University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS)

 - Class of 1962

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University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI By an acT oT The l.egislaTure oT The STaTe oT Missis- sippi Mississippi SouThern College, esTablishecl in I9IO, was abolished and The UniversiTy oT SouThern Mississippi was organized when Governor Ross R. BarneTT signed The acT aT 2:IO p.m. on Tuesday, February 27, I962. 'nk' Ts. " ..f . wi 1 wi, , ,n rf 'N -fl: an I The STaTT oT The l962 SOUTHERNER exTencls iTs congraTulaTions To The new UniversiTy, To Dr. Wil- liam D. McCain, and To The sTuclenTs oT The new insTiTuTion. b The Y legislaTure, The l962 SOUTHERNER had gone To press. Thus iT was impossible To malce compleTe NOTE: When The UniversiTy Bill was passed changes ThroughouT The annual. The EdiTor 9 XS 52 sou OUTH Ee XV r hx LY ' vnu v .-15: ISS! 551. WN 'Nix' N 0 619 UR G me I .XR 2 'E O stall: .g HNSSSS. - U ug:---an ,'. 5 ' ,O un"?E't: . U.-:ug--,' - . Q uu::::pN-.1 - . new-' Msg I - :. Sif' ' ,wg ' I ww2?'g'. 15405 . nur. ' 63:51, , 'zggkg F1 , 'she , ' 'Eli j Q - ' ' 'ze - - 'Q O 9 TH A SCHOOL OF SOUTHERI ' F in 'IERITAGE MOVES TOWARD THE FUTURE A sTream oT humaniTy, ever moving ThroughouT The year, is The liTe oT Mississippi SouThern College. WiTh- ' ouT you. The sTudenT, making an inTegral parT oT This sTream, There would be no "MSC l9o2." The spiriT and yells aT TooTball games, The pride you Teel in The Dixie Darlings and The marching band, The sense oT accomplishmenT you Teel aTTer making ouT- sTanding grades. and all your oTher inTeresTs and ideals make Mississippi SouThern College whaT iT is Today. You, The sTudenT, are noT merely a small insigniTicanT parT oT MSC, buT you wiTh 5,500 oTher individuals wiTh similar aTTiTudes, ideals, and goals ARE MSC. The college can be no beTTer Than The ingredienTs you give oT yourselT Tor iTs conTinued growTh and improve- menT. MSC is whaT you can make iT. and wiTh more inTeresT and eTTorT Trom each oT you, The growTh oT This school would know no bounds. Since iTs Tounding and opening in l9I2, The growTh oT This small localized insTiTuTion, inTo a naTionally and inTernaTionally known cenTer oT higher educaTion can be aTTribuTed To The gualiTy oT The sTudenTs who have passed Through The beloved buildings and Then gone ouT inTo The world. You musT noT beTray The sTandards seT by sTudenTs oT MSC Through The years, buT your work musT conTinue as Theirs did unTil "Mississippi SouThern To The Top" is a Tully compleTed realiTy. The world ouTside our campus sees us only as a parT oT a larger whole oT liTe, buT To us MSC IS our liTe Tor The presenT. So To you, sTudenT oT Mis- sissippi SouThern College, This i962 SOUTHERNER is presenTed as an aTTempT To picTure our liTe in "MSC l9o2." Teacher educafion was fhe primary purpose of fhe small school founded in soufhern Mississippi in l9I2. Today, wifh ifs wide fields ofprofessional specializafion and fhe largesf enrollmenf of sfudeinfs in Mississippi. MSC is hard fo imagine as if musf have been during ifs years bf growfh. l-lowever, mosf greaf fhings have small beginnings, and fhe original sfudehf body of 230 swelled fo 500 sfudenfs before fhe firsf year was over. The confinued rapid growfh of MSC has never ceased folamazle fhose who were slcepfical of ifs beginnings and fo fhrill fhose who are infelesfed inlifsprogress. The college fhaf was founded fo fill fhe schools of Mississippi wifh reliable feachers, now supplies schools in all parfs of fhe Unifed Sfafes ahd foreign counfries. No less imporfanf are fhe varied jobs in every professional area fhaf are compefenfly underfalcen by Mississippi Soufhern graduafes. lilll The original purpose behind fhe founding of Mississippi Soufhern, fo fill Mississippi schools wifh qualified feachers, soon became oufdafed as fhe influx of sfudenfs from ofher sfafes and counfries became greafer. The people of fhe sfafe realized fhis facf and soon fhe sfafe legislafure granfed 580,000 for consfrucfion and enlargemenf purposes. Affer fhis one sfep by fhe sfafe governmenf, Mississippi Soufhern College had ifs roofs firmly embedded in an area of inferesfed, helpful people ready fo furfher fheir sfafe school in any way. As MSC has confinued 'ro grow fhrough fhe years. special endowmenfs have made possible fhe addifions of fhe nafionally famous Dixie Darlings. frafernifies. sororifies, and recreafional facilifies. Such addifions have added fo an already famous insfifufion, malcing a good school even beffer. I l-ligher educalion was nol lhe only molive behind The eslablishmenl ol Mississippi Soulhern College. bul +he school also wanled lo provide cul- lural opporlunilies for ils sludenls and help inslill in lhem The highesl ideals of life. These inlangible qualifies ol poise, purpose. and ideals musl be imparled lo inleresled sludenls noi only lhrough lacully leclures buf also lhrough aclual experiences in gracious living. Facully members slrive To sel an example of lriendly cooperalion for all sludenls 'ro follow, and lhe resulfs ol lheir ehlorls are eyidenl in lhe pleasanl relalionships belween lhe sludenls and lacully and Jrhe air ol soulhern hospilalily and charm pervading lhe enlire campus. This is our herilage slamming from lhe early days ol lhe old Soulh ol which we musl slriye lo be worlhy. As ils renown as a small college began lo spread lhroughoul lhe surround- ing slales wilh favorable publicily, sludenls were drawn lo Mississippi Sourhern for lhe academic, religious, and social advanlages orlered on irs campus. These new sludenls came from every area of 'rhe Ugniled Slales, and no worlhy applicanl was rurnd away from MSC becausle ol nalionalily or beliefs and each individual is received, welcomed, and rliafde lo feel an inlegral parl' ol 'rhe life and aclivilies ol 'rhe school. e f Considering lhe wide difference of background and origin in all people connecled wilh 'rhe college, lhe friendliness and cooperalive spiril mani- lesled everywhere is remarkable and unique.. Mississippi Soulhern College undoubledly oblained ils slandards and ideals from age old soulhern beliefs and lradilions and lhis herilage burns brighlly in lhe hearls ol each sludenl no mailer which area ol lhe cougnliry or world he represenls. i i , fi fill, ,, ,f ,. ill--ll'-V ,.-fm y, V l lliliill M l STUDENT i l , i i ii l i l l l l i l i i l l i l l i l l i cl l l l l ii 2 il l l l i i i l 1 l l l l li l l l ii l l l i. l " i l N 4 l , , ii i l 1 ii i i ,l. X Sludenl enrollmenr al MSC has increased so rapidly Jrhalr ir has presenled a challenge lo lhe olher phases of rhe college 'ro mach ils expansion. The new chapel, classrooms. and dormilories are physical evidence of lhis expansion ol Mississippi Soulhern College, while The profession of lhe in- Jrangibles-cooperalion, slandards, friendliness, and ideals-is fell and lcnown by all Jrhose connecled wilh lhe forward moving college. Necessary addilions have improved and expanded Jrhe lacully and curri- culum unril Jrhe educalional opporlunilies offered al Souihern are un- limiled. Experr lraining in many varied vocalions gives all capable grad- uares ol lhe school promise ol adeguale economic independence for +he fulure. X 'NGK ' 'J ' J r ,.' 4 "" 15" Y ' . ,,, ,itll 5 , " ,aixlim 7 X 'Wifi Q ur K- T' ' ' Q, . '55 ..- hiii aidQ"WF Je ' . L E L.t,4.l -ff A ,H :ki s , it fx I- -. , ,,.. --L . -I M - 5 ix. . Y Mississippi SouThern College is sTeadily expanding iTs dimensions, and new sTyles oT arT are springing up all around The campus. The beloved columns oT years pasT are being surrounded by modern sTrucTures ThaT Tower in The sky. Because oT The rapid increase in The enrollmenT oT MSC. This expansion program has had To be underTalcen in Tull Torce wiThouT leTup in any area. Colorful new dormiTories Tive and six sTories high can be seen Trom all angles oT The campus: row aTTer row oi new aparTmenTs Tor married sTu- denTs are now being Tilled. OTTering experT and compleTe liTerary service To all MSC sTudenTs is The beauTiTul new library which is compleTely air- condiTioned Tor The comTorT oT The sTudenTs and TaculTy oT Mississippi SouThern College. All around campus signs oT progress can be viewed. Under consTrucTion now, To be compleTed by The l962-63 Term are Two new dormiTories. a modern hospiTal and a new caTeTeria. 9 As Mississippi SouThern grew wiThin The sTaTe oT Mississippi, sTudenTs Trom oTher sTaTes became aTTracTed To The campus by some oT iTs unique col- legiaTe TeaTures. The deparTmenTs of Fine ArTs, EducaTion, and Journalism, The Dixie Darlings, and The Marching Band-Pride oT Mississippi, have all conTribuTed To making Mississippi SouThern College The naTionally known and recognized insTiTuTion ThaT iT is Today. NoT only have sTudenTs Trom elsewhere in The UniTed STaTes been aTTracTed To This growing school, buT The LaTin American lnsTiTuTe, recenTly esTab- lished To provide classroom insTrucTion Tor The numerous Toreign sTudenTs, shows how well Mississippi SouThern is becoming known in inTernaTional circles. ,,l FRIENDLINESS-fhe mosf unique characferisfic of Mississippi Soufhern- is evidenf on every parf of fhe campus. Dr. McCain, in his address fo new sfudenfs each year. will emphasize fhese words above 'all ofhers . . . "Af Soufhern we believe in upholding fhe fradifion of Soufhern hospifalify. We are a friendly campus as you've already wifnessed. l-lere everyone smiles and speaks." This spirif of friendliness plays an imporfanf parf in fhe religious and social facefs of MSC life. Religious acfivifies are encouraged and given full supporf by fhe faculfy and sfudenfs af Soufhern. An innporfanf yearly occurrence is Religious Emphasis Week in fhe spring. This special evenf along wifh weekly meef- ings is sponsored by fhe religious clubs on campus represenfing every denominafion. Social life is also a necessary parf of a well rounded educafion. and MSC has facilifies fo provide adeguafe social acfivifies for every sfudenf. The College Union Board sponsors dances. games, and recreafional acfivifies open fo all sfudenfs, while fhe Greeks on campus sponsor funcfions includ- ing: Song Fesf, Greek Week and various formals. These fhings combined wifh academic qualify and friendly spirif give fhe enfire school an infangible afmosphere, unmafched anywhere, fhaf pene- frafes every corner of fhe campus. V ' 0 . rms, 'TH1EN, ,liS THE STORY or - MSQ?eur eelillege of seufheern iherifege moves Lies ward Wwe fuifjufre mere r - idly year after year. New b1U5iHimrQS,, addifieens to me curriculum, eddifions io ilfhe and? siifeikf are BN SiQl1S of progress. We fthe sfudeenfs ef MSC realize flrheft fedeey we are faced with' eeheelleenfgefgened. erdeer fe mee? Qfhis chal- lenge end Hee ifwlfureA we, as sirudenwifs, mms? grew ew Aibellleved eellbege. . spiri+uaAIWy. eeadeemis -ee1lil?y . end se-efielily. , . Iivingw up always te Hhe higehesi sideelse and shndefdse set forth by our college. Wifh 1?ehEseisn,lmnir1d5 we ehellehrgxe yew, she shuclenais of MSC, fe mee? the wreef ehewenegse before us wifh open lminds. s1ead?es+ s+andlerds.e and unquencl-lable spirit Only by giving of ouerseI ves to fhe confronfing werlid can- we ever repay Mississippi Ssowfhern fha-+ which if has unselllfifshliy given +o us. ' K EAR SERVICE gf THE COLLEGE SPIRIT I7b - FEATURES DEDICATED T0 MRS PAULINE WILSON To one who is rich in human philosophy, high in moral ideals. and eager to serve everyone at all limes, we, 'rhe Annual Staff, affectionately dedicate the l962 edition of the SOUTHERNER 'fo you, "Miss Polly." As hostess of l-lalliesburg l-lall, you have served the College faithfully as counselor and friend +o all. Your sympathelic and under- standing inleresl in us and your inspiring influence will ever be fell by the hundreds of students of Mississippi Southern College. Service to a just cause rewards the worker with more real happiness and satisfaction than any other ven- ture ot lite, Carrie Chapman Catt I4 AT.. 'T 4 u q C' ' Y' T--T , - ,f , , Y " ' H ,N ' ', . - 7 -, 1 X, 1 ' . Q- - , af l ,f ,, ,. It I 12,5 . r f- h f 'U ' . 1 . - - -' p IU . ' ' . , 1 M ir " x x . . -WJ K "4 , J Mug, '!1, 4 . 59 F - he Q -1 'H 5 h Uv A I Q. " I 1 1 in ,G ' , -ff ",'.' CSM . , .-. ' pi- - -f ' . -A ' - , 4 . 1 13145 , . I , 'I , A YI4 "1" x':I'Tf2-. J Q4 ' ' .' . f ,'1lfa 4 , A 1x I1 N f 'i ' ' A:.-ffp, S"4 "Q-BQ' gn , , af'-.sxv . J , 3' -- I , Q: 53 - L .D 5 . 1 tif- ', f g, 1 ,' , ,n 1. I v,..,'.'B:- if c'i""."- 5' ?,'- ' ., af" ' 'fu' - fin -ff .-- 'x'+I,".v'f44'f""f"""' ' Q ,yrs N N ,UQ A, ns' 'Ax 130.- 4104 - A. xxx? . , gyfJegf,'g'l, l ye. . fs, ' V' W x fn .- 314 -f',Qj','9v Q f + 1"' "2 fp ' y rr - , , X wg ' f "if" 1 qw o ffm' .X an UI fy my , T33 f Q x Q Q xg ,X ,i , ax 3 xl t - w ,. fi , ' v . Y YH' -- . 'ku Al lhe cenler of lhe biggesl and 'rhe besl, one is sure lo lind lhe rnosl capable and 'rhe mosl dedicaled. As we loolc lhrough The Col- lege Division, we discover +ha+ our lacully, adminislralion, and oulslanding sfudenfs illuslrale Jrhe preceding sralemenl. The adi minislralion and lacully are indicalive of our s'ra+e's ellorl 'ro presenl us sludenls an op- porlunily lo prepare lor Jrhe lulure. Thai we have availed ourselves ol lhis opporlunily is exemplified lhrouqh Jrhose sludenls piclured here, who have been chosen lo hold posilions ol honor and responsibilily. .E W 4--gnu:-1--up-p THE COLLEGE ., ,A A -'K , 'P- nn. , 'V 1 , -ff ' f ,, ,ff . ,f ai ' 4 Mkxfff' I ,A fjvgifzifzfnk A I ' fa '-f ' 5 A, r' ' J gl vf x f' fa f ,fl . V V.. -4? If .V ,N...J', V- QI-a ' , ' .1 . , , , W ,,A- ug 36? -' f is - t fi! - ,,:Q,Q -gm . ' -Y. ' 1 ', W-Q-4. 1 .6-qv. gm' - . 4 gy ' Q- N .- -Y' .. A ., 41155 . ff' 1, ru: .U ,Q x Q, . . M dfjqgf. - - " Aff, -A, ?'iFi'T' 'f ' vis: ifvxf , Maw- 1 W, iiiir Y ' .fl-"QQ, 'Y . 'iii' ,-5,, ,pf N f.. W X A nuff: ",' ' "gag: 11,15 ,- . 41- . qgykk-'L CjM,,t,g:w mi' , Wg, H Ax 1' I V, -1' .' .,T f 1 N ,zgjvgff W5-1 -V :SW if mV' , --J 4 v ,V jul' w-'gfvfffg .... YJ f -15 w,- sz-, ,- mf- J-gf ' :f '-14 " A", ' W R 5, . ,151 U? gm, H V it jifzrg 1 A V . .", 41 ml lx' ,L ' Y- , 1,1556 , . I, f , F' ' I Q, fgv ff 'VY'r7'-'G ' if 4111 -3' ":?33i:?g'4 '- fI,.y"5fJ' ffm? ' M- 25,33-5 .,5Q,1Hx, X ng- , M51-Jigga f v ,mv - , 11 f,5gqgfgf,5g5gHg,Eg AWgj?Q,jr'-fM,1j," V L ij- W ,gf--1 , -? ,, .fiwfgfwkgffgg Qfeyffuv fa. 1-gg' W in Aw wif .J w- - 1-'H ' 'L I -"nib J ' I- , Q' -1' ',3, :iw 13 if-2 'W .M , Ag1.i',i? --.ff,-,fygwf 3' f ,YJ I -'ga 'K I4 ' " "'k if 1:9 '74-'54,-l J' pl 'U'lfF' 'fn nh 1' - " ftlf:?5'7f1L1Ql'ui' :'Y7'- R:Pf1'f?f.iFf,f??if7' TTT- ", ' ' ..-"gf . JM ' ' vm, lLi'f'f7f":..', X- . 5 ffflf-Q I . F5"S?f:"':'v- ' " "mic '5123' V+ - ' - ,ag-ff L.',,.x , -a.,.r.f, Q - s ,, ,-nn mf . . . xg, ,.'3'7vq.4'.'f ri-W ' I :Q iff A xftfvzf- 1 ,, ' -". 4-ff . ' A -F 'Q' I 'Q' ' L' ,gf-,,x.,',J '?YiA3'., 'fx . 'L 11 , . f N " +1 wfgfq, , mm: , . : 51 p,,..55-,Y -iffif'-5. ' 5 A gm.: A' " M. . , ,mfimtii ...V , I M - . E ,- - 4 ,fffn V3 'fs,,,ig ,W , . , ' .2 A V .,- . v- f E - .Q , A 1- ,-. - 4. , - 'SLM - 1' . . , ug 'iw f mwvlx if 1 k W- . in -if 5: ' ,, .J F - :gud X f x,':h,'n:f all A-", M I vx -Q .1-' 3 ' gz , v Y 3 jt.:"5'W, ,. f f' . ,i . nw, 9 4 W'-rv, 'fg'7W JV' Q wy 1 .1 .,' ' W -MV jixl if 1: w V. ,Ju 531' 'fa' . . ,, ff. X if n In ,mm f N? fi 'M 'ff .L ' V . ' ' ,. M . A s 1 4 A. in P Q .-In ,, .,,, . I' ,M r Q .4 A-'I l lA,,,! 'all' +04 A ' ty A 2 I 'tg' f, ,. . ni ff' 56 ' 1 gfjff' Q , -, J :W '- 1 7,1 :wr H ,, I WIMM 1, as 1 M J ' 4 L' "M vfuwf.,.4"5 , ,. , . -wan 4, 31, X. 1 1 X ' ' M3 X , X 'Wx V. - w-,J gym.: l Govelmon BOARD OF TRUSTEES I8 HONORABLE ROSS R. BARNETT Members wifh ferms expiring May 7, I964 CHARLES FAIR Fourih Congressional Disirici . . . .Louisville H. G. CARPENTER Third Congressional Disirici' .... Rolling Forlr THOMAS J. TUBB Nor+l1ern Supreme 'Courf Dis+ric+ . . . Wes+ Poini R. B. SMITH, JR. Second Congressional Disiricf ...... Ripley LEON LOWREY A LeBauve Trusfee lDesoio Couniyl . . Olive Branch Members wi+l1 'ierms expiring May 7, I968 DR. VERNER S. HOLMES Seven+l'i Congressional Disirici .... McComb J. N. LIPSCOMB Firs+ Congressional Disfrici . . . . . Macon S. R. EVANS S+a+e-ai'-Large ...... . . Greenwood TALLY RIDDELL Fif+h Congressional Disfrici . . . . Quirman Members wifli ierms expiring May 7, l972 W. O. STONE Cen'l'ral Supreme Couri Disirici ..... Jaclrson IRA L. MORGAN Siafe-ai-Large ....... . .Oxford M. M. ROBERTS Sixih 'Congressional Disirici' .... HaHiesburg E. RAY IZARD Sou'rl1ern Supreme 'Couri Disfrici . . . Hazlelaursi Dr. McCain, Mrs. McCain, and Pairicia are seen on The s+airs in Their home. The SQUTHERNER is a useTul, enTerTaining, anol beauTiTul picTure record oT The happenings on our campus year year. This valuable boolc is a viTal parT oT our college liTe, and iT helps To porTray The progress made Through The years. IT is imporTanT To us now, buT in The years To come IT will become an invaluable source oT inTormaTion and pleasure. CongraTulaTions To The ediTor and her sTaTT on This l962 ediTion OT The SOUTT-TERNER. WILLIAM D. MCCAIN Presicl,eTr1T O O I ""wvwu M f c ul , If , V, DR. JOHN H. ALLEN, B.A., M.A., Ecl.D. inf, I ug X MR. RADER GRANTHAM. B.S.. M.A. Dean of Men Dean of 1-he College iflin-ff DR. JAMES R. SWITZER, B.S.. M.S., Ed.D. Q 'Wits MRS. IVAH O. WILBER. B.S., M.A. Dean of Women if Dean of Sfudenf Affairs D E A N S MRS. LUCILLE KEEN, B.S.. M.A. Assisfanf Dean of Women I ...............,...M..:......... DR. PAUL C. MORGAN, A.B., M.S., Ed.D. Direcfor of Division of Coniinuing Educaiion MR. ROGER B. JOHNSON, B.S., M.S. AcIminis+ra+ive Assisfani' ADMINISTRATION ' MR. CHARLES O. SMALLING, B.S. DR. SIDNEY E. WEATHERFORD, JR., B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Financial Secrefarv Direcfor of S'l'uden+ Counseling gf ,.,, .L ,-,'g.............,,, Q.,,,.f"' ff!! DR. CARL L. McOUAGGE, B.S., M.A., Ed.D Regisfrar MR. LINWOOD MALONE Purchasing Agen+ -S 1-g-:iii MISS ANNA M. ROBERTS, A.B., M.A.. B.S., in L.S. Librarian xx NV., M'R. ROBERT H. CLEVELAND Direcfor of Public Reiafions 'N .--?" MR. REED GREEN, 8.5. Direcfor of In'I'ercoIIogia'Io A+hIe+ics MR. AUBREY K. LUCAS, B.S.. M.A. , Direc+or of Admissions ADMINISTRATION MR. CLIFFORD HAGENSON. B.S.EcI.. PI1.M. A, MISS DOROTHY LENOIR Direcior of Housing Direcfor of PIacomenI Bureau Q ' MR. AL JAEGER. B.B.A. i 'im Assisianl' Financial Secrefary MR. POWELL G. OGLETREE, B.S., 'M.A. Alumni Secrefary TWIN? ADMINISTRATION MR. DONALD MEYERS MRS. HELEN SIEMSEN Assisiani' Direcfor of Public Relalions Dirocfor of Porsonalify 81 Developmoni Program 3 .. .qv af' J .. . ,. ...,,..,... . .,...,..............,........n......--.......L..L.,--- ...m,m.- M, ...M ..,,..,Y.Q,,,,,,,.f,, .,.,, . ....,.M.,..... . L ....,. ..-.-......1k..,:....Aw- M... K X ' if if -1--ap' Ll' 3 MR. WILLIAM E. KIRKPATRICK, B.S. Direcior of Siudenl' Union ir MRS. POLLY STOUT, B.A., M.A. Assis+an+ Direcfor of Housing DR. CLAUDE A. FIKE Dean THE SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 5, 'I Ein-X:-" 5 NH- N X . ,P xg,-A., N. -.-' '- , . MQ . .1 .ll .NC Q... 2, "bil: xl 'Tis--'f .4 3,532 ti ' Q? ,,.l .V 'rr ' . .,'. 'vi-. Q., -lie ' ' . ..g Q J --c. Firsi' Row, Le'i+ 'l'o Righf: Dr. Roberi Grange, Dr. Roberi Woodmansee, Dr. Ben Ward, Dr. Howard Bahr, Dr. Claude Filie, Dr. W. W. Sioui, Roberi Pe-iers, Richard Logan, William We-iersheuser, Arihell Kelley, Sara Johnson. Second Row: Swarfzfager, H. D. House, Dr. J. F. Walker, James Allen, Dr. Gilberr Hariwig, B. O. Van Hoolc, Dr. l.. E. Orange, Dr. Charles ivioorman, Arnold Telly, C. A. Payne, Barbara Blanseii. Third FACULTY Included in The School of Aris and Sciences are ihe depari- menis oi: Biology, Chemisiry, English and Liieraiure, Foreign Languages, Geography, Hisrory and Government Journalism, lviaihemaiics, lvliliiary Sciences, Physics, Religion, Philosophy, Sociology, and Speech Aris. The purpose of rhe School of Arls and Sciences is io pro- vide a broad culrural and educaiional experience for all s'ru- S+udenfs of +he higher sciences spend many long hours searching, prov- ing, and experimeniing. Row: E. L. Carnes, Francis Housion, Roberi Treser, Capi, H. L. Smifh, Capi. R. W. Meyer, Dr. John Allen, Denneih McCar'ry, Franlc Buclrley, Alion Hare, Dr. John Nau, Dr. John Burrus. Fourfh Row: Dr. Treadwell Davis, Charles Lane, Dr. A. H. DeRosier, Dr. John Gonzales, Billy Bai- ioura, Joseph Pale, Dr. William Burlcs, N. T. Breland, Dr. Roberl Breni, Dr. Leon Wilber, J. L, Collier, Glenn Woods. denis ai Mississippi Souihern College, as well as io rnalce available io Jrhem 'rhe specialized disciplines for maior and minor fields. Freshmen and sophomores, regardless oi iheir expecied majors, are assigned io Aris and Sciences for ihe purpose of meeiing 'rhe general educaiion or core require- menis necessary for graduarion. The School of Arfs and Sciences is iusfly proud of iis language laboraiory where sfudenfs of foreign languages receive insirucfion and drill via 'iapes and earphones. ' M X gi' ' V .3 ' i . N A A i f, ' ill ' Q " if i M Q' T' S. '1 1 fi ,,, 1 E v is 1 . x 2.4 X 5 I A T .,, X Y 9 as X s S i 5021 X, 1 2 . ,, ,-- 1 -4 , ,- un- . . H I I . z- . i ,I 'nl i aim as 2 flt i B . a 552151 Ei , A l l A -, . W' l l i .,s.Y,,l, g Sealed, Lefl lo Righ+: Marion Busby, Mabel Baldwin, l-lilda Holilield Clarlc, Hayward Anderson, H. O. Jackson, James Kelley, Paul Weisend, Flora Walls, Francis Reck, Dr. Marlin Slegenga, Wilson Ellis, Dr. Marlin Vincenl McKenna, George Bullard, Dr. Joseph Greene, Jr., Fredericlc Wehling, Louis D.xcin, James McQuislcin. Slanding: Anne Cobb, Roy Kenamond, Phil Windham, Richard Vreeland. Organized inlo live cleparlmenls, Accounling, Business Adminislralion, Economics, Marlceling, and Ollice Adminis- lralion, lhe School ol Commerce and Business Adminislralion has as ils obieclive lhe educalion ol a sludenl lhrough a blend ol cullural knowledge, economic lileracy, basic busi- ness lools and specialized knowledge lo allow him lo rise in lhe business world lo The maximum ol his innale abililies. Specialized courses in various fields lo suil dillerenl objec- FACULTY lives are superimposed upon a broad coverage ol courses in lhe arls and sciences, malhemalics, economics, and general business. Thus, il is believed lhal lhe graduale has been given enough specialized lraining lo enable him lo slarl worlc in one ol lhe lunclional areas ol business, and a broad enough educalion, wilh lhe abilily lo use managerial lools and exer- cise business iuclgmenl, lo rise lo lhe execulive levels. Since more and more business oFfices are using eleclric lypewrilers, lhe School of Commerce and Business Adminislralion uses eleclric lype- wrilers in Hs fypewriling classes. A Wilh lhe help of wall charfs, booirlels, and class discussions, Accounling 202 sludenls learn how 'lo file personal income lax forms. L N - ,Y v., i-...sux ' . i '04 ' nd! THE SCHOOL OF COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 27 DR JOSEPH A GREEN JR D DR RALPH S. OWINGS Dean THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY 28 -- 3'zz in WM H "iii 'ii if Tl '14 F1 1 T ' 3 .Q mg -- A 1. y. ' L , . - - t I aj--If ' . r L . Y .A ,f f , Q - , . Sealed. Lefi io Righi: Dr. Lamar Moody, Frances Jellinelc, Dr. Jessie Wall, Mrs. Elsyal Srnirh, Mrs. Eileen Lewis, Anna Roberrs, Mrs. Eloise Denl, Mrs. l-lazel Black, Dr. N. L. Landslov, Dr. Ralph Owings, Dr. Roy Bigelow, Dr. Zed Burns, Dr. l-larry Barlrer, Jr. Sfanding, Lef+ +o Righfz C. l-l. l-lagenson, Dr. David Sohn, Dr. Sidney Wealheriord, Billy Slay, FACULTY Fifreen undergraduafe deparlmenrs, areas, and special services are included in rhe School of Educarion and Psychol- ogy. These are Conservaiion and Naiural Resources, Elemen- lary Educaiion. l-leallh, lnduslrial Arrs, Library Science, Physical Educaiion, Psychology, Recrealion, Secondary Edu- calion, Therapy, Audio-Visual Educalion, Reading Clinic, Spe- cial Educalion services, and Siudenf Teaching. The Deparf- menl of Guidance and The Deparrrneni of School Adminis- lralion, Supervision and Curriculum are of graduale ranlc. These educa+ion maiors are learning +o malre laminaied posfers which 'They will use as ieaching aids. Dr. Ray Musgrave, John Frazier, Dr. Ralph Slaiger, Dr. Ernesl Wallrins, Dr, J, R. Swifzer, Ernesl Gurman, Waller Yarrow, Dr. Ralph While, Dr. S. L. Knighl, Gene Crowder, Dr. Carl McQuagge, Dr. Herman Bncughs Dr. Leo Miller, Dr. Thomas Slrilch, Dr. Leroy Rogers, M. C. Johnson. We are primarily concerned wilh offering courses in edu- calion and psychology required in The preparalion ol Teachers Tor elemenlrary and high schools: wilh giving basic Training in The Tield of psychology for Jrhe siudenrs who will conrinue worlc in Graduale School or pursue advanced degrees in Jrhis field, wilh serving o'rher deparlmenls of The college having special needs which are usually mel by professional schools of educaiion, psychology, physical educalion, heallh educa- lion and recrealrion. P for elemeniary educahon malors ,,..c, -W -A Xa.. I'-sv. Child Developmenl' offered In The Division of Home Economics has roven 'lo be a very helpful course These sfudenfs are gaining experience in fha use of hfchen appliances ' i l ,Q 1 S1 Firsf Row, Leff fo Righf: Elsie Chichesfer, Dr. Berfha Frifzsche. Lois D. J I Q ld Drain, Amelia Thompson. Second Row: Fannie Owings. Lyneffe Tuggle, The Division of l-lome Economics is organized info six de- parfmenfs: Child Developmenf, Clofhing and Texfiles, Food and Nufrifion, Marriage and Family Life, l-lousing and l-lome Managemenf, and l-lome Economics Educafion. These de- parfmenfs offer sfudenfs a choice of nine majors for earning fhe Bachelor of Science Degree and four maiors for fhe Mas- fer of Science Degree. The curricula and courses in fhe Division of Home Eco- r v Q. 'K 1 r ewe o en, Miriam Smifh, Lelia Bourdin, Fern l-lesson, Vera Barneff. FACULTY nomics are planned fo place emphasis on sfrengfhening family living. Sfudenfs who selecf a maior from fhis Division are nof only educafed for a professional field concerned wifh fhe enrichmenf of fhe individual, fhe family, and fhe communify, buf are beffer prepared for fhe career of homemalcing. Sfu- denfs who wish fo minor or choose elecfives from home eco- nomics will find courses fo suif fheir special needs and inferesfs. rrcl THE DIVISION OF HOME ECONOMICS N., 3I DR. BERTHA M. FRITZSCHE Dean mb. THE DIVISION OF FINE ARTS DR RAYMOND MANNONI D - 4 l 43 A .. Firs+ Row, lefl' +o Right Annie Louise D'Olive, Helen Janel McDonald, Gomer Pouna, Dr. David Foliz, Dr. Raymond Mannoni, William Moody, Walrer Lolc, Mary Powe Baylis, Frances Benner. Second Row: Dr. Rey Morgan Longyear, George lmbragulio, Joseph l-luclr, Raymond Young, FACULTY Included in lhe Division of Fine Arls are Jrhe deparlmenls of Ari and Music, wilh special divisions of drawing, painling, commercial arf, and many divisions of music. Since lhe Arls have always been a personiiicalion oi ihe mode of cullure in a sociely, lhe college offers Those sludenls wilh special lalenls and abililies an opporlunily lo develop and improve rheir lalenis in order lo pursue lhe iulfillmenl of lheir capacily. Teachers and sfudenfs have an imprompfu song feasf. Charles Ambrose, Ed McGowin, Gilberl Saefre, Dr. James Hanshumalrer, Raymond Lynch, Roberl Roubos, Dr. Karl Neumann, Harris Crohn, Angelo Frascarelli, Clifford Reims, Waller Hinds, Leonard Sioclcer, George Balmer, Dr. William Presser. The Deparrmenl of Music was organized for a four-fold purpose: io combine musical and lilerary siudies as a broad basis for regular college worlcq lo use lhe arf oi music as a means of inielleclual, aesfhefic, and moral cullureg ro furnish insiruclion ro special and general sludenls: and lo Jrrain vocal and inslrumenlal supervisors of music and music Therapy. ga Aspiring ariisfs af worlr. 'Ds l . The Graduafe Council, sealed, Lefi' 'lo Righ+: Dr. John Burrus, Dr. Ralph S. Owings, Dr. Elizabelh Sorbel, Dr. John Allen, Dr. Jewel Golden, Dr. Ralph Siaiger. Second Row: Dr. Raymond Mannoni, Dr. L. C. Orange. Firsl esiablished in I947, 'rhe Graduale program is based upon firm loundarions and ideals of academic excellence, scholarship and research. The Graduafe School offers Jrhe following graduale degrees: Masier oi Music, Masler of Music Educalion, Masler oi Science, Masier of Arls, Docior oi Educalion and Doclor oi Philosophy. Among ihe imporianl goals Toward which Jrhe Graduale School aims are lhe improvemenl of siandards oi living, lhe Dr. H. B. Eas+erling, Dr. Ray Musgrave, Dr. W. J. Huff, Dr. Carl Mc- Quagge, Dr. Clyde Pike, Dr. Louis Dixon, Dr. Marlin Sfegenga. FACULTY developmenl of naiural resources, 'rhe improvemenr of 'reach- ing in public schools in Mississippi, and Jrhe spread of cullural enlighlenmenl in our area. The aliainmenr of Jrhese obiec- rives requires The services and abililies of scholars, specialisfs. and research workers in The various areas of infelleciual en- deavor. All work-is designed lo meei rhe needs of 'rhose who wish lo pursue lerminal degrees beyond 'rhe mas+er's degree. Many graduaie siudenis receive 'reaching fellow- ships so lhal They gain valuable leaching experience as fhey conlinue lheir sludy. Much of a graduaie s+uden+'s 'lime is spenf in 'Phe library as he searches for iniormafion fhai' will give him a beifer undersfanding of his chosen field. i ,I C.,-,,.,,.........-W -V W 'fi 5 Q- ' e . 2' 1 THE GRADUATE SCHOOL DR. RALPH S. OWINGS Dean STUDENT GOVERNMENT If ! 1 Z Xiang ASSOCIATION JOHN SIMPSON BILL MERTON Presidenf Firsi Vice-Presidenf EXECUTIVE BRANCH ,1 X111 A . BONNIE DALE Second Vice-Presideni assisianfs were appoinied by Hue SGA president I 'Uh BONNIE PURVIS Secrefary These five execufive officiaIs were elecfed by s+ucIen+ vofeq however, fI1e execuI'ive Noi Picfuredz WALTER POSER EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTS FRED BROCK Secrefary of Publiciiy MOE CURTIS Secrofary of Alumni Rela+ions KEITH COBB BOB ARENTSEN Socroiary of Student Rolaiions AHorney General As slaled in Jrhe CanS+i+u+ian of +he S+uden+ Governmenl Associalion al Mississippi Soulhern College, +he funclions of lhe organizalion are "lo insure a conlinuous exchange of ideas and opinions belween lhe srudenls and Jrhe adminis- lralion, lo secure valuable lraining and experience in demo- cralic sell-governmenl, lo assume lhe fullesr powers and responsiloililies of self-governmenr consislenl wilh 'lhe con- slilulion and laws of l'he Slale of Mississippi and lhe policies of lhe presidenr of lhis inslirulion, lo promole lhe general srudenl welfare. and 'ro prolecr The herein enumeraled righls BRUCE CRISWELL Secreiery of the Calendar and Conveniions of sludenlsf' PETE HUBBELL Secrefary of Complainis and Adminisfraiivo Relaiions LEGISLATIVE BRANCH L ' .,,Q . - ' SeaTed, LeTT To Righfz Georgia Pounds, Vicki Coles, Diane CarpenTer, VicenTine Piazza, Diana Sfe-warT, Jane MerediTh, CharloTTe Elann, Becky BuTTles, Carolyn ArbunoT, Barbara Dix, Ginny Risher, Ginny Ford, Diana Bilbo, Wanda LeGrone, Bonnie Purvis. Second Row: Dennis Spencer, Ernie Syle-svTer, STeve Wood, Moe CurTis, l-lorace Dickerson, Henry The legislaTive powers oT The SGA are vesTed in The sTu- denT senaTe, which has a represenTaTive Tor each IOO sTu- denTs. Presided over by The SGA PresidenT, The acTs oT The senaTe are subiecT To The approval oT The adminisTraTion. JusTices oT The STudenT CourT are appoinTed by The Pres- idenT oT SGA subiecT To approval by The STudenT SenaTe. The STudenT CourT has The power To inTerpreT The consTiTuTion, adiudicaTe all consTiTuTional quesTions, hear appeals Trom The Aparicio, Bob Arfensen, Charles Brumfield, KeiTh Cobb, Jim Zager, Norman Hendry, BusTer Brurnffeld, Bill Voss, John Coker, Becky Under- wood, Babe Neely Mary Janc Read, Gaye KFhyeT, BeTh Machaely, Mary Leo l:osTer, Donna Ciglila. The STudenT SenaTe serves as a coordinaTor oT many sTudenT acTiviTies, and budeTs and allocaTes The Tunds of The STudenT GovernmenT AssociaTion. STudenT ATTairs Board, To recommend suiTable punishmenT Tor any sTudenT Tor conducT which would bring discredir upon The sTudenT himselT or The college, and To acT as a TraTTic courT. Leff To Righfz Frank Powers, Carol Coleman, KiTTy CarTer, Ted KmeT, Margo Burge, Dr. Leon Wilber. 2 l i i , , - ij T , ' T me 4 , ii l W3 Sea+ed, Lef+ io Righ+: Mrs. Ivah Wilber, Bonnie Dale, Linda Hannon, Belh Douglas, Ann MacDonald, Elizabelh Seamen. Sranding: Selena Operaling under lhe supervision of lhe Deans of men and women and headed by a srudenl vice-presidenl oi rhe SGA. Jrhe Men's and Women's Affairs Boards handle The problems of all siudenls who live in school housing. These boards are comprised of srudenrs elecled by residenls ol diilerenlr dor- WOMEN'S I5 AFFAIRS BOARD Parker, Caroline Ready, Jane lvleredilh, Nancy Ellzey, Kay Newman, Kay Pickens, Belly Wallers, Charlolle Genlry, Jo Ann Jens. milories who seek lo handle governmenlral and disciplinary problems wilhin Jrheir respeclive dormirories. Decisions oi These boards are subieclr io The approval of Jrhe respeclive deans and are also subiecl fo appeal ro lhe Sludeni Courl. Firsf Row, Leif To Righf: Jimmie l-lavard, Bill Merion, visor of Men's l-'lousingg Frank Powers, Alvie Wilkinson. Russell Huflensline. Second Row: George R. Bahr, Super- Jr. Noi Picfuredz Bud Milling, Larry Cooley. i MEN'S 5 sv A ',,,, .A 1 A F F A I R S sl: i fs 4 f':Ll ,ff a' G Egg Tsai our BOARD 39 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA 1,-. 6-0 Firsf Row, Leff lo Righf: Aubrey Lucas, Facully Secreiaryi Charles Still, Jr., President William Merfon, Vice-Presidenfg Ted Kmel, Treasurerg Dr. Reclor R. Hardin. Second Row: William Johnson. Dr. John Allen, Waller Poser, Bruce Criswell, John Simpson. Third Row: Dr. Gilberr l-larfwig, Dr. J. Frecl Walker, Dr. Joseph Greene. Jr,, Dr. Claude Filce. Charlered al Mississippi Soulhern College in l954, Gmi- cron Della Kappa is a nalional honorary leadership sociely lor college men, ll recognizes and encourages achievemenr in ifiholership, siudenl gcivernmenl, alhlelics, social and religious allairs. publicalions, speech, music, and dramaligg, Qualilicalions lor memberships in ODK-lhe highesl honor paid a college man-are characler, leadership and service in campus life, scholarship, fellowship and consecrarion ro dem' ocralic ideals. PHI DELTA RHO Sealed. Leff fo Righf: Mary Evelyn Granberryl VfCe.Pre5gdemv: June Coleman, Nell Branfley, Barbara Allen, Janis Crain Moore, Edifh Ann WoOd, Presidenfg Janie Vinqenf, SeCre+5ry.TreaSUrer: Mrs. Ivey, Q. Miller, Brenda Burch, Mrs. Vera Barnefr, Facully Advisor. No? Picfured: Wilber. Facully Advisor. Second Row: Ju-dy Slill, Belly Boyd, Carole GQVVY Read Samples- Phi Della Rho recognizes scholarship, leadership, and characler among senior women. Grganized al Mississippi Soulhern College in I94l, Phi Della Rho prornoles high slandards of dernocralic living, develops liner qualifies of members, emphasizes scholarship and admirable personal qualifies of womanhood. The recipienls of This honor are chosen by Jrhe Dean of Women and a secrel commirlee appoinled by her. Selec- lion is based upon lhe worlhy conlribulions lo 'rhe school, lo lheir associales, and 'ro lhemselves. Membership in Phi Della Rho is lhe crowning poinl lor 'rhe senior women who have parlicipaled as cirizens of Soulhern for 'rhe lhree pref vious years. PI KAPPA PI Lefl lo Righfz Kalie Welsh, Claire Weisend, Presidenlg Dr. John Allen, Adviieft Talmage Harper, Secrelaryq Keilh Cobb. Judilh Slill, Vice- Presidenl: Julie Mounl. Pi Kappa Pi, nalional honorary scholaslic lralernily, was lorinded al lhe Universily ol Mississippi in l925, in order lo mainlain honor and exlend sound learning. Mississippi Soulh- ern College chapler was inslalled on March 3l, l949. Membership in lhe lralernily is open lo sludenls who have mainlained se-fenly per cenl PAM grades lor ninely conseculive hours in residence al MSC. This slandard malces Pi Kappa Pi lhe mosl demanding ol all scholarship lraler- nilies. Since Pi Kappa Pi recognizes high scholarship in any 'rype of sludy lor which a recognized academic degree is aulhorized, membership in The organizalion becomes a goal Toward which many sludenls may slrive. Sea+ed, Lelil' +o Righ+: Dianlha l-lodges, lvlarlha Boone, Treasurer, Barbara Aslcew, l-lislorianq Barbara Dix, Secrelaryg Nancy Ellzey, Presidenly Linda Hannon, Vice-Presidenl: Mrs. lyah O. Wilber, Sponsorg lvlrs. Pauline N'Vilson, Sponsor: Rila Nellerville. Second Row: Nancy Ramsey, Faye Dulfes, Linda Marble, Barbara Bilbo, Louise Jordan, Kalhy Fihhugh, Donis Luler, Lenora Craig, Barbara Rawls, Brenda Miller, Jerry l-lall, Peggy Condon, Cara Lee Grindle. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Charlered on our campus in l957, Alpha Lambda Della is a nalional lreshmen womens honorary sociely. lls purpose is lo encourage and lo recognize high scholaslic achievemenl among lreshman women. A 3.5 average is reguired lor membership in Alpha Lambda Della. Phi Ela Sigma, charlered in l95O, aims lo encourage and reward high scholaslic allainmenl among freshman men in inslilulions ol higher learning. ll, as Alpha Lambda Della, is a nalional sociely which requires a 3.5 average lor mem- bership. PHI ETA SIGMA Firsf Rowd, Lefl' 'lo Righl: W. B. Benoisl, Francesco lannuzzi, l-larry Thomas, Robe-rl l-lishon, Bill Owen, Dennis Spencer. Dr. Ralph Sliager. Second Row: Donald Bell, Bill Bounds, Ronnie Owen, Ted Kmel, Ronald Bell, Rod Johnson, Charles Buckley. 1 1- w-5. Z i vi. "' ru . ,Q.Q-,'- Agia, 4 A . X -45' M .- . n 7,5 ,gg rf, 9 V .4 wx , E wAW,.ff . W, X .,.! f A AN,N V' vfffj f 1 aj' 1. 4 Q -wr --.- ,.,,, Q.. .,.,, R 1, . . Q. . . w - s, W W -. . E, an "" ' J... E ix.. M. , Q.. s. . -A , -.. -.,, Lf.. yr. f ,,, rw. fb - O""- .ws-V gm.- .AON-n ,ws ,Albin ,,...,. V4 0 Senior Class Officers, Lefi' 'I'o Righf: Tommy Richardson, Vice-President Kiffy Cader, Treasurerg Don Fuell, President and Diana Sfewarf, Secrefary. Senior Class Favorifes: Becky Buffles and Don Fuell. -vu -iw I SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND FAVORITES Lef- 0'- Vw' yn.- QQ, -Qian. 'Y""" fviw Y' 'iff' 5' fri' K-il' ivy'-4 4-FH' 5-71-- -3"""V" sqm- ,,nv"-,Q ww- ,pci'1-of ww- nhfv-V 4p3'.-.- aiu W ,W .- Y9' 5" 9. ..- qp- nf Ono F' fiiw 5" iirww Wo. ,Xi . s . 21 'f bv-.. Nr- llllllM f x HILDA ADAIR Newton Education Kappa Delta Pig Sigma Alpha Eta. ERED RONALD ADAMS Cypress Gardens. Fla. Sociology MARGARET ADAMS, E22 Clio, Ala. Education Sigma Sigma Sigma Directory File Chairmang National Educational Asso- ciationg Baptist Student Fellowship. NANCY ADDISON McComb Elementary Education DICK AINSWORTH Mendenhall Business Administration General Natg Executive Assistant to SGAg President, Baptist Student Fel- lowship: Chairman Spirit Committeeg Southern Players. WAYNE AINSWORTH Stonewall Business Administration BETTY AKERS Jaclcson Education Featurette, MSC Marching Bandg Baptist Student Uniong Student Education Associationg Dormitory Officer. LEON AKINS Atmore, Ala. Physical Education Vice President, "M" Club: Baseball and Football letterman. EDWARD ALBRITTON, HKA Jaclrson Psychology Student Senateg Yellow Jacketsg Delegate to SCOPEg Delegate to SUSGAA Asst. Editor ot' SOUTHERNERg Vesper Choir. 4 BRENDA ALFORD, EEE Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma Recording Secretaryg National Educational Associationq Baptist Student Union. Bogalusa. La. LOUIE DARWIN ANDERSON Columbia History ROBERT PAUL ANDERSON Laurel Marketing VIRGINIA ANDERSON Jaclcson Music Education Vesper Choir: "Susannah"g Choral Uniong Baptist Student Uniong Opera Workshop. HENRY R. APARICIO, ATE! Tampa, Fla. Business Administration President. lntertraternitv Council: Secretary Alpha Tau Ornegag Head Ctieerleaderi Student Senateg REW Committee ot tOO. LUIS E, ARAY Caracas, Venezuela Economics SCOPE Pan American Studgnt Asfoiidftolt ' CLASS OF 1962 MARY W. ARMSTRONG Gulf Breeze, Fla, Elemenlary Educalion Sfudenf Educafion Associafiong Kappa Delia Pig Canlerbury Club. PAUL ARNOLD Nalclnez Physical Educalion JOEL H. ASCH Pensacola, Fla. Marlceling Pi Sigma Epsilon. l ,. l l ROSE ASHFORD Gulfporl Educalion i SUE ASHFORD Pass Clnrislian i Elemenlary Educalion ' Choral Union, Sfudenf Nalional Education Associalion, Canferbury Clubg lndependenl Vofers League. 