University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS)

 - Class of 1961

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University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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1 4. rg-1-1 1 -. ' v 5 un . - . Q. ,,, .- Dm 'U I A ,H ., '59 5 on 5 , Q H . Q I . O ' o ' Q l I - - - .. - I . . U Vg., '- V .L ? 1 "Q 1 .v :T l .'+-...- -. . 1. . I .L .. ' '5 4 g .- 0 - , -1 tl "' "" ' .li y :E kr .5 . Q. . .1 ' 'l I 'V r' i Q "l' , - a "1 -.uf L , . ,n I " , ,,., A .f"ffw' 9' flu"-'g V ' ' .v -' '- 9 " , 'f "--.. . .. ' ,.: ' . . .ivy , ., ,"' . . - ' . . -' --. u Q.Qs V - . 'm a A . .,.'2., " 1 '..,. J ' -'V ' ' , .'. a nl , Y- . -r 4 . 'iw' 1 H . 4 Q I l. E ..'.,.f".. Q. , n' . we -- Q r , v , ' . , P I' ' A , " -3.- P ... o +0 1- . v 9 K P 4. 5.4- , Q . . H 5. rs 5 D x 0 -s"L:g '. 0 "' u vvd 1 . . '. 5 ? ' K 1 4. rg-1-1 1 -. ' v 5 un . - . Q. ,,, .- Dm 'U I A ,H ., '59 5 on 5 , Q H . Q I . O ' o ' Q l I - - - .. - I . . U Vg., '- V .L ? 1 "Q 1 .v :T l .'+-...- -. . 1. . I .L .. ' '5 4 g .- 0 - , -1 tl "' "" ' .li y :E kr .5 . Q. . .1 ' 'l I 'V r' i Q "l' , - a "1 -.uf L , . ,n I " , ,,., A .f"ffw' 9' flu"-'g V ' ' .v -' '- 9 " , 'f "--.. . .. ' ,.: ' . . .ivy , ., ,"' . . - ' . . -' --. u Q.Qs V - . 'm a A . .,.'2., " 1 '..,. J ' -'V ' ' , .'. a nl , Y- . -r 4 . 'iw' 1 H . 4 Q I l. E ..'.,.f".. Q. , n' . we -- Q r , v , ' . , P I' ' A , " -3.- P ... o +0 1- . v 9 K P 4. 5.4- , Q . . H 5. rs 5 D x 0 -s"L:g '. 0 "' u vvd 1 . . '. 5 ? ' K S e UU HE ER U 0 5- .1 2 '. t 1 f ' V - I E if ' 1 Q7 1 -' 2, 5,.,.i Q L.,n. F' J- - 4 F " I -.- ,4- ,-Q- lv f- , x A. , , ,, in LW 31.65, M, 65' , 1 4-TW ixflwmg 4 X X -v" ' 'SWE f' Y QD5X' .. f b ff - Si' 2 1961 :.- ,-:..: Ll- -5, , -xv.. N N I.. TPYV In 'Ja "U "pu '4..Al vTW , :MM M -1 lfm.f,..i. 1 1 mi, sq.. if I ni.. Shri 9 z w K , . x Q ii 4. All fi X, rl .af I., . 'E S 1 1 , . iv: "a . If My gi ll I i C . ,,. I , ji .4-1. ': N 6- . gr 3.4. I M I ,Q I ' A fl - pf 'Q 'iqilifl ' Q ,g 1 fx" VI r L, V4 Ya " 1' Q -R' . O I - I -'-X L" 3 h ' , .1 "I, 4x' , .45 r ' .", , 'air' 5 'gi' -X F. r : ' I' g . 'I , 1 :Y '.,xf"ffs. ,LA -Q W ' .I 5: . ' Q . I .O x 5 x r '- ' 'U i fA"'., X af , fa- , , , ., , . 1 N 1 r 4. - L re ' ' p,s : 1 wi. W P' W' N 1 F. 4,1 3 1 T U rf In 4 V V Q- ,' V 1 I - 1 , ' 1 J ' ' Q .5 i if ly 'v I Jing P V e K. E 6 s 5 " W ' ' 'X-gf 'fslfrvi if 0 I. Q P .' , 15 ,-22 4.4 . . Y - Q 9' Y- fl' 1 - His'-,,:.-.if Q ' a I ' s' A 'fx f "JT "ap 'fi' A-'v-ug' 'P f X M , V '? ' V rf PIL' 'YW ' ii' 4 ' A ' 'X , -1, .t- ' 'Vs' . 'W ' 1 UQ ca. 'f-"- . -NP l l 'gg 'ax S' Q, I KJ. . j:":'l'k' 4 ' 'Q -Q, kbal, V. 1 '1 , -V - .-QUT. T'Y,:,." 1 r I , . f rvi-1,1 rxrl-I 'Z ' I u ' its ' -L,.+- gf' -4 Q ' 1 - 2 ' " fs . . 1 3 l fn Q A vs VA' N " YY 'Q '79-s,x Q mg- Ka E R 'fa I ' . rx. 'N. I 3 'i ' D 3 . -'if I 1 VY- V f E ' 4 r "il I ' ' 0. A '- ' ' 5 1 -v -V f f gl , VS M, N, Q E 4 . M l 4 .wh-L-ft 31 I Q I W Q 'ng 'Q 1. wi' I 4 6 W J- A, , ' - ' gi,1gg!9f-'L -f A ' ,.l-file-'L'-:"'N -L E I :gl W-.N A -- -An "-' Mii W .L - " " F -M YV- l f ' -.. -- Z" . "' sir- "':7 ,,. ni M . 1? . , "' 'f- QPSK : ' 1, L f A 'ffm 1 l , N H -1 Y I' I' A R EA 5 OF ADVA NCEMEN Southern's spacious new library and an enrollment of over 4000 has set the stage for our next 50 years. Within the next year we will enjoy a new cafeteria, men's dormitory, infirmary, and women's dormitory. Appropriations have been set aside for improvement of many of the buildings on campus. An enrollment approaching 5000 has been predicted for the near future. Our highest aim, 'Southern to the Top," is fast becoming a reality and not just a dream. ' --A1 c A' 1' if l ii "L 'F vt. 3-" .Q""7 ""'?fW":.'-Q45 . N-vt ' , ,D . '11s 'al Q , ' g -J-P I , n " , ...:.-if Y .1 2' , - ' H ' .. , s - fi, 'Q .: f 51' 4 ,, ' , ,QL ': ti aria. Southern's growing pains are being felt by- every student on campus. However, crowded conditions, long lines, and blocked streets where con- struction is taking place never dampen the friendly Southern hospi- tality that has always existed on our campus. Southern, where everyone speaks, still holds fast to her tradition of be- ing the friendly campus. Dr. McCain's opening address to freshmen students is always remem- bered .... from your freshman year to your senior year you can still recall his famous phrase .... "At Southern we believe in upholding the tradition of Southern hospitality. We are a friendly campus as youive already witnessed. Here everyone speaks and is spoken to." Students look forward to the for- mal dances, the casual coke dates in Wunpys, weekends on the coast, bull sessions in the men's dormitories, and hen parties in the women's dormi- tories. Card games in the Union, movie dates, banquets and teas are all a part of Southern's tradition. No matter where you venture on campus you are always welcomed by a warm smile, a wave of greeting and pleasant conversation. rs, --'- W' "H "' Y7,3wI",3-TfK,'7ff4"""" A, , X Yfyqjv 1,7 ,- - if . . W ' 1 .. ' :1','kM'fi2'f'iwW- '1' --. L .f 1 WZ Q 'ffl A - ,, . J, , ""v',U,ff w vwwgmy fffiemg P 1 wir:-f.,.g4ag'.n:i-.m-,:J,,4-awwami,ifwiwzffjgfyw-1af.glmmmvW-.qw'w,,,MWyfm,,,5,,,Q.yf mf, , img" ff- f'l,,,fZix4,W,??.l,,,f -1 M1115 1 N 5 f f V -:V -fl-L" .. wMIl'- izw-nw' 12fq5'E f',,J " fW.,,14Q2WWvk?"' , 32 'Maia 5 , z25gW,j4gM1m, Z ,UU M ffwjlf. gy wi' ' 'f3,fWW5?fM"' Gm. WT" ' 1 f mfme:ww-zaifmindwfsmwwfwL.w?gwfmfw,Ifmnfww-M' yn if Ifvwlmwm, - 1 N ' 1 f.M,mWw,.' -mf fm f ' " ' ' V ' 'ff MMTGLHQ ww??ww,:w4mp - ' ' .wmv-J aw-1' wwf a,qx-f"difwrf?W1'yv 5'lf:If1ki3f7I1!'A'!,7?Cl'L"1.5'Wklfvfifiulzf-W ' --nf.',.,m--'zfn.- J,-, vJ571e.w-mmzfmw. .-W, mfs Q J,,fL?n.M4-flwffwv x frmw'-:Y"1L ?Z,v1m.w:i:u1 WM-Z12??Waf4Q:'m- H V ' " " g .'v'u"-.""'f"fJ-'uYv1LFff-YvJYi'!- 'Anka WL - 9' is ' ' ' 1 Qu.,:Q4:2nf4g4Q7mQg4Je'fez+ f ,Is 2 ' "P ' ' Y,17fw:42fv.lawf:m2:f5w?Z1f f:1:z":, 3' Q ' ' N1 V ff I:1i:.f:4z'PaQ3f1fg,v22f2v:WW 4: ' , ., , V.mmf,sg45's4,5,gi.vM'5.'giw f .. '1 -, A , Y 'wffni + I, ., .Q- . , Z" " , 1, ,Y ,Q , A , A fy- f s '- 1. '-'M 1 uf-1-if f S? M ,-inf 4' . -' f-4:1v:'f':f-2+flmwfzfg-1'-ff , :M . ' ggi , - H . . 1v,x'if'f"W gf N.. , ,f ,, 5 H9514 'f-, 75:1 -' ,iv - 14Q,v"W2"72-' U 4 mi W. ,fm - 'Wa v 'K 5 nf we 'ft i 13? 5 2 'bu-.. Southern students readily un- derstand that only through knowledge can there be success. With a wide field from which to choose we acquire the knowl- edge to lead and guide us after we have departed from the hal- lowed halls of this great insti- tution. Southern has incorporated a doctorate in education program. . . . another step toward our "To the Top" goal. Approximately 215 adminis- trative oflicers, deans, and fac- ulty members are ready at all times to council and instruct us in the betterment of our selves. Undergraduates may be grant- ed Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Music Education degrees. For those who choose to con- tinue with higher education, the Masters degree is offered in sev- eral different areas. From lab classes in Chemistry all the way across campus to lec- ture courses in Marketing. . . Southern offers the best. With a studious group of stu- dents, a learned faculty, and a forward moving administration, Southern will continue to assume its "Biggest and Best" air. l x i w s DURIZVG TIZME 0 i Q f gn P V W, 5- f f f - riff, .,4,f I A V F.: 2 L. 1 A , inf 1 ,V -Q bs.. ,ha .,. . Ja f" ,, - X. ,pmw . .-if ,1.w,'-555,7 , ,. f zz , gg- ,gf ns-: , -f , f Zhi? , 4 1 f ,A '-. 4' ai. N s .1 V M , gg J e .,.,, Q 51 ' xzzsczs.. S -- aa.. , s -V ix ,ic A9 4 ,,., 15- ,gr if Q af V , B 1 x is 5 ff -lfij' , WIS.. .fi - ' f . q X V. 115-P, is ww Q 'Q' il 3?5i'? X 1 - X . 'P " ' X nik qi wx, Z f f Fffixf X SEM X X SNS: ' -f-5..- ,, if qi WW S is W' 1 . 4 qflzriy 2 if '4,lgs'4nq,X4 . . xx j , X I SURGES 4-Q pu- Z Southern's transition year was filled with excitement and thrills. Spirit pre- vailed at pep rallies, competitive sport- ing events, and in campus elections. As an evidence of our drive to the top, the Southerners were elevated from the rank of a small college team to a major college football team. Yes, spirit ran high . . . from the ex- cited fervour of a football game to the hushed silence witnessed before a fra- ternity sweetheart is announced. This spirit holds us together as we strive for higher goals. ,,,.,W.-1 ' 011641611 A.-V, jg ,,,- 1, 13? ' f lfimb if .45 ,, , " .. ' 3,91 ,. fi"'31Il'1, 'J 5. ,..w.M,:.f 7. -1, -,,,,..N,,,. - ,M ...W ,M if7f???? w 'W' . .3 W J ' W-Q Q '5?L2k: gag Y' l l 1 li V 7 1 72TFT fin TT fi 'eff -X X , X W , ,I i If Q i ' : ' l is Q x '- , is-,Jil , ' 'i VKX Q it V H' f to A 5 4 W, g1Af3,5g,, . if ,- we 'Q in ' 'P 'wi 5 'f is , V , - V f f v ' 1 Y . , ' , K y v f -f - M i. ....-W. ag , . '- s , . 'f Y W A I 1 'j Rig., ' f' fd' THE E PAGES Southern's Alma Mater re- flects our feeling for her. We sing to the our Alma Mater . . . yes, we sing and we are honored to be included as a part of such a pro- gressive institution. We sing because we believe in Mississippi Southern and be- cause we believe in you we shall always be ready to protect, honor and love you. We stand ready to hold high our praise for you. I I I l l v i P . ,. , n 'A N, ., 1 K l , an . x . I , f .W f. . E , F.. . -A . , .sw , : 1 , 3.-V.. 'Vw l 'ig .i:,'5::,:L1...1:'f'. I -1 . r,"'!"- .- Q,' , ., f 'x.,i?1.,'. ' , v.. .- A..-fx Hr' ' 4. ,. , . , V I f v . , J 1 3 , . l , , Y, . K , ,, -5 .- .. , .Q x. . , , A I 4 1,1 , - ,' , ng 4 ,ff - ,, , . L- 1- V 7. . , .wa 1 u 'rig f 1 "T al 49.1, ,, 5 K1 Y . - ' .. 'nf' ' ' , Axe'-1'-1- , 4, , I fr"-'1 -fr , .. -f P . . .- W J 1. W X: ii'-ru H ' ' 4, , ., ,, ,, .:,Tw'+.'f"1: ,W:rr -.uf Q., ' ,, gf.5:u,?m " IW , 1 Ji?l44'1.YifE,Q'sJf5'Q.QkSz'f'Q. ' A-W " . Q -Q '-'f:ffl'fI"ff,. 1,4 A ' M- --.W ,um .w,iY,7 - -A 1 . .ZSnq.f:,4gM.i' - ... -' ".LL.1',,..... . ' """""""'h' ' , f 1 -- rg .kg -"raw 1 Q , pier: X .M f' ........,..,. 4 ' H' 42" f V ,,k1.fPf4buhg,n.-.4 'tgfib-ie.,.fgp4 a -A.: ' ' .,M7'x' ,Q,3,., .,AU, ' r 441.-svn., e'.gr.-1'-5.5, N--flfszfl-ww - FM .fm Y - .1 I. A:-1.,,w..1. ,N -v., ,N ., X 1 - . sr- X ...Mx ,fy xy: , --X ,H v..., , ,XFN-.V A Qin ,. ' m ' X P' .F H .4 '-gn., '. Y -N 11- ' ' fl . PUR'-, H4165 W' W EFLECTIO 0171961 in ' M' 3-W . iq.. Ll! -'FVQ 5 'Y ? Al':I, f. ,Nm W, Wu: Y sf S' - .. W -J-w--.-.N 5-.. .F- 'Th 6 As we glance back over the year we well remember the happy moments .... the winning touch- down scored in the last minutes, the fraternities singing, honors day, the exams we studied so hard for and passed, the Sunday afternoons at the lake, the for- mal dates, ordering caps and gowns, rehearsals, and at last . . . graduation. We now look back and realize that the happy mo- ments outweighed the sad mo- ments and we are pleased with our realization. Q3 nf' w Q59 1- 'V V x Q-L J ' 1 f' - , x" " A F Q! ff: 5 F-ey: -ig 1 f . M 1 :Q .1 V i 1? ' f Q W ' 21 t 'K' ,W f Z ,gl , ,- an , V Q. ' K , I - 1 S 2 Board of Governor 1"1fl.ffB6.f CHARLES FAIR ........ ..... ....... C lv airman E. R. JOBE V.......... ..... E xecutive Secretary DR. VERNER S. HOLMES .... ............ M cComb R J. N. LIPSCOMB ..... .... ..,4... M acon S. R. EVANS ..... Greenwood TALLY RIDDELL . H. G. CARPENTER THOMAS J. TUBE R. B. SMTTH, JR. W. O. STONE .. IRA L. lVl0RGAN . M. M. ROBERTS E. RAY IZARD LEON LOWERY .. HONORABLE ROSS R. BARNETT 18 .........Quitman Rolling Fork .West Point . . ....... Ripley . . . .Jackson ......OxfOrd . . . . . . . .Hattiesburg . . ....... I-Iazlehurst Olive Branch a . .... 4 f i L 1 ,T F 1. -z bl SCHOLAR at home with his wife and da refident Wm. D McCain hter, Patricia ADMINISTRATOR Call us, Grandpa? FAMILY MAN ilxf ,,.. . J . X- I 'I 1' W, X ,g i ' , .zxfgxil 2 V525 T "2 - -K: if':2?'31J2 'fish gy, .w ,,,.q , " 'A wi: V. . y xv xxjff I 661711 gf... I if '-"1-.I , X AI kv , X i . , +7 V42 ! ,X '. I we .Q 0-'ff 5' MRS. IVAH O. WILBER Associate Dean of Women ii 5 I I L. 5' 4 l I 1 1 s SX Wt S+., x l I A10 I KAN . h MISS VIRGINIA SUMRALL DR. JAMES R. SWITZER Dean of Student Afairs if DR. PORTER L. FORTUNE Dean of the College Dean of Graduate School Assistant Dean of Women 12 5 i P 9 1 1. s MR. RADER GRANTHAM Dean of Men P K . dminiftmtiw ffzberf 'N dba-uQ, W , fgzxgw DR. CARL L. MCQUAGGE 1 'i Registrar ,CTW MR. REED GREEN Director of Athletics COLONEL ROGER B. JOHNSON CHABLE5. O' SMAI-'LING Administrative Assistant Financial Secretary . 1 I 'oem Q is 3 me A 40 af - " i ' ' 'vii n 1 Z W DR. PAUL c. MORGAN Director of Extension and Evening College We ,f ,"L,,.,- Adminiftmtizfe fjgcerf MR. ALBERT J. JAEGER Assistant Financial Secretary 8 45 MR. CLIFFORD H. HAGENSON Director of Housing MR. ROBERT CLEVELAND Director of Public Relations AUBREY K. LUCAS Director of Admissions qi. DR. SIDNEY L. WEATHERFORD I o I I 1 I A 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 I I I Director oj Student Counseling S X..z MISS ANNA M. ROBERTS Adminiftmtive fjqcerf Librarian WILLIAM E KIRKPATRICK Director of College Union and Student Activities DONALD H MYERS POWELL G, QGLETREE Assistant Director of Alumni Secretary Relations MISS DOROTHY D. LENOIR Director of Placement 39 M., A , N: ,QS qi , mf, 143' M 'Qu ,. I 11 1 11 11 1l 1 , 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 M Q 1 1 4 i 1 1 5 1 5 1 1 1 3 1 1 T ' ff as V 1 f I ms-fk, - I 'iw l I J Imbedded in the spirit of advancement and progress, the able lead- ers, who continue to guide us in many varied fields of endeavor from philosophy to chemistry and from logic to the organics, are portrayed on these pages. No department has grown to any greater height than that of the Arts and Sciences under the leadership of Dean Allen. The areas of study have been broadened and intensified, the quality of in- struction giving rise to the essence of learning. The additions of the new science building, the new library, and many new professors have extended to this department a new source of energy which can only be depleted through intellectual exercises. The purpose of the School of Arts and Sciences is to provide a broad cultural and educational experience for all students at Missis- sippi Southern College as well as to make available to them the special- ized disciplines for major and minor fields. Freshmen and sophomores, regardless of their expected majors, are assigned to Arts and Sciences for the purpose of meeting the general education or core requirements necessary for graduation. The School includes: Biology, Chemistry, English and Literature, Foreign Languages, Geography, Geology, History and Government, Journalism, Mathematics, Military Science, Physics, Religion, Philos- ophy, Sociology, and Speech Arts. Arts and Sczencef 25 XY 'gMen and Women of high ideals and practical goals, endeavoring to inculcate intellectual ex- cellence in order that our student society might exhibit adequate skills in the Arts and the Sciences. DEAN DR. JOHN HORTON ALLEN Jubilant Eficiency, Dedicated Mind 'VY' 'mr Y!! Iii xrxrrr xfxrr FF! xx: The Leaders toward a stabilized economy: Qual- ified . . . Ambitious . . . exhibiting the qualities of business administrators, eager to train. DEAN DR. JOSEPH A. GREENE, JR. Mobilizecl knowledge mi is Ml 'FL , .... ,,...,,... .,.--... 1-"3 , -I-3 N, lil ,fl E ' X xi i E - X xg if . E S .1 A '40 In an era of industrialization and mechanization, men and women must find vent for preparation in the area of success. Thereby recog- nizing the need of leaders trained to guide the largest economy of the world, Mississippi Southern College has gained prominence through its School of Commerce and Business Administration. The aim of the School is to train the young men and women of today to enter the business World and the teaching profession better prepared for success than those who preceded them. This training includes courses in gen- eral areas of commerce. The School is organized into five departments: Accounting, Busi- ness Administration, Business Education, Economics, and Marketing. Majors are offered in- the following areas: accounting, business ad- ministration, business education, economics, foreign trade, office man- agement, marketing, and secretarial studies. In addition, a studentmay choose a field of specialization in accounting, business administration or marketing. For a student who cannot attend four years, a two-year curriculum in secretarial training is offered. Whether it be for personal advancement, the stabilization of the dollar, or an increase in the local or national standard of living, the student will find that competition is inevitable, and that success is gradual in the School of Commerce and Business Administration. be School of ommerce 26 X 1 01 -1 I y f I . Q , n x "To teach is but to learn, and though learning might seem an end, it is only a beginning." The prominence of this quotation is representa- tive of the broad educational procedure, and is carried out through the progressive functioning of the School of Education and Psychol- ogy. A major concern of this school is to offer those courses in educa- tion and psychology required in the preparation of teachers for ele- mentary and high schools. A second major concern is to give basic training in the field of psychology for the student who will continue his worlc in graduate school, pursuing advanced degrees in this field. A third major concern is to serve other departments of the college hav- ing special needs which are usually met by professional schools of education, psychology, physical education, health education and recre- ation. Fifteen undergraduate departments, areas and special services are included in the School of Education and Psychology, each of which has an administrative chairman or director. They are: Conservation, Natural Resources, Elementary Education, Health, Industrial Arts, Library Science, Physical Education, Psychology, Recreation, Second- ary Education, Therapy, Audio-Visual Education, George I-lurst Lab- oratory School, Reading Clinic, Special Education Services, and the Division of Extension and Correspondence. duration and P5 clrology They taught the skill of Teaching, and having learned, the teacher imparts the skill to the mind. DEAN DR. RALPH S. OWINGS Diligeut, Progressive lf ii-Q The focus of our Work: The Family and im- proved Personal and Family Living. DEAN DR. BERTHA M. FRITZSCHE Perfectionist in Living A 3 It The Curricula and courses in the Division of Home Economics are planned to place emphasis on improving family living by preparing students for homemalcing and for vocations which will further the improvement of living within the family. Students may select jamor areas, and or electives from the offerings in this division. The Division of Home Economics is organized into six departments: Child Devel- opment, Clothing and Textiles, Food and Nutrition, Family Life, and Housing and Home Management. Majors are offered in child devel- opment, clothing merchandising, clothing and textiles, institution man- agement, teaching homemalcing, home-economics extension service, home economics in equipment, and homemalcing. A two-year schedule which leads to a certificate is offered for school-lunch managers. It has been said that a woman's place is in the home, and we, in our adolescent maturation, have found this to be inevitably true. How- ever, this woman should be trained in the arts of homemalcing and child care. The intricacies of understanding, preparing, and directing our fellow-adolescents has become a function of education and learn- ing, and which is so adequately performed by the School of Home Economics. e ivifion 0 1 3, T,-5-af. 'azk " Yi ax 1 Q -ni 'icq If 4,129 2 +- .Q- . . . 1 . M. 1 1 , . 'Q-1 ' "W Til A .1 ' x ", S . 0 4 ..- - nvh' ' -."'n 1.17 - . -vb'-. f'QQ,Jj . ,.,+--gd, ',-4 -."" '.: so -7-4 M: , -w.?3'J.'e Q- "':'s-..Z1 A-J2,.'i . f .. ,',',,3-5. .. ,-1 N 5 3. ,L , 1, . n .CQ ., m, N 4.1. 1 mga, i, Av f -, -. -P' - -. N - 1 , , ,, - , WMD: ' . W W--, :',-f, ' - -4 .f ,M sw'-F .. .' ,, w 3f,'.z , :La v. -.ov .R 'R -A f,' X, . ,Q Nw, jg -nl W . i .qs , ,.,, A i ' , .X .. 'w -' Z.. 'I' , x Q' . w..V,,s gif. fe 'Y' fn' ' "YJ: ' .u . - i ' . ,Q ' '- X4 ,,.1.- 1.. , . tw, .V .., .Hs . Mi, ,-- , 5 , -fog 4,1 . , . L xi in o 'vp' 57 ., " Hi o , H x 1, .4 A x' ' w 5 9 4 . f... 1 .nf-fi - vt. . 14 -A 'lin-V Mft., , W. ny -,Y .Af 'S .' " " .,- "0 vu? . ' " ' ', lux if '- I 1 0. , J .g I Ax f,,,., - 1 .3 . ,,w. K, .., Q 'Q .,, 3 -.'b, '4x,fs,, w , an 'n ' lg - "' x H.. . " f' "- 4 0. . . v ' , 5,'..,,, 05-., 110-f' "V f 4' 'LX 7 'L . v. , ,, , . . 1 6 Q, . ,Q 04 . , ax 4 . I , N , ax , . F , '-.4 -x , ,.,'f.- 'Ya . . 2 - .4 '- ' Y -v ' L .4 ,1'- hr , qv , 5. .,--,,, Air, V .,, 4 g 'v if-' rg, ,. Kcn, ,xx xf- ' 4 , , .b I , , ., i l ' 4 ,K , it ' ww, 'n .4-1 yy, .1 -,Kumi , Y . 5. 1 tw...-1' ni., Zi, ' - . . 'N ' 'V .Q A 1 ' '. 2 -X1 V."-'rx-1' au, ' 1 X .5 Q if V . 'gg , au -,, ix 0301 .4 . I h.', . , .M Q, ,, .fy ' X . -.IVY 'f Y' 'H W "1- - X .,A x A . rg ,X f.. ,g. x ,, K ,il .,f .Qi 2 4 os., as 5 , 'an Q-fx, . f 2" . . Q, "N H+ ,I xv. ha , -, - '. .Q ,Q 5 . fx ' N ,Q 7 " ' I - - ,S 4. .- ' ,'fa'R'f,, vifff , . 1- X ,4,h , -,. . , -4 Sw, 1. ,Q .f , I . f - . . x Q. ia? ."7-1' 411. -' -,- Y A X m m, , k ul n Q 5 i 4. . . f ' Q . .5 il 1 . I wif , , 5 Q ,, ,', Q . Y A . ,, , 1 3 1 4 Q ' 5' " 'M!'!'Y" , e'x' ' I ' 1. ' ' 2. 'm- , . ff y , " 1" so 'x ' at V WAS, 'ii' x 4 fllxr, ' . H ., , .gg 4' A -'gg X Q , 6 5- 5 -ax, 4 v v' ' f. " , 'th Q - x V 1 x - ,,, . .Q v .. - 'P . 0 s- , ,- A. s his Q Q ...V 0 mgq Q fivbx Q, Q " , ' QU, 3 ' ITV" l.' X' , ' 1 1. - lm ',1- Nuff' 1' . - 6 an ' ' 3 n 'G' -,s -I 1, '0 .' n 1 1 f ' ,," f' ir. X' X-. ' 1 X' 5 '- 4 . g a xv , ,- G 1 .w Y .Tv X -JK. 'AKMT ., " 1, - v gy 1 K+ v Q , ' f . . 7 ,,. 'Q , .' , us .. ls . 4- ' rx-xii -"1 f " 1 V Q , , , , A '11 L N 1 1 ' A , x R X H .1 , , . -' , S A M- t- 1' 5,5-,', a s 1 1 N 'fn' K Q' . N .,, - Q . ' . ' A N . -v ' ' x ' 1. ' ' ' f Q 'S 'fx 1 ' ' , I x Y K' K - "X , 'i 3 '42 ' ' ' ' Q 5 Q. 1 -' x 1- 1 A Q . - U - I' 1 4' 5 Q' us' fi -X.: S . f X , 1 i. K x Q: .ix xx! as ' A x ,, -v , . -K ,A 4. I ' 1- . Home Economic! Ai .1 HV RY E , 'S' 5 ,' Nikxkh ' wg!-vQNSvH""4fK 'R nf ' "7 , -. . tx? ,lv J' x mbltfbik WX-JV nk' C X' sg 1355.3 ,xkx ,Zhu -A-QM 1 A .,q4,..-W---vw www' K 5 . S .- 0 ra-,g 'OI It vf .' 1 H' ry Pl vf' .4 if S 1 fu vm A S4 ws ,'g 1 F2 f L+' N . 1: I I ?If 7 A 32 V rx H? . rx -K. s vra iff? U n QT 13... H I 1 e ivision 1 4 Hg? ii, li, The Division of Fine Arts includes the departments of Art and Music, with special divisions of drawing, painting, commercial art, and many divisions of Music. Since the Arts have always been a per- sonification of the mode of culture in a society, the college offers those students with special talents and abilities an opportunity to develop and improve their present talents in order to pursue the fulfillment of their capacity. The Department of Music was organized for a four- fold purpose: to combine musical and literary studies as a broad basis for regular college worlcg to use the art of music as a means of intel- lectual, aesthetic, and moral culture, to furnish instruction to special and general students, and to train vocal and instrumental supervisors of music and music therapy. The curriculum emphasizes the follow- ing areas: Piano, voice, violin, viola, violincello and string bass, com- position, music education, church music and organ, Applied wood- winds, Applied Bass, and Music Therapy. Graduate courses are also offered in the applied subjects, theoretical and historical subjects, and music education, including psychology of music, seminar in music education, literature, and history. 0 Fine Arty 33 e excellence of Academic Attainment. DEAN DR. PORTER L. FORTUNE Eminating Mastery fi f 5 The Graduate program at Mississippi Southern College is based upon firm foundations and ideals of academic excellence, scholarship, and research. These ideals are carried forward by a well-trained and carefully selected graduate faculty utilizing effectively the physical facilities of the college. In the Held of education, Mississippi Southern College takes seriously its responsibilities for preparing teachers, super- visors, and administrators for all branches of public school service. In the School of Education and Psychology, the masters degree is availa- ble in the following fields: school administration and supervision, sec- ondary education, elementary education, communications, psychology of reading, administrative personnel and counseling, health and physi- cal education, business education, home economics, industrial arts, music education, and speech education. In addition, a year of worlc beyond the masters degree is available in the following fields of study: school administration and supervision, secondary education, and ele- mentary education. This worlc is designed to meet the needs of those who wish to pursue terminal degrees beyond the masters degree, and, also, for those who expect to attain a doctorate. The masters degree is also offered in several subject matter fields. 34 'I ,, ,, x V Qs 5 rw i P ,, ,,Em .-',l A ri 2- "Y 4 1' 1.21 wk W ,, - t -1 mY,,,.. 1 f Ann Tee HATTIESBURG, MISS. Kappa Delta Member of Kappa Delta, President for 2 years, Kappa Delta: Freshman Class Favorite, Freshman Class Treasurerg President of Mississippi Hall, Charm Consultant, Wornen's Affairs Board President, Newman Club, Home Economics Club, Student Sen- ateg Delegate to Mississippi Intercollegiate Council, Delegate to SUSGAQ Delegate to SIASGQ Student Government Secretary, 2nd Vice President of Student Government, Pi Tau Chi, Kappa Delta Pig Phi Delta Rho, Who's Who Among College and Uni- vcrsitiesg REW Committee of 100g Freshman Orientation Com- mittee, Assistant Business Manager of SOUTHERNER. all ual Harrifon CHATTANOOGA, TENN. Delta, Delta, Delta Vice House Chairman, Hattiesburg Hall' W , omen's Affairs Ecard, Outstanding Freshman Woman, Model Pledge, Delta e ta Delta, President, Senior Advisor, Alpha Lambda Deltag Vice President, Westminister Fellowship, REW Committee of 100, Psychology Club, Cheerleader, Assistant Treasurer, Treas- urer, Vice President, Delta Delta Delta, Feature Ed't E 1 or, xecu- tive Assistant, Editor, Business Manager, SOUTHERNERQ Pi Kappa P.. V. . . . 1, ice President, Phi Delta Rho, P1 Gamma Mug Treasurer, Pi Tau Chi, Junior Maid, Senior Maid, Homecoming, Chairman, Planning Committee, Student Conference on Paramount Events, Delegate to SUSGA, Delegate to Student Conference on Na- tional Affairs, Texas A8zM: Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha, Miss MSCg Student Senate, Associate Justice, Student Court. 0 Fame Larry Bmdlqy SUMRALL, MISS. Pi Tau Chi: Treasurer, Vice President, Wesley Foundationg Vice Presidentg Yellow Jacketsg Treasurer, Phi Eta Sigmag Pres- ident of Hattiesburg District Methodist Youth Fellowshipg Kappa Mu Epsilong Physics Clubg Outstanding Sophomore and Junior R.O.T.C. Cadetg Distinguished Military Studentg Scab- bard and Bladeg R.O.T.C. Battlegroup Commanderg Omicron Delta Kappag Freshman Math Awardg Southern Maid Scholar- shipg Chief Justice, Student Courtg National Conference of Methodist Student Movementg Mississippi Youth Congressg Mississippi Intercollegiate Council and Southern Universities Student Government Associationg Student Conference on Para- mount Eventsg Executive Assistants Committeeg Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universitiesg White Conference on Children and Youthg President, Student Gov- ernment Association. XPMA . I '- ' rl ' - 9152 - --1-'-par-e nm f ' A -fu if - ,f bi' -A .I , Ana' McLeod LEAKESVILLE, MISS. Omicron Delta Kappa, Presidentg President, Alpha Epsilon Deltag Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universitiesg Head Dormitory Proctorg Chief Justice, Student Courtg M-Clubg Two letters in Varsity Football. -V ,,n any n ,. ,. x 5 4' "'a 1. ci vvrdklti -1.---gnc-u--1 Left to right: Thomas H. Smith, Andin McLeod, Ann Lee, Judy Harrison, Lar- ry Bradley. T 190111011 Hunter Smith Sigma Phi Epsilon First Chair French Horn, MSC Concert Bandg Yellow Jacketsg Freshman Orientation Committeeg President Phi Eta Sigmag Treasurer, Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Societyg Kappa Mu Epsilong Beta Beta Betaq Alpha Epsilon Deltag So- cial Chairman, President, Sigma Phi Epsilong President, Ger- man Clubg Chief Justice, Student Courtg Vice President, Omi- cron Delta Kappag Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universitiesg Circle-K Clubg SUSGA Delegate. Hall offlvlme l X.. WHUS Among Students in American OLIVER CLARENCE AINSWORTH, JR. CLARA MILDRED BALL LELIA LOUISE BOURDIN CHARLOTTE ANNE CAMPBELL MARY NELL CARRUTH ROBERT BRUCE CRISWELL, JR. DOROTHY JEAN DEES RICHARD OWEN DOIRON DONALD LEE FUELL EUGENE COMBS GOODWIN REBECCA SUZANNE GREEN BRENDA MAE GREEN MARY LOU JONES THEODORE JOHN KMET JAMES WILLIAM LARSON, JR. JACK ALFRED LIEDKE CECIL LANIER LONG MARTHA ANN MARKLINE WILLIAM HOWARD MASON The Students recognized by Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges are nominated from approximately 750 colleges and universities. Campus nominat- ing committees consider, in making their selections, the stu- dent's scholarship, his participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activitiesg his citizenship and service to the schoolg his promise of future usefulness. After being chosen by the campus committee, the student7s name is submitted to the national organization. Mississippi Southern is extremely proud of the thirty-five outstanding stu- dents who have been accepted for Whois Who. WHO Colleges and Universities WILLIAM A. MERTON, III EDIETH ANN MILLER LEROY EDWARD MORGANTI JERRY GLYNN MCCLAIN ANDIN CAPPS McLEOD, JR. HARRIET ROSE MCCLUER BETTY RILEY PATTERSON GLORIA ROSALIND SAUNDERS JAMES LEONARD SPEAKE, JR. CHARLES ANDREW STILL, JR. BILLY EUGENE TAYLOR JACQUELINE TAYLOR ANN CAROLYN TEE HARRY TRIFON THETFORD JAMES HOWARD CANDLER THOMAS, JR. CARL ALEXANDER TOUCHSTONE CAROLYN LEE WELLBORN IANTHA JUNE WOOD Pictured on the following pages are the outstanding students of Mississippi Southern College for the year 1960-61. Each recipient is the possessor of one main outstanding quality: an exceptional ability in all of the different areas and modes of college life. It is easily recognizable from the listing of their activities and honors that these students have talcen a part in and exemplified themselves in all phases of campus activity. The SOUTHERNER takes pride in presenting the outstanding students who have contributed the most to our campus com- munity. I fy ' N", if Q - ,. , ? ' ' A aw 5 5.5.32-. ,Aug 'I . A f- "" ff ,, Z.-1 ,' gi: A 1712 'it' ' 4 uni, t , tiff 241' 1 Q I V fy' rjflfhx tl :L 11 J t:,,.4l1f' 1. 4 , - .1 . , I ll-'I lu' 1 5242, .,' 'M it f 'Q"-1f'l'1,?9.5- . ' will ' , N , 4 .N , ,!.":4 ' Q 1. Ol? ,'...' OLIVER CLARENCE AINSWORTH, JR. Hercules Powder Company Scholarship: Phi Eta Sigma: Kappa Mu Epsilon: One of tive finalists in ODK's selection of the "Outstanding Male Freshman"g Secretary, Historian, Phi Eta Sigma: Vice-President, Student Affiliates of American Chemicals Society: Dormitory representative, Wesley Founda- tiong Physics Clubg German Club. CLARA MILDRED BALL Gamma Zeta Chapter KA Rose, National Kappa Alpha Rose, Beauty 3 years. Junior favorite, Pi KA pledge Sweetheart, Student.Body Maid in 1959 Homecoming Court, Miss M.S.C. 1959, Winter and Summer Quarter, Featurette 4 years, Ten Best Dressed 1960, Wesley Foundation, Student Body Maid 1960. Senior Class Secretary, Band Council 1960 Fall Quarter, Senator 1960-61, Kappa Delta Scholarship Chairman 1959-60. Parliamentarian 1960-61, Annual Staff 1960-61. '-- 'H-Mis LELIA LOUISE BOURDIN Kappa Omicron Phi, Department nominee for Crown Zellerback Corporation Schol- arship, SCOPE Representative, MI-IEA Representative 2 years, Phi Theta Kappa, Mississippi Home Economics Association Representative. Treasurer, Kappa Omi- cron Phi, Program Chairman Home Eco- nomics Club Career Day Representative 1959-60, Homecoming Float Chairman, Vice President 4-H Club 1960-61, Treas- urer 4-H Club 1959-60, Recruitment Pro- gram Representative 1959-60, President Home Economics Club 1958-59, Vice Pres- ident Home Economics Club 1957-58, Vice President YWCA 1958-59. CHARLOTTE ANNE CAMPBELL Kappa Delta Pi, Outstanding Pledge Kappa Delta Sorority, Kappa Delta Sorority Rush Chairman 1959-60, Student Edu- cation Association Treasurer 1959-60, Westminster Fellowship President 1959, Hickman Hall Treasurer 1959-60, Monitor 1959, Jones Hall Civic Chairman 1960. MARY NELL CARRUTH Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Delta Pi Social Chairman 1960-61, Home Economics Club, Delegate to Mississippi Home Eco- nomics Association 1958-59-60, Reporter 1960-61, Alpha Sifzma Alpha Magazine Subscription Chairman March-October 1959. Vice President 1959, President 1960-61 Panhellenic Council 1959-60, 40 WHO 'J xx. Yuki it ti .A ..4..a. .. ROBERT BRUCE CRISWELL, JR. ODK Outstanding Freshman: Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi, "Oklahoma": Southern Players, BSU, Yellow Jackets. Mississippians: College Civic Symphony, Forest County Hall President: Men's Affairs Board Vice President: Orientation Committee: Band: REW: Junior Senator: M'IC Delegate: SUSGA: Junior Class Vice President. IANTHA JUNE WOOD Hattiesburg, Mississippi Counselor in Freshman Dorm: Miss International TV: Miss Hospitality of Hattiesburg, Miss Hospitality of Mississippi! Runner up in College Campus Queen: ROTC Brigade Sponsor: Rose of Delta Sigma Pi: Yellow Jacket Sweetheart, Homecom- ing Maid: Beauty: Best Dressed 10: Student National Educa- tion Association, Youth for Nixon, Chairman Judiciary Com- mittee. Senate: Representative to SCF: Lead in "Yes is for a Very Young Man": Chairman Forrest County Teens Against Polio: Secretary Freshman Class: Homecoming Queen: Civic Chairman: Hickman Hall: Social Chairman, Delta Delta Delta: Student Committee to plan Homecoming Junior Miss America Scholarship, Band Scholarship: Sam Woods Scholarship. Wwiwgns ' at ii i WHO' Y M, 4,7 in RICHARD OWEN DOIRON Outstanding ODK Freshman: Senator: President Recreation Club: Treasurer Circle K Club: President Wesley Founda- tion: Scabbard and Blade: President Pi Tau Chi: REW: Pi Kappa Alpha Frater- nity: Orientation. DONALD LEE FUELL Alpha Epsilon Delta: M Club: American Chemical Society: Varsity Football: Omicron Delta Kappa: Alpha Epsilon Delta Vice-President. EUGENE COMBS GOODWIN Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Scholarship Chairman, Song Mas- ter, Alumni Secretary, President: Phi Mu Alpha Simfonia Fraternity: Circle K Club, Program Chairman, Vice President: Recreation Club, Vice President: Student Prints Staff: SOUTHERNER Associate Editor: Psychology Club: College Union Activities Committee: Omicron Delta Kappa Society: Program Director of the College Union: Orientation Commit- tee, three years: "Pride of Mississippi" and Symphony Bands: Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Uni- versities: Student Conference on Paramount Events, Program Chairman, Executive Chairman: REW Committee of 100, Publications: Delegate to the Student Conference on National Affairs, Texas A8zM: Delegate to the Mississippi Inter-col- legiant Council: Forest County Hall Hostess Assistant: Infor- mation Center of the College Union: "Guy's and Dolls", Dele- gate to the Pi Kappa Alpha District Convention, Leadership School, and 1960 National Convention in Miami, Florida. 41 , . A X. -. " Q'ff"i.f .A ' ' 1 ef- YM .---'fe 7" --ff x"u'f3it .fltil g P .,, "TQ "ff???2tf5v5f1g Y- 'ff-'i, 5 ,Z 3 "Wilt .L '-lj"'g"i " il-in 1z352'3'i3, use-gg'f",g,3ja"fw:f.'-. . wfffffa ai. , lf' :5::.Zt5fA25i5'W"'Pf7f' Ti J Q, ':,2gf?','jg'3,,T!-3f'F:I.i32.'ifgji 1 ", 2f'1-ffm?-.1::i wife! 'erm-1' ' 2 'ft 'W .. 'lffwa 44-.V--1-f"'5-'Sf J I J P. mg, ,S w'Zwu'!"""-'Jzvaiu " 'ffweffi 1 7 -Ji '- -1 rf 1 ''f:fr,,,4 ,- i 1 , 2 ,' M.. hjlfir' fff,4'f...fiaf , y, I ,. . 5 ' -r' ' , ' l - ' 1 Wife li ag, 1"f ' 7 'x 'ff 2' -,A Y 1.2, mf ' AQQY efifyji 555' f . ' ' 5 - "'3y'.: ' 274' f . fill it . . " , 11.5 ?,Z,f..,Z?,Lfq: 'fyjg-E4 ,, AI, I r .' t,g,:ff'f ,?3'r4f 4 ',..,,.,, , new' ,nf ". . -,, J . "'.f5ia7 ,,tQ'i?4f bf .. r V i ' :, 1 , . eff- Q, . gf . ' wa tl.,-1 ff f- ., .vw ' Q 4 jay A-, g :ygfrv f gzguh. I H ,J rf f -rf F, va 'f'-f Ja-ljgj -a y ,x . -Lg F - 4, wry A, .:-34,51 ,fu , 5.43013 ,rgifl zu' , , . 21: .A , wily... ' F: ' WHO , . . ,, A, ,- .l A "ir, -Y ik j? QbY at if lf,f.Zfi?'r ,ir 3-ggvlh igx f -"' ' 3- .gf fs- S - ' 1 Cn 11 -if .ly espn., ..' - ' - if W. .uv Qtr fv- "f 10" K K -gh N 1 5: f i i,,x f',, ,A ,,.,i,? V J ,w w. ..c I V , - YT A , -A f K-QQ.. " L4 "' W U zv F1 1 li ,,,- iirfzie-3 W 9555535 M .,,. 9? ,... ,. 1 W XL :T 'Q .. 1 Mg, ,R xi! ie- ,. we A ,X THEODORE JOHN KMET Xian .P . 4--' E4 , , A ,ai ' zlf 1 'a f ie Li! 51,5 . ' "AAA - V if-"5 E... 2955'- 1? if fl 135:27 9 - 5. Vg: ' , I- - H5 if, . if all . f.. W f- -2 .ug 4-4. .2 " 1 ' Eva ,C uf, u ' if if 1 Q 4 'ii' 94414 ii In , a HW mu 4 0 1 , 3 .g.1' ,f , 41.4 -1 c 4 195, 'Q 2 1 w 4 V 'xii 5? 5 3 , M 5. 3 W . ,, .V ,- C 1 ll ll ,J l l REBECCA SUZANNE GREEN Alpha Lambda Delta, Sophomore Senator, Dean's List, Sem- inar on International Events, Chi Omega, Secretaory of Pledge Class 1958, Activities Chairman 1959, President 1959-60, Pan- hellenic Council. BRENDA MAE GREENE Betty Dudes Craft Scholarship Winner, SCOPE 1960 Confer- ence, Kappa Omicron Ph.i, Kappa Delta Pi, President Kappa Omicron Phi 1960, Group Leader of Freshmen Orientation Program 1959, Delegate to Panhellenic Conference 1959, Phi Mu Sororityg Standards Chairman, 1960, reporter 1959, His- torian 1958, Chairman of Food Committee for Panhellenic Breakfast Spring 1959, Decoration Committee for Home Eco- nomics Club Banquet 1960. WHO? 1 W MARY LOU JONES Crown Zellerbach Scholarship, Student Prmtz Feature Award, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delegate to SCOPE and CIA, Cir- culation Manager, Photo Editor, Assistant Feature Editor. News Editor, Engraver, Columnist for Student PTi7lfZ, Correspon- dent for Jackson Daily News, Secretary ot Mississippi Collegiate Press Associa- tion, Student Printz Delegate for SUSGA Workshop in Jackson. President, Martin Luther Fellowship, REW Committee of 100: Historian, SCFp Phi Eta Sigma, delegate, SCOPEQ Senator: President, IVLQ ODK1 nominee for Rhodes Scholarship. JAMES WILLIAM LARSON, JR. Football letter, 2 yrs.: Distinguished Military Student: Home- coming King: Treasurer, Physical Education Majors Club: President. Club: ROTC Company Commander. 42 1. -...v-.N:,,,,,fre-ff I X x WHO ,Ma gggpq gg.-.elm Aniiilirei ,w Q gy, 1 Y1 f ' Q01 ni is -Bl 'fi hilt R11 ith.: . Ng.. .. as., I!! ., -'32 , 4-gggwgq--s3gQ'v-l'ul!'4,aS:l!w93vri anti . '- VKX! ' xblf mink .l't1'4. Rig! LM.. 555.5- JACK ALFRED LIEDKE Greensburg, Pennsylvania Corresponding Secretary, Intramural Manager, Vice-Presi dent Pi Kappa Al hag Treasurer, President, IFC, Intramural , 1 D Manager of the Year. CECIL LANIER LONG Ferriday Louisiana Phi Eta Sigma. Football letters, 2 yrs., All-American football for Chemistry Majors: Treasurer, M-Club, Sports Editor, The Drawlg Scabbard and Blade. S 2' ' 4 , fl ' ' ff if , .2 'Q . , Q ef gm' ' WHO ff 1 ' ' ,iw - J: Zn? 3 fit: W 1 ,, W f, - V imap: 5,-fbgfif. G ' .. , 4 twat ww ff S' A X 'S-' W Ast, Q1 . iQ -:Jimi-'fir in AEE: '- .' 4 'at W ' f , ' . ,gpiggwfe ' f , ' -ea' fi , , an a M, Q, ', ,am - ' I In ,V if-355174 V 1 , n k g5f,i',w,, 1 ,.,. W 1 ,. , S MARTHA ANN MARKLIN E Student Scholarship Advisor, Freshman Orientation Committee, SCOPE Delegate, Treasurer, Alpha Lambda Delta 1958-59, Vice President, Pi Kappa Pi 1960-61, Pan- hellenic Representative, Courtesy Chair- man, Delta Zeta, President Junior Pan- hellenic Council 1959. WILLIAM HOWARD MASON Fostoria, Ohio Outstanding ODK Freshman: Outstanding Freshman ROTC Cadetg Phi Eta Sigma: ODK: Outstanding Freshman Music Major, Outstanding Sophomore Music Major, Pi Kappa Lambda: Principal role in "Oklahoma"g Kappa Kappa Psi: Southern Players: Nominee for Crown Zellerbach Scholarship: Vice President, MSC Band: President, MSC Band: Vice Presi- dent, President, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Yellow Jacket, SGA Spirit Committee. i WILLIAM A. MERTON, III Alpha Tau Omega's Doug Hale Award: Sports Editor, News Editor, Business Manager, Student Printz: Pledge Trainer, President, Phi Kappa Tau: OFC: Election Commission. 