Omega. SECOND ROW: DON ALLEN HURST, HKT, Personnel and Industrial Management Laurel DANIEL WESLEY jEFCOAT, Accounting Soso jAMES L. jEFCOAT, Accounting Sosa DENNIS PAUL jONES, Industrial Management Yazoo City THIRD ROW: jACQ,UELINE GALBREATH jONES, Accounting Union Church Dean's List,' Presidenfs List: Alpha Lambda Delta: Alpha Epsilon Alpha. KENNETH SHELTON jONES, Management jackson GERALD ALEX KASOUICH, Marketing Biloxi Pi Sigma Epsilon. THOMAS WAYNE KENNEY, Economics jennings, Mo. FOURTH ROW.' CHARLES ESTUS KEYS, Accounting Collins WANDA jO KILGORE, Secretarial Training Hazelhurst GARY LEE KOCHERSPERGER, Marketing Roslyn, Penn. Varsity Basketball, Co-captain fseniorj: Westminster Fellowship: Athletic Dormitory Representative: "M" Club. W. BURRELL KYZAR, Marketing Monticello Delta Sigma Pi: President of Southwestern Executive Sales Club. FIFTH ROW: jOHN EDWARD LADNER, Finance jIMMY LANCASTER, Management LOUIS jOHN LARTIGUE, Personnel and Indsutrial Management Mobile, Ala. Scabbard and Blade: DMS Award in ROTC. Bay St. Louis Mobile, Ala. jOHNNY W. LAURENT, Industrial Management Natchez SIXTH ROW: jUDITH CAROLYNN LEE, AAA, Accounting Greenville Student Court justice: President of Phi Delta Rho: Pi Tau Chi: Treasurer of Delta Delta Delta: Dean's List,' Freshman Counselor: SCOPE Delegate: Treasurer of SGA. LUTHER GAY LEE, Marketing Hattiesburg BURTON O. LEWIS, Management Florence BILLY WAYNE LOTT, Accounting Hattiesburg SEVENTH ROW: MARK L. LOWREY, jR., KZ, Marketing Hattiesburg President of SGA: President of Omicron.Delta Kappa: President. of Student Senate: Executive Assistant to SGA President: Election Commissioner: Chzef justice of Student Court: Sophomore and Freshman Senator and.V1ce Presi- dent: Delegate to Mississippi Intercollege Councils Southern University Stu- dent Government Association: Youth Congress: Vice Chairman of SCOPE.' Dean's List,' Parliamentarian of Yellow jackets: Kappa Sigma: Guard, Rush Chairman: IFC Representative: SGA Carnet. RONALD L. McCABE, Business Administration' Gloster IAMES C. McDONALD, jR., KPKT, D Industrial and Personnel Management Mobile, Ala. Secretary of Phi Kappa Tau: SAM. jIMMY DALE McGUIRE, Marketing Lyman Pi Sigma Epsilon. EIGHTH ROW: WAYNE RICHARD McKENZIE, General Business Hattiesburg DON VALTON McKINLEY, General Business Laurel HAROLD ALBERT McLEOD, Business Management Ovett FRED KIRK McNEEL, Marketing New Orleans, La. Seniors Business Administration FIRST ROW: ROLAND CECIL McRAE, Business Management Pascagoula Dean's List: Letter USM Football. RICHARD WAYNE MAES. EAE, Marketing Palos Height, Ill. Rush Chairman,' Chaplain. SIDNEY E. MALONE, Industrial liflanagernent Hattiesburg RICHARD CLARK MARBLE, Business Management Vicksburg SECOND ROW: GERALD R. MARTIN, Accounting Raleigh BILLY GEORGE MASHBURN, Marketing Mobile, Ala. Pi Sigma Epsilon. IUSTO ELIAS MATHEWS, Foreign Trade Venezuela ION MURRAY MATTHEWS, Marketing jackson Baptist Student Unions Collegiate Civitan. THIRD ROW: EDMUND SOUCHON MAYATTE, Accounting Gulfport HENRY D. IUESSER, IR., Finance Columbia JOE MIDDLEBROOK, Accounting Meridian Alpha Epsilon Alpha. BOBBY DON MILLER, Accounting Monticello FOURTH ROW: TERRY MILLER, Accounting Alpha Epsilon Alpha. DONALD LEIGH MOORE, Accounting Alpha Epsilon Alpha. jOHN HARVEY MOORE, Accounting ROY NEWTON MOORE, Personnel Management Lambert Pen and Sword, President, President's List,' Dean's List. Ocean Springs San Antonio, Texas Miami, Fla. FIFTH ROW: ,IOHN BOURNE MORROW, Banking and Finance Pass Christian Rho Eta Sigmag Sailing Club. DWIGHT BAXTER NELSON, Es!!-E, General Business Shellingoille, Tenn. Pledge Secretary: Vice President: Rush Chairman: Varsity Cheerleader: IFC Representative, Yellow jackets. fAMES RAY NETTLES, Personnel Management Tylertown NELL R. O,NEAL, Marketing Perkinston SIXTH ROW: IOSEPH Z. PAIR, Marketing Pensacola, Fla. Pi Sigma Epsilon: Dean's List. HAROLD EDWARD PARKER, BAE, Finance Wiggins WALLACE FREEMAN PARKER, General Business Hattiesburg AQUILES SEGUNDO PARRA, Marketing Maracaibo, Venezuela SEVENTH ROW: BEVERLY SUZANNE PARRISH, Marketing jackson Phi Chi Theta, Secretary, Vice Presidents Secretary of Southern Marketing Club. IAMES ALAN PARRISH, KE, Marketing St. Petersburg, Fla. FRANK GEORGE PATES Mafketin ' ' , , I , l . g Biloxi Sigma Omicron Sigma, Presidentf Sigma Pi Epsilon, Treasurer. JOHN BARKLEY PATTISON III, Management Key West, Fla. Bagpipe Band, Drill Teamy Sailing Club,' ROTC Rangers: Dean's List: Society for Advancement of Management. EIGHTH ROW: SAM KENNEDY PAYNE, Accounting New Orleans, La. DAVID E. PEARCE, Alanagement lllobile, Ala. WALTER THOMAS PENNINGTON, .Marketing Gulfport Pi Sigma Epsilon, Secretary. VAULTER BRENT PERRY, Marketing Pascagoula Alpha Phi Omega, Vice President, Pledge Trainer: University Activity Com- mittee, Vice Presidents Scabbard- and Blades Yellow jackets: Phi Beta Lambda: P1 Sigma Epsilon. 7. ix M Y X 5 if IT. KX Ov' Q .Y- at Qu., , 1 if , ,,.., 'Vx L- Q.. E- 1? -sg- sb X -.x X. x 0 'Vi x. gk., cb, L- g- -Qs. Qs 'rs' Z.: L l rw-'R Qw- Qs.,- S Drift 7112" 'ix .tits X... ! sun-S., , ...Ns -- .1 I QC gr. p fi- J, 1 fi .Ex . uf QXM, M 5 Cv ly ' 'W ' . an... YM' sa- wc. m 5' V K I 4 ig, W tm .N ' " gp-V 'Vw 'sf- Nr'-,f iv -is ik- '55 7 u--fe A 'v V . as L- 1 s Q-ms, Pl! . 'U' 1 ,.... 164 Seniors Business Administration JAMES RICHARD PHILLIPS, Marketing Brookhaven Yellow Jackets. JOHN FRANKLIN PINNIX, Business Administration Long Beach Delta Sigma Pi. BENTON CLYDE PITTS, Accounting Ellisville MACK GODMAN PITTS, JR., Management Crystal Springs Delta Sigma Pi. SECOND ROW: WILLIAM MONROE POGUE, Marketing Laurel CARROLL CURTIS POSEY, Accounting Brookhaven BSU. EDWARD THOMAS POST, Real Estate New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Pig Collegiate Civitan. HERBERT OZETT PRVITT, Management Collinsville THIRD ROW: JAMES O'CONNOR RABBY, Management Wiggins STEWART HOLM RAMSAY, PKT, Industrial Management Pascagoula Delta Sigma Pi,' Business Fraternity Council,' Society for Advancement ol Management, Presidentg Dean's List. RAY DOUGLAS RAY, JR., General Business Mobile, Ala. GERALDINE REEVES, Accounting McComb FOURTH ROW: JOE SHANNON RICH, General Business Lumberton JOHN C. RICHARDSON, Marketing Biloxi Pi Sigma Epsilon, President. JOHN C. ROBSON, KZ, Accounting Natchez RALPH PHILIP ROMERSHAUSER, Finance New Orleans, La. FIFTH ROW: CHARLES THOMAS ROSE, Finance Greenwood CLYDE D. ROSS, KE, Accounting Meridian Delta Sigma Pig Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Social Chairman, Presidentg Scabbard and Blade. LESLIE M. ROSS, Accounting Wiggins JOHN WESLEY RUSHING, Personnel Management Tylertown SIXTH ROW: MILLS SPENCER SAVAGE, JR., Marketing Waveland Pi Sigma Epsilon: President of USM Rifle Team. Pistol and Shotgun Club,- GCJC Golf Team,' Tennis Team: BJC Associate Justice. JOHN WAYNE SCARBOROUGH, Accounting Gulfport JUSTIN C. SCHAFFER, Industrial and Personnel Management Mobile, Ala. Yellow Jackets, Advanced ROTC, Dennis Lisp, DAVID ARTHUR SCHERBARTH, Accounting U Milwaukee, Wis. Alpha Epsilon Alphag Dean's List. SEVENTH ROW: HOWARD WILSON SCHLEGEL, Management New Orleans, La. DAVID McKEAND SCHLICHTER, General Business Mobile, Ala. Pi Sigma Epsilon. THOMAS F. SEEFELD, Insurance Laurel GEORGE EDWARD SEYMOUR, Marketing Biloxi Pi Sigma Epsilon. EIGHTH ROW: HELEN ELAINE SIBLEY, Marketing Pensacola Southern Marketing Club, Vice President? Phi Chi Theta, Treasurer and Representative of Business Fraternity Council: Newman Clubg Women's Afairs Board: Vice House Chairman of Hillcrest: Dean's List. RICHARD STEVE SIMS, Marketing Bay Springs Delta Sigma Pi. RICHARD WAYNE SKELTON, Management Enterprise DAVID GLENN SMITH, Accounting Roxie Business Administration FIRST ROW: EDDIE LEE SMITH, Industrial and Personnel Management Vicksburg RONALD KEITH SMITH, Management Picayune JERRY LYNN SPEIGHTS, Management Columbia Yellow jackets. ROGER HARVEY STAFFORD, EAE, Industrial Management Houston, Texas Eminent Warden, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Interfraternity Council. SECOND ROW: IOSEPH EUGENE ST. ANDRIE, Accounting Ocean Springs Delta Sigma Pi. GARY LOWRANCE STATON, Business Administration Hattiesburg IIMMY NEIL STEWART, Accounting Collins ED WARD BOWEN STOLLENWERCK, Management Montgomery, Ala. THIRD ROW: fOHN CURRAN STRECKFUS, Management New Orleans, La. THOMAS M. SUMRALL, fR., Industrial Management Purvis CLAUDE DENNIS SWITZER, General Business Ocean Springs CHARLES R. TAYLOR, IIJKT, Finance Biloxi Social Chairman, Secretary, Pledge Class, Advanced ROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Young Republicans. FOURTH ROW: RALPH RUSSELL TAYLOR, Industrial Management Monroe, La. Society for the Advancement of Management. IAMES PAUL THOMAS, QPKT, Business Administration Tampa, Fla. Pledge Master of Phi Kappa Tau. Seniors MARY SUSAN THURMAN, Accounting Collins HARRY RICHARD TURPIN, Marketing Mobile, Ala. Delta Sigma Pi. FIFTH ROW: JOHN THOMAS TUSO, ATS2, Marketing Vineland, NJ. GLENN EDWARD WALKER, Personnel Management Laurel DONALD LEROY WALL, Management Gillsburg LEIGH ANTHONY WALLACE, Marketing Meadville Pi Sigma Epsilon, Dean's List, Business Fraternity Council. SIXTH ROW: GAREY DALE WALTERS, Finance Laurel THURMAN GEORGE WALTON, IR., Personnel Management Union IACK DOUGLAS WARD, Marketing Columbia IOHN F. WATKINS, IR., Industrial Management Laurel, Dela. USM Marching Band: Symphonic Wind Ensemble: Concert Band: Rho Eta Sigma: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Society for the Advancement of Management: Distinguished Military Student. SEVENTH ROW: ,IOSEPH ERNEST WEBB, Personnel Management Long Beach CHARLES F. WELSH, Management Pensacola, Fla. HARRY LOUIS WHEELER, .Management Biloxi Society for the Advancement of Management. JAMES WARREN WILKERSON, Accounting Hattiesburg EIGHTH ROW: MARVIN HOWARD WILLIAMS, Marketing Summit Pi Sigma Epsilon. GLEN M. WILSON, CIPKT, Management Alilton, Fla. ROBERT F. WINLAND, Marketing Biloxi Delta Sigma Pig Pi Sigma Epsilon. JAMES RULON WINSTEAD, General Business Raleigh 4 ww X -vs, I E 1:71 ' Qs L- 0- ' .E F 1 L X A X Seniors Business Administration HAROLD EDWARD WOOD, ATSZ, Finance Pensacola, Fla. Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer. IOEL L. WOODS, IIKA, Marketing Kosciusko IACOB GEORGE YURAN, Accounting Pittsburgh, Pa Delta Sigma P1,' Alpha Epsilon Alphag Business Fraternity Council, Secretary: Treasurer: Newman Federation. CHARLES PATRICK MURPHY, Marketing Valley Station, N.Y. K w I 0 1 vf 1 -ff, ' -in if ff Z A ' 'M . tiff ,, - , f -3 ,g,15:.-it , ' 1j',v-gj,,r '4f .1,fqK.,a '4 . w .: up ,, 'wr 4 . , ' 1' . ', P 1. ,M V I YH V - , s ' la 79? 42i'...:',g-'si 3 5.3 if 1 t Yeah, I believe everybody oughta take accounting . . . at lel15t once. Maybe twice. ' ',fg:',fjjf'2'fwfZff, ff V' W ,, Mn, ff, 9.66 uniors FIRST ROW: j. RONNIE ALLEN, Marketing Magnolia EDWARD KENNY ALMAN, Marketing Quitman THONIAS FRANKLIN ALPIN, Economics Hattiesburg MARY jUDITH BALL, Business Education Hattiesburg HARRY COLE BARNES, Industrial Management Louisville SECOND ROW: DON F. BARRON, Finance Pascagoula jAMES OLEN BAUCUM, General Business Newton CLATIS BECTON, Management Bucatunna FREDDY BURDINE, KE, Personnel Management Fulton IOHN GERARD BERGINER, Economics Ocean Springs THIRD ROW: WILLIAM CARL BERRY, Marketing Columbia ALEXANDER A. BERTOLLA, General Business Mobile, Ala. LINDA jEAN BRADNER, Accounting Pensacola, Fla. RAY DEAN BRALAND, Management Wiggins TERREL HARLYN BRELAND, Personnel Management Picayune FOURTH ROW: GARY LEE BROWN, Marketing Tupelo EUGENE PATRICK BROWN, Management Meridian WAYNE SHERMAN BULLOCK, Marketing Prentiss jOE L. CARTER, Business Administration jackson MELBA 1ANE CHAMBERLAIN, Accounting Grenada FIFTH ROW: jAMES TERRY CHANEY, ATO, Business Tupelo OLIVER AUSTIN CLAIR, Accounting Laurel jOHN T. CLARK, Marketing Saint Mary's, Pa. jOE MACK CLEARMAN, General Business Sumrall ROBERT DONALD CLEVELAND, Accounting Hickory SIXTH ROW: jAMES ALLEN COLE, Accounting Prentiss GEORGE H. CONSTANCE, Management Pensacola Fla. jAMES ROLAND COVINGTON, jR., Business Administration Meridian WAYNE MORRIS CROWDER, Accounting Picayune PAUL SIDNEY DAVIS, Business Administration Business Administration jackson SEVENTH ROW: ALTON THEODORE DAVIS, Accounting and Commercial Science Hattiesburg ,IOSEPH S. DEMERANVILLE III, Personnel Management Mobile, Ala. TOM C. DICKERSON, Management Melrose Park, Ill. STEVE WENDELL DUNCAN, Business Administration jackson jAMES P. DUNN, Management Washington, D.C. EIGHTH ROW: MICHAEL WILTON ENGELL, Accounting Meridian ROY SIDNEY EWER, Accounting Clarksdale DALE WOODSON FARRIOR, Personnel Management Waynesboro GERALD LOY FLYNT, Management Moss Point WADE SHERMAN GENTRY, Business Management Yazoo City NINTH ROW: DOROTHY LA VELLE GIBSON, Accounting Lucedale WILEY WILFORD GIEGOR, General Business Hattiesburg STANLEY LEROY GIBSON, Finance Popularville DANNY PAUL GORDON, Marketing Meridian ELWYN D. GUERNSEY, Management Pensnnnzn, Fin. D. :RQ thx L 'Fi .C N 'sf T.. 'w-.- 'VH V' if I In 1711111 A ' 2 Q.. , ,.. 93, " p - sq G- . 5' - 7' I L is t' sv! 67 Q uniors Business Administration FIRST ROW: FRED S. HADDAD, EAE, Management Pascagoula DAVID HAROLD HALLE, Personnel Management Pinola WILLIAM TIMOTHY HAND, General Business Newton CLAUD VERN HARRIS, General Business Natchez LANE GRIFFITH HASKEW, Acacia, Accounting Jackson, Ala. SECOND ROW: EARL EUGENE HENSLEY, JR., Accounting Gulfport RALPH HERMAN HERRIN, JR., Marketing Collins BRELON C. HILL, EAE, Accounting St. Petersburg, Fla. LINDA NEU HINTON KA, Business Education Petal DON H. HOLIFIELD, Finance S050 THIRD ROW: RONNIE J. HOLMES, Accounting Hattiesburg WILLIAM FRANKLIN HORNE, JR., Accounting Laurel DAVID HENDERSON HUGHLEY, Marketing Meridian JO ANN HYMEL, Marketing New Orleans, La. ARNOLD JACKSON, Marketing Meridian FOURTH ROW: DONALD JACKSON, Marketing Meridian RONALD JACKSON, Marketing Meridian ALLEN CRAIG JEFCOAT, Industrial Management Moss Point KENNETH RAY JORDAN, Management Philadelphia RICHARD RAY KEETON, Marketing Morton FIFTH ROW: LAWRENCE WOODROW KERN, Management jackson RAY E. KIDD, Management Bay St. Louis ROBERT WARREN KNIGHT, Finance Gulfport GARY DAVID LADNER, Finance Bay St. Louis ALAN E. LaROSE, Finance New Orleans, La. SIXTH ROW: FRANK A. LASTROGIOVANNI, Business New Orleans, La. RANDY F. LAWRENCE, Business Administration Gulfport WILLIE RAY LAWSON, Accounting Flomaton, Ala. JAMES HERRON LEE, Marketing Kokomo EDWARD K. LITTON, JR., Accounting Birmingham, Ala. SEVENTH ROW: GARY LEE LUKENS, Finance Hattiesburg MACK GREG. McCAFFREY, Accounting Monticello TOMMY F. McDANIEL, KE, Accounting Columbia GREGORY V. McDOUGALL, Business Management Magnolia DONALD PAUL McDOWELL, Management Pensacola, Fla. EIGHTH ROW: ALBERT CALVIN MCLAND, Business Administration Stringer HORACE W. McNEAL, Finance Baton Rouge, La. THOMAS GELLISPIE McRAE, Business Management Meridian PEGGY MALONE, AEA, General Business Gulfport GEORGE C. MARTIN, Acacia, Accounting Summit NINTH ROW: ROBERT ERNEST MASON, Industrial Management Newton JAMES GEORGE MONSOUR, Marketing Vicksburg RICHARD PAUL MORAN, Marketing Gulfport GLENN FARRELL MORRIS, Management Jackson WILLIAM AUBREY MORROW, Business Management Jackson uniors Business Administration FIRST ROW: BOBBY RAY MYERS, Accounting Magee RICHARD G. O'MAR, Accounting Gulfport FRANKLIN DANIEL OVERMAN, Business Management Pascagoula HENRY PETER PARKER, Management Biloxi MICHAEL WAYNE PARKER, EAE, Marketing Laurel SECOND ROW: ALEX W. PARKS, Marketing Enterprise ROY AUSTIN PATRICK, Accounting Forest RICHARD GLEN PATTERSON, Accounting Forest LOIS ANN PECKHAM, General Business Purvis NATALIE MARIE PETERS, IIBII1, Finance jackson THIRD ROW: KAY LINDA PIERCE, Accounting Petal PENNY JO POTTS, Business Goodman ROGER DALE POULOS, KE, Marketing Biloxi BARBARA ANN POWELL, Accounting Gulfport MELVIN LOUIS POWELL, Accounting Fox Worth FOURTH ROW: DANIEL CHARLES QUICK, Management Collins FRANKLIN CLARK RADER, Accounting Wiggins DOUGLAS ROBERT REDFIELD, Business Administration Wiggins JERRY RAY REED, Economics and Accounting Utica CHARLEY EARL RHODES, Personnel Management Bay St. Louis FIFTH ROW: JOHN THOJUAS ROGERS, Accounting Moss Point ROBERT LYNN ROSE, General Business Duck Hill JAMES DA VID ROSS, Marketing Meridian REID M. RUSHING, JR., Marketing Tylertown CLIFFORD SMITH RUSSELL III, Management Mississippi City SIXTH ROW: EDWARD J. RYDER, Marketing Lynn, Mass. DOUGLAS LYNN SALLEY, Business Administration Houma, La. TERRY P. SCAFIDI, Management Bay St. Louis RODNEY HAYWARD SESSIONS, Business Signal Mt., Tenn. DENNY GEORGE SHOWS, General Business Laurel SEVENTH ROW: JAMES F. SHOWS, Marketing Pass Christian RONALD LEE SINGLEY, Personnel Management Meridian DELOS A. SIMMONS, Marketing Magnolia JUDITH ANN SKINNER, General Business Gulfport CHARLES THOMAS SLATER, Accounting Utica EIGHTH ROW: GEORGE DANIEL SMITH, KA, Business Jackson RITA KAY SMITH, Secretarial Training Jackson PATRICIA SUE SOMMERS, AEA, Marketing Pascagoula, Fla. WAYNE DEWITT SPITCHLEY, Personnel Management Hazelhurst TERRY STANFORD, Finance Hattiesburg NINTH ROW: HARMON GARY STEWART, Management Hattiesburg JOHN DOUGLAS STONE, ATQ, Marketing Laurel JAMES EDWARD TATUM, Personnel Management Waynesboro THORVALD J. TESTMAN, Business Pensacola, Fla. JERRY LYN THARP, Accounting Hattiesburg .15 if -we-D ix E 'Q -vv'-v I N ith-:WSF .fs ,Y ""'Q 'Ui if . 5' L ,, X4 :rs s A A wg Q isa- i t M851 X I . .,,.,,,, J N His f 'S'-3' -ss- irq,-uv-3 uniors Business Administration FIRST ROW: RONNIE EARL THAXTON, Accounting Liberty TOMMY DOUGLAS THORNTON, Accounting Raleigh DAVID FLOYD TRAVIS, Personnel Management Picayune .IAMES ALEXANDER TRUSSEL, General Business Hattiesburg ROBERT SAMUEL TUMEY, Accouuting Liberty SECOND ROW: DELPHINE E. VOSS, Business Education Natchez FRED KOLB WAGNER, Management Pensacola, Fla. AUGUST MARTIN WALCHAK, IR., Marketing Roselle, NJ. JERRY LEN WALKER, Business Gulfport RAYMOND WARD, jR., Accounting Hattiesburg THIRD ROW: PATRICK JOSEPH WARE, Management Hattiesburg .IOSEPH RONALD WETZEL, Business Administration Biloxi BETTY WHITE, Business Administration jackson ROBERT f. WHITE, Management Harrington Park, Nj. EDWIN IAMES WICKER, IR., Marketing Smithdale FOURTH ROW: WILLIAM GERALD WIGINGTON, General Business Pinola CAROLYN LYNN WOLFE, General Business Smithdale WILLIAM WARREN WOMACK, Business Utica KENNETH ALLEN WOODRUFF, Personnel Management Yazoo City WILLIAM j. CONNER, Hattiesburg Sophomores Business Adm1n1strat1on FIRST ROW: LILIA MARTHA GOMEZ Bogota, Colombia WILLIAM F. GREEN, IR. Warner Robins, Ga. ,IUMEL THAMES HICKS Natchez DAVID EVANS KEAN ROBERT H. KNOWLES Hattiesburg Corpus Christi, Tex. SECOND ROW: PATRICK H. McNULTY H. HUGH NELSON Pine Bluf, Ark. Yazoo City LILLIAN DARLENE O'BRYAN Mobile, Ala. NANCY E. WELLS, QM jackson It IS for the Frosh to question, but . . . really.' 170 . . :il :ll I ,, x Q. S ws '-ue- s:'3"k-' Oh great Fly Trap. And let there be a Merry Christmas. Mr. Hunter Thinketh. -fs Il ,av 'I 1 Q J e" - U'uunml N and 2.71 .,-ga"5 DEAN CARL L. McQ,UAGGE Dr. john Douglas Alcorn Virginia Alexander Dr. Conrad Allen Dr. Elizabeth Antley Sam Anzalone Nancy Baker Mabel Baldwin Dr. Harry Barker Dr. jack Basham Dr. james Baxter Dr. Annelle Bonner Dr. Herman Boroughs W. O. Brantley Fred Brown Alarianne Brown Dr. Zed Burns Dr. Claude Campbell james Carpenter Larry Christensen Willie Earl Cooley Donna Conerly jean Arnold Crowder Dr. Lena DeGrummond Dr. Henry Easterling Willie Ewell joan Falsone Madeline Flynt john M. Frazier Dr. Lena Y. Gough Rader Grantham Dr. Eric Gunn Dr. Kenneth Gutsch Clijord Hagenson Ernest Harrington Sylvia Henington Lee Hildman 2.72 Dr. Clarence Holden Dr. Malcomb Huckabee Dr. Alax E. Hunter M. C. johnson Dr. David Knight Dr. Sherij Knight Dr. Norvin Landskov Carolyn Lewis Dr. james Douglas Lowe Dr. Aubrey Lucas Dr. Herbert Eugene Lucy Dr. C. E. McCarver Dr. Robert McDavid Dr. Carl MeQuagge Dr. james McPhail Dr. james H. Mailey Dr. Thomas S. Martin Charles Mauldin MA JORS Psychology Architectural Drafting Corrective Therapy Industrial Arts Library Science Biology Business Education Chemistry Economics English French General Science General Speech , 1 ., I fx '4 r .L'.- ,,,, 1 Geography hug" 7,2-'v,'14z, 'fa'-f1a-, 'A German 1 History Recreation Ojice Management Executive Secretarial Studies The school of EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY 1S the UD1VCfS1ty s largest Its pnmary funct1on 1S to prepare teachers for pubhc schools Emphasxs IS placed on the 1nd1v1dual to msure that he 1S well versed ln the partrcular area IH wh1ch he 1S preparmg to teach The huge respons1b1l1ty of educatmg and gu1d1ng Amenca s youth IS stressed to encourage the student to constantly strlve for excellence In add1t1on to the teacher educat1on programs, the school operates programs 1n several other areas They rnclude psychology hbrary sc1ence, recreatron and archltectural draftmg 1 ' HI H Mr lu MINI' 11 .fmllllll " iiffliil Vx - ..4 ,glu- 'Aff'- FRONT ROW: Mr. M. H. Rabin, Advisor: janice Archer, Secre- tary: Dale Nowell, Vice-President: Fred Richardson, President PI OMEGA PI, Alpha Sigma chapter, was founded April 27, 1940, on our campus, which was then Mississippi Southern College. lt is a business education honor society with the purpose of encouraging interest and promoting scholarship in business education. Pi Omega Pi also strives to foster high ethical standards in business and professional life among teachers, to encourage civic responsibility, and to teach the ideal of service as the basis of all worthy enterprise. 