1 FRED W. ATCHLEY Memphis, Tenn. ' Maflwemalics Pen and Sword. l l l. l 5 3 l WILLIAM LANE AUSTIN Picayune l Mallnernaiics 1 Kappa Mu Epsilon. CLINTON J. BAILEY, JR. Biloxi Hisiory i JOSEPH N. BAILEY. JR. Mobile, Ala. ' Educaiion i Scabbard and Blade- Yellow Jackelsg Treasurer, College Union Acfivifies ' Board: Newman Clubg SCOPE Conference, ALTON BAILLIF Biloxi lvlarlwemafics FRANK ALLEN BAKER Ilia Bena Bacleriology CAROLE BARFIELD Grove Hill, Ala. Marlceiing MARJORIE BARHAM V Meridian Educalion l Kappa Della Pig Sfudenl Educafion Associafiong Wesley Foundation. 1 GLENN BARLOW Pascagoula , Oovernmenl , JOHN LEVERT BARLOW Ellisville l' Elemenlary Eiducalion ' Presidenf, Sfudenf Nafional Educalion Associafiong Bapfisf Sfudenr Union. l l - 47 l il l In i I REBECCA BARLOW, KA Business Educalion MSC Beaufyg Treasurer, Pi Omega Pig Kappa Delfa Pig HAROLD DONALD SIDNEY A. BARNETT 2 BARNES, IIKA Hislory Pi Kappa Alpha, Secrefary. Managemenl WILLIAM GRANT BARRETT, JR. Hislory MIKE BARRY, KE Biology Officer, Kappa Sigma Frafernily. JASPER BASYE Educalion 3 RICHARD H. BAXTER, JR., KZ JOHNNY A. BELK JOHN EARL BELL 4 MERWIN BENNETT PATSY ELLEN BENN ATWOOD BERRY 5 BUFORD BERRY Business Adminisfrafion Pi Sigma Epsilon. lnclusfrial Arfs Economics Alpha Alpha Alpha. Eclucalion ETT Home Economics Business Adminislralion Physical Educalion - - .. - - - JOE E. BERRY vi Physical Educalion ' TERRY BETHEA, ATU NN' me g N semons Tx 48 llll Hazlehursl College Choir. Viclcsburg Lucedale Picayune Grolon, N,Y. Columbia Foxworlh Efhel Improve Liberly Halliesburg Waynesboro Pinole Jackson Helliesburg FRED R. BEVERLY New Orleans, La. lnduslrial Arls Recrealion Chairman, Circle K Club, Arrangemenls Chairman, Religious Emphasis Weekg Decoralions Chairman, College Union Aclivilies. MARY TRUDIE BILBERRY Halliesburq Sociology I Newman Club, College Union Acfivifies Board, Secrelaryg Dormilory Monilor. NN ROBERT R. BIRD Pascagoula 5 Business Adminislrafion MARY ARDEN BlSl"lOP Halliesburg Elernenlary Educalion Weslminsler Fellowship. LUCRETIA BISHOP Pinola Business Educafion Kappa Della Pig Hislorian, Pi Omega Pi. W PAUL V. BLACK Calurnel Cify, lll. Speech i Debale and Speech Teamg Phi Alpha Thefag Pi Kappa Della. REX BLAKE Hafliesburq Commercial Arl SANDRA BLACKLEDGE Laurel Elemenla ry Ed ucalion , Wesfminsfer Fellowship. Q DOUGLAS BOBO l-lalliesburg l Sociology i Baseball Lelferman. l l ii 4 TOMMY BOND Bruce General Science BOBBY JOE BOUNDS Biloxi Marlceling Vice President, Della Sigma Pig Recipielnl of Edward George Schmid? Scholarship in Marketing. i SHELBY JEAN BOUNDS Raleigh Elemenlary Educalion l Sfudenl Nalional Educafion Associiiong Dormilory Officerg Baplisf Sludenf N nlorl. t 5 1 RAY BOUTWELL Moss Poinl E Business Adminislralion l ROBERT P. BOURDlN Pass Chrislian Business Adminislralion JAMES W. BOWLIN Bogue Chillo Archileclural Draffinq i l l CLASS OF 1962 49 :My M. ly E, A Educafion is Home Economics Della Pig Baplisl' Sludenf Union. JAMES D. BRIDGES Malhemalics TERRY A. BRINSON Managernenl FRED C. BROCK, JR. Business Adminislralion CARROL BROOME Educalion BYRON L. BROUSSARD, KA ' Business Adminislralion JOHN WAYNE BROUSSARD Physical Educalion - -vg- - - - JERRY W. BROWN lncluslrial Arlg T H E S E N R S Rossrer 5. BROWN, JR, Commercial M r ll Treasurer, Kappa Omicron Phi, Presidenl, Home Economics BETTY Y. BOYD, AAA Birmingham, Ala. Freshman Counselorg Officer, Della Della Dellag Vice Presidenf Pan- hellenicg Kappa Della Pig Executive Assf, SOUTHERNER. gf- LUTHER BOYD, um. Biloxi l-lisfory MARY NELL BOYD Bay Springs Educalion ns, ARLET l, BOYER Wes? Palm Beach, Fla. Malhemalics Presidenf, Vice Presidenf, Pen Bi Sword Club. NELI. BRANTLEY, KA Waynesboro Education Treasurer, Panhellenic Councilg Wesley Foundafiong Treasurer Nafional Educalion Associafiong Melhodisl Sfudenf Movement. JOHN P. BRECHTEL New Orleans, La. Educalion Newman Club, "M" Club, Foolball and Baseball Lelferman, KlRBY LEE BRELAND Wiggins Club: Kappa Mobile, Ala. Bassfield Mobile. Ala. Presidenl, Della Sigma Pig Secretary of Publicilv, Sludenf Governmenl Association. Columbia Long Beach Foresl Zama Jackson WILLIAM C. BROWN, Z"-PE Atmore, Ala. Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilong Civitan Club. W. RAYMOND BUFFINGTON Grove Hill, Ale. Education Baseball Lettermang Officer, "M" Club. JUNE ELAINE BULLOCK Tylertown Business Education Kappa Delta Pig Pi Omega Pig Student Education Associationg Baptist Student Union. 2 BRENDA BURCH, E222 Hattiesburg Education Vice President, Pi Tau Chi, Kappa Delta Pig Phi Delta Rl-lOg Corresponding Secretary, Student Christian Federationg Who's Who. LAWRENCE BURDEN Gulfport Mathematics MARGO BURGE Natchez English Alpha Lambda Delta: Baptist Student Union, Pi Tau Chig Religious Em, phasis Week Committee. 3 THOMAS A. BURKE Coltax, lowa Education Kappa Delta Pi. KEITH BURKHART Prosser, Wash. Economics Pi Gamma Mu. ROBERT L. BURNHAM Parlcinston Education Kappa Delta Pi. 4 JUNE BURT Florence Elementary Education Baptist Student Union, Student National Education Association, Kappa Della Pi. C. NOLON BUSH, JR., KE Laurel Business Administration Vice President, Newman Club. REBECCA BUTTLES, 222 Hattiesburg Marlceting Senior Senatorg Officer, Sigma Sigma Sigma. GAY CALETA BYRD Laurel Accounting Alpha Epsilon Alphag Baptist Student Uniong Y.W.A. ABELARDO CACERES Panama Journalism "M" Clubg SCOPE: Soccer Lettermang President, Pan American Student Association. ARTIE LOY CALCOTE McCall Creek M usic Education CLASS OF 1962 5I I Nr' A A Tl 4 'Q xxl 1 H-QQQQQ-u-1 CAROLYN CALDWELL, XD Gulfporl Educalion Presidenl, Chi Omega: Baplisf Sfudenf Uniong Student Nafional Educafional Associafiong Social Chairman, Chi Omega. BEN L. CALHOUN, JR. I-Iarliesburg Business Adminislralion DICK CAMPBELL Griffin, Ga. Insurance SARAH ELLEN CAMPBELL, QM Cenfreville Eler-nenlary Ed ucalion Officer, Phi Mug Wesley Foundalion Officer: SOUTHERNER Slaffg REW Commilfee of 1003 SNEA, PATRICIA CANTERBURY, AEA Pensacola, Fla. Ed ucalion Kappa Della Pig Alpha Lambda Della: Officer, Alpha Sigma Alphag Dor- milory Counselorg Dormilory Officer, DOUGLAS CAPPS Saraland, Ala. Educalion GEORGE CARLTON Laurel Accounling CLINTON E. CARRAWAY Meadville Business Adminis+ra+ion DAVID CARSON Halliesburq Journalism Pi Sigma Epsilong Adverlising Manager, Sfudenl Prinfz. KITTY CARTER, AEA Halliesburg Home Economics Class Officerg Siudenf Governmenf Associalion, Secrefaryg SCOPE: Wesley Foundaliong REW Cornrniffee of IOO. ROY CARTER I-Ialliesburg Business Adminisfraiion JAMES LAWRENCE CARTY Business -Adminislralion Della Sigma Pig Collegiale Civifan Clubg Southern Players. Calhoun City EDWIN CASE Brookhaven Recrealion HELEN CASE Jackson Pre-Law JILL ELAINE CASEY, QM Saraland, Ala. Elemenlary Educalion Officer, Phi Mug Home Economics Clubg Wesley Foundaliong Intramural Board: College Union Boardg Assislanl Council, SGA. 1 i ll I CLASS OF 1962 HARROLL CASTLE Laurel Business Adminislraiion JEANETTE LOUISE CASTLE Laurel Elemenlary Educalion JAMES V. CATER Conehalfa Educaiion MANUEL M. CEPEDA Mexico Cily, Mexico Business Adminislralion Presidenf, Pan American Sludenl Associaiion. MICAH Y. CHAN Hong Kong Malhemarics GLENN CHANCE, 241913 Chipley, Fla. Library Science Rush Chairman, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Dormitory Proclor. GLENDA CHATHAM Rose Hill Eclucalion Kappa Mu Epsilon, Kappa Della Pi. WILLIE GRAY CLARK Mobile, Ala. Business Adrninislralion Phi Efa Sigma, Thela Tau. ED CLARKE, HKA Jackson Accounling Business Manager, SOUTHERNER, Social Chairman, Pi Kappa Alpha. JANETTE CLARK, AZ lulca Biology 8: Chemislry Alpha Epsilon Della, American Chemical Society, National Eclucafion Association, Bela Bela Bela, Officer, Della Zela. W. RALPH COCHRAN, QKT Wiggins Educaiion PATRICIA COCKRELL Melrose, Mass. Marhemalics Pi Kappa Della, Secrefary, Treasurer, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Bapfisi Sfuclenf Union, Physics Club. 5 FLETCHER C. COKER, JR., KA Canron Business Adminisiralion Kappa Alpha, Debafe Team, Pi Kappa Delia. JOHN CALVIN COKER New Orleans, La. Philosophy 81 Religion Presidenf, Vice Presiclenf, Siudenl Chrislian Federaliong Pi Tau Chi, Soufh- ern Generals, Junior Senafor, Senior Senalor. CAROLE JANE COLEMAN, .AAA Mobile, Ala. English Kappa Della Pi, Pi Tau Chi, SOUTHERNER Sfaff, Sludenf Courl, Board of Direcfors, Wesley Foundaliong Officer, Delia Della Della. 'fA.."3' 49181109 WW' ,an IVY- ,945 ik O v- - ' ' THE SENIORS WN 5, l 'iQ fm fy if i l-lqllllll SUE COLEMAN, KA Educafion Officer, Kappa Della ALLEN K. COLLINS Biology Befa Befa Befag Drill Teamg Newman Club: JAMES MALCOLM COLLINS, K2 Pascaqoula Recl Bank, N.J. IVL. Pascaqoula Clwemislry Visco Scholarshipg Oulslanding Kappa Sigma Sigma Pledgeg American Chemical Sociely, NORBERTO COLMENTER Escugue, Venezuela Business Adminisfrafion HENRY CONERLY KoKomo Educalion MARY LINDA CONOLLY Haliiesburg Eclucafion CARROLL M. COOK, JR. l-lalliesburg Government Pen and Sword. GARY COOK Sumrall Music Eclucalion Kappa Kappa Psig Yellow Jackelsg "Oklahoma"g "Damn Yankees"g "Sin, foria." WILLIAM E. COOK Business Aclminislrafion 4 GEORGE E. COOPER Music Educalion JIMMY COOPER, QKT Business Aclminislralion Pi Tau Chig Delia Sigma Pig Wesfminsfer Pellowshipg Union Adivities, SHIRLEY COOPER Music 5 MARY LU CORBAN Home Economics Everg reen, Ala. Greenville Greenville Treasurer, College Halliesburg Pefal Student Senaleg Secrelary College Union Acliviliesg Baplisf Sludenf Union, Home Economics Club. WAYNE COTHERN l-lislory Bapfis? Sfudenf Union. ANNE COURTEMANCHE English Jayess Hudson, Mass. PEGGY COVINGTON Lexinglon l'lisl'ory JAN CRAFT Columbia Business Educalion DANlE'L W. CRANEORD Seminary Business Adminislralion Alpha Epsilon Alpha. JAMES E. CRAIG, Acacia Jackson Business Aclminislralion Sl-lERRY CRAVEY, -AAA Waynesboro Elemenla ry Eclucafion Dixie Darlinqg Freshman Counselorg Freshman Orienlalion Leaderg Officer of Della Della Della. JAMES ROBERT CRAWFORD Educafion "M" Clubg Baseball Leflerman. Prichard, Ala. REBECCA CREWS Columbia Music Educalion WINFRED CREWS Meridian Educalion ROBERT BRUCE CRISWELL, JR. Greenville Music Educalion Ornicron Della Kappag Phi Mu Alphag Treasurer, Kappa Kappa Psig Who's Whog Sfudenf Governmenl Associaliong Men's Affairs Board. 4 ERNIE CROPP Chiclcasaw, Ala. Music Educalion Kappa Kappa Psig Band Councilg MSC Band. PATRICIA CROSBY Wiggins Elemenfary Educalion HOMER N. CUMMINGS Broolchaven Accounling VINCENT C. CURRIE, JR., KA Pensacola, Fla. Business Adminislralion Presidenl, lnferfralernily Councilg Officer, 'Canterbury Clubg Commilfee of I00, Religious Emphasis Weekg Officer, Kappa Alpha. KATHERINE CUTRER Summiff Physical Educalion Bapfisl Sludenf Uniong Treasurer, Physical Educafion Club. JOHN EDWARD DABBS l-lalfiesburg Marhemalics CLASS OF 1962 V xy 55 19 : -1 T T SENIORS lllllll ii THOMAS VAN DABBS Malhemalics ROY DAN FORTH, JR. Educalion Baskeiball leffermang "M" JOE R. DANIEL Music Educa+ion Halfiesburg Summilville, Incl. Club. Sumrall Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alphag Yellow Jackeisg Wind Ensembleg "Guys and Dolls"g Damn Yankees"3 "Sinfonia." 2 PETER J. DANIEL Maihemaiics FRAN K B. D'ARCANGELO Physics New Brunswick, N.J. New Orleans, l.a. Presidenf, Secrefary, Physics Clubg Newman Club. ROBERT E. DAVIDSON Malhemaiics Viclcsburg Kappa Mu Epsilon, American lnsiiiule of Physicsg Newman Club, Geology Clubg American Chemical Socieiyg Yellow Jackefs. GEORGE N. DAVIS Hailiesburg Business Adminislralion JAMES E. DAVIS, 'KIHKT Chemisiry Chaplain, Phi Kappa Taug Secreiary, American Jackets. JOY HASTINGS DAVIS Eclucalion JUDY DAVIS, KA Organ Officer, Kappa Dellag Dormitory Officer: Mu Ph College Choir. MARGARET DAVIS Eclucalion Wesley Foundaliong Physical Educaiion Club Ha++iesburg Chemical Sociefyg Yellow Haliiesburg Columbia i Epsilong Kappa Della Pig Pensacola, Fla. ormiiory Councilg Student 3 D Nalional Educaiion Association. SAMMY R. DAVIS Ouilman Business Ad-minislralion Bapfisi Sfudenl Union: Pi Sigma Epsilon. ARTHUR E. DeANGELlS, JR. Framingham, Mass. Business Managemenl JENNY DeBARDELABEN, AZ Marlcefinq Wefumplra, Ala. Officer, Delia Zefag Tau Bela Sigma: MSC Marching Band: Merchandising Clubg Soufhern Playersg Concerl Band. WILFRIVD A. DICK Educalion Magnolia MELBA JEAN DONALD Ovell Home Economics Home Economics Club. JETT M. DORSETT, JR. Lucedale Business Adminislralion GEORGE T. DOWREY, JR. Halliesburq Biology Alpha Epsilon Della. 2 DONALD WALLACE DRAPEAU, EKPE Colchesler, Conn. 'Hislory Presidenl, Phi Alpha Thelag Vice Presidenl, Pi Della Phig Debale Team: Yellow Jackelsg lnlerfralernily Council: SCOPE. THOMAS DREZEK, JR. Halliesburq Business Adminislralion Newman Club. ROBERT E. DURST Vicksburg English JUDY DYESS Louin Elemenlary Educalion Baplisl Sludenl Uniong Dormifory Officer. KENNETH J. EARNEST Pensacola Accounling Alpha Epsilon Alphag Treasurer, Weslrninsler Fellowship. CHARLES H. EASOM Jaclcson Governmenl Baplisl Sludenl Uniong Collegiafe Clvilan Club. INA B. EASTERLING Ellisville Elernenlary Educalion DAVID C. EDMONDS Ellisville Economics Della Sigma Pig Spanish Clubg Dormilory Proclor. HAZEL KAY EDWARDS Ponloloc: Elemenlary Educalion Baplisl Sludenl Uniong Nalional Sludenl Educalion Associalion. LAROY H. EDWARDS Laurel Chemislry Vice Presidenl, American Chemislry Sociely. DANIEL G. ELLIS New Auqusla Business Aclrninislralion Rho Epsilon Fralernily. GEORGE T. ELLIS Viclcsburq Business Adminislralion and Malhemalics Lambda Chi Alpha. CLASS OF 1962 'fa-2? 57 "!2i""' -vw 'Swv itz.-rr s. 'fl'- V' W is RONALD ELLZEY Kokomg Business Aclminislralion FERDINAND G. EPPS New Zion, S.C. Hislory SANDRA ERVIN Jackson Speech Therapy Sigma Alpha Elag Sfudenf Chrisfian Federaiion Officerg Newman Clubg College Union Acfivifies Board. 2 CLIFFORD B. ESTES, JR. Laurel Hisiory Pi Gamma Mu. GEORGE W. EWING, ECIJE Biloxi Educalion Sigma Phi Epsilon Officerg Newman Clubg Circle Kg Vesper Choir. BARBARA EZELL Grenada Elemeniary Educalion MARSHALL J. FAYARD, JR. Biloxi Business Adminislraiion Collegiaie Civifang Delia Sigma Pig Dormitory Pi-odor. DlCKlE SUE FELDER McComb Home Economics NANCY Fll:E, XYZ Gulliporl Home Economics Officer, Chi Omegag Home Economic Clubg Dormifory Olficer. R. H, FILLINGIM Mobile, Ala. Business Aclminisfrafion Business Manager, CRUX. JOE NICK FITZGERALD McComb Business Aclminislralion TOMMY FLEMING Laurens. S.C. Business Aclminisiralion ROGER W, FLEURY Biloxi Zoology FLOYD F. FLOWERS, Acacia Manqum, Olcla. Malhemaiics WILLIAM A. FORE l-lalliesburq Accounfing TERRELL J. EOREHAND Gulfporl General Science KENNETH P. EORTE, IIKA Halliesburg Business Adminislralion Della Sigma Pig Newman Club. JOHN FORTENBERRY Tylerfown Educalion DAVID E. FOSTER, Acacia Hickory, N.C. Accounlinq Presidenr, Alpha Epsilon Alphag Treasurer, lnferfralernily Council, Nominee, Who's Who, Officer, Acacia Fralernily. SUE FOUNTAIN Union Home Economics Vice President, Kappa Omicron Phig Home Economics Club. LAWRENCE A. FOWLER Mobile, Ala. Hislory MYRON ERAILEY, ZQE Biloxi Chernislry Soufhern Generals Drill Team, Yellow Jaclcelsg Officer, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fralernily. EVELYN LOUISE FRANCIS, X9 Halliesburg Elemenlary Educalion Nalional Educalion Associalion. DONALD L. FUELL, KA Gunlersville, Ala. Chemislry Omicron Della Kappa, Who's Whog "M" Club, Football Lelfermang Base- ball Lellermany All-American llzoofballl. JAMES E, GARDNER Waynesboro Physical Eclucalion PAUL D. GARNER Raleigh Hislory LILLIAN GAYDEN, AAA Jackson Arl' Baplisl Sludenl Uniong SCOPE Planning Commilleeg College Union Ac- livilies Boardg Officer, Della Della Della. 5 CHARLOTTE V. GENTRY, AEA Memphis, Tenn. Thearre School Spirit Award, Historian, Treasurer, Soulhern Players, Business Man- ager, Alpha Psi Omega, Officer Alpha Sigma Alpha. LILLIAN PATRICIA GEORGE Nalchez Spanish Sludenl Prinlzg Secrefary, Canlerbury Club, Vice Presiclenl, Pan American Sludenl Associaliong Spanish Clubg Le Cercie Franchis. CHARLES GERALD Halliesburq Journalism CLASS OF 1962 ,pig Nw I . 'Q' ,rx V 59 ,CS ,QYK bmw-' 5- qg-3:5 inn-'X 'lb-f THE SENIORS IIT I MILDRED JOYCE GILES l-lalliesburg Ed ucalion MARY GILLILAND, 'PK Laurel Elemenlary Educalion Officer, Phi Mug Soulhern Singersg Sludenl Nalional Educalional Associaliong Weslminsfer Fellowship. LINDA GILMORE, AZ Jackson Elemenlary Ed ucalion Dixie Darlingg Officer, Della Zela. JOHN W. GIVENS Brookhaven Eclucalion JAMES E. GLASSCOCK Purvis Accounling Crown-Zellerback Scholarshipg SCOPE Delegale. ROBERT BYRON GLOVER Manila, Philippine Islands Speech "Oklahoma"g Soulhern Players. 3 WILLIAM COYTE GOOLSBY, Acacia Mafhemalics Officer, Acacia Fralernifyg Omicron Della Kappag Kappa Kappa Dellag SCOPEg Debale Squad, JOHN GORDAY Business Adminislralion CHARLOTTE GRAHAM 4 Educalion MARY EVELYN GRANBERRY Speech 8: English Pi Tau Chig Kappa Della Pig Pi Kappa Delray Phi Della Rhog Wesley Foun- dalion Dormilory Officerg WAB Scholarship. ROBERT L. GRANTHAM JERRY GRAVES 5 BILLY GUY GRAY HORACE P. GRAY DIANE GREENE Sludenl Senaleg Circle Business Adminislralion Baplisl' Sludenl Union. Malhemalics Physical Eclucalion Eclucalion Spanish Hickory Elal Mu Epsilong Pi Jackson Decalur Jackson Jackson Columbia Pelahalchie Waynesboro Mobile. Ala. K Calendar Girli Dorrnilory Officerg Spanish Club. NELDA REE GREENE Bay Springs Educalion Bapfisf Sludenf Uniong Nalional Educalion Associafion. JOE F. GREGORY Farmville, N.J. Business Adminisfralion WlLLlAM GRIST Brocc General Science MURIEL J. GROUE Biloxi Educafion REO GROVER Halfiesburg lndusfrial Arfs Aclivily Direcfor, Lambda Delfa Sigma. JIMMY GUNTER Pascagoula Speech Soufhern Broadcaslers. LINDA SAIL GUNTER, KA Tupelo Music Educafion Presidenf, Tau Bela Sigmag Treasurer, Harfiesburg Hallg MSC Bandg Mu Phi Epsilong Treasurerg Jones Hallg Officer, Kappa Della. BOBBY G. l-IADAWAY, IIKA Panama Cify, Fla. Business Adminisfralioin Pledge Presidenl, Della Sigma Pig Yellow Jackefsg Wesley Foundafiong Com- miflee ol IO0, Religious Emphasis Week, LUIS HADDAD Venezuela Economics Presidenf, Pan American Sfudenl Associafiong Secrelary, Economics Socielyg Newman Clubg Sludenf Chrislian Federaliong Yellow Jackefs. CAROLON C. HALL Kolcomo Home Economics JAMES EARL HALL Naples, Fla. Educafion Sigma Della Psig Yellow Jackers. PATRlClA HALL, 222 Picayune English Recording Secrelary, Sigma Sigma Sigmag Dormirory Officer. JOHN CARLTON HAMILTON Hurley Business Adminislralion EMORY HAMMETT, KA Halfiesburg Arl Officer, Kappa Alpha. MURIEL ANN l-'IANNA Narchez Recreafion Wesley Foundaliong Recrealion Clubg Nafional Recreafion Associafionj House Chairmang House Council. iii Ci.. fm KF?- if 232' v- THE SENIORS - X 62 L lllllil JANIE HANS Pascagoula English JIMMY l-IANSEL Haffqesburq Chemistry Hazleltufsf Personnel Management WILLIAM A. HANSEN, JR. Long Beacln Business Administration Newman Clubg Delta Sigma Pi. Egggtgwpa Education Alpha Lambda Deltag Pi Gamma Mu. CAMILLE HARMON Moorlwead Education Wesleylltoundationg Student National Educational Association. RICH HARNIST Belleville, III. Marlreting Executive Secretary, Pi Sigma Epsilon. TALMAGE DWAIN HARPER Laurel Music Education Outstanding Music Maior Awardg Vice President Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Mu Alphag Kappa Delta Pig Pi Kappa Pig SCOPE Delegate. MARY PALMER HARRISON, AZ Walnut Home Economics Home Economic Clubg Baptist Student Union. 4 CLAYTON HARRISON Waynesboro Education MARY ELLEN I-IARROD, EEE Marketing President, Sigma Sigma Sigmag President, Retailing 8- Merchandising Clubg Rho Epsilon, Newman Club. Fairhope, Ala. Brooli liaven JIMMY HART Industrial Arts Iota Lambda Sigma. 5 HOWARD C, HARTLEY Luce-dale Personnel Management FAYE HASTINGS Jackson Biology Alpha Epsilon Deltag Wesley Foundation, BESSIE HATTEN Mississippi Citi Elementary Education LARRY PETE HATTEN, EKIDE Popla,-ville Psychology 8: l-lislory Scabbard and Blade, Yellow Jackefsg Tennis Leflerrnang "M" Clubg MSC Band. JIMMIE HAVARD Lucedale Hislory Educalion SAMMY HAVARD Crosby Accounling l Alpha Epsilon Alpha. GEORGE W, HAYDEN, JR., KE Birmingham, Ala. Educalion Senafory Officer, Kappa Sigma Fralernify. HAROLD HAYS, ATVQ Halliesburg Business Adminislralio-n "M" Clubg Varsity Football Lellerman. DORRIS J. HEBERT Long Beach French Le Cercle Francais, Pen and Sword. I CHARLES HEIDELBURG Halliesburg Accounfing CHARLES RAYMOND HENCELY Marianna, Fla. Library Science Circle Kg Nalional Education Associaliong Choir. HAROLD HENTHORN Biloxi Hislory DOROTHY SANDRA HENZE Wiggins Home Economics Officer, Dormifory3 Baplisl Sludeul-Fellowshipg Officerg Baplisl Sludenl nlon. RUBY JEAN HERRINGTON Mize Elernenlary Educalion Baplisl Sfudenl Union, Baplisf Sfudenf Fellowshipg National Educalion Associalion. EARL R. HESSLER, JR. Forly Eorl, Pa. Hislory 1 l l G. WAYNE HESTER Memphis, Tenn. , Malhernalics i CLAIRE HILDERBRAND Benlonia 1 Library Science ' Grealer Council, Bapfisf Sludenl Uniong Deleqale, SCOPEg Mississippi Library Associafion Scholarship. A. JERRY HILLIARD Tvlenown lndus+rial Arls l i i i CLASS OF 1962 JH' Q 55' 63 2.f'fg1ff? 5 5 ff-. mv' -eff' ir. dz-':"""". lik 1:9 Nl' 1 T - ...Wray lilw is PATTY BOND HINSON Elemenlary Educalion EDITH MAE HINTON Sociology Secrelary, Pen 81 Sword Club. TOMMY L. HITT Business Adminislralion 2 SANDRA HOLDER Educalion WALTER MAJOR HOLIFIELD Psychology J. P. HOLLAND lnduslrial Arls EVELYN HOLMES Accounlinq DON HOOD Tlwealre Tylerlown Jackson Li++le Rock Waynesboro Laurel Luceclale Columbia Marks Alpha Psi Omegag Presidenf, Soufhern Playersg Special Musical Award. JAMES P. HOWARD Business Adminislralion Della Sigma Pi. 4 BOB HUBBARD Hislory Presidenf, Newman Clubg MSC Marching PETER H. HUBBELL, KA Business Aclminislralion ANDREW HUDDLE Mallwemalics 5 ORLAN E HUFF Educalion BARBARA JO HUGHES, KA Recrealion Fealurelle, MSC Marching Bandg MSC Beaulyg Phi Officer, Kappa Della. BILL H. HUGHES, ITKA Business Adminisfralion Lilcl-afield, lll. Woveland Band. Biloxi Mississippi Cily Jaclcson McComb Kappa Sweelliearlg Gulfport Head Cheerleaderg Della Sigma Pig Officer, Pi Kappa Alphag Inlerfralernily Council. l l ll KENNETH HUGHES Biloxi ' Managemenl' BARBARA LEE IRVING, AZ Alexandria, Va. i Sociology 1 Panhellenic Represenlaliveg Baplisf Sludenl Union: Sfudenf Christian Fed- erafion. l ' SARAH JACKSON Kosciuska Medical Technology l Alpha Lambda Della: Wesfminsfer Fellowship. MELVYN JAMES Gulfporl Business Adminislralion CLARA ODEN JOHNSON Ellisville Elemenlary Educalion JOE JOHNSON, 'IIPKT Waynesboro Business Adminislralion Presidenf, Phi Kappa Taug Collegiale Civilang lnferfralernily Council. l l MARVlN AMOUS JOHNSON Tylerlown Educalion NELDA WOOD JOHNSON Tylerlown Hislory SUE JOHNSON Tylerlown Accounling Alpha Epsilon Alphag Baplisl Sludenl Union WlLLlAM LEWIS JOHNSON Halfiesburg X Physics l Preside-nf, Physics Socielyg Kappa Mu Epsilong Omicron Della Kappag W German Club. LUCRETIA JOHNSTON Jackson i Physical Educalion Treasurer, Women's Physical Educalion Club: lnlramural Direclorg Officer, Wealhersby Hall. GERALD WAYNE JONES Enlerprise Business Adminislralion i l 1 5 PAGE JONES, X0 Laurel Thealre l Senalorg Pi Delta Phig Southern Playersg Alpha Psi Omega, President. ll WILEY w. Jouss suCa+um P l , Hislory Wesley Foundafiong Alpha Psi Omegag Secretary, Treasurer, Soulhern l i Qi Playersg Cas? "Oklahoma" and "Damn Vankees." " CAROL LYNNE JORDAN Picayune Spanish 81 French i l l il l I I CLASS OF 1962 dia. fw- ib-MM? MUN My 48 Pm ...gk is 'Cv' .51 ,495 'ii Own fx' 11 ..- - 475 L' , "P" ff' V' T SENIORS LESTER L. KAVAN Morse Blulzi, Neb, Business Administration Delta Sicjma Pi. MICHAEL E, KAVANAUGH, ZFIDE Hattiesburg Physics Circle Kg Baptist Student Uniong Student Christian Federationg Physics Clubg lntertraternity Council Representative. PATSY MARIE KELLY Laurel Education Baptist Student Uniong Student National Education Associationg Dormitory Councilg Horne Economics Club, 2 JANlCE RUTH KERVIN Prentiss Elementary Education BEVERLY KING, fbll Meadyille Home Economics Dixie Darling. JANIE WELCH KING Liberty Education Student National Education Association. 3 LYNDA KINTON, AIA Brooklyn Education Officer, Student Christian Federationg REW Committee ot lOOg MSC March- ing Band, Dixie Darlings. JAMES W. KITTRELL Business Administration Hattiesburg TED KM ET Alcron, Ohio History Treasurer, Omicron Delta Kappag President, Pi Tau Chig Martin Luther Fellowship, Pi Gamma Mug Phi Eta Sigma. 4 ROSALIE KRESTEEL Hattiesburg Education " Kappa Delta Pi. QUENTIN A. KUTTENKULER Biloxi Mathematics CAROLYN SUE LADNER i Poplarville Business Education Pi Omega Pig Kappa Delta Pig Baptist Student Union. 5 JANELLE LADNER Picayune Elementary Education LANNY N. LADNER l'lGiil6SbU"Cl Business Administration JERRY G, LANDRUM PICGWNG Business Administration llllt I I y ANN BELL LANGLEY Pascagoula ' Medical Technology y Alpha Lambda Delray Secrelary, Alpha Epsilon Dellag Bela Bela Bela. PAUL M, Lawson eriisbufg i Physical Educalion INA EAYE LEACH Union Educalion Baplisl' Sludeinl' Union Grealer Council, l 5 2 1 SHIRLEY A. LEE Eoxworlh y Physical Educalion l MACK Leeeerr Heidelberg Accounling ' ANN LEGUAY, ,AZ A Home Economics Home Economics Clubg Markeling Clubg Newman Clu , Sororily. l bgO Bogalusa, La. f'ficer, Della Zela l 3 L LORETTA LEITERMAN Pensacola, Fla. Educalion Kappa D-ella Pig Recording Secrelary, Newman Clubg Nalional Educalion Associaliong Kappa Mu Epsilon. RICHARD CHARLES LENOIR Purvis Malhemalics ANN LEONARD Bogue Chillo Educalion Phi Chi Thela. DONNA RUTH LEVERETT, AEA Hallieslourg Home Economics Home Economics Clubg Wesley Foundafiong Officer, Alpha Sigma Alpha. CHARLIE L. LIGHTSEY Sandersville Hislory Vice President, Weslrninsler Fellowshipg Religious Emphasis Week Commilfee. ROBERT N. LINDENBORN, ATIQ Pensacola, Fla. lvlanaqemenl ' ROBERT L. LINGLE, HKA Laurel Business Adminislralion Della Sigma Pig Collegiale Civifan. l JAMES S. LISENBEE Halliesburg Business Adminislralion LOUISE LISTER Elemenla ry Educalion l l l Pensacola, Fla. CLASS OF 1962 lx 491 67 Enlerprlse Escalawpa l-lalliesburg Brandon Poplarville Laurel Lumberlon Woodville Ml. Olive on Club. Osylna Kappa Mu Eps lon Collegnale Cuvulan MSC Aero Club, GEORGE MICHAEL MAll'RE XT9 Mobile, Ala. Presudenf Alpha Tau Omega Secrelary lnlerfralernaly Council. JAMES S MAJOR l-lalliesburq BARBARA MAJURE Madden Wesley Foundal on Sfudenf Educal on Assocnal on. LARRY MALLEY IO Grown, NX. V ED MANESS l-lalliesburq BENNY JOE MARDIS, IIKA Recrealion ROBERT C. MARINO Marlceling Pi Sigma Epsilon, HAROLD E. MARSH, ATIQ Business Adminislralion BILLY J. MARTIN Biology JAMES W. MARTIN, JR. Managemenl Sfalion Manager, WMSUg Soufhern Broadcaslersg Yellow J Epsilon. MARIANNA M. MARTIN Home Economics MARY MARTIN, KA English Phi Kappa Tau Sweefhearfg MSC Beaufyg Senior Senaforg Pa senfafiveg Officer, Kappa Della. ROBERT L. MARTIN Hisfory PATRICIA S. MASON Home Economics I Jaclcson New Orleans, La. Gullfporl 2 Monlrose Prichard, Ala. ackelsg Pi Sigma Brandon 3 Tylerlown nhellenic Repre- Pensacola. Fla. Magnolia Dixie Darlingg Home Economics Clubg Newman Club. PATRICIA LOUISE MAUFFRAY Business Eclucalion 4 Picayune Phi Chi Thelag John Henry Newman Honorary Catholic Socielyg Dormilory Councilg Newman Club. MARTHA McBRIDE, AEA Business Educalion Kappa Della Pig Officer, Alpha Sigma Alphag Pi Om U.B.E.A.g S.B.E.A. DALTON McCABE Business Adminislralion HOWARD MCCAIN, ATU Business Aclminislralion ROBERT CECIL MCCANN, JR. Business Adminisfralion Delta Sigma Pig Yellow Jackels, MICHAEL McCOBB Psychology Poplarville Pig Phi Chi The-'rag Glosfer 5 Merigold Mendenhall Psychology Clubg Religious Emphasis Week Commilfee. CLASS OF 'Q' 69 I 1 l l 1 - - 1 1 . f x T SENIORS lllll A W Pagcaggula Educafion Accounfing Secrefary-Treasurer, Alpha Epsilon Alphag Bapfigf Sfudenf Union: Delfa Sigma Pi. BARBARA HATTEN MCDONALD Purvis Recreafion P555 Chrigfian Business Adrninislrafion AUDREY MclNNlS Wiggins Elernenlary Educalion MILTON C. MCKAY, QKT Haffiesburg Educafion Officer, Phi Kappa Taug Sfudenl Group Leader: Sfudenf Union Acfivifiesg Cheerleaderg Spirif Commiffee. DEWEY E. McKEE Waynesboro Hisfory NANCY MCKIE New Orleans, La. Piano Weslrninsfer Fellowshipg Sfudenf Chrislian Federaliong REW Commiffee of l00g Mu Phi Epsilong Choral Uniong MSC Singers. ROBERT TOY McLAU6l-lLlN, KE Business Adminisfrafion Treasurer, Kappa Sigma. 4 MARY MADONNA MCLAURIN, EEZ Elemenfary Educafion Officer, Sigma Sigma Sigmag Nafional Educafion Fellowship. CAROLYN MCLEAN, AEA Educalion Dublin Bogalusa, La. Associafionj Weslminsfer Meridian Officer, Alpha Sigma Alpha: Pi Omega Pig Phi Chi Thefag Kappa Della Pig Baplisl Sfudenf Uniong Model Panhellenic Pledge. REBECCA McMAl-lON Office Managemenl 5 NEIL R. MCWLLER, HKA Nafchez Berrien Springs, Mich. English Pi Gamma Mug SCOPEg Yellow Jackefsg Sfudenf Senafeg Cheerleader. MARY SUE RUSH MCNEAL Haffiesburg Business Educalion MARTHA VIRGINIA McNEll.l. Laurel Home Economics Home Economics Clubg Sfudenf Nalional Educalional Associafiong Baptist Sfudenf Union: Dormifory Council. I WENDELL McNIEL Louin Chernisiry STEVEN MORRIS MEADOR Tachin, AIa. Business Adminisiraiion Treasurer, "M" Club. MARY ANN BRUCHOK MELLEN Hafiiesburg Educaiion THOMAS P, MELTON Evergreen, AIa. Accouniing SARA MERCIER, EEE Summif Educafion Befa Beta Befag Panhelienic Represenfaiiveg Corresponding Secrefary, Sigma Sigma Sigma. PHILIP BYRON MERRICK Wesfern Springs, III. Hisiory Pen 8: Sword. WILLIAM A. MERTON Eosioria, Ohio Music Educafion Vice Presidenf, Omicron Delia Kappa, Firsi Vice Presidenf, Sfudenf Govern ment Associaiiong Who's Whog Treasurer, Phi Eia Sigma. LEE ROY MEYERS Biloxi Business Adminisiraiion Presidenf, Dormiforyg Newman Club, RANDY M I LES Speech Therapy JOSEPH HOWELL MILLER, HKA Business Adminisiraiion Deifa Sigma Pig Pi Kappa Alpha, Bapfisf Sfudenf Union, Greater Council. LEE MILLER, HKA Accounfing MARVIN MILLER Music Educaiion F. W, MILLIN6 Psychoiogy Delta Sigma Pi, Kappa Kappa Psig Alpha Epsilo Board. CECIL E. MILLS Educaiion J. P. MOAK Educafion Union, n Alphag Jackson 4 SaIIis Bapfisf Sfudeni Reading, Pa. LouisviIIe 5 Canion Men's Affairs Waynesboro Bog ue Chifio CLASS OF 1962 in-New-' 'fi' An nan- ir N41 7I i3fTf172Ri' SNL' rf fi ' f 1 A I9 an 1 I , ffl v '5- -gi. js ZW M4 490'- 'Www 'YlQ.. V' lllllx A RUSSELL E. MOI-INEY I-lalliesburg Hislory PATRICIA ANN MOODY I-lalliesburg Educalion BILLY FRED MOORE Orrville, Ala. Pre-Med Bela Bela Belag Lab Insfrucfor. 2 JANICE MOORE, QM Home Economics Officer, Phi Mug Kappa Omicron Phig Belly Dulce WENDELL D. MOORE Mallwemalics WILLIAM ROY MOORE, JR. Educalion Pen 8: Sword. DONALD MORAN Educalion HENRY G. MORGAN English Edllor, CRUX. PEGGY N. MORGAN Mallwemalics Kappa Mu Epsilon. 4 ANN ROUSE MORRIS Business Educalion Phi Thefa Kappa, Fufure Business Leade HUGH H. MORRIS -V Recreafion Halliesburg Crafl' Scholarship Award. FS Manager, Basketball Team. CORLEY MORSE, K2 Mallmemalics PATRICIA MORSE Education Sigma Alpha Efa. ROBERT MOSELEY I-lislory DEWEY E. MOSER Hislory Pen 8: Sword. Benndale Ocean Springs Gulfporf Halfiesburg Morganlown Poplarville merica. Ames, Iowa McLaurin Hafliesburq Halfiesburg Annandale, Va. JULIE S. MOUNT Spanish I Vicksburg Wesley Fellowshipg Treasurer, Spanish Clubg Pi Kappa Pig Alpha Lambda Della: CRUX Slaffg Pan American Sludenf Associalion. FRANCES MULLEN Brookhaven Business Educalion MARLENE MUNN Union Elemenlary Educalion PEGGY ANN MURPHY Gulfporl Hislory P-hi Gamma Mug Kappa Della Phi. BONNIE MURRAY, 'LPM Pascagoula Home Economics ANGELENE WILLIAMS MYERS Halliesburg Business Eclucalion CARY FRANK MYERS Porl Arlhur, Texas Malh 81 Hislory Kappa Mu Epsilong German Club. WAYNE B. MYERS Jayess Hislory JOSEPH D. NAIL Collins Sociology LEONARD NAPIER, JR., Acacia Halliesburq Educalion BOOTH NATIONS Brookhaven Induslrial Arls HAROLD LUTHER NATIONS Brookhaven Educalion lola Lambda Sigma, Secrelary and Treasurer MARY WALKER NATIONS Brookhaven Accounlinq Secretary, Freshman Classg March of Dimes Oueen, Hafliesburg Hallg Alpha Epsilon Alpha. WILLIAM C. NEAL, JR., IIKA Morlon Correclive The ra py MARTHA ELAINE NECAISE Home Economics Pass Chrislian Miss Newmanileg Corresponding Secreiary, Newman Clubg Home Economics Club. fin fy W-'V' K5 'Wx Jw A ll'-'lu v- IIIIM A ELIZABETH NEELLY, AAA Jackson Educalion Cheerleader, Officer, Della Della Delfag Presidenf College Union Activi- fiesg Recreation Clubg Baplisf Sludenl Union. WILLIAM N, NELSON, ITKA Jackson Accounling President, Pi Kappa Alphag Della Sigma Pi. LINDA J. NEWTON, AAA Columbia Business Educalion Pi Omega Pig Alpha Lambda Della, Sludenl National Educaflonal Asso- ciafiong Kappa Della Pi. 2 CURTIS FERREL NICHOLSON Laurel Business Adminislralion JIMMY NOBLES, TIKA Jackson Business Adminislralion Della Sigrna Pig Officer, Pi Kappa Alpha. HATTIE PEARL NUNNERY Liberly Business Educalion Baplisl Sludenl Union, Sludenl Nalional Educalional Associaliong Pi Omega Pig Dorrnifory Officer. 3 DONALD OAKES Vicksburg Educalion Pensacola, Fla. JAMES D. O'CONNOR Malhemalics Vice Presidenl' Kappa Mu Epsilon. NANCI OFEUTT, AEA New York, N.Y. Secrelarial Sludies Officer, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Weslminsler Fellowshipg Phi Chi Thela. 4 ANN O'OUlN Magnolia Journalism CHARLES RAY O'QUlN Tylerlown lvlalhemalics A. J. ORTIZ Halliesburg Music RICHARD EARL OSBURN Biloxi Physics ROY THOMAS O'SHlELDS, KA Tupelo Markelinq Officer, Kappa Alpha, Pi Sigma Epsilon. WENDELL H. OTT Osyka Governmenl DONIA MASKE OVERBY Meridian Home Economics Kappa Della Pig Secrefary, Home Economics Clubg Sludenf Nalional Educa- iion Associafiong Officer, Dormiloryg Bapfisf Sludenl Union. MAXWELL PACE Halliesburg Clwemislry PERCY LEE PARKER Morlon Hislory LINDA JANE PARKER Laurel Music Educalion Mu Phi Epsilong Vesper Choir. WILLIAM C. PARKER, JR. Prichard, Ala. Personnel Managemenl Yellow Jackefsg Soufhern Generalsg Pi Sigma Epsilong Scabbard and Blade. WILBERT PARNELL Seaboard, Ala. Educalion RHETTA PATE Kreole Wesley Foundaliong Sfudenf Nalional Educalion Associalion Chorus. Educalion HAROLD J. PATTERSON Brookhaven Educalion JIM H. PAYNE Pensacola Educalion Foolball Lellerman, "M" Club. DIANE PEARCE, KA Jaclcson Elemenlary Educalion Canlerbury Clubg Home Economics Club. CHARLES M. PEDEN Philadelphia Business Adminislralion CARL E. PEDERSEN, JR. Alexandria, Va. Biology Scabbard 8: Bladeg Collegiale Civifang Mississippians. BRUCE PEEPLES Marlcs Economics Historian, Delia Sigma Pi, JAMES B. PERMENTER Macon Business Adminislralion ROBERT G. PERRY Paclwula Biology CLASS OF 1962 75 fms jk 5 192 T EDWARD A. PETRO, JR., .ATG Leland Recreafion Vice Preside-nf, Alpha Tau Omegag "M" Clubg Newman Clubg Tennis Team. BECKY PHILLIPS, X9 Poplarville Business Educafion Pi Omega Pig Unifed Business Educafion Associafiong Bapfisf Sfudenf Uniong Nafional Educational Associafion. DAVID D. PHILLIPS Roberfsdale, Ala. Managemenf GENE PHILLIPS, ABCD Marieffa, Ga. Mafhemafics 81 English Kappa Mu Epsilong Circle K Clubg Sfudenf Prinfz Sfaffg Wesley Foundafion. L. E. PHILLIPS, KZ Haffiesburg Accounfing RAY C. PHILLIPS, ATE? Ponfofoc Psychology Officer, Alpha Tau Omegag lnferfrafernify Councilg Psychology Clubg Ger- man Clubg Befa Befa Befa. 3 LARRY L. PIEFER Walnuf Accounfing Alpha Epsilon Alpha. RALPH PINCKLEY, Acacia Alexandria, La. Sociology Officer, Acacia Frafernifyg Pi Kappa Delfag REW Commiffee of IOOI S'COPEg German Clubg Bapfisf Sfudenf Union. HOLLY A. PINER Columbia Business Adminisfrafion JIMMIE E. POOLE DeKalb Hisfory Presidenf, Bapfisf Sfudenf Uniong Sfudenr Chrisfian Federafiong Sfudenf Nafional Education Associafion. STEPHEN P. PORCARI, HKA New Egypf, N.J. Mafhemafics 81 German Drill Team, German Clubg Nevyman Clubg Southern Playersg Sporfs Car Club. WALTER POSER Fairhope, Ala. Business Adminisfrafion Omicron Delfa Kappag Delia Sigma Pig Kappa Kappa Psi, Presidenfg Martin Lufher Fellowship: Treasurer SGA. 5 BETTY POWELL, AZ Lucedale Business Educafion Officer, Delta Zefag Dormifory Officerg Bapfisf Sfudenf Union. FRANK BENNETT POWERS Ufica Business Adminisfrafion Officer, Delfa Sigma Pig Sfudenf Courfg Men's Affairs Boardg Dormifory Officer. JOE KENNIETH POWERS, ATU Meadville Managemenf Bapfisf Srudenf Union. JIM A. PREWITT Long Beach Psychology Wesley Fou nd afion. CATHERINE PRISOCK Pascagoula Business Educalion Officer, Dormiforyg Phi Chi Thela. DAVID W. PYLE, IIKA Gulfporf Speech Pi Tau Chi: Secrefary, Pi Kappa Alpha: President, Canferbury Clubg Dor- mifory Proclorg Commilfee of IOO, Religious Emphasis Week. 2 PATTY OUINN Jaclcson Library Science JIMMIE RAMSAY Prenliss Malhemalics JOHN FRANCIS RATESIC Mclieespoirl, Pa. Malhemafics Foolball Lellermang "M" Clubg Kappa Mu Epsilong Newman Club. MARY RAYBORN Sumrall Biology Bela Bela Belag Alpha Epsilon De-Ilag American Chemical Socielyg Bapfisf Sludenf Uniong SCOPE. CAROLINE READY Fl. Wallon Beach. Fla. Journalism Sociely Edilor, Sfudenf Prinfzg SOUTHERN Slaffg Dixie Darlingg SCOPEg Presidenf, Dormiforyg Women's Affairs Board. GEORGE ARTHUR REED Magee Hislory JOHN THOMAS REEVE Rochesler, Minn. Business Adminislralion Wiesfminsler Fellowshipg Psychology Club. LARON REEVES Bogue Chillo Manaqemenl BONNIE LYNN RENERO Halfiesburq Elemenlary Eclucalion Kappa Della Pig Sludenf National Educalion Associafion. MARY ALICE RENEROE Jayess Home Economics AMELIA REYNOLDS Afmore, Ala. Music Educafion FRANCES C. REYNOLDS Ellisville Home Economics Educalion CLASS OF 1962 QTZX ill! MN 77 nt., 4'5- u.f V- THEm sENloRs -x? if -Vi N DONALD M. RICHARDSON Halliesburg Business Adminislralion JOHN M. RICHARDSON Halliesburg Malhemafics OPAL RICHARDSON Gulfporl' I-lislory TOMMY JOE RICHARDSON Enlerprise English SCOPEg Kappa Della Pig Public Relalions, Wesley Foundafiong Treasurer Mississippi Melhodisl Sludenl Moyemenlg Choir. KATHERINE RICHIE Richlon Malhemalics Tau Bela Sigmag MSC Banclg Nalional Educalion Associaliong Bapfisf Sfudenf Union Greafer Councilg Kappa Mu Epsilon. MARY ELIZABETH RIDLEHOOVER, 11931 Jaclnson Business Educafion Panhellenic Delegafeg Baplisl Sfudenl Uniong Psychology Clubg Rush Chair' man, Pledge Trainer, Phi Mu. 3 MARJORIE RIGDON Laurel Clolhinq Dixie Darlingg Relail Merchandising Club, NICK RISK. Acacia I-lalliesburg Educalion PAUL RIVET, JR. Balboa, Canal Zone Business Adminislralion ANTHONY MICHAEL RIZZI Biloxi Malhemalics CAREY WILLIAM ROBERTS McComb Malhernalics JAMES ALVER ROBERTS Sumrnil Edu-calion Wesley Foundalion. WILLIAM HOMER ROBERTS Pufvis Malhemalics CHARLES E. ROBERTSON Ellisville Educalion MURRAY ROBERTSON ElliSviII6 Reliqion and Philosophy CRAWFORD lvl. ROBlNSON, Acacia Mobile, Ala. Educalion lnlercollegiale Bowling Team. NELL ROBINSON Fullon En lish 9 Alpha Lambda Dellag Officer, Pan American Sludenl Associaliong Spanish Club, Wesley Fellowship, REBECCA ROBINSON Waynesboro Elemenlary Educalion RICHARD ALBERT ROBINSON Pascaqoula Malhemalics Physics Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon. ROBERT ROBINSON French Camp Business Adminislralion HENRY P. ROBSON, JR., K2 Nalchez Malhemalics Newman Clubg Officer, Kappa Sigma Fralernlly. RAUL. RODRIGUEZ Halliesburq Psychology Officer, Pan American Sludenl Associalion. JANlCE ROGERS, QM Jaclcson Business Educalion Officer, Phi Mu. MAZIE MQRANEY ROGERS Collins Home Economics Horne Economics Club. PEGGY ANN ROGERS Brookhaven Home Economics LANCE E. ROOKER, K2 Laurel lnduslriel Arls Officer, Kappa Sigma Fralernilyg Oulslanding Member, lola Lambda Sigma. MADELYN ROUSE, X9 Poplarville Music Mu Phi Epsilon, Choral Uniong Wesley Foundalion. CAROLYN ROWLEY Jayess Elemenlary Educalion MARION RUFE, Acacia Jaclcson Chemislry THOMAS RUFFIN New Auqusla Business Aidminislralion Rho Epsilon. CLASS OF 1962 79 gp fn by ELIZABETH SEAM EN, AEA r 'ts f Wwfflu 2... ,pn- OWN Q57 ' 1 1 1 X H SENIORS so 1 l JAMES E. RUSHING Educalion MARILYN RUSHING Business Educalion WYLODENE RUSHING Educalion Bapfisf Sfudenf Union Execufive Councilg Independenf Vole milory Officer. 