University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS)

 - Class of 1966

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University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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..-.-d.b,.,.. - ,,,.. , , ,W 2 ...LJ , , -fy , , 1 f 41 xl . . , i A '1 V, H 1. x r Q - F 5,1 V 2 If il 5: i I, 1 ,. 1. Q. if 1 ,- X I , 1 , f , , v i ,. I 5. , . F 1 1 1 i a w. I I A J, 3. V 1. n IJ -w V H V, v r 1 I 2 4 I 7 L w 1 A 1 1 4 :Q K ,' 32 1 n I. P x f VOLUIUIE 52 1966 SOUTH ERN ER umvsnsl-rv OF SIOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI HATTIESPBURG, MISSISSIPPI ' SCHUTTQ Editor ' BONNIE DAUGHERTY, Associate Editor f7le jrienclgedf lnivemify Friendship ahfounds in every .phase of campus life.. It begins' with a friendly hello, the nod of a head. a short chat on the sidewalk or perhaps just a hopeful glanpe. Within the walls of the dormitories and classrooms, friendship reaches below the surface and its true signifcance is manifested. iThe dhain of friendship is initiated with the first greeting to a freshman. as he enters the university. The strength of this ehain is determined hy the student as hfe adds links With' each new friend he makes., Ar the University oflSouthern Mississippi, the student finds his chain of friendship is truly something of value. He' hetomes a friend to :all following the spirit of those who have now left the uniyers-ity5 but still maintain the deep friendships established here. 0 ziggy ., Q ,f I , ye, v W, ,Ju - -NL. , Q s.'--. -xx gn-... ' J- .'--:,,,. ...l -'1F-!':-4-- " 4 V" ""'. ' ...OA-.3 . 1 . - lt N -4"u"' - 'I' - H - 5- ' , T' ' '-1 -.1 - A ' ' -. Q, .- Q u -eati- fly of earning W The World of learning invades every segment -of an individualls life. It is the foupntainhead of lenowledgg and incorporates a world of diverse interests here at' 'the University Hof Southern Mississippi. Some conceive learning 'as an academic achievementg others discover- it is not only. academic lqnowledge, but also mental, spiritual and physical growth, As ai person reaches maturity, 'his' knowledge he- comes more specific. His scope of ideas, his thoughts and his actions are influenced hy what he learns. He that his knowledge is insignificant' in the vastness of this world' unless he properly stresses its importance. Each individual has his own. concept' of learning. Ideally, this concept includes the desire to build a stronger nation and ia more abundant life. S3 jte Yfwrfcl of 1941, This year tbe 'World of play was bigger and better tban ever. Activities climbed to a bigber scale. Fraternity parties, dances, Song Fest, and big-name entertainment flavored tbe year with fun and variety. Tbose. wbo frequented Nat's Nook found atmospbere and frolic at tbeir fingertips. Tbis World of fun would not be complete witbout the pep rallies, ball games and friendly get-togetbers wbicb display the true spirit of tbe students. Play: tbe moments wben a person finds solace in being alone, sees a couple settled in a quiet corner engulfed in tbe wonderful world of love, tbose uninbibited lapses when one becomes carefree and enjoys life for tbe moment ivitb no concern for tbe future, are all ingredients intermingled to complete tbis ever-present way of life on campus. I 3 ,L ,. K+, Y -0 4 fu ruin .r lalaorfunify Opportunity lies dormant until some eager student awakens to the vastness of this world. Opportunity appears in each facet of campus life. I t is available to all, but few ever realize or capitalize. This world is for the ambitious student who will set up goals which he intends to achieve, not for the one who discovers the opportunities, but lacks the initiative to go after them. It is the world where stu- dents meet one failure after another and still strive for success. Opportunity to gain classroom knowledge and the necessity of apply- ing this knowledge to everyday life are both present on campus. Opportunity is an ideal, which if seized, will be a light towards a brighter future. Opportunity can be found anywhere, but it must be nurtured and cared for in order to become a thing of value. The University of Southern Mississippi offers opportunity to its students and the success of the school can be measured by their achievements. al"" 1 Ute ruin or l"0gl"e5J Progress is a way of life for Dr. William D. McCai1i. Under his dynamic and' forceful leadership, the past decade has seen Mis- sissippi Southern College become the University of Southern Mis- sissippi-With 'vast increase in quantity, and quality. Outstanding faculty members, new and modern buildings, national recognition of excellence all come to the University with increasing regularity. Progress is evidenced not only by the rapid growth of the univer- sity, but also by the increasingly high standards of the students. Each depart-ment contributes to the progress of the school. Southern shall continue to reign as Mississippi's "biggest and the best" with a harmonious relationship between student body, faculty and admin- istration as a foundation. on which to build. flm, '1 1. ,11 . - W . -"Jf..' ' ' ' 41 E' iq" -mug' 1 h 11:51. . 1 1? 1 L-I - :f11j,j' ' All-S111 4.-1 1-mi 1 ' 11 ,7- ' if M 511' , . 1 1- mia 11+ 1.' '. . 1 11 1.'1"1" n 1, "- 1 .bfi 1' . XII ,Il I -K 2 '.'- .- 3."1!- '..g. 1Q:M- '.?x4.i I i f. I , 11g'A,'I ' 'II V '11-.-. .If ' 1 1 1 1 :f1"1 1ivl"" i' 1' ' 5 1 , if ?sx1.1ff"f,1 I Q 1, L, . P.. 1 15. 1 1 ..: 1 911534 15-3142 "T-Fif a g. "-'. 1 911 11 M y " ,- 1 , gifkl .- 7 . 1 " "L X- 94 Z, E 1 :F z if 11 A I S I ' 3 1.1 1 4 W' 1 17- 'Y , ' A 11 L H Q ' 3 A1 ' 1 1 1. Q M.. "' 'a' J V M 1 11'-fy GJ 1 '- -' mf,-' J'21."' 1 ,K f ,A ' 1 ' xl r 1 Y 4, ' ' 1' 1' by 1 I 5 f 1 . ' , ,-5. 1 5 -1-1 L 'iff 1 1? ' '- ' I' ,- 1' , . :4 - . ' . , .f ' f'2Q,f-JE' Tl, " VE' : ',- 11: -1 fr-Shi 35x -1 1 .1 ' N I Ali, ' 1552, X." -1 11W 1 1 12412 .5 11, . 1. 1:::",.1.: ' :-11 ,....,..r,.,, . . -gf -EJ - 1- -.., 1 11:1 A 1 1 n1f 111 ... 11 - YT:-53 ,, , ,., 5, 1.1. . 'jf Lg? 1 1 1 1 '- .. 1 Na 14 291555 . , 2 1,4 '11 fu. 1 ' 1 I I igg 91 . ' V 1? .A 1' 11, 1, - 1 1 11 . 11 1 11 1 1 1.9 . 1 1 'P I 1 . 1 1 11 . .1 of Confenffs Jtudent' ltfe Ofganizationf lBd6Zl?7'.f19qJ .rtudent gobernment publicatzom 7f'ElZ2gZ17ML9' group! campus groups army note gfeekr 153 160 186 Spam football basketball bareba ll 2 tennif ev? intramural! 224 230 256 334 Z4 52 64 71 77 85 103 112 Activitter entertainer! featuref ,spirit 192 202 210 214 215 216 abam fcboolf clafief index 47 223 jhid wma Our your . . . Sure, we studied and crammed for finals, but the honorable stu- dent body of U.S.M. enjoyed itself this year. We were glad to get back together-to start classes-renew social life-live in masses. Football games in 80-degree Weather one Weekend, Z0 degree the next . . . UAC Entertainment . . . private parties . . . impromptu gatherings of every form. They are all pictured on these pages. THIS WAS OUR YEAR and we loved it!!! We can now remem- ber as we see before us our year of 1965-66. X .55 , '? - p v ,, I -. ' w x . Q y ,' f .,, 1... t .A n 2.5 T. kv Q, 'lr Q- '5 6 x u X , 1 S . 'T 0 ,t Q, , , . , " u ', -yn wx 'F Ffa. '- w " W.-., w 3' Y -,F K -Q.. ., V 4 , R ,Fu 'l 1 X f ' me f J' ,v 1 . ' , : t'7"1'r' 'W A fesszxi, L YH, 0 ...'1nY-.jigim-,:,: 1.A,,,,,L1LT4.qgf . We.. ,ik 4 n Q ,N :Q ' 155 . ' 1 x x I n .a . ug, ,.. , M. , , , . Y 4 A 1, . 7 X f -A, r ,nf my 1, . ' nf? ,. .- - 2 22355 W, ' nk. L.. ,ff Y ,,. Q U c X:11,..mS :sv September, and coming back to scbool would be immeasurably more pleasant if we didnlt bare to worry about getting all tbat stuff moved in . . . Betb and Bobby are proud to be first to occupy tbe luxurious suites of Hillcrest. Counselors consult as tbe fresb- men buy tbeir beanies and burt from a loss of bair. Of course, no one relisbes tbe tbougbt of standing in tbose long registration lines, but tbat is all part of college life . . . orienta- tion and registration set tbe wbeels rolling again. 1. is " Ei 1 Wx . vs up X ,. he Q, , , ,ww x v- 4 M 7 'QV' U X ig ff KLM - 9 R Q9 'f M fingk' Y 51: sm K' l it gt. 5, ,, 3' v 5' 7, A W fm' 1 '56 30? , A bn QQ? ev 6 ,, R W si ,,.. , if ,sg .3 Fu Q ,Q . 3- w-M '- ff ggi' - , MMV .. M? , K 'N wwf! ..--A E " Q'fr?"""- , X' ffy, fwy w ,- 6 wr: 2 Q- ii , WW' ' 2 X P ' K q I gd T 3 sh H: K , 1? fi ,. x- , , .wif ,r MQW if YQ ww X Wy :F i, Him Evil fl ,,. 2 4 fam mf W wisp X my 4 ,, , My MQ W A la... 5 ,.,.. ,, 'af 5mm me-wi' -va.,-Q4 3 232532. za ., . .i ,Aw-. -. 3? -Th: , gA3!a ea' an , jx. 9. If ji- Y" ll, . N- My E A r . . Qt R , -4. J U, L, ,V , -4 H MWT3Wwi bL:' f ' . . vuqq W '-'Y u, T8 3 T QL. 'i"' ' 4. ' V. v A ' ' ' A I 1 c' 3' 1- jp , 24-1 . ,. " H F I '-., A -4 K 8 ' 1' , 5' --nf Q Nw 'Hi W- , - ' wisfh . . - . My .ww L,'Al"".f-S, 'Nair wg 'fl' X Q , U Y :fr :K - f. i. k ' S w 1: 1 ' M' , ' .,.,,, j - i , , ., ........ M ,L .J , . , gi T T mcihrgf.: .,... : i 'A -,K Pig gpigf zi v 'f'L:3':'- 13 , ,,, .-.. - gx ,ig 3 ' I 3' U" ,r a s ' . ' W x A- 's"""" ' . - - A -1 ,, , .. Y 2,4 5. ' , ,,W , V536 EAW il 1 il , QvjQ,f,..5,.: T " 3 V , Q Q L ' . , ,. Y V E e I 3, w f r I 95, Q 1 ini jf yi " 'Q 'X X Q Ja .- - we ,ff 1 :Huw V-' 2 . x We Pgik ll Ll TJ ng! "A, 1 C ,ga nn ,... 1 Lila lo Q' ll K x 4 v- ,rp v. ,,,L-L 9, Q' ., J s Z1 pl-lug, Pr, r.,I v5 '.' 't' g55'x" S f qllx N ' I I ,J- I , it - 1 32 ' -. ,ff .3 Aida, Q, 71 K. I x K bg! Qi I A 5 , K' Ll u 'sa U' IU' gf? 4 A B AQ. -....,f fm 'El , ,I T' -:gf , 3 , ,, 3 w '- ' s , ' 14, ., Nw is , I Then . . . shake some more hands . . have established friendships, claimed and We COLLAPSE! Sz . sit. . . stand . . . talk . . . smile and sing. In the end we new brothers and sisters to continue the Greek system . . . ' sf N A1 ui -' Wu H W I W Aw 2 x-,X if mg? -1,- EZWFJ 3-.arid SX Fall elections immediately seize the campus with signs and sighs. Enormous yield of candidates produced able senate, class oficers and fresliman spirit boosters. -iff- rn. 5 L-5 F 4553. H-Q. '- Q9 ,Q , fx Q" ' , fi ki' xi? ,Y I nf S Amy 1, A F I, 4:..f - ,. v lrw 'K -wj AXE!! ztq ,, :QQ 'ff-J W ' ' 'li fl fq. f .if ' If fe- -. v X ,+!'.-Apu Y ' w .1501-F'-'--' H ?r?55f'4! ,, ' f - 1 .xgnngl . l C-A f -'fs ,. X Y EIS , 4, -57462 . .., dv- -, .. , I X, , 4 " 4 A A 1 .J A I A MM , '4' wa. , ., , New aw H' wi f -. -. P ,Q . . ,z 1 -. , .V , .:- .2 - s sy xr: 2 Lragvai ..,P3' - ., -Y 33' ,f - 1 X . -.1 W1 x . 24 October 16 . . . Homecoming . . . Alumnus of U.S.M. return to see an im- pressive parade, house decorations and a victorious team. Hours of tissue-paper- stujjzing, stapling and painting --were Worth the effort for a winning float. The crowd was charmed by the beautiful court and team escorts. Vi TMR a,5gy-if !33X'ia NNE ifixa- xgmnxws A ,se Ei SHI? EHJE EM Qs HE! E 5 Fraternities decked houses with mes- sages of victory. Sororities and other or- ganizations supplied floats. Dorms dec- orated . . . Donna Lee, do things go better with coke? . . . Through it all, We partied!! HJ' N 4 ' K' Lv AXE, F wh- 01.5 Q. ui 3 Md. , M 1" F ,f Zuma S' 4151 ', - ' -.- ' L' . 7 PHE 'G 4- ' ' .I ZX I , QV V, 4,1 ? 'N ?. ! 'viwrf 3? 1 3 1 1 ' ? Q 8 ...AJ 3' , .Eff if ' A R , . Q 'i' f ,H.. - ,lr , ,J 'iv-f' . -Hlifix 'FV' uw- 4 f-Q I WEN K il "fd - -A 5 2 5 W ' 4 E 0 . FL K 4 W? ,Sid-V fi -5' . 'SU -ss if ' 1 , . rl ,, r' .-Q 1 VP 1 CIJII DANFOR xii, -Qu fr X 4 Hz' 1' A fs N! 1 I I f " 'ix ,4 gl.. 1-' - JIJOH C ai' Qs K Q'-JT 1-i ,Ak f If R 6, Lug. , ,Hump- f 3:5 - f ,L 4523522252121 um. ,'1.9zgg" . :A ,, . --fii f.f. f 111-zzz: g saiese5zs3i93? Lf --1 X .ke , , Q W . 'P :- xl K. ' ' '- H 1 gy E51 -jg' xx 'ill 5 .ME , K 1 g l ' ' 1v ' F M'afffg 'l'5,g ' its 3 1? 'Q' Q 5' -42: I ,wg W. T E WH an L' xg H 9 f Z gg W Q M M QQ A The Greeks Worked months perfecting Christmas carol and Fraternity or So- rority song for the Chi Omega Song est. We stared, were threatened with for missing practice, and put out a show December I 4. The Tri- won again, as did the Kappa Sigs! ompetition was rough with Kappa Delta '17 Phi Tau looking good for second . f I I ' f-4f.7f?f.- .J ' " ei , E. Y W 'P Vi ,T V qt is A 1 I. ' . E1 'H Pi 4,25 2,5 . ' I ,gif ' tnfligwf ti If qt 'I H W We V. 1 IV A . I. 'u u 1:2 fig. ,,' f F - , , Q 2 1 F1555 if WW f ,L ,HHH 3 ' 'W v ' I 1 A oc ,I l I lily. xmlglwjb vig nA !,f Q pl lt. lylg fl' 5 U Y VXA!! V 9' iflilzllf I W . .. X . 2' 1 V -A -fu. 2 2 I 9 I . ., L V xl gi! I 1 f',W,1-. ,qu ,yr y rf! 'QM .fi ri If , I W J' S 5 , I it .ws was ,. '31 .i I. I V "Lit X . K Q. I 1 . .. :I " ' gf? 5" ' x , 'F i 1 O 3 ab 'yn .X :via ,f I, ' ' Q --vv ,M I . A 1 . 1 Am ff' -. 55 Q , ,' 7 . 4, bs. N K W" ' aw. ' ' " M- rssszeeaf' 3 ,,..,..,-gg.. .ei 1 f::1:::::.,1:1 in :'132::"?:1" .--A' J 4 ' 63" .X ll I .QF- Q , . ri 1 I -f ,Kg - W A-mf. 1"' ik 1 1 1 4? Q All al '. 71 9 S. .1 nm- Aww I 2: I was V . 5 . ll 'A N 1 Wir The "Pride,' in action, enthusiasm in order . . . Marching hand and Dixie Darlings continue to attain national ac- claim . . . an unusual shot of Dudley standing still . . . and there are three of ereryhodyjs favorites . . . Coach Vann has another successful year. JW .,-:Tj 'mi' 'ixbtl WN: JF' lf' P? f 'E 1 l 'r 45 1- af'fr'T Z.f"g,Aw-N ,-ive' i5ff"ji-W" Q" 'Avg'-b-Q , A U --4. W ' v'.'J "Q: it lc J' , Nix. m. -iid 5-, L.:',.. -,, .',If1" Q 'I l o 52 fm Y T L i 'L I iugalmf " e ff Yr' Q . . 'E .. A .11 .1 1' N' V 3 2 .A-nf Q: - 'fx K 15' """!a- F --1--aff-4 Svcmzo Q ..,-..N . THE ARTISTFW GF ig :vu , , ,A ' Nt. 1 LW? V lik ', " Ei ffl SI uns nuns ---...- dfmauwfx ,,,..... ...--.-... .- XA, ,VJ k, ? Uk L qw Q. 'Q 4515 v .17-' rf "l al N W z if 1 G I a A o.'x 34' 1,2 EN 7'w 'YI' Y -,bmi if 0 n' ,Wm- Q' v , mah Q52 f- 1 x A -. A 1 , I 0 4 We played . . . we partied . . . and camped??? . . . Marched and congre- gated to watch BATMAN . . . delighted in candlelights . . . suffered unending cafeteria lines . . . College men live here . . . Elam Arms for men only. The Hub looks like FINALS ...... there,s our Miss Cheerleader candidate, ejfervescent as always . . . FUN. 5 1 ,f"Y Fehruary . . . and the Military Ball, the ost successful ever . . . Bill Black Com- o, the Gentrys, and Gene McDaniels. eniors honored, engagements announced . . Col. and Mrs. Dale, President and rs. McCain and others welcome the in the receiving line. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sponsored Royce 1 Siegrist was selected 1966 Queen of Hearts. On his T.V. program, Dave Waite talks With Ist Alternate Beverly Dale and 2nd alternate Empress Kil- patrick as the lovely queen stands hy. Lynn Abraham was selected "Dear Heart" hy the other contestants. Dave in- structs an attentive little Underwood and friend. 45 Male and Female Athletes have a ball in this wild game. The Varsity Football players proved victorious 67-66. We prepare to end Basketball season and greet Spring with all it brings . . . the Easter Sunrise Service . . . skiing and swimming . . . cuddly things . . . an ole Pike mule-definite improvement over that fretruck . . . and those warm nights around good old snake-infested Lake Byron. E' nag' Q-SW' 'im' r .'s'fl'qEF-33' ?i'a'V"l? ' I-'ir ' li: :wi Ear v , .w,.,,.,g .4 4 , , . N3 x,, y V49 L- V M7 rw, E ,,- H N ,- f5g,gsvsng43 - it f .ty . 6 ,gf H" N,-J' -.IW sf. ' Q f','if -, -2'-Eg, -' 2, , V ' A as-a, V lk eb' .,- -ws .,g..- 1 33 s--ff. AS - ' ' 1, ." ' - " ,- 'W-v L .1 r ,' -. ,Q UW ' Jin' 5,1 v - a-' aaa.. gt- 'fi uz " ' x A E - M, ,f l .,l.. Jar, 54 , .. - , -- 5 Y .- . f - -x-,-..1..sL.,-..x-,Q gym, - , Y R I ... ,tv-Mild Y M 5. . au. upnfrn.. .W .,i,i-gsm!! 14' ini Q- More to come . . . Where many view the Miss Southern Pageant . . . girls of talent and beauty . . . GREEK WEEK . . . school is nearly over and we are ready. God and Goddess Gordon and Gwen. 1966 Culmination . . . GRADUATION fn bf 11 I, V T' I ' f V E E Qf' eske as :iVL V - Q X, M Q ig 1 1:i!' ', f ' A 331 -I ,Q Vs Z 'Hu-in -1 fall!!! ' '59s '- w 1 , ' -:U I 5- ......-'mv J 'Flu f 6 ? A I L. I ,s -W, I 1 1..15:f" 54 ' . 51 .9 2,2 ,' .. le- .1 P I i 1.5 X B' 31 1 A .EA 3 1. if ' in Htl 2-. 4 ' fr fa 1 '- x' gi . A 4 ,4 ' 3 'Q X if www , 4 K- .Y f Eg 'X Tr H'-5-J ff xg 14 ' , , 4 NHL? ' fl' If 2 ff wr P .QW .1 B. B r .V ,av .VV be I' ' , g . - ti Q .1 if -Yuma V x 3 , .,, .. - A ,I-'3-I 4:,"Z2.1-, " 9 '-. ,.., - is :vi E'-E: bu ' 15 9 fi 'asm 'man' W w , A A Xin- ww 1,5-'f.5-'l:g.1 W1 xx V N +23-,f , , vw- Q , nl- 2 W ' n " rx SY: :haf , A 7 5 S2 JH 5 f . f 1.71534 3' ' 5 A QW' . ai ww,N!"! , .gf M M :ct A4 Nxkafza .. , W ww N V gif I ,M-, M YY , W N? ,: x "H" ' ..H , H M' ,Nj-HMFQQ W.. , i '11, T MW, E '1 i J wyuwlw fx!! W W www , - ,, M' SJW- WM , W .2,?,ig..'E if . ,, . ,W i fa 1, L, 1-'Q' V ,saw P3 Hx I w, ,.. Q -- ... N X1 M U CEL ..-......-- kf' ---t--..-....... . I 6 f j mf X '1.. . 'Xxx . . ' s " , - - , A N "Nh, . 'W -. i r ..1, ' A29 3 V ,, VM 3- k ff 1 A N 5x Ji X 1 a i f 1 'L 5 2 1 :cf U ' Y fm, L3 .- b 1 , 5 - 1 A i - 1 ' X 1 L Q ' Q " ' Ki L- " V' L 1 , 1 E l k, Q Q A J :Ella . l x ,LEX 3 X if Q - . ff' 2 in ' 5 N L X .q Q 5,7 I -'12-jim' 71- ! q. A -fr' ,, Sl--Xb - 5 X ,!' Q i' .At ., We v4 A, 1 - 7 l N I In-M, 4 ' Q A.M.',-.T ggi ':J Ff--iam. D .,f if , : xki- ' 4 ..,--id 5 4 M- Q r L -S 1. 5 -f' 5- lf' SR W f 1 1 f ,gun , . ml Q: r- , , X ,-Jw. 1 ' mg - QM ' " U' ' ' Was Y ,HQ Q1 4 , ' , , , ,wwf :Q uw gf, K, M v , V 'Q Q ' .n Q- s s M. W1 W Q ,s W 13. Q M3 Q- V2 ' TL' W 7 ,, .,,. ,J N :,, X f " in . ,:' Q1 , ' ' . - qi M .1 M QF: . Q Q kxxk Q0 - v X '1 M , QQ Q, Q Q Q my Q .5 'W-,, Q. Q QQQQ QL Q,! Wu Q, 1 7" ww,N, v f' 1,-X , ,W M , 1 x -N 1 - - -1? Y 'K 5, if M - . Q mf .- Q -.: , " im,f'f..f'l' M i ' - , - .Hu fix " ,, Q v , 'mm-1.,z.s:P -Q fm, i - w I . ' V 1' v :sf . "R, 2 if ' QQ- , - Wi. 'Q avi.: P. -yt Q ' Q L 1' , Q . Ar: 'Q Q. S QQQ Q .QQ , ., ' .MJ Q ' QQ A X" Q ,gp 1 Q QQ 4+ ,.-Q9 -,Q , if ' r X w. Y- - r H V , Wx T 2' ', L' ' Q v .QQ Yffscxifghmt 1 'PQ' nm B Q ,M V M W jg' If QQ' LBNQQQ' W' A " LW Mg!f'QQwQQS!'i3Q M., Q? MQ 3' M Q Q Q Qi- 'V Q. ' ' " ' v"fv Wil' Q,,:,w Qu ,SQQQ . I 4 -, f Q YQ-,114 v. L'-.QAQ Q V 4. ' MQ,M. QQ QQQQ W X- I fl Q.Q-:cj ry, ,Q - f A 'ji 1 Q H 'Q MY, L' Q ug- 112' N W Y " Q Y ,,,, . 'M , T " " ' if " ,b ' , 1-L' ' '.iJfg"' J -E g ' w x "NN Q 1 'MW W W W W Wwe -,,1MWovWm-Q-,h,,'vbwvM',1 my 1,,m1.zx me- ' '1 L , fu 'Y .314 r ' ' ,.. ,, H ,,,. 1- . 1 - ,P ,, ,Q :- Q WQQQ LA m ww w ,Q Q ww Q -.Q-fw1'Kj." ' 'W W ' 7 N Qs ,Z W may Bw W W NW? V QWMQ ww Ewa ,H , . A 75 -Q-. AQNQ QQ. Q ,, JL V M m W M Q ww V' 'YI vm M, X , ,N W K L wxuf' .5 Q I U Ax 'X "' Ag ,Q Q Wm w L W , . K W f ,f 9' , X f' 1 r, Q ,,,, Q WW WK f, WW ,,,,,1-- W ' 'v-'4 ' ., 1' 1 fy j H V Q r ur V! Q m NW ' MM M Www In MM X W my x Q na 4,3 My MQW QQ 1 if WW: , 1 ww MH,Qf?'y WW W vw UQ I PATSY JEAN RICHARDSON Jackson, Mississippi 2nd Vice-President STudenT Governmeni' Associafion: Presi- denT. Women's AT'lairs Board: Presicleni, DelTa DelTa DelTa Sororiiyg EdiTor. 1965 DRAWL: EdiTor: 1965 SOUTHERNERI SCOPE: DelegaTe, SUSGA: President Phi Delia Rho: Dele- qaTe, Mississippi lnTercolIegiaTe Conference: Freshman Coun- selor: Lambda loTa Tau: Pi Tau Chi: Senior Class FavoriTe: Miss USM: Junior Class Senaforq PresiclenT, Freshman and Sophomore DormiTories: Who's Who in American Colleges and UniversiTies. 'vu ki? ATTer careTul consicleraTion oi each member of The senior class. a secreT commiTTee which has a represenTaTive Trom every cleparTmenT on campus selecTed These Tour people To The I966 Hall oT Fame. This is The highesT honor aTTribuTed To a sTuclenT AMES VICTOR PURVIS Puclceil' Miss: sippi Juslice. STudenT CourT: Omicron DelTa Kappa: Me Kappa Alpha FraTerniTy: Who's Who in American and Universiiies: Sfar Oua-rTerbaclc, USM Foo+ball Team Club: Acabemic All-American Tor 2 years: Dean'5 Lis? arg Pi Tau Chi: l965-66 CapTain USM Foofball Team U M. . g 5 , ' 1, . Q :H ww 33 2 -. i fig - gg is Tl MW if ,A ,, .. ,,, 'if ,Q -,Qyg-E awww V ' -,fi Q35 .fi E? L YQ 7'tX R 4 1 Fil 154' Z ' i ' fb Y 3 y ' h , f i mf? I ? W1 T . ' A QI: INA .CH 5, ' Fai X .N 'J 'X - -' .Xxx . + MAA f 'M 'V V an I aaa Ol nov ' l u I 0 IOC' 4 0 as sa 0 A nggg 1 c o 4 C n 0 000 0 0 'L J ESSE DELIA Presidem' CECIL HRASCAL Vice-Presidenf SAM MY DAVIS Secrehary Phi Della RhO i l One of 'rhe highesi honors Thai' can be aH'ained by senior women af rhe Universiiy mf Souihern Mississippi is +o be 'rapped for membership in Phi Delia Rho. Proiecfs of lhis local organizaiion include providing The Guidance Library wiih narerials and informalion periaining io siudenf guidance. Sending books abroad for he benefif of foreign s+uden'rs is one of fhe mos'r receni' proiec+s. Membership selecrion is made by Dean Wilber and a selecf commirfee appoinred ny her. Membership is based on 'rhe worfhy coni'ribu+ions of 'rhese women +o 'rheir chool, iheir associaiions and 'ro rhemselves. They musl' rank high scholasrically, and exemplify fhe qualiries of a good leader. New memers are selecied each year To carry on +he high sfandards of living xhibiied by 'rhe Phi Delia Rho members, ac'rive on Sou+hern's campus for +wen1'y-four ears. I DELTA RHO-Seafed: Mrs. lvah O. Wilber, Adviser: Jean Richardson, Presicleni. Sfancling: arol Hill, Sylvia Fenn Cook, Emily Flowers and Cindy Wa+lingion. JEAN RICHARDSON Presideni EMlLY FLOWERS Vice-Presidenl CINDY WATLI NGTON Secreiary E' GS Tw? Y ii is wi is 'i J fi 5 is in 2 1 i R OMICRON DELTA KAPPA OFFICERS-Lefl' fo Righf: Lf. Col. John H. Dale, Faculfy Adviser: Fred l-laysleif, Secrefaryq Jimmy Cox, Presidenfg Sammy Davis, Vice-Presidenf: Dr. Recfor Hardin, Treas- UVSF. Omicron Delia Kappa Omicron Delfa Kappa recognizes and encourages achieve- menf in scholarship, sfudenf governmenf, afhlefics, social and religious affairs, and ofher diversified fields. Qualificafions for membership in Omicron Delfa Kappa are numerous and include characfer, service in campus life, oufsfancling scholarship and leadership, fellowship and conse- Q-. , ".'- ' 3 111 TL Y yr V vflfssifiie ,, ,l i si , i A 2 , ,, 5 ,, , V .i k.,,..',:V 3 W , - W, : J - 3 V ' if , 1 e 1' -' 1' l' Y f .:S ,,.-rf:-fix-i ii: ' , -g r y its i s A, M, i L' S Q22 ri f I 51:31,-:5 s.11,. s 1 ,Y ' Ni '. Wi: 15,11 :.L' ., M i . . ' H gi.. isiiie:..frifiiL A5i'.5' ':: 'f - X 'll ' i T A ik Ia Jerry Griffin V Dr. Recfor Hardin Fred l-laysleff James Kiser Hollis Landrum Marls Lowrey Dr. John Nau - ji if an., 56 crafion fo democrafic principles. Omicron Delfa Kappa is a nafional honorary leadership sociefy and was charfered here in l954. To be selecfed for membership in fhis nafional sociely is considered fhe greaf-N esf honor fhaf can be paid fo a college man af 'rhe Universify of Soufhern Mississippi. Donald Bell Ronald Bell John Bowling Frank Cain Lyne Carfer Hugh Covingfon Jimmy Cox Col John Dae Sammy M Davis Gary Gasfon Dr Fred Walker T G Sarphie Jim Weaver Paf Welsh 'ZS' N i 1 I v vm Y. 'lp 4 1 42 5324 al' Q g ,f . X 'Z 3 . y,5,- g I-naw 1.-.Wk V, 3fSi13ffsf?wa S X: , Q LM-rm.. , , -- sg- :4 1.125 X:-v if , : 5 M , . , -, ix , -.x H5146 pi? I , 2 5 , . 'H r r ' . 'M 1 La nk' Nl --...A '4-if 9 A .1 . - ' 1 ,,f::,'f ' 4 --H 'C. 'L' ' " .359 ' .IE Q1 1 , "' 1 ' gr" .Wk ,w Q? -1, - 11- 1. -ag If .- ,-1 44, 5, -, f.. . 'Ev 1 1 1 1 gigi' ,.,' 6 I Ta , 1 ,Q 1-3 X1 1' 111.11f1' AK 5 1 f 11 5 -Y 'WI 1 1 1 1 7 E, A Jw . fi - 13: 111 15752135 ,igizii -1,1-1 A Q-123 ' wi., ' If E? .UN M. 1 Y l Q K s .iraq 17" ' 1 1 - ,SM X 1 . :Ei if 1 .9 .4 'S 'Y h 1 1 I 1 ,mx .4 ' min if X . X Q'-. 1 Qsrgilj A V , Tins 4 F gf: ' 1' M' 1 H 4 1 LA j x if ,, Q L.. 5: Q QMX fy, 'j K ,x I 1965 Graduation AT Spring Graduahon, I965, 870 ,sTudenTs re- ceived degrees from The UniversiTy oT SouThern Mississippi. This was The largesT graduaTion in The hisTory of The school. Linda Louise Lee, Greenville, and RoberT Leon Carroll, Laurel, were awarded The Good CiTizen.ship Award which is presenTed To one man and one woman graduaTing senior each year. Sandra Jackson and Dana GriTliTh were recognized Tor compleTing Tour y'ears aT The univer.siTy wiTh a perTecT 4. aver- age. STeve Wood. l-laTTiesburg, was named permanenT PresidenT of The 1965 Senior Class. l-le presenTed The class giTT To Dr. McCain To be added To The Tund Tor The TuTure consTrucTion of a sTaTue of Gen. NaThan Bedford l:orresT on The campus aT The Uni- versiTy. "General NaT" is The spiriT symbol Tor The sTudenTs aT SouThern. Dr. Leon A. Wilber was presenTed The l965 Dis- Tinguished Professor of The Year award. A scholar- ship was given in his name during The l965-66 school year. LINDA LOUISE LEE and ROBERT LEON CARROLL CiTizenship Awards SANDRA JACKSON and DANA GRlFFlTl-l Scholarship RecogniTion tg' F9 +""TT SOCIETY--LeTT To Rigl1T, Seafed: Ann SmiTh, Linda Dickey, Frances Nimocks, Dennie AssaT Brenda 'Wilson. STanding: Judy l-lolley, Mary Ann STrahan, Peggy Cassibry, Sindey Carol Weir, Miller, Marsha Beverly Dale, Carol WenTwOrTh, Jo Perkins. ruids The Druid SocieTy was Tormed in l965, wiTh The members OT Phi DelTa Rho oT The 64-65 school year as honorary members. RequiremenTs Tor membership are a 3.0 erage in scholarship, a real promise oT leadership, wise parTicipaTion in exTra cur- ular acTiviTies, an ouTgoing and pleasing personaliTy, and evidence of willingness be oT service To The campus. The purpose OT The Druids i.s To TosTer leadership, scholarship, and Tellowship among men oT The sophomore class: To promoTe leadership among freshmen women: and save The inTeresTs oT The UniversiTy in every way possible, The Druids sponsored inTormaTion booTh in The STudenT Services Building. Plans are being made Tor oTher oiecTs Tor The resT of The school year. 6 I .Jing :Tu 'lf' x 1 E' wwf" ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA-Le'F+ 'ro Righl, Sealed: Miss Ernesline Lawhon, Adviser: Dennie Assal, Sherrie Ford, Edilorg Carol Hari Wenlworlh, Hislorian: Elaine Helder, Treasurer: Marilyn Miller, Secrelaryg Frances Nimoclcs, Vice-Presidenlg Kay Boalman, Presidenl. Slanclingz Alice Eure, Valorie E. Nybo, Brenda Jordan, Jerrye Anderson, Pal l-lemphill, Charlolle Fayard, Diane Mosley, Dale Marlin, Belly Gallaspy, Suzanne Flelcher, Beverly Dale, Linda Dickey, Melrose Burns, Susan Golf, Hope Thomp- son, Brenda Wilson, Jo Perkins, Sheila Burnham, Judy l-lolley. Alpha Ldlhbdd Della Alpha Lambda Della, na'l'ional honorary sociely, was inslalled al lhe Universily of Soulhern Mississippi in l956 lor lhe purpose ol promoling inlelligenl living. learning. and superior scholarship on lhe campus. To earn membership in Alpha Lambda Della, a freshman woman musl mainlain a 3.5 grade average her lirsl quarler or an over-all 3.5 average during her freshman year. Those who rnainlain 'rhe required grade average are lhen inviled lo loin Alpha Lambda Della. This organizalion gives aid 'lo freshman women who are having dillicullies in 'lheir sludies. Each year Alpha Lambda Della presenls a lrophy lo lhe freshman woman mainlaining The highesl over-all grade poinl average lor lhe year. These aclivilies serve in carrying oul lhe purpose of Alpha Lambda Della. 62 - 4 - Q 3 HI ETA SIGMA-Lefi fo Righf, Sealed: William O. Lower, Roberl' S. McLemore, William H. Dever, ohn A. Fairley, Jerry Griffin, President Gary Knechi, Vice-President: Lyne Carier, Treasurerg Billy eorge Bullrin, Jim Brumlield, Thomas C. Highlower. S'I'anding: Palrick Young, Don Michael Tilley, oberr Lee Sfanley, Geofrey Har+wig, Terry Lambert Bill Marlin, Jr., Tom Malone, Ben Roper. Roberf . Robinson, Thomas L. Scoif, Rober+ Ernesf Leard, Ill, Frederick Wayne Wiggins, Raymond Broclc, lyne Adams. hi Ela Sigma Phi Era Sigma is an honorary sociely for freshman men who mainfain a 3.5 average heir firsf quarfer or an over-all 3.5 average during lheir freshman year. H is 'rhe men's arallel honor +0 Alpha Lambda Della. The Universify of Sourhern Mississippi's firsl chaprer was charfered in I95O. Since hal' 'lime The goals of l'his nalional honor sociely have included encouraging and re- arcling 'rhe scholasric aH'ainmen'r of freshman men. 63 1 1 1 -.,-fi A 1 l' mix Lf .,, ff ' f 1 1' - 'J Ni W I ir: N I . ,. ,M Y, N "'g.h7ff - V2 ' , if V 'f f fi-'Ya f f J - ,V w ' 2'1fg , 1 5 3, gig-Q. , gfzaff' Q 5 , 1 , fi: QI? rig X : OL , :fig T17 I R ef 1 Q- gm, I Q i vwgjif ,h.,f1:,,J X bi vw , f" 5 12,1 ' M X ff 6 ,N ,Q 1 .Q " -. .1 .df X - ,Q 1 . in l? ? ,W WV R QA ali! T 'UV DANNY BIZZELL JEAN RICHARDSON ANN BOND MARGIE DAVTS FirsT Vice-PresidenT Second Vice-Presideni' SecreTary Treasurer Siudeni Government Association MARK LOWREY PresidenT OT The STudenT Governrnenl' AssociaTion One OT The mosT essenTial moTivaTing Torce,s oT campus liTe, The STudenT C5overnmenT AssociaTion endeavors To inTerpreT The will and needs OT The sTudenTs To all areas oT sTudenT and universiTy acTiviTies. Through iTs eTTorTs This body upholds The powers and re.sponsibiliTies OT selT-governmenT. The STudenT GovernmenT AssociaTion is divided inTo Three major divisions: LegislaTive, Execulrive, and Judicial. The SenaTe is The legislaTive body OT The campus. Here The sTu- denTs exchange Their ideas and opinions To deTermine policies and procedures OT sTudenT liTe. The ExecuTive CabineT serves as an Advisory Board To The STudenT GovernmenT PresidenT. The Men's and Women's ATTairs Boards acT as The coordi- naTors and policy makers OT The sTudenTs who live on and OTT campus. This group OT sTudenTs enTorces The laws made by The LegislaTive and ExecuTive branches. RecogniTion oT The ever-presenT need Tor beTTermenT OT democraTic values provides This body and iTs oTTicers wiTh a goal ThaT is aTTained Through genuine inTeresT, selT-disci- pline. and Tair pracTices oT governmenT, AM di l 1 PRESIDENTIAL CABINET Leff fo Rlghf Sealed Bonnie Daugherly Secrelary of Sludenl Relahons Cindy Wallnnglon Secrelary of Alumnn Relarlons Kay Boalmon Secrefary of Ornenlahon Robbie Roberlson Secrefary ol Publncnly Marilyn Muller Secrelary of Calendar and Con Cablnel Serving In an advlsory capaclly To lhe Presldenf of Jrhe Sfudenl Governmenlr Assocuarlon us 'rhe Presldenhal Cablnel' The nine members Execuhve Assuslanr Allorney General Secrelary of Complalnls and Admunlslrahve Relarlons Sec relary of Publlclly Secrelary of Alumni Relallons Secrelary of Sludenr Relahons Secrelary of Calendar and Conven The Sfudenr Courl us The hlghesf lUdICI6l power eslab lashed by 'rhe Srudenl' C-overnmenl' ASSOCIBIIOD The Courf has The following powers and duhes To hear appeals from The Sludenl' Affairs Boards and To recommend punlshmenl STUDENT COURT Lefi fo RlgI1+ Fred Haysle'H Judy Lee Pai' Sheehan Chuel Jusfrce Dr Leon Wllber Adviser venhons Sfandlng Sammy Davns Afforney General Pal' Welsh fary of Complamls and Admnm Iraflon FrankCa1n and Johnny La Execuhve Asslsfanls lo fhe Presrdenf 'IIODS and Secrelary of Orlenrahons are apponnred by Sludenr Governmenr ASSOCIGIIOU Presldenl' Each me has a specllled area of business lo handle buf lhey all more sfudenf welfare asslsr 'rhe Presldenl and worlc wrfh admmlslrarlon of any srudenf for mlsconducr or vxolahon of rhe ele code Members of The Srudenl' Courlr are appolnred by S+uden+ Governmenl' Presldeni' wnrh fhe approval of Senare 49 SENATE-Le'H lo Rrghl, Sealed: Cindy Waflingfon, Weezie Vickie l-lendershol, Princy Cook, Mari Longino, Sheryl Hulchins, Weigle, Peggy Malone, Carolyn Armslronq, Georqiana Risk, Jean Davidson, Rosie Ray, Lynn Ellis. Sfanding: JoAnn Jussely, ne Johnson, Gwen Gallop, Nancy Halhorn, Bo Pollman, Marilyn The Legislalive branch ol 'rhe Sludenl Governmenl Asso- ialion is composed of represenlafives from each academic ass on campus. Wilhin 'rhe Senafe lhere is one member for ery one hundred sludenls of lhe respecrive class. Senalors re elecled for a one-year 'rerm of office. Operaling in accordance wilh school policies and Missi- Skrmella, Marlene Bilek, Linda Dickey, Donna Lee Field, Mickey Oafes, Vicki Prescoff, Marilyn Miller, James l-lallacre, Chuck Carlwrighf, Larry Pallerson, Phil Voss. Tom Dawson, Al Andrews, Harvey Posl, Charlie Baxler, Rick Chrislmas, Scooler Gill, Johnny Lazenby, John McCarl'y, Bill Lowrey, David Berry, Jimmy Gaveffe. ssippi laws, and Uniled Slales laws, 'rhe Sludenl Senale handles all legislarive mailers ol rhe sludenl body and carries our The obieclives of lhe Sludenl Governmenl Associalion. The Sludenl' Senale meels regularly lo carry oul il's dulies. serving The lacully. adminislralion, and sludenl body. ms W ei MEN'S AFFAIRS BOARD-Lef+ To Right STeve BenneTT, Hanlc Price. Barry E. Langford, Jerry Griffin, Gerald Day, Danny Bizzell, President Michael J. Falcone, KenneTh WoodruTF, Ronnie Kopeslcy, Chappell L. lvlel1'S AffdiI"S Board The Men's ATTairs Board is composed oT all presidenTs and vice-presidenTs oT The men',s dormiTories, Two represenTa- Tives Trom The lnTerTraTerniTy Council, Two OTF-campus rep- resenTaTives. and is presided over by The FirsT Vice-PresidenT V!" Anderson, Clyde L. Copelin. STandinq is Dean Grarnham, FaculTy ad- visor. OT The STudenT GovernmenT AssociaTion. The purpose oT The board is To acT as a courT of appeal, invesTigaTe clormiTory complainTs, regulaTe campus dress. and adminisTer dormiTory regulaTions. W0lTIel1'S AffGil"S Boa fd Serving as coordinaTor oT women sTudenT acTiviTies, The Women's ATlairs Board revises all rules and requlaTions con- cerning women sTudenTs and is The oTTicial legislaTive body oT SouThern Coeds. OuarTerly acTiviTies, such as dormiTory elecTions, convo- caTions, and dormiTory culTural programs, are sponsored by The board in order To bring The women closer TogeTher To WOMEN'S AFFAIRS BOARD--l.e'fT To Righf, Seafeclz Lynn Abraham, SecreTary: BeTsy McOuaig, Vice-President Mrs. lvah O. Wilber, Adviser: Jean Richardson, President Rufh STraler, Treasurer, Sfqndinga Barbara Waddell, PauleTTe Boone, MargareT Loesh, Jo Polk, DoroThy learn abouT and parTicipaTe in sTudenT governmenT. Each year a scholarship is awarded To some ouTsTanding woman on SouThern',s campus. The MISS SOUTHERN HAND- BOOK is compiled To help The Treshman woman become Tamiliar wiTh The way oT liTe oT The SouThern coed before she arrives aT The UniversiTy. SToclreTT. Sherry Pierce. Tanya Jones, Sue Humphrees, MargareT Pirlrle, Leslie Schneider, Janie Clark, Susan LoclcharT, PaT Hemphill, Jan MaTulich, Jackie KingsTon. Q , .',,ia U,UQ:f3i' Q bg ' v Q M, Q 9 ' k , 262 6, .4 Y' 5 F, 5 uv ,pf , 4 u X9'-'1 'V '-:ww .zum-,1 .-.f. .-.-- , ' 1 f . 4-I 4 ' ' . - -- V wa em, ng? ,Wx 'vm ,gZ3::ggg.g.-J Azz'-222521 3 -f 1,3 ,? ...:.f,,-515.112-:Q .1:- 1 ..,, .4321 rag QQ:-53:53. va,-,+ 45.5--ml +A- -.-.-.f -4-1-51446241 1: . . . -,,-,,4-,.9-3-,ZW .:.:.:.-.1.y:- -fr.-:4i:i:1:I:i:k1f?.'51j 2-.-Sgr ff:-:-:Sz .1- -Q ai -:QA I A 2 I ! . 11. I: , fl ix 41 32? gm f , ig. Mft 'ffwa infill!-sw ww. ,fish LW, M was , V , 4 , fn. wi ...Aw W wr Y, mi M lv 'His l f' 5 , 51' hs. ,E XX N- V YQ Scope IX AMBASSADOR DU RBROW DR. TUCHAK CRAIG SPENCE The Topic 'For SCOPE IX is "Sine-Sevier Foreign Policies." Speakers will 'ralk on +he hisiorical, idealogical, and prag- malic bases of +he Soviel' and Red Chinese foreign policies: The developmenl of Sovief and Red Chinese foreign policies since World War ll: and how America answers 'lhe challenge of Communism. Dr. McCain welcomes Dr. Colquiff, Speaker for SCOPE Vlll. as Chairmen Fred Haysleff infroduces fhem. DR. DOUMAS if 70 .ig -vw.. 4, .N F-5- ILA H- ...Q u rdf. ,-0. 1 4 ?,, an '.r 'ii 'ask .a., af zlffini , ri' 'fl iii In Q" , .rf -r ,.g,g.1, , l I , 5 -L, 'IJ .am ,F Nl vv f.. ..'. 4 v gmgimijg wa, . fi Swim gig , no-N4vr"ir .w ,ffm 33551 3 7 Q.: ,151 n gxgfqsgi , I ,- Q, 'awgnag' ., ' L 'LL' -ey --ff "5i5ii- 4 i,f:." :,, S' A N 1-L1 -1- ,Digi 1, -I .' 9.1.0 . f- 2 , L,,A , "fav: f - wise, 4' Q ' sifn 'iff fx,,:,,.:45.ggg?f ,f x -pg, -11, P 4 ff3f'f.,w-2- + ,: , -.! , . 1 ff: A w w ,,'w.:Mk4f1Q3 :."'K . Q, Am , gh Whig:,1:Z'.a.,e'E'Q,.,.,',.-5-3-:-1-zprzv.2-mg?' 1 w U w,,.1b5:Q-1 Kfh ww 'E' -1 .W ,i?':':'::::-2s--:5:::.:.: 5.:.7s,. K H Y, 'N M W ' -"' " w M, M., R ,, UM w W Vi , N q,w, w ?K l.yL 3 ' 1 -' .' 'L 1.3 3. 1 i M1 Q is-lfzfiiff 1 - .wf w ' A "' '? 'H N5-1 ye.: ,i I A :um-..i,LI wma.: NANCY SCH UTT Edifor The World ol Southern as visualized lhrough I BONNIE DAUGHERTY Associafe Edi+or DAVID FlSCHER Class Edilor :V Iii 6 SOUTHERN ER The Universily of Soufhern Mississippi in +he hool year l965-66 is presenlred 'rhrough a pic- rial resume. THE SOUTHERNER I966. The if has alrlempled 'ro caprure +he even+s you ll wanl' +o remember, Jrhe moods and emo- ns of The sludenrs, 'rhe acliyilies and organi- ions which are a viral parf of campus life, beaulies . . . in shorl. The World of Soufh- . They have worked hard To presenl a book please you. lhe slrudenls. The produclion of h a book requires rhe combined efforls of enlire sfalil in order 'ro be a success. Dead- s musr be mel, piclrures musl be made, copy S+ be wriHen and lhe reward is a salrisliied denl loody. This is your book and your year IQ66. 73 SHEILA PRICHARD Fealure Edifor PAT WELSH Sporfs Edilor Greek Edilor Harvey Posi discusses his secfion wifh slah' lefl 'ro riqhl: Janis Mayfield Ola Murff. and Laurel Lay. 'll .fill all I s fi? 'Q-. X-' if L T ,, T f" T D H' i V - , 1 .Q 4 Yiix- T :L-4' g is 4' Q Campus Organizafions Edifor Edna Skinner BEVERLY DALE wifh Sheila Burnham. R.Q-T.C. Edhior Leff fo Righl: Janel Shelfon. Carolee Floyd. Sherry Nowlin, Brenda O'Neal, Greek Edilor, and Mary Serafin. ?'?,x'Hf?f5 'V Lef+ fo Rigid: Melrose Burns. Marilyn Slcrmeffa Palsy Hemphill. and Gloria Bilbo. LeH' fo Righf: Carolyn Slaflwam, Mary Moon. Bo Pollman, and David Jones, Plwolog- rapher Lefi' fc Righf: Beverly Smillw. Mary Ellen Brown, Deenie Assaf, Pam Canfield. and Robyn Wood. 94", .V H Le'H fo Rigl1'I': Linda Noi son, and Tommy Davis. Leff 'lo Righh Bobby Jean Davidson, Tandy Hamillon, Marcia and Sachia Long. 74 Mr. Johnny Bargar, SOUTHERN Phofographer: Mrs. Billie Jean Barg Assislanl. and, Jean Gillespie, Jane Fly, Beverly ,r - V' 5.1. ew, iii!" si" 9 Wil The STUDENT PRINTZ is iusl' whal 'rhe name implies. I+ is wriH'en, ediied and prinied by +he s+uclen'rs for The sluclenls. Locafecl in 'lhe loasemenf of Souihern Hall, STUDENT PRINTZ facilifies include a complefe composing room. a phoiography processing laborafory ancl offices for ediiorial and adverirising slafis. Over The years +he PRINTZ has accumulaiecl seven All-American ancl I3 Columbia Meclalisl' Honors. The PRINTZ sirives noi only lo compeie wiih publicaiions of oiher schools. bui also. and more im- poriani. io give Souihern sludenis an accuraie ancl complefe piciure of Jrhe evenis 'rhaf happen on fhis campus. GLORIA SALTER Managing Edifor es Comm ' Execuhve Edifor W, medals' Tm 31 ' XZ Pun emi S5 Y 11 H009 is W lo' eek 3 sl X3 S W nal' ' the on 'Clove' , E3-1,163 'S dent 1 03"n5..qx1c1f0'-221 and Fi 12 , me DANNY GREENE DAVlD HOSEMANN ci z 1 " U be Wm O, Managing Edd-or Business Manager 5 ye in mam- lx -. ,..., w....u 1 ,L .,..,. W, , A I omzvlxdxdntfiiix . Zifsm quglgg 5cci:v..xi1gce,prcs1. n Former gl.: sporsgylinzrd ,sim . . " J Y' 'f 1 W nso 1-yclluvx. a e mrrcnl . 1,2909 . qs. lfftfb, Mmlw M in il sw Mxssisszxvgimfq human r fo xl A ' 'Ridxarliirzn Tllarglisgfvgr. giiwlgie Dcllanoggane Deuxigha- Q be huge uns 0 df.-ml mums fl- intl 3 '- Quce Sigma ' .- - mU5' move .an I 1.0 1 np U . nd If X in-,elm f uns ' AK-,ha - Bums- 1 Book. are -auvci-no X. o are mlngs . . S A ui Onxcfim the OEUQW bypicwres of Gnivvximzqn ww . men!-K yrvix Mm-MI' mud W Jan. 4' X - , -0. :JCM me ,--am eww' mon- ,. ptvd- n h ' W-mam 0' 'Meal Vlceyrml S0'0Tiqb:l.vxxx bf we by mf - xx if . Cn" L' D-m' gsmdenl' cake NW ' - au0n5 SM PY - -nw . - 'W C S as GOFF lu - nf-unify Km .11-nW"l sell , ..-nn Cipph nn -1 ...A 55, ff -12 ware ffm! 1 N if 'S ,J . 51 ,XM Backshop Worker WALTER SKU PIEN wif Tommy Marsh and Lefus S+ill lining up for a press run. Sludehl Prihlz SICIII X if 'xiii-f CHERYL STORM Adveriisinq Manager fswszlen H .: 'E " 'wzgsf' " 521255 1-iifif - ,xm - 5. , lx PETE MAU RER Sporfs Edifor Susan Goff, News Edifory Johnny Harris. News Ediiorg Ediior and Joe Duff ,,-4. v W S Ui 2. E FV. F' 21 ,r A-' r ' fisf 5135 fm im, 4512 F i w U x f STUDENT CHRISTIAN FEDERATION OFFI- CERS-Marilyn Milier, Vice-President Emily Flowers, President Linda Diclcey, SecreTary. Sludenl Christian Federation Every sTudenT oT The UniversiTy oT SouThern Mississippi is a member oT The STudenT ChrisTian FederaTion. lTs purpose is To provide The sTudenTs wiTh varied opporTuniTies To par- TicipaTe in religious acTiviTies. A council governs and plans The acTiviTies aT The STudenT ChrisTian FederaTion. Among These acTiviTies are a Thanksgiving service. a ChrisTma,s Tree Lighiring, an EasTer sunrise service and Religious Emphasis Day each quarTer. There are also vesper services held each STUDENT CHRISTIAN FEDERATION COUNCIL-Leff To Righf, Seafeds Robbie RoberTson, Cicely Reynolds, Bonnie Craig, Becky Owens, Emily Flowers, Marilyn Miller, Sherrie Ford. Sfanclingz Bill Lowrey, PaT weelc in DanTorTh Chapel. STudenT represenTaTives Trom each religiou,s group on cam- pus, The minisTers oT each religious group, The STudenT Chris- Tain FederaTion TaculTy advisor and a sIaTe oT oTTicers malce up The council. All oTTicers are elecTed by The council wiTh The excepTion oT The President Vice-President and SecreTary. These are elecTed by Th STudenT Body in an annual elecTion held in The WinTer OuarTer. McCarTney, Rev. Weldon I-laTcher. Rev. John RieTTi, Roger I-lines, Mr. Powell OgleTree. Rev. Denson Napier, Rev. BrisTer Ware, Bill STanway, Rev. Louie Farmer, and Mike SrnyThe. 1-ia'-A-1-ww"-wwf-sr -- 4401.- - -11-T-1-in" T in ggyv- 1- --, - - 1- .,-ia , SEM? V V 7, .. M ,r A .f,. we ,, Ol11l11ilIee of 1 O0 This year Religious Emphasis Week was changed +o Religious Emphasis Day wilh a ay se'r aside each quarler. The commiffee of IOO is composed of s'ruden'rs who are nlreresied in planning Religious Emphasis Day and promoling olher religious acjrivi- ies on campus. The Sludenlr Chrislian Eederaiion Council and lhe Religious Aciiviiies ommi'r+ee, and a group of facully members carefully selecf +hese sludenls by +heir onlribufions in campus religious work and parficipalion in lheir parlricular denomi- afional group. Pi Tau Chi Delia Alpha Chapler of Nalrional Pi Tau Chi is a religious sociefy esfablished on April 22, I955, for The purpose of encouraging and recognizing exemplary Chrislian leadership. ouisianding Chrislian characier, and high scholasiic achievement Once every year, siudenis and iaculiy members who have made nolrable conlribulions To +he religious life of rhe Universiiy comrnunily are elecfed for membership. A banquei is held annually following iniiiafion and elecfions of officers for 'rhe coming year are made. This year's oliiicers are Presidenf Lyne Carier, Vice-Presideni Emily Flowers and Secre- lary Dr. John E. Nau. KOINONIA-Lefi' To Righf, SeaTed: Charles Waldrop, Ralph ATkins, President Lyn Cooper, Treas urerg Earldean l-iammack, SecreTary: Weldon l-TaTcher, Adviser: Sharon Fairchild. Second Row: Sharo LiTTle, Myra Richardson, Becky l-laThcoclc, Glenn Srnifh, James A. Wright Tommy Lee Smiih, l-leler Landrum, Mary Lee SmiTh, Alice Wright Koinonia means "Tellowship." This club is designed primarily Tor sTudenTs who ar members oT The Church oT ChrisT. lTs purpose is To sTimulaTe growTh Toward Tavo wiTh God and man as well as wisdom and sTaTure. IT is The desire of The club To culTi vaTe ChrisTian Triends and ChrisTian social aTTiTudes while oloTaining a college edu caTion. Membership is open To all like-minded sTudenTs. Mr, Weldon T-iaTcher, minisTei of The l-iardy STreeT Church of ChrisT, advises and guides The group. Canterbury Forum CanTerbury Club soughT a new meaning as an "academic communiTy." RealizaTion of This quesT lies aT The end, noT oT This year, buT aT The end of Time. A maior inTeresT was ecumenism which led To many inTer-club meeTings wiTh oTher religious groups. Philosophies, Too, were ouTsTandingly spelled ouT. Chaplain ColTon SmiTh has played a mosT rewarding parT oT The guesT. WiTh his guidance. CanTerloury has prospered and enjoyed an inspiring year. CANTERBURY CLUB-Leif To RighT, Seafedz Lucille Badger, Sherry Ford, President Carol Weni- worTh, Carol WheTsTone. STanding: Leighion King, George Marfin, Mr. David Lindsay, FaculTy Advisery John. McCarTy. NoT Picfured: The Reverend Colion SmiTh, Adviser and PriesT aT The Church of The Ascension. W BAPTIST STU DENT UNION BCI plisl Sludehl Un ion BapTisT STudenT Union is The volunTary religious acTiviTy Tor BapTisT sTudenTs OT The niversiTy. A sTudenT becomes a member oT The BapTi.sT STudenT Union by joining any campus rganizaTion oT BSU or by becoming acTive in any BapTisT Church in I-laTTiesburg. Campus AcTiviTy is carried ouT by The DirecTor oT BapTisT STudenT Work, The BSU residenT, Ten general commiTTees, and Three uniT organizaTions. BSU work is cenTered T The BSU House. The uniT organizaTions are BapTisT STudenT Fellowship, Young Women's Auxiliary, nd BSU choir. BapTisT STudenT Fellowship is a Tuesday-nighT meeTing which provides nspiraTion. Tellowship, and inTormaTion. YWA promoTes missionary inTeresT among irls. The BSU Choir seelcs To involve sTudenTs in a minisTry oT music. These acTiviTies are dedicaTed To a campus ChrisTian wiTness expressed in Romans I2:2 .... "And be ye noT conformed To This world: buT be ye TransTormecl by The enewing oT your mind, ThaT ye may prove whaT is ThaT good, and accepTible, and erTecT will oT God." BAPTIST STUDEN UNION OFFICERS 8 I WESLEY FOUNDATION--Lefl' 'ro Righf, FirsT Row: Barbara Jones, Don Rice, Frances Buchanan, Joe King, Marfha Johnson, Linda Amaclcer, Milce PuclceTT, Norman Ramsey, Francis Nimoclcs, Carolyn Dubard, Miriam Dernedicis, Susan Ramsey. Second Row: Kay Byran. Ann STrahan, Ann Williams, Rosalind Rogers, Frances Risher, Eugene Lawson, John Goss, Donald Bell, Charlie McRae, Jo Ann l"l9wze, Jimmy Waddell, Carolyn Harwell, Elsie Granberry, BeTh Scarborough, Dale MarTin, Alice Wesley Foundalion Eure, Jane Allen. Third Row: Bill Duclcer, Anifa BaggeTT, Hollis Lan- drum, RuTh Williard, Debra Swiney, PauleTTe Page, Noble Hurdle, Daniel McDaniel, David Mangum, Leonard Van Slyke, Denson Napier, Sonny Mowdy, Paul BooTh, Peggy Davis, Buzzy Clopion, Nancy GoeTT- man, KaThy Holman, Wayne Vaughan, Jane Redman, Lula MiTchel, Mary Evelyn Day, Mike SmyThe, Bill Cass. Wesley EoundaTion aT The UniversiTy of Souihern lx ssippi is The MeThodisT Church aT The campus. Wesley aT r TempTs To provide a climaTe conducive To The enrich OT The liTe oT The members oi The communiTy in The T spiriT of The ChrisTian TaiTh. The program TuncTions in a spacious building, prov by The MeThodisTs of Mississippi. ll' is aoliacenT To The c WESLEY OFFICERS-Leff To Righf: Miriam Demedicis, Missions Chair- man: MarTha Johnson, Worship Chairman: Noble Hurdle, Treasurer: Don Rice, PresidenT: Ann l-lobarf, SecreTary1 Norman Ramsey, STeward- ship Chairman: Befh Scarborough, Librarian. Back Row: Sonny Mowdy. Publiciiy Chairman: Jimmy Waddell, EvaluaTion Chairman: Eugene Lawson, Social Concerns Chairman. pus on The SouThwesT side and is open Trom 8 a.m. IO p.m. Tor sTudenT use. Through iTs program. Wesley seeks To provide a l' away from home, recreaTion, Tellowship, worship and a lenge ThaT inspires The besT in inTellecTual and spiriTual periences. Tv E ..,.s gm.. ,,. x.3,i,..p,pi'ig:f.'i1 L 'l D ' 5-'rwl' 5 4 'I- it CLXL, T ,I gli 2. if-rf" 1, .nf A 253:31 , V- ., 2 if,f,l'n?ii.5 iii :C J' if 1.c-oaL.J1- . i lf? ' 1 ' 'itfissiis r,g.i.,.g ' is , i isa, - J ff i, "'-' - Fi Ti1?.,.1',r fri .if ,- feta-ffifc I- i. ir: 342g-1-.',::':if'1.-HIQXEEW. - :-HQ. -'2:1ff'1f-'f si F' -.. :f W ' . - as m r- f"J,-,, L, 1,1 N11 'fl L, 5 i-eff?-Lsiiiz H. -15:1--.qz ' -af-,ajj,,fr:2fJ.2i-5 wfew-.5,Q+2grfL-1 1,i42s.g,z , 1, 445 1 ii.--1:3521 -' M 10 -' w i it ' ' ' i 2 , 'S ' - "A Pri' i 5'-li, --' " - 1' ' 0- " 'ns 4 .71 .v' ' 3:-..' 'i' ri Q-H: , 1:7 ,giiii . e ..,.,,f.- ' -1, ' : " '-2 'Yi.1, .A,,- ,-' 152Qi?i:f1r.tL-'i a":s-f , ,-,iz--myw.-v--I-"4,,.. ,. - f w - Edin?-, use - in lg"-iii-.lla-. - -', 'L esyffeeelleiiif '-f-geeemo: ,iii-,-.mmm-w A-. , -11, + s '..,4. - ,5-Ifmni' 'fire " " 1 . '5:"E: .','-' fff 'w.,1--H. 'f.Sfl'i5yA:i ET.: ' -egg?-fmf-V 23:41 -'SHG-435 -'1?"""'.1-El 3 -nl' '42-ff ! :":2:1l3"'-V -- . IL ' if-' 1 fe -. 'y,Qn'wgE i ff s.ig'f 55353 T- z ,saw . -. 1:.e .,1fi:f- ,if i w-f :es '1 A " A Bwmfsis " ' "Wai :Z ' 'l- 1' sw, as 1- 'mv ' 1 f A N is-X! -'51 , ' 'qi??V'fs-JW 'QfT'i,3" - "' l ' r li lligghf' gigmaff qw ' ' 'l " Zim " f - L f , X, 2, f 6 ,limes . .- - , . . ,, .,., - W- , - .M ' V . 7.5: - A - is CLUB-Lef'r io Righl, Firsf Row: Marcia Hire, Ernesline McDowell, Darcel Russell. Jimmy Gabucci, Burch Filres, Bubba Morfon, Wendy Cosiello, Simone Cyr, Mary Ann Coker, Carol Foriier, Ken Franco. Third Row: Kevin McElroy. Lyle Crews, Bill Conner, Leonard Beverly Johnson, Pal Harrison. Second Row: Jerry Oberlie, Yelinelc, Ed Ryder. Sam LaRosa, Chuck Holiday, Fafher Rielli. Phi Delisola, Connie Puebalo, Claudia Braun, Calhy ewman Club NEWMAN CLUB OFFlCERS-Le'F+ lo Righf: Ken Franco, Presi- denl: Claudelle Champagne, Corresponding Secrelaryg Falher Rielii, Chaplain: Pally Rogers. Vice-Presidenl: Sam LaRosa, Treas- urer: Pal Harrison, Recording Secrelary Wiih a dedicaled membership, 'rhe Newman Club annually oves The worlh of The principles iormulaled by Cardinal John nry Newman, a converl lo lhe Calholic faiih. The club pro- Jres inlelleclual, social, and religious developmenl for ils mem- rs. Ailer a very aclive year. lhe Newman Club is proud of lhe rlc of ils members on such acliviiies as 'rhe homecoming floal. l dance and awards al' lhe convenlions. lnleresling weekly programs develop members spirilually, and se, wilh group allendance al Mass and Holy Communion and er special proiecls. add much To sludenis of lhe Carholic faiih. fi 1 r-1 A., -, L: :ages WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP--Leff fo Righf, Sealed: The Rev. Brisfer Ware, William Sianway, Linda Sigler, Leslie Belh l-linlon, Ginny Trask, Dickie Kellogg, Lyne Carier, Waller Gibson, Lloyd Cole, Marsha Turner, Basil Smilh. Second Row, Standing: Jeanie Taium, Harry McBride, Cheryl Thompson. Karen Wheeler, Carol Chalham, Beihany Barron Moore, Bolo Alexander, Ralph Russell Taylor, Jimmy Williamson, Varnado, Ray Sessums, Dixie Fall, Susan Wails, Cornelia Lowrey. Peggy Turor, Judylh Lighfsey, Linda Mclnnis, Marfha Weslminisler Fellowship Wesrminsier Fellowship is rhe srudenl' organizaiion campus for Presbyierians and orhers who are inlere Hs primary purpose is ro lead siudenrs io discover G will for iheir lives Jrhrough being compleie disciples of C The Reverend Brisier Ware, Minisier ro srudenis, g The organizaiion in weekly program rneerings. sludy gr and recreaiional rerreals. Wesrminsrer Fellowship is acrive s+a+e conferences and proiecls. A weekly newsleiier is lished and special proiecls such as floars, chariiy drives, regislralion booihs are underiaken. Wesrminsier Fellowship works mainly wilrh siudenls in Universiiy wilh a moiivalion-love for God and man. "For we preach nor ourselves, loul Chrisl Jesus lhe L ll Cor, 425. WESTMINISTER OFFICERS-Leff +o Rigid, Firsf Row: Linda Librarian: Lyne Carier, Presidenlq Marsha Turner, Vice-Presidenfg Kellogg, Evangelism: Leslie Belh l-linlon, Fellowship. Second Waller Gibson, Siudy Group: Basil Smiih, Arrangemenls Cha Ginny Trask, Evangelism: William Sianway, Treasurer: Lloyd Cole, Chairman: The Rev, Brisier l-l. Ware. fa W - , -E X -. . .fax lk" :fl-' , , -'F . .M 'L ff -My t'-1"-Q Z-3?Y1t'i 1 1 .7 g, U.-yrs .r , ,, tl . ,,,,, ,, ,, H . L' 4' Y 'W 4 'ni A' 1 . 1' ' 1.24 -- - ' . -Q. --1-f"""' -. " I T N -SRE ' ' V ":f'.fs .-1-b 'gfiefb .- TQ?" Y -- ' ' .--' -- 1- mia' .1'.'uW' 1431, 4,.'.,P '4 -Q'-' ." .. Mu- Q, fa J, g,-. , 5 ,J A ' ' :" .g-:, :jf sf '- - -,L--P' .r:,,-- -f- ff ,xr ?"?,:-+ .2m5:'-4 ,J -.7 1- .' "-rf"' 7' . ,- - - .. - .'-- - wif'-az',,, ' 2 ,gi ' V -. ', ' 'Q' - . ?f""" I ,. '9-.-ffl' ' .-"'5 1' -vi' - - gm .-.. ,.- . wg, - .. -,,...,. . K., , , V., I-'.-'fffwl - ' 1.-'-' . "" :M-' ' 4'.",- ' W -55' 1 -W , f-125' f'-192 if 11+ ' if ,r-.-f -'-15.,-ta ',' 'Tai We h YN, ',47' J Q, ' ' ..y,,w-4Q'Vg'.- , H -. .5-1-' ,5g,4,vI,'v'f.414!l' 1 ,x,.,.,.,jf-'21 -ml , Aff ' ' Q, ' - p 'lr . 'Jaw , ,, 57,-' 0. , - V ,.f'-- . all ' -.5 -rg! -, ' -A :V 'L -59.1 , W- - -7 .P I-nv P' ,-. f 7 .K W P , . ' . 4- 55 ' ' A f. , - 1 gr-T " '. 5 ygpfugff 5 ,PH ,I ,Q U,M,:., .,-. f 1' K " " ' WWI " W 'Www .I -Q1 . A, f., . -pf Qrf ' xx 'x , ,KI ,A 9' .. - A 2 gfgmfift .iw-' .1 .. , . :' if 5 5 , M , I . . lr' .V Y Q An- il i- :' g,,.F.'u L 44-n f I til .5 K: f"5Y"k M .1 'Q 55" ,ff 1 ill'-2-4-:, '54 fx . 0 -. ww- -, . -1,Nw-nw 1 vi wwf K, 5, Q 5-3' li . .. h sa Y, S 'S 4' '5 Q' ,fail n 'L V V 'Q in' f A HQ' L Inj. ,. 5512 4-:Lf-3!ff"'l"ff A12 If 133155,-.jfjf ,i -1- fflua ,.', a' -5: 315-KN fifzfi wie ' " Qnsffiilii,-5 wifi-1 Sfzwif' , J 1 'i' wig? + W X K ,E?W , 1 GRE I A .FJ 2' lm' ,R 255 W "5 B+ A1 -+5 1 fi My A LS I -y V PM H" 1. W , . f. , 1 ff-' Q4 a1'3i',. 54712 'Tis ,, . ,X ,, ,, 1 A N ,xf f f in rf 'fa 1 -r N4 sm:-I 3. 4 Af W ' V1 In f?2 EV. " if p if up .1 gg., .gh .MA gi as EL X ll V My 9, 'fn -.ft Lava in N 1... ' 'ESF9' , nf.. . ,f,,Q 'BE ,:. 1' ' w Firsl Row, Lefl' lo Right Teddy l-lagler, David Perry. Second Row: Mike Henderson, Bob Crisli, Murry Adams, .DurvinlClarl:, Bulch Haddad, Mike Boria, J. G. l-lambriqhl. Third Row: Bob Sleele, Waller Perry, Rick Penlcls, Ron Wills, Hank Price, Caplain Snead. Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega, nalional service frarernily, is dedicaled 'lo 'lhe principles of Leadenship, Friendship, and Service. Founded al Lalayerle College in Easron, Pennsyl- vania, in I925, Alpha Phi Omega chaplers are charlered on over 300 campuses in 'rhe Unired Slales-more rhan any olher men's frarernily in lhe nalion. Collegiale Civilan Collegiale Civilan is a service organizarion providing service lo lellow members rhrough diversified programs al each regular meering, Through Jrheir aclions and service ro olhers, lhe Civilans lry 'ro promole good fellowship and high scholarship, provide an opporluniiy for leader.ship lraining 'lhrough service, and encourage The daily living ol: The Golden Rule. Firsf Row, Lefl lo Righf: Ed Posr, Greg Edwards. Del Crisp, Roberl Barham, Tom Brown, Mr. Charles Ambrose. Second Row: John D. Jones. John Allan Keifh. George Huffman, Allen Spencer, Roa Dick- inson, Ronald Caranna, Tom Lillie, Sieve Milchell, Pele Tallaerl, Jim Snowden, Bill Thompson, Kelly Hodge, and Jon Maffhews. Noi Piclured: David Dearing, Danny Caylon, Jerry Dielrick. 88 Row, LeTT To RighT: Johnny Lazenby, Thomas John McCarTy, ArThur Nick Fokakis, Trip Turner, Marilyn SweeThearTg Roger Poulos, Bill Winborn, Tommy Brock, Jerry Jimmy GaveTTe. Second Row: PresTon ArmisTead, JeTT Murray, ellowiackeis The original purpose OT The YellowiaclceTs was To boosT chool spiriT and To uphold The TradiTions oT The UniversiTy T SouThern Mississippi concerning Treshmen. l-laircuTTings nd beanies are all a parT oT The iob. l-lowever, The Yellow- ckeTs now have a bonTire where The Freshmen burn Their eanies. They serve as delighTTul hosTs and guides To campus isiTors. ,. s. -WVQ A. '- .5 I .7 V i . i hail I i f.i.z Y, 1 T. ' ig-pi l.. ' ',f,g.,..:a:,- 'T 'r T1 Jiiifis f' 1 i " 33 '- ' .4 ..':". . :.