University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS)

 - Class of 1965

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4 Circu mazmbu late the U nz've1criQ1 of Sautbem MlfJi55q3Pi w www f ' - rm 1 6-1 will - mpg ,M f 41- ,L ,,. ., 2' , J ,U 1.1 ali ' -4' W' ,118- 'a-, Wt. 1 X s V .x 1 'A 1 , , 111,33 4 U 1 'we.:1g1N1' 3' ,. v 5 45 , f ,V-"""""A v if , I .1 ' W 1 f v 4 I M U dv' , ' 3, W X , I 1,07 F .WP xl nz I I 4 fg 'IJ i , 73, Wx X ww 40 ,L V 4 R? A WM Q , ' I ,.,x ,f gf .X . -I fwgu .. A " x R 5 ww 37 -A , 5 7, 3 5 .Q pw x A 7 W' kewl , K 2 I I 1 in J y I,A f w. f ,111 A Xl XX If E i X. .9 y, XXX? X 'Tw 'sth X X Y' .X ft 'X ,. ,X.. R X XXXXXXXXJJX X. .XXX . X X. 'WX X X 'INXXXXV' 'Y"'L"IX.XXX1XXXXXX. . mf. XXXEXX .XM IX Xszqw XX X XX 515' JA X,XXXX:q:X-XXXX'gu5XXX,.X, X XX .,,.., XX, X 'XX X 79 XX? XX X553 .XX !"J N: XXXX X XX XXX X X3 XXX XXX X? X X ig., AX XX X X X X X X X XX..XXXX-XXXX. 'X X . X XXX XXX, .XV XX K-1:X,X XX X' Xrmg-A X rf 'X " XV XX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXEXXXXXXXX X X X X X:XX'XfXXX4--AX-X:iZXe?Ei"X22i'fWPIX5X " NF. X XX X. 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PX' ' 3 XY'!xf?'?-5XMf'T!l2XX'X X QX ' XgX .,g "f'i1wwX5XqT , 'X XXX1-w.mX:X:XXfXX-X X , X X X eXX 4"X?a4XfZWfs7XXEliigqzm3 X 'fX:"W3'f-1'-, X ."Xs'r'l9fXX 'HX XM - "X f XX? qffwgiiffil. ' X' XXX.XXXXXX.X is .X M . XXX XX XQXAXXXX. ..X XXX .XXXXXX I A f .1 XX XXX,X g-MX , X A " Y .31 'X X: '."fr. Q. XT' 'lrrfftw f Y' - X' X 'XXX X.:-XXX .XXXXX f'1"X.Jfi' 1-'uXs-XwXXy'1fiif'X-w::Xf'X WX ...Q -4X .XXX XM:X'ff5X"4:XfX?iLp-X'X'f': Q ' , X "X'fz3XX:XXXX X HX ' If XXX X X X XXX. XX - F.. X I iw "iff: X. X ,X X XXX X X ' X. X X XX-X.,,X, N I X 4 X, fx. ' "X+f'XXXX ' ,XX X X ' 5 Q-X ""'wvX:f :XXXX'XgeXX X XX A. X -XX X -X ,X ' . M Xdwziw ' ,PX X 1 XX X S "Xww:.'1 :vX?hV7X XXX- Xi 1 if I' -2'1- X 5' 41, Xgr' 'L' "JL, qi' X XXX XX:i',.X X X "X X X W ,- MX W .L X . V X XX, XXX. X1 X Shi' X -XXX X .qXXXrX1f+:X,.. ' Siva' 'NWXQ' X E 'Mt I I. -lb X X X X -m X .W XX XX XXXXXX v 1 'X ,XF 0 'XXa X I L .f,. ' V ' -1-fy-.fwfr - Ansszggaacznwz-1,-3 5-gg - LAM 1 . M I L I , 3.2 me 5A..wJ,- w. 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X 54 X L X A X,X X , ,QT X ,wfqm :f17fE:YX:X Wi' Xp-XXXXXX - :XM 'Ny"xqX'XXXXT12' 1, ,,,:.XX,,-X. ., , , X wr'-XX.-.SX X. QJEEILT 'ilif WW. 35,5-,XX vaX,wJzX1'X:.IlvJ. , f-39525 X-V X ,lv U QE. Q PANHELLnN1Q 'AEA xa MA AZ U OM FN EW J' The uni1fem'1g1 Lv and bm to ojfer df unfolded in the nineteen hu neireez' and .vixey five :www . 14 lL'.' :nQ,' ' "Eh editor, jean Richardson business manager, Fred Griffin As the proving ground of intellect, social, and spiritual entities, the university creates the tie that draws her individuals into mankind and semipermeable existence with the universe. New students encounter this experience as babes, solely dependent upon her provisions while completely in- dependent of her beings. Gradually confused chaos evaporates, revealing friendships, ideals, and opinions--all striving for the depths of knowledge. Ex- perience, time's result, discloses a graduate ready to step forth into the world fully clothed with unique qualities all his own and characteristics of the whole he has helped to create and maintain. University of Southern Mississippi is a way of life. From the first day on campus, patterns are created and destroyed, friend- ships are born and fade away, ideas are conceived and disillusioned. Laughter ring- ing in the Hub and tears gliding down cheeks in a desolate corner, apprehension over finals and quietude of Sunday walks, disenchantment of monsoon winters and expectations of cool, breezy Spring evenings combined form a knot in the throat when memory commences. The un- noticed glance of that certain person's eyes, the warmth of a tested and validated friendship, the competitive spirit of con- tests, athletics, and social life all help to create the personality of USM. University of Southern Mississippi is a way of life for she is the lives of approxi- mately six thousand people working toward a common goal, education, some- times enduring the same excruciating pains of disappointment, and forever living for and working thee, "for whom the bell tolls." iii ,4 6 'RX 1' Z' 4+ f I ' xg Cl 6- w 45529 r ffm GIE NIEIRZAJL NAT Nlxrimlwlaforostetzolanesr UNIVERBI TY 6! SOUTHIIRN MIGNSSIPII Contents' 'fx'ML-w----f--- wd--- --M'---1 -L- Student Lqfe 13 Adminiytmtion 38 Lenderthqa 46 Student Government 58 Beauty 66 Greekf 88 Orgetnizettions 128 Sports 152 Aetivinkzf 184 School! 208 Clemes 236 Index 320 Y -A--A- f -f"' 4... -vi--:--4 The University of Southern M zlfrzlrfglnpi Hattzefhurcg M ifsisfqlpi X , ,V lv V X Sul I - 'I x W Y INS 4 1 If 4s 'MVN A f' w- qw "f ,iz Q N Q, A ' mi 2 i' I fi , , 1 J 'Q ' 'Q 3 X , x il, N 3 mx i x , ' Y K1 ' Q Q " ' 4 ,M ,1 , 5 x I .1 f 5 'gi I P N , 5' fs! 1 1 1 1 ,S t Y? n L I "I f Xwsm 1-ww, ly WMM Q -N,.nw.f,5:Q1rL vwwwg Q ,. M .Y A QQ g .. M N, .fee-ur 6 -W Q, uv' will ' was . ,A WXQ ,S , ' S , 13? W' .. sw-AF x N ENS SNK- NP X ww .W - 3 'RW K Y XR Six. 1 HT XY ANQQQQS Qi R N. At the game's end we shall see who wins. gl 9' Ng George Herbert 335 amnag. p,,,,,,p-1vv"""' OTE f-r'Q'?-'Ivy - li A1 14 E! .LA N-W ig ' X- 5 , N ..,w-.QM ,Q fix yejg X 119 2 j 1 . ll 'ii I K 7 I A as 4? ' Q5 Z 1u So Fair, She takes the breath of men away Who gaze upon her unaware. 17 Elizabeth Barrett Browning I ffm ,wmmm ,.,, 5' Wann m we-lf The gift of gaiety may itself be the greatest good fortune, and the most serious step towards maturity. Irwin Edman Mr .HIJS A if fy W l W , ..- ,V J we 'M Z' 'Nr -:-"'3P- ,.,. nf- 40? ,215 -'TJ 'Qb -sim, p"r"' gi 'Q' eflu. 'hi-.. 18 'sa :1-fb' .r 44 Q 3 'Y' Mu 'E Y. 1 J v 5 I h i fi' if , , ' i ' gsm N. la . I 4 + f re I eg 2.0 ,fri X' Y' Wh.. fx s XA ,N X Though nothing can bring back the hour Cf splendor in the grass, or glory in the Howerg We will grieve not, rather find Strength is what remains behind. William Q W Wordswortln syn When my cue comes, call me, and I will answer. Shakespeare 7 Q , 33? f ,Q , 2 4 jf ' 2 , , 9 ' f 9 Q Ai , 5 2 1 3 I I I az 'Uv'-' f"'1 'W , 'fx . 12. Ju ,fm W spawn Quatre'---Q -5- f-.-.....-W- Qwhnwf J 5 1 fi? Ev' ff ' , W jx ,,.,, ,. ,QT ' Q :bf wx Q -, X, -14 ' Nq"'sg 3 l 4f5v,f, ' :gf-1, Q '45, M, , My fx if 1" ,L R., . . . mfkmw 'N .T Wu , - f wx , 1, 'fl 5 4 fl E , 5 mx ' . -Lx' was Q--...Q ""' Q'-'.v,""?4 1Qg,""lq,' TRS: 3:",",:,'u-.Z "'F'sl"-"""'...,l W., nw. N QW 1 - w Sf N Q-.ka-fgAv ,W pw.,- P' A XJ , ., S I l It is not the quality of the meat but the cheerfulness of the guests which makes the feast. Lord Clarendon ,,,,.grF'1'p1 ivgpnnvu Courtship consists a number of quiet attentions, not so pointed as to alarm, nor so vague as not to be understood. in Sterne F: 3, ' If 8 fr , ' iff' r " 5 , Q' Ar t Q refiiift Y 's 7 ,-i 4 ,df ' ' A PE , ,"'x's Q- ,JJ -Y. 5 ggi '1' 4 u f --av' 16 fl -9+ I 'Jaffa 8 W 7-7 3 '5f?E'f ww f fb, Q 4- .4 V ' W, , , -eww! f W , 4 5 E ffyww 1 11, Q Q ,, M ,f A, ,A 'w - M1 fi' C 'W r PW, -' I at , , , 4-in , ,ME f ,. -- ' ,NZM 4 ., 1 . my Wk , bf, rr AX 3? sw-Sirk' Z X? . fe e.', wg' , ., , W W M. lx , is ,+',fng 1 . www- fi., y-4 Q 21+ f' K3 gf 'Hp an May , X. , f A1"' Q - ,,'.34, From the end spring new beginnings Pliny the Elder .J-fa 5 f 7 yu fr 'wfq Q a -was J' .'. ,. , - ' N. M, , . , R x f 1- ,as 4 U is-2 A man said to the Universe, "Sir, I exist." "However," replied the Universe, "That fact has failed to create in me a sense of obligation." Stephen Crane 31 E93-4 'Sgt A . .sz We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. Goethe i Q f -x ,SW Ns. ,X S .M f 'M my qs f v ,W 2 ,hzya fi ' if f f f j,,..f f -5.2 412 E :xy . X X I x I . 'Mx X .H WNW 1 Crafty men condemn stucliesg simple men Aclmire themg and wise men use them. Francis Bacon .,-Q.-.V -V-V ae. Q , ma' Man is the only animal that eats when he is not hungry, drinks when he is not thirsty, and makes love at all seasons. Lasciuious :..'X A +53 1 vo ' 4' ZA. Er. K-'I .65 Q, foe -1 l d . 1 1 ,A x X YQ, .ofa ? ,Q-S ,I . ,fawy 37 X 0 PE. N K Y J 'E f as ,F lg, 75.4 . -25 Q ni 1 23" WV: Yr N. ,av ,Q .492 i X' .F Q 21- -ua.. 5- " A -'xfwzv-..,f,.. .. W, V J., 1 Pr," ' f iff ,gm f yy-.,Y..w., Haw.-. , , ...Af , 4, x --xf Q ,. , t Hz' 'WG' .V g, x . -fwa..4 A 5. Fafg. 1-if-f f Q.-fra"-', g, f" ,..f -.54 lhijii' M. I "4 . Q 'N . , , -, fu Y - ,V Q -V . - -.1 -,MN -.Q 2 w A' : ,. ,. f ff, ff. f 7 , 'C f -K V s ,- -0 Alu is P' S w , W.. .- ,ni TI ,I si S! 1 . ww ff Wi' 'V ' 'Q' , ' '1 QQ. 5, 'f'f",,.:.1f7 X7 fs! a"W'f't" 2' .4 It in 16 ng! Kf"',If4' ffm if wiv,-q I la. Q + ' H-vrzsrvrn: fyfrrf-nf , i K we I E F f 3 F -w ,.'-45. glflf '.'s5V1s 7 , ,Af J ,Vw South rn offem . . . dminzktmtion DALE YARBOROUGH SECTION EDITOR The Pmident of the U niverfity of Soutloern M iffiffqbpi DR. WIIALIAM D. MCCAIN 6'- 40 Governor HONORABLE PAUL B. JOHNSON Board of Trufteef Members Whose Terms Expire May 7, 1976 W. D. GUEST Fourth Congressional District .... Bruce M. PAUL HAYNES Northern Supreme Court District .. , , . .Baldwin THOMAS N. TURNER Third Congressional District ..... Belzoni GEORGE M. YAREOROUGH Second Congressional District Red Bank Members Whose Terms Expire May 7, 1972 Members Whose Terms Expire May 7, 1968 W. O. STONE DR. VERNER S. HOLMES Central Supreme Court District .... Jackson Seventh Congressional District .. .... McComb IRA L. MORGAN J. N. L1PscoMB State-at-large ................ ..... O xford First Congressional District .... ..... M acon M. M. RoEERTs S. R. EVANS Sixth Congressional District .... .... H attiesburg State-at-large .............. . . . ,Greenwood E. RAY IZARD . TALLY RIDDELL Southern Supreme Court District ...... Hazlehurst Fifth Congressional District ................ Quitman LEON LOWERY LaBauve Trustee fDesoto Countyj . ,Olive Branch 41 VU". ,..4n . Q, James Reginald Switzer, B.S., M.A., Ed.D., Dean of Student John Horton Allen, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Dean of the Univelsity Affairs 13661115 Sidney E. L. Weatherford, Jr., B.S., MA., Ed.D., Dean of the Basic College lvah Ostrander Willber, B.S., M.A., Dean and Director of Student Counseling of Women William Rader Grantham, B.S., M.A Dean of Men . 42. Admimklmtion Charles Otto Smfalling, B.S., Financial Secretary Joseph Samuel Anzalone, B.S., M.S., Director of Admissions 43 Roger Barton Johnson, B.S., M.S., Administrative Assistant Aubrey Keith Lucas, B.S., M.A., Registrar Ernestine Lawhon, B.S., M.A Assistant Dean of Women Horace Dickenson, B.S., M.A Assistant Dean of Men Adminiftmtion Albert Joseph Jaeger, B.B.A., Joel Reese Eakens, B.S., Di- Assistant Financial Secretary rector of Physical Plant H if William Ellis Kirkpatrick, B.S., M.S., Director of University Union N-g,,,,,,. 3 James Edward Baxter, B.A., M.A., Ed.D., Director of Place- ment Bureau 44 var 5 wh Warren Francis Tracy, A.B B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Librarian Thomas Garner James, B..f!., MA., Research and Editorial Assistant to the President Powell G. Ogletree, B.S., M.A., Almunni Secretary Ng,- Bernard Reed Green, B.S., Di- Ralph Manuel Siverio, B.S., Clifford I-llelmar Hagenson, rector of Intercollegiate Ath- Director of Latin-American B.S.Ed.,, Ph.M., Director of letics Institute Housing Admimktmtion 45 Robert Hays Cleveland, Direc- tor of Public Relations Paul Claude Morgan, A.B., M.S., Ed.D., Dean of Division of Continuing Education .1-In 5 s 3 I I 2 Q E 5 . iT O fs 3 Z-, 4 ., Zz , f f W ., xg f 1 Z. ,f. ff 1 M Sou tbeefn if . . . 66l6l61f'J'lJ6D MARTHA ROGERS SECTION EDITOR The iron hand in the velvet glove is an adage whose omnipotence is timeless. There have always been those who must be led and those who lead. The Alexanders, the Martin Luthers, and the philosophers have transcended the ages and stand side by side with contemporaries of their ilk. The conscientious ability both factions possess is permanent. The ability to lead cannot be gleaned in a refresher course, nor can the desire to guide the directionless be taught in six easy lessons. A compulson equal in strength to the magnitude of the herd to be led must be inborn. The gift of a gentle but posi- tive push cannot be bought. Wlio is qualified to say what determines the rank of a leader? What peculiar per- sonality quirk bends a person until he cannot tolerate being a mere follower? The power is unknown, but the product is evident. Leadership spawns responsibility, and responsibility must be tempered with a level head. A sense of justice and a hyper-keen obligation of fairness regardless of involve- ment are required. Habits of preponderance of planned action must be initiated, and past conclusions must be adhered to. Care should be taken to guard against fifth columnists who polish apples professionally. The respect of one,s followers must always be maintained, for who can train others when self discipline has not been grasped. Most important of all is the ability to mingle and yet not suffer lost position and dignity. Qualities of combined intimacy and retained superiority are the actual trade- mark ofa leader. He who is bestowed with an iron hand should always wear a velvet glove. He is the doer, the manager, the head of the wondering clan . . . And he is indispensable. Mary Matliisf'65 48 Jesse Delia President "Rascal" Odom Vice President Sammy Davis Secretary-Treasurer iss., x Q3 A5 C3 is W me -1, Left to Right: First Row: Dana Grifhth, Ronnie White. Seated: James McCaslin, James Kiser, Pamela Gray, Judy Driskell, Jesse Delia. Standing: Jack Sharp, Kenneth Waites, Lenora Craig, Ronald Bell, Sammy Davis, Thomas J. Sharp. i yXNX'xx5 yxyxx. 0 P' 1 M , I if ' VQW' , Z .,1,"!n.fH,f Kappa 3 f I 4 I-sux I P1 Seventy per cent A's on ninety consecutive quarter hours of school work at Southern is one of the qualifications for membership in Pi Kappa Pi. Membership in this national organization holds a special honor for its initiated participants. Names of qualified candidates for Pi Kappa Pi are submitted annually, and an initiation banquet for the new mem- bers is one of the organization's most important social events. This national society received its charter in 1949, and holds the recognition and encouragement of sound scholarship as one of its highest ideals. To Southern students membership in this fraternity is one of the most outstanding awards and best recognition that can be received. Hall of Fame 1965 Hall of Fame: Left to Right: Carolyn Arbuthnot Pearl, Ronnie White, Bill Voss, Linda Lee. Every member of the senior class is carefully screened before the final selection for Hall of Fame is made. This height of honors at Southern is given to these seniors who are chosen for particiation and contributions on campus, character and leadership qualities. A secret committee, representing every department on campus, selected these four from the entire senior class, and they are now added to the long list of immortals to be remembered in the history of the University of Southern Mississippi. 50 LINDA LOUISE LEE Greenville, Mississippi 2nd Vice President, Student Gov- ernment Associationg President, Women's Affairs Boardg President, Delta Delta Deltag Secretary, Stu- dent Christian Federationg Program chairman, SCOPEg Who's Who in American Universities and Col- legesg Co-Editor D1-awlg Freshman Counselorg Phi Delta Rhog Pi Omega Pig Pi Tau Chig Baptist Student Fel- lowshipg Delegate, SCONA, Missis- sippi Intercollegiate Conference and Southern Universities Student Government Association. WILLIAM HICKS VOSS Natchez, Mississippi President, Student Government As- sociationg President, Kappa Sigma, President, Omicron Delta Kappag Associate Editor, Southernerg Ex- ecutive Chairman, SCOPEg Busi- ness Manager, Student Printzg Who's Who in American Universi- ties and Collegesg Newman Clubg Interfraternity Councilg Senatorg Delegate, Southern Universities Student Government Association. f-" ' A ,uw ..,. ., CAROLYN ARBUTHNOT PEARL Canton, Mississippi President, Chi Omegag President, Kappa Delta Pig President, Alpha Lambda Deltag Pi Kappa Pig Phi Delta Rhog Pi Tau Chig Senatorg Women's Advisory Board, Who's Who in American Universities and Collegesg Student National Educa- tion Associationg Robert Mathis and Crown Zellerback Merit Scholarshipsg SCOPEg Student Christian Federationg Panhellenic Councilg Canterbury Clubg Greek editor, DRAWLg Southern Uni- versities Student Government AS- sociation. RONALD CHARLES WHITE Hattiesburg, Mississippi President, Student Christian Fed- erationg President, Circle K Clubg President, Phi Eta Sigma, Vice- President, Omicron Delta Kappag Vice-President, State Young Men's Student .Christian Association: Pi Kappa P12 Kappa Sigmag S-1, PIO, Pershing Riflesg Kappa Mu Epsilon' SCOPE. y 9-. Phi Delta Rho Membership in Phi Delta Rho is one of the highest honors that can be attained by senior women at Southern. Projects of this local organization include providing the Guidance Library with materials and information pertaining to student guidance. Sending books abroad for the benefit of foreign students is one of the most recent projects. Membership selection is made by Dean Wilber and a select com- mittee appointed by her. Membership is based on the worthy contribu- tions of these senior women to their school, their associations and to themselves. New members are selected each year to carry on the high standards of living exhibited by the Phi Delta Rho member, active on Southern's campus for twenty four years. OFFICERS- TA Jane Meredith A P President 5'-1 ' V Sandra Jackson X Vice President Linda Forman Secretary-Treasurer Left to Right. Seated: Lenora Craig, Dr. Lena Gough, Jane Meredith, Mrs. Ivah O. Wilber, Caroline Dean. Standing: Lynda Forman. Pam Gray, Sandra Jackson, Linda Lee, Carolyn Arbuthnot Pearl. 52. Qi. l 1 l l i 1 if -- I- 541' 1 YE? 'S-ef 4 1 in fywaa, ,gf ,.. Left to Rlght. First Row: Jim McCaslin, Ircel Harrison, Rascal Odom, Bill Kalh- storf, Sammy Davis, Dennis Spencer. Second Row: Bill Brantley, Victor Purvis, Lee Carroll, Butch Harmon, Brooks Neff, John Simpson, Buck Carter, Ronnie 4 Lingle. Third Row: Mason Frye, Donald Bell, Steve Saxon, Jimmy Cox Johnny Lee, Ronald Bell. ' i f Umicron Delta Kappa Omicron Delta Kappa recognizes and encourages achievement in scholarship, student government, athletics, social and religious affairs, and other diversified fields. To be selected for membership in this national society is considered the greatest honor that can be paid to a college man at USM. Qualifications for membership in Omicron Delta Kappa are numer- ous and include character, service in campus life, outstanding scholarship and leadership, fellowship, and consecration to democratic ideals. This honorary leadership society for college men is of national scope and was chartered in 1954. Terry Regan President Ronnie White Vice President Dr. Hardin Treasurer gzzizgfra 53 l it ' , JAMES VICTOR PURVIS Puckett, Mississippi . Vic has been a Dean's 11st scholar while serving as quar- terback for the varsity foot- ball team, Justice on the Student Court, and member of Pi Kappa Alpha and Omicron Delta Kappa. s ,.-of KAREN KAY NEWMAN Nathcez, Mississippi Kay has served as vice-presi- dent of Delta Delta Delta and Student Government Associa- tion, president of Women's Affairs Board, and as Justice on the Student Court. WHO'S-, WHO- Aniong A Students In American Universities And , Colleges RONALD CHARLES WHITE Hattiesburg, Mississippi Leading organizations as Stu- dent Christian Federation, Circle K club, Phi Eta Sigma and Omicron Delta Kappa has proven Ronnie an outstanding student. fag ig! 14 '.I 1,. ,Jin 171, V. .' F 3 CAROLYN A. PEARL Canton, Mississippi Carolyn has exceled by serv- ing as president of Chi Omega, Kappa Delta Pi, and Alpha Lambda Delta while being a President's List scholar. LINDA LOUISE LEE Greenville, Mississippi Linda has been active on cam- pus-president of Delta Delta Delta and Women's Affairs Board, vice-president of Stu- dent Government Association, secretary of Student Christian Federation and program chair- man of SCOPE. LYNDA NEAL FORMAN Meaduille, Mississippi Lynda has been secretary of Phi Delta Rho, Student Chris- tian Federation, and Delta Delta Delta. The Southei-ner and freshman counseling have also seen her talents. SANDRA HELEN JACKSON Bogalusa, Louisiana Sandra has helped Southern grow by being vice-president of Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Delta Rho, and Student Christian Federation. ROBERT L. CARROLL. JR. Laurel, Mississippi Lee exhibited leadership as president of Pi Tau Chi and Rho Eta Sigma, and Chief Justice on Student Court. WILLIAM HICKS VOSS Natchez, Mississippi Being president of Kappa Sig- ma, Student Government As- sociation and Omicron Delta Kappa and associate editors of Southerner and Student Printz, have not kept Bill from being an above average scholar. JANTCE OLIVIA SMYTHE Moss Point, Mississippi Janice has been active as president of Home Economics Club and vice-president of University Activities Council. g -,.-,,,,.... SLYVIA LYNN FENN Summit, Mississippi Through working on Southerner, in Alpha Lambda Delta, and the freshman counseling program, Sylvia has served the campus. -S LINDA J. ROBERTSON Liberty, Mississippi Linda contributed to Southern as president of Student, National Education Association and secretary of Stu- dent Govemment Asso- ciation, SCOPE, and Phi Mu Sorority. KENNETH J. MARTIN New Orleans, Louisiana Distinguishing himself as an above average scholar and military student, Kenny has also served as officers in Rho Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi and Student Government Associa- tion. JANE H. MEREDITH Q Hattiesburg, Mississippi Serving as president of Women's AfiV1S0I'y Council and Phi Delta Rho: as a senator: and pledge trainer of Chi Omega have rounded out's college life. ROBERT C. ROULE Monongahela, Penn. Editorship of the Stu- dent Printz has shown l?ob's leadership abili- ies. MARGARET WILIAMS Jackson, Mississippi Peggy has been active as president of Pan- hellenic Council, treas- urer of Chi Omega, and secretary of Alpha Lambda Delta. GRACE SMITH DeKalb, Milssissippi Grace has been active as vice-president of Student Christian Federation and Kap- pa Omicron Phi and as secretary of SNEA and Phi Mu sorority. RONALD TERRENCE REGAN Groton, New York Terry has served as business manager of the Southerner, officer in Kappa Sigma, presi- dent of Omicron Delta Kappa, and a distinguished military student. BETTY ANN DUKES Jackson, Mississippi A Dean's List scholar, Betty Ann has also been president of Kappa Omicron Phi and Ecrtetary of Home Economics u . THOMAS JOSEPH SHARP' Petal, Mississippi Thomas has been a President's list scholar and member of Phi Eta Sigma and Pi Kappa Pi. JOI-DI D. SIMPSON Pascagoula, Mississippi. John has exhibited leadership through the student government, as treasurer of Phi Eta Sigma, and secretary of Signia Alpha Epsilon. I. C. HARRISON, JR. Mobile, Alabama Ircel, president of Bap- tist Student Union, was vice-president of Circle K Club and Phi Eta Sigma. 1 i CAROLINE AMANDA DEAN Germantown, Tennessee A member of Kappa Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Phi Delta Rho, Caroline has served as an officer in Pi Gamma Mu and Lambda Iota Tau and on the Student Court. MARY ROSALLND HEALY Madison, Mississippi Mary has served as vice- president of Student National Education Association and secretary of Kappa Delta Pi among other activities. FREDA DONESE RESTER Poplarville, Mississippi Active in Student Govern- ment, Freda has also been an officer in Home Economics Club and a Presidents List scholar. in 1 ' ? " R. :wit -'.-2 A ff rr' 4 cf i 6?3ifffi . v.,, 1s,,v.:53 ,gf 1 x.'.-gf, Ns, J N .Jr .f.f',,,,W :..4 - :wwf X i 4.5, 'Bea' f ' ' . ravi? 5 is ,, Z JOHN W. LEE, JR. H attiesburg, Mississippi While at Southern Johnny has been presi- dent of Phi Alpha Theta, a class officer and a member of Kap- pa Alpha. B. S. NEELY, JR. Mendenhall, Mississippi Burkett has been active in professional organi- zations, such as presi- dent of Beta Beta Beta. JESSE G. DELIA Hattiesburg, Mississippi Jesse Delia, a member of Phi Eta. Sigma, was president of Pi Kappa Pi and Pi Ganima Mu, vice-president of Pi Kappa Delta and treas- urer of Omicron Delta Kappa. JACK C. SHARP, JR. Petal, Mississippi Jack, Presidents List scholar, has been active in Phi Eta Sigma and Pi Kappa Pi. ,7S L. J, ECUYERA New Orleans, Louisiana Larry, a distinguished military student, has been on the varsity football team and vice- president of the "M" Club. PAMELA CARROLL GRAY Hattiesburg, Mississippi Pam, member of Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Delta Rho, served as vice-president of Kappa Delta Pi, president of Pi Omega Pi and Phi Beta Lambda, and treasurer of Business Fraternity Council. GEORGE KOERBER PIAZZA Natchez, Mississippi Drill Master in Marching Band, George was vice-presi- dent of Kappa Kappa Psi. f1,.. ,. DAVID LEROY ALLEN Jackson, Mississippi Serving as president of Alpha Psi Omega, David was also in Southern Players. DANA KAY GRIFFITH Grand Cane, Louisiana Dana, member of Alpha Lambda Delta and Pi Kappa Pi, was an oiiicer in Phi Mu, and treasurer of Psi Chi and Sigma Alpha Eta. DIANNE E. ROSHTO Greenwood, Mississippi Dianne Roshto, a dea.n's list scholar, was a freshman counselor and vice-president of the University Singers. SARAH BRENDA HOUSTON Hattiesburg, Mississippi Brenda. a Dea.n's list scholar, was secretary of Pi Beta Phi and active in religious and honorary organizations. JUDY ANNE DRISKELL Wilmer, Alabama A President's list scholar, Judy was secretary of Home Economics Club and active in Pi Kappa Pi and dormitory, religious and honorary organi- zations. STEVE F. BLAND St. Walton Beach, Florida Steve was active in Alpha Epsilon Delta, Kappa Kappa Psi, Pi Kappa Lambda, and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. .f J' P' . A N . DAVID KEY CARTER Hattiesburg, Mississippi Buck, a member of Alpha Tau Omega: was president of Alpha Epsilon Delta. secretary of Phi Eta Sigma, and treasurer of Beta Beta Beta. JOHN M. GARTRELL Meridian, Mississippi An above average scholar, John served as president of Phi Alpha of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RONALD K. LINGLE Greenville, Mississippi Ronnie, presidents List scholar, and member of Pi Kappa Pi, was vice- president of Rho Eta Sigma and a senator. P X . ,ke 1964 Graduation Awards .ya vw ff, ' ' X' , , 5 ,W 6 if AV qsffb, , ,A f--,fi g ,. I f , ,A A f N, " I-' f o' , 1 1 -:Z ' , ' . ff 'C . . ,, ' x f " ' 'W . ff f fe, 7 X K f, W , ,, if. , , .1 . . I 1 ye V. ,.,... I 'V 1 ,f , . , ff-f , 5 f V ,n,:,',1.zf, l if 1 J "" , I Za 1121 1 'QV A ' "" . ,, iff E M f ,,.,c-, , . 'fC' ' Ziiddfsiza-1 xx l 4 .V If P J- f-1 M -3' .-wx' 'Z ALLEN BIZZELL Pensacola, Florida IW5 TOMMY POTTER Miami, Florida NANCY ELLZEY EUDY Laurel, Mississippi Winners of the 1964 Outstanding Student Citizen Awards, presented each year to one man and one woman graduating senior, were Nancy Ellzey Eudy, Laurel, and Allen Bizzell, Pensacola, Florida. Tommy Potter, Miami, Florida, who was named permanent president of the 1964 senior class, presented the class gift to Dr. McCain. This year's gift was an 51,800 addition to the fund for the future construction of a statue of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest on the USM campus. "General Nat" is one of the favorite spirit symbols at Southern. Dr. William D. McCain, president of USM, conferred 759 bachelor degrees, 45 master degrees, and three doctorates at May Commencement. The summer class included eight students who received doctoral degrees, 107 who received master's degrees, 289 who earned bachelor's degrees and one who received an educational specialist degree. 57 ,amd , 4 ,.....u ,,-, V ' A LL5"'f RZi'1'Qi.3??L7x.:g:ZT 1: ,ff N XM' A Eine ' A jpqlyhi - A'-'fw . lf- 2 QW. T W' Aw "ggi A 1'-'m.i,,,,.4....,"' gfgmg , , W ' bl ' -V, ?.'sv x . V x" . is ,521 "f1,:t.:N -, I , ,, -1 iw. ,Q ,W L14 f . ' 5355? ' va' I-if Q f Q 1 A ' ,gif ,I L 6 'V 4' 1'x374x2,i2,? k , 4" W. 1, Q . , f 'ffm l ffiww gj,g5TZgfffh5?QqA,4N ff' Qgfff ., , Q fo 1 ,y. , ' vi.-sf, -f A ' ' ' ' an M-'W 4, 'f' A! x Minis .' ff f7'5TK'AQ"'5 ' W lii f ' AZ' . K . G If 13,51 K ' , . , EQQQQYQ Tiiff - ' ' '?-f.ffwfi,f:4-X,-14. , . '1 49 - fi fi , k :Quik 'fs 5 x .kyQZ'aJgq , gf' K: IVVA. N V I I 'WP if ' V 4' If .. 7 3W"'kW5Q f H . ,L L ' J .f fr f, -fwfr ,, g A.9w,,7x LQ,-Iifrff ,K A A ' A f wg f , , L T. M I ,, " .. I: W 'mygm X L S7 1 ff" Q" ?,i-'H 'Z ",, f Y , ,tiwif -I K- . .fyf-www gflfif we, F , 4 if - 27, 2 X ,idmmx , NmQa:,.,X,,, X, QQMX - S A ixfwvm ,5 Q Iynbyfff 66 .i 1 fi Mu 9 Q .wg 5 fur 7 S, tg xmxfms ,N wg . QW? X S " "TM" Y RZ-:fd f 'ws . .-..,.,. ...-.. +' ...M.sN.,,,Ri' A-..,.. N' ' """-v--....,,- W w--ww.. if" . 2 'x ....,...,, Q 32 z...f2x 9. J Y, 3, .J ,m:,..W...:,. f KR,-myb V Q ff fe mf , gi -Q.-AJ MN N wx xx X 5 um.. an..- , ,Wi HUM U Hill , 1 ll E 1 .irq , :uw - ex 7' 'aff -we-vf My . - ' Sify S ff we-,f-,S " WSIS.. s 'I - Wigfs f 3. Q Q, A ' - U. X l 3 bsvvjf- , ,W .:, !!! E 2 I . ,"v-f.. . ' ,S rs., ' a.,--.....,,v 5 'Q Z' Q !! !! , f . v v ' "---...... !! I ! ! if Z ' MW-, 4 -...M N-V., at N , f -..,,., """"f-- """""Q...,, ., 3 ---., ,.,,-N-M '- -Q 1, ' sk, A "W-.. - - ,gag , 3 --...K .NNN W 1 35, ...,,- -1. -N-...,,""'--..,,,,.w-Q '---.,--..m, . ' ' t P ,. 5 MM W., ' , Q I 4 . kg f ' f """' M-Wax '- 1-N, 9, - " , ! V! W-N ww.. . , N L j ' . V , M "NM- M . "1 gi fl -gi gpiff . - 3"'9" .-I-9 f .. ,Y A W ,KN X W,-J ., W-...W 'W ww . fl ' V ' W2 ..., I ' fax !! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !l !!!!!!'!!,! !!!!!!!! ,. M.. .Mi R.-'-K Southern ojfeecr . . . tmlent Government BETTY RICHARDSON, DENNIS SPENCER SECTION EDITORS T V In Butch Harmon First Vice-President Linda Lee Second Vice-President Linda Robertson Secretary Larry Sullivan Treasurer X .. A.. MVS.: :q3'..isB.J51s: Bill Voss President Student Government Association The students of the University of Southern Mississippi have formed an effective Student Government to insure a continuous exchange of ideas and opinions between the students and the administration. Through this Association students have training and experience in democratic self-government, assiuning fullest powers and responsibilities of self- government consistent with the constitution and law of the State of Mississippi and the policies of the President of the University of Southern Mississippi. They have promoted the general student welfare and ,protected the enumerated rights of the individual student as well as performed the will of the majority. Through the Association's efforts to uphold the powers and responsibilities of self- government and to serve its students in many capacities, it has become an essential organ of campus life at Southern. The Student Government Association is divided into three major Divisions: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. The Senate is the legislative body of the campus. Here the students exchange their ideas and opinions to determine the policies and procedures of student life. The Executive Cabinet serves as an Advisory Board to the Student Government President. The Men's and Women's Affairs boards act as the coordinators and policy makers of the students who live on and off campus. The Student Court acts as the Judicial Branch. This group of outstanding students enforces the laws made by the Legislative and Executive branches. The officers: President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, are dedicated to extending an understanding between the students and the administration in both the academic and social life here at the University of Southern Mississippi. In this effort to achieve self-government, students are given a chance to exchange ideals and opinions for the betterment of democracy not only at the University of Southern Mississippi but also as they go out into the world. 60 Y' abinet Serving in an advisory capacity to the Student Government Association President is the Presidential Cabinet. The eight members, Executive Assistant, Attorney General, Secretary of Complaints and Administrative Relations, Secretary of Publicity, Secretary of Alumni Relations, Secretary of Student Relations, Secretary of Calendar and Conventions, and Secretary of Orien- tations, are appointed by the Student Government Association President. Each member has a specified area of business to handle, but they all promote student welfare, assist the Presi- dent, and work with the administration. Left to right: Caroline Dean, Kay Newman, Victor Purvis, Lee Dr. Leon Wilber, Advisor. Left to right: Paul Bosarge, Pat Patrick, Nancy Hathorn, Fred Martha Rushing, Douglas Skinner, Cindy Watlington. The Student Court is the highest judicial power established by the Student Government Association. The Court has the follow- ing powers and duties: to interpret the Constitution, to adjudicate all constitution questions, to hear appeals from the Student Affairs Boards, and to recommend punishment of any student for misconduct. Members of the Student Court are appointed by the Student Government President with the approval of the Senate. Cmnt Student Court Hayslett Sf ll A. Y fa ft rite 'QV-my X ww, "f ' fl! Carolyn Arbuthnot Hilda Bullock Shirley Carlson Harold Dunlavy ,,,,,,,. M350 swan' Billy Kahlstorf Jane Meredith Kay Pickens Dennis Spencer Senate Not Pictured: Ron Hudson Rudy Fink Cindy Watlington Gary Mander Chris Myers avg IP PK - QQ.-4 John Terrell . N-. ssh,-A ,-g ,J--mv-1 w. -. .ft N2-l:.,ff"Q ' 'Wm 2 A QW. .. if "ta-2 Weis!! P3111 Bosarge Chuck Cartwright James Halfacre Patricia Hurdle nr- Q vm...-u - . 4. .. v Diana LaBay IX Lynette LHBGY Rascal Odom Jean Richardson Sherry Thomas Linda Wacaster 67. ""'-Nu-ann, W fx 2 4 it X - A' Lf 'mn , WSF 'WV' Pat Allred Al Andrews Rick Christmas Mark Lowrey Mickey Oates Wm Mu' "E1.,ilZ7r - x -Y '- - v.rfM.,..- , - . ' Doug Skinner Wynn Applewhite Kay Boatman Nancy Archer Judy C019 .V Rh Qt.. W 5 f Q. tx Y QM-v-saw iyg,,,,, st X x N i, l X We W f as Tom Fefgl-15011 Bobby Garriga Vickie Hendershot John Lazenby John McCarty Marilyn Skrmetta -. The legislative powers of the Student Government Association are vested in the Student Senate. The Senate is the elected representative of the student body. The members are from each of the four undergraduate classes and the graduate school. Each undergraduate class and the graduate school is entitled to one Senator for each one hundred students enrolled therein, or for a major fraction thereof. The Senate has the power to coordinate all student activities, promote the general student welfare, and to protect certain rights of students. n The President of the Student Government Association presides over the Student Senate and may veto any act of the Senate, but this veto may be overruled by a two-thirds vote of the Senate. The primary purpose is to insure a continuous exchange of ideas and opinions between the students and the administration. The most important link between the student body and the administration is the Student Senate. The Senators are elected for one term, lasting one full school year. There are weekly meetings to plan how they will carry out their duties as a service group and to serve the faculty and the administration as well as the student body. 63 Left to right: Ann Bond, Mar- tha Johnson, Martha Bank- ston, Carolyn Arbuthnot, Kay Newman, Carolee Floyd, Car- maleta McGraw, Martha Rush- ing, Kay Pickens. Womcn's Advisory Council The Women's Advisory Council is composed of two representatives from each upper class. This group of 'women works with the Dean of Women, the Women's Affairs Board, and the dormitory housemothers to raise the moral and social standards of the campus. Class representatives are selected by the Women's Affairs Board each spring. The Council holds meetings whenever problems concerning women students arise. The women chosen for this Council have shown high social and moral character and are to set examples for other students. K , --. r..- .. 3--L., ..,....,,..- . 5.1" l,' ',-if F -"',r"r If 1 r'i n 'I ,-" -"I .1 P sl Around the Table from Left to Right: Charlyn Maguire, Martha Rushing, Pam Gray, Paul Bosarge, Dr. J. R. Switzer, Fred Hayslett, W. E. Kirkpatrick, Harvey Post, Linda Robertson, Butch Har- mon, Jack Richmond. S.C.O.P.E. III The Student Conference on Paramount Events at the University of Southern Mississippi has been created to widen the knowledge of national and international affairs. It is a long-range effort to promote responsibilities in future citizens. Each year SCOPE sponsors a seminar to discuss and discover prominent affairs of the nation and the world that will be of particular interest to students. "The United States and Foreign Affairs" is the topic for SCOPE VIII, 1965. Schools from Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, and all over Mississippi, including junior colleges and high schools, are invited to attend the SCOPE Conference. 64 First Row, Left to Right: Thomas B. Grant, Don Rice Bill Thompson, Robert Bari ham. Second Row: Lou Mason Phillip Hays, Butch Harmon Pete Maurer, David Fischerz Mike Murphy. Mcn's Affairs Board The oiiicial legislative body representing the male students of Southern is the Men's Affairs Board, which has the power to regulate not only dress for men students, but also conditions in the men's dormitories, as well as acting as an Appeal Board for cases brought up from all dormitory councils. The Men's Affairs Board works with the Dean of Men and other campus officials to help maintain and build up the reputation of the men of the University of Southern Mississippi. First Row, Left to right: Dean Wilber, Linda Lee, Carmaleta McGraw, Priscilla Turner, Wilma Nell Harris, Peggy Cas- sibry, Kandy Limbaugh. Sec- ond Row: Diane Davis, Ellen Mann, Meachie McWhorter, Joanne Slay, Nancy Dunaway, Clairlei Morrison, Robbie Ro- bertson, Mary Alice Bolling, Marilyn Miller, Sue Carter, Reva Farmer, Rebecca Stamp- ley, Nell Fancher. Womcn's Affairs Board The Women's Affairs Board, the official legislative body of Southern coeds, serves as coordinator of women student activities and revises all rules and regulations concerning women students. Quarterly activities, such as dormitory elections, convocations, and dormitory cultural programs, are sponsored for femalem students in order to bring the women closer together to learn about and participate in student government. Each year a scholarship is awarded to some outstanding woman on Southern's campus. The Miss Southern Handbook is compiled to help the freshmen women become familiar with the way of life of the Southern coed before she arrives at the University. 65 34, Q, Jr! I ' 4 5 4 qs. . M. naw x ,H ' . K 1 . K 8 1 ' 3 'PS ff f ' g f 4 3 ' 3 s WW 42 ,aw w. , a 6, A X f' , ,V I ,f , ff with A f 1 Z Q v ff 1 ' Q 2,2 f Z Southern if. . . emily BONNIE DAUGHERTY SECTION EDITOR Miss Southern Penmb Sue Webre Observed by a panel of judges in four divisions-personal interview, swim suit, talent, and evening gown-Pennie Sue Webre was chosen at Southern in an oiiicial Miss America pageant to represent the university in the Miss Mississippi Contest. With her charm, poise and personality, Pennie was selected a top 10 semi-finalist in the state contest. As a junior, majoring in English, Pennie holds such honors as Top 20 beauty, Secretary of Alpha Sigma Alpha, first alternate to 1962-63 Best Dressed, and a Dean's List student. if K ,L 3 1 5 Q 5 ,,, m rs ,423 W, HMMVMA-M,,,,,..... wk, H , 1' , , Q 2:54, N . K . wr. 5 6. Mir! H ilala Bullock AAA Mzkf Wkkz' Coles 7 ff if Y ff 'l M? I ! ' 2 Q :nm 5 if vw 1 3 I A , xg .FQ-i.. , -,:L..,, M... fi, im ff ' Q: f 4. 1 71 P W. Ki. T 5 9 I wg., X S , Y. ff! 5 if fi? I 1 4 -4 3 433 rf" M M' 'On' ,W ff W 1,1 Li aw 4 4 A I I r' ' ,, fs 1 W1 1 w 4 1 4 M135 Donna ee zleldf Mzkf Marz' on ina f 1 4 f f qw-N. - .X , AAA fN ,, ,A,.....,,,,,,,.,.....----"' Q17 73 1 1. x 1 f ' Y pf . f I ':1": T A n f ,, ,, , , , 7:57 'W' ' H I 1, ,,.,.,w.h, , Q f 1 gf Q 5 '74 2 HA 2 ' '. . I Q 5 :QZQ 'C j V I x . 1 ' ,' 1 , , 1 ' " Z' "' f I 1, ,f , , , , W f 4' , X, W K , , , Z. , ' 4 f' HE, - f ,rf vm, ML ' ' -4 ' 1 '- . -'A ! yy Q4 , ,. Z A, i K i 27 47 ' f 1 43' , 'X g, ' 4 I i' 2 'Q T ' ai ' ff . X A. f fi 4 ' .QI " s ' 5 . X X 1 i N M 'W 1 iz, gf X - Q n 9? S ll i x 1 x I 4 5' 5 Q , 5 . s x IN . X Q J P r 5 A , Yi 1 223 l ,f , li .'i1m-,551 v , A gh, YQ. he -75, X R, '13, ,- ,. ,,-- vi, 5 V 'f ffgrkf' ' Y 1, Q , ,-ihgfql' K2-I? N VL 4 -K, "' we "Q -YM' v- . 1 ' 'f , 'A,KfQw'.A- 1 1 Q . .X-V N , ,. , - , W ,:,v2A':1:2'55i5fsA,, K , -4 ,.Qfzf -1 aa A12 rg-.Ar ,, r"g- -Jg, fq'4.,- VW, -,,:yy,,. L qv f -' '. mi., 'id f-5, V 25' .vm wi-ff. . ..-2 M N -. r-1 4" .W 'W 11 fp. 1 Q' U 1 - , ., " ,ig pf' A , , , U, 4 , gs b V . .. W r 4' ,ff-'w 1 ' 5-fr " , A x, 7, ffg ,,.Q-174125 ZF' : 1 'H f'k'.rjll 13. A . 4 if,-lg' -jfgfgga f,v :,,."'.. 74 Nw :N X' XX' M131 Z'7fl610l uke 1 I M131 Katby flfller v l."v o,',7 . 1 'f , , fe NK. T ' K5 f f ff ff f ff! 4' 1 , f ,, fj ff M , f I 1 f 1 1 X X 6 , Q: , V .hw Q , , I 1 1 I - J, :ff 5' ff X X ff' Z Z ! ,, f, 4 273 W '4 ' . ,ij .,, . ay f ""-W-wm,., ,M , 1 'ZZff??'?'Hf:z1wf,,,. V 1 4 X' .I f , . ' 1 as Q '52 4 .Fifi iq., if wif, 1' Q wig 1 Ku fxrx Q Q.-9 294 Ifgfq-5 1 36123, lim fi Qi uw ,P,X"f'Ef 2 1, + ax.. Tb , . l V, ' r 5 ' " . ' 1 -.i w Y,ms-'.i,l953532-fi, Qfdff w fm ., Z4 vigjj' 3,4- ,,. ,, .9 .ggvqg 73, ,.mf4. 1 T? " k ' J: 'iam' Q, 1 1- if? ,, . .. f 'Hg-Q -. " 'W 1 ' Q L: :fi - 741 59 ' yrfivivzl .. I, Wil ' i 5 'V if i .13 -E 2' fig' .r ' flhssc, X ' ' "-"e,uQ-'f ' xfnf 1 ,g .W ,' ' iii' ' Q. ,, ' 1 .E M5613 76 Miki Roy e Ann .fz1egrz'e.ft i . J. .N . , . ax if n., 1' J :wi 'Q i mi X ,WV GQ .V w,. 8, .,.,.1 I ' ' 1 s Q v f, ew 'F' f.r .V ,311 ..,-,g 4 ,Q I 4 M-.' Q ." "-'vw A gif. .,, 9 Iaxl-4.2 Q. I i 41' . 1 gk 11- AEA Mir! 571 Wy T 110mm ,-.--I-. .......I... ,1I.. .....L.. I I I 5- I- L- In- L- I I III I Lv- inu- I I r r-wifi rib-s r-sir!-u r-1-hs rwuiin r-ii: II L1 I L I I I in I in I I x I I I I I I I II EI ,...,...-.- Q -MM NMNWQNAN . . X S wir I I I I I 77 ex Q.: www I ,, 7 1 atv:-W .nf Xe 5 'A 2 W1 f far I 9 Agfvirfl f 1 I in X K X X 535 W' W. Q Iv, bg 'SS M135 fudy Walker M131 Cindy Wutlz'ngI0n KA P 1 E Q ,.,,, Nancy Archer, KA Kay McLeod, KA 1 Kay Newman, ,AAA V wwf' Betty Lee Shelton, X52 Peggy Malone, AEA Pennie Sue Webre, AEA Linda Mann, AAA 'F"""'-Q. Sally Jo Waters, KA 'R in an A' Joan Kinnebrew, HB4' 81 Bonnie Turi, AEA L Miss U. S. M. Our Miss USM for 1964-65 is definitely a well known figure on campus. Miss Hilda Bullock, a transfer and member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, has not only been a Top Ten Beauty for two years, but she has had other honors bestowed upon her, such as Kappa Alpha Rose, Student Body Homecoming Maid, Junior Class officer, and Rho Epsilon Sweet- heart. Beauty, versatility and varied abilities such as dean's list scholar and a major in history, round out her attractive personality. Hz'lz1'a Bullock Kenny Zllmftin .M-W ..... -M twgwmazs , -X, mis! M aa -g -' ' Mr. U. S. M. Popularity with all the students is an im- portant aspect in the election of Mr. USM. Versatility, scholarship, and leadership are also important, and all of these qualifications fit Kenny Martin, Mr. USM of 1964-65. His hobbies are numerable, from p-hotogra- phy to athletics, and his leadership has been expressed by his reign as freshman class favorite, Who's 'Who in American Colleges, and Senator. Being an above average student, Kenny also holds oflice in Rho Eta Sigma and Delta Sigma Pi. f if fivflfi l .V , ., V1 .af " I' 'av " 'Ko "N 5 I -. , ,, Q, - ,Y , A O D . - ,Ib-., A-rih rd fl- ,Q g I v .. A3'tf,'l'7' ' Ly'.,,-all SH' sp',i,1.'!!7,""i'2'l' V ' ,lt ia' 4. W fir. f' ' 4- , - W T il , ri, 'li . :W A . Q 'Wk ..',.Q,i17' Il, . , P .ff ,pai 'Ax lltwqii Q . 'I ' "xv s',- N ' X, ' 'I ,,'4l' 1 ' f 'ty 'X , ' , 4 -',.',--,H .fer ' - 'alfa S A -' , - ' f' - Y F- A . 4. ' - f - " ,f i X. 1 45 53,3 . RIM ggi :li irlgimi 1 ,lui f .gg , ., . 4 '. 5 - . , s Y , my--. .fa are 4- irg.g-.13-sig f--'ff 1 an ' 1,9 - i r . O IA.: ' .f I g -. 'V A 'Fl '!. ll .r H If-Q ' . d3JfM,fnN,P . 'W ll 84 Homecoming ueen Royce Ann fzbgrzkft Elected to reign over homecoming festivities for 1964 at Southern was Miss Royce Ann Siegriest, a nineteen year old sophomore from Mason City, Ill. Miss Siegriest is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority. Last year she was elected top ten beauty, freshman class favorite and reigned as Greek goddess. This year she is Yellow Jacket Sweetheart, ROTC Brigade sponsor and was again elected top ten beauty. She is also a menber of Southern's "Pride" marching band. 'af MARI LONGINO Junior Class Maid if CHARLOTTE ELAM Graduate Class Maid HILDA BULLOCK VICKI COLES Student Body Maid Senior Class Maid Homecoming Court Left to Right: 1964 Homecoming Court: Charlotte Herzog, Vicki Coles, Hilda Bullock, Royce Ann Siegrist, Charlotte Elam, Mari Lon- gino, and Peggy Malone. Rf. CHARLO Fam AMI, M4 W ... TTE HERZOG Q Sophomore Class Maid PEGGY MALONE Freshman Class Favorite v 5. 41" S! 5 SUE GRANTHAM Southerds Best Dressed SI-TERRY THOMAS '!,f"" SUSAN WELLS W'ILM.A HARRIS fav' in-4 Z MARY BETH SHOEMAKE BETTY LOU POLK 'fa-wi 86 LINDA MA.NN NATALIE SCARBOROUGH PAM KELLER Best Dressed Each year in connection with Glamour maga- zine, a best dressed co-ed is selected on the Southern campus. Chosen by a panel of judges over nine other contestants this year was Brenda Poole, a senior from Co-lumbia, Mississippi. Each contestant modeled four different outits. The winner was chosen on the basis of poise, neatness and appearance. Brenda will now be entered in Glamour magazine's national contest to select the ten best dressed co-eds in the United States. At Southern, Brenda is majoring in marketing and plans to be a buyer for a department store. She is a member of Kappa Delta sorority. 11,4 .x 14 if ma 4 L Z 4 . 'lg :414'w 'Y A , K 3 jgpafw vb 3 . ' W Ifwnvamll gl, H! as 5' air "vq'n,, s 15 Q 'Q 5,f,.Qff,, bei 5 . ' , , my f,,.',,W afwf .gi 5, f 43:1 itx aygn ,far wi, , ziignvqsiff i -4 X125 Q, , ., QQ-f, Ur '4 -,eve 4 a f frm- -'EAQMW 1120 -M ,uf tw . 4N,?u,.,v. ,, 31 45449 -s. . tl1g,,a f wa, 44 ,ff ' ' .Z 3 ixygael 'GBM W1 Q 94,1 6 :sq ig, Aguqfaeq is 45 ' 1 , Q5 , ses a ' fe lf 9354164 g'.- 6,9- cf, ,U M, -ft Q, in , Q 331 '90 sw a Hi 1: '-1 3' 15 rr in 6 X :J --.Q 4 l ,144 M I 'ffl i z ":""u!"4' . 1- 9 ,. -L KK! s-A 'Q ,. , - - ,- bl- Q If . f f J ,,A-up ,M 5 " Wf"H1e -H 5 A, .1 ,4 A ' . 3" ' Mk My Q Y t , af-vqsff., If Y W v . ,fb . f f '- , 5 1 M, 0' , ,, 4 ,3..m,. . V , 5 4 3 M404 ' V Q. . A f I if I v , eff' 2 Q " Q L , fa km Q 4 V 53 ff? Nl Kappa Alpha Rose, Hilda Bullock, on the left, and Phi Kappa Tau Sweetheart, Gwen Stalnaker, on the right, show Christmas spirit. Fraternity Sweethearts VICKIE PRESCOTT Sigma Phi Epsilon KATHY MILLER Alpha Tau Omega GWEN STALNAKER Phi Kappa Tau N. f if f I 1 4 M- fi - V3 4 f L ' 'ff' ,- u.Ia,v QW' 'Z 4. ,wi-fhvqai. fL"f71'5K A , 3 I ,f V'ziMf.W,M,wmM1 V- , , ,if w"515Lf,f'-w uw ,. I r W' 'fqh 1 ff - - , , f 1 If ' '- ,a ww 2 , , ,A f '4' ' 4 f, w.-:1 - ' ,, f,,' . . ' fvfww , A ,- . 1 - M A ,Q ,va I in I I Nh iw HILDA BULLOCK Kappa Alpha li if N f ff 1 ' . SHERRY THOMAS Pi Kappa Alpha ' wal ,1 If Q, 1' A 117 xgfjli 1. ZH: A5 wi -,K ' 's 4 4 A , -Q, x Rd! , ,W .f ,-.f h +E- . ,H I E , - .Y oy- '.L,'-'IP If ' ' " 'J hx." .: .- L A . u 1' - . "Pb ' My '17 A Jw zf' ' V- V AF.-f up ,v, ,l,,.z-in ,. -,. M.. -Q ,. a Q- fn 5" 'N r iff- ,-QW? -J", -f " . ' T 2-f' W? X' X- ., 2 f-f:'fs:- A 4 .z,- 'L,,r" M v frff4n.zLQxv.x I L k K 0961 on arm! M694 Officers Harold Talbot, Rush Chairmang Nor- ris Thomas, Junior Dean: Don Solo- mon, Venerable Deang Bill Elmore, Senior Deang George Gunter, Treas- urerg ' Steve Kirchmayr, Secretary. Qu , Y My -u....h-st WN the vs-""' Acacia 'bv 1 lfrw-:" X A good year for the right triangle . . . Fall rush successful in spite of the slum dwelling . . . Daylight is seen in the Acacia fight to extricate itself from miserable McMillan into our ovxm castle in the sky . . . growing, growing . . . Black and Gold Forman most swinging ever . . . "Gainsipo" finds love . . . J.B. invents new sugar cane that will grow in the house . . . Triangle hot on the bowling lanes again this year . . . Acacia on the swing in '65 . . . 91 First Row: Harold Beckner, Roger Clark, George Clements, William Duty, William El- more, John Galley, Michael Golden. Second Row: George Gunter, Lane Haskew, John Hixon, Steve Kirchmayr, Lawrence McGee. Third Row: Edward Qusley, Dan Pearce, Cecil Prentice, James Richman. Fourth Row: Harold Talbot, John Thompson, Har- old Trochie. Not Pictured: John Castlen, Rolland B. Holcolmb, Norris W. Thomas, Gregory J. Hol- brook, Roger E. Newton, Jerry R. Reed. Olficers Gerald Cable, House Managerg Pody Jones, Vice-Presidentg Sonny Rush- ing, Treasure-rg Jimmy Main, Presi- dentg Terry McE'1wain, Correspond- mg Secretaryg Ed Bush, Recording Secretary. '59 WW upf- Qi QMVUV 'ffb-aww 'hw fa-.,,, "i..,4f rw.- 'aff' ,gin I' lf! ff ,df 'A' .1 Alpha Tau Y-.Q Umega .cw 'id "'7""9 House newly renovated, all brick, pine-panelled . . . private phones . . . Color television, pool and ping-pong tables . . . cafeteria facilities . . . illuminated maltese cross . . . goes without saying ATO outdistanced all others in rush-the most and the best . . . always the party boys . . . Viking party, Vat party, Orchid Ball, Christmas party, parties on land and sea . . . No Tellin' where the parties are . . . great homecoming -1- wrong shoe size : Social probation . . . Bush finally attracts a mate . . . V.P. snowed . . . Prexy still training elephants . . . Dean G. carries on search for Cinderella . . . May Old Black Joe never be sober . . . Drink. 94 5' I""'l as-I' 'J-f"3 few Vx mike WCW' 4' ,awe VA is-.. Mui' WW' Wwrrvg. W 'Qyvvwffwp' 4?""" we WM' My ww Vakz. fwawighiff HH!f""' First Row: Wiilson Andress, Ed Assaf, Don Bid- lack, Tim Bragassa, Raymond M. Burns, Eddie Bush, David Carter, Larry Ceres, Steve Coffman, Sid W. Cromer. Second Row: Paul DeAngelis, Hank Dismukes, Brooks Emory, Henry Fontanills, Thomas Fortenberry, Kent Foster, Mike Gore, William Gosnell, J. G. Hambright, Joseph J. Hebert. Third Row: Neil Honan, Alan Howle, Ronald Hudson, Joel M. Killhnan, Bill Kolhle, Chuck Koyiades, John E. Lazenby, James Main, L. Artice Mc- Graw. Fourth Row: Henry Murphree, Hanson Owen, Philip W. Petro, Edward B. Pitts, Coby B. Regehr, Jesus 0. Rodriguez, Greg Runyan, Sonny Rushing. Fifth Row: Jim Rylander, John Sands, Frank W. Schenck, James O. Seymore, Harry Speaker, Dennis Spencer, Elton B. Stephens. Sixth Row: Stephen F. Stipe, Jimmy Thomason, Bill K. Trimble, John Tringas, Joe Turnipseed. Seventh Row: William L. Weathers, William H. Williamson, Harold Wood. Not Pictured: Guy L. Burns, Gerald W. Cable, Fred H. Drews, III, Franklin T. Everette, Jerry A. Harris, Larry E. Harris, William H. Harrison, Henry T. Jones, III, John A. Jones, David W. Kanady, Pete K. Maurer, Terry L. McElwain, John A. Petro, Robert E. Petro, Franklin B. Pickering, William F. Porter, Terrence J. Silva, Thomas W. Tyner, Allan P. Upchurch, Charles W. Walley, John A. Cook, Buckner Hamilton, William F. Hansen, Dennis B. Hays, Richard T. Merritt, Samuel N. Mockbee, Douglas Skinner, David E. Sutter, William O. Trotter, Carl W. Wallman. gn, lg 'IRQ Y .sri -' X .J J X if-a l 4,-S"b"f. 14952, Officers Steve Wall, Social Chairmang Johnny May, Corresponding Secretary, Don Shelton, President, Percy Schwing, Parliamentariang Kelly Runnels, Treasurer, Charles Baldwin, His- toriang Gary Sinopoli, Vice-Presi- dent, Lewis Elias, Recording Secre- tary. ep'- '52 '45, "'N+ ah. ff'-w. fi-t 'il --,,. ,r an--ff if 'Y "FTS Kappa Alpha KA still on probation . . . where ya' at scholarship . . . pledges galore . . . sign painting at Pike house . . . ultra-interfraternity spirit . . . Tail-end at Homecoming parade . . . semi-finals in football . . . Shelton gets pinned . . . new rule takes over. Hilda reigns supreme . . . Another great year in Song Fest . . . Barrett plays Papa . . . Beards, Beards, Beards . . . Wall bakes cakes . . . Black spreads usual Christmas cheer at party . . . What's everybody doing at Trader John's . . . Convivium is celebrated dryly . . . Old South forever . . . All right, Town House . . . Wheat, Barley, Alphalpha, give 'em Hell Kappa Alpha. 96 .S 'S v First Row: George Bell, Larry Brown, Thomas P. Dean, Pat H. Heidelberg, Randy F. Lawrence. Floyd R. Lee, Kenneth Leslie. Second Row: Craig B. Mason, Chris Myers, Mike McCall, Tom L. McElreath, Ronald D. Patterson, David Pope. Third Row: John R. Pugh, Harold M. Purdy, Steve H. Purdy, Raymond A. Rath- lev, Charles M. Robinson. Fourth Row: Wilton Saba, Hugh T. Smith, Thomas Spinks, Stan Steadman. Fifth Row: Steve E. Stiglets, Charles L. Weaver, John Tinnin. Sixth Row: Gene T. White, Douglas Womack. Not Pictured: Charles D. Baldwin, John B. Bald- win, Edward H. Barrett, Charles Boyd, Lewis Elias, Grant Richard Feye, Henry L. Hennington, Harold Irby, Jerry G. Johnson, Johnny W. Lee, Maurice R. Levite, George R. Long, Robert Wayne Mateer, John M. May, John P. Morris, Douglas C. Neitzel, Kelly W. Runnels, Percy D. Schwing, Don R. Shelton, James S. Shilston, Gary J. Sinopoli, Virgil J. Tee, Douglas L. Tynes, David E. Vinson, Robert S. Wall, Ralph E. Batchelor, Kenneth R. Biglane, John Morgan Dowdy, Charles E. Garrison, Ronald Doenenn, John C. Lamey, Walter M. Mabry, Jimmy Edward Pinnix, John P. Rimmer, John Ott Sykes, Robert M. Sowell, Elmer Whitehurst, James D. Williams, Wil- liam R. Wright. ac: ' V , 15 fi Officers Scrappy Moore, Guardg Mark Low- rey, Guardg Warren Reuther, Vice- Presidentg Bill Kahlstorf, President. Standing: Billy Ball, Guardg Fred Hayslett, Secretaryg Charles Dickens, House Managerg Jim Weaver, Sec- ond Vice-Presidentg Junior Moses, Pledge Trainerg Steve Wood, Treas- urer. or 11 'L Qf Kappa I Sigma Kappa Sigma again proves to be if I . . . repeating as IFC football champs . . . capturing the over-all school football trophy . . . harmonizing its way to Song Fest trophy for the second straight year Q5 out of 61 . . . Homecoming party sets the stage for campus social activity . . . Whoster blossoms and gets dropped . . . Scrappy gives romance a second chance . . . Bologna Bend as popular as ever . . . Lou's cadillac hauls to and fro . . . Sigs again cap elections . . . popular Steve is class president for the fourth consecutive year . . . Voss vaults into SGA office . . . Lowrey creeps into the scene . . . Richmond makes a futile attempt . . . parties fill the year . . . never on probation . . . Voss reluctantly renders his monopoly as the new regime takes over . . . Epsilon Nu moves into the National spotlight scholastically and with its Janitorship fcleanest Kappa Sigma house in the United Statesj . . . Let's go to the Oaks. 98 Vi ' gas 5' First Row: Paul Angerami, Dennis Bailey, Quinton Ball, John Barber, Paul Blaum, Jolm Bowling, Ronnie Camp- bell, Chuck Cartwright, Edwin Cochran, James Collins, Thomas Col-- lins, Kenneth Davis. Second Row: Tony DelHomme, Bert Denson, Rich- ard DeStaffany, Charles Dickens, Richard Dossett, Robert Erhart, John Fitzgerald, Terry Frey, James Ga- fluppi, David Gardner, Richard Go- verski. Third Row: Fred Griffin, John Hall, Walter Ham- ilton, John Hammond, William Har- ris, Robert Hartfield, Fred Hayslett, Elmer Hemphill, Tom Hershey, Doe Iturbe. Fourth Row: William Kahlstorf, James Kemp, Carroll Little, Marcus Wollar, Mark Lowrey, John Madeira, W. Magee, Gary Mander, Richard Martin. Fifth Row: Alan Meador, Richard Medlin, James Moore, Charles Moses, John Mc- Carty, William Pendergrass, Gordon Pollock, Roger Poulos. Sixth Row: Phillip Quam, Millard Quigley, War- ren Reuther, John Richmond, Jimmy Scully, Henry Sharpe, Mewyrn Sharpe. Seventh Row: Emery Smith, Roy Spencer, James Tharp, 0. M. Thomas, Lou Under- wood, Bill Voss. Eighth Row: Jim Weaver, Ronald White, William White, Ronald Wolski, Steve Wood. Not Pictured: Thomas L. Bailey, Joseph B. Brech- tel, Robert F. Drake, James H. Dunn, Paul D. Garverich, Hardie Gaston, William F. Gump, Richard T. Lank- ford, James E. McE1ory, John E. McManus, Anneas S. Moses, Ronald T. Regan, Joseph D. Scarpa, Doug- las F. Thomas, Patrick D. Zimlich, Sidney B. Atkins, Rick K. Bennett, Edward Buffett, Edwin C. Duke, Robert Geier, Richard N. Haney, Kenneth A. Kinner, Woody H. May Steve W. Pagliughi. 1 fi agar Officers Left to Right: Al Andrews, Treas- urerg Clyde Copelin, Secretaryg Bert Adams, Rush Chairmang George Young, President, Paul Bosarge, Pledge Trainer, Ike LaFleur, Vice- President, Bobby Hallman, House Manager. MN 1' , wr' 'agp-ff" fin 'MM , 1' i. 'N Qvfi yn J '86-. -.1 WN Phi Kappa Tau - Food battle in the cafeteria resulted in roll throwing, ice cream, plates, glasses, etc .... Made headlines in the Student Printz. Free for all after Phi Kappa Tau Homecoming Dance: black eyes, busted bottle, police dog, then peace . . . Yearly French Quarter . . . pledges do Can-Can, grow beards and wear French costumes. Lost Week-End Party . . . everybody really gets lost. Red Carnation Ball . . . Phi G4 ,bs Kappa Tau names new officers and Sweetheart which this year is Miss Gwen Stalnaker. 100 ,QM as Fw Wvfwjv MMM mr' xx W" ivan? ,um 'QM 'Han 52- ,gt vim., 'tae FW ,gmw....,, flips First Row: Bert Adams, Spencer M. Adams, Al Andrews, Ronnie E. Balzli, Bobby Bostwick, Sergus Bozzetti, Jolm 0. Broadus, Billy D. Bunch, Ted Burke, Jr., Milburne C. Cassady, Jr. Second Row: Mike A. Christina, Rick Christmas, Clyde L. Copelin, Arlen B. Coyle, George R. Drake, William D. Dubuis- son, Harold O. Dunlavy, Gene B. El- more, Tom Ferguson, Francis A. Godfrey. Third Row: William W. Grayson, Rodney L. Herring, Henry C. Hill, Bobby Holli- mon, Jack Jackson, Gary J. Joachim, Joey M. Jurich, Ike LaFleur, Lester La a. Fourth Row: Wayne A. Lochbaum, Donald R. Luckie, Jake M. Marinovich, Jr., Billy G. Mashburn, Dewey B. Miller, Leon Miller, Richard Pomeroy, Har- vey Post. Fifth Row: Bubba Prothro, Rick Rosetti, Lee Rowley, Fred R. Sartin, Richard H. Schoenick, Gene P. Stanley, Charles Taylor. Sixth Row: James E. Toombs, Thomas J. Wea- ver, Glen Wilson, Gregg A. Wood- ward, Donald E. Wright. Seventh Row: Fred W. Wright, George E. Young, Obie Young. Not Pictured Paul R. Bosarge, Nick Doyle, Willard P. Gowdy, Kenneth R. Hodges, Wil- bur J. Martin, Paul M. Oates, Paul H. Reynolds, LeRoy P. Smith, John A. Terrell, Carl J . Tuzolino, Charles Paul Antullis, Steve W. Bass, Harold E. Brumfield, Allan LaMarr Culpep- per, Mason L. Green, Patrick L. Harden, Ronald D. Harris, John Michael Howard, Frederick P. Jor- don, Jr., Alan T. Kavanaugh, Fran- cis L. Martin, Thomas Lynn Patter- son, Malcolm L. Pigford, Marshall L. Vifhatley, Harry L. Wheeler. is 1' Jamie Oflicersi Pat Sheehan, Vice-Presidentg Don Montgomery, Pledge Trainerg Don Renegar, Presidentg Larry Patterson, Secretaryg Larry Sulliva, House Managerg Skippy Reynolds, Treas-- urer. 'WT C2 'ao 'Hr KI' ""' "' em 'vb ,W-4 A-7 av' '44 rv- -Ns Kappa Alpha "Once Again" . . .Pi Kappa Alpha takes Skit Night First Place for twelfth year . . . Sherry . . . Mom begins book . . . Pi KA Golden Giants take First Place . . . Bexley graduates . . . Summer rush party on coast . . . where is Costas Lodge?? . . . Large Pledge class . . . Great "B" team . . . ball returns . . . Again . . . Nance made permanent Fire Chief . . . college drop-out goes duck hunting in the hall . . . spirit of the Great Pumpkin visits Pike pledges . . . student body Paints-a-Pike . . . Freshman has cook out . . . Homecoming best ever . . . Alumni pledge furniture for new house . . . Another year as tops for the Garnet and Gold. 101 First Row: William Allbritton, Elton Ammons, James Anderson, Michael Bafll, Charles Baxter, Hector Bourg, Gor- dan Bradford, George Brooks, No- lan Brooks, Thomas Burt. Second Row: William Cockran, kRobert Connell, Eugene Cosnahan, Tal DeCell, Jerry Van Dyess, Bobby French, Clark Gordon, James Holder, Tom Hunger. Third Row: Bennett Jennings, William Kortman, Richard Monger, Don Montgomery, Albert Morrison, Glenn Mullen, Donald Nace, Joe Neely. Fourth Row: James Owens, Larry Patterson, Ronald Peare, Jerry Pigott, Jerry Pogue, Victor Purvis, Don Renegar. Fifth Row: Thomas Rohmann, Kent Russell, Robert Saxon, Richard Schwing, Ed- ward Seward, Patrick Sheehan. Sixth Row: Norie Smylie, William Spigener, Jo- seph Sullivan, Edward Switzer, Bill Taylor. Seventh Row: Bill Vallas, James VVhite, Rod Wind- ham, Michael Womack. Not Pictured William P. Bowers, Steve C. Erwin, Wiliam M. Floyd, Joe C. Hess, Doug- las A. Myers, Jerry D. Novak, Charles H. Rumfelt, Harry E. Spell, Jr., George M. Brooks, Jr., Laurence B. Buckley, Jr., Ronnie K. Grubbs, Emmett Holcomb, David L. Keyser, Stephen J. Maurer, David M. Schlichter, Tommy B. Usher. Xxx Nil! I6 Officers Jim Phillips, Assistant Comptroller Lynn Cote, Presidentg Skip Leei, Comptrollerg Steve Young, Secre- taryg Sam Kallagian, Recorderg Dwight Nelson, Vice-President. 