2 ELLA JO RUSSELL, AZ Elemenlary Educalion Magnolia McCall Creek McCall Creelc rs League, Dor- Monlicello Baplisf Sfudenl Uniong House Chairman, Della Zefa. JANE RYALS A+lan'ra, Ga. Home Economics Alp-ha Lambda Della, Vice Presidenf, Kappa Della Pig Execulive Council, Baplisl Sfudenl Uniong Kappa Omicron Phi. JOSE M. SAENZ Halliesburq Business Adminislralion Yellow Jaclrelsg Pan American Sfudenl Associafiong Soccer Team. MERLE A. SANDSTROM Glendive, Monf. l-lislory CHARLES SAUL Purvis Music Eclucalion Kappa Kappa Psig Yellow Jackersg Soufhern Squires Dance Orchestra. BOBBY SCARBOROUGH Biloxi Malhemalics KATHY SCHOLTES Biloxi Ari MARTHA JANE SCOTT Laurel French Pi Della Phig Wesley Foundaliong Sludent Education Associafiong Dormitory Council, French Club. SAM MYE SCOTT Library Science 5 VIRGINIA SCOTT Business Educalion Civic Chairman, Dormiloryg Bapfisf Sludenl Un Amcaarson, Phi cha There. ' BILLY F. SEAL Educalion Fairhope, Ala. Houllca afional Educarion Picayune Pascaqoula Business Adminislralion President Secretary, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Librarian, Editor, Newman Club: Presidenf, Dormiforyf SCOPE: Phi Chi Thefa, ll HARRIET SELLERS Laurel Educalion JOANN SELLERS Laurel Home Economics Home Economics Club. SHELDON SEUZENEAU Bay S+. Louis Chemislry l g 2 l HELEN SEWER Enferprise l Business Aclminislralion l Phi Chi Thelag Relailing 81 Merchandising Club. CARL HAVEN SHAW Slale Springs Educalion BILL SHELTON Ripley Business Adminislralion r ,y 3 TOMMIE C. SHERMAN Taylorsville Business Eclucalion Dormifory Officerg Wesley Founclafion. BONNIE SHlELDS Wiggins Elemenlary Eclucalion Kappa Della Pi. LINDA SHOWS Ovelf Home Economics Home Economics Clubg Wesley Foundaliong Kappa Della Pig Kappa Omicron Pi. 4 CLASS OF 1962 WILLIAM L. SlMKlNS Decalur M Business Adminislralion 81 Economics Omicron Della Gamma. ROSEMARY SIMMONS Magnolia Piano ' Mu Phi Epsilong MSC Singersg College Chorus. Y CLYDE SIMPSON Halliesburg .i Physics ' 1 l 5 l JAMES KENNETH SIMPSON Molnlgomery, Ala. Music r Phi Mu Alphag Oulsfanding Band Sludenlg Presidenl MSC Band. WI JOHN SIMPSON Houslon l Accounling , Della Sigma Pig Presidenl, Sfudenf G-overnmenf Associaliong Presidenf, l Junior Class: Alpha Epsilon Alphag Scabbard 8: Blade. I EVELYN SlNCLAlR McComb ' Elemenlary Educalion Pledge Sweelhearf of Phi Kappa Tau: Dormifory Officer. l ll 8l i l all 4 JACKIE SLATON Jackson is Physical Educafion ROBERT H. SLAY, KA Waynesboro Marlceling BOBBY CAROLYN SMITH Me,,d,,,,, Elernenlary Educalion President, Execufive Council, Baplisf Studei-if Union, EMILY SMITH, KA lndianola Arl Educalion EREDA SMITH Unign Home Economics SMITH Sgnlaq Business Adminislralicin GEORGE ALBERT SMITH Ocean Sprinqs 'QUL35 Ohfice Manaqemenl GEORGE ALEXANDER SMITH, ATQ McComb Accounlinq Alpha Epsilon Alpha. JAMES LYNN SMITH Columbia Physics A E Kappa Mu Epsilong President, Physics Club. JIMMY C. SMITH Wesson Induslrial Arls Educalion JAUN A. SMITH, SHPE Pass Chrislian Business Adminislralion Inierfralernify Council, LEWIS L. SMITH, JR, Wiggins Business Adminisrralion MARY GEORGE SMITH HaHiesburCJ Music Educalion Mu Phi Epsilong Alpha Lambda Delfag Alpha Sigma Alpha Oulsfandimil Music Sludenf. MYRALYNN SMITH, X52 New Orleans, La. Home Economics Treasurer, Fencing Club, Treasurer, Panhellenic Councilg Corresponding 'T -v-- - ' ' Secrelary, Chi Omega, Freshman Counselor, Weslrninsler Fellowship. , DoN R. sNYDER Biloli Hislory IN x i I 4 rv A T H E 3 C f N S E N I 0 R S Pen and Sword Club. RUTH SOFEY Gulfporl Business Educalion JUDY ANNA SPEED, 'IPM Ocean Springs Business Educalion LEXFORD SPEED Pelal Business Adminislralion DURlS SPEIGHTS, JR. Purvis Hislory GLENN SPILLER Chiclcasaw, Ala. Music Phi Mu Alpha, Band, Orcheslrag Opera Orcheslrag Wind Ensemble. DON L. SPRAUL New Orleans, La. Eclucalion OLENDA SPURLIN Heidelberg Biology Presidenl, Bela Bela Belag Psychology Clubg German Club: Soulhern Singers, Baplisl Sludeinl Uniong Sludenl NEA. DAVID EDWARD STEELE Purvis Malhemalics Kappa Mu Epsilong Physics Club. PETE STEGENGA Pass Chrislian Malhemalics TED STEINRUCKEN Jaclcson Educalion MARCUS A. STENNETT, KE Halliesburg Eclucalion Pi Gamma Mug Vice Presidenl, Kappa Della Pig Sluclenl Governmenl Asso- ciations Elections Commilleeg Officer, Kappa Sigma. MARTHA STENNETT, AZ Laurel Educalion Kappa Della Pi. CHARLES STEVENS Ellisville Religion Br Philosophy JOHN C. STEVENS Halliesburg Archileclural Drafling Iola Lambda Sigmag Induslrial Arls Honorary Fralernily. DELORES STEVERSON Jaclrson E-ducalion lc if 4g""!" il:-my N SENIORS MMM I FRANCES STEWARD Magee Education FRANCES DIANA STEWART, X9 Poplarville History Sweetheart, Alpha Tau Omega, MSC Beautyg Senior Secretaryg Dixie Darlingg Vice President, Wesley Foundation, Secretary, Pi Tau Chi. CHARLES A. STILL, JR. Hattiesburg l-Iistory 8: English President, Omicron Delta Kappa, lst Vice President, Student Government Associationg SUSGA Service Awardg Who's Whog BSU. 2 JUDITI-I I-IARDIN STILL, ITBfID Hattiesburg English President Pi Delta Phi, Vice President, Student Christian Federationg Sec- retary, Baptist Student Union: Treasurer, Pi Beta Phi. WILLIAM T, STONE Gultport Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon, Yellow Jackets. MILDRED STOVALL Lealresville Business Education President, Westminster Fellowship, Dormitory Council, Committee ot IOO, Religious Emphasis Week, Student Christian Federation Council. 3 J. K. STRINGER, JR. Summit Mathematics M. K, STRINGFELLGW Lucedale Education AMARYLLIS STROUD Meridian Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi. BUDDY STUART t-lattiesburfl Business Administration VIRGINIA STUBBS COIIIVIS- Education LOUISE STUCKEY C0IUfT1bI5 Piano Pedagogy Mu Phi Epsilon, Pi Kappa Lambda, Freshman Counselor. RONALD SUBER Meedeville Education JAMES ROBERT SULLIVAN S050 Journalism Student Printz Staff. JERRY SULLIVAN I-lattiesburfi Spanish MAXIE SULLIVAN Mize Educalion JAMES S. SUMRYALL Halliesburg Malhemalics Yellow Jackefsg American Chemisfry Sociefyg Physics Clubg German Club. JUDITH SUSSMAN, XD Hof Springs, Arlc. Educalion I0 Besf Dressed: Commiffee of l00, Religious Emphasis Week. SARA ANNE SUTPHEN Greenwood Home Economics CHARLENE SUTTON, .AZ l-lansonville, Va. Home Economics Officer, Della Zelap Dormilory Council: Home Economics Club. JANET COLLEEN SWICEGOOD, 'PM Margarila, Canal Zone Business Educalion Officer, Phi Mu. , 3 HENRY SWINDULL Prichard, Ala. Music MSC Marching Bandg Wind Ensemble-3 Concerl Bandg Phi Mu Alpha. WILDA SlWlTZER Gulfporl Home Economics WILLIAM l-l, SWORTWOOD Biloxi Malhernalics Pen 8: Sword. ROBERT S. TANNEHILL, JR., KE Evansville, lnd. Library Science Yellow Jaclxelsg American Chemislry Socieiy. DIXIE TAPP Blylheville, Arla. Psychology RICHARD M, TARBUTTON Biloxi Journalism JERRY DONALD TAULBEE Mobile, Ale. Managemenl Delfa Sigma Pi. BEVERLY BYRD TAYLOR, AAA Lumberlon Secrefarial Sfudies EDWARD ROBBINS TAYLOR Wiggins Business Adminislralion Della Sigma Pi. CLASS OF 1962 fy fi Y ,ly ,fi-T ur., 51.11 lbw f s fgs,-fs 3. eww sy ' S 2 ' f 3 . Y sf - ,wwf ' . nays 85 I I - I l l l fin an SENIORS lin is SARA LOUISE TAYLOR Gulfporl Educalion Wesley Foundafiong Dormitory Officerg Sfudenf National Educalion Asso- ciafion. BARBARA ANN TEM PLE Meadville Business Educafion ANTHONY TESSITORE New Orleans, La. Hisfory Newman Club. BARRY TEWIS, KE French Camp Mafhemafics JAMES KlLEY THAMES, KZ' Jaclcson Business Adminisfralion CARLISLE THOMAS Marlcs Business Adminislralion GILES R. THOMAS, JR., EN Haldriesburg Hislory JOHN R. THOMAS HaHiesburq Malhemalics Pen 81 Sword. JOHN W. THOMAS Hafliesburg Mafhemafics LILLIAN THOMAS New Orleans, La. English SOUTHERNER Sfaffg Treasurer, Wesfminsfer Foundallong Dormifory Officer. PATSY NELL THORNHlLL Foxworlh Business Educafion CLlEFORD D. THORNTON Raleigh Educafion JERRY C, THORNTON Raleigh Malhemalics JAMES F. TIERNEY Bedford, Mass. Business Adminislrafion Pen 8: Sword, BETTY JO TILLMAN, AEA Pascaqoula Sociology Officer, Alpha Sigma Alpha Pledge Classg Dormilory Councilg Presidenl Married Siudenfs Orqanizalion. HENRY TILLMAN i Pascagoula Business Educalion WAYNE TRAYLOR, KA Laurel Business Aclminislralion ROBERT TRIGG Laurel Arclwileclural Drafring JACK D, TRIGGS Hafliesburg Business Aclminislralion CLIFFORD J, TRIMBLE Mississippi Cily Mailwemalics Pen and Sword. BOBBY J. TUCKER Pascagoula Mallwemalics JACK H. TUGGLE Halliesburg Business Adminislralion ROBERT JOSEPH TUGGLE Magee Hislory Bapfisf Sfudenf Union Erecu+ive Council. JANlCE TURNER Andalusia, Ala. Educafion Tau Befa Sigma. CAROLYN REBECCA ULMER New Orleans, La. Educafion Presidenf, Dorrniforyy Presidenf, Sigma Alpha Era, Women's Affairs Board: Transfer Counselorg Bapfisf Srudent Union. BECKY UNDERWOOD, AZ Foley, Ala. Educafion Freshman Senaforg Dixie Darling, Officer, Della Zefag Top Ten Be-sf Dressed. HOWARD E. UPTON Bay Springs Business Adminislralion l 5 MILDRED USHER Clermonfe Harbor Educalion CHARLOTTE UTSEY, AZ Burler, Ala. Elemenlary Educalion College Union Acfivlies Boardg Officer, Della Zefa. BILL Var1ARSDALL, ATE? Fl, Lauderdale, Fla. Journalism A 9' A lil IM Haffiegburg Educalion JOHN CLYDE VAUGHN Jay' Fla, Educalion VICENTE R, VIELMA Venezuela Geology LINDA EMMA VIGNES, KA l'laI'iieslDurq Commercial Arl Newman Clubg Officer, Kappa Della. MARVIN F. VIGUE Cosla Mesa, Calif. Hislory JANIE VINCENT, AAA Halfiesburg Biology Alpha Lambda Della, Phi Della Rhog Bela Bela Bela Awardg Newman Clubg Officer, Delta Della Delta. ROBERT C. VOSS, KE Nalchez Business Adminislralion Sophomore Class Presidenlg Treasurer, Yellow Jackefsg Sludenl Senaley Presidenf, Newman Clubg Officer, Kappa Sigmag SOUTHERNER Slaff. WILLIAM WALDRIP Foresl' Hislory JAMES DAVID WALDROP l-lalliesburg Educalion DIANE WALKER, KA Laurel Educalion Press Chairman, Kappa Dellag Membership Chairman, Kappa Della. I-lUGl'l E. WALKER San Angelo. Texas Business Aclminislralion JERRY DOUGLAS WALKER Biloxi Music Educalion Yellow Jackelsg Vesper Choirg Choral Uniong Presidenl, Baplisf Sludenl Uniong Vice Presidenl, Bapfisl' Sludenf Fellowship. 5 BELLE JO WALL, KA Meridian Eclucalion GLORIA ELAINE WALL Brookhaven Business Eclucalion Kappa Della Pi. LADON WALLACE Jayess Biology 1 PATTYE SUE WALLEY, AEA l-laffiesburg Home Economics Soufhern Singersg Wesley Foundaliong Home Economics Club: Religious Emphasis Weekg Recording Secrelary, Membership Direclor, Alpha Sigma Alpha. EMILY KAYE WALTERS Laurel Foreign Language Tau Bela Sigmag MSC Bandg Alpha Psi Omegag Soufhern Playersg Psy- chology Clubg German Clubg Bapfisf Sludenl Uniong "OkIahoma." JESSIE O. WALTERS Heidelberg Accounfing CAROLYN MARIE WARD Lucedale 'Home Economics Home Economics 'Clubg Refail Merchandising Club. ROBERT R. WARD Halliesburg Accounling WILSON DWAYNE WARWICK Cahrlhage Arf SYLVIA WATSON Eddicefon Elernenlary Educalion BETH WATTS Columbia Sociology Pi Gamma Mu1 Bapfisf Sludenf Union LYNETTE WATTS Wiggins Home Economics JEFF WEAVER, KE Jaclcson Business Adminislralion YVONNE WEEMS Winnsboro, La. Music Educalion Tau Bela Sigma: Conced Bandg Wind Ensemble: MSC Band. ANN S. WEILEPP Decalur, Ill. Elemenlary Educalion 5 CLAIRA S. WEISEND, KA Halliesburg English Alpha Lambda Dellag Alpha Lambda Della Award for Highesl Average: Le Cercle Francaisg Pi Kappa Pig Presidenl and Meri? Scholarship. KATIE WELSH l-lalliesburq Spanish Hislory Alpha Zambeda Delfag Pi Kappa Pi. MIGNHON WELCH, KlA Bogalusa, La. Marlreling Editor, Presidenf, Kappa Delfag Annual Sfaffg Vice Presidenl, Phi Chi T-hefag College Union Acfivilies Boardg Panhellenic Delegafe. CLASS OF 1962 fix 'AS RN 89 Q-. Q 'f-To 3:55 513 IIB SENIORS 90 JANICE WELLS Ogyka Business Education Pi Omga Pig Kappa Delta Pi. CAROLYN WESTBROOK Summit Business Education Wesley Foundation. JAMES E. WHIDDEN Universal City, Texas History Pen and Sword. JOHN L. WHIDDON Hattiesburg Business Administration BYRON WHITE Purvis Education THOMAS L. WHITE lulca Education BARBARA WHITES, KA Louisville Education Officer, Kappa Deltag Tau Beta Sigmag Pride ot' Mississippi Bandg Circle K Sweetheartg Committee ot IOO, Religious Emphasis Week. BARBARA WIKSTRAND, 11931 Biloxi Education Kappa Delta Pi. QUERIN FRED WILDA, Acacia Milwaulcee, Wis. Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. ALVIE WILKINSON, JR. Meadville Industrial Arts President, Dormitory. FRANCES WILLIAMS Centreville Elementary Education Baptist Student Uniong Kappa Delta Pig National Education Associationg Little Sister, Sigma Phi Epsilon. TINA ELY WILLIAMS Hattiesburg Elementary Education BEN WILLOUGHBY, K2 Liberty Education J. RICHARD WILSON, HKA Dunedin, Fla. Business Administration Treas., Delta Sigma Pig Treas., Pi Kappa Alpha. KAREN IRENE WILSON Prichard, Ala. Piano Alpha Lambda Delta, Mu Phi Epsilon, College Choir. SANDRA NELL WISE Commercial Arr I Merigold Kappa Pig Besr Adress in Leading Role in Experimenfal Play. JERRY R. WOLFE Maihemafics Pen and Sword. JUNE WOOD, .AAA Elemenlary Educafion Biloxi HaHieslourg Who's Whog Presidenf, Phi Delia Rhog Freshman Counselorg Sludenf Senaleg Yellow Jackel Sweefhearfg Feafurefle, MSC Band. SMITH E, WOOD English LARRY WOODWAR D, ATR Business Aclminislralion Bapiisf Sfudenl Union. WILLIAM MORRIS YATES Business Adminislralion CHARLES H. YOUNG Archileclural Drafling ROBERT YOUNG, KE Business Adminisiralion Pi Sigma Epsilon. RONALD YOUNG Business Adminislralion JAMES J. ZAGER, KE Educafion President Dormiloryg Senior Senaforg Recreafion Sigmag Dormilory Proclor. HARRY J. ZELLM ER I-lisfo-ry Pen and Sword. 2 Philadelphia OveH' While Oalc 3 Collins Clearwaler, Fla. Nalchez 4 Mclieespori, Pa. Clubg Officer, Kappa Halliesburq CLASS OF 1962 9I 1113. ,,ly,K K' Jumon cl.Ass OFFICERS AND FAvonlTEs lu in 'fr' Junior C555 OFHCNS. Leff +o Righfz Ernie Sylves+er, Vice-Presidenh Treasurer: Jo Ann WaHs, Secrefary, and Keifh Cobb, Preside-n+, Junior Class Favorifes: Ronnie Young and Bonnie Dale o vs:- v 1,1 1 .2'5-gi 'ffl-'-gg :fe :'J-'I-'ff'-'51 fi.?1?-5"-I.-fi fill'-1,,'id -.err----q E'.:"-S'-5'-'L ln!!ll"'2l in 1 D115 filf' 1 - g!?l lf-'I-el-'1 1111! 1111! 3111 1111! liiit 1111! llilldi- 3111! 1111 3111! 11111 3111! !!!!!!!! H1111 niinlr P?W3hnf""1f fi':g1J"T-ZQEQL ..'o' -Qi N b fj?,N,,.,.. . T1 -3 45,3 or Bonnie Dale .IUNIORS I FRANK ADAMS LARRY LANG AINSWORTH ELIZABETH ALBRITTON FRANCES ALDERMAN LEMMIE ALDRIDGE 2 CECIL ALLEGREZZA CAROL ALLEN, KA JAMES W. ALLEN, IPKT LARNA AMOS BOB ANCONETANI, KE BETTY SUE ANDERSON BILL ANDERSON, ATIQ MAURICE R. ANDERSON BETTY ANDRESS JAMES H. ANDREWS 4 PAUL A. ANGLIN BETTY ARTHUR CHARLES ASSAF, ATU GLEN AULTMAN MARY CAROLYN AULTMAN 5 PAU LINE AUST BILL AUSTIN JAMES HENRY AYCOCK, KA BOBBY AYERS MARTHA BAGGETT 6 RICHARD BAILEY ERNEST ROY BAKER SANDRA GAIL BAKER, HB? PATRICIA TAY BALL GLEN W. BARBER 7 JOE BARNES JOSEPH I-I. BARNETT CHIPPY VON BARTON THOMAS GLEN BARTON JIM B. BATCHELOR, ATS? 8 CHAD BATES, EQE THOMAS BATES GERALD BAYLIS GARA BEARRY FRANK BELL, KA 9 LINDA BENTLEY, QM MARIE BERGERON, EEE JAMES BERRY BARBAR ANN BILBO, IIBIQ CLAUDE V. BILBO Forf Wallon Beach, Fla. Taylorsville Halliesburg Slringer Halliesburg Jackson Tupelo Halliesburq Gullporl Vineland, N.J. Laurel Evansville, lnd. Halliesburq Andalusia, Ala. Biloxi Bruce Union Jackson Halliesburg Columbia llla Bena Coldwaler I-lalfiesburq Corinfh Jackson, Ala. Halliesburg Ocean Springs Meridian Laurel Collondale, Fla. Magee Duck Hill Crysral Springs Pensacola, Fla. Gullpor-I Liberfy Liberly Pascagoula Lucedale Pensacola, Fla. Enlerprise Nalclwez Panama Cify, Fla. Lumberlon Moss Poinl GEORGIA PAYE BUCKLEY JOHN M. BUCKLEY MARTHA BULLOCK JILL BUMSTEAD HORACE A. BURAS, JR. 2 PAUL C. BURKE ANN BURNHAM, X12 DELORES BURNS, KA JIMMY BURRIS CAROLYN JO BURT 3 CATHERINE BUSBY, AEA R. BERKELEY BUSH, ATO THAD M. BUSH, IIKA ELEANOR BYNUM JACKIE BYRD 4 LORELEI CADWELL, LPM GAVIN GEOFFREY CAIN JAMES CAMERON BARBARA CAMPBELL ELEANOR CAMPBELL, KA 5 LYLE G. CANNON, AEA JOE R, CAPPS ANN CARR GENE DUNN CARTER KAYE CARTER 6 LARRY CARTER LINDA CARTER ANITA CHARLEVILLE NICK CHEATHAM JOHN RAYMOND CHEEKS 7 GERALD W. CHRESTMAN, TIKA CARLA SUE CLARK MERLE SUE CLARK SUSAN L. CLEMENTS KEITH COBB 8 ELLIS COBURN ROBBIE COCKERHAM, AAA ALFRED M. COKE, Acacia ELIZABETH COKER LINDA COVER 9 JULIUS WAYNE COLE RUBY COLE BILLY COLEMAN BARBARA COLLINS CAROLINE COLLINS, AAA Jumons Prenriss Jaclcson Columbia Halliesburq New Orleans, La. Pascagoula Brandon Harriesburq McCall Creek Columbia Waynesboro Mobile, Ala. New Orleans, La. Ellisville Mobile, Ala. Eairhope, Ala. Eairlwope, Ala. Meridian Tarpon Springs, Ela. Canron Laurel Long Beach Laurel Harrie-sburq Pascaqoula Wade Woodville Halliesburg Yazoo Cily Ellisville Balesville Broolclwaven Seminary Boqalusa, La. Callwoun Cily Grand Bay, Ala. Greenville Columbia Iula Viclrsburq Rollinqlorlm Halliesburo Priclwarcl, Ala. Waynesboro Olive Branch -7 '- , 3 f' 3 1 , 43 U f f ' W " "ff fr , 1 . A' 1 X1 N N 6 xy., S '!. .gyvf .. 5, Q V " 5 ia I " sn, I I W QVX xy 1 NJ fb A, b A .xx " J ,. 94 ii- x 'v It S 'gh ,, 5 'Cl-W . X. fr 3, 5 hr I K f' 'A if L ,Q ,A an , .JYKA Rx, vp., f , A. vm .Mx G' 4'-fr "A' 'E RQ iv '57 . 1:-wb f an 'KK I K -E I , Qyy' Jn- ,K . X "ff fr va. k I . W' J Q-N., fig f Q X? v' SX ,gg ,,.A, I 'I -cfs' X : ' ,, '. 1.1, . ?" 95 JUNIORS JOHN ROBERT BISHOP ROBERT A. BLACKWELL BARBARA BLAINE CECIL BLAKENEY EARL B. BLESSEY CHARLES REBER BLOCKER, fI1KT DONNIE BLUE ELIZABETH BLUMER MARVIN BOBINGEY, JR. CHARLES BOBO, KE TOMMY BODDEN, QJKT CARROLL BODIFORD NANCY BOGAN ANDREA BOND, EEE JOYCE BOND DALE BOTKIS, KE WARING BOTTER ALVIN BOURGEOIS LINDA BOVAY BILLY BOWER JOE G. BOWER STEVE W. BRACKINS DOUGLAS EUGENE BRADFORD ERROL B. BRADLEY, fiDKT GLYNN ALLEN BRADSHAW LINDA BRADSHAW, ,AZ T. R. BRADY, JR., KA GORDON BRANNING BETE BRASWELL, IAZ MARVIN E. BREAZEALE SYLVIA BRELAND WESLEY BRELAND M, ANDREA BRONDUM STEPHEN BROOKS KATHLEEN BROOM WILLIAM R. BROOME RIAN BROWN CHARLES BRUMEIELD EVA GENE BRUNSON, XIQ JEANNE BRUTON LARRY BRYAN MARGARET BRYANT DALE R. BUCHANAN, HKA MARY ALICE BUCHANAN CHARI.ES R. BUCKLEY I-IazIeI'IursI EIIisviIIe Hazlehursr Bay Springs BIIoxI 2 DaIIas, Texas LaureI GuIIporI Bay SI. Louis Lorman 3 Moss Pornf Middleron, Tenn. BIyII1evIIIe, Ark. BoqaIusa, La, Perkinsron 4 ScI1enecIady, N.Y. Mobile, AIa. Waveland Vicksburg Vicksburg 5 Jackson Cresrview, FIa. LaureI BiIaxi Liberry 6 MineoIa, Texas GuIIpor'r IvIagnoIia Indianola Purvrs 7 WIqqIns BrookIyn Laurel BusI1neII, FIa. Moss Poinf 8 Moss Poinf Waynesboro GuIIporI Jackson ForI Smirh, Ark. 9 Noxapafer Columbus Jackson Laurel I'Ia+I'Iesburq BILL COLSON, KA MABLE COMANS ALLEN COOK, EIIJE MINNIE LOU COOLEY ROBERT A. COOPER, KE ALBERT JERRY COPELAND WALLACE E. COPELAND, ATO FRED COPLEY, KE Fovrf JANICE CORBAN ELNA REA CRAFT JAMES P. CRAFT NORMAN CRANE SARAH CREW TIM CROSWELL TOM CROSWELL JACCUELINE K. CUERAS MARY CATHERINE CULPEPPER LAURELLE CURTIS MARILYN CURTIS MOE CURTIS, KE BONNIE DALE, KA CHARLES EDWARD DALEY, JR. MICHAEL D'AMICO, KE GERALD DANIEL GLORIA DAUGHDRILL WILLIAM E. DAVENPORT, fI1KT FRANK DAVIS JAMES H. DAVIS Jackson Union Andalusia. Ala. Bude Canlon 2 Ellisville Mobile, Ala. Lauderdale, Fla. Meadville Hafliesburg 3 Raleigh Buclcalunna I-Ialfiesburq Philadelphia Philadelphia 4 Kiln Collins Viclcsburg Halliesburg Pensacola, Fla. 5 Prenliss Jaclcson Passaic, N.J. Greenville Lumberlon 6 Meridian Mobile, Ala. Moss Poinl JAMES N. DAVIS, KA McComb JAMES R. DAVIS Halliesburg JERRELL DAVIS I-Ialliesburq WILLIAM D. DAY Hazlehursf ARTHUR DERBES, JR. New Orleans. I-6- JOHN DERRYBERRY BFOOICI'1oVGV1 DONALD DICK Magnolia 9 HORACE DICKERSON Brookhaven SARALYN DICKERSON Waynesboro JAMES WILLIAM DICKSON, KA DOROTHY DILL, QM JEAN DODSON SYLVIA A. DOGGETT ELIZABETH MAY DOUGLAS CHRISTINE DOWDLE. X52 JESSE D. DRAKE NORMAN W. DUBUISSON .IUNIOSRS Pensacola, Fla. Wesl Point Harperville 9 Halfiesburg Brookhaven Columbus Jackson Picayune 'SSC' '99 'WMV' .Q 'SL':"'f 1"-'gy' px A Q" ,f 3 f f f 8. Q, , J i if A I I 'ix , X 4 Ii We X 'DL -' ul bv ' ' s--.As if gs- A391 97 JUNIORS I THOMAS DUDLEY, IIKA ALICE FAYE DUKES BARBARA DUNAWAY HAROLD DUNLAVY BILLY M. DUNNAM 2 ISSAC J. DYKES ZAIDEE JORDAN DYKES, AAA MARGARET ANN EAKES DORIS EARLEY RALPH EDWARDS, JR. 3 CHARLOTTE ELAM, KIA JOE ELLINGWOOD CHARLES ELLIOTT BETTY ELLZEY LARRY W. ENLOW 4 LINDA ESCOBEDO H. L. EUBANKS, JR. LAWSON EVANS ANNETTE EVERETT CHARLENE EZELL, AAA 5 LYNDA FAIRLEY, EEE ANGELO FALASCA, KE DOUGLAS FARRELL BRENDA FELDER JERRY FELDER 6 GARY S. FELIS JODIE FERGUSON RICHARD FLACCOMIO MITZIE FLAHERTY JANE FLEMING 7 JOHN A. FLETCHER SHARON FOLEY MARY VELA FORBES, X0 SANDY FOREMAN ARTHUR P. FOSTER, JR. 8 SUSAN FOSTER ROBERT BRYAN FOUNTAIN DAVID LEON FOY CYNTHIA FREEMAN LINDA GABRICH, AZ 9 MIKE GALLIGAN, ATKZ DENNIS GANDY JOSEPH M. GANNON, JR. DANIEL T. GARDNER RICHARD GARDNER Wyandoiie, Mich. Jackson Bogaiusa, La. Mobile. Ala. Meridian Mon+iceIIo Nafchez Meridian Maben Vaiden Hafiiesburq U+ica, Mich. Biloxi Kokomo Iuka I-Iafiiesburq EIIisviIIe Pascagoula Hickory Haffiesburg Moss Poinf Jackson Long Beach TyIerIown Liber+y Mobile, AIa. RuIeviIIe Woodville Meridian Sco-oba Dead Lake LaureI Jackson I-Iaffiesburq Mobile, Ala. Forf WaII'on Beach, Fla. Meridian Sumrall Meridian Biloxi Rock Island, III, Pascagoula GuIfpor+ Mounf Olive Louin CURTIS D, GARNER OREE W, GARNER VALLIE GARRETT, QM DURWOOD GASKIN GREGG GIANCOLER MARIO GIANI FRANCES ANITA GILBERT FRANK GILBERT SAMMIE I-I. GILKEY CAROLYN GILL HENRY GILLEY JAMES D. GOFF, fPKT CAROLE GOODGAME JOHN F. GOODMAN SANDRA GOODWIN MARTHA GRAHAM BETTY GRAVES BETTY GRAVES WAYNE M. GRAY ALBERT GREENWALT JOHN GREGORY ARTHUR GRIDER, JR. ADELL GRIFFIN JOE GRIFFIN, KA JOHNNY T, GRIFFIN I-IURLEY I-I. GRIFFING JESSE R, GRIGGS SAMMY GUERCIO, KE LARRY GUEST, YPKT GERALD C. GIJINN, Acacia DEWEY A, GUNN CARROLL GUNNELL MASON GWIN DARIUS HALL EDDIE HALL NANCY HAMIL, XD ELIZABETH HAMMETT JOHN C. HAMRICK ORA REYNOLD HARBISON, FRED VAI-IN HARDEN JOHN W, HARDTLA WILLARD HARRALL JOYCE HARRELL DIANE HARRIS GERALD A, HARRISON, IKM Jumons J w G-uIIpor+ RaIeigI1 Franklinfon, La. Burns Vineland, N.J. 2 Pass Chrisiian Laurel LucecIaIe I-Iaffiesburg Johns 3 Pascaqoula PensacoIa, Fla. Laurel Nashville, Tenn. Picayune 4 I-Iaffiesburq Jackson Laurel Albany, Ga. BiIoxi 5 IvIobiIe, Ala. Meridian Moss Poini Meridian Fayeiie, Ark. 6 Canfon I-Ia++iesburg Naichez BiIoxi I'IoIIywood, FIa. 7 Lena RUII1 Grove I-IIII, Ala. PascaqouIa Jackson 8 Cariiwage Lexingion Gilberiown, Ala. Biloxi Camilla, Ga. 9 LaureI BoqaIusa, La. Tremoni CIarksdaIe Haifiesburq , .wi ,F U 1, zu. f ffc .- 47 5, A s e f 32: 1.5" . , 'Q f Q 1 f' - X YN w---nv 3" :tw 'S fx Q 1 fl' if 6-1 if af' 98 as---nw I " It i , . ,Z ,v5L.k..s5,fx gg I new ' KA Qin. 'is ,Vg 'R""" 99 .IUNIORS I DON HART WAYNE HART, HKA CHARLOTTE HARTMAN JEAN HAVARD HERBERT MICHAEL HANEGAN 2 MAC HAYNES GORDON HEIDELBERG LUNDIE I-IEIDELBERG TOMMY HEINTZ, 214115 ARLVIN HENDERSON 3 L. TENO HENDERSON, KA ERNEST HENLEY, dv-KT JOHN HERRINGTON GORDON HICKS MACK O. HICKS 4 ARTHUR HILL CAROLE HILL, AEA EDWARD L. HILL, EAE EVELYN REED HILL, IIBQJ GAIL HILL, KA 5 JOEL HUNT HINSON BOBBY RAY HINTON PEGGY ANN HINTON BOB HISHON, KA CLIFTON T, HOKE, JR. 6 ALYNE HOLIDAY JIMMY HOLLINGSWORTH JAMES RAY HOPKINS WALTER D. HOPSON GERALD HORN 7 PAYE HORTON CHARLA HOWARD, KA JIMMIE S. HOWELL JIMMY D. HOWELL ROBERT H. HUDSON 8 BETTY JO HUGHES NANCY HUNT, XIQ IRENE CELESTINE HURD DOT HUTCHISON JUDITH ANN HUTCHISON 9 WILMER B. HUTSON VIOLA JACKS LAMAR JACKSON, KE RUSSELL JACKSON THOMAS L, JACKSON Los Forl L Jackson Jackson Laurel Luce-dale Sumrall Ellisville Jackson Moss Poinl Angeles, Calif. RicI1+on Pensacola. Fla. Biloxi MounI Olive Ha++iesburq Luceclale Columbus Ellisville Pensacola, Fla. I-Ialliesburq New York, N.Y. Tylerlown Laurel Riclwlon auclerclale, Fla. Mobile, Ala. Tylerlown Meridian Meridian Woodville Laurel Louisville HaI+iesburg I-Ialliesburq Laurel Semmes, Ala. Magnolia Forresl' Pascaqoula Yazoo Cily Moss Wesson Brooklnaven I-Ialliesburg Roxie Ocean Springs BARBARA JAMES BURT JAMES ANN KATHERINE JEECOAT NOELLE JEFFCOAT, AAA TOMMY JENKINS HAZEL JENNINGS JO ANN JENS, EEE ANITA MARIE JENSEN CAROL M. JOHNSON JEWEL JOHNSON ROGER B. JOHNSON, JR. SARA JEAN JOHNSON TULLY JOHNSON, QKT CAROL JOHNSTON, X52 ANNE CHRISTIAN JONES BOVAY JONES BUCKEY JONES C. A. JONES MELBA ANN JONES RITA JONES WALTON MORRIS JONES, JR HILDA JORDAN CAROLYN JOSSEY MAYLY JUE CHARLES KEITH DIANE KELLY, KA PEGGY JON KENDA, KA MARY KATHERINE KENNEDY. EVERETT KERSOGIEN DOROTHY ANN KERN CAROL R. KESSELL, 'IPM ROBERT KESSLER COLEEN KING ELLIOT GWIN KING SYLVIA KIRKLAND BUDDY KISNER BETTYE JO KNIGHT, AEA LEONARD KNIGHT PATSY KOONCE, AEA GLYNN LACKEY LYNN LACKEY JOSEPH T. LADNER PATRICIA LAMBERT VIVIA JOAN LANCASTER CURTIS H, LANDERS, Acacia .IUNIORS Newlon Bruce Soso Pass Chrislian Waynesboro 2 Kosciosko Tupelo Slidell, La. Wiggins Tylerlown 3 Halliesburq Ellisville Mobile, Ala. Foresf Richlon 4 Guliporl Smifhdale Waynesboro Mo-ss Poinl Harperville 5 Brookhaven Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Vicksburg Bonnie Chapel 6 Tupelo Nalchez AAA Philadelphia Bay S+. Louis Foresf 7 New York, N.Y. Haifiesburg Meadville Taylorsville Hailiesburg 8 Laurel Brandon Poniofoc Grenada Meridian 9 Meridian Pass Chrisfian Uriah, Ala. I-Iarfiesburq Purvis any .IUNIORS I MAXINE LANE SYLVIA LANG LORENE LANGLEY WALTER W, LANGLEY JAMES J. LAPOINT 2 ANTHONY M. LaROCCA LARRY LAURENDIVE W. HAROLD LEE WALTER E. LEGETT PHILLIP LENOIR, LIJKT 3 DARNELL LEPRE MAURICE LEVITE, KA FRED A. LEWTER, Acacia STEPHEN F, LIKINS SID LINDSEY 4 C. MICHAEL LISENBY HOWARD RAY LITTLE, KE ELSIE LIZANAN LOUIE RAY LOFTON LARRY LOTT 5 GARY LOVETTE KAY LOWERY GLENN LYLE, IIKA L. DOYLEEN LYON, EEE ANN MACDONALD, -CPM 6 DOUGLAS MAGEE LOUIS MAGEE GEORGE MAHATHY, dJKT MARY MALONE DENNIS MANGRUM 7 ANDE MANN WILLIAM O. MANNING, Acacia SALLY MANSFIELD, AAA RICHARD MAPES JOHNNIE EUGENE MARLING 8 GLYNN MARTIN LOUISE MARTIN MARY LOU MARTIN DANIEL MARSHALL PANSY MARTIN 9 ROY MASSEY WILLIE E. MATTHEWS LYNDA JOAN MAULDIN ALICE MAW JERRY FRANK McALPIN Prichard, Ala. Meridian Pascaqoula Pascaqoula Bay SI. Louis Jackson Laurel Halliesburq Gulfporl Purvis Biloxi Nalchez Mobile, Ala. Biloxi Flora Monlqomery, Ala. Corinfh McNeill Oalr Grove Sumrall Landis, N.C. Thomasville, Ala. Belzoni Laurel Memphis, Tenn. Mize McComb Mobile, Ala. Lucian Bafesville Magnolia Jaclrson Tunica Panarna Cily, Fla. Hazlehurs+ Jayess Magnolia Scooba Long Beach Newhebron Orrville, Ala. Florence Sfrinqer McCool Magee BARBARA JO McARN MICHAEL L. MCCARTY PEGGY RAE MCCAY, XS! PATRICIA McGEHEE SANDRA MCOILL, AZ BETTY LOU McHAFEIE, 'IPM LINDA MCILWAIN JOE R. MCINTOSH ELLIS McKAY WILLIAM DOYLE McLEOD FLORENCE MQNEAL EARL B. McNEELY, JR. SYLVIA CLAIRE MQOUAIG JUNE McRAE ROBERT McRAE LINDA LEE McSWAIN JOE M, McWHORTER, KA LARRY McWlLLIAMS JIMMY MEADOWS LARRY MENSI, KA CAROLYN MIDDLETON BILLY MILLER, Acacia SIDNEY E. MILLER W. G. MILLER, JR. WILLEEN MILLIS BARBARA MILLS, AEA ERIC MIOTON, ATQ NELDA MITCHELL JERRY MIXON PATRICIA ANN MOAK ADONNA MOORE BARBARA MOORE LINDA MOORE PATRICIA ANN MOORE THOMAS J. MOORE, JR. CLEOPATRA MORAN HELEN LOIS MORAN RICHARD MORIN NOBLE MORTON JAMES ALTON MOSLEY ROBERT MOSS CHARLES MOWERS, fl-KT WAYNE MUNN HELEN MURPHEY, H1345 REBECCA MURPHREE, AAA Jumons Columbia Hafliesburq Ulica Summil' Jaclcson 2 Maplewood, La. Waynesboro Halfiesburq Canlon Melbourne, Ela. 3 Eoresl Roxie Meridian Meridian Waynesboro 4 New Augusla Hafliesburq Madison, Fla. Halliesburg Gulfporl 5 Mempliis, Tenn. Vicksburg Lucedale Halfiesburq Tylerlown 6 Laurel Biloxi Collins Magnolia Bogue Clnillo 7 Jaclcson Lucedale Lucedale Sparlanburq, SC. Biloxi 8 Kiln Kiln Long Beaclw Jackson Daleville 9 Nalcliez Syracuse, N.Y. Liflle Rock Perlcinslon Seminary V f- ,ww AQ' Z X f- -,gif fi x, . . 3? V: Z0 1 Vi' gy , , Q' Z s . , X i, M B, F vo! Ng! ,I E Q I, I -Q... i fr Ps Q , , VG' Q ,,,v 1 VV X, ' ' Q J, af -y I03 JUNIORS I DOROTHY MURPHY Nalchez JAMES MYERS Collins JOHN ANDREW MYRICK Chickasaw, Ala. RONALD MYRICK Heidelburq SANDRA KAY MYRICK, EEE Slrinqer 2 ROBERT W. NANCE, EWIPIC Summil THOMAS R. NANCE Jackson ROBERT J, NEELY, Acacia Jackson FRANCES LYNN NELSON, EEE Vicksburg MARY MARTHA NELSON Hafliesburq 3 SHARRELL NELSON Pineville WALLIS O, NELSON Baldwyn SARA NETTERVILLE Cenlerville MYRA LYNN NETTLES Brookhaven BRYAN NEVILLE Halriesburq 4 MARY JOY NICHOLSON Byram MARION NISSEN Halliesburg BENNIE SUE NORTON Brookhaven CAROLYN SUE ODOM Overl GEORGE W. ODOM Halliesburq 5 HOMER C. ODOM Laurel ROBERT ABSON ODOM Halliesburq GEORGE OINEAL, KE Meadville TOMMY O'NEAL Andalusia, Ala. JOHN OISHIELDS, KA Tupelo 6 GEORGE OWEN, JR., ATK2 New Orleans, La. BONNIE LOU PAGE Poplarville JOHNNY RANEE PANZICA Brookhaven CHARLIE RUFFIN6 PARKER Chickasaw, Ala. JERRY PARKER Soso 7 PATRICIA ANN PARKER Laurel S. J. PARTRIDGE Philadelphia THOMAS L. PATRICK Handsboro JOHN PATTILLO Laurel TOMMY PEEBLES IHa Bena 8 CHARLENE PHILLIPS Richlon CHARLES WINDSEL PHILLIPS Louin NANCY PHILLIPS, All Mason Cily, Iowa NAN PIGOTT Picayune HAROLD PIOUE Long Beach 9 AL PITTS, d1K'l' Jackson GLENDA PIITS Ellisville PATSY PITTS Waynesboro JAMES H. POOLE, JR., KE Columbia ZELDA POWELL Lacombe, La. ROS PRIEBE, Acacia CHARLES E. PRINCE BUBBA PROTHRO, QJKT MARY JO PROVINE, X52 JERRY L. PUCKETT RICHARD BRUCE PULIN BONNIE PURVIS, KA BETTY ROSE PYLANT RUTH PYLATE WILLIAM PERRY RAMSER BURLON R. RANEY JAMES M. RAWLINSON BARBARA RAWLS, EEE GAY NELL REA, AAA WILBERT T. READ CAROLYN REDD, KA EUGENE REILLY CHARLES A. REINBULT, III JOE RICH GINNY RISHER, AAA JERRY RISHER BRYAN L. ROBBINS BILLY DEAN ROBERTS JAMES ROBERTSON JANAYNE ROBERTSON PERRY ROBINSON WILLIAM ROBINSON BONNIE RODGERS JEAN RODGERS MARGARET RODICK PATSY ROGERS TOMMY B. ROGERS HERBERT ROLAND JERRY ROSEBERRY, 'QDKT JACK ROSS RODNEY N. ROUNTREE, KA ROBERT W. ROYALS BOBBY RUSS, KA ANNE MARIE RUSSELL RICHARD RUSSELL MILTON R. SABA GALE SANDERS GLENDA KAY SANDERSON STEPHEN F. SANDIFER LINDON JEAN SASSER Jumons Benr Purvis Ellisville Halliesburq Tallulah, La. Halriesburg 2 Berhpage, N.Y. Oil Ciiy, La. Purvis Kosciusko Bogalusa, La. 3 Laurel Cirronelle, Ala. Laurel Philadelphia Pascaqoula 4 Laurel Brooklyn, N.Y. on Harbor, Mich. Lumberron Laurel 5 Enrerprise Columbia Brookhaven Lilaerly Sallis 6 Ellisville Raleigh French Camp Jackson New Orleans, La. 7 Brookhaven Collins Foresr Laurel Urica 8 Jackson Hafliesburq Nalchez Mobile, Ala. Meridian 9 Poplarville Kosciusko Amory Roxie Boque Chi++o yy' A 5 ' 4- 5 v, -ff, Qifrrv ."f-1 fffirf --.B ,.::1-ri, in 7 . 43.1. WK? Q4 K, , xg xv f I 5 1 X72 , f fz f Af ' rn 2 I if 3- A' Kg 2 :If fi ' ' ,, V .,,,W7-,V 7, ,V . .. 5, ,M ,Q -V 1 af' K is Z ,if . 1 fi , .5 I , fi' . 1 fill- "ffl 0 9 xi .1 3 ' '. F N , XXL Q X. mv jf ii :Q Q, L fr Q- , 'THR A M A Lx LMA ,.,, ,V if ., KL., I 'M A KN., , ,.:, :Nw x y , -ur ' K IO4 JUNIORS I WAYNE SAUCIER DONNIS L. SCHMITZ SANDRA SCHNELL MARIAN SCHOENIGER, AEA DAVID C. SCHOLZ 2 KAY SCHWEIZER JAMES SCIRE JAMES HUGH SCOTT KENNETH SCOTT MARTHA SEITZLER, AZ 3 JAMES H. SELBY, JR. SYLVIA SELLERS GWENDOLYN SHAIFER JAMES E. SHANHOKLTZ, K2 GELENDA SHEELY 4 M. SUE SHERMAN SHARON SHIREY, AAA ALICE SHIVERS CONNIE SHIVERS,'f1JM NELL SHOWERS, EEZ 5 NELDA MARIE SHOWS NETTIE FAYE SHOWS THOMAS SIBLEY EDGAR T. SIMMONS HARRY O. SIMPSON, JR., A'TK2 6 JOHN GORDON SIMS ROY A. SINOUEFIELD BIENVILLE SKIPPER, KE CLEMMER SLATON ROBERT W. SLAY, KA 7 SANDRA SLOAN W. PAUL SLOVICK BECKY SMITH BEVERLY JANE SMITH BILLY SMITH 8 CLARENCE C. SMITH DARRELL SMITH DONNIE SMITH J. MILTON SMITH JERRY RALPH SMITH 9 LAWRENCE A. SMITH LEROY SMITH, CIJKT OLIVER SMITH PATRICIA NELL SMITH, EEE PATSY SMITH Purvis Moss Poin+ Biioxi I-Iafiiesburq HoIIywooid, Fla. Haffiesburg HaI'+iesburg Jackson Vicksburg Ba+on Rouge, La. Diablo, Canal Zone Taylorsville Na'rcI1ez I-Ia'r'riesburq Amory Taylorsville Lake Providence, La. Jackson HazIeI1ursI Mobile, AIa. OveI'I Pe+aI Columbia Mobile, Ala. Fairhope, Ala. LaureI Poplarville Macon Noxapafer Ha+'riesburq Jackson Coiraopolis, Pa. Brandon Fayeffe Jackson Brookhaven Meridian Naiciwez Sumrnif Brookhaven Ha++iesburg Belzoni EIIisviIIe Pefal PopIarviIIe STEPHEN SMITH WILLIAM GERALD SMITH VIRGINIA SOJOURNER, AAA PATRICIA SOLOMON MARTHA ANNE SONES RICHARD SOUTHERN JOSEPHINE SPEED PAT SPEIGNER ALLISON STAGG VIC STAMEY, EKIDE ANNA STANLEY E. ANN ST. CLAIR, AZ SHIRLEY STENNETT, AZ DUDLEY ANN STENNIS JACKIE STEPHENS BOBBYE NELL STERLING WILLIAM R. STERRITT, KE JACK L. STEVENSON BILLY GERALD STEWART MELVA STOCKSTILL DARION J. STONE, HKA REBEKAH MARIE STONE MILLICENT STONESTREET PAULA STOWERS RICHARD D. STRAHAN BETTY STUART S. M, SUAREZ, KA DARR FRED SULLIVAN, EX JEANELLE SUMRALL JOHN FREDERICK SUTTON ALBERT MORRIS SWEATT JUNE E. SWILLEY ELIZABETH ANN SWINNEY JIMMY G. SWORDS ERNIE SYLVESTER DON SYMANK ARCHIE B. TAAKE MARIA TARCZANIN SHEILA TARLTON CHARLES TARTAVOULLE JOHN L, TARVER ARCHIE LEON TAYLOR, JR. CONNIE TAYLOR JAMES M. TAYLOR JERRY TERRELL .IUNIORS Union Hafhesburq Nafchez Prenlriss McNeill 2 S+onewaII CoIIins DaIeviIIe, Ala. VancIeave Sa'rsuma, Ala. 3 PensacoIa, FIa. Jackson Laurel Meridian SiIver Creek 4 Maqnoha ManIius, N.Y. MobiIe, AIa, Tylerfown Picayune 5 KreoIe LaureI Moorhead II'ra Bena Mobile, AIa. 6 Philadelphia PensacoIa, I:Ia. Pascagoula Ellisville MobiIe, AIa. 7 CIarIcsdaIe Pass Chris+ian TupeIo New Albany GuIIpor+ 8 Mascou+ah, III, Handsboro Wiggins Can+on Bay S+, Louis 9 Saraland, AIa. Meridian Vancleave GuIfporI McComb A YP:-rx 4-an in if 1 in 434,45 I I IO6 1. 1 I 43,5 Mi. .-QI A M L ,Xyff Q 15' ,f . ilk NW in . My . XS . X EX IO7 JUNIORS I MARIE THAMES, AA.A DAVID P. THOMAS, Effbli MARGARET W. THOMSON INEZ THORNHILL JOHN ALEX THORNHILL 2 NELSON TILL WILLIE J. TOWNSEND NED TRAVIS, JR. ANN TRAYLOR WENDELL TRAYLOR 3 KAREN TRIGG, AAA LIBBY TRUAX SHARON B. TUFTE PATRICIA ANN TURK, KA PERRY E. TURNER 4 KATHRYN ANN UNDERWOOD EDGAR T. UPTAIN, JR. WILLIAM W. UPTON BARBARA J. UTSEY, EEE AUSTIN WAGGONER 5 SOLLIE WAGGONER BILLY E. WALKER, QJKT DALLAS WALKER SONNY WALKER LYNDA WALLACE 6 LENA WALLER HARRY WALLEY WESLEY WALLEY GENE WALTMAN EARL R. WARD, JR. 7 JAMES WILLIAM WARD MAXYNE WARE RUEUS WARREN BILLY WATSON CHARLES KENT WEBB 8 Tomw A, WEBB LINDA WEED IRA C. WELBORN PAUL B. WELBORN, JR. CARL WELCH, ATS? 9 JIMMIE DALE WELCH WILLIAM F. WELK, JR. HUGH WEST JERRY ANN WHINNERY, CIDNI NONA WHITTINGTON, KA Jackson MiIfor-d, Conn. Moss Poinf Brooikbaven Sfonewall MobiIe, AIa. EIIisvIIIe Rosedale SumraII HaIIiesburq HaI'Iiesburg FiaH, III. Manka+o, Minn. Memphis, Tenn. Vinegar Bend, AIa. Jackson Pensacola, EIa. Soso Chickasaw, AIa. Foresr ForesI Waynesboro Braxfon Pascagoula Foresi' Glosfer RicI1Ion Waynesboro CiIroneIIe, Ala. Ha++iesburq MonIiceIIo Jackson Meridian FayeIIe GuIIporI RaIeigI'1 FairIawn, N.J. LaureI LaureI BIIOXI LaureI Waynesboro Luce-daIe Jackson SanaIorium JOHN C. WICK RON WIGGINS, Acacia MARGARET ETHEL WILBY BETTY WILEY LYNN WILKINSON HEDY ANN WILLIAMS MARY JANELLE WILLIAMS NANCY WILLIAMS SHIRLEY WILLIAMSON TOWANA WING, KA MILNER WISE HOWARD B. WOLEE WADE WOODARD, Acacia ANN WRIGHT MONROE WRIGHT, KA -IIMMY YANCY, Acacia JOAN YARBROUGH RUEUS TAET YERGER, JR., HATTIE YOUNG RONNIE YOUNG. QDKT JUNIORS K New Orleans, La. MonroevIIIe, Ala. Laurel Jackson Laurel 2 CODSIIBIIC EIIisviIIe Inverness Grove Hill, Ala. GIenwood, Minn. 3 Meridian New OrIe-ans, La. CanIon Jackson Haffiesburq Laurel Indianola TaIIuIaI'1, La. Pascagoula sy N We S f' ,yn :WIN If ,W S, J ..- fi ,, I ft , ., ,,,.m,w.K?, .,., . J if 44, 2 , 2 "4I , I I T QS I Key Wesf, Fla. 1? r 1' 1 l SZ A 'W V K 5 ,, '1 , 7 . fl 1 A ,Q ' Q If Q R, kc' V ,, , Mi T H 5, S . Q is 'iv mn, 3 , ly, f ' N 3 ' yr aim S2 '2 A my-.wwa...-H , , 130 Ci! wwf 'M As WVR 'Yi Q 1 C7 5 2 ia fa x 53 -M In Q? 5 3 Fi , i ,VAA T, Sophomore Class Officers, Front Tommy Pofler, Vice-President and Ginny Ford. Secrelary. Baclr: Clay Swanzy, President and Nancy Ellzey. Treasurer. Sophomore Class Favorifesz Tommy Poffer and Nancy Ellzey. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS AND or FAvomrEs ADNAN ABDEEN SANDRA ABERNATHY RICHARD ADKINS GERALDINE ADKISON GENE AGRESTA CARL R. ALESIO JANE ALEXANDER DALE ANDERSON JOHN L. ANDERSON, JR. NELSON ANDINC5 MARY LOVE ANCJELO, XIQ MEYER ANTHONY ROBERT ARENTSEN, ATQ ALICE ARRINGTON RONALD N. ASHLEY, Acacia BARBARA ASKEW, IIBCIJ BUTCH AULL, ATJQ MIKE AZARMGUIN RAUL AZPARREN ELAINE BALDWIN, AEA JOHNNY BALDWIN, KA MICHAEL BALL, IIKA SANDRA BALLARD JUAN JOSE BAPTISTA DONALD BARI-'ER JERRY BARLETTER TOM BARTON GERALD BATES FRANCES BEARD SANDRA BECKNER ELIZABETH BEESON, AZ BILLY MURRAY BELL DONALD BELL RONALD BELL JUDI ANNE BERKMAN MARY FRANCES BERRY HOWARD BERUBE JOYCE BETANCOURT BARBARA BILBO DIANA JO BILBO, KA CAROLINE S. BIRCHETT, XI? ALLEN BIZZELL MARCUS M, BLACK, KA THOMAS E. BLAIR MERRILL L. BLALOCK ROBERT BLAND STEVE BLAND MARY FRANCES BOBO DON BOCCIA, ATE! TFD BOLEWARE Damascus, Syria Forf Worfh, Texas Searsboro, Iowa Moss Poinf Amsferdam, N.Y. 2 Sckmenecfady, N.Y. Vicksburg Oak Park, III. PascagouIa Brookhaven 3 Edwards Evergreen, AIa. Kewanee, III. BiIoxi Jackson 4 PascaqouIa New OrIeans, La. Tebera, Iran Barquisirnefo, Venezuela Maqee 5 I-Iakfiesburg New OrIeans, La. Faye+Ie VaIera, VenezueIa Mendenhall 6 Biloxi McKeesporI, Pa. Haffiesburg Mobile, Ala. TyIerI'own 7 Long Beach PensacoIa, I:Ia. I-Ia+'riesburq I-Iarfiesburg Vero Beach, EIa. 8 PrenIiss Sclrmenecfady, N,Y. MobiIe, Ala. C:-uIfpor+ Picayune 9 Vicksburg PensacoIa, Fla. Kensinqfon, Md. I-Iaffiesburq Liberfy I-IaIIiesburq Forf WaIIon Bea-cb, FIa. I-Iaffiesburq I:aIrIawn, N.J. Prenfiss SOPHOMORES a a W f 4 . fa! , . . .,,,,4.c,L ' ' 5 i is ,ve X i 4 V a f'-- ,Z li f s' w a q 1 - fxifgfgwm , - J 1 I ff 2, AP' Q X WW? 'FIM . L1.. W-, A 4, f 3 5 . A A ..., . - . ' w- in ix I P Zzz ll QSL""' 'N F' 112. 1 ' We emmw- rw':ZQ5y' 2 ax' J 1 f 3 34 39 JM an 4 Q42 7. W 81" A6 WWWQ ,W 2 fi mf ff? N V, Qi f fm, Wu, 'f 'gay' - if 1 Wh.. 6 h gm iZ ,, N. W Q XA J, X22 . I . 92255 K ,gn 2 f , W SW I .I 4 y 0,55 f 'Q 3 f ig ,-5 5 W 4 A ff M a x I f L qw-Q, ,,, my if fn.. qw by-. View A, nr'-Q, X , X J'-2' -'..'-:pwgf-:g:,:s:af!g',:w4f.i :. X a'i'25Q'g:3' WR Vw 'f'i'w1"cZ57?4 I 1 5, -1 A - j . me M 5' Egg " I -,-4 Q, sky N 2 M L. N ' X . SOPHOMORES I MARTHA BOONE, -AIAA THOMAS BOSTIAN BILL BOUNDS JAMES BOURNE CAROLYN BOUTWELL, CPM 2 BILLY BOWERS, IIKA BARBARA BOYD WILLIAM S. BOYER JAMES A. BRADLEY, JR. RAE ELLEN BRADLEY 3 CAROLYN BRADY JUANITA BRAU, AAA ADELE BRELAND, AEA DAVID KAYE BREWER JAY S. BRICKMAN 4 JO ANN BRISTER THOMAS EDWARD BRISTER WILLIAM L. BRITTON, JR., 'IPKT ERANKIE BROCK V, LOUISE BRONDUM 5 BETTE BROWN HARRY C, BROWN SARAH BROWN, EEE JIMMY BROWNING, CPKT CAROL FAYE BRUMMETT 6 ANN L. BRYAN, KIA RICHARD KENNETH BULLOCK PATTI BURDICK BETTYE BURRUSS, KA MIKE BURSON 7 JAYNE BUSH MIKE BUSBY, ATU JOHN M. BUTLER C-LORIA BYRD, AEA WAYNE BYRD 8 BECKY CAGLE PATRICIA CALCOTE BILL CALDWELL SANDRA CALHOUN WILLIAM H. CAMPBELL 9 SHARON CANFIELD 'QM JIM CANONICA CAROLYN ANN CANTON C. ANTHONY CARANNA BILLY CARLISLE GENE CARLISLE, ATG SAMUEL A. CAROLLO LAMAR CARPENTER L. VANE CARROLL, JR,, ITKA SYLVIA CARROLL Canlcn Landis, N.C. Lucedale Columbia Laurel Jackson Tylerfown Long Beach Halliesburq Sumrall Gulfporf New Orleans, La. Halliesburg Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Brookhaven Pascaqoula Halliesburq Mobile, Ala. Laurel New Orleans, La. Jackson Birmingham, Ala. Prichard, Ala. Jackson Mobile, Ala, Columbia Conway, Ark. Boqalusa, La. Dallas, Texas Jackson Halliesburq Halfiesburq HaI+ieslDurq Prichard, Ala. Jackson Prenliss Melairie, La. Philadelphia Ocean Sprinqs Moss Poini Mechanicville, N,Y. Hafliesburg Biloxi Prichard, Ala. Memphis, Tenn. Leland Mobile, Ala. S+. Pelersburq, Fla. Halliesburg WILL CARSON SARAH CASTO WILLIAM CHEATHAM LEWIS CLARK, KA VICTORIA CLARKE LINDA CLINTON ELENE M. COBB, KA WILLIAM R. COCO JAMES J. COLE CAROL ANN COLEMAN BETTY COOPER, AAA DONALD COOPER CLAUDE R. CORLEY JUDY COUPER CAROLYN COURTNEY, AAA ANNE COWART COURTNEY COWAND CAROLYN COX, fifkl LEE CRAIG, AAA LENORA F. CRAIG CATHY CRANDALL, Hlifb TERRY CROSBY JAMES W. CURRIE, KA GEORGE DAHLGREN, KE STANFORD W. DANIEL MICHAEL L. DAULT ARTHUR DAVIS RONNIE DAVIS JAN DAVIS LIBBY DAVIS, 'RPM LINDA DAVIS, AEA OYD W, DAVIS ARON V. DAWSON JULIA MARIE DEAS THOMAS ALLEN DEAS, E'fbE Gulfporl Moss Poinl Arlinglon, Va. Ha'r+iesburg Woodville 2 Jackson A'rlanI'a, Ga. Mobile, Ala. Nalchez Gulfporf 3 Baylown, Texas Long Beach Halliesburq Halnliesburq Amile, La. 4 Daiseffa, Texas Bay S+. Louis Jaclcson Tallulalw, La. Alexandria, Va. 5 Meridian Moselle Pensacola, Fla. Pensacola, Ela. Mobile, Ala. 6 Glencoe, Ill. Seminary Pascagoula Basslield Laurel 7 Haffiesburq Halliesburg Pascaqoula Cofleeville, Ala. Saraland, Ala. 8 CATHLEEN DENTON, XIQ Haliiesburq SISSYE DILL. 1101 Wesl Poinl' GEORGE W. DIPASOUALE, ATU Palerson, N.J. BARBARA DIX, AAA Waynesboro JOANN DOI-IERTY Eairlawn, N.J. 9 LAURA DOWDLE, AZ Theodore, Ala. JEROME H. DRANE, JR. Porl Lavaca, Texas GAIL DRENNON Long Beach JOYCE DRIGALLO, 'QM Mcliees Rock, Pa. ROBERT J. DUNCAN Jaclrson IO WARREN DUNN Jaclcson MARILYN DYKES Bay Springs JUDY EAST Brandon ROGER LAMAR EASTERLING BrOOm JELNA EDWARDS Lucedale SOPHOMORES H527 -nan., 'sa Q- Nw "Q"- S- 'Z xp, .il 1. W I X WS 2 i ,X f v Qs... f Y -11 722 ,',Q.:','xs' fi. fi! as fi f Z Wi? "9 ' l I J is U' 4 . A I , N.."