-1.' - - .,. . J, 1. f ' zz.: a 'hill if e " . , T fi T John Madeira, Lane Haskew, Sandy Isbell, Millard Quigley, Paul Chris- Topher, Jerry L. Tharp, Henry J. Randazzo, Richard D. Medlin. Third Row: Joseph A. Kieronski, Gary A. Mander, Dave Brennan, Terry Frey, Ronnie Allen, Charles Greer, George BuTkin, Dorman Conklin, Jr. The organizaTion is composed oT TiTTy sophomore members plus Three senior members and The president who is a iunior elecTed Trom The preceding year's club. The members elecT yearly a sophomore girl To be Their sweeThearT. This year Their sweeThearT was Marilyn SkrmeTTa. l l ELLOWJACKETS OFFICER-LefT To RighT: hn Madeira, Vice-PresidenT: Marilyn rmeTTa, SweeThearT: Thomas Bailey, Presi- nT7 PresTon ArmisTead, Treasurer. Standing: seph Kieronslci, Terry Frey, Bill Winborn. a A ii M 5 ,L ,,, . . vw i Rho Eta Sigma Rho Era Sigma was founded January 3l, IQ63. by George R. Bahr, Supervisor of Men's Housing. I+ was eslablished as a residence hall service fraiernily 'ro give ils members an opporlunily for personal clevelopmeni, lor service To olhers. for individual expression and for lhe exchange of ideas. Hs purpose is +o serve as an organizalional framework whereby ils members. Jrhrough individual service, can insure a beller l RHO ETA SIGMA OFFICERS-Firs+ Row, Left to Righf: Bob Reynolds, Secrefary: Allee Whidden, Vice-President Slanley Brumfield. . President Second Row: Merv Sharp, Serqeanli Sfanley P. Orvis, Faculfy Adviser. residence hall program for residemls of 'rhe Universily ol Soulhern Mississippi. RHO ETA SIGMA-Leff fo Righf: Allen Whidden, Vice-Presidenl Sonny Slrohm, L. C. Newell, Jr.. Lou Mason, Kennefh Millis, Don Rohan John Warren. Second Row: Jim Toombs, Sianley Brumlield, Presidenf Randolph Cerniclc, Gerald Smi+h. Richard Gammill, Charley Wailcins lvah Livingslon, Joseph Lolf, Pele Hays. Third Row: Rick Chrislmas Sfanley P. Orvis, Facully Adviser: Jerry Harris, Pa? Welsh. Hill Denson Bobby Posey, Roberl Dubay, Fred Lusk, Frank Shemanslni, Winfred Hill Noi picfured are Merv Sharp and Bob Reynolds. i' t- i ' f" -1 is . i Qs' -pun nav 1311 s-.Q gl" 1 - ,Pisa T lei HOUSEMOTHERS-Leff fo Righf, Sealed: Mrs, Pauline Wilson, Mrs. Kafhryn McCall, elma Carroll. Mrs. Evelyn Owin, Mrs. Juaniia Barker, Sianding: Mrs. Mildred Weldy, Mrs. Touchlon, Mrs. Ollie Odom, Miss Georgia Granberry, Mrs, Olga Jackson, OUSeI11Ol'hel'S each of 'l'he women'.s dornniiories, There is a housemoiher To supervise, guide and a morher away from home" for The girls. These women live in 'rhe dorms and excelleni guidance and unclersiancling for The women siudenis. They are always 'ro help solve a problem and lisien lo a girl's woes or her ioys. They worlc wil'h Jrhe Dean of Women fo alleviaie any problems which mighi arise. Counselors One of Jrhe lop honors ihar can come 'ro a iunior or senior woman srudenl' ar Jrhe Universily of Souihern Mississippi is To be selecied as a Freshman counselor. These women live in 'rhe freshman dormiiories and advise Jrhe freshman women of The campus rules and policies, They offer ihe freshmen 'Friendship and guidance and help Jrhem adiusl during 'rheir iirsi year of college. The counselors are chosen on a basis of schol- arship, leadership, and campus inieresl and are advised by 'rhe Assisrani Dean of Women. Miss Ernesiine Lawhon. FRESHMAN COUNSELORS-Lef+ fo Righh Miss Ernesfine Lawhon. Adviser: Par Hollinger, Doris Gober, Nancy Haihorn, Belly Denron, Sharon Parlcman, Paula Price, Linda Rufledge, Janis Brown, Marrha Johnson, Carol Hill, Annie Ray Owens, Judy Lee, Karherine Impey, Carol Wesfern, Ann Gran?- ham, Jackie Hughes, Barbara McKay, Sheila Prichard. and Cornelia Srewarr. ,eggefkfiiiyg ii ii - M ii ii university life out the old, in the new unified nw -A -Y M Ms, upper-class councilwomen deliberarez Pam Benedision. Carron Clow, Wealfha Forfune, Margarei' Loesch, Laurie Forfune, and Dana Aus'I'in. upper-class songfesi feafures Dana Aus'I'in, Cecelia Smiih, Gloria Jones, Susan Carney. Barbara Bush, Laurie Forfune, Margarei' Loesch, Carron Clow, Wealfha For- +une, and Pam Benedis+on. The unified way of life became a realify for Sou+hern women ihis year: Hillcresf-Missis sippi's firsf privafe campus residence 'Fon women-opened Fall Quarfer. Universif women sfudy, eai. play, sleep wi'l'l1in Hill cres'l"s ideal environment One beau'l'iful uni lied home blends faciliiies designed fo en hance individual +as+es and +aIen+s. Old col lege life was never like 1-his. af crefif freshman beauiies Peggy Sprinkle, Carla Simes, Cyn- 'lhia Walker, Shelley Percy, and Ella Ann Saunders waich and wail. founfain dampens spirifs of upper-class acHvi+y commiHee: Genie Davis, Judy ,Nasi'F, Barbara Bush, Cecelia Smifh, BeH'y Anne Nazary, Frankie Sfrahan, Gloria Jones, Elaine Sibley, Virginia Wilson, Elizabei-h Donovan, Cherry Rouse, and Anne Anderson. Hillcresf officers si+ by poolside. W Ps - Firsi' Row, Leff To RighT: Joe Lee Tadloclc, Joseph A. Beilanca, Rush Chairman: Charles Duval, Secre- Tary: Jim Moore, Treasurerg John McManus, Vice PresidenTg Barry Franzino, PresidenT: William R. PaTTerson, SergeanT aT Arms: Jimmy Robinson. Second Row: Larry Hanks, Walier PenningTon, Thomas A. Hoge, Gene Yandell, Marvin Williams. Joe Crawford, Jimmy McGuire, PeTer Echdahl, Earl Cuevas, John CasTlen, Gordy Hill, John K. Milner. Pi Sigma Epsilon DelTa chapTer oT Pi Sigma Epsilon, in iTs ThirTeenTh year aT SouThern Mississippi. is a naTional professional TraTerniTy in The Tield oT marlceTing ancl sales managemenT. Pi Sigma Epsilon was Tounded in ATlanTa, Ga., by Mr. L. L. OnTle in November. l95l. Since Then Pi Sigma Epsilon has grown To ThirTy-seven chapTers across The UniTed STaTes. During The school year. DelTa chapTer promoTes many diTFerenT sales proiecTs. ln connecTion wiTh The universiTy and The Mobile Sales ExecuTive Club, The TraTerniTy also sponsors a "MarlreTing Day," inviTing all campus sTudenTs. Business Fraternity Counci Firsi' Row, Lefi' To Righh Dr. ClemenTs, Donna Conerly. SecreTary: PaT Richardson, Donna Marhn. Jim SuTTon. Second Row: RoberT MiTchell. Sonny Mowdy, Gary Joachim, Dr. Greene. Jimmy Free- man, PresidenT: Gerald SmiTh, Treasurer: and Brad CasTleberry. The Business FraTerniTy Council is an o ganizaTion of business sTudenTs, elecTed b The membership oT business TraTerniTies, serve as Their oTTicial represenTaTives in maTTers oT concern To Them in The Scho oT Business AdminisTraTion. IT provides medium Through which sTudenT opinion m be heard and a Torum Tor The consideraTi oT common business TraTerniTy problems. Alpha Gamma Rho Honor SocieTy in PoliTical Science sTresses scholarship, dis- cussion and expression oT ideas ThaT will lead To a greaTer undersTanding oT poliTics and governmenT. Founded aT The UniversiTy of SouThern Mississippi during The Tall quarTer of I963, Alhpa Gamma Rho presenTly has a mem- bership of abouT TwenTy maiors and minors in PoliTical Science. Membership is open To sTudenTs of The UniversiTy who have main- Tained a respecTable grade poinT average in aT leasT TwenTy hours of PoliTical Science. Firsi Row, Le'FT To RighT: Louis V. Dixon, Advisor: Melvin E. Jones, Vice-PresidenT: Leon A. Wilber, SecreTary: Peggy l-licks, Peggy AvanT MaTeer. Second Row: John P. Bacon, Jr., John F. Nau, Sr., James V. Baker, William R. Boxx, Raymond M. Johnson, Jr., Bobby E. Mixon, Richard A. RoberTson, ArThur M. DiCerbo, Daniel W. McMurry, William Tuchaln, Leonard Van Slyke. Pi GCITIITIC Mu A The purpose oT Pi Gamma Mu, The NaTional Social Science l-lonor SocieTy, is To improve scholarship in The social sTudies and To achieve synThesis Therein. To inspire social service To humaniTy by an inTelligenT approach To The soluTion oT social problems, To engender sympaThy Toward oThers wiTh diTTerenT opinions and insTiTuTions by a beT- Ter mulual undersTanding, and To supplemenl' and supporT social science organizaTions by promoTing sociabiliTy and aTTendance aT meeTings, Alpha Gamma Rho FirsT Row, Leff To RighT: Larry O. Norris, Edward T. SuTTer, Vice Chancellor: ArThur Dicerbo, Chan- cellor: Rich ThursTon, SecreTary-Treasurer. Second Row: Tommy Browning, James A. RoberTson. Advisor: Michael Fulco, Jr., Bobby Mixon, Dr. L. A. Wilber, George Dickerson, Charles Jerry Lee. SIGMA DELTA Pl-FirsT Row, Le'H To Righfz Susan Ramsay, SecreTary: Hugh Machado, PresidenT: Esfher Villdddfei SPOHSOFI PaT Oxner, Treasurer. Second Row: Barbara WalTer, Anne Darby, Marina Valladares. Donna Nydegger. Third Row: Gerald Broolcs, Mrs. BeTTy STeaclman. Carol MerediTh. The primary aim of The Pan American STudenT AssociaTion oT The UniversiTy oT SouThern Mississippi is To beTTer The rela- Tions loeTween The peoples oT The Two Amer- icas. To TurTher good will, NorTh American and LaTin-American sTudenTs Take parT in many diTTerenT acTiviTies. AT each meeTing a sTudenT presenTs a shorT Tall: on his coun- Try and Then answers quesTions presenTed by The group. PASA was TirsT sTarTed aT U.S.M. in l955 by Mr. Dick Johnson, a Teacher aT The lnsTi- TuTe of LaTin-American Sfudies aT ThaT Time. The TirsT PresidenT was Rene Gonzales, a U.S.M. graduaTe who is now The ediTor oT The Picayune newspaper. PASA gives awards on Honors Day To sTuclenTs who have been ouTsTanding in Tur'Thering good will beTween The various naTionaliTies. The PCI1 Al11el"iCCll1 Sludehi ASSOCiCfiOl1 Sigma Della Pi BeTa Phi ChapTer oT Sigma DelTa Pi, NaTional Honorary Spanish FraTerniTy, was reacTivaTed aT The UniversiTy oT SouThern Mississippi on May l l, I963, by Miss EsTher Valladares. SecreTary oT The LaTin-American lnsTiTuTe. The ChapTer was originally insTallecl aT U.S.M. in I949 by Col. Melvin G. Nydegger, who was Then head oT The DeparTmenT oT Foreign Languages and DirecTor oT The LaTin-American lnsTiTuTe. Since The reacTivaTion oT The ChapTer There have been Tour iniTiaTions. PicTured above are The members who were iniTiaTed on December l5, l965, Back Row, LeTT To Righh LiTa Valbuena, Sara Gomez, Mrs. Donna Nudegger, Sponsor: MarTha Gomez Treasurer: ElizabeTh Newell, SecreTaryy Neri Yon, President Kay l-laTley, Mai-iTza UgarTe, ChrisTyan CureT, PaT Harrison. FronT Row: Miguel Naveda. Miguel Osores, Jose V. CasTaneda, David Green, Larry Dow. Greg Edwards, Ken Franco, Jose Luis Valdes, Edgar Valbuena, Juan STein, Daniel Gracia, Jr. l Firsl Row, Lell lo Righl: Miss Lynell Brisler, Advisorg Charliene I-laden, Vice-Presidenl, Linda Blissell, Presidenlg Maxine Spangler, Secrelary. Second Row: Juanila Jones, Re- porler: Belly Kinard, Treasurer, Evelyn While, UAC Represenlalive. l'lOl'l1e ECOl1OI11iCS Club The Home Economics Club is open lo all sludenls in home economics and is alliiialed wilh lhe Mississippi Home Eco- nomics Associalion and lhe American Home Economics As- socialion. The club was organized al lhe Universily ol Soulhern Mississippi in l926. The purpose ol lhe club is lo develop leadership abilily, lo promole prolessional alliludes and in- eresls, lo share wilh olhers lhe value ol home economics as a profession, and lo encourage lellowship among sludenls and lacully. Some ol lhe Home Economics Clulo's annual aclivilies in- luole: a welcome lea, a gel-acquainled picnic, allenolance l lhe Mississippi Home Economics Associalion Convenlion, Thanksgiving boxes lor needy lamilies, a Chrislmas parly lor underprivileged children, a recruilmenl program in lhe spring. and a spring banquel. Firsl Row, Lell lo Righl: Dr. Berlha Frilzsche. Miss Lynell Brisler, Juanila Jones, Maxine Spangler, Belly Kinard, Evelyn While, Charliene Haden, Linda Blissell. Second Row: Connie Powaibo, Dolores Hollingsworlh, Gloria Sims, Beverly Johnson, Linda Sleiner, Fran Roberls, Marsha Turner, Annie Dell Davis, Libby Ross, Palricia Thompson, Barbara Webb. Gwen Slalnalcer, Nell Fancher. Third Row: Linda McDonald, Linda Lollon, Diane Coker, Joy Bounds, Lynn Overby, Jeanie Gillespie, Grace Smilh, Ellen Mann, Barbara McCosker, Lucille Daniels, Cynlhia Bradley, Cecele McDonald, Wanda Wilson. Fourlh Row: Belly Joe Williamson, Annelle Johnson, Judy Ferguson, Dr. Sarah Weaver, Shiela Allgood, Juanila Cardenas, Belly Rogers, Mrs. Gale Dickerson, Marilyn Hodges, Sue Brealhe, Elaine Birdsong, Cecelia Smilh, Belh Chapman, Rachel Dickerson. Sociely lor lhe Advancemenl ol Managemel S.A.M. MEMBERS-Firsf Row, Lefl io Right Mr. Hyler Bracey, SponsOr: Kelly Hodges, Johnny Loii, Gerry Reeves, Barbara Clarke, Brooks E. Smilh, Randy Boxx, Aubrey Sanford, Mr, Richard Guess, Sponsor. The Sociely for Jrhe Advancemenf of Managemeni is The nalional orqanizaiion of managemeni people in indusiry. commerce, governmenr, and educalion. S.A.M. conducis and promoles scienriiic siudy of ihe principles of organized eriorl in indusirial and economic life. This aim is achieved 'rhrough research, discussion, publicarions, and oiher appro- priare means. Members oi Jrhe Universily of Souihern Mis- Seconcl Row: James E. Suilon, Larry Moran, Sonny Mowdy, Raymond T Davis Jr., Conrad Bird, Dudley W. Slay lll, Siewari H. Ramsey. Levine. sissippi Division of S.A.M. malce field 'rrips +o indusiries Jrhe area io see in aciion whal ihey have siudied in b and heard in conference. This furnishes an insighl' of indusirial world, olrlers members an opporiuniiy ro iallc leaders in business, and helps acquainf indusrry wiih Universily of Souihern Mississippi. Presideni Back Row Aubrey Sanford urerp Kelly l-lodqes, Recording Secr Gerry Reeves, Corresponding Secr Brooks C. Smifh, Firsf Vice-President J Lolf, Second Vice-Presiderii. S.A.lv1. OFHCERS-Fronf Cenfer: Randy f f -'TTF'el1'l' NGHOHCI EdUCC"iOl1 ASSOCiC'l'iOl1 SNEA OFFICERS--Fron+ Row: Lynn Roebuck, Program Chairman: Dr. Easferling, Sponsor: Nancy Goeiman, Secreiary. Back Row: Roger Hines, Presideni: Sherman Robbins, Treas- UFST. The Siudeni Naiional Educarion Associaiion, ihe profes- organizaiion for college or universiiy s+uden+s prepar- +o leach, is represenied ai Souihern by 'rhe George Hursi' , which has ihe largesi membership in ihe siaie. The s more 'ihan 350 members enioy full beneiirs of as- membership in naiional, siaie, and local professional ans. The monihly meeiings spoilighi' iopics of special value +o ieachers, enieriainmeni by ialenied siudenis, and aciiviiies. SNEA-Lefi 'io Right Firsi' Row: Nancy Goefiman, Peggy Tuior, Mary Seraiin, Linda Kowaich, Berry Roundiree, Frances Buchanan, Jane Fly, Brenda Keen, Palsy Pierce, Mariha Johnson, Audrey Smiih, Frances Trimm, Kaye Smifh, Mary Murray, Janice James, Saeeda Khan. Second Row: Carolyn Siaiham, Janei' Jones, Jean Curiis, Ann Yoriy, DoHy Oden, Beisy Lee, Mariha Randolph, Barbara Richardson, Rosalyn Rogers, Dorofhy Freeman, Marlene Bilelr, Gail Brumfield, Dianne Flyni, Janei' Mc:Curdie, Riia Parker, Robie Sullivan, Kay Rayiield, H. B. Easier- ling, Adviser, Third Row: Kenneih Brei"r, Edwin Mulhearn, Gary Wilson, Harold E. Smiih, Roger Hines, John Kinizley, Sherman Robbins, Louis Boyd, Paul Boofh, Gerald Brooks. Q, YOUNG REPUBLICANS CLUB-Lefl 'ro Righi, Firsr Row: Dr. Swefman, Palsy Blounr, Tim Medley, Danny Kellick, Danny Greene, Suzanne McLain, Par McCar+ney. Second Row: Regina Berry Frances gi? Joe Miller, Roberl' Waldrop, Phil Minyard, David Powell, Laurel Lay, Marrha Johnson: Jimmie a ucci. Young Republicans Club The Universiiy of Souihern Mississippi Young Republicans Club was organized in Sepiember of I962 as a uni'r of The Mississippi Young Republicans. The Young Repub- licans purpori 'ro advance in+elligen+ and discerning inierpreiarions of polilrical philoso- phies 'rhrough examinaiion of local, srafe, nafional and inrernafional poliiics. As a campus organiza+ion, ir serves as an exchange medium berween siudenrs and poliiical leaders who discuss various issues ar rnonrhly meeiings. Married Sludenls Firs+ Row: Lefr 'ro Righh Chris K. Moreland, Maxine S. Underwood, Secrerary and Treasurer: Barbara Larson. Vice-Presidenfg Ann McCoy, Presidenfg Jackie Franklin, Social Chairmang Diane Scarborough, Publicify Chairman: Margarer Kilpafrick. Second Row: Chris Mahone, Wayne Mahone, Scorr Under- wood, Louis Srniih, Dol' Harrison, Randy Harrison, Byron Bracewell, Johnnie Bracewell, Mary Ann Mullins. Sharron C-arver, Peggy Price, Seafed, Firsf Row, Leff +o Righh Diane Davis, Suzannah PaHerson, Anna George Brown, Jan Newman, Vice Presidenfq Sandra Bishop, Judy Marfin. Back Row: Andy Jackson, Milburne Cassady, Presidenf: John Barron, Eugene Phillips, Billy Carmichael. USM Recrealion Association The USM Recreafion Associafion is composed of recreafion majors and minors. The purpose of fhis organizafion is fo furfher develop and encourage a professional affifude foward recreafion. and fo provide ouf-of-classroom recreafion eclucafion ex- perience fo fhe majors and minors of fhe Universify of Soufhern Mississippi. The organi- zafion affords a social environmenf which will serve fo bind fogefher fhe common inferesfs of fhe sfudenfs wifhin fhe professional field. The organizafion meefs fwice monfhly wifh programs cenfered around some fype of recreafional inferesf. OI11el'l'S Pl'lySiCGl Edl..ICC'l'i0l1 ASSOCiC'IiOl1 The Women's Educafion Associafion is a professional club open fo all sfudenfs who major and minor in fhe field of healfh, physical educafion, or recreafion. The purpose of fhe associafion is fo advance fhe sfandards of fhe profession, provide an oppor- funify for parficipafion in a professional organizafion. cooperafe and parficipafe acfively in fhe affairs of fhe Nafional. Disfricf and Sfafe professional associafions and ufilize knowledge and skills of sfudenfs majoring in physical educafion fo serve The enfire sfudenf. Seafed, Leff fo Right on fhe Couch: Carol Wadsworfh, Nancy Goeffman, Valorie E. Nybo, Treas- urerq Lynda Rufh Davis, Presidenfg Barbara Lawfon, Vice-President Miss Carrie Lee Warren, Advisor, Back Row: Karen Perry, Kafhy Holman, Denei Horan, Dinah McMillan, Beffy Jo Yager, Earlene Tisdale, Pafsy Thompson, Sandra Blackwell, lwana McGee. Ann Odom, Cafherine Srnifh. yr . fx- Le'FT To RighT, Firsi' Row: Mr. Billy B, Slay, VicTor Purvis, SecreTary: Tommy Tucker, President LaTelle ' Ashley, Vice-President James Gilbert Treasurer: Mr. M. G. Johnson. Second Row: Tommy Youmans, Edwin Cochran, Dr. J. Lloyd Milam. Third RCW: Eddie Hough, Mr. James A. Townley. Sigma Delia Psi Epsilon Epsilon chapTer oT Sigma DelTa Psi, The NaTional Honorary AThleTic Fra- TerniTy, was charTered aT The UniversiTy oT SouThern Mississippi on June 2. l960. Mr. M. C. Johnson and Mr. Billy B. Slay organized The chapTer and have served as advisors for The enTire Tenure oT The organizaTion on This campus. The purpose oT Sigma DelTa Psi is To express The physical aTTribuTes oT college men among which are: TiTness. coordinaTion, agiliTy. endurance, and sTrengTh. The moTTo oT The TraTerniTy is "The body is The servanT oT The mind." Saulhern Broadcasters SouThern BroadcasTers is an organizaTion whose aim is To promoTe broaclc acTiviTy on campus, The group is responsible Tor The operaTion oT The Univer.siTy's sTaTion. WMSU. Membership in The SouThern BroadcasTers is open To any sTudenT who is ac inTeresTed in broadcasTing, wheTher he inTends To make iT a career Tield or noT. of The parTicipanTs on WMSU have elecTed To enTer The broadcasTing and adver Tield. Many have gone Trom WMSU To admini.sTraTive posiTions wiTh some oT The r broadcasTing sTaTions and adverTising agencies ThroughouT The counTry. ln recenT years SouThern BroadcasTers has received awards Tor excellence in b casTing Trom The Mississippi BroadcasTers SocieTy. U.S. Marine Corps and The CounTy'UniTed Givers Fund. SOUTHERN BROADCASTERS-Ls'FT To Righi, Seafacl: MorTon KaTz, David Todd, Jerry Collins, Allen Lewis, Mr. STrange, Sianding: Irvin Cuevas, Hank Price, Harry Tisdale, Bill Marfin, Phil Dell'lsola. j f L - in 'I " M"tls1 . I? ' . N ,X 1 X .N at . ' N X 3 - 'X x V ',! -H I ' x ,K ,X I' V ' M Y K 1-XA.-,X glnguu A . A so L W ' k1 H2w 'X .A JV - X Q X X 7 . xx A W UVM- XM X Y ' E x 'Ns E M I AL ,,'q X' ":f'X-, - "fl Q 3 'XX XX XX XX- All I l 'X' X XX H ' xX H KX 'Q Xx . .X .MX H yy "Y "Y, ' 'T' X' '-X 'fX'K'YY' ' 'Xdiiix' 3'3"-X A331 x X N wx 1 N 1 xx, X, , , six! ,X X X ' xW S W .x v .. ' . k. N. ,,4! M A xwigxxx I Q x i'.R.gK2.!X.'XQX!Nl.XxN.Xx 1 n 1 1 ' ' ' '.,..2 3 ' A -5 t t Q 8 ,,k, A .K 5 5 LT. COL JOHN l'l. DALE, SR. Professor of Milifary Science R.O.T.C. INSTRUCTORS STAFF-Leif fo Righf. Seated: Capf. John Massey. Mai. Barney Meaders, Mai. Anfhony Rouchon, Mai. Eugene Conner, Mai. Clinlon Williams. Capi. Rober+ Snead. Sfanding: SSG Sianley Black, Sic l-lerberi Weelcs, MfSg+. Denham Roberson. Sgl. Mai. Rollins Nash, Sic Harold Douglas, Sic Douglas Windham. SSG Donald Wiedel. R.0.T.C. Depa rimen The iirslr ROTC unil al Souihern Mississippi was organ- ized in I95O as a Branch lvialerial Unir 'ro prepare cadels, for commissioning in The Field Ariillery. ln I953, a program of General lvliliiary Science was iniiiaied 'ro give Jrhe cadef a wider range of miliiary iraining. Under lhis program. courses applicable io all branches of The Army are offered. and cadeis are given 'rhe opporiunily during +he fourih year of schooling io selecl a branch of ihe Army in which +o be commissioned. In I958. ihe college's academic coun- cil adopied a program of compulsory ROTC 'rraining 'For all eligible male Freshman and Sophomore siudenis. The primary purpose of Jrhe ROTC program is 'lo pro- duce qualified officers for 'rhe Uniied Siaies Army and Reserve Componenis. A secondary mission is To provide ciiizenship and leadership Jrraining for all Freshman and Sophomore male siudenls enrolled in 'rhe Basic Course. Ouisianding caders in each class each year are selecled on The basis of leadership. scholarship and miliiary aplilude. These cadeis so honored are awarded medals and 'rheir names are engraved oh appropriaie plaques permanenil displayed in Jrhe Deparimeni' of Milirary Science. ROTC caclels have 'rhe opporiunily +0 parlicipale i several special organizaiions wilh ihe Corps ol Cadeis' These include The ROTC band. ihe Pershing Rifles ldril Teaml, rhe Rifle Team. Scabbard and Blade lhonorary milil 'rary socieiyl, and 'ihe Ranger group. fi I , I BATTALION STAFF-LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Ponder, Barlalion Com- 2ND BATTALION STAFF'-l-eff fo Rlghfz Clyde ROSS. Ser- Gwen Gallop, Sponsor: Richard Perkins, Sergeanl' lvlaior: Grier Gregory. Qeani Meier: George Burson, Balialion CO1T1maDCl6fI Jerry Glen l-laab, S2-3: James S. Moore, S-I. Wire, S4: Nancy Wells, Sponsor: David Todd, S2-3: Quinfon Ba , Sl. T BRIGADE STAFF-Leff to Righi: John Bowling, Executive Officer: Fred Hayslelf. SI: Thomas Tucker. Brigade Commander: Bobby Herringfon, S2-3: Royce Ann Siegrisf, Brigade Sponsor: Lee Daniels. S47 Richard Chrisimas, Sergeanf Major. BATTALION STAFF-Leif fo Right: Charles Taylor, Sergeanf 4TH BATTALION STAFF-Leff io Righf: James Applewhife, Sl: John Frederick Byard, Bafralion Commander: Pere Mauer, S4: Casflen, S2-3: Joseph Kieronski. Baflalion Commander: Georgiana Eien, Sponsor: Pal Welsh. S2-3: Michael Puclcefl, Sl. Risk, Sponsor: Guy Neff. S4: Lawrence Wrighf, Serqeanl' Maior. COMPANY A, IST BATTALION-Commanding Officer, Cade? COMPANY 5. IST BATTALION-Commanding OHICBF, Cade? Caprain Jerome Hersh. Lawrence Goff. Company A Company B COMPANY C, IST BATTALION-Commanding Officer, Cadef Caprain Larry Harms. Company C , fr 2 ' M.: ' ' aan COMPANY D, 2ND BATTALION-Commanding Of-ficer. COMPANY E, 2ND BATTALION-Commanding Oficer, Cadef Cap+ain Cade? Captain Ken Avery fnof picfuredl. Murphree. Company D Company E COMPANY G, 3RD BATTALION-Commanding Officer, Cade? Cap- fain John McManus. Company G COMPANY I, 4TH BATTALION-Commanding Officer, Cadef Capfain Gregg Woodward, Company I 107 - an-. COMPANY F, 2ND BATTALION-Commanding Officer, Cade-+ Cap+ain Tommy Baker. Company F COMPANY H, 3RD BATTALION-Commanding Officer Cade? Caprain Tommy Youmans. Company H Company K COMPANY K, 4TH 'BATTALION-Commanding Officer, Cade? Cap+am , Gasion. gs., Company L 'COMPANY L, 4TH BATTALION-Commanding Officer, Cade? Capfain Larry Pafferson. Bdfld The Universiiy of Souihern Mississippi ROTC Band, Commanded by Cadei lsi' Lieufenani Thomas Highiower. Cadei Drum Major, Tommy Davis. Band Sponsor, Sherrye Eihridge. OTC COLOR GUARD, Leff io Righiz Melvin Aulry. Ham- fon Presfriclge. Perry Brummeff, Roger Johnson. Color Guard Rifle Team ROTC RIFLE TEAM-Leff +o Righf, Kneeling: Raymond Ross. Loyd Douglass, Douglas Smi'll1. Sam Fellenslein, James Borden. Sfanding: SSG Stanley Black, Bul'cl'1 Williams, Bulch Haddad, Major Clinlon Williams. Don Hamlin, Paul Ladnier, Berry Landlord, I fm 109 ROTC Ranqer Group, Commanoled by Cadel Isl Lieulenam' Thomas Bailey. Ranger Sponsor, Marilyn Slcrmella.':,2 Pershing Rifles ROTC Drill Team, Company F6, Sixlh Regiment N Sociefy of Pershing Rifles. Commended by Cadel Liei. Colonel John Bowling. Pershing Rifles Sponsor, Susan 110 to Right: Thomas Murphree, Tommy Youmans, Joseph Kueronslu, Gary Gaston, George Burson, s Ponder, John Bowling, Fred Hayslett, Thomas Tucker. lNot Pictured: Pat Welsh, Larry Gotti. Distinguished Military Students CCbbCl'd hd Scabbard and Blade National ilitary l-lonor Society is a so- iety tor advanced ROTC cadets ho are selected tor membership n the basis ot outstanding lead- rship, academic achievement, nd exceptional aptitude in mili- ary service. Scabbard and Blade ponsors the annual Military Ball. hich is one ot the outstanding ocial events held on the Univer- ity ot Southern Mississippi cam- us each year. 111 Front to Back, Left Co-lumn: Maior Eugene Conner, Advisor: Quinton Ball, Bruce Byard, Joseph Kieronski, Paul Ladnier, Vaulter Perry, Edwin Ernest, Burton Lewis, Stanley Harris, Riclc Christmas, Kirby Everette, Lou Mason, Earl Johnson. Middle Column: John Bowling, Pat Welsh, Robert i-lerringtin, Fred Bedsole, Clyde Rose, Louis Lartigue, Sam Feltenstein, Jim Merritt, Thomas Bailey, Marla Dabbs, Guy Chapman, Larry Bess, Dwain Luce. Right Column: George Burson, James Moore, David Todd, Thomas Baker, John Gardner, Jim Weaver, Al Andrews, Tommy Hightower, Harvey Post, Mark Lowery, Brad Castleberry, John McCutchon. ,., W: ,,,-, ,:. L, nfs ,Y . iismr. - H, , sw ,-we .. -i,.,.., - :se mf ii -- gee-in R ,LM - - f ,...-.- . --Qi ,,.-. 33. un' 'f 'rfzfgl me 7 nlx 'QW l 1 'J-f 3+ if 9' FF-Cm?-733l21Q31:r.'n-': 132 li '. WM 4 2-H 2:4 ' Er, . fe M K -mm AI' ,ss Y- i R ff -fb iv, W.. if if'-Q . '-:Mai f V: Hx f . ,Q X :X , . LW, 1 I w ' . ,Y X M I 3 f -, f 2 1 L ,Qi M . i ffqzlx- P":'1-1 ' , -2 x ,5 E'-5 ' 'Y , '. 9 X wi J. 1.3 if " ' ' " u L jg F6 ii fm , 5 ' , P , V 3' 'V . Q' ' 4 H E 53 Y - f ,S r - Q I :- k EV' if - ' -ff ' 2. tip , X ' I ,Q 1 ,gg . mm .gl lx? . - if ' 19 sri? V Ai' W , ig - ALL 'w 1 Kiffiiwgi X Sf, U s-1 I ' 5 ' , '-M21 i- 5 A5 . K 0 X f , M 1, I ,, ,A ,,., ,, , 5 Y V, N -uv wligiig aw Q my anhellenic Council Two delegafes from each sororily comprise ihe Pan- ellenic Council of rhe Universily of Soulhern Mississippi. ach individual sororily carries one vol'e. This is The govern- g body for The enfire Panhellenic syslem. H compiles rules oncerning rushing, pledging. iniliaiion. and sororijry aclivi- ' es on campus. This organizalion provides an opporiunily for open dis- ussion abouf Those issues relalive +o Jrhe universify and Jrhe aiernily world, I+ is insirumenial in promoiing inl'ellec'rual chievemenl, unquesrionalole social conduci. and outsland- g scholarship. The council culiivales a high plane of lralernify life and fer-irafernily relalions wifhin lhe universiiy. li is also aclive communiiy life wifh various service proiecls. The Junior Panhellenic council has represeniarives from ch pledge class on campus. H is suloordinale +0 The Senior 3 anhellenic, buf works in coniunclion wiih ir. Oliiices in loolrh l e Senior and Junior Panhellenic Councils are roraled Ong lille Sororllles from year lo Year' OFFICERS-Lefl' fo Righf: Sandy Weigle. Vice President Marilyn PiH'man, Phi Mu, Treasurer: Clarlei Morrison, Sigma Sigma Sigma, President Louise Bailey, Pi Be+a Phi: Secreiaryy Dean Wilber, Adviser. COUNCIL-Lefi' fo Righf: Clarlei Morrison, Dorolhy Jean Parker, Beverly Smirh, Marilyn Pillman, Margie Davis. Marilee Sandy Weigle. Sheila Moore. Bonnie Daugherly. Sfancling: Dukes, Karen Perry, Louise Bailey. TI' 3 ,WN ffl" 'lm r??2lii:ff,1Ql fsiaiifi Acacias are well known for school spiril. Acacia Through rhiclc and Jrhin. Jrhe righl Triangle sfill lhrives. . . . This year. being an exlremely clifficulf one. has seen Jrhe emergence of a liner group of lralernal men Than ever before . . , even beller dreams for The 'lu- rure .... Finally. aller live years worlh ol dreaming aboul pie- in-'rhe-slcy. our dream house has malerialized. . . Con- srruclion will soon be srarring . . . men of Acacia have slarled picking lheir boys 'lor The "Greer Move." As all frarerniries usually claim somelhing unique on campus. Acacia claims spiril. . . Our spirif has been fried and lesled . . . in Jrhe classroom . . . on lhe in+ra- mural lielcl . . , and The +owing away of our hearse by 'rhe campus police . . . ancl yel' our spiril remains unde- fealablel ACACIA OFFICERS-Leff io Righl, Sea+ed: Lawrence McGee, Treasurer: Bill Elmore. Venerable Dean: l-larold Talbol, Senior Dean. Slanclingz Ray Yonlz, Junior Dean: Charles Duval, Secrelaryq Lane Huslcew. Sargeanl' al arms: Tommy Browning. Rush Chairman. Q 554' - L g-1 4 'Cr' rrfr' Firsf Row: Clarlc Browning, Michael Davis. Charles Duval, John Galley. Third Row: Lane Jack l-lixon. Fourlh Row: Charles Lee, James Fiffh Row: George Marlin. Gene Massey. ET" r AL- vu. IW! Giga' Lawrence McGee, Phillip Milsfead. Second Perrone, Phillip Rowell. Third Row: Norris John Thompson. No? Picfuredz Warren Brad- Casflen, Bobby Clemenls, Frank Creel, For- William Elmore, Ralph Gooclson, Sieve yer, John Mefzler, Dean Pack. Leland Ray, allaof. Mi'rch'Walker, Ray Yonlz. a1r'3' i ' 2- .f ,Z - vi: Hr Heir .v i I k -f if -1, . .M ,, , - -ie -fee., , ,- nh f em :,: E f"'.,fif"' ww 5,47-Qi' L 2-,'f-n.g,g.,,2f"' M, iYi'gTMf'g uliiwigl kll,l wf2,?l3Ef5" ,.:.fg, -,MV gfgzm H-ETH,-r ,- Mfg, , li- LN A, ,Wiggl- .iul ff ij' 323533 Q an V331-ix ,. , :J 2-' .. ' Ilggiazif gage Z 1 -1 fi Yi, 15 wg- : ' E. w-- ' if Q 52 si 115 Qi nf -2 ini n,f.,?, ,.-.-. - ,A wg 5. 2" 'Wi g '-1-4f:iuu,,., Q gif. Well ' : ll-F ., ,,Z,,,,.,L lil- 15, 4-WW il,Q1e,l Mai? fm ' l il V if Iju if ee W "',. g, y A,im ffm ncbi - 'A ,--gin 9 F Q 3 ww '. Q gg i' . , ' "ii fy ' ' if . J, ,,- -,. Egg i S. 1? 1 1- F , fum ff? r an QQ? :ii1,,?'f',l,, Hs 1 2 1 F fe in f S, 21, - f em - - if if . fr im- 3 K N355 V view o 1 ei l T' is Mig ' n'. .,. :wp 217314, umm- ', '. . :l , , i "LM 'frfmjf 351 e I Qing Y ,Y V x 3 , - eggfiez 2. .-. , gif: V Lfai zip., ,1 -gg? A Viz fi, ,T-N - E I g-' .ff 3 :, F . 1 v' 'fx f ef , Er-l 4 I f,. - mm. 'vu 1 ,ef-dried, 1 z, ,, :M if wfeQlEfr-f, 'X wif , laws: 5 1 k-N' lW!'.,, lma".C"" Assy, l, also , "Q fm MM-img. .,m,-V, x,,,,,m 5,51,5,.3, is bm, - 2 l,. Rh H5-?fqmM.+,3 V: ae- QW-ep -ir ui www i 3559 '-1 ill +I' 'W-L-'H A-'iaewfeliwi v- 1 K' -J f '-'gsmQg',,fg5,f'ri's35Eg,4- :,:?'Zgff-:"e --1' figgkfl. :Y ' Vim fm ,V rr: im? , ev 32.2, f '- 'Sgr -5- we 1: W - I iwp . ,iw f- , ' , 2,21 i f iw, ,. ' Y ,RIM ,r egg- . .Jr .Z ,L 1 1-E i A, ,,.- Q, W. H .5 . . 'qw K 1 : Qwffi' 4 ' glmze , - 'iw Jiffy . W, . ", g,wggl.' iffi'3?,.a?L , -mHmevl5??.::. -ine ,.f,.f:sm5m - K-if igge ag. Q , ei GB ATO'S own Playboy Club. Alpha Tau Omega OuTsTanding rush . . . despiTe alleged "cloThes lisTs" and "hundred dollar assessmenTs" . . . shame. shame, jealousy doesn'T pay!! All brick remodeled house . . . walnuT panelled . . . privaTe phones, color Tv. pool and ping pong Tables, caTeTeria TaciliTies . . . Vilcing parTy- marvelously gross . . . ChrisTmas parTy--.someone shoT SanTa's Rudolph . . . VaT ParTy rocked Camp Shelby . . . numerous unmenTionables. Pro pledge Team TirsT in TooTball . . . goT hosed in volleyball . . . Seymore hired Two car hops . . . Bush losT Winky . . . Bush harpooned The Blue Whale . . , "Sums" geTs liTe senTence . . . Nelson's Reserve voTed No. I roT guT . . . Old Black Joe joined The A.A.-We'll be sober Tor Tormal rush nexT Tall, buT unTil Then . . . DRINK. OFFICERS-Leff To Righf: William McCrory, Corresponding SecreTary1 Johnny Lazenby, Treasurer: 'Eddie Bush, PresidenT: Sid Cromer, SecreTaryg FanT Hulsey, Vice President i. 49" me Q' S-,N 4: :- fc- ? ZZ' 'Q S.. FirsT Row: Larry AusTin. David Berry. Timmy ond Row: Keary Burger, Edward Bush, Thomas Third Row: STeve Coliiman, Greg Cooper, Sid FourTh Row: Sfephens Croom. Darryl DaugherTy, DaugherTy. FiTTh Row: David DieTz, Hank Dismulces, DisTin. Sindh Row: Gregory Doby, Broolcs Emory, Fagan. Sevenfh Row: Henry FonTanills, Thomas Charley Fowinlsle. Q H 5 ow: Keilh Galle, Warren Gonzales, Michael Gore. Row: William Gosnell, Mason Green, Bill Haas. ow: J. G. Hambrighl, Gordon Hill, Forresl l-linlon Row: John Hodneite, Fanf Hulsey, Richard Jones, ow: Joel Killman, Charles Koyiades, John Lazenby. ow: Duncan Malhison, Charles Mayhall, Allen Mc- Sevenih Row: John Misferfeldl. Michael Mooney Numnum, Jr. r-we .-5 lv fieffif' Firsf Row: Arr Papale. Darrell Perrien, Don Rull. Second Row: Euqene Silcox. Paul Soclrwell, Harry Speaker. Third Row: Temple Smirh, John Talley, James Thomason. Fourlh Row: Joe Turnipseed, Don Welch, James Wilson. Fiffh Row: Edward Wood. Noi Picfured: Rabbil- Brown, Guy Burns, Fred Drews, Freddie Moore. II7 in w 1 1 1 'aug 1 'ii ni' AM Hai nf E u i "'f2iar'1 '-":',g,,s-r:r:rfr3. ...nails l' wma- liznib-J Fir-. 'ir ,y ' -12554 ' Ill .lfilaffljtllga all fi A N. f, " : Gs ef ll-J uv Lg.,-r 2 'fiifarmz V fr- mir" FEET? 'f' 12-1" .-X. r, , . ll' lf-1' 'il gg,-:gm jgm AWA. in If Miz. -'15, f W1""1' v '1,.-in 'H':n.'-1 In gh-ur fi, ,gm wi: fill-N' is I """ r L ll J mu The KA'S have a parly. Kappa Alpha The school year I964-65 proved lo be a successful one for Gamma Zefa Chapfer . . . KA's finally gel- off probalion and win rush The second slraighl Time . . . KA lakes lrophy for homecoming decora+ions . . . place Is+ in Chi Omega "laugh" fesl . . .fumble on one yard line . . . KA's have besl Old Soulh ever . . . Feye fum- bles ball-lands in hospilal . . . all righl new officers . . . Arrhur becomes "Crash" . . . "S+ud" lakes over . . . "Cassius" relurns . . . Ringo gels pinned . . . Sanla lousls head al parly . . . lvlcLavy, Brown make supreme sacrifice . . . Save your Confederale money . . . wheaf, barley, alfalfa: give 'em hell Kappa Alpha. KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS-LeH io Righ+, Sealed: William Wrighl, Recording Secreraryg Sran Sleadman, Presidenlg Phillip Dean, Social Chairman. Sfandingz Mark Purdy, Treasurer: Bulch Brown, Parliamenfarian: Rich Faye, Vice-President Ron Farmer, Corresponding Secrelaryg Charles Boyd, l-lisloriani Johnny Sykes, Doorkeeper. 45? Frank McLavy. John Morris, Ill, Bennelf Morrow. Row: William Morrow, Chris Myers, James Pinnix. Mark Purdy. Sieve Purdy, Harry Ruffin. Fourfh Rurnore, Roberr Schneeflock, Hugh Smilh. Fif+h Slevens, Johnny Sykes, Dennis Robinson. Sixfh eff Sowell, Siephen Sfiglefs, Slephen Shivers. 4? Firsf Row: Sian Sleadman. Charles Walker, William Wright Second Row: David Brandon, Don Shelfon, Fred McNeel, Third Row: Marcus Black. II9 ,av all M , " ' ' ' X 'z lfrl - 4, 'fiffrfgf' Q fr- 'fr 'r ,A E .A de. . , ,.. 'Q5'Q4v-- il -5 QV' - A 1, I ,. . 3 KAPPA SIGMA HOUSE ON FRATERNITY ROW Kappa Sigma Sigs cop linsl in sollball. volleyball, and loolball . . . Legion Hul becomes "home away from home" . . . GM gels hooked . . . Soulh Sea Island sels campus on ear . . . song lesl comes our way-againllll Hayslell re- peals and oils lhe machine . . . Bowling makes second allernpl al love . . . campus eleclions once again a success . . . "who shol lhe LaLa" lingers long . . . Lowreys eslablish a brolher acl . . . Dickens gels a dalellll . . . Voss gels quiel hours award . . . G boys graduale . . .Toni plays "mom" . . . Deslallany lurnbles hard . . . Ball linally lakes lhe slep . . . "When lhe going gels lough. lhe lough gel going .... " KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS-Lell lo Righl, F-irsl Row: Bill While, Grand Scribe: Roger Poulos, Grand Procuralorg Fred Hayslel. Grand lvlasler: John Bowling, Grand Masler Ol Ceremonies. Sec- ond Row: Mark Lowrey, Guard: Fred Griffin, Pledge Trainer: Billy Ball, Guard: David Lee, Guard: Charlie Dickens, Grand Treas- urer: Tom Bailey, House Manager. fr- !""' Firsl Row: Herman Adams, Paul Angerami, Thom Second Row: Thomas Baker, Billy Ball James a Third Row: Richard Baxler, Jr., Jim Bishop. John Fourlh Row: Mike Cappaerl, Chuck Carlwrighl Clark, Edwin Cochran. Fiflh Row: Mark Dabbs. Davis, Tony Dell-lomme, Harvey Dellinger. Dick DeSlallany, Charles Dickens, Roberl Everelle. Sevenlh Row: Leonard Farello, Rocky l Fox, James Galuppi, S 51- William Geoghegan. Joseph Gill, Rodney Gullo. Row: Charles Hall. Jo-hn Hanson, William Harris. Fred Hayslell, Elmer Hemphill, Roberl Holman, Fourlh Row: Gene Horne, William Hubert Fiffh Row: Mellon King, Ralph Klein, William illiam Lee. Sixih Row: Mark Lowrey, Bill Lowrey, ..-, Alan Meador. Sevenlh Row: Harry McBride, McClinlon, J. W. McLeod, Jr., John McManus. Firsf Row: Thomas McPhiIIips, Richard Medlin, Frank Mon- lresor. Second Row: Scrappy Moore, Roberl Neal, Sieve Paqliughi. Third Row: James Parrish, Charles Ponder, Roger Poulos, Carroll Price. Fourfh Row: Henry Randazzo. Roberl' Roloerlson, John Robson, Clyde Rose. Fiffh Row: Daniel Seely. George Sherrill, Emery Smilh, Roloerl' Sparks. Six'll1 Row: Jaclc Slephens, James Tharp, Kerry.Vix, Philip Voss. Sevenlh Row: Michael Wallrer, Jim Weaver, William While, Jr., James Wilson, l2I l- ' "V 'J xiii"-L ' 3 ' sk it Q" rl 1 H . Q1 if-'Brew , 'elif 'Q ef? 1.--I. l fgiafgeg--iz 1 eww,-2 1515-i.'2 jfFfi? W- '--",,.,gf.-, i , ,..,:.- i X 3 5 ii il flll ...... . i,,-..,ill.,liigwiii ,,,,,, .:.:.:. .. M g. ,,, wie 1 'g jgjq 353, lgfegeg fei-1 '5"r'e? 5Q'. -'ljl -'52 :ill -. 4 i 5-12.9 gi, 'Y -i 'Fegrrfgz -' h ,, ii 553523: . , H zifriifgilg viii-gm::e :i.' zgir g . ilgi will 'X wil- , Y iii ull! -:g r--' ..- 5 .g,ELi,, :.'E,i':gL.. 2 2T"lllf" 4 'f' 52i2g"g f 'T r- ,E+ eve?-.4 ..eij5f,:f" ' - . "iei:'.,'ll',j'2 'sf,, 1- i,- fe' f"?f1"' xii'Ifl?'Wii'1i is - .. Q., .. 1.fw.1 .L V. e.,...i.i.l r fEi"gH'3f' --W' V lm 255355132 . . llllli. f+'l':'4"F5Q7' Phi Taus work lale and hard on homecoming decoralions. Phi Kappa Tau Phi Kappa Tau names new ollicens . . . and liHle sis- lers for 'rhis year: Ann Bond, Sheila Prichard. Judy Hol- ley. Sandra Lenoir, Kalhy Webb . . . Chug-a-lug and The lake . . . General Gregg Na+, rhe leader of his 'rrusly sleed, Son ol Dixie . . . dry pre-school rusl . . . i+'s a bird, i'r's a plane, il's a super pledge . . . snow falls in Seplember wilh pledge-aclive-shaving cream war . . . lirsl place in 'lralernily loolball . . . polilicians lead us on 'rhe USM campus-Union Program Direclor, UAC Presidenl, IFC Presidenl. IFC Secrelary, Isl Vice Presidenl ol SGA. and many olhers . . . Passionale Posr, Mr. Cool, lhe Jew . . . Lols ol pins. diamonds. and drops . . . Mom Magee is slill our dearesl sweefhearl. PI KAPPA TAU OFFICERS-Leff fo Righf, Sealed: Paul Bosarge, Presidenlg Dick Schoenick, Vice Presideni. Sianclingz Mike Chris- lina. Pledge Trainer: Harvey Posl, House Manager: Mike Howard, Recording Secrelary: Jug Adams, Corresponding Secrelary. Uv- 5-:V K- KJ Mtv HL- Firsi' Row: Spencer Adams. Al Andrews, Paul ond Row: William Anlullis, Ronnie Balzli, Third Row: Paul Bosarge, Gary Boslwick, Sergio Fourfh Row: John Broadus. Harold E. Brumlield Fiffh Row: Gary Burl, Milburne Cassady. Guy Sixfh Row: Michael Chrisfina, Rick Chrislmas, Sevenlh Row: Clyde L. Copelin, Arlen Coyle Ornellas, James Dixon. ow: Nick Doyle, William Edmondson, James Edwards, cond Row: Maurice Filces, Palrick l-larden, Thomas . Third Row: Mike Howard, Glenn Howell, George n, Fourlh Row: Don l-lursf, Allen Kavanaugh, James n. FiHl1 Row: Gary Joachim, Frederick Jordan. llce r. Sixih Row: Jerry Lewis, Wayne Lochbaum. Terry ce, Donald Luclcie. Sevenfh Row: Bill Marlin, James ald. Dewey Miller, Harold Miller. Firsf Row: Holly Morlon, Wayne Mumphrey, Gergory Odialciian, Second Row: Thomas Osborn, Thomas Lynn Pallerson, Michael Paul. Third Row: Harvey Posl, Bobby Rivers, Richard Roselli, Fourlh Row: Fred Sarlln. Fred Schwan, Loyd Sharp. Fiflh Row: George Sullivan, Randy Swan, Charlie Taylor. Sixlh Row: Carl Tuzzolino, John War- ren, Glen Wilson, Gregg Woodward. Sevenlh Row: Donald Wriqhl, Fred Wriqhl, Gary Wrighl, Obie Young. Nol pic- fured are: Billy Breland, Joe Guiarino, George Hellman, Tony Parrish, Whiley McLean, Larry Norris, Louis Langlinais, Bubba Prolhro, Lee Slevens, Diclc Schoenlck. lF'T5'T""'7'TF3i .' ?'r':. lr. J A ...., ni ,, :.: z . f-'Hi .' vii ll ii all l v iii? L il l igl' W 'v igil , E if UL W If - L :T 1 .2 5 FT - , ii ? , F 1 ii - 11 --,- s , V m g 1 yi inii,i ,,,,,, ,mi W.f, -l . I has Y Z V, 51.11.-,-. T I ,,. 5 1, 5 5' M ' f"g lei iill WHEQ L E 'TEL-5525-, Y "Elgin Ijfli 1 522 A9417 in V5 eerie . , 7 ' l.,,:l 5-5 Wai 1 : ff' ,ai f W: 5 :Pu U f:3i5hF'i:, 'ig ' Z 1 .r 5: 2 :ra ' 25: 1 :Zo P LF- ,i' i'Illl , NJ, wi i rs 'll ll 5 rea l ffilfi- F 555 E E555 P J? Pi Kappa Alpha Pike aT The Top . . . Tine eTForT, no probaTion . . . Thank God Tor The Pi . . . The house makes iT anoTher year . . . Cindy oh Cindy . . . goTcha . . . Sheila who? . . . l-Tess and Reynolds graduaTe . . . Lord VicTor, Prince Rod . . . Saxon sends Tudge . . . sTadium siompers re- Turn . . . Sullivan's ears are gone . . . Dyrk iTches . . . Red neck wins aT The polls . . . YouTh Speaks. some- Times . . . KorTman is CaTholic . . .TorgeT SongTesT . . . Pigpen and Moonbeam . . , Keyser and Shaggy . . . Yard Manager is gone . . . needless To brag on bas- keTball . . . leTs have a Roman ParTy . . . go across The sTreeT, you're wearing a ganT . . . have a sucker . . . long live The piTs . . . Schleeze . . . Deadleg goes down . . . boxing aT The formal . . . long live The piTs, where's The PabsT . . . Buckley buys a ring . . . MonTy Tries love again, LiT'rle SisTers everywhere . . . "Empress" . . . house decoraTing proves TaTal . . . Taylor Tries love Tor a week . . . Larry Sue . . . parTies galore . . . Vic makes Pike All-American . . . PaT makes O.D.K .... BesT Mom in The world . . . Sheila. The girl of our dreams . . . The garneT and gold Torever .,.. Pl KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS-Lefi To Righi, FirsT Row: Tom BurT, Pledge Trainer: PaT Sheenan, President Larry PaTTerson, Vice President Dave Keyser, SecreTary. Second Row: Ronnie Pearl. Treasurer: Norris Smylie, LAT. Jill T l'i' Q 'll" .Eli 3222 TREE? EEZ? A -1 fy "1 .sh:..da.r:1 ,MEZEEEEZZK .2522 Yr:- 'fx Second Row: James Bowers Mac Brooks, Glen Row: RoberT Cain. Paul CarruTh, EmmiTT Cochr Row: Roberi Connell, James Davis, Tommy Davis. Tal, DeCell, Jerry Dyess, AnTonius Engels, Sixfh F Ferrell. Shannon Flynn, BenneTT Jennings. FirsT Row: John Arnmons, OTheI Anding, Charles ' a w: Claude Jones. Jr., David Keyser, Earl LaGraize. Row: Edward Langsfon, Henry Leforf, Johnny Mad- ird Row: Roberl McCormick, Joe Morgan. Michael Fourfh Row: Alberl Morrison, Omie Myers. Roberl . Fiffh Row: Larry Palferson, Ronald Pearl, Billy fh Row: Arlhur Porcari. Viclor Purvis, James Owens. Firsl' Row: Lamar A. Reynolds, Roberl Saxon, Turner Scar- borough. Second Row: Pafrick Sheenan, Norrie Smylie, Jr., William Sirohm. Third Row: Joseph Sullivan, Audley Taylor, William Taylor. Fourfh Row: James Wanelc, Jimmie Welch. Morris Williams. Fiffh Row: Joel Woods. Noi' Picfured: James Anderson, Ken Avery, Mark Baum, Gordon Wayne Bradford, Eugene Cosnahan, Bobby French, Grover Gel- good, Dave Graham, Franlc Jofrain, Bren? McMahan, Douglas Meyers, Don Monfgomery, Joe Neely, Pai' Paflerson, Rich- ard Schwing, Larry Sullivan, Rod Windham. Larry Wright l25 53:51 -' ,,',,,, ,e f .. " 2 --:B Z lillfwl' e jig, . jim, W lf. ri f 4 ii 9 EH.. a l 3, ' i . IL' '!1T3a' f2 fi? iii :Ll-'ALS ' ' L ' Q ' lf--a -5: an A la.l'L1"l"J-'f'1,53h:: iff- pe L - ' l - , iiiigl figltl- ,, T ,,ini'Ji ,- - ..,.,,. A - . ,:- . :.: . Z.. Nm- V 11. 754 4- ,LE fflfi' T -LTU 052 e If ' K F" E . -- .-.if .-1 - , 15 ,222 .-..:, .,.f'5, . Y: , 4..-are ii in ! H 14' Hill ,A '1 .Q '. r' E l in V- .' .vi " iii gf. 'fi ll -f H :ar ....,. 1 4 L-il. f-1'-:Q 1- ' fa 41111. .sf 2' ,Q Leg. 1-1. 2-2?-,-1 ,Q ass? , V4 -- Fl ' 'fmiigag ' 1: il , H4 ' 3 The Long Awailecl Momenl-lnslallalion 1965 Sigma Alpha Epsilon A long slruggle . . . 'rhree years as a local lralernily, Phi Alpha . . . Nalional Convenlion . . . and lhen a goal achieved-Sigma Alpha Epsilon "The biggesl and The besl" on Jrhe U.S.lv1. campus. lnslallalion . . . rush . . . SWIPE . . . number one in scholarship . . . lhal win over Jrhe lnler-lralernily fool'- ball champs . . . The Paddy Murphy parly . . . Spring Formal . . . housing plans-all iusl a preview ol Things 'lo come from Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON OFFICERS-Le'l'l' fo Righl, Firsl' Row: Pele Scarbrough, Eminenl Depuly Archon, Dave Gillaspy, Eminenl Recorder: Brelon Hill, Eminenl Treasurer: Sam Davis, Eminenl Archon. Second Row: Tom Sanders, Eminenl Correspondenl: Paul Wimberley. Eminenl Chaplain: Ron Rainey, Eminem' Warden: Frank Walers, Eminenl Chroniclerz Gary Gaslon. Pledge Trainer: Kenny Inman, Eminenl Herald. Qu me Lf' 1- :P Firsl' Row: William Abercrombie, James Allen. hill. Second Row: Mims Berry, Beniamin Besl, John Third Row: Gary Bornllelh, Ronnie Boulwell, Jim Fourfh Row: Richard Brophy, Herbie Burlces, William Fiffh Row: Sammy Davis, Tom Dawson, Gerald Row: Ray Gibson, Thomas Gillaspy, Jerry Griffin. Row: William Grinslead, Brelon Hill, Joel 'Y' is HL, ---4 Kiser, Sfephen Koilker. Bobby Lane Roberf Lee. Fred Lovefi. Third Lusk Richard Maes John McCall. Fourfh Row: Phillip Minyard Ronnie Mizeil. Fiffh Row: Nace Hoy? Na+ion Jeff Newman. Sixfh Row: James Michael Parker Roberi' Pariin. Sevenfh Row: John s.. 5 x HQ' f' aff' - Firsf Row: John Rainey, Tom Sanders, T. G. Sarphie. Jr. Second Row: Louis Scarbrough, Daniel Schopp, Sianiey Sfew- ari. Third Row: Roger Siafford. Jimmy Suffer, Jim Toombs Fourfh Row: Tommy Usher, Frank Wafers, Francis Wheai Fiffh Row: Royce Wilkinson, Gladsione Williams, Paul Wim: beriy. Sindh Row: Thomas Wixon, Jr. I27 "1fLTf'?'TT"Hff -J-J 1..,,, , .ii if ' . 2-iHa'.gai,i .-.S 7-5 ,iii . . . .., H . i i i ...A - ii -in 'v: .:-r-- .. , 'iimi--'15:E ii Y 1 X 2752? ' V ai: , 1 iff' ff'5"': 3322: i Z ,522 - Y , ff ---- ...i ..,- W-J.-,fe o :jfv Fejiiff iii-ii 'Ji - ...M .. 52. ,E ii Q Hi ii.. Q18 fag.. I ,. e X gi 5 ii Ii S 1 ,L a an 'uHQi' 5gW- :gif 3 j, -V '-' ei ' 'E i 5.2 J: ig'-J' ff - ' -'sis -. ,dai uf .U in A-5 "T '-Q gr: ' f ii.ij,.fgQ g.V ,P E?ggmgQEw.wi iviiiiiimi ii. ii .F 5:- -EE. gi: i. rigs if , 'i ,, LE 2,5 , , ' JJ?" ' 'ag 1 f. 3, ....sfjgnm, M .1 V W5 Zzkieeli! vein .1 i .gm . ,ii .fa gl Lf, ,ag Y egg, ' N -'V il' , I. ii ri awi. egiigg Kilim ., 5 ,E L 75. Z' ' ' Q' :,- - I ' W ':3'f2i: W 3+ f ' ' gif ig AY ig. fp H W 5 'H . E SEQ W aiiiif ariigbli igllylx '-Q WW i ar -fre..- 41' Z i ay'- 7., L gf fi ies S, ,, 4:1 E: fi iw' 'H in 'iiigiifig .gli if ii ii V? il 'A ye., i- 3 ff Li'- iw -Wai if Z. " 1-, .Sf i' r T' is EW 'i H li cm? ,ii rv, Un il J -I JN-W gr' we i , a ww. , , i gifff 343.35 iaQEg.,.f. .:ig. L M if. or fi 1-5 4 i Sig Eps enierfain wi'rl1 Rudolph 'll-ie Rednosed Reindeer. Sigma Phi Epsilon Sig Eps redesign rush . . . Successfully . . . Gulf Coasi here we come . . . Besi pledge class ever . . . l-Ii Mom Deen . . . Pariies and pledge swaps . . . Fooiball and volleyball games promoie spirii . . . Homecoming- Some worlc. Some Broadcasi-"SJreamin' To Vic'rory"- Alum banquei-"Sonny" Brown Clwapier Room Parly. pariy . . .Ginny Lou, where are you? . . . Good grades, Good iimes, Good fellowship . . . Alas. Social Proba- Jrion . . . li you can'+ lake a iolce 1- - . . . Song of greai pledges . . . slumber pariies, coke pariies. and Fesl' . . . Clnrisimas Pariy . . . Beainilc pariy . . . House parly . . . Wlmai more can we give . . . Blood? SIGMA PHI EPSILON OFFICERS-Leif fo Rigl1'l': Terry Leclwner, Compirollerq Bobby Campbell. Presideni: Ken Yeager. Corre- spondent Ronnie Gillis, Recording Secreiary. Noi' picfured is Jerry Evans. Vice President John Grimes, James Hickman. Second Row: Gordon Keeley. Third Row: Alvin Ladner. Fourih Row: Terrence Lechner, Madison. Fiffh Row: Richard Marshall, Frank Si : ' . xfh Row Jeff Nelfles, Morris Russell N N H H H is 29 rea: ii i ui 'M llll rl Firsf Row: John Shivers, Wilbur Smifh. Second Row: Chevis Swefman, Eugene Tibberf. Third Row: Sranley Weidman, Roberl Wells. Fourfh Row: Kennelh Yeager. Nof Picfured: Joe Bush, John Evans, Ronnie 'Gillis, Mike l-lealh, Loyd Kimbrough, Howard Lee, Gene Mc- Daniel, Dwighl Nelson, Randy Wall, Bobby Willemoes, Sieve Young. I29 'uhm M LL Irv-,L E 2-Z, I :J + 1 '1 L x E I -Q41 t 21 E .fg yr EF :- l 1 . '- -1- gs 2 CI P I. 4 M, '1 V-1'-V Ivj:H1:,fjE,fE,-EQ.. aug , I Qi i if J -bf 5 5- P , F -' .Ufvl "-. s I . .'l.5,-:1:5E"3,q, ,,-R r- "gn: 4.3 3 -,ka f -:Tr J S ' , - nf.-A - 'L 1 'L Q,-me .,-3,4 f- fs, , -ini. li l gi 1:1 Tri .3 V-'Q'f"'L'-V V" lp, :firgf f'1?:H'ri - "Inj if EP. tivq sif ygggeg fs y j . 31:5 '-1-HF -f -, , i53:ge'f,"' If -ag. "fi-4'r'1I:""F?' if ':'.,vI? " 3' 'lf' li -"Ti'E3g?f'l::j:. -- fl' ft I' H ic -li' ,- -.exe ,J 1: H, r..,,,Ql, Ng- S., . ,gm f,r,sflf,ZgEf,,ss .,g3,,J E eg? 1 'l- .59 li 5155- flgxiii .. HI JV- S ,- iL..:-...QFQE U r-I 2 f-FrJ'il ' Y lkvizy g,gQ:vwfs'Q: 7,3-..-ills-ewrf mf, lk. jf,,V.1:': Vai N? -,5,.f'ip5 -, ,gigs ,lf ., ug, ,X 'ju , fri '- ::- - 5' l " ' , ' n JI,,i'L' - '-'11 .,--r f '-1-Q14 9.12: ', JL.. Y' '- H- Zi u I r' ,rt Fi' new H 4 Ein, ll Jiz 44-.ami 1965 Alpha Sigma Alpha Pledge Class Alpha Sigma Alpha Alpha Sigma Alpha is . . . successful rush wilh quola of greal pledges . . . slumber parlies, coke parlies. and Big Sisler-Lilrle Sisler gel iogeihers . . . unforgerlable ASA Halloween and Winler dances and finally The long, awaiied Red Slipper Ball . . . Founders' Day and Parenl- Daughrer Banquel . . . Spiril and enlhusiasm . . . M- Club Spirif Award . . . Hardwork . . . Greek Week proiecls . Charily proiecls . . , lnlramurals . . . Vol- leyball . . . WOW!! . . . And everlasling Friendships in a wonderful sororily. Alpha Sigma Alphas are . . . aciive in all phases of campus life . . . social and scholasiic achievemenls . . . Sludenl Body Homecoming Maid . . . R.O.T.C. sponsors . . . beauiies . . . class officers . . . Senalors . . . Liille Theaier members . . . Alpha Lambda Delia . . . Druids . . . Who's Who in American Colleges and Universiiies . . . Dean's lisl and Presiden+'s lisl' schol- ars!!!! . . . ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA OFFICERS-Lefl 'lo Righi-: Penny Sue Webre, President Mary Ann Robison, Recording Secrefaryz Mary Ann Pearson, Treasurer: Prue Mariin, Corresponding Secrelary: Linda Landry, Firsl' Vice President Johnnie McDonald, Pledge Trainer. 'S? well. Second Row: Susan Boggan, Leslie Brown, Sheil ham. Third Row: Susan Conrad, Diane Delmas, Eichelberger. Fourlh Row: Connie Eien, Susan Force French. Fifth Row: Becky Fuller, Beflye Gallaspy, Kay Sixfh Row: Elizabelh Hanna, Dea Hanson, Tip Sevenih Row: Palricia Jabour. Slephanie Jones, Jud l30 l 'V-.. QA C3 1 , I' ' i il A ' ' ' L gil -E Linda Landry, Kandy Limbaugh, Ginger Lloyd. Row: Parricia Loper, Peggy Malone. Jeannie Mc- Row: Palricia McCain, Johnie McDonald, Pa- Fourfh Row' Charloffe McQueen Dorofhy IVILIVIUIICII. n ll. Nancy Newman. Fiffh Row: Sherry Nowlin, Mar- Palmer, Mary Ann Pearson. Sixfh Row: Margaref Pamela Pedersen, Pafricia Prescofl. Sevenfh Row: Rahaim, Myra Richardson, Mary Anne Robison. L gg-. L ' I LL. ' lk- E'-i w L L I Q. a i L P if ' 2... :" ' ' ,y ll Firsi Row: Mariha Rodenbough. Edna Skinner. Pafricia Som- mers. Second Row: Frances Slone, Jamey Sushinski, Susan Tarver. Third Row: Sherry Taulbee, Susan Taylor, Caroline Thornhill. Fourih Row: BeHy Topp, Sandra Weigle, Kalhy Wheeler. Fiffh Row: Dianne Windham, Laura Winsfeacl. I3I ni ? asm XXxiiEiixWWiryiiiiiiuyiiyyyuNHEPWH ' j gi .- E .iz ig., sQQsw.'a...ii. -Q lylii,QuiQ,liiiw,i'uii?gi'Qg3'Wi?i?ff:3'Ag- 'ggm....,M lil l frillsP552,i'ilQlE.i"jE.ifiEi4fi-P' iigaimyli izilyilil ai.,Ear',ii'g.viiigggf'iiifrg'fgN:myQQ ', 5 illQ,,,ii,,gggQ, , - E' it H'-5? 531 fl -. lla Msg..Egwi.,iihmEi.:Amq,jinvAiw gum ws,R'i,i,5 5 H., .-we 125- 1 "nf: ' Lg-ig. gyzffr -'-5 -'5.?',i' la Ifif igyri " ' U W All 'll ri ' 'li lzfilwl' W ll lim' fl? E 5.55-U El m u Yo3.PfgiQ.i.gm2,.L L34 - iiixrriiiizssy A s 'll KN? Homecoming Floaf Brings fha Chi O's anoiher Firsi Place. Chi Omega Chi Omegas siari year off in a rush of exciiemenl' . . . Pledge quoia plus one . . . six was a lucky number in elecrions for class oiclficers and Senaiors . . . More honors . . . IFC Sweeihearl. Yellowiaclcel' sweeiheari, ATO Sweeiheari, Beauiies, Class Favorire, Pershing Rifles and Ranger Sponsor, SCF Officers, Siudeni Gov- ernmeni Officers . . . "Snoopy" fakes anoiher iirsf in Homecoming Floai . . . Chi O sponsors l7rh annual Song Fesl . . . "Singing in" rhe Chrisimas Season . . . slumber pariies, gab sessions, popcorn ai l2:OO? . . . lnsomniac burns . . . Banquei . . . Iniramural Sporlrs- manship Trophy . . . Chrisimas Dance and While Car- nafion Ball highlighr social evenis . . . While Carnaiion Weelc . . . Valeniine pariy . . . Mofher and Faiher Banque? . . . Honor Fraiernilries . . . Druids . . . Who's Who . . . Hall of Fame . . . Dixie Darlins and Capiain . . . Band and Singers. CHI OMEGA OFFICERS-Leff fo Righf: Marlha Rogers. Secre iaryz Ann Bond, Treasurer: Viclci Prescofl, Vice President Pafricia Hurdle, Pledge Trainer: Margie Davis. Presidenr. -.Yr 'RT fn. ..-7 Q- ""' 1- -4. ,,, 'ry -rj wx CQ l L. Anifa Giani, Sharon Grubbs, Penny Hale. Second ara Hayles, Carolyn Helvesfon. Mel Hicks. Third Hodges, Sandra Holder. Pafricia Hollinger. Fourih Huggins, Trisha Hurdle, Jane? Jones. Fif+h Row: Margarer Maloney. Rebecca McAllis+er. Sixfh Mccurdie, Marilyn Miller, Pam Mifchell, Sylvia Seven'rh Row: Frances Gayle Nimoclcs, Louise Ory, rlcer, Shelley Percy. Firsf Row: Jo Perlrins, Ann Pickering, Berfa Porler. Second Row: Vicki Prescofi, Ginger Pringle, Robin Rae. Third Row: Connie Lou Riley. Marfha Rogers, Jane Shearer Fourfh Row: Janet Shelfon, Charlofie Shivers, Marilyn Skrmella. Fifih Row: Sylvia Smilh, Cornelia Sfewarf. Jacquelyn Sum- mers, Kafhy Sufherland. Sixfh Row: Barbara Thomson, Del- phine Voss, Trisha Waggener, Susan Wells. Sevenfh Row: Carol Wenlworfh, Joan Wenfworfh, Brenda Wilson. Dale Yarbrough. I33 ., . Q - ' ' "V ."'--1'li:'iE:vii'f, , ' - if 2g'fiQ,Jf' . K "ff 2 riiiliniig- , A V "Q, 29314 J, 1 - 'F5 4, 1: if:-1 , 1 Y Y '- D 4 ,,: e , l ii! :U , . ii N K ii ii i lllHl'll,Hid' 2 - llllll ilw .i-izllliillllllllll ggllflllle ai " i eel E, ,, I l I 5 ii' I 3 siege J H . we Q ,, , lit ' i i , , , . . ,,l ,. ,, E . . xi, i,. , ii, :iii i-A .i i, .s . am , mm . 1 ,Yes-V ,. -.,, , if iiunxm, ii. W T I .,'fEQE34:5 if I T. E , :L ff: ef' , 1 L.--A: S! 1. E' 1, j ag! gg: J g ' 1, T-QF. Eefififtf 7. ' , " was " " ' "J . .iii ' '.r, r L ie 'fl rg,1fWK-eller ei Q ' L ig l lim mf?g,,..Jf 'Q i ,ir , ing , . ., A 5- K I l f Lqfre lg i Q . fi., ,fi Q W , llllll ll l li Wm' L. "Grill ig if in iiiilllilllllil 1 lr - in, Q i 'www , ii., Mg .3 r M H4 . MS liirwwi i- .1 .lyk M een x ii "" 1 r xg. ,Af Q 1 , limi, " 'll' .1 bw' .rw Jag? rv ,Jil Q 4,4 -he SJ.. 1. 5 ,I 1: 'i gt.. , .L ,ir lginir --i :Sf , '35,--1 e,-,4:'L'ei'Hf',T', ,yr -, R , -i , iieggllg- . 'F' 1 ai ii ii , I . .r "1 ,,, 5 rl' 175 1, ' 'I rl ,lil se w ' ' lr S il 'vi' 5"'uQ3o'i'fWf The Delias Have a Pine Pariy. Tri Delia is genuine sislerhood . . . conversalion roaming from room io room, laughier, nickname in The hallway . . . B.P.. Whang Kyo . . . All righi, Brenda, Where's Bloopy? . . . Sleep right Sharon and Em . . . The sharing oi hearlache and happiness. Tri Delia is pride in accomplishmenl . . . record scholasiic achievemeni, a 3.04 average . a "fun" Rush from Firebugs lo Pearls . . , Campaigning and winning: Class Officers, Senaiors, Homecoming suc- cess . . . Mari, a beauiiiul Queen . . . Soph and Frosh maids . . . Here comes Cinderella . . . Whai a greair floai! . . . Robbie, Our Maid of Coilon . . . Miss Souih- ern, Cheerleader, Presideni W.A.B., Ediior' SOUTH- ERNER, Presideni S.C.F., all Tri Delis . . . Fralerniry LiH'le Sis, Phi Della Rho officers . . . a run-away wiih Who's Who. DELTA DELTA DELTA OFFICERS-Lefl fo Righh Sheila Prichard, Vice Preslclenig Sharon Land, Marshal: Jean Richardson, Presi- deniq Judy Lee. Treasurer, Nancy Schuii, Recording Secreiary. we l i 5? if N 5- YU" B- lI'l Firsi Row: Deenie Assaf, Elaine Birdsong, Kay Second Row: Bersy Boykin, Jean Brown, Jenny Row: Janis Campbell, Belh Chapman, Beverly Row: Bobby Jean Davison, Lynn Finch, Gayden Fiffh Row: Carolee Floyd, Pam Forire, Mary Evelyn Sixlh Row: Palricia Hammons, Virginia Hawkins, Huichins. N wk . Yr-v 7- N- Sharon Land, Laurel Lay, Judy Lee. Second Row: Sydney Loffin, Mari Longino. Third Row: Kay Linda Mann, GeLaine McDaniel. Fourfh Row: Myrna en. Sue Ann Miller, Mary Moon. Fiffh Row: O Neal, Becky Owens, Becky Parrish. Six+h Row: Kay Sherry Pierce, Margaret Pirkle. l Firsi' Row: Bo Pollman. Jacque Posey, Sheila Prichard. Sec- ond Row: Sharon Rawls. Carolyn Reynolds, Jean Richardson. Third Row: Robbie Roberison, Mariha Rushing, Susan Rus- sell, Fourih Row: Noailles Sarphie, Nancy Schull, Deanie Slawson. Fiffh Row: Beverly Smilh. Cherry Smiih, Tippie Waiis. Sixlh Row: Sonia Wilkes, Virginia Wilson, Robyn Wood. I35 I ":"3l?HWgEQiQ' f'7 f 1 2 v'f1 ge. ,-32, ., - PFS - 'bmah v,' 12, 'm VW. --i:sv- .,,,,- 5. ealj- - - i if ,., .,., . ,,. :E , Q Elm? sw L" ' QfH:':r:J': 1 ff' 4 L: A - iiiev- - F aa, Era-we - age! -L . .IL if , 3 ,L F. lr. Y 1 luv-ll Hmm' iiiiiimvii i y iv l X ,.i.o'i..'i,jQ,. WE K wlfilgmzx J' ' I lil li l I I H41 , m.,.q1g.,g 4,,, ' I J ,J M ga 5 1' 'i L .ii f' V257 N-" I HB' lar sl fel Sul -1' 552 i, I HQ unilw ,x ,u L ri ru F J 5 ii ni ,i J c i i 1 I P limi TI, -H ll ""',1Ii r iEq ,Li-1 fra . . r ni im ' jr-:, 551: ,fr-55,VT..i Ark . 