'l' 1 , I DQ 'V i up--5 Hur Sigma Phi Epsilon Big year for SPE . . . the Help Week Project . . . softball games when Sig Eps finds out what it is like to win a few . . . graduation and the hard life in the army . . . Rush and the heat . . . Homecoming . . . Jerry and John are a big loss . . . Actives run by the pledges . . . Red door is still red . . . four-eyed president gets top position . . . SigEps . . . unknown quantity. 104 QA ' 1 png, U-1 suing, First Row: Kenneth J. Adam, Weldon Z. Allen, Jimmy D. Beall, Winston B. Brown, Roger E. Bunger, Bobby W. Camp- bell, John M. Clements. Second Row: John L. Cote, Dennis R. Dell, Charles W. Dixon, Michael R. Elliott, Ronald W. Gillis, Larry W. Hall. Third Row: Michael N. Hedgepeth, Sam L. Kala- gian, Luther D. Ladner, Howard Lee, Michael W. Mooney. Fourth Row: Gene McDaniel, Dwight B. Nelson, Walter J. Nettles, Ernest E. Norton. Fifth Row: James Phillips, Arthur L. Rubino- witz,, Douglas L. Salley. Sixth Row: John L. Taylor, Greg W. Ulrich Kenneth E. Yarrow. Not Pictured Thomas J. Hairston, Lloyd H. Kim- brough, Howard J. Lee, Gary P. Parnham, Thomas J. Phillips, James T. Taylor, Robert Stephen Young, Jerry Allen Evans, Douglas Lee Hin- son, Jerome Madison, James David Pobjecky, Kenneth R. Yeager. Officers Jerry Griffin, Vice-Presidentg Sammy Davis, President: John Simpson, Secretary. Standing: Jim Kiser, Treasurerg Frank Waters, Chroni- clerg Charles Brumfield, Faculty Adviser. l 12 W w I Q: 'VCL l AQ I Y, gn.,-,. Phi Alpha Petitzbning Sigma A401901 Eprilon The newest and brightest spot on the fraternity scene . . . 1965 Sigma Alpha Epsilon National convention . . . the final step toward our charter . . . activities, intramurals . . . leadership . . . parties . . . Junior Class President . . . Who's Who . . . ODK . . . first in scholarship . . . Halloween carnival and the Phi Alpha car . . . blanket parties . . . good fun . . . never on social probation . . . Christmas . . . Homecoming . . . our home in the Student Union . . . we of Phi Alpha grow with Southern. 106 'Cb Qu: an. Y 92"- "".--ip. 1"U"2 fm? sbs' .,.-.f-Q We villas .. 'N-if M 'WX 'Nun if--ww Wkyw WWE Www WINJOR' WW'-gk MQ stalks-.., 1n9"""""- Wire 'Fx IO 7 First Row: Gary L. Bornfleth, Charles Brum- field, Wallace I. Burnette, Gary W. Gaston, Sammy Davis, Thomas Gil- laspy. Second Row: Jerry C. Griiiin, Bill Grinsted, Bre- lon C. Hill, Jr., Kenneth Inman, Jim D. Kiser, Stephen Lee Kollker. Third Row: William C. Leslie, Fred R. Lovett, Walter Loyle, Jay Maisel, Jerry C. Malley. Fourth Row: Mike C. Murphy, M. I. 0'De1l, Pat- rick K. Patterson, Tom K. Sanders. Fifth Row: John D. Simpson, Kenny A. Smith, Jim Sutton. Sixth Row: Frank Waters, Paul Wimberly. Not Pictured Sammy M. Davis, John A. Deddens, Jerry Wilson, Frank J. Jordan, Pat W. Notaro. Inter-Fraternit Council Delegates from each of the eight fraternities on the University's campus compose the Inter-Fraternity Council. IFC is set up to act as a governing body of the fraternities, to promote better harmony and co- operation among the fraternities, and to advance the interest of the university at all times. One of the primary duties of the IFC is to establish rules in regard to rushing, pledging, and finally the initiating of Fraternity men. In establishing these rules, the IFC tries to insure fairness to the rushee as well as to each fraternity. Greek Week is sponsored by the council in the spring of every year. Intramural competition is a major part of Greek life and is encouraged and aided by the council. There is also an annual IFC scholar- ship award. IO Inter-Fraternity Council. Left to Right. First Row: Charlie Boyd, Doug Tynes, Kent Foster, Ron Hudson, Paul Bosarge, Jimmy Maime, Jery Cable, Walter Hamilton. Second ROW: James Phillips Steve Wood, Larry Sullivan, Billy Bowers, Jerry Griffin, Roy Copelin, Bill Kahlstorf, Bill Voss. Third Row: Jack Diamond, Eugene Stanley, Don Renegar, Jay Masel, Dwight Nelson, Sid Cromer, Gordon Pollock. Inter-Fraternity Officers. Left to Right. Seated: Ron Hudson, President and Paul Bosarge, Vice-President. Standing: Walter Hamilton, Rush Chairmang Steve Wood, Treasurerg Kent Foster, Parliamentariang Doug Tynes, Secretary. f ff df. ffm' ,lf L I MM 4"4w mi., .. gg., f' M . if gf ,f f l 2, 4 .ig gf Q 1 , -ff 5, ,, Z Miss Venus Mari D Longino Each year the inter-fraternity council an- nounces Miss Venus, the IFC Sweetheart. Mari Longino has served as Miss Venus this year. This Poplarville, Mississippi, junior has been a top ten beauty for two years, Freshman class and Junior class favorites and Miss Southern. Mari is a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. i 109 ss, yf'i"'w ,, Panhellenic Council Panhellenic is an organization consisting of every member of each sorority on campus. The Panhellenic Council of the University of Southern Mississippi is the governing and balancing power, composed of two representatives from each sorority. One is a voting delegate, and the other is an alternate. This body compiles rules concerning rushing, pledg- ing, initiation, and sorority activities on campus. It is a forum for the discussion of questions of interest in the university and fraternity world. Another respon- sibility is to further fine intellectual accomplishments and sound scholarship. It cooperates with the univer- sity administration in the maintenance of high social standards, and, above all else, the Council maintains on a high plane fraternity life and inter-fraternity re- lations within the university. The Junior Panhellenic Council is made up of one delegate from each pledge class of the seven sororities on campus. The Council is a subsidiary of Senior Pan- hellenic, functioning under it auspices, but under a separate and similar constitution of its own. Its of- ficers are determined by rotation among the sororities as are those of Senior Panhellenic. Junior Panhellenic. Left to Right: Beverly Smith, Sarai Ann Canfield, Peggy Malone, Chairlei Morrison, Linda French, Sheila Ann Moore. Senior Panhellenic. Left to Right, Seated: Clairlei Morrison, Vicki Coles, Retta Justice, Elizabeth Hanna, Charlotte Herzog, Mrs. Wilber, Lynda Price. Standing: Marjorie Milner, Carol Cappel, Nancy Boren, Gwen Dellenger, Carolyn Arbuthnot, Jeanette King, Meachie McWhorter. . Presents 1964 Rush - - August 26 - - September 3 !"f. . Hours of preparation are needed before the fire is lit for rush to burst into activity, will constant Search for HHSII and inner and equal evaluation from the rushees . . . auty . . . .fi W :if Q S f-.: 5 5 Ai, 5 X 5 5 grx 5 , Q? . n . . . 4 it S? f ,f f if ., , -s :f'f' gi fi x followed by endless discussions, sleepless nights and expecta- when a new life IS created and a Sisterhood is born tions for the tomorrow, I 1 K , Q X is , , If A "-'nn JN Af"-3, 'Sv ,.-.Q Sl E 1 ALPHA f - SIGMA 5' i E . gg.: 3 .uAxxxdiwxxsxxxxxRxxxg , Q Q0 6,0 O ' QQ' 6 ' px IUEYAETE Officers Elizabeth Hanna, Presidentg Sharon Davis, Treasurerg Pennie Webre, Re- cording Secretary. Standing: Linda Landry, Corresponding Secretaryg Diane Purvis, Vice-President, Mary Ann Robison, Pledge Trainer. Dlx ALPHA Crm fi' Red Slipper Ball is Alpha Sigma Alpha's most-awaited occasion annually . . . Founders Day, Parent-Daughter Banquet and Winter Dance are other great social events . . . Informal parties enjoyed by all include slumber parties, coke parties and Big Sister-Little Sister get togethers. Charity month will find Alpha Sigs engaged in some work project to raise money for this annual Greek project . . . Pale moonlight when witches and goblins were out gave the perfect setting for this year's ASA Halloween Party. Alpha Sigs will be found as R.O.T.C. sponsors . . . Pike dream Girl, Circle K sweetheart . . . Phi Chi Theta and academic honoraries . . . beauties . . . and this year . . . Miss Southern! 117. First Row: Wynn Applewhite, Sylvia Ashley, Sue Barnhart, Dorothy Breaklield, Carolyn Christian, Harrie Coker, Jane Coker,, Sharon Davis, Connie Eien, Rebecca Fuller, Bettye Gal- laspy. Second Row: Evelyn Anne Habeeb, Elizabeth Halma, Judy Hawkins, Janet Hederi, Patricia Hill, Jilaine Jones, Judy Klein, Linda Landry, Kendra Lim- baugh, Ginger Lloyd. Third Row: Ann Mahan, Peggy Malone, Prue Martin, Johnie McDonald, Ina McEl- haney, Judith McElhaney, Charlotte McQueen, Dorothy Mennell, Mary Ann Pearson. Fourth Row: Janie Phillips, Patricia Prescott, Dianne Pugh, Diane Purvis, Mary Ann Reabold, Myra Richardson, Mary Anne Robison. Fifth Row: Edna Skinner, Paula Shoemaker. Patricia Sommers, Cheryl Storm, Diarme Switzer. Sixth Row: Aline Taylor, Sherry Thomas, Ginger Tullos, Pennie Webre, Sandy Weigle, Not Pictured: Sheila Burnham, Patricia Higgs, Cynthia Rahaim, Elaine Rahaim, Sylvia Roye, Sheila Smith, Gail Green, Yvonne Habeeb. L 523592 mt '14 F' 'ik Officers Martha Rogers, Recording Secretary, Sandra Jackson, Vice-President, Carolyn Arbuthnot, President, Peg- gy Williams, Treasurer, Standing: Margie Davis, Pledge Trainer, Pat Allred. -,ei E il fl il ?--Q ...F k 'Oi NA F- yi tw' ff qv- f-9 av Y be M CHI 0 P OMEGA Chi Omegas bring in new school year with en- thusiasm . . . First-rate pledges filling quota . . . Active Pledges earned Senate Page and stage band vocalist positions . . . many more honors . . . Fun and sisters working together produced homecoming float winning first place in beauty . . . Top pledges shine again-giving best Halloween Party ever . . . Christmas . . . Chi-O Song Fest just naturally go together and radiate holiday season's spirit . . . Entertainment . . . We see Chi O's entertaining in their chapter room, at the Christmas Dance, party for underprivileged children, Valentine Surprise Party, White Carnation Ball, and the Mother and Father Banquet . . . Chi O's participate . . . In honorary fraternities, Women's Affairs Board, Who's Who, Dixie Darlings, Band, and singers . . . Chi O's win . . . Titles of Fraternity sweetheart, Home-coming court, senators, class oliicers, ROTC sponsors, and beauties. 114 ' 3. rl-p l J. N First Row: Pat Allred, Carolyn Arbuthnot, Janis Barnes, Shirley Biggs, Marlene Bilek, Patsy Blount, Ann Bond, Sue Breath, Bitsey Browne, Sarai Canfield, Carol Cappel, Marti Carpenter. Second Row: Peggy Cassibry, Faye Cumberland, Marjorie Davis, Betty Demoville, Linda Dickey, Donna Field, Jane Fly, Mary Vela Frobes, Anita Giani, Paula Lou Haskins, Carolyn Helveston. Third Row: Vicki Hendershot, Jean Hodges, Pat Hollinger, Micki Huggins, Patricia Hurdle, Sandra Jackson, Janet Jones, Suzy Knight, Barbara Lewis. Fourth Row: Linda Luke, Christine Magee, Caro- lyn May, Jane Meredith, Emma Janet McCurdie, Marilyn Miller, Frances Nimocks, Mickey Oates. Fifth Row: Lynda Owen, Jean Parker, Jo Per- kins, Vicki Prescott, Ginger Pringle, Robin Rae, Martha Rogers. Sixth Row: Ruth Schoenigher, Janet Shearer, Betty Shelton, Sylvia Smith, Cornelia Stewart, Barbara Thomson. Seventh Row: Delphine Voss, Susan Wells. Carol Wentworth, Judy West, Brenda Wil- son, Dorothy Yarborough. Not Pictured: Caroline Girchette, Lynn Curtis, Margaret Huggins, Mayze Mackrell, Margaret Louise Williams, Anne Braune, Patricia Slade. ,,, , 0 S et 1 4 Officers Linda Lee, Presidentg Lynda For- man, Recording Secretary. Stand- ing: Lynda Lipscomb, Marshall, Kay Newman, Vice -Presidentg Jean Rawls, Treasurer. ill ,, ilal! 36-t :Ps 'S 3-6 'QP Qu- YP' '-,' DELTA DELTA DELTA Outstanding rush, with hot dogs greeting new pledges . . . "Now it's about these groads in the kitchen" . . . Our very own archery champ . . . candlelights every night . . . wedding bells . . . "Hark!.,' Sighs of relief as Deltas reign supreme in scholarship . . . strains of "Oh the Deltasu ring out as Delta Beattles steal the show at skit night . . . Dinging and Donging to first place in Song Fest . . . taking all the honors in talent festivities. Honors, as always . . . Homecoming Court, Senators, Cheerleader, President of Women's Affairs Board, S.C.F Officer, Editor of SOUTHERNER, KA Rose, I.F.C. sweetheart, Whois Who, Hall of Fame, Beauties, Miss U.S.M.! A year of highlights . . . Spring formal, Cowboy Party, Christmas Party . . . that warm feeling you get when you're a part of it all . . . mass evacuation to Ole Miss . . . "Forget it!" . . . Newman sees New York, Italian style . . . Little-Big Sister Christmas Party . . . room filled with ole Tri-Delta spirit . . . pep rallies . . . pink elephants . . . "happies" . . . All this . . . and more . . . is Tri Delta. 116 -Off C"'s1 I1 First Row: Deenie Assaf, Ann Barry, Elaine Birdsong, Kay Boatmon, Jean Brown, Jenny Bryant, Susan Budinich, Hilda Bullock, Sue Carter, Cathy Counts, Nancy Cunningham, Beverly Dale. Second Row: Domma Dickson, Lynn Finch, Emily Flowers, Gayden Flowers, Carolee Floyd, Virginia Hawkins, Charlotte Herzog, Judy Jackson, Ann King, Henrietta King. Third Row: Sharon Land, Judy Lee, Linda Lee, Judi Leftwich, Lynda Lipscomb, Sydney Lofton, Mari Longino, Karen Lucius, Myrna McGowen. Fourth Row: Sue Ann Miller, Faye Newman, Kay Newman, Sherry Nobles, Becky Owens, Becky Parris, Jonna Parrish, Barbara Patrick. Fifth Row: Kay Pickens, Betty Price, Sheifla Prichard Jean Rawls, Sharon Rawls, Cheryl Rayner, Jean Richardson. Sixth Row: Robbie Robertson, Martha Rushing, Susan Russell, Carol Sartin, Nancy Schutt, Deanie Slawson. Seventh Row: Beverly Smith, Lynn Spencer, Linda Stephens, Carol Thomas, Sydney Watkins, Betty Wilby. Not Pictured: Joyce Rogers, Betsy Andrews, Sally Booker, Lynda Forman, Linda Mann, if KAPPA V DELTA 7 a !rQ2' Officers Shirley Carlson, Presidentg Cindy Watlington, Vice-President, Janice Breazeald, Assistant Treasurer. Standing: Diane Carpenter, Mem- bership Chairrnang Becky Seal, Treasurerg Cornelia Pittman, Secre- taryg Bonnie Craig, Editor. ih. 13' 'T lu' 11"""w 43 I? ' 'Ok '-r v-...ssx 'T Successful Rush . . . Pledged quota of top girls . . . Big Sister-Little Sister Supper, no sleep and entertainment by Beatle Bay . . . New green "poof." Varnishing, stuffing paper, teamwork equal 3rd place in Homecoming Parade . . . "Dunk a KD" . . . love those intramurals. KD did it . . . Homecoming Queen, R.O.T.C. Brigade Sponsor, Dixie Darling officers and members, Who's Who, Phi Delta Rho, Senators, Yellowjacket Sweetheart . . . Kappa Deltas are everywhere. White Rose Week . . . Winter and Spring Formals, can't decide which was the most fun . . . Love . . . Fun . . . Friendship . . . Hard VVork . . . Enthusiasm . . . this is Kappa Delta. 118 II First Row: Nancy Archer, Yvette Braswell, Janice Breazeale, Camille Campbell, Shirley Carlson, Tommie Carney, Dianne Carpenter, Sherrie Carpen- ter, Marcia Chancellor, Bonnie Craig, Caroline Dean. Second Row: Jeanie Ermis, Jean Fairley, Betty Fields, Patricia Graham, Nita Grant, Patricia Hartley, Sue Havard, Betty Louise Johnston, Suzi Kergosien, Diana LaBay. Third Row: Lynette LaBay, Carole Ladner, Mil- dred Lawrence, Sachia Long, Thelsa Mclnnis, Kay McLeod, Mary Mc- Whorter, Jamie Murdock, Ola Murff, Fourth Row: Cornelia Pittman, Brenda Poole, Kay Purvis, Peggy Redd, Donna Rodwig, Becky Seal, Sheila Shotts. Fifth Row: Cheryl Smith, Mary Smith, Mary Lou Stanley, Virginia Stephens, San- dra Taylor. Sixth Row: Virginia Taylor, Ginny Terry, Mary Turnbough, Sally Waters, Cindy Watlington. Not Pictured: Mary Ellen Andre, Pamela Chason, Vicki Coles, Janet Kay Davis, Lynn Ellis, Sandra Harrison, Caro Henning, Judith Jones, Susan Bolen Long, Lucy Sartain, Royce Ann Siegrist, Patsy Smith, Tamara Srrrith, Carol Wadsworth, Martha Kellum, Sheila Ann Moore, Audrey Ann Smith. I. 4 L VK- us., 1 :fa 451 P+ J" CFU' A15 , ff' 5 ma 96' , gi S 'Z QQ PHI I '79 Q"""'VL 1 Q al A 7 egg? MU Officers June Davidson, Presidentg Peggy Hydrick, Vice-Presidentg Grace Smith, Recording Secretary. Stand- ing: Mary Everett, Pledge Trainerg Nancy Allen, Treasurerg Linda Rob- ertson, Corresponding Secretary. I x K xp .fad Successful rush, screaming new pledges, pizza party started the year off with a bang . . . Pledging and an early initiation prepared us for the year's many activities . . . Party for the Speech Therapy Children . . . Service project for Evelyn's playhouse . . . Candy apples galore for Halloween . . . Stuffing, painting, and working on float . . . Big-Little sister parties . . . Intramurals . . . Song Fest . . . Valentine Banquet Scholarship supper . . . Spring Formal . . . Colored TV for Tuesday and Thursday night session . . . Woolf's stockings . . . Cleaning chapter room and kitchen duty . . . Exciting candlelight ceremonies t . . . Mother-Daughter Banquet and initiation . . . Informal practice dance SGS- sions . . . Going-away sob parties . . . Alpha Omicron "dignitaries" are numer- ous . . . Active in campus organizations . . . SGA senators, cabinet members, and Secretary . . . Academic honoraries . . . cheerleader . . . R.O.T.C. sponsor . . . Phi Kappa Tau sweetheart . . . Who's Who . . . Scholarship recipients . . . Fun, work, sisterhood, study, and love make Phi Mu . . . Girls from every- where are tied with bonds of "perfect loving friendship." no ' N., 'ia WP' We KGS :'5Mff"'A,. a 194 in HM' 19" '11 an I'2.I First Row: Claudette Adcock, Judy Allen, Nancy Allen, Sharon Blount, Nancy Boren, Linda Brooks, Alexis Buckley, Judy Cole, Leslie Dame, Bonnie Daugh- erty, June Davidson. Second Row: Henri Sue Dearing, Gwen Dellenger, Joyce Drigallo, Mary Ann Durant, Mary Everette, Nancy Ewart, Char- lene Ezdlle, Sylvia Farnell, Lynn Fletcher, Dana Griffith. Third Row: Sandra Hammett, Marilyn Harvey, Beverly Hawkins, Judy Hollley, Shirley James, Sue King, Glenda Lartigue, Butch McDonald. Fourth Row: Brenda Morris, Patricia Nichols, Barbara Ohrtman, Nancy Paschal, Patricia Patrick, Bonnie Peacock, Melanie Peterson. Fifth Row: Marilyn Pittman, Sandra Reeves, Susan Risher, Linda Robertson, Natalie Scarborough, Pam Schatz. Sixth Row: Joanne Slay, Grace Smith, Pamela Thomas, Trudy Turner, Sandra Veck. Seventh Row: Linda Wacaster, Kathy Webb, Carol Sidney Weir, Harriett Woolf, Betsy Yates. Not Pictured: Margaret Ann Addkison, Sylvia Desporte, Peggy Hydrick, Linda Shuff, Judy Sewell, Gyen Stalnaker, Dora Stewart, Marianne Strub, George Ann Davis Honan, Claudette Adcock, Linda Kay Johnson, Mar- garet Nelson, Barbara Peat, Mary Serafin, Janet Blair. mom 'if' -aw 'tv' PI ff ff- 'L -f PHI Jane Betts, Acting President, Sylvia Price, Rush Chairman, Kitty Punes- sen, Vice-President. Standing: Mary Harris, Treasurer: Sue Grantham, Pledge Trainer, Brenda Houston, Recording Secretary. 1' Pi Beta Phi, the first social fraternity for women in the United States, has over 73,000 Pi Phi's wearing the golden arrow . . . Mississippi Alpha is proud of its scholastic achievement . . . President's List and Dean's List scholars helped to bring the Scholarship Plaque to the Pi Phi room for the second straight year . . . Other activities include a Fraternity supper, dessert parties, Christmas party, scholarship banquet, Settlement School tea, spring formal and, of course, chapter room slumber parties . . . Pi Phi,s are in honorary fra- ternities . . . Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Delta Rho, Kappa Pi, Debate team, Who's Who . . . Class officers . . . The golden arrow again carries the wine and the silver blue to the top. I'2.'2. 17. First Row: Susan Benham, Jhne Betts, Linda Biglane, Patricia Bymes, Onita Cooper, Dawn Cromartic, Kathy Dawes, Marilee Dukes, Donna Edgin. Second Row: Katrina Farris, Sandra Fortenbery, Marlee Furlow, Sue Grantham, Judith Hatcher, Nancy Hathorn, Melody Herring, Brenda Houston. Third Row: Martha Hude, Robin Johnson, Donna Keeler, Jeanette King, Phyllis Long, Margueritte McDonnell, Pamela Miley. Fourth Row: Janice Myers, Domia Noblitt, Mary Pinson, Lynda Price, Sylvia Price, Pam Pritchard. Fifth Row: Kitty Punessen, Gail Rouse, Janice Shelby, Robin Smalling. Sixth Row: Sandra Snowden, Grace Walker, Pat Ward, Barbara Webb. Not Pictured: Mary Elizabeth Gardner, Mary Harris, Carolyn Hill, Jean Kinne- brew, Marilyn Lenz, Sandra Rurnfelt, Patricia Ann Salter, Kay Pickering, Virginia Carol Bruce, Sally Marie Martin, Carolyn Nau, Hilda Neill, Jacqueline Rainey, Roblyn Rollings, Susan Siddall. Mm A qv, A arwww, ,as , I KO Q Officers Shelley Bean, Treasurerg Margie Milner President' Mary Beth S1209 make Vice-President. Standing Clairlie Morrison, Keeper of. Grades Cynthia Miller, Correspondmg Sec retary and Rush Chairman 'f as QU! -fr 31, SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA cl' 'S 'L S1gma Slgma Slgma Sth floor close to heaven? Hectlc rush week cold chapter room top notch pledges Purple cotton candy and Halloween carmval Spend the nlght party bags from no sleep Trl S1gma partles and Surprlses Pledge spaghettl supper Wardlaw d1s mfects Emmy Awards for pledges Homecommg Wormlng to V1Ct0fy Wlth g1ant green worm OUCH my achmg feet Work plus play for S1gmHS wxth char1ty and servlce projects Chr1stmas party for Ch1ldren s Home Founder s Day Banquet Sprmg Formal Blg and Llttle slster partles L1v1ng lovlng shal mg Wlth slsters from Nashvxlle to PHFIS all thls made a year of happmess for T1'1 Slgma. 17.4. MV! , 'ZW My kf""'9,gv' 17. WM Frst Row: Ann Allen, Bernice Bandy, Shelley Bean, Connie Carter, Sandra D'An- gelo, Rita Fletcher, Linda French. Second Row: Donna Hinkebein, Jennie James, Jeanne Kornegay, Sarah Lowry, Cynthia Miller, Margie Milner. Third Row: Clairlei Morrison, Janet Morton, Karen Porry, Susan Ramsay. Fourth Row: Lesflie Schneider, Mary Beth Shoe- make, Linda Wardlaw. Not Pictured: Janis Marie Graham, Patricia Hie- stadd, Margaret McClure, Dianne McLemore, Joan Tarbutton. Greeks are a special breed of people relinquishing their identity Within the masses to assume individuali- ty within a bond of friendship. Assumption of the responsibility for growth and development of the fraternal scope and of USM's campus are two tools these indivisible entities manipulate to create a stronger, more mature individual and a lasting view of University of Southern Mississippi. What Is A Greek? Laws of the land-Senate. Last Swing at Shelby-Greek Week dance. il? They reigneth. VYhat? Who?-Charity Month Queen and King. FW I 1 ' i -JJZFJIJ L Ho! Ho! Ho!-Christmas party for underprivileged. i' s s i A I bs N t -,V U gvfh 5,-2 V . ' .3 I 'Z K H ig ' Y 4, B., 9 A a ax' 1-. g gud e if Q 53,3 ' I 4 nm 1 H is N is Little decisions-Big decisions-Chapter meetings. 116 Y" f in n 'I l C 'I I I 'fs Children must play-Fraternity Row. She's the queen-Homecoming queen. Women are superior-Miss USM. Pinocchio-Greek week sports. There are not ten top beauties on this campus Greeks vote. Don't hit me-Greeks decorate for campus dances. F1 -61? 17. :'4 """iL 1--4........,,, me Mmwdmmil Q.J , . Www! 'rj films! ,0"l L "" ,.- n -1-355 'xx 'Wifi X 70k 5 E 3 5 VTZLZ -W: 3 2 " 2 'Z -nr ef , 35 ff? M, W Y DWQQQ' R X A , 4' 4 , Jm7Wm"h"'f' mae? , milk, , Southern if . . . rganizationf SHELIA PRICHARD SECTION EDITOR University Activities Council Supervises Cornmunit Life Of Students The Activities Committee is composed of representa- tives from social, religious and independent organiza- tions, and volunteers who request membership on the committee. The committee plans and promotes parties, dances, tournaments, talent shows, Halloween Carni- val, and other activities of the Union, under the super- vision of the Program Director. One of its main programs is the Southern Celebrities Series. Through this program the Activities Council brings "Big Name Entertainment" to the Southern campus. Some of the big names this year were The Brandywine Singers, Flatt and Scruggs, The Letter- men, The Four Preps, and The Four Freshmen. The University Activities Council is divided into six areas: Executive, Decoration, Film, Music, Publicity, and Refreshments. The chairmen of these individual com- mittees serve on the Executive Committee along with the over-all committee chairman. Through the planning and promotion of this com- mittee the Union is more able to provide the students with the type program that is both wholesome and desirable. 'assi QC w,,.:-, . . t -1 Q6 OO OO 006 .ew-M r 'ff E -nb First Row, Left to Right: Gin Hawkins, Dale Yarborough, Marti Carpenter, Margie Davis, Sally Waters, Pat Patrick, Dahn Mc- Neal, Pam Gray, Carol Cappel, Janet James, Sheila Moore, Jimmy Gavette. Second Row: Lynda Price, Marilyn Skrmetta, Cornelia Pittman, Deanie Slawson, Robin Smalling, Bonnie Daugherty, Becky Parris, Susan Tarver, Susan Rasmussen, Mar- tele Denmark, Marlene Bilek, Vicki Hendershot, Pam Keller. Third Row: Mike Zilliak, Walter Loyle, Ronnie Watson, Harvey Post, Al Andrews, Paul Antillus, Aubrey Beckliam, Walter Perry, Jimmy Williamson, Sherman Tobbius, Al Trautweiler, Louis Geriter. fins nu. fa g . MV h.,j3,,s 5 in U- w I L. Oiificers, Left to Right: A1 Andrews, Program Directory Marlene Bilek, Secretary, Mike Zilliak, Vice President, Harvey Post, President., 4-n-7 ' " Q-,sf i! --qv a... E3 , it ,igzzief 130 Service For Campus-Motto Of Alpha Phi Omega-Circle K Club -.l.i..'L. Front Row, Left to Right: M. K. Henderson, Secretary, Aubrey Beckham, First Vice Presi- dentg Judy Walker, Sweetheartg Walter Loyle, Presidentg William Coker, Second Vice President, Mile Ziliak, Treasurer. Second Row: Captain Robert S. Snead, Advisorg Richard A. Ford, Dean A. Deter, Ronnie Watson, Craig Hunt, Paul E. Dykes, Gary Smith, Rick Thurston, Terrance Lechna, Robert Steele, Mike Borja, Pledge Secretary, Teddy Heglev, Jack Malone, Sergeant Harold J. Douglas, Chairman. Left to Right: Ronald Bell, Ronnie White, President, Jimmy Williamson, Vice-President, Donald Bell, Judy McElhaney, Sweetheart, Jack Richmond, Bill Grinsted, Treasurerg Clifton Thomas, Paul Dickson. 131 Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity, is dedicated to the principles of Leader- ship, Friendship, and Service. Founded at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, in 1925, Alpha Phi Omega chap- ters are chartered on over 300 campuses in the United States -more than any other men's fraternity in the nation. Circle K The International Circle K Club motto is "We Build"- building for justice, liberty, democracy, and a better world in which to live. The Circle K Club is not merely an organiza- tion but a driving force, a de- veloping leadership for tomor- row, while it creates a better college or university commun- ity today. The club broadens the op- portunities available to students through personal contact with business and professional lead- ers. lt provides the medium for accomplishing projects to assist the school in social and aca- demic programs, and it provides a means for the same type of leadership in a college com- munity which service clubs are given in the business and pro- fessional world. Mothers Away From Home-Dormitor And Fraternit Dormitory Hostesses Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. Ethel Touchstone, Miss Polly Wilson, Mrs. Evelyn Gwin, Mrs. Eugene Barker, Mrs. Catherine McCaa. Standing: Mrs. Olive Odom, Mrs. Margaret Dean, Miss Georgia Granberry, Mrs. Mildred Weldy, Mrs. Olga Jackson, Mrs. Ruby Hemphill. Fraternity Housemothers Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. Catherine M. Cox, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Mrs. Mildred Wall, Kappa Alphag Grace G. Magee, Phi Kappa Tau. Standing: Mrs. Bonnie Gib- son, Pi Kappa Alpha, Rosa McLeod, Scott Hall, Reid Tyrone, Kappa Sigma. gen 1: I 4 . a6'iW Jw! st If lunge., 338 137. ff Workmg Groups Are Counselors And Civitans Freshman Counselors Left to Right: Paula Price, Mary Frances Hicks, Amanda Blackledge, Kay Heidelberg, Jeanie Farris, Olivia Johnston, Peggy Tutor, Rosalind Rhodes, Pat Ward, Jo Ann Kasbohm, Raye Sanders, Amelia Irby, Emily Flowers, Judy Jackson, Jean Rich- ardson, Nancy Schutt, Sylvia Fenn, Carol Hill, Miss Ernestine Lawhon, Advisor. Une of the top honors that can come to a junior or senior woman student at the Univer- sity of Southern Mississippi is to be selected as a freshman counselor. These counselors live in the freshman girls' dormi- tories to advise the girls of cam- pus rules and policies and to help them in their all-important first year of college. The coun- X4 W v E+ 'pf f QW , ,f f I selors are chosen on a basis of scholarship, leadership, and vised by the Assistant Dean of Women, Miss Ernestine Law- hon. Collegiate Civitan Front Row, Left to Right: Bill Bounds, Treasurer, Steve Wood, Vice President, Judy Jackson, Sweetheart, Wal- ter Loyle, President, David Fischer, Secretary. Back Row, Top to Bottom: J. C. Watson, Joe Middlebrook, Billy Thompson, Ronald Corrana, Ray Clifton Hunter, Jimmy Snowden, Tom M. Brown, David Thead, Robert Barham, Johnny Lazenby, Tommy Baker. Collegiate Civitan, a service organization sponsored by Hattiesburg Civitan International, promotes good fellowship and high scholarship, provides an opportunity for leadership through training, and encourages the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships. Through their actions and service, Civitans pledge to practice this Golden Rule, to make it pay dividends, both materially and spiritually, to bridge with it the road to better understand- ing between faculty, administration and stu- dent, and to build upon it a finer and nobler citizenship. campus interest and are ad- Yellowjackcts Promote Campus Spirit The Yellowjackets were originally founded to boast school spirit and to uphold the traditions of the Uni- versity of Southern Mississippi concerning freshmen. Haircuttings and beanies are all a part of the job. How- ever, this year the Yellowjackets went a little further to provide the freshmen with incentive-the Freshman Follies and the homecoming bonfire were initiated as school traditions. To provide an opportunity for the freshmen to gain vengence, the organization entered an egg throw with members as the targets. Campus visit- ors find the Yellowjackets delightful hosts and guides. The organization is composed of fifty sophomore members plus three senior members and the president, who is a junior elected from the preceding year's club. Yearly the members elect a sophomore girl to be their sweetheart. Royce Ann Siegrist is sweetheart of the 1964-65 Yellowjackets. 5 M : Yelllowjacket Oiiicers, Seated, Left to Right: A1 Andrews, Vice President, Royce Siegrist, Sweetheartg Fred Hayslett, President, Harvey Post, Secretary. Standing: Larry Jerkins, Junior Mem- berg Guy Chapman, Treasurer, Mark Lowrey, Parliamentariang Walter Loyle, Senior Member, Rick Christmas, Sergeant-at- Arms. a: Yellowjackets. First Row, Left to Right: John Warren, Thomas Bailey, Bill Winbom, Jon Matthews, Jerry Speights, Jim Weaver, Royce Siegrist, Guy Chapman, Jim Tharp, Bill Vallas, Mark Lowrey, Fred Hayslett, Dwight Nelson. Second Row: Bob An- derson, Harvey Post, Ronnie Balzli, Paul Grube, Vaulter Perry, Bill Jackson, Jim Phillips, Larry Jerkins, Justin Schaffer, Rob- ert McBride, Hollis Landrum, Gene Runnels, Rick Rosetti. Third Row: Billy Bunch, Ray Drake, Al Andrews, Roger Bun- ger, Jimmy Williamson, Basil Smith, Kenneth Crawley, Fred Bcdsole, Joseph Kieronski, Walter Loyle, Rick Christmas. I 34 Residence Hall Leaders United in Rho Eta Sigma Rho Eta Sigma, the residence hall service fraternity, was founded on January 31, 1963, by George R. Bahr, Supervisor of Menls Housing. This organization was founded for its members to have an opportunity for personal development, for service to others, for individual expression, for true comradeship, and for the exchange of ideas. The pur- pose of Rho Eta Sigma Fraternity is to serve as an organizational framework whereby its members, through individual service, can insure a better resi- dence hall program for residents of the University of Southern Mississippi. Lee Carroll Cleftj, president of Rho Eta Sigma works in close conjunction with Allen Bizzell, advisor. .. .sg , QS 53 . 35- V' Egg' s s s GW 5255? R' .aa N I fs A., ,..,,m,,m,q,,,, wmv? s - -as-in .,...,,, w ' 'WW ,wa ws-wanna. im W, M W-'gm mf, M NWNW' f , wsu?-sf ' " ,Mags WM L ww it , ,,...M, may ,MU H .M ,Wi Q ,, L M f 4 ewwta ,j Nam May, , ,- ..f,,,..,,Mwi Eng' ' ,WN ,K . A , , 4- My at ' ,N .. First row, left to right: Harold Allen, Clyne Adams, Gene Vin- son, Charles Allen, Donnie Taylor, Charles Watkins, Bill Sansing, Donnie Adams, Mike Green, Ivah Livingston. Second row: Ken McRaney, Wesley Wilkerson, Carless Stevens, Butch Harmon, Tom Jones, Charles Hand, Rascal Odom, Jerry Welch, Gerald Smith, James McCaslin. Third row: Stanley Orvis, Rob- ert Reynolds, Warren Dunn, Don MacDonald, Robert Dubay, Paul Bosarge, Lee Carroll, Jerry Harris. Interest Stimulated In Young Republicans Politics, And Southern Players The Young Republicans Club, afhliated with the Mississippi Republican party, was organ- ized at Southern Mississippi in 1962. This is its third year on campus, and the members are looking forward to continued growth in the future. The club is open to all stu- dents, with its purpose being to bring to students on campus in- formation on the happenings of the political parties. It also pro- vides an opportunity for stu- dents to ask various speakers any questions that they might have. Young Republicans on cam- pus have developed into an in- telligent, aggressive, and coop- erative Republican group. The Southern Players were organized in 1957 to stimulate interest and to encourage par- ticipation in theatre. This work- ing organization affords oppor- tunity for all interested stu- dents to participate in the sev- eral phases of theatre activity: acting, design, stagecraft, and direction. Through its An- nual Touring Children's Plays, Southern Players has intro- duced live theatre to thousands of children in Mississippi and Louisiana. This group strives to recognize achievement in thea- tre work and participate in cam- pus activities. C2ltCI' Qjtfr... ' x. , Young Republicans Club Front Row, Left to Right: Paula Price, Martha Johnson, Linda McDonald, Advertising Chairmang Frank Dethloff, Treasurerg John Simpson, Corresponding Secretaryg Sue Breath Recordmg Secretary, Tommy McRae, Chairmang Sammy Davis, Vice Chairman, Elaine Blrdsong. Back Row: John Lazenby, Judy Jones, Barbara Oasley, Charles Bromfield, L. Sharif, Hugh Covington, Cathy Edmonds, Frank Waters, Wanda Williams Patsy Blount Cheryl Rayner. ' ' Southern Players First Row, Left to Right: John Middleton, Treasurer: Regina Berry, Secretary, Lucy Sar- tain, Vice President: Charlyn Maguire, President: Becky Ditro, Historian: Louis Gertler, Parliamentariang Dave Allen, Master of Apprentices. Second Row: Alice Ann Reed, Kay Crabel, Emily Johansen, Wanda Williams, Linda Sigler, Kin Fite, James Ellis, Chris Grail, .1 . . . . g . ,Q . Q Q . V g N - Shnley Biggs, Eloise Scott. Thiid Row. Mike Byrd, Phil Paikei, Jimmy Cox, Lamai ew man, John Hammons, Betty Demoville. 136 Business Leaders United In Pi Sigma Epsilon And Phi Beta Lambda Pi Sigrna Epsilon First Row, Left to Right: John McManus, Charles Houser, William L. Cox, Historian, Jim Moore, Treasurerg Joe Scarpa, Presidentg Johnny Baldwin, Secretaryg Tom Hunger, Pledge Trainerg Henry Hennington, Sergeant at Arms. Second Row: Dell Clark, Jack B. Malone, Chuck Struve, Bob Erhart, David Cottrell, III, Ray Click, Don Biblack, Jerry Pogue. - . ...Qi it Phi Beta Lambda Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. Cameron, Bonnie Boothe, Pat Richardson, Claudette Champagne, Carol Ladner, Ulrike Wickelmann, Betty Rush, Carolyn McKey, Betty Tannehill, Patricia Dabbs. Standing: Janie Moss, Barbara Fuente, Shirley Gibbs, Diane Mosley, Carolyn Glissou, Barbara Walker, Becky Price, Carole Blount, Pat Mabry, Linda Brooks, Janet Stephens, Elaine Bush, Jean Moran, Bonnie Bates, Tula Mitchell. 137 Delta chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon, in its twelfth year at Southern Mississippi, is a na- tional professional fraternity in the field of marketing and sales management. Pi Sigma Epsilon was found- ed in Atlanta, Ga., by Mr. L. L. Ontle in November, 1951. Since then Pi Sigma Epsilon has grown to thirty-seven chapters across the United States. During the school year, Delta chapter promotes many differ- ent sales projects. In connec- tion with the university and the Mobile Sales Executive Club, the fraternity also sponsors a "Marketing Day," inviting all campus students. Zeta Omega chapter of Phi Beta Lambda was chartered March 26, 1963. Phi Beta Lamb- da is sponsored by the National Business Education Associa- tion. Any major or minor in of- fice administration or Business Education may become a mem- ber. Phi Beta Lambda strives to develop leadership for business and business education. By ac- cepting membership on the part of all business students, regard- less of the specific area of con- centration or level of achieve- ment, Phi Beta Lambda pro- vides an opportunity of students to secure a broader background needed for success in business. Professional Interest Combined In Business Fraternity Council And Rho Epsilon The Business Fraternity Council was established with the purpose of acting as a gov- erning body and coordinating the activities of the various pro- fessional and honorary fraterni- ties within the school of Com- merce. The council is composed of delegates from each of the ten professional and honorary fraternities. The council also seeks to promote professional activities, scholarship, and lead- ership, and to advance the in- terest of the university, as well as the school of Commerce. Annual Career Day, which brings members of the various professional fields in commerce to speak to Southern students, is one of the activities sponsored by the council. Rho Epsilon is a professional real estate fraternity organized to unite realtors and students in real estate throughout the na- tion for the purpose of advanc- ing the study of real estate. Rho Epsilon was founded on Octo- ber 9, 1947: the University of Southern Mississippi Chapter received its charter in 1960. Advisors of Rho Epsilon in- clude Bryce Jordan, Paul Wei- send, and Dr. Rector Hardin, professors of Business Admini- stration. J. Ed Turner is Dis- trict Director of Rho Epsilon. During the school year, Rho Epsilon participates in various campus activities, as Well as real estate seminars and con- ventions. The sweetheart, who is elected yearly, is Miss Hilda Bullock. Miss Hilda Bullock Sweetheart P I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I - . ,Z., "' ' , f .f - , 5 aa . 1. .. ww-s,,, 1 -. - ,wr 4 ' f Business Fraternity Council Left to Right: J. B. Bond, James Moore, Kent Foster, Joyce McGehee, Ron Grahain, Linda Benson, Edward Bush, Maritta Elam, Carolyn McKey, Dave O'Neal, Charles Martin, Ulrike Winckelman, Harold Dunlavy, Pamela Gray, Walter Loyle, Margaret Burns, Al Trautweiler. Rho Epsilon Seated, Left to Right: J. C. Watson, Treasurer: Walter Hamilton, President: Dr. Rector R. Hardin, Sponsor. Standing: Julian A. Katz, Secretary: Eddie Bush, Vice President. 138 II I II I 'I I I I I I I iid SAM Acquaints Members With Management Developments Society For The Advancement Of Management The Society for the Advancement of Management is the national professional organization of management people in industry, commerce, government, and educa- tion. S. A. M. conducts and promotes scientific study of, the principles of organized effort in industrial and economic life. This aim is achieved through research, discussion, publications, and other appropriate means. This organization is sponsoring a Management-Science Conference to acquaint executives with new develop- ments to aid management, to exchange ideas, and to become better acquainted with the University of South- ern Mississippi. Officers, Left to Right: Alfred Trautweiler, Secretary, Addison Ellis, Presidentg Dr. Rector R. Hardin, Advisor, Eugene Stanley, Treasurer, Zekie Powell, Corresponding Secretary, Joe Hess, Vice President, Mrs. Ellis, Advisor. First Row, Left to Right: Beth Hudson, Dr. Rector R. Hardin, Mr. Richard Guess, Joe C. Hess, Addison Ellis, Alfred Traut- weiler, Zekie Powell, Eugene Stanley, Miss Joan Kinnebrew. Second Row? James C. Rushing, Melvin Kelly Hodges, Franklin Terrell Everette, John M. Lott, Louis J. Manuel, James B. Shu- man, James E. Sutton, Paul Reynolds. Third Row: Luther Gay i 139 Lee, Paul A. Paciera, Wayne C. Johnston, Charles Polk, David C. Gentry, William R. Boxx, Hugh L. Talbert, Robert E. Welch, R. P. Barham. Fourth Row: Bruce Louis Meek, George Samuel Mack, Robert P. Leslie, Brooks E. Sruietts, Jerry Reeves, Dana Sanders, Bill Ferges, Everett Brunson, Roy Weekley. Preparation For Future Teaching Made Through SNEA. The Student National Education Association is the professional association for college or university stu- dents preparing to teach. Members are organized into duly chartered local chapters. Local chapters and stu- dent state education associations are integral parts of the SNEA. A member of SNEA is a member of his state education association and the National Education Association, with all the rights, privileges, and responsi- bilities of associate membership in these professional organizations. The George Hurst Chapter of the SNEA at Southern is the largest in the state-achieving its goal of over 300. The monthly meetings are filled with pertinent and interesting information for future teachers-panel discussions, special speakers, and talent presented by the members. Each year a Christmas party is given for the members to celebrate the Yuletide season and provide social entertainment. SNEA is truly an aid for the "teachers of tomorrow." Officers-Seated, Left to Right: Robert g , 5 Pam Gray, Treasurer, Linda Robertson, President, Carol Cap- pel, Publicity Chairman, Rosalind Healy, Vice President. Stand- Chairmang Charlotte Kil o Vice President ing: Patricia Patrick, Entertainment Speights, Pianistg Grace Smith, Secretary. may aww, S 633585 ' , . 5 ..,..:l'1r:1 ' " K X r 1 4 S.N.E.A. First Row, Left to Right: Claudette Champagne, Donald Bulf, Norine Posey, Judy Hutson, Sili Atuatasi, Janie Moss, Mary Sims, Linda Robertson, Kay Moore, Joan McCallum, Carol Cap- pel, Freda Rester, Martha Johnson, Florida Turner, H. B. Easter- ling, Advisor. Second Row: Alan Lowe, Robert Kilgo, Pat Hol- lingsworth, Grace Smith, Patricia Patrick, Sallie Sephens, Susan Jo Watkins, Rosalind Healy, Brenda McCord, Reba Ball, Betty 140 W Lane Carley, Judith Ann Calhoun, Serena Ann Harrison, Becky Kirkland. Third Row: Charlotte Speights, Patricia Graham, Bon- nie Daugherty, Anne Ballard, Benjamin Toler, Max Holland, Jeanette Strahan, Carolyn Statham, Barbara Fuente, Pamela Gray, Charles Lee, Sue Havard, Faye Langenstein. Fourth Row: Shirley Jones, Ann Hunter, Joe Goforth, Sherman Robbins, Wayne Easterling, Gary Smith, David A1len,Stanley P. Orvis, Burma Lawson, Gussie Wade. Sigma Alpha Eta And Phi Theta Choose utstanding Members its Sigma Alpha Eta First Row, Left to Right: Mildred Giles, Vice President, Dana Griffith, Treasurer, Patricio Gasman, President, Patricia Tellejohn, Secretary, Dr. Robert Peters, Sponsor. Second Row: Mary Ann Mach, Mary Doster, Brenda Houston, Janie Fairchilds, Amelia Irby, Martha Zoe Blessey, Diane Harris, Anne Hogue, Curtis Smith. ,,,, ,lf I , . , I ,,,,, ,, f , Phi Chi Theta Left to Right: Joan Ebanks, Charlotte Speights, Sandra Fortenberry, Donna Edgin, Linda Benson, Barbara Fuente, Ginger Johnson, Diane Purvis, Sandra Byrd, Joyce McGehee, Lynda Price, Donna Martin, Patti Lott, Joan Kinnebrew, Pam Pritchard. 141 Sigma Alpha Eta is the na- tional honorary professional fraternity for students who seek professional training in the fields of speech and! or hearing. Its goals are to inspire high planes of achievement in aca- demic and clinical activities, to encourage professional growth by providing learning experi- ences not offered in the formal course structure, to foster a spirit of unity by offering op- portunities for social and pro- fessional fellowship, and to pro- vide situations in which stu- dents and faculty may work together as a team to advance the profession. Sigma chapter is the University of Southern Mis- sissippi affiliate of Sigma Alpha Eta. Phi Chi Theta, the national honor society of psychology, was chartered on the University of Southern Mississippi campus in May, 1963. Dr. Ray Mus- grave, chairman of the psy- chology department, was the in- stalling officer at this time, when eleven charter members were initiated. The purpose of Phi Chi Theta is to advance the science of psychology and to encourage, stimulate, and maintain schol- arship of the individual mem- bers in all fields, particularly in psychology. Alpha Gamma Rho, Mu Phi Epsilon Initiate Political i Science And Music Students 1 Alpha Gamma Rho, honor society in Political Science, stresses scholarship, discussion, as Q and expression of ideas that will lead to a better understanding of politics, government, and their effect upon society. Week- ly meetings are held during the regular school year with mem- bers of the society, faculty, and guest speakers, including public officials and political leaders, presenting the programs. Alpha Gamma Rho was foun- ed at the University of South- ern Mississippi during the Fall Quarter of 1963. Presently the Society has over twenty charter members. Membership is open to students at the University of Southern Mississippi who have a respectable average in a least twenty hours of political science courses. AQ, Alpha Gamma Rho Front Row, Left to Right: Ronnie Watson, Publicity Chairmang Melvin Jones, Chancellorg I Dr. Harcher, Advisory Charles Aaron, Secretary and Treasurer, David L. Keyser, Sergeant at Arms. Second Row: Jesse Jones, P. D. Ratcliff, Marvin S. Odle, John Sullivan, John Miller, David H. Milner, Jimmy Robertson, Instructorg Bill Watson. Mu Phi Epsilon is an international music so- rority in the professional field with the purposes of recognizing scholarship and musicianship and of promoting friendship within its sister- hood. Each year girls who are music majors and minors and have met the requirements for membership are invited to join. The sorority sponsors service projects during the year such as Music Therapy and Music for the Blind. It also stimulates musicianship through awards to members and chapters. 51,62 c Mu Phi Epsilon First Row: Patty Pearson, Mary Harris, Recording Secretary, Diana Roshto. Second Row, Jane Davis, Jan Switzer, Corresponding Secretary, Mary Lou Lott, Becky Bryan, Choristerg I Kay Heidelberg, Vice-President: Barbara Hunter, Historiang Bonnie Craig, Alumni Secre- tary, Sylvia Teasley, President. Third Row: Pat Richardson, Memrie Johnson, Joan Mulvey, Treasurer. Fourth Row: June Simmons, Jenny Bryant, Chaplain, Jean Brown. 1.4.1 -M Home Economics Majors Promote Professional Interests In Home Economics Club 4 l Home Economics Club The Home Economics Club is open to all students in home economics and is affiliated with the Mississippi Home Economics Association and the American Home Economics Association. The Club was organized at the University of South- ern Mississippi in 1926. The purpose of the club is to develop leadership ability, to promote professional atti- tudes and interests, to share with others the value of home economics as a profession, and to encourage fel- lowship among students and faculty. Some of the Home Economics Club's annual activities include: a welcome tea, a get-aquainted picnic, attend- ance at the Mississippi Home Economics Association Convention, Thanksgiving boxes for needy families, a Christmas party for underprivileged children, a re- cruitment program in the spring, and, to climax the club's activities, a spring banquet. Officers, Left to Right: Miss Tynes Brister, Advisorg Kay San- ders, Presidentg Linda Blissett, Treasurer, Charliene Haden, University Activities Council Representative. First Row, Left to Right: Con Chita DuBose, Juanita Jones, Mondell Strickland, Freda Rester, Molly Holifield, Charliene Haden, Linda Blissett, Kay Sanders, Miss Lynell Brister, Ad- visor: Betty Kinard, Janice Smythe, Diane Coker, Earline Hol- der., Evelyn Holder. Second Row: Martha Langley, Connie Po- wajbo, Barbara McCosker, Brenda Wilson, Patricia Aultman, Janice Bolton, Judy Clarke, Kathy Webb, Cecele Payne, Mel- lenn Herchenhahn, Karen Ponder, Betty McDavitt, Eloise Scott, Nell Fancher, Ann Thrasher, Cecelia Ann Starr. Third Row: Ra- chel Dickerson, Kay Anding, Barbara Bracey, Karen Jensen, Beverly Johnson, Becky Wilson, Cynthia Bradley, Mary Ann Reabold, Susan Neel, Carolyn Whitley, Beverly Beatty, Maxine Spangler, Dr. Bertha M. Fritzche, Vivian Raley, Harriet Beasley, Justine Chisholm, Susan Smith. Fourth Row: Janis Graham, Bonnie Daugherty, Dorothy L. Stockett, Sandra Hayles, Ann Birdsong, Martha Bankston, Judy Owen, Sue Breath, Mrs. Edith Lancaster, Cecilia Smith, Linda Wink, Linda Robertson, Anne Soles. Fifth Row: Claudia Pearson, Elaine Birdsong, Judy Mul- key, Bo Deen, Sarah L. Weaver, Emilie Wilson, Carolyn Chris- tian, Martha Booth, Linda Hinton, Marilyn Parker, Alene Saucier, Sherrie Vandenberg, Sheila Allgood. Pen and Sword The purpose of the Pen and Sword Fraternity is to pro- mote friendship and scholastic achievement among the activel duty and retired members of the Armed Forces attending the University of Southern Missis- sippi on a full-time basis, to in- sure a continuous exchange of ideas and information between the members and the Univer- sity administration, and to maintain understanding and goodwill between the members, the faculty, and the students. Any member of the Armed Forces who is currently on ex- tended active duty, current en- listment, or retired status from the Armed Forces, and attend- ing the University on a full- time basis, is eligible for mem- bership. Each year the group presents a plaque and medal to an out- standing ROTC student as one of its projects. Scabbard and Blade Scabbard and Blade National Military Honor Society is a so- ciety for advanced ROTC ca- dents who are selected for membership on the basis of out- standing leadership, academic achievement and exceptional aptitude in military service. Scabbard and Blade sponsors the Annual Military Ball, which is one of the outstanding social events held on the University of Southern Mississippi campus each year. i l l l First Row, Left to Right: Tommy Baker, John Bowling, Steve Wood, William O. Brantley, Bert Denoon, John Mason Frye, William H. Roberts, Dennis Spencer. Second Row: David Gardner, James I. Hansford, James K. McCaslin, Robert Hartfield, Jim Moore, Bobby Herrington, David M. Todd. Third Row: Larry C. Nicholson, George Burson, Ronald C. White, Tom Jones, Joseph A Kieronski, Pat Welsh, Ircel C. Harrison. 144- pl V l ii or l .3 A l i I , The Univemigl of Southern Miffiyfzppi Army R.0.T.C. COLOR GUARD. Left to Right: Walter Spuri Jacob Yuran, James MacDonald, William Hodges. ll, Fred Bedsoe, Ronald Caranna , N, w k N ,. X iwg ,. X. Sw? .,, yy , - NAS? X ' 1' 'SSGNSXQXQS -Masada x 4 . ', - ,A 1? E in .fi-. ' .. .51 ,. Pia Jn. .'C I 2 ..A- - ff. MC. , -A-. v IL 4. . . ,- -li 4' " 'W' The primary mission of the ROTC program is to pro- duce qualified oflicers for the United States Army and Reserve Components. A secondary mission is to pro- vide citizenship and leadership training for all Fresh- man and Sophomore male students enrolled in the Basic Course. Outstanding cadets in each class each year are se- lected on the basis of leadership, scholarship and mili- tary aptitude. These cadets so honored are awarded medals and their names are engraved on appropriate plaques permanently displayed in the Department of lVLilitary Science. ROTC cadets have the opportunity to participate in several special organizations with the Corps of Cadets. These include the ROTC Band, Company F6 of the Pershing Rifles tDrill Teamj, the Rifle Team, Scabbard and Blade CHonorary Military Societyl, and the Ranger group. . . I R.0.T.C. Instructors Staff First Row, Left to Right: Capt. Robert Snead, Capt. Jolm Mas- sey, Maj. Eugene Conner, Maj. Anthony Rouchon, Capt. Clin- ton Williams, Capt. Benny Rogers. Second Row: Sfc Harold Douglas, M! Sgt. Rollins Nash, SSG Stanley Black, M!Sgt. Den- ham Roberson, SSG Herbert Weeks, SSG Donald Wiedel, Sfc Douglas Windham. ROTC Distinguished Military Students R OT C Sponsors Left to Right: William H. Roberts, John M. Frye, Larry D. Wel- "" , , born, Lawrence J. Ecuyer, John L. Richmond, Tommy Jones, Bill Left ttf Right: Sherry Thomas, Diane W00d, Judy Wal-ke!', Royce Brantley. Ann Slegrest, Judy Cole, Carmaleta McCraw, Bonnie Turl. SQ 146 ...L Company F6, Sixth Regiment, National Society of Pershing Rifles, Commanded by PXR Captain William Brantley. Front, Left to Right: John Bowling, Carmaleta McGraw, William Brantley, Richmond Jones, Larry Bless. Rank 1: Robert Anderson, Emery Smith, Kenneth McGraw, Cecil Cassity. Rank 2: Henry Randazze, Ronnie Norsworthy, Edward Risher, Alton Phillips. Rank 3: Jerry Tharp, Jimmy Harris, Pat Ware, Jimmy Trest. Rank 4: Richard Ford, Peter Merritt, Frankie Wheat, Johnny Curre. Rank 5: Bill Burke, Curtis Wheat, Stan Harris. VM 'K .Ev .MW ' ff Y f f , M f ff M The University of Southern Mississippi ROTC Band, Commanded by Lawrence Golf. Cadet Captain wir. ' Wa-i' , ,,,, H ,iw 5 ,, ,.-va, f , f AT f,.. , A 4 'jw 'x:,j:1fi, ::fw1:, ,g.5qfazp.s4g4,,::,g :QAM 9? f -W 1211: f f .am if f f i ., M, ,t,.,,..:.,:.:...Wl.. . ,- 1 ' fa v f un f ffmw K A , f , f na, 14 i fav! famvsn 0 v . " c. .M ' .wa- Brigade Staff, Left t0-Right! JHITIGS HHI1SfPrd. S11 John Frye, S2-3: 1st Battalion Stalf. Left to Right Robert Nimocks Executive R011 Hl1dS0D, .545 Wliilam Brantley, Brigade C0rr11r13HCier9 TOIH Oflicerg Joseph Hungerford, S45 Jack Richmond Battalion Com Jones, Executive Officer-Q Ronald White, Sergeant Major, Danny mandey-5 Robert Hartfieldg S2-35 James West S1 Greene, PIO. R.O.T.C. Department HISTORY OF ROTC AT THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI The first ROTC Unit at Southern Mississippi was organized in 1950 as a Branch Material Unit to prepare cadets for commissioning in the Field Artillery. In 1953, a program of General Military Science was initiated to give the cadet a wider range of military training in his precommissioning schooling. Under this program, courses applicable to all branches of the Army are offered, and cadets are given the opportunity during the fourth year of schooling to select a branch of the Army in which to be commissioned. In 1958, the col- lege's academic council adopted a program of com- pulsory ROTC training for all eligible male Freshman and Sophomore students. 2nd Batiaiiml Staff- Left to Right! Herbert DEHSOH- S45 Charles 3rd Battalion Staff. Left to Right. George Bell Executive Officer Smith, S2-3: Larry Weiborri, Battalion Commander! Bill Seyfieid, Ircel Harrison, S15 Jerry Chalfant Battalion Commander Joe Slg William Leslie, Executive Officer. Batson, S2-35 Floyd Lee, S4. 148 '5 A at Rangers ,- '..v'!fj?1, f' av 1 W, Wiasf, r 1 af ff ae, 4' 1 ' af- "' WW ,izfilff ff LYS" I The Ranger Group on the USM Campus in 1965 is commanded by Cadet Larry Jerkins. Left to Right: Sgt. Stanley Black, Ray Wright, Jim Borden, Paul Ladnier, Robert Nimocks, Captaing Butch Williams, James Palmer, Joe Tomasovsky, Clinton Williams, Ralph Nobles. Rifle Team ,E ,, Company A, lst Battalion, Cadet Captain Larry Nicholson, Commanding. Company A 149 Ie .H f --pw f.,,,,., fi , 4 if - hh 1. A ' f m fg, gy., , ff I Z f If any Company B, 1st Battalion. Commanding Oflicer, Cadet Captain James K. McCaslin. Compan Compan Company D, 2nd Battalion. Commanding Officer, Cadet Captain William H. Roberts. 5 Company C, lst Battalion. Commanding Officer, Cadet Captain Larry J. Ecuyer. Compan Compan Company E, 2nd Battalion. Commanding Officer, Cadet Captain Steve Wood. ..,,-s,3,. , 4- 5. z'9q,. Lffffs-QQ Wi? , ka ia 'Q-'sf Company G, 3rd Battalion. Commanding Officer, Cadet Captain Dennis Spencer. Compan F E 3 Richard D. Hawks. Company F, 3rd Battalion. Commanding Officer, Cadet Captain Compan G Compan H Company H, 3rd Battalion. Commanding Officer, Cadet Captain i Charles Ritchie. I5I 157' X' 8.1, 'kwa W - 1.k Southern offer! . . . Sporty JACK RICHMOND SECTION EDITOR W I , 4 Homecoming . . . A Weekend of Mixed Emotions That special Week end of the year-HOMECOM- ING. This week-end holds the past and present in one. To the college student, there are gay hours of building floats and planning parties. Decorations are everywhere. Mums and new suits flower the Saturday afternoon stadium. Visitors are crowded into dorms. Packed, dim-lit parties highlight the day. To the alumni, a Wave of memories flow through the air- this is where we first met. "I remember old so-and-so!" 4'Yes, this is my family now." "You haven't changed a bitf' "Do you remember when We did-" To the alumni and college student, homecoming is an unforgetable weekend. Royce Ann and escorts The mob and one. , ,- M' Q,-1 we Welcome to our nice clean campus. Today at Sears you can buy . . , ,,,..,,..,.v., . . ,. ,. . QF, X , Q A N , . M, H . ggi X Sz wi' P M ws -- +11 V e., - it 6 l ' 5,:l'z?ZgQ3Pfmwmw,5f,3jww' zf ,. ,fsflfffwwfz-f-f,i M4 ,1 1 5... -Em 122. 'if iramwafvmuifw A A ,, L V esssmsfrffff f fwW1.s2,"3r?s X 5' hwessu-.aww may ' -V, 'i1" Udmw ii: ff?-13, """?,iw5-is-an-I ar annum-vu , , 7:55, ,Www ....., uamswnggvg I WA 1 LA Eamuw . ag. kv, as iv--' iw' Q 'cs f ix ' , -3 M LV. 4 u -, ' L,,s:- '5-"5 . . elf! va! 'Q y .512 A -.222 I . Q 1 s 'Qfiw lf? ff ' A- ... N - E 1'-5 M. . , ' -. Q J ' an j,.-'ff fs. -0 A I Q , 5 s-W. ' 4 I l V . J r' '45, r 3 ng , me S-fu E ,gcfup UW Q ' " 50 Q 'll ,ar it 'Q K 9 ,. 5- ' i "X ' 52336 X Mx . , - im A ! 4, in I F , w 'Q i . f 1 ' L 9, 5 A ' YAUQ fig' f. 'f .4 Q Av J W 2 ,K 1 ' A Q 11 ' i A 8 v ,rf , Yr " it nl 9' ' 'Q ': ,I 4 ' 1 x if 'L I . 'L ' 1 1 A -S . ,, -4" ,-....l'.. That one last dance. 154 Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Heeeeee-Haw! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Giiive them heeeeelllllll Southern! 1965 Cheerleaders: left to right: Billy Bowers, Lynn Fletcher, Lynette LaBay, Dennis Spencer, John McCarty, Diana LaBay, Mari Longino, DoDo Nelson. POGO and SAM carry on the tradition of GENERAL NAT. I Cheerleaders and General Nat Bring School Spirit To Team 55 M Club Southern's lettermen are recognized in the M Club. It is composed of athletes who earned a varsity letter in any one of the several intercollegiate athletic teams and who desired membership in the organization, which has a very trying initiation for its candidates. To be inducted into membership in the M Club is both an honor and the mark of a true man. Advancement of sportsmanship and all forms of athletic activity at the school is the endeavor of these young men. One of their more outstanding contributions to the furtherment of school spirit is the acquisition and selling of mums during the week preceding the gala homecoming festivities. Ron Johnson, on the right, confers with Frank Ellis, president, regarding the M Club. 35 1 Br' C-'77 Mari Longino, 1965-66 M Club sweetheart. gg 3 'Vik Q fu. 'V' C!"'7!v 'vi- SUN wang., First Row: Chuck Armond, Jesse Brown, Rabbit Brown, Larry Ecuyer, Frank Ellis, William Gor- ney, Gary Hannan. Second Row: Harmon Brannon, Ben James, Ron Johnson, James King, Paul King, Billy Lott. Third Row: Joe Lot, Jim McAvaddy, John Melton, Bruce Miller, Herman Nall. Fourth Row: Charlie Payne, Vic Purvis, Doug Stacey. Fifth Row: Jerry Welch, Tommy Youmans. inlnw-9' 591. 'il ab'- 'ix Wvtfgrrx .QQ 157 41 Reed Green, Director of Athletics. Lal-ry fqjocf' Harrington, Trainer. 1964 was a good football year Thad "Pie" Vann, Head Football Coach. V Q Tv N fun . 2 "' ' ' , J l f 5 'V Xiiqx if 95: x H: 'M R V I , ' -S ix dl 5" ,I ,vglrrr 11 'JJ 22' - g'a:.,6m ,. 'Wfjf , V! aa...-.N W,q,..9b,...c-. ,..,,. . Coaching Staff, Left to right, Kneeling: Coach Pie Vann, Coach Maxie Larnbright. Standing: Coach Pete Raylor, Coach P. W. "Bear" Underwood, Coach James Berry. 158 5 ff-aiisilii' ,ig V .r Coach Vann congratulates Jim King Cleftl and Larry Ecuyer Ccenterl upon being elected co- captains of the 1964 Southerners. 1964 Southerners. Left to Right. First Row: Dooney Lippincott, FB, Henry Letort, TB, Tommy Youmans, WB, Herman Nall, TBQ John Melton, T9 Rabbit Brown. WB, Larry Ecuyer, C3 Jim King, G3 Doug Satcher, G3 Ken Avery, C3 Victor Purvis, QB, George Slunrall, FB, Bobby Little, WB, Bill Gorney, E. Second Row: Billy Devrow, WB, Rusty Fry, FB, Tommy Brennan, WBQ Larry Wright, Eg Mike McClellan, QB, Sidney Malone, G, Arthur Gill, T, John Kirke, T, Tommy Melton, T, Andy Armstrong, G5 Harold Hitt, Eg Clyde Dowd, H'Bg Troy Craft, E. Third Row: John Laird, C9 Will Willoughby, Tg John Mangum, T3 Chuck Armond, T, Paul Swindoll, TQ James Wright, C, George Rodman, Eg Chuck Hinton, Eg Jesse Brown, Eg Mike Mahone, G, Jimmy Blarger, QB, Harmon Brannan, FBg Poochie Stringfellow, G. I .Q VIC PURVIS Quarterback .qvfffw 15" JAMES KING Guard KEN AVERY Lineman Winning season, 6-3 record as Auburn and Mississippi l TROY CRAFT End GEORGE RODMAN Jim Barger stops Louisiana Tech for no yardage. End Sporting 1963's number one defensive team in the nation, the Southerners showed their stuff as they whitewashed the University of Southwestern Louisiana 30-0 at home. Led by the junior quarterback Vic Purvis, the South- erners rolled up 328 yards on the ground and added 175 more yards via aerials for a total of 502 yards in their victory over Southwestern Louisiana. The first score came in the first quarter when Herman Nall hit paydirt to climax a 55 yard, ten play drive. John Laird's extra point was good and the score was 7-0. Purvis, on keepers to the right and left, moved the pigskin to the USM 12g but Southern's Rusty Frye was to no avail. Nall found day- light though as he bulled over right guard for his second touchdown of the contest. A bad snap from center left the Southerners without a conversion and the score stood 13-0. A Billy Devrow interception in the fourth quarter set up another scoring drive. Laird was called in John Laird C513 keeps Richmond halfpack from going. again for tee service, and he booted a 33 yard, breaking an all-time school record for the number of field goals in one game. A last minute Southern scoring threat was squelched as a Purvis aerial was intercepted in the end zone leaving the final score at 30-0. 