+x ,f5 . fo . ,... . , A 6 my '- Wi- -fm-Cyn. . 1 A X 4 C552 4 if , 2? ,' .2i.c,. , 'Is if If NYS I CNC V S J ' A is .K ,., . .. - ' Qi f - iv 2 I Az In ' SOPHOMORES RAYMOND T. EGERS LOUIS ELIAS, KA RAMON N. ELIZONDO LINDA ELKINS, AEA NANCY ELLZEY, AAA 2 BILL ENDRESS, JR., ATU CHARLES ENGBARTI-I ALLEN L. EVERETT, JR. TOM EVERETTE, ATS! ROY EURE 3 CAROLE EVERSOLE ROBERT EXUM ABIGAIL FAIRCFIILD DOUGLAS C. FARR ROBBIE FARRAR 4 NORMAN FARVE PATRICIA FELKER GWEN FERGUSON BILLY W. FILLINEAME JUEL A. FISACKERLY 5 KATHY FITZI-IUGI-I RORA LYNN FLEMING Biloxi Gulfporl Mobile, Ala. Clinlon Laurel Evansville, Ind. Biloxi Beauforf, S.C. Milron, Fla. Halfiesburg Harlan, Ky. Palerson, N.J. Woodville Roxie Sfale Line Sumrall Columbia Mobile, Ala. I-larliesburq Biloxi Gulfporl Mobile, Ala. JACK L. FOIL Bogalusa, La. GINNY FORD, AAA I-lalliesburq JUDY FORD Pascaqoula 6 CAROLYN FORTENBERRY Biloxi JOE DALE FORTINBERRY Halfiesburq LARRY K. FOSTER, KE Biloxi MARY LEE FOSTER, KA Church Hill ROBERT T. FOSTER, JR. Jaclrson 7 LARRY FRENCH Haffiesburq DAVID FRYE I-laffiesburq NELDA GAINES Canfonmenl, Fla. MARIDEE GAINEY Jaclcson MIKE GASTON, KZ Prichard, Ala. MAXINE GAYARD Biloxi FREDRICA GEIGER, TIB'1iJ Birmingham, Ala. ALFREDO GIL Caracas, Venezuela GLORIA GILLILAND, AEA I-lafliesburq CHARLOTTE GOBER Gullporl 9 JERRY GOFF Moss Poinl GORDON GOLLOTT Biloxi LEN GRAHAM Mobile, Ala. BETTY GRAVA McComb CLEMIE GRAVES Pascagoula I0 LESLIE GRAVES Liberiy WILLIAM L. GRAVES, III JOANN GRAY, X9 FRANK S. GREEN GUY F. GREEN, JR. Nashville, Tenn. Hunfsville, Texas McLain Biloxi l JIMBO GREEN, KA Halliesburq LEE NELL GREEN Mobile, Ala. MASON GREEN, KE Woodville DARLYNE GREENOUGH AZ Moss Poinl FRANK GREER Halliesburq 2 JERRY GREER Jackson BETTY JO GREGORY Halliesburq CARA LEE GRINDLE Mobile, Ala. MELANIE GRISHAM Biloxi MARVELLE GROOM Gulfparl 3 WANDA LeGRONE, X52 Gullporl JAMES GUERCIO Nalcliez EARL GUNTER Pass Clirislian SLIZAN HACKER Mobile, Ala. KAYE HAIRSTON, XS! Jackson 4 JERRY L. HALL, X12 Jackson TED M. HALL, IIKA Jackson VIRGIE HALL Mississippi Cily BETTE LYNN HALSTEAD Ocean Springs JAMES W, HAMIL Halliesburq 5 EDWIN HAMILTON Halliesburq RONALD HAMLIN Panama Cily, Fla. HENRY HAMMACK Laurel MIKE HANCOCK Gullporl WILLIAM HANDOGA Lillle Falls, N.J. 6 LINDA HANNON, AEA Florence JOHN C. HANSEN Boslon, Mass. BOB A. HARDY Biloxi GEORGE HARDY Jackson ROBERT HARGER, ATS? Columbia 7 PRESTON HARRINGTON, Acacia Halliesburq CISSIE HARRIS, QM Halliesburg DOUGLAS HARVEL Laurel GAINES HASKEW Jackson, Ala. MARY GENE HATTEN Gullporl 8 JOAN HAVARD Lucedale LINDA HAWKINS, AEA Winona EDWINA HELTON Pelal JOSEPH M, HELTON Halliesburq WILLIS HENDERSON Riclrilon 9 ERNESTO HERMOSILLO Clwiliualiua, Mexico SELBY B. HERRINGTON Vicksburg GEORGE HILBLJRN Wlwisller, Ala. ANTHONY B. HILL, JR, Laurel THOMAS R. HILL Soso I0 JON HINSOI-l Tylerlown CAROLYII HODGES Leakesville DIAIITHA HQDGES Biloxi l'ENIIETH R, HODGES Mobile, Ala. ALVA MARIE HOFFMAN, :EE Lillle ROck, Ark. SOPHOMORES Q-of 5- E' ,, 1 A 5? ' Q I 5- U sr Q5 415 if 17177 as., ' 6- it!- FN Cb ,N- X :vi , L, " "' Q, AWK ss l -' . L - 4 I 5 V iii. ii . W' ' I , , -V ,I f 1 ' Qi 1 X - R , x . 4' . ' I Br I na -x Ei :B lf! X , ? , rail, Q . 5-9 ff. - 'L-3 sa I Q- 1 Ee, , "Nui :WE 'Vi n .1 , as , I nu. 5' 'Q I I If - A Y Y .X .-.1 - An 'ev I RJ . 6 . K :Q ,- . 3 , K ew :N 'Sv AM 7 1 ., U. 3 , , if Q Q 3.4, H- L 6' is ,K KZ? SOPHOMORES DONNA HOGUE SHARON HOILES MELONY ANN HOLIMAN SUZANNE HOLLAND THOMAS HOLLIDAY 2 KENT HOLLINGSWORTH SUE HOLLOWAY JUDY HOLMES, 'QM JEAN HOLYFIELD NORMA LEE HOOPER 3 GARLANE HOWELL CHARLES L. HOWLE VIRGINIA HUDSON BARBARA HUGHES, KA VICKI HUGHES, AAA 4 CLINTON HUMPHREY, QJKT JOANN HUMPHRIES JOE PAUL HUNT, KA BUDDY HUTHMAKER, KA ERANCESCO IANNUZZI 5 WINNIE LEN INGRAM, QM BRISA IRARRAZABAL GUERRY ISLER LYNN JACK GLENN JACOBS 6 DONALD B. JAYE JERE JEECOAT JERONE JOHNSON KEN JOHNSON, KE KENDALL W. JOHNSON 7 MAC JOHNSON S. BETTY JOHNSON, XIQ HENRY THOMAS JONES, III, ATU JANICE L. JONES, EEE JUDY JONES 8 RICHARD JONES LOUISE JORDAN RETTA JUSTICE, AEA ROBERT KATRISHEN SYLVIA KEETON, KA 9 CHARLES F. KELLY JOHN E. KENDALL LLOYD H. KIMBROUGH,E111E JERRY G, KING JoHN KIRK IO LYNNE KIRK ROGER L. KIRKLAND, JR, KENNETH KNOX ADALYN MARIE KOEN NICK KOLINSKY Eslabuclwie Roberlsdale, Ala. Jackson Creslview, Fla. l-Iazlelnursl Moselle Laurel McComb Prenliss Gullporf Halliesburq Mobile, Ala. Meridian Gullporl Clarksdale Laurel I-Ialliesburq Foresl I-Ialliesburq Cosenza, llaly McComb Coquimbo, Clwile Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Jackson Slocklon, Ala. Lena Vicksburg Pelalialclwie I-Ialliesburq Walnul New Orleans, La. Columbus Mize Gulfporl Forl Wallon Beaclw, Fla. Naslwville, Tenn. Jackson I-lazlelon, Pa. Birmingham, Ala. Pelal D'Lo Ifla Bena Liberly Wlwisller, Ala. Moorlwead Foley, Ala. Calverl, Ala. l-Ialliesburq McKees Rock, Pa. RICHARD KRAET LINDA LADNER JOHN DALTON LADNIER MARK LAMMON ANN LANE JOHNNY LANE EMILY LARSEN NAN LATIMER, fIfM FLOYD R. LEE MARTHA LEGETT JOHN G. LEGGETT, HKA REBECCA LEITCH, KA EDWARD LEPOMA CHARLES LINDSAY LEE LINDSAY JIM LINTON ROBERT P. LIPPELMAN, ATU RODERICK E, LOPER PHILLIP LOVE GUY R. LOVELY GLORIA LOWMAN, AZ DONIS LUTER ELAINE MAGEE JUNE MAJURE DIANNE MALEY, AAA CLAUDE C. MALONE, KA SUZETTE MANUS LINDA MARBLE CHARLIE MARTIN DWAYNE MARTIN, KA KEN MARTIN LARRY O, MARTIN MARY ANN MARTIN JULIA MASKEVV, AZ CARROLL JOY MATTNER MARY NELL MAXEY, AEA HERMAN MAY, HKA SANDRA MAZUR ROCCO J. MELILLO GARY WAYNE MILLER RUSSELL MILLER. ATU JANE MILLETTE, EEE BOB MITCHELL JAMES G. MONSOUR DAVID M. MONTAZER LARRY D. MONTGOMERY MARGARET MOREAU, AEA JIMMY MORGAN A"I'12 ALMA JEAN MURPHY PAMELA MURPHY SOPHOMORES Glencoe, III. Ha'r+iesburq Hurley MobiIe, AIa. Prichard, Ala. 2 MobiIe. Ala. Pascagoula PhiIadeIphia I-Iafriesburg Gulfporf 3 Alexandria, Va. Panama Cify, Fla. Biloxi Fanwood, N.J. Quincy, III. 4 Meridian PensacoIa, FIa, New Augusia Brookhaven Haffiesburq 5 Farmer Ciiy, III. TyIerI'own Prenfiss Ci+roneIIe, AIa, Jackson Haffiesburq Ormond Beach, Fla. Jackson Meridian Albany, Ga. 7 New Orleans, La. Leland Moss Poinf Pascaqoula Kenosha, Wis. 8 I-IaI+iesI::urg Brandon Jackson Newark, N.J. CoIIinsviIIe 9 Kansas Cify, Kan. UIica MeacIviIIe Vicksburg Iran, Tehran I0 Laurel Bay S+. Louis Haffiesburq Bay Springs Naichez New in T3 au., ,Bihari T' f""r '-'x 73' , ,I , Q I " .-Q-1 PY! EEA ! I I7 I SOPHOMORES PATSY MURRAY, AEA SONIA MURRAY JUDITH MYERS FRANK MCATEE JUDY MCCAEFERTY, dvll 2 E. CLIFTON MCCARSTLE MURIEL MCCARTY, KA CHARLOTTE MCCLARY, EEE DORIS MCCORMICK PAULINE MCCORMICK 3 JOANN MCCOY SHERRY MCCRAW JAMES D. MCDANIEL JOE MCDANIEL CHARLOTTE MCDONDA 4 HOWARD MCGEE, EQHE CHARLES H, MCGOWEN JANE MCGOWEN JOHN J. MCGRAIN, KIDKT DAVID I. MCILWAIN, JR. 5 JUDIE MCINNIS BOB MCINVALE, KE JANE MCKENZIE, AAA PATTY MCKEOWN BOBBIE MCKINNON, fIBfb 6 BEN MCLEOD FRANKIE MCLEOD SANDRA MCLEOD, HB6 HAYES MCMAHAN SANDRA MCNEILL,fI1M 7 DANIEL MCQUAGGE -QKT ANITA CLAIR MCRAE, xo JAMES WILLIAM MCSWEEN RAYMOND NAJOLIA SCOTT NASH, Am 8 MALCOLM REGIEL NAPIER JERRY NELSON MAC NELSON RITA NETTERVILLE CHARLES NICHOLLS 9 LARRY H. NICHOLS RODDY NICHOLS KAY NOBLE JERRY L. NOBLES, KA MARTY NOBLES IO BOB NOGRADY RONNIE NOLEN JERRY D. NOVAK BEN E. NOYES PATT ODOM, EEE MobiIe, AIa. Crosby I'IaIIiesburq Jasper, AIa. Reform, Ala. WoodviIIe I-IaI'rieSIJurq Mobile, Ala. Vossburq McComb Dekalb Jackson I.aureI MaqnoIia HaI+iesburq Jackson I'IaIIiesL':urq Haffiesburq Wesfbury, N.Y. Meridian Leakesville MobiIe, Ala. HaIIiesburg Biloxi Meridian I.eakesviIIe Leaf Pensacola, Fla. Union Laurel I'IaHiesburq Gadsden, AIa. LaureI New Orleans, La. Evansville, Ind. I'IaII'ieSburq Meridian Pascaqoula McComb Midwesf Cify, Okla. Jackson I-Iousfon, Texas GuI+'porI' I-Iaffiesburq GuIIporI Smifhfown, N.Y. Jackson CIeveIand, Ohio Mobile, Ala. Petal JAIME E. OLMOS BILL OWEN GORONWY OWEN, III JOE PACKWOOD MONTY PARDEN DIANNE PARKER, X9 DOROTHY PARKER LARRY PARKER SELENA PARKER, AIEA SUSAN PARKER, IIBWIJ WAYNE PARMER KATHRYN PATRICK MACK PATTERSON, HKA RONALD D. PATTERSON, KA RANDY PATTON, KE JIM PAYNE, KE JOHN A, PEARSON, EQE MELISSA PEARSON, H3111 ROBERT PENN, IIKA JUDY PERRETT THOMAS J. PHILLIPS, E-JDE WILMA F. PHILLIPS VINCENTINE PIAZZA MAUREEN PIGOTT KATHLEEN PIPER LEON C. PIPPIN, GNKT TONY POGGI, KE LYDIA POLK BILL PORTER, ATK2 DAVID R. POTIN A. THOMAS POTTER ROBERT POWERS MARIAN PRICE GEORGE D, PYLANT, JR. PEGGY OUEEN G. WENTZELL OUIGLEY SERENE OUINN ALICE MARIE RAHAIM PATSY DIANE READ VERNON REINIKE CONRAD RICHARD, JR. LYNDA RICHARDSON RONNIE RICHARDSON MARGUERITE RICHMOND, KA LINDA RITTER, XD JAMES R. ROBBINS, QKT LEWIS W. ROBERTS VICKI ROBERTS, 4531 SUZANNE ROBINSON NORMAN H. ROCKWELL SOPHOMORES Chirigui, Panama Mo-unl Home, Idaho Mobile, Ala. Tylerlown Mobile, Ala. 2 Lucedale Raleigh Mendenhall Moselle Meridian 3 Prichard, Ala. Pelahalchie Florence Halliesburg Cenfreville 4 Newlon Abingdon, Va. Halfiesburg McComb Gulfporl 5 Brookhaven Hafliesburg Fayefle Picayune Brookhaven 6 Pensacola, Fla. Mobile, Ala. Mounl Olive Hafliesburg Halliesburg 7 Miami, Fla. Jackson Pascagoula Purvis Memphis, Tenn. B Biloxi Jackson Laurel Laurel Long Beach 9 Jackson Mobile. Ala. Rolling Fork Jackson Hafliesburg I0 New Orleans, La. McComb New Orleans, La. Laurel Hafliesburq 'tr SOPHOMORES SARAH RUTH ROGERS TOMMY ROSE GRADY ROSS ADLER ROTHSCHILD, II VIVIAN A. RUSHING, .AAA 2 AARON LARVE RUSSELL PAUL RUSSELL, KE SYLVIA SABATINI, 'CPM SHERMAN SANDERS LAWRENCE A. SANDERSON 3 CHARLA SANFORD JOSEPH SCARBOROUGH LUKE SCHISSEL ED SCHLEGEL, IIKA LINDA SCHMIDT, AAA 4 GAYE SCHROCK, KA ROLAND SCROGGINS WILLIAM C. SCRUGGS, JR. RICHARD SESSIONS GEORGIA SEVEDGE 5 C. EDWARD SHAFFER WILLIAM A. SHEPARD, KE GENE SHEPPARD ROBERT SHETLER, ATIQ J. S. SHILSTON, KA 6 MARIANNE SIMMONS WILLIE A. SIMMONS WILLIAM SIMPSON LINDA SIURUA PATRICIA SLADE 7 AMY SMITH, AAA AUDREY SMITH ' BARBARA ANN SMITH CARROLL SMITH FRANCES SMITH, AAA 8 GALE L. SMITH, 1hKT GERALDEEN SMITH KATHLEEN SMITH OLLENE SMITH DON SOLOMON, Acacia 9 RICHARD SPENCER, KA JOYCE ANN STANFORD BARBARA G. STEVENS LELAND STEVENS DALE WINTHROP STEWART, HKA IO ALFRED STILLMAN, JR., Acacia JACK G. STRATS ARTHUR STRAUS WILLIAM F. STROUD, III MARTHA STUART Lucedale Laurel Jackson Pensacola, Fla. Halliesburq Picayune Magee Jackson Biloxi Halliesburq Wilminqlon, Del. Biloxi Decorah, Iowa Jackson New Orleans, La. Picayune Jackson I-Ialfieslourg Prenliss Gulliporl Jackson Hahkiesburq Halliesburq Evansville, Incl. Pensacola, Fla. Newfon Magnolia Morron Moss Poinl Gulfporf Camden, Ala. Pascaqoula Pensacola, Fla. Brookhaven Canlon Pascaqoula Union Union Brookhaven Vicksburg Hafaliesburq Ilhaca, N.Y. Sparlanburg, S.C. I-Iarliesburg Alexandria, Va. Biloxi Pascagoula Savannah, Ga. MI, Olive Mississippi Cily SPENCER SUBLETT WILLIAM E. SUDDITH,'fI1KT JOHN W, SULLIVAN, JR. HAROLD SUMMER HOWARD GOODLOE SUTTON ANTQINEUE SWAIN CLAY SWANZY, chin' CARQLYII SWITZER, xii MARY SYLVESTER ROBERT L. TAYLOR, JR., :cms EMILIE TEMPLET, EEE CAROL THOMAS, AAA JOHN W, THOMAS HARRY M. THOMAS, JR. NICK THOMAS DOROTHY THOMPSON NANCY THOMPSON PAT TINDELL, AZ KATHLEEN TOOMEY, AEA MARTHA TUCKER, EEE KIRK TURNER LINDA TURNER ROBERT LEE TURNER JOANNE VALENTE VICTOR VARNADO ROLETTE VILLERE SUE ELLEN WALKER DON WALLACE JIMMIE LOU WALLACE LANNY WALLACE DOUGLAS WALLEY JIMMIE CLAIRE WALLEY, AEA CAROL ANN WALTERS LILY E, WALTMAN JOHNNY WALTON KAY WARD LARRY C, WATTS, ATT? SUSIE ANNE WATTS, AZ ROY WELCH, JR. ALICE WENTWORTH, XS! JOY WEST, EEE LAWRENCE F. WEST MARY BETH WHEELER, XS! OARNER R. WHITE IRENE WILKINSON, Xi! JUDY WILLIAMS PHILIP WILLIAMS RANDA WILLIAMS ARTHUR R. WILLIAMSON CHARLES E. WILLIAMSON SOPHOMORES Moss Poinl Key Wesl, Fla. Jaclcson Columbia Linden, Ala. 2 Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Halliesburq Gulfporl Kingsporl, Tenn. 3 New Orleans, La. Halliesburg Halliesburg Halliesburq Yazoo Cily 4 Foresl Pelal Pascagoula I-Ialliesburg Halliesburg 5 Mobile, Ala. I-Ialliesburq Lealcsville Scheneclady, N.Y. Halliesburg 6 New Orleans, La. Biloxi Essex Fells, N.J. Nalchez Morlon 7 Richlon Pascaqoula I-Iallieslsurq Hurley Neshoba 8 Philadelphia I-lalliesburg Pelahalchie Liberly Halliesburq 9 Mile Janesville, La. Orleans, Ind. Biloxi Halliesburq I0 Brookhaven Bay Minelle, Ala, I-Ialliesburq McLain Prichard, Ala. SOPHOMORES I JERRY WILLIAMSON CAROLYN WILSON CHARLIE K. WILSON JAMES WILTSI-IIRE STEPHEN BING WONG 2 DAVID WOOD IVAN YESNES GEORGE E. YOUNG, 'JIKT PATRICK DUEL ZIMLICI-I, KE LYNDA ZIRKELBACI-I, HB6 OakvaIe I-Iaffiesburq Bay Springs Jackson New York, N.Y. Tylerfown Pensacola, Fla. I-Iaffiesburg Mobile, Ala. Pensacola, Fla. General Na+ and pal. Those deadly oIec+ions aI' M.S.C. i .,s s Y 'Lars K. -57" -. . , . A A if g FI ESQ fZl1'ff W FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS AND FAVORITES swf 3 Freshman Class Officers, Lefi +o Righf: Sieve Wood, President Gay Kihyef, Secre faryg Kenny Bruce, Vice-President and Kay Pickens. Treasurer. Freshman Class Favorifesz Kay Piclrens and Kenny Bruce. FRESHMEN I CHARLES AARONS JOAN ABBLEY KENNETH ADAM CARL WAYNE ADAMS GERALD R. ADAMS 2 PAUL ADAMS MARILYN ADDISON ANN AINSWORTH RENEE ALBRITTON JEAN ALEXANDER 3 DIANNE ALFORD, EEE FRANK ALBRITTON, IIKA CHARLES ALLEN DELORES ANN ALLEN, EEE L. WAYNE ALLEN 4 NANCY ALLEN SHIRLEY ANN ALLEN PAT ALTMYER CAROLYN ANDERSON, X9 JO ANDERSON 5 MICHAEL ANDERSON BILL APPLEWHITE CAROLYN ARBUTHNOT, X0 SANDRA ARGENTO RALPH ATKINS 6 ANNE ROBIN AUTREY, KA ELIZABETH BARICEV CATHERINE E. BARR PATSY BARROW CAROLYN BAXTER 7 SUSAN BAYERLE, AEA KAY BEARD TRAVIS BECKHAM, KE MARY EARLE BEEMON LINDA BEESON 8 CAROL BELL GEORGE BELL, JR. GERALD E. BELVE CLAUDIA BENKE GAIL BENNETT, AAA 9 DIANE BENTHINE JAMES BERRY KENNETH BERRY JACK BEVON, JR., KE DONALD BIDLACK I0 CAPPY BISSO, KA LINDA BLANKINSHIP, KA JOHN BLOODWORTH SUSAN BOLEN, KA MARY ALICE BOLLING, EEE CIifIon, N.J. Pass Chrisfian LiIIIeIon, Mass. Pascagoula Mobile, Ala. WaII'on Beach, FIa. Osyka LucedaIe Waynesboro Moss Poinf McComb Jackson McComb GuIIporI Gulfporf MI, OIIve Mobile, AIa, Mobile, Ala. Nafchez Mobile, Ala. Panama CiIy, Fla. HaIIiesburg Canfon Falls Church, Va. Haffiesburq Jackson I-IaHIesburg Tallahassee, FIa. Jackson BIIoxi Haffiesburg HaI'riesburg Jackson Gulfporf Brookhaven EIheI Jackson Haffiesburg Jackson LaureI Sfarkville BraxIon Ha+IIesburg I'IaI'rIesburg Newport R.I. New OrIeans GuIIporI Biloxi Jackson, Ala. Pensacola, Fla. BARBARA BOWERS, AAA CECELIA ANN BOX RANDY BOXX MARY BRADFORD, EEE CAROLE JEAN BRADLEY JAYNE BRADSHAW EDWARD BRAGG SHERRY BRAMHALL DOUGLAS BRAMLETT SANDRA L. BRANTLEY SUE BREATH, XIQ DARRYL BREAZEALE CHARLOTTE ANN BRELAND SUZANNE BRELAND CECILE BREWER PATSY BREWER, QM LINDA CAROLYN BRINKMAN MAVIS BRIT-TON RALPH BRODIE HOWARD BRONK, Acacia NOLAN BROOKS, TIKA RONNY BROOKS B. RAY BROOME BARBARA ELAYNE BROWN KENNETH TRAVIS BRUCE, KE LYLE BRUMEIELD EVERETT BRUNSON BOB BRYAN SARA BULLARD RAYMOND BURNS JAMES C. BUTLER KATHERINE BYNUM ANNIE LOU BYRD BILLY JOE BYRD JOHN BYRD JOHN BYSTRICKY, ATU KAY CALLOWAY DONALD BRUCE CAMPBELL, JEANNE CARLOS SHIRLEY CARLSON, KA CAROLE CARMICHAEL, 'HMI BILLY CARPENTER, KA DIANNE CARPENTER, KA DONNA CARPENTER, AZ CHARLES CARRUTH GENIE LOU CARRUTH DAVID K, CARTER ELIZABETH A, CARTER JUDY CARTER - MARGARET CARTER FRESHMEN Ha++iesburg TuI'wiler MI. Olive l-lazlel'1urs+ Halliesburg 2 Mobile, Ala. Moss Poinl Charlolfe, N.C. Lulz, Fla. Whisller, Ala. 3 Bay S+. Louis Wiggins McComb Columbia Halliesburg 4 Nalchez Pascagoula Bucalunna Canandaigua, N.Y. Albany, N.Y. 5 Jaclcson Magee Moss Poin+ Prichard, Ala. Nalchez 6 HaI+iesburg Mobile, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. Lucedale Halliesburg 7 Brookhaven Laurel Lucedale Mobile, Ala. Biloxi 8 Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Slcawealeles, N.Y. Laurel Pascagoula 9 Prichard, Ala. Jaclcson Biloxi Buller, Ala. Summif IO l-lallieslourg Halfiesburq Glosler Birmingham, Ala. Panama Cily, Fla. .xc Vg ,.,,, V . I I 15-f fi-wer ,mn 3 -1 x w 1 A ' I 'Il' I Q Tx 1' an 4' , uv- V . Lt' x W, xk. ll A I. A , I , Y W 'K 'A' ..: I Q. 1- . 5 P 'N m C 'FSI UF'f-G: 4.- L.. FRESHMEN I ROBERT EARL CARTER JERRY CHAFIN JERRY CHALFANT CAROLYN CHAPMAN RICHARD CHAPUIS, JR. 2 PAM CHASON, KA CAROLYN CHATHAM STEPHANIE CHAVEZ EMIL C. CHOLAR, KE JEANETTE CHOW 3 M. WAYNE CHRISTIAN MADGE CLACKLER JUDY CLARK, HBfb BARBARA LYNN CLARKE ALEX CLAYTON, ATQ 4 JAMES THOMAS CLEMONS BARBARA CLEVELAND MAJOR RAY CLICK MICHAEL CLINE SANDRA COBB 5 JIMMY T. COCHRAN DONNA COFEEY BILL COOGINS JOYCE COOGINS HELEN E. COLEMAN 6 VICKI COLES, KA JAMES L. COLLINS, Acacia GEORGE CONTOS JANET COOK LARRY COOLEY 7 MAVIS COOPER ROGER CORBETT JIMMY COSPER DONNA COTITA, KA KENT COTTLE 8 CHARLIEN COTTON, AEA DALE COUSART, KA JIMMY COX CLAUDE T. CREIOHTON, JR. PATSY CRENSHAW 9 CLINTON CRUM IRVIN CUEVAS SANDRA CULPEPPER CHARLES CURRY, 'IIJKT MIKE CURRY IO JEAN DAIGLE SHIRLEY DALE STANLEY R. DALTON, JR. KATHY D'ANOS JO DANIEL Halliesburg Panama Cily, Fla. Alexandria, La. Birmingham, Ala, Pascagoula Foley, Ala. Chickasaw, Ala. Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Greenville Theodore, Ala. I-lalliesburg Kansas Cily, Mo. Pascagoula I-lalliesburg l'laIIieSburg Lexinglon Mobile, Ala. I-lalliesburg Calhoun Cily Jackson Hof Springs, Ark. Jackson Jackson Clinlon Ouincy, III. Milton, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. Purvis Oullporl Poplarville Onlario, Canada I-lalliesburg Pascagoula Ocean Springs Florence Charlolle, N.C. Booneville Elberfa, Ala. Lucedale Wiggins Bay SI. Louis Waynesboro Halliesburg Mobile, Ala. Halliesburg Columbia Halliesburg Ca nlomrnenl, Fla. Jackson ALFRED DARST JUNE DAVIDSON SUE DAVIDSON BARBARA DAVIS ELAINE DAVIS GEORGE ANN DAVIS, -LPM GERALD GRADY DAVIS MERLE DAVIS CAROLINE DEAN, KA MARVIN DEAS JOAN DeMOTTA VIRGINIA DEMPSEY PAM DENIS DENNIS DENMARK, IIKA KATHLEEN DENMARK JANE DENNIS HERBERT DENSON ELEANOR DePRlEST JUDY DICKERSON, ,AEA ROSMARY DICKEY PAUL R. DICKSON, -KDKA YVONNE DILL SARAH FRANCES DILLON EVELYN DOAN MARGARET DOESCHER MAURY DOLES NEAL DOSSETT RUTHIE DOSSETTI' MARY ELIZABETH DOSTER, AIZ WAYNE DOUGLAS BETH DOWDLE DUANE DREADEN, E412 JUDY DRISKELL POWERS D, DUNAWAY BARBARA DUNCAN CAROLE DUNCAN DIANE DUNCAN MARTHA DUNLAP DONNIE DUNN MARY BETH DUNN SANDRA DUNN TROY H. DUNNAM, JR. LINDA DYKES ELLEN EARL, EEE CAROLYN EASON NOLLIE EATON JIM EBERT, EKPE R. LEE EDMONDSON, JR. CAROL LEA EKER, EEE ELIZONDO NICANORA FRESHMEN S+. Louis, Mo. Whillield Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Laurel 2 Hazlehursl Mobile, Ala. Jackson Germanlown, Tenn. Mobile, Ala. 3 Biloxi Frankville, Ala. Biloxi Moss Poinl Lucedale 4 Jackson Nalchez Mobile, Ala. I-Ialiiesburg Heidelburg 5 Halfiesburq Halliesburg Tylerlown Prichard, Ala. Halliesburg 6 Corinth I-lalliesburg Eighl Mile, Ala. Brookhaven Biloxi 7 Meridian Prichard, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Baion Rouge, La. Halliesburg 8 Gulipori Belmoni I-lalfiesburg Whisller, Ala. Haliiesburg 9 Jackson Mobile, Ala. McComb Euiaula, Ala. Gullporl I0 I-lafliesburq Falls Church, Va. Hafliesburg Laurel Mobile, Ala. if 5? 'S' -eff. I ii W 7 ,f 1:12 in I26 ,Y ' I 'T' E? 'L FRESHMEN I CHERYL ELLIS LARRY ELLIS RANDY ELLIS MARY BENJAMIN ELLISOR BOB ERHART, KE 2 GLORIA ETHERIDGE DONNA JO EVERETT, KA TERRY EVERETTE, ATQ FRANCES FAGAN MARY JO FAIRCHILD, KA 3 ROSA EUGENIA FAIRCHILD GABRIEL FALK ANDREA FARROW, IAIAA SYLVIA LYNN FENN FRAN FERGUSON 4 MARY ELIZABETH FETTERLY ELLIS FINCH MIKE FINDLEY SANDRA FINLEY JULIAN FISHER 5 JOHNNY LOUIS FITZMORRIS LATRICIA FLASH PAULETTE FLOYD OLIVIA FOLDS FRAN FORD 6 FRANK FORD, KE WYNELL FORD LARRY FORNEA, KE DONA'LD L. FORTENBERRY HEDDA FRANSEN 7 ARLENE FRAZIER JOHANNA FRAZZITTA THOMAS R. FRESOVI JOHN MASON FRYE MICKEY GALLAGHER 8 JIM GALUPPI, KE DONNA GAMBLE, IIBIP WAYNE GARDNER HUGH A. GARLAND LAOUITTA GARRASON 9 RITA GATLIN GAREY GAY THOMAS GILD GAYLE, III JACK E, GIBSON NANCY GILDS IO BARBARA GILLEY, AEA GLENN GILLEY SUSAN GINTER RONALD M. GIOVANELLO BEVERLY GOBER Surnrall Blyllneville, Ark. Mernplnis, Tenn. Funiak Springs, Fla. Mobile, Ala. Narclwez Magee Mclnlosli, Ala. Haffiesburq Miami, Fla. Halfiesburq I-lalliesburq San Anfonio, Texas Surnrnil Halliesburq Biloxi Laurel Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Moss Poinl Halfiesburg Slwubula Jackson Mobile, Ala. Magnolia San Anfonio, Texas Bay Springs Foxworlln Pe+al Hafliesburg McComb Brooklyn, N.Y. Sclieneciady, N.Y. Haffiesburg Grofon, N.Y. DeWiH, N.Y. McKeespor+, Pa. Jackson Eglin A.F.B., Fla. River Falls, Ala. Halfiesburg Mobile, Ala. Selma, Ala. Aflanla, Ga. Jacksonville, Fla, Jackson Haffiesburg Tyndale A.F.B., Fla. Soullwbridge. Mass. Mobile, Ala. MICHAEL E. GOLDEN NEILL GOOCH, KE SETH GRANBERRY, JR. J. LARRY GRANT SHARON GRANT LINDA GRANTHAM PEGGY GRANTHAM PAMELA GRAY RENAE GRAY, H1342 SANDRA GRAY BETTY GREENWOOD IDA GREER ADAH GRENN LYNDA GRIFFIN BILL GUFFEY BARBARA GUIDO GAIL GULLETTE JESSIE GULLEY WILLIAM FRANK GUMP, JR., KE LYN DA GUY DARLENE HAFER ALICE HALBERT, KA DONALD HALL JERRY ANN HALL, fllkl HELEN HAMBURG BETTY JANE HAMILTON WALTER HAMILTON, KE CHARLENE HANNA JIM HANSFORD HERSCHEL HARDEE, JR. MARY HARRIS, Hlidv WILMA NELL HARRIS BILL HARRISON, ATI!! CHARLES T, HARRISON IRCEL HARRISON SHARON ALGA HARRISON. ANN HART DIANE HART ELISABETH HARTMAN HILDA HARVISON CLAUDE HATTEN, KE VIRGINIA ROSE HAVILAND JUDY HAWKINS, .IEA TROY HAWVINS WILLIAM D, HAWKINS DICK HAWKS RONALD HAWORTH ALICE HAY IKYLE HEARN A MELLEEN HERCHEAHAHN FRESHMEN HaI+iesburq Jackson I-Iafiiesburg Garden Cify, Mich. BiIoxi 2 Jackson Moselle HaI+iesburq MadisonviIIe, Ky. Ha++iesburg 3 Pren+iss NaIcI1ez Bogue CIIIIIO Vicksburg Enid, OkIa. 4 Nafchez Jackson Grenada Mobile, Ala. I-Iaffiesburq 5 New OrIeans, La. Laurel Mobile, AIa. Na'rcI1ez Foley, AIa. 6 MI. OIive Haffiesburq Hafriesburg Jackson Clara 7 HaI+iesburq Moss Poinf Venice, AIa. Biloxi MobiIe, AIa. 8 Tampa, Fla. Jackson Brookhaven I"IaI'IieSburq McLain 9 I'IaIIieSburq Ocean Sprinqs Ha++iesburo Laurel Jackson I0 Mobile, Ala. FairIawn, N.J. Fori Gipson Haffiesburq I'IaIIiesburq VF' 'Z ,-1, Vx bi 'vs uv- ..,i' A Gi 5, QM' D' In FRESHMEN I BILLY JOE HERRING BOBBY HERROD JOE HESS WARNER HESSLER CHARLES HESTER 2 JOHN HESTER MARY EVELYN HEWITT ROBERTA HICKMAN, AEA PHYLLIS HICKS, X12 JACK HILL. E422 3 JUNE HINES, AIAA GARY HINTON SHARON HINTON VONCILE HINTON ALINE HOBBS 4 OLIVIA HODGIN DON HOGAN BILL KIETH HOISINGTON ELIZABETH HOLLIDAY ELIZABETH ANN HOLLINGSWORTH 5 JERRY E. HOLMES HERBERT HONEYCUTT, ATU JEFFERSON D, HONG PEGGY HOOKER DINA HOPKINS 6 LARRY HORN JEANNETTE DAWN HORTON ARNETT HOUCK MARTHA HOUPT CHARLES HOUSER, ATIQ 7 SANDRA HOUSLEY BUDDY HOWARD FRANCES T. HOWARD LARRY HOWELL RICHARD HOYDICH 8 PETER HREBENAK ALVIN MICHAEL HUDSON RONALD HUDSON, ATIQ ELIZABETH HUGHES FANT HULSEY, ATS2 9 TOM HUNGER PEGGY HUNTER, EEE PEGGY HYDRICK MIKE HYMAN, KE HAROLD IRBY, KA I0 PAUL ISAAC JULIA ANN ISHEE ANDY JACKSON SANDRA JACKSON, XQ KNOXINE JACOBS I-Iarriesburg Nafchez Jackson BiIoxi Hafriesburg Fairhope, Ala. PascagouIa Jackson Harriesburg MobiIe, AIa. Jackson Harhesburg Waynesboro Lucedale Bay S+. Louis Meridian Bay Mineffe, AIa. Jackson Jackson Pascagoula TyIerI'own Mobile, AIa. GreenviIIe Panama Ciry, Fla. Mendenhall BooneviIIe Columbia Jackson Harriesburg I-Iaffiesburg Sumrall Lucedale Mobile, Ala. MobiIe, AIa. MapIewood, N.J. Li'rIIe FaIIs, N.J. PascagouIa Levirfo-wn, Pa. Meridian I-Iarriesburq Lorain, Ohio Na+chez Foresf I-Iafriesburq Haffiesburq Philadelphia TayIorsviIIe Peral Bogalusa, La. Hafriesburg CARLOTTA JAMES NEIL P JAMES PATSY JAMES ROBERT JARRELL DENNIS JEROME CONNE JESSE SHERRILL JOHNSON AZ MARY ANNE JOHNSTON AZ OLIVIA JOHNSTON ROBERT EARL JOHNSTON STEVE JOLLY KA BETTY CAROL JONES DENNIS JONES DIANE JONES EMILY JONES IIBKIJ JOHN ALLEN JONES ATU LLOYD S JONES THALA JONES TONI R JONES AZ JUDY JORDAN AAA ERNESTINE JOYNER GLENNIE JUBELA DICKIE JUNKIN ROBERT K KAINE MARGARET JEAN KALIF JOANN KASBOHM MARTHA KASSIS GUY KEANE JERRYE KAY KENNEDY SUSAN KERR KA KATHLEEN KERSH AZ GAY KIHYET AEA ROBERT KILGO MARTHA KINCHLOE DARRYL KINNISON JANET THEDRA KINNISON DIANN KIRKLAND AZ JIM KITCHENS CAROL KNOX BILL KOEHLE ATIQ WALTER KOONCE CHARLES KORNMAN DIANE KREBS BEN KRESTEEL GAYLE LADNER BARBARA LAMBERT LOIS LAMBERT RONALD LAMEY LOUIS LANGLEY MARY LAYTON FRESHMEN Moss Pounf Mobile Ala Tupelo Hafllesburg Pascagoula Yazoo Crly Gulfporl Gulfporf Pascagoula Hafhesburg Columbus I-Ialluesburg Laurel Brookhaven Greenvulle Ala Halhesburg Halllesburg Pascagoula Jackson Ocean Sprunqs Molnule Ala Mobile Ala Nalchez Pass Chrushan Bl ox: Gulfporl Drexel H a Jackson Wun+er Garden Fla Bu ox: Pascagoula Kreole Brookhaven Mobile Ala Nafchez Jackson Cryslal Sprungs Brookhaven Foley Ala Grenada Bl ox: Pascagoula Hallaesburq DeLlsIe Jayess Rui Leakesvulle Pascagoula Mendenhall l 2 3 4 5 . Allanlali Gag 6 .I . ill, P . 7 I 1 .I . 8 9 .I . I0 I h FRESHMEN I LESLIE LEE LINDA LEE, AAA SUE LEE LINDA LENN WILLIAM c. LESLIE 2 ROBERT M. LEWIS RITA ROSE LIKINS PAUL LIND HENRY LIPSEY, KA CAROL LLOYD 3 DOUG LOCKE MIKE LOPER, ,ZICDE BILLY DALE LOTT PATTI LYND. SPM MAYZE MACKRELL, X52 4 BILL MADDOX, ATU CHARLYN MAGUIRE, E222 BILLY MALLETTE JACK MALONE PAT MALONE, .AZ 5 DAVID MANESS WILLIAM MANSFIELD JOHNNY MARDIS THOMAS MARDIS RAYMOND C. MARTIN 6 SHIRLEY MARTIN WALLACE DEAN MARTIN DENNIS MARTINIEZ HOLLEY MATHEWS LESLIE MATTHEWS 7 CHARLOTTE MATHIS RICHARD MATULE PETE MAURER, ATO SANDRA MAXWELL JOYICEILYN MCARTHUR 8 PATSY McATEE J. P. McAVADDY LOIS McBRAYER JAMES P. MCCABE PAT McCLAIN, ,AAA 9 GAIL McCORMICK, KA BARBARA McCURLEY LAWRENCE McDAVID BUTH McDONALD INA JO MCELHANEY, AEA IO ALBERT KELLY McG-AVOCK PAT McGIVAREN BETTY McGOWAN ARTIE MCGRAW, ,ATKZ BETTY LOU McKENZIE Waynesboro Greenville Pefal Evansville, Ind. Gulfporl Harliesburg Biloxi Sudbury, Mass. Prenriss Mobile, Ala. Seminary Brookhaven Halfiesburg Chickasaw, Ala. Laurel Halliesburg Mobile, Ala. Lucedale Halliesburg Forl Sill, Okla. Canlon Dundee Jackson Halnliesburg Allanla, Ga. Pascagoula Albany, Ga. Managua, Nicaragua Birmingham, Ala. I-Ialfiesburg Jackson Fair Lawn, N.J. Venice, Fla. Falls Church, Va. Prenriss Jackson Arlanric Cily, N.J. Prenriss Mobile, Ala. Greenville Laurel Laurel Cifronelle, Ala. Andalusia, Ala. Halliesburg Gulfporf Na+chez Jackson Pensacola, Fla. Tylerfown BETH MQLAURIN MARY MCLAURIN, AEA CINDY MQLELLAN OPAL MCMAHAN FLORENCE MCMANUS BEVERLY MQMELLON CHARLOTTE MQMURTRAY SHIRLEY ETHEL MQNABB ELLIS CARL MQNAMEE JAMES R. MCNEILL ANN MARIE MEEK JANE MEREDITH, XD BETH MICHAELY HERMAN MIDDLETON MAXINE MILES DEWEY MILLER JOSEPH B. MILLER KATHY MILLER MARY ELLEN MILLER SHIRLEY H. MILLER JOHN TOM MIMS JIMMY MITCHELL M. A. MOCK, JR. JUDI MOFEATT RALPH MOGEL BILL MOHON, KE ROBERT GLENN MOLSBEE RAMON MONLEA BARBARA MONTGOMERY, AAA KEN F. MONTIEL JOHN HARALSON MOODY LUCILLE MOODY CHARLES MOON GERALD MORRIS O'NEAL MORSE ANNEAS MOSES, JR., KE WAYNE MOSLEY STEPHEN A. MOTCHES. HKA JACK W. MOUNT TEDDI MOVAN, EEE EARL MURPHY ROBERT P. MURPHY, JR, WILLIAM C. MURPHY ELAINE MYATT, AEA SUZANNE MYERS CARLEEN NECAISE LESTER NEELY KENNETH NELSON MADELINE NELSON, Hllfb JO ELLEN NETTLES FRESHMEN Porferville Halliesburg Biloxi LiH'le Rock Hazleluursl 2 Escalawpa GulFpor+ Columbia Brookhaven Halfiesburq 3 Pascaqoula Hafliesburq Gulfporf Vicksburg Picayune 4 Mobile, Ala. Gulfporl Mobile, Ala. Biloxi Surnrall F Mobile, Ala. Tylerlown Halliesburq Pascaqoula Alexandria, Va. 6 Nalclwez Ocean Sprinqs Sclieneclady, N.Y. Edwards Mobile, Ala. 7 Nafclwez Gulliporl Mississippi Cily Halliesburq Ha++iesburq 8 Gullporl Mobile, Ala. Elizabelh, N.J. Halliesburq Mclfeesporl, Pa. Easf Brewlon, Ala. SI. Louis, Mo. Pelal Purvis New Auqusla I0 Henderson, Ky. Marion, Ala. Wesl Palm Beacli, Fla. Laurel Brandon Q ' i W " Maid: 'Sq I VW f A i Q A v Q -M ffiffaaj . T: X 4 1 2 fi' QQ I: X X 1 fxegffffw K xv 4 1 7 fswff .. . ' ,. K ,S - ' fu f y W A img K SMR X f FRESHMEN I LORRAINE NETTLES PAULA NEW KAY NEWMAN, ,AAA TOMMY NEWMAN LARRY NICI-IOLSON 2 SUE NICKOL, 1'IB'fIJ ROBERT F. NIMOCK, JR. DAVID NOBLES, KE JOHN NORRIS, Acacia LINDA GAIL NORSWORTI-IY 3 PALMIRA NOVKOV BUD ODOM,1'IKA JAMES ODOM BETTY LOU OLSON, EEE GLENDA O'NEAL 4 RITA ANN ORCI-IOLL ELLIS OWENS BEVERLY PARK, X0 I-IOWARD PARKER SI-IARON PARKER 5 CAROL PARNELL GARY PARNI-IAL. EKPE PATRICIA PATRICK SALLY PATTERSON JAMES N. PAULY 6 WILLIAM T. PAULY RICHARD PENICK PAT PENN IEFFERSON D. PENTON FRED PERRY, TIKA 7 REBECCIA PERRY ALLEN PETRO, ATS? ANDREW FRED PETRO, ATIQ ROBBY PETRO ATQ WALLACE PEZENT, Acacia 8 MIKE PI-IILLIPS GEORGE PIAZZA VERONICA PIAZZA KAY PICKENS. AAA JEAN PICKETT, EEE 9 JOAN PIERCE MARY FRANCES PILGRIM BILL PINAMONTI, :fbi OLIVER WENDELL PITTMAN STEVE A. PITTMAN I0 JUDY POSEY CYNTI-IIA POWELL, AEA MARY KATI-IRINE POWELL ZEKIE POWELL, KA CI-IARLES POWERS Jaclfson Peial Nalclnez Mabile, Ala. Gullporl Chicago. lll. Halllesburq I-Iailiesburg Mlllon, Fla. Waynesboro Sebring, Fla. Jackson Cifronelle, Ala. Orlando, Fla. Broolrlyn Clwicaqo, Ill. Semmes, Ala. I-Ialllesburq Pelal I-lallriesburq Gulfporl Clairlon, Pa. Mclnloslw, Ala. Fairlwope, Ala. Winnellra. Ill. Ocean Sprinqs Mobile, Ala. Summil McLain Ro-Selle Parlc, N,J. Riclnards-Gebaur AFB, Mo. I-la++ie-sburcz Leland I-lailiesburq Jaclcson, Ala. Halliesburq NaI'cl'1ez Faye-He Jaclrson McComb Pelal Philadelphia Eronlenac, Kansas Peral Sandy I-loolc Pascaqoula Haliiesburg Laurel Halliesburq Auburn, N.Y. .I I I I I I l I lg ,I 'il I I l I JOHNNY POWERS STELLA PRATHER RAY E, PRESTON CATHY PRIMOS ROSEMARY PUCKETT JUDITH DIANNE PUGH, AEA LARRY W. PUGH TERRELL PUGH KITTY PUNESSON, HB6 DIANE PURVIS, AEA MILDRED OUARLES LARRY D. RAINEY LINDA RAINWATER GARY RANDALL, KA CHARLEY RATCLIEF, KA STEVEN D. RAVESIES BUDDY RAY MARY JANE REED, XO BARBARA REEVES GWEN REEVES JANIE REEVES, KA JERRY REEVES EVELYN REEVS ROBERT REGAN, KE RONALD T. REGAN, KE DON LEIRD RENEGAR, HKA SKIPPY REYNOLDS, TIKA CAROLYN RICHARDSON FAY RICHARDSON BILL RIDLEN, SHPE RENA RILEY YVONNE RILEY CHARLES RITCHIE JOE ORIS RITCHIE WILLIAM H, ROBERTS JUDY ROBERTSON LINDA ROBERTSON, QM GAYE ROBINSON HOWARD E. ROBINSON, JR., Acacia RICHARD ROGERS, KA HENRY R. ROPER JEANNIE ROSE BRUCE ROSSMEYER, ATQ JUDY ROUSE JIMMY RUDDER KATHY RUNNELS JAMES C. RUSHING, ATU THOMAS RYAN FRANCES GALE SAENZ MARGARET SAETRE, X!! FRESHMEN Jackson Laurel Mobile, Ala. Jackson Halliesburg 2 Por'rSulpl1ur, La. Lucedale Kreole Halliesburg Jackson 3 Vicksburg Halfiesburg Waynesboro Biloxi Nafclwez 4 Halliesburg Mobile, Ala. Naiclwez Hazlelwursl Hailiesburq F Gulliporl' Pascagoula Yazoo Cirv Grolon, N.Y. Groion, N.Y. 6 Jackson Jackson Pelal Clwickasaw, Ala. Knoxville, Iowa 7 Laurel Sumrall Laurel Rulki Mobile, Ala. R Laurel Liber'rv Mobile, Ala. Jackson, Ala. Boqalusa, La. 9 Pensacola, Fla. Biloxi Meluclwen, N.J. Lucedale Brookhaven IO Jacksonville, Fla. Hafliesburq Biloxi HaIIiesburq Halliesburq Q 1 -19' I .asm W 9. S-W E I ag' M' is if 'T f"s5'y ,... . . SB L. L I . I' .Q I A I rf- - 4 f' I -'Z X. , , if I I A I I I , fr A ' I Ii , i I I L I I I .I I ...lf V ai. 3 V A , Y I 'A 'cz , .x A -. , W H L ta 4' 4R5'?'3" bw-vv is X, ix V' Ka rn- K ob 5' .lv', TZ, QEE7. FRESHMEN I PATRICIA ANN SALTER STEVE SANDERS GAIL SANDIEER ROBERT HARMON SANDS, A'l"!2 JACKIE SARTIN, AEA 2 STEPHEN R. SAUCIER DOUGLAS SAWYER RICHARD W. SAWYER SANDRA KAYE SAXON, EEE JOSEPH SCARPA, KE' 3 RUTHIE SCHOENIGER, X9 MARCIA SCHROCK, KA CHARLIE SCHUCK PAT SEAMAN STEPHEN SEKUL 4 PHILIP SELCER, KE NELSON SELLERS ANNE SHARP JACK SHARP THOMAS SHARP 5 WILLIAM L. SHARP SANDRA SHATTLES CALVIN SHAW GARRY SHAW GEORGE SHERRILL 6 PEPPY SHIELTS CLEAMON SHOEMAKE MARY BETH SHOEMAKE, EEE ED SHUBERT LINDA SHUFE, 'PM 7 KAREN SHUTT, XD RAY SIBLEY, Acacia ROBERT SIBLEY GARY SIGNOR KATHY SIMMONS 8 RONALD SIMNICHT CLAUDIA SIMPSON EVELYN SINGLETARY WARREN K. SINNOTT, KE CAROLYN SKINNER, AZ THOMAS SLOVICK ANDREA SMITH DELANA SMITH 9 CAROL ANN SLAUGHTER DOROTHY JUNE SMITH, AAA I0 GRACE SMITH, QM KATHLEEN SMITH KENNETH W. SMITH LARRY SMITH MARYLEN SMITH, KA Pelernfian, Ala. Monlqornery, Ala. Jackson Mobile, Ala. Halliesburg Bay Sl. Louis Chickasaw, Ala. Chickasaw, Ala. Meridian Vineland, N.J. Haliiesburq Picayune Halliesburq New Orleans, La. Biloxi New Orleans, La. Maqee Sebring, Fla. Pelal Pelal Pensacola, Fla. Halfieslburg Perkinslon Mobile, Ala. Halliesburg Louisville Halliesburg Laurel Millon, Fla. Meridian Biloxi Boqalusa, La. Bogalusa, La. Sclneneciady, N.Y. Brooklyn Biloxi Millon, Fla. Milfon, Fla. Weymoulli, Mass. Biloxi Jackson Pillsburgli, Pa. Brookhaven Pe-'ral Dallas, Texas DeKalb Nalchez Pascagoula Haliiesburq Hunlsville, Ala. NELDA SMITH JANICE SMYTHE RICKY SNEED, KE ALFRED G, SNELGROVE MARY JEAN SOKOLSKI DANILO SOLANO RICHARD SOLEY NANCY SPAULDING ROY SPELL, JR. MACK SPENCE, sI2KT VIRGINIA SPENCE DENNIS SPENCER, ATU ROY J. SPENCER, ELIJE TOMMY SPINKS JANIS STACY, AEA KAREN STAKER SUSAN STALEY, 'CPM NORRIS STANFORD LINDA STARKEY PAM STEINER EUGENE STEPHENS HAYDEN STEPHENS MARIAN STEWART, KA FRANKIE STILLINGS NEAL STOKES SANDRA STRAHAN BENARD STRONG PATRICIA A. STUBBE HOWARD STUTZMAN, J JU DY STUTZMAN ELLEN SULLIVAN RACHEL SULLIVAN FLOYD SUMRALL SUNNY SUMRALL, AZ JUDITH SUTTLE, .XQ BECKY SWIFT DON SWIFT CLAUDE SWITZER BRUCE TABOR ELLEN TABOR JOSEPH A. TANNATTA SANDRA F. TARLETON BONNIE TAYLOR, AAA LYNN TAYLOR, AAA RICHARD E. TAYLOR, KA WAYNE TAYLOR FRANK TEASLEY SYLVIA TEASLEY VIRGIL TEE A PATRICIA TELLEJOHN FRESHMEN Pefal Moss Poinl Jackson Lake Jackson, Texas Pass Clnrislian 2 Cosla Rico Boslon, Mass. Williamson, W.Va. Picayune Purvis 3 Picayune I-Ialliesburg I-Ialliesburg I-lalliesburg Jackson 4 Mclnlosb, Ala. Biloxi llhaca, N.Y. Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. 5 Laurel Sumrall Yazoo Cily Saralancl, Ala. Halliesburq 6 Morlon Ulica Laurel Fl. Adams Lessley 7 Tylerlown Jackson Laurel Long Beach Cbarlolle, N.C. 8 Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Ocean Springs Passaic, N.J. Glosler 9 Sclweneclady, N.Y. Grove I-IIII, Ala, Jackson Jackson I-Ialliesburg I0 Crosby Hallie-sburq Dardanelle, Ark. Halliesburq Durby, Kansas aww ! . '7v-7' iw. Y as if-'f fc 4, 'Ya 'TTIIP 3 I Q ' 4 1 M 4 7, 11 N1 ,jig 5 , ve:-df 23' fxf' -1 ,. dn -.. r 'B f l 1 Q' .. ,4 QT' nfemnv ' ra: by A L- X in-' s 1' Vi.. bv '41, Q Ak 'In lun- fs-. sw' 'C' mx. , -ef., , 1 FRESHMEN I PENELOPE THATCHER BILLY WAYNE THOMAS DOUGLAS THOMAS LESLIE THOMAS, ATU CAROLYN KAY THOMPSON, XIE2 2 TERESA THOMPSON MARY THWEATT JEAN THYER DONNA TIDMORE CHARLES TINSLEY 3 BARBARA TOLBERT CLAUDE TRAHAN, EWIDE RODGER TRIGG BARBARA TUCKER DERREL TUCKER 4 EARLENE TUCKER, AEA CARROLL TUMEY GLORIA TYNER KAYE VANDEGRIFT JOHN R. VANN 5 J. B. VanSLYKE, JR. LYN VINCENT, AAA GENE VINSON BILL VOSS, KE HERMAN WALKER 6 JAN WALKER ROBERT WALKER ROBERT WALLACE CHARLIE WALLEY, KE WILMA WALLEY 7 PATRICIA WALLS LYNN WALTER BETTY WALTERS ALMA WARD HARRY WARD 8 LINDA WARDLAW, EEE ALEX WARE MARTHA L. WARREN GANN WATSON SHIRLEY WATSON 9 JEANIE WEATHERSBY JAMES R. WEAVER CHARLES N. WEBB KE ROY WEEKLY RONALD WEHRER, QKT I0 MIKE WEILL LARRY DEAN WELBORN ROSE WELFORD JIMMY WELLS LEWIS WELLS Laurel Roseville, Calif. Halliesburq Palms, Calif. Conlon Boqalusa, La. Nalclnez Fl, La uderdale, Fla. Mobile, Ala. Handsboro Pelal Biloxi Pelal Jaclcson Lucedale Halliesburq Liberly Hafliesburq Souili Hempslead, N.Y. Cilronelle, Ala. Hailiesburg Halliesburg Jaclrson Nalclwez Sumrall Mize Meridian allon Beach, Fla. Halliesburg Halliesburq Nalclwez Newlon Jackson Silver Creelc Bay S+. Louis Jackson Gulfporl Halliesburq Halliesburq Eayelfe Gullporl Mobile, Ala. Hailiesburg Prichard, Ala. Halliesburg Biloxi Laurel Lucedale Magee Kreole VAN L. WELLS, KE JON PAUL WESTBROOK MARSHALL WHATLY DAVIS HERMAN WHITE, ECIJE WYNOLA WHITTENBERG ARLON ARNOLD WIDDER WILLIAM HAROLD WILDMAN, JR. BEVERLEY WILHITE CHERYL WILKINSON DOROTHY CARROLE WILLIAMS GLYNN WILLIAMS JOHNNIE WILLIAMS JOYCE WILLIAMS LEDNARD WILLIAMS LYNDA G. WILLIAMS MARGARET WILLIAMS, XD ANNELLE WILLIAMSON BETTY JO WILLIAMSON CHRISTIE WILSON EMILIE KAY WILSON JERRY WILSON MALVIN WILSON SUSAN WILSON ULRIKE WINCKELMANN GINNY WINDHAM BRENDA WITHERS JANEEN WITTERS STEVE woon, K: AMELIA wooof-xLL SHARON woowm PEGGY WRIGHT LINDA YARBROUGH LARRY YATES JEAN YETT JOHN T, YOUNG MARY YOUNG THOMAS YURAN JOSEPH J. ZDYBEL RONALD ZELESNICK, LATE? FRESHMEN Haffiesburg Sumrnifi MobiIe, Ala. Biloxi GuIfporI 2 Theodore, Ala. AIexandria, Va. Jackson Jennings, La. Torman 3 Thomasfon, Ga. Theodore, AIa. Jackson PascaqouIa WiImer, AIa. 4 New Orleans, La, Mon+iceIIo GroveI1iII, Ala. WI1isIIer, Ala. Sfafe CoIIe-ge 5 MobiIe, Ala. WaveIancI Gulfpoi-I WaveIand Mobile, AIa. 6 MoI3iIe, Ala. BiIoxi HaHiesburq Quifman Moss Poin+ 7 Canfon Haffiesburq HaHiesburq Picayune Haffiesburg 8 FI. WaIIon Beach, Ha. Pi++sburgI1, Pa. BerIceIey, N.J. Me+uCIcer, N.J. Wx 1-1 K? ,. 1 B- , Z1 ,A f' Mtg, J .I .:S'.,' .' JAMES O. ALLEN G. F. BEISSEL PATRICIA BASDEN BEVERLY LELIA L. BOURDIN CHARLES W. BROGDON MARION ANNE BUSBY, AEA BOBBY JOE CARROLL ROY GARLAND CLARK JACK C. COOLEY JOHN BENNETT EASTERLING GLENN E. ENDRIS JOSEPH RICE EVERETT SHIRLEY FLICK FRANK FOHRMAN, EKIBE FLAVIUS GOSSAGE Hafliesburg Haffiesburg Haffiesburq 2 Pass Clwrisfian Wewalwifclmlca, Fla. Waynesboro 3 Halliesburq Laurel Pelal 4 Runnelsfown Biloxi Magee 5 Haffiesburq Pensacola, Fla. Pensacola, Fla. .flfllfv 1 I AGRADUATEi I DONALD GATES RICHARD C. GUESS STANFORD P. GWIN, ITKA 2 TOM HAYNES JOHN T. HAZARD, EAE NORMAN HOLLIS HENDRY DARLENE C. HILL JAMES C. HOLADAY, KA HILDA HOLIFIELD MARVIN M. JOHNSON RONALD CURTISS KERSH HERMAN N. LEE 4 SAMUEL A, LEWIS RICHARD J. LINDEN, K2 LOUIS LEE LYNCH Jackson I'IaI'Iiesburg KnoxvIIIe, Tenn. Beaumont Texas BiIoxI Bay Springs Greenwood Azusa, CaIif. Laurel Prichard, Ala. BIIoxi MI. Olive I-Ia++iesburg Chicago, III. Gulfporf SANDRA MCCLUNG G. E. "VAN" MCDUFFIE JAMES E. McINNIS, K2 DAVID MOFFETT, KZ JEAN ELLEN MYATT, AEA CEILINA NAVARRETE BENNIE NOEL JORJA MAE POUND GEORGE SCI-IEIDERMAN JOI-IN W. STANTON, ZQE LAMAR STARKY JOYCE TALLY, QM TRUMAN M. THORNTON LYNETTE C. TUGGLE DANIEL G. WADSWORTH FLORA MAY WATTS, KA WINFRED WELFORD Tunica Beaumonh Texas I-Iahtiesburg 2 Laurel Purvis Boqofa, Colombia 3 Foresf PonIo+oc EngIisIw+own, N.J. 4 GuIIporI Semmes, Ala. I-IaHiesI3urq 5 Bay Springs I-Iaffiesburg I-Iaffiesburq 6 I-Iaffiesburq Ci+roneIIe, AIa. THE GRADUATES I I l-ligh honors oT Mississippi SouThern College are membership in l-lall oT Fame and Who's Who in American Colleges and UniversiTies. These honors are awarded To Those who are richesT in abiliTy and who have given The mosT moral, religious, civic, and academic service To The school. The meThod oT elecTion, TaculTy voTe based upon pasT record, malces These among The mosT desired honors aT SouThern. NoT only service, buT also populariTy, TalenT, and beauTy-gualiTies possessed in parT by every SouTh- ern sTudenT-are enhanced and developed by The aTmosphere prevading campus liTe. Mr. and Miss MSC, Miss SouThern, BeauTies, and alTernaTe Beau- Ties are all TIT and charming represenTaTives oT a school Tilled wiTh elemenTs oT SouThern culTure. The sTudenTs picTured in This secTion have gained coveTed TiTles and, along wiTh These TiTles, The ad- miraTion and respecT oT Their Tellow sTudenTs and The TaculTy. 'my I xsngsinnxxab FEATURES 'P , Q l X QQ .J,g,, ,rf gin XF? W 14, Q Y , zfx ' 'Sr Q avr' . .,.. . A, R 3-4 Y s Y J , . 5-sw 4 -1 4' YH ' an .- ww, s., - MW X J K Q., ' .,., ,, ,,,, .. 