University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS)

 - Class of 1958

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University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 324 of the 1958 volume:

x ff W f x A I.,-J-,., K F Y H AND IT FRQKENDLINESS N f , zz 6 f 33: my iw f , JXIVN M KN A x 1, JI 001415 rw f If -I L, JAMES EDWARD M INNIS EDITOR PETE PELHAM BUSINESS MANAGER SPIRIT. .TRADITION . .AND PRGGRESS 3 C :' V Y E H vu E32 Elf I ZIQK E ig -12-51 .-.....4v"""Y ---F -Y- - i"' The feelings of sporfsmanship and fair dealing in afhlefics . . . winners deparfing from fhe field of vicfory . . . laughfer be- cause somefhing's bad or sad . . . squelching 'rhe ever-fhreaf- ening anger and disappoinfmenf . . . fhe "lvy Look" and ber- muda shorfs fo class . . . fhe classic sheafh and Old Spice effecfs for dafes . . . wailing when fhe dorm lighfs blink . . . disgusf when fhe posf office box is empfy again . . . yelling and cheering af a game 'fil lungs almosf collapse . . . eifher heighfs or depfhs when cuffing class . . . bumming a cigareffe . . . convincing someone else fo feed fhe juke box . . . unex- pecfed bull sessions fhaf become so involved . . . considerafion, by and for ofhers . . . surprise when 'rhe grade posfed is differ- enf fhan expecfed . . . irresisfable card games . . . Blue Mon- day . . . foo much coffee, buf wanfing more . . . a cramming fhaf became only a brief review . . . fhe 'lhrill of enfering fhe packed sfadium . . . enjoying campus falenf . . . conversafion in fhe chow hall line . . . rushing fo anofher meefing . . . crowding in a car iusf fo go anywhere . . . a 'rhrobbing hearf on honors day . . . clapping affer fhe performance because you really enjoyed if . . . siffing on 'fhe benches under fhe frees . . . casfing a vofe befween classes . . . fhe empfiness of bluffing . . . fullness of knowing . . . and . . . 'rhe ulfimafe packing fo leave for summer . . . packing fo refurn in fhe fall. sf I fi," f ii O! vu , I a Wi? S35 2 iw. a 1 Q 'if L -:fs"j--,yzafxf K, ,.1 ' J? 1 Z 'ffff ffv Kuff ' ,jx gg - -a I .. ww ,:-Q..' 'ff -N-R gs.,-M. r, V . X' Q 5 A f. ,5 , A iaf 2 -A 1-Lui " ' , m:+1'-fi 1 ' Q gf, my 1 ' 'U' J 322' any 3 9733 ur Q Egg? K zikw . 'PH fs f- N332 4. klx, 'I ' ,Eg QV 'kiwi '3,z, Y sn 5 z " M AAA , .AA, if-SA G-EN'L NAT. . . xfk! CD 1 - , ,n w .., ..,, A , T -,R , fy? f Yip A amy. -,f f 4 1 X va. ,u- E :yr-f a- : . 2 Q- , u V 1 Q, 4, :V A -f MF ft-7 x W , f' K ,X ww me. U,- -A 1- 1 f 0. 4 Q Qi 5" ' 2- y, 1 3 24-V X Eg My f 26 y A ww Aww DFJFQ 5 , PM " , .,,, , 5, , ff . 4114 FRESHMAN as t Q In Q "sw yrhtx? VI.. PRLQJM7 't Z2g'3vpr,!? ...HWZZA 5 A' . ' , .,,,X ,,-1 ix." A I Ji X "..:. - J' ff-1 '.fQfQf4Q!:G,,I? f 1 -,1. A .V I Q V295 . 1' K .LE wx G ' I S .1 affair '54 , Q N I 5 I- I .. :Sl '.,-- 'E Y fg w. , . . Q .' h Yr" ff n",'0- ' ,. .. 'H--sl n4, Q up ,-5 ,af ad' -D I , . "1 ,,- J v. . 6 0 f-'W ' N N s 1 4 N Vs u 4 4. ,-' -1 f I X use 557.9 ,Q lg vi? I it YV The annual occurrances of evenfs meaningful, near and dear . . . orienfafion . . . freshman boys wi+h shaved heads . . . fhe fhrills, chills, and sweaf of Rush Week . . . before game open houses . . . Homecoming, com- plefe wifh royalfy and memories . . . fen fop beaufies . . . presenfafion of "The Messiah" . . . Dixie Darlings never failing fo affracf all . . . Greek spring dances . . . fhe vigilanf weelrly Sfudenf Prinfz . . . pinning fhe righf girl and lafer, serenading . . . inspirafional Re- ligious Emphasis Weel: . . . refreshing Experimenfal Opera . . . broadening lyceum affracfions . . . pa- geanfry wifh selecfing a beaufy represenfafive for fhe sfafe . . . colorful ROTC parades . . . placid Lake Byron . . . climbing 'rhe sfairs of College Hall . . . fhe SOUTHERNER . . . caps and gowns . . . honors day "The biggesl' and fhe besf" . . . and, perhaps mosf of all . . . WlMPY's. 'NIL N sei? The place where everyone speaks, regardless of previous acquainfance . . . fhe faculiy and adminisiraiion prac+icing 'lhe "Open Door" policy . . . classes sprinkled wifh humor and personal confacl' . . . sfudenfs and faculfy-adminisira lion alike sincerely in one anolher ca e 'leria buzzing wiih chaH'er . . Union, a regular Srafion of fhe impossibilify campus one friendly from sfudenf fernifies and campus, 1 fhoughi' of as . . . a person for whal' wha? he has . . College' ,fs name. 'el A 6 H51 -J 01114 'EQ ,wh f 2 SJW 3 1 -5:1 U fi ,. 2 - .., 4 vfiffaxjfvi . 5, ,g Y' 3 ' V E.-2 -' ' S ,We 1 Z5 N ff WV ' 1' 23 Q in Sem ,J 5 -. J alia . - 4-ii :gm 'sf Q .155 wi s- 'M25 w , 6 Y -Q Xe J ,vc f iii , if i W Q The appearance of coniinuing consfruciion . . . Alma Hickman Hall . . . Willa Bolion Hall, +he Frank March, Jr. Fine Aris Building, fhe R. C. Cook College Union Building . . . The Danforfh Chapel . . . A new girls' dorm and boys' dorm . . . and a new Field House . . . fra+erni+ies sirengihened by a sh'onger IFC and all new fraiernify houses . . . ever-heighiened academic siandards . . . consiani' campus beauiiiicafion . . . oufsianding new policies . . . a sfrong 'Faculiy and adminisiraiion . . . an expanding curriculum . . . increased enrollrneni' . . . a broadening a+hle+ic program . . . more consiruciive and inclusive exira-curricular aciiviiies . . . ideals and levels of aspiralions climbing higher every year . . . confinuing personal pride and inieresf in s+uden+s . . . and division of fhe college info schools . . . and slowly buf surely fhe fuliillmenf of "1'he biggesi' and ihe best" ' 2. - A Uv 0 0 -n...- . , , 'Q R. B. SMITH, JR. . . CHARLES FAIR ...... MRS. JANIE RICE TAYLOR REECE D. McLENDON . . R. D. MORROW . . . DUDLEY BRIDGEFORTH . . lbw- Ig Z THE GOVERNOR THE HONORABLE J. P. COLEMAN BOARD OF TRUSTEES HARRY G. CARPENTER ...... . . Rolling Forl: Chairman . . . Ripley DAVID COTTRELL . . . . Louisville THOMAS J. TUBB . . . . . . . Jackson PROF. J. N. LIPSCOMB . . . .Poplarville S. R. EVANS . . . . . . .Brandon TALLY D. RIDDELL . . . . Neibiff DR. VERNER S. HOLMES . . I2 . Gulfporl Wesf Poin+ . . Macon Greenwood . Qui+man . McComb .I u I , , 5 ' I I : -Yi I I ' if w I I I THE PRESIDENT DR. WILLIAM D. McCAIN SCHOLAR - FAMILY MAN -ADMINISTRATOR I Ibf I I I I SEMI I I i' " xxx ' . xx 'N--gg -abr I3 Mo ffl?" DR. PORTER L. FORTUNE. JR. Dean of +l1e College Dean of Graduafe School DR. JAMES R. SWITZER Dean of Sludenf Welfare ld THE It A ix DEANS Ji MRS. IVAH O. WILBER Associate Dean of Women .Albuq- , ' S: . 3 'rm X :f 1 .0 ff Q K ,Q 352, X 6 R R X Xe .Ju ,,.. L? f? 1 Rf Cf X uv .W R 1 i t' 4 A ,, xii f 2 vfgyw-M. -il, MRS. LENA Y. GOUGH Dean of Women RAYMOND H. CLEGG Dean of Men I if f,a 05351 5 - D 1 I mi Il., 1,5 qu I f' Tc :Im Al 4 il 1. I l Q ' ef- afwsna , 'E Wi. 3 .0-,H , I 5 'fffz ., .u " "v."' , 4 -, Y K ,ot I 'ff xi, X 1. I why , ' X51 4 v, ,y 4 I1 , 1 f ff, fl 2 X i Q F X 1 ,ik ,a 3., fl x gf Q , fg.,..m X W . ,..,. , 1 i , X A '. ROBERT CLEVELAND W. RADAR GRANTHAM Direcfor of Public Relaiions Difedof of COIIEQG Union and Sfudenf Acfivifies 1 ZS, A A 4' 1 - x if M 5 'gxm 4' 2 ei 'X K f 7 rv ax X , ' I , ' f", NX' 3 lr "ls,-,rw X4 3 , 2 - X 13' - 3 E if, ' 1 ? 2' jf f ' A E 5 3 S1 XX I -, t 5 ' 3 -mf 1 R ' 1 3 fl. , f ,nil REED GREEN CLIFFORD H. HAGENSON ALBERT J. JAEGER Diredof of A'h'eMC5 Difedof of HOUSUIQ Assistant Financial Secretary ROGER B. JOHNSON DR. MURRAY W. KENNA Adminisfrafive Assisfanf Reqisfrar 'Q Ll' x , x 1 , . O lm -5 iz 4 lv -, ,a-N X 7 , Y ALJIIXMVY , , , f .vi 4 M4 Z M" U A. .. x x E' Xf 4 in f E , Y Y A , . K' xl I E " ,v 11. VK Q ' 'E ' A R., R -M.,-5 'Hill -:gf if-1,1 ADMINISTRATORS The adminislralor . . . ine person who admils you. lakes your money, finds you a room, gels you a iob. lends you a book, provides you a ballgame. makes your publicily, guides your career, sends you on your way, and laler welcomes you back as an alumni. AUBREY K. LUCAS Direcfor of Admissions , V A i '- '--3, E 4 1 Y, i Y K .4 ' i a A H .L ,, iurrr .W S M S- ,O 'WM ii ' , it . ii ? ." W V W M , 4 s, 4 3 , fl "SX ws N. V N, . 'a'M"! -1 C L DR. G. HAROLD MASSEY DONALD H. MYERS POWELL G. OGLETREE Direclor of Sfudenl Counseling Assislanf Director of Public Relations Alumni Secrelary MISS ANNA M. ROBERTS CHARLES O. SMALLING MRS. PAULINE STOUT Librarian Financial Secretary Assistant Direcior of Housing ' TTS h " . sm - Isl Q fir if I Q .S .3 , , fax 1 i gifs f"nV W , V ' ii ' fl rig V 537- M 'A' , i X ii f ' 5 Q l s Q as an xx i 'W KX ff A av'-'fi' A r s 1, hi, ' , .4 or o c . l 1 i l I In 'i li ii l. ii I l l l . I, I. l l l L K X B 4 ,Nh QN N lu- 1 R M, ff fm DR. JOSEPH A. GREENE Dean T'- af W, wyxsxx Xxx BEN L FORBES Head of Accounhng Deparfmenf an-.Q PQJUX 'xqx O If X 5 'ITIS- f H. G. ANDERSON DOROTHY COLEMAN WILLIE EVELYN EWELL Accoun1?n,q Business Educafion Business Educafio I8 S C H O 0 L O F ffl f 1 gi' r X1 I N E ag K J"'! N , -.,.,. N....J COMMERCE 1 ,f"Ls' Y i -J--1--S, Q X DR. WARREN NATION MARTIN STEGENGA Head of Mafkeflflq DGP-iffmenf Head of Business Education Deparfmen? ln I958, Mississippi Soulhern began a division which Sciences. and Ihe divisions of Fine Arfs and l-lome has broughl' lurlher progress and unify 'ro Ihe school. Economics. For The lirsr lime, Ihe SOUTHERNER is Academic changes have creafed 'rhe Schools ol presenlring Ihis working change in word ancl piclure. Commerce, Educalion and Psychology, and Arls and l ,. , x, T x fs?" '78, 5 ' ""rxX 1 ff. . X I A 5 Il, 9. i f ' M :K V Qi' , ' www W 5 i f ' xv! I A M is f i, 5 'J-K., Q hkmd 'if .Yi f f ' ., i s . .I ,iV, lj fi? 5 .:. f 1 L- X" 'Ye 1' 1 1' - ff ls I, I H. O. JACKSON BRYCE D. JORDAN MARTIN P, WEHLIN6 Commerce Economics Commerce I9 New DR. R. G. BIGELOW Dean , 75' -, lyfli K SCHOOL OF H33 I . L, 1 X :fix fer" ,Nl-Bmw ti H sv- .. 'Us N -4-lox-J ,- ik.. h .. f-' x fr A 'J DR. JAMES A. BALEY DR. JOHN N. BURRUS Head Of Healfh Edl-ICBYIOI1 Depaffmeni Head of Sociology Deparlmen? JOHN s. BALCH 4' ,.X Q Psychology Q H ' - is 'VS L - " 'G-1:-ia, C-x r sw h MARIANNE aRowN Physical Education ' 1 x , L l l 'Qi ' ' . 5,1 fi , 3: , -- Q v ' ,.i A g Af w i Q M 4, Av- 'A KP .L ' if ' ' C' , gb, J af. ,No-5 ...Q rfihh ,ji f ' A ' 4? 4"- , ' . H W"--ff. , 'f' .9-ffl. fu 4 -5 - . A Mfffi. 2 V X f . L gg lille, W5 ii4ffiff?'M- L' - '- 121:52 5 'Nh i i HAZEL M. BLACK DONALD. A. CHASE WILLIE EARL COOLEY ELOISE C. DENT Education 50Cl0l09Y Educalion Education ,,,g' V4 , ., i ,qv ' 1 J ' , V A . Q ,-A , ' Q A 'YN f --.fx 1 ,ox K' gui- 1 ik' s a -J' ""' '44 V ."' Q , Y X ' A V K L ' L thx 1 1 gh - " 'I if of ' ws ff' ' L' E 4 MADELINE FLYNT ENA KAY HUDSON FRANCES JELUNEK M- C. JOHNSON Library Science Reference Librarian Healfh and physical Educafion: Heam, and physical Educayign Direclor of Dixie Darlings I i . 5 Q75 ' gxb - 439' -r HAROLD EDGAR Physical Educalion w 0 'Y x - . 'PTSD JOHN M. KING Educaliong Director of George Hursf School EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY ,vom '91 N-0 X tx .2 DR. LEO R. MILLER Head of Education Department f 4 52 f it Y N. an - gf. f if fn , , it - ,-Q. , ,J L. sf K2 l ' r-.fig xy VI .W r All 1 7 P ff. 'X fm .r2'ffQ,,, , J Y' ii 2, , W X, ,N it N e A lc. 'N DR. RAY MUSGRAVE Head of Psychology Department 1. DR. RALPH OWINGS Head of Education Administration Department DR. REGINALD C. REINDORP , Q , 0 V, XAA, Q yy Director of Latin American Studies Q.145Lif"gf"' " X . -' -1 if gy zgfrx .f -Q ' 1 , riff? Q' Y y A nga-5 X DR. NoRvlN L. LANDsKov A ' ' -.- Education A UAW 7-r I " M , 1 A Y XF. 47- 1 N., . fgiliii A- . A X , A " PEARL R. LEECH . "2 " Education 4' , . ' . in f. ,as YX Qs X A fig f Qi 'sew 3.2 A - T' ,,, M1 Q A . QW . - S 4 .,,- L12 ,g gi W ge r-.. MARY JO MAGEE DR. CARL MCQUAGGE Assistant Librarian Education tw WW i 1 Xf, A ' f -fc? . A QQ--1-8 '36 ""' if - ..-,fj W ,A SX if Zi: ?3El7r1'YfX fbigflaf gpm fimf' "- J in Aff ' Iv f -2 if-1 ' 2, ' ' is AEFRIEDA SORRELS DR. RALPH C. STAIGER Assistant Circulation Librarian Psychology: Director of Reading Clinic .Am xx ff fs if Ifk x Y ' 'J' It X W 1 f x. fl 1 DR. PAUL C. MORGAN Educationg Director of Extension , . , l I G, I A 5:7 ig.. WW. 'Y ,S A 49--' "VM A: K . 3. new , .S we f' if'1s.'ff. !,,,:,f'Z,:5,f1y if ' Q5",5fLf5gQgff,1'lEZ'i'f?:i ,QW-. - 4 1, 5pv,f,:'fb,-e-,:"n.-- f Jus gn. 1.A.f-f,.f,'1'J7:7 'my ffsfi , A ea flfvr we -f , A f - '-'fJ'15Q5'f'0i'.'--A rm., am d. ff -5,1 . ,- J'-f,?,,y.I'5.,,k,g' , . 1' . .M 4. M L' '!?1fi15::,',,i-:-ff' ..z:. if DR. LLOYD MILAM Head ot Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Department Q g'5i'g 1 - ,dy x A a x , Y A 3 "'ni'i"' l 44 ,g f X J "? f ix ,, 4 , it 5. 1, x P . X . F sxcbgikrhg V s i I 1 Qi ELLEN QLSQN MAUDE A. SMITH l Education Circulation Librarian and Evening College . , a,..,,,:.. I . . , . I -5 I 1'-Y A Qg' i ixwiiefii-az' ' " is R f K : ef 'QW 5 ' 5 if' ' . xi 3 N M, ig " x N '. .N jg! M, I Q VL wk XSS -'5' 'hx We xl i 4 fl' Q P ff," P Q, wc- ii" t PN M I3 . V Q idx' fx " exif' 5 K X", A Q k L K 5 jx 1. - f f .r df' ' E 5 . "2-1-S:3:521:1:-ffm ' X 1-.4 . PENNY STEWART Latin American Studies ELIZABETH VARDAMAN WALTER H. YARROW Periodicals Librarian Health Education ,f"!"' DR. JOHN HORTON ALLEN Dean FRANK BUCKLEY Head of Journalism Deparfmenf .Si X DR. ZED H. BURNS COL. JOHN H. DALE, SR. Head of lndusfrial Arfs Deparfmenf Pmfessof of Mimafv Science and Tacfics A NJ up D sif- 3-1-" XR 5" ' n "1 1 ', , U. 'r- lil, ' .Q-A . 7 if .45 . . . ..