'rf- , . 'mill' lf' l1liH" sf,.g 5i ,rp 1 urm im , g,,:::5,,,f:,ggg5A-L i : -,,,::,,:,-ggi-:-: I L JM, gflil1',ig",n1gQliggy.g5il, ,,,1,.,,,g,,,,,f 'J' ' l' ' . ' : 5fi75f:.:.:."' "1 51','::': v I JH ki, ,V ,I I l 3 u xl QEIEZQE ,L X 13' W 4 2 re, L K, Q I if K iss M is 1 3 EQ ing lv 1' i i .g f , , Tr 2 ,aww Qi, l as , .. el. .ti W... i fi 5- " -4 -N... . QSM F: 58 ii' , li l iii Z ll J ' l Wise ca, Delia Zela lnsiallafion. l965 . . . a year +o remember . . . we begin wiih go girls dedicafed To building a sororiiy represeniring The ideals of Delia Ze'l'a . . . New friendships are made . . . all panhellenic wel- comes us wiih a Panhellenic pariy . . . ihe finsl' for many Things-a Chrisimas Tea . . . slumber parries lwho ale all Jrhe marshmellow freai? . . . don'Jf lei Becky 'rouch +he cardsll . . . pledging and sisierhood . . . Mr. and Madame Presideni . . . Greelc god meeis dream girl leveryone wanis Linda backl . . . almosf as many fraierniiy drops as DZ drops . . . Beauiies . . . Dixie Darlings . . . +alen+s . . . buf mosi of all friendship and sis+erhood . . . we of Epsilon Mu, wiih a dream for The iuiure. begin in l965 . . . a year To remember . . . DELTA ZETA OFFICERS-Lefi io Righh Karen Sfolces. Social Chairman: Jo Polk, Vice Presiden'r lMembershipl: Sharon Ellis, Recording Secre'lary7 Becky Allums, Vice Presidem' lPledge Train- erl: Judy Beckner, Corresponding Secrelaryq Marcia Broadus, President and Pai Carson, Treasurer. or-5 Sharon Ellis. Shirley Hazzlerigg. Second Hemming, Billie Jean Herrod. Third Row: Linda Hu+se. Fourfh Row: Susan Jones. Jones. Fif+h Row: Gayle Leech, Pafricia Mead- xfh Row: Mary Rose Meadows, Rozanne Milling. -Pj' Firsf Row: Mary Befh Nelson, Vicki Owens. Second Row: Crickeffe Parker, Sandra Paul. Third Row: Dainey Pefers. Candye Pickering. Fourih Row: Johanna Polk, Tilci Ralclifl. Fiffh Row: Jima Schaen, Kay Shelfon. Sixfh Row: Sandra Sfewarlx Karen Siolces, Bessie Wafson. I37 pil l l Kappa Della Pledge Class. Kappa Delia Successful rush . . . pledged quola of lop girls . . . Big and lirlle sisler parries . . . secrel surprises . . . an Eva birrhday . . . enlerlainmenr wilh Supreme Harri- son and Bealle Bay . . . a- dale wilh Pele Founlain . . . "Dunk a KD" . . . "l love a parade" . . . Emily . . . Happy Halloween . . . a new and clean lcilchen . . . loolc a+ Those grades . . . whal prelry greasy smiles . . . Chrislmas L . . whal' happened 'ro volleyball? KD Did ll . . . Cheerleaders, Phi Della Rho. Alpha Lambda Delia, Who's Who, Homecoming Maids, Class Officers. Fralernily Sweelhearls, Brigade and Ballalion Sponsors. Dixie Darling Caplains and Members, Sena- lors, Beaulies . . . our diamond glows brighler. While Rose Weelc . . . Winler and Spring Formalis- for lhal special boy . . , Fun . . . Friendship . . . l-lard Worlc . . . Enlhusiasm . . . Love . . . lhis is Kappa DeI+a. KAPPA DELTA OFFICERS-Lef-l fo Righf: Kay McLeod: Vice Presidenlg Jeanne Fairley, Rush Chairman: Meachie McWhorl'er, Secrelary: Lucy Sariain, Edilorq Ann Smilh, Assislanl Treasurer: Bonnie Craig, Presidenl. f I, l A l 45. 2. L Firsl Row: Nancy Archer, Carolyn Arms+rong, Baylis. Second Row: Donna Brasher, Gayle Breazeale. Third Row: Barbara Burns. Camille Sherrie Carpenler. Fourfh Row: Jackie Carr, Carlene Copeland. Fiflh Row: Teena Cox, Lynn Ellis. Sixlh Row: Jeannie Fairley, Linda Grant Sevenih Row: Paflie Hans, Sandra l' l-linlon. V--.., l 30 Kem Hoppe. Suzanne Johnson. Row: Judy Jones, Jo Ann Jussely, Empress Kilpairiclc, Diana LaBay, Carole Ladner. Sachia Long, Row: Eleanor McKei+hen, Di McWl1orl'er. Sevenflw Row: Sheila orris, Jamie Murcloclc. in Belly Johnslon. Jo Ellen Kalif. Lyneffe LaBay. Nancy McCor' Row: Linda Mclnnis, Donna McKinnon, Kay Mc- nah McMillan. Moore, Bobby gf v V1.7 11' '?F iillll L Firsi Row: Ola Murif, Janel Piccinaii. Cornelia Piflman. Second Row: Medora Poole, Georgiana Risk. Lucy Sarfain. Third Row: Sheila Slnofis, Royce Ann Sieqrisi, Ann Smiflw. Fourih Row: Glenda Smillw, Paisy Smilh, Ann Slahler. Fiffh Row: Sandy Taylor, Ginny Lou Terry, Diane Thompson. Sixfh Row: Ginny Traslc, Carol Wadsworfh, Charloffe War- ren. Sevenih Row: Sally Jo Walers. Cindy Wallingfon. Pa- fricia Willwife. I39 ?5,y Egg - ng-vp, frijrrrjr-jf. 55- 1, i l1j.,i'i,l iilIli'ggjg1 QM . In Q. , "ig 'SEE Efgairsm, I . al l liar ig ,Q i fK al ' l:ili:1r.l. . ii lf-lllliiliila 2 Si ffl rl ,fir sl "SL'iEif':':'i': 'Q' f 2" 1 1:25 xiii in .wu li mal'Q1MEa,,,I-T' A ' igiig .,2E2 :gf- 1W'l2'pfi.l.f.if.. . wlnra' 1 a i.f.1.., .i.LlEi1.' pl"-A' 'i.gT'i:-Emil l--rf. " :5,.j-M.l,'Q-j"l a'Im"r r M MU' 'Ffa -e 5' .v bla! n-.- e-54.2 fwiuinm .. I, ilnl'ii.i -A fn 1 Y ii:-"ll 'ii 5' JSI 2322.1 ' ' ' ' ffl? 35: -?n"1l . 1:3-nl '1-.1 N 'f-'1 , I EE E: "" I' ll J. 'im,g?-ity'-525 r,:.g51.i i F :lif an 1-fr?" iii 'fzaZe.'2ffE -417,3 P5 H gnilkllif iw, wi l like ae, as Ei .i Irifwlg ,KW " fl Hi QEWWWQJEWAW-li-li:irlfr9alLH i w 1 PHI MU PLEDGE CLASS. Phi Mu Rush. Rush. successful again . . . New pledges galore, gaining more fame . , . Parries, all kinds . . . pizza, slumber. and coke . . . Slrufiing and building our home- coming floar . . . Big sisiers, LiHle sisiers, Secrer sisiers, Too . . . Inrramurals. Song Fesi and service proiec+s ro do . . . Valenfine Dance, Scholarship Supper, Spring Formal and more . . . Senior Parry. Molher-Daughier Banquer. and lniiialion, of course . . . Sisrens pinned, engaged, and lavaliered. foo, Candlelighr services To give our 'rhe news . . . Class officers. Senarors, Dixie Darlings. and cheerleader, Who's Who, Phi Tau and SAE liHle sislers, R.O.T.C. sponsor. and homecoming maid . . . Waiching color TV, or iusi lounging around . . . Cleaning up rooms, siudying, or worlcing off pounds . . . A good combinaiion of fun, work, and sisierhood 'foo . . . This malces rhe Hperlieci loving friendship" found in PHI MU. PHI MU OFFICERS-Lefl' 'ro Rigl-a+: Bonnie Daughrery, President Gwen Dellenger, Corresponding Secreiaryg Nancy Boren, Vice Presidenig Sidney Carol Weir, Treasurer: Gwen Sialnaker, Pledge Trainer: Marilyn Pi'Hman, Social Chairman. ff' i if lr, A SQ in ?r Firsf Row: Mary Andre, Bonnie Bodel, Carol Row: Nancy Boren, Rose Mary Boswell, Linda Row: Sondra Broxson. Jan Burns, Cynlhia Carier. Janie Clark, Barbara Coppeians, Leslie Dame Bonnie Daugheriy, Barbara Davis. Gwen Row: Sylvia Desporie, Pamela Diaz, Palricia Sevenfh Row: Phyllis DuBose. Mary Ann Durant p-x -E C. 7 'L- X. Nancy Ewari, Ann Finnegan. Sandra Hamrnelr. Beverly Hawkins, Theresa Harvey. Cheryl Ann Row: Donna Hendrickson. Charlolfe Hinson, Fourfh Row: Kay Holmes, Sue Kinq. Pamela ow: Elaine Lehmann, Susan Loclrharf. Marilyn Sixfh Row: Mary Jane Meqginson, Pamela Nel- Peacock. Sevenfh Row: Cynlhia Perkins, Melanie arilyn Piliman. 'E' nf 9 1 K hav ---' Firsl Row: Carol Quigley, Sandra Reeves, Befh Rinehart Second Row: Susan Risher, Diane Rogers. Ellen Saunders. Third Row: Mary Seralin, Diane Shurclen, Ruih Sollberger. Fourfh Row: Linda Slephens, Pamela Sfubbs, Pamela Thomas. Fiffh Row: Joyce Trawiclc, Trudy Turner. Cynlhia Wallcer. Sevenfh Row: Roblyn Wells, Befsy Yafes, Harriet Woolf. I4I ,ww -55,-Yfge -1.7 VY env?-,, ,,,, Z 1 . ..n r. . N 1 f fr- f ,'y,,125' .1.-gear .i 1 lr Se wi f my H in il ii N -W in in W H H-awk I ir ii M2542 f - - - ww, yi. vw iiiiiiiiirsmf ,Q V :iv ii 'x-rgagaen,g,. -,Jas V ay ,:gg,,.rr pgfiigir A gs' a - f 5' . fa? 1 , 'J. ' 2-TTT' wig- :Sri ' fi I' -: -:,aw',-- 41. V -g: f v 1-Ai 1' -as - 'afigxet 4 1- :Z -Q V - if -:f a ,- 1 , 5:5 , ms' f ees ' Ha. fa: ..,.. L f 2 ff , 52? m J 4 r s ef niqrrff- 4: 2222-lealir 4 'lll'lllillliillll fhf' Ewneg iv. 'M " -1 ..' :a ml Wgiifilal'-'ii M wAul'ii?S?ae new -' s ' r - -, ii: 5 - 21'-1 ' - ,ag f. ee, x 1 aa .' 1 X 'fr Q f-3254 4, 'if' Page Y., rx A ,WETZ lager l wlfsw y-1 gg-'enf 1 " fiswf i,i:,js- ,A - - fl y er Y I is A 1 ' 1 .,"i,, 1"-is pg 211 QlllUQ'mlllfiwjiihllliiillliii W iilsrgg i "' , e'L.w1"'av' 1- ,ax 3,95 :f:"L'33flll"" , nip .-55 ' -V -5-ji I i. , W is 7 ' -. 'W ,X e -11 'fs 2' .fzaj l .ii-,xi ii 25 321 "'-ll l'lll5lH'fs. iii -1-I ' m ?2'1y.1l?7 -'Tl -Fi? ':.-fi? fi 1'-LA '. . 'Meinl if if "fy 15,1535 151 req 31, K-rijgl Lfefflgji- R '53 rel ie gs wi 2' .rl aiiieges ii if ngfg Qf sglllifl ff l y iiimiiimiiiifw. gjggeeiwrjy-ff XL 'X 133 ,gif-i ,5 - v gn N ' .wig . azsrgggl in will -wwf " ' we 1 ' ,meer he 15611. ,3,i-Qgfg-i , 2,1 ml e..a.are:g,,g:,1,'-'r - -' - .kwiwa 'fe H.. ' 5 4 P' lt The Leaders of lhe I965 Pledge Class. Pi Bela Phi Pi Bela Phi io Jrhe 'rop . . . rush was greaier 'rhan ever . . .sharp sharp co-eds pledge Pi Phi . . . orienial parly over-whelming success . . . chapier dinners. pledge swaps, donui sales. pledge-aclive parlies . . . many many oiher Things which malce campus life so greal for 'rhe Pi Phi's. Does any one lcnow The way io Ellcs Lalce for The an- nual Chrisimas parry? . . . was lrma Thomas really in lhe chaprer room! . . . GJ. Joe monrh finds The Pi Phi's working for The campus wide S.A.V.E. program +o send Americans in Vier Nam many needed .supplies . . . an- nual easier egg huni for children is anolher proiecl of Pi Bela Phi. Don? lorger Jrhe spring formal +ha'r highlighled The day for The sislers in Jrhe ,wine and silver blue . . . cap ihis year of eleciions, oiclices. iniliafion. serenades, and parries off wilh love and sislerhood and ii's no surprise Thar Pi Bela Phi is io 'rhe lop! Pl BETA PHI OFFICERS-Lefi +o Righf: Gail Rouse, Pledge Train- er: Marilee Dukes. Treasurer: Sandra Srruve. Corresponding Sec- relaryq Par Ward, Presidenig Virginia Bruce, Rush Chairman: garnela Miley, Recording Secreiary: Sue Granlham, Vice-Presi- enf. Firsi Row Row Row Kalhy Farris Sandra Forienberry Linda Ga a Sue Graniham l-lolli Gray Marfha Harris Nancy l-lalhorn Judy Halcher Carol Hull l42 wav 217 ,Mx Z Marcia Hire, Mary Hudson, Alice Land. Second Lenz, Sybil Marfy, Marguerille McDonnell. Pamela Miley, Marilyn Myers, Janice Myers. Carolyn Nau, Jeaneffe Newman, Nancy Nichol- Row: Linda Noland, Linda Nowlin, Jane Paller- Row: Lynda Price, Sylvia Price, Pamela Prifclward, Helen Purvis, June Reilz, Kay Richmond. Firsi' Row: Gail Rouse, Kallwryn Sclwledwilz. Carla Simes. Second Row: Robin Smallinq, Sandra Smillri, Sarah Sfraylnam. Third Row: Becky Taylor, Joanne Tucker, Gail Vandergriff. Fourlh Row: Nancy Waller, Pafricia Ward, Barbara Webb. Fif+h Row: Eddie Weliord. I43 :. L,--,.,,-H.. N, , mimi 3 ll ME 3 EE 1 W 'li N ..-. ,X X V , mn 5:52 V --.- 'ee F, -Z. F :rl- Q a an ' -ii 'Terai SLT? U- -'-' 11 'Mi Ei -an a,.. .EvnT,.. ESf2g!1lIMLll,i y ag ar Sli l l Milli sri? all :Will i' ' lil. -:-:-:-:-: I-E l" ' , m3i.F"- i ., ,,,. I., egg H 5 cn. will i , e.,: E:E,,,, gi. Egg V' " 'I -2 We ,ii ,W-f'i"llEqQ, J ik aa ... fi 1 7, iLe,! :j f- Q7 5 Kf'i'ljjii,,,iiie3Ai.iwI,E if ...,,. iill.i :iii I .HE fini JS ii WWE 5 H W- T,g.E IEe?iAg ,- Km ,qlliu,,iiimiii,K 1,g Q W eggigsi as F M 'I i N QA 8 lwmi by 5" 3754 . Ea - .M UWM i .--...- A ,ni Tri Sigmas parlicipale in Song Fesl. Sigma Sigma Sigma Successiul Rush . . . Pledges brearhe a sigh of relief aiier receiving bids: "Now we can use Jrhe elevaiorlu . . . Big Sis-l.iHle Sis pariies . . . "l buy all my cloihes ai lhe Tri Sigma rummage sales." . . . lniramurals- Morrison holds ihe loow upside down . . , Sigmas devour proiii on balloons . . . Church Sundays . . . "A whai lcind of conTesl'f7" . . . Tri Sigma's iirsl "Miss Whaiever- ll'-ls" coniesf brings memories , . . 'rhe grapes oi wraih!! . . . Sandra lcniis her wool . . . Coolc washes her hair wiih spagheiii . . . Sigma Serves Children-'rrip io EI- lisville wi+h Chrisimas presenis lor ihe children . . . Suzy casis anoiher maslc, and anolher and anolher . . . Giving, loving, and sharing-Sigma sisierhood means This and much more lo me. SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA OFFICERS-Lefl' 'ro Righf: Clairlei Mor- rison, Treasurer: Suzanne Fleicher, Recording Secrefaryz Cynfhia Miller, Vice-Presidenl: Karen Perry, Keeper ol Grades: Sandra D'Angelo, Presidenri Janis Barnes. Corresponding Secrelary. YS,-Y TNQ? " mx' Firsi' Row: Ann Bliss, Sue Chrisfiance. Sandra D'Angelo, Aniia Dahlgren. Third Dillard. Carol Ann Diver. Fourlh Row: Suzanne Flelcher. Fiflh Row: Janis Maddox. Sixih Row: Cynlhia Miller, Marilyn Clarlei Morrison. Jane Odom. Second Row O ' : S wen, Karen Perry. Third Row Rebecca Ray I1 - ' addock. Fourfh Row. Candance Smlfh Fiffh Row: Susan Waifs, Beffy Wai' - -1 f 4 TQ . -451 "I-E., 2 N a xx LA 5 NM x' N"N- NV-.. H I ..K,,,,N 'Q ? V 4 5- -- ' -- - Wfr- 1M.- ! -if - N '-YA fag: V , , ..- f 4 ,hh V "v in 1. ., W. , I.. , Q- A1 .T Y l - - ' 7' 5 ' 'f ' 5: 5-!- 1 ', A if .- -- Ci' ' A . T lg1..' i C .5 - -X W J T. it P: ' 'M 2 3 u ' ' ' A 5 ji ,a Zi - hi r, i I 1 f 4 E ,xg , A g ' -4 - f fiil 11 . ' ET .N -. : GEM' ' J V -,Wah 13:4 -Y . fm xvkm I 'I I .,c.,Jp,aJfN'. , - A .:Y- , , :f -- v - ' Y Y 4- --M """" -.....-,.-., - .,-M-nuu-m.- , , . , - nf' . li F.,-au :nur-If-'FQ"' - Becky Deffra and Joe Lewis as Lady Mary and Crichfon in "The Ad' mirable Crichfonu which was produced lale las? spring. Kin File, Jim Toombs, John Hammons and Bill Whi+e in "The Macl- woman of Chailloff' Southern Theatre s Palsy Kalehoff and Milne Canfer in "The Madwoman of Chailloff' Th madwoman's beliefs of bafhing' beau+ies and people swimming in fh pipes are changed by fhe sewer man. 3 I' J 51 . L fi ,.g,:. L fy... 1+ f . .nu .ug , , 1-.g. K... , 21 fr ,ng 3. 9 SK- ,If ,KT my . g 1+ :-If 45' V 1 X I ffiai uv -F. .V 'aw 'ig "" fair' laguna f 7+ 3.7 lg The Universiiy Singers perform in New Orleans wifh The New Orleans Symphony. Universily Singers Universiry Singers is a performing choir of sevenry voices selecrecl by audirion of srudenls from all deparrmenfs here al The Universiry of Sourhern Mississippi. They appear in maior concerls. on radio and relevision broadcasrs, and have made professional recordings of 'rheir performances. They are conducred by Dr. David Folrz, chairman of 'rhe Deparr- menr of Music and former chairman of rhe Deparrmenl of Music al Jrhe Universily ol Nebraska. Dr. Follz and Conduclor Werner Torkanowsky wilh members of ihe Alumni Chapler afler a line performance of rhe WAR REQUIEM No This year 'rhe Singers performed rheir usual Chrisfmas caroling and also presenrecl Beniamin BriHen's "War Requiem." They rravelecl +o New Orleans and performed wi1'h rhe New Orleans Philharmonic Symphony Orcheslra, rhen repealed rhe performances here a+ Jrhe Coliseum. I+ was a memorable performance and broughr much praise 'ro a deserving choir. The Universiry Singers perform in The Coliseum for Universify Sfuc I1 lllQl9AjQQLAr1oivs IJMWERSITY 4 ON GW ANOTHER OUMNDING PERM? as 1 Mics ,ff , lxfvyz Azljlildg nt Q ' m'if vfwwf "" x, i l 1. wnngr ily ,..n:u-A1n.L. .mAuznvn.e:vvmg,.-,vmn:4p.,..,-1'-vegan-1,..nvV.. . .Mu-.-.,. , .., .. -. V ,. - ... . ... -v v-f -'ual 1- 715' 3 4 A i is , Z ,sis if fe l ' 'T 'I x ww ' A 5 " Q' B 5 3' n OFFICERS-Olivia JohnsTon, Caro Henning, Donna Lee Field, and Carol WadsworTh. Sianding, Leff 'ro RighT: Judy Holly, Karen Ponder, Ann Thrasher. CViCl4e'l'le Parlcer. Kneeling: Jean Adams and Melrose Burns. 'J' DIXIE DARLINGS-LefT To RighT, Firsf Row: Susan Covell, Karen Ponder, CriclrelTe Parker, Barbara Bell, PaT Hollinger, Sue BarnharT, Lynn Ellis, Sherrye EThridge, Eleanor McKeiThen, Ann Thrasher, Judy Holly, MarTy Robbins, Weezie Ory. Second Row: Carol WaclsworTh, Barbara Nash, Jean Adams, Dinah McMillan, Melrose Burns, Mary BeTh Nelson, Lincla Langford, BeTsy Pogue. Sonia Wilkes, Judy Kaye Maupin, RiTa SauTer, Libby Dean Falcon, Sherrie CarpenTer, Linda Brooks, Donna Lee Fielcl. The Dixiei One oT The besT known dancing groups in The naTion, Dixie Darlings oT The UniversiTy of SouThern Mississippi per Torm Their precision rouTines aT The TooTball games wiTh The marching band. The girls Try ouT weelcly Tor a Tion on The dance Team and are chosen primarily Tor abiliTy To dance. Some oT The girls receive scholarships and The ouT-oT members have Their exTra TuiTion Tees waived, Dixie D Standing, LeTT To Righh MarTy Robbins, Dinah McMillan, B Nash, Sonia Wilkes, Libby Dean Falcon, Linda Brooks, x glee, fi : QE ff pp . 7' 3 . .4 2 . .. 5-4 ', 'full , H '-4 ff X ., .L XL W mf. K, 1 Vg 1 g x, I A': w N K 1 S gi g- 4 w-, l ,N n, 1 J ,4- 0.4 A 19" J-'I 1: ,K -M1wf,5f"v , Q 1 -z f 1- 5 , m , 91. 'HL f - EP . - 2- . 1 fi "+ wif-f 33, M, .. Yi , P.. ,V A . H Vx f n.. , 3:4 Y iii i we-,.,. '. . .W ffxWeL!W:' ' :Mx NK- -. M .. A+ --iw? . ...L X, 1 . 5 '44 M TQ? K 5 X-r l X' X an er ' , Q Y ...Z if IB I fx . Q-., . ,md are J 'I . 7. , ,X av ', - I lf' H yi an.. gg! Ir' it A ,..i ,f-Sigh m ,- ' M Aww-Q. - if -x-- W - 4 K . fe, mi. 4, y 1 ' 'H .-u 2- 5 .24 N' -fr 1 bv 'N "L: .v 'Q . ...' ??f11 'l' W A igf ' A g5',f :f ' gi . J Q F ff sf' ' V4 ,- I , .. "7 1'E,,,1 -., ' ' A , , PPL?" ' , 71:1 '.- - 9, ' six' -few if 3 .fix , 4X Drum Major Dudley Slay wifh ieaiureiies. Band ' Universiiy of Souihern Mississippi marching band, beI+er! known as The Pride of Mississippi, is composed of approxi-.I maieiy l3O musicians who come io +I1e Universiiy from aili JU DY WALKER WOOD Feaiureiie TI-IE PRIDE OF MISSISSIPPI USM's I9b6 Marching Band I I I X .,,,, .A'v'Af9x -, Mg. . Wi W'EfNWiQWz mfg 5 KE, I w 'ff HM W Wi? -"' , M- E W W"IDgjjVQXvW"Q' M Wvr- H mQfQmI.ff7,gT ffJ"'6'T""N"g"'f- 'i""' " -I ,.,' I X, ' ' ' it u ' ' 'V 'I Il I - s .1 4 ' + if '14 ' H N A 1 I Wmwfwignzg ' Il:'1 Sf 5 N - www WWE W www H A 5 w -.1 V ,I - I M W gmqi V A ' ,Y KN W N0 ' . ,'A, 'fv--,f:1',, an A A ..g H 5" ' "EW 9l.V'gW :Y'iM'VFi':1l!' I" Wi? 5' 515' :fn Rift' " U UIQ, ja, ..1.15w1 1 1- EN , , l.,,..l x,l.,, X M 74' tn ' JJ M .NIE xri X, 1-IMI' I 4'1 fn?-1 Nxj ,Md V ,ff Lf -M 1 2 35 wi? ,f fi! wg? 4 4 a ,f . 1,::f5whi m W I P -Y f,, iigf '1 em , Qi -iw 'W i ' Fir 3mMaLlHl- f 'JL' A -1 L' 'i"Ef'5,1-uf: W ' ' ' .' 'Y . " ,, ' F15 IMA ' , 'Xlf g4Nf?'5f,?, , Wmmffw--x M ' Wx i l 'I 'P I' 'Q ij!! , Q 'xxx' QQYLiV,'1!'!Qf,Hv'I 45 ' , poly. 4-35371 'Nl mil 2 ' . , Nifeaw' . Q ' ' ' 'QW Pu5fgxm,,J T' :fu ig Q, , , , 5545-. Nm .1f3'7Q? IN' N, i' 7 'MMM N3 W MA M ' W 3 'riie fs. J b- .iff Q-'16, . f' V '---A -Q . Usfigil I I -il, ' xl 'A ' , XX I, J if -fs a, W . ' ry' ' N 'Wi 'mm' ' V ' -3 hx W " M 'X 1 W N' 1. 'M 13 ,Jr I IE.. -, V 'X :Lf 'y w '.w"H N 1 , I L-1 , 'Y T" f .U uw, ml ,, , ,,,,, 1 - , , . f ' if + . ii", 'A 1 ww if F A ,wif . K ff '2 !K1"' , f :MF v' p- - --.,,.41 T-1 , 'wg F- ng," "' H Wx? , f' ' fg . ' -- Q 'JSM L 'v " ' f 4" 1 lf ,ff M ' gf g45cf'F:, , P -I y -- .,Hjg2'- , -,123-I ,. A , 1 , I- I . f . ,,1!'f4j ' W ' Q qvfa- , .L 5 P' as K 6A ,f x . AV ,x J I W, F YAY ,I if!! ' 1 - fn, X! i- H J., an TV ""' ,,-9 " Y QA Tw .s MH' ,IQ 'ff I'5J'.M- ,ff , :iw f ,X z , , f - f, .19 , 1, , 54 J EW , ,wi V V ' sf 7 Q I if - X11 ' 4 5 '-1 1' .if , f ms -,Q - G. -' 'H , Y id 1 V j H-pp-gf, ff ,A + ,gi-, ,,.,, ff , '-1 2-emi! 2 Q if 1- H , N 523' - 5112 - " , r. '5f.-:-vi' l ,' ,'9Q,335' 'I Y . ' ..,, , " M7 2 A ' as ,,,, ,av 3 Y ' , D is ,, 1: ,. la L, ,. xp , 12 K I' H. L- 5 9, . -P - yr: W 1 . Mag S . B, -. ,,, J., ,- ian. W .Vx f X A-ii..,....-- I V ' r"' 6 -r -- '-- ' ,.w , n 4 , HM, --A 4, l E1 f , - Y-rf,-Q-.qi 1 Nxl 1 K I f .1 Wy J v.. 4... 11-I H3 ,. 5,. Jw if i-, l i I. . -' Jiyy., Soulhern Summer Thearre has become well known lhrough- ou+ lhe Soufh. To open i+s eighlh season in I966, lhis college summer sloclc company has aHrac+ecl srudenls 'From eighleen s'ra'res and liorly-lour colleges and universiries. Sludenis re- ceive inlensive lraining in all aspecls of lheaire and presem' seven lop Broadway shows in seven consecuiive weelcs. The program ends wirh crilique and evalualion of each s+uden+'s work on an individual basis. Sixleen hours of credil may be earned on The graduare or underqraduale levels. Alihough The schedule is demanding, rhe professional rewards are great The "ravern scene" from "Uncle l-larry," wi+I-1 Lee Jackson, Richard Hagan, Chuck Carfwrighf, John Hammons, and Kin File. Summer Siock Robbie Hoffman. Linda Lou Tomlinson, Joe Lewis, and Jack Ga in "George Washingron Slepr Here." James Goodman and Marian Curry in "The Crucible." l l l J N31 W, 4 :N gsxfgmemmf-f l l l l l , Lee Jackson and Everelle Nez in "The Glass of Wafer." Marian Curry, Everelle Nez, Ed Douglas, James Goodman, Bill While, and Chuck Carfwrighl in "Sunday in New York." P 44 Q' James Goodman and Jim Weaver in "Wl1ere's Charlie? ' '2'dP',12f ,- Y' .V :.,a1,,,: ii . :., E L O r 'Q I 1 A If 15 if. X Y E xi 4 V Q i ,gg QB Q' ' -211.4 , .ar . JP' , ' ,L .4 fl iz: 'I' P. hflifu N54-41 ..., 41 ' M ' 4 y U r .Q a 'T Q , f ' 1 1, ' , 'Y-, ,JR .. 5 ,Q fr Y V L .1- 3 JW' . 4,1 x Q Q42 ' 1 Q Q k J 5 as. 6 f ! I 63 :rf Y if X I H 4 DQ r 9 N J is ,V :rf "1 , 5 , PAUL HARVEY speaks in 'rlrie coliseum 'ro his "fellow Americans" of l-laiiiesburg. Mr. Kirlcpairick and Warren Dunn visii wiilw 'Hwe SERENDEPITY SINGERS before rheir performance THE LETTERMEN visiled USM for +l'me second consecuiive year las? spring and enrerlainecl a sell-our crowd. Mr. Kirlcpalriclc chars will-1 PETE FOUNTAIN aboui' his fremendous 159 performance in 'rlie Coliseum. Due +0 'rlwe work of Mr. Kirkparrick, USM has enioyecl bigger and beller enlerhainmenl flwis year. F E A T U R E S SHEILA PRICHARD. Edii-or Blackwell Nancy Wells TOP Marilyn Slcrmefla . fam Q-5133? " cLeod ' Q f ml - M R il fl M ,kan J , 53.447 , , ,f Jiiy Mm f Q 1 V, V V- 5-ip, 5 r ur 5 l - ' Q 34- ,irr umm Q l, 1- ,mic E E my :J n 5: , 8. 'Qs 1 , w ,,f. . l I . I L .. il ll: N H f Sally Jo Walers Linda Mann 6 X A tt' if as ay, 4. 1 lr r la 5 y , mn , - 'H Ie, H v yy 11 Q If F V A 5 l , , 5 3-.ggiffj f- l' ' fa" ,-':. M lf CET l Z A Gwen Gallop Georqlana Rusk " W 1 6' l l Xl ' l N fax l A 11.4 ,l,l 'g'g..L5!'W :" QfQ:.ah ,JE - ii ' '.-711,-4' , L ,LQ-rf'Iff1 lN : M "'Ql:5.- EM ' H , H .1191 ,. " C. 5,-L-ff ' ai , Cindy Wallingfon Royce Ann Sieqrisf I H 1 QF., K t-.., Q xr J 4 l un :- l ll fu V 1 L .. Us n x W I ,, I, , ' " I . ..f M an gum, ,NIJ lg H "1 fi:5Lgi1'+,'r- 5' ' ' 7 'Ana--Qi.: :. " V ' "-Nia' --:- -H ' K , Qfgrsi-L .-1-L '- V. Y, ' gf- T if Q W. if 1 -. A ,,,, M ll lllyll ll , 5 Us 'ffl ' illillli .MQ :WT qw Zfizqw QW SX AFM 'Mil Q..f:51l'II:'Ez'L fEE w "A9"'X'?i ' "'!'E:, Mrfuzi l ,F 55i.:5Qf: Q3 1, f Miss Southern Aiier being judged in four divisions-personal inlerview, swim suil. ialenl, and evening gown-Linda Mann was chosen Miss Souihern in an oiliicial Miss America pageani +o represen+ 'rhe Universiry in +he Miss Mississippi conresi. Linda weni on 'ro become ihird alrernaie in Jrhe Miss Missis- sippi pageant Linda is a sophomore, majoring in Music and was Sopho- more maid in Jrhe Homecoming Couri. She also was Firisi aliernale ro Besi Dressed I964-65. Currenily. she is a Top Ten Beauly, Corresponding Secre+ary of Delia Della Delia Sororilry, and a member of Alpha Lambda Della. 12 .- Pennie Sue Webre, The ouigoing MISS SOUTHERN, crowns Linda Mann as 'firsf alrernafe. Robbie Roberrson and second allernare Brenda Morris look on. I62 The Reiqning MISS SOUTHERN l HW ida olgncla Wann ,iff X x - H, ,,.-f- I 5 . uf-my if -ff" f WMM f!! .,7-' ! .f""' .-" ' 1 Y' V . '-,ff rrfn ' Mfg . Q . -. ,,.4 -"""w mid payee nn gegridf KAPPA DELTA I64 I ',- W, 'Q 4 551 I G in 4 Z3 I' I' V Q fl lip' I E if I AH04' i fp 4 fi' . :I lb ' "'wf ': I 'lf .J I if xX xfytx Q - ' X N iff gg? + 1s QM- M66 marifyn .szrmeffa I66 ' J, 11 ,., nl 1 1 1 xx' JK! ' JFK T? P F xcyfg, J! 1 .:,. .4,. 1 1 SV ' ll 's 5 15. 11 S Y x ,1 1 H I' 1 ,Q - 3 . A , ' :-5 ,. 1 , W 1 11121113-W .- 1 , W, W. , a1f'11 ,5::.. '- .. X 'Qf.M1 A-wz:fQs!3'Ti5.4 il-14 ' " 2: ' ' ' . 255' - 111 11 3"i-52 . , b : .ggggggi-5111,H111!H -,.,,q5Qgig5gwW11iv 1: A . t 1. -.. Sf- ,fzmiff H151 1 1 ,,,4.,, 1 .ef X 'ef 'CLA uw? PM -V... -. ASF' iw ZWH111 'zfsfguyr ', 111 - 1 5 X , K, . 11 1 Nfl 11 in 1 1 1 Q. 1 rf , 1 1 Q Q.. Q - izid Graaf? wzfgngfon , .171 '. M 5 - 4. Li:-n.1 - wg?"g3:.Q .7139 1-tm -x T x' .n .r Q--., 'Al-4' po -. 'ff53ae!'-'- -Amis.. 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' jf QW . .,:,I,. 4, .' ,, 31 da 'Lil r ., ---ff My ' ,Y 32 4, , , .aw - ' -4 1, , ., 1-.5 ' G 5 x Homecoming Courl I965 HOMECOMING COURT-Leff Io Righf: Linda Mann, Sophomore Maid: Jamie Murdock, Senior Maid: Jelinda Blackwell, Siudenf Body Maid: Mari Longino, Homecoming Queen: Grace Srnifh, Graduafe Maid: Kay McLeod, Junior Maid: Rosie Ray, Freshman Maid. MISS JELINDA BLACKWELL Sfudenf Body Maid TH- ., MISS ROSIE RAY Freshman Maid MISS JAMIE MURDOCK MISS KAY MCLEOD MISS LINDA MANN Senior Maid Junior Maid 'Dm I I I Miss GRACE SMITH Graduafe Maid Sophomore Maid R Q - ,1 -ima , My .V I W- ,Mn vw V-1,f"Q.,,. -J,f'.,A, Mx:--.,L, . ,W 1,495 I ,. "1,,q,,a, ,WLM "'-w..k,,.e1v ' 'isbn ,gw-'A 'fvy..,,-.,,9m: is-1-uigli-mf ' H1944 HMM ,.,,,,,,qM,,.....,N, ...,,,,,.,,...-- '11--.4 -,,fv-"" 'Y-11, 4nvf"f :w,.,,,.Q3w,+-'- fi'-,,,.LW9nH"? 5'-.f..,3w1""' ,5!'4Ag,,1+'-.1 5""'!-iv" ... -..,Jt,Q"' .. '34-li" "-Qwu , , 1 ,,, M ,, ff-w,,w4""':,+.',w ' --we-1" --H 'Q vw.m"'1.,,,1- Af.,,w-u a n .lk , f-E' 53: ii , 'QE sq L., 1,13 . P Q f .L 3 gif V , vas L if g' 'mf . 'Z Hg 3 . f 1 1 i it . x 1 , ,I . 15 2 ge a , H. If 3 5 x 1 g Zi H ma 5 gf . . tw I 5 1 Sift "Emswa'w v 2: pf ,Gig i 5 I fa ' i1f.2 i H 2:-f E .. 4? ff- 2555: 'L-5?f3'-ai'..v-,- W ,..fH" - V - , U S1 Wg?" 9.1. :1 -ri' fly : NAA- V: L gig V J' .I 'YL ,L -'V ' 1 . , , A . ,.,,.,15 ,. 1 .Y A ,,. . 25? V' A YEQXIH Penny Hale. a freshman from Poplarville. was chosen USM's I966 Besl Dressed by a panel of judges. The conlesl is presenfed each year in conneclion wiih GLAMOUR maga- zine and Miss Hale will now compere wilh girls from all over The Uni+ed Srafes. A besl dressed co-ed is iudged on +he basis of poise. Abov- ,ff--'L Miss Penny Hale wifh her lirsl' aliernale, Miss Linda Mann. BEST DRESSED CONTESTANTS-Leff +o Right Judy Beckner, Delia Zefag Medora Poole, Kappa Delia: Peggy Malone, Alpha Sigma Alphag Mary Alice Cox. Sigma Sigma Sigma: Penny Hale. Chi Omega: Linda Mann, Della Della Della: Gwen Sfalnaker, Phi Mug Eddie Welford, Pi Bela Phi. Miss Penny Hale models her sporlswear oulfif. l8I .f 1 ff ,S H' ' .- aw MT J H T USM Maid of Colton This year Soufhern was forlrunaie +o have a represeniarive in +he Maid of CoH'on Conlesi. Twenly girls were selecled as semi-finalislrs from a personal inferview and phoiographs ou+ of over fwo hundred con+es+anl's. These 'rweniy girls wenf lo Memphis for 'rhe con+es+ and Robbie was among fhe Top Ten. Robbie is a sophomore here a+ Soulhern, a member of Delia Della Delia sororily. and last year was Tirs+ al+erna're in +he Miss Soufhern pageant MISS ROBBIE ROBERTSON 1111" mmf MISS GINNY LOU TERRY PI KAPPA mu LITTLE SISTERS-Miss sandra Lenoir, Miss Kafhy Webb, Miss shane. Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweefheari Prichard, Miss Ann Bond, Miss Judy Holley, Fralernily Sweelhea rls MISS TIP HATHORN Acacia Swee-Ihearf MISS BETTY LEE SHELTON MISS SHEII-A SHOTTS Alpha Tau Omeqa Sweefhearf Pi Kappa Alpha Dreamgirl I83 Club Sponsors I In rw 'QQ' f ' ' I :sr -. i ?Yi5'zw 3 ff E53 MISS BONNIE CRAIG Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia MISS BONNIE DAUGI-IERTY CoIIegIaIe Civifan Sweefhearf MISS MARILYN SKRMETTA Yellowiaclcei Sweefhearf MISS MARI LONGINO M Club Sweefheari , PP ' f I 1 MISS JAMIE MURDOCK DeI+a Sigma Pi Rose "'-nl. MISS NANCY WELLS Second BaI'iaIion S'IaI3f MISS GEORGIANA RISK Four+I1 BaH'aIion Staff gh MISS ROYCE ANN SIEGRIST Brigade S+aff MISS GWEN GALLOP Firs+ BaH'aIion S+aIT MISS MARILYN SKRMETTA Rangers Military Sponsors MISS CONNIE EIEN Third Baffalion SI'aI"f MISS SUSAN WELLS Pershing Rifles MISS SI-IERRYE ETI-IRIDGE ROTC Band M Fl P A":'- -1: mag A , . , 1 - N ,,.,. , X ' n ' -x. ., xfqm gm 1 Fi . rf. .s'AA ,., 'Nz Y I s x xqmilg. 54? 31 5 --0 fl 'v 1 1 ' I 'z JI' ,lr SVU., ??gQ,W. .-,..l , v .T-A 5 , ui, "Charge" was a familiar cry of The Soulhern fans as 'rhe "spiril"' of USM spurred Jrhem on lo prove Jrheir supporf. "Spiri+" is found in The noise and clamor of a pep rally, +he excilemenl' of a foorball game, and Jrhe safisfaciion of a vicrory. General Na+ and lhe cheerleaders aroused The enlhusi- asm of lhe siudenis wi'rh lhe many pep rallies, bonlires, parades and dances. The Civilan Club promoled spiril' by giving away len dollars af each pep rally, while 'rhe Pom Pom Girls enlerlained al The baslcerball games in rhe new coliseum, Spiril' reigned in all phases of campus life wirh Jrhe vic- 'fory cry of "Sou'rhern Mississippi ro 'rhe Top" ringing in fhe ears of 'rhe Sourhern fans, General Na+, Gregg Woodward and 'rhe Son of Dixie lead 'rhe Soulh erners in spiril. Cheerleaders I966 CHEERLEADERS-Sfanding Leff fo Righf: Dodo Nelson. Jerry Reed, John McCarry, and Donald Toler. Sealed: Sharon Land, Lynelle LaBay, Diana LaBay, and Nancy Wells. 1 l l ri' .' K :ft 'ff ' -4 - I-'lima' ' 'rrlbqs -...QE 561' V Jw- ' ' 'Q af 1 4 gf If RJ. 'x.,., K .. I Q 4,. 7 br-nl-z-7-N Q . 7 3, 1' 49:55. 1 4. M, 4 w A f W Ja H was w' r 1 f ,.. 5- I ml Q -4-.mfg .,,m,.'k f 3571 1 f ' , ' "fr L' i " .-. .. . , .,..,-- f f X M s X 4 N '. ,-.V-' X Rf -5. fr' V I I , , Y... ...,.. , f X- 1 ag'--.... fl P , x of '--N., "' -. A xl J ,ff 'K -,-.,..., ,4 '-. V I--'v,.,.,,..,,.a.-....:AkVm .,....k- A .X - 4- X r -q.."--- ig K M' , 1 H 1 I' ff Lf' .U Q 1 i 6 s QR P ,,- ,W ' N, VH X 5 .fri lau-. .f""""T7" H if--0 X O ' .V A wir -W-4 ,N ,M ,... ,n.,. .. , f A+...a--Tff' 'ff fx... Z , I ui ik' ,NN lrll 3 ax! : 1 .1 E r rm l T1 ' .. ., I ' f 'Th N ' -. I I if 1. , 1 , ., -1, gf" ,-,rx ,, -- " A MLM v .V V w ,... X XR ' xl' . 'Rl -"z"'f""-A-Y SX , XJFF., ., T1 1 A., .- l - -s..l 1 wma awww Q NTWWNE w X K 'W y m w Fbblbdll COACHING STAFF Lf , ef fo Righf: P W lBearl Underwood, L D arry l ocl l-larringion, James Berry, 'Pele' Taylor, Ma' L b. . l . xle am- righf, Kneeling. Coach Thad lPiel Vann, R " USN .. ,ff H' ll I966 VARSITY FOOTBAL L TEAM-Lefi' +o Right Firsi- Row: Milo McCarlhy, Terreal Garner Dickie Dunawa R b , y, o err Wells, Elberi Trone, Clyde Dowd Tommy Youman Ch Coach Thad lPiel Vann ends season wifh l25'rh win. , s, uck Armond, Jesse Brown, John Kirke, Harry Huelsbeck, John Mellon, George Rodman, Larry Wrighf. Second Row: Floyd Kellum, Dooney Lippincofl, Rabbi? Brown Andy Armslrong, Ari Gill T ' , roy Craft Charles l-linion, Bill Gorney, Doug Slacher, Sid Aflcins, Will Willoughby, George Sumrall, Henry Leforl, Tommy Brennan, Poochie Sfringfellow, Peanuis Smiih. Third Row: Sydney Malone, Buddy Hunler John M , angum, Jaclc McAlpin, Bill l-lodges, Don McDonald Tommy Rouss l B b , e, o by Webb, Tommy Mellon, Gene Bachman, Chuck Wilkes, Jimmy Berger, Glen Bynum. Alhleiic Direcror Reed Green. .tx fis- 1 ' ' IX ,X 1 ,L 411111111116-ill an -1411 1 1 s .1 1651953711911-?19"ji55g211vF3 'f7Qg1f3 3,51 if 111 101' '71 ,L-J 1 91 95159 6967215131z1'l2fM1 132 34531 rigfn 1 3 M1 3' I' il, L91 f 9' 012 '51 -6 'Qu ! 31-A.-i.Q:'Sf-E-1Qs'i P1 aaa ixl KJ!! .J-36154 4-,ii - 91.39 Q.. R- fw N 5' - 'QQ H' A f 5, 1 GX L 1 ' ,, " , 4 B V 11 .1 1 ' ua' S 1 '11 g- I I f! gt ,I an' i 'Y uk. 12:4 ' Q, ix 'K 4, ,, - 1 . . , 1 1 , 1 ' --1 s -gif we-we sz---.--Q37 ,, f ,4-f. V gg is ,K , Y i - I if . I 5 I is GEORGE SUMRALL if Biloxi ' A 1'-Q" 1 VIC PURVIS Quarierback RABBIT BROWN Baci: DICK DUNAWAY Puckerf Senior Capfain Pensacola, Florida Senior Caplain Gulfpofl Soulhern Football Players .. 1.. . I I ix,- . , , GLEN BYNUM Quarlerbaclc HENRY LETORT Back DOONEY LIPPINCOTT Back JIMMY BARGER Baker. Louisiana Sophomore Biloxi Senior Hailiesburg Senior Memphis, Tennessee 194 ,FIR gp. mg? DEVROW Baci: TOMMY BRENNAN Back TOMMY YOUMANS Back KEN AVERT Lineman Junior Savannah, Georgia Junior Oui+man, Georgia Senior Miami. Florida Junior xi: as in - ii iii Q ' ii '55, fx 'N i ATCHER Guard TROY CRAFT End JESSE BROWN End BILL GORNEY End Senior Biloxi Junior Georgiana, Alabama Senior Orlando Park. Illinois Senior f'CN,-ag 4!'N- STRINGFELLOW ARTHUR GILL Lineman JOHN MELTON Tackle TOMMY MELTON Lineman Junior Biloxi Junior Junior Baker, Florida Senior Pascagoula Senior 'Nr' 522 MANGUM Tackle CHUCK ARMOND Tackle WILL WILLOUGHBY Lineman GEORGE RODMAN End Senior Cnalrneiie, Louisiana Senior Liloeriy Senior Leviiiown, Pennsylvan Senior 195 SOUTHERN 15 SOUTHEASTERN LA. O The Vandals. SouThern Mississippi's deTensive uniT, re- duced The SouTheasTern Louisiana oTFense inTo ineTTecTive- ness in pacing The Generals To a I5-O opening-nighT win here SaTurday. The Vandals did noT allow The visiTing Lions To peneTraTe any TurTher Than The USM 43. and held SouTheasTern To a ToTal oTTensive ouTpuT oT I26 yards. Ken Avery played a Tine game aT linebacker and Billy Devrow sTood ouT among The deTensive backs. SouTheasTern moved The ball beyond The midTield sTripe only Three Times during The enTire evening, The Vandals com- bining wiTh The booming punTs oT Dickie Dunaway To sTall SouTheasTern oTTensively. Dunaway kepT driving The Lions deep wiTh a punTing average oT 48.7 yards on seven kicks. Glen Bynum. who sparkled in his TirsT varsiTy sTarT, led The Generals in boTh rushing and passing. A homeTown crowd oT approximaTely ll.OOO viewed scoring siTuaTions resulTing Trom Tumble recoveries by sTal- warTs Tommy Brennan and Poockie STringTellow. This game served as a paceseTTer Tor The remaining games as George Sumrall displayed his abiliTy To booT The ball Through The uprighTs and The Vandals unveiled Their aggressive deTensive play. LeTorT carries againsT SouTheasTern. SOUTHERN 21 MEMPHIS STATE 16 Vic Purvis displayed an almosT unbelievable perTormance in leading The UniversiTy oT SouThern Mississippi To a 2l-I6 vicTory over Memphis STaTe on a cold SaTurday nighT in Jackson. The senior quarTerback Trom PuckeTT scored one Touchdown and passed Tor anoTher, gaining 238 yards on The ground in 28 carries and passing Tor an addiTional 74 yards. Brennan comes up Tor The sTop. The crowd. esTimaTed aT 22.500, waTched in awe as The veTeran signal caller carried around end. up The middle. or passed as The occasion demanded, making a shambles oT The Tiger deTense. Fullback Harmon lBulll Brannan kepT The Tigers Trom concenTraTing on Purvis by ripping Through Tor IO3 yards in 2l rushing aTTempTs. Things looked dim as The Tigers were spoTTed nine poinTs in The iniTial period. boTh resulTing Trom SouThern Tumbles deep in Their own TerriTory. However. This was a shorT-lived lead as Purvis and his impeneTrable Torward wall oT Raiders came roaring back wiTh Three consecuTive Touchdowns and Their second vicTory in as many sTarTs. For The Third game in a row, Vic Purvis showed Tremen- dous all-sTar poTenTial. The I8l-pound senior signal caller ran for Two Touchdowns and passed Tor anoTher in leading The UniversiTy of SouThern Mississippi To a 28-7 vicTory over The Richmond Spiders. Purvis gained 203 yards on The ground and compleTed IO of 22 passes for I23 yards. a ToTal offensive ouTpuT of 326 yards againsT The Spiders. The MinuTemen wrapped up scoring aTTer SaTcher had pulled down his second inTercepTion and reTurned iT five yards To The Richmond 30. Quarferback Glen Bynum rolled ouT righT and moved 23 yards To The Richmond seven. Then SOUTHERN 28 RICHMOND 7 Earl King, who played aT PerlcinsTon Junior College lasT year. rambled The final seven yards for The score. Sumrall. conTinuing True To his previously .seT form. booTed The exTra poinf, making The final score 28-7. Rabbif on The receiving end. Vandals converge. ,L-.-. . -. ..,,..'-s- Y , .- . - . A. . , 77 si .iii -- ll 2s1,LEl3?52g?i!i3fmili3.?? ii iff? liifrifiiiiiszi fi tj if .ei - new .ess gg is ., .v . - .. ..,., NaTion's No. I rusher puTs ball in moTion. SOUTHERN 9 MISSISSIPPI STATE 27 The UniversiTy of SouThern Mississippi Generals sTayed wiThin sTrilcing disTance of The naTion's Then No. 9 Team, Mississippi STaTe, unTil The final four minuTes and fifTeen seconds of The game. As in The Memphis STaTe game, mis- Takes early in The combaT gave The ball To STaTe deep in Soufhern TerriTory. ConsequenTly. The Maroons had a Ten- poinT handicap going inTo The second guarTer. The game was a sTandoTf unTil Neill's field goal sewed iT up wiTh 4:3I leTT in The game. AT ThaT Time. STaTe sup- porTers breaThed a sigh of relief when The ball sailed Through The uprighTs, for The Generals were very much in a posifion To Tie. The scoreboard read 27-9-liTTle indicaTion oT The baT'Tle ThaT Tool: place in STarlcville on ThaT hoT OcTober aTTernoon when The Bulldogs wiTnessed T-he power of The Generals and Their naTion-leading rusher. Purvis. , !5'?Ea5w Y S .J - - iam' PT E 1-' ,Y :LH Q de, an iff "x 4 x X A 1 , . Em.: X lp, me 'YL -jx K -, 3' A-1 - I New V 4 . . ji as kxr 1 L n ff Q ig xi Y r W .gif 'ai Y 1. was Y, ' f .JN , 5 fi . . ' ln if , ,H-1 ,X , 'Q ,-j,'f' ,wr if gy ff' . , 1- 'th 4 S " Qi M U fgff aw 17 , 51- i , - - -x,"? 115. ' ,I".' J. ' -'...f ,' ,..M4rg1:z , f M .ffm-ffif " . . - ,- fi1ffAf11?vf7S' - z -refswiwkg-" --H" "T1?5f3ef4if"i' . 1'-Wi" -- B . ,V 1 -f " 75 '- , - V A" vf .fx 5 YP-'5' 3?-'- 5 1-'I 'v -f'32::??'73 lik'-f - - ,riff 97-lf' ' 3 . - 39 - " '1I:wwfwn, A 5-11 flu? U: ':U -,, '- " 'f - CraTT pulls in anoTher aerial. in as is a. I ses- U- L. 1 1 . , I . ,,. N In--Vw lg- 5 T bl' T ' " 5" "':----- Ms .-eiafiiefffd is fi, SOUTHERN 3 VIRGINIA MILITARY O George Sumrall provided The margin and The Vandals conTribuTed The muscle as The SouThern Mississippi Gen- erals sneaked by The VMI KeydeTs 3-0 in The Homecoming Day FeaTure. Sumrall, The USM kicking specialisT. boomed a 35-yard goal wiTh 8:25 remaining in The TirsT quarTer and The defense made The Three poinTs sTand up Tor The vicTory. The Tield goal by Sumrall was his second -successTul lciclc in Three Tries This season. BoTh oT The oTher aTTempTs came in The opening game againsT SouTheasTern Louisiana. While The Tield goal provided The margin OT vicTory, iT was The muscle and deTerminaTion oT The Vandals and The punTs of Dickie Dunaway ThaT made The vicTory sTand up. However, The game proved cosTly To The SouTherners personnel-wi-se. NOT only did iT see senior fullback Harmon Brannon leave boTh The game and The Team. buT iT also saw Vic Purvis sufier a very cosTly ankle injury. I965 Freshman FooTball Squad The UniversiTy oT Souihern Mississippi Freshman TooTball squad, under The excellenT coaching oT ex-SouThern TooT- ball players Larry Ecuyer and Billy Larson, opened The season wiTh a vicTory oT I9-O over Tulane. The second game Tound Them vicTorious over Marion InsTiTuTe 33-2I. Florida STaTe UniversiTy ended Their TasTe oT vicTory wiTh a score oT 33-8. The Tinal game wiTh Memphis STaTe UniversiTy was close, as MSU managed To edge The SouTherners. I4-I3. Freshman Foolball Team Ends Season With a 2-2 Record and Oilers Brighl Prospecls for The Fulure SOUTHERN 3 AUBURN O George SumraII's Toe again provided The diTTerence as SouThern Mississippi upended Two-Touchdown TavoriTe Au- burn 3-O. Sumrall booTed The 26-yard Tield goal wiTh I:24 remaining in The second quarTer, and The vaunTed Vandal cleTense made The Three poinTs sTand up againsT The SouTh- Vandals in pursuiT. easTern ConTerence leaders. IT was The second week in a row ThaT a Sumrall 'Tield goal had given USM a 3-O win. IT marked SouThern's TirsT vicTory over an SEC Team since I954 when The Generals knocked oTT Alabama Tor The sec- ond consecuTive year. The Generals were TurTher hampered by injury as sopho- more quarTerback Glen Bynum, who was replacing The in- iured Purvis, severely iniured his ankle, In addiTion, The Two sTarTing halTbacks suTFered injuries which Torced Them To leave The game. NeverTheless, The defense sTood sTrong, inTercepTing Tour passes. recovering The only IosT Tumble, and blocking Auburn's aTTempTed Tield goal which would have knoTTed The score. Ycumans makes The sTop as The players look on. I Mangum rides him down. SOUTHERN O WILLIAM AND IVIARY 3 ATTer Two consecuTive 3-O wins, The Generals Tell by The same margin To The Indians oT William and Mary. This deTeaT occurred beTore abouT 25.000 OysTer Bowl Tans in Foreman Field aT NorToIk, Virginia. and Donnie McGuire. one oT The shorTesT oT The W84M Braves, seTTled The issue wiTh his TirsT collegiaTe Tield goal. IT was a 3l-yarder and came wiTh 39 seconds leTT in The TirsT halT oT play. While iT was noT one oT SouThern's besT eTTorTs oT The season. Those pulling Tor The SouTherners saw Them Tail To geT a single break in The conTesT. There were eleven ll Il Tumbles during The aTTernoon and The Indians recovered Them all. ThaT is usually called "making your own breaks," buT This Time iT was a case oT The ball bouncing righT Tor The Indians every Time. One oT The Indians acTually "double cIribbIed" once and sTill gained seven yards. OTTensiveIy, The Generals ouTrushed The Indians. buT could never geT quiTe close enough To uTilize The services oT kicking specialisT George Sumrall. SOUTHERN 1 7 CHATTANOOGA O The Generals, in Their nexT To lasT game of The season, ended a Three-game Touchdown droughf as They scored Two TD's and a field goal in dumping Scrappy Moore's scrappy Chaffanooga Moccasins by a I7-O margin. As usual, The Vandal defense was superb, allowing The Moccasins a ToTal of only 80 yards, mainTaining Their sTaTus of number one defensive Team in The naTion. The offensive Raiders and The defensive Vandals each scored in Touchdowns. The recuperafing Vic Purvis carriecl The ball over from Two yards ouT for The oTfense. End Tom Russell blocked a ChaTTanooga punT and recovered The ball in The end zone for The defensive Tally. George Sumrall added his fourfh field goal of The season in The Third quar- Ter To wind up The scoring for The nighf. Devrow T331 inT arcepTs again. SOUTHERN 31 LOUIS-IANA TECH 7 The Soufl iniTial quarf seTTled bac' vicfory ovi Louisiana. IT marke Again. iT was The offense geffing half of The Touch downs. For The offense. Dooney LippincoTT carried The bali over from The four and Jack McAlpin pulled in an eleven- yard aerial from quarferbaclc Glen Bynum. Defensively Tommy Brennan reTurnecl Two punTs for scores, one for 59: yards and The oTher for 47. To round ouT The scoring if was George Sumrall wiTh his TiT+h field goal of The geagign, veferan co was.Vann's l25Th career vicfory againsT 42 losses ancz Two Ties. Though beaTing Tech wiTh ease, The Generals' pass de- fense record Toolc a beaTing. Second in The nafion wiTh an average yield of 63 yards a game Through The air, The Generals gave up 272 aerial yards as Two Bulldog quarfer- baclcs complefed 20 of 39 aTTempTs. l-lowever, The USM forward wall racked up Tech baclcs for a -57-yard rushing. Q f W 1 'Ja 0 -rl" ,4.. ...Q-nj Q .0 Q . 3?L'ir1'1- ,, ,, W, :l,AA: , , ,f g l V 1 , -Mmm: gm-lg an Y -. . A JZ. if . la W ? W M45 , V Z M 5 , ,Eh M. u rx' Q if if s V. 5 1 Q U .gg 5 W, 3 m . 'L in .L .. .. 4 ,A .x ' -f K? ' ! I Q Q 1 3 U i Q . V 'NW ' M wg-.fx 7 qu ,,lp . " L -- Q s . W, ,N 3. O .fr , agus are . VW. . N I- ? " 1 . .. 4' ' I -Af ww. f" ...I1EQil,i A "ln, A rv fr' X , , , .. . 3' if x '23 ' A" f E ,L ,Z - 1. so - . :M 1 EE.g,A.:,,5f1 Q5-A,,,?,,,,. . J i. I ,-V A Coach Floyd discusses +he upcoming season wifh refurnees lleff fo righfl Gary Kochersperger, Gary Hannan, and Doug Slacy. 15,51 CDACHINA STAFF Coach Floyd Acquires New Hardwood As . . . The I966 Universily of Soulhern Mississippi Basltelball Jream appeared 'ro be on lheir way fo anolher winning sea- son unlil Jrhey dropped The lasl lhree games of l'he season and finished wi+l'1 a won-losl' marlc of I2 viclories againsl' I3 defeals. However. H' was by no means an unevenllul season. Such highlighls included declicaling 1'he Reed Green Coli- seum. Gary l-lannan's joining +he exclusive IOOO poin'r club, Coach Lee heads 'rhe l96b "Golden Gian'rs." 2 - Q -vie' 2 v U' '- wma ' f' ' . 'N and The selling of a new single game scoring marlc-l23 poinls againsl Delfa Sfale. ln addilion, lhere remains a brighl spol for lhe fulure. All live of SouJrhern's slarlens who averaged inadouble figures will relurn To The Coliseum hard- wood nexi year. The Soulherners are ably coached by head coach Lee Floyd and assislanl Coach Jeep Clark. Jeep Clark serves as assislanl varsify coach and freshman baskelball coach. 'Q' 4 - , . A ' J- WE: - 'f. -e Ji' v 5 p"9l2'. ,,.f Q if x . 2 ., ,qi , L. ' .' -!31,:Q:., i 7,1 ,M t J' .Elg in , an zap? , W ' " '. iii. ' - -' ff 9' .1 V. 1Q?h',w5.:.Tv, i lggilw, . 'fi Wifi Q' il H' -. 1 'Y " ' sf ., L- , , gf ' 1 b V-JL, H . :V , .v , A -N 5 . . AVN S K N 6 Q Q1 . H V4 E' ii STI, if -' : A- f! 2 ,b.Ui'4f ,A a Q4 Q: 'W X: I Q W Ll' Y 5:4 I YW 9 Q KAW? f 3 , ,EP 3 Cv ,K Q :gin J J ,sv- 71,1-is N Q A . Ladner was 'lhe mosf accurafe from 'fhe field wi+h a 53.9 percenfage and was closely 'followed by Kochersperger. Re- serve guard Pa'r Murphy led from ihe foul line wiih a 74.5 perceniage. l-le also was closely followed by "Ga1'es." The five siariers were ably backed up by sophomore Frank Baker. iuniors Pai Murphy and Ronnie Kidd. and five senions who have played 'rheir lasl game as Soulherners. Frank Ellis, Ric Sfewarf. Bob Tom Johnson, Rex Pefro. and Doug Siacey. This season saw Jrhe highesi score ever compiled by a Souihern 'ream in a single game. The margin was I23-90 over The Delia S+a+e S+a+esmen. I+ was in ihis same game fhai Gary ioined 'ihe group of six oiher Soufherners who have scored over a Thousand career poinis-and Gary sfill has anolher season To go. Gary had the individual high game wi'rh 30 poinis againsi Souiheasiern Louisiana while Sieve Campbell had 'rhe in- dividual high of I9 rebounds in a single game againsi Louisiana Tech. Pai Murphy iighfs hard for ihe rebound. 1, I -f .L 1 A f.: ey. 1 r ei ' X L ' if rg - I 9 .. 'lx-9' , J i L 35, 1.12 ., , . . i .au 5 1 WWA, i'?'g?"'t:3:-wr: 7. . ,, ,L gs, ,SQ , gif-'E Q 3 I 1 rg S , f 1 2 .fab f X55 at pn ? . EM? 15 -51 f fd if wk E , 1..- J I f H -..JZ f iww 27.321 l96b PiTching sTaFF includes, from Ie1iT To righT, kneeling: Tony Engles, Ed BryanT, George Cabaniss, and Milne McLeIIand. S+anding from Iefi' To righf are: Buddy Jordan, Ed Assai. Randy Tschannen, and CurTis MaThern. -sis Coach PeTe Taylor has proven his baseball coaching abiliiy wiTh consecuTiveIy winning Teams. Soulhern Baseball Players Expeci Tough Year . . . The I966 USM Baseball schedule includes 22 games wiTh I5 of Them aT home. Playing under The proven coaching abiIiTy oi C. J. Taylor lPeTel, The SouThern hardballers open wiTh six sTraighT home games. including Two wiTh always Tough Ole Miss. OTher Teams included are Alabama, Ar- Ouifielders are, from Iefl' To righlz Rod Windham, Denny Kreeger, and Joe LoTT. kansas. Illinois STaTe, Millsaps. Springhill. SouTheasTern Louisi- ana. Missisippi College, and DeITa STaTe. Coach Taylor will rebuild his Team around seven IeTTer- men reTurning from The I965- Team ThaT had a I5-4 record. The only piTcher in The group is harcl-Throwing righThander THE I966 SPRING BASEBALL SCHEDULE . ..-AA 2l0 March I8 Nicholls STaTe March I9 Nicholls STaTe March 21 Ole Miss March 22 Ole Miss March 29 Mississippi College March 3I Spring I-lill April 2 Spring Hill April 4 Mississippi College April B Illinois Slaie April 9 Illinois S'I'aTe April II SouTheasTern Louisiana April I3 Arkansas April I4 Arlcansas April I9 'SouTheasTern Louisiana April 22 Alabama April 23 Alabama April 25 Alabama April 26 Alabama April 29 DeITa STaTe April 30 DelTa S'I'G'I'9 May 6 DeITa S'raTe May 7 DeITa sible 1 .f . 1 -HJ as ...A - iw. up sw 1, ess 1--'L A--V L . - , ,- , . . V , . Typical sliding aciion seen a+ any baseball game. Souihern scores again. George Cabaniss. who had a periecl 5-O record. Oiher reiurnees are infielders George Sumrall, las'r year's leading hiHer, Gary Hannan, Pele Hays. and Frank Baker. and Ouiiielder Billy Devrow and Joe LOH. Rounding our Jrhe squad are Ronnie Davis, Buddy Jor- dan, Charlie Chawgo, Ed Bryant Terry Holiiield, Ricky I966 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM-Lefi' 'lo Righf, Kneeling: Joe Loft Ronnie Davis, Buddy Jordan, Charlie Chawgo. Ed Bryanf, Terry Holi- field, Peanuls Smifh, George Sumrall, Pele Hays, Mike McLelland. Sharp. Lamar Culpepper, Tony Engles. Curiis Maiherne, Peanuls Smiih. Mike McClellan, Randy Tshchannen, Denny Kreezer. Ed Assai, Rod Windham. and Hill Denson. Managers 'for The Jream are Bolo Godwin, Bob Whiie. and Gilmore Hollingsworih. Sfandingz Randy Tschannen, Ricky Sharp, Lamar Culpepper, Denny Kreeger, Ed Assai. George Cabaniss, Tony Engles, Cur+is MaH'ern. Rod Windham, Hill Denson. Coach Taylor. wr B WW eww, INFIELDERS-Leff 'l'o Righi, Kneeling: Terry Holifield, Hill Denson, Peanuis Smifh, Pele Hays, Ronnie Davis. Sfanding: George Sumrall, Lamar Culpepper, Ricky Sharp, Charlie Chawgo. Q .- V 5 X 1 Mum Xyw ,fr XX ly F 'il W 3' 'nf 3 --Ls "i ii 'E 3 .efeff:,4 1 Sou+hern in aciion. 2l2 Leading piicher, George Cabaniss, fires The ball over home plaie. nga,-. .1 , - rr' if ff' , 4 fr -f Srl ,3 - 'PEff?'-"- ' . Zff5'3':ii, his " ,Q ,W,.g.-V-he 5' at H' .A ':.,,,4 V ,. J, ,K :ai 154' 1 Q' "" ' L.f. f ' - 'E , If 54- X Q' i . , .1 .. . 1' -, ' vc H9 I.,--?:.'. 'gg L..,,.,,,nfb--- U-:J vi -- ' J -, 12" 3 -. 1-,H -- 'f 19 "L 'fbfsgmf-.f -'A " , "' A '. gf-r'f.Z 05' ,.L""f-5 - L. ,. ,,- ..,,, ,,,,. , Following Their 1965 15-4 Mark Doug Safcher rounds 'Ers+ and heads 'For second. Gary Hannan sirefches far bu+ fails 'to s+op S+a+e player. .. L4 Q, A ,E 'Y5f Qs ,. V? , 4,-. - -lm,-1.57. M. v-,pl - 'I - 2' .77 L ' ' .'.,-f Q' 'Qe:.,1g'.'-'fix'-'f2""'x S. f-23,3--.. ' we , ,.',f.','u, - v , , ,, 120,41 a -l,4q,.,.5:,--V. -c.-rg, - . - ' ' V ' Q- .. ,ff f '33apX " A 1' i"1 -we ,- A ... P ', W- 1 ., A J- - 51.-4 Q . 3' '5,.I!g5,,QvLv-. . V, ' ' I A ' ' - ' -r. " ' ', e -,Q ' ' "r 4. ' ' -s ui-,Lg 74-LJ! - -,. an .e .4. . lr A- Y -7 -L -- - ., b , L 2. . uf, e ---:--1.n:.L f..,,iy K. -f:.a4uL-- I'2s.M2a'... .49 S '-S'..'Een-Q 4 V 'Tory ,og .1 - . . N 1 'se .,.. '-X U' 5' ,Q J' 5 e. . Soufhern bench wa+ches ano+her poinf on fhe way. Uni- ,I ' ' 4 A A Y w A - .95-F' ive, 4.2 1' 1 ' .. ' ' .7173 X' V 'f " ' -. --R .. ,- B I .--fx" ' ,, -"F .5-1'Qsqf'.,l, ' few' -"' . ii -1-ff 'ir 'iff' - ffhf'-4 7' - ",e'9 f-"- .' -'- ' ,"-.'1'-r. ' ' ' -'rl' - - "Z 'fl' "XT ' Q 2' e- -fff:-of-ff: - Pefe Hays rounds ouf The key-sfone combi- I. J42'71-""j' ' ,. 'Q "--.L Cs 'f 4 8 qv-'25 xjw- l nafion. ,-"' 'Ig' 4 ,Q " "cn ,.." .- 1.-"-... -" ' ev--4.-1 v - , -f. ' - 53:56:71 Q vu L.. i 91 . in A, 175. ,, 1 A - " .9 QV . ' - as . .1 A . ' 3 X if M Q W-L "SL ' . i75E.m'C'f?,53'4,,"" 1 "Z I966 TENNIS TEAM-Lefi' fo -Righf, Kneeling: John Wechs, Max Bozzeiii, Harvey Dellinger, Jim Bishop, Tony DelHomme, Kim Chaze. Sfanding: "Doc" Harringion, Sergio Bozzefii, Bill Pendergrass. Jimmy Balfhrop, Denny Hays, Chevis Sweeiman, Bill Todd. Tel1l1iS Coach Larry "Doc" Harringion has 'Four leiiermen reiurn- ing 'From Jrhe i965 USM Tennis Team io form The' nucleus of a Team 'rhai will play whai is probably The ioughesl schedule in Sou'rhern's hisiory. The l965 'ream compiled an 8-6-l record. The I965 reiurnees are Tony DelHomme of Fairhope, Alabama: Bill Pendergrass of San Francisco: Max Bosseiii of Rome. lialyq and Denny Hays oi Haiiiesburg. Sergio Bosseiii. also of Rome. reiurns aiier leiiering in I963 and l964. Rounding oui ihe ieam are Jim Bishop, Kin Chaze, and Harry Dellinger. all of Haiiiesburg. Jimmy Balihrop oi Mo- bile, Chevis Sweeiman of Biloxi, and John Wechs of Arling- ion. Virginia. The schedule includes iwo iournamenis, and I8 maiches. The iouramenis are ihe USM lnviiafional in which 'rhe Souihern neiiers finished second lasi year. and ihe Missis- sippi lnviiaiional where They ioolc ihird place. Major schools wiih which USM will compeie include Arkansas. Ole Miss. Mississippi Siaie. and Alabama. Two ouisianding reiurning seniors are Tony DelHomme, on 'ihe leif. and Sergio BozzeHi, on 'ihe righf. i QSM. 9? Larry "Doc" Harringion is coach of 'rhe iennis ieam. X5 S F . 5 QW' . . . .. , 04 ,4 , ' 3:19934 f , ,rfc - v"v 4,5 4 l ' 4-. . 7 ' if N J 'Jr' ax 9 ' J ss M I it ' f- -i 'nn' " . - ff' 'I ,- 3' L GOII This year's golf feam expecfs anofher greaf year under l fhe guidance of Coach B. O. Vanl-loolc, The refurn of leffer- men Mickey Gallagher, Bubba Alcins, and Gene Yandell, along wifh .squaclmen Bill Yandell and Wayne Mafeer, will provide fhe core for fhe I966 squad, Rounding ouf fhe feam are newcomers Byron Bracewell, Don Ruff, Danny Diefrick, Terry Crawford, Jack Crawford, Chris Green, Gary Achferhof, Fred Sarfin, Royce Wilkinson, and Laura Maclvor. Losf from lasf year's squad, which compiled an Il-0 mafch record and won fhe sfafe championship for fhe fhird sfraighf year, are Bill Applewhife, James Bufler, Kirby Man- ning, and Joe Williams. The I966, schedule will see golf learns from such schools as Alabama. Tulane, Missouri, Soufhern Illinois, Millsaps, Springhill, and Soufh Alabama come fo fhe USM golf course. Three fournamenfs are also scheduled: Buclchalfs Tournamenf af Springhill, LSU lnvifafional, and fhe Missis- sippi lnfercollegiafe Tournamenf af Oxford. RETURNING LETTERMEN-Lef+ 'l'o Righ+: Bubba Alcins, Gene Yandell, and Mickey Gallagher. X F, , ni' li I966 GOLF TEAM-Leff fo Righi, Kneeling: Wayne Mafeer, Bill Yan- Crawford, Laura Maclvor, Danny Diefriclc, Fred Achferhof, Don Ruff, dell, Mickey Gallagher. Gene Yandell, Bubba Akins, and Fred Sarfin. Chris Green. Sfanciing: Coach VanHoolr, Byron Bracewell, Terry Crawford, Jack ' .34 , 9 ' .. K fa ' 3-31? wi ,. .. , Y .k.. 4, 7 le V 1 ,Mk-- 1, ,. ,S 5, A f, is 51' ,,.- M ,. , Q ! , J 'I ' - I' . Y- I' yt D -F31 ' -: , Q ' i If'e.,:':':"1F ,. ' if "-e ' 7 1 LW m f -fa., L - -Q V -is ii , r-it g'a....., , '- asf Q VGC up-4,x, l 'J iz W W- ' 'i X 131, WWI! , . :Via M V .. 2 - I L. I Q A fa: 0, N 1 , 'ag " " MEIN v ' - A MQ, 'xv Ji -Q 'U-. I C1 E' 5 'fx , 1. ! NX X w u ,ii :wee ME The mos? popular 'Fall quarter sport is football. Graceful movemen'ls on a baslreiball always inferesl' an audience. Mr. Billy Slay is direcfor of men's iniramurals. Men Intramurals Are a Vital Segment at Extra-Curricular Activities H is ihe primary purpose of Jrhe lniramural program +0 provide every male siudeni in fhe universiiy ihe opporiun- iiy lo compeie and pariicipaie in an aihleiic ac1'ivi+y of his choice. The program is direcied by The Deparimeni oi Physical Educaiion bui il' enjoys +he ,supporf of +he iaculiy and col- lege officials. The sporis include iouch foolball. baslceiball. handball, sofiball, weighi lifiing, golf, iennis, Track, swim- ming. and volleyball. The success of ihis program is indi- ca'red by 'rhe iaci 'rhai all acliviiies have a 'roial of I,774 par+icipan'rs for The I964-65 school year. Teams or uniis made up of any group or organizafionsz friends, dormifory mafes, or fraierniiies. Team awards are made 'ro 'ihe 'iirsl'- place ieams in each evenf, Baskefball proved +0 be one of fhe mos? compefifive and acfive phases of women's inframurals. women's Intramurals Receive Vivid Support of All Siudenls Winners of fhe bowling segmeni of iniramurals were 'From Ief+ +o righf, Mary Serafin, Phi Mu Sororify: Laural Lay. firsi' placej of Delia Delia The over-all direcior of women's inframurals and an acfive figure around Del+a sororifyq and Mary Ann Duran+, Phi Mu sorori+y. ine physical educafion deparfmeni' is Miss Marianne Brown. fr: .f r E 1 i i i 4 jk 5 "" F l 1 u . A. 4,3 'Q J.. N X 'N S 4 'X W, L.