174 N X Ns vel . f' QNX , if ' X3 ev Lee K. Hildman, Benji Midelleton. SECOND ROW: jimmy Snow- den, Peyton Graves, Gary Candy, Don Hinton, 1. Donald Matherne. FIRST ROW.' Anna Faye Kelley, Historian: Diane Mosley, .Secre- taryg Frances Risher, Treasurer: Phyllis Kelley, Vzce-Preszdentj Gloria Taylor, President. SECOND ROW.' Miss Mabel Baldwin, Faculty Advisor: Rebecca McAllister, Frances Cochran, Mrs. Donna Conerly, Facultyg Sue Dueitt, Miss Frances Rech, Faculty! D7- Annelle Bonner, Facultyg Miss Evelyn Ewell, SPOYUOT- l at if n ,,,.,.....,,.m. .tw-ff, If ,T -' I- , .Maj , ,Mm PSI CHI, the national honor society in psychology, is an afliliate of the American Psychological Association. Founded in 1929, Psi Chi now boasts 146 chapters in 46 states. The USM chapter was organized in 1963. The purpose of Psi Chi is to advance the science of psychology, and to encourage and maintain scholarship and high standards of the individual members in all fields of endeavor. . , ,, , ,... , 2 F - i I I 1 ,ss r ,I KAPPA DELTA PI, an honorary educational society, stresses high professional, intellectual, and personal standards in the field of education. Its members, who have attained specific academic qualiiications, represent students interested in education as a vocation. ' .1- v-A-an .11 .aa tx K- fi 'F f- X fr v .. s . 5 K .ti L -. ,. Q-Qwsf, -ix Q . J . . A x .f f ' , 3 X . 5 2453, bv- wb skis 1 fy- X 'QF ibn' ,,.,.-we ,Sal G. .gg-5 T .PLN K 'sf . ,Q v 'inf J 'ri is 4 V- I ,.a,'77 gui 4,11-r rv r 4 "J QT? -.,-.X ' 1,-41' Xxx il A , SW 2 'UR ' i' Q ., M 3 ' R ' R NBL Qu' aww- Qw- 1T""v- ,Q K'- 'is--f 7.76 Graduates Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: LOUISE MAYFORD ANDERSON, Elementary Education Columbia JOHN NEAL BARRON, Recreation Atmore, Ala, RALPH LANE BURROUGHS, Guidance Forest MICHAEL JAMES DAUGHRILL, Physical Education Richton SECOND ROW: RONALD LOUIE DUBOIS, Reading Jonesboro, La. PATRICIA B. EMERSON, Guidance Brookhaven SARA GOMEZ, School Administration Bogota, Colombia, S.A. WELDON HATCHER, Guidance Hattiesburg THIRD ROW: RONALD LEE HOLIFIELD, Health and Physical Education Laurel RAYMOND FLOYD HOPPER, Guidance Hattiesburg PAUL D. IRBY, Guidance State Line JUDITH ANN JONES, KA, Business Education DeWisle FOURTH ROW: ELSWORTH KEEN II, Physical Education Pahokee, Fla. PHYLLIS GWENDOLYN KELLEY, Business Education Hattiesburg LINDA JEAN LANGFORD, Physical Education Centerville, Ala. EUNICE HALL MAGEE, Reading Bogalusa, La. FIFTH ROW: RITA JAMIS MASHLOURN, Psychology Morton JOSEPH DONALD MATHERNE, Psychology New Orleans, La. WILLIAM ROY MOORE, JR., Education Administration, Principalship Ft. Worth, Texas STANLEY PHILIP ORVIS, Guidance Lynn Haven, Fla. SIXTH ROW: DAVID L. PAYNE, Education Administration Gulfport BOBBY NORMAN POSEY, Guidance Counseling Philadelphia BETH ANN RICHEY, Giudance and Counseling Bridgeton, N.J. JAMES CONRAD ROBERSON, Chemistry Clinton SEVENTH ROW: RAY EDWARD SESSUMS, Industrial Arts Natchez JOSEPH INMAN SLATON, JR., Health and Physical Education Jackson DOUGLAS WALTER SMITH, Health and Physical Education Salford, Penn. JAMES E. SNOWDEN, Psychology Meridian EIGHTH ROW: THOMAS ALBERT STARNES, Educational Administration Jackson WILLIAM F. STEPHENS, EN, Administration and Supervision Pensacola, Fla. GLORIA B. TAYLOR, Business Education Hattiesburg ROBERT WAYNE USEY, Physical Education Biloxi raduates I, -fj,.,,i a J l 'ovnwffi Educauon and Psychology 5- if 1 1 'wif CINDY WATLINGTON, KA, Special Education Hattiesburg ,D L Aldn P IEAN R WELSH, Student Relations Hattiesburg Scmors Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: JERRY MACK ADAMA, Library Science Madden CONNIE MICHAEL ALLEN, Industrial Arts Magnolia FRANCES JANE ALLEN, Elementary Education Silver Creek President? List: Dean's Listj SNEA. JOHN RICHARDSON ASHFORD, Speech Pathology Clarksdale SECOND ROW: OUIDA L. ATKINS, Sociology Albany, Ga. PATRICIA ANN BARDWELL, Elementary Education McComb EARL BARRETT, Psychology Biloxi Pi Gamma Mu. BOBBIE JEAN BARLOW, Elementary Education Wesson THIRD ROW: LEROY LESTER BARTELT, Secondary Education Hattiesburg KAREN BASS, Executive Secretarial Studies Bassfield PAUL PATTERSON BASS, Psychology Surnrall MARY SUE BAYLIS, KA, Elementary Education Pascagoula Greek Goddessg Pi Kappa Alpha Dreamgirl: Top 20 Beauty: SNEAg UAC: BSUg Senior Class Treasurery Homecoming Queen. FOURTH ROW: E MARY BEASLEY, English Ellisville IEANIE ELAINE BEASLEY, Elementary Education Waynesboro HERBERT EDWARD BEAUMONT, fR., Psychology Petal Distinguished Military Student. GLORIA LYNN BELK, English Hattiesburg FIFTH ROW: BARBARA L. BELL, Elementary Education Monahans, Texas CLEO BENNETT, Sociology Morton BOBBY HUGH BILBO, Recreation Gulfport SANDRA K. BLACKWELL, Physical Education Biloxi Wesley Foundation: Young Republicansg Women's Physical Education Club: Vice President of Hper. THERESA ANN YATES, Psychology West Monroe O 2 03,1 Al is-XI 'S-A tg, YP? -A., PAX, Qs YES If flu. I wg-Y- ' ' fl ik-iqq CT: s' I ro' X x W1 K in 'iw 1 A . K J? 3 P . 6 - gs, ,Q . , ' ii . . 1,,"TQ+- ., , N 5 ' X 'N 'X Q 'K' . rf, . , "Ns K T "!""" 'ht'-.J ' ' so-L-32,2 ' C "'s.,,, H Q,f"". 1 , cs. ze. X -, ,, X if . figs X " if f ZfJ4:ise?.'i!'iLiw 1s ' X i . r-:-. "MH q T , X 3-, 'Mei' i I ,HQ . V ,f M ,X an , ,3 , . was -,gn -x I V , X , tmmL .E V N -7 LC , -NX Q Mg A Q W i ' . . V. ' - , 'M ff N - - Q- i 1 ' Q QFWQS 4 V Q3 Q 'a 1 Q f--9 - Y ' iAi'a.w 4 is wr ' -LN ,pf-rw, 1. 12" , Lfx S' ' Q---, , Q , fb F, .. gs.-5 ,25 f sf' T r w t . ', 'M X . 4' A :-- . ' t ,, if , vs V A em , ffl? -mi I 1 ,Y X ' i Q ' .1 .P 1. Yr'-y f 3 5' . '- xi 'V 3. s Seniors Education and Psychology FIRST ROW.' CAROLYN BLALOCK, Elementary Education Newton HERMAN SMITH BOLICK, Ofice Management Conoven, N.C. ANN BOND, XO, Elementary Education Laurel Treasurer and Secretary of Chi Omega, SGA Secretary, President, Kappa Delta Pig Phi Delta Rho, Beautyg Phi Kappa Tau, Little Sister, Homecoming Maid,' President, Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Kappa Pig Pi Tau Chi. RICHARD GLENN BOUNDS, Physical Education Newton SECOND ROW.' LOUIS EDWARD BOYD, History Tylertown OLLIE SUE BOYKIN, Elementary Education Mize EDDIE MITCHELL BRADY, Library Science Bay Springs IOSEPH ALLEN BRADY, Library Science Ellisville THIRD ROW: RUTH IOHNNIE BREAZEALE, Elementary Education Columbia MARY KATHERINE BREWER, Speech Education McComb DEBORAH JEAN BROOKS, Elementary Education Lucedale HUBERT GERALD BROOKS, Spanish Meridian FOURTH ROW: MARTHA SUMRALL BROWN, English Meridian Dean's List SALLIE IUNE BRADY, Elementary Education Pascagoula WILLIAM DAVID BRITTON, Industrial Arts Mirrly, Ala. LINDA EILLEEN BRUMMETT, Ojice Management jackson FIFTH ROW: LESLIE BRYANT, Industrial Technology Mize FRANCES C. BUCHANAN, Elementary Education Forest HUGH DUNCAN BUCHANAN, Industrial Arts Hattiesburg NOLA TALMADGE BULLOCK, Industrial Arts Collins SIXTH ROW: RAMONA ALDERMAN BULLOCK, Elementary Education Stringer CHARLOTTE BURCAW, English Presidenfs List: Dean's List, SNEA. GAIL MAUREEN BURKS, Biology jackson Alpha Delta Pig Dean's List. HOMER EARL BURNS, IR., History Enterprise SEVENTH ROW: MARILYN KATHRYN BURRIS. English Mize Kappa Delta Pi,' Lambda Iota Tau, Publicity Chairman, SNEA: Dean's List. BARBARA ELIZABETH BUSBY, Elementary Education Waynesboro MARY ELIZABETH BUSH, Clinical Audiology Bay Springs JOSEPH WILLIAM BUTCHKA, English New London, Conn. EIGHTH ROW: ROGER T. BYNUM, Physical Education Canton ELIZABETH IOSEPHINE CADENHEAD, Elementary Education Hattiesburg Dean's List: SNEAQ BSU. STEPHEN EUGENE CALCOTE, EAE, Industrial Arts Gulfport RONALD CARANNA, Health and Physical Education Biloxi Seniors Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: GAYE SUSAN CARNEY, Elementary Education Meridian SHERRIE LYNN CARPENTER. KA. Business Education Biloxi Dean's List: Dixie Darling: Phi Beta Lambda,' Education Chairman of KD: Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Omega Pi. STEPHEN VAN CARPENTER, Psychology Moss Point WILLIAM CONNELY CARRUTH, History McComb SECOND ROW: JANE CAROL CARTER, History Ellisville JOSEPH MELTON CARUTHERS, Psychology Cary VIRGINIA LEA CAUDILL, Biology Gulfport BENNETTE GRAY CAVES, Elementary Education Clara THIRD ROW: RICHARD JUDSON CHRISTMAS, sm, Psychology Ocean Springs Scholarship Chairman of Phi Kappa Tau: Senator: Yellow jackets: Sergeant at Arms,' Spirit Committee: Interfraternity Council, Vice President and Presi- dent: ROTC: Scabbard and Blade: Presidential Advisory Committee. DEARMAN HICKS CLARA, Elementary Education Leaksville SUSAN DIANNE CLIBURN, Elementary Education Magee LOUIS SIMEON COCHRAN, Physical Education Mobile FOURTH ROW: ELAINE FRANCES COCHRAN, Business Education Brooklyn Pi Omega Pi,' Phi Beta Lambda, President: Dean's List: Dorm Ojicerg Miss Southern Pageant: Pi Kappa Delta: Debate Team. JANET ELIZABETH COOPER, Special Education New Augusta NANCY IO COOPER, Library Science Union HELEN OAKES COPELAND, Library Science Hattiesburg FIFTH ROW: PEGGY SMITHIE COTHERN, Elementary Education faycees Dean's List: SNEA. BETTY ANN COUCH, Mathematics Meridian Kappa Delta Pi,' Dean's List. PAULA MADELON COX, Elementary Education Lucedale MATTIE LEE CRANCE, Elementary Education jackson SIXTH ROW: ISAAC FRANKLIN CREEL, Industrial Arts Franklinton Young Republicans: Industrial Education Club. EVELYN KAY CULPEPPER, Elementary Education Meridian BOBBIE KATHLEEN CURRSmAElementary Education Utica IEAN CURTIS, Elementary Education Hattiesburg SEVENTH ROW: LEE ALAN CURRY, Mathematics Laurel FREDNA LANELL CUEVAS, Elementary Education Hattiesburg Alpha Lambda Delta. RUTH D'AMICO, Elementary Education Hattiesburg JAMES ADAM DAVIS, English Magee SNEAg Dean's List: BSU. EIGHTH ROW: JON LESLIE DEAL, Speech Pathology Forest Dean's List: Vice President of Sigma Alpha Eta. HAROLD DOUGLAS DEARMAN, Physical Education Lumberton MARSHA L. DEMERANVILLE, History Clinton DIANNE DENNIS, Elementary Education Lake 2 ll 5-N QQ sf- Y x -, 3.5, , x if 3 ii, Q-W-.. kr A eise . ' . f f R r 1 1 Q if Q-1 x 4 T " . '-31 0 gzvyff .SNIA vs: I-1 , .wi af Q5 i p 1 I NN KL, , Q if , ' ' :fi I at QA AW' hvx Q- E 1 IL , G' .,-- K X I if . gf R' . ,A . Q, - S : nX vs- Lf tee X. iz, , 'Aff fr 1. fi Fi -R. -T f 77 x .MEX .Q waf-51,9 lot! 4 5,1 58.3. ffful I 'E Q , qi 4- f' I ', 'G x Q. all , . F sm' N . ' 2 'gc A 'Vx "' r . ,351 , , 5 l ,ix .. E tix it it r , is 5 me ff A a,gI ff 1 K 3 ,f www I, Q Rye "Hx X Q' "" ,B x . N W-it QL P W- f A., 7 1 ,WP , J It fa: 'Edgy ,1,.'.. , 'lex' 1.2,.,.i. Seniors Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: MARTELE DENMARK, Elementary Education Lucedale LINDA GRAY DICKEY, XD, Elementary Education Magee JERRYE DENAE DILL, Elementary Education Lucedale MARY ANNE DOOLITTLE, AZ, Elementary Education Hattiesburg Tau Beta Sigma, Treasurer of Delta getai Member of Marching and Symphonic an . SECOND ROW: ELGIE RAMIE DUBISSON, Corrective Therapy Pass Christian BOBBIE LOUISE DUNN, History and Political Science Laurel Dean's List. DARSIS SHARON DUNN, Elementary Education State Line SUE BERTIE DVEITT, English McLain Dean's List: Fairchild Scholarshipg Pi Omega Pig Lambda Iota Tau. THIRD ROW: GREGORY CHARLES EDWARDS, IR., Recreation Harrington Park, NJ. Newman Clubg Treasurer of Collegiate Civitang USM Recreation Association: Delta Sigma Pi. CONNIE KAY EIEN, AEA, Elementary Education Pascagoula Carnival Queenj ROTC Sponsorg Opera Workshop: University Singers: Song Director for ASA: Hattiesburg Little Theatre, Played Musetta in "La Boheme". JIM ELLIS, Special Hattiesburg IAMES ALLON EMBRY, Arch Drafting Gulfport FOURTH ROW: JANET D. EMBRY, Elementary Education Gulfport JUDY ANNETTE EVERETT, Elementary Education Meridian CATHYE L. FARRIS, Elementary Education Hattiesburg WILLIAM THOMAS FAUVER, Physical Education Brookhaves FIFTH ROW: SAM MEYER FELTENSTEIN. Industrial Technology Meridian Southern Rifles: Scabbard and Blade, Vice President: Collegiate Civitang UACQ Industrial Arts Club. MARY GAYDEN FLOWERS, AAA, Elementary Education Pascagoula JANE KATHERINE FLY, XQ, Elementary Education jackson Senator, Committee of I00,' Treasurer of Chi Omega: Annual Staff Dean's List: SNEA. SHANNON CHARLES FLYNN, KA, Psychology jackson SIXTH ROW: TERRY FLYNT, Elementary Education Hattiesburg CLARA MAUD FORD, Library Science Collins VIRGINIA ANN FORTENBERRY, Elementary Education Brookhaven Dean's List: SNEA. BETTY SUE FORTENBERRY, Elementary Education Tylertown SEVENTH ROW: HENRY L. FOX, Biology Richton GERALD j. FRANKLIN, History Indianola LARRY HAGAN FRENCH, History Decatur GARY EUGENE GANDY, Psychology Hattiesburg Dean's List: Young Republicans: SCOPE. EIGHTH ROW: ANN FRANCES GARON, Recreation Gulfport USM Charity Queen. BETTY LOUISE GATLIN, Business Education McComb JAMES ORIN GAVETTE, Geography Natchez UAC: Sophomore Senator: Yellow jackets: Vice President of Gamma Theta Upsilon: SNEA. CHRIS ALEXANDER GEOTES, Ojice Management Gulfport Seniors Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: RITA IO GILMORE, Elementary Education Philadelphia BRUCE ARTHUR GIOVANELLO, Recreation Administration Southbridge, Mass. Newman Club: Recreation Majors Club. VICKI LYNNE GLAZE, Elementary Education Forest NANCY MAY GOETTHAN, Physical Education Laurel Historian of HYPERy University Chorus: Highland Dancers, SNEA: Secretary: Rifle Club,' Intramural Chairman of Dormitory,' Student Printz: Wesley Foun- dation News Bulletin Committee: SOUTHERNER Staf. SECOND ROW: LORIE KAY GOLLOTTE, Executive Secretarial Studies Biloxi SHIRLEY NELL GOODMAN, Business Education Meridian Dean's List: Dormitory Officer: House Council. MARY L. GRAHAM, History Hattiesburg ANN GRANTHAM, Executive Secretarial Studies Moselle THIRD ROW: IAMES DAVID GRAVES, English Biloxi RONALD CLARK GRAVES, Education Seminary DONNA NOBLITT GREENE, HBQ, Elementary Education jackson SNEA,' Committee of I00,' Dean's List. MILDRED HILL GREENWALDT, Elementary Education Columbia FOURTH ROW: DEENIE A. GRUBBS, AAA, Speech Pathology jackson PAULINE VERDE GULOTTA, Executive Secretarial Studies Gulfport IOHNNY ROY GULLEDGE, History Mendenhall LARRY NEORA HAIK, Psychology Bogalusa FIFTH ROW: IOSEPHINE NEIL HALEY, English Carrollton Lambda Iota Tau, Social Chairman: President's List,' Dean's List. MARY CARRIE HALL, Elementary Education Wiggins SNEA: Dean's List: Wesley Foundation. RICHARD HALL, Health and Physical Education Prentiss BARBARA T. HAMM, English Hattiesburg SIXTH ROW: GARY WYNN HANNAN, Physical Education Canton, Ohio Church Representative and Publicity Chairman of BSU: Industrial Education Club, Co-Captain, Basketball Team, Hall of Fame. CAROLYN LOUISE HARDEE, Ojice Management Hattiesburg JESSE DANIEL HARDY, Industrial Arts Bolton PATRICIA LEA HARRISON, Elementary Education F L d d . n t, eonar Woo , Mo. Newman Club, Recording Secretary, Vice President, Miss Newmanite: Dean's Lists Electron Commissioner, Pres:dent's Advisory Committee: SNEA. SEVENTH ROW: MARY PATRICIA HART, Elementary Education Brookhaven MARY ESTHER HARVEY, Elementary Education Liberty Kappa Delta Pi. RUTH HARVEY, Elementary Education Pensacola, Fla. SNEA: Kappa Delta Pi. IEAN HATCHER, Elementary Education Philadelphia EIGHTH ROW: NANCY HATHORN, Elementary Education Catharpin, Va. SCOPE: SUSGA: Committee of 100: Phi Kappa Tau Little Sister: SNEA: President's Cabinet: Presidential Advisory Board: Freshman Counselor: Secre- tary, Activities Chairman: Pledge Trainer of Pi Bela Phi: Dean's List: Election Commissioner. FLORA M. HEADRICK, Elementary Education Raleigh CAROLYN 1. HELVESTON, XD, Elementary Education Hattiesburg Vocation Chairman and Historian ol Chi Omega: Senator: WAB: SNEA. PEGGY SUE HICKS, History Leaksville SD K I 13. 1'-"'i Q rx 9 '5- 5' ' Y Qi the 6? 181 xo, 4-A Tl ',5 .4491-ft? 'N Sf 5 fr-5 ICNQ. 4 x s 3 -GX -9 fq. is . gg. X J' .,,,. QMS n ..Q. Seniors Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: PRENTISS CLIFTON HINSON, History Natchez DANIEL AUGUSTUS HOGAN, Mathematics Hattiesburg THOMAS ARTHUR HOGE, Industrial Arts Princeton, Ill. Pi Sigma Epsilon. SHIRLEY MERNIECE HOLLINGSWORTH, Elementary Education Moselle Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary and Treasurer of Dorm. SECOND ROW: CLYDENE HORAN, Physical Education Valparaiso, Fla. Historian of HPER Club. MIMI HORCASITAS, Elementary Education New Orleans, La. Newman Club. BERNICE G. HOLSTON, Elementary Education Poplarville, Miss. JACQUELYN J. HUGHES, Biology Louisville Crown Zeelerbach Award, Freshman Counselor, Pi Kappa Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, President's List, Dean's List, BSU, Committee of 100. THIRD ROW: S. HURLEY, History Biloxi MICHAEL RYAN HUX, Mathematics Bogue Chitto BSU, SNEA. BARBARA ANN INMAN, Business Education Mississippi SYLVIA ANN INGRAM, Executive Secretarial Studies jackson FOURTH ROW: KENNIE KEYES IVY, Business Education Raleigh ANDREW B. JACKSON, Recreation Petal JANICE MAY JAMES, Elementary Education Newton CHARLOTTE ANN JOHNSON, Library Science Pensacola, Fla. FIFTH ROW: JANIE NAN JOHNSON, Elementary Education Tylertown LINDA KAY JOHNSON, Elementary Education Omaha, Neb. BETTY LOUISE JOHNSON, KA, Business Education Pascagoula Show Group, Dixie Darling, Ogicer, Dean's List, Chaplain of Kappa Delta: SNEA,' BSU. DANIEL PATRICK JONES, History Pensacola, Fla. SIXTH ROW: HELEN CECELIA JONES, Psychology Raymond KATHY PRISCILLA JONES, Elementary Hattiesburg TANYA ANNA JONES, Biology Meridian President of Dormitory, Women's Affairs Board. CHARLENE B. JORDAN, Elementary Education Gulfport SEVENTH ROW: JOSEPH MICHAEL JORDAN, Industrial Technology Ellisville Industrial Education Club. ,JOSEPH ALAN KIERONSKI, History Ghifitgoh Ill. Yellow Jackets, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Dean's List, Distinguished Military Student. EMPRESS GLORIA KILPATRICK, KA, Elementary Education I President of Pledge Class, Honor Pled e, Valentine Queen, 2nd alternziiefllil alternate, Miss USM,' Newman Clui, NEA, Senior Homecoming Maid, Dean's List. JOE BREWER KING, JR., Geography Laurel EIGHTH ROW: ROVENIA MAE KIRBY, English Education Gulfport DELORES ANN KIRKFIELD, English Summit LOIS GERTRUDE KITTRELL, Elementary Education Beaumont JOHN ALLAN KEITH, Journalism Utica Delta Sigma Pi, Civitan Vice President, Dean's List. Senkns Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: BETTY J. KENNEDY, Elementary Education and Recreation Monroeville, Ala. JAMES KENT, Business Education Pascagoula SANDRA HOWELL KEY, Elementary Education Southaven GARY MICHAEL KNIGHT, History Union SECOND ROW: MARIA MONTIETH KNIPPEYS, Elementary Education Tylertown University Singers, BSF Oficerg Dean's List,' Dormitory Officer: SNEA. EVA M. KRAME, Elementary Education Gulfport SNEAg BSU, Dorm Odicer. VOLLIS WILLIAM LACK, Architecture Terry JANET GALE LADNER, Business Education Gulfport THIRD ROW: PAUL DOUGLAS LADNIER, Office Mana ernent Gulfport Scabbard and Blade, Treasurer: Executive Oficer, Soutfern Rifles: Dean's List,- Wesley Foundation. BARBARA NELL LaFRANCE, Elementary Education Long Beach PHYLLIS M. LAND, Library Science Winona HELEN KLEIN LANDRUM, Library Science Laurel FOURTH ROW: BETSY G. LEE, Library Science Shivers SNEAQ BSU, BSF. RACHEL ELAINE LEE, Business Education Lucedale JAMES U. LEUENBERGER, Biology Gulfport BETTYE KANE LEWIS, Executive Secretarial Studies Jackson FIFTH ROW: BRENDA WOMBLE LEWIS, History Louisville Dean's Lists BSU. WALTER JOHN LEWIS, History Evansville, Ind. LaCELLE FRANCES LIVINGSTON, English jackson SNEAQ Lambda Iota Tau. SHERRY ANNETTE LONG, Elementary Education Long Beach SNEAJ Alpha Lambda Delta. SIXTH ROW: ETHEL RAE LOTT, Elementary Education Collins PATTI W. LOTT, Psychology Jackson WILLIS HULON LOTT, Biology Seminary LAVERNE THAMES LOWERY, Elementary Education Hattiesburg SEVENTH ROW: BERTHA VAN LOWRY, Recreation Hattiesburg FREDERICK JOHN LUSK, Elementary Education Biloxi SANDRA S. MALLETTE, Elementary Education Meridian LOUIS GEORGE MASON, History Edgewood, Md. EIGHTH ROW: CAROL MATHEWS, English Meridian BSU Vice Presidenty Dorm Odicer. WILLIAM HENRY MAY, Architecture Drafting McComb LINDA JEAN MELLINGER, Elementary Education Gulfport FAYE W. MILLER, Elementary Education Meridian 7. 'ruin ln ' , M511 A ,A l ' N If I 1 1 i Q- W' , ' I -we f Q -x . , Q 'a'i':'ff1's'1'+'i'M'-an 9-ef ol! iy's'i'o'a'ah's:r" .- fl ' ' l 'gilt 3. .f N, xvivai X Qt., , . -fiiiniga XL! AREA ,Jr , U 12, , bln' . K la "HN: 1'-Q" ' is QE' .4 .lm 4 Q...-l Qi '41 n ll' Lil. Q- .M , 1- , V-:ar , -. .4i.tif'. . X . .1 Qs Di . Q W T211 ' 83 if f JK S: ms. A A nl ite-x Hof' ww- , 4-f. V: n , 5 l . f f . to L. Q is Sf Y-X .rv 7 ,f r lf" . 5 f v-. 7 We sf aux so 'Q fi. 