-M SCHOOL OF HEADS OF f i 1 DR. PAUL D. BRANDES Head of Speech Deparimenf JOHN M. FRAZIER Head of Conservaiion and Nafural Resources Doparfmeni Y N ef 'x, .6-'G-Qs S' f"'2-33 . 'N X' ,X H 'LA -' I Q- . I ' a x 4 11 gg, J 5' 'SP .M 1 - Ni, fm .rx .4 gg 344.1 : '. ' avfxf '. ' ,sg ,H ag- R Y f RNS DR. OLIN T. BROWN Head of Geology Deparfmenf 7 'S xf ARTS AND SCIENCES DEPARTMENTS '+f'T"7', Q. A DR. WILLIAM F. ST. CLAIR Head of Physics a vb:-fN. U:"q.,1! CN, Rfk-V DR. ARTHELL KELLEY DR. CHARLES E. LANE, JR Head of Geography Department Head of Chemistry Department nd Asfronomy Depa rfmenf 5 W 1 C'-1,1 - "S:-:FM h 4 ' 2' 4. .uf Q . QF wr -... 51 i s X-nl I N. xl --' Es.. x ,W , 2 , L , If rf: 7" my 5. ' A"'7'g. ig fu f 'Q DR. CHARLES W. MOORMAN DR. JOHN F. NAU Head of English Deparfmenf Head of Religion and Philosophy Deparfmenf DR. J. F. WALKER Head of Biology Deparlmenf B. O. VAN HOOK Head of Mafhemafics Deparfmenf DR. LEON A. WILBER Head of Hisfory and Governmenf Deparfmenf BL, T 23 D32 X 1 we ir-'X 'S .R 5 . Q O cl' ' ' .... 'i CARROL RAYBORN BALL Biology 22 6 2 l QQ YQ ,, VVVNA ,M . I . I r f W 5 Q. 9, 1, 'GYM W4 , W. f Z i 4 f X ky I Q ' ffl ,Jann-my ga 4.1.73 ..- Kxxy, I L on 4 LOU ELLEN BALLARD English v 'W THE .J X na-in-q 515 3' B DR. ROBERT J. BARNES English ,199 '-.ipaq mov Q 4 A N . - on. DAVID A. Devmss Leon eusANKs on. CLAUDE eowm me Geology English Hisfory V L ,Ms g If 9' pi ' I ' - l L- ahh' WN X Mtbx f xx t If ,cf'-- DR DON GEORGE Speech Dlreclor of Forensics x V H NV.. .XM at DR, ANTONIO E. HARRISES DR. BESSIE C. HOPKINS GEORGE G. HURST EVELYN JONES Biology English Chemislry Malhemafics Ci, A lm' f-'av vo " w J f . A R , L , Q 4 .lsg.iLx ,Q .M F . Y ,4-,,.v' .- ' we. ' . P Q . -5.1-f Eli W fill' '-:gb 'i 2, , ",-.4 ., -' A l ' lg-f -sf -il Y WE? -l H emi L M L nfwfwii- 'l"w2?Y'5v:i, Mli A ,f A ' in v l 'f".4..!f DR. R. G. LOWERY TOXIE LUCKEY THOMAS B. MACLIN JR. English Malhemalics Speech SCHOOL OF l l. R All . 1' 'X P Qfx is . X' 'E N E g YJ' E, ,.. v. 'N' s fi if 1 f 33 .1 ll 'I ARTS AND SCIENCES FACULTY 11? mx I . 5-"' -.ww x ., ff IF -' I f Kg, .W ma. CAPT. ROBERT E. MACLIN DR. ROBERT L, MCCROSKEY ., T is 1 . 1' - W -U- I nv- .pw J . ii' JACK D. MUNN me .. . 5 -avvxx Milifary Science Speech Mafhemaiics 'K I no W' .Mfr -A ' WX ,I I ' "'7"'I g.t:....I f. if Mx L A a - .3 .1 - '55 I I I , I A DR. LINWOOD E. ORANGE DR. ROBERT W. PETERS SAMUEL W. ROSSO If DR. PHILIP EARL SLADE. JR English Speechg Director of Speech and Bioloqy Chemishv Hearinq Clinic "" ' ' f QS ' I Y fr '- ' ff: if ' - I 'cv f - 5 in R I If-W3 . ZI, , W 9 Qty- f nf 'X' "" if f"f'IN . S -ff fo'-if--N . ' wr. . . . 'F 1' '-Aa? ff' . ,,,, ,IHI I I NJQIQIIAAL :. . My X I 4554 'I ' If ,, GASTON SMITH DR. JACK H. STOCKER VAN B. TEMPLE ERNESTINE THOMAE Mafhemafics Chemistry Mafhemafics English A' W 'T . .VI ' 'J sv' f.. A. 'u. . . 6 1' s A" 1 1 -geo? S "-at ,,, X ,145 'jp my 'Q ,J M I nj 3 ,---"""' V .qt an Y wi . A' f 4 I F. AA VARRELMAN MAJ. ALBERT F. WILSON, JR. DR, ROBERT A, WQODMANSEE Biology Milifary Science Biology 25 DIVISICDN OF FINE ARTS Va Q.. g -ar-. " F5 , X i 2 -,:,, . JA I 'Z 5 f X ' 5 1 A - Q 5-5 L lf' FRANK E. MARSH, JR. WALTER J, LOK Head of ihe Division of Fine Arfs Hgad gf Ar? Deparfmenf ,f " fi ,FA S... XX .X 1 DR. RAYMOND MANNONI LEQNARD STOCKER Direcfor of Bands and Head of Head of voice Depa,-fme,-,f lnsfrumenfal Music in nw F N X fb F ff ' v S 1 ' me N N F Y ,X dr 1 Q . 4 CHARLES EDWARD AMBROSE ANGELO FRASCARELLI Ar! Voice and Theory 26 , ., - Y I ,1 I - "ff W' I I. I fg.. A . I ... fs.- ' Tv I kwa" . 3z!A '04 ' 1 ik WALTER R. HINDS, JR. DR. WILLIAM H. PRESSER Voice Music and Theory .,.. ' ,, , z., V ,. M . einem NR ' ROBERT D. HAYS GILBERT T. SAETRE Assisfanf Direcfor of Bands MUSIC Educanon VISION OF HOME ECONOMICS V WNY ' -5-959 .- . '-4' " ' ' f if 5 TBMVX' fwdfwm 2 V -2 In nw :M , wk gf 5 X- ,, wig A ?r4w2-ww-rv+m2:fl31,?Z,w .1 H. 4 .''vavxqzfunxW,-ami"-swf.. ' 1 4 ' . .'h:A4s1w'.x4wfy..-vtiyms Q ' 'fx 'Ni ff'iff.,-gwkfffef':77Zf-vf5,fswf- f ,L ,f 'H' 3 ff! fi-if' '-1' f2:x1'i."?"': '45 X533 Y. f wif' fs-K-4-' " 2'-3-v1r,f?+' qw.-w-6 AMELIA C. THOMPSON Home Economics VERA T. BARNETT Home Economics DR. BERTHA M. FRITZSCHE Head of Ihe Division of Home Economics I f' 'sr I , ' 'H wwf! A MINNIE PATTON WHITE Home Economics 27 mv' Aff , ,Y H E -, 1 ..4 an-T, mx 'ET' W4 ,,, if f "W MM- f' P' ,f 1 4 A U, NK. Q 1' -'wh NX qv" Nl J 2 pf ff ' I 1 JUNIORS Leif lo Riglwlz Tommy Cox, presidenlg Vi Tarrer, vice- presidenrg Belly Bond, secreraryg and Ed Rasberry, Treasurer, soPi-ioMoREs Q A Leif lo Riqlilz John Sellers, president Sandra Parker, 3 ' secreraryq Carolyn McGregor, Jrreasurerg and Billy l-lewes, vice-president CL ASS CDFFICERS SENIORS Leif ro Right Bill Corr, president Ann I-larl, lreasurer: Susan l-lagerman, secrelaryl and 'liclc Scolr, vice-president si! J ,.,s. f i., A. J W FRESHMEN Lefl To Riglrilz Paul Ray Srnilli, viQe-presi- denfg Ann Tee, lreasurerp Palfy Slevens K I ' 1- : A secrelaryy and Rolaard l-luqlies, presidenl. ii li ,I Q 'W 172 ,,.:ff fi SCHCDOL CF ARTS AND SCIENCES T' x. 01121-' .ELPLA A111141 K IU 21.-,',...-?'f4,, 2,15-Qbxllx fha X S-J E Q INCLUDING HOME EC, FINE ARTS P+'-A .-cf SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIEN CES s,,,,' -4-"""'T?' 40Ti Hlunw faq. 'US ,QV "'....".!P , 1 QQ. ,"TT"x jg-g-wmv-Z -MMV 'Q-WM-gy Firsl' Row: my QPUA GRACE KERSI-I AIKENS Rascagoula Home Economics Home Economics Club: Alplwa Psi Omega MILTON E. AILES, III Waveland Malln I Demand My Right 'V x-,Q -Q., 'YT ROBERT LEE ARMSTRONG, JR. Geoqraplwy TERRY RAYMOND ARMSTRONG Bioloqy ., Baslrelballq M Clube Bela Bela Bela. Second Row: Long Beach Twin Eallsl Idalwo VIRGINIA ANNE AVERY Rurvis Orqan and Church Music Vesper Clwolrg Folk Singers: Choral Uniong Phi Della Rlwo:S0uIl1ern Play- ers: American Guild ol Orqanlslsi Wesley Eoundafiong Wlwo's WI10. ELMER D, BAILEY Caslwmere, Wash. Rlwsical Educallon WILBUR NEWTON BAKER Cenlreville Gooloqy Gcoloqy Club. MARTI-IA DEE BARLOW, Kappa Della Gullporl Enqlislw Treasurer, Kappa Delta. Firsi' Row: JACK E. BARNES Cryslal Springs Music Educalion Vesper Choir: Opera Workshop: Choral Union. BARBARA BATCHELOR, Chi Omega Gullporl English Presidenl, Panhellenic Council: Deleqare lo Panhellenic Conference: Rush Chairman, Chi Omega: Sororify Edilor, THE SOUTHERNER l957. WILBUR THOMAS BAUGHMAN Geology ARTHUR LAFAYETTE BEASLEY, JR. Geology and Malh Geology Club. Second Row: CHARLES CURTIS BERRY Hislory JOAN BERRY, Kappa Della Hislory Social Chairman, Sargeanl-al-Arms, Kappa De lla: Beauly: Laurel Seminary Halliesburg Prenriss Junior Home- coming Maid: Orienlalion Commirfee: Phi Kappa Tau Sweelhearf, LORETTA LEE BETHS, Kappa Della Biloxi English Lieulenanl, Caplain, Dixie Darlings: Freshman Councelor: Homecoming ,.,Nu' 'WX ew-mugs ,-lv V - , n YQ K 7 A, . I i ' f-v----Z V Q 'ff , - 'ff wr,-' U P4 X if W '11 W Y , or ' AA 71- i' -an i SB A ' " Dean's Salaries Don'+ Go Far Oueen: Beauly: Junior Class Eavorileq Phi Kappa Tau Sweefhearlq Mod' ern Dance and Classical Ballel Groups: Soulhern Players: Eulure Teachers ol America: Wesley Eoundalion: Charm Counselor: lnslruclor and Coun- selor M.S.C. Summer Music Camp: Who's Who. JANE BEVERLY Laurel Music Educalion Choral Union: Vesper Choir: Soufhern Singers: Baplisl Sludenr Union: Opera Workshop. 5 -,J " Nui' , fi ' -awe-v"' if -sf' i "-me-.M-wf"f MT' 745 N r 4 .. .N-. .ipyi 'V' ff so - 1 E x 5 -1 ' 4905. fm- : 'ii wmv., Firs+ Row: DONALD CLYDE BILBO Purvis Geology DONALD EUGENE BLACKLEDGE Laurel Chemisiry and Biology ROBERT L. BLACKMAN Richlon Geology JAMES CALVIN BLACKMON Laurel Chemisfry Second Row: ROBERT S. BOOTHE Jackson Maih Phi Efa Sigma: Kappa Mu Epsilon, Omicron Della Kappa: M. Club: Baslcefballg Baseball: Oursianding ROTC Freshman: ROTC Baffalion Commander: Sporfs Edifor, THE SOUTHERNER l958: Freshman Coun- selor: Who's Who. ,R ' ll ' . . .Fir Hi: 51 fi ' H r 9 'Q Whal A Raclref! NANCY JANET BREHM, Sigma Sigma Sigma Nafchez Child Deyelopmenl and Home Economics Home Economics Club: Corresponding Secrelary, Sigma Sigma Sigmat Canferbury Club. JAMES MOSES BOWMAN Memphis LOIS TRUE BRELAND l-lalliesburg l-lislory English and l-lislory Wesley Foundalion. Alpha Lambda Della: Fulure Teachers of America -' : T V ew V ef fn Mu M Q v T' I .....-:.,. A., , ll .J 1 5 f ii 1 - ' i 'A W a I O Tm T s I 7 4 A l v for W, ,..-. vo-dw W my X -'OYX ,I 4--1' A ' .x'A pl- .. pi Pa SCHOOL CDF ARTS AND SCIENCE '22-'F' wif' R qu--Q19 W' 'ww' --many ,ar Firs+ Row: GEORGE W. BROOKS l-lalfiesburg Aff Kmox MaLEoD BROOM, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha Jackson Chemislry and Malh Presidenl, Omicron Della Kappa: Who's Who Among Sludenls in American Colleges and Universiliesypresidenl, Phi E+a Sigma: Presidenf, Sludenl Affiliafes of American Chemical Sociely: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Sludenl Senafe: Vice presidenl, Junior Class: Vice presidenl, Yellow Jaclrefs. "Won'1 He EVER Si? Down?" iz: li 5 'af fha WK! ,. 345 Q-m'7f':k" ff ,X If 1 f, 5 ff? f ff X 'P' vga' 'ik-hung 1 ......w.Auu- f 5 A 7 W: Z ' KZ ,,, ,, ff YW ,af JM DONALD E. BROWN Yazoo Cify Indusfrial Arfs lofa Lambda Sigma. JUDY OLIVIA BROWN Halliesburg Music Education Choral Union: Orcheslra: Vesper Choir: Band: Concerl Band: Kappa Della Pi: Vice presidenf, Mu Phi Epsilon: Bapfisl Srudenr Union: Soulhern Singers. Second Row: MARY JANELL BROWN Riderwood, Ala. Music Education Band: Orchesfra: Vice presidenl, charler member, Tau Bela Sigma. JACK BRYANT Pelal Geology Geology Club. GEORGE M. BYARS Pascagoula Geology Geology Club. FRED CALCOTE, JR. Brookhaven Arf li' li l il, 'Q ill is ,l I, ll. 1: le l l l i ,, 11, " 'f -'if ngffikg? yIi' f flip xwf 3? .ff NP' A,--F7 ai' lk Sf '.,.. .5-"' ffyizi 2 , , ..f1'f'i'f zffi.-M' Q-aw ' J fx- 'R 'W W! "xx '31 f X' f 'M .T li ,Y ' ' I f ,Ziff 'Z ,W . A. I A, HA 1.p.... ,+ aa.: I3 Wy . ,, S , . is ., ' 1' U a ,S , a ' via - p,..a,w9v0's 435, SQA ,Q n u- QW! ,, f' . Firs'I' Row: CAREY WALTON CAMPBELL, Pi Kappa Alpha Pefal Ge-oIogy PINNA LEE CARPENTER Neflrlefon Home Economics LINDA RAE CAUSEY Liberfy Sociology Men of Leisure if , iii :ii it ' IP S. ig ii af-M 'il-A I A ,..- au-.-I--' I NY' F fr p.,-Iijmq' ' -LE? Q! S A' ' vaw A ,JQI7 'FIWPI f -r-A S A-L,gj,i.iqf ' a. ,' ,Qu E EJ , ' T ' f :I ' I g 4 - .-f-L y Xa' ' .aww . . wi .3311 . A .I " . . 1 1 L' E I' WILTON EUGENE CAUSEY Cen+reviIIe Physics Kappa Mu Epsilon. S:-cond Row: ii NORMAN PEYTON CLARK Mize HiS+ory WILLIAM THOMAS COLE Pon'ro+oC Speech Veiper Choir: BapIisI Sfudemf Union, DORIS PAYE COLLINS, Sigma Sigma Sigma Haffiesburg Chemzsfry AIpIwJ Lambda Delta. JOSEPH AUBREY COTI-IEN I-Iafiiesburg RCIiqiir1 and Philosophy SCHOOL CF ARTS AND SCIENCES I E Firsf Row: PAUL DAVID COTTEN, Pi Kappa Alpha McComb Music Educafion Firsl Vice president Srudenl Governmenr Associarion: President Wesley Foundalion: President Slare M.S,M.Z Omicron Della Kappa: Pi Taxi Chi: Eollc Singers: Vesper Choir: Sludenr Conduclor, Sonq Leader, Correspondinq Secrelary, Pi Kappa Alpha: Who's Who. MARGIE BESS CRANFORD Seminary Music Educalion Vice president Wesley Eoundarion: Vice president Pi Tau Chi: Chaplain, Mu Phi Epsilon: Kappa Della Pi: Publicily, Phi Della Rho: Vesper Chair- man, Noonday Chairman, Sludenl Chrisrian Federalion: R.E.W. Worsh'p Chairman: Srudenl Scholaslic Advisor: Layout Ediror, THE SOUTH- ERNER l958: Vesper Choir: Soulhern Singers: Opera Workshop: Choral Union: Experimenlal Thearer: Who's Who. DONALD L. CRASTO, Alpha Tau Omega New Orleans Geoloqy Canlerbury Club: Alpha Psi Omega: Alpha Tau Omega: Geology Club: American Chemical Sociely. JANET RAE CROSS Lexingron, Mo. Bioloqy Second Row: MONROE E. CUEVAS, JR. Bay St Louis Chemislry, Malh and Geoloqy Kappa Mu Epsilon: American Chemical Sociely. 'l ' l rusfx' J-Af QNX ,..Js ---:..-.z,-1 . -..4,..A ans, Toddy for lhe Body JAMES ROBERT DABBS Ouilman Religion and Philosophy TRACY Rl-lEA DAVIS, Kappa Sigma Mobile, Ala. Gealoqy Geoloqy Club, Officer, Kappa Sigma, WAYNE BURNS DAUGHTRY Seminary Geoqraphy 'Q"P!l"" v-as4,a,,...,- "-we Ml 'mc AWS nm 'N-sc,....... 'Sm E I Firsf Row: SID l. DAVISON, JR., Alpha Tau Omega Howard, S. D. Journalism and Public Relalions Edilor, Soulhern Drawlg Sporls, Sfudenf Prinh. JAMES Wl'RT DENHAM Halliesburg Geology Geology Club? Velerans Club. CYNTHIA HOLLY DENNIS New Augusla Home Economics President Home Economics Club, Vice presidenl, Kappa Omicron Phi, Kappa Della Pig Wesley Eoundaliong Choral Union, Belly Dulxes Crall Award. ROBERT E. DENSON, Phi Kappa Tau Jaclcson Journalism Campus Pholographerg Pholography Edilor, Fearure Edilor, News Edifor, Siudenf Prinfzg Sfudenl Senale. Second Row: LELA ANN DEXTER C5uITpor+ Arl Educalion Bapfisl Sfudenf Union, Recreafion Club, Dolphin Club. if .ill ,nv-" 'u Hargis Malres Lille a PuH'-Puff HUGH L. DICKENS Collins Chemislry KIRBY LEE DRENNAN Sumrall Geology DENlS ALAN DRENNING, Kappa Alpha New Orleans, La. Geology Geology Club. ffvs he .J I em? mam. 'lf-7 Q ,. af 2342 l viii? .,',, P? 'is 3 wifi' T'-X-' SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENC fwq, QNX 'M ,ff'ffL in s va NMQ ...Q First Row: TERRY ANN DREYFUS Hafliesburq Biology Homecoming Chairman: Sfudenl Governmenf Acfivilies Chairman. PATRICIA SUE DRUMMOND I-Iaffiesburg Child DeveIopmen+ Home Economics Club. A Homecoming "Rare-bi+" , . ,V . f Q- Y' " ,' rl- f , ar T -4 I I . .. 'J -ff W- 1 ffl. 1 , 'lg , ' N' ' MW ' . 