-1' L ww 'if' I J 'sw vf W 1 v y ' H' ISF " Z r, 3 ,X xx a if xii' E Kf vm. 9 M Club The UniversiTy oT SouThern Mississippi M-Club is an organiza- Tion open To aThleTes who have earned a varsiTy leTTer in one or more oT The Tollowing sporTs: TooTball. baslceTball, baseball. Tennis. golf, and. only rece,nTly, The rifle Team. However. earning a leTTer is noT suTTicienT. One mu,sT survive The noTorious M-Club iniTiaTion which Tollows spring Training every year. To endure This ordeal and acquire membership is a reTlecTion OT boTh honor and ruggedness upon The individual. The members sTrive To increase sporTsmanship and aThleTics on The campus. SupporTing The M-Club is probably one oT The ,sTrongesT alumni groups oT any organizaTion on campus. The proiecT Tor which The lvl-Club is besT known is Their sale OT mums during The week preceding homecoming. MOST sTudenTs Tind iT diTTiculT To resisT The Tremendous salesmanship of The men and Their mums. The M-Club Turnishes The harmonious deep-voiced caroller.s aT baslceTball games during ChrisTmas Time. Occasionally These singers appear ouTside The girls' dormiTories spreading YuleTide IOY- Each year The leTTermen's club besTow,s The honor oT M-Club sweeThearT To a deserving young coed. This year's M-Club SweeThearT is Mari Longino The aThleTes enTer inTo The social liTe wiTh Their annual ChrisT- mas and spring parTies. In addiTion To Their own parTies, They are TreguenTly inviTed To be guesTs oT various coed organizaTions. The I965-66 oTTicers oT The lvl-Club are Tommy Youmans, President Vic Purvis, Vice PresidenT: Floyd Kellum, SecreTary: John lv1elTer, Treasurer. OuTgoing presidenT of The M-Club, Franlc Ellis, on The righf, cOngraTu- laTes The l96b president Tommy Youmans. nh' , YYY .' Brice Thornbury purchases a mum Trom Gary Kochersperger during The annual M-Club mum sale Tor homecoming. Ken Avery, Jimmy Berger, Tommy Brennan, Rabbi? Brown, Troy Crafl, Clycle Down, fxrlhur Gill, Bill Gorney, Pele I-lays, Bob Tom Johnson, Floyd Kellum, Gary Kochersperger. Henry Lelorl, Joseph l.oH, Mike McLellan, John Mangum, John Mellon, Viclor Purvis, George Rodman, Poochie Sfringfellow, Will Willoughby, Gene Yandell, Tommy Youmans. ib- P K L. X Q-J 'WHS if C.- 611' 343. -if I966 M-Club presiclenl is Tommy Youmans. F 1 x A-4p 1 4 r'-4 w. v 5 i ,Rm lf' Dyfb N L 'Z iff A ,V .L ,2""""""i.'b,Z!2' - , ' 65? N .-Tl' 1 ' li 'V f 'Q an 1 1 ff af . fn . N N N1 X .fi w f ' X 9 I W A x, '17 4 'vxwxf 22 L 1-1 xg X 1? ' L! A' 4 7 Q IAA 'Ku Q ffl'-4b+bjNW 4 ' , 7, 1 ,' in 1 " K' MW', X 5 'N I ' 1 47" -r--V w Of' . i,7f?"-T-44:1 avi-,n Lg -T. vp , 1. , q5g ..3 ,,-,u'v :Qimi1m-AxAjg,,1f-xv' X , A . X .gn-.ggrf ,ju,.L,.:,l ',f,',',,'zyK..I,.!1Wy- X w, ' "N " E' hi 1' i' I 1 . ' . w x 1 . I f , 41" ,Q ,wx 'F A .iv 1 A . , 1 . N , : f ? , I 1 li 1 , ' L ? ,'afl' 1 a x . x ' P" 1 ' v 1 'Qu X I v' 1 'TH r if'- i n S 'Wx i 5 5 . 1 ' I ,. gr X, . ,, .. ' , ,.., 9+ .EI an V I-55, 545. ' THE HONORABLE PAUL B. JOHNSON DR. WILLIAM D. MCCAIN Governor, Sfaie of Mississippi President Universiiy of Soufhern Mississippi BOC fd of Tl'LlSfeeS , fx BOARD OF TRUSTEES-Seafeci Leff fo Righf: Mr. Leon Lowery, Mr. Evans, Mr. J. N. Lipscomb, Dr, M. M. Roberfs, Mr. Ira L. Morgan, E. Ray izard, Mr. W. D, Guesf iDeceasedl, Mr. Tally Riddell, Mrs. Mr. Paul Haynes. Sfanding: Mr. Thomas N. Tucker, Senafor George Nan Sibley, Secrerary, Dr. Verner S. Holmes, President Mr. S. R. M. Yarbrough, Mr. W. O. Srone, Dr. E. R. Jobe. 224 I 7 I .,.,, id I -QL ' I ',,l 1 I I in-. I X -HK? I ll. 3 ' JOHN HORTON ALLEN JAMES REGINALD SWITZER B.A., MA.. Ph.D. B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Dean of Ilwe Universlly Dean of Sluclenl Affairs Deans SIDNEY E. L. WEATHERFORD. JR. B.S., MA., Ed.D. IVAI-I OSTRANDER WILBER WILLIAM RADER GRANTHAM Dean of flue Basic College and B.S., MA. B.S.. MA. Direclor of Sludenl Counseling Dean of Women Dean of Men 225 Adl11il1lSfl'C'l'iOl'l X 226 ROGER BARTON JOHNSON B.S.. M.S. Adminisfrafive Assisfani' AUBREY KEITH LUCAS B.S.. M.A. Regisirar ERNESTINE LAWHON B.S.. M.A. Assisfanf Dean of Women HORACE DICKERSON B.S.. M.A. Assisfani Dean of Men CHARLES OTTO SMALLING B.S. Financial Secre+ary ALO NZO STU RGEON B.S.. LL.B. Acfing Direcfor of Admissions WILLIAM ELLIS KIRKPATRICK B.S.. M.S. Direcfor of Universily Union ALBERT JOSEPH JAEGER B.B.A. Asslslanl' Financial Secrefary JOEL REESE EAKENS 5.5. Direcfor of Physical Plan? WARREN FRANCIS TRACY A.B., B.S.. M.A.. Ph.D. Librarian JAM ES EDWARD BAXTER B.A.. M.A.. Ed.D. Direcfor of Placemenl' Bureau PAULINE A. STOUT B.A.. lvl.A. Research and Edilorial Assisfanl 'ro 'The Presidenl' 7 Ad rhihlslrdlibh Adl'hll1lSll'Gl'i0l1 4 1 i i N POWELL 6. OGLETR EE B.S.. M.A. Alumni Secreiary ROBERT HAYS CLEVELAND Direcior of Public Reiaiions BERNARD REED GREEN. B.S. Direcior of lnfercoilegiafe Afhlefics RALPH MANUEL SIVERIO B.S. Direcior of Lafin-American lnsfifufe CLIFFORD HELMAR HAGENSON B.S.Ed.. Ph.M. Direcfor of Housing PAUL CLAUDE MORGAN A.B., M.S., Ed.D., Dean of Division of Confinuing Educafion 228 i ,., 91 I Jvn. EFI: ' . .1 .J in ins V i4,,, "' Nui, my ' 11, Lug. -Sens wrgl 1,115+ i Al 5 , ' .1.-f,f:- A- ix, " ,J :' - YL UW! , W W. ' ' 'mf-rf 1-14 N. 1 w fi. 'IVAQILX . 1 -qw uw? 5.9.1. lr 'fr u, lx' Dr. Claude A. Filce, Dean The College of Arls and Sciences The College of ArTs and Sciences provides a broad cul- Tural and educaTional experience as well as specialized fields and pre-professional programs. During The pasT year increased curricula offerings and The emergence of new programs reflecfed changing Trends in higher educaTion. as well as conTinued growTh. A UniversiTy- wide honors program was inauguraTed by The College of ArTs and Sciences for The TiTTeen Top sTudenTs of each class. The new deparTmenT of Compufer Science and STaTisTics was esTablished To meeT The growing demand Tor Trained per- sonnel in daTa processing, elecTronic compulrer, and sTa- TisTics in business, space and missile programs, governmenT. and The academic world. Approval was received Tor The docToral degree in English, hisTory. maThemaTics and speech and hearing sciences To add To The rapidly growing graduaTe programs in The College of Ads and Sciences. ln providing a perspecTive To such a wide range of learn- ing, Dean Filce has sTaTed, "The long-Time sTrengTh in humani- Ties and social sciences is now well balanced by The vigorous programs in maThemaTics and The sciences." ,""fQfi:, ., ii " ,,,,,, '- 2 :iz i -.f, 'L I ARTS AND SCIENCES-Sealed, Lefl lo Righlz Chairman Dr. Moorman, English: Dr. Davis. Hislory: Dean Fike, Dr. Arrhur Kelley, Geography: Dr, J. Fred Walker, Biology. Sfanding: Dr. Charles Lane. Chemisrryg Dr. John Burrus, Sociology: Dr. Dr. John H, Allen, Roberl Arringlon, Dr. Howard W. Bahr, John L. Bean, Jan Beaubeoul, Raymond G. Bishop. Slanley Black, Ben Blackmon, Kiron C. Bordoli, Dr. Richard Lee Bowen, Mrs. Lois T. Breland. Dr. Charles R. Brenl, Mrs. Bon- nie Carler Brineqar. Dr. Bahngrell Brown, Frew W. Brown, Dr. Calvin-Andre Clau- del, Dr. William Cliburn, Dr. Gordon R. Coe, Caplain Eugene Conner, Sgr. Har- old Douglas, Dr. Crislos L. Doumas, Ray- mond Downey, Linda Ellrins. Mary Ellis, Alice W. Essary, Leon Eubanlcs, Dr. Vir- ginia Felder, Arlhur Geoffrey Fish, Argle Scoll Garrow, Palricia H. Garrow, Dr. Alberl' George, Dr. John Gonzales, Dr. Roberl Grange, J. K. Halcen, Dr, Glen T. Harper, Dr. Richard Harper, Dr. Anfonio -A Harrises, Dr. Roberl Halcher, Dr. Wil- liam H. l-lalcher. Jean L. Heiss, Brian George Holder, Virginia Hopper, Guy Horlon, George Hursl, Miss Willery Jackson, Mrs. Sarah Johnson, Dr. Samuel P. Jones, Wallace G. Kay, Dr. J. S. Long, Froben Lozada, Harry Mallery, Don H. Marlin, Capl. John P. Massey, Kennelh G. McCariy' Josef McCleslcy, Jesse Os- car McKee, Daniel McMurray, Palricia McRaven, Capl. Barney Meaders, Perry Lou Milner, Carolyn Morrow, Dr. Edward H. Moseley, Jack Munn, M!Sgf. Rollins H. Nash, Dr. Carl R. Newson, Dr. George W. Nicholson, Andrew J. Olsen, Dr. Lin- wood Orange, Dr. Slanley Parry, Barbara Parsons, Dr. Charles Payne, Henry l. Phillips, Jr.. Carrie Louise Porler, Eliza- l 23l Raymond Bishop, Philosophy: Dr. Weems, Polilical Science: Dr. Ed Kelly, Malhg Dr. Ben Chappel, Communications: Mr. Eduardo Schwell, Foreign Languages: and Dr. Ashley Mor- gan, Science Educalion. Fdcully belh Reynolds, John D. Reynolds, Den- ham S. Roberson, James Arlhur Roberl- son, Jr.. Roberl Robinson, Mai. Anlhony C. Rouchon, Robert P. Russum, Dr. Wil- liam K. Scarborough, Eduardo Scheel. Dr. Olindo Secondini, Dr. Byron C. Smilh, Dr. Gaslon Smilh, Capf. Roberl L. Snead, William F. Sl. Clair, Dr. Peler Sfoclcs. Bennell Slrange, Glen R. Swelman, Dr. Shelby F. Thames, Dr. William Tuchalr, Dr. Forresl D. Tuclrer, Dr. John G. Turn- bull, Beniamin O. Van Hook, Alice M. Webb, Dr. Porler Websler, Slafl Sgl. Herberl C. Weeks, Dr. Miner L. Weems, Dr. Joseph Richard Whillinglon, Sgl. Donald G. Wiedel, Clinlon L. Williams, Jr., Carl L. Willis, Sgr. Douglas C. Windham, Miss lrmgard Zeyss. ' . 1 A V 'ft ,f X 'E' X I 6 W . 3 5, M , nk - 32 "fi 4 B Firsf Row, Lefi' +o Righf: W. T. S+. Clair, T. G. Sarphie, Jr., Presidenrg Jim Kiser, Vice-President Dr. Walker. On ihe sfairs from bofiom 'lo fop: Jerry Griffin, Treasurer: Judy Granrham, Hisioriang Carlfon E. Turner, Lelon Aron, Bobby D. Thorsen, Fred Drews. Alpha EpSiIOh Delld Alpha Epsilon Della is afiiliared wiih The American As- sociaiion for The Advancemenr of Science and rhe Associa- rion of College Honorary Pre-medical Socieiies. I+ siimu- laies appreciarion 'for 'rhe imporiance of pre-medical educa- +ion in Jrhe field of medicine. Alpha Epsilon Del'ra's purpose is 'ro bind Jrogeiher inreresled siudenrs majoring in 'rhe field of pre-med, pre-denial, or medical Jrechnology. Lambda lo'ra Tau is a naiional honorary English Eraierniiy for Those siudenis maioring or minoring in Lireraiure. Lambda loia Tau holds programs reviewing modern American novels and panel discussions wirh various iaculry members. Two aims of Lambda lora Tau are +o esrablish a series of liierary films aiding srudenrs and lo aHemp+ 'ro revive Jrhe lirerary magazine by sponsorship and financial aid. Requiremenls for Lambda loia Tau show The honorary narure of lhe organizarion. They include a 3.0 average in English, a 2.5 over-all average, plus junior classificarion wiih Three advanced lireraiure course.s. Ldlflbdd lOl'd T'Cl..l Froni Row, Leff 'io Righh Donna Mason, Marlha Johnson, Royce Ann Siegrisf, Cicely Reynolds, Paula Price, Cornelia Pillman, Maris Wilson, Miss Milner, Doris Gober, Lacelle Livingslon. Baclc Row: Mari Longino, Jean Richardson, Mary Hall. Pai' Richardson, Sharon Parkman. Sammy Davis, Barbara Richardson, Delmas Crisp, Kalhy lmpey, Josephine Haley, Shirley Haugen, Mary Buchannan, Cindy Miller. lf Pix. 'Y ' Fronf Row, Sealed: Linda Granlham, Earl Webb, Vice-Presidenlg Mabel Donavan, His+orian: Charles Smilh, Presidenfg Margaref Carler Dunn, Secrefaryg George Burson, Treasurer: Kafhy Moore, Sally Pallerson. Baal: Row: Dr. John Gonzales, Roberl L. Robinson, Facully Advisor, Sranley Fiel, John Wallace, Dr. William K. Scarborough, John P. Owens, Jr., Warner O. Moore, Eric L. Thurslon, Jr., Dr. Edward H. Mosley, and John Bacon. Phi Alpha Theld Phi Alpha There is an inlernalional honor sociely in hislory. Hs membership is composed of sluclenls and professors chosen upon +he basis of excellence in rhe srudy or wriring of hisiory. Its obieciive is 'rhe promoiion of 'lhe sludy of hisrory by encouragemenl of research, good reaching, pub- licalion. and Jrhe exchange of learning. Among many services fo members are: prizes and schol- arships awarded for merirorious scholarly works: +he publica- lion of a disringuished quarlerly, "The l-lislorianuq and 'rhe mainrenance of a placemenl bureau for members who are available for college posirions. S+uden+s help aphasic children improve rheir speech and learn how fo communicale wiih ofhers, This program is par? of lhe Deparfmenf of Speech and Hearing Sciences. WM... ..1 - H Y Qi. :-. ' ' M. 5... . ,J , . . I y 'V H r X., , , 4. --fi '74 "' .gkf A , .v .F I! 43'-Q4 Ev! ' jx .,v 1. page-F -5, .4 nu 2 H? e 1-Qi'-'X 5 "l-"' W Q Ep .- 5. :L as J ,nf , wm i .Ig yu? 1 - 1 ",' . I K I n .5 . K Q F U. f DEPARTMENT OHAIRMEN--Seafed, Leif fo Righf: Dr. H. nomics: Dr. Richard C. Vreeland, Marlceiingg Dr. Marlin O Jackson Accounhng Deparfmenfg Dr. Greene, Dean: Dr. Sfegenga, Management Recfor H Hardin Finance: Sfanding: Dr. Louis Dixon. Eco- Hayward Anderson James Baker Sfone Barefielcl Hyler Bracey George Bullard Sfanley Carpenier Joseph Clemenfs James Davis Michael P. Davis Ben L. Forbes Richard Guess Raymond Johnson Bryce D. Jordan James W. Kelley Frederick Kenamond Kia Wool: Lee 237 M r. James McQuis+on Dr. Louis Mullen Dr. lngolf Ofio Mr. William L. Richmond Dr. Huberi Slepp Dr. Elizabeih Sorbei Mr. Paul F. Weisend Dr. Bill Williams FClCl.IIly l OFFICERS Back Row Le'FT To Righfz Ben Benigno, Second Vice-President RoberT Bar- ham SecreTary Tommy Leperi, Treasurer. Fronf Row: David Fischer, l-lisforiang Burrell Kyzar Chancellor STeve MiTchell, FirsT Vice4PresidenTg Mike CappaerT, President DelTa Sigma Pi, professional business TraTerniTy. is composed of business sTudenTs who seek To enhance Their knowledge Through Their associaTion wiTh oThers in The business Tield and uniTe Them in broTherhood. The DelTasigs' well-worded purpose exemplifies The TraTer- niTy: DelTa Sigma Pi is a professional TraTerniTy organ- ized To TosTer The sTudy of business in universiTies: To encourage scholarship, social acTiviTy, and The as.socia- Tion oT sTudenTs Tor Their muTual advancemenT by re- search and pracTice: To promoTe closer aTTiliaTion be- Tween The commercial world and sTudenTs of commerce: and To TosTer The higher sTandard of commercial eThics and culTure and The civic and commercial welfare of The comnnuniTy. The chapTer professional program of speakers, Tours, and business research is designed To provide The mem- ber wiTh knowledge of his chosen field ThaT cannoT be gained in The classroom or from TexTbooks. Their social evenTs included a Homecoming Dance, ChrisTmas Dance, Playboy ParTy, and Their Spring Rose Dance. Della Sigma Pi 238 i i FirsT Row: Thomas Charles Baldwin, Dwighi' Ballard. Secons Row: RoberT Barham, Philip Bellew. Third Row: Ben Benign Mike Cappaert Fourih Row: Brandley Casfleberry, .lame Walker Coleman. Fiffh Row: Donald Ray Combs, Roy Con nell, ll. Sixih Row: Ray Crawford, PresTon Fani. 'Cs lung 'PX "bw-r fu!! RUP 'Wu-ur 'Pm- 9-Q. !""7v Al"s. Y"-lf' w....,,, E. Gammill, Philipp Richard Granl. Third Row: Ron Row: David Fischer. James F. Freeman. Second Row: Harris. W. Burrell Kyzar. Fourfh Row: Thomas D. Leperii Kennefh E. LiHon, Jr. Fiffh Row: Jerry L. Maxey, Sfee F. Mifchell. Sixfh Row: Douglas Nielzel, Thomas A. if-1 Www., ll l l 2 fy' ' mf Firsf Row: Thomas Edward Posh Vic Purvis, John M. Thomas. Second Row: Jerry Reed. Clyde Rose, Reber? Winland. Third Row: Myron Rosenfhal, John Kennefh Sayers. Fourfh Row: James Harold Shivers, S+eve R. Sims. Fif+h Row: Ger- ald Smifh, John Szilesi. Sixih Row: Joseph Eugene S+. Andrie, Hugh Talberl. 239 Alpha Epsilon Alpha L .. C - -. N H., - ' T sr 1: f::-l'Lr7-5'L'-w?- -2 A N f--.,,,fm, -a.,,,,g-w. Firsf Row From Top fo Bofiom of Piciure: Donny Adams, William M. Graves, Jimmy Graves. Second Row, Sfarfing al- Top Leff of Picfure and Going fo Top Righf of Picfure: Mike Gay, Alvin Smifh, Ed McCoy. Tommy Leperi, Charles Pafrick, Jimmy Burkes, Bill Sfanway, Danny OFFICERS-Leff fo Righl. Sealed: Alvin Smifh, Vice-Presidenfg Tommy Leperi. Presidenf: Sam Lallosa, Jr., Corresponding Secrefary. Sfanding: Benny Benigno, Treasurer: Jimmy Eeeman, Recording Secrefary: Clyde Rose, Social Chairman, Hayward Anderson, Advisor. Evans, Mike Eanf, David Scherbacfh, Laurie Forfune, Sam LaRosa, Jr.. Delmer Bullock, Jr.. Bubba Akins, Noble Hurdle, Benny Benigno, Ray Koenenn. Third Row, From Top fo Boi-lom of Picfure: Lane Hashew. Philip Bellew. Clyde Rose, Hayward Anderson. Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Honorary Accounfing Frafernify. was formed in order fo creale a common meefing ground loefween pracfifioners, fheorisfs, and sfuclenfs of fhe profes- sional field of accounfing. The purpose of fhe accounfing frafernify is fhreefold: professional, +o undersfand beffer 'rhe professional requiremenfs, efhics, laws, and regulafions governing fhe pracfice of accounfingg scholasfic. fo apply ourselves and our sociefy fhrough efforfs fo deserve fhe fhree ideals of fhis frafernifyg social, fo sfrive foward help- ing our fellow sfudenfs in making a confribufion fo sociefy fhrough personal self-improvemenf. The School ol Education and Psychology OTTering diverse programs in educaTion and psychology, The School of EducaTion and Psychology is a maior mulTi- purpose professional school. The curricula Tor These programs encompass The under- graduaTe and The graduaTe levels and lead To The bachelor's degree, The masTer's degree, The specialisT cerTiTicaTe, and The docTor's degree. These programs include: The prepara- Tion oT Teachers, adminisTraTors, and oTher professional per- sonnel Tor The public schools and The colleges and universi- Ties, and The preparaTion oT specialized personnel in selecTed areas Tor public service, Tor business. and Tor indusTry. In addiTion. The School of EducaTion and Psychology pro- vides clinical and proTessional services To public school sys- Tems. To communiTy agencies. and To The UniversiTy. and engages in educaTionaI and psychological research, These various purposes are achieved Through The worlc oT The de- parTmenTs OT The School and Through cooperaTive eTTorTs wiTh deparTmenTs oT oTher schools and divisions wiThin The UniversiTy The areas oT service of The School oT EducaTion and Psy- chology are sTaTe-wide and regional, and iTs various pro- grams and acTiviTies have been sTeadily expanded To keep pace wiTh The demand. Dr. CarlTon Lamar McQuagge, Dean T as ! f,sM.,. , ,sf ii, , ' , :fir ' - l " WWX1fQs2 , gsmgyzef W - H- , wmsms fi ,navxf2, , Mr. Douglas Alcorn, Dr. Elizabelh M. rinqion, Mrs. Sylvia -5 DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN-Firsf Row, Left fo Righh Dr. C. L. McQuagge, Dean: Dr. Warren F. Tracy. Library Science: Dr, Zed l-l, Burns, lnduslrial Arls: Dr, Annelle Bonner. Busi- ness Educariong Dr. H. B. Easierlinq, Educalional Foundaiions. Second Row: Dr. John P. Vanlleusen, Elemeniary Eclucaiiong Dr. N. L. Landslcov, Secondary Educalion: Dr. C. E. Mccarver, Physical Educaiiony Dr. James Mailey, Educalional Admini- sfralion: Dr. Ray S. Musgrave. Psychology: and Dr. Herman Borouqhs, Guidance. Faculty Henninqion, Mr. Reclc, Dr. Leroy L. Rogers, Mr. James Anlley, Mrs. Elizaloeih Alexander, Miss Mabel Baldwin, Dr. Harry R. Barker, Jr., Dr. James Baxfer, Miss Marianne Brown, Dr. Claude L. Campbell. Dr. Gene A. Crowder, Miss Lena deBrummond, Dr. Eloise W. Deni, Miss Willie Ewell, Miss Madeline Flynl, Dr. John M. Frazier, Mr, W. Radar Grarilham, Dr. Lena Y. Gough, Dr. Eric M. Gunn, Dr. Ernesi Gurman, Dr. Kennelh U. Gulach, Mr. Clifford Haqenson, Mr. Ernesi' L. Har- Lee K. l-lilclman, Dr. E. Max l-lunier, Mr. M. C. Johnson, Mr. John M. King, Jr., Dr. Howard M. Kinlaw, Dr. Sherriff L. Kniqhi, Mr. Aubrey K. Lucas, Dr. James Douglas Lowe, Dr. Erl Melwearg, Dr. Ro- beri' F, McDavid, Dr. James McPhail, Dr. J. Lloyd Milam, Dr. Leo Miller, Dr. Lamar Moody, Dr. Howard C. Nesbiil, Mr. John Norswor+hy, Dr. Ralph S. Ow- ings, Mr. Cliff Padgeii, Dr. Paul Peddi- cord, Mr. Morlon H. Rabin, Miss Frances 242 Scoqqins. Mr. Billy B. Slay, Dr. Thomas M. Sfriich, Dr. James R. Swilzer, Dr. James E. Thomas, Mr. Orville Thomas. Dr. Eric M. Thursfon, Mr. James A. Town- ley, Miss Ann Trosper, Dr. Jessie Wall. Miss Carrie Lee Warren, Dr, Sidney E. L. Weafherlford, Jr., Dr. Ralph L. While, Miss Carolyn Whilforcl, Mr. Carl B. Wil- ler, Dr. Jerry C. Wofford, Dr. Waller H. Yarrow. Firsl' Row, Leif 'io Righl: Jeannie Schonewiiz, Dr. Jewel Golden, Cicely Reynolds, Vice-Presidenlg Ann Bond, Hisloriang Delmas Crisp, Presidenig Maris Wilson, Publicily Chairman: Wanda Rulledge, Roy G. Bigelow. Second Row: Eric M. Gunn, Advisor: lola E. Maier, Gale Sanders Dick- erson, Beilye Rogers, Carl L. McOuagqe, Bonnie Crosby, Bill Walker, Pi 0l11egCl Pi Founded on April 27, l'-740, on lhe campus ol: The Uni- versily of Souihern Mississippi, lhe Alpha Sigma chapler of Pi Omega Pi is an honorary business educaiion iralerniiy. Sponsoring many worlhwhile projecis during 'rhe year IS a major iunciion of lhis organizaiion. During lhe Chrisimas season, needy families are given gills. Annual scholarships are furnished for deserving business educalion siudenis. P1 Omega Pi also assisls in planning l'll9lT SCHOOI Dai' and SCOPE. Sealed, Firsf Row, Lefl 'lo Righf: Peggy Davis, Secrelaryi Gloria Taylor, Vice-Presideni: Mary Sellers, Treasurerg Carolyn Lewis. Hislorian: Donna Conerly. Presidenl, Siancling, Second Row: Caroly Whillorcl, Frances Belly Whui. Nolan Nix, Mary Ann Carmichael, Carol Wesiern, Gloria Taylor, Tana Buiera. Third Row: Jessie Wall, Sherry Richards, Grace Smilh, Joyce Walson, Lynda Knighl, l-loward Rosenblail, Joyce Dick- inson. Paula Price, Calherine Vaughan, Jean Brown, Linda Baker, Sara Hagenson. Kappa Della Pi Kappa Della Pi, an honorary sociely in educalion, is one of 'the oulslanding organizalions on our campus. The pur- pose oi This lraierniiy is io slress high professional, iniel- leciual, and personal srandards in The field of educalion. Members are represenlalive of 'rhese inleresied siudenis who plan lo pursue ihis area as a vocaiion. Members are chosen from nominalions submilled by mem- bers oi lhe lralernily. 'laculiy members, and campus leaders. To become a member, a siudenl musl be in 'rhe upper quin- iile of ihe 4-poinl sysiem, which, under ihe presenl enroll- menl, is 3.4 poinls. Reclc, Annelle Bonner, Edward Dismulces, Linda Norsworlhy, Mabel Baldwin, Shirley Gibbs. E.-ry "a--- ,V Y, 7 Dr. Raymond Mannoni, Dean is-fs The School ol Fine Arls ArT. music and TheaTre have been inTegral parTs of every culTure and are Therefore included in The greaT TradiTions which The UniversiTy seeks To culTivaTe, The School oT Fine ArTs perTorms The 'Following basic TuncTions: culTural conTri- buTions. research and creaTive acTiviTies, in.sTrucTion, and service To The sTudenT body, The UniversiTy oT SouThern Mis- sissippi, The communiTy. and The sTaTe. IT has been The desire oT The School oT Fine ArTs To com- bine The high sTandards oT performance characTerisTic OT The arT sTudio, The con,servaTory. and legiTimaTe sTage, while mainTaining The scholarly approach To arT, music, and TheaTre Typical oT The academically orienTecl universiTy, The profi- ciency in pedagogical slcills and educaTion research associ- aTed wiTh leading Teacher Training insTiTuTions, as well as rendering service To The universiTy, local and sTaTe commu- niTies. The enTire campus is able To enioy The programs oT The School oT Fine ArTs. ATT exhibiTs. TaculTy reciTals. opera pro- ducTions. and orchesTra concerTs add much To The cuITural environmenT OT The universiTy. One oT The yearly TavoriTes is a ChrisTmas concerT of carols presenTed by The UniversiTy Singers. This school and iT.s people make iT a ToremosT parT oT SouThern. fc . i DEPARTMENT HEADS-Leif fo Righf: Mr. Waller Lok. Ari: Educaiiong Dr. Gilbert Harfwig, Theafreg Mr. Gomer Pound, Dr. Raymond Mannoni, Dean: Dr. William T. Gower, Music Graduaie Srudies: Dr. David Folfz, Music. Mr. Paul D. Anderson Mr. Charles Ambrose Mr. Harold Avery Mr. Jose Barrio Mrs. Mary Poe Baylis Mr. Irving Becker Miss Frances Benner Miss Mary Campbell Mr. Norberf Carnovale Dr. Roy Dodson Miss Annie Louise D'Olive Mr. John Donohue Mrs. Sue Givlin Miss Mary Sfuarr Harmon Mr. Roberi D. Hayes Mr. Joseph Huck Miss Jean Hudson Mr. George Irnbragulia Dr. Raymond Lynch Dr. Harvey Maier Miss Helen Mr, Vernon Mr. Francis Dr. William Dr. Karl Ne Dr. William Mr. Silber? Faculty Janel McDonald Merryfield Monachino J. Moody umann Presser Saeire M r. Leonard Sfoclcer Mr. Cliffon M r. Raymon Ware d Young f 'Z " j 4 -:,w ,1 , " ' -, ' 5' "1-I :W ff fue-, If- 4 -N , ' X gi , W' -r5f2Tfi21' lg - il V ' 4 P' 5 K r gf 2 r 1 ' ' 1: jfjjjw:a,5,- - 1 1, ! A 5, . 1 ' 4 'iv' 14' + II 5 g 5 11.5 1 163.1 , 5, u gl I :" f I I 2- ' ,ki -,. .A U. W,-1 V , 5 If 1 . H , A, , - 5 g 4 4 !' , J , '1 I W 1 4 - vw ' Wu! ' qi fa J 1 gd f ' 1 sf 'gf' 4 3 , - 1 5' v W , Q.. ,, A A Q :-" ' ' rig, j I Y' V Q .i.E -, f x ifxgl , vp. 0 P , s y I Q 'A h ' W ,. w1,t-nf, W f' . .. WAP' Imam a F5 'Q .' A. 1 Km ' 1" , 1' , H W ,., in , . . -J --' Vi' 5121 5, ya- lg, f ' X is V 2 Q "f rj VH if V A W QF ngf, lfna f HS' Back Row, Leff 'ro Righi: Carol Boulbrai. Marsha Riley, Marfha Boofh, Rubye Delhlarden, Linda Sieislcal, Judy Royals, Nancy Osborne, Pam Cooper, Sherry Owensby. Seaied: PaH'i Pearson, Pam Graves, Vice-Presi- denig Karen Williams, Paula Crider, Presidenig Lee Beckman, Treasurer, Mary Jeanne Roure, Secreiaryg Georgia Kennedy. Tau Bela Sigma Beia Kappa Chapier of Tau Beia Sigma ai U.S.M. proudly poses wiih i'rs Ouisianding Achievemeni' Trophy. awarded +0 'rhe 'lop chapier in Jrhe naiion ai The Tau' Beia Sigma na+ional conveniion las'r fall. Tau Beia Sigma is an honorary service fraierniiy. func- 'rioning 'ro promoie 'rhe exisiance and welfare oi college and universiiy bands. These girls are all members of 'rhe IZO- piece "Pride oi Mississippi," and 'rhey perform in 'rhe Sym- phonic Wind Ensemble and Conceri bands during 'rhe win- Jrer and spring quariers. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Eia Phi Chapier of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a naiional professional honorary music iraierniiy open To male siudenis oi music holding a 2.5 average. and showing achievemenis in ihe field of music. The purpose of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is +0 advance 'rhe cause of music in America. iosier Jrhe muiual welfare and broiherhood of siudenis of music. develop ihe iruesi ira- Jrernal .spirii among iis members, and encourage loyaliy 'lo ihe Alma Maier. Each year Jrhey sponsor an American Music Conceri and a Conceri of Brass ensembles. Firsf Row, Leff io Righf: William B. Dollarhide, Tom V. Fraschillo, Neal Tidwell, President Ronald D. Hoofen, Vice-President William L. Sirohm, Secreiary: Fred Griffin, Treasurer: Wayne E. Murphy, Larry B. Eley. Second Row: Malcolm Graham, Charles MCG-ahey. Kenneih Franco, John Wailcins, Bob Chrisiie, Carl Hagen, Gene McDaniel. Third Row: Jim Wiiiman. Bob Sleele, Bob Hubbard, Mickey Pickefi, Dennis Bailey, Happy Spell, Gerald Dickerson, Earl Fox. Fourfh Row: Bill Gower, Dan Hill, Siarlcey Kean, Wilford Hale Byrd, Dedley W. Slay lll, James Rod- ney Lippincoli, Baclr Row, Leff lo Righf: Jerry Herringlon, Thomas Highfower, Vice- Presldenl: Lloyd Turner, Wilford Byrd, Treasurer: Dudley Slay, Joseph Aired, Jr., and Neal Tidwell. Fronl' Row: Wayne Murphy, Roberl' Gra- ham. Tom Fraschillo, William Dollarhide, Ronald Hoofen, Secrefary: Larry Eley, Howard Camp. Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary band liralernily, is a nalional organizalion operaling exclusively in 'I'he lield of college and universily bands. The molivaling force of These organiza- lions is found in 'rhe five cardinal obieclives sei up in 'lhe preamble of +heir consfilulion. The obieclives are +o pro- mole lhe exislence and welfare of The colleges band and lo cullivale al' large a wholesome respecl for ils aclivilies and achievemenlrs, 'lo honor outslanding banclsmen 'rhrough privilege of membership exlencled as a regard for Jrechnical achievemem' and apprecialion for fhe basl in music, and To slimulale campus leadership. V - .,- . W . ,A - I x . --. 1 . , .' ,. , - . ... -,. 2117.2 .- " '-. ,N 1 .-4-...,---.-'r'-A . .4 , ...., e ',... - ., . in' ' fi , ,4-71 V ai-'izxf -fi' ffl, - : f' L-1'-:1"w 2..:,:,f Q.,-1 - " 4'--A Y-w'f5:f,fijg, 6 .fgivz-L 'F i 1-My ,: i. 1 ...'..:1". . c:'. . ' fl,-"f,-'-' ,ak-. ,.' -. -A-.' .,,,,- x-V ,-,.a .-: -V..-J - ., Q' rx- J", -h-ggi: .- ff"--" -"- -'ag-,' ,J-J' "'- .,., 5. 2-Vg.. .r ' r -u-".:Y,9. 'fpfizw-3. .Jw ' 'ff in., r- , 5, fv , - in , . .d ,,,..,,gb 6 , , , V -.e, N " ' ' 4 ' 4 ' ' ' , ' ' f' -, ' 'L1-1-ax,-' .1 ': " . -5,-Y' " "-. "'?3'f, -...' ' f.f F ." """"' - ' -' 1- - . V .-T5 i -- R ' ' 3"r " '?" f' f - 7 " ' ""f 'fr f""- .?" s A . "Fla -' - i t .4-L -ga'-,: ,:5,..J! , .--Q-n-. ' V I V -..H .Y 4, . T., ' ' .1w::- 1i"f3T?'i,, . ,M me - ..., , -N .-' ,glff--Q1-a...4 -L, . . A .4-A2 1 ..,, '- . " -5 , I A Y, -,...,. - Q . . H ,wire . , I , 1 '- - Ar ' ' " 'Eg' , ' , ' ,Y ,, .wil ii ii ii ,, ,M ,r : i S ir l i ii -' mi' ' i' ii i 1 i ' 'ii ' 'Y-5'?f527ffY 15129. , , 'Q ,ii We ii i ,i i l A,.'- iizziiy "il 'i We I i mm i S ,...--V 1 "' " J ....- Bill While works on Sculplure and carefully shapes fhe bowl. 249 H 'Lf i N 1 f ,w :W 5 " " TT if-gli - "'-f'1'f,i H -r , , i ,-, lx i ' ,i , "iiw'i!'iy'i ,jg Ari sludenls relax as Jrhey slcelch a landscape for class. An ar+ sludenl slcefches a +ree and ponders over ifs shape. Mildred Sferling, Fairy Godmofher, fells Linda Mann, Cindy, Thal she will a'Hend 'rhe Ball in "Draagenfu1 Girl." 1 ,,. ,W,, .g Dr. BerTha M. FriTzsche, Dean A high qualiTy home environmenT in which individuals can be helped To develop To Their maximum is a demand of our presenT dynamic socieTy. The program of home eco- nomics is designed To conTribuTe To The home and The Tamily. The key insTiTuTion in our social order. Maier empha- sis is placed on The preparaTion Tor saTisTying family and home living. Considered cenTral in This is The provision Tor nuTriTion. housing, cloThing, early childhood educaTion. and social securiTy Tor iTs members. The DiViSiOh ol l"l0l11e ECOI1OI'l'liCS Professional posiTions in many areas are open To sTudenTs who graduaTe wiTh eiTher The Bachelor of Science or MasTer oT Science Degrees. STuclenT1s are prepared Tor posiTions as home economisTs in business, as dieTiTians. Teachers oT home economics. exTension home economisTs. cloThing specialisTs. as educaTional direcTors wiTh TexTile products producers and posiTions in many areas of cloThing merchandising, workers in child developmenT programs wiTh public healTh and welfare agencies. and as nuTriTionisTs. OpporTuniTies Tor knowing and associaTing wiTh children are possible, Through The Nursery School and The lnTanT DevelopmenT CenTer: laboraTory experiences Tor sTudenTs in insTiTuTion managemenT are provided by The Charcoal Room: and experiences in managemenT and group living are provided Through The KaTe Hubbard and Grace BenneTT houses. Workshops and insTiTuTes are regularly scheduled Tor special groups such as preschool Teachers and lunch room managers and supervisors. The program in home economics is,open To all sTudenTs on The campus wiTh special classes offered Tor people in The communiTy. Home Economics conTribuTes a scholarly background needed Tor eTfecTing a Tull and sound life 'For The individual as a 'Family member and communiTy worker. T-E'-54, 1. 1. ' 'J ,155 9. "li T fy ss HOME ECONOMICS FACULTY-Seafecl, Lefi fo Righi: Mrs. Lois Drain, Mrs. Mary Gayle, Mrs. Fern Hesson, Dr. Berflwa Frifzsclie, Dr. Sara Weaver, Mrs. Elsie Clwiclwesier, Mrs. Allra l-lamman. Sfandingz Mrs. Virginia Wilgus, Miss Miss Lynell Brisler Mrs. Elsie Clwicliesier Mrs. Lois Drain Mrs. Gayle Dickerson Dr. Berrlwa Friizsche Mrs. Mary Gayle Dr. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Miss Jewel Golden Allra Hamman Fern l-lesson Margarel McCar'rI-ny Fannie Owings Dr. Sara Weaver Grace Smi+h, Miss Margaref McCarH1y, Miss BeH'ye Rogers Miss Lynell Brisier, Mrs. Gayle Dickerson. Miss Fannie Owings and Miss Marlene Gunn. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Miss Miss 25I FdCLlIIy Virginia Wilgus Mildred Swiizer Beiiye Rogers Marlene Gunn Grace Smilh 'ir ra if ri iii as ii 'Ai Il,, ,:,,k . , . ,,., i 1 J. ,-, . .iif'w1. . I - . Q - Y i Fronf Row, Leff 'fo Righf: Cecele McDonald, Vice-Presidenlg Juaniia Marie Wynn, Kafhleen Schaefer, Cl-iarliene l-laden, Sue Humphries. Jones, Presidenfy Mrs. Horace Dickerson, Sponsor: Pairicia Thompson, Elaine Lord, Maxine Spangler, Marsha Turner, and Diane Coker. Secreiaryg and Linda Blisseri, Treasurer. Back Row: Nancy Richardson, KCPPG ol"l1iCl'Ol"I Phi Alpha Lambda Chapier of Kappa Omicron Phi was organized on Sou+l'iern's campus in l95I. Kappa Omicron Phi is an honorary professional Home Economics organiza- 1'ion Through which siuclenis wifh similar professional and scholarship aifainmenis and wifh superior personal qualifies endeavor 'ro aiiain high sJranclard.s and io iurlher 'the besl' inleresi of Home Economics in our four-year college. Kappa Omicron Phi members have been acfive in campus acliviries. scholarships. Big Sisier-LiHle Sisler program io acquaini' freshmen wiih The Home Economics Deparimeni. Valeniine Queen Con+es1'. and leH'er-wriiing parry as par? of SAVE. gn. iv at 9 AW' gf, . , .gli i' Child Developrnenf is a phase of Home Economics. and Sou'fhern's cleparimenf provides a nursery io Train girls in lhis field. V 'L-N. If " il N i is If NV X xl! JS ' W' LfsifiE13l" Vi .. I i H , 1 ' ww- 252 an we W. mf r SQF 155 'ith 1 'S u W- ., 1 . In HM f Home EC0"0m'C5 Malor Ellen Mann looks for Ideas on lnferuor Decorahng The children from lhe Nursery enjoy a walk around 'lhe campus. Affer living in lhe Kale Hubbard House lor a quarler, Home Ec maiors know all lhe fhinqs involved in keeping a house and enlerfaininq guesis. f L " A ' . X V.. 'slit ' J ':Xy':"1N!7' uf zxf ' X HA L v"4Jaf'.'Lr' cz X I ix nl 'W' A ' ll - A . ' 2' 'fif lx. -1 ' S. ,5 1 5 '.1 A-L 'E' J" . A 7 .9 I P .Y I , - , Mi -'rig -f. , , K - N.V.f""V ' X , "1 , A v .'g. ' -1' V ' " fl ' 7 1, V J... K., V.. ,Atl - A ., I,-qnvvghxk 41, . .. '-4-fb .4 .6 Y? . . . -nf ' '- -16 f"f'L.'.-12-1':f 4ii'Qf"' -f "' wif 3 'W' 4 ' , '-V'-uw . WN M x v '. J ww' ' ' .. ' f . -s X p ,mc -Q 4--sim?" '- - . 9 -,J K1 I ,X 'Ui .L LV g In bi. ' M in I, , .J-f W KW", Nr. , ,L -..I u.'z6?.:T' ' ,., .. M . ,y.-f-mf! M fm.,-, K.g HN .n 'itxwlk K N. jf., I ,st W, .121 , ,Ln k : . K , .wifi A Q hp.-. A C ' , 94. . ,I ,A- -' x. ,ivy Al- .- .-. . A 1 fm V ' ' .Y " 1' Sig? '-il ' " ', 14 N Z A .4 3 ?,"x:""if 'I M 1' --:A X 'f ' '. ff-v, 4, - . ww , ff. ww- '-4 N ' ' , ,, Q , 1 M, . ,v A. w-fM.f-f vw.. 1 -, Nl' ,Wx-fl .. r: 2 Ng, !JYbvP."9 ful? .fist ,ap ,. .- , . . , ,.. .. P- ..+ V lf, gnlib' Y. 'xv-"'5" 1 1 - 3: .' l 'FR vm ' 5 x .1 ffl tl x ,-Q -1' 'mm ,, -,--N -1 , .A 3' ' , ,Q " f. , -J' . E ' if 2 f2gEggf,:f" ' ,.x Inga., 5 A wiv- ,,, M I' 'Vt 5 I , ff 'v f rg v fo f yr F ' .AKFGQW " X i'1I' 1" . ' ' ',,.1 2m fe ' E f N: QB .'2I?"ff . 1, - my Y . ,. , , .vw U ,L V. -45- . ,. ,S,,.a -. W N wan .Q H , , 1. I n we-r , . aw ,. , A . ...,., , -, Wig Q , ' " Q r I ,, - 4 .. .. K n . - ' W ., ' .Q V . ' ' - ,, ll- fu, vnu-!40,x In x,. , -1-4,41 - . Y, wfgggt gr, uv A.. ' "ffi .gl .5- 4 . . 1 f .fs W . ,. "--- Q, .. ..,. VV' . V 4 vw, Ali rs: T: 5 173.1 N , .I , .nn A1 5-u"' wg- 'gy' ,V-3154.5 5 4' 'Ng' j..gj ffl, ' 1 as -1 ,.. , -,.7,,g.g ,J5.,4,i-QQ-wg ,A Q, ' 5 fx -r,-,fr-,gin , , ,fha ."iF'.'1, fff, J, rg., Q . , - . . .' 1 . .wh A, ..-, 1111. ,. -1 .., A -. 1-ff, -4, .- , ,,-...I , fav-Ll' 1 FQ f f -- A W-Mi 4 1 Q.. b t F- l.f- K Jv.,!A H . ,,i.gz,.,.,t,u,,s gangs: .V as .,, al ,VA 'R M, W- ,.-M l ,.. X -- I Mm, Lb!!! ,LW N-, , W h w,5par,,fi Ji, v?,,g,,, N, uigi2.,.Q,ixT " '- .ru . Q . :Uv , -- 'uf "- F"" " - '.' L W f-."' ' ' . -- A f Hz'-1 U' ., V39 f 'T ' f . "'f'f-i' N. - .- . Q . a'f.f.'fv':'-' - , v .-, ,fi-1, 1 -:QW-'iw H ,563 .W Q ,fr ,' M. W 4, 1,-W gm . - 1..--Nw' , ,M W H --.4 1. -N -u-- -1 " ,j,,,:,,., ,.,-If fd'-....,,gwaJ, ,' ,gf.',. 1-' Q Q , ,Q "':.5?w:"'l "mfg "'1.,gg. .QE Q-, ,T , -f, ,ww-xQw,.- "Q .J-M X f aff K' 7' 1' 'Z-,vit f"'i3Q,gl1' 3 Twff -, ',.Q".f. If ,7 ' 4 14. 'K -VF 5 .Li,I31.g"f '-3, ' - fy-.4 ,' " '?, RT . - .r.ue,4.-, wr, f'1.f,:, nf- 'dlm - Q... ..1- f -- - Y , + ,,g.,f,,f.'.A . ff. wr -"-. ez, L , -D -,fm , W g.1"a-Z 'N fl . '1'-M .51 fgifilviff V ,. zu 'f - - .x. ff, E+,--ing , I, " ..-rg if igis.-. Q. 45,1 "jr .15-' Jgwihp 1, ' gf, -, " bg.,1'1.' ,mmf "M, .-'L f" .f,sj14pvrQ,,. 1 , -x 1' - - 3 x-11 - ., +3 -55 1-D, 1, ..- V -,PEL-,' P56 ' f.-31114- .. VV -N 1 ,. J . ' - -'A :L-4,AGQ.,i .a'f:.-A 1' ig, 44 524g ' WEEK. ..-..,.!Hf5 m.4mgE.I.ig.L. Q, -LQ 4535 .'lf.l' 22. ' ta , Lfiwlxmgi- ..i'a,E-w LE-iff. ' ,L -..Q-lg! F5 GRADUATE COUNCIL-Sealed, Lefl 'ro Righf: Dr. Howard Wilson Bahr, Dr. Sara Weaver, Dr, Claude Pike, Dr. Carlion Lamar McQuagge, Dr. Ralph Owings, Dr. John Allen, Dr. Raymond Mannoni, Dr. Huberi F. Siepp. Sfandingz Dr. Tread- well Davis, Dr. Herman Bourough, Dr. Recior Hardin, DI. Porier Websier, Dr. James Mailey, Dr. Gilberi l-lariwig, Dr Richard Vreeland, Dr. Aubrey Keiih Lucas. Dr. Karl Neumann Dr. John Milam. Mr. Gomer Jeffrey Pound. ln I947, The Graduaie School was esiablished ai 'lhe of Sourhern Mississippi +o provide an environ- mem' in which research and free inquiry would develop. The goals of lhe Graduaie School are 'ro provide ieachers for The public schools. colleges and universiiies, as well as persons highly qualified in olher disciplines and in research in order +ha+ The economic level of This area mighi be im- proved ihrough Their knowledge and leadership. The Grad- uaie School works foward ihe improvemenl' of The culiural and ae.s'rhei'ic environmeni' of ihe connmuniiy as well as i'he infelleciual and economic. The enrollmem' of ihe Graduaie School is growing ar a grearer raie 1'han is l'he enrollmeni of The Universify. To meei ihe demands, new programs are being developed on bofh 'rhe mas+er's and The docroral levels. The Taciliiies are being expanded and enlarged io make possible more and belrier experiences for graduaie sfudenis. 255 shire' 'WDW 'WW' S X , w i ' .- .-O llllllllllll ...s ,-4 Y in m !f'K .5 . -v g s .-.-. 1 AA iiugfffhig ' .A ' f 'J v ,M .L G pw ., , U Q. V, wwzffgsggf Lp, -.'.'fr ,ig Vim' 2.47 ' 5- X-7 -Ol .111 . l 4 1 J 0 4.' ,., I W. az f Q , if' - Jay- A, Y 'V 13, . W Q ,Q i FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS-Leff io Righh Eleanor lMCKBl+h6H, Secrehary: Bill Lowrey, Presicleniq Weezie Ory, Treasurer: and Charlie Nelms, Vice-President I., l 9 HH ixul FRESHMAN CLASS FAVORITES-Lefi io Riglwl: Vic Rumore, Sheryl Hufchins, and Bill Lowrey, Officers and Favorites ilH"H I, iii T? Firsl' Row: ROBERT E. ARNOLD JAMES R. ARRINGTON BONNI SUE ATHEY PEGGY ANN AULTMAN FRANCES J. AUSTIN, AEA Second Row: ANITA M. BAGGETT JOHN K. BALDWIN OWEN LYNN BALDWIN, AZ JAMES F. BALL JAMES P. BALTHROP, JR. Third Row: WILLIAM M. BARBEE ALVA R. BARBER PETER J. BARICEV GEORGE R. BARNHILL, EAE BARBARA ANN BARONICH Fourih Row: DENNIS R. BARRETT BETHANY B. BARRON, IIBQ BETTY JO BATSON MARK T. BAUM, IIKA LARRY C. BAXTER Fif+h Row: ELIZABETH ANN BAYGENTS DANNY L. BEARD JUDITH E. BECKNER, AZ ROBERT L. BELLEW THOMAS A. BENIGNO Sixih Row: SHERRY L. BENSON DAVID M. BERRY, ATS! MIMS W. BERRY, ZAE BENJAMIN H. BEST, II, EAE ROXANNA S. BEVON Tunica Haliiesburg Ove++ Hai-Iiesburg Ha'r+iesburg Pascagoula Prichard, Ala. Jackson Melbourne, Fla. Mobile, Ala. Lake Charles, La. Lake Haffiesburg Loxley, Ala. Biloxi Auslin, Ind. Columbia Hafliesburg Ocean Ciiy, N.J. Haffiesburg Lucedale Tuscaloosa, Ala. Tylerlown Saucier Bay S+. Louis Slidell, La. Halliesburg New Hebron Pascagoula Hailiesburg The FI'eShlTICl'I Firs'I' Row: WILLIAM D. ABERCROMBIE, EAE EDWARD J. ADAMS, KA GLENN F, ADAMS, JR. KAREN C. ADAMS MARIE J. ADAMS Second Row: LEROY D. ADKINS PATRICIA ADMIRE, AEA CATHERINE C. AGERTON DONALD A. ALBRITTON. IIKA BETSY ALDERMAN Third Row: VICKI LEE ALDRIDGE ELAINE ALEXANDER ROBERT D. ALEXANDER BOBBY D. ALLEW LINDA L. AMACKER, X9 Fourlh Row: JOHN B. AMMONS, IIKA KATHLEEN ANDERSON SANNA R. ANDERSON STEVE M. ANDREWS SHELIA M. ANKERSEN Fif+h Row: WILLIAM M. ANTULLIS, TKT Pensacola, Fla. Jackson Slidell. La. Jackson Gilberfown, Ala. Long Beach Panama Cify, Fla. Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Yazoo Cify Gulfporf Rolling Rock HaI'+iesburg Jackson, Ala. Bogalusa, La. Meridian Harfiesburg Lucedale Laurel Mobile. Ala. Miami, Fla. CAROLYN J. ARMSTRONG, KA GWENDOLYN ARMSTRONG MICHAEL ARMSTRONG ANGELA ARNOLD, AZ Moss Poin+ Haffiesburg Bogalusa, La. T' . J I .mu .NIV Miiifrii .-.. I . 1 HI , f 'I I " I r. , QS 7, 'Fuji M A .I if fi Q . I ' . 4 u 1. - 3. 'z . I I L, . .- Hrs 1 -lg. "II Class of Firsi' Row: SALLY M. BIBLER JANIS M. BIENVENU WILLIAM O. BIGGS JENNY BIGLANE, KA DALE R. BILBO Seco-nd Row: SHIRLEY ANN BLAND GLENDA BLANKENSHIP MOLCIE A. BLISS, EEE JANICE L. BLOCKER BARBARA F. BLOUNT, AZ Third Row: KAY M. BLUE PATRICIA A. BLUMER BONNIE M. BODET. QM CAROLYN BOND, CPM ALICE REBECCA BOONE X9 Fourih Row: ESTER M. BOSCHE MARTY BOUTWELL RONALD L. BOUTWELL, BAE MARSHA L. BOWERS X0 JACK M. BOWLES Fifih Row: ELIZABETH BOYKIN, AAA DANNY BOZEMAN HENRY BRADLEY MARGARET A. BRANDON BARBARA J. BREAZEALE Jackson Pass Chrisrian Osyka Laurel HaHiesburg Haffiesburg Memphis, Tenn. Mobile, AIa. Jackson MiIIry, Ala. Guifpori Gulfporf Jackson Ocean Springs Meridian Columbia Laurel Nafchez Jackson Jackson Moss Poini' Brookhaven McCaII Creek Haiiiesburg Brandon u,-3 1-7 , in ,ii iii 2 G5 I U , . ., ., -'sr ,fr-x Q5 u I H ,Q an Firsi' Row: LYNDA BREAZEALE LIBBIE BREISCH RAY W. BRELAND MILDRED F. BRIGNAR CHARLES E. BRITTON Second Row: 'CARROLL D. BROOME ELIZABETH BROOME RICHARD BROPHY, EAE ELLA R. BROWN LAWRENCE BROWN Third Row: LESLIE P. BROWN, AEA LOWELL S. BROWN NOLAN M. BROWN SONDRA BROXSON, CDM PERRY BRUMMETT Fourih Row: JENNIFER BRUN BILLIE K. BRYAN MAURICE W. BRYANT PAUL E. BRYANT GAYLE BUCK Fifih Row: DIANNE BULLARD MARGARET BULLIS RODNEY BURCH CECIL R. BURKETT ANDY BURNS, CIIKT Sixih Row: BARBARA VIRGINIA CAROLYN VIRGINIA BU RNS, KA BURR BUTTLES LYNN BYCOFSKI JANET FAYE BYRD Haifiesburg Pass Chrisiian Boqalusa, La. Pascagoula Haffiesburg Preniiss Mobile. AIa. Pascagoula Magee Lakeland, Fla. GuIfpor'I' LakeIand, Fla. Meridian McComb MobiIe, AIa. Lumberion Cresiview, FIa. Pine Knot Ky. New Orleans, La. RoberIscIaIe, AIa. PascagouIa Pascagoula Jackson Hafiiesburg Jackson Haffiesburg Birmingham, AIa. Paso Robies, Calif. Jackson Hafiiesburg Firsi Row: LISA CLARK, KA MARY C. CLARK RUTH CLARK THOMAS CLARK, JR., AT9 THOMAS CLARK. KA Second Row: JANIE CLARKE. QM SHERIE A. CLAYTON JONNIE CLEVELAND NANCY CLINE SHARON E. COATS Third Row: ROBBIE E. COBB GLENNIS COCHRAN SCARLETT COCKRELL STEPHEN COKER VERA COLEMAN Fourlh Row: PATRICIA A. COLLINS AUBREY L. COLLUM WILLIAM J. CONNER CYNTHIA COOK JOHN O, COOK, 'IIPKT Fifih Row: PRINCY COOK, X9 PAMELA COOK EVELYN L. COOPER CARLENE COPELAND. KA BARBARA COPPEJANS, QM Sixfh Row: ANNA LYNN COUNCE MARGARET L. COX MAURICE COX RAYMOND COX ANN CRANE Haiiiesburg Brookhaven Bay SI. Louis Ne Iune N.J P Gulfporf Mobile. Ala. Meridian Union Jackson Wesl' Monroe, La. Clarksdale Wiggins Jackson Pass Chrisiian Seminary Fayeife Jackson Hahkissburg Hafliesburg Biloxi Bay S+. Louis .Wesi Poini' Monlgomery, Ala. Meiairie, La. Mobile, Ala. Tupelo Gulfporl Ocean Springs Biloxi Jackson The Firsi' Row: THOMAS C. BYRD EDGAR CACERES CHARLOTTE CALHOUN MICHAEL CALLAHAN JANIS CAMPBELL, AAA Second Row: COLEMAN C. CANAAN PAMELA CANFIELD ANNIE LUCILLE CARO LINDA M. CARPENTER CYRUS B. CARROLL, KA Third Row: PAUL E. CARRUTH, HKA CYNTHIA CARTER, QM JOHN A. CARTER MARGARET CARTER MARY SCOTT CARTER Fourlh Row: MILLARD F. CARTER EMILY CASANOVA WILLIAM CATHEY BARBARA CAVER ALLEN J. CEGELSKI Fiffh Row: JULIUS CHAMBLISS PATSY CHANCE JAN V. CHRISTIAN SANDRA CHRISTIANSEN LEONARD R. CLARK Freshman Wesf Poinf Puerio Armuelles, Panama Halfiesburg Jackson Laurel Loxley, Ala. Purvis Mobile. Ala. Halliesburg Jackson Jackson Laurel McLaurin Sand Hill Laurel Cordele, Ga. Ficayune Porl' SI. Joe, Fla. Moss Poin'I' McKees Rocks, Pa. Haffiesburg Pefal Biloxi Jackson Prichard. Ala. Class of 1966 Firsi' Row: TERRY CRAWFORD LARRY CRENSHAW TERRY CRESS HELEN CROSS KATHY CROWDER. X9 Second Row: DAVID CUEVAS ROBERT CULLEFER WILLIAM CULLUM JEANIE CUMMINGS Third Row: LINDA DANIEL PATSY DANIEL, X9 CAROL DANSBY BOBBY JEAN DAVIDSON, AAA BARBARA DAVIS CURTIS DAVIS Fourfh Row: JAMES DAVIS JEFFREY DAVIS MARSHA DAVIS STEVE DAVIS TOMMY L. DAVIS, ITKA Fif+h Row: JAMES DAUGHERTY. ATO MARY E. DAY PAMELA DEAN JOYCE DELANCEY LEO A. DeORNELLAS. KPKT AI I It I , . ,E I 5 I 'T 1 IS: 6" . P M355 ,.,,. , -, .E I 1, L.: tgx I. f-I . A I IIII . , ,- ITL I I tb I -I X IFN ex es I I 'I I I I fn II X' R' I II5522 -. 15555555 'I X : Z Ii I 'C II ' , . F I , . ug , E 31.11 I 5 -Iii. r- I 'flfffsgfl PiIIsburgI'm, Pa. Mobile, Ala. Ha'Hisburg Nafchez Yazoo Ciry Seucier Ha++iesburg Meridian Aberdeen Nafchez BiIoxi Quiiman Mobile, Ala. HaHiesburg Laurel Picayune CIarkscIaIe Haffiesburg Shugualak DeQuincy. La. McInIosh, AIc. Nafchez Chunky Haifiesburg Foxworfh S In .xi-EI .. Y.-,fig I I I I I II M, II, IW 5, I A ,II II QI IH AZ-I. 3 ---me ' 'f'I-: I 1, I W IMI.. I' Mu N ' II III I III ' ' I ,I . I I ' rj 4. I II I ' 'I ,. 1-,- Qi 5 261 X K I I , Firsi Row: WILLIAM DEVER TOMMY DEWS PAMELA DIAZ, 'IDM DAVID DIETZ, ATG BARBARA DIGGS Second Row: REBECCA DILLARD, EEE CAROL DIVER. EEE CAROLYN DIXON JAMES DIXON, 'PKT SUSAN DOAN Third Row: JOSEPH DONNELL PATRICIA DOMERGUE, CDM RONALD DONEGAN JOSEPH DONNELL PATRICIA DONOHOE Fourfh Row: LOYD DOUGLASS CAROLYN DUBARD EDWARD M. DUMAS CHRISTA LENE DUNN GEORGE ANN DWYER Fiffh Row: RAY LYNN DWYER RUTH E. DYE JANIS DYESS LYNDA EAST, QM JENNIFER EICHELBERGER, AEA SixI'h Row: SHARON K. ELLIS, AZ SUZANNE ELLIS WILLIAM T. ESSARY, IIKA SHERRYE ETHRIDGE, AAA HERBERT EVANS. JR. f 54 5 Hnffiesburg Haifiesburg Biloxi Mobile, Ala. BrooksviIIe. Fla. Laurel Memphis, Tenn. Hazlehursf Liber+y Picayune Vicksburg Haffiesburg I-Iaffiesburg Vickesburg Haffiesburg New Orleans, La. Jackson Grove Hill, Ala. Ocean Springs S+. Francisville, La. S+. Frencisville, La. Lucedele Columbia Prichard. Ala. Morfon I"IazIeI1urs'I' Por? Gibson Jackson PeIeI Haffiesburg E73 'J ,,.- .-,I -ii me ., 'gin ' gg H I' in If 2-4 'I T I I . .i.g, fQ: ii.. . if-' . -- -f-:i5E5:... ..., Nj ,.,. ,W . 4 I 'Z -' ' .5 'F 5 1 , ,M M I il- ,Eg il -111' I, I' qs .ii Iii, yi . i. r ,Q i 'I i " il I I i I ,, W.iimii,,, Pr T j lliiimiiui - e ,Ii . iii' iii., .F 'QZI11 Y .RA 3- N . ffl, ,siege -1 , 513542 ' + was if ' 'ii ,iii- I! P 1 I 3,5 . ":- W I J ii- 5 'W . x ii , I Z .viifiiiig ri ",. iw -. V ' V I - U ,JEL I Firsi Row: CHARLES FRIDAY DAVID FROST JIMMIE GABUCCI WOODROW W. GAMMEL. JR MARY LOUISE GANSTER Second Row: HERMAN GARRETT II PATRICIA GARRIGAN ROY GAUTHE' WAYNE GEISEL WILLIAM GEOGHEGAN, JR. Third Row: MARTHA GIBBS RAY GIBSON, EAE JANIS GILBERT KATHY GILL ORIN J. GILL. KZ Fourih Row: WILLIAM GINGRICH GLYNDA GODAIR JOYE GOFF SUE GOLDEN LILIA GOMEZ Fifih Row: CI-IERYL GOODWIN RICHARD WARREN GONZALES, ATS! MARTHA GORDON JANICE GORMAN MARJORIE GOULD Sixih Row: SALLY GOULD LAURA GOYER MALCOLM GRAHAM ROSE GRAHAM ELSIE GRANBERRY M, X. X 3 W, 3. 'Is'-1 ' 1 9 Selma, Ala. Lyman Greenville Hai-iiesburg Birmingham. Ala. Franklinlon, La. Handsboro Gulfpori Philipsburg, Pa. Nalchez Summil Clarksdale Prichard, Ala. Biloxi Biloxi Haiiiesburg Haiiiesburg Greenwood Peial Bogola. Columbia Lumberion Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Mobile. Ale. Mobile, Ala. Jackson Haliiesburg Greenville Hafiiesburg Jackson The Freshrhdh Firsi' Row: JAMES EVERETT LINDA EVERETT ANN FAGAN SHARON FAIRCHILD ELIZABETH FALCON. X9 Second Row: JOSEPH FANNIN DIANE FANT CHARLES FERMAN MAURICE G. FIKES, QIPKT DONALD FILLINGAME Third Row: DIANE FISACKERLY ALLEN FLEMING JERONE FLUMMER BETTY FLY NANCY FOLEY Fourih Row: SUSAN FORCE LYNDA FORD, X9 PAMELA FORTE, AAA JAMES FOSTER GINGER FOWLER Fifih Row: EARL FOX ANITA FREEMAN WANDA FREEMAN CI-IERYLE FRENCH SUSAN FRENCH, AEA Seminary Jackson Magee Wooclville Amiie, La. Haiiiesburg Roberlsdale, Ala. Slidell, La. Biloxi Haiiiesburg Pascagoula Preniiss Tuscaloosa. Ala. Nalchez Clarksdale Jackson Jackson Peial Mobile, Ala. Jackson New Orleans, La. Pascagoula Clarksdale Naichez Haiiiesburg I Class of Firsf Row: GRACE M. GRANTHAM HERBERT GRAY HOLLI GRAY, IIBQIP DAVID GREEN, KPKT WILLIAM F. GREEN Second Row: MICHAEL D. GREGORY BOBBIE GRIFFITHS DAVID GRISSOM. KA CONSTANCE GRUBBS SHARON GRUBBS, X9 Third Row: JOSEPH GUARINO, TKT RODNEY GULLO, KA BILL HAAS, ATO GERALD HAGAN PENELOPE HALE, X0 Fourih Row: CANDACE HALL HAROLD HALL ANN HALLE JUDY HALLENUS DON HAMLIN 1966 Mobile, Ala. Hariiesburg Halrliesburg Mobile, Ala. Warner Robins, Ga. Verona Fairl-nope, Ala. Laurel Biglerville, Pa. Magee Forl Walfon Beach, Fla. Gulfporl Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Poplarville Biloxi Ha++iesburg Jackson New Orleans, La. Thomson, Ga. Fifih Row: EARLDEAN HAMMACK BOBBY HAMMOND JONIE HAMMOND PATRICIA HAMMONS, AAA NANCY I-IANSON, AEA .ff "'4'4l.Qii2" gg' 'fn f, ""3i. ,I .' div, II! Q- . .., G ,I .,,, Z .. I - Wooclville Morganlown Halfiesburg Laurel Pascagoula I W I I 'YL .A , I , Ii' I I Firsf Row: BETH HARDAGE LYNN HARDIN BEVERLY HARDY CHERYL HARDY EDNA HARDY Second Row: CLARK HARRIS JAMES HARRIS MARTHA HARRIS, HB6 SANDRA HAVARD BARBARA HAYLES, X9 Third Row: SHIRLEY HAZZLERIGG, AZ MARTHA HELM DAVID HELTON ALANA HEMMING, AZ LARRY HENDERSON MARY HENDERSON Fourfh Row: ROBBIN HENDERSON DONNA SUE I-IENDRICKSON. LINDA HERNBLOOM JOHN HERRING Fifih Row: MAURICE HERRINGTON BILLIE JEAN HERROD, AZ WINSTON HESCH ANTHONY HESS MEL HICKS, X9 Sixfh Row: LARRY HICKS LYNN HIGGINBOTHAM RANDALL HIGGINBOTHAM DONALD HILL NEENA HILL 'IPM Pefal Mobile. Ala. Pascagoula I-lalliesburg Ouilman Uriah, Ala. Jackson Halfiesburg Mobile, Ala. McComb Vicksburg Biloxi Pelal Meridian Lucedale MI. Olive Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Pearl Pelal Carson Vicksburg Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Nafchez Meridian S+. Pefersburg, Fla. Biloxi Birmingham, Ala. Halfiesburg 7 ':-I I ,. :Ii 72, II W ,,,N I '1qf5Eg. gI QQQIIIVN Rmcgnuuegig Firsi' Row: LINDA HURT SHERYL HUTCHINS, AAA SANDRA IVERSON, KA PATRICIA JABOUR, AEA LINDA JACKSON Second Row: AMY JAOUITH RONALD JENKINS BRIAN JOHNSON JOY JOHNSON LINDA JOHNSON Third Row: LINDA KAYE JOHNSON MARTHA D. JOHNSON ROGER D. JOHNSON SUSAN D. JOHNSON SUZANNE JOHNSON, KA Fourlh Row: CYNTHIA JONES JACO LYNN JONES MARSHA JONES MARTHA DIANE JONES PHYLLIS JONES Fiffh Row: REBECCA JONES. AZ RICHARD JONES RONALD JONES ROSA JONES SHERRY ANN JONES Sixlh Row: SHIRLEY JONES STEPHANIE JONES, AEA SUSAN JONES. AZ BYRON JORDAN JAMES JORDAN ,,,I.I III II cz? Nj III 5 R X x .L WI L I. Z be L, .155-. ,, I ' . III 'YK 'A 1 II I - - 1 vm I I I -vm I I . ses. II III II , X ' E I isixizsfiiii III-- f, . I Sgggelsis II JYYJ .I 1 'Ir-amid? 4 1 CT. Lyn .. w I I 4 ' Q1 ' V I ' 7 ,H Q .NXQI T1 -LSI l I . -i, K --S II I' W5 ii' ' have , ,I 15Qf',- V1 .ff ii? I, h I W W I' A 'al 4 ' I I I Ieiiw Pe'Ial Jackson Tupelo Hailieslaurg Mobile, Ala. Pascagoula Ridgeland Jackson Bogalusa, La. Quilman Biloxi A EqvP+ Vlrgie, Ky. Meridian Haiiiesburg New Orleans, La. Haifiesburg Hafliesburg Pascagoula Haifiesburg Pelal Pe'IaI Tunica Jackson Tupelo Laurel Mississippi Cify Vicksburg Mobile. Ala. Pensacola, Fla. 264 The FYESHITIGI1 Firs'l' Row: JAMES HILLS. KA CHARLOTTE HINSON, QM RICHARD HINTON CHARLOTTE HITCHCOCK RONALD HODGES Second Row: DIANE HOLDER SANDRA HOLDER, X52 WILLIE HOLLAND MARY KATHERINE HOLMAN ROBERT HOLMAN, KE Third Row: PAUL HOLMES KAY HOLMES, QM JUDITH HONEYCUTT MIKE HOUPT PHYLLIS HOUSTON Fourlh Row: MARY DELL HOVEN EARL HOWARD JAN HOWELL. AZ LEWIS HOWELL SUE HOWELL Fiflh Row: JO ANN I-IOWZE CAROLYN HUGHES ROBERT HUGHES LINDA HULSE, AZ DIANE HUNTER Jackson Mobile. Ala. Pensacola. Fla. Haifiesburg Haifiesburg Moss Poini Lexinglcn Nal'cl'Iez Benoil' FayeH'e Meridian McComb Jackson Jackson Jackson Lucedale McLaurin Halcliesburg Columbus Leakesville Forl Walion Beach, Fla. Meridian Canfon Biloxi Waveland F-fu ,IM I I, V wr Class of 1966 Firsl Row: JANE JORDAN SHERRY KAHLER WILLIAM KEETON JULIA KELLY ANN KENNEDY Second Row: MARILYN KIARUNDE STEPHEN KIDD LOUISE KIEFER NORMAN KIESSLING MELTON KING Third Row: JACKIE KINGSTON SHERRY KIRBY MICHAEL KITTRELL RALPH KLEIN, KE OSCAR KLOTH Fourlh Row: ELIZABETH LADNER LUCIEN JAMES LADNER MARILYN LADNER EARL LaGRAlZE, IIKA JAMES LAMBERT Fif-Ih Row: TERRY LAMBERT DONALD LAMEY DAVID LANE BARRY LANGFORD JEAN LANIER ZIIIE is 135, V ii 1 im: is? mo, wx by Hafiiesburg Gulfporl Birmingham. Ala. Berrionia Hailiesburg Brandon Bay Sl. Louis Hailiesburg Bradley Beach. N.J. Nalchez Bay SI. Louis Greenville Mobile, Ala. Biloxi Esleli, Nicaragua Sl. Louis, Mo. Bay Sl. Louis Lumlaerlon Chalmelle, La. Mobile, Ala. Hafliesburg Moss Poinf Mobile, Ala. McComb Gulfporl 'age s' i' IN' ' ' Q I -f fa Qc- 555' I 'ggi :Y I ' ' 'QS zaeiiifrifrg sf I i 1 .T ,,L.. H is li 265 ,giiimai 5- 5,- -ww: is ME, :-: .K 5 N - . 3. I YA v 'Ss I I -Y ,X 4 1' 3 Firsi' Row: PAMELA LALA, QM WILLIAM LAWSON DOROTHY LEACH ROBERT LEARD JAMES LEE Second Row: MARIE LEE SUE LEE THOMAS LEE BEATRICE LEIGH VIRGINIA LEO Third Row: JAMES LEPOMA FRANCES LeROY JOHN LESKOVEC BETTY LETCHWORTH DANNY LEWIS Fourlh Row: MARY LEWIS JUDYTH LIGHTSEY HELEN LINDSEY KATHY LITTLE, AAA MICHAEL LITTRELL Fiffh Row: SUSAN LOCKI-IART, 'IPM PEGGY LOFLIN JOSEPH LOMAX WILLIAM LOMAX CHARLES LOMBARDO Sixlh Row: DANNYE LONG VIRGINIA LOONEY PATRICIA LOPER, AXA KAY LOTT SUSAN LOTT I , 1,33 31 , I G! ,..,.. ,- R I 'N -r-9 1 I s . W.. ,Ii In I p-ffl I V III A L I D L I ,iff 'F?.'I'f cel Biloxi Halrliesburg Pascagoula Haifiesburg MI. Olive Magee Hailiesburg Vicksburg Pascagoula Vicksburg Biloxi BiloXI Pensacola. Fla. Slaie Line Bay Springs Laurel Sandersville Guliporl' Alexandria, Va. Prichard, Ala. Jackson Gulfporl Chafom, Ala. Chalom, Ala. Hailiesburg Brandon Long Beach Haliiesburg Sumrall Basslield Firsi' Row: CHARLES MAYHALL, ATS! JEAN McCAIN JAMES MCCARTNEY NANCY McCLATCHY NANCY MCCORMICK, KA Second Row: ROBERT McCORMICK, IIKA SHARON McCRANEY GELAINE MCDANIEL, AAA CONNIE McGEHEE, AEA TERRY MCGOWAN Third Row: CAROL McGOWEN MICHAEL McGRAW MARY KATHERINE Mc6UIRE JAMES McHENRY CAREY McINNIS Fourfh Row: LINDA MCINNIS, KA WILLIAM MCINNIS ELEANOR MCKEITHEN, KA DONNA McKlNNON, KA ROBERT MCLEMORE Fif+h Row: MARILYN McLENDON JULIAN McLEOD, KE BEVERLY MCMASTER RAMONA McMICHAEL THOMAS McPHILLIPS, K2 Sixrh Row: ROSE MEADOWS, AZ MARY MEGGINSON, CPM SHARON MELTON JOAN MELVIN JOHN METZLER, Acacia Mobile, Ala. Gulfpori Peial lndianola Rose Hill Long Beach Pascagoula Memphis, Tenn. Tupelo Alvin, Tex. Halliesburg Woodville Wesl Monroe. La. Laurel Jackson, Ala. Laurel Meridian Jackson Jackson Mobile, Ala. Grove Hill, Ala. Pascagoula Benion HaH'iesburg Mobile, Ala. Ellisville Tupelo Breckinridge, Tex. Biloxi Chalmefie, La. The FI'eShl11Cl'l Firsi' Row: THERON LOTT PATRICIA LOVE WILLIAM LOWREY, KE KATHY MacDOWELL SUSAN MADDOX, EEE Second Row: NORA MAHAFFEY THOMAS MALONE PEGGY MALONEY, X0 DAVID MANGUM BENNETT MANNING Third Row: ROBERT MANNING MARY MARINOVICH ALAN MARKELL PATRICIA MARLING RICHARD MARSHALL Fourlh Row: PERRY MARTIN MERLE MARTINDALE MERILYN MARTINIERE. SYBIL MARTY, IIBCP MARY MATHIS Fiffh Row: RICHARD MATHIS CAROLE MATLOX ROY MATTINA JAN MATULICH WILLIAM MAXEY 111 Halliesburg Ouifman Haffiesburg Bay S+. Louis Laurel Morfon Sumrall Jackson Jackson Philadelphia Jackson Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Hazlehursi' Waveland Columbia Naples, Iialy Waynesboro Casper, Wyo. Haffiesbu rg Meridian Gulfpori' Biloxi Columbia Hafliesburg Class of 1966 Firsl- Row: WILLIAM ANDREW METZLER KAREN L. MIDDLETON THOMAS JOHN MILLARD BARBARA JEAN MILLER ROZANNE MILLING, AZ Second Row: JOHN M. MILLS SUSAN DIANA MILLS PHILLIP LEE MILSTEAD. Acacia WILLIAM JOSEPH MITCHELL THERESA ANN MOODY Third Row: THOMAS PRESTON MOODY, CPKT MARY HELEN MOON, AAA BRUCE CLARK MOORE KATHARINE MOORER DERENDA JEAN MOORMAN Four-Ih Row: BETTY FAYE MORGAN BRENDA JOYCE MORGAN DONNIE G. MORGAN WILLIAM RICHARD MORGAN BOBBY JEAN MORRIS. KA Fifll-I Row: FRANCES ELIZABETH MOSES WILLIAM JOSEPH MOTTERN JOE WOODROW MOULTON J. WAYNE MUMPHREY, QIPKT WANDA ANN MURRAH Salem. Va. Columbia Philadelphia, Pa. Halfiesburg MI. Olive Mobile, Ala. Biloxi Silverhill, Ala. Ocean Springs Greenville Laurel Mississippi Cily I-lalliesburg Frankville, Ala. Jackson Lucedale Prichard, Ala. Jackson Jackson Halliesburg Jackson Ocean Springs Hafliesburg Chalmelle, La. Cenlreville -.alwgvaifa-if iv- V1 W. III fl f I'-I I-I I " wiifif, ,I wig II'::l ' li V 'i I "ll ,i , ' as -IHJ, L 4. 'HI Y.--xi ,. I, i :ai I' I ,, K ' xx I ' ,I .Avg ,,, L , N '52?4f2r Zi" I 'Il l - ,jill - wv' I- - L- - FI N U7' --I- I-. If ' . ,....,.. .D ., Lx, , ffl" - -'fi I ' 'S 'ff' '-' ' iff 1' 1 f-'II III , , - A I, A I . . -- - . Il. A Val- ' ,,il--sl'3'II-- 'N:f::e:W:--- fp , I.