'X Y i"X 4 u. . f a 2.42-417-.bmi-. I - , J! 1. :eil a ei"-A, 184 Seniors Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: LINDA MARIE MILLER, English Pass Christian MARIETTA J. MILLER, Business Education Ocean Springs FRANK A. MISURELLY, History Harrington Park, N.J. DALE KEITH MORAN, History DeLisle SECOND ROW: JOYCE ANN MORGAN, Psychology Lucedale Dean's List: Gamma Beta Phi. JUDITH GAYLE MORRIS, English and Literature Hattiesburg Iota Lambda Tau: President's List: Dean's List: NEA. INA JOAN MOSS, Business Education Laurel CAROL WEIR MURPHEY, QM, English Newton Alpha Lambda Deltag Druid: Phi Mu, Sang Leader, Treasurerg University Singers. THIRD ROW: VENNA J. MURRAY, Elementary Education Bogue Chitto WILLIAM ERNEST MURRAY, History Natchez REBECCA MYRICK, Elementary Education Chickasaw, Ala. University Orchestra, USM Singers, Dorm 0Hicer,- SNEA. MATTIE LEE McALISTER, Library Science Hattiesburg FOURTH ROW: SANDRA ANNE McALISTER, Elementary Education Meridian ELAINE McCARTY, English Stringer SNEA: BSF. JOHN OWEN McCARY, Psychology Mobile, Ala. JOHN R. McCUTCHON, Psychology Bay St. Louis FIFTH ROW: LYNN FRANCES McDOWELL, Mathematics Pensacola, Fla. DEBORAH B. McGUIRE, Special Education McComb DONNA JOYCE McINTYRE, History San Francisco, Cal. CAROLYN ANN McMAHON, Business Education Hattiesburg SIXTH ROW: SUZANNE MARY McLAIN, English Lambda Iota Tau: Young Republicans: SNEAQ Student Printz. McComb DINAH McMILLAN, KA, Special Education Carthage Dixie Darlingg Dean's List. GLORIA JEAN McRAE, Elementary Education Waynesboro BOBBIE JEAN NASON, Elementary Education Sturgis SEVENTH ROW: SHARON ADELE NAPIER, English Collins ELIZAANN NEWELL, Elementary Education Hattiesburg Pan American Students Association, Secretary. MAMIE DISMAKES NOBLES, English Hattiesburg Dean't List. ANDY DALE NOWELL, Psychology Laurel Psi Chi National Psychology Honor Society, Secretary. EIGHTH ROW: JUDITH GAIL NOWELL, Elementary Education Laurel JAMES MILTON O'DELL, Management Oxford GREGORY BERGE ODJAKJIAN, QKT, Elementary Education Summit, N.J. Marching Band: Phi Kappa Tau, Editor. REBECCA ANN OLIPHANT, Elementary Education Richton ' 4 Semors Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: WANDA C. ORR, Business Education Columbia A IA ANN OKNER S anish Rollin P TRIC , 11 g Fork Sigma Delta Pi: Dormitory Oiicer: Spanish Minor Award: Dean's List. IERROLD STEPHEN PACKLER, Economics New Orleans Dean's List: USM Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Club: Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer. IEAN f. PARKER, XS2, Busineess Education McComb SECOND ROW: LINDA MARIE PARRISH, Elementary Education West Palm Beach, Fla. Dean's List CAROLYN ANN PATTERSON, Library Science Meridian SARA KELLUM PATTEN, English Poplarville President's List. BETTIE IANE PATTERSON, IIBQ, Business Education Port St. joe, Fla. THIRD ROW: GEORGE L. PATTERSON, Industrial Arts jackson ROBERT THOMAS PENLAND, Health and Physical Education Moss Point SARA THERES PENNINGTON, Language Disorders Columbia LINDA F. PETERSEN, Executive Secretarial Training Vicksburg FOURTH ROW: PATSY PAULINE PIERCE, Elementary Education Meridian PAMELA F. PINNIX, Elemegltfcgly Education Long Beach KATHRYN ANN POBIECKY, Biology Winter Haven Alpha Lambda Delta: Newman Club: Election Commission: Beta Beta Beta: Kappa Delta Pi: Women's Afairs Board: UAC: Dean's List: President's List: Vice House Chairman: Freshman Counselor. BETSY CAROL POGUE, Elementary Education Leland Dixie Darling: Home Economics Club: Baptist Student Union. FIFTH ROW: BRENDA IOYCE POLK, Elementary Columbia RAY WILLIS POOLE, History Natchez MARY MURRAY POSEY, Elementary Education Brookhaven ALICE HAY POPE, Recreation Long Beach SIXTH ROW: HARVEY R. POST, QKT, Psychology jackson BRENDA LOUISE POWER, Elementary Education West Palm Beach, Fla. VICKI LYNNE PRESCOT, Xft, Biology Hattiesburg Alpha Lambda Delta, President, Vice President: Chi Omega: Phi Delta Rho: Pi Kappa Pi: Beta Beta Beta: Senator: Committee of 100: Kappa Delta Pi: UAC: Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart. DOUGLAS LEE PREVATTE, Industrial Arts Pensacola, Fla. President of Industrial Arts Association. SEVENTH ROW: SHELIA PREICHARD, AAA, English jackson S t SGA' P 'd D l - - - ecre ary of , res: ent of e ta Delta Delta, Freshman Counselor, Secre tary, Treasurer of Phi Delta Rho: Vice President, Kappa Delta Pi: Feature and Organization Editor of The SOUTHERNER. ' PAMELA ANNE PRITCHARD, HBO, Executive Secretarial Studies Cudahy, Wis. DELORA EILEEN RAINWATERS, Elementary Education Mobile, Ala. SUSAN MARIE RASMUSSEN, English Greenville UAC,' Newman Club: SIVEA: Delta Zeta, Historian, Rush Recommendation Chairman: Pledge Social Chairman. EIGHTH ROW: LESTER HARVEY REAGAN, Mathematics Sandy Hook MARY IOHN REDMAN, Chemistry Seminary BARBARA ANN REID, Library Science Wiggins PATRICIA JO REID, English Monticello 2. 'ski .c,v is. is 1'5- W si J, 1, Ss- Gt A- :FW it-v 'FL T' '53 X s'Nf. W, 1, AI... -- M-mf-,,,.r NX ,fy Q E xs- 'Q' 'T 1' 85 L 48 S YF f"'W I A5 -r KIRK 11? E X N A ff. . ,gig . is ,il .' -37'Lf:5gQ-pig 5, ' C.- L A. . .liiip , . ,V Q Q In , QA E? X -765 '. ' -- !-fffffx f iffffi'l51T'3A""EIX . ,Q 6, Q me , 'A 2, " 'N . X- 1 , A-- '- - Xe.. si Q -R' V -L '2- 'So T? - ,ix-2 :fs ". , QS. , . " I WN. T X- ' ,.,, "X Q' . 'Q Q . - Q ff 'fig i KN JY' R, ' N, , X N.-A A , gf My -- I . ' M' " 1 ,- Y l it ,,,5TQ:V P ,L 2, ffm T 5, egvgf- W 15 va' W- gf' E ,V if 5- W f . 1112. , ,, A f-fn.. ,.. M " Q r-' 7' -. A . evw N' Q 5 1 X if xe. 1 ...L ,, If ,t .an 8 ,I .,. ?"sHv ' x 'ill' af if A I 8' I QL .v 1 f X ,arf A ' ' ' I .A xi 6,1 ' H5 . qw ' '4 an-...x 5 E 4 sv- 'rf' D A! Nx Q- 'L Seniors Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: BARBARA GAYLE RHEA, Elementary Education Gulfport Oficer, Wesley Foundation, SNEA. LINDA KATE RHODES, English Indianola CAROLYN IO RICE, English St. Petersburg, Fla. MOUISE THOMAS RICHARDS, History Biloxi SECOND ROW: FRED THOMAS RICHARDSON, Psychology Laurel President, Psi Chi, Alpha Epsilon Alpha. GEORGE WALLACE RICHARDSON, History Meridian MYRA L. RICHARDSON, AEA, English Hattiesburg SANDRA L. RICKNER, English Hattiesburg THIRD ROW: FRANCES IOSEPHINE RISHER, Business Education Morton Dean's List, Treasurer, Pi Omega Pig Wesley Foundation. ROY LAVERNE RITCHEY, Recreation Gulfport GLENDA FLOYDE ROBBINS, Elementary Carson ANNETTE ROBERTS, Elementary Education Leaksville FOURTH ROW: MARY E. ROBERTSON, History Columbia Baptist Student Union, Officerg Dean's Listg Dormitory Oficerg SNEA. SHERRY LYNN ROBERTSON, Elementary Education Liberty NORMAN LEROY ROCHE, Industrial Management Bogalusa, La. ROBERT LOWELL ROE, Psychology Vicksburg FIFTH ROW: ALICIA E. ROGERS, Mathematics Monticello Dean's List. MARTHA ANN ROSE, Business Education Grenada CATHLEEN A. RUEBSAMEN, English Vicksburg Dean's Listg SNEA. ANN CAROLYN RUNNELS, Business Education Magee BSU: SNEAQ Dean's List. SIXTH ROW: ROY RUSHING, Physical Education Brookhaven Rho Eta Sigma. LIZZIE FAIRLEY RUSSELL, English Gautier P1esident's Listg Dean's List: University Singers: Alpha Lambda Delta: Lambda Iota Tau. RONALD VICTOR RUSSELL, Mathematics Foxworth NOAILLES SARPHIE, AAA, Executive Secretary Hattiesburg Treasurer of Panhellenicg Panhellenic Delegate for Delta Delta Delta. SEVENTH ROW: WILBER WRIGHT SAUL, Mathematics Laurel DANIEL EUGENE SCOTT, Psychology Gulfport FRANK SLADE SCOTT, Psychology Sebeastopol ROSEMARY SHAW, Elementary Education Lucedale EIGHTH ROW: PATRICIA ANN SHIRLEY, Business Education Waynesboro DIANE SHOEMAKER, Special Education Lumberton HELEN ELAINE SHOEMAKER, Elementary Education Brooklyn SHIRLEY JEAN SHORROSH, Elementary Education Moss Point Seniors Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: ORIAN DAVID SHOWS, Business Teacher Education Tylertown LINDA CAROL SIGLER, Library Science Hattiesburg Westminster Fellowshipg Southern Players. RAYMOND NICHOLAS SISCO, Physical Education Little Falls, N.j. ANN HOPE SKELTON, Executive Secretarial Vicksburg SECOND ROW: IOHN STAN SLADE, Industrial Technology Gulfport JANE CAROLYNN SMITH. English Lumberton MARY CATHERINE SMITH, Physical Education and Health Morgantown KENNETH EARL SMITH, Elementary Education Brookhaven THIRD ROW: JERRY EUGENE SMITH, Health, Recreation and Physical Education Brandon TAMARA GREER SMITH, KA, Elementary Education , . Huntsville, Ala. Dormitory President, Spirit Committee: UAC,' Vice President KD Pledge Class. IANE SMITH, History Poplarville DOMENICA L. SODERQUIST, Business Education Bascom, Fla. Westminster Fellowships FO URTH RO W: P. DARBY SOWELL, Psychology jackson NELL SHENA SPENCE, English Picayune Lambda Iota Tau: SNEA. PAULETTE STEWART, Mathematics Meridian Dean's List. PRISCILLA LOUISE STILES, History Mobile, Ala. Chairman Spirit Committee. FIFTH ROW: EDWINA MARIE STILES, History Natchez EMMA IEAN STRICKLER, Elementary Education Pascagoula PEGGY BROCK STRINGER, Elementary Education Tylertown Dean's List. NELL MARTHA STRINGFELLOW, Elementary Education Lucedale SIXTH ROW: WILLIAM L. STROHM, IIKA, Psychology Grenada Pledge. Trainer, Music Director, Pi.Kappa Alphag Secretary, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfoniag Rho Eta Sigma: Psi Chi: Proctor: Assistant and Head Residentg Yellow jacketsj Wesley Foundation, USM Concert Band and Symphony Orchestra, Pride,' Dean's List,' President's List. ALFRED MIMS STUBBS, Physical Education Collins ROBIE SULLIVAN, Elementary Education Mendenhall SYLVIA McLENDON SYKES, Business Education Shubuta SEVENTH ROW: BENNIE LYNN TAYLOR, Architectural Drafting Van Cleave BARRY W. TEWIS, KE, Special, Pre-Medical Ackerman ROY DWIGHT THAGGARD, Library Science Madden ESTA NELL THOMPSON, Elementary Education Meridian EIGHTH ROW: ZILPHIA IESSIE THORN, Business Education Gulfport CHARLES RICHARD TINSLEY, Sociology Mississippi City MARY LYNN TODARD, Elementary Education Biloxi Dean's List: Election Commission. PATRICIA ANN TORIUSEN, Business Education Gulfport 2.87 Q. -'B Q.. --r Vx gr 65 s -,T1f5:m-its ' Q ...iss .21 s 2, 1' f 5 It Q, V., 5 ff i i l' . 'fax . hs 5' X 2.3 ,. WW. fb. qi.. ILQX V Ox - x v .. s X. '9- f-Agn' wx glib.. ... Seniors Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: DANIEL FORD TURNAGE, Industrial Arts Sandy Hook HUGHLAN IAMES TYLER, History Fort Myers, Fla. NANCY DIANNE UPTAIN, English and Secondary Education Tarpon Springs, Fla. SHELIA McCALL UPTAIN, Elementary Education Collins SECOND ROW: BEN WALTER VAUGHN, Physical Education Pensacola, Fla. CAROL WADSWORTH, KA, Physical Education Prattville, Fla. Dixie Darling Officer: SNEAQ Hyperg UACg Dean's List. ROBERT JASON WALDROP, Physical Education Pensacola, Fla. ALICE FAYE WALKER, Business Education Magee THIRD ROW: HERMAN CECIL WALKER, Mathematics Sumrall WENDELL EDWARDS WALKER, fIDKI', Physical Education Forest VIRGINIA DARE WALLACE, Business Education jackson EVAN EUGENE WALLE, Physical Education New Orleans, La. FOURTH ROW: ALICE FAYE WALLER, History Hattiesburg LYNDA KAY WALLEY, Speech Pathology Richton ALVON A. WALTMAN, Health and Physical Education Pascagoula WILLIAM CRAIG WARREN, Industrial Arts Prentiss FIFTH ROW: MARYLYN ANNE WATKINS, Library Science Gulfport Dean's List: Dormitory Ogicerg BSUj Southern Players. KAY McLEOD WEAVER, KA, Special Education Pascagoula University Singers: Preszdents and Deans L1st,' 2nd Alternate to Miss USM,' Sophomore and junior Class Secretarg Homecoming Maid, Phi Delta Rho: SNEAg Vice President of Kappa Defiag BSU, Top I0 and Top 20 Beauty. JERRY WEBB, CIJKT, Recreation Newton LAURA B. WEBB, English Laurel Dean's List. SIXTH ROW: MARGIE ALICE WEEMS, Special Education Columbia Wesley Foundation. RONALD DORMAN WELBORN, General Science Moss ROBERT FORD WELFORD, Biology Lucedale Dean'.s List. MICHAEL TAYLOR WELLS, English Waynesboro SEVENTH ROW: SHARON ANN WHITLOCK, Elementary Education Collins LENORA ANN WILLIAMS, English Escatawpa Reporter, News Editor, Student Printzg Wesley Foundation: SNEA, Odicerf Merit Scholarship. RONALD WILLIAM WILLS, Physics Mississippi City SHERRY ANN WILLOUGHBY, Elementary Education Meridian EIGHTH ROW: GARY JEROME WILSON, Health and Physical Education Tylertown SNEAJ Hperg Intramurals. LEOTA ANNE WILLIAMS, Elementary Education Palatine Southern Players: SNEA. BETTY IO YAGER, Health and Physical Education Columbia Hper Club. SHERYL Da LENE YATES, Health and Physical Education Newfane Nina. '4r"'N's,' WU ' . V E O 4, cr. i' Y. 1 l l x I X M1 SHERRY JEAN YEAGER, Speech Pathology Pascagoula IERE A. GERARD, Elementary Education Bude - I Dean'.v List: President? Listg Beta Beta Beta: Sigma Tau Deltag SNEA, ANN LOUISE YORTY, Elementary Education Hattiesburg Dean'5 Ling Dixie Daflingg SNEA. LUTHER CALHOUN NEWELL, fR., Englixh Pascagoula n ' . Prortorg Rho Eta Sigma: SNEA: Baptist Student Union. OBIE S. YOUNG, IIPKT, Archztectural Draftzng Hattzesburg Seniors - V ----,W V ----.. ..,.., ,. ', V, 1.89 4. . A r Es xx K i ,N 'tvs i A si " 5 l P N gi - .-li ,li U " v ig- his X V is gi . mln!! ' Xxx 4?-'A nffg '19 Q:-1 'W Page -... X4 tsl., 4'-9 M.. Qs...- R rx Il. 5 5 S, '-N I X 'No 'ue ft . X I , x Q ,gm ,J 'iv' S -aw. A ,WY A .gh S K.. I' , I ss? M., ,X N1 T X if , 'W XE N, X , NX 3 X I t s ,lk , Sw -3 X X , i I sl A A 'XXX 5, X 9 K WN F l I , 51 X 7.90 uniors Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: EUGENIA RAE ADAMS, Elementary Education Summit PHILIP CLINE AINSWORTH, Mathematics jayess F. DIANE ALLEN, Elementary Education Mize CAROLYN PATRICIA ANDERSON, Elementary Education Gulfport MARGARET ELISE ANDERSON, AEA, English Falls Church, Va. SECOND ROW: LINDA MARIE ANDREACCHIS, History Meridian JANICE L. ARCHER, Psychology Long Beach JUNE JACQULYN BAILEY, English Newton JAMES V. BANKSTON, Psychology Laurel MARGARET FLORENCE BARRON, Elementary Education Atmore, Ala. THIRD ROW: SANDRA KAY BAUGHMAN, Library Science Laurel CAROLE ANN BAYLIS, IIBQ, Speech Therapy Prentiss RUTH TRAYLOR BAXTER, Elementary Education Sumrall SHIRLEY ANN BEARD, English Morton BEVERLY ANN BEATTY, Education Pulask FOURTH ROW: BAXTER LEE BEAVERS, IIKA, Industrial Arts Morton CURT HJALMAR BERG, EAE, Industrial Arts Wilmette LINDA KAY BIGLANE, Recreation Natchez GLORIA YVONNE BILBO, History Jackson JERRY LAMAR BLUEKWELL, Industrial Arts Jackson FIFTH ROW: LUELLEN ELIXABETH BOGGAN, Elementary Education Lucedale DANNY L. BONNETT, Physical Education Montgomery, Ala. PAULETTE BOONE, Clinical Psychology Laurel ESTHER LORRAINE BOWEN, Elementary Education Gulfport BECKY BOWLING, AAA, Elementary Education I Hattiesburg SIXTH ROW: ANN KELLY BOYLES, Elementary Education Raleigh LINDA FAYE BOZEMAN, Physical Education Tylertown RODNEY CLYDE BRELAND, Architectural Drafting Meridian DIANA DELL BREWER, Library Science Bay Springs SHIRLEY ANN BREWER, Business Education Moss Point SECOND ROW: LINDA GALE BROOKS, Business Education Slidell, La. ELLAN RAY BROWN, Mathematics Magee JOYCE MARIE BROWN, Elementary Florence MARY ELLEN BROWN, English jackson YVONNE CAROL BROYLES, Library Science Magnolia EIGHTH ROW: ERNEST EVERETT BRYAN, Psychology Decatur JANET BRYANT, Executive Secretarial Studiees Crystal Springs JOHN THOMAS BRYANT, Political Science Laurel KENNETH BRYANT, Physical Therapy Hattiesburg WILBUR DAVID BUCKLEY, History Bay Springs NINTH ROW: CECILIA ANN BULLOCK, Elementary Educatioii I aure LINDA SUE BURGEIS. Elementary Education Jackson BETTYE ELIZABETH BURNETT, Elementary Education Smithdale LAVERNE BURNETT, Elementary Education New Orleans, La. BOB K. BURNS, Management Philadelphia uniors Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: MAX DALE BUSH, Physical Education Laurel REX DEAN BUSH, History Laurel PATRICIA LYNN BYRNES, Special Education Hattiesburg SARAI ANN CANFIELD, Elementary Education Collins SECOND ROW: TOMMY SUE CARNEY, KA, Elementary Education Crystal Springs PATRICIA ANN CASE, Business Education Brookhaven WAYNE PRESTON CATLETT, Speech Education Meridian DIANN CHEEKS, Physical Education Ellisville JOANNE CHEEKS, Physical Education Ellisville DELMA MARGARET CHESNEY, Elementary Education Little Rock, Ark. THIRD ROW: GARLAND STEPHEN CHILDERS, EAE, Physical Education Coleman, Fla. ANN CHRISTOPHER, Elementary Education Forrest CAROLE ELLEN CLARKSON, Physical Education Poplar Bluff, Mo. ERNESTINE CLAUNCH, Special Education Natchez JAMES W. CLIBURN, Physical Education Mendenhall FOURTH ROW: BUDDIE GRADEA COBB, Business Education Meridian JAMES DA VID COBB, Physical Education Wiggins FREEMAN MARTIN COCHRAN, Psychology Carthage SHARON VIRGINIA COCKRELL, English Raleigh DWIGHT F. COLLINS, English Laurel FIFTH ROW: JEAN CAROLE COMBS, English Mobile CAROLYN FRANCIS COOK, Elementary Education D t r SHIRLEY REBECCA COOK, Special Educationem u Ut' MELVIN DERWOOD COWAN, History Gulfpgili EMILY JANE COX, Library Science Durant SIXTH ROW: JUSTINE ANN COX, Special Education Pascagoula RAYMOND JOSEPH COX, Elementary Education B.l . ELIZABETH FELDER CRAFT, Elementary Educaltiogii S 't WANDA CRAFT, English Neiilgiiih JUDY DIANN CULPEPPER, English Macon SEVENTH ROW: MARION G. CURRY, Architecture Drafting Mobile, Ala. CHERYL Q. CYR, Psychology Norfolk, Va. JAMES E. DALEY, Architectural Designing Jackson SANDRA J. D'ANGELO, History Gulfport ELIZABETH MARY DART, Elementary Education Biloxi EIGHTH ROW: JANET JEAN DAVIS, Elementary Education Marianna, Fla. MARSHALL RAY DAVIS, Social Sciences Ruth TOMMIE LOUISE DAVIS, KA, Physical Education Laurel VIOLET DAVIS, History Moselle CHERYL MAY DAWLSINS, Elementary Education Union NINTH ROW: CYNTHIA JEAN DEES, Physical Education Van Cleve BETTY DeMOUILLE, History Okolona DOROTHY JEAN DEWITT, English Meridian PATRICIA ROCHE DOAN, Elementary Education Picayune PHYLLIS KAY DuBOSE, Elementary Education Jackson 7.91 Q.- x 5 A Q- Q- . 1 xx 'V r. X My S- l 9 -N sr 'x A l X:- r ' If TTA, Q' L , J' A rf ,f 'V A ' . 9: X f L . . f in sz Qu.. P' S ax . f As is , the-N 3 - 'iff fi i x A A A l Cn if 11 ' Qfx v- f 7: Q v , x.,-A -4 35? , C. L. S vx,X 1 x 9 . ,fxx ' 1 fflyjg' A 17.'ffs1!' 1 " """ 45 ' I I , 6- T-v fe -X 'w "ls, .Hi:.'4f ufavrek -'L' - 1- if 5..- r 'I ,I , M-, :gm A 1? s' At S- - -"' Asggwtr '- 5 5, ji,-. . . '2 5:gi:g,,',',. -0 . -5. ,f , S1574 ' ' "' " AX, S33 ll 'fr' , -.3351 4.22. ......Ti-5 7m".'.'9?F, N Diff. ..1.sJ!. M, QV 6 '--,, No.. 9. 65- X up-.-v ffl GMA Q... 4' li !"'f , - Q! HM v in .fv- 292 uniors Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: ELLEN GAYLE DUNAWAY, Business Education Foxworth RUTHIE MAE DUNCAN, Elementary Education Marianna, Fla. DONALD B. DUNGAN, History Vicksburg DANNY LYNN DYKES, Mathematics Monticello IOANNE FRANCES DYKES, Elementary Education Bay Springs SECOND ROW: DEIDRA EASTERLING, Elementary Education Bogalusa ELIZABETH ANN EDWARDS, AZ, Elementary Education Meridian ANN AIARY ELLZEY, AAA, Elementary Education Laurel WANDA GAYLE ESTESS, Library Science Magnolia ALICE ROWENA EURE, Elementary Education Hattiesburg THIRD ROW: BETTYE ANN EZELL, Business Education Union LINDELL WILSON EZELL, Recreation Decatur SANDRA ANN FAGGERT, Elementary Education Heidelberg RITA SUZANNE FLETCHER, EEE, Business Education Huntsville LINDA ANN FORTENBERRY, Elementary Education Tylertown FOURTH ROW: WILLIAM TENNEL FORTENBERRY, History Sumrall CAROLYN RAINWATER FOIL, English Hattiesburg MAMIE ELEANOR FORTE, Elementary Education Poplarville SANDRA LYNN FORSMARK, Physical Education jackson LINDA KAY FRENCH, History Gulfport FIFTH ROW: IULIA ELIZABETH FRY, Mathematics Fairhope, Ala. BETTY CAROLYN GARNER, Elementary Education New Hebron ,IAMES WILLIAM GANDY, Architectural Drafting Laurel HATTIE BURKS GENTRY, Elementary Education Poplarville WILLIAM RHODES GILMORE III, History jackson SIXTH ROW: PATRICIA DIANE GOLDMAN, Elementary Education Mobile, Ala. SONYA EILEEN GOODWIN, Elementary Education Picayune GARY WAYNE GORE, Physical Education Sumrall LANA CAROLE GRAFTON, Elementary Education Laurel CHARLOTTE E. GRAHAM, Physical Education Linden, Ala. SEVENTH ROW: CHERYL ELAINE GRAHAM, Elementary Education Laurel GLORIAN JANET GRAHAM, Elementary Education Stringer SARA GENE GREEN, History Mobile, Ala. REBECCA IANE HAILEY, Business Education Gholson MARY NEILL HALL, Elementary Education Magee EIGHTH ROW: BONNIE SUE HALL, Physical Education Magnolia PHYLLIS ANNETTE HAND, Special Education Newton DON L. HANNA, Physical Education Laurel CHARLES DONAUON HARRIS, Industrial Technology Hattiesburg DANNA CHRISTINE HARRIS, Psychology jackson NINTH ROW: IANIE KAYE HARRIS, Elementary Education Decatur RAYMOND LARRY HAVENS, Science Education Laurel ELIZABETH HESTER HEATH, AAA, Elementary Education Baton Rouge, La. ELAINE ANN HEIDER, Elementary Education Hattiesburg SHELIA DIANE HEMBREE, Elementary Education Terry uniors Educauon and Psychology FIRST ROW ANN SHERRIE HENDERSON Elementary Educatzon Rzchton CAROLYN ANN HENDERSON Elementary Educatzon Laurel PATRICIA ANN HICKS Recreatzon Pascagoula MARCIA ANN HIRE IIBCIP Elementary Educatzon Ocean Sprzngs ROMONIA ANN HODA Englzsh Pass Chrzstzan SECOND ROW ERNEST LARRY HOOD Hzstory Ellzsvzlle NORMAN WILSON HOLLINGSWORTH Physzcal Educatzon Decatur SUSAN VERHIE HOLLINGSWORTH Elementary Educatzon Carthage CLARA ELIZABETH HOWARD Hzstory Pzcayune MURREL RALPH HOWARD Mathematics Ellzsvzlle THIRD ROW CHERYL ROSE HOWELL Elementary Educatzon Hattzesburg BILLY BARNEY ISHEE Industrzal Technology Laurel JANEY KATHLEEN JACOBS Elementary Educatzon Bay St Louzs CAROL ALICE JARM Hzstory East Hartford Conn RICHARD HOWARD JEMISON Psychology Laurel FOURTH ROW HAZEL REE JOHNSON Elementary Educatzon Soso DOUGLAS EUGENE JONES Psychology Merzdzan JANET P JONES XO Psychology Port Gzbson JERRY RAY JONES Hzstory Mzze BRENDA CHERYL JORDAN Englzsh Smzthdale FIFTH ROW JANE M JORDAN Buszness Educatzon Waynesboro JANICE ELESIR JORDAN Lzbrary Sczence Brookhaven SUSAN FAYE JORDAN Elementary Educatron Jackson LINDA DIANE KELLICK Speech Thera Bzloxz SIXTH ROW JO CAROLYN KILPATRICK Elementary Educatzon Indzanola PAMELA KELLER AZ English New Orleans La DAVID ALLEN KENWARD Archztuarl Draftzng Puruzs JOHNNIE FAYE KENNEDY Elementary Educatzon Pzcayune JUDITH MARIE KERR Elementary Education St Franczsvzlle La SEVENTH ROW CAMILLE KLING AAA Buszness Educatzon Red Lzck MICHAEL PATRICK KUHN Psychology Pzcayune DORIS ANN LADNIER Buszness Educatzon Gulfport MARLIN ROGER LADNER Polztzcal Sczence DeL1sle KAREN LAIRD Englzsh Mobzle Ala EIGHTH ROW LINDA W LANDERS Elementary Educatzon Woodvzlle LINDA GAIL LANGFORD Buszness Educatzon Carthage SALLY ANN LANGLEY Elementary Educatzon Laurel MILDRED IRENE LAWSON Elementary Educatzon Osyka BARBARA JEAN LAWTON Physzcal Educatzon Northvale NJ NINTH ROW RUTH JEAN LEE Executzve Secretarzal Studzes Kokomo GAYLE LEECH Elementary Educatzon Memphzs Tenn IRENE ANITA LENOIR Speech Therapy Magnolza LINDA H LIGHTSEY Spanzsh and Hzstory Laurel CURTIS VAB LIMERICK Secondary Education DeKalb , my . . LINDA KAY KILLAN, Psychology Meridian L- ii, -1 Q... -L. f ,I E 'S ix . . 4- ex f gr-w n 3 s vs- Q 1 M., Sill 1' YT' " 5 ,kg 'sb l. TQ K1 1 is K I 2, if 'CIT' gn + -. sv-...wx X' 'E 3 'S-A 0-145 ' -swf Tn ,F L 4- A r 3. , ' gf' i f-D':'r 'Q Q 5, to xl" ir- X QF' " I XX . 'Q N, f :Q sf Mx Q 6 'Q Y . in X t fx J gi 6 P S I- ..