5, 1--1' ' X ,WJ -,,.5,.,:.... qQcgZ""' ' . l A l -' :, -.i' -- , ' LX 1' 1. ff "' , V V -. , -mf' 'ik' 3 Q , ,url .j A,W"'g - s,,,,n-v V ' " 'N "'s dwfm. 3 JANICE EAVES, Alpha sigma Alpha Piano Mu Phi EpsilonqCI1oraI Union. CHARLES R. ELLIS Ge-oloqy Geoloqy Club. Second Row: JOHN LESLIE ENTREKIN, JR. Socioloqy Bapfisf Sfudenf Union, SUE B. ERVIN Home Economics Home Economics Club: Sfudenf Union Board: Bapfist THOMAS EDWARD ESELIN Piano JOHN EDWARD FAI-IERTY Louisville New Augusla Haifiesburg Harfiesburg Sludenl' Union. Pascagoula Pass Clnrislian -, ' i -I A T' +?""i'fi'f .Mg.i'if7 Clwemisfry ' - V. V . -, 1 - wg, xr.:-A "fi ' y " I ' EIN' . K if-G, A I J ' ' A :. Q,s:,.,,,Mn fi 1-sm f ' ' . if , M -. f"T Q im, m,4.i3f,,, gli, W-gg, ,L 3 fgi7yfi1.g"1'-:A.,,q' 5"Sf5?4iP'fag-,'i::4ffjQgi+xffQV'-:ay ' . f 1-2 , f--ff ' "' 'f' f'f 311.6 "if .. -gg-tHff,1Cg,gtpf5fgf+Wjf1 QQ .. ' ., .ILM-, -,, s , W3 ...Nb "U, ' ' f.s.,',. ,,,,,.:Ai,MfEv' v EJ, f, -it -1515., - ov N MQ ff. A " . K if J, '. V , "1 "Q: , ls. 1 I ii- , .af f.4,+ Ly. V4,,V.. f- -up Q.,7f' .- ' ' H497-:Lf wixaacs s3l1fg-y,-a:,:::- bf ,J ,aissilii-s1sf'f+:fwi .A ' '1Y'UT'fg'.ffmsQ.',af ,ff ffs-'ff-I-V we -rf,xv:3?25f-:sq .yi-fQ+ ni fi ,I I- " ' 'fhwif' "5fNiIxga1w,' 731' "'4- fl: 11-fi - I:Q1'9','f12.:, .1 x I 'L - ' ' im: f 4 ' ' f.5g'cwil"Qf' -la4Pf'7- :"" s2'K"V-fi'?3f2+uT'--. . 525: sissy? UTM R www! " " "' ilmg-P', Q'-f' Q' , A'-WP-4 -- . J vif.H'5' "WT my--1 01- ' V- ftsfvmzffl -in .-, Y, ES SCHOCDL OF ARTS AND SCISEN K, 1, in x my am N.,,wi" ,swf Nqr' ll" Firsi' Row: CHARLENE FARR, Della Zela Roxie Home Economics Home Economics Club. GENE WlNSTON FERGUSON Music Educalion Roanolce, Va. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Choral Union: Presiclenf, Vesper Choir: Baplisf Sfuclenf Union. Dr. Lowery Capfivafes Young Audience R Q. "-ar-W fi' aw ""'A JOANNE CAMPBELL EIEE Pascagoula Commercial Arl LORRAINE FLOYD Crosby l-lisfory Wesley Foundafion. Second Row: MELDA FORD, Alpha Sigma Alpha Columbia Journalism and l-lislory Wesley Foundation: Pi Gamma Mui Eealure Edilor, Sfuclenl Prin+z. l'lOlVlER E. ERAILEY Biloxi lnduslrial Arls JERRY B. GEE Gulfporl Music Phi Mi Alpha Sinfonia: Kappa Kappa Psi: ROTC, Soufhern Marching and Concerl Banos: 3l3lh Army Band: Soulhern Symphony. THOMAS JOSEPH GILMORE, JR. Wilmingion, Del. Hislory Eduialion CES : SENIGRS Firsf Row: MARTHA LOUISE GINN Kokomo Marh Fufure Teachers of America: Hislorian, Wesley Foundariong Wome-n's Affairs Board. ALLEN CHARLES GOEDERT S+. Cloud, Minn. Pre-Law and Hislory Pi Gamma Mu. GERALDINE GOSS, Phi Mu Columbia Medical Technology Sralf, THE SOUTHERNER l958: Wesley Foundalion. THELMA SAUCIER GRISSETT Halfiesburg Music Educarion Vesper Choir: Soufhern Singers: Folk Singers: Opera Workshop: Cho- ral Union: Mu Phi Epsilon: Orcheslra. Smoke, Smolre Tha+ CigareHe! ka?" Second Row: SAM H. HALL, Alpha Tau Omega Halriesburg Chemislry SADIE KATHRYN GUNN Millry, Ala. QOH Team- Home Economics Educafion JAMES WILLIAM HAMRICK, JR., Kappa Alpha Home Economics Club: Bapfisf Srudenr Union, I-la-f-Hesburg . . Geology L' Kappa Alpha lvlerldlan Presidenr, Kappa Alpha: Newman Club: Geology Club: Circle K Club: Malh and Chernislry lnferfrarernily Council. mf -W Ms. ,IW m"'Nia. wif' 'lik 'M-F bd? O-Q99 'Quin' ......W-I-"" w---""""' fx J. lv 4 ..'v l SENI ORS i V Firsf Row: PATRICK GEORGE HARDESTY Mobile, Ala. Geoloqy VV. mi -ff - MZ!---il ,i. I in " S CHARLES J, I-IARRELL Columbia If I F , I- Geoloqy 'T if CAROLYN LouiSE HARRIS Picayune ' I i I I V , , Child De-velopmenl I I LIE Home Economics Club: Baprisl Sludenl Union. K F ,S UITREST ff? WILLIAM T, HARRIS, JR., Kappa Alpha Tupelo ' ' Marh and Physics Hislorian, Kappa Alpha. Tread Sof+Iy! Second Row: I-ERA DENA HARRISON Laurel THOMAS VICTOR HARVEY, Phi Kappa Tau Harlieslourg Home Econmics Eduaclion Mafh BGPTISI' Sludenl I-IUIOUI Home ECOUOFTIICS Club- Phi Era Siqma: Drill Team: ROTC Reqimenlal Adiufanf. ANN MAUREEN HART P' MUSIC Educafion Icayune JOHN D. HAYES Marqarila, Canal Zone Choral Union: Vesper Choir: Baplisr Sluclenf Union: Opera Workshop: I-Ieallh Freshman Counselor: Who'S Who, ROTC Balalllion Commander: Disfinguished Milirary Sludenf. 1 I I up ,K fe. """"""- bud! -pm-in I ri ,Q 0 T. Q lg 'fil fin? -J ,..-r I! 95 vi 4-"" Nr' 041 nil sd --i SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES -may ...SN TWU . As s f, .f 'navy 4 ' Y , I X X ' f I 4 1 . . ...T i s V 7 . 1. l I -sf g . Firsi Row: 3 si 5 551221 W 5 A 9 Q M L S 'S 4 .2 WNW A f 11. PATRICIA M. I-IAYS, Sigma Sigma Sigma I-Ialliesburg M usic Educaiion Kappa Della Pig Tau Bela Sigma: Vesper Choirg Choral Union: Who's Who. ROGER A. I-IEITZMANN, JR., Phi Kappa Tau Bay SI. Louis Geology Newman Club. "What Me Worry?" gg turf ,P,,,u,,,..av-K .X .WWW gr-ua-H--I" MMM -.M if A xx qk T QA 11:2 iv 4. , " .I I . Ni X .3 Q ink' -if . HARDEE STEVENS HENDERSON, JR. Physics ancl Mafh PETER B. I-IEN DERSON Biology and Chemislry President Alpha Epsilon Delia: Bela Bela Bela: C THE SOUTHERNER I956. Second Row: , 3 .5 JV Richlon Bay SI. Louis anlerbury Club: Siall, ROBERT EDWIN I-IENNINGTON Wesson Geology ANN I-IERRINC5 Brookhaven Home Econmics Educalion Home Economics Club: Baplisf Sludenl' Union. PATRICIA SUE I-IIGDON I-Iallfiesburg Music Educalion FRED JACKSON I-IOGUE Easlabuchie Music Eclucalion Band: Kappa Kappa Psi. HOOL GF ARTS A C ENC M53 aff? ...-M-r JH A +7 jimi ,Kita ,- X 'affix if .wb A vnu.: ,,.....P"""' ff...-I' - W -M' , W.,-f' W , ii fri? I . . ' -. 5.r. ' .V.'A" ' 9' ll'-1-2 .. ,,. V K A J ,Y 5, 2 ' . "fZ2"" ' 5 93 I ' 'df ff -WPZYEI? N ' in 1 gl f-lx l fro I A HELON IRENE HOWELL, Chi Omega Gullporl Enqlish Vice preside-nl, Alpha Lambda Della: Pi Kappa Pip Kappa Della Pig Wes! Iey Eoundaliong Slall, THE SOUTHERNERg Vice presidenl, Social ChaEr. man, Chi Omega: Publfcily Direclor, Mississipppi Inlercolleqiale Council. WILLIAM EUGENE I-IUGI-IES Cenlreville Physics and Malh Phi Ela Siqmay Kappa Mu Epsilon. Second Row: NELMA HAYES IVEY, Della Della Della Halliesburg Enqlish Kappa Della Pi. OLGA CAROLYN JACKSON Pelal Home Economics Educalion Alpha Lambda Della: Kappa Omicron Phi: Home Economics Club. TEDDY REA JAMES Hazlehursl Gealoqy Geoloqy Club. RICHARD DONALD JOLLY Meridian Malh Firsl Row: WANDA JOY JONES l-lalliesburg English Alpha Psi Omega: Soulhern Players: Kappa Della Pi: Eulure Teachers Ol America: Baplisl Sludenl Union. DONALD P. JOSEPH Crosby Geology Geology Club: Velerans Club. ELIZABETH JOYCE KINABREW Liloerly 1' auf ,re , 1 Q? , ., f e vi L Home Economics Home Economics Club: Baplisl Sluclenl Union A Nalional Affairs Represenlalives JOSEPH W. KING lvleadville Geology SUE P. KISH Ereeporl, III. Second Row: Hisforv CAROL JUDITH l4lNNAl2D, Della Della Della Plelleelelpleae DUNS MAE KORNMAN Biloxi Sociology Home Economics Eclucalion Vice presidenl: Recording Secrelary, Della Della Della: Alpha Lambda GEORGE D. LADNER Biloxi Della: Pi Tau Chi: Pi Gamma Mu: Vice presidenl, Phi Della Rho: Treas- urer, Pi Kappa Pi: Secrelary, Wesley Foundalion: R.E.W. Commillee ol IOO: Who's Who. f,,: As Chemislry and Pre-Medical Secrelary, Treasurer, Alpha Epsilon Della: Newman Club. mee Nw' -1-mwuifw' ,J , 1 A r lg pig gm g f 1 Qi- f ' nm' ,,w.ev..,,.f J, .e..,, Hx :ffl .fe X ef F l V . ef A ee: - fw fr??2?iiffif zgwxcf QYQSNK f e! wf SEml Q. be Jrvlewllw .aww 'Wh mr' W N ...-N., ,4w-v w.,,,x if' "Mp- ls 1'- . sf "P IQTMAT ll-53' :i3f.j-xv? E X, 'F QA fl ni" E I Firsf Row: JOY DEAN LADNER, Sigma Sigma Sigma Picayune Hislory Weialey Eoundaiion: Slall, THE SOUTHERNER l958. LEROY A. LADNIER Biloxi lnduslrial Arr Newman Club: lola Lambda Sigma, MARILYN JOYCE LANE New Hebron English Alpha Lambda Della: Hislorian, Reporrer, Kappa Della Pi: Secrelary, Eulure Teachers of America: Sraht, THE SOUTHERNER l958: Eaplisl Sludenr Union: Young Women's Auxiliary. JAMES ERNEST LAWRENCE, JR. Lumloerion Geology Second Row: GAIL LEGGETT Jackson Ari Kappa Pi: Wesfminsler Fellowship: THE SOUTHERNER l957 JERRY LEGGETT Bogue Chilro Geology Geology Club. ',Qf' Ymigi xx ' Calling All Cars ROBERT LAWRENCE LENNON, Alpha Tau Omega New Orleans, La. Hisfory Rush Chairman, l.E.C. Represemalive, Alpha Tau Omega. ROBERT DONAHUE LEVERETTE, Sigma Phi Epsilon Greenville Hisrory President Sigma Phi Epsilon: Treasurer, lnrerfrafernify Council: Sfaff. THE SOUTHERNER l958: Newman Club. f-1 sw'Nx pm if 2 .,,..--""' Y 3 I 4 'Q -.L 'gi 5,6 .4-:Q A W g s T -ff' . 'fi .cf-f' ',-, in as Y e- . ' Ag H fglgg af- - . X fg 1 f idk ',gn-"W 'S 1 inf' -- ur""""7" Q' 2? . , Q' ' , L.: . xg ' ' . Nc, 4 X f I . .aus . ,R 'an tr' ,,.f-' 'Af 'TJ' SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENC fin FTW' M 'iz ff-uu""9' I . QS-. Qi 1 -.-- ffifln' Firsl Row: FRANK IRWIN LLOYD, JR. Halliesburg Religion and Philosophy Melhodisl Minislers Club. FLOYD LEO LIKINS, JR. Biloxi Thearre Presidenl, Alpha Psi Omega: Dislinguishecl Mililary Sludenlg Soulhern Players. ' Gee, Tanks! N Ig 1-Y RWM z ., -fm nm - 7 -1-1-1 '-1 "7" RICHARD J. LINDEN, Kappa Sigma Chicago, III. Incluslrial Arls Traclc: Treasurer, M Club: Dormilory Manager: House Manager, Kappa Sigma: Chrislian Science Group. VALDA MYRE LIVINGSTON Moorhead Arl Second Row: BYRON DALE LUNCEEORD Webb Music Eclucalion Band: Treasurer. Kappa Kappa Psi: Gold Noles. RALPH H. MANNY, JR., Kappa Sigma Eorl Wayne, Ind. Hislory President Canlerbury Club: Guard: Kappa Sigma: Execulive Council, Sluclenf Chrislian Federaliong Eufure Teachers of America: Tracl: lnlrae murals: Publicily Chairman, R.E.W. Commillee QI IOO, ANNIE JOYCE MARTIN Basslield Home Economics Educalion Home Economics Club. BOBBIE JEAN MARTIN Osylca Hislory Baplisl Sludenl Union: Kappa Della Pi, ES K S. SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES gf? ' M 1 - wemfwwofw I 1-' , . ..,vf"' ff 'Wah Ni 'wqQf 'mf ,wwf swf' ,m':W We-WWT' Firsi' Row: CHARLES WALTER MARTIN, Phi Kappa Tau New Orleans, La Journalism Execufive Edifor, Associafe Edifor, Sfudenf Prinfz. SHELA ROSEMARY MASSEY, Phi Mu Orrville, Ala Sociology and Library Science Cheerleader: Fufure Teachers of America: Sfaff, Sfudenf Prinfzg Sfaff, THE SOUTHERNER l958g Hisforian, Phi Mug Bapfisf Sfudenf Union. Careful Boys S T , if-in vs" WF ,U ', vw. .. fl ET if ' A il l , ' . si. r if 1 315' ' S4 ,T - f Cilf"' Y'?5'r'i- X Y' ' :lf 10. QM uP 'F lf .WAN ms ,ga fw- ,Qwn'7' T,- ff' , gr -is 95 Q. wmupf' I fl . 2 4 R A 5: -SR, ' X , .3-'-2'-'Q-ZX :QQ 1 ,Q s ,,, ' .154 1 H 41, -,...1-.15-lziliziec-L LAWRENCE ALDEN MAUEERAY, JR., Kappa Alpha Bay Sf. Louis Geoloqy Newman Club: Geology Club: Veferans Club GEORGE U. MAYEIELD, JR. Laurel M Chemisfry Befa Befa Befa Second Row: MARY E. MCALLISTER Lumberfon Biology Vice presidenf. Befa Befa Befa. LUTHER GLEN MCBAY Haffiesburg Biolo Baseball. RUTH ANNETTE MCCLUER Jaclcson Library Science Wesley Foundafion: Pi Tau Chi: Secrefary, Treasurer, Vesper Choir: Cho- ral Union: Soufhern Singers. SUSAN NEWTON lv1cDONALD, Alpha Sigma Alpha Seminary Journalism Sfudenf Senafeg Handbook Oueen I955g Officer, Alpha Siqma Alpha? Sfaff, Sfudenf Prinfzg Women's Affairs Board: Secfion Edifor, Associafe Edifor, Soufhern Drawl: Bapfisf Sfudenf Union: Hisforian. Sfudenf Chris- fian Eederafion: Soufhern Players: Orienfafion Commiffee. 48 E I R Firsl Row: GLENN r. MICGEE Brookhaven I ff Sociology MARY ALICE McGEE Collins Home Economics Home Economics Club: Baplisl Sludenl Union. DOUGLAS KNEAL MCGOWEN Ge-oloqy New Augusla CURTIS D. MCRANEY Collins Malh Second Row: ROBERT WADE MERRITT, Kappa Alpha Meridian Biology ROGER ALLEN MILLER Journalism Business Manager, Sludenl Prinlzg Presidenl, Green Village Dormilory. Wiggins 4731 I --who V, ' J s V , Q 55 514 4 i L, Q z ,Zyl , W fn , - , I fs? as 1 - I L A I I S A B r gf 2,. S ,. rr- L , L ii '1 . 3 . 5 is -...., V. Sw- A 'vnvvww ' xx . - I wx 'N s--S S I y I I I Il Read Any Good Books Lalely? Ii I Il BOBBY GLEN MILLS Waynesboro Il Speech Educalion i Eulure Teachers oi America I GLENN RICHARD MINER, Kappa Sigma Guliporl il Governrnenl , Varsily I-Ieacl Cheerleader: Vesper Choir: Choral Union: Execuliye As- 'I sislanl, THE SOUTI"IERNERg Baplisl Sludenl Union. ,455 HQj"""" "KR 1I , 4 5 A " 1 I a jf I? eww. . .F iq.. I ' 'L ,Q g 5 'Xia' K- -N 0,4457 4 B I LM rs 3 Iii ward ' T I 'ff-' U R. i fi I f I 1 I A ,fr SENIORS Firsl Row: DAVID ANTHONY MITCHELL Biloxi Geoloqy Geology Club: Velerans Club. EDITH MARIE MITCHELL Meadville Home Economics Educalion CHARLES OLEN MOORE Moiselle Geoloqy EDYTHE LOUISE MOORE Lexinglon Music Educalion Band' Smyphony Orcheslrag Pre-sidenl, Tau Bela Sigma: Mu Phi Epsilong Second Row: HAROLD AL-ION BILLY WAYNE MULLEN Kappa Della Pig Sinlonella. Pensacola, Fla. MORRIS Malh Eldorado, Ark. Chemislry and Cfeoloqy Phi Ela Sigma: Geoloqy Club1AmeriQan Chemical Sociely. iw' -4149" fwfv Af Freshmen Learn "Table" Manners JAMES E. MULLEN, Pi Kappa Alpha Jaclcson Music Educalion President Bandg Presidenl, Kappa Kappa Psig Yellow .laclmelst Smyphony Orcheslra: Pledqe Presidenl, Chapler Secrelary, Pi Kappa Alpha. FRANK ARTHUR Pi Siqm Muums, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha Springhill' Ala. Psychology and Hislory a Epsilong Pile Combog Gold Noles. 'N-. """'q..- wwf? -35. 'fx 'V, Ng X -?ff'f- H1222 bi 9 1 xrf ,J ur" F dh-..ul"" ....A" S1-..4' Ji" 1 SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES ,,,,,,. an ,q Pal 'fx-"""'J' 35' I f ,," ' f 4. QQ f . l,,4-unqu. QW 714311-. ivi xiii' mfr Firsl Row: GARY ANNE NUNNALLY I-lalliesburg Music Educalion Vesper Choir: Choral Union: Opera Workshop: Soulhern Singers: Polls Singers: Wesley Foundalion: Soulhern Players: M.E.N.C. DOROTHY SUE MURPHY Easl Brewlon, Ala. Music Educalion Corresponding Secrelary, Mu Phi Epsilon: Alpha Lambda Della: Kappa Della Pi: Baplisl Sludenl Union: Band: Choral Union: M.E.N.C.: Tau Bela Siqma. "If I Gel lhe Shorlesl Bone, MY Wish Comes True . . . 