1 2 3 4 Southern l7I 6 l 7 j10I30 Southwestern La. I0f 0 1 0 I 01 0 The next game saw USM edge Richmond in the wake of Hurricane Hilda. Vic Purvis broke loose on touchdown runs of 79 and 34 yards to electrify the crowd. The Richmond squad fought hard but neither team was able to score in the first period. In the second period quarterback Purvis took the snap and went 79 yards for the score. The Spiders scored a safety and the score read Southern 7 and Richmond 2. Purvis took the snap once again, and raced down the right side for the tally, again Laird's tee was true and the Southerners found themselves out front 14-2 at the half. The only score in the second half was in the third quarter when Richmond's Joe Stromich picked off an aerial and returned it 67 yards untouched for his team's only touchdown. Quarterback Purvis was clearly the man of the hour. He was assisted by Harmon Brannon, Rabbit Brown and a Hght- ing squad. 1 2 3 4 Sbuthern 5 0 5 14 1 0 l 0 1 14 Richmond l0l2l7l0l9 160 State are added. Southern stunned powerful Memphis State 20-14 with fullback Harmon Brannan gallop- ing for three touchdowns. Almost 19,000 fans saw the talented 195 pound junior romp and stomp for 116 yards in 23 carries and score the first victory over Memphis in five years. The bursting Southerners racked up an of- fensive total of 222 yards and led all the way in knotching their third win of the season. The Tigers fumbled on their first three plays and set up the Southern tally in the opening quarter. Brannan played over from the one yard line and Laird converted to give the Southerners an early 7-0 lead. Southern scored again in the second quarter to give them a 14 to 7 lead at the halftime. The second half saw Brannan tally again and the score rose to 20-7 in the fourth quarter. Memphis State would not be cornered and scored once more but the Southerners had a 20-14 victory as the buzzer sounded the end of the game. Brannan led all ball carries with 83 yards on 17 totes. 1 2 3 4 Southern I 7 I 7 I 6 I 0 I 20 Memphis State I 0 I 7 I 0 I 7 I 14 Up and over goes John Laird's field goal attempt. S Richmond halfback C203 cannot find an opening. 189 QW . S' A wa E , r K - Ss-. ' gf X .Ss X . Nl . 3 N as ,f 161 Vic Purvis heads for pay dirt. .W 4 162. Mississippi State overwhelmed Southern in a one-sided contest. Southern Mississippi, its Winning streak snaped at three, had but one minute of glory the entire game. Following State's third touchdown, Southern tailback Herman Nall took MSU guard Justin Cana.le's kickoff one yard deep in the end zone and raced up the side lines for the Black and Gold. Kicking specialist John Laird added the extra point, making the score 19-7g and, for a moment, it apeared that Southern was back in the ball game. To give the Southern fans even more to cheer about, State halfback Dan Bland fumbled the ensuing kick off and USM and George Rodman recovered on the State 46. Laird attempted a field goal on the 28, but it was short. From then on it was State all the 1 2 3 4 B Southern I I I 0I 7 I 0 I 0 I 7 Mississippi State I19I 7 I 14 I 8 I 48. The next game saw USM scare Auburn. Auburn had to come up with a pair of de- fensive plays to halt Southern's drives. It was a moral victory for Southern which battled with the team picked to be one of the nation's best. Southern's coach Thad Vann said he was very proud of the team after the game. Vann singled out Purvis for playing a great game. Mid-way in the quarter the Southerners drove to the Auburn 27 yard line and a fumble oc- curred with Doc Griiiith recovering. South- ern's brief moment of offensive glory occurred I: Heman Nall C405 picks up valuable yardage. -m...l Football Was Great in 1964 when Purvis uncorded a long pass to Bill Corney on a play that covered 71 yards for the only USM touchdown. John Laird booted the extra point to make the score 7-0. Auburn picked up its only point in the first half when they received a safety and two points. After a halftime, the Plainsmen scored the first time they gained control of the ball in the third quarter. The drive covered 81 yards. Southern then made its two desperate scoring attempts, both of which fell short. 1 2 3 4 Southern 7 1710101017 Auburn 1012171019 We then took on Florida State's Seminoles who handed us a 34-0 defeat. The game was entirely one-sided as the Seminoles scored after receiving the opening kickoff and then completely bottled up the Southern offense while its own defense was scoring freely. It S Jesse Brown catches a pass for 7 yards against Mississippi JOHN MELTON Lineman BILL GORN EY End LARRY ECUYER Lineman HARMON BRANNAN Fullback HERMAN N ALL Halfback uarterback Vic Purvis sparks team onward. I .IW Dooney Lippincott finds a hole. J ESSEE BROWN End Iohn Laird,s kicking power demonstrated. took the Seminoles just eight plays and four minutes to score their first touchdown. The point after was no good, giving FSU a 6-0 lead. Southern could not hold the ball and John Laird then had to punt. Ten plays later the Seminoles were on the scoerboard again and led 12-0. After an exchange of two punts the Seminoles were again on the board to make the lead 19-0. The half ended with Southern behind 19-0. The second half was a continuation of the first half as Southern could not move against the Seminole defense. Two scores were registered, both on passes, as the Seminoles completed the scalping with a 34-0 shutout. 1 2 3 4 Southern I 0I 0 I 0 I 0 I 0 Florida State I12I 7 I 8 I 7 I 34 Then running up 24 points in the second half, Southern blanked the Moccasins of the University of Chattanooga 31-0 before a Homecoming crowd of an estimated 11,000. USM carried for a total of 19 first downs and ran up 260 yards rushing. The end of the first quarter saw Vic Purvis send a pass to George Rodman for the Southerner's first score. In the third quarter USM scored 17 more points. New ww Chattanooga and Southern pile up. fifth SI! S+ 'K--f -F231 I 1 W-4 4 ' 5 vi x , i RABBIT BROWN DOUG SATCHER ' ' EA 9 Wingback Guard V K' I I I I 3 15.1" 'vt , 'S -' 1 JOHN LAIRD TOMMY YOUMANS Center Wingback 1 4 5 ' ei' :wtf , af ii -.,, r Y 1 4""""L A Tommy Schaefer fumble was recovered by Tommy Youmans on the Chattanooga 20 in the first play from scrimmage after the second half kick off. Not being able to go, the Moc- casins were forced to punt on the next series of downs. Southern took over and marched the remaining yards with Rusty Frye crashing over for the score. Mike McClellan scored the last touchdown to give Southern a 31-0 vic- tory. "This was most definitely a complete squad victory," said Coach Vann. 1 2 3 4 southern I7I0I17I7I31 Chattanooga I 0 I 0 I 0 I 0 I 0 We then saw Southern over Louisiana Tech, the nationis fourth ranked small college team, in their final home game of the season. USM, aparently unimpressed by the so-called "ratings," downed previously unbeaten Tech 14-7. After a wild offensive first half, which saw all of the points scored, both teams set- tled down for some hard defensive play. Hardly had the fans settled in their seats when Southern fullback Dooney Lipincott found a hole over the Tech right guard and set asail racing in for the score. Laird made it 7-0 with the game only minutes old. Tech's halfback Jack Hopkins got things started by running the ball back on the kick off from the Tech three to the 22 yard line. A Laird to Linder pitchout went wild and Southern recovered. Billy Laird with pin point passing moved Tech to the Southern six, and from there he John Laird kicks another field goal. .T-E Y Keno diiwf- Nfuwg f V it ,ve , ,I I Wk Q , N' N tr 1' ,R i , rv- . . ' s s . f sr I- I -Q on e -Yr . V .e - I ' X Q wg . . ,pf y-sp A 5 I V r X . , ar- ' X - P -. I I , ,. . ., . rr X I M .5 Ax, , in .fs .. . . ta :IE ' 5 gs , P gg. ilixf.L.6l'us-Mrk! Aerial view of Southern game. 165 Outstanding defense defeats nationally 4th ranked Louisiana Tech. found end Maurice Green alone in the end zone and his pass was on target. The kick tied the game. Purvis then took over and started a march down the field. We moved to the Tech 17 and Purvis hit Gorney for 6 points. The kick was good and Southern led and won 14-7. 1 2 3 4 Southern I 14 I 0 I 0 I 0 I 14 Louisiana Tech I 7 I 0 I 0 I 0 I 7 Southern then rallied for a wind-up victory. Southern upset Memphis State for the second time this season, 20-18, to close out its 1964 football campaign at Jackson, Mississippi. The Southerners had to come from behind for the victory, scoring 10 points in the last quarter. The win gave Southern 6-3 record for the season. The scoring started fast and furiously, with 17 points having been posted on the scoreboard before the first quarter had ended. Memphis marched with the opening kickoff for the game's first touchdown. However, John Laird kicked his first of two field goals from 37 yards out with six minutes left. Mid- way in the second period Memphis, got a safety. After an exchange of punts, Southern came into possession of the ball in excellent Held position at its own 48 and started the march for the winning score. The drive took nine plays before George Rodman scored the touchdown and Laird kicked the extra point to make the final score 20-18. 1 2 3 4 Southern I 10 I 0 I 0 I 10 I 20 Memphis State 7 I 2 I 9 I 0 I 18 BILLY DEVROW Back TOMQMY MELTON Lineman DOON EY LIPPINCOTT Fullback P. STRINGFELLOW Lineman ARTHUR GILL x Lineman - Arthur Gill C775 stops Chattanooga for no gain. gk 1 E' -ISL whims. UN 1964 Freshman Football Squad. Freshman Football team has successful year and bright outlook for future Freshmen Football Coaches. First Row, Left to Right: Joe Owens, Billy Little. Second Row: Billy Larson, Head Coachg Larry Hancock. 1 .l e ' T 4 i 6 f it A I X, . - . 5 3, . L - , f 4, -f ' ' ,. ' , , 1 - eg, ' I X Ziff H , V 1 V, Q ., j .i15s:: f, ,,,, f .VV 1 " ' V "li yn pg 'V ' ' ,,!.,,1 '- ff .1 ,r.. fa- Z W V Y, , if gwj W -ff - ' 2Ai'Z,..ff-52.1. " " j f Znalf, ...dai 1 The University of Southern Mississippi Freshman football squad, coached by ex-southern quarterback Billy Larson, opened the season with a 7-7 tie against Marion Institute of Alabama. The "Baby Southernersn rallied in the final 20 seconds to pull the tie. Southern quarterback Terry McMillan set up the tying touch- down when he passed to Dick Dunaway and an interference penalty laced the ball on the one yard line. Milo McCarthy plunged in for the tally and Dun- away converted to even the score with 2 seconds left in the game. The second game saw the "Baby Southernersn tie Tulane 6-6 in a rescheduled game that was canceled because of Hurricane Hilda. The final two games saw the frosh lose to Memphis State 13-12 but beat Florida State 14-13 to round out the season with a 1 win 1 lose and 2 tie record. -rc-fr Coach Floyd Csecond from leftl and Coach Jeep Clark Con the I 1 J E, rightj talk with co-captains Charlie Payne, left, and Bruce Miller. g'Golden Giantsv have Winning season .. Coach Floyd Con the leftj and Coach Clark discuss Saturday night's game over the chalk board. Dressing room after a good night's game. :Pk fo HI. . f-Lxmin LX Y ? , , ffm, W' f . g. if -651,21 . e, R-X ki V I -'L l N5 . ' ' A L 'x ' U A , V Q , ., N I I "" 168 Basketball team. Left to right: Jerry Welch, Rick Stewart, Ron Doug Stacy, Merv Sharp, Gary Hannan, Bruce Miller, Charlie USM 111 Memphis State 80 Johnson, Gary Kockersperger, Frank Ellis, Bob Torn Johnson, Payne, Rex Petro, Rascal Odom. SEASON'S RESULTS Lamar Tech 91 USM 85 Lamar Tech 113 Texas A 85 M 83 USM 70 USM 86 Alabama 102 USM 73 Georgia Southern 108 USM 78 USM 88 USM 88 USM 76 USM 104 USM 87 Louisiana Tech 88 USM 99 Southwestern La. 84 USM 77 Spring Hill 68 Jacksonville 68 Southeastern La. 87 Delta State 57 Miss. College 71 Northwestern La. 72 USM 83 Miss. College 77 USM 81 McNeese St. 72 QOTJ I Jacksonville CFla.J 93 Southwestern La. 78 USM 101 USM 118 USM 96 Christian Brothers 80 Centenary 92 USM 92 USM 99 USM 115 USM 78 USM 82 USM 77 St. Bernard 100 Northwestern La. 80 Southeastern La. 87 QOTD USM 76 USM 86 Louisiana Tech 88 Spring Hill 83 Centenary 106 QOTJ The 1964-65 basketball season for the University of Southern Mississippils Golden Giants was one of up's and doWn's resulting in a record of fifteen victories and eleven defeats. This season marked the first time in Southernls history to have a Freshman team, which produced a commendable record of ten victories and seven defeats under the guidance of former USM great Jeep Clark. Coach Lee Floyd in his third year back at the helm is to be commended for his second consecutive winning season. Southern proved to be the unofficial state champion by Winning the Magnolia Invitational Tournament in Jackson which consisted of the state's four major basketball powers. This was the high point of a season Ellis holds back "army" as Hannan scores again. Frank Ellis A Doug Stacy Rascal Odom of many highlights for the "Giants", which included USM's first victory over the powerful Memphis State Tigers in Memphis. Two team scoring records were established this season. The So-utherners averaged 88.7 points per game to better the old mark of 83.9 set last year. Their opponents also scored at the highest rate ever-84.9 points per game. Southern's 118 points against Northwestern Louisiana set a new standard as did the 113 by Lamar Tech in a 113-111 win over USM. Both Southern and its fo-es scored 100 points Gary Kochersperger or more five times. The Southerners were halted twice at 99 points. Team co-captain Bruce Miller, a senior who has an- nounced plans to try his hand at professional baseball with the Kansas City Athletics, upped his career total to 1,381 points to replace Jack Gallagher 11949-525 as the third leading scorer in the school's history. Miller, who hit 178 out of 350, didn't break his own field go-al shooting percentage record but led the team with a fine 50.9 mark. His record is 52.8 C1961-621. He also led in free throw shooting with a 78.0 mark, two-tenths better than sophomore Gary Kocher- sperger's 77.8 and he was also second to Gary Hannan in rebounding with 153 grabs. Bruce was also second in scoring with an 18.6 average and 466 points. The 4 State Teams In Magnolia Tournment 0 Springhill caxmot stop Payne's famed lay-up. Charlie flies for two as Gary watches result 1 4 l s Gary Hahnan l 1 K l 171 With Several l00 Plus Wins Charlie Payne, the other senior co-captain paced the Southern scorers with 517 points and a 20.7 aver- age. He scored the most field goals in a single game with 13 made out of 19 attempts in the game with McNeese. In addition Charlie made the most free throws in a single game with 13 out of 14. Ron Johnson, the only other senior on the squad, was Southernis top reserve entering many games and J and Hannan C213 await for rebound. sparking the "Golden Giantsw through several crucial moments. Ron, playing in all but one of the games, scored 95 points and pulled in 56 rebounds. Rascal Odom, sophomore guard from Hattiesburg, is the only other player who will not return next season as he will enter the University of Mississippi Medical School in the fall. He was a key reserve and entered several games to sink crucial free throws. Gary Kockersperger, Roslyn, Pennsylvania, sopho- more, who at mid-season was averaging 12.1, came on strong to finish with a 15.3 points per game aver- age. The highlight of the season for Gary came at a most satisfying time. He scored the season high of 33 points in front of his parents who were seeing him play college basketball for the first time. Gary Hannan, ex-marine from Canton, Ohio was Southern's leading rebounder with 331 rebounds for 12.7 average. Gary only a sophomore, has led the Bernard tries in vain to tie Bi-uce's field goal. 177. team in rebounding for the second straight year pull- ing down twice as many as any other man on the team. In addition, he scored 410 points for a 15.8 average. Doug Stacy, Excel, Alabama, junior, was the start- ing center and pulled down 150 rebounds for a 6.0 average. Doug also led the team in field goal percent- age with a 54.9 mark. Juniors, Merv Sharp, Ric Stewart, Frank Ellis, Bob Tom Johnson, and Rex Petro will return next season and add much depth and experience to the 1965-66 Southerners. Gary Kochersperger sails in for two. o Rick Stewart Ron Johnson Payne shoots as Miller comes in to rebound. And Southern Ends Year As Unofficial State Champ1ons Gary Juggles ball in mid-air. Coach Floyd will be Working with a relatively young club next yearg however, he is looking forward to another winning season in 1966. By utilizing the Freshman and able reserves, Coach Floyd will have a good selection for the best team yet for 1966. Stacy leaps for rebound. V K ,SN , Yi A b 'X 1 ,. W . 1 w F 'wi 1 j 174 JN' Freshman Basketball Team. Left to Right: Ronny Frank Baker, William Lewis, Berlin Ladner, Jim Steve Campbell, Brice Thornberry, Don Mastri. Shivers, Saucier, I Coach Jeep Clark works with the Baby Southerners in this their first year of organization. This Freshman team had an overall record of 10 wins to 7 losses. They saw action on the court with Jones Junior College, Pearl River Junior College, Perkinston Junior College, Clark Junior College, Revon All-Stars, Mississippi State University and Mississippi College. The highlight came in their final game in which they defeated the "Bulldogs" of Mississippi State University. Southern Baseball Faces Rough Year 1.0. ,P L MW W ., X Xxx f if X . g f l 1 WT, Xi l l f l M JM Coach Pete Taylor. Inlielders for this year's team. This year's baseball schedule should be the toughest of any baseball club in the history of the school. We will be playing such teams as Alabama, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Miss. State, and others. We will be hurt with the loss of starting pitcher Bruce Miller, a left- hander, and a starting righthander, Freddy George. George will see limited service because of practice teaching and will not be able to go on road trips. The infield should shape up with Doug Satcher or Lamar Culpepper catching, Gary Hannan at first, Peter Hayes or Jerry Smith at second, Terry Silva or Baker at Short, and Bill Cuitello or George Summerall at third base. The outfielders are Joe Lott, Don Mac- Donald, Billy Devrow and Billy Lott. As for pitching We are expecting lots of Work out of Jerrall Wilson, Cavandis, Ed Assatl, and Buddy Jordan. George Freddy George will get the call at home. Ed Bryant, Mike McClellan, and Randy Tschannan will see their share of mound duty. In the hitting department, We hope that Doug Satcher can continue his slugging ways. Others that should be helpful in the hitting de- partment should be Gary Hannan, Joe Lott, Billy Lott, and Billy Devrow. The team has been having had wcathcr and is not ready to start the season right now, but will be ready when the season opens. The season as it looks right now should be a good one with a lot depending on the pitching department. I 4 1965 SPRING BASEBALL SCHEDULE March 19 ................................. Alabama March 20 ....... . Alabama March 23 Miss. College March 26 Miss. State March 27 Miss. State March 29 Ole Miss March 30 . . . . . . Ole Miss April 2 ....... Alabama April 3 ......... Alabama April 5 .... Illinois Wesleyan April 6 .... Illinois Wesleyan April 8 ........... Ole Miss April 9 .... Nicholls State April 10 .... .... N icholls State April 16 .... ....... A rkansas April 17 .. ....... Arkansas April 24 .... .... S pring Hill April 27 April 29 April 30 May 1 May 7 May 8 . . . . . Spring Hill Miss. College Delta State Delta State . . . . Delta State Delta State 76 l Q ? ' , Q Je, 5. W' , f i., if Q 1.15: 2 'wg' ' xg, q"Sv.,!' WM' W W Q f J x f 'S 'w Ei ,3 D ,. k 'Sm f R 5 4 , I . ,,':,,x1,-,-w--:..,,., 'R +11 , Q." 'f fi ' 3523: ' I ..:,,.X,f,,q:,,- 1.1.0. ., .,: , .,,W.... N. f- --wig-, f .3135 N-"Eg: jf -5 '-Y ,g 5,--. . N V ,N .. . -HN .wk :mi4,,:-w.-- .M Q, .-w.f,.iYQsa- .. -.V , - ww.-xl:-. -X. .. K,-Q' Q- ' ' CSP ii - 5 - -- .,.. ,X N V -A vmaz,-3 . .,,, 'ff- Swafgg,-5155 - ,. .N A WH 'Awww X, M , , - A ' ' , , ffm N ,fxgqev vu' -2- . at x N ' V -A , X ., ff rin., ' ' ' - A -, rl , ..s. - ' QQ- , s-.. ' ,., ..,- ..-ww --'Nw . ,. .V ' "1 N , M x Af , Q. ,,,5,, Mpx, - , ,, , . .1 . ww,-4 HM., X, ., PITCHING STAFF 1965 SOUTHERNER BASEBALL TEAM LN-T 'Wx Awww' A541415 NY, Llo4'tium A nw Af-'uihlln mf' ML' A6 H .V .J ,A 5 , if 1 f f 484 v f .Ev A, ,sr 'N 'lx ff A E Q 1 ! ' id X 5 . aifmi f "'?'7'2fa2f1H.i'i ' ,tp Lf 'wi-Jr' '. -4 5, ,J w -fy y,g,z,'iv-.5 n 5 ' " Q-" W 'G '11 ' f N "Sl we - .f."'f56.,,. x 5 M as" A - -' :I 'V I-1 A4224 7 ., '-4. :'wy33a2,.g9g ,.f.f:, 'Q 2--f:v,,,,w-A-.3 .5 'Q '7'Q?2if?i?y,-1' ' - - ,. . ,. .4 n 311 A Ui' ' f R Q -3443 icdinglrix 1,1 Min wg srl WW SW aff' A N 'Syl ., ' C3154 " l -Q .N ,X V ,, ' 'lm-If "" "' ' A x , x N Y r I I I 1 Q I x 'Nix xgfk-aww 0. YYY: 4 MQ- U. 'Qi .x. h,X,4,sE A K- 'Nw F 1 S x 'f vw-mf vsyliia. ,tax , ,- ,"krn - 4- .- f VA 1.2 ...L 177 61' an, .f v Tennis Team The 1964-65 University of Southern Mississippi tennis team, a bit weakened by the graduation of four of their top seven netters, including the top two, will nevertheless, have a strong team and will be looking forward to another victorious season. Under the able coaching of trainer, Doc Harrington, last year's Southerners won the USM Invitational and came in second in the state while compiling an impressive record of fifteen victories against only four defeats. Returnees from last years team include Sergio Boggetti of Rome, Italy, Janice Myers of Laurel, Tony Delhomme of Fairhope, Alabama, and Bill Pender- grass of Washington, D.C. Freshman members of the team are Denny Hayes of Hattiesburg and Max Bossetti, also of Rome. This year's schedule features matches with schools such as Northwestern University, Ole Miss, Alabama, and L.S.U. In addition, Southern will host two tourna- ments, the USM Invitational and the Mississippi Inter- collegiate Tournament. -r""" "Doc" Harrington Coach , Q, ,4 t ,., , ,EN , ' ,f - 1 41 1 0 4 4, ' f ' 'f 'f " ' ,f , , . . A ' ' 24-W ' " , , l l V 1 my Q , , . . , , ' i . . Q 'v' .'v' ' 4 -ra Q ,"'f"ii ' W , , g c i ,, g 1 ,3 Y .F 1 Q . 'W ' v v ,' ::, X 1.4 V1 9 ww- , , Q t j Q ,, W 6, Q "'v'. v ,' y,,, 4 f ' ' - , o 4 b 1 t , 1 4 ' V Q i 1 , 9 Q 4 1 , ' Y Q V by , i 4 , . ' 4 ,, Q 0 2 Q Y 4 , ' MM, -4 . - . l , ' ' - . , ' ' ' . , . ' ' ' . . , , ' b ' ' Kneeling left to right. Denny Hayes Tony Delhomme Janice a . , , 1 A f , . A L , , 1 WB, . A X v J Left to right: Sergio Bozzetti and Max Bozzetti. Q 96 ' N, .M E I., , in Jlflv . ..,,, , ...U Wa.. . lf .a...' N, f ',',.1 .az v nv 2 Y i i' G' Myers, Max Bozzetti, Jack Richmond. Standing left to right: Bill Pendergrass, Coach "Doc" Harrington, Sergio Bozzetti. '. Q- 53135 '24 Ii" if fat a--3. i 1 - I 'fn x - 5, - it N i .I 'O A 5 - gf" :rig .f 1 ,,:.1::g,, 2, ' ' .3 ' 'fr 'flfffiililli' X ' ' ' f i """- i Matt' ,- if ' - I ,r1Jv"f'f"Q of-3 My .xizf I I i Q ' 4 Jifa if S V re , .mlahs l - , , . ' ' ' n v 3 I .I ,lx 'X xg V gl ' A 3 - -3 ,, . l in 178 , S Kneeling left to right: Joe Williams, Mike Gallagher, Gene Yandell, Bill Applewhite, Bubba Akins, Kirby Manning. Kneeling left to right: B. O. Van Hook, Bill Yandell, Wayne Mateer, Royce Wilkerson, James Butler, James Ray Carpenter. Golf Team The 1964-1965 University of Southern Mississippi Golf Team displays the makings of an excellent season. Under the capable guidance of Coach B. O. Van Hook, Southern's golf teams have won the state intercollegiate golf championship for the past two seasons and have had winning seasons for the past several years. Therefore, with five returning letter- men, three returning squadsman, and three able new- comers, there is little doubt that this year's team will have 'a tremendous season. The returning lettermen are Bubba Akins, Bill Applewhite, James Butler, Mickey Gallagher, and Gene Yandell. Joe Williams, and Kirby Manning were on last yearfs squad, and Bill Yandell showed great promise as a freshman. The newcomers are Greg Luce, Wayne Mateer, and Boyce Wilkinson. Among the major tournaments the Southerners will participate in this season are the Buckhalt Tourna- ment in Mobile, the L.S.U. Invitational in Baton Rouge, and the Mississippi Intercollegiate Tourney at Southern. H' l - I-100k UP ill the air. Just keep your eyes on the moving dot. , l965 Saw The Men's Intramurals Program Extended The true spirit of fraternities is classically il- you can do' I can do better' lustrated on the fields of athletic competition. As each i l fraternity works and strives to make its team the best in any sport and win the coveted trophy, it is building character and molding better men. There is no substi- tute for the elation of victory which is experienced through hard work and team effort. Inter-fraternity athletics at Southern is a well-organized and efficient- ly run venture which gives many men an outlet for their energies and sometimes even their animosities. p Needless to say, the necessary sportsmanship is also 1 stressed. Interfraternity athletics starts in the fall with X the advent of football season. The fans really turn out to spur their guys on to victory. This year was a tremendous one for football, with competition very keen. There were several good teamsg but it was the Kappa Sigma "Sigs" who took first place for the fourth straight year. 7' 1 Tip toe to the net. H If fffffj, . N1 ' T, 180 p l l ..... 4 ol-1 ' I'll circle around and cut him off at the pass. ' ,fu , Q A' W f e X You just stand on your toes and .... And the muscles begin to grow. 181 l'1l get to block someone in a minute, you just wait Womcn,s Intramurals Strengthen School Spirit To strengthen the relationship between Panhellenic and Independent women is only one purpose of women intrarnurals at USM. Several phases of athletic participation are offered under the supervision of the women's physical educa- tion department. Fall events include bowling, horse- shoes, and volleyball. Other sports offered later in the year are basketball, tennis, swimming, softball, and deck tennis. A '52 A Q Lb. Lk 13 A 2 KA 'DM 'FB Q W ,y J f A 4 .4 M, a,?5 1 , 41, ,a xx, 1 ? mwyv bf ff: r f,i,q4 naw, V '4 ln.- r4,, 'sa W, Good afternoon, Sports fans! One of the main purposes of Womens mtramurals IS to strengthen the relationship between sororltles I've got the light so we can see. n'F77'Y I Www X na 187. What is she doing? l'll win the meet yet. X N Q Q .X.,.,.:- X X X f NGN. xx ,": l - ,ew-4: 5 - fvliillf.. I z 5 in PI- My, What a long left leg that girl has! I We'll slim down yet. mi ,, , 3? n X 3 gl' ' . 1 ,f ' .V " ,: f . VW. . . ' .V F Ss' K ., was , Q ' '7 I' V fa- , , ,L , M' Aa? ,vf ag , I X 7 wf' ' , ,, W ig ,. K . ,j QQ, W g iw V: A ,i -V ' " "' ' gif ' - y 75, V ,I-1-as X, ' 3 ,, . Q , W if ' ffl f' ,gc Z M ' 2 "" ' 5 . M. " J' .,,. ,g W f f A W7 1 . aw if ,, 4 , 7 4? 'f Q . .S ii 4' '1 Y 'I ,gn 2 ., -' A ,,', if A H' 'jg' fy g A 1 5 T 5 6 2 A 9 354 my A p 1 HW. : 4, f 4 'ff' " gf . S , 1 1' 3 1 ' ,, A f 1- M ' , U ' 1 ,, ,P X KW' ,f ff ff South rn if fw f . '44, inf, V ,, X x V 1 , . , f I f an ff 9, J f,, ctivitief EM5',33nTG0SZI?22 Theatre Productions attain greater heights Kay Krabel, Dennis Bailey, Joy Houck, Jim Weaver in Niccolo and Cicolette. Theatre is an art. Devotion, sincerity, and hard Work are all necessary elements in the world of theatre, and such dedication sometimes results in a seclusion from the rest of society. But theatre is a necessary part of culture for it dramatizes the history of our country and its people. The Theatre Department of the School of Fine Arts offers course work leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, and the Master of Arts. In conjunction with the academic program, the Southern Players offer four major productions each regular year and a bill of studio one-act productions directed by students. The theatre productions are open to all interested stu- dents who may Work in any aspect of theatre. Southern's theatre, located in the Southern Play- house, maintained the department's fine reputation this year with four excellent productions: Niccolo and Nicolette, a play for children by Alan Cullen, A Man For All Seasons by Robert Bolt, The Firebugs by Max Frisch, and The Admirable Crichton by James M. Barrie. Joy Houck, Chris Graff, Don Seay, Linda Lou Thomas, David Allen, Carl Wallman in A Man For All Seasons. Kin Fite and Lloyd Wilson in Niccolo and Cicolette. Frank Cain and Don Seay in A Man For All Seasons. 187 David Allen, Marian Curry, Phil Parker, Carl Wallman, in A Man For All Seasons. Joan Hammons, Joy Houck, Chris Graff, Don Seay, in A Man For All Seasons. W 5' 45.3 Don Seay, Ginny Ford, and Jim Weaver in The Pajama Game. Summer Theatre was begun in 1959, at Pascagoula, Mississippi, and was brought on-campus in the sum- mer of 1960. Originally, it was the only venture of its kind in this area and has met with continued success. After a three week period of orientation and study, seven plays are presented, one each Week for seven consecutive weeks. The program ends with critique and evaluation of each student's work on an individual basis. Sixteen hours of credit may be earned on the graduate or undergraduate levels. A limited number of scholarships are available. The company of 25 is chosen from qualified students who file applications. Students have come from Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Althouh this is an arduous program calling for de- dication, discipline, and 'round the clock concentra- tion, the personal and professional rewards are proportionally great. Suzanne Jacques and Lynn Rose in Chalk Garden. fel 188 ! I Summer Stock l 1 l I Ginny Ford and Robert Lewis in Ah, Wilderness! J! 'vi are S. i Attracts Noted Performers L, .fx 1 iv dwg Buddy Hymel, Elisabeth Clark, and Mary Harkins in A Streetcar Named T Desire. Melita Wade, Jim Weaver, Buddy Hymel, and Elisabeth Clark in The E Importance of Being Earnest. 3 N N I Melita Wade and Beth Hudson in Our Town. Annie Tissue, Don Seay, and Joy Houck in A Shot In The Dark. 'WWXS my I Drum major Dudley Slay prepares to present the "Pi-idev University of Southern Mississippi marching band, better known as the Pride of Mississippi, is composed of approximately 120-130 musicians that come to the University from all over the country by virtue of audition and recommendation. The Pride has earned its nationally famous reputation by such appearances as the All-Star football game in Chicago, the Blue- Gray game in Montgomery, the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, and the Senior Bowl in Mobile. One of the greatest compliments paid the Pride was that concern- ing the 1965 Senior Bowl appearance. It was said of the Band by an NBC official that this was NBC's finest moment in color television. Featurette Judy Walker-the pride of the "Pride" In 190 Q 4 Southern The "Pride of Mississippi" 1 f - ef Once again the Southern band travels to the Senior Bowl to entertain both fans and nationwide viewers. Pride Brings Fame To USM n . W., ...,. -W 1 V K X t ,Q A X 11 - FQ. Q L ' vxifil X' Q, is N ,, Q - .- - . .A f . , -, www - ,fl f T .jg . , ' .5 V '- ,I :L x gffiz V QA J" -. -Q : ' 'wg' H r f? -"' ,Q W' ' N.-354 'Q 'f X a .g ,X V -, ry MJ.-H . X ' wg, X -. , 'X Y we Q"' ' J' x Wo VN " A Kx""vYiX" f .0 W, ' .J '. vii-2. V v vw, X X' is A 551 Q X ev" w e X' . XS Q1 , fb o .vw-fr:-:iv,.r, " 'Q,g,Q'gf 12: ,A -W :MQW ' Wmwkxxisulx WY - - f 4. . -bn? 'Jr' 1'1,?S",.Lvsia:f NQTQ-:nm A ww , NX. VA NS ,. 'K l 4 vm WL., 191 -,,,,,,5 rf-:fl ay Q f ww- i,..,1go x 1 1, , e.M......,.,,..... ff' M , Tr. , W A , ti,9 LM ti N f ,QQ fl ,Q Q as . M ,xx .5 K ,M 5 in , .Rfk n"t A nw K i Dixie Darlings Rate Tops Dixie Darling Oiiicers. Left to Right: Olivia Johnston, Carol Henning, Rocin Johnson, Carol Wadsworth. Featured members of Dixie Darlings. Famous all over the South, the Dixie Darlings of the University of Southern Mississippi are chosen primarily for their ability to dance. These girls try out weekly for a position on the dance team that will perform in the football games along with the marching band. Some of these girls receive scholarships and the out-of-state members have their extra tuition fees waived. Dixie Darlings has a fiuctuating number of performers, but the usual count is from forty to fifty in each show. Not only does this group appear at Southern's foot- ball games, but it goes to the Senior Bowl annually. In the past they have also been presented at the Blue- Gray Game and the Sugar Bowl. -'-is -. w V. Lg Q - aa .I .' .I '- 'r 'sill . Q ,l -. iv? 192 X fx A ,. - First Row: Bob Orndorff, Ray Allen-Librarian, Jay Jones, Wayne Meeks, Clifton Ware-Instructor, Larry Walters, Jim Ellis, Norman Ramsey, Jim Borden. Second Row: Jerry Lump- kin, Jim Tharp, Charles Watkins, Hollis Landrum, Joe Alred, Tom Watson, Bill Davis, Stanley Brown, Carroll Fulgram, Tom Highlander Male Chorus, is one of the busiest and most popular performing groups on the University of Southern Mississippi campus. Directed by Clifton Ware, assistant professor of music and voice in the School of Fine Arts, this 34-voice male chorus has Chisholm. Third Row: Freeman Cochran, Larry Patterson, James Stokes, Jim Reed, Starkey Kean-Secretary, Chuck Moon-President, Archie Van Devender, Joe Ernest, Hugh Covington, George Williams-Business Manager. drawn accolades from audiences for its excellent musicianship and showmanship. The chorus, Whose membership is determined by audition, was organized in late September and since has performed on many occasions. University Singers of Southern Mississippi is a per- forming choir of 70 voices selected by audition of students from all departments of the University. They appear in major concerts, on radio and television broadcasts, and have made professional recordings of their performances. This year they will appear on two distinguished programs, "The Parable of Death" and Beethoven's "Ninth," The University Singers are conducted by Dr. David Foltz, chairman of the Department of Music, former chairman of the Department of Music at the Uni- versity of Nebraska. Musical Talent Perfected In Highland Chorus and University Singers 193 Southern A Way of Life, As . . PEOPLE! STUDENTS! Capturing their year on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi is the concern of the 1965 SOUTHERNER. We the staff of the SOUTHERNER have sought to provide the individual student with a yearbook that contains pictures and thoughts which enable this year to remain clear in his memory. We have tried to record a broad area of events-to JEAN RICHARDSON Editor LL I create a panorama of our campus. This is your book and your year at the University of Southern Missis- sippi in 1964-1965. The SOUTHERNER displays the friendliness and tradition of USM . . . progress . . . cooperation . . . a history for posterity . . , a good will instru- ment . . . memories . . . spirit . . . inspiration . . . care- ful planning . . . patience . . . happiness. FRED GRIFFIN Business Manager if 7Z."'4jT"' 'TiE9ilT K Bill Kahlstorf Sheila Prichard Bonnie Daugherty Nancy Schutt Greek Editor Organizations Editgr Beauty Editor Class Editor Jack Richmond Sports Editor Left to Right: Carmaleda McGraw, Da Sandra Reeves. 2 L X5:.,s.i5iQ J ,.,: V ,," ,gl ' ' ff3f,.f1' M ef?- 3 ,sig ug, N f . -" . , 5 . 5 Ti Captured and Presented B Staff of '65 Standing, Left to Right: Marilyn Skrmetta, Marcia Broadus. Seated, Left to Right: Beverly Dale, Henrietta King, Sheila Burnham, Carolyn Statham. vid Fischer, Robbie Robertson, Charlotte Barnes, Linda Stephens 'Wa' w J Q it Greek Editor , 'ff 1 ,74 196 , r 1 l l w w 'fn 'mv-1' I-...www 1 Southerner ,..,mv"Ur Left to Right: Mary Ellen Brown, Jelinda Blackwell, Patsy Seated, Left to Right: Cheryl Rayner, Deanie Assaf. Standing, Hemphill, Sheron Rawls. ' ' ' Student Government Co-editors, Left to Right: Dennis Spencer, Betty Richardson. ---...Nt , Activities Editor, Emily Flowers if ' ' ff Z' I W 4 1 f 1 " Vyl ,- af fi ff , , if 2 , f ww w M592 f ,gif , aff, Z , af ' mi at f 4 4 , f 5 ,Q f 9 5 2 W y ? ' .,-15 I . .V i , af , +2?'t'.-Lffii " ' if 2 f " it I -fr f 1574? , 1 , li - f as , ., f . ' V 'T fi ' Left to R-ight: Becky Parris, Sherry Nobles. Mfgxrw l Leadership Section Editor, Martha Schools Editor, Cornelia Pittman Rogers Left to Right: Theresa Hire , Sue Havard, lVIeachie McWhorter, Janice Breazeale Brenda O'Neal. , ,VTE f M ' X v . -is , , . ' A 5 ' 1 Q M F , f X fa , f f, ,ff W myyggf 4.71 ,,,, ,V X 24 f ZZ 'SV W3 A '. , ' . 1 ' iff 623' 4 ,. -4 .f 7 .. Msf' f - ,M ,ic h :,,- Q: ,Q ' ,fa i f 4 i f s, . - J R ,, . A ,K ft g . , 5 -Kiwi, 4 Qi' ...WM Tig, , " P SX 'M' ig 5 , . 4--h ' so .::., .::a?":fs. .V ...,. , V, g 1 197 LJ Bob Roule, Executive Editor Unique best describes the "Student Printz" of the University of Southern Mississippi. The "Printz", a a Weekly publication, is unique because the news reporting and the printing are done entirely by stu- dents. Most college papers are printed by profession- als and the students write the stories. Few, if any, are put out completely by the students. Journalism students are required to work on the "Printz." The jobs include photographer, printer, re- porter, edtior, and advertising salesman. All of these jobs with the exception of printing are connected with the journalism classes. Editors are assigned to the various significant areas of campus life such as entertainments, sports, com- merce and business, administration, education and psychology, arts and sciences and student activities. The department editors assign stories to the reporters who gather the facts and write the stories before the 5 p.m. Tuesday deadline. The editors check the stories for accuracy and reading ability and write the head- lines. Each editor is assigned certain pages and he decides where to place stories and pictures on his page. Financially self-suporting, the "Printz" earns its revenue from advertisements and a small student fee. This year marked the initiation of the First Annual Open House for the "Printz." This event occured shortly before the Christmas holidays. Attending this event were twenty-five of the top administrators and members of the faculty. Student Printz ...Reporter of campus Life Bob Drake, Business Editor Pete Maurer, SP01'tS Editor Chuck Kershner, News Editor mf., I Shop Crew, Left to Right: Salvadore Piazza, Gloria Salter, Robert Phillips, Henry Arledge. Editorial Staff, Standing, Left to Right: Chuck Kershner, Walter Sku- pien, Danny Greene, David Woodall, Pete Maurer. Seated: Char- lyn Maguire. .lg I Staff Reporters, Stand- ing, Left to Right: Jim Giametta, Dennis Bur- rant, Andy Breland, Linda Price, Leonard Yelinek - Photogra- pher. Seated, Left to Right: Rachael Sullivan. Gloria Salter. Officers. First Row: Linda Luke, Secretary, Ronnie White, President, Grace Smith, Assistant to President, Mike Ziliak, Treasurer. Second Row: Sandra Jackson, Vice-President. Third Row: Lynda Forman, Cor- responding Secretary. Fourth Row: Ronnie Watson, Publicity Chairman. I'-'M 'T L IS. 5:-5, "11- F.,-nl lfnei , C? 'LOO Student Christian Federation The Student Christian Federation at the University of Southern Mississippi is an organization primarily in offering the student an opportunity to participate in religious activities. Every student of the University is a member of this organization. The SCF Council is composed of a president, vice-president, recording sec- retary, corresponding secretary, treasurer, historian, publicity chairman, and a representative from each religious group on campus. In addition to the meetings and activities of the various church groups, the Student Christian Feder- ation sponsors activities for the entire campus. The first activities of the fall quarter sponsored by the SCF are a Vesper Service and an Orientation Pro- gram. Other activities include Weekly Vesper Services, Thanksgiving Service, Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, and the Easter Sunrise Service. The most important event of the year is Religious Emphasis Week, which is also sponsored by the SCF, but it is planned by a "Committee of 100". College is a time for shaping lives. Here at the University of Southern Mississippi the Student Christian Federation tries to encourage students to make religion a vital part of their lives. The guiding principle of the SCF is the higher development of the moral and spiritual life of the university family. Left to Right, Bottom Row: Grace Smith, Mike Ziliak, Linda Luke, Anne Hobart. Top Row: Ronnie Watson, Ronnie White, Lee Carroll, Ralph Atkins, Linda Forman, Sandra Jackson, Kathy Kersh. First Row: Judy Driskell, Dr. Fritzsche, Linda Forman, Pam Gray, Virginia Spence, Carol Arbunthnot, Rita Likins, Grace Smith, Dr. Nau. Second Row: Dr. Burrus, Marina Punt, Kitty Punessen, Mr. Frazier, Mason Frye, Mrs. I. O. Wilbur, Sandra Jackson. Third Row: Ircel Harrison, Lee Carroll, Jerry Hollis, Chuck Moon. 201 Pi Tau Chi The Delta Alpha Chapter of Na- tional Pi Tau Chi is a religious society established on April 22, 1955, for the purpose of encouraging and recognizing exemplary Chris- tian leadership, outstanding Chris- tian character, and high scholastic achievement. Once a year a number of students and faculty members who have made outstanding con- tributions to the religious life of the University community are elected to membership. Committee of 100 Religious Emphasis Week Com- mittee of 100 is composed of stu- dents of the University who are interested in the planning and ad- vancement of religious activities during R. E. W. The Student Christian Federation Council and a group of faculty members, the Religious Activities Committee, carefully make the selection for this honor. The selection is based on a student's contributions in canipus religious work and his participation in his denominational group. The major Committee of 100 is divided in eleven smaller commit- tees: worship, house discussions, personal conference, publicity, seminar, arrangements, program, book display, breakfast, classroom, and hospitalityg Each member has a specific job or responsibility. Special breakfasts are held and the committees meet together and dis- cuss their work. Faculty advisors from various departments on campus assist students with this planning. Special resource speakers come from various parts of the country. They hold campus-wide services classroom and dormitory discus- sions, and personal conferences. The work of the R. E. W. Com- mittee culminates in an inspira- tional week which oifers, to all the students, the opportunity to expose themselves to thought-provoking and challenging ideas. 'Wt fy: FU' Oiiicers, Seated: Betty Kinard, Social Chairman, Ircel Harrison, President, Jean Keith, Temple Baptist Church Representative, Louie Farmer, Sr., Directorg Martha MacLean, First Baptist Church Representative, Sammy Culpepper, Student Center Church Representative, Virginia Fauver, Missions Chairman. Standing: Sue Herring, Editor of Vu Herdg Rebecca Holifield, University Baptist Church Representative, Donald Butler, Promotions Chairman, Barbara Richardson, Young Women's Association President, Shirley Laird, Main Street Baptist Church Representative, Wayne Raley, Choir President, Aris Fay Deen, Records Chairmang Linda Blissett, Finance Chair- mang Robert Davis, Baptist Student Fellowship Presidentg Sheila Kemmer, Devotional Chairman, Nell F ancher, 38th Avenue Church Representative. Baptist Student Union Uffers Fellowship Baptist Student Union is the voluntary religious activity for Baptist students of the University. A student becomes a member of the Baptist Student Union by joining any campus organization of BSU or by becoming active in any Baptist Church in Hattiesburg. Campus activity is carried out by the Director of Baptist Student Work, the BSU President, ten general committees, and three unit organizations. BSU work is centered at the BSU House, 214 N. 31st Avenue. The unit organizations are Baptist Student Fellow- ship, Young Women's Auxiliary, and BSU Choir. Baptist Student Fellowship is a Tuesday night meet- ing which provides inspiration, fellowship, and infor- mation. YWA promotes missionary interest among girls. The BSU Choir seeks to involve students in a ministry of music. These activities are dedicated to a campus Chris- tian witness expressed in Romans 12:2-"And be ye not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of Godf' X xx, ty A ' PDIQDEJWQ L Westminster Fellowship Provides Guidance Officers, Seated: Marcha Turner, Evangelism Chairman: Eloise Scott, Historian, Linda Sigler, Librarian, Sarah Lynn Yelverton, Ecumonical Chairman. Standing: Jerry Snell, Worship, Chair- mang Lyne Carter, Editor, Lee Carroll, President, Walter Gib- son, Study Group Chairmang Brister H. Ware, Minister to Students, Bill Stanway, Vice President. 15 Q., 5' :wb -5 tg fn .iz Q0 Westminster Fellowship is the organization for col- lege and university students of the Presbyterian Church, U. S. Its purpose is to guide students to be- come such complete disciples of Christ that they will discover God's will in their lives and do it. Therefore, the members of the Fellowship bind themselves to- gether in spirit and action and propose to acquire a dynamic faith through Christian experience. worship, and study. Under the capable leadership of the Presbyterian Minister to Students, the Rev. Brister H. Ware, the Westminster Fellowship has offered a well diversified program which has embraced all the aspects of the Christian life. Weekly Fellowship meetings each Tuesday and Sunday evenings: study groups provid- ing stimulating thoughts and discussions: publication activities such as the weekly newsletter, the "West- minster Mousef' a wet Homecoming fioat party, Synod W.F. conferences: and many other memorable oc- casions mark the annual Westminster calendar. As a Christian Fellowship within the University community, Westminster Fellowship works to assume a most vital role in the continued growth of Christ for each member through an active awareness of the urgency of the Christian message. I, e vi wl . Maw fl! 122 4 dffff we ,f- ,, I fi f 5' f-, fi .wi Q fr. , , Mg, I, , N , ft X I I ,C fxvf,g.fQ,gf,,,'M ,,,. ,,,, WW, f .Mg 4' 4,4 Members of Baptist Student Fellowship. W ! E W I Members of Westminster Fellowship, Seated: Bruter H. Ware Hilma Brooks, Dahn McNeal, Marlene Bilek, Bill Bagur, i CMinister to Studentsj, Jerry Snell, Walter Gibson, Bill Stan- Johnny Lazenby, Larry Watts, Bill Caldwell, Ron Macdonald, i way, Lee Carroll, Pat Watts, Linda Sigler, Marsha Turner, Bob Iski, Jim Robertson, Alton Phillips, Ginny Trask, Kathleen 4276? Mary Elizabeth Doster, Eloise Scott, Lyne Carter. Standing: .Q Q , . AQ Schaefer, Carol Chatham, Judy Dowdle, Richard Dellogg. 7.0 f is L.. L IA 'CJ C7 Officers, Seated: Carmaleta McGraw, Treasurer, Kitty Punessen, Historiang Martha Johnson, World Christian Service Chairman. Standing: Hugh Covington, Discussion Group Chairman, Charles Rabb, Presidentg Hollis Landrum, Program Chairman' Sonny Mowdy, Publicity Chairman. I Wesley Foundation at the University of Southern Mississippi is the Methodist Church at the campus. Wesley attempts to provide a climate conducive to the enrichment of the life of the members of the com- munity in the finest spirit of the Christian Faith. The program functions in a spacious building, pro- vided by Methodist of Mississippi. It is adjacent to the campus on the Southwest side and is open from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. for student use. Through its program, Wesley seeks to provide a home away from home, recreation, fellowship, wor- ship and a challenge that inspires the best in intellectual and spiritual experiences. Wes ey ffers A Place of Worship Newman Club Stresses Dedication Officers, Seated: Barbara Fuente, Corresponding Secretaryg Reverend John Rietti, Advisorg Stephen Sekul, President. Standing: Jack Ewing, Vice Presidentg Patty Rogers, Recording Secretary, Leonard Yelinik, Treasurer. A buf K 1 1 n lt, x 1 s ll ,9 R L 4 if ann ,I-"9 E 1 c 1 : 4 - - 4 -1 x ' 2 3. .-5. 5 A J ' ' N, 0 0 9 ,fx With a dedicated membership, the Newman Club annually proves the worth of the principles formu- lated by Cardinal John Henry Newman, a convert to the Catholic faith. The club promotes intellectual, social and religious development for its members. After a very active year, the Newman Club is proud of the work of its members on such activities as the homecoming float and fall dance. Interesting weekly programs develop members spiritually, and these, with group attendance at Mass and Holy Communion and other special projects, add much to students of the Catholic faith. Members of Wesley Foundation, First Row: Kay Boatman, Patricia Byrnes, Roblyn Rollings, Martha Johnson, Sonny Mowdy, Hollis Landrum, Charles Rabb, Michael Puckett, Anna George Brown, Hugh Covington, Bobby Killgo, Kitty Punessen, Chuck Moon, Donald Rice, Reverend Denson Napier, Judy McElhaney, Bill Cast. Second Row: Betty Roundtree, Peggy Davis, Mary Ann Bankston, Judy Clarke, Brenda O'Neal, Dianne Flynt, Beth Furlow, Melinda Lacy, Beth Everette, Judy Williams, Mariam May, Robert Barham, John Goss, Angelyn Cross, Ann Hicks, Bobbie Bentley, Wayne Vaughn, Martha Barrett, Susan Butcher, Ann Boswell, Judy Everitt Pat Collins, Nancy Goettman, Mike Weldon. Third Row: Ann Thresher, Shirley Gibbs, Dawn Cromartie, Marguerite McDor1nell, Mur- ray Adams, Preston Olivent, Bonnie Booty, David Fischer, Donald Bell, Freeman Cochran, Jerry Hollis, Mason Frye, Emilie Wilson, Carroll Fulgham, Ronnie White, Craig Hurt, Mike Smythe, Harold Hale, Carolyn Whitley, Rose Ann Windham. Members of Newman Club, First Row: Eleanor Trehern, Charla Robinson, Beverly Johnson, Claudia Braun, Joan Tarbutton, McDavitte, Delphine Voss, Ferey Dunn Armisen, Madeleine Bonnabel, Claudette Champagne, Pat Harrison, Rita Faye Martin. Second Row: Rev. John Rietti, Ann Pobjecky, Barbara Fuente, Sam LaRosa, Bubba Morton, Simone Cyr, Rita Likins, Sherry Ann Richards, Tommy Baker, Cheryl Cyr, Kenny Martin, Carol Fortier. Third Row: Christiana Curet, Kevn McElroy, Jerry Dietrick, Patty Rogers, Frank Misurelly, Linda Kuntz, Sandra Borger, Ken Franco, Steven Sekul. Fourth Row: Elaine Heider Teresa Finnegan, Donna Martin, Susan Rasmus- sen, Mary Frances Ziz, Janet Ladner, Linda Buckley, Lyle Crews, Jimmy Soper, Larry Ecuyer, Steve Wyatt, Jack Ewing, Susan Qinter. Fifth Row: Dan Couget, Beth Baricev, Elizabeth Newell, William Holland, Frankie Wheat, Johnny Curro, JoAnn McCullough, Henry Randazzo, Richard Roshto, Dennis Buruant, Richard Moran, Leonard Yelinek, Jimmy Trest, Vincent Jesse, Millard Quigley, Aubrey Beckham. rw '29 ' Yi ' vu its 53 '... ' Seated: Myra Richardsong Ralph Atkins, Presidentg Annette Advisorg Judy Jackson. Standing: Theata Whiteg John L. Ter- Eubanks, Secretary, Annette Clegg, Treasurer, Weldon Hatcher, rellg Bob Baughng Jim Tribbleg Steve Woodg Betsy McQuaig. Koinonia Club Stimulates Religious Growth The Koinonia Club was organized this year on the Southern Mississippi campus. Koinonia means "fel- lowship", The purpose of the club is to stimulate growth toward favor with God and man as well as wisdom and stature. It is the desire of the club to cultivate Christian friends and Christian social at- titudes while obtaining a college education. Member- ship is open to all like-minded students. The "home" of the club is the Southern Christian Student Center located near the campus. Koinonia is sponsored by members of the Church of Christ. Canterbur Club Integrates University and Religion Canterbury Club has been chartered on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi since 1946. Its purpose is to allow college students and faculty to make their faith an integral part of college life by attending the church on campus. Seated: Mrs. James M. Jones-Sponsor, Roben Smalling- Reporter, Pamela Gray-Vice-President, Robert Everett- President, Kathleen Murphy-Secretary-Treasurer, Lucille Rush Badger-S.C.F. Representative, Virginia Monk. Standing: The Canterbury Club was founded on the belief that the mission of the Episcopal Church should be extended to all communicants, and should provide the best medium for its members to develop as useful citizens. Carol Wentworth, Margaret Killingsworth, Sherrie Ford, John McCarty, Dave Brennan, David Pearce, Robert White, Sambo Merkbee, Betty De Moville, Carol Jarm, Peggy Carrico, Gene Green. 'L-J A 1 f 5 ' 4' 11? 1 ., Y 9 bf ,,,. np K if , , . dai r f - - x -m I Q-K 1 r 1 Sou theme offers . . . 56110011 CORNELIA PITMAN SECTION EDITOR College Of Arts And Sciences Reflects Trends In Higher Education With Constant Growth. Dr. Caude Edwin Fike, Dean. Examining the results of the Beckman D-K1 Spectrophotometer in an advanced chemistry class are tleft to rightj: Dr. Charles Brent, Conrod Roberson, Kenneth A. McLeod, Herchel Bullock, Charles Robinson, William Daniels, Bill Sharpe, Mack Spence. The College of Arts and Sciences provides a broad cultural and educational experience as well as specialized fields and pre-profes- sional programs. During the past year increased curricula offerings and the emergence of new departments reflected changing trends in higher education, as well as continued growth. The areas of public address, journalism, radio and television were merged into the Department of Communica- tion. The former areas of speech therapy and audiology became a separate department of Speech and Hearing Sciences. Approval was received for the doctoral degree in Biology and Chem- istry, and for additional graduate Work beyond the master's degree in English, history, mathematics, and speech and hearing sciences. Formal approval for the doctoral degrees in these areas is expected in the near future. In relation to such a large field of learning, Dean Fike has stated, "The long-time strength in the Humanities and Social Sciences is now well balanced by the vigorous programs in mathematics and the science areas." 'ZIO w y I I Department Chairmen. Seated, Left to Right: Dr. Charles E. Lane, chemistry, Dr. Leon A. Wilber, political science, Dr. Charles Welby, geology, Dr. Claude E. Fike, Dean, Dr. Raymond Bishop, substitute for Dr. Nau, religion and philosophy, Major Anthony C. Rouchon, factingl Military Science. Standing: Dr. Henry Greech, substitute for Dr. Peters, speech and hearing Arrington, Robert Behr, Howard W., Dr. Bell, Jonathan L. Benson, Robert C. Black, Stanley Blackmon, Ben Bordoloi, Kiron C. Breland, Mrs. Lois T. Brent, Charles R., Dr. Brent, Robert A., Dr. Brinegar, Mrs. Bonnie Carter Brown, Bahngrell, Dr. Brown, Marice, Mrs. Chambers, Mildred, Dr. Cliburn, Wm., Dr. Coe, Gordon R., Dr. Conner, Eugene, Captain Crocker, George T. DeRosier, Arthur, Dr. Douglas, Harold J., Sgt. Downey, Raymond Ellis, Fred Edward Ellis, Mary Eubanks, Leaon Felder, Virginia, Dr. Ferguson, Robert A. Fish, Arthur Geoifrey Frost, Melvin Jesse, Dr. Gargiulo, Louis, Dr. George, Albert Grange, Robert, Dr. Hare, Alton Facult Harper, Glen T., Dr. Harper, Richard I., Dr. Hatcher, William H., Dr. Higgins, Margaret Ann, Mrs. Holder, Brian George Horton, Guy Huff, William J., Dr. Hurst, George Jackson, Miss Willery Johnson, Mrs. Sarah Jones, Samuel P., Dr. Lindsey, David Long, J. S., Dr. Long, Quincy Martin, Don H. Massey, John P., Capt. McKee, Jesse Oscar McKinley, Lois Carol McMurry, Daniel Meaders, Barney, Capt. Milner, Perry Lou Morrow, Carolyn Mmm, Jack Nash, Rollins H., M.!Sgt. Nau, John, Dr. Neumann, Mrs. Editha Newson, Carl, R., Dr. Nicholson, George W., Dr. Peters, Robert W., Dr. Phillips, Henry I., Jr. Roberson, Denham S. Robertson, James Arthur, Jr 'ZII cation. im A wa ,g ' ,M sciences, Dr. Ben Chappell, communication, Dr. Linwood Orange, English, Dr. John Gonzales, substitute for Dr. Davis, history, Dr. Ed Kelly, mathematics, Dr. Horace Dudley, physics, Thomas Chisholm, foreign language, Dr. John Burrus, sociology, Dr. Arthell Kelly, georgraphy, Dr. Ashley Morgan, science edu- Robinson, Robert Rogers, Benny B., Capt. Russum, Robert P. Scarborough, William K., Ph.D. Scheel, Eduardo Secondini, Olindo, Dr. Smith, Byron C., Ph.D. Smith, George Smith, Gaston, Dr. Snead, Robert L., Capt. St. Clair, William F. Stocks, Peter, Dr. Stout, Wilbur W., Dr. Strange, Bennett Swetman, Glen R. Thamus, Shelly Treser, Robert M. Trotter, Donald Wayne Tuchak, William, Dr. Tucker, Forrest D., Ph.D. Van Hook, Benjamin O. Vincent, Mrs. Jewell Watson, Tommy Webb, Alice M. Webster, Porter, Dr. Weeks, Herbert C., Staff Sgt. Weems, Miner L., Dr. Whittington, Joseph Richard, Dr. Williams, Clinton L., Jr. Williams, Bill, Dr. Windham, Douglas C., Sgt. Zeyss, Miss Irmgard Kappa Mu Epsilon Recognizes Outstanding Students In Math 7 Kappa Mu Epsilon is a society for the recognition of outstanding students in the field of mathematics, re- quiring a prospective member to have a 3.0 average in mathematics and to be enrolled in calculus or more advanced mathematics courses. The applicant must also have a 2.75 over-all grade average. This society develops an appreciation for the power of mathematics and furthers students' interests by helping the undergraduate to realize the important role that mathematics has had in the development of the western civilization. Kappa Mu Epsilon holds monthly meetings with pro- grams of interest to mathematicians. It promotes fellow- ship among members through several social functions, including the annual steak cookout. The advisors for 1964-65 are Dr. Ed Kelly and Mr. Jack Munn. These men are active in Kappa Mu Epsilon and are aiding in the conference of mathematics and management for small businesses this year. This con- ference is being promoted to stress the useful role of mathematics in management on the campus of the Uni- versity of Southern Mississippi. AQ, In Officers: Joyce Watson, Secretaryg Joe Sharp, Vice Presidentg Mary Frances Hicks, Treasurer, Kenneth Waites, President. Kappa Mu Epsilon. First Row, Top to Bottom: Joyce Watson, Kenneth Waites, Mary Frances Hicks, Joe Sharp. Second Row, Top to Bottom: Tom Hairston, Jack Sharp, Jerry Hardin, John Bauerschmidt, Katie Duncan. Third Row, Left to Right: Ronald Bell, William Smith, Curtis Johnson, Ronnie White, Bob Hardipe, Gerald Smith, Joe W. Jolly, Donald Bell, Richard Crotteau, Bill Cast, W. W. Nichols. 