43 1-iii .7 i aiu-Q. EDITH ANN MILLER MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI Kappa Delta Pi. Pi Tau Chi, Kappa Delta Pi Scholarship. Frances Perry Scholarship, Wesley Foundation First Vice President 1958-59, President, 1959-60, World Christian Com- munity Chairman 1960-61, Student Christian Federation, Re- cording Secretary, 1960-61, Corresponding Secretary, 1959-60, REW Committee of 100 Worship Chairman, 1959-60, DRAWL, Section Editor, 1960-61, Kappa Delta Pi Secretary, 1960-61, Pi Tan Chi, 1961, Student Printz Columnist 1959-60, Secre- tary Mississippi Methodist Student Movement, 1960-61, Pi Beta Phi Scholarship Chairman, 1960-61. LEROY EDWARD MORGANTI ROSEDALE, MISSISSIPPI STUDENT PRINTZ, "Editor of the Year" Award: Editor, Managing Editor, News Editor, Sports Editor, STUDENT PRINTZ: Mississippi Collegiate Press Association, State Pres- ident: Yellow Jackets: Regional co-ordinator district nine, CUA: Advisor, Publications editor, DRAWL: Delegate, SCOPE: Election Commission, Panelist, Delegate, National Collegiate Press Association, New York: Orientation Com- mittee. JERRY GLYNN McCLAIN CROSBY, MISSISSIPPI President's List: Phi Eta Sigma: Presi- dent Pi Kappa Pi: Vice-President, Alpha Epsilon Alpha: Crown Zellerbach Schol- arship: Delegate, SCOPE, ANDIN CAPPS MCLEOD, JR. Football letters M Club President Alpha Epsilon Delta' ' ' President, Omicron Delta 'Kappa: Association Justice Student Court: Head Dormitory Proctor. HARRIET ROSE McCLUER JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ROTC Sponsor: March of Dimes Queen: Miss Mississippi Southern: Sweetheart of Phi lVIu Alpha: REW Committee of 100: Hospitality Chairman, Wesley Foundation: Southern Singers: Vesper Choir: Choral Union: Homecoming Maid: President, Delta Delta Delta Pledge Class: Social Ch3lI"I'll3I'l- Jones Hall. WHO ,rf , 05 BETTY RILEY PATTERSON MENDENHALL, MISSISSIPPI Freshman Counselor: Business Manager, STUDENT PRINTZ: Society Editor, Associate Business Manager, Student Printz: House Chairman: Women's Affairs Board: Triangle Corre- spondent, Vice President, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority: As- sociate Editor, Editor, Panhellenic Handbook: Delegate twice to SUSGA: Mississippi Intercollegiate Council: Member of MICPA: Delegate to CIA: Planning Committee, Counselors Workshop: Delegate, Columbia Press Association, New York: Member of RHO Chapter Installation team at Florida State representing Alpha Sigma Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigmal Editor, 1961 SOUTHERNER. GLORIA ROSALIND SAUNDERS MORTON, MISSISSIPPI Sweetheart, Circle K Club: Sweetheart, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity: Pi Tau Chi: Chaplain, Senate: Hercules Scholar: Kappa Mu Epsilon: President, Hattiesburg Hall: Secretary- Treasurer, Mississippi Hall: Vice President, President, Student Christian Federation: First Vice President, President, Missis- sippi Collegiate YWCA: Secretary, Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society: German Club: Vesper Choir: Choral Union: Associate Social Chairman, Music Chairman, Delta Delta Delta: Freshman Orientation committee: Home- coming Steering Committee: Hospitality Chairman, Religious Emphasis Week: REW Committee of 100: Baptist Student Union: BSU Greater Council. I JAMES LEONARD SPEAKE, JR. HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Vice President, President, Kappa Sigrnal Treasurer, ODK: Editor, Business Man- ager, Campus Directory: Business Man- ager, SOUTHERNER: Secretary, Scab- bard and Blade: Yellow Jackets: Iota Lambda Sigma: Band Scholarship: Dele- gate, CIA: Recipient of 1960 Senior Leadership-Scholarship Award presented by National Executive Council of Kappa Sigma: Delegate from ODK to attend National Convention in Pittsburg, Penn- Sylvania. CHARLES ANDREW STILL, JR. HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Nominee for Crown Zellerbach Foundation Scholarship: ODK: Chairman, SUSGA: First Pice President of Student Government Association: First Vice Chairman of Mississippi Intercollegiate Council, BILLY EUGENE TAYLOR ODK: Secretary, Phi Eta Sigma: Chemistr Achievement Award: Chemistry Laboratory Assistant: Vice President, President, Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society! Undergraduate Research Assistanceshipg Delegate CIA: Sec- retary, President of Pledge class, Scholarship Chairman, House Manager, Sigrna Phi Epsilon Fraternity: Interfrater- nity Council. am'ii,""", annul W Ueiwsm malt: Wiqmq mg Img 11 lil ll lllh ll HQCQ Wiz ii Bill! li l b Rik ll M29 mmm li i MH i M i I IJ if WWWN I ':,,'fiw ,W , ,. 4,-, WHO .,, , 4-me-wmv 6-r-.w--Sm-N P- 14 5 2, S M, ,g7t.,, V as ,S . . .i, fa' +gi"'95,Qfg2' we 2- P+ LPif":.2wLZia1 -' W 'E+ ,, H W-, re ,, 21 fx I ,L 'ia ,S 271 ' nf.-'Sl' , wg ,4 , gym' ,:-be ,z ' 512' .M , Y .- S: 27. I-T: .,., as 1 mf I M a , f if f - ft" I f , 1 4 - H l ,f 42 . X 2 gi f F , 'if Q i fl 1 , ' f 3' g J if ' -' 4 my wunefe ' " f , M X' ' ...N-t. Q '. . NVQ" .vi 4 it ii 1 I 3 . 4 . .. Tiff gl: 1 E Xa. ,vi E '-Sf' Vi' ifkwf -A 'Pc 5 -41 5 'V A . as --f ff' rg eg ,tit , 3 Q - 'I . 1 f i f' fti f- me N f f . at A ,, 11 1 .1 , .,., , 3 I -M .4 M it Phi- if 5' ,el-E I J ACQUELINE TAYLOR Butler, Alabama Treasurer, Junior Class: Student Senate: Honor System Com- mittee, SGA: Spirit Committee: Delegate to SCOPE: Civic Chairman, Hattiesburg Hall: President, Hickman Hall: Vice- President: Jones Hall: Freshman Counselor: Freshman Orientation Committee: Publicity committee CUA: President, CUA: Delegate to conference of Region XI Division of College Unions: Delegate 4-H Leadership Conference: Vice-President, President, 4-H Club: Wesley Foundation Council: Secretary, Physical Education Club: Student Social Life Committee: Official State Swim Meet. ANN CAROLYN TEE Hattiesburg, Mississippi Freshman Class Treasurer: Freshman Class Favorite: Charm Consultant: Phi Delta Rho: Pi Tau Chi: Kappa Delta Pi: MIC Delegate: Miss. Hall House Chairman and Monitor: Newman Club Historian: Women's Affairs Board: Editor, Miss Southern Handbook: Editor, President, Kappa Delta Sorority: Secre- tary, Second Vice President, SGA: Home Economics Club: Senator: Committee Chairman, REW: Orientation Committee: President, Phi Delta Rho: Delegate, National Kappa Delta Convention: Assistant Business Manager, SOUTHERNER: SUSGA Registration Chairman: Co-Chairman, March of Dimes Drive, g it 4: 'Q - V W-'-:,,.f..,j,'-Q , za wr 4,5415 1 A , ,... :. ff. ,A-'P' sf ' VW ,, it . , , J a , I .- . -5, , . 5-P, Mn gsygfu 11, fe' .f -if .- ' nf f xi,-Z.i 1' ' ' " ' is ffiiegtfi - E.-if ,.a. ' 1 , .5 Q. f is.,,,,f.r - p, Z ,,.::'IK'fff - -. 'i eggfvf 'ff '21 F " : . in ff' A - 3 i f f -A Lu fi' '- . ' 1:5-' 5,57 -iv, . ,t ., ,.,-iw L , . .. Y X X' X K U X .- -..- J., lf! s- . ,," D , ,,,f-fp L gf, 2" I HARRY TRIFON THETFORD JAMES HOWARD CANDI-ER President, Pi Sigma Epsilon: Vice-Presi- THOMAS, JR' - D dent, Retail Merchandising Club: Re- Hattiesburg, Mississippi cipient Edward' George Schmidt Scholar- BSU prog,-am Committee: CUA: Yellow.. Shlp In Marketing' jackets: Vice-President, Pledge Trainer, Kappa Sigma Fraternity: Treasurer, Cap- tain, Scabbard and Blade: Executive As- sistant, SGA: Student Directory: Chair- man, Spirit Committee: Freshman Orientation Committee. CARL ALEXANDER TOUCHSTONE Hattiesburg, Mississippi Highest pledge scholastic average. House Manager, Kappa Alpha Order: President, Phi Eta Sigma: Biology Lab Instruc- tor Fellowship. CAROLYN LEE WELLBORN Hattiesburg, Mississippi . ' P- 'd t f Pl dge Class, Activities Chairman. VIQQ gi2Eideii?lPi2sid?ent, Dxelta Delta Delta: Senator: Pi Tau Chl? Sigma Alpha Eta, Dormitory Treasurer, Freshman Counsellor. Secretary, Summer President, Westminster Felloyvshlp: Orien- tation Committee: Executive Assistant Committee to SGA President: REW Committee of 100. 46 Af: 5. . ,.. : -I., -. ,. f p .nv Q ' ' 1 'f .f.:f:':'v"'.'Bii 'f'-+j:31,'f-:whwfw 57'i-mga. ' 5- ,Pm-fiat? ,J .w,-sm..:"f1- ug? HJC.-'4 ' 'r. V , WHO ..-n ....-1 Recognition eaclerslaqn Uniformity of purpose r ms 'U A fi V if 1 -. 'QE5'-' A Q Friendship From Ideals To Rewards Victory ,. ,, 47 . , wr., WA.. L 43 X, . mam A Y t E1 ,'v' yr is V- 42-1 f n w 1, 3, .. M . f , 4, - -. - .., - -v , , yn -N .. , ,,, ,x, M Q, .. .J 'K' I Y" V ' 4:41 is 'A ful.. rl' 1 f A-Si, ,gf l. fi .-x ps.. T Left to Right Standing: Ginger Garrett, Edith Ann Miller, Becky Green, Lelia Bourdin, Martha Markline, Gail Finley, Mary Nell Carruth, Mary Evelyn Granberry. Left to Right Seated: Mrs. Ivah Wilber, Judy Harrison, Ann Tee, Marilyn Darbee, Mrs. V. Barnett. Not Pictured: Sylvia Watson. PRESIDENT Ann Tee F7 D S 5 3 l 1 i 1 i i i w I ' l l Kas-s 'i -' 11 I l l x ily Phi elm R loo DRAP? lgx Phi Delta Rho recognizes scholarship, leadership, and character among senior women. Organized at Mississippi Southern in 1941, Phi Delta Rho promotes high standards of democratic living, develops finer qualities of members, emphasizes scholarship, and admirable per- sonal qualities of womanhood. The recipients of this honor are chosen by the Dean of Women and a secret committee appointed by her. Selection is based upon the wor- thy contributions to the school, to their -associates, and to themselves. Membership in Phi Delta Rho is the crowning point for the Senior Women who have participated as citizens of Southern for the three previous years. 48 mama Delta Kappa it 1 5 i i if ANDIN McLEOD President 4, THOMAS H. SMITH Vice President AUBREY LUCUS Secretary i GARY WALLER Treasurer DR. GILBERT HARTWIG Faculty Advisor The highest honor paid a college man . . . junior and senior men's honor society . . . recognizes a high standard of service in scholarship, 1 athletics, student government, social and religious affairs, publications, i speech and music arts . . . installed at MSC in 1954 . . . sponsors a Hungarian student to study here . . . character, leadership and service in campus life, scholarship, fellowship and consecration to democratic ideals are its qualifications. pf.. Q f E QQ M ' , . , Z 5: . M Mfg, A I. 43, 2 Y an -Q, in -1. iw- ra-32 5-21' ' f A. +-. 154 X . . .1 545 my r W 4' f -ers ii gl Zi il fa, I ANDIN McLEOD President Bottom: Dr. J. A. Green. Au- brey K. Lucus, J. Fred Walker, C. E. Fike, John H. Allen, Ben L. Forbes, Andin McLeod, Gary Waller, John H. Dale, Porter L. Fortune. Top: Cecil Long, Jerry Glynn McClain, Bill Merton, Geoffery Hicks, Jack A. Liedke, Oliver Ainsworth, Larry Bradley, Andy Still, Billy E. Taylor Joe Price Everett, Ted Kmet, Joe Howard Crews. Not Pic- tured: Gene C. Goodwin. u Q7 V -i 'J ?', hi 1 . U. v 5' 0... X4 gi . Q 5 Q DY? 1 QE fn'--'lffsf -' "-vf A-f ', '-L - .4f5g" 1- 'ifii fr J' if Vu :A 1041 - 3' -' 22 A ' AA l 5" Y. -v 1.42, - Q 4 fn: at 5 - 5 ' 45 ' 3 ' 'V 'ls i YQ fi s lim rw, , K-v......,'4 ,fe 5 , ,I hm X 'Xxw 2 :EKG qw? .,y . , gg 4, , " ,i 14 Lcft to Right, Standing: Judy Harrison, Dr. John Allen, Jerry McClain, Hillary Jones. Seated: Bar- bara Allen, Sara Spottswood, Martha Markline, Mrs. Buena Ballard. JERRY MCCLAIN President Pi Kappa i 2-D P mg , iw: f 1 f 4 f x X 6 Nexxxv Xxuxx-X0 Z Z, Zh. 1, Nsggxxs- 0.5" "1" mmm 0zU2'52.E- KQV' '13-UD-mg'-'O""'FQ FD Q-AQ mm D-H rvgg-:sn-EO-Qrozz 5"TUQQ2U"OFv'Cm O ewan 'U m:'TOwrvQZQ,.EfU '.I.'5g"'1"'I3::" 4512 5-:rv Q'E3'23S2, nr?-'v1,:Q :,H.,,,LfJ'o 5-:1-:r me wvaegnwifs -QWU2. 05",-.F9h:'. ,..59J"'lgWv-if O Zfafdriaii QEUEPE WEE' HOT: 32. 9: C5-"1j'9,0-croff gl-FOO ....L,,m:u,.,r4 ,,'Q,S ZW'-1 ...."',-I QYI seg-,'I.32O 5' cn ,., ro 'U ,,,"'n D..f-M5119-lr-1-,m ,.-.NO5- mg 2,3-25 330 Qsrgfmag Q",,i'2 H-QE. E-S-"CJ71EfgA Qmplgng E22 5E5E3a gn? Dog gg SOE. FY g'C'5i-,wFQS- new 8E'US-30 9:3-Bs 5C1..""rvrvD" 'ggfm fbpgg 2 02.0, M0035-Q HDF-1-5 ,QSDOOO 2 o Qdqgwtl'-3 Mgr-C 0 "GE Or: UQ ,... gn U1 O3,NQ..,...'-- ...QO- QLHQQDQ FJ-:gd UNHX toward which many students may strive. 50 Phi Eta .fzgma Phi Eta Sigma is a national scholastic honor fraternity for freshmen men. Ar MSC, it starts the year by helping to get freshmen started in proper study habits through tallcs and presenting definite goals to worlc toward. A rotating trophy is pre- sented by Phi Eta Sigma to the social fraternity pledge class having the highest grade average. A 3.5 average is required for Phi Eta Sigma membership. 6096 wr Front row, left to right: Mrs. William D. McCain, Margo Burge, Milner Wise, Judy Garlane Graham Howell, Mary George, Gail Hill, Connie Shivers, Jane Cameron and Mrs. Polly Wllson. Back row, left to right: Mrs. Ivah O. Wilber, Judy Goff Still, Jane Ryals, Gail Finley, Nell Robinson, Barbara Bilbo, Pat Cantebury, Alicia Maw, Jonetta Lewis, Julie Showers and Judy Harrison. Aanloa Lambala Delta Standing: Larry Bradley, Dr. Steiger, Jeff Hicks, Oliver Ainsworth, Ted Kmet, Jerry Mc Clain. Seated: Kieth Kobb, Carl Touchstone, Robert Hishon. 4? Alpha Lambda Delta was installed at MSC in 1956. It is designed to stim- ulate study and high scholarship among freshman women. Each year Alpha Lambda Delta presents a trophy to the freshman woman maintaining the highest overall average for her first two quarters of college. Membership indicates a "reward" for genuine in- terest in things intellectual and for work well done. , o o 9 fi lflitiiil Executive Bmncla T7 ANDY STILL First Vice President KITTY CARTER Secretary JIMMY THOMAS Administrative Assistant L4 E? Pl 1, l K i, i x LARRY BRADLEY President The Student Government Asso- ciation of Mississippi Southern Col- lege is an active, vital organization composed of all members of the student body. All students are en- couraged to take part in elections and other activities sponsoreclt by the SGA. In addition to sponsor- ing and holding campus elections, the SGA also stages the annual Homecoming Dance, the Beauty Ball, and other social functions. Also, numerous "big-name" bands and musical groups are brought to the campus in the course of a year. Student Government also issues several of the school's largest and most useful publications, The en- deavors of the Student Govern- ment Association malce for an in- teresting, active school year at Mis- sissippi Southern College. 52 l i 1 . ANN TEE Second Vice President JERRY MCCLAIN Treasurer '?'?'s '25- 'Q' GENE GOODWIN SCOPE Chairman Legislators The legislative powers of the Student Government As- sociation are vested in a student senate, which has a repre- sentative for each 100 students. All classes, including the graduate class, are represented. The senate is presided over by the president of the Student Government Association, and its acts are subject to the approval of the administra- tion. The Student Senate also serves as a coordinator of many student activities and budgets and allocates the funds of the Student Government Association. The Student Sen- ate is one of the most active functions of the Student Gov- ernment Association. C7 Standing, left to right: Mike Shoub, Bonnie Jean Dale, Madelyn Everett, Judy Curtiss, Barbara Peerson, Annette Byrd, Judy Luke, Millie Ball, Kitty Carter, Gloria Sanders, Patt Odom, Janice Crain, Mary Evelyn Granberry, Sylvia Rogers, Bonnie Purvis, June Wood, Noel Monsour, Judy Harrison, Gerry John- son, Barbara Utsey, Jackie Taylor, Vincentine Piazza. Seated, left to right: Larry Bradley, Ted Kmet, Joe Lipscomb, Bill Lo- vette, Edgar Hughes, Pete Hubbell, John Simpson, John Shilis- ton, Bruce Criswell, Gerald Chrestman, Josh Haskin, Bennett Easterling, Mo Curtis, Bobby Arentsen, Jack Lindley. Student Court I 1 RAY LITTLE LANNIE CASEY I 1 ."-,..- Left to right: Joe Crews, Andy McLeod, Thomas Hunter Smith, Judy Harrison, Margo Burge, Dr. Wilber, Evecutizfe Amlrtotntf BABE NEELEY The Student Court and the Ex- ecutive Assistant's Committee are two parts of the Student Govern- ment Association. The Student Court is the judicial organ of the government, and the Executive Asst. Committee is the activity production organ. The students, selected for service in either of these groups are of the highest cali- her and scholarship. Through the njudication of the Student Court and the coordination of the Execu- tive Assistant's Committee, the Student Government functions smoothly and efhcieiitly. 54 ""!' W JERRY MCCLAIN K JOE BAILEY 'sic Mm? Afdiff Board John Simpson, George Triplett, John Benson, Andy Still, Dean Radar Grantham. Above, Standing: Butch Ward, Sue Watts, Linda Wilson, Jackie Taylor, Becky Ulmer, Jo Ana George, Rosland Moser. Seated: Jo Ann George, Mary Evelyn Granherry, Ann Tee, Joan MoDuffie, Mrs. Ivah Wilber. Edith Ann Miller. 55 The problems of the 2,000 students who live in school housing at MSC are capably handled by Men's and Wom- en's Affairs Boards, operating under the supervision of the Deans of men and Women respectively and headed by a student vice-president of the Student Government Association. These boards are comprised of students elected by residents of different dormitories who seelc to handle governmental and dis- cipline problems within their respective dormitories. Decisions of these boards are subject to the approval of the re- spective dean and are also subject to appeal to the Student Court. Womm .r A aivzr Baum' D Q ' it Z . EF' I .NA df v ,X X, , , , j X7 w 1.3 .,g, , 2 '45 A if . ar if MISS M S X - ' A 7 wr V: fa! Nw' 5 f ' 6 W 2 Q fwwjg 1,7 2'-414 A fx 0 4 4 :rw ff fi Q ZF fflffiffifi 1 ffF4f1f1':TJ Y , I . , 3 1 kviglihi-1 v . fi' A 0 . bg W . ngfvf Y R' ' H" 2 L F4 ?5?'f p,: 'iii M W J i .lv -1 V .lf 'fggiy Qi " ' ' ...,-.... bx v I 5. , Q 5- ' I. , A ix' yn, ,. fi . Sw. ii w. af" ,Qi-swab?-Wi' 5 '4' f ,.!'4-Qn?- nu. L . 1-f ., .i. f .gd 5 ' W5T'25I"fE ' " S" 5iid,afx',: 35" ' A fs! . 7f'fr1Q5.,Q,W-'A ' 6' ' 'F'-.:,... . -sa rf' f' ' 'wif f . V,. , Q , MA Aw"""ffw.:Q, .xdnchn WlcofeoJ 1 -5 G' n X A I XY Siu 'Y . 'QM' S x-fl. N X45 1 N, W K -.....,,,., A 7 . . . x x M. S. C. 59 - ,A ..... , ...,. . , X ." ,Q ,.-ie x ,f x 1 f , E Q A ...Q - .Mug-w,,, .rf nf' V . I y l Il! 12" f I 2 L 11 1 7' "N.. -zzz- Q' no e T' arrief me 624141- Qin- 'H , 'W xr-.iffy it I -s., . ll N .A.,, --..... ...---v.- -,..--.s K- ISK OUT HERN I -- if fi! em, . Q 4 . f 1 'K Harriet McCluer of Jackson reigned this year as M.S.C.'s tops in beauty, talent, and personality. The Miss Mississippi Southern Pageant is an outstanding annual event. The winner represents the school in the Miss Mississippi Pageant in Vicksburg. Miss McCluer sang as her talent. She was fourth alternate in the Miss Mississippi Pageant. 60 CDP iI?lEDJ:lEi1L4lY1UUEf 04 ggg wew24LfiHf f5N5x:a' '- ge: QN3--'saweww W ksgf Sirk? " - 4 ff- f ? ' 6 f'fg, ffY G E Q X 4 + - 3 g 1961 IYZLWIZRZZZRIZTVC? Q 5Qi ,. g?lLE1ZNf I Zig x Q .v, , ..A, I AAD 3 w .X 4 ,,: , K L 5 CUURT 5 ixgfi W' Mf"M. ix 2 M, , 2? 1 ,av 1527? N- Aff: .. S5 1 'I ,Q - My sp, 1. M.,.,. Qmfrkfv-5 , h, . J sf M A f Ji !F V' f x v My , ,ff ! f 'H 5 N 'J ' , Q X f ,F ra fu. , , 35 5- f 4 yr H Q ,, S, .. Q K A N , X , 'EH - X ' I M' g . 94 Q A . Sa 55 t Ov 3' ,A up z, .' '-.' 5 - u ,va .1 'ff f Q. '5 . ' :Q 7 , . J f N V ,iffv Nj I is . my 4- -QM X-wg .., 6 f'J1'f.,w11, f I 'fi ki 5.1 X21 ., Q- 51' '- AVHCQQ R .. .,:: ,f ff, 1-, 1. Q 'v ,LW 5 ., ah L E .,,:n' A. . X1 K x 'A , Y , . , . 7 . N I , I, , . X J Q fi X 1 3. f 8 Q' s , . 'imffm f 31-xwwwf.. M. 5' N mc . 1 4 ,SJ ,: , , .fi . Y -9 'E '49 .21 wa R A 5 3 ie?" if A i"l Q "E: 1 , A? E 1:1 fr ln - 1 ii Q .., 1. iii' My -f 'Wv kibgth L 1' 4 N e . ' I x V V ,jew ,af X 1 x " 1 N ., Mx i ,-, 5 X , A A,f."+ ' ' 'M:,.-. . 1 a,,4,.':,'f' ,. , 1 QQMAZSKQZMS. ? . 2 Qgggf' ? I Y. 'Rh' K -'ff' ' ' J.?'v4f'?" Q if .' 1- 425.4 , , fi I I 1 f ' , 1, 9 , l 1 fi, , , f A .. ,,,,1, ,N V' , I N 5: , if fp 1 1 J " I 4 I If 2 I , 8 , ff 1 1, f 5, .:f'f6?fQ+vg-:fi , , , W r ' O 9 7 . J X X! ' 5 My mmf, v , fr WZ max . ,, V 'ff 9 , f . gf N f . . 1 . , 1 f 1 4 A A 1 f if - --an . ' W- ..: ,s ,f 9 f ,A :Q , Q , X ,.,,.,N . X , f sf .ffie . , ,fa M, Sp f , ,j x W "" -414, f' X T f 1, ,, K , , Q , . , ,,n,, , i v- .1 A f v ' ,W Y iw 2, ff , X , , I A EATURED BEAUTZES' 552255 m i l 5 4 i ,, , . ,. ,gh A i A lulffnhgu QQ 'i ati Q ml V , lull - -1. Front Row, Left to Right: Helen Harrod, Linda Escobedo, Diane Stewart, Bonnie Purvis, Pat Murihead, Gerrv Read. Back Row, June Wood. Barbara Jo Hughes, and Mary Martina. 72 YZ? M155 OLYPI T ALI T Y Mile J , Q3 3 3. 'L 1 . M Q . , 59 . ,, V i. uf"4EW"3E55' 9NTSQ'3A3K1 i'fNKEQWKSS iii? :"fE'2NYSSH!'1HXi H' 51 ff, 1 1 i 5 2 4. I if 1, Ojlll-3' OMZNG CUUR T Ill Q ' i f ., "" . Bonnie Purvis, Sophomore Maidg Harriet McC1uer, Junior Maidg Sue Keith, Graduate Maidg June Wood, Queeng Millie Ball, Student Body Maidg Judy Harrison, Senior Maidg and Sydney Howell, Freshman Maid. 75 ' 1 . X TV c: 4 f has--' Q-Q 4 -if - fs u .A Left to Right: Barbara Jo Hughes, Miss Hospitality, McComb3 Joyce Sanders, Miss Clay County, Rita Burnham, Miss Hospi- tality, Canton: Pat Muirhead, Miss Hospitality, Gulfportg Gale Sanders, Dairy Princess, Attala County: Diane Stewart, Miss Hospitality, Poplarvilleg Allison Ulmer, Miss Lamar Countyg Margaret Fairley, Miss George Countyg Rusalla Rably, Miss Hospitality, Moss Point: and Madelyn Everett. Miss Magee. E Y e K , Q R :A , A 2' Q' . s 'W A A r fin J f-A we v . .- ,.f-.:.:iTfN ' , 3 ' rf , Standing: Ann Burnham, Mississippi Forestry Queen. Seated: Betty Beeson, J Junior Miss Mississippig Sandra Mazur, 'Q' Mississippi Travel Queen, . . 0 ' A X A 9, ,fs V 1 .- . '.fv . ,Q was T X Q -T . '- A 5451 is WWW ,I N ,m.,,,: MI., gf 3 5591 X33 -:fs -1 K :ig yggfgiaw Y"'N vw I 5.3, 3 S A-'I wake .6 r 1 1 J A QQ' A , H. my AMW' 1 uw sw I 1 f ,Q ,Mae H wgwimf gf vw ,V N sr, 'iw Qyff A 4 Z f w f Y , -r' ry H 1 1 f' ,QW .Mk M554 Q sf K 4 J N n ,W yu Q rw f ' 4- 59 1 J Y Y: wg X ,A , aw 5,1 ,U 1 X W Q, Q P5-K fsimveff X ., Q ff.-is ' f' :,f'w,sg1 6, w,rfR.f:",'5',g,, vysifwrew,-V ' ,J i -A H Ms www " Ma ,gin 0 YQ? xg 1 af- -1. f 5 I X is ' gk, 5 14? , ,fx Q R"" 'ff sn' 'K . ' 196 EAUTY ALL 4 S ..W..,,,i mv.,-Q' ...,,, 1 1 ..f:g, , ' ,- Lily 'If wife 2 1" se iuwiifig :ii MIHUJW' is ww , . ,H WM! raiisi 35155 .Mun H A H-Ullfdx Qi". 1 ' "V xixi kwdisiiiixiifixiviqxil i -' iii 1w,.iriV14i3' 'fY'i.wkVti"-il Hx -'N W L . Y f A I . 'lf f W 7-EQ r ' is f ""' W , , '?",, 'figs H. -e A ' " 1. '- my M wf gb . ir' A 4x,m.vuM- -Q -. ---...,, Y 4 6 i 1 Il ! mf :ln XM ,J BETTY PATTERSON Editor ,,,,..,..,..f--v-1" ""' ,,,,'.-1 'I ,,,..1-f""" 1 . 4 JUDY HARRISON Business Manager 6 I 9 Soutloerner The 1961 Southerner Staff has made every endeavor to make this year's SOUTHERNI-:R one that each student, faculty member and administrative personnel will for- ever cherish. l Throughout the year we have strived to give each person, group and each division ample and equal cov- erage. This is your 1961 SOUTHERN!-:R and we hope that your reactions will be favorable. BETTY PATTERSON Editor JUDY HARRISON Business Manager BETTY BOYD Assistant Editor MARVIN OGLESBY " Associate Editor GENE GOODVIIN Associate Editor BOBBY VOSS Associate Editor JUDY LUKE Leadership Editor CAROLINE READY Greek Editor MADELYN EVERETT Feature Editor DON W. DRAPEAU Sports Editor GALE SANDERS Class Editor GAYE SHROCK Organizations Editor MARY ELLEN HARROD Staff MIGHNON WELCH Staff MARGARET MOREAU Staf JOY WEST Staf JERRY HALL Stajf CV BETTY BOYD Executive Assistant "A'21w5fi2 ' I '? . .sig-we inf X V f i ,.'.,M'tam:ili'JiAf 91Wvs:f-wi' . 9,4512 ,z af25,.L:.,. fe i f zfzfwa .- 1 MARVIN OGLESBY BOBBY VOSS GENE GOODWIN Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor ,N ,, fr: - Q7 Seated: Mignhon Welch, Assistant Feature Editorg Mary Ellen Jerry Hall, Art Editor and Judy Harrison, Harrod, Assistant Leadership Editor. Standing: Gail Finley, As- Business Manager. sistant Service Editor, Ruth Pylate, Assistant Class Editorg Millie Ball, Assistant Activities Editor. First row: Judy Luke, Leadership Editorg Caroline Ready, Greek Editor, Gail Sanders, Class Editorg Madelyn Everett, Feature Editor. Back row: Francis Busby, Activities Editorg Don Drapeau, Sports Editorg Gaye Schrock, Service Editor. iw 2 37 5 :Z . - Lg: N, I r - I 4 I 'fn ,ST my , is s U 1 as 45" 'JIT Otiice workers: Lillian Thomas, Lexine Burrius, Joy West, fy' if gi 53: , Sarah Ellen Campbell, Margaret Moreau, Carol Speer, Carol ,r K 'W Allen. , D 'E' S' Q ' -.1 l . , ' ' li ,,.. ' ' 2" Xi w 5 is-L ' 1 1 , l xb- LEROY MORGANTI Executive Editor I .f'1 Z X S JOHN LAMBERT Business Manager e 1961 tudent Printz Since the campus newspaper of Mississippi Southern College is an all-student publication, and reiiects the opin- ions of the student body, it is appropriately named. The Student Printz serves as the eyes and ears of the campus, faithfully reporting all items of interest such as sports, society, news, and features. During the thirty-two years of its publication, the Stu- dent Printz has come to be recognized as one of the finest Seated around the news desk are: Leroy Morganti, Executive Editorg Kathy Dankert, Society Editorg Richard Tarbutton, Photo Editorg Donald Stringer, Associate Editorg Frances collegiate newspapers in the United States. The Printz has been awarded the Columbia Scholastic Press Associa- tion "lVIedalist" award for the tenth consecutive year, and has received the,ALL-AMERICAN rating for six years. Also among its honors are the Vincent Socrates Award and four first place awards from the 1960 Mississippi Collegiate Press Association Convention. Barnes, Feature Editor: James Cleveland, Sports Editorg Wayne Trotter, News Editorg David Webb, Managing Editor. - 1 J- wa. 14N Z? SJ' .,, 'Z' 'iff ,-4 I zifi ' i if . ' . 'wi - O 5 " N 5- A-7.--. ' -.H . .-.- x i T X -a, ..,..,. l X E - 5. 'x-., . '. 1.1, Smjj' Tom Rath, Cartoonistg Mary Lou Jones and Nick Stratas, News Editors. LEROY MORGANTI DAVID WEBB JOHN LAMBERT DONALD STRINGER NICK STRATAS MARY LOU JONES Several members of the staff are setting up the the next edition of the STUDENT PRINTZ. " Executive Editor Managing Editor Business Manager Associate Editor News Editor News Editor resses for STAFF Y-,,,.....--P , Q'-'ll"52i, i ali E Q. . A ,. I 83 l' WAYNE TROTTER Assistant Managing Editor JAMES CLEVELAND Sports Editor FRANCES BARNES Feature Editor KATHY DANKERT Society Editor RICHARD TARBUTTON Photo Editor TOM RATH Cartoonist Wayne Trotter, Assistant Managing Editorg David Webb, Man- aging Editorg Donald Stringer, Associate Editor. W E-J . Lai n S 4 f , Gan- 2.3 aptist Student nion Sponsored by the Baptist Churches of Hattiesburg and the Mississippi Baptist Convention, the Baptist Student Union seeks to lead Baptist students to active membership in local Baptist Churches in Hattiesburg. BSU offers a weekly meeting on Tuesday night, YWA, retreats, con- ventions, and numerous other activities. Members of the BSU Executive Coun- cil, seated left to right, are: Ann Wat- kins, Bobby Carolyn Smith, Marion Anne Busby, Annie Mary Walker, and Margo Burge. Those standing are: Maureen Eichelberger, Margaret Bry- ant, Holly Piner, Anna Beth Reeves, Jerry Walker, Joe Price Everett, Jane Ryals, Judy Wright, and Rev. Louie Farmer, Jr.g Director. 1 -E' Young Women's Auxiliary members, seated left to right, are: Anna Beth Reeves, Jean Havard, Barbara Ezell, Sue Ellen Walker, Carolyn Fortenberry, Alice Arrington, Dorothy Hinzy, and Annie Mary Walker. Those standing are: Evelyn Stone, Sylvia Watson, Elene Cobb, Bobby Carolyn Smith, Grace Reeves, Caleta Byrd, Marion Anne Busby, Barbara Jean Henieter, Elaine Warkins, Zelma Forbes, Mar- garet Bryant, Linda Dickinson, Jane Ryals, and Maureen Eichelberger. Canterbury Officers are, left to right: seated, Alice Wentworth, Gail Hill, Linda Lee, Dianne Miller, and standing, James Iiams, David Pyle, Joe Bradley, and Vincent Currie. Chartered on the Mississippi Southern campus in 1946 the Canterbury Club is composed of an organized group of Episcopal students. The goals of the Canterbury Club are as follows: worship, study, fellowship, conferences, re- treats, and serving the mission of Christianity in higher education. Canterbury Club Canterbury members, seated left to right, are: Dianne Miller, Rosemary Oliphent, Linda Lee Alice Wentworth S lvia Currie, Vincent Currie, James Iiams, Bernard Saucier, Pat G C h D , , y eorge, at y enton, Rev. R. A. Park, Kitty Poole, Lenda Keeton, Gail Hill, and Poli Bi'l. Th t d' ' ' ' ' ' J ose s an ing are. James Tm Ritter, David Pyle, Richard Thames, Marvin Monette, and Joe Bradley. , l . ,K . l. 7 I ' s ,-.,.:..- . Y 3 - , . .V . ...N X 1 b Y- I - These members of the Newman Club attended the annual Newman Club initiation. ewmvm lub OFFICERS BOBBY VOSS President BOB DAVIDSON Vice-President SANDRA ERVIN Secretary JOHN LAMBERT T,-easuffe-r CELESTE SAVELL Corresponding Secretary Three main points the Newman Club stresses in student life are religious, intellectual, and social development. The organization is dedicated to the principles of Cardinal John Henry Newman, a convert to the Catholic faith. During the year, programs include speakers, discussions, group attendance at mass and communion three times a year, socials, and special projects. 0, swab f' , , - sr- 'KE Sponsored by the Methodist Church and representative of the Methodist Student Movement, Wesley Foundation seeks to help Methodist college students feel at home in their campus community and to give them a stimulus for more effective religious activities. Activities of many kinds-devotional, recreational, study and service opportunities-are included in Wesley Founda- tion. 4 Officers, seated left to right, are: Brenda Burch, Fellowship Chairmang Edith Miller, World Christian Chairmang Mary Evelyn Granberry, Secretaryg Diana Stewart, Worship Chair- mang Carole Coleman, Study and Training Chainnang Ann Sigrest, lst Vice-President. Those standing are: Richard Doiron, President' Tommy Richardson, Publicity Chairmang Denson Na ier llllinister to Methodist Youthg :Jim We-edy, Graduate P v Representativeg Clefton Vaughan, 2nd Vlce-President. Not plc- Wefky Foundation First row. left to right: Rev. Mr. Newton Cox, AdViSOI': Myralyn Smith, Jerry Hall, Jerry Reel, Advisor. Second row: Charlotte Gober, Muriel McCarty, Nancy McKie, Lillian Th0IDaS, Noel Monsour, Ginny Risher, Mary Arden Wilson. Third row: Carole Eversole, Norma Carol Rucker, Anita Marie Jensen, Mildred Stovall, Diane Ferguson, Linda Van Landingham, Barbara Ann Bilbo. Fourth row: Jimmy Coop er, Roderick Loper, Ken Earnest, Charlie Light- sey, Charles Lindsay, Gary Juasely, Wertmz'nner Foundation COUNCIL JIMMY COOPER Moderator CHARLIE LIGHTSEY Vice-Moderator BARBARA BILBO Secretary5 LILLIAN THOMAS Treasurer JERRY REEL Advisor REV. MR. NEWTON COX Advisor Westminster Fellowship is organ- ized for the purpose of completing the academic curriculum of Presby- terian students at Mississippi South- ern by "confronting them with the fact of Jesus Christ." Among Westminster Fellowship's activities are: annual retreats, a weekly newsletter and Bible Study Groups. The fellowship has en- dowed a scholarship to the Presby- terian Academy of Brazil. I r-,L Dedicated to the glory of God through the exploration of the Bible, and the general fellowship which exists among Lutheran students, Martin Luther Fellowship is the or- ganization oi all Lutheran students on the Mississippi Southern Campus. Seated left to right are: Robert Hermetz, Barbara Bilbo, Ted Kmet, President. Those standing are: Dale Anderson, Don Sywank, Walter Poser, Dr. G. F. Hartwig, Dr. W. J. Weiersheuser. fllartin Luther Fellowsbql ai 4 I 1 1 l l i 4 i 1 t 1 w l l l A l l i --x 41 Seated left to right are: John Heider, Horace Dickerson, Leon- ard Donnelly, Kirk Woolley. Standing are: John Simpson, John Williamson, Herman Walker, Kenneth Baldwin, Richard Assaf, Harry K. Schiavone, Douglas Magee, Charles Brumfield, James Carty. 'Donald Drapeau. On May 7, 1959, Mississippi Southern became the Hrst school in Mississippi to have a chartered Collegiate Civitan. The international service club, sponsored by Civitan Inter- national, has as its primary purpose to encourage better citizenship. ollegiate ivitvm One of the activities of Civitan is helping students during reg- istration. N Qi 1:55. 231352, :Qin , wifi Eiiifig 155115. Wifi, 1152, 'V'--.4 ,-. Q0 l X737 f fig? 1 se, lf Seated left to right: Jackie Taylor, Babe Neelly Sylvia Apple berry, Nancy Tidwell. Standing are: Caroline Collins Betty Dexter, Mary Jones, Judy Luke, Jean Ellen Myatt Barbara Lindsay. allege Union Bo rd As a cross-section campus group, the College Union Activities Council provides students with a wholesome and desirable program of events. They plan and promote parties, dances, tournaments, and special activities. The various committees keep the Student Union Building buzzing with activity. to OFFICERS JACKIE TAYLOR President BABE NEELLY Vice-President NANCY TIDWELL Secretary SYLVIA APPLEBERRY Regional Coordinator 90 Agnhvz Epsilon A6719 -...M OFFICERS JOHN ELLIS President JERRY MCCLAIN Vice-President DORIS WILLIAMS Secretary-Treasurer MR. BEN L. FORBES Faculty Advisor By inviting speakers to talk with them on matters of cur- rent importance in accounting, taking field trips, and hold- ing receptions for prospective members, Alpha Epsilon Alpha creates a common meeting ground between practi- tioners, theorists, educators, and students of the profes- sional lield of accounting. The purpose of the accounting fraternity is threefold: Professional to understand better the professional require- ments, ethics, laws and regulations governing the practice of accounting, scholastic to apply the opportunities that are now offered us, to better ourselves and our society through ellorts to deserve the three ideals of this frater- nity, social to strive toward helping our fellow students in making a contribution to society through personal self- improvement. l Left to right: Doris Williams, John Ellis, Mr. Ben L. Forbes Jerry McClain. Seated left to right: John Ellis, Mr. Stanley Carpenter, Mr. Ben Forbes, Linda Moser, Sue Jackson, Jane Lynn Pierce, Doris Williams, Caleta Byrd, Doris Jones, Mr. H. O. Jackson, Jerry McClain. Standing are: Dale Holden, Wayne Ellis, Bobby Voss, Robert Dieckman, Thomas Wiman, Keith Hudson, John Pearce, Sammy I-Iavard, Richard Wilson, Aaron J. Johnston, George A. Spence, George A. Brantley, John A. Toney, William A. Fore, Thomas G. Estes, Howard Hughes, Keith Cobb, George D. Run- nels, John D. Sherrill, Kerney Martin Davis, James A. Grayson, Morris Yates, John R. Simpson, Jessie O, Walters, James Ellis. . L ....,,.4....,.,..-M-J.. . ,, , ? ,7"""""" ' ' W fb C' . 24 Z, at ,, A 3 ll Kneeling left to right: Don Fuell, John Wierengo, Andy Mc- Gwen Rouse, Marilyn Darby, Mary Rayborn, Dr. J. Fred Cloud, George Dowery, Carl Touchstone. Those standing are: Walker, Marjorie Bonner, Pat Moynihan. I lv E 'I D lm OFFICERS ANDY McCLOUD President DON FUELL Vice-President MARY RAYBORN Secretary MARILYN DARBY Treasurer GWEN ROUSE Historian DR. J. FRED WALKER Afiiliated with the American Association for the Ad- vancement of Science, the American Council of Education, and the Association of College Honor Societies, Alpha Faculty Advisor Epsilon Delta is an honorary pre-medical society. It stimu lates appreciation of the importance of pre-medical educa tion in the study of medicine. Alpha Epsilon Delta's pur pose is to bind together similarly interested students. A401941 Pri Umega First row left to right: Dr. Gilbert Hart- wig, Barbara Steelman, Sandra, Yarber, Mr. R. M. Treser. Second 1-ow: Donald Seay, Charlott Gentry. OFFICERS Alpha Psi Omega promotes interest in and appreciation SANDRA PAGE YARBER D' . . . wector of dramatic art. lt is the largest National Honorary BARBARA ANN STEELMAN Business Manager CHARLOTT GENTRY stage Manager Dramatic Fraternity in the world. The rfouthern Players First row left to right: Dr. Gilbert Hartwig, Gloria Gilliland, Sue Frost, Ann Coker, Sarah Crews, Barbara Steelman, Charlott Gentry, Priscilla Schnake, Sandra Yarber, Carole Hill, Jenny De Bardelaben, Betty Andress, Kay Walters, Marcia Dale Jones, Mar- tha Seitzler, Willene Drake, Jean Hud- son, Beth Hudson, Merry George, Mr. R. M. Treser. Second row: Jewel Rush- ing, Tommy Briggs, Bob Glover, Don Seay, Gary Williams, Wiley Jones, Billy Gerald Stewart, Richard Strand, John Paul Roblin, Don Hood, Steve Porcari, James Carty. OFFICERS To students participating in dramatics, Southern Play- DONALD SEAY P ui r , , , , , GARY WILLIAMS Vice-Pxiidizt ers is a stepping stone to membership in Alpha Psi Omega. WILEY JONES Secfetafy Southern Players represents local recognition for outstand- RICHARD STRAHAN Treasurer BILLY GERALD STEWART Master of Apprentices ing achievements in the Southern Theatre. Top row left to right: Carl Touchstone, Bobby Joe Carroll, Carley Baxter, John Seburn, Billy Moore, James Barbaree, Mary Rayburn, Dorthy Jean Griffin, Dorothy Scarborough, Gwen Rouse, Glenda Spurlin, Janie Vincent, Marilyn Darby, Andrea Linginfelder, Jeanette Clark, Mrs. Buena Ballard, Joyce Bailey, Jeanette Hebert. Bottom row: Thomas Mayfield, Davis Salter, Dr. Benjamin Ward, Robert Hollingsworth, Colonel John H. Dale, Joe Stone, Roderick McCrory, Charles McCrory, Jo- seph Manuel, Dennis Easley, Norman Bowne, Walter Vaught, Ephraim Garrett, Lloyd Phillips, Joe Kirby. Not pictured: Peter Stocks, Charles Fergurson, Diane Barnwell. Be az Be a Beta Q1 :'?e?1 f S :- i ,riff If i OFFICERS JOSEPH MANUEL President DENNIS EASLEY Vice-President DOROTHY JEAN GRIFFIN Secretary JOHN SEBURN Treasurer THOMAS MAYFIELD Historian DR. BENJAMIN WARD Advisor Beta Beta Beta, an afiiliate of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, is a society for students of the biological sciences. It emphasizes a three-fold pro- gram: stimulation of sound scholarship, dissemination of scientific lcnowledgeg and promotion of biological research. In addition to many other activities, Beta Chi Chapter takes an active part in the Science Fair held annually on our campus. 94 i ...ff 5X 2 , ff 5.1: ,J M, Officers left to right are: Dick Wilson, Treasurer, Paul Wiesend, Faculty Advisor, Charlie HARR5,f,f5?jf,f,'fVONE Shaw, 2nd Vice-President, Harry Schiavone, President, Dick Eckert, lst Vice-President, Joe Bradley, Secretary. Gamma Tau Chapter, Delta Sigma Pi, a professional organization of commerce and business administration ma- jors, is in its tenth year on Mississippi Southern's campus. It was founded on four main objectives: To strive to en- courage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement, to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture, to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and stu- dents of commercial work, and to promote civic and com- mercial welfare of the community. Gamma Tau Chapter sponsors yearly school programs, quarterly commercial field trips and participates actively in other school activities. elm Si ma Pi First row left to rightzl-larry Schiavone, Dick Eckert, Charlgs Shaw, Joe Bradley, Dick Wilson, Paul Weisend, Joe Lipscomb, M. P. Wheling, Dr. Coldwell Daniel, C, Warren, Buddy Davis, Eldred Ward, Keith Cobb, Finley Stewart. Back row: Jim Carty, James Carty, John Simpson, Eubie Etheridge, James Huggins, Charles Ryland, John Ellis, John Spitchler, Bob Lin- gle, Fred Brock, Monroe Hill, Joe Miller, Billy Koski, Gary Hig- gins, James Bourne, Burnice Jones, Kirk Wooley, Whit McCall, Chappy Sory, John Serril, Lester Kavan, Wayne Taylor, Leon- ard Donnelly, James Casale, Lionel Farris, Charles Brumfield, Byran Long, Vick Dickerson, Lowell Burvant, Sam Alexander, Frank Powers, Tommy Boren, Buddy Miles. T 95 4'-'--'Q M 1--D A Pj 1 Home onomzhr Club Open to all home economics majors, the Home Eco- nomics Club's annual activities include a get-acquainted party, Career Day Booth, Thanksgiving boxes for needy families and a Christmas party for underprivileged chil- dren, The club was organized at MSC in 1926 and is afliliated with the American Home Economics Association Ollicers are, seated left to right: Miss Amelia Thompson, Ad- visor, Audrey Pittman, Vice-President, Dot McKenzie, Presi- dent, Dr. Jewel Golden, Advisor. Those standing are: Linda Bentley, Secretary, Lelia Bourdin, Program Chairman: Janice Crain, President of Club Section, MHEAQ Mary Nell Carruth, Reporter, Norma Mantley, Treasurer. XJ Kappa Umzkron Ploi Seated left to right are: Mrs. Vera Bar- nett, Advisorg Lelia Bourdin, Treasurer, Sylvia Watson, Vice-Presidentg Brenda Greene, Presidentg Betty Dexter. Not pic- tured: Janice Crain, Alice Maw, Ann Sigrest, Dottie Milligan. To further the interests of home economics in four year colleges is the purpose of Kappa Omicron Phi. lt is an honorary society open to upperclassmen home economics majors with a 3.5 overall average. Kappa Omicron Phi OFFICERS JIM HOFFMAN President ALTON JOHNSON Vice-President DAN MOXLEY Secretary-Treasurer MR. ORVILLE THOMAS Faculty Advisor I 1 . ix SOX realizes the world's need for women with poise in intellect, spirit, ethics, aesthetics, and seeks to develop women with higher ideals of sane living. Iota Lambda fi ma Seated left to right are: Jim Hoffman, Alton Johnson, Dan Moxley, Orville Thomas. Those standing are: Jimmy Smith, Jesse Kennedy, Klemmer Sim- mons, John Stevens, William Nettles, Roy Fortenberry, Waring Battes, A. H. Bailey, Robert Dushlek. Recognition of professional training in industrial edu- cation, recognition of high scholarship, and the creating and maintaining of closer fraternity bonds between actual and prospective teachers, supervisors, and directors are the three major objectives of Iota Lambda Sigma. 97 Qin?-'fit ssos - is 113.5 EXE Q5-K Kappa Kappa Pri Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma worked to- gether to build this prize winning float. SEARS SERVICE STAIION L'LL1L.'lL I lllll ae..