3 gi 4 .2119 .,i, 47 ag W ,- i 'Z gl Q7 M. . ,X i ii C5 7 'W N M' ff' ffif ff . ,. ' . - 4 . " rff-,f?'4,.f ... , A, 'M i1"""h5 NEWELL MURPHY Vicksburg Geology ROBERT NAI-IRC-JANO, Kappa Sigma Eairhope, Ala. Archileclual Drallinq M Club: Vice presidenl, Kappa Siqma: Vice presidenl. lnlerlralernily Council: lnduslrail Arls Club: Whi:-'s Who, Second Row: WILLIAM N. NALL Pelal Geolooy ELVIN JOHN NECAISE Delisle Ge-oloov ANI-IA LOUISE NEELY, Della Della Della Tupelo Piano Baplisl Sludenl Union: Choral Union. ROBERT JAMES NEOROTTO Biloxi Geography Velerans Club: Inlermural Sporls: Geology, HOCDL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 'lf' l ,x.-'N "' W'-A1537 99' Sv' hr' Jw. 1 """"'i-sv SARAI'I GEORGE ODOM I-Iaiiiesburg Music Educafion Vesper Choir: Souihern Singers: Folk Singers: Opera Workshop: Choral Union: President Mu Phi Epsilon: Wesley Foundaiionq Souihern Players. LARRY D. PARKS Prichard, Ala. Physics and Maih Presideni, Kappa Mu Epsilon. Second Row: JAMES M. PARR Boqalusa, La. Chemisiry American Chemical Socieiyi Debaie Club. LEONEI. E. PARRA, Sigma Phi Epsilon Bogoia, Colombia. S. A. Maih BOBBY MARION PATTERSON Kosciuslco Music Eclucaiion Band: Kappa Kappa Psi: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, LOUIS EDWARD PAURATORE New Orleans, La. Psychology and Pre-Medical i 5 il E ii. Firsl' Row: BARBARA DELL PEARSON Carriere Home Economics Eclucafion Home Economics Clubq Vice presidenl, Mississippi Home Economics Clubsg Baplisl Siudenl Union. NORMAN GERALD PEVEY Clinlon lnduslrail Arls SHELBY LEON PRESTRIDGE Magnolia lndusfrail Arls Baplisl Siucleni Uniong Induslrail Aris Club. WALTER G. REED Rochesler, N. Y. Pre-Medical Who's Who Among Sludenls in American Colleges and Universiiiesy Pi Kappa Pi: Alpha Epsilon Della. Second Row: JON Rl'Cl'lARD REHAGE Malh and Physics Ocean Springs Dormiiory Councilor: Dorrnilory Vice presidenl. i i pq, Glenn Miller!-No Kidding! ...M-M79 THOMAS JACKSON RILEY I-la'r+ie,slourg l-lislory Debaie Club: Youlh Congress. CARLOS JOSE RlVAS Escuque, Venezuela CLAUDE l"lAROLD RILEY Laurel Geoloov i " , M R: . sw. vi wZ1'fsw,. f ' ' 9 ,s I 3. . 4:55. gf ,M s l1,.,Rs.5QES3g ,,,,',i .. f . . .. .. ,.,,, T' 'KA , f 4 , P-' 'W Q-2' fd A Zi .ffl pf 1 f ,ws X s?wfs?ff4, 'ii 55 Yi' 'fl YR Q fwwmys QSQNMTSQE ,is M if 4 I 223 X , :W 5 mx ' ' 'L - .1 fn, .sir QEYNQ Wx ,V ,.. ,A , I. .,5s.f45 ,X A 7 f"'fks'5fSWS. ' ' 0 . sf i L.: . up A f . . f , s-iyfgszg Q News f' ' , 3, f X : K NF. R , ,...... Kg x,.. g f fu. f 1 C AM., ' 1 W f 9 1 4 X 1 Q s if 2 X L ,f , gg' 3. . - 3 Q 5 ,ga X A Sig fy Q s ,xv l fi' il, ,su-ua... it-af K S f s,.,i ' . s 'E , v. f .Nw ,lsegggfissii - 1 'ia if , Slfffi If Chernislry Pi Kappa Pi: Kappa Mu Epsilong Who's Who. 2."':"' usi a .,,,, is wg . , , W 3 ,L ii 2 P if ii - ii ' fl 'E 'fi E :v ii .p..,,av'0"" M ,, f I 5':" 'ff :T-5.1 sg ..g. 1 -:,: rx ,,,,?i.. . A iw l i A Y J ' Y DP"ffgl"Q'i fi ig' , - ia' 1 A if 1 N sv' , ,,ps-...asian-A -.W --.g,,. Firsl Row: JACK ALLEN ROBERTS Purvis Geoloov CHARLES HARRIS ROBERTSON Clermonl l-larbor Reliqion and Philosophy WILMER A. ROGERS Collins Bioloqy Bela Bela Bela. MIGNONNE RUSSELL, Della Della Della Jackson l-lislory ce presidenl, Pi Gamma lvlu. Second Row: WILLIAM T. RUSSELL, JR. Halliesburg l-lislory DONALD ALBERT RUSSUM Pascagoula lvlalh , Aff' -, 019, -4.65, -.1 1 T ' T ..---'HK' 1 Bul Who Are All These People? JAMES EDWARD SALTER Biology Baplisl Sluclenl Union: Eulure LAMAR HALDER SCHMITZ l-lislory and So Purvis Teachers ol America. Kreole ciology i and 5 an-J X -M ix uf 17 ,J 1" SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES I I F' f ...- gf , Q J' 1-uf' ,.......-H"" wand' .la-R' IX 11:-'fj,"'1'A x A A , 5 1' L Af. 'Q-4, 1 Firsl Row: RUSSELL ROBERT SOHONEBERO, II, Kappa Alpha eulfpaa I'IISIOry JAMES WELDON SCOTT, JR., Kappa Alpha I-Ialliesburg Malls M Clubg Velerans Club. Taking a Glimpse In'I'o +I'1e Pas+ ix sf WM JAMES SHARP Geoloqy HARRY THOMAS SIMMONS, Pi Kappa Geoloqy Geology Club. Second Row: GERALD W. SIMS, Kappa Sigma CWZKQZ Greenville Alplrma Laurel I-Iarlwell, Ga. Geography TOMMY CARLTON SIMS, Kappa Alplwa I-Ialllesburg I-Iislory Treasurer, Kappa Alpha. CALVIN FREDERICK SINCLAIR D'LO I'IISIOry Newman Club. BILLIE JO SMITI-I, PIII Mu Poplarville Home Economics and Marlmelinq Home Economics Club: Panlwellenlc Council. ZX - If if , 1 ' . 5.9401 SENIORS BOBBY SLOAN SMITH PBI Kappa Tau Amory P K ppa Ta Wesley Eoundafion. JAMES DALTON SMITH Eoreslr RUTH BEVERLY SMITH MempI1is,Tenn. WILLIAM S SMITI-I Pefal BassIieId Jackson L 'W BB ff' 'T' 978 S' TU 'N lf.. I 43-s ,' , SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIEN ,inf 'Nw T N 'WWTTTT L x? 'W' my , Wh -f . ,A .,,,.'-- W..,w mm ,W " wsu-.L jf samba an-unify '-. y A .,,. iii 5 FJ I Firsi' Row: C. MILDRED STEWART, Della Delia Della Halliesburg English Alpha Lambda Della, Scholarship Award l956: Vice presidenl, Pi Kappa Pi: Vice presidenl. Wesley Foundafiong Hislorian, Marshalg Della Della Della: German Award l957: Who's Who. JOHN ED TABOR Fore.s+ Geology , "How's This For a Classy Horse?" I J'-img? 1 MS? ""Wakm. 'iw ,x i i AM-Wy . 4 'ms fl! 3 I 2? uuuzaivbv' ,,,,., 7 ,ff W 'ji . 5 , "ff gi .. pf , f V , ..V, E IVVV 5 2. ' 1 fx. ,W ,. W . K T: iyfx .g-.-.1 frr r . JAMES S. TAYLOR Silas, Ala. Geology Geoloqy Club. JANET CARNELL TERRESON Pc3SCaqOL1la English Bandg Alpha Lambda Dellag Tau Bela Sigma: Pi Kappa Pi. Second Row: Lucedale MARCIA E. THIGPEN Piano Choral Union: Vesper Choir: Baplisl Sludenl Union: Freshman Counse- lorg Monilor. CAROLYN SUE THOMAS McComb Pre-Medical Baplisl Sludenf Uniong Biology Club, DOROTHY MAE THOMAS Haflieslourq Home Economics Home Economics Clubg Wesley Eoundaiion. MARY LOUISE THOMAS l-laiiiesburg Enqlish CES SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES It fb wig J If X ' dlp 61? 4 Nbg '71 1 lin WT '1, S " 334 f ' " A I' ., ,Jw . ,wma Q .1 . , wi. ?f"'?'f3' V V M, . fx " fi ' , 1 25 4 , N 'T ' 1' T ' ' " I -4' -1-2 ' ' 5 4 I 'Q if my ' N f . . , ,naw I I ,,, fy-we X , 3 .4 xnwf 5b. . ,,, ,..........-ww' .bf---We T I 1 f ff ,jp 'jf i l if A 1 , , M. M f' f 'fn DQ 2 , , f , my M! 4 in FW A -,ya 4 . .?,,m,.,.-,, fi M yy A NW . Vgeww Jw-suv' 3 -..-...,asnuP' Firs+ Row: ALBERT H. THORNTON Oovernmenl' MAX WENDELL THORNTON Incluslrial Arls Charmed l'm Sure Vicksburg KEITH MAX TINOLE Philadelphia Geology Geoloqy Club. JAMES ARTHUR TIPTON Halfiesburg ,, Oeoloqy Carlhaqe Second Row: AARON TODD Laurel Oeoloqy JAMES KEARNEY TRAVIS Hallieslourq Enqlish Phi Ela Siqmag Omicron Della Kappa: Pi Kappa Pi: Phi Kappa Della: Pi Tau Chi: Bap'ris+S1ucle-nl Union. 7' ANTHONY LEON USEY Biloxi Oeoloqy Uaseballg Newman Clubg lnlramural Foolballz Oeoloqy Club. FRANK N, WAITS Hallieslourg Geoloqy Geology ClUbIV6l9l'6F1S Club. 58 SESNIORS Firsf Row: BILLY J. WALLACE Sanford Enqlish JOSEPH EDWARD WATSON Laurel Governmenl Track: M Club. WINFRED WATTS Columbia Hislory LONNIE JOE WELCH Hallieslourg Malh Second Row: RUSSELL LEE WELCH, Kappa Alpha Long Beach Pre-Medical Alpha Epsilon Della: Bela Bela Bela: Soulhern Players: Slalf, THE SOUTHERNERg Social Chairman, Sludem' Governrnenl' Associalion. CSAIL WHITTINGTON, Phi Mu Savannah, Ga. Sociology ' Treasurer, Phi lvlug Wesley Eounclaliong Soulhern Players. f im 9 .. 1 N Qsqgf""w .A Q 6-in i i fix aff' if ik Berwick, La. McComb qt-'Uv LSD' ii? 'QW' -l Q , 199' SENIORS Firsi' Row: JOE EDWARD WILLIAMS Greenville Aff JOHNNY WILLIAMS Moselle GeoIoqy and MaII'1 WILLIAM J. WILLIAMS LeaIcesviIIe Geology ALMA JERALDINE WILSON EIIisviIIe Home Economics EducaIion Bapfisf Sfudenf Union: Home Economics Club, Second Row: HERBERT WAYNE WILSON Aberdeen Music Educa+ion Varsify Band: Symphony: Kappa Kappa Psi. PEGGY JOAN WOLEE, DeIIa Delia Delfa Laurel f .., . xx,-1. . 5 Biology 8 AM Soliloquy ALBERT WOOD General Science VIVIA CATHERINE WOOD Home E conornics Educafion Horne E conomics Club. WMF' I Af 1" If' A , , 1715"- bn 'A' 19" in 4 W X Yy,.,Af I 40 6 - 3. , . md, v. Ak?-q IU' ,Mia R95 T' Q39 4-Q -Q? -- SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Firsi Row: BILL E, WOODRTCK, Phi Kappa Tau Meridian ArI I f Band: SI'uden'I Prinhg Bap+isI SIuden+ Union. M BETTY RUTH YELVERTON HaHiesIourg WW Arr Phi Kappa Tau SweeIhearIp 2nd Vice presidenf, SIuden+ GovernmenI ,mfs AssociaIion: Freshman Senaforg Freshman Dormifory House Chairman: i Sophomore Dormifory House Chairman: Freshman Counselor: Orienfa- 'f Iion Commiffee: Wesley Foundafiong Charm ConsuI+anI7 Who's Who. D C fi LL: 41" l""1, X - A- H ff ' - N i SENIOR CLASS FAVORITES Pa'Hy Holmes and "Tick" ScoH' 6I 43-.fghr .tag f I I E E I I I I I I I I , Firgf Rgwg Third ROW! SCHOOL OF ARTS AND S WILLIAM LARRY ADAMS LONNIE T. ADKINSON JACK HAROLD AINSWORTH K. WILLIAM ALFORD CHARLES ALFRED ALLEN JAMES OLIVER ALLEN LAURA KATHERINE ALLUMS WILLIE FAYE ANDREWS Second Row: JAMES EDWARD APPEL, JR. WILLIAM R. ATCHLEY WILLIAM THEODORE BALDWIN JAMES W. BARNES THOMAS BROCK BARNES WILLIS ELWYN BEASLEY LAWRENCE BELLIPANNI J. D. BENSON CIENCES Illl 'ii iiiiliii iili Dr. Mac Takes a Good Look, Through "Rose Colored" Glasses, af Former Presidenf Cook Carlhage Wade Bay Springs Tylerlown Mobile, Ala. Silver Creek Ellisville Kokomo New Orleans, La. Ouilman Laurel Oakvale Jackson, Ala. New Augusla Indianola Jackson TOMMY GLYNN BERRY JAMES ROBERT BLAIR JAMES F. BODMAN CLEMENT ROBERT BONTEM PS MABLE ANN BOSWELL RICHARD HUGH BOWERS JULIA KATHRYN BOWLING JAMES BURDETTE BOYD Four+h Row: WILTON JOHN BRADLEY, JR. AMIE GORDON BRADY FRANK WOODS BRAHAM DONALD LLOYD BERLAND PETE BRIANT MARY JAYNE BRIDGES CLARENCE H. BROWN ELEANOR NAN BROWN W'-'SY I WW qfwr . Jnfx -ff-+V' w "' In-45' 45 L .. av- W ,. V. -17' V1 '3' New Hebron Quilman Halriesburg Bay S+. Louis Mobile, Ala. Jackson Harliesburg Holly Bluff Pass Chrislian Liberfy Pensacola, Fla. Bogalusa, La. New Orleans, La. I-Iallieslourg Enlerprise Sharon is J X ,. H -'7 62, v"f7 '52 .ff ...auaf ...4-4' 'Q ix X 559' ,Ji f -J' ' ,asv- ...ff W1 ,ng ,uv M was ...ff X4 Firsi' Row: HILTON K. BROWN JAMES E. BROWN SAM B. BURKETT, JR. CECIL RAY BURNHAM ROBERT BURR CADE OUELLYN RAE CAMPBELL EUGENIA CARLETON JAMES SAMUEL CARPENTER if qw 34 -. .41 ,f 'flaw' r Gen' Na+ Leads 'Em On c J! 19'-I" 7 -ev ul My ,,'E:'::f A-an V Q Z A if rf' ff av' . Second Row: Morlon CI'lARLES GRESI-IAM CARTER Gullporl Haffiesburq GEORGE HAROLD CARTER Laurel Panama Cily, Fla. WILTON C. CARTER Wade Puckeff PERCY PRESTON CASTLEBERRY Vicksburg Memphis, Tenn, GAIL CELESTE CHISHOLM Laurel Pascaqoula HAROLD W. CLENDENIN Mobile, Ala. FOFSST ANNE COKER Clarksdale Halliesburq DONALD DAVIS COLE Bay S+. Louis Third Row: MARY D. COLE Halfiesburg ARDEN LORAINE CONWAY Rascagoula MORRIS JOSEPH COWAN, JR. Gulfpori KAY ELAINE CUNNINGHAM Almore, Ala. DONALD MARION DANA, JR. Columbia MIRIAM JANET DAVIS Seminary CAROLYN E. DEARMAN Halfiesburg ARNOLD DEWEASE Blacksburg, Va. Fourih Row: LAMAR CHARLES DOUGLAS Hazlehursl NANCY ROBERT DUNN Halliesburg BABS LOUISE EASOM Sebaslopol ALFRED LOUIS ELLIS Jackson PHILLIP WAYNE ELLIS Jackson ROBERT B. EUBANKS Crysfal Springs BEVERLY JANE EVANS Brookhaven CRAIG LEROY EZELL Waynesboro ,gl '92 sl' rw L I 2' ,i :ang A5 -.P - -1' 3 ,,. V .. ., W 'tr J . ' 1. w na N A T gami- gwzgg, V ..5::5-- , n I! V , ,fm I 1 if 's' f-awv J .5 3. rf I ' X , 4? 5 -.. in f' ,,,,.ff '- f QQ- ' E , rm '51 ,gg-0' 41- Xi -.1 1 N' 1 ,.--ev N,- .,,f as-' AS' 'S -dk -X, if 3-5 Y v ,:-if ue-1.9 I,.,.-r xi' -1 sv' -if . Q fx i V, if i .,' his w-7 Q '- - --2 .Q Z vas. , Ei I M 1 5 if IW? I -M M-rs: xx- mn' I ,.-ff . "-2' 2 'of Ia, . -'If QI ff'-'ff gg, If :il ,L I Pfl ' Q1 ' W lg A f' ' ' I T455 1 , 3 la if 'K QL T -.. Firs+ Row: Second Row: MALCOLM DUWAYNE EZELLE Decafur SYLVIA MAXINE GRISSETT Halliesburg ROMA REA FLEMING Pascagoula MARION PACE GUTHRIE Foresl BARBARA NELL FRANKLIN Lumberlon WILLIAM ERRIN HALL Fores+ JERE CONNERS FOWLKES Millinqfon, Tenn. PATRICIA KATHERINE HARRINGTON Meridian BILLY R. GIBSON Illa Bena JOHN CARROLL HARRIS, JR. Vancleave RALPH CARSON GILBERT Gulfporl CHARLES ERWIN HARVISON Laurel DON RAYMON GRAFTON Laurel HELEN ELIZABETH HENLEY Biloxi HELEN HINTON GRAHAM Laurel EDMOND CHARLES HENSON Macon The Hand Is Quiclcer Than 'Ihe Eye. Third Row: JULIA ANN HERRIN Sumrall CHARLES RADFORD HICKS Bogalusa. La. FRED HILLE Haffiesburg JACKIE D. HILLMAN Leakesville MARCUS LEON HOGAN Hafliesburg JOHNNY HOLCOMB HARRY EVANS HORN ANNRAE HORTON Fourfh Row: SANDRA ELLEN HOUTZ HELEN HURT MAX W. INGRAM THOMAS GERALD JACKSON WILLIAM C. JACKSON DAVID DOYLE JENKINS BILLY W. JENNINGS CECIL W. JOHNSTON Chiclcasaw, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Columbia Canlon Waynesboro Carfhaqe Buller, Ala. Barnesville, Ga. Laurel Kosciusko Mobile, Ala. gli' - I -if? ' mi SCHOOL OF ARTS AND R SCIENCES Firsi Row: DONALD G. JOLLY BEVERLY FAY JONES TERRY MONTGOMERY KEETON C. W. KELLY CHARLES THOMAS KNIGHT JERRY LAVELL KNIGHT ELDON ROSS LADD GAIL GROVER LANDRUM Second Row: PHILIP LANIER LANG VIRGINIA LAVIGNE CHARNER L. LITTLE WILLIAM PAUL LONG CECIL L. LOPER F. RENE LORIO JOSEPH STEWART LYONS ROBERT R. MADDEN Q A, , E' x RY SN 1 x 44 aw- wi .Q ig.-Erik: -Q TQ.. Avi A 1 k H' X z -r 7 S- -nil' X 1 S x . X 1 '- J i iff A I Olcolona Cenlerville Long Beach Hernando Laurel Ovell Chanule, Kan. Laurel Gullporl Laurel Pinola Carlhaqe Columbus New Orleans, La. Washinqlon, D. C. Corinlh ff?