-.z , ft- , up 7-94 uniors Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: FRANK R. LUSK, EAE, Industrial Arts Biloxi DONA MARIE MANGANO, History Gulfport ROBERT ESTA MARLOW, Physical Education Natchez PATRICIA MA Y, Library Science Meridian DOROTHY ANN MENNELL, AEA, English Hattiesburg SECOND ROW: WAYNE MURRAY MERRITT, Psychology Orlando, Fla. JANICE LEAH MILLER, Elementary Education Bogalusa, La. PAULA CECILE MILLER, Elementary Education Woodville SANDRA LYNN MILLER, Library Science Collins PAMELA ANN MOLAISON, Physical Education Metairie, La. THIRD ROW: CHARLOTTE GWYN MOORE, Elementary Education Mobile, Ala. MARY SALEEN MOORE, Elementary Education Meridian VIRGINIA LORAINE MOORE, Executive Secretarial Studies Collinsville IAMES W. MORRISON. History Wiggins JANET LOUISE MORTON, English Gulfport FOURTH ROW: IANIE LOU MOSES, Elementary Education Lexington DIANE LOUISE MOSLEY, Business Education Vicksburg RETHA GAYLE MOSLEY, Elementary Education Daleville PATRICIA ANN MOSS. Special Education Soso BRYANT CHARLES MONTIGNY, Recreational Administration Southbridge, Mass. FIFTH ROW: JERRY ARTHUR MULLIS, Education Panama City, Fla. IEANNIE LARUE MURPHY, Secretarial Studies Grenada MARTHA ANN MYRICK, Business Education Ocean Springs REBECCA McALLISTER, XD, Business Education Gulfport CAROLYN LOUISE McCAUGHAN, Special Education Morton SIXTH ROW: CECILY M. McDONALD, Business Education Laurel MARGUERITTE ELLEN McDONNELL, IIB'-IJ, Executive Secretarial Studies Hattiesburg BETTY IWANA McGEE, Physical Education Morton DARDEN ALEXANDER McGLOTHLIN, Psychology Meridian BARBARA ANN McKAY, Elementary Education Columbus SEVENTH ROW: THELMA GRACE McKAY, Speech Pathology Sidon PATRICIA ANN McMULLAN, AEA, Elementary Education Pascagoula BETTY ANNE NAZARY, English Carthage DENNIS ALLEN NEELY, Architectural Drafting jackson ELIZABETH G. NEILL, Elementary Education jackson EIGHTH ROW: MARY IO NETTLES, Business Education Tylertown KENNETH ALEXANDER NEWMAN, Philosophy and Psychology Greenville BARRY ALLEN NOBLES, Industrial .Arts Taylorsville LENOIR LOW NOBLES, Speech Therapy Tunica VALORIE ELAINE NYBO, Physical Education Bay St. Louis NINTH ROW: MARTHA LYNNE O'BANNON, Elementary Education jackson BRENDA KAY OGLETREE, X9, Elementary Education McComb LINDA KATE OGLETREE, XQ, Elementary Education McComb CYNTHIA SUE OVERBEY, Education and Psychology Virginia Beach, Va. CAROLYN PACE, Elementary Education Canton uniors Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: SHERRIAN EMILY PACE, Elementary Education Gulfport SHIRLEY ANN PAGE, Elementary Education Hazelhurst CONNIE BETH PALMER, Elementary Education Crystal Springs VIRGINIA AGONIS PSPE, English Collins BRENDA LEE PARKER, Elementary Education Taylorsville SECOND ROW: KATHRYN ANN PARKER, English Ellisville THURMAN NIXON PARKES, General Science Conehatta GEORGE MARTIN PARTLOW, Special Education Laurel JACQUELINE PATRICK, Business Education Laurel MARY SADEL PATTEN, Elementary Education Tylertown THIRD ROW: DIMPLES PAY, Speech Therapy Columbia PAMELA C. PEDERSEN, Business Education Pascagoula REBECCA ANNE PEOPLES, Elementary Education Jackson WINK PERESICH, Elementary Education Biloxi TANYA PETERSON, AZ, Elementary Education Meridian FOURTH ROW: CHARLES EDWARD PIERCE, Psychology Lucedale JAMIE LYNN PITTMAN, History jackson BRENDA JOYCE PLAISANCE, Elementary Education Biloxi EARL PLITT, JR., Physical Education Woodville KATHI POOLE, Elementary Education Ocean Springs FIFTH ROW: JAMES BARROWS PORTWOOD, Psychology Gulfport BARBARA LOUISE PORCH, Elementary Education jackson BONNEY MARKETTE POREMSKI, Elementary Education Ocean Springs PATRICIA E. PRESCOTT, AEA, Elementary Education Memphis, Tenn. WILLIAM OTIS PRESLEY, Industrial Technology Louisville SIXTH ROW: WANDA FLORECE RATCLIFF, English Natchez JOY WEST RAWSON, Library Science Leakesville JUDY LYNN RAY, Psychology Natchez CAROLYN ANN REED, Library Science Biloxi MARTHA ELIZABETH REID, Elementary Education Heidelberg SEVENTH ROW: JOHN PHILLIP RENOT, Industrial Arts Wiggins MIRIAM STROUD RESTER, Elementary Education Hattiesburg LINDA ORENE RHOADES, Elementary Education Meridian FAYE WANDA RICHARDSON, Speech Therapy Rolling Fork MICKY GWYNN RIGBY, Speech Education Atmore, Ala. EIGHTH ROW: CONNIE LOU RILEY, XQ, Sociology jackson MARY MARSHA RILEY, Executive Secretarial Monticello BEN RISHER, Elementary Education Meridian REBECCA ANN RIVERS, Elementary Education Union GLENDA ROBERTS, Elementary Education Richton NINTH ROW: JANICE CAROLYN ROBERTS, Elementary Education Van Cleave MARY ALICE ROBERTSON, Business Education Hattiesburg JUDITH FAYE RODNEY, Elementary Education Greenville HARRY MARTIN ROGAN. Education Gulfport JAMES ROY ROGERS, History Ellisville 'L Ks.-x vv . - r .,. K fi "fi" .41 .I r l -I 1 . ' -rf, M . i flywsvsi.. 154, 1' j 5 all T , . L, , . - Q K r st K it Mi M ' s V X L .Li .,. 3 nil 6 B 1' is S' 1' M- ,, Z c I N., 5 ' li R fx . ss... s f, as ' ff L. ,c gi' .. "S Q1-st 'Unwr- Qu , - f i .. ,, Q-5 ,A Q, !- I E. X 53' f , N . i 411 -v .4 ' TA I N , x . 1 ,I l Am it uniors Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: ROBLYN HURST ROLLINGS, Elementary Education Hattiesburg PAT J. ROSHTO, History Hattiesburg MARGUERITE P. ROUSE, Elementary Education W. g. GLORIA ELLEN RUDISILL, English Nrifcligi ARLYN RUSSELL, Secretarial Science Hattiesburg SECOND ROW: IRIS ORUSILLA SANDERS, Elementary Education Fore t JEWEL DEAN SANDERFORD, Elementary Educatiodn Shann PAUL FRANCIS SARRAZIN, Physical Education on L d GWEN SEAL, Elementary Education Tylertiivri KAREN J. SEAL, Elementary Education Picayune THIRD ROW: MICHAEL JOSEPH SCARBOROUGH, Business Education Bilgxi LINDA CAROL SENFTEN, Business Education Moselle RUTH ANN SHELTON, AEA, Business Education jackson RONNIE S. SHIVERS, Industrial Arts Prentiss HARRIET S. SIEGAL, Business Education Hattiesburg FOURTH ROW: GLENA KAY SIMPSON, Elementary Education Centreville FRANKIE A. SKINNER, Elementary Education Union RICHARD RONALD SKINNER, English Gulfport VIRGINIA ANN SMITH, Mathematics Picayune MARGARET CAROLYN SMITH, Ofce Management Hazelhurst FIFTH ROW: JOEL EUGENE SMITH, Biology Brookhaven BILLY GENE SMITH, Elementary Education Conehatta JOE HUGHIE SMITH, Industrial Technology Carthage SYLVIA JANE SMITH, XQ, Elementary Education Brookhaven JIMMIE JANELLE SMITH, Physical Education ' Moselle SIXTH ROW: REGINA J. SPIERS, English Picayune EVA E. STANFORD, Business Education Picayune EVA MAE STEWART, English Long Beach MARY LaNELLE STUBBLEFIELD, Business Education Biloxi CHARLOTTE LEE STURN, Elementary Education Magee SEVENTH ROW: MARGY ANN STURRMP, Special Education Forest VERONICA FAYE STWART, Elementary Education Waynesboro OREON HUGHES TABB, Architure Mobile, Ala. SUSAN REGINA TAYLOR, Elementary Education Hattiesburg ROSE MARIE THOMAS, Business Education Yazoo City EIGHTH ROW: RUBY NELL THORTON, Elementary Education Raleigh EDWARD DEE THURMAN, English New Hebron JERRY KENT TOPP, Corrective Therapy Laurel PATRICIA ALICE TOWLER, Elementary Education Natchez JANE ELIZABETH TOWNSEND, Health and Physical Education Moselle NINTH ROW: I MARY VIRGINIA TRASK, KA, Elementary Education Centreville PATRICIA ANN TRUNETT, English Union HAROLD LYNN TURNER, History C01lelll1ffll JO EVELYN TURNER, Elementary Education Florence JOANNE TURNER, Sociology Newton uniors Education and Psychology FIRST ROW: IACKIE NITCHELL UPTON, Industrial Technology Bay Springs SHERRY IUDITH VALENTINE, Elementary Education Laurel LUCILLE ALICE VARNADO, Speech Pathology Magnolia THEA VINSON, Special Education Petal PEGGY SUE WADDELL, Elementary Education Heidelberg SECOND ROW: ANN V. WADE, Business Education Newton HOPE THOMPSON WAITE, Elementary Education Vicksburg IANIE LOU WAITS, Business Education Biloxi DONNA MARIE WARD, History Pensacola FA YE CAROLYN WADE, Elementary Education Raleigh THIRD ROW: ANNETTE WEAVER, Elementary Education Gholson KATHY WEBB, QM, Elementary Education Ocean Springs PENELOPE FRANNA WEBB, English Chipley IOHNNIE FAYE WEDGEWORTH, Library Science Laurel BARBARA ELLEN WEISS, AEA, Physical Education Ellisville FOURTH ROW: CAROLYN MICHAEL WELLS, Psychology Meridian SARAH ELLA WELLS. Executive Studies Laurel CAROL HART WENTWORTH, XQ, Special Education Hattiesburg IAMES MARION WESTBROOK, Physical Education jackson DOROTHY 1. WHITAKER, Business Education jackson FIFTH ROW: CLINTON DEVERNA WHITE, Elementary Education Magee MARY FRANCES WHITE, Elementary Education jackson THEATA CAROL WHITE, Business Education Silverhill, Ala. SIDNEY WHITE, Industrial Technology Lake JESSE ENGENE WHITTINGTON, Recreation Brookhaven SIXTH ROW: DON WILLIAMS WILKINSON, Recreation McComb BILLY WILLIAMS, Health and Physical Education Chipley, Fla. SHIRLEY ANN WILLIAMS, Elementary Education McComb joANN WILLIAMSON, Business Education Lucedale WILSON HUBERT WILSON, Industrial Technology Pensacola, Fla. SEVENTH ROW: MARTHA ANN WILSON, Library Science Bailey ROGER P. WISE, Psychology Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. TOMMIE IEAN WOLVERTON, Elementary Education Philadelphia DONNIS FAYE WOOD, Elementary Education Tylertown HENRY CARL ZIZZI, IR., Physical Education Natchez EIGHTH ROW: MARILYN I. SKRMETTA, XQ, Recreation Biloxi 7 fir J 8 K , 1 f ,fly My s , --v lu. 1. A V-'3' Q. 'xx ps L. 1' T L X ,Q 5- t, 2 ,, L, ,,,,l, Z R E ns - J ' w A 1 "mf: 1409! LA 1' A -Tr X, , lf 1 0" K X .fi 'bfi- - gr. K ,fx 145 Sophomores FIRST ROW: SPENCER L. BAILEY, Physical Education Hattiesburg RICHARD ANTHONY BUTLER, Health and Physical Education SECOND ROW: CAROLYN ELIZABETH DIXON, Psychology SUSAN WHAN DOAN, Secretarial Training THIRD ROW: JODIE LYNN HAMMOND, Elementary Education LINDA FAYE MOSELEY, Elementary Education FOURTH ROW: RAMONA McMICHAEL, Business Education PEGGY ALL PRINCE, Physical Education FIFTH ROW: BRENDA ANN WHITE, Business Education Natchez H azelhurst Carriere Hattiesburg Clara Hattiesburg Mize Picayune NORMAN ANNE WRIGHT, Elementary Education Hattiesburg Shades of "Poppa Red." 2.98 N-W USM HPER CLUB SEATED Dale Bush Barbara Lawton, Treasurer Betty Melton Secretary Sandra Blackwell Vice-Pre5i- dent Denze Horan Historian Valorze Nybo President' Wayne Where were you when the lights uent out? I don,t know . . . I just don't know. but it looks like fun. Wade. STANDING: Pam Molaison, jim McAUady, Iwana Me- Cree, firnmie Smith, Linda Beasely, jane Tozvnseend, joanne Cheeks, Nancy Goettrnan, Diane Cheeks. The HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION, AND RECREATION CLUB, which was formed in the fall of 1966, resulted from a merger of the Womens Physical Education Club and the Co-Ed Recreation and Health Club. The organization unites those of related majors and common interests, sponsors intercollegiate athletic competition, as well as intracollegiate games such as a basketball game between the Women's Varsity team and the M Club seniors. The members have heard an address by an Olympic Medal winner, and last year held a departmental picnic where they honored two outstanding faculty members: Miss Marianne Brown and Dr. Robert McDavid. It has been the desire of the School of FINE ARTS to combine the high standards of performance characteristic of art studio, the conservatory, and legitimate stage, while maintaining the scholarly approach to art, music, and theatre typical of the academically oriented university, the proficiency in pedagogical skills and education research associated with leading teacher training institutions, as well as rendering service to the university, local and state communities. Art, music and theatre have been integral parts of every culture and are therefore included in the great traditions which the University seeks to cultivate. The School of Fine Arts performs the following basic functions: cultural contributions, research and creative activities, instruction, and service to the student body, the University of Southern Mississippi, the community and the state. The entire campus is able to enjoy the programs of the School of Fine Arts: art exhibits, faculty recitals, opera productions, and band, choral, and orchestra concerts. I! OZ' DEAN RAYMOND MANNONI 'T'1'l:lK"' FACULTY joy Ann Allen Charles Ambrose Paul D. Anderson Frances Benner Hugh Birmingham Mary Campbell Norbert A. Carnovale lohn R. Donohue Dr. Alan Drake Larry Felty Dr. David Foltz Albert E. Gower, jr. Dr. William Gower Dr. Gilbert Hartwig Robert D. Hays Roger Hill Sherman Hong joseph Huck 1 E 5 DEGREE FIELDS FINE ARTS ARTS MUSIC MUSIC EDUCATION 301 George Imbragulio Raoul F. ferome Sharon Lebsack Dr. Waller Lok Helen f. McDonald Theodore Madsen Dr. Karl Neumann Eugene L. Pollock Dr. Larry Zillmer fi The USM ORCHESTRA and CONCERT BAND are an important part of the Hattiesburg community as well as the University. The excellence of all Southern's bands is recognized and accepted gratefully. A bit of culture-an oasis in the desert are these individuals who practice and excell in their endeavor and who bring enjoyment to their many listeners. The U.S.M. DANCE BAND regularly entertains at such special functions such as the Jeanne Dixon show and the Military Ball. This group of musicians excells in every form of music from Big Band Dance music to modern Jazz. They are easy to listen to, great to dance to, and-especially when one of them performs a solo-a joy to watch. l 1 The UNIVERSITY SINGERS are a well and they have traveled on tour to Charleston traveled and experienced group of talented college West Virginia. Two of its members, Mildred Sterlin students. They have appeared with the New Orleans and Joe Miller, have won many honors. Mildred Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra in New Orleans, won first place in the regional Metropolitan Opera and the Mobile Philharmonic in Mobile, contest and Joe took second place. 303 SOUTHERN PLAYERS, student dramatic organization, is not restricted to student majoring in theater. The interested student first becomes an apprentice. After working in various phases of theater production, he then becomes eligible for full membership. Southern Players and Alpha Psi Omega, in cooperation with the staff of the Theater Department, sponsor all regular season productions. During open house, Southern Players presented guests with an overall view of the activities involved in theater, and concluded the evening with refreshments and Fine entertainment. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Mary Ellis, Lucilla Garrett, Vice-Presidentg SECOND ROW: Dr. Gilbert Hartwig, Everette Nez, james Gar- Ceeilia Lewis, Secretaryg Robert Lowe, President, Beth Hudson. rett, Dr. Lawrence Zillmer. ALPHA PSI OMEGA is the largest national honorary dramatics fraternity in the world. The Lambda Nu Cast was formed on Southern's campus in 1949. Students who have participated in many productions and achieved an outstanding degree of excellence are eligible for membership. Alpha Psi Omega, in cooperation with the Theatre Department and Southern Players, sponsors all regular season productions. In 1966 The SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS sponsored the largest Summer Theatre program yet offered at the University of Southern Mississippi. Four musicals and six plays were presented. Southern Summer Theatre, student summer stock theatre-operating for the eighth consecutive season-presented "Riverwind," 'lThe Gazebo,', "The Rainmakerf' "The Happy Time," "Catch Me If You Can,', "Send Me No Flowers," and "Never To Late." Summer Musical Theatre, for its first full-length season, presented "The Sound of Music," "Annie Get Your Gun," and "The Music Manf' "Annie Get Your Gun"-The happy finale shows the merging of the great wild west shows with Bufalo Bill and Mildred Sterling as Dolly Tate. O ' "" ' 0 well A REST W PEACE. ,,, Z9 igRNAl F 1. 1 PMA? fl l lu .hu .jg H rf: r- tj I Qs... "Send Ale No Flozi'ers"-Lurille Garrett. as lllrs. Akins, sells "eternal rest on the easy payment plan"' to the unprepared john Harnmons, playing George Kimball, who erroneously believes he is going to die. av' -"" R "Cf1til1 Ale If You Can"-Danny Corban fspecial guest Stoulser Fmztelieu. E.x'ei'utive Direetor of Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carrej grimares as he prepares to receive truth mrzmz from Inspeftor Levine fjolzn Hammonsj as Eliza- beth Corban fCarol Russellj looks on, wondering what the results will be. i54iw'7fSf'j "The Rainmakeru-Bill Starbuck Kjim Garrett, centerj be- gins his rain dance as members of the Curry family watch. "Riverwina','--Virginia fDana Austinj is so surprised when lover Burt fPhil Minyardj hnally pops the question that she literally drops everything. ? l y X E 5 l 5 s 5 l The Happy Fzme gMaman fBarbara jones, centerj is furious when she hnds her son, Bibi, wearing garters which his uncle has iollefted at a burlesque house. -'bali I NO EXIT. THE MUSIC MAN. AIUAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS. fa D-I 1 is 5 msn :S'XYlBii-ZlSII m . -as t FROZNT ROW: john Warren, Wayne Murphy, Doug Graham, Torn Fraschillo, Mike Henderson, Gerald Dickerson, jim Birdsong Y reavurerg Hale Byrd, President, Na: Rhodex, Secretaryg Bill Dol- Neal Tidwell, Bob Steele, Lin Cote. larhzde Vire-Presidentg Charles Gerneinhardt. SECOND ROW: KAPPA KAPPA PSI is a national honorary band fraternity. Its primary objectives are to promote the existence and welfare of college bands, to cultivate a wholesome respect for their activities and achievements, and to honor outstanding bandsmen through privilege of membership extended as a regard for technical achievement and appreciation for the best in music. TAU BETA SIGMA is a national honorary fraternity for bandswomen. Beta Kappa Chapter is an honored one, having recently received an Outstanding Achievement Trophy. These women do service to the university as they perform in the Marching Band, and in Wind Ensemble and Concert Bands. EliEHiI?EZ?Zi.Z?i?i 1 fi S E Q . P ZQL . lik lfx . AQ. 4.- FRONT ROW: Wayne E. Murphy, Tom Fraschillo, Treasurerg Wittman, Bill Gower, Thomas Backus. THIRD ROW: Daniel Hill jim Barnett, President, Charles McGahey, Secretaryg Bob Hub- Earl Fox, Mirhael Pickett, Wilford Hale Byrd, Starkey Kean bard, Vice-Presidentg Kenneth A. Newman. SECOND ROW: Dennis Bailey, Neal Tidwell. Gerald Dickerson. Charles Nelms, Bill Dollarhide, Mike jordan, Robert Steele, jim PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA is a national professional music fraternity. Its main purpose is to advance the cause of music in America by forming a working brotherhood of professional musicians and students of music. Eta Phi Chapter is open to outstanding music majors and minors who have a 2.5 or higher average. "1 ,I .A 309 lx 'Xe' ,,. wi- c ts G- iii Lfv ae, 'XA fbi is' any-nv' 'Ar X, x 'G ef sill' se. f Q ' it, I Y -on " 1' 5- 'if- 'lv' E-M' . R' ? L sw., IO raduates Fme Arts JOHN WAYNE MILLER, Music Education Uniontown, Pa. JUDY FORD MILLER, Music Education Massillon, Ohio HARRY E. SPELL, IIKA, Voice Hattiesburg C Semors Fme Arts FIRST ROW: REBECCA ELLEN ANDERSON. Music Education Forest Pride of Mississippi: USM Concert Band: USM Orchestra: University Singers: Mu Phi Epsilon: Tau Beta Sigma. JOHN DAVID BAKER, Drawing and Painting Gulfport . University Singers. PATRICIA ANN BARIA, Music Education Pascagoula MENC: University Singers. BILLY JOE BARNES, Music Education Braxton SECOND ROW: JAMES N. BARNETT, JR., Instrumental Music Education Lucedale University Marching Band: Symphonic Band: Orchestra: Wind Ensemble: Stage Band: Percussion Ensemble: Phi Mu Alllpha Sinfonia, President: Drill Master,- ME C. MARCIA JEAN BROADUS. AZ. Art Biloxi Highland Dancers: Annual Staf: SCOPE Reporter: President of Delta Zeta. WILFORD HALE BYRD, Music Education Lucedale Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Kappa Kappa Psi,' Pi Kappa Lambda: Marching Band,' Symphonic Band: Stage Band: Orchestra: Trombone Quartet: Drill Master: Advance ROTC. LANELLE DUNN COKER, Commercial Art Hattiesburg THIRD ROW.' JOE BERNARD CORBITT, Commercial Art Meridian JERRY GORDON CROW, Music Education ' Liberty Marching Band: Concert Band,' Symphonic. CHRISTYANA MARIA CURET, Art Biloxi Alpha Lambda Delta: Newman Club: Young Democrats Club. WILMA ANN DARNA UER, Music Education Goodland Dean's List: Symphonic Band: Orchestra. FOURTH ROW: CHARLES H. FAULKNER, IIKA, Commercial Art Hueytown RICHARD ARLEN FORD, Music Education Baton Rouge, La. Marching Band: Symphonic Band: Drill Team: Dean's List: Alpha Phi Omega. MARY EVELYN GA UTIER, AAA, Music Education Pascagoula University Singers: MENC: Dormitory Monitor. ANNE LOUISE GIBBS, Art Yazoo City Alpha Lambda Delta: President's List: Dean's List,' Dormitory Officer. FIFTH ROW: WALTER EDMUND GIBSON, Music Education Hattiesburg Marching Band: Concert Band: University Singers. PAMELA KAY GRAVES, Music Education Columbus Treasurer of Mu Phi Epsilon: Pledge Trainer of Tau Beta Sigma: Marching Band: Symphonic Band: University Orchestra: Opera Workshop: MENC.. CARL DAVID HAGAN, Instrumental Music Education Purvis Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Marching Band: Symphonic Band. MINETTA KAY HATLEY, Art Biloxi NANCY ELIZABETH HERRING, Music Education Petal Marching Band: Tau Beta Sigma: USM Concert Band: MENC,- University Singers. SIXTH ROW: JERRY WILLARD HERRING, Music Education Laurel CAROL PARSONS HOOKER, AZ, Art New Orleans, La. Delta Zeta Scholarship Chairman. JOHN ROBERT HUBBARD, Piano Pascagoula Dean's List: Pi Kappa Lambda: Sinfonia. SEVENTH ROW: FREDERICK MICHAEL JORDAN, Music Edcation Pensacola Sinfonia: Orchestra Scholarship: Alpha Phi Omega: Dean's List. SHARON KAY LAND, AAA, Piano . Tyler, Texas Cheerleader: Tap 20 Beauty: Mu Phi Epsilon: Pi Tau Chi: Pi. Kappa Lambda: SCOPE: ice President of Delta Delta Delta: Dean's List: Senator. ROBERT BAKER LOWE, Theatre Port Gibson President of Alpha Psi Omega: Vice President of Southern Players: Theater Productions, Best Actor leading role: Best Actor supporting role: Best Actor minor role: 1966 Summer Theater: Pf6J1d61if,J Lzst. I JERRY FRANCIS LUMPKIN, Music Education McNeil University Singers II: Highlander Male Chorus. A an 'Vs 'tb 4 X Kf- 3 s., if 62' L- . Q:- is if 5? 