-:1 -L .I 1 ji A mmf '- ME: 2 21- - - Seated left to right are: Walter Poser, Gary Waller, John Paul Robbin, Ernie Cropp, Charles Saul. Standing are: Thomas O'Neal, Milton Smith, William Merton, Nickey Waggoner, Bill Smith, Ken Pouncey, Bruce Criswell, Bill Lebegem, Berry Lee Gray. Not pictured: Charles Cleveland, Don Nobles. An Honorary Fraternity for college bandsmen operating exclusively in the field of the college hand, Kappa Kappa Psi has these purposes: to honor outstanding bandsmen through privilege of memhershipg to foster a close rela- tionship between college hands and promote a high average of attainment hy the performance of good music and selection of worthwhile projects. -v 17 i By encouraging high professional, in- , X 1 it ' I tellectual, and personal standards, and hy recognizing outstanding educational con- N trihutors, Kappa Delta Pi promotes a closer bond among students of education and enters into fellowship with those dedi- cated to the cause of teaching as a profes- sion. Kappa Delta Pi was founded at the University of Illinois and was established i at MSC May 28, l954. Kappa Delta Pi officers, left to right, are: Sue Frost, Historiang Willie Earl Cooley, Treasurer, Kay Cothern, Vice-Presidentg Elizabeth M. Antley, Presidentg Edith Miller, Secretaryg Dr. Roy G. Biglow, Counsellor. Kapp elm P1 Seated left to right are: Sue Frost, Betty Ross, Willie Earl Cooley, Kay Cothern, Elizabeth M. Antley, Edith Miller, Dr. Roy Biglow. Those standing are: Harriet Stovall, Ann Tee, Meadette Brumiield, Barbara Felder, Becky Dabbs, Grace Reeves, Ann Lott, Elias Asmar, J. A. Duncan, Joyce Strickler, Mary Nell Carruth, Ann Barrineau, Jean Dees, Jean Ellen Myatt, Emily Russ. ,,....-dew , .mms - . J O 2 'i lr 99 F . 1 1 z l Q l l E, li if . ,WWW Cftf ,aw 4 Tag- h-n :- 5 - i First row, left to right: Barbara Felder, Glenda Chalhan, Jerry Gunter, Alfred L. Boyd, Jr., Albert E. Holl, Linda Moser, Geoffrey Hicks, Peggy Morgan, Esther Hodge, Linda Escobedo, Pat Cockrell. Second row: Robert E. Netherland, Martin E. Seegena, James P. Fleming, Richard A. Robinson, Charles R. Buckley, Gerald Smith, Rod Johnson, Edward Steele, Charles Wheatley Cleveland, Jr., Wayne Saucier, Dennis Gandy, Kim 1 Butler. Third row: Gary Anderson, J. Lynn Smith, Bill Stone, Mack Bryant, Thomas E. Covington, Bob Davidson, Jack D. Munn, Harold L. Leone, William L. Beacht, William Sanders. Fourth row: William C. Goolsby, Joe Price Everett, James David O'Connor, Jerry Thomas Bailey, Bobby Motes, Steve Saxon, Robert L. Stevens, Robert Maher. Kappa Mu Epsilon 100 By helping the undergraduates realize the important role mathematics has had in the development of Westem Civili- zation, Kappa Mu Epsilon 'develops appreciation of the power of math and furthers students' interest in math. Kappa Mu Epsilon is a honorary society for recognition of outstanding students in the field of mathematics. Officers are: Geoffrey Hicks, Presidentg Linda Moser, Secretary, Lynn Smith, Vice-President. Mu Phi Epfilon Seated left to right are: Janet Hardy, Presidentg Nancy McKie, Vice-Presidentg Rosemary Simmons, Secretaryg June Stringer, Treasurerg Sue Huff, Linda Parker, Louise Stuckey. Those standing are: Carylee Phillippi, Madelyn Rouse, Margaret Ann Clinton, Ruth Pylot, Judy Davis, Jane Ellen Crabdree, Pansy Mar- tin, ueorgia Fillingnam, Anne Watkins, Barbara Allen, Karen Wilson, Mary George Smith. Mu Phi Epsilon, a national music sorority, promotes Chapter was installed at Mississippi Southern in April, musicianship, scholarship, and loyalty. Alpha Gamma 1957. laz' Mu A401961 First row, left to right: Morris Sweatt, Bill Martin, President, Bruce Criswell, Joe Daniels, Gary Cook. Second row: Tommy Ricks, Joel Hinson, David Hor- ton, Lawrence Hamilton. Third row: Bill Lebegern, Bobby Jones, John Paul Rob- bin, Talmadge Harper, Bob Hermetz, Milton Smith. SM Open to any man who proves himself outstanding in the the fraternity are: to advance the cause of music in Amer- iield of music and is in the upper bracket of his class aca- ica, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of stu- rlemically, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America dents of music, to develop the truest fraternal spirit among is a national honorary music fraternity. The purposes of its members, and to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. Alpha Sigma Chapter of Pi Cmega Pi, a national honorary business education fraternity, offers many services to business education majors. Among these services are tutoring students in shorthand and accounting one night a weelc. At Christmas clothes, food, and toys are taken to a needy family. The Chapter also gives money to buy millc for under- Q4 privileged school children. Annually. the outstanding member of Alpha Sigma Chap- ter is selected and recognized on l-lonors Day. Seated left to right are: Sue Keith, Historian: Cassie Rasberry, Presidentg Norma Moser, Treasurerg Miss Evelyn Ewell, Faculty Advisory Miss Mabel Baldwin, Faculty Advisor. Standing are: Margaret Milford, Miss Annelle Bonner, Faculty Advisorg Flora May, Albert Duff, Miss Frances Reck, Faculty Advisorg Hilda Holifield, Carolyn McLean, Merlene Car- Pi Umega Pi First row. left to right: Harry Thetford, President: Henry Aparicio, Secretary: T. L. Mil- ford. Corresponding Socretaryg Cecil Pzirmcr, Sargent at Arms: Gerald Neyman. Treasurer: William C. Parke-x', K. P, Lewis. Standing left to right on stairs are: Earl Pugh. Lamar Jackson, John Shannon. Bill Waller. Jmnes W, Martin. Tommy O'Shiclds. Bill Mabry. Cul- lia- Dzivirlson, Not pictured: .lorry Hurt, Ed Nlnncss. David Carson, James E. Mclrmis, Jerry l'l0SlL'1'. Dr. Elifnlictli lVl. Sorlact, Advisor. Pi 5' 1' ma Epfilon Represented exclusively in Mis- sissippi on the Mississippi South- ern College campus by Delta Chapter. Pi Sigma Epsilon is a National Professional and Hon- orary Fraternity in Marketing and Sales Management. The Greek letters represent Prospec- tive Sales Executives on the col- legiate .level and Professional Sales Executives in the business world. I l l I l i I I is Drawn from athletes who earn a varsity letter in college athletics while attending Southern, 46 letter- men malce up the membership of the M Club of Mississippi Southern. Among their many projects for the year was the purchase and in- stallation of a bronze plaque in memory of George E. Underwood. A- : lg " ,,:1,'fj:5f:f-f2?,,'2fi,f 1:23 """'f-ms?-1 f ,t 121- , as is frat' if .emu-,-.yrf 'ff 2 H" -ww ' i yi, .h i mire - Q , fl '-,Q-2 . gg ,. --C , 5 M1 - -2-ug C. if ' ,-,a v i iz " H - - Qi 1 S 1 Q3- f f 4 ,ZA,W1NQ'f, ' Andin McCloud, Ray Buffington. 'YW' Club First row left to right: Linda Haskins, Darlyne Greenough, Carroll Mattner, Pat Tindell. Second row: Don Drapeau, Herbert S. Yates, James Schwartz, Anthony Caranna, Jimmy Farr. Third row: Bennett Strange, Gerald Cop penrath, Dr. W, E. Sirnonson, James R. Lind- ley, Stan Gwinn, Ralph Pinckley. Pi Kappa Delta Seated left to right: Billy Larson, Presidentg Cecil Long, Treasurer: Arnold Spence. Vice-Presidentg Frank Teneralli, Secretaryg Joe White, Sargent at Armsg Billy Dickson, Bob Anconetani. Standing: Wayne Lekich, Ray St. Pierre, Lester Mclntyre, Jimmy Crawford, Tommy Morrow, Morris Meador, Leon Akins, Alex Delia, Charles Dedwilder, Don Fuell, Gerald Ethridge, Johnny Brechtel, Ronnie Young, Dan Pugh, George Jones, To stimulate progress in and to further the interests of intercollegiate speech activities and communication in an ef- fort to provide functional leadership training for life, and at the same time encour- age a spirit of fellowship, brotherlv cooperation and in- centive for achievement is the purpose of Pi Kappa Delta. The National Forensics Soci- ety is Linder the leadership of Dr. Walter Simonson and as- sisted by Bennett Strange. Founded to stimulate an understanding of French cul- ture and an interest in the study of the French language, Le Cercle Francais is the French Club on our campus. Le Cercle Francais is open to all interested students and alumni. First row, left to right: Marilyn Curtis, Judy Still, Vice-Presidentg 'Thomas Chisholm, Sponsorg Don Drapeau, Presidentg Joe Crews, Mrs. Sarah Johnson, Sponsor. Second row: Pali Bijl, Jane Cameron, Diana Stewart, Charlotte Johnson, Jane Scott, Libby Davis. Third row: Kitty Hart, Pat George, Sara Spottswood, Patricia Canterbury, Marcia Rodgers, Norma Carol Tucker. Fourth row: Chris Hansen, Jack Adkins, Camille Voelz, Dan Walters, Raymond Phillips, Gerry Newell. French Club Installed on the MSC Campus on May l7, l957, Tau Beta Sigma, National Honorary Sorority for College Bandswomen, is an or- ganization operating exclusively in the field of college and university bands. There are 67 active chapters throughout the United States. First row, left to right: Pat Bates, Publicity Chairmang Georgia Fillingham, Guard: Judy Murray, Vic:--Presirli-nt: Gail Gunter, Presidentg Jenny De Bardelaben, .SecretaIfyZ ,Irf4mrf1tf,- Bounds, 'l'rf-asurerg Betty Andrc-ss, Project Chairmang Barbara Whites, Social Cfhziirnmn. Second row: Gloria lXlclVlullan, Beth Hudson. Annette hlnnian, Jackie Scott. Kay Walters, Mary Ann Martin, Pc-ucv Condon. Third row: Kay Richie. Martha B2-lgget. Clfiniir- Gran-s, Eileen llaniilton, Sarah Thomas, Eileen Soule, Joyce Torgferson, Lucinda Ni-wrnzni, Fourth row: Donna lloguc, Carol Allen, Becky Leitch, Becky CZ-1glC, JSHICG Turnrir, Carol Ann Crawford. Tau Beta .Yi ma First row, left to right: Bodie Beard, Frank Chappell, Charles Bush, Thomas N. Georgous, Joseph N. Barley, James Keith, Eldred L. Ward, Samuel E. Alexander. Second row: William C. Parker, 'Talmadge Irby, Bobby Williams, Larry Hatten, James Thomas, Tho-mas L. Milford, Peter H. Hubbell, John Simpson. Third row: Gerald Byrd, Paul Morgan, Dick Eckert, Danny A. Young, Ted Kmet, Bryan Long. ln May, 1959, Scabbard and Blade, a national honorary military society recognizing outstanding advanced ROTC students, first appeared at Mississippi Southern. lts pur- pose is to foster and develop oflicer-like qualities and raise the standard of military education in the United States. The Society is unique in organization, being honorary, so- cial, military, and professional in nature. Smbbmfd and Bl e Officers, left to right are: Samuel Alexander, First Lieutenant, James Thomas, Captain, Charles Bush, Second Lieutenant, Frank Chappell, First Sargent. Yellow Yacleetf To promote the traditions of MSC is the purpose of the Yellow Jackets, a group of men united in an organization formed by social fraternities and the student senate. They are student hosts of campus guests and orientate freshmen and transfers. One of their most exciting projects is Fresh- men Day. Seated left to right: Horace Dickerson, Vice-Presidentg Ginny Risher, Sweetheartg Bruce Criswell, President. Standing are: Jim Dunn, Treasurerg Alan Cook, Secretaryg Bob Tannehill, Historiang Herman Walker, Sargent at Armsg Jerry Terrell, Chaplain. Yellow Jacket members are: Duke Mallory, Thomas O'Nea1, Ernie Sylvester, John Tarver, Dan Walters, Byran Robbins, Joel Hinson. Gary Anderson, Don Drapeau, Moe Curtis, Dale Botkis, Thomas Moore, Darnell Lepre, Willie Baria, Herman Walker, Gordon Heidelberg, Mack Coke, Ray Little, Bruce Cris- well, Milton Smith, Charles Brumfield, Bobby Russ, Horace Dickerson, Steve Sandifer, Kenneth Baldwin, James Ivy, Rich- ard Thames, Bill Bazley, Lamar Jackson, Douglas Magee, Bob Tannehill, Ken Pouncey, Alan Cook, Keith Cobb, Jim Dunn, Jimmie Meadows, Jerry Terrell. Yellow Jackets make certain that all lowly freshmen are rec- ognized as such by supplying them with gold and black beanies. Seated left to right: Dorothy Scarbrough, Frances Barnes, Ron Kersh, Noel Monsour, Ted Kmet, Jerone Johnson, Robert Ervin. Standing are: Mildred Stovall, Lydia Polk, Hattie Young, Lelia Bourdin, Peggy Poole, Belvery White, Walter Poser, Ken Earn- est, Wayne Knabb, Tecia Saucier, Gail Sanders, Ernie Sylvester, Vincentine Piazza. 'sg if ,, .win sfrfffiii f' ndqnendent Voters Lea Organized in 1960 by a group of students interested in independent activities, Independent Voters League seeks to promote interest in campus affairs and aid independents in bids for post in campus elections. First row, left to right: Noel Monsour, 2nd Vice-President: Ted Kmet, Presidentg Dick Aimsworth, General Vice-President Back row: Ron Kersh, Treasurerg Frances Barnes, Secretary Jerone Johnson, lst Vice-President. i 4 it E 'TEV D53 .f'X Pi Tau Chi is a honorary religious society which recog- nizes those students who have participated in and contributed to the spiritual growth of Southern's students. Dr. John Nau, advisor to the local chapter, is the National Presi- dent of Pi Tau Chi. V 'V n p ..Vf W 5 , , Y. A -K First row, left to right: Judy Harrison, Treasurer, Edith Miller, Vice-Presidentg Richard Do1ron,P1'esid-ent: Gloria Saunders, Carolyn Wellborn, Mrs. Ivah Wilber. Second row: MrS. Maude A. Smith, Dr. Don George, Dr. John Burrus, Mr. John Frazier, Mr, W. E. Kirkpatrick. Dr. Leon A. Wilber, Dr. John Nau, Advisorg Larry Bradley, Celeste Savell, Ann Tee. P' Tau Chi Seated left to right: Dr. Louis Dickson. Faculty Advisorg Dick Bahr. Secretary-Treasurerg Paul Smith, Presidentg Kenneth Meadows, Vice-President. Second row: Harry Hopkins. Vincent Mc Kenna, Percy Nobles, Bill Sermons, Jim Weedy, Robert Doherty, Charles Wright. Finley Stewart Dr. , ' Composed of senior and graduate majors and minors in economics, the Graduate Economics Club is an or- ganization sponsored by the Department of Economics. lts purpose is to promote in- terest in economics and to promote fellowship among its devotees. This goal is at- tained through panels, Sem- inars, and Kofiee Klatche's Coldwell Daniel. Graduate couomicf Club avg . 53 -i Q4 s 1 108 1 ,ff 12" K 1 el U ,W 0-w"" JW' MW 'PW WM wr Nw xi'-N 'ik - v Arm 4 'Jam-fate. -uhm. -wanna 'S I9 h " asfuax-4.i95'wpfw,,w ras - x - ' ' .- , -,va:,.v .. :'. . if - .s fin. 'ff-1-.. ' -ui. ' '--' .S "' A 'Q , -H f . , . , 'f uf S -, , I .' " ' f w -f 45 Nr' ' 0 """- -- 'f V -' W 'f Q ff-t..27'-.Yi ."1"' fu 1 - 'V Q-N 'v-.iw 7 'Q fm"-x'-' ' iff 1 Ig .. . , , ,-- A, . m- . . ' , 1 'W - s-,ir-" , -, . 1 Q, ,, .- - v- T 7 n ' V , , !Q,m31-,...,Agm g,p,j- ' ..,1 " avg? . .431 - ri -Qu.. .1 ..- H- , - f -,- - if -evi- R.O.T.C. Cadet Corps in battle group formation. To develop officers in suflicient quantity to provide a. corps of well-educated, all-around leaders for an Army that would have to expand rapidly in the event of a Nominees for R.0.T.C. Sponsor are left to right: Barbara Utsey, Becky Ulmer, Ruby Coggins, Harriet McCluer, Ann Burnham, Harriet Stovall. Standing: Lynda Kinton, Linda Moser, Bonnie Purvis, Rita Burnham, Sandra Hitt, Prissy Baker, Rose Harrelson, June Wood. national emergency is the purpose of the existence of the Reserve 0flicer's Training Corps of the United States Army. The first RCTC unit at Mississippi Southern College was organized in l95O as a Branch Materiel Unit to prepare cadets for commissioning in the Field Artillery. In 1958, the MSC Academic Council adopted a pro- gram of compulsory ROTC training for all eligible male Freshmen and Sophomore students. if 'av 1 'Q' ,f av ' lt? v - +1 .4 110 QT! Q-I X' 2 ww pr 'IO' fx 1 A 1, A X1 "ff-'?+1i2sff+Z-in zfxfxfxfrfx -xfx ffm: x .iffsflwflsfl rizfirfrir I 151 x+x 'riff' film +5 lf 5 X 'll' Erbs? The band, directed by Gilbert Saetre, plays an integral part in the overall R.0.T.C. program- ff ,. ,J at ., ...v,. 4. Another important part of R.0.T.C. is the rifle teams. The Southern Generals is still another facet of the R.0.T.C. program. 1 1 ul - l x .X V X . ' 3,4 'Y Q Q ' 2 2 . X he "'9i5il'sf!i,,-fs if ,4'-l f W2 'ltr ' "Q-V 3, ' 454 ' "'! - n-5- j' gs'W:fy"m1t e-'- 4' gg Ny V 5 Km? wi-1 wwf V 5 A .W - J, QQ K M925 .XM.Q,7,QiX X 4 S Q f , , , ffl , ! , , J X6 f ff fa 6 1 Q ,,, , ,. 1 W , , X A ' Q. f' 1 My Q fzsgf - ' X , - N I -1- vfx , f W x Wfff C ' ff A , f ,N X4 A Q? ., . ,, Q ff, , . , fd - , f . ff - f . nf? f ff , ,f f ,Y , X . -. , 1 x N W, E? f gf 1 N f V v - - Q I , X - Q I ,Wx K x - x I I , , X W I . K.. f I ,f 7 f , , x As' , . f - X 1 ,w , , , X , ' f , 1 -. f , X 2 f ? A Q , f ,V A ,K f - - , ,. 470 f 'Aff . f - ,X X ,X f . ,f , ji Q if .1 4. . 5 fy, H. Lf :W M, . Q4 4 xx .wwf 'iBfX?YbN3BilW:1 WAWf ?r 56fE13EQKo!.,aF 'E1K'? iiiil-LQ Ze- 99" " ' , f X - 4:- , ,.f ' 9 G- 1 y 4+ 1 f 6 WW- K0 at -. E.,-J J'-""'l" E , ,N vfnqjzf fpi 'T .,, . 'x E QM PI BETA PHI'S REPRESENTATIVE IN 5 'ATEN BEST DRESSED GIRLS -ON CAMPUS." A ehps IHSSIING BOOTIIS INIW Eh G0 OUI' OF STYLE' - x 10 Que-an dw. Delegates to Pan Hellenic include, seated, left to right: Becky Buttles, Sigma Sigma Sigmag Judy Curtis, Kappa Delta, Gail Findlay, Delta Delta Delta: Martha Markine, Delta Zetag Jonetta Lewis, Phi Mug Myralyn Smith, Chi Omega. Standing: Robbie Cockerham, Delta Delta Delta, Sara Mercier, Signia Sigma Sigmag Mary Martha Martin, Kappa Deltag Mary Elizabeth Burns, Phi Mug Rose Harrelson, Delta Zetag and Vera Craig Phelps, Alpha Sigma Alpha. MARTHA MARKLINE President Paulo llemk ouncil The Panhellenic Council is an organization of sorority women trying to promote inter-sorority cooperation, co-ordinate common interests and activities, and work with the college administration. Panhellenic sponsors a workshop on alternate years. Each year a scholarship plaque is awarded to the sorority with the highest average. Each year Rush Wfeelc is opened with the annual Panhellenic Tea. OFFICERS, left to right: Becky Buttles, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Courtesy Chair- mang Judy Curtis, Kappa Delta, Reporterg Myralyn Smith, Chi Omega, Treas- urerg Jonetta Lewis, Phi Mu, Vice-Presidentg and Gail Findlay, Delta Delta Delta, Secretary. v Q 5 1 , . i f 5 E l 2 n A if l . Dean of Women, Mrs. Ivah 0. Wilbur fleftb, as advisor of the Panhellenic Council welcomes to I'l10T1llJCl'Sllll7 the delegate from the new Pi Beta Phi chapter which was established on campus this year. Karen Peterson trightj, is serving as president for the new chapter while she works toward her Masters Degree. any 1ovv,Q'1o O03 J OFFICERS: Vera Craig Phelps, Vice-President, Gayle Suther- land, Treasurer, Nancy Offutt, Secretary: Kitty Carter, Chap- lain: Elizabeth Seman, Corresponding Seeretaryg and Patty Sue Walley, Pledge Trainer. -Z f 'irf lfjsg JZ 9' ss ' iii 4. , ',:, ' f "pref-f V . 1 'Walk ,H I ,k,. 4 ' y Mx ,w-GWB ,h ,. . I ,vs A s ff-af MARY NELL CARRUTH President A Sing little Alpha Sigs, sing! E 5 ' R I n svlissxxxu-4uuTxA Q Z d' we at oe , - pt Colors: Pearl, White and Crimson Flowers: Aster and Narcissus Founded: Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, November 15, 1901 Beta Delta Chapter installed May, 1938 FIRST ROW: Nettie Ashley, Elaine Baldwin, Sandra Bal- lard, Martha Joan Boggan, Marion Anne Busby, Patricia Canterbury, Kitty Carter, Linda Davis. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Doggett, Maureen Eichelberger, Charlotte Gentry, Mildred Joyce Giles, Gloria Gilliland, Linda Hawkins, Linda Hannon, Carole Hill. THIRD ROW: Sue Keith, Bettye Jo Knight, Linda Kinton, Donna Leverette, Barbara Lindsay, Jerry Lott, Barbara Ann Lott, Margaret Lucas. FOURTH ROW: Martha McBride, Carolyn McLean, Norma Manley, Mary Nell Maxey, Barbara Mills, Margaret Moreau, Jean Ellen Myatt, Nancy Offutt. FIFTH ROW: Jane Palmer, Selena Parlcer, Mary Persons, Vera Craig Phelps, Jeanne Quigley, Gwen Rouse, Elizabeth Seaman, Marian Schoeniger. SIXTH ROW: Freddie Stephens, Ruth Stuart, Gayle Suther- land, Juanita Temple, Kathleen Toomey, Pattye Sue Walley, Dee Wilburn. NOT PICTURED: Ann Burchneld, Willene Drake, Mar- garet Nash, Carylee Philippi, Chaille Ward. Future members of Alpha Sigma Alpha. i.i 1 , 5 I ,rj Al Si ma AQJIM ,Ma PW 'fx 9, "7 if-fr life., A "' iff, nk xg' L i ? , 11'-v-3, I Ji. ,,'QwQ. 'X A--1.1 RV? aw, af x vw 'tl -un 'Why Yb- 'ifws 'QFD 'Y -'HB' WMS' fl? .iv 'A' wv 'KJ ,- "'1"',.ZZ" .gf ff... X. ww wa u-'T N1 Q-W., in YZ? "nf-va, Y-277 'sf gm :a H-, Claz' me cz f' .fb K-f 'Cf' ik egg- 'vw Q7! W" Q--Y KJ 4 .av -r"'? X 7? N,-. v-N' -'Y 'Ffh in 10'-1. 'mf 4' Cx vw Z' Mr' 'nv -....,,., 14 .-wq 'mv 3 'lb L- -ch 1,01 Z" .avi "'-1 . i 5-1 1,1- 11' -r -n--1' ,fm 'i -19' T sf T7 1---v Y . 4' ilx -sf f"7 32' vo- C? x ,. 11 5 -on -4-' 41- Q' .1 ...--v' 1 I? Y' TY me 4:5 f EJ its In i 1 sf vs.-kt -s 5:19 C' N K4 A 118 so are si ii i Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Founded: University of Arkansas, April 5, 1895 Epsilon Delta Chapter installed April 23, 1949 FIRST ROW: Mary Love Angelo, Joyce Bailey, Dianne Barnwell, Martha Blaize, Shirley Boswell, Ann Burnham, Carolyn Caldwell, Jane Cameron. SECOND ROW: Peggy Clark, Dottie Cook, Cathy Denton, Christine Dowdle, Emily England, Janice Evers, Nancy Fife, Mary Vela Forbes. THIRD ROW: Jo Ann Gray, Marylyn Gregory, D. Grif- fin, Kaye Hairston, Jerry L. Hall, Mary Lou Hall, Helen Harrod, Kitty Hart. FOURTH ROW: Mary Ann Hays, Ann Jackson, Betty Johnson, Carol Johnston, Miriam Kahn, Wanda Le Grone, Carol Logan, Peggy Rae McCoy. FIFTH ROW: Julia McElwee, Anita Claire McRae, Claire Melton, Jerry Michaels, Julia Morgan, Mary Jo Provine, Mil- liette Reese, Linda Ritters, Betsy Ross. SIXTH ROW: Myralynn Smith, Sara Margaret Smith, Di- anna Stewart, Sandra Toussaint, Linda Van Lanclingham, Alice Wentworth, Irene Wilkinson, Bette Anne Wren, Susan Wren. NOT PICTURED: Page Jones, Madelyn Sinclair, Judith Y77, QP' 7-2. ,- 1. Wk. Officers are left to right: Emily England, Treasurer, Martha Blaize, Vice-President, Mary Jo Provine, Pledge Mistress, and Mary Lou Hall, Secretary. BECKY GREEN Sussman, Carolyn Switzer, Mary Beth Wheeler, Mary Vir- Pwsidem ginia Wilson. Bulletin board tells of campus accomplishments. Pledges of Epsilon-Delta assemble under the crest of Chi Omega. ig 'F is 9 c 5 3. - , W ir s f ,L 5 A c 5 :G T. rf A es I C "I 1 - 9, X i . ' V s...a,, N... '7 iw? Officers are left to right: Ginger Garrett, Treasurerg Carol Hodges, Marshallg Judy Harrison, Vice-Presidentg and Martha Ann Vann, Recording Secretary. CAROLYN WELLBORN President A amnivx Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue Flower: Pansy Founded Boston University, 1888 Phi Epsilon Chapter installed May, 1951 FIRST ROW: Juanita Brau, Sally Booker, Martha Boone, Betty Boyd, Lee Craig, Caroline Collins, Robbie Cockerham, Sherry Cravey. SECOND ROW: Carol Coleman, Carolyn Courtney, Bar- bara Dix, Marilyn Darby, Jordan Dykes, Nancy Ellzey, Charlene Ezell, Gail Finlay. THIRD ROW: Ginny Ford, Dianne Ferguson, Mary Lou Fouke, Ginger Garrett, Lillian Gayden, Mary Gene Hatten, Vicki Hughes, Judy Harrison. FOURTH ROW: Carroll Hodges, Noelle Jeffcoat, Mary Katherine Kennedy, Christine May,Patricia Muirhead, Rebecca Murphree, Sally Mansfield, Elizabeth Neelly, Charline Phillips, Barbara Parker, Vivian Rushing, Mary Virginia Risher. FIFTH ROW: Gloria Saunders, Linda Schmidt, Sharon Shirey, Frances Smith, Betty Smith, Patty Stevens, Virginia Sojourner, Berry Ann Strait. SIXTH ROW: Carol Thomas, Marie Thames, Mary Todd, Jean Trippe, Karen Trigg, Nancy Tidwell, Martha Ann Vann, Janie Vincent, June Wood. NOT PICTURED: Frances Hall, Catherine Temple, Leon Gravelle, Jo Ann Cole, Diane Maley, Sandy Matherson, Har'iet McCluer, Jane McKenzie. Raise a cheer for Tri-Delt! Tri Delta pledge class, 60-61. '3 I 'v 4EE"'-,H E5 3 AA 4I""3' wx 'uf' Rx vm- uv' Tv. elm lm Ita WM'- QSM ws unix Why' awp. an li hr-A W Phys 'ww fha MWMQ ,ww W7 CS- lik nw W'- ggfm. N QQ, vw- f"M'+Q .4-'N huh- An, 4 'M- HWS ,WMV 717' ar--N, ,K A. -af' FSM Gr' 133--ev 'WMM 15. 'C' mr -qw 'V 1 .nf -as WWW., 4.- nr 'av QUQ .,...,.,, H! fM..,w ,..... va. gum.. 1 lm Zeta 'Qi or-1" ,f fn. 's 'li' qw., in -gf- 1 fx r pf' 'QI ,ev vw- Da fx, Mm fs f'- fox,-u-.. 'M' 'ky af' 'lr' vb., f"7 rw an Qflfrv' -PN QQ :usp 'N' 'mf' vb- TN YZ""'::- HSI ZR T1 Q-xx 'Sf ,....4f 1. YQ .1 AVF' " .-x Vi fi av Q:-A K T? in 1--, Ni ix 122 ,,-1 'S .1 34 5- px 'CN L. 't'7 's Q7 fb ar :gf E dylan ! if -I 4... M I Q- .V-55.1 V Colors: Olive Green and Cream Flowers: Cream Tea Rose Founded: Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, Septem- ber 23, 1914 Epsilon Mu Chapter installed September 23, 1956 FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Beeson, Sue Beeson, Lydia Brad- shaw, Bette Braswell, Jane Ann Burford, Frances Busby, Kay Coalson, Janette Clark. SECOND ROW: Cherry Daughdrill, Jenny DeBardelaben, Laura Dowdle, Harwice Downs, Sandra Fillingame, Anne Fahnert, Linda Gabrich, Mary Dee Gainey. THIRD ROW: Jeanette Grant, Nancy Grimes, Doris Hale, Rose Harrelson, Barbara Ann Hoffman, Barbara Irving, Susan Johnson, Mary Jones. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Keever, Sue Ledyard, Bonnie Long, Ann Leguay, Gloria Lowman, Sandra McGill, Martha Ann Marlcline, Julia Ann Maslcew. FIFTH ROW: Betty Powell, Martha Seitzler, Martha Sten- nett, Carol Lee Speer, Kay Simon, Margery Southwood, Char- lene Sutton, Beclcy Underwood. SIXTH ROW: Charlotte Utsey, Sandra Varnado, Alice Ward, Carolyn Ann Watkins, Sylvia Ann Watson, Susie Watts, Sandra Yarber. NOT PICTURED: Rose Webb. DZ Choo-Choo in Homecoming parade. Officers are left to right: Ann Lagay, Treasurer: Becky Under- wood, Second Vice-Presidentg Mary Jones, Corresponding Sec- retary, Jeanette Clark, lst Vice-President, and Martha Switzer Recording Secretary. 'Mt WWWWW JANE LYN PIERCE President Delta Zeta pledges, 1960-61 vintage. MRM WND 'Ii ,Q Defy - .5 awk Ollicers are left to right: Mignhon Welch, Editor, Abby Kent, Treasurerg Judy Luke, Vice-Presidentg Lynn Pogue, Member- ship Chairmang Gerry Read, Secretaryg Gail Hill, Assistant Treasurer. iam ANN TEE President KD's give Christmas party in room. 39' if if - M Colors: Pearl White and Olive Green Flower: White Rose Founded: Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, October 23, 1897 Beta Sigma installed May 14, 1949 FIRST ROXV: Carol Allen, Millie Ball, Rebecca Barlow, Jo Beth Bass, Dianna Jo Bilbo, Annette Bird, Sonya Bowden, Nell Brantley. SECOND ROW: Ann Bryan, Delores Burns, Betty Burruss, Eleanor Campbell, Sue Coleman, Judy Curtis, Beclcy Dabbs, Bonnie Jean Dale. THIRD ROXV: Elnor Davis, Judy Davis, Madelyn Everett, Charlotte Elam, Barbara Earl Fagan, Mary Lee Foster, Gail Gunter, Patsy Hiles. FOURTH ROXW: Dana Gay George, Gail Hill, Sandra Hitt, Charla Howard, Barbara ,lo Hughes, Sylvia Keeton, Dee Kelly, Abby Kent. FIFTH ROV7: Ellen Lacy, Dianne Lassiter, Judy Luke, Murial McCarthy, Mary Martin, Flora May, Dianne Miller, Debbie Mills. SIXTH ROW: Rosaland Moser, Linda Moser, Barbara Peer- son, Cathy Peterson, Lynn Pogue, Bonnie Purvis, Gerry Read, Gaye Schroclc. SEVENTH ROW: Emily Smith, Betty Jo Stigall, Harriet Stovall, Patricia Turlc, Linda Vignes, Dianne Walker, Belle Jo Wall, Mignhon Wfelch, Barbara Whites. Future Actives of Kappa Delta NT. ,ri X., 'mg XF f Xvlg, ps 45" 'Nm- Nh "-9 vu. rw iv? Br V? "Ti sv- 'c""" hw '? --we vb? 41" ,-., Dm W 'X , 'Q' fum.. if mn, WIP app lm wr- 6' rd-or Wa' 'WM wv 4,- 59'- av-1 ...., 'sf --Y "'-2,1 ma dr- sc- 'uf rf-"1 ,S an , 'wr--" fn'- -Q. lv -uv 'f.:?5" nf---v 059 v-. -1 wif' 'C-'Q' ,. ,.., -. .Q--x my rf'-lx iNxX had .QQ-v Nw' .-wg. f--, 1:-5. virgin 1 'D 'fi -1, km Y'-v 'FY'-'19 if gm- W, -x 4-..,A- f. XR-av", 'Q A-X tix 'Dfi A if ,,.--. 11" 'CW' wm- 4.5 4 ,-v 1" .rf Phi Mu N4 rf' 6:12 I f' Af ,..-4 Jr -.1 '77 lv , 11 fn.. V5 Y.-7 J,- 'f"" M... 'W ""Z7 ""'x mo. r--Q, 15--w gr- fs, YN T7 f'5 "Y 2 fS i T -s. ,1- vi' 'HV' . ,, -v mv' ,A qv' hrw uw ,Vu gf? IT' ad'- 'Tr -'ve 'T'T'5 1 :VN .,-.4 Zi it 64 .1 X-f ':7 fi lfx 'R Qi --ex in TQ? ,... vm -vm' i rf' V -sf- - Qu F5 Y? w-fx vx in Q5 NAP 't'x i 1-.s N11 wwf if 2 3 1- f k Q F 1? 1 gaill mfwf 1 Q 2 The -' 1 L J N -5- f f T - 'J F? IWW ? I- in ,Q ,, - , VV it , nik' ,. I Q HS V Z, ,, i 'f ' A Ai7i55'iifLffi "" .ef me if Colors: Rose and White Flower: Enchantress Carnation Founded: Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, March 4, 1852 Alpha Omicron Chapter installed March 25, 1950 FIRST ROW: Laura Angele Allen, Sara Anderson, Martha Baggett, Linda Bentley, Carolyn Boutwell, Betty Broadfoot, Rita Burnham, Mary Elizabeth Burns. SECOND ROW: Sarah Ellen Campbell, Sharon Canfield, Jill Elaine Casey, Sissy Clarlc, Libby Davis, Dot Dill, Sissy Dill, Mandy Donohue. THIRD ROW: Joyce Drigallo, Cissy Ford, Vallie Beth Gar- rett, Rosemary Gatewood, Mary Gilliland, Brenda Green, Cissy Harris, Brenda Hickman. FOURTH ROW: Ann Holiman, Judy Holmes, Carol Kes- sell, Nan Latimer, Jonetta Lewis, Judy lVlcCafferty, Ann Mc- Donald, Betty Lou McHaHin. FIFTH ROW: Dianne Mcphail, Joy McRae, Bonnie Mur- ray, Polly Ray, Vicki Roberts, Janice Rogers, Sylvia Sabatini, Connie Shivers. SIXTH ROW: Linda Siurva, Judy Speed, Barbara Steelman, Anne Stephenson, Linda Towns, Joyce Tally, Margaret Vas- terling, Barbara :Wikstrand. NOT PICTURED: Corinne Neal, Jerry Weinerie, Miranda Willialrms. Phi Mu Carnival fun . . . and it's a bulls-eye! ,.....-7 Officers are left to right: Joyce Tally, Vice-President, Barbara Steelman, Pledge Trainer, Jonnetta Lewis, Secretaryg and Ann McDonald, Treasurer. MPX as ,f'9" ww-,Q " JANICE CRAIN President Pledges gather in Phi Mu room. Q55 Ni If Q1 wr ,A cr: ,., "'2f"i cv 1, l T1 1.1! Oflicers, seated, left to right: Joyce Sanders, Rush Captain, Edith Ann Miller, Scholarship Chairman, Barbara Bilbo, Vice- Presidentg Prissy Baker, Recording and Corresponding Secre- tary, and Judy Goff Still, Treasurer. M4000-MIQ.. KAREN PETERSON President Freddie leads at Christmas song fest. Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower: Wine Carnation Founded: Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, April 12, 1867 Mississippi Alpha Chapter installed April 8, 1961 FIRST ROW: Barbara Askew, Prissy Baker, Barbara Ann Bilbo, Glenda Cooley. SECOND ROW: Dianne Ederer, Fredriea Geiger, Mary Beth Goodbread, Evelyn Hill. THIRD ROW: Linda Lee, Lena Sue Matthew, Edith Ann Miller, Sandra McLeod. FOURTH ROW: Rosemary Oliphint, Kathleen Poole, Nancy Ramsay, Joyce Sanders. FIFTH ROW: Susan Sieber, Judy Golf Still, Marilyn Thornton, Lynda Zirlcelbach. NOT PICTURED: Gail Alston, Cathy Grandall, Ann Nagle. 60-61 Pi Phi pledges, soon to be Charter Members. T A Pi Be dl bi Y? 129 Szlgmoz Si ma Sz' ma 5.x In-"' We Y-Sf Z "'-v ,-av Q? 'fm' 'Of '57 'M 'Qu- QN-.x Q' ,Xin fe, Af .,,,...--v ,Aix irivr N9 4,-4. 1? fx ur x f-. 'U' WI --9, f -141 130 ,5 'Q i 1-5 'UN 'uv vw- , Q.:- Wifi 'Gr fs fs cr hi. 'af vw! ,ik af 'uri 'F- EQ' ...JN 41 , an -sf vu. f, QS Q 1 Colors: Purple and White Flower: Violet Founded: April 20, 1898, Farmville, Virginia Alpha Sigma Chapter installed May 14, 1937 FIRST ROW: Brenda Alford, Kathy Alliston, Marie Bir- geron, Andrea Bond, Sarah Brown, Brenda Burch. SECOND ROW: Becky Burrles, Linda Davidson, Pat Doll- fus, Mary Kay Doolittle, Lynda Fairley, Judy Ford. THIRD ROW: Pat Hall, Alva Marie Hoffman, Jo Ann Jens, Hilda Jordan, Emily Larsen, Lana Lord. FOURTH ROW: Donna McLaurin, Sandy Mayo, Sara Mercier, Janie Millecre, Patt Odom, Betty Patterson. FIFTH ROW: Yvonne Powers, Beverly Price, Barbara Rawls, Janie Rudder, Doris Rutland, Michelle Shouh. SIXTH ROW: Patricia Nell Smith, Evelyn Ann Stone, Emilie Templet, Martha Tucker, Barbara Utsey, Linda Vaughn. NOT PICTURED: Wanda Lee, Betty McMurchee, Carol Shirley. Tri Sigs greet national at airport. Officers are left to right: Brend Patricia Hall, Recording Secret Betty Patterson, Vice President sponding Secretary. MARY ELLEN HARROD President Sigma Sigma Sigma 60 61 pledges fu' e"'w." "'1 , wr we " flf af, x . , W 14 cw '11 ,WWW , 4 -Jil r"'jP V I Y H. 1G RUS , .Hmm ESSXON ' ' BULL S JUST A 0 I, ,Xi 1 if M. I I wf SOUTHERNS BIIITHDAY CAKE. FEMALE ENTERTAINMENT T FRATERNIT1 HOUSE l Q Q , 5 TERNITY 9 'ie me IIUMECOMING IS FUN . . . BUT I'I"S SUCII WVORK. 4- Nyy- A -,.- -449532 ,.-oq','f1J.: 5N K-XPPA SICNIA SL XXI' -XICTION BRINGS INTERESTING RESULTS! as fn fi Delegates are Cleft to rightj, seated: Don Drapeau, Sigma Phi Epsilong Edgar Hughes, Kappa Alpha, Gary Williams, Kappa Alpha, Secretary, Richard Assaf, Alpha Tau Omega, Vice-Presi- dent, Jack Liedke, Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Bobby Voss, Kappa Sigma, Tre-asurerg John O'Shie1ds, Kappa Alpha: David Foster, Acacia. Standing, Jack Fleming, Phi Kappa Taug Rich- ard Bahr, Alpha Tau Omega, Joe Ward, Acacia, Dick Wilson, Pi Kappa Alphag William Sterritt, Kappa Sigmag Richard Balius, Acacia: Billy Colson, Kappa Alphag Ray Little, Kappa Sigmag Jerry Perkins, Phi Kappa Tau, Bill Hughes, Pi Kappa Alphag Jim Vowell, Alpha Tau Omega, Jack Hawkins, Phi Kappa Taug Dave Milligan, Sigma Phi Epsilong Wayne Hart, Pi Kappa Alpha. Inter-Fraternity Council President RICHARD ASSAF Vice-President GARY WILLIAMS Secretary President, Jack Liedke, of Pi Kappa Alpha. BOBBY VOSS Treasurer The lnterfraternity Council is an organization composed of the seven fraternities on Southern's campus. All fraternities are bound by the rules and decisions of the organization. The purpose of the council is to act as a governing body of fraterni- ties, promote better harmony and cooperation between fraternities and advance the interest of Southern at all times. One of the primary duties of the IFC is the establishing of rules re- lating to rushing, pledging, and initiation of fraternity men. ln doin g this, the IFC tries to insure fairness to the rushee as well as to each in- dividual fraternity. 'Nfvkwuv 133 A v 'i I " ,f I N emi n ffffiL NXx u Cin- z Auevgfi Colors: Old Gold and Black Flower: Bloom of Acacia Evergreen Founded May 12, 1904, University of Michigan Ofliicers, left to right: David Foster, Vice-President, Richard Luther A. Smith Chapter of Acacia installed March Balius, President: Bill Goolsby, Secretary, Larry Sidebottom, 5 1961 Treasurer, and Marvin Monette, Social Chairman. 9 F47 RICHARD BALIUS President FIRST ROW: Ronald N. Ashley, Richard Balius, Shelton W. Calhoun, William Carson, Mach Coke, James W. Glasser. SECOND ROW: William Goolsby, Jimmy Gunter, Lewis McCall, William Manning, Billy Miller, Marvin Monette. THIRD ROW: Hugh Morris, Dan Moxley, Ralph Pinckley, Crawford Robinson, Marion Rud, Larry C. Sidebottom. FOURTH ROW: Mike Spradlin, Joe Ward, Malcolm S. VV are, Ron Wiggins, Howard Wolfe. NOT PICTURED: Sam Alexander, W. T. Brown, James Craig, David Foster, Arnold Green, Gerald Guinn, Earl Gun- ter, George Gunter, Charles Hand, Robert Hudson, Robert Neely, Ross Pribe, Nick Risk, Donald Solomon, Gene Walt- man, Jesse Watts, Cecil Prentiss, Herbert Yates, James Schwartz, Eddie Lockamy, NVade Woodard, Leonard Napier, Jimmy Yancy, Daniel Pearce, Jimmy Davis, Gary Anderson. Prize-winning Homecoming decorations. First pledge' banquet. 'iifi 5:35255 f-5372355 .. - .. - - - .': ::.- 2.-.r - - :.E2-:Lia m.-..-.-.-.-..-E 3-"-'-i2'J 525.333 ZE'I-17:2-E.-li -. .L ...'-. E MTE? r:r::.. : r.:-12.5.-2 - ...-... ur.-..-.-.55-..-a ar..-.-.-L. .Es 3'-"'.-'TQ'-I-1 -Q----.---n M' EEZ-i'5-"EIEFE iE?E2EEf:T-5: . ' ' DW" Right-lg i ., 'S H41l,b . R XV v X , , " - ..ep, Q u . C6lL'Z6l .1- Bn' cm.-f WM 1 , 1, Ji 1 x, 'A ,i V ealwfimw, A? , M .1 , ,, wr ' A' L, -vx It 2 -51. C 'W A' ., . , -, .M ,E , W .-..,,.. '-.-11, ' , X4 Q " QQ 1 r ' ff, ' ' 'gli 0 15:52 ik? 'EA ff' i kg af ' ' if S 4 K 3 ff M .Q W ff gg H avr-f 'ek "'.. 2 V ex X A fa . ,, .-. ff Q . 'Q - .1 WV f.X?xy.:., 'ind .--.4-. Agbb Tau mecg l -Q.. e l lx. fa "X-C1'x - WV' 'rf ' 73' Qi ' bs 'S-4 V-,V -ku 'S g-3-' I Ns Vim s-,Y af, 'Nl . 1 ' F7 1 'v 'if' 'll'-is ,A ,ix If R X Q. I. V H 5 Q p Q. . I '- ' Q' , " x YI l war' V J K l E 'Q x 3' ' 5 v g K 47 1 E4 f x 'I' 'Z 136 iii' 5 'find' Colors: Sky Blue and Gold Flower: White Tea Rose Founded: V.M.I. September 11, 1865 Epsilon Upsilon installed November 19, 1949 FIRST ROW: Allen Anderson, Henry Aparicio, Charles As- saf, Richard Assaf, Richard Bahr, Jim Batchelor, William Terrell Bethea, Donald Boccia. SECOND ROW: Michael Busby, Gene Carlisle, James Car- ney, Chenault Coclcrell, Walace Copeland, Buddy Davis, Leorard Donnelly, William Endress. THIRD ROW: Winfred Garner, Jerry Goodman, Bob Har- ger, Harold Hays, Geoffrey Hiclcs, George C. Hounstein, Bob Johnson, Valdemar Keclcin. FOURTH ROW: Charles R. Lightsey, Robert Lindenborn, James Lott, George Maitre, Wayne Manley, Harold Marsh, Russ Miller, Paul Morgan. FIFTH ROW: Duane Nelson, Bobby Lee Odom, George Di Pasquale, Ed Petro, Ray Phillips, Bill Porter, Joe Kennieth Powers, John P. Roblin. SIXTH ROW: Harry Shiavone, Robert Shetler, George Alec Smith, William H. Smith, Ralph Wilkerson, Don Wil- liams, Wesley Dee Wright. NOT PICTURED: William Adams, Wayne Barrow, James Casale, Robert Doherty, Robert Hudson, Larry Meredith, John D. Upchurch, James M. Watts, Johnny Burnette, James Vowell, Robert E. Arentsen, George E. Evans, Charles H. Heidelburg, Charles A. Johnson, Robert Lippelman, Wally W. Mesmore, Terry McElwain, Scott Nash, Hiram R. Sin- gleton. Charles L. Smith, Larry C. Watts, Billy Van Arsdale. DIANNA STEWART ATO Sweetheart Officers, left to right: Dick Bahr, Worthy Keeper of Exchequer: Mike Maitre, Worthy Usher, Bill Smith, Worthy Keeper of An- nals, Wesley Wright, Worthy Sentinel: Larry Meredith, Worthy Scribe: Harry Schiavoni, Worthy Chaplain. dfll' RICHARD ASSAF Worthy Master Homecoming house decorations, 1960. , S.-gift.. Otlicers, left to right: Sonny Curry, Censorg Tommy O'Shields, Social Chairman, Pete Hubbell, Historiang Rob Slay, Recording Secretary, Gary Williams, Pledge Trainer: Bob Slay, Corre- sponding Secretaryp Knot pictured? Wayne McWhorter, Treas- urer, and Emory Hammett, Sergeant at Arms, if Q I 1 Z 'Q EDGAR HUGHES President MILLY BALL Gamma Zeta-Kappa Alpha Rose, and National Kappa Alpha Rose ,ff if li O.. 'ESQ' i -- f- Q , , X Aa- I 6? SN' mei' L ff LES If Colors: Crimson and Gold Flowers: Magnolia and Red Rose Founded: Washington and Lee University in l865 Gamma Zeta installed on November 7, l948 First Row: Jimmy Aycock, Frank Bell, Jim Bradley, T. R. Brady, Jr., Rex Broadhead, Jerry Carter, Bill Colson, James Currie. Second Row: Vincent C. Currie, Cullie Davidson, Bill Dickson, Lewis Elias, Jimmy Giles, Dee Greathouse, James Green, Joe Griffin. Third Row: Jerry M. Gundlach, Peter Hubbell, Edgar Hughes, Joe Paul Hunt, Joe Kirkby, Cecil L. Long, Mike McWhorter, Wayne McWhorter. Fourth Row: John Mason, Larry Mensi, Mickey Mensi, James Miller, Jerry Montgomery, Benjamin Newman, Jr., Gerald Ney- man, Dudley Nichols. Fifth Row: Larry A. Orr, John O'Shields, Roy Thomas O'Shields, James Pace, Ronald Patterson, William A. Powe HI. J. N. Randall, Scottie Rosetti. Sixth Row: Rodney Roundtree, Walter Scott, James Shilston, Roy A. Smith, Carl Touchstone, William Warren. Monroe M. Wright, Rufus T. Yerger. Jr. Not Pictured: Carlton L. Ates, John Britt Baldwin, Edward Howard Barnett, Frank L, Bell, Kenneth A. Beoubay, Leon Braddock, Robert D. Breckenridge, Garland N. Braswell, Byron I. Broussard, John Burkholder, Fletcher C. Coker, Guinn Clark, Ladd A. Dinkins, Don Fuell, John Frenrle, Edwin David Frye, Emory Hammett, Charles Hall, Roland T. Huthmaker, Dewitt T. Irby, Jr., Edward Augustus Kahlen, Wiley B. Lewis, Charles O. McCrory, Roddy McCory, DeWayne Martin, Travis F- Mitchell, Gary R. Williams, Thornton W. Willis, John D. Shan- non, Robert H. Slay, Robert W. Slay, George H. Southlin, Rich- ard Lamar Spencer, Wayne Traylor. '- Here's a toast to 50 more! iw- 4 z- , LNLILSYR' Kapp Again 3 'lib 79" lr NA: app Sigma Qs ,..s. TT?- RW ,-am , ,f . -, ' 'x 3' if' " ,J 1--"" In S .. 2 F f 9 xv 3 :Q - f - -Q-.1 .x fr- 1'-N-5 .-Q, 'U' 5? 1, ,A .,... lx.-4 QC! aa . Colors: Scarlet, White and Emerald W Flower Lily of the Valley Founded: University of Virginia, December 10, 1869 Epsilon Nu installed December 11, 1948 FIRST ROW: Howard Abel, Paul Allred, Robert Ancone tani. SECOND ROW: Michael Barry, Richard Baxter, Billy M. Bell, John Bodden, Dale C. Botkis, Larry Brooks, I. D. Brown, Bill Caldwell, James B. Cannon. THIRD ROW: James M. Collins, Robert A. Cooper, Fred Copley, Moe Curtis, George Dahlgren, David Edmonds, Ger- ald Ellis, Angelo R. Falasca, Tim Foley. FOURTH ROW: Gregory Giancola, Burt Greenwalt, George Hayden, Carl Hamilton, Gordon Hicks, Jon Hinson, James Hoffman, Robert Howell, Jerry Hurt. FIFTH ROW: Lamar Jackson, Ken Johnson, Burnice Jones, James Keith, Larry Kelly, Patrick Kelly, Authur Kersh, Rich- ard Kraft, James M. Lafferty. SIXTH ROW: John Lambert, Joe Lipscomb, Howard Ray Little, james E. McInnis, Bobby Mclnvale, Corley Morse, Charles Nicholls, Marvin Ray Oglesby, Larry O'Mally. SEVENTH ROW: Randy Patton, Lowell Phillips, Tony Poggi, Earl D. Pugh, Henry Robson, Lance F. Rooker, Peter J. Sciarabba, Cecil Shamburger, Larry Smith. EIGHTH ROW: Shelby Smith, James L. Speake, Jr., Mar- cus A. Stennett, William Sterritt, Robert Tannehill, Barry Tewis, Kiley Thames, James H. Thomas, Jr., Robert Voss. NOT PICTURED: Douglas Bobo, Bill H. Davis, James Herbert Dunn, Earl A. Eidt, Leck Fraley, Allen H. Gibbs, James Ray Kelly, Don Kelstorf, Robert McLaughlin, Thomas Richard Mayfield, William S. Ridlehoover, Pat Sanford, Har- 0iTicers, left to right: Bobby Voss, Grand Scribe: Robert Cooper, Guard: George Hayden, Guard: Marvin Oglesby, Grand Master of Ceremonies: Henry Robson, Grand Treasurer: James Thomas, Grand Procurator: Lance Rocker, House Manager. JIM SPEAKE President old Raymond Scott, Bienville Skipper, Durwood Smith, Mi- chael D. Sullivan, Bobby Joe Tucker, Robert Jefferson Weaver, Thomas Foxworth Wolford, james Joseph Zager, Patrick D. Zimlich. Kappa Sig's take first place in the annual song fggt, Santa brings gifts to children's Christmas party at Kappa Sigma house Officers, left to right, standing: Milton McKay, Recording Sec- retary: Larry Mattina, House Manager, Billy Koski, Rush Chairman, Ron Skrmetta, Pledge Master: Cecil Parmer, Social Chairman. Seated: Jerry Perkins, Treasurer, Joe Long, Intra- mural Manager: Jack Fleming, Vice-Presidentg Johnny Jack- son, Corresponding Secretary. HOWARD MASON President BARBARA JO HUGHES Phi Kappa Tau Sweetheart saga Colors: Red and Old Gold Flower: Red Carnation Founded: Miami University, Oxford Ohio, 1906 Beta Epsilon installed on October 16, 1948 FIRST ROW: Robert Adcock, Tommy Bodden, Jim Brown- ing, Charles Curry, Nick Doyle, Alvin Fortenberry, Larry Guest. SECOND ROW: Carl Haag, Larry Hanks, John Edward Harrison, Ronald Johnson, Hamp Johnston, Billy Koski, Jerry Michael Logan. THIRD ROW: Bernie McCade, Bill McCutchen, Milton McKay, Sam Massey, Larry Martina, Buddy Miles, Stephen Miner. FOURTH ROW: Billy Oakley, Cecil H. Parmer, Leon Pip- pin, Al Pitts, Bubba Prothro, Pat Rabby, James Robbins. FIFTH ROW: Melvin Rogers, Ray Sanderson, John R. Skrmetta, Gale Smith, Robert L. Stevens, Clay Swanzy, W. H. Tanner. SIXTH ROW: John Thomas, Hilton Walker, Jr., James R. Wilkinson, George Young. NOT PICTURED: Jackie Brown, Ralph Cochran, John B. Coleman, James E. Davis, Jack D. Fleming, James R. Grogan, Jack G. Hawkins, Willis T. Hinton, Woodie Hodges, John C. Jackson, Joseph Johnson, William Tully Johnson, Robert J. Kerr, Joseph A. Long, William T. Oakley, Jerry F. Perkins, James Paul Thomas, William Eugene Walker, Leon E. Vvaters, Ronnie Young, Bill Suddith, Johnny Sassone, Bill Britten, 'Danny McQugge, Phil Lenior, James Allen, Terry Hinton, Johnny Mack Lane. Serenading the girls at Jones Hall. 41"- 9' 5, x A5 Ploi Knapp T au 18-5 ,W ww.