5- 75-li , 'f :f,f.,,', 'E:?: .s:g5:: ',, ,I ..,, . .l..,.. .,.,: . , rj w l - W Ma 1 1 1 :sl 3 x Q 1 w .v 1 Si is 3 3 I .5323 - CAROLE JANE COLEMAN Mobile, Alabama Della Della Della Service Proiecls Chairman, Corre- sponding Secrelary, Record Secre- lary, Della Della Della Sororilyg Tri Della Service Proiecls Scholarship Award. Librarian, Sludy Group Chairman, Sludy and Training Area l-lead, Firsl Vice-Presidenl, Chairman, Ollicers' Worlcshop, Wesley Poundaliong Mem- ber ol Wesley Poundalion Board ol Direclors. Recorder, Secrelarial Chairman, Chair- man, Sludenl Conlerence on Para- mounl Evenls lSCOPEl: Secrelary Commillee, Soulhern Universilies Slu- denl Governmenl Associalions lSUS- GAl: Secrelary, l-liclcman l-lall: Fresh- man Orienlalion Commillee: SOUTH- ERNER slallg German Club. Pi Tau Chi, honorary religious lraler- nilyg Religious Emphasis Week Com- millee ol IOO3 l-lislorian, Kappa Della Pi, honorary educalion lralernilyp Phi Della Rho, honorary leadership and scholarship lralernily lor senior women: Kappa Della Pi Scholarship Award, Who's Who Among Sludenls in Ameri- can Colleges and Universilies. MARY EVELYN GRANBERRY Jackson, Mississippi Wessley Foundalion Council Member, Pirsl Vice-President Secrelary, Board oi Direclorsq lnlerconierence Commis- sion on lvlelhodisl Sludenl Worlc: Presi- denl, S'ra're Melhodisl Movement PEW Commillee Chairman: Francis Perry Scholarship from Women's Division of Melhodisl Church i2 yearsl: Pi Tau Chi. Debale Squad: Crew Chief for "Damn Yanlcees": Minor role in "J. B."g Crew for "The Lady's Noi For Burning" and "Sleeping Beau'ry": WMSU Slahfi Soulhern Singers. Junior Senalor: Women's Alilairs Board: Women's Affairs Board Schol- arship: Orienlaiion Group Leader: Devolional Chairman in Dorrniloryg Vice-Chairman of l-lonor l-louse. Pi Kappa Della, Vice-Presidenl: SCOPE Delegafe: Vice-Presidenf and Presidenl of Phi Della Rhog Kappa Della Pig Kappa Della Pi Scholarship: Freshman Counselor: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies. l I47 TALMAGE DWAIN HARPER Laurel, Mississippi Oulslanding Ereshman Music Maior Award: Oursranding Sophomore Music Award: Marching Band: Concerr Band: Wind and Percussion Ensemble: lnslru- menlal Conduc+or's Conference Band: Symphony Orcheslra: Soulhern Sing- ers: Mississippians: l-larliesburg Choral Union: Male Glee Club. Secrelary, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Vice-President Phi Era Sigma: Secre- lary, Kappa Della Pi: Secrelary, Pi Kappa Pi: Cmicron Delia Kappa: Pro- gram Chairman, Music Educarors Na- lional Conference: Ediror ol Enlerrain- menr Secrion of Drawl. Grealer Council ol: Baprisl Sludenl Union: Pianisr ol Baprisr Sludenl Eel- lowship: Orienlarion Commillee ol Srudenr Chrislian Federarion: Chair- man ol Assembly Commilree lor REW. Applicanr for Rhodes Scholarship: Can- didale lor Crown Zellerbach Scholar- ship: Recipienl of Academic Scholar- ship: Who's Who: Delegare ro SCOPE. WILLIAM ALBERT MERTON Fos+oria, Ohio Firsf Vice-Presidenjr, S+uden+ Govern- men'r Associafiong Vice-President Omi- cron Deira Kappa: Vice-Presiden+ and Presiden'r of Band: Vice-Presidenr and President Phi Mu Aiphap Treasurer, Phi Efa Sigmag Dormifory Prodorg Member of Kappa Kappa Psi. Oufsfanding Omicron Delia Kappa Male Freshmang Oufslranding Fresh- man ROTC Cadet Major Roles in "Oklahoma" and "Damn Yankees." WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES The sTudenTs recognized by Who's Who Among STudenTs in Ameri- can Colleges and UniversiTies are nominaTed Trom approximaTeIy 750 colleges and universiTies. Campus nominaTing commiTTees consider, in maling Their seIecTions, The sTudenT's scholarship, his parTicipaTion and leadership in academic and exTracurricuIar acTiviTies: his ciTizen- ship and service To The school: his promise oT TuTure useTuIness. ATTer being chosen by The campus commiTTee, The sTudenT's name is submiTTed To The naTionaI organizaTion. Mississippi SouThern College is exTremeIy proud oT The ThirTy-seven ouTsTanding sTudenTs who have been accepTed Tor Who's Who. PicTured on The Tollowing pages are The ouTsTanding sTudenTs oT Mississippi SouThern College Tor The year I96I-62. Each recipienT is The possessor oT one main ouTsTanding guaIiTy: an excepTionaI abiIiTy in all oT The diTTerenT areas and modes oT college life. IT is easily recognizable Trom The IisTing oT Their acTiviTies and honors ThaT These sTudenTs have Talcen a parT in and exempIiTied Themselves in all phases oT campus acTiviTy. The SOUTHERNER Talces pride in presenTing The ouTsTanding sTudenTs who have conTribuTed The mosT To our campus communiTy. I50 BARBARA AYRES ALLEN LILLIE NELL BRANTLEY KIRBY LEE BRELAND BRENDA LEE BURCH KEITH LOUIS BURKHART KITTY BLANCHE CARTER ROY GARLAND CLARK DAVID KEITH COBB CAROLE JANE COLEMAN VINCENT CALVIN CURRIE, JR HORACE BYRD DICKERSON BARBARA ERLE EAGAN DAVID EARL FOSTER JAMES ERNEST GLASSCOCK MARY EVELYN GRANBERRY LINDA GAIL GUNTER STANFORD PAYNE GWIN LUIS JESUS HADDAD TALMAGE DWAIN HARPER ROBERT ANTHONY HERMETZ GEORGE MICHAEL MAITRE ALICE LUCY MAW JANICE JO CRAIN MOORE CAROLYN EAYE McLEAN ELIZABETH HARRIS NEELLY WALTER LEWELLYN POSER BONNIE DALE PURVIS STEPHEN APOLLOS SAXON ELIZABETH CLARE SEAMAN CONNIE KATHERINE SHIVERS JOHN RAYMOND SIMPSON VIRGINIA BOYDE SOJOURNER WILLIAM ROBINSON STERRITT, JR JUDITH HARDIN STILL BERTHA JANE VINCENT JAMES DAVID WEBB, JR. JOHN RICHARD WILSON BARBARA AYRES ALLEN Pass Chrislian Dean's Lisl scholar and member ol Alpha Lambda Della and Pi Kappa Pi scholaslic honor socielies: served as presidenl of Alpha Lambda Della and Mu Phi Epsilon: aclive in dormilory, religious, and professional organizalions. LILLIE NELL BRANTLEY Waynesboro Dean's Lisl scholar: served as lreasurer of Slu- denl Nalional Educalion Associalion, 'rreasurer of Panhellenic Council: aclive in sororify and religious orqanizalions. WHO'S WHO KIRBY LEE BRELAND Wiggins Dean's Lisl scholar: served as presidenl ol Home Economics Club and lreasurer of Kappa Ornicron Phi: aclive in dormilory and religious organizalions. BRENDA LEE BU RCH HaH'iesburg D'ean's Lisl scholar: served as vice-presidenl ol Pi Tau Chi, vice-presidenl ol Wesley Founda- lion: aclive in sororily, dormilory, and Pi Kappa Pi, Phi Della Rho, and Kappa Della Pi. KEITH LOUIS BU RKHART Prosser, Washingloln Dean's Lisl scholar: served as presidenl of Pi Gamma Mu, secrelary of Order ol Arlus: aclive in professional orqanizalions. I5I ' WHO'S WHO KITTY BLANCHE CARTER HaH'iesburg DearI's Lisl scholar: served as secrelary ol Sludenl Chrislian Federalion, presidenl' of I-Iiclrman l-lall, secrelary ol Sludenf Govern- menlr Associalion, Associale Juslice of Ihe Sludenl Courlg aclive in dormilory, religious, sororily, and professional organizalions. ROY GARLAND CLARK Laurel De-an's Lisl scholarg served as presidenl of Ihe Order ol Arlus, vice-presidenl of Economics Sociely, vice-presidenl ol Graduale Class: aclive in professional organizalions. DAVID KEITH COBB Calhoun Cily Dean's Lisl scholar and member ol Phi Ela Sigma and Pi Kappa Pi scholaslic honor socie- 'riesg served as Sludenl Senalor, Treasurer of Della Sigma Pi, Ireasurer ol Collegiale Civilan. secrelary of Phi Ela Sigma: aclive in sluclenf governmenl and professional organizalions. l52 CAROLE JANE COLEMAN Mobile, Alabama Dean' Lisl scholar: served as secrelary ol Della Della Della Sororily, vice-presidenl of Wesley Foundalion, Associafe Juslice of Sludenl Courlp secrelarial chairman SCOPE: aclive in religious, dormilory, sororily, and sludenl' gov- ernmenl organizalions. VINCENT CALVIN CURRIE Pensacola, Florida Dean's Lis? scholar: served as presidenl of Kappa Alpha Frafernily, social chairman of Canlerbury Club: aclive in religious and Ira- Iernily organizalions. I I ,, 1 I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,I I I HORACE BYRD DICKERSON Brookhaven Dean's Lisf scholar: served as Sfudenf Senafor, vice-presidenf of Collegiafe Civifan Club, presidenf of Yellow Jackefs: acfive in sfudenf governmenf and service organizafions. BARBARA ERLE FAGAN HaH'iesburg Above average scholar: served as lieufenanf and capfain of Dixie Darlings. presidenf of Modern Dance Club: acfive in sororify, profes- sional orqanizafions, and dramafics. WHO'S WHO DAVID EARL FOSTER Hickory, Norfh Carolina Dean's Lisf scholar: served as presidenf of Alpha Epsilon Alpha, freasurer and vice-presi- denf of Acacia Frafernify, freasurer of Infer- frafernify Council: acfive in frafernify and pro- fessional orqanizafions. JAMES ERNEST GLASSCOCK Purvis Dean's Lisf scholar and member of Pi Kappa Pi. Scholasfic Honor Sociefy: served as delegafe fo Sfudenf Conference on Paramounf Evenfs: acfive in professional and honorary organiza fions. MARY EVELYN GRANBERRY Jackson Dean's Lisf scholar: sferved as Sfudenf Senafor: vice-presidenf of Phi Delfa Rho: vice-presidenf of Wesley Foundafion, vice-presidenf of Phi Kappa Delfa, acfive in dormifory, debafe, sfu- denf qovernmenf, professional, and religious organizafions. I53 -sr, 9- ,Q-, vp 'Hz .Mn 2' l 1 l 'X WHO'S WHO LINDA GAIL GUNTER Tupelo Dean's Lisl scholar: served as vice-presidenl and presidenl of Tau Bela Sigma: secrelary of Band: aclive in sluclenl governmenl, profes- sional organizalions, ancl dramalics. STANFORD PAYNE GWIN Knoxville, Tennesssee Above average scholar: served as presidenl of Tau Kappa Alpha: presidenl ol Pi Kappa Della: aclive in lralernily, debale, and dra- malics. LUIS JESUS HADDAD Caracas, Venezuela Dean's Lisl scholar: served as presidenl ol Pan American Sludenr Associalion: secrelary ol Economics Sociely: aclive in sludenl gov- ernmenl, professional orqanizalions, sporls, and religious organizalions. l54 TALMAGE DWAIN HARPER Laurel Dean's Lisl scholar and member ol Phi Ela Sigma and Pi Kappa Pi: Scholaslic Honor So- cieliesg served as vice-presidenl of Phi Ela Sigma: secrelary ol Pi Kappa Pi: secrelary of Kappa Della Pi, secrelary of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: aclive in religious, professional, and sludenl governmenl organizalions. ROBERT ANTHONY HERMETZ Foley, Alabama Dean's Lisl scholar: chairman ol assembly cornmillee lor Religious Emphasis Week: presi- clenl oi Sludenl Governmenl' al Perlcinslon Junior College: aclive in sludenl governmenl, religious, and professional organizalions. GEORGE MICHAEL MAITRE Mobile, Alabama Dean's Lisf scholar: secrefary and presidenf of Alpha Tau Omega Frafernify: acfive in ree ligious, professional, and sporfs organizafions. ALICE LUCY MAW McCool Dean's Lisf scholar and member of Alpha Lambda Delfa Scholasfic Honor Sociefy: served as presidenf of Kappa Omicron Phi: secrefary of Alpha Lambda Delfa: 'lreasurer of Home Economics Club: acfive in professional, hon- orary, and religious organizafions. WHO'S WHO JANICE JO CRAIN MOORE Laurel Dean's Lisf scholar: Sfudenf Senafor: served as presid-enf of Phi Mu Sororify: secrefary of Kappa Omicron Phi: secfional presidenf of Mississippi Home Economics Associafion: ac- five in sororify, professional, and religious or- ganizafions. CAROLYN FAYE McLEAN Meridian De-an's Lisf scholar: served as secrefary of Phi Chi Thefa: secrefary-freasurer of dormifory: secrefary of Camera Club: acfive in sfudenf governmenf, sororify, and professional organi- Zafions. ELIZABETH HARRIS NEELLY Jackson Dean's Lisf scholar: vice-presidenf and presi- denf of College Union Acfivifies Commiffee: vice-presidenf and presidienf of Recreafion Club: Chaplain of Delfa Delfa Delfa Sororify: acfive in sfudenf governmenf, sororify, and professional organizafions. I55 ffl' 4 s Q4 Q: ,, '- i , 0 if 1 1' Ks. 6 'fm ,fgrtvig e religious, and professional organizalions. WHO'S WHO WALTER LEWELLYN POSER Fairhope, Alabama Dean's Lisf scholar: served as secreiary and presidenl of Kappa Kappa Psi: secrelary- Treasurer and vice-presidenl oi Marlin Lulher Fellowship: Ireasurer ol Sludenl Governmenf Associafionq aclive in sludenl governmenl, ELIZABETH CLARE SEAMAN Pascagoula Dean's Lisl scholar: served as presidenl of Commerce Club: presidenl of Phi Chi Thelaq presidenl ol Alpha Sigma Alpha Sororilyg ac- 'rive in religious, sludenl governmenl, and pro- fessional organizaiions. BONNIE DALE PURVIS Oil Cl'ry Louisiana Deans Lisl scholar, served as Chaplain and secrelary of Kappa Della Sororilyq secrelary of Sludenl Governmenf Associaliong Capfain of Dixie Darlingsq aclive in sludenf govern- ment religious, and professional organizalions. CONNIE KATHERINE SHIVERS Dean's Lisl scholar and member of Alpha Lambda Della Scholaslic Honorary Socielyi presidenl of Panhellenic Council: aclive in s+uden+ government sororily, and service or- ganizalions. STEPHEN APOLLOS SAXON HaH'iesburg Dean's Lisl scholar: served as presidenl and vice-presidenl ol Bresee Fellowship: aclive in sporrs, religious, and prolessional organiza lions. JOHN RAYMOND SIMPSON Hous+on, Texas Dean's Lisl scholar: served as Sludeni Senalorg president of Junior Class, presidenf of Sludenf Governmenl Associaliong presidenl ol dormi- Ioryg aclive in sludenl governmenl, service, and professional organizalions. I56 WHO'S WHO VIRGINIA BOYDE SOJOURNER Nalchez Above average scholar: served as hislorian ol Sludenls Nalional Educalion Associaliong lreas- urer ol dormilory, aclive in sororuly and slu clenl governm-enl organizalionsg Miss Missis- sippi Soulhern. BERTHA JANE VINCENT Halliesburg Dean's Lisl scholar and member ol Alpha Lambda Della Scholaslic Honorary Sociely: secnelary ol Alpha Lambda Della: chaplain ol Della Della Della Sororilyg aclive in religious, sororily, and prolessional organizalions. WILLIAM ROBINSON STERRITT, JR. Manline, New York Dean's Lisl scholar: served as presidenl ol Kappa Sigma Fralernilyq associale edilor ol lhe I9o2 SOUTHERNER: aclive in lralernily and prolessional organizalions. JAMES DAVID WEBB JR Above average scholar, served as vice-pres1- denl and presidenl ol dormiloryg managing edilor and exieculive edilor ol Sludenl Prin'I1: vice-presidenl ol Mississippi Collegiale Press Associaliong aclive in sludenl governmenl, service, and prolessional organizalions. JUDITH HARDIN STILL Halliesburg Dean's Lisl scholar and member ol Alpha Lambda Della and Pi Kappa Pi Scholaslic I-lonor Socieliesg seved as presidenl ol Pi Della Phi, vice-presidenl ol Pi Kappa Piq lreasurer and vice-presidenl ol Pi Bela Phi Sororilyg aclive in honorary, professional and religious organizalions. R Dunedin Florida ICHARD WILSON Dean's Lisl scholarg served as vice-presidenl ol lnlerlralernily Council: lreasurer ol Pi Kappa Alpha Fralernilyg lreasurer ol Della Sigma Pig aclive in lralernily, and professional organiza lions. I57 Q2'fil:Q,25Qj1'g5.'f '- : ': g,.,x:, f vf.'rWN 'Q , . -F425 W QT, . i,.mh.,., .ra- .g.:1i- , 'Q 3 "3"5':7iz4j53N1,-, - ?'fZ',75g'?jt.!l S- 11.4-:'::4..' 1 r 1 r P a - I' N 1 I I ' I 3 5 , 'I ' 1 I 13 ,, 33 H Y, n. i I V 14 Q 3 2 l i . I 1 2 vi I 1 1 i 1 V155-y.--iii '1 N 'V F so 4. T5 , ..,, ,Q X C A .1-'wa W, 4 0 Sw ,, 45,32 A .QQ 8 S fSf fx fx X Xxx X0 f.. 1 f - f .1 ,x. .: ., , 2 f ww'- .f - f, f.. 7-:yf-21' 414. 'f 6, K N X , 4 ,f A V fi L55 ir inia oburner A A A 1 Q05 f sf! xx 9 I 2 MISS SOUTHERN M55 fl , ,e f - 5 Q. 4 'f USQ f G qfw X ,, W, , ,1 . fi Q I ' 1 if ' fix X Sw V: 5 , f f if ii.:a35 QS , Q X 5-, 3331 ,I v, Q X' A .S A '1lgf9:j:iL--' I .- g ,S A X 1. , , Q.:-.-V A QW X .N .X ' 4 W X, I 5 gJ::E,,M . Lf . - X , S, K.,-SX cs 35,1 J Q1 S r ' ,, W, gf gs K Q wo Jacob Elfman, K A M , 6 S 6 43 , C 7 'Q Q N f X NWS" fl X NNW ., ' .Q-Y W , X- 4 Y , izki Wegecca garfow, 'J' 77444 gonnie LL, K A 'N mr. 1 V-sw R -el, 5 1 I Q? -spun 1 fx.. af' 'Q X ,' " , f , " xv W. S M. Wwssg f W' f X A X YS - yn X A? Q x? WW-sb ,f fmvw ' 'S A 14132 mv? , 'WN9 XWSQXQ- 'Xf T:Ifwi5i ' X NWS is ' ,W X- xz x "0-S+. A , .S V ,V y S V A W X gx gg f' 7, X 0 Q ,Nw fx A Q X, ' - ig , Xf ff Q Q X X X fx V Ze ':"'-.2-15-r'-iii-s f' fy? ' X , 1 ,,. K. X iafs 'M onna Cofifa, K A mm annie uruid, X? X Q fy X NN 3. .41 Q ,SK V X . gs vs? WX S X W e V ,, , ,.,. . 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SGA PRESIDENT JOHN SIMPSON Masfer of Ceremonies Mississippi Soulhern College, well lcnown lor ilrs beaulrilul women, has proudly presenled on rhe preceding pages some of The mosl beauiiiul women in Jrhe sraie ol Mississippi. Each year lhe socialsororHies iralernHies and olher groups on campus enler candiclales in lhe beauly eleclrion which is an all-campus eleclion. The Jrweniy girls receiving ihe mosl volres are named lhe lop lweniy beauries of MSC. To eleci Jrhe Top len be-aulies, rhe sluclenls casl lheir voles lor ren of lhe lop lwenly girls. The len girls who receive lhe highesl num- ber ol voies are leaiured as lhe lop ren beauhes on ihe campus oi Mississippi Soulhern College. HOW THE BEAUTIES WERE SELECTED Dr. William D. McCain poses wi+h fhe +op +en beau+ies of 'Phe Mississippi Soufhern College. igi K lf!! K E , -E f. 4? .- l . M- -. -f - NX l ,r YN l ' . lg. gf . f , , 2 X . H M 5 .fr J T .s.. f E' 5, LXX i 1 is if if 9' I is x S .Al- l A -,jg-1" , v ,I I' . 'IPL ,- , -'V' - I 1 V .,. . , - .., r . .1-,t, .t.,1,l Tikn. 4, .-, - .4 1 .J x-xl. 'r-' f- Q ' .., "+:.'- -J'-fe' ' -1 ' is'-..'fM,f.' 1,-ey ,, :FfB"' " t, f ,a ,I :A ,-Y Y f ."'i"'s v 'A , 'lf' .V .' -'L Ie,'.' Y. 'D' .'. ' , , I , h , .I,, F.. 1-1 , g Ah .V ,AY . 1- ff? 2 qulfi .. .TQIETSJVL '32 ' 1- '. .,,V,'.w. d,:,vY QI- 5 1, 2 ' . , "- . --x", - ,fg,7EfQL,fg!.' , '. .Q "'-. F..-'H -A-'ia'-, .S . , , " ,Af ' w .- ' Ilya., ,,j'l4. - . , - 4' '-L,,2w,,' 1 ' ' -v- - , -L 'Z W., Z I, . A xv L- " 4 Qft:L' - -, -.1-sy 'Lu . Q -,,,:.,,k.f:5: 1 4-I . 1I"'L':4 , ' " ' 1-ff ,- ::.13f4?- uf f' - Ii tif'- . 0 ,' .:' 'il " 5'-.'i'f"" A W ,fn :A E.,-rw - 3 gf.-'1'g," wif QTY '5 . I ix, ,leg .Q Kg- 1 . f ,f 1 :, 'g , 'fm'-. ff! ' fiiAQ,.3l4f.'4,g,NK ' Q , 1 gx 'L'-,,,:.75 - -11-'.,s, .QQ ' 1 1 'kY"?3ff3Q54rf . Q lf-if Q. 3524? In-17.2 V!- Y L ' ' ""1,f'4,g5Vf ,mtv-'L 2 Q J '- ' '- !?7'z,4--'iff 'fs-A, ' ' - , 515, X S. 1:5 :I h :Teh an E, tail' ij-131.943, , nw. 5 : vi- V ,P, f '. 1 .. Y , , .-'. . : 4' ' " 5--Y.. -,us 'v..., lf- rl, , . i. f -r . A . Alf, ,AV V f J . . gm , ,' aw . , ',S' - - -, -1 , -' "?,.-.- '1:.Qr..f ' 'Wai - ' . . H hh., ?.vf",'Ya 1 ' ' "ff" f? .,.,'- ' I " V Q'1,V?' fn 1 I . v E! X , 'f - --9 . . ' '.r-' if W. X . F , A.: . - , T1 gl . 1 4- ... ,- "- . ' , .,-'e ' 'C ' RV, J , 'A - ,- 4- ' 1 RV s. 1 r- "' " I r - : ' . gf , jfs " I' c " L 'E '-.1 V hi.. -'V lf 3 4' --I "2 ' ,n- 'e 4 4 I" r ,U 5 . EJ. 'A M. ' 1 ll 6 rl . .x I .-,- ,rr ,A 4 . - ' . , , ' .':, -, . . 1 mx . ,U , N -- '. ., . iii- uf . 4 .1 1.4, ,nv ,d :,,- .w . -. . , , . l 'f".:- . .,-. ,,' ' r . -.. s 11" -. . , - . --.., , iv'-L... , '- ,.-.z.. . 4..,.. 4 ''.4..,.15mL:.,,ac.. ,, - H, MISS REBECCA BUTTLES 222 MISS MARY MARTIN KA MISS CHARLOTTE ELAM ,mm MISS BARBARA JO HUGHES KA 'Nav MISS GINNY FORD AAA I I D A I I ' .fdhlernafe gaufieb I I MISS SELENA PARKER AEA MISS GINNY RISHER 7 AAA I MISS BETTY SMITH MISS VIRGINIA SOJOURNER AAA AAA MISS BECKY UNDERWOOD AZ I73 X GRACE SMITH "Miss Hospi+alH'y" Kemper Counfy BETTY SMITH "Miss Brookhaven" CHARLOTTE ELAM "Miss Hospi+ali+y" HaHiesburg MARY MARTHA MARTIN "Miss Hospi+ali+y" Tyleriown A "X WWI , .,. .js "" ,.. f'V- ",: 1 -'V1' ll -.,, lr - I - I, LJ . ....4,.M,J -X HQ., ,am Im, MISS HOSPITALITY I75 w The "SpiriT" oT SouThern is Tound in The noise and color oT a pep rally, The exciTernenT oT a TooTball game, Greelc Song FesT and SlciT NighT and oTher acTiviTies oT The year. There would be no greaT spiriT aT SouThern wiThouT pride in The cheerleaders, Marching Band, Dixie Darlinqs, and The Teams parTic:ipaTinq in The various sporTs around The year. SororiTies and TraTerniTies also play a viTal parT in The well-rounded campus program and add much To The spiriT oT Triendly cornpeTiTion Tound aT MSC. Their diversified programs-social TunoTions, char- iTable Tund-raising campaigns and campus-wide ac- TiviTies-along wiTh The aThleTic TeaTures. band. and Dixie Darlings, provide The school wiTh a valu- able parT oT college liTe. ' TTT q-11 1411: SPIRIT STUDENT SER ICES .....- ... - . - - . .. 7 'R' W: Q- , I'-'51 4' in I 254.1 f' 2 Q " - if 1' 'nj 1 1' 'f . I ALA. ,sq 3 Eh . P-fin. -r , . " . f an ' 'K--v - .'1.f,. 2,1 ,, 'Jiiir-'5 1 ' Q 1 QV .1 .gg 1.-if .,' v it . a. . - I .V Lvl I 0 ,L. Q ,. Q 2931 g' f' , - ' I '3'i49-'QQ A ' 'll r va . . f ff, an-nl - .. .. . -of Ns v -' n - . , .vw-, ... V nr '- L - ff vw- ---......... . , ,qV,,,d?.4- 3 1 V , . ,, M 4' -M . -Z-C-sq-4.5. E . .A . i .,,- -H .img ,,..,..,.,..n , ' . is Hymns: fs I' W .. ,Q V, ,.,..,....,.4g., it -I . ,,, ,, , i.,v,,,,,,7,.H,,A, am' . V. . xv: af, f-'ms w fam :sn 3,,,"7',1f72:::i,f. rg, 11 -. Q . g1",,,,,"'7 P,,,,,"' ',,,' W: Q2 was-ns.: r-wwf. 1 ,V .,,,,,,, , , my an-1 'eu x--an --. 1" 'fki' Y i f'I':l'?f -- F35-"w ffm -4 E --- 'li : nr: If uno ' . My .ww v., -f - K . !nrf.i"m:.Yu 1-2 - .1 nf. ,-3.f.f,. rw any ew- 'N 191' lima! Wifi" 2214" if' h JT ' 7 "1 ' 7-if? '-'T X 'q 1 " ii WHS ?.'lKfE""f5'?""""l'PPl ' ""0'.ii'flQ3K. Y!" "' 'il'-Y 1 -lK'uT-r-fnlxrzaax .1 .f f ,V-ww -.1-sx::'! ' ' '- name-uv HK4i"W "l.."Di"""W 7 "' 'f'1"PY' 7K2F'Iu1lk Y' "ft EQ: Q1 Y ' ' f'.mwuw ,ww - 'umm-qw ,fm -Y . fe-ffm If -- 'U"f'-?5,7fll'r'E2'i.'T'H,1'lF1' 'ilAV'T"?7B"f"'?'lU1 l5"? "" ' Q ' 'X 'U ff9'4'2".lF7-M f' 1" 1. "1""'5' VY ' . ' IIUTZMEPFDE ' x " 'W' " " " x' SVN ll A I :Www 4" f .' rw" - fir' ' ' -nz 'A - H1 W1 " 1, rf- " ill " vw :run N- l4G.YA"lflW" F'T'1, ."' !Zf'3"' XYEUEWFBQ ' " 1' " ' " lu. 7M-?ci"?f"'AQlv ' 'QU """lW": -ff-fn-Q Fifty? ' I' "'5 ' .lr::j'v' :X 'H' N-:fwfr --fam.-f -Mm ara N-5 H--M H 1 f 1 12.1 ' LIKE, . T ' ' ' 'E .JY ',IJT5,"" ' . I " ' U x' 5 wr 'ff .L Q ' A ' ex!--. J' ',i,, XA-'f -mv-w VZ JA wf . N- - 1 PM - " r- - 1 b auf" - 'J-img -:Mfr .fgfgll jf 'J23' 'EW-Hz 'fir -' ' . 1 'P Q '- -3:32 'ag'-5555 f' F22 gi-Tl maiii :if 'E , V, fp. 1' 2 55.3 :,,. , s.s:5..M..,t:atf W' 1, .- ,M L.,-,,. f DfU5Ev"""h' IF' - ' "F", JH WWF 2'i'W!'1- 5f,f,W.,.'7'fT:wn.i1' 'I "Y" ' ...... . Q, - ,uw-L - .,,,W-.,.....v.4.XQ, -6- ff Pc 1 Y ,f me V -, WW' ......-.,. fb f n ,.,.......,,.,., 5, fu , M., f z,.m....,.:.... . :,. . -' ,Q '- ,J ..,.,..,....-.f I -. ,-- -Tw , ,, E . .V 2' 2,., . f-ff'fQ?E4 ' ii . ' ' 4' '1:+::f3 mmm! ::2'?Zt'mQ'5t.'3 Y ' ff"V -, """-' E M.. 3 .-... , V - A ,,,, .g x ' . ' . .sv , ,L H .. Z. ...Il ' ' Q X ..,., 1, - 1 F ,.a:n., :pn-1mm Freshman Cheerleader, Gail BenneH, demonsfrafes a new cheer. MSC CHEERLEADERS MSC Cheerleaders. Firsl Row: Milfon McKay, General Na+, Dick Ains- worrh, Gordon l-leidleburg, Second Row: Belly Smillw, Ned Travis, Judi Berkman. Top: Ginny Rislwer, Head Cheerleader. FFWA ' 1 K ve . ,. ,4 ' 1 aw 5 ,Ilia ' 1 DIXIE DARLINGS JIM. . Lovely Dixie Darlings pose before performance. X ' i 'S+ D ff l l ancl Larlie Cadwell. Z W ,z o M ,. L 4659 fi w. TAX N if ig f' I .Q -Q, 2 X R kv X Qi iff' Ati Dixie Darling officers are Dee Kelly, Sylvia Keefon, Bonnie Purvis Dixie Darlings huddle +oge+l1er awai+ing 'Phe half-lime show. I79 Pride is lhe only word capable of describing 'rhe feeling ol our sludenis when 'rhe MSC Marching Band, beller lcnown as lhe "Pride of Mississippi," performs al hall-lime. Under The capable leadership of Direclor William J. Moody and Associale Direcror Raymond Young, +he IOO-member or- ganizalion enrerlains Jrhousands each year here a+ MSC and a'r 'rhe Blue-Grey Game and The Senior Bowl. Adding lalenl and beaury ro rhe Marching Band are lhe Nalionally Famous "Dixie Darlingsf' Under Jrhe direclion of Miss Frances Jel- linelc, Jrhis 40-member leam of precision dancers nol' only holds lhe esleem of all Jrhe sludenls and laculfy ai MSC. buf also lhe praise ol many admirers gained lhrough rele- vision appearances. 1' f if 1' f , ,. IW., I - M V , 5 wk 'E "" A g 2 -'ui 7 w , ' f W 4 M xl fr ,7 M ' A 12222 'AW ' 1 f , l 47 'l " 4 f , L , s ,M-L . ff ff" Q 'M 'I f , ' 3 ,g . ' Q' " ,' 'V Q' ' 1 V . , . MSC fea+ure++es, BeHy Akers, Claudia Simpson, Madge Claclrer, and Sandra Mazur add beaufy and +alen+ +o Hwe Pride of Mississippi. LOOK PROUD, PLAY PROUD, BE PROUD I8I I 5' COACH "PIE" VANN 4,1 f ov I :A n J? M I !' ww, REED GREEN, Afhlefic Direcior , i Q12 WB! SEASON'S RESULTS MSC ..,.. ,,.A 3 of ARLINGTON STATE ,... MSC ..... .,.T 2 21 USL . MSC TTT.. ,... 2 41 CEIATTANOOOA .. MSC T.,.. TTT, 7 :MEMPHIS STATE .. MSC ..,T .,.. 2 0: ARKANSAS STATE MSC .T.T .,S. 3 31 ABILENE CHRISTIAN K MSC I... Tf LOUISIANA TECH M., X rv' 'rua MSC ..,,I .I,, S :NORTH CAROLINA MSC ...I LL,I I 21 FLORIDA STATE 7 MSC. . ,L.22qTRINITY , I f I 5132 JIM CRAWFORD, Manager In WJ MSC Coaching STaTT. FirsT Row: Reed Green, "Pie" Vann. Second Row: Tom PraTT, Maxie l.ambrighT, Doc l'larringTon, C. J. Taylor. THE 1961 FOOTBALL SEASON Mississippi SouThern Tinished iTs I9ol TooTball season wiTh an eighT win, Two loss record. The l96I SouTherners perTormed very well aT each oT Their ouTings overpowering each oT Their Toes in sTaTisTics as well as on The scoreboard in eighT oT Their clashes. During The season Coach "Pie" Vann Tound his H22-man TirsT Team" very eTTecTive in many cases, as well as his "B-Team," which is noT To be underraTed. This season sTarred many oT The powerTul SouTherners, wiTh many placing high on The lisT oT sTaTisTics. AT The head oT This lis+ was senior quarTerbaclc Don Fuell who paced The SouTherners in almosT every caTegory. Fuell laTer wenT on To play a Top role in Two posT-season all-s+ar games, The Blue- Gray game in MonTgomery and The Senior Bowl game in Mobile. Many Times during The season Coach Vann Tound iT proTiT- able To use his well-accrediTed "B-Team" which was able To move The ball as well as The sTarTing eleven in many cases. This year The SouTherners perTormed well in all phases oT play, buT one can noT help buT menTion The greaT deTensive game played ThroughouT The season. DeTensive specialisTs such as cenTers T-larold "Hurricane" l-layes and John RaTesic, guards Charley Parlcer and Nick Kolinslcy, Taclcles Jim Payne, George "Big Daddyi' l'lulTz and Marvin Brezeale, and ends Leon Akins and Charley Dedwyler proved To be The brealc- ing poinT in many drives which may have resulTed in scores and possible deTeaT Tor The SouTherners. NOT only did The Mississippi SouThern varsiTy squad have a very Tavorable season, buT SouThern also saw one OT iTs TinesT Freshman Teams in acTion. This year's Treshman squad perTormed ouTsTandingly in each oT iTs ouTings. The Tresh- men are providing a sTrong source oT power Tor The varsiTy To mold iTselT around in The coming years, which should be someThing worTh waTching. This yearls eighT win and Two loss record brolce The Two year span oT six wins and Tour losses. NexT year we will be loolcing Tor The powerTul SouTherners To repeaT The I958 record and go undeTeaTed. Name LEON AKINS JIM BARBAREE SAM BELLA JIM BERRY HUGH BODDEN TOMMY BODDEN MARVIN BREAZEALE BERENGHER BRECHTEL STEVE BROOKS BEN CALHOUN WENDELL CAMPBELL BILLY COLEMAN JOHNNY COLEMAN CHARLEY DEDWYLDER TONY De-FRANCO JOHN FORD BILL FREEMAN DON EUELL LARRY HANCOCK JIM HAVARD HAROLD HAYES ROGER HICKS DONALD HULTZ Pos. E E T OB E HB T T T G EB OB HB E G T T OB G HB C E E Firsf Row: Crawford, Managerg Olander, Wilson, B C le a Be y Slclopan, Alcins, Harvard, Dedwylder, Roberrs, J. Cole R C H In Edwards, Manager. Second Row: Kolinslry, Hayes, Parke Reed B oo G. Hul'rz,.Varnado, Rafesic, Owen, Salmon, Calhoun, Del: Th a T H E 1 9 61 Class Home+own Sr. Almore, Olcla. Jr. Union Springs, Ala Jr. Arabi, La. Soplw. Panama Cily, Fla. Sopli. Moss Point Miss, Sopli. Moss Poinl, Miss Jr. Purvis, Miss. Soplw. New Orleans, La. Soplw. Climax, Ga. Jr. Halriesburq, Miss. Sr. Pensacola, Fla. Sr. Cliiclcasaw, Ala. Jr. Wildwood, Ha. Sr. Quirman, Miss. Sopli. Pallerson, N.J. Soplw. San Anfonio, Tex. Soplw. Millon, Fla. Sr. Gunlersville, Ala, Soplw. Gulfport Miss. Jr. Lucedale, Miss. Jr. Halliesburg, Miss. Jr. Mulqa, Ala. Jr, Grand Bay, Ala. Long, Whife, Hall. Third Row: Harringfon, Trainer, Sekul, Hancock, Bodden, Payne, MarI'in, Breazeale, Fuell, Lyon-s, Free man, D. HuII'z, Barbaree, Campbell, Pugh, MCLeocI, Meaclor, Mapes, Willoughby. SOUTHERNERS Name Pos. GEORGE I-IULTZ T NICK KOLINSKY G TERRY LONG G BILLY LYONS E DICK MAPES FB DWAYNE MARTIN C KEN MARTIN HB BEN MCLEOD I-IB MORRIS MEADOR OB MIKE OLANDER HB JOE OWEN G CHARLEY PARKER T JIM PAYNE T DAN PUGI-I FB WYLIE RICE E BILL ROBERTS E DAN SALMON G GEORGE SEKUL EB JOHN SKLOPAN HB JIM THOMAS G CURTIS VARNADO T JACK WHITE OB BEN WILLOUGI-IBY HB .IERREL WILSON C H+. 6-4 6-I 5-I I 6-2 5-9 6-I 5-I I 6-O 6-O 5-I I 5-IO 6-O 6-I 6-I 6-I 6-O 5-I I 5-I I 5-I I 6-2 5-IO 6-0 6-O 6-4 Class Sr. Soph Soph Jn Soph. Soph Soph. Soph. Sr. Jr. Soph. Soph. Sr. Sr. Soph. Jr. Jr. Soph. Jr. Sr. Soph. Soph. Jr. Jr. Homefown Grand Bay, Ala. MCKees Rock, Pa. Carbon Hill, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Panama Cify, Fla. Albany, Ga. New Orleans, La. Leakesville, Miss. Bufler, Ala, MCKees PorT, Pa. Blakely, Ga. Chickasaw, Ala. Pensacola, Fla. Yazoo CiTy, Miss. Hemphill, Tex. Purvis, Miss. Adamsville, Ala. Biloxi, Miss. PiTTsburgh, Pa. E. MCKeespor+, Pa Hammon, La. Blakely, Ga. Liberfy, Miss. Brookhaven, Miss. A , y . A I X Q X1 , 45 . wr ffglzfa av X 6 .1 V , V 'vt rw .Q ff yt W 'i"?"M af' ,"f'vufffKM" J ' ' ' ' .XX 'A ,WH-x WW: .Q Q- 'if '5 f ry- Q 4 + ' - - A w,i.,w '? '12, f M' SPS 7,9 , F ff, . 'Y X' ' 9 ' ' ', 1.242 , , W 1. Ei M "K ' . 'f - N 'ff 1 1- mg, Q ' . V ' 'M W ry . f , -1' . N i Lg xv Wiz ' - 41.355 NEW, 'V V 4 hw .1 - MORRIS MEADOR ! Loolr, I can Hy DON FUELL Thumbs down. ,fi L If hr .1 - 4,'i'v".,7Fl- ' I 'X MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN ARLINGTON STATE Sparlned by quarTerbaclc Don Fuell The SouTherners opened Their I96I TooTball season by downing The ArlingTon STaTe Rebels 30-7. The Tired up SouTherners gained a Two Touchdown lead early in The game, and ArlingTon STaTe never came close. Fuell, John Slclopan, Wendell Campbell, and Billy Coleman MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN AlmosT goT away. 76116-30 0706-7 each scored Tor The versaTile SouTherners. Coach Vann lc.epT his "ZZ-man TirsT Team" in The game unTil Three Touchdowns were rammed across! Then used re- serves Tor mosT OT The second halT. The ASC Rebels managed To geT inTo The ball game only one Time when They scored aTTer Talcing a SouThern punT. 70150'22 UNIV. SOUTHWESTERN LA. 0 0 6 0 - 6 ATTer a weelc oTT The powerTul SouTherners posTed vicTory No. 2 aT LaTayeTTe, Louisiana, by overpowering The Uni- versiTy oT SouThwesTern Louisiana Bulldogs 22-6. The Vannmen scored wiTh ease The TirsT Time They goT The ball on a 77-yard iaunT aTTer Talcing The lciclcoTT. Pep rally aT The pracfice field. The Tired up Bulldogs began To TighT back TooTh and nail, and held The SouTherners scoreless Tor The remainder oT The halT, The Bulldogs challced up one Touchdown To MSC's Two in The Third quarTer To end The scoring Tor The nighT. 7 i Nix ,QL VN-N Team lead on in Soufhern sTyle. MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN CHATTANOOGA The SouTherners remained unbeaTen in Three sTarTs by overwhelming ChaTTanooga, 24-7, beTore a large Band Day crowd. Senior quarTerbaclc, Don Fuell, sparked The Vannmen by scoring all oT Their 24 poinTs. The SouTherners dominaTed The MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN MEMPHIS STATE Mississippi SouThern Tell Tor The TirsT Time This season To The Memphis STaTe Tigers in hard ToughT, rugged baTTle. Fumble and inTercepTed passes Told The sTory many Times when The SouTherners were headed Tor pay dirT. SouThern's only score came in The Third period when quarTerbaclc Morris 07314-24 0007-7 scoreboard by scoring once in The second quarTer, once in The Third on a Tield goal, and Twice in The Tinal period. The Moccasins' only Tally came aTTer SouTherner's second Touchdown in The TourTh quarTer, on a 72-yard gallop by Tullbaclc Carey Henley. 0070-7 14007-21 Meador Toolc a Memphis pass and reTurned To The Tiger 38- yard line. Don Fuell laTer snealced across Trom The one yard sTripe. The SouTherners held The Tigers To a Three Touchdown lead. Their smallesT oT The year. Here como The bad guys! 'ku l 6 DNN PUSH One are is all if 'fakes WENDELL 'CNMPBELL End over end. 1 i 1 ,Ir 'lr L, ! F , 5 na9 i I I v-1 wmvmmw m K A . Who hid +l1e ball? JOHN RATESIC JIM THOMAS Pulled down from behind. rc- ,.vf-' 74-1,1 ----'v---- --V' 'W E l PQ :PWA ,wil gf '11 ...J pa Iliff kv f " ' 'ready MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN ARKANSAS STATE The SouTherners gained Their TourTh Triumph in Tive sTarTs as They rolled over The Arkansas STaTe Indians, 20-0, The Arkansas Indians conTrolled The ball mosT of The TirsT halT, buT were never able To move pasT The SouThern 30- yardline. The SouTherners had To overcome many misTakes To MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN ABILENE CHRISTIAN A Tired up SouThern squad romped over The Abilene Chris- Tian WildcaTs, 33-6, beTore a packed homecoming crowd. SouThern powered a score across in every quarTer oT The game, using reserves mosT oT The nighT. Fullback Wendell Campbell, QuarTerback Don Fuell, QuarTerback Cvilly Cole- Noi' every play scores! Head To heed. 0307-20 0000'0 gain Their lead, buT also Took advanTage oT The misTakes on The parT oT The Redmen. QuarTerback Don Fuell, Tullback Wendell Campbell, and end Roger T-licks Took The scoring spoTlighT Tor The SouTh- erners. 71466-33 0006-6 man, and Fullback Dick Mapes accounTed Tor all oT SouTh- ern's poinTs. The Abilene WildcaTs managed To score only once in The closing momenTs oT The game, seT up by a 29-yard dash by halTback Bill BryanT. The True SouThern supporTers. MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN LOUISIANA TECH The SouTherners came ouT on Top in a weT 7-O win over The Louisiana Tech Bulldogs. The win plus The weaTher spoiled The Bulldogs' homecoming. A very Tough SouThern deTense, and The TooT oT Jerrel Wilson were major TacTors in The SouThern vicTory. SouTh- MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN NORTH CAROLINA Mississippi SouThern scored early, Tell behind in The second guarTer, and spenT mosT oT The remainder of The evening desperaTely TighTing oTT NorTh Carolina STaTe peneTraTions in a 7-6 loss. The crowd oT some I3,000 expecTed To see a baTTle be- 7000'7 0000-0 ern's Ben Willoughby slammed over Trom The seven yard line climaxing an 88-yard drive in The opening momenTs oT The TirsT guarTer To score The game's lone Touchdown. From This poinT on, SouThern seTTled down To deTend Their lead. 6000-6 0700-7 Tween The Two greaT guarTerbaclcs, Don Fuell oT SouThern, and Roman Gabriel oT NorTh Carolina STaTe. However SouTh- ern was held on The deTensive mosT oT The nighT, while They managed To hold Gcbriels passing To a minimum. Too many for one Man! Y , GEORGE HULTZ Familiar sight Fuell moves again. JIM PAYNE Please don"f! isa fx sr' A? -x,---1' 'x Slrlopan drives for yardage. LEON AKINS R Willoughby falres one in . . . CHARLEY DEDWYLDE JS 1 ' 'f4?i:'s.:1. 41, I94 . ' """'T'T kg MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN FLORIDA STATE A deTermined, slcy-high Mississippi SouThern eleven upseT maior college Florida STaTe I2-O, spoiling The Seminoles' homecoming. SouThern's rugged deTensive uniT held The Florida STaTe running aTTaclc all aTTernoon. BoTh Mississippi SouThern Touchdowns were seT up on re MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN TRINITY The SouTherners, up againsT a deTermined TriniTy eleven, Tound Themselves behind aTTer The Third guarTer, sparlced by guarTerbaclc Billy Coleman The "Bees" pushed The ball across on a 5l-yard drive puTTing SouThern ahead where They re- mained The resT oT The nighT. Ano+her firsf down. -Am En+husia s+ic crowd ! 0606-12 0000'0 covered Seminole Tumbles oT which The SouTherners Tool4 advanTage. l'TalTbaclc Jim l-lavard and guarTerbaclc Don Fuell scored a Touchdown apiece Tor SouThern. The SouTherners loolced good boTh on oT'Tense and deTense, buT This was The besT show of power on deTense This season. 07015-22 0770-14 The TirsT uniT, noT To be ouTdone, Toolf The ball Trom Their eleven and in I2 plays pushed over Tor The score. lvleador lciclced The poinT, malcing The score 22-I4, giving The Vann- men Their eighTh win oT The year. , m Lwv ,,fmm 1-ivpmmlwu-um , l fy l s I 5 Pix 'P 'F bi 1 ,uh fvf 'ix A Freshman Coaches. Lef+ 'fo Righfz Ray S+. Pierre, Dave Mulligan, Johnny ' Brechlel, Joe Pale. l. far l f s S . W i r j, THE FRESHMAN SQUAD lf N V fe , X Vg ii ' N Firsf Row: Coach Joe Pale, J. D. Minnehan, Doug Burlcelrl, Gene Mad- dox, Harold Hill, Domenic Genfile, "Burch" Palazzo, Anrhony Skinner, Larry Ecuyer, Bob Bryan, and Coach Ray S+. Pierre. Second Row: Coach BURT EDWARDS' Manager' Dave Milligan, George Rodman, Paul Deffxngelis, Viclor Purvis. Bobby James, Gwin Burlcell, Bill Gorrney, Ronald Hudson, Herman Nall. Third Row: Ted Crowley, James Boyelle. James Jaraplro, Frank Ford, Charles Wailes, Jim King, Leroy Reed, Earl Brophy. i .i 1 i wards' Q' lin , HOMECOMING QUEEN ma annie uruia g 6 ,bint A Homecoming Court BoHom +o Top: Lynn Taylor, Freshman Maidg Selena Parker, Sophomore Maidg Bonnie Dale, Junior Maid: Becky Bullles. Senior Maid: Gloria Saunders, Graduafe Maid: Diana Slewarl, Sludenl Body Maid. '04 f HOMECOMING Homecoming Queen and Courf crea+e a beaufiful pic+ure of royal'l'y. Pi Kappa Alpha Fra+erni+y wins firsf place in house decorafions. ScoH' Hall, boys' clormifory, decora+ed 'for Homecoming. WXWSRS S 4,96 N S 4' ,f 1961 A vicfory over Abilene Clwrisfian, a radianf homecoming courf, and a colorful parade niglwliglnfed I9ol l-lomecoming af Mississippi Souflwern. Loyal alumni came from miles fo renew acguainfances wiflw classmafes of flue pasf. For flnese loyal alumni and oflwer friends of MSC, l96l Homecoming was an opporfunify fo discover flie progress being made by our Mississippi Soufli- ern College. To sfudenfs and alumni alilce if gave flwe chance fo sliow liow proud we are fo sing flue familiar words of our Alma Mafer-"We sing fo flwee our alma mafer. As our lnearfs we give fo flmee, loyalfy we pledge forever, loyalfy fo MSC." Homecoming King and Queen dance flue leadouf af fesfive dance. Chi Omega floaf wins firsf p Throngs gafhered fo see fhe 'iff Wg- K Y, .PIYJ ' 'i P , 31 -we , vi HV A r T CEE? 4 lace for beaufy. annual Homecoming Parade. 1 lang: 2.,,. ,L Leff fo Righ+, Back Row: Coach Morris Osburn, Ed Maness, Al McCor- Roy Danforlh, Capfain: Richie Goldberg, Jackie Laird Howie Berube rnack, Bruce Miller, Jim Walker, Larry Holman, Frank Ellis, Carl Harper, and Manager Hugh "Fri+z" Morris, up lroni. and Coach Fred Lewis. Fron+ Row: Ron Dodson, Jerry Welch, Joe Gruber, RESULTS MSC 55: Murray lKy.l Slare 77 MSC 97: Soulhweslern Louisiana MSC 89: Florida Soulhern 65 MSC 83: Spring Hill MSC 49- Ogle-lhfrpe 45 MSC 84: Louisiana Tech MSC 85: Georgia Soulhern 78 MSC 92: Jacksonville lFla.l U. MSC QI: Easlern New Mexico 75 MSC 57: Louisiana Tech MSC 70: Illinois Wesleyan 73 MSC 79: Cenlenary MSC BI: 'f"'Louisiana Tech 72 MSC IO7: Tampa MSC 66: """Cenlenary 73 MSC 73: Soulhweslern Louisiana MSC 64: """Harnline 85 MSC IO3: Spring Hill MSC 68: Tennessee Tech 86 MSC 961 "'ChrisTian Brolhers MSC 58: Easf Tennessee Slale 73 MSC 78: Delfa Sfele MSC 60: Oglclhorpo 73 MSC 97: Cenlenary MSCS 952 Georgia Soulhern 86 'Oyerlirne game MSC 67: The Citadell 79 "f"'Gulf Soulh Classic 200 1961-'62 I The I96I-'62 Mississippi SouThern College baslceTball Team Tinished The season wiTh an even .500 record, winning ThirTeen, and losing ThirTeen. I-lead basl1eTbalI coach Fred Lewis did a Tine iob during The season Trying To rebuild his squad. Coach Lewis and his assisTanT coach Morris Oslourn builT The SouThern cagers around Two reTurning veTerans. Roy DanTorTh, and Richie Goldburg. These Two hardcourT aces lTwo oT The '60-'ol "MagniTicenT Sevennl paced The SouTherners in all phases of sTaTisTics. While leading The Team in scoring, Roy DanTorTh joined The ranks of The seIecT Tew greaT SouTherners oT The pasT who scored over I,OOO poinTs in Their careers aT SouThern. The I96I-'62 basIceTbalI season saw The perTormances oT Tour newcomers To The squad. The new men This year were: I-Iowie Berube. a six-TooT Tour-inch sophomore Torward Trom SchenecTady, New Yorlcg Ron Dodson, COACH MORRIS OSBURN AssisTanT BasIreTbaII Coach I . s, . H : W Ks .ns . ,- .W M :su 3 s iw if 2' ,F v. ya ,. H Q, ,sr,i ,,ir ,,,Eui, , I ' zw -' 7 A33 5' ,.:..f?l7 ' 1 ,' "Q: . "A 4 4. 