'LIZ d , Alpha Epsilon Delta And Beta Beta Beta In Biolog , Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Elpsilon Delta is affiliated with the American Associa- tion for the Advancement of Science, the American Council of Education and the Association of college honorary pre- medical societies. It stimulates appreciation of the importance of pre-medical e education in the field of medicine. Alpha Epsilon Delta's pur- pose is to bind similarly interested students together. Left to Right, Front Row: Rascal Odom, Sue Doster, Mickey Oates, Linda Stephens, Jackie Jackson, Cheryl Dumont, Anita McDonald, Fred Walker, Jeanette King, Jim Kiser, Jerry Welch, C. E. Turner, Kathy Barnes, Jeanie Weathersby. Second Row: T. G. Sarphie, Gerald Morris, Ronnie Brews, Lewayne Lambert, Clemen Shumake, Tom Herring, David Carter. Beta Beta Beta The Beta Chi Chapter of Beta Beta Beta at the University of Southern Mississippi is a so- ciety for students of the biologi- cal sciences. It encourages scholarly attainment in biology J by reserving its membership for those with superior academic records and special aptitude for biology. The society presents a three- fold program emphasis: stimu- lation of sound scholarship, dis- semination of scientific knowl- edge, and promotion of biologi- cal research. Beta Beta Beta is an aililiate of the American As- sociation for the Advancement of Science. I Standing, Left to Right: Marshall Kamran, JoAnn Kasbohm, Mayze Mackrell, Anita McDonald, Linda Wardlaw, Judy Driskill, Betty Wilby, Jeanie Weathersby, Carol Killings- . worth, Burkett Neely, David Pushcar. Second Row: Bob Vickery, LeWayne Lambert, Clemen Shoemake, Gerald Morris, James Knight, Robert Mosby, Clark Hudson, Quency Long, Tommy McIlwain, David Carter, Jim Kiser, Bill Kahlstorf, John Terrell, Tom Herring. Bob Taylor. l 1 l 9.13 i V i l. i l 5 Lambda Iota Tau tldnglishj And Phi Alpha Theta fl-Iistoryj 5 Lambda Iota Tau. Seated, Left to Right: Stephanie Chavez, Caroline Dean, Secretary-Treasurer, Retta J ustice. Standing: John Walker, June Davidson, Pat Patrick, John Simpson, President, Roger Easom, Shirley Carlson, Pam Gray, Program Vice President, Ruthie Schoeniger, Mem- bership Vice President. Phi Alpha Theta. First Row, Left to Right: Onabel Donavan, Historian, Terry Regan, Treasurer, James Mc- Caslin, Vice President, Johnny Lee, President, Dr. Robert Brent, Faculty Advisor, Professor Robert Robertson, Assistant Faculty Advisor. Second Row: Dennis Spencer, Caroline Dean, Earl Webb, Ken Mallette, Lois Bad- ger, John Evans, Willery Jackson, Sally Patterson. Third Row: Charles Smith, John Gonzales, Victor Gaston, William Scarborough, Peter P. Sme- tek, James Stone, Warner O. Moore, Samuel E. Rush, George McNinch. TI it QW? f-riff Lambda Iota Tau Lambda Iota Tau is a national honorary English Fraternity for those students majoring or minoring in Literature. A very successful Shakespearian play, "The Twelfth Night," was sponsored during the fall quarter. Lambda Iota Tau holds programs reviewing modern American novels and panel discussions with various faculty members. Two aims of Lambda Iota Tau are to establish a series of literary films aiding students and to attempt to revive the literary magazine by sponsorship and financial aid. i'i is, 2, . R I ' ' 151329 - i .l' r Phi Alpha Theta Theta Kappa Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, national history honor society, was charted at the University of Southern Mississippi on February 1, 1962. Election to membership in Phi Alpha Theta is the highest academic honor open to history students. It promotes scholastic achievement in history by holding regular meetings, which feature outstanding speakers on pertinent subjects, These meetings are held on the second Mondays of the fall, winter, and spring quarters. ' '15 i r 114 c mix W - I if Biology. Mrs. Fish instructs biology students regarding the mechanics of the microscope. ' Variety Is The Keynote Qt The College f Arts And Sciences Journalism. Salvadore Piazza readies the winning issue of the Student Printz. linotype machine for another award- i 1 , 'LI Military Science. Training for membership in the Pershing Rifles are Cadets William Thomas Burke and John Robert Suber. Communications. Dave Austin spins the turn table and popular hits from the studio of the campus radio WMSU. Dr. Mullen, in the growing accounting department, explains a problem to his class: First Row, Left to Right: Bill Garland, Bill Bainter, A1 Andrews. Second Row: Dianne Ishee, Mike Howard, Jerry Hersh. School Ot Business Administration Prepares Students For The Complex World Ol Business Dr. Joseph Arthur Greene, Jr., Dean. .Ui I3 V E! v sa Business Administration V -M s .,.,,,, fx, ' :,, The School of Business Administration has the important task of tj! preparing young men and women for places within the increasingly complex business world which has been undergoing a great transition within this century. As the organizational revolution has occurred which has transformed a society of small businesses into one of huge corporations requiring men of managerial ability who understand peo- ple as well as production processes, education within the School has had to change. Though each department within the School fAccounting, Economics, Finance and General Business, Management, Marketing, 'I and Ofiice Administrationj offers some specialized courses to enable the student to develop the skills to begin Work in one of the functional 1 areas of business, the emphasis is on giving him a broad enough educa- tion with the ability to use managerial tools and exercise business courses dwelling on the public and social responsibilities of private business. W Fsaxr ,NPV ills 116 WZ W , Department Heads. Standing Left to Right: Dr. J. H. Clements, Dr. Rector R. Hardin, Financeg Dr. Martin Stegenga Manage Office Administrationg Dr. Ben L. Forbes, Accountingg Dr. Rich- ment. ard C. Vreeland, Marketingg Dr. Louis Dixon, Economics. Seated: Mr. Hayward Anderson Miss Mabel Baldwin Mr. Stone Barefield Dr. Annelle Bonner Mr. Charles Brumfield Mr. George Bullard Mrs. Colleen Cameron Mr. Michael P. Davis Mr. Wilson Ellis Facult Miss Evelyn Ewell Dr. J. A. Greene, Jr. Mr. Richard Guess Mr. Yhi-Min Ho Dr. D. L. Howell Mr. H. O. Jackson Mr. Bryce D. Jordan Mr. James W. Kelley 117 Mr. Fred Kenamond Mr. Maxey Dr. Louis Mullen Mr. James McQuiston Miss Frances Reck Mr. William Richmond Dr. Elizabeth Sorbet Dr. Hubert Stepp Mr. Paul Weisend lpha Epsilon Alpha Honors Accounting Students First Row: Left to Right: Sam LaRosa, Joe Zydbel, Victor Tal- hart, Harold Dunlavy, Walter Loyle, Larry Welborn, Sylvia Ashley, Maritta Elam, Ann Mahan, Jimmy Lee, Tommy Leperi, Danny Evans, Gerald Smith, Bill Stanway, Ben Benigno. Second Row: Jirninie Forrest, James Rushing, Hayward Anderson, Jimmie Hamil, Everett Brunson, Hoyt Nichols, Larry Stringer, Officers. Left to Right: Tommy Leperi, Social Chairmang Wayne Mosley, Vice Presidentg Sylvia Ashley, Treasurerg Harold Dunlavy, President: Anne Mahan, Recording Secretary, Hayward Anderson, Advisor, Larry Napier, Corresponding Secretary. Fa, ffl, 'll f ffgway s 7 fig Z, M7 4--J Tommy White, Ray Koenenn, Carlos Stephens, Pete Crum, Claude Smith, Tommy McRae, Mike Fant, Harold Hunt. Third Row: Tom Little, Robert Barham, Bill Jennings, Wayne Moseley, Frank Dethloff, Phil Bellew, Jimmy Freeman, Larry Napier, Woody Martin, V. L. Howell. The purposes of Alpha Epsilon Alpha are threefold: Professional: to understand better the professional re-. quirements, ethics, laws, and regulations governing the prac- tice of accounting, for the protection of our future employ-- ers and clientsg for the employers and clients, for the pro-- motion of the profession of accountancy, for the protectioit of ourselves as representatives of the profession, and for proper application of accounting principles to the problems that we are to face in the future, as is demanded by the current situation of the economic, business, and govern- mental World. Scholastic: to apply the opportunities that are now offered, us, and to the betterment of ourselves and our societyt through efforts to deserve the three ideals of this fraternity, which are Integrity, Merit, and Diligence. t Social: to strive toward helping our fellow student in mak-J ing a contribution to society through personal self-improve ment. i Delta Sigma Pi Posters Stud Oi Business Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is an honorary professional fra- ternity organized to foster the study of business in universities, to encourage scholarship, social activity, and the association of students for their mutual ad- vancement by research and practice, to promote closer afliliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of com- mercial ethics and culture and the civic and commer- cial welfare of the community. Gamma Tau Chapter, founded on December 9, 1950, at Southern Mississippi in the School of Commerce and Business Administration, has a variety of lectures, programs, field trips, and social events. Gamma Tau successfully sponsors and participates in a program of professional, social, and other campus activities. This year Gamma Tau won first place in the homecoming parade. The activities bring to the attention of the faculty and the student body the fact that it is not only alive and exceedingly worthwhile, but that it also has a prominent place on the campus, in the community, and in national and international businesses. waraysiaamiarana fa ,r 5 ,..:f6,vf,+ My ',,, ffwf mwvff fyff 0 ,V W' "-' Officers. Seated, Left to Right: Mr. James McQuiston, Advisorg Kenny Martin, Chancellor, Steve Wood, Senior Vice President, Robert Tad- lock, Secretary, J. B. Bonds, President. Standing: Charles Brumfield, Speaker Co-ordinatorg Bill Bounds, Treasurer, Tommy Lepari, Social Chairman, Charles Struve, Vice President. WMM ,faawr .av awafwf-,wwf X ,Vp ,, ff? ,rgfiyw 7 'V.' First Row, Left to Right: Dennis Spencer, Charles Birchfield, Paul Reynolds, Bobby Tadlock, Burrell Kaizer, Tom Baldwin, J. B. Bonds, Betty Sheldon, Steve Wood, Walter Loyle, Jerry Jeffcote, Gene Stanley, Ben Benigno, Mr. James McQuiston, Joe Habert. Second Row: Harold Dunlavy, Robert Barham, Bert Adams., Louis Manuel, Butch Harms, Kent Foster, Kenny Mar- UU, Mike Cappet, Tommy Leperi, Clyde Rose, Bennie Reed, 7.1 Dick Hawks, Charles Brumfield, David Fischer, Leon Chatham. Third Row: Charles Martin, Everett Brunson, Ronald Graham, Bill Henry, Bill Bounds, Nelson Sellers, Charles Struve, Jack Salacey, George Bell, Dana Sanders, Wayne Mosley, Fred Shirley, Marvin Heebe, Jimmy Freeman, Larry Napier, Hank Trout, Reinald Williams. Dr. Carlton Lamar McQuagge, Dean The School of Education and Psychology is a major multipurpose professional school offering diverse programs in education and psy- chology. The curricula for these programs encompass the undergraduate and the graduate levels and lead to the bachelor's degree, the master's degree, the specialist certificate, and the doctor's degree. These pro- grams include: the preparation of teachers, administrators, and other professional personnel for the public schools and the colleges and universities, and the preparation of specialized personnel in selected areas for public service, for business, and for industry. In addition, the School of Education and Psychology provides clinical and professional services to public school systems, to community agen- cies, and to the University, and engages in educational and psycho- logical research. These various purposes are achieved through the work of the departments of the School and through cooperative efforts with departments of other schools and divisions within the University. The areas of service of the School of Education and Psychology are state-Wide and regional, and its various programs and activities have been steadily expanded to keep pace with the demand. Students participate in a reading class in the new Educational Psychology building. ll 3,1 Q School Of Education And Psychology Expands Into New Facilities 12.0 ...lw i dir Z rf l """""""r , 'TTL Seated, Left to Right: Dr. N.L. Landskov, Secondary Educationg Dr. Herman Boroughs, Guidanceg Dr. Ray S. Musgrave Psy Dr. Warren Francis Tracy, Library Scienceg Dr. Zed H. Burns, chology. Standing: Dr. Leo Reynolds Miller, Elementary Edu Industrial Artsg Dr. H. B. Easterling, Educational Foundationsg cationg Dr. James H. Mailey, Educational Administration Dr. Elizabeth M. Anthley Dr. Harry R. Barker, Jr. Dr. James E. Baxter Miss Marianne Brown Dr. Claude L. Campbell Mr. James Ray Carpenter Dr. John L. Cropp Mr. Gene A. Crowder Dr. Eloise W. Dent Dr. John P., Van Deusen Miss Madeline V. Flynt Mr. W. Radar Grantham Dr. Lena Y. Gough Dr. Eric M. Gunn Dr. Kenneth U. Gutsch Mr. Clifford H. Hagenson Mr. Ernest L. Harrington Mr. Lee K. Hildman Dr. E. Max Hunter Mr Mr Mr. Dr. Dr. Mr Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Faculty Thomas G. James Manon C. Johnson John M. King, Jr. Howard M. Kinlaw Sherriif L. Knight Aubrey K. Lucas L. Erl Mehearg Robert F. McDavid James H. McPhail Carlton L. McQuagge J. Lloyd Milam Lamar Moody Mrs. Frances J. Myers Dr. Dr. Dr Dr. Howard C. Nesbitt Ralph S. Owings Paul W. Parker Dr. . Morton H. Rabin Louis L. Rogers 7. 7. 1 Mrs. Della E. ROSS Mrs. Ann Rae Sacksteder Dr. Rita I. Sawyer Mr. Billy B. Slay Mr. Collier L. Starkey Dr. Thomas M. Stritch Dr. James R. Switzer Dr. Lucelle B. Taylor Dr. James E. Thomas Mr. Orville M. Thomas Dr. Eric M. Thurston Mr. James A. Townley Dr. Jessee Wall Miss Carrie Lee Warren Dr. Sidney E. L. Weatherford, Jr Dr. Ralph L. White Mr. Carl Weller Dr. Jen'y Charles Wofford Dr. Walter H. Yarrow Pi Omega Pi And Psi Chi Honor Business Education And Psychology Students Left to Right, Seated: Virginia John- son, Historiang Donna Conerly, Sec- retary, Evelyn Ewell, Sponsorg Caro- lyn McKay, Vice Presidentg Pamela Gray, President, Kathryn Sue Her- ring, Treasurer. Standing: Mabel Baldwin, Frances Reck, Annelle Bonner, Joseph H. Clements, Char- lotte Speights, Charlotte Mathis, Dotty Ann Smith, Mary Elizabeth Sellers, Linda Landry, J eanne-Marie Mixon. Left to Right, Seated: Judy Allen, Charleen White, Ray Sanders, Dana Griffth, Pat Collins, Dianne Carpen- ter. Standing: Mr. Rabin, Charles Hand, Larry Christensen, Monte Per- Selle, Lee Carroll, Ken McRaney. rt .' 54 P 4. 1 1 ,of " ' , 1 -, 171- se Pi Omega Pi Founded on April 27, 1940, on the campus of the Universty of Southern Mississippi, the Alpha Sigma chapter of Pi Omega Pi is an honorary business education fraternity. Sponsoring many worthwhile projects during the year is a major function of this organization. During the Christmas season, needy families are given gifts. Annual scholarships are furnished for deserving business education students. Pi Omega Pi also assists in planning High School Day and SCOPE. Alpha Sigma chapter of Pi Omega Pi has ranked among the top ten chapters in the National Efficiency Contest for the past five years. flgmxt , 5 'J 'P AQ . Y .Q , 1-. : 75 . . J xxffix Aki is X " ' .' ,- .- Psi Chi Psi Chi, the national honor society of psychology, was chartered at the University of Southern Mississippi in May, 1963. Dr. Ray Musgrave, chairman of the psychology department, was the installing officer at- this time when eleven members were initiated. The purpose of Psi Chi is to advance the science of psychology and to encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology. Kappa Delta Pi Stresses Intellectual Standards In Education '9 Officers, Left to Right: Pamela Gray, Vice President, Sandra Jackson, His- toriang Carolyn Arbuthnot, President, Dr. Eric Gunn, Counselor. Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi, an honorary society in education, is one of the outstanding organizations on our campus. The purpose of this fraternity is to stress high pro- fessional, intellectual, and personal standards in the field of education. Members are representative of these interested students who plan to pursue this area as a vocation. Members are chosen from nominations submitted by members of the fraternity, faculty members, and cam- pus leaders. To become a member, a student must be in the upper quintile of the 4-point system, which, under the present enrollment, is 3.4 points. Founded at the University of Illinois, Kappa Delta Pi has developed into a large honorary society, not only at Southern but also internationally. Installed on May 28, 1954, at the University of Southern Mississippi, the Theta Gamma Chapter has attempted to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards among its members and on campus. Kappa Delta Pi stresses these ideals by presenting programs dealing with professionalism in educational service projects, and by being an incentive to students to excel in edu- cation. vw ,-. . ue., Left to Right, Front Row: Beatrice Tharp, Elsie McPhai1, Hazel Aris Fay Keen, Eric M. Gunn, Albert Green, James E. Baxter, M. Blaclf, Carolyn McKey, Martha Ann MaClean, Pamela Gray, John F. Nau, Benard Strong, Edith Traub, Donna Conerly, Peg- Dr. Jessie Wall. Second Row: Carolyn Arbuthnot, Judy Hutson, gye White, Grace Smith. 22. ai fiflzifl. School Of Fine Arts Offers Cultural Contribution To Campus Dr. Raymond Mannoni, Dean. Q 'xl Outstanding musicians are given an opportunity to participate in the stage band which performs in surrounding areas. Art, music and theatre have been integral parts of every culture and are therefore included in the great traditions which the University seeks to cultivate. The School of Fine Arts performs the following basic functions: cultural contributions, research and creative activities, instruction, and service to the student body, the University of Southern Mississippi, the community, and the state. It has been the desire of the School of Fine Arts to combine the high standards of performance characteristic of the art studio, the conserva- tory, and legitimate stage, while maintaining the scholarly approach to art, music, and theatre typical of the academically oriented uni- versity, the proficiency in pedagogical skills and education research associated with leading teacher training institutions, as well as render- ing service to the university, local and state communities. The entire campus is able to enjoy the programs of the School of Fine Arts. Art exhibits, faculty recitals, opera productions, and orches- tra concerts add much to the cultural environment of the university. One of the yearly favorites is a Christmas concert of carols presented by the University Singers. This school and its people make it a foremost part of Southern. 114 Department Chairman. Left to Right: Dr. Gilbert Hartwi, Thea- treg Dr. Davie Foltz, Musicg Mr. Gomer Pound, Graduate Studiesg Dr. William T. Gower, Music Educationg Mr. Walter Lok, Art. Mr. William Allen Mr. Charles Ambrose Mr. Harold Avery Mr. Jose Barrio Mrs. Mary Poe Baylis Mr. Irving Beckner Miss Frances Benner Mr. Norbert Carnoonle Dr. Roy Dodson Miss Annie Louise D'Olive JA Faculty Mr. John Donahue Mrs. Sue McGehee Gilvin Miss Arry Stuart Harmon Mr. Robert D. Hayes Mr. Joseph Huck Mr. George Imbragulia Mr. Raymond Lynch Dr. Harvey Maier Miss Helen Janet McDonald Mr. Vernon Merrifield Mr. Francie Monachino 115 Mr Dr. Dr. Mr Dr. Mr Mr. Mr Mr Mr TN William Moody Karl Neumann William Presser Gilbert Saetre Klaus Speer Leonard Stockner Robert M. Treser Clifton Ware Lawrence D. Weiss Raymond Young 4 A ' r Art And Dramatic Students Are Honored Through ' Kappa P1 And Alpha PS1 Umega A ,pw 1 FY ll ' V 'Fa ,ff ik 5 '. Q 1, 4' A 2 1 it ,. ' ,f 1 Sr' ,cj ' ' ' .i A ., I Q- Eff 3 , YV px, iz 'iw .U YF Q Seated on Floor, Left to Right: Shar- on Warner, Martha Barrett, Alice Ann Reed, Patricia Hill, Connie Jesse, Linda Wicht, Dina Hopkins. Second Row: Roger Faflield, George Ethridge, James T. Davis, Joe Ste- venson, Marcell McLendon, Joe Frank Perotti, Clement B. Penrosem, Earl Ertman, Robert Hartfield, Rich- ard Neil, David Jenkins, George Dahlgren. Third Row: Charley Wat- kins, James Littleton, Harry Ward. i Kappa Pi Kappa Pi, International Honorary Art Fraternity, is composed of art students exhibiting exceptional talent. The Alpha Alpha Rho chapter was chartered at Southern in 1959. Besides working toward a greater artistic growth among art students, this organization also stresses a greater appreciation of art among the general public. Activities of the club include art exhibitions, seminars, and assistance to the art department on various occasions. Highlighting this year's activities for Kappa Pi was the "Southern's" project at the Greater Gulf State Fair held in Mobile. I 1 i I I Left to Right, First Row: Charlyn D. l Maguire, Secretary, David Allen, X President, Nancy Crews, Vice Presi- l dent. Second Row: Dianne Harvey, l Jimmy Cox, Lloyd Wilson, Mr. Rob- ert M. Treser, Advisor, Mrs. Mary Wilson. Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Qmega is the largest national honorary dramatics fraternity in the world. The Lambda Nu cast was formed on Southern campus in 1949. Alpha Psi Omega strives to stimulate interest in college drama and to secure for college all the advantages and mutual helpfulness provided by an honorary fraternity. . By electing students to membership on the basis of their participation in dramatics presented at school, it secures a reward for their efforts in college productions such as: comedies, melodranias, and operas. 17.6 A Tau Beta Sigma And Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Honor utstanding Musicians Tau Beta Sigma Tau Beta Sigma, an honorary sorority for college bandswomen, promotes the existance and welfare of the college and university bands and cultivates at large a wholesome respect for membership activities and achievements. Tau Beta Sigma strives to stimulate campus leadership and to promulgate uncompromising respect through the medium of the college band. This organization builds a closer relationship between college bandswomen and promotes worthwhile projects. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity is a national honorary music fraternity dedicated to the advancement of music in America. The Eta Phi Chapter on the campus of the University of Southern Mis- sissippi seeks to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music, to develop trust and fraternal spirit among its members and to encour- age loyalty to the Alma Mater. 7.7.7 First Row, Left to Right: Dodie Stewart, Vice Presidentg Karen Wil- liams, Treasurer, Paula Crider, Presidentg Barbara Hunter, Secre- taryg Pamela Cooper. Second Row: Georgia Kennedy, Cheryl Owensby, Judy Royals, Anna Leese Nancy Herring, Patty Pearson. Third Row: Pam Graves, Carol Boutwell, Judy Walker, Mary Ann Wells, Janis Barnes, Lee Beckman, Nancy Os- borne, Martha Stephens. Fourth Row: Marsha Riley, Mary Jeanne Rouse, Martha Booth, Rubye Del Harden, Becky Anderson, Linda Stejskal. First Row. Kneeling, Left to Right: Jimmy B. Cox, Secretaryg Billy J. Ulmer, Ray Landreth, Howard Camp. Second Row, Seated: Guy Bowering, Presidentg James I. Hansford, Jr., Alumni Secretaryg Ronald D. Hooten, Warden, Charles W. Porter, Histor- iang Francis J. Humbrecht, 1115 Sonny Strohm, Chuck Moon, Vice President. Third Row, Standing: Jim Weaver, Wayne Miller, Edward E. Williams, Bob Christie, James Scla- ter, Treasurerg Dudley W. Slay, 111' Wilford Hale Byrd, Clifton D. Taylor Neal Tidwell, George K. Piazza James Joseph Utsey, Fred Griiiin. 1 ! v Sweetheart JENNY BRYANT an .-Ji' Kappa Kappa Psi Recognizes Bandsmen For Service Kappa Kappa Psi is a national honorary fraternity for bandsmen. Qualifications for membership include a 2.25 average and active interest and membership in one of the university bands. Kappa Kappa Psi is mainly a service organization. Some of its yearly activities include selling cokes at rehearsals, sponsoring a jazz concert, providing bus signs and bus captains for out-of-town trips, and, most important, building band spirit. The purposes of the fraternity are these: to promote the existence and welfare of the college band, to honor outstanding bandsrneng to stimulate campus leadership, to foster a close relationship between college bands, and to provide a pleasant and helpful social experience for all engaged in college band work. 4 i Officers: George K. Piazza, Vice Presidentg Floyd Stevens, Treasurerg James Sclater, Presidentg Howard Cohen, Secretary. First Row, Left to Right: Ray Landreth, James Joseph Utsey, Advisor, George Koerber Piazza, James D. McDanial, Thomas C. Charles W. Porter, J. Larry Grant, Howard Cohen, John M. Hightower, Dudley W. Slay, III, Wilford Hale Byrd, James S. Anthony, Jr., John S. Warren, Jr. Second Row: Raymond Young, Sclater, Floyd Stevens, Ronald D. Hooten. 19.8 Pat Richardson assists Memorie Johnson in a costume fit- l ting for the opera "Hansel and Gretelf' Frederick Peebles adds finishing touches to an oil abstract. Charles Sills sounds a melancholy note on his horn. Man Roles Of A Fine Arts Student Memorie Hohnson, Sandra Harrison, and Jimmy Cox practice Music students enjoy the quiet study atmosphere of the music de their leading roles in "Hansel and Gretelf' partment. 7.19 Division Cf Home Economics Prepares Students For Home And Fannly Living Home Economics offers clothing classes of interest to boys as well as to girls. Left to Right: Anne Soles Maxine Spangler, Bill Thompson, Bennie Wilson Kathy Webb. Home Economics is concerned with family development through education of the individual, and through professions that are directly related to service to families. Special emphasis is given to preparation for home and family living. Students are inspired to seek knowledge in all areas of Home Economics and helped to develop to their highest potentials. Special fields in Home Economics include child development, cloth- ing merchandizing, clothing and textiles, food and nutrition, institu- tional management, teaching home economics education, home eco- nomics extension service, home economics in equipment, and general home economics. Non-majors will enjoy observation and participation in the nusery school, textile experiences, decorating, furnishing the home, the very popular marriage and family living courses, and food study. Home Economics promotes understanding of present-day home and family living. It prepares students to perform the tasks of maintaining a home in such a way that they will contribute effectively to further- ing individual and family goals. 7.30 09" 4117 Q7 'lv W' K, ffffffiir f ',,,,,-f"W' . N, , A .X , 6 , 'M ,, xi, ,5: . . ,sf - Q W7 H N , ., yy, K,MfqA, ,S A U, ,.N V VV ' 7" f ,I A Q L I . j i , ., fi Vx 'Mn' 1 ...-,,.. ,,.. , ,YW , ,, H g ji , , H "" 'tfwwf Seated. First Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Gayle Dickerson, Mrs. Altra Hamman, Mrs. Edith Lancaster, Miss Myra Lynn Nettles. Second Row: Mrs. Elsie Chichester, Dr. Jewel Golden, Mrs. Fern Hesson, Miss Roggie Fuller, Miss Lynell Brister, Miss Fannie Owings, Mrs. Lois Drain, Miss Margaret McCarthy. 1' W , Mhz.. f wy' 43 M- - 1 ng, q "" ,L "' 71 131 Kappa micron Phi Inmates Cutstandmg Home Econonncs Ma ors First Row. Left to Right: Ulrike Winchkelmann, Sec- retaryg Grace Smith, Vice Presidentg Juanita Jones, Treasurerg Janice Smythe, Keeper of Archivesg Betty Ann Dukes, Presidentg Mrs. Horace Dickerson, Sponsor. Second Row: Rachel E. Garner, Margaret Haller, Mariece Phillips, Rita Or- choll, Linda Blissett, Cecele Payne, Freda Rester, Mil- dred Parker. Home Economics majors Con Cluta Dubose on the left and Emilie Wilson on the rlght assist nursery school ch11dren 'Q gn X f A ess- f WQM' I':i'.,.-'F 1' S! Z.. W fx , f'1 it I Q5 BB CDU! UE? Om 3,-9. Q2 2.3 391. Wm O O 3 QD '1 FD FD X O FD : fb 5 s '4 3 -9 DJ "1 FD Q- 52' 71' QM Wig yy!! 7, , f W4 QWM gm WWW W W if f Aw aa Mig! EW? edgy C271 .aalffgg :FM 93 'ws Dana, onChita DuBose, Joyce White and Grace Smith enjoy the "homey" ife in the Kate Hubbard House. Dr. Drain teaches her class about the fascinating art of flower arranging. 'X Lu 3' 4 Z -.141 ' A. .. ., EPM Withee Carver and Mary Jean Pigott prepare a nutritious meal in the home economics kitchen. Juanita Jones and Joyce Byrd care for Wayne Nettles in the Grace Bennett House. l, ull' XXX ' , Home Economics Students Participate In Various Activities Of The Home 7. 7-34 Kay Newman and Jim Galuppi study Renaissance furniture dating as far back as the fourteenth century in the Sam Wood room in the library. Graduate School Increases Enrollment To 600 In recognition of the University of Southern lVIississippi's responsibilities as a center of higher learning in Mississippi, a Graduate School was established in 1947 to provide an environment in which research and free in- quiry Would develop. Among the important goals toward which the Graduate School aims are the improvement of standards of living, the development of natural resources, the im- provement of teaching in public schools in Mis- sissippi, and the spread of cultural enlighten- ment in our area. The attainment of these ob- jectives requires the services and abilities of scholars, specialists, and research workers in the various areas of intellectual endeavor. Within the limits of the physical resources, the equipment, and library facilities available, the Graduate School has expanded from time to time to meet the needs and requirements of the people of the state. Class work is kept at a high level with em- phasis upon extended research and reading. Students are expected to do superior work and to master subjects rather than merely meeting minimum requirements in complying with the formal standards indicated in programs leading toward the master's and doctoral degrees. The Graduate School Standing, Left to Right: Dr. Herman Boroughs, Dr. Ben Law- rence Forbes, Dr. John Edmond Gonzales, Dr. Harvey Edwin Maiser, Dr. Gilbert Hartwig, Dr. Richard Vreeland, Dr. Porter Webster, Mr. Aubrey Keith Lucas, Dr. James Howard Mailey, .L . . ...s ..,. .M M.. -1 . is We J, H P P, Q 1 ul J H1 ,,., A , X E urff'5ff" , wfwwrw ' V V V V f L My L, ' -vw-.-mA3ww,.4f, e ' ,V Q' .-wgf 4. VV, 9 X .5 V MQW, w 1 -Q " " ' . ' - 6 ' xx , V 1, x 1 ' ' 'W' 6 ' ' , 4 , X- 'T , V V. V' 'W' n , Q, 1? -ll' ur' M, 1,5 V L 1 Q . -,j f Q '35 f W Q., 2 DQ v , , , A W f.WW, , Q f J, I I'- ' . " .rf 5 , 0 , 'f , , - Q " ' my ' , 0 ,, ' ' ' 'K M ' ' Y 7 , V xl , Q f Y ' . . ' A ' J 1 1""' '- "" ' . ,, L 4 VV A V2 4 W,e,, . ' I Q 'M 1 A I 2277 1 . ,, , Vi if . ogg ,Q-r- 1,l.fq,,. 4 Q f -4, f ,I ' 'I ' . A Jw , . ' f fm .jf 'W ge X' ' X, , R , if ,,.f' Q' , V' 1 f mf, -:',w:,.: f V1. ' ' ' , ' M, W ' x JY? I ' ,ff W f ""5f3'7'10 . 3 'A . ' . " 'Q , RV ',, V .52 , I . . fy-ff , Q .-.fav Q .1 .. 1,54 . - A cf lo ,. . Ivy V V ' " A . ' O I' htm , f , 1 A A v M ' ' f , V V -.13 a:13X'.,V'. ,' "' SVZM' ,X ' V fm ' . ,f.'1fg".- ' 3 f .4 'I ,J 1. H A A -wr ,vi .. f 4. i .: Nxlv 21,1 7 ,, ' V , if ,f 'X 'f V' " + ' " ffapgsl 'ggr flu? f V ' ',w',Vwp:'- M V VV ' ,. ,. , - , f .- f' 1 , y ,g ' . , f , ,Lvggnijgnf V . N:w.W '-ff' , ., ' . L , X V V. . V ,. , , V V, JV, XIV Vygrqg ' V. VVVVV . -,V VV V. , , A V Vmrhf' U 36" Q Y ,, 1. -V,MVw.3V,xi, 1, .Io 'V VF .,'. , Vrii.. VVVV , ,VV , V In VAL ,,VV ,I ,V V ., . - - ' A i v ' M 'r. 7 " "iff, M-lf. ,ff ' 'r":.,"f',ff. x - 1, , , . 1 . ' , fn , ,. a:.',,. ca. - ,-- .. . . , 1 , . Q , ,a T. I.. I 'k y P . . A .' ' ' - . L ' R ' ' .' J A 7 V ' - ' V v I , ' . 1 Q ' 't , Q 1 I 'rn . ,f.,.,,U,.,'V.,,.V, . if ,,..,.,u..,, , , - f.x , 1' .- ,Vt f., -vr PQ - J ' v 'ff .0 --'J l s .-xvl' I , 1 ,f , 'I ' ' ' V S 1 I 1,1 6' 1 , f W if I WW South rn if Clmfef NANCY SCHUTT SECTION EDITOR 3 O1 I THE FRESHMAN CLASS OF 1968 1 JY' Freshman Class 0tTicers: Left to Right: Torn Little, Presidentg Sally Jo Waters, Treasurerg John McCarty and Peggy. Malone were Peggy Malone, Secretaryg Gary Mander, Vice-President. chosen as Freshman Favorites. IT IS FOR THE FRESHMAN TO QUESTION! do you stand in line for everything? FOR HE HAS LEAPED FROM KNOW-IT-ALL SENIOR TO PERPLEXING UNIVERSITY what goes on at Lake Byron'?! I know more than my prof does about that! youlve got to be in at what time? HE SEIZES EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO BE A NON-CONFORMIST yytllt' you should see 'em shake it at the Mag! I don't smoke! YET SECURITY OF THE GRAIN IS NOT SHUNNED! another party at the Caprii'?! Let's go to the gravel pits!! HE BECOMES AWARE I THAT SELMA, ALABAMA, IS NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE! hey, you sure talk funny! you mean you made 750 on your college board tOo?f BUT AT THE SAME TIME HE FEELS HIS OWN SUPERIORITY' think they'll check for i.d.'s'?! not going steady-it's "dropped" anybody on the floor want a date?! HE UTI- LIZES KENNEDY'S PHYSICAL FITNESS PROGRAM walk, walk, walk. I wish i had a bicycle! registration was hot as ---- ! HE THINKS HE IS "A-ONEI' COLLEGE that prof doesn't know what he is talking about! they are so high-schoolish she's so sharp in her rah-1'ah's and cut-offs! YET THE UPPERCLASSMEN HAVE ADDITIONAL CHARMS! upperclass "men" are so cool and sophisticated. 138 il if ,ml Q Alpha Lambda Delta, Seated, Left to Right: Christiana Curet, Betty Denton, Sue Doster, Margaret Flaccomio, Ann Bond, Sandy Rickner, Peggy Slaughter, Carol Western, Mrs. Ivah O. Wilber, Cindy Watlington. Stand- ing, Left to Right: Doris Gober, Anne Gibbs, Dana Griffith, Sheila Prichard, Jean Brown, Jackie Jackson, Ruthie Lynch, Jackie Hughes, Judy Grantham, Donna Martin, Katherine Impey, Ann Pobjecky, Shirley Rownsend, Kay Heidelberg, Paula Price, Janie Shelby, Patricia Thompson. Alpha Lambda Delta, national honorary society, was installed at the University of Southern Mississippi in 1956 for the pur- pose of promoting intelligent living, learn- ing, and superior scholarship on the campus. To earn membership in Alpha Lambda Delta, a freshman woman must maintain a 3.5 grade average her first quarter or an overall 3.5 average during her freshman year. Those who maintain the required grade average are then invited to join Alpha Lambda Delta. Activities of the organization carry out the purpose of Alpha Lambda Delta. Mem- bers give aid to freshmen Women who are having difficulties in their studies. Each year Alpha Lambda Delta presents a trophy to the freshman Woman maintaining the highest overall grade point average for the year. The honor of being invited to join Phi Eta Sigma is given only to those freshman men maintaining a 3.5 average two con- secutive quarters of their freshmen year Phi Eta Sigma is the men's parallel honor society to Alpha Lambda Delta. The University of Southern Mississippi's first Phi Eta Sigma chapter was chartered in 1950. Since this time the goals of this national honor society have included en- couraging and rewarding the scholastic attainment of freshman men. Phi Eta Sigma, Left to Right, First Row: Sammy Davis, Gary Knecht: Ronnie White, Jim Kiser, Presi- dent, Tom Bailey, Dennis Spencer, Bill Bounds, Raymond Brock. Second Row: Dean Deter, John Fairley, Jack Sharp, John Sharp, Tommy Hightower, Edmond French, Bill Samson, James Briscoe, Pat Young. Third Row: George Melvin, Lyne Carter, Joseph Kinkade, Eddy Brown, Bobby Steele, Ralph Millis, Ben- net Jennings, Charles Greer, Dr. Sidney E. Weatherford, Jr., Mr. Radar Grantham, John E. Griffith. 139 1, .hzwfig Q A . Lg fr ,E ' .www -qw it 4: A f t. i, uw -x 3 5, M I fl. f ii 3- of 11 ' ' "M f ia ,,., ,.,, . I5 . ,, .. . f i ' 4' .1', . --wg 1:-"9 irswmtm ga fx ,, 4"' .. . , T Y. KC IA ll f Rt K' ' Y A ,mg i., 6, V, .1 V ,. . Klli . I A r Q-5 THE I J EAN N INE ADAMS BOBBY S. ALFORD MARIAN K. ALLEN RANDALL ALLEN RONNIE J . ALLEN H DEBORAH ALLEY SHELIA F. ALLGOOD J ARA V. AMBROSE SHARON K. AMBURGEY BUDDY D. AMMONS, IIKA III JERRYE L. ANDERSON PEGGY D. ANDERSON LINDA KAY ANDING COSTAS G. ANDRIOTIS WYNN APPLEWHITE, AEA IV JANICE L. ARCHER FEREYDUN ARMISEN PATRICIA M. ARNOLD LINDA S. ASHCRAFI' DEENIE ASSAF, AAA V ED G. ASSAF, ATS? PATRICIA J. AULTMAN MARY W. BABER RUSS BACHMAN LUCILLE R. BADGER VI LOUISE D. BAILEY SPENCER L. BAILEY CAROLYN C. BAKER FRANK W. BAKER LEROY N. BALCH VII BRENDA J. BALDWIN GLENDA J . BALDWIN MICHAEL B. BALLARD BERNICE BANDY, EEE BETTY L. BARBER VIII CHARLOTTE A. BARNES JANIS D. BARNES, XQ SUE A. BARNHART, AEA THOMAS H. BARRETT RONALD D. BARRICK IX BONNIE E. BATES JEFFREY BAUER BEVERLY J. BEACHAM MARY H. BEASLEY BEVERLY A. BEATTY X HAROLD D. BECKNER, JR. CLATIS E. BECTON GLORIA L. BELK BARBARA L. BELL CHERYL S. BENHAM, 111245 XI ALEXANDER A. BERTOLLA FRAN D. BETLEY ' LINDA K. BIGLANE, IIINI MICHAEL J. BIRK NANCY R. BISHOP FRESHMAN Chickasaw, Alabama Itta Bena Biloxi Magnolia Magnolia Biloxi Yazoo City Hobbs, New Mexico Jackson Jackson Laurel Hattiesburg Brookhaven Tarpon Springs Hattiesburg Long Beach Madrid, Spain Natchez Pine Bluif, Arkansas Jackson Hattiesburg Seminary Pascagoula Mt. Tabor, New Jersey Mobile, Ala. Jackson, Ohio Hattiesburg Meridian Meridian Rochester, New York Pensacola, Florida Pensacola, Florida Ackerman West Point Pascagoula Carthage Columbia Cantonment, Fla. Gulfport Chickasaw, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. McComb Hattiesburg Pulaski Tylertown Bucatunna, Miss. Hattiesburg Monahans, Texas Hattiesburg Fairhope, Ala. Jackson Natchez Leakesville Hazelhurst CLASS OF 196 I ALLEN B. BLACKLEDGE SANDRA K. BLACKWELL SHARON L. BLOUNT, QM KAY BOATMON, AAA JANICE L. BOLTON II DAVID F. BONEY MADELEINE F. BONNABEL PAULETTE BOONE JO ANN BOOTH MARTHA C. BOOTH III SANDRA K. BORGER MIKE A. BORJA GARY L. BORNFLETH, EAE ROBERT O. BOSTWICK, QKT JACK B. BOURNE IV CAROL J . BOUTWELL ESTHER L. BOWEN SHERYL R. BOWMAN REBECCA K. BOX DIANE S. BOYD V JOHN T. BOYD BARBARA L. BRACEY CYNTHIA A. BRADLEY TIMOTHY D. BRAGASSA, ATQ CLAUDIA BRAUN VI JUDY C. BRELAND MICHAEL T. BRELAND DAVID C. BRENNAN JACK A. BRISCOE LINDA G. BROOKS VH PAT BROOKS ROBERT C. BROOME GARY L. BROWN MARY ELLEN BROWN VIRGINIA C. BRUCE, IIBIP VIII PATSY G. BRUHL KENNETH W. BRYANT PAUL E. BRYANT LINDA N. BUCKLEY SYLVIA C. BUCKLEY IX SUSAN M. BUDINICH, AAA BILLY G. BUFKIN WILLIAM T. BURKE LAVERNE N. BURNETT STEPHEN C. BURNHAM X SHEILA L. BURNHAM, AEA MELROSE C. BURNS BARBARA L. BUSH SANDRA M. BUSH PATRICIA L. BYRNES, IIBQ XI CARLOS EDUARDO CACERES GUILLERMO CACERES BOBBY N. CAIN ROBERT A. CAIN PATRICIA C. CAMERON Laurel Biloxi Butler, Ala. Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg McComb Laurel Hattiesburg Natchez Natchez Pensacola, Fla. Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Columbia Laurel Gulfport Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Tylertown Levittown, Pennsylvania Tylertown Hattiesburg Evansville, Indiana Biloxi Hattiesburg Hattiesburg North Miami, Fla. Kosciusko Slidell, L.a Ackerman Lucedale Tupelo Jackson Meridian Folsom, La. Hattiesburg New Orleans, La. Cleveland Soso Biloxi Columbia Jackson Hattiesburg Jackson Jackson Mobile, Ala. Clarksdale Petal Hattiesburg Puerto Armuelles, Panama Puerto Armuelles, Panama Bay Minette, Ala. Utica Hazlehurst fi so 'UQ kr 4, ' 6? I -- .I ,'-vs ul ' Q' ,,.., A ' 4 At ' rv! 0 THE FRESHM I GAIL CAMP SARAI A. CANFIELD, XQ SUSAN G. CARNEY DAVID W. CARPENTER SARAH A. CARPENTER II SHERRIE L. CARPENTER, KA JACKYE G. CARROLL LINDA CARROLL RONNIE CARTER WILLIAM D. CARTER, JR. III PEGGY J. CASSIBRY, XQ PAT A. CHAMBLISS ANNIE S. CHATHAM CAROL A. CHATHAM CHARLES C. CHAWGE IV GENE C. CHILDS MARTHA J . CHISHOLM BEVERLY S. CHRISTIANCE PAUL CHRISTOPHER MARTHA J. CLARK V ROGER L. CLARK TERRY CLARK FRANCES E. COCHRAN JUDY L. COLE, CDM LLOYD H. COLE VI DWIGHT FREEMAN COLLINS REBECCA A. COLLINS PATRICIA COMBEST ROBERT L. COMBS DONALD R. COMES VII DORMAN S. CONKLIN, JR. Biloxi Collins Meridian Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Biloxi Columbia Pascagoula Gulfport Yazoo City Balboa, Canal Zone Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Tally, New York Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg Ambler, Pennsylvania Morton, Miss. Port Gibson Falls Church, Virginia Mobile, Ala. Brooklyn Hattiesburg Columbus Laurel Hattiesburg Pachuta Newton Jacksonville, Fla. Rose Hill, Miss. JOHN A. COOK, CIJKT Gulfport ONITA H. COOPER, IIB41 Long Beach SUSAN C. COVELL DeFuniak Springs, Fla. TEENA A. COX Pascagoula VIII LANNYRM. CRAFT Clinton CAROL A. CRAIN Franklinton, La. LYLE A. CREWS, JR. Gulfport BARBARA DAWN CROMARTIE, IIBCID Deerfield, Illinois FREDNA L. CUEVAS Hattiesburg IX JUDY D. CULPEPPER Macon CHERYL Q. CYR SIMONE E. CYR BEVERLY A. DALE, AAA JANICE A. DANIELS X JERRY L. DAVIS KATHY L. DAWES, HBQ JACKIE R. DAY PATRICIA R. DEAN VERA L. DEARMAN XI JOSEPH c, DEIN HARVEY C. DELLJNGER ' MIRIAM A. deMEDICIS MARTELE DENMARK MARY F. dev1NK Norfolk, Va. Springfield, Va. Hattiesburg Jackson Laurel Natchez Laurel Carriere Hattiesburg Louisville, Kentucky Hattiesburg Jackson Lucedale Hattiesburg CLASS OF 196 I MARILYN DIANE DOW LINDA G. DICKEY, X0 LINDA S. DICKSON PHYLLIS A. DILL BILL DOLLAHIDE H JACK E. DORMAN, JR., IIKA PATRICIA ANN DORNAN JOE M. DOVE GINGER .L DREHER DIANE CLAIR DuBOIS III MARY D. DUFFY WAYNE E. DULLY MARY ANN DURANT, QM JOAN M. EBANKS BEVERLY ANN B. EISWORTH IV LARRY B. ELEY EUGENE B. ELMORE, QKT STEPHEN J. EMMETT MICHAEL W. ENGELL KAREN R. ENLOW V JEANIE D. ERMIS, KA JOSEPH J. ERNEST BILLY W. ESTES ALICE R. EURE SHIRLEY M. EWELL VI JOHN S. FALCONER LEONARD J . FARELLO BEN R. FARMER NANCY J. FARNAM KATRINA M. FARRIS VII ROGER F. FARRIS CHARLOTTE M. FAYARD TOM H. FERGUSON PATRICIA L. FERRELL DONNA LEE FIELD, X9 VIII DOROTHY E. FIELD LYNN M. FINCH, AAA ELIZABETH A. FINNEGAN TERESA V. FINNEGAN MARY J . FIORENZA IX RITA s. FLETCHER, EEE MARY O. FLOWERS, MA JANIE KATHERINE FLY, XO SHERRIE L. FORD CAROL E. FORTENBERRY X NELDA R. FO-RTENBERRY RO-BERT B. FORTENBERRY THOMAS C. FORTENBERRY, ATO BENJAMIN G. FOURNIER TOM V. FRASCHILLO, JR. XI LINDA K. FRENCH, EEE REBECCA FULLER, AEA MALEE E. FURLOW, HBCI1 JACQUALINE ANN GALBREATH DORIS E. GALLASPY, AEA Brookhaven Magee Meridian Jackson Jackson Mobile, Alabama Hattiesburg Jackson Centreville New Orleans, Louisiana Mobile, Alabama Bogota, New Jersey Hattiesburg Birmingham, Alabama Columbia Fayetteville, Tennessee Chickasaw, Alabama Hattiesburg Marion Jackson Moss Point Mobile, Alabama Natchez Hattiesburg Centreville Hattiesburg Brooklyn, New York Brandon Columbus, Indiana Port St. Joe, Florida New Orleans, Louisiana Mississippi City Hattiesburg McComb Fluker, Louisiana Vicksburg Birmingham, Alabama Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Ocean Springs Huntsville, Alabama Pascagoula Jackson Valdosita, Georgia Petal Columbia Natchez Hattiesburg Biloxi Clarksdale Gulfport Monticello Mendenhall Union Church Jackson '53 , S...-.. x F THE FRESH I JOHN H. GALLEY GARY E. GANDY BOBBY R. GARRIGA RITA A. GASS JAMES O. GAVETTE II WADE S. GENTRY JERRY G. GIALANELLA BEVERLY J. GILBERT LAMENDA I. GILBERT KATHY F. GILL III DAVID T. GILLASPY RICHARD M. GILPIN AMELIA G. GLOVER CONSTANCE M. GOLEMAN THOMAS W. GRAFTON IV JANIS M. GRAHAM, EEE JOAN E. GRAHAM ROBERT D. GRAHAM NITA L. GRANT, KA PHILIPP R. GRANT V GENE GREEN CHARLES E. GREER THOMAS D. GREGORY JAMES P. GRIFFIN SANDRA LYNN GUICE VI DEXTER E. GULLEDGE GERALD G. GUNN EVELYN A. HABEEB, AEA FRED S. HADDAD EDWARD T. HAGLER VII JACQUELYN F. HAIRE SANDRA M. HAMMETT, QM JOHN A. HAMRICK SHEILA D. HEMBREE KENNETH R. HANSON VIII B FRANKIE A. HARRISON zoI.A M. HARRISON MARILYN T. HARVEY BARBARA J. HARWOOD LANE G. HASKEW IX MARGIE L. HATHORNE Pascagoula Hattiesburg Gulfport Cittronelle, Alabama Natchez Yazoo City Parsippany, New Jersey Orlando, Florida Prichard, Alabama Biloxi Monticello Bradenton, Florida Mobile, Alabama Hattiesburg Laurel Oxford Petal West Point York, Alabama Mobile, Alabama Mobile, Alabama Hattiesburg Gulfport Bay St. Louis Hattiesburg Seminary Petal Pascagoula Pascagoula Birmingham, Ala. Pascagoula Lexington Greenville Pa.nama City, Fla. Cattaraugus, New York Jackson Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Vicksburg Jackson, Ala. Bogalusa, La. VIRGINIA V. HAWKINS, AAA Lexington BOBBY D. HAYES Clarksdale ROGER P. HEARN Hattiesburg DONALD W. HEBERT Petal X JOSEPH L. HEGWOOD Hattiesburg ELAINE A. HEIDER Hattiesburg PAT A. HEMPHILL Biloxi VICKI G. HENDERSHOT, X9 Jackson MERLIN K. HENDERSON, JR. Pensacola, Fla. XI JOYCE A. HERNANDEZ 1 Pensacola, -Fla. MELODY B. HERRING, HB? Meadville RODNEY L. HIERRING Port St. Joe, Fla. RONALD G. HERROD Natchez PATRICIA ANN HICKS Pascagoula CLASS OF 1968 I PATRICIA A. HIGGS BRELON HILL, EAE BRIAN R. HINMAN CAROL J . HINTON LESLIE B. HINTON II LINDA N. HINTON, KA THERESA C. HIRE JOHN E. HIXON, Acacia EARLINE HOLDER EVELYN HOLDER HI JUDY C. HOLLEY, QM REBECCA C. HOLLINGSWORTH CAROL L. HOLMES RONNIE J. HOLMES JOHN M. HOWARD IV ANNA K. HOWELL CHERYL R. HOWELL ALAN J. HOWLE CATHY L. HUNTER KENNETH L. INMAN, EAE V PRESTON K. ISBELL, KE NELSON M. ITURBE ANNETTE IVY SANDRA E. JACKSON SHIRLEY JAMES, 41M VI CAROL A. JARM BENNETT A. JENNINGS KAREN A. JENSEN VINCENT JESSE RUSSELL W. JEWETT VII BARBARA J . JOHNSON BETHANY A. JOHNSON BEVERLY G. JOHNSON JANET P. JONES, XQ JEAN E. JONES VIH JILAINE JONES, AEA MARY VIRGINIA JONES JOHNNY W. JORDAN BRENDA C. JORDAN DONNA M. KEELER, HBGP IX ROSE A. KEENEY EMILY F. KEISMAN PAMELA S. KELLER MARTHA R. KELLUM, KA DAVID A. KENNARD X GEORGIA A. KENNEDY JOHNNIE F. KENNEDY JUDY G. KENNEDY JUDITH W. KERR HENRIETTA KING, MA XI PATRICIA J. KING WILLIAM F. KING JUDY L. KLEIN ROBERT A. KNIGHT SUANNA V. KNIGHT, X9 Jackson Hattiesburg Gulfport Gloster Escatarupa Petal Biloxi Pensacola, Fla. Jackson, Ala. Jackson, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Moss Point Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Tylertown Port Gibson Picayune Hattiesburg Birmingha.m, Ala. Picayune, Miss. Framingham, Mass. Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Pascagoula Mobile, Ala. Armory East Harvard, Conn. Jackson Slidell, La. Yazoo City Latham, New York Long Beach Hattiesburg Picayune Hermanville Vicksburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Brandon Smithdale Hobbs, New Mexico Wiggins Prentiss Jackson Hattiesburg Purvis Cairo, Georgia Picayune Picayune St. Francisville, La. Selma, Ala. Hattiesburg Butler, Ala. Pensacola, Fla. Kosciusko Birmingham, Ala. 7-4 X '1"""' 'B' ,inf "wr 6 NQQ' Mr' v-.. as . Q fx., can '1- '-e ' 'wi X7 5 .4 Q. ull? W. ,rw ,f J 'f :I fy sv f .,... 'V' K , t.. .A ug s R Sk .QC Q 'x 0 In 05. 3 . 1 I if 'Qi ,N .-. NNN t W, . , l K I W' he ga rv ' I M Q ., . " fra A 'ls' . s Q. K., , iff. f ,f t eww W ri Q.. V J' Z' IT ,Y 1: Q, . . ,. QQ if S .. A V .t , , : si. ' E V . , fm mn f wi 92 A: A X - an .os T5 . 5' p, ,gy .'s'F'e-X M . ' Y YQ. up .1 sv- X Q .F ' K, -V 3. if " -s g 'VT' 'K I i "' A . S 6 ,., of 5 ' 4' it Y :F I ff I x p If 'K L 1 f 1 wt FN ms Q it if Q L ,P Y' , I'-A 'l 'H I' vw 'S' - r ' W , . Ka - . 5' V- -N ' D - w Ib-nf! "' . ' H N' ' 'bv 1 44 . :Kita A Q 7.46 THE I RONNIE E. KOPESKY LARRY J. KOSTMAYER BARBARA C. KRIEGER DON A. KUHN LINDA M. KUNTZ II MELINDA K. LACY JANET LADNER LUTI-HER D. LADNER, EfbE MARLIN R. LADNER DORIS A. LADNIER III RANDALL D. LADNIER MICHAEL R. LAMMONS LINDA W. LANDERS MARTHA S. LANGLEY GLENDA D. LARTIGUE IV RANDY F. LAWRENCE, KA JOHN E. LAZENBY, ATQ PAUL J. LEAHY DOROTHY A. LEE GAYLE M. LEECH V THELMA A. LEESE CYNTHIA A. LENOIR BARBARA A. LEWIS JOSEPH B. LEWIS, KE BECKY L. LIGHTSEY VI KANDY LIMBAUGH, AEA CARROLL T. LITTLE, KE SHARON E. LITTLE KENNETH E. LITTON, JR. SACHIA LONG, KA VII PAMELA G. LOPER HOWARD A. LOTT FRED R. LOVETT, EAE QUIN C. LOWERY KAREN S. LUCIUS, AAA VIH FRANK R. LUSK DAVID C. MADDOX JOHN R. MADEIRA STEVE L. MAHO-RNEY PEGGY J. MALONE, AEA IX DONA M. MANGANO KRISTINE MANGOLD LINDA D. MANN, AAA MARCIA J. MANUEL VALERIE J. MARCY X DALE E. MARTIN FRANK P. MARTIN, QKT JAMES C. MARTIN JANIE R. MARTIN PATRICIA D. MARTIN XI SALLY M. MARTIN, IIB41 BERYL A. MARX JUDY KAYE MAUPIN ARTHUR L. MAU'RIN JERRY L. MAXEY FRESH N Greenville Biloxi Jackson Biloxi New Orleans, La. Newport, Ark. Gulfport Bay St. Louis Pass Christian Gulfport Gulfport Greenbelt, Maryland Woodville Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Gulfport Mobile, Ala. Cherry Hill, New Jersey Tupelo Memphis, Tenn. Vicksburg Hattiesburg Bogalusa, La. Pascagoula Jackson Corinth Yazoo City Hattiesburg Tupelo Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Meadville Bastrop, La. Hattiesburg Biloxi Hattiesburg New Orleans, La. Slidell, La. Gulfport Gulfport Mason City, Illinois Jackson Long Beach Biloxi Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Natchez Chickasaw, Ala. Hattiesburg Jackson Bogalusa, La. Metairie, La. Mobile, Ala. McComb CLASS OF 196 I WILLIAM N. MAY JAMES J. MAYFIELD, JR. TJAJUAN MCADORY BRIAN J . MCCABE ROSE A. MCCABE II JUDITH G. MCCAMISH JAMES V. McCARDLE JOHN E. MCCARTY, KE KENNETH W. MCCLELLAN LYNDA A. MCCONNELL III JILL C. McCOY JANET E. MCCURDIE, X52 BETTY C. MCDAVITT RICHARD M. MCDONALD WILLIAM J. MCDONALD IV MARGUERITE McDONNELL, IIBCP LINDA A. MCELVEEN DOROTHY F. MCGINTY RITA K. MCILWAIN THELSA F. McINNIS, KA V DONNA J. MCINTYRE JAMES C. MCKENNON ROY T. MCLELLAN CAROLYN MCLEMORE DIANNE C. MCLEMORE, EEE VI AMELIA A. MCMINN PATRICIA A. MCMULLAN DAHN MCNEAL CHARLOTTE A. MCQUEEN, AEA RICHARD D. MEDLIN, KE VII ANN MEEK LINDA J. MELLINGER DOROTHY A. MENNELL, AEA WAYNE M. MERRITT JACQUELINE A. MILES VIII JANICE L. MILLER MARILYN M. MILLER, X9 MARY F. MILLER PAULA C. MILLER SALLY A. MILLER IX RALPH E. MILLIS MARGARET A. MOEHLMANN MIKE W. MOO-NEY BETTY L. MOORE MARY J . MOORE X RICHARD P. MORAN GLENN F. MORRIS ALBERT c. MORRISON JAN MORTON, :sz PATRICIA A. MORTON XI DIANE L. MOSLEY HENRY G. MURPHREE, ATQ MICHAEL C. MURPHY, EAE JEANNIE L. MURPHY IRENE MURRAY Pascagoula Brandon Noxapater Gulfport Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg Petal Laurel De Funiak Springs, Fla. Gulfport Petal Hattiesburg McComb Newton Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Jackson Yazoo City Butler, Alabama Hattiesburg Scott AFB, Illinois Yazoo City Mississippi City Petal West Point Ackerman, Miss. Pascagoula Pensacola, Florida Gulfport Forest Forest Gulfport Hattiesburg Orlando, Florida Biloxi Bogalusa, La. Vicksburg, Miss. Monticello Woodville Biloxi Satellite Beach, Fla. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Brigantine, N.J. Lexington Meridian Gulfport Jackson Grenada Gulfport Jackson Vicksburg Birmingham, Ala. Pascagoula Grenada Gulfport THE FRESHM I JEFF A. MURRAY LARRY D. MYATT MARTIN J. MYERS BETTY ANNE NAZARY SUSAN J. NEEL II FRANCES G. NIMOCKS, X9 JOY C. NIXON RALPH M. NOBLES BEVERLY A. NORRIS HELEN L. NORRIS HI RONNIE C. NORSWORTI-IY ALEXIS M. NOSSER PAUL E. NOWELL VALO-RIE E. NYBO ROBERT L. ORNDORFF, JR. IV BECKY o'WENs, AAA BETTY A. oW1NGs SHARON E. PALERMO JAMES 1. PALMER MIKE W. PARKER V BECKY PARRIS, AAA PATSY A. PATENOTTE BARBARA J. PATRICK, AAA SUSAN T. PATTERSON EDDIE T. PAYNE VI DIANE K. PEARSON PAMELA C. PEDERSEN SARA T. PENNINGTON JO PERKINS, X9 LINDA F. PETERSEN VII MELANIE E. PETERSON, QM BEVERLY KAY PHILLIPS KAREN A. PHILLIPS RONALD D. PHILLIPS RUSSELL F. PHILLIPS VHI EDWARD J. PING JIMMY E. PINNIX, KA MARY F. PINSON PABLO PINTO DONALD W. PIPER IX MAMIE SUE PITTMAN SANDRA K. PONDER ROGER D. POULOS, KE BARBARA A. POWELL JOHN C. PRESCOTT X PATRICIA E. PRESCOTT BECKYE N. PRICE STEPHEN E. PROUT KAY F. PURVIS, KA MILLARD A. QUIGLEY XI ANN H. RACHAL ROBIN E. RAE, X9 ELAINE T. RAHAIM VIVIAN K. RALEY HENRY J. RANDAZZO Biloxi Purvis Washington, D.C. Carthage Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Atmore, Ala. Hattiesburg Bay Minette, Ala. Natchez Laurel Bay St. Louis Jackson Hattiesburg Aberdeen Vicksburg Petal Laurel Hattiesburg Pass Christian Biloxi Fairhope Biloxi Picayune Pascagoula Columbia Pascagoula Vicksburg Mobile, Ala. Chickasaw, Ala. Brookhaven Jackson, Ala. Hattiesburg Biloxi Jackson Pascagoula Caracas, Venezuela Baton Rouge, La. Columbia Battles Wharf, Ala. Biloxi Gulfport Petal Memphis, Tenn. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Crystal Springs Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. Laurel Mobile, Ala. Biloxi CLASS OF 196 I BENJAMIN R. RAWLS SHARON L. RAWLS, AAA DIMPLES M. RAY JAMES A. REAGAN WARREN H. REDDEN II CHARLES GRAY REDDITT PAT A. REDNOUR JAMES D. REED JERRY R. REED CLARA R. REEVES III SANDRA A. REEVES, -IPM PENNY L. REIGES, EEE SYLVIA A. RESTER WALLY W. REYNOLDS N. L. RHODES IV PATRICIA L. RICE CONNIE L. RILEY MARY MARSHA RILEY CAROL RINGER MARTHA E. ROBBINS V MARY A. ROBERTSON ROBBIE L. ROBERTSON, AAA JUDY F. RODNEY JESUS O. RODRIGUEZ, ATR DONNA L. RODWIG, XA VI JOAN E. ROGERS JOYCE M. ROGERS, AAA MYRON W. ROGERS ROBLYN H. ROLLINGS EDWARD B. ROPER VII BARBARA J. ROSS MARY J. ROURE CHARLES ROUSE DARNELL C. RUSSELL JIM R. RYLANDE, ATQ VIII LOIS M. SADLER DOUGLAS L. SALLEY TOM K. SANDERS, EAE JOHN SANDS, ATG MAUREEN L. SAUCIER IX FRANK W. SCHNECK PAT J. SCOTT HARRY G. SCUFFOS TONY R. SCRUGGS JANIE M. SCULLY X WILLIAM J. SCULLY, KE SUSAN SEARS MARY SERAFIN, fm JANET E. SHEARER, xo TWILA J. SHELDON XI RUTH A. SHELTON RONALD C. SHIVERS PAULA S. SHOEMAKER WILLIAM R. SHURTLEFF, K2 GLENDA K. SIMPSON Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Columbia Kokomo Gulfport Mobile, Ala. Pascagoula Biloxi Utica Armory Selma, Ala. Pensacola, Fla. Bogalusa, La. Jackson Mendenhall Jackson Jackson Monticello Jackson Birmingham, Ala. Hattiesburg Franklin, Tenn. Greenville Tampa, Fla. Covington, La. Washington, D.C. Moss Point Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg Escatawpa Laurel Greenwood Gulfport Sumrall Boston, Mass. Laurel Bay St. Louis Marks Mobile, Ala. Pass Christian Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Moss Point Laurel Long Beach Long Beach Norphlet, Ark. Gulfport Birmingham, Ala. Pascagoula Jackson Bassfield Puerto Rico Greenwood Centreville 9-49 7' if' . ' 'A E 'rr rw .1 -.J M sf' Q? 25 14" if: fi , , f y J 5- X 5 f rf JM WMV .JV 4 A , Z f f ,W , A f ff in S, . . , 'fr' K1 f ,: x V 'f'gwf'7 . ' Q 5 - 5? 4, f , ' 1 Cf A A If f ' 'A' Y fw- af-vj ff, av' . ,gf ., ' A if , I W ,Aff .243 7 ul ff I X . ,f ,' ,Q Z...lf . i Z ,bww V - fir, . .f ZWQQ F' .. , ,r if .am -.-aw.-A -of-fsm . WY.. WW. gf In ff .44 I W! W 1... ff 24 ' ' nw . 9, ,, f ,, Z f f f c 1 'W 6. Em : ,x 3 ka an Kg 4 .4 .... I if-ff , Zfvlv . . """'5 A- J S 'W fs nn.. .I XY: JV ' :I A f X, X "i. 'Gaiam 1 ia A Y I .' 4- 021 v K ' I K .v A I-, mx ..k.',? Eff 4 H225 ,,m 3 . - .,,, J gxltd. . A I 1 W JW, A . 6 R I -U , l X 222 ' ' S 1 X ,ix V f .. f M, fi ,Q .M fa I, -,Q " ' . " ' , W7 5 A f fi fl. gy' X . Ar A il c 5.21. 'Q .,' .-.wezim ' Q5 .1 , M I ffl . V I 32 n ' . ,,. 4 4 .. , f ,LQ J JZ f if .ff ,u f ,, .... ,M f . . .. ,f ,...,2, 1.4. ,, .1Q .,. . , ..,f + 5 f - 2 J. f -1f . I ' 2. if ,. if fl ' ' 4 ' " 1 , ,fnfjf W '24 . 7' .ff I 2 -,M i 553 ff 4 N ' f 7 bfi' C -ff .f ff f ,- . 1 HY' Wi ,, ti "' . . 1. A I A I . M ' if A ,z '- . ' f ff. ' ' 4' - 5- f . Eff , . "', ' H ' ,:W'.,y .. " .V ., ' i' v 'f Ki: 'H' " fr: . 'W WMM? ' 1 ., fx, . ' W , ., . Wwyf fr , f A ' af 1 I , .V ,,,., W . 522-z fm- is , ' f' 5 f 1' wr , M "" an Q ,. f 'vw A E I . :I w .F 7 W4 "' ' rf "- , f ,Q -my , 4,-. . , my . X ,M J j , -, . .1 ' ,WWM7 . - "" 'f f, g 3 ,V 1: 1- 4 5, 51 1' . rm 9, I A I I ,gf I ,hz X , A U M ' 7 1 ff ' , ' W .4 , W ' f fd 'H . W- -Z ,N 1 A , , I , . 3 1 5, ty? 4 -.- 1- Q f 6 . V 4 f, V 1 233: . V1 ' ' ffl ' W --" 'v'V . A ' ' ' "" ' , 7, L f L' W A . I .ff lg , .g ,,,,, . V ,, . . X".:'WQWZ '. ' 'J ffl , ,- V V if M 7 4 "f 4. 4.. ' M ' yigwz: - I Q, ,W A v 'f'- f 5 'M f ' 1. 'sv , . , fwy -N . V ww . M I YA. ' J . fy Q k ' ' Y I' , 1, ,,,. . A ' "" 1 If he ,,, ,f I J A - ' , -A 4 2 A ,: ' ' ,f X ,.. 5 f f' A ' 'u7,4 , -- , f Fw Q . . Ui. -A A , ,ag X ms ,, 7.4 ,, ,. , , . .. .Q ,2 , Q . fb ,I Q W Q f, 'Q' Q " 1 - sz- - A K , , f' vi 5 v 3 , I - . - Y . U -4 ski - ' w , '77 . 'I . 4 -5' :fn ' 1 Y A 'A 5, ,f m S Y , .' A' . v' 1 'f ' I .I 41 ' .1 ' ' A Q ' I A - I 5. 1 , Ls x 5 A - 1, T' ,f H Y .5 U V V 4 , 5 ' A ' A . . 4 li i - - . : - , X , Pi' 2 i ' .4 I rr fix Y' ' ' ,Q v. ' ' X Q , V- Q , . , X' . N I RN-if 1 f IQ I . f fb.. . . X I i il i 7.50 THE FRESHMAN I JERRY W. SISTRUNK MARILYN J. SKRMETTA ROBIN SMALLING, IIB4' ANN A. SMITH, KA BEVERLEY SMITH, AAA H CECILIA M. SMITH CHERYL L. SMITH, KA FRED L. SMITH GARY W. SMITH RICHARD B. SMITH III RITA F. SMITH SHEILA A. SMITH SYLVIA J. SMITH, X52 WALTER G. SMITH SANDRA K. SNOWDEN, HB6 IV GLORIA A. SOLES PATRICIA S. SO-MMERS WILLIAM H. SPANN JERRY T. SPELLMAN BRANCH A. SPENCER V WILLIAM SPIGENER, HKA SYLVIA K. SPUPLOCK MARY L. STANLEY, KA CECELIA A. STARR ROBERT F. STEELE VI JOHN C. STEEN MIKE A. STEIN LINDA D. STEPHENS VIRGINIA L. STEPHENS, KA JANET M. STEPHENSON VII JERRY W. STEWART CHERYL L. STORM, AEA MARY STRAHAN NORMA J. STROZIER BETTIE J. STUART VIII JERRY R. STUBBS MARGY A. STURRUP ALLEN D. SUMRALL DAVID E. SUTTER JIMMY R. SUTTON IX DIANNE C. SWITZER, JOHN M. SYKES JOAN E. TARBUTTON, EEE JEWEL M. TARVER JOHN L. TAYLOR X MARIE F. TAYLOR SUSAN E. TAYLOR JOHN L. TERRELL RONNIE E. THAXTON JULIE E. THIGPEN AEA XI JOHN THOMAS SEAMON C. THOMAS ' CLAUDIA H. THOMPSON JERRY L. THARP, QDKT JOHN W. THOMPSON, .Acacia Jackson Biloxi Hattiesburg Jackson Brookhaven Carthage Hattiesburg Seminary Lucedale Orlando, Fla. Jackson Leakesville Brookhaven Pascagoula Meridian Daphne, Ala. Laurel Jackson North Carrollton Mobile Biloxi Milton, Fla. Jackson Beaumont Huntsville, Ala. Pascagoula Caracas, Venezuela Vicksburg Semmes, Ala. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Collins Fairhope, Ala. Hattiesburg McComb Forest Sumrall Birmingham, Ala. Monticello Biloxi Hattiesburg Lincoln AFB, Nebraska Saraland, Ala. Jackson Carthage New Orleans, La. Magee Liberty New Orleans, La. Mobile, Ala. Angie, La. Vicksburg Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. CLASS OF 196 I ARTHUR R. THORP ELIZABETH A. THRASHER CHARLES T. TO-CHE REDON TOMPKINS JANE E. TOWNSEND II MARY V. TRASK WILLIAM J. TREST, JR. HAROLD G. TROCHE, Acacia WILLIAM O. TROTTER, ATO BARBARA A. TRUSSELL III JAMES A. TRUSSELL JANEY E. TRUSSELL TERRY G. TRUSSELL MARY A. TUCKER GINGER TULLOS, AEA IV ROBERT S. TUMEY WAYNE J. TURNAGE MARY L. TURNBOUGH, KA FRANCES P. TURNER NOEL M. TURNER V SYLVIA B. TURNER TRUDY R. TURNER, 'TQM GREG W. ULRICH CHARLES E. VANCE SHERRIE K. VANDENBERG VI JOHN A. VanDEVENDER BRENDA G. VENUS HUGO V. VILLAFRANCA DAVID A. VITAL DELPHINE E. VOSS, X52 VII ALFRED F. WALCHAK AUGUST M. WALCHAK DENNIS L. WALKER MONROE A. WALLACE JERRY N. WALTMAN VIH FABIAN E. WAMBSGANS LINDA D. WARE JIMMY P. WARREN LYNDA C. WATSON GINA M. WEAVER IX KATHY W. WEBB, 4PM JOHN J. WECHS SIDNEY C. WEIR, QM MIKE R. WELDON DONNA P. WELLS X ROBLYN L. WELLS SARAH E. WELLS JOAN E. WENTWORTH JUDY L. WEST, X9 FRANKIE B. WHEAT XI CAROL WESTERFIELD DOROTHY J . WHITAKER ROBERT W. WHITE CHAR WHITENTON CARO-LYN C. WHITLEY Puerto C Hattiesburg Bay Minette, Ala. Ocean Springs Hattiesburg Moselle Centreville Gulfport Mobile, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Petal Hattiesburg Jackson Vicksburg Liberty Jackson Gulfport Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Prichard, Ala. Newton New Jersey Brandon Hattiesburg Neptune, Hattiesburg Hattiesburg ortes, Honduras, C.A. Rome, New York Natchez Roselle, New Jersey Roselle, New Jersey Lake Charles, La. Natchez Jackson Pass Christian Cleveland Clinton Greenville Indianola Ocean Springs Arlington, Va. Newton Moss Point Hattiesburg Vicksburg Laurel Chattanooga, Tenn. Waynesboro Gulfport Lena Jackson Brookhaven Ocean Springs Natchez '2.5'I f' - . ,, ,F y .4 f w . 3 . ' - I 0.- X rr Y ,-. A, . 1 .. A 'L w ? 7, I it 1 ' 39, X A f' 'fjifeg '. if 1 -J A4 ,gm KW' U' :A . F Q., ..-. , M - 1 S ,,, If 'l , Q - ' - f f - ,, , f ' , '42 ,N ',. ,' A 'f ,f Ewffw . 1 ,ff ual? . ,.,.. 4 V ,QNX f , , ffm rf' " . I ' ,. , , A" U ' x . 115 .. ,, 'I' " , A ' ' ,. ., I 7 -W ' A' . Y M M , , , f Y 1 .z ,,.. f if H ..., ' ' I . X ' 4' xi f Ali, 'ff' "" f . ws. .f W., ff Y ' ' T ' ff , .. ' ' W' , . .. , ,Q .., Q.. 1 ' 5-w 1' . Z, J fr J 2-.,f 1 . WZ, ..,. ' ' f , ffbg ,. 1 tt'r . . ' , ' 41 , ,,,f . . W, . 5 ,Mx , , 1 2 3 It . Z Q ? H . . 9 ,iw ' ,,, .af V ' A- E V, 'W 5" I WV? ov V. f I -I f f fi - W f f " 4 4., 5 if 'ff ,. vw" r z 'K 1 fm , WCW Y ' ' , , '. pfwf, , N Q ig ,,""", I 3 A.- . Q 1 Q tk A , 2 . A Y ' 9 Q '55 Q Q - - M 1 iv? A S. A li. wr 9' X H ,A . I F vw fm: , 4- g 0 3. ft ' 1 f ' 'My ' I 2 .Y yn, 'N k hr 4 iff I , . as W., it or 'fi' fav -V G.- , 1' if f V, f s-lvl? i wk . I v Q, H . ,. ' -, 'Q-S -f'- f It rf an Why don't elephants drink martinis? Have you ever had an olive stuck in your nose? "? THE FRESHMAN I CAROL G. WIGGINS Mobile, Ala. GARY P. WILKINSON Biloxi BOBBIE R. WILKINSON Gulfport DIANE WILLIAMS Hattiesburg GLADSTONE E. WILLIAMS Clinton II JACKIE S. WILLIAMS Brookhaven MARY R. WILLIAMS Tupelo PATRICIA E. WILLIAMS Varnado, La. SANDRA DIANE WILLIAMS Aberdeen CHERYLL C. WILLIAMSON Grave Hill, Ala. III MARY ANN WILLIAMSON Winterville BENNIE J. WILSON Prentiss BRENDA L. WILSON, X9 Brookhaven RODNEY E. WINDHAM Jackson LINDA A. WINK Biloxi IV DONNA S. WOMACK Hattiesburg KENNETH A. WOODRUFF Yazoo City WILLIAM R. WRIGHT Jackson STEVEN C. WYATT Bay St. Louis DOROTHY D. YARBOROUGH, X9 McComb V JAMES R. YARBROUGH Heidelberg DAVID R. YOUNG Jackson PATRICK E. YOUNG Biloxi SALLY L. ZANNELLI Washington, D.C. MARY F. ZIZ Biloxi z .., Q., N .. . .wa V, X lv- ...- .mummy- -1 9' 1 I .,r,. if-i' : "' 'Ira' ' " 1 - I 5. E I--w .r f - " ...vf:1f,fQ:g.44.' Q l. . 'H . 1? i .. f 1.95 5.2 I I l n f 4 P i I 1 1 i s l i l u 4 3 Y I i i I 5 4 I i V i r 1 l 1 r U E I I I 5 T T THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OF 1967 1 1 1 'W . - l v M1-F i as -+sw.,v Jim Weaver and Charlotte Herzog are the SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS, Left to Right: Jim Weaver, Presidentg Kay McLeod, Sophomore Class Favorites. Secretaryg Mark Lowrey, Vice-Presidentg Pat Allred, Treasurer. IT IS FOR THE SOPHOMORE TO ANSWER! of course i knew there were articles in playboy too! AS A SEASONED STUDENT HE KNOWS THE ROPES! i'll read that outside reading over the holidays! you are the cutest, most mature freshman girl i've dated! i didn't learn a damn thing in high school! AND HE FEELS THAT HE'S ATTAINED THE HEIGHT OF COLLEGE SOPHISTICATION yiff say, can i borrow your i.d. this Weekend! ' of course i've read all of salinger's books! HE,S DISCOVERED THE SECRET OF NON - CONFORMITY - F CONFORMITY! mother, everyone drives at southern! meet you at pat o'briens, the last night of mardi gras rftt take ' 201 hub the third period! NINE NEBULOUS MONTHS FINDS HIM READY TO ESCAPEW the food all taste 1 alike! i've got to End a major. 1 1 1 I l l 7-53 4, x 'ul' f if te v-. . 5... 4. M 1' th M." J S. 1 I'-is 'A 1 16 4... Y . Nr A . s ,,. fn , s..