'C' '- Hi. L . "5:"- 3 .43 as I ,, f, .4 is ' H' 'T' far 'Nl "Sv X " X s f ?R Qftiif nge, pw :Q '- if vw- g -k Q Ya -.. V4 tgp , rw i iw 'im .- f-r 1 X X 9. i 5. bf, Q.-r w. Seniors Fine Arts FIRST ROW: KATHLEEN IO MILLER, Voice Mt. Olive WAYNE LYNN MILLER, Music Education Andalusia, Ala. Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Lambda. PAMELA MITCHELL, XD, Music Education Poplarville University Singers, Mu Phi Epsilon, University Chorus, MENC,- Chi Omega Sorority Song Director. CHARLES GARTH McGAHEY. Music Education Hattiesburg Phi Mu Alphap Sinfonia. SECOND ROW: ALBERT S. McKENZIE, IR., Music Education Pensacola, Fla. Orchestrag Symphonic Bands Stage Bandg Pipe Band, Marching Band. RICHARD NEIL PALAREA, Art Guatemala Kappa Pi Honorary Art Fraternity, Pan American Student Association: Newman Club. PATRICIA ONETA PEARSON, Music Education Abingdon, Va. USM BAND: Treasurer, Secretary, Drillma.ster,' Member Symphonic Band: USM Orchestra: Treasurer Tau Beta Sigmag Secretary Mu Phi Epsilon, Out- standing Bandswoman, 1963-64. MICHAEL LEE PICKETT, Music Education Heildeberg Symphonic Band 4 Years,' Drillrnagerg Briss Ensemble: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: ean's ist. THIRD ROW: WILLENE SELLERS, Commercial Art Hattiesburg LINDA SUE STEISKAL, Music Education Fairho g Ala, Tau Beta, SIHZHUI Mu Phi EP-fil01l,' Marching Band: Concert Band- Jirrhestra: University Singers, Singers Ensernbleg Opera Workshop: AIENC, SANDRA GAYLE STEWART, Music Education Pascagoula University Singers. DONALD NEAL TIDWELL, Instrumental Alusic Education . C t li . Ill. Outstanding Male Student of Music Freshman and Sophomofeii ,Ri uifappa Lambda: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Kappa Kappa Psi. FOURTH ROW: JANET KAY TIDWELL, Ks, Mum Columbia Kappa Deltag University Singers,'DOffieerlilfIu Phi Epsilon: Pi Kappa Lambda: eans ist. DONALD WESLEY VARNER, Instrumental Music Education Pensacola, Fla. IOHN VIRGIL WAITE, Music Education Vicksburg SJ'ml1ll07liC Bundy Orchestra, ROTC Bandg Brass Choir. WILLIAM B. WHITE, KE, Commercial Art ifoodzille President, Kappa Sigma, Secretary, Kappa Sigma. FIFTH ROW: LINDA ANN WICHT, Commercial Art Hattiesburg JAMES ROBERT WILSON, lwusic Education lleridian Marching Band, Concert Band. IAMES DAVID WITTMAN, Piano Lgurgl Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Orchestra, University Chorus, 0 Ul110lTS Fine Arts FIRST ROW: CHARLOTTE ADELE BARNES. Commercial Art Carthage IANIS DEAN BARNES, XO, Instrumental tllusic Education Columbia ANGELA RUE BENNETT. Commercial Art Natchez CAROL JOYCE BOUTIVELL.,1Iusic Education Laurel HARVEY CLINTON DELLINGER. Commercial Art Hattiesburg SECOND ROW: AIIRIAAI ANN de.HEDICIS. illusic Education jackson SYLVIA THERSIE EDWARDS. Art Education Richton IOSEPH jELKS ERNEST. Voice Mobile. Ala. DONNA LEE FIELD. XS? Theatre Fluker. La. IWARY JENNIFER FIORENZA, Music Education Ocean Springs THIRD ROW: THOIUAS VINCENT FRASCHILLO..11usic Education Clarksdale AIADELEINE BONNABEL GAREN, .Uusic Prentiss RICHARD AIORRIS GILPIN. .llusic Education Bradenton, Fla. ROBERT DOUGLAS GRAHAAI. Applied .Vusic H'est Point fm- Si'i'+K:?s I L 311 BILLY P. GREER, Commercial Art .1IcCornb .9 .5 ' X F' lb X X X X xii' NYU' R 3 1 x s 5 0. '49 Rl, if . hav f A A 317- ' li: wiv' uniors Fine Arts FIRST ROW: EULALIA IONE HALLMAN, Art Bolton LAURA KAYE HAWKINS, Music Education Richton JOHN MARSHALL HAYDEN, Music Hattiesburg JOYCE ANN HERNANDEZ, Music Education Pensacola, Fla. DAN W. HILL, Music Senatobia SECOND ROW: JANET LEE HORN, Voice Pensacola, Fla. LAFAYETTE J. JOHNSON, Music Education Clarksdale PATRICK RUPERT JOHNSTON, Commercial Art Gulfport RICHARD CAMERON KELLOGG, Music Education Mobile, Ala. LUELLA MARION LEGGETT, Music Education Seminary THIRD ROW: RICHARD FRANK LEWIS, Commercial Art Union J. RODNEY LIPPINCUTT, Music Education Scobey SACHIA LONG, KA, Art Tupelo JEANIE FRANCINE LYLE, Organ Gulfport JANET EMMA McCURDIE, XYZ, Art Hattiesburg FOURTH ROW: DENNIS MIRE, Music Education Ocean Springs JAMES DONALD NOWLIN, Commercial Art Laurel ALVIE RANDALL PARKER, Music Education jackson ANTHONY WOMACK POLLARD, Music Education Miss City JAMES DAWS REED, Music Education Hattiesburg FIFTH ROW: NAZ RHODES, Music Education Mendenhall LINDA L. SAVELL, Commercial Art Pascagoula PATRICIA JUNE SCOTT, Voice Mobile, Ala. BARBARA JEAN SIEBELS, Music Education Heidelberg AUDREY ANN SMITH, KA, Commercial Art Jackson SIXTH ROW: DONALD LLOYD SMITH, Music Education Poplarville RICHARD BOYD SMITH, Music Education Orlando, Fla. DURANT ROSS SPIERS, Commercial Art Picayune ALVIN THOMAS SULLIVAN, Commercial Art Shannon DOUGLAS DWIGHT TURNER, Art Vicksburg SEVENTH ROW: DOYLE E. VALENTINE, Church Music Laurel JOHN DANIEL WAGGONER, JR., Drawing and Painting Jackson DOROTHY DALE YARBOROUGH, XS2, Drawing and Painting Slidel, La. Sophomores Fme Arts WILLIAM MILTON BARBEE, Music Education Lake Charles, La. GLENDA SUE BLANKENSHIP, Music Education Orange, Calif. MILDRED FRANCES BRIGNAC, Music Education Pascagoula LAWRENCE AUDIE BROWN, Music Education Lakeland, Fla. LOWELL STANLEY BROWN, Music Education Lakeland, Fla. Sophomores Fme Arts FIRST ROW: THOMAS CARROLL BYRD, Music Education West Point ANNIE LUCILLE CARO, Voice Mobile, Ala. -., CURTIS ALLEN DAVIS, Music Education Laurel f ANITA GAIL FREEMAN, Instrumental Music Education Pascagoula GARY GORDON GAY, Art Mobile, Ala. SECOND ROW: CHARLES C. GEMEINHARDT, Music Education Hattiesburg ' WILLIAM RUSSELL GOWER, Music Education V, A 53:31 Hattiesburg I '- MALCOLM LOUIS GRAHAM, Voice Greenville BRUCE A. GRANTHAM, Music Education Pensacola, Fla. ' MICHAEL DAVID GREGORY, Music Education 1- Verona v- THIRD ROW: BOBBIE ,IO GRIFFITHS, Music Education ' Fairhope, Ala. I I CHARLIE M. NELMS, EAE, Voice Tupelo IANET S. PICCINATI, KA, Music Education Bougalusa, La. LINDA A. RUSLING, Music Education jackson TREVA GAIL RUTLAND, Music Education Seminary FOURTH ROW: GROSS N. SCRUGGS, Music Education Meridian DANIEL ROSS SETTLES, Music Education Anchorage, Alaska MARSHA P. TRIGG, Theatre Richton IEAN DIANE WALLEY, Music Education Richton DELIA WARRINGTON, Music Education Bentonia PM i! FIFTH ROW: f 4 BOBBY EUGENE WILLIAMS, Music Education Selma, Ala. ROBERT NELSON WILLIAMS, Music Education Pascaguola fs- . -yi gm...- ff i 'fx Q, 5... I -1- 5- gh, cj -:ry -V 'TI' 1, ,. '-vs A 1. Y" l G' ,f 1. V, YT . ! W-rx es. D-31: ., 1 Q 5, h Xml V If ,g 'fA., .O .8 '75 0 Q1 5. 'fs L' " I ,iq ,XX he I I :X-xx I f f l 'E 5 ' it X People of artistic temperament .... They can't be worried about trivialities such as dress. i L kg Fifi! f If iff v DEAN SARAH L. WEAVER ,fu .fi I'l'l lil! nun 'vnu all III". rr nur' rn nur' !'I" UHF' fl' Ill? Z. MA joRs General Home Economics Child Development Clothing Merchandising Clothing and Textiles Food and Nutrition Institution Management- Dietetics Institution Management- Commercial Teaching Home Economics Education Home Economics Extension Service Home Economics in Equipment The School of Home Economics A Bachelor of Science Degree in HOME ECONOMICS prepares students to assume responsibilities in areas with the various aspects of daily living. Paralled to this preparation, students have a choice of several professional areas which prepare them for places in the world of work. Modern laboratory facilities are available to provide students with experiences in each of the major areas of specialization. The program is designed so that non-home economics majors may take any of these courses as electives. Dr. Weaver says "Home Economics is an integral part of everyday life. Our major goal is to make a better way of life for individuals and families." FACULTY Miss Lynell Brister Miss Mrs. Elsie B. Chichester Mrs. Mrs. Gale Dickerson Mrs. Mrs. Lois Drain Mrs. Dr. Bertha M. Fritzsch Miss Dr. Mary Gayle Miss Dr. jewel Golden Marlene Gunn Altra Hamman Fern Hesson Edith Lancaster Margaret AlcCarthy Fannie Owings Dr. Sarah L. Weaver 315 Q , .. - s. . , Graduate Fellows Miss Ida Carolyn Carpenter Airs. jo Nell Hales Knot pifturedj Aliss Linda Faye AIcDonald Alrs. Susan Prirneaux Airs. Kathleen Sherrell Airs. Alildred Switzer ,. QUL f? 'N In 4' 15. at 11 MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Betty Carolyn Alexander Linda E. Blissett Martha Carolyn Booth joy Bounds Nellie Ruth Fancher judy Ferguson SECOND ROW: Betty Ann Forrest Theresa Larraine Garner Charliene Haden Sue Humphries Lois Annette johnson Beverly johnson THIRD ROW: Ann Cecilia Kennedy Brenda Carol Loftin Linda Dawn Morgan Ina Lynn Overby Susan Howard Primeaux Catherine Billie Reece FOURTH ROW: Cecilia Marie Smith Gloria Sims Diane Stringer Marsha Lynn Turner Brenda Wilson il The purpose of KAPPA OMICRON PHI is to further the best interests of home economics in four-year colleges or universities. To become a pledge of this professional organization, one must be majoring or minoring in home economics, have a 3.25 grade average in home economics work, have a 2.5 grade average in out-of4division courses, and have completed at least twelve hours of home economics work at the University of Southern Mississippi. 31. '. Xi, . gf i .1 X . , s ,yff ,, l ,, , ff 2745 - -' K aw jeff , Q ' .- T' --r- ' , , T.. M .La -- L: 3, ' 'V -ll V H 2 5 if f Y a ,gs 1 X ',t,f:MS""" vu il . .,. f fy? Q. A if f few mi un., 43" "Y , , sssssss s , X, 7 Zee X ye 12,9 'Dv' ...ite avr'-x, Y"""s Q'-v LL! M l 3 I 21' SEATED: Miss Lynell Brister, Advisor, Martha Bankston, Marie Taylor, jan Burns, Mary Lee Campbell, Gloria Sims, Charliene Haden, joy Bounds, Vice President, Ann Kennedy, UAC Repre- sentative, Lynn Overly, Reporter, Cecilia Smith, President, Annette johnson, Secretary, Marietta McRae, Carolyn Carpenter, Susan Smith, Ola Murj. STANDING: Sara Sprouse, Sharon jones, Miss Fannie Owings, Sue Shoemake, judy Ferguson, janice Bolton, june The HOME ECONOMICS College Chapter is open to all students in home economics and is affiliated with the Mississippi Home Economics Association and the American Home Economics Association. The chapter was organized at the University of Southern Mississippi in 1926. The purpose of the chapter is to develop leadership ability, to promote professional attitudes and interests, to share with others the value of home economics as a profession, and to encourage fellowship among students and faculty. I ,...qq . wi. +1 A' Weaver, Carolyn Whitley, Miss Marlene Gunn, Linda Blissett, Mary jean Pigott, Maxine Spangler, Cathy Reece, Rebecca Hol- lingsworth, Doris Holyfield, Shelia Allgood, Marsha Turner, Clarice Zillmer, Kathy Boutwell, juanita Cardenas, Sue King, Mrs. Sara Weaver, Cynthia Bradley, Wanda Wilson, Mrs. Elsie Chichester, Mrs. Lois Drain, Linda McDonald, Dr. Bertha Fritzsche. X I 1 "3 . 2' F 'Ii Z" ln In 1, Qui. ' . yi gy - 1 ' on Q , 1,4 Graduates Home Economics IDA CAROLYN CARPENTER, Home Economics Runnelstown RITA ROSE LIKINS, Institution Management-Dietetics Biloxi LINDA FAYE McDONALD, Home Economics Education Forest SUSAN HOWARD PRIMEAUX, Home Economics-Child Development Lake Charles, La. MILDRED A SWITZER, Home Economics Hattiesburg CLARA JEAN WILSON, Home Economics Bay Springs Seniors Home Economics FIRST ROW: LINDA KAY ANDING, Home Economics Education Brookhaven MARTHA CLAYTON BANKSTON, Home Economics Education L l Dean's List, Wesley Foundation Oficerg Home Economics Club, Presildziziiei, Gamma Beta Phig Women's Advisory Council, Religious Floor Chairman, Freshman Dormitory. JANICE L. BOLTON, Home Economics Education Mobile, Ala. Dean's List, Home Economics Club. i ALICE JOY BOUNDS, Home Economics Education Lake SECOND ROW: LINDA F. BLISSETT, Clothing Merchandise- Home Economics Education Morton JOHN EDWARD BRADY, Institution Management Gulfport MARY LEE CAMPBELL, Child Development Liberty Home Economics Club. JUANITA CARDENAS, Home Economics Education Waynesboro THIRD ROW: BARBARA WEBB CHRISTENSEN, Home Economics Education Hattiesburg ANNIE DELL DA VIS, Home Economics Education Waynesboro NELLIE RUTH FANCHER, Home Economics Education Cojfeeville Oficer Baptist Student Unionj Most Outstanding Sophomore of Home Eco- nomics Club, Kappa Ornicron Phi, SNEAQ Dean's List, Dormitory Vice Chairmang Women's Afairs Board. HELEN JUDITH FERGUSON, Home Economics Education Utica FOURTH ROW: Home Economics Clubg Kappa Omicron Phi Treasurer. BETTY ANN FORREST, Institution Management Meridian JACKIE SPENCER FRANKLIN, Home Ecomonics Education Indianola CARMEN FINCH GRA VES, Home Economics Education Mize CHARLIENE HADEN, Home Economics Education- Child Development Purvis FIFTH ROW: DELORES MARY HARRIS, Home Economics Education Lake BRENDA LARRAINE HUGGINS, Clothing Merchandising Pensacola, Fla. SUE HUMPHRIES, Clothing Merchandising- Hvme Economics Education DeFuniak Springs, Fla. Kappa Delta Pig guard Kappa Omicron Phi: President of Jones Hall, Junior: Women's Afairs Board: Home Economics Clubg Dean's List, President's List, Phi Delta Rho. ANN KATHERINE JOBE, Institutional Management-Dietetics Metairie SIXTH ROW: LOIS ANNETTE JOHNSON, Home Economics Education Brewton Kappa Omicron Phi, Gamma Beta Phi, Secretary: Home Economics Club, SNEAJ Dean's List. SHARON ANN R. JONES,,Home Economics Education Picayune Greater Council Home Economics. l n JOHNNIE SUE KING, Home Economics Meridian PATRICIA KAY KRABEL, Home Economics Education Ottawa, Ill. Alpha Psi Omega. 3 Seniors Home Economics FIRST ROW: BRENDA CAROL LOFTIN, Home Economics Education Columbia LINDA DAWN MORGAN, Home Economics Education Sumrall OLA BONITA MURFF, KA, Clothing Merchandising Pensacola, Fla. Soulherner Staff: Home Economics Club: Young Democrats. INA LYNN OVERBY, Home Economics Education Bay Springs SECOND ROW: MARY JEAN PIGOTT, Clothing Merchandising Picayune CONSTANCE ERENA POWAIBO, Clothing .Merchandising Biloxi CATHERINE BILLIE REECE, Home Economics Education Meridian Kappa Omicron Phi. SHELIA SUE SHOEMAKE, Home Economics Education Hattiesburg THIRD ROW: CHARLOTTE L. SHOWS, Home Economics Education Richton GLORIA FRANCES SIMS, Home Economics Noxapater Home Economics Club: Kappa Omicron Phi: Baptist Student Union, Ojicer. SUSAN MARIE SMITH, Child Development New Orleans MAXINE MARIE SPANGLER, Home Economics Education Purvis Home Economics Club, Secretary: Kappa Omicron Phi, Secretary: Gamma Beta Phi: SNEA. RUTH OLIVIA STRAHAN, Home Economics Education Waynesboro WAB, Treasurer: Home Economics Club. IOSIE LOUISE SUMMER, Home Economics Education Columbia Home Economics Club: BSU: Dean's List. BURNEY FAYE TULLOS, Clothing Merchandising Pascagoula University Singers: Home Economics Club. IANE LOUISE TULLOS, Clothing Merchandising FIFTH ROW: MARSHA LYNN TURNER, Home Economics Education liletairie Kappa Omicron Phi: Westminster Fellowship, Vice President: Pi Tau Chi,' WAB Dormitory President. Q . ,Jn an 5 V. ,.,.'- X MIS. ! if I , . X if tw-X N -114 L. . H .., 'Z' , . .I f A-i. g -no ' f ,. -. 'i.,'9l.. ft '- it 3 -wi'-, 4. 11 , X, f f"A f r, ' fl", ,T Q,- QL., N ts' A lb 5 4' fb " ' ig , x x ,X I wg N E Q. ws. S 1, 4 r xy '- 'i ' ,f '- . fir .,,,iLQj3?" T' :" i' u'4lrf""' f A 'Q VJ' .' Viv wi'-5 1 121125 r fi' WML X 3 20 U111OI' S Home Economics FIRST ROW: BETTY CAROLYN ALEXANDER, Home Economics Education Little Rock SHELIA FAY ALLGOOD, Clothing and Textiles Yazoo City HARRIET BEASLEY, Home Economics Education Hattiesburg MARTHA CAROLYN BOOTH, Home Economics Natchez CAROL IEAN BLAKENEY, Home Economics Taylorsville SECOND ROW: GAYLE PATRICIA BLITCH, Home Economics Education Pensacola BARBARA LEE BRACEY, Home Economics Education Tylertown CYNTHIA AGNES BRADLEY, Home Economics- Child Development Hattiesburg CHARLOTTE MARIE BRETT, Home Economics Waynesboro LINDA CAROL BROWN, Home Economics Perkinston THIRD ROW: IUDITH REBECCA CLARKE, Home Economics Education Pascagoula PATRICIA WYNELL CRANE, Home Economics Walnut Grove ELLEN FULTON, Home Economics Extension Service Philadelphia SHARON ANN HARRIS, Home Economics Quitman REBECCA HOLLINGSWORTH, Clothing Merchandising Moss Point FOURTH ROW: DONNIS JEAN HOLYFIELD, Clothing,Merchandising New Hebron BEVERLY GAY IOHNSON, AZ, Home Economics Picayune BONITA GAIL LATHAM, Home Economics Education Holcomb SHIRLEY ANN LEVERETTE, Home Economics Education Leakesville CECELIA STARR LEWIS, Home Economics Education-journalism Beaumont FIFTH ROW: LESLIE IUDITH MAGLATHLIN, Clothing Merchandising Brandon ELIZABETH ANN MARTIN, Home Economics Education Meridian IVA RUTH MASSENGALE, Home Economics Collins MARY PA ULINE McCOY, Home Economics Terry MARIETTA JANE McRAE, Child Development Waynesboro SIXTH RO W: FRANCES ELENA RODENBOUGH, AEA, Home Economics Education Mascoutah, Ill. MARY E. ROE, Clothing Merchandising Meridian IUNE CARROL SHARP, Clothing Merchandising jackson CECILIA MARIE SMITH, Home Economics Education -Clothing Merchandising Carthage SANDRA KAY SMITH, Clothing Merchandising SEVENTH ROW: SARA ALICE SPROUSE, Home Economics Bay Springs DIANE BO YD STRINGER, Home Economics Education ELIZABETH ANN THRASHER, Home Economics Education Bay Minette, Ala. DONNA C. UPTON, Home Economics Walnut Grove ELIZABETH jUNE WEAVER, Home Economics Hazlehurst Tylertown Waynesboro EIGHTH ROW: ROSANN ELIZABETH WHALEN, Home Economics Education jackson CAROLYN O'BYRNE WHITLEY, Home Economics Education Natchez CHERYLL C. WILLIAMSON, Clothing Merchandising Grove Hill, Ala. BRENDA LOU WILSON, Home Economics and Clothing Merchandising Baton Rouge, La. KAREN LOUISE WINDHAM, Clothing Merchandising Edwards Sophomores Home Economics FIRST ROW: JANIE CLARKE, QM, Clothing Merchandising Mobile, Ala. ELAINE FISHER, Home Economics Hattiesburg PATRICIA ANN IABOUR, AEA, Institution Management Hattiesburg MARIQUITA LINDLEY, Home Economies Vicksburg CHARLOTTE ANN McILWAIN, Home Economics Riehton SECOND ROW: ADAH LOUISE ORY, XSD, Home Economics Fluker, La. MARIE ELIZABETH RINEHART, QM, Child Development Bogalusa, La. LINDA STEINER, Home Economics Vicksburg x I 10 Y"'x 'Iwi 'II Ah . . . it,s a regular "home away from home" for many . . . but economically ruining. DEAN RALPH SEER OWINGS THE GRADUATE SCHOOL is recognized by the University as one of its most important divisions. Since its establishment in 1947, the function and purpose of the Graduate School has been to provide opportunities for those who wish to further their education and to obtain degrees at the master's and doctorate levels. Graduate education provides an opportunity for students to do research and to make original inquiries for the advancement and discovery of knowledge whereby the social, political, educational, and economic status of the state and the South will be enhanced. The Graduate School endeavors to prepare personnel for roles of leadership in all aspects of our society. 32.7. 4 5 l --v CT? GRADUATE CLASS OFFICERS: joe Lott, Vice-Presidentg Don- ald Nace, Treasurerg Cornelia Pitts, Secretaryg T. G. Sarphie, President. in ' Q mp-1 i JI., 1 ll , Y, 1' Xxeix. l X xxxtz . V 1 'lr . XX' S A 7,27 Tu-o busy Grad xtzzdentf enjoy Soutlzerrfs typical ,vzumy zvcatlzer HY they relax dur- ing one of their fvzf' spare moments. -'w .ivy-ff IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Bobby A!fMinn, Presidentg Donna Lee Field, Treasurerg Henry Randazzo, Vice- Presiderztg Linda Dickey, Secretary. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: jim Weaver, Presidentg Mary Sue Baylix, Treasurerg Nick Doyle, Vice-Presidentg Laurel Lay, Secre- tary. Class fficers .3 I ft SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Linda Amarker, Serretaryg Dave Brannon, Presidentg Weezy Ory, Treaxurerg Nick Vesa, Vice President Knot picturedj. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Bob Cote, Vice-Presidentg Brenda Burnham, Secretaryg Vicki Farr, Treasurerg Gary Odom, President. 2 325 X U Ti' '05 DEAN SIDNEY E. L. WEATHERFORD BASIC course VA E ....s.-my .va- v '1 .4 '1 .fl ll, Mk J - if . V I ,.f, A " 'Q-Pi." L ' : ' w .' 'J , l' ,4 4. " ' , . , , The interminable liner .... Need information, permission, advice, a signature? Stand in line. THE BASIC COLLEGE, under the supervision of Dean Sidney Weatherford, initiates the new student into Southernls academic community. Ninety hours of specific courses are required in the Basic College prior to admission into one's major school. The time spent under Basic College jurisdiction is necessary and serves a practical purpose. The variety of subjects required introduces freshmen and sophomores to many possible career areas to which they might not otherwise be exposed. Also important is that the well-rounded individual have a liberal educationg this desirable characteristic is insured by our Basic College system. 'L GAR, I an-. ' Home of the Basic College. ST 7. 1 , M fa if 'ff I 3 it 32f"z - . ' ff X9 s , , J' If Q 117A " lf bv- G 159 . A: - N fix +4 Q., s , 71? 