-N -A fi ,Q 1 -4.2 ' Nm Q, A 7 f s 'QQ 'SW 49? x,.,,5 l x W g f ,, 2 X 'Q x -zz" M f 143 P' app Quia --0, fu. 3' 1-:""' fam 'Wf 4,,,..,...,. Rw Wiser arf' '54 if Saga A sr! 'S -Cy NSA Af'-s hu 4-Q XS 5 QS: -v . vb SA -sq Ci wi 15 .li PK .Li ,a 3 I ,.,,..v 294- Ggl 'Q 3? T J I l Colors: Garnet and Old Gold Flower: Lily of the Valley Founded: University of Virginia, March 1, 1868 Delta Mu installed on December 10, 1949 FIRST ROW: Bodie Beard, Oneil Bennett, Steve Bennett, Bill Bexley, Luther Boyd, Robert L. Brown, Dale R. Bu- chanan, George Carlton. SECOND ROW: Leonard Vane Carroll, Jackie Collins, Gerald Coppenrath, Sammy Culpepper, Mike Dault, Richard Doiron, Thomas Dunaway, John Elfer. THIRD ROW: Rowland Ezelle, Lionel Farris, Kenneth Forte, William Glynn, Eugene Goodwin, Stanford Gwin, Bobby Hadaway, Ted Hall. FOURTH ROXV: John Hansen, Bob Hardy, Wilton Hinds, Bill Hughes, James Ilams, John Legett, Jack Liedke, Charles Lindsay. FIFTH ROW: Garrett E. McBryde, Robert McDuHie, Benny Mardis, Linus Martin, Ronald Meyer, Lee Miller, Bill O'Neill, Joe Packwood. SIXTH ROW: Anderson Pamer, James Parrish, Mike Pat- terson, Marvin Pickering, Stephen Porcari, Charles S. Shaw, Wayne Shows, Richard Smith. SEVENTH ROXV: Tommy Smith, Dorlan Stone, Ronie Sumrall, Jerry Tanner, Wayne C. Taylor, Don Trigg, Rich- ard Wilson, Thomas M. Wiman. NOT PICTURED: William N. Nelson, Billy R. Lovette, Wayne L. Babin, Jerome B. Reel, James B. Long, Neal Mc- Millian, Edward C. Albritton, James D. Lowery, David W. Ryle, Jack A. McRae, John Walter Alvis, Frederick W. Hart, Ronald W. Martin, Frank H. Alley, Gene D. Whitecotton, Tom B. Dickson, John C. Cistriano, Alan Seeman, Jesse M. Holeman, Jr., Allen G. Holder, Ted B. Alvis, Gerald W. Chrestman, Joe H. Proviance, James L. Bloodsworth, Harold D. Barnes, Charles E. Clark, James E. Smith, Joseph H. Mil- ler, Robert L. Lingle, Robert T. Penn. JUDY HARRISON Pi Kappa. Alpha Dream Girl Officers, left to right: Bryan Long, House Manager, Buddy Mardis, Treasurer, Neil McMil1er, Secretaryg Jack Liedke, Vice- President. Wig, " GENE GOODWIN President I I l I I Pike's well known symbol. R x ' 34, " i ,- Q : l gg 3-i i l l E i f ' " A " I ' azim- Colors: Red and Purple Flowers: Violet and American Beauty Rose Officels left to llght Donald Drapeau Secretary Harry L FOUl1d6Cl! November 1 1901 H k V P d t W ll C B Tr . . . . , ' op ins ice resi en 1 iam rown easurer MISSISSIPPI Gamma Installed May 16, 1953 FIRST ROW: Chad Bates, Vincent Bitetto, Joe Bradley, William C. Brown, George Carr, Glenn Chance, Allan Cook. SECOND ROW: Athur Davis, Thomas Deas, Frank Delis, Donald W.fDrapeau, Robert W. Dushlelc, George Walton Ewing, Don Fletcher. THIRD ROW: Jim Fohrman, Jack Foil, Myron Frailey, Thomas N. Georges, Gerald Harrison, John Heider, Tom Heintz. FOURTH ROW: Gary Higgins, Harry L. Hopkins, Ray Johnson, Marvin Johnson, Michael Kavanaugh, Lloyd Kim- brough, Howard McGee. FIFTH ROW: Jim Mason, Jim Norris, Jerry Padgett, Thomas Phillips, Gene Rogers, Bernard Saucier, Joseph Scarborough. SIXTH ROXV: Thomas Hunter Smith IH, Vic Stamey, Billy E. Taylor, Robert Taylor, Richard Thames, Don Wal- lace. NOT PICTURED: Dave Milligan, Bill Doherty, Ernest Dawkins, Joe Sharp, Jerry Richardson, ,lack Swisher, Gerald Jackson, Eldon Ladd, David Thomas, Larry Hatten. CAROL KEXSSELL Southein s Driving to the Top m a Rebel buggy' Sigma phi Epsilon Sweetheart 1 fi' S 1' ma Phi EP ilon X-sl .f"1" VCL' NM' 'V . df a aww. NJ' "'5'-F' sf 'tn 5 ,..,- M I ' L, ff J' J ,gf 1 4 44 fc? 5 ga wk, A ff N f' , 4 PV 56 8 z iw fy IQ , VM W f ,4"5f.f fu' 13 AK 2 sf M, '14 .-N? mf IZ? mf' fv- pw 'Y' auf" ia' ,sm- 4- www 147 Y V, jak . N ' 1 M 1 i Q .,. V V M YX f J if Q? L ' if J, AV, I , 5, ,.A , 'Q -K, fa , b f '14, 1' oV' Af V . it f-,, A A My A ' 5 4 'ik ?fQl' M 4 , if 00 ,M 0 Q0 Gb ' ytx o W QW VW 3 'ITK H 9 NO CAPTIGN NECESSARY . . . EXCEPT LUKE 417 2 -153' . dp,, Q X G me BUYS? 1 T ED T0 BE RU gm my A A n S ll:--111 in un: Y 'P X' - 'X SIG EP S BEVY OF BEAUTIES. . Gp Y ag , W I ATR 1902 ff' in L. eff' 'YA YT A G V0 COULDNWI' WE GET YOU SOMETHING? CIGARETTE? COKE? ' v K fl' I it v mm EEZ 1w T T w5wT""', fa. ' Q I S V' ftwigz-M ' K ""' 77 T J I S T 1 fl I PZ A WHAT" SAY 10U RE CAMFRA 'SHX "' ammo 2 dy 2 WEN AAA X Q EE 6 f W, M , M 'W f ff 4 ,f W4 , fb 'K 1 L 'Z J Af , 1 gf f 4 'ix' '- ,1 , 1 , .:, , A , .5-It 121 R19 YW' 1' ,-.-:xo 'Y a '13 I F a i v , x w I1 SN REED GREEN Director of Athletics . ,Vial llffsnii - 'kfx , K ?f'.1f51 .A,' W W ' . , . f . ' ' W H V ' '3 ,J , ..A Q A f ,,- .L lhyl I f T N A xi W", a A f A X 'X MTW -, A , :,. 3, x " JACK THOMAS ' Line Coach sf M. A M ,V MAXIE LAMBRIGHT Baclcfield Coach JIM CRAWFORD ,, 1 ff - 4, f. .L THAD VANN 3 Head Football Coach , :Q ,. W -,X ,yr s-Q N., , ' 'J fx , U Qfwy, x - W' VV M-x,. X., 'x S fi. -' I x x 1 I 1 1 f f Q .x 1 ?,g:1,'-.A 1 f . . , , -1 --f..,,'f,i'j 1. i I , :as U.. D ,, .fgwag ,,,, . . 4, ,IEA A3 531135: -AL!! !.I'lf"' -"qi f ,bzsjvih '4 f L' ' 374 ga.. C. J. TAYLOR Jef, f."f6+ , 0-4 I .3- . a Ma uager N M, cgi! 'i5?2uQ,,,,? v.: w ml, NV - . . on iw., ,V 5 V- ali Q -::E,:4LQ?a7,f:.E9,. -.- A , :.,:2'.fd4F1:6f75f1e,p .- ,1 f"- -..,,. -.-,..,,,-m,,,.- , 3 5 'f- , ' 1' , " Q ' w 1' if -'--V'C'9.' 2 -Ili.-' '.f".-- ' . . Q 4 -3 -. :,zq3.w.g-,,,,-1:1 , - .N .A 4 Q :..1j.,r.,' . 2: wg-iT'3,q:Aff,Ff',.f-f .xl k A - v:1:-'- 'f Jn?i?:-?3:'2WE.iff:L '-a I J X,.! DR. LLOYD MILAM ' xx Favzalty Clzairman of Athletics f , 1 'Q R 1- f' 152 1, X End Coach LARRY HARRINGTON Trainer X Southern if int Year in the Ma bm The Southerners attained a long-sought goal in football in 1960, even though they had their second straight 6-4 season. Through the untiring efforts of school of- Hcials and many friends of the college, Mississippi Southern was placed in the Major College category by the Football Writers Association of America. Many thought the Southerners had reached a pinnacle by copping the Small Col- lege championship in 1958, and figured they should continue to compete in that bracket. But ambitious leaders are confident Southern will soon be among the top clubs in the Major College group. The 1960 season must have been frustrating for Coach Vann and his staff. It would be for the leaders of any team which suffered four defeats by a total of 12 points!! North Carolina State won by seven points, Arkansas State by one, Louisiana Tech by three and Memphis State by one. The margins of victory in the six other tilts totaled 105 points as Southern won by 27 over Hardin-Simmons, 10 over West Texas State, 16 over Trinity University, two over Florida State, 26 over Abilene Christian and 24 over Chattanooga. Of this group, Hardin-Simmons, West Texas State, Trinity, Florida State, North Carolina State and Memphis State are "Majors.', So the team had a 4-2 record against big-time opposition and a 2-2 record against so-called "small teams." When it was all over the Southerners had outscored their foes 189 to 96 and had out-distanced them in yardage, 3,478 to 2,204. Quarterback Don Fuell led the club with 1,037 yards, gaining the individual rushing and passing titles. 1-Ialfback Tom Morrow was second in rushing, first in pass receiving and the leader in pass inter- ceptions and he also tied Fuell for the scoring lead. Longest scoring play of the year was a 78-yard scamper by Fuell against Hardin- Simmons. Longest for the opposition was the 82-yard pass play Memphis State used to come from behind. Quarterback Billy Larson was elected permanent captain of the club by his team- mates. who chose Williamson All-American Ray St. Pierre as co-captain. Qther lettermen: Fuell, Morris Meador, Val Keckin, Dan Pugh, Mike Olander, Wendell Campbell, Morrow, Arnold Spence, Andin McLeod, John Sklopan, Jim Havard, Leon Akins, Charley Dedwylder, Roger Hicks, Donald Hultz, Gayle Win- chester, Jim Barbaree, Rodney Shenk, Jim Thomas, George Jones, Frank Lynn, Dan Salmon, Paul Highstreet, Jim Payne, George 1-Iultz, Buddy Long, C. Rayburn, Joe White, Harold Hays and John Ratesic. 153 43-w... .1 x 3 'WN KKK A . . " 1 ., ' K V. .V Mp., 5,1 f 7 K -,,,f ', 1. 2 1 . 15, -' 5 1 K U :gun 4. , ug, N y 1 ' 1 ,fy f 3.1 -. "a, . o Q r", ',w."" 'ft'-A 4 - ., ,f ily.. a vi refbmvm Student only .r HOMER BOYD sn'-X QD - 1'- 'fix I -nv-' Q .-'1 V , L I, I ' I GEORGE SEKUL t ' N A , 1 . T r, , Vmcfzt Sq uad First Row: Joe White, Buddy Long, Ben Cal- houn, Jimmy Havard, Johnny Coleman, Danny Salmon, Ray St. Pierre, Andin Mc- Leod, George W. Jones, Rodney Shenk, Ben Willoughby, Dan Pugh, Mike Orlander, Ar- nold Spence, Leon Akins, Tommy Morrow. Second Row: Billy Larson, Henry Bourne, Bill Roberts, Marvin Breazeale, Charley Ded- wylder, Sam Bella, Billy Lyons, George Hultz. Val Kecklin, Harold Hays, Nick Ko- linsky, Jim Barbaree, Joe Morgon, Jim Payne, Morris Meador. Third Row: Trainer "Doon Harrington, Manager Jim Crawford, John Sklopan, Jim Thomas, Paul Highstreet, J. C. Rayburn, Donald Hultz, Don Fuell, John Ratesic, Frank Lynn, Roger Hicks, Wendell Campbell, Gayle Winchester, Burt Edwards, Assistant Manager. First Row: John McGrain, Jack Root, Ken Martin, Curtis Varnado, Joe Owen, George Sekul, Paul Johnson, Jack White, Second Row: Phil Lenoir, Glen Decoteau, John Ford, Berengher Brechtel, Ben McLeod, Hugh Bodden, Nick Kolinsky, Dwayne Martin, Wiley Rice, Albert Hammack. W 'J' 'sf' 7 'Ya' --'15-T ff LEON AKINS, E JIM BARBAREE, E SAM BELLA, T MARVIN BREAZEALE, G flbizriyfqapi Southem 27 Hardin Simmons 0 Mississippi Southern, newly classihed as a major college, opened its football sea- son in glorious fashion as they battered and bruised the Hardin-Simmons Cowpokes to death, 27-0, in Mobile's Ladd Stadium. The Southerners staged an 88 yard drive in 12 plays after taking the opening kick-off and then erupted for a 20 point ex- plosion in the second quarter. In the second half, the Southerners battled to a stalemate with the pass-minded Cowpokes, keeping their dangerous home run punch from materializing with some fine line rushing and careful coverage of the deep receivers. Southerner quarterback Don Fuell fired two passes of 20 and 13 yards to halfback Arnold Spence and end Charley Dedwylder and sent fullback Dan Pugh over the line for most of the rush- ing yardage in the series. Pugh scored from the three and Billy Larson converted for a 7-0 lead. Fuell crashed the line on a keeper and managed to pull loose from several Cow- poke defenders for a 78 yard scoring gallop. Moments later, sophomore halfback Mike Orlander returned a booming 46 yard punt, 43 yards to the Cowpoke 31. From there Orlander ripped off 9 and quarterback Larson traveled 18 on a keeper to the Hardin-Simmons 4. Two plays later halfback John Sklopan bulled across. Cowpoke quarterback Harold Stevens threw nine straight times in an effort to dent the scoreboard. His tenth aerial was intercepted by center John Ratesic, who lateralled to Sklopan for a 38 yard touchdown run. Morris Meador threw to end Leon Akins for the two point conversion. The Southern line was sparked by the rushes of ends Akins and Dedwylder among others. Standout newcomers for the Southerners included centers Harold I-lays and Billy Lyons and tackle Marvin Breazeale First downs Rushing yardage Passing yardage Passes Passes intercepted Punts Fumbles lost Y d alized ar s pen Mississippi Southern Hardin-Simmons TI-IE YARDSTICK 7 20 0 O 0 0 0 0 Ratesic, halfbacks Sklopan, Orlander, Charles Underwood and Jimmy Havard, end i 1813 ' 111' Good tackle. Southerner MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC CEIECEICEIIJZEIDCII lK2I - 115.1 NYU' n.M"lH'.1 ' flhrfiizfqnpz' Soutlnem 28 Watt Taxa! 18 For their first home game, the Southerners showed a well balanced, ground assur- ing attack to offset the dangerous aerial assault of two West Texas State quarter- backs and posted a 28-18 victory over the buffaloes. The Southerners' methodical drives which accounted for three of the touchdowns were sparked by the running of fleet halfback Tommy Morrow, breakaway fullback Dan Pugh, and the rushing and passing of quarterbacks Don Fuell and Morris Meador. After holding the Buffaloes on downs following the kickoff, the Southerners lunged 72 yards in 10 plays for a 7-0 lead. Fuell hit Morrow on a 10 yard pass and combined with Pugh to get the bulk of the rushing yardage. Andin McLeod punched in from the two and Billy Larson booted the conversion. On the ensuing kickoff, the Texans drove over to tie the score with sophomore signal calling whiz Jim Dawson, firing five complete passes, one for the touchdown. The Southerners promptly went 81 yards in eight plays to score. Pugh kicked off the drive by blasting over the left side for 23 yards. He climaxed the series by romping round end for 19 and the score. Fuell threw incomplete to John Sklopan for the two point try. A field goal with four seconds remaining in the half by Buffalo tackle Charlie Williams left the score 13-10. An insurance touchdown came in the third quarter on a 74 yard drive consuming 11 plays. Meador called all his plays on the ground in the series, with Morrow scoring in a five yard burst. Fuell tossed to end Leon Akins for the two pointer. Mike Orlanders' pass interception TD in the fourth quarter off John Bryant was quickly followed by a 58 yard Bryant-Jimmy Jares scoring aerial. Jares was behind the entire Southern secondary and never broke stride as he hauled in Bryant's scoring projectile to wrap up the 28-18 verdict. THE YARDSTICK First downs MSC 265 WTS 9 Rushing yardage MSC 3173 WTS 11.1 I Passing yardage MSC 795 WTS 112 Passes MSC 183 WTS 20 Passes intercepted MSC 3g WTS 1 Punts MSC 03 WTS 5 Fumbles lost MSC 33 WTS 0 Yards penalized ' MSC 275 WTS 20 Mississippi Southern 7 20 O 0 West Texas State 0 10 0 8 Barbaree heads in ! .. -33 V - ,Z ' wf' ff ,f n V MW, l, 'Wa Q, 3 8 wiv . A fr- ...,,hg,!.,, , ,jj pp I mivncf -4- K if my 1 ' - , 9: ' .,,:, Q- f-Q., IW Ai xx '51 V 5 . - I J'-L' x n g. If ' A is-3 V Q , ..rf?f'i ,i ' 1 ,I ' J f WENDELL CAMPBELL. FB BEN CALHOUN. G JOHNNY COLEMAN. HB CHARLEY DEDWYLDER. E B 16?-- NYS 7'7" fu'- ff-' DON FUELL, QB JIMMY HAVARD, HB HAROLD HAYS, C ROGER HICKS, E 'Mei . Mifiiffqnpz' ifoutloern 16 Triniliy 0 Spearheaded by an early payoff effort of quarterback Don Fuell, the Southerners battled it out for most of two quarters before being able to tally on a safety in the third quarter and boost their lead 9-0. After a close half that saw each team nar- rowly miss several scoring opportunities, the Southerners held a close 7-0 lead at halftime. A 17 yard pass by Morris Meador to halfback John Sklopan, plus the con- version by Billy Larson, climaxed the game. After jumping off to the early 7 point lead, the MSC team came back to strike again with a scoring threat when fleet halfback Andin McLeod snatched a Charley Patterson pass and set Southern up on its own 46 yard line. However, the ball was fumbled on Trinity's 15 and the Texans put the ball in play. McLeod, Larson and Orlander combined efforts and carried the ball to Trinity,s l9 yard line but the at- tempt to score was foiled when a pass by Nleador went incomplete and the Tigers took over on downs. Shortly afterward Trinity was haltedt Southern carried the ball from its own 20 and six plays later Meador kicked the ball to the Tiger7s 37. Southern took the second half kickoff and managed to move it to Trinity's two yard line in 15 plays where Dan Pugh was held for no gain and the Tigers took over again. This time Trinity failed to get past its two yard line. Butler fumbled a pass from center and was tackled by Leon Akins and Charley Dedwylder for the safety to increase Southern's lead 9-0. The Tigers came roaring back gaining heavily with a 46 yard Connell to Boutwell pass play to bring it to Southern,s 33. The Southerners then started a drive to the Texans' 17 where Meador connected on a 17 yard aerial play and Sklopan went over for the final TD. Larson kicked the extra point to close out the scoring. Tl-IE YARDSTICK First downs MSC 213 Trinity 13 Rushing yardage MSC 3193 Trinity 93 Passing yardage MSC 44g Trinity 101 Passes MSC 123 Trinity 15 Passes intercepted MSC 33 Trinity 1 Punts MSC 3g Trinity Fumbles lost MSC Trinity Yards penalized MSC Trinity 2 Mississippi Southern Trinity 5 0 Looking fm the ball ZlhrfzQf.rq9pz'.5'ou1?l9ern 15 Florida .flute 13 The Southerners handled their toughest opponent to date when they met the Florida State Seminoles in lVIobile's Ladd Stadium. As in the 27-O Hardin-Simmons victory, the Southerneris piled up all their points in the first half. After exchanging first downs and punts in the game's opening minutes, the Seminoles fumbled the ball to their own 22 yard line. After quarterback Don Fuell hammered out three yards, halfback Tommy Morrow broke over the left side, reversed field and completed a 19 yard scoring thrust. Billy Larson added the point. Moments later, after the Seminoles registered two first downs before being forced to punt, The Southerners punched out 76 yards in 16 plays to score again. Later, with Fuell at the controls and running for most of the yardage, the Southerners reached the Seminole six. Fuell, pressured from behind the line, threw co-mplete to Morrow who made a brilliant catch at the one. After sneaking over the score, Fuell passed to end Charley Dedwylder for two points and a 15-O lead in the second quar- fer. Sklopan furnished some fireworks late in the half by bursting 76 yards to the Florida State 4, where end Fred Grimes hauled him down. In the plays that followed Morrow gained two, Pugh got one, but Meador lost one for an attempted sweep and Pugh was stacked up a yard short as the half ended. After intermission, the Seminoles diversified their attack, balancing their running and passing game and staged two sustained drives for touchdowns. The second drive garnered 80 yards in 17 plays. After a first down at the eight, the Southerners held on fourth down at the one, but an offsides penalty gave fullback Paul Andrews the serious threat First downs Rushing yardage Passing yardage . Passes Passes intercepted Punts Fumbles lost Yards penalized Mississippi Southern Fl. State THE YARDSTICK 7 8 0 0 0 0 6 7 MSC MSC MSC MSC' MSC MSC MSC MSC Fl St F1 St Fl. St Fl. St Fl. St Fl. St Fl. St. Fl. St. 1 extra chance to bull over. In the final minutes neither team was able to muster a ' I 13, 1 . 13 ' ' 45 . . 4 1 99 23 It takes more than two to get! Pugh ' V' Q "'i"k-vmi:bi5'V5KEQKKl56"1KN' TW VW 3 fy-J Q' ikssfa .if DEL -V .."-Y -f 1 ' 'Shir TMNITV' ' ' s ,QW Vi idk-23' V '5.'77Y"X""'1B0-N X ' 'N.hs RW Sk - x.xfs- , '- miffikkg . 'flha fl ies ,-af., ., 1...-hw X. W- - Q-N., Q - , an. . ,, w' ,wa X, '?"f-"nv-,Q '45 PAUL HIGHSTREET, T DONALD HULTZ. E GEORGE HULTZ. T GEORGE JONES. G l E ,yeait PHY' were Miffifsqlpi foutbem 13 North Carolina .State 20 The North Carolina State Wolfpack handed the Southerners their first defeat of the season, 20-13, before the largest crowd ever to attend a home contest at Faulkner Field. Southern's team scored the first touchdown to make it the fourth time in the five games played that they were able to score the first time the ball was in their pos- session. The game expected earlier to be an aerial due between the Wolfpack's Ro- man Gabriel and the Southerner's Don Fuell turned into more of a ground game for the Southerners with quarterback Gabriel monopolizing the aerial warfare. Starting quarterback Fuell took the opening kickoff and hustled it back 29 yards to the 41 to get the Southerners going on the first touchdown drive. Halfbacks Sklo- pan and Tommy Morrow then combined efforts with fullback Dan Pugh to sustain a steady drive to the 24 yard line. Morrow, Sklopan and Fuell maintained a drive through short gains to the four yard line. Sklopan then made the tally. Quarterback Billy Larson kicked the extra point. The hard hitting Wolfpack charged right back and gained steadily to MSC's 27. Gabriel then completed the first of nine perfect passes in the first half hitting end Vollmer for a 27 yard gain. Tackle George I-lultz rammed through and blocked the extra point attempt to maintain the 7-6 for the Southerners. Gabriel, the passing ace, again sneaked the ball over for six points and passed for two more to build his teamis lead to 14-7. The Wolfpack then traveled 96 yards by the pin-point passing of Gabriel with the aerial whiz picking up three first downs on successive plays and completing eight pass attempts. The drive was climaxed when Gabriel fired a pass to Collice Moore who was stationed at right end. This upped the score to N.C. State 20, Southern 7. In the second half Quarterback Morris Meador exercised pro-like faking and got to the 12 for a first down. McLeod, after gaining three yards to the six, made a great pass reception from Meador and added Southern's second six-pointer of the night. The extra point attempt was blocked. Neither team was able to get a touch- down drive going in the fourth quarter. TI-IE YARDSTICK First downs MSC 14g NCS 18 Rushing yardage MSC 1783 NCS 188 Passing yardage MSC 30' N'CS 143 Passes MSC 123 NCS 11 Passes intercepted MSC ' NCS Punts MSC ' NCS Ftunbles lost MSC ' NCS Yards penalized MSC 3 ' NCS Mississippi Southern No. Carolina State ' 0 He didn t 0 far L' ' 1 r'T"' l""" f , ,l VAL KECKLIN, QB BUDDY LONG, T BILLY LARSON, QB FRANK LYNN, G ',1 V vp .-.. V' I l 4-"' .' .:. ktI UT: ri' Q' P .-- y.":oq-1'iVS"i!'v'MP ii , , K - 1 ' . - 1 :Mtn X' fa' , YT ,', ,'-i, ,- - f' f We . X -,ff gn N V-11:1 5 , ..':-.?v14,, .I r - .. .I l -.,,L1!g,3,,"EQ45e.: .ri ,U A 5. .. yi " , . , I H H . eve' r 'f'.,'.b--e t.. , MJIi!IqJPZ. .foutlaern 34 Abilene Clariitian 8 The Southerners staged an awesome offensive attack to demolish Abilene Chris- tian, 34-8. Morris Meador booted a 39 yard punt to the Abilene Christian 34, where it was fumbled. Arnold Spence hopped on the pigskin and Southern scored six plays later. Fuell passed from the 21 to Mike Orlander at the 14. Orlander, trapped by the Abilene defenders lateralled to Spence who eluded several fire breathing pursuers and dove headlong into the end zone at the side lines. Still in the first period halfback Tommy Morrow broke loose for a 57 yard run to the Wildcat 30. Halfback Andin McLeod carried twice for 17 yards and plowed across from the one for the second touchdown. Fuell entered the heroics with three consecutive pass completions to end Charley Dedwylder in a 65 second period scoring match. Fuell sneaked over from the one for the third tally and Billy Larson kicked his second placement of the day for 20-0. Moments later Larson received his offensive opportunity and cashed in directing the club on a 57 yard scoring march in seven plays. The payoff play was a 19 yard pass to sophomore end Don I-Iultz, who had also snagged a 15 yarder in the drive. The Southerners added to their 27-0 halftime margin in the third frame with their longest scoring play of the season. Fuell fired a 15 yard strike to Morrow from his own 24. Morrow outraced Abilene quarterback Charley McCook on the 76 scoring burst. Southern fumbled at their own three to open the gates for the Wildcat touch- down which came with 71 seconds left in the third quarter. The Wildcats were awarded a safety in the fourth, when center Harold Hays' wild snap from center sailed over Coleman's head on an attempted fourth down punt in the end zone. Without the services of first line backs John Sklopan and Dan Pugh and ends Leon Akins and Gayle Winchester, all of whom were out with injuries from the previous game, the Southerners nevertheless were able to rip out Wildcat defenses for a total of 429 yards. The aerial attack clicked wtih deadly precision with 13 completions in 19 attempts, including 7 for 7 by No. 1 quarterback Don Fuell. l THE YARDSTICK First downs MSC 18? AC 10 Rushing Yardage MSC 184g AC 134 ' Passmg ysfd-see MSC 2511 AC 118 Passes, MSC 133 AC' 121 Passes intercepted MSC 0: AC 2 ,Punts . Msc 43 AC' 7 Fumbles lost MSC 1: AC 4 Yards penalized MSC 613 AC 24 Mississippi Southern 13 14 7 0 Abilene Christian 0' O 0 0 Dedwylder tackles -ssa. p-.N 'PK' we , BILLY LYONS, E ANDIN MCLEOD, HB MORRIS MEADOR, QB JOE MORGAN. T gazes 'aw ""Ar wfJ?'5'. 'xx TOMMY MORHOW, HB IVIIKIC OHLANDER, FB JIM PAYNIC, 'I' DAN PUGII, FB MzkfiJ5QZJ1Dz'tf0utl9ern 13 Arkansas .State 14 Upstart Arkansas State punctured Southern's porous pass defense for two fourth quarter touchdowns to pin the Southerners with their second defeat of the season. Indian quarterback Jimmy lVlclVIurrav fired a pair of brilliant aerials to brilliant end Alfred Bentley and hit the senior Hanker with a crucial PAT pass to bring the In- dians from behind twice for a homecoming victory at Jonesboro. After Southern's first unit sputtered early in the game, the second unit guided by senior Billy Larson cranked up a scoring drive in the second period to give the South- erners a 7-1 halftime margin. With sophomore halfback John Sklopan rushing for 38 of the S3 yards covered in the drive, Larson's unit powered its way to the Arkan- sas one. From there, at the half by a squeeze, the day,s transplanted Wendell Camp- bell plunged over from the fullback slot. Larson booted his twelfth placement point of the season. After a bruising but unproductive third quarter, McMurray unlimbered his deadly arm and tossed a seventeen yard scoring strike to Bentley and hit his end again for an all important two point conversion. The Southerners arose to the situation with lightning efificiency. I-Ialfback Tommy lVIorrow hauled in the kickoff and raced 62 yards to the Arkansas State 28. On the next play quarterback Don Fuell tore oii 18 yards to the ten yard stripe and moments later slashed across from the eight. Cut front by 13-8, the Southerners tried a two pointer. Fuell, rolling out to pass, was forced to run and was downed at the goal line. McMurray and the Indians bounced back. Witli the lanky held general connecting on six passes in a sustained drive. the Indians reached the ten, from where Bentley grabbed an end zone toss for the winning tally. A 37 yard screen pass play from Fuell to IVIorrow left the South- erners at the Indian 35 as the game ended. Sklopan, Morrow, Larson. Fuell and halfback Andin McLeod were oitensive stick- outs for Southern. Guard Ray St. Pierre and tackle George Hultz were line stal- warts. THE YARDSTICK First downs MSC 14g Ark. St. 13 Rushing yardage MSC 224g Ark. St. 128 Passing yardage MSC 1995 Ark. St. 114 Passes MSC 99 Ark. St. 19 Passes intercepted MSC lg Ark. St. 0 Punts MSC t 4g Ark. St. 5 Fumbles lost MSC 25 Ark- Sf- 1 Yards penalized MSC 44g Ark. St. 21 Mississippi Southern O 7 0 0 Arkansas State '0 0 0 14 We got him. - 'TlKl4l1 "k1Tnl'.lSl YL'.l'l"t lf' 5 'QIV ".- . k..L"J'B'X?Q .fmkzrzlffqapi Southern 7 Louifzkma Tech 10 The Southerners were frustrated by determined Louisiana Tech 10-7 in a fast moving game in which the Southerners overwhelmed the visitors in yardage, but after the first period failed to find the scoring punch. Again, passing proved to be a deciding factor in the heartbreaker. The Bulldogs riveted the Southern secondary with four completions after recovering a fumble at the Southern 43, to place the ball on the five in the second period. From there halfback Paul Haynes blasted over in two tries and kicking specialist Bud Alexander split the uprights to tie the score 7-7. In the third period, following an intercepted pass thrown by Don Fuell, at the Southern 31, Alexander booted a close field goal from the 23, after several passes went awry. The score sewed up the ball game. The Southerners dominated play com- pletely in the first quarter. Following the kickoff, Fuell collaborated with end Char- ley Dedwylder for 41 yards to the Tech 25, but the drive was stopped at the five as Fuell threw incomplete twice. A short kick by Tech rolled out at the 26, Fuell threw to Tommy Morrow for 21 yards and a touchdown. Billy Larson added the point from placement. Immediately after the Tech touchdown, Southern rolled from its 36 to the Bull- dog 17 before the half ended. Fuell reeled 33 yards running while looking for pass receivers. Southern drove to the Tech six after the Bulldog field goal. On fourth and three, Larson's field goal attempt was blocked. The Southerners drove from their 15 to the Tech 11 with the final 3:45 seconds left in the game running out. Fuell and Morrow, a deadly pass combination all night, chalked up most of the yardage in the march, which had everyone in the stands on their feet. Fuell passed to halfback John Sklopan for 27 yards in the drive. vw., Offensive aces for the Southerners included Fuell, Morrow, Sklopan and fullback Mike Orlander, who electrified the crowd with an 85 yard run with an intercepted pitchout which was called back. Line stalwarts included ends Charley Dedwylder and Roger Hicks, tackles Jim Payne and Paul Highstreet, guards Ray St. Pierre and Frank Lynn, and center Harold Hays. , THE YARDSTICK First downs MSC 22, La. Tech. 12 Rushing yardage MSC 2755 La.Tech. 121 Passing yardage MSC 1485 La. Tech. 94 Passes MSC 245 La. Tech. 22 Passes intercepted MSC lg La. Tech. 1 Punts MSC 3, La. Tech. 7 Fumbles lost MSC 1, La. Tech. 1 Yards penalized MSC 46, La. Tech. 14 Mississippi Southern 7 0 0 0 Louisiana Tech 0 7 3 0 Morrow moves in l' EIf5ITNf?XQ4' YWW iHNZPl" We 5 SFX? 5 '5 if :-YK' iw 17 'NTU AS 'DS -sl' FW M st X. MN. . -'QQ-at f"".. vw' JOHN RATESIC, C J. C. RAYBURN, T BILL ROBERTS. B RAY ST. PIERRE. G x P' 'f' .3 yn' " 'Y ' X 'W il' 1 ,..-'vghn V i n f' ' , K S I 1 I .w,,.- 'wwf JHUR.. is fn' 5 Z M zlffiffgllpi Southern 6 Memphis State 7 Mississippi Southerns ill-fated Southerners rose from the depths of an 11-point underdog position to give tough Memphis State a real scare, only to see the visiting Tigers tally on a home run pass play with little more than 11 minutes left to go and claim a 7-6 edge. The Southerners had the highly touted Tigers reeling early in the first quarter with the hard running of halfback John Sklopan and fullback Wendell Campbell, who drove in for a quick 6-0 lead after an early field goal attempt by the Tigers was unsuccessful. Sklopan got the drive underway in the first period by ripping off three straight gains off the left side for 11, 10 and 8 yards. Campbell then took over and rammed his way straight through the middle for 15 to the Memphis State 36. The climactic play saw Campbell slip through for the marker to put Southern out in front 6-0. Billy Larson's attempt for the extra point kick was blocked by Tiger Glynn Russell. Morris Meador brought the Southerners out of danger in the second quarter by intercepting a James Earl Wright pass on the Southern 10. Larsen tried a field goal in the fourth quarter which went wide to the right. Memphis State took possession and were at their 18 when Wright unleashed a mighty last ditch toss almost instan- taneously after being hit by a Southern defender. The aerial play was good for 82 yards and a touchdown as Southern's upset hopes went down the drain. Quarterback Jack Carter converted for the winning margin. THE YARDSTICK First downs MSC 12, Memphis 12 Rushing yardage MSC 181, Memphis 166 Passing yardage MSC 65, Memphis 125 Passes MSC Memphis 13 Passes intercepted MSC MemPh5S 0 Punts MSC Memphis 7 Fumbles lost MSC Memphis 0 Yards penalized MSC Memphis 67 Mississippi Southern 6 0 0 0 Memphis State 0 0 0 7 No escape 1 A. gf?" DANNY SALMON, G RODNEY SHENK, G JOHN SKLOPAN, HB ARNOLDSPENSE, HB l'llKY1'1 "1 r'."4-J1.- . '. ' ' ' YV" L' ".""' . I' ' v nf' 'HT K, ' '11-HSM' lrfi. ' X01 U J1D.r.ri.ffg1Jpz'.S'outlJern 30 Chattanooga 6 Mississippi Southern smashed Chattanooga 30-6 on a muddy field Thanksgiving Day to complete their first season in the major college ranks with a respectable 6-4 mark. Chattanooga wrapped up at 5-5. Southern ripped off touchdowns in every period, but had to wear down the stubborn Chattanooga team before turning the game into a runaway. The Southerners led 12-6 at halftime. In the game's early moments, a pair of fumbles proved costly to Scrappy Moore's continguents. End Leon Akins plopped in on one at the Southern nine to quell a serious Moccasin threat. A few moments later, guard Ray St. Pierre leaped on an- other bobble at his own 44 and the Southerners swept goalward. Don Fuell fired a 22 yard pass to Akins for a first down on the Nooga five and two plays later, full- back Wendell Campbell crashed in for the initial score. Chattanooga quarterback Jim Bradshaw took complete control of the Mocs in the second period, completing a 20 yard pass, breaking loose for a 38 yard run and fl- lnally sneaking in to tie the score from one foot out on a fourth down play. Dan Pugh, an unusually adept broken field runner for a fullback, snagged a five yard Morris Meador screen pass moments after the ensuing kickoff and zig-zagged 70 yards to the Nooga 19. 1-lalfback Tommy Morrow promptly raced 14 yards to the hve and scored a few plays later. In the second half, Southern was in control all the way. Soph. halfback Jimmy I-Iavard romped 47 yards to the Mocs' 13 to set up the third score. Pugh knifed off tackle for the tally. Meador intercepted a Bradshaw pass late in the third quarter to plant the Southerners firmly in Moccasin territory. Mike Orlander bombed right tackle from four yards out to climax the resulting 32 yard drive. Val Kecklin engi- neered Southern's final drive. Frosh halfback Jack White drove the final three yards for the touchdown. Tackle George Hultz, guard George Jones and Akins were standout operatives in the line for the Southerners. No extra points were registered in the contest. THE YARDSTICK First downs MSC 18, Chattanooga 8 Rushing yardage MSC 349, Chattanooga 158 Passing yardage MSC 134, Chattanooga 61 Passes MSC 12, Chattanooga 15 Passes intercepted MSC 3, Chattanooga 0 Punts MSC 3, Chattanooga 6 Fumbles 10st MSC 2, C1'lattaI100ga 2 Yards penalized 125, Chattanooga 80 Mississippi Southern 6 6 6 12 Chattanooga 0 6 0 0 Meador in the middle of it "L1'!'w'.A - 2wx?uS Q9-Tl?" YT? wan . M- -v i ' A161 A 'T ' -Af ' E. rite 'K-1 NP- X . Kfslw Jw, nv- N 'V"W"ENA.C'.J'?"-J"5.'1f'l"F 'A ' """?'Qi5 "ga-Q "ziggy, . ' ,I ffl" f - J. - lf- A . f if 5 it 5, f 'M JAMES THOMAS. G JOE WHITE, C GAYLE WINCHESTER. E BEN XVILLOUGHBY, HB W julian um-. 'utils Indiana inunlig ' 4" 4 F . Hump, " . e. -og " X if ' S ' .f " env Keg' M7 X, r . eww, .M A Q W it any 1 it':w.w'-W... I W, . ., 5 ,,5in:: --..-.,................g. Olgunganqynpu 'ii 5 Cheerleaders are James Currie, Ruby Lane Coggins, Ginny Risher, Lynn Pogue, Betty Smith, and Henry Aparacio. Cheerleaders General at Southern Spirit Boosters rs. 75 1 if T - - we Q W a 5, rfjflh A J y if" il J gi: 1 hall l .. ,,f-w",q s as ' T X r T 1. fl S i 'n i 'Y "il F-gganu 5 -1-ij! .., X 1 lu pr":f'T"T im -M-n+"'q Representative of Southern Spirit Dick Ainsworth as " General Nat. The bountiful Mississippi Southern Spirit reigned undaunted through another year and the cheers of the cheerleaders heralded many a Mississippi Southern victory. The cheerleaders who played such a vital role in supporting and directing the school spirit throughout the year proved again their worthiness to the students and the school. The cheerleaders for the past year were Ruby Lane Coggins, Lynn Pogue, Ginny Risher, Betty Smith, Henry Aparacio and james Currie. We appreciate their constant attendance and un- wavering support throughout the year. Dick Ainsworth made a rousing General Nat, and by cooperating with the cheerleaders helped to build school spirit. 166 Workl-Famous Dixie mflin J From the Blue-Gray Game in Chicago to hom, half-time shows, the Dixie Darlings rep- resent Mississippi Southern well. Their frequent appearances on television have made both them and Mississippi Southern College truly world famous. This great group of girls is ,,,, 'vs known for its spirit and the Southerners ancl Golden Giants could have no warmer sup- porters. Vifitli the able assistance of the hand, the Dixie Darlings have attained a perfection in their halftime shows that is remarkable. No one who has witnessed one of their shows will forget it, especially such popular ones as the Latin American and Hawaiian Shows. The Dixie Darlings are directed by Miss Frances Jellineic. x MISS FRANCES JELLINEK Director of the Dixie Darlings Mississippi Southern's Dixie Darlings. Vi 4 ' 'ffl i T ' Q i iii fi f um, vs-. , - M i ij, ,ii Officers ofthe Dixie Darlings: Sandra Hitt, Captaing Mona Wall, Lieutenantg Barbara E 1 F , C t ' 3 C1 D' K 11 Some of the Dixie Dm-lings with their Confederate Flags. Lieutenant. ar e agan ap am an lane e yi Xe ,Q use an Gr- , f ,. ' -iy Wax ,, ,gf . Q T 'xx f' -,ax ,fi Q-A, ' TN X P u - -. ' A . -' X N ' 'fr z 5, V - ,V , if ,K-'fs' . ' 4 , ffl , fin. saw . 4- Q Q .f . ' -,rf ' . . 5 167 ii' . :, f fe J ae i' at .it Q ifis w agw' A .h v 9Qi,4.5 i A' - 24-We - L' f he til is -, f f T' ' sf it i .Qi , " 54Q'7'9fff'i'f'-' + if -V V . fm' f 'sa if Q.2f..9fNT' Q ,,., 1 ,t his f i Ki- ,Ms if to ' ' - -Q lift .... - K is ' Uri? Sv W- -. -'f 5 " ' li 4 ,X , . va Q Q, ,max ' ' va- ' ii , . ' , ,i ,- ,S Q is A Y 4 if f' " V ' - " A . - 1' U s t -:ff l it ' - . V ' 2 XM!! H , 1 I S X i 5 Q i if-fz zfgg Q,- ,a ge ew , ., i x . alll. R gs' Q ' ,, fi ' pq? xy? '5 , , ' 'X ' 'SE' , ...,....,, me . X '-- - . - M- -'-.-iw, 1.-, '1 i , 'ww - 7.4, ly ,H f 4 1 Q., Q ef '- D N, 2 wi x 1 as W i e Pride of MiIIZkf?Pi Marckin Bama' With over a hundred members, the Pride of Mississippi March- ing Band has produced halftime shows long to be remembered. The Pride of Mississippi and the Dixie Darlings have made Mississippi famous all over the United States. The intricate formations that the Pride has perfected and its excellent and exciting music, take long hours of diligent practice. We are grateful to the Pride of Mississippi for the wonderful job that it has done. The Pride of Mississippi -M ...7 C 5 I7 F no .. R qi w The Pride entertains during halftime at the All-Star Game in Chicago. Featurette! and Drum Mayer Featurettes of the Pride of Mississippi are B etty Akers, June Wood, Milly Ball, Barbara Jo ERNIE SYLVESTER Drum Major Hughes, and Gerry Reid. if e 1 r Y 5 YQ I ! X Q E f 4 i e fl I wi X '--.. .. Q ' .,,..........- .... .. ,,,,,,, ., iw-- Y ....., -H,-A A A .1 FRED LEWIS I-lead Basketball Coach The Golden Giants, Front Row: Joe Grubar, Clyde Mills, Roy Danforth, Richie Goldberg, Jackie Laird, Ed Manncssg Second Row: Coach Lewis, Don Clinton, Al Delia, Jim Walker, Bill Lundberg, Bon Gantt, Rudy Dosset, "Doc" Harrington. Mississippi Southern's 1960-1961 Golden Giants under the direction of Coach Fred Lewis was one of the greatest in the history of the school. Winning 23 and losing 3, the Golden Giants gained higher national ranking than any previous MSC basketball team, besides providing its share of record shattering performances. The Golden Giants were ranked SECOND IN Tl-1E COUNTRY in the United Press-International "College Division" rankings. In the Associated Press Basketball Poll, Mississippi South- ern's Golden Giants were third in the country. N 1 foagm fouaw' A The mainstays of the Golden Giants are Richie Gold- berg, Roy Danforth, Bill Lundberg, Ben Gantt, Al Delia, Don Clinton, and Clyde Mills. These players have been dubbed "The Magnihcent Seven" by sportswriters and commentators. Impressive prospects are Jackie Laird and Joe Grubar. Five of "The Magnificent Seven' have aver- The Golden Giants Second in the Nation Mm ffufiffa fan, fmna, TMIAW fwlza, faza, dwfiw aged in the double figures for the season These are Gold berg with a 14.3, Danforth closely following with a 14 O Lundberg 12.7, Gantt with a 114 average per game and Delia with an 11.35 average per contest Seniors on the team are Don Clinton, Clyde Mills and the Captain of the Golden Giants Al Delia Mm Assistant Coach Morris Osburn Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern SCORES 745 Spring Hill 67 715 Alabama 64 1005 Nichols fLa.l St. 73 705 Northwestern La. 58 665 Louisiana Tech. 61 905 West Texas State 60 815 Central Iowa 58 945 North Texas St. 69 775 East Tenn. St. 76 895 Farleigh Dickinson 82 815 St. Peter's 74 555 Memphis State 72 74 5 Georgia Southern 69 615 Mercer University 47 965 Mercer University 55 505 Louisiana Tech. 48 acksonville Fla Southern Spring I-1111 Christian Bros Centenary Northwestern La Georgia Southern Centenary Belmont Abbey 725 J ' 62 5 5 745 . 