-A S, ,. HH , I TIME 5-T' v ,Jus 'i 'wtf' I can J ,f--V' 'NFS-. 'QQ ,F '-15.3 B an F923 :lk -es Al' Ir Panhellenic "Free Loaders" Third Row: JIMMY L. MARTIN RICHARD CHARLES MASON FELIX ELTON MASSEY LUCRETIA ANN MATLOCK JAMES TAYS MQINTYRE STANLEY MQNEIL CHARLES E. MCVAY MILTON MORGAN MEWHORTER Fourlh Row: DAVID DUNCAN MERIWETHER SAM F. MIDDLEBROOK JAMES HAROLD MIDDLETON VIRGINIA LUCAS MILSTEAD RAYFORD EUGENE MITCHELL JAMES B. MOODY ANNA MARIE MOORE GERALD FRANCIS MORAN inf! xA' ,fg giizi... , xx sd x A 3. ii' 1 Z "' j 1. l -T , i V QXBf.f :LM C W fe I ' ,jg We by ' .,.. - , . . ,. , ...Q . f- .. lf as Q I A 3 X ... ,.-.f Philadelphia Mendenhall Biloxi Union Louisville Tylerlown Brooklyn Greenville Mobile, Ala. Meridian Wilmer, Ala. SI'aIe Line Meadville Mobile. Ala. Haffiesburg Biloxi W' 5, 'aw 'W-W A-...ev-'A A! n- 9, mf' . X , f vi" I 'N 'I-,SY ,uw N v K.. 1 A- , hr"" .... gf X . .4-' Q' .A .fy iifwl V , :G . , T? 'N f I Z7 I ,NI I , 9 'I f irzzfifk I2 ' , I 215 vi 143' Y .J I A lf, ?i"'fQ'f'l1 is f iw fa- 5 -3- E If J Second Row: ANN D. PATRICK CAROLYN ANN PATTERSON ROBIN BROWN PENN AVA S. PIGOTT H. WALTON PIOOTT SI-IARRON PINE BILLY FRANK PITTS SALLY PORTER Third Row: GEORGIA JOAN POSEY JOHN PENDLETON POTTS GEORGE NELSON PRICE EDWIN PRICHARD JACKIE DAVID PRIESTER BILLY J. PUJOL DAVID RAwLs JOHN MARVIN RICHARDSON Fourfh Row: GLADYS JOSEPHINE RIDOEWAY WILLIAM CARROLL RITCI-IIE JAMES CARLOS ROBBINS BUDDY JOE ROBINSON LEE ANN ROC-ERS BENNIE ARNOLD ROI-IR H. K. ROUSE LUANN RUDDER II . I 'iii I-Ialfiesburq Meridian McComb Tyleriown Tyleriown Lucedale Sylacauga, Ala. Hafliesburg Bookhaven Nashville, Tenn. Brookhaven Brookhaven Meridian Jackson Bogue Chiffo Haffiesburg Mosselle Brookhaven Mobile, Ala. Taylorsville LiHle Rock Pascagoula Poplarville Hafiiesburg R SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Firsi' Row: ARDYS CAROLYN SANIFER ANN MARIE SASSONE FRANCES LENORE SEAY NITA ANN SEE JOSEPH A. SETARO BETTY SHAW ESDELL P. SHAW NORMA EDITH SHORT Second Row: CARMEL FRANCIS SIGNA JANE ELIZABETH SIMMONS CAROLYN RAMONA SIMS RUBEN EDSEL SIMS TOBY LANE SIMS BOB SMITH CAROLYN LEE SMITH EDWARD EUGENE SMITH 2 Silver Creek Osyka Halfiesburg Carfhage Vicksburg Belzoni Gulfporf Vicksburg Greenville Columbia Mobile, Ala. Bay Springs Bay Springs Mobile, Ala. Gulfporf Fresno, Calif. mira Eff? , n r . 3.1.2 I Y ' " , , 1' -f ., A 1 ,Ap ,fwf . f ,F 4,05 Lbs lift? 1 P Qlffzg 1 elm Heap Big Iniun Third Row: JERREL REX SMITH LILLIAN JEANETTE SMITH VIRGINIA SUE SPENCER ROBERT LUTHER STARLING VIRGIL STRAHAN ANNIE K. STRINGER JOHN DAVID STEINRUCKEN A. LOIS STROUD Fourfh Row: WILLIAM ALLEN STROUD MARGARET CAROL SUMRALL CHARLES EDWARD SWAN JENNIE JOAN SWANSON DOUGLAS RAYMOND TALBOT JOE HENRY TALLY VI COWAN TARRER SIBYL VIRGINIA TATUM tqybunp. 'fi Q., uk . v , , :ml Na'rcl1ez Purvis Halliesburq Jackson Collins Mize Louin Lake Halliesburg Laurel Halliesburg Bogue Cliilfo Bay S+. Louis Pineville Foresl Halliesburg . 1 l I I l I 'Q I ll il ll li ll ,i W ,l is l 1 l .i -hex ,IVYZJI-gi:1'F" ., .f . ' ' ' ' A . . 2" - Fw 535 Q.-Q ' ' f -f' v w . ,V .ey x-f.,ig.f H , f 4 4 , :J . 5 -Sm A ,V 1 ,- . I I . .ig - I -fi ' I I a ' ii I .I I ' -W. av-ni. . - ' I I W ,W A. - . 4, - as . ,Q in - , Z .4 ,Sgr ,,..,.,ig. I LH? ,A an , ,ae- S . .-. 'il 'A :Y ' I S K wr . . I 1 -. 9 sm -.0 'Y U? -r' i .Q Q' ,Q 2 X XR -.rf V' vf' if I . I 3 4 ,-' A 5' . , Nj., D 6 Y 2 X F f. x , f fi . 2 'x 'S f -. - If. 9 " 'A' QQ . --- " Ar g 'J iv Egg' i, 1 ' A ' A "" " I . 'if' -1' 4 5 1 JFK X QI 1: I f ' . 1 ' I 4 4' an AJ Q. I. E eu- 'f' . , J . wif. Mas '-ff:f??iY 525655 'wif ,L afyfrf' ,JI 5 67 gk ,.... . 'Z' il A ..., C, ., xi, fy! I . 's. f- -vx zum l .. -f 5 Ay I fa- I ' -rir . 5 I I .I I sci-iooL or ARTS AND sc Firsi' Row: JAMES T. TAYLOR ELAINE THOMAS WILLIAM E. TIMS JOE ALVIN TOLAR BARNETT GLENN TRIPLETT FRED C. TURNER JULIA CAROLYN ULMER WILLIAM DARREL VARNER Second Row: LENA WALDRIP ALBERT J. WALENT MARY ANNIE WALKER EARL WALL WOODROW WILSON WALLACE DURWARD CLIFTON WARE, JR. RICHARD ADOLPHUS WATERS MONA RHEA WATKINS Jw i A Q "Yi wi ' :'f'i TOTWS s 9 W ag. e S if W -.J-1 ...f r., ' Q' , 5' gg.. MK fc g ' If., R T""'s 3 - I :R .'- '- -MQ ,I If 4 I-ar '59 I , M. J, F- - MAY' l - ik: as - YS 1 4 .f I 'P W. :um gs C- ' ' 3 L, ,kg A " -. 1 'W- f , A - .f ,,:v"fs' 3, s,'1r'fsF ' fiy. I fiS A if I f f .35 5 5 IENCES Jackson Union HaI+iesburq Columbia Macon Prichard, Ala. Laurel LaureI Eoresr Haffiesburg Waynesboro Osyka Ha+I'iesburg Jackson Ocean Springs Memphis, Tenn. gi-'S'-2' nv' .4 D4 522' :J Q If:E1Q.'-:- :RU-"' , 7 .V L Q1 N S .5 Third Row MARY JUNE WEAVER KARLENE WEST BILLY RAY WHITE Duh I dunno ELIZABETH ANN WHITE LUCINDA ROSE WHITE JOY LEE WHITTINGTON JOE HOUSTON WILLIAMS JOHN ROBERT WILLIAMS Fourfh Row HUGH KENNETH WILSON KEARNEY HOSEY WINDHAM BOBBY JACK WOOD MARION ANN WOODS TROY YOUNG may 1-fs -....Av"' X-qv' Z? 'V' 3 Ov' ikser ,,,h if-we 3:1-. -gn? I fVfU's C "..,.,Q .1 N 7- xg- 4? .un if Q T ,T- -.-' ' -:f , t, 1 -1- ' uv J -7 J I+ I J ' A' 1 IM, 4 r Q"-in . :lv -0. r-7 .-, 5' Moss Poinf Haifiesburq LeakesviIIe PI1iIadeIpI'11a Ph IadeIpI'iia Brookhaven SIonewaII Decaiur Waynesboro Mob1Ie Ala Bay Springs Jackson Amory use-,N Ea J ffl alll? '3 ? I -'- ,- yy -f " , if I B I A M QR -. 5" 5 - ,E N47 5 TJ xy ,L I If as 'T 5 I G I J , L' Q 1 1 ll . .0 my 'fy in .. A ' Q. , f" ' A I I f If I , M I MJ. I I I ' 1 fr.-,t -, r-, Qv,1 wb. -fx 3 xi, ..f 1 3. V Am ,4,,,fd"' f ' 4 ff M 'if 1 Mi' J 46-R , .1 ww, 'mr 'W gf I 5 1+ 1'- I fl K' ,1 r Q--"""""?w-.M ' X. 5 f 5 N ' V """4'--M., E y Q 5 i 'x ? 3 ., . N-M ? I 5 5 ,K , , sf f 1' ' 1 'Y-, I f Wfw.. . Q . Z - I ,W .- .X if ' W Nm vs. lx w skhxk 5' I -KX , . . , ,, .M nz. 0 '1- M N , X, . -x -. , 25.53. A X .A -, .-A . " - xx X J. .A XX ' M5-six '. 3 .Q , TA K ' -. 8 55,2 .353 .M xv. Qu. U -. fa A X 5, . X, ,...W ' xx xx .- -- , AM.,.,...-- rf - . , x,,,.+.ww- lp . 4,,b.w.:n4.a.- A- . .-w.w.4 ,x.,,4Mf w.. -rr ,fn QXA2. ,,. Q1. 14129-W" 'I SCHOO LOF COMMERCE I ' wpawi .1-Q, ff 'nllmef M' ti! 'f--nufw 09- ,mu I!f1,iK. I . if , X K ,, 4, iii up ,..... A f 4 31 ,uw A gi ' 'gg 43 ' I .Q -1 41---0-'j,.L 'X ,lv I 'I 11 X yi? s...,.n1' Firsi' Row: LEWIS E. ALEXANDER, Kappa Sigma Markefing DAN RICHARD ANDERSON Accounfing MSC's Puppy-nic X. ,., s . 4 ,, H' M Bay S+. Louis HAROLD KEITH ANDERSON I-IaHiesburg Business Adminisfrafion Delia Sigma Pi. JOHN THOMAS ASHLEY HazIeI1urs+ . I M Business Adminisfrafion EIIISVIIIG Bapfisf Sfudenf Union Second Row: TOM B. BAILEY, Alpha Tau Omega New Orleans, La. Personnel Manaqemenf ii' E if I MAC LEROY BAKER euifpon Accounting and Audifinq EUGENE BAREIELD Kosciusko Business Adrninisfrafion s X ' H. C. BARLOW, JR., Kappa Sigma Laurel Marirefinq Q I-5 Secrefary, Kappa Sigma: Band: Vesper Choir. S , L, I . SENIORS Firsf Row: JESSE PAUL BARNETT, JR. Macon ' Business Adminislraiion FANNIE BELLE BARRETT Purvis Business Educalion I-lislorian, Pi Omeqa Pi: Kappa Della Pi. CHARLES ROBERT BASS, Pi Kappa Alpha Poplarville Sales Managernenl' Assislanl Business Manager, SOUTHERNERg Business Manager, Soulliern Drawl: Pledge-masler, Pi Sigma Epsilon. GEORGE WAYNE BERRY Preniiss Business Adminislralion Della Sigma Pi. Second Row: BETTY J. BERRYHILL Nalchez Business Educalion Wesley Founclaliong Fulure Teachers of America WILLIAM G. BISHOP Canlon Business Adminislralion Band. l .-av" ,,,,.-fww" Field House Sees Hs Lasi Regisirafion JOI-IN PAUL BLACKWELL Collins Accounlinq CLARENCE FINLEY BOGGAN, JR. Birmingham, Ala. Marlceiinq Baseball: Newman Club: Pi Siqma Epsilon: Slail, Sludenf Prinlz. fe ,Q gm 9 n I I A ,, . 7 ul 'iiii Q 'YYTSW ' ,F iii ,mx M . r -as f V """"""""i" vue R """ ' :ff XIX' ' wr R ,Nav-1' """"'h- , V' 2' ! R S Dublin, Va. lory Manager? Halllesburg Jackson Braxlon CARL l-l BROCKMAN Pensacola, Fla. WILLARD BROCM Columbia ,.,p-V' -Q1 xx flxjy x 5 ' -.N , Us F3 1. ' . :au--Q? -1.4- SCHOOL OF COMMERCE 'Tk' aww W' f ..,, Q X - q QQ ' I I I X Firsi Row: VIRGINIA RUTH BROWN Agricola Business Educalion Baplisl Sludenl Union: Young Wome-n's Auxiliary. MARTHA BUSH Laurel Business Educalion Kappa Della Pig Fulure Teachers of America: Baplisl Sludenl Union. iMaior Operafion -4 i. 'e I I i. Ii I I in I I I I JAMES W. CARRAWAY, Alpha Tau Omega Bassfield Personnel Managemenl Secrelary, Pi Sigma Epsilon: Wesley Eoundalion. MIKE CARPENTER, Alpha Tau Omega Poplarville I Marlceling Second Row: LUKE JOSEPH CARUSO, Phi Kappa Tau Bay Sl. Louis Business Pledgemasler, Phi Kappa Tau: Newman Club. OLIVER WENDELL CATCI-IINGS, Kappa Sigma Woodville fl! Insurance OUIDA suE CLARK Mize I Business Educalion Pi omega Pi. I JERRY HUGH COLE Carson 1 Business Adminislralion I l l a .le 1' ' 'fi"' - 'W ff? 'vi FCOMMERCE fu. pf"'5 Avg 5-f-'f Wwffff if E' ,-ffl, K w j,..s. ' ' .544 rf-Z3 N. g M mage 'W' 'SEQ fr M f NI' , . "cr:-'ff' XM hui' ' CAROL RAE COZIAR, Della Zera Jaclcson Markelinq Secrelary, Del+a Zela: Elecfion Commiflee Chairman 1955-56: Bap+is+ Sluclenl' Union: Home Economics Club. JOSEPH DERWI-IIN CRAFF Laurel Accounrinq Second Row: ANNE KAY CRENSHAW, Sigma Sigma Sigma l'la++ie.sburg Secretarial Science Presidenl, Treasurer, Sigma Sigma Sigma: Capfain, Dixie Darlings: Alpha Lambda Della: Secrefary, Treasurer, Phi Della Rho: Beaufy: College Queen of Mississippi: Soulhern Players: Charm Consulfanfg Freshman Counselor: Sophomore Class Favoriie: Baplisl Sfudenl Union: Who's Who. CARRELL DeWAYNE CUMBERLAND Philadelphia Personnel Managemenf SAM JOSEPH D'ANTONI, JR. Na+chez Business Adminisirafion Treasurer, Newman Club: Delia Sigma Pi, FRANCISCO R. DAVILA lbarra Ecuador, Soulh America Business Adminisfrafion Pan American Sfudenf Associafion. 3 l .P-. . ? 12 Hig.' ..4.-- ,j I 5 ivy, , . 2 4,21 :ah iff 5' Y ' L D sr if if 3. J' M-yo sc rf-.,-' Hi if 5553 2:32-.' 1311 11? L +22 -z:,ff- f T- ":,."- f" rS,1.r? H .' 'f' "Aff: an-1 .Lffjy 4' Firsl' Row: JAMES L. DAVIS, Alpha Tau Omega Laurel Marlceling Vice presidenl, Pi Sigma Epsilon: Treasurer, Alpha Tau Omega: Track Team: M Club. PHYLLl'S MURIEL DEES Grand Bay, Ala. Business Educalion Wesley Foundalion: Secrelary, Pi Omega Pi: Pi Kappa Pi: Fulure Teach- ers ol America: Alpha Lambda Della: Religious Chairman, Bollon l'lall. JAMES GLEN DICKERSON, Phi Kappa Tau Waynesboro Business Adminislralion and Marlceling Pi Sigma Epsilon. EMMETT DEAN DOTHEROW, JR. Macon Business Adminislralion Second Row: JANICE PIERCE DOTHEROW Welumpka. Ala. Business Educalion Fulure Teachers ol America l m i J 1 .9 ,gf 1 g 9 4 22' F Z ,, Q, -W I ,gag f 1 I f 2 2 if ir' . . ?!'.,.,fsi1lgi G34 1.. :wwf 'fu 4 fi . Y 1 I -i 5 I rf 1 l , l l ", l -'C' f I' 1 .A 5 4 .-:rv V., A . GY , l ff F ' 'jf J, All -1' TQ M31 3229 H X - rm, . I1 P i ui Who Are They Tryin' lo Kid! CHESTER M. DOWDLE, Kappa Sigma Columbus Business Adminislralion JAMES N. DOYLE Crislobal, Canal Zone Economics GORDON l'l. EDDY Callellsburg, Ky. Personnel Managemenf ,nnv'um""' 'lf qw , www! ,Ww,,,i.s if-I' .av S u,,,,, .,,,,,,....-ggf K wx I mf' 1, YS iw S s B , X' f me ul ' , i cj fs. Q giivfqf' E -ff' Y. 1 wwf' 5. F .. ll , .S -gm f 'V - ,., -.-4 lcv.. ll ,Q 'Nt V 1 ,wr xv' CT? gl X. -- -:W r 1 , wx spy, 5: Mum. ..',.. ,, 1 f , g ., , xgzdp V A , api' .ss-.r +a?TT?LfP I 4 Xxqyf' ., Y! 'T'QfQfT7 ' SENIORS Firs+ Row: OROUS L. ELLIS, JR., Phi Kappa Tau Chickasaw, Ala. Markelinq Vice presidenl, Phi Kappa Tau: Secrelary, Inlerfralernufy Council: Dis- Iinquislwed Mulllary Sludenl. OWENDOLYN O. ESSARY Brooklyn Markelinq ARMON I-IARVEY FIVEASI-I Brooklyn Accounlinq ROLAND RAY FLOYD Balon Rouge, La. Markelinq Pi Sigma Epsilon. Second Row: BILLY REED FOX Clarksdale Accounlinq Bapfisr Sfudenf Union. ELIZABETH ANN FOX Meridian Business Educalion Pi Omega Pi. ,, 5 Q 'r'rf 1 1' Q? fI.q:?f he I ,Nia x 5,19 I R Q5 NW Th L-M... W Ycntf 'K '36, 4 V I ---1 "" 5 IN N lr ll ,Tff ki l'lI Play Your Liffle Game EDWIN A. FRANK, JR. Pensacola, Fla. Personnel Managemenf Tennis Team. WILLIAM T. FREEMAN, JR. Jackson Business Adminislralion X E frm Visa: 'bx 4 7 3' I .. ,ff 'X Q .-1 ,,.. ..,..A VF 'iii I I e We Tp M u. ,. ,-,af H5:.,,i5'1x, 1.1 , r 1': 6' T ' 'Z x Af' ,' ,- Q.-1" W' '45 Y dill: f I ' 'Qs .iv 'QIQ it , N +.1,P "mr -'.. SCHOOL OF COM -3515?-20 Q04 ,..-ua-Zan ..s WJ.-13' Firsi' Row: Base We ev "' we vw- ,4,.....uQli6 WILLIAM I-IERMAN FRITH Markefinq BARBARA ALICE FRYER Business Educaiion Biloxi Lexingion Pan American Siudeni' Associaiiong Bapiisi Siudenf Union. Homecoming Wheels M E ., I if . 4 1 i f fi V. ' ,A I r I , ,as ' Sv' .ff I f , , ,gi , , A. .- .,., M, 5 Q it -gs. 2 W M, ,,,. .,,,, W? Wes f Y W 157 151' 'W K 4 'H P if ff: fffiy f Z 5? 3 ,.1f I . 3? fs 15 s s X W Q vii X v E J , si' .L Fw , .X r i'i'!'ff fs 'fun ,mm 2"'5lpV I. ,fit ' 'Nr' , ov. ' A ..,.- ,-.W M 1 ,affix , ' i ' WARNER J. GALE Mobile, Ala Accouniinq WILLIAM LAWRENCE GILBERT Utica Business Adminisfrafion, Accouniinq Delfa Sigma Pi. Second Row: GARY TAYLOR GILMORE Bay SI. Louis Maricefinq JAMES WATT OILMORE Bay S+. Louis Markefing I-IEWIE DELANE GIPSON Purvis Business Adminisfrafion VERNON AUBREY GIPSON Poplarvilie Business Adminisfrafion DeIIa Sigma Pi. RCE S C asia 'TWTMT7 'Nav' . 