1 ii ' U, X JM ff .V L ,L J ,, me f 1 fi- ee, 275, '2 Li- if ,T ,M ,,,, 4 ., T' A C ,iff " "" T Q' fl fi 3 7' , "X, 4 .1 C I. 1 , . fy M , i - V I ,f,,.,,f,,:- ' ' V Wx- X I U ' N W , ' s.,, ' r,,,, f we I K 5,1 2-ff -':.', :g: jaw: ' COACH FRED LEWIS Head BasIreTbaII Coach a six-TooT Threerinch iunior Torward Trom Ireland, Indiana: Frank Ellis, a six-TooT Tour-inch Treshman Torward Trom Yazoo CiTy, Mississippi: Jerry Welch, a six-TooT Treshman guard Trom Laurel, Mississippi: annd Bruce Miller, a six-TooT Two-inch Torward Trom Media, Pennsylvania. Those reTurning Trom IasT year's squad and Turning in ouTsTanding perTormances are: DanTorTh, a six-TooT senior guard Trom SummiTville, Indiana: Goldberg, a six-TooT one-inch senior guard Trom Broolclyn, New Yorlcp Wwfzff V .Q A N,"'m4Xk1, I I J 14 f ' I i Joe Grubar. a six-Tool Tour-inch sophomore guard from Schenaclady, New York: Jackie Laird, a six-Tool Two-inch sophomore guard from Bassiield, Mississippi: Jim Walker. a six-fool nine-inch sophomore cenier from New l-lebron, Mississippi: and Carl l-larper, a sixeiooi four-inch sophomore forward from l-lalliesburg, Mississippi. The only lwo gradualing seniors on The hardcourl leam lhis year are Roy Danlorlh and Richie Goldberg. This leaves coach Lewis a young and experienced leam io work wiih for al leasl lwo more seasons. The lhirleen wins This season came over such Toes as: Florida Soulhern. Oglelhorpe, Georgia Soulhern, Easlern New Mexico, Louisiana Tech.. Soulhweslern Louisiana, Spring l-lill, Jacksonville Universily, Tampa, Chrislian Brolhers, and Cenlenary. The losses came al lhe hands of: Murray Slale, Oglelhorpe. Georgia Souihern, The Ciladel, Louisiana. and Delia Slale. During The season lhe "Golden Gian+s" crossed The cenlury mark by scoring wins of IO7 lo 77 over Spring l-lill. The individual season highs of rhe pasl campaign were as follows: iolal poinls scored in one game-Richie Goldberg, in lhe Cenlenary game. wilh 34 poinls ll4 field goals and 6 Tree sho+sl7 iield goals scored in one game--Richie Goldberg, wiih I4 complerions oui of 20 fries in ihe game againsl Cenlenaryi Baskefball has ifs ups and downs. ROY DANFORTH RICHIE GOLDBERG 202 BRUCE MILLER Tree Throws scored in one game-Roy DanTorTh, scoring IO ouT oT I I Tries in The game wiTh SouThwesTern Louisiana: number oT rebounds in one game-Roy DanTorTh wiTh I6 ouT oT 55 by The Team in The game wiTh EasTern New Mexico. Team high marlcs during The season were: ToTal poinTs scored in one game--IO7 againsT The UniversiTy oT Tampa: Tield goals scored in one game-42 againsT The UniversiTy oT Tampa: Tree Throws aTTempTed in one game-43 againsT Louisiana Tech.: Tree Throws scored in one game- 36 againsT Louisiana Tech. Three men reached The double-Tigure marlc aTTer The season's averages had been ToTaIed. Those doing so were: Guard Roy DanTorTh wiTh l4.8, guard Richie Goldberg wiTh l3.3. and Torward Bruce Miller wiTh I2.4. Barely missing The double-Tigure marlc was I-Iowie Berube wiTh 9.2. ToTal poinTs scored wenT much The same as DanTorTh scored 384, Miller 322, Goldberg 306, Berube 240, Joe Grubar 22l, and Laird 2I2. as The high men Tor The year. Displaying a comical aTTaclc and a scoring splurge laTe in The second guarTer, The "Golden GianTs" galloped To a decisive IO7-77 vicTory over The UniversiTy oT Tampa. IT was The mosT poinTs Tallied by The SouTherners in Tive years and added To The impressive 8-I record on home courT. Probably The greaTesT exciTemenT oT The game resulTed Trom The IOI poinT, sunlc by 6-4 Frank Ellis, who came inTo The game laTe and leTT wiTh a proud Two poinTs. Reach for The Top, SouThern. Somefimes a goal is hard 'lo malre. Five SouTherners Tigured in The double Tigures wiTh I-lowie Berube and Richie Goldberg pacing The way wiTh 2I and 20 respecTively. Also in The high scoring deparTmenT were: Treshman Bruce Miller, I9, and Jerry Welch, I2, and capTain Roy DenTorTh, I I. Winning The game Tor SouThern was The high percenTage oT Tield goals. Sinking 42 oT 20 Two-poinTers, MSC also raked OTT 54 rebounds wiTh Tampa collecTing only 38. Spring I-liIl College goT iTs upseT when The SouTheners dropped The Badgers wiTh asTonishing ease amidsT Touls, Touls, and more Touls. The SouThern Cagers swished The neTs Tor over IOO poinTs Tor The second sTraighT home game as The Tinal score read I03-76. WiTh II and a halT minuTes leTT in The game The "Golden GianTs" were sTilI a Tar cry Trom l00 as They s+iIl had 30 To go. Then in The nexT Tour minuTes They hiT Tor I I poinTs and aTTer ThaT sTarTed shooTing lilce over-eager high schoolers. As Time grew shorT The crowd grew paniclcy and saT Torward a IiT+Ie more on The bleacher seaTs. JusT 30 seconds IeTT on The scoreboard cloclc when The man oT The hour, Jaclcie Laird, came Through wiTh one oT his driving, TwisTing lay-ups ThaT puT The score over The hundred marlc. SouThern had Tive men in double Tigures, paced by Joe Grubar's 22. 204 if II I i I HOWIE BERUBE JOE GRUBAR I I I 1, g 1 My The "Golden Giant" display flweir skill. W . ' ' 5 SS .1 Q if K X 'Q QW' Q N '5v""A 'W' fx Xl' Ai X JACKIE LAIRD RON DODSON JIMMY WALKER JERRY WELCH I can'T iump, your're on my TooT! I-le was Tollowed by Berube, Goldberg, DanTorTh and big Jim Wallcer, wiTh I8, I7, and Il respecTively. Mississippi SouThern College pulled oTT a sTunning 97-75 upseT over CenTenary To puT The lid on Their l96I-'62 regular season baslceTbaIl campaign belore a paclced house in The sporTs arena. Red-hoT Richie Goldberg closed ouT his career in a blaze oT glory, dumping in 34 poinTs Tor his career high as he popped in I4 oT 20 shoTs Trom The Tield and hif 6 Tor 6 aT The Tree-Throw line. Roy DanTorTh, The only oTher senior on The SouThern squad, also was in The double Tigures wiTh I2 poinTs on 5-I I Trom The Tield and 8-2 Trom The line, and along wifh Bruce Ivliller led The Teams in rebounds, grabbing oTT IO. ATTer leading by only Tour poinTs aT halT-Time The SouTheners pulled away during The Tinal minuTes, ouTscoring The "6ianTs" 32-I I during The Tinal eighT minuTes. WiTh I:32 remaining To be played, Coach Fred Lewis removed The Two senior guards, Goldberg and DanTorTh, and They IeTT The game, amid a sTanding. shouTing ovaTion, Tor The lasT Time. 206 . 135, .- I . A . ' N W' ,.,-,: CNQM, x 'XE Q - W., k ..i..5.,A :AWS ,QW -- f.,ff-.'-' f.w,,x.i f ,X . U MM ,X 4 y Q5 , 2 0 0f.1fZQ5mQ X 421 - f 1 we E 5' ,V : if , 3 A V Q .' W M ,.,---Z" 'SX 'lx y TSN X 215 5 .X W ww xg . x :gt UW .- , 5 nil ' vw ,v . 7312. rv.-.KS - . .V ' 1- -v Q I Y ' 11 lf -G. ' ':,a.M Q' y r - H 1 - in my K Q N H aw k. V aw, A I Q it Maw 'f .f f.,.fH'6a.5.2erA. ,",' 'f L 3, ., , "M , TZ., 1'-' 4' vs A, - sie.-5. " Q r D. 2, . S' , .V .1 . ,,g .wow f . M , m Q ' ' Q.,-g,,,,, ' 2- V ' A ,V f- . V., A s'7-4' M. S. C. BASEBALL Coach C. J. Taylor has high hopes for his I962 Baseball squad. Very lew players were losl from graclualion lasl year, so lhis year's learn is lull of relurning lellermen. These men, along wirh The goocl-looking sel of newcomers, should sel a line season recorol. C. J. TAYLOR "U ? Of on -,- 'Sy' gwfffwf' gowf WW Y WWW 'f WM-vw Y l wfff A V 'VAX wif l gg ntiifw ?fmd2W"1 The Pi+ching S1'aFF I AS 1 1 J ul K I 4 'gy my ug. as ,si 5 ' n M, W e Re+urning Le++ermen From' Row, Lefi' fo Righ+: Freddy George, Ronnie Gilvanello, Roberf nonball Eiheridge, John Brechfel, Jerry Brown, Jackie Laird, Howie Exum, Ronnie Young, Jim Crawford, Ric Vinson, Doug Bramlell, Pal Berube, Bruce Miller, Al Mccormaclc, Carl l-lollenswor'rh,Jaclc Fleelwood. Downey, Jerry Welch, Ray Bulfinglon, Teno Henderson, Bill Dickson. Pele Quan, Len Graham, Jimbo Green, "Bird" Runnels, and Bull Edwards, Back Row: Coach Taylor, Larry Guesl, Paul Angerami, Terry Silva, Can- Manager. ,gm J il amu- yrag SQ- V 1 n are s ii X , , 5 2 ' A, so Pmo B ' ' 'K ' Lefl' io Righf, Fronh Larry l-lallen, Bill 1 Thomas, Sonny Walker, Bob Anconelani. W3 Baclr: Coach Larry "Doc" l-larringlon, Bob ' Mclnvale, Dave Milligan, Caplaing Ed Pefro, X Kenny Hodges. 5 y BOBANCONETANI L . L, sl BILL THOMAS and KENNEY HODGES DAVE MILLIGAN ,X A - xl L ll Q56 A I v2 Q A . xr, X , 2l0 John Alvis, Joe PhelTs, Milne Busby, Bill ApplewhiTe, James BuTler, SeTh Granberry. G Q L F Under The capable direcTion oT Coach B. O. Van l-loo . Mississippi SouThern College GolT Team should see one oT iTs besT seasons in several years. The Team will have To go a long way To ouTdo The season lasT ye Team saw, losing only one maTch. However, Trom all reporTs They should Top ThaT marlc. ar's k. B. O. VAN HOOK Coach ACTIVITIES K I I I i 1 1 . i 1 I 5 1 S GREEK WEEK fr mm? yy ' f aff., Z,-W, Z ww I4 9 f"f Phi Taus pull for vicforyl Swing and Sway wi+h Chrisiine May! Cheek +0 cheek pofafo sfyle. QS YL n qw umm. K Y' . ..-..u2wz51Q..,. ..., mf? Q x fx Q 9 u .. .. ff A The Chi Omega hosfesses conclude wifh " N The sororify +rophy wen+ 'lo Kappa Della for 'lheir "Up on ihe House Top" and "Kappa Delia Dreams." SONG FEST EZSIEYIK I!tT'fIll.1ll73'lf1 fl- ua Me- bafflgl The Chrislmas S e a s o n on campus was slarlecl by lhe Chi Omega Sororily wifh lheir Twelflh Annual Song Fesl. Each sororify and lralernily presenled a Chrislmas song and a sororily or fralernify song. Kappa Sigma Fra+erni+y 'lakes flrsl' place for +he fhird sfraighf year wifh "lvy and Holly" and "Kappa , X X X 1 lu X X V 124 A - A X x g N G -'ir' 4 4 EIB' Tri Delfa fakes firsi' place wifh "BuH'erfly B." G R E E K Orienfal Tri Delias go modern. SKIT NIGHT Presenfafion of frophies Pi Kappa Alpha wnns wufh "C Q Speciacular ,ff-Tx M.S.C ' -ws. . .. 1 x- " ,V '51 3 . . nu z . ' ,Al " 2l6 THEATER DEPARTMENT Piclured here are scenes from Jrhe Soulhern Players produclions of I96l-62. The major Eall produclion was "JB," a modern version of The Biblical boolc of Job. An annual evenl for rhe MSC Thealre Deparlrnenl is a i Children's play which Tours Jrowns in Mississippi and Louisiana. "Sleeping Beau+y," Jrhe I96l play, enlhralled many children and nerled an even higher allendance +ha+ lhe preceding year's play. Eor lheir Winrer produclion, lhe Sourhern Players presenled "Desire Under The Elms" by Eugene O'Neil. Scheduled for spring is an original play by Mary Eleanor Ellis abour a Mississippi family during lhe Civil War. The lille of lhis play is "The Cry of The Jay." ll From "JB," Willy Jones lzeusl and Don Hood lNiclrlesl discuss 'iheir plans io presenf a play, 'rhe sfory of Job. Sfan Gwin lEben Cabell and Judi+l1 Sussman lAbbyl in a scene from "Desire Under Hue Elms." l 1 i li 1 .E is ll il il il l l THESE PLAYS WERE PRESENTED NJ BH li Sleeping Beauty " 11 ll Desire Under the Elms "Cry of the Jay" prince Charming, in "Sleeping Beau+y," bends down fo walren Sleeping Beaufy. Barbara Earle Fagan direcis -llae male dancers in preperafion for "Damn Yankees." :ll Q 1:-. g Marlha Seleer lGlorial singing "Sl1oeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo." in "Damm Yankees." Loucincla Harringfon lMeg Boydl blows off sleam +o husband, Bill Marlon lJoe Boydl, for wafching baseball six monihs ou+ of every year. "DAMN YANKEES" l ALL CAMPUS MUSICAL Of all 'rhe evenls of flue school year, 'rlwe All-Campus Musical is undoubledly The lop higlwlighl. Under llme direclion of Gilberl F. l-larlwig. lasl year's produclion of Damm Yankees" proved mosl successful. Sludenfs from iusl aboul every deparlmenl on lhe campus worked logelher in a massive ioinl endeavor. "Damm Yankees" was Jrlwe Fiflh Annual All-Campus Musical presenlalion. Previous musicals were "l-ley Daze," "Brigadoon." "Guys and Dolls," and lasl year's "Oklahoma" Joe Hardy, porfrayed by Bruce Criswell, and Lola. porfrayecl by Sylvia Keeion ZI9 SUMMER STOCK This pasT summer marked The Third season oT The Misissippi SouThern Summer TheaTre. As in The summer preceding, The program was very successTul. In previous years guesT sTars Trom The communiTy made appearances, and The lasT season was no excepTion. Eddie I-lodges, famous sTar oT Broadway. appearing in The play. "Mrs McThing," was one oT The many highlighTs. Seven plays-"Boyfriend," "Laura," "Look Homeward Angel," "iv1rs. Mc-Thing," "Man in The Dog SuiT." "Picnic," and "Seven Year lTch"-composed The successful program Tor The I96l season. Sandi Howard sTars in "Man in a Dog Suit" T 3 x ,T N Marsha Jones and Walfer Ely in +he "Seven Year Heh." Carolyn Smallwood, former Miss Mississippi, and Don Hood as Madge and Hal in a scene from "Picnic." a Sara Lea Dea+on and Waller Ely in "Look Homeward Angel The SouThern Singers perform aT Chris+mas. SOUTHERN SINGERS The SouThern Singers, under The direcTion oT Dr. David FolTz. is The major choral organizaTion on The campus. This choir appears in concerTs on campus, ThroughouT The sTaTe, and in some insTances adjoining sTaTes. During Fall guarTer The SouThern Singers journeyed To New Orleans, in order To malce a recording Tor The Columbia BroadcasTing SysTem. On December I9 This recording was broadcasT coasT To coasT on The CBS neTworlc radio sTaTions To celebraTe The ChrisTmas season. Each Spring There is a sTaTe Tour made by The SouThern Singers, which is anoTher parT oT The public relaTion program oT The choir Tor The college. Dr. David Fol+z, direcior, and a group of The Soufhern Singers prac+ice. TT 222 .JA Churchyard scene from "Susannah." OPERA WORKSHOP The yearly produclion of Jrhe music division was "Oh Susannah" by Carlisle Floyd. This lopnolch produclion had Mr. Leonard Sroclcer as Hs produclion direclor and Mr. I-larris Crohn as Hs musical direclor. Appearing in lhe lead were Norman Treiqle, bass barilone of lhe New York Cily Cenler Opera. and Diana Slewarl as Susannah. The sfars-Norman Treigle and Diana Sfewarf. Whnymu' .4 4 D 1 THE GREEKS 224 T i l I l i l i i l l l Senior Panhellenic. Lefi' To Right Connie Shivers. Phi Mu: PresidenT: Mrs, lyah O. Wilber, Advisor, BeTTy Boyd, Tri DelTa, Vice PresidenTg Nancy Ramsay, Pi Phi, House Chairmang Wanda LeC5rone, Chi Omega, SecreTaryq Barbara Irving, DelTa ZeTag Nell BranTley, Kappa DelTa, Treasurer: Selena Parker, Alpha Sigma Alphag Sara Mercier, Tri Sigma, PubliciTy Chairman. Junior Panhellenic. LeTT To RighT: BeTTy Boyd, Advisory Peggy Williams, Chi Omega, PresidenTg Vicki Coles, Kappa Delfa, Vice PresidenTp Mrs. lvah O Wilber, Advisory Bobbi Gilley Alpha Sigma Alpha, Treasurer, Carole Cari michael, Phi Mu, T-louse Chairmang Mary BeTh Shoemaker, Tri Sigma, Secre- Taryg Kay Newman, Tri DelTag Sandra Gail Baker, Pi Phi, ReporTerg PaT Malone DelTa ZeTa, CourTesy Chairman. , 2 i l T 5 C? 225 4 V 32 Qawxxfim ?'..,9jjsg, . 14 sf' , at cf ag 1 'Hi -Q W '41 1 ' -- Agfa -iw ,' wr?" 1 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL The Panhellenic Council is an organizaTion of sororiTy women Trying To promoTe inTer-sororiTy cooperaTion, co-ordinaTe common inTeresTs and acTiviTies, and work wiTh The college adminisTraTion. Panhellenic sponsors a workshop on alTernaTe years. Each year a scholarship plaque is awarded To The so- roriTy wiTh The highesi' grade average. Each year Rush Week is opened wiTh The annual Panhellenic Tea. ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Colors: Crimson and WhiTe Flowers: AsTer and Narcissus Founded: Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, November I5, I90I lnsTalled: BeTa DeI+a aT M.S.C. in May, I938 Alpha Sigma Alpha is lcnown Tor iTs sisTerhood in connecTion wiTh service To oThers, Triendship and The closeness oT a Tamily. Alpha Sigs experience a sharing in The dreams, worlc, and play oT Their sisTers. The aims oT Alpha Sigma Alpha are To broaden The physical, inTellecTual, social, and spiriTual develop- menT oT iTs members. The major philosophy oT Alpha Sigma Alpha is a love oT liTe and a ioyous living oT ThaT liTe. Their mosT prominenT philanThropic proiecT concerns The menTally reTarded children, and This has broughT much happiness To The Alpha Sigs oT SouThern's campus. They donaTe money To help buy necessiTies Tor a local day school and also spend an aTTernoon aT The school and Talce The children educaTional Toys which have been made Tor Them. The Alpha Sigs are also proud To say They have permanenTly obTained The Panhellenic scholarship plague by having mainTained The highesT scholasTic average among sororiTies Tor Three consecuTive years, and some oT her mem- bers are in many ouTsTanding honorary socieTies such as Pi Kappa Pi, Phi DelTa Rho, Alpha Lambda DelTa and many oThers. ln The Tounding oT Alpha Sigma Alpha, Tive young women Toolc parT. They all wished To become members oT The same organizaTion in order To be able To share Their innermosT secreTs, And so, on November I5, I9Ol, Louise Cox, Virginia Boyd, Calva WaTson, Mary Williamson and JulieTTe l-lundley breaThed liTe inTo a sisferhaod which They were To share wiTh Thousands oT oThers in years To come. The Alpha Sigma Alpha pin emphasizes spiriTual, physical, inTellecTual, and social growTh. These may produce women oT poise, power, personaliTy and purpose, who shall be noTed Tor Their characTer, caliber, culTure, and charm. Alpha Sigma Alpha brings iTs members a rich heriTage To be zealously guarded and worThily enlarged by every pledge and iniTiaTe. Alpha Sigma Officers, le-TT To righT: Barbara Mills, Chaplain: PaT CanTerbury, SecreTary: KiTTy Car'Ter, Pledge Trainer, Selena Parker, Vice PresidenTg Linda T-lawlcins, Treasurer: Ish Seaman, PresidenT. i MEMBERS I Susan Bayerle, Jane Bennell, Adele Breland Callierine Busby, Eleanor Bynum, Gloria Byrd 2 Lyle Cannon, Palricia Canlerbury, Killy Car- ler, Clriarlien Collon, Linda Davis, Jane Dennis 3 Judy Dickerson, Linda Elkins, Clwarlolle Genlry, Barbara Gilley, Linda Hannon, Judy Hawkins. 4 Linda Hawkins, Roberla Hickman, Carole Hill, Elizabelli Ann Hollinqsworllw, Ann lfallnerine Jelcoal, Belly Carol Jones. 5 Tlwala Jones, Bella Juslice, Marqarel Jean Kalil, Gay Kilwyel, Lynda Kinlon, Bellye Jo Kniqlil. 6 Palsy Koonce, Marllna Jane Magee, Mary Nell Maxey, Marllia McBride, lna Jo McEllianey. Mary MCLaurin. 7 Carolyn McLean, Barbara Mills, Palsy Murray, Margarel Elaine Myall, Selena Parker, Judilli Dianne Puqli. 8 Diane Purvis, Jackie Sarlin, Marian Sclioeniger, Elizabelli Searnen, Kallileen Toomey, Earlene Tucker. NOT PICTURED: Lynn Carr, Gloria Gilliland, Donna Leverell, Nanci Ollull, Jan Slacy, Jimmie Claire Walley, Pallye Sue Walley. Elaine Yafes. Alpha Sigmas place in annual Song Fest q i ll M f Q i 6 MEMBERS I Mary Love Angelo, Carolyn Arbulhnol, Marlha Blaize, Sue Brearh, Ann Burnham, Carolyn Ann Caldwell. 2 Calhy Denlon, Chrisline Dowdle, Janice Evers. Mary Vela Forbes, Jo Ann Gray, Jerry Hall. 3 Nancy l-lamil, Nancy Drew l-lunl, Sandra Jaclr- son, Belly Johnson, Carol Johnslon, Wanda l.e Grone. 4 Mayze Maclcrell, Peggy McCay, Claire Mellon, Jane Meredilh, Beverly Parlr, Dianne Parlcer, 5 Beclry Phillips, Mary Jo Provine, Mary Jane Reed, Margarer Saerre, Rulhie Schoeniger, Karen Shull, 6 Myralynn Smilh, Diana Slewarl, Juclilh Sullle Carolyn Kay Thompson, Alice Wenlworlh, lrene Willcinson. 7 Peggy Williams. NOT PICTURED: Carolyn Anderson, Ginny Auslin, Caroline Birchelle, Dollie Cool, Emily England, Nancy Ferrell, Nancy Fife, Evelyn Francis, Phyllis l-liclrs, Page Jones, Carolyn May, Anila Claire McRae, Linda Riller, Madelyn Rouse, Carolyn Swilzer, and Mary Virginia Wilson. Chi Omegas homecoming is Ist in beaufy. CHI OMEGA Flower: While Carnafion Colors: Cardinal and Slraw Founded: Universily of Arkansas, April 5, I895 lnsfalledz Epsilon Della al' M.S.C., April 23, I949 Chi Omega was organized ai ihe Universily ol Arlcarisas on April 5, i895 by Dr. Charles Richardson, Ina Mae Boles, Jean Vincenheller Jobelle l'lol combe, and Alice Simonds. The ilower is a while carnarion and The colors are cardinal and slraw. Epsilon Delia chapier came 'ro Mississippi Sourhern College on April 23, i949. Chi Omega siresses The lormaiion oi lasiing iriendships, lis purposes are rhe aiiainmenr ol superior scholarship, rhe developmeni oi womanly char acier, and pariiciparion in social and civic services. Chi Omega was The iirsi lraierniiy io organize social and civic services as a deiiniie policy of 'rhe ira ierniiy, On a naiiorial basis, Chi Omegas conlribuiions are The Service Eund Siudies, membership in The Personnel Research Eederalion, and The Naiional Achievemenl Award, which is preseriied annually lor The purpose oi recog nizing eminence ol women in The fields ol educaiion, business, arr, science Parlicipaiion in campus aciiviries is one of The policies of Chi Omega. Some ol Epsilon Del'ra's aciiviries include having a l-lalloween pariy following lormal rush season honoring all sororiry pledges, sponsoring an infer-lraierniiy Song Eesiival preceding rhe Chrisimas holidays, and offering an annual award io Lhe woman who is superior in social srudies. Individual Chi Omegas are found in Alpha Lambda Delia: Pi Kappa Phig Pi Tau Chip and 'ihey hold such honors as Dormiiory oiiicers and Counselors: Senalorsy Class Oiiicersg Beauiiesq ATO Sweeihearip R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Ten Besr Dressed: Religious Emphasis Weelc Commirree oi IOO: and oihers. Orher evenis ol rhe Chi Omega year include slumber parries and supper meelings in ihe room, a lvlolher-Daughler Bariguei: a pariy al Chrislmas for underprivileged children: While Carnalion Weelc and Eleusinian Banqueig a dare Chrislmas parlyp and a spring formal. These occasions are iusr a iew in which Chi Omegas galher io share 'rheir muiual ideals and lo sirengihen 'rheir sisierhood and love lor Chi Omega. 'Chi Omega Officers, lefl- +o righh Mariha Blaize, Vice Presideniq Carolyn Caldwell, Pres denfg Mary Jo Provine, Pledge Trainer: Carolyn Swiizer, Secreiaryg Myralynn Smiih, Treasurer 9' f 'CU 'B ,E CF and public aiciairs. 1 I DELTA DELTA DELTA Flower: Pansy Colors: Silver, Gold, and Blue Founded: BosTon UniversiTy on Thanksgiving Eve, l888 InsTalled: Phi Epsilon aT M.S.C., May, I95I Each year aT Thanlcsgiving, Tri DelTas everywhere commemoraTe The occasion oT I888 aT BosTon UniversiTy when Sara lda Shaw, Eleanor Dorcas Pond, Isabel Morgan Breed, and Florence Isabelle STewarT Tools an oaTh of loyalTy To DelTa DelTa DelTa PraTerniTy. Since iTs Tounding Tri DelTa has expanded inTo one oT The largesT oT The 3I NPC groups wiTh 105 chapTers in The UniTed STaTes and Canada, wiTh a membership of over 65,000 young women. Our purpose has been, Trom The beginning, To esTablish a perpeTual bond oT Triendship beTween our members, To develop a sTronger and more womanly characTer, To increase The inTellecTual liTe, and To assisT our members and oThers in every possible way. The symbols ThaT guide Tri DeITas ThroughouT The naTion are The pansy, pine Tree, TridenT, Three pearls and crescenT. Tri DelTa is proud To have been The TirsT TraTerniTy To esTablish an endowmenT Tund, To compile a chapTer hisTory, To hold a naTional leadership school, and To esfablish a cenTral oTTice. Tri DelTa begins her social year wiTh The honoring oT her new pledges wiTh an all-campus Bermuda hop. ThroughouT The year, we have a ChrisTmas dance Tor Tri DelTas and Their daTes, a Founders' Day Banquet Pansy BrealcTasT Tor Tri DeI+as and Their nnoThers, Spring Tormal and "Pine ParTy" Tor underpriv- ileged children, The many inTormal geT-TogeThers include coke parTies, sing- songs, and "apple polishing parTies" Tor our alumnae. Tri DelTa is a TraTerniTy devoTed To The principles oT Triendship, love, and sisTerhood. Membership in DelTa DelTa DelTa carries wiTh iT The joy oT high endeavor, The pleasure oT close associaTions which resulT in liTe-long Triend- ships. As we oT Tri DelTa believe sTrongly in The goodness of TraTerniTies and because oT whaT Tri DelTa means To us, we say, "Tri DelTa is Tor always." Tri DelTa Officers, leTT To righT: Robbie Coclcerham, PresidenTg Carole Coleman, Recording Secrefaryg Ginny Risher, Vice President Sherry Cravey, Marshall. C7 S7 f-9 T7 gg' fix an ir' QB? Qryl We .4 MEMBERS I Gail Bennell, Marrha Boone, Cookie Bowers, Belly Boyd, Juaniia Brau, Barbara Bregan. 2 Robbie Cockerham, Carole Coleman, Caroline Collins, Berry Cooper, Carolyn Couriney, Lee Craig. 3 Sherry Crayey, Barbara Dix, Jordan Dykes, Charlene Ezell, Andrea Farrow, June Hines. 4 Vicki Hughes, Noelle Jeflcoai, Judirh Jordan, Mary Kalherine Kennedy, Linda Lee, Sally Mansfield. 5 Par McClain, Jane McKenzie, Barbara Monr- gomery, Rebecca Murphree, Elizabeih Neelly, Kay Newman. 6 Nancy Phillips, Kay Pickens, Gay Nell Rea, Ginny Risher, Vivian A, Rushing, Linda Schmidl. 7 Sharon Shirey, Judy Sims, Amy Smiih, Dorofhy June Smiih, Virginia Soiourner, Barbara Slacy. 8 Bonnie Taylor, Lynn Taylor, Marie Thames, Carol Thomas, Jean Trippe, Janie Vincent 9 Lyn Vincenr, June Wood. NOT PICTURED: Nancy Ellzey, Ginny Ford, Lillian Gayden, Diane Maley, Charlene Phillips, Jean Rawls, Belly Smirh, Frances Smirh, Berry Sfrail, and Carh- erine Temple. Tri Delfas enferiain ai' fhe Firebug Parfy. MEMBERS I Elizabelh Beeson, Claudia Benlce, Lydia Brad- shaw, Belle Braswell, Linda Carolyn Brinlcman, Lucy Brondum, 2 Barbara Brown, Donna Carpenler, Janelle Clark, Jenny DeBardelaben, Mary Elizabeih Dosfer Laura Dowdle. 3 Linda Gabrich, Linda Gilmore, Darlyne Green- ouqh, Adah Grenn, Mary Palmer Harrison, Bar- bara Ann Hoffman. 4 Barbara Irving, Lynn Jaclr, Sherrill Johnson, Mary Anne Johnslon, Toni Jones, Kafhy Kersh. 5 Dorolhy Ann Lequay, Carol Lloyd, Gloria Low- man, Sandra McGill, BeHyVPowell, Ella Jo Russell. 6 Elizabelh Ann S+, Clair, Carolyn Slcinner, Marlha Slennelr, Shirley Sfennelf, Sunny Sumrall, Charlene Sullon. 7 Palricia Tindell, Ann Traylor, Beclry Underwood, Charlolle Ulsey, Susie Anne Walls. NOT PICTURED: Cedelia Box, Marqarel' l-lancoclc, Difxnne Kirlc- land, Sue Ledyard, Pal Malone, Julie Maslcew, Dianne McClain, Cookie Pralher, and Marlha Swifzler. Delia Zeta Homecoming float. li. DELTA ZETA Flower: The Killarney Rose Colors: Old Rose and Vieus Green Founded: Miami Universify, Ocfober 24, I902 lnsfalled: Epsilon Mu af M.S.C., Sepfember 23, I956 The obiecf of Delfa Zefa is fo unife ifs members in fhe bonds of sincere and lasfing friendship, fo sfimulafe one anofher in fhe pursuif of knowledge, fo promofe fhe morals and social culfure of ifs members, and fo develop plans for guidance and unify in acfion: obiecfs worfhy of fhe highesf aim and pur- pose of associafed efforf. The chain of Delfa Zefa friendship is being widened each year fhrough ifs Nafional Philanfhropic Program known as 'Uhdvenfures in Friendship." DZ as- sisfs in fhe work being done by Gallaudef College, fhe only college in fhe world devofed fo rraining young people who are deaf. Ofher philanfhropies include purchasing hearing aids for underprivileged children and supporfing a pafienf. Also on fhe Nafional level, Delfa Zefa sponsors fhe only hospifal in fhe world for l-lansens disease. DZ chapfers all over fhe Unifed Sfafes, in Alaska and l-lawaii, adopf a pafienr af fhe hospifal and senf leffers and good will giffs fhroughouf rhe Year. On The local level, fhe Winfer Carnival was held fhis year for fhe firsf fime. The proceeds were given fo Mrs. Wilbur for a Panhellenic Scholarship Fund, and fo Dr. Nau for fhe Danforfh Chapel chimes. Also for fhe firsf fime, Delfa Zefas made and decoraled sfuffed animals for Chrisfmas presenfs fo fhe children af Play Haven, fhey also gave a childrens parfy in fhe sororify room af which four children were given a giff from each girl Af 'lhe beginning of fhe year 'rhe new DZ pledges are honored wifh a bane quef af fhe l-loliday Inn where "Big Sisfersu are announced. Delfa Zefas also celebrafe Founders' Day wifh a banquef, a lvlofher-Daughfer Banguef, a Chrisfe mas Dance, and a Spring Formal. The lasf week of pledging is spenf in l'Rose Week" in Delfa Zefa, which consisfs of parfies, gaiefy, and ceremony before fhe final inifiafion. Beffe Braswell, Recording Secrelaryg Becky Underwood, Presidenfg Jenny DeBardelaben, Susie WaHs, Isl' Vice Presidenf. - 'ix i k an i Q as X. P v i 5 mums- - s N Corresponding Secrefaryg Charlene Suffon, Treasurer: Charloffe Ufsey, 2nd Vice Presidenfg ..1.-fx-,- ...Jp A ..f 1 Y Af --fvfigqymii yy-I I AAIA fe-f1W,,i-i,:MhL:y Sl KAPPA DELTA Colors: Olive Green and Pearl Whife Flower: Whife Rose Founding: Ocfober 23, I897, Longwood College, Farmville, Va. lnsfalled: Befa Sigma af M.S.C., May I4, I949 Kappa Delfa's hisfory is a sfory of friendship, of high ideals, and of loyal service. lf was founded by four young college girls, Mary Sommerville Sparks, Julia Tyler Wilson, Sara Turner Whife, and Leanora Ashmere Blackisfon, who soughf fo creafe a beaufiful symbol for fheir aspirafions and fo perpefuafe fheir friendship far info fhe fufure. Their four primary obiecfives were sisfer- hood, scholarship, social inferesf, and service, and fhese have been expanded and sfrengfhened by many fhousands of loyal college women who have formed fheir closesf fies wifhin ifs bonds and found self-expression in building ifs organizafion. In fhe close relafionships befween Kappa Delfa members and pledges foday, fhey sfrive fo meef sisferhood and scholarship ideals. Since l92 I, Kappa Delfas fhroughouf fhe counfry have faken parf in aiding crippled children. We poinf wifh pride fo work wifh crippled children as ifs Nafional Philanfhropy, On fhe local level, Befa Sigma Chapfer of Kappa Delfa has many social service proiecfs such as providing milk for under-privileged school children, disfribufing baskefs of food fo fhe less-forfunafe, giving a Chrisfmas parfy for fhe needy children, and helping during fimes of local emergency. On Honors Day. a women's inframural frophy is presenfed by Kappa Delfa. Annually, fhe KD Pledge class sponsors a "Parade of Talenf," which gives falenfed lv1.S.C. sfudenfs an opporfunify fo perform compefifively before an audience. Social acfivifies are an imporfanf parf of Kappa Delfa. During fhe year, fhose evenfs which are mosf memorable are fhe Pledge Banguef Chrisfmas Dance, Offices Banquef, Spring Formal, and Whife Rose Week Parfies. A Kappa Delfa Lady is a composife of widely varying inferesfs and falenfs. In her affempf fo "sfrive for fhaf which is Honorable, Beaufiful, and Highest" a Kappa Delfa is found in Phi Delfa Rho, Dixie Darlings, Who's Who, Alpha Lambda Delfa, religious organizafions, Homecoming Courf, Vesper Choir, and fhe Beaufy Ball. Kappa Delfa Officers, leff fo righf: Belle Jo Wall, Edifor: Bonnie Dale, Vice Presidenf: Mignhon Welch, Presidenlg Gaye Schrock, Assf, Treasurer: Bonnie Purvis, Secrefaryg Char- loffe Elam, Membership Chairman: Gail Hill, Treasurer. C7 MEMBERS I Anne Robin Aulrey, Rebecca Barlow, Diana Jo Bilbo, Linda Blankenship, Susan Bolen, llell Branrley. 2 Ann Bryan, Delores Burns, Bellye Burruss, Elea- nor Campbell, Dianne Carpenrer, Elene Cobb. 3 Nona Sue Coleman, Viclri Coles, Donna Colila, Dale Cousarl, Bonnie Dale, Elnor Davis. 4 Judy Davis, Caroline Dean, Charlolle Elam, Donna Jo Everell, Mary Jo Fairchild, Mary Lee Eosler. 5 Alice l'-lalberl, Gail l-lill, Charla l-loward, Bar- bara Jo Hughes, Barbara Hughes. Sylvia Kee- lon. 6 Diane Kelly, Susan Kerr, Rebecca Leilch, Caro' lyn Mailre, Mary Marlin, Muriel McCariy. 7 Gail McCormick, Diane Pearce, Jeanelre Per- kins, Hope S. Prarr, Sponsor, Bonnie Purvis, Jaynee Reeves. 8 Marquerile Richmond, Gaye Schrock, Marcia Schroclc, Marylen Smilh, Marion Slewarl, Linda Emma Viqnes. 9 Diane Wallrer, Belle Jo Wall, Mignhon Welch, Barbara Whires, Nona Whillinglon, NOT PICTURED: Carol Allen, Millie Ball, Shirley Carlson, Pamela Chason, Barbara Earl Fagan, Gail Gunler, and Emily Smilh, and Judi Berlcman. Kappa Delfas en+er'l'ain rushees wi+h a fashion show. Bl 'E 'T' MEMBERS I Palsy Brewer, Carolyn Boulwell, Lorelei Cadwell, Sarah Ellen Campbell, Sharon Canfield, Carole Carmichael. 2 Jill Elaine Casey, Carolyn Cox, Marlha Croslh- wail, George Ann Davis, Libby Davis, Dol Dill. 3 Sissye Dill, Mandy Donohue, Vallie Befh Gar- re++, Jerry Ann Hall, Cissie Harris, Peggy Hyd- riclc. 4 Winnie Len lngrarn, Beverly King, Nancy Faye Lane, Nan Lalirner, Palli Lynd, Ann MacDonald. 5 Belly Lou Mcl-larfie, Sandra McNeill, Janice Moore, Bonnie Murray, Mary Elizabelh Ridle- hoover, Janice Rogers. 6 Connie Shivers, Grace Srnilh, Judy Anna Speed, Susan Slaley, Janef Swicegood, Barbara Wilc- slrand. 7 Susan Wilson. NOT PICTURED: Jackie Allen, Sara Anderson, Joyce Drigallo, Mary Gilliland, Memrie Johnson, and Carol Kessel. Phi Mu's win for originalify. il' PHI MU Flower: Rose CarnaTion Colors: Rose and WhiTe Founcled: Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, March 4, I852 lnsTalled: Alpha Omicron aT M.S.C. in I950 Phi Mu is lisTed among The largesT oT The NaTional TraTerniTies wiTh chapTers in universiTies and colleges in mosT oT The TiTTy sTaTes. Three young girls in Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, Tounded Phi Mu over a hundred years ago, as The PhilomaThean SocieTy. These Three girls planned and developed The organizaTion. On March 4, I852, The esTablish- menT OT The PhilomaThean SocieTy was announced. This daTe Phi Mu has cele- braTed as Founders' Day. ln l900, The PhilomaThean SocieTy Took The TirsT sTep Toward becoming a Greek leTTer TraTerniTy when The leTTers Phi Mu were adopTed To symbolize The PhilomaThean secreT moTTo. ln l904, The TraTerniTy was incorporaTed under The laws oT The STaTe oT Georgia, granTing iT The righT To place chapTers in oTher colleges ThroughouT The UniTed STaTes. The Alpha Omicron ChapTer oT Phi Mu holds a PhilomaThean T-lour in honor OT our Tounders. This hour is devoTed To a culTural program. Many speakers in varied Tields have been presenT. Each monTh we have a social service proiecT, Qne phrase oT our creed, "To lend To Those less TorTunaTe a helping hand," is The moTivaTing Torce oT Phi Mu's social service program. Phi Mu sTreTches ouT her hand in many direcTions. Each Tall we have a Pledge BangueT and a ChrisTmas Dance. During The re- mainder oT The year, we have a ValenTine BanqueT, a MoTher-DaughTer Ban- queT, and a Spring Formal. Besides our own TradiTions, Phi Mu's are acTive in all campus acTiviTies. We sTrive To help make our campus The BiggesT and The BesT. Phi Mu has a glorious pasT, a brillianT presenT, and looks Torward To The TuTure wiTh uTmosT conTidence-a TuTure ThaT is based on iTs heriTage and ideals, iTs sTrengTh in organizaTion, numbers and resources, developed Through over a cenTury oT conTinuous advancemenT. Phi Mu Officers, leff To righT: Mandy Donohue, SecreTaryg Laney Casey, Vice PresidenTg BeTTy Lou McHaTTie, Pledge Trainer, Ann Macdonald, President 'L g,, C? Kfx 'Q' 'FR C i , M 1' Q NP-:T PI BETA PHI Flower: Wine Carnalion Colors: Wine Red and Silver Blue Founded: April 28, I867, a+ Monmoulh College, Monmouih, Illinois lnsfalledz Mississippi Alpha al' M.S.C., April 8, I96l Mississippi Alpha chapler oi Pi Bela Phi was insialled April 8, l96l. The girls oi Mississippi Alpha chapler ialce greal pride in being lhe lO5Jrh chapler of Pi Bela Phi. The golden arrowhead, 'rhe pledge pin, is a lovely symbol of ihe girls' Tirsi pledge io Pi Bela Phi, She always wears lhe arrowhead poiniing slcyward 'ro- ward greaier and higher ihings. Jusi as her pledge sisier wears her arrowhead poiniing upward, lhe aciive member wears her slender arrow poinlring upward. The aciive pin is an inch long Arrow sei wilh diiiereni siones. One oi Jrhe mosl inieresiing Jrhings aboui Pi Bela Phi is ils philanlhropic proiecl-"The Seiilemeni School." Nearly iiiiy years ago, Pi Phi ieli ihai if had grown so much wiihin iiseli Jrhal ii was lime for ii io expand and spread ils good gualiiies over a grealer area. The Grand Council aslced The Com- missioner on Educaiion oi ihe Uniied Siaies in whal area ihe iraierniiy could do lhe mosi good. The Commissioner insirucled Jrhe iralerniiy lo provide some sori of schooling for 'rhe children oi ihe Wesl Tennessee l-lills. The ira- 'rernily prompily esiablished iis Seiilemenl School in Gailinburg. The children ihal are reached by ihis Seillemeni School are children who would have noi ordinarily had lhe opporiuniiy lo go lo school. Through lhe Selilemenr School ihe adulls and children are also laughi handicraiis, and The goods lhey produce are sold Jrhrough Jrhe Arrow-crail Shop in Gallinburg and Jrhrough Pi Bela Phi Alumnae Clubs all over 'rhe Uniled Siaies. ln addilion io Hs philanihropic worlc, Pi Bela Phi has many fellowships and scholarships. The iraiernily seelcs io enable ils members io become noble women ihrough religious, social, and inielleciual developmeni and io develop sirong bonds of iriendship lhrough Wine and Silver Blue. Pi Phi Officers, lei-l 'lo right: Joyce Sanders, Pledge Trainer: Sandy McLeod, Rush Capiaing Fredrica Geiger, President Caihy Crandall, Treasurer, Nancy Ramsey, Recording Secreiaryi Judy Siill, Vice Presidenl. C7 MEMBERS I Barbara Askew, Sandra Gail Baker, Judy Clark Callny Crandall. 2 Carol Fleck, Donna Gamble, Fre-drica Geiger Renae Gray. 3 Evelyn l-lill, Emily Jones, Bobbie McKinnon Sandra McLeod. 4 Eclifli Ann Miller, Helen Murplwey. Carleen Ne- caise. Madeline Nelson. 5 Susan Nickol, Rosemary Oliplwinl, Susan Parker Melissa Pearson, 6 Killy Punessen, Nancy Ramsay, Joyce Sanders Judy Srill. 7 Sandra Sririlz, Lynda Zirklebaclw. NOT PICTURED: Barbara Bilbo, Mary Harris, Carolyn Mikkle- 'ro-n, Susan Seeber, Sara Slrinqer, and Joanne Walls. Pi Phi pledges enjoy a poolside parfy. 'Y fi-K A fax .A . . Nefw:1z1gg,g.esN an " ., S Q X A ' rw , f. I ,g s Zi, wiv - o f Q-if '- s.:fs-fxxvfv s , s.-125532 . 9- , -1 "1 I X 'QQ-. - . 1 eww ,Y f V , ra S ,V gg ff in 'S' :B ' 'i ' ' , wf' , ,, , V ifxs- W X l MEMBERS I Brenda Alford, Dianne Alford, Delores Ann Allen, Marie Berqeron, Palsy Tom Berry, Mary Alice Bollinq, 2 Andrea Bond, Mary Bradford, Brenda Burclw, Rebecca Barfles, Susan Clemenls, Barbara Jean Cleveland. 3 Carol Lea Elces, Belinda Fielder, Olivia Folds, Mary Ellen Harrod, Alva M, Horclman, Peggy l-lnnler. 4 Jo Ann Jens, Janice L. Jones, Clwarlyn Maguire, Clwarlolle McClary, Donna McLaurin, Sara Mercier. 5 Sandra Myriclc, Frances Lynn Nelson, Belly Lou Olson, Pal Penn, Jean Piclrefl, Barbara Rawls. 6 Carol Ros, Sandra Saxon, Mary Bellw Slioemalre, Nell Showers, Ann Srniflw, Marllwa Tuclrer. 7 Barbara Ulsey, Linda Wardlaw, Joy Wesf, Rob- in Lee Woodward. NOT PICTURED: Maroarel Adarns, Kallwy Barr, Sarali Brown, Ellen Earl, Lynda Fairley, Sharon Harrison Doyleen Lyon, Jane Millelle, Teddi Movan Calliy Primrose, and Pafricia Srni+l'1. Tri Sigmas Homecoming float 4. '- . Q It Q f-5 E' l X-Q ""'T I9 K 4 be i C"'7 'T' l V.. .1 Q i'-W'l"VE - K," 240 W 44 ' -J. , ir' ,- 'Y 1-" fa: 'N-G. Yi' SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Flower: Purple VioleT Colors: Royal purple and whiTe Founclecl: Songwoocl College, Farmville, Virginia, on April 20, I898 lnsTalled: Alpha Sigma aT M.S.C., in I937. Sigma Sigma Sigma was Tounded on April 20, l898, aT Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, The iewel oT The sororiTy is The pearl. Alpha Sigma chapTer, insTalIed in I937, was The TirsT naTional sororiTy To be esTablished aT Mississippi SouThern College. The sororiTy was Tounded wiTh a desire To help iTs members develop high ideals oT characTer and conTidence, To esTablish lasTing Triendf ships, and To produce well-rounded, selT-relianT women in group living. Tri Sigma's main phiIanThropic Theme is "Sigma serves children." Through This Theme, Tri Sigma has esTablished The Robbie Page Memorial Fund. Alpha Sigma chapTer, along wiTh oTher Sigmas ThroughouT The UniTed STaTes, helps supporT The Robbie Page Memorial l-lospiTal aT Chapel l-lill, NorTh Carolina. Tri Sigma aT SouThern ranlced TourTh This pasT year in The naTion in conTribu- Tions To The hospiTal. Tri Sigma has also Turnished The John Randolph Chilf dren's Library in Virginia. Locally The sororiTy gives a baslceT aT Thanksgiving, and enTerTains The reTarded children aT Play l-laven School aT a iiGeTTing ready Tor ChrisTmas" parTy. The chapTer also parTicipaTes in The March oT Dimes and l-learT Tund drives in l-laTTiesburg. Socially, Tri Sigmas enioy an annual spring Tormal, Tounders' day banquet ChrisTmas dance, ChrisTmas member-pledge parTy, Sigma weelc, and spend- The-nighT parTies. Tri Sigma also sponsors The "0uTsTanding pledge award' each year on awards day. Each year a pledge Trom each sororiTy is nominaTed Tor her ouT- sTanding abiliTies boTh in The sororiTy and in campus acTiviTies. The winner chosen by a selecfed commiTTee receives a loving cup. Tri Sigmas aT SouThern boasT an evenTTul year: in Oclrober, They were hosTess To GulT Regional meeT when Tri Sigmas Trom Louisiana, Mississippi. and Florida visiTed The campus: in April, The sororiTy will celebraTe iTs TwenTy- TiTTh year aT Mississippi SouThern, and in June, iT will be The hosTess chapTer To Sigma Sigma Sigmas NaTional ConvenTion. Tri Sigma OFficers, leff To rigI1T: Becky BuTTles, Keeper oT Grades, Jo Ann Jens. Vice Presi- denTg Brenda AlTord, Recording SecreTaryg Andie Bond, PresidenTg Sara Mercier Corre- sponding SecreTaryg Brenda Burch, Treasurer. , me 3? 