62 875 ' ' 54 835 ' ' . 67 715 73 685 . 54 705 ' 50 Southern 745 Delta State 56 635 67 565 54 Golden Giant Seniors are Don Clinton, Al Delia, and Clyde Mills. wil.-an W In the individual season highs, Roy Ranforth scored 31 points against West Texas State and in the same game scored 12 field goals. Bill Lundberg scored the individual high in rebounds. l-le got 23-in the game against Georgia Southern. Again Danforth scored the individual high, this time in free throws scored. Roy scored 10 free throws in the game against Centenary. irHEl GNIFPCE T SEVE L LXR O I L i f 1 f 1 zizzln 2 fix L . 1 , 1 ,wi E -vs. gf Q I ., I ' - wyqf' 4, SGW R wav- , is ' 3 4 5 ' F 1 'L , L A xx , L SAW 3 L L H L VV il! A! .B ' X S' L, , . P-- V L . .K LX ,A 5 DON CUNTON, F 1 KX Q it BEN GANTT. F qi " - ,Q V M 1'-'1,......,, 74 ? -A ,, 4 'ew X .J 1, -- , .aL L , . l A, , 75 , L ,M L X A I 5 1 P fi' - L, .,,..,. x .N I gy ,- 4 L L . ff' f L' J ., rf' ,+ f .ff f.,.. G ' A I' , . N L ,V LN I!! I ff' -'jf ' . , . -7 X 1 . ff V A -Li 4 A Av , I , V . 2 f , L f F f Q is .5 f , . , L L fl I f' "" f 1 WI ..- Lt ,ET ' f J f' f 1 I N am ,L in , ii X L, Aix +L L L M A f 459' AL 6 L R L JJ CLYDE MMS' 9 Race-LIE GOLDBERG, es si 1 . X ! 1 XJ L 'L 'A AL DELLA, F fi ,N V ,.., . ,Q , Aj, - ' . fi: ,g. I - V , rl X f f ,A sf V aw. , A M L ' f N-L - 2 Z : L Q if L L L BILL LUNDBERG, C I" ROY DANFORTH, 6 M ,SQL Mississippi Southern opened its basketball season by out- lasting Springhill, 74-67. Sophomore center Bill Lundberg developed into a one man scoring and rebounding dynamo, scorching the nets with a fine 27 point performance and pull- ing in 16 loose balls off the backboarcl to pace the Southern- ers to victory in the campus season opener. Richie Goldberg broke up the nip and tuck Alabama game with a brilliant outside shooting splurge, contributing eight of the nine points which Southern amasses in pulling out front to stay. The score, Golden Giants 71-Alabama 64. In the remaining seconds of the Nichols State game, Ben Gantt stole the ball from the NS basketeers and sank a layup to score the last two points of the contest and at the same time push the score to the century mark as Southern rolled to an easy 100-73 victory. Al Delia led the offensive by scor- ing 24 points. The hopes of the Demons of Northwestern Louisiana were shattered when within the last Eve minutes of the game Richie Goldberg hit four field goals in a row to make the final score Southern 70-Northwestern Louisiana 58. Mills adds to the score Vzktombf Over T301 ma, ortlaweft La Roy Danforth 100'Z3 plus Danforth charges ln 174 1 With the regulation game ending in a '57-57 tie the Golden Giants came on in the overtime period for a 66-61 win over Louisiana Tech. Richie Goldberg was high scorer of the evening with 23. Guard Roy Danforth hitting a high of 31 points paced the Golden Giants to a 90 to 60 victory over the Buffaloes of West Texas State. The Southerners took an early 10-0 lead and continued to widen the margin throughout the contest. Central Iowa fell before the Southerners 81 to 58. Bill Lundberg led the Southern offense with 23 points and paced the Giants defense by snatching 178 rebounds off the board. Roy Danforth hit the hoop for sixteen points while Gantt and Delia each had twelve. and La Tech Central Iowa Goiclherg Scores Q 4 am k fa .se , . . -ia., .... get "-N ,wi ' 175 X 1 - - :,.-wx. -Qmwwmmmymmwaan Won 23-Loft 3 FINAL STATISTICS Pl H81 GOLDBERG Richie DANFORTH Roy LUNDBERG B111 GANTT Ben DELIA Alex MILLS Clvde LAIRD Jaclxie GRUBAR Joe OTHERS TEAM MSC TQTAI S Pos CDPPONENTS TOTALS FGA M 373 163 242 117 260 123 262 119 253 102 10143 9 1631 733 1628 628 Pc 54 6 500 449 6 FTA M 62 45 171 130 142 85 93 58 118 91 55 34 699 481 589 376 C 60 4 6 00 66 8 8 Reb Avg 14 38 9 57 Dlsq 947 632 Avg 1135 62 aj ' GP - t. - P t. . . PF ' . TP . , ' ' G 26 - 43.7 - 72.6 73 2.8 31 0 371 14.3 , G 26 - 48.3 - 7 . 163 6.3 77 2 364 14.0 , ' C 26 - 47.3 - 59.9 303 11.7 54 2 331 12.7 ,, F 26 - 4 . - 62. 315 12.1 81 5 296 11.4 , .' F 26 - 40.3 - 77.1 211 8.1 66 3 295 . CLINTON, Donald C-F 26 109-51 46.8 47-30 63.8 131 5.0 60 3 132 5.1 , I F-G 26 - 42. - 1.8 80 3.1 41 1 120 4.6 , " G 10 13- 69.2 5-4 8 . 5 0.5 0 0 22 2.2 , G 8 10-5 . 3-2 .7 7 0.9 7 0 12 1.5 8-1 12.5 3-2 66.7 7 3 0 4 105 S 26 - . - 6 .8 . 00 5 . 420 16 1 74.9 26 - 38. - 63. 29 3 . 504 24 1 .8 and Hi la Scores Uwer No. Texas Ar the Laurel Invitational Tournament, the Golden Giants rocked North Texas State 94-69 by employing their magnificently lwalanced scoring attaclc. Al Delia topped the Southern scorers with a 23 point performance. Witli less than a minute left in overtime Delia scored and nailed down a 77-76 thriller against East Tennessee State. Goldberg led with 19 rallies. In the second overtime period. thanlcs to two held goals lay Danforth and Czoldlverg. the Golden Giants increased their lead to 7 over Fairleigli-Dickinson University of New Jersey. The score 89-82. Ben Gantt led the Southerners to an 81-74. victory over St. Peter's College with an 18 point attack. The Golden Giants in traveling tugs. - I l 1 I n 'u : I w"u .Ng Ben Gam, Great Reboundel-, Lundberg plops it in. Clinton in action Fvlirlei lo- icleimon Memphis State proved to be the spoiler of Southern's unblemished record as they snapped Southernis winning streak by a score of 72 to 55. MSU's Wayfne Yates led in the scoring on- slaught. The Mississippi Southern Golden Giants, paced by the outstanding performance of soph- omore center Bill Lundberg, padded their win- ning record with feathers as they plucked a 74-69 decision from the Eagles of Georgia Southern. The Golden Giants spanked the stalling Bears of Mercer University at Macon, Ga., 61-47, with a brilliant brand of defensive play and the rebounding strength of Bill Lundberg, Al Delia and Ben Gantt. In a home game seven Southerners splashed into the double figures in scoring as the taller, talented Golden Giants outclassed Mercer, 96-55, their most one sided win of the year. Richie Goldberg, the Little Giant , --.,. . ...K .,,sm.-1-f. ,-:swam -, ' ' A field goal by forward Ben Gantt in the last nine sec- onds of the Louisiana Tech game added a 50-48 decision to the Golden Giants' win column as they prepared to pack their uniforms and leave the friendly conhnes of the South- ern's held house and swing into Florida and Alabama. The combined efforts of forward Al Delia and guard Richie Goldberg paced the Mississippi Southern Golden Giants to their 16th victory of the season as the Giants dumped the Jacksonville Dolphins 72-62. Al Delia was the high scorer with 25 points. Mississippi Southern's overtime experts pulled out their fourth extra period victory of the season by ripping past Florida Southern 74-62. Al Delia and Richie Goldberg share scoring honors, each having 16 points apiece. .The Golden Giants downed outclassed Spring Hill 87-54. Clyde Mills, Mr. Versatile With tunning Losses to Centenmy Joe Grubar, Fast Frosh Delia goes up. 51,0 N o i :RW 178 Christian Brothers fell prey to a powerful offense by the Golden Giants to leave the score at 83 to 67. Centenaryis unsavory Gentleman, sporting a tattered 9-11 season rec- ord, dealt another blotch to Southern's much more im- pressive one, 73-71 in a spell binding overtime finish. With sophomore center Bill Lundberg pacing the attack with 20 points and snatching 16 from the baclc board, the Golden Giants of Mississippi Southern College got back on the winning trail, by downing the Demons of North- western Louisiana State 68-54. Al Delia, Team Captain Wins ver Tech Belmont Abb Thogg fast dodges' The Magnificent Seven Q V- 1 ix X Nh N 5 P X . XJ z J if ' K I ,. wx L , g A X i ,, Mx' J . ' XX 4 7 X if , , I x X . I sf- .' , -1 -s it 179 D011 CliI1f0'l1. The Tiger" A Golden Giant scores again. T 0 Wind P the Seaton . . . Jackie Laird, Net Popper 23-3 Gradually picking up steam for a swirling finish, the Golden Giants belted clown Georgia Southern, 70 to 50. With Lundberg and Delia furnishing most of the fire- works, Southern rolled up a substantial lead in the open- ing minutes of the second quarter and were never headed. Guard Roy Danforth went into action to help the Golden Giants roll easily over Delta State. He dropped in 24 points while scooping up 13 rebounds in the rout. The score was Southern 74--Delta State 56. The Centenary Gentlemen again foiled the Golden Giants, due to Don Ensley who calmly dropped in five free throws in the waning minutes of the game to make the hnal score 67-63. Two free throws by Ben Gantt with three seconds left gave the Golden Giants a 56-54 Final edge in the game against Belmont Abbey. Three Southern seniors saw their final collegiate play, Captain and forward Alex Delia, for- ward-center Don Clinton and forward-guard Clyde Mills. 180 :mum 21 , ES Nw 31 iw PPV m,DNq47,,, , Hail The Golden Giants! refbman Basketball Front Row: Carl Harper, Don Safran, Jim Walker, Rudy Dos- OSIOUVU- B05 Exum, George Dip-3Sf1UH1i, B911 JBFYIGS. T0mmY sett, Joe Grubar, and Bo-bby Magee. Back Row: Coach Morris Jones, Steve Lear' John Ferrara, and Coach Fred L9WiS. ,fan Sz, Ca Hx x og Sflo .gn S, T fo -91 S :fa 4-Q 1 4 gsnuraznx 5 'ln S503 f SUUTHERH SUUTHERN ,gg 3,36 SUUTHSR Eat 'Bl 49 1 , 0uTg2KM ,, W, mf.xlx..,. X ., NN., 4 Q-9 WW Aw' WM W . -l nl. xi mm R, ' -.1 ,f 1, y pa . fi nit 1, ., , 5355 fy'ilgF2"'. Q ' fi " 'kr ' in I f K is ., . ,ki l , f., -pa H. ,J H dv I ff S, Ig 1 fi I I , , ' . M ,rf I 1 ' ,iv 5 A .ing , N The Baseball Team-Front Row: Ronnie Young, John Greschuk, Raymond Buiiington, Bill Dickson, Bill Reagan, Bob Exum, Les McIntyre, Jim Crawford. Rear Row: Coach C. J, Taylor, Johnny Brechtel, Earl Ethridge, Clifton Vaughn, Billy Koski, Howard Berube, Carl Hollingsworth, James Allen, Jim Greem, John Nelson and Terry Hinton. K- J '."- -xlll' ...CW xW Bmeball at MSC Coach C. Taylor will he relying heavily on his returning lettermen for this season,s play. These returning lcttermen are Bill Dickson, Ronnie Young, Clifton Vaughn, Carl Hollingsworth, Raymond Bufiington, Jim Crawford, Earl Ethridge, Johnny Brechtel. Four new freshmen will be playing for Coach Taylor. These are Jim Green, Howard Beruhe, Bob Exum, and Bill Reagan. Coach Taylor is looking forward to a successful season. Returning Lettermen, Front Row: Jim Crawford, Ronnie Young, Raymond FN' Burlington, and Bill Dickson. Rear Row: Earl Ethridge, Clifton Vaughn, Carl Hollingsworth, and Johnny Brechtel. X ,ff 0 kj z J, ., , ,fi 1 . , 53 V Wfn, Les Mclntyre, Earl Ethridge, James Allen and Billy Koski are some of the pitching aces. Going to bat for Southern will be Carl Hollingsworth, Jim Gree, Jim Crawford, John Nelson, Raymond Buffington, Johnny Brechtel and John Grieschuk. , I I vm-ggmvgm --W 1-.- -as-, W ---WW. N A --in-V a 1 Tennis x j'i'jf"3o v saururu , L C0 ,5 Under Captain Dave Milligan, the 1961 Tennis season looks as V sig -1 pc 1' 'V , b , . though it will he a good one. Dave Milligan, Ed Petro and Bob f .- ' U! N if . I Anconetani will he playing in the top three positions. Newcomers , ' i' ,, who have made the team this year are Larry Hatten, Kenneth A - ff , af X' ' . . J L X , , if' ' 'lzigff A Hodges, and Bob Mclnvale. The tennis team will have a tough , T L ,fy y 'I ' ' A schedule, playing such schools as Tulane, LSU, Spring Hill and ,fi U . ,Y ' , M-11 f ., ,QQ i L , 1 Saps. iii . . . I In 1 ixf 6? Ll flfgi K1 4 yy 51 'i', , i .xl XX? R ww . i iii is Q ii f ii" V iif f it i-ii 7 I First Row: Dave Milligan, Bob Anconetani, and Ed Petro. Second Row: Bob Mclnvale, Kenneth Hodges, ij ,ehflf and Larry Hatten. . , Q . 7-vw -.v,.7-v-f .nl ,H as as 4 fi - ff A Q . :gf 'ifzgxg 5 L f he iff' - I g 'e F , as 5 1 M, lmquhuzlfvsa ."s- X - 114, i,i':": ' V iii in Mi TKT' i e s 'f , s T .ii is 'emi-.4 r,,, ' L11 V B. i "T"A-- r ,, . - A' Lil tw 'MT ' A V i Gu! I t , , 4 DAVE MILLIGAN I 1, Captain i '59, 35525 r If " , I ., .. ,jj L. 'BOB ANCONETANI Larry Hatten moves m. ED PETRO T, i l UEIZIB -' A 'iss 2 1--.. - "',f,- - . ' . :sf ' ,.. -r eff- is bg 4,5 . H-- . -- 9'--. -.- -, ..:.JN I , ,, ' 'fa gc. - . W- gat' fi - fi - 4-Ma.. "'P1sf...h lla'-' X i B. O. VAN HOOK, Coach Gay Last year the Golf Team beat such schools as Tulane, the Uni- versity of Alabama, Spring I-Iill, Northeast Louisiana College, Illi- nois Wesleyan, and Lamar Tech. At the Southern Intercollegiate Tournament, the Mississippi Southern Golf Team finished tenth out of Z6 teams. It finished third at the Lalce Charles Invitational Tournament out of 9 teams. Though the golf team is missing Wal- ter Love and Lonnie Cleveland, Coach B. O. VanHoolc expects a good season. Sparlcing this year's golf team will be Joe Phelps, Roy Smith, Tommy Butler, Keith Hannon, and Robbie Webb. The Golf Team, Tommy Butler, Roy Smith, Robbie Webb, Keith Hannon and Joe Phelps with Coach Van Hook standing in the back. mllefzw MQ Q'fq35s.'f"ff f' -A'x-' I ' ' Q ' I' ,h"".'5"-Eg' i-"' 1 F , if ' 'vs I v' - if Y. Q 90-uf 5 gs is 1 1 v. 1, h. -tx' f 71-wf 9 if -44" 2 W 'ix' 'A' Z 3 1 1 Q , W f Y f Q' Zi, 1 .1 ! Wx f 'f ix 4 5 4 4 f 2 ,f 6 X I .,. xi f 4 f :EE R 1-9:2751 K ' 512 'Y f 5 ,i "" .S fi! if Q' 2? 5 f se X x f 3 KH? . , fwg. 4, ' 4 . f fy 1 . . X ish, 75 V .. ,Q K vf fg' Xtadfg N wb' QM! N , S K ll , vw" ' ' if ,, . Ji M, . . 5 if x " ' :H " X K N. - X sv- A x 'V 9 ., ' 4 'fx 'li Senior Class Favorites: Larry Meredith, Lynn Pogue, and Earl Pugh. Senior Clam Fmforitey mul item Senior Class Officers, left to right: Joe Bradley, Presi dentg Billy Koski, Vice-Presidentg Milly Ball, Secre taryg Ruby Coggins, Treasurer. My ,MQW w 188 -'N 'li Q? mug, :v""m7P'r 1 CALVIN AARONS Brooklyn, New York Elementary Education Vice-president National Education Association: Social Chair- man Mississippi Educational Association: Delegate to S.N.E.A. Convention. SAMUEL WOODROW ABBOTT Hattiesburg Accounting HOWARD ABEL, KE Belzoni Real Estate 2 FRANKLIN W. ADAMS Pascagoula Biology KENNETH D. ADAMS Knoxville, Tennessee History WALTER KENNETH ADAMS Meridian History 3 ROBERT S. ADCOCK, 'CDKT Mobile, Alabama Business Administration Student Printz Staff, Editor: Phi Kappa Tau, Historian. WILLIAM M. AHL, JR. Hattiesburg Geography OLIVER AINSWORTH Braxton Chemistry Phi Eta Sigmag Kappa Mu Epsilon: American Chemical So- ciety, Vice President: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities: Omicron Delta Kappa. 4 HOLTON L. ALDERMAN Brookhaven Commerce SAMUEL E. ALEXANDER, JR. Fort Pierce, Florida History Circle K: Vice President of Scabbard and Blade: Southem Generals Drill Team: Company Commander Advanced ROTC. LYNDA ALLEY Edinburg Elementary Education 5 WAYNE S. ALLISTON Bay St. Louis Math PAUL ALLRED, KE Collins Commerce HENRY C. ALM, JR. Biloxi Arts and Sciences wq7i,,,. 91,4 lux 'P' 'UI l!"f"' Nw..- gmt 'WA 'Q--M, gsm: is l 1-S5-'f KU fSf"""' i is 'YS 'ft -.4 190 lo EN CLA SS o - 0 1 ALLEN J. ANDERSON, ATS? Kiester, Minnesota Accounting Delegate to S.U.S.G.A. ROBERT G. ANCONETANI, KE Vineland, New Jersey Business and Commerce SYLVIA APPLEBERRY McGhee, Arkansas Education and Psychology Women's Physical Education Club, Vice President and Treas- urer: House Chairman of Hickman Hall Winter Quarter 1959: Women's Affairs Board: House Chairma.- of Jones Hall Sum- mer 1960: Regional Co-ordinator of C.U.A. 2 DOUGLAS ARNOLD Meadville Education and Psychology NETTIE ASHLEY, AEA Bay Springs Commerce RICHARD E. ASSAF, ATS? Hattiesburg Management Class Favorite: Class President: Class Vice President: Inter- Fraternity Council, President: Honor Pledge, Pledge Trainer. President of Alpha Tau Omega: Student Senate for Three Years: Editor "Meet the Greeks": Section Editor of Drawl: Psychology Club: Collegiate Civitan Club. 3 KAY AYERS Biloxi Home Economics Education A. H. BAILEY Forest Industrial Arts Honor Fraternity-Iota Lambda Sigma: N.E.A. MILDRED BALL, KA Elizabeth City, N. C. English Featurette for Four Years: Band Council: Kappa Delta Parli- amentarian and Scholarship Chairman: S.U.S.G.A. Commit- tee: Wesley: Student Body Homecoming Maid: National Kappa Alpha Rose: Junior Class Favorite: Pi Kappa Alpha Pledge Sweetheart: Beauty 505' Three Years: Miss M.S.C. 1 5 . 4 CAROLYN BARNES . oak vaie Journalism Feature Editor of Student Printz: Vice House Chairman of Bolton Hall: Secretary of Independent Voter's League: Wom- en's Affairs Board. JIM S. BARNES Hattiesburg Geology President of Geology Club 1959-1960. ROBERT F. BARNETT Newton History 5 RAY BARRETT Purvis Commerce ANN BARRINEAU Pensacola, Florida History Kappa Delta Pi: S.N.E.A., Secretary: Treasurer of Honor House. GLENDA JEANNE BASS Poplarville Math 1 GENEVA BATTE Mount Olive Home Economics BODIE J. BEARD, IIKA Hattiesburg Commercial Art Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternityg Southem Generals Drill Team: ROTC Rifle Team: Captain-Southern Rifles: Company. Com- mander Advanced ROTCQ Vesper Choirg Choral Union. SUE A. BEESON, .AZ Long Beach Education Kappa Delta Pig Dixie Darlings. 2 G. F. BEISELL Hattiesburg Psychology ATWOOD BERRY Waynesboro Commerce JOHN C. BERRY Gulfport Education President's List. 3 WILLIAM TERRELL BETHEA, JR., ATO Hattiesburg Biology MRS. ALMA M. BLACK Gulfport Education CORA JO BLACKWELL Taylorsville Elementary Education 4 ALICE BLAILOCK Yazoo City Education CHARLES C. BLAKE Hattiesburg Education MARY LOU BLOUNT Gillsburg Home Economics 5 MARTHA L. BLUE Laurel Commerce JOHN D. BODDEN, KE Mobile, Alabama Business Administration THOMAS BARKLEY BOREN Greenville Commerce Delta Sigma Pig Retail Merchandising Club. Straighten up . . . here comes the Baker Bird. 1' 4 ' 11, 5' YW' !'Q5"3 UW fm fs:- fi 'lm' .f-'ff f lp-Q, fr-A fC."" 'gui 'wr T?- 'luv-var il 'M' Yip 'SJW 'LQ'- lr' aff' 14"- v"'k .Q , N 'YK frm' Q77 if gf 41 'N egg, 192. be ENI R CLA SS o - 0 1 EVA JEANETTE BOUNDS Gulfport Business Education Treasurer Tau Beta Sigma: Marching Band. GILES BOUNDS Newton History LELIA BOURDIN Pass Christian Horne Economics Home Economics Club: Newman Club: Kappa Omicron Phi: 4-H Club: N.E.A. 2 JAMES CARROLL BOURNE Oakville Business Administration JAMES W. BOWLIN Bogue Chitto Architectual Drafting CAROLYN BOYD Mobile, Alabama Education 3 JOE BRADLEY, Efhli Rome, Georgia Economics Sigma Phi Epsilon Pledge Trainer: Secretary, House Man- ager: Delta Sigma Pi, Secretary: Canterbury Club Program Chairman, Vice President: Inter-Fraternity Council Repre- sentative: REW Committee of 100. LARRY E. BRADLEY Sumrall Arts dz Sciences Phi Eta Sigma Treasurer: Yellow Jacket Vice President: ODK: KME: Wesley Foundation Treasurer and 2nd Vice President: Justice of Student Court: Scabbard and Blade: Outstanding Sophomore and Junior ROTC Cadet: Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges: President of Student Government Association: Delegate of Mississippi Youth Congress and Southern Universities Stu- dent Government Association. SAMUEL EDWARD BRADLEY Hattiesburg Marketing 4 MARTHA LOU BRADSHAW Jackson Elementary Education CLARENCE L. BRISTER Hattiesburg Business Administration BETTY QUAY BROADFOOT, QM Jackson Secretarial Science Membership Director, Phi Mu: Vice President Pledge Class: Westminster Fellowship: Student. Union Activities Board. 5 GLENN A. BROADWAY Tutwiler Recreation CHARLES W. BROGDON Wuahitchku, Florida English REX BROADHEAD, KA Mendenhall Business Administration 1 JOHN c. BROOME, JR. Raymond Business Administration I. D. BROWN, KE Lucedale Government Mifrzi BROWN Pascagoula English Secretary and Treasurer of Lambda Iota Tau: President Lambda Iota Tau: Poetry Editor of the Crux: Secretary and Treasurer of the Fencing Club: Student Library Assistant: Biology Laboratory Assistant. 2 MEADETTE BRUMFIELD Tylertown Home Economics Kappa Delta Pi, MACK WENDELL BRYANT Mize Arts and Science GEORGE BULLOCK Biloxi Elementary Education 3 JANE ANN BURFORD, AZ Mobile, Alabama Clothing and Textiles Delta Zeta Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary: Secretary and Treasurer of Jones Hall: Retailing and Mer- chandising Club, Secretary and Program Chairman: Feature Editor of Souri-mnmzn Staff: Student Union Activities Com- mittee: Home Economics Club: Baptist Student Union. RALPH DALLAS BURNS, JR. Jackson Business Administration JEANETTE BURNSIDE Meridian Education Baptist Student Union Officer: N.E.A. 4 ALICE JANE BURT Oakland Secretarial Science R.O.T.C. Sponsor. JERRY BURT Columbia Education NANCY BURT Quitman Education 5 IDA CAROLYN BUSBY Ellisville Commerce MARION ANN BUSBY, .AEA Waynesboro . Business Education Secretary of P1 Omega Pi: BSU Devotional Chairman, State Secretary of BSU: Kappa Delta Pi: Alpha Sigma Alpha Parllamentariani Devotional Chairman of Jones Hall. CHARLES BUSH Laurel Arts and Sciences Scabbard and Blade: German Club: A.S.C.: Outstanding Junior Cadet, ROTC: Military Science Award. Its your duty to vote even if it is the second or third time. iw: N aid:-+31 Q- -.L if'- A , H? aa- f M M ff'-ei ,, MM, WIN.--rv K-fm-7 if Jar' wa- "Tw 'Nur Y' 'QW'-1 "Q"-ll 'Wil' ffm? 'Nw' 'Nr' qw-werv frm V as "-504 Tw-X 193 f"'N ,qs mv X' -,nr . V., .,.. , ff 12: av-i . 'uw Y" Ms- -. wif' ' fe .XL-vigrx? N1'5f,!, Q, till ' 2,2 fav' "'-5 ' 2'-'-Eiiiv. :af l ""f-Rye V 4 . V' asain, slggwf' I' -' bf"g.,A55x1.s....5 " f-f . 1 'tiff 'TTWL LT '+- ' .55Rrxa5-ra-:'.:3f-I ffxrh fiffsv ' QifZ'?J:::1-1 .fi vga. , na - -P ii-:.5+f:f1 'Q f f. .wa 'fi als ff . . ,lbw f-,.,,2.w f- f ,. .- .f ....e swf V.-...W-'zr.5,,-E' , 7, -.,v- 45' ,fy 1 I"4.,5.4f.'e ,Ha nw A anime? rfh?a4'.e 3,1219 , V ia. fini? . .aff tjg,":v' yi 'N W' ' W . 'E f' f .' vw '.-.v 'f'xgj,fiEgZ"'- lirlgz' 13:1 '!1L':flff'- 751. M A9 :fm r-ri. 1 .cv 1, 'ffgje 'ii f ' 4.l-A EN on ' -1'-. 11 P be -vw ' ,. , 0, 9h1w1M!,Q5'f,?f1?zf:f'f .. ,.,. ,, .Y 'S ww, ig?-g"": :iv ze! ' fri ', is it 1 fa. fs- ,Wit rf gt-cf, 5 if of 1 5 asf M viii . , 613: hffefowf agggw H' ,435 . - Q f . r My 4 ww J 4:12. ,gr -ef fri' as 3' , gal" my " -.1 'ees U N ,. ,V 'VY 4 - ,M 'Jae J A V an 6 "ac ,pu-ax '?x X-,A 'SSX Bl 1-X is.,- VW- 'QW ,-a 194 SUE McLAURIN BUSH Ellisville Elementary Education B. J. BYRD Enterprise Business Administration GERALD BYRD Mobile, Alabama Math 2 PEGGY L. CALCOTE Brookhaven Elementary Education LINDA CALHOUN Laurel Home Economics Education Home Economics Club. RICHARD A. CALHOUN Moselle General Science 3 SHELTON WARD CALHOUN, Acacia Meridian Business Corresponding Secretary Acacia Fraternity. JOHN DURWOOD CANOY Mendenhall Education ESTER CARLISLE New Orleans, Louisiana Commerce 4 MERLENE CARLISLE McComb Commerce JAMES F. CARNEY, ATQ Hattiesburg Business Administration Pledge Class Presidentg Alpha Tau Omega House Manager: Thomas Arkle Clark Award for Outstanding Senior in Alpha Tau Omega Chapter, GEORGE L. CARR, JR. Hattiesburg Arts and Science Scabbard and Bladeg American Chemical Society: German Club: ROTC Company Commander. 5 REBECCA E. CARR Hattiesburg Home Economics MARY NELL CARRUTH, AEA Sumrall Home Economics Education Wesley: Home Economics Club Reporter: Alpha Sigma Alpha Magazine Subscription Chairman, Vice President, Presidentg Panhellenic Council: Kappa Delta Pi Social Chairman. SHERRY JEANICE CARSON Belzoni Elementary Education M.E.A.: Vesper Choir: Student Union Boardg Southern Play- ers: Newman Club. 1 1 WILLIAM H. CARSON, JR., Acacia Iuka Education MARTHA CARTER Laurel Speech Correction Sigma Alpha Eta, Corresponding Secretary. JOHN P. CASEY, JR. Nobelsville, Ind. History 2 ENRIQUE CASTELLANO Lima, Peru Business LYNETTE CASTLE Collinsville English NORMAN W. CATLEDGE Hattiesburg French P.A.S.A.-Outstanding Freshman, Southern Players, Cheer- leader, Debate Team, C.U.A., French Club, Circle K, Secre- tary, Crux. 3 ROBERT E. CECILE syracuse, N. Y. History JOSEPH A. CEALLI Bogalusa, La. Commerce DAVID G. CHAFFIN Woodville History 4 FRANKLIN R. CHAPPELL Collins Commerce K. L. CHEW Ocean Springs Education President's List. CAROLYN CHISHOLM MCC!-eek Elementary Education 5 JIMMY D. CHRESTMAN Marka Business Administration TINA CIANI Pass Christian Fine Arts Vice-President of Kappa Pi. JASPER DILLARD CLARK Mount Olive Art Education Where ya' at, Nat? lf' ff l ,paw KW Z1 I L ff? E mf' svn' Tiff, f 15' 'Vi 'K rw 0' ' f 412 4, , I , i , ,Z -W 1. Isa I , in 5 VT is vp. ,Y A 7'-1 2. P' , tgff ,Wx 4-,ww 49' 04 Ava! wiiggifgi 3 5 is wig +. '1 Ui if ,, is '55 K f 54 'Vg f 4 TW , . fi 1.229 f, ,il .. Q .,., ,z,,..W1zm -. , Y, W, ,131 ,I 'gy gf 32 iw 'fa ffm 4 'i aw f' 1 M' f is H L xi ,yi ' 2 X, F f Q is, ,gg .1 , 555: X 3 1. 3 2' " 1 1 JH . , 'S IU" -...B- QQ Q0-Q' Q' 5 Q S, yur W -v . Lv., ,A-qi Ars. 'S ,-.fc-. my 9 Wil'- 'WJ he EN UR CLASS 0-0 I ROY GARLAND CLARK Laurel Business Administration CAREY W. CLAY Meridian General Science LEWIS D. CLINTON Laurel Commerce D.S.F. 2 MARGARET ANN CLINTON Jackson Fine Arts Pi Kappa Gamma Outstanding Freshman Girl: BSU Execu- tive Council, Greater Councilg Vesper Choirg Mu Phi Epsilong Pi Tau Chip Southern Singers. DAVID W. COKER Magee Arts and Science DANNY C. COOK Sunny South, Alabama Jourmilism 3 WILLIAM D. COOK Heidelberg Business Administration ALTON W. COOPER Tylertown Business Administration ERICH CORLEY Moss Point Commerce 4 KAY VIVIAN COTHERN Gulfport Education Vice President of Kappa.De1ta Pig Chairman of Wesley. MARY SANDS COUGH Mobile Education THOMAS COVINGTON Bailey Education 5 VEVA SUE COX Brandon- Commerce JANE ELLEN CRABDREE Mendenhall Music Education Mu Phi Epsilon: Kappa Delta Pi: BSU. HUGH CHARLES CRAFT Jayess Education 1 BARBARA CRANFORD Seminary Commerce JOE CREWS McComb Arts and Sciences President Forrest County Hall: Men's Affairs Board: Psychol- ogy Club: Phi Eta Sigma President: Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges: Omicron Delta Kappa: ODK nomi- nee for "Outstanding Freshman": Student Court:. Baptist Student Union President and Vice President: Orientation Committee: Religious Emphasis Week Committee: Mississippi South.ern's Rhode's Scholarship Nominee: Yellow Jacket: IVL. HARLON CRIMM Forest Commerce N.E.A.: BSU. 2 J. PERRY CRUMLEY Concord, Mass. History ROBERT PRESLEY CRUTHIRDS Mobile, Alabama History DON CUNNINGHAM Sharpsburg, Kentucky History 3 BECKY DABBS, KA Sanatorium Home Economics Kappa Delta Pi: Home Economics Club: Dixie Darlings: Kappa Delta Sorority: BSU. WILLIAM PAUL DANIELS Silver Creek Education KATHLEEN M. DANKERT, .KA Chicago, Illinois Journalism Student Printz Society Editor for three years: SOUTHERN!-IR Greek Editor and Class Editor: Kappa Delta Treasurer: New- man Club: Youth for Nixon-Lodge Club Chairman. 4 MARILYN ELAINE DARBY, AAA Jackson Biology Delta Delta Delta Sorority Service Projects Chairman and Corresponding Secretary: Freshman Counselor: Phi Delta Rhq:.Beta Beta Beta: Alpha Epsilon Delta Treasurer: BSU: Religious Emphasis Week Committee of 100: Staff of Student Printz: American Chemical Society. CHERRY DAUGHDRILL, A'Z Leaf Education CULLIE DAVIDSON, KA Birmingham, Alabama History Pi Sigma Epsilon. 5 LINDA DAVIDSON, 222 Carthage .English C01'l'0SPonding secretary for Sigma Sigma Sigma: Monitor, Treasurer, Secretary, and Social Chairman of Dormitory. ARTHUR G. DAVIS, JR. Mobile, Alabama Commerce KERNEY DAVIS Laurel Accounting And I'm supposed to smile . . . too? e 2 , lf ., lm, . A if as mv 'f"f.,.'1'337 'Di- T' 3' ,R 1,32 Vw 'M- gf? 197 awww ,-an. ,vs v .L ir'- '93 ' -. vii if WJ., 'wi 18 'WJ' 'Pfr rl YE""' U 'R 198 e EN CLASS 0 - 0 1 THOMAS W. DAVIS, JR. Bayou La Batre, Ala. Business Administration' ANN CAROL DAY Long Beach Sociology Kappa Delta Pi: Wesley Foundation: Psi Club: IVL. JAMES DEAN Gulfport Psychology 2 JAMES W. DEAS Purvis Commerce CHARLES B. DEDWYLDER Quitman Physical Education Football letterman: Baseball: M Club. DOROTHY JEAN DEES Grand Bay, Ala. Home Economics Kappa Delta Pi: Home Economics Club: Wesley Foundation: Student NEA. 3 TOMMY DENMAN Brookhaven Journalism Dorm Proctor: Student Senator. ARTHUR M. DENNIS Metropolis, Ill. Industrial Arts Bootstrap student. BETTYE WALLEY DEXTER Richton Home Economics 4 VIC DICKERSON Mendenhall Commerce Delta Sigma Pl. ROBERT J. DIECKMAN Pensacola, Fla. Commerce DON L. DINGER Hattiesburg History 5 FRANK L. DIXON Bushnell, Ill. History JACKIE DODSON Harperville English Wesley: Vesper Choir. RICHARD DOIRON, IIKA Hattiesburg Education Wesley, President: Pi Tau Chl, President: Scabbard and Blade: Recreation Club: Proctor: Senator: Pl Kappa Alpha: Orientation Committee: Religious Emphasis Week Committee: Circle K Club, Treasurer: Omicron Delta Kappa Outstanding Freshman Award. 1 ROBERT M. DORSEY Hattiesburg Radio and Television M.S.C. Band: WMSU Program Director: Wesley. ERIC L. DUNBAR New Orleans, La. Commerce JAMES A. DUNCAN Hattiesburg Education Kappa Delta Pig Theta Gamma Chapter. 2 CHARLES T. DUNN Hattiesburg Biology WALTER R. DUNN Biloxi History MICHAEL E. DUTTON Mobile, Alabama Chemistry 3 DENNIS L. EASLEY, JR. Hattiesburg Biology JOHN BENNETT EASTERLING Richton Journalism Senior Senatorg Student Printz Staff. WILLIAM R. EASTERLING McLain Business Administration 4 RICHARD A. ECKERT New Orleans, La. Business Administration Vice President of Delta Sigma Pig Scabbard and Blade. WILLIAM FRED EDMONSON Hattiesburg Marketing M.S.C. Bandg Yellow Jacketsg Participated in Orchestra in Three College Musicals. MARGARETT ANN EDWARDS Meridian Elementary Education N.E.A. 5 MAUREEN EICKELBERGER, AEA Morton Home Economics BSU Social Chairmanp Alpha Sigma Alpha Pledge Officer, Music Chairman: Dormitory Officer for Two Yearsg Home Economics Clubg BSU Executive Council. JOHN L. EIDENIRE Miami, Florida History ANNIE SUE EITEL Bogue Chitto Home Economics Home Economics Clubg 4-H Clubp BSU. Working your way through college? wk -Mi" Fii...i IIT! 'WI ?".Ij3'? Wgfw iftpii, 2, , 5 2 iv , ., wagging? 2 A-w,,.,,,,h A 4 4 f f , 1 t is f ,511 gf 2 W4 0 W . f 2,75 9 , Wpff '- , Q15 4 if vi , '- V - ',. Yffw.. 199 4'- +15 if dbx. 5 'Gib- 'Z'-W Avi ,"'h9'. "Z7"Tf' "f-i?'r 'WA 'Y' iffy ff F: as if I N s is --. 6 ENI R CLASS 0 - 0 1 JOHN THOMAS ELFER, HKA St. Rose, La. Biology Pi Kappa Alnha Vice President of Pledge Class, Sergeant of Arms: Inter-Fraternity Council Representative: REW Com- mittee of 100: Soutnern Broadcasters, Charter Member: New- man Club: 4-H Club: Yellow Jacket. BE'I'I'Y J. ELIAS Gulfport Sociology FRANCES STERLING ELLIS Sumrall English 2 JAMES T. ELLIS Natchez Accounting JOHN WILSON ELLIS Vicksburg Commerce Treasurer of,Student Government Association: President of Alpha Epsilon Alpha: Delta Sigma Pi. WAYNE T. ELLIS Natchez Accounting Alpha Epsilon Alpha. 3 ROBERT ERVIN Jackson Accounting Alpha Epsilon Alpha. OTIS H. ERWIN Murray, Kentucky History EUBIE F. ETHERIDGE Atrnore, Alabama Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. 4 WILLIAM M. ETHERIDGE Atmore, Alabama Mathematics LOWELL EVANS 1 Wilmer. Alabama Business Administration THOMAS R. EVANS Wilmer, Alabama Business Administration 5 JOSEPH PRICE EVERETT Magee Mathematics BSU President: Phi Mu,Epsilon: Committee of 100 REW: SCA Member. MADELYN T. EVERETT, KA Magee Home Economics Education Phi Kappa Tau Sweetheart: Senator: ROTC Sponsor: Dixie Darling: Top Beauty: Sophomore Class Officer: BSU: Home Economics Club: Kappa Delta Press Chairman and Corre- sponding Secretary: Second Altemate in Miss M.S.C. Pageant: College Union Activity Board. BOBBY E. EXUM Marianna, Florida Psychology 1 1 BARBARA FELDER Magnolia Math Kappa Mu Epsilon: Kappa Delta Pi. JOHNNY E. FELTY Agricola Education NEAQ Mississippiansg BSU. GAIL FINLAY, .AAA Bay St. Louis Education Delta Delta Delta Rush Chairman: Alpha Lambda Delta: An- nual Staffg Panhellenic Representative and Secretaryg Fresh- man Dormitory Counselor. 2 JAMES P. FLEMING Hattiesburg Math DON FLETCHER, E'-HE Oneonto, New York Education JIMMY FOHRMAN, EHDE Pensacola, Florida Education 3 TIM V. FOLEY, JR., KE Clarksdale Industrial Arts ZELMA A. FORBES New Orleans, La. Elementary Education BSU: S.N.E.A. JERRY FOSTER Hattiesburg Business Administration Pi Sigma Epsilon. 4 B. CATHERINE FRANKE Gulfport Library Science MARGARET ANN GANDY Jackson Business Administration WINFRED GARNER, ATU Bay Minette, Ala. Accounting 5 EPHRAIIVI S. GARRETT, III Gulfport Pre-Med Business Manager of Southem Drawlg President of Canter- bury Clubg AEDg Beta Beta Betag Psychology Club: ACS. GINGER GARRETT, AAA Hattiesburg English Alpha Lambda Delta Scholarship Chairman and Treasurer: Delta Delta Delta Oustanding Panhellenic Pledge, Outstand- ing Freshman Woman: House Chairman of Hattiesburg Hall: Vice House Chairman of Hickman Hall: Women's Affairs Board: Freshman Class Treasurerg Sophomore Class Treas- urer. THOMAS GARRETT Laurel Business Administration We're in love, see! ,auf . awww, 'f lr au1sams,xm.asewuons4ss,:s , .,..,,:f' 'W at ,.,-an i, ,din 3? x 41" mn? ,wav ,J ,WWF Q11 Arif 've . 5' Af' K .ff x 5, 4' 'X ' I' V B it if if ' fi x X' ix is 5 IWW- '44, P32 ,JZ X Q E .,,, 4' rw may 1- nv Q' 5y,,,.., rex MA -M 535 'ZS 'Elv- V'ff""vp -b-wif' 'S Q' throw' fm M. if t- fi 202 he ENI R CLASS 1 WILLIAM H. GASTON Mobile, Ala. Business Administration M Clubg BSU. ROSEMARY GATEWOOD, LPM History Pi Gamma Mu. WILLIAM THOMAS GATEWOOD Education 2 JACQUELINE GAY, KA Home Economics Doddsville Bay Springs Hattiesburg Kappa Delta Scholarship Chairmang Sergeant At Arms -of Wesley Foundation and Missions Chairmang Home Economics Club Reporter. J OANN A GEORGE Education Hattiesburg Women's Affairs Board: Feature Beauty: Vesper Choirg REW Committee of 100. THOMAS NICHOLAS GEORGES, EQIAE Hattiesburg Commerce Scabbard and Blade Military Fraternity: Newman Club: Pan American Students Association: Socc 3 JESSIE MAE GERALD er Team: M Club. Smithdale Elementary Education JAMES W. GLASSER, Acacia Chemistry JERRY GOODMAN, ATQ Business 4 EUGENE COMBS GOODWIN, IIKA Psychology President of Pi Kappa Alphag Phi Mu Meridian Mobile Macon Alpha Simphoniat Recreation Club Vice President: Circle K Club Vice Presi- dent: Psychology Clubg CUA3 Inter-Fraternity Councilg An- nual Staffg Student Printz Staff: Orientation Committee. BETTY RAYE GRAFTON Business Education ELWYN D. GRAHAM Math BSU. 5 JERRY LYNN GRAHAM, AEA Elementary Education THOMAS W. GRAHAM, JR. Industrial Arts REBECCA MURPHY GRANTHAM Elementary Education 1 Laurel Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Waynesboro Hattiesburg 1 WALTER B. GRANTHAM McLaurin Mathematics ADEN L. GRAVES, JR. Seminary Biology JERRY GRAVES Columbia Mathematics 2 JAMES GRAYSON Mize Commerce DEE GREATHOUSE, KA Fayette Commerce BECKY GREEN, XID Hattiesburg Education Alpha Lambda Delta: Sophomore Senator: Activities Chair- man of Chi Omega: President of Chi Omega: Panhellenic Council: Secretary of Chi Omega Pledge Class. 3 ELIZABETH VANN GREEN, .AIZ Laurel Elementary Education BRENDA GREENE, IPM Picayune Home Economics Betty Dukes Craft Scholarship Winner: Kappa Omega Phi President: Home Economics Club: SCOPE: Freshman Orien- tation Group Leader: Omcer of Phi Mu: Kappa Delta Pi. MINNIE CATHRYN GREER Poplarville Education 4 NAN FRANCES GREER Bogue Chitto Home Economics Home Economics Club: 4-H Club: BSU: MEA. ARNOLD W. GREEN, Acacia McComb Mathematics SHIRLEY FAY GRIFFIN Meridian Elementary Education 5 RICHARD GUESS Hattiesburg Mathematics JOHNNY GUNNELL Bogue Chitto Mathematics JERRY R. GUNTER Greenville Physics Kappa Mu Epsilon Secretary: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Phys- ics Club: German Club: MSC Band: Yellow Jackets: Kappa Kappa Psi. Over 200 boys in this dorm and I have to do all the work. ,, X , R 7 .. ., , 4 ,,,., . 292 X 4 I. ., . I: If 2? A5 4 W 2 may if f r by' ff f ,, if-if 4 W ff 1 Lf' T' , 1 L ' WW fi f 4 a 1 ! M973 ' yi eff 2 Z 2 ff 5 We Yr-ew ac':."' 'Vx Q.-N ima' l ml fi'-fs "HW wgjf ,- 'Yi' 4r""1 il' '03 QP, Nffrrvvf NPS, Am I he I x A if: -tm 1-0 iw fa.-'K lm. 'VK s ' Nv-V' 'fir K RA X 7 15 ,ggi f' X- V.. L 'V V .64 I , f fs' V. Q I if 204 ENI R CLASS 1 STANFORD P. GWIN, IIKA Knoxville, Tennessee Speech Pi Kappa Delta: Tau Kappa Alpha: Outstanding Debator: Southem Players. ELIZABETH NELLE HAIRSTON Meridian Art und Spanish Corresponding Secretary of Newman Club: Secretary and Treasurer of Kappa Pi: Secretary and Treasurer of Pan American Student Association, President. IDA RUTH HAMMONS Pascagoula Elementary Education 2 DONAVER P. HANNA Ellisville Psychology ISAAC "DAVID" HARRIS, JR. Ocean Springs Recreation Vice President Recreation Club. JACK DARRELL HARRIS McComb Commerce 3 JUDITH ANN HARRISON, AAA Chattanooga, Tenn. Psychology Vice House Chairman and Monitor of Hattiesburg Hall: Wom- en's Affairs Board: Outstanding Freshman Woman: Model Pledge, Treasurer, Vice President of Delta Delta Delta: Vice President of Westminster Fellowship: REW Committee of 100 for Three Years: Executive Assistant, Business Manager, and Editor of 1960 Sou'menNsn: Cheerleader: President and Senior Advisor of Alpha Lambda Delta: Treasurer of Pi Tau Chi: Secretary and Treasurer of Phi Delta Rho: Pi Kappa Pi: Pi Gamma Mu: Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities: Miss MSC: Dreamgirl of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity: Committee Chairman of Student Conference on Paramount Events: Representative to Student Conference On National Affairs at Texas A and M: Junior Maid, Senior Maid of Homecoming Court: Student Senate for Two Years: Associate Justice of Student Court. MARY ALICE HARRISON Raleigh Institution Management HELEN GAYLE HARROD, XS? Long Beach Elementary Education Beauty: Rose of Delta Sigma Pi: Chi Omega Sorority: Fea- ture Beauty: Southern Student NEA: BSU. 4 . GERALD HART Bogue Chitto History WILLIE E. HARVEY Monticello Education MARY ANN HAYS, X9 Philadelphia Elementary Education Social Chairman Chi Omega: Modem Dance Club: Charm School Staff: Wesley: Student NEA. 5 H. S. HEDGEPETH New Augusta Religion WALTER N. HEDGES Mississippi City Mathematics JOHN HEIDER, E411-3 Hattiesburg Commercial Art President of Newman Club: President of Collegiate Clvitan Club: Rush Chairman of Sigma Phi Epsilon: ROTC Ohicer: Color Guard in ROTC. 1 BARBARA FELDER MaS1'l0liH Math Kappa Mu Epsilon: Kappa Delta Pi. JOHNNY E. FELTY Agricola Education NEA: Mississippians: BSU. GAIL FINLAY, ,A.AnA Bay St. Louis Education Delta Delta Delta Rush Chairmang Alpha Lambda Delta: An- nual Staffp Panhellenic Representative and Secretaryg Fresh- man Dormitory Counselor. 2 JAMES P. FLEMING Hattiesburg Math DON FLETCHER, ELSE Oneonto, New York Educaticm JIMMY FOHRMAN, EIDE Pensacola, Florida Education 3 TIM V. FOLEY, JR., KZ Clarksdale Industrial Arts ZELMA A. FORBES New Orleans, La. Elementary Education BSU: S.N.E.A. JERRY FOSTER Hattiesburg Business Administration Pi Sigma Epsilon. 4 B. CATHERINE FRANKE Gulfport Library Science MARGARET ANN GANDY Jackson Business Administration WINFRED GARNER, ATU Bay Minette, Ala. Accounting 5 EPHRAIM S. GARRETT, III Gulfport Pre-Med Business Manager of Southern Drawlg President of Canter- bury Clubg AED: Beta Beta Beta: Psychology Club: ACS. GINGER GARRETT, AAA Hattiesburg English Alpha Lambda Delta Scholarship Chairman and Treasurerg Delta Delta Delta Oustanding Panhellenic Pledge, Outstand- urg Freshman Woman: House Chairman of Hattiesburg Hall: Vice House Chairman of Hickman Hall: Women's Affairs Board: Freshman Class Treasurerg Sophomore Class Treas- urer. THOMAS GARRETT Laurel Business Administration We're in love, see! i,mamm4smumwp,,1cmnmae.. ,, , , I i, av, V...- 2? at E29 551' My f ' J-J new Q.. ' Wm .SS X ,AIP 6,04 11" Industrial Arts him si iff be EN 0 CLASS 0 - o 1 WILLIAM H. GASTON Mobile, Ala. Business Administration M Clubg BSU. ROSEMARY GATEWOOD, dill Doddsville History Pi Gamma Mu. WILLIAM THOMAS GATEWOOD Bay Springs Education 2 JACQUELINE GAY, KA Hattiesburg Home Economics Kappa Delta Scholarship Chairmang Sergeant At Arms of Wesley Foundation and Missions Chairman, Home Economics Club Reporter. J OANNA GEORGE Hattiesburg Education Women's Affairs Board: Feature Beauty, Vesper Choirg REW Committee of 100. THOMAS NICHOLAS GEORGES, ELIIE Hattiesburg Commerce Scabbard and Blade Military Fraternityg Newman Club: Pan American Students Associationg Soccer Team: M Club. 3 JESSIE MAE GERALD Smithdale Elementary Education JAMES W. GLASSER, Acacia Meridian Chemistry JERRY GOODMAN, ATQ Mobile Business 4 EUGENE COMBS GOODWIN, HKA Macon Psychology President of Pi Kappa Alpha: Phi Mu Alpha Simphoniag Recreation Club Vice President: Circle K Club Vice Presi- dent: Psychology Club: CUA3 Inter-Fraternity Council: An- nual Staffg Student Printz Staff: Orientation Committee. BETTY RAYE GRAFTON Laurel Business Education ELWYN D. GRAHAM Hattiesburg Math BSU. 5 JERRY LYNN GRAHAM, AEA Hattiesburg Elementary Education THOMAS W. GRAHAM, JR. Waynesboro REBECCA MURPHY GRANTHAM Elementary Education Hattiesburg 1 WALTER B. GRANTHAM Mathematics ADEN L. GRAVES, JR. Biology JERRY GRAVES Mathematics 2 JAMES GRAYSON Commerce DEE GREATHOUSE, KA Commerce BECKY GREEN, X19 Education McLaurin Seminary Columbia Mize Fayette Hattiesburg Alpha Lambda Delta: Sophomore Senator: Activities Chair- man of Chi Omega: President of Chi Omega: Panhellenic Council: Secretary of Chi Omega Pledge Class. 