- vr - x -'vw ' W ,N Stu ini arf. 7-54 THE SOPHO ORE I CATHY R. ADAMS CLYNE ADAMS THOMAS G. ALEXANDER CURTIS R. ALLEN, JR. PAT ALLRED X9 II GEORGE E. ANDERSON REBECCA E. ANDERSON ROBERT W. ANDERSON STEPHEN G. ANDRASSY ALBERT E. ANDREWS, JR. III DOUGLAS ARNOLD WILLIAM ARON DENNIS F. BAILEY K2 PRYOR G. BAILEY SHERRY K. BAKER IV RONNIE E. BALZLI CIDKT JAMES N. BARNETT JOSEPH K. BARNETT MARTHA LYNN BARRETT JULIA ANN BARRY AAA V ROBERT L. BAUGHN EDWARD A. BEAUMONT AUBREY C. BECKHAM CURTIS F. BEDSOLE CLEVELAND S. BELL VI JOSEPH A. BELLANCA WILLIE A. BERGIN WILLIAM L. BESS CECIL L. BISHOP EDNA H. BISHOP VII LYNN N. BISHOP JOHN R. BLACK LINDA F. BLISSETT BARBARA A. BLUMER ANN BOND XQ VIII YVETTE G. BRASWELL KA GARNET R. BRELAND H. TERRELL BRELAND DOLLIE BRENT HARRIET J. BRIDGEMAN IX PAULA ANN BRIEDE WILLIAM D. BRITTON MARCIA J. BROADUS HILMA G. BROOKS EVA JEAN BROWN AAA X SHIRLENE L. BROWN STANLEY W. BROWN ANTHONY F. BRUNI HUGH D. BUCHANAN MARY R. BUCHANAN XI WILLIAM J. BUCK RONNIE L. BUCKLEY FRANCISCO J. BUESO ROGER E. BUNGER CHARLOTTE E. BURCAW KIUKT Lake Hattiesburg Gilber-town, Alabama Long Beach Pascagoula Brookhaven Hattiesburg Forrest Hattiesburg North Olmsted, Ohio McComb Purvis Pontotoc Tupelo Hattiesburg Jackson Mobile, Alabama Lucedale Waynesboro Decatur Providence, Louisiana Hattiesburg Petal Pascagoula Eight Mile, Alabama Pensacola, Florida Passaic, New Jersey Laurel Mobile, Alabama Bay Springs Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Mobile. Alabama Morton Handsboro Columbia Gloster Leakesville Picayune Bogue Chitto Hattiesburg Metairie, Louisiana Bucatunna Saucier Meridian Hattiesburg Greenville Greenwood Havertown Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Mobile, Alabama Hattiesburg Guatemala Jackson Hattiesburg I i ls t 1 i i l 4 CLASS OF 1967 I WALTER H. BURCH BARBARA E. BURNETT JAN E. BURNS CATHERINE B. BUSY KENNETH W. BYRD II WILFORD HALE BYRD JAMES E. CALHOUN JOHN H. CAMPBELL RONALD CARANNA JAMES R. CARROLL III JO' ANN CARRUTH BILLIE F. C'ARTER CONNIE F. CARTER EEE LYNE HYNER CARTER SUE G. CARTER AAA IV WILLIAM S. CARTER CARLOS T. CASTRILLON HELEN M. CHAMBERS CLAUDETTE M. CHAMPAGNE CHERYL CHAPMAN V GUY J. CHAPMAN RICHARD J. CHRISTMAS QJKT JEAN R. CLARK LAWRENCE C. CLARK FREEMAN M. COCHRAN, JR. VI SIMEON L. COCI-IRAN WILLIAM E. COCHRAN HKA FRANK T. COLLINS KE JERRY R. COLLINS WILLIAM G. COLLINS VII CLINTON E. CONERLY PERRY S. CONERLY LYNN COOK ROGER D. COOPER DAVID A. CORBAN VIII BETTY A. COUCH PHYLLIS N. COULTER CI-IELLIE J. COWART JUDY W. CR.AFT BONNIE CRAIG KA IX LATIMER W. CRAIG KENNETH C. CRAWLEY GARY B. CRESS LINDA CROTTEAU ALLAN L. CULPEPPER X FAYE CUMBERLAND X9 MARY J. CUMMINGS CHRISTYANA M. CURET BOIBBIE K. CURRIE JEAN CURTIS XI PATRICIA A. DABBS FR.ANCES DAVIS GFHNTIE DAVIS JANE K. DAVIS KA KENNETH M. DAVIS Laurel Richton Bay Springs Hattiesburg Beaumont Lucedale Mount Olive Bay St. Louis Biloxi Little Rock, Arkansas McComb Woodville Woodville Magnolia Hattiesburg Jackson Trujillo, Peru Clinton, Mississippi Biloxi Louisville Mobile Ocean Springs Kosciusko Marks Carthage Mobile, Alabama Kosciusko Hattiesburg Duck Hill New Orleans, Louisiana Gulfport Columbia McComb Saraland, Alabama Petal Marion Pascagoula Gulfport Mize Prairie Gulfport Columbia Pascagoula Meridian Crystal Springs Biloxi Utica Hattiesburg Scooba Hattiesburg Atmore, Alabama Columbia Hazlehurst 'L .f W 5 -ff n. "X i' Q ah, ,M , y fff, if 41 l vf"'1xf M f Q Z 21 f ' .1 4 I , ' ,f 4 ,Q v If rr vi Q 2 J- 2 ' ' . ' Y -". 4' Z 15.5.1-,.av , , ZW! f, ' -,,, 604' V f nl A ,fc ,,. ry . , l I 'jf , 1 hy V, I - , I ' " '--f . l"""f9" 9 , ,..,f .ff , ' ' .-XVXX .38 , . - I , ig 1 l v' it . ff 2--M" 11' 4 ' 4 7 ' . A I ' H ,,.-, 1 f f , M5557 VV7. fl Ja' . .L ' ,,... . f . "'f 'V I 242 VV 5 , Q, C , , ,Jr ,VIW V, A , . I 4.f 2 ..a. Zi: I ' I fi gfei lw ' 1 W5 I ' 'V' 4 ,.,., Q ' . A Q '.,, hi , ll M., fy! 7 f f f I ' Q, 74 ' I A ffl X A ,wwf 4 4-il gf, J, K 4 'gi ..41'Sg,tg,3f,g.f .f 4. -J' f' - QSETQSI4 I ' .761 F- U MG-V dr...-.,, X, ns. 3 f ...A w pi gc ex . an E? - " 2 qw Q if . -1 'L 502 ' , f .- 97 I. 'fn i f lf 1 f nw- I . ,,. .. .wp .fzsf w I V V ' ,.g.5:n,-ft g f .. Z 'V 4m ', ,f J, f at .? ,,,....., as , -i 5 M f ' ' 'i x rw. or 'J f 'ex " I fw V ,wg X If f ,QX f ' ff 'mai H W' ,WM f.. f wh .Wu--f - I W' QQ r . aa. A ,fa ,V Q, if ' 6 ' if 'ff al S W ' al l ., I' 0 'AF-.ha ,ll 1- A.. 5. ., 1' R 1 ,Zo ,JK 115 6 4, ww-, on 4 I I' hh: J x-, v fir' Q11 .I f5 9 I 4 . , u i 'gg " l 5 uf, J- - ' mx. 'L THE SOPHO ORE I WILLIAM E. DAVIS JAMES S. DAY ROBERT L. DEAN, JR. ELAINE L. DEAS JAMES W. DELANEY II BETTY DeMOVILLE X9 BETTY ANN DENTON DEAN A. DETER GERALD A. DICKERSON SWANNEE R. DICKERSON III JOYCE DICKINSON GERALD W. DIETRICK LINDA F. DIXON EILEEN S. DONOVAN JUNE A. DOVE IV CLYDE B. DOWD JUDY JEANETTE DOWDLE CAM F. DOWELL CHARLES W. DOWNING LAWRENCE R. DOWNING V BARBARA E. DOWNS GEORGE R. DRAKE WILLIAM D. DUBUISSON MARILEE DUKES IIBCID BOBBIE L. DUNN VI LANELLE L. DUNN LEWIS P. EAVES GREGORY C. EDWARDS JIM ELLIS LYNN C. ELLIS KA VII JOHN R. ENGLISH EDWIN A. ERNEST MINNIE S. ESSARY JOE R. ETHRIDGE BRUCE D. EVANS VIII ROBERT L. EVERETT NANCY A. EWART 11131 JOHN F. EWING BUDDIE L. EZELL CYNTHIA G. EZELL IX JEAN FAIRLEY KA NELL R. FANCHER CATHYE L. FARRIS SAM M. FELTENSTEIN, JR. BETTY F. FIELDS X CAROLEE FLOYD AAA EVELYN D. FLYNT CLARA M. FORD JACQUELINE FORD RICHARD A. FORD XI MARILYN F. FORTENBERRY ALFRED E. FOSTER LAURA FULLILOVE JOHN R. FURR MARY EVELYN GAUTIER Petal Chickasaw, Alabama Mobile, Alabama Coifeeville, Alabama Vicksburg Okolona Gulfport Jackson Rocky Creek McComb Hattiesburg Picayune Runnelstown Biloxi Mobile, Alabama Shelby, North Carolina Carthage Dallas, Texas Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg DeFuniak Springs, Florida Ocean Springs Hattiesburg Laurel Ocean Springs New Orleans, Louisiana Harrington Park, New Jersey Hattiesburg Arlington, Virginia Keene, New Hampshire Mobile, Alabama Brooklyn Jackson Pascagoula Vicksburg Memphis, Tennessee Biloxi Pascagoula Hattiesburg Gautier Coffeeville Hattiesburg Meridian Pascagoula Hattiesburg D'Lo Collins Biloxi Baton Rouge, Louisiana Collins Mobile, Alabama Hattiesburg Laurel Pascagoula ANNE L. GIBBS JIMMIE F. GILBERT Yazoo City Meridian 'X if E WQV I . ' .1 u f , 2' 4-ifb I W - - iff? 'ff fi H s .J A .' 3 .. J -if. '5 C Ass 9 - L F1 . Q as Tx V f L, X n 5 li? 1 f . 1 M gy " xg 1 DORIS A. GOBER NANCY M. GOETTMAN EDITH GOFF II ARTHUR J. GO-MEZ SARA GOMEZ JOSE T. GONZALEZ MARY A. GOODWYN DOUGLAS A. GORDON III RICHARD F. GOVERSKI KE HUGH A. GOWER JAMES H. GRACE, JR. JOSE L. GRACIA CHRISTINE M. GRAF IV MARY L. GRAHAM ANN M. GRANTHAM EMORY L. GRAVES PAMELLA K. GRAVES DANNY P. GREENE V MILDRED H. GREENWALDT WILLIAM A. GRINSTER EAE PAUL L. GRUBE CHARLIENE HADEN GLENN W. HADEN VI CARL DAVID HAGAN JIMMY F. HAGWOOD JOSEPHINE K. HALEY JOHN R. HALL KE J. G. HAMBRIGHT, III ATS? VII TANDRA HAMILTON PATRICK L. HARDEN QJKT TAYLOR F. HARPER BARBARA J. HARRIS WILLIAM S. HARRIS VIII DOUG HARRISON PATRICIA L. HARRISON RICHARD G. HARRISON PATRICIA L. HARTLEY KA NANCY HATHORN H1342 IX MINETTA K. HATLEY JOHN M. HAYDEN KA PETE C. HAYS KA JOSEPH J. HEBERT ATS2 Gulfport Laurel Natchez Hattiesburg Bogota, Colombia Guatemala Birmingham, Alabama Sanford, Florida Mechanicsville, New York Meridian Aberdeen Barcelona, Spain Biloxi Hattiesburg Moselle Slidell, Louisiana Columbus High Point, North Carolina Columbia Pensacola,Florida Mobile, Alabama Purvis Bay Springs Purvis Meridian Carrollton Hattiesburg Meridian Madrid, Spain Skiatook, Okla. Grand Bay, Ala. Louisville Pacayune Pensacola, Florida Tampa, Florida Wesson .I ackson Catharpin, Virginia Biloxi Swampscott, Mass. Memphis, Tennessee Pass Christian PAT I-IEIDELBERG KA Pascagoula X PAUL F. HELSER Hattiesburg MARGARET V. HENDRY Hattiesburg PATRICIA ANN HENDRY Millry, Alabama MARGARET L. HERMANN Vicksburg NANCY E. HARRING Petal XI JERRY W. HARRINGTON Laurel CHARLOTTE M. HERZOG AAA Lake Providence, La. BETTY W. HEWITT Meadville PEGGY S. HICKS Leakesville THOMAS C. HIGHTOWER Petal 7. ' A 'Q Ll" KQV., f , wi f " f , 1 Wil za. ,ff ff , . ff W0 f f 1 ,ff f X f X' f ligykw f I aa- ,' 1 AW. ay, my . Y ff- I fi W f ' 'fff ,ff 7 Q X, ' wa .. . ,aa , X 'Q A f . M.. ' A V ,,,, ----- V - , ' V I .. ,Q af- . 1 .0 iw-W 7 J f If X! 1 1 1 ..., I . p A 2 f it if n ja., f , ,f 2 XVIIIV 4 f, , W - f Q 4, az YW W , . M, -0' .I f 1 it Q ', I -4 . .IQ - Q 1 A 44 W! 74' , v , W, " J, . , C: zu' , ' Z' 1 1 5 ffl ff. 1. V ,Q 2. I Mwyb , l,. Q r W ' 4-1 fx I f 4 wwwzr' P' .- - f "iff '-.::. ff . , -iff 1. 1. f ami -A ' , - -W W A ,- . , J 1. igwwx ,, i W9 ,. ,gf JV, f rf ! X vvv .9 . ,LW VK, A 1 M' .,,,, J J Wu. ,W , f I , fn fm X 1 17? fn Q fs., 4 ' ' Za., 4 , ,N 'at li - M gd ,Q af if -1 , l Q 5 f E' V- M'i5MYi ai ff' f"-- --.. . " ' 7" "' 1-Ml Q a , 7'-ff ' i" ' ' f A . , . ff . . H ,, .f i i 2 ' A nz -- " f v:"- . X I V V f , , p 5 A 'Z at if I Q ,,,, , I X , V 'Q ' . wb 'Q , , ' A im- T HL A av ' .-".-Q if ., .. 4" . - K an f M p ,, f X . fm- ,V "" "' . 5 WA? z. , , C tit ' ,. 'V . Va. 1 fr . A . ,Q , A ' I A H " . Q P, -' fi ' , ,L A ' ' 12. 1 .W A wwf.. fl 'W , 'Bw l I Q .-. 1 it + A. fmt .,. I ,I .122 V V . X f ,,:,,, I M , , . , W .2 "' W -f l. ' it M. .g ' . 5-53 . , ,, f K , .1 . . A, f .-1 .4-.f ,Y , L 7- ' ..f':'-ff. .. ..A. ,..A . - , 'CS' , 15 N, , - V , . , '31 It f MESA . :..,g'w'-- rf ., -K 4, 1 ' rr vT ,T - .- - - I ' . , wr 1 ,'Y' ' fi S. . " 1 N- V A ,L 1 A ,- A - yi v - .1 rv lvl ' EL: 1 THE SOPHOMORE I MARY K. HILL WALTER E. HINES PRENTISS HINSON ELIZABETH A. HOBART PAUL S. HOBSON II WILLIAM D. HODGES BRENDA C. HOGUE WILLIAM T. HOLCOMB JOEL R. HOLIFIELD PATRICIA A. HOLLINGER X9 III DALE L. HOLLINGSWORTH MARY D. HOLLINGSWORTH CATHY D. HOOVER BRENDA L. HOPKINS MARTHA K. HOPPE IV DELORIS A. HOSEY DONNELL E. HUDSON HARRY H. HUELSBACK, JR. BRENDA L. HUGGINS MARGARET L. HUGGINS X52 V JACQUELYN HUGHES CLARENCE A. HULL SUE B. HUMPHRIES R. CLIFTON HUNTER HAROLD HUTTO VI KATHERINE E. IMPEY LEONARD L. INGRAM IVAN J. ITURBE BILL F. JACKSON JANICE M. JAMES VII COTY D. JOHNSON JOHN E. JOHNSON LOIS A. JOHNSON BETTY LOUISE JOHNSTON KA BARBARA N. JONES VIII ELIZABETH R. JONES KEN S. JONES RICHARD L. JONES CHARLENE B. JORDAN HAROLD D. JULKENBECK IX WILLIAM S. KEAN LOU E. KEEN SHELIA L. KEMMER DAVID O. KEMP BE'I'I'Y J . KENNEDY X JOSEPH KIERONSKI ANN KING AAA SUE KING QM CHARLES E. KLOBE GARY R. KNECHT XI DANIEL C. KNIGHT MARIA M. KNIPPERS LYNDA M. KOWATCH KENNETH L. KRATTIGER WILLIAM V. LACK Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Natchez Avon Laurel Biloxi Magee Guliport Biloxi Meadville Moselle Lake Meadville Picayune Pass Christian Gretna, Louisiana Chickasaw, Alabama Pensacola, Florida Pensacola, Florida Waynesboro Louisville Dayton, Ohio DeFuniak Springs, Florida Lucedale Waynesboro Ocean Springs Soso Mobile, Alabama Hattiesburg Newton Jackson Hattiesburg Brewton, Alabama Pascagoula Long Beach Bradenton, Florida Jackson Hattiesburg Gulfport Jackson Hattiesburg Meridian Marvell, Arkansas Corinth Monroeville, Alabama Chicago, Illinois New Orleans, Louisiana Meridian Biloxi Laurel Collins Tylertown Mize Monroe, Wisconsin Terry l Y i CLASS OF 1967 a 43 ' av ia- 7 I f I I . ao- " it 5 '- A .aa iff PAUL D. LADNIER Mississippi City fa, if :AV 'T or -. . LESTER A. LALA our Biloxi ' GEOREANE E- LANDRUM Gulfport I I Al L '... HOLLIS T, LANDRUM Kreole , . V, BONNEY K. LANGFITT Jackson f 3 m A A ' " T A A 'ez :T ' .. new X f"" I 1 ff .1 - 5 if ' if I II .gr - Ffa A a I LOUISE J. LARTIGUE Mobile, Alabama Q 7 I , 5553 I JOHNNY W' LAURENT Natchez I iii Z . LAUREL H. LAY Newton ' Q TERRENCE M. LECHNER Mundelein, Illinois A " V ,W . A . HQWARD J, LEE me Norfolk, Virginia ff, A , I if af -Y a 2? I III - . WWE a j' . .,, JUDY C. LEE AAA Greenville t, 'rf' I., J 'K gl' '. A LUTHER G. LEE, III Hattiesburg hjvh N wg I A A , I NEI-DA T- TTT Petal it ii - MARILYN E. LENZ IIBTIJ Jackson V if 1 , T. flias. ...,i. -:1, . .A Eat. JOYCE A. LINDSEY Collins t ji. , .a-a lg t "5 . PHYLLIS L. LONG nm Pensacola, Florida - 27 A 4' . T, I ' ' ' ' by OW Z '72, fi. ' f Miha ii' -' 1? 1 gggTgTgRg- gggNGON 535353 at x I JOHN M. LOTT, JR. Hattiesburg I I T ' .' fa We W., . W, g fx 'ia-I V . A ' 21 'W T 'wa y a A, JAMES W. LOUP Bay st. Louis T1 ' MARK L. LOWREY liz Hattiesburg Vllllvu - if ,AZAAAAA A DON R. MACDONALD Memphis, Tennessee , BRENDA MAGEE Tylertowu all . . RICHARD E. MARTIN KE St. Petersburg, Florida .... H'A'J BILLY GEORGE MASHBURN oar Mobile, Alabama 9 L CRAIG B. MASON KA Pascagoula , .f:,a,a,W V':IV A, ..,. V A V 1 M LOU G. MASON Edgewood, Maryland r I at V4 Q - I? 1 -raw 4' 'V' M M X V H DUNCAN F. MATHESON Hattiesburg IIV., g yvuvvvilq ' M T f ' at fy JON M- MATTHEWS Jackson 1 I TEDDY M- MATTHEWS tttt WILLIAM H. MAY McComb HOO' 'HOA "" WALTER G. MAYFIELD Wavelaud I ff , 15' AW' V , w eigh dgr iif 2 X ' an ' Nt" ' ROBERT L. MCBRIDE, IV Mobile f iywfwr' -f, at as - ,Q I JOHN O. MCCARY Mobile ::, L: gW Vqulllr- - I -.-,.. .M A I I LOIS L. MocOLLOUGH Jackson -g , " I JOHN R. MCCUTCHON Bay St. Louis 1 IX ft- A , DANIEL N. MCDANIEL Bude Q2 , 1 JAMES C., MCDONALD, JR. Mobile, Alabama ,, . LINDA MCDONALD Forest JUDITH E. MoELHANEY AEA Hattiesburg W " 1 ' LAWRENCE B. MoGEE ACACIA Jackson g r f fir- Y JY 1 l ..,. 'Y ' . l X I 2' W O s I KENNETH J. MCGREW Chickasaw, Alabama J, 'A f " ag V. JANET E. MCILWAIN Pascagoula ' ALBERT S. McKENZIE, JR. Pensacola, Florida T T Rug' RICHARD W. MCKENZIE Hattiesburg I LINDA C. MCLEAN Mobile, Alabama l ,. . it l XI .. , I Vi. .. I KAREN A. MCLEOD KA Pascagoula , ,ab I . I CAROLYN A. MoMAHON Hattiesburg '- , . I I DINAH N. MCMILLAN Carthage I A ' , I FLOTRA N. MoNA1R Moss Point f l SANDRA E. MEYER Hattiesburg I , 7. ' 7' 6 1 Y ff E ..fc' .,,. 1 - if 3- 'YW , 4. if-A , Af A .4.. 4QW'.,f ,, f 4, ,W -A - K W 1. Q7 ' M 4 - fy . R .fp -' -' W4 ,gf .5 A - W WV . ,, . . ' vw Q . 3 4 fa, if X f , ,.... -A ' wx . CX" A- 'far' . ' " 74 ...:Q'12Q, A in ' 3' mm 4- iff. ...' , pg 1 ' .. ff v. ' Z, Q g ,. 1 f I .4 V M g . J q. ,, . ,. . ..... ..:.., M ,, LQ' ,- ' ' .'f fa ,. fi.. I , . 4 ff ' ' , , JFS M. W fn" 'ms ,' , 'W' " in RA ,W V, I' . N 3, M . 1. X ' V Z' 1 . ... iw-.ff , an '.,'4"A- lik' " N . , ' -A ,J . I , ,ff 'Rafi 1. . A 'A A ..A. ' 5' A. " . I ' . v. . 2 J ff . ' ff --. Y ' ., , g 'Q "M , .,- - - 3.- A ' ' ' ' 2 'sf - . K.,f" ,V ,X f I ' H 'I . V . . .A i A I s. A ' ' s 'td ,. , - fs. - , M x J, .. . -v - , . , . I ' X .' X L fs. 0 " n G3 'Sv Y , i , , - .- ,. - f 4 P, . 'ij 'Q I .4 ' I "wi ' A THE SOPHOMORE I HAROLD L. MILLER fbKT Brooklyn THOMAS F. MILLER Jackson ROBERT H. MILLSAPS Forest JAMES J. MINYARD Mobile, Alabama FRANK A. MISURELLY Harrington Park, New Jersey II JEFFERY J. MITCHELL Columbus JUDY E. MITCHELL Biloxi CHARLES E. MOBLEY Hattiesburg LOUIE W. MODLING RACHAEL A. MOODEY III JOHN H. MOORE KATHY E. MOORE ROBERTA M. MOOREHEAD LARRY W. MORAN ANN J. MORGAN IV LINDA D. MORGAN MARY J. MORRIS CLAIRLEI MORRISON EEE SUSAN W. MORRISON OLA B. MURFF KA V EARL G. MURPHY VENNA J. MURRAY MARY J. MYERS IIBAID REBECCA MYRICK RAYMOND NETTLES VI ELIZABETH A. NEWELL BRENDA F. NEWMAN AAA HILTON L. NEWMAN NANCY L. NICHOLSON NORBERT D. NIOALON VII SHERRY L. NOBLES AAA DONNA E. NOBLITT IIBQ PAT W. NOTARO EAE MICKEY OATES XQ DAVID D. O'NEAL VHI CLAIRE L. oisBoRN ROBERT J. OSWALT ROBERT E. OWEN CHERYL L. OWENSBY PATRICIA A. OXNER IX JUDY A. PACE WARREN A. PAGE RICHARD N. PALAREA RAY A. PALMEIRA DONNIE H. PARDEN X LLOYD C. PASSINGER, JR. KATHRYN L. PASSONS SUZANNAH A. PATTERSON JOHN B. PATTISON CECELE M. PAYNE XI DAVID E. PEARCE . PATRICIA O. PEARSON CLEMENT B. PENROSE DAVID C. PERKINS RICHARD A. PERKINS Jacksonville, Florida Pensacola, Florida Miami, Florida Biloxi Erie, Pennsylvania Perkinston Lucedale Sumrall Biloxi Memphis, Tennessee Laurel Pensacola, Florida Ovett Bogue Chitto Laurel Chickasaw, Alabama Natchez LaLima, Honduras Natchez Pascagoula Theodore, Alabama Mobile, Alabama Hattiesburg Columbia Jackson Laurel Gulfport Raymond New Orleans, Louisiana Gulfport Linden, Alabama Rolling Fork Hattiesburg Oceon Springs Guatemala Honolulu, Hawaii Mobile, Alabama Roxie Jackson Columbia Key West, Florida Pelahatchie Jackson Abdingdon, Virginia Bay St. Louis Locke, New York Hattiesburg ,JL CLASS or 1967 I VAULTER B. PERRY DOUGLAS H. PERRYMAN MORRIS E. PETERS PHILIP W. PETRO ATU ALTON PHILLIPS II SANDRA K. PHILLIPS WAYNE H. PIERCE JERRY LYNN PIGOTT MARY J. PIGOTT PAT J. PINKERTON III BETTY A. PITTMAN MARILYN K. PITTMAN CPM RAYMOND C. PITTS KAT'HRYN A. POBJECKY BETSY C. POGUE IV BETTY LOU POLK BRENDA J. POLK CAROLE L. POPE NORINE PO-SEY HARVEY B. POST CIPKT V CONSTANCE E. POWAJBO DOUG L. PREVATTE LYNDA C. PRICE IIBCIJ SHEILA PRICHARD AAA PAMELA A. PRITCHARD IIBCID VI JOHNNY PRIVETT HAROLD M. PURDY KA JOE R. PURVIS DONALD T. QUIGLEY NORMAN W. RAMSEY VII MARTHA G. RANDOLPH SUSAN M. RASMUSSEN AZ DOUGLAS B. RAY LELAND M. RAY MICHAEL J. REEDY VIII SAUL D. RENDON MILTON L. RHODEY, JR. BETTYE' A. RICHARDSON PATRICIA A. RICHARDSON JAMES A. RICHMAN, ACACIA IX SANDRA L. RICKNER JOHN P. RIMMER KA MARIAN D. ROBERTS VICKI A. ROBERTS GARY C. ROBERTSON X LARRY D. RODGERS BIRTIE L. ROEBUCK MARY R. ROGERS RAYMOND B. ROIG CLYDE D. ROSE XI RICHARD R. ROSETTI QKT RICHARD S. ROSHTO JUDY R. ROYALS GENE F. RUNNELS BETTY RUSH Pascagoula Mobile, Alabama Gulfport Leland Hattiesburg New Haven Pensacola, Florida Tylertown Picayune Hattiesburg Columbia Meridian Petal Winter Haven, Florida Leland Columbia Columbia Columbia Brookhaven Jackson Biloxi Pensacola, Florida Gulfport Jackson Milwaukee, Wisconsin Thomasville, Alabama Biloxi Jackson Pass Christian Gulfport Tupelo Greenville Mobile, Alabama Lumberton Fairhope, Alabama Caracas, Venezuela Mobile, Alabama Jackson Gulfport Hollandale, Florida Hattiesburg Canton Gulfport Laurel Biloxi Jackson Lake Forest Fairlawn, New Jersey Meridian Biloxi Greenwood Lumberton Jackson Mobile, Alabama 161 f V g M. J. 4 X f A Q f .,.... W, if vw Y , ' fs :- 7 no , 4 Q7 Q ' h W A. .K ff -I i al 1 I v ' 1 W. If V ' "' W I .. Zia , In V, 2, .4 ' ZW' f fr .,L.f?i A . s- . J - is rv , ' ,W .N f 1 Q if I , 5:5 -ww' J , Z is .X U f 2 , , J X I g . W y I I Z I , f 3 J v .. fy, 'f W 2' gg, lk . . vm p , A , 6 I .J , A rg. 1-W y - A 'I 'W - f N ' 6 A .5 . ' ., , Mm X WW JL! id 1.4 V- v- lfa I s. , ,V , . . fy ,Z 1 nf ., - . : .1 I if I vm' J , ,.,. .,a. In nf .X MW . f V Q11 . . , 5, M 4741.4 M. , ,, , e, 1,4 jc f' MJ' 1 ' ' ...V f ' . ,... .5 ' V 45 . ' ' . . A H if we 3 g ? W 2, ,.., fs ' " X I 'X W 4 .. H, f ,M .1 ' 7 'f - W . , 'ff' W .f W Q A . 'XL I I it V ' ,, f gf? W 2 . , . ,M , " Z.. '. , If 12- ,f ml 'V f W Q . ,.,. ,, Z . A 5 Y ,P -y S N. , 39 f Q, V "U, . Q 1 .,.. Eh i . 1 "' fag. ., V . QE' I 445 'S 13 1 " I1 up-... '- Ge 'Z Q ' XXX X' T 3 y 4 , . . S' ' ' 4 'J I 0 . 1 A Li? . ., 51, J ,S . .4 'Y . 12 K . I 'T FW 9 JL We sl , 'r 'Y 4' " -- A -1- , . - . g 5 .7 1 aim THE SOPHOMORE I SUSAN WADE RUSSELL AAA Hattiesburg RICHARD S. SANDERS Kosciugko SANDRA J. SANDERS Milton, Florida AAA Hattiesburg II RALPH L. SAVAGE Pascagoula TERRY P. SCAFIDI Bay St. Louis DIANE F. SCARBOROUGH Gulfport JOHN W. SCARBOROUGH Gulfport MARY E. SCARBOROUGH Kosciusko III LOUIS R. SCARBROUGH Biloxi JUSTIN C. SCHAFFER PAMELA R. SCHATZ 'PM DAVID M. SCHLICHTER IIKA LESLIE E. SCHNEIDER BIZ IV ROBERT W. SCHOENTHALER TERRY A. SEARS BAE THOMAS F. SEEFELD JANIE E. SELBY IIBQP RICHARD L. SELBY V WILLENE SELLERS PETER SEYD MICHAEL R. SHUTZE LINDA C. SIGLER GLORIA SIMS VI SHIRLEY F. SIRIANOS ANN H. SKELTON DOUG S. SKINNER ATS! DOROTHY A. SMITH JAMES A. SMITH VII RONALD K. SMITH PERRY D. SOWELL MAXINE M. SPANGLER JERRY L. SPEIGHTS LEE F. SPENCER VHI WALTER D. SPRUILL JOSEPH E. ST. ANDRIE JOHN C. STEIN LINDA S. STEJSKAL MARTHA F. STEPI-ELNS IX LINDA STEWART STEPHEN E. STIGLETS EDWINA M. STILES PRISCILLA L. STILES DOROTHY L. STOCKETT X LOUIS B. STOCKSTILL JAMES V. STRAHAN DARRELL G. STR.ENGE SONNY STROHM K3 ANNA R. STUART XI VERNIE M. SULLIVAN JOSIE L. SUMMER THOMAS M. SUMRALL JAMES E. SUTTON JOHN W. SWAIN Mobile, Alabama Birmingham, Alabama Mobile, Alabama Chateauroux, France Naples, Florida Pensacola, Florida Laurel Vicksburg Balboa, Canal Zone Hattiesburg Cali, Colombia Hattiesburg Hattiesburg N oxapater Vicksburg Vicksburg Biloxi Meridian Gulfport Picayune Jackson Purvis Columbia Hattiesburg Mobile, Alabama Ocean Springs Caracas, Venezuela F airhope, Alabama Port Gibson Mobile, Alabama Pascagoula Natchez Mobile, Alabama Long Beach Picayune Collins New Orleans, Louisiana Grenda Hattiesburg Mize Columbia Long Beach Pensacola, Florida Leland ..lI CLASS OF 196 I JAN R. SWITZER ELLIE J. SYLVEST AUDLEY L. TAYLOR CHARLES R. TAYLOR JAMES A. THARP II ROSS D. THOMPSON NEAL D. TIDWELL LITTLE H. TISDALE LINDA LOU TOMLINSON JAMES C. TOSH III SHIRLEY M. TOWNSEND HAROLD S. TRAYLOR JOHN TRINGAS FAYE B. TULLOS BONNIE L. TURI AEA IV MARSHA L. TURNER MARITZA UGARTE MARINA VALLADARES BILL T. VALLAS IIKA TOM F. VANDENBERG V VIRGINIA S. VanDE'VENDER DOUGLAS E. VanHORN MARTHA C. VanMERNESTUN WALTER B. VAUGHN CARO-LYN F. WADDLE VI JOHN V. WAITE ROBERT J. WALDROP GLENN E. WALKER GRACE A. WALKER HBIID JOSEPH P. WARE VII JOHN S. WARREN, JR. WILLIAM C. WARREN JOHN F. WATKINS MARYLYN WATKINS EDWARD L. WATTS VIH JIM WEAVER KE JOSEPH E. WEBB MARGIE A. WEEMS ROBERT F. WELFORD ALISON WELLS IX HARRY WHEELER KENNETH, A. WHITE, JR. THEATA C. WHITE ELMER E. WHITEHURST KA GAIL A. WHITENTON X BRUCE G. WHITFORD JERRY B. WILLIAMS KAREN WILLIAMS LEOTA A. WILLIAMS LINDA J . WILLIAMS XI LIONEL WILLIAMS RHODA WILLIAMS JAMES R. WILLIAMSON RONALD W. WILLS GARY J. WILSON Hattiesburg Bassfield Pass Christian Biloxi Hattiesburg Tallahassee, Florida Centralia, Illinois Biloxi Jackson Mobile, Alabama Moselle Hattiesburg Fort Walton Beach, Florida Pascagoula Mobile, Alabama New Orleans, Louisiana Managua, Nicaragua San Salvador, El Salvador Jackson Hattiesburg Greenwood Hattiesburg Gulfport Pensacola, Florida Jackson Vicksburg Pensacola, Florida Laurel Ft. Walton Beach, Florida Hattiesburg Mobile, Alabama Prentiss Laurel, Delaware Gulfport Hattiesburg Tupelo Long Beach Columbia Lucedale Meridian Biloxi Pensacola, Florida Silverhill, Alabama Virginia Beach, Virginia Ocean Springs Columbus Hattiesburg Bay St. Louis Palatine, Illinois Waynesboro Waynesboro Hattiesburg Vicksburg Mississippi City Tylertown 7. VH M, X M W ,. 1,-, 49' VV gl . W V f ' -f A , . . 1 rv m il V -1 lf, as .W crlw, IM, ff' - : J. 1 . W ,, W5 -V -M M -L , -. M 7 ' t ' is VV' V .V ' 4 125714 Q. 'C ""' l".f , , 'W ' V f , x ,- Z V,h . Av In if f ...W ' A f V ' ., . " . I. all ' . , , r' a, Z- fn' 'Y , M, , f , , it 1. L -.V Z 5 W , V ,Q V ' s ,f I qw 5 fi 'ffl staff 1 .,.. V V -' f 6 ,,, , V . f N 1 I gy?-. Vf A -ly ,,g.b.., fy, my "' ' 'W up , f ,f . 2. :EMM .. J V I v , , , J as r pg., ,. 1. V - V V I I as I . f ' ' ' Z ' 'M' W, ' 3 MT' I , lfy Z' AW Y Q Auf.. g 2 ,Z-f L I, 'WW , 5' ' ' '. V V ZZ! f 3 7,6 .,,, , ,V V ,V ,P , . Z, . ,M V I 'f' ff , V , ., K4 .W fag, . V VM., ., M V ,, . . fu., , , . MW if ' . VV V V' 'Y f WN ' .1 f. V ' .Q V N ,I V , . , Z A Q. M or . V QV vb .- .,.. , I , X V - , I v .'7," "' "' 'A V!! ff L fa ,.,. EN - M " ' :N L 2 . 'I ,alma fa..-3 ' JW Va ' 41. 1 ' V an .- nf' 4' V - 1 xr M- f .42 . , my 2 " , , f I . f , X .W I QM Aw, V M. j I ,A ., V- .. V ,..,,..... , f V VV ,QMIW ,J g 'V f ' VW X Q I rv 'ur wr 'L V , A V I ,,.. ,. I fa ,V V ' ,, f v , . L, ,aff .,.,,. K , , , ff ., . ...V F! "' ,ff ' ' ,VV if V . ' S ,, xiii ? ' V VM , " Vp V V , ,V , , . 1 af' V .V-, .f f A, . ,MW , V 'V, -V - 'H C, 4 V x . ' 1 V.: 1416, Wh V 2 W I if -Va ,. lg U' A .n .V W ,W ig I I- iw ! A an 5 l , 1. ,V I Q. J 1 0 M 5 ,:...,,x . M M. , 1 I . 4 . ' 'f , VV ,V V" SM., . , ' , ' A ,M ' ,M VV,V 4 4 Q f it V r fi. V f ,X "f ., -' ..:Vi.i' , 1, if . X M, 4 . . , aw, , fn '44 ' fv- 4 42" 7 , . Z .VN .? .ne A X Q ' ,, W, Q 4 ' ' v , - g r 0 ' k fa.- - 'Q ' ' W ,V ' as J ug' ' . . ' 1 14. ' fxzlr V' - ,we . . V ' V. , , if X W ,t . V 'ST Q , 'M' .Z 4..- ' 2 V V-V H 'N'-. 'Q i W xv Yr 'A . . f , A 5 5 ' . 12 A I.. V ,w,Vf?"vsg, N ' ' A ,, , 2, 'A 3. 1' S3 Vi-..V , '51 , , ., ,gg ,, ,A ,mn ., , K wi K . V hr K if , .9 a - - A- Y .,. I V ' Se P' i fs' ' ' ,.. .V lt . 'V . QQ . Q - w ,, K ix , X , W, . '31 ws , 19,6 1 0 vm x ' 3 -C. IKV "mx ff' 3: w 3,3 . . ,, 1 , :W Y S . W: 'F wwf L iw A ,:,,,,L, , , .J , iw, " 'iii 7 I 4 3 ZW ' . . 4 ' f 1 1- rg: av X, .mf ffm 14. Z T12 WW J f J V I X, 3 '40, 4' 5 f we 5, gf QW ii THE SOPHOMORE I JANET S. WILSON WILLIAM M. WINBORN ROBERT F. WINLAND LAURA A. WINSTEAD JANET WITHERS II DARRYL S. WOLFSON MICHAEL W. WOMACK BRENDA D. WOMBLE HAROLD E. WOOD ATQ WILLIAM E. YANDELL III ALICE R. YATES NERI E. YON ANN L. YORTY ROBERT M. YOUENS OBIE S. YOUNG QKT INN 'n',,,,.,.nv-'H 'lik KA pony express Is "L" for library or love? I found your cake 164 Jackson Poplarville Biloxi Pascagoula Carthage New Orleans, Louisiana IIKA Puerto Liberty Louisville Pensacola, Florida Plymouth, Indiana Polkville San Jose, Guatemala Hattiesburg Chickasaw, Alabama Hattiesburg M' NX . "f J i e i i I ll Q. Q1 4 2 f I i i 1 ki I , X ig E ie E Breezing along at ninety We Xxx Q, A 'V WSL X fm X 'RM xy em N' W X, X. 5' Y Ng ,twvx f 9, he NM, news, W.. X W , QS Q-f CQ fe Q ,Q KV X -A' Aw-Yfs, M hw , e Y . Dui he... ..? r 1 w I J Q 'Nj' ': Q, A N 3 M "Let me entertain you"' les f .fx - W Q9 4 . N 1 ,,,,5-Q , I-wh , A. 4.1. The modern minuet 165 "1 THE IUNIOR CLASS or 1966 5 v ft dsfb Leading the school spirit and chosen as JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS, Left to Right: Rascal Odom, Vice-Presidentg Lynda Owen, Junior Class Favorites are Basketball Treasurerg Jim Kiser, Presidentg Cindy Watlington, Secretary. y Player Rascal Odom and Cheerleader Mari Longino. IT IS FOR THE JUNIOR TO DOUBTX sex just isn't the most important thing in the world DECISIONS ARE HIS REGULAR DlET,' now susie will want bourbon but i'll buy beerj maybe i'll take the junior proficiency exam next quarterf me too, let's get pinned!! AND SURPRISES HIS FREQUENT DESERT! you mean you never loved me! panama city Wasn't half as good as it was last year yr'o' Wonder what the dean wants with me! APATHY SETS INA' get out of basic college is all i hear! We shall overcome! if you have to write term papers i don't Want to take it fl'i i requested a nearby vicinity but i'll be student teaching in alaska I BUT DETERMINA- TION AND SPRING SAVE THE YEAR! i'm wearing a two piece bathing suit this year. 166 I ,ll 1 A I 1 x 1 n L i I 0 I I I 1 L P X 1 I i 7. ""i'iN 3 gg sf may Qs N V 1 . Nf I' if ESG .ff fx' N if I Q Q I U We . Q. ' 5? 3 SQL: 'N X, , .A X ., , . 2, Q S fp:-.:,: Rv w 'lf qv A Q .M xy ., 1 VS X W X , Qfxx X X X, X Q' X xxx N 3 K 5 NW, S 2. S 5 k K QQ , ,....M..w...,, "N" -N , N..w..,, .wan I f '-16 7" A 1 I , M ' I -f ,M an f. W. f 5 5 ? w..- V fre , WJ vm 'lv , farlf . 213 1 , 44 9 if f if ,f A ' 7 4 ' ar wwf Aw-. I I - f If V' , ff I W. ' T? '57 gs. . .1 'Ji a "" --wwf-, , 'X ww 'bf ff' V , H ff' I X - can V ' rf! ,fly .,f.v sofa-ffiwisi f is ' 104' 'fr - - f-A -A I ,, A . -V' 5- -TL 'I - XJ", -L , 1 I. fl I 2 I . Q t., .. I ,I I we - ff. ji ff- 5- ij ll' J' , I . K A' , N-f uf J I 0 0 ' . 1- -'-X5 f , T, 7, .,, 'V I' 5' ' ' r A ' VJ phi .X ' Y. , , - ,- Q I yy A Il . J V .. THE IU IGR I JAMES S. ABERNETHY JOHN R. ACORD ALAN F. ADAMS BERT ADAMS, TKT DONNY R. ADAMS II SPENCER M. ADAMS, QT ALBERT F. AINSWORTH CHARLES G. AKINS BEVERLY J. ALLEN KAY ALLUMS, AZ III JOSEPH G. ALRED, JR. ANN E. ANDERSON CARRIE L. ANDERSON CHAPPELL L. ANDERSON FLOYD G. ANDERSON IV LILY M. ANDERSON LENITA R. ANDREWS CHARLES A. ARMSTRONG, JR. JOE K. ARTHUR SYLVIA G. ASHLEY, AEA V JUDITH A. AUSTIN VONCIIJE C. AVERA WILLIAM U. AVERA FANNIE B. BAILEY JERRY BAILEY VI CAROL B. BAKER JOHN D. BAKER THOMAS A. BAKER ELLIS C. BALDWIN QUINTON C. BALL, KE VII DWIGHT BALLARD MARTHA C. BANKSTON MARY A. BANKSTON ROBERT P. BARHAM PATRICIA A. BARIA VIII DANIEL J. BARKER KATHLEEN M. BARNES Myrtle Collins Hattiesburg Gulfport Gilbertown, Alabama Chickasaw, Alabama Magee Columbia Gulfport Gretna, Louisiana Montgomery, Alabama Yazoo City Hattiesburg Laurel Hattiesburg Woodville Tylertown Meridian Rosehill Natchez Moselle Enterprise State Line Raleigh Sardis Brandon Gulfport Mobile, Alabama Pensacola, Florida Jackson Meridian Laurel Laurel Meridian Pascagoula Chesapeake Beech, Maryland New Orleans, Louisiana VINCE W. BARR MCCOmb JOHN W. BARREN Atmore, Alabama THOMAS G. BASS Bassfield IX LAURA E. BATSON MARY A. BAWCOM ' McGehee, Arkansas CHARLES W. BAXTER, IIKA Lumberton DONALD D. BEASLEY Georgetown AL L. BECKMAN Ft. Walton Beach, Florida CLASS OP 1966 . I ROBERT M. BELL PHILIP H. BELLEW BOEDJE J. BENTLEY REGENA BERRY MARLENE J. BILEK, X9 II MARJORIE A. BINO1-IAM ANN E. BIRDSONG ELAINE S. BIRDSONG, AAA ALLEN J. BIRDSONG SANDRA BISHOP III MARILYN J. BLACKLEDOE JELINDA M. BLACKWELL BURTON F. BLAIR PATRICIA A. BLOUNT, X9 FRANCES L. BOONE IV BONNIE V. BOOTH PAUL B. BOSARGE, QKT BARRY R. BOSARGE REGINALD E. BOSSIER ROGER BOWLIN V CHARLES H. BOYD, KA LOUIS E. BOYD JAMES E. BOYETTE CLYDE W. BOZEMAN COLON A. BOZEMAN VI LOUIS E. BOZEMAN JOHN E. BRADY LAURA M. BREAZEALE ROBERT H. BREITHAUPT RUBY L. BREITHAUPT VII DEAN R. BRELAND KENNETH D. BRETT MARLIN M. BRITT JOSIE BRITTEN JOHN O. BRQADUS, QIPKT VIII RAYMOND O. BROCK JO E. BRODNAX BUEORD R. BROOME PAUL BROTEN ANNA G. BROWN IX BENJAMIN T. BROWN KENNETH G. BROWN NELSON P. BROWN TOM M. BROWN VICTOR D. BROWN Biloxi Jackson Enterprise Mobile, Alabama Laurel Jackson Edwards Edwards Jackson Prentiss Laurel Ellisville Centreville Pass Christian Pascagoula Newton Mobile, Alabama Moss Point Biloxi Liberty Birmingham, Alabama Tylertown , , Crestview, Florida Wewahitchka, Florida Brookhaven Tylertown Gulfport Ovett Columbia Columbia Wiggins Waynesboro Brookhaven Quitman Mobile, Alabama Columbia Daphne, Alabama Moss Point Ashland, Wisconsin Prentiss Greenwood Lucedale New Orleans, La. Meridian Hattiesburg yf. fd , f ,M f .ff fl ' Ha .Ay A A 'af if I A ' 3 f 1 ,Z V -...ff 'Q 1, ' f , , f My K QW I 7 ,, f ' ffw, , M , 5, 3 R my ye 1 I 7 g., f ,f aw I f. A 'W ' X 4 Wulf fav! M- Z mv' fo f 1 a.n if Yv- , 5,5 WA., ,I .A ,ff yas-"" , A 1 ffff cw W s I g kr f . Q 5 'WE +4 ,Q a 0' , , Q, ,Y I . 1, L . ,,,.,, V 1 -4 ,ey ' It . 5 I f ' i In f .ff Zvi?- r"- -., , :V " ' i Y 5 A , -- A .. - - ' " 7 Ev . ' 9 fl l 9 f L ffm .- , 4 'A V li. 9 Lf f ,pf I ff Y .f fy ' Y - 'Sn ff ir. ff., . ' fy Q, mf L, I I fgxw' fwffw, .r " ,447 , ' my 5-Zff I , 4 'W Mi, , f WW' J W , 'UC Q,-ua. fra- A , f,:1a , xr' 2 f vm' ' ga A v -mf I ff :ff AAA. f KW 7' fr P, 1 . , ,I ,N in Ai 'A 5' If 44,-I, ' 'IW' j l ' A 'I "!"""'s WIQM',, mn 1' IQ tvs?- ,wv E., ,gp- 'Z'--. in ew., SLA pp A 'Aw l!""Qr ww 4 ,W , VN F f N' " afwx ' I. In in klr. . .'l"sj nf' F . A E X! if ,Q .A V Multffcf i . jf , x ,gt it 'fe , ,.,.,. 'X at I '. 2 2.70 THE 1U CR I LUCILLA D. BRowNE, XQ CLARK T. BROWNING HAROLD BRUMFIELD, TKT LINDA E. BRUMMETT REBECCA A. BRYAN II ANN BRYANT JAMES W. BRYANT MARTHA J. BRYANT, AAA YVIRGIL E. BRYANT VIRGINIA A. BURCE III JIMMY E. BURKES JUNE E. BURRELL RANDY M. BURRIS PAUL D. BURBANT AUSTIN L. BUSH IV CARL E. BUSH, ATS? TANA M. BUTERA DONALD H. BUTLER JIM H. BUTLER FREDERICK B. BYARD V JAMES L. BYNUM JOHN D. BYRD REBECCA J. BYRD SUE R. BYRD FRANK A. CAIN VI EVELYN CALCOTE WILLIAM C. CALDWELL JUDITH A. CALHOUN HOWARD G. CAMP FRANCIS M. CAMPBELL VII JUDY A. CANTERBURY JOSEPH M. CAPIZOLA MIKE L. CAPPAERT CAROL A. CAPPEL, XS! BETTY L. CARLEY VIII BILLY C. CARMICHAEL THOMAS E. CARPERTER THOMAS G. CARPENTER JIMMY L. CARR BETTY J. CASEY IX MILRURNE C. CASSADY, JR., GIKT TOM L. CASTLE - JOHN C. CASTLEN, Acacia BOBBY R. CAUSEY PHILLIP ALTON CAYTEN Brandon Valparaiso, Fla. McComb Jackson Hattiesburg Gulfport Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Laurel Carriere Pascagoula Hattiesburg Summit Metairie, La. Laurel Mobile, Ala. Biloxi Brookhaven Gholson Charleston, S.C. Meridian Biloxi Ellisville Hattiesburg Panama City, Fla. Wesson Metairie, La. Bay St. Louis Jackson Eastpoint, Ga. Gautier Vineland, New Jersey Vicksburg Metairie, La. Purvis Meridian Carthage Pelahatchie Forest Jackson Jacksonville, Fla. Collinsville Hattiesburg Columbia DANNY E. CLAYTON Pritchard, Alabama CLASS OF 1966 6 , DANNY B. CHANDLER CAROLYN M. CHRISTIAN, AEA JAMES R. CHRISTIE II DONALD R. CLARK II GENEVA S. CLARK JIMMY CLARK ANNETTE A. CLEGG ALVA J. CLIE11' ALBERT W. CLINE, JR. III JOHN J. COBLE EDWIN H. COC!-IRAN, KE HOWARD M. COHEN GLORIA D. COKER JAMES L. COLEMAN IV JAMES E. COLLINS KE JOHN L. COLLINS ROBERT S. CONNELL HKA ROY CONNELL II PAMELA R. COOPER V ERNESTINE CORLEY CHARLYNE COSTLEY ANN COUSAR HUGH H. COVINGTON PAULA M. Cox VI RONNIE J. CRAWFORD PAULA A. CRIDER DELMAS S-. CRISP ANGELYN C. CROss CAROL L. CULPEPPER VII RICHARD G. CUMMINGS FAYE C. CUMMINS MIKE G. CURRY THOMAS J. CUSACK DOROTHY L., DANIEL VIII BOYKIN T. DANIELS LUCILLE L. DANIELS CHARLES L. DANN KA BONNIE R. DAUGHERTY fIJM CONNICE E. DAvIs IX DIANE L. DAvIs JAMES R. DAVIS LYNDA R. DAVIS MARJORIE P. DAvIs X9 PEGGY J. DAVIS Hattiesburg Jackson Escatawpa Nampa, Idaho Laurel Waynesboro Long Beach Tylertown Hattiesburg Orlando, Florida Biloxi Clarksdale Raleigh Meadville Laurel Jackson Pass Christian Mclntosh, Ala. Morton Ovett Meadville Jackson Brookhaven Lucedale Decatur Waveland Canton Enterprise Forest Brookhaven Kosciusko Mobile, Alabama Pittsburgh, Pa. Clinton Mobile, Ala. Handsboro Mobile, Ala. McIntosh, Ala. Poplarville Tupelo Jackson Mobile, Ala. McComb Rose Hill , Mm , iff Y, . f , f ff, . .f 1' ff X, ff f Z I1. f .'- '- 52. ft f 4 x " A f V- av -.-. Jaw, V : 1, , 41 yy., 5 Q 1 M-W 'L h " Q 5 Sv , ' Af' A 5 W 'im f 6 an ,,,, A 'WN , - 4 X Q f 1" A 4, fag. 'A C 7 ' ' fr-I ww f ,,,.,,. 'nw wev X Q ., .L fm N V . W' 4 aww dj? f IL . Vyff,.4gg.y , A5 f M-f . 1 ' If Q I A fi f W 5 MQ ,ZZ , W2 A ,Af Q- . 3 Q J' WQTW fx J ..,... x. gag 'U' A fi? 'lf' f5s7f aa, 1. 3- 'H' if , , ., f ..... I ffl!" . , ,A X E A I n ana, A W-. LEW Mr f A ,, A ......f-' 3 Y ff? ' 4 . wo. f 1 ,ws 7 4 f f Sf A Mm Ku .p- :I 1, A 1 ,Q v' 'uw V if A 9 'Q .ff-.ln I Q Ia ,R ,A AAA?-4 fl I 1 -f 4 , 5, A A far A af' A' 5 'Aw A ."'fe. ' A I v ' 4'tA12i.1, iffifi a W- li 'rn 'bl' Ang? 19' 4, W.. 2 f fi S 1 'Hr s ' mf. AA-W I . 1 ,.., .1 A-:i S !,,,g,jy'A,5:,A?.,:5, f' . . A ' W ' fl. 'f A A A A, Wig ' f f f A A A. M, ,f 4 U - 5 f ,J , V .V - V ZWQ W.. A f f A 4 f A . "- fy . A ,, AA 5 I f . f f 1: 5 :ff fi' ' . .V ff Af I , my Af A , ff ' A fi 1 frA'm fAAEW' AWARE, . ,af 1- L. Aa? v'cr 4 Q - 9 f 4 'W 2 ' ,,g,,.. I' A . f A gf ' ' I. .A fc, A T" f f f , , Inf P ' , . ,. - - A ' I ,, Aga T' 6fk, .A ', 3. 4X IX . 1' , w 7 I g 'J 1 . xo. ii.. , s W- ZW, A " "f T ' A AR. A f . 1 .3 Q7TVTTfSQi,A lffmmwmvfg ' ' '-1 ' " - EQ fl? A , A ., no -Q ,F " v . A " 12:1 'f-Q5 QI Y v h 2 I WW K ,Af in-Ivy N . I 5 A. , ' ns- 1 '11 A A 4 ' t 4' .V X , -5, A . ti , 3' 4 " I' 'S ' Je -1. NA 'J 0... -, A ' Y- " -f A - .- A Q - ' A I I Wyiiyw 5 ' , A Q ' 'N I . ' , A - l , Q N . . X fl, -4' K P' ...Q Wh in Lf I A w. x F I I' A FL,- V v 171 THE I ROBERT K. DAVIS ROBERT L. DAVIS, III SHARON E. DAVIS AEA STEVE H. DAWSON KENNETH D. DEARING II TAL R. DECELL ANTHONY S. DELHOMME KE GWEN G. DELLENGER GDM PHILIP J. DELLISOLA TONI DENNIS III HILL H. DENSON ANN C. DEPRIEST FRANK L. DETHLOFE KENNETH J. DEVELLE RACHEL M. DICKERSON IV PAUL R. DICKSON BILLY Z. Donn PATRICIA A. DONAHEY JERRY R. Doss FRED H. DREws, III ATQ V ELGIE R. DUBISSON CON CHITA DUBOSE JANICE DUKE CHERYL R. DUMONT KATIE L. DUNGAN VI THOMAS W. DUNFEE MICHAEL P. DWYER JERRY VANN DYESS HKA JACKIE MARIE EASON PETER F. ECKDAHL VII HAROLD EDGECOMEE GENE H. EDGEWORTH DONNA M. EDGIN QBII CATHERINE EDMONDS SARAJANE EDWARDS VIII GLEN PAUL ELY BROOKS J. EMORY ATQ EARL L. ERTMAN JAMES W. ESTES ANNETTE E. EUBANKS IX ELIZABETH EVERETT llllARY T. EVERETT IMI - JUDITH N. EVERETT VIRGINIA R. EZELL FREDDIE F. FALGOUT IOR Mobile, Ala. Crystal Springs Mobile, Ala, Natchez Newton Meridian Fairhope, Ala. Biloxi Jackson Fayette Bay Springs Richmond, Va. Moss Point Waveland Lucedale Hattiesburg Natchez Winter Garden, Florida Nashville, Tennessee Hattiesburg Pass Christian Summerdale, Ala. Jackson Pascagoula Marianna, Fla. Sayre, Pa. New Grleans, La. Waynesboro McComb Princeton, Ill. New Orleans, La. Jackson Natchez Jackson Saucier Pascagoula Birmingham, Ala. Lakewood, Ohio Greenville Mobile, Ala. Lawrence Biloxi Waynesboro Richton Pensacola, Fla. CLASS OF 1966 I DIXIE D. FALL PRESTON M. FANT REVA J. FARMER JEANIE FARRIS HARVEY FELTS II JAMES M. FENN WAURINE FERGUSON RON E. FETTERS J UDSON W. FIDLER DAVID G. FISCHER III HERBERT J. FLIPPE EMILY FLOWERS AAA DIANNE Y. FOCASTER AZ SYLVIA L. FOREMAN SANDRA L. FORTENBERRY IV CAROL LOUISE FORTIER MARY N. Fox KENNETH G. FRANCO BARRY FRANZINO DOROTHY E. FREEMAN V JAMES F. FREEMAN JAMES M. FREEMAN BONITA A. FRENCH RENE J. FRERET ERNEST R. FULMER VI RICHARD E. GAMMIU J. DAVID GARDNER KE DANA H. GAREN RACHEL E. GARNER ANN A. GARON VII CAROL J. GARRETT ELSIE R. GARRETT WINFORD G. GARTMAN MICHAEL L. GAY LARRY J. GENIN VIII HAROLD W. GERMANY JIM A. GIAMETTA SHIRLEY A. GIBBS WALTER E. GIBSON J ACK W. GIPSON IX GERALDINE I. GODCHAUX FRANCIS A. GODI-'REY HKT MICHAEL E. GOLDEN Acacia Sandersville Ellisville Hattiesburg Jackson Pascagoula McComb Hollandale Clear Water, Florida Mobile, Alabama Meridian Mobile, Alabama Pascagoula Lacommbe, Louisiana Crosby Natchez Jackson Noxapater Mobile, Alabama Passaic, New Jersey Brookhaven McComb Beaumont Pass Christian Saucier Gulfport Mobile, Alabama Mobile, Alabama Houston, Texas Raleigh Gulfport Shuqualak Collins Morgantown Meridian Bay St. Louis Laurel Bay St. Louis Lawrence Hattiesburg Gulfport Biloxi Pascagoula Hattiesburg JOSEPH H. GOLDMAN, JR. Mobile, Alabama MICHAEL A. GORE ATQ Hattiesburg , fu., ,, , I, ,., ,fi , 'Z . ww f -J .44 ffz O I" .bf PA My fn f A '61 J.. L.. .. 2 mf? f if f , X qwfgfff' '71-Sl. il .2 JW? M ,,. yu N .,f if , .WK A5 , If-2.1. ., : 5 2 . Af, ' 'fan -,ff ,. Ai' f f pi ff ff. - f l' , La- 3 of , if 1-L., , 1 , " Af, ...I I f ff fr , A I I ,.,. In-Sf , 7 - 4 , " 9' ,f 'fl MA- " rf ff fl WAQM, , ., an ffm. was ,B f fi'l't2:,... m..,,,,,. ..,,,.,4..,sf 'K ZW? ,. 47 . if' f f 5 1 f W an X fw.f.+.:.-fM',,.,',.5f .. A f 13? Vljfgw. y . -' Q' ,4 Q42 ' if 4? J ,ff ,Q f ...Q ,f 7? fy ff X ff f j ff, ff f , - 2 '.' ,.., , ,b I "W .,.. . f if I T we -. Y f A . .Z gf Q- , , W DK' V" . . U Z . Q Z .. Q IW W Q 2 awww A ,V gg ,f z.- ,:- if QW I 7 A , A ' f , f if , f gf , W A Q X ' W .ff ,.... f 1 M Hz ,IA 2 if f 1, I 3, 1 .ff 4. pff f 4,1 ff A my '40 .3 X ,, gh .1 X 4 fx Q, A f 1 'fa f .R--V., ,J 1 A f f X 1 W Y A. ' lv A 'fi' ' A A f " 1 JSR 1:4 'LE f f f A f 14 5 , ff iw f 1 an , W.. 2 f-or .:,.-A ' 'Af 5. it K "ww, Ars 'X j,h.,, mv. 'BN 1- ' ,, ,, ,fff w Tw X we sf Q 1. Y I fa. -ii' ,, mf. ' 5 Q 'Z I A J ' 'I' .A 5 I r' 'B I Q.- I awk 1 K .fbi . -. , ,f f wif ,QQQQ5 A ' ,,.'f,f7f.V4" . I ...M f "--- - . 4 f ' -3252 f . ,ff , .. . 7 aff, fha 'ff , 25, vi .J f 'Sf ' f f f WZ Af f K TZ? , , f 4, f Aff 'f Y if W A 1 ff f i Auf f f - -if 5 ' If 1 ' .- gf 7. ' fn ' f' ' , J 2 2 f ff , ,I an.. K .4 .. Q., zfz Af' Y .:..Qg. Mg, 7 . ,,. if if . I If 1 it 'N ,gg iff . , ,M Mfr? .,,., gf ,a 5. intra A fi I 11 174 I THE 1U IOR I JOHN D. Goss DANIEL GRACIA, JR. ANN N. GRAHAM BILLY S. GRAHAM RONALD A. GRAHAM II THOMAS B. GRANT EVELYN S. GRANT!-IAM 1'IBfiJ JOHN R. GRAY JERRY E. GREEN JOHNNY S. GREEN III MASON L. GREEN TKT ROBERT B. GREEN SUSIE M. GREEN W1:LLIAM H. GREENBLATT CHASSIE GREENE IV GRIER J. GREGORY HENRY M. GRIFFITH JOHN J . GRIMES ELWOOD G. HAAB IVAN D. HAELEY V JAMES HALFACRE JOHN L. HAMMONS J OHNNIE M. HAND HERSCHEL H. HARDEE RUBYE DEL HARDEN VI JERRY L. HARDIN FAYE J. HARRELL BRENDA J. HARRIS RONALD D. HARRIS TKT BETTYE P. HARRISON VII RANDLE L. HARRISON HERBERT A. HART MARY E. HATCHER AEA SUE HARVARD KA OLIVER J. HAWKINS KA VIII FRED M. HAYSLETT KE KAY HEIDELBERG ELMER H. HEMPHILL KE ROBERT W. HERRINGTON, JR. SHELLEY P. HERROD IX JEROME G. HERsH KAREN A. HESTER ' HELEN H. HETRICK ALLAN B. HEWITT JAMES N. HICKMAN Bogota, Colombia, So. Amer. Columbia Seminary Laurel Biloxi Brandon Bogalousa, La. McLain Woodville Gulfport Louise Pensacola, Fla. Bay Springs Gulfport Prentiss Selma, Ala. Coden, Ala. Newton Jackson Staten Island, New York Melton, Fla. Clara Fulton Pascagoula Jackson Hattiesburg Paducah, Ky. Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Long Beach Lucedale Jackson Jackson Pascagoula Biloxi Petal Vicksburg Brooklyn, N.Y. Lumberton Gulfport Kissimmee, Fla. Brookhaven CLASS GF 1966 I CAROL M. HILL HBO JIMMY C. HILL SHARON HILLMAN ROGER N. HINES CHARLES E. HINTON II DOUG B. HIXSON MELVIN K. HODGES THOMAS A. HOGE ANNE C. HOGUE JERRY M. HOLCOMB III ROLLAND B. HOLCOMB Acacia RAY W. HOLDER GAREY C. HOLIFIELD MARTICE A. HOLIFIELD RONALD L. HOLIFIELD IV SANDRA J. HOLLAND WILLIAM J. HOLLAND LAUGHLIN H. HOLLIDAY RONALD D. HOOTEN EDDIE D. HOUGH V ARTHUR W. HOWARD JAMES D. HOWARD TERESIA HOWELL TOM R. HOWELL RICHARD N. HOYDICH VI WILLIAM L. HUDSON GEORGE W. HUFFMAN, JR. LYNDA R. HUGHES BARBARA A. HUNTER PATRICIA LOUISE HURDLE XQ VII LILLIAN D. ISHEE DOE A. ITURBE KE WILLIAM L. IVER HERBERT B. IvIsON ANDREW B. JACKSON VIII JACK T. L. JACKSON QIJKT MARVIN TIP JACOB MARTHA C. JAMES WILLIAM J. JEFFREYS JOSEPH LARRY JERKINS IX GARY P. JOACHIM TKT MARTHA A. JOHNSON MIKE W. JOHNSON OBIE JOHNSON, JR. ROBERT G. JOHNSON St. Petersburg, Fla. Laurel Poplarville Forest Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Forest Princeton, Ill. Hattiesburg Petal Petal Natchez Laurel Laurel Laurel Hattiesburg Philadelphia Poplarville Florala, Ala. Raleigh Canton Hattiesburg Mize Forest Maplewood, New Jersey Natchez Summit Wesson Lucedale Philadelphia Richton Mobile, Ala. Lucedale Natchez Petal Pensacola, Fla. Hattiesburg Collins Houma, La. Pascagoula Biloxi Decatur Pensacola, Fla. Biloxi Laurel 2. fm, . 4 .WW ' ' '9'T't"' . X ff f X21 2 f f 1 4r1C'f""v W Y qw XA A- X A Mil 70 WM' Wm awww. f WV! ! if ., af . X ' Xi , , 7 , W fm- ,X w W fm X X 'R ' E 5 ' ,ff V 1 ffwf ' A f ' :Jf , N , ,,.. X ia X 'Q . fa ,- QX. Z . fl W' M 4 - iff' f i ff V I 'Hi M A , ' . M ' f X X4 Q., ,,. . .X X ,X X . . W' - f .gn f ' R ,f . 5 gf r ff IW ,,.' fy ,,. . , , , . i .4gw.,f9w X X X . . '- .49 'Of ,f f . ' ' fy'-' 1. ' ' . .- ' fi f ' U 4 ,' ww fiylff f A 'if' Z 1. gf ,, ,X f 1 ,V f , , g iff' Av f ff X .,,. f ,X M . ' ff' fr? . ..3f..:a Z 97. ' f , f f f,XQ . X I 1 ,L'.....,,, ., ,f 7 -Xy-'.4X ,'.,4'-th ,M X, - v X X, Q55 jX , -..I MA , 3? XIX 3. , W X W Q44 X X , ' X., . . X .5 A W 54' f I f 5 :L I Z .. ...Wy ' Q A E M , gg' ,X . xg, E 'AW' ', iw?" f ,mm A IV! , W,-af A - I f 2 X fx, We 2 f 4- f Z "' 4+ f ff f , f MA- fC"' 'fm an .4-W--v .yfvf ze' dv . " ' X xg. A 3 J Q Q -5 'D Q, X XX. X ,A x A A' IX r K wr ,. ,A "5 A, 4, HZ- . .,:,:.. ,-...V I ? 4, , Q, 0.1 rn vs , Q...- I nfs. A :., ,, . 'M 4' ,nr - I. ' 4-I , N- ,ry lf 5, ia ti? R, . .., . E55 ?'f a' . if fi, , ' A ,,,, jf ' . XZ!! Q2 "" 'N av f x 1, ff W i f Alf? kwin :fffifffrf 'i g, -.,.. Q., ,fy-,, J.. , i V: l I ' A ' 1: U , . X 9 . W' rf A if if A' ' , 9- 4. , ,L . ,U , is E f 12" 5 . 5 I? l'i1f3,?, f IJ 'U 'x . . 1 1' ' ,R ,. .1 " .-I :- ,rv T K rf I 'ua XX. - sr SJ F l X,- A JUNK -. -5 WY. ,y ' N A,-, MM ff-.ffl h ,. .-,A ,,-f .1 f ' f X f 1 f f , aff f if J .. 7 . V ff' ' fn! If I Mis. ggi? I !'7!j,3,W " .1 X, ' ff 3, 'K -A .QOL , -ff' if J 'Q I if ,Q -A , .A AAA. V .. .. I, . - af j 'Il f I 7 f re' ff: N? ,- ,,, . Al , mr- .. 'L 4' y " A- gt . I f f 1 ,, , Az If ff ,gv . Eff: 'if' "A ,- 'V ..,. go. vw, 'v' " ly' Oh? ,-.., WN. . 1... ,ah - . , ,., 54 Y' J, V ,fill - ' . I 1 ,,,.' f' ,- Ash Q. N,- Algal s. u-. WR' 'f ,ns S .f ff- ,N 1 Pl. 1- 'L TI-IE IU IOR I WALTER F. JOHNSON BRENDA D. JONES CARRIE R. JONES CHARLES O. JONES DAVID H. JONES II JAY JONES JUANITA JONES JUDITH A. JONES KA SANDRA H. JONES SHIRLEY FAYE JONES III CHARLOTTE A. JORDAN BRENDA J. KEEN PHYLLIS G. KELLEY RODNEY M. KELLEY FLOYD N. KELLUM IV JAMES J. KEMP KE CLAIRE M. KENYON CHARLES J. KERSHNER JOANNE KEYES MARGARET G. KHILINGSWORTH AZ V PATRICIA A. KIMBLE J ACK D. KIME BETTY J. KINARD JOE B. KING, JR. PAUL K. KING VI JOHN E. KINTZLEY JAMES D. KISER SAE ALBERT R. KOENENN WILLIE B. KYZAR DIANA J. LABAY KA VII LYNETTE M. LABAY KA CAROLE LADNER KA LARRY W. LADNER MAUDHVE C. LADNER CHARLES E. LAGASSE VIII JIMMY LANCASTER SHARON K. LAND AAA LINDA L. LANDRY AEA CHRIS M. LAWLESS DONALD M. LAWLI-:ss VIII JERRY E. LAWRENCE BURMA E. LAWSON ' DONALD D. LAWSON CHARLES J. LEE DAVID LEE Wiggins Vancleave Longbeach Ocean Springs Petal Jackson Vinegar Bend, Alabama Delisle Holly Bluff Decatur Marianna, Florida Harrisyille Hattiesburg McComb Charleston Mobile, Alabama Baton Rouge, Louisiana Burlington, Vermont Laurel Chatfield, Arkansas Wesson Biloxi Louisville Laurel Excel, Alabama Bay St. Louis Fairhope, Alabama Gulfport Monticello Lakeworth, Florida Lakeworth, Florida Lumberton Gulfport Mobile, Alabama Foley, Alabama Mobile, Alabama Tyler, Texas Jackson Gulfport Crystal Springs Tylertown Osyka Nauvou, Alabama D'Lo Metairie, Louisiana 4.11 CLASS OF 1966 I EARL S. LEE GRACIE E. LEE ANNETTE LEGGETT JAMES U. LEUENBERGER HAROLD JAY LEVINE II MICHAEL S. LEVINE JAMES A. LEWIS LYNDA L. LIPSCOMB AAA GENE LIVINGSTON IvAH R. LIVINGSTON III MITCHELL L. LOCKHART MARI L. LONGINO AAA BRENDA E. LOPER EDDIE O. LOPER ELAINE M. LORD IV BILLY D. LoTT PATTI M. LoTT CECIL W. LovELAcE MARGARET K. LOVETTE CONNER W. LOWERY V VAN B. LOWERY CHARLES E. LUNDY PATRICIA A. MABRY ALI-'RED W. MADDOX HAZEL L. MADDOX VI RICHARD W. MAEs ANN MAHAN AEA JERRY K. MANGUM ELLEN R. MANN JUDITH E. MANN VII JoE S. MANNEY FRANK MAPLES CHARLES L. MARTIN HARRY J. MARTIN JUDY S. MARTIN VIII LARRY K. MARTIN WILLIAM D. MASON PETER K. MAURER ATQ DANA L. MAY KA J OHN M. MAY KA IX MIRIAND MAY JIM MGAVADDY IDA LEE MCCALIP NANCY V. MCCALL JOAN C. MCCALLUM Mt. Olive Picayune Bogue Chitto Biloxi Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Valparaiso, Florida Jackson Sturgis Heidelberg Laurel Poplarville Bay Springs Laurel Natchez Hattiesburg Jackson McLain Brandon Gulfport Hattiesburg Philadelphia Hattiesburg Laurel Mobile, Alabama Palos Heights, Illinois Pascagoula Magee Magnolia Biloxi Meridian Vancleave Pascagoula Bogue Chitto Tupelo Summit Mobile, Alabama Nokomis, Florida Bay Springs Tupelo Magee Atlantic City, New Jersey McComb Meadville Tylertown 6. ,: gp g ' -A, g 0 - fait 1 ff xy . fff A I V, ff! rf ,V,, I A 0 ' 4 f . .fi 4 7' ,wa . . 4 WX , . . ,iff . li f - 1 ff f f - . f 7 an-. 5 'Epi' fp . .9 , I-. . Z 4 , . ,, . . a, ' jg ff ' E . , 'A if fy, V, ' I , . fr' at r'?f ff M G , f ....., 0' fwni' A " A 4" Y ffffm yo, I. .,., A f Q .f -ff- y WW by . , . 2 Z , W f W -"ff 5. " 4-VN? 'wi' 'QA 73' ' 'U :mi 5 A,-. :A - ,A A ,v Z K 4 A x If I .EM X 'NW . . .. 1.., .L . . Z M9 I 4 'fi I .... X AA' f Z K ,. .-..- . - , ...L . . A ,' p , A if A . 5 2 1. A ez l f 7, 34 f V. 2. 1 V I f .. .ff 'ff X 7 1 X VE 1. iw :rv I W V' 5 Q f 4-aw' .., 66 I 'A-.1 ' ., ef- ,gi fl I9 PM M HK xv, ,, I .Q Q A 9 M. 2, I . W... I -. , ag, . RAF! wr. . ,Lf ' yi' ' Hz. . I jf' ' Ai 6 f ' f fy,Qv A I 7 r . ..... ? VA - . . ,.,. . . ' . Q it 4-A P ss V Q . ' . If fi lm f 1 av ?' 6 K W by 1 0 Ei iw f 2' 3 E A A .. . ff I-rv I 'N ww -A 1 Vx ig, . jg , lf 55 A - X Q qi lah.. NA' X . 41"- if' J, f 619 at ,A tu -s -5 I .5 , I A - m ini A 2.L,,?VTL,,.L,.. ,. SI Y inf' K as' 'V Q 'lf '. ., 1 -.. .-- W' .Yu xg! ' I wi 1 if 27' l ii ifflf, fi 3, if fum . ' f ,Q IW ff, 'f -'-,f f 1, f ' f f. Z ff , v I, f .V I ..... 54'-A. IWW "Q f I .V -sv . 7- ' f' i ' ' ig 1 s if 2 4 W Yew! 2 fha A . it ,vs 51 WILLIAM E. MCCARTY BRENDA F. MCCORD BARBARA K. MCCOSKEE I, . ,., 4' f fb, I V. -1- f fm, ,f 1 'f WC I , THOMAS E. MCCRANEY JOANN C. MCCULLOUCH II SHIRLEY A. MCCURLEY JAMES F. MCDONALD JOHNNIE L. MCDONALD AEA LINDA A. MCDONALD JAMES C. MCGEE III CARMALETA MCGRAW JUNIUS D. MCINTYRE FRANK R. MCLARY HOWARD C. MCLEMORE ROSILAND R. MCLEOD IV RosA D. MCMHLEN MARY A. MCWHORTER KA ALAN R. MEADOR KE FRANK D. MEADOWS ROBERT W. MEEKS V WANDA A. METTZLER RUTH MELLEN MARILYN S. MELLINGER CAROL E. MEREDFIH MILTON E. METAXAS VI J. T. MIDDLEBROOK PAMELA E. MILEY HB6 DEWEY B. MILLER IIKT CYNTHIA S. MILLER EEE JIMMY R. MILLER VII WAYNE MILLER MARGIE M. MILNER EEE STEPHEN F. MITCHELL TOMMY H. MITCHELL TULA T. MITCHELL VIII GEORGE W. MONCRIEF RICHARD C. MONGER REBECCA A. MONK VIRGINIA A. MONK JAMES R. MOODY IX JAMES S. MOORE KE THOMAS K. MOORE ' LARRY G. MOOREHEAD MARGARET J . MORAN PAUL E. MORGAN THE IOR Durant Laurel McComb Hattiesburg Bay St. Louis Mobile, Alabama Hattiesburg Mobile, Alabama Pass Christian Brookhaven Jackson Vicksburg Baton Rouge, Louisiana Mobile, Alabama Silas, Alabama Lucedale Greenville Hattiesburg Magee Laurel Nicholson Jackson Gulfport Mobile, Alabama Picayune Meridian Magnolia Brooklyn Woodville Meridian Andalusia, Alabama Hattiesburg New Orleans, Louisiana Biloxi Ellisville Brookhaven LaGrange, Ill. Jackson Philadelphia Panama City, Florida Birmingham, Alabama Meridian Pascagoula Biloxi Laurel CLASS OF 1966 I BENNETT A. MORROW IRVIN E. MOWDY JR. FRANK C. MULLINS JOAN C. MULVEY CHARLES MUNN II JAMIE K. MURDOCK KA KATHLEEN W. MURPHEY ROBERT P. MURPHY, JR. CARL-LEICH MURRAY LEWIS R. MYRICK III DONALD R. NACE JAMES L. NALL NANCY L. NAPIER CAROLYN N. NAU 1'IBfIP SHELEA J. NEAL IV GUY C. NEFF JOE B. NEsOM JOHN P. NEWELL JEANETTA E. NEWMEN PRISSIE NICHOLAS V NORMA L. N ICHOLSON CHARLES W. NORRIS GERALD E. OBERLIES JAMES M. O,DELL GREGORY B. ODJAKJIAN VI RASCAL ODOM ELAINE J. ORNDUFE NANCY M. OSBORNE LYNDA P. OWEN X9 ANNIE R. OWENS VII DEAN H. PACK KAREN E. PACK STEVE W. PACLIUGHI KE JAMES E. PALMER COLLEEN F. PARKER VIII MARGARET PARKER MARILYN J. PARKER SHARON M. PARKMAN RONALD L. PAssoNs FRANK G. PATES IX Yazoo City Decatur Hattiesburg Youngsville, Pennsylvania Bogalusa, Louisiana Laurel Hazelhurst Ft. Walton Beach, Florida McIntosh, Ala. Laurel Meridian Evergreen, Alabama Milner, Georgia Hattiesburg Pelahatchie Utica, New York Laurel Kosciusko Bruce Yazoo City Jackson Millry, Alabama Gulfport Oxford, Florida Summit, New Jersey Hattiesburg Biloxi Anderson, Indiana Poplarville Jackson New Orleans, Louisiana Ovett Vineland, New Jersey Meridian Summit Monticello Laurel Jackson Jackson Biloxi LARRY D. PATTERSON HKA Florence SANDRA F. PATTERSON WILLIAM R. PATTERSON RONALD E. PEARL HKA MARY A. PEARSON AEA D'Lo D'LO Balboa, Canal Zone Jackson 'L ,,6-.,.- f ' 'v- . , ,f I ,. ', ' , It 5' I Q. A,, , .1 ' fi . ,Z If .. Y ' W' W fy v l iff! .I sg ,' I2 ' , . T A 1 ' fg-3 . Wy! We ,f ' af.. " f , f' , Um . 1. f , " L 'Q-1" I' . ,hw ' .S Y . W .f , H -" -.J ., - f . I Q 4 '. 4 , A Z I -.-X J .:' W 7 ff' ' Z 'W' Z' tram, A , .W W, 2 L., Y Ayn! VV 'M' I W, .ff ' 4 m' . f gi f 94 ,V ,Mfg 4, Wa 5 - if It I 5 'iw Q ' ' Wg, ALW ' if 43 T 741 ' f I V. , K , , 70 Q " . wwf, .W f, 2' Wo.,-V, f 1 qc Z1 ,I ' f ,R J fig, W' I 1 . I, . W" 5 342 P' . Tf 11, ffvm ,yf f ,fm .,.,.. .,.. A f , E W wr 7 if 4 cf K , f 4 fl I :ln , , W f off ff f A A , 2 ,,,, , . X ZF' , f ll if J """1w. X . Xg 141,92 aa- 34 ls.. . ,. fff., 2 , 1' 1 , , fa Rf z 2 . H' IV' 4-1 Q .A . H .- 5 ., ,, Z f ff 1' 2,2 ,, 9 ff f .Ap .M i-E. iv. Z .. 'H-yn ,,.,.:. ff Af: I, 1 ' W ,. I :V if , fans . W Wu' .I f X. ., .5 , Q W ' -'fm' T A . nv Q., J -., . , N, J Q Wi. f .f I , f ,. -tg W if, . W4 Y-HN, f-5 f W I 9, 4, f K 1 I . A 'QW J L D 9, C., . Aw Wk . I ' ' ' ' ' "Rm . 4 . 13 52 I .F ls, - 1,5 W" . f ' 1 av' N' ' X 9 ' ' 1 , ' f - fi fi, ,,.. ' .P 2 ' .H- 2, M A ' Q rn rs ye--" , , X. A is A. 7 . , ' W-,ga -:gAgEs,g' , -7:-,,.,, A ,, . .f ,E ,Q ' .wg , y, z 'j..4. I ,xi . 'K' gl 25.525-"gag, 1. ax 4 lug ,S 4 f a fl ,Aft L , C 5 l .LA wr- W' , A I. mf Q.. 7. ff- 1 1 , 7,,f- www ,W A, 4 A 3 W f WW f fa, f, mf ,X Q f ., f", M, ff . ff., W! .f MWA 'W .X , f ,gf 17 f ' ,W-. lg W in 1 WW' ,Eg 1 - R ff W 'I ff: f " - T' Wf A A Z2 4 fp.. A 'Sf S 'IVV' . . I O We I "' ' 2 A YY ff 03? 27 I if Inf' f 1 4 ' A , Wyy , , . ' lg' V 'V af f ' . NW f' .5 gi W . J.. , .A 2 2 A .Iv IU' Q- -. -lj ,. ff' is C5 .1 ff? Ai.. Y C"7 f? '- .Q TVX A ...A .ax . Q S gt as ix 4 I S 1, Y 4 A s . N , as . R.:-' . 2., "P - ,X -. . 4,, 1? Z5 7.80 THE 1U IOR I MARY E. PEARSON ROBERT P. PELL RICHARD D. PENICK ROBERT T. PENLAND Quitman Mobile, Alabama MOSS Point KAREN G. PERRY EEE Jackson II CAROL A. PERRYMAN Mobile, Alabama MICHAEL G. PEVEY Natchez SANDRA K. PHILLIPS Laurel DOROTHY S. PICK!-:RING Taylorsville HARRY E. PICKERING Taylorsville III CORNELIA A. PITTMAN KA Laurel SIDNEY E. PITTMAN Gulfport ROLAND J. POIRIER North Attleboro, Massachusetts JAMICE M. POLK Columbia LEE A. POLK Columbia IV RICHARD E. POMEROY QKT Fairhope, Alabama CHARLES A. PONDER K2 Laurel PAULA L. PRICE Pascagoula SYLVIA D. PRICE HBCP Meredian GINGER PRINGLE X0 Biloxi V CHARLES D. PURVIS Mobile, Alabama JERRY W. PURvIS Purvis PEGGY PYLE Port St. Joe, Florida CHARLES B. RABB Greenwood STEWART H. RAMSAY Pascagoula VI ROBERT E. RAWLS, JR. Columbia BENNIE L. RAYBORN Lumberton MARY ANN REABOLD AEA Brookhaven DAVID M. REAVES Hattiesburg ALICE A. ROED Taylorsville VII ANNA D. REED Long Beach ROBERT P. RECAN Wiggins CHARLES RENEREE Ludlow CICELY M. REYNOLDS Petal ROBERT E. REYNOLDS VIII CHARLES D. RICE DONALD J. RICE SHERRYANN I. RICHARDS BARBARA N. RICHARDSON JEAN RICHARDSON AAA IX JENNIFER R. RICHARDSON LOUISE H. RICHARDSON PATRICIA L. RICHARDSON THOMAS E. RICHARDSON MARK G. RICHMOND Mobile, Alabama Setauket, New York Crestview, Florida Valdosta, Georgia Little Rock, Miss. Jackson Handsboro Brooksville Huntsville, Alabama Batesville Hattiesburg CLASS DF 1966 I SUSAN E. RISHER QM LEE R. RIVENBARK SHERMAN K. ROBBINS BILLY J. ROBERTSON JAMES F. ROBERTSON II WILLIAM C. ROBERTSON BILLY D. ROBINSON WALTER J. ROBINSON MARTHA S. ROGERS XS! PATRICIA L. ROGERS III WILLIAM G. ROGERS THOMAS A. ROHMANN HKA ROCKY M. ROMERO LESLIE M. ROSS MARY E. ROSS IV MICHAEL L. ROUND BETTY ROUNDTREE SCARLETT C. ROWLEY JOHN B. RUNNELS MAX E. RUNNELS V MARTHA L. RUSHING AAA WANDA L. RUTLEDGE THOMAS C. RYAN GLORIA K. SALTER MARTHA L. SANDERSON VI THOMAS E. SASSER VERNON SAULS ELIZABETH SCARBOROUGH KATHLEEN SCHAEI-'ER RICHARD R. SCHWING VII THOMAS F. SCIPLE 1'IKA NANCY R. SCHUTT AAA LARRY T. SEALE BARBARA A. SEYMOUR JOHNNY R. SHANNON VIII PATRICK A. SHEEHAN II KA MIHEL R. SHEPPARD JAMES M. SHERRER JAMES H. SHIVERS CHARLES N. SILLS IX MARTHA J. SIMMONS GEORGE R. SIMS SAMUEL G. SIMS STEVIE R. SIMS CAROLYN R. SKINNER Mobile, Alabama Mobile, Alabama Columbia Taylorsville Jackson Jackson Magee Jackson Laurel Yazoo City Collins Venice, Fla. Biloxi Wiggins MOSS Point Laurel Philadelphia Columbia Magee Hattiesburg Hattiesburg McHenry Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg Bogue Chitto Gulfport Decatur Bay St. Louis Magnolia Mobile, Ala. Jackson Philadelphia Biloxi Meridian Naples, Italy Ridgeland Picayune B-assfleld Prentiss Magnolia Picayune Bay Springs Bay Springs Biloxi 181 aff , W ,. Yagi .. XM. '15 l , - , I " 4' 2 ww 2 -V wi - M ' iz . if P Y N X V I AS A S- E? M' " ll Q4 A ficfi' 1 X3 A . ,. ff-: A- , . .rv f A W ' we M' .- ' N, ,ff H ' V vw .L ,,.'. fa , ,-. ' ' 3: f ' "" ' -'-' .f'1Q-1:2?.-z:'- A . ,,,. . W2 A , fl 1 I f4myzf4:.'3'Z'? . L.. A 2 A if ' .mr W ff, Aff f 4 gif! faf' f .f ' f fw lr S. ff WW I 'W ' V - Q ,ff. f' A , Umwfq. W . 1 . Mad- W ,XM ! 1,6 U 1 A . If f A. . .., . 1,7 1 5 Z 4 4 Af .,. Wy 4' If 4 Y' ,Lf M 1 'fy fy fn .1 " 'f 1 4 , f "f fi ',' 'Q 'PW , , ..... Zf My ff, ir f .,.. W fi ' AS, V, I , .,. -' fav H ae- 'VN M Q W Ap," f I Many 2 972' 2 ' .VL W .1 V, ,rf 4,9 .. I if at . ,' ivy, J' A A M.. I -w . .S 5' 1.41 5 V , 4 ., gb, SS, . .-f ff Q -fa. 3 ri '15 W U , V WW .f 7fj ff?F""weG , . ' 'Q W X 'Sw w 1 .,. .LV W J if ,V., , I fp' f A W 1 A , Wi V I ' -' ' ,f . 5 " ' ' 'Q A' fs- . I v:.: .Ll f' I ,TW , K..- 'V " 75 'eo MU! yi., A 5 I 3 V ' nf m. A249 E T5 ' w .,.v- Y 4 LA ' ' ' I 0 I Q! ,fu Sax I ' mfs- f' vs X A, . . -.I " 'fi 'bd' 4,4 ' , A. . , , ' st. .L 4. , ff. . 4 .... f ,.. V I s 'U . n 2 ,, 7 . , -,f , , , .1 , 32 " -fa .. ,fI'7 '4f5 ' , . f, fs .ff I VW Q, ' - 3. I 9'4" 'L+ ...L ' 1.6 . I A ,5,-., QQ. 0' A I ,fa e "N lx a f 4' " fav'-1 I - - W, ff aa I ' . f M V .gif vi! 2 bi. V V ,, Z yfwg VET A ,flrg W 3. , RM., ff ,,, Z f ' - I gf. - ,J f,, "lp, f W- 277. 5 aw' '92 ,, V 16. ax 1 nf ' .I .. , j ,,.,,f , I A,A. W, if X24 A -'Wg fffz. . ,q 0,4 ,,.,, 2 W , . 4 M . WDW ' R: X, "f kv fy . .,. ,, ff!! W . .f J f wg , . - mf , , A X ff I ,f ,f if ff f I, f X W . X, 1 ff . , ,f fil Jlfff, f' 3.,.f A W .... ff .. II' :I .- , V . Wm MLW, A Mm u..,,,y 'VM Wharf' f' THE IU IOR """ I as ff. 65-M' KA MAA .y M ,I . ,. -.v '- .. S ,, f 'twa- -Q, 'b' Q-V 'Q-- , C '-I' 5 .Qi , l.-:.11- ff! La. 'zrfil-:..v . ,Y W , ', A N Q- ,. . 417' ' 2 fu- 'Sf ' 'A 'M g Mm. fi? gx "ff A AA' -a-4 X , ' . 1' Iv' . ji: , If yt v if 'A . 3 ax - R A gun -pf, s. q -- A- i A ' 53 f ""--- ' .nf i N I .Q R-' -5 1 :ggi , A -+R 'RL '. if 'FA "-' , T. '23 K. U "5 tc 1 Q . M N, , K. lv' L' 2.82. MARGARET A. SLAUGHTER RONALD E. SLEEPER MARLYS M. SLOSS ALICE SMTTH AUDREY R. SMITH II BASIL C. SMITH CARELYNN J. SMITH DANIEL J. SMITH DAVE R. SMITH IIKA GARY D. SMITH III GERALD SMITH HAROLD L. SMITH HUGH T. SMITH KA JERRY E. SMITH MELVA K. SMITH IV MICHAEL S. SMITH PATSY A. SMITH KA GERALD A. SNELL JAMES E. SNOWDEN ELOISE SPELL V HARRY E. SPELL IIKA CHERYL G. SPENCE DOUGLAS E. STACEY GWEN L. STALNAKER 'JDM TERRY STANFORD VI WILLIAM R. STANWAY CAROLYN STATHAM BARY L. STATEN JAMES C. STEARNS MILDRED B. STERLING VII EVON F. STEVENS JOHN H. STECKETT JAMES STOKES EDWARD B. STELLENWERCK KAREN C. STONE VHI FRANCIS P. STRATAKOS, JR. CURRAN STRECKFUS, JR. CAROLYN M. STRICKLAND EDWARD W. STRIGKLER MABEL C. STRINGER IX CHARLES W. STRUVE DOROTHY D. SUMMERSGILL ALBERT D. SUMRALL GEORGE L. SUMRALL DANIEL P. SUNDSTROM Philadelphia Crystal Springs, Centreville Magee Halzlehurst Meridian Lumberton Laurel Meridian Prentiss McLain Brookhaven Jackson Brandon Forest Popularville Hattiesburg Meridian Meridian Collins Yazoo City Jackson Excel, Alabama Smithville Hattiesburg Hattiesburg McComb Hattiesburg Meridian Magnolia Lucedale Long Beach Montgomery, Alabama Lumberton Ocean Springs New Orleans, Louisiana Columbia Pascagoula Ellisville Biloxi Prichard, Alabama Laurel Biloxi Chicago, Ill. CLASS 0F 1966 I WILLIAM P. SWINDELL CLAUDE D. SWITZER EDWARD H. SWITZER, JR. IIKA SYLVIA M. SYKES Winona Gulfport Shubuta JOE L. TADLOCK Morton II HUGH L. TALBERT Meridian BETTY A. TANNEI-IILL Seminary PATRICIA D. TANNER Laurel SUSAN M.. TARVER Butler, Alabama R1-IEDA V. TATUM Wiggins III CHARLES L. TAYLOR Conroe, Texas ELIZABETH D. TAYLOR 'IDM Verona THOMAS D. TAYLOR Fort Walton Beach, Florida GmNY L. TERRY Vicksburg DAV-ID A. THEAD Meridian IV JOHN T. THEOBALD Hattiesburg WII.MER J. THOMAS Wilmington, Delaware SHERRY A. THOMAS AEA Grenada BETTY J. THOMPSON Columbia FAYE B. THOMPSON Bassiield V PATRICIA R. THOMPSON Vicksburg ROBERT C. THOMPSON Aberdeen BARBARA L. THOMSON X52 North Miami Beach,Florida GAIL V. THERNE Vicksburg BYREN C. THORNTON Laurel VI ERIC L. THURSTON Hattiesburg DAVID M. TODD Mobile, Alabama ELEANOR A. TREHERN Pascagoula EDITH E. TRIGG Seminary DANIEL F. TURNAGE VII CARLTON E. TURNER Butler, Alabama GLORIA A. TURNER Philadelphia MAXCINE TURNER Leaksville PEGGY L. TUTOR Memphis, Tennessee BEVERLY L. TYRONE Hattiesburg VIII LOU A. UNDERWOOD Picayune WILLIAM S. UNDERWOOD Mobile, Alabama ETHEL M. UTSEY Clara ROBERT H. VAN CALSEM Bay St. Louis LEONARD D. VAN SLYKE Hattiesburg IX TALMADGE D. VARNADO Biloxi KATHY N. VARNADO Handsboro RUBY L. VAUGHT Natchez CHERYI. F. VERDIGETS Long Beach BARBARA E. WADDELL Pascagoula 7. gb, af . . fwfr-um,yv '5?Q'MW'? -5 Z 1' ag. fr ,I . W f2 pgg Z ,W 5 7 ZW , ifwf MWQWY . .5 fi' ff 45? , it f f riff Ii , A f -01... 0' . J !f . :A snag Naam. .aaa ,2.wv YQWVWQWW EMM W M I A I . W , Rf 0,775.10 lain .I ,,,,. :ffm .. ' . t ,W Www...-. .iv-' Y 1 .VV I f l ' 1' , . f iffy! i' A f ig , ga, ' W 'S f 'W " I T I , A. ,f f 7 fe h M 4 2.1472 -61? " iff? . .,.. " ' ' , ,015 MFA fi 7 , Huff .- Hua. War' A . . N yi? . fn' 4 ' i if , 1 Q E.-T -1 f ,Af Q ' '-sr"-' 5 , 1 2 ' ' ' l". .-M aw. . Q I va ' W' , af. 'M A ff.. A - if , . A.. X ,. 4, f il V, v' 'W ' X' ., , ff E 2 ? A 4' ' wx , ' -W, If A ff-gf :W A A fffigw .2 .ma 1 52,10 ....., , , I Q , I A , , ,Wi . 1 X I I 1: I I .V M . ,. , M .: 'W uw. nv -as fm Aw 7 ,A ,W 'J Q' A ww 42 A - 'f A ... , V H .,... A, M W MW' I . ,W ' f f ' 4 I If E1 ' A-Eff' '4 N'kMa Wiwfz QJEEAZAA a,. A NR ! If A 42 A Q, .1 -v4p..,A ,,,,L.... 4 WW WL A-0 I A X wwf glam ,vm A EERE xxx. Q 222 W UW MQ.. Q.. 2 I -.. ' f : lx 'ttf 425' A. mn fx: 'i.' IEQYH " ' ' , 3' 33, 1 I , , Q I. . Jiri a.. ' ' f : A-I .3 i THE JU IOR I GUSSIE M. WADE JACK C. WADE SUE M. WADE BARBARA D. WALKER LOIS W. WALKER II JAMES E. WALKER JUDY G. WALKER EVAN E. WALLE DANNY W. WALTERS WOODIE J. WARE III JAMES A. WARRINGTON FRANK W. WATERS SAE CHARLEY C. WATKINS SUSAN J. WATKINS AEA EDNA J. WATSON IV LINDA N. WATSON LINDA J. WEBB WANDA O. WELFORD H. B. WELLS JEFFREY A. WELLS V CHUCK WELSH RONALD E. WESTER VIRGINIA C. WESTERN DAVID C. WHITE JAMES W. WHITE HKA VI MARY E. WHITE WILLIAM B. WHITE, JR. BESSIE E. WHITTEN LINDA A. WICHT ROBERT G. WIGGINS VII TOMMY A. WILDER WESLEY WILKERSON GEORGE D. WILLIAMS JAMES D. WIIILIAMS KA JULIA O. WILLIAMS VIII PAMELA A. WILLIAMSON JAMES R. WILSON MARIE A. WILSON REBECCA WILSON THOMAS J. WILSON IX WILLIAM H. WILSON PAUL F. WIMBERLY SAE MARTHA N. WINDHAM ROSE A. WINDHAM ALLEN L. WINSTEAD Lucedale Jacksonville, Fla. Ellisville Picayune Magee Laurel Center, Texas New Orleans, La. Little Rock Raleigh Crystal Springs Pascagoula Crystal Springs Wonder Lake, Ill. Vicksburg Forest Jackson Lucedale Jackson Philadelphia Pensacola, Florida Panama City, Fla. Bay St. Louis McLain Laurel Philadelphia Woodville Gulfport Hattiesburg Forest Lucedale De Funiak Springs, Fla. Florence McComb McComb Cleveland Meridian Chickasaw, Ala. Bay Springs Rosetta Union Valparaiso, Fla. Hattiesburg Laurel Union , 7. ' A f 4' J Z' ' - Q A f A1 'ox f 1 Ann -I x a.. 41 V QQ iff , t, 4' S 1 1 Enough is too much. That's afll it is-one long line. we -Q- Lf 1 ,. "WMI x "mf",-. .A Q-, 4 Wm. ff-a.....v'f" N5 N, .My Q .rf - 2:,:f?f?SI'1,::'::-S f' WS ,. X, :,. . ,X ,,h. N Nw CLASS GF 1966 I JANET S. WISE JERRY M. WISE DIANE L. Woon DONALD E. WOODALL GREGG A. WOODWARD II DELMAR E. YANDELL SARAH L. YELVERTON TOMMY B. YOUMANS GLENN T. YOUNG MICHAEL A. ZILIAK My group had 2192, fewer cavities. Greenwood Pascagoula Pensacola, Florida Jackson Hattiesburg Plymouth, Indiana Magee Quitman, Georgia Meridian Jackson ' .