'H . HOOLO ffl Q F X. COMMERCE i M, W as 27 v 'K :Nuff 'weary' "':1'-Mr":':'5f"' fr-J'-7 Quail' QQ - 9 Firsl Row: LYNETTE GLAZE Raleigh Business Educalion Fulure Teachers ol America PATRICIA ANN GRAUER, Kappa Della Jackson Secrelarial Sludies Baplisl Sludenl Union. And We Did! a a "nfs is , .qyig 5 Kr.:Qq' uxfyh g 1 5 ' W ' I All T' ss, -I - g I Q A 3.1 f ,lf-fi r ,gf ,-v-. R. 32325, J is 4 15 ,. - -'H-wif' r 5 : ' l 3 will " "lvl, A I F5 . wr" JB' BETTY OPAL GRAY Pelahalchie Business Educalion Baplisl Sludenl Union. GLENDA GREEN, Della Della Della Philadelphia Accounlinq and Business Adminislralion Treasurer, Chaplain, Della Della Della: Vice presidenl, Mississippi Hallg Presiclenl, Hiclcman Hall: Freshman Counselor. Second Row: LORENDE CHARLES GUILLOTTE Moss Poinl Marlceling ROBERT F. GWINNER, Alpha Tau Omega Vicksburg Marlceling Secrelary, Alpha Tau Omega Social Fralernily: Secrelary, Pi Sigma Epsilon Marlceling Fralernily: Omicron Della Kappa: Who's Who. NICHOLAS MCLEOD HAAS, Pi Kappa Alpha Bay Sl. Louis Marlcelinq Vice presidenl, Secrelary, Sergeanleal-Arms, Pi Kappa Alpha: Pi Tau Chi: Omicron Della Kappa: Freshman Senalor: Dormilory Council: Presidenl, Vice presidenl, Newman Club: Mr. Newmanile l957: Publicily Direclor, Pi Sigma Epsilon: Assislanl Business Manager, Business Man- ager, Sludenl Prinlz: Nalional Recognilion In Adverlising, Vincenl Edward Socrales Award: Who's Who. SUSAN HAGERMAN, Della Della Della I-lalliesburg Business Adminislralion Social Chairman, Recommendalion Chairman, Della Della Della: Slall, THE SOUTHERNER l958: Proiecls Chairman, Program Chairman, Wesl- minsler Fellowship. SENI R S Firsf Row: JAMES H. I-IALE Ponfoloc Accounfing and Office Managemenf Baplisf Sfudenf Union. PEGGY JEAN HALE Business Educalion ALBERT B. I-IALEY Accounlinq NELDA HOLBROOK I-IAM Business Educafion Pi Omega Pi. Second Row: JACK DENSON I-IAMMACK, JR. Marlceling JAMES DAVID HAMMOND Personnel Manageme Ponfofoc McComb Magee l-IaHie.sburg Biloxi nf Dormirory Manager. fm V . X. Ji g ..-.4 ' qw Ji i , me I 1 'W . . -- W .. -A"'k--if' H925 ..:'.'f-, mi' ..::.Az... W-'fwti . II f ,f""H V . ' '--..l W' N " fa - fu eq: 4+f2L,, .1j"z. H -- WM... ,um M V il ' 1 T7 1?i-' -3 .A fa? s-:'.-...fx E .. - . , .j""', N , A "' -T -i' '1.x,::::", I ' X in -4 If if -f ' .,,- if , ' im' f X 1 Q . ,. .. 1.5 ,- ' .1 V ii i M imi- V -aww. .1 I if h,...e 1 -ii- I--T if "l'?'i!ME vii - 'V 1 A ,Mfg I Mi 4 'I I I I I I CLINTON T. HARDIN, JR., Kappa Alpha Calhoun Cily i Business Adrninisfralion I I-Iisforian, Kappa Alpha: Presidenl, Pi Tau Chi: Vice presidenl, Bapfisl I Sfudenf Union: Who's Who. The New Rock Welcomes Old Grads I EDWIN MURRAY I-IARDIN Scooba Business Adminisfrafion M55-.,'H7'K 4 Q... , , dw: '64 ""'-una vgiiiff flffi ge mm' A I ,,,,,..,mnv New I willy' I Firsi Row: 5 EMERSON NEWTON HARRIS, Kappa Sigma New Orleans, La. Economics muon THOMAS HARRIS, Pi Kappa Alpha Laurel Adverlising and Commercial Arr Publicify Chairman, Pi Kappa Alpha. CHARLES KENNETH HENDERSON Laurel Accounlinq ROBERT HIREM HENRY, Alpha Tau Omega Prenliss Marlceling Usher, Pledge lvlasler, Vice preside-nf, Alpha Tau Omega: President Sophomore Classg Presidenf, Yellow Jaclcersg Presiclenl, Junior Class: Junior Class Favorifeg lnframural Sporfs. Second Row: WILLIAM RALPH HlCKS Lealnesville Business Adminislralion . X X I! , ' ff if A llll ii L .-ri. ,, ' xg-4 WSL? 2 A Day Before Pay Day JESSE IRVIN HUTCHISON Kosciuslco Office Manaqemen+ HAROLD LAVERN HOLIEIELD Laurel Accounhnq VICTOR L. HOLLINOSWORTH, Kappa Alpha Meridian Personnel Managemenf 3'3" -an id" ,pl-as 5' i ,, X! X "'o":lY QRS A ' Mi , f V',. 9 . 1 A - 'T I Q' ,....,,l' .ff 4-'S .sfx' g..f"' 'N Asif: ' I' sua '- ' ""' "6',,q ya ":": ai 'll We N geo ' fi! if 41-Q.-an ,X ...,.-ve?" MME SCHCDOL GF CO ...nv-ill?" my , ,W 139' s ., elimin- RCE fi I f K V 1 ' -15 'aa' ' ' fi -Q 411 W ,,K, 4 i W, ,Amp v ' 7 ...vang Wx I f 2 Firsf Row: BILLY LAMAR Hoon Philipp Business Adminislrafion JOHN WILLIAM HOPE McComb Business Adminislrafion Della Sigma Pig Baplisf Sfudenl Union. Soufhern Belles fvi-.'i ' 1 ig? si , R '- Ief' 3 x "fc :': L I: i s ' iff'-N'f i if W 3 Zz:- CQWFISGU wifi, 'THE 'Cx J. MARLIN IVEY, Kappa Alpha Kosciuslco Personnel Managemenl and Business Adminislralion Hisforian, Kappa Alpha. BOBBY RAY IVEY Slonewall Accounfinq Second Row: CLAUDETTE E. JENKINS, Phi Mu Poplarville Secrefarial Science CHARLES EDWARD JENNINGS Vicksburg Business BARBARA SUE JOH NSON, Alpha Sigma Alpha Halliesburg Business Educafion GLENDON JOHNSON, Phi Mu Business Educaiion Membership Direcfor, Phi Mug Bapfisl Tylerlown Sludenl Union. '51 SCHOOL OF COMMERCE WFP l , -qv-ffffmv Firs+ Row: JIMMY NELSON JOHNSON Business Adminislralion PEGGY RICHARDSON JOHNSON Business Educalfion Pi Omega Pi. Inferfrafernify Choir Sounds OH Wi' V7-'vii 'Nd' Mize Mize 82 .1 ,n-nun... af '? ELOISE JONES Haliiesburg Business Adminisfrafion HENRY ALVIS JORDAN Bufler, Ala. Business Adminisfrafion Second Row: M BRUCE HENRY JORDY Biloxi Business Adminislraiion M Club: Golf Team: lnframural Sporlsq Newman Club: Veferans Club? Phi Efa Siqma: Sfudenf Courf. DONNA RUTH KEENAN Wesson Business Educafion Bapfisi Sfudenf Union: Younq Women's Auxiliary: Fufure Teachers of America. JOSEPH JOHN KERSANAC, Pi Kappa Alpha Bay Sl. Louis Marlcefinq Treasurer, Newman Club: House Manaqer, Pi Kappa Alpha: Pi Tau Chi. PEGGY ROBERTS KIMMELI Kappa Delia Amory Business Educafion Treasurer, Pi Omeqa Pi. E I S Firsf Row: BILLIE JEAN KING, Sigma Sigma Sigma Basslielcl Business Edycalion Recording Secrelary, Music Chairman, Sigma Sigma Sigma: Secrelary, Panhellenic Council: Wesley Eounclalion. WILLIAM E. KIRKPATRICK Winmfield, La. Business Adminislralion Wesley Foundalion: Circle K Club. WILEY HARITEL KNIGHT Ellisville Marlcefinq JAMES ELTON KUZAR Bogue Chillo Accounlinq Baplisl Sluclenl Union. Second Row: MARY ELIZABETH LANDON f Lealcesville Commerce DOT LARROUX, Alpha Sigma Alpha Secrelarial Science Bay S+. Louis Rush Chairman, Vice presidenl, Alpha Sigma Alpha: Secrelary, Pan- hellenic Council: Corresponding Secrelary, Recording Secrelary, Vice presidenl, Newman Club: Miss Newmanile I957-58: Civic Chairman, Mississippi Hall: Treasurer, Sludenl Chrislian Federalion: R.E.W. Treas- urer: Who's Who. Win MV' 'WCW' W """'? f""!"' ww M ,...f..u.-W-www.. .,,. . , A .L 4....+-i I lx .M-.115 af Q? 3 I N-:vm-N X mfg WN' f Declr The Halls S. WALLACE LEA Brookhaven Business Aclminislralion Office Management fx , ,,. ,refer V- if W . 'SF' L E- rf' '92 N: 'J' -.1-0.7" SENIORS Pascagoula Hailriesburg Pinola Philadelphia JOAN MARIE LOGAN Phu Mu Lorman CHARLIE P LONG KAPPA ALPHA Gulfporf Cf ,Q SCHCDCL OF COMMERCE 461' 'sswu-Q!" s gig july Vx. X sf ll W' nuff' apnf' KQV? As -s 'UF' ff U rw fm g y 'mf 7 , At!-M V ,ff s :gif 5, is SWB: 3 'RA W if Na!! f X Q as 5 f nm Row: LEMUEL LEROY MAGEE Tylerlown Business Adminislralion JAMES CALVIN MacDONALD Picayune Business Admlnlslfallon LESLIE W. MAGEE Mendenhall Business Adminislralion MILDRED Lou MADDEN Newion sssssd Rssss Bsssssss Essssssss BILLY WRIGHT NIAJURE Madden Small Business Whaf "Mad-ness" ls This? .I is f N K HOWARD MALONE Carlhage gusgness Educafion I . is H .5 in ,E 'IR 's:s1- l 's l V1 X . 'Q 'i -'Qi Fulure Teachers ol America. i ' B323 fs if ' , I, Big z., s M E. :.I: 'i's' s sss, ROBERT MANESS New Orleans, La. ',' - I It Economics ri Rvqq E PL . N 4, SI. I , I E I s - KENNETH HARLQN MARTIN Brassfield fs if "' wi gigs 3 A m Accounlinqefxudiling 'J SNL- ,YV M 4,,.,- 1, at Illlllii Sli' SCHOOL OF COMMERCE " "' MQ' lhi? 4 X 5257 ' Y ,ir Q Mi 9--00 ,,..f-Mi-Q. asf' Hi. NK 5213 Firsl Row: JAMES T. MAY Tylerlown Business Adminislralion ANNE MAYEIELD Taylorsville Business Educalion Pi Omeqa Pi. Secrelaries? r' 0 35: is Iwi, BRUCE E. MCCANN Balesville Business Adminislrafion JOSEPH CLARENCE MCCLAMMY, Kappa Sigma Mobile, Ala. Personnel Manaqemenl and Business Adminisfrafion Second Row: is CHARLES L. MCELVEEN, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha Kingslree. S.C. Economics and Business Adminislralion Circkle K Club, Secrelaryg Vesper Choir: Hafliesburg Choral Sociefyz Wesfminsler Fellowship, Chancellor, Delia Sig Correspondenf, Della Siqma Pip Rush Chairman, l.F.C. Represenlafive, Pi Kappa Alpha: Class Edilor, THE SOUTHERNER I958g R.E.W. Commillee of IOO: Sludenl Union Aclivifies Board, Chairman of Decoralions. PEGGY JOY MCKEITHEN, Della Della Della Jackson Secrelarial Science Presidenl, Rush Chairman, Della Della Della: Freshman Counselor: Who's Who. DALTON MONRO MCKINLEY Jackson Accounlinq BILLY JAMES McPHAlL D'Lo Personnel Manaqemenf and Business Adminislralion SENIORS n 'm 1 . . H? Flrsl Row: . ...K 1 :fir DON R M PHERSON e g 'uglfi L rf' . c reenwoo ,. " , ' 3 M' lvlarlcelinq gill' N- W ,' 4"'?'-,QQ SHIRLEY MCSWAIN Hafiiesburg ,, Business Educafio BILLY NEAL MCVAY Laurel Accounling BONNIE S. MILLER Wiggins I 1, Business Eclucalion 4 A X Freshman Poise and Dignify Second Row: SAM M. MILTON Jackson PERCY THOMAS MILLER Ocean Springs Business Admfnfsffafion Personnel Managemenl' and Business Adminislralion Della Sigma Pi. CAROLYN HUDSON MITCHELL, Kappa Dpiig Halfiesburg MANLEY L- 'VHTCHELL M k V Halflesbufq ar e Inq Business Eclucalion fivQ5"3" ya Aww? N, Tis. W' 'Nr' tal, W5 inf' a.4nl nl 'If SENIORS Firsi' Row: hgkwdj' DAVID BYRD MOEFE-IT, JR., Kappa Sigma Laurel Business Adminislralion Della Siqma Pi. GAYLE LUKE MOORE Carfliage Business Adminislrrafion WILLIAM M. MORGAN Biloxi Business Adminislralion RAYMOND FAIR MORRIS Picayune Marlcelinq Appenclecfomy Second Row: BOBBY FREEMAN NABORS I-Iouslron Marlcefinq WILBUR R. MULLINS Prenliss Personnel Manaqemenf SI-IERRY MURPI-IY, Plwi Mu Carllmage MILES K. NEWTON Warringlon, Fla Business Educalion Personnel Manaqemenl W'esley Eoundalion. , I, H 6 , ,. J. ia II Bi B A A I , . I Q. 65 nv 'P "' 55:5 0s.,A . -J' ,I qt, , nf' .,--"-' sf - - Q1 wwf' . K 'U ss. , 6 g . wgx1w,...jx r 'EJ r ? ,gk ' I js 'MLN 4' is I 'i D TB xd- T I if ASKK . -x...,,,,4 V li. P 5 I I A sv' 5? ,....v'b SCHGOL OFCOM . . 5 f l i i l l pw p ? 1 iff ,fl a Qi N.. 4 . ai. gb, ' A-55' 'KKK' . B53 E' ' ap, .qu 5 z Af' K .. .X ,, ., ,ffagya-.V A amp ' 'ii - V T? Muff' 'fj 'ww ,P Firsi Row: GEORGE DONALD NICK, Kappa Alpha Personnel Manaqemenl Sludenl Governmenrg Newman Club: Vice presidenl, JAMES J. OAKES Pesonnel Manaqemenl Near-sifed Bird Y Susggp SLN JACK HAROLD OGLESBY Augusla, Ga. Accounfinq G'ee"V"'e ELOISE PARENT, Phi Mu Nalrchez Kappa Alpha Business Adminislralion Secrelary, Pledge Misfress, Phi Mug Wesley Foundalion. Greenville Second Row: PHILLIP STRONG PARKER Brookhaven Personnel Managemenf and Markeling Wesley Foundalion. s 'f is BFLLY JOE PARKS Harliesburg Accounfing and English Veferans Club. JEROME M. PAUL DeFuniak Springs, Fla. Business Aclminisfralion JAMES COLBA PARKER Hazelhursf Business Adminislralion Baprisr Sfudenf Union. MERCE T1 W X '35 SCHOOL OF COMMERCE f" if I--...Anna NG' inf ',,,,,.,-.f -'-W-'1i"'a . if ,J -' 1 , - .V 'K w, , I -uh. ' I . ,T i 4 f . ' ,,,., . , fwf, Qin. aw W , fir , 47" Firsi Row: ALBERT E. PAYNE Clarlcsdale Marlceling Wesley Eoundaliong Marlceling Club. ROSS CLARK PEARSON, Kappa Alpha I-lalliesburg Business Adminislralion Sludenf Senale Swears 1' 0:0 'K 0-1-n-rf' Sur' im WILLIAM PETER PELI-IAM, Pi Kappa Alpha Dyersburg. Tenn. Marlceling Business Manager, I958 SOUTHERNER: Presidenl, Treasurer, Secrelary, Pi Kappa Alpha: Who's Who In American Colleges and Universifiest Presidenl, Vice president Pi Sigma Epsilon: lnfer-Eralernily Council: Della Sigma Pi:--Senafor, Sludenf Governmenl Associaliong Vice presi- ' denl Young Democrals MSC. CARROLL I-IOUSTEN PENTON, JR. Oaulier Personnel Management Second Row: JACK BARNETT PETERSON Canlon Personnel Manaqemenl WILLIAM HENRY Pl-IILLIPS, JR., Sigma Phi Epsilon Jaclcson Marlnelinq Vice president Wesley: Presidenl, Weafhersby I-lallg Phi Tau Chi: Co- Chairman, Homecoming Aclivilies l956-57. Joram J, PIAZZA Bay S+. Louis Marlieling-Personnel Managemenl JACK PIPER Brookhaven Marlcelinq Treasurer, Pi Sigma Epsilon. 90 ENI RS Firsf Row: JOSEPH MARCEL POITEVIN Pascagoula Business Adminislrafion Newman Club: Della Sigma Pi. GARY PRATER, Alpha Tau Omega Ypsilanli, Mich. Business Adminislralion Worlhy Keeper ol The Annals, Alpha Tau Omega: Vice presidenl, Pi Siqma Epsilon: M Club, Foolballg Baseball. FLOYD THOMAS PREHODA, Kappa Alpha Wiggins Personnel Manaqemenf RUFUS EMMITT PUSH, JR., Kappa Sigma Mobile, Ala. Business Adminsfrafion-Personnel Managemenl President, Kappa Sigmag THE l956 SOUTHERNER. Second Row: JOSEPH PULIZZAON Bay Sli Louis Accounling Newman Club. JOHN DONALD RAWLS HaHiesburg Personel Managemenl 1 E Nx i L N yr ff' fx l Mafch Me Sidney l l l l 2 NELLlE FAYE REDD, Sigma Sigma Sigma Summil l Accounling-Business Aclminisfralion l Sigma Sigma Sigma: Vice presidenl, Panhellenic Counrilg Halloween 4 Carnival Queen. l JAMES E. REED lnvernes.s Marlceling 3 swf! 'Ulf Wake f ' "'7"7,'5"W ,ffZ? f2P9f , ' ,'jQ:f3hX'i, M f ' ':,.f,a....-V' '- fini' W: I f , h- .fs 35 -H K x ss V, M- ' N A . 'sa ,4 1, ix .: ,Fr A Q' ff aw J 4 X P fi . g 1 WEN? Q03 .,,....-ahn- ., Firsf Row: LOUIS ROLAND RENAUD, JR. Vicksburg Business Adminisrrafion Newman Club. HENRY W. RHODES, Kappa Alpha Pascagoula Marlceiinq Senalor, Presidenf, Represenlaiive Io Souihern Universifies of Sludeni Governrnenf Associaiion, Sfudenf Governrnenf Associaliong Chairman, Mississippi Iniercolleqiaie Council: Yellow Jaclce-I3 Omicron Della Kappa: Secrefary, Inlerfrarernilv Council: President Correspondinq Secreiary, Kappa Alphag Reqimenlal Slaii ROTC: Who's Who in American Colleqes and Universifies. GEORGE A. RICHARDS McComb Business Adminislraiion Delia Siqrna Pi RALPH PATRICK RILEY Haiiiesburq Business Aclminislrafion Second Row: JOE EDDINS ROGERS Collins Personnel Manaqemenf ' F if 3,5 -nd" I af' ' 1, ,.:' , .1 " v . ' h 5 4' 'LY 'I' ' I, ltr' Y Q . f-ix I ,.,- . i ' ' - .