3 ELIZABETH VANN GREEN, .NZ Elementary Education BRENDA GREENE, 'IDM Home Economics Laurel Picayune Betty Dukes Craft Scholarship Winner: Kappa Omega Phi President: Home Economics Club: SCOPE: Freshman Orien- tation Group Leader: Officer of Phi Mu: Kappa Delta Pi. MINNIE CATHRYN GREER Poplarville Education 4 NAN FRANCES GREER Bogue Chitto Home Economics Home Economics Club: 4-H Club: BSU: MEA. ARNOLD W. GREEN, Acacia McComb Mathematics SHIRLEY FAY GRIFFIN Meridian Elementary Education 5 RICHARD GUESS Hattiesburg Mathematics JOHNNY GUNNELL Bogue Chitto Mathematics JERRY R. GUNTER Greenville Physics Kappa Mu Epsilon Secretary: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Phys- ics Club: German Club: MSC Band: Yellow Jackets: Kappa Kappa Psi. Over 200 boys in this dorm and I have to do all the work. R I 5 Q , f. 1 52 7 X an , N, ,WW .,..... , . ef aa ffl ff 5 M, 3 i4 if - ff , Q QQ ' .49 f 1 , I y 1 f S 'Y ----,K I ,.4E"" . f' I 'o I Q l, -,5,:., ,f 'I Q . 1 4'.'.i.If" EW haf'- W whiff' ,uv-gg -6317 I' fi? ., i I il' 'M j l : ln, ,652 ei" A if is 1 l X -. -. I4 A fi 'HN XF la ENI R CLASS 1 STANFORD P. GWIN, IIKA Knoxville, Tennessee Speech Pi Kappa Delta: Tau Kappa Alpha: Outstanding Debator: Southem Players. I I ELIZABETH NELLE HAIRSTON Meridian Art and Spanish Corresponding Secretary of Newman Club: Secretary and Treasurer of Kappa Pi: Secretary and Treasurer of Pan American Student Association, President. IDA RUTH HAMMONS Pascagoula Elementary Education 2 DONAVER P. HANNA Ellisville Psychology ISAAC "DAVID" HARRIS, JR. Ocean Springs Recreation Vice President Recreation Club. JACK DARRELL HARRIS McComb Commerce 3 JUDITH ANN HARRISON, AAA Chattanooga, Tenn. Psychology Vice House Chairman and Monitor of Hattiesburg Hall: Wom- en's Aifairs Board: Outstanding Freshman Woman: Model Pledge, Treasurer, Vice President of Delta Delta Delta: Vice President of Westminster Fellowship: REW Committee of 100 for Three Years: Executive Assistant, Business Manager, and Editor of 1960 Sournannsn: Cheerleader: President and Senior Advisor of Alpha Lambda Delta: Treasurer of Pi Tau Chi! Secretary and Treasurer of Phi Delta Rho: Pi Kappa Pi: Pi Gamma Mu: Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities: Miss MSC: Dreamgirl of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity: Committee Chairman of Student Conference on Paramount Events: Representative to Student Conference On National Affairs at Texas A and M: Junior Maid, Senior Maid of Homecoming Court: Student Senate for Two Years: Associate Justice of Student Court. MARY ALICE HARRISON Raleigh Institution Management HELEN GAYLE HARROD, XQ Long Beach Elementary Education Beauty: Rose of Delta Sigma Pi: Chi Omega Sorority: Fea- ture Beauty: Southern Student NEA: BSU. 4 GERALD HART Bogue Chitto History WILLIE E. HARVEY Monticello Education MARY ANN HAYS, Xi? Philadelphia Elementary Education Social Chairma.n Chi Omega: Modem Dance Club: Charm School Staff: Wesley: Student NEA. 5 H. S. HEDGEPETH New Augusta Religion WALTER N. HEDGES Mississippi City Mathematics JOHN HEIDER, EQE Hattiesburg Commercial Art President of Newman Club: President of Collegiate Civitan Club: Rush Chairman of Sigma Phi Epsilon: ROTC Officer? Color Guard in ROTC. 1 NICKY V. MCMULLIN Mattson Recreation CARL C. MCQUEEN Poplarville Business Administration JOY MCRAE CPM Meridian Business BSU: NEA. 2 DORIS S. McRANEY Brookhaven English GLENDA MCSWAIN Petal Home Economics ROGER S. MCVAY Mobile, Alabama Psychology 3 EMILY WILLIAMS MEYER .AZ Mobile, Alabama English Historian and Press Chairman of Delta Zeta: Historian of Alpha Lambda Deltag Feature Editor of Student Prmtzg REW Committee of 1003 Orientation Committeeg Young Democrats of America: Wesley. J. WAYNE MCWHORTER KA Hattiesburg Real Estate Kappa Alpha Pledge Court: Kappa Alpha Treasurerg Pi Sigma Epsilon Treasurer, GENE MEEKS Louin Education Pi Gamma Mu. 4 RONALD C. MEYER IIKA Mobile, Alabama Radiol and Television Director of Special Production WMSUQ Program Director of WMSUQ Outstanding Beginning Radio Student Awardg Young Democratsg Member of Southern Broadcasters. WALTER ELDRIDGE MILAM Charleston History BILLY MILES Hattiesburg Chemistry 5 EDDIE GERALD MILES CPKT Jackson Accounting THOMAS L. MILFORD, JR. Mobile, Alabama Commerce Corresponding Secretary of Pi Sigma Epsilong Scabbard and Blade: Track and Sabreg Distinguished Military Student. EDITH ANN MILLER IIB? Lauderdale English Kappa Delta Pi Secretaryg Pi Tau Chi: Wesleyg First Vice President and President of Wesley: SCF Corresponding and Recording Secretaryg Society of Mississippi MSM: Kappa Delta P1 Scholarshipg House Chairman: REW Committee of 100, Worship Chairman. Now we know what the girls look like after hours. J' ,ff I ill? Wm' df' as-asv' 213 I.-alfqbf 'hiv "'fn"r:sr Nw KSN .V L- Q'-v.. If f"'5 'HM ' ri an . 92,4 .ff wa x F A if Mig? Mi X if X ."' th , P ' 4 2 ' as 4 K 'ii 'R E? MZ ., ,, if it ' v yr 'tw 'QV 'JS A6 214 he EN UR CLASS 0 - 0 l EUGENE F. MILLER Ellijay, Georgia Math JAMES A. MILLER KA Wiggins Business Administration JOHN H. MILLER Raleigh Health and Physical Education 2 MRS. DOROTHEA B. MILLIGAN Lake Worth, Fla. Home Economics Education Kappa Omicron Pi. JAMES MICHAEL MILLIGAN Lake Worth, Fla. Geology ALLEN CLYDE MILLS Forest Physical Education Basketball: M Club. 3 JOHN B. MILLS Mobile, Alabama Biology First Sergeant to General Nat: Southern Generals Drill Teamg MSC Boxing Team. ROBERT MILLS Pre-Legal History Moss Point MARY LOU MITCHELL Nicholson Business Education House Otiicer for Two Years. 4 MARVIN EARL MONETTE, Acacia Meridian Spanish Canterbury Club: Fencing Club. NOEL MONSOUR Vicksburg Arts and Sciences IVL Second Vice President' and Dormitory Chairman: SGA Senior Senator: Bolton Floor Devotional Chairmang Bolton Captain for Intramural Sportsg Nixon Youth Club, Vice Chairman and Finance Committee Chairmang Student Printz Reporterg Jones Hall Floor Monitor: Westminster Fellowship. MARY LOYD MOONEYHAM Union Springs, Ala. Elementary Education Dixie Darlingsg Women's Affairs Board. 5 JACK L. MOORE Ames, Iowa Mathematics Baseball. JULIUS MOORE Enterprise General Science CAROL LEE MORGAN Hattiesburg Education I 1 JULIA MORGAN X0 FOI'0St Music Education Personal Chairman, Chi Omega: Secretary, Mu Phi EDSUOHQ Dormitory Council: BSU: Vesper Choir: Hattiesburg Choral Union: Opera Workshop: SNEA. PAUL C. MORGAN ATU Hattiesburg Arts and Science Scabbard and Blade: Yellow Jackets: Student Christian Fed- eration: Sports Editor, Student Printz: Sports E'd1tor, Souru- snrmn: Student Senate: Vice President, Sophomore-Class: Athletic Director, Social Chairman, Ceremonies Director, Rush Chairman, Alpha Tau Omega: Circle K: Student Na- tional Education. RODNEY MORGAN Biloxi Commerce BSU: Graduate Economics Club: Veterans Club. 2 THOMAS A, MORROW Georgiana, Ala. Physical Education M Club: Football Letterman: Baseball Letterman. CHARLES REID MOSELEY Ellisville Corrective Therapy ETHELDA MOSER Moorhead Elementary Education Wesley Foundation: Kappa Delta Pi. 3 LINDA MOSER KA Iuka Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon: Alpha Epsilon Alpha: Baptist Student Union. NORMA MOSER Iuka Business Education Treasure, Pi Omega Pi: Wesley. DAN NEWTON MOXLEY, Acacia Thomaston, Ala. Industrial Arts 4 PAT MOYNIHAN Laurel Biology AED. JO ANN MURRAY Pascagoula Elementary Education JEAN ELLEN MYATT AEA Purvis Education Kappa Delta Pi: Dormitory Officer: Wesley: C.U.A.: NEA. 5 CARY FRAND MYERS Port Arthur, Texas Mathematics JOHN M. NASH, Acacia Hattiesburg Chemistry DEXTER NETTLES Ruth Arts and Sciences Wonder what she'll do if he wets all over her? H-si' f"""v 'Q'-w--vy c..V1 N'9""i uv' ..,,--r fV'f 'Tits QW ,,.-f 1,9 all YK -1 -.qv 'VY' sw- in 'sm- I' The ENIOR CLASS 0 - o 1 JAMES LAVON NETTLES Gulfport Education WILLIAM NETTLES Monroeville, Alabama Education Iota Lambda Sigma. BENJAMIN GARLAND NEWMAN, JR. KA Natchez Arts and Sciences 2 CORINNE NEAL CPM Decatur Music Therapy Wesley: Music Therapy Club: Psychology Club: Vesper Choirg President MEWC. WILLARD MICHAEL NEWMAN Biloxi Real Estate ROBERT NEWSOME Monticello Mathematics 3 GERALD NEYMAN KA Rosedale Marketing Kappa Alpha Order: Pi Sigma Epsilon. JOSEPH PAUL NICOLOSI Gonsales, La. Education DON NOBLES Ellisville Music Education 4 BENNIE NOEL Forest p Business Administration ROY NORMAN Hazlehurst History BOBBY LEE ODOM ATS? Mobile, Alabama Business Administration 5 MARVIN RAY OGLESBY K2 Columbus Government Yellow Jacket: Circle Kg General Natg Junior Class Presi- dent: Kappa Sigma Outstanding Pledge, Outstanding Mem- ' M G d M t f C o ' President ber, House anagerp ran as er o erem nxesg Young Democrats Leagueg Vice Chairman Young Democrats League for Mississippi, La., and Arkansas: Inter-Fraternity Council for Three Yearsg Chairman Spirits Committee. GERALD ORR Music Education Laurel FRANKIE OWEN Mobile, Alabama Speech and Hearing Therapy 1 1 NICKY V. MCMULLIN Mattson Recreation CARL C. MCQUEEN Poplarville Business Administration JOY MCRAE fmi Meridian Business BSU: NELA. 2 DORIS S. MCRANEY Brookhaven English GLENDA MCSWAIN Petal Home Economics ROGER S, MCVAY Mobile, Alabama Psychology 3 EMILY WILLIAMS MEYER .AZ Mobile, Alabama English Historian and Press Chairman of Delta Zeta: Historian of Alpha Lambda Delta: Feature Editor of Student Prmtz: REW Committee of 100: Orientation Committee: Young Democrats of America: Wesley. J. WAYNE MCWHORTER KA Hattiesburg Real Estate Kappa Alpha Pledge Court: Kappa Alpha Treasurer: Pi Sigma Epsilon Treasurer. GENE MEEKS Louin Education Pi Gamma Mu. 4 RONALD C. MEYER IIKA Mobile, Alabarna Radio and Television Director of Special Production WMSU: Program Director of WMSU: Outstanding Beginning Radio Student Award: Young Democrats: Member of Southern Broadcasters. WALTER ELDRIDGE MILAM Charleston History BILLY MILES Hattiesburg Chemistry 5 EDDIE GERALD MILES CPKT Jackson Accounting THOMAS L. MILFORD, JR. Mobile, Alabama Commerce Corresponding Secretary of Pi Sigma Epsilon: Scabbard and Blade: Track and Sabre: Distinguished Military Student. EDITH ANN MILLER IIBQJ Lauderdale English Kappa Delta P1 Secretary: Pi Tau Chi: Wesley: First Vice President and President of Wesley: SCF Corresponding and Recording Secretary: Society of Mississippi MSM: Kappa Delta P1 Scholarship: House Chairman: REW Committee of 100, Worship Ch.airman. Now we know what the girls look like after hours L- 2'--. Z? x I. A WRWX 'i as , ,. 4 -Q.. y ff! . J4 ,.f- 'VV if 9690 time ft! U' 9. ily' Mfie ' ,'5f'Tb, 'J-'lf Q 'SIX 214 he BNI R CLA SS 0 - 0 1 EUGENE F. MILLER Ellijay, Georgia Math JAMES A. MILLER KA Wiggins Business Administration JOHN H. MILLER Raleigh Health and Physical Education 2 MRS. DOROTHEA B. MILLIGAN Lake Worth, Fla. Home Economics Education Kappa Omicron Pi. JAMES MICHAEL MILLIGAN Lake Worth, Fla. Geology ALLEN CLYDE MILLS Forest Physical Education Basketballg M Club. 3 JOHN B. MILLS Mobile, Alabama Biology First Sergeant to General Nat: Southern Generals Drill Team: MSC Boxing Team. ROBERT MILLS Moss Point Pre-Legal History MARY LOU MITCHELL Nicholson Business Education House Officer for Two Years. 4 MARVIN EARL MONETTE, Acacia Meridian Spanish Canterbury Club: Fencing Club. NOEL MONSOUR Vicksburg Arts and Sciences IVL Second Vice President and Dormitory Chairman: SGA Senior Senator: Bolton Floor Devotional Chairman: Bolton Captain for Intramural Sports: Nixon Youth Club, Vice Chairman and Finance Committee Chairmang Student P1-intz Reporter: Jones Hall Floor Monitorg Westminster Fellowship. MARY LOYD MOONEYHAM Union springs, Ala. Elementary Education Dixie Darlingsg Women's Ajfairs Board. 5 JACK L. MOORE Ames, Iowa Mathematics Baseball. JULIUS MOORE Enterprise General Science CAROL LEE MORGAN Hattiesburg Education 1 1 JULIA MORGAN X0 Forest Music Education Personal Chairman, Chi Omega: Secretary, Mu Phi EPSUOIIC Dormitory Council: BSU: Vesper Choir: Hattiesburg Choral Union: Opera Workshop: SNEA. PAUL C. MORGAN ATO Hattiesburg Arts and Science Scabbard and Blade: Yellow Jackets: Student Christian Fed- eration: Sports Editor, Student Printz: Sports Editor, Sounx- mum: Student Senate: Vice President, Sophomore.C1ass: Athletic Director, Social Chairman, Ceremonies Director, Rush Chairman, Alpha Tau Omega: Circle K: Student Na- tional Education. RODNEY MORGAN Biloxi Commerce BSU: Graduate Economics Club: Veterans Club. 2 THOMAS A. MORROW Georgiana, Ala. Physical Education M Club: Football Letterman: Baseball Letterman. CHARLES REID MOSELEY Ellisville Corrective Therapy ETHELDA MOSER Moorhead Elementary Education Wesley Foundation: Kappa Delta Pi. 3 LINDA MOSER KA Iuka Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon: Alpha Epsilon Alpha: Baptist Student Union. NORMA MOSER Iuka Business Education Treasure, Pi Omega Pi: Wesley. DAN NEWTON MOXLEY, Acacia Thomaston, Ala. Industrial Arts 4 PAT MOYNIHAN Laurel Biology AED. JO ANN MURRAY Pascagoula Elementary Education JEAN ELLEN MYATI' AEA Pupvig Education Kappa Delta Pi: Dormitory Officer: Wesley: C.U.A.: NEA. CARY FRAND MYERS Port Arthur, Texas Mathematics JOHN M. NASH, Acacia Hattiesburg Chemistry DEXTER NETTLES Ruth Arts and Sciences Wonder what she'll do if he wets all over her? if ef-M-9 v--......, 'ftp' ,E--4" ' ,. ,an 1,0 lr WW .ps - 411' 'Sv- M ',,i Te EN OR CLASS o - o 1 JAMES LAVON NETTLES Gulfport Education WILLIAM NETTLES Monroeville, Alabama Education Iota Lambda Sigma. BENJAMIN GARLAND NEWMAN, JR. KA Natchez Arts and Sciences 2 CORINNE NEAL QM Decatur Music Therapy Wesley: Music Therapy Club: Psychology Club: Vesper Choir: President MEWC. WILLARD MICHAEL NEWMAN Biloxi Real Estate ROBERT NEWSOME Monticello Mathematics 3 GERALD NEYMAN KA Rosedale Marketing Kappa Alpha Order: Pi Sigma Epsilon. JOSEPH PAUL NICOLOSI Gonsales, La. Education DON NOBLES Ellisville Music Education 4 BENNIE NOEL Forest Business Administration ROY NORMAN Hazlehurst - History BOBBY LEE ODOM ATS? Mobile, Alabama Business Administration 5 MARVIN RAY OGLESBY KE Columbus Government Yellow Jacket: Circle K: General Nat: Junior Class Presi- - d' Pled O tsta d' M m dent, Kappa Sigma Outstan mg ge, u n mg e - ber: House Manager: Grand Master of Ceremonies: President Young Democrats League: Vice Chairman Young Democrats League for Mississippi, La., and Arkansas: Inter-Fraternity Council for Three Years: Chairman Spirits Committee. GERALD ORR Music Education Laurel FRANKIE OWEN Mobile, Alabama Speech and Hearing Therapy 1 JOSEPH M. PABST, JR. Van Cleave History Newman Club. JAMES A. PACE KA Pensacola, Florida History JERRY L. PADGETT EIDE Mobile, Alabama Chemistry President of Yellow Jackets: Vice President of Axnerican Chemical Association: Social Chairman of Sigma Phi Epsi- lon Fraternity: Committee of 100 for REW for Two Years: German Club: Inter-Fraternity Council. 2 JOE PRUITT PARK Tupelo Business Administration CECIL H. PARMER 'BKT Prichard, Alabama Mathematics Phi Kappa Tau Social Chairman: Pi Sigma Epsilon Sergeant at Arms: Yellow Jackets: Student Printz. JAMES PARRISH HKA Laurel Education 3 BETTY PATTERSON EEE Mendenhall Arts and Sciences Freshman Counselor: Triangle Correspondent and Vice Presi- dent of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority: Editor of 1961 Soimi- ERNER: Business Manager of Student Printz: Editor of Pan- hellenic Handbook: VVho's Who in American Colleges and Universities: MIC Delegate: SUSGA Delegate: Delegate to Columbia Scholastic Press Association Convention: Delegate to Associated Collegiate Press Convention: Hickman Hall House Chairman: Women's Affairs Board. BETTY PAYNE Edinburg Elementary Education JO ANN PEAGLE Morton Elementary Education BSU. 4 JOHN PEARCE Bay Springs Accounting EDWIN EUGENE PENTON McNeill English EDWIN PERKINS Mobile, Alabama Business Administration 5 JAMES PERMENTER Macon Business Administration M. PEYTON Raymond Commerce Alpha Epsilon Alpha. VERA PHELPS, AEA Hattiesburg Elementary Education Wesley: Alpha Sigma Alpha Social Sorority Vice Assistant and Rush Chairman: Secretary of Pledge Class: Class Dormi- tory Oflicer: Outstanding Pledge: Officer of Panhellenic Council: Student NEA. And it's not even the right size! he ENI R CLASS o - o 1 LLOYD PHILLIPS Searsboro, Iowa Biology JANE LYN PIERCE .AZ Mobile, Ala. Commerce Secretary, Chairma.n, Westminster Fellowship: Southern Play- ers Accounting Club: President, Delta Zeta: Religious Em- phasis Week Committee Chairman: Secretary, Panhellenlc. RHEN W. PIERCE Meridian Business Administration 2 WILDA PIGOTT Tylertown Education HOLLY A. PINER Columbia Business Administration AUDREY PITTMAN Jayess Home Economics Vice President, Home Economic Club: Southern Singers, BSU. 3 DONALD PITTMAN Mount Olive Business Administration BETTY PLUNKETT Gulfport Business Administration Wesley. LYNN POGUE KA Laurel Commerce Dixie Darling: Sophomore Class Favorite: Cheerleader: Top Beauty: Pi Kappa Alpha Dreamgirl: Senator: BSU: Market- ing Club: REW Committee: Dormitory Omcer: First Alter- nate Miss Mississippi Southern. 4 MELWIN POOLE Natchez Education WILLIAM A. POWE, in in Purvis Business Administration Elite Platoon: Saber Drill Team: ROTC. ALICE M. POUNCEY Enterprise Home Economics Dorm Coimcil. 5 KENNETH W. POUNCEY Enterprise Education YVONNE E. POWERS E22 Mobile, Ala. Elementary Education EARL D. PUGH KE Gulfport Commerce Pi Sigma Epsilon, lst Vice Chairman: Miss. Intercollegiate Council: Executive Committee to President S.G.A.: BSU: Fratemity Editor of 1960 Sotrmmum. 1 PATTI JUNE PURVIS Hattiesburg Elementary Education CARL M. PUTNAM, JR. Gifford, S. C. History ROBERT RANDALL Meridian Radio Program Director of Campus Station. 2 BARBARA RAY Jackson Home Economics Home Economics Omcerg National Lenox Contest. MELVIN RAY Farmhaven Business Education EDWARD E. READ, JR. Hattiesburg Commerce 3 GEORGE ARTHUR REED Magee Arts and Sciences ANNA BETH REEVES Moorhead Psychology BSU Executive Council. GRACE REEVES McComb History Kappa Delta Pig Pi Gamma Mu. 4 JIMMYE B. REEVES Hattiesburg Education Kappa Delta Pi. LARRY REEVES Decatur Sociology Psychology Clubg Wesley. CLAUDE D. RENFROE Thomaston, Georgia History 5 MIGONNE RENFROE Monticello Education THOMAS L. REYNOLDS, Acacia Iuka Mathematics Dormitory President. JERNA L. RILEY Laurel Commerce Twas the night before Christmas .... figg Mags aff 7? al. .l 157' Mrs. Qu! -5 rw' Q' fi' ITV 1:- reg.- 5 """'t1v Nui' 3t,f 5 -Q Wpwv like 'Ad 'Wu-.. Q77 ff' Ci' 71' lsfx PK Tj be EN 0 CLA SS 0 - 0 1 PAUL L. RIMES Tylertown Business GEORGE L. RITTER Hattiesburg History MURRY ROBERTSON Collins Religion 2 GENE J. ROGERS EfIlE Pass Christian Health and Physical Education Newman Club: Signa Phi Epsilon. JANICE ROGERS CPM Jackson Secretarial Studies Reporter for Phi Mug College Union Activities Board. LEWIS ROGERS Meridian Geology 3 GUALBERTO ROJAS Caracas, Venezuela Chemistry MIKE ROMANO Biloxi Commerce Newman Club: Accounting Club: Alpha Epsilon Alpha. LANCE F. ROOKER KE Laurel Industrial Arts Kappa Sigma House Managerg Iota Lambda Sigma. 4 BERTHA ROPER Escatawpa Mathematics BSU: SUEA. MARIE ROSE Roxie Health and Physical Education SANDRA ROSS Gulfport Recreation 5 LINDA JANE RUDDER EEE Hattiesburg Elementary Education Sentinel. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority. GEORGE D. RUNNELS Magee Commerce EMILY RUSS Picayune Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pig Dixie Darling: Wesley. 1 1 DORIS FAYE RUTHLAND Mount Olive Elementary Education BILLIE JEAN RUTLEDGE Brookhaven Business Education CHARLES W. RYLAND Gulfport Commerce Delta Sigma Pi: Alpha Epsilon Alpha. 2 RAY RONALD ST. PIERRE Hattiesburg Mathematic Football Letters: M Club. KENNETH SARTIN Brookhaven Business Administration GLORIA SAUNDERS AAA Morton Mathematics Sec.-Treas. Mississippi Hall: House Chairman, Hattiesburg: Vesper Choir: Choral Union: REW Committee: BSU, Greater Council: President Student Christian Federation: lst Vice President, President, Mississippi Collegiate: Circle K Sweet- heart: Sweetheart, Sigma Phi Epsilon: Pi Tau Chi: Sec. Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society: Hercu- les Scholar: Music Chairman, Delta Delta Delta: Chaplain of Senate: German Club: Freshman Orientation Committee: Homecoming Steering Committee. 3 CELESTE SAVELL Philadelphia Marketing Civic Chairman, Mississippi and Jones Hall: Corresponding Sec., Vice President, Nevwmian Club: Miss Newmanite: Cor- responding Sec. SCF: Pi Tau Ch.i: REW Committee: Fresh- man Orientations: John Henry Newman Honorary Society. JERRY SARVER Searsboro, Iowa Education Football: Track. DOROTHY JEAN SCARBROUGH Panama City, Fla. Education German Club: Southern Singers. 4 HARRY K. SCHIAVONE ATQ Hattiesburg Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi, President: Alpha Tau Omega Vice President: Yellow Jackets: Newman Club: Collegian Civitan. SCOTTIE SCHWARZ Greenville Speech Southem Players: Debate Squad: Honorary Speech Fra- ternity. BILL M- SCOTT Hattiesburg Physical Education 5 DONALD W. SEAY Vicksburg Theatre Acting Awards: Best Supporting Actor: Most Promising Freshman Actor, Special Award Oklahoma: Best Actor Sum- mer '60: Alpha Psi Omega. JOHN Y. SEBURN purvis Biology Treasurer, Tri Beta. RODNEY RICHARD SEELEY Balboa, Canal Zone Fine Arts Kappa Pi. Seems that everyone wants to congratulate newly tapped ODK members. 'B'-up Y' 0'-rf" in 'TIN E ENI R CLASS 0 - 0 1 OLIVIA SEKUL Biloxi Business Education EDGAR H. SESSIONS Meridian History MERRELL SEYMOUR Biloxi Elementary Education 2 CECIL J. SHAMBURGER, JR. KE Meridian Chemistry BERNARD R. SHAMP Hattiesburg Accounting STANLEY A. SHANNON Whynot Government 3 CHARLES S. SHAW IIKA Prichard, Alabama Real Estate Delta Sigma Pi Vice President: Yellow Jacketg American Chemical Society. JOHN D. SHERRILL Biloxi Commerce HENRY M. SHOEMAKER Mendenhall Mathematics 4 LARRY C. SIDEBOTTOM, Acacia Meridian Accounting 'X Treasurer of Acacia Fraternity. ANN SIGREST Q Harperville Home Economics First Vice President of Wesley: President of Young Adult Fellowship. KAY SIMON AZ Biloxi English Secretary of Newman Club. 5 PAUL SIMS Laurel Education RAY A. SINQUEFIELD Poplarville Business Administratwn KIMBLE SKIPPEIR Macon Mathematics 1 JOHN R. SKREMETTA 'QDKT Biloxi Architectural Drafting Band: Pledge Master of Phi Kappa Tau Fratemity. HANCEL F. SMITH Moselle Physical Education HIRAM E. SMITH Hattiesburg Commerce 2 TOMMY J. SMITH IIKA Jackson Biology Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity: Beta Beta Beta: Scabbard and Blade Military Society: Outstanding Freshman Cadet: Com- pany Commander: Southern Generals: Southem Rifles: Ad- vanced ROTC. SARA MARGARET SMITH X9 Raymond Elementary Education SNEA: Treasurer of Recreation Club: Wesley: Civic Chair- man of Jones Hall and Devotional Chairman: Chi Omega. SUE CLARK SMITH Leaksville Elementary Education 3 KENNETH R. SMITH Brookhaven Theater BSU: Southern Players. PEGGY J. SMITH Bay St. Louis Business Education SNELA. ROY A. SMITH KA Hattiesburg Insurance Golf Letterman. 4 THOMAS HUNTER SMITH .EIDE Monticello Arts and Science President of Phi Eta Sigma: President of Sigma Phi Epsilon and Pledge President: Band: Yellow Jackets: Circle K Club: W'ho's Who in American Colleges and Universities: Vice Pres- ident of Omicron Delta Kappa: President of German Club and Treasurer: Treasurer of A.C.S.: Justice Student Court: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Beta Beta Beta: Cast of "Guys and Dol1s" and "Brigadom": Civic Symphony: Lab Instructor in Chemistry and Biology. WILLIAM H. SMITH .ATU Hattiesburg Commerce Accounting Fratemity Secretary. JIMMIE D. SNYDER Pickens Speech Education 5 WILLIAM C. SORY Indianola Commerce MARGERY SOUTHWOOD -AZ Miami Springs, Fla. , Journalism JAMES L. SPEAKE, JR. K2 Hattiesburg I Architectural Drafting Kappa Sigma Grand Procurator and Grand Master: Yellow Jackets: Band: Omicron Delta Kappa Treasurer: Iota Lambda Sigma: Scabbard and Blade: Editor and Business Manager of Campus Directory: Business Manager of 1960 SoU'r1-uznnnn: Delegate to- CIA and SCOPE: Omicron Delta Kappa Dele- gate to National Convention: Recipient of Senior Scholarship Award by Kappa Sigrna. Get your linger out of your nose, The man wants to take your picture. .iv 'rt .i 1 ,ami 175 354 is 5 fmt' Q 'nr'- WHA' tn "ry nf 4V"""" 5' HW: ,Tx . hw- 'b':'Jl" TNQ' is unfit? f 'Vis 223 'WH mv' "4-uma ,GN SQL? ' .-1, fix' uqy-f '59 'ss rf' 'Q no Wi. .cw-'Y' , ll -vi ,!"""i 'Qw- 4519 'T' Nr' ENI R CLASS 1 LARRY c. SPEED Hattiesburg Business Administration President of Religious Education Club. EDWARD ARNOLD SPENCE Picayune Business Administration Football: M Club. GEORGE A. SPENCE Gulfport Accounting 2 SAMUEL N. SPENCER Port Gibson Architectural Drafting JOHN R. SPITCHLEY Hazlehurst Business Administration SARA SPOTTSWOOD X9 Mobile, Alabama English Outstanding Freshman Woman Award: Alpha Lambda Delta President: Pi Kappa Pi Secretary and Treasurer: Lambda Iota Tau Secretary and Treasurer: Kappa Pi: Associate Editor of SOUTHERN!-:ng Columnist for Student Printz: Winn-Dixie Scholarship Award: MSC Beauty Pageant: Canterbury Club: Southern Players: NCP Association Representative: SCOPE Conference: Dormitory Officer: Student Senate: Feature Edi- tor of Sovri-11-:nNER: Artist Contributor of CRUX. 3 GEORGE H. STANLEY Selma, Alabama History BARBARA ANN STEELMAN 4131 Ocean Springs Commercial Art Phi Mu Sorority Chaplain, Outstanding Pledge, Fraternity Education Chairman, and Pledge Trainer: Kappa Pi: Alpha Psi Omega Vice President: Southern Players: Freshman Counselor: Wesley Foundation: Charm Counselor. MARCUS A. STENNETI' KE Hattiesburg Education Pi Gamma Mu: Kappa Delta Pi: SGA Election Commission. 4 ANITA STEPHENS Meridian Education PATRICIA DELLE STEVENS AAA Louisville English Varsity Cheerleader: CUA Freshman Secretary: Scholarship Chairman, Rush Chairman, Panhellenic Delegate, Recording Secretary, Treasurer of Delta Delta Delta: Panhellenic Council. ROBERT LEE STEVENS 1ivKT Laurel Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon. 5 DELORES STEVENSON Jackson Education Major's Club. FINLEY STEWART Albion, Illinois Economics EVELYN ANN STONE EEE Laurel Home Economics Sigma Sigma Sigma Music Chairman: Greater Council of BSU: Bolton Hall Ofhcer: Home Economics Club. 1 HUEY GRAY STONE F01'e5t History JOE EARLE STONE Ludlow Zoology Circle K: Mississippi Science Academy Member. NICK M. STRATAS Hattiesburg Journalism I Feature Editor and News Editor of Student Printz. 2 JOYCE ELIZABETH STRIOKLER Pascagoula Education Kappa Delta Pi: State President of .Mississippi Student Edu- cation Association. ' REBECCA JUNE STRINGER C01UlT1b1a Music Mu Phi Epsilon Treasurer. CHARLES D. SUMERLIN Mobile, Alabama Art 3 NANCY SUMRALL Franklinton, La. Elementary Education GAYLE SUTHERLAND AEA Hattiesburg Education Corresponding Secretary of Canterbury Club: Treasurer of Alpha Sigma Alpha: REW Committee of 100: Kappa Delta Pi: Junior Panhellenic. I JOYCE TALLY :LPM Hattiesburg Speech Vice President of Phi Mu: Vice President of Pi Kappa Delta: Sigma Alpha Eta: Psychology Club: Tau Kappa Alpha: Wesley. 4 WILLIAM JOHN TARVER Natchez Chemistry ACS: BSU: German Club. BILLY E. TAYLOR ECIJE Fernwood Chemistry Phi Eta Sigma: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Omicron Delta Kappa: Chemistry Achievement Award: Chemistry Laboratory As- sistant: CIA Representative: American Chemical Society, Stu- dent Affiliates. JACKIE TAYLOR Butler, Alabama Education and Psychology Secretary of Women's Physical Education Club: President of College Union Activities Board: Freshman Cormselorg Stu- dent Senate for Three Years: Women's Affairs Board for Two Years: SCOPE Delegate, Spirit Committee: Student So- cial Life Commission: Delegate to Region Nine C.U.A. Con- ference in Fort Worth, Texas and at Tulane University: Wes- ley Foundation and Council: Member of American Associa- tion of Health and Physical Education. 5 JAMES T. TAYLOR Little Rock Chemistry WAYNE C. TAYLOR IIKA Laurel Mathematics Pi Kappa Alpha Scholarship Chairman: Delta Sigma Pi. ANN CAROLYN TEE KA Hattiesburg Education Ffreshman Favorite, Senator and Treasurer: President Mis- sissippr Hall: Women's Affairs Board: Secretary of SGA: Secqnd Vice President of SGA: Newman Club: Home Eco- nomics Club: Kappa Delta Pi: Phi Delta Rho President: Pi Tau Chl: Annual Staff: Delegate to MIC: Delegate to SIASGA. Aftermath of a large party! 'Sv' 'Y ff? vw. a 1' ff: 5 gig? ,, . "fwfr if V - ' 5 f ff QQ X f f fi Q, f, fi f F ,W , i W ,af X li A ,,, eff . Wan.-2 . Ju-v i - Neve 'Q-..,,7, QQ '-v 2 "NWN, 45. l 4 f rrrr' 3,11 af' 6 SEN UR CLA SS 1 FRANK RICHARD TENERALLI New Brunswick, New Jersey Arts and Sciences Baseball: M Clubg M Club Secretaryg and Freshman Proctor. CATHERINE DODD TEMPLE .AAA Hattiesburg Piano Freshman Senator and Dormitory Floor Monitorg Cantebury Clubg Youth for Nixon. HARRY THETFORD Hazlehurst Marketing President Pi Sigma Epsilong Vice President Retailing and Merchandising Club. 2 JAMES H. THOMAS, JR. KE Hattiesburg History Kappa Sigma Vice President and Pledge Trainerg Scabbard and Blade Treasurer and Captaing BSU: Yellow Jackets: Executive Assistant of Student Government Associationg Freshman Orientation Committee. HARRIETT THOMPSON, Newton Elementary Education NELVA G. THOMPSON Picayune Business Administration 3 IRA F. TINDALL Ashburn, Georgia Mathematics HAROLD J. TREADWAY New Orleans, La. Business Administration DON TRIGG HKA Quitman Architectural Drafting 4 REESE H. TUCKER Hattiesburg History WAYNE TULLOS - Raleigh Arts and Sciences BARBARA CORLEY TYNER - Richton Home Economics Education Home Economics Club: BSU. 5 MARTHA ANN VANN .AAA Hattiesburg Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pig Delta Delta Delta Recommendation Chair- manp Ten Best Dressed Coedsg Feature Editor of 1960 SOUTHERN:-za. BERT L. VIGNES Meridian Marketing MARGARET VASTERLING dill New Orleans, La. Speech Correction Sigma Alpha Eta Presidentg Sigma Alpha Eta Secretary: Newman Club. 1 MARGARET VAUGHN Hattiesburg Radio and Television MSC Band: Tau Beta Sigma: MSC Show Group: WMSU Radio Staff. PATSY WADE Jackson Music RUTH CALHOUN WAGNER XD Carthage Marketing Dixie Darlings: Retail Merchandising Club: Co-rush Chair- man of Chi Omega Sorority. 2 ANNIE MARY WALKER Waynesboro Home Economics Education Secretary of BSU: Dormitory Council: Home Economics Club. HILTON WALKER, JR. IIJKT Waynesboro Commerce SYLVIA ANN WALL Newton Business Education Show Group of Dixie Darlings. 3 RUTH WALLACE Hattiesburg Elementary Education AUDREY WALTERS A.E.A Canton Business Education CHAILLE M. WARD AEA Citronelle, Alabama Physical Education Alpha Sigma Alpha Intramural Director and Recording Secretary: Vice House Chairman of Mississippi Hall: House Chairman of Jones Hall: Physical Education Major's Club: Women's Affairs Board: BSU. 4 OSCAR E. WARD Hattiesburg Personnel Management MALCOLM S. WARE, Acacia Biloxi Education CARY A. WARREN Gulfport Commerce Delta Sigma Pi: Alpha Epsilon Alpha. 5 PATSY JEAN WARREN Puckett Elementary Education WILLIAM ANCE WARREN KA Marion Junction, Alabama Marketing CAROLYN ANN WATKINS AZ Jackson Music Education Delta Zeta .Treasurer, Historian, and Song Director: Mu Phi Epsllon: .Vice House Chairman: Women's Affair's Board: BSU Music Chairman and Executive Council: Southern Sing- ers: REW Committee of 100: Opera Workshop: Orientation of Freshman. Madelyn, you're singing too loud! Wait for your solo. yi' 'vaqpf fri Sie, "I" .mu ss,- 'nb 227 ho' c""' 5' if' -I C-fr qw, " .. if' "5'f""' '54 Y", ""'x 'IS fm" 47 . ,M .hw-f "ws 'N L'- .,.... itiieft-Wt. 'Ds ENIOR CLASS 1 SYLVIA ANN WATSON, AZ Meridian Home Economics Education President of Bolton Hall: Kappa Omicron Pi, First Vice President: BSU Social Chairman: SCOPE: Home Economics Club: Delta Zeta Scholarship Chairman. WILLIAM REX WATTMAN Hurley Education Pi Gamma Mu. JAMES M. WATTS ATS? Hattiesburg Arts and Sciences 2 JON D. WEBB Ocean Springs Physics JOHN H. WEEMS Canton Music Education YVONNE WEEMS Winnsboro, La. Music Education Tau Beta Sigma: Pan American Student Association: MSC Marching Band and Concert Band: Wind and Percussion Ensemble: Varsity Band. 3 CAROLYN WELLBORN ,AAA Hattiesburg Arts and Sciences Delta Delta Delta Vice President, Activities Chairman, Pledge Vice President and President: Secretary of Westminster: Freshman Counselor: Senator: Sigma Alpha Eta: Pi Tau Chi: Dormitory Treasurer: REW Committee of 100: Orientation Committee. MARTHA ELLEN WELSH Hattiesburg Recreation Newman Club: Secretary of Recreation Club: Miss Hos- pitality of Hattiesburg: Charm Consultant: Leadership Editor of 1960 Sounn-:ani-:a. VERNON WELCH Vicksburg Psychology 4 CLAYTON WHITE Cottondale, Alabama History Bootstrapper: Major USAF. JOE WHITE ' Decatur, Georgia Speech Therapy Lettered in Varsity Football. EDGAR F. WIENCKE, JR. Otis A F B, Mass. Commerce 5 JAMES RAY WILKINSON, LPKT McComb Commerce General Nat: Orientation Committee: Spirit Committee: Yel- low Jackets: Treasurer: Phi Kappa Tau, Most Outstanding Pledge, Sergeant at Arms, Pledge Master: Newman Club. JIMMY L. WILKERSON Forest Physical Education RALPH WILKERSON ATU Biloxi History Alpha Tau Omega Public Relations Director: Freshman Dor- mitory Vice President and Counselor: College Union Activities Council, Parliamentarian and Publicity Chairman: Student National Education Association Vice President and President. 1 1 BILLY WILLIAMS Mobile, Alabama Commerce CHARLES H. WILLIAMS Agricola Education DALTON IRA WILLIAMS Quitman Business Administration 2 DON Q. WILLIAMS ATI? Whistler, Alabama Commerce DORIS IMOGENE WILLIAMS Waynesboro Commerce Secretary and Treasurer of Alpha Epsilon Alphag President Bresee Fellowshipg Delegate to Student Christian Federation. JOHN THOMAS WILLIAMS Newton Physical Education 3 ROBERT F. WILLIAMS Hattiesburg Business Administration Scabbard and Bladeg ROTC Company Commander. JEANETTE WILLIAMSON Monticello Education CLYDE P. WILSON Greenville Business Administration 4 DORIS WILSON Blue Mountain Business JIMMY WILSON Monticello Accounting BILLY WILTSHIRE Wesson Accounting 5 THOMAS MILTON WIIVIAN IIKA Brandon Commerce TOMMIE GAYLE WINCHESTER Cantonmert, Fla. Recreation Football: Recreation Club. JIMMIE A. WITHERS, JR. Carthage Business Administration Boy, Pm glad that Parade is all over! I. A 'Af' Vx fn? -if ii 4 ., y - qw 1 0 r . .K ' K f 1 wing-A A Q fl 'Qt ' A 59-,A Af 235 . .V i-'ff' - I 1. if ' gg '95 in-' ...f u A 4 . A ing. ' zn- , I e xif X ., , M,-, , f ag, .,. we 'Nw as '?i'Q'a , ,. . .... , ,4- AQ. .If - " ,asa f I ff -" . Qf' f' . 4, K wi f. M- wi wg H x 'J-1 f 3 5,5 If ,s , 2 ' ,.., if i . f Y ffasfjkf V i ' ' ' 5 'Iwi 'hd' vrry-pr are 229 is-5, TI? A fi gf V 'A ? Q, . x xx A- A Q N I eww N lax : ,X-Q yi ,- 'ff mn S f - 1 5.5! T iw 969 W Q 9 -w xjlkx A 2"-3 --.L -f--Q isp' 'sv-v.....,, it STN t, 'Wu 'lv-..-v,,,. ,zrmfwfg 'ft'-H-7 6 EN OR CLASS 1 H. RAY WOOD Laurel Commerce Delta Sigma Phi. BETTYE ANNE WREN X52 Jackson Education Secretary of Junior Classy BSUQ SNEAQ Treasurer of Chi Omega Pledge Class. SUSAN WREN X9 New Orleans Commerce President Retail Merchandising Clubg Annual Staffg Moni- 2 CHARLES S. WRIGHT Centreville Commerce JUDY WRIGHT Decatur Piano President MENCQ Mission Chairman of BSU: Enlistment Chairman of BSU: REW Committee of 1003 Vesper Choir. NEVA LESLEY WRIGHT Baldwyn Business Education tor: Westminster Fellowship. 3 SANDRA PAGE YARBER .AZ Red Bay, Alabama Theatre Vesper Choir: Hattiesburg Choral Union: BSUQ Alpha Psi Omega: Business Managerg Delta Zeta Sorority: Southern Playersg Best Supporting Actressg Best Supporting Actress of Experimental Playsg MSC Summer Theatre. DANNY A. YOUNG Amory Math W0uldn't you say your Skirt is a little tight? No Dick, you can't sing with the Brothers Four! M . 230 Vx fl f ,fll in 'W' Now Lil, about that hat you're wearing ? No, its not spiked . . . Bud fixed it! Sandra Hitt, how y0u've changed! Q' ,?"'M"2 E Really? What else did she say? i s unior Clam Favohtef and icem Junior Class Favorites: Harriet McCluer and Pete Hubbell. I , i 1 E 2 Q F 5 I ng -v Junior Class Officers: left to right: John Simpson, Presidentg Bruce Criswell, Vice-Presidentg Harriet Stovall, Secretaryg Jackie Taylor, Treasurer. 'K 232 'PS .-,T 'R union 1 RONNIE ADAMS JUDY ADKINS DICK AINSWORTH WAYNE AINSWORTH 2 BETTY AKERS BARBARA ALLEN ALICE ANN AMELUNG, KA LOVIE ANDERSON 3 R. PAUL ANDERSON SARA ANDERSON, 'PGI HENRY APARICIO, ATU MARY FRANCES ARTHUR 4 JOEL ASCH ROSE ASHFORD SUE ASHFORD JOE ASHLEY 5 VIVIAN ATWQOD GENE AUST JIMMY AYCOCK, KA JOSEPH N. BAILEY, JR. 6 FRANK ALLEN BAKER PRISSY BAKER, IIBQP STUART M. BAKER MARJORIE BARHAM 7 WILLIAM E. BARKSDALE GLYNN BARLOW JOHN BARLOW REBECCA BARLOW, KA 8 DON BARNES SIDNEY BARNETT RICHARD H. BASTER, JR. K2 WILLIAM G. BARRETT, JR. Meridian Brookhaven Magee Stonewall Jackson Pass Christian Greenwood Columbia Laurel Gulfport Tampa, Florida Carthage Pensacola, Florida Gulfport Pass Christian Bay Springs Lamar Scooba Hattiesburg Mobile, Alabama Itta Bena Natghez Mobile, Alabama Meridian Meridian Pascagoula Ellisville Hazlehurst Vicksburg Lucedale Foxworth Picayune .2 'f Q 'N x - ff: 4:21. Y-. i "' I-1, , hbf' l'T""r ,af f"r . kr, E- Q ...,,-, , X ,pa 1 , v I ff if Ywkf . X 7 Z :'. S" Y' fs fx -1 f 5? ' X Q KN , , ef 45? f , x Qx! ? ,J if Y. VN' 1 A Z I fl f J M x IA XE, 17' 1 'ln' Sv! 5. W , f 4 ff 4... is Af R Wa. 'Ziff- mvr 7 ff .V . ka K 'Y tr.. YI-'T 233 1, -1. f 1 GEORGE MICHAEL BARRY, KE ROBERT BATES CHARLEY BAXTER JOHNNY BELK 2 JOHN EARL BELL JOE BENIGNO PATSY BENNETT BUFORD BERRY 3 JOE BERRY TRUDIE BILBERRY HENRY BISHOP LUCRETIA BISHOP 4 REX BLAKE JIM BLOODWORTH BONNIE JEAN BOND MARJORIE BONNER 5 BOBBY JOE BOUNDS SHELBY JEAN BOUNDS ALFRED L. BOYD, JR. BETTY BOYD, AAA 6 LUTHER BOYD, HRA MARY NELL BOYD NELL BRANTLEY, Ra KIRBY LEE BRELAND 7 JAMES D. BRIDGES, JR. TERRY BRINSON FRED BROCK, JR. SUE BROOM 8 WILLIAM R. BROOME JERRY BROWN JOHNNY BROWN MRS. MYRL BROWN unior Groton, New York Pass Christian Perkinston Ethel Columbia Pass Christian Hattiesburg Pinola Jackson Hattiesburg Fairhope, Alabama Pinola Hattiesburg Jackson Wiggins Buckatunna Biloxi Raleigh T ylertown Hattiesburg Biloxi Bay Springs Richton Wiggins Mobile, Alabama Bassfield Mobile, Alabama Moss Point Moss Point Zama Iuka Laurel lam 1 OSCAR J. BRAUN ROBERT L. BROWN, IIKA WILLIAM C. BROWN, E-fI1E LYNETTE BYRD 2 SYBIL BUCKLEY Frankville, Alabama Brandon Atmore, Alabama Hattiesburg Oakvale WILLARD RAYMOND BUFFINGTON JUNE BULLOCK BRENDA BURCH, EEE 3 MARGO BURGE THOMAS A. BURKE KEITH BURKHART Grove Hill, Alabama Tylertown Hattiesburg Natchez Calfax, Iowa Prosser, Washington ROBERT L. BURNHAM Perkinston 4 MARY ELIZABETH BURNS, 'CPM Jackson JUNE BURT Florence FRANCES BUSBY, .AQZ Laurel CHARLES NOLON BUSH, JR. Laurel 5 HILDA CAROLE BUSH Butler, Alabama KATHLEEN BUSH Moselle CALVIN T. BUTLER Brookhaven BECKY BUTTLES, EEE Hattiesburg 6 SUE BUTTS Union CALETA BYRD Laurel KAY CABELL ARTIE LOY CALCOTI 7 BEN L. CALHOUN, JR. PITTMAN CALHOUN THOMAS CALHOUN L, JEANETTE CAMPBELL 8 KITTY CARTER, AEA DOUGLAS CAPPS THOMAS CARLISLE GEORGE CARLTON, nm Bay, St. Louis McCall Creek Hattiesburg Monticello J ayess Collins Hatiesburg Mobile, Alabama Marks New Orleans, La. 'i?"5' mi. mi M 'N are WLM? 'Q-1 WPA 'Ns A.. . S Se 'X' .N 2 , , , Q , ills 235 'mr 'kv- l 3 I 1 l 'lg els? , RSX z if .L- '54 inf- Q"--sv ' Har nr -"bla Rx bww I . L ,ig . : 1 ,. qi.:-A Q 'B hw 4- 'hx ""..?- 55. 1? 236 1 DAVID CARSON LOUISE CARTER JAMES L. 'CARTY LANEY CASEY, QIJM 2 L JAMES V. CATER MICAH Y. CHAN GLENN A. CHANCE GLENDA CHATHAM 3 REBECCA CHISM ED CLARKE JANETTE CLARK, AZ WILLIE GRAY CLARK 4 SUE CLEVELAND PATRICIA COCKRELL JOHN CALVIN COKER CAROLE COLEMAN, AAA unior Pensacola, Florida Gulfport Calhoun City Saraland, Alabama Conehatta Hong Kong Chipley, Florida Rose Hill Meridian Jackson Iuka Mobile, Alabama Lexington Long Beach New Orleans, La. Mobile, Alabama 5 NONA SUE COLEMAN, KA Pascagoula ALLEN COLLINS Red Bank, New Jersey JACKIE COLLINS, IIKA Jackson HENRY CONERLY Kokomo 6 MARY LINDA CONOLLY Hattiesburg JIMMY COOPER ,kg Greenville WALLACE COPELAND, ATS? Mobile, Alabama FRED COPLEY, K2 A Fort Lauderdale, Florida 7 MARY LEE CORBAN Petal WAYNE COTHERN Jayess WENDELL COTHERN Jayess PEGGY COVINGTON Lexington 8 JAMES E. CRAIG, JR. Jackson JANICE CRAIN, CPM Laurel SUSAN CRAIS Gulfport WINFRED CREWS Meridian Claw 1 BRUCE CRISWELL Memphis, Tennessee CAROL CROCKER Leaksville JEAN CROSBY Ellisville VINCENT C. CURRIE, JR. KA Pensacola, Florida 2 KATHERINE CUTRER Summit JOE DANIEL Sumrall FRANK B. D'ARCANGELO New Orleans, La. JACKIE DAVIDSON Lucedale 3 ROBERT DAVIDSON Sebastopol GEORGE N. DAVIS Carson JUDY DAVIS, KA Columbia MARGARET DAVIS Pensacola, Florida 4 MARY JEANNETTE DAVIS Hattiesburg SAMMY DAVIS Quitman BEN C. DAWS Waynesboro JENNY DEBARDENLABEN Wetumpka, Alabama 5 GARLENE DEER Jayess WILFRED DICK Magnolia MANDY DONOHUE CDM Marqarita, Canal Zone JETT M. DORSETT Lucedale 6 GEORGE T. DOWREY Hattiesburg THOMAS DREZEK, JR. Hattiesburg KAY DURANT Mobile, Alabama ROBERT W. DUSHLEK E'-IIE Gulf Breeze, Florida 7 KENNETH EARNEST Pensacola, Florida CHARLES EASOM Jackson DIANE EDUER ,IIBKP Wilmette, Illinois HAZEL KAY EDWARDS Pontotoc 8 LAROY H. EDWARDS Richton RONALD ELLZEY Kokomo CARLOS BYRON ELMORE Laurens, South Carolina CLIFFOR ESTES Laurel 4 w. if , .x I A ,i .. Sjr C... . 