-, - I - --: II.. '-- f---- - -I ,J . ,J- . s , "- 'I ' ': 1z I ,I WI' Y, I I N f sf Q I - I ef , 5 II F , gb . - .II . - E3 , - -f -I' Iv ' - -. 33553355554- - -' ' A '- 'G-.. I- L. 'I - I ,I -fr-I 5- .I . I a I, . . fe' 1 -.te-I-ff . Yee. if -. 5-iff' - . II 49 '- 'r - 'F' F - ' l fare QI Q ,,' ' 1 I V SSI., ae , it., ' 1-1'-2 1:- I I I 'ui I I - IF. 4 E I fa I , fs- . ws., , ..,I I : "4 :iii ' I ' I I-1 'I W 'Y ig -.'- , 1 I II ,I - ' I I ,I ,I A il A .Y - L H V S L.: , 267 Firsl Row: PAT GEORGE MURRAY BARBARA LEE MYERS FRANCES MILDRED MYERS MARILYN ANN MYERS. HB6 OMIE E. MYERS, IIKA Second Row: BARBARA SUE NASH HOYT ALLEN NATION, EAE MIGUEL C. NAVEDA JAMES I-IUSTON NEAL ANN NEELY Third Row: CLAUDIA ALICE NEERGAARD CHARLIE M. NELMS MABEL ELAINE NELSON MARY BETH NELSON, AZ PAMELA NELSON, 'IPM Fourlh Row: SYLVIA LEE NELSON. X9 NANCY MARIE NEWMAN, AEA JOANNE NICHOLS MARCO W. NICOVICH, JR. LYNDA LEE NOBLE Fiffh Row: LINDA ANGELINE NOLAND, IIBYIF ROBERT RAYMOND NOONAN, JR., IIKA RAY W. NORCUM SANDIE NOWLAN LINDA SUE NOWLIN, IIBKII Sixfh Row: SHERRY ESTELLE NOWLIN, AEA GERALDINE WILLIE OBERG MICHAEL RORY O'BRIEN, EAE LILLIAN DARLENE O'BRYAN MARY ANNETTE ODEN Biloxi F01-'I Worih, Tex. Jackson Laurel Laurel Haliiesburg Greenville Lima, Peru Jackson Jackson Knoxville, Tenn. Tupelo Pascagoula Jackson Hal-Iiesburg Pensacola, Fla. Mobile, Ala. Foxworlh Haffiesburg Ocean Springs Meridian Jackson Jackson Decalur Brookhaven Gulfporf Fairhope, Ala. Tampa. Fla. Prichard, Ala. Dekalb sv Firsi' Row: LUCIUS PAYNE DAVID PEARCE JAMES PEDEN MARGARET PEDEN, AEA MARK PENCE Second Row: ROBERT PENICK, BAE SHELLEY PERCY, X9 CYNTHIA PERKINS, 'DM BONNIE PERRITT MICHAEL PERRONE, Acacia Third Row: WALTER PERRY NICKIE PERRYMAN LINMAREE PETERSON MYRTIS PETTIS MARY PETTY Fourih Row: JOAN PHILLIPS JANET PICCINATI. KA ANN PICKERING, X9 CANDACE PICKERING, AZ LINDA PIERCE Fiffln Row: SHERRY PIERCE, AAA MARGARET PIRKLE, AAA CYNTHIA PITALO CLAUDIA PITTMAN JAMIE PITTMAN Sixfh Row: JOHANNA POLK. AZ BO POLLMAN, AAA MEDORA POOLE, KA ARTHUR PORCARI HOWARD PORTER Clarlcsdale Mobile, Ala. Peial Hailiesburg Melbourne. Fla. Mobile, Ala. Waco, Tex. Laurel Jackson Philadelphia, Pa. Haiiiesburg Mobile, Ala. Fl. Walion Beach, Fla. Jaclcson Haiiiesburg Brookhaven Bogalusa, La. Laurel Jacksonville. N.C. Pelal Jackson Nashville, Tenn. Ocean Springs Hailiesburq Jackson Pascagoula Mobile, Ala. Columbia New Egypl, N.J Jackson. Ala. ,, .aa ii The F Firsi' Row: ANNA ODOM LARRY ODOM REBECCA ODOM LYNN O'DONNELL MICHAELE OGLESBEE Second Row: CATHY OSER MIGUEL OSORES MARY OUSLEY GENEVIEVE OWEN, EEE JOHN OWEN Third Row: EMMA OWENS VICKIE OWENS, AZ MICHAEL PAGANO PALILETTE PAGE MARGARET PALMER, AEA Fourfh Row: DONALD PARAGON BILLY PARISH CRICKETTE PARKER, AZ FRANCES PARKER SUSAN PARKER Fiflh Row: CHARLES PARLIN MICHAEL PATANO ELIZABETH PATTERSON SANDRA PAUL LORRAINE PAYNE, AZ reshrncln Prairieville, La. Millry, Ala. Haliieslourg Ovefl' Pascagoula Picayuna Plvra, Peru Gulfpon' Mobile, Ala. Meridian Jackson Tylerfown Pass Ch risfian Mobile. Ala. Gulfporl' Ridgeland Prenfiss Mobile. Ala. Fairlwope, Ala. Zachary, La. Ocean Springs Ocean Springs Brookhaven Nalchez Madison I I aaa '4 EE 'ire ii I E . .,., ,L Firsf Row: it ,, I I, ROBERTA PORTER. X9 Neiehez 'C' 'I I JACOLIE POSEY, AAA Peiei In CHERYL POTTER HaI+iesburg ,., I if 1 MARVIN PRESLAR Jackson H 3 , A I .1 HAMILTON PRESTRIDGE HaI'I'Iesburg ' ii' ' "Iii in .Q I I Second Row: A , HIM .L CHARLOTTE PRICE Waveland DENNIS E. PRICE I'IaIIIesburg HENRY PRICE GuIIporI' IQEYIIIIIEIIIP I P 'I I Vg INGRID PRICE Meridian EQIIBR T E I . , S .- W, MARTHA PRINE Preniiss THA W T -i r M I I' I' . Third Row: b , 752 A 1, ' ' A Y REBECCA PRINE Bogue Chine - I .. I' BQ . 'I I LESLIE PRITCHARD Ha+Iiesburg ' I pi. I :M DONALD PRUSUTTI McKees Rocks. Pa. U ,Ei , 4:-:III HELEN PLIRVIS, UBB: TupeIo I ,E -V I-I , CHARLOTTE OUICK Pieeyune I I 1 1 . S I I +if e L - 'CWS' I H f NI Fouffh ROW: TTT -I I I I f CAROL OUICLEY, QM HaHiesburg ,I ff, if WT ,j'I 5L3I' 1 em I n EW I JOE RANKIN Magee if l ,., I 54 Iii F I' I RICHARD RAWLS Hnnieeburg P'I I RONALD RAY Long Beach iii IW TIIII , III "j1I'iIIII3QIN, I 1 .,.. ' A ROSIE RAY. AAA Ocean Springs 'I I I I I fi In i I I FW' ROW: in A ' --::' LZPP I JAMES RAYBU RN I-Iaffiesburg III 'III I 1' I ii, V REBECCA RAYFIELD, E-'53 Jackson CA it Ii f if IQQI I GAIL REEVES, AAA Ocean Springs ,S f 'I Z- W V C JUNE REITZ, 11134: CIarksdaIe S I-'21 Q-,I I in f CHARLES RHODES Haffiesburg A ' I I I . gl -'rf -..... Z. .......,. , , I ity' k' -I I I I I! t I I' r-'2"'T A :N ' I I III F .. A I. M hx W I lg 1, V ' SIS ,I.: II'I FIISI ROW: A I Ii fi 1 I I' JOHN RHYMES Columbia I h L WALTER L. RICHARDSON Ocean Springs A KAY RICHMOND, IIBSIH I-Iaffiesburg I WILBERN RIGDON Meridian A x MARIE ELIZABETH RINEHART, BM Bogalusa, LS. I I II I ei I ,Q ,Y 'D' , i.. ,I I Second Row: 4 , , . fb 'O' 'T' OEORGIANA RISK, KA Heiiieebnig I in in In i P A :BSI IIBB- II:- fri, I o I . . IL-III , A f A BERNARD ROBERTSON Porfsmoufh. ve. MARJORIE ROBERTSON Gulfporf - Riu' QSINXI Third Row: I " 1 e 1 -:fy II PAMELA ROBERTSON Jackson Ev .I I1 II S7 I CI-IARLENE ROBINSON Haffiesburg E j RICHLAIN ALLAN ROBINSON Ha++iesburg I FREDERICK ROBSON Nafchez - THOMAS ROE Mebile. Ale. - ' ,L " I Fourfh Row: , I IS I, I ,, g I A - I DIANE ROGERS, QM Laurel I I I I' I,I IE WILLIAM ROOI4 Braxfon S f H-I I I, REBECCA ROSE Biiexi I .LI ' , DONNA ROSEBERRY Purvis b I RAYMOND ROSS DeKeIE 4 I N I Finn Row: 472 ,,.f,, In ' T5 1 WILLIAM ROSS I'IaI'IIesburg I.. I1 XM I -- . PATRICIA ROUNSAVILLE Pefal ,II f' I iw ia.. ERNEST ROWELL, JR., Acacia Haffiesburg Y, A Q T, I. RITA IEUCKER Columbus, Ga. IIIIIIIIII I U ' - ,, BZ VIC R MORE, KA Birmingham, AIa. Q K I A EE ' II II 'I"-' ' V II ii "'TE,3H Sixfh Row: ' - I ,e J I I I DORCEL RUSSELL Bay SI. Louis ts ' , V. , - SHARON RUSSELL Picayune I- 'I 5 TREvA RUTLAND Seminary ' ' " Q. LARRY SANDERS Carfhage 1 I 'X -., GRACE SANDERSON Picayune 4 , fy I -mul B In nf- ffl 269 6.3, 2 YE ,,,,, Ig i Ax! Q ,A,. f vm. 'saw I 2 'P hh N , j-21, 4 if, gg- , -I' n II . A ' 'N -, ,J , E I I if I f. V . ..,, HL., In M -1 limi'-:E "' '. . ..., .Bair I II xii I I WRT" A M E -7- I: : I I , 5 I I Ili I T: ' T3TiiR5ieiQE1.'E ' I . 'EER . L 5 f X V4 Y . , ' r.. , 3 az.,-f J, -Q. f I 3 , -CP I BE . Firs+ Row: KATHY SIMMONS BESS LINDA SIMS BETTY SINGLEY WALTER SIPES DEBORAH SKRNICH Second Row: CELITA SLADE HAZEL EVELYN SLADE MARSHA SLAY MARY SLAY CHARLOTTE ANN SMALLEY Third Row: ANTHONY SMITH CANDACE SMITH, EEE DOUGLAS SMITH GLENDA KAYE SMITH, KA JANEANE SMITH Four'I'l1 Row: JOYCE SMITH CHERYI. SMITH, AAA PATRICIA ANN SMITH PEGGY SMITH SANDRA SMITH, TIB47 Fifih Row: SH EILA SMITH TEMPLE CHARLES SMITH, A DANA SNELLGROVE DAVID SODERGUIST HELEN SOLLBERGER, QM Sixlh Row: RICHARD SONES LINDA SPEER JAMES SPELL LON EDWARD STACEY ANN STAHLER, KA Jackson Vicksburg Gulfporf Biloxi Biloxi Halniiesburg Lumberion Lucedale Quilman Haiiiesburg Tuscaloosa, Ala. Gulipori Siclon Brookhaven Valparaiso, Fla. Union Church Jackson Lucedale Jackson Birmingham, Ala. Brookhaven TQ Jacksonville, Fla. Bay ST. Louis Malone. Fla. Laurel Bay SI. Louis Guliporl' Macon Mobile, Ala. Laurel The Fl'eShlTICl'l Firsl' Row: ELIZABETH SAUCIER ELLEN ANN SAUNDERS, CPM RITA SAUTER SANDRA SCI-IIERNBERG KATHRYN ANN SHCLEDWITZ. HBQ Second Row: ROBERT SCHNEEFLOCK KA FRED SCHWAN, CIPKT TERRY SCHWEIZER GEORGE RONALD SCOTT THOMAS SCOTT Third Row: GROSS SCRUGGS, JR. CONSTANCE MARIE SEAY DANIEL SETTLES THOMAS SEXTON MIKE SEYMOUR Fourih Row: ANNE SHADDOCK. EEE RICHARD SHARPE GEORGE ED SHAW JANET Sl-IELTON, XO KAY Sl-IELTON. AZ Fiflh Row: LYDIA SHIRLEY CHARLOTTE ANN SHIVERS, X9 JOHN SHIVERS, 311113 LOU SHURDEN, QM DIANA SIMMONS Gvulfpori Mobile, Ala. Galesburg, lll. Picayune Memphis, Tenn. Foley, Ala. Biloxi Lakin, Kan. Mobile, Ala. McCall Creek Meridian Vicksburg Anchorage, Alaska Tuscaloosa, Ala. Jackson Jackson MobiIe,Ala. Jackson Tripoli, Libya Laurel Laurel Florence Preniiss Drew Pascagoula ff-E ' Q3 I A '24 '. I I illii I ' I H, 2. ' I ' zi- I - j ' 'RT I . L X . Class of 1966 Firsf Row: JERRY LYNN STALLINGS LINDA E. STEINER VERMON JACK STEPHENS LARRY EUGENE STEVENS, KA SANDRA NORA STEWART, AZ Second Row: KAREN LEE STOKES, AZ FRANCES JEAN STONE. AEA BOBBY STRAHAN INA JO STRAHAN BRENDA STRICKLAND Third Row: JIMMY DWIGHT STUART JACOUELYN SUMMERS, X9 JAMEY LYN SUSHINSKII AEA KATHERINE SUTHERLAND, X9 Cl-IEVIS CLARK SWETMAN, EQPE FOUl"I'I'l Row: JOSEPH ALTON SWITZER DARLENE ANNE SWONTEK PATRICIA ANN TATUM SHERRY LYNN TAULBEE Carilwage, Tex. La Place, La. Naichez Jackson Biloxi Jackson Halliesburq Haiiiesburg Morfon Panama Cily. Fla. Hafiiesburg Haiiiesburg Magnolia Hafiiesburg Biloxi Ocean Springs Gulfpori HaH'iesburg Pensacola. Fla. KITTY TAYLOR Balon Rouge. Ld- Fif+h Row: WILLIAM HARRY TAYLOR Brookhaven DAVID TEDEORD Magee DIANNE TERRELL Biloxi DEANNA THATCHER Jackson CYNDEE ANN THOMAS Bay SI. Louis ' I f if ,I TTT: . 31 . UA, ' ' :IE ' Y' V A JE ' .JP V 5- , I . A E IQIV Ale' If Q5 I Ifizary Q f'lIiI2IlII.II II f I 5 3'.I.ffG:f:'x:I?1 -' fi' IIIIIIIIITIIIIIIII I 1 ',.- II I I I ,.,.., I i4IIIIIII" I i,,, Y, I ' 'T ' IQIII, I 1 I TT .,.. I I HK 4 W 1, 1- I V I XIII' fl I L 'C' X 'I , Leu, Iisml 5 I 75355:-Q: ..., K W III YQ I W To ' ii, I 5' E g L, 15 K , Y, I .I A i' ,gli : I,,. if I , A . .I - I I I I ,gg 1 3- ' fi' 'III T T 'T if' ...M I 'I I:I?z::: --,-- I -EL.,::: .5: T T T' I A IIIIIIIII I I A' I I- Y I, F C' ' , Il II ' I II .. Y. "ix I IIIIIIIIII cb -I I I' II 2: ' I-Eff ..I, ' III' I 'I ' I 'II-fees.. -IIJI TGVTI5 'Q ' IIIII I I I I I I ' 1 I'-YI " A Ill III II II' I I ' I .I ST" If I 'I 2- 535339 "" IIII Ir. III .I I IIII WMAHWK IH II' IHAEI H .... I k 3, IEIII I .rn L,,w,5'l3-1Q, IXI- Ifgl :asa I - - I III IIYIIIQL I II if N' - 'Av A III'I I "'f'?f-1 lag! I -' 1 S' ' A -c. - -W. I I I A, . I K LX! s. L T-f Q :ai SAI I E?,.- 4 X yy at ..,. WI I 7 I' A I I, ff - f EWS. Rf ,- II.4".ffII I ll, 'I-'Ml III III 'I-- A I 9, I M , 'F' Q II- f E- 7.2 :ie I5 MI I L- I I 1 I if I1 I II ' II I " ' Ie- I2 'V gi I-' I " -I-"',f1r,l5s .' I. I I' ' - I' I ILE X -:XIII I II' N II! ITL V! I I li TLCJIRCKR- I if I 'P MII. I IIIII III, III II IJ' I, I I III. IIII IM- SII 2 'II5mILIIIIIII.I IIINI F il. -M I I, XII I XII g I '- I-1 'L E? I ' I I , f, I I I ff' Firsf Row: CHERYL JEAN THOMPSON Laurel CLARA DIANE THOMPSON, KA Pascagoula PATRICIA THOMPSON, 252 WILLIAM LEE THOMPSON ANNETTE THORNHILL. AEA Second Row: CLARA F. THORNTON DON MICHAEL TILLEY PHYLLIS TINLEY DONALD WAYNE TOLER DIANNE TOOTLE Third Row: BETTY LORAINE TOPP. AEA ,If rg X I A' fr' A c I A BRANDA TORRICELLI LARRY THOMAS TOUCHSTONE WARREN TRACY JOYCE TRAWICK Fourfh Row: MARY TROTTER CYNTHIA JANE TUCKER JOANNE TUCKER, IIBfl'f CLARA SUE TURNAGE BRYANT TURNER Fif-Ph Row: JAMES TURPIN I BETTY TYNER yn LARRY ussERY M EDGAR Q-I VALBLIENA ,,II, , I JUDITH LYNN VANCIL ' V. 'I I Fray" 'I 'J-JW Sixih Row: I, GAIL VANDERGRIFT, una I-: gg IIIII. IIII A I ALICE KAY VANDEVENDER EI I, IIIIgI I:I KAY FRANCES VARGA . PHILIS VarILANDINGHAM ' I +I RAYEORD VAUGHN 271 Mobile. Ala. Mobile, Ala. Columbia Carlhage Lucedale Biloxi Liberiy Gulfpori Gulfporl Biloxi Mobile. Ala. Hahiiesburq Mobile, Ala. Jackson Haliiesburg Ponca Cify, Okla. Shaw A.F.B.. S.C. Columbia Mobile, Ala. Hafiiesburg Shreveport La. Marcaibo, Venezuela Slidell, Lu. Sou'rI1 Hem psfeacl, N.Y. Greenwood Jackson M eridian Picayune v.-xi ' . ,K 'Q x L W I . Q' -r' ,A "' - - I I I - A I QA. g T IQIIIIIQQ 1 Q-p. . 2 .r .. am. . 0 1 'T in f , Firsf Row: DELILA WARRINGTON PATRICIA WARRINGTON JOSEPH WATERS BESSIE WATSON, AZ BETTY JO WATSON Second Row: ROBIN WEATHERSBY DAVID WEAVER DONNA FAY WEIDMAN WANDA KAY WEIDMAN EDDIE KATHERINE WELFORD, Third Row: SARAH WELFORD NANCY WELLS, QM PAMELA WEST PHILLIP WI-IARTON KAREN SUE WHEELER Fourlh Row: KATHY ANN WHEELER, AEA BRENDA ANN WHITE CAROL ANN WHITE LINDA ANN WHITE MARCIA WHITE Fiflh Row: SANDY WHITE DEVAN WHITE NANCY WIGINGTON CHERYL WILGAR. AAA PATRICIA WILHITE, KA Sixlh Row: SONJA CAROL WILKES, AAA RUTH WILLARD ABRAHAM WILLIAMS ELIZABETH ANN WILLIAMS GEORGIE ANNE WILLIAMS ... UA fp, . .. Infigif 5 4 , I' 'TT ...- , 1 HB6 Benlonia Crysial Springs Tampa, Fla. Jackson Laurel Gulfporf Tuscaloosa, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. Olcolona Lucedale Jackson Halliesburg Lakeland, Fla. Sanclersville Panama Cily. Fla. Picayune Alhens, Ga. Pascaqoula Brookhaven Wesl Poinl' Mobile, Ala. Tinsley Peial Pascagoula Pelal Long Beach Panama Mobile. Ala. Long Beach v .J . I lafllfb I .gg-5 -if The FI'eShlTIdl'l Firs'I Row: DONALD VAUGHN HOLLY VERNON NICHOLAS VICTOR VESA PEYTON ROBERT VINCENT, JR. DANIEL VITAL Second Row: PHILIP DANE VOSS, KE SUSAN WAITS GARY WAKSTEIN CYNTHIA WALKER FRED WALKER Third Row: JOSEPH WAYNE WALKER SANDRA WALKER BETTY MARLENE WALL GARY WALLACE NANCY GALE WALLER, HBKID Fourlh Row: JEANE WALLEY SI-IEILA ANN WALTERS DONALD WAYNE WARE EMMETTE LEE WARREN G-LENDA WATLER Fiflh Row: KENT WALTERS SHIRLEY WALTERS TIPPIE WAITS, AAA JAMES WANEK, ITKA CHARLOTTE ANN WARREN, KA -.FY MIL. ' ,I ' I A lil I. M 1 -.wi fl., , I ,, 5. ESI: 1. if f 1 Af .L 7:55 li 13,5 A 272 .V ,- I R I ' A I I I? Aberdeen Greenwood Greenwich, Conn. Haffiesburg Rome. N.Y. Nalchez Laurel Panama Cify, Fla. Laurel Jackson Nafchez Laurel Halliesburg Claymonr, Del. Birmingham, Ala. Richlon Mobile, Ala. Halfiesburg Prichard. Ala. Luceclale Pensacola. Fla. Mobile, Ala. Hailiesburg Pensacola, Fla. Halliesburg ' on .Q V , ..,,I Y' 0 IX Ili ,Q 2. Q' J V' 'Nm Class ol Firsf Row: JERRY WILLIAMS JOAN WILLIAMS ROBERT WILLIAMS SHIRLEY WILLIAMS JOHN PAUL WILLIAMSON Second Row: KENNETH WILLIAMSON BETTY WILSON JAMES WILSON. KE Columbia Haffiesburg Pascagoula CI'IarIes+on Hafiiesburg Grove HIII, AIa. Tampa, Fla. Pori Gibson - Oban' 2 I ..... 25:-I-I i I .... , Img I I ESI Q V 1 -R .. r L, T' I 'IF I ,rm T: -- G, , LAL 'I '-'- 21. 1 F -, 5 -1 1 ---2 .-- T ww- .Ty I 'v w -' faszisf " 'i' I Q I , F Iw'f. f 1 TF s A MEI 4 SI If I, FI- I MMI ,:-, , ,u 'S I T 4 55 1' - I I I. J I--1,. 4 If I I I 1: II, .S ,, I, A I fini. - 'T ,I . H-.. , Riff! .ww '1-ww .I ,I I Ir- '- , .gf .1 I 3 H. f 'I li I ' If I -II I I T JO ANN WILSON Gulfporf WANDA LOUISE WILSON S'IarIcviIIs Third Row: I II LINDA WINN Mobile. Ala. ' ' THOMAS WIXON, EAE Pascagoula LA ,I- ROBYN WOOD. AAA McComb KYE WOODHAM Meridian I GEORGE WRIGHT Broomall, Pa. Fourih Row: NORMA ANNE WRIGHT Haffiesburg ' SUSAN WYNOT Candia. N.I'I. ' " JAMES YATES Brooklyn K MARY BETH YELINEK Haffiesburq , CHARLES YOUENS Chickasaw, Ala. Fifih Row: ' Ii: ln XIII JAMES HUBERT YOUNG, JR. sam. Hill y yy QI +1 ig Lay RAYLAWNI GLORIA YOUNG Hawiesburg IIIIff'I ' III I iw I "?3,,IIMIIIIIIIIII WILLIAM ZUMBRO Ba'I'On Rouge, Le. A I-,, 'I ., 2 J' w'II"I 1' W' M -fl V1 I II'1irIIc 'these Iook very sIyIisI'II Would you I'IoId my porn porn. pIease'? .ef -.,.L......-up L ,,., ii, Q. N SQPHOMORE CLASS FAVORITES-Marilyn Skrmeffa and Danny Bizzell. The Sophomore Class SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS-Lefl' +o Righf: Beverly Dal Vice Presidenrg John Lazenby. President Donna Field, Treasurer and Marilyn Skrmelfa, Secrefary. ,- ,,,.,...,,.. -I-of ,ff , Q 'Eli 1? 23554 cg ' ,J F .Angff , M H- T 5' 1- figs 'Y , ,Si f- -' ,ywghgf V V, riflegffirlf-L ia VXI my N , 'S ,. ls fizixiiie . i i AM Q -W if Class of 1966 F-irsf Row: LYNN ABRAHAM CATHERINE ADAMS JAMES ADAMS, K2 JEANNINE ADAMS ARTURO RAMON ALBARRAN Second Row: JAMES ALLEN, EAE MARIAN ALLEN SHEILA ALLGOOD JERRYE LOUISE ANDERSON LYNN ANDERSON LINDA ANDING COSTAS ANDRIOTIS WYNN APPLEWHITE JANICE ARCHER FEREYDUN ARMISEN Fourlh Row: PRESTON ARMISTEAD, JR. PATRICIA ARNOLD DEENIE ASSAF, AAA JUDY AUW, HBCP LUCILLE BADGER Fiffh Row: LOUISE BAILEY, nm SPENCER BAILEY STUART BAINTER CAROLYN BAKER, AZ FRANK BAKER 1"'7' Vicksburg HaHiesburg Raymond Chickasaw. Ala. Venezuela Magnolia Biloxi Yazoo Cify Laurel Gulfporl Brookhaven Tarpon Springs, Fla. Haffiesburg Long Beach Caracas, Venezuela Jackson, Ala. Nafchez Jackson Quincy. Ill. Mobile, Ala. Jackson, Ohio Haffiesburg Halfiesburg Meridian Meridian .Av ?- if Firsl Row: JANET BAKER HB9 BRENDA BALDWIN 'GLENDA BALDWIN BERNICE BANDY CHARLOTTE BARNES Second Row: JANIS BARNES, X9 SUE BARNI-IART, AEA DIANNE BARR KAREN BASS PAUL BASS Third Row: ELAINE BATES ARLIN GEORGE BATIA CAROLE ANN BAYLIS CAREY BEARDEN I-IARRIET BEASLEY Fourfh Row: JANE BEASLEY CLATIS BECTON , BARBARA BELL WILLIAM BERRY ALEXANDER BERTOLLA Fiffh Row: BARBARA BIGGS LINDA KAY BIGLANE GLORIA BILBO DANIEL BIZZELL, CIPKT KAY BOATMON, AAA Six'I'h Row: ELIZABETH BOGGAN JANICE BOLTON MADELEINE BONNABEL PAULETTE BOONE JO ANN BOOTH 7 Springfield. Ohio Pensacola, Fla. Pensacola, Fla. Wesl' Poinl 'Carfhage Columbia Canfonmenf, Fla. Mendenhall Bassfield Sumrall Mobile. Ala. Biloxi Prenliss Biloxi I-lalliesburg Pefal Bucafunna Monahans, Tex. Columbia Fairhope, Ala. Jackson Nafchez Fayefle Pensacola, Fla. Halliesburg Hurley Mobile, Ala. McComb Laurel Halfiesburg 5 if -.1 217, , Firsi' Row: PAULETTE BROWN JAMES BRUCE VIRGINIA BRUCE, IIBLP PATSY BRUHL KENNETH BRYANT Second Row: ' LINDA BUCKLEY SYLVIA BUCKLEY BILLY BUFKIN WILLIAM BURKE LYNN BURNES, IIBCIP Third Row: SI-IEILA BURNHAM, AEA STEPHEN BURNHAM MELROSE BURNS BOBBY CAIN ROBERT CAIN, HKA Fourlh Row: JOE CALAHAN SARAI ANN CANFIELD, X9 SUSAN CARNEY SARAH ANN CARPENTER SHERRIE CARPENTER, KA Fil-Ih Row: LI NDA CARROLL PATRICIA ANN CARSON, AZ PEGGY CASSIBRY, X9 PAT CHAMBLISS BEVERLY CH RISTIANCE EEE Sixlh Row: DURVAN CLARK ROGER CLARK JUDITH CLARKE ERNESTINE CLAUNCH JAMES CLOMAN The Sophomore A Firsl' Row: MARTHA BOOTH Naichez ROSE MARY BOSWELL, 'PM Meridian ESTHER BOWELL Gulfporl' FAYE BOYD Tylerfown JOHN BOYD Levillown, Pa. Second Row: SYLVIA BOYD Tylerfown MASSIMO BOZZETTI Cali, Colombia BARBARA BRACEY Tyleriown CYNTHIA BRADELY Hafliesburg CLAUDIA JANE BRAUN Biloxi Third Row: ANNE BRAUNE Birmingham, Ala. JUDYABRELAND Halliesburg DAVID BRENNAN Miami, Fla. OLEN BREWER Clinion THOMAS BROCK Berry, Ala. Fourfh Row: LINDA BROOKS, 'IPM Slidell. La. PATRICIA BROOKS Ackerman ROBERT BROOME Miclwesl Cily, Okla. GARY BROWN Tupelo GEORGE BROWN, JR. Lumberlon Fiffh Row: HENRY BROWN Rafal JOYCE BROWN Florence LINDA ANNE BROWN, IIBQ Lexinglon, Ky. MARTHA BROWN Pefal M'ARY ELLEN BROWN Jackson TH: 1 1 A 7 va ' ,ill ie-ti 'I' ei . ef" - ' f Iz- L. I .. " :yea 'E'-- flllu - , - :sz ' as iss: i 1 fa Fgi ' ' , f 5 1 Jackson W , , if -e I " -2' I f .. , Meridian -7' , ' i " 1 , ff Folsom, Ala. 2 f AL If Halliesburg X , 7 "f Cleveland Halfiesburg I Columbia A Jackson - I I-I alli esbu rg - Jackson - Jackson V Mobile, Ala. Bay Minelle, Ala. U'I'ica New Iberia, La. Collins Meridian Hafliesburg Biloxi Pascagoula Sl. Louis, Mo. Balboa, Canal Zone Mobile, Ala. Ambler, Pa. Meridian Falls Church, Va. Pascagoula Naichez Gulfporl L Ill 'I .5 ,Ma . . I - 1-Q." IW T - an i - 4, . A ' ' I . will I ' J ggi I F 1 3 V . . I X za A , bm V lr I H K: , Igiiiiuii ,L M15 xiii, 5" " I C Ii X TI I 5 I I 12 , I I ra :- . I , X ...IE , v WW , 1' ,.- Nix, - ' W N V r I ff If 'JJf,Q'u, ------ n"nIz """ I f II W :I jug. . . :-: J-.IQ mu - ' X F 55 W In ge L " all ' f ' 276 5 Hmm II K 1:22 sw id. V-IJ f I I Class of 1966 Firsl' Row: GRANCES COCHRAN DIANE COHEN LLOYD COLE DWIGHT COLLINS ROBERT COMBS Second Row: SUSAN CONRAD, AEA GEORGE CONSTANCE CHARLYNE COOP.ER ONITA HELEN COOPER, 1'IBfb STAN CORDREY Third Row: SUSAN COVELL TEENA ANN COX, KA BRENDA CRAPPS CLAUDE CREIGHTON. JR. LYLE- CREWS, JR. FOUTH1 Row: JEFFREY COCKER DAWN CROMARTIE, HBCIH Brooklyn Vicksburg Columbus Laurel Newlon Panama Cily, Fla. Pensacola. Fla. Fayelle Gulfporl Vicksburg De Funlak Springs, Fla. Pascagoula Morlon Elberla, Ala. Gulfporl Corluano, N.Y. Deerfield, III. DAVID CROW Jackson JUDY CULPEPPER Macon ELIZABETH CUSTER, 1'IBfI1 Nalchez Fiffh Row: SIMONE ELIZABETH CYR Springfield. Va. MARK DABBS, KE Meridian BEVERLY DALE, AAA Halliesburg SANDRA D'ANGEI.O, EEE Gulfporl' LEVADA ANN DARBY Gulfporl T 'F I I I Er I .VIL L "'f A g Irr Q., Ik - .I I i T: TT' T A I I nhl I J I' L. Ss! ' ig If.-I L I .QQ L in 5 ti 'S , .J I 'Y 52 9 I , Iv 4- - 'fr '1' .,-- f -- . , r,, a . I -:.,: H ' Ia sits, ff' 3.3-E? li -4 2. . ..s s l '55 2 ,ia T I . as I ' 1 V' .V a 3 5 - fn .- 3 1 f ., " , ..s,, 2 1 -1-1522. 1 'N 4- :, V U W 1 , I V A- .. I' I -. It I ' gil x I ' s - , III". 'I-2 ' TY? I ,T I III ,I A Q , --J 553- 551- -if ' AA" I , I ,, -Al- . I, , A -I,,,I1f,A,f-:Is . . X , af if 13 - ,, Y A ,J . qu c , III.: , " I 5 A 'Ig ' I I - I--I Ill I L.: '1 v II Firsl' Row: DOUGLAS DAUGHDRILL LEE DAVIS, Ill GERALD DAY, EAE - HARVEY DELLINGER ? MIRIAM' ANN DEMEDICIS I ' Second Row: 'EQ Si. MARTELE DENMARK I LINDSAY ANN DENNIS ROBERT DENNIS THOMAS DICKERSON "T" LINDA DICKEY, XYZ Third Row: ANGELA DICKSON ROBERT DISTIN, ATS? PATRICIA DOAN BYRON DOLLARHIDE JOE DOVE . .. ? Fourlh Row: MARILYN DOW LAWRENCE DOWNING MICHAEL DRAWE GINGER DREHER ARTHUR DUVALL Fiffh Row: JEANNE DYKES DEIDRA EASTERLING WILLIAM EDMONDSON, fIvKT SYLVIA EDWARDS, IIBCI' MICHAEL ENGELL Sixfl-I Row: KAREN ENLOW JEANIE ERMIS JOSEPH ERNEST BILLY ESTES ALICE EURE 277 Mobile, Ala. New Orleans, La. Pensacola, Fla. Halfiesburg Jackson Lucedale Camden, Ala. Halliesburg Melrose Park, III. Magee Jackson Waslwinglon, D.C. Carriere Jackson Jackson Brookhaven Halliesburg New Orleans, La. Cenfreville Jackson Bay Springs Bogalusa. La. Gadsen, Ala. Richlon Marion Jackson Moss Poinl Mobile, Ala. Nalchez Haffiesburg Firs+ Row: BECKY FULLER, AEA Mon'IiceIIo JACQUELINE GALBREATH BETTY GALLASPY, AEA LINDA GARRARD, IIBCIJ JAMES GAVETTE Second Row: JAMES GARVIN SHERMAN GENTRY LAMENDA GILBERT KEITH GILLESPIE RICHARD GILPIN Third Row: CELESTE CAROLYN GLISSON AMELIA GAIL GLOVER MARY GOFF ELLIOTT GORDON MAYBELLE GORRINGE Fourfh Row: CHARLOTTE GRAHAM JANIS GRAHAM, EEE PATTY GRAHAM NITA GRANT, KA GENE GREEN Fif'I'h Row: ANITA GREENLEE CHARLES GREER DAVID GRIFFING CHARLES GUESS SANDRA GUICE Sixfh Row: DEXTER GULLEDGE GERALD GUNN EVELYN HABEEB, AEA FRED HADDAD EDWARD HAGLER Union Church Jackson Nafchez Nafchez LaureI Yazoo Cify Prichard, Ala. Ponofoc Bradenfon. FIa. MobiIe, AIa. Mobile. AIa. Pascagoula Monroeville, Ala. Greenwood Linden, Ala. Oxford Biloxi York, AIa. Mobile. Ala. Jackson Haffiesburg Canfon Brookhaven HaHiesburg Seminary Pe+aI Pascagoula Pascagouia Birmingham, AIa. The Sophomore Firs+ Row: LINDELL EZELL ROBERT FAGAN, ATU JIMMY FAIRCHILDS JOHN FALCONER LEONARD FARELLO, KZ Second Row: PEGGY FARMER KATRINA FARRIS, IIBCIJ CHARLOTTE FAYARD DONNA FIELD, X9 ELIZABETH ANNE FINNEG Third Row: TERESA EINNEGAN MARY FIORENZA PAUL FIQC'!ER RITA FLETCHER. 2272 GAYDEN FLOWERS, AAA Fourfh Row: JANE FLY. X9 ARTHUR FOKAKIS SHERRIE FORD CAROL FORTENBERRY SUE FORTENBERRY Fiffh Row: JUDI FOSTER TOM FRASCHILLO LINDA FRENCH KAY FRENCH TERRY FREY 6 5 Ii, AN, 'IPM Decafur Haffiesburg Foresi' Haffiesburg Brooklyn, N.Y. Roxie Porf S+. Joe, Fla. Mississippi Cify Fluker, La. Haiiiesburg Hafiiesburg Ocean Springs Meridian Hunfsville, Ala. Pascagoula Jackson Haffiesburg Valdosia, Ga. Pe+aI TyIer'rown Ha'Hiasburg Clarksdale Gulfporf Vicksburg Biloxi I A Class of Firsf Row: DARWIN HALL CLARKE HAMMOND HENRY HARCROW III CAROLYN HARDEE JOHN DAVID HARDIN Second Row: JENNY HARPER LONNIE HARRING-TON JAMES HARRIS PAM HARRISON MARILYN HARVEY, KIIM TI-xird Row: GENEVA HATHCOCK VIRGINIA HAWKINS, AAA CARLOS HAYEM CHERRYL HAZELWOOD DONALD HEBERT Fourllw Row: TOMMY HEBERT ELAINE I-IEIDER SHEILA HEMBREE PATSY HEMPHILL VICKI HENDERSHOT FEHI1 Row: JULIA HENDERSON JOYCE HERNANDEZ RONALD HERROD JAMES HEWITT PATRICIA ANN HICKS Columbia Hafliesburg Greneda Halliesburg Haffiesburg Mobile, Ala. Clarksdale Harliesburg Jackson Halfiesburg Corinlh Lexingion San Salvador Taylorsville PeI'aI Biloxi Hafliesburg Terry Biloxi Jackson Monfqomery, Ala. Pensacola. Fla. Nafclwez Summif Pascagoula f'-R 1 , , kr "QU ' . 'rdf' Ii 'I T -his -I iq! Flrsl' Row: PATRICIA HIESTAND BRELON HILL, BAE GORDON HILL, ATU CAROL I-IINTON LINDA HINTON, KA Second Row: MARCIA ANN HIRE, ITBCI1' THERESA HIRE WILLIAM HOFFMAN RICHARD HOLDERFIELD JOEL HOLIFIELD, EAE Third Row: JUDY HOLLEY, QM REBECCA HOLLINGSWORTH RONNIE HOLMES MARIA HORCASITAS JAMES HORN, KE Fourflw Row: WILLIAM HOUSE JOHN HOWARD, QKT ANNA KARON HOWELL CHERYL HOWELL SALLY HUBBARD FIHI1 Row: MARTHA HUDE JO ANN HYMEL MARIA IANNUZZI KENNETH INMAN, SAE KEITH ISBELL, KE Sindh Row: PATSY ISHEE SANDRA JACKSON CAROL JARM BENNETT JENNINGS, IIKA KAREN JENSEN Nashville Halllesburg Tupelo Glosler Pelal Ocean Springs Biloxi Biloxi Jackson Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Moss Poinl' Tylerfown Mefairle, La. Vicksburg Uriah, Ala. Porl Gibson Picayune Halliesburg Waveland Nalchez New Orleans, La. Ifaly Framingham. Mass. Hafliesburg Laurel Mobile, Ala. Easl Harlford, Conn. Jackson Slidell, La. S X 1, -3 , X -I Q X. . H-.Q Farsi' Row MARLIN LADNER DORIS LADNIER LINDA LANDERS LINDA LANGFORD RANDY LAWRENCE Second Row JOHN LAZENBY ATS! RUTH LEE TERRY LEE GAYLE LEECH AZ BARBARA LEWIS X9 Thi rd Row JOSEPH LEWIS RAYMOND LEWIS RICHARD I.EWIS BECKY LIGHTSEY JAMES LILLY Fourfh Row: TOM LITTLE KENNETH LITTON JR. JANE LIZANA MARGARET LOESCH SACHIA LONG, KA Fifih Row: SHERRY LONG HOWARD LOTT TERRY LOVELESS, 'TKT OUIN COLLIER LOWREY KAREN SUE LUCIUS, AAA Sixih Row: FRANK LUSK, EAE 'CAROL LUSTER ROBERT MADDOX PEGGY MALONE, AEA DONA MARIE MANGANO De L1sIe Guifporf Woodvllle Carfhage Gulfporf Moblie Ala Kokomo Hafhesburg Memphis Tenn Bogalusa L Columbus Housfon Tex. Union Pascagouia Jackson Corinfh Birmingham Ala. Gulfpori' Pass Chrisfian Tupelo Long Beach Haifiesburg Wiggins Basfrop, La. Haifiesburg Biloxi Tampa. Fla. Lexingion Gulfpori' Gulfpori , Q.. S I I F 1125, The Sophomore Firsi' Row: VINCENT JESSE BECKI JETT BETHANY JOHNSON BEVERLY JOHNSON DONALD JOHNSON Second Row: WILLIAM JOHNSON JANET JONES, X9 ANNETTE JORDAN BRENDA JORDAN TIMOTHY KAUDAN Third Row: DANIEL KELLICK RICHARD KELLOGG DAVID KENNARD GEORGIA KENNEDY JOHNNIE KENNEDY Fourih Row: JUDITH KERR JO KILPATRICK HENRIETTA KING, AAA JUDY KLEIN, AEA 'CAM'I'LLE KLIING AAA Fiffh Row: GARY KNIGHT ROBERT KNIGHT LINDA KUNTZ BERLIN LADNER JANET LADNER Yazoo Cify RuIeviIIe Pe'raI Picayune Brookhaven Meridian Porf Gibson Newfon Smifhdale Jackson Biloxi Mobile Purvis Cairo, Ga. Ficayune S+, Francisville, La. Indianola Selma, Ala. Pensacola, Ha. Fayeffe AI'rus, Okie. Kosciusko New Orleans. La. Perkinsion Guifporf Class of Firsi Row: LINDA MANN, AAA Jaclcson MARCIA MANUEL Long Beach ROBERT MANUEL Biloxi JUDY KAYE MAUPIN New Orleans, La. ETNA MARTIN Haffiesburg Second Row: JAMES MARTIN. JR. Nalchez SANDRA MARTIN Liberly ANN MARX Bogalusa. La. WILLIAM MASSEY Purvis MYRA MATHIS Pascagoula Third Row: JERRY MAXEY McComb MATTIE McALISTER Haiiiesburg REBECCA MCALLISTER, X0 Gulfporl' BRIAN MQCABE Gulfporl' JOHNNY MCCAGE Biloxi Fourflh Row: JUDITH MCCAMISH Halliesburg JAMES MCCARDLE Pel'aI JOHN MCCARTY Laurel ADRIAN MCCARRON Halflesburg JOE McCLELLAN Jackson Fiffh Row: KENNETH McCLELLAN DeFuniaI: Springs. Fla. LYNDA MCCONNELL Gulfporf JANET MCCURDIE. X0 Halliesburg BETTY McDAVITT McComb MARGUERITTE ELLEN MCDONNELL, HBQ Halliesburg Ili, il-7' us' I., sq: if I3 . Q I '51 C' 40 -i ' .. se ' I-' . .r , -if-,I '..-' " , . ,I in -I, 1 3. 281 'ia YES ,. 'ax ' 6 I ss is A E' . I i I HW- 1 . , J' M T K: gi tf ,li ' 'Q an til ' -3- HN 1 vii N 2 Lei fl I 1' lb A ies? I '?"' ' 5 'l .. I 'I A 7 b . .Gi I .,,,gf-.5?-g .gg- Firsi' Row: BETTY MCGEE Morlon RITA MCILWAIN Buller. Ala. DONNA MCINTYRE Meridian THOMAS MCLELLAN Mississippi Cily DIANNE McLEMORE Wesl' Poini Second Row: BEVERLY MCMELLON Moss Poinl' ROBERT MCMICHAEL Philadelphia PATRICIA MCMULLAN, AEA Pascacioula CATHY McPHAIL Basslield CHARLOTTE MCOUEEN. AEA Gulfporl Third Row: LINDA MELLINGER Gulfporl' DOROTHY MENNELL. AEA Halliesburg RICKY MERRITT WAYNE MERRITT JANICE MILLER Fourlh Row: JIMMY L. MILLER MARILYN MILLER. X0 MARY MILLER RALPH MILLIS CHERYL MITCHELL Fifih Row: MARGARET MOEHLMANN MICHAEL MOONEY BETTY MOORE CHARLOTTE MOORE RICHARD MORAN Sixfh Row: GLENN MORRIS MARY VIRGINIA MORRIS ALBERT MORRISON. IIKA JANET MORTON DIANE MOSLEY Mobile. Ala. Kaiserslaufern. Germany Bogalusa. La. Mobile. Ala. Vicksburg Monlicello Safellife Beach. Fla. De Lisle Cedar Rapids. Iowa Aflanlic Cify, N.J. Bafesville Mobile. Ala. Gulfporl Jackson Mobile. Ala. Grenada Gulfporl' Vicksburg Jam... ' wiwfaa E ai. -1- ----'A Y E as 'mar , - :Ji iv. I' 'Wi' I fa I 'a?2 I 3 , 'xi . ' ' ' , , ' , , 'Jiri . ' . 1 Q , . g A- f I L' E y ' I tv I ,SH , 6 M,,.MIM 5 M, ' 1' ' af- sip? - - If A, .1 l W N, - -- :ni I' ' A in af 51 j' ' E " .I I ',:,,,i I 1" Ili iw. -2:-,xr AFX ,I '1 sf- . S." , , r c! I .1 vyv .M Y 1 , , - L . fx: K . i , - Q ,-+39 Ir .W , ,,., V a sa- ,Q 'L' M532 ' in I ': ,L fu.-Eg"x',K V , . Yi I lf.: V I I I 1 H, pil, .N I i s .IA A t I 3- 1 - I H.. I I rj W. ,. "V ef ' , 41 .. I I I I A TW. I R I I All . I ev- Y ,, . A ,H V- is 'fr I -' I' Lug I '1,:.' , "' I 'T ' . wx. '- ,I -x ' i 2 ' f Firsf Row: REBECCA PEOPLES Jackson JO PERKINS, XS! Pascagoula DOUGLAS PERRYMAN Mgbilel Ala, THOMAS PETERS LINDA PETERSEN Second Row: MELANIE PETERSON, IPM GARY PHILLIPS KAREN PHILLIPS REBECCA PHILLIPS RONALD PHILLIPS Third Row: JIMMY PINNIX BILLY POLK, IIKA SANDRA PONDER PENNY JO POTTS BARBARA POWELL Fo u r'Il1 Row: JOHN PRESCOTT PATRICIA PRESCOTT, AEA CARROLL GENE PRICE, KE MARIE PRICE PATRICIA PUCKETT Fifih Row: TERRY OUINN ROBIN RAE, X52 HENRY RANDAZZO, KE BEN RAWLS SHARON RAWLS, AAA Sixfh Row: DIMPLES RAY JERRY REED CAROLYN REYNOLDS, AAA NAZ RHODES PATRICIA LYNN RICE Swampscorf. Mass. Vicksburg Mobile, Ala. Columbia Brookhaven Carrhage Jackson, Ala. Jackson MI. Olive Fairhope, Ala. Goodman Gulfporl Peial Memphis, Tenn. Meridian Clinion Chunky Bogalusa, La. Birmingham, Ala. Biloxi Haffiesburg Haffiesburg Columbia Ufica Laurel Mendenhall Jackson 282 The Sophomore Firs'I' Row: JEANNIE MURPHY MIKE MURPHY ALLAN MURRAY BOBBY MEYERS MARY JO MYRICK Second Row: BETTY NAZARY SUSAN NEEL GEORGE NICHOLAS JAMES NICHOLS FRANCES NIMOCKS X9 Third Row: JOY NIXON BEVERLY NORRIS VALORIE NYBO FRANCIS OGLE BECKY OWENS, AAA Fourih Row: JERROLD PACKLER MICHAEL PARKER, BAE JAMES PARKMAN BEVERLY PARRISH PHILIP PARVIN Fifih Row: KATHRYN PASSONS PATRICIA ANN PATENOTTE SUSAN PATTERSON BARBARA GWEN PEAT, CPM PAMELA PEDERSEN Grenada Pascagoula Biloxi Magee Bogalusa, La. Carihage Halliesburg Haffiesburg Laurel Haiiiesburg Haffiesburg Aimore, Ala. Bay SI. Louis Nalchez Haiiiesburg New Orleans. La. Laurel Monlicello Jackson Miami, Fla. Jackson Pass Chrisiian Fairhope, Ala. Pass Chrislian Pascagoula ,Z M 'I' I .r 2 ' ji? b 'EY 'ly VV di- I I ,. I , Ig' " I 1 GJ I .K I 'I IRAS: 4 522, ' , I ' ' c- I J .. If , , ,W Q J P--v fi? I 'i'.-,:l!- I 1 , -v' " .. " f l :I '.ls2::f!f H - Y N " " I, ','nv,.-'r- T Aiiicsqrs- 2 ' ' I '3 ."1 : 14:1- I rl " 7 CICSS ol 1966 Firsi' Row: ELIZABETH RICHARD CONNIE LOU RILEY, X9 MARY RILEY MARY ROBERTSON ROBBIE ROBERTSON, AAA Second Row: FRANCES RODENBOUGH JUDY RODNEY JOAN ROGERS ROBLYN ROLLINGS, HB6 CHARLES ROSS Third Row: MARY ROURE BOBBY RUNNELS CALYCE DARNELL RUSSELL CLIFFORD RUSSELL EDWARD RYDER Fourfh Row: WILTON ALLEN SABA LOIS SADLER DOUGLAS SALLEY TOM SANDERS, EAE LINDA SAVELL Fiffh Row: DAVID SCHERBART EDWARD SCHUR JOHN SCHWARTZ PATRICIA SCOTT SUSAN SEARS Jackson Jackson Mon'rIceIIo Haffiesburg Franklin, Tenn. LaIayeHe, La. GreenviIIe Buenos Aires. Argeniina I I I 1 rn 1- I .4- 'ex my 111 Q - ,: , - ,I H .ii Kg ,, I 3 I :EQ mas ' V ' IR in V W I Is I :Z - Y ' if I 2' I ' - ' x' g , ' X , +.-- ' I , , I , I '-.1111 ,. 1 V lf I II:I,I?.I3w I wi :ff 2 I:I:I:-'P V . 'f v . -A+ , I - 5 5- I Q- A ,Eff Vi FO ,'5i , I II I .'r A cl: ' I' x A . rms. Hafriesburg Turwiler Greenwood Pe+aI SumraII Gulfporr Lynn. Mass. Bogalusa. La. LaureI Kinder, La. Marks GuIfpor'r Milwaukee, Wis. Lexingron Haffiesburg Mobile, Ala. Prenfiss E XII I X I S ' I ,M II II , -- I -, I: . i Ig Y.. ,, if X s! X I s. Firsf Row: ALICE SEAWIELL JAMES SEYMOUR JUNE SHARP JANET SHEARER RUTH SHELTON Second Row: RONALD SHIVERS SUE SHOEMAKE PAULA SHOEMAKER, AEA EDWARD SHUMSKI GARY SILBERNAGEL Third Row: EDNA SKINNER, AEA MARILYN SKRMETTA. X9 PHYLLIS SLADE ROBIN SMALLING, IIBCIJ ANN SMITH, KA Fourfh Row: BEVERLEY SMITH, AAA CECILIA SMITH GARY SMITH KENNETH SMITH LINDA KAY SMITH Fiffh Row: MENDEL WALLACE SMITH RICHARD SMITH RITA SMITH SYLVIA SMITH, X9 WILSON SMITH Sixfh Row: MICHAEL SMYTHE GLORIA SOLES PATRICIA SOMMERS, AEA WILLIAM SPANN JANET SPEED HaHiesburg CoIumI:ia Jackson Birmingham. Ala. Jackson BassI'IeId Hahkiesburg Pensacola, Fla. Bay S+. Louis Jackson Gulfporf Biloxi Gulfpori' Haffiesburg Jackson Brookhaven Carfhage Lucedale Gulfpori' Moss Poini' BiIoxi OrIancIo, Fla. Jackson Brookhaven Franklfnfon, La. Moss Poinf Perry, Ga. Laurel Jackson Kenner. La. ,. 93: , 1 xl, ' Zilla - E Q.. '- Ii ei. ., -el . , ' ' Q. 1 E' . T , , T M il I I at lilfilhww 1 , I 5' I I A f I I .Ali " I2R7l I L f fi Firsi' Row: JOHN SYKES JEWEL TARVER BECKY SUE TAYLOR, IIBQIP MARIE TAYLOR SUSAN TAYLOR Second Row: SUSAN TAYLOR, AEA JOHN TERRELL T. J. TESTMAN JERRY THARP EARL THAXTON Third Row: JOHN THOMAS ROSE MARIE THOMAS SEAMON THOMAS HOPE THOMPSON JULIE THIGPEN Fourih Row: ELIZABETH THRASHER EUGENE TIBBETT JOHN TINNIN CHARLES TOCHE WILLIAM TOMPLINS, JR. Fif+h Row: CAROLYN TOOLE JANE TOWNSEND MARY VIRGINIA TRASK. KA BARBARA TRUSSELL JAMES TRUSSELL Sixfh Row: MARY TUCICER JANE TULLOS ROBERT TUMEY NOEL TURNER III TRUDY TURNER, IDM ,L R ii, A wi C' gi l 'f j ffzzzi-, lil H , ,lui I I . . az- . , -5- : L' , ' I fim-M. -- I V' 1 RRR: TVR"-wA"' we X it X W Q L, ,,... . Halriiesburg Saraland, Ala. New Orleans, La. Carlhaga New Orleans, La. Haiiiesburg Magee Pensacola, Fla. Haliiesburg Liberly Mobile. Ala. Yazoo Ciiy Angie, La. Vicksburg New Orleans, La. Bay Mineife Laurel Yazoo Cily Ocean Springs Pascagoula Enid Moselle Centreville Haiiiesburg Haiiiesburg Jackson Columbia Liberl' Mobile, Ala. Newion ,nge - The Sophomore Firs? Row: ALLEN SPENCER REGINA SPIERS WAYNE SPITCHLEY WALTER SPRUILL SYLVIA SPURLOCK Second Row: NANCY STANFORD EVAN STANLEY STAN STEADMAN, KA ROBERT STEELE JOHN STEEN Third Row: MICHAEL STEIN LINDA STEPHENS, QM JANET STEPHENSON ROBERT STEVENS JERRY STEWART Fourih Row: STANLER STEWART, EAE MARY SUE STRAHAM SARAH AN N STRAYI-IAM. IREDA STRICKLAND SYLVIA STRINGER FiI7+h Row: PAMELA STUBBS, 'IDM MARGY STURRUP ALVIN SULLIVAN LARRY SUMRALL JIMMY SUTTON ZAE IIBCIP . , Yer., A J 1- ill I yr . k EW l l Mobile, Ala. Picayune Hazlehursi' Mobile, Ala. Milfon, Fla. lfhaca, N.Y. Memphis, Tenn. Hunisville, Ala. Hunfsville, Ala. Pascagoula Caracas, Venezuela Vicksburg Gulfpori Hailiesburg Peial Biloxi Collins Biloxi Laurel Columbia Magee Foresi' Shannon Ellisville Monricello ..,- I 'V lui nr ' , : F - . .I -. -'- Q 4354" 5 I I A 5? ' 4 - f e. .Sim , , W pg - 5. Q ' if 'V ,, . ' 3. .eif 4 ff: ""'9 " .. I 1: . S" ..ss14a2g:' ff ' . ' ,, I 4' 'e.S..... . ,, .V ,, . ' '-'- . . I ' , fwlfw. ' V M 'W' b R ags l. I . --E :- - ge E - ga: 5 , ' fi' nv I .'i.- '. - . yi , 1 I TT 4 : , , , E' ,- - ' 4 ' v, w- 2 I vE:E'1: 1 ,-.. 7 K 77-ffl' T o n, f- l i Sr - 'P' , ' "' wr NMI' .3 'ii H. Y E ,, I, .., ,' X ,Eff J 1 I, , " T 1 27 ll" N IIT I ,T T E I , ,I:j"'11- QL ,, if .. "2 -I E -si L' 4 'ig li 557 . " il 'M f ""' ' 'UWT 'W' A ""'f 'T lllai' ', l , lr - IHA" T l X T W' S' T l ll Z Illini . H' FTF: illa:-79' - l - . 4' '55 E T iiffk? f T 3 :iiilll ,,5 ' I, - A N - Ai 'fi .fp K. W Im 1 ., s, 'f .f jf A . ,. - , ' 1 ' 1 '-t-el I 3 ., 'S F- ,L T3-- ' - -' 'Wi . . .f :if .rf I I 45. . E L 1 I K4:'5f'ibiitk'ETl'fJ "fee I ' 284 Class of Firsi' Row: BONNIE TYLER ELBERT UNDERWOOD SHEILA UPTON CONCEPCION VALLADARES CHARLES VANCE Second Row: JOHN VanDEVENDEE JAMES VAUGHAN KENNETH VINZANT DELPHINE VOSS, X9 CURTIS WAITES Third Row: MARY WAGNER ALFRED WALCHAK AUGUST WALCHAK, JR. CHARLES WALKER, KA EULA ANNE WALKER Fourfh Row: MONROE WALLACE JERRY WALTMAN FABIAN WAMBSGANS WILLIAM WARD CYNTHIA WARREN Fi'F'Ih Row: SALLY WATERS, KA KATHY WEBB, 'PM JOHN WECHS ARTHUR WEHMANN Columbia Sebasfopol Collins Sen Salvador Brandon Harfiesburg Kreole Laurel Naichez Laurel Easl' S+. Louis, III. Roselle, N.J. Roselle. N.J. Canion Hollywood. Fla. Naichez Jackson Pass Chrisfian Meridian Long Beach Park Ridge, III. Ocean Springs Arlingion. Va. Berkeley Heighrs, N.J. SIDNEY CAROL WEIR, 'PM Newion , 9 N' ' . ,QI f 'f , 1 , II , " L - Wi- ..I Q , M A f- I I - A I' III. IQ I ' -I. I IIIJI II . RI fI bf- I 7 m , 'I1!.f ' ' ' , I J I -'I III-I a n-L-5I III I II gwiul. III il .-N , 'I I ' K H i If I M' I-E7 Iii" I' 2 - I II, I f , ar T-Ti' 'ly . I . ' ,Ali N jj, ' Q' ff' Igiigv' I. 5 Q. 3 'I fi ' -- i ' ,-,I gp V ., . ' f' 7:5 TL -' . I' ,I I. If L, I ::- " ' I 285 6-if I, 6' A E 14 9 2 r L -552 'T ' I RHI 3 , , I ' ufiifliif -, . 'M da., May. I as lifiiffi II , , I I 75 1. A I A I- I 1' IIIII I .I ci ' I I I ILL IIIIIII I III I IIITI I' II IIIII ' I 'I I, WI I 'III 'II' I I III I' If I I ,, II II. II: II I E . . I II E I 'I-5 -I Ti, IQ I. ,..,?af . IF 'I, F g: , E Q I ,Iwi ' L, - Q 'II1 1 if . I , in EA A LI. . N E, 55' I2.s':I2i: A " .1 E, R II 5 I A 7-6: . - .4 ,, -'i?i, .X , . ,, Fl . :I ' Il av-1 X1 WM, 1 :s,L:s,L. WI, I ,II W? 5 gl 1- x Ii 'P 'iw 4 :Ram as I, I ,IL areas, , WWI x W I 'ty X 1' NIS:- Iesfffsgsgez EE I w I I I III Qiggggitgg' gggxff x 'IIILI y , Im yI .K I ? ' S2 II if II I IEW f Firsf Row: ROBERT WELLS ROBLYN LEE WELLS, QM SARAH WELLS CAROL WENTWORTH. X9 JOAN WENTWORTH, XD Second Row: CAROL WESTERFIELD CAROL ANN WHETSTONE DOROTHY JEAN WI-IITAKER ROBERT JAMES WHITE ROBERT WAYNE WHITE Third Row: CAROLYN WHITLEY ALLEN WILKERSON FLORENCE ANN WILLIAMS GLADSTONE WILLIAMS WANDA WILLIAMS Fourlh Row: CHERYLL WILLIAMSON MARY ANN WILLIAMS BRENDA WILSON. X0 KENNETH WOODRUFF WILLIAM WRIGHT. KA Fif+h Row: BETTY JO YAGER DALE YARBOROUGH, XS! JAMES YARBROUGH BETSY YATES, QM THOMAS YATES III Sixfh Row: DAVID YOUNG PATRICK YOUNG SALLY ZANNELLI MARY FRANCES ZIZ CHARLES DANA ZRINSKY Moss Poini Vicksburg Laurel Haffiesburg Chalranooga, Tenn. Iena Biloxi Jackson Harringfon Park. N.J. Brookhaven Nefchez Long Beach Olive Branch Clinron Varnado, La. Grove Hill Greenville Baion Rouge, La. Yazoo Cily Jackson Columbia McComb Heidelberg Haifiesburg Jackson Jackson Biloxi Washingron, D.C. Biloxi Biloxi JUNIOR CLASS 'OFFICERS-Leff fo 1Righ'I': Ann Bond, Treasurer Ronnie Mizzell, Vice-Presidenfg Jim Weaver, President and Kay McCloud Secrefary. The Junior Class JUNIOR 'CLASS FAVORITES-Royce Ann Sieqrisr and Jim Weaver Class of Firsl' Row: CLYNE ADAMS JERRY ADAMS ANN ALDERMAN GARY ALEXANDER DONALD ALFONSO Second Row: BOBBY ALFORD RAY ALLEN. JR, RONNIE ALLEN BECKY ALLUMS, AZ ELLEN ANDERSON Gilberlown, Ala. Carlhage Slringer Purvis Gulfporl' Slclon Pascagoula Magnolia Ellisville Foresl' 1-15' 3 - rl I Third Row: BOB ANDERSON VIRGIL AULTMAN JANE AUSTIN LINDA AYERS, AZ JOHN DAVID BAKER Fourflw Row: STUART BAKER RONNIE BALZLI QKT ANN BARDWELL JIMMY BARGER Jackson Seminary Laurel Pensacola. Fla. Gulfporl' Birmingham, Ala. Mobile Ala. McComb Memphis BOBBIE BARLOW WSSSOH K QL- Z" 1' ...fa I I ' xg! . I . MII If ,IL II -U , I t-'X ??s W IBN 1'- 467 287 Sf TP Q5 , A .It 1., -zf Firsl' Row: BILLY BARNES JAMES BARNETT, JR. KEITH BARNETT DONALD BARR LYNN BARRETT Second Row: SUE BASS ANITA BEASLEY ELAINE BEASLEY HERBERT BEAUMONT GLORIA BELK Third Row: ANTHONY BELLANCA JAMES BEMIS CLEO BENNETT FRED BEOSOLE WILLIS BERGIN Fourih Row: BOBBY BILBO LYNN BISHOP JAMES BLACKLEDGE LINDA BLISSETT HERMAN BOLICK, JR. Fiffh Row: ANN BOND, X0 LaVERN BOND ANN BONFIELD DANNY BENNETT LINDA BOONE Braxlon Lucedale Waynesboro Magee Decafur Columbia Sylacauga. Ala. Waynesboro Pelal Halrliesburg Passaic. N.J. Laurel Morlon Mobile, Ala. Laurel Gulfporf Halflesburg Laurel Morfon Conover. N.C. Laurel Ocean Springs New Orleans, La. Monlgomery, Ala. Laurel af' Firsl' Row: CHARLOTTE BURCAW DANA BURGE BARBARA BURNETT EARL BURNS JAN BURNS, QM Seconcl Row: MARILYN BURRIS POLLARD BURRIS BARBARA BUSBY MARY BUSH CECIL BYRD Third Row: ELIZABETH CADENHEAD STEPHEN CALCOTE JAMES CALHOUN JENNINGS CAMET MARY CAMPBELL Fourfh Row: J. RONALD CARANNA JUANITA CARDENAS JAMES CARLISLE THOMAS CARPENTER BILLIE CARTER Fiffh Row: CONNIE CARTER JANE CARTER LYNE CARTER SAMUEL CATES DONNY CHANDLER .rf 4-N, Haffiesburg Poplarville Richlon Enferprise Bay Springs Mize McComb Waynesboro Bay Springs Moss Poini' Halliesburg Gulfporr Ml. Olive Biloxi Liberly Biloxi Richion Bay Springs Carlhagei Woodvills Wooclville Ellisville Magnolia Gulfporl' Ha'r'I'iesburg Firsf Row: MIKE BORJA FREDDIE BOUDREAUX ALICE BOUNDS CHARLES BOUTWELL WILLIAM BRITTON Second Row: MARCIA BROADUS, AZ DEBORAH BROOKS HUBERT BROOKS MICHAEL BROOME JAMES BROWN Third Row: WILLIAM BROWN GAIL BRUMFIELD LESLIE BRYANT CHARLES BUCHANAN FRANCES BUCHANAN Fourlh 'Rowz HUGH BUCHANAN WILLIAM BUCK FRANCISCO BUESO NOLA BULLOCK ULMER BULLOCK. JR. The Junior Pensacola, Fla. Sumrall Lake Newion Buckarunna Biloxi Lucedale Collinsville Poplarville Bay Springs Greenwood Bogue Chiiro Mize Meridian Foresi' Hairiesburg Mobile. Ala. Guafemala Collins Collins 53 QC ,iw Class of Firsi' Row: GUY CHAPMAN, QKT CAROL CHATHAM BETTY CLARK FRANCES CLARK JOHN CLARK Second Row: HAROLD CLOPTON III FREEMAN COCHRAN, JR. MARY COKER JAMES COLE RONALD COLE Third Row: GRADY COLEMAN JERRY COLLINS WARREN COLLINS DONALD COMBS JOSEPH COMPRETTA Fourfh Row: PERRY CONERLY LYNN COOK MAURA COOK NORMA COOLEY JANET COOPER Mobile, Ala. Hailiesburg Philadelphia Haifiesburg Moselle Wesson Carfhage Pensacola, Fla. Magee Biloxi Gulfpori Duck Hill Laurel Jacksonville, Fla. Bay S+. Louis Columbia McComb Pass Ch risiia n HaH'iesbu rg film Banya-I Wa, 5 .,... 11" 5-A f-. Firs+ Row: DAVID CORBAN JOE CORBITT SUZANNE CORLEY PEGGY COTHERN STEVE COTHERN Second Row: BETTY COUCH MARTHA COX JUDIETH CRAFT TROY CRAFT. JR. BONNIE CRAIG, KA Third Row: LATIMER CRAIG MATTIE CRANE JOE CRAWFORD KENNETH CRAWLEY ISAAC CREEL, Acacia Fourlh Row: JERRY CROW EARL CUEVAS FREDNA CUEVAS IRVIN CUEVAS MARY CUEVAS Fiffh Row: KAYvCULPEPPER FAYE CUMBERLAND. X9 MARY CUMMINGS CHRISTYANA CURET CHARLES CURRIE Pelal Meridian Laurel Jayess Jayess Marion Benfonia Mize Biloxi Prairie Gulfporl' Laurel Meridian Columbia Franlclinion. La. Liberiy Gulfporl' Hafliesburg Bay SI. Louis Pass Chrisiian Meridian Meridian Crysial Springs Biloxi Mize in w.., 1 'J vI ..- -W-- E- I I I III' I -' 5 V " 'T I .5 A 1113 Firsi' Row: DIANNE DENNIS BETTY DENTON GERALD DICKERSON SWANEE DICKERSON DANIEL DIETRICK Second Row: GERALD DIETRICK JERRYE DILL CLYDE DOWD LINDA DRAGULA GEORGE DRAKE, CIPKT Third Row: ALBERT DRIBBEN WILLIAM DUKE MARILEE DUKES, IIBQ WILLIAM DUNAGIN SHARON DUNN Fourfh Row: LANELLE DUNN, AZ JAYNE DUNNAM ANITA DUSHLEK PETER ECKDAHL GREGORY EDWARDS. Fiffh Row: JAMES ELLIS, II LYNN ELLIS, KA SHARON ELLIS STEPHEN EMMETT JOHN EMORY, ATS! Lake GuIfporI' Lucedaie McComb Picayune Picayune Lucedaie Bear Branch Haiiiesburg DeFuniaIc Springs Rolling Rock Meridian Haifiesburg Laurel SI'a'Ie Line Ocean Springs Sfaie Line GUIF Breeze, Fia. Princefon, III. JR. Harringfon Park, III. Haiiiesburg Ariingion, Va. Porf Gibson Haifiesburg Birmingham The JLIYIIOI' Firs'I Row: KATHLEEN CURRIE JOHN CURRY LEE CURRY MIKE CURRY JEAN CURTIS Second Row: KENNETH DANIELS MIKE DAUGHDRILL CLIFTON DAVIS DELL DAVIS DONALD DAVIS Third Row: JAMES DAVIS JOHN DAVIS JOHN DAVIS KENNETH DAVIS, K2 MICHAEL DAVIS, Acacia Fourfh Row: RAYMOND DAVIS, JR. ROBERT DAWSON DOROTHY DEARMON MARSI-IA DEMERANVILLE DUDLEY DENISON U'Iica Laurel Laurei Mobile, Ala. Hafiiesburg Haifiesburg Richfon Meridian Waynesboro Poplarville Magee Yazoo Cify Haiiiesburg Hazelhursf New Orleans, La. Nafchez Naichez Waynesboro Clinfon Guliporf ..-4 X -. 115 g ?x A--,L , 'fr I E, ' it 'N 'S P 4 f iv I 1 . II 9' I I Y .-.. ..1:, z T A" , III ff 290 Class of Firsf Row: MARIANNE EMRICK JOHN ENGLISH LOUIS ENSLEN EDWIN ERNEST MINNIE SUE ESSARY Second Row: LEMUEL RUSSELL EUBANKS DANIEL EVANS JAMES JOHN EVANS, III JUDY EVERETT NANCY EWART, 'PM Third Row: JOE EZELL JEAN FAIRLEY, KA MICHAEL FALCONE NELLIE RUTH FANCHER CATHYE FARRIS Four'l'l1 Row: WILLIAM FAUVER SAM FELTENSTEIN, JR. PAMELA FENNELL HELEN FERGUSON CAROLEE FLOYD, AAA J ,CV , Q. Sv- i X 'I 'xX'f-ro1fIi5'- Ii' A: if iautxtvi mm 2 Edwards Keene, N.H. Meridian Mobile, Ala. Brooklyn Luceclale Pascagoula Bay Springs Meridian Memphis. Tenn. Union Gauiier Pensacola, Fla. Colfeeville Halfiesburg Brookhaven Meridian Long Beach Ufica Haflieslourg IUWJ- ,w I e X I E 'OX RRI RN I, F '1:2"':-1' J . Il 'Q .rf ,.., ' - ,- w .:?f- '.- r'- i- 5 E . Y e A I -:E F "TRI Is 1 I7?MIa,5Q'I r EEE? er I I an 'PH -I' 5 IIF A WI HQ? Q m WI 1I Q if if Ixlnl A , ww.. g 3 - we up 'I I-er Iisfxiiffiii ': 'I 'ev I II I 2 I' fl? if ,... Y-r -ef? IQTIII-ff! I n ,' 1" 'I III 1 " QI 9- ' fx , S 'Z i,.rW,,1,,, L, I IQ -fx I " J" " ' fx - I I - In I gr' to I ' " - " "- 'il iv I Y, , - 1: I S , I. "" ,QIIIH g 41 I rg V I W -H I I I ,.,.,. . 4 X Y Sa Maul . Q Q , X , I r Jdr I I I I 'il , 1 I III N I-1 I if FI' . Xi es 1 "' f :' , ' 1' 1' . , , ESA: ,,:," .,.. . ' .,.r W I I, In I I 291 Firsi Row: SHANNON CHARLES FLYNN. IIKA EVELYN FLYNT PERCY FOLKS RICHARD FORD MARILYN FORTENBERRY Second Row: VIRGINIA FORTENBERRY ALFRED FOSTER, JR. PAUL FOSTER DIANE FOWLER LEE FOX Third Row: GERALD FRANKLIN JACKIE FRANKLIN AUDREY FREEMAN EDWARD DOYLE FREEMAN ROBERT FREEMAN Fourlh Row: NORMA SUE FREEMAN LARRY FRENCH CAROL ANN FRERET MIKE FULCO JERRY GADDIS Fiffh Row: GWENDOLYN GALLOP, AEA ADELIA GAMBRELL CONNIE GAMBRELL GARY GANDY ROBERT GARRETT Jackson D'Lo Bogalusa, La. Bafon Rouge, La. Collins Brookhaven Mobile, Ala. Greenville Pensacola, Fla. Richion lndianola Indianola Wesson Nalclwez Richfon Laurel Decafur Benfonia New Orleans, La. Hailiesburg Pascaqoula Laurel Taylorsville Haliiesburq Meridian if 5 ' F I I I , . , I . I I l ,Ii . LAJM, -ba I " if - 1 'T ilz ,, I ' 'E fm .. 1-6, - X R I 'e T' 2 I I S . ' A A N g' I if IMI !! I N 5 t 'I' 5l'.' A. Firsl' Row: PAUL GREEN MILDRED GREENWALT BILLY GREER ALAN GRINSTED, EAE PAUL GRUBE Second Row: CECIL GUNTER CHARLIENE HADEN CARL HAGAN RUSSELL HALE MARY HALL Third Row: WILLIAM HALL GEORGE HALLIDAY TANDY HAMILTON ATLEE HARMON TAYLOR HARPER Four'rl'1 Row: STANLEY HARRIS WILLIAM HARRIS. K2 PATRICIA HARRISON MARY HART D. RUTH HARVEY Fif+h Row: CAROLYN HARWELL BENNIE I-IATCHER NANCY HATHORN. IIBIIP MINETTA HATLEY ANN HAWKINS I.. 'Win wx Q.: I III New Orleans. La. Columbia McComb Pensacola, Fla. Mobile, Ala. Soso Purvis Pu rvis Wavela nd Ellisville Tampa. Fla. Bay Minelle, Ala. Newlon Morlon Grand Bay Halfiesburg Picayune FI. Leonard Wood, Mo. Brookhaven Pensacola, Fla. Ellsworlh Philadelphia Calharpin, Va. Biloxi Laurel The JUIIIOI' Firsl' Row: BETTY GATLIN MARY GAUTIER, AAA CHRIS GEOTES ANITA GIANI, X9 ANNE GIBBS Second Row: JOHN GILMORE RITA GILMORE ANNA GOBER MARIE GODBOLD NANCY GOETTMAN Third Row: EDITH GOEE LORIE GOLLOTTE SHIRLEY GOODMAN CURTISGORDON TIMOTHY GORDY Fourfh Row: PHILIPP GRANT M. ANN GRANTI-IAM EMORY GRAVES JAMES GRAVES PAMELLA GRAVES L '--1 McComb Pascagoula Gulfporf Pass Chrisfian Yazoo Ciiy Duran'I Sebaslopol Gulfporl' McComb Laurel Jackson Biloxi Meridian Sardis Laurel Mobile Moselle Slidell Pascagoula Columbus vf! N! I "avg . ' E.. III.. 2212? I iffsi A fern Xt' I - - 6 :ei-nfs. uf 11. " I , Gi A ff' - . t- I will 'fd I A g lib x TWT' Iv X ,Mr spa" . 292 Class of 1966 Firs+ Row: FRED HAWKINS, JR. TED CHARLES HAWKINS JOHN HAYDEN PETE HAYS DIANA HAYS Second Row: FLORA HEADRICK GARY HEARD ROBERT HEARTY DORIS HELMS NANCY ELIZABETH HERRIN6 Third Row: ' JERRY HERRING-TON WILLIAM HESS, JR. JOYCE HESTER BETTY HEWITT SUE HICKS Fourih Row: PAMELA HIGHTOWER THOMAS HIGHTOWER HELEN HILL MARY KATHERINE HILL WINFRED EDWARD HILL 4' I V v,!. .,J gg Nafchez Raleigh Swampscoii, Mass. Memphis, Tenn. Jackson Raleigh Biloxi Pascagoula Vicksburg Peial LaureI Mobile, Ala. Mize MeacIviIIe Leakesville Haffiesburg Pe'I'aI Toomsuba Haiiiesburg Yazoo Ciiy ,fl-4:12211 , Q1 I If E I A. A 4 X I. Q. - .Im I fwZmg.:.- , Fie- I I , I II 1 I T-I I 5 "gg I 4- .. ' .IQRW A I 2 I . I " ' E'P'-' id' I. fl J -x ' IL f ,LA I , H-H, we rg , I 'sf- pa V ef' .411- 4 S.-.4 xl A , II H ., ' Q Q Lk. ,I -1:4 Z vu ' ff . E -KL . ,, Q . . I ,II , I, - . ,, -4.- '--n 293 G -fm! 'QI A 4'-I Q, Firsi Row: PRENTISS HINSON JACKSON HINTON LAWRENCE HINTON LESLIE HINTON SI'-IERRY HINTON Second Row: ELIZABETH HOBART WILLIAM DALE HODGES WALTER HOLCOMB RAYMOND HOLDER PATRICIA ANN HOLLINGER Third Row: MARY HOLLINGSWORTH NORMAN HOLLINGSWORTH OTHO DAVID HOLLINGSWORTH JAMES HOOD LARRY HOOD Fourfh Row: MARTHA HOPPE, KA DELORIS HOSEY LOUIS HOWARD DON HOWELL HOLLIS JESSIE HOWELL Fiffh Row: EUGENIA HUDSON WILSON HUDSON DONALD HUEY BRENDA HUGGINS JACK BENNY HUGHES 'vx Nafchez New Augusia Richfon Escafawpa PascagouIa Avon Biloxi EIIisvIIIe Na'I'cI'1ez MeadviIIe Lake Decaiur RaIeigh Jackson EIIisviIIe Pass Chrisfian G-re+na. La. Picayune Ponfofoc TayIorsviIIe Chickasaw, AIa. Jackson LiH'Ie Rock PensacoIa. FIa. Ocean Springs Q- X 'R Ng' II 512 1 3 I ,W I i FF' H, I I I I we Se... , ,I- mim, ,I ,I X H ',", iii .izr A iw was ' II in 2251222455 we .A , N , ,rn , if I' Lf N 1"' 1 X f I L- -gif 'MQ Firsf Row: LOIS JOHNSON KEN JONES MARY JONES PATRICK JONES RICHARD JONES, ATS? Second Row: TANYA JONES MIKE JORDAN JANE JORDAN JANICE JORDAN JOSEPH JORDAN Third Row: GERALD KASOVICH JOHN KEITH PAUL KENNARD BETTY KENNEDY KAREN KENT Fourih Row: CHARLES KEYS EMPRESS KILPATRICK KA JANE KING SUE KING, QM JUDY ANN KING Fiffh Row: ROVENIA KIRBY LOIS KITTRELL GARY KNECHT DANIEL KNIGHT MONTIETH KNIPPERS Brewron AIa af? Jackson Laurel Pensacola Harhesburg Meridian Pensacola Waynesboro Brookhaven EIIlsviIIe Bi oxi Urica MobiIe AIa. MonroeviIIe AIa. Pascagoula CoIIins Jackson Hurley Meridian Bass'fieIcI GuIfporI Beaumonf Laurel gif, CoIIins or TyIerrown I The Jllhibl' Firsi Row: LQui5vIIIe BETTY HUMPHRIES De Funiak Springs, Fla. NOBLE HURDLE Union DON HURST, CPKT Laurel WILLIAM HUTTO Waynesboro Second Row: MICHAEL HUX KATHERINE IMPEY SYLVIA INGRAM MRS. KENNIE KEYES IVY DAVID JACKSON Third Row: MARCIA JACKSON JANICE JAMES DANIEL JEFCOAT ANNA JETER KATHERINE JOBE Fourih Row: COY JOHNSON HAROLD JOHNSON JANIE JOHNSON JOHN JOHNSON LINDA JOHNSON Bogue Chiiro Ocean Springs Jackson RaIeigI1 Purvis McComb Newion Soso Nashvilie, Tenn. Metairie. La. Jackson Griffin, Ga. Tyleriown Haifiesburg Omaha, Neb. A-4 I-v 'ae ea. f-,I IILISI i, I is J 'I X Vi 294 Class ol Firsl' Row: JOHNNIE JEAN KORBA EVA KRAMER WILLIAM LACK PAUL LADNIER ALICE MARIE LAND. IIBQ Second Row: GEOREANE LANDRUM HELEN LANDRUM BARBARA ANN LANGSTON LOUIS LARTIGUE LANA SUE LAWLER Third Row: WILLIS LAWSON LAUREL LAY, AAA PAUL LEAHY BETSY LEE HASKEL LEE Fourih Row: JUDITH CAROLYN LEE, AAA LUTHER LEE NELDA LEE RACHEL LEE REBECCA LEE Wiggins Gulfporf Terry Gulfporl Pori' Sf. Joe. Fla. Gulfporf Laurel Collins Mobile, Ala. Purvis Flomalon, Ala. Albany, Ga. Cherry Hill. N.J. Shivers Pefal Greenville Hafliesburg Pelal Luceclala Foxworfh . , pm fv- 15" uf I Firsl Row: ANNA LEESE ELAINE LEHMAN, QM THEODORE LEHMAN DARLEEN LeMAY MARILYN LENZ. IIBQ Second Row: JAMES LEUENBERGER BETTYE LEWIS L. CHARLES LEWIS O, BURTON LEWIS, JR. LaCELLE LIVINGSTON Third Row: BRENDA LOFTIN MICHAEL LOGAN LARRY LOPER BARBARA LOTT WILLIS LOTT Fourfh Row: ERIC LOVETTE JANICE LOWE ROBERT LOWE MARK LOWREY, KE FREDERICK LUSK Fiflh Row: DONALD MacDONALD RICHARD MAES, EAE KENNETH MAGEE DIANE MARTIN DONALD MARTIN - ,f 1 Vicksburg Nalchez Bay Sl. Louis Biloxi Jackson Gulfpori Jackson Meridian Florence Moorhead Columbia Laurel Laurel Laurel Seminary Myrfle Beach. S.C. Laurel Por? Gibson Halliesburg Biloxi Memphis, Tenn. Palos Heighfs. III. Brookhaven Purvis Magee Firsi' Row: JIMMY MCGUIRE PEARL ELMER MCINTOSH, KE ALBERT McKENZIE DON McKINLEY CAROLYN MCMAHON Second Row: DINAH MCMILLAN, KA FRED MCNEEL GLORIA McRAE JOHN MEASELLS GUILLERMO MEJIA Third Row: JAMES MERRITT BOBBY MILLER DEWEY MILLER JO MILLER JOSEPH MILLER Fourih Row: MARIETTA MILLER MARY NELL MILLER TERRY MILLER JOSEPH MILOS ELISA MINOR Fiffh Row: MARY MINOR PHILLIP MINYARD PAM MITCHELL, X9 JOYCE MORGAN LINDA MOORE Gulfporf Theodore, Ala. Pensacola, Fla. Laurel Hafiiesburg Edinburg New Orleans. La. Waynesboro Pelahafchie Bofofa, Colombia Halliesburg Monficello Mobile, Ala. Collins Gulfporl' Ocean Springs Columbia Ocean Springs Holyoke, Mass. Jackson Lucedale Winona Poplarville Lucedale Meridian The JLIIIIOI' Firsf Row: GEORGE MARTIN, Acacia GERALD MARTIN ANNA MARIA MARTIN TOM MARSH BILLY MASHBURN Second Row: CAROL MATHEWS JOHN MATTHEWS GEORGE MATHIS GEORGE MAXWELL WILLIAM MAY Third Row: RONALD MCCABE FRANCES MCCARTY MARY KATE McCAR'IY KAY McLEOD, KA DANIEL N. MCDANIEL JAMES McDONALD, QKT Fo urlh Row: KEVIN MCELROY CHARLES McGAHEY LAWRENCE McGEE, Acacia SHARON McGEE Summii Raleigh Puckeii McComb Mobile, Ala. Meridian Jackson Bay Springs Foresi McComb Glosler Sfringer Columbia Pascagoula Bude Mobile, Ala. Harringlon Park, N.J. Haifiesburg Jackson Collins 'TP Class of Firsf Row: JOHN MORRIS, KA CLAIRLEI MORRISON, EEE SUSAN MORRISON AUBREY MORROW. KA MARIE MORTON Second Row: LYNN MULLEN OLA MURFF, KA MARY MURRAY PAMELA MURRAY CHARLES MURPHY Third Row: PATRICIA MURPHY ETHEL MYERS REBECCA MYRICK SHARON NAPIER JUDY NELSON Fourlh Row: WILLIAM NELSON JAMES NETTLES L. C. NEWELL, JR. ELIZABETH NEWELL WALTER NEWELL Biloxi Memphis, Tenn. Laurel Jackson Arcadia. Fla. Mendenhall Pensacola. Fla. Aliamenle Springs, Fla. Biloxi Valley Slalion. Ky. Naichez Collins Chickasaw, Ala. Collins Panama Ciiy, Fla. Vicksburg Tyleriown Pascagoula La Lima, Honduras Kosciusko 3 'Cn' ... iiw'i'fi3 X N vs. y E X V V II ET x r, turf .. Z' qw 5 hr' fu. , ...aa 5. L, 5- VI ,iw rj! -'I I I 4 YN.. .- ,4- Firsl Row: HILTON NEWMAN NANCY NICHOLSON. IIBCIP SANDRA NICOLA BARRY NOBLES, KE HELEN OAKES Second Row: MICKEY OATES, X0 REBECCA ANN OLIPHANT LYNN O'NEAL NELLIE RUTH O'NEAL WANDA ORR Third Row: INA LYNN OVERBY PATRICIA OXNER JUDY PACE SAMMY PACE WARREN PAGE Fourlh Row: WAYNE PAGE RICHARD PALAREA RAY PALMEIRA DONNIE PARDEN HAROLD PARKER Fif+h Row: JEAN PARKER ANTHONY PARRISI-I LLOYD PASSINGER, JR. BETTIE PATTERSON J. B. PATTISON, III UU' Pascagoula Theodore, Ala. Vicksburg Taylorsville Taylorsville Laurel Richion Hazelhursi' Perkinsfon Columbia Bay Springs Rolling Rock Haiiiesburg Hafiiesburg Ocean Springs Mississippi Cily Bananera, Guaiemala Honolulu, Hawaii Mobile, Ala. Wiggins McComb Laurel Roxie Porl Sf. Joe. Fla. Key Wssi, Fla. tr- 'EE g if' fx 1 pf.. 45- 1-. ar 0 .I A -v II 3 I , , l I III L ' Firsi' Row: EDWARD POST New Orleans, La. HARVEY POST, IIPKT Jackson CONSTANCE POWAJBO Biloxi DAVID POWELL Biloxi MICHAEL POWELL Pascogoula Second Row: VICKI PRESCOTT, X9 Haifiesburg JOHN PRICE Bay Springs LYNDA PRICE Gulfpori' SI-IEILA PRICHARD, AAA Jackson PAMELA PRITCHARD, IIBQ Souih Milwaukee. Wis. Third Row: HERBERT PRUITT CoIIinsviIIe PAYE PYLE Raleigh CHARLES ROBSON, KE Nafchez DELORA RAINWATERS Mobile. AIa. NORMAN RAMSEY Gulfport Fcurfh Row: STEWART RAMSEY Pascagoula SUSAN RAMSEY 6reenviIIe SUSAN RASMUSSEN, AZ Greenviiie LELAND RAY Lumioerfon KAY RAYFIELD Jackson Fif+h Row: LESTER REAGAN Sandy Hook WAYNE REDDITT McLain MARY REDMON Seminary MICHAEL REEDY Fairhope, Ala. GERALDINE REEVES McComb The Jl.ll'li0l' Firsi' Row: EDDIE PAYNE LARRY PAYNE SARA PENNINGTON DAVID PERKINS ELLIS PERKINS Second Row: RICHARD PERKINS VAULTEE PERRY JAMES PHILLIPS MICHAEL PICKETT PATSY PIERCE Third Row: FRANKLIN JOHN PINNIX MARY JEAN PIGOTT BENTON PITTS RAYMOND PITTS TOMMIE PITTS Fourih Row: KATHRYN POBJECKY WILLIAM POC-UE BRENDA POLK WILLIS POOLE CARROLL POSEY lk' ,I ,I LI ? in ug YF? MRS 1 1 I ,S Biloxi Newion Columbia Locke, N.Y. Hazeihursf HaHiesburg Pascagoula Brookhaven HeideIberg Meridian Long Beach Picayune EIIisviIIe Pe'raI Laurel Winier Haven, FIa. LaureI Columbia Naichez Brookhaven ' ' Rh 3 'H ff Y f' ,I I' 'I fl I I -if Id I , 'I Q 'xx if , II II I ,III U I 225 I , - :Q PQ I' I I u?1i ifI 4 .AJI " ' I . Q , I efif i f I YF A N-Ii ' IIIII? or fe ,I Y, .,.I. Y ' W1 IIII Y! Ifiyf , I ' ' :" ..IILE., ' 'ff ' II II I ,, , " LL, , I Lei- f LQ L s I 298 in Class of Firsl' Row: BARBARA REID PATRICIA REID CARL RESTER CAREY REVELS HARRY REYNOLDS Second Row: LARRY REYNOLDS BARBARA RHEA JOE RICH GEORGE RICHARDSON JOHN RICHARDSON Third Row: MYRA RICHARDSON, AEA PATRICIA RICHARDSON SANDRA RICKNER FRANCES RISHER BOBBY RIVERS, fI1KT Fourlh Row: GLENDA ROBBINS ANNETTE ROBERTS RODNEY DALE ROBERTS GARY ROBERTSON MARY ROBERTSON Wiggins Monlicello Biloxi Hailiesburg Taylorsville Taylorsville Gulfpori' Lumberlon Meridian Biloxi Haliiesburg Gulfpori Halliesburg Morlon Meridian Carson Lealcesville Nalchez Biloxi Columbia 'Ph IWW 3 ina 5-sv i m I ,Y 4 I, X. ,. ': C' 35 ,- on . 