-. ., 1 A X , ' O 3- Lni' L I, ,E 4!-Q ,I B A ,figpf ,S..1,lm'3i' .' x' A il. -'i'. fi-r.-L '-if ,AL if . 'r ,- i 2 1 , f 2 'bf 1 Iv Y 3- . if' :Li-:aft ,. 'I Y si, -Hrs' I 5, "r -s "vii .x :ji .xf I, I I Q? W I A I AO -f e'se- ,' - f X 9 ' 'asm' ,r . A .r I ,S 'A' ' i.. . h,..,.. A .iw -i .' - .--- we 'f na 'J' :H ' -S-L - - -s-efiyiquf-'L,'vi Q - j V " : .f. Q-N J- , A - x 67- ni-.,4E,2'4s I . .., , fi l .e 1 -A f.'jzf'.""- j.. - ' Q ', jf 4 ' 1' ' Eij, j , - - A V I' . .Ja -1. 1' , - ,Zu -'A ' ff '- f' lg-el- -1, - M , , j ' -L , s. J.: -r - ' JF, f I, , . , - sl' ' , . f ,FS Thai' Figures! THOMAS D. ROGERS Collins Accounfinq Veferans Club: lnframural Sporfs, GEORGE WILLIAM RYMER Vero Beach, Pla Personnel Manaqemenr ROBERT L. SANDIFER Columbus al' ...AV X-as Z QI -1 71- CD If 3 LO I 15221-x.a' Li IQ f -0? :Q -if I 1 ' si -1--1' l 1 SCHOOL OF coMMERcE L , l i 5, JW' 0-new riggki F,, ,f X 1 'R his-aulwi' H419 Firsi Row: OLLlE J. SEALE, Sigma Phi Epsilon Personnel Managemenf Vice presidenl, Social Chairman, Represenfafive cil, Sigma Phi Epsilon. EDGAR DALE SELLERS Meadville lo lnferfrafernily Coun- Laurel Accounlinq g Who Says? i. ,H Q, A . wsfmvswsme misif WSON is 5 Awvlfl will UESQYP f fv f ff XA . R R X. G J, el """"--q. as PY' f If l 93 l l l l l l l l l if l N-:..:S""' , PEGGY J. SELLERS Magee Commerce , Alpha Lambda Della BOBBY J. SHACKELEORD Yazoo Cily Q Business Adminislralion Second Row: EUGENE HAROLD SHEPARD Meridian Q .5 Accounfing CHARLES THOMAS SHOEMAKE Accounring I RAY EDWARD SESSUMS Business Adminisfralion 2 Halliesburg Nalchez Councilman, Treasurer, Presbyferian Synod of Mississippi: Rho Tau Sigma: Pi Tau Chip Chairman, REW. Publicify Commilleeg Della Sigma Pi Coun- cilman, Wealhersby Hall: Soufhern Rifles: Edifor, Weslminsfer Fellow- ship Newspaper. I FLETCHER MONROE SINGLETARY Jaclcson 1 Business Aclminslrafion Q l l SCH OOL OF COMMERCE "HQ , ,ff-1. fm ,Qui eq.-are bf' 'Wie '12 1 ,Q 'vf .al"""' sq f? wr' 1' xv! .gn-qo1W""' Firs+ Row: FERNAND JAMES SMITH Biloxi Business Adminslralion JAMES W. SMITH, Alpha Tau Omega Laurel Business Adminshalion Play Me Somefhing Cool S l-4 'M A-Hn? r 'il 94 RICHARD CARLTON SMITH Pensacola a P o el Ma ageme Baphsl S+ clenl U JAMES B. SPIERS Picayune cc Second Row: EDWARD NORRIS STEPHENS, Sigma Phi Epsilon Meridian Ea dr Kapp- Kappa P". KENNETH HALL STEVENS Jackson lhe a' es Be-SO che, a, JAMES H, STEWART, JR., Alpha Tau Omega Poplarville I s' ess ' fal'o MARSI-IA ANN STEWART Bogalusa, La pa Della PHE' h a o 'eox I . , FI . ers nn n nl i u nion. A ounlinq Accounling n a si Business Adm: ilralion Sou rn ir Dam r slr Bu in Admins r i n Business Eduu lion Kap i iesmnCunsli SENIORS Firsf Row: JACK WILLIAM STONE, Kappa Alpha Accounfinq Gullporf Senaleg Chief Juslice, Sludenf Courl: Vice presidenl, Censor, Kappa Alpha: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies: Oulslandinq Greek of rhe Year I956-57: Circle K Club: Pi Kappa Pi: Presidenr, Phi Efa Siqrna: Vice president Pi Kappa Della: Omicron Della Kappa: M.S.C. Debale Squad: Baplisl Sludenr Union. ALICE LAVERNE STRAIT Insfifulional Manaqemenf JANE CAROLYN SULLIVAN Business Educalion Brookhaven Mize President Pi Omega Pi: Kappa Della Pi: Bapiisl Sludenl Union: Who's Who. HARRY DOUGLAS SWETMAN Accouniinq Second Row: T. ARNOLD TAYLOR Accounlinq JAM ES HAROLD THOMPSON. Kappa S Marlceling Biloxi Meridian igma Gallalimlenn. I fi A X r I mfr ,'i2',,,' I I it 451. if , Care Paclrage From Home BILLY J. TI-IORNHILL Tylerlown Commerce OLENDORA TI-IORNI-IILL, Della Zera Business Educafion Bapfisf Sfudenf Union. Summii , 'M S f,,wM Nmyf k 9323: Wil , ,,,,. . if Wm MMV, 5 1 1 I I I SENIO R S Firsf Row: WILLIAM FRANCIS THORNTON Cryslal Springs Marlceling Pi Sigma Epsilon. WILLIAM SHARPE THORNTON Laurel Business Adminislralion Della Sigma Pi. TULLY BURTON TILLERY Wooclville Business Adminislralion FRANCIS LAWRENCE TOUPS Biloxi Accouniing Second Row: WILLIAM C. TREST Laurel Accounlinq and Business Adminisfralion GARNET O. TURNER Buller, Ala. Personnel Managemenl . .. .. . .... .I X. Www W...7F:.1..,:,..1-.N...,,. ,gg I , . !f4r-f.,3gfY..i.,,, , RSA ffl' fa. f igiifw' A y ' wig ,. grijjfyf mar- if-fel win Www. "'.,.:-'lik 5 K. " gl Firsf Lady of The Lounge JAMES W. VALENTINE, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha Memphis. Tenn. Marlceling Della Sigma Pig Pi Sigma Epsilon: Bandq Yellow Jackelsg President College Union Aclivilies Board. AVIS LINNELLE VIGNES, Kappa Della Biloxi Secrelarial Sfuclies Membership Chairman, Program Chairman, Kappa Della: Newman Club. S-.,vf:Z' la- '- .4-11" ag- , .f" .yo-'I Nfs ....r""7 JQ Q ,cvs of 'T7' I .A Iam SCHOOL OF .dll0""""' V. ff WQr??f2ggQ'3 . , B A I QW , 1 Q 5 ww s, ,...nhwi"W"" 61" WN 'ne , it 1 'Wg s.,,,Q ' , f 'I X f '49 Kuna..--Ill? Firsi Row: Q DANIEL ALBERT VIGUERIE New Orleans, La. Business Adminsfralion Traclc. vine New ... QW? CARL ERIC VOSS, Kappa Sigma Nalchez Marlcelinq and Business Adminisiralion Treasurer, Kappa Sigma: Newman Club: Alpha Phi Omega. g Fla. Sfafe Gels Flushed I . I fr A er ,rr 4 1 ss. na, SWAN ,, A N MAN.-n,ssx: lk Wx P twin., rm ,, M nf, , A ., .P ,s asf-'rs 1- 'I Q I r 2 'f A f- A - L - 5, ,s f .ir U V 1 JA gq - Q , .R E -rf ' ,:-" if .QA N ' . x I 'I W 3'Q"?"?'df-LIT'- ' F ' I fl, "T r. I '44,ri.'-sTiIX-:Mf4i5'?3:iQ31Sr- --'- ' . , "' . Q. ' - . 5 f' "Jia, . J , ., " , 'vs '. Y ', ' A A Q- 2- . :- .. .I C0 wx--1 V .fpm f is 1 Y MARY OTTIS WAITES, Alpha Sigma Alpha Waynesboro Business Eclucalion Fuiure Teachers of America: Bapiisf Sfudenl Union: Presideni, Member' ship Direcfor, Alpha Sigma Alpha. MARY MARGARET WALDROP Business Adminisirarion I'IaI'riesburg Wesley Foundalion. Second Row: CECIL FELTON WALKER, JR., Kappa Alpha Laurel Business Adminisfrafion DAVID MARSHAL WALKER Accounling and Business Adminslrafion Carriere Vesper Choir: Opera Workshop. JOHN L. WALKER Luoedale Business Adminisfrafion Band: Kappa Kappa Psi: Baprisr Srudem' Union. JAMES HENRY WALLEY Richfon Business Adminisfralion Della 'Siqma Pi. MMERCE SCHOOL OF COMMERCE AW-S inf' 'X c."'::'f7' iv 1 gg'-u.-.4-8 gh wi' W'-Y e, 'f'-5 5 . -X X, ws- ,H .1 vo -'WW' - A -4 1 J.- X JR AU' 'I' mv-cffigg' f, --9' Firs+ Row: ROBERT P. WEST, JR., Kappa Sigma Vicksburg Economi FORREST ELDRlD WATERS, JR. Forl Deposi+, Ala. 5eC,e,ie,yI Kappa 5,qma7 l,f+Se,,r,a+e,,,,,y Couml General Business DONALD CHARLES WEISS, Alpha Tau Omega Oulfporr Accounfinq Second Row: E SAMUEL HUGH WELCH, Kappa Sigma Caraway, Arlc. Siuclenl Counselor, Kappa Sigma. Business Adminsfralion Wi" " We Me? Joe LESLIE wHrrE DeKalb Business Adminislralion and Markeiinq WILLIAM THOMAS WHITLEY, JR. Biloxi Personnel Managemenf CAROL BRAUNER WILLIAMS, Phi Mu New Orleans, La. Secrelarial Studies Wesley Foundafionq Vice president Social Chairman, Phi Mu. 98 J J' i Firsf Row: JAMES E. WlLLlAMS, Pi Kappa Alpha Economics and Psycholoqy Velerans Club. JESSE WElLLARD WILLIAMS Business Adminislralion JOHNNIE H. WILLIAMSON Business Adrninislralion Second Row: ROMA F. WILLIAMSON Business Adminisfralion and Marlcelinq Vice presidenf, Della Sigma Pi. Tylerlown Meridian Collins Collins IEEE Al Q U , : ' " A , E 5 L , 0' ., - .- ,: - , - : ,- , : 5 " I Eu: c The Man In Shades Gels a Chucile DAVID ROBERT WOOD Champaign, Ill. Personnel Manaqemenl and Psychology Presidenl, Chairman of Building Fund, Wesley Foundaliong Band: Kappa Kappa Psi: WMSU Sfafion Announcer. wifi-'V 'QQYN-dl""'s Nu-:iffy '33 5 WLM 4, - T" 3 fi Q xi FC' Q -L-I 'Q K, N 1 SCHOOL OF COMMERCE Firsi Row: WILLIAM W. ABNEY CAROLINE ANNE ADAMS HARVEY ALPERT SWAN E. ANDERSON ROGER WILLIAM ANDREWS MICHAEL JOSEPH ARBAN JOHN EARL ARD PAUL K. AULTMAN Second Row: FRED AXLEY WILLIAM E. BARNES LOUIE H. BARRETT FRANK CLIFTON BETTS CHARLES MELVIN BISHOP DORIS FAYE BIVIN JERRY MAX BLAKENEY GEORGE ALVIN BINIFAY Bay Springs Chickasaw, Ala. Colchesler, Conn. Orrville, Ala. Rocky Mounl, N.C. Selma, Ala. Tylerlown Sumrall Laurel Leakesville Philadelphia Jackson Pascagoula I-Ialliesburg Bay Springs Prichard, Ala. wk l. -,,,..r If-,aw 4iH'u wr ,"ff!' "Uh uh, cosls +wo bifs 'Io Iouch" Third Row: WILLIAM BURR BOOKER JERRIES F. BOSARGE RALPH D. BRAGG RUSSELL SCOTT BRANDON CARLEY GAY BRANTLEY ARTHUR C. BREAKENRIDGE PEGGY JOLENE BRELAND REBECCA A. BUFORD Four+h Row: SUDA GRAHAM BULLOCK WILLIAM T. BURGESS DIANA CAROLYN BYRD JOE HAND CAMPBELL TERRE WAYNE CANNON BILLIE DURELLE CARSON WILLIAM E. CARSWELL, JR JOE PHILLIP CLARK vw- :g , rr-1 ,L ' . . 'Tv f . Cu 'i v K ..7-vig il f , -f , lil NIJ' . , .R 'W-.. W .r""'x -H4 zur' ,352 Nas" ,"4"', nu. N ,sis Meridian Biloxi Pensacola, Fla. I-Iafliseburg Richlon Philadelphia Brooklyn I-Iaffiesburq Laurel Pensacola, Fla. Leakesville Brandon Birmingham, Ala. Verona Jacksonville, Fla. Brookhaven -E7 fx :,. ...W U ' W .3 16 Q Q M, ff-f V ' lk , wr xn"""T K' 'Xi KT-SCNff:3? 4 In P' A"9"" N.. . ' ' -" ' I ,,., .ff-' ,. I 1 V, 1 f 'Y i.i-. ' ' aan gg-il fif l Q? ff , , swf 5 af., 'EE'-7 3:-w 1,65 J? in VU. mv - , ' V V ,,, 3 f' A . lm 'lv I J, if if : 1 -W M, . yy , ,V , f , fy ' ., I' I 1 . 2 1, ff V Z, .. . -K" g "'L wf"'V'i"fff,,f fwwiwg V, 4' V '- Vi ., 106' f' 1 "Y ' W:-2 49 . V ' ' , Q 21-5 J 4 eg , l g . 35. , , V , , ,I l. W if' - 2 cr ef 1'-1, f In ..,L..-awe Xt 'fy ' Vg, X i A rl - ' uf h 1 ' , 5, First Row: NETA GRACE CLARK PATSY ANNE COKER JEAN LARUE COSPER THOMAS DANIEL COX DANIEL WILMER CRANFORD FRANK RAMSEY CRAWFORD CARLTON CRAWLEY ELLIS CARROLL CULPEPPER Pensacola, Fla. Canlon Prenliss Gulfporl Seminary Laurel Columbia Mobile, Ala. MSC's Pasl' and Presenl' Meef rue 4' ttf? G f QQ I f . . f- IO2 Second Row: A. EARL CURRY GRACE CUTRER DONALD WOODROW DAVIS BETTY JANE DEARMAN THOMAS LARRY DEES DONNIE E. DOLLAR PEGGY ANNE DOOLEY ELLIS EUGENE DORCH Third Row: MELTON L. DRUMMOND MELTON DUBOSE PAUL EDWARD DUCKWORTH JANE L. DUKES DONALD DAVIS DUANAWAY JOHN M. DYESS ALLENE EAVES WILLIAM JOHN EDGAR Fourfh Row: G. H. ENGLISH ROBERT A. FAYARD TOMMY LESLIE FICKLING KENNETH A. FISCHER BILLY RAY FLEMING LOUISA MAE FORBES FRED THOMAS FRANKS MAGRARET ANN GANDY r...-49' R30 ,A I AX Ci V i. fl 17: av- ',..g' wtf -.0 '27 Hafliesburg Heidelberg Halliesburg Purvis Mobile. Ala. Laurel Lessley Pensacola Raleigh Jackson, Ala. Collins Raleigh Prenliss Waynesboro Waynesboro Pensacola, Fla. Laurel Biloxi Foley, Ala. Chicago, lll. Louisville Tylerlown Tupelo Jackson I R SCHOOL or commence H' ' ll ll I: W4 Firsf Row: ROBERT GARNER DAVID WINDSOR GAY JOSEPH L. GEORGE CHARLES T. GERMANY JAMES D. GIBSON DONALD G. GLOVER JANELL GRAHAM GARY THOMAS GU NTER Second Row: BARBARA ANN HALAT RICHARD N. HALL JOHN FLOYD HAMILTON BILLY JOE HARDY DONALD HEMETER GEORGE DONALD HENDERSON LEWIS DANIEL HENSON, JR. PAUL JAMES HERMETZ Hplliesburg McCall Creelc Mobile, Ala. Union Pensacola, Fla. Poplarville Hallie-sburg Tupelo Biloxi Meridian Madison, Tenn, Sylacauga, Ala. Beaumonl Laurel Laurel Foley, Ala. "OI1,WiIIie, I'd Be DeIigI'1led!" Third Row: JOHN E. HILL OLIN REX HOLIDAY TROY L. HOWELL WALTER BEASLEY HULL Magnolia Tylerlown Pass Clwrislian Springhill, La. CLARA MAE JACKSON Ellisville DEN-ION L. JACKSON Colclwaler VIRGIL TILLMAN JOHNSON Saucier BILLY JOE JONES Mobile, Alaf Fourfh Row: 6, Fqyregl' LENNIE JO JORDAN Meadville RAYMOND EUGENE JOUROAN lulca THOMAS ALFRED KELIOGG Lyman GARY ROBERT KIMMEL Eagle Bay, N.Y, I-IAYWARD JOSEPH LADNER Lizana HOLLIS F. LADNER Columbia GEORGE E. LAMBERT Jayess 1? 6 . f ggi, DTS .M ,L ,Ui I. -wma I LMNQS 1 ' V Jsws . an as : 12854 I ,V f 6 ff 1 X 1' 1 f ' li f .W 71 S W L, f 1 1 Q Q 'f Q .--9, X ' - 'Qu ' w '43 'W ,AJ -.0 ...-y- .117 . 'O -.Jef 2 . ' .-, ,af 'Q' , I A I -if , ...,. , X ff ,.. - , Q - We S, ' ' " . -'Q . n Q I Wm.: .. ... - .:s..- -1 .' f' ' f w - I ""'X Ea' I ' Al Q., 1 L end' 'S' Ng.: -'N -Sn? 3 V' 1 QI - -dv' 'H-ir -.-ul' '27 -mn0PA I03 scHooL or commence -QAM, .,-skxrx "' rs Firsi Row: ETHEL LINDA LANCASTER ROSS KARL LANGENBACK RICHARD EARLE LARSON RALPH CHARLES LECHNER SI IIRLEY CHRISTINE LESSEL PAUL K. LEWEY MARK FRANCIS MANUEL RAYMOND GORDON MATLOCK Second Row: PERCY MQCAIN JULIA ANN MQCALL FRANK McCLINTON GLENN EDWIN MCDONALD JOHN LUTHER MERIC JOHN LIGHTFOOT MILLER ARHTUR LAVAUGHN MILLS STEVE MITCHELL Halliesburg I-Ia'r+iesburq Andalusia, Ala. Biloxi Blue Springs Halliesburq Pass Chrrislian Camden Columbia Blylheville. Arlc. McNeill Pensacola, Fla. New Orleans, La. Greenville Waynesboro Chicago, III. ' 5 ' Maw' A, , .M KW .' A . , , ff! A Q .55 , sf 21. nf A ,Lg 1 ir, T7 , A 4, 1 Ji ffy? t ,lwg ,yn 4 1, 5-09' f ,J ,IK W. , Q A.- s . X ,, , I , ,. .9 I it X 4 Q , g f IF 1 . .f V ,,,-2 ps: ,z -an 18 J ' X sv -gd ' I -.-' f - X.-iff -'49 ....,-f ...- ,f .-I .. 5. Nr " 55-eb, I 1 ' X I , ' , an 49 , 1 5- '21, pP 'sq -1 ...H , ' 'V' dvv , . if ff, we -.W If . H- N 27' 3' .inf . T' X ' I 4 .J ', :H ' rw 5 . s 9 A I Z I 1- 5 A h'fI'::'IFZ n. 1 IO4 Vx- sr copy wan. The smash Touch' Third Row: NANCY CAROLYN MULLINS CORA ANNE MYRICK RICHARD ALAN MURCHISON ALBERT NECAISE FRANCES OWEN MARILYN VIRGINIA PATTERSON Y. B. PATTERSON CARNESS IRVIN PERSONS Fourfh Row: DONALD PONDER WONUS CHARLES PRATER JAMES ERNEST PRICE STELLA COURTNEY PRICE PRENTISS LAVELL PRUITT JULIUS HAROLD OUICK JOHN E. RASBERRY ROBERT EDWARD RICHMOND 5 if- A 553 N Imf' 'zggr I ,av XX -5 Q. . SIE li , .xfxi -H-ff . XX 4- '.zX ,-,.X I """? .""J'T 1. I ,. I I ABM. i --J , eq Mendenhall Heidelberg Red Banlcs Gulfporf Ponloloc Chickasaw, Ala. Pensacola, Fla. Evergreen, Ala. Margarifa, Canal Zone Mobile, Ala. Halliesburg I"IaHiesburg Hallie-sburg Collins Moss Poin+ Hobarf, Indiana , - Q-I , .fy . I A 1 ,,,,e6?'s I wh? H1 'V' 354' ,. -.f 9 1' JC . I , . ' I an ' 4 I , f L - -Tw' I . ' -2-M uf . 