1721? QW . Cla I A- SIX s 1 I T 5 lf S i MmsmeE!qmqAwvil.m:f.v , mmm- . vase" iam Kappa Del+as riS igm XS as suppori' fhe S THE Fi we Qu QQWU X5 oox SORORITY SNAPS :J LeH fo Righh Dale Bolkis, Kappa Sigma: Roberf l-lishon, Kappa Alpha: Mike Mailre, Alpha Tau Omega: l-lenry Aparicio, Alpha Tau Omega: Richard Wilson, Pi Kappa Alpha: Dave Fosfer, Acacia: Mike Kava- naugh, Sigma Phi Epsilon: Angelo Falasca, Kappa Sigma. Second Row: Marlow Robinson, Acacia: Gene Carlisle, Alpha Tau Omega: Linus Marlin, Pi Kappa Alpha: Charlie Blocker, Phi Kappa Tau: Thomas Deas, Sigma Phi Epsilon: Johnny Pearson, Sigma Phi Epsilon: Joe Johnson, Phi Kappa Tau: Bill S'rerriH, Kappa Sigma: Dan Pearce, Acacia: Clay Swanzy, Phi Kappa Tau: Bill Nelson, Pi Kappa Alpha: Wayne Barron, Alpha Tau Omega: T. R. Brady, Kappa Alpha. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL IFC Officers. Leff fo Righh Dick Wilson, Vice Presidenf: Henry Apuricio, Presidenl: Mike Maifre, Secrelary. Second Row: Dave Fosrer, Treasaurer Michael Kavanaugh, Parliamenfarian. 243 The lnlerfralernify Council is an organizaliori com- posed of 1'he seven irarerniries on Sou+hern's campus All fralerniries are bound by 'rhe rules and decisions of lhe organizalion. The purpose of rhe council is lo acl as a governing body of iralerniries, promoie berler harmony and co- operalion berween lralernilies, and advance 'rhe in- leresl ol Mississippi Soulhern af all limes. One of Jrhe primary duries of 'rhe IEC is 'rhe esrab- lishing of rules relaling 'ro rushing, pledging, and ini- 'rialion of lralerniiy men. ln doing lhis. The IEC 'fries 'ro insure fairness lo The rushee as well as lo each indi- vidual iraiernily. IBN li" MEMBERS l Ronald Ashley, Richard Balius, Warren Brad- berry, Alfred Cole, James Craig, Henry Davis. 2 James Dayis, Floyd Flowers, David Fosier, Wil- liam Goclsby, Gerald Guinn, George Gunler. 3 John P, Harringlon, Gaines Haslrew, James Hol- land Curlis Landers, Fred Lewier, Roberi Lilly. 4 William Manning, William Mansfield, William Miller, Leonard Napier, Roberi Neely, John Norris. 5 Daniel Pearce, Wallace Pezenl, Ralph Pinclcley. Cecil Rrenliss, Roscoe Priebe, Niclc Rislc. 6 Crawiord Robinson, Howard Robinson, Marion Ruff, Sleven Sanders, James Schwariz, Edwin Shuberi. 7 Frank Sibley, Gerald Smiih, Rodney Smiih, Donald Solomon, Lamar Siarlcey. Alfred Sfill- man. 8 William Wiggins, James Yancy. NOT PICTURED: James Collins, Thomas Haynes, Marvin Mon- eiie, James Odom. lnvi'ra+ion Banquet Lefi' +o Righf: MSC's Ven- erable Dean Dicl: Balius receiving The gavel from LSU's Venerable Dean Jerry Swini. ACACIA Flower: Bloom of Acacia Evergreen Colors: Old Gold and Black Founded: May l2, I904, UniversiTy of Michigan Acacia FraTerniTy was Tounded in l904 aT The UniversiTy oT Michigan by a group oT MasTer Masons. Acacia is designed Tor MasTer Masons, sons and broThers OT Masons, and Those persons willing To uphold and carry on The TradiTions and principles oT Acacia. l-laying been Tounded by Masons, The de- sire was greaT Tor a name ThaT would have Masonic signiTicance, raTher Than a mere combinaTion oT Greek leTTers. The name of our FraTerniTy, ACACIA. is English Tor The Greek word AKAKIA, which is rich in Masonic signiTicance and which means liTerally, "everlasTing life." Since The days oT William l-Toward TaTT and William Jennings Bryan, boTh Acacians, There have been Acacians aT The TronT in leadership and responsible posiTions ThroughouT The UniTed STaTes. Acacia FraTerniTy began aT Mississippi SouThern College in January, l96O, as The Acacia Club. This sTaTus was held unTil April I, l96O, when members were pledged in The l-laTTiesburg Masonic Temple by The members oT The Louisiana STaTe UniversiTy ChapTer oT Acacia. ATTer This The group became known as The Acacia Colony, This sTaTus was held unTil being insTalled as an acTive chapTer oT The Acacia FraTerniTy on March 5, l96i. Since being on campus, Acacia has won TirsT place in TraTerniTy house decoraTions Tor Home- coming I96Op The pledge class scholarship Trophy presenTed by Phi ETa Sigma, and because oT The consTrucTive acTiviTies which The pledges performed during Their iniTiaTion week was presenTed The "Help Week Trophy" on Awards Day l96l, This was The TirsT year ThaT The Trophy was presenTed. Acacia is builT on parTicipaTion in campus IiTe, high moral principles, and scholarships, coupled wiTh a well rounded social program. The social acTiviTies include pledge swaps, ChrisTmas parTy, homecoming TesTiviTies, "NiTe on The Nile" cosTume ball, SweeThearT Ball or The Black and Gold Formal, Song FesT, Greek Week AcTiviTies and parTicipaTion in college acTiviTies. Acacia Offices. Leff To RighT: John P. Harrinqlon, Senior Dean: Donald C. Solomon, Rush Chairman: Ralph A. Pinckley, Junior Dean: Crawford M. Robinson, Venerable Dean, David E. Fosfer, Treasurer. M a spew, ALPHA TAU OMEGA Flower: Whife Tea Rose Colors: Sky Blue and Gold Founded: V.M.l., Sepfember ll, l865 Alpha Tau Omega was Tounded in l865, aT Virginia MiliTary lnsTiTuTe, in Richmond, Va. IT was The TirsT naTional TraTerniTy Tounded Tollowing The Civil War and iTs aims is To bring closer harmony beTween The people oT The UniTed STaTes. The moTTo is evidence oT The TraTerniTy's purpose. "No NorTh, No SouTh, No EasT, No WesT, buT one greaT naTion heaven blesT." Epsilon Upsilon ChapTer was charTered on November 9, l949, aT Mississippi SouThern. To daTe There are IZO acTive chapTers in 50 sTaTes and BriTish Co- lumbia. Every TraTerniTy has iTs housemoTher bu+ The ATO's are especially proud oT ours, Mrs. Dora McCarver, "Do Do" as she is lcnown, came To The ATO's in I955. Since Then, she has been a moTher To many ATO's. Our aThleTic Teams have compiled an excellenT record over The pasT years. For The pasT Two years ATO has won TirsT place in baslceTball. OTher TirsT places This year are volleyball and swimming. This year The homecoming TloaT Trophy was added To Two March of Dimes Trophies Tor The pasT Two years, also ATO placed second in bowling and The annual Song FeasT. ATO's are acTive in all phases oT campus acTiviTy. They have represenTaTives in SOA, SCF, The STudenT PrinTz, DelTa Sigma Pi, and VarsiTy AThleTics. OTher represenTaTives are in Omicron DelTa Kappa leadership TraTerniTy and The presidenT and secreTary oT The lnTerTraTerniTy Council. Many evenTs highlighT The ATO Social Calendar. Some are The l-lalloween ParTy, Orchid Ball, l-louse ParTy, ChrisTmas ParTy, Saclc ParTy, PaTio ParTy, Pledge ParTy, and The Senior BanqueT. Among our Tamous alumni are playwrighT, Tennessee Williams: SenaTor James EasTlandg "Pie" Vann, head TooTball coach: and Dr. William D. McCain, PresidenT oT Mississippi SouThern College. Alpha Tau Omega Officers. Lefl' To Righf, Fronf Row: Ed PeTro, Vice President Mike MaiTre, PresidenT3 Wesley WrighT, Treasurer: Charles Assaf, Corresponding SecreTary. Second Row: ScoTT Nash, SenTinelg Henry Aparicio, Repor'Terg Don Boccia, Usher: Terry BeThea, House Managerg Harold Marsh, Scribe. ln' Q-..,, ef? up--. U-I 177 3 aw- 3' vig, 9 to G21 ...ev MEMBERS I Bill Anderson, Henry Aparicio Bob Arenrsen, Charles Assaf, Burch A.ull, Richard Bahr, Ad- visor, Wayne Barron. Jim Balchelor, Sam Bella, Terry Belhea, Don Boccia, Bob Bryan, Milce Busby, Berlceley Bush. 3 Gene Carlisle, Alex Claylon, Tony Deliranco, George DiPasquale, Wilson Ellis, Bill Endress, Terry Everelfe. 4 Torn Eyerelle, Henry Fonlanills, Milce Galligan, Bob Harger, Bill Harrison, Charley Hauser, Charles Heidelberg. 5 Finley Hewes, Bobo Honeycull, Ron Hudson, Fanr Hulsey, Pody Jones, Tom Jones, Dave Kanady. 6 Bill Koehle, James L'Ascas-so, Roberl Linden- born, Bob Lippleman, Bill Maddox, Milne Maifre, Wayne Manley. 7 Harold Marsh, Richie Malule, Pele Maurer, Howard McCain, Arlie McGraw, Morris Mea- dor, Russ Miller, 8 Riclc Miolon, Jim Morgan, Paul Morgan, Lesler Neely, George Owen, Allan Perro, Andy Perro. 9 Bobby Pelro, Ed Pefro, Phil Phillips, Bill Porfer, Ken Powers, John Roblin, Bruce Rossrneyer. I0 Sonny Rushing, Bobby Sands, Dave Scholz, Sonny Scolf, Terry Silva, John Slclopan, Harry Simpson, Alec Smirh, Dennis Spencer, Tom Thomas, AI Traufweiler, Ed Uprain, Bill Van Arsdall, Larry Walls. I2 Carl Welch, Larry Woodward, Wesley Wrighf, Ron Zelesniclr. NOT PICTURED: Harold Hays, Terry McElwain, Scolf Nash, and Charley Schuclc. Dianna S+ewa rf-ATO Sweefhead MEMBERS I James Aycock, John Baldwin, Howard Barreli, Frank Bell, William Bisso, Markus Black. 2 l. R. Brady, Darryl Breckenridge, William Car- penler, Lciuis Clark, Anthony Cocco, Flelcher Ccl-er. 3 Wi liam Cgilson, Winlred Crews, James Curry, James Davis, William Dickson, Tucker Dickson. 4 Lad Dinkins, Louis Elias, Randy Fagan, James Ferrell, Donald Fuell, James Green. 5 Joe Grillin, Emory Hammell, Teno Henderson, Bob Hishon, Refer Hubbell, Roland Huihmaker. 6 'lalmadqe Irby, Sleven Jolly, John Jones. Larry Laurendine, Maurice Levile, Henry Lipsey. 7 Roberl Mabry, Claude Malone, John Mason. Joe McWhorler, Larry Mensi, Mickey Mensi. 8 Jerry Nobles, John OlShields, Tommy O'Shields, Ronald Pallerson, James Payne, Gary Randall. 9 Charles Ralclirl, Richard Rogers, Scolly Ros- elli, Rodney Rounlree, Roberl Russ, Pal Russum. I0 Gary Sinopoli, Roberi H. Slay, Richard Spen- cer, Mickey Suarez, Wayne Trayler, Gary Wil- liams. I I Monroe Wriqhl, Rufus Yerqer. NOT PICTURED: C, L. Ales, Byron Broussard, Vincenf Curry, Linn Hari, Edqar Hughes, Joe l-lunl. Harold Irby, William Lyons, Dwayne Marlin, Ziek Pow- ell, Roberl Sheffield, Robert W, Slay. Richard Taylor, Henry Tillman, and Glen Woods lCap- lainl. Bonnie Purvis-Kappa Alpha Rose KAPPA ALPHA Flower: Magnolia and Red Rose Colors: Crimson and Gold Founded: Washing+on and Lee Universify in I865. Kappa Alpha Order came lo MSC's campus on November 7, l949, and since lhal lime has lalcen pride in growing wilh Soulhern lo lhe lop. Each year al' Gamma Zela seems lo be Iilled wilh achievemenls and This year was no exceplion. The KAs lhis year won oulslanding honors and held many responsible posilions in campus aclivilies. Sonny Currie, No. I, was selecled lo Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies. Don Fuell, besl known lor his performance as guarlerbaclc of Soulhern's Ioolball leam, is a member ol Omicron Della Kappa and served as "M" Club Presidenl and Senior Class Presidenl. Bob I-Iishon, No. VI, served as Presidenl of Phi Era Sigma and Vice-Presidenl ol Alpha Epsilon Alpha. Talmadge Irby, No. VII, was Presidenl ol Scabbard and Blade, Tommy O'ShieIds, No. III, was Presidenl ol Pi Sigma Epsilon, and Gary Williams, No, V, was Collegiale Civilan Presidenl, Olher organizalions in which KAs are aclive include bolh Soulhernls fool- ball and baseball leams, Kappa Pi, Rho Epsilon, Pi Kappa Pi, Alpha Psi Omega, and lhe Soulhern Players. An addilion lo I'he chapler lhis year was lhe house molher, Mrs. Eve Kahler. She quickly won Jrhe love and respecl ol lhe KAs. The Rose, Miss Bonnie Purvis, broughl allenlion nol only lo hersell, bul lo Gamma Zela as well, wilh her beauly and charm by possessing lhose qualifies which, in every KA's opinion, malce up lhe ideal Soulhern sweelhearl. Convivium, lhe celebralion ol Roberl E.'s birlhday on Jan. IQ, was followed by a period ol Ieslivily in which lhe Qld Soulh Ball was held. This is iusl one ol lhe many lradilions ol The 'Isoulhern genllemenu who male up Gamma Zela Chapler. Olher imporlanl social evenls ol The year were lhe Chrislmas Parry, Blaclc and While Formal, and lhe I-louse Parry in Florida. Kappa Alpha Olificers. Lefl' fo Righfz Sonny Currie, Ig Pele I-Iiibbell, II, Tarn O'ShieIds, III: Ti Irby, VII, Mike McWI'iorler, VIII, Bill Colson, IX: John O'ShieIds, IV: Gary Williams, Vg Bob I-Iishon, VI. , c I I 1 .. ,..' - K T I . ,. i I i 1 I m-Q-w-lifmwfswsrwssssrs -is -is-. izssin ww--mir'-wsw-fzsz fr ic.. ummm, .. , s .,,, . wmvll KAPPA SIGMA Flower: Lily of The Valley Colors: ScarleT, WhiTe and Emerald Founded: UniversiTy of Virginia, December IO, Ii869 The Kappa Sigma EraTerniTy was Tounded in The year l4OO aT The Univer- siTy oT Bologna in lTaly. The small group Tounded aT Bologna spread across Europe and grew in size and imporTance. The TirsT chapTer oT Kappa Sigma in America was organized in i869 aT The UniversiTy oT Virginia. Erom The Tive members who sTarTed The chapTer aT Virginia, The TraTerniTy has grown inTo an organizaTion oT I34 chapTers and over 80,000 living members. BuilT in i955 Epsilon Nu's home is one oT The mosT modern on The campus. We are proud To say ThaT The inTerior work on The house was compleTed by The members Themselves. A house moTher is someone very special-she musT be a good hosTess, an eTTicienT manager, and "iusT someone To Talk To," all aT The same Time. Kappa Sigma is TorTunaTe To have iusT such a person, Mrs. Reid Bass Tyron. "Mom Reid," as she is aTTecTionaTely known, became a permanenT member oT our chapTer SepTember I2, l959. Among Kappa Sigma's dishnguished alumni are EsTes Kefauver, SenaTor Trom Tennessee: l-logie Carmichael, composer and acTorp Lowell Thomas, auThor and broadcasTerg Drew Pearson, columnisT and broadcasTer7 Johnny Mack Brown, wesTern movie acTorg and Edward R. Murrow, commenTaTor. The Alumni on The TaculTy and sTaTT include Dr. ArThur l-l. Derosier, l'lisTory7 lvlr. B. O. Van l-look, lvlaThemaTics3 ivlr. Orville Thomas, lndusTrial ArTs3 Mr. Oscar N. Walley, Psychology, lvlr. Joseph S. Anzalone, Admissions: and lvlr. Richard J. Linden, Buildings and Grounds. The goal oT Kappa Sigma is To aid in developing The poTenTial and inTeresT oT each oT iTs members while They are in college. NaTurally, scholarship is TirsT, Behind scholarship, buT noT oT minor imporTance, are The Things +ha+ a good TraTerniTy also sTresses: inTramural sporTs, campus acTiviTies, social evenTs, and many oTher college inTeresTs. These are The worThwhile acTiviTies ThaT Kappa Sigma emphasizes and are The componenTs oT a well-rounded campus career. Kappa Sigma Olificers. Leff To Right Rob-erT Voss, SecreTaryg Moe CurTis, Grand MasTer of Ceremonies, Angela Ealasca, l-louse Manager? l-lenry Robson, Treasurer: William STer- riTT, President Mike Barry, Guard: Ray LiTTle, Vice President Jim Zager, Guard. MEMBERS I Roberi Anconeiani, Charles Baldwin, Mchael Barry, Richard Baader, Travis Beclham, Jael Bevon, Charles Bobo. 2 Douglas Bobo, Dale Borliis, Berenqer Brechiel, lfenneih Bruce, Nolon Bush, Samuel Carolla, Jerry Chaliani. 3 Emil Cholar, Wiayne Cleveland, James Collirs, Roberi Cooper, Fred Copley, Morralf Curiis, Georqe Dahlqren. 4 Michael D'Amico, Angelo Falasca, Louis Fer- rari, Tim Foley, Larry Fosier, John Ford, Larry Fornea. 5 James Galuppi, Paul Garverich, Michael Ga:- ion, Mason Green, Sammy Guercio, William Gump, Carl Hamilion. 6 Waller Hamilron, Roberl' Harriield, Michael Hyman, Lamar Jaclcson, lfendall Johnson, James Kelly, James Keiih. 7 Richard Linden, Ray Lifile, Lawrence Malley, Cline May, Thomas Mayfield, George McDuiiie, Roberi Mclnvale. 8 Larry McWilliams, Corley Morse, Anneas Moses. David Nobles, George C'Neal, Randolph Pai- ion, Jim Rayne. 9 Michael Reden, Lowell Phillips, Anrhony Roqqi, James Poole, Roberi Reqan, Ronald Reqan, Henry Robson. I0 Lance Roolfer, Paul Russell, Pairicli Sanford, Joseph Scarpa, Pele Sciarabba, Philip Selcer, James Shanholiz. II Warren Sinnoir, Bienville Slipper, Dudley Slay Richard Sneed, Marcus Sienneii, William Sierl riii, Marlr Siroud, I2 Roberi Iannehill, Barry Tewis, Kiley Thames, Roberi Voss, William Voss, Charles Walley, Charles Webb. I3 Benneli Willou-ghbyi Siephen Wood, Roberi Young, James Zoqer. Rairiijlf Zimlich. NOT PICTURED: William Bower, John Brechiel, Claude Hafien, George Hayden, David Moriei, Roberr Ros- senii, Alired Shepard, Durwood Smiih, Jaclc Slephens, Jack Iuso, Jeiierson Weaver, and Van Wells. Kappa Sigma win ISI' place overall Irophy in Homecoming Floais. jsgfrfl . .,. - be .' ' . . af- , - s- A' ' 5 ,, . w ,Alps np A - v M..--'. - -' ,.... 5421, V e -r AL, gr, N' ' A., ,A ,,lMn,F,'.5'ylx K MEMBERS I James Allen, Charles Blocker, Errol Bradley, Bill Brillon, John Broadus, James Browning. 2 Busler Brumlield, Johnny Coleman, Jimmy Cooper, Charles Curry, Bill Davenporl, James Dayis., 3 Pele Dales, Nick Doyle, Donnie Dunn, Lennon Graham, Larry Guesl, Jack Hawkins. 4 Ernie l-lenley, Jackie Hodges, Kenny l-lodges, Joe Johnson, Bobby Jones, Jinn Kerr. 5 Phil Lenior, Rick Lenior, George Mahalhy, AI McCormack, John McGrain, Millon McKay. 6 Danny McQuagge, Rocco Mellino, Charles Mowers, Leon Pippin, Al Pills, Bubba Prolhro. 7 Jerry Roseberry, Johnny Sassone, Colin Saucier Gale Smilh, Leroy Smilh, Mack Spence. 8 Lee Sleyens, Bill Suddilh, Clay Swanzy, John Terrell, Jim Thomas, Carl Tuzzolino. 9 Billy Walker, George Young, Ronnie Young. NOT PICTURED: Ralph Cochran, Kenl Collle, Paul Dickson, Burl Greenwall. Kelly Mcliavaugh, and Jim Wells. Bonnie Dale-Phi Kappa Tau Sweefheari' .aww 1' 5-1- ls.. PHI KAPPA TAU Flower: Red CarnaTion Colors: Red and Old Gold Founded: Miami UniversiTy, Oxford Ohio, I906 Phi Kappa Tau, BeTa Epsilon ChapTer, became Mississippi SouThern's TirsT naTional TraTerniTy on OcTober l5, l948. "Phi Taus" are known as The mosT versaTile TraTerniTy on campus wiTh leaders in almosT all campus organizaTions: Class OTTicers, ProTessional and Honorary TraTerniTies, service clubs, STudenT PrinTz, choir, band, General NaT's Sergean'T, cheerleader, VarsiTy TooTball, baskeTball, baseball, and Tennis. Adding To The Trophy case, TirsT place was claimed by Phi Kappa Tau Tor Greek SkiT nighTp and Tor The TourTh consecuTive year, TraTerniTy TooTball. Phi Taus have placed in almosT all compeTiTion and raTe above The men's over-all average in scholarship. The Phi Taus always brighT social calendar is highlighTed wiTh The annual French OuarTer ParTy, LosT Weekend ParTy, House ParTy, and Red CarnaTion Ball. Phi Tau, PeTe Doles, won TirsT place in The Mid-SouTh Pair TalenT ConTesT in Memphis, and appeared on The Ed Sullivan and Ted Mack TV Shows earlier This year. Phi Kappa Taus are especially proud oi Their housemoTher, Mrs. Grace MaGee, graduaTe oT Mississippi STaTe College Tor Women, and Ralph Mc- Daniels, PresidenT of The Mississippi SouThern Alumni AssociaTions, The organized Alumni AssociaTion oT BeTa Epsilon oT Phi Kappa Tau is acTive and well inTormed on chapTer aTTairs. The graduaTes hold an annual meeTing aT Homecoming. Phi Taus leading The organizaTion are Jim Brown, PresidenT, DirecTor oT The HaTTiesburg RecreaTion DeparTmenT, and Dr. James WhaTes, SecreTary, Laurel Physician. LisTed among Phi Kappa Tau's disTinguished alumni are The Tollowing: Rowland Maxwell, PresidenT, NaTional lnTerTraTerniTy Councilg Fred Hall, Governor oT Kansas: Grayson Kirk, PresidenT, Columbia Univ., Ward Parley, PresidenT, Univ. of Colorado: Walrer S. GamerTsTelder, PresidenT, Ohio Uni- versiTy: William B. Aycock, PresidenT, Univ. oT NorTh Carolina: and Gerald A. Drew, Ambassador To HaiTi. Phi Taus on campus include Dr. John E. Nau, Re- ligion and Philosophy: Dr, ArThell Kelley. Geography: Mr, Joseph Huck, Music: and CapTain H. L. SmiTh, ROTC. Phi Kappa Tau Oliliicers. LeTT 'ro Right, FirsT Row: Leroy SmiTh, Social Chairmang Joe John- son, PresidenT, Charlie Blocker, Vice President Jim Thomas, Pledge MasTer. Second Row: Johnny Coleman, Rush 'Chairmang George Yound, House Manager, Phil Lenior, SergeanT aT Arms: Jack Hawkins, Recording SecreTaryg Clay Swanzy, Corresponding SecreTary. Ti gi iff ff . 2 in 'S T f ' il . ' , 1 3.5 Q , V. - bi I 1,-4 , 'Ja , Q . if .Ti fc A CJ I 'T B 2 iii' :" . N5 rf '51, V K, y r ' l f . , .E gl, M il f PI KAPPA ALPHA Flower: Lily of The Valley Colors: Garnel' and Old Gold Founded: UniversiTy of Virginia, March I, I868 DelTa ivlu ChapTer was insTalled on The Mississippi SouThern College campus on December lO, l949. AT presenT, There are II7 Pi Kappa Alpha chapTers and over 60.000 living members. Pi Kappa Alpha encourages scholarship and parTicipaTion in campus ac- TiviTies, and has many members who are members and oTTicers in numerous organizaTions on campus. l3uT mosT imporTanT, we believe in pracTicing our purpose Tor being: The esTablishmenT oT Triendship and The promoTion oT broTh- erly love. Colleges are designed To Train The mind-buT sTudenTs musT develop so- cially, physically, morally, and spiriTually aT The same Time They are preparing Tor Their vocaTions. The colleges leaves a vacuum. This is where Pi Kappa Alpha enTers The picTure. Pi Kappa Alpha is a social TraTerniTy, Man is by naTure a social being and desires To belong To an inTimaTe "ingroup," To have a sense oT belonging. Loneliness can be iusT as depressing in a crowd oT Ten Thousand. There is no loneliness in Pi Kappa Alpha. Man is sTimulaTed by ideals which help him To reach above The mundane, and group acTion is a TurTher aid To his achievemenT. The men oT Pi Kappa Alpha are proud oT Their ideals and Try To TulTill This media in every way. Since The beginning, man has had To accepT cerTain obligaTions. One, as a college man and as a pledge oT Pi Kappa Alpha. He has accepTed cerTain obligaTions which he had agreed To TulTill, noT only during The Time oT associ- aTion wiTh The l3raTerniTy, buT ThroughouT his life. The men oT Pi Kappa Alpha are obligaTed To Three purposes: selT and Tamily, alma maTer, and Then To Pi Kappa Alpha. Pilces ThroughouT The naTion have exemplirfied This obligaTion. We are noT To Thinlc oT ourselves "as one oT The many ThreaTs which malce up The TexTure oT The doubleT" buT we should "desire To be The purple . . . ThaT small and shining parT which males The resT seem Tair and beauTiTul." ThaT was The deaThless dream oT The men who Tounded Pi Kappa Alpha. These words by Thornwell Jacobs, Mu chapTer, sTill apply To our TraTerniTy, Pi Kappa Alpha. Pi Kappa Alpha Officers. LeTT To RighT, FronT Row: Bryan Long, Vice President Billy Nel- son, President Dick Wilson, Treasurer, Second Row: Wayne l-larT, l-louse Manager: LuTher Boyd, l'lisToriang Ron lvlarTin, Pledge Trainer: Don Barnes, SecreTary, I i MEMBERS I Jon David Albrechl, Edward Chesley Alhrillon, William Frank Allbrillon, Charles Henry Allen, John Waller Alvis, Michael Graham Ball. 2 Harold Donald Barnes, William George Bexley, James Lamar Bloodworlh, Lesler Lee Bourne. William Pillman Bowers, Lulher Rhineharl Boyd. 3 Nolan Hudson Brooks, Roberl Louis Brown, Thad McCullough Bush, Donald Bruce Campbell, Leonard Vane Carroll, Charles Edwin Clarke. 4 James Cochran, Thomas Woodrool Dudley, Kennelh Paul Forle, Ted Miller Hall, Frederick Wayne Harl, Joe C. Hess. 5 Allen Glover Holder, Bill H. Hughes, Byron McClellan Humphrey, Guy Roberl Keane, Wil- liam John Korlman, Roberl Lee Linqle, 6 James Bryan Long, Donald Gordon Lowery. Glenn Lamar Lyle, Benny Joe Mardis, Linus Baxler Marlin, Ronald Weldon Marlin. 7 Garrell Edward McBryde, Joseph Howell Miller, Lee Henry Miller, Charlie Palrick Moore, Sle- phen Anlhonv Molches, William Clemmons Neal. 8 William Nugenl Nelson, James Warren Nobles, Allred Walson Odom, Leroy William O'Neill, Anderson Lee Palmer, Mack Pallerson. 9 Roberl T. Penn, Slephen Philip Porcari, Don Leird Reneqar, Lamar Alexander Reynolds, Ed- mund James Schlegel, Roberl Sowell. I0 John Richard Wilson. NOT PICTURED: Gerald Walker Chreslman, John Golle Leggell, Raymond Carroll Marlin, Herman Lewis May, Jack Alexander McRae, Neil Raymond Mc- Millen, Ronald Clillon Meyer, Frederick James Perry, David Warren Pyle, Dale Winlhrop Slew- arl, Dorian Juslin Slone. Charlolle Elam-Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl. 'W -. N ' - xx . ' asfvf i E V 1, "LW we A' 1?f'lif"2i ' 5 1 i' 1 wg i i il-friiha 551 F me :gf in , - xr 2 1 Sr ,, MK, 21 J' 'NW J .c , I ,f , 5 ss E X, ,"ixS??icax. Lmflkig Q3 N, ' Yigfgjl J ae ff. ff' f 'MQ , Q, Q ,i w , C .3 . ,, , H' 4, Mb' Q 12, meg, r lrgssegwi. A 3514 xv V M? Nil.. '31 , is sz: file, ,E - AWK 'afar' Ewa'-2 ei. if' .sv 9 Nl gi ,816 fr x A 2. ' Q-W s-has sa-6V ,, .1 MEMBERS I Chadwick Baies, William Carvel Brown, Glenn Arnold Chance, Allen Edward Cook. 2 John Gary Cook, Ernesl Eugene Dawkins, Thom- as Allen Deas, William Duane Dreaden. 3 Myron Frederick Erailey, Gerald Arnold Har- rison, Larry Pele Hallen, Edward Thomas Heinlz. 4 Jack Marcus Hill, Michael Flynn Kavanauqh, Lloyd Henry Kimbrough, Howard Gould MC- Gee. 5 Roberi Weslbrook Nance, Gary Paul Parnham, John Ezriah Pearson, Thomas Jackson Phillips. 6 William Louis Pinamonli, William Reed Ridlen, Roberi Leon Taylor, David Peler Thomas. 7 Claude Joseph Trahan, Davis Herman While. NOT PICTURED: Vincenl Birello, George Wallon Ewing, David Sherrod Milligan, Burl' James, Jerry Glenn Richardson, Ray Spencer, Vicior Ellon Slamey, and Bob Wallace. Mary Beih Wheeler-Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweei- heart SIGMA PHI EPSILON Flowers: VioleT and American BeauTy Rose Colors: Red and Purple Founded: Richmond College, November I, l90I Om July l, l96O, sixTy years aTTer The Tounding oT Sigma Phi Epsilon, There were more Than TiTTy Thousand "Sig Eps" over The world, These TraTerniTy men were divided beTween I52 acTive chapTers in TorTy-Two sTaTes and The DisTricT oT Columbia, ln The naTion, Sigma Phi Epsilon is in The Top Three TraTerniTies in number oT chapTers. In The sTaTe oT Mississippi, There are Three acTive Sig Ep chapTers. These are Alpha ChapTer aT The UniversiTy oT Mississippi, BeTa ChapTer aT Missis- sippi STaTe UniversiTy, and Gamma ChapTer aT Mississippi SouThern College. The chapTer here aT MSC was insTalled on May Io, l953. In The Tollowing years oT growing, planning Tor The TuTure, and becoming an inTegral parT oT campus liTe, Sig Eps have lived up To The naTional TradiTions oT Their TraTerniTy. The newesT advances in campus growTh include plans Tor a new TraTerniTy house Tor The SouThern chapTer which are proceeding on schedule. This new modern sTrucTure, which will be ready Tor occupaTion by Tall guarTer oT The T962-63 academic year, will add much To Sigma Phi Epsilon aT Mississippi SouThern. Sigma Phi Epsilon's advances in scholarship, leadership, and loyalTy To The school are quiTe evidenT and are shown by The prominenT campus posiTions occupied by MSC Sig Eps and Their acTive parTicipaTion in campus acTiviTies. The largesT service proiecT underTalcen by Sig Eps during The year is acTive parTicipaTion in The annual l-learT Fund Campaign. All Sig Ep chapTers in The naTion combine Their TalenTs, money, Time, and eTTorTs during This drive To live up To The name "The FraTerniTy wiTh The l-learT." l-lonorary members and alumni members oT Sigma Phi Epsilon on The college TaculTy include: Jack D. Munn, Dr. Charles A, Payne, Aubrey K, Lucas, C5ilberT T. SaeTre, Coach Fred Lewis, and Paul F. Weisend. Sigma Phi Epsilon Officers. LeTT To RighT: William Brown, ConTroIler: Myron Frailey, Vice PresidenTg Jerry Parrison, l-lisToriang ErnesT Dawkins, SecreTary. NoT PicTured: David Milligan, Presiden+. f L ml. LY'- f o siand ne eve O T usheei. '54 X 341' ,V 'xv ff. .,925wn'-1' ' W W9 cada FRATERNITY L - 777,35 Chr,-sf X-+G' df H7 6 Pd Alp fl hah P-, I 1 .L, P- wW"e' bY MO xt + X r E mf rg 3 ,AV , wi P 1 ls +h1s conversahon a secref foo? '1- .Cx 09x edek S The Kappa Sigs flag a vic'l'ory! QQ!! sarah ,THE .Q Wh? 'fe 1 i , 4, yfff' ' 1 'Q P , lSv5Tlm'QQi'B The publicalions slalls, lhe academic clubs, and religious organizalions compose lhe exlracurricular phase ol Mississippi Soulhern College life. These various service organizalions supplemenl Jrhe aca- demic and social lacels of lhe school and provide suilable and praclical oullels lor lhe sludenls' lime, lalenls, and energy. Religious clubs and organizalions meel and lill lhe spirilual needs ol sludenls of all denominalions and lailhs. Wilh Jrhe guidance of special direclors, lhe sludenls lhemselves plan lhe religious aclivilies ol lhe campus, a highlighl being Religious Emphasis Weelc. l-lonorary lralernilies and deparlmenlal clubs also give sludenls an incenlive or goal Jroward which To work. Wilhoul various service organizalions, The school lile would be incomplele, and lhe lack ol exlracur- ricular aclivilies would be as serious as an academic delicency. SERVICE Jnivgiim is ' slr g-qnqngumqgx-n 4' 1 1 ,,,4ff,,,v., ,mww.Q,.V,wv.NWvf3fVw ,W xq- V ,,M,,w,, j,,,f,,,,y,,q,, wr ,p,,f,,m,,,,.m,y ,wv' WMU 1 vim , wwfmwm fwwwwm ,vb wwf "'- SX gs SK ,pw 'tm 4 R ,ff RMK QW' FKA N ,JM mm " xx' H W1 ,A VG' 5 i Members of The ExecuTive STaFf: Kay Pickens, Bill STerriTT, and Jerry Hall The l96l-62 school year has been a rewarding and an exciTing one Tor Mississippi SouThern and iTs sTudenTs. IT has been The main purpose oT The I962 SOUTHERNER To picTure The imporTanT evenTs and To preserve The happiesT memories of This session. We have sTrivecl To be Tair and imparTial wiTh The coriTenTs of The SOUTHERNER and iT is our desire ThaT The l962 SOUTHERNER will well represenT The biggesT and The besT-Dear Ole MSC! ED CLARKE Business Manager ' I 1 l ' 's Y- S'-"N" X. -skin- t tl: , ' ' U 1 'J 3, MARTHA BOONE ED CLARKE BETTY BOYD KAY PICKENS BILL STERRITT JERRY HALL GAYE SCHROCK SHARON SHIREY AMY SMITH GINNY FORD LINDA LEE STEVE WOOD BARBARA DIX DALE BOTKIS JORDAN DYKES BILLY BOWERS I 962 SOUTHERN ER STAFF Edilor Business Manager Execurive Assisranf Training Execulive Associale Edilor Associale Edilor College Edilor Class Eclilor Copy Edifor and Greek Eclilor Fealure Edilor Spiril Edilor Sporls Edilor Aclivilies Edilor Assl. Aclivilies Edilor Service Edilor Assl Business Manager Frances Smillw, Jane Meridelli, Carolyn Kay Thompson, Carolyn Arbulli- noi, Donna Jo Everell, Gail IvlcCorrniclc, Fred Copley, Anqelo Falasco. Richard Balius, Gene Carlisle, Bobby Cooper, and Bob Tannelwill com- prise 'Ihe slafl ol llne l962 SOUTHERNER. STEVE WOOD JORDAN DYKES SPOrl'S EJHOI' Service Edilor Barbara Dix and Dale Bollris, Eclifor and Assisfanf Eclilor of +l1e Ac+ivi+ies Secfion. 63' AMY 5M'T"' GAYE sci-:Rock Copy Edifor and - Greek Edhor College Edifor 'liii 1 I I A I SHARON SHIREY GINNY FORD Class Ecli+or Fealure Edi+or Carolyn Kay Thompson, Carolyn Arburhnol, and Jane Mericlefh go over plans for 'I'l1e SOUTHERNER. S+aFF members Angelo Falasco, Gail McCormick, and Gene Carlisle review a previous annual. , ,, . , , ,, ,.,. ......,.1 - Y ew, V Sea+ed af fhe deslis, Leif to Right Bob Roule, managing ediforg Glenna Nance. sporfs ediiorp Marion Jones, engraver: Al Caceres, s+aFF wri+er: Childress, news ediiorg Ed Lepoma, siaii wriierg Burlin Walker, slalzl Clemma Slaion, news ediror, and Clay Swanzy, siaif wrifer. wriierg Jack Siraias, s+ai'l wriierq Jaclc LaRue, phoiographerg Tommy l l THE 1962 STUDENT PRINTZ David Webb. execu+ive edifor, and Frank Buclrley, advisor. The S'l'uden+ Prinfz is a compleiely siudenl-operafed news- paper from copy paper +o news sland. li serves as a +raining ground for more ihan 50 journalism siudenis. ln i+s basic iunciion rhe Prinlz operaies wiih four deparimenis-Ediiorial, Adveriising, Phoiography, and Priniing. S'l'uden+ Prinh siafiers are 'rradirionally proud of ihe faciual and responsible qualiiyiiailained in Their uncensored press. Full scholarships for five io eighi siudenis are available each year on Jrhe Prinfz. ln addiiion, pariial scholarships for worlc on ihe ediiorial and business siaiis are provided aboui ien or iwelve oihers. Serving as ihe news and publiciiy medium oi ihe college, The Prinfz is ouisianding among coniemporary iournals, having been named six limes All-American and eleven limes Columbia Medalist THE EDITORIAL STAFF DAVID WEBB BOB ROULE BILL HARVEY TOMMY NANCE BENNETT EASTERLING CORKIE LYLE RETTA JUSTICE TOM RATH BOB WILSON CLEMMA SLATON Execu+ive EcIi+or Managing EdiIor AssociaIe Edi+or Sporfs EcIIIor Business Manager Feafure Edi'ror Sociefy Edifor Arf Edi+or News Editor News EcII'ror f ffievtf f 1 A 7 ,4r0'vWldf'Q ' rm 49 BENNETT EASTERLING Business Manager DON BYRD Pressman CHARLES GERALD PI'1oI'ograpI1er ' ,- ,ilk " V' I,x,,W ni! U , .-' .vw ff QQ. - W - J ae- Seafed, Lef'r +o Right Noelle Jelfcoal, Sally Mansfield, Hazel Jennings, Barbara Ulsey, Janayne Roberlson, Trudie Bilberry, Jerry King. Sfanding: Clay Swanzy, Gail Sanders, Linda Slarlcey, Sharon Woolum, Babe Neelly, Lillian Gayden, Nancy Ellzey, Charlofle Ufsey, Rulh Pylale, Ed Clark. COLLEGE UNION ACTIVITIES The College Union Aclivilies is composed of sludenis who are inieresied in developing, promoling, planning, and carry- ing oui aclivilies and evenls which add lo The social lile of lhe sludenls on The campus. During The I96l-62 school year, The College Union has sponsored numerous aclivilies in hopes lhal il has held somelhing lhal every sludenl al Soulhern has parlicipaled in and enjoyed. The various aclivilies include iulce-loox dances, palio parlies, hay-rides, lournamenls, and various movies, which are shown every olher weelc. The main evenls of 'rhe year were dances wiih decoralions, refresh- menls, and bands. These included 'rhe Aulumn Leaves Dance, The Mardi Gras Ball, and lhe Presiden+'s Ball. OFFICERS BABE NEELLY Presidenl BARBARA UTSEY Regional Coordinalor GAlL SANDERS Vice-Presidenl JERRY KING Advisor Seqjrefary COLLEGIATE CIVITAN The purpose of lhe Collegiale Civilan Club is lo emphasize lhe advanlages of The American-Canadian way of life, lo promole good fellowship and high scholarship, lo serve on The campus, and lhe communily, lo provide an opporlunily for leadership Training lhrough service To encourage lhe daily living of lhe Golden Rule in all human relalionships. Col- legiale Civilans, as "Builders of Good Cilizenshipf' render allruislic service in building beller communilies. Collegiale Civilan appeals lo young men of high slandards and purposes. ll challenges lhem wilh lhe broader fellowship and inspires in lhem lhe desire 'For a luller and richer life. I+ also inspires lhem lo worlc for service proiecls lhal will de- velop a beller communily. JT if Sealed Lefi' +0 Righ+: Rodney Roundlree, Larry Mensi, Pele Hubbell, Gary Williams, Bonnie Dale lSweelhearl'l, Charles Brumliield, Keilh Cobb, Professor William Burlcs llzacully Advisorl, John Simpson. Sfancling: Mark Roselli, Horace Diclcerson, Scolly Roselli, John O'Shields, Leon Pippin, Frank Bell, Charles lfasom, Joe Johnson, Marshall Fayard, Douglas Magee, Bob Maher, Wendell OH, Johnny Sassone, Dennis G-andy, Ernie Sylvesler. Lef+ io Right Keilh Cobb, Treasurerg Gary Williams, Presidenlg Charles Brumfield, Secrefaryg Peler Hubbell, Vice-President 3 Ass' Cv if-ar gn, awfzls!! T'-J ,Mlm shi! THE ALPHA EPSILON ALPHA FRATERNITY ALPHA EPSILON ALPHA Bob Hishon, Vice-PresidenTy Dick Wilson, ExecuTive AssisTanTq Charles McDaniel, SecreTary and Treasurer: David FosTer, President The purposes OT Alpha Epsilon Alpha are ThreeTold: Professional-To undersTand beTTer The professional require- menTs, eThics, laws, and regulaTions governing The pracTice of AccounTing, Tor The proTecTion OT our TuTure employers and clienTs. The proTecTion and promoTion OT The proTession oT AccounTancy, The proTecTion oT ourselves as represenTaTives oT The proTession, and The proper applicaTion of AccounTing principles To The problems ThaT we are To Tace in The TuTure, as is demanded by The currenT siTuaTion OT The economic. business and governmenTal world. ScholasTic-To apply The opporTuniTies ThaT are now oTTered us. and To The beTTermenT oT ourselves and our socieTy Through eTTorTs To deserve The Three ideals oT This TraTerniTy, which are lnTegriTy, lv1eriT, and Diligence. Social-To sTrive Toward helping our Tellow sTudenT in malcing a ccnTribuTion To socieTy Through personal selT-improvemenT. F 55, 'Q cl-7 ,Nm 'Cuff Firsi Row: Harry Thomas, Dr. J. W. Walker, Facully Advisor: Don Fuell, Presidenf: George Dowley, Vice-President Second Row: Bobbye Nell Srerling, Sarah Jackson, Palsy Myriclc, Mary Rayborn, Secrelaryq Barbara Campbell, Minnie Lou Cooley. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Alllilialed wirh lhe American Associarion for rhe Advance- menl of Science, The American Council of Educalion. and Jrhe Associalion of College l-lonor Socielies, Alpha Epsilon Della is an honorary pre-medical sociely. ll slimulales apprecialion of The imporlance of pre-medical educalion in i 'rhe sludy of medicine. Alpha Epsilon Del+a's purpose is To bind roqelher similarly inferesled sludenls. l l 5 OFFICERS DON FUELL President MARY RAYBORN secfeiafy GEORGE DOWLEY vacapfesiaeni DR. J. W. WALKER racuny Advisor l 269 l l Ll FronT Row, Le'FT To Right: Dr. HarTwig, FaculTy Advisor: Sara Crew, Billy STewarr, Richard STrahan, Carole Hill, ProTessor R. M. Treser. Second Row: Gary Williams. Page Jones, Don Hood. A GROUP OF SOUTHERN PLAYERS Page Jones. DirecTor7 Billy STewarT, STage Manager: Richard STrahan, Business Manager. Alpha Psi Omega is The largesT honorary dramaTics TraTerniTy in The world. The Lambda Nu casT was Tormed on SouThern's campus in I949. Alpha Psi Omega sTrives To sTimulaTe inTeresT in college drama and secure Tor The college all The advanTages and muTual helpliulness provided by an honorary TraTerniTy. By elecTing sTudenTs To membership on The basis oT Their parTicipaTion, iT serves as a reward Tor Their eTTorTs in college producTions. The TraTerniTy colors are amber and moonlighT blue, and The Tlower is The iris. ALPHA PSI OMEGA SOUTHERN PLAYERS SouThern Players was organized in l957 To provide a working organizaTion Tor Those sTudenTs who are inTeresTed in all phases oT The TheaTre. Through iTs Annual Touring Childrens Plays. SouThern Players has inTroduced live TheaTre To Thousands oT children in souThern Mississippi and souTheasTern Louisiana. Each year, SouThern Players presenTs a children's play, Three major producTions. and a series oT worlcshop producTions. In The pasT. SouThern Players has worked in coniuncTion wiTh The oTher deparTmenTs on The campus To produce The All-Campus Musical. 