1 1 ' t il. V 144 hr ' Cz, ww, Q I is .x 2,7 f f ' Q., all s-, ,A Z' , , 4, ,, QL" , - e mf V If - N lr ' Y-- ee- wi A , ff I fs.: if Qu- lap. fy ' 5 fs ir:-:fl Freshmen Basic College FIRST ROW: PEGGY LORENE ABSHIER, AAA ANDREA ADAMS ROBERT CHARLES ADAMS CAROLYN SUE ADAMS FRANK WILLIAMS ADERHOLT SECOND ROW: ANN jUDITH AINSWORTH MARGARET jANE ALDRIDGE LEAH BETH ALLEN, AEA PAMELA CARLOTTA ALLEN RICHARD DOUGLAS ALLEN THIRD ROW: ROBERT SPENCER ALLEN BRENDA SUSAN ALLEN jAMES C. ANDERSON PATRICIA E. ANDERSON HENRY MILTON APPERSON, jR. FOURTH ROW: NELSON ALBERT ARAPE CHAFIK ARBACH RUTH ARRINGTON PATRICIA ANN ASHLEY LYNDA MARIE AULTMAN FIFTH ROW: RITA j. AUSTIN, AZ DANIEL E. AVERETTE CECIL WARDELL AYCOCK ,IAMES ANDREW AYERS FRANCES ELAINE BAGBY SIXTH ROW: LARRY jOE BAKER, ATS? PATRICIA ANN BAILEY THOMAS CHARLES BARAGONA CAROLYN LORRANE BARBER jOSEPH HUGH BARICEV SEVENTH ROW: LINDA ANN BARKER CHARLES THOILIAS BARNES SUE HAZEL BARNETT IVADELINE MARIE BAUCOM jANICE MARIE BEARD EIGHTH ROW: LINDA S. BEASLEY SUE LINDA BEAVER PAULA R. BEDFORD FREDDIE R. BEGGS BRIAN RICHARD BELKNAP NINTH ROW: BEVERLY ANN BELL CHERYL jEAN BELL KATHY BELL RAFFAELE G. BELTRAM EDWARD WILLIAM BENEFIELD TENTH ROW: BILL BERRY, KE RONALD GERALD BERRY ROBERT GERALD BERRY LYNN L. BERRY RICHARD E. BERQUIST ELEVENTH ROW: MARY E. BISHOP, HBCIJ jO BISHOP KATHY BISHOP, KA KATHLEEN BLACKBURN, AEA RANDY BLACKLIDGE jackson Hattiesburg Springheld, Va. Gulfport Clarksdale Star Route Fayette Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Magnolia Gulfport Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Wiggins West Point Maracaiba, Venezuela Estado do Rio, Brazil Shubata Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Laurel Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Cincinnati, Ohio Hattiesburg Birmingham, Ala. Waveland Natchez Columbia Biloxi jackson Braxton Pascagoula Mobile, Ala. Vicksburg Meridian Meridian West Point Tupelo Poplar Bluf, Mo. Pensacola, Fla. Pensacola, Fla. jackson Italy Gulfport Hattiesburg Huntsville, Ala. Panama City, Fla. Bay St. Louis McKeesport, Pa. Nashville, Tenn. jackson Forest Hattiesburg Gulfport FI'CShII1C11 Basic College FIRST ROW: , ,,,, ' Eb MICHAEL DA VID BLISSETT Morton , LINDA G. BLOOM Gulfport W, .QM it JANET LIPSCOMB BOLTON Haltieslaurg --fi It - I JAMES ELWOOD BONEY Brloxt SYLVIA DIANNE BOOTH Juoluorr LQ A - - 'ar .r I L SECOND ROW.- -rr ' 3 'T' Q- EVA JEAN BOOZER Hattiesburg , ft- ROBERT EUGENE BORGER Natchez , of r- f K JESUS C. BORJAS Huttrotlrurp IP in f U . .rf WILLIAM T. BOROUGHS Hattiesburg A HARRY L. BOSCHIERI Natchez ' -.Ru 'K-' . l ' . THIRD ROW: in I - A A , N CHRYSIS L. BOSWELL Mobil, Ala. ' f ,ff . THOMAS G. BOUNDS Surrrrull -- N I ' JOE ALLAN BOURGEOLS Hattiesburg Q LARRY CLYDE BOURNE Columbia 'Y to R ' THOMAS H. BOYD McComb FOURTH ROW: NITA LOUISE BOYD Gulfport BETTY L. BOYER Sumrall PAUL ROBERT BOYKIN Pascagoula SHEILA LORRAINE BRADDOCK Ripley JANE ELIZABETH BRADLEY Hattiesburg FIFTH ROW.- DONALD S. BRANTLEY Penxacola, Fla. EDWARD RAY BREAKFIELD Columbia AUDREY ALLYSON BREAZEALE Wigginx MELINDA MARIE BRENT Lakeland, Fla. BETTYE BRIDGES Lourrorllo SIXTH ROW: JEANNE LOUISE BRIDGES, nm: Juolrtort , CARMEN COLLEEN BROADHEAD Morton ge SHONA MARIE BROGDEN Aurlulutlo, Ala. BARBARA IEAN BROOKS Panama City, Fla. ,I A, THERESA JANE BROPHY, AEA Pascagoula 'Q SEVENTH ROW: ROBERT EARL BROUILLETTE Gulfport PHYLLIS A. BROWN Walnut Hlll, Flu Q REBECCA A. BROWN Ooourr Sprrrrgr SHARON ANN BROWN jackson STERLING N. BROWN Natchez EIGHTH ROW: SUSAN ELAINE BROWNE Tylortouorr FRANCES WALDINE BRUMMETT Juolttorr , I MARTHA JO BRYANT jackson " DICK BRYANT, ATQ Alexandria, Va. E7 WILLIE YVONNE BRYANT Hattiesburg NINTH ROW: I LENA KATHRYN BUCK Biloxi ' ROSEMARY L. BUMBERA Gulfport If BRENDA IO BURDETTE Baton Rouge, La. 4 s BRENDA DIANNE BURNHAM, AEA jackson ' ' LINDA JEAN BURNHAM Yazoo City TENTH ROW: MARTHA L. BURRAGE Pasragoula LARRY WILLIAM BURRAGE Juoltrorr WAYNE LEE BURRUS Sprrugrfrold, Vu. IAMES H. BUTLER Madixon-Ridgeland CAMILLE SUSANNE BUTLER, KA jackson ELEVENTH ROW: DIANNE BYNUM Sumfall FRANCES ANN BYRD i Laurel N. H BRENDA DIANE CAIN Molrtlo, Ala. HUGH E. CAIN Hattiesburg MARRY CAROLINE CAAIERON, EEE Orange, Tex32 9 5 K.- - f' 0. VS - I ' QF' 1:-' ,' ' ' V .nn Q, A 4 ,,., . , .f-' .fm . f": ' Cuff' . N I T .. ,.V ,x xx .5 , . .. .0 ,L F EV t 5 , Y 1' Lf f- I "Wi g W J .Ts if f- a A CM " -G71 1 J ' A WW", .Y C 1 if X , . t K ,T - .... M I '12 'Q-M X tr , Sh 1 +. 2 ,, 'A - KLIQ. f A Y 'W ' A A Ag V ' - . ' if '4 is I' "' I I A . Z9 , in fi' I . t 'Y -L ,ji 'W' H '-. :. if 4 Q' ,H fic bv- rw qs. ' -' V, fx 5 : A fz ' .3 4 4. , i. W, if .A V! M 0' , . ' W:-y ' 1 ' , f ,-V91 " .. qx Y V f f:,' Z1 R f Wil A A ,A H - jr ' I-ff ,. 4 . X47 Q 'U I an hw Wi' J is W I, 'llsfv' I I I 13 , ,I K Wg' ' ' ., 'is . - ,.,.A I I xg 1 ,-.-v F ,Z I , .,."',N ' ,Zi M A s 31 5 pa." .ibn-' ft 14. KSC A f , ' S . ww if if P if Freshmen Basic College FIRST ROW: MARY FAITH CAMPION Waveland GEOFFREY B. CANFIELD Purvzs GILDA F. CANIZARO BUQX1 LORETTA ANN CADLER Yazoo City jOHANNA K. CAPTIVA Pasctlgmllll SECOND ROW: RODRIGO CARDENAL Managua, Nicaragua MALCOLM HUNTLEY CARMICHAEL. KA jackson SUSAN HARTFIELD CARR Heidelberg ,IOHN SCOTT CARR Pensacola, Fla. DENNIS WHITE CARRAWAY Utica THIRD ROW: HOLLY D. CARSON Ocean Springs NANCY j. CARTER Hattiesburg jANIS LEA CARTER Gulfport IIARRIETT VIRGINIA CAUL jayess S. CHRIS CAVE FOURTH ROW: SHARON SUE CAVER SUE M. CHALTRAW CLARA WYNONA CHAPMAN .IAMES W. CHEEK CHRISTINE M. CHISM FIFTH ROW: BLANCHE ELLEN CHOATE KAREN ANN CLARK DANNY jOE CLARK CLARK S. CLARK ,IAMES PALMEN CLAY, jR. SIXTH ROW: WILLIAM D. CLARK CHARLES P. CLEARMAN WILLIAM M. CLEARMAN BRUCE W. CLIFFORD BONITA R. COHRON SEVENTH ROW: CECILE ANNETTE COLE WILLIAM EDWARD COLEMAN jACKIE W. COLEILIAN HARRIET K. COLLINS AIARTHA KAYE COMBEST, X52 EIGHTH ROW: ELEANOR V. CONT1 KATHLEEN NORTHROP COOK GAIL BRENDA COOPER LESLIE C. COOPER DAVID M. CONNER NINTH ROW: FRANKIE KAREN CORNS ROBERT EDWARD COTE, jR., EAE ANN COTTRELL GLORIA ,IEANNETTE CRAFT HAROLD DEWITT CRAIN TENTH ROW: CLA UDETTE DEMANT CRA WFORD, TERRY C. CRAWFORD EVELYN T. CREEL SUE CRENSHAW MARSHA LEE CROSBY, X9 ELEVENTH ROW: UIERRY WAYNE CRUIT CHARLES RAYMOND CRUM ALICE PAT CUBLEY, ML LYNN DALE CURTIS BETTY ANN DACUS Bay St. Louis Moss Point Pascagoula Waynesboro Hattiesburg Hazlehurst Meridian Yazoo City Poplar Bluf, Mo. Webb Birmingham, Ala. Petal Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Morton Utica Brookhaven Wade McComb Yazoo City Moss Point Ocean Springs Pass Christian Saraland, Ala. Morton Hattiesburg jackson Elsrnere, N. Y. jackson Magee Tylertown X9 Laurel Pittsburgh, Pa. Biloxi jackson Laurel Atmore, Ala. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg jackson Tupelo F1'CSh1'I1CI1 Basic College FIRST ROW.' CLAUDETTE DALLAS NANCY NELL DANIEL MARGARET A, DARNELL CAROL DAVENPORT IUANITA ANTHONY DAVIS SECOND ROW: IUDY BETH DAVIS RICHARD H. DAVIS KATHERINE DAVIS, AEA WILLARD IEFFERSON DAVIS LINDA LUELINE DAWS, X9 THIRD ROW: LARRY RYAN DEAN INANCY E. DEANE CYNDY LEE DeLANCEY ANDRE AMARO DeLLACER M. ED DENNIS FOURTH ROW: MARY CATHERINE DENT MARGARET LEE DETHLOFF CHARLES T. DeVAUGHN PHYLLIS ANN DILL DONNA LYNN DILLON FIFTH ROW: ELIZABETH LINDA DISHAROON, KA LINDA R. DOBBS, X52 ALLEN E. DOERING, KE ROSY ELLEN DONOHUE, AEA SIXTH ROW: MARY ELIZABETH DONNELL1' WALTER RAY DOTY NAN ELIZABETH DUCEY IACQUELINE ANN DUEITT IINDA SUE DUPUY SEVENTH ROW: DANDA KAY DYAR, CPM MARY E. DYE IUDITH ELAINE DYESS EDWARD PERRY DYESS IEAN EAGAR, AEA EIGHTH ROW: STANLEY A. EASLEY IEANNE ANNE EDWARDS, AAA jackson Bay St. Louis Laurel Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Yazoo City Columbia Gulfport Prentiss Waynesboro Hattiesburg Picayune Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Pensacola, Fla. Collins Moss Point Lucedale jackson Tylertown Port Gibson Biloxi Natchez Hattiesburg Canal Zone Meridian Pascagoula jackson Citronelle, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Waynesboro Columbia fackson Baker, La. Ocean Springs KEVIN RICHARD EDWARDS Harrington Park, NJ. MARY PATRICIA EDWARDS PATRICIA LUCILLE ELLIS. X9 NINTH ROW: MELISSA ELM, EEE TERRY LAWRENCE ESTEP MARK R. EUBANKS MARSHALL R. EUBANKS CARL E. EURE TENTH ROW: CHERYL E. EVANS ROBERT E. EVERETT SUSAN LILLIAN EVERETT WILLIAM HUGH EWING VICKI LYNN FARR, KA ELEVENTH ROW: SANDRA LYNN FAULKNER, KA LINDA DEAN FEENEY Canton Waynesboro Tampa, Fla. Gulfport Gulf Breeze, Fla. Woodbridge, Va. Hattiesburg Petal Magee Chipley, Fla. Fairfax, Va. jackson Hattiesburg Gulfport SERGIO WALTER FERNANDEZ Guantanamv Bay, Cuba IBRAHIM A. FERRER Cabirnas. Venezuela TERESA ANNE FEWELL M. R. DOLEAC Wavelanrl E , .u Q, vu L' DQ' Q, 5 - sph'-,J , 'LJ - J L '1 ,JH Jf pu , 35 is ..- -rr 1 V ff J ,, ,H .29 1,1 fill-A Q.. iriv- IPX ' - aah V 4' v c' w , Q' Y- ff 1 Fx fi' ' U ' A - - A , 'e, s ' :ox ,, V, I , v I4 n., v M l -. .- .lypff V if --Q 'F fi ' 1 W? in '. Q . v .-,Q A wx K.: XII, X xl 1 K gl X' 4 M 'w 'ul X 'Q ..-X E, .N n L T ! 1 Y V fit ! ifkxx 'S If 1-,rv 1 xi Xkx ' 'f ix, Q- Q- . u urs- 4 fL T- A r i? -6 B Lx . 'F 3. 3- 'I .fly ,s ' I tc., . , J I 3 ln A ' K' y if a , QD, 3 V f f . I f f -Avg , 1 4'-s' .M 2 1 ,f , t, I 671 '. ,, 3 Z. x ' 'YS X -sf- 2 . 1,21 ,Q 1-t 1. 1--mga:-,f-1, 35, X a '-Z C' " 5+ , W .. 5' . H, ,Q L. Y- T nf if 1. if V eiw 0 'I 2 ' Ina-I fr X - t A , t -2. " ' 1 yt 1' .. V- 1 Uv , iw. V' ' 3 if Y ,X L gg 7 a t Q ff - 'fx I f 'jf I ,wwf f ww, ,fm V, L 0 -191 I 'fy' j 7' L ' , 4-Q. 5 ,. , f 1 . . I if ff 2 2 F1'CShI11C11 Basic College FIRST ROW: jUDY LYNN FIELD, XQ PAMELA A. FIKE LUCIA ANDERSON FISHEL Fluker, La. Leakesville Hattiesburg PATRICK M. FITSPATRICK, Acacia Mahopac Falls, KATHY A. FLOOD SECOND ROW: FRANKIE FAYE FLOYD jAMES ROBERT FORD RACHEL FORTENBERRY, X9 DIANNE FRANCES FOSTER, EEE DOUG MICHAEL FOSTER N.Y. Biloxi Gloster jackson Pascaguola Mobile, Ala. Bay St. Louis THIRD ROW: SUSAN E. FOWLER Biloxi SUSAN FRAZIER jackson BECKY FRAZIER, AZ Grenada ANN MARIE FREEMAN Hattiesburg LINDA ROSE FRIERSON Picayune FOURTH ROW: A. OSCAR FUENTES Lima, Peru RICHARD FIELDS FULKERSON Magee GARY R. FULLER McComb RICHARD FULLER Monticello RICHARD A. FULLER II Biloxi FIFTH ROW: BRENDA jOYCE GALLOWAY Yazoo City DOROTHY LEE GAMMEL Hattiesburg LINDA ELIZABETH GANNON, X9 Gulfport jOHN M. GARNER Dania, Fla. LORRAINE T. GARNER jackson SIXTH ROW: SARAH MARGARET GARRAWAY Hattiesburg jUDITH LYNN GARY Isola DONNA F. GATLIN Pascagoula HERMES QUIN GAUTIER, jR., KA Pascagoula NANCY ANN GENTRY jackson SEVENTH ROW: ELLA S. GETER Woodville ALFRED BROWN GIBSON Yazoo City CAROLYN SUE GIBSON Hattiesburg MAUDINE BETH GIBSON Bay Springs RONNIE LEE GILDER Hattiesburg EIGHTH ROW: ALAN jOE GILLIAM Greenville MADELYN CAROL GIUFFRIA Long Beach PAM C. GLISSON Magee HENRY N. GLOER Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. jOHN WHYTE GODDARD III, KA Woodville NINTH ROW: SUSIE ELYSE GOFORTH, AEA Handsboro DANNY LEE GOLDMAN Natchez IAMES HOLLIS GOLMON, jR. Monticello jOSE M. GOMEZ Barcelona, Spain DONNA LYNN GONSOULIN Biloxi TENTH ROW: 1 LARRY B. GOODMAN Meridian DONALD LARRY GRAFTON Laurel LINDA D. GRAFTON Biloxi DA VID ROBERT GRAHAM LANA jEAN GREEN ELEVENTH ROW: PAT A. GREER MILDRED ESTELLE GREER CHERYL A. GREGG ARNIE M. GRIFFIN SHARON ANN GRIFFIN 7. Mobile, Ala. Charleston, Ill. jackson McComb Baton Rouge, La. Ocean Springs Bay St. Louis Freshmen FIRST ROW: SHARON ,IAN GRIFFIN, SSS WILLIAM ALAN GRIFFITH ,IIMMY D. GRIMES LINDA PAYE GRIMSLEY DIANE RAE GRINDLE SECOND ROW: REBECCA ANN GROVE, IIBQ CHERYL LYNN GRUBBS REBECCA McWILLIAMS GULLY DAVID HASCAL GUNTER TERESA L. GUNTER THIRD ROW: WILLIAM VAUGHAN GUY, jR. CHARLENE ANN HAASE DEBORAH PAMELA HALEY, QM CHRISTINA HANDJIS NANCY ALTHEA HARMON FOURTH ROW: MARTHA LOU HARRELL DONNA L. HARRIS WANDA D. HARRIS JAMES EDWIN HARVEY RIDLEY LEE HART FIFTH ROW: HULDAG ANN HARTFORD MERIDA HATHORN, X52 IOSEPH B. HAWKINS KENNETH LEE HAWKINS PAULETTE HAWKINS SIXTH ROW: IANICE MARIE HAYES SUSAN D. HAYS MAURICE NEAL HAZEN Basic College Bogalusa, La. Slidell, La. Grenada Hattiesburg Midwest City, Okla. Memphis, Tenn. Mendenhall Grenada Agricola Pascagoula Hattiesburg Biloxi Biloxi Natchez Hattiesburg jackson Newton New Orleans, La. Poplaroille Fairhope, Ala. jackson Columbia jackson Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Niceville, Fla. jackson Prichard, Ala. BILLIE JEAN HEARON Yazoo City BRENDA HEFLIN Artesia SEVENTH ROW.' LINDA HEFLIN Artesia CYNTHIA GAY HEGWOOD Albuquerque, N.M. VICKI SUZANNE HELMS Tupelo LAUREN LAMAR HELVESTON Citronelle, Ala. ,IANICE K. HENDRICKS jay, Fla, EIGHTH ROW: DAVID MALCOLM HENSARLING Hattiesburg SANDRA KATHRYN HERNBLOOM Pearl .IOSEPH jACK HERRING Columbia ,IAMES M. GETHCOX Petal KENNETH GEORGE HIGGINBOTHAM Biloxi NINTH ROW.' THOMAS M. HILL Bogalusa, La CAROLYN ANN HILL jackson CHERYL A. HOCUTT Hattiesburg ,IANET L. HODGES Biloxi GERRY HOGUE, AAA Biloxi TENTH ROW: CAROL HOLLINGSWORTH, QM SUZANNE FOSTER HOLMES ANGELA DIANNE HOOD STEPHEN C. HOOD IUDITH ANNE HOWELL ELEVENTH ROW: BARBARA A. HUDSON JOHN C. HUFF ROBERT GLENN HUFF FAITH MILDRED HULSEY MARY ELIZABETH HURST, HBCP Huntsville, Ala. Bro vkhazven Yazoo City Natchez Brooklyn Bassfield Natchez Natchez Hattiesburg Hattiesburg 'B 7 Q? 19s. .' it +V . A -, ""' in ' sv- Y l " S if ,, .Y :. L ff. I is AW N M -11 .1 .-I, 1 A ' Agra. ,Al u 1 A I5 N LI' Q 'Ui 4 I 5 ,f I N - A Q . Y I . , l J' I 1 jr . fs., r 'W -. .L 3 t ' 2 f an I . I WN ". , I - A 4 V 'Q it 'T 5 l ' 'S if fs. 2. . ww A, 9: . 7, . . fr' 2' -- dj Xifwco. ' Y. X , gl Lmgtqflug pc fl ...E it-is 5, :Q . - ' , - l gy' km Kg 5' I Q1 'sw A -- ' -' I 1 5 1--J Ab., fl. . A I 4 mi 5' . vt x 'fy i . KA. , K 1'-2 1 info' , ' a - J- . ., , 6- K Y 1 A . A v , rw' s Q-...Ad 'rm I! ix rs 4 A ' ,r Jia urn ,ww , ' "7r 1 I 6 ' ' ' E." I , f A 74 , f. . K E' I . . ,pat 5 s , 4 5419 h. ,. , , , ' 'l-E'fk?4A A AAA--77 , 'ff W fs lv 2 , , X S X' sh fx ,A R !..' ex au' , I Af X -r ,x 1 ee A Q! Q yy, , , 4 5' f Qflh ra.. A f f 7 f Ai Q . L. . ,g 1, . I :wg I I. 1 ,z, 'f..,., X, b a 9 i MT.1?:i.'. in Nils' I M, A A -uf .. . -A if 1 Q, , 2 f- A Yr--rf ' ' , EY, 1 g Wx- s , 5 4 . ff' "EIA , " I L51 ,-Y I-fi, if in A . '51 A 5 ' I L f A I W. " l g,.J.A. A 1 ' ' " ' ull "M " ,X ',, l Q .. , A' 5 , , .' 'Q , 1 A QQ - wr. x A K1 A A Y ,A ' ffj,-af! gt, M' A f 4. My N. X A "' A 1 2 A. L L if' fi, .fu ei tj V' .ef 2 4 f I A I Y yi , I el g V ,N A is Y " fa 4 5- . me yy . "'- f 4, , F I -', W, sg f f, I . ,TA Ky , " X 4 'cr' v' Z- f i. .MW , . ' A. A - ' " - ' .ff as . I ': 2- X I s , - A ' , f vw- Ai . J K 4. .I I A- Freshmen Basic College FIRST ROW.' SHARYN LYNNE HUTCHINSON, X9 Bogalusa, La. SUZANNE HUTTO. AEA Hattiesburg CLYDE W. INGRAM Petal BARBARA IVERSEN Gulfport LINDA LEE IVY Jackson SECOND ROW: TONI C. JACKSON Brandon CONNIE J. JOHNSON Hattiesburg JEFFREY W. JOHNSON, KPKT Hattiesburg KAREN M. JOHNSON Pensacola, Fla. IWARK R. JOHNSON, Acaeia Osyka THIRD ROW: CHARLIE V. JONES Hattiesburg JOHN HOWELL JONES Sallis DOROTHY SUE JORDAN Waynesboro RONALD EARL JORDAN Eight Mile, Ala STEVEN W. JORDAN Columbia FOURTH ROW: LEO LAWRENCE JOSEPH Natchez DAVID L. KAY Collins JANET M. KEITH Jackson SANDRA LYNN KELLAR Pieayune SONDRA JOY KELLY Virksburg FIFTH ROW: DOUGLAS LINWOOD KENDRICK St. Franeisoille, Fla. CLAUDETTE KENNEDY Magee VIRGINIA JEANNINE KENNEDY New Orleans, La. JAMES LUTHER KERNOP Canton WILLIAM LEE KERZEE Gainesville, Tex. SIXTH ROW.' CHERYL ANN KIDD Enterprise LINDA BAXTER KING, KA Louisville PAT KING, KA Brandon JAWELL AGNES KINGSTON JERE LYNN KISZKA SEVENTH RO W: VIRGINIA D. KISENKE JANICE CYNTHIA LADNER MARY TONI LADNER NETTIE SUE LAMMONS DALE L. LANIUS, AZ EIGHTH ROW: JUDY A. LANGER FRANCES LANGLINAIS JAMES N. LANSING SHELLY DEAN LATHAM MARTHA ANN LAWRENCE NINTH ROW: CONSTANCE LORAINE LEE MARY E. LAWRENCE MARY E. LEE DOROTHY A. LEES JOHN R. LESKOVEC TENTH RO W: JEAN ALICE LEWIS SALLY MAE LEWIS PAMELA VIRGINIA LIEKE TOMMY GLEN LIGON JOHN P. LIPPLEMAN, ATQ ELEVENTH RO W: SANDRA ANN LIRETTE ELLEN MARIE LITTLE ,1OHN H. LLOYD JAMES W. LOGAN MARY MAXINE LONG 334 Bay St. Louis Rolling Fork Baton Rouge, La. Bay St. Louis Bay St. Louis Yazoo City Jackson Chicago, Ill. Biloxi Pass Christian Jackson Columbia Tylertown Jackson Wiggins Biloxi Pensacola, Fla. Meadzfille Handsboro Hattiesburg Madison ville, Ky. Pensacola, Fla. Waveland Florence Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Freshmen FIRST ROW.' JANICE MAE LONNBORG SID E. LOUIS JOHN ANDREW LOUP WILLIAM J. LOVETTE KENNETH O. LOWE SECOND ROW: CHARLES F. LUCAS, JR. ELIZABETH ANN LUSK DIANNE GLORIA LUTRICK, AE JOYCE MARIE LYLE, Ez: LINDA L. McCALIP THIRD ROW: SANDRA LYNN MCOALL. KA JUNE ELIZABETH McCASKILL. SHARON McCOWN SYLVIA LYNN McCOY ELLEN WELCH MCCURDIE, xo FOURTH ROW: ELIZABETH ANN McDANIEL SUSAN L. McDANIEL ROBERT SHELLEY McDAVID FRANCES OZELLA McDOWALL DIANNE LEE McFATTER FIFTH ROW: RICHARD E. McGILRRAY Basic College A IIIND BARBARA JEAN McGREGOR, AEA PAMELA ANNE McGUIRE MARTHA SUE McILWAIN MARY ANNE McINNIS SIXTH RO W: LINDA DIANE McKAY, X9 JOHN N. McKENDREE WANDA F. McKEY, AZ THOMAS LOUIS McKIBBEN NANCY SUE McMAHAN SEVENTH ROW: CLAYTON W. McNAIR ROBERT LLOYD McNAMEE DONALD WENDELL McNEIL CAROLYN DIANE McRANEY IVA DOYLYN McRANEY EIGHTH ROW: ANN McWHORTER, AAA SKIPPER ARTHUR MacDONALD THOMAS NORMAN MADDOX GLORIA KATE IMAGEE MARY NELL MAGEE NINTH ROW: ANDREA CLAIR MAGLATHLIN JOHN E. MALANCHAK CHARLES W. MALONE CAROLE DIANNE MALONE. AE JIMMIE CLYDE MANGUM TENTH RO W: VENNIS C. MANNING JOHN GORDON MANUEL, JR. BETTY LEE MAPLES CAROLYN D. MARKLEY A Pass Christian Laurel Bay St. Louis Moss Point Mobile, Ala. Ithaca, N.Y. Biloxi Jackson Gulfport Natchez Hattiesburg Laurel Columbia Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Ft. Hood, Texas Columbia Pensacola, Fla. Jackson Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Columbus Pascagoula Yazoo City Bogalusa, La Bradenton, Fla. Metarie. La. Laurel Pascag Iula Ridgeland Jackson Magee Petal Bassfield Hattiesburg Iackson Florala, Ala. Jackson Tylertozwn Bralzdozz Pittsburgh, Pa. Hattiesburg Gulfport Jackson Ph flaclclphia Tylertozvn Varzcleare Alf.w1I1dri1z, Va. JUNE ELLEN MARLER Jackson ELEVENTH ROW: DONNA GAIL MARSHALL Dayton, Ohio WILLIAM RODERICK MARSHALL Gulfport MARILYNN K. MARTIN Smithdale BETTY L. MARTINDALE New Orleans, La. JANET M. MASON Lucedale 335 4' QU Q75 -4. ,. - 3 A 'lf 75:1 K . f . tu A ,,,. , V f -'ft 9' 4 2:51. gn -1: if 6 'T' I e ' A 'H-P Qi, I I S A IITI X R ,I f ,Q f . A 35 . , 'T' . ICM. . N :Nitin -A AI v SP Q-Q "Iliff wr'--.J 5, X - " PN A 2 - ' A X' 3'- 9 ,A an 1 A f S. Y V K x- . ' ,- ' ' K' ' 14 Q35 I . ' 'fs I A AK X A JI' . Y P 5- I 1, . "fit -:I Q V1 , If If x ' A I 4- , 'HIM .. ' , M A . ,,' X ,X , . Lwsf 'r . :W P 0 -T I N T F ' N 11" 7. "F Fi' s w e" 'T' f - K- ,. A 1 A f A ' 'X .a- . . 'gs ' -... , , If 'QQ ew. s.. ' Q, 55" 5' X ' I, Q. ,, t. f '12 J ' TS ' 'lg - nf, ' T ' " ' ' ...v, I i 2117 r fr- 4 't "" T' , A -A xi .Q-. w ,A, et A I I fvssx . - , .C 'P ....,. N-.. .f 'T 'jf "Sf V, ii ,W R ,ga N. r :Al I I ns y, iff' A N, - 4.3, . 5,5 '50, . I S ,x in 'lr Q- 1--7, , .,,, , 31 3 3 I Jw' A , I T I . fy . X 1433 f f A 4,2-X 'U , If if " ' . .T L. . ,MW 3 V z,2"'T kmkekgii ., , Q 2 f w as 4. 'L . v - F ' . , ,I lts Zififtvdiit, is 3 " . ' gy, ,9--92 ff, A., .-,nm 1 z 4 .. in I L. V 1- . 'M .I wr-"N f ,A 5 if-J' gr ' Q x . feb, Au AL -L X I .1 Freshmen FIRST ROW: MARY SUSAN MATHEWS JOY ELAINA MAY JUNE KAY MEADOWS JOHN E. MELTON CHARLES C. MERRILL SECOND ROW: IRA JOEL MIDDLEBERG Basic College Centreville Mobile, Ala. Mendenhall Grenada Ocean Spring.: New Orleans, La. DAVID LOUIS MIDDLETON Vicksburg JOHN LARRY MIER Forest DIANNE MILLER Columbia GAIL MARILYN MILLER Woodzwille THIRD ROW: JAMES LELAND MILLER Mobile, Ala. LORMA REDA MILLER Hattiesburg NANCY SUZANNE MILLER Purvis SUSAN LOUISE MILLER Biloxi NORMA ELAINE MILLS Picayune FOURTH ROW: MARBURY ELIZABETH MIMS Birmingham DANNY F. MITCHELL Corpus Christie, Texas DOUGLAS K. MITCHELL Biloxi GARY COOLEY MITCHELL Laurel, Delaware JOE RUSSELL MOFFETT Gulfport FIFTH ROW: CAROLYN EDNA MOORE, EEE Woodville DIANA LYNNE MOORE Enterprise KAY DIANE MOORE Seminary PATRICIA ANN MOORE Pascagoula SUSAN RAE MOORE Picayune SIXTH ROW: EMMETT W. MORRIS, JR. Hattiesburg SHANNON G. MORRIS Mobile, Ala. IRIS ELAINE MOSS Moss SUSAN LYNN MOWERY Pass Christian JO NORA MULHOLLAND Carthage SEVENTH ROW: MARY CELINA MULVIHILL Natchez MARTHA KAY MURRAY, QM Meridian TOMMY E. MYERS Hattiesburg JOHN W. NEEFE NANCY J. NEFF, X9 EIGHTH ROW: PHIL J. NEGRI RONNIE LLOYD NEGUS DONNA RUTH NELSON MARY THERESE NETTERVILLE PAULA K. NEWMAN NINTH ROW: PARRICIER ILENE NICHOLS CHRISTIE SHARON NICHOLSON VERONICA ANN NIOLET CAROLYN ELIZABETH NIX CONNIE JEAN NIXON TENTH RO W: ELAINE R. NIXON JANET KING NOBLE MARY DORIS NOBLE JACQUELINE DIANNE NOBLES JUANITA LOUISE NUCKOLS ELEVENTH ROW: DONNA M. NUESSEN CHARLEEN ANN NULL RORY KEVIN O'CONNER CHERYL LYNN ODOM GARY ODOM, KZ Cheyenne, Wyo. Norfolk, Va. New Orleans, La. Mobile, Ala. Columbia McComb Biloxi Magee Mobile, Ala. Pass Christian Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Jackson Jackson, Ala. Fayette McComb Laurel Quincy, Ill. Hattiesburg Picayune Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg F1' CSh1'I1C1'1 Basic College FIRST ROW: RALPH STEVE OLIER Biloxi .IUDITH T. O'NEAL Riverview, Fla. RICHARD DONALD OVERBY jackson GAYE D. PACE Canton MARY ELIZABETH PAGANO SECOND ROW: LUIS F. PAREDES DON LEE PARKER, QKT MARY CAROLYN PARKER, AAA VIRGINIA LYNN PARKER DOUGLAS TAYLOR PARKMAN THIRD ROW: NANCY LEE PARTRIDGE BARBARA ANN PATTERSON jANE MARIE PATTIE CAROLINE ELAINE PEACOCK CELESTE DIANNE PEEL FOURTH ROW: LINDA ELAINE PENNINCTON PATRICIA GAIL PENTON ANN SANDRA PERKINS PATTY PERKINS ,IANICE LYNN PHILLIPS, xo FIFTH ROW: jOHN j. PIETRANIGELO PAUL D. PINKSTON ANN ELIZABETH PITTMAN, AZ LINDA ELIZABETH PITTMAN .IANISE GREEN POLEWODA, QM SIXTH ROW: LUCILLE MARIE POLK VIRGINIA M. PONDER SHARRON DIANNE POPE BEVERLY DIANNE POOLE, l'IBfII ALBERT IACK PORTER SEVENTH ROW: GLORIA GENE PORTER RALPH L. PORTER CAROL RAE PRATHER BEVERLY FAYE PRICE SAMUEL SCOTT PROTHO EIGHTH ROW: MARILYN A. PSENEIK, AZ KEITH PULES jACK EDWARD QUIN jAMES OWEN QUIN RONALD P. RAHAIM, KE NINTH ROW: CLAIR CYNTHIA RAINEY DON R, RAINEY ROBBIE ELIZABETH RANDALL, CLIFTON E. RATCLIFF, JR. CARLOS w. RATCLIFF TENTH ROW: MARTHA A. RAWLS, AAA BENNIE G. RAWSON HAMILTON DYKES REBER, jR. jAMES W. REED OLLIE LEE REDD, jR. ELEVENTH ROW: MADELON C. REDD ,IENNIE L. REEVES TERRY ARLISS RESTER ERIC GEORGE REUTER SHARON LYNN RICH VVV 1.45.4 Pass Ch ristian Lima, Peru Bay St. Louis Newton Hattiesburg Columbia Philadelphia Hattiesburg Magnolia Belzoni Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Picayune Laurel jackson Brookhaven Biloxi Dayton, Ohio Columbia jackson, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. jackson jackson Greenville jackson Panama City, Fla. Meridian Greenville Hattiesburg Meridian Yazoo City Columbia Pittsburgh, Pa. Richton McCool Hattiesburg Columbus Hattiesburg Selma, Ala. Hattiesburg Carthage Petal Gulfport Natchez Laurel jackson Sh reveport, La. Long Beach 5? . I" I ,, 01 fx X. ,3- 1'- qv, --vs. .ip 3 6 . IK -A 'AMA - ef 'Wu 'vi 46 PIAA ' in Us M 7' KX I I A. S X . ' S Hattiesburg W 0 337 I l ' S 62,551 5. 