'Q -S i- 2. J id ie --i qc:- 'CTF' Cz Firsi Row: SI-IERRY ROBERTSON LARRY ROBINSON NORMAN ROCHE CHARLES RODDY ROBERT ROE Second Row: ALICIA ROGERS RUTH ROGERS BETSY POGUE CHARLES ROSE CLYDE ROSE Third Row: MARTHA ROSE RICHARD ROSETTI, QKT FRANK ROSHTO PAT ROSHTO CATHLEEN RUEBSAMEN Fourfh Row: HARRY RUFEIN, KA CAROLYN RUNNELS JOHN WESLEY RUSHING ROY RUSHING ANN RUSSELL Fif+h Row: RONALD RUSSELL SUSAN RUSSELL, AAA CHARLES SAMPLE NOAILLES SARPHIE, AAA LUCY SARTAIN, KA TT' ILA' 1311-1' Liberly Ellisville Bogalusa, La. Richion Vicksburg Monlicllo Waynesboro Leland Greenwood Meridian Grenada lxolib Halliesburg Haliiesburg Vicksburg Birmingham, Ala. Magee Tylerfown Wesl Lincoln Haifiesburg Foxworih Hafliesburg Pensacola. Fla. Haiiiesburg Dallas, Texas 55 .Ax III A ' '35, S L I-M" Firsf Row: RICHARD SKELTON JOHN SLADE JERRY SPEIGHTS BETTY SPIRES THOMAS SEEFELD Second Row: DANIEL SEELY, KZ RICHARD SELBY WILDA SELLERS GEORGE SEYMOUR LINDA SIGLER Third Row: ALFRED SIMM GLORIA SIMS DAVID SMITH ELIZABETH SMITH JAMES SMITH Fourfh Row: JANE SMITH MARY SMITH OMAR SMITH PAUL SMITH RONALD SMITH Fiffh Row: STANLEY SMITH SUSAN SMITH DOMENICA SODEROUIST JAM ES SOPER PERRY SOWELL Forl W Enrerprise Gulfpori' Columbia McNeill Laurel Bay S+. Louis gI1I's, Canal Zone Haffiesburg Biloxi Halfiesburg Bogalusa, La. Noxapafer Roxie Clermonr Harbor Vicksburg Poplarville Morganlown allon Beach, Fla. Carriere Picayune Avera Nafchez Bascom, Fla. Biloxi Jackson .mg The Firsi' Row: CAROL SARTIN, AAA WILBUR SAUL SPENCER SAVAGE RALPH SAVAGE KENNETH SAYERS Second Row: DIANE SCARBOROUGI-I JIMA SCHAEN, AZ DAVID SCHLICHTER ROBERT SCHOENTHALER DANIEL SCHOPP Third Row: DANIEL SCOTT DUANE SCOTT FRANK SCOTT DON SHAPPLEY FRANK SHEMANSKI Fourrh Row: PATRICIA SHIRLEY HELEN SHOEMAKE CHARLOTTE SHOEMAKE NIXI SHOW CONRAD SKANTZ if v U- ' I -la I III I I IIII I MIX: L' J. Jl.ll'liOl" Halriesburg Laurel Wavelancl Pascagoula Mobile, Ala. Gulfporr Ponoroc Mobile, Ala. Naples, Fla. Baron Rouge, La. Mississippi Ciry Waynesboro Sebasfopol Halnliesburg Edwardsville, Pa. Waynesboro Brooklyn Lumberfon Crysfal Springs Carriere SI My H A ' Ibfl " 3 K I I I gs R IKEA 1,5 'SL wx ,i , by I i yj I Q I I ,, ., - I . .W M.IIIQf2II . af., .. - - M , I Y x. 'EV Qfgii "EfQSW' 1 II 7 ,I :g5g,s1II III III ""' - ave: IIIVT? M 'S I I aw.sseIIg I I 5 0 WI L I " N " 'in-III' I . I I- 252 ' - ' I I 'Ea ' - A I I X --::: X as A5 Y, I Io Q, rg, I Class of Firsf Row: MAXINE SPANGLER NELL SPENCE ROGER STAFFORD EUGENE ST. ANDRIE TERRY STANFORD Second Row: GARY STATON LINDA STEJSKAL JIMMY STEWART LINDA STEWART STEVE STIGLETS, KA Third Row: EDWINA STILES LOUIS STOCKSTILL EMMA JEAN STRICKLER JAMES STRAHAN RUTH STRAI-IAN Four'Il1 Row: PEGGY STRINGER MARTHA STRINGFELLOW THOMAS STROO ROBIE SULLIVAN THOMAS SUMRALL S-.,, 'il Furvis Pacayune Mobile. Ala. Ocean Springs Halliesburg Haffiesburg Fairhope. Ala. Collins Mobile Pascagoula NaI'cl1ez Picayune Pascagoula Collins Waynesboro Tyleriown Lucedale Haffiesburg Mendenhall Purvis "'-P. .2 I 'LJ "fl ' I 'I I iz, - Qi I ' - E 1,9 ,Nu r ig-Q I -' I 'i ff' Jwgizj .wr .. , ' ' . ' e" .. r ,z H r- In 'mi 1 F x I I In 1 iii' '. ,I-.4 W W II I I .. I JI ,Tv lim., 'P' R nu' anim I I, L, I., Ii ." , vm F, . 'QE' 'Si 'Am " ff 301 jvi Nb' .ff-v Firsi' Row: JAMES SUTTON AUDLEY TAYLOR BENNIE TAYLOR EDWARD TAYLOR EULA FAYE TAYLOR Second Row: RALPH TAYLOR, III ROY THAGGARD LAVERNE THAMES JAMES THARP, JR., KE JESSIE THORN Third Row: ELIZABETH THORNELL HARRY TISDALE MARY TODARO JAMES TOSH HAROLD TROCHE FourIl1 Row: I RANDALL TSCHANNEN FAYE TULLOS WILLIAM TURNAGE MARSHA TURNER HARRY TURPIN "Emil 'zglgi I III 'eg-Ihr. 5-I '51 . ,gui -vi I , M ,Q 1 -. Sf ' ,. I 6, 'V' 5:1 :. . I if II Ii , W Il X I ri., IQ' gi x J if 1 , .iw .4 fe. pp IMI H if Pensacola. Fla. Pass Chrisiian Vancleave New Orleans Gulfpori' Monroe. La. Walnu+ Grove Meridian Halliesburg Gulfpori' Laurel Biloxi Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Monfgomery, Ill. Pascagoula Brookhaven Mefairie, La. Mobile. Ala. Fiffh Row: MARITZA UGARTE Managua. Nicaragua MARTHA VAN MERKESTYN Gulfporl GLEN VARNADO Osylca WALTER VAUGHN Pensacola, Fla. MICHAEL VERNON Greenwood Q, ' -'fn 14: LL Ii vp, ,- 1 I .mv-I, , . E I , Ex 1 ge . I , XX L: , Ing , , 1 - 'JI 1 D Firsf Row: MARGIE WEEMS CYNTHIA WELBORN ROBERT WELEORD WILLIAM WELFORD MICHAEL WELLS Second Row: NANCY WEST HARRY WHEELER ALLEE ANCEL WHIDDEN BOBBIE FAYE WILLIAMS JERRY WILLIAMS Third Row: LENORA WILLIAMS LEOTA WILLIAMS LINDA WILLIAMS LIONEL WILLIAMS MARVIN WILLIAMS Fourlh Row: JAMES WILLIAMSON EARLE WILLOUGHBY SHERRY WILLOUGHBY RONALD WILLS GARY WILSON Fi'fl'l1 Row: ROBERT WILSON PAUL WIMBERLY. BAE WILLIAM WINBORN RITA WINDHAM, AEA ROBERT WINLAND Columbia Halliesburg Lucedale Rocky Creek Waynesboro Oveil Biloxi Pascagoula Meridian Harliesburg Escafawpa Palaline, III. Waynesboro Waynesboro Summif Vicksburg Jackson Meridian Gulfporl' Tyleriown Laurel Valparaiso, Fla. Poplarville Ellisville Biloxi v-wx H11 xi ' i asfmifii ?i P' A I I I' J - G' nge? f. - 3 ii! ya .11 li 5 .N if f II 4 ' no in 27" The JLll"liOl' Firsf Row: CAROL WADSWORTH. KA ROBERT A. WALDROP ROBERT JASON WALDROP ALICE WALKER GLENN WALKER Second Row: HERMAN WALKER VIRGINIA WALLACE LYNDA WALLEY BARBARA WALTERS GAREY WALTERS Third Row: GEORGE WALTON THERON WARD JOSEPH WARE JOHN WARREN. JR. KIIKT SHERRY WARREN Fourih Row: WILLIAM WARREN JOHN WATKINS, JR. MARYLYN WATKINS JIM WEAVER. KE GLEN WEBB -i-wwf L, Praliville. Ala. Gulfporl Pensacola, Fla. Magee Laurel Sumrall Jackson Richion Laurel Laurel Union Columbia Hailiesburg Prichard, Ala. Benion Preniiss Laurel, Del. Gulfporl Tupelo Newlon f , , 'N TZ" A Amir I 1 13 .E ff- y - 1 rv. I II 5, I ff. TI "1 I' ' " 'II ' 302 Class of 1966 Firsf Row: JAMES WINOVER JAMES WINSTEAD LAURA WINSTEAD JAMES WITTMAN MICHAEL WOMACK, IIKA Second Row: JOEL WOODS, IIKA BILL YANDELL NERI YON ANN YORTY OBIE YOUNG, fIPKT Ba ion Rouge. La. Raleigh Pascagoula Laurel Liberfy Kosciusko Plymoufh, Ind. Guafemala Haffiesburg Haffiesburg " ' 'EE' ' 'MOT 'L ' , E Oh for a foofhpick. SH sfill or l'll poke you in 'rhe eye! 303 TC." 5 in '1- 1 as V rf, 73? V, . wt I , Ku " ' SENIOR CLASS FAVORITES-Jean Richardson and Larry PaHerson The Senior Class SENIOR CLASS 'OFFICERS-Le'f'r 1-o Righh Diane 'Delmas, Treasurer: Larry Pafferson. Vice-President Mari Longino, Secreiaryg and Jim Kiser, President 304 Class of 1966 Firsl' Row: JAMES ABERNETHY, KA, Business JOHN ACORD, Psychology DONNY ADAMS, Accounling Alpha Epsilon Alpha JAM ES ADAMS, Finance Second Row: LEN ADAMS, Biology i Counselor. Myrlle Collins Gilberlown, Ala. Bogalusa, La. Pensacola, Fla. ALBERT AINSWORTH, Malhemalics Magee CHARLES AKINS, Accounling Columbia Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Counselor. FRANCES ALLEN, Elemenlary Educalion Silver Creek Third Row: JOSEPH ALRED, Music Educalion Monlgomery, Ala. Kappa Kappa Psi, Pride of Mississippi, Universily Singers, "The Crucible", "The Magic Flule", Pershing Rifles, MENC. NORMAN AMMONS, Commercial Arl Porl Gibson ANN ANDERSON, English Yazoo Cily JAMES ANDERSON, IIKA, Business Long Beach Alumni Secretary, Pledge Trainer. 'ES .,.4r' 5 iii' . ,b la-E . ' II 'ati X ' Y -args. 305 I ig? I YP"?P Firsl' Row: CARRIE ANDERSON Halliesburg CHAPPEL ANDERSON, Hislory Laurel MARY ANDRE, QM, Speech Biloxi President Phi Mu Pledge Class, IIKA Dream Girl Court, Parliamenlarian, Pledge Direclor 1PM Sororily, SOUTHERNER. LENITA ANDREWS, Elemenlary Educalion Tylerlown Second Row: ALEXANDER ARLEDGE, Journalism Bay Springs OUIDA ATKINS, Sociology Albany' Ga, RALPH ATKINS, General Business Mobile, Ala. SOUHICVF1 Generals: Represenlafive lo S.C.F., Presidenl of Koinonla Club. JUDITH AUSTIN, Elemenlary Educalion Mogelle Wesley Foundalion, SNEA. Third Row: WILLIAM AVERA, Psychology Slale Line JERRY BAILEY, Managemenl Sardis LINDA BAKER, Special Educalion Meridian THOMAS BAKER, JR., KE, Physical Educalion Mobile, Ala. Newman Club, Yellowiackeis, Advanced ROTC, Pershing Rifles, Pershing Rifles S-4, Scabbard and Blade, Kappa Sigma GrandAM:1sler of Ceremonies, Collegiale Civifan, Dislinguished Millfary Sludenl. Fourlh Row: ELLIS BALDWIN, Radio and TV Soufhern Broadcaslersg Yellow Jackels, News Direcfor WMSU. THOMAS BALDWIN, Markeling Della Sigma Pi. Pensacola, Fla. Wesl Palm Beach, Fla. E. DWIGHT BALLARD, Managemenl Meridian Della Sigma Pi. MARY BANKSTON, Elemenlary Educalion Laurel Fillh Row: CAROL BARBER, Elementary Educalion Foresl ROBERT BARHAM, Marlceling Meridian Oulsfanding Pledge Award, Secrelary of Della Sigma Pi, Universily Singers, Highlander Glee Club, Choral Union, Program Commiflee of Wesley Foundafion, Dormilory Chairman of Forresl Counfy and Bond Halls, Vice Presidenl' of Col- legiale Civifan, Secrelary of Men's Affairs Board. PATRICIA BARIA, Music Educalion Pascagoula PASA, Newman Club, DANIEL BARKER, Managemenl Chesapeake Beach, Md. ,'L"x Firsf Row LEE BECKMAN lnsfrumenfal Music Educalion Forl' Walfon Beach Fla Treasurer, Tau Bela Sigma: Mu Phi Epsilon: Pride of Mississippi: Concerf Band Wind Ensemble Deans Llsf Nahonal lnfercolleglafe Band ROBERT BELL, Geography Biloxi PHILIP BELLEW Accounfing Jaclcson Alpha Epsilon Alpha Della Sigma Pi BEN BENIGNO, Accounfing Long Beach Trees of Alpha Epsilon Alpha Pledge Trainer of Della Sigma Pi Second Row REGENA BERRY, Speech and English Mobile, Ala Secrelary, Soufhern Players: Vice Presidenf, Alpha Psi Omega: Young Republicans Club Bapfi f Sludenl' Union MARLENE BILEK X52 Business Educafion Laurel Dorm Presidenl' Women's Affairs Board Secrefary' Universify Acfivifies Council Secrelaryg SNEA Program Chairman: Chi Omega Assisfanf Treasurer: Pi Tau Chl Wesfminsfer Fellowship Secrefary: Commiifee of IOO: Phi Chi Thefa, Dean's Lisl' CONRAD BIRD Managemenf Pascagoula Socuely for flie Advancemenl of Managmenf Bapfisf Sfudenf Union ANN BIRDSONG, Home Economics Equipmenf Edwards Third Row: ELAINE BIRDSONG, .AAA Home Economics Educafion Edwards Dean s Lisf. CECIL BISHOP, Malhemafics Bay Springs EDNA BISHOP, Educafion Haffiesburg SANDRA BISHOP, Recrealion Prenfiss Recreafion Associafion Treasurer, Bapfisf Sfudenf Union, Eourfh Row: MARCUS BLACK, KA, Business Adminisfralion Kensingfon, Md. Pledge Class Presidenf: Social Chairman, Vice-Presidenf, Kappa Alpha: Bapfisf Sfudenf Union. DORIS BLACKWELL, Psychology Gulfporf JELINDA BLACKWELL, AEA, Elemenfary Educalion Ellisville Alpha Sigma Alpha Officer: SOUTHERNER: SNEA: Sfudenf Body Maid. BURTON BLAIR, Religion and Philosophy Cenfreville Fif+h Row: MERRILL BLALOCK, Business Adminislrafion Liberfy PATSY BLOUNT, X9, English Pass Chrisfian Chi Omega Rush Chairman: Pi Tau Chi: DSE Vice Presidenf: Young Republicans Club: SNEA. - BARBARA BLUMER, Elemenfary Educafion Gulfporf GLORIA BOGGAN, AEA, Elernenfary Educafion Hiclcory S.N.E.A.: Baplisf Sfulenf Union: Dean's Lisf: Dormifory Council: Kappa Delfa Pi. ma. -c..., I F' The Sel'liOl" Firsf Row: KATHLEEN BARNES, Medical Technology New Orleans La. Alpha Epsilon Della: Dean's Lisf: Highland Dancers. i VlNCE BARR' Accouglalglrias Lisf: Alpha Epsilon Alpha. Mccomb LEROY BARTELT, Hisfory BHOX: THOMAS BASS, Mafhemalics Bassfield Second Row: RALPH BATCHELOR, Marlcefing Gulfporf BETTY BATSON, Business Educafion Wiggins SUE BAUCUM, Elemenfary Educafion Newfon JOHN BAUERSCHMIDT, Mafhemalics and Physics Rochesfer, N.Y. Kappa Mu Epsilon: A. C. M.: Vice Presidenf, Physics Club. Third Row: CHARLES BAXTER, ITKA, Hisfory Lumberfon Senate, Wesley. RICHARD BAXTER, JR., KE, Business Adminisfrafion Lumberlon Pi Sigma Epsilon. SANDRA BEARD, Psychology Carfhage TOMMY BEARD, Microbiology Meridia,-, 'ear is ii, ,gr ,ii .. xx .. .f , . ,Fit Q . A i ' , , 'I' F1232 ,. Xp, I 'hr iz, I I ' rrlffxi. .. N,Pfi",g, Scif as f-firsfii gi , , , --is .IMI will I Class of 1966 Firsf Row: JAMES BONNER, Psychology Buclcafunna FRANCES BOONE, Elernenfary Educafion Pascagoula BONNIE BOOTH, Business Educafion Newfon Pi Omega Pi, Secrefary. PAUL BOSARGE, fI1KT, Polilical Science New Orleans, La. Sophomore Class Presidenfg Sophomore Class Favorile: Yellowiackefs: Phi Kappa Tau Presidenf, Pledge Trainer, Rush Chairman: Presidenl of l.F.C.: Rho Era Sigma: SCOPE Vll: Alforney General: Junior Senafor: Men's Affairs Board: Spirif Commilfee: U.A.C.: Delegate fo: SUSGA, SE l.F.C., M.l.C.: Dean's Lisf: Presidenf's Lisf. Second Row: EDWIN BOSSIER, Pre Med Biloxi ROGER BOWLIN. Chemisfry Liberfy Phi Efa Sigma: Dean's Lisf. JOHN BOWLING, KZ, Managemenf Haffiesburg Pershing Rifles Presidenf: Scabbard XI Blade Presidenf: SCOPE VI, Vll: Yellow Jackefs: Kappa Sigma Pledge Trainer, House Manager: Kiwanis Oufsfanding Cadel: Brigade Execulive Officer. RICHARD BOYD, Journalism Saucier Third Row: JAMES BOYETTE, Chemisfry Cresfview, Fla. JIM BOZEMAN, BAE, lndusfrial Managemenf Wewahilchlca. Fla. GEORGE BRADLEY, Business Adminisfrafion Biloxi SUE BREATH, XQ, Clofhing Merchandising Bay Sf. Louis Secrefary, Chi Omega: Secrefary, Young Republicans: Kappa Omicron Phi: Home Economics Club: Canferbury Club. A277 Y 'lil A ll .k,llliglllI" mfs I I , ,,., , I " 'I III- ' I 5 " II II I I , Q- X P, 9 ' "SF , 'fi 4 7 'S if Firsl' Row: JANICE BREAZEALE, KA, Sociology Dean's Lisl: SOUTHERNER: U.A.C.j BSU: SNEA: Kap Sociology Club. KENNETH BRETT, English 8I Chemislry 'NI-H... Covinglon pa Delfa Officer: Waynesboro Wesley Foundafion: SNEA: Presidenl"s Lisf: Dean's Lisf. ADRIS BROCK, Healfh XI Physical Educafion Tylerfown RAYMOND BROCK, Mafhemafics X: Physics Columbia Phi Efa Sigma: Yellowiackefs. Second Row: ANNA GEORGE BROWN, Recrealion PFSHIISS Pi Tau Chi: Soulhern Players Treasuredkgesley Foundation Publicify Chairman: CECIL BROWN, 111343, English Waynesboro Wesley Founclalion: Spirif Comrniffee. JEAN BROWN, AAA, Speech Educalion Halfiesburq Della Delia Della Officer: Alpha Lambda Delfag Mu Phi Epsilon: Dean's and Presidenf's Lisls: Senafor: AHB Sweefhearf. Third Row: KAREN BROWN, Elemenfary Educafion Lumberlon Wesley Foundation: SNEA. NELSON BROWN, Manaqemenf New Orleans, La. Society for fhe Advancemenf of Managemenf. ROSE-ESTELLE BROWN, Sociology Fayefle TOM BROWN, Mafhemafics Meridian Yellowiackelsg BSU: Presiclenf, Collegiafe Civifan: Associafion of Compufing Machinery. TUCKER BROWN, Polilical Science Greenwood lnlernafional Relalionship Club: Alpha Gamma Rho. Fourfh Row: VICTOR BROWN. Personnel 8: lndusfrial Managemenf Hafliesburg Young Republicans Club: Pershing Rifles. BITSY BROWNE, XQ, Elemenfary Educalion Brandon CLARK BROWNING, Hisfory Valparaiso, Fla. ANN BRYANT, English Gulfporf Universify Singers: University Chorus: Opera Workshop: B.S.U.: SN EA: Dormifory Execurive Council. Fiffh Row: JENNY BRYANT, AAA, Piano Halfiesburg Song Chairman, Delfa Delia, Delia: Mu Phi Epsilon Chaplain and Alumnae Sec- refary: Universify Singers Accompanlsf: University Chorus: Phi Mu Alpha Sin- fonia Sweefhearf: Who's Who: Dean's Lisl. MARY BUCHANAN, English Haffiesburg Presidenf's Lisf: Dean's Lisf. VIRGINIA BURGE, Elemenfary Educafion Carriere SNEA: B,S.U, JIMMY BURKES. Accounting Pascagoula Nw-1 'Y Firsl Row: LUCY CAMPBELL, Physical Educalion JAMES CANNON. Biology JOSEPH CAPIZOLA, Marhemarics Kappa Mu Epsilon. MICHAEL CAPPAERT, KE, Managemenl Della Sigma Pl Presidenl: Vice Presideni of Pledge Generals: Dean's Lis? Second Row: CAROL CAPPEL, XYZ, Elemenlary Educalion is 7 he. 1+ m , I I-. i 'ii lla N 'fl ' . I A Y Class: Roxie Nalchez Vineland, N.J. Vicksburg Member of Soufhern New Orleans, La. TOM CARLISLE, English Forresl BILLY CARMICHAEL. Recreaiion Meridian MARTHA CARPENTER, XYZ, Sociology Poplarville Universily Aclivifies Council: Baplisf Sludenl Union: SCOPE Planning Commiflee: Senior Senalor: Rush Counselor: Chi Omega Social Chairman: SNEA. Third Row: JOANN CARRUTH, Business Educaiion McComb BSF: SNEA. CHARLES CARTHRIGHT, JR., KE, Communicalions Panama Cily Vice Presidenf, Freshman Class: Vice President, Sophomore Class: Senafor of Freshman Class: Senalor of Junior Class: Senafor of Senior Class: Delegafe 'ro SCOPE: Yellow Jackels: Eleclion Commillee: Southern Players: Summer Thealre Scholarship: Universify Singers: Best Acior in a Supporting Role, Sfudio Produc- fion '65. ANN CARVER, Markeling Pascagoula Phi Chl Thela: Home Economics Club. ELIZABETH CASEY, Business Educafion Jackson Fourfh Row: TOM CASTLE, Managemenl Collinsville VIRGINIA CASTLEMAN, Business Educafion Yazoo Cily Kappa Kappa Gamma. JOHN CASTLEN, Acacia, Markeling Halliesburg Unlversily Marching Band: Unlversily Chorus: University Concerf Band: Kappa Kappa Psi: Della Sigma Pi: Scabbard Xi Blade: Vice-Presidenl, Acacia. DANNY CAYTON, Biology Prichard, Ala. Alpha Phi Omega: Nation Sluclenl Educalion Associalion: Collegiate Civifan. Fiffh Row: PHILIP CAYTEN, Managemenl' Purvis Inlramural Sporis. FRANCIS CERNICK, I-lislory Orland Park, lll. CLAUDETTE CHAMPAGNE, Business Educalion Biloxi Phi Tau Chi: Newman Club Correspondence Secretary: SNEA. CAROLYN CHRISTIAN, AEA, Home Economics Jackson Home Economics Club. :QQQVIII The Senibl' Firsf Row: IRVIN BURNETT, Elemenlary Educafion Laurel GEORGE BURSON, JR. Halriesburg Vice Presidenf, Scabbard Be.Blade: Treasurer, Phi Alpha Thefa: Disfinguished Mrlirary Sludenlg Dean's Lisf. DENNIS BURVANT, Journalism New Orleans, La. MARY BUSBY, Elemenlary Educalion Collins Second Row: EDDIE BUSH, ATU, Markeling Mobile, Ala, Presiclenl of Alpha Tau Omega: Secretary of Alpha Tau Omega: Vice Presidenf of Phi Epsilon: Vice-President of Business Frafernify Council: Delegafe ro l.F.C, TANA BUTERA, English Bilgxi Correspondence Secrelary, Sfale SNEA: Dean's Lisf: Newman Club. I JIM BUTLER, Managemenr Gholgon JOYCE BYRD, Home Economics Elligville Home Economics Club. Third Row: JUDITH CALHOUN, Elemenlary Educafion Bay S+, Louis Wesley Foundafion: SNEA. HOWARD CAMP, Music Educalion Jackson Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Kappa Kappa Psi: Deanls Lisf. CAMILLE CAMPBELL, KA, Elemenlary Educalion Jackson Presidenf of Freshman Dorm: Senafor: Member of Women's Affairs Board: Mems ber of Women's lnframural Board: Member of SMEA: Wesley Foundalion: Spirit Commiifee: Dean's Lisl. FRANCIS CAMPBELL, Managemenl Easl Poinlj pa GZ? 'Y ig! Qi G7 in-. C2' ll' fa. Class of 1966 First Row: JERRY CHRISTIAN, Mathematics Steele, Mo. Pen and Sword, President: Association of Computer Machines: American Insti- tute of Physics. JAMES Cl-IRISTIE ll, Music Education Escatawpa Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Alpha Phi Omega: University Singers: Band: Opera Workshop. ANNETTE CLEG-G, Speech Education Long Beach Dean's List: Koinonia Club Treasurer:CTogng Republicans Club: SNEA: Debate U ALBERT CLINE, JR., Physical Education Hattiesburg Second Row: ROBERT COATS, Industrial Arts Soso JOHN COBLE, Geology Orlando, Fla. Geology Club President: Martin Luther Fellowship Vice President: Yellow Jackets: Association for Computer Machines: Dean's List. LARRY COCHRAN, Business Education Laurel Phi Beta Lambda. HOWARD COHEN. Music Education Clarlcsdale Kappa Kappa Psi Secretary: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Pride of Mississippi Treas- urer: S rn h0nic Band' Wind Ensemble: Universit S m hon Orchestra: MENC Y P I Y Y P Y Reporter Third Row: GLORIA COKER, Home Economics Education Raleigh Home Economics Club. JAMES COLEMAN lll, Finance Charleston, S.C. Delta Sigma Pi. CHELLIE COLLINS, Elementary Education Ellisville JAMES COLLlNS, Management Hattiesburg fir. T' mn 'FW' in-V 'XA if , tr :Q I I X 1 , Ifiyliil . A ,N Q ' 4- I ,v 'T l " ns' l " 1. ,i 'i T W 'wh gt 'fx 1 l'1l'i.f,"' i' .. 'J-E SQ ...if 4.4- -ggi First Row: ROY CONNELL ll, Personnel Management Mclntosh, Ala. Delta Sigma Pi Pledge Class Secretary: Society for the Advancement of Man- agement: Regional Merit Scholarship: Work Scholarship. CLYDE COPELIN, CPKT. English Greenwood Secretary, Historian and Editor, Phi Kappa Tau: University Acfivities Council President: Martin Luther Fellowship: Yellow Jackets: S'NEA: National Council ol Teachers of English: Committee of I00: Men's Affairs Board: Vice-Pres. of Young Democrats Club. CONNIE COOLEY, Biology Hattiesburg LIZ COOLEY, Medical Technology Hattiesburg Second Row: WALTER CORBAN, History Meadville ERNESTINE CORLEY, Home Economics Education Ovett CHARLYNE COSTLEY, Psychology Meadville DANIEL COUGET, Journalism and English New Orleans, La. Third Row: ANN COUSAR, Microbiology Jackson PAULA COX, English Lucedale Pan American Student Association. ARLEN COYLE, KIDKT, English Natchez Phi Kappa Tau Scholarship Chairman: Men's Affairs Board: SCOPE Vlll: Yellow Jackets: SGA Election Commission. JAMES CRAWFORD, Sociology Decatur Fourth Row: RAY CRAWFORD. JR., Insurance Meridian Delta Sigma Pi Pledge Class President: Dean's List. FREDDIE CRAVEN, General Business Bogue Chitto PAULA CRIDER. Music and English Waveland President, Representative to Band Council, Tau Beta Sigma: Editor, The Pride. DELMAS CRISP, English Canton, Ohio Kappa Delta Pi President: Lambda Iota Tau President: Collegiate Civitan Sec- retary: SNEA: Dean's List. Fifth Row: DAVID CULP, Mathematics Hattiesburg RICHARD CUMMINGS, Mathematics Brookhaven FAYE CUMMINS, Music Education Kosciuslco University Singers, Secretary-Treasurer: Opera Workshop: MENC. THOMAS CUSACK, Finance Pittsburgh, Pa. Rho Epsilon: Newman Club: Intramurals. E au., kr ,ca il ,-" rw qv- ,Q First Row: JESSE DELIA, History, Public Address, Political Science Hattiesburg Pi Kappa Pi President: Omicron Delta Kappa Treasurer: Pi Gamma Mu Presi- dent: Pi Kappa Delta Vice President: Phi Alpha Theta: Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Gamma Rho: Whos Who: President's List: Debate Squad: SCOPE VI: Outstand- ing Debator. GWEN DELLENGER, QM. French Biloxi Phi Mu Corresponding Secretary: Panhellenic Delegate. PHILIP DELL'lSOLA, Radio and Television TONI DENNIS. French Jackson Fayette SNEA. Second Row: HILL DENSON Chemistr - Y Rho Eta Sigma: Wesley Foundation: Baseball Team. ANN DePRIEST, Executive Secretarial Studies Bay Springs Richmond, Va. SYLVIA DESPORTE, QM, Elementary Education Biloxi FRANK DETHLOFF, Accounting Moss Point Young Republicans Club Treasurer Third Row: KENNETH DEVILLE, Management Waveland ARTHUR DiCERBO, Political Science Scotia, N.Y. Dean's List, Pi Gamma Mu, Alpha Gamma Rho, Young Republicans Club. CHARLES DICKENS, KE, Accounting Natchez Treasurer, House Manager, Oustanding Pledge, Kappa Sigma: University Activi- ties Council: Greek Bowl Chairman: Dick Linden House Award. JUDITH DICKERSON, Ottice Management Hattiesburg Phi Chi Theta: Baptist Student Union. Fourth Row: RACHEL DICKERSON, Child Development Lucedale Home Economics Club: Baptist Student Union MARTHA DICKINSON, Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi: SNEA: Dean's List: Dormitory Officer: Wesley Foundation. Hattiesburg MARVIN DICKINSON, Medical Technology Carthage ADELE DOLAN, English and French Hattiesburg Le Cercle Francais Acting President. Fitth Row: RICHARD DOSSETT, Physical Education Picayune SUE DOSTER, Chemistry Panama City, Fla. Alpha Lambda Delta: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Alpha Lambda Delta Editor. JUDY DOWDLE, Speech Therapy Carthage Sigma Alpha Eta: Westminster Fellowship. BARBARA DOWNS, English Hattiesburg .ff The Senior First Row: WILLIAM CUTILLO, Industrial Arts Amityville, N.Y. M Club: Newman Club: Industrial Arts Club: Varsity Baseball. ALBERT DAHDUH, Accounting Jackson DOROTHY DANIEL, Psychology Clinton LUCILLE DANIELS, Child Development Handsboro Second Row: BONNIE DAUGHERTY, IPM, Home Economics Education Mclntosh, Ala. Phi Mu President: SOUTHERNER: SGA President's Cabinet: Who's Who: Col- legiate Civitan Sweetheart: Delta Sigma Pi Rose Court: Home Economics Club: SNEA: University Activities Council: SCOPE and SUSGA Delegate: Dean's List. ELIZABETH DAVENPORT, Elementary Education Biloxi DIANE DAVIS, Recreation Tupelo Baptist Student Union Vice President: Phi Tau Chi: Women's Atfairs Board: Recreation Association: Dean's List. LYNDA DAVIS, Physical Education Mobile, Ala. President, Women's Physical Education Organization: Intramural Chairman: SNEA: Dean's List. Third Row: MARJORIE DAVIS, XS2, Business Education McComb SGA Treasurer: SUSGA Delegate: Chi Omega President, Pledge Trainer, Pledge Class Treasurer: Junior Panhellenic Representative: Alpha Epsilon Alpha: Busi- ness Fraternity Council Secretary: Unliversity Activities Council: Baptist Student mon. SAMMY DAVIS, ZAE, History and Political Science Pascagoula Dean's List: President's List: Omicron Delta Kappa Vice President: Pi Kappa Pi Secretary-Treasurer: Phi Eta Sigma: Sigma Alpha Epsilon President: Young Re- publicans Club President: Men's Atfairs Board: Yellow Jackets, Treasurer: Persh- ing Ritles: IFC: Distinguished Professor Award Scholarship: Pi Gamma Mu President: Alpha Gamma Rho: Lambda Iota Tau: SCOPE VI: SCOPE Vlll: Who's Who: Omicron Delta Kappa Outstanding Freshman. KENNETH DEARING, Biology Newton Collegiate Civitan Club, ELAINE DEAS, 1'IBfIP, Elementary Education Cotteeville, Ala. Highland Dancers: SNEA: Wesley lgnyfndation: University Chorus: Pi Beta Phi icer. .res inf- C!-F 5' :fa 5' T' 5- w... T . F N7 we 'V' 4? f I A I F . P . 1 s:.s . "" A I , I f I L- , Y E L I 310 Class of 1966 Firsf Row: WENDELL DRENNAN, Pre-Med Laurel ELGIE DUBUISSON Pass Chrisfian WALTER DUBUC, JR., Hisiory New Orleans, La. JANICE DUKE, Journalism Jaclcson Second Row: ROBERT DUNCAN, Personnel Sc lndusfrial Managemenl Bassfield THOMAS DUNFEE, Hislory Sayre, Pa. Newman Club. DOROTHY DURONSLET, Business Adminislraiion Melairie, La. CHARLES DUVAL, Acacia, Philosophy Woodville Third Row: JERRY DYESS, IIKA, Business Adminislrafion Waynesboro JANIS EARLY, Elemenfary Educalion Gulfpori' JACKIE EASON, English McComb Kappa Delia Pi, SNEA. MELBA EASTERLING, I-lisfory Perkinsfon E-,- -nf si- 'X 715, T 'Vi 'Str 'fff N- , -an-., "' azz? , 1. 49 s . -ir-3 - , ' 1 '13 vs IH.-. X , F ' L: I Tr? ' gb , ' 2 v o r sa ,gf . ll ' . 'i'l VT.: lllIlllll,.iL .i 1 ii J Firsl' Row: ANNA EDMONDS, Biology Jackson LAURA EDWARDS, Elemenlary Educaiion Halliesburq SARAJANE EDWARDS. Child Developmenl Saucier ERAL EIDT, KE, Hisrory Nafchez Second Row: ROSEMARY ELKINS, Arr Haffiesburg WILLIAM ELLIOTT, Marlrelinq Laurel Pi Sigma Epsilon. JAMES ESTES, Music Educaiion Greenville Marching Bandg Concerl Band, Orchesfra, Stage Band, Wind Ensemble. ELIZABETH EVERETT, Microbiology Lawrence Third Row: NELL EVERITT, Elemenfary Educalion Waynesboro Wesley Foundafion, SNEA, Monilor. VIRGINIA EZELL, Elemenlary Educafion Richlon FREDDIE FALGOUT, General Business Pensacola, Fla. DIANA FALL, Elemenfary Educaiion Sandersville Weslminsfer Fellowship, SNEA. Fourfh Row: MIKE FANT, Accounling Ellisville Delia Sigma Pi, Alpha Epsilon Alpha. DONALD FARMER, Marlzeiing Mobile, Ala. REVA FARMER, English I-lalfiesburq Presidenf's Lisf, Dean's Lisf, Phi Della Pig Women's Affairs Board, Oulsfanding Minor in French. ANTHONY FEOLA, Poliiical Science Biloxi Pen 8: Sword. Fiffh Row: PORTIA FINCH, Elemenfary Educalion Laurel SNEA. DAVID G. FISCHER, Finance 8: Marlcefing Meridian Delia Sigma Pi Hislorian, Men's Affairs Board Vice Presidenf, Dormifory Chair- man, Collegiale Civifan Secrefary and Treasurer, Member of Universily Singers, SOUTHERNER Class Edilor. HERBERT FLIPPO, Managemenl Mobile. Ala. EMILY FLOWERS, AAA, Elemenfary Educafion Pascagoula Presidenl, Srudenf Chrislian Federalion, Freshman Counselor, Vice President Phi Della Rho, Vice President Pi Tau Chi, Presidenf Associafion, BSU, Commillee of IO0, Della De Advisory Council, Seclion Edilor of Annual, Sfafe YM-YW-Srudenf Chrisfian lla Delia Chaplain, Presidenl's Dean's Lisl, Presidenf's Lisf. 3 Sf' ff ' li ' e S S N , 0- Q 'Vx E6 f X -. a it Mahi 1-wuz I Firsf Row: JAMES F. FREEMAN, JR., Accounting McComb President, Business Fraternity Council: Historian, Alpha Phi Omega: Delta Sigma Pi: Recording Secretary, Treasurer of Pllegge Class, Alpha Epsilon Alpha: Dean's IS . BONITA FRENCH, Health 8: Physical Education Pass Christian. CARROLL FULGHAM, Religion 8: Philosophy Mendenhall Wesley Foundation: University Singers: Southern Players. LA UNA FULLILOVE, ElementaryNEgAucafion Haffiesburg S . Second Row: CAROLE FURR, English Laurel MICHAEL GALLAGHER, Management GFOi0f1. N-Y- M Club: Varsity Golf. RICHARD GAMMILL, Finance I Mobile, AIG- Delta Sigma Pi: Rho Eta Sigma. Louis GARDNER, Accounting McComb Third Row: DANA GAREN, Music Educafion Houston, Texas Pride of Mississippi: Concert Band: Orchestra: Dean's List. CAROL GARRETT, Business Education Montgomery, Ala. WINFORD GARTMAN, Marketing Morgantown Society for the Advancement of Management. GARY GASTON, EAE, Biology Gulfport IFC Rush Chairman: SCOPE: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pledge Class President: Advanced ROTC. Fourth Row: MICHAEL GAY, Accounting Meridian SHIRLEY GIBBS Lawrence Pi Omega Pi: Phi Beta Lambda: BSU. JOSEPH GIGLIO, Psychology Tofowa BOYD. N-J- JACK OIPSON, Personnel Management GUIIPOFI Fit+h Row: FRANCIS GODFREY, Political Science Pascaqoula LAWRENCE e-OEF, Philosophy Laurel Kappa Kappa Psi: Dean's List. BENNIE GOINGS, Management New Orleans. L5- SARA GOMEZ, Business Education 509495. Colombia Phi Chi Theta Publicity Director: Pan American Students Association: Newman Club Chairman of Foreign Students Committee. - rim it Y' The Senior First Row: DIANNE FOERSTER, AZ, Elementary Education Lacarnbe, La. PASSA: Canterbury Club: Dean's List: Civic Chairman, JACOUELINE FORD, Elementary Education Biloxi Dean's List. SYLYIA FORIEMAN, Business Education Dormitory Officer: Wesley Foundation: SNEA: Phi Beta Lambda: University Singers: Third Place Tennis Intramurals. Crosby GEORGE FORTENBERRY, Business Adminisfrafion Biloxi Second Row: SANDRA FORTENBERRY, 1'IBfIP, Marketing Natchez CAROL FORTIER, Clothing Merchandising Jackson JOE FORTSON, Indusfrial Arts Hattiesburg LAURIE FORTUNE, Accounting Los Angeles, Calif. Dean's List: Secretary-Treasurer of Hillcrest: Alpha Epsilon Alpha: Theatre Pro- ductions: University Chorus. Third Row: WEALTHA FORTUNE, Theafre Los Angeles, Calif. Southern Players: Young Republicans Club: Best Actor Minor Role, I964: Hill- crest Officer: Alpha Psi Omega. MARY FOX, Elementary Education Noxapater KENNETH FRANCO, Music Education Mobile, Ala. Pride of Mississippi Marching Band: Concert Band: Brass Choir: Orchestra: Varsity Band: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Outstanding Pledge: Kappa Kappa Psi: Newman Club President: Vice President, Yellowiacketsg Pershing Rifles: MENC: U.A.C.: Student Christian Federatioln: Student Spirit Committee. BARRY FRANZINO, Marketing Passaic, N.J. Pi Sigma Epsilon. ,K an l Al -'A' -f-'V 1'-'vi 'isa T jsf, Class of 1966 Firsl' Row: THOMAS GOODWIN, Hisiory Macon MICHAEL GORE, ATU, Business Adminisiralion Hailiesburg JOHN GOSS, Chemisiry Columbia DANIEL GRACIA, JR., Biology Bogoia, Colombia Presideni, lnlernafional Relalions Club: Pan American Sludenls Associaiionp Newman Club: Presidenl's Lislg Delegaie, lniernaiional Sfudenis Convention. Second Row: BILLY GRAHAM, Malhemalics Seminary CHARLES GRAHAM, Hisiory Laurel THOMAS GRANT Biloxi EVELYN SUE GRANTHAM, IIBCP, Elemenlary Educalion Brandon Pledge Trainer, Vice Presideni, Pi Beia Phig SNEA. Third Row: MARGARET GRANTHAM, Business Teacher Educaiion Pelal WILLIAM GRAVES, Accounlinq Biloxi BAETON ROBERT GREEN, Recrealion Gullpori Dean's Lislg U.S.M. Recrealion Associalion. DELORES GREEN, English Long Beach Dean's Lisig SNEA. ,U ii ii ,U fi, , I iii W im ii I i ii ,Y I I I I'li +' Bun ,N-.R 'IH av he-X 9' -qj rv " mf lf Qv- 'ii YQ! Y 'S TJ k..f ' xgg ,- ,, ff fn? 'Loc x , sir: Firsl' Row: JERRY GREEN, lndusirial Managemenl McLain MASON GREEN, ATG, Polilical Science Woodville Alpha Gamma Rhoq Young Republican ub. SUSIE GREEN, English Louise WILLIAM GREENBLATT, Business Adminisiraiion Second Row: CHASSIE GREENE, General Science Kappa Della Pig Dean's Lisi. JAMES GRIFFIN HENRY GRIEFITH, General Business JOY GRIFFITH, Office Managemenl Third Row: JOHN GRIMES, DIPE, Hisiory 8: English Pensacola, Fla. Bay Springs Bay Sf. Louis Preniiss Premliss Selma, Ala. Yellowiackeisg Canterbury Clubg Young Republicans Club. ROBERT GRIMES, Malhemalics Pen Xi Sword. ELWOOD HAAB, Malhemalics Marlinfon, W.Va. Coden. Ala. RONNIE HACKLER, Finance Pascagoula Fourfh Row: IVAN HAELEY, English Newlon Dean's Lisf. BRAXIE HAIK, Recrealion Meridian JAMES HALFACRE Ill. Maihemalics Jackson Senalorg Advanced ROTCg Young Republicans Club: SNEAg SMEA. CHERRY HALL, Elemeniary Educalion Belzoni SNEAQ University Singers: Dormifory Officerg Summer Slockg Souihern Players. Fiffh Row: JOHNNIE HAND. Hisiory Milion, Fla. Dean's Lisfg SNEA: BSU. HERSCHEL HARDEE, Biology Clara RUBYE DEL HARDEN, Music Educafion Fulfon Mu Phi Epsilon: Tau Bela Sigma, MENCg Pride of Mississippi: Symphonic Band. JERRY HARDIN, Ma+hema+ics Pascagoula Kappa Mu Epsilong Phi Eia Sigma: Dean's Lisi. Firsl' Row: THOMAS HELTON, CPKT, Hislory LEROY HENDERSON, Radio and Television PATRICIA HENDRY, Elemenlary Educalion Dean's Lisl: House Council. ROBERT HERRINGTON, Business Adminisiraiion Second Row: ROBERT HERRINGTON, Geography Scabbard 81 Blade: Pershing Rifles: Southern General Drill Tea Pascagoula Tupelo Millry, Ala. Columbia Pelal m: DMS Award: BSU. JEROME HERSH, Marlceling Brooklyn, N.Y. DALE HERTWECK, Public Address Haiiiesburg CAROL HILL, HBCIP, English 8: Hislory Halliesburg Alpha Lambda Della: Phi Delta Rho: Freshman Counselor: UAC: BSU: Mem- bership Chairman, Pledge Trainer Pi Beia Phi. Third Row: JIMMY HILL, Managemenl Laurel ROGER HINES, English Foresi Presidenf, BSU: Presidenl, S'NEA. CHARLES HINTON, Managemenl Hafiiesburg DOUGLAS HIXSON, Pre-Med Mobile, Ala. Fourih Row: JEAN HODGES, XO, Markeling Jonesboro, Arlc. Pledge Class President Officer Chi Omega: UAC: SCOPE Planning Commiffee: Weslminsler Fellowship: Sigma Pi Sweefhearl of fhe Monlh: Pi Kappa Alpha Dreamgirl Candidate. KELLY HODGES, Managemenl' Foresl Secretary, Sociely for The Aclvancemenl of Managemenfg Collegiate Civifan. THOMAS HODGSON, Marlceiing JERRY HOLCOMB, Marlceling Fifth Row: ROLLAND HOLCOMB, General Business PATRICIA HOLIFIELD, English MARY ANN HOLLAND, English WILLIAM HOLLAND, Archileciural Drailing Yazoo Cily Pelal Lucedale Laurel Nalchez Philadelphia The Senior Firs'IRow: KELLY HARRELL, Communicalions WILLARD HARRELL, Ari' DAVID HARRIS, Accounling- Della Sigma Pi: Alpha Epsilon Alpha. BETTYE HARRISON, English Mobile, Ala. Bogalusa, La. Paducah, Ky. Mobile. Ala. Second Row: RANDLE HARRISON, Finance Halliesburg Dean's Lisl. HERBERT HART, lvlarltellnq Haflieslgurg MELVIN HARVEY, Psychology Knoxville, Iowa JUDITH HATCHER, IIBIIJ, Maihemalics Haiiiesburg Third Row: SHIRLEY HAUGEN, English Gulliporl' Lambda Iola Tau: Dean's and Presidenfs Lisls. FRED HAYSLETT, KE, Hislory 81 Polifical Science Jackson Yellowiackels Oufsfanding Freshman: Senalor: Secreiary, Presidenf Yellowiackeis: Program Chairman, Execulive Chairman SCOPE VII and SCOPE VIII: Treasurer, Omlcron Delta Kappa: Direcfor of Orienfarion, SGA: Secrerary, President Kappa Sigma: Juslice Sludenl Courl. PHILIP HEARN, Journalism Laurel Campus Ediior, Edilorial Board, "Bes'r Specialized Wri'rer" STUDENT PRINTZ. KAY HEIDELBERG, Music Educalion Pascagoula Mu Phi Epsilon Presidenl: Alpha Lambda Della Secrefaryg Universily Singers: Freshman Counselor: Dean's Lisf. Y-? 3 , S vo-A .,-9+ ,, L Z "" Class of 1966 First Row: LAUGHLIN HOLLIDAY, Business Management Poplarville DALE HOLLINGSWORTH, Physics Moselle WILLIAM HOOKER, Marketing Louisville RONALD HOOTEN, Music Education Florala, Ala. Kappa Kappa Psi, Officer, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Officer. Second Row: CATHY HOOVER, English 8: Elementary Education DENEI HORAN, Physical Education 81 Biology DAVID HORAN, Biology Meadville Shalimar, Fla. Valparaiso, Fla. EDDIE HOUGH, Physical Education Raleigh Simga Delta Psi. Third Row: TERESIA HOWELL, Elementary Education Mile S,N.E.A., B.S.U., Civic Chairman. GEORGE HUFFMAN, TKT, Biology Summit Collegiate Civitan, University Activities Council, Society for the Advancement of Management. MARGARET HUGGINS, XSZ, Elementary Education Waynesboro S.N.E.A., Wesley Foundation, Freshman Senator. CARLOTTA HUGHES. Elementary Eilucation Biloxi S.N.E. . s 0 1' "I s. -,-4 'bi ' sb' 5-5. vw r:.-'P 5 5' r S. I 4., 5 fp v' I ,..,, nr- fiit' -Q -A v- Lf- --v l1':+:I 11", 4.1. Qi 'li in iz-f so I L First Row: LYNDA HUGHES, Elementary Education B.S.U., S.N.E.A. MARGARET HUGHES, Medical Technology l 65 nf gee- Wesson Hattiesburg BARBARA HUNTER, Music Education Lucedala Tau Beta Sigma, Outstanding Banclswoman Award, Mu Phi Epsilon, Concert Band. PATRICIA HURDLE, XD, Elementary Education Philadelphia Chi Omega Model Pledge, Pledge Trainer, Senator, Monitor, Southern Players, USM Summer Theatre, Best Actress in Minor Role. Second Row: LILLIAN ISHEE, Business Education S.N.E.A. HERBERT IVISON, Management WILLIAM JEFFREYS, Marketing GARY JOACHIM, CPKT, Real Estate Rho Epsilon, President. Third Row: MARTHA JOHNSON, Public Address 8: English State President, State Secretary, S.M.E.A., Women's Advisory Richton Natchez Houma, La. Biloxi Decatur Council, G.O.P., Officer, Wesley Foundation, Debate Squad, Kappa Delta Pi, Freshman Counselor. MIKE JOHNSON, Management OBIE JOHNSON. JR., Mathematics 3: Germman ROBERT JOHNSON, Industrial Management Fourth Row: WALTER JOHNSON, Management BRENDA JONES, Elementary Education CARRIE JONES, Mathematics CHARLES JONES, Political Science Fifth Row: CHARLES R, JONES, Psychology DAVID H. JONES, Chemistry A.S.C., SOUTHERNER JOHN D. JONES, Communications Collegiate Civitan, Delta Sigma Pi. JAY JONES, Music University Singers, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, President, Highland 6 Counselor, Elam Arms, Opera Workshop Productions. Pensacola, Fla. Gulfport Laurel Wiggins Moss Point Long Beach Ocean Springs Heidelberg Petal Hurley Jackson r Male Chorus, gn 1--r Sf Y ilk Firsl Row: BETTY KINARD, Home Economics Educalion Louisville Dean's Lisl, Treasurer, Home Economics Club, Execulive Council, BSU. DOROTHY KING, Physical Educalion Slringer ELLIOTT KING, Chemislry Slringer JOE KING, Geography Laurel Second Row: JOHN KING, Business Halliesburg TOMMY KING, Biology Halliesburq JOHN KINTZLEY, Hislory Lakeshore Vice Presidenl, D.S.F., SEA. WILLIAM KINTZLEY, Hislory Lalreshore Treasurer, D.S.F. Third Row: JAMES KISER, BAE, Pre-Med Eairhope Presidenl, Junior Class, Presidenf, Phi Efa Sigma, Vice Presidenl, Alpha Epsilon Della, Secrelary, Bela Bela Bela, Omicron Della Kappa, Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Counselor, Pi Kappa Pi, IFC Represenlalive, SCOPE, Dean's Lisl and Presidenl's Lisf. DALE KITTRELL, Business Educalion Lealcesville LYNDA KNIGHT, AAA, Elernenlary Educalion Jaclrson Officer, Della Della Della, Women's Advisory Council, SNEA, Dean's Lisl, SOUTHERNER, Pi Kappa Alpha Dreamgirl Courl. PAUL KNOTT, Malhernalics and Physics Biloxi Della Tau Della, Pen and Sword. Fourlh Row: STEPHEN KOLLKER, SAE, Recrealion and Sociology Evansville, Ind. LYNDA KOWATCH, Elemenlary Educalion MIIB BSU, Social Chairman, NEA. DIANE KREBS, Drawing and Painling Pascaqoula R.E.W. Commillee ol IOO, Newman Club, Dorm Officer, Kappa Pi. DIANA LaBAY, KA, Elemenlary Educalion Senalor, Cheerleader, SNEA. La Ire Worlh, Fla. Fiflh Row: LYNETTE LaBAY, KA, Elemenlary Educalion Dormilory Officer, Cheerleader, Senalor, SNEA. ARTHUR LACKEY, Sociology and Hislory Dekalb Presidenl, Sociology Club, Dean's Lisl. CAROLE LADNER, KA, Business Educalion Lumbeflon Phi Bela Lambda, Miss Managemenl, BSU. CHARLIE LAMMONS, Marianna Yazoo Cilv e . , ..f, 117' ,T ,pr- Q5-f 1 Lake Wiorlh, Fla. "Q The Senior Firsl Row: JUANITA JONES, lnslilulional Managemenl-Dielelics Vinegar Bend, Ala. Dean's Lisl, Alpha Lambda Della, UAC, Grealer and Execulive Council, BSU, Kappa Omicron Phi Presidenl and Treasurer, Reporler, Home Economics Club. JUDITH ANN JONES, KA, Business Educalion Delisle Social Service Chairman, Kappa Della, Newman Club, Gamma Bela Phi, Phi Bela Lambda, Monilor, Young Republicans Club, SHIRLEY JONES, Elemenlary Eclucalion BILLY JUDGE, Accounling Second Row: MORTON KATZ, Radio and Television New Orleans, La. WMSU Radio Slaff, Dean's Lisl, lnlramural Sporls. ELSWORTH KEEN Il, Physical Educalion PHYLLIS KELLEY, Business Educalion RODNEY KELLEY, Geography Third Row: SANDRA KEY, Elemenlary Educalion JIMMY KILPATRICK, Heallh and Physical Educalion PATRICIA KIMBLE, Elemenlary Educalion JACK KIME, Markeling Sociely for lhe Advancemenl of Managemenl like Decalur Wiggins Arcadia, Fla. Halliesburg McComb Soulhaven Philadelphia Brookhaven Biloxi . .43-I 43 hr i I 'fi' lu Sf "T""4: A Y ,, :- , 1 -"4 Ly., :'1 , SWT, C., . S.-X C. AA Q3 Y., Class of 1966 Firsl Row: SHARON LAND, AAA, Piano Tyler, Tex. Marshal, Della Della Della, Mu Phi Epsilon, Cheerleader, SCOPE. HOLLIS LANDRUM, JR., Philosophy Moss Poinl' Pi Tau Chi. LINDA LANGFORD, Recrealion Canlreville, Ala. Dixie Darling. SAM LaROSA, JR., Accounlinq Long Beach Second Row: CHRIS LAWLESS, Finance GulfpOr+ DONALD LAWSON, Physical Educalion and Healfh Nauvoo, Ala. Circle K Club. EILEEN LAWSON, Physical Educafion Liberfy S.N.E.A.g B.S.U. TERRENCE LECHNER, EKPE, Philosophy and Hislory Munclelein, lll. Alpha Phi Omega, Dean's Lislg Yellowiackelsg Newman Club. Third Row: JOHN LECKIE, Hislory Nalchez CHARLES LEE, Acacia, Hislory D'l.O S.N.E.A.p Alpha Gamma Rho: Spirif Commiilee. GRACIE LEE, Elemeniary Educalion Picayune LESLIE LEE, Biology Waynesboro I 46-va .f as w--, uk-. 'bf' G-1' Firs'l,Row: ANNETTE LEGGETT, Biology and Chemisfry Bogue Chillo Civic Chairman, B.S.F. TOMMY LEPERI, Accounling Biloxi Social Chairman, Treasurer, Delia Sigma Pig Presidenl, Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Pershing Rifles, Honor Guard. HAROLD LEVINE. EAE, Finance Halliesburg MICHAEL LEVINE, EAE, Personnel Managemenl' Halcliesburg Sociely for lhe Advancement of Management Second Row: JAMES LEWIS, Acacia. Communicaiions Valparaiso, Fla. Program Diredor, WMSUg Southern Broadcasiers. JOYCE LINDSEY, English Collins IVAH LIVINGSTON, Biology Heidelberg Rho Eta Sigma, Yellowiackeis. VIRGINIA LLOYD, AEA Pensacola, Fla. Dean's Lisfg B.S.U.g S.N.E.A.g Dormifory Officer, Chaplain, House Manager, Panhellenic Represenfafive, Alpha Sigma Alpha. Third Row: GEORGE LONG, KA, Malhemalics Halliesburg MARI LONGINO, AAA, English Poplarville Dormilory Officerg Freshman, Junior Class Favorifeg Senalorg Presidenl"s Execs ulive Cabinelg Cheerleader, Miss Soulherng Valenfine Queen: M Club Sweei- hearlg Miss Venus, Officer, Delia Della Della, Lambda lofa Tau, Orienfaiion Leader, Senior Class Secrelaryg Sophomore, Junior Homecoming Maid, Home- coming Queen, l965p Who's Who, Universify Singersg REW Commiffee of l00g Top Ten Beauiy. BRENDA LOPER, Business Educalion Monlrose FRED LOSCH, Maihemafics Mississippi Cily Fcurfh Row: JOHN M. LOTT, II, Personnel Managemenl Halliesburg Dean's Lisrp Vice-Presidenf, Society for 'lhe Advancemenf of Managemenf. MARY LOU LOTT, Music Educalion Seminary Mu Phi Epsilon, University Singers, Opera Workshop: M.E.N.C. ROBERT LOVE, Corraciive Therapy Bolivar, Pa. MARGARET LOVETTE, Elemenlary Eclucalion Brandon S.N.E.A.g B.S.U.g Dean's Lisfg Dormifory Officer. Fifth Row: CONNOR LOWERY, Hisfory Gulfporl CHARLES LUNDY, Polilical Science Philadelphia ALBERT LYNCH, Chemislry Gulfporl' HUGO MACHADO, Economics Masaya, Nicaragua ' :,::':-'EE fi' i Il' ,V I .L l TLT First Row: WILBUR MARTIN, JR., KDKT, Radio and Television Q.. Rn 2- X' Waynesboro Phi Eta Sigma: Social Chairman, Phi Kappa Tau: Dean's and President's Lists: SCOPE VII, VIII: Southern Broadcasters: WMSU Program Director RITA MASHBURN. Psychology WILLIAM MASON, Audiology PETE MAURER, ATU, Journalism Morton Mobile, Ala. Nolcomis. Fla. Sports Editor, Managing Editor STUDENT PRINTZ: Dean's List: Publicity Chair- man, Alpha Tau Omega: Advanced Cadet: Proctor: Rho Eta Sigma. Second Row: JOHN MAY, KA, Audiology Tupelo Officer, Kappa Alpha: Sigma Alpha Eta: Dean's List: Phi Eta Sigma. JIM MCAVADDY Atlantic City. N.J. Dormitory Officer: Intramural Champion: Softball, Football, Volleyball: M Club: Southern Generals. JIMMY MCCAIN. Physical Education IDA LEE MCCALIP, Mathematics Third Row: JOAN McCALLUM, Elementary Education SNEA, Millry, Ala. McComb Tylertown DENNIS MCCARRON, Business Administration West Palm Beach, Fla. EDWARD MCCARTY, Music Education BARBARA MCCOSKER, Home Economics Fourth Row: ED MCCOY, Accounting President, Married Southerners Association: Representative, Pi: Alpha Epsilon Alpha. JEFFREY McCRAW, Business Administration JOANN MCCULLOLIGH, Elementary Education Newman Club: SNEA. JOI-INIE MCDONALD, AEA, History Dean's List: Pledge Trainer, Alpha Sigma Alpha: SNEA: Durant McComb Jackson UAC: Delta Sigma Ellisville Bay St. Louis Mobile, Ala. Dormitory Officer, Fitth Row: LINDA MCDONALD, Elementarysicguxcation Pass Christian LINDA MCDONALD, Home Economics Education Forest Advertising Chairman, Young Republicans Club. MARY MCDONALD, Child Development , Pelahatchie Officer, Wesley Foundation: Ofticer, Kappa Omicron Phi: Home Economics Club. JAMES MCGEE, General Business BFOOIKITBVGH 318 The Senior First Row: ALFRED MADDOX, Finance Laurel HAZEL MADDOX, Sociology Mobile, Ala. Dean's List, President's List. DONALD MAGEE, English McComb WILLIAM MALLETTE, Accounting Lucedale Delta Sigma Pi. Second Row: JACK MALONE, Business Administration Hattiesburg Vice-President, Alpha Phi Omega: Pi Sigma Epsilon Secretary. ELLEN MANN, Home Economics Education Magnolia Home Economics Club: Women's Affairs Board: Dormitory President: Freshman Counselor. JUDITI-I MANN, Elementary Education Biloxi JOE MANNEY, Advertising Meridian Third Row: KIRBY MANNING, Foreign Trade Mobile, Ala. LARRY MARS, Chemistry Picayune CHARLES MARTIN, Industrial and Personnel Management Pascagoula Delta Sigma Pi: Business Fraternity Council. JUDY MARTIN, Recreation Tupelo -rv I7 f'7 .J 3- Class ol 1966 Firsi Row: DAVID MCINTYRE, Marlceling VICIYSIWVQ Della Sigma Pi. BARBARA McKAY, Elemeniary Educaiion Louisville JOHN MCKINNEY, Hisiory Newfon FRANK MCLAVY, KA, Polilical Science Baion Rouge, La. Alpha Gamma Rho: Presidenf, Young Democrafs. Second Row: HOWARD MCLEMORE, Hisfory Mobile, Ala. Dean's Lisi. JOHN MCMANUS, KE, Marlcelinq Officer, Pi Sigma Epsilon: Varsify Baseball: Yellowiackeis. Washingion, D.C. SHERYL McMlLLAN, Business Educaiion Wiggins ROSA McMlLLEN, Elemeniary Educaiion Lucedale SNEA. Third Row: BETSY MCOUAIG, English Meridian House Chairman: Vice-Presidenf, Women's Affairs Board. MARY ALICE MCWHORTER, KA, Biology Greenville Secrefary, Kappa Delia: Women's Affairs Board: SOUTHERNER: Panhellenic Council: Dormilory Presidenf. ALAN MEADOR, KZ, Accouniing and Managemenl HaH'iesburg Yellowiackefs: Young Republicans Club: Wesley Foundaiion. TIMOTHY MEDLEY, General Business Gulfporl' Debale Team: Presidenf, Vice-President Young Republicans Club. fx 5' Y 5... 'All SJ 'C' Firsi Row: SALLY MENSI, English Helena, Moni. Alpha Lambda Delia: Dean's List CAROL MEREDITH, Spanish Mobile, Ala. Dean and Presideni's Lisf: BSU: SNEA: Gamma Befa Phi: UAC: Spanish Honor Society. VIRGINIA MERRITT, Elemeniary Educaiion Halrliesburg Phi Delia Rho: Freshman Counselor: Dixie Darlings Capfain. JOHN MIDDLETON, Theaire Yazoo Cify Second Row: PAMELA MILEY, ITB4', Music Educaiion Magnolia Recording Secrcfary, Pi Bela Phi: Music Chairman, Mu Phi Epsilon: Universify Chorus: Dormiiory Officer: Charily Monfh Commiiiee: Wesley Foundaiion. CYNTHIA MILLER, EEE, English Waodville Alpha Honor Sociely: Commiiiee of IOO: Wesley Foundalion: Lambda Iola Tau: Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secrefary, Vice-President Sigma Sigma Sigma. JAMES MILLER, Recreaiion Meridian LYNN MILLER, Inslrumenial Music Educalion Andalusia, Ala. Phi Ela Sigma. Third Row: KENNETH MILLIS, Personnel and lndusfrial Managemenl' New Hebron Della Sigma Pi: Rho Efa Sigma: Dean's Lisf. DAVID MILLS, Marlceiing Columbia ROBERT MITCHELL, Finance Ocean Springs Rho Epsilon. STEVE MITCHELL, Personnel Managemenl' Della Sigma Pi Vice-Presidenf: Collegiale Civifan: Newman Club. New Orleans, La. Fourfh Row: TOMMY MITCHELL, Marlceling and Accouniing Biloxi TULA MITCHELL, Business Educalion Ellisville BOBBY MIXON, Polilrical Science Poplarville Dean's Lisi: Alpha Gamma Rho. LINDA MOGEL, Business Educalion Jackson Phi Chi Theia. Fifih Row: RALPH MOGEL, Accouniing Reading, Pa. GEORGE MONCRIEF, Psychology Brookhaven REBECCA MONK, English Jaclcson SNEA. JAM ES MOODY, Accounling Panama Cify, Fla. Alpha Epsilon Alpha: Rho Epsilon. 319 I I "ill I "- 'Ei ' ,ii in '45, "', il KN i y I - - mais, I Eff: , gg ll - ' ,,,, .,. as 1 Firsl' Row: FRANK MULLINS, Marlceiing Prenfiss JOAN MULVEY, Piano Youngsville, Pa. Oulsfanding Freshman and Sophomore Music Maior, Alpha Lambda Della, Phi Della Rho, Treasurer, Vice-Presidenl Mu Phi Epsilon, Pi Kappa Lambda, Univer- sily Singers. CHARLES MUNN, Managemenl' RICHARD MUNSTERMAN, Polilical Science Second Row: JAMIE MURDOCK KA Business c li . . Edu a 'on Della Sigma Pi Rose, Psi Chi Thela, SNEA, Senior Homecoming Maid. CARL-LEIGH MURRAY, Elemenlary Educalion Bogalusa, La. Boca Ralon, La. Laurel Mclnlosh, Ala. Universify Singers, SNEA, Dormilory Officer, REW Commilfee of IOO. WILLIAM MYERS, Markeling and Managemenl' LEWIS MYRICK, I-lisiory Third Row: NANCY NAPIER, Elemenlary Educalion CAROLYN NAU, IIBCIP, English Kappa Della Pi. ROBERT NEAL, KE, Biology and Psychology GUY NEFF, Hislory Dean's Llsl, Advanced ROTC Fourlh Row: l'llLDA NEILL, TIBKP, Psychology JOE NESOM, English SIDNEY NESTER, Finance JOHN NEWELL, Finance Fiflh Row: ARTHUR NEWMAN, Science Edgiscjiion JAN NEWMAN, IIBQI, Recrealion Nalchez Laurel Milner, Ga. I-lalfiesburg Picayune Ulica, N.Y. Norlh Carrolllon Laurel Decalur Kosciuslco Biloxi Bruce Pledge Class Presidenl, Pi Bela Phi, BSF Officer, Vice-Presidenl Recreafion Club, Freshman Counselor, Graduaie Counselor. DOUGLAS NIETZEL, KA, Personnel and lnduslrial Managemenl Soulh I-lempslead, L.l,. N.Y. Honor Pledge, Scholarship Chairman Della Sigma Pi, Advanced ROTC, Scholar- ship Chairman, Assislanl House Manager, Hsslorian Kappa Alpha Order, Dean's Lis'r. CHARLES NORRIS, Managemenl Millry, Ala. The Seflibl' Firsf Row: DONALD MOORE, Physics Posl, Tex. Pen and Sword. JAMES MOORE, KE, Marlceling Birmingham. Ala. Officer, Kappa Sigma, Secrelary, Treasurer Pi Sigma Epsilon, Officer Scabbard and Blade, Business Fralernify Council, SCOPE Vlll, Yellowiackels. KATHY MOORE, Library Science and I-Iislory Biloxi Dean's Lisf. KAY MOORE, Biology Ocean Springs Second Row: ROY NEWTON MOORE, Personnel Managemenl' Lamberl' Pen and Sword. JEAN MORAN, Business Educalion Biloxi Newman Club, Phi Bela Lambda, House Council, SNEA. LARRY MORAN, Personnel and lnduslrial Managemenl Perlcinslon Sociely for lhe Advancemenl of Managemenl. PAUL MORGAN, Accounling Laurel Third Row: BENNET MORROW, KA, Archileclural Drafling Yazoo Cify GLADYS ANN MOSLEY, Business Educalion Scooba Phi Beta Lambda, Pi Omega Pi, SNEA, NBEA, Weslminsfer. JACK MOUNT, Chemisiry Hafliesburg IRVIN "SONNY" MOWDY, JR., Managemenf Decalur Sociefy for The Advancemenl of Managemenl, Wesley Foundolion, Pi Tau Chi, Commillee of l0O. L L, .- -, 19. V27 'f 24 Class of 1966 Firsl Row: LARRY NORRIS, YIJKT, English and Poliiical Science Hailiesburg SCOPE: Parliarneniarian Alpha Gamma Rho: Senaior: Scholarship Chairman Phi Kappa Tau: Siuclenf Couri Jusfice. JAMES NUNN, Finance Eihel GERALD OBERLIES, Chemisiry Gulfpori JAMES ODELL, EAE, Managemenl' Oxford, Fla. Second Row: GREGORY ODJAKJIAN, KPKT, Elemeniary Educalion Summii, N.J. JUDITH ANN ORDNER, Sociolo Evansville, Ind. '-JY Dean's Lis'r: Dormiiory Officer: Sociology Club. NANCY OSBORNE, lnslrurnenial Music Educaiion Anderson, lncl. Mu Phi Epsilon: Tau Beta Sigma: University Concer+ Band, Orchestra, and Wind Ensemble: Drillmasier in The Pricle: Dormifory Officer. HAROLD OS E, I-l islory New Orleans, La. Third Row: BARBARA OUSLEY, English Gulfporl Lambda Ioia Tau: Gamma Thefa Upsilon. ANNIE OWENS, English Jackson Freshman Counselor: Dormiiory Officer: Soulhern Rifles: UAC: BSU: SNEA: Officer Physical Educalion Club: Lamlicla loia Tau: Conlemporary Sfaff: Dean's isf. ROBERT OWEN, Geography Clinron Geology Club: Wesley Founclaiion. LEE CHERYL OWENSBY, Music Educaiion Linden, Ala. Pride of Mississippi: Marching Band, Concerf Band, Wind Ensemble: Universily Singers: Tau Beia Sigma: Gamma Bela Phi: SNEA: Mu Phi Epsilon. Q' C A-E'.f S717 Ba'-2" Firsf Row: DEAN PACK, Hisiory and Philosophy New Orleans, La. JAMES PALMER, Physical Educaiion Meridian MARILYN PARKER, Home Economics Laurel Dean's Lisi: Home Economic Club: BSU. RITA PARKER, I-lislory Sionewall Second Row: SHARON PARKMAN, English Jaclcson Dean's Lisl: Presidenl's Lisi: Kappa Delia Pi: Freshman Counselor: SNEA. ANDREA PARKS, Commercial Arl Builer, Ala. NOEL PARKS, Psychology Maplewood, N...I. University Singers: Universily Chorush lrgrarnural Fooiballf Universily Bagpipe an . MELVIN PARTEN, Managemeni Leroy, Ala. Third Row: RONALD PASSONS, Psychology Jackson Psi Chi. ROY PATENOTTE, Physical Educaiion Gulipori ERNEST PATRICK, Accounling Guliporl' Alpha Epsilon Alpha. NINA PATRICK, English Gulfpori Fourlh Row: LARRY PATTERSON, ITKA, Marlreiinq Florence Alumni Secretary, Secrefary, Vice-President Pi Kappa Alpha: l.F.C. Represent- ative and Treasurer: Highlander Male Chorus: Collegiale Civifang Senaie: Ad- vanced ROTC: UAC. SANDRA PATTERSON, Journalism D'Lo Dean's Lisl. SUZANNAH PATTERSON, Recreaiion Columbia Wesley Foundation: USM Recreation Associalion: Women's Physical Educafion Club: Dormifory Officer: USM Meril Scholarship: Dean's Lisf. LYNN PATTERSON, CPKT, Managemeni Biloxi Delia Sigma Pi. Fiffh Row: MILES PATTERSON, lnduslrial Aris Gainesville, Fla. WILLIAM PATTERSON, Business Adminislralion D'Lo Pi Sigma Epsilon: Wesley Foundaiion: Pershing Rifles Souihern Broadcaslers. JAMES PAYNE, Economics Pelal RONALD PEARL, IIKA, Finance Treasurer Pi Kappa Alpha: l.F.C. Balboa, Canal Zone Y' 'Erin ,Z I .ze , gf I . , ..