- 'f ffjgf .A ,ff ,X ASXS , it .. S: wa ,W .z Af W E49 was IE E . g x , , N S ?QSQiy THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1965 'Q 1 SVI' Q m 'fa' 1 gf 4. 'iN-31.5 f ,cl I P A naw is Q .fu 'sr f' 'Ik +r."' Wed Chosen as Senior Class Favorites are SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS, Left to Right: Brenda Morris, Treasurerg Linda Robertson, Sandra Jackson and Larry Ecuyer. Secretaryg Dennis Spencer, lst Vice-Presidentg Steve Wood, Presidentg Joan Kinnibrew, 2nd Vice-President. IT IS FOR THE SENIOR TO CHALLENGE! four years on dex and look at me now HE HAS EMERGED FROM THE MASSES AS AN INTELLIGENT ADULT! according to the plot summary I if i don't hear from yale pretty soon, iim going to get dad to call that dean again! WITH HIS FEET FIRMLY PLANTED HE'S PREPARED TO CONFRONT ALL PROBLEMS! i'll fold! oh, hell, i've got another parking ticket would you lobby-uh, what was her name again! TO HIMSELF, HE IS THE EPITOME OF INDEPENDENCE will you walk in the hub with me! who needs a degree anyway! FROM HIS STATELY POSITION HE DISDAINS THE BANAL FLIGHTS OF ALL UNDERCLASSMEN! do all freshman girls giggle all the time he must be nuts: now he's running for the senate! would you like soda or water with your scotch? HE QUAKES AT THE THOUGHT OF THE FUTURE! well, yeah, but when you're 45 . . .! the best year of college is your freshman year do i have to sit through the whole graduation exercise'?f THE CALENDAR STARTLES HIM TO THE PRESENT so what do i do now! you can be drafted if you are not enrolled in graduate school for he is running scared! interviews . . . interviews . . . interviews! the shell oil man said i should try graduate school YET HE IS EAGER TO PRE- SENT TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD A NEW INDIVIDUAL WITH NEW IDEAS AND HIGH ASPIRATIONS. 186 ...M ,,,w?' H wx ik gm 3, " 7 4 5 Xzfvn 1 1 Q, if 1 2 'M !,,, M. f I f fr if 1+ za I ' M aa Sixty T .M ' fa f I f 24.4 f ...-Le. .- cf. 4.4, W 0' A f '7 W ' I f WW 'mn' X ,176 . 1 , 'ff ' ,, X 4 1 SQ ' 4 4 ff if fb, f- .V . .ZS tm 'R , A ' 1 iw .V f , flwffw' V THE SENIOR I CHARLES B. AARONS, Political Science, Forest Hills, New York Alpha Gamma Rho-Sec. Treas. RALPH S. ABRAHAM, Management Vicksburg S.A.M. KENNETH J. ADAM, EHE, Political Science Littleton, Mass. Vice-Chairman of Young Republicans: SCOPE: Elections Commission. MURRAY L. ADAMS, Biology McComb Il FRANKLIN B. ALDRIDGE, IIKA, General Business Jackson ANN D. ALLEN, EEE, Business Administration Gulfport Phi Beta Lambda: Phi Chi Theta: Pres., Sigma Sigma Sigma: Social Standards Board. CHARLES B. ALLEN, Music Education McComb University Singers: Scottish Highlanders: B.S.U.: Opera Workshop. DAVID L. ALLEN, Speech Theatre Jackson Pres. and Vice-Pres., Alpha Psi Omega: Master of Apprentices of Southern Players: S.N.E.A.: Best Supporting Actor 1964: Dean's List. III HAROLD W. ALLEN, History Biloxi Rho Eta Sigma .TUDITH A. ALLEN, IPM, Psychology Heidelberg Psi Chi otlicer: Phi Mu oiiicerg Wesley Foundation: REW Committee of 100: S.C.O.P.E. delegate. NANCY M. ALLEN, QM, Business Administration Mt. Olive Treasurer of Phi Mu: Sec. of Phi Beta Lambda. WAYNE L. ALLEN, Biology Gulfport Dean's List. IV ' JOSEPH B. AMBERG, JR., Psychology New Orleans, La. WOODROW J. ANDERSON, Chemistry Hattiesburg JANICE ANDING, Elementary Education Brookhaven BRENDA S. ANDRESS, Business Education Atmore, Ala. V CLYDE W. APPLEWHITE, Mathematics Hattiesburg "M" club: Golf Team: Yellowjackets. CAROLYN R. ARBUTHN OT, XS2, Library Science Canton S.N.E.A.: Robert Mathis and Crown Zellerbach Merit Scholarships: Pres. of Chi Omega, Kappa Delta Pi and Alpha Lambda Delta: Member of Pi Tau Chi, Pi Kappa Pi and Phi Delta Rho: Senator: Women's Advisory Board: SCF: S.C.O.P.E.: Panhellenic Council: Canterbury Club: President's List: Greek editor of DRAWL: REW Comm. of 100: SUSGA. GEORGE I. ARLEDGE, Biology Laurel LATRELLE H. ASHLEY, Physical Education Bay Springs VI RALPH L. ATKINS, General Business Mobile, Ala. Southem Generals: Representative to SCF: Pres. Koinonia Club. SILI M. ATUATASI, Education Fagasa, Hawaii B.S.U., S.N.E.A. DAVID R. AUSTIN, Radio and T.V. Bogalusa, La. WMSU-Sales, Station Manager: Southem Broadcasters, Pres. and Vice-Pres. LORA G. AUTRY, Elementary Education Runnelstown B.S.U., S.N.E.A. VII REBA J. BALL, Mathematics Newton S.N.E.A., B.S.U. ANNIE B. BALLARD, History Bay Springs RONNIE L. BANKSTON, Business Administration Hammond, La. ELIZABETH H. BARICEV, Radio and T.V. Hattiesburg Recording and Corr. Sec. of Newman Club: Varsity Debate Team: Dorm oH'icer: WMSU News Director: REW Comm. of 100. VIII HENRY M. BAROCCO, Business Administration, Silverhill, Ala. EDWARD H. BARRETT, K A, Business Administration Natchez S.C.O.P.E.: Kappa Alpha Vioe-Pres. and Treas.: Newman Club. PATSY A. BARROW, Elementary Education Jackson Alpha Lambda Delta: Kappa Detlta Pi: Dean's List: S.N.E.A.: Dorm o cer. TOMMY H. BASSETT, Chemistry Louin CLASS OF 1965 I JOHN P. BAUCUM, Sales Management Gautier GLORIA L. BAUGHMAN, History Laurel Executive and Greater Council: B.S.U. SHELTON M. BEAN, EEE, Elementary Education Montrose S.N.E.A.: Treasurer of Sigma Sigma Sigma. SARAH F. BEGGS, Elementary Education Pass Christian S.N.E.A.: Charter member of A Cappella choir. Il ELIZABETH D. BELL, Elementary Education Hattiesburg Alpha Lambda Delta: Kappa Delta Pi. GEORGE G. BELL. JR., KA, Personnel Management Jackson Secretary and Pres. of Kappa Alpha: Delta Sigma Pi: Vice-Pres. and Pres. of Interfraternity Council: Captain of R.O.T.C. Corps of Cadets. WILLIAM W. BENSON, Mathematics GAYLE L. BENTZ, Business Education New Hebron Pass Christian III LEONARD L. BENTZ, History Pass Christian JAMES A. BERRY, Biology and Chemistry Braxton DONALD T. BIDLACK, ATQ, Marketing Newport, R. I. S.C.O.P.E. SHIRLEY BIGGS, XQ, Speech Education Belzoni IV JOSEPH L. BINGHAM, II, Architectural Drafting Bay Springs CHARLES R. BIRCHFIELD, Business Administration Pensacola, Fla. Delta Sigma Pi: Wesley Foundation: University Activities Council. AMANDA A. BLACKLEDGE, Elementary Education Laurel Women's Affairs Board: Dean'sBI.gsit: Freshman Counselor: S.N.E.A., GERALD A. BLACKLEDGE, Chemistry Ellisville V JON E. BLANCHETTE, Physical Education St. Paul P.K., Minn. STEVE F. BLAND, Music History and Literature Fort Walton Beach, Fla. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Kappa Kappa Psi: Pi Kappa Lambda. LYLE E. BLANK, History Richland, Oregon PAUL J. BLAUM, KE, Management Bay St. Louis VI MARTHA ZOE BLESSEY, Speech Therapy Biloxi American Speech and Hearing Society: Newman Club. CARO-LE A. BLOUNT, Business Decatur S.N.E.A. VERNOY H. BOATMAN, Industrial Arts Jackson ROBERT E. BOGGAN, Industrial Arts Hickory Dean's List. VII MARY ALICE BOLLING, Elementary Education, Pensacola, Fla. S.N.E.A.: Dorm President: Elections Commission: Women's Affairs Board: Oiiicer of Sorority: BSU: University Chorus. JAMES B. BONDS, Accounting Utica HECTOR L. BOURG, JR., IIKA, Commercial Art Long Beach Pres. Kappa Pi: Cartoonist, Student Pri-ntz: USM Marshing Band: Newman Club. COLEN J. BOUTWELL, Industrial Arts Laurel VIII GUY S. BOWERING. Music Education Rolling Fork Pres. of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Civitan: Stage Band: University Symphony Orchestra. WILLIAM P. BOWERS, JR., IIKA, History Jackson Varsity Cheerleader: Oificer of Pi Kappa Alpha: Intrafraternity Council: Assistant Business Manager of SOUTHERNER. WILLIAM BOXX, Management Mount Olive S.A.M.: Dean's List. JIMMY D. BOYD, Industrial Arts McComb 2 A 4' ,Q , , , f ff ff if ,p' at SEM' f f fy. ,. f l get I 'S I' f 4 a. ff fa f S ,Q -::. '-4. J:,v,.."7q? G.. .-,s '37 'L THE SENIOR I SERGIO BOZZETTI, 1'IB'IP, Chemistry Rome, Italy Tennis Team, P.A.S.A. Member. JULIA L. BRACEY, Biology Brookhaven JAYNE BRADSHAW, English Mobile, Ala. Westminister Fellowship: S.N.E.A. MARY S. BRAME, English Bay Springs II WILLIAM O. BRANTLEY, JR., Political Science and History Brigade Commander of R.O.T.C.: President of Pershing Rill-gg? President of Scabbard and Blade. PAUL E. BRAUCHLE, Psychology Biloxi DOROTHY D. BREAKFIELD, AEA, Business Education Yazoo City ANDY BRELAND, English Hattiesburg Advanced R.O.T.C.: Dean's List. Ill PATSY A. BREWER, English Leakesville S.N.E.A.: B.S.U. CAROLYN BROADUS, Home Economics Biloxi SARA BROADUS, English Poplarville Baptist Student Fellowship. DIANA L. BROOKS, Elementary Education Grenada IV NANCY J. BROWN, Art Education Dekalb S.N.E.A. JAMES L. BROWNING, Social Science Natchez HARRISON N. BRUNER, Architectural Drafting Jackson Dean's List: Republicans Club Secretary: Wesley Foundation. EVERETT H. BRUMSON Accounting and Business Administration Mobile, Ala. Delta Sigma Pi: Alpha Epsilon Alpha: S.A.M. V DONALD E. BUFF, Math Skaneateles, N.Y. HERSCHEL V. BULLOCK, Chemistry Sumrall HILDA O. BULLOCK, AAA, History Jackson Junior Class Secretary: Rho Epsilon Sweetheart: Top Ten Beauty: Senator: Kappa Alpha Rose: Dean's List: Delta Delta Delta Officer. SANDRA J. BUMGARNER, Physical Education Long Beach VI SIDNEY E. BUNIFF, III, Finance New Orleans, La. Wesley Foundation. ALAN W. BURNHAM, Mathematics Hattiesburg LUTHER L. BURNS, History Ruth Baptist Student Union. MARGARET C. BURNS, Business Education Bassfield Pi Omega Pi: Business Fraternity Council Representative: Newman Club. VII MIKE W. BUSBY, ATQ, Management Hattiesburg Captain U.S.M. Golf Team: "M" Club: Alpha Tau Omega Pledge Treasurer: President and Vice President Martin Luther Fellowship? Committee of 100: Band Leader. MARY E. BUSH, Business Education Ellisville ARTHUR G. BUTLER, Management Shuqualak LARRY W. BUTLER, Industrial Gh0lS0l'l VIII LINDA LOU BYRD, English Jackson Mobile, Ala. SANDRA A. BYRD, Oflice Management Alpha Epsilon Alpha: President of Independents: Dean's List. J. B. BYSTRICKY, Chemistry-Biology Alpha Phi Omega: College Civitan. JAMES W. Cain, History Canton Mobile, Ala. CLASS OF 1965 I DONALD A. CAMERON, Insturmental Music Education, Natchez President of the U.S.M. Band. J. R. CAMERON, JR., Industrial Arts Gallman S.N.E.A.: Wesley Foundation. SHIRLEY A. CARLSON, KA, English Pascagoula Secretary and President of Kappa Delta: Lambda Iota Tau: Phi Chi Theta: Delta Sigma Pi Rose Court: Senator: S.U.S.G.A.: S.N.E.A.: University Activities Council. DIANNE CARPENTER, KA, Psychology Biloxi Senator: Campus Beauty: Secretary of Psi Chi: Membership Director and Council Member of Kappa Delta: Dean's List. II ROBERT L. CARROLL, JR., Religion and Philosophy, Psychology Laurel Student Court Justice: Omicron Delta Kappa: Pi Tau Chi President: Psi Chi: Proctor: Rho Eta Sigma, President: President of Westminster Fellowship and State Moderator: REW Committee of 100: Dean's List: Student Christian Federation Publicity Oilicer. CHARLES H. CARRUTH, Business Administration Liberty CHARLES J. CARTER, Communications ELIZABETH A. CARTER, Sociology Ill CHARLES M. CASE, History FRANCIS G. CASSERLY, Physics and Math EDGAR CHAIN, Accounting PAM CHASEN, KA, Elementary Education Ellisville Gloster Brookhaven Biloxi Collins Foley, Ala. S.N.E.A.: Canterbury Club: Dorm ohicer: House Chairman: Kappa Delta. IV STEPHANIE A. CHAVEZ, English Biloxi S.N.E.A.: Lambda Iota Tau. MARY LOU CHEATHAM, English Taylorsville HENRY H. CHIAM, Business Management Djakarta, Indonesia MYRA T. CHISOLM, Elementary Education Canton V HORACE L. CLARK, Marketing JANETTE CLARK, Business Education BARBARA L. CLARKE, Home Economics Home Ec. Club: Dean's List. ROBERT E. CLEVE, Business Administration, VI MAJOR R. CLICK, Psychology Pi Sigma Epsilon. Port Gibson Moss Point Pascagoula Vanceboro, N .C. Mobile, Ala. HOWARD B. COCRHAN, Business Administration Brooklyn JIMMY T. COCHRAN, Marketing Jackson GENEVA M. COCKRELL, English Raleigh VIII A LARRY E. COFFEY, History Myrtle JERRY W. COGDELL, Music Education Rolling Fork Dean's List: Band Director. BETTY E. COLEMAN, Elementary Education Lena ALICE E. COLEY, Sociology Amore, Ala. VIII HARRIE S. COKER, AEA, Business Education Clarksdale Phi Beta Lambda: S.N.E.A. JANE W. COKER, AEA, Elementary Education Clarksdale WILLIAM L. COKER, History Iuka Sigma Tau Sigma: University Activities Council: Wesley Foundation: Alpha Phi Omega, Vice President: Entre Nous: S.N.E.A.: S.M.E.A. PATRICIA J. CO-LLINS, Psychology Waynesboro P1 Tau Chi: Psi Chi: REW Committee of 100: Vice President of Wesley Foundation. 7.91 2 -:" , .. 1 ,M ,QR .H g ,,,,,, Z rr ,RS l", ,9 M , , as i 'nv' I .I ' Na. 'av' 'Wann in . 1 iw- .aysvi Y . -ia., ... A X f , QR if 1 1 'I A an z wg, I ,r I ff ,:x:.,,1Q5Rf':f XV? I I if f ? ' , -44 Jes., I Kin' '1 AGT- IM: A Cd ev "NA . fr- , 3 2, -, 1 -v "Qi" .ls ' ll .,, . THE SENIOR I BOBBY H. COMPTON, General Business Meridian DONNA L. CONERLY, Business Education Columbia Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Delta Pi. MARTHA S. COPERLY, History Fairfax, Va. WILLIAM L. COOK, Jr., Public Address Hattiesburg Sourl-n:RNER Staff: Vice President of Southem Playersg cast member of several productions. II LAWRENCE H. COSPER, Marketing Hattiesburg DONALD E. COTHER, Physical Education Brookhaven TOBY COUSSENS, Marketing Magnolia DWAYNE A. COX, Journalism Laurel Advertising manager for Student Printzg Member of Delta Sigma Pig Vice Chairman of Bond Hall, Collegiate Civitang Sigma Phi Epsilon Pledge. III JAMES B. COX, Music Education Booneville Alumni Secretary and Secretary of Phi Mu Alpha: Vice President and Historian of Southem Playersg Alpha Psi Omega-3 University Singers, Yellow Jackets: U.S.M. Band Marching and Concert: Dean's Listg U.S.M. Highlanders. WILLIAM L. COX, Journalism Charleston Pi Sigma Epsilon, Historian. BARBARA F. CRAIN, Elementary Education Horse Cave, Ky. FREDDIE B. CRAVEN, General Business Bogueehitto IV RAY E. CRAWFORD, JR., Insurance Meridian RICHARD D. CROTTEAU, Mathematics Pascagoula President's Listg Dean's List: Kappa Mu Epsilong Pen and Sword. JEANETTE CROWDER, Home Economics Education Sallis Home Economics Clubg S.N.E.A., Dormitory Council. WILEY C. CRUM, Accounting Wiggins Alpha Epsilon Alpha. V JAMES A. CUMMINS, History Brookhaven JIMMY D. CUNNINGHAM, Architectural Drafting Meridian JANICE M. CURRIE, Elemeg11taEyAEducation Pulaski WILLIAM G. CURTIS, Chemistry Biloxi VI ALBERT G. DAHDUH, Accounting Jackson SHIRLEY N. DALE, Library Science Columbia EDWARD C. DANDRIDGE,SIiic'LlcAgy Senatobia JESSE A. DANNA, History Clermont Harbor VII KATHY A. DANOS, Elementary Education Cantoment, Fla. MICHAEL V. D'AQUILA, History Woodville JUNE L. DAVIDSON, History and English Whitfield Phi Mu President. Reporter of Phi Mu: Lambda Iota Tau Social Chair- man: Phi Alpha Theta: S.N.E.A., Parliamentariang S.C.O.P.E. Delegate: Dean's List Scholar. BARBARA A. DAVIS, Historv Mobile, Alabama S.N.E.A.: Women's Physical Education Club: Dormitory Officer: University Chorus. VIII ELAINE D. DAVIS, Executive Sec. Study Laurel NIKKI J. DAVIS, J0ul'naliSm Moselle S.N.E.A. POLLY F. DAVIS, Elementary Education Wiggi1'1S WALDO T. DAVIS, Industrial Arts Biloxi AM CLASS OF 1965 CAROLINE A. DEAN, KA, History and English Germantown, Tenn. Kappa Delta, Sergeant at Arms: Phi Delta Rho: Student Court Justice: Pi Gamma Mu, Secretary-Treasurer: Lambda Iota Tau: Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Alpha Theta: Sigma Delta Pi: S.C.O.P.E.: Dean's List: President's List. PAUL L. DEAN GELIS, ATO, Physical Education Neptune, N.J. Football. HENRI SUE DEARING, dvllrl, Spanish Columbia Phi Mu, Officer: Dixie Darlings: P.A.S.A.: S.N.E.A. JOHN DEDDENS, EAE, Business Administration Jackson S.A.M., President: P.A.Y., President: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer: Delta Sigma Pi, Otiicer: B.F.C.: I.F.C.: Collegiate Civitan. II NANNIE L. DEEN, Home Economics Education Bassfield Home Economics Club. JEF W. DEES, Accounting Ocean Springs HERBERT A. DENSON, KE, Architectural Drafting Natchez Scabbard and Blade, Treasurer: Pershing Rifles, Otlicer. JUDITH L. DICKERSON, Office Management Hattiesburg B.S.F.: Phi Chi Theta. III JAMIE DIXON, Clothing Merchandising Taylorsville BETTY DOGGETTE, Elementary Education Ovett S.N.E.A.: Wesley Foundation. JOYCE DRIGALLO, flvll, Elementary Education Pittsburgh, Pa. S.N.E.A.: Newman Club: Home Economics Club. JUDY A. DRISKELL, Biology Wilmer, Ala. Pi Kappa Pi: Phi Tau Chi. IV JOHN R. DRUMMOND, Biology Mt. Olive PATRICIA M. DUGAN, ZTA, Elementary Education Pass Christian S.N.E.A.: Canterbury Club: U.A.C.: Dormitory Officer. BETTY A. DUKES, Home Economics Education Jackson Kappa Omicron Phi, President: U.A.C.: Home Economics Club: Most Outstanding Freshman in Home Economics: B.S.U., Greater Council: B.S.F.: University Chorus: Committee of 100: Dean's List. CAROL M. DUNAWAY, Elementary Education Liberty V CAROL DUNCAN, Mathematics and German Fort Walton Beach, Fla. ROBERT JEROME DUNCAN, Management Basslield Newman Club. JAMES H. DUNN, KE, Business Administration Biloxi Yellow Jackets: Newman Club: Collegiate Civitan. SADA M. DUVIO, Elementary Education McComb N.E.A.: Newman Club. VI LINDA K. DYKES, Mathematics McComb PAUL DYKES, Political Science McComb ROGER D. EASOM, English Coushatta LAWRENCE J . ECUYER, Management New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Phi: Distinguished Military Student: Who's Who: "M" Club: ' Newman Club. VII JAMES A. EDWARDS, QHE, Spanish and French Hattiesburg ERNEST C. EDWARDS, Audiology Waynesboro BETTY E. EFRID, IIBQID, Home Economics Biloxi Home Economics Club. MARITTA A. ELAM, Executive Secretarial Studies Shubuta Dean's List: Alpha Epsilon Alpha: B.F.C. VIII CHARLES K. ELEUTERIUS, Mathematics Biloxi JUDITH O. ELLIS, Elementary Education Vancleave B.S.U.: S.N.E.A. PENNY B. ELLIS. Journalism New Orleans, La. S.N.E.A.: President's List: Dean's Dist. MYRA M. ELLZEY, Elementary Education Ellisville 7. mv' QL-.. nfl' WW if ,. .Q 6 01- 3 if iff7f X 7" . ff 3 'Q' f f . ' 7 Vilf - e.. 117 .L 'V f ,., Z W L 645' 1 W M . 1. .fm 1.2 ,,.,,,. ,, -... .Mft g?Zr5.'I'..pE3, ,, , . 'v C' , , f , 'Z 2' we-1., ,, ' ,ef A, 4 f . if ' 2 r,- Q if., .f - M4 . ,,,,,,, -I I I. yz' - iv., IU f ' 'V v . , , " " , J ' Z M . n , 4' ,.., Q , ' . 7 - I .,.. - - Qt . W, , 4 f A - , ,. ,E . K l g I Z. gf, s . . , 1 ,J r fi .... t . a s ....'. 1. , f-fa, ,,,...., rf! 'Wu 7' ww 1-W... if Quinny 'S W---. X tl-w . .,.. .rl I bllv V -M, I L . iff,,.DZ3. , . . .. V. IG' 'wi I . 4+ ' ,. YQ Of 9 - V oem,- M 'M ii J 'f ' .- , t W ,,.,, ,V . i ' . Z., Vx, in Q5 if 1 V I M' 2 ff 'x ,qs " is mf V f X " ' ' . , Q f ,L?Wz:Lff f42. JW, . as ,f 1 ff: 1 17 alias'- W- .-as... f fp, f" ff ff X ff f ff! fzf ,f 1 r Z X if , y X . ,, arf ,,,. ,W 1 , . fl 49-. ..,. . S .sl All .Y -UQ' Kr- Y., 'S il I 4 an "'1 7-94 THE SENIOR I GLORIA J. ETHERIDGE, English Natchez BEVERLY J. ETHRIDGE, Biology Collins MARY J. EVANS, Elementary Education Laurel Kappa Delta Pi: University Singers II: S.N.E.A. ALLEN L. EVERETT, JR., Business Administration Albany, Ga. Yellow Jackets. Il FRANKLIN T. EVERETTE, ATQ, Industrial Marketing McIntosh, Ala. Society for the Advancement of Management. CHARLENE EZELLE, CPM, Elementary Education Union JANIE C. FAIRCHILDS, Speech Therapy and Audiology, Forest Sigma Alpha Eta: Gamma Beta Phi: B.S.U. SLY VIA R. FARNELL, QM, English Mobile Freshman French Award: Dean's List: Social Standards Board: Pi Kappa Delta: Dorm Monitor: Sorority Scholarship Chairman. III VIRGINIA F. FAUVER, Elementary Education Brookhaven Missions Chairman of B.S.U.: House Council of Bolton. SYLVIA L. FENN, Psychology and Sociology Summit Officer and Member of Alpha Lambda Delta: Mu Alpha Theta: Psi Chi: Dormitory otiicer: Freshman Counselor: Editor of Activities section of the SOUTHRENERQ Dean's List: President's List: Pre-Counseling speaker. ISABELLE FRANCES FERGUSON, Special Education Hattiesburg SARA F. FERGUSON, General Science Chatom, ,Ala. IV JO-HN A. FERRARA, Business Education Scotch Plains, N.J. Freshman Basketball. JIMMY L. FIELDS, Management Pascagoula VAN L. FIESENSCHUE, Pre-Med New Orleans, La. VIRGINIA KATE FINK, Elementary Education Columbia V MARY A. FITZHUGH, Elementary Education McComb EDWARD FLEMING, Political Science Sidon LAWRENCE I. FLESHER, Architectural Drafting Jackson PAULETTE R. FLOYD, Health Jackson VI ELAINE B. FLYNT, Elementary Education Purvis HENRY FONTANILLS, ATQ, Physical Education Tampa, Fla. MARY VELA FORBES, XYZ, Secretarial Studies Jackson JAMES I. FORD, Economics Pascagoula VII LYNDA N. FORMAN, AAA, Elementary Education Meadville Recording Secretary, Librarian of Delta Delta Delta: Kappa Delta Pi: Pi Tau Chi: Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary of Student Christian Federation: REW Committee of 100: Class Editor of the SoU'rHmNm: Sec.-Treas. of Phi Delta Rho? Wesley Foundation: SN.E.A.: Dean's List: Freshman Counselor. VENN W. FORTINBERRY, Mathematics Tylertown BOBBY G. FORTNER, History Columbus WEALTI-IA E. FORTUNE, Theatre Pass Christian Southem Players: Vice-Pres. Independent Girls 1964: Best Actress Minor Role 1964. VIII ANN FREUTEL, Biology Vicksburg Southern Players: Children's Play Tour 1962-63: Newman Club: Club: University Chorus. JAMES D. FRITH, History McComb JOHN M. FRYE, Mathematics Hattiesburg President of Pi Tau Chi: First Sergeant of Scabbard and Blade! Distinguished Military Student: Dean's List: Secretary of Circle K. BARBARA L. FUENTE, Business Education Picayune Corresponding Secretary, Newman Club: S.N.E.A.: National Business Education Association. .-.H CLASS OF 1965 I CARROLL G. FULGHAM, Religion and Philosophy, Mendenhall BETSY GARDNER, IIBIP, Spanish Hattiesburg Scholarship Chairman of Pi Beta Phi: Sigma Delta Pi: Westminster Fellowship: President's List. DELIA R. GARNER, Psychology Laurel CHERICE E. GARNER, Sociology Hattiesburg Il JOHN M. GARTRELL, ZAE, Marketing Hattiesburg PATRICIA S. GASMAN Santiago, Chile, South America Speech Pathology President of Sigma Alpha Eta: President of Pan American Student Association: Tennis Team. HENRY V. GASTON, History Grand Bay,,A1a- Phi Alpha Theta: University Singers: Men's Affair Board: Vice Chairman of Bond Hall: B.S.U.: Young Republicans: Circle K: N.E.A. DAVID C. GENTRY, Managcgnkeiif Baldwin III JOHN C. GILL, Political Science and History, Forrest City, Ark. Alpha Gamma Rho: Dean's List. KENNETH W. GILL, Industrial Arts Johns S.N.E.A. GLENN E. GILLEY, Physics and Mathematics Hattiesburg Freshman Math Award: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Physics Club. GARY A. GILLY, Psychology Ocean Springs IV JOE K. GINN, Management Tylertown SUSAN F. GINTER, Elementary Education Panama City, Fla. Vice House Chairman: Vice President of S.N.E.A.: Rifle Team: Treasurer of Newman Club: Dean's List. RONALD M. GIOVANELLO, History Southbridge, Mass. MARY C. GLISSON, Business Education Natchez V THOMAS E. GLOVER, JR., Mathematics Hattiesburg GEORGE C. GOFF, Industrial Arts Ocean Springs WAYMON L. GOODMAN, History Meridian THOMAS E. GOODWIN, History Macon VI MICHAEL A. GOULD, Mathematics Belleville, Ill. PATRICIA L. GRAHAM, KA, Elementary Education Waynesboro LARRY J. GRANT, Music Education Garden City, Mich. Vice President. President of M.E.N.C.: Concert Band: Drillmaster Marching Band: Kappa Kappa Psi: Orchestra: Yellow Jackets. LARRY H. GRANTHAM, English Petal VII PAMELA C. GRAY, Business Education and English Hattiesburg President of Phi Beta Lambda: Phi Delta Rho: Alpha Lambda Delta: President of,Pi Omega Pi: Lambda Iota Tau: Pi Kappa Pi: Vice President of Kappa Delta Pi: S.C.O.P.E. Executive Committee: Vice President of Canterbury Club: Student Christian Federation: REW: Business Fraternity Council. MICHAEL J. GREENE, Accounting High Point, N.C. RONALD B. GRENN, General Busines Brookhaven LYNDA K. GRIFFIN, Business Education Meridian VIII DANA K. GRIFFITH, QM, Speech Therapy Grand Cane, La. Outstanding Pledge of the Year, 1962: Treasurer of Psi Chi: Treasurer of Sigma Alpha Eta: Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Kappa Pi: S.C.O.P.E.. Crown Zellerbach Scholarships: Highfst Freshman Average: President's is . ROBERT L. GRIFFITH, Music Jackson Accompanist for University Singers: Parliamentarian for Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Dean's List: Outstanding man in music. GARY M. GRUBBS, Accounting Tylertown Alpha Epsilon Alpha. WILLIAM W. GUNN, Accounting Petal I fg, ! .,WbYV,! Y ..,. . . . f ' My 1 if if 4 f WW I f ff , vA', , YS 'hr' awww I ,a,aa 4749? PI 7-95 , .54 v5G'9fj,fz.: f ""' . . ,. ., . .. .. , , IIA ,. I 7"'S .,., gm f X fwfzfy t . ,,,gX.A,!,t, .. X if X mi? X f ia? -14'-1, 1 . YW fs til' .W 1 'QW 'Z' 'Q v ii We -gf- gf ws- MIK' '1f"""9' ff g Z E, 4 Y ,L , x 1 1 ,.. . i In V 1 Sv 1'-VIFXXJ -can A ' . Q, XHT- li fr "?"'7' 'L-. '53 7. THE SENIOR I DOROTHY R. GUNNELL, Business Education Ruth GEORGE H. GUNTER, Acacia, History Vicksburg Treasurer, Chaplain, Athletic Chairman, House Manager Acacia WILLIAM K. GUNTER, Mathematics Bilgxi GLENNIE . HAFLEY, Journalism Hattiesburg Historian of Student Christian Federation, Dixie Darlings. Il LARRY N. HAIK, Bacteriology Bogalusa THOMAS E. HALE, Management Meridian BILLIE A. HALL, Elementary Education Waynesboro Dean's List, S.N.E.A., Wesley Foundation. DONALD S. HALL, Management Mobile, Ala. III OREAN M. HALL, Elementary Education Ocoee, Fla. MARGARET L. HALLER, Clothing Merchandising Gulfport Young Republicans, Home Club, Baptist Student Union, PAT HAMBRIGHT, Elementary Education Meridian Dormitory Otiicer, Pres. of Independents in Panhellenic, Member of S.N.E.A., Westminister Fellowship. JAMES W. HAMIL, Accounting Hattiesburg Alpha Epsilon Alpha. IV LEWIS B. HAMIL, Finance Summit RICHARD W. HAMILTON, Microbiology Jackson Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Epsilon Delta. RUSSELL LEROY HAMILTON, Accounting Laurel WALTER GLENN HAMILTON, Real Estate Hattiesburg Rho Epsilon, President, Kappa Kappa Psi, Treasurer, S.C.O.P.E., I.F.C., Kappa Sigma, Rush Chairman: Business Fraternity Cotmcil, Yellow Jackets, Young Republicans Club, Band. V A. MILLER HAMMILL, Mathematics Brookhaven NORMA J. HAMMILL, Biology Brookhaven Dean's List. DWALA HAND, English Pascagoula S.N.E.A. ANNIE CLARA HANKS, History Prichard, Ala. S.N.E.A. Vl JOHN HANKS, Micro-Biology Talladega, Ala. JAMES HANSFORD, JR., Music Education Jackson Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Marching Band, Orchestra, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, officer, Yellowjackets, Advanced R.O.T.C., Brigade Adjutant. LYNNEL HARDEN, Elementary Education Hattiesburg ROYCE E. HARMS, Management Jackson VII EDWARD FRANCIS HARRINGTON, Business Administration Jackson MARY 1. HARRIS, rm-it Hattiesburg University Singers, Mu Phi Epsilon, Secretary, Pi Beta Phi, Treasurer. WILMA NELL HARRIS, Secretarial Science Moss Point Phi Chi Theta, Dromitory otiicer and Vice President. IRCEL C. HARRISON, JR., History Mobile, Ala. B.S.U., President, State President, B.S,F., President, O.D.K.. Oustanding Freshman, Phi Eta Sigma, Vice President, Circle K, Vice President, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Gamma Mu: Phi Tau Chi, Pershing Rifles. Executive Oiricerz Scabbard and Blade: Yellowjackets, S.C.O.P.E.: Outstanding Pershing Rifleman, National Security Award, Dean's List. VIII SERENA A. HARRISON, Elementary Education Walnut B.S:U.2 S.N.E.A. THOMAS M. HARRISON, Industrial Management Laurel ROBERT HARTFIELD, K E, Commercial Art Hattiesburg Scabbard and Blade, Kappa Pi. CLAUDE HATTEN, Architectural Drafting Hattiesburg CLASS OF 1965 I CLEMENT K. HAUANIO, History Hilo, Hawaii Pen and Sword RICHARD D. HAWKS, Mathematics Mobile, Ala. Delta Sigma Pi. SANDRA W. HAYLES, Home Economics Education, Atmore, Ala. FRED C. HEADLEY, Psychology Rahway, N.J. Il JENNIFER HEADRICK, Elementary Education Laurel S.N.E.A.: B.S.U.: Dean's List. MARGARET P. HEBLER, Speech Therapy Vicksburg ARTHUR J. HECHT, History Brooklyn, N.Y. S.N.E.A. MARVIN G. HEEBE, Mgiiilgxeglggrillg Pi. Metairie, La. III CHARLES W. HEIM, JR., Geography New Orleans, La. Newman Club: S.N.E.A. BRENDA J. HENDERSON, Elementary Education Richton NELLIE G. HENDERSON, English Waynesboro PATSY J. HENDERSON, Library Science Waynesboro IV ROBERT L. HENDERSON, Mathematics New Hebron SAM A. HENRY, History Union WILLIAM A. HENRY, Accounting Mt. Morris, Mich. Delta Sigma Pi. MURIEL P. HENSON, Elementary Education Laurel V HARVEY S. HERRIN, Psychology Gulfport THOMAS J. HERRIN, Biology iPre-medj Hattiesburg Phi Eta Sigma: Vice-Pres. of Alpha Epsilon Delta: Sec. of Beta Beta Beta: Dean's List: President's List. KATHRYN S. HERRING Brookhaven CHARLES EDWIN I. HESTER, Psychology Hattiesburg VI MARY FRANCES HICKS, Mathematics Pascagoula Kappa Mu Epsilon: ofiicer of Kappa Delta Pi: Alpha Lambda Delta: REW Committee of 100: Freshman Counselor: S.C.O.P.E. Delegate: Wesley Foundation officer: Dean's List: Assistant Charm Class Instructor. FRANCIS J. HIGGINS, Physics and Mathematics Laurel GEORGE D. HILBURN, Management Prichard, Ala. Dean's List. ANTHONY B. HILL, JR., Mathematics and Physics Laurel vn p JIMMIE C. HILL, Music Education Daphne, Ala. MARTHA F. HILL, Library Science Mendenhall B.S.U., Greater Council. PATRICIA A. HILL, AKA, Art Ellisville National Education Association: R.O.T.C. Sponsor: Kappa Pi: Dean's List. CAROL HINDS, Elementary Education Jackson S.N.E.A.: Dean's List. VIII HAROLD M. HITT, Mathematics Mobile, Ala. Football team: "M" Club: Newman Club. KENNETH R. HODGES, QIDKT, Management Mobile, Ala. Officer of Phi Kappa Tau: "M" Club: Intramural Coach Award. LINDA J . HODGES, XO, Marketing Jonesboro, Ark. THOMAS G. HOLBROOK, Mathematics Hattiesburg S.N.E.A.: B.S.U.: Phi Theta Kappa. 7. ' 57 ,fn al,- we 1 'WWA'-sg, 3fY""f""np .2- .5 wr' N. M WW! .44 firm. . 1' ff 3 1 A f Z-Ciwzrg, nw if ,f .W If H f 2? ff 11 f x , , Sm. 9 X aaa.. 1 ., Row f fr -., I 4 ' 4 ,, ' Lf, why-- frfyr-ty 1 'if yy E, , 5-. J A . fi I-. I 5 , ft X. .,, gf - - fr f WIDE . A 1 1151. , 1 ' . ' I 1 ia , .. , f 'Bi ,. X4 YW ! 7' I Mainz. Al l fm. nay- K X . 'H' , f. , f", ,l WT QV 4 J. 5 W f M 1 vox X Q45 . . uw ,,z,.f,4f,. Oz.. ' ,fl 1 fyzf5,Lf,,j,I V f ,.- if 0,1 . ,. f ,ga ,. KNGQ1 "'.'f'H,,J I -A f 7 .. ga.. Af if 'fy ff f f 1 V ff wwf A, gf ff, H f. , 07 ,f .--. ya jpg.-N., f A ff I fjffmf ' 1 K 14 f ff iff 1 sg X 1 f wwf' f ,ffm ,Q f ff f 1 Z 7 " 'f X X A f 1 s, .Z f 3, , V H1 4 rf ff .1 f , f if Z L L" .1 4" ' ' 7" f f ff . ,423 yllg 1:2 Lai' . ,f , 5 1 .AC I-f I vii.. ,V .x Z w a ,f ., .1 . fgzzmh 1 X , if f 5 . f f f ff 1 : f I W ' f 4 '22 X ., -of ff ,. 1' M slr' fan I' .1 fff 'Wh . 41401 4 7 ' . , ,af " 5, . ,A Y fs? Wu- 'Tx gpm Wav fS 'Oh , - 4 sr Q- -U A. A 2.-ff. . WW ,fs f ,f 1'1'5,f . 7. ,, - ' 53' 2 P 5551 x l ' 45 XX -, X: V755 Na- 'KI :N Sv' -A- I I THE SENIOR l REBECCA A. HOLIFIELD, Elementary Education Laurel BOBBY R. HOLLIMAN, LIDKT Ellisville Dean's List: Athletic Chairman of Phi Kappa Tau and Outstanding Pledge Award. HARVEY L. HOLLOWAY, Mathematics Ocean Springs DINA F. HOPKINS, Drawing and Painting Mendenhall Kappi Pi. H PAULA J. HOPSON, AAA, Sociology Delhi, La. Westminster Fellowship. CHARLES S. HOUSER, ATQ, Marketing Ocean Springs Pi Sigma Epsilon: B.S.U. BRENDA S. HOUSTON, l'IBfb, Audiology Hattiesburg Recording Secretary of Pi Beta Phi: Sigma Alpha Eta: Kappa Delta Phi: Wesley Foundation. VERNON L. HOWELL, Accounting Mize Alpha Epsilon Alpha. III JOSEPH C. HUDSON, Biology Shubuta Beta Beta Beta. MICKEY MUDSON, Marketing Hattiesburg ROBERT S. HUDSON, ATQ, Recreation Fair Lawn, N.J. NANCY A. HUGHES, Elementary Education Laurel IV FRANCIS J. HUMBRECHT, Music Education New Orleans, La, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Dean's List: Wind Ensemble: Concert Band. TOM A. HUNGER, HKA, Marketing Lorain, Ohio Pi Sigma Epsilon: Collegiate Civitan Organization. JOSEPH HUNGERFORD, Mathematics Biloxi HAROLD W. HUNT, Accounting Newton Alpha Epsilon Alpha. V ANN HUNTER, English Decatur S.N.E.A., Wesley Foundation. KATHERINE R. HUNTER Ocean Springs PEGGY J. HUNTER, Elementary Education Natchez S.N.E.A., Model Pledge and Treasurer of Social Sorority: B.S.U.: Dorm oiilcer. RUDOLPH R. HURST, Mathematics Biloxi VI R. CRAIG HURT, Geography Pensacola, Fla. University Activities Council: Alpha Phi Omega. JUDY C. HUTSON, Elementary Education Brookhaven +P Kappa Delta Pi: B.S.U., Greater Council: S.N.E.A. ALICE A. HUTTO, Library Science Quitman PEGGY E. HYDRICK, QM, Business Education Forest Vice President and Standards Chairman of Phi Mu: S.N.E.A.: Phi Chi Theta: Pi Beta Lambda: Dorm Officer. VII AMELIA E. IRBY, Speech Therapy Quitrnan Sigma Alpha Eta: Dean's List: Freshman Counselor. JACKIE M. JACKSON, AZ, Medical Technology Petal Alpha Lambda Delta: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Gamma Beta Phi, Secretary. JUDY G. JACKSON, AAA, Mathematics Hattiesburg Senator: Civitan Sweetheart: Freshman Counselor: Alpha Lambda Delta: Dean's List: President's List: Otlicer in Delta Delta Delta. SANDRA H. JACKSON, XD, Elementary Education Bogalusa, La. Campus Beauty: S.N.E.A.: Corresponding Secretary and Vice President of Chi Omega: Vice President of Alpha Lambda Delta: Kappa Delta Pl: Pi Tau Chi: Vice President of Phi Delta Rho: Sigma Theta Pi: Pi Kappa Pi: Senator: Sophomore and Junior Class Favorite: Sophomore Class Secretary: Vice President of S.C.F.: Wesley Foundation Council Member: S.C.O.P.E.: REW Committee of 100: Organizations Editor of Drawl: President's List. VIII NEIL P. JAMES, Physical Education Mobile, Ala. RONALD A. JAMES, Management Natchez WILLIAM E. JAME'S, Sociology Meridian ALEX V. JANOWSKI, Geography Crestview, Fla. CLASS OF 1965 I NAN L. JARMAN, Elementary Education Petal JERRE D. JEFCOAT, Business Administration Morton Delta Sigma Pi: Yellowjackets: Dean's List. DAVID T. JENKINS, Architectural Design Jackson Kappa Pi: Greater Council, B.S.U.: Dean's List. GUINEVERE C. JENKINS, Elementary Education Sallis B.S.U.: S.N.E.A. II EMILY F. JOHANSSON, Speech Moss Point Southern Players. BOB T. JOHNSON, Physical Education Pulaski BYRON C. JOHNSON, Physical Education Brewton, Ala. Intramural Golf: Intramural Football. CURTIS Y. JOHNSON, Mathematics Poplarville Dean's List: President's List. III LEXA D. JOHNSON, Elementary Education Meridian B.S.U.: S.N.E.A. JANICE JOHNSON, Elementary Education Philadelphia JERRY G. JOHNSON, KA, Busines Administration Grenada KENDALL W. JOHNSON, Busines Administration, Hattiesburg Pi Sigma Epsilon. IV MEMRIE JOHNSON, Music Hattiesburg Dean's List. ROBIN S. JOHNSON, HB41, Social Studies Meridian Captain of Dixie Darlings Show Group: S.N.E.A. RON L. JOHNSON, Physical Education Moss Point Basketball Team. VIRGINIA M. JOHNSON. Business Education Picayune Oflicer of Pi Omega Pi: S.N.E.A.: Officer of Phi Beta Lambda: Phi Chi Theta. V MARY A. JOHNSTON, AZ, Elementary Education Gulfport Sec. of Delta Zeta: Pres. of Delta Zeta: S.N.E.A.: U.A.C.: Wesley Formdaton: Panhellenic Delegate: Dorm Oflicer. WAYNE C. JOHNSTON, Management Summit Pi Sigma Epsilon. JOE W. JOLLY, Mathematics Ruth Kappa Mu Epsilon: B.S.U., Greater Council: S.N.E.A.: Dean's List. CAROL M. JONES, Elementary Education Perkinston Kappa Delta Pi. VI HENRY T. JONES, ATQ, Mathematics and Accotmting Columbus Phi Eta Sigma: Scabbard and Blade: Rho Eta Sigma: Dean's List: Distinguished Military Student: Igapp? Pi: Alpha Sigma Epsilon: Senator: roc or. LLOYD S. JONES, Business Administration Hattiesburg JUDITH N. JONES, Library Sciences Magnolia S.N.E.A.: Library Science Club. MELVIN E. JONES, Political Science Mobile, Alabama Alpha Gamma Rho: Chancellor of Political Science Society: D.S.E. Pres.: Dean's List: President's List. VII BILLY F. JUDGE, Accounting Wiggins WILLIAM L. KAHLSTORF, KE Greenville Senator: I.F.C., Member: Yellowjackets: Kappa Sigma, Secretary, Presi- dent: Beta Beta Beta: Alpha Epsilon Delta, Historian: Sour!-mamma, Section Editor: Collegiate Civitan: O.D.K. Jo ANN KASBOHM, Biology Biloxi Freshman Counselor: Yellowjacket: Outstanding Freshman: Outstanding Freshman in Biology and French: President's and Dean's Lists: Southern Players. ARIS F. KEEN, Home Economics Education Brookhaven Kappa Delta Pi: B.S.U., Greater Council: Reporter, Home Ec. Club: Dean's List. VIII ELSWORTH KEEN, II, Physical Education Acradia, Fla. VIRGIL O. KEENEY, Biology Wiggins JOHN F. KENDALL, Corrective Therapy Ocean Springs LYNNWOOD M. KENT, History Milton, Fla. S.N.E.A.: Dean's List. 2 mn M14 ,, '?7"wu..,,. " av- fud- .naw 1' ' .fit .lf .0 ZW' ' ,211 "ii ' , ,. , Qfiigqi 'L 1 i ' Qficfif ' . . , Milf W . V - ,,,,. I .,, . ff' ,f f ,QVC aff ' ' Qymff , avr? if QV' f X Aga ,ff W f f fw 'WS Vf""A7w ' V f . , wa. 5 f W4 wo V U It ii f s. ,f . , ai! A an ww ,,, N,,. Wi G' is ,V . 6? N-no ' Qs. 3oo THE SENIOR I SUZI K. KERGOSIEN, KA, Elementary Education n l I Bogalousa, La. Dixie Darling: Kappa Delta, Officer: S.N.E.A. JAMES E. KEY, Mathematics MCC4-,mb GEORGE WILLIAM KEY, Mathematics Arkadelphia, Ark. Pen and Sword. MARIE D. KILLCREAS, Home Economics Education Lucedale S.N.E.A.: Wesley: Home Economics Club. II CAROLE A. KILLINGSWORTH, Biology BEVERLY A. KING, English Choral Union: S.N.E.A.: B.S.U. JEANETTE KING, nm, Biology Pi Beta Phi, Officer: Panhellenic Council: Dean's List: Secretary: Alpha Epsilon Delta. LLOYD H. KING, Industrial Arts Iota Lambda Sigma. Port Gibson Corinth Fairhope, Ala. Beta Beta Beta, Liberty III DAVID D. KINKADE, Secretarial Education DARRYL E. KINNISON. Marketing Yellowjackets: Pi Sigma Eusilon, Officer: Southern Pass Christian Mobile. Ala. Generals: B.S.U. JANET T. KINNISON, Home Economics Natchez Home Economics Club: Girls' Rifle Team. JOAN E. KINNEBREW, IIBCIJ, Business Education Vicksburg Top Ten Best Dressed: Phi Chi Theta. Vice President: Business Fraternity Council: S.A.M. Sweetheart. ' IV WILLIAM B. KITZLEY, History Bay St. Louis REBECCA M. KIRKLAND, Elementary Education Laurel THOMAS R. KIRKLAND, Accounting McComb RICHARD D. KJELLAND, Mioro-Biology ood Psychology Fargo, N.D. Pen and Sword. V EUNICE N. KNABB, Physical Therapy Natchez Women's Affairs Board. DIANE M. KOLMAN, AEA, Elementary Education Jackson S.N.E.A.: Dormitory Officer: Newman Club. LESTER C. KUNZ, Political Science Long Beach ROGER DAVID LACK, Industrial Arts Magee VI V ARTHUR E. LACKEY. Sociology DeKalb IKE LAFLEUR, CPKT, Business Administration Biloxi SHIRLEY D. LAIRD, English Mobile S.N.E.A.: B.S.U. LEWAYNE LAMBERT, Biology Hattiesburg Alpha Epsilon Delta: Beta Beta Beta. VII RAIFORD I. LANDRETH, Music Education Holly Springs Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Kappa Kappa Psi: Marching Band, Treasurer: Concert Band: Wind Ensemble: Ogchestra: Stage Band: Yellowjackets: M. .N.C. JIMIE N. LANG, Elementary Education Magnolia FAYE G. LANGENSTEIN, Elementary Education Magnolia LOUIS V. LANGLEY, Chemitcigyg Pascagoula VIII RICHARD T. LANKFORD, KE, Psychology Tylertown Kappa Sigma. Officer: I.F.C. newspaper Staff: Pi Sigma Epsilon. LARRY D. LAWRENCE, Accounting Peoria, Ill. Phi Eta Sigma. MILDRED W. LAWRENCE, KA, Psychology Laurel CHARLES E. LEDBETTER, Accounting Purvis CLASS OF 1965 I FREDDIE LEE, History Meadville FLOYD R. LEE, KA, Mathematics Hattiesburg Advanced R.O.T.C. JIMMIE D. LEE, Accounting Lumberton Alpha Epsilon Alpha. JOHN WINCIE LEE, KA, History and Government, Hattiesburg Phi Alpha Theta, President: Alpha Gamma Rho: Pi Gamma Mu: S.C.O.P.E.: Freshman Class Treasurer: Vice President of Junior Class: Pre-Law Club, Secretary. Il LESLIE LUTHER LEE, Biology Waynesboro LINDA L. LEE, AAA, Business Education Greenville 2nd Vice President of Student Government Association: Delta Delta Delta, President: Freshman Counselor: Delegate, S.C.O.N.A.: Student Christian Federation, Secretary: Phi Delta Rho: Pi Omega Pi: Pi Tau Chi. PITTMAN GAYLE LEE, Home Economics Hattiesburg ROBERT P. LESLIE, Managegrirlilt New Orleans, La. III WILLIAM C. LESLIE, BAE, Biology and English Gulport Advanced R.O.T.C.: Red Cross BARNEY V. LEWIS, History Lucien JAMES C. LEWIS, Commercial Art Opelousas, La. CHESTER AUTHUR LIDDLE, General Business Fort Smith, Ark. IV RITA R. LIKINS, Home Economics Equipment and Education Biloxi Home Economic Club: Newman Club, Officer: Miss Newmanite: R.E.W.: Pi Tau Chi: S.N.E.A.: S.C.F.: Girls' Rifle Team, Secretary and Captain: Dormitory Ofiicer. LEE LINDSEY, Special Education Quincy, Ill. Dixie Darling: S.N.E.A.: Wesley Foundation: Dormitory Oliicer. RONALD K. LINGLE, Psychology Greenville Senator: Public Relations Officer: Rho Eta Sigma, Vice President: Thomas B. Freeney Award-Outstanding Senior Psychology Major: Dormitory Proctor: Pi Kappa Pi: President's List: Dean's List: Church of Christ Youth Committee. JAMES E. LITTLETON, Commercial Art Meridian Kappa Pi. V DOUGLAS H. LOCKE, BusiiInBeisAEducation Seminary JOHN M. LOPER, Psychology Brookhaven Spirit Committee: U.A.C.: Southern Generals. MURION A. LOTT, Management Biloxi NORA F. LOTT, Elementary Education Georgetown B.S.U. Executive and Greater Counsel. VI JOSEPH C. LUKE, Accounting Union WALTER S. LOYLE, JR., EAE, Accounting Meridian Dormitory Vice President and President: Men's AfEair's Board: Yellow- jackets, Officer: Delta Sigma Pi: Debtate Team: U.A.C.: Kappa Sigma Pledge: Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer, President: Collegiate Civitan, Treasurer, President: Alpha Epsilon Alpha: Business Fraternity Council: B.S.U.: S.C.O.P.E.: Young Republicans Club. JERRY L. LUMPKIN, Church Music McNeill RONCE ALBERT LYNCH, Chemistry Gulfport VII A WALTER M. MABRY, KA, Architectural Drafting New Orleans, La. Newman Club. FRANKLIN C. MACH, Mathematics Gulfport MARTHA A. MACLEAN, Elementary Education Hattiesburg Kappa Delta Pi: BLS.U., Executive Council: S.N.E.A. CHRISTINE M. MAGEE, XQ, Elementary Education McComb Chi Omega, Ofiicer: S.N.E.A., Executive Council: U.A.C.: Wesley VIII MILDRED B. MAGEE, Elementary Education Mendenhall B.S.U.: S.N.E.A. CHARLYN D. MAGUIRE, Journalism Mobile Alpha Psi Omega, Ofiicer: Southern Players, Vice President, President: Student Pnntz, Section Editor: Canterbury Club, Secretary: S.C.O.P.E. Chairman: R.E.W.: Dormitory Ofiicer: First Place Southem Literary Festival: Summer Stock: Dean's List: Accent Staff. KENNETH J. MALLETTE, History Biloxi JACK B. MALONE, Business Administration Hattiesburg Pi Sigma Epsilon: Alpha Phi Omega. OI dl'-an 4 211,91 if ,. , 1 A . ff 'Z V. fi fl Z M f A ..,,. f'fi+f-i-i?M1i2l?fIyi- , , I ,gli , 1 I-We . if " ' 4 X, Q L x 5 411. 'i' fn, f 4 ww- I 1 Q ,ffm wr Y-...Q 4 . if iwnmrrfek ..H vga-.,sm J-f K' .. gg x . :"' . J f 37 I . 'f 'i ' an ,Q 4' X 1 'V R- , hmm 4 ,,,.. we We . M ' 'Was QM., V law as Q, .PP- f ' f?Qw: 12 52" W his fe 0-'Wa fha. 1 ,.,, .. ,N As. .f 41 f 4 ' .ff- f"? ff is ,xx V ., an Iwi' I . af f i " S22 2 ,Jas J RV-. 1. MA.. ,fwwr v -n. W. w. 1 4 inf 15... if A. i f ,xi . mrs 3. is 'Nr W If 1-N mx f , I ,I ., f ra Z f ff: er.. Qi 1 Ji ti-,,f I. 4, W f U U1- ,mx '75 E", ,M . Mx ,l I tj.. fo N, - . 5 5. lk 'Ns i Vik X ' .bu Y. . Q-'XLR . q.. C D. 1 Ls O1 THE SENIOR I JAMES R. M.ANN, Medical Technology Laurel JO A.NN MANN, Elementary Education Purvis Dean'S List: M.E.A.g S.N.E.A. JOYCE M. MAN SFIELD, Home Economics Education Hattiesburg LOUIS J. MANUEL, II, Management Biloxi II DONALD E. MARTIN, Business Education Columbia DOUGLAS s. MARTIN, English Rose Hill KENNETH J. MARTIN, Management New Orleans, La. Delta Sigma Pi, Historian, Rho Eta Sigma. Secretary: Dean's List: Freshman and Senior Class Favorite: Newman Club: Proctor: Senator. JOHN R. MATHEWS, History Baton Rouge, La. III CHARLOTTE A. MATHIS, Business Education Jackson Pi Omega Pi: Kappa Delta Pi: S.N.E.A.: B.S.U. RAYMOND G. MATLOCK, Marketing Weslaco, Texas L. MICHAEL MAY, Psychology Huntsville, Ala. PATSY A. MCATEE, Spanish Jackson Pan American Student Associatioigf 1gean's List: International Relation's u . IV DONNIS R. MCCARSTLE, Elerlzriebntary Education Woodville S. . .A. MICHAEL D. MCCRANEY, Mathematics Picayune KENNETH L. MCDAVID, Music Education Laurel Kappa Kappa Psi. DANNY D. McDANIEL, Chemistry McComb IV DAVID McDANIEL, History Bude BUTCH J. MCDONALD, QM, Biology Andalusia, Ala. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Secretary: Beta Beta Beta: Senator: Phi Mu. Vice-President: Election Commission: Dixie Darlings: Vice President Dormitory. SAMMY G. MCDONALD, History Heidelburg INA J. MCELHANEY, AEA, Elementary Education, Hattiesburg S.C.0.P.E.: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Officer: S.N.E.A.: Dean's List: Wesley Foundation. VI HOWARD G. McGEE, EQE, History Jackson .. German Club: Young Republicans Club. JOYCE R. MCGEI-IEE, Marketing Meadville B.F.C.: U.A.C.: Phi Chi Theta, National Delegate, President: Dormitory Officer. ARTIE L. MCGRAW, ATQ, Psychology Pensacola, Fla. CHARLES R. MCKEEOER, Elementary Education Clinton, Md. Dean's List. VII WILMA F. MCKEEVER, Elementary Education Natchez CAROLYN N. McKEY, Business Education Faiygette Phi Beta Lambda, President: Pi Omega Pi, Vice President: PPS Delta Pi. MARCELL H. MCLENDON, Commercial Art Plain Kappa Pi: B.S.F.: B.S.U., Otlicer. KENNETH A. MCLEOD, Mathematics and Chemistry A-C-5 Leakesville VIII CHARLOTTE M. MCMURTRAY Elementary Education Gulfport GEORGE H. MCNINCH ' Jackson THOMAS R. MCRAE, History Waynesboro THOMAS U. MCRAE, Accounting Carthage Young Republicans Club, Vice Chairman: Foundation. Alpha Epsilon Alpha: Wesley III CLASS OF 1965 I GARRY D. MEADOR, Music Education Laurel Kappa Kappa Psi: Marching Band. SHEROD L. MEASELLS, Marketing Ellisville KAREN A. MELTON, Elementary Education Natchez JANE MEREDITH, XO, Art Hattiesburg Phi Delta Rho, President: President and Vice President of Dormitory: Women's Affairs Board, Vice President: Women's Advisory Council, President: Senator: Chi Omega. Pledge Trainer, Model Pledge: Dean's List: Kappa Pi. II ROBERT L. MILLER, Biology Biloxi LARRY J. MIQUES, History Biloxi KATHY MILLER, Elementary Education Mobile Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart: Top Ten Beauty: Feature Twirler. PERCY MILLER, Physical Education West SHIRLEY H. MILLER, Business Education JOHN MILNER, Business Administration MARY K. MILNER, Elementary Education DAVID KEITH MITCHELL, Mathematics IV HERMAN E. MITCHELL, Accounting JIMMIE E. MITCHELL, Biology RON M. MITCHELL, Real Estate Finance U.S.M. Diving Champion. JEANNE M. DIXON, Business Education Pi Omega Pi. V ROBERT G. MOLSBEE, Biology Beta Beta Beta. CAROL P. MOODY, Elementary Education Sumrall Gulfport Mt. Olive Picayune DeKalb Tylertown Forest Hattiesburg Theodore, Ala. New Augusta Dean's List: S.N.E.A.: University Chorus: Wesley Foundation. CHUCK MOON, Church Music Gulfport Yellowiackets, Secretary: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, President and Vice President: Phi Tau Chi: M.E.N.C.: Wesley Foundation, Officer: King of Charity Ball: Leading Roles in Theater. CHARLIE P. MOORE, Architectural Drafting Jackson VI WARNER O. MOORE, JR., Mathematics and History Biloxi Phi Alpha Theta: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Dean's List. MAURICE C. MORGAN, Management Gulfport BRENDA K. MORRIS, KIJM, Business Education Ocean Springs GERALD C. MORRIS Biolo Hattiesburg EY Phi Eta Sigma: ,Alpha Epsilon Dona, Beta Beta Beta. VII DANIEL W. MOSLEY, Accounting Butler, Ala. Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Vice President: Delta Sigma Pi. JANIE L. MOSS, Business Education Laurel MARY A. MOUNT, Elementary Education McKeesport, Pa. S.N.E.A., 3rd Vice President: Dixie Darlings: Dean's List: University Chorus: Modern Dance and Ballet Club: Dormitory Oliicer: Newman Club: Social Sorority, Vice President, Pledge Trainer. VIII BARBARA ANN MOWDY, Mathematics Philadelphia S.N.E.A. JUDY MULKEY, Home Economics Education and Clothing and Textiles Milton, Fla. PATRICK E. MULLEY, Personal and Industrial Mgmt. Laurel Westminster, Treasurer. FLORIA KAYE MURRAH, Elementary Education Lucedale O in F l . 'Q' ,V 1 ., X 7' 4 7 W ' f f f 'W ,f W 'GMM f 'W I X . , . . X ff V V , .,.,, , , . f f f , f at . f f, ff ,0 X f f,f X I6 M W ,f , , ' + I 4'::ff1? , . x f l Z L 1. x .4 ,. fa 'S 2 A 1 va., ' 'K ,, V 5 ,, I," 1 . I .QV ' A " , .-for ' F we at if .0 6. P , , . M it rf 'f' ,V f - 'B 4 ff ,, 0"""" , . f ' xr' ,, . , . . Q32 WWW, - ' , , v. I.,ZfJg:.Vf it i - v 2 39' L Q. X., ., ,, , :P-71 as ,Wx 4: V, I ,, Q.. ' . , Vi , A 1 Z f a V - ' w ., K' 'ff 2 . , . A f , i at fo . . , ' . I , ' new f uqwhf f' , gif ff f 'aa 1 1, J 1. , f L i , ' H , f Z 9 -ox A -, 4 ,,., . mv vw.. M sf Z ff,,f . vw? Z , , , . M. V ,, 7 V QW 21 ' may ' ,f P-bf , , MQ, pf f.-'- '7 ' f , M01 f 2 -an 4, ,,,, M544 I , .fa--H ,f 'fxf -.. Wa: , I . . 1 3. 4 fa-v f '4 Q ' 'll' I ,,,, if 5,1 '- 2 ' , " M A I h F 'tm' ,Wil . My ,., .ff Q W f Xf ' ' ff" ' 'fx' 1.:"""'x haf ya f f not 1 rv 'ox f I, Qu' V fu h --,, J 5. 1 jizgzm .wg Q ., B fra ie, , S V M Y ,, 4 . y B.. ,, ,, .fa f gg.. , . 3 ' li 11' 'F' N of it 1 - ' 'WWW' : J I ' ' r fi Vile., ,,. ,B ,ff .-for ,U ,lfV'f-. .fi y ' 5 .Z . A A V W V 53 M Q , .. .,.., . f f a 'V A " I it n uv- f fa W X ,H Z 1, f ff ff, f firm f ' Zu 4 1 304 4.15 'f rf 4' 1 fn 252' I -W - -x . " 4 B f if mb. ' ,, .t S, x 'R fm G X' ,, fp -1 ,S I0 'hw 1 ,, . ll le .ff -'fi "ffm, 1 ',, 'ik 'Q'-, . . . . Z, 3,,,,,,, fm , If , QW, A ' , . " I , ,...,, M ,A A L 1? 'gg ,y'26'b- 'bf , 4 'J.,.4S ' - . . ' J 1 9 aw- I L Q, , 5, ' ' 1. ,ft f Q ty. 35' ' an W .. tif? .:f 'f 5 ' 'Wh 'A 32,41 ml My '-df' .x 2 4 mb M.. ' i V . MV' f Q2 iz I ' 'vii . '13 I ' TWU. ' I-'. as . 3, . . , ..-.. 1 . M. ' I 4,5 IL' ff A, In f-war, A, mus- yl f ' 'f ff V' .J -' ., " 1 - f ff", A 3' , ,'A ' 1' tv rlf Us ' 'I as . ' P- ' 4 . V ' - 1 if . ., , . J , - W'-nv" A u..,,,f' A i. 1 ,iff ,I 4-ld: X 4. f f at - , M, ,Q ,fn ,, ff, -. . ' ,. 1 - saw . . M Q. 7, ' 'f f. .ff la , f' rl 1. tg. I . K ' , I ty. 'r Q- 1 ly. .F vs XI WG Qu if n 2 ' I i ' n ' 'sf . I JPN ' Q V . 4 ,21- , l"5l' ,fiT"f'bl:.' Q. V f, 5 . ,Wt ',, . f +1 'Y v. X C? QN .4-' - - v' '- A, i O z ' R I h 04 THE SENIOR I W. C. MURRAY, JR., Elementary Education Bogue Chitto AILEEN M. MURPHY, Nursing Administration Vancleave ANNA RUTH MURPHY, Elementary Education Vancleave ALMA ELLEN MYRICK, Elementary Education Stringer Il MARTHA F. MYRICK, Elementary Education Laurel Dorm officer: B.S.U.: S.N.E.A.: S.M.E.A. GWINN NADERHOFF, JR., History Biloxi Pen and Sword. LARRY E. NAPIER, Accounting Mobile, Ala. Delta Sigma Pi: Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Secretary. MALCOLM B. NAPIER, English Hattiesburg III ROBERT F. NEAL, Biology Picayune FRANCES CARLEE NECAISE, Sociology Hattiesburg BURKETT S. NEELY, Biology Mendenhall President, Beta Beta Beta: Dean's List: Department Technician in Biology. DWIGHT L. NELSON, Marketing Monticello IV SIDNEY C. NEWELL, English Meridian KAY NEWMAN, AM, Elementary Education Natchez Outstanding Freshman Woman: 2nd Alternate Miss U.S.M.: Dean's List: Campus Beauty: Student Body Homecoming Maid: Panhellenic Representative: Rush Chairman: Vice-President of Delta Delta Delta: President of Women's Affairs Board, Women's Advisory Council: Justice on Student Court. FRANK H. NICHOLS, Accounting Moss Point Alpha Epsilon Alpha. PATRICIA A. NICHOLS, CDM, Elementary Education Newton V LEO L. NICHOLSON, Business Administration Richton DOUGLAS C. NIETZEL, KA, Management Hempstead, Long Island, N.Y. Dean's List: I.F.C. Publicity Chairman, Scholarship Chairman. ROBERT F. NIMOCKS, Mathematics Hattiesburg DAVID R. NOBLES, Mathematics Hattiesburg VI .. FRANCES C. NORRIS, Elementary Education Atmore, Ala. LINDA G. NORSWORTHY, Business Admin. President's List: Alpha Lambda Delta: Dixie Darlings. Waynesboro SHARON NULL, Radio and T.V. Meridian JOE ANN NUNLEY, English Fayette VII MARVIN S. ODLE, History Lucedale Pen and Sword: Alpha Gamma Rho: P.A.Y. DAVID E. O'NEAL, Marketing Meadville Delta Sigma Pi, President, Business Fraternity Council: Chancellor of Delta Sigma Pi. RITA A. ORCHOLL, Institution Management Chicago, Ill. Kappa Delta Pi: Alpha Lambda Delta: Newman Club: Dean's List. C. G. ORMAND, Biology and Psychology Columbus, N. C. VIII ORVIS P. STANLEY, History Lynn Haven, Fla. Rho Eta Sigma. JOHN H. O'SH'IELDS, KA, General Business Tupelo Outstanding Pledge Award. Corresponding Secretary. Historian of Kappa Alpha: Collegiate Civitan Club: Chi Omega "Owl Man." DELANO SUE OTT, Elementary Education Petal J. W. OVERSTREET, Industrial and Personnel Management Waynesboro CLASS OP 1965 I JUDY C. OWEN, HBfIJ, Home Economics Education, Blakely, Ga. Home Economics Club: Kappa Omicron Phi, Secretary: Kappa Delta P13 Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Trainer, President, Dean's List, B.S.U.3 R.E.W. Committee of 100. JAMES H. OWENS, IIKA, Business Meridian EDWARD J. OUSLEY, Acacia, Business Administration Citronelle, Ala. PAUL A. PACIERA, JR., Management New Orleans, La. II ALEXANDER R. PACK, History New Hebron GEORGE T. PAHLGREN, Art Pensacola, Fla. Kappa Pi. NATHAN T. PAOLA, Physical Education Gulfport Newman Club. DOROTHY D. PARRISH, QM, Business Education Laurel Dixie Darlingsg 0iTicer of Jones Hall, Oflicer of Phi Mu. III MILDRED A. PARKER, Institution Management Bay St. Louis Home Ec. Club. WALTER A. PARKER, III, Biology Hattiesburg PHILIP P. PARKS, English Butler, Ala. GARY P. PARNHAM, ECPE, Elem. Education Finnleyville, Pa. IV CAROL G. PARSONS, AZ, Commercial Art Hattiesburg Officer of Delta Zeta. PATRICIA A. PATRICK, QM, English McIntosh, Ala. U.A.C.g S.G.A. Executive Official Hedge President and Reporter of 1 u. I-IERMAN H. PATTERSON, Elementary Education, Hattiesburg MILES V. PATTERSON, JR., Industrial Arts Gainesville, Fla. V RONALD O. PATTERSON, KA, Finance Hattiesburg Alpha Phi Omega: Rho Epsilong Publicity Chairman, Rho Epsilon. JAMES N. PAULY, Sociology Winnetka, Ill. Southern Broadcasters: Newman Club. DANIEL C. PEARCE, Acacia, History and Recreation Chickasaw, Ala. I.F.C. Representativeg U.S.M. Band: Recreation Club: Rush Chairman of Acacia. DENNIS L. PEARSON, Commercial Art Columbus VI FREDERICK J. PEEBLES, Mathematics Dunkirk, N. Y. Pen and Sword. FREDA PERNICIARO, Business Education Bay St. Louis Newman Clubg Phi Beta Lambda. RAYMOND J. PERRY, History Gulfport RO-BERT E. PETRO. ATU, Management Hattiesburg Senator: Oilicer, Alpha Tau Omega: Oflicer, S.A.M.3 Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Newman Club. VH V WILLIAM R. PHALEN, Journalism Evanston, Ill. Business Manager, Student Pvgntzgt Advertising Manager, Promotion lrec or. JANIE R. PHILLIPS, AEA, Business Education Yazoo City S.N.E.A.Q Phi Beta Lambda. MARIECE E. PHILLIPS, Institutional Mgmt. Bay Springs MAURICE E. PHILLIPS, Physical Education Rolling Rock VIH KAY L. PICKENS, AAA, Psychology Jackson Dorm President: -Freshman Counselor: M.I.C. 3rd Vice-President: Pi Tau Chi, Dean's Lists, Class Officer 3 vearsg Freshman Favoriteg Chaplain of Delta Delta Delta: Senator. JEAN GLADYS PICKETT, Elementary Education McComb DONALD J . PICKNEY, Political Science Hattiesburg MARIE L. PIERCE, Mathematics Collinsville B.S.U.3 Dean's List: Y.W.A. O I 'f '- 1,545 if V, , , ' ' fi: , I .5 , X 4 ,W .,, 1,,,,,, W A 06 5 f A' .if fre nf: rs- f C ff vw 'Mr' 1 ey 1, Q F . ' ' .AZ 4'--x f 12 in 4 4 -V H I' 0 rj, ,V X ff ,..,.,. 4 , I yy ff f, W ' ' , WW! l-Q, f l 77 -f fha", 3' "'j5',- ' M I 4 ' 1. '6' I .1 wtf' 'VJ if 'M-A . . . L 4' f 1 ,,--,4.:::f":- f f'- ff 2 9 1 f XI: ' W ff X X Aw. I wk 5' X 5 1 ,li 1 wp, .4 Y . 71 z Y." 7 Z . J We Z y f- at f , .1-431. -,fy ,T M Q ,, . . , la .aw a ,Q ,zgvftw ' W V ff wa ' - . yw ' ' -fu , , , M, . r ' . T , X. , . . , at 2 2 W... , 1 ' 1 "" , , ivffw ff we . 'E j it 0 W 414 1 W,, 9, ,gcf ,, .1 yi as A in . . .fy f . .A ,,.,. , ..,, fe "' 'V ., X. ,,, 'fir fu K is i Il .... k ,X .I .. 4 ...Cf .1 at . qt .. i X " I ff- ,gf "W ' ' V, 5 V5 .V af, 1 . I ,.' ,fT,.xJf 2 ,K , I A . G .. ,..., .. . I, yi IZ. 'Z af J 4 if t , , N ,U ,ff F wi A wt.. nm' Q, hx? Nr.-f , 0 5 ea' V QM. fy, 1 f .- fm . A 1:55, 'Q' ' Q, ff' , -,,s,,,- AW. A mul" ' .- sf .,:-2'3f1?"' .:'?3:f'. ' - -. J Q 1 ' - , 1 , , A is , N we Q , r f ' :Ji , . ii: .lu F I 9 5 6 M' .fa iq i"' E .. . fl 0. wmv! , wc- , gy, Q . , x.. A , " 2 W , J X Ihr ' ' f "'24n,,,,,,,, tx team f nl' f ,. V.. 1 Y W fr' I 4 ,fi .,,pg,,gff, E pw 2, 1 , , p ,Q I A 5,1 C: fl Z 'ZW' fi V 4 .4. . ,jf'fZr,, 4 I We .fi .1 -, 'I ' Q.. Q 1,55 I ' W-7. ,ia ,. 'Iihyff yffytxkz JV .ww 19. . " :,, V WL' . f!3f2i ' '. f.-2: F-Af 1 '-'37 . . . . . .f ,iffy .f K . ff All 44' -an - 'bv y . , f , fa. M - ,,, I ke: f Qi M ""'- M K ' 1 if Q , ,a fX ffl? 'GN , .5,- -of - of ,,. umm .wt 'J ' v 1- Ons S ., Q: X B ,fic " r I we-. if--v 'bf' A .M as q. , 1 xii! O THE SENIOR I LEON MALCOLM PIGFORD, fIvKT, Polit. Science Birmingham Social Chairman, Phi Kappa Tau Pledge Class: Alpha Gamma Rho: Young Republicans Club. JUDITH G. PILCHER, Library Science Pensacola, Fla. STEVE A. PITTMAN, Biology and Pre-Med Sandy Hook JERRY G. POGUE, HKA, General Business Lake Village, Ark. II ANNA K. POOLE, Elementary Education Natchez Wesley Foundation. BRENDA J. POOLE, KA, Marketing Columbia Dean's List: B.S.U. CHARLES W. PORTER, Music Mobile, Ala. Marching Band: Concert Band: Stage Band: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Kappa Kappa Psi: M.E.N.C.: Yellowjacketsg Band Council: Drill Masters. ELEMUEL PORTER, History Natchez III BOBBY N. POSEY, Psychology Philadelphia ZELIUS W. POWELL, Managemne-Int Hattiesburg S.A. . CECIL H. PRENTICE, Acacia, Psychology and History Mississippi City Treasurer, Social Chairman, Acacia: Vice Chairman, Mc1VI.il1ian Hall: Men's Affairs Board: Band. AUDREY R. PREVATTE, Biology Pensacola, Fla. Dean's List. IV BETTY R. PRICE, AAA Dallas, Texas Dixie Darlings: B.S.F.: Spirit Committee: Dorm Odicer. JOHNNY B. PRITCHETT, History Stonewall BUBBA PROTHRO, KIDKT, Pre-Med Hattiesburg Beta Beta Beta: Alpha Delta Epsilon: General Nat. DIANNE J. PUGH, AEA, Marketing Port Sulphur, La. University Band, University Chorus, Westminster Fellowship, Dorm Ollicer. V GAIL S. PUGH, Elementaryslijqdgicition Bay Springs KITTY C. PUNESSEN, HBQD, Philosophy Hattiesburg Vice President, Pi Beta Phi: Fellowship Chairman, Wesley Foundation: Pi Tau Chi: R.E.W. Committee o2l0g: Panhellenic Council: Philosophy u . DIANE D. PURVIS, AEA, Marketing Jackson Vice President, Secretary, Rush Chairman, Alpha Sigma Alpha: B.S.U.: Dorm officer: University Chorus: Secretary, Panhellenic Council. DAVID J. PUSHCAR, Biology and Psychology Biloxi Pen and Sword. VI ROGER RAFFIELD, Commercial Art Jackson Kappa Pi. CLYDE M. RAINES, Business Administration Hattiesburg JERRY W. RALEY, Math and Physics Mobile, Ala. Dean's List: Vice President, Physics Club. BRENDA S. RATCLIFF, Biology Brookhaven B.S.U.: Beta Beta Beta. VII PERCY D. RATCLIFF, Political Science Columbia JEAN RAWLS, AAA, Home Economics Hattiesburg Home Economics Club: Westminster Fellowship: Treasurer, Delta Delta Delta: R.E.W. Committee of 100. WAYNE A. RAYBORN, Mathematics Lumberton OSCAR P. REDD, Accounting Brookhaven VIII BENNIE W. REED, Accounting Hattiesburg Delta Sigma Pig Dean's List. BURLON W. REID, Elementary Education Poplarville JOHN R. REID, Management Laurel S.A.M. VERNON R. REINIKE, Business Administration Long Beach ...Ld CLASS OF 1965 I DON L. RENEGAR, IIKA, Management Jackson President, Pi Kappa Alpha. FREDA D. RESTER, Home Economics Education Poplarville B.S.U.: S.N.E.A.: Home Economics Club: Pledge of Kappa Omicron Phi: Dorm Oiiicer: Kappa Delta Pi, Dean's and President's List, Who's Who, Delta Delta Delta Scholarship. WARREN L. REUTHER, KE, Management New Orleans, La. PAUL H. REYNOLDS, HPKT, Radio and Management Greenville, Ala. Delta Sigma Pi: Announcer of the Year, W.M.S.U.: S.A.M.: Southern Broadcasters. II ROSALIND RHODES, Speech Therapy Mendenhall Sigma Alpha Eta, Freshman Counselor. CHARLIE F. RICE, Business Administration Wesson ELIZABETH A. RICHARDS, Home Economics Education Perkinston S.N.E.A.: B.S.U.: Home Economics Club. MARTIN L. RICHARDSON, Mathematics Gulfport Ill JOHN L. RICHMOND, KE, Mathematics Miami, Fla. Sports Editor, SOUTHERNER: I.F.C. Representative: S.C.O.P.E.: Scabbard and Blade: Distinguished Military Student: I.F.C. Athletic Director: Tennis Team: U.S.M. Intramural Athlete of the Year: Circle K Club: Kappa Sigma Rush Chairman: Election Commission: U.A.C.: S.C.0.P.E. Executive Committee. SYLVIA J. RICHMOND, Finance Gulfport ROY L. RITCHEY, Health and Physical Education Gulfport CHARLES A. RITCHIE, Personnel Management Lafayette, La. IV JAMES C. ROBERSON, Math and Chemistry Clinton CYNTHIA A. ROBERTS, Elementary Education Pensacola, Fla. S.N.E.A.: B.S.U. REGINALD ROBERTS, Medical Technology Brookhaven WILLIAM H. ROBERTS, Management Mobile, Ala. S.A.M., Distinguished Military Student: President's and Dean's Lists. V JOHN S. ROBERTSON, Business Administration Columbia LINDA J. ROBERTSON, QM, Elementary Education Liberty SCOPE: Vice President and President, S.N.E.A.: Secretary of S.G.A.: Secretary of Senior Class: Outstanding Pledge in Phi Mu: Corresponding Secretary and Reporter, Phi Mu: R.E.W. Committee of 100: Who's Who: Recipient of Winn-Dixie Junior-Senior Scholarship: S.U.S.G.A. CHARLES E. ROBINSON, Chemistry Ellisville DIANNE E. RO-SHTO, Voice CMusicJ Sumter, S. C. Who's Who: Outstanding Freshman Girl Music Major: Outstanding Sophomore Girl Music Major: Freshman Counselor. VI MIRIAM S. ROUSE, Music Education Wiggins B.S.U., M.E.N.C. CHARLES H. RUMFELT, IIKA, History Jackson Patriotic American Youth. STANLEY R. RUNNELS, Marketing Mt. Olive BONNYE R. RYALS, English Philadelphia Dean's List: B.S.U.: S.N.E.A. VII PATRICIA A. SALTER, nm, Business Education Peterman, Ala. Wesley Foundation: Phi Beta Lambda, Scholarship Chairman: President, Pi Beta Phi. DANA A. SANDERS, Management Meridian Delta Sigma Pi: S.A.M. MONA R. SANDERS, Special Education Ellisville AUBREY C. SANFORD, Industrial Management Benton Delta Sigma Pi: President's List. VIII SHARON L. SANFORD, Elementary Education McComb S.N.E.A.: Westminster Fellowship. VIRGINIA D. SARTOR, Home Economics Education Taylorsville B.S.U.: S.N.E.A.: Home Economics Club. ALENE SAUCIER, Home Economics Education Lumberton STEPHEN R. SAUCIER, Public Address and Radio Bay St. Louis Sales manager for W.M.S.U. .k Ar fi "VK Qt 1 'Vi . gg,- av M 2 T s x i 'Kr ' ' M., f ' s. . - . .. .Z f ,, . , fi if f Y' fv.W.f 4 fl if , ,, , A 1 Qfffffff . 