1 4 'CF' if WT?" 5 W f-M: 237 Wi 4"""" X I. is unior 1 THOMAS G. ESTES, JR. Natchez GERARD D. ETHRIDGE Hattiesburg JANETH ETHERIDGE Tylertown CHARLES DAVID EUBANKS Ellisville 2 JOHN T. EVERETT Moss Point GEORGE W. EWING 211113 Biloxi BARBARA ERLE FAGAN KA Hattiesburg JIMMY FARR Meridian 3 LIONEL FARRIS ITKA New Orleans, La. MARSHALL FAYARD Biloxi DICKIE FELDER McComb ALBERT FERGUSON Bucletunna 4 NANICY FIFE X0 Hattiesburg R. H. FILLINGIM Mobile, Alabama CAROLYN FISHER Meridian JOE NICK FITZGERALD McComb 5 TOMMY FLEMING Laurens, South Carolina FLOYD F. FLOWERS Mangum, Oklahoma WILLIAM A. FORE Hattiesburg TERRELL J. FOREHAND Gulfport 6 JAMES L. FORNER Varnado, La. KENNETH FORTE IIKA Hattiesburg EDWARD C. FORTENBERRY Carthage JANE FORTENBERRY, Foxworth 7 ROGELL FORTENBERRY Silver Creek ROY FORTENBERRY Pinola DAVID E. FOSTER, Acacia Lenoir, North Carolina CARROLL FULGHAM DeKalb 8 JAMES E. GARDNER Waynesboro PAUL D. GARNER Raleigh LARRY M. GARTMAN Saucier LILLIAN GAYDEN AAA Jackson Clam 1 CHARLOTTE GENTRY AIEA DAVID GENTRY CHARLES GERALD CHARLES F. GEVIN, JR. 2 MILDRED JOYCE GILES AEA JOHN GIVENS JAMES E. GLASSCOCK ROBERT GLOVER 3 WILLIAM R. GLYNN HKA BO SHUNG GO' LINDA GOBER WILLIAM C. GOOLSBY, Acacia 4 WILLIAM HAROLD GRAHAM GEORGIA GRANBERRY MARY EVELYN GRANBERRY ROBERT L. GRANTHAM 5 BILLY GUY GRAY DIANE GREENE BETTYE JO GRIFFIN LORETTA GRIFFIN 6 JERRY M. GUNDLACH BETTY GUNTER GAIL GUNTER KA JIMMY GUNTER, Acacia 7 CARL HAAG, JR. Quim- Pascagoula Baldwyn Hattiesburg Pensacola, Florida Hattiesburg Brookhaven Purvis Ocean Springs Mobile, Alabama Vicksburg Hattiesburg Hickory Flat Decater Wesson Wesson Jackson Pelahatchie Mobile, Alabama Tylertown Agricola New Orleans Agricola Tupelo Pascagoula Hattiesburg BOBBY G. HADAWAY IIKA Panama City, Florida LUIS HADDAD DORIS HALE AZ 8 CAROLYN HALL JAMES EARL HALL MARY LOU HALL XD PATRICIA HALL EEZ San Antonio, Venezuela Natchez Kokomo Naples, Florida Jackson Picayune ga-.5 mr M? II Q w had gy ,-- fn r, rf W V., 239 4"'f Q , , ,fm fr-'-4, ,cv 65 33 1 JOHN HAMILTON ANN HANNA CARSTEN HANSEN WILLIAM A. HANSEN 2 JANET HARDY unior Hurley Natchez Hazlehurst Long Beach Fairburn, Georgia LOUIS HARLAN Hazelhurst CAMILLE HARMON Moorhead RICH HARNIST Belleville, Illinois 3 GEORGE HARPER Natchez HERBERT A. HARPER, JR. Stonewall TALMADGE HARPER Laurel ROSE MARIE HARRELSON AZ Fort Walton Beach, Florida 4 CLAYTON HARRISON Waynesboro GERALD HARRISON EIDE Hattiesburg MARY PALMER HARRISON Walnut MARY ELLEN HARROD Fairhope, Alabama 5 GLENDA HART Brookhaven JIMMY HART Brookhaven HOWARD HARTLEY Lucedale FAYE HASTINGS Jackson 6 GEORGE CAREY HAUENSTEIN .ITU Hattiesburg JIMMIE HAVARD Lucedale SAMMY HAVARD Crosby GEORGE W. HAYDENA, JR. KE Birmingham, Ala. 7 HAROLD HAYS ATQ Hattiesburg J EANETTE HERBERT ALEX HEFFINGTON DOROTHY HENZE 8 BILLY HEWITT MARVIN W. HICKS CLAIRE HILDERBEAND EVELYN REED HILL HIM, Mobile, Ala. Lawrenceburg, Tennessee Wiggins Summit Leaksville Bentonia Hattiesburg Clam 1 JERRY HILLIARD JAMES HINTON SANDRA HITT KA SANDRA HOLDER 2 CLIFTON JAMES HOLLAND DAN HOOD JAMES P. HOWARD DONALD H. HOWINGTON 3 ROBERT G. HUBBARD PETER HUBBELL KA ORLANE HUFF SUE HUFF 4 BILL HUGHES IIKA TALMADGE IRBY KA BARBARA IRVING MARY JOYCE ISHEE 5 MELVYN JAMES CLARA JOHNSON LUCRETIA JOHNSTON MARVIN A. JOHNSON 6 NELDA JOHNSON SARA JOHNSON HARLAN JONES CAROL JORDAN 7 LISTER KAVAN MICHAEL F. KAVANAUGH Efiili JAMES H. KEITH KE PATSY KELLY 8 JESSE W. KENNEDY BEVERLY KING LYNDA KINTON AEA TED KMET Tylertown Laurel Greenville Waynesboro Gulfport Lambert Litchfield, Illinois Hattiesburg Bay St. Louis Biloxi Jackson Pelahatchie Gulfport Hattiesburg Alexandria, Virginia Laurel Hattiesburg Ellisville Jackson Tylertown Tylertown Hattiesburg Philadelphia Picayune Morse Bluff, Nebraska Hattiesburg Jackson Laurel Hattiesburg Meadville Brooklyn Akron, Ohio -s ik g fi fr.-'17 W -- ' Y? '11 'Cb J T52 :Q .-mn, ,, 9 V x Q.. 2 Sit tw S 5 H7 46535. A K ,C J Q- - .1 f , -ffrgfiefzigs-get :ix Nm ig 1 em. , ,N M? Qs 'J fm M w w 114 A f Y Efgfi 4' AH . , 4 . N ,Q . 'S QQ? G 4 6 .f 3 1' .Q.f, '23 -"x 241 Q ,Q-.- n fr... , f Q '2 we v7 "x 1 JUDY KNIGHT JUDY LACY CAROLYN LADNER JEANELLE LADNER 2 JAMES M. LAFFERTY KE JERRY LANDRUM JOHN SCOTT LARUE INA FAYE LEACH 3 DIXIE WAYNE LEE SHIRLEY A. LEE ANN LEGUAY AZ GARRON LENAZ 4 ANNIE RUTH LEONARD PATRICIA ANN LEONARD DONNA LEVERETT AEA CHARLIE LIGHTSEY 5 ROBERT LINDENBORN ATI? LOUIS LISTER unior Mount Olive Gulfport Poplarville Picayune Gulfport Picayune Buckatunna Union Buckatunna Foxworth Bogalusa, La. Gulfport Bogue Chitto Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Sandersville Pensacola, Florida Pensacola, Florida JERALD L. LITTLE Hattiesburg ROBERT LINGLE Laurel 6 JAMES S. LISENBEE Hattiesburg JOY LIVAUDAIS Escatawpa DON LOCKLEY Scooba BENNETT LOPER Laurel 7 ALICE LANA LORD EEE Petal DOROTHY SUE LOTT Collins DON LOVE Meridian JAMES ALEXANDER LOWE Hattiesburg 8 ANNE LOWRY Woodville LONNIE LOWERY Bogalusa, La. ELIZABETH LYON Alexander City, Alabama LINDA MADDOX Magee Clam 1 MARSHALL MAGEE MARTHA ANN MAGEE REBECCA McMAHON FRANK MAHONEY 2 GEORGE M. MAITRE ATPQ BARBARA MAJURE ED MANESS BILLIE MANNEY 3 WILLIAM Q. MANNING BENNY JOE MARDIS HAROLD E. MARSH ATQ BILLY J. MARTIN 4 W. MARTIN COWART JAMES W. MARTIN, JR. MARY M. MARTIN, KA PATRICIA S. MASON 5 PATRICIA MAUFFRAY MARTHA MCBRIDE DALTON MCCABE HARRIET MCCLUER AAA 6 WALTER McCULLOUGH CHARLES MCDANIEL WILLIAM A. MCCUTCHEON JUNE MCGOWN 7 WILLIAM P. MCGOWN JAMES C. MCGUFFEE AUDREY MCINNIS REBECCA MCKENZIE 8 NANCY MCKIE CAROLYN McLEAN AEA BILLY MCNEIL MARTHA McNEILL Mendenhall Prentiss Natchez Cantonment, Fla. Mobile, Ala. Madden Clearwater, Fla. Meridian Jackson Jackson Gulfport Montrose McLain Prichard, Ala. Tylertown Magnolia Picayune Poplarville Gloster Jackson Pascagoula McComb Centerport, N.Y1 Biloxi Hattiesburg Monticello Wiggins Sandy Hook New Orleans, La. Meridian Tylertown Laurel 1 WENDELL MCNEIL MAZIE LEE MCRANEY SHEILA McSWAIN JANE MERCIER 2 SARA IVHERCIER EEE WILLIAM A. MERTON MARGARET ANN MILFORD RANDY MILES 3 JOSEPH H. MILLER LEE MILLER .IIKA MARY PHILLIPS MILLER BUD MILLING 4 ALFORD MIXON JIMMERSON P. MOAK JERRY D. MONTGOMERY KA ROWAN MOODY 5 BILLY FRED MOORE DONALD L. MOORE KE DONALD MORAN ELOISE MORGAN , 6 JOE MORGAN HUGH H. MORRIS, Acacia CARLEY MORSE KE JAVIER MURCARZEL- 7 FRANCES MULLENS GLENDA MARLENE MUNN PEGGY MURPHY JUDY MURRAY 8 LEON c. MYERS, JR. LARRY JOE MYRICK JOSEPH D. NAIL LEONARD NAPIER unior Louin Collins Petal Summit Summit Fostoria, Ill. Mobile, Ala. Neshoba Sallis Redding, Penn. Purvis Magee Shubuta Bogue Chitto Hattiesburg Natchez Orrville, Ala. San Antonio, Tex. Gulfport Agricola Meridian Ames, Iowa McLaurin Caracas, Venezuela Brookhaven Union Gulfport Natchez Gulfport Poplarville Biloxi Sunrise Clam 1 MARGARET NASH AEA BOOTH R. NATIONS HAROLD NATIONS MARY NATIONS 2 MARTHA ELAINE NECAISE ELIZABETH NEELLY A.AA JOHN CLYDE NELSON, JR. JACK NEWELL Hattiesburg Brookhaven Brookhaven Brookhaven Pass Christian Jackson Hattiesburg Fairhope, Ala. 3 JERRY NEWELL Fairhope, Ala. LINDA JORDAN NEWTON AAA Columbia FARREL NICHOLSON Laurel PATRICIA NICHOLSON Richton 4 JIMMY NOBLES Jackson HATTIE PEARL NUNNERY Liberty DONALD OAKES Vicksburg LARRY O'MALLEY KE Groton, N.Y. 5 BILL O'NEILL IIKA Macon ANN O'QUIN Magnolia CHARLES RAY O'QUIN Tylertown MARILYN ORR Laurel 6 ROY THOMAS O'SHIELDS KA Tupelo DONIA M. OVERBY Meridian CHARLES OWEN San Antonio, Tex. MAXWELL PACE Hattiesburg 7 ANDERSON PALMER HKA Mobile, Ala. LINDA JANE PARKER Laurel PERJCY PARKER Morton SHIRLEY PARKER 8 WILLIAM C. PARKER, JR. WILLIE PARNELL DIANE PEARCE KA CHARLES MIKAEL PEDEN Lakeland, Fla. Prichard, Ala Chatom, Ala. Jackson Philadelphia 1 ROBERT G. PERRY ED A. PETRO, JR., IIT-sz CLIFTON E. PHILLIPS, JR. LOWELL E. PHILLIPS KE 2 RAY C. PHILLIPS, JR. ATS? RAYMOND PHILLIPS LARRY PEIFER RALPH PINCKLEY, Acacia 3 JIMMY POOLE RICHARD POOLE STEPHEN PORCARI, .IIKA BETTY POWELL -AZ 4 FRANK B. POWERS JOE KENNIETH POWERS, ATQ WILL D. PRICE CATHERINE PRISOCK 5 KENNETH QUINN PATTY SUE QUIN ROBERT A. RATH ELPE RONALD W. RAWSON 6 JOHN E. RAY MARY RAYBORN JACK L. RAYMER GERRY READ KA 7 CAROLINE READY LARON REEVES JAMES E. REICH BONNIE RENFRO 8 MARY ALICE RENFROE AMELIA REYNOLDS FRANCES REYNOLDS GAY RHODES unior Pachuta Leland Marietta, Ga. Hattiesburg Pontoboc Poplarville Walnut Alexandria, La. DeKalb DeKalb New Egypt, N.J. Lucedale Utica Meadville Meridian Pascagoula Walnut Jackson Massapequa, N.Y. Ellisville Meridian Sumrall Hillsboro, Tex. Picayune Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Bogue Chitto Amory Hattiesburg Jayess Atmore, Ala. Ellisville Bay St. Louis Clam 1 OPAL RICHARDSON Gulfport SUZANNE RICHARDSON Ocean Springs TOMMY JOE RICHARDSON Enterprise MAJORIE RIGDON Laurel 2 NICK RISK Hattiesburg PAUL R. RUTHERFORD, JR. Cristobal, Canal Zone BETTY JEAN ROBBINS Pelahatchie JAMES ROBERTS Summit 3 WILLIAMS ROBERTS Purvis NELL ROBINSON Fulton CRAWFORD M. ROBINSON, Acacia Mobile, Ala. REBECCA ROBINSON Waynesboro 4 RICHARD ROBINSON Pascagoula ROBERT L. ROBINSON JOHN PAUL ROBBIN HENRY ROBINSON, JR. 5 PAUL RODRIGUEZ MELVIN ROGERS QKT MYRTLE T. ROGERS PEGGY ROGERS 6 JOHN ROSETTI GWEN ROUSE AEA MADELYN S. ROUSE XQ LINDA RUDDICK 7 MARION RUFF, Acacia JIMMY RUSHING MARILYN RUSHING WYLODENE RUSHING 8 JOE SAENZ BOBBI JEAN SANDERS JIMMY SANDERS ROBERT LEE SANDERS French Camp Mobile, Ala. E Natchez Maracaibo, Venezuela Corpus Christi, Tex. Columbia Brookhaven Biloxi Pass Christian Hattiesburg Jackson Jackson Magnolia McCall Creek McCall Creek Maracaibo, Venezuela Biloxi Sandersville Natchez 'Vi 1. . srl- ii' mi-K Q' 12? 2' 5 g., Ke" is.. "-25 'prep I i , is 4' nf ' 1 iw- .,. ' . 1' R 'Y' fn' - ' il sr ', I .1.'. , ' V- fl if VII- "- 5 fp' .9 In 'I 248 1 MICKEY SANDIFER MRS. ELISE P. SARTIN TECIA SAUCIER JOE SCHWING 2 JACKIE SCOTT JANE SCOTT SAMMY SCOTT VIRGINIA SCOTT 3 BILLY F. SEAL KATHLEEN SEAL ELIZABETH SEAMEN AEA JO ANN SELLERS 4 HELEN SEVIER CARL SHAW ZEBULON SHAW TOMMIE SHERMAN 5 CAROL SHIRLEY EEE JESSIE SHOEMAKER JULIE SHOWERS ROSEMARY SIMMONS 6 JAMES SIMPSON JOHN R. SIMPSON EVELYN SINCLAIR KA JACKIE SLATON - 7 BILL SMITH BOBBY CAROLYN SMITH EMILY SMITH KA GEORGE SMITH 8 GEORGE ALEC SMITH AT!! JIMJVIY C. SMITH MYRALYNN SMITH X0 SELINA SMITH unior J ayess Tylertown Poplarville Magnolia Miss. City Laurel Fairhope, Ala. Houlka Picayune Nicholson Pascagoula Laurel Enterprise Slate Springs Perkinston Taylorsville Moss Point Morton Vicksburg Magnolia Montgomery, Ala. Houston McComb Jackson Montgomery, Ala. Meridian Indianola Ocean Springs McComb Loyd Star New Orleans, La. Hattiesburg Clam 1 SHELBY L. SMITH, JR. KE JUDY ANNA SPEED LEXFORD SPEED JAMES GLENN SPILLER 2 GLENDA LOU SPURLIN EDWARD STEELE KELLY STEGALL V. J. STEGALL 3 WILLIAM R. STERRITT KE CHARLES STEVENS JOHN STEVENS DIANA STEWART XD 4 JOHN STEWART JUDY STILL, IIBQJ WILLIAM T. STONE HARRIET STOVALL KA 5 BERRY STRAIT ,AAA AMARYLLIS STROUD ANNELLE STUART BUDDY STUART 6 VIRGINIA STUBBS LOUISE STUCKEY RONALD C. SUBER JAMES ROBERT SULLIVAN 7 JERRY SULLIVAN LARRY SUMRALL MARY M. SUMMER JAMES SUMRALL 8 CHARLENE SUTTON AZ JANET COLLEEN SWICEGOOD Lucedale Ocean Springs Seminary Chickasaw, Ala. Heidelberg Purvis Hazelhurst Morton Manlina, N.Y. Ellisville Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg Gulfport Hollandale Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Meridian Poplarville Hattiesburg Collins Columbia Meadville Soso Hattiesburg Taylorsville Kokomo Hattiesburg Hansonville Margarita, Canal Zone JAMES HENRY SWINDULL Prichard, Ala. ROBERT S. TANNEHILL, JR., KE Evansville, Ind. vyx v'h--2 Qt? My 'rm 5' 4-..,, Q i. 53 'FF' ima 'QA- 'IT' '- T""' 42 t. ,A .L 0 1 no ,,. lf:-:lx 1 RICHARD TARBUTTON DONALD TAULBEE LARRY TAYLOR SARA TAYLOR 2 BARBARA TEMPLE ELSIE GRACE TEW BARRY TEWTS KE KILEY THAMES KE 3 JIMMY G. THOMAS LILLIAN THOMAS MRS. INEZ THORNHILL DAVID THORNTON 4 JERRY C. THORTON R. LEN TINNELL FREDNA TISDALE CARL A. TOUCHTONE KA 5 SHARON TUFTE ROBERT TUGGLE BECKY ULMER BECKY UNDERWOOD AZ 6 GARY UPTON HOWARD UPTON CHARLOTTE UTSEY AZ WILLIAM UTSEY . 7 JOSE M. UZCATEGUI O. G. VANCE KA KATHERINE VANN CAROLYN VAUGHN 8 LINDA VAUGHAN, EEE VINCENTE R. VTELMA LINDA E. VIGNES KA ADAULFO VILLASHJ1. unior Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Lucedale Gulfport Meadville Meridian French Camp Jackson Leland New Orleans, La. Brookhaven Raleigh Raleigh Prichard, Ala. Ellisville Hattiesburg Miss. City Magee New Orleans, La. Summerdale, Ala. Kokomo Bay Springs Butler, Ala. Gilbertown, Ala. Venezuela, S. A. Jackson Moss Point Greenwood Summit Venezuela, S.A. Meridian Venezuela, S.A. ,A A Claw 1 JANIE VINCENT AAA ROBERT C. VOSS KE POWELL DEAN WAITE WILLIAM T. WALDRIP 2 DAVID WALDROP DIANE WALKER KA JERRY DOUGLAS WALKER GLORIA WALL 3 LADON WALLACE PATTYE SUE WALLEY AEA BRUCE WALTERS EMILY KAYE WALTERS 4 FORREST C. WALTERS JESSIE O. WALTERS CAROLYN WARD JOE E. WARD, Acacia 5 ROBERT R. WARD PHILIP WARREN EUGENE WASCONIL ELAINE WATKINS 6 JERRY LYNN WATSON BETH WATTS LYNETTE WATTS DAVID T. WEBB 7 JAMIE PEARL WELCH MIGNHON WELCH KA JANICE JUANITA WELLS LARRY L. WEST 3 , CAROLYN WESTBROOK BARBARA WHITES KA BEVERLY WHITE BYRON WHITE Hattiesburg Natchez Wagerville, Ala. Forest Hattiesburg Laurel Biloxi Brookhaven J aycess Hattiesburg Moselle Laurel Hattiesburg Heidelberg Lucedale Koscuisko Hattiesburg Puckett Pass Christian Moselle Mayfield, Ky. Columbia Wiggins Jackson Liberty Bogalusa, La. Osyka Hattiesburg Summit Louisville Philadelphia Purvis 1 JOHN WICRENGO BARBARA WIKSTRAND QUERIN WILDA JEANETTE WILKINSON 2 FRANCES WILLIAMS BEN WILLOUGHBY KAREN WILSON SANDRA WISE 3 JOHN RICHARD WILSO JUNE WOOD AAA REBECCA WOMACK MORRIS YATES 4 CHARLES H. YOUNG OPAL YOUNG ROBERT YOUNG JAMES J. ZAGER KZ N, IIKQA unior Picayune Gulfport Milwaukee, Wis. Meadville Centerville Liberty Prichard, Ala. Merigold Dunedin, Fla. Hattiesburg Mendenhall White Oak Collins J ayess Clearwater, Fla. McKees Port, Pa. an Q' gs, rf? 'rr -.,v','-',7",,:':"'.' '-,- Q--T, - , A .5 v- I -A ,, .. . , 3, X , -, .. . s. . -'Aw' '4'4,'f'. . - 5" Sophomore Clam Fowohtof and ffZf61f'.f Sophomore Class Officers, left to right: Morrell Curtis, Presidentg Ray Little, Vice-Presidentg Bonnie Purvis, Secretaryg Dianne Lassiter, Treasurer. Sophomore Class Favorites: Mary Virginia Risher and Morrell Curtis, 2"7"s.,gQ15 ,.-.wa My 409 253 4m6"'f-, 11. Mr' Yu-,, Yr., 'vm f M- ' i JI, I I ,+ 'Y' f 'f s. vi 1' 'YP '17 s x Q7 254 Sophomore 1 FRANK J. ADAMS Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. PAUL AKINS Atmore Ala. MARY AKINS Atmore, Ala. ELIZABETH ALBERTON LEMMIE L. ALDRIDGE 2 BRENDA ALFORD, zzz LAURA ANGELA ALLEN, CAROL ALLEN, KA JUDY ALLEN VIRGINIA ANDERSON 3 BETTY ANDRESS LUIS E. ARAY PARRICIA SUE ARMOAR CHARLES ASSAE, ATS? CATHEY AULTMAN 4 MARTHA BAGGETT, QM KEN BALDWIN RICHARD BALIUS, Acacia Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Bogalusa, La. dull Enterprise Tupelo Wilmer, Ala. Jackson Andalusia, Ala. Venezula, S.A. Mobile, Ala. Jackson Seminary Jackson Magee Biloxi CAROL FRANCIS BARFIELD WILLIE LON BARIA Grove Hill, Ala. Moss Point 5 JERRY JOSEPH BARLETTER Biloxi JOE BARNES Magee JO BETH BASS, KA Poplarville JIM BALCHELOR, ATO Gulfport CHAD BATES, EIQE Liberty 6 PAT BATES Narches ROBERT GERALD BAYLIS Pascagoula FRANK BELL, KA Pensacola, Fla. LINDA BENTLEY, 'PM Enterprise MARIE BERGERON, EEE Natchez 7 JAMES BERROF Panama City, Fla. BILL BBXLEY, IIKA Moss Point BARBARA ANN BILBO, HBQD Lumberton KAY BINGHAM ANNETTE BIRD, KA 8 VINCENT BITETTO, 24111-3 BARBARA BLAINE Hattiesburg Biloxi Brooklyn, N .Y. Hazelhurst MARTHA BLAIZE, X62 New Orleans, La. EARL BLESSEY, JR. ELIZABETH BLUMER 1 Biloxi Gulfport Clam 1 TOMMY BODDEN, 'IIJKT Moss Point NANCY BOGAN Blytheville, Ark. ANDREA BOND, EEE Bogalusa, La. PATTY BOND Tylertown DALE C. BOTKIS, KE Schenectady, N.Y. 2 RAY BOUTWELL Kreole CECIL BOYD McComb LYDIA BRADSHAW Minola, Tex. T. R. BRADY, JR., KA Gulfport J. D. BRAMEYER Waveland 3 BETTE BRASWELL, .AZ Indianola MARVIN BREAZEALE Purvis SLYVIA BRELAND Wiggins LARRY BROOKS, KE STEPHEN BROOKS 4 KATHLEEN BROOM Monroe, La. Cilemax, Ga. Moss Point CARROL BROOME Coltunbia JEROME T. BROWN Ellisville MARVIN D. BROWN Pascagoula ARNOLD BROWNELL Greenville 5 SHIRLEE BROWNELL Greenville CHARLES BRUMFIELD Miss. City GUY BRYAN Mobile, Ala. MARGARET BRYANT Columbus DALE R. BUCHANAN, IIKA Jackson 6 JILL BUMSTEAD Hattiesburg PAUL BURKE Pascagoula LAURA BURKETT Hattiesburg ANN BURNHAM, X19 Brandon RITA BURNHAM, QM Canton 7 DELORES BURNS, KIA Hattiesburg GERRY BUTLER McComb JOHN BUTLER Hattiesburg STEVE M. BUTLER LOWELL BURVANT 8 JACKIE BYRD LORELEI CADWELL SARA CALHOUN JANE CAMERON, X952 Florence, Ala. New Orleans, La. Mobile, Ala. Fairhope, Ala. Forest Laurel . Sophomore 1 ELEANOR CAMBELL, KA Camggn SARAH ELLEN CAMPBELL, QM Centerville JAMES B. CANNON, KE Jackson PATRICIA CANTERBURY, AEA Pensacola ANN CARR Laurel 2 JERRY CARTER, KA Jackson KAY CARTER Pascagoula WILLIAM CAUSEY Magnolia LARRY CHAUVIN Ferriday, La. CONNIE CHESTNUT San Antonio, Tex. 3 CARLA SUE CLARK Brookhaven PEGGY CLARK, XD Falls Church, Va. SUSAN CLEMENTS Bogalusa, La. JO ANN CLEVELAND Summit KEITH COBB Calhoun City 4 CHENAULT CROCKRELL, ATU Danville, Ky. ROBBIE COCKERHAM, AAA Greenville JACKIE COHRON Utica MACH COKE, Acacia Columbia LINDA COKER Vicksburg 5 IVA GAYLE COLE Hattiesburg BILL COLSON, KA Jackson CAROLINE COLLINS, AAA Olive Branch JAMES M. COLLINS, KE Pascagoula ALLEN COOK, EQE Andalusia, Ala. 6 GARY COOPER Lumberton ROBERT A. COOPER, KE Canton JAN CRAFT Columbia SHERRY CRAVEY, AAA Waynesboro ARTHUR CRUTHIRDS Mobile, Ala. 7 MOE CURTIS, KE Pensacola, Fla. JUDY CURTIS, KA Jackson BONNIE DALE, KA Prentiss MICHAEL D'AMICO Passiac, New Jersey GERALD DANIEL Greenville 8 RUTH DARDEN Baton Rouge, La. ELNOR DAVIS, KA Mobile, Ala. JIMMY DAVIS Moss Point MRS. JOY H. DAVIS Pascagoula WILLIAM D. DAY Hazelhurst Clary 1 PATRICK DEBROW Hattiesburg 1 DOROTHY L. DILL, -fb-M Lucedale THOMAS V. DENCHY Jessup, Pa. BYRON DENNIS Jackson DONALD DICK Magnolia ? 2 HORACE DICKERSON Brookhaven SARALYN DICKERSON Waynesboro 2 BILL DICKSON, KA. Pensacola, Fla. SYLVIA DOGGETT, AZA Hattiesburg , ,X MARY KAY DOOLITTLE, EEZ' Shreveport, La. 6, 3 CHRISTINE DOWDLE, X52 Columbus DONALD WALLACE DRAPEAU, 2311113 3 Colechester, Conn. MALCOME DRAUGHN New Augusta . THOMAS DUDLEY Wyandotte, Mich. , ' ELEANOR DUKES Raleigh :til 4 HAROLD DUNLAVY Mobile, Ala. HENRY R. DUNN Philadelphia 4 JORDAN DYKES, .A,AiA Natchez 1 DAVID EDMoNDs, K2 Laurel CHARLOTTE ELAM, KA Hattiesburg t 'se in Q 5 -kt jj JOE ELLINGWOOD Utica, Mich. CHARLES ENGBRATH Biloxi , ig BOBBY ENSLEN Meridian M 5 LINDA KAY ESCOBEDO Hattiesburg LAWSON EVANS Pascagoula 6 V5 'iff CHARLENE EZELL, .AAA Hattiesburg BARBARA EZELL Grenada LINDA FAIRLEY, ,EEE Moss Point 6 ANGELO R. FALASCA, KE Vineland, N. J. DOUGLAS FARRELL Long Beach 7 GARY S. FELIO Mobile, Ala. DIANE FERGUSON, ,AAA Canton LOUIS FERRARI Pussaic, N. J. DORIS BELINDA FIELDER Jackson 7 MART FILLINGANE Hattiesburg 8 GEORGIA FILLINGHAM Fairhope, Ala. ANN FLANAGAN Hattiesburg M.. MELANIE EOLEY, KA Whittier, Calif. MARY VELA FORBES, X9 Jackson BOBBY FORTNER Columbus 8 257 7 T X" D' ' ' WSI? fi' ,.,,. ,T v Q4 I , ll-'Vx 11. f- - , ,F 'iv' mu-, 'ftzvii is 7' ' , ,'a L. f, ln'- 'sw' Sophomore 1 . FRED FOSTER Ellisville NICK FOTO Hattiesburg MYRON FRAILEY, ZQIIE Biloxi CYNTHIA FREEMAN Meridian LINDA GABRICH Biloxi 2 GERALD GAHERTY, HKA. Pensacola, Fla. VALLIE GARRETT Hattiesburg DENNIS GANDY Pascagoula LILLIAM PATRICIA GEORGE Natchez MERRY GEORGE Hattiesburg 3 GREGORY GIANCOLA, KE Vineland, N. J. MARSHA GIBBONS Pascagoula TRIJETTA GIBSON Kreole ANITA GILBERT Laurel MARY GILLILAND, QM Laurel 4 DOYLE GILLMAM JAMES GOFF CAROLE GOODGAME JOHN F. GOODMAN SANDRA GOODWIN 5 JERRY GOULD MARTHA GRAHAM JEANNETTE GRANT, ,AZ JUDY GRAYSON BURT GREENWALT, KE 6 BETTY JO GREGORY MARYLYN GREGORY, xo JOHN GRESCHUK NELDA GREEN BILL C. GRIFFIN 7 JOE GRIFFIN, KA HARLEY GRIFFIN G SAMMY GUERCIA LARRY GUEST, QPKT KEN GUTHRIE 8 DEAN GUYNES EMMITTE HADDOX BOB HARDY, mm CARL HAMILTON, KE CALVIN HARPER f Milton, Fla. Pensacola, Fla. Laurel Nashville, Term. Picayune Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Theodore, Ala. Louin Biloxi Hattiesburg Houston New York, N. Y. Bay Springs Lyman Meridian Canton Natchez Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Hazelhurst Columbia Greenville Hattiesburg Pensacola, Fla. lass 1 BOB R. HARRIS Varnado DON HART Hazelhurst KITTY HART, X0 Union City, Tenn. MARY FRANCES HART Hattiesburg JEAN HAVARD Lucedale 2 MACK HAYNES Ellisville GORDON HEIDELBERG Jackson JOHN LUNDLE HEIDELBERG Moss Point TOM HEINTZ, EQLE Joppa, Md. BRENDA HICKMAN, -QM Reform, Ala. 3 ROGER HICKS Birmingham, Ala. S. GORDON HICKS Hattiesburg CAROLE HILL, AELA. Ellisville GAIL HILL, KA New Orleans, La. WENDY V. HILL Burlington, Mass. fl G. WILTON HINDS, IIKA Greenville DANNA HINES Walnut JOEL H. HINSON Tylertown ROBERT HISHON Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MRS. ANNE HOFFMANN Wheeling, Ill. 5 CLIFTON T. HOKE, JR. Mobile, Ala. MOLLY W. HOKE Mobile, Ala. CARL HOLLINGSWORTH Hattiesburg CHARLA FRANCES HOWARD, KA Hattiesburg ROBERT HOWELL, KE Laurel 6 BETH HUDSON, .AZ Hattiesburg BARBARA JO HUGHES, KA McComb DONALD HULTZ Grand Bay, Ala. DOT HUTCHISON Bentonia JAMES IVY Richton 7 LAMAR JACKSON, KE Hattiesburg HAZEL JENNINGS Kosciusko JO ANN JENS, EEE Tupelo ANITA JENSON Slidell, La. NOELLE JEFFCOAT, AAA Pass Christian 8 JIMMY F. JOHNSON Chickasaw, Ala. SUE JOHNSON Hattiesburg HOWARD D. JOHNSTON Hattiesburg MARIE Natchez MIRIAM JONES Gulfpgrt Sophomore 1 MARY MARGARET JONES Taylorsville HILDA JORDAN, E22 CAROLYN J OSSEY Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. WALT KASER Fairlawn, N. J. DIANE CDEEJ KELLY, KA Tupelo 2 MARY JANE KELLY Meridian MARY CATHERINE KENNEDY, AAA Philadelphia CAROL R. KESSELL, QM New York, N. Y. EDWIN L. KINARD Brooksville PAUL M. KIRBY McKees Rocks 3 GLYNN LACKEY Meridian LYNN LACKEY Meridian PATRICIA LAMBERT Uriah, Ala. JOAN LANCASTER Hattiesburg CURTIS N. LANDERS Purvis 4 FRANCES LANE Forest MERRIE ANN LANE Phoenix, Ariz. WALTER LANGLEY Pascagoula DIANE LASSITER, KA Gulfport HAROLD LEE Hattiesburg 5 WALTER E. LEGGETI' Gulfport MACK LEGGE'I'T Heidelberg DIXIE LEININGER Escatawpa LORE'I'I'A LEITERMAN Pensacola, Fla. J ONET'I'A LEWIS, QM Pensacola, Fla. 6 HOWARD RAY LITTLE, K2 Corinth ELLEN LACY, KA Lufkin, Tex. DAN L. LOFTIN, JR. Petal CAROL LOGAN, XD Lorman GERALD LONGNEDKER Hattiesburg 7 LARRY LOTI' Sumrall TONY LOTT Columbia KAY LOWERY Thomasville, Ala. TERRY LINDSAY Citronelle, Ala. STEPHEN LIKINS Biloxi 8 WILLIAM LUNDB1-:RG ANN MACDONALD, -mm BOB MAGEE DOUGLAS MAGEE GEORGE MAHATHY 1 J Fairlawn, N. J. Memphis, Tenn. Jackson Mize Mobile, Ala. lam 1 BOB- MAHER Osyka JAIVEES S. MAJOR Long Beach BENNIE MALLEY Gulfport DUKE MALLORY Natchez CLAUDE MALONE Hattiesburg 2 WAYNE MANLEY, ATU Rutland, Vermont ANDIE MANN Magnolia SALLY MANSFIELD, AAA Tlmica MIMI MANVILLE West Haven, Conn. RICHARD MAPES Panama City, Fla. 3 DAVID MARSHALL Long Beach PANSY MARTIN New Hebron GENE MARLING Hazelhurst JOHN MASON, KA Hattiesburg ALICE MAW Hattiesburg 4 CHRISTINE MAY, AAA Hattiesburg JERRY McALPIN Magee BARBARA McARN Columbia GARRETI' E. McBRIDE, IIKA Pensacola, Fla. PEGGY RAE McCAY, XIQ Utica 5 MILTON E. McCOY DeKalb CHARLOTTE McCULLOUGH Columbus VELMA McCURLEY Mobile, Ala. SANDRA MCGILL, AZ Jackson BETTY LOU McHAFFIE, QM Maplewood, La. 6 NED McINNIS, JR. Hattiesburg JEAN McKENZIE Bay Springs ROBERT D. MCKINNEY Hattiesburg DONNA McLAURIN, EEE Bogalusa, La. SYLVIA McQUAIG Meridian 7 JUNE McRAE Meridian MIKE MCWHORTER, KA Hattiesburg JIMMY MEADOWS Gulfport LARRY MENSI, KA Gulfport DIANNE MILLER, KA McComb 8 JO ANN MILLER Mobile, Ala. W. G. MILLER, JR. Hattiesburg BARBARA MILLS, AEA. Laurel DEBORAH MILLS, KA Gulfport DURWOOD MIMS Hattiesburg 'V -W...-., r--Q, .Q QW' wif? 50 YW Sophomore 1 JERRY MIXON THOMAS MOORE PEGGY MORGAN CHARLIE MOWERG REBECCA MURPHREE 2 DOROTHY MURPHY HUGH MYERS JIMMY MYERS JOHN MYRICK MARY NELSON 3 BRYAN NEVILLE JIM NORRIS, EQE GEORGE O'NEAL TOMMY O'NEAL Magnolia Biloxi Morgantown Biloxi , AAA Seminary Natchez Morton Collins Chickasaw, Ala. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Ft. Worth, Texas Meadville Andelusia, Ala. GEORGE W. OWEN, JR. New Orleans, La. 4 HILARIE ANNE OWEN Jackson JOHN O'SHIELDS, KA Tupelo CHARLIE R. PARKER Hattiesburg PATRICIA ANN PARKER Laurel KEN W. PATRICK Jackson 5 THOMAS PATRICK Handsboro MELISSA PEARSON Hattiesburg MARY PERSONS, AEA Evergreen, Ala. CATHY PETERSON, KA Hattiesburg CHARLINE PHILLIPS, AAA Yazoo City 6 DAVID PHILLIPS Gulfport MAXINE PHILLIPS Greenville TOMMY PICKERING Collins ALFONSO PINA Tocuyo Costa, Venezuela HAROLD PIQUE Long Beach 7 AL PITTS, HIHKT Jackson JAMES H. POOLE, JR. Columbia KEN POUNCY Montgomery, Ala. LYNDA POWERS Greenville BRUBBA PROTHRO, QIDKT Hattiesburg 8 BONNIE PURVIS, KA Oil City, La. RUTH PYLATE Kosciusko JEANNE QUIGLEY, AEA Hattiesburg EVA ANN RAHAIN Laurel J. N. RANDALL, KA Hattiesburg 1 lem 1 BRENDA RANKIN Pascagoula JIMMY RANKIN Pascagoula RICHARD RATH, Efllli Farmingdale, N.Y. BETTY RAEGAN Kokomo JOE RICH Lumberton 2 TOMMYE RICHARDSON Jackson KAY RICHIE Richton MARY VIRGINIA RISHER, AAA Laurel LEWIS W. ROBERTS McComb BRYAN ROBBINS Columbia 3 MARGARET RODICK New Orleans, La. PATSY ROGERS Brookhaven TOMMY B. ROGERS Collins GARY W. ROSE Meridian SCOTTIE ROSETTI, KA Gulfport 4 RODNEY ROUNTREE, KA Jackson ANNE RUSSELL Mobile, Ala. JANE RYALS Atlanta, Ga. DANNY SALMON Adamsville, Ala. GALE SANDERS Kosciusko 5 JOYCE SANDERS, Hlidv West Point STEVE SANDIFER Natchez MERLE A. SANDSTROM Glendive, Mont. WAYNE SAUCIER Purvis SANDRA SCHNELL Biloxi 6 MARIAN SCHOENIGER, AEEA Hattiesburg KAY SCHWEIZER Hattiesburg PETER J. SCIARABBA, KE Hackensack, N. J. SAM SEHON, JR. HARRIET SELLERS 7 Biloxi Laurel MARTHA SEITZLER, .iz Baton Rouge, La. JIMMY SHALLHOLTZ JUDIE SHEFFIELD CONNIE SHIVERS, QM LINDA SHOWS 8 NELL SHOWERS NETTIE FAYE SHOWS EDGAR SIIVIMONS GEORGE SIMMONS SANDRA SLOAN, AEA Hattiesburg Tupelo Hazelhurst Ovett Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Magnolia Jackson V57 'bv ive al. 'K T .+' 3' SZ Sophomore 1 BECKY SMITH Brandon CLARENCE SMITH, HKA Jackson DIANA SMITH Winter Garden, Fla. JAMES SMITH Port Gibson JERRY RALPH SMITH Brookhaven 2 JERRY TYRONE SMITH Mobile, Ala. LEROY SMITH Belzoni MARY GEORGE SMITH Hattiesburg NANCY WYNNE SMITH Biloxi PATRICIA NELL SMITH, EEE Petal 3 RUTH SOFEY Gulfport VIRGINIA SOJOURNER, AAA Natchez WILLIAM R. SPADE Hattiesburg MIKE SPRADLIN, Acacia Leland ROBERT SPRANKIE 4 Vic STAMEY, 24,12 Milesburg, La. Mobile, Ala. MARTHA STENNETT Laurel JOHN STEVESON Mobile, Ala. BILLY GERALD STEWART Tylertown RICHARD D. STRAHAN Hattiesburg 5 BETTY JO STEGALL, KA Jackson MELVA KAYE STOCKSTILL Picayune DORIAN STONE, HKA Kreole MILDRED STOVALL Leakesville DAN STRAHAN Hattiesburg 6 RUTH STUART, AZEA Hattiesburg GWENDOLYN STUBBE Laurel DOROTHY SUMRALL Stringer ERNEST SYLVESTER Gulfport DON SYMANK Chalmette, La. 7 A. B. TAAKE Handsboro JOHN TARVER, JR. Garaland, Ala. JANET TAYLOR Laurel JERRY DAY TERRELL McComb ANTHONY TESSITORE New Orleans, La. 8 MARIE THAMES, AAA Jackson RICHARD TI-IAMES, EQPE Meridian JANICE LEE THOMAS Clarksdale ANN THOMPKINS Hattiesburg CAROL THOMPSON Winona Clay: 1 RAMONA THOMPSON Brewton, Ala. PARSY THORNHILL Foxworth NELSON TILL Mobile, Ala. ANN TRAYLOR Sumrall KAREN TRIGG, AAA Hattiesburg 2 LARRY TUMINELLO Jackson PATRICIA TURK, KA Memphis, Tenn. PERRY E. TURNER Vinegar Bend, Ala. PATSY TYNES New Orleans, La. ALISON ULMER Purvis 3 ANN UNDERWOOD Jackson BARBARY UTSEY, EEE Prichard, Ala. SANDRA VAN LANDINGHAM, XD Bethesda, Md. JERRY VICK Moselle DAN WALTERS Mobile, Ala. 4 HERMAN WALKER Magee JIMMY WALKER Sandy Hook BILLY WATSON Fayette MERLIN WATTS Laurel LINDA WEED, AZ Fair Lawn, N. J. 5 JERRY ANN WHINNERY Jackson NONA WHITTINGTON Sanatorium RON WIGGINS, Acacia Monroeville, Ala. JOE WILLOGHBY Columbia JOHN E. WILLIAMSON Greenville 6 SHIRLEY WILLIAMSON Grove Hill, Ala. MARY ARDEN WILSON Hattiesburg JEAN WINDHAM D'Lo MILNER WISE Meridian HOWARD WOLFE, Acacia New Orleans, La. 7 ROBIN WOODWARD Hollywood, Fla. WADE WOODARD Canton JAMES WRIGHT Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. MONROE M. WRIGHT, KA Hattiesburg WESLEY DEE WRIGHT, ATS? Hattiesburg J IIVIMY YANCY Laurel 8 GLORIA YARBROUGH Hattiesburg JOAN YARBROUGH Indianola HARVEY YATES Hattiesburg RUFUS I. YERGER, JR., KA Tullulah, La. HA'1'I'IE YOUNG RONNIE YOUNG Pascagoula Key West, Fla. 5... li? 'YY -if-. v-....,. 3 V... ew ""b-' Freshman Class Favorites Betsy Ross and Kenneth Martm GN. """wD' f' refbmen 1 RICHARD ADKINS GERALDINE ADKISON CARL R. ALESIO GLADYS ALLEN GAIL ALSTON, IIB-'IJ 2 BOB AMMERMAN DALE ANDERSON GEORGE E. ANDERSON MARY LOVE ANGELO, XO SHEILA ANGLIN 3 ELWIN ANTHONY LARRY L. ANTHONY RONALD ANTOLINI M. AZARMGUIN ALICE ARRINGTON 4 BILLY ARTHUR RONALD N. ASHLEY, Acacia BARBARA ASKEW, IIB-III RAUL AZPARREN ELAINE BALDWIN, AEAQ 5 RALPH BARBETTI DAN BARNHILL BEVERLY BARR JEFF BARR EDWARD BARRETT 6 GERALD BATES SHERWOOD BECKHAM SANDRA DUANE BECKNER ELIZABETH RUTH BEESON, BILLY M. BELL, KE 7 DONALD BELL RONALD BELL JUAN BAPTISTA AGNES BEDWALL O'NEIL BE'N'NE'I'I', IIKA 8 STEVE BENNEIT, II KA JUDI BERKMAN SAUCIER BERNARD, E-412 MARY FRANCES BERRY PATSY BERRY, EERE 9 HOWIE BERUBE JOYCE BETANCOURT BARBARA BILBO DIANA .IO BILBO, KA LELIA BILLS 10 ELAINE BISHOP ROY BLADES THOMAS E. BLAIR STEVE BLAND DON BOCCIA Searsvoro, Iowa Moss Point Schenectady, N. Y. Jackson Macon Pittsburg, Pa. Oak Park, Ill. Hattiesburg Edwards Pascagoula Evergreen, Ala. Hattiesburg Vineland, N. J. Teheren, Iran Biloxi Jackson Jackson Pascagoula Venezuela, S.A. White Oak Villeland, N. J. Jackson Gulfport Mount Prospect, Ill. Natchez Hattiesburg Pascagoula Tylertovsm AZ Long Beach Pensacola, Fla. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Venezuela, S.A. Hattiesburg Pascagoula Pascagoula Vero Beach, Fla. Pass Christian Prentiss Magee Schenectady, N. Y. Mobile, Ala. Gulfport Picayune Biloxi Milton, Fla. Vicksburg Hattiesburg Fort Walton, Fla. Fairlawn, N. J. F f?',QP, gg., ,, 6, ,A .Rf 1 Lis. 'um' mb, I f R lj Q1 3. . 2 gay. ss ff? gg 'HN-v Zivzcrr .4 .' if w- ...M f Q W If X ' r,.,',,wv:.m5gu., , W ,M .,,. A Si .. lx ggi ff- az .. 1 ,gy ,, ..,.. 15722. " f lee , ' 'W ,s-' fr," if I 7 . f .,.. : ' ,..51:-1-Z-Img ,, I ,, .,,,..., f YQ ,X ,G 5 ff- '62 ,Mj . 4-cf . TW 5 ,rf-is 17" mf sf- -Z, I S444 in refbman 1 CAREY BOLEWARE TED BOLEWARE SALLY E. BOOKER, AAA MARTHA BOONE, AAA SHIRLEY BOSWELL, XQ 2 BILL BoUNDs HUGH BOUNDS BETH BOURG, Ari JAMES BOURNE CAROLYN BOUTWELL 3 CLYDE BOUTWELL SONYA BOWDEN, KA ROBERT O. BOWEN BILLY BOWERS HENRY BOYANTON 4 RICHARD BOYD JIM BRADLEY, KA RAE ELLEN BRADLEY CAROLYN BRADY JUANITY BRAU, AAA 5 CAROL GAY BREAKFIELD JOY BRECKENRIDGE DANNY BRELAND TOMMY BRIGGS DAVID BREWER 6 EDDIE BREWER JO ANN BRISTER FRANKIE BROCK LOUISE BRONDUM BETTE BROWN 7 JIM BROWNING, 1-PKT CAROL BRUMMETT ANN BRYAN, KA CHARLES R. BUCKLEY GARY BULLOCK 8 . KENNETH BULLOCK GAIL BURNS THOMAS BURNS ANN BURCHFIELD, AEA BETTY BURRUSS, KA 9 MIKE BURSON MIKE BUSBY, ATS? JANE BUSH JOHN BUTLER RAY BYRD 10 JOSH CAFFEY, AT!! BECKY CAGLE PATRICIA CALCOTE BILL CALDWELL, KI Carson Prentiss Pensacola, Fla. Canton Jackson Lucedale Hattiesburg Long Beach Columbia Laurel Carriere Tallulah, La. Gulfport Jackson Jackson Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Sumrall Gulfport New Orleans, La. Columbia Jackson Jackson Memphis, Tenn. Biloxi Hattiesburg Bogue Chitto Mobile, Ala. Laurel New Orleans, La. Prichard, Ala. Jackson Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg Chickasaw, Ala. Columbia Burns Westbury, N. Y. Clarksdale Bogalusa, La. Dallas, Tex. Hattiesburg Jackson Hattiesburg Lumberton Batesville Jackson Prentiss Hattiesburg WILLIAM HENRY CAMPBELL Ocean Springs lam 1 SHARON CANFIELD CAROLYN CAMP JAMES P. CANONICA ANTHONY CARANNA BILLY RAY CARLISLE 2 GENE CARLISLE, ATS? LOTENE CARPENTER LEONARD VANE CARRO LAMAR F. CARPENTURE L SYLVIA CARROLL 3 SARA ANN CASTO BILL CHEATHAM BERYL LEE CLARKE, dull SHERRY CLARK VICTORIA CLARKE 4 WAYNE F. CLEVELAND KAY COALSON ELENE COBB JERRY COLE JO ANN COLE, AAA 5 CAROL ANN COLEMAN CECELIA COMPSTON PEGGY, CONDON DOTTIE COOK, xo GLENDA COOLEY, uno 6 BETTY COOPER ' w no. A ,ls-'Za D WN 0- 'A Q., f 'C' ma. 4-xr af ' ,J ' Moss Point Birmingham, Ala. Me'Ville, N. Y. Biloxi K Platrau, Ala. Qi' "5 Q' A 1-.1 Memphis, Tenn. X Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. W L, JR., HKA lE" St, Petersburg, Fla. , i l 'i:"' ' Hattiesburg aa, fa- I l uf. Moss Point 3' Arlington, Va. Hattiesburg Waynesboro ---' ' t" ' -' - Woodville Q ii 2 fa- I 'Q' .... Mobile, Ala. Biloxi Atlanta, Ga. Hattiesburg , Jackson , gf!! Gulfport " '- I , Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Meridian I Y 1 av as N A 'N' .. 'f""5 W J A-. A R . 1 2- Brookhaven DONALD COOPER Gulfport JUDY COOPER Laurel A JERALD COPPENRATH, HKA S. Lancaster, Mass. f,f"J"m,E CAROLYN COURTNEY, .AAA Amite, La. 5 , 'j iw?-TFP 55-4",' 7 ,Y ' f. , WILLIAM COUssENs Magnolia 2 ,,,.. ' CHARLES COVINGTON Columbia ANN COWART Dalsona, To-X. LYNDA COWART CATHY CRANDALL 8 LENORA CRAIG CAROL ANN CRAWFORD LAMAR CRAWFORD LARRY CRAWFORD JEANETTE CROWDER 9 LANA CUMBY JAMES CURRIE LINDA RUTH CLINTON ROBERTA CUEVAS DON CULPEPPER 10 SAMMY CULPEPPER, HKA CHARLES CURRY, fbK'1' MARILYN CURTIS GEORGE DAHLGREN, KE STANFORD DANIEL Gulfport Meridian , Y M ',, g o? Alexandria, Va. 1. - f ,. 3 W. Monroe, La. Mobile, Ala. Columbus Sallis . A PM Birmingham, Ala. Pensacola, Fla. Jackson Gulfport Macon V' - i- ,, -a. :fl I .lx XX .A 'L X. we 21,31 - x . M , ca ,M . aa, ' .... i X . Y-. 'Y' F- as 41""'I Mobile, Ala. - ' I Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Pensacola, Fla. a F- wl 'yi P13 ' A A- 904' ...LI I ' ' 5 Q' ' ' Q fi X - ., . ,h - .- . .1 , 1,9 .- . 1' , . X 5 ,Z , Mobile, Ala. 269 N ,"' 'W 'P- n- ' rin' 5 I in A 'G- - ,Y-w .,, fifml Q., -5 W. :QL 'fe -'TQ ,"':'S I ,, 1 I.! 51.2 I ' 0,3 1 , if Q-. 4' we .. 'V Sami ff' N E is V V, 4 ul., , A v ,V fmxxx . 12,7 T-"A 3 A-1-7 ' W -of .f JI' 'I I i ff Q 'J " ' Q .T tr. - Y' X -wx w ' D I -' J Q11 'bv-'I v-A Ivy, 1- si ,. , v- A9 ' . Y' fa 1 F 2 A ,I A .- I-:X I0 lf X A g I Frexkman 1 MIKE DAULT, IIKA4 ARTHUR DAVIS JIMMY DAVIS LIBBY DAVIS LINDA DAVIS, ASA 2 ORE DAVIS RONNIE DAVIS WAYNE DAVIS DAVID DAVENPORT KATHY DAWSEY 3 ARON VAL DAWSON JULIA DEAS LAWRENCE S. DEAS THOMAS DEAS, SAFE CATHY DENTON, Xl? 4 RONALD DeRUCHIE FRANK DETHLOFF GEORGE ANN DeVAULT ROBERT DICK THOMAS DICKINSON 5 PAM DICKEON MARY JOE DILL, IMI ROBERT DILL CAROLYN DILLON BARBARA DIX, AAA 6 JOHN DUEITT GERAN DODSON JO ANN DOHERTY PAT DOLLFUS, EEE LAURA DOWDLE 7 HARWICE DOWNS, AZ NICK DOYLE WILLENE DRAKE, AEA GAIL DRENNON JOYCE DRIGALLO, 'QM 8 . JESSE R. DUBOSE CHARLIE DUCKETT WILEY M. DUCKWORTH FAYE DUKES GERALD E. DUKES 9 Chicago, Ill. Seminary Brookhaven Laurel Hattiesburg Satuma, Fla. Pascagoula Mobile, Ala. Bardstown, Ky. Jackson Pascagoula Coffeeville, Ala. Grove Hill, Ala. Saraland, Ala. Hattiesburg Vineland, N. J. Moss Point Biloxi Dillmawr, N. J. Magnolia Jackson Lucedale Carriere Tylertown Waynesboro Leakesville Gulfport Fairlawn, N. J. Hattiesburg Theodore, Ala. Kosciusko Pittsburgh, Pa. De Funiak Springs, Fla. THOMAS DUNAWAW, IT K A ROBERT DUNCAN LINDA DUPREE MARILYN DYKES JELNA EDWARDS 10 RAYMOND EGERS LOUIS ELIAS DIANE ELDER LINDA ELKINS RAY N. ELIZONPO Gulfport Pittsburg, Pa. Lumberton Biloxi Collins Jackson Foley, Ala. Columbia Jackson Laurel Bay Springs Lucedale Biloxi Gulfport Hattiesburg Clinton Mobile, Ala. Class 1 GERALD ELLIS, KE NANCY B. ELLZEY, ,AAA ROGER ELSEVUR DURALL EPPERSGN BILL ENDRESS 2 ROY EURE JIM EVANS ALLEN L. EVERETT, JR. ROBERT EXUM BETTY EZELL 3 ROWLAND EZELLE, IIKA ABIGAIL FAIRCHILD DOUGLAS FARR MARGARET FARRLEY NORMAN FARVE 4 VESTER LEE FAULKER MAXINE FAYARD PATTIE FELKER GWEN FERGUSON JOHN FERRARA 5 BILLY FILLINGAME SANDRA FILLINGAME, AZ JODEE FISACKERLY JOEL FISACKERLY KATHY FITZHUGH 6 RORA LYNN FLEMING JEFFREY FLETCHER JACK L. FOIL, EIIJE I Mobile, Ala. Laurel Mobile, Ala. Corinth Evansville, Ind. Hattiesburg Prichard, Ala. Beaufort, S. C. Patterson, N. J. Pascagoula Brookhaven Woodville Roxie Lucedale Hattiesburg Crystal Springs Biloxi Columbia Mobile, Ala. Scotch Plains, N. J. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Biloxi Biloxi Gulfport Mobile, Ala. Sudbury, Mass. Bogalusa, La. GINNY FORD, IAAIA Hattiesburg JUDY FORD, EEE Pascagoula 7 ALVIN FORTENBERRY, -QKT Hattiesburg MARY LOU FOUKE, AA.A Jackson CAROLYN FORTENBERRY Biloxi LARRY FOSTER Biloxi MARY LEE FOSTER, KA Church Hill 8 ROBERT T. FOSTER, JR. Jackson SYBIL FREDERIC Pascagoula EVELYN FREEMAN Gulfport LARRY FRENCH Hattiesburg NELDA GAINES Cantonment, Fla. 9 MARY ELIZABETH GALLASPY Pascagoula FRANCES GAMBLIN CHARLES GANTT DIANE GAINEY MARY DEE GAIN EY, AZ 10 MIKE GAs'roN GRENDA GEE FREDRICA GEIGER, nm: LEEDALE GENTRY DANA GAYE GEORGE, KIA Van Cleave Little River, Ala. Jackson Jackson Prichard, Ala. Natchez Birmingham, Ala. Richton Bogalusa, La. l 1 ' I 'vim' I -4 "fx 'ff"""P' l ws Q. .aw ., , J -I, fi Qs IQ ,X 5 I . 'F I .5 , , . 'T 1 as ' Lx ,,,,. at , nv . U I Y ' V . K' igfvf -- ' Aj M, . E Q H A X y. gig - A , '- ai' V , fr M fr, ' . W, fax ill, 6 n .. -:Q gg , M I I - -Q21 f -' "D" 5 N ' f f . I. ,... . . T' As Q' 2 Q L W " 'K l 'RAAF' , VT' . . fl MV! ,g,.g-' . me . ,5--- vs. , ,A W. v. S 4,.,- . ' .. I , '2. icy 1" ,v -V I -5 - ,. N H.. , . . ' ' gf - W fo N k g ....,,,.'. , X My . .I-W, . cw .3 A raw fl I 'Q Wy' V FN S Viii all ' V I I 45 Is 1, I ., ?Y. A 'eff' X X , ' -III e tl I df T . . gy . K Aw-.. :bf lg. .sy as.. .- X. N ii . t , ....,.. .... , . , G r' ' ' ' I' P ' H, F , , , I 5 F Y 3, Q 'rw XV Y . .. A "'::: 271 af'- r, ,V -lr- Q ,W srl, 50' I, 1. v 1' A' v. , .. KN l 6: R ' . tg "df,-U.. . - w liz, . x' 1... A 'Q pw" , iv- A :ol ff, 'N K .H ' ' I. ,fr 1,2 C71- I Yam , .- pk. . 5' Y " 1 . f -wr . J I' A X . 'A 1 .fs .g 1' K lea ,Q , A B Q' "v-' ,Y ,ff 1 c - fvawfm- ,f E 35,1 W' 1 sax", a ,fa A '-me 1 W., - ,. E-, I if ,ox . 'T' -5,5 lil S l. 1-, 5. CR a ,. 1 lil 272 Freflaman 1 ALFRADO J. GIL JAMES C. GILBERT, JR. JIMMY GILES, KA' HENRY GILLEY GLORIA GILLILAND, AEA 2 JAMES GLASS CHARLOTTE GOBER GORDON GOLLOTT PETE GOODRICH HIRAM GRANBERRY 3 WANDA LeGRONE, DON GRANTHAM LENNON GRAHAM MRS. BETTY GRAVA CLEMIE GRAVES 4 LESLIE GRAVES JO ANN GRAY, XIQ FRANK GREEN GUY GREEN JAMES GREEN, KA 5 LEE NELL GREEN DARLENE GREENOUGH JERRY GREER, KE NANCY JO GRIMES, AZ CARA LEE GRINDLE 6 JOHNNY GRIFFIN MARVELLE GROOM JOE GRUBAR GERALD GUINN FRANK C. HADLEY 7 KAY HAIRSTON, xo D. HALL JERRY HALL, xo LINDA HALL TED HALL, HRA 8 VIRGIE HALL ' BETTE HALSTEAD JAMES HAMIL, Am EILEEN HAMILTON ALBERT HAMMACK 9 AVOS HAMRICK MIKE HANCOCK LARRY HANKS, QKT LINDA HANN ON JOHN HANSEN, HKA 10 ELMER HARBAUGH MARILYN HARDEE BOB A. HARDY GEORGE H. HARDY, JR. BOB HARGER, ATQ Caracas, Venezuela Columbia Tampa, Fla. Moss Point Brooklyn Mobile, Ala. Gulfport Biloxi Panama City, Fla. Jackson Gulfport Cross City, Fla. Mobile, Ala. McComb Pascagoula Liberty Sugarland, Texas McLain Biloxi Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Pascagoula Jackson Lyman Mobile, Ala. Fayette, Ala. Handsboro Schenectady, N. Y. Hollywood, Fla. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Mobile, Ala. Pascagoula Jackson Hattiesburg Jackson Gulfport Ocean Springs Mobile, Ala. Petal Blakely, Ga. Mobile, Ala. Gulfport Greenville, Ala. Florence Boston, Mass. Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg Biloxi Jackson Columbia low PRESTON HARRINGTON BILLY HARRIS CISSIE HARRIS, -IDM JOHN EDWARD HARRISO 2 CAROL HART DOROTHY HARVEY GAINES HASKEW LINDA HASKINS 1 BETH HARPER N MARY GENE HATTEN, .AA 3 JOAN HAVARD LINDA HAWKINS, AEA EDWINA HILTON JOE HELTON WILLIE HENDERSON 4 LANNA HENLEY KATHLEEN A. HERRIGAN PHILIP HERRINGTON OLIVIA HIATT GEORGE HILBURN 5 PATSY HILES, KA JON HINSON, KE SUZAN HOCKER Natchez Hattiesburg Ocean Springs Hattiesburg , YCDKT Morton Gulfport Collins Jackson, Ala. Memphis, Tenn. A Gulfport Lucedale Hattiesburg Petal Hattiesburg Richton Picayune Greenville, S. C. Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Prichard, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Lyles Town Mobile, Ala. CAROLYN HODGES Leakesville DIANTHA HODGES Biloxi 6 KENNETH HODGES Mobile, Ala. ALVA HOFFMAN, EEE Little Rock, Ark. BARBARA ANN HOFFMAN, AZ Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. DONNA HOGUE Estabuchie AL HOLDER, HKA4 Chicago, Ill. 7 ANN HOLIMAN, QM Jackson SUZANNE HOLLAND Baker, Fla. JUDY HOLMES, 'IPM McComb KENT HOLLINGSWORTH Moselle SUE HOLLOWAY Laurel 8 DON HOLLEY Natchez GALLOWAY HOOKS Hattiesburg NORMA LEE HOOPER Gulfport GEORGE HOUCK Ballston, Spa, N. Y. GARLANE HOWELL Hattiesburg 9 SYDNEY HOWELL, KA CHARLES HOWLE VIRGINIA HUDSON VICKI HUGHES, .AAA GLENN HULBERT 10 CLINTON HUMPHREY JOE PAUL HUNT, KA GEORGE HURST HARRY HUSTON ROBERT JACKSON Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Meridian Clarksdale Moss Point Laurel Forest Hattiesburg Long Beach Groton, N. Y. ,QM fr ff fr- ' - 47 al. J -1 ,v 27' M A, Q f 1 J.. 2 3 , ,ff , wut., i ,W .A ,pf '33 ff' 'TT gf? N S. L sa. .,., , KA, ru-gf, 21- f "Q .. 4' gig 'Z' ill px'- 7 1, Q W- l 3 . -, 'D- -' - - f"N .l ,Q L., - 1 1.