-- I I I if . hi ees First Row: MAURICE PHILLIPS, Recreation Rolling Fork SANDRA PHILLIPS, Biology New Haven KATHERINE PICKENS, AAA, Psychology Jackson Senator: Freshman Counselor: Pi Tau Chi: Class Officer: Freshman Favorite: Psi Chi: Committee of IOO: Dormitory Chairman: Women's Advisory Council: Otticer, Delta Delta Delta. DOROTHY PICKERING, Library Science Laurel REW Committee of IOO: SNEA: UAC: Greater Council, BSU. Second Row: HARRY PICKERING, Marketing Taylorsville KARON "PACK" PICKERING, Elementary Education Taylorsville CORNELIA PITTMAN, KA, English Laurel Ofticer, Kappa Delta: Secretary, Lambda Iota Tau: Section Editor, SOUTH- ERNER: Committee ot IOO: Dean's List: SCOPE. ROLAND POIRIER, Architectural Dratting North Attleboro, Mass. Third Row: LEE POLK, Management Columbia MARGARET POLK, Elementary Education l Columbia GORDON POLLOCK, KE, Geography Toronto, Canada Vice President, Kappa Sigma: Otticer, G.T.U.: SCOPE: Greek God: l.F.C. CHARLES PONDER, KE, Marketinq Laurel Yellowiackets: Distinguished Military Student: Pershing Ritles: Southern General Drill Team: Scabbard and Blade: Alumni Secretary, Kappa Sigma. Fourth Row: CAPT. JAMES POOLE. Political Science Dearborn, Mich. Delta Psi Omega: Pen and Sword: Dean's List: Alpha Gamma Rho. NORINE POSEY, Elementary Education Brookhaven SNEA: BSU: Dean's List. PETE POTTER, Art Jackson President, Southern Skydivers. FRANK POWELL. Mathematics and Physics Biloxi Pen and Sword. Fitthlkow: PAULA PRICE, English and Speech Rasqaqoula Vice-President, Alpha Lambda Delta: Vice-President, Lambda Delta Pl:-Pi Kappa Pi: Freshman Counselor: USM Debate Team: SNEA: Wesley Foundation: Presi- dent's List. SYLVIA PRICE, 1'lBfIP, Microbiology I Meridian Committee of IOU: Rush Chairman, Pi Beta Phi: Junior Panhellenlc Delegate: Top Five for 1963 Miss Southern. GINGER PRINGLE, XQ, History and Journalism Biloxi Social Chairman, Chapter, Correspondent Chi Omega: Freshman Dorm Monitor: Wesley Foundation: SOUTHERNER: Young Republican Club. MICHAEL PUCKETT, Geography Hattiesburg Pi Tau Chi: Committee of IOO: ROTC Ritle Team. I' wi 322 Q The Sehibl' First Row: MARY ANN PEARSON, AEA, Marketing Jackson Treasurer Alpha.Sigma Alpha: Phi Chi Theta: University Chorus: Dean's List: Presldent's List: Who's Who: Gamma Beta Phi Society. JOHN PAT PEAVY, BAE, Industrial Management Meridian Secretary, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. REBA PEERSON, Business Administration Gultport ROBERT PELL. Business Administration Pagcagoula Second Row: Sociology Clarkgdale Wesley Foundation: Election Committee: UAC: RICHARD PENICK, Business Administration CLEMENT PENROSE, Art KAREN PERRY. EEZ, Physical Education Third Row: CAROL PERRYMAN, Elementary Education BETTY PESKAN, Marketing MICHAEL PEVEY, History ALTON PHILLIPS, Mathematics Sociology Club. Mobile, Ala. Bay St. Louis Jackson Panama City, Fla. Tallahassee, Fla. Natchez Hattiesburg Pershing Rifles: Westminster Fellowship. in -nf Y Class of 1966 First Row: DAVID PULLMAN, Journalism Syracuse, N.Y, Dean's List: Staff Reporter, Member of Editorial Board STUDENT PRINTZ. HERVEY PURCELL, Management Ocean Springs Society for the Advancement of Management. CHARLES PURVIS, Marketing Mobile, Ala. JERRY PURVIS, Corrective Therapy Purvis BSU. Second Row: VICTOR PURVIS, IIKA, Accounting Puckett Omicron Delta Kappa: Who's Who: Pi Tau Chi: Sigma Delta Psi: Student Court: Varsity Fotballg Delta Sigma Pi: M Club Vice-President: Proctor: SCOPE: Mic: SNSGA. - CHARLES RABB, Recreation Greenwood President, Wesley Foundation: Alpha Phi Omega. SUSAN RAINEY, Psychology Livingston, N.J. MARTHA RANDOLPH, Business Education Tupelo Pi Tau Chi: BSU: SNEA: Dormitory Otlicer: Committee ot IOO. Third Row: DAVID REAVES, Geography Petal ALICE REED, Elementary Education Taylorsville President, Alpha Psi Omega: Secretary, Historian, Southern Players: ChiIdren's Play Tour: Summer Theatre and Staff: Kappa Pi: Choral Union: Opera Workshop Technical Director. NANCY REED, Business Education Meadville NEA: MEA. ROBERT REGAN, Management Wiggins sn. Q-S Ks 1 ,w-X ,,, V1-5 B....f in-1 sr isa First Row: CHARLES RENFROE, Business Administration Ludlow CICELY REYNOLDS, English Petal Vice President, Kappa Delta Pi: Treasurer, Lambda Iota Tau: Merit Scholarship: President's List: SNEA. GARRY RHODES, Mathematics Biloxi Pen and Sword. DONALD RICE, Accounting Crestview, Fla. Second Row: SHERRY ANN RICHARDS, English Biloxi Newman Club: SNEA. BARBARA RICHARDSON, English Little Roclc Officer, BSU: SNEA: Dean's List: Lambda Iota Tau. JEAN RICHARDSON, AAA, English Jackson President, Delta Delta Delta: President, Phi Delta Rho: President, Wornen's Affairs Board: 2nd Vice President, SGA: Who's Who: Lambda Iota Tau: SCOPE: MIC: SUSGA: Dormitory President: Secretary, Women's Affairs Board: Editor SOUTHERNER: Pi Tau Chi: Service Proiect Chairman, Delta Delta Delta: Junior Counselor: Dean's List, Senator. PATRICIA RICHARDSON, English Bay St. Louis University Singers: Corresponding Secretary, Mu Phi Epsilon: Contemporary: Dean's List: Lambda Iota Tau. Third Row: THOMAS RICHARDSON, Industrial Arts Education Batesville American Industrial Arts Association: Mississippi Industrial Arts Association: Industrial Arts Club: Dean's List. MELVIN RILEY, Psychology Lodi, Cal. SUSAN RISHER, CPM, Elementary Education Mobile, Ala. Dixie Darling: Recording Secretary, Phi Mu: Dean's List: SNEA. SHERMAN ROBBINS, Mathematics Columbia SNEA: uric. Fourth Row: JAMES ROBERTSON, Microbiology Jaclcson BILLY ROBINSON, Physical Education Mize WALTER ROBINSON, Marketing Jaclcson MARTHA RODENBOUGH, AEA, Elementary Education, Mascoutah, III. SNEA: Newman Club: Dean's List: Dormitory Officer. Fifth Row: GEORGE RODMAN, Physical Education Levittown, Pa. BIRTIE ROEBUCK, English Lake Dean's List: S'NEA:,Greater Council, BSU. HASKEL ROGERS, Industrial Marketing Bay Springs MARTHA ROGERS, X9 Laurel Activities Chairman, Personnel Chairman, Secretary, Chi Omega Greek Week Publicity Chairman: Leadership Editor, Society Editor, SOUTHERNER: Social Editor, STUDENT PRINTZ: Dorngitgry hOf'ficer: SNEA: UAC: Westminster e ows ip. ev. 1.7 Q- Ar Firsl Row: LIZZIE RUSSELL, English Gaul-ier Alpha Lambda, Universily Singersg Deanls Lisl. WANDA RUTLEDGE, Elemenlary Educalion McHenry Dean's Lisfg Freshman Counselor. THOMAS RYAN, Poliiical Science Biloxi GLORIA SALTER, Journalism Mobile, Ala, News Edifor, Managing Edilor, Besf Reporler Award for I964, Eager Beaver Achievement Award, STUDENT PRlNTZg Publicily C ' ' ' Comrniffee of 100. hairman, SCOPE, SUSGA, Second Row: RAYE SANDERS, Special Educaiion Ellisville MARTHA SANDERSON, Elemenlary Educalion Halliesburg BSU, SNEA. THOMAS SASSER, Chemisfry BSP Boque Chiiio BERNARD SAUCIER, Hisiory Vice Presidenl, lnlernalional Relaiions Club. Pass Chrislian Third Row: JAMES SAUCIER, Archileclural Drailing Jackson DALE SAULTERS, Management Carson ELIZABETH SCARBOROUGI-I, English Decalur Wesley Foundaiiong SNEAJ Dean's Lisf. JOHN SCARBOROUGH, Accounling Gulfporl Fourih Row: JEANNIE SCHONEWITZ, Elemenlary Eclucalion Saucier Dean's Lisfg Conlemporary Sfaffg Freshman Counselor. NANCY SCI-IUTT, AAA, Special Educalion Jackson Pledge Class Vice Presidenf, Service Proiecls Chairman, Corresponding and Recording Secretary, Della Della Dellag Freshman Counselor, SCOPE VIII: SUSGA Publicalions Convention: Seclion Edilor, DRAWLg Pi Tau Chng I966 Edilor, l9b5 Section Edilor, SOUTHERNERg Senior Traineeship in Special Edu- cafiong Who's Who. HENRY SCHWAN, Malhemalics Biloxi JAMES SCLATER, Theory-Composilion Mobile. Ala- Treasurer, Phi Mu Alpha: Kappa Kappa Psi Presidenlg Orcheslra, Marching and Concern? Band: Pi Kappa Lambda: Phi Ela Sigma: Oufsfdndlng F"e5hm?"' Bandsmang Oulslanding Freshman Dand'Sgplgiomore Male IH School of Music: ean s is . Fiflh Row: WILLIAM SCRUGGS, Maihemalics Halliesburg LARRY SEALE, Archileclural Drailing Philadelphia Pensacola. Fla. TERRY SEARS, Commercial Arl' MAJOR WILLIAM B. SEATON, USMC, Polilical Science Washinglon, D.C. F dr" .,,,..... 324 The Sehibl' Firsf Row: MARY ROGERS, Elemenlary Educalion PATRICIA ROGERS, Special Eclucalion Foresl Yazoo Ciiy Vice Presldenl, Secrelary, Newman Club, Miss Newmanifeg National Newman Club Honorary Socielyg Pi Tau Chig SNEA. WILLIAM ROGERS, Biology PAT ROONEY, Music Eclucalion USM Band, Sumphony, Stage Band. Second Row: MYRON ROSENTHAL, Finance Della Sigma Pi. LESLIE ROSS, Accounling MARY ROSS, Child Developmeni BSU: Home Economics Club. RICHARD ROSHTO, Polilical Science Universily Singers, Alpha Gamma Rho, Phi Gamma Mug N Third Row: MICHAEL ROUND, Archileclural Drailing BETTY ROUNDTREE, Elemenlary Educaiion Wesley Foundafiong SN EA. JUDY ROYALS, Music Educalion Officer, Tau Bela Sigma: USM Marching Band, Symphony, a STANLEY RUNNELS, Markeling Collins Guliporl Pensacola, Fla. Wiggins Moss Poinl Columbia, S.C. ewman Club. Laurel Philadelphia Lumberlon nd Varsify Band. Ml. Olive gs 'gs '1--gr Class of 1966 Firsl Row: BARBARA SEYMOUR, Elemenlary Educalion Biloxi Dean's Lisf. RABETH SHANK, Elemenlary Educalion Toleclo, Ohio Weslminsler Fellowship: SNEA. JOHNNY SHANNON, Polilical Science Meridian MIKEL SHEPPARD, Accounling Ridgeland Second Row: JAMES SHERRER, Managemenl Picayune Collegiaie Civilang Sociely for The Advancemenl of Management: Phi Bela Lambda. 'JAMES SHIVERS, Personnel Manaqemenl Bassfield Della Sigma Pi. DAVID SHOWS, Business Adminislralion Washinglon, D.C. CHARLES SILLS, Music Eclucalion Prenliss Phi Mu Alph Sinfonia, Kappa Kappa Psi, USM Band and Orcheslrag Band Presidenf. Third Row: MARTHA SIMMONS, Music Educalion Magnolia Mu Phi Epsilon. STEVIE SIMS, Marlceling Bay Springs Presidenl' and Social Chairman, Della Sigma Pi. WALTER SKUPIEN, Journalism Biloxi DUDLEY SLAY, Managemenl' Haliiesburg Drum Major USM Band: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Oulslancling Freshman Bands- mang Drum Maior ROTC Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, Delfa Sigma Pi. ... ,f-J. I .5". if P5-1 . I ,gi QQ, E il I f I' fr- Q11 'C 5 " X 5 Sw lp x I X l"'I X I C7 5, 5.x 's-. Q--f' Q, if -v' Mei Af ifg' f ' -I I " T I ' f l ' -5 -' I I .sera I I I 7 ,i i f' Eif' Ji? . .f . I ' 1--. 5 , I YE, SA- Ne Q' v 'Ei .K Firsl Row: RONALD SLEEPER, Induslrial Arls U Cryslal Springs BS . DANIEL SMITH, Public Address Monlicello Pi Kappa Delfag Dean's Lislg Oufslandinq Debafer, I965, BASIL SMITH, Maihemalics Meridian Yellowiackelsg SNEAQ Weslminsler Fellowship. DONALD SMITH, Malhemalics Meridian Second Row: DOUGLAS SMITH, Heallh and Physical Educalion Salford, Pa. GARY SMITH, Psychology Prenliss Alpha Phi Omega Vice Presidenf, I-Iisloriany 5NEAg Greater Council, BSU. GERALD SMITH, Accounling Laurel Delia Sigma Pig Vice Presidenf, Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Rho Ela Sigmag Yellow- iackelsg Kappa Mu Epsilon: Dean's Lisl. JACKSON SMITH, Physical Educalion Guliporl Third Row: JIMMIE SMITH, Elemenlary Edugcafion Bayou La Baire, Ala. NEA. LINDA SMITH. Business Educalion Moss Poinl Alpha Lambda Della: Kappa Della Pi. MELVA KAYE SMITH, Elemenrary Educalion Foresl Dean's Lisfg SNEA. MICHAEL SMITH, Business Adminislralion Lumberlon Fourih Row: PATSY SMITH, KA, Elemenlary Educalion Halliesburq Dean's Lislg BSU: SNEA. RAYE SMITH, Elemenlary Educalion Hazlehursi BSU: SNEA. T. G. SARPHIE, JR.. BAE. Biology Hailiesburg Alpha Epsilon Deliag Bela Bela Befag Dean's List. JAMES STEARNS, Economics Meridian Fiflh Row: LEATUS HAROLD STILL, Journalism Columbus Treasurer, Circle Kg Presidenl, Disciples Sludenf Fellowship. JAMES SNOWDEN, Psychology Meridian Collegiafe Civilang Dean's Lisf. . ELOISE SPELL, Music Educalion Collins Mu Phi Epsilon, Universily Singers. HARRY SPELL, ITKA, Music Yazoo Cily QF I ir R..,, , 1+- T7 First Row: EDWARD STRICKLER, Management Pascagoula DEE ANN STRINGER, Library Science Summit CHARLES STRUVE, Marketing Biloxi Vice President, Pledge Trainer, Outstanding Pledge Delta Sigma Pig President, Vice President, Pi Sigma Epsilon, ROTC Color Guard, Pershing Rifles, Pi Beta Phi "Arrawman", Newman Club: Dean's List. W. F. SUDDITH, Mathematics Washington, D.C. Second Row: JOHN SULLIVAN, Political Science Jackson Alpha Gamma Rho. VERNIE SULLIVAN, Mathematics Mize EDWARD SUTTER, Political Science Riverton, NJ. Vice President, Alpha Gamma Rho, Young Republicans Club, SNEA. DAVID SWANSON, Public Address Tulsa, Olcla. President, Pi Kappa Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Dean's List, I964 Outstanding Debater, i965 Debate Nationals, Omicron Delta Kappa Outstanding Freshman. Third Row: CLAUDE DENNIS SWITZER, Business Administration Ocean Springs ELLIE SYLVEST, Elementary Education Basstield SNEA, Dean's List. JOE TADLOCK, Marketing Morton HUGH "PETE" TALBERT, Management Meridian Delta Sigma Pi, Society for the Advancement of Management, Collegiate Civitan, Dean's List. Fourth Row: PATRICIA TANNER. Elementary Education Laurel SUSAN TARVER, AEA, Elementary Education Butler, Ala. Dixie Darling, Southern Players, Best Actress Award l963, Committee Chairman UAC, Committee of I00, BSU, First Place I964 UAC Annual Talent Show. GLORIA B. TAYLOR, Business Education Hattiesburg Vice President, Pi Omega Pi, PresidenI's List. MARGUERITE TAYLOR, Elementary Education Laurel Fifth Row: THOMAS TAYLOR. Music Education Fort Walton Beach, Fla. Marching and Concert Bands, Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, Kappa Kappa Psi, Drill Master. Jaclrson WILLIAM TAYLOR. History . I . Gamma Tau Upsilon, Pi Kappa Alpha Rush Chairman and Historian, Phi Alpha Theta, Dean's List. Mobile, Ala. Viclrsburg Historian Kappa Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, Psi Chi Psychology, Program Chairman, Sociology Club, Newman Club, Sweetheart, Sigma Phi Epsilon. PAUL TEAL, History GINNY TERRY. KA, Sociology A FL 326 fr. The Senibl' First Row: GWEN STALNAKER, '-IDM, Clothing Merchandising Smithville Phi Kappa Tau Sweetheart, Greek Goddess, Top Five in Miss Southern Contest, Pledge Director, Phi Mu, Dormitory Officer. BILLIE STANHOPE, History Pensacola, Fla. WILLIAM STANWAY. Accounting Hattiesburg Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Vice Moderator, Treasurer, Westminster Fellowship, Treasurer, Student Christian Federation, Committee of IOO. CAROLYN STATHAM, Elementary Education McComb SOUTHERNER, SNEA, Dormitory Officer. Second Row: MARTHA STEPHENS, Elementary Education Port Gibson Marching and Varsity Bands. DIANE KOLMAN STEVENS. AEA. Elementary Education Jaclcson Dean's List, SNEA, Newman Club, Dormitory Officer. FLOYD STEVENS, Music Education Lucedale Kappa Kappa Psi Officer, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Marching and Concert Bands, Wind Ensemble, University Orchestra. JACKIE STEVENS, Management Laurel Third Row: LELAND M. STEVENS, QIPKT, Elementary Education Pensacola, Fla. Dean's List, Program Chairman, Canterbury Club, Rush Chairman, Sergeant at Arms, Phi Kappa Tau, SNEA, SCOPE. JOHN STOCKETT, Industrial Art Gulfport President, Christian Science Organization. EDWARD STOLLENWERCK, Management DARRELL STRENGE, General Business Montgomery, Ala. New Orleans, La. S' 'N N5 ' Cf l""' Q4 , p- --' Ti' ill .f Class of 1966 First Row: DAVID THEAD, History Meridian Dean's List, SNEA, Collegiate Civitan, BSU. EDWIN THOMPSON, Chemistry Basstield BETTY THOMPSON, Home Economics Petal Home Economics Club. BILL THOMPSON, Clothing Merchandising Meridian Collegiate Civitan, Men's Affairs Board, Dean's,List. Second Row: . EDITH THOMPSON, Special Education Natchez FAYE B. THOMPSON, Business Education Basstield Pi Omega Pi, SNEA. PATRICIA THOMPSON, Clothing Merchandising Vicksburg Alpha Lambda Delta Outstanding Freshman Award, Kappa Omicron Phi, Sec- retary, Betty Dukes Cratt Award, President's List and Dean's List, Home Economics Club. BARBARA THOMSON, XD, Elementary Education North Miami Beach, Fla. SNEA, Herald of Chi Omega, Dean's List, STUDENT PRINTZ Staff, UAC, Co-Editor of Section of SOUTHERNER. Third Row: BOBBY THORSEN, Biology Pensacola, Fla. GARY THRASH, Industrial Arts Pelahatchie RICK THURSTON, Political Science Hattiesburg Secretary and Historian of Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary-Treasurer of Alpha Gamma Rho, UAC, Spirit Committee, Dean's List, Young Republicans, Newman Club, Charity Month Committee. I n elevision Mobile, Ala. DAVID TODD, Rad'o a d T Scabbard and Blade, WMSU News Director. E' .milf ,X Tb in 1--' L., t-3-N 17" Bw T-ad f- .7-f ,S veg' First Row: MABEL TOLAR, Business Administration Laurel DENISE TONKEL, Sociology Gulfport Sociology Club, Dorm Officer, Wesley Foundation. JAMES TOOMBS, Journalism Jackson FRANCIS TREGRE, Business Administration Pass Christian Second Row: FRANCES TRIMM, Business Education McComb BSU, Young Republicans, SNEA. THOMAS TUCKER, Physical Education Hattiesburq President of Sigma Delta Psi, Brigade Commander, Distinguished Military Student. DANIEL TURNAGE, Industrial Arts Tylertown CARLTON TURNER, Chemistry Port Gibson Alpha Epsilon Delta, Physics Club. Third Row: GLORIA TURNER, Business Education Philadelphia LINDA TURNER, Medical Technology Lealcesville PEGGY TUTOR, Special Education Memphis, Tenn. Student Association Retarded Children, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, University Chorus, Westminster Fellowship. JACK ULMER, Physical Education Laurel Fourth Row: LEONARD D. VanSLYKE, History Hattiesburg Pi Gamma Mu, Dean's List, DRAWL Section Editor, Wesley Foundation, Aldersgate Fellowship. RUBY VAUGHT, Biology Natchez CHERYL VERDIGETS, Elementary Education Long Beach SNEA, Newman Club. NORMA VESTER, Elementary Education Gulfport Phi Theta Kappa, SNEA, BSU. Fifth Row: BARBARA WADDELL, Marketing Pascagoula CAROL WALKER, Elementary Education Pascagoula GERALD WALKER, Business Laurel BILLIE WALLACE, History Jackson First Row: CAROL WESTERN, Elementary Education Bay St. Louis Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, Dorm Otticer, Freshman Coun- selor, Dean's List, President's List. BETTY WHITE, Elementary Education Taylorsville WILLIAM WHITE, KE, Commercial Art Woodville DAVID WHITE, Biology McLain Second Row: EVELYN WHITE, Home Economics Philadelphia University Activities Council, Home Economics Club, BSE. GREGOR WHITFORD, Accounting and Economics Columbia BESSIE WHITTEN, English Gulfport SNEA, Pan American Students Association. TOMMY WILDER, Sales and Sales Management Lucedale Third Row: WESLEY WILKERSON, Physical Education DeEunialc Springs, Fla. Yellowiackets, Proctor. DALTON WILLIAMS, Marlceting McComb GEORGE WILLIAMS. Marketing and Real Estate McComb University Singers, Business Manager of Highlander Chorus, Member of USM Band, Pi Sigma Epsilon. RHODA WILLIAMS, Music Education Hattiesburg University Chorus and Symphony, BSE. Fourth Row: BETTY WILLIAMSON, Child Development Grove Hill, Ala. BSE, Home Economics Club. EDITH WILSON, Elementary Education Ellisville JAMES WILSON, Music Education Meridian MARIS WILSON, English Chickasaw. Ala. Dean's List, Lambda Iota Tau, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, Fifth Row: THOMAS WILSON, Management CrosIDY WILLIAM WILSON, Psychology Union MARTHA NELL WINDHAM, Business Education Hattiesburg ROSE WINDHAM, Music Laurel The Senior First Row: DANNY WALTERS, Mathematics Beulah Hubbard EDWARD WALTERS, Physical Education Laurel PATRICIA WARD, Hlifif, Mathematics Natchez President, Pi Beta Phi, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Freshman Counselor. WOODIE WARE, Home Economics Raleigh Second Row: JAMES WARRINGTON, Architectural Drafting Crystal Springs THERESA WASHBAUGH, History Margarita, Canal Zone Newman Club. CINDY WATLINGTON, KA, Psychology Laurel Senator, Top Ten Beauty, President Pledge Class, Vice President Kappa Delta Sorority, Yellowiacket Sweetheart, Delta Sigma Pi Rose Court, Secretary- Treasurer of Phi Delta Rho, Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice President of Psi Chi, Presiclent's Cabinet, Delegate to SUSGA and MIC, Junior Class Secretary, President's List, Dean's List, Freshman Homecoming Maid, CHARLEY WATKINS, Commercial Art Crystal Springs Dean's List, Kappa Pi, University Singers, Pershing Rifles, Rho Eta Sigma, Highlanders. Third Row: EDNA WATSON, Mathematics Viclcsburg Kappa Mu Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi. VAN WELLS, History Hattiesburg PAT WELSH, Mathematics Hattiesburg SGA Executive Cabinet, Treasurer, Scabbard and Blade, Marshal, Newman Club, Sports Editor SOUTHERNER, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Distinguished Military Student, SCOPE Vlll, SUSGA Delegate, Rho Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa. RONALD E. WESTER, Commercial Art Panama City, Fla. in 21' 55 4? ob, g .fe ag: ee ,W dn -1.5, 55 hx qw.. ...,' X311 W1 I I ,--f ' , fu' Class of 1966 Firsf Row: JANET WISE, Library Science Greenwood JANET WITI-IERS, Elemenfary Educarion Carihage EDWARD WOMBLE, Markering Balboa. Canal Zone JUDY WOOD En Iish Cenier, Tex Sweerhearf, Alpha Pai Omega, Kappa Kappa Psi: ROTC Sponsor: Tau Beta Sigma, Top Ten Beaufyg Feature Twirlerg Firsf Alrernafe Miss USM Pageant Second Row: CLYDE WOODRUFF, Hisfory Yazoo Ciry GREGG WOODWARD, QIJKT. Cornmunicaiions I-Iarlieslourg General Nah DONALD WRIGHT, 'PHT Physical Educalion Biqlerville. Pa. DELMAR YANDELL. Markefinq Plymoulh, Ind. Golf Team, "M" Club. Third Row: ALICE YATES. Elemeniary Educaiion Polkville Dean's Lisf. ELAINE YATES, EEA. Music Educalion Jackson Mu Phi Epsilong Officer Alpha Sigma Alpha, Universify Singers: Dean's Lisrg Opera Workshop. TOMMY YOUMANS, Maihemaiics Ouirman, Ga. Sigma Della Phi: Presideni "IN" Club: Men's Affairs Board, Disfinguished Miliiary Sfudenfg Dean's Lisfg Vice Presidenf of Soulhern Pacers. GLENN YOUNG, Mafhernafics Meridian Fourfh Row: MICHAEL YOUNG, Psychology Biloxi I The Sfudenf Body's Choice ' W 5 :': '." 2 L ssi, ' '9' I I If ,f E e I I 'T s' I ,Q I 'K - fa if Q P x f . ,M ? e '-S.. I ov- Wir nfs ,,... if . 'if-,3-5 fx vhfx if ,A A 'Iii in-vu ,- H"s Chrisfmas In America. M ' ' ,uw 1. rw. 1 1 ' V::. An elecfion, a discrepancy, anofher elecficn. Ca+ch if if you can. There's even a line for lafe regis+ra+ion. 0 ,, ,,A ff- mm. Poor thing. have you been eafing af The Commons again? GRADUATE CLASS OFFICERS-Le'H' fo Righf: Eva Sipes, Secre+ary Bill Sensing, President Grace Smifh, Treasurer: and Merv Sharp. Vice President The Graduale Class 1 S2 , , 6 Firsi' Row: LINDA GRANTHAM LARRY GUNNiN WELDON HATCHER CHARLOTTE HOGUE Second Row: RAYMOND HOPPER BRENDA HOUSTON WEN-BIN HSIEI-l KUEI-YEN, HSU Third Row: SHUN Cl-IIN HSU REEN-FENG HUANG SHIEN-JIAU JEN MELVIN JONES Third Row: PHlLLlP KELLY SAEEDA KHAN DALE LAIRD CAROLYN LEWIS FiHl1 Row: TEH-CHYUAN LIANG JANE MAY SAMUEL MEHRLEY JOHN MILLER -SAE Jackson Mobile, Ala. Halfiesburq Hafiiesburq Halliesburq Haflieslaurg China Hsinlien, Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan Taiwan, China Taipei, Taiwan Mobile, Ala. Ilia Bena Lahore, Palcislan Mobile. Ala. Fayefle Taiwan, Cliina Jackson Coslwoclon, Olwioi Zallesville, Ohio 332 The GI"CdLICfe Firsi Row: WAYNE BABIN EDWIN BASS WlLLlAM BOXX BRENDA BURCH Second Row: LUTHER BURNS GEORGE CHANCELLOR BARBARA CLARKE DONNA CONERLY Third Row: MARGARET DUNN JOHNNY FREEMAN PATRlClO' GASMAN GEORGIA GRANBERRY if 'Ffa' .fm Biloxi Fairhope, Ala. Ml. Olive HaH'ie-sburg Ru1'l1 HaHiesburq Pascagoula Columbia Halliesburq Newlon Sanliago, Chile Jackson iff' Lax' 'ET' 'S Class of 1966 Firsl Row: WARNER MOORE CARLEEN NECAISE NOLAN NIX LINDA NORSWORTI-IY Second Row: HOMER ODOM STANLEY ORVIS DAVID PAYNE WILLIAM PORTER, ATQ Third Row: BOBBY POSEY DANA RACKLEY JUDY RAWLS, X52 WALTER REED 5.5" on.- Biloxi Hailiesburg Fairhope, Ala. Waynesboro Halfiesburq Lynn Haven, Fla. Gulfporl Halliesburg Philadelphia Hafiiesburg Poplarville -5.7 -N., ,pl 'K I ii J Milli, ii 1" ' T bfi tab S Firsf Row: JERRY REEVES JAMES ROBERSON JERRY RODRIGUEZ BETTY ROGERS Second Row: MARY ROSS MARTHA RUSHING ROYCE RUSSELL GLENN SANSING Third Row: DAN SCHMIDT RAY SESSUMS EVA SIPES, KA GRACE SMITH, 'PM TONI STEPHENS Fourlh Row: ANN SWITZER HANS TISCHER ROBERT VICKERY DAVID EUGENE VINSON, KA JACK WHITEHEAD Fiffh Row: MORRIS WILLIAMS, KA THOMAS LEE WILLOUGHBY BARBARA WINTERS ROY WOMACK LEONARD YELINEK we E., T ff!- F? Pa scagoula Clinlon Biloxi Collins Haiiiesburq Haifiesburg Foxworih Newion Halfiesburg Nafchez Jackson DeKalb Kensingion, Md. Bay S+. Louis San Juan, P.R. Panama Ciiy, Fla. Jackson Meiairie, La. Halliesburq Jackson Pensacola, Fla. Jackson Hailiesburg 11.7 sei 1, ,iv if 1351-5 f 7 :gg 11, Q -' Q5 1 ,1 1 Qlgl. fza Zia 315 J' ' 25? 11 yy 'Q 5454121-1 ara.. 5 w11:.,, gm 5 -:mi 115:13 1 Wg- +5511 f.. ..11 L 5122511 -5 ' :Har 1 .ing . 11113111 ,1 . W,,. 15 1 ? In J -an 1 1! 5253? 1 .4 1 Q, gf I 1 17 1 1 W I 5 2 A 11 1 1 5 1 KE "1 i' -' I 1 ff 353' TT:-,1 1 YZ- vi 1, 'E h -'Q lj 3 1' Q, 1 11 A I A T 9 ' 1 ,' 9 wi, Y,- N Tmitw ' . . , ' -'61 iw ul Ml E ' ' X 1 1- N1 233 '1 -. 1 F, -hw ' 152' .1,,. -, . . 1 I 5 wr Qi, 1 'L 1 -. , 1 N 11,1 1 - ii 13315111 ' ' M ,f f . R 11 1 5 ji '-x - i Sf ' r "' r: g i f 35,194 ' .M 1 i .1 j-h g,f:',:,f 5 1 E I E I 4 tn :M ., an 5 : t. Q. :X W I- - - 2 , it N91 gjmagfi A . f 1. ,1- ,- 4 ,Jw L- 4, E "-1 QP' 1. 53? A. :J-Vxwsm lag? z'M?1fzwQx15?E, ,sf 11. M A Abernefhy, James S., ll9, 305 Abercrombie, William David, I2 Abraham, Lynn, 68, 275 Acord, John Roberf, 305 6,2 Adams, Clyne, 63, 287 Adams, Donna, l55 Adams, Donald, 240, 305 Adams, Edward Jenkins, ll9, 258 Adams, Glenn F. Jr., 258 Adams, James Roberl, 305 Adams, Jean, l50, 275 Adams, Adams, Adams, James Hermon,l20, 275 Karen Cecile, 258 Janis Marie, 258 Adams, Jerry Mack, 287 Adams, Murray, 88, 305 Adams, Nancy Carole, l55 Adams, Jug, l22 Adkins, Leroy D., 258 Admire, Parricia Ann, I30, 258 Agerfon, Calherine C., 258 INDEX Baker, Frank W., 204 Baker, Janef, 275 Baker, John David, 287 Baker, Linda Sue, 243, 305 Baker, Thomas, l07, lll, l20, 305 1ker, Siuarl, 287 Baldwin, Ellis, 305 Baldwin, Thomas, 238, 305 Baldwin, Glenda Jean, 275 Bilbo, Gloria Yvonne, 74, 275 Bilbo, Dale Roger, 259 Bird, James, 306 Birdsong. Ann, 306 Birdsong, Elaine, I34, 306 Bishop, Lynn Nell, 287 Bishop, Cecil, 306 Bishop, Sandra, l0I, 306 Bishop, Jim C., l20, 2I4 Baldwin, Lynn, I36, 258 Baldwin, John, 258 Ball, Billy, IOS, lll, I20 Ball, James, 258 Ballard, Dwighf, 238, 305 Balzli, Ronnie, I22, 287 Ballhrop, James, l20, 2l4, 258 Bizzell, Daniel, ss, es, 119, 122, 274, 275 Black, Marcus, II9, 306 Blackwell, Sandra, l0l Blackledge, James, 287 Blackwell, Jelinda, I30, l6l, l7l, I79, 306 Blackwell, Doris, 306 Blair, Bur1'on,306 Bandy, Bernice, 275 Barbee, William, 258 Barber, Barber, Alva Roquell, 258 Carol Lee C., 305 Blake, James, 232 Briflon, William, 288 Brillon, Charles, 259 Broadus, John, l22 Broadus, Marcia, 74, I36, 288 Brock, Adris, 307 Brock, Raymond, 63, 307 Brock, Thomas, 89, 276 Brooks, George, I24 Broome, Carol D., 259 Broome, Roberl Cecil, 272 Broome, Elizabelh, 259 Brooks, Linda, l40, l50, 276 Brooks, Pairicia, 276 Brooks, Gerald, 96, 99, 288 Brooks, Deborah, 288 Broome, Michael, 288 Brophy, Richard, I26, 259 Blalock, Merrill, 306 Bland, Shirley, 259 Blankenship, Glenda, 259 Barnes Ainsworrh, Alberl, 305 Akins, Charles, 2l5, 240, 305 Albarran, Ramon, 275 Albrilion, Donald, 258 Alderman, Beisy, 258 Aldridge, Vicki Lee, 258 Alderman, Ramona Ann, 287 Alexander, Gary L., 287 Alexander, Lois, 258 Alexander, Roberr, 84, 258 Alford, Bobby, 287 Alfonso, Donald, 287 Barham, Roberi, 88, 238 Barger, James, l92, I94, 220, 287 Baria, Pafricia Ann, 305 Bardwell, Pairicia Ann, 287 Baricev, Peler, 258 Blisself, Linda, 252, 287 Bliss, Ann, I44, 259 Blocker, Janice, 259 Blounf, Palricia, l00, l32, 306 Blounf, Barbara, I36, 259 Barker, Daniel, 305 Barlow, Roberl, 287 Barnes, Charloife, 275 Barnes , Billy Joe, 287 Barnes, Kalhleen, 305 , Janis, l32, I44, 275 Blumer, Barbara, 306 Blue, Marlha, 259 Blumer, Parricia, 79, 259 Boarmon, Kay, 62, 66, I34, 275 Bodel, Bonnie, I40, 259 Boggan, Susan, l30, 306 Allen, Curlis, 287 Allen, Jane, 82 Allen, Allen, Allen Ronnie, 89, l26, 287 James, l26, 275 Marian Karol, 275 Allgood, Sheila, 275 Allew, Bobby D., 258 Allums, Rebecca, l36, 287 Alred, Joseph, 248, 305 Amacker, Linda, 79, 82, l32, 258 Ammons, Norman Ellis, 305 Arnmons, John Billy Jr., I24, 258 Barnelr, James, 287 Barnerf, Joseph, 287 Barnharl, Sue, l50, 275 Barnhill, George, l26, 258 Baronich, Barbara A., 258 Barr, Donald, 287 Barr, Vince Wilson lll., 306 Barr, Dianne, 275 Barrefl, Dennis R., 258 Barrefi, Mariha Lynn, 287 Barron, John, l0l Barron, Belhany, 84, l42, 258 Barlell, Leroy, 306 Bass, Edwin, 332 Bass, Thomas, 306 Boqgan, Elizabelh, 275 Bolick, Herman Smilh, 287 Bollon, Janice Lorraine, 275 Bond, Ann, 65, 79, l22, l32, l75 286, 287 Bond, Carolyn, l40, 259 Bond, Lauerne, 287 Bonna, John, l26 , l83, 243, 5655. Paul. 306 Broxson, Sondra Aline, l40, 259 Boofh, Anderson, Belh, 305 Anderson, Chappell, 68, 305 Anderson, Carrie, 305 Anderson, Jerrye, 62, 275 Bass, Glenda, 288 Bass, Karen, 275 Paul, Bass, 306 Baies, Bonnie, 275 Bonfield, Caroline Ann, 287 Bonnabel, Madeline, 275 Bonner, James, 307 Bonnerf, Danny, 287 Boone, Paulelie, 68, 275 Boone, Frances, 307 Boone, Linda, 287 Boone, Rebecca, 79, l32, 259 Booih, Jo Ann, 275 Boofh, Bonnie, 307 Booih, Mariha, 247, 276 Brown, Anna George, 86, IOI, l55, 307 Brown, Tucker, 307 Brown, Cecil, 307 Brown, Rabbir, l92, l94, 220 Brown, Jean, 58, I34, 243, 307 Brown, Ella, 259 Brown, Elizabefh, Brown, Gary, 276 Brown, George, 276 Brown Henry, 276 Brown, Janis, 9I Brown, Jesse, l92, l95 Brown, Georgia, l42 Brown, Karen, 307 Brown, James, 288 Brown, Joyce, 276 Brown, Larry, ll9 Brown, Lawrence, 259 Brown, Slanley, 259 Brown, Leslie, l30, 259 Brown, Linda, 79, 276 Brown, Mary Ellen, 74, 276 Brown, Marlha, 276 Brown, Nelson, 307 Brown, Nolan, 259 Brown, Paulelle, 276 Brown, Rose, 307 Brown, Sam, Brown, Tom, 88, 307 Brown, Vicror, 307 Brown, William. 288 Browne, Birsy, l32, 307 Browning, Thomas, 95, ll4, l55, 307 Anderson, Kafhleen. 258 Anderson, Lynn, 275 Anderson Rebecca, 246, 287 Anderson Roberf, 287 Anderson Sanna 258 Balia, Arlin George, 275 Balson, Berry Jo, 258 Baucum, Sue, 306 Bauerschmidl, John F. Jr., 306 Paul, 82, 99 Bryan, Kay, 82, 259 Andinq, Linda, 275 Andino, Denver, I24 Andre, Mary, 140, l55, 305 Andrews, N., 67, lll, l22 Andrews, Rhea, 305 Andrews, Sieve, 258 Andriolis, George, 275 Angerami, Paul, 120 Ankersen, Shelia, 258 Anlullis, Paul, 86, 87, l22 Aniullis, William, l22, 258 Applewhiie, James,l05 Applewhile, Wynn, 275 Archer, Nancy, I38, I74 Archer, Janice L., 275 Arledge, Alexander, 305 Armisen, Fereydun, 275 Armislead, Presfon, 89, 275 Armsrrong, Andy, l92 Armslrono, Michael S., 258 Armond, Chuck, l92, l95 Baum, Mark, 258 Baxier, Charles, 67, I24, 306 Baxler, Larry, 258 Baxfer, Richard, l20 Baylis, James Ronald, 306 Baylis, Carole Ann, 275 Baygenls, Elizabefh, 258 Baylis, Mary Sue, l38, I74 Beall, Jimmy, l2B Beard, Sandra Ann, 306 Beard, Thomas, 306 Beard, Danny Lee, 258 Boren, Nancy, l40 Borden, James, IO9 Boria, Michael, 86, 88, 288 Bornflelh, Gary, l26 Bossier, Ed, 307 Bosarge, Paul, 69, 79, l22, 307 Bosche, Esfher, 259 Bosiwick, Gary, l22 Boswell, Rose Mary, l40, 276 Boudreaux, Freddie, 288 Bounds, Alice, 288 Boulo, Hunfer, ll9 Boufwell, Marlha, 259 Bouiwell, Ronald, 126,259 Bourwell, Charles, 288 Bowell, Esfer, 276 Bruce, James, 276 Bruce, Virginia, l42, 276 Bruhl, Palsy, 276 Brumfield, Harold, l22 Brumfield, Allon, 232 Brummelr, Perry T. ll., IO9, 259 Brumfield, Gail, 99, 288 Brumfield, James, 63 Brun, Jennifer Ann, 259 Bryanf, Ann, 307 Bryani, Jenny, 59 ,l34, 246, 307 Bryani, Edward, 2l0, 2lI Bryanf, Paul Eldridge, 257 Bryanr, Kennefh Wayne, 276 Bryanf, Maurice, 259 Bryanf, Leslie, 288 Armsirono, Carolyn, 67, I38, l75, 258 Armslrono. Gwendolyn, 258 Arnold, Palricia, 275 Arnold, Angela, 258 Arnold, Roberr, 258 Aron, Lelon. 233 Arrinllfon, James, 258 Assaf, Deenie, 6l, 62, 74, l34, 275 Assaf. Fd, 2l0 2ll Alhey, Bonnie Sue, 258 Alkins, Ouida Leon, 305 Alkins, Raloh Lee Jr., 80, 305 Aullman, Virqal, 287 Aullman, Peqoy Ann, 258 Ausiin, Audrey, 287 Ausiin, Judifh, 305 Ausfin. Larry, ll6 Ausiin. Frances, l30, 258 Auslin, Dana, l54 Aulrv. Melvin, l09 Auw, Judilh. l-12, 275 Avery, Ken, l95, 220 Avera, William, 305 Bearden, Carey, 275 Beasley, Mary, 275 Beasley, Florence, 287 Beasley, Jeanie, 287 Beasley, Jane, 275 Beaumonl, Edward, 287 Beckman, Lee, 246, 247, 306 Becton, Claris, 275 Beckner, Judilh, I36, 258 Bedsole, Fred, Ill Belk, Gloria Lynn, 287 Bell, Barbara, 150,275 Bell, Donald, 56, 82 Bell, Roberl, 306 Bell, Ronald, 56, 82 Bellew, Philip, 238, 240, 306 Bellanca, Joseph, 9l, 287 Beniqno, Thomas, 258 Bemis, James, 287 Benigno, Ben, 238, 240, 306 Bellew, Roberi, 258 Bennelr, ,Cleo, 287 Bennell, Sleven, 68 Benson, Sherry, 258 Beosole, Fred, 287 Bergin, Willie Adonis, 287 Berry, Regena, l00, 246, 306 Bowers, James, I24 Bowers,"Marsha, 259 Bowers, Sylvia, l32 Bowlin, Roger, 307 Bowling, John, 56, l05, ll0, lll, l Bowles, Jack Mifchell, 259 Boxx, William Randy, 95, 332 Boyeiie. James, 307 Boyd, Richard, 58, 69, 75 Boyd, Charles, ll9 Boyd, John, 276 Boyd, Svlvia, 276 Boyd, Louis, 99 Boyd, Faye Wallers, 276 20, 307 Buchanan , Mary Rufhe, 233, 307 Buchanan, Hugh, 288 Buchanan, Charles, 288 Buchanan, Frances, 99 Buchanan. Frances C., 82, 288 Buck, William, 288 Buck Gayle, 259 Buckley, Carolyn, 276 Buckley, Linda, 276 Bueso, Francisco, 288 Bufkin, Billy George, 63, 87, 276 Bullis, Margarel, 259 Bullock, Ulmer, 240, 288 Boykin, Elizabeih, l34, 259 Bozzefii, Sergio, l22, 2l4 Bozeman, Jim, l26, 307 Bozzelii, Max, 2l4, 276 Bozeman, Danny, 257 Bradley, Cynrhia Bracey, Barbara, Bracewell, Byron Arlhur, 2I5 Bradley, George, 307 Bradley, Henry S., 259 Bragassa, Timoihy, II6 Brandon, Frederick, ll9 Brandon, Margaref, 259 , 276 276 Bullard, Vivien, 259 Bullock, Nola, 288 Burcaw, Charlorre E., 288 Burch, Brenda, 332 Burch, Rodney, 259 Burge, Virginia, 307 Burge, Dana Jo, 288 Burger, Keary, Il6 Berry, William, 275 Berry, Mims, l26, 258 Berry, Mims, l26,258 Berry, Beverly, l32 Berrolla, Alexander, 275 Bess, Larry, lll Brasfield, Roberl, ll9 Brasher, Donna Lynn, l38 Braun, Claudia, 83, 276 Braune, Anne, 276 Brealh, Sue, l32, 307 Breazeale, Janice Dale, 79, l38, 307 Burkes, Jimmy, 240, 307 Burke, Theodore Jr., Burke, William, 276 Burkelf, Cecil Ray, 259 Burkes, Herbie Edward, l26 Burnes, Lynn, 276 Burnell, Barbara Elizaberh, 288 Burnelr, lrvin, 308 Burnes, Pafricia, 79, l42 Burnham, Sfephen, 276 Burnham, Sheila, 62, 73, l30, 276 Avers Linda, 3l6 287B Babin, Wayne, 332 Flachman Gene, l92 Badrzer, Lucille. 79, 80, 275 Beooell Anira 87. 258 Bailey, Dennis, 247 Bailey, Jerry, 305 Bailey. Louise, ll3, l42 Bailey, Thomas, 89, ll0, lll, l20 Bailey, Spencer, 275 Bainrer, William, 275 Baker, Carolyn, I36, 275 Besr, Benjamin, l26, 258 Bevon, Shirley, 258 Bibler, Sally, 259 Bienvenu, Janis, 259 Biggs, William, 259 Biggs, Barbara, 149, 275 Biglane, Kay, 27I Biqlane, Jenny Lynn, 259 Bilek, Marlene Joy, 67, 79, 86, 87, 99, l32 306 Bilbo, Bobby Hugh, 287 Breazeale, Gayle, l38, l54 Breazeale, Lynda, 259 Breazeale, Barbara Jo, 259 Breland, Judy Carolyn, 276 Breisch, Libbie, 259 Breland, Ray, 259 Brennan, Thomas, l92, 195,220 Brennan, Daivd, 89, 276 Brell, Kennefh, 99, 307 Brewer, Olan, 276 Brignac, Mildred, 259 Bums, Andy, 122, 259 Burns, Lulher Lee, 332 Burns, Melrose, 62, 74, ISO, 276 Burns, Jan, l4O, 288 Burns, Earl, 288 Burns, Barbara, l38, 259 Burris, Marilyn, 288 Burr, Virginia Ann, 259 Burris, Pollard, 288 Burson, George. l05, Ill, 234, 308 Burl, Thomas Ware, I24 Denton 277 Cohen, Dickinson, Joyce, 243, 3l0 Burt, Gary, I22 Burvant, Dennis, 308 Busby, Mary, 232, 308 Busby. Barbara, 288 Bush, Edward, II2, II6, 308 Bush, Mary Elizabeth, 288 Butera, Tana, 243, 308 Butler, Jim, 308 Buttles, Carolyn Jean, 259 Byard, Bruce, IO5, lll Bycotski, Lynn, 257 Bynum, Glen, l24, l92, I94 Byrd, Wilford, 247, 248 Byrd, Rebecca, 308 Byrd, Thomas, 260 Byrd, Janet, 259 Byrd, Cecil, 288 C Cabaniss, George, 2l0, 2ll, 2l2 Caceres, Edgar, 260 Cadenhead. Elizabeth J., 288 Cain, Robert Au,thony, II2, l24, 276 Cain. Bobby, 276 Cain, Frank 56, 57, 66,69 Calahan, Joe, 276 Calcote, Stephen, 288 Calhoun, James Edward, 288 Calhoun, Judith, 308 Calhoun, Charlotte Marie, 260 Callahan, Michael John, 260 Camet, Jennings, 288 Camp Howard, 59, 248, 308 Campbell, Bobby, l28 Luc 308 Campbell, Camille, I38, 308 Campbell, Steven, 204, 208 Campbell, Francis M. Jr., 308 Campbell, Janis, 69, 79, I34, 260 Campbell, Y. Camobell, Richard Henry Jr., 288 Canfield, Sarai, 276 Canfield, Pam, 74, 260 Canaan, Coleman Craig, 260 Canter, Michael, l54 Cappaert, Michael, I20, 238, 308 Capizola, Michael, 308 Cappel, Carol, I32, 308 Caranna, Ronald, 88, 288 Cardenas. Juanita, 288 Carlisle, James, 288 Carlisle, Gene, 308 Carmichael, Billv Carl, l0l Carmichael, Mary Ann, 243 Carney, Susan, 276 Caro, Annie, 260 Carpenter, Martha, l32, 308 Carpenter, Sherrie, I38, l50, 276 Carpenter, Sarah, 276 Carpenter, Linda, 260 Carr, Jacqueline, l38 Carroll, Linda Gayle, 276 Carroll, Cyrus B. Jr., II9, 260 Carruth, Paul I24, 260 Carson, Patricia, I36, 276 Carter Carter, Connie, 288 Carter, Billie Faye, 288 Carter, Charles, Carter, Cynthia, I40, 260 Carter, Jane Carol, 288 Carter, John Albert, 260 Carter, Lyne, 56, 63, 79, 84, 288 Carter, Margaret, 260 Mary Scott, 260 Carter, Miliard, 260 Cartwright, Charles, 67, I20, l56, 30 Carver, Ann, 308 Casanova, Emily Jo, 260 Casey Elizabeth, 308 Cassady, Milburne, 86, I0l, I22 Cassibrv, Peociv, 6l, l32, 276 Castlen, John, 94, l05, 308 Castle, Thomas Larry, 308 Cast, William, 82 Castleberrv, Bradley, 94, Ill, 238 Castlen-ian, Virginia, 308 s Castaneda, Jose V., 96 Cates, Samuel, 288 Cathey, William, I26, 260 Caver, Barbara Ann, 260 Caytcn, Philip, 308 Cayton, Daniel, 308 Ceqelski, Allen J., 260 Cernick, Francis, 308 Chambliss, Patricia Ann, 276 Chambliss, Julius, 260 Champagne, Claudette, 83, 308 Chancellor George, 332 Chance, Patsy Jo, 260 Chandler, Danny Ray, 289 Chapman, Guy, Ill, I22, 289 Chapman, Beth, I34 Chatham, Carol Ann, 84, 289 Chawgo, Charles, l28, 2ll, 2l2 Chaze, Kim, 214 Christina, Michael, I22 Christie, Bob, 88, 247, 309 Christmas, Richard J., 67, l05, lll, ll2 I22 Christian, Jerry, 309 Christi ance, Sue, 276 Christiansen, Sandra, 260 Christian, Janet, 260 Christo her Paul E B9 p , . Betty Ann, 289 Clark, Clark, Frances, 289 Clark, I-l. Durvan Jr., 88, 276 Clark, John, 289 8 Clark, Leonard, 260 Clark, Lisa, I38, 260 Clark, Mary, 260 Clark, Ruth, 260 Clark, Roger, 276 Clark, Thomas James, I20, 260 Clark, Thomas, II6. 260 Clarke, Barbara, 332 Clarke, Dorothy, 68, I40, 260 Clarke, Judith, 276 Claunch, Ernestine, 83, 276 Clayt on, Sherie, 260 Clegg, Annette, 309 Crawford, James, 309 Crawtord, Joe, 94, 289 Crawtord, Jack, 2l5 Crawford, Terry, 2l5, 265 Crawley, Kenneth, 289 Creighton, Claude, 277 Creel, Isaac Franklin, 289 Crenshaw, Larry Keith, 26l Crews, Lyle, 83, 277 Cress, Terry, 26l Criyo, Del, 57, 88, 233, 243, 309 Cri er, Paula, 247, 309 Delmas, Diane, l30, 304 Delllnqer, Harvey. I20, 2I4, 277 Dell, Dennis, l28 Demedicis, Miriam Ann, 82,277 Demeranville, Marsha L., 290 Denmark, Martele, 277 Denison, Dudley, 290 Dennis, Sally, 310 Dennis, Lindsay Ann, 277 Dennis, Dianne, 290 Dennis, Robert, 277 Denson, Hill, 2Il, 2l2, 3l0 , Berry, 91, 290 Clement s, John Michael, l28 Cleveland, Jonnie Sue, 260 Cline, A Cline, N Cloman, lbert, 309 ancy, 260 James, 276 Clopton. Buzzy, 82, 285 Coats, S Coats, R haron E., 256 obert, 309 Cobb, Robbie, 256 Coblg, John, 309 Cochran Edwin, ioz, :zo Cochran: Larry, 309 Cochran Cochran Cochran , Freeman, 285 , Frances, 273 . James, l24 Cochran, Glennis Gene, 256 Cockrel l, Scarlett, 256 Coffman, Stephen, II6 Cohen, Howard, 309 Diane, 272 Crocker, Jettrey, 277 Cromer, Sidney, I iz, ii4 Cromartie, Dawn, l42, 277 Croom Cross, ,Stephens G. Jr., II6 Helen, 26l Crowder, Shirley, l32 Crow, David, 277 Crow, Jerry, 289 Crowder, Kathryn, l32, 26l Cuevas, Irvin Thomas, l02, 289 Cuevas, Fredna, 289 Cuevas, David Paul, 260 Cuevas, Earl, 94, 289 Cuevas, Mary Louise, 289 Culp, David, 309 Culpepper, Judy Diann, 277 Coker, Mary Ann, 83, 285 Coker, Diane, 252, 309 Coker, Stephen, 256 Cole, Arthur Lee, II9 Cole, James Edwin, 285 Cole, Lloyd, 84, 273 Cole, Ronald Edward, 289 Coleman, Grady, 289 Coleman James, 238, 309 Culleter, Robert, 26l Culpepper, Evelyn, 289 Cullum, William Earl, 26l Cummins, Faye, 309 Cumberland, Faye, I32, 285 Cummings, Richard Gene, 309 Cummings, Regina Louise, 257 Cummings, Mary, 285 Curet, Christyana Maria, 96, 285 Currie, Bobbie Kathleen, 285 Currie, Charles Gary, 289 Curry, Mike, 290 Curry, Marion, l57 Currv, Lee Alan, 290 Deornellas, Leo Anthony, I22, 26l Destatfany, Richard, I20 Desporte, Sylvia, I40, 3l0 Dethlott, Frank, 3l0 Dettra, Rebecca, l54, l55, 246 Develle, Kenneth, 3l0 Dever, William H. Jr., 63, 26l Devrow, William, l95 Dews, Thomas, 26l Diaz, Pamela, I40, 26l Dicerbo, Arthur, 95, 3l0 Dickerson, Judith Lynn, 3l0 Dickerson, Swanee, 290 Dickens, Charles, as, liz, 120, aio Dickerson, Gerald, 247, 290 Dickerson, Rachel, 3l0 Dickerson, George, 95, 277 Dickey, Linda Gray, 6l, 62, 67, 7 Dickinson, Roa, 88, 3l0 Dickson, Angela, 277 Dietrick, Gerald, 290 Dietz, David, II6, 26l Dietrick, Daniel, 2l5, 290 Different, Paul R., Diggs, Barbara Marie, 26l Dill, Jerrye Deane, 290 Dillard, Rebecca A., I44, 26l Coleman, Vera Mae, 260 Collins , Dwiqht, 277 Collins, Chellie, 309 Collins, James Gerald, 309 Collins, Jerry Royce, l02, 289 Collins, Patricia, 260 Collins, Warren Woodrow, 289 Collum, Aubre Lawrence, 260 Combs, Donald Ray, 238, 289 Combs, Robert Long, 277 Compretta, Joseph Patrick, 289 Curry John Ray, 290 Curtis, Elizabeth, 99, 290 Cusack, Thomas, Joseph, 309 Custer, Vance, 79, l42, 277 Cutillo, William Anthony, 3l0 Cyr, Simone, 83, 277 D Dabbs Mark, Ill, I20, 277 Dshauli, Albert, aio Dahlgren, Anita, I44 Dale, Beverly, 6l, 62, 69, 73, 79, I34, l75, Disrnukes, Henry, II6, 243 Distin Robert, II6, 277 Diver, Carol Ann, 144, 26l Dixon James I23, 26l Doan,' Psifieis, 277 Doan, Susan, 26l Doby, Gregory J., II6 Dolan, Dolan Janet, 3l0 Joseph, 26l Dollanihide, William, 247, 248, 277 Domergue, Patricia, I40, 26l Donegan, Ronald, 26l Conerly, Donna Lynn, 94, 243, 332 Conerly, Perry Stewart, 289 Conklin, Dorman S. Jr., 89 Connell, Roy, 238, 309 Connell, Robert, l24 Conner, William John, 83, 260 Conrad, Susan, l30, 277 Constance, George H,, 277 Cook, Cynthia, 260 Cook, John O., I22, 260 274, 277 Dame, Leslie, l40 Dangelo, Sandra Jean, I44, 277 Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, Dorothy Louise, 3l0 Linda Lou, 26l Marion Patricia, l32, 26l Daniels, Lee Edwin Jr., l05 Daniels Daniels Dansby , Lucille, 3l0 , Kenneth Ray, 270 .Carol Sue, 26l Cook Cook Cook Cook , Lynn, 287 , Maura Shannon, 287 , Princy, 67, l32, 260 Pamela Louise, 260 Cooley, Liz, 309 Cooley, Norma, 289 Cooley, Bertha, 309 Cooper, Charlyne, 277 Cooper, Lyn, 80, 260 Darby Levada Ann, 277 Daugherty, Bonnie Rae, 58, 66, 72, II3 I84, l88, 3I0 Daughdrill, Douglas, 277 Daugherty, Darryl, II6 Daugherty, James, II6, 26l Daughdrill, Michael James, 290 Davenport, Elizabeth, 3l0 Davidson, Bobby Jean, 67, 74, I34, 26l Cooper, Gregory II6 Cooper, Janet, 289 Cooper, Onita Helen, 277 Cooper, Pamela Ruth, 247 Copelin, Clyde Leroy, 67, 86, 87, I22, 309 Copeland, Carlene, I38, 260 CoDDeians. Barbara E., I40, 260 Corban, Walter Lee, 309 Corban David Albert 289 Corbitt: Joseph, 289 I Cordrey, Stanley, 277 Corley, Suzanne, 289 Corley, Ernestine, 309 Costley, Charlyne, 309 Costello, Wendy, B3 Cote, John, 128 Cochern, Stve, 289 Cothern. Steve, 289 Couget, Daniel John, 309 Couch, Betty Ann, 289 Counce, Anna Lynn, 260 Cousar, Ann, 309 Covington, Hugh I-larper, 56, 79 Covell, Susan Claire, I36, ISO, 277 Cox, James Barksdale, 56, 58, ISS Cox, Paula Madelon 309 Davis, Annie Dell, 290 Davis, Barbara Ann, I40, 26l Davis, Clitton Moore, 290 Davis, Diane Lee, lOl, 3l0 Davis Curtis, 26l Davis, G. Don, 290 Davis, James Ronald, l24, 2l2, 26l Davis, Julia, 232 Davis, John William, 290 Davis, John J., 290 Davis, Jetfrey, 26l Davis, James, 290 Davis, Jeannie, I36 Davis, James Curtis, l24 Davis, Kenneth M., I20, 290 Davis, Lee, 277 Davis, Lynda, lOl, 3l0 Davis, Mariorie, 65, 79, ll3, l32 Davis, Michael Strenq, II4, 290 Davis, Marsha Elizabeth, 26l Davis, Peggy, 82, 243 Davis, Raymond, 290 Davis, Sammy Marion, 53, 56, 58, 66, II2, I26, 233, 3l0 Davis, Steve, 26l Davis, Sam, I26 Davis Tommy Lee 74, l08, l24, 26l Donnell, Joseph, 26l Donohoe, Patricia, 26l Doster, Mary Elizabeth, 232 Doster, Sue, 59, 79, 3lO Dossett, Richard, 3l0 Douglass, Loyd, IO9, 26l Dove, Joe. 277 Dow, Marilyn, 277 Dowdle. Judy Jeanette, 232, 3l0 Dowd, Clyde, l92, 220, 290 Downing, Lawrence Ross Jr., 277 Downs, Barbara, 3lO Doyle, Nick, l23 Dragula, Linda, 290 Drake, George Raymond, 290 Drawe, Michael F., 277 Dreher, Ginger, 277 Drennan, Wendell, 3ll Drews, Fred H. lll, 233 Dribben, Albert F., 290 Dubuc, Walter John Jr., 3ll Dubard, Carolyn, 82, 26l Dubose, Phyllis, l40 Ducker, William L., 82 Dufour, Allen, 232 Duke, Janice, 3ll Dukes, Marilee, 79, ll3, l42, 290 Duke, William, 290 Dumas, Edward M., 26l Dunaway, Richard, l92, I94 Dunaqin, William Andrew, 290 Duncan, Robert, 3ll Duntee, Thomas William, 3ll Dunn, Sharon, 290 Dunn, Christa, 26l Dunn, Margaret, 234.332 Dunn, Lanelle, I36, 290 Dunn, Warren, I59 Dunham, Janve Lee, 290 Durant, Mary Ann, I40 Duronslet, Dorothy G., 3ll Dushlek, Anita Ellen, 290 Duval, Charles Lee, 9l, II4, 3ll Duvall, Arthur Lois, 277 Dwyer, George Ann, 26l Dwyer, Ray Lynn, 26l Cox, Martha Ann, 289 Cox, Maurice, 260 Cox, Margaret Lynn, 260 Cox, Mary Alice, Cox, Raymond, 260 Cox, Tenna Ann, I38, 277 Cox Robbie, 136 Coyle, Arlen, I22, 309 Craft, Troy, l92, l95, 220, 289 Craft, Judith, 289 Craig, Bonnie E., 78, 79, I38, I84, 246, 289 Craig, Bonnie E., 78 79, I38, l84, 246, 289 Crane, Mattie Lee, 289 Cran e Ann Elaine, 260 Craven, Freddie, 309 Crapps, Brenda Joyce, 277 Crawtord, Ray, 238, 309 Dawson, Robert, 290 Dawson, Thomas, 67, I26 Day, Gerald, 68, I26, 277 Day, Mary Evelyn, 82, 26l Deal, Jon, 232 Dean, Thomas Phillip, II9 Dean, Pamela Diane, 26l Deas, Lois Elaine, l42, 3l0 Dearing, Kenneth, 3lO Dearmon, Dorothy Mae, 290 Decell R. Tal, l24 Delia, Jesse G., 69, 3l0 Delancey, Joyce Brooks, 267 Delhomme, Tony I20, 2l4 Dellisola, Philip, 83, l02, 3l0 Dellenger, Gwen Gaye, I40, 3l0 336 Dyess, Jerry, l24, 3ll Dye, Ruth, 25I Dye, Ruth, 26l Dyess, Janis, 26l Dykes, Jeanne Frances, 277 E Early, Janis, 3ll Eason, Jackie, 3ll Easterlinq, Melba, 3ll Easterlinq, Deidra, 277 East, Lynda, I40, 26l Eclcdahl, Peter Frank, 94, 290 Ecuyer, Larry, I93 Edgin, Donna, I42 Edkins, William, 209 8, 79, l32 Fauver, Edmonds, Anna, 311 Edmon dson, William, 123, 277 Edwards, Gregory 82, 88, 96, 290 Edwards, James Ellis Jr., 123 Edwards, James Shelby Jr., 123 Edwards, Laura, 311 Edwards, Saraiane, 311 Edwards, Sylvia Thersie, 277 Eichelberger, Jennifer, 130, 261 Eidt, Anthony, 311 Eien, Connie, 105, 130, 185 Elev. Larry, 247, 248 Elkins, Elliott, Rose Mary, 311 William, 311 Ellis, Frank, 204, 205, 207, 208, 290 Ellis, Lynn, 68, 138, 290 Ellis, James, 155, 290 Ellis, Suzanne, 261 Ellis, Sharon, 261 Ellis, Sharon Gail, 136, 290 Elmore, William F., 114 Emmett, Stephen, 290 Emory, Brooks, 116, 290 Emrick, Marianne, 291 Engell, Michael, 277 Engels, Tony, 124, 210, 211 En lish, John Roy, 291 EnFow, Karen Ruth, 277 Enslen, Lois, 291 Erharl, Robert, 120 Ermis, Jeanie, 281 Ernest, Edwin, 111, 291 Ernesl, Joseph, 277 Essary, William T., 261 Essary, Minnie Sue, 291 Estes, Billy Wayne, 277 Estes, James Warner, 311 Ethridge, Sherrye, 108, 150, 185, 189, Eubanks, Lemuel Russell, 291 Eure, Alice, 62 82, 277 Evans, Daniel Bruce, 291 Evans, Herbert, 261 Evans, Jerry Allen, 128 Evans, James, 291 Everett. Elizabeth, 311 Everett, Victoria K., 142 Everett , Linpa, 262 Eyerette, Kirby, 111, 120 Everett, James, 262 Everett , Judy, 291 Everitt, Nell, 311 Ewa rl, Nancy, 141,155,291 Ezell, Virginia, 311 Ezelle, Joe, 291 Ezell, Lindell, 278 Fagan, Fagan. F Robert, 116, 278 Ann, 262 Fairchilds, Janie, 232 Fairley, Jean, 79, 138, 291 Fairchilds, Jimmie D. Jr., 278 Fairly, John, 63 Fairchild, Sharon, 80, 262 Fall, Dixie, 84, 311 Falcone, Michael Joseph, 68, 291 Falconer, John, 278 Falgout, Freddie John, 311 Falcon, Elizabeth Dean, 132, 150,262 Fancher, Nellie Ruth, 291 Fant, Preston, 238, 240, 311 Fant, Margaret Diane, 272 Fannin, Farello Joseph Singleton, 144, 262 , Leonard Joseph, 121, 278 Farmer, Reva Joyce, 311 Farmer, Donald Carl, 311 Farmer, Ben Rodney, 119 Farmer, Ronald James, 119 Farmer . Pegqv Jean, 278 Farris. Calherine, 291 Farris, Katrina M., 278 William Thomas, 291 Fayard, Charlotte M.. 62, 278 Fellenstein, Sam M. Jr., 109, 111,291 Fennell, Pamela, 291 Feola, Anthony, 311 Ferguson, Helen, 291 Ferman, Charles Henry, 262 Ferrell, James, 124 Ferrozzutti, Allan Joseph, Feye, Grant Richard, 119 Field, Donna Lee, 67, 132, 150, 155, 1 278 Fields, Richard Marion, 121 Pikes, Butch, aa, 123, 262 File, Stanley Augustus, 234 Fillingame, Lyman D., 262 Finch, Lynn, 134 Finch, Portia Gayle, 311 Finnegan, Ann, 141, 278 Fiorenza, Mary Jennifer, 278 Fisackerly, Dianne, 262 Fischer, David George, 73, 238, 311 Fischer, Paul Thomas, 278 File, Kin, 154 Fleming, Allen Melvin, 262 Fletcher, Suzanne, 62, 144, 278 Flippo, Herbert Jerald, 311 Floyd, Carolee, 74, 134, 291 Flowers, Emily, 53, 55, 57, 78, 79, 311 Flowers, Gayden, 79, 134, 278 Flowers, Gayden, 79, 134, 278 Flummer, Jerone Skipper, 268 Fly, Jane, 74 ,79, 99, 133, 278 Fly, Belly, 262 2 74, 27 4. Flynl, Dianne, 99, 271 Flynt, Robert Courtney Jr., 119 Flynn, Shannon Charles, 124,291 Fokakis, Nick, 89 Fokalcis, Arthur 111, 278 Foerster, Dianne, 312 Foley. Nancy Ann, 262 Folks, Percy Wayne, 291 Fonlanills, Henry J., 116 Force, Susan, 130 262 Ford, Richard Arlen, 291 Ford, Sherrie, 62. 78, 79,278 Ford, Jacqueline, 312 Ford, Lynda Anne, 133, 262 Foreman, Sylvia, 312 Fortenberry, Carol, 278 Fortenberry, Marilyn E. Gunn, 291 Forlson, Joe Ben, 312 Fortenberry, Belly Sue, 278 Fortune, Wealtha, 155, 312 Forlune, Laurie, 240, 312 Fortenberry, Thomas C., 116 Fortier, Carol, 83, 312 Forle, Pamela, 134, 189,262 Fortenberry. George Wayne, 312 Forfenberry, Sandra, 142,312 Fortier, Linda, 138 Foster, Alfred E. Jr., 291 Fosler, James, 262 Foster, Mary Judilh, 278 Foster, Paul, 291 Fowinkle, Charley, 116 Fowler, Diane, 291 Fowler, Virginia, 262 Fox, Greg, 121 Fox, Mary Nell, 312 Fox, Henry Lee, 291 Fox, Earl, 247, 262 Franco, Kenneth, 83, 96, 247, 312 Francisco, William Henry, 128 Franklin, Jacqueline S., 100,291 Franklin, Gerald James, 291 Franzino, Barry Jr., 94, 312 Fraschillo, Tom V. Jr., 247, 248, 278 Freeman, James Floyd Jr., 94, 238, 240, 312 Freeman, Audrey, 291 Freeman, Edward, 291 Freeman, Dorothy, 99 Freeman, Norma, 291 Freeman, Johnny, 332 Freeman, Wanda, 262 Freeman, Anita, 262 Freman, Robert Darrel, 291 French, Kay, 278 French, Linda Kay, 278 French, Bonita, 312 French, Larry Hagan, 291 French, Cheryle Diane, 262 French, Susan Rose, 130, 262 Frey, Terry Clay, 89, 278 Freret, Ann Caro, 291 Friday, Charles Dixon, 262 Frost, David Grayson, 262 Fulco, Michael Jr., 95, 291 Fulgham, Carroll, 312 Fuller, Rebecca, 130, 278 Ful1i1ove,Launa,3l2 Furr, Carole Ann, 312 G Gabucci, Jimmie, 83, 100, 262 Gaddis, Jerry Wayne, 291 Galbreath, Jacque1ine,278 Gallagher, Michael, 215, 312 Gallaspy, Betty, 62, 130, 278 Galle Keith Michael, 117 Galley, John, 114 Gallop, Gwen, 67, 105, 161,.I73, 185,291 Galuppi, James, 121 Gammill, Richard, 239 Gammel, Woodrow, 262 Gambrell,Ade1ia 291 Gambrell, Connie Diane, 291 Gandy, Gary Eugene, 291 Ganster, Mary Louise, 262 Gardner, John David, 111 Gardner, Louis, 312 Gibson, Walter, 84 Gibson, Ray. 126, 262 Giglio, Joseph, 312 Gilbert, James, 102, 217 Gilbert, Janis, 262 Gilbert, Lamenda, 278 Giles, Mildred Joyce, 232 Gill, Art, 192, 195,220 Gill, Kathy, 262 Gill, scooier, 67, lzo, 262 Gillasov Thomas David, 126 Gillespie, Jeanne Elizabeth, 74 Gillespie, Keith, 278 Gillis, Ronald Wayne, 128 Gilpin, Richard, 27a Gilmore, John Gerald, 292 Gilmore, Rita Jo, 292 Gingrich, William David, 262 Gipson, Jack Wayne, 312 Glisson, Celeste Carolyn, 278 Glower, Gail, 278 Gober, Doris, 91, 233,292 Godair, Glynda Cheryl, 262 Godbold, Carolyn Marie, 292 Godfrey. Francis, 312 Godwin, Bob, 205 Goetlman, Nancy, 82, 99, lOl, 292 Goff, Lawrence, 106 Goff, Lawrence, 106, 312 Goff, Edith, 292 Golf, Susan, 62, 76, 278 Golf, Joye, 262 Goings, Bennie, 312 Golden, Sue, 262 Gollotle, Lorie Kay, 292 Gomez, Sara, 96, 312 Gomez, Martha, 96. 262 Gonzales, Richard W., 117,262 Goodman, James, 154, 155, 157 Goodman, Shirley Nell, 292 Goodman, James, 157 Goodwin, Thomas, 313 Goodwin, Cheryl Lynn, 262 Gordon, William, 278 Gordon, Martha Lynn, 262 Gordon, Curtis, 292 Gordy, Allen, 128 Gordy, Timothy, 292 Gore, Michael Austin, 117, 313 Gorney, William, 192, 195, 220 Gorman, Janice, 262 Gorringe, Mavbelle 278 Goss, John, 82, 313 Gould, Mariorie Marie, 262 Gould, Sa1lv.262 Gower, William, 247 Goyer, Laura lnez, 262 Gracie, Daniel Jr., 96, 313 Grafton, Thomas Webber Jr., 128 Graham, Billy, 313 Graham, Charlotte, 278 Graham, Charles, 313 Graham. Janis, 144,278 Graham, Marv Louise, Graham, Malcolm, 247, 262 Graham, Robert Douglas, 248 Graham, Patty, 278 Graham, Rose Marie, 262 Granberry, Georgia, 332 Granberry, Elsie, 82, 262 in 1t,Thomas. 313 Grantham, Linda 234, 332 Grantham, Margaret 313 Grantham Judith Ellen, 233 Grantham Ann, 91, 292 Granl, Philioo Richard, 239, 292 Grant, Nita Louise 86. 138,278 Grantham, Mary Grace, 263 Grantham, Henry H. Jr., 128 Granlham, Sue, 142, 313 Graves, Emory, 292 Graves, William Michael, 240, 313 Graves, Pamella Kay, 247, 292 Graves James, 240, 292 Gray, Herberl 263 Gray, Ho1li,79, 142, 263 Grube, Paul Louis, 292 Grubbs, Constance Ann, 263 Grubbs, Sharon, 133,263 Guarino, Joseph Michael, 263 Guess, Charles Michael, 278 Guice, Sandra, 278 Gulledge, Eugene, 278 Gullo, Rodney, 121,263 Gunn, Gerald, 278 Gunn, Kay, 130 Gunnin, Larry Eugene, 332 Gunter, Cecil Thomas, 292 H Haab, Glen, 105,313 Haas, William Ralph, 117,263 Habeeb, Evelyn Ann, 278 Hackler, Ronnie Leon, 313 Haden, Charliene, 252, 292 Haddad, Butch, 88, 109, 278 Hafley, Ivan, 313 Hagan, Carl, 247, 292 Hagan, Gerald Wayne, 263 Hagenson, Sara, 243 Hagler, Edward Telford, 88, 278 Haik, Braxie Ann, 313 Hale, R ussell, 292 Hale, Penelope, 133, 180,263 Halfacre, James, 67, 313 Haley, Josephine, 233 Hall, Cherry, 313 Hall, Candace Elizabeth, 263 Ha11,C harles, 121 Hall, Darwin, 279 Ha11,H 1-1a1l,M 1-1a11,M arold Robert, 263 ary Lydia, 233 ary, 292 Ha1l,Wi11iarn, 292 Hallenu s, Judy Kay, 263 Halle, Elizabeth Ann, 263 Hallida 1-lambri y, George Barry, 292 ght J. G.. 86, 88, 117 Hamilton, Tandra Sue, 74, 292 Hamlin, Hamma Don Larry, 109, 263 ck, Earldean, 80,263 Hammett, Sandra, 141 Hammond, Clarke R., 279 Hammond, Bobby Odell, 263 Hammond, Jodie Lynn, 263 Hammons, John Leonard, 154, 155, 156 Hammons, Patricia June, 134, 263 Hand. Johnnie. 313 Hanks, Larry, 94 Hanna, Elizabeth Carol, 130 Hannan, Gary, 203, 204, 206, 208, 213 Hanna, Suzanne, 86 Hans, Paltie, 138 Hanson, John Lee Jr., 121 Hanson. Nancy. 130, 263 Harcrow, Henry G. 111, 277 Harcrow, Henry G. lll, 279 Hardee, Herschel, 313 Harden, Patrick Lynn, 123 Harden, Rubye, 313 Hardee, Carolyn Louise, 279 Hardage, Elizabeth Carol, 263 Hardin, Jerry, 313 Hardin, John David. 279 Hardin, Lynn, 263 Hardy, Cheryl Ann, 263 Hardy, Beverly, 263 Hardy, Edna, 263 Harms, Larry, 106 Harmon, Atlee O. Jr., 292 Harper, Taylor F., 292 Harper, Jenny Louise, 279 Harrell, Willard Gene, 314 Harrell, Kelly 314 Harrinoton, Lonnie, 279 Harris, Clark Nelson, 263 Harris, James Lester, 263 Harris, John, 76 ' Harris, James Edward, 279 Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Martha Ann 79, 142,263 Ronald David, 239, 314 William 121,292 Stanley. 111, 292 Garen, Dana Howard, 312 Garner, Terreal, 192 Garner, Theresa, Gerrard Linda Marie, 142, 278 Garrett, Carol Jean, 312 Garrell, Herman, 262 Garrett, Robert L. Jr., 291 Garriqan, Patricia Ann, 262 Gartman, Winford Gordon, 312 Garvin, James Carroll Jr., 278 Gaston, Gary Wolfgang, 56, 58, 108, 111, 126, 312 Gasman, Palricio, 232, 332 Gaston, Warner 1-lale, 119 Gallin, Belly Louise, 292 Gautier, Mary Evelyn, 134, 292 Gauclin, Jackson Mccrory, 128 Gaulhe, Roy Joseph 262 Gavelte, James Orin, 67, 89, 278 Gay, Michael L., 240, 312 Geisel, Wayne, 262 Gentry, Sherman, 278 Geonhegan, William M. Jr., 121,262 Geoles, Chris Alexander, 292 Giani, Anita, 133,292 Green, Delores R., 313 Green, Chris, 215 Green, David Paul, 292 Green, David Eugene, 96, 263 Green' Jerry Eugene. 313 Green, Mason L., 117,313 Green, Robert Ballon 111,313 Green, Gene, 278 Green, Susie, 313 Green, William Francis, 263 Greenblatt, William, 313 Greene, Danny Phillip, 75, 99 Greene, Chassie Ruth, 313 Greenlee, Anila 278 Greenw aldt. Mildred Hill, 292 Greer, Charles, 89, 278 Greer, Billy Pat, 292 Gregory, Grier Joseph, 105 Gregory Michael David, 263 Grif-lin, Fred Grady Jr., 120, 247 Griffin, Henry, 313 Griffin, Jerry Clifford, 56, 63, 68, 126, 233 Griffin James, 313 Griffin, Joy, 313 Grilling David. 278 Griffiths, Barbara Jo, 263 Gibbs, Anne Louise, 292 Gibbs Shirley, 243, 312 Gibbs, Martha, 262 337 Grimes, John Joseph 128,313 Grinsled, William Alan, 126,292 Grissom, David Paul, 119, 263 Harrison, Sandra, 138, 154, 155 Harrison, Patricia, 83, 96, 292 Harrison, Randle, 314 Harrison, Beltye, 314 Harrison, Pame1a,279 Harl, Herbert, 314 Hart, Mary Patricia, 292 Hartwiq, Geoffrey Bryan, 63 Harvey, Marilyn, 279 Harvey, Melvin, 314 Harvey, Ruth, 292 Harvey. Theresa, 141 Harwell, Carolyn, 82, 292 Haslet, Cheryl Ann, 141 Haskew, Lane, 89, 114 Hassell, Ellen Ware, Hatchcakk, Geneva, 279 Hatcher, Judith Lynne, 314 Hatcher, Bennie Jean, 292 Hatcher, Weldon 80, 332 Hatfield. Judith Jane, 142 1-lafhcock. Becky, 80 1-lalhorn, Nancy, 67, 91, 142, 292 Halhorne, Howell, 232 Hathorn, Tip, 130, 183 Halley, Minetla, 292 Hauoen,Shir1ev Lynn, 233, 314 Havard, Sandra Lee, 263 Hawkins, Frederick, 232, 293 Hollinger, Patricia Ann, 91, 133, 150 Hawkins, Beverly Ann, 79, 141 Hawkins, Virginia, 134,279 Hawkins, Ann Marae K., 292 Hawkins, Ted Charles, 293 Johnson, Joy, 264 Hawpe, George Lee, 293 Hayem, M. Carlos, 279 Hayden, John Marshall, 293 Hayles, Barbara Ann, 133,263 Hays, Pere, 211, 212, 213, 220, 293 Hays, Diana Marie, 293 Hayslett, Fred, 56, 59, 105, 112, 120,314 Hazzlerigo, Shirley 136,263 Hazelwood, Cherryl, 279 Headrick, Flora, 293 Hearn, Philip David, 314 Hearty, Robert Wayne, 293 Heard Gary, 293 Hebert, Donald Wayne, 279 Hebert, Tommy, 279 Heidelberg, Kay, 246, 314 Heidelberg, Hinkle, 119 Heicler, Elaine Ann, 62, 279 Helms, Doris, 293 Helm, Martha Elizabeth, 263 Helton, Thomas Joseph, 123, 314 Helveston, Carolyn, 133 He1ton,'Dayid Hugh, 263 Hembree, Sheila Diane, 279 Hemphill, Elmer H., 121 Hemphill, Patricia Anne, 62, 68, 74,279 Hemming, Alan, 136,263 Hendershot, Vicki G., 67, 86,279 Henderson, Julia, 279 Holland, Mary Ann, 314 Holland, Willie Charles, 264 Holley, Judy, 61, 62, 122, 141, 150, 183,279 Hollingsworth, Dale, 315 Hollingsworth, Rebecca C., 279 Holliday, Chuck, 83, 315 Hollingswoth, Gilmore, 205 Holman, Katherine, 82, 101,264 Holman, Robert, 121, 264 Holmes, Ronnie James, 279 Holmes, Paul, 264 Holmes, Kay, 141,264 Hommel, Robert Michael, 128 Honeycutt, Judith. 