7 "" , K . f - , 'M ' 21 A., X i f w new f 5 J , 1' . - 11:3 if . L' .29 ?', , M,,.fgg... .A gg I ww '-V 094155 'K-uf hp .af-.W if 12 .mf 4 QM: ' A , .V ' 4 'V -1 ,A ' .Q , -'fm X : I ' , nf ,h wi " I' ' P -' QQ. I " A. A at A . f x 'nm . fmt... A F' 72 S 45' f ri' it 'Wh-. 307 Elia "Y f if? f , . a ' N , Zi V' Q ftl A it gifs 'i V x bf ' , r-Y 5 ... , fi ' f . M .allwxx 441 T1 AW' ,fit f MW 0. ,ws -'vp-f., Zh i 1 'tv Sf 1 1, gg ,,. r ' fs ? . ',s M, 4 M W . , . .... i i,..,.b7,..fs 325, . ,, 'Z' , IV' li it ""' if 4-,f ew "5"'T7' I"d--. 'Faer- wus 4 ,175 30 THE SENIOR CAROLYN R. SCARBROUGH, Health and Physical Education Richton JOE D. SCARPA, KE, Marketing Vineland, N. J. President of Pi Sigma Epsilon: President Interfraternity Council: V,P, and Pledge Trainer Kappa Sigma: V.P.-I.F.C.: "Outstanding Big Brother" Kappa Sigma: Marketing Scholarship. RUTH SCHOENIGER, XQ, English Hattiesburg Vice President of Chi Omega, Personnel Chairman of Chi Omega: Vice President of Lambda Iota Tau: Dean's List. ELOISE SCOTT, Home Economics Mt. Olive Home Economics Club: Southem Players: Westminster Fellowship. Il WILLIAM P. SEARCY, Geology and Geography Metairie, La. Physics Achievement: Geology Club Award-62, 63: Club Treas. 63-64. Vice President Geology Club 64-65. MARY E. SELLERS, Business Education Hattiesburg Pi Omega Pi: Delta Kappa Pi. ROBERT N. SELLERS, Business Administration Magee Delta Sigma Pi. SANDRA B. SELLERS, Business Education Moselle Ill MARION D. SEPHTON, History Carthage Phi Delta Kappa. WILLIAM R. SEWELL, History Biloxi JACK C. SHARP, Mathematics Petal Yellowjacket Scholarship: Merit Scholarships Nominee: Crown-Zeller- back Scholarship: Phi Eta Sigma: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Pi Kappa: 4th award Kappa Mu Epsilon: Freshman Math Test: R.O.T.C. Scholarship Ribbons: Baptist Student Fellowship: Dean's List: President's List. THOMAS J. SHARP, Mathematics Petal Crown-Zellerbach Foundation Scholarship: Forrest County Alumni, Merit Scholarship: Pi Kappa Pi: Phi Eta Sigma: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Sophomore Physics Award: 2nd. Award Kappa Mu Epsilon Freshman Math test: First year German Award: R.O.T.C. Scholarship Ribbons: Bapist Student Fellowship: President's List: Dean's List. IV HENRY K. SHARP, KE, BS Journalism Bogalusa, La. Kappa Sigma Fratemity: Intramural Sports. GILBERT SHAW, Mathematics Hattiesburg LOU N. SHELBY, Music Education Montrose M.E.N.C., University Chorus. FRED T. SHIRLEY. Business Administration West Palm Beach, Fla. Delta Sigma Pi. V SUZANNE SHIRLEY, Elementary Education Yazoo City CLEMON L. SHOEMAKE, Biology Hattiesburg Treas. A.E.O. 64-65: Yellowjackets: Beta Beta Beta. MARY B. SHOEMAKE. EEE. Physical Education Laurel President, Pledge Class, Sigma Sigma Sigma: Committee of 100: Vice President, Sigma Sigma Simga. WILLIAM R. SHOWS, Foreign Trade Biloxi VI LINDA G. SHUFF, IPM. Business Education Meridian Dixie Darlings, Rush Chairman, Phi Mu Sorority: S.N.E.A.: B.S.U. JAMES B. SHUMAN, Management Pensacola, Fla. DORRIE J. SIDOTE, Elem. Education New Britain, Conn. Dorm officer: Newman Club: Southern Boosters: S.N.E.A. TERRENCE J. SLIVA, ATQ, Elem. Education Metairie, La. "M" Club: Varsity Basketball: Alpha Tau Omega, Rush Chairman, Proctor: Rho Eta Sigma, Publicity Chairman: Student National Education Association: Freshman Orientation Counselor: Newman Club. VII DAVID L. SIMMONS, History Louin RICHARD G. SIMMONS, Architectural Drafting Meridian JOSEPH J. SLMONICH, Industrial Arts Biloxi MARY DENE SIMMS, Elementary Education Louin VIII SHIRLEY S. SISCO, Elementary Education Bog'ue Chitto PATRICIA A. SLADE. XD, Elementary Education Gulfport S.N.E.A.: Chi Omega Sorority. VVILLIAM F. SLYFIELD, Micro-Biology Moss Point Canterbury Club. JOHN D. SIMPSON, BAE. English Pascagoula President of Scott Hall: O.D.K. Outstanding Freshman: President, L.I.'l'-I Oilicer. Yellowjackets: Sec.. Phi Alpha Fraternity: Sec., Men's Affairs Board: S.C.0.P.E.: Editor Student Directory. CLASS OF 1965 I BROOKS E. SMITH, Personnel Management Biloxi CHARLES A. SMITH, Accounting Jackson CHARLES J. SMITH, History Chickaswa, Ala. DONALD M. SMITH, Mathematics Meridian ll GLENDA D. SMITH, Business Education Poplarville GRACE SMITH, QM, Home Ec. Education DeKalb Secretary, Chaplain, Phi Mu: Vice President, S.C.F.: R.E.W. Committee of 100 Chairman: Secretary, S.N.E.A.: M.E.A. Delegate: Vice President, Kappa Omicron Phi: Social Service Chairman: Home Ec. Club: Kappa Delta Pi: Pi Tau Chi: Wesley Officer: S.C.O.P.E.: Drawl Section Editor: Dorm Officer: Senator: SOUTHERNER Staff: Election Commission: Delta V Zeta Carnival Queen Court: Miss Southern Mississippi Contestant: Dean's List. ISSAC C. SMITH, Accounting Union Alpha Epsilon Alpha. JAMES W. SMITH, JR., History Pelahatchie III KENNETH W. SMITH, Biology Pascagoula LARRY T. SMITH, Geography Jackson President's and Dean's List. LAWRENCE O. SMITH, Business Admin. Brewton, Ala. MARCUS P. SMITH, JR., Recreation Meridian IV MARILYN L. SMITH, Business Education Hattiesburg ROGER C. SMITH, Music Education Jayess University Singers. RONALD D. SMITH Gulfport Arrangements Chairman, Westminster Fellowship: Co-chairman of Spirit Committee: Dorm Representative. NORRIE S. SMYLIE, JR., HKA, Architectural Drawing Enterprise JANICE O. SMYTHE, Clothing Merchandising Moss Point President, Home Ec. Club: President and Dean's List: 3 Merit Scholar- ships: U.A.C. Vice President: Freshman Counselor: Alpha Lambda Delta: Treasurer, Kappa Omicron Phi. WILLIAM T. SPEED, Recreation Seminary CHARLOTTE J. SPEIGHTS, Business Education Bassfield Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Omega Pi: S.N.E.A.: Wesley Foundation: Phi Chi Theta. VIRGINIA A. SPENCE, Elementary Education Picayune Secretary, Wesley Foundation: Vice President, S.N.E.A.: Kappa Delta Pi: Pi Tau Chi: President's and Dean's Lists. VI DENNIS R. SPENCER, ATQ. History-Economics Hattiesburg Vice President, Senior Class: I.F.C.: Head Cheerleader: Honor Pledge, Treasurer, Alpha Tau Omega: Senator: S.G.A. President's Cabinet: Editor of U.S.M. Student Directory: President, Senior Advisor, Phi Eta Sigrna: Treasurer, Circle K Club: Secretary, Alpha Phi Omega: Delta Sigma Pi: Phi Alpha Theta: Pi Gamma Mu: Economics Society: Alpha Alpha Alpha: Scabbard and Blade: S.C.O.P.E.: M.I.C.: S.U.S.G.A.: R.E.W. Committee of 100: Yellowjackets: Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice President, Canterbury Club. ROY J. SPENCER, KE, Political Science Hattiesburg Reporter, Kappa Sigma. THOMAS M. SPINKS, KA, History Lake Jackson, Texas Delta Sigma Pi: Advanced R.O.T.C. LARRY G. SPRUELL, Physical Education Magee VII 0 REBECCA A. STAMPLEY, English Hickory Dean's List: Vice Chairman, Dorm: Historian, Women's Affairs Board: S.N.E.A.: Wesley Foundation. NORRIS M. STANFORD, Mathematics Ithaca, N. Y. DONALD E. STANLEY, History Silas, Ala. EUGENE P. STANLEY IIJKT, Management Biloxi President, Phi Kappa Tau: Treasurer, S.A.M.: Delta Sigma Pi. VIII THEO STECHIVIANN, JR., Biology Bay St. Louis R. CARLESS STEPHENS, Accounting and Finance Pensacola, Fla. Dean's List: Alpha Epsilon Alpha: Rho Eta Sigma. LINDA L. STEPHENS, AAA, Medical Technology Montgomery, Ala. Panhellenic Representative, Scholarship Chairman, Delta Delta Delta: SOUTHERNER: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Skit Night Chairman. TONI T. STEPHENS, Elementary Education Kensington, Md. Dorm ollicer: S.N.E.A.: Newman Club. '14 'W K3 ' fit 'Wi 'fi x -5 ff . ,. , ' M Wy W aw. I , f.-. , "M 7 f V f f ff 'W' 'Hal 'On 'K:"v" H wwcv .PW f""'+"'. Vw kv 'Vw WN 309 1 .mfg 59' K. Q., -v SAY if 4... .tj Q it an '--.J my ff aa gf . f 25: wif aa., Q ff: 'fi 'L 'sf- . se a. . -v 5 ww' y W at 5 aaa w...w. -'R ,. .-. J . V, .. - It .X 1 A , . w -3.4.x 'Z' SN TT? .. I' J c" . eb . or I K- , L, 1 sf- ...- Y Q, 'Syn Vg.-2 " ,, x .,,f -N N IO THE SENIOR I FRANKLIN R. STEVISON, Industrial Arts Seminary RIC O. STEWART, Mathematics Wiggins Basketball Team. MARIE A. STOCKETT, Elementary Education Hattiesburg Civic Chairman of Pulley Hall: S.N.E.A. JAMES F. STOKES, Psychology Jackson Highlander Male Chorus: Spirit Committee. II I'I.lSIOI'y Lumberton JAMES H. STONE, History Hattiesburg Dean's List. JAMES L. STONE, Math and Industrial Arts Laurel l Iota Lambda Sigma. I DANIEL L. STRAHAN, Marketing Hattiesburg A Pi Sigma Epsilon. III ILENE STRAHAN, Elementary Education Lumberton JEANETTE M. STRAHAN, Elementary Education Waynesboro LARRY D. STRINGER, Accounting and Mgmt. Pascagoula Alpha Epsilon Alpha: S.A.M.: President's List. JAMES D. STRINGFELLOW, Industrial Arts Lucedale Dorm Counselor and Treasurer: Men's Aifairs Board. IV MARIANNE STRUB, QM, Elementary Education Yazoo City Social Chairman, Phi Mu: S.N.E.A. HOWARD G. STUTZMAN, JR., History Fort Adams HARRY D. SUAREZ, JR., Physics and Math. Pensacola, Fla. . JOSEPH D. SULLIVAN, Political Science Port Gibson I V RACHEL J. SULLIVAN, Journalism Jackson 1 Student P1-intz staff: U.A.C. SHERRY D. SUMRALL, Elementary Education Sanatorium JOHN S. SWAIN, Recreation Meridian U.S.M. Recreation Association Club. , MARTHA M. SWANSON, Elem. Education Bogue Chitto VI IVAN .J. SWEENEY, Industrial Arts Pensacola, Fla. GERALD G. SWITZER, Physics and Math Handsboro , Physics Club. JOHN S. SZILASI, Fair Lawn, N. J. BRUCE A. TABOR, Corrective Therapy Passaic, N. J. i VII BOBBY TADLOCK, Finance Jackson I Delta Sigma Pi Secretary. 1 VICTOR I. TALBERT, Accounting Pensacola, Fla. ' Delta Sigma Pi: Alpha Epsilon Alpha: Dean's and President's Lists. DONALD S. TANNEHILL, KE, Hattiesburg Pi Tau Chi: Westminster Fellowship. ' ' MARINA P. TANNEHILL, AAA, English Hattiesburg l Kappa Delta Pi: Lambda Tau: Choral Union: Westminster Fellowship: 1 R.E.W. Committee of 100: President's List. VIII WALTER D. TAYLOR, JR., Biology Biloxi Pen and Sword. CAROLYN A. TERRY, Journalism PicaYUne l JAMES E. TERRY, Management Columbia l DOUGLAS F. THOMAS, KE, Biology Hattiesburg , Dean's List: Treasurer, Alpha Epsilon Delta: President, Yice President, . Alpha Phi Omega: Assistant Treasurer, Kappa Sigma. V l ,LL CLASS OF 1965 I MARY V. THOMAS, Business Education Hermanville Phi Beta Lambda: N.E.A.: B.S.U. MARY ANN THOMAS, Elementary Education Shubuta STANLEY O. THOMAS, Political Science Meridian BILL THOMPSON, Clothing and Merchandising Meridian Collegiate Civitan: Men's Affairs Board. II DARRELL E. THOMPSON, Industrial Arts Ohiey, Ill. Dean's List. LINDA GAIL THOMPSON, Elementary Education Jackson PERLA A. THOMPSON, English Jackson Southern Players. BEN C. THORNTON, Industrial A.rts Fort Lauderdale, Fla. III WILLIAM R. THORP, Accounting Hattiesburg Pen and Sword. MARY E. THWEATT, Elementary Education Natchez Marching Band: S.N.E.A.: Tau Beta Sigma. BENJAMIN F. TOLER, Industrial Arts Gloster EDITH A. TRAUB, Home Economics Bay St. Louis Kappa Delta Pi. IV ALFRED J. TRAU I'WEILER, ATS2, Marketing Fair Lawn, N. J. Alpha Tau Omega: Business Fraternity Council, Society for Advance- ment of Marketing: Union Activities Council, Westminster Fellowship WILLIAM A. TRINKNER, Mathematics Mendenhall ALLAN A. TROSCLAIR, Mathematics New Orleans, La. Newman Club: S.N.E.A. LaHARA L. TUCKER, Business Education Decatur S.N.E.A.! B.S.U. V BILL TURNER, Finance Mississippi City CARL J. TUZZOLINO, -PHT, Business Mgmt. Bethpage, N. Y. Phi Kappa Tau: Athletic Director and Social Chairman and Outstanding Manager of 1964 Greek Bowl. BILLY J. ULMER, Music Education Heidelberg U.S.M. Marching Band, Concerglliand, and Orchestra: Phi Mu Alpha in oma. BE'I'I'Y H. UNDERWOOD, Elementary Education Tylertown VI JAMES J. UTSEY, Music Education Gilbertown Ala. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: U.S.M. Marching Band and Concert Band: Kappa Kappa Psi. OLIVER G. VANCE, Biology Jackson J. B. VanSLYKE, Political Science Hattiesburg ROBERT L. VICKERY, Biology Panama City, Fla. Dean's List: President's List: Beta Beta Beta. VII GLENDA K. VAUGHN, Executive Secretarial Vancleave WILLIAM H. VOSS, KE, Jouylnalism Natchez President Student Government Association: President of Kappa Sigma: President of Omicron Delta Kappa: Executive Chairman of S.C.O.P.E.: Business Manager of Student Printz: Secretary of Kappa Sigma: I.F.C. Delegate: Assistant Advertising Manager of Student Printz: Senator. CHARLES B. WAITES, Physical Education Birmingham, Ala. Varsity Football. CHARLES E. WALKER, Marketing Citronelle, Ala. VIII JAMES C. WALKER, Physical Education Forest PERCY E. WALL, Biology Osyka ERIC M. WALLE, Chemistry New Orleans, La. JAMES L. WALTERS, Music Laurel University Singers: Scottish Highlanders: B.S.U. M bu fa Wm Mfmsi'5f7i-is Wulf f 7 ' 7 A f y f ff W 40049 XZ. X. f in -'-.4 ,F WA 2 I, J A-1 I wx? mf., .1 'r My ' :V v. A L 1' THE SENIOR I HARRY C. WARD, Art Bay St. Louis Kappa Pi Honorary Fraternity Scholarship. JOHNNY L. WARD, History Eddiceton LINDA M. WARDLAW, Biology Jackson Sigma Sigma Sigma: Beta Beta Beta: Vice President and Pledge Trainer of Sigma Sigma Sigma. PATSY G. WARNACK, Psychology Jackson II SHARON ANN WARNER, Commercial Art Rome, N. Y. HENRY C. WARREN, Psychology Forest RONALD G. WATSON, Political Science and History Pensacola, Fla. Chairman of Publicity for Alpha Phi Omega: Alpha Gamma Rho: Chairman of Publicity for University Activities Council: Student Group Leader of Newman Club: Committee of 100: Chairman of Publicity for R.E.W.: Chairman of Publicity for Charity Month: Summer Chairman of the University Activities Council: Work Scholarship: Chairman of Publicity for Southern Spirit Committee. STANLEY J. WATSON, XIIX, Psychology Picayune III PATRICIA B. WATTS, Elementary Education Hattiesburg S.N.E.A.: Westminster Fellowship. WARRENE O. WATTS, Elementary Education Wiggins CHARLES L. WEAVER, Business Administration McComb Kappa Alpha. DONALD F. WEBB, Mathematics Hattiesburg Pen and Sword. IV LONNIE N. WEBSTER, Induic1gaDlI Management Pensacola, Fla. LOWELL T. WEEKLEY, Accounting Raleigh LARRY G. WELBORN, Industrial Arts Laurel JERRY W. WELCH, Pre-Med Laurel Rho Eta Sigma: Alpha Epsilon DI-elt1a: Secretary of "M" Club: Dean's is . V ROBERT E. WELCH, Managegiiierlilt Magee LARRY D. WELBORN, Mathematics Laurel Alpha Epsilon Alpha. ROBERT S. WELDON, Religion and Philosophy Carson HANSEL F. WESLEY, History Bogalusa, La. VI ROSE' G. WEST, Chemistry Lucedale ANDREW W. WESTLING, Biology Jackson MARSHALL L. WHATLEY, fbliT, Business Administration Mobile, Ala. ALFRED LEE WHITA.KER,, Business Admin. Columbia VII CHARLENE J. WHITE, Psychology Bogalusa, La. Dean's List: Phi Chi: Pi Lambda Mu: Winner of First Award in Spring Festival, Poetry. EDYTI-H3 WHITE, Mathematics Iuka KAREN J. WHITE, Secretarial Studies Wiggins LeELLA B. WHITE, Elementary Education Moss Point Dean's List. VIII PEGGYE R. WHITE, Elementary Education Pelahatchie Kappa Delta Pi. ROGER K. WHITE, Marketing Moss Point RONALD C. WHITE, KE, Mathematics Hattiesburg President of Student Christian Federation: President and Senior Adyisor of Phi Eta Sigma: Vice President of Omicron Delta Kappa: President of Circle K Club: S.C.O.P.E. vr and VII: Member of Kappa Mu Epsilon: Member of Pi Kappa Pi: Officer and Staff member of Pershing Rifles. JAME THOMAS WHITE, Accounting Columbia Alpha Epsilon Alpha. CHRISTIAN WHITFIELD, English Poplarville CLASS OP 1965 I WILLIAM B. WHITNEY, History Waynesboro President's List, Dean's Listg Penland Sword, Kappa Delta Pig P1 Alpha e a. ELAINE WHITTEN, History Natchez Opera Workshop. ARLON A. WIDDER. Chemistry Theodore, Ala. PEGGY L. WILBANKS, Music Education Carthage II BETTY SUE WILBY, Biology Laurel Chaplain and Recommendation Chairman, Delta Delta Delta, Westmin- ster Fellowship. JANE B. WILDER, Physical Education Mobile, Ala. TOMMIE L. WILKINSON, History McComb B.S.U.: Home Ec. Club, Dorm Oificer. BETTY J. WILLIAMSON, Child Development Grove Hill, Ala. Ill DORA L. WILLIAMSON, History Prentiss ELLENDER WILLIAMS, Elementary Education Ellisville S.N.E.A.3 B.S.U., Dormitory Officer. JOHNNIE K. WILLIAMS, Marketing Theodore, Ala. Yellowjacketsg Intramural Sports, Varsity Baseball, Pi Sigma Epsilon. JOYCE D. WILLIAMS, English Jacksonville, Fla. S.N.E.A.g B.S.U. IV MERLE K. WILLIAMS, European History Laurens, S. C. MORRIS C. WILLIAMS, KA, English Hattiesburg Dean's List. PEGGY VVILLIAMS, XQ, History Jackson Chi Omega, Treasurer, Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretaryg Panhellenic, President, S.C.O.P.E. RAYMOND W. WILLIAMS, Management Metairie, La. Delta Sigma Pi. V RITA M. WILLIAMS, Business Education Perkinston RONALD W. WILLIAMS, Math and History Satsuma, Ala. WILLIAM H. WILLIAMSON, ATQ, Architectural Drafting New York, N.Y. WINFORD C. WILLIAMS, History Bude VI EMILIE K. WILSON, Child Development Starkville Home Economics Club, Wesley Foundation. JERRY W. WILSON, Physical Education Mobile, Ala. Varsity Baseball, "M" Club. MARTHA JO WILSON, Elegn1eIIi:tzX'y Education Belzoni ULRIKE R. WINCKELMANN, Institutional Management Waveland Phi Beta Lambda, Vice President, B.F.C.g Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Economics Club. VII VIRGINIA L.eWISE, Medical Technology Picayune DENNIS E. WIXON, Architectural Drafting Cruger DOUGLAS R. WOMACK, KA, Management Jackson Society for Advancement of Management. KYLE S. WOOD, KA, Management Picayune Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior Class Presidentg Sophomore, Junior Class Favorite: I.F.C., Treasurer, Kappa Sigma, Treasurer: SOUTHERNER, Section Editor: Scabbard and Blade, President: Delta Sigma Pi. Vice President: Collegiate Civitan, Vice President: Yellow- jackets, Vice President: S.U.S.G.A.: S.C.O.P.E., M.I.C.g Senatorg S.G.A., President's Cabinet. VIII SHARON L. WOOLUM, I-IistIoTry Hattiesburg .A.C. ORBIE WRIGHT, Chemistry Ellisville CAROL ANN W. YAWN, Elem. Education Hattiesburg LEONARD J. YELINEK, Journalism Hattiesburg Newman Club, President, Treasurer, Student Printz. JOSEPH J. ZDYBEL, JR., Accounting Berkeley Heights, N.J. 1 '43 Ns ag, ' . . ,. .. ll!! , .... 2 M i,,,., , . . ltitl fpyf ,f?'f4i'. 1 'J an WM.. . I A 4 ,, we f f , ' M mf" y " . " - f 3' , -f H 'Of W7 www' Cl wh if? X' , ' ' Maze, I ,Q ..., , V f 5 ,'Q.,, i, 'gf KW' .,.. , f -www .V f lrln' r Q w wa.. Mm f lazy 21? .3 vm.,-1 A, JZ' 'JZW -'ah I sg. 5 -20" ,553 ' X 1 YQ ffimff 753' 'QQ S,iwXv'fH A Q J X S gf K If FQ Yf24i4'fM1' 'ff' sa , JAXwX"'w Sf' S Xl, v1,X"'b, Q' WI , 4 XV' 'N 4545 4-XQX Yu, fs YW Left to Right ix YV Y vw! vi YQ, X 1 GRADUATE CLASS OFFICERS 314 THE GRADUATES I JOHN M. ANTHONY JULIO LUIS AYLLON LOIS G. BADGER BILLY M. BELL Il DONALD J. BELL RONALD B. BELL ALLEN H. BIZZELL BILL BOUNDS III LLOYD H. BOURGEOIS WILLIAM L. BRITTON MITZI L. BROWN WILLIAM H. CAMPBELL IV BILL P. CAST EUN-SUP CHUNG EVANNE CLORE TOM COWARD V deLAPOUYADE HAROLD O. DUNLAVY WARREN K. DUNN CHARLOTTE ELAM VI ADDISON L. ELLIS HELEN S. ERTMAN JOHN C. EUDY DELORES E. FELDER VII JENG CHYI FENG JAMES E. FORREST ROGGIE V. FULLER RONALD A. GAUTHIER VIH GEORGIA L. GRANBERRY LOUISE H. GRIFFITH CHARLES G. HAND ROBERT J. HARDY Greenville Lima Peru Hattiesburg Pensacola, Fla. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Pensacola, Fla. Lucedale Harahan, La. Hattiesburg Pascagoula Ocean Springs Tampa Seoul, Korea Flora Ellisville New Orleane, La. Mobile, Ala. Jackson Hattiesburg New Orleans Roanoke, Va. Houston McComb Tawan, China Gulfport Mobile, Ala. Salem, Mass. Jackson Prentiss De Kalb Greenville qv--, f M uv' 1 , i 'V . ff' v ,X K " 'h sy WfW X 12 ff f M f f ,,.,. .,W,x:WW 45W 'eff' , f I I W , 3 'W M f , M - si few V f , W W, ,, V I V , ,.,f Mn , , 3 Q? Z , 4 . gmfv WW Wu MM f f ' 2fwMw..f V, V ,V W WWW, ,A ,,., 4 f,,wwx4,M M uffy V V V , , ,, I 'M , W f 7 gf ,,V,.,,V .Z W f M ' V L51 f 4 W , -W , N A 'H rf , ,f W f f V M' mm 1. 1, ,- f V f yr f W ' wf a 'fr ' ' W WC l., . -77 A. If , , N , . . .,., W....W - ff ffffffw V wig ,VV V Z, V ,V A . . . . I ,M W., W, N.. .f 7 .f 0 Mfr H SZ, ' w fy ' Z,QQ3gig,Q,,g,7wv'47.w: 4,.a.xv ., .. ' H ff fu ff , Q , ,Q ' V, -I -'L M J, ,,g,.., .... - 919, ,,,, 5,143 ,.,,,,,, .1 - f . M., ...M f , Q ,www f M 4 'Q A K S 'Y ,. 'x bb mf, ,M 244211 w .1 K 5 vwge.-7 ,MSI 'A ' 2 C44 J K 1 1 f 4' W 'S 'S W v V . Q . avi'-f"TV 1 ' 'fl 4? fl Exif Z JM QL ,Fm W z . nf! A . I 3 I Wx' n will 9 5 f V Vw mr, , ,M V' . 'I Q, 1 ,gl-iizff, 1 A ,. . ,I A' VH? , .1 V V VV I I. 'fc 15 Q, . fx. 5 mi - . f f' V as- ' - i M , ..V I' I1 fb A-nv Ll ' 5 4 I l f. -N w ' I f WW F UR ,, . ' W H' u . 1' ---' 'I ,545 . f Z f' ' .iffy . Wai? V. ' ,. g . 6. . f ff 4' , c . . flfi . 'f - rf f x . . P f 1 ,,VV ., , . W ,,,, , . . . ' ,. xx .7 K" 4+v1ag,Y,. ' I I' wif... Qt, I ' u'L,f 1 rf 4 lk 1 C f ' f I 'Zyn! w,.f xfyagff 'af , .f ff . Q W , 'QP' gf pf f fi f gf! ,Mg vb. 'W 'Us I V 4 f , ,y gm.. 6 ?.::: .243 ' " L. .,,V , W ff , . , ,:. 5 X: , ff' W -:J I I h I ., ? f . V :Vu i ,I . . x , Y , ' 71 fe ,, 1 A . ...J .. , , ef- '--- ,I A W .- , V' ' ,. X X ffl I -Jgigfwfz . 122' ' ' Wiz' H ' , , X ,""4-I., rw 'Q ' .4 ' Z Q ,B . fd' "Vw, ' f 1 ' 7- l , . W 1 , . 44'w,, 4 ' f 'N ,f I 'P Q ' f ,L Q .t In A r A7 3 ,V . K , 1 I. . A tiff' "J : .Y 7 73" 'cl lx !,.," .., l . " 1.3 I -.M 'R 1 ' ' 13 7 4 ,N , if ' T 'H ll 1 Qliit V f I 'Ib ' if - -N 1 M. 6 ' il ,, 4 aw., 'ff '5 x . ' ,v' ,ix L ' I A .. ' "M fm rr :K T. , ,,',,x fi. in I In . W. X it as-' N.-v . fx r""':, r, . K 1 . ,f I THE GRAD I HELLEN R. I-IEMBREE MARION H. I-IIERDRY LYDIA E. HOFFMAN MAX T. HOLLAND H GEORGE L. HOSKIN WEN BIN HSIEH MING MING HU CHU-SHYEN HUANG III RAYMOND M. JOHNSON JESSE P. JONES DONALD H. LAIRD CHARLIE L. LIGHTSEY IV JAMES K. MCCASLIN BENJAMIN S. MCLEOD KENNETH A. MCRAMEY BRUCE L. MEEK V GUILLERME F. MEJIA MARY E. MILLER DAVID H. MILNER THOMAS H. MURPHY VI MYRA LYNN NETTLES WILMER W. NICHOLS HOMER C. ODOM SUSANNE E. OWENS VII CHARLIE R. PARKER OTTO O. PHILLIPS MARITZA E. PINTO DAN C. SCHMIDT VIII R. S. SCRIBNER PHILIP B. SERMAN CURTIS R. SMITH DARRELL O. SMITH ATES Luce-dale Roseland, La. Natchez Urbano, Ohio Delany Beach, Fla. China Bangkok, Thailand Miao Li, Twiwan Saraland, Ala. Columbia Littlerock Sandersville Columbus Leakesville Florence Biloxi Bogota, Colombia Picayune Petal Pascagoula Brookhaven Booneville Hattiesburg New Orleans, La. Chickasaw, Ala. Hattiesburg Caracas, Venezuela Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Lake George, N.Y. Minela, Texas Meridian CLASS OF 1965 I CAROLYN F. SPARKS JOHN A. STOUDENMIRE CLIFTON D. TAYLOR PATRICIA L. TELLEJOHN II HANS TISCHER ARTHUR B. TOWNSEND ISAAC H. TROUT JIMMIE L. WALLACE III FU-YAO WANG WILLIAM B. WATSON MARY C. WHITFORD JAMES H. YARBROUGH Little Rock, Ark. Prattville Vancleve Derby, Kansas Santurce, Puerto, Rico Saiford, Arizona Hollywood, Fla. Natchez Taipei, Taiwan Fayette Columbia Gainesville, Ga. 1 --., 4 vlan: vi 'ffkmix H O ' . ,X A wa 's .. - .W f.. , fm 'xv 9 5'- ,.. . , uk 'Q A Q f . E gin ima. - J. Nfl S I y A , ,... 1 -. A M 9 , R M 'M' 'V sl", I ,, L.-. F5 I I I 71 I Y . .5 K I iv. J , -- Kwai 5 Y ,N , Q sw 1' X? 'gg ' W -I as 525717. " KfA,,Mf , N : ' 7 'G ' A - ' , it gg , 4e'fb A Aarons, Charles B., 144, 288 Abernethy, James S., 268 Abraham, Ralph S., 288 Acord, John Robert, 268 Adam, Kenneth John, 105, 288 Adams, Alan Fulton, 268 Ball, Reba J., 140, 288 Adams, Cathy R., 254 Adams, Clyne, 254 Adams, Donald Ray, 268 Adams Jeannine 240 Adams: Len Murray, 205, 288 Spencer M. II, 101, 268 Bert. 100, 101. 219, 268 Adams, Adams, Adcock, Dorothy C., 121 Ainsworth, Albert F., 268 Akins, Charles Glen, 268 Aldridge, Franklin, 288 Alexander, Thomas G., 254 Alford, Bobby Stone, 240 Allbritton, William, 103 Bailey Index Jerry T., 268 Bailey: Louise Dow, 240 Bailey, Pryor G., 254 Bailey Thomas, 99 134 . . , 239 Bailey, Spencer Lea, 240 Bainter, William S., 216 Baker Carol B., 268 Baker, Carolyn C., 240 Baker, Frank W., 175, 240 Baker, John David, 268 Baker, Sherry Kaye, 254 Baker, Thomas A., 133, 144, 205, 268 Balch, Niles Leroy, 240 Baldwin, John Britt, 97, 137 Baldwin, Charles D., 96, 97 Baldwin, Ellis C., 268 Baldwin Baldwin Baldwin Baldwin , Thomas C., 219 , Glenda J., 240 , Brenda J., 240 . Mabel, 224 Ball, Quinton Craine. 98, 99, 268 Bilek, Marlene Joy, 111, 115, 130, 203, 269 Bingham, Joseph L. I., 289 Birchtield, Charles, 219, 289 Birdstong, Allen, 269 Birdsong, Ann, 143, 269 Breland, Dean, 269 Breland, Michael T., 241 Brennan, Thomas J., 159 Brent, Dollie S., 254 Brennan. David C., 207, 241 Brett, Kenneth D., 269 Birdsong, Elaine, 117, 136, 143, 269 Birk, Johnny M., 240 Bisho D. Bishop, Bishop, Lynn Nell, 254 Edna Hines, 254 Nancy Ruth, 240 Brewer, Patsy Anne, 290 Brews, Ronnie, 213 Bridgeman, Harriet, 254 Briede. Paula Ann, 254 Briscoe, Jack Allen, 241 Brooks. Allen. Allen, Beverly Jean, 268 Charles B., 288 Allen. Ray, 193, 254 Ballard, Annie B., 140, 288 Ballard, Michael B., 103, 240 Ballard, Dwight, 268 Balzli, Ronnie E., 101, 134, 254 Bandy, Bernice, 125, 240 Bankston Ronnie L. 88 Shirlene L., 254 Allen, Delores Ann, 125, 288 Alggg, David Leroy. 56. 136. 140. 186 Allen Harold W., 288 Allent Judith A., 121, 222, 288 Allen, James Ronnie, 240 Allen, Janie-s Randal, 240 Allen, Lewis Wayne, 288 Allen, Marian Karol, 240 Allen Nancy M. 120 121, 228 Allgood, Sheila Fay, 143 Allen. Weldon Zigla, 105 Alley, June Deborah, 240 Allums, Kay, 268 Allred, Elma P., 63, 114, 115, 254 Alred, Joseph. 193, 268 Amberg, Joseph B., 288 Ambrose, Jara V., 240 Amburge , Sharon K.. 240 Ammons uddy Jr 103, 240 . . 2 Bankston, Martha C., 64, 143, 268 Bankston. Mary Ann, 205, 268 Barber, Barber. Elizabeth L., 240 John III, 98 Baricev, Elizabeth, 205, 288 Barham, Robert P., 133, 139, 205, 219, 268 Barger, James C., 159. 160 Baria, Patricia Ann, 268 Barker, Barnes, Barnes, Barnes Daniel Jack, 268 Charlotte A., 196, 240 Kathleen M., 213, 268 Janis Dean 115 227 240 9 1. Barnett, James Noel, 193, 254 Barnett, Joseph K., 254 Barnhart, Sue Ann, 113 Baroco Henry M., 288 Bishop, Cecil L., 254 Bishop, Sandra Gail, 269 Bizzel, Allen H., 315 Black, Hazel, 223 Black, John Richard, 254 Black, Stanley, 149 Blackwell, Sandra K., 241 Blackledge, Gerald, 289 Blackledge, Amanda, 133, 289 Blackledge, Allen B., 241 Blackledge, Marilyn, 269 Blackwell, Jelinda, 197, 269 Blair, Burton Frank, 269 Bland, Steve F., 56, 289 Blanchette, Jon E., 289 Blank, Lyle Emmett, 289 Bland, Dan L., 99, 289 Bless, Larry, 147 Blessey, Martha Zoe, 141, 289 Blissett, Linda Fay, 143, 202, 232, 254 Blount, Patricia A., 111, 136, 269 Blount, Carole A., 137, 289 Blount, Sharon L., 121, 241 Blumer, Barbara A., 254 Boatman, Vernon Ham, 289 Boatmon, Carol Kay. 63, 117, 205, 241 Boggan, Robert E., 289 Bolling, Mary Alice, 65, 289 Bolton, Janice L., 143, 241 Bonds, James Bertis, 138, 219, 289 Bond, Alva Ann. 63, 115, 239, 254 Boney, David F., 241 Bonnabel, Madeleine, 205, 241 Bonner, Annelle, 224 Briscoe, James, 239 Britton, William L., 315 Britton. Josie, 269 Britton, William D., 254 Britt, Marlin, 269 Broaglus, John Olive, 101, 269 Broadus, Sara Beth, 290 Broadus, Marcia J., 196, 254 Broadus, Caroline, 290 Brock, Raymond, 239, 269 Brodnax. Jo Ellen, 269 Brooks, Nolan H., 103 Broome, Buford Ray. 269 Brooks, George M., 103 Brooks, Diana Lynn, 290 Broome, Robert C., 241 Linda Gayle, 121, 137, 241 Brown Y , B ., Anderson, Ann E., 268 Anderson, Chappell, 268 Anderson, Carrie L., 268 Anderson, Floyd G., 268 Anderson, George Ed, 254 Anderson, Jerrye L., 103, 240 Anderson, Lily May, 268 Anderson, Hayward, 218 Anderson, Peggy Dan, 240 Anderson, Robert W., 147 Anderson. Rebecca E.. 227, 254 Anderson Bob 134 254 Anderson: Woodrow J., 288 Anding, Janice Meri, 288 Anding Linda Kay, 143, 240 Barr, Vince Wilson, 268 Barren, Barrett, Barrett, Barrett, Barrow, John W., 268 Edward H., 97, 288 Martha Lvn, 205, 254 Thomas H., 240 Patsy A., 288 Boone, Frances Paul, 241 Boone, Frances Lane, 269 Booth, Booth, Booth, Boren Jo Ann, 241 Bonnie V., 137, 205, 269 Martha Carol, 143. 227, 241 Nancy Jane 110, 111, 121 Brooks, Brooks. Hilma Grace, 203, 254 Patricia, 241 Broten, Paul, 269 Brown, Brown. Anna George, 205, 269 Benjamin T.. 269 Brown, Rabbit. 157, 159, 164 Brown. Jean. 111, 117, 142, 239. 254 Brown, Gary Lee, 241 Brown, Eddie. 239 Brown, Jesse Mack, 157, 159. 163, 164 Brown. Brown. Kenneth G. Jr., 269 Larry Lynn, 97 Brown, Mary Ellen, 197, 241 Brown, Mitzi L.. 315 Brown. Nancy Jane, 290 Brown, Nelson Page, 269 Brown Brown. Stanley, 193, 254 Brown, Tom Monroe, 133, 269 Brown, Victor De-van. 269 Winston Burn 105 Barrick, Ronald D., 240 Bryant Andress, Oscar W., 95 Andrassy, Stephen G., 254 Andress, Brenda S., 288 Andrews, Albert E., 63, 100, 101, 130, 134, 216, 254 Andrews, Lenita R., 268 Andriotis, Costas G., 240 Angerami, Paul V., 99 Anthony, John Metts, 228, 315 Antullis, Charles P., 101. 130 Applewhite, Clyde W., 288 Applewhite Wynn, 63, 113. 240 Arbuthnot, Carolyn, 50, 51, 52. 54, 62, 64. 110. 114, 115. 201. 223, 288 Archer, Nancy Anne, 63, 80, 119 Archer, Janice L., 240 Arledge, Henry Alex, 199 Arledge, George I., 288 Armond, Charles, 157, 159 Armisen, Fereydun, 205, 240 Armstrong, Charles, 159. 268 Arnold, Douglas, 254 Arnold, Patricia M., 240 Aron, William Lclon, 254 Arthur, Joe Ann, 268 Ashcraft, Linda Sue, 240 Ashley, Sylvia G.. 133, 218. 268, 288 Assaf, Deenie, 117. 197. 240. 264 Assaf, Edward Gray, 95, 240 Atkins. Ralph Lee J., 200, 206, 288 Atkins, Sidney B., 99 Atuatasi, Sill Malo. 140. 288 Aultman, Patricia J., 143, 240 Barry, Julia A., 254, 117 Bassett, Tommy H., 288 Bass, Thomas Gerald, 268 Bass. Steve Walden. 101 Batchelor, Ralph E.. 97 Batson. Joseph E., 148 Bates, Bonnie E., 137, 240 Batson, Laura E., 268 Bauerschmidt, John. 212 Baucum, John Pace, 289 Bauer, Jeffrey S., 240 Baughn, Robert Leon, 206, 254 Baughman. Gloria I.. 289 Bawcom. Mary Ann, 268 Baxter, Charles W., 103. 268 Beacham, Beverly J., 240 Beall, Jimmy Daryl, 105 Bean, Shelton M., 124, 125, 289 Beasley, Marv H.. 143. 240 Beasley, Donald D., 268 Beatty, Beverly Ann, 143, 240 Beaumont, Edward, 254 Beckman, Lee A., 224. 227, 268 Beckham. Aubrey. 130, 131, 205, 254 Becton, Clatis, 240 Beckner, Harold D., 93, 240 Bcdsole. Curtis F.. 134, 145, 254 Beggs. Sarah Foley, 289 Belk, Gloria Lynn, 240 Bell Bell Cleveland S., 254 Donald, 53, 131, 205, 212, 315 Bell Barbara Lou, 240 Bell, Billy M.. 315 Bell, George Guice, 97, 148, 219, 289 Bell Bell: Bell Elizabeth. 289 Ronald B.. 49. 53, 131. 315 Robert M.. 269 Austin, D avid Ross, 215. 288 Austin, Judith Ann, 268 Autry, Lora Gladys, 288 Avery, Ken William, 159, 160 Babcr, Mary 1Vanda. 240 Bettie J" 270 Avera, Voncile C., 268 Avera, William W., 268 Ayllon, Luis Julio, 315 B Bachman, Gene R., 240 Badger, Lucille R.. 207. 240 Baclgcr. Lois G.. 315 Bailey, Dennis Farr, 99, 156, 186, 254 Bailey. Fannie Bell, 268 Bellew, Philip H., 218, 269 Bellanca, Joseph A.. 254 Benigno, Ben, 218. 219 Benham. Cheryl S.. 123. 240 Bennett, Richard K., 99 Benson, Linda Faye, 138, 141 Benson. William W., 289 Bentley. Bobbie J., 205, 269 Brntz, Linda. 289 Bentz. Leonard Leon, 289 Bergin. Willie Adon, 254 Berry, James Allen. 289 Berry. Regena Fav. 136, 269 Bc-rtolla. Alexander, 240 Bess. William Larry, 254 Betts, E. Jane, 123 Bt-tley, Frances D., 240 Bidlack. Donald T.. 95. 137. 289 Biggs, Shirley M., 115, 136, 289 Biglane. Kenneth R., 97 Biglanc. Linda Kay, 123, 240 Borden. James, 149. 193 Borger, Sandra Kaye, 205. 241 Borja, Michael A.. 131, 241 Borntieth, Gary Lee, 107, 241 Bosarg, Paul R., 61, 62, 64, 100, 101, 108. 269 Bosarge. Barry, 269 Boswell, Rebecca A., 205 Bostwick. Robert O., 101, 241 Bossier, Reginald, 269 Bourg. Hector L., 103. 289 Bounds, Bill. 133, 219, 239. 315 Bourne, Jack B., 241 Boutwell, Colen J., 289 Boutwell, Carol J.. 227. 241 Bourgeois, Lloyd, 315 Bowen, Esther L.. 241 Bowers, William P., 108, 289 Bowering. Guy S.. 193, 224. 227, 289 Bowlin, Roger L., 269 Bowling, John Selby. 99, 144, 147 Bowman, Sheryl R., 241 Boxx, William Randy, 139, 289 Box. Rebecca Kay, 241 Boyd. Charles Henry. 97, 108, 269 Boyd, Jimmy Don, 289 Boyd, John Thomas, 241 Boyd, Sylvia Diane, 241 Boyd. Louis Edward, 269 Boyette. James, 269 Bozzetti, Sergio, 101, 290 Bozeman, Colon A., 269 Bozeman, Louis E.. 269 Bozeman. W. Clyde Jr., 269 Bradley, Cynthia A., 143, 241 Bracey, Julia Lynet, 290 Bracey, Barbara Lea. 143. 241 Bradford. Gordon W.. 103 Bradshaw, Flora J., 240 Brady, John Edward, 269 Bragassa. Timothy D., 95, 241 Braine, Mary V.. 290 Brannan, Harmon H., 157. 159. 163 Brantley, William O., 144. 146, 147. 148. 290 Braswell, Yvette G.. 119, 254 Brauchle. Paul E.. 290 Braun. Claudia Jane. 205. 241 Breath. Marv Sue, 115, 136. 143 Breazealc, Janice D.. 111. 119. 197 Breakrielcl, Dorothy. 113. 290 Breazeale, Laura M., 269 Brechtel. Berengher. 99 Breithaupt, Robert. 269 Browne, Bitsy. 115, 270 Browning, Clark T., 270 Browning, James Lee. 290 Bruce, Virginia C., 241 Bruhl, Patsy Gail, 241 Brumfield. Charles, 219 Brumfield, Harold. 101. 270 Brummett. Linda E.. 270 Bruner. Harrison N.. 290 Bruni, Anthony F., 254 Brunson. Everett H., 139. 218, 219, 290 Bryan. Rebecca Ann, 142. 270 Bryant, Ann. 270 Bryant, James Wiley. 270 Bryant Martha Jean. 117, 142, 227, 270 Bryant, Virgil E.. 270 Bryant. Paul E., 241 . Kenneth W.. 241 Buchanan, Marv Ruth. 254 Buchanan. Hugh D.. 254 Buck. William J.. 254 Buckley. Alexis Mae, 121 Buckley, Sylvia, 241 Buckley, Linda Nell, 205. 241 Buckley. Ronnie, 254 Budinich, Susan M., 117. 241 Bueso. Francisco J., 254 Buff. Donald Edward. 140, 290 Buffett. Edward W., 99 Bufkin. Billy G., 241 Bullock, Herschel V., 212. 290 Bullock. Hilda Opal. 62. 70, 82, 85. 90 91. 117, 138, 290 Bumgarner. Sandra J.. 290 Bunch. Billy Durrel. 101. 134 Bunger, Roger E.. 105. 134. 254 Bunit?, Sidney E. II, 290 Burcaw. Charlotte E.. 254 Burch, Walter Hiatt, 255 Burge, Virginia Ann, 270 Burkes. Jimmy Earl, 270 Burke, Theodore J1'.. 101 Burke, William T.. 147. 215. 241 Burnett. Barbara E.. 255 Burnette, Wallace I., 107 Burnett. Laverne. 241 Burnham, Alan VV.. 290 Burnham, Stenhen C.. 241 Burnham, Sheila Lea. 196, 241 Burns, Raymond M., 95 Burns. Luther Lee. 290 Burns. Guy Louis. 95 Burns, Margaret C.. 138. 290 Burns, Melrose C.. 241 Burns. Jan E.. 255 Burrell. Breithaupt, Ruby, 269 Breland , Ray Dean, 269 Breland, Andrew F., 199. 290 Breland, Breland Breland '10 Haryln T., 254 Garnet R., 254 . Judy Carol, 241 Burris, Randy. 270 Burson. George S., 144 Burt. Thomas Ware. 103 Burvant. Paul D. 199. 205. 270 Busby, Michael W.. 290 Busby. Catherine, 255 Bush. Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush. Bush Carl Edward, 270 Mary Elaine, 137, 290 Floyd Edward, 94, 95. 138 Austin Larry, 270 Barbara Lou, 241 Sandra M. 241 Butcher, Susan 205 Butera, Tana Marie, 270 Butler, Donald H., 202, 270 Butler, Arthur G., 290 Butler, Jim Carroll Butler, Jim Hugh, 270 Butler, Larry W., 290 Byard, Frederick, 270 Bynum, James Lamar, 270 Chapman, Guy Jarvis, 134, 255 Chason, Pamela, 291 Chavez, Stephanie A., 291 Chawse, Charles, 242 Chatham, Carrol L., 203, 219 Chatham, Annie, 242 Chatham, Carol Ann, 242 Cheatham, Mary Lou, 291 Chiam, Henry H., 291 Childs, Gene Clark, 242 Chisolm, Myra T., 29 Chisholm, Martha J., 143, 242 Christensen, Larry, 222 Christina, Michael, 101 Christie, James R., 271. 227 Chgstmas, Richard, 63, 101, 134, Christian, Carolyn, 113, 143, 271 Christiance, Beverly, 242 Christopher, Paul E., 242 Chung, Eun-Sup. 315 255 Clore Evanne, 315 Byrd, John Douglas, 270 Byrd, Sandra Ann, 141, 290 Byrd, Sue Ray, 270 Byrd, Kenneth Wayne, 255 Byrd, Wilford Hale. 227, 228, 255 Byrd, Linda Lou, 290 Byrd, Michael Henry, 136 Byrd, Rebecca Joyce, 233, 270 Byrnes, Patricia L., 123, 205, 241 Bystricky, John B., 290 C Cable, Gerald W., 94, 95, 108 Caceres, Guillermo, 241 Caceres, Carlos E., 241 Cain, Robert A., 241 Cain, Bobby Neil, 241 Cain, James Walter, 290 Cain, Frank Allen, 270 Calcote, Evelyn, 270 Caldwell, William C., 203, 270 Calhoun, James E., 255 Calhoun, Judith Ann, 140, 270 Cameron, Donald A., 193. 291 Cameron, Julian R., 291 Cameron, Patricia, 241 Camp, Howard G., 193, 227, 270 Camp, Gail Patricia, 242 Campbell, Camille L., 119, 265 Campbell. Charles S., 175 Campbell, Francis M., 270 Campbell, John H., 255 Campbell, Ronald C., 99 Campbell, William H., 315 Caneld, Sarai Ann, 110. 115, 242 Canterbury, Judy A., 270 Cappel, Carol Anne, 110, 115, 130, 270 Cappaert, Michael L., 270 Cappet, Mike, 219 Capizola, Joseph M., 270 Caranna, Ronald, 133, 145, 255 Carley, Betty Lane, 140, 270 Carlson, Shirley A., 62, 119, 291 Carmichael, Billy C., 270 Carney, Susan Gaye, 242 Carney, Tommie Sue, 119 140 Carpenter, Carpenter, Patricia, 119, 291, 222 Martha M., 115, 130 Carpenter, Sherrie, 119, 242 Carpenter, Thomas G., 270 Carpenter, Thomas E., 270 Carpenter David W., 242 Carr, J ohri Elijah I. Carr, Jimmy Lee, 270 Carrico, Margaret P., 207 Carroll, Robert Leo, 53, 54 201, 202. 222, 291 Carroll, Jackye G., 242 Carroll, Linda G., 242 Carroll, James R., 255 Carruth, Charles H., 291 Carruth, Jo Ann, 255 , 61, 135, 200, Clark, Donald R., 271 Clark, Geneva S. S., 271 Clark, Horace L., 291 Clark, Jimmy Dale, 271 Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark. Clark, Janette, 291 Lawrence, C. J., 255 Martha Jane, 242 Rebecca Jean, 255 Roger Leon, 93, 242 Terry, 242 Clarke, Barbara L., 291 Clarke, Judith R., 143, 205 Clegg, Annette A., 206. 271 Clements, George E., 93, 105 Clements. Joseph, 224 Cleve, Click. Cliett Robert E., 291 Major Ray, 137, 291 Alva Jean, 271 Cline., Albert W., 271 Coble', Cochran, Cochran. Cochran, Cochran, Cochran. Cochran. John Joseph, 271 Jimmy T., 291 Edwin H., 99, 271 Howard B., 291 Simeon Lou, 255 William E.. 103, 255 Freeman M., 193, 205, 255 Cochran, Frances E., 242 Cockrell. Coffey, Geneva M., 291 Larry E., 291 Coffman, Stephen E., 95 Cogdell, Jerry W., 291 Cohen, Howard M., 228, 271 Coker, William L., 131. 291 Coker, Harrie Sneed, 113, 291 Coker. Coker Jane Woodham, 113, 291 Gloria Diane, 143. 271 Cole, Judy Louise, 63, 121, 146, 242 Cole, Lloyd H., 242 Coleman, Betty Earl, 291 Coleman, James L., 271 Coles, Coley, Collins, Collins Vicki Lynn, 71, 85, 110 Alice E., 291 Dwight 242 , Frank, 255 Collins, James G., 99 Collins, John Louis. 271 Collins, James E., 271 Collins, Jerry R., 255 Collins, Patricia J., 205, 222, 291 Collins William G.. 255 Collins Collins I Thomas F., 99 Rebecca A.. 242 Combest. Patricia K., 242 Combs, Donald Ray, 242 Combs. Robert Long, 242 Compton, Bobbv H., 292 Craft. Craig, Craig, Craig Lanny M., 242 Lenora, 49, 52 Latimer W., 255 Bonnie E., 119, 142, 255 Craini Barbara F., 292 Crain, Crave Carol Ann, 242 n, Freddie B., 292 Crawford, Ray E., 292 Crawford, Ronnie, 271 Crawley, Kenneth C., 134, 255 Cress, Gary Blake, 255 Crews, Lyle, 205, 242 Crisp, Delmas S., 271 Crider, Paula Ann, 227, 271 Cromer, Sidney W., 95, 108 Cromartie, Barbara, 123, 205, 242 Cross, Angelyn, 205, 271 Crotteau, Richard, 212, 292 Crotteau, Lyndia A., 255 Crowder. Shirley J., 292 Crum, Clinton Wiley, 292 Cuevas, Fredna Lane, 242 Culpepper, Samuel H., 202 Culpepper, Allan L., 101, 255 Culpepper, Judy D., 242 Culpepper, Carol L., 271 Cummins, Faye Carol, 271 Cumberland, Faye, 115,255 Cummings, James A.. 292 Cummings, Mary J., 255 Cummings. Richard G., 271 Cunningham, Nancy A., 117 Cunningham, Jimmy D.. 292 Curet, Christyana, 205, 239, 255 Currie, Mamie J., 292 Curro, John. 147, 205 Currie, Bobbie K., 255 Curry, Mike G., 271 Curtis, Jean, 255 Curtis, William G., 292 Cusack, Thomas Jose, 271 Cyr, Cheryl Queen, 205. 242 Cyr, Simone E., 205, 242 D Dabbs, Patricia Ann, 137, 255 Dahduh, Albert G., 292 Dale, Shirley Nell, 292 Dale, Beverly Ann, 117, 196, 242 Dame. Leslie V., 121 Dandridge, Edward C.. 292 Dangelo, Sandra J., 125 Daniel, Dorothy L., 271 Daniels, William W., 210 Daniels, Boykin T., 271 Daniels, Lucille L., 271 Daniels, Janice Ann, 242 Danos, Kathy Ann, 292 Dann, Charles L., 271 Danna, Jesse Albert, 292 Daquila, Michael V., 292 Daugherty, Bonnie R., 111, 121, 130, Carter Carter Carter Carter Carter Carter Carter David Key, 56 95, 213 . Connie F., 125, 255 , Billie Faye, 255 , Charles Joe, 291 . Elizabeth A., 291 . Lynn Dudley. 202 Lyne 203, 239, 255 Carter: Susan Grace. 65, 117, 255 Carter, William S., 255 Carter, William D. J., 242 Carter Ronnie A., 242 Cartwright, Chuck, 62, 99 Carver, Withee, 233 Case, Charles M., 291 Casserly, Francis G., 291 Casey, Betty Jean, 270 Cassady, Milbume C., 10-1, 270 Cassity, Cecil S., 147 Cassibry, Peggy J., 65, 115, 242 Cast. Bill. 205, 212, 315 Castlen, John C., 270 Castrillon, Carlos, 255 Castle, Thomas L.. 270 Causey, Bobby Ray. 270 Cayten, Philip A., 270 Cayton, Daniel E., 271 Ceres, Lawrence J., 95 Chalfant. Jerry E., 148 Chain, Edgar Ray. 291 Chambers, Helen M.. 255 Chambliss, Patricia, 242 Conerly, Clinton E., 255 Conerly, Donna Lynn, 223, 224, 292 Conerly, Perry S., 255 Conklin, Dorman S. J.. 242 LeRoy Jr., 271 Connell. Connell. Robert S., 103, 271 Cook, John Alan, 95, 242 Cook, Lvnn, 255 Cook, William L., 292 Cooper, Pamela Ruth, 227, 271 Cooper, Roger Dayle, 255 Cooper, Onita Helen, 123, 242 Conerlv. Martha. 292 Copelin, Clvde L., 100, 101, 108 Corban, David A., 255 Corley, Ernestine, 271 Cosner, Lawrence H., 292 Cosnahan. Ernest 103 Costlev. Charlvne, 271 Cottrell, David Ill, 137 Cothern. Donald 292 Cote, John Linwood, 104. 105, 193 Coussens. William O., 292 Couget, Dan, 205 Couch, Betty Ann, 255 Coulter, Phyllis N., 255 Counts, Catherine M., 117, 265 Cousar. Ann, 271 Covington, Hugh. 136, 193, 204, 205, 271 Covell, Susan Clair, 242 Coward, Tom Jr., 315 Cowart, Chellie J., 255 Cox, Alex Dwayne, 292 Cox. James B, 53, 227, 229, 292 140. 143, 196, 271 Davidson, June L., 120, 121, 292 Davis, Barbara Ann, 292 Davis, Connice E., 271 Davis, Diane Lee, 65, 271 Davis Davis , Genie, 255 , Frances Inez, 255 Davis, Jane Kay, 142, 255 Davis, James Donald, 271 Davis, Jerry Lee, 242 Davis, Kenneth M., 99, 255 Davis, Lynda Ruth, 271 Davis, Marjorie P., 114, 115, 130, 271 Davis, Nikki Jean. 292 Davis, Peggy Jean, 205, 271 Davis, Robert, 202, 272 Davis, Sharon E., 112, 113, 272 Davis, Sammy, 49, 53, 106, 107, 136, 239 Davis, Thomas Waldo, 292 Davis, William 256 Davis William: 193 Dawes, Kathy, 123, 242 Dawson, Stephen H., 272 Day, James Stanley, 256 Day, Jackie, 242 Dean, Caroline A., 55, 61, 119, 293 Deangelis, Paul Guy, 95, 293 Dean, Patricia, 242 Dean, Robert Leon J., 256 Dean, Thomas P.. 97 Dearing, Henri Sue, 121, 293 Deas, Lois Elaine, 256 Dearman, Vera Lee, 242 Dearing, Kenneth D., 272 Decell, R. Tal, 103, 272 Deddens, John A., 293 Dees, Jeffery W., 293 Deen, Aris Fay, 202 Deen, Nannie Leo, 143, 293 Dein, Joseph C., 242 Delia, Jesse G.. 49, 53, 55 Delaney, James W., 256 Delapouyade, Norman, 315 Delhomme. Anthony. 99. 272 Dellisola, Philip J., 272 Dellenger, Gwen Gay, 121, 272 Dellinger, Harvey C., 110, 242 Champagne, Claudett, 137, 255 Chancellor, Marcia, 119 Chandler, Danny R., 271 Chapman dleryl Fay, 255 140, 205, Cox, Teena. 242 Cox. Cox. Coyle, Paula Madelon, 271 William L., 137, 292 Arlen Benson, 101 Craft, Troy Lavoy J., 159, 160 Craft, Judith Wayne, 255 311 Dell, Dennis R., 105 Demedicis, Miriam A.. 242 Demoville, Elizabeth, 115, 136, 206, 236 Denmark, Martele, 130, 242 Dennis, Toni, 272 Denson, Herbert A., 99, 144. 148, Denton, Betty Ann, 239, 256 Denson, Hill Harold, 272 Depriest, Ann, 272 Destaflany, Richard, 99 Dethloff, Frank L., 136, 218, 272 Dettra, Rebecca C., 136 Deter, Dean Allen, 131. 239, 256 Develle, Kenneth J., 272 Devink, Mary Frantz, 242 Devrow, William F., 159, 166 Dickerson, Judith L., 293 Dickerson, Swanee R., 256 Dickens, Charles R., 98, 99 Dickerson, Gerald A., 256 Dickerson, Rachel M., 143, 272 Dickerson, Thomas C. Dickey, Linda Gray, 115, 243 Dickinson, Joyce, 256 Dickson, Paul R., 131, 272 Dickson, Donna M., 117 Dickson, Linda S., 242 Dietrick, Gearld W., 205, 256 Dill, Phyllis Ann, 242 Dismukes. Henry M., 95 Dixon, Jamie Annell, 293 Dixon, Charles W., 105 Dixon, Linda Faye, 256 Doenenn, Ronald, 97 Dodd, Billy Zale, 272 Doggette, Betty C., 293 Doherty, Frances C. Dollarhide, William, 242 Donahey, Patricia A., 272 Donovan. Eileen Sue, 256 Dorman, Jack Eubank. 243 Dornan, Patricia A., 243 Doss, Jerry Raydean, 272 Doster, Mary E., 141. 207, 213 Doster, Martha Sue, 239 Dossett, Richard D., 99 Dove, Joe Mack, 243, 256 Dow, Marilyn Diane. 243 Dowdy, John Morgan, 97 Dowdle, Judy J., 203, 256 Dodw. Clvde Brantle, 159, 256 Dowell, Cam F., 256 Downing. Charles W., 256 Downing, Lawrence R., 256 Downs, Barbara E., 256 Doyle, Nick. 101 Drake, George R., 101. 134, 256 Drake, Robert F.. 99, 198 Dreher, Ginger L.. 243 Drews, Fred H. Ill, 95, 272 Drigallo, Joyce A., 121, 293 Driskell, Judy Anne, 49, 56, 201, 293 Drummond, John R., 293 293 213 Dubose, Con Chita, 143. 232, 233, 272 Dubuisson. William, 101, 272 Dubois, Diane C.. 243 Dubuisson, Elgie R., 256 Duffy, Mary Dianne, 243 Dugan, Patricia M., 293 Duke, Janice Noel, 272 Dukes, Betty Ann., 55. 232, 293 Dukes, Marilee. 123, 256 Duke, Edwin Charles, 99 Dullv. Wayne Edmund, 243 Dumont, Chervl Ruth. 213, 272 Duncan. Robert J., 293 Duncan, Carol Diane, 293 Duncan. Katie L.. 212, 272 Dunfee, Thomas W., 272 Nancy, 65 Dunlap, Dungavy, Harold O., 101, 218. 219. 31 Dunn, Bobbie Louise, 256 Dunn. James Herbert, 99, 293 Lanelle, 256 Dunn. Dunn, Warren K., 315 Dunaway. Carol M.. 293 Durant. Mary A., 121, 243 Duty, William B.. 93 Duvio, Sada Marie S.. 293 Dwyer, Michael P., 272 Dyess, Jerrv Vann, 103, 272 Dykes, Linda Kay, 293 Dykes, Paul Edward, 131, 293 E Easom, Roger Dale, 293 Eason, Jackie Marie, 272 Easterling, Sherrill, 140 Eaves, Lewis Perkin, 256 Ebanks. Joan Marie. 141, 243 Eckdahl, Peter F., 272 314 Ecuver. Lawrence J., 56 146. 150, 157. 159, 163, 205. 286. 293 Edgin, Donna Marie, 123, 141. 272 Edgecombe, Harold C., 272 Edgeworth, Gene, 272 Catherine, 136, 272 Gregory C.. 256 Ernest C., 293 James A., 293 Sarajane, 272 Edmonds. Edwards. Edwards. Edwards. Edwards. Ehart, Virginia S., 293 Eien, Connie Kay, 113. 264 Eisworth, David W., 243 Elam, Charlotte, 85, 315 Elam, Maritta Ann, 138, 218. Eleuterius, Charles, 293 293 Eley, Larry Bruce. 224, 243 Elias, Louis, 96, 97 Elliott, Michael R., 105 Ellis, Addison, 139, 315 Ellis, Frank West, 156, 157, 169, 170 Ellis, Judith O., 293 Ellis, James II, 136. 256 Ellis, Lynn Carol, 256 Ellis, Penny Brown, 293 Ellzy, Myra M., 293 Elmore, William F., 92, 93 Hansford James I., 144, 148, 227, 296 Elmore, Billy E., 101, 243 Ely, Paul Glen, 272 Emerson. Jack S., 193 Emmett, Stephen J., 243 Emory, Brooks, 95, 272 Engell, Michael W., 243 English, John Roy, 256 Enlow, Karen Ruth, 243 Erhart, Robert W., 99, 137 Ermis, Jeanie D., 119, 243 Ernest, Edwin A. III, 256 Ernest, Joseph J., 243 Ertman, Earl Leslie, 272 Ertman, Helen, 315 Erwin, Steven Camer Essary, Minnie Sue, 256 Estes, James Warner, 224, 272 Estes, Billy Wayne, 243 Etheridge, Gloria J., 294 Ethridge, Joe R., 256 Ethridge, Beverly J., 294 Eubanks Annette, 206, 272 Eudy, John Carroll, 314, 315 Eure, Alice Rowena, 243 Evans, Daniel Bruce, 218, 256 Evans, Mary Josie, 294 Everett, Allen L., 294 Everette. Franklin, 95, 139, 294 Everett, Mary T., 111,120,121,272 Everett, Bessie Elizabeth, 205, 272 Everett, Robert Lee, 207, 256 Everitt, Judith N., 205, 272 Ewart, Nancy Anne, 121, 256 Ewell, Shirley M., 224, 243 Ewing, John Frederi, 204, 205, 256 Ezell, Buddie Lee, 256 Ezelle, Charlene, 121, 294 Ezell, Cynthia Gail, 256 Ezell, Virginia Rae, 272 F Fairchilds, Janie C., 294 Fairchilds, Jimmie, 141 Fairley, Jean, 256 Fairly, John Archy, 119, 239 Fall, Dixie Diana, 272 Falgout, Freddie J., 272 Falconer, John S., 243 Fancher, Nellie R., 65, 143, 202, 256 Fant, Preston M., 218, 273 Farello, Leonard J., 243 Farmer, Reva Joyce, 65, 273 Farmer, Ben Rodney, 243 Farnell, Sylvia R., 121, 294 Farnam. Nancy Jean, 243 Farris, Eva Jean, 133,273 Farris, Catherine L., 256 Farris, Roger Frank, 243 Farris, Katrina M., 123, 243 Fauver, Virginia F., 202, 294 Fayard, Charlotte M., 243 Felder, E. Delores, 315 Felts, Harvey C., 273 Feltenstein, Sam M., 256 Feng, Jeng Chyi, 315 Fenn, Sylvia Lynn, 54, 133, 294 Fenn, James Max, 273 Ferges, William C.. 139 Ferguson. Francis I., 294 Ferguson, Sara F., 294 Ferguson, Thomas H., 63, 101, 243 Ferguson, Waurine, 273 Ferrara, John A., 294 Ferrell, Patricia L., 243 Fetters, Ronald E., 273 Feye. Grant Richard, 97 Fidler, Judson Wood, 273 Fiegenschue, Van L., 294 Fields, Elizabeth F., 119, 256 Fields. Jimmy Lucas, 294 Field, Dorothy E., 243 Field, Donna Lee, 70, 115, 243 Fink. Rudolph III. 62 Fink, Kate Virginia, 294 Finch, Marv Lynette, 117, 243 Finnegan, Elizabeth, 243 Finnegan, Teresa V., 205, 243 Fiorenza, Mary J., 243 Fischer, David, 133, 196, 205, 219. Fite. Simpson K., 136 Fitzhugh, Marv Ann, 294 Fitzgerald. John H.. 99 Flaccomio, Margaret, 239 Flesher Lawienc I 2 , ' e ., 294 Fleming, Edward. 294 Fletcher. Jewell L., 121 Flctchcr, Rita S., 125, 243 Flippo, Herbert J., 273 Floyd, Paulette R.. 294 Floyd, Carolee. 64, 117, 256 Flowers, Emily T., 117, 133. 197. 273 Flowers, Mary Gayde, 117, 243 Fly. Jane Katherine, 115, 243 Flynt, Elaine B., 294 Flynt, Evelyn D., 205, 256 Foerster, Dianne Y., 273 Fontanills, Henry J., 95, 294 Forbes, Mary Vela, 115, 294 Ford, Clara Maud S., 256 Ford, James Ira, 294 Ford, Richard A., 131, 147, 256 Ford, Sherrie Lynn, 207, 243 Ford, Jacqueline A., 256 Forman, Lynda, 52, 54, 200, 201, 294 Foreman, Sylvia L., 273 Forrest, James E., 218, 315 Fortenberry, Marilyn, 256 Fortner, Bobby G., 294 Fortenbery, Sandra, 123, 141, 273 Fortinberry, Venn W., 294 Fortune, Wealtha E., 294 Fortenberry, Nelda, 243 Fortenberry, Thomas, 95, 243 Fortier, Carol L., 205, 273 Fortenbery, Robert, 243 Fortenberry, Carol, 243 Foster, Alfred E., 256 Foster, Kent S., 95, 108, 138, 219 Fournier, Benjamin, 243 Fox, Mary Nell, 273 Franco, Kenneth G., 205, 273 Franzino, Barry Jr., 273 Fraschillo, Tom V. J., 193, 243 Freeman, James, 218, 219, 273 Freeman, Dorothy E., 273 French, Bobby Wayne, 103 French, Linda Kay, 110, 125, 243 French, Bonita Ann, 273 Freutel, Mildred A., 294 Frey, Terry Clay, 99 Freret, Rene Joseph, 273 Frith, James Davis, 294 Fry, Russell T., 159 Frye, John Mason, 53, 144, 146, 148, 201 205, 294 Fuente, Barbara L., 137, 140, 141, 204, 205, 294 Fulgham, Carroll, 193, 205, 295 Fuller, Roggie V., 315 Fuller, Rebecca, 113, 243 Fullilove, Laura, 256 Fulmer, Ernest R., 273 Furr, John Richard, 256 Furlow, Malee E., 123, 205, 243 French, Edmund, 239 G Galbreath, Jacqueline, 243 Gallaspy, Doris E., 113, 243 Galley, John Harmon, 93, 244 Galuppi, James F., 99 Gammill, Richard E., 273 Gandy, Gary Eugene, 244 Gardner, John David, 99, 144, 273 Gardner, Mary E., 295 Garen, Dana Howard, 273 Garland, Bill, 216 Garner, Cherice E., 295 Garner, Delia Ruth, 295 Garon, Frances Ann, 273 Garner, Rachel E., 232, 273 Garrett, Elsie Ruth, 273 Garrett, Carol Jean, 273 Garrison, Charles E., 97 Garriga, Bobby Roma, 63, 244 Garverich, Paul D., 99 Gartrell, John M., 56, 295 Gartman, Winford G., 273 Gaston, H. M., 99 Gaston, Gary W., 107 Gasman, Patricio S., 141, 295 Gaston, Henry V., 216, 295 Gass, Rita Ann, 244 Gauthier, Ronald A., 315 Gautier, Mary Evely, 256 Gavette, James Orin, 130, 244 Gay, Michael L., 273 Geiger, Florine W, Geir, Robert, 99 Gentry, Davide C., 139, 295 Genin, Larry Joseph, 273 Gentry, Sherman W., 244 Germany, Harold W., 273 Gertler, Louis L., 130, 136 Giani. Anita M., 115 Gialanella, Jerry G., 244 Giametta, Jimmy A., 199, 273 Gibbs, Anne Louise, 239. 257 Gibbs, Shirley. 137, 205, 273 Gibson, Walter E., 202, 203, 273 Gilbert, Beverly J., 244 Gilbert, Jimmie F., 257 Gilbert, Lamenda I., 244 Giles. Mildred J., 141 Gill. Kenneth Wayne, 295 Gill, John Claude, 295 Gill, Arthur M., 159, 166 Gill, Kathy Flo, 244 Gillaspy, Thomas D., 107, 244 Gilley, Glenn E., 295 Gilly, Gary Alan, 295 Gillis. Ronald W., 105 Gilpin, Richard M., 244 Ginter. Susan F., 295 Gin, Joe Kelly, 295 Giovanello, Ronald, 295 Gipson, Jack Wayne, 273 Glisson, Mary Carol, 137, 295 Glover, Thomas E., 295 Glover, Amelia Gail, 244 Gober, Anna Doris, 239, 257 Godchaux, Geraldine, 273 Godfrey, Francis A., 101, 273 Goettman, Nancy May, 205, 257 Goforth, Joseph Orr, 140 Goff, Lawrence E., 147 Goff, George Calvin. 295 Goff, Edith Ellis, 257 Golden, Michael E., 93, 273 Goldman, Joseph H., 273 Goleman, Constance, 244 Gomez, Arthur John, 257 Gomez, Sara, 257 Gonzalez, Jose T., 257 Goodman, Waymon L., 295 Goodwin, Thomas E., 295 Goodwyn, Mary A., 257 Gordon, Douglas K., 257 Gordon, Clark Davis, 103 Gore, Michael A., 95, 273 Gorney, William A., 157, 159, 163 Gosnell, William L., 95 Goss, John Douglas, 205, 274 Gould, Michael A., 295 Goverski, Richard F., 99, 257 Gowdy, Williard P. Jr., 101 Gower, Hugh Able II, 257 Gracia, Daniel Jr., 274 Gracia, Jose Luis, 257 Grace, James Horace, 257 Grafton, Thomas W.. 244 Graf, Christine M., 136, 186, 257 Hale, Thomas Bates, 296 Halfacre, James C., 62,274 Haley, Josephine K., 257 Hall, Billie Ann, 296 Hall, Donald S., 296 Hall, John Robert, 99, 257 Hall, Larry Windale, 105 Hall, Margaret O., 296 Haller, Margaret L., 232, 296 Hambright, Pat, 296 Hambright J. G., 95, 257 Hamil, James W., 218, 296 Hamil, Lewis Buford, 296 Hamilton, Buckner W., 95 Hamilton Walter G., 99, 108, 138, 296 Hamiltonj Richard W.. 296 Hamilton, Russell L., 296 Hamilton, Tandra S., 257 Hammett Sandra M., 121, 244 Hammill,' Arthur M., 296 Hammill, Norma, 296 Hammond, John Roger. 99 Hammons, John Leona, 136, 274 Hamrick, John Andre, 244 Hancock, Rodney M. Hand, Charles G., 222, 315 Graham, Billy Sam, 274 Graham, Janis Marie, 143, 244 Graham, Joan Ellon, 244 Graham, Mary Louise. 257 Graham, Ronald A., 138, 219, 274 Graham, Patricia L., 119, 140, 295 Graham, Nettie Ann, 257, 274 Graham Robert D. 244 Hand, Johnnie M., 274 Hand. Dwala, 296 G Haney, Richard Neil, 99 Hanks, John Larry, 296 Hanks, Annie Clara, 296 Hanna, Elizabeth C., 110, 112, 113 Hannan, 171, 17 Gary Wynn, 157. 159. 3 Hansen William F., 95 Hanson, Kenneth R., 244 Hardee, Herschel H.. 274 Harden, Lynnel H., 296 Hardee, Robert F., 214 Harden Patrick L., 101, 257 Harden: Hardin, Rubye D., 227, 274 Jerry Loyd, 212, 214, 274 170. Granberry, Georgia, 315 Grant, Thomas B., 274 Grant, J. Larry, 228, 295 Grantham, Evelyn S., 86, 123, 274 Grantham, Larry H., 295 Grantham, Judith, 239 Grant, Philipp R., 244 Grant, Nita Louise, 119, 244 Graves, Emory Lea, 257 Graves, Pamella Kay, 138, 227 Gray, John Robert J., 274 Gray, Pamela Carroll, 49, 52, 64, 130 140, 200, 207, 216, 223. 224, 257, 295 Grayson, Williarn W., 101 Hardipe, Bob, 212 Hardy, Joseph R., 315 Harms, Royce Edward, 296 Harmon, Robert Lee, 53, 60, 64, 219 Harper, Taylor F., 257 Harrell, Johnnie 274 , Harrington, Francis, 296 Green, Albert, 223 Green, Jerry Eugene, 207, 274 Green, Johnny S., 274 Green Mason L., 101, 274 Green, Robert B., 274 Green, Sara Gene. 244 Green, Susie Marie, 274 Greenblatt, William, 274 Greene, James M., 295 Greene, Danny P., 148, 199, 257 Greene, Chassie R., 274 Greenwaldt, Mildred, 257 Greer, Charles, 239, 244 Gregory, Grier J., 274 Gregory, Thomas D., 244 Grenn Ronald B., 295 Griffin. Lynda Kay, 295 Griffin, Fred Grady, 99, 227 Griffin, Jerry C., 106, 107 Griffin, James P., 244 Griffith. Louise H., 315 Gritiith, Robert L., 295 Griffith, Henry M., 274 Griffith, Dana Kay, 49, 56, 121, 141.222, 239, 295 Griiiith, John, 239 Harris Barbara Joe. 257, 274 Harris: Diane, 141 Harris Jerry A., 95 Harris, James L., 147 Harris, Mary Ione, 142, 296 Harris, Larry E., 95 Harris, Ronald D., 101, 274 Harris, Wilma Nell, 65, 86. 296 Harris, William S., 99, 257 Harris, Stanley, 147 Harrison, Ircel 53, 55, 144, 148, 201 202,296 l 1 Harrison, William H., 95 Harrison, Sandra K., 111, 229 Harrison, Serena A., 140, 296 Harrison, Patricia, 205, 257 Harrison, Thomas M., 296 Harrison, Randle L., 274 Harrison, Bettye P.. 274 Harrison, Richard G.. 257 Harrison, Zola M., 244 Harrison, Charles D., 257 Harrison Frankie A., 244 Hart. He rbert Allen, 274 Harttield, Robert S., 99, 144, 148, 296 Hartley. Harvey. Patricia L., 119, 257 Marilyn T., 121, 244 Harwood, Barbara J.. 244 Haskins, Paula Lou, 115 Haskew, Lane G., 93, 244 Hatcher, Mary Ellen. 274 Hatcher, Judith L., 123 Hatcher, Weldon, 206 n Grimes, John Joseph, 274 Grinsted, William A., 107. 131. 257 Grubbs, Gary Mack, 295 Grube, Paul Louis, 134, 257 Guice, Sandra Lynn, 244 Gulledge, Dexter E., 244 Gullupi, Jim, 264 Gump, William Frank. 99 Gunnell, Dorothy L., 296 Gunn, Eric, 223 Gunn, Gerald Gillis, 244 Gunn, William Wayne, 295 Gunter, George H., 92, 93, 296 Gunter, William K., 296 H Haab, Elwood Glen, 274 Habeeb, Evelyn Ann, 113, 244 Habert, Joe, 219 Haden, Charliene, 143, 257 Haden, Glenn Ware, 257 Haddad, Fred S., 244 Hafley. Ivan D.. 274 Hagan, Carl David, 257 Hafley. Glennie J., 296 Hagler, Edward T.. 244 Hagwood, Jimmy F., 257 Haik, Larry Nedra, 296 Hairston, Thomas J., 212. 214 Hairc, Jacquclyn F., 244 Hale, Harold, 205 311 Hatley, Minetta Kay. 257 Hathorn, Nancy, 61, 123, 257 Hathorne, Markie L.. 244 Hatten. Cgtfide 1296297 Hauanio, emen .. Harvard, Mary Sue, 119. 140, 197, 274 Hawkins, Judith Ann, 113 Hawks. Richard Dean, 151, 219, 297 Hawkins, Oliver J., 274 Hawkins, Beverly A., 121 Hawkins, Virginia V., 117, 130, 244 Hayden. John Marsha, 257 Hayes, Bobby Dean. 244 Hayles, Sandra W., 143. 297 Hays, Claude getevi 29557 Havs. Dennis on , Hayslett, Fred M., 61, 64, 98, 99. 134. 151. 274 Headrick, Jennifer, 297 Headley. Fred Clare 297 Healy, Mary Rosalin 55, 140 Hearn, Roger Paul. 244 Hebler. Margaret P.. 297 Hebert. Joseph J., 95. 257 Herbert, Donald W., 244 Hecht, Arthur J., 297 l-lederi. Janet Leigh, 113 Hedgepeth. Michael. 105 Heebe. Marvin G., 219, 297 Hegwood, Joseph L., 244 Heidelberg. Kay, 133. 142. 239. 274 Heidelberg, Hinkle, 97. 257 Heider. Elaine Ann, 205, 244 Lleim, Charles W., 297 Helser, Paul F., 257 Helveston, Carolyn, 115 Hembree, Ruth H., 316 Hembree, Sheila D., 244 Hemphill, Elmer H., 99, 274 Hemphill, Patricia, 197, 244 Hough, Eddie D.. 275 Honan, Neil J., 95 Hooten, Ronald Dean, 227, 228, 275 Hoover, Cathy D., 258 Hopkins, Dina F., 298 Hopkins, Brenda Lou, 258 Hopson, Paula Jo, 298 Hoppe, Martha K., 258 Hosey, Deloris Ann, 258 Hoskin, George L., 316 Houck, Joy Newton J., 186, 189 Houser, Charles S., 137, 298 Houston, Sarah B., 56, 123, 141, 298 Howard, Arthur W., 275 Howard, James David, 275 Johnson, Johnson, Bob Tom, 169, 170, 173, 299 Beverly G., 143, 205, 245 Johnson, Barbara J., 245 Johnson, Bethany A., 245 John, Curtis Y., 212, 214, 299 Johnson, Byron Carl, 299 Johnson, Coy Dewitt, 258 Johnson, Jerry G., 97, 299 Johnson, Janice, 299 Johnson, John Earl, 258 Johnson Kendall W. 299 Johnson: Lexa D., 299 Killman, Joel M., 95 Kimble, Patricia A., 276 Kime, Jack Dale, 276 Kinard, Charles B. J.. 276 Kinard, Betty Jean, 143 King King , Beverly Ann., 258, 300 , Henrietta, 117, 196, 245 King James Harold, 157, 159. 160 King: Jeanette, 110, 123, 213,300 King Johnnie Sue, 121, 258 King: Joe Brewer, Jr., 276 King, Lloyd Holyene, 300 King. Paul Kittrell, 157, 276 King, Patricia June, 245 King William F. 245 Howell, Howard, John M., 101, 216, 245 Howell, Thomas R., 275 Howell, Vernon L., 218, 298 Howell, Anna Karon, 245 Howell, Teresia, 275 Cheryl Rose, 245 Johnson, Lois A., 258 Johnson, Memrie, 142, 229, 299 Johnson, Mike W., 275 Johnson, Mary V., 141, 224, 299 Johnson, Martha Ann, 64. 