'Q L. Q- , N - I i ., V 1 4. f A J 5 A Lf!! An 'stun ft tm T31 2- 5 . C 1' , , 'E 'X' .. I tl .-iid-gr, "2 , 9 A Z XV. .- ,'.. A . et, K , f B ff 2 T' ,, I .ra ,I t ag., J, K, .I. . I . .T gs W'-5,5 I 4 'WL X I :L ' X . f ix: . K 2, X-gf, 1 K . Q Q ng A. tx :L f 5 A I AA-e A - K 'wifi' 4. - '- A . N ' L- :.- L- .Y QP, 'T' QT" 1-'l , qt LL. .44 I. I-A - ii'-GTV W T., E 3:5 ,Q -V ,T 1 -I N, IN! Q 4. A Vu R PQ fe-- s.. I . R N g, 1. X . sy , wi mf ' I .Qlrzfsw is-S . A Q.. RN r l Q wa , , ' . 41, A fph-v5 4 ' , I Y fra 'Gs l gg V 4- A AA mv! Q- - ,- . X. I ' A AE VN , ' ,, - f 1 . . ,vw in .-' . ,,, . -,,, ah A sg , .. ' 1 Y Q AP' A K A, A ' I 'vo fm, 'IMI , V. ., ,V , Z1 '21, . O,,xsA Ng tii 22 , ky V, its '6g5?E?2j iwgq X L 7 S5 f' 4,':,2"f,.'. ,, A .g, A f . , . . z'lQgZtAWMW5 .. A . A -mt. A ' -W A -A f, O ,- , I A me A , V- - - '- .' CI" Q'-'v A. I A , 'Q sf , A , , . ' 4' . . 2, 14 I 4 Y ,I,v f,rb5 7 ' A 3 ..,,.,,M , 4 , 'at A 'Z ' AMI' 'v ff . 7 H 2 P PJ 1 A ,Iii ,..'-- fir... .IL ' V. .N ve., 5 flu P A --r ...V f 1 ' ' airs? W Q .wr V: A .. g , I - 3 f L ' 1 1 '.- .I : - 0 . 4 .V ' 4- 91 ' K i s 5 MK. A, A .I p A - 'if . ee fat, . , A-,I A - I . J ' W' -,Y "' 3 ,., 4 , Il? we Q A -ah 31 , M . Qr f G . Y, 3 ,r , , I I .'.- t-., ff., . ff,,, ' .R,n,,qA4gA A . , . ,f . 'zu :A ,X 0. -... ll . Aix 'N ,YA r'g 4. I nk "' gs, ' ':- A it A . sz. L A as W. 9 fam. 4 5,31 ? K. Avo S-- .gffl Bt, y if 1 WE V ww A,wLp X f' A- ,155 , ,' 'f f' ' , AgZ'f'A K ,,ZgQK ' AIA ff 1 KU 4. 1 ,434 V r't 53 ire 'ET' A I I ' Q. AAA 4I2:Ti , QTLQ isiw I I . ., l 'UW tax i ,,, I 'mw- 'OM Tig? vtgi I . ' A 4 genie 'J 1 fl Z 338 FfCSh111C11 Basic College FIRST ROW: ELIZABETH RICHARDSON, QM LYNDA C. RICHARDSON Pensacola, Fla. Montgomery, Ala. WILLIAM ROBERT RICHERSON, IR. Booneville MERRY RICHMOND, X9 ELIZABETH RICHTER, AEA SECOND ROW: ,IOHNNIE H. RIEBEN WILLIAM CHARLES RIEDEL LARRY M. RIGBY FRANK EARL RIGGS, K2 BETTY ANN RIMMER, AAA THIRD ROW: OLIVER L. ROBBINS RITA JOYCE ROBBINS DON ROBERTS BARBARA BETH ROBERTS, AAA BILLY O. ROBERTS, -BKT, FOURTH ROW: ROSA L. ROBERTS BEVERLY NELLE ROBINSON, KA FRANCES HULEN ROBINSON. SDM JAMES EDWARD ROBSON GARY N. ROCKWELL, KE FIFTH ROW: jOHN ANDREW RODGERS SUSAN HAMILTON RODGERS ROY j. RODRIQUEZ, EQE BETTYE j. ROOD PEGGY ,IEAN ROPER SIXTH RO W: ROY LAMAR ROSS, ATQ LANEY M .ROSS WEBSTER HARRY ROWAN KAREN DENISE ROWE RITA IEAN ROWZEE SEVENTH ROW: CATHERINE IRENE ROYALS RITA LOUISE RUNNELS ,IAKE j. RUNFALO MARGARET RUSHING DOROTHY DALE RUSSELL, AAA EIGHTH RO W: LYNN RUSSELL, KA NANCY MARIE RYAN SERENA A. SABLICH PAUL ALAN SALA, ATG PATTY ANN SALIBA NINTH ROW: SARA JANE SANDERS SAMUEL THAD SANDIFER KENNETH WILLIAM SARSUANIA BETTY SASSER STUART L. SAUCIER TENTH RO W: PAMELA D. SAVARESE VIRGINIA ELLEN SBARDELLA IAMES A. SCHOEK DONNA SCHWINLER, KA GINNY SCOTT ELEVENTH RO W: CORI A. SEIDELMANN DANA LEIGH SELLIER DALE LEE SHACKELFORD DIANA RUTH SHAW ,IOHN DANIEL SHECKS Hattiesburg Mississippi City Bay Minette, Ala. Carlstadt, NJ. Forest Hattiesburg Canton Natchez Columbia jackson Tuscaloosa, Ala. Biloxi Quitrnan Waynesboro jackson Lakeland, Fla. Portsmouth, N.H. Lansing, N.Y. Pensacola. Fla. Gulfport Picayune Pensacola, Fla. Memphis, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. Raymond Chula Vista, Calif. Laurel Lumberton Long Beach Bogalusa, LQ. Petal Bay St. Louis Hattiesburg Biloxi Biloxi Baton Rouge, La. Hattiesburg jackson Prentiss New Orleans, La. Sumrall Gulfport Handsboro Biloxi Mobile, Ala. jackson Carthage Flossrnoor, Ill. Bay St. Louis Lakeland, Fla. Bellefontaine Mattoon, Ill. F1'CSh1'I1C11 Basic College FIRST ROW: MARY J. SHEELY SANDRA LYNN SHELBY JOY A. SHEPARD SHERRY LYNN SHERRY CLIFFORD ANDERSON sH1ELDs SECOND ROW: BRENDA JOYCE SHOCKLEY BRENDA RAE SHOEMAKE JAN D. SHOEMAKER MINDA CAROL SHURDEN CHRISTOPHER GALEN SIGLER THIRD ROW: ELIZABETH LOUISE SILLS KIM K. SIMEN JIMMY T. SIMPSON LARRY BARTON SIMPSON WILLIAM YOHE SIMPSON FOURTH ROW: DAVID R. SIZEMORE RONALD W. SLAUGHTER THOMAS WILLIAM SLAUGHTER WILLIAM ERSKINE SLAYTON ADRIENNE L. SMITH FIFTH ROW: DIANE D. SMITH GERALDING SMITH JENELLE FRANCES SMITH ETTA LEE SMITH LINDA JO SMITH SIXTH ROW: MICHAEL L. SMITH STEPHANIE MARIE SMITH, AZ SUSAN REBECCA SMITH, X9 SCOTT J. SMITH BRUCE ALLEN SMYTHE SEVENTH ROW: DAVID B. SNEED JEFFRY ALAN SOLOMON BETTY LOU SPEIGHTS CHARLIE STANGE, K2 RACHEL C. STANLEY EIGHTH ROW: LILLI MARIE STAUSS PAUL L. STAUTER TERESA ANN STEGALL WAYNE DUSTINE STEPHENS BRIAN E. STEVENS NINTH ROW: CAROL ANN STEVENS SUSAN STEVENSON, AZ JOYCE ELLIN STEWART MARY K. STEWART PATSY STEWART TENTH RO W: HARRY STILL, JR. CHARLES A. STOGNER, JR. JOY LISBETH STONE, QM JANE ROSE STOUFER WILLIAM JAMES STECHMANN ELEVENTH ROW: LONNIE SHEPERD STRICKLIN JAMES W. STRINGER JESSE LaRAY STRINGER MICHAEL STRINGER JOHN A. STRINGFELLOW 1 . Pelahatchie Hattiesburg Jackson Tupelo Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Petal Petal Starkville Jackson Jackson Hattiesburg Morton Moss Point Wiggins Petal Ch esapeake, Va. Pearlington Pensacola Picayune Jena, La. Ovette Jackson, Ala. Columbia Pascagoula Escatawpa Jackson Meridian Jackson Moss Point Long Beach Lucedale Columbia New Orleans, La. Isola Jackson Moss Point Jackson Canton Bridgeton, N.J. Jackson Mobile, Ala. Magee Birmingham, Ala. Hazelhurst Bay Minette, Ala. Tylertown Pensacola, Fla. Jackson Bay St. Louis Yazoo City Madison Tylertown Columbia Mobile, Ala. 339 Q.- ' v-.J as W wh .L:.. im c- 'Sb W. Xx M2553 I L A . 'sf A 1, , M "' L : -A:-A fs .rr T if . as 1 I V' ' .., RL ' 2 1- 'ggi Y 'Q 1. it , if a':ww2a:. , . . A g - : : A AR L A.. man 4 4 , T V Q S.- Yfff' ' ' il xhl A A A I lx gs, ' Q xl- gjx, :f.Y, -Q 1-.,x f ' I ' s ' , '41 A Dk , N N I- i 1 'Nl Mis x., F xl 6 l il X. Kp' Q ff' x if IJ" ' ll . , f I Rig.. I 1 sa. 2 .ox 4.2. K ,-X. X L I C5 vw, ' 'Af ' X '. .. L, A .L L HL G - fx, ' Br X . M- A K s N 'M GYGILYA . . ' '-24515 1 . rl A .1-'U Q 413' v L' va, A, . K- 'fo' ' -:N - , 'J"',,r' .1 K I ' -fl,g'S' fn' S A , Y i - A 'I N3 I A lm 4' . ,, I ., 4 g ,Sf , ,, 5 J A . 'V A I 7. ef e A QS I 7 I M Q 6 he , ' 4 , . Q... If QC? 5 Q A ie . .Tax T A , Q T'..',,.- f I in A ' A ' 1 . ' 1 ' , , - for Q, , 3 'f i' , V '71 , ., 1: 7 fy . . X I' . In R - 1 ' 'Ov' I VT. I i 4' A .. 1 E 'ii . fm? :fe 'co . 1 WM? Y-- , I m- ? 1 Z , ik A AJ, ' till, ' 2 A 11 , 'gg A n ... W , M, . . ,W , ,W n -'S-A U f vc 4 I X I A .-1 .e 4 ,, ' A if -fx: ,x i ,. WN V Av 5 , 4 , A ' -A , -AA , I . I A- no , Tl Q V! I ,Q v.,1 I I 41 Ffe5h1'11C11 Basic College FIRST ROW: ALTON WAYNE STUART FRAN A. SULLIVAN, X9 HOWARD LEE SULLIVAN RODNEY DALE SULLIVAN CYNTHIA LOUISE SWEENEY SECOND ROW: MARY EILEEN SZYMANSKI ROBERT LOREN TAGG NICK B. TARTAVOULLE GREGORY ANDREW TAYLOR LAMAR ROBERTS TAYLOR, KA THIRD ROW: ROBERT D. TERKEURST BARON WALTER THAMES JOHN R. THAMES, QIDKT LOUISE DOROTHY THATCHER HARRY F. THOMAS FOURTH ROW: ,IUDITH ANN THOMAS LONA B. THOMAS LINDA KATHERINE THOMPSON. GEORGIA LYNN THOMPSON VIVIAN ANN THOMPSON FIFTH ROW.- ,IANE THOMPSON JEFFREY D. THOMPSEN LARRY DEWAYNE TIMOTHY TODD K. TODD WILLIAM W. TOOLE SIXTH ROW: GEORGE F. TOUART, KA BOBBY RICHARD TOWNSEND DEBORAH LYNN TOWNSEND DONALD GAYE TOWNSEND ,IEANNENE ANN TOWNSEND SEVENTH ROW: ,IUDY C. TOY, 'IPM BEVERLY ANN TRASK THOMAS ARLIN TRATLER JAY DENNIS TROCHESSET TRESS ALWIN TYLER EIGHTH ROW: ,IAMES R. TRUE RICHARD CHARLES TUCKER ROXANNE TYVOLL PETER FRANCIS ULMER ENRIQUE S. UMBERT NINTH ROW: JANE UTZ WILKY NEAL VAUGHN WILLIAM PATRICK VALENTINE EDWIN ALBERT VEDRENNE, JR. ANTENOR VELAZCO Hattiesburg Vicksburg Lucedale Mt. Olive Canton Pass Christian Sioux City, Iowa Hattiesburg Metairie, La. Durant Pascagoula Hattiesburg Laurel jackson Panama City, Fla. Tylertown Knoxville KA Columbia Vicksburg Gautier Valparaiso, Fla. Hattiesburg Pensacola, Fla. Pensacola, Fla. Mobile, Ala. Pensacola, Fla. Moselle Natchez Hattiesburg Kilmiehad Port Charlotte, Fla. Bogalusa, La. Crystal Springs Biloxi Pascagoula Gulfport Hattiesburg Pieayune Columbia Arequipa, Peru Yazoo City Pensacola, Fla. Laurel Natchez Lima, Peru TENTH ROW: F ' A k DOROTHY H. VIA Mobile, Alo. X J 2 '- ,LJ WILLIAM THOMAS VINCENT Giilfpoil B pg, -:ef CHARLES ANDREW WADE, ATS? jacksonville, Fla. . , JANET LEIGH WADE Hattiesburg e GEORGE D. WALKER Mobile, Ala. A , I J I 'W ,K ELEVENTH ROW.- . M I , ,, - DEATRA SHAWN WALLER Laurel f-- i V , ff- ' e WILLIAM L. WALLER Laurel Q- 'if' MARGARET LANETTE WALLIS Biloxi 'C' . ' FRANCES A. WALKER, use Biloxi QV PAMELA P. WALKER, AZ Heidelberg 340 d Freshmen FIRST ROW: GILES K. WARD RICHARD D. WARD ADELE MILDRED WARE RAMON K. WATSON JOAN MARIE WEBB, AAA SECOND ROW: SUSAN ELLEN WEESE GAIL LYNN wEssER-KRELL Fon JOAN E. WEIR THOMAS c. WELLS DAVID oscAR WHITE THIRD ROW.' MARY LOUISE WHITE PIJI PIERCE WHITE ROBERTA A. WHITE DONNA JEAN WHITEHEAD MARGARET D. WHYTE FOURTH ROW: LINDA S. WILKES BRAGG E. WILLIAMS, IIKA ELWIN J. WILLIAMS JEAN WILLIAMS, KA JOEL ALLEN WILLIAMS FIFTH ROW: MARGARET L. WILLIAMS SANDRA KAY WILLIAMS, AZ JODY KATHRYN WILLIAMSON JOHN STEPHEN WILSON LINDA FAY WILSON SIXTH ROW: NORMA LUCILLE WILSON WILLIAM B. WILSON JUDITH ANN WINDHAM LINDA JOAN WINDHAM DANIEL TROY WINGERT SEVENTH ROW: ALAN CHARLES WISE TONY O. WISE SUSAN I. WITTERS, AAA ALBERT W. WOODARD III, KA POLLY E. WODDELL, X9 EIGHTH ROW: JANERA FRANCENNE WOODSON JOYCE T. WOODWARD LOYCE M. WOODWARD JEFFRY E. WRIGHT LINDA ANN WRIGHT NINTH ROW: POLLY WRIGHT THOMAS C. YANDELL GINGER RUTH YEATES LINDA GAIL YELVERTON, AEA SIDNEY R. YELVERTON TENTH ROW: DORIS L. V. YOUELL JOHN EUGENE ZUPKO, KE Basic College Louisville Hattiesburg Pascagoula Escatawpa Eglin A.F.B., Fla. Dayton, Ohio Walton Beach, Fla. Newton McComb Jackson Prentiss Bay St. Louis Crestview, Fla. Hattiesburg Jackson Los Angeles, Calif. Poplarville Bogalusa, La. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Ocean Springs Laurel Grove Hill, Ala. Jackson Prentiss Hattiesburg Atmore, Ala. Sandersonville Morton Yazoo City Plant City, Fla. Statesville, N.C. Biloxi Gulfport Yazoo City Hattiesburg Petal Petal St. Joseph, Ill. Columbia Hattiesburg South Bend, Ind. Canton Jackson Madison Picayune Biloxi ,QQ Tv' Xb ' Nw L. xi " ihfl L- 'L' K X sq: rv' - fi. ws- 5. L. fr - 'W' L- - "' f s- K., -.-. ff, As 60 vfw N '.l,i.Q"l f ' ,.,, It . , 'QI I J Y M!! if '- A +L sa. ,sg L- ' L. Snr' L ' , I C " " fv- X . . 1 -31 P 9 ' -with -fax A , ' xi-,,,f 'LC'-, wfifs 71 .. 3 f. -1 1- .4 . .wr ,5 ' Twig' -,QHJEE 1- .3 4 . , I :1?N'iYf:-rs A Q! 1, ,Sr 'AF s. 4- 1 I s ,X Y , ' ll ws. nf .""' : A f Q -hx' if E Q fx 1. AQ - A S 341 .4 .Ik ' ws QM s..,j, Ng' A 5335? , R .. rs . ,fx W A w A 4.15 w . w. Hi x It N lx if 'YLL .Ari A .' AEI 1 'VQ .AA fix ' ,L . t-: ,U w M 1 A - '7' - .f an . X . I at - , . J - Wqgf' . 'gift' gh V I fi Q .Q . 'fq ,Q A X . . A' Q"Af, I Q A L 5.5 JY. , we X -421, t, . , X , K . K.. 1: A A ' 9 , A rl A ' f 'I 1 A KT' N T Win 4 'ff ' i. ff , As' 3 .yi A, 1 A . f - .3 ' A I 5? if is LV ' ,,,,, Q 7 S., i . I F . sl, . , A ,H ma , 'bv A .., , 'fm S Tfa J 12'- gw f 1 xc . 8- ,,, A -... x -2' J I " is Ea.. I A K ' ' Je-, ,J . ii v- '23 Q 7 , Q . A sv .51 ' I 'A l Sophomores FIRST ROW: EDWARD JENKINS ADAMS, KA GLENN F. ADAMS JANIS MARIE ADAMS CATHERINE C. AGERTON BETSY L. ADLERMAN SECOND ROW: ROBERT D. ALEXANDER LINDA L. AMACKER, X9 SANNA REA ANDERSON TED ERIC ANDERSON SHELIA MARIE ANKERSEN THIRD ROW: GEORGE MICHAEL ARMSTEAD ELIZABETH ANN ARMOUR ANN ARMUS CAROLYN JEAN ARMSTRONG, KA GWENDOLYN ELAINE ARMSTRONG FOURTH ROW: JAMES ROBERT ARRINGTON EVELOYN CHRISTOPHER ASHLEY PEGGY ANN AULTMAN ANITA M. BAGGETT VIRGINIA ANNE BAILEY FIFTH RO W: JAMES FRANKLIN BALL NANCY ELIZABETH BARKER GEORGE ROBIN BARNHILL KATHRYN ANN BARRETT BETHANY B. BARRON, IIBQP SIXTH ROW: DEBORAH JANE BARRON BETTY J. BATSON BLANCH SUE BEARD NANCY LYNN BEARDEN THOMAS A. BENIGNO SEVENTH RO W: DA VID M. BERRY, ATQ MIMS W. BERRY BENJAMIN H. BEST, EAE JAMES HARN BIEDEN, BAE OTIS WILLIAM BIGGS EIGHTH ROW: DALE ROGER BILBO BRUCE BLACKWELL WAYNE LOUIS BLANCHARD BARBARA FAYE BLOUNT MARY SUSAN BLOUNT NINTH ROW: MARTH KAY BLUE, AAA PATRICIA ANN BLUMER LOUIS EDWARD BOND ALICE REBECCA BOONE, AQ ESTHER MARIE BOSCHE TENTH ROW: MICHAEL C. BOUD DORIS ANN BOYKIN HENRY SACTONSTALL BRADLEY TRAVIS EARL BREWEE GERALD TRUITT BRIDGES ELEVENTH ROW: WILLIAM RUDOLPH BRIGNAC CHARLES EDWARD BRITTON CARROLL DALE BROOME PHILIP E. BROU N. MICHAEL BROWN, KZ 42. Basic College Jackson Slidell, La. Gilbertown, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Yazoo City Hattiesburg Bogalusa, La. Lucedale Yazoo City Mobile, Ala. Meridian Ellisville Mobile, Ala. Moss Point Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Greenwood Hattiesburg Pascagoula Hattiesburg Melbourne, Fla. Hattiesburg Loxley, Ala. Pieayune Columbia Pascagoula Hattiesburg Tylertown Tylertown Bay St. Louis Hattiesburg New Hebron Pascagoula Vicksburg Osyka Hattiesburg Mendenhall Hattiesburg Millry, Ala. London, England Gulfport Gulfport Petal Meridian Columbia McComb Pascagoula McCall Creek Gulfport Prentiss Angie, La. Hattiesburg Prentiss Jackson Meridian SOPh0IT101'C5 Basic College FIRST ROW: TASWELL MARCELLE BROWN RUTH ELAINE BRUNER BILLIE KAY BRYANT MAURICE WAYNE BRYANT GAYLE BUCK .SECOND ROW: FDWIN L. BUCKLEY, jR. WILLIAM L. BURGER RONALD TRUETT BURKS BARBARA ELAINE BURNS, KA THIRD ROW: VIRGINIA ANN BURR IEAN ADAM BURT CAROLYN IEAN BUTTLES, AEA CURTIS LAMAR CAIN IOSEPH DELCAMBRE CALAHAN, FOURTH ROW: CHARLOTTE M. CALHOUN IANIS ELAINE CAMPBELL, AAA PAMELA ELIZABETH CANFIELD GLENN ALAN CANTY, HKA SANDRA JOY CARR FIFTH ROW: MARGARET MERIE CARTER MILLARD F. CARTER III ALLEN ,IOSEPH CEGELSKI CECIL I. CHAMBLISS FRNEST Y. CHAN SIXTH ROW: PATSY jo CHANCE, AAA JAN VIRGINIA CHRISTIAN KAPPY CLARK LISA ,IOANNE CLARK, KA MARY CLAIRE CLARK SEVENTH ROW: ROGER CLARK NANCY V. CLINE ROBBIE ERNESTINE COBB SCARLETT COCKREY PATRICIA ALICE COLLINS EIGHTH ROW: SUBREY L. COLLUM NORMA LYNN COOK PAMELA LOUISE COOK PRINCY COOK, X9 DANIEL M. COOPER NINTH ROW: EVELYN L. COOPER NORMA KAY COOPER SANDRA LYNN CORBITT ROY LEE CORNETT LEONA H. COURTNEY TENTH ROW: MARGARET LYNN COX RAYMOND WEBSTER COX NANCY DENISE CRAFT TERRY WAYNE CRESS DAVID P. CUEVAS ELEVENTH ROW: ROBERT HILTON CULLEFER NICKIE CUMMINGS MARION PATRICIA DANIEL, X9 CAROL SUE DANSBY GEORGE R. DARDEN LINDA ANN BUFKIN Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Crestview, Fla. Pine Knot, Ky. Robertsdale, Ala. Meridian Paseagoula Hattiesburg Picayune Hattiesburg Birmingham, Ala. Pass Christian Hattiesburg Clara EAE New Iberia, La. Hattiesburg Laurel Purvis Meridian Iula Sandhill Cordele, Ga. MeKees Rock, Pa. Hattiesburg Greenville Petal Biloxi Bay St. Louis Hattiesburg Brookhaven Hattiesburg jackson Clarksdale ,lackson Fayette jackson jackson West Point Bay St. Louis Gulfport Montgomery Waynesboro Meridian Meridian Bassfield Gulfport Biloxi Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Saucier Hattiesburg Fulton Biloxi Quitman Onward 343 1' " Q-X I Qu Q- ui g 5X- J, L :Nw Q Kd l ,N -vm Y . . 'N , I ef A ' A he M ' L "1 5. V -- A s. ,, . v-ox rv- ' -is it .15 ' I s-- fi s f ll Tx I' . fl 1' I ,. ' fb' Hn - I Q 5 F gm fu? 'irtff :G 3 .lv 'aiu 5- uf- t",f blk 1 if A I M 91 r' 4 W I 9 -f 1.9 f" ,J ,A f X 2A'- ERA, .W I. I ,s Il X up -vm if 'Fx . Sf w-- R- Misa- ,A .f Wm A 5Wf v?,f if Ze W J . . alas, , T 1 A- Cf Y gi W 1 X f ,, A 1 ,f '5 , y M 7 f f A , g ,W Fx l .1 ' 1 L ,Eel ,V- 'fr 1.-. my l I gf' f 1 'I ff!!! 4. A few., - f SOPhO1'I101'CS Basic College FIRST ROW: BOBBY jEAN DAVIDSON, AAA Mobile, Ala. BARBARA A. DAVIS, QM Hattiesburg CHARLOTTE SUE DAVIS Edwards GEORGE jOSEPH DAVIS Gulfport MARY KATHERINE DAVIS Hattiesburg SECOND ROW: STEVE RANDALL DAVIS Shugualak TIMOTHY IOSEPH DAVIS Pascagoula BOBBY DAY Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. MARY EVELYN DAY Natchez PAAIELA DIANE DEAN Chunky THIRD ROW: HARRY ESCHOL DENTON, jR., EAE Mobile, Ala. LEO ANTHONY DeORNELLAS Foxworth GERALD CYRIL DeSTEFANO Meridian ANN R. DEVEREAUX Hattiesburg THOMAS A. DEWS Hattiesburg FOURTH ROW: HELEN LUCILE DICKEY Monticello WILLIAM P. DICKEY, IR., EAE Lucien FORREST ALTON DICKSON jackson BARBARA MARIE DIGGS Brooksville, Fla. REBECCA ANTOINETTE DILLARD, EEE Laurel FIFTH ROW: ROBERT MILTON DISTIN, ATG CAROL ANN DIVER, EEE L. WILLIAM DUCKER, EQIDE WANDA FRANCES DUNNAM GEORGE A. DWYER SIXTH ROW: RAY LYNN DWYER RUTH ELAINE DYE jANIS DYESS IENNIFER EICHELBERGER, AEA HERBERT BARNES EVANS SEVENTH ROW: jOHN MARLYN EVANS II ,IAMES CARROL EVERETT LINDA NELL EVERETT SHERRYE LOUISE ETHRIDGE, A LIBBY D. FALCON, X9 EIGHTH ROW: DIANE FANT, EEE RAYMOND GEORGE FARMER SYLVIA A. FEATHERSTON PEGGY LYNN FINDLEY ROBERT SHERWOOD FELLOWS NINTH ROW: CHARLES HENRY FERMAN MAURICE GEORGE FIKES L. DON FILLINGAME, KE ALLEN FLEMING FRED H. FLETCHER TENTH ROW: BETTY ANN FLY JOANN FLYNT jERONE SKIPPER FLUMMER NANCY ANN FOLEY CAROL V. FOSTER ELEVENTH ROW: LYNDA A. FORD, xo PAMELA A. FORTE, AAA EARL IACOB FOX, JR. RALPH FRUM SUSAN R. FRENCH, AEA 344 Washington, D.C. Memphis, Tenn. Purvis Prichard, Ala. St. Francisville, La. St. Francisville, La. Lucedale Columbia Morton Hattiesburg Picayune Seminary jackson AA Petal Amite, La. Robertsdale, Ala. Atlanta, Ga. jackson Lucedale Pascagoula Slidell, La. Biloxi Hattiesburg Prentiss Hattiesburg Natchez jackson Tuscaloosa, Ala. Clarksdale Pascagoula jackson Hattiesburg New Orleans, La. Natchez Hattiesburg SOPhO1I10I'CS Baslc College FIRST ROW: jIMMIE ROBERT GABUCCI Greenville MARGARET jO GAMBLE, EEE Ocean Springs jAMES KENT GANDY Hattiesburg ,IAMES H. GARNER, KE Hattiesburg GISSY ANN GAIRN Greenwood SECOND ROW: MILDRED GATEWOOD Laurel ROY IOSEPH GAUTHE Gulfport CYNTHIA ANN GAUETTE Natchez WAYNE THOMAS GEISEL Philipsburg, Pa. WILLIAM MARTIN GEOGHEGAN Natchez THIRD ROW: MARTHA CAROL GIBBS Summit jANIS NADENE GILBERT Prichard, Ala. IIEANNE GILLESPIE Natchez SUE E. GOLDEN Petal MARjORIE MARIE GOULD Mobile, Ala. FOURTH ROW: LAURA INEZ GOYER Hattiesburg BARBARA NELL GRAHAM Blooming Grove, Tex. DON MICHAEL GRAHAM Petal ELSIE ANN GRANBERRY, AEA jackson MARY GRACE GRANTHAM Hampton, Va. FIFTH ROW: HERBERT j. GRAY Hattiesburg DENNIS CRAIG GRISLAM Ripley RODNEY jOSEPH GULLO, KA Gulfport MARCO ANTONIO GUIDIAN Leon, Nicaragua MARGUERITE ELIZABETH GUNN Laurel SIXTH ROW: MIRIAM ALICE HACKETT jackson EDWARD TELFORD HAGLER Birmingham, Ala. HELEN GRACE HALBERT Columbus PENNY ANNE HALE, X9 Poplarville CANDACE ELIZABETH HALL Biloxi SEVENTH ROW: WES HALL Hattiesburg jUDY KAY HALLENUS, AEA DON LARRY HAMLIN E. HAMMACK BOBBY ODELL HAMMOND EIGHTH ROW: PATRICIA jUNE HAMMONS, AAA DEA HANSON, AEA ELIZABETH CAROL HARDAGE, KA EDNA jANE HARDY NORWOOD R. HARMON NINTH ROW: PAULA MARIA HARPER jAMES EDWARD HARRIS MARTHA A. HARRIS, HB6 SANDRA LYNN HARRISON CARL RAY HARTNESS TENTH ROW: LYNN E. HARVIN CHARLOTTE ANN HARWELL BARBARA A. HAYLES, X9 SHIRLEY ANNE HAZZLERIGG, AZ MARTHA ELIZABETH HELM ELEVENTH ROW: DAVID HUGH HELTON LINDA CAROL HERBLOOM MAURICE G. HERRINGTON LINDA LOU HERROD RONALD GENE HERROD New Orleans, La. Panama City, Fla. Woodville Morgantown Laurel Pascagoula Petal Quitman Hattiesburg jackson jackson Hattiesburg Forest jackson Mobile, Ala. Corinth McComb Vicksburg Biloxi Petal jackson Carson Hattiesburg Hattiesburg 345 J LIP! '47 s A in I Ns i IL nb f 'N cf- L- I ,. Q? A " , 4 X 1 131 'sr Lg, f' " ge- f . i 2' Q9 3' 4 . I 1 y , 1 K , V , x V ' .U-ni, Q -gl e ,L J' H giij?,'fg.,',-. tn A . AQ 5 "'1' 1 Q, , S ,Pr 1- C' w.. T y A. . Y p v- , fs. ' H Q f f ' P ff.-fig: ' S ' . QVA-IX W fix Q, I x Q- ' ' Q I I-.A Q M 9 .iff . .Ln I 1 L f 1 ll is I.'. ami L.- 1.--up ni ,Viv-X , 'cp In ' Q N ff ,545 uf- sf-, I I ,B ,I X, :N Y u QA wr' :B ,, i . , g 5 "T - . 1:-f Y P' s L 5 .,' . .I .1 1 af' yf J 1 "Q, Ry ge . .gn 'azz V... si , 'Rf H-A ' 5 v-ws f YZ X 'Q X sf s I I 3 w dv- if TT- S 4 7' 14 A 1,26 f I 4' 532 X f 1 0 , X 1 K ff! f I I W hw, X "1 gi' 5. 5' . ,W x is . I I ' .1 I 4, A A, ,I , H594 S ,A ff, fm . ' I ' A fa '45 1'- Jv 'K' E Q., 'C -W fi I A .5 L, haw, - Qwm... M ,A 'Ib V Q , ZW ,. Z sf- X 1 "' - -. vs .2 4' ' . ' .. I ' 4 ,gl ,, v "' . I ' ' -L- z sf -' A "' r fr r "V :fe . I S 'A " . 7 Q- A S 1 1 - -:Q-301--I :Q E ' I fa- f 1 4 . .,,,,' W3 0 'IQ gg'-I , . ips -1-3 sg.. ff' A x , 6 'I pf. 4 A -ii'aF"?"" I Q 5 W S- if ' , , I ,K . ., f, rw I 'ia nl - ,IL . fr. 1 M Q. f A . . 4- . '07-s JR . ,W Q, ' ' - - ...Z . . GH- if .Q S7 Ca A , s J 352345152 .A Q, , ff I . .