264 Hooten, Ronald, 247, 248, 315 Hooker, William, 315 Hoover, Cathy, 315 Hoppe, Kem, 79, 139 Hopper, Raymond Floyd, 332 Horcasitas, Maria Elise, 279 Henderson, Leroy Jr., 314 Henderson, Mary Frances, 263 Henderson, Larry Austin, 263 Henderson, Hendricks, Hendrickso Robbin, 263 Bettv Jean. n, Donna Sue, 141, 263 Hendry, Patricia Anne, 314 Henninq Caro, 150 Hernandez, Joyce Ann, 246, 279 Hernbloom Linda Carol 63 , , 2 Herrington, Robert A., 105, 111, 314 Herring, Nancy E., 293 Herrington. Jerry Willard, 248,293 Herring. John, 263 Herrington, Maurice, 263 Herrod, Ronald Gene, 279 Herrod, Billie Jean, 136,263 Hersch, Jerome Gerald, 106, 314 Hess, William, 293 Hess, Anthony Joseph, 263 Hesch, Winston, 263 Hester, Joyce Evelyn, 293 Hewitt, Betty Wilhelmina, 293 Hewitt, James Ernest 111,279 Hickman, James, 128 Hickman, Robert Jesse Hicks, Peggy Sue, 95, 293 Hicks, Patricia Ann, 279 Hicks, Mel, 133,263 Hicks, Larry Gordon, 263 Hiestand, Patricia 279 Higginbotham, Randall Lynn, 263 Hioginbotham, William L. Jr., 263 Hightower, Thomas Crawford, 63, 108, Ill, 248, 293 Hightower, Pamela, 293 Hill, Brelon, 126, 279 Hill, Carolyn Maud, 55, 58, 91, 142, 314 Hill, Charles B. Jr., Hill, Daniel, 247 Hill, Donald, 209, 263 Hill, Gordon, 94, 117, 279 Hill, Helen Margaret, 293 Hill, Jimmy, 314 Hill, Mary Katherine, 293 Hill, Neena Kav, 263 Hill, Wintred, 293 Hills, James, 119,264 Hines, Roger, 78, 99, 314 Horan, David Paul, 315 Horan, Denei, 101,315 Horn, James Grover, 121,279 Horne, Hillery Eugene Jr., 121 Hosemann, David Daniel, 75 Hough, Eddie Delous, 102,315 Houpt, Michael Duane, 264 House, William, 279 Houston, Brenda, 232, 332 Houston, Phyllis Rosalind, 264 Hoven, Mary Dell, 264 Howard, Michael, 155 Howard, Earl, 264 Howard, John Michael, 122, 123,279 Howell, Glenn Roy 123 Howell, Teresia, 315 Howell, Lewis David lll, 264 Howell, Janet 136, 264 Howell, Sue, 264 Howze,Joar1n, 82, 264 Hsieh. Wen Bin, 332 Hsu, Kuei Yen, 332 Hsu, Shun Chin, 332 Huang, Reen Feng, 332 Hubbard, Robert, 247 Hubbard Sally Nancy, 279 Hubert, Randolph William, 121 Hubert, Lynne Ann, Hude, Martha, 279 Hudson, Beth, 246 Hudson, Amelia, 232 Hudson, Marv Katherine, 143 Hue1sbeck,Harrv H. Jr., 192 Huffman, George 86, 87, BB, 123,315 Huggins, Margaret Lucille, 133,315 Hughes, Carlotta Jean G., 315 Hughes, Carolyn, 264 Hughes, Jimmye J., Hughes, Jacquelyn, 91,294 Hughes, Lvnda Rachel, 315 Hughes, Margarett Louise, 315 Hughes, Robert Beriiamin, 264 Hulsey, Fant, 114 Hulse, Linda, 264 Humphries, Sue, 68, 252, 294 Hunter, Barbara, 246 315 Hunter, Buddy, 192 Hunter, Hurdle, Diane. 264 Patricia, 132, 133, 315 Hurdle, Noble, 82,240,294 Hurst, Donald Allen, 123,294 Hurt, Linda, 264 Hutchins, Sheryl, 67, 134, 257, 264 Hutchinson, Bobbye, Hutse, Linda, 136 Hutto, William, 294 Hutson, Charles Ray. Hux, Michael, 294 Hymel, Jo Ann, 279 1 Hinson Prentiss, 293 Hinton, Charles, 192, 314 Hinton, Leslie Beth, 84 Hinton, Lincla, 138,279 Hinton, Carol, 279 Hinson, Charlotte, 141,264 Hinton, Richard, 264 Hinton, Forrest, 117 Hire, Theresa, 279 Hire, Marcia Ann, 83, 143,279 Hitchcock, Charlotte Anne, 214 1-lixon, Jack, 114 Hixson, Douglas, 314 Hobart, Elizabeth Anne, 79 Hodges, Jean, 133, 314 Hodges, William Dale, 192 Hodges, Kelly 86, 88, 314 Hodges, Ronald Patrick, 214 Hodnette, John Campbell, 117 Hodgson, Thomas, 314 Hoffman, William Gene, 279 Hoge, Thomas Arthur. 94 Hogue, Anne Charlotte, 232, 332 Holcomb, Jerry Milton, 314 Holcomb, Rolland Baulis, 314 Holder, Sandra, 133,264 Holder, Forrest E. Jr., Holder, Diane, 264 Holclerfield, Richard, 279 Holitield, Joel, 126,279 Holitield, Terry Lynn, 211, 212 Holifield, Patricia, 314 Holland, William Joseph, 314 lannuzzi, Maria Rosa, 279 lmpey, Katherine Ellen, 91, 233, 294 Ingram, Sylvia Ann, 294 Inman, Kenneth, 124, 126,279 lsbell, Sandy 89, 121,279 lshee, Lillian, 315 lshee, Patsy, 279 lverson, Sandra, 264 lvison, Herbert, 315 Ivy Kennie K., Mrs., G24 Johnson, Beverly Gay, 74, 83, 280 Johnson, Bethaw Ann, 280 Johnson, Brian Beniamin, 264 Johnson, Coy Dewitt, 294 Johnson Kilpatrick, Empress Gloria. 139. 294 Kimble, Patricia Ann, 316 Kimbrell, James Harold, Kime, Jack, 316 Donald Eugene, 280 Johnson, Earl, III Johnson, John Joseph, 294 Johnson, Janie, 294 Johnson, James, 294 Johnso Kincade, Janice, 316 Kinard, Betty Jean, 316 King, Dorothy, 316 King, Elliott G., 316 King, Henrietta, 280 King, John Fredrick, 316 n, Lois Annette, 294 Johnson, Linda Anita, 294 Johnson, Linda Kay, 264 Johnso n, Mike, 315 Johnson, Martha, 58, 82, 91, 99, 100, 233, 315 Johnso Johnso Johnso Johnso Johnso n, Martha Dean, 264 n, Obie Jr., 315 n, Raymond M. Jr., 95 n, Robert Glenn, 315 King, Sue, 79, 141,294 King, Joe, 82, 316 King, Judy Ann, 294 King, Jane Elizabeth, 294 King, Leighton, 80 King, Melton Cassidy, 121,265 King, Tommy, 119,316 Kingston, Jacqueline M., 68,265 Kintzley, William, 316 Kintzley, John, 99, 316 Kirby, Rovenia, 294 n, Roger Dale, 109,209,264 Johnson, Susan Diane, 264 Johnson, Suzanne, 67, 139, 189,264 Johnson, Walter Franklin, 315 Johnson, William Andrew, 280 Johnston Betty, 139 Johnston: Virginia Lane, Jones, Barbara Elaine, 82 Jones, Brenda, 315 Jones, Charles, 315 Jones, Carrie, 315 Jones, Cynthia, 264 Jones, Claude Joseph Jr., 124 Jones, Charles R., 315 Jones, David Hughel, 74, 315 Jones Daniel Patrick 294 Jones: Juanita, 252, 3.16 Jones, Judith Ann, 139,316 Jones Janet 86, 87, 99, 133, 230 Jones: Jay, 3.15 Jones, Joe Roscoe Jr., Jones, John Dennis, 88, 315 Jones, Lynn, 264 Jones, Kenneth S., 294 Jones, Melvin Eugene, 95, 332 Jones, Martha Diane, 264 Jones, Marsha Lynn, 264 Jones, Mary Ruth, 294 Jones, Phyllis Ann, 264 Jones Richard Charles, 117 Kirby, Sherry, 265 Kirke, John, 192 Kiser, James, 56 ,59, 112, 124, 233, 304, Kittrell, Da1e,316 Kittrell, Michael, 265 Kittrell, Lois, 294 Klein, Judy Louise, 130,280 Klein, Ralph, 121,265 Klinq. Camille, 280 Kloth, Oscar, 265 Knecht, Gary Richard, 63,294 Knight, Lynda, 243, 316 Knight, Daniel Charles, 294 Kniqht, Gary, 280 Knight, Robert, 280 Knippers, Montieth, 294 Knott, Paul Lewis, 316 Kochersperger, Gary, 203, 204, 207, 208, Koenenn, Ray, 240 Kollker, Stephen, 124,316 Konnon, William, 121 Kopesky, Ronnie Edward, 68 Korba, Johnnie Jean, 295 Kowatch, Lynda, 99, 316 Koyiades, Charles Gregory, 117 Kramer, Eva May, 295 Krebs, Diane Rose, 316 Kreeger, Dennis R., 210, 211 Kuntz, Linda Marie, 280 316 220 Jones, Richard Lloyd, 294 Jones, Ronald Steve, 264 Jones, Rosa Lynn, 264 Jones, Richard Thomas, 264 Jones, Rebecca, 264 Jones, Sharon Ann R., 264 Jones, Shirley Faye, 315 Jones, Susan Diane, 136, 264 Jones Stephanie, 130,264 Jones, Shirley Diane, 264 Jones, Tanya, 68, 294 Jordan, Brenda Cheryl, 62, 280 Jordan, Frederick P. Jr., 123 Jordan, Frederick Michael, 294 Jordan, Byron, 264 Jordan, Janice, 294 Jordan, James, 264 Jordan, Jane, 265 Jordan, Joseph, 294 Jordan, Jane Lynn, 294 Jordan, Phvllis, 280 Judge, Billv Frank, 315 Jussely, Jo Ann, sa, 139, 175, 189 K Kahler, Sherry Lee T., 265 Kaidan, Timothy, 280 Kalit, Jo Ellen, 139 Kaleho tt, Patsy, 154 Kasovich, Gerald, 294 Katz, Morton, 102,316 Kavanaugh, Alan, 123 Kean, Starkey, 247 Keeley, Gordon, 128 Keen, Brenda Joyce, 99 Keeton, William H. Jr., 119,265 Keith, John Allan, 88,294 Kelley, Rodney Michael, 316 Kellogg, Richard, 84, 280 Kellick, Daniel, 99,280 Kelly, Julia Ann, 265 Kyzar, Burrell, 238, 239 l.. Labay, Diana, 139, 187, 316 Labay, Lynette, 139, 187, 316 Lackey, Arthur Edward, 316 Lack, William, 295 Ladner, Carol, 139, 174,316 Ladnier, Paul, 109, 111,295 Ladner, Marlin Roger, 280 Ladner, Ladner, Ladnier, Ladner, Ladner, Alvin John, 128 Janet Gale, 280 Doris Ann, 280 Berlin A., 204, 205, 208, zao Marilyn, 265 Ladner, Lucien, 265 Ladner, Elizabeth Ann, 265 Ladner, James, 128 Ladner, John Edward, Latleur, lke, 123 Lagriaize, Earl Paul, 124,265 Laird, Dale, 332 Lala, Pamela, 141,265 Lamberson, Rowan Ross, Lambert, James Louie Jr., 265 Lambert, Terry Albert, 63, 265 Lamey, Donald Charles, 265 Lammons, Charlie D. Jr., 316 Land, sharon, 134, 174, 187,246,317 Landers, Linda, 280 Land, Alice, 143, 295 Landry, Linda, 130, 131 Kelley, Phyllis, 316 Kelly, Philli Lamb, 332 Landrum, Hollis, 56, 59, 82, 317 Landrum, Georeane E. 295 Landrum, Helen, 80, 295 Lane, David Odell, 265 Lane, Robert Alexander, 124 Langtord, Linda Jeanne, 150, 317 Langford, Linda Gail, 280 Langford, Barry Eugene, 68, 109, 265 Langston, Barbara Ann, 295 Langton, Edward Joseph, 125 Larosa, Sam, 83, 240, 317 Lartique, Louis, 111,295 Jabour, Jackson Jackson Jackson Patricia Ann, 130, 264 ,Andrew B., 101 , David Harris, 294 , Linda Margaret, 264 Jackson, Marcia Ann, 294 Jackson, Sandra, 279 James, Janice May, 99,294 James, Jimmy Melvin, 123 Jaguith, Amy, 264 Jarm, Carol, 279 Jefcoat, Daniel Wesley, 294 Jefteys. William, 315 Jen, Shien Jiau, 332 Jenkins, Ronald Ray, 264 Jennings, Bennett, 124, 279 Jensen, Karen, 279 Jesse, Vincnet Jr., 280 Jeter, Anna, 294 Jett, Elizabeth Ann, 280 Joachim, Gar yPatrick, 94, 123,315 Jobe, Katherine Ann, 294 Johnson, Bob Tom, 204, 208, 220 Kellum, Flogd, 192, 220 Kennard, Paul, 294 Kennard, David Allen, 280 Kennedy, Betty Jean, 294 Kennedy, Ann Cecilia, 265 Kennedy, Georgia Anna, 247, 280 Kennedy, Johnnie Faye, 280 Kent, Ka ren, 294 Kerr, Judith, 280 Keyser, David L., 124 Keys, Charles, 294 Key, Sandra, 316 Khan, Kiarun Lawless, Christy, 317 Lawler, Lana Sue, 295 Lawrence, Randy F., 280 Lawson, Eileen, 317 Lawson, Donald, 317 Lawton, Barbara Jean, 101 Lawson, Eugene, 82, 265 Lawson, Willis, 295 Lawson, Robert Vance, Saeeda, 99, 332 de Maril n 261 Lay, Laurel, 73, 79, 100, 134,295 Lazenby, John E., 66, 67, 89, 114, 274,280 Leach, Dorothy Sue, 265 Leahy, Paul, 295 i V 1 Kidd, Ronald Eugene, 204, 208 Kidd, St ephen Charles, 261 Kiefer, Louise Carol, 265 Kieronsk i, Joseph, 89, 105, Ill Kiessling, Norman Roy, 265 Killman, Joel Michael, 117 Kilpatrick, Jo Carolyn, 286 Kilpatrick, Jimmy, 316 338 Leard, Robert, 63, 265 Lechner, Terrence M., 128, 317 Leckie, John, 317 Lee, Betsy G., 99, 295 Lee, Charles, 95, 114,317 Lee, Gracie Elaine, 317 Lee, Haskel, 295 Lee, Judith, 79, 91, 134,295 Lee, James, 265 Lee, Leslie, 317 Lee, Lulher, 295 Lee, Marie, 265 Lee, Nelda, 295 Lee, Rebecca, 295 Lee, Roberl W., 124 Lee, Rachel Elaine, 295 Lee Rulh Jean 280 Luke, Linda, 133 Lundy, Charles Edward, 317 Lusk, Frederick, 295 Lusk, Frank, 124,280 Lusler, Carol Ann, 280 Lynch, Alberl, 317 M Macdonald, Donald R., 295 Macdowell, Kalhryn, 83, 266 Lee, Willie Harold, 121 Lee, William David Jr., 120 Leech, Gayle, 136, 280 Lee, Terry Lynn, 280 Lee, Virginia Marie, 265 Lee, Sue Carol, 265 Lee, Thomas, 265 Leese, Anna, 295 Leggell, Annelle, 317 Lehmann, Theodore, 295 Lehmann, Elaine, 141,295 Leigh, Bealrice Ann, 265 Lemay, Darleen Ann, 295 Lenoir, Sandra Kay, 122 Lenz, Marilyn, 143,295 Leperi, Thomas Jr., 238, 239, 240, 317 Lepoma, James, 265 Leroy, Frances, 265 Leslcovec, John, 265 Lelorl, Henry, 125, 192, 194,220 Lelchworlh, Belly Irene, 265 Leuba, Don Lewis, 295 Levine, Harold, 216, 317 Levine, Michael, 317 Lewis, Burlon, 111,295 Machado, Hugo, 96, 317 Macivor, Laura, 215 Madden, John Boykin, 125 Maddox, Hazel, 318 Maddox, Allred Wayne, 318 Maddox, Roberl Gideon, 280 Maddox, Susan Leigh, 144, 266 Maddo x, Roberl Bruce, Madeira, John, 89, 121 Madiso Madiso n, Jerome, 128 n William Carl Maes, Richard Wayne, 124, 295 Maeslri, Donald Dennis, Magee, Donald, 318 Magee, Kennelh, 295 Magee, John, Mahall ey, Nora, 266 Mallelle, William, 318 Malone, Jack, 318 Malone, Sidney, 192 Malone, Peggy Jean, 67, Maloney, Margarel, 133, Malone, Thomas, 63,266 Mander, Gary, 89 Mixon, Lewis, Barbara, 280 Lewis, Bellye, 295 Lewis, Carolyn, 243, 332 Lewis, Charles Lessie, 295 Lewis, Danny, 265 Lewis, James, 114,317 Lewis, Allen, 102 Lewis, Joseph, 154, 156, 280 Lewis, Jerry Marlin, 123 Lewis, Mary Lynn, 265 Lewis, Raymond, 280 Lewis, Richard Frank, 280 Liang, Teh Chyuan, 332 Lighlsey, Becky, 280 Lighlsey, Judylh, 84, 265 Lill James 280 Mangum, John, 192, 195,220 Mangano, Dona, 280 Mangum, David, 82, 266 Mann, Ellen, 253, 318 Mann, Judilh E1aine.318 Marin, Linda, 135, 161, 162, iss, is Manney, Joe, 318 Manning, Roberl, 266 Manning, Claylon, 266 Manning, Kirby, 318 Manuel, Marcia, 281 Manuel, Roberl, 281 Marinovich, Mary, 266 Markell, Alan, 266 Marling, Palricia Ann, 266 Mars, Larry, 318 Marsh, Thomas, 76, 296 Y. r Limbaugh, Tandy, 131 Lindsey, Joyce Anne, 317 Lindsey, Charles, Lindsey, Helen, 265 Lippincoll, Dooney, 192, 194, 247 Lillle, Kalherine, 135, 265 Lillie, Sharon, 80 Lillle, Carroll, 89, 280 Lillon, Kennelh, 239, 280 Lillrell, Michael Aaron, 265 Livingslon, lvah Ruben, 317 Livinqslon, Lacelle, 233, 295 Lizana, Jane Ann, 280 Lloyd, Helen Virginia, 131,317 Lochbaum, Wayne Alvin, 69, 112, 123 Lockharl, Susan, 68, 141, 265 Lockharl, Jack, 209 Loesch, Margarel Ann, 68, 280 Lollin, Sydney, 135 Marshall, Richard Jo, 128,266 Marlin, Anna, 296 Marlin, Charles E., 318 Marlin, George, 80, 114,296 Marlin, Donna Lee, 94 Marlin, Donald, 295 Marlin, Dorolhy Diane, 295 Marlin, Dale, 62, 82. 281 Marlin, Gerald R., 296 Marlin, James C. Sr., 281 Marlin, Judy Sue, 101,318 Marlin, Larry Kennelh, 266 Marlin, Prue, 131 Marlin, Richard E., Marlin, Sandra, 281 Marlin, Bill, 63, 102,318 Marlin, William Harper, 123 Marlin, William Sandford Jr., 123 Marliniere, Merilyn, 141, 266 Lollin, Brenda, 295 Lollin, Peggy, 265 Logan, Michael Louis, 295 Lomax, William Leslie, 265 Lomax, Joseph Lesler, 265 Lombardo, Charles Taylor, 265 Marlindale, Merle, 266 Marly, Sybil, 143,266 Marx, Beryl, 281 Mashburn, Billy George, 296 Mashburn, Rila Jamis, 318 Long, Dannye Wayne, 265 Long, George Richard, 317 Lon Sherr Annelle 280 Massey, Q. ,v . Long, Sachla, 74, 138,280 Mason, Mason, Mason, Boyd, 119 Donna Jane, 233 Louis George, 111 Mason, William Douglas, 318 Gene, 114 Longino, Mari, 58, 67, 135, 179, 184, 1 233, 304, 317 Looney, Virginia Cheryl, 265 Loper, Brenda, 317 Loper, Larry, 295 Loper, Palricia Lucille, 131, 265 Lord, Elaine, 252 Losch, Fred, 317 Loll, Hershel, Massey, William, 281 Maleer, Wayne, 215 Maleer, PSQQY Avanl, 95 Malherne, Curlis, 210, 211 Malheson, Duncan F. 111, 117 Malhews, John Rennolds, 296 Malhews, Allie Carol, 296 Malhis, George Louis, 296 Malhis, Richard, 209, 266 Loll, Nelda, Lair, Joseph, as, 210, 211, 220 Loll, John, 317 Loll, Mary Lou, 246, 317 Loll, Willis, 295 Loll, Barbara lrene, 295 Loll, Howard Anlhony, 280 Loll, Kay Ellen 265 Loll, Susan, 265 Loll, Theron, 266 Love, Roberl, 317 Love, Palricia Ann, 266 Malhis, Mary Jim, 266 Malhis, Myra Elaine, 281 Mallox, Carolee, 266 Mallhews, Jon Murray, 88 Malulich, Jan, 68, 266 Mallina, Roy, 266 Maupin, Judy Kaye, 150 Lovelle, Eric, 295 Lovell, Fred, 124 Lovelle, Margarel, 317 Loveless, Terry, 123, 18, 280 Lowe, Roberl, 155, 295 Lowery, Connor Wiggins, 317 Lowe, Janice M., 295 Lowrey, William, 63, 67, 69, 78, 79, 84, 121, 257,266 Lowrey, Mark, ss, ss, sr, sv, nl, 112, 120, 198,295 Lowrey, Quin, 280 Luce, Dwain, 111 Lucius, Kay, 135,280 Luckie, Donald Ray, 123 Maurer, Peler, 76, 105, 281, 318 Maxey, Jerry Lawson, 239, 281 Maxey, William Scoll, 266 Maxwell, George Joseph, 296 May, Jane, 232, 332 May, William, 296 May, Dana, Mays, Denny, 214 May, James G., May, John, 119,232,318 Mayhall, Charles Ray, 117, 266 Mayfield, Janis Lavue, 73 McA1pin, Jack Murphy, 192 McAl1isler, Rebecca, 133,281 McAvaddy, James F. Paul, 318 McBride, Harry, 84, 121 McCain, Jimmy Neil, 318 McCabe, Brian Palrick, 281 McCain, Jean Celesle, 131,266 86, 131, 280 266 8, 179, 282 McCain, Palricia, 131 McCage, Johnny Frank, 281 McCabe, Ronald Lewell, 296 McCa1ip, lda Lee, 318 McCall, John, 124 McCallum, Joan Carol, 318 McCamish, Judilh, 281 McCallum, McCarron, Rebecca Ann, Dennis Edward, 318 Merrill, James, 111, 296 Merrill, Richard Thomas, 281 Merrill, Wayne Murry, 281 Melzler, William, 266 Meyer, Donald Dielrich, Meyers, Roberl, 292 Midd1elon,John, 246, 319 Middlelon, Karen, 267 Miley, Pamela, 142, 143,246,319 Millard, Thomas John, 267 McCardle, James Vernon, 281 McCarron, Adrian George, 281 McCarlhy Milo, ,192 McCarly, John Edward, 67, 79, 80, 89, 187 291, ala McCarly, Frances Elaine, 296 McCarlney, Palrick, 78, 100, 266 McC1alchy, Nancy, 266 McClellan, Michael Weems, 210, 211, 220 McClellan, Kennelh Wayne, 281 McClellan, Joe, 281 McClinlon, Samuel Joseph, 121 McConnell, Lynda Ann, 281 McCormick, Nancy Adelaide, 139, 266 McCormick, Roberl Hill Jr., 125, 266 McCoy, Ed, 240, 318 McCraw, Jeffrey Lee, 318 McCraney, Sharon Kav 266 McCrory, William C., 116 McCu11ouch,Jo Ann Carolyn, 318 McCurdie, Janel, 99, 133, 281 McCulchon, John Roberl, 111 McDaniel, Gene, 247 McDaniel, Daniel, 82, 296 McDavill, Belly Caldwell, 281 Miller, Bobby, 296 Miller, Barbara Jean, 267 Miller, Cynlhia, 59, 144, 233, 319 Miller, Dewey, 123,296 Miller, Harold, 123 Miller, John N. Jr., 332 Miller, Jimmy L., 281 Miller, Joseph, 100, 296 Miller, Janice, 281 Miller, James Rogers, 319 Miller, Jo, 296 Miller, Lynn Wayne, 319 Miller, Mary Frances, 281 Miller, Marilyn, 61, 62, 66, 67, 78, 79 133, 281 Miller, Mariella, 296 Miller, Mary Nell, 296 Miller, Sue Ann, 135 Miller, Terry, 296 Millis, Ralph Eugene, 281 Milling, Rozanne, 137,267 Millis, Kennelh, 319 Mills, David Lesler, 319 Mills, John Morgan, 267 Gelaine, 135,266 McDaniel, McDonald, Allen Roberlson, 117 McDonald ,Johnie Louise, 130, 131,318 McDonald, James C. Jr., 123, 296 McDonald, Cecele, 252, 318 McDonald, Linda Alice, 318 McDonne1 Marguerille E., 143,281 1. McElroy, Kevin Francis, 83, 296 Mills, Susan Diana, 267 Milner, John Kennedy, 94 Milos, Joseph 296 Milsfesa, Phillip Lee, 114,267 Minor, Mary, 296 Minor, Elisa, 296 Minyard, Phillip, 100, 124,296 Mlsurelly, F-rank, 129 McFalls, Douglas Bruce, 124 McGahey, Charles, 247, 296 McGee, Lawrence Boykin, 114, 296 McGee, James Colon, 318 McGahee, Conslance Lynn, 266 McGee, lwana, 101,281 McGee, Sharon Ann, 296 McGowen, Myrna Jo, 135 McGowan, Carol Jane, 266 McGowan, Terry Roberl, 266 McGraw, Michael John, 266 McGuire, Mary K., 266 McGuire, Jimmy Dale, 94, 296 McHenry, James Douglas, 266 Mcllwain, Rila Kay, 281 Mclnnis, Carey, 266 Mclnnis, Linda, 84, 139,266 Mclnnis, William, 266 Mclnlosh, Pearl, 296 Mclnlyre, Junius David, 318 Mclnlvre Donna, 281 McKay, Barbara, 91, 318 McKeilhen, Eleanor, 79, 139, 150, 257, 266 McKenzie, Alberl Simpson, 296 McKinney. John, 319 McKinnon, Donna, 139,266 McLain, Suzanne, 100 McLavy, Frank Rolslon, 119, 319 McLemore, Howard, 319 McLemore, Dianne, 281 McLellan, Thomas, 281 McLemore, Roberl Seay, 63, 266 McLendon, Marilyn Elizabelh, 266 McLeod, Kay, 138, 161, 169, 179, 286, 296 McLeod, Julian Wilson Jr., 121,266 Mislerleldl, John, 117 Milchell, Cheryl, 281 Milchell, Pam, 133,296 Milche11,Tula,82 319 Milchell, Roberl Marion, 94, 319 Milchell, Tommy Howard, 319 Milchell, Slephen, 88, 238, 239, 319 Milchell, William Joseph, 261 Boby Erwin, rs, an Mizell, Ronnie C., 124, 286 Moehlmann, Margarel Ann, 281 Mogel, Linda, 319 Mogel, Ralph Eben, 319 Monk,.Rebecca Ann, 319 Moncrlel, George Wesley, 319 Monlresor, Frank John, 121 Moody, James Russell 111, 319 Moody, Theresa Ann, 261 Moody Thomas, 261 Mooney, Michael William, 117, 281 Moon, Moore Mary Helen, 74, 135, 267 Belly Louise, 281 Moore Bruce Clark, 267 Moore Charlolle Gwyn, 281 Moore Donald Leigh, 86 Moore Donald Luly, 155, 320 Moore, Scrappy Jr., 94, 105, 111, 320 Moore, Kalhy, 234, 320 Moore Kay, 84, 320 Moore Linda, 296 Moore Roy 320 Moore Moore Q Sheila, as, 139 Warner 234 333 Moorei, Kalharine, 267 Moorman, Jean, Moran, Larry Wayne, 320 McManus, McMahon John, 94, 107, 121,319 Carolyn Ann, 296 Moran, Richard Paul, 281 Moran, Margarel Jean, 320 McMahan, Brenl, 281 McMe1lon, Beverly, 281 McMasler, Beverly Ann, 266 McMichael, Ramona, 266 McMichael, Roberl L., 281 McMillan, Dinah, 101, 139, 150,296 McMillan, Sheryl E., 319 McMi11en, Rosa, 319 McMullan, Palricia Ann, 131,281 McNeal, Fred Kirk Jr., 119,296 McPhai1,Cal1-ry Elaine, 281 McPhi1lips, Thomas, 121, 266 McOuagge, John, McQuaig, Mary Elizabelh, 68, 319 McQueen, Charlolle Ann, 131,281 McRae, Charles, 82 McRae, Gloria Jean, 296 McWhorler, Meachie, 138, 139, 319 Meador, Alan, 121,319 Meadows, Palricia, 137 Meadows, Rose Mary, 137, 266 Measells. John W., 296 Medley Tirnolhy, 100,319 Medlin, Richard, B9, 121 Megginson, Mary Jane, 141,266 Mehrley, Samuel, 332 Melia, Guillermo, 296 Mellinqer, Linda Jean, 281 Mellon, John, 192, 195,220 Mellon, Thomas, 192, 195 Mellon, Sharon, 266 Melvin, Joan, 266 Mennell, Dorolhy, 131,281 Meredilh, Carol Elizabelh, 57, 96, 319 Merrill, Virginia W., 319 Morgan, Belly Faye, 267 Morgan, Brenda Joyce, 267 Morgan, Donnie G., 267 Morgan, Joyce, 296 Morgan, Joseph Guy, 125 Morgan, Paul, 320 Morgan William R. Jr., 267 Morris, Morris lsabby Jean, 139, 21,7 Glenn Farrell, 281 Morris, John, 119, 297 Morris, Michael M., 125 Morris, Mar Virginia, 281 Morrison, Cllairlei, 113, 144, 297 Morrison, Alberl Clay, 125,281 Morrison, Susan, 297 Morrow, Bennell Allen, 119, 320 Morrow, Aubrey, 119, 297 Morlon, Janel, 281 Morlon, Holly Louis, l8ubbal, 83, 12 Morlon, Marie, 297 Moses, Frances Elizabelh, 267 Mosley, Gladys Ann, 320 Mosley, Diane Louise, 62, 281 Mollern, William Joseph, 267 Moullon, Joseph Woodrow, 267 Mounl, Jack Wrinkle, 320 Mowdy, Sonny, 82, 94, 320 Mulhearn, Edwin, 99 Mulvey, Joan, 59, 246, 320 Mullen, Lynn, 297 Mullins, Frank Charles, 320 Mumphrey, J. Wayne, 123,267 Munn, Charles Leroy, 320 Munslerman, Richard A., 320 Munslerrnan, Roberl Gary, Myers, Barbara Lee, 267 Murdock, Jamie, 139, 179, 184, 320 Murff, Ola, 73, 139,297 Murphey, Kalhleen, 79 Murphree, Thomas, 106, 111 Murphy, Pal, 204, 206, 208, 297 Murphy, Jeannie, 282 Murphy, Michael Charles, 282 Murphy, Palricia, 297 Murphy, Wayne Eugene, 247, 248 Murrah, Wanda Ann, 267 Murray, Allen, 282 Murray, Carlleigh, 320 Murray, Jeffrey A., 86, 89 Murray, Joe, Murray, Pamela, 297 Murray, Mary, 99, 297 Murray, Palrick George, 267 Myers, Elhel, 297 Myers, Frances, 267 Myers, Janice, 143 Myers, Marilyn Ann, 143 M ers , Paul Chrisfo h r 119 Y P E . Myers, Omie Ercle Jr., 125,267 Myers, William, 320 Odonnell, Lynn, 268 Oglesbee, Michaele T., 268 Oqle, Francis, 282 Oliphanl, Rebecca Ann, 297 Oneal, Brenda, 74, 79, 135 Oneal, Lynn, 297 Oneal, Nellie Rulh, 297 Ordner, Judilh Ann, 321 Orr, Virqinia Lou, Orr, Wanda, 297 Ory, Louise, 67, 133, 150, 257 Orvis. Slanley Philip, 333 Osborn, Thomas James, 123 Osborne, Nancy, 246, 247. 321 Ose, Harold, 321 Oser, Calhy Ann, 268 Osores, Miquel Eduardo, 96, 268 Ousley, Barbara Ann, 321 Ousley, Mary Belh, 268 Overby, lna Lynn, 297 Owen, Roberl H. Jr., 321 Owen, John Edqar, 268 Owen, Genevieve Rice, 268 Owens, Annie Ray, 91, 321 Owensby, Cheryl, 247, 321 Myrick, Rebecca, 297 Myrick, Lewis Ray, 320 Myrick, Mary Jo, 282 N Nace, Donald, 124 Napier, Denson, 82 Napier, Nancy Lou, 151,320 Na ier Sharon 297 Owens, James Harold, 125 Owens, Rebecca Louise, 78, 79, 135, 282 Owens Vicki Kay, 137,268 Owens Emma Nan, 268, Owens Harve, 209 Owens John P Jr 234 Oxner, 'Pa1'ricia., 891' 297 P P r , r Nash, Barbara, 150, 185, 267 Nalion, Hoyl, 124, 267 Nau, Ca Naveda, Nazary, ro1yn,, 143, 320 Miquel C., 96,267 Belly Anne, 282 Neal, Roberl, 121,320 Pachmayr, William V. Jr., Pace, Judy, 297 Pace, Sammy, 297 Pack Dean, 321 Packlsr, Jerrold Slephen, 282 Pagano, Michael Anlhony, 268 Neal, James 267 Necaise, Carleen, 333 Neel, Susan Jane, 282 Neergaard, Claudia, 267 Neely, Dorolhy Ann, 267 Neff, Brooks E. Jr., 232 Neff, Guy, 105, 320 Neill, Hilda, 320 Nelms, Charlie M., 257, 267 Nelson, Dodo, 187 Nelson, Judy, 297 Nelson, Mabel Elaine, 267 Nelson, Mary Belh, 137, 267 Nelson, Pamela Gail, 141,267 Nelson, Pamela Gail, 141, 150,267 Nelson, Sylvia Lee, 133, 267 Nelson, William, 297 Nesom, Joe, 320 Nesmilh, Malcolm, Nesler, Sidney, 320 Nellles, Waller Jeff, 129 Page, Warren, 297 Page, Paulelle, 82, 268 Page, Wayne, 297 Pa 1iuhiSlehn11 Q 9 Palarea, , p e , 2 Richard, 297 Palmer, James Earl, 321 Palmer, Margarel Ellen, 131,268 Papale, Arlhur L., 117 Parden, Donnie, 297 Paragon, Parish, Bi Donald Lewis, 268 lly Randall, 268 Parker. Frances Ann, 268 Parker, Harold, 297 Parker, Jean, 79, 113, 133,297 Parker, Marilyn, 321 Parker, Michael Wayne, 124, 282 Parker, Rila Faye, 99, 321 Parker, Crickelle, 137, 150, 268 Parker, Susan Jane, 268 Parkm n James 282 Nellles, Newell, James, 297 Elizabelh, 96, 297 Newell, John Paul, 320 Newell, Waller, 297 Newell, Newman Newman Newman Newman L. C., 297 , Hillon, 297 , Jan, 101, 320 , E. Jeanelle, 143 Arlhur, 320 Newman: Jeffrey, 124 Newman Nancy, 131, 237 Nicholas: George Lewis, 282 Nicholson, Nancy, 143, 297 Nicholson, Ronald, Nichols, James, 282 a 1 4 Parkman, Sharon, 91, 233,321 Parks, Noel Roberl, 321 Parks, Andrea, 321 Parlin, Charles 268 Parris, Rebecca, 86, 135 Parrish, Beverly, 282 Parrish, Anlhony, 297 Parrish, James, 121 Parlin, Roberl Lee, 124 Parlen, Melvin, 321 Parvin, Philip, 282 Passons, Kalhryn, 282 Passinger, Lloyd C. Jr,, 297 Passons, Ronald, 321 Palenolle, Roy, 321 Nichols, Joanne, 267 Nicola, Sandra, 155,297 Nicovich, Marco, 267 Niel2el Dou las 239 320 r Q r . Nimocks, Frances Gayle, 61, 62, 79, 82, 133, 2B2 Nix, Nolan, 243, 333 Nixon, Joy Carol, 282 Nole, Lynda, 267 Nobles, Barry, 297 Noland, Linda Angeline, 74, 143267 Noonan, Roberl Raymond, 125, 267 Norcum, Ray W., 267 Norris, Larry Oneal. 95, 321 Ncrsworlhy, Linda Gail, 243, 333 Norris, Beverly Ann, 282 Norris, Charles William Jr., 320 Nowlan, Sandie, 267 Nowlin, Linda, 143,267 Nowlin, Sherry, 74, 131,267 Numnum, Thomas, 117 Nunn, James, 321 Nybo, Valorie, 62, 101, 155,282 Nydegger, Donna, 96 O Oakes, Helen, 297 Oales, Mickey, 67, 297 Oberlies, Gerald, 321 Oberg, Geraldine, 267 Obrien, Michael Rory, 267 Obryan, Lillian, 267 Oden, Dorolhy, 99 Odell, James, 124, 321 Oden, Mary Annelle, 267 Odiakiian, Gregory, 123,321 Odom, Homer, 333 Odom, Larry, 268 Palenolle, Palsy Ann, 282 Palano, Peler, 268 Palrick, Charles, 240, 321 Palrick, Nina Lynne, 321 Pallerson, Bellie, 143. 297 Pallerson, Elizabelh K. ,l55, 268 Pallerson, Edgar Joseph Jr., 297 Pallerson, Larry, 67, 108, 112, 124, 321 Pallerson, Miles, 321 Pallerson. Sally 234 Pallerson Pallerson Pallerson Pallerson , Sandra, 321 , William, 94, 321 ,Suzannah, 101,321 Susan, 282 Pallersonl, Thomas, 123, 321 Paul, San dra Marie, 137, 268 Paul, Michael, 123 Payne, James, 321 Payne, David, 333 Payne, Eddie, 298 Payne, Larry, 298 Payne, Lorraine, 268 Payne, Lucius, 268 Odom, Jane. 144, 268 Odom, Ann, 101,268 Pearl, Ronald, 124, 125,321 Peacock, Bonnie, 141 Pearce, David E., 268 Pearson, Mary Ann, 58, 130, 131, Pearson, Palricia, 246, 247 Peavy, John Palrick, 124, 322 Peal, Barbara, 282 Pedersen Pamela C., 131,282 Peden, Nlargarel, 131,268 Peden, James, 268 Peerson, Reba, 322 Pell, Roberl, 322 Pelman, Sherry, 322 Penick, Richard, 322 Pence, Mark Allen, 268 Penick, Roberl Colberl, 88, 124, 3 268 125, 30 4 Penninqlon, Sara, 298 Penninglon, Waller, 94 Penrose, Clemenl, 322 Penlecosl, Percy, 282 Percy, Shelley, 133, 268 Perkins, David, 298 Perkins Perkins , Richard, 105,298 ,Ja,s1,s2, 133,282 Perkins, Ellis, 124, 298 Perkins, Cynlhia, 141, 268 Perrill, Bonnie, 268 Perrone, Michael, 114, 268 Perrien Darrell 117 Prine, Marlha Jane, 269 Prine, Rebecca Kay, 269 Prilchard, Leslie, 269 Pruill, Herberl, 298 Prusulli, Donald, 269 Puckell, Michael, 82, 105, 322 Puckell, Palricia Ann, 282 Pullman, David, 323 Purcell, Hervey. 323 Purdy, Sleyen, 119 Purdy, Mark, 112, 119 Purvis Viclor, 52, 102, 125, 177, 194 220 '3 Perry, Karen Gail, 101, 113, 144,322 Perryman, Douqlas, 282 Perryman, Nickie, 268 Perryman, Carol, 322 239, 23 Purvis, Charles, 323 Purvis, Jerry, 323 Purvis, Helen, 143,269 Perry, Vauller, 86, Ill, 298 Perry, Waller, 88, 268 Peskan, Belly, 322 Pelers, Morris, 322 Pelers, Thomas, 239, 282 Pelers, Duane, 137 Pelersen, Linda, 282 Pelerson, Linmaree, 268 Pelerson, Melanie, 141, 282 Pelro, Rex, 204, 208 Pellis, Myrlis, 268 Pelly, Mary Lenn, 268 Pevey. Michael, 322 Phillips, Allon, 322 Phillips Phillips Phillips , Gary Gene, 282 , James, 298 Karen 282 P111111psfJ0arr,2sa Phillips, Eugene E. Jr., 101,322 Phillips, Ronald Denman, 282 Phillips, Rebecca E., 282 Phillips Sandra Kay 322 Pyle, Faye, 298 Q Quigley, Millard A. Jr., 89 Quick, Charlolle Ann, 269 Quinn, Terry, 282 Quigley, Carol, 141,269 R Rabb, Charles, 79, 323 Rackley, Dana, 232, 333 Rae, Robin, 133,282 Rahaim, Elaine, 131 Rainey, John, 126, 127 Rainwalers, Delora, 298 Rainey, Susan, 323 Ramsay, Norman, 79, 82,298 Ramsay, Slewarl, 298 Ramsey, Susan, 82, 96 Randazzo, Henry, 89 121,282 Randall, Janel Kaye W., Randolph, Marlha Gwen, 99, 323 Rankin, Joe David, 269 Rasmussen, Susan, 298 Piccinali, Janel, 79, 139, 268 Pickering, Ann, 133,268 Pickering, Karon, 322 Pickell, Michael, 247. 298 Pickens, Kay, 135,322 Pickering, Candace Lee, 137, 268 Pierce, Linda Kay 268 Pierce, Palsy, 99, 298 Pierce, Sherry Francine, 68, 135, 268 Pigoll, Mary Jean, 298 Pinnix, James. 119,282 Pinnix, John, 298 Pippen, William O. Pirkle, Margarel, 68, 135,268 Pilalo, Cvnlhia, 268 Pillman, Claudia, 268 Pillman, Cornelia Anne, 84, 139, 233, 322 Pilfman, Marilyn Kale, 113, 140, 141 Pills, Raymond, 298 Pills, Benlon, 298 Pillman, Jamie Lynn, 268 Ralcliff, Tiki, 137 Rawls, Sharon, 135, 282 Rawls, Beniamin Ray, 282 Rawls, Richard Daniel, 269 Rawls, Judy Kaye, 333 Ray, Leland, 298 Ray, Myrlle Mae, 282 Ray, Rosie, 67. 179, 269 Ray, Ronald, 269 Rayfield, Kay, 298 Rayburn, James Roberl, 269 Rayfield, Rebecca Marie, 99, 144,269 Reaqan, Lesler, 298 Reaves, David, 323 Reddill, Wayne, 298 Redmon, Mary Jane, 82, 298 Reed, Alice Ann, 155, 246, 323 Reed, Jerry Ray 89, 187, 239, 282 Reed, Nancy, 323 Reed, Waller Graham, 333 Reedy, Michael, 298 Pills, Tommie, 298 Pobiecky, Kalhryn, 298 Pogue, Belsy, 150,299 Pogue, William, 298 Poirier, Roland, 322 Polk, Janice, 322 Polk, Lee, 322 Polk, Brenda, 298 Polk, Billy, 125,282 Polk, Jo, 68, 136, 137, 268 Pol1man,8o,67,74, 135,268 Pollock, Gordon, 322 Ponder, Charles, 105, 111, 121,322 Ponder, Karen, 150, 282 Poole, James, 322 Reeves, Jerry Bennell, 333 Reeves, Sandra Ann, 141 Reeves, Ga il, 269 Reeves, Geraldine, 298 Reqan, Roberl, 323 Reid, Barbara Ann, 299 Reid, Palricia Jo, 299 Reilz, June, 143, 269 Renfroe, Charles, 323 Resler, Carl Michael, 299 Revels, Carey, 299 Reynolds, Cicely, 78, 233, 243, 323 Reynolds, Carolyn, 135, 282 Reynolds, Harry, 299 Reynolds, Larmar A., 58, 125 Poole, Medora, 139, 268 Poole, Willis, 298 Porcari, Arlhur, 125, 268 Porler, Howard, 268 Porler, William, 333 Porler. Berla, 133, 269 Posey,' Bobby, as, sv, 333 Posey, Norine, 322 Posey, Carroll, 298 Posey, Jacque, 135. 269 Reynolds, Larry, 299 ' Rhea, Barbara Gale, 299 Rhodes, Garry Slephen, 323 Rhodes, Louis Nazarelh, 282 Rhodes, Charles William, 269 Rhymes, John Gary, 269 Rice, Donald, 82,323 Rice, Palricia Lynn, 282 Rich, Joe, 299 Richard, Marlha Elizabelh, 283 Richards, Sherry Ann, 243, 323 Posl, Harvey, sv, ss, 73, 79, 111, 122, 123 2913 Posl Edward, 88. 239, 298 Poller, Cheryl, 269 Polls, Penny Jo, 282 Poulos, Roger Dale, 89, 121 Powaibo, Conslance Erena, 298 Powell, Barbara Ann, 282 Powell, David, 100, 298 Powell, Frank, 322 Powell, Michael, 298 Prescoll, Vicki, 67, 132, 133, 298 Prescoll, John C. Jr., 282 Prescoll, Palricia Eola, 131, 282 Richardson Jean, 52, 55, 57, 65, 68, 134, 135, 176, 733, 304, 323 Richardson, Palricia Lee, 233, 299, 323 Richardson, Palrlcia Ann, 94, 299 Richardson Thomas E., 323 Richardson, Myra, 79, 80, 131,299 Richardson, Barbara, 99, 233, 323 Richardson Waller, 269 Richardson: John C., 299 Richmond, Kay, 143,269 Rickner, Sa ndra, 299 Rigdon, Wilbern, 269 Riley, Marsha, 247, 283 Preslar, Marvin Shellon Jr., 269 Preslridge, l-lamillon, 109, 269 Price, Alice, 282 Price Price, Dennis, 269 Carroll Gene, 121, 282 Price, Charlolle Ann, 269 Price, John, 298 Price, Henry, 68, 88, 102,269 Price, lnqrid Dayne, 269 Price Price, Pr1ce Linda, 143, 298 Paula, 59, 91, 233, 243, 322 Sylvia 143 322 Prichard, sh511s,'73, 91, 122, 134, 135, ia 3. Riley, Connie Lou, 133,283 Riley, Melvin, 323 Rineharl, Belh, 141,269 Risher, Susan, 141, 323 Risher, Frances, 82, 299 Risk, Georgiana, 105, 139, 161, 170 185 269 Rivers, Bobby Frank, 123, 299 Robbins, Marlha, 150 Robbins, Sherman, 86, 99, 323 Robbins, Glenda, 299 Roberson, Jame, 333 Roberls, Annelle, 299 Roberls, Percy, 269 298 Prilchard, Pamela, 143,298 Pringle, Virginia, 133,322 340 Roberls, Ruby, 269 Roberls, Rodney Dale, 299 Roberlson, Berlrice S., iRoberlson Roberlson Roberlson ,Robe-rison, Ro be rlson, Roberlson Roberlson Roberlsonl Roberlson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Roberlson -Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Bernard T., 269 Gary Curlis, 299 James, 95, 323 Mary Alice, 283 Mary E., 299 Mariorie Lynn, 269 Roberl, l2l Robbie, 66, 78, 79, Sherry Lynn, 299 Billy Daniel, 323 Dennis Ray, ll9 Larry Eugene, 299 Nancy Charlene, 269 Pamela Sue 269 'Roberl, 36 I Richlain, 269 James, 94, 323 Robison, Mary Anne, l30, l3I Robson, Conner, 269 Robson, Charles, l2l, 298 Roche, Norman Leroy, 299 Rodenbough, Marlha, l3l, 323 Rodenbough, Frances, 283 Smilh Roddy, Charles Harold, 299 Rodriguez, Jerry Wayne, 333 Rodman, George, I92, l95, 220, 323 Rodney, Judilh Faye, 283 Roebuck, Lynn, 99, 323 Roe, Roberl, 86, 299 Roe, Thomas, 269 Rogers, Rogers Bellye Sue, 333 Diane Fa e l4l 269 . Y - 1 Rogers, E. Alicia, 299 Rogers, l-laskel T., 323 Rogers, Rulh, 299 Rogers, Joan Elizabelh, 283 Rogers, Marlha, l32, I33, 323 Rogers, Mray, 324 Rogers, Rosalyn, 82, 99 Rogers Palricia, 83, 324 Rogers, William, 324 Rollings, Roblyn, 283 Rooney, Pal, 324 Rook, William, 269 Roper, Edward, 63 Rose, Clyde D., l05, lll,.l2l, 2 Rose, Charles Thomas, 299 Rose, Marlha Ann, 299 Rose, Rebecca Lynn, 269 Roseberry, Donna, 269 Rosenblall, Howard, 243 Rosenlhal, Myron, 239, 324 Roshlo, Frank K., 299 Roshlo, Palricia, 299 Roselli, Richard, 86, I23, 299 Roshlo, Richard Allen, 324 Ross, Charles, 283 Ross Leslie, 324 Ross, Mary, 333 Ross, Mary Elizabelh, 324 Ross, Raymond, l09, 269 Ross, William Burkeil Jr., 269 Roussel, Tommy, l92 Roure, Mary Jeanne, 247,283 Roundlree, Belly Carol, 99, 324 Rouse, Gail, l42, I43 Round, Michael Leroy, 324 Rounsaville, Palricia, 269 Rouse, Price Marguerile, Rowell, Ernesl, ll4, 269 Royals, Judy, 243, 324 Rucker, Rila, 269 Ruebsamen, Calhleen A., 299 Rui-lin, Harry D., ll9, 299 Rumore , vieiar, 119, 269 Runnels, Slanlay Ray, 324 Runnels, Bobby, 283 Runnels, Carolyn Ann, 299 Rushing, Marlha, 59, l35, 333 Rushing, John, 299 Rushing, Roy, 299 Russell, Ann, 299 Russell, Darnell, 283 Russell, Dorcel Ann, 83, 269 Russell, Clifford, 283 Russell, Lizzie, 324 Russell, Morris, l29 Russell, Royce, 333 Russell, Ronald, 299 Russell, Sharon, 269 Russell, Susan, I35, 299 Rulledge, Linda, 9l Rulledge, Wanda, 243, 324 Rulland, Treva Gail, 269 Rull, Donald, ll7, 2lS Ryan, Thomas C. Jr., 324 Ryder, Edward Joseph, 83, 283 S Saba, Willon, 283 Sadler, Lois Mae, 283 Salley, Douglas, 283 Salier, Gloria Kay, 69, 75, 324 Sample, Charles Roy, 299 Sanders, Raye, 324 Sanderson, Martha Lee, 324 Sanders, Tommy, l26, I27, 283 Sanderson, Grace, 269 Sanders, Larry, 269 Sanders, Tommy, l26, l27 Sansing, William, 33l, 333 Sansinq. David, Sarlin, Fred, l23, 2l5 135, 182, 293 39, 240, 299 Sarphie, Theodore G. Jr., S6, 57, I27, 233, 325 Sarlin, Carol, 300 Sarlain, Lucy, l38, l39, I55, 299 Sarphie, Noailles, l35, 299 Sasser, Thomas, 324 Salcher, Doug, I92, l95, 2l3 Saullers, Dale, 324 Saucier, Elizabelh, 270 Saucier, James Keilh, Saucier, Bernard, 324 Saucier, James Ray, Saul, Wilbur W., 300 Saunders, Ellen Ann, l4l, 270 Sauler, Rila Jean, 270 Savage, Ralph Lee, 300 Savage, Monla Kay, Savell, Linda Lou, 283 Savell, Sue B., Savell, Katherine Anne, Savage, Mills, 300 Silbernagel, Gary, 283 Silcox, lnness Eugene, ll7 Simes, Carla Elizabelh, l43 Simm, Alfred James, 300 Simmons, June, 246, 325 Simmons, Diana. 270 Simmons, Kalherine E., 270 Sims, Gloria, 300 Sims, Sleyie, 239, 325 Sims, Linda, 270 Singley, Belly Lou, 270 Sipes, Eva, 33l, 333 Sipes, Waller, 270 Skanlz, Conrad, 300 Skellon, Richard, 300 Skinner, Edna, 73, l3l, 283 Skrmella, Marilyn, 67, 74, 89, ll0, I6l, 166, l84, l8S, 274, 283 Skrnich, Deborah, 270 Saxon, Roberl Lamar, l25 Sayers, Kennelh ll, 239, 300 Scarborough, John 324 Scarborough, Diane F., 300 Scarbrough, Louis Roberl Jr, I27 Scarborough, Belh, 82, 324 Scarborough, Edward T., l25 Scarbrough, Pele, l26 Schaefer, Kalhleen, 252 Schaen, Jima, I37, 232, 300 Scherbarlh, David, 240, 283 Schiernenberg, Sandra, 270 Schledwilz, Kalhryn, l43, 270 Schlichler. David, 330 Schmidl, Dan C., 333 Schneeflock, Roberl, II9, 720 Schneider, Leslie, 68 Schoenick, Richard H., l22 Schoenlhaler, Roberl W., 300 Schonewifz, Jeannie, 243, 324 Schopp. Daniel, I27, 300 Semin, Nancy, 57, 72, 134, 135, 324 Schur, Edward, 283 Schusler, Slephen Carl, Schwan, Fred, I23, 270 Schwan, Henry, 324 Schwarlz, John, 283 Schweizer, Terry, 270 Sclaler, James, 59, 324 Scoll, Daniel, 300 Scoif, Duane, 300 Scoll, Frank, 300 Scoll, George, 270 Scoll, Palricia, 283 Scofl, Thomas, 63, 270 Scruggs, William C. Jr., 324 Scruggs, GFOSS Jr., 270 Seale, Larry Thomas, 324 Sears, Terry, 324 Sears, Susan, 283 Seawell, Alice, 283 Seay, Consfance, 270 Sealon, Baxler, 324 Seefeld, Thomas, 300 Seely, Daniel, l2l, 300 Selby, Richard Lee, 300 Sellers, Wilda, 300 Sellers, Mary, 243 Serafin, Mary, 74, 79, 86, 99, l4l Sessums, Ray, 84, 333 Seifles, Daniel, 270 Sexlon, Thomas, 270 Seymour, James, 283 Seymour, Barbara Ann, 325 Seymour, Michael Duane, 270 Seymour, George, 300 Shaddock, Anne B., 144, 270 Shannon, Johnny, 325 Shank, Rabelh, 325 Shappley, Don. 300 Sharp, Mervyn, 33l Sharp, June, 283 Sharp, Loyd, l23 Sharpe, Richard, Zll, 2l2, 270 Shaw, George Edmund, 270 Shearer, Jane, I33, 283 Sheehan, Pafrick Allyn, 85, ll2, I24, l25 Shellon, Don Richard, II9 Shellon, Belly Lee, ll2, l83 Shelton, Rulh Ann, 283 Shemanski, Frank David, 300 Shellon, Janel, 74, l33, 270 Shellon, Kay Elizabelh, I37, 270 Sheppard, Mike, 325 Sherrill, George W., l2l Sherrer, James Marvin, 325 Shirley, Lydia, 270 Shirley, Palricia Ann, 300 Shivers Shivers Shivers Shivers Shivers 1 James Harold, 239, 325 Slephen L., II9 John Edward, l29, 270 Charloile Ann, I33, 270 Ronald 283 Shoemake, Sheila Sue, 283 Shoemaker, Charlolle D. 300 Shoemake, Helen Elaine, 300 Sholis, Sheila Pinney, I24, I39, l83 Show Nixi, 300 Shows, David Jr., 325 Skupien, Waller, 76, 325 Slade, Phyllis Anne, 283 Slade, Hazel, 270 Slade, John, 300 Slade, Celila, 270 Slawson, Deanie, l35 Slay, Dudley, 143, 247, 248, 325 Slay, Mary Jane, 270 Slay, Marsha, 270 Sleeper, Ronald, 325 Smalling, Robin, I43, 283 Smalley, Charlolle Ann, 270 Smilh Smilh Smilh , Alvin Gerald, 58, 94, 239, , Anlhon , 270 Ann, sii 79, l3B, 139, 233 Smilh, Audrey Raye, 99 Smilh, Basil, 84, 325 Smilh Beverley 74, ll3 l35, 283 Smilh Cecilia Marie, 283 Smilh Smilh Charles, 234 Candace, I43, 270 Smilh Cheryl Lane, I35, 270 Smilh Douglas 270 Smilh Daniel, 325 Smilh Doris Carolyn B., Smilh Donald, 325 Smilh David Glenn, 300 Smiih Douglas Jr., I09, 325 Smifh Eddie Lee. Smilh Elizabelh, 300 Smiih Smilh Emery Turner, l2l Grace, l79, 243, 33l, 333 Smilh Gary Wayne, 283 Smilh Gary 325 Smilh Glenda Kaye, l39, 270 Smilh Glenn Sheldon, 80, 325 Smilh Smilh Smilh Hugh Truell, II9 Harold 99 Q wr11s11r'Jr., 129 Smilh, Jackson, 325 Smilh, Joyce, 270 Smilh,Janear1e, 270 Smilh, Jane Anne, 300 Smilh Smilh Smilh ,James Randale, 300 Kennelh Adrian, 283 Mary Lee, 80 Linda Kav 283 Smilh, Michael Slewarl, 325 Smilh, Mendel W, ll 283 smiih Kaye, 99, 325 Smilh Calherine, lUl, 300 Smilh Omar, 300 Smilh Palsy, 325 Smilh Pegov, 270 Smilh Palricia Ann, l39, 270 Smilh Paul, 300 Smilh Paul. Smilh Raye, 325 Smilh, Richard, 283 Smilh, Rodney, 300 Smilh Rila Fav 283 Smilh Susan, 300 Smiih Sylvia, 86, I33 283 Smilh Smilh Smilh Smilh Smilh Smilh Smilh Sandra Sue, l43, 270 Slanley, 300 Sheila Kay, 270 Peanuls 2ll. 2l2 Tommy Lee 80 I Temple Charles, ll7, 270 ,Wilson Flelcher, 2B3 Smylie, Norrie S. Jr., I24, l25 Smylhe, Michael Richard, 78, 79, 82, 283 Snellorove Dina Fave 270 Snowden, James, 88, 325 240 Spell, James Paul, 270 Spencer, Allen, 88, 284 Spence, Sherra Nell, 300 Spiers, Belly, 300 Spiers, Regina Jayne, 284 Spilchley, Wayne, 284 Spivey, Donald Lamar, Spruill, Waller, 284 Sprinkle, Peggy Ann, Spurloclc, Sylvia Karen, 284 Slacey, Douglas E., 203, 204, 208 Slacey, Lonnie Edward, 270 Slalford, Roger Harvey, I27, 300 Slahler, Ann, 139, 270 Slalnaker, Gwen Louise, l40, I75, 326 Slallings, Jerry 27l Sl' Andrie, Gene. 239, 30l Slanford, Terry, 30l Slanford, Nancy Marie, 284 Sianhope, Billie, 326 Slanley, Rosiland M.,326 Sianley, Ray Evan, 284 Slanley, Roberl Lee, 63 Slanway, William Roberl, 78, 84, 240, Slarr, Cecelia Ann, l55 Slassi, Eugene, 232 Slalon, Gary Lowrance, 30l Slalham, Carolyn, 74, 99, 326 Sleadman, Slanford C., Il2, ll9, 284 Sieadman, Belly A. T., 96 Slearns, James Cameron, 325 Sfeele, Roberl, 88, 247, 284 Sleen, John Conrad, 284 Slein, Michael Anlhonv, 284 Sleiner, Linda Eileen, 27l Sleiskal, Linda, 247, 30l Slephens, Toni, 333 Slephens, Dorolhy, 84, l4l, 284 Slephens, Marlha F., 326 Slephens, Vermon Jack Jr., l2l, 27l Slephenson, Janel Marie, 284 Slevens, Floyd, 326 Srevens, Jackie, 326 Slevens, Larry Eugene, ll9, 27l Sievens, Roberl Louis, 284 Slewarr, Cornelia, 9l, I33 Slewarl, Jerry Wayne 284 Slewarl, Jimmy Neil, Ol Slewarl, Linda, 30l Slewarl, Slanley I27, 284 Slewarl, Ric, 204, 208 Slewarl, Sandra, I37 Slewarl, Sandra Nora, 27l Siiglefs, Slephen Earl, ll9, 30l Sliles, Prissy, l84 Sliles, Edwina Marie, 30l Slill, Lealus, 76, 325 Slockslill, Louis, 30l Slockeil, John Henry Ill, 326 Slockell, Dorolhy Louise, 68 Sfokes, Karen Lee, I36, I37, 27l Siollenwerck, Edward Bowen, 326 Slone, Frances Jean, l3l, 27l Siorrn, Leslie Cheryl, 76 '3 Sirahan, Slrahan, Sfrahan, Slrahan, Anne, 6l, 82,284 James Viclor, 30l Ina Jo, 27l Bobby Joe, 27l Slrahan, Ruih Olivia, 30l Slrayham, Sarah Ann, l43, 284 Slrenoe, Darrell George, 326 Slringiellow, Poochie, l92, 220 Sirickler, Edward Waller, 326 Slrickler, Emma Jean, 30l Slrickland, lreda, 284 Siringlellow, Mariha Nell, 30l Slringer, Dee Ann, 326 Slringer, Sylvia Ann, 284 Slringer, Peggy Brock, 30l Slrickland, Brenda Loraine, 27l Slrohm, William, l25, 247 Slroo, Thomas, 30l Slruve, Sandra, l42 Slruve, Charles, 326 Sluarl, Jimmy Dwighl, 27l Slubbs, Pamela, l4l, 284 Slurrup, Margv Ann, 284 Sucldilh, William Franklin, 326 Sullivan, Joseph Drake, l25 Sullivan, John Lewis Jr., 326 Sullivan,Verr1ie Marion, 326 Sullivan, James Roberl, Sullivan, Robie F. 99, 30l Sullivan George Dewey, l23 Shumski Edward, 283 Shurden Diane, l4l, 270 Siegrisl Royce Ann, l05, I39, l6l, I64, l8S, 233,286 Sigler, Linda, 84, l55, 300 Sills, Charles 325 Sockwell, Paul Frederick, II7 Soderguisl, David William, 270 Soderguisi, Domenica L., 300 Sollberger, Rulh l4l Soles, Gloria, 283 Sollberger. Helen 270 Sommers Palricia Sue l3l, 283 Sones, Richard Daniel, 270 Roper James Nicholas, 300 Sewell, Robert Malcolm, II9 Sowell Perry Darby 300 Soanoler Maxine, 252, 30l Soann William Harrison Jr., 283 Sparks, Roberl Hugh l2l Soeaker Harrv Anlon lll, ll7 Speer Linda Jane, 270 Speed Janel Gail, 283 Speighls, Jerry Lynn. 300 Spell, Rebecca, Spell, Harry, 247, 325 Spell, Eloise, 246, 325 34l Sullivan, Alvin Thomas, 284 Summers, Jacguelvn, I33, 27l Sumrall, George, I92, I94, 2Il Sumrall, Thomas M. Jr., 30l Sushinski, Jamey Lyn,l3l,27l Sulherland, Kalherine L., I33, 27l Suiier, Edward, 95, 326 Suller, Jimmy, I27 Suilon, Jimmy R., 94, 284 Sullon, James Edward, 30l Swan, James Randolph, l23 Swanson, David L. 59, 326 Swelman, Chevis, l29, 2l4 27l Swilzer, Claude Dennis, 326 Swilzer, Ann P., 333 Swindle, Roberl 209 Swilzer, Joseph Alron, 27l Swinney, Deborah, 82 Swonlek Darlene Anne, 27l Sykes, John Oil ll9 Sykes, John Michael, 284 Sylvesl, Ellie Jo Lee, 326 Szllasl, John Slephen, 239 T Tadlock, Joe Lee, 9l, 326 Talbol, Harold Edward, II4 Talberl, Hugh, 239, 326 Tanner, Palricia, 326 Tarkinglon, Phyllis L. A., 326 Tarver, Susan Marie, l3l, 326 Tarver, Mary Jewel, 284 Talum, Virginia, 84 Talum, Palricia Ann, 27l Taulbee, Sheryl Lynn, I3l, 27l Taylor, Audley, l25, 30l Taylor, Becky Sue, I43, 284 Taylor, Bennie, 30 Taylor, Charles Ray, l23 Taylor, Charles L., IOS, l23 Taylor, Eula Faye, 30l Taylor, Edward G., 30l Taylor, Gloria, 243, 326 Taylor, Marie Francine, 284 Taylor, Marguerile, 326 Taylor, Mary, 27l Taylor, Roberl Edward, Taylor, Ralph, 84, 30l Taylor, Susan, 83, l3l, 284 Taylor, Sandra Jean, I39 Taylor, Thomas, 326 Taylor, William l25, 326 Taylor, William Harry, l25, 27l Tedford, David, 27l Terrell, John L., 284 Terrell, Dianne, 27l Terry, Ginny Lou, I39, IB3, 326 Teslman, Thorvald, 284 Tharp, James, l2I, 30l Thaxlon, Ronnie, 284 Tharp, Jerry, 89, 284 Thames, Laverne Dewill, 30l Thalcher, Deanna, I55, 27l Tl-laggard, Rov Dwighl, 30l Thead, Aaron David, 327 Thiclpen, Julie Eileen, 284 Thomas, Cynlhia Ann, 27l Thoma Thoma s, John, 239, 284 s, Norris, II4 Thomas, Pamela, l4l Thoma Thoma s, Rose Marie, 284 s, Seamon, 284 Thomason, James, I I4 Thompson, Belly Lvnn, 327 Thompson, Hope 62, 86, 284 Thompson, Cheryl, 84. 27l Thompson, Diane, l39, 27l Thompson, Edwin Burkell. 327 Thompson, Faye, 327 Thompson, John, II4 Thompson, Palricia Rosanne, 58, 327 Thompson, Palricia E., l0l, I44, 252, 27l Thompson, William E. 88, 327 Thomp son William Lee 27l Thomson, 'Barbara Louisle, I33, 327 Thornbury, Brice, 204, 208 Thorn. Thornh Thorne Jessie Z., 30l ill, Caroline A., I3I, 27l ll, Elizabelh Ann, 30l Thornlon, Clara F., 27l Tumey, Roberl Samuel, 284 Turnage, Daniel Ford, 327 Turnage, Clara Sue, 27l Turnage, William C. Ill, 30l Turner, Carllon Edgar, 233, 327 Turner, Gloria Ann, 327 Turner, Priscilla, Turner, John Alden, 89 Turner, Homer Bryanl Jr., 27l Turner, Linda A., 327 Turner, Lloyd, 248 Turner, Marsha Lynn, 84, 252, 30l Turner, Noel Monroe, 284 Turner, Trudy, 79, l4l, 284 Turnipseed, Joe, II7 Turpin, Harry Richard, 30l Turpin, James Palrick, 27l Tulor, PBQQY. 84, 99, 327 Tuzzolino, Carl, l23 Tyler, Bonnie Ann, 285 Tyner, Belly, 27l U Ugarle, Marilza, 96, 30l Ulmer, Jack, 327 Underwood, Elberl 8., 285 Uplon, Sheila, 285 Usher, Tommy, i27 Ussery, Larry. 27l V Valladares, Marina, 96, 285 Valbuena, Edgar, 96, 27l Vance, Charles Earl, 285 Vancil, Judilh Lynn, 27l Vandergrifl, Gail, I43, I5l, 27l Van Devender, John Archie, 285 Vandevender, Alice Kay, 27l Vanlandingham, Philis Ree, 27l Van Merkeslyn, Marlha C., 30l Van Slvke, Leonard D. Jr,, 82, 95, 327 Varnado, Glen, 84, 30l Varga, Kay, 27l Vaughan, Wayne, 82, 285 Vaughan, Calherine, 243 Vaughl, Ruby Leigh, 327 Vaughn, Waller, 30l Vaughn, Donald, 272 Vaughn, Rayford 8. Jr. 27l Verdigels, Cheryl, 327 Vernon, Michael, 30l Vernon, Holly Cecelia, 272 Vesler, Norma Marilyn. 327 Vesa, Nicholas Viclor, 272 Vickery, Roberl, 333 Vincenl, Waller, Vincenl, Roberl, 272 Vinson, David Eugene, 333 Vinzanl, Kennelh M., 285 Vilal, Daniel Ernesl, 272 Vix. Kerry Henry, l2l Voss, Delphine E., 79, I33, 285 Voss, Philip, 67, I2l, 272 W Waddell, Barbara, 68, 327 Waddell. James, 82 Wadsworlh, Carol, l0l, I39, l50, 302 Waggener, Trisha, 133 Wagner. Mary Jeanelle, 285 Ware, Woodie Jean, 328 Ware, Donald Wayne, 272 Warringlon, James, 328 Warren, Warren, Sherry, 302 William Craig 302 Warren, John Sharp Jr. l23, 302 Warren, Emmelle Lee, 272 Warren, Charlolle Ann, I39, 272 Warren, Cynlhia Lee, 285 Warrington, Palricia Marie, 272 Warrinqlon, Delila, 272 Washabaugh, Theresa, 328 Walers, Walers, Walers, Walkins Frank, I26, l27 Joseph, 272 Sally Jo, 86, I39, I6I, l72, 285 , Charley, 328 Walkins, John, 247, 302 Walkins Waller, , Marylyn Anne, 302 Glenda, 272 Wallinglon, Cynlhia Ann, 55, 59, 66, 67, 79, I39, I6I, I67, 328 Walson, Bessie M., 272 Walson, Belly Jo, I37, l45, 272 Walson. Joyce, 243, 328 Wealhersby, RobiniE., 272 Weaver, James Roberl, l2l Weaver, Jim, 56. Ill, l57, 286, 302 Weaver, David, 272 Webb, Glen, 302 Webb, Barbara Lee, I43 Webb, Kalhy, I22, l4l, IB3, 285 Webb, Roberl, l92 Webre. Pennie Sue, l30 Wechs, John, 2l4, 285 Weems, Margie Alice, 302 Wehmann, Arlhur, 285 Weigle Sandra 67 ll3 l3l Weidman, Wanda Kay. 272 Weidman, Donna Fay, 272 Weidman, Slanley E. Jr., l29 Weir, Sidney Carol, 6l, l40, l4l, 285 Welborn, Cynlhia Ann P., 302 Welch, Jimmie Eugene, l25 Welch, Donald, II7 Welford, Roberl, 302 Williams, Jerry Edward, 273 Williams, Jerry, 302 Williams, Kennelh Dale, Williams, Linda Joyce, 302 Williams, Leola Ann, 302 Williams, Lenora Ann, 302 Williams Marvin Howard, 94, 302 Williams, Morris Clair Jr., l25 Williams, Rhoda Elizabelh, 328 Williams, Roberl Nelson, 273 Williams, Shirley J., 273 Williams, Wanda Jean, I55, 285 Williamson, Belly Joe, 328 Wigiamson, James Raiford, 79, 84, 3 2 Williamson, Cheryll Carler, 285 Williamson, Mary Ann, 285 Williamson, Johnny Paul, 273 Willoughby, William, l92, l9S, 220 Willoughby, Earle, 302 Willoughby, Lee, 333 Willoughby, Sherry, 302 Wills, Ronald William, 88,302 Wilson, Wilson, Brenda, bl, 62, 86, I33, 285 Elizabelh Anne, 273 Wilson, Edilh Joy T., 328 Wilson, Glen M., l23 Wilson, Gary Jerome, 99, 302 Wilson, James Roberl, l2l, 328 Wilson, James Ellis, II7, 273 Wilson, Jo Ann, 273 Wilson, Maris Anne, 233, 243, 328 Wilson, Rebecca, Wilson, Roberl, 302 Wilson, Thomas Jack, 328 Wilson, Virginia, I35 Wilson, William Henry, 328 Wilson, Wanda Louise, I55, 273 Wimberly, Paul, l26, I27, 302 Winborn. William, 99, 302 Windham, Charles H. Jr., Windham, Marlha Nell, 328 Windham, Rodney Ellis, 2l0, 2II Windham, Rose Ann, 246, 328 Windham, Rila Dianne, l3l, 302 Winland, Roberl, 239,302 Thorsen, Bobby Duaine, 233, 327 Thrash, Gary James, 327 Thrasher, Ann, l50, 284 Wails, Susan Marie, 84, I44, 272 Wails, Tiopie, I35, 272 Wailes, Curlis Rexlon, 285 Wakslein, Gary, 272 Wrighl Thurslon, Rick, 86, 95, 234, 327 Tibbell, Eugene T. Jr., l29, 284 Ticlwell, Neal, 247, 248 Tillev Don Michael, 63, 27l Tinlev. Phyllis, 27l Tinnin, John Wells Ill, 284 Tisdale Harr , y, lO2, 30l Tischer, Hans, 333 Tisdale, Earlene, l0I Toche, Sidney John, 284 Todaro, Mary Lynn, 30l Todd, Bill, 2l4 Todd, David, I02, IOS, Ill, 327 Tolley, John Mace II7 Tolar, Mabel, 327 Toler, Donald Wayne, l87, l8B, 27l Tompkins, William P, Jr., 284 Tonkel, Denise, 327 Toombs, James E., I27, l54, 327 Toolle, Dianne, 27l Toole, Carolyn, 284 Topo, Belly. l3I, 27l Torricelli, Emilia, 27l Tosh, James Chrislooher, 30l Touchslone, Gerald, 27l Townsend, Jane, 284 Tracy. Warren Francis Jr., 27l Trask Virginia, 84, I39, 284 Trawick, Joyce, l4l. 26I Tregre, Francis, 327 Trimm, Frances, 99. l00, 327 Troche Harold, 30l Trone, Elberl Theodore, I92 Troller, Mary Lee, 27l Trussell, James Alexander, 284 Trussell, Barbara Ann, 284 Tschannen, Randall. 2l0, 2ll, 30l Tucker, Thomas, l02, l05, III, 327 Tucker, Mary, 284 Tucker, Cynlhia Jane, 27l Tucker, Joanne Palricia, I43, 27l Tullos, Faye, 30l Tullos, Jane Louise, 284 Walchak, Augusl Marlin Jr., 285 Walchak, Allred Frank, 285 Waldroo Roberl Jason, 302 Waldron. Roberl Arlhur, 302 Waldrop, Charles 80 Walker Walker Alice Fave, 302 Billy R. 327 Walkerl Carol Sue, 327 Walker, Cynlhia Ward. l4l, 272 Walker, Charles Keilh, II9. 285 Walker Eula Anne 285 Walker, Fred Milchell, 272 Walker, Gerald Herrin, 327 Walker, Glenn Edward, 302 Walker Herman Cecil 302 Walker: Joseph wsvrla 272 Walker, William. 243 Walker Walker Pleas Michael, l2l Sandra Gra 272 , V. Wall, Harold Randell. Wall, Belly Marlene, 272 Wallace, Garv Conley, 272 Wallace, John Edmund, 234 Wallace, Monroe, 285 Wallace. Virginia, 302 Walley, Waller, Walley, Wallers, Wallers Wallers, Lynda Kay, 232. 302 Nancy Gale, I43, 272 Jean Diane, 272 Edward Howard, 328 Danny Wayne, 328 Barbara Ann, 96, 302 Wallers, Kenl Louis, 272 Wallers, Shirley Margarel, 272 Wallers, Sheila Ann. 272 Wallers, Garey Dale, 302 Wallman, Jerry Nelson, 285 Wallon, Thurman George Jr., 302 Wambsqans, Fabian Elmo Jr., 285 Wanek, James Harry, l25, 272 Ward, T heron Lavelle Jr., 302 Ward, William Auguslus, I77, 285 Ward, P alricia, I42, I43, 328 Ware, Joseph Palrick, 302 Wellord, William Oren, Wellord, Eddie, I43, 272 Welford, Sarah Kalhleen, 272 Wells, Michael, 302 Wells, Roberl Claude, l29, 285 Wells, Roblyn Lee, l4l, 285 Wells, Nancy Ellen 69, l05 ,l4l, l6l, l65, las, lar lea, 272 Wells, ROEETT Glynn, l92 Wells, Van, 328 Wells, Sarah Ella, 285 Wells, Susan Bealrice, IIO, I33, l85 Welsh,3Rowland Palrick, 56, 57, 66, 73, l05, Ill, za Wenlworlh, Joan E., I33, 285 Wenlworlh, Carol Harl 6,, 62, 79, I33, 285 Wesl, Alicia, 272 Wesl, Nancy Rulh, 302 Wesler, Ronald, 328 Weslern, Carol, 9l, 243, 328 Weslerfield, Carolyn, 285 Wharlon, Phillip, 272 Wheal, Francis, l27 Wheeler, Harry Louis Jr., 302 Wheeler, Karen Sue, 84, 272 Wheeler, Kalhy Ann, l3l, 272 Whelslone, Carol Ann, 80, 285 Whidden, Allee, 302 Whilaker. Dorolhy, 285 While, Belly Jo, 328 While, Brenda Ann, 272 While, Carol Ann, 272 While David, 328 While: Linda Ann, 272 Winn, Linda Louise, 273 Winover, James, 303 Winslead, Laura Ann, l3l, 303 Winslead, James, 303 Winlers, Barbara Camille, 333 Wise, Jerry, SIO Wise, Janel Sue, 329 Wilhers, Janel, 329 Willman, James. 247, 303 Wixon, Thomas C. Jr., I27, 273 Womack, Michael Wayne, 303 Womack, Roy Douglas, 333 Womble, Edward Harrell Jr., 329 Wood, Harold Edward, II7 Wood, Judy Walker, I48 Woods, John Evans, 329 Wood, Robyn, 74, I35, 273 Woodham, Kye, 273 Woodruff, Clyde, 329 Woodruff, Kennelh Allen, 68, 285 Woods, Joel Lyndell, l25, 303 Woodward, Grervv 79, l07, l22, l23, I87 l88, 329 Wooll, Harriell, I4l Wrighl, Alice 80 wflqhl, Donald, llz, lza, 329 Wrighl, Fred, l23, 285 Wrqhil, Gary Lynn, I23 Wrighl, George. 273 Wrighl, Lawrence, l05, l92 Wrighl, James A., 80 Wrighl, Norma Anne, 273 William Richard, II9 While, Evelyn, 328 While Marcia, 272 While, Roberl Wayne, 205, 285 While Roberl, 285 While Sandra Lee 272 Wynol,' Susan, 273 Y Yager, Belly Jo, IOI, 285 Yandell, Gene, 94 2l5, 220,329 While, William Bonham Jr., l2l, 328 While, William, l54, l55 While, Woodrow Deyan, 272 Whilehead, Jack. 333 Whilford, Gregor, 328 Whilley, Carolyn, 285 Whillen, Bessie. 328 Wiggins, Frederick Wayne, 63 Wiqinglon, Nancy, 272 Wilder, Tommy Arlhur, 328 Wilgar, Cheryl. 272 Wilqis, Donald J., Wilhile, Palricia D., I39, 272 Wilkes, Sam Toland, Wilkerson, James Warren, Wilkerson, Wesley, 328 Wilkes, Charles, I92 Wilkes, Sonia, I35, l50, I89, 272 Wilkerson, Allen T., 285 Wilkinson, Royce A. Jr., I27 Willard, Rulh Evelyn, 82, 272 Williams, Abraham. 272 Williams, Bobbie Faye, 302 Williams, Elizabelh Ann, 272 Williams, Florence Arie, 285 Williams, George D., 328 Williams, Bulch, I09, I27, 285 Williams, Anne, 82. 272 Williams, Karen, 247 Williams, Dallon, 328 Williams, Joan, 273 Yandell, William, 2l5, 303 Yarborouqh, Dale, I33, 285 Yales Alice, 329 Yales, Elaine .B, 329 Yales, Elizabelh Frances, l4l, 285 Yales, James Slanlev 273 Yales, Thomas Eliiah Ill, 285 Yeager, Kennelh Roberl, l28, l29 Yelverlon, Sarah Lynn, 246 Yelinek. Leonard Jerome, 83, 333 Yelinek, Mary Belh, 273 Yonl1, Raymond Lee, II4 Yon, Neri, 96, 303 Yoon, Kyoung Hee, Yorlv Ann Louise, 99, 303 Youmans, Tommy, 58, I02, l07, Ill, I92 l95, 220, 329 Youens, Charles Ernesl, 273 Young, David Ray, 285 Young, Glenn, 86, 329 Young, James H. Jr., 273 Young, Michael, 329 Young, Obie, I23. 303 Young Palrick, 63, 285 Young, Young, Roberl Slephan, Raylawni Gloria, 273 Z Zannelli, Sally, 285 Ziz, Mary Frances, 285 Zrinsky, Charles, 285 Zumbro, William, 273 Acacia Eraiernily .. .. 01-ganizalional Index Alpha Epsilon Alpha Alpha Epsilon Della 4.., Alha Gamma Rho .,...,.,. Alpha Lambda Della ..... Alpha Phi Omega ,..... Alph Psi Omega ..,ii..,... Alpha Sigma Alpha .,,,. Alpha Tau Omega ...,,. Baplisl' Sluclenl' Union ., ,.,.. ., Business Erarernily Council .... O IIO Omicron Della Kappa ..... ,..,,.. 240 g 233 P 62 82 246 Pan American Sludenr Associa+ion . Panhellenic Council .... Pershing Rifles ....,..,.. Phi Alpha Thela ...,.,.. Della Rho ..,.. Era Sigma ,.... Phi Kappa Tau .,..... .. PM .. Phi Phi Mu gi Phi 94 Mu Alpha Sinfonia ....... Pi Bela Phi .... ..........,. Pi Gamma Mu ..,. ,. ., Canlerbury Club ,...., Chi Omega . Collegialre Civilan Club 80 Counselors. .... ., Della Della Della ..,. Del'l'a Sigma Pi .... 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Suggestions in the University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) collection:

University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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