136, 140, 204, 205, 275 Johnson Obie, Jr., 275 Johnson: Raymond M., 316 Johnson, Ron, 156, 157, 169, 173, 299 Hudson Robert S., 298 Howle, Alan Jackson, 95, 245 Hoydich, Richard N., 275 Hsier, Wen Bin, 316 Hu, Ming Ming, 316 Huang, Chu Shyen, 316 Johnson, Johnson Robin Star, 123, 196, 299 Walter F. 276 Johnson: Robert Gf, 275 Johnston, Grace O., 133, 192 Johnston, Betty You, 119, 258 Kinkade, Joseph, 239, 300 Kinnebrew, Joan 81, 139, 141, 286, 300 Kinner, Kenneth A., 99 Kinnison, Darryl E., 300 Kinnison, Janet T., 300 Kintzley, William B.. 300 Kintzley, John E., 276 Kirchmayr, Stephen, 92, 93 Kirkland, Thomas R., 300 Kirkland, Mildred R., 140, 300 Kirke. John Judson, 159 Hendershot, Vicki G., 63, 115, 130, 244 Henderson Brenda J., 297 Henderson, Merlin K., 131, 244 Henderson, Mike, 224 Henderson, Nellie G., 297 Henderson, Patsy J., 297 Henderson, Robbie L., 297 Hendry, Patricia A., 257 Hendry, Margaret V., 257 Henington, Henry L., 97, 137 Henning, Caro R., 192 Henry, Willia.m A., 219, 297 Henry, Sam, 297 Henson, Phyllis M., 297 Herchenhahn, Mellee, 143 Herdry, Marion, 316 Hermann, Margaret L., 257 Hernandez, Joyce A., 244 Herrin, Thomas J., 297 Herrington, Robert 274 Herrington, Robert W., 144 Herring, Kathryn S., 202, 224, 297 Herring, Nancy E., 227, 257 Herring, Tom, 213 Herrington, Jerry W., 257 Herrin, Harvey S., 297 Herring, Melody, 123, 244 Hude, Martha F., 123 Hudson: Hudson Elizabeth D., 139, 189 Ronald J. 62 95 , , , , 108, 148 Hudson, Clark, 213, 298 Hudson, William L., 275 Hudson, Mickey, 298 Johnston, Mary Anne, 299 Johnston, Wayne C., 139, 299 Kiser, James Dale, 49, 106, 107, 213, 239, 266, 276 Jolly, Joy Wayne, 212, 214, 299 Jones, Barbara Nell, 258 Jones Brenda Diann, 276 Jones, Charles O., 276 Jones, Carrie L. R., 276 Jones, Carol M., 299 Herring, Rodney L., 103, 244 Herrod, Ronald Gene, 244 Herrod, Shelley P., 274 Hershey, Tom Dale, 99 Hersh, Jerome G., 216, 274 Herzog, Charlotte M., 85, 110, 117, 252, 257, 265 Hess, Joe Clare, 139 Hester, Karen Ann, 274 Hester, Charles E., 297 Hetrick, Helen Hill, 274 Hewitt, Allan B., 274 Hewitt, Betty W., 257 Hickman, James Neel, 274 Hudson, Eugenia D., 258 Huelsbeck, Harry H., 258 Huffman, George W., 139, 275 Huggins, Brenda L., 258 Huggins, Margaret L., 115, 258 Hughes, Jackie, 239, 258 Hughes, Lynda R., 275 Hughes, Nancy A., 298 Hull, Clarence A., 258 Humbrecht, Francis 224, 227, 298 Humphries, Betty S., 258 Hungerford, Gaston, 148, 298 Hunger, Tom Alan, 103, 137, 298 Hunt, Harold, 218, 298 Jones, David Hughes, 276 Jones El izabeth R., 258 Jones: Henry Thomas, 95, 114, 146, 299 Jones, Jay, 193, 276 Jones. John Allen, 94, 95 Jones, Je sse Paul, 142, 316 Jones, Juanita, 143, 232, 233, 276 Jones, Judith Ann, 111, 276 Jones, Judith Nell, 136, 299 Jones, Janet P., 115, 245 Jones, Jilaine K., 113, 245 Jones, Jean E., 245 Jones Kuhn, Don Arthur, 246 Hicks, Mary Frances, 133, 212, 297 Hicks, Peggy Sue, 257 Hicks, Patricia Ann, 205, 244 Higgins, Francis J., 297 Higgs, Patricia Ann, 245 Hightower, Thomas C., 228, 239, 257 Hunter, Barbara A., 142, 227, 275 Hunter, Peggy J ., 298 Hunter, Katherine R., 298 Hunter, Margaret A., 140, 298 Hunter, Clifton Ray, 133, 258 Hunter Catherine L., 24.5 Hilburn, George 297 Hill Hill: Hill, Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill: Hill Anthony Barne, 297 Carolyn Maud, 275, 133 Charles B., Jr., 107, 244 Henry Clifton, 101 Jimmie Carl, 275 Jimmy Calvin, 297 Martha France, 297 Mary Katherin, 258 Patricia Ann 113 297 Hillinan, Sharon 275 Hinds. Margaret C., 297 Hines, Walter E., 258 Hines, Roger Neal, 275 Hinkebein, Donna K., 125 Hinson, Prentiss C., 258 Hinton, Charles E., 159, 275 Hinton, Leslie Beth, 245 Hinton, Linda Nell, 143, 245 Hinton, Carol Jean, 245 Hinman, Brian Ross, 245 Hire, Theresa Chris, 197, 245 Hitt, Harold McCall, 159, 297 Hixson, Douglas B., 275 Hixon, John Everitt, 93, 245 Hobart, Elizabeth A., 200, 258 Hobson, Paul Samuel, 258 Lamey, John Hodges, Kenneth R., 101, 297 Hodges, William D., 145, 258 Hodges, Linda Jean, 115, 297 Hodges, Melvin Kell, 275 Hurdle, Patricia L., 62, 115, 275 Hurst, Rudolph R., 298 Hurt, Richard Craig, 205, 298 Hutson, Judy C., 223, 298 Hutto, Alice, 298 Hutto, Harold Craig, 258 Hydrick, Peggy E., 120, 298 I Impey, Katherine, 239, 258 Ingram, Leonard Lee, 258 Inman, Kenneth L., 107, 245 Irby, Harold Stuart, 97 Irby, A.melia Ethel, 133, 141, 298 Isbell, Preston K., 245 Iski, Bob, 203 Jones Kenneth S., 258 Jones Lloyd S., 299 Jones Melvin E., 142, 299 Jones, Mary V., 245 Jones, Richard T., 147, 148 Jones, Jones, Jones, Jord Jordan Jordan Jordan J udge, Richard, 147 Richard L., 258 Sandra H., 276 Shirley Faye, 140, 276 Barbara C., 258 Brenda C., 245 311. Jordan, . Charlotte A., 276 Frederick P., 101 . John W., 245 Billy Frank, 299 Julkenbeck, Harold, 258 J urich, Joseph M., 101 K Kielland, Richard D., 300 Klein Judy Louise, 113, 245 Klobe, Charles E., 258 Knabb, Eunice N., 300 Knecht, Gary Richard, 239, 258 Knight, James, 213 Knight Daniel C., 258 Knight, Suanna V., 115, 245 Knight, Robert A., 245 Knippers, Maria M., 258 Kochersperger, Gary, 169, 171, 173 Koenenn, Ray, 218 Koehle, William T., 92 Koenenn, Alfred R., 276 Kolman, Diane Mary, 107, 300 Kopesky Ronnie E., 246 Kortman, William J., 103 Kornegay, Helen J., 125 Kostmayer, Larry J., 246 Kowatch, Lynda M.. 258 Koyiades, Charles G., 95 Krabel, Patricia K., 186 Krattiger, Kenneth, 224, 258 Krieger, Barbara C., 246 Kunz, Lester C., 300 Kuntz, Linda Marie, 205, 246 Kyzar, Willie B., 276 L Labay, Diana Jean, 62, 111, 119, 276 Labay, Maria Lynett, 62, 111, 119, 276 Lackey, Arthur E., 300 Lack, Roger David, 300 Lacy, Melinda K., 205, 246 Lack, William V., 258 Ladner, Carol, 119, 137, 276 Kahlstorf, William, 53, 62, 98, 99, 108, 196, 213, 299 Kaizer, Burrell, 219 Ladnier, Paul Ladner, Marli D., 149, 259 n R., 246 Ladner, Maudine C., 276 Ladner, Luther D., 105, 246 Ishee, Dianne, 216, 275 Iturbe, Doe A., 275 Iturbe, Eudoro A., 99 Iturbe, Nelson Mark, 245 Iturbe, Ivan Joseph, 258 Ivey, W illiam Larry, 275 Ivison, Herbert B. J., 275 Ivy, Annette, 245 Kalagian, Samuel L., 104, 105 Kamean, Marshall, 213 Kanady, David W., 95 Kasbohm, Joann M., 133, 213, 299 Katz, Julian Andre, 138 Kavanaugh, Alan T., 101 Kean, William Stark, 193, 258 Keeler, Donna Marti, 123, 245 Ladner, Ladnier Ladner, Ladnier, Ladner, Lafleur, Janet Gale, 205, 246 , Doris Ann, 246 Berlin A., 175 Randall D., 246 Larry Wayne, 276 Ike. 100, 101, 300 Lagasse, Charles E., 276 Laird, Shirley Dale, 202, 300 Hoffman. Lydia E., 316 Hoge, Thomas Arthur, 275 Hogue. Ann Charlott, 141, 275 Hogue, Brenda Carol, 258 Holbrook, Thomas G., 297 201, 223, 245, 286, 298 Landry, Holcomb, Jerry M., 275 Kelley, Phyllis G., 276 Holcomb, Rolland B., 275 Holcomb, William T., 258 , Raymond W.. 275 , James Ralph, 103 Holder Holder Holder, Earlene, 143, 245 Holder, Evelyn, 143, 245 Holifield, Molly J., 143 Rebecca, 202, 298 Holifield. Holifield, Joel'R., 258 Holineld, Martice, 275 Holifield, Ronald L., 275 J Jackson, Andrew B., 275 Jackson, Billy F., 134, 358 Jackson, Judy Gail, 117, 133, 206, 298 Jackson Jackson ,Jackie Mae, 213, 239, 298 , Sandra, 52, 54, 114, 115, 200, Jackson, Tulon L., 275 Jacob, Marvin Tip, 275 Jalnes, Ben B., 157 James, Janice May, 130, 258 James, Jennie Ruth, 125 James, Neil Patton, 298 James Martha Carol, 275 James: Ronald Allen. 298 James William E., 298 James: Shirley, 121, 245 Janowski, Alex V. Jr., 298 Keen, Elsworth, 11, 299 Keen, Aris Fay, 223, 299 Keen, Brenda Joyce, 276 Keen, Lou Ellen, 258 Keeney, Virgil O., Jr., 299 Keeney, Rose Ann, 245 Keisman, Emily Faye, 245 Keith, Jean, 202 Keller, Pamela Sue, 86, 130, 245 Kelley, Rodney M., 276 Laird, John, Jr., 159, 160, 161, 164, 165 Laird, Donald H., 316 Lala, Lester A. Jr., 101, 259 Lambert, LeWayne, 213, 300 Clifton, 97 Lammons, Michael R., 246 Lancaster, Jimmy, 276 Land, Sharon Kay, 117, 276 Landers, Linda Wood, 246 Landreth, Raiford I., 227. 228, 300 Kellum, Martha Raye, 245 Linda Louis, 112, 113, 224. 276 Jarman, Nan Louise, 299 wood M 299 Holifield Garey C. 275 Holland, Max Taylor, 140, 316 Holland, William J ., 205, 275 Holland, Sandra J., 275 Holley, Judy C., 121, 245 Hollingsworth, P., 140 Hollinger, Patricia, 115, 258 Hollimon, Bobby Ray, 100, 101, Hollinsworth. Dale, 258 Hollingsworth, R., 245 Hollingsworth, Mary 258 Holliday, Laughlin, 275 Hollis, Jerry M., 201, 205 Holloway, Harvey L., 298 Holmes, Carol Lynn, 245 Holmes, Ronnie J .. 245 298 Jarm, Carol Alice, 207, 245 Kellum, Floyd Nason, 276 Kemp, James J., Jr.. 99, 276 Kemmer, Sheila L., 202, 258 Kemp, David Odell, 258 Kendall, John Field, 299 Kennard, David A., 245 Kennedy, Betty Jean, 258 Kennedy, Georgia A., 227, 245 Kennedy Johnnie F., 245 Kennedy: Judy Gayle. 245 Kent L Landrum, Hollis, 134, 193, 204, 2 59 Landrum, Georeane E., 259 Lang, Jimie Nell, F., 300 Langenstein, Gloria, 140, 300 Langfitt, Bonney K., 259 Langley, Louis V., 300 Langley, Martha S., 143, 246 Lankford, Richard T., 99, 300 Larosa, Sarn, Jr., 205, 218 Lartique, Louis J., 259 Lartigue. Glenda D., 121, 246 Laurent, Johnny W., 259 Lawl ess, Christy M., 276 J efcoat, Jere D., 299 Jeffcote, Jerry, 219 Jeffreys, William J., 275 Jenkins, David T., 299 Jenkins, Guinevere, 299 J enning J enning Jensen, s, Bennett A., 102, 239, 245 s, Willam, 218 Karen Ann, 143, 245 Jerkins, Joseph L., 134, 275 Jesse Vincent, Jr., 205, 245 J ewett, Russell W., 245 Joachim, Gary P., 101, 275 Kenyon, Marian C., 276 Kergosien, Suzanne, 119, 300 Kerr, Judith Marie, 245 Kersh, Kathleen M., 200 Kershner, Charles J., 198, 199, 276 Key, William George, 300 Keyser, David L., 142 Key, James Edward, 300 Keyes, Jo Ann, 276 Kieronski, Joseph A., 134. 144, 258 Kilgo, Robert Lewis, 140. 205 Killingsworth, M., 207, 276 Killingsworth, Carol, 213, 300 Killcreas, Marie D., 300 Lawless, Donald M., 276 Lawrence, Jerry E., 276 Lawrence, Larry D., 300 Lawrence, M.ildred W., 119, 300 Lawrence, Randv F., 97, 246 Lawson, Lawson, Burma 140, 276 Donald D., 276 Lay, Laurel Hilda, 259 Lazenby, John E., 63, 95, 133, 136, 203. 246 Leahy, Paul Joseph, 246 Lechner, Terrance M., 131, 259 Ledbetter, Charles 300 Johansson, Emily F., 136, 299 Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee. 30 Charles Jerry, 140, 276 Dorothy Ann, 246 Earl S. Jr., 277 Floyd Ray, 97, 148, 301 Freddie, 301 Gracie Elaine, 277 Howard Jenning, 104, 105, 259 John Wincie Jr., 53. 55, 97, 216, 1 Lee, Jimmie Dale, 218, 301 Lee, Lee Judith Carolyn, 111, 117, 259 Leslie Luther, 301 Stephen F., 278 Le3eI Linda, 50, 51, 52, 54, 60, 65, 117 01 Lee, Luther Gay, 139, 259 Lee, Nelda Lynne, 259 Lee, Pittman Gayle, 301 Lee, William David, 276 Leech, Martha Gayle, 246 Leese, Thelma A., 227, 246 Leftwich, Judi Ann, 117 Leggett, Annette, 277 Leitch, Rebecca S., 314 Lenz, Marilyn E., 259 Lenoir, Cynthia Ann, 246 Leperi, Tommy T., 218, 219, 259 Leslie, William C., 107, 301 Leslie, Robert Paul, 139, 301 Leslie, Kenneth Way, 97 Letort, Henry Edwin, 159 Leuenberger, James, 277 Levite, Maurice R., 97 Levine, Harold Jay, 277 Levine, Michael S., 277 Lewis, Barney V., 301 Lewis, Barbara Anne, 115, 246 Mach, Franklin C., 301 Mach, Mary Ann, 141 Mackrell, Mayze V., 213 MacLean, Martha Ann, 202, 223, 301 Maddox, Hazel Louis, 277 Maddox, Alfred W., 277 Maddox, David Clay, 246 Madeira, John Renic, 99, 246 Maes, Richard Wayne, 277 Magee, Christine M., 115, 301 Magee, Mildred Buck, 301 Magee, William W., 99 Magee, Charlotte B., 259 Maguire, Charlyn D., 64, 136, 199, 226 301 Mahan, Ann, 113, 218, 277 Mahoney, Michael A., 159 Mahorney, Steven L., 246 Main, James Selwyn, 94, 95, 108 Maisel, Jay Robert, 107, 108 Malley, Jerry Clyde, 107 Mallette, Kenneth J., 216, 301 Malone, Jack B., 131, 137, 301 Malone, Patricia A., 246 Malone,Sidney Earl, 159 Malone, Peggy Jean, 80, 85, 107, 113 151, 238 Mander, Gary Alfred, 62, 99, 238 Mangum, John Wayne, 159 Mangum, Jerry K., 277 Mangold, M. Kristine, 246 Mangano, Dona Marie, 246 Mann, James Robert, 302 V. Jo Ann A., 302 Mann, Mann, Ellen Ruth, 65, 277 Mann, Judith Elaine, 277 McCoy, Robert Edwin, 259 McCraney, Michael D., 302 McCra.ney, Thomas E., 278 McCullouch, Jo Ann, 205, 278 McCurley, Shirley A., 278 McCurdie, Janet, 115, 247 McCutchon. John R., 259 McDaniel, Ja.mes D., 105, 228 McDaniel, David, 302 McDaniel, Gene H., 105, 193 McDaniel, Danny D., 302 McDavid, Kenneth L., 302 McDaniel, Daniel, 259 McDavitt, Betty C., 143, 205, 247 McDonald, "Butch" Jo, 121, 213, 302 McDonald, Johnie L., 113, 278 McDonald, James C. J., 145, 259, 278 McDonald, Linda Fay, 136, 259 McDonald Linda A., 278 McDonald Richard M., 247 McDonald William J., 247 McDonald? Sammy G., 302 McDonnell, Margueri, 123, 205, 247 McElwain, Terry Lee, 94, 95 McElhaney, Ina Jo., 113, 302 McElroy, James E., 99 McElhaney, Judith E., 113, 131, 205, 259 McElroy, Kevin, 205 McElreath, Tom L., 97 McElveen, Linda Ann, 247 McGee, Howard G., 302 McGee, Lawrence B., 93, 259 McGehee, Relder, J., 138, 141, 302 McGee, James C., 278 McGinty, Dorothy F., 247 lVLiller, Cynthia S., 124, 125, 278 Miller, Dewey B., 101, 278 Miller, Harold Leon, 101, 260 Miller, John Bruce, 157, 168, 169, 170 Miller, Janice L., 247 Miller, James Roger 278 Miller. John R., 142 Miller, Katherine, 75, 91, 303 Miller, Lynn Wayne, 278 Miller, Mary F., 316 Miller, Marilyn M., 65, 115, 247, 278 Miller, Percy Ellis, 303 Miller, Paula Cecil, 247 Miller Robert L., 303 Miller: W., 227, 278 Miller, Shirley Ann, 303 Miller, Sue Ann, 117 Miller, Sally A., 247 Miller, Thomas F., 260 Millis, Ralph, 239, 247 Milner, David H., 142, 316 Milner, Mary M., 110, 124, 125 Milner, John K., 303 Milner, Mary K., 303 Millsaps, Robert H., 260 Minyard, James John, 260 Misurell Y. Frank A., 205, 260 Mitchell, David K., 303 Mitchell, Jimmie E., 303 Mitchell, Judy E., 260 Mitchell, Jeffery J., 260 Mitchell, Herman E., 303 Mitchell, Ronald M., 303 Mitchell, Tula T., 137, 278 Mitchell, Tommy H., 278 Mitchell. Maples, Frank Leona, 277 Lewis, Donnie R., 224 Lewis, James C., 301 Lewis, James Allen, 277 Lewis, Joseph Brady, 246 Lewis. Liddle. William A., 175 Chester A., 301 Pru, 113 Martin, Lightsey, Charlie L., 316 Lightsey Becky L., 246 Likins, Rita Rose, 201, 205, 301 Limbaugh, Kendra L.. 65, 113, 246 Lindsay, Lee Paige, 301 Lindsey, Joyce Anne. 259 Lingle, Ronald, 53, 56, 301 Lipscomb, Lynda Lou, 117, 277 Lippincott, Harold, 159, 164, 166 Little, Robert W., 159, 167 Little, Sharon E., 246 Little, Thomas, 63, 218. 238 Little, Carrol T., 99, 246 Littleton, James E., 301 Litton. Kenneth E. J., 246 Livingston, Ivah R., 277 Livingston, William, 277 Lloyd. Helen V., 113 Lochbaum, Wayne A., 101 Locke. Horace D., 301 Lockhart, Mitchell, 277 Loftin, Sydney K., 117, 265 Lollar, Marcus W., 99 Long, George R., 97 Long, Phyllis Louis, 123, 259 Long, Quency, 213 Long, Sachia, 119, 246 Longino, Mary Louis, 73, 85, 117, 156 258, 266, 277 Longon. Thomas Ray, 259 Loper, Eddie Oneal, 277 Mann, Linda Dianne, 81, 86, 246 Manney, Joe S., 277 Mansfield, Joyce M., 302 Manuel, Louis J., 139, 219, 302 Manu el, Marcia Jean, 246 Marcy, Valerie Jean, 246 Marinovich, Jake M., 101 Martin Charles L., 138, 219, 277 Marrinf Donald E., 302 Martin, Martin, Donna Lee, 141, 205, 239 Douglas S., 302 Martin, Etna Dale, 246 Martin, Frances, 101 Martin, Harry Joe, 277 Mgrtin, Kenneth J., 54, 83, 205, 219 02 Martin, Janis Ruth, 246 Martin, James Clare, 146 Martin, Judy Sue, 277 Martin, Larry K., 277 Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Patricia D., 246 Percy Frank, 246 Rita Faye, 205 Richard E., 99, 259 Sally Marie, 246 Wilburn J., 101 Woodrow W., 218 Mayii Loper, John Michael, 301 Loper, Brenda E., 277 Loper, Pamela Gene, 246 Lord, Lott. Lott. Lott, Lott, Margaret E., 277 Billy Dale, 277 Joseph C., 157 Patricia M., 141, 277 John Morgan, 139, 259 Lott, Mary Lou, 142 Lott, Nora Faye, 301 Lott, Billy Wayne 157 Lott, Murion Alfred, 301 Lott, Lott. Barbara Irene, 259 Howard A., 246 Loup, James Wilkins, 259 Lovelace, Cecil W., 277 Lovett, Fred Ray, 107, 246 Lovette, Margaret K., 277 Lowe, Alan Debwood, 140 Marx, Beryl Ann, 246 Mashburn, Billy G., 101, 259 Mason, Craig Boyd, 97, 259 Mason, Louis George, 259 Mason, William D., 277 Mastri, Don, 175 Mateer, Robert W., 97 Matheson, Duncan F., 259 Mathews, John R., 134, 302 Mathis. Charlotte A., 224, 302 Matlock, Raymond G., 302 Matthews, Teddy M., 259 Matthews, Jon M., 134, 259 Maurer, Peter Kurt, 95, 198, 199, 277 Maurin, Arthur I., 246 Maupin, Judy Kaye, 246 Maxey, Jerry Lawson, 246 May. May. May, May, May. May. May Carolyn Anne. 115 John Morris, 96, 97, 277 Louie Michael, 302 Miriam, 205, 277 William Henry, 259 Dana Lee, 277 William Neal 247 May: Woody Herman, 99 Mayfield, Walter G., 259 eld. James J. J., 247 McGowen, Myrna J., 111, 151 McGraw, Artice Lee, 95, 302 McGraw, Carmaleta, 64, 65. 146, 147, 196, 204. 278 McGrew, Kenneth J., 147, 259 Mclllwain, Janet E., 259 McIlwain, Thomas D., 213 McIlwain, Rita Kay, 247 McInnis, Thelsa Fay, 119, 247 McIntyre, Junius D., 278 McIntyre, Donna Joy, 247 McKay, Carolyn McKeever, Wilma Fay, 302 McKeever, Charles R., 302 McKennon, James C., 247 McKenzie, Albert S., 259 McKenzie, Richard W., 259 McKey, Nan Carolyn, 137. 138, 223, 302 McLavy, Frank R., 278 McLean, Linda Carol, 259 McLemore, Howard C., 278 McLendon, Herbert M., 302 McLemore, Dianne C., 247 McLellan, Thomas R., 247 McLemore, Carolyn, 247 McLeod, Benja.min S., 314, 316 McLeod, Kenneth A., 210, 302 McLeod. Rosiland R.. 278 McLeod, Kay, 80, 111, 119, 151, 252. 259 McManus. John E., 99, 137 McMahon, Carolyn A., 259 McMillan, Dinah N., 259 McMinn, Amelia Ann, 247 McMillen, Rosa Dell, 278 McMu1lan, Patricia, 247 McMurtray, Charlott, 302 McNair, Flora Nell, 259 McNeal, Dahn, 130, 247 McNinch, George H. W., 302 McPhail, Elsie, 223 McQuaig, Betsy, 206 McQueen, Charlotte, 113, 247 McRae, Thomas Urvin, 218, 302 McRae, Tommie, 136, 302 McRaney, Kenneth, 222, 316 McWhorter, Mary A., 65, 110, 119, 197, 278 Meador, Alan Ralph, 199. 278 Meadows, Frank Drew, 278 Meadow, Garry D., 303 Measells, Sherod L., 303 Medlin, Richard D., 99, 247 Meek, Sue Ann 247 Meek, Bruce Louis, 139, 316 Mixon, Jeanne Marie, 224, 303 Mobley, Charles E., 260 Mockbee, Samuel N., 95 Modling, Louie W., 260 Moehlmann, Margaret, 247 Molsbee, Robert G., 303 Monk, Rebecca Ann, 278 Monger, Richard C., 103, 278 Monk, Virginia Anne, 206, 278 Moncrief, George W., 278 Montgomery, Donald, 102, 103 Moody, James R., 278 Moody. Carol P., 303 - Moody, William, 193 Moon, Charles F., 201, 205, 227, 303 Mooney, Alyce R., 260 Mooney, Michael W., 105, 247 Moore, Betty Louise, 247 Moore, Charlie P.. 303 Moore, James "Scrappy", 98, 99. 137 138. 144, 278 Moore, John Harvey, 260 Moore, Kathy M., 260 Moore, Kay, 140 Moore, Mary J., 247 Moore. Sheila Ann, 110, 130 Moore, Thomas K., 278 Moore Warner O. 303 Moorehead. Larry'G., 278 Moorhead. Roberta M.. 260 Moran, Larry Wayne, 260 Moran, Richard Paul, 205, 247 Moran, Margaret J., 137, 278 Morgan, Joyce Ann. 260 Morgan, Linda Dawn, 260 Morgan, Maurice C.. 303 Morgan, Paul Ellis, 278 Morris, Brenda Kay. 121. 286, 303 Morris. Gerald C.. 213,303 Morris, Glenn F., 247 Morris, John P., 97 Morris Marv Joyce, 260 Morrisbn, ciairiei. 65. 110, 124, 125 260 Morrison, Albert C., 103, 247 Morrison. Susan W., 260 Morrow, Bennett A.. 279 Morton, Bubba. 205 Morton. Janet Louis, 125, 247 Morton, Patricia A., 247 Mosby. Robert, 213 Moses, Anneas, S., 98, 99 Moses, Charles M.. 99 Mosley, Daniel W., 218, 219, 303 Mosley. Diane Louis. 137, 247 Moss. Janie Louise. 137, 140, 303 Thomas V. Jr., 159, 166 Melton Lowery, Connor W., 277 Lowry, Sarah E., 125 Lowry, Van Bethea J., 277 Lowrey, Mark L. Jr., 63, 98, 99, 134, 252. 259 Lowrey, Quin C., 246 Loyle, Walter S., 107, 130, 131, 134, 138, 218, 219, 301 Lucius, Karen Sue, 117, 246 133. McCary, John Owen, 63, 99, 247, 259 Luckie, Donald Ray. 101 Luke, Linda Kay, 74, 115. 200 Luke, Joseph C., 301 Lumpkin, Jerry 193, 301 Lundy. Charles E., 277 Lusk, Frederick, J. J., 259 Lusk. Frank Richard, 246 Lynch, Ruthie Robin, 239, 259. 301 Mabry, Patricia Ann, 137, M 277 Mabry, lValicr M., 97, 301 MacDonald, Donald R., 203, 259 McAdory, Tjajuan, 247 McAtee, Patsy Ann. 302 McAvaddy, James F. P., 157, 277 McBride, Robert L., 134, 259 McCabe, Brian P., 247 McCabe, Rose A., 247 McCalip, Ida Lee, 277 McCall, Nancy V., 97, 277 McCallum, Joan C.. 140, 277 McCamish, Judith G., 247 McCarstle, Donnis R., 302 McCard1e, James V., 247 MgCEslin, James K., 49, 53, 144, 150 1 McCarty, William E., 278 McCarty, John E., 207 McClellan, Michael, 159 McClellan. Kenneth, 247 McCollough, Lois L., 259 McConnell, Lynda A., 247 McCord, Brenda Faye, 140. 278 McCosker, Barbara K., 143. 278 McCoy. Carol Jill, 247 Meeks, Robert Wayne, 278 Meitzler, Wanda A., 278 Mejia, Guillermo F., 316 Mellinger. Marilyn, 247, 278 Mellen, Ruth, 278 Melton Karen Alice, 303 Melton: John P., 157, 159, 163 Mount. Mary A., 303 Movan, Teddi B., 303 Mowdy. Barbara Ann, 303 Mowdy. Mulkey. Mullen. Sonny E. Jr.. 204. 205. 279 Judy Ann, 143. 303 Glenn Grady, 103 Mulvey, Joan Carol. 142, 279 Mullins, Frank C., 279 George, 239 Melvin: Mennell, Dorothy A.. 113, 247 Meredith, Jane H., 52, 55, 62, 115. 264. 303 Meredith, Carol E., 278 Merkbee. Sambo, 206 Merritt, James F., 95 Merritt, Peter B., 147 Merritt, Wayne M., 247 Metaxas. Milton E., 278 Meyer, Sandra E., 259 Middleton, John F., 136 Middlebrook. T.. 133. 278 Migues, Larry Jack. 303 Miley, Pamela E., 123, 278 Miles, Jacqueline A., 247 7-4 Mulloy, Patrick E., 303 Munn. Charles Leroy, 279 Murdock. Jamie Kay. 119. 279 Murif. Ola Bonita, 119. 260 lVl'nrDhPV, Kathleen W.. 206. 279 Murphree, Henry G. I., 95, 247 Murphy. Anna Ruth E.. 304 Murphy. Earl Glenn, 260 Murphy, Jeannie L., 247 Murphy, Mvrtle A., 304 Murphy, Michael C., 107, 247 Murphy, Robert Paul, 279 Murphy. Thomas H., 316 Murrah, Floria Kaye, 303 Murray, Carlleigh. 279 Murray. Irene. 247 Pa li Murray, Jeffrey A., 248 Murray, William E., 304 Murray, Vienna J., 260 Myatt, Larry D., 248 Myers, Mary Janice, 123, 260 Myers, Martin John 248 Myers, Paul C., 62, 97 Myrick, Martha F., 304 Myrick, Alma Ellen, 304 Myrick, Rebecca, 260 Myrick, Lewis Ray, 279 N Nace, Donald Ross, 103, 279 Naderhoff, Gwinn, Jr., 304 Nall, Herman A., 157, 159, 162, 163 Nall, James L., 279 Napier, Malcolm R., 304 Napier, Larry Edwin, 218, 219, 301 Napier, Nancy Lou, 279 Naw, Carolyn N., 279 Nazary, Betty Anne, 248 Neal, Robert Fulton, 304 Neal, Shelba S., 279 Necaise, Frances C., 304 Owens, Annie Ray, 279 Owensby, Cheryl Lee, 227, 260 Owens, Owens, Owens, James Harold, 103, 167, 305 Rebecca L., 111, 117, 248 Evelyn Susan, 316 Owings, Betty Ann, 248 Oxner, Patricia Ann, 260 P Pace, Judy Ann, 260 Paciera. Paul A., 139, 305 Pace, Emily S., Pack, Pack, Pack, Alexander R., 305 Dean Hubert, 279 Karon Earl, 279 Page, Warren Carmel, 260 u hi Ste hen 99 279 8 E . D . . Pahlgren, George I., 305 Palarea, Richard N., 260 Palermo, Sharon E., 248 Palmeira, Ray A., 260 Palmer, James Irvin, 248 Palmer, James Earl, 279 Paola, Nathan T., 305 Phillips, Robert B., 199 Phillips, Ronald D., 248 248 280 Phillips, Russell F., Phillips, Sandra K., Phillips, Sandra K., 261 Piazza, George, 56, 227, 228 Piazza, Salvadore A., 199, 215 Pickens, Katherine, 62, 64, 117, 305 Pickett, Gladys J., 305 Pickering, Burney F., 95 Pickering, Dorothy, 280- Pickney, Donald J., 305 Pickering, Harry E., 280 Pierce Marie L., 305 Pierce Wayne H., 261 Pigford, Malcolm L., 101, 306 Pigott, Mary Jean, 233, 261 Pigott, Jerry Lynn, 103, 261 Pilcher. Judith Gay, 306 Pinkerton, Patricia, 261 Pinto Maritza, E., 316 Pinto, Pablo Vicent, 248 Pinnix, James E., 97, 248 Pinson, Mary F., 123, 248 Ping, Edward J., 248 Piper, Donald W., 248 R Rabb, Charles B., 204, 205, 280 Rachal, Ann Hope, 248 Rae, Robin Elise, 115, 248 Rameld, John R., 306 Rahaim, Elaine T., 248 Rahaim, Cynthia F., 111 Raines, Clyde M., 306 Raley, Jerry Wayne, 202, 306 Raley, Vivian Kay., 143, 248 Ramsay, Norman, 193. 261 Ramsay, Stewart H., 280 Ramsey, Susan E., 125 Randazzo, Henry J., 147, 205, 248 Randolph, Martha G., 261 Rasmussen, Susan M., 130, 205, 261 Ratclilf, Brenda S., 306 Ratcliff, Percy D., 142, 306 Rathlev, Raymond A., 97 Rawls, Dorothy Jean, 117, 306 Rawlings, Ray Davis Rawls, Robert E., 280 Rawls, Sharon Louis, 117, 249 197, 249 Rawls, Benjamin R., Ray, Byron Douglas, 261 Ray, Dimples M., 249 Ray, Leland Martin, 261 Neely, Joe E., 103 Neely, Burkett S., 55, 213, 304 Neel, Susan Jane, 143, 248 Neff, Guy Charles, 279 Nelson Nelson Nesom Nettles Dwight B. Jr., 104, 105, 10" Dwight L., 134, 304 Joe Blankins. 279 M ra L 316 Nettles Nettles Newell Y YTU1. Walter J., 105 , Raymond N., 260 Elizabeth A., 205, 260 Newell: Sidney c., 304 Newell, John Paul, 279 Neff, Brooks, 53 an , Kay, 54, 61, 64, 80, 117, 264 Newm 304 Reed, Jerry Ray, 249 Anna K., 306 Newman, Hilton L., 136, 260 Newman, Faye, 260 Newman, E. Jeanette, 279 Nichols, Prissie, 279 Nichols, Frank Hoyt, 304 Parden, Donnie H., 260 Parker, Bobby E., Parker, Parker, Charlie R., 316 Colleen Fay, 279 Parker, Jewel Jean, 115 Parker, Margaret, 279 Parker, Mildred Ann, 305 Parker Marilyn J., 143, 279 Parker: Michael W.. 248 Parker, Parker Pittman, Steve A., 306 Pittman, Cornelia A., 119, 130, 197, 280 Pittman, Sidney E., 280 Pittman, Marilyn K., 121, 261 Pittman, Betty Ann, 261 ymond C 261 Pitts, Ra ., Pitts, Edward B., 95 Pittman, Mamie Sue, 248 Pobjecky, Kathryn 205, 239, 261 Pogue. Jerry G., 103, 137, 306 Pogue. Betsy Carol, 261 Phillip C., 136 Walter A. II., 305 Parkman, Sharon M., 279 Parks, Philip D., 305 Parnham, Gary Paul, 305 Parrish, Parrish, Parris, Rebecca J., 117, 130, Dorothy L., 305 Jonna M., 117 Poirier, Roland J., 280 Polk Charles A. 139 Polk: Brenda Joyce, 261 Polk, Polk. Polk, Jamice M., 280 Lee Anthony. 280 Betty Lou, 86, 261 Pollock, Gordon W., 99, 108 Rayborn, Wayne A., 306 Rayborn, Bennie L., 280 117, 197 , 143, 280 Rayner, Cheryl A., Reabold, Mary Ann. 113 Regan, James Allen. 249 Reaves. David M., 280 Reck, Frances, 224 Redd, Oscar Paul, 306 Redditt, Charles G., 249 Redden, Warren H., 249 Redd, Peggy Lynn, 119 Rednour, Patricia A., 249 Reed, Bennie Wayne, 219, 306 Reed, Anna Delores, 280 Reed, Alice Ann, 136, 280 197. 248 Nichols, Patricia A., 121, 304 Nichols, Wilmer W., 212, 310 Nicholson, Nancy L., 260 Nicholson, Lee L., 304 Nicholson Linda K., Parsons, Carol G., 305 Passons, Kathryn L., 260 Passons, Ronald Lee, 279 Passinger, Lloyd C., 260 Paschal, Nancy A., 121 Patenotte, Patsy A., 248 Pates, Frank George, 279 Patrick, Patricia A., 61, 121, 130, 140, 305 Patrick, Barbara J., 117, 248 Pomeroy, Richard E., 101, 280 Ponder, Charles A., 280 Ponder, Sandra K., 143, 248 Reed, James, 193, 249 Reedy, James M., 261 Reeves, Jerry B., 139 Poole, Brenda Jill, 87, 119, 306 Poole, Pope, Carole Louise, 261 Pope, David Wilson, 97 Porter, Charles W., 227, 228, 306 Porter, Elemuel P., 306 Porter, William F., 95 Powa Nobles. David R., 304 Nicholson, Larry C., 144 Nicholson, Norma L., 279 Nietzel, Douglas C., 97, 304 Nimrocks, Robert F., 148, 149, 304 Nimrocks, Frances G., 115, 248 Niolon, Norbert D., 260 Nixon, Joy Carol, 248 Nobles, Sherry Lou, 117, 197, 260 Noblitt, Donna E., 123, 260 Nobles, Ralph M. Jr., 149, 248 Norsworthy, Linda G., 304 Norris, Frances C., 304 Norris, Helen L., 248 Norsworthy, Ronnie, 147, 248 Norris, Charles W., 279 Norton, Ernest E., 105 Nosser, Martin A., 248 Notaro, Pat Walker, 260 Nowell. Paul E., 248 Null, Sharon Louise, 304 Nunley. Joe Ann, 304 Nybo, Valorie E., 248 O Oates, Paul Michael, 101 Oates, Margaret M., 63, 115, 213, 260 Oberlies, Gerald E., 279 Odell, James Milton, 107, 279 Odgakjian, Gregory, 279 Odle, Marvin Smith. 142, 301 Odom, Rascal, 49, 53, 62, 169, 170, 213, 266, 279 Odom, Homer C., 316 Ohrtman. Barbara J., 121 Olivent, Preston, 205 Oliver. Pamela Anne Oneal, Brenda. 197, 205 Oneal, David Edgar. 138, 304 Oneal, David D., 260 Orcholl, Rita Ann, 232, Ormand, Charles G.. 304 Ornduif, Elaine J., 279 Orndorff, Robert, 193, 248 Orvis. Stanley P.. 140, 304 Osborn, Clair L., 260 Osborne, Nancy May, 227, 279 Oshields. John H., 304 Oswalt, Robert J.. 260 Ott, Delano Sue S., 304 Ousley, Edward J., 93, 305 Overstreet Carolyn Overstreet, John W., 304 Owen, George Hanson, 95 Owen, Robert E., 260 Owen, Lynda Pearl, 115, 266, 279 Owen, Judy C., 143, 305 Owens, Carolyn M. 304 Patterson, Herman H., 305 Patterson, Patterson Larry, 102, 103, 193, 279 Ronald D. 97, 305 Patterson: Patrick, 107 Patterson, Sandra F., 279 Patterson William 279 Patterson: Vernon 'M., 305 Patterson Patterson Patterson Pattison, Pauly, Ja Possenti, Robert E. Posey, Bobby Norman, 261, 306 Posey, Norine, 140 Post, Harvey R., 64, 101, 130, 134, 261 Potter, Russell H. Poulos, John Thomas Poulos, Roger Dale, 99, 248 jbo, Constance, 143, 261 , Suzannah, 260 , Susan T., 248 , Thomas L., 101 John B., 260 mes N ., 305 Payne, Mary Cecele. 143, 232, 260 Payne, Charles, 157, 168, 169 Payne, Eddie Talbot, 248 Peacock. Bonnie R., 121 Pearce, Daniel C., 93, 305 Pearl Carolyn -see Carolyn Archuthnot Pearl, Ro nald E., 103, 279 Pearce, David E., 206, 260 Pearson, Den.nis L., 305 Pearson. Kathy D., 248 Pearson, Mary Ann, 113, 279 Pearson Patricia O., 142, 227, 260 Pearson, Mary E., 280 Pendersen, Pamela C., 248 Powell, Barbara Ann, 248 Powell, Zekie, 139, 306 Reeves, Clara Ruth, 249 Reeves, Sandra Ann, 212, 249 Regan, Robert P., 280 Regan, Terry, 53, 55, 99 Regan, Alice Faye G. Regehr, Coby Bruce, 95 Reid, Burlon Wesley, 306 Reid, John Ronald, 306 Reiges, Penny Lee, 249 Reinike, Vernon R., 306 Renegar, Don Leird, 102, Renfroe, Charles, 280 Rendon, Saul D., 261 Rester, Freda, 55, 140, 143. 232, 307 Rester, Sylvia Ann, 249 Reuther, Warren L., 98, 99, 307 103, 307 Poynter, Louis Gene Prather, Margaret A. Prentice, Cecil H., 93, 306 Prescott, Vicki L., 91, 115 Prescott, John C. Jr., 248 Prescott, Patricia, 113, 248 Prevatte Audry R., 306 Prevatte: Douglas L., 261 Price, Beverly Jan Price, Beckye Nell, 137, 248 Price, Charles L. Price, Elizabeth R.. 117, 306 Price, Mary Nell R Price 261 Price Price , Lynda Clare,' 199, 123, 130, 141, 133, 136, 280, 239 123. 280 , Paula Louise, Sylvia Diane, Peebles, Frederick, 229. 305 Pell, Robert Peyton, 280 Penick, Richard D., 280 Pendergrass, Willia, 99 Penland, Robert T., 280 Pennington, Sara T., 248 Penrose, Clement B.. 260 Perkins, David C., 260 Perkins, Richard A., 260 Perkins, Nellie J., 115, 248 Perniciaro, Freda R., 305 Perry, Karen Gail, 125, 280 Perryman, Carol Ann, 280 Perryman. Douglas H., 261 Perry, Vaulter B., 130, 134, 261 Perry. Ravmond Jack, 305 Perselle, Monte, 222 Peters, Morris E.. 261 Petersen, Linda Fay, 248 Peterson, Melanie E.. 121, 248 Petro, Robert E., 95. 305 Petro, John Allan, 95 Petro, Philip Wayne, 95. 261 Petro, Rex Dale. 169. 173 Pevey, Michael G., 280 Prichard, Sheila, 117, 196, 239, 261 Prigden, Mary E. Pritchard. Pamela A., 123, 141, 261 Pringle, Virginia L., 115, 280 Privett, Johnny E., 261 Pritchett, Johnny B., 306 Prothro. Harris H., 101. 306 Prout, Stephen E., 248 Puckett. Michael R.. 205 Pugh, Judith Dianne. 113, 306 Pugh, Scarlett Gail. 306 Pugh, John Ronald, 97 Punessen, Kitty, 111, 123, 201, 204, 205 306 Purdy, Steven H.. 97 Purdy, Harold Mark, 99 Reynolds, Cicely M., 280 Reynolds, Skippy, 102 Reynolds, Paul H., 101, 219, 307 Reynolds, Robert E., 280 Reynolds, Wallace W.. 249 Rhodes L 249 , N. ., Rhodes, Rosalind, 133, 307 Rhodey, M ilton Lee, 261 Rice, Charles D., 280 Rice, Charlie Frank, 307 Rice, Donald Jasper, 205, 280 Rice, Patricia Lynn, 249 Richards, Elizabeth, 307 Richards, Sherry A., 205, 280 Richardson, Jenifer, 280 Richardson, Jean, 62, 117, 133, 280 Richardson Pat. 137, 142. 229. 261 Richardson, Bettye, 197, 261 Richardson Richardson Richardson Richardson Richardson Richardson Richmond. 148, 178. Richmond. Richmond. , Martin, 307 , Patricia, 280 , Thomas. , Myra L.. 280 206 , Hazel L., 280 Barbara, 280, 202 'Jenn L., 99, 108, 131, 196, 307 Marcus G., 280 Sylvia, 307 Richman, James A., 64, 93, 261 146 Phalen. William R., 305 Phillips. Alton M.. 147. 261 Phillips, Beverlv K.. 248 Phillips, .Tim, 104. 134 Phillips, James W., 105, 108 Phillips, Janie R., 113. 305 Phillips, Karen Ann, 248 Phillips, Mariece, 305 Phillips, Maurice E., 232, 305 Phillips, Otto O., 316 37-5 Purvi . 261 s, Dolly Diane, 112. 113, 141, 306 Purvis, James Victor, 53, 54, 61, 103, 157. 159. 160, 162 Purvis, Charles D., 280 Purvi Purvi Purvi s, Joe Rufus, 261 s, Jerry W., 280 s, Kay Frances, 119, 248 Pushcar, David John, 213, 306 Pyle, Margaret A., 280 Q Quam, Phillip C., 99 Quigley, Donald T., 261 Quigley, Millard A., 99, 205, 248 Quin, Quint Howard, 224 er, Susan, 205 Rickner, Sandra, 239, 261 Riley, Mary M., 227, 249 Riley, Connie L., 249 Rimmer. John P., 97, 261 Ringer, Helen Carol, 249 Risher, Susan Emily, 121. 281 Risher, Edward C., 147 Ritchey, Roy Lavern, 307 Ritchie, Charles A., 151, 307 Rivenbark, Robert L., 281 Robbins, Martha E.. 249 Robbins, Sherman K., 140, 281 Roberson. James C., 210, 307 Roberts, Cvnthia A., 307 Roberts. Marian D.. 261 Roberts, Reginald, 307 Roberts, Vi ckie Ann, 261 Roberts, William H., 144, 146, 150, 307 Robertson, Billy J., 281 Robertson, Gary C., 261 Robertson, John S., 307 Robertson, James F., 142, 203, 281 Robertson, Linda, 54, 60, 64, 120, 121 140, 143, 286, 307 Smith Robertson, Mary A., 249 Robertson, William, 281 Robertson, Robbie L., 60, 65, 111, 117 196, 249 Robinson, Billy Dan, 281 Robinson, Charla, 205, 210 Robinson, Charles, 97 Robinson, Charles, 307 Robison, Mary Anne, 112, 113 Robinson, Walter J., 281 Rodgers, Larry Dale, 261 Rodman, George, 159. 160 Rodwig, Donna Lynn, 111, 119, 249 Rodney, Schmidt, Dan C., 316 Schneider, Leslie E., 262 Schoeniger, Ruth E., 115, 308 Schoenick, Richard, 101 Schoenthaler, Robert, 262 Schutt, Nancy, 117, 133, 196, 237, 281 Schwing, Percy D.. 96, 97 Schwing, Richard R., 103, 281 Sciple, Thomas F., 281 Sclater, James S., 224, 227, 228 Scott, Eloise, 136, 143, 202. 203, 307, 308 Scott, Patricia J., 249 Roshto. Judith Faye, 249 Rodriguez, Jesus O., 95, 249 Roebuck, Birtie L., 261 Rogers, Rogers, Rogers. Rogers, Rogers Joyce M., 249 Joan E., 249 Martha S., 111, 114, 115, 281 Myron Wayne, 249 Mary R 261 Rogers: Patricia,'i204, 205, 281 Rogers, Rohman William G.. 281 n, Thomas A., 103, 281 Roig, Raymond B., 261 Rollings, Roblyn H., 205, 249 Romero. Rockwell M., 281 Roper, Edward B., 249 Rose, Clyde D., 219, 261 Dianne Elizabeth, 56, 142, 307 Scribner, Richard S., 316 Scruggs, Tony Ray, 249 Scuffos, Harry G., 249 Scully, William J., 99, 249 Scully, Marcia Jane, 249 Seafidy, Terry P., 262 Seal, Rebecca Anne, 119 Seaman, Philip B., 316 Seale, Larry Thomas, 281 Searcy, William P., 307. 308 Sears, Terry A., 262 Sears, Susan, 249 Seefeld, Thomas F., 262 Sekul, Stephen M., 204, 205 Selby, Janie, 239, 262 Selby, Richard Lee, 262 Sellers, Robert N., 219, 308 Roshto. Richard S., 205, 261 Rosetti, Richard R., 101, 134, 261 Ross, Barbara Jane, 249 Ross, Leslie M., 281 Ross, Mary E., 281 Roule, Robert C., 55, 198 Rouse, Miriam Sue, 307 Roure, Mary Jeanne, 249 Roundtree, Betty C., 205, 281 Rouse, Charles Lee, 249 Rouse, Gail Eileen, 123 Rouse, Mary Jeanne, 227 Round, Michael, L., 281 Rowley, Scarlett C., 281 Rowley, Harold Lee, 101 Rownsend, Shirley, 239 Royals, Judy R., 227. 261 Rubinowitz, Arthur, 105 Sellers, Willene, 262 Sandra B 3 Sellers, ., 08 Sellers, Mary E., 224, 308 Sephton, Marion D., 308 Seratin, Mary, 249 Sewell, William R., 308 Seward, Edward R., 103 Seymore, James D., 95 Seyd, Peter Jens, 262 Seymour, Barbara A., 281 Shannon, Johnny Rex, 281 Sharff, Leigh Ann, 136 Sharp, Jack Carroll, 49, 56, 212, 239 308 Sharp, Thomas J., 49, 55, 212, 308 Sharp, Mervyn, 169, 173 Sharpe, William N., 210 Smith, Beverley, 110, 117, 250 Smith Charles J., 309 Smith, Charles A., 309 Smith, Cheryl Lynne, 119, 250 Smith Carolynn J., 282 Smith Claude, 218 Smith Cecilia M., 143, 250 Smith Curtis Reid, 144 Smith Smith Smith i Dave Reid, '282 Smith, Smith Smith Smith 201, 1232, 2331 309 Dotty Ann, 262 Donald M. 309 Daniel J., 282, 316 Dorothy A., 224 Emery Turner, 99, 147 Freddie L., 250 Grace 55, 120, 121, 140, Smith, Gary Dickens, 131, 140 Smith, Glenda D., 282, 309 Smith Gary Waine, 250 Smith, Gerald, 282 Smith, Hugh Truett, 97, 282 Smith, Harold L., 282 Smith, Isaac Claude, 309 Smith, James Wilbur, 309 Smith, James Arnold, 262 Smith Jerry Eugene, 282 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith 1 v v Kenneth W., 309 Kenneth A., 107 Lawrence O., 309 Larry Todd, 309 LeRoy D., 101 Smith, Michael S., 282 Smith, Marcus P., 309 Smith Marilyn, 309 Smith, Marvin Lee J., 309 Smith, Mary Alyce, 119 Smith, Melva Kaye, 282 Smith, Phillip R., 309 Smith, Patsy Ann, 282 Smith, Ronald David, 309 Smith, Roger C., 309, 316 Smith. Smith. Ronald Keith, 262 Richard Boyd, 250 Smith, Rita Fay, 250 Smith, Susan Marie, 143 Smith, Sheila Ann, 250 200. Rumfelt Runnels Runnels Runnels Runnels Runnels . Charles H., 307 . John Bryan, 281 , Early Max, 281 . Gene Ford, 134, 261 .Kelly W.. 96. 97 Stanley R., 307 Runyan: Gregory B., 95 Rushing, James C., 94, 95, 139, 219 Rushing, Martha L., 61, 64, 117, 281 Rush, B Russell. etty, 137, 261 Arlyn A.. 262 Saba, Wilton Allen, 97 Russell, Calyce D., 249 Russell, Kent R., 103 Russell, Susan Wade, 117, 261 Rutledge, Wanda L., 281 Ryals, Bonnie Rache, 307 Ryan, Thomas C. Jr., 281 Rylander, James R., 95, 249 S Sharpe, Henry K., 99, 308 Shaw, Gilbert, 308 Sharp, John, 239 Seyfield. 148 Shearer, Janet E., 115, 249 Sheehan, Patrick A., 102, 103, 281 Shelby, Lou Nan, 308 Sheldon, Twila Jo, 249 Shelton, Don R., 96, 97 Shelton, Betty Lee, 80, 115, 219 Shelton, Ruth Ann, 249 Sheppard, Mikel Ray, 281 Sherrer, James M., 281 Shilston, James S., 97 Shirly, Frederick T., 219, 308 Shivers, Ronald C., 175, 249 Shivers, James H., 281 Shoemake, Clemon L., 213, 308 Shoemake, Mary B., 86, 124, 125, Shoemaker, Paula S., 113, 249 Shows, William R., 308 Shotts, Sheila, 119, 265 Shunc, Linda Gail, 308 Shurley, Suzanne, 308 Shutze. Michael Ray, 262 308 Smith, Sylvia Jane, 115, 250 Walter Gary, 250 Smith, W Smith, William, 212 Smythe, Janice O., 54, 143, 239, 309 Smylie, Norrie S. Jr., 103, 309 Smythe, Michael R., 205 Snell, Gerald Alan, 202, 203, 282 Snowden, James E., 133, 282 Snowden, Sandra Kay. 123, 250 Soles, Gloria Anne, 143, 250 Sommers, Patricia S., 113, 250 Soper, James Nichol, 205 Sowell, Robert M., 97 Sowell, Perry Darby, 262 Spangler, Maxine M., 143, 262 Spann, Williana H., 250 Sparks, Carolyn Fay, 317 Speaker, Harry A., 95 Speed, William Ted, 309 Speights, Jimmie C., 140. 141, 224, 309 Speights, Jerry L., 124, 262 Spell, Harry Evers, 282 Spell, Eloise, 282 Spellman, Jerry T., 250 Spence, Mack Leon, 210 Stevens, Floyd E., 282 Stevison, Franklin, 310 Stewart, Dodie, 227 Stewart, Jerry W., 250 Stewart, Linda L., 262 Stewart, Ric Oscar, 169, 173, 310 Stiglets, Stephen E., 97, 262 Stiles, Priscilla L., 262 Stiles, Edwina M., 262 Stipe, Steve F., 95 Stockett, Marie A., 310 Stockstill, Louis B., 262 Stockett, John H., 282 Stockett, Dorothy L., 143, 262 Stokes, James, 193, 282, 310 Stone, Gordon W., 310 Stone, James Larry, 310 Stone, James I-I., 310 Stone, Karen C., 282 Storm, Leslie C., 113, 250 Stoudenmire, John A., 317 Strahan, Daniel L., 310 Strahan, Ilene, 310 Strahan, Mary Anne, 250 Strahan, James V., 262 Strahan, Mary Jeane, 140, 310 Stratakos, Francis, 282 Strenge, Darrell G., 262 Streckfus. John C., 282 Stringer, Larry D., 219, 310 Stringfellow, Jalnes, 159, 166, 310 Strickler, Edward W., 282 Stringer. Mabel C., 282 Strickland. Carolyn. 143, 282 Strohm, William Lou. 262 Strong, Benard E., 223 Strozier, Norma J., 250 Struve, Charles W., 137, 219, 282 Strub. Marianne, 310 Stuart, Bettie Joan, 250 Stuart, Anna Ruth, 262 Stubbs, Jerry R., 250, 310 Stutzman, Howard G., 310 Sturrup. Margy Ann, 250 Suarez, Harry Duran, 310 Suber, John Robert, 215, 310 Sullivan, Rachel J., 199, 310 Sullivan, Joseph D., 103, 310 Sullivan, Larry E., 60, 102, 108. Sullivan, John L., 142 Sullivan, Vernie M., 262 Summer, Josie Louis, 262 Summersgill, Dorothy, 282 Sumrall, Allen Dale, 250 Sumrall, George L., 159, 282 Sumrall, Albert D.. 282 Sumrall, Thomas M. J., 262 Sumrall, Sherry D., 310 Sundstrom, Daniel P.. 282 Sutton, Jimmy R., 107, 250, 262 Sutter, David Edwin. 95, 250 Sutton. James E., 139 Swain, John VVitte, 262 Swain, John Sanders. 310 Swanson, Martha Mae. 310 Sweeney, Ivan J. Jr., 310 Switzer. Claude D.. 283 Switzer , Gerald G., 310 Switzer, Jan R., 142, 263 Switzer, Swindo Edward H., 103. 283 I William P 159 283 l . ' ., . - Switzer. Dianne C., 113, 250 Shurtl Sadler, Lois Mae, 249 Salacey, Jack, 219 Shuman, James B., 139, 308 eff, William, 249 Spence, Cheryl G., 282 Spence, Virginia A., 201. 309 Siegrist, Royce Ann, 76, 84, 111, 134. Salley, Douglas L., 105, 249 Salter, Patricia A., 307 Sidoti, Dorric Jean, 308 Spencer, Branch A. J., 250 Spencer, Lynn E., 117 Spencer, Lee F., 262 Spencer, Salter, Gloria Kay, 199, 281 146 Sigler, Linda Carol, 136, 202, 203. 262 Ralph Dennis, 62, 95, 144, Samson, Bill, 239 Sanders, Jack W. Jr., Sanders, Mona Raye, 133, 307 Sanders, Sandra J., 262 Sanderson, Martha L.. 281 Sanders, Richard S., 142. 143, 262 Sanders. Dana Allen, 139, 219, 307 Sanford, Aubrey C., 307 Sanders, Tommy K., 109, 249 Silva, Terrence J., 95, 308 Sills, Charles N., 229, 281 Simmons, Martha J., 142, 281 Simmons, Richard G.. 308 Simmons, David L., 308 Simonich. Joseph J.. 308 Simpson, Glenda Kay, 249 Simpson, John David, 55, 105, 107. 136. 308 151, 153, 197, 239, 286, 309 Spencer, Roy James, 99, 309 Spinks, Thomas M., 97, 309 Spigener, C. Willia.m, 250 Spruill, Walter Don, 145, 262 Spruell. Larry Gene, 309 Spurlock, Sylvia K., 250 Stacey, Douglas E., 157, 169, 170, 282 Sims, Sands. John Sanford, 95, 249 Sanford. Sharon Lee, 307 George Robert, 281 Stalnaker, Gwen L.. 90. 91, 282 Stampley, Rebecca A., 65, 309 Sartor. Virginia D., 307 Sarphie. Theodore G.. 213 Sartin. Sartam, Carol Lynn, 117. 262 Mary L., 136 Sasser. Thomas E.. 281 Satcher, Douglas K., 159, 164 Saucier, Stephen R., 307 Saucier, Alene, 307 Saucier, James Keit 17 . 5 Saucier. Terry Altow, 143 Sauls. Chester V., 281 Saucier, Maureen L., 249 Saunders. Rae, 222 Savage, Ralph Lee, 262 Saxon, Robert Lamar, 103 Scarpa. Joseph D., 99, 137, 308 362 Scarborough, Diane I., Scarborough, Marv E.. 262 Scarbrough, Carolyn. 307. 308 Scarborough, John W.. 262 Scarborough, Virginia, 86, 121 Scarbrough. Louis R., 262 Scarborough, Elizabeth, 281 Schaefer, Kathleen, 203, 281 Schaffer, Justin C.. 134, 262 Schatz, Pamela Ruth, 121, 262 Sehenck. William F., 95, 249 Schlichter, David M., 262 Sims, Mary Dcne. 140. 308 Sims. Gloria F., 262 Sims, Samuel G.. 281 Sims, Richard S.. 281 Sinopoli, Gary J.. 96, 97 Sirianos, Shirley F., 262 Sisco, Shirley Sue, 308 Sistrunk, Jerry W.. 250 Skelton, Ann Hope, 262 Skinner, Carolyn R., 281 Skinner, Shelton D.. 61, 63. 95. 262 Skinner, Edna 113 Skrmetta. Marilvn J., 130, 196. 250 Skunien. Walter A., 199 Slade. Patricia Ann. 308 Slay. Dudley W., 190. 227, 228 Slaughter, Margaret. 239, 281 Slawson, Frances D.. 117, 130 Slay, Joanne Ruth. 65. 121 Sleeper, Ronald E.. 282 Sloss, Marlys Marie, 282 Slyhf-ld, William F.. 308 Smalling, Lela R.. 123, 130, 206, 250 Smith Smith Smith. Smith . Gerald, 212, 219 , Alice, 282 Audrey Raye, 202, 250 , Brooks E., 309 Smith, Basil C., 134, 282 St. Andrie, Joseph E., 262 Stanford, Norris M., 309 Stanford, John T., 282 Stanley. Eugene P., 101, 139, 219, 309 Stanley, Donald E., 139, 219, 309 Stanley. Mary Lou. 119. 250 Stanway. William R., 202, 203, 219, 282 Starr, Cecelia Ann, 143, 250 Staten, Barry L., 282 Statham, Carolyn, 140. 196, 282 Steadman. Stanford. 97 Stearns. James C., 282 Stechman. Theodore. 309 Steele, Bobby, 131, 239. 250 Steen. John Conrad. 250, 262 Stein, Michael A.. 250 Stejskal, Linda Sue, 227. 262 Stellenwerck, Edward B., 282 Stephens. Toni T., 309 Stephens. Sallie A., 140 Stephens. Linda. 117, 196, 213, 309 Rora Carl. 309. 219 Stephens. Stephens, Linda D., 250 Stephens, Virginia, 119. 250 Stephens. Elton B. J.. 95 Stephens, Martha F.. 227, 262 Stephenson. Janet M., 137, 250 Sterling, Mildred B., 282 316 Sykes, Sylvia Ann M., 283 Sykes, John Ott. 97 Sykes. John Michael. 250 Sylvest, Ellie Jo L.. 263 Szilasi, John S., 310 T Tabor, Bruce Adam, 310 Tadlock, Robert B., 219, 310 Tadlock, Joe Lee, 283 Talbert, Victor I., 218. 310 Talbot, Harold 92, 93 Talbert, Hugh L., 139, 283 Talhart, Victor. 218 Tannehill, Donald S., 310 Tannehill, Marina P.. 201. 310 Tannehill, Betty A.. 137, 283 Tanner. Patricia D., 283 Tarbutton. Joan E., 205. 250 Tarver. Susan Marie. 130, 283 Tarver. Mary, 250 Tatum, Rhoda V.. 283 Taylor, Aline, 113 Taylor, Audley L.. 263 Taylor, Bonnie L, Taylor, Clifton D., 227, 317 Taylor, Charles Ray. 101, 263 Taylor, Charles L.. 283 Taylor, Elizabeth D.. 283 Taylor, James T., 193 Taylor. John L.. 105. 250 Taylor, Marie F.. 250 Taylor, Robert. 213 Taylor. Susan E., 250 Taylor, Sandra Jean, 119 Taylor. Thomas Dean, 224, 283 Taylor, Virginia L., 119 Taylor, Walter D., 310 Taylor. William B., 103 Teasley. Sylvia Ann, 142 Tee, Virgil John Jr., 97 Williams: Peggy, 264, 313 Weath Tellejohn, Patricia, 141, 317 Terrell, John, 62, 101, 213, 250 Terrell, John L., 206 Terry, James Edward, 310 Terry, Carolyn A., 310 Terry, Ginny Lou, 119, 283 Tharp, James Atkins, 99, 134, 263 Thaxton, Ronnie E., 250 Tharp, Beatrice, 223 Tharp, Jerry Lyn, 250 Theobald, John T., 283 Thead, Aaron David, 133, 283 Thigpen, Julie E., 250 Thomas, Carol Lee, 117 Thomas, Douglas F., 99, 310 Thomas, John M., 250 Thomas, Mary Ann S., 311 Thomas, Norris W., 92 Thomas, Mary V., 311 Thomas, Otho S., 99, 311 Thomas, Pamela H., 121 147. 193 Underwood, Lou A., 99, 283 Underwood, Betty H., 311 Upchurch, Allen P., 95 Utsey, James Joseph, 227, 228, Utsey, Ethel Mae, 283 311 V Valladares, Marina, 263 Vallas, Billy T., 103, 134, 263 Vance, Oliver G., 311 Vance, Charles Earl, 251 Vandenberg, Thomas, 263 Vandenberg, Sherrie, 143, 251 Vandevender, Virginia, 263 Watts. James Howard Watts, Patricia B., 203, 312 Watts, Opal Warrene, 312 Watts, Edward Larry, 203, 263 Weathersby, Jean, 213 ers, William L., 95 Williams, Merle K., 313 Williams, Margaret, 55 Williams, Mary Roy, 251 Williams, Morris C., 313 Williams Patricia, 114, 251 Wilson, Thzcgrsnas, Sherry, 17, 62, 86, 91, 113, 146, Van Van Van 'Van Van Van Devender, Archie, 193 Devender, John, 251 Calsem, Robert H., 283 Horn, Douglas E., 263 Merkestyn, Martin, 263 Slyke, J. B. Jr., 311 Thomas, Seamon C., 250 Thomason James E., 95 Thompson, Betty J., 283 Thompson, Claudia H., 250 Thompson Dale Ross, 263 Thompson Darrell E., 311 'Thompson Faye Bass, 283 Thompson John W., 93, 250 Thompson Linda G., 311 Thompson Patricia, 239, 283 Thompson Perla Ann, 311 Thompson, Robert C., 283 Thompson, William E., 113, 311 White Thomson, Barbara L, 115, 283 Thornbury, Cecil B., 175 Thorne, Virginia G., 283 Thornton, Ben Carl, 311 Thornton, Byron C., 283, 311 Thorp, Author R., 251 Thorp, Kathleen D. Thorp, William R., 311 Thrasher, Elizabeth, 143, 205, 251 Thurston, Eric L., 131, 283 Thweatt, Mary E., 311 Tidwell, Donald Neal, 193. 227, 263 Tinnin, John Wells, 97 Tisdale, Little H., 263 Tischer, Hans, 317 Toche, Charles T., 251 Todd, David Martin, 144, 283 Toler, Benjamin F., 140, 311 Tomasovsky, Joseph, 149 Tomlinson, Linda L., 263 Tompkins, Redon, 251 Toombs, James E., 101 Tosh, James C., 263 Townsend, Arthur B., 317 Townsend, Shirley M., 263 Townsend, Jane E., 251 Trautweiler, Alfred, 130, 138, 139, 311 Traub, Edith, 223, 311 Trask, Mary V., 203, 251 Traylor, Harold S., 263 Trehern, Eleanor A., 205, 283 Trest, Jimmy, 147, 205, 251 Trimble, William K., 95 Trinkner, William A., 311 Trigg, Edith Elaine, 283 Tribble, James S., 206 Tringas, John James, 95, 263 Troche, Harold G., 93, 251 Trosclair, Allan A., 311 Trotter, William O., 95, 251 Trout, Isaac Henry, 219, 317 Trussell, James A., 251 Trussell, Terry G., 251 Trussell, Janey Fay, 251 Trussell, Barbara A., 251 Tucker, Lahard L., 311 Tucker, Mary A., 251 Tullos, Burney Faye, 263 Tullos, Martha V., 113, 251 Ttuney, Robert S., 251 Turi, Bonnie Lee, 81, 146, 263 Van Slyke, Leonard, 283 Varnado. Talmadge D., 283 Varnado, Kathleen N., 283 Vaught, Ruby Leigh, 283 Vaughn, Glenda Kay, 311 Vaughn, Walter B., 263 Vaughn, Wayne, 205 Veck, Sandra Kay, 121 Venus, Brenda Gail, 251 Verdigets, Cheryl F., 283 Vickery, Robert L., 213, 311 Villafranco, Hugo R., 251 Vinson, David E., 97 Vital, David A., 251 Voss, William Hicks, 50, 51, 54, 60, 99 108. 311 Voss, Delphine E., 115, 205, 251 W Wacaster, Linda Ann, 62, 121 Waddle, Carolyn Fay, 263 Waddell, Barbara E., 283 Wade, Jack Clayborn, 284 Wade, Martha Sue, 284 Wade, Gussie Mae, 140, 284 Wadsworth, Carol, 192 Waites, Charles B., 311 Waites, Kenneth, 49, 212 Waite, John, 224, 263 Walchak, August M., 251 Walchak, Altred F., 251 Waldrop, Robert J., 263 Weaver, Charles Lee, 97, 312 Weaver, Jim Moore, 98, 99, 134, 151, 186, 227. 252, 263, 265 Weaver, Georgina M., 251 Weaver, Thomas J., 101 Webb, Donald Freder, 312 Webb, Barbara Lee, 123 Webb, Linda Jean, 284 Joseph Ernest, 263 Webb, Webb, Kathy Wynona, 121, 143, 251 Webre, Pennie Sue, 68, 81, 112, 113 Webster, Lonnie N., 312 Wechs, John Joachim, 251 Weekley, James Roy, 139 Weekley, Lowell T., 312 Weems, Margie Alice, 263 Weigle, Sandra Elle, 113 Weir, Sidney Carol, 121, 251 Welborn, Larry Dean, 146, 218, 312 Welborn, Larry Glen, 218, 312 Welch, Jerry Wayne, 157, 169, 213, 312 Welch, Robert E., 139, 312 Weldon, Robert S., 312 Welford, Wanda O., 284 Welford, Robert F., 263 Weldon, Robert M., 205, 251 Williams, Ronald W., 313 Williams, Reinald, 219 Williams, Rhoda E., 263 Williams, R Williams Williamson. Williamson, 263, 284 Williamson, Williamson, Williamson, Williamson, Williamson i ta M., 313 ndra D., 251 Williams, Sa , Winford C., 313 Williams, Wanda J., 316 Willoughbyv, Wills, Rona l Betty J., 313 James R., 130. 131, 134, Dora L., 313 Pamela, 284 Cheryll, 251 Mary A., 251 William H, 95, 313 William, 159 d W., 263 Wells, Alison K., 263 Wells, Donna P., 251 Wells, Hollis B., 284 Wells, Jeffrey A., 284 Wells, Mary Ann, 227 Wells, Roblyn Lee, 251 Wells, Sarah Ella, 251 Wells, Welsh, Susan B., 86, 115 Pat, 144 Welsh, Charles F., 284 Wentworth, Joan E., 251 Wentworth, Carol H., 115, 206 Wesley, Hansel F., 312 West, Judith Lynne, 251 West, West. James Hilton, 148 Rose Gayle W., 312 Wester, Ronald Earl, 284 Western, Carol, 239, 284 Westerfield, Carolyn, 251 Wilson, Wilson, Bennie Jean, 251 Brenda Lou, 115, 143, 251 Emilie, 143, 205, 232, 313 Wilson, Gary, Jerome, 263 Wilson, J. W., 313 Wilson, Janet Sue, 264 Wilson, James R., 193, 284 Wilson, Wilson Martha Jo H., 313 Maris Anne, 284 Wilson: Rebecca, 143, 284 Wilson, Thomas Jack, 284 Wilson, Glen M., 101 Wilson William H., 284 Wimberly, Paul F., 107, 284 232. Westling, Andrew W., 312 Whatley, Marshall L., 101, 312 Wheat, Curtis, 147 Wheat, Francis Byrn, 205, 251 Wheat, Frankie Wheeler, Harry L.. 101. 263 Whitaker, Alfred L., 312 Whitaker, Dorothy J., 251 W aiker. Walker, Barbara Dan., 137, 284 Charles E., 311 Walker, Dennis L., 251 Walker, Eula Anne Walker, Fred, 213 Walker, Grace A., 123, 263 Walker, Glenn E., 263 Walker, James Clyde, 311 Walker, Judy, 78, 131, 146, 190, 227, 284 Walker, James E., 284 Walker Willie Lois 284 waii, Robert s., 96,'97 Wall, Percy Edward, 311 Wallace, Wallace, Jimmie Lou, 317 Monroe A., 251 Walley, Charles W., 95 Walle, Eric Milton, 311 Walle, Evan E., 284 White. White Charlene J.. 222, 312 David C., 284 White, Eugene T., 97 White, Edythe Marie, 312 White, Joyce, 233 White, James W., 103, 284 White, James Thomas, 218, 312 White Karen Joann, 312 wmrg Kenneth A. Jr., 263 White, Leella B., 312 White, Mary Evelyn, 284 White, Peggye Ruth, 223, 312 White, Ronald, 49, 50, 51, 53, 54, 99, 131, 144, 200, 205, 212, 213, 239 White, Robert G., 206 White Roger Kent, 312 White: Robert Wayne, 251 White, Theata Carol, 263 William B., 99, 284 Winckelmann, Ulrike, 137, 138. 313 Winborn, William M.. 134, 264 Windham, Mary Ann, 284 Windham, Rodney E., 103, 251 Windham, Rose Ann, 205, 284 Winland, Robert F., 264 Wink, Linda Ann., 143, 251 Winstead, Larry A., 284 Winstead, Laura Ann, 264 Wise, Jerry Melvin, 285 Wise, Janet Sue, 285 Wise, Virginia Lynn, 313 Withers, Janet. 264 Wixon, Dennis Earl, 313 Wolski, Ronald D., 99 Wolfson, Darryl S.. 264 Womack, Michael W.. 103, 264 Womack, Roy Douglas, 97, 313 Womble, Brenda D., 264 Womack, Donna Sue, 251 Wood, Diane Lynn, 146, 285 Wood, Harold Edward, 95, 264 Wood, Kyle Stephens, 98, 99, 108, 133, 144, 150, 206. 219, 286, 313 Woodall, David E., 199 Woodall, Donald E., 284 Woodruff, Kenneth A., 251 Woodward, Gregg A., 101. 284 Woolum, Sharon Lynn, 313 Turnage. Daniel F.. 283 Turnbough. Mary L., 119, 251 Turnage, Jimmy W., 251 Wallman, Carl W., 95, 186 Walters, James Larry, 193, 311 Walters, Danny W., 284 Waltman, Jerry N., 251 Wambsgans, Fabian E., 251 Wang, Yao, 317 Ward, Harry Calvin, 312 Ward, Johnny Lee, 312 Ward, Patricia Ann, 123, 133 Wardlaw, Linda M., 125, 213, 312 Ware, Joseph P., 147, 263 Ware, Woodie Jean, 284 Ware, Linda Diane, 251 Warnack, Patsy G., 312 Warner, Sharon Ann, 312 Warrington, James A., 284 Warren, Henry C., 312 Warren, Willia.m C., 263 Warren, John Sharp, 134, 228, 263 Warren, James P., 251 Waters, Frank W., 106, 107, 136, 284 Whitehurst, Elmer R., 97, 263 Whitenton, Gail A., 263 Whitenton, Martha C., 251 Whitford, Mary C., 317 Whitford, Bruce G., 263 Whitfield Christine, 313 Whitley, Carolyn, 143, 205, 251 Whitney, William B., 313 Whitten, Jessie E., 313 Whitten, Bessie E., 284 Wicht, Linda Ann, 284 Widder, Arlon, A., 313 Wiggins, Carol G., 251 Wiggins, Robert G., 284 Wilbanks, Peggy L.. 313 Wilby, Betty Sue, 117, 213, 313 Wilder, Tommy A., 284 Wilder, Jane Bruce, 313 Wilkerson, James W., 284 Woolf, Harriett L., 121 Wright, Donald E., 101 Wright, Ernest Ray, 149 Wright, Fred W., 101 Wright, James V., 159 Wright, Lawrence O., 159 Wright, Orbie, 313 Wright, William R., 97, 251 Wyatt, Steven C., 205, 251 Y Yandell, Delmar E.. 285 Yandell, William E., 264 Yarrow. Kenneth E., 105 Yarbrough, James H., 317 Yarbrough, James R., 251 Yarborough, Dorothy, 115, 130, 251 Yates, Alice Ruth, 264 Yates, Elizabeth F., 121 Yawn, Carol Ann W., 313 Yelverton. Sarah L., 202, 285 Yelinek, Leonard J., 199, 204, 205, 313 Yon Neri Enrique, 264 Yorty, Ann Louise, 264 Youmans, Tommy, 157, 159, 164, 285 Wilkinson, Tommie L., 313 Wilkinson, Bobbie R., 251 Wilkinson, Gary Pat, 251 Youens, Robert M., 264 Young. David Ray, 251 Turner, Carlton E., 213, 283 Turner, Gloria Ann. 283 Turner, Frances P., 65, 251 Turner, Lloyd, 224 Turner, Marsha Lynn, 202, 203, 263 Turner, Noel Monroe, 251 Turner, Rubv M.. 283 Turner, William E., 311 Turner, Svlvia Bell, 251 Turner Trudv Ralph, 121, 251 Waters, Sally Jo., 81, 119, 130, 238 Watkins Young, George E., 100, 101 Turnipseed, Joe Dix, 95 Tutor, Peggv Lane, 133, 283 Tuzzolino, Carl J., 101, 311 Tynes, Douglas, 97, 108 Tyner, Thomas Ward, 95 Tyrone, Beverly Lou, 283 U Ugarte, Maaritza, 263 Ulmer, Billy Jonas, 227, 311 Ulrich, Gregory W., 105, 251 Underwood, William, 283 , Charley, 193, 284 Watkins, Susan Jo, 140, 284 Watkins, Sydney T., 117 Watkins, Watkins, Watlingt 239, 26 Watson, Watson, Watson, Watson, Watson, John, 224, 263 Marylyn A., 263 on, Cynthia, 61, 62, 79, 119, 6 Edna Joyce, 212, 284 Johnny Crew, 133, 138 Linda Nell, 284 Lynda Carol, 251 Ronald Gene, 130, 131, 142 Williams. Dianne, 251 Williams, Eddy, 224. 227 Williams, Ellender, 313 Williams, George, 193, 284 Williams, Gladstone, 251 Williams, Johnnie K., 313 Williams, Joyce D., 313 Williams, Jackie S., 251 Williams, Julia O., 205, 284 Williams, James D., 97, 284 Williams, Jerry B., 263 Young. Young. Glenn Thomas, 285 Obie Sigrest, 101, 264 Young, Patrick, 239, 251 Young, Robert S., 104 Yuran, Jacob George, 145 Z Zannelli, Sally L., 251 200, 312 Watson, Stanley J. Jr., 312 Watson, Tom. 193 Watson. William B., 142, 317 37-7 Williams Williams Williams Williams Karen, 227, 263 Lela E., 263, 313 Linda Joy, 263 Lionel, 263 Zdybel, Joseph James, 218, 313 Ziliak, Michael A., 130, 131, 200,285 Zimlich, Patrick D., 99 Ziz, Mary Frances, 205, 251 a yearbook editor, wouldn'f you like- complete creative art assistance in planning and designing your book actual known production performances I by rec- ordsj of substantially less than 10 weeks, as required by most yearbook manufacturers. No contract claims, either, of an additional 4 days on delivery for each I day any deadline is missed an association with a firm who has specialized in designing yearbooks perhaps longer than any other company our insistence of your reading and checking page proofs to avoid for at least minimizej possible glaring errors in the completed edition an all out ejort to please you in design, quality, and service at competitive prices What more could you ask? BENSON PRINTING CO. Nashville Tennessee 7. THE FORREST COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS "Sou1'I'uern's Heariiesf Baclers" SELBY C. BOWLING, Presidenf . . . . . Bee+ Three WILLIAM U. SIGLER, Vice-Presidenf . . . .Beef One ALBERT S. WOODS, JR. . . . . Bea+ Two J. A. P. CARTER . . . . Beef Four I-I. I-I. LEE . . . . Bea+ Five We wish Io exiend our sincere promise of conIinued supporf and cooperafion Io The Universiiy of Soufhern Mississippi, Mississippi's Iinesr and Iarqes+ universi+y and one of Forresi Coun+y's mosI valued asseis. Congraiulaiions on your splendid growrh and fine spirif. We hope Ihaf Soufhern and Forresf Couniy will conrinue Io march side by side in selrfing Ihe pace of progress and developmenf in Sou+h Mississippi. The people of Forresf CounIy ex+end Iheir I3esI wishes Io The adminis+ra'rion, IacuI+y, and sfudenis of U.S.M. Beslr of IucIc Io Mississippi's Iriendlieslr universijry from Mississippi's IriendIiesI counjry. arrest Qlounig A good place Io go fo school and a good place +o Iive 329 I we lllzgue .S7Aolo:5, .9nc. WHERE EXCLUSIVE STYLES MEET POPULAR PRICES 5:9 MAIN STREET HATTIESBURG, MISS. I I- X X - I I X 7 BETTY and Q Q 'ZOO SI. Paul Srreer X Q yffff Q ZEWELRY CO. 623,414lP'Z .522 Mrs. SOUTHLAND FLORISTS PAUL WRIGHT Hafriesburg, Miss Phone JU 4-754I HARDY MART COMPLIMENTS OF CHAIN ELECTRIC CCMPANY, INC. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ENGINEERS 903 Scooba S+ree+ Ha++iesburg, Miss. Synchronized S+yIing and Colour I 900 Hardy Srreer BEAUTY SALON MARILYN MURRAY, Srylisr "Le+ Us Handle Your Greafesi' Assei'-Your Hair" Phone J U 2-2455 A bank accounf esfablished early in your career will serve as a foundafio ness operafions and prove valuable in many ways . . . Lei us serve you! CITIZENfS BANK HATTIESBURG Main Office-60I Main SI'ree'I' "The Bank of Friendly Service" Branches IJniv0rriIy UI LUULIIICIGIII INfIirw.ifn,Ipiii Broadway Drive PGIAI I-I Member I-ederal Deposir Insurance Corp. Federal Reserve Sysfern Over Half a Cen+ury of Safefy and Service n for Iufure busi- arvey, Pefal, Miss. . I I UNIVERSITY PHARMACY Formerly College Pharma CY S, Q. Hel-ringf-Qn Dudley R. l"l6l'flI'lQ'l'0 I 2900 Hardy Sfreef AI Main Enlrance Io U.S.M. Phone 583-2504 I G H a OUTFITTERS OF COLLEGE MEN FOR OVER A OUARTER CENTURY Plumbing and Healing Phone Ju 2-357: 501 W. Laurel 3 fl Ae oh Home of 2ncI Floor-Donauan Lane Feclclers Air-Conclilioning and Dearborn Healer 5I8 Main S+. Haffiesburg, Miss. KOMP EQUIPMENT COMPANY, INC. DISTRIBUTORS OF INDUSTRIAL 81 PLUMBING SUPPLIES 3I9 Easi Pine Sireel I-IATTIESBURC5, MISSISSIPPI 331 I I I I I I Compare BaH'er-Whipped Sunbeam B d I-I N Holes-No Sfreaks-No Poor End Slic HERCULES POWDER Sunbe CCDMPANY GOMPW PINE AND PAPER CHEMICALS PLANT Gm I Try The Tende ess Tesi' HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Qualiiy Guaranieed Locally Baked SmiI'I1's Sunbeam Bakery -T I ,gg to the-:SE QD MHA graduatmg class If I ,G-if I 45? I ,aff ff Q24 MN I I I K. QL I Q Q I thiIlgS I' g'i3Xypg55 'P f fg fgi x 41322 . 5 E Ib -F NI N fg ,5irkQ I I mx better I Ik sim ' - 'Sb Aeaf- X e-- f.-K. ' --rr L T IEP ' - I I I4 HIIIIIII IIII I X 8' I BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY HATTIESBURG COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY y P. O. BOX 310, HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI PERSONAL FINANCING Monthly Repayment WHITE SYSTEM or HATTIESBURG, unc. Phone Ju 4-5474 W- Pine Sf- GRAY'S QuaIity Chekd Milk and Ice Cream HATTIESBURG'S ONLY MILK PLANT A Southern Company Through and Through. SOUTHEASTERN AMERICAN INSURANCE CO. Assets in Excess of S2,500,000.00 R. C. COOK, President Southeastern American Lite Bldg, Hattiesburg, Miss SMOKIE'S SPORTING GOODS, INC. IIZ Broadway Dr. Phone JU 3-0922 Hattiesburg, Miss. "Buy, sell, insure, and save." AT FINE J. BROTHERS-MATISON REALTOR REALTORS AND INSURERS Complete Iine of Real Estate, Home Building and Brokerage Sales GOLDEN SMITH Insurance Manager 9I5 Hardy Street Phone JU 2-I9I 606 MAIN ST. Hattiesburg's Finest Department Store "Serving South Mississippi Since 1895" iff 1ZId.E211.9.!..!3.9.2k BROADWAY MART 523 MAIN STREET HARDY STREET BRANCH PETAL BRANCH BRANCH Broadway Drive I2I Wesi' Cen+raI Avenue, Pe+aI, Miss. I835 Hardy Sireei' d F d I D p I+ Insurance Corporaf' n Member FederaI Reserve Sysfem an e era e os OWL DRUG STORE IOI E. Front St. HATTIESBURG TYPEWRITER Co. L THE OFFICE MACHINE CENTER -'I Phone 582-4445 OLIVETTI - UNDERWOOD Leases-Ren+aIs-Service 706 Broadway Dr. REX'S SOUTHERN CLEANERS R. H. BRASWELL, Owner I09 S. 27II1 Avenue Eph. IO: Finally, my brefhren, be sfrong in 'I'I1e Lord. THE DIAMOND SHOP Corner of Main and Pine Finesi' GIH' SeIec+ion in S. Miss. S+uden+ AccounI's InviI'ed DIXIE PINE PRODUCTS COMPANY HATTIESBURC5, MISSISSIPPI 334 .I. SEQ FIRST FEDERAL ?Il1:fIl1fflPPZ.ff SAVINGS as LOAN ASSN. Bfsgfff mm' Bffff -D HCME-OWNED HATTIESBURG. MISS. Departnwrzt Stored 0 Downfown 0 Meadowbrook 0 Wes+Iand "The Friendly SI'ores!" EXPERT DRY CLEANING ONE-HOUR SERVICE UNIVERSITY CLEANERS COMPANY Laundry Service-QuaIi+y Work HATTIESBIIRG HARDWARE STORES WHCLESALE HARDWARE and BUILDING MATERIALS Mobile Sfreef Phone JU 3-3525 HATTIESBURG. MISSISSIPPI 335 FAULKNER CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY Established 1915 0 Manufacturers of Concrete Pipe 0 Tel. 584-6226 0 P. O. Box 992 0 Hattiesburg, Mississi Pri ' Standard Culvert Pipe 0 Arch Pipe O came Pfus PLANTS: Gulfport, Miss., Hattiesburg, Miss., Jackson, Miss., 0 Sewer Pipe . special hems Meridian, Miss., Mobile, Ala. 0 Railroad Pipe 0 Flared End Sections i Your Master Hosts Motel ANDERS BOOKSTORE SOUTHERNAIRE I I I S. 27th Ave. Textbooks Synopses E L Student Outlines Art Supplies B0-H1 Sides gf U.S. Highway 49, 98 8: II Bypass PCR ALI. YOUR SCHOOL NEEDS Phone 582-3306 Across from USM. WILLMUT GAS AND OIL COMPANY Use Natural Gas, the all purpose tuel, tor cooking, heating and air conditioning Serving South Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Glendale, Sanford, Seminary, Collins, East Jackson, Magee, Mendenhall, Sanatorium, Mt. Olive, D'Lo, Braxton, Pearl School, and McLaurin Heights WIMPY'S IN THE HUB Fine Jewelry Since I896 SARPHIE JEVZEI-RY HATTIESBUR6. MISS. I SarpI'Iie's Name on 'Ihe B x Add M h+ +h GH B+N+h 9+ +h C I ' ""I comes HEIGHTS TEXACC SERVICE 24 hour service I wAsHING-POLISHING-LuBRICAIION I TIRES-TUBES-BATTERIES R as I DAYTON GILLESPIE O By P a H dy S+ PII 584 a5aI - 337 I COULTER'S LAUNDRY SERVICE Your Universify Linen Service PURVIS, MISSISSIPPI Qdufograloks 338 04ufocqraPA 339 adufograpks f IH Q I 'T-' - .. , , ,..q,- l P I XX- im, J., .J I ' 'n ' vrwa Xi' " v 0 I Q J 'Qs L.,

Suggestions in the University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) collection:

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