1 .ik tjjs, , 'Z 1 ,Hx RE -K 'T-s. BETA BETA BETA The BeTa Chi ChapTer of BeTa BeTa BeTa aT Mississippi SouThern College is a socieTy Tor sTudenTs of The biological sciences. IT seeks To encourage scholarly aTTainmenT in This Tield oT learning by reserving iTs membership Tor Those who achieve superior academic records and who indicaTe special apTiTude Tor The subiecT of biology. IT desires To culTivaTe inTellecTual inTeresT in The naTural sciences and To promoTe a beTTer appreciaTion oT The value oT biological sTudy. IT aims To advance The general obiecTives oT educaTion by making a noTeworThy conTribuTion To The curricular program of The life sciences. BeTa BeTa BeTa endeavors, also, To exTend The boundaries of man's knowledge of naTure by encouraging new discoveries Through scienTiTic invesTigaTion. IT emphasizes, Therefore, a Three-Told program: sTimulaTion of sound scholarship: disseminaTion of scienTiTic knowledge: and promoTion of biological research. BeTa BeTa BeTa is an aTFiliaTed socieTy oT The American AssociaTion Tor The AdvancemenT oT Science. Glenda Spurlin, PresidenTg Charley BaxTer, Vice-PresidenT3 E. S. GarreTT, SecreTaryg Ernie SylvesTer, Treasurer: Billy Moore, T-lisToriang Dr. Ben Ward, Advisor. FirsT Row, LeTT To Righfz Glenda Spurlin, Lynn Wilkerson, Sarah Jackson Sara Jean Johnson. Second Row: Bobbye Nell Sferling, Linda RiTTer Joe Manuel. Third Row: Bonnie Owen. Edgar Hughes, Doug Brewer Fourfh Row: Harry Thomas, Ernie SylvesTer, E. S. GarreTT, Billy Moore S+anding, Lef+ to Righf: William Mallhews, Jim Howard, Don Taulbee, Jimmy Howell, Ned Travis, Lawson Evans, Eric Miolon, Billy Day, Cliilon Hoke, Earl McNeely, Dick Wilson, Bob McCan, Bill Hughes, Marshall Fayard, Jerry King, Lesier Kavan, Jimmy Meadows, Bobby Hadaway, Ralph Edwards, Bobby Bishop, Jimmy Nobles, Charles Brumlield, Kenny Forle, Dee Hall, Fred Wilda, Ronnie Warren, John Simpson, Darnell LaPree, James Carly. Sealed: Fred Brock, Bobby Bounds, Roberl Lingle, Keilh Cobb, Tom Dudley, Frank Powers, Bud Milling, Charles McDaniel, Nick Filzgerald, Bruce Peeples, Mr. Wehling, Mr. McQuis+on, Ed Clark. DELTA SIGMA PI Back Row, Lef+ fo Right Fred Brock, President Keifh Cobb, Treasurer: Bruce Peeples, Hislorian. Froni Row: Frank Powers, Second Vice-Presidenlg Tom Dudley, Secrelaryp Bobby Joe Bounds, Firsl Vice-Presidenl. BONNIE PURVIS Del+a Sigma Rose Della Sigma Pi is a professional fralernily organized io fosler ihe sludy of business in universiliesi lo encourage scholarship, social aciivily, and lhe associalion of sludenls for Jrheir mulual advancemenlr by research and praclice: +o promole a closer awciilialion beiween lhe commercial world and siudenis of commerce: and 'ro luriher a higher underslanding of commercial eihics and cullure and lhe civic and commercial welfare of Their communily. Gamma Tau Chapler was founded December 9, l95O, al Mississippi Soulhern in The School of Commerce and Business Adminislralion, Della Sigma Pi makes quarierly field lrips lo inreresling poinls in lhe business world, conducis professional meeiings highlighled by many prominenr speakers, and lakes an aclive parhin campus aciivilies. KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Della Pi, an honorary sociely in +he lield of educalion, slresses high professional, inlelleclual, and personal slandards. Members represenl lhe linesl sludenls who plan io pursue lhe field of educalion as a vocalion. From nominalions submilnled by members, iaculry, and campus leaders, sludenls who meel Jrhe high scholaslic and professional reguiremenls of Kappa Della Pi are inviled for membership. Founded al lhe Universily of lllinois, Kappa Della Pi has developed a large honorary sociely. Thela Gamma Chapler was inslalled al Mississippi Soulhern College on May 28, l954, and has allempled lo encourage high professional, inlelleclual, and personal sfandards among members and lhe campus by preseniing programs dealing wilh professionalism in educaiion, service proiecls, and an incenlive lo excel in educalion. .yr HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Kirby Breland, Presidenfp Linda Benfley, Vice-Presidenfp Donia Overby. The Home Economics Club is comprised of maiors in Home Economics 3 The Home Economics Club. affiliafed wifh fhe Mississippi i l-lome Economics Associafion and fhe American Home SeC'ei?'Yi MCG Maw- Tfeasufefi linda 5l1OWS. Program Chairman: Ann Economics Associafion, is open fo all sfudenfs in home Kafherine Jeffcoaf, Sfudenf Acfivifies Represenfafiveg Carol Brummeff, Reporfer. economics. Some of fhe Home Economics Club's annual acfivifies include: a gef-acquainfed parfy' Lafin-American parfy, Career Day Boofh, Thanksgiving boxes for needy families, and a Chrisfmas parfy for underprivileged y children. Each year fhe Club's acfivifies are climaxed wifh a Spring Banquef. The club was organized af Mississippi l Soufhern College in I926. The purpose of fhe club is fo g develop leadership abilify, fo promofe professional affifudes and inferesfs, fo share wifh ofhers fhe value of home economics as a profession and fo encourage fellowship among sfudenfs and faculfy. l 7 r 4 i K The main purpose oT Kappa Omicron Phi, a naTional proTessional organizaTion, is To TurTher The besT inTeresTs oT Home Economics in Tour-year colleges. STudenTs wiTh similar professional and vocaTional inTeresTs, wiTh poTenTialiTies oT leadership and scholarship aTTainmenTs, and wiTh superior personal qualiTies will be working and advancing TogeTher. This is realized Through The reguiremenTs oT a 3.25 overall average, leadership, and characTer oT high sTanding. Those maioring in l-lome Economics and meeTing These reguiremenTs are eligible Tor membership in Kappa Omicron Phi. OMICRCN PHI STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION This group was organized during The Tall guarTer oT The I96I-62 school year To provide opporTuniTies To learn more abouT nursing as a proTession. This also enabled each member To become beTTer acguainTed wiTh oTher sTudenT nurses, IT promoTed an exchange oT ideas ThaT creaTed a sense oT uniTy and Tellowship as well as encouraged cooperaTion and individual responsibiliTy among The sTudenT nurses. .il KA P Sfanding, Leff To Righfz Linda Shows, Beverly King, Carol Thomas, Bonnie Murray. SeaTed: Kirby Breland, Treasurer: Mrs. Vera BarneTT, FaculTy Advisor: Alice Maw, PresidenT. Noi' PicTured: Sue FounTain, Vice-PresidenTg Janice Moore, SecneTary. Firsf Row, LefT To RigI1T: Mrs. Musgrave, Sandra Culpepper, Jean Daigle, Evelyn SigleTary lVice-PnesidenTl, Mrs. Geraldine Miley lSecreTaryl, Yvonne Dill lPresi- denTl, Brown, McNa Jean Burlcs, Carole Mclflhaney. Second Row: Charles McCuTchen, Sarah Mrs. Virginia Lambert Barbara McCurley, KaThleen Tommey, Shirley bb, Mrs. Yvonne Riley. Mrs. Gloria Turner. l 'Tl 1 T ', , i l 4 GV SeaTed. LefT To Right: Charles Saul, WalTer Poser, Gary Coolc, Bruce AnThony, Jr., Earl Blessey, MilTon SmiTh, Ken Pouncey, Franlr Adams, Criswell, Bill SmiTh, Thomas O'Neal. STancling: Sherman l-long, John Ernie Cropp, Bill lv1erTon,Joe Daniel. WALTER POSER BILL SMITH GARY COOK BPLJCE CR!SWElL CHAPLTS SAUI KAPPA KAPPA PSI OFFICERS An l-lonorary FraTerniTy Tor college bandsmen operaTing exclusively in The Tield oT The college band. Kappa Kappa Psi Presideni' has Three purposes: To honor ouTsTanding bandsmen Vice-PresidenT g . 1 Through privilege oT membershipg To TosTer a close Secrelaw relaTionship l:JeTween college bands and To promoTe a high Treasurer average of aTTainmenT by The performance oT good music Serqaani af Arms and selecTion oT vvorThwhile proiecTs. 276 2' ' ' Y -1 l l i l Mu Phi Epsilon is a naTional proTessional music l sororiTy Tound on The campuses oT The leading T colleges and univer,siTies oT The UniTed STaTes. l Membership is limiTed To graduaTe and undergraduaTe sTudenTs majoring or minoring in l music. SelecTion is based on scholarship, i musicianship, characTer, and personaliTy. The 1 purposes are: advancemenT oT music in America, promoTion OT musicianship and scholarship, and serving oT The Alma MaTer. The sororiTy also F conTribuTes To work in music Therapy, music Tor l The blind, and music educaTion around The world. MU PHI l EPSILON l i i I i l I i l l PHI MU l 3 ALPHA l Phi Mu Alpha SinTonia FraTerniTy oT America is a naTional honorary music TraTerniTy. The ETa Phi T ChapTer was insTalled aT Mississippi SouThern College in May oT l95l. The purpose oT Phi Mu Alpha SinTonia are: To advance The cause oT music in America, To TosTer The muTual welTare and , broTherhood oT sTudenTs oT music, To develop The TruesT TraTernal spiriT among iTs members, and To L encourage loyalTy To The Alma MaTer. l l l i 1 l l T l -li Seafed, LefT To RighT: Mary George SmiTh, Recording SecreTaryg Rosemary Sim- mons, Vice-PresidenTg Georgia Fillingham, T'lisTorianp Barbara Allen, PresidenTI Nancy McKie, Treasurer, Karen Wilson, Corresponding SecreTaryg Linda Jane Parker, Warden. STanding: Madelyn Rouse, RuTh PylaTe, Brenda Miller, Louise STuclcey, Judy T-learne, Becky Cagle, Pansy MarTin, Judy Davis, AnneTTe Inman, VincenTine Piazza, Loucinda T'lerringTon. SeaTed, LeTT To RighT: Bruce Criswell, PresidenTg Bill SmiTh, l-lisToriang Morris SweaTT, Treasurer: Talmage l-larper, SecreTaryg David T-lorTon. STanding: Sherman l-long, Joel Hinson, Jimmy Simpson, Bobby Jones, T-lenry Swindull, William Graves, Milne Burson, Franlc Adams, Bill MerTon, Joe Daniel, Glenn Spiller, John M. AnThony. FirsT Row: Kay Richie, Glenda ChaTarn, Linda Escobedo, Marvell Groom, LoTTon, Wayne Saucier. Third Row: Charles Cleveland, Richard Robinson, KaThy FiTzburgh, Lenora Craig, Ann Carr, Peggy Morgan, l.oreTTa l.eiTer- John l'lardTla, Roger Johnson, James O'Connor, Jerry WolTe, Edward man, Noelle JeTlcoaT, PaT Cockrell. Second Row: l-larry Thornas, Dennis Sfeele, Jack Munn, Bill Johnson. FourTh Row: Lulne Schissel, Bill STone. Gandy, ST-even Lilcins, Bob Maher, Joe EvereTT, Gene Phillips, Louis Bing Wong, Wayne l-lesTer, John Rafesic, Bob Davidson, Richard Lenoir KAPPA MU EPSILON Kappa Mu Epsilon is a socieTy Tor The recogniTion oT ouTsTanding sTudenTs in The Tield oT maThenTiaTics. IT develops appreciaTion oT The power oT maTh and TurThers sTudenTs' inTeresT by helping The undergraduaTes realize The imporTanT role rnaThernaTics has had in The developmenT of The WesTern CivilizaTion. Kappa Mu Epsilon is honorary. and a speciTic grade average is required. OFFICERS BOB DAVIDSON Presideni JAMES OCONNOR Vice-PresidenT PATRICIA COCKRELL Secrewfv 278 Pi Omega Pi is an honorary business educalion frarernify, Alpha Sigma Chapier of Pi Omega Pi was organized on April 27, l94O, on The campus of Mississippi Sourhern College. The chapler sponsors many worlhwhile proiecls, some of which are: sponsoring a Chrisfman projecr lor a needy family, assisiing wilh l-ligh School Day, and giving a scholarship lo some deserving business educafion sludeni. Lasf year, Alpha Sigma Chapler was ranlced fourih in lhe Narional Eliliciency Conlesl. Pl OMEGA PI Pl SIGMA EPSILON Represenled exclusively in Mississippi on lhe Mississippi Sourhern College campus by Della Chapler, Pi Sigma Epsilon is a narional professional and honorary iralernily in marlceling and sales managemenl. Pi Sigma Epsilon was founded in Ailanla, Georgia, by Mr. L. l.. Anile in November, I95l. Sou+hern's Chapfer was founded in I956. During 'rhe school year, Della Chapler promoles many diflereni sales proiecls. Also, lhe chapler, along wi+h MSC and lhe Mobile Sales Execufive Club, sponsors a "Marlceiing Day" io which all siudenls are invi+ed. l i i i f i i X Seafecl, Leff fo Right Janice Wells, Mabel Baldwin, Evelyn Ewell, Sponsor Frances Reclc, Annelle Bonner, Rebecca Barlow, Treasurer. Standing: Ann Morris Lucrefia Bishop, Hisforiang Flora Walis, Vice-President l-lilda Holilield, Secrerary Marion Ann Busby, Presicleni: Josephine Speed, Linda Newron, Harrie Pearly Nunnery, Becky Phillips. Sfanding, Leff fo Righf: David Carson, Joel Asch, Richard Baxrer, Dr. Ureeland, Ed Maness lSargen+ af Armsl, Harry Simpson, Rob Slay, Sammy Davis, Rodney Roundfree. Sealed: Roberr Marino, Rich Harnisf lSecre'raryl, Lamar Jackson lVice- Presidenrl, Talmadge lrby lTreasurerl, Tommy O'Shields lPresiden+l, Roberr Young lSergean+ ar Armsl. ir - No NEED To Srnuccus -, ..., , , a ggffws. ,ll ,. ,,, Iq 1. I yr 1 E i 5 eff. S . I I f 1 g . , i im. 22' 15 Q 1 1 L9 Q 4 il i 5 II i i ' i : 'V Sealed: Roy Daniorlh, Ronnie Young, Jim Crawford, Jimmy Havard. Morris Meador, Mr. M. D. Speed, Mr. B. O. Van Hook, Oscar Braun, Bobby Mclnvale, Bobby Anconafoni, Billy Dickson, Dr. Fike. Standing: Tony DeFranco, Jack While, Earl Efheridge, Jim Payne, Johnny Brechrel, Marvin Breaseale, Jim Thomas, Don Fuell, Harold Hays, Donald Hullz, Gerald Wilson, John Ralesic, Leon Akins, Nick Kolinsky, Charles Parker, Jim Green, Johnny Sckolpan, Kennelh Hodges, Benny McLeod, George Sekul, Ben Calhoun, Ben Willoughly, Joe Owens. "M" CLUB Standing, Leff fo Righf: Goodloe Sulfon, David Webb, Sfeve Wood, Don Swifl, Mason Frye, Eric Miolon, Randy Ellis, Clay Swanzy, Selh Granberry, Jr., George Conlos, Dennis Spencer. Sealed: Jack Slralas, Gene Phillips lTreasurerl, Ronald Bell lSecre'raryl, Mary Sylvesler lSweerhear+l, Donald Bell lPresiden'rl, Lesler Kavan lVice-Presidenll, Bennelf Easlerling. Sfanding: Morris Meador, Leon Akins, Don Fuell, Presidenl Earl Elheridge. Sea+ed: Mr. M. D. Speed, Mr. B. O. Van Hook Dr. Claude Fike. CIRCLE HKU The Mississippi Soulhern College Circle K Club is noi a social fralernily, buf is a sludenl service organizaiion sponsored by The Halliesburg Kiwanis Club. Membership in Circle K is open ro any college man inleresled in parliciparing aclively in organized service 'ro his college and rhe surrounding communily and who meels cerlain leadership and scholasfic requiremenls. The Circle K Club is nor iusl an organizalion buf a driving force developing lhe leadership for lomorrow while il creales a belier college communily loday. HONORARY FRENCH SOCIETY Pi Delfa Phi is a nafional honor sociefy for oufsfanding sfudenfs of fhe French language: esfablished for fhe expressed purpose fo fomenf a wider knowledge and a greafer appreciafion of fhe confribufions of France fo world culfure, fo recognize academic excellence in fhe field of French ,sfudies in American colleges and universifies, and fo fosfer a friendly spirif among fhe peoples of French and English speech. Pi Delfa Phi was founded in I906 af Berlcely, California, and was insfalled af Mississippi Soufhern May l, l95O. Regular members are elecfed from among oufsfanding ,sfudenfs majoring or minoring in French. PI DELTA PHI TAU BETA SIGMA Tau Befa Sigma, Nafional Flonorary Sororify for college bandswomen, operafes exclusively in fhe field of college and universify bands. The purposes of Tau Befa.Sigma are: fo promofe fhe exisfence and welfare of fhe college bands, fo honor oufsfanding women in fhe band fhrough privilege of membership, fo sfimulafe campus leadership and respecf fhrough fhe medium of fhe college band, fo fosfer a close relafionship befween college bands, and fo provide a pleasanf social experience for all engaged in college band worlc. fm-3-X Seafed, Leff 'Io Righ+: Mrs. Sara Johnson, Sponsor: Mary Nelson, Judy Sfill, Presi- denf: Barbara Allen. Sfanding: Shirley Fliclc, Linda Bonay, Thomas T. Chisolrn, Jean Ellen Myaff, Marilyn Curfis. Noi Picfured: Don Drapeau, Vice-Presidenf: Joe Crews, Secrefary-Treasurer: Page Jones. Fron+ Row, Leff fo Righfz Jenny DeBardelaben, Secrefary: Judy Murray, Vice- Presidenf: Georgia Fillingham, Guard: Gail Gunfer, Presidenf: Rebecca Leifch, Proiecf Chairman: Beffy Andress, Treasurer. Second Row: Mary Ann Marfin, Peggy Wrighf, Pafsy James, Amelia Woodall, Pafsy Crenshaw, Donna Houge. Third Row: Loucinda Hierringfon, Mary Thweaff, Eileen Hamilfon, Janice Turner, Becky Cagle, Barbara Hunfer, Mary Young, Peggy Condon. W uww M '--'l..gasr- r -- - -uhm., Y..,.., , ..-. 1 4n:............,...n....,....,-....-.... ...,. ....-..,.......,-.,. on--A M, -ness, AL l 4L FirsT Row: Colonel Pynes, Talmadqe lrby, PeTer Hubbell, W. C. Parlcer, Larry l'laTTen, Marvin Sadousky, John Simpson, Carl Pederson, CapTain PeTTy. Second Row: Dr. Kelly, Dr. Filre, Ernie SylvesTer, Rodney RoundTree, Chadwich BaTes, Byron Robbins, Joel Hinson, Thomas PaTriclc, RoberT Brown, J. Maior, R. Odom, CapTain Myer. Third Row: Vic STamey, W. G. Miller, CleTTon Vaughn, Joe Bailey, A. Coke, Douglas Magee, W. LoTT, Larry Mensi, Ted KmeT, Byron Long, Jim ShanholTz. N,oT PicTured: RoberT Spealce, Bill DoherTy, James KeiTh, B. Neville, J. Yancy. John Barlow, PresidenTg MargareT BryanT, Vice-President Diana STewarT, SecreTary: Nell Bramley, Treasurer, Virginia Soiourner, l'lisTorian3 Sara Campbell, Parlia- menTarian. -s A 'E' W ,,,, , N A:-.pq 4-.f-1--ff Y ii ,, 4 4 I5 an ,Q - Scabbard and Blade is a naTional honorary miliTary socieTy recognizing ouTsTanding advanced ROTC sTudenTs. This miliTary socieTy TirsT appeared on The campus OT Mississippi SouThern College in May oT I959. Since This insTallaTion daTe, iTs purposes have been To TosTer and develop oTTicer-like qualiTies in young men, and raise The sTandard oT miliTary educaTion in The UniTed STaTes. The socieTy oT Scabbard and Blade is unique in organizaTion, being honorary, social, miliTary, and proTessional in naTure. SCABBARD AND BLADE N. E. A. The STudenT NaTional EducaTion AssociaTion lSTudenT NEAT is The proTessional asssociaTiOn Tor college or universiTy sTudenTs preparing To Teach. lTs members are members OT duly charTered local chapTers. Local chapTers and sTuden+ sTaTe educaTion associaTions areiinTegral parTs oT The STudenT NEA, A member oT STudenT NEA is a sTudenT member oT his sTaTe educaTion asssociaTiOn and The NaTional EducaTion AssociaTion TNEAT. wiTh all The righTs, privileges, and responsibiliTies oT associaTe membership in These proTessional organi1'aTions. , YELLOW JACKETS To promoTe The TradiTions and school spiriT oT Mississippi SouThern College is The purpose oT The Yellow JaclceTs. IT is a group oT young men uniTed in an organizaTion Tormed by social TraTerniTies and The STudenT GovernmenT AsssociaTion. The organizaTion is composed oT TiTTy ouTsTanding sophomores plus Tour junior members, The PresidenT being a junior, The PresidenT and The Three senior members are elecTed by The preceding year's club. The Yellow JaclceTs also orienTaTe The Treshmen and acT as hosTs and guides Tor campus visiTors. This year S804 in scholarships was provided by The Yellow JaclceTs. Seaied, LeT+ To Righfs Horace Dickerson, Presidenh Joann Lee WaTTs. SweeThearT: Wayne Cleveland, Vice-PresidenT. STanding: Ken Johnson, SecreTaryg Bill Bounds, SergeanT aT Arms: Bob Mclnvale, Treasurerg Jay Briclcman, ParliamenTarian. THE l96I-62 YELLCW JACKETS Sfanding, Leff fo Righfz Jordan Dykes, Hazel Jennings, Aniia Gilberl, Becky Smilh, Sandra McNeill, Mignhon Welch, Kaiherine Priscock. Virginia Scorr, Linda Gabrich, Parsy Koonce, Pal Mauffray, Carolyn Bourwell, Sandra Myrick, Melva Kay Slockslill, BeH'y Smiih, Mariha McBride, Peggy McCay, Linda Ward, Janayne Roberlson, Carole Good- game. Joy Wes+, Doyleen Lyon. Seafed: Linda Fairley, Ann Leonard, Abigail Fairchild, Helen Sevier, Elizabelh Seaman, Carolyn McLean, Nanci Ohfuii, Becky Bullies. Elizabeih Seaman, President Helen Sevier, Vice-President Carolyn Mc- Lean, Secrefaryg Nanci Oiiuil, Treasurer. PHI CHI THETA Phi Chi Theia is a narional professional iraierniiy for women enrolled in schools of business adminislrarion or commerce. ll is an honorary. Phi Chi Theia was organized +o promoie The cause oi higher educalion and lraining for all women, io iosier high ideals for women in business careers, io encourage iralerniiy and cooperarion among women preparing for such careers, and 'ro siimulaie lhe spirir of sacrifice and unseliish devolion 'ro rhe ailainmenl of such ends. Membership is obrained only lhrough a collegiale chapier and is open 'ro qualified siudenis who are enrolled in lhe School oi Business and who iniend lo compleie lhe required courses and receive a degree. V i i v l l 1 i Ir,-. R. O. T. C. To develop olllicers in sulificienf quanlily 'ro provide a corps of wellsrounded, well-educared leaders for an Army Tha? would have +o expand rapidly in Jrhe evenr of a nalional emergency is lhe purpose of +he exislence of Jrhe Reserve Officers Training Corps of +he Uniled Sfafes Army. The firslr R.O.T.C. uni+ al Mississippi Soulhern College was organized in l95O as a Branch Maferiel Uni? +o prepare cadels for commissioning in The Field Arlillery. In I958, Jrhe MSC Academic Council adopled a program of compulsory R.O.T.C. Jrraining for all eligible male Freshman and Sophomore sludenls. R.O.T.C. Cadei Corps in ba'H'le group formeiion The R.O.T.C. Sponsors-Vivian Rushing. Firsf Baffle Group: Bonnie Purvis, Brigade Sponsor: Diana Sfewarf, Second Balfle Group. f -e--W. A, , -2--Ts1 :,1, , .?... Um, ,sf NA..-f "' s"" -Mwezrif' -4- 'F NK C' BA R. 0. T. C. 1 I i li i 5 3 3 The Soufhern Generals is sfill anofher facei' of fha R.O.T.C. program. The R.O.T.C. Band, direded by Gilbert Saeire, plays an infegral par! in fha over-all R.O.T.C. program. .,,A-' S W, . .Wh ,: ff"-v A9 ff , A , x W R+ 1 K-u..x.rl f.. ' I --H W .msg "Flin" Qgtsl, f ,X .. .. ,, L. ." " ,.x.,f,. ' r . n-. .?,',g N'..' ik X ., -ip' a ', ' x5 "W-13. .xb- 1 P-Qs-,x -FX 3' R. O. T. C THE CADET OFFICERS OF THE MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN COLLEGE ROTC THE ROTC COLOR GUARD 287 fa Q W? g. T I7 BOY'S RIFLE TEAM-Kneeling, Lefi fo Righh Slephen Lilcins, Charles Buckley, Alfred Coke, Mike Curry, George l-lurs+. Slanding: Capfain Glenn l-l. Woods, olllcer in charge: Tommy Jordan, Joe Phillips, Gerry Golf, Waller Yafes, W. G. Miller, team caplaing Serqeanf lsf Class James F. Burdell, Sr. Rifle Team Coach. ,...,--f' ' lx! The counselors live in The Treshman girls' dormiTories. They are There To advise The girls and help Them during Their all-imporTanT TirsT year. This is one oT The Top honors ThaT can come To a woman sTudenT aT Mississsippi SouThern College. Mrs. "Miss Polly" Wilson and Mrs. RuTh Crisman, who are The house moThers in The Freshman girls' dormiTories, assisT The counselors in Their never-ending iob. COUNSELORS PROCTORS ProcTors are sTudenTs employed by The Housing OTTice To assisT in The managemenT oT The residence halls. Each has speciTic responsibiliTy Tor a given area oT The building and Tor The residenTs oT ThaT area, buT his auThoriTy exTends To oTher areas or buildings as needed. The "ProcTor SysTem" has proven To be very eTTecTive, an eloquenT commenTary on The high caliber oT The men selecTed To serve as procTors, and on The abiIiTy oT sTudenTs in general To accepT and discharge responsibiliTies. WI! Seafedz Sherry Cravey, Mississippi Hall: Joyce Sanders, Mississippi Hall: MarTha Blaize, Mississippi Hall: Myralynn SmiTh, HaTTiesburg Hall: Ginny Risher, HaTTies- burg Hall. STanding: Mary Evelyn Granberry, Mississippi Hall: Virginia Soiourner, Mississippi Hall: PaT CanTerbury, Mississippi Hall: Barbara Allen, Mississippi Hall: Louise STuclcey, HaTTiesburg Hall: BeTTy Boyd, HaTTiesburg Hall: Carole Coleman, HaTTiesburg Hall. Fronf Row, LeTT To RighT: Glen Chance, Mack LeggeTT, Jim Zager, David Pyle, Don CoTTer, Head Reside-nT. STanding: George R. Rahr, Supervisor oT Men's Hous- ing: CurTis Garner, Marshall Eayard, David Edmonds, Rocco Melillo, Bruce Cris- well, Ted KmeT, Joe Price EvereTT, Head Pesider1T. NOT PicTured: Jimmy Havard. KeiTh Hannon, William UTsey, Nick FoTo, Leon Alcins, William MerTon, Ben Wil- loughby, Harold Hays. 5 mm xi 9,4 'K 15: A ng'-, 3 x w P' : lu lg It P, D9 P4 f? E' r r . , , :J I V", ,, Q f ' sw,- ml' 1 'ya f . V in WW BAPTIST STUDENT FELLOWSHIP-A UNIT OF THE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Sponsored by Ihe Baplisl Churches ol I-larriesburg and Ihe Mississippi Baprisr Convenlion, Ihe Baplisl Sludenl Union seelcs Io lead Baprisr sludenls Io aclive membership in local Bapiisr Churches in Halliesburg. The Baprisr Srudenl Union offers a weelcly meeling on Tuesday nighr, Young Women's Auxiliary, rerreals, convenrions, and numerous olher aclivilies. 'C7 YWA YOUNG W'OMEN'S AUXILIARY-Firsf Row: Bobby Carolyn Smilh, Presi- denlp Carolyn Forlenberry, Gloria Daughdrill, Bonnie Page, Janice Kerwin, Marqarel Byranl, Marqarel Ann Ealres. Second Row: Barbara lfzell, Belly Jo Williamson. I-lallie Nunnery, Calera Byrd, June McRae, Milzie Flaherly, Elaine Murray, Eleanor Bynum. I Sealed, Leff Io Righf: Sherry McGraw, Mar- ! garel Bryanr, Bobby Carolyn Smilh, Sara Slrinqer, Elaine Murray. Barbara Ezell, Wylo- dene Rushing. Sfanding: Reverend Louie Farmer, Jr., Gerald Daniel, Sammy Davis. Jim E. Poole, Jerry Walker, Roberl Tugqle, Sammy Culpepper, Marvin Miller, Jane Ryals, Jean I-lavarcl. I 5, 7 i i i r i l li ll i,i I I , , , Sfanding, Leff fo Righfz Sandra Dunn, Gary Gay, Carhy Denron, Miclcey Bell, Lee Srevens, Fred Beverly, Palricia Beverly, Beverly Parlc, Carolyn Arbulhnol, Margarel Saerre, Pamela Gray, Margarel Smirh, Kalhy Armsrrong. Sealed: Mildred Quarles, Mary Belh Dunn, Rev. R. A. Parlc, Alice Wenrworrh, Gail l-lill, David Pyle, Linda Riller, Par George, Dennis Spencer. Lefi' +o Righlc David Pyle, Presidenlg Alice Wenlworlh, Vice-President Par George, Secreraryg Linda Rifrer, Treasurer. fg . , ' 'il ,., ., 'S' 1 El i I is I . ',:n . , HI f.: . sv.. , iii , CANTERBURY i CLUB l Charrered on rhe Mississippi Sourhern campus in IQ46, rhe Canrerbury Club has served Episcopal sludenrs of Sourhern and William Carey College lor lourleen years. ln l947, ihe Rev. Richard A. Parlc came as recror ol 'lrinily Episcopal Church, and became parlfrime chaplain of I rhe Canlerbury Club. ' lrs purpose is lo help college s'ruden+s malce 'rheir failh an , inregral parl ol college life by bringing The acliviries of The Church on campus. Canlerbury Club was lounded on lhe belief rhal lhe mission A of lhe Episcopal Church should be exfended ro all ils communicanls, and should provide lhe besr medium for ils members ro develop as uselul cirizens on college campuses. l l l l ,... , l 1 i E C . ,i 0 ,f T A NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is dedicaied +o 'rhe principles formulafed by Cardinal John l-lenry Newman, a converl io 'rhe Calholic faifh. The club promoies INTELLECTUAL, SOCIAL, AND RELIGIGUS developmeni of i+s members. Dudng ihe pad'year,+he progranw induded speakem, discussions, group aiiendance al Mass and I-loly Communion, dances,sHdes on counides ofinferesh and nwany oiher special proiecls. This year +he Club will be hosf for 'rhe Regional Conveniion held February IO'rh and I llh. Newman Clubs from +he eniire sfale aflended This conveniion. VIVVYI7 nqllll gl l ' Vxlllh H QTXB I v c " 'nu . 0 9 o W llvvxyf K S I i i 1 9 " N f'6 5 E E - 1 , f 5 4 oo '11, ,Mx Q I y MEMBERS OF THE NEWMAN CLUB Bob Hubbard, Presidenig Nolon Bush, Vice-President Lore++a Leifeiman, Recording Secrefaryg Emile Templei, Correspond- ing Secrefaryg Raymond Egers, Treasurer: Claude Malone, Marshal, Falher John lzral, Chaplain. .j. Sealed, Lefl 'Po Righf: Polly McCormick, Carole Coleman, Cleffon Vaughn, Nelda Gaines, Brenda Burch. Sfancling: Ronald Bell, Tommy Richardson, Denson Napier, Donald Bell, Mae Nelson. THE WESLEY FOUNDATION .4 ,i il WESLEY FOUNDATION Sponsored by lhe Me+hodis+ Church and a represenralive ol The lvlelhodisl Sludenl Movement Jrhe Wesley Foundarion seelcs To help lvlelhodisl college siudenis feel al home in Their campus communily and To give 'rhem a siimulus for more ehfecfive religious acrivifies. Aclivilies ol many kinds-deyolional, recrealional, sludy and service opporlunilies--are included in fhe Wesley Foundaiion. f WesTminsTer Fellowship is The organizaTion Tor college sTudenTs oT The PresbyTerian Church, U. S. lTs purpose is To learn The will oT God Tor our lives in ChrisT Jesus. To accomplish This purpose, we ioin ourselves TogeTher in sTudy, Tellowship, and service. Also, we seek ouT oThers who are like-minded To work wiTh To This same end while we are in college. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP MARTIN LUTHER FELLOWSHIP MarTin LuTher Fellowship is an organizaTion oT all LuTheran sTudenTs on The Mississippi SouThern College campus, dedicaTed To The glory oT God Through The exploraTion of The Bible, and The general Tellowship which exisTs among l.uTheran sTudenTs. AcTiviTies oT MarTin LuTher Fellowship include Topics led by boTh sTudenTs and TaculTy TO give The sTudenTs The opporTuniTy To pracTice Their ChrisTianiTy, Among The social acTiviTies is included an lnTroducTion BanqueT Tor all new l.uTheran sTudenTs. 295 - - -mA-s f' , 'f 4 we f wr. .f , w Q-fp. f7,,.-1 by . ., ,, ,I 4x4,e,'.t,.. l. A ,' ' : 1 cf fb -. . Standing, LeTT To RighT: Jane MerediTh, Paul Adams, William E. Slovick, John R. Vann, STan Gwin, Bill Sharp, Rev. NewTon Cox, RoberT McRae, Doug Thomas, Charles Lindsey, PaT McGivaren, Ken EarnesT, Norma Carole Tucker. Seafed: AniTa Marie Jensen, Nancy McKie, Pam Dennis, RuTh Darden. F'aT Telleiohn, ElizabeTh Holiday, Jane Fleming, Mildred STovall, Phyliss Hicks, Becky BuTTles. NoT Pidured: Doddy Loper, Suzanne Myers, Jimmy Cooper, Bill STillman, Barbara Bilboe, Ginny Risher, Charlie LighTsey, CharloTTe Sober, Muriel McCarTy. SeaTed, LeTT To RigI1T: Judy Hearne, Sharon TuTTe, SecreTary-Treasurerp Cheryl Wilkerson, MarTha Shoemake. STanding: Billy Henderson, Dr. William Weiersheuser, FaculTy Advisory Ted KmeT, Don Symank, PresidenTg Mike Busby, Vice-President ' A . ,.... W l l l l G " in Sealed. Lefl fo Righ+: Barbara lrvinq, Carolyn Brady, Judy Slill, Sandra Ervin, Joyce Sanders. Standing: Mike Busby, Charles Blocker, John Coker, Tom l-laynes, Mary Nell Maxey, Mike Tulle, Mildred Slovall, Alice Wen?- worlh. Mississippi Soulhern Colleges Sludenr Chrislian 53 Federarion is a council composed ol a presidenr, vice-presidenr, secrelary, rreasurer, hislorian, publicily I chairman, and a represenlarive from each of rhe religious groups. Seeking lo provide channels for worship and E religious developmenr, rhe Srudenr Chrislian Federalion sponsors, among olher aclivilies, Religious Emphasis Week, Vespers, 'rhe Thanksgiving Service, The Chrisrmas Service, i in l l and The Easler Service. ' l Q1 ill OFFICERS l:i crown cokcre Presidenf sANuRA Erzvirv Treasurer 'nl Junv sriir vrCe,PfeSsaen+ MARY NELL MAXEY Hiswrian dl, BPENDA BUPCH Corresponding Secrelaiy ANDY STILL PubliCllV 'fl Mll li TllFlE Recording Secrelary iii ll 296 l i Sea+ed: Kifrv Car+er, Ted Kme+, Brenda Burch, Diana S'rewar'r. S+anding: Dr. Don George, Mr. John Frazier, Reverend Denson Napier, John Colfer, Joe Everefi, Dr. John Nau. PI TAU CHI Pi Tau Chi is an honorary reiigious socieiy which recognizes Those siudenis who have pariicipaied in and coniribuied To The spiriiual growih of Mississippi Sou+hern's siudenrs. Dr. John Nau, advisor io The local chapier, is The Naiional Presidenlr of Pi Tau Chi. 297 I I Losf? Or confused? who Me worried? E K? .Q l'd be ashamed 'I'oo! Md Wonder whaf +l'1e Pilres hid in +l'1e fire +rucl:7 One, fwo, +hree7 ,1..,A 11' Xml K A U I 3 RN -fr N A+ MSC everyone s+ands in line-even fo eaf! CAMPUS CAPTIONS . wg l.Ei.Q:,8-Qu.:St', A, . " 'M x ?' wg ff gf? ef4 5 gv z! n ll 3 -J' '-li A 1 Thai' invisible shield. Heads or hails? f I I i 5 299 Don'+ be shy-follow +he crowd. Tu+, +u+, you're on fhe grass! i i 5. iw i, 1 J i i LU iii ?'E M iii Us ! u E i gn, 'u if 51 1-' Kappa Alpha played a real gone Scarlei' 5, I M , - ..s,'V1 . I i Decisions! Decisions! M 4 . I!!! Qll!! 1 1 f' lp 'E' E' L q, . ' nf Snowman Avenue- A1' Sou+l'1ern we worlr hard af everyihlng. ,4 . f ww MW AMPUS KEY TO W- , ., M 2 Be careful- ou're violafin rule number six. Y 9 Y 1, Six no frump? I iif mm 41 11,1 ' M, . , , :?fv5g..,f1f V, M , , I . 51,15 N ,4 ,f if .pfdw "KV fw ,ff yffxfg. , ,,. 7 M, ,,gg.x, V' , . ,-,f,, Q Mfr ,, W "fir 'Www' Mg? 4 ,E , 1, THE FORREST COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS "Soufhern's Heariiesf Backers" SELBY C. BOWLING, Presidenf . . . . Bea+ Three HARRY H. BELL . . . . . Bear One LUTHER G. LEE . . . . '. Beef Two J. A. P. CARTER . . . . . Bear Four W. H. BUTLER . . . . . Bea+ Five We wish lo exlend our sincere promise of conrinued supporf and cooperalion lo Mississippi Souihern College, Mississippi's finesr and largesf college and one of Forresf Coun+y's mosl valued assefs. Congrafulafions on your splendid growfh and fine spirir. We hope lhaf Soufhern and Forresl Counly will conlinue To march side by side in selling lhe pace of progress and developmenf in Sourh Mississippi. The people ol Forresl Counly exlend fheir besl wishes 'ro +he adminislrafion, facully, and sfudenls of M.S.C. Besl of luck io lv1ississippi's friendliesf college from Mississippi's friendliesf counry. x -- iliorresft ' s l Qounty 1 . 525 'B s i 1.iIi.12. .LT s A good place lo go fo school and a good place +o live 302 Hattiesburg Automobile Dealers AUTO SERVICE COMPANY FARRIOR MOTOR COMPANY RYAN MCARTHUR MOTORS MCMULLAN MOTORS JOE MORRIS MOTORS HENSON FORD INC MARTIN MOTOR SALES ROSCOE MOORE PONTIAC COMPANY STEADMAN MOTORS INC ot Association 303 X 1 l I D PERSONAL FINANCING A Soufhern Company Through and Through, Monfhly Repaymenl WHITE SYSTEM S0l.lTllEllSTERN INSURANCE C0. 1 GF HATTIESBURG. Inc. Assefs in Excess of SI,250,000.00 E O R. C. COOK, Presideni l A Phone JU 45474 W' Plne Sl' Sou+heas+ern Life Bldg. HaH'iesburg, Miss. i l JIMMY FAucHN's Compfmenfd OF l EAUGl'lN'S PhCfQ:jG'AN LA PM nnmsfv STEEL x. suPPLv T one ' CDRPURATION l ' P.O. BOX 6838 T i. Phone 21098 Jackson, Mississippi T PRWATE ROOMS FRED RAMSEY, JR., PreSiden+ Phone FL 4-27I9 li g Mississippi General Agents for Mutual of Omaha l S'ra're Office 269 E. Pearl S+ree+ p l JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI A ,l INCOME PROTECTION HOSPITALIZATION p I l Ni, LIFE INSURANCE SPECIAL STUDENT COVERAGE l T l l fi l T i .. .1...ll I I I I I I I I more senvues 1208 comzvzvs STREET HATTIESBURG. Mass. I Fines+ In PORTRAITURE AERIAL COMMERCIAL CHILDREN WEDDINGS PETS OILS COLOR COPIES Any+ime-Anywhere-Any'fhing Your Annual Photographer 1960-61 Res. Phone JU 2-2439 Office Phone JU 4-5262 I I I I I 305 I I . I LI.- T 'I HUB CITY CHATHAMS OFFICE SUPPLY co For All Your Office Needs Across Irom Mississippi SouIhern 220 WeS,r Pme Ph ne JU 2 330' 27I2 Hardy SIreeI Phone JU 4 9900 HATTIESBURG M155 iff: HARDY MART BEAUTY SALON SOUTHERNAIRE MOTEL MARILYN MURRY S+yI + ss g a S e Phone sa 23306 Sy ch YI Q AND U H de Yo Ge PARK LANE MOTEL Y H B Oadway D Ha cIy Sfreei' Mari' Ph e JU 2 455 Phone 58 45467 BROADWAY MART BRANCH 9 SOUTHMSTIRN MATERIALS C0 0 us Nea Servmg South Mlsslsslppl Since 1895 L NahonaI Bank of Hattiesburg 523 MAIN STREET DY STREET PETAL BRANCH HAR BRANCH H dyS+ AMERICAN SAND 81 GRAVEL CO HATTIESBURG BRICK WORKS SOUTHEASTERN MATERIALS CO JU4 436 I-IATTIESBUR6 MISSISSIPPI I I l I . O - n I ' , I a ur I Ifsxcro Hi hw y From Miss. oufh rniw ' 'S I - rm ronized SI In and Tinhng "LeI' s an I ur r aIesI Assef- our air" I T' rive' r on -2 It 0 Q 0 o Q 0 ,1 C C L PeI'aI, Miss. Broadway Drive M b F d I R e Sysiem - Federal D p 'I I - C p Von l835 ar ree+ o ' 6 I Q Ill I S' 6 Ofhcei Ross BIdq. Tel. -6 306 I I I I I T1 I I COLLEGE HEIGHTS I STANDARD TEXACO SERVICE I D G 24 hour service I WASHIN6-POLISHING-LUBRICATION I WMGREEN AGENT TIRES-TUBES-BATTERIES I Phone JU 3-4381 619 MAIN Road Service DAYTON GILLESPIE, Owner HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI By PM 8. Hardy SI. pI, 8 JU 4,858 I SOUIII IvIISSiSSippi'S Leading SIOTGS IRI men ,La SPECIALTY CO. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS I 26I0 Hardy SI'ree+-Phone JU 3-336l I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI HATTIESBURG - MCCOMB - PASCAGOULA I l SMOKIE S I SOUTHERN GLASS SDQRTING GQQD5 Wholesale and Re+aiI I I2 Broadway Dr. PITOTIG JU 3-0922 GLASS AND BUILDING MATERIALS 3I5 E. Pine SIreeI I-Iaffiesburg, MISS. I-Iawesburq' MISS' I 5748 'lfogue STM, SLC. WI-IERE EXCLUSIVE STYLES MEET POPULAR PRICES I 5I9 MAIN STREET I ' I-IATTIESBURG, MISS. I I , 307 I I ' 1 I 4 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS CHAIN ELECTRIC OF CDMPANY, INC. DRUG ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ENGINEERS COMPANY 903 Scooba S+ree+ HaH'iesburg, Miss. BEST WIS!-IES FROM TI-IE NEW I G. H. McELHANEY 8: SONS Plumbing and Hea+ing Men's Wear Pime JU Z357' 50' W- Laurel I I8 W. Pine S+. Opposife Pos? Office Comlogmenfa of WI MPY'S and Q WIMPY'S JR. 308 I i 4.14 Your CompleI'e Ouali+y Fashion COMPLIMENTS Fabric CenI'er OF HUBER'S FINE FABRICS 823 Hardy Sfreel' S HATTIESBURG. MISSISSIPPI Fine Foods Favori+e Beverages SPEEDS THE DIAMOND SHOP SOUTHERN GULF SERVICE STATION I 2604 H d Y JU 3 QW STUDENT ACCOUNTS INVITED WILLMUT GAS AND OIL COMPANY Use Nafural Gas 'Ihe all purpose fuel for coolung and heahng f Corner of Main and Pine V Hal' iesburg's largesl credil Jeweler GV Phone - , . H ' I l -md X xx' I ervin ou h Mississippi in Hafliesburg, Collins, Easl' Jac lzson, Magee, Mendenhall, M . Olive, D'Lo, Braxfon, Pearl School, an McLaurin ei s. 9 S + + d H ghl' 309 I TI I I COMPLIMENTS I QF Seale-1119 I ICE CREAM CIIIITIIIIEIITAI. TRAILWAYS STORE AT THE HARDY MART SHOPPING CENTER ALBRITQNS H , fzwdafld i House of Fine Diamonds 'Fo' DAD and LAD 418 E. Capitol-Northwood Shopping Center Three Lomionsz FL. 3-,629 EM' 6-4311 Maywood Mar'I' I d 'Meadowbrook Mari' I Wes'ran Paza JACKSON' MISS' JACKSON, Mississwvi Compiimignis HATTIESBURG VIDEO QP I 504 Corinne SIreeI HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI R H BRASWELL Telephone JU 2-I98I Owner Proverbs I I:3O-He II'1aI winneII'1 Souls is Wise PONTIAC EASTERN CORPORATION Black Creek Refinery Purvis, Mississippi Phgne JU 4840! I 3I0 I I I opp I gg P Ju 32504 H Y R fa X SOUTHLAND FLORISTS COLLEGE PHARMACY H I X X X WX!! SIP JU4754I I Q Zzwunv co I 523!7hl!Z Ji MMM img My I HATTIESBURG HARDWARE STORES WHOLESALE HARDWARE an SPORTING GOODS Mob Ie SIree'r Pho e JU 3 3525 HATTIESBURG MISSISSIPPI "We are a+ Your Service" Prescripfions and ToiIe'rries 2900 ardy S reef . M h - S O rlngion Dudle . Herringi' N I E I X f A BETTY and PAUL WRIGHT N ' . . I I 200 . auI SIreeI' I-Ia+ Iesburq, Mass I I Phone - X I X O Z I .6'tGu'b . . 0 in Og 7 S 2 , 03 , Sa l 3II FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION I-IATIIESBUPIG MISSISSIPPI MEMBER OF FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION A muI aI sav'ngs and I'Iome Fnance 'nsI IuI on ser 'ng o er I5 O00 people SaIeIy of your savIngs Insured I SIO 000 00 by an agency of II1e Federal GovernmenI CurrenI DIvIdend 4If2 0 Per Annum AsseIs over S32 MIIIIon LIBRARIAN S OFFICE cI COMPLIMENTS + E COMMERCIAL STATIONERY CO QWL DRUG C0 Cmfw HATTIESBURG MISSISSIPPI CusIom Des gned OIF ce InIerIors COWIPQVG I-I BaIIer WI'I pped Sunbeam Bread I-Ias No I-IoIes No SIreaIcs No Poo End SI ces POWDER COMPANY Sunbeam PINE AND PAPER CHEMICALS PLANT COMPARE HATTIESBURG MISSISSIPPI Try The Tenderness Tesi' OuaIIIy GuaranIeed Locally Baked SmIII'Is Sunbeam Bakery OF u I I I I I VI v I 0 . . 0 , . - - 7 . . We are pro I S III I'b y d pp ' I having been I I d I ppIy d ' I II III FI' I ' II ' ings. FurniIure and Iiling equIpmenI by AII-S eel quIpmenI Inc., Aurora, IIIInoIs. OF ,, . . . I I I ' - I - - r I 753' , I - I 3I2 KCMP EQUIPMENT CCMPANY INC oMPAN ENT C IIoMP E UIPM DISTRIBUTORS OF INDUSTRIAL 81 PLUMBING SUPPLIES HATTIESBURG MISSISSIPPI The MOST Tasiry Food On I"IIgIwway TYPEWRITER COMPANY BuSIneSs MaCIIIneS S UNDERWOOD OLIVETTI AGENT TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES SUPER AUTOMATIC PRINTING BANQUET AND PARTY CALCULATORS FACILITIES Sales-Service RenI'aIs Supplies 2I0 Broadway Drive Phone JU 4 548I Highway I I HaH"eSburg' MISS A bank aCCoun'r esIabIisIIed early in your Career will serve as a foundaiion for fufure busi ness operafions and prove vaIuabIe in many ways . . . Lei us serve you' CITIZENS BANK HATTIESBURC-5 MaIn OffIce-60I MaIn Sfreef Bank of FrIendIy ServIce Branches Member Fede aI Deposf Ins rance Co p Federal Reser e Sysfe 7 I . ,. 1.61, S f ' ,Z " - S t . V t V F, ,WAV-1,0-. V w fi X , 'Ii 'S ' F f in I E gy ., ., I I , -K I ll . I I ,, of Il ' ' ll Mississippi SouII1ern CoIIege Broadway Drive r i u r . I v m 3I3 E ' '1 L L R H E W D K is Phone FL 2-2264 P.o. Box 1034 . . L - A LJ A C K S O N - GRADUATE SUPPLY HOUSE MISSISSIPPI REPRESENTING HERFF-JONES COMPANY CLASS RINGS-INVITATIONS-DIPLOMAS-YEAR BOOKS-CAPS AND GOWNS EXPERT DRY CLEANING A COMPLIMENTS ONE-HOUR SERVICE A OF A COLLEGE CLEANERS A Laundry Service-Quali+y Work A the graduat1ng C1353 j T . A I Y . 3l4 P L .14 COMPLIMENTS I-IATTIESBURG MISSISSIPPI DIXIE PINE PRODUCTS COMPANY Mc:Cc1IIrey's Shopping Center room MARKET, inc. I9OI Edwards SI. I-Iarriesburg, Missis "The Working Man's Friend" Food Markei' IOpen 24 Hoursl Tire Sfore IArms+rong Tiresl Furnifure Service Slrafion OuIIe'r Real Esfafe and Insurance When in Jackson GO NATIVE! . . . and +I1e nafives go +o . . . tj in if DOWNTOWN -pf MEADOWBROOK HATTIESBURG' ,if WESTLAND I I rl -I i I I I SPP A A Memorable Year 0 Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of the University of Southern Mississippi upon the completion of another outstanding year of accomplishments. 0 The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book that portrays the highlights of mem- orable activities, To preserve this excellent literary and photographic record, the best grades of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the Hnest quality yearbook. 0 We are very proud that the 1962 Staff selected us to design, print and bind the SOUTHERNER. We have earnestly endeavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. Q I I I I I I BENSIIN PRINTING COMPANY Compkfe 5004 manufacfurerd NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEEN 3I6 I I I I I I I . x - -fn s-- . " 'Q X I ' 'I 4 P Y . --ww Q. 1 .f"'L' w', :il f -,.a'- H .:' r '. . "ww 'W' ' -a.. ' Q ' ' -ng 'N All -wml up --nv HY.. W H ' f L 1 1.4,- 1 ,' ' "luv wh lvssijii hw g ,A x ' A' VI H S I W 10 ,p J I . UI . f X. bf 1" "r" ' , u ,: 4 W 'D' N' 'N I ' Q' 1 ' 4 t nl" 'VI

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