- , 4 1 , M 274 reflamcm 1 BEN JAMES DONALD JAYE JERE JEFFCOAT SHIRLEY JESSEE C. R. JOHNSON, ATQ 2 CHARLOTTE JOHNSON JERONE JOHNSON KEN JOHNSON, KE ROD B. JOHNSON RONALD JOHNSON, IPKT 3 SARAH BETTY JOHNSON, AQ SUDY JOHNSON HAMP JOHNSTON, QKT ELAINE JONES G. RAY JOHNSON, EQIJE 4 JESSE JONES MARSHA DALE JONES RICHARD B. JONES TOMMY JONES LOUISE JORDAN 5 RETTA JUSTICE GARY JUSSELY DAVID KANADY BURTON KAUFMAN PAULINE S. KELLOGG 6 BOBBY KELLY SYLVIA KEETON, KA JOHN KENDALL ERNESTO KERMOSILLO JERE KERRIGAN 7 GAYLE KILPATRICK JIMMY KILPATRICK LLOYD KIMBROUGH, BDE ROGER KIRKLAND, JR. JOHN H. KIRK, JR. 8 . ADALYN KOEN RICHARD KRAFT, KE PHILIP KREIS CAROLYN KEEVER, AZ TONI JO KULJIS 9 LANA LADNER. V Collins Bay Minette, Ala. Lena Rising Sun, Md. Gulfport Hattiesburg Vicksburg Pelahatchie Hattiesburg Hattiesburg New Orleans, La. Pascagoula Prichard, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Saraland, Ala. Columbia Benton Sumrall Columbus Nashville, Tenn. Jackson Wiggins Wensville, Ind. Pittsburgh, Pa. Wiggins Hattiesburg Birmingham, Ala. D'Lo Mexico Deerfield, Ill. Jennings, La. Mobile, Ala. Itta Bena Foley, Ala. Prichard, Ala. Hattiesburg Glencoe, Ill. Mobile, Ala. Knoxville, Tenn. Biloxi Mobile, Ala. LINDA VAN LANDINGHAM, XS! Bethesda, Md. RAY LANDRETH STUART LANKFORD EMILY LARSEN, EEE 10 NAN LITIMER, dill LINDA LAWSON DENNY M. LEA . SUE LEDYARD, .XZ FLOYD LEE Holly Springs Picayune Pascagoula Philadelphia New Orleans, La. Chicago, Ill. Jackson Hattiesburg Clam 1 JOHN LEGGETT, IIKA BECKY LEITCH EDWARD LEPOMA JAMES R. LINDLEY BILL LINDSEY De 2 CHARLES LINDSAY, IIKA FRANK De LIS, IIKA EDDIE LOOKAMY JERRY M. LOGAN, IHPKT BONNIE LONG, AZ 3 EDDIE LOPER RODERICK LOPER PHILLIP LOVE LARRY LOWE GLORIA LOWMAN, AZ 4 MARTHA TUCKER, EEE DONIS LUTER WOODROW G. LYON ELAINE MAGEE MAC MAGEE 5 JUNE MAJURE DIANNE MALEY, AAA SUZETTE MANUS LINDA MARBLE KENNY MARTIN 6 LINUS MARTIN, IIKA MARY ANN MARTIN MILNER J. MARTIN TONY MARTIN JULIA MASKEW, .AZ 7 SAM MASSEY, 'IIJKT SANDY MATHESON, AAA MIKE MATHIS, KE LENA SUE MATTHEWS, IIBILP CARROLL MATTNER 8 BETTY LOU MATTOX MARY NELL MAXEY, AEA ROBERT MAXEY LOUISE MAYNARD SANDRA MAZUR 9 CHARLES MAZZOLA BERNIE McCADE, 41K'I' JUDY MCCAFFERTY, IMI MIKE MCCARTY MURIEL MCCARTY, KA 10 FRED McCARSTLE JOAN McCORMICK PAULINE McCORMICK SHERRY MOCRAW RODERICK MCCRORY Alexandria, La. Panama City, Fla. Biloxi Meridian Funiak Springs, Fla. Farmwood, N. J. Fairlawn, N. J. Gulfport Laurel Mobile, Ala. Laurel New Augusta Brookhaven New Orleans, La. Farmer City, Ill. Hattiesburg Tylertown Hattiesburg Prentiss Hattiesburg Citronelle, Ala. Jackson Daytona Beach, Fla. Jackson New Orleans, La. New Augusta Moss Point Hattiesburg Brewton, Ala. Pascagoula Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Magee McComb Kenosha, Wis. Biloxi Hattiesburg McComb Jackson Jackson Vineland, N. J. East Orange, N. J. Reform, Ala. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Woodville Columbia McComb Jackson Hattiesburg Freflaman 1 JAMES D. MCDANIEL JOE MCDANIEL CHARLOTTE MODONALD HOWARD MCGEE, EIDE JANE MCGOWEN 2 JOHN MCGRAIN JACKIE MCHENRY, AEA JOSEPH MCHUGH JUDY MCINNIS EVELYN MCINTYRE 3 LINDA MCKEIVIER JANE MCKENZIE, AAA PATTY MOKEOWN DANNY MCKINNEY BOBBIE McKINNON 4 FRANKIE McLEOD SANDY MCLEOD, nm: SANDRA MCNEILL ANITA CLAIR MCRAE, M? BOBBY MCIVALE, KE 5 GEORGE MEERS ROCCO MELILLO CLAIRE MELTON, XS? MICKEY MENSI, KA BILLY MILLER, Acacia 6 WILLEEN MILLIS BRENDA MILLER JIMMY MILLER RUSS MILLER, ATS? JANE MILLETTE, EEE 7 ERNEST V. MILLS VIV IAN MILLS STEPHEN MINER, -CIJKT DIANE MILLER ' MARIAN MOAK 8 . JAMES MONSOUR LARRY MONTGOMERY BARBARA MOORE LINDA MOORE MARGARET MOREAU, AEA 9 CAROLYN MORRIS MICHELE MORRIS ROSALAND MOSER, KA ALMA JEAN MURPHY PAMELA MURPHY 10 PATSY MURRAY SONIA MURRAY JUDITH MYERS PATSY MYRICK ANN NAGLE Laurel Magnolia Hattiesburg Jackson Hattiesburg Westbury, N. Y. Wiggins Orrville, Ala. Leakesville Silver Spring, Md. Natchez Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Meridian Leaf Pensacola, Fla. Laurel Gadsden, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Boston, Mass. Newark, N. J. Dover, Dela. Gulfport Vicksburg Tylertown Gulfport Mobile, Ala. Kansas City, Kans. Natchez Hattiesburg Natchez Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Magnolia Bogue Chitto Vicksburg Laurel Lucedale Lucedale Bay St. Louis Columbia Jackson Iuka Bay Springs ' Natchez Mobile, Ala. Crosby Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Meridian Clam 1 REGIEL NAPIER Hattiesburg PATRICIA NEEL Mobile, A18- DUANE NELSON Hattiesburg MAC NELSON Pascagoula RITA NETTERVILLE McComb 2 STEVE NETTLES Tallahassee, Fla. LUCINDA NEWMAN Luceclale CHARLES NICHOLLS, KE Midwest City, Okla. DUDLEY NICHOLS, KA D'Lo LARRY H. NICHOLS Jackson 3 DONALD NICK Moselle NORBERT D. NIOLON Mobile, Ala. KAY NOBLE Gulfport MARLETTA NOBLES Gulfport PATSY NOBLES Hattiesburg 4 ROBERT NOGRADY Smithtown, N. Y. RONNIE NOLEN Jackson BILLY OAKLEY, 'CPKT Hattiesburg HOMER C. ODOM Laurel PATT ODOM, EEE Petal 5 ROSEMARY OLIPHINT, HB-fb Hattiesburg .IAIME OLMOS Panama BETH O'NEILL Hattiesburg LARRY ORR, KA Carthage BILL OWEN San Antonio, Texas 6 GORONWY OWEN Mobile, Ala. JOE PACKWOOD, IIKA Tylertown PEGGY PAGE Corinth NANCY ELIZABETH PARDEN Mobile, Ala. MONTY PARDEN Mobile, Ala. 7 WAYNE PARMER BARBARA PARKER, AAA DIANE PARKER DOROTHY PARKER LARRY PARKER 8 SELENA PARKER WALTER PARKER BILL PARTER, A.TrQ GEORGE DePASQUALE MACK PATTERSON, HKA 9 RONALD D. PATTERSON, RANDY PATTON, K: FRANCIS PAYNE JIMMY A. PAYNR DAN PEARCE 10 JOHNNY PEARSON BARBARA PEERSON ROBERT PENN JEANETTE PERKINS FREDA PERNICARO Mobile, Ala. Pascagoula Lucedale Raleigh Lumberton Moselle Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Paterson, N. J. Florence Hattiesburg Centre Petal Newton Chickasaw, Ala. Arlington, Va. Gulfport McComb Laurel Bay St. Louis 'WN H W7 . ,A 3 5 if lt 4 Wt gr "Q "' in R if 9 4' Wu' 1 fa 'V . M fa G.- S X 'Wv' ri Q Af .1..f,'::s , , .... . 0 Q 1 , ,A ..... .,.,.,.,,, , , tl H, 1. , q . .,, A J 2 ,f:'5:Qgs1is' sW - We Q5 Q 4-Z fi QV 1 f 1 A Ax 46. x -as 9 a., 5. WY fl f aiiigi if 5 5 1 Ja .' K 1 er: Q.. 1 45 ff:-47 2 in 3 4 at 5 6 T, 7 X Nfl T 8 fciize , 9 Q llfl if J:-:Ye I' I' 10 ll. R ,G-Tn reslamcm 1 J UAY PERRETT JOE PHILLIPS THOMAS J. PHILLIPS, ZQEI RALPH PHELPS VINCENTINE PIAZZA 2 MARVIN PICKERING, nm. MAUREEN PIGOTT LARRY PINKERTON LEON PIPPIN, -BKT TONY POGGI, 1:2 3 LYDLA POLK KATHLEEN POOLE, IIBQ JANE POPE DAVID POTIN A. THOMAS POTTER 4 DIANE POULOS ROBERT POWERS BEVERLY PRICE CECIL H. PRENTICE, JR. MARIAN PRICE 5 PEGGY QUEEN WENTZELL QUIGLEY PAT RABBY PRISCILLA RABBY ALICE MARIE RAHAIM 6 NANCY RAMSAY, HB42 BARBARA RAWLS, EEE POLLY RAY, QM RUSSELL RAY DALE RAYBURN 7 PATSY READ VERNON REINIKE CONRAD RICHARD CONNIE RIGSBY WENDELL D. RIMES, JR. 8 . BARBARA A. RITTER LINDA RITTER, JAMES R. ROBBINS, TKT RUTH ROGERS PATSY ROBERTS 9 VICKI ROBERTS, QM NETTIE ROBERTSON JACK ROOT TOMMY ROSE BETSY ROSS, xc 10 CAROL ROTH ROBERT ROULE HARRIE'I'I'E RUNNELS, VIVIAN RUSHING, AAA DAVID SACKLER o Gulfport Hattiesburg Brookhaven Prichard, Ala. Fayette D'Lo Picayune Pensacola, Fla. Pensacola, Fla. Mobile, Ala. Mt. Olive Hattiesburg Columbia Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Biloxi Jackson Bogue Chitto Prichard, Ala. Pascagoula Memphis, Tenn. Biloxi Moss Point Moss Point Laurel Gulfport Laurel Vicksburg Waynesboro Carriere Laurel Long Beach Jackson Evergreen, Ala. Petal Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Lucedale Bayou Labatre, Ala. New Orleans, La. Ocean Springs Brandon Laurel Groton, N. Y. Pensacola, Fla. Monongahela, Penn. Jacksonville, Fla. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg low 1 FRANCES G. SAENZ JACK SANDERS SHERMAN SANDERS RAY SANDERSON, -CDKT CHARLA SANFORD, AEA 2 JOSEPH SCARBOROUGH, LUKE SCHISSEL LINDA SCHMIDT, AAA STEVE SCHMIDT GAYE SCHROCK, KA 3 WALTER SCOTT, KA ROLAND SCROGGINS, KE LINDA SEAL GEORGE SEKUL RICHARD SESSIONS 4 GEORGIA SEVEDGE GLENDA SEYMOUR CLAY SHANKS GENE SHEPARD ROBERT SHETLER 5 JAMES SHILSTON, JR. WAYNE SHOWS, 1'IKA MABLE SIGLER TOMMY SIMMONS WILLIE AGNES SIMMONS 6 WILLIAM SIMPSON THOMAS SINGLETARY HIRAM R. SINGLETON GARY SINOPOLI LINDA SIURUA, APM 7 KENNETH SKINNER PATRICIA SLADE AUDREY SMITH BETTY SMITH, AAA FRANCES SMITH, AIAA 8 GALE SMITH, -fIJKT GERALDEEN SMITH GERTRUDE' SMITH KATHLEEN SMITH LANA SMITH 9 LARRY SMITH, KE MARGARET SMITH PATRICIA SMITH RICHARD W. SMITH, HKA DON SOLOMON 10 W. W. SPEIGNER RICHARD SPENCER GEORGETTE SOFEY BILL SOLOMON EILEEN SOULE Marcaibo, Venezuela Savannah, Ga. Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Wilmington, Dele, IDE Biloxi Ridgeway, Iowa New Orleans, La. Wilmington, Dele. Picayune Tallulah, La. Jackson Petal Biloxi Prentiss Escatawpa Biloxi Pensacola, Fla. Hattiesburg Evansville, Ind. Pensacola, Fla. Jackson Hattiesburg Magnolia Magnolia Morton Milton, Fla. Gulfport Gulfport Kreole Pascagoula Gulfport Pascagoula Brookhaven Canton Pascagoula Union Citronelle, Ala. Union Hattiesburg Columbia Covington, La. Denham Springs, La. Jackson Vicksburg Enterprise Hattiesburg Gulfport Pensacola, Fla. Meridian reslaman 1 CAROL SPEER, AZ JAN SPEICHTS CLARK SPENCER SHIRLEY SOUTHALL JOYCE STANFORD 2 ANNA STANLEY JERRY STEELE CORDELL STEELMAN DIANNA STEPHENS FREDDIE STEPHENS, AEA 3 CAROLYN STIGLETS BARBARA STEVENS TONI STEVENS ALFRED W. STILLMAN, JR. SUSAN STONE 4 SARA STRINGER MARTHA STUART SUE STUART LOUIS STURGEON SUSAN SUBER, IIBAID 5 BILL SUDDITH RORIE SUMRALL, HKA CLAY SWANZY, TKT BARBARA SWILLEY CAROLYN SWITZER, XS? 6 TOMMYE SWITZER MARY SYLVESTER ROGER TADLOCK ANN TAHNERT, AZ JERRY TANNER, IIIIA 7 W. H. TANNER, frin- JOYCE TARGERSON ROBERT TAYLOR, :fps J. PATRICK TEMPLE JUANITA TEMPLE, ABA 3 . EMILY TEMPLET, :ss CAROL THOMAS, AAA HARRY THOMAS JOHN THOMAS, aim- NICK THOMAS 9 SARAH THOMAS WAYNE THOMAS NANCY THOMPSON MARILYN THORNTON, Tllkifb PATRICIA TINDELL 10 MARY TODD, AAA KATHLEEN TOOMEY DIANNE TOOP . HAROLD TOOP SANDRA TOUSSAINT, X52 Ashland, Ala. Bassfield Mobile, Ala. Petal Ithaca, N. Y. Pensacola, Fla. Biloxi Hattiesburg Woodville Jackson Jackson Gulfport Meridian Biloxi Gulfport Hattiesburg Long Beach Hattiesburg Woodville Falls Church, Va. Key West, Fla. Jackson Prichard, Ala. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Biloxi Gulfport Morton Mobile, Ala. Jackson Moss Point Mobile, Ala. Kingsport, Tenn. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg New Orleans, La. Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Yazoo City Prichard, Ala. Jackson Petal Greenville Pascagoula Jackson Hattiesburg Long Beach Long Beach Hattiesburg Ckw 1 LINDA SUE TOWNS, -QM NORMA CAROL TUCKER KIRK TURNER LINDA TURNER JOANNE VALENTE 2 SANDRA VARNADO, AZ SUE VARNER SKIP WALKER SUE ELLEN WALKER DON WALLACE, 241121 3 JIMMIE LOU WALLACE LANNY WALLACE DOUGLAS WALLEY REBA WALLEY LILY WALTMAN 4 ALICE WARD DOUGLAS WARD KAY WARD REBECCA WARD FRANK WARNEKE 5 PATRICIA WARREN SKIPPER WARREN LEON WATERS SUSIE ANN WATTS, AZ WAYNE WATTS 6 RON WEIDNER ROY WELCH ALICE WENTWORTH, XI? JOY WEST LAWRENCE WEST 7 MICKEY WESTMORELAND MARY BETH WHEELER LARRY WHITE DEE WILBURN, .ATEA CHARLENE WILD 8 IRENE WILKINSON, XQ JUDY WILLIAMS MIRANDA WILLIAMS RONALD WILLIAMS ARTHUR R. WILLIAMSON 9 CHARLES WILLIAMSON CAROLYN WILSON CHARLIE K. WILSON DON WILSON JAMES R. WILSON 10 WAYNE WILSON JAMES H. WOMACK STEPHEN B. WONG FREDRICK WOODHAM PATSY WOODSON 11 HERBERT YATES GEORGE YOUNG, CDKT JOHN ZIEHLER DAVE ZIMMERLI, Edwli Pascagoula Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Hattiesburg Schenectady, N. Y. Jacksonville, Fla. Mobile, Ala. Pascagoula Biloxi Essexfells, N. J. Natchez Morton Richton Brooklyn Hurley Century, Fla. Wilmer, Ala. Philadelphia Sardis Hattiesburg Petal Forest Prichard, Ala. Pelahatchie Wiggins Toledo, Ohio Liberty Hattiesburg Mize Jonesville, La. Magee Orleans, Ind. Gulfport Pascagoula Miami, Fla. Hattiesburg Brookhaven Hattiesburg Satsuma, Ala. McLain Prichard, Ala. Hattiesburg Bay Springs Petal Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Magee New York, N. Y. New Augusta Hattiesburg Miami, Fla. Hattiesburg Brooklyn, N. Y. Story Brook, N. Y. LYNDA ZIRKELBACK, IIB-:ir Pensacola, Fla. ,J ff! 5 " 0 ."'hb,M O ,,-vw I if ll, S Q N, E if 1 -'Jw' , E KID Y ,E 2 AQ '-an 175:94 .. K I, 'if Ea-R may ' 1-W , X 4 .L ,RR wr it F-.ii E M Q X. -4 A N, .. 6 at In Kr, R -H . Q ' 1, A .. V 1 ' Q ,.,,. -- ,gi V. X Z N ew Q L ,fi .. .WEA 'Q I Fvtq ,Q :VA X sf it , K 5 R R i Q' x 'A E H K f 3, 5, 9 mv 2' "" 1 A 1 Q Z-'ffl to E : L we ,K vi! II' I A -ff" .,,,x A. WW V., .,,,, ""k 'H' .. ' 1 54 XF' '12 -1 'Z-41' 4 TX aqui' fx QW PS ., K. ru .5 he GRAD UA T CLASS 1 GEORGE RICHARD BAHR JOE D. BOUTWELL LYNELL BRISTER 2 JACHIN Y. CHAN JAMES "BUDDY" DAVIS ALBERT B. DUCK, JR. 3 ALLEN GIBBS CLIFFORD S. GOLDSMITH ELLEN SUE KEITH 4 ROBERT C. LESLIE HERBERT J. LONG, JR. JAMES E. LOTT 5 BILLY LOVETT JOSEPH O. MANUEL, JR. JAMES A. MARTIN, JR. Pensacola, Florida Ovette Liberty Cleveland Laurel Clara Itta Bena Arcadia, Fla. Hattiesburg Gulfport Ellisville Pensacola, Fla. Forest Biloxi Long Beach 1 WILLIAM M. MOOTE KAREN L. PETERSON NANCY LYLE POLLOCK 2 CASSIE B. RASBERRY JEROME VINCENT REEL BETTY SHAW 3 CURTIS R. SMITH PAUL H. SMITH LEM STRINGER 4 JANET TERRESON OSCAR N. WALLEY, JR. JAN WARREN 5 JAMES E. WEEDY WINFRED WELFORD JOE D. WHITE Ocean Springs Lincoln, Nebr. Richmond, Mo. Moss Point New Orleans, La. Belzoni Mineola, Tex. Hattiesburg Mobile, Ala. Pascagoula Jackson Centreville Magnolia Citronelle, Ala. Louisville Graduate Class Officers: Richard Bahr, Presidentg James Lott, Vice-Presidentg Sue Keith, Secretary and Treasurer. l. .T . 1' 1, S if A 'YM'--V If C1 vs? max! UWM.. '95 , mai we fx 0 5 as f Q . v . e Y.. 0' 7 283 1 N E A F 1 1 an ua rf' so on flldfbdv JUNE WOOD Homecoming Queen 1961 H0 COAHNG Homecoming was one of the largest crowds ever gathered at Southern to witness a football game .... Miss June Wood, of Hattiesburg, the Queen of this years Homecoming and her court were presented before the game .... The crowd saw Southern lose the first home- coming in a number of years .... The lVl.S.C. marching band and Dixie Darlings put on their usual unmatchable performance at half time. . . Homecoming Queen June Wood and King Billy Larson enjoy the dance after the football game. Dr. McCain presents Miss June Wood the traditional Home- coming bouquet, as Larry Bradley her escort looks on. 'J L.. Q A hr Z ' "l ., L .1 :,, . . Winners of the different homecoming activities were pre- Kappa Alpha, 2nd Alpha Tau Omega, 3rd Kappa Delta . , , Shhchfd their t1'0Phie5.ih Chapel, they are! Ih the hefflllfy Decoration of living quarters, girls . . . Bolton Hall, boys dlVl510h 1Sf P1390 Chl Ufhega S01'01'lty, Zhd Alpha Sigma . . . Scott Hall, Fraternity . . . Acacia . . . Special Award Alpha, 3rd Sigma Sigma Sigma . . . Originality, 1st Pi ' to Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sig-ma, wr Y ' The Dixie Darlings and Band put on their gay halftime show for the homecoming crowd The Chi Omega Sorority won first place in the beauty division of the homecoming parade with their float "Reflection of Success" Homecoming Queen and King, with their royal court as they were presented at the homecoming dance. ...W M an N . ,ima M Y fr 2 The winners of this year's Talent Parade were Buddy Huth- maker who won 2nd place with a violin number, Maggie Vaughn taking 1st place with a comedy routine, and David Milligan taking 3rd place and capturing the hearts of the people with folk songs. ez P1961 Delta PM 6 Clan 1961 T113 Sgcgnd annual Kappa Delta Pledge Judy, Sandra and Ellllly kept the 3llCllellCe lll StlCl1eS Vllth their CI'aZy PaIlt0lTl Class Parade of Talent was a booming affair with over twenty contestants. Mr. Pat Patterson kept the show rolling as the Master of Ceremonies for the second year. This year, as usual, the crowd and line of talent were bigger. The judges were chosen from the faculty. ,fd A P - 5' fr Becky Green, President of Chi Omega, presents the lst place Becky Gfeely Pl'0Sid0l1f of Chi Omega, P1'9S9UfS the 1Sf Place trophy to Judy Davis of Kappa Delta for the Sgfgrity trophy to Jim Speake of Kappa Sigma for the Fraternity Division of Song Fest. Division of Song Fest. bi mega Son Fatt The Kappa Delta's won first place in the sorority division as they sang "Jingle Bells" and "Kappa Delta Dream." First place in the fraternity division was won by Kappa Sigma with their rendition of "The Kappa Sigma Pin Song" and "Noel," To start the Christmas season, the Chi Omega Sorority sponsored their 11th annual Song Fest. Each sorority and fraternity on campus parti- cipated in this season's highlight by presenting one Christmas carol and one sorority or fraternity song. its ,J Eff Barbara Johnson CLaurieJ and Billy Gerald Stewart CCurleyJ decide that they don't care if "People Will Say We're in Love" in this second act scene from OKLAHOMA. Laurie's friends, getting ready for the picnic, sing and dance to "Many a New Day" as Laurie dreams about Curley. Laurie and Curley set off on their wedding trip, to the well wishes of their friends in the surry with the fringe on the top. -1 ls- 1- W f .gn-5 ,ff'A"' ' lelalroma One of the highlights of the school year has come to be the All-Campus Musical, representing the combined efforts of the Art, Band, Dance and Theatre Departments. Under the direction of Gilbert F. Hartwig, last year's production of Rogers and Hammersteinis OKLAHOMA proved most successful. Students from just about every depart- ment on the campus work together in a massive joint endeavor. Currently in rehearsal as we go to press is the 1961 musical, DAMN YANKEES. The All-Campus Musical began several years back when Robert Hays wrote HEY DAZE, an original musical based on campus life. Following it came BRIGADOON and GUYS AND DOLLS, and, last year, OKLAHOMA. .3 - ,Q :I f fi , W. lf 4 ,hx f 1 ,v 451, -4 The whole company, in the title song of the production, as they salute the audience and sing of the wonders of "0klahoma". All Camlbuf Mufzkal mfr ' h ixihfhujl s i- 1 Al The gills chorus agrees with Laurie that Out of My Dreams" can come the answer to any problem a girl might face. Dancing cowboys do the Can-Can with some of Jud's Frency Postcard girls in this moment from the Dream Ballet during OKLAHOMA. y I 1 l Lynda Smith Clieddai, Gary Williams CTesmanJ, Sandra Wise CTheaD and Richard Strahan Uudge Brackj are seen in a scene from Ibsen's HEDDA GABLER, a thesis pro- duction directed by Patricia M. Hays. MC X Nona Whittington Uennetj and Mike Mc- Intosh tThomasJ compare their philosophies on life in Christopher Fry's TIIE LADY'S NOT FOR BURNING, fall production of the Theatre Department. 2 Pictured here are scenes from the Southern Players' productions of the past several months. The Spring Major production for 1960 was a seldom produced comedy by Gertrude Stein about the problems of the French Underground during World War ll. Patricia Hays' graduate thesis production of HEDDA GABLER fol- lowed, and Fall saw a highly successful tour of THE LAND OF THE DRAGON. The Southern Players Whittington and Mclntosli share their prob- lems with Don Hood fHumphreyJ and Don Seay CNicholasJ in THE LADY'S NOT FOR BURNING. . rw ..--,.....1-gn.. 1,5 ,- 113.7 Jean Hudson COlympeJ, Dick Strahan fHenryJ, Patricia Hays CConstanceJ and Binnie McCoy CCLothildeJ celebrate the liberation of Paris by the Allies in Gertrude Stein's YES IS FOR A VERY YOUNG MAN. ben We e L each year take a childrens, play on tour to towns in Mississippi and Louisiana, and this year played to over 7,000 children and adults in their thirteen performances. Fall production was Christopher Ery's charming verse comedy, THE LADY'S NOT FOR BURNING. Scheduled for Spring is an original play by Mary Eleanor Ellis about a Mississippi family during the Civil War, tentatively entitled TI-IE CRY OF THE JAY. The villains watch the Princess playing with her pet bird while the bored property man and the three wicked cousins look on in THE LAND OF THE DRAGON. Ja. 1 . K x if 4 . . i M1 A ! ' x sf' - l Don Seay CGastonJ and Carole Hill CGigiJ have a serious moment's discussion in the delightful play GIGI. -,L f L f,. , .-,. QQ 'R ' -, -'A ':,szrax','-1 u 3. ' 1 f,,3.".Qx'xF if 'sur N f . r 23,55 x.,fge,,J Rf., tv-,y y fx - -A .ily x 1 t ' fb'-A ,' 50 at L rf- Y' q'kqf,i- g's ,2f' QF in . I rf2f'sf,3:.-:E7?sC't'::rr55,fsC':2:+iMp ' 1 Jimmie Ruth llawkins CShiela Broadbentj works on arranging Carole Ilill's CJane Broadhentj life in this scene from THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE. llT'1 .,J.:i!". - 4 Terry Saucier, Billy Gerald Stewart, Nona Whittington CSabrinaJ and Gary Williams are concerned over Sabrina's skinned knee in SABRINA 294 FAIR. 1fl7flfl1flflB1" The second season of the MSC Summer Theatre was held on the Campus, having moved back to the Air- Conditioned Southern Playhouse after its initial season in Pascagoula on the Gulf Coast. Sixteen students, from six states and seven different colleges enrolled for the eleven week program. Guest stars from the community made appearances in each of the productions, and added a Uprofessionalv touch to the program, which was directed by Robert M. Treser, Nona Whittington CMollie Ralstonj explains her Mys- terious behavior to Terry Saucier CDetective Trotterj in Agatha Christie's THE MOUSETRAP. z.i,4n's'x1sui-i-- - Judy Cockrell CMyrtle Maej, Priscilla Schnake CVeta Louisej and Charles Martin CJudge Gaffneyj in a hectic scene from HARVEY, Mary rChase's comedy about a six foot white rabbit. tocle Director of Theatre. The program saw the production of eight plays, all pictured above, with each playing five nights, Tuesday through Saturday in the Playhouse. The season consisted of THE ELVES AND THE SHOE- MAKER, THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE, THE MOUSETRAP, THE DARK AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS, GIGI, HARVEY, THE GLASS MENAG- ERIE, and SABRINA FAIR. The curtain call picture of THE ELVES AND THE SHOEMAKER, the children's play which opened the season of the MSC Summer Theatre. ,,. ,M 9 I a,f,',f 1 Q 5' ff gag, ui, 5,5 f , , ff 5 ff, " i 'f . 4? 5 5 V' '..f. f:'Qf"5 , 2 . ' . ii i c , gy H, , '1 A 3-f i1fege ,5L55w5yi'1. 1 ' . ' 4 IZ' 1 ., f, X , Q 2, . Y U , A i 4 ez 21 ..., , , I l ' K Y Y F V - is ., T 1 I X ' 'aw 7 Charline Phillips CRennieJ and Carmel Signa CSammyJ in a tender moment of THE DARK AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS. Don Seay CTomJ, Mary Treser CAmandaJ, Gary Williams CJimJ and Jean Hudson CLauraJ in the dinner scene of THE GLASS MENAGERIE. ' M- LAL-I Practicing for the presentation of the opera workshop are: Bill Porter, Ann Watkins, Karen Wilson, and June Stringer Williams. Veiper Choir em Workflaop Practicing for their performance in the opera are from left to right: Karen Wilson, Randy Hendon. Judy Hearne. Diana Stewart, Bill Porter, and Ann Watkins. ,.., 4 1 .-- fi The Mississippi Southern Ves- per Choir is the major choral organization on campus. Each fall there is an audition for member- ship. This choir appears in con- certs throughout the state of Mississippi and, in some instances, adjoining states. Every member of the Hattiesburg Choral Union which presents I-landel's "Mes- siah" each Christmas. Each Spring there is a state tour of the Vesper Choir which lasts for an entire Weelc. l-ligh Schools, churches, and junior col- leges are visited, and programs are presented. This is onlv a part of the public relation program of the choir. For example, each civic club in Hattiesburg has at least one program from the Ves- per Choir during the school year. Other activities include: Religious Emphasis Week Concertg Fine Arts Week Concertg cooperation with the Hattiesburg Choral Union in their Spring Concert. Anticipated vearlv production of the music division . . . . .Mr. Leonard Stocker. production director. . . . . Mr. l-larris Crohn. musical director .... gains partic- ipation of many . , . accepted as top-notch presentation . . . . diflicult preparation . . . . outstanding results. 2913 .l oumelom The counselors live in the freshman girls' dormi- K tories. They are there to advise the girls and help them during their all important hrst year. This is one of the top honors that can come to a woman student at Southern. Mrs. Sanderson and Mrs. "Miss Polly" Wilson, who are the house mothers in the Freshman girls' dormitories assist the coun- selors in their never ending job. 131.1 Q A From left to rightg Front Row: Gerry Read, Mrs. Sanderson. Mrs "Miss Polly" Wilson, June Wood, Carole Coleman, Marilyn Darby Louise Stuckey, Gail Finlay, Janie Vincent, Gail Gunner, Barbara Steelman, Prissy Balker, Betty Boyd. Absent: Harriet Stovall. 0 76? Seated from left to right: Clyde Mills, Claude Renfroe, James Zager, Harry Hopkins, C. H. Hagenson, Director of Housing. Standing from left to right: Kenneth Hughes, Ben Willoughby, Frank Teneralli, Marshall Fayard, Gary Fellows, Supervisor, Charles Hand, Richard Doiron, Joe Price Everett, Marvin Johnson. 297 Proctors are students employed by the Housing Office to assist in the management of the residence halls. Each has specific responsibility for a given area of the building and for the residents of that area, but his authority extends to other areas or buildings as needed. The "Proctor system" has proven to be very effective, an eloquent commentary on the high caliber of the men selected to serve as proctors. and on the ability of stu- dents in general to accept and discharge responsibilities. 1"0Cf01".f 5 'W' s,,.,., Officers of the Student Christian Federation, standing from left to right: Brenda Burch, Historiang Celeste Savell, Corresponding Secretary, Gloria Saunders, President, Edith Miller, Recording Secretary. Seated from left to right are: John Coker, Vice-President, Robert Hermetz, Public Relations, Jeff Fletcher, Assistant Vice-President. tudent lariftian Feckmtion 'Nr- M.S.C.,s Student Christian Federation is a council com- posed of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, historian, publicity chairman, and a representative from each of the religious groups. Seeking to provide channels for worship and religious development, S.C.F. sponsors, among other activities, Religious Emphasis Week, Vespers, the Thanksgiving Service, the Christmas Service, and the Easter Service. Each religious organization M.S.C.'s campus has a represent- ative in S.C.F. These representatives are elected by their various groups. 'fir Q Wgfsiafat Dr John F. Nau is the advisor to the Student Chris- tian Federation as well as chaplin of the college Forensic: Mississippi Southern's Department of Speech in the School of Arts and Sciences sponsors the forensics pro- gram, directed by Dr. Walttr Simonson, The Debate Squad, composed of nearly 20 students, receive training in debate and discussion, Youth Congress activities, and individual speech events, such as oratory, radio speaking, interpretive readings, and after-dinner and extemporaneous speaking. They attend statewide and regional tournaments in each of the above fields yearly. M., ' ff: ,Q ,Xsgix we , , ' f mv iitiififif 5 'ff 'kiikz' Li From right to left are pictured Dr. Walter Simonson, Director of Forensicsg Professor Selvey Johnsong and Professor Bennett Strange coach all participants in forensic activities. Members of Forensics are: Carroll Mattner, Linda Haskins, Jimmy Farr, Derry Coppenrath, Anthony Caranna, Alice Arrington, Darlyne Greenough, Jim Schwartz, Ronnie Lindley, Pat Tindle, Beth Wheeler, and Betty Smith. Absent are: Stan Gwin, Ralph Pinckley, Alan Seeman, Judy Johnson, Emily Larsen, and Bing Wong, y fir' x N S fi lx ln Memory of DR. BESSIE HOPKINS OCTOBER 10, 1890 FEBRUARY 3, 1961 A.B., Whitworth College, 1909, BS., Wesleyan College, 1910, A.B., Randolph- Macon Women's College, 1912, graduate study, University of Mississippi and George Washington University, M.A., University of Alabama, Ph.D., George Pea- body College, 1957. She was a member of Delta Delta Delta Fraternity, recipient of the first Kappa Sigma Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year Award, Lifetime I-lousemother of Pi Kappa Alpha, National Mother of Phi Kappa, and beloved of each man and woman who followed in her path. "When I was small I thought of heaven as a place full of angels, and also as a place of emptiness. Then my grandmother died and I felt as though I knew one person in heaven. As more of my acquaintances died I visualized a heaven beginning to be filled with friends. But when 'Moml Hopkins was called to her mansion, 1 knew that thousands of students-the students she loved-felt just a little closer to God." 300 and SPONSORS ADVERTISERS THE FORREST COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS "Soufhern's Hear1'ies'l' Backers" SELBY C. BOWLING, Presidenf . . . . . . Bea'r Three HARRY H. BELL . . . . . . . Bea? One LUTHER G. LEE . . . '. Beal Two J. A. P. CARTER . . . , . Beaf Four W. H. BUTLER . . . . Beaf Five We wish 'ro exiend our sincere promise of confinued supporf and cooperaiion fo Mississippi Souihern College, lv1ississippi's fines? and largesi college and one of Forresf Coun+y's mos+ valued asseis. Congraiulaiions on your splendid growfh and fine spiri'r. We hope Thai Souihern and Forresi Couniy will conlinue 'ro march side by side in se'r+ing The pace of progress and developmenf in Souih Mississippi. The people of Forresi Counfy exlend fheir besi wishes io +he adminisfraiion, faculiy, and siudenfs of M.S.C. Besi of luck To Mississippi's iriendliesf college from Mississippi's friendliesf counfy. Av I I t E ilioirmsft Qouniy E 1 s i a' ...g.Z A good place io go io school and a good place io live We are a+ Your Servlce COLLEGE PHARMACY Prescrlphons and TolIe+rles 2900 I-Ia rdy SIreeI Qppogife MSC Phone JU 3-2504 ll o 1' n o n o COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS SOUTHERN CLEANERS R H BRASWELL Owner Across From Lake Byron Phone JU 3 AO7I KOMP EQUIPMENT COMPANY INC WW 6 X Now' ff' ,wwwwwffyyy f rw W NY 9 ff 7.01 PA Mr' MENT COM M E mp L of KU? 4 W ,j i 1495, W wx 5 ,Wm P55521- P' f -J -wi idk WSSWW M Q ? M2329 df ry Mmm ff -W ff Rig s-95 f Aim? 5 3112... -KZIW W ww sy? s 1 , px ff '59 E L 1 -2 ,g wwia .J-A 0:15 1233 :wx 5 f Ewan mmmm AQZAQKKI.. wif Q XN2Ag f ,J 3' Pr if ff Y' xx Avg f,, t,,,,.,, C61 -2- ff 'Q Vlzcwr- N, fwidffmd gg 4521922 9 WQW I fimw ff Wk iw 1 5 S2 QA 'N X aff? DISTRIBUTORS OF INDUSTRIAL 81 PLUMBING SUPPLIES I-IATTIESBURG MISSISSIPPI I ' - A I ,AW .-42 'X ,W J' , f X ff' . N ' .V-'Ch x f K 71' Vx' A . ' Mb .557 H HW S '4 , 4 ' ' , T 4137 . x - 5 .V .I iw ,, ,pwfzf if " ' , f I ,f .. WWI?-4 f,,f3:S55g7,og5,1-I L " . .K 1129 2a.,krfTffj?ffffS"' ' X. If f 11 I ,W . ryswff W I - , 5 -ii .+- D .. fr 0-ff ' ' .., 'z , , f' V df ,, A , fa .fwfr -V S , ,, fe d- Q01 . .J-. A ' :zur A 1- f' lox 1' f - . . , A . 1. 5 qw, 4,..f-- 9 Mu-, v. 1 ,b ymff45.I,w, .L . , d fllm -A -4 5 2 ,X , X Cf , Rf' 1 f f? ' I E PI ,wi W ' T' I " ' 1 I ,Ji IA 22- ' - f ' m b- " X431 - , , ,Ig LffNw,fffjf,'w1,,.W. of A, Q4 -f , v,vr f:.y an ' ' -.5 fy 1- ,L - mf '-1:6 , I , 2:41 ,..,, .-2-n M..,, 's fj:','..-I,-my ' ak, -1 in r , ., ,ai .J,,-:yn v-' A -ww 5 2 wwe, f -We-ff no ..,f ,,1,,2z 'ey-I L. fl , in Jr, , .X , . - W. Lk . X ,Ng-1 ,ww -w...,,-, ,N 4-., , , ,, f If f f -,rw if -' my f A 139 We '- 33-523 ? ' L.. - -Mhz ' Q- '2A1wv'- Mfr , af.: 5-3,2 fi I f f AN yffa. sf-'lf ' M. iffm' ww -,, " V If f ,M, iff 'wif if v g 'T ..'wvf"f - X.:" M1 ,g "' f Zed A-agfxzi ,. W Sy f 4 33, Iwo W, , , , J. ,facylwflw , mfg -f ' , , if If 11 A , 14,1 4- -11. Cf .L ,,.., , ,Q -:4?gAf,,'x-- :uf .I , - , " Q' -2225 QQ: W iff. . I- A -1 , R a ine FE-477-?1' 1f.I '3" -air A- -3 M I 1 W W fm A: I I 5 - I ,, -115. 'if in zfffpx-, fi-yen I::gg,Q -1,,3erph 2 - - ., ,Lg Q- I E.: 1 fe, I :liz yg:q?:L5v 'gX! 'wi?'W'.e5V 2 . 'n f 'F 95 11 Q, ' M . f f f - .X -',Jn..-.,,z3 r-- - 1. xi, 1-f bi ' A f 234, " on " N ' "" 'W' ,rf ' ' ' , 3 .-3 53 ,. WM . '- pf, li , I Ziff ' '?f -- I 'ww' af,.Z5J:-57:-1'..fQ'fi-31 -A ' I zz: f , ' .X " ' f' I . ' -XS 1,5 y y-Wy: ",7,k,fwwaigggy-fi H , Q .Ay A QM, - f -Ryo I un -1 V f VV S T51 f- r 1 . A oy I Q W- W SIL.. , , QI ff 'I ' Ai. ' N, A " ' .g" 'if ' , f .S YQ,-WM.Lo.,, T . , ,,-.,,. A , ':'4"1?'T1iii-fjgg ' ,.i ,, ,, ,Nh -1- 4 I " . - ,.L.MN,MW..N , -" T V, z' yN,C,m , ,N I Compliments Hattiesburg Autemeblle Dealers Asseelatlen AUTO SERVICE COMPANY HENSON FORD INC JOE MORRIS MOTORS MCMULLAN MOTORS ROSCOE MOORE PONTIAC INC RYAN MCARTHUR MOTORS STEADMAN MOTORS INC MARTIN MOTOR SALES of O O O O Q FARRIOR MOTOR COMPANY Harvey Compkmenfs of WlMPY'S and WlMPY'S JR uy, sell, insure, and save." AT WOODS AND MCARTHUR REALTORS AND INSURERS Complete line of Real Esfafe, Home Building and Brokerage Sales. GOLDEN SMITH, Insurance Manager 9l5 l-lardy Slneel Phone JU 2-I9I I - SOUTHERN BCWLING LANES Leagues, Clubs, and Individuals Phone JU 2-2703 WILLMUT GAS AND OIL COMPANY Q lu , I 1 'ii 2 I K5 Ll I-I I i 4l Use Nafural Gas, Ihe all purpose fuel, for coolring and heairing Serving Sou'rh Mississippi in HaI'+iesburg, Collins, Easi' Jackson, Magee, Mendenhall, MI. Olive, D'Lo, Braxfon, Pearl School, and McLaurin I'IeighI's. "Serving South Mississippi Since 1895" . t N it . I B k of Eiattiesburg' 523 MAIN STREET BROADWAY MART PETAL BRANCH HARDY STREET BRANCH Pefal. Miss. BRANCH Broadway Drive M LJ F d I R rve Sysiem f Federal Dep 'I I - C p I' n Hardy S+ree+ rmsr FEDERAL s vmns Ann L N A socmrlou I-IATTIESBURG MISSISSIPPI MEMBER OF FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION A mulual savings and home Fnance inshiuhon serving over Curreni Dividend 4 f AsseI's over S30 O00 000 OF . I . . . . I5,000 people. Safely of your savings insured Io SI0,000.00 ' ' o , o ' ' 1- AUTOGRAPHS 1 " I I 'gg I hi? 4. ,QA v Refreshing remembrance ,Qi gl I , III ...... .. W ir! I -I DRINK er authority of The Coco-Colo Company by HATTIESBURG COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY AMERICAN SAND 8. GRAVEL co. JYYMIQ HATTIESBURG BRICK WORKS SCUTHEASTERN MATERIALS co. ON ofneez Ross BRIQ. Ie-I. JU 4.6436 I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI HATTIESBURG CREAMERY HATTIESBURG MISSISSIPPI rl flf fnfffu' fu u .f ' . 'lt Mississippi's Finesi QRAUEAMII. Laborafory Confrolled PIanI' ,CE II7 WaIrIuI SI. Dial JU 3-2645 A bank accoum' esfablnshed early ID your career wall serve as a foundahon for Iufure busI ness operahons and prove valuable In many ways Le'r us serve yo CITIZENS BANK HATTIESBURG Ma n Offuce 60I Mann SI'ree+ Bank of Friendly Service Branches M ss ss pp So The n College ad y D Member eeIDeposII neCop EeeIRee se SOUTHLAND FLORISTS SOUTHERN GLASS SI Pa I SI Ie b Wholesale cl Relal MEMBER y FTD GLASS AND BUILDING MATERIALS Pn S+ I g FTD HATTIESBURG HARDWARE STORES WHOLESALE HARDWARE ancl SPORTING GOODS Moblle SI'reeI Phone JU 3 3525 HATTIESBUR6, MISSISSIPPI ' ' . . . ul of i . - . ll ' ' ll I I I I u r Bro wa rIve Edra I nsurac r. Idra srveSyIm GH ZOO . u reel' I-IaII s urg, lvlIss an I -1gx.lGlAl,' 2I5 E. I fe reel I-Ial Iesbur , Mass. if 'ri s-,K E ,QQ SMOKIE S SPORTING GOODS . P eJU 3- 2 a Iles urg, iss. EXPERT DRY CLEANING ONE-HOUR SERVICE COLLEGE CLEANERS I Laundry Service-Qualify Work SARA MERCIER M H p+ Ify I S I H HIITTIESBURIYS 0NI.Y SPECIALTY SHOP I Sporfswear Shoes Millinery THE Ready-+o-wear SIO Main SIreeI fgrmerly EISMANWS Second Floor Ready Io W,eer Open a Convenienf Charge Accounlr BROADWAY MART SHOPPING CENTER MosI' Convemen'I Shopping CenIer HaHiesburg's FirsI', Larges'I', and HARDY MART BEAUTY SALGN MARILYN MURRAY, Sfylisf Syncro-Jef Permanenis-Tiniing "Lei us handle your gre-aIesI assef-yourI'1air.' Hardy Slrree-I Marf PI'1one JU 2-2455 HATTIESBURG TYPEWRITER COMPANY Aufhorized Sales Aqenf UNDERWOOD STANDARD AND ELECTRIC TYPEWRITERS, ELECTROSUMMAR, V' tem X MULTISUMMAR, DIVISUMMAR SaIesf-Service-Renfals-Supplies I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI ZIO Broadway Drive JU 4-548I sooo LUCK SP EEDIS and SOUTHERN GULF SERVICE GOOD DIGESTICN STATION CHOCTAW DRIVE-INN 2604 Hardy Phone Ju 3-2519 RESTAURANT "Bed Hickory Bar-B-O Ribs an me scum" - oauuz, ALA. e.uLFPoRr, Mass. HATTIESBURG, Mnss, JACKSON, Miss. MERIDIAN- MISS- M FAULKNER CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY PERMANENT PIPE Esfabllshed l9I5 I-IATTIESBURG MISSISSIPPI P. O. Box 992 HERCULES POWDER COMPANY NAVAL STORES PLANT I-IATTIESBURG. MISSISSIPPI W FRANCES WILLIAMS l K When In Ha'rhes'burg make your home ai' SOUTHERNAIRE MOTEL AND PARK LANE MOTEL d a ' Iacross hnghway from Miss. Soufhernj Broa w y Drnve HUB CITY OFFICE SUPPLY CO. For all your o-Ffice needs ZI8 Wesf Pine Sfreef Phone JU 2-330I I-IATTIESBURG, MISS. ?vuQm9hia0n Hehiolburgi Quohy 999' ibn c:oLLEeE HEIGHTS TEXACO SERVICE 24 hour service WASHING-POLISHING-LUBRICATION TIRES-TUBES-BATTERIES Road Service DAYTON GILLESPIE, Owner y ass 3- Hardy Sf. Phone JU 4A858I DXIE X f! Pu-.ow senvnci HATTlEbBLJRG rvnss Flnesf I PORTRAITURE AERIAL COMMERCIAL CHILDREN WEDDINGS PETS OILS COLOR COPIES Anyhme Anywhere Any'rhmg Your AnnuaI Photographer 1960 61 Res Phone JU 2 2439 Offnce Phone JU 4 5262 MII I 1208 comzvzvza STREET U i ' ' n PLANNING A PARTY? I 'grx SE: We have PRIVATE PARTY ROOMS Faciiifies for 0 0 DANCING 0 PICKNICKING 0 FISHING 0 BOATING 8: SKIING IOn Sundaysl k I fx SO 0 GO KARTS 5 IRen'raI Icar'rsI 9 Call uA new FOR RESERVATIONS Heningtonk Lake Shady y Highway 98, Wesf, 5If2 Mi. Phone JU-30695 or JU-30356 A COMPLIMENTS i Mews Wea' GULF STATES c:leAR AND TOBACCO COMPANY WHOLESALE McGregor sporfswear-Kuppenheimer sulI's SIyIe-OuaIiI'y-FiI 528 IVIEHIFI Phone JU 2-2453 I-IATTIESBURC MISS. OF Cigars, Tobacco, Candy, and Sundries PONTIAC EASTERN CORPORATION Black Creek Refinery Purvls Mississippi Phone JU 4 8-4OI a ATTEND THE CHURCH OF YOUR CHOICE WHILE AT SOUTHERN MAIN STREET BAPTIST CHURCH .1-ouisi E. BAi2NEs, JR., Paslor 9:30 lI:00 6:I5 7:30 8:30 i2:00 A.M. Sunday School A.M. Morning Worship VVFOR RM. l3apIisI Training Union RM. Evening Worship WFOR RM. Youlh Fellowship Salurday "Onward" VVDAM-TV COURT STREET METHODIST CHURCH REV. ROY L. LANE, Raslor O. S. LEVVIS, Associale Raslor 9:45 A.M. Sunday School I I:00 A.M. Morning Worship 5:45 RM. Youlh Choir Rehearsal 6:20 RM. Supper 6:45 RM. Melhodisl Youlh Fellowship 7:30 RM. Evening Worship MAIN STREET METHODIST 9:45 I0:55 5:30 5:45 6:30 7:30 CHURCH 7I2 Norlh Main Slreel A.M. Church School A.M. Morning Worship RM. MYF Snack Supper RM. Deparlmenlal Meelings RM. Youlh Choir Rehearsal RM. Evening Worship WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Norlh 25+h Avenue al Pearl Slreel' NEWTON COX, Minisler Church Rhone JU 3-2843 9:45 A.M I I:00 A.M 6:00 RM 7:30 RM 7:30 RM 8:I5 RM SACRED HEART CATHOLIC CHURCH 3 I3 Walnul Slreel . Church School . Morning Worship . Youlh Fellowship . Evening Worship . Wednesday-Rrayer Meeling . Wednesday-Choir Rehearsal MSOR. JOHN T. MARTIN REV. PAUL A. OILLIS, O.R Raslor REV. ROBERT A. OLIVER Rhone JU 3-I5I0 Rhone JU 3-0726 Sunday Masses: 7, 9, I I A.M. and 5:30 RM. Holy Days ol Opligalionz 6, 7:30, 9 A.M. and 5:30 RM. Firsl Fridays and all weekdays: 6:30 A.M. and 5:I5 RM. Confessions: Salurdays, Eves of I-Ioly Days and Firsl Fridays: 4-6 and 7-8 RM. Sou'rI1 IvIississippi's Leading Sfores for men DONAVAN-LANE MEN'S WEAR I-IATTIESBURG - MCCOMB - PASCAGGULA 'H CHATHAM'S RESTAURANT Across Irorn Mississippi Souihern 27I2 I-Iardy Sireei Phone JU 4-9900 PERFECT VIDEO Incorporafed 504 Corinne Sireei HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Telephone JU 2-l98I THE DIAMCND SHOP Izorresi I-IoIeI Building HaHiesburg's Iargesf credif JeweIer STUDENT ACCOUNTS INVITED ,H -f JIMMY FIIUGHN'S NEW COLLEGIAN BUFFETERIA-FOUNTAINTERIA CompIe're food service and compleie founfain service Privafe rooms Phone JU 2-I89I G. H. McELHANEY 81 SONS Plumbing and I'Iea+ing Phone JU 2-357i 5OI W. Laurel .L, I I sfflihwprx. .',.l uf . T. -nv ISP4-I-arcs... V+-nf ...ii"l9" BEST WISI-IES FRGM TI-IE NEW... MCINNIS' MEN'S WEAR II8 W. Pine S+. Opposite Posfoffice STANDARD DRUG STCDRE WALGREEN AGENT I Phone JU 3-4381 6I9 MAIN HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI . C Q l0DGE DANCING NIGHTLY LE FAUGHN'S RESTAURANT Across From MSC Campus VAN LOWRY. Manager Ph e JU 4-9720 5 51521293 X iwEWElRY co. GQQD liz , 's. Wig 'ff f MW CQLQNIAL H' dT KT BREAD SDUTHEASTERN INSURANCE C0 RCCOOK P d S h LfB1d I-I b M A Sou ern Compan hrough an hroug Assefs in Excess of SI,I00,000.00 . . , resi en'r LIBRARIAN'S OFFICE Inc., Aurora, Illinois. COMMERCIAL STATIONERY CO. mffiigll Cen fer I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI "Cus+om Designed Olifice In+eriors" SPEED S STANDARD SERVICE STATION THE HOME OF HAPPY MILEAGE AND FRIENDLY SERVICE Phone JU 3-I I47 24-I-Iour Service Washing-Polishing-Waxing Kyso Iubrica+ion-gasoline-mo+or oil A Complele Line of Aulo Accessories A Personal Service Thal Salislies We are proud of SouIhern's new library and appreciale having been selecled Io supply and insfall 'Ihe olifice furnish ings. Furnifure and filing equipmenl' by All-Sleel Equipmenf, RELIANCE MANUFACTURING coMPANY T "The Mosf Tasfy Food On Highway I I" PEEIYS RESTAURANT FOUNTAIN SERVICE BANOUET ROOMS Highway II Halliesburg. Miss. Seale-filly ICE CREAM STORE AT THE HARDY MART SHOPPING CENTER Mlm f X .fdufograla 6 ,f f I1 XE 1 1 ,ff , I ff!! . , ' 1 K1 , L4 X 1' 1 ,I I ,J I , f if ,MX ,1 H ,. F' I .5 1 I I rl - ' I i Y I , v 1 ,' N 1 ,f L F 1 ki X J ! 1 P X N W fx E F If I 1 I X X W I 1 J 2' .Z Z If 1 7 1 N If . f X 1 ff! . f l fl , v ' , " X xx' J' XJ '1 f" .J 1 1 1 H 1 xl 1 ' nw. le N.,,f' -,Z f' vb' ' .NX ', xx w I R X " WITHDRAWN tl - -'-z::Q.I EVHE

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