- fr, I A . ' ' A 5"'g"i515!?'2 i s Lvl 5' f 4 Sophomores FIRST ROW: BILLIE JEAN HERROD, AZ JANE ELLEM HIGH NEENA KAY HILL ALAN L. HINSON CHERYLE DIANE HINSON SECOND ROW: CAROL JEAN HINTON RICHARD B. HINTON RONALD PATRICK HODGES MARY DIANE HOLDER TERRY LYNN HOLIFIELD THIRD ROW: MARY KATHERINE HOLMAN. LINDA ANN HOLMES KAY HOLMES, IPM PAUL RUSSELL HOLMES GENE HORNE FOURTH ROW: MIKE D. HOUPT CHARLIE VARDAMAN HOUSE DELL MARY HOVEN WALTER LEE HOWARD LEWIS DAVID HOWELL FIFTH ROW: JUDITH BRYAN HONEYCUTT GEORGE DONALD HOPPE JAN HOWELL JDANN HOWZE LINDA DALE HULSE SIXTH ROW: Basic College AZ Vicksburg Gulfport Memphis, Tenn. Tylertown Natchez Gloster Pensacola, Fla. Jackson Moss Point Laurel Benoit Prentiss McComb Clinton Panama City, Fla. Ridgeland Mos.s Point Lucedale Crystal Springs Columbus Jackson Alobile, Ala. Hattiesburg IWar3' Esther Biloxi FRANCES MAGDALENE HUTCHISON Baton Rouge. La. JAMES RONNIE IDOM Natchez JOSEPH ENGLAND IVISON Natchez RAYMOND JOSEPH EFFERSON, JR. New Orleans, La. I RUSSELL W. JEWETT SEVENTH ROW: LINDA ANITA JOHNSON SUSAN DIANE JOHNSON B. T. JONES DIANE JONES, AZ DONALD HILBURN JONES EIGHTH ROW: LYNN J. JONES JAMES W. JONES REBECCA JONES, sz ROSA LYNN JONES SHIRLEY DIANE JONES NINTH ROW: SUSAN DIANE JONES WALTER L. JONES BYRON EVERET JORDAN JAMES DARRYL JORDAN JANE L. JORDAN TENTH ROW: BARBARA HADEN KEARNEY DORIS LOUISE KEENE WILLIAM N. KEETON, KA DANIEL CURTIS KELLICK ANN KELLY ELEVENTH ROW: ANN KENNEDY, AEA LOUISE CAROL KIEFER JACKIE M. KINGSTON MARILYN KLABUNDE FREDERIC WILLIAM KLOMAN 6 Latham, N.Y. Quitman Meridian Bogalusa, La. Pascagoula Magee Hattiesburg Rovie Petal Jackson Laurel Vicksburg Moss Point Warner Robins, Ga. Pensacola, Fla. Hattiesburg Money Hattiesburg Birmingham, Ala. Biloxi Bentonia Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Bay St. Louis Brandon Skokie Sophomores FIRST ROW: OSCAR KLOTH PATRICK JONES KNIGHT ANN LINDA KOEN JOHN EURO KRA USER ,IOHN OHLER KRAMER SECOND ROW: ANN ELIZABETH LADNER CARVIN jOHN LADNER MARILYN RUTH LADNER EARL P. La GRAIZE, HKA LOUIE jAMES LAMBERT THIRD ROW: DAVID ODELL LANE BARRY E. LANGFORD EDNA LU LANGLEY EDWARD jOSEPH LANGTON, IIKA WILLIAM EUGENE LAWSON FOURTH ROW: DOROTHY SUE LEACH RAYMON QUIN LEAKE ROBERT ERNEST LEARD III jAMES ALBERT LEE THOMAS L. LEE FIFTH ROW: LYNNETTE MARIE LEE WILLIAM MAX LEE VIRGINIA R. LEO FRANCES GERTRUDE LEROY BETTY IRENE LETCHWORTH SIXTH ROW: jUDYTH H. LIGHTSEY LINDA KATHERINE LITTLE, AAA IIOSEPH LESTER LOMAX WILLIAM LESLIE LOMAX CHARLES T. LOMBARDO SEVENTH ROW: BRENDA GAIL LONG DANNYE WAYNE LONG VIRGINIA C. LOONEY PATRICIA L. LOPER, AEA SHERRY FAY LOPER EIGHTH ROW: THERON EDGAR LOTT PATRICIA ANN LOVE KENNETH LEE MADDEN SUSAN LEIGH MADDOX, EEE STEPHEN ROY MAGEE NINTH ROW: PEGGY A. MALONEY, X0 CLAYTON BENNETT MANNING ROBERT RONALD MANNING MARY jO MARINOVICH PATRICIA ANN MARLING TENTH ROW: PERRY WAYNE MARTIN LORETTA jAN MATULICH SYBIL ANN MARTY, HB41 GARY L. MERRITT BARBARA jEAN MILLER ELEVENTH ROW: MARTHA FAYE MILLER PHILLIP LEE MILSTEAD .IOSEPH VERNON MITCHAM WILLIAM j. MITCHELL DANNY WAYNE MONTGOMERY Basic College Esteli, Nicaragua Collins Richton Montreal, Canada Bay St. Louis Glendale, Mo Lizana Lumberton Chalrnette, La. Warner Robins, Ga. Mobile, Ala. jayess Greenville Long Beach Hattiesburg Pascagoula Columbia Hattiesburg Mt. Olive Vicksburg jackson Pinola Vicksburg Biloxi State Line Sandersville Alexandria, Va. Chatom, Ala. Chatorri, Ala. Hattiesburg Pensacola, Fla. Brandon Long Beach Hattiesburg Laurel Hattiesburg Quitmarz jackson Laurel jackson jackson Philadelphia jackson Biloxi Hazlehurst Columbia Columbia Casper, Wyo. Tupelo Hattiesburg Hazlehurst Silverhill, Ala. Pelahatchie Ocean Springs Hattiesburg 3 -Y A' 0 me , v. ' L T T ' Ist. - M 4 4'f5"f. 4-'ln' ' V 7' Pa r .L Q 4 x ..s 'nfl .Q ,A lk .A A., w X me , 1,4 I 0' V L, C I . 1 ' K glen Mimi . RP .Y 4. E 1. x . Q u-N wg A fs "V - K4 5-I Ka Y"W QL ll -J pi uk. . far' I . 'vs L., S 5 i Q55 .bl .3 3, x i rj 1. - s 11. ' 'fNifPA'2.A9Efb?S6fsa1. Sv- S 1-NA bi' tar! .5 ., F , al. FQ? gi A M . QP ' X rn- ,Q- v to N A A S Ll E 1 1 or ' .' Q7 N 'lx , . - I ff A A Q J L A 2- . 5'x 47 1' fzfrfullx I' ' .i 5. ,Ss ..- .L K 5-v R r ,K n AQ A Q all' f .522 . f , ,N 1 .-3 .qi '- sei. A 'walk 5 A I X l ' "E an '17, , . , R' E3 Sn' 1 Y ' B 5 tif: 7 M 5 K 'x J - I .gi . Tw: 4 A wie V , . I Azhwui i ' , A .,,,, Q Q h 4 4 'QI ' 5 4 51" 1 f bf' " 1. ' I ' , ZP, X , ' K- f 5-1 au,-'g:j,f,f 5. A X . ,g 1. , ',:,-: ' - A ' A H' ' .T--F' ' ,,,' - i' BQ' sa' ,ff - f -fi" ff g ' Q ,Q . ,, ,M , W .Q If A 'fs "' f 4 p K. if I V' I A ' .1 " ' 'Q-4 ' A . A ., 'li fu - . ,f fs . Q5 A F any hw 4 A A fy. ,D A I .. I 5 5 at A gif. 5 E A lil 5" J dxfffij .Q A A a. Q .. M, 'arf 1. .... A A - A 'A A A .W x 2, X aw, ...v 3: 4 A: , if 7 'EI . ' 'f I' ,' B Miha ' iw, V ,, . A f .- ref. K ' T . f I it 5 A x W2 vl . , .. Ji, , 41 , ,gf W A .xg f tt, f . 6,6 3 L l 1 V ' 3 A: . f- -5459 ' . ,- ' A Az '. ' f 'Z , " " Ave. 2-A , um ze -f .., - I Zh , . ' . in 1 . ,W .. ' gulls 'V I A, fr 4 4 U AQ K -1 , . ' vw A 8 0 I Q 5 'dx f A ' TA. - I ,, ' ' I I i -. - A . '25 .- 2 Q ' .- rfufn- sm 1 I , . ' "KW A "" We " TA T' A: ' ,"'g I fi.- L. ' n uf - , , 'ff ,L - I , , A J , .- If ' I . g .A ' w - ' A , 1 ' , ,A 0 fl ,A g, r . Q t .ffl , T 'K , A 3 48 S0Ph01T101'e5 Basic College FIRST ROW: LINDA GAIL MONTGOMERY SABRE A. MONTGOMERY SANDRA ,IEANNE MOON BRUCE C. MOORE RODGER CALY MOORE SECOND ROW: BETTY PAYE MORGAN BRENDA JOYCE MORGAN DONNIE G. MORGAN MARTIN A. MORREALE BOBBY JEAN MORRIS, KA WILLIAM F MULHERIN WANDA ANN MURRAH, AEA PATRICIA ELIZABETH MURP FRANCES M. MYERS SUSAN CLAIRE McBRIDE THIRD ROW: HY, AZ FOURTH ROW: FRANK FOSTER McCANN JEANNIE CELESTE McCAIN GAYLE REBECCA McCAFFREY VERA C. McCARTY SUSAN KIRKLAND McCLINTOCK FIFTH ROW: ROBERT HILL McCORMICK, IIKA GAIL ELIZABETH McCOY SHARON KAY McCRANEY MIKE T. McDONALD, K2 DOUGLAS B. McFALLS SIXTH ROW: FRANCES jAMES McGUINNESS DOUGLAS jAMES McHENRY CAREY UTHA McINNIS LINDA ANN McINNIS, KA WILLIAM THOMAS McINNIS, KE SEVENTH ROW: LARRY WADE McKENNON MARILYN ELIZABETH McLENDON BEVERLY ANN McMASTER MIGUEL NAVEDA ANN NEELY EIGHTH ROW: CLAUDIA ALICE NEERGAARD MABEL ELAINE NELSON MARY ELIZABETH NELSON, AZ SYLVIA L. NELSON MARY EDITH NEWTON NINTH ROW: LYNDA LEE NOBLE LINDA KAY NOWLIN, IIBCIP MARY ANNETTE ODEN ANNA jANE ODOM, EEE LARRY jOE ODOM TENTH ROW: REBECCA ANN ODOM LYNN M. O'DONNELL MICHAEL THOMAS OGLESBEE CATHY ANN OSER MIGUEL EDVARDO OSORES ELEVENTH R O W: jANIS LYNN OWENS MARY BETH OUSLY MARGARET ELLEN PALMER SUSAN IANE PARKER CHARLES PARLIN Brookhaven Yazoo City Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg Pascagoula Lucedale Prichard, La. jackson Bay St. Louis Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Centreville Pascagoula jackson Enterprise jackson Gulfport Monticello Seminary jackson Long Beach Hattiesburg Pascagoula Ridgeland Ocean Springs Puerto Limon, Costa Rico Hattiesburg jackson, Ala. Laurel Meridian Yazoo City Grove Hill Benton Ima, Peru jackson Knoxville, Tenn. Pascagoula jackson Pensacola, Fla. Gulfport Ocean Springs Baton Rouge, La. DeKalb Prairieville, La. Buckaturzna Hattiesburg Ovett Pascagoula Picayune Piura, Peru Meridian Gulfport Gulfport Zachary, La. Sophomore-rs Basic College FIRST ROW.' PETER MICHAEL PATANO Moss Point ELIZABETH KATHRYN PATTERSON Brookhaven MARGARET L. PEDEN, AEA Biloxi GLENDA VEE PEEL Quitman BONNIE EUGENIA PERRITT Waynesboro SECOND ROW: SHELLEY WENDY PERCY, X9 Waco, Texas WALTER B. PERRY Hattiesburg NICKIE S. PERRYMAN RICKEY H. PHELAN MARGO THORNTON PIRKLE, AAA THIRD ROW: MARY JO POLLMAN, AAA ARTHUR J. PORCARI JACQUE D. POSEY, AAA KIRBY FARMER POST MICHAEL GLEN POWELL, IIKA FOURTH ROW: MARVIN S. PRESLAR DONALD H. PRESITTI, IIKA HAMILTON S. PRESTRIDGE PATRICIA ANN PREWITT CHARLOTTE ANN PRICE FIFTH RO W: DENNIS E. PRICE HENRY E. PRICE INGRID DAYNE PRICE, IIBQID JANE MARTHA PRINE CHARLOTTE ANN QUICK SIXTH ROW: WILLIAM CRAIG QUIN TERRY ALTON QUINN CAROLE JEANNE RAGLAND JOE DAVID RANKIN JOEL S. RATCLIFF SEVENTH ROW: RICHARD DANIEL RAWLS JAMES ROBERT RAYBURN REBECCA MARIE RAYFIELD, EEE GEORGE WILLIAM REDDING CLARA R. REEVES EIGHTH ROW: DON ALLEN REEVES CHARLES WILLIAM RHODES JOHN G. RHYMES JUDY ANNE RICHMOND CHARLOTTE LUCILLE ROBERTS NINTH ROW: RUBY FRANCES ROBERTS, EEE BERNARD THOMAS ROBERTSON JUDY ANN ROBINSON FREDRICK CONNER ROBSON WILLIAM N. ROOK TENTH ROW: W. BURKETT ROSS RAYMOND LESLIE ROSS MARY LOUISE RUDD SHERRY LUCY RUDISILL DORCEL A. RUSSELL ELEVENTH ROW: DEWEY G. SADKA ERIN FAYE SALTER IMAZELLE SALTERS LARRY ERIC SANDERS GRACE ELLEN SANDERSON Mobile, Ala. Memphis, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Mobile, Ala. New Egypt, N.J. Petal Gulfport Bay Springs Jackson McKees Rocks, Pa. Hattiesburg Vicksburg Wazteland Hattiesburg Gulfport Meridian Prentiss Picayune McComb Bogalusa, La. Ocean Springs Magee Jackson Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Jackson Jackson Amory Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Columbia Walnut Grove Brookhaven Mobile, Ala. Portsmouth, Va. Jackson Natchez Braxton Hattiesburg DeKalb Pascagoula Natchez Bay St. Louis Illeridian Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg Carthage Picayunc 3 4 ix v J I V ggf- T 1 Q! rf. 'l ,Yf 'Y, 1-- rf' 4 , ?,W'7 3. 1 37- 'X .L S2 f Y u 1' Wi' 'X SJ 1 .,'x A Q1 ls f . s,,. J is Y 5 4 L 233 1 xx . l P x 9 ff' al nr p-E 1- . 5 1 K- , A V ' , -, fs 31 3 . , fl - -1 A Av Q. ,. A . xv- 4- hu 5. tv , ' , w .1 fx 4 ' ' L N , i 1 . 19 it 'X - A , s -. , 5 'Ai' ff: ,gfx g, 2-4 , Q S":3rff7 .. ' Y ' ' P fi-A 'K 1, :"" gf its w Z: z w .7 -t -71 ' A A 511 A .Lx . ,. . K I, X ff ' sg lg, ' -gi" I I ' J A .5 . F. v. fn ' ' ' -sf 5' . KT Q' , rg- i .W ,X up , , 'a".:E. mmf' A ' f' Ar:3,,,- gym., .V 'V '1- A ., if K H 1 A ' KX .s ai T if A- - . KT., A f . 11" , , llll KLM 65155: ? f.s'ul's3'+2- A A A 'ff ws 3,1 4 Q E ii ig. . Q' ! 'A X .' ,lfvx ,ri I , 5 , ,A Y- N A .I V A ,,,. .' A 2, ' A 5, N A m M A .- fi . A , ' . ' I ,lqwidlr I M. 73 -2- 4 - ' -va is L ta K L x .. A, I Y -V ' , Vi ffl: L A 1 :fauna 6, ,f A V. , wk ' 'Eff - r 1 ABA, gs ,I Q1 in i ,E X L. if Q S. T .Z Q' W at N ' . ef T: , .- 181 - 'i S W' -:...f 1-if . ' 3 A A ' I r 'I K SOPhO1I101'CS Basic College FIRST ROW: ALLAN j. SARRAT ELIZABETH CECILE SAUCIER ROBERT D. SAUELL ROSE MARIE SCARBOROUGH RONNIE SCHIFANO SECOND ROW: KATHRYN ANN SCHLEDWITZ, IIBQ GEORGE RONALD SCOTT SHARN LYNN SCRUGGS ELLSWORTH SECREST MICHAEL DUANE SEYMORE THIRD ROW: PATRICIA DIANNE SHAW IOSEPH W. SHERRILL MICHAEL ANTHONY PAGANO SHERRY FRANCINE PIERCE, AAA PAMELA ATHELIE POOLE FOURTH ROW: DON L. SHIELDS LYDIA REBECCA SHIRLEY ,IOHN E. SHIVERS DAVID SHOEMAKE JAMES ALLEN SIMMONS FIFTH ROW: BETTY LOU SINGLEY WALTER EDWIN SIPES KATHERINE ELIZABETH SIMMONS AIARY ELIZABETH SIIVIMONS, 3235 CECITA SLADE SIXTH RO W: HAZEL EVELYN SLADE MARY jANE SLAY CHARLOTTE A. SMALLEY ,IOYCE L. SMITH AIARY SYLVIA SMET SEVENTH ROW: CANDACE L. SMITH, EEE CHERYL L. SMITH, AAA DOUGLAS I. SMITH GLENDA KAYE SMITH, KA GLENN SHELTON SMITH EIGHTH ROW: GRETCHEN MARGOT SMITH IANEANE SMITH KEVIN DALE SMITH PEGGY TOM SMITH DINA FAYE SNELLGROVE NINTH ROW: RICHARD DANIEL SONES ROBERT H. SPARKS CYNTHIA FAYE SPEED, AEA ANN STACHLER, KA WILLIAM STAINKEN TENTH ROW: BARBARA JANE STEPHENS FRED BUSH STETHENS FRANCES 1. STONE, AEA INA fo STRAHAN, AEA Bay St. Louis Gulfport Rolling Fork Perkinston Biloxi Memphis, Tenn. Mobile, Ala. Vicksburg Long Beach jackson Louisville Hattiesburg Pass Christian jackson Ellisville Mobile, Ala. Laurel Prentiss Collins Natchez Gulfport Tucson, Ariz. jackson McComb Hattiesburg Lumberton Quitman Hattiesburg Union Church Hattiesburg Gulfport jackson Sidon Brookhaven Laurel Hattiesburg Valparaiso, Fla. Natchez jackson Bay St. Louis Bay St. Louis Biloxi Hattiesburg Clinton Mississippi City Clevelana' Biloxi Hattiesburg Morton BRENDA LORAINE STRICKLAND Panama City, Fla. ELEVENTH ROW: ROLAND RAY STROUD RONALD DUANE SULLIVAN ,IAMEY LYN SUSHINSKI, AEA jAMES RANDY SWAN, QKT ROBERT S. SWINDLE O Petal Gulfport Magnolia Hattiesburg Gulfport SOPIIOIIIOITCS Basic College FIRST ROW: JOE A. SWITZER JAMES RONALD SYKES WILLIE L. TATE PATRICIA A. TATUM KITTY TAYLOR SECOND ROW: WILLIAM HARRY TAYLOR DAVID TEDFORD MARGARET DEANNA THATCHER CYNDEE ANN THOMAS NORMA ELLEN THOMAS THIRD ROW: PATRICIA E. THOMPSON, EEE Ocean Spring: Quitman Brandon Hattiesburg Baton Rouge Brookhaven Magee jackson Bay St. Louis Bay St. Louis Mobile, Ala. DON MICHAEL TILLEY Lucedale SIDNEY IOHN TOCHE Biloxi DONALD WAYNE TOLER Liberty BETTY LORAINE TOPP Gulfport FOURTH ROW: WARREN F. TRACY Hattiesburg MARY L. TROTTER jackson ,IAMES PATRICK TURPIN Mobile, Ala. G. POWELL VANCE Grenada HUGO R. VILLATRANCA Puerto Cortes, Honduras FIFTH ROW: ROBERT P. VINCENT, JR., KE Hattiesburg PHILLIP D. VOSS, KE Natchez GARY WAKSTEIN, EAE Panama City, Fla. SANDRA GRAY WALKER, IDM Laurel BETT IWARLENE WALL Hattiesburg SIXTH ROW: ,IOYCE IANE WALL Brookhaven NANCY GALE WALLER KENT LOUIS WALTERS SHELIA ANN WALTERS SHIRLEY MARGARET WALTERS SEVENTH ROW: STEPHEN F. WALTERS WAYNE BILLY WALTERS CHARLOTTE ANN WARDEN. KA EMMETTE LEE WARREN NORMAN O. WEAVER EIGHTH ROW: STANLEY EDWARD WEIDMAN SARAH KATHY WELFORD ALICIA PAMELA WEST PHILLIP DUANE WHARTON GERALD TAYLOR WHIDDON NINTH ROW: CAROL ANN WHITE CURTIS C. WHITE W. DeVAN WHITE KIRK WHITE, AZ SANDY LEE WHITE TENTH ROW: PATRICIA DIANNE WILHITE, KA SONIA CAROL WILKES, AAA RUTH EVELYN WILLARD ABRAHAM WILLIAMS JERRY E. WILLIAMS ELEVENTH ROW: JOAN ALEANA WILLIAMS SHIRLEY IEANNE WILLIAMS CELESTE WILLOUGHBY CHARLES GAYLES WILSON Birmingham, Ala. Pensacola, Fla. Mobile. Ala Mobile, Ala. Moselle Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Prichard, Ala. Francisrille, La. Waveland Lucedale Hattiesburg Lakeland, Fla. Biloxi Athens, Ga. Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Atlanta, Ga. West Point Pascagoula Petal Long Beach Armuelles, Panama Columbia Hattiesburg Charleston Liberty ,. fn., :. "' K l 1-.1 5" A .Iv Q' :ii-y 'I 5, x ' R E .. ' . ff: : it "-'He'-I "" KT'5'..-.svn r. 'X f 4. , L... s.. I' w. Q' M N Q If 'Q 12 l Av. .0 an 'az' if if . Y! . Q1 G-X is s, ii if sph' Q L 'X I Q . R. , 'T 5- L I -v. iv 'N N I I 1 ham qrb ' gb F! fn 5' x 1 1 5. 5.21 I . . 5 Qs. B 5. GS- wg 'I '4 ' wa. ii jf I , 'Y -QN- . '- I J Q , T - Q I ' . f .5 ' Hattiesburg lf its 'A X M 1 ' - V .AX 351 S S... W I, vu I 7 of 1' . 5 ' ,Q I I As 5.h.Tv2Ei?z.'?3e L 'T 's- N an FIRST ROW: ELIZABETH WILSON, IIBKIP Tampa, Fla. WANDA LOUIS WILSON Starkville KYE WOODHAM, EAE Mofidion SECOND ROW: ROBYN WOOD McComb CHARLENE WOODS Bolton SUSAN E. WYNOT condio, N.H. THIRD ROW.- JAMES STANLEY YATES Brooklyn CHARLES ERNEST YOUENS Mobile, Azo. JAMES HUBERT YOUNG, JR. Sono Hill ""1'!f-sig 1 N519 Ugg Iii. JP" What'S so funny? ,fl IV' Oh, I get it. 2, 59. had ,A-v' X 7 3 1ll1iO1'S Basic College FIRST ROW: jERRYE LOUISE ANDERSON, English Laurel WYNN APPLEWHITE, Elementary Edn. Hattiesburg BONNIE E. BATES, Ex. Secretarial St. Mobile, Ala. jAMES RONALD BAYLIS, Marketing Petal jANE BEASLEY, Home Economics Petal SECOND ROW: SHIRLEY ANN BLAND, Political Science Hattiesburg KENNETH BOUTWELL, KA, Public Relations jackson jAMES V. BOWLIN, Personnel Management McCall Creek DAVID CLARK BRENNAN, Management N.Miami, Fla. ROBERT CECIL BROOME, Geology Midwest City, Okla. THIRD ROW: PATSY G. BRUHL, Clothing Merchan. Covington, La. LINDA NELL BUCKLEY, Secretarial Cleveland WILLIAM THOMAS BURKE, Radio-TV jackson PAULETTE DIANNE BURNHAM, Spanish jackson LARRY AUSTIN BUSH, Lab. Tech. Laurel FOURTH ROW: ROBERT ANTHONY CAIN, IIKA, Political Science Utica WILLIAM LEE CHANCELLOR, Sociology jackson jANE CLARK, Elementary Edn. Port Gibson DIANE MARSHA COHEN, Sociology Vicksburg LLOYD HAMILTON COLE, Radio-TV Columbus FIFTH ROW: SUSAN G. COVINGTON, Elementary Ed. Lakeland, Fla. HARRY D. CRAPON, Biology Ocean Springs SIMONE E. CYR, Home Economics Springfield, Va. DOUGLAS C. DAUGHDRILL, Accounting Mobile, Ala. ANGELA LAVERNE DICKSON, Business Ed. jackson SIXTH ROW: WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER DONAHUE, Accounting Hattiesburg WILLIAM B. EDMONDSON, CDKT, Management Tuscaloosa, Ala. jACK EDWARD EVANS, Mathematics Laurel PEGGY jEAN FARMER, Music Ed. Roxie KATRINA MARGUERITE FARRIS, IIB41, Ex. Secretary Port St. joe, Fla. SEVENTH ROW: DOROTHY E. FIELD, Business Ed. Hattiesburg BEN GEORGE FOURNIER, journalism Biloxi IOSEPH STAFFORD GREEN, Management Semmes, Ala. MA YBELLE ROSE GORRINGE, journalism Greenwood TED M. HALL, IIKA, Computer Science jackson EIGHTH ROW: CLARKE R. HAMMOND, Accounting Hattiesburg DAVID HARDIN, Pre-Medical Hattiesburg FRANCES jEAN HENDERSON, Psychology Forest MERLIN KNIGHT HENDERSON, jR., Communica- tion Pensacola, Fla. VICKI G. HENDERSHOT, AZ jackson NINTH ROW: WILLIAM D. HODGES, Recreation Biloxi SARA j. HURLEY Mobile, Ala. ROSA MARIA IANNUZZI, French Cosenza, Italy KENNETH L. INMAN, ZAE, Marketing Biloxi BECKI IETT, Business Ed. Ruleville Q 1- , . ,w ' 7 1 , N 'en V L fb , . ' 'Q Y if 1' lik s ' yy: A W 'mf I I K" elf-?fZ"irI'f:'s' , . ' ,!9fffl7.,ffs6-e1 L as . L ,.f-in . 'Av' . , bn g , . g ' 1.591.554 ,llfxx 11,39 A 4 . .- -vy 1 .,. Van -. fu 0. 1'-1' ff' 'JG are 1 'x..-4 'r-,J si if X L' 1 if K a' I Q . a 1. A H fs . 1 , fd, ,, -.,, ' ..::..,,..-H., .13 'faZW:iE211:511::2fEaf'gfs li....'g,,,, ....,,:.f,:4,,,. ,- 'Iii-'f:E'ET5lQ2:1112'a'9l,a12?f'l-3 K Q.. wx I ex 'ff 'Q 'WK 1 . , . x R Uh 1- 1' . w ' We-J 'ii C , Q , ?""P' jf f We ..,. i if ' 5 ., , V. gli 1'-fgfi x L ' -"F 1 3 5 UI1iOI'S Basic College FIRST ROW: MARTHA LYNN JOHNSON, Art Ed. Pelahatichie TIMOTHY PAUL KAJDAN, Commercial Art Jackson JOHN E. LAZENBY, ATO, Ele. Ed. Mobile, Ala. JAMES ALFOLD LILLY, EAE, History jackson HOWARD ANTHONY LOTT, Ind. Arts Hattiesburg SECOND ROW: QUIN COLLIER LOWREY, Marketing Bastrop, La. ANGUS WILLIAM McALLISTER, Psychology Biloxi BRIAN PATRICK McCABE, Geology Gulfport VERNON JAMES McCARDLE, Computer Science Petal ADRIAN G. McCARRON, Pre-Law Hattiesburg THIRD ROW: PAUL H. McLELLAN, Pharmacy Laurel JOSEPH CHARLES McCOLLAUGH, JR., EAE, Political Science jackson JAMES CURTIS McKENNOXL, Management Yazoo City ROBERT SEAY McLEMORE, Chemistry Mobile, Ala. ROBERT WILSON McMINN II, KIJKT, Pre-Dent. Laurel SIXTH ROW.' JAMES CLARENCE MARTIN, Management Natchez SANDRA MARIA MARTIN, French Liberty JUDY KAYE MAUPIN, Physical Ed. New Orleans CAROL L. MONTGOMERY, History Stanton, Va. PATRICIA ANN MORTON, Ele. Ed. Jackson FIFTH ROW: ANN MARGARET MOEHLMANN, Biology Cedar Rapids, Iowa GRETCHEN E. MURRAY, Med. Tech. Pascagoula MARGARET JANICE MYRIEK, Med. Tech. Heidelberg ALBERT JACOB OTT, Eng. Biloxi LEWIS AL PALUMBO, Finance McComb SIXTH ROW: PHILIP N. PARVIN, Phys. Ed. Miami, Fla. PATRICIA A. PATENATTE, Bus. Ed. Pass Christian RONALD DENMAN PHILLIPS, Management McDonough, Ga. CLARK KAREN RATCLIFF, Eng. Hattiesburg WARREN H. REDDEN, Accounting Gulfport SEVENTH ROW: CAROLYN ANN REYNOLDS, AAA, Med. Tech. Laurel CHARLENE ROBINSON, Clothing Merchandising Hattiesburg HENRY RONALD ROPER, Finance Pensacola, Fla. BARBARA JANICE SANFORD, Pre-Med. Seminary RICHARD DALE SHAW, Personal Management Gulfport EIGHTH ROW: PAULA SUZANNE SHOEMAKER, Psy. Pensacola, Fla. FREDDIE LEON SMITH, Geography Seminary GARY WAYNE SMITH, Art Lucedale KENNETH C. SMITH, Management Gulfport MENDE W. SMITH, ATO, Pre-Med. Biloxi NINTH ROW: WILSON FLETCHER SMITH, KIPKT, Marketing Franklinton ASTRID SPENCER, AZ, Art Ed. Quincy NANCY MARIE STANFORD, Ele. Ed. Ithaca, N.Y. JOHN CONRAD STEEN, Commercial Art Pascagoula R. SUE STILLIONS, -Commercial Art Jackson 4 UI1i0I'S Basic College FIRST ROW: SEAMON C. THOMAS, General Business Angie, La. BARBARA ANN TRUSSELL, Spanish Hattiesburg MARY A. TUCKER, Music jackson PHILIS REE VANLANDINGHAM, QM Meridian ALFRED FRANK WALCHAK, Geology Roselle, N.j. SECOND ROW: CHARLES E. WALDROP, Finance Indianola CYNTHIA LEE WARREN, Art Ed. Long Beach IOHN j. WECHS, German Arlington, Va. ARTHUR H. WEHMANN, Architecture Berkeley Heights, NJ. WANDA IEAN WILLIAMS, Ele. Ed. Varnado, La. THIRD ROW: SAM TURNER WOMACK, Business jackson GEORGE FRANKLIN WRIGHT, Accounting Broomall, Pa. PATRICK E. YOUNG, Political Science Biloxi But ferry, I just can't marry you 'til you get out of the Basic College U Panhellenic Council 174 A Acacia Fraternity 178 Alpha Epsilon Alpha 253 Alpha Lambda Delta 63 Alpha Psi Omega 305 Alpha Sigina Alpha 196 Alpha Tau Omega 180 B Baptist Student Union 69 Business Fraternity Council 251 C Canterbury Club 67 Chi Omega 198 Collegiate Civitan Club 89 Collegiate Civinette Club 89 D Delta Delta Delta 200 Delta Sigma Pi 257 Delta Zeta 202 Dixie Darlings 154 Druid Society 62 Disciples Student Fellowship 68 G Gamma Delta 67 I Inter-Fraternity Council 117 Index to Organizations K Kappa Alpha Order 182 Kappa Delta 204 Kappa Delta Pi 275 Kappa Kappa Psi 308 Kappa Mu Epsilon 228 Kappa Signia 184 Koinonia Club 68 L Lambda Iota Tau 225 M "M" Club 167 N Newman Club 70 O Omicron Delta Kappa 55 P Phi Alpha Theta 228 Phi Chi Theta 254 Phi Delta Rho 54 Phi Eta Sigma 64 Phi Kappa Tau 186 Phi Mu 206 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 309 Pi Beta Phi 208 Pi Kappa Alpha 188 Pi Kappa Pi 53 356 Pi Omega Pi 274 Pi Sigma Epsilon 252 Pi Tau Chi 66 R Rho Eta Sigma 91 Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma S Alpha Epsilon 190 Alpha Eta 229 Phi Epsilon 192 Sigma Sigma 210 Society for the Advancement of Management 255 Southern Broadcasters 92 Southern Debate Squad 224 Student Christian Federation 66 Student Printz 226 T Tau Beta Sigina 308 University Activities Council 52 W Wesley Foundation 71 Westminster Fellowship 72 Women's Affairs Board 77 Y Yellowjackets 98 Young Republicans Club 93 -, fr - . ,X ,,, L' . vl V ' . . Q 1 - ' 5 ' l X f A V , ' ' ' V ' ' ' ' F r ' ,. L? , V , ' t 5 1 L1 . . , ,mr N X .MV N "N lv , VV 1 ' mga" 1. li ,gf g V VA fu' 1 ,fn - 7 'V J, K V . . V. ' QW ' ' Wig. V VXVWQAVM VUVmQ2?EV5M.4,V.53?i, ,N qw, V , f, ,n WHHILKV Q' 4+ V N -fsf?fl'1a,A,':: ft 1-f H f N, A .- .,., -wx, ,H .VVVVVVVVV5 .' mx , MV ...i..,.,,,,,. -VMVVVV R V L Y... N. N.. J A' ' Wm , r . M q B3-7'-'Y wie' ,F tv" ' , , ' X cm-rin ""' v no-miuw wgggvg-sign, bf. fu. Q "W 4' ' lj' M A - ,, 5, . ' K 1, -W.. f ,R Q?ig 5.FrQg- ' s v j f 8 ,, V If f A' ' , V X 2 1' 2 , f, rf 2 . . -U4 Q.-wwwu A-1: -n.. f .-Q-M , " -"L " " 'V' 4 ' . ' 3' .ff M, 1 Q-Qu,-Q fl' "' M 1 Q ji, X V, V , D . .V . W1-.f3.,, E3 4 ' A, gf, ' ny w- x :gm 1 wx-4 .- . M L ,, -' 71- me ' 'F' 'A ' ,nw Q M . ,. . .vw , , . rg Q . a if 'U r ' ' Xu . - - A 5 ' ,. q, k ' V VBVV. VQVV 3 VV ,VV 7. 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Suggestions in the University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) collection:

University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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