'S - . I 62 AW 9,3 13 GCN H 'OT erfiwr-4'9W 'W ,gs 'ji ' 4 .x 'If ax f'aiVf ,ls ' .I 5, y A 1 '--1 - 'I 'T T .XC :Eg 4 ,, , - -V ' , . A 'Ulm x"' I W I Q" ' 5. .W , Ll T fi dt I 3 f , I 5 -I A1 if . ' -fa W f K. of I Q 45 . K ...A --. Q I W s ., A .gf .f I' -rf' 4' X F. N- wax fly!! N, f iff f ""' ' """' f"""r -5 W-wr .": ""' -f 53 Wg' .- 5' I fl A X' vein . IVI I, I fy we I . ' ' .. .W wal? ' ' A x . ,gli-r up .wif 4709, ' ' V ' " N, 4.1. NI... if I XA A II ' ,,. f 5 ,, I ' .f, , 5 1 7,5 v A f . ,-,'-"' 'l,.I.,,.1 ,.. l. , I 'Z ,, 1 I ,Q K... QQ., A a ' S A H 21 if D -sv' 'M ' ""' K ' , - 'ii 'lf' Q 'A - I I Iv-1' if Q 'J' I ' - ' ,f A . 'W' . I .. ff I Firsf Row: BILLY J. RILEY Brooklyn DONALD KEITH ROBBINS Basslield FRANK ALLEN ROBINSON Columbia NANCY KATHERINE ROBINSON Pass Chrislian FRED KEY ROGERS Seminary GENE W. ROWZEE Coldwaler ALBERT HENRY RUPPERT Daylon, Ohio JERE K. RUSH Halliesburg Barbara Lays flue Law Down ""'4'll- 4-FUI 'Rf ks., .XX Second Row: JOSEPH L. SANGUINETTI EDWARD DONALD SCARBOROUGH GRACE JO SCHMIDT JERRY H. SCHOENICK RONALD ARTHUR SCHOOLING CARL SCOTT, JR. DONNIE SEUZENEAU ' ALLEN V SHATTLES Third Row: WILLIAM SANFORD SHEFFIELD JERRY MANGUM SHERMAN NANCY ANN SHERRARD ANITA SHOEMAKER BOBBY F. SHOULDERS BOBBY M SIBLEY V. SUE SIMMONS GEORGE CARROL SKINNER FOURTH ROW: CHARLIE WILLIAMSON SMILEY DAVID A. SMITH TERRELL DWIGHT SMITH ROY B. SOWELL PATRICIA LOUISE SPECK MARY STANFORD GAINES W. STEGALL RONALD LIONEL STOHLER I05 in an vw I' ,. ! 5 N ,ff f,'3.4'4-". ,,. . ,. 3 I--L -M. -- Y! 1 .4 If I: I 'aqua' NV' w...u' OVW" .5 4' , ,.,, . A J 5 y- is Nalchez Biloxi Halfiesburg Biloxi Ellisville Selma, Ala. Bay SI. Louis Brooklyn Moorehead SoSo Yazoo Cily Pren+iss Halfiesburg Halfiesburg Monlicello Philadelphia Laurel Gulfporl' Pascaqoula Jackson Blyfheville, Ark. New Orleans, La. Jackson Biloxi Q3 'sz 1"'7 -""'f' , . , mmf, I k A-1 "W nf' a,,,,, 5.4 'Q' 'T f W ref ,.a-as-. x, '73- -uf P--9' .. f wi ' as 'Us wg' fa' 7' Pxiiyriy 771. .ga-fm IDS N.. 'alt .Jef I R L? W, SCHOOL OF COMMERCE md! Takes Two 'Io Tango .-4, Maj AW I X IO6 Q I i s..-' v 1215! Is.. Firs+ Row: NORA G. STONE WALTER MORROW STOUDENMIRG JOHNNY BEECH STRINGER RICHARD B. STRONG MARGARET LYNN STUART BILLIE ALLEN SUDDUTH BILLY WEST TATUM JOSEPH MEARL TAYLOR Second Row: BOBBY GENE THOMPSON WILLIAM CARL THOMPSON JESSE STEPHEN THORNTON MELVIN JAMES TINDALL ELECTON MARK TOUPS JOE TODD TOWNSEND SAM JAME-S TUCCIO BEN F. TUCKER, JR. Third Row: BEN HERRELL TULLOS JON TERRELL TULLOS JOHN PATTON UTSEY MIRIAM LUCILE VANDIVER OLIVER DOUGLAS VARNER L. V. WALTERS BILLY TOM WARE LOUIS NELSON WASCOM Four'II1 Row: JERRY DALE WATSON RALPH PAUL WEAVER, JR. BARBARA JEAN WELCH MARTHA ANN WESTBROOK JOE KENNETH WHIGHAM HALL WATKINS WILSON RALPH THOMAS WINDHAM HAROLD ERNEST YOUNG 'Wh 5,0 -4' -4 -nv' 1. M9531 f A., E an W . -5 'Fats x ,sc I ,p 412 -4- ,.f in QW, Iam- ,fa-69 1 An ..,.v .- Haffiesburg Selma, Ala. Jackson Haffiesburg Picayune Carfhage Ha+Iiesburg Ckiafom, Ala. Kosciusko MobiIe, Ala. Lum berfon CoIdwaTer Biloxi Charloffe, N.C. Vicksburg Jackson Jackson Jackson Gilberfown, Ala. Cruger Laurel Laurel Lena Bogalusa, Ala. I'IeideIberg Pascaqoula Seminary Meridian Mobile, Ala. Naichez Laurel Pascaqoula eww K 4 . x 'A J - if 5' S' 5 , , 3' .. ldfgfveh OF EDUCATIGN AND in 1 K'-., . 'N-.N 1 Z,--fx , 4 Q Q ,f , .1 sf'!m, AMW 'M W - 4-Q ENIORS Firsf Row: LARRY D. ALLRED Summir Hisrory-Educafion FRED EDWIN ALSWORTH Slonewall Hislory Band. ALICE R. AITKEN, Kappa Della McComb Elemenlary Educalion Secrefary, President Kappa Della: Bapfisr Sfudenf Union: Furure Teach- ers of America: Orienlafion Commirfee. MAXINE BACKSTROM New Augusfa Recreahon Square Dance Club. Second Row: VIRGINIA BALL Foxworrh Physical Educalion Treasurer, Vice-President I-Iealrh 8: Physical Educalion Clubj Oursland- ing Inlramural Manager. LYNN IZARD BEALL I-iazlehursr Elemenfary Educalion Baprisf Srudenr Union. Rsvgi ,ibn L I, X P i-1-4' 'Y SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY fd' , . ,, x Q I y I , y ww NE 4 ' .--...aku :f' Xf' QV, 'ZX '-wwf' Q' 5 WWF' xx, QS. 'ann-wanpxnf V, Chi ,V M Firsf Row: RAYMOND CORTEZ BISHOP SI. Peiersburg, Fla. Speech Correciion LINDA SUE BLACKLEDGE Sandersville Educafion Fufure Teachers of America. Cais on Wheels Q '5 :fi if s gm -B KPN' TBI XX y io9 Li is 63? ww of' ffiqd A ' 5 AY f 1 f p- aliv 9 Y 'NURS , wi. I , .Q I f gig u f 91 2 ,. me Zss,,.EB ., JOHNNY MACK BOGGAN Hickory Physical Educafion JANE MORRIS BOSWORTH, Sigma Sigma Sigma Guhcpori Hisiory-Eciucafion Fufure Teachers of America: Bapfisf Sfudenf Uniong Sfudenf Prinh Sfahfg SOUTHERNER sfaffq Band: Young Women's Auxiiiary, Second Row: BETTY JO BOYETT Biloxi Eiemeniary Educafion PATRICIA ANN BRACEY Brookhaven Elemenfary Educafion Bapfisf Siudeni Union: Young Women's Auuxiliaryq Fufure Teachers of America. JERRY N. BROADUS Monierey, Calif. Psychology RUTH BROWN Haifiesburg Elemeniary Eduucaiion Kappa Delia Pi. SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY """'-.. and .X rv1i'f'f'," X Q, , 'Q WAR Firs+ Row: WILFORD DONALD BROWN Laurel Music Educalion Vesper Choir: Opera Worlcshopg Choral Union. SARA JANE BUCHANAN Bowling Green, Va. Elernenlary Educalion You Can'+ Win 'Em All --3 IQ? 1 2 FRANK JEFFERSON BYRD Kreole Elemenlary Eclucalion Circle K Club: Wesley Eounudaliony Eulure Teachers ol America. ETHEL ANN CAMERON Laurel M l-lislory Canlerbury Club: Eulure Teachers of Americ Second Row: SYLVIA JUNE CARTER, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Broodsville, Fla. Music Educalion Recording Secretary, Alpha Sigma Alphag l-lislorian, Mu Phi Epsilon: Band: Orchestra. CECIL MEDEORD CASE l-lislory LIONEL CLARK l-lislory TOMMY A. CLARK I'-lislory Eulure Teachres of America Wesley Eoundallo G. Magnolia Lealcesville Belmonl D. E I R Firsl Row: THOMAS V. COLLINS Halliesburg Elemenlary Educalion MATTIE RUTH COMANS Union Elemenfary Eclucafion GARY JOHN COMMANDER New Orleans, La. Physical Educalion WILLIAM E. CORR, JR., Kappa Sigma Columbus Hislory Adrninislralive Assislanl, Publicily Direclor, Sludenl Governrnenl Asso- ciafion: Presidenl, Pi Gamma Mu: Baplisl Sludenl Union: College Union Aclivilies Commilleex Coordinalor of School Spirilg Who's Who. Second Row: GENE A. CROWDER Kosciuslco lnduslrial Arls Band: Iola Lambda Siqma. DOLORES CUMBES-I Pascagoula Elemenlary Educualion Fulure Teachers of Americag Wesley Foundalion. -A . fs ,vp , 77" Mr. Auslin, former head of Science Division, relires in royal slyla I I ALLEN CU RRY Physical Eduucalion JAMES L. DOSTER, Phi Kappa Tau Hislory Biloxi I I 1 Smilhville Pre-Legal Forum: Fulure Teachers of America: Wesley Founclalion. gf ...., b J me I uf? W--W., Q v ' ' ,K . IE . i A If 'NM' ix, 'QC-ew?-I 'sr-4:59 Q M! f . . ,+- A , I if 1 - . I Rl Af' Q ff J I A f Ishii :V I 1 i -fir? - ' TW 'iw ill: uf' ,j'4':. 1 1 f .sr , af 52,1-?,.. 512135 'Y " 'NT'-' 'ill . 5 5 . ,I 6 I ii ' 'Qfzfbgf . I I 'Ps f six ml Q F gm is' 9? ' ,W , ,Q . if ,,:, 5 ENI RS Firs+ Row: ALLAN CLARK DUNN Jackson Psychology JAMES LOUIS EASOM. JR. Jackson Governmenl Freshman Senaror: Sophomore Senaforg Junior Senaforg President Fu- lure Teachers of Americag Baprisf S+uden+ Union. Q , ss, as ,,,s,..,.,fV Joi-iN L. EDDLEMAN Pass chfasiian M . W W Heallh Educarion X Weslminsfer Fellowship: WMSU S'ra'rion Announcer ' Cenier of Acfivify Decarur, Belmom, Physical Educafion Physical Educalion Club. Second Row: MARY JUNE EVERETT Hickory Elemenfary Educalion -,:,.aai01s fx Q or F .1-A 45,5 56? mp- -1""f7 ,,, Elemenfary Educalion HOWARD FLETCHER, Alpha Tau Omega Pensacola Fla Physical Educalion JAMES KNOX FOREHAND, Pi Kappa Alpha Gulfporr R e c r e a 'rio n ASPNQYEF E' .-pgs V. ' ' 1 ' 0 .L ,GR t 'Ni Q-...ii :IGF SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY 2 Columbia McComb .as IDN' NWC :ff l :wwf L ' ga 4 A , ,. 2 f f 21' 4 1 x +, s A f W -V ,,.. V :UW,,m,M ,.,, da, L, , 5 6 23524, P if , Q Y ff 5 ' K , 5 if i Q EUNlCE DGRMAN GRICE Meridian Educalion WANDA GULLEDGE D'Lo Elemenlary Educalion Fulurue Teachers of America. Second Row: JAMES GARLAND HOUGHTON, lll Amory Hislory Pi Kappa Pi: Pi Gamma Mu: Kappa Della Pi. JAMES RAY HAWKER Danville, Va. Psychology LIDDELL O. HAY, Kappa Della McComb Elemenlary Educalion Freshman Counselor: Sludenl Senale: Wesley Foundalion: Secrelary, Edilor, Kappa Della: Presidenl, Panhellenic Council: Dolphin Club: Fulure Teachers of America: Charm Counselor: Recrealion Club: Who's Who. CHARLES WESLEY HENDERSON Meridian Hislory Ba plisl Sludenl Union, ,pals UW ,www SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY w..-1 f X f " 1 Firsf Row: ROBERT LESLIE I-IOWI NGTON Speech Correclion Vice-President Slqma A-Ip BEULAI-I I-IAZEL HUGHES Elemenfary Eclucafion Legal Holclup A MMV ,I ,4 v 3 In 1 I I JULIUS R. l'IUl'IN Tylerlown Ch-emisfry SELVEY JOHNSON Winslon-Salem, N. C. General Speech Second Row: ALLEN CLYDE JONES Pascagoula I-Ilslory Band. JAMES MELTON JONES Pelal Malh Rifle Team. JAMIE GEORGE JONES Sanalorium Elemenlary Educalion Bapfisl Sfudenl Union: Fulure Teachers of America. EDWARD GEORGE KEMMERER Willces-Barre, Pa. Psychology ENI R Firsl' Row: JOE LANDON KINSEY, Phi Kappa Tau Peral Hisfory Band: Fuiure Teachers of America: Wesley Foundation. GERALD R. KISI-l Freeport Ill. Psychology and Journalism. Siaff, Siuclenf Prinh. DELORES LARELDINE LEE, Sigma Sigma Sigma Lumberion Elemenfary Educaiion Woman's Affairs Board: Fuiure Teachers of America. EMMA MAE LIVINGSTON Moorhead Elemeniary Educafion Second Row: QUINCY ALBERT LONG Ellisville Biology and Secondary Education Presidenr, Bela Bela Befag Bapiisi Sfudeni Union. HAROLD D. LOVE Greenville Psychology Veierans Club: Psychology Club: Business Manager, Siudenf Direciory. SJ' M X ,X if 139' wavy' fifrqc -- L FZ. x , . ' ,f f f N189 ' '.I:T 'Ts Tx 'i TK ,i 5 .. i . g 4 Gee, Tanks ALVIN JENKINS Lowa BOSTQQ, Mass, Psychology and Sociology I Souihern Playersg WMSU Sfafion Manager. KENNY LYONS Gulfpgrf Physical Educaiion Varsify Fooiball Manager: M Club, swf' W, 'H' Q-ffl?-' A Q' Nr? cows 3 X si i as as M A .. , ,K imi WEA ,Y ---nv-QF' as. SENI RS Firsl Row: BARBARA HELEN MALLETT Lucedale Hislory XEARL MARSHALL Greenville Physical Eclucalion Foolball. FRANK B. MARTIN, lll' Pensacola, Fla. Heallh and Physical Educalion. MARY RENSALEAR MCCLURE Washinglon Elemenlary Educalion Wesley Foundalion: Fulure Teachers ol America. Second Row: BETTY DOLORIES McDlLL Elemenlary Eclucalion JOHN ALEXANDER MCDONALD lnduslrial Arls Lake Purvis Qu The Round-up TITUS LELAND MCINNIS, JR. Picayune Psychology Presiclenl, Pi Kappa Pi: Treasurer, Phi Ela Sigma: Vice-Presiclenl, Omi- cron Della Kappa: Band: Dislinguished Mililary Sludenl: Who's Who. ANN ADELLE McKAY Della Della Della Louisville Library Science Kappa Della Pi: Phi Della Rho: Alpha Bela Alpha: Weslminsler Fellow- ship: Pledge Presidenl, Della Della Della: Beauly: Soulhern Players: Commillee ol IO0. lx W 19" , uf' A -elim , .nV..QM if out --ns ,ni --J ui f Win 6 if X R 1 , F11 'KB , .441 I3 '1- 'Ui M f ,wf'X. 5 'N '---9 4 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY 1-in ,N ",,aq.,,",a": Q16 P-e.,1i:Xh W Firsf Row: LANIE JANICE MCKINNEY Newfon Elemenrary Educalion BECKY JEANNETTE MILLING, Phi Mu Collins Elemenlary Educalion Baplisl Sfudenl Union: Young Women's Auxiliary: Fulure Teachers of America. Tri-Delis Shine for Souihorn lull---' fe: X PIP, vwifgf X AW ff . , A, i A .4 Y in f MC B -I A I ' f X A ,plI"W I , A A . Q Y Q ' uy A uw fig N -ay' PERRY LOU MILNER iviounl' Olive English BapIis1'S'ruden'r Union: Young Women's Auxiliary: Alpha Lambda Della: President Phi Della Rho: Pi Tau Chi: Secrefary, Kappa Delia Pi: FuI'ure Teachers of America: Who's Who. JIMMIE JOE MILSTEAD Slale Line Physical Eduucalion Baskefball. Second Row: FREDDE MARGARET Iv1I'NCI'IER Long Beach Elemenfary Educalion Vesper Choir: Dixie Darlings: Choral Union. MAUREEN FRANCIS MITCHELL, Della Zeia Bay SI. Louis Physical Educafion President Pledge Presidenl, Social Chairman, Della Zela: President Physical Educalion Club: Presidenf, Dolphin Club: Newman Club. ROBERT L. MOBERLY, Alpha Tau Omega Pensacola. Fla. Physical Educalion Afhlefic Dineclor. Alpha Tau Omega. CARYL ANN MORSCHAUSER. Phi Mu Closler, N.J. Elemenfary Educaiion Kappa Della Pi: Choral Union: Baplisf Sfudenl' Union: Young Women's Auxiliary: Fufure Teachers of America. inf' .1--HW", SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY sim' :- ,-mzw " HW 0' ,V ,ffm - 6510 f-gg' -'Q i 12 f M' ,W , 1 I ,, , fls-ff wx - , , ,fn-4 if f ,QA fy 0- 'Z' ,, X ,ff Wir 305161 f .5 I . ff- . ff',fjQ,!w,-, ,-wwf A-X ir :ff u iff-Sv-,He 1 1:1 Wg Z' f- ff VWQW 7 Wiffff 1" r 1, 2 , A . fy .. . 591 5 A , f 1 X' " " fd, fiv- vl. V.,, , ., . 5, . f . ,ff G 4 f f' Wvffzgsl fi ' 2, ,W 41: W . ,,,,,,hM,f S f f 'r Q 2 -..,, ff ,, f 9 1 A , 9 1 K 2 X ei .7 -:fi i P , ,url Firsi Row: ROBERT MICHAEL MURPHY, Phi Kappa Tau Bay Si. Louis Sporrs Ediror, Sfudenf Prinh: Columnisi, Alumni News: Secrefary, Treas- urer, Junior Class: Ediior, Phi Kappa Tau: Newman Club: Iniramural PATRICIA ANN MYERS, Chi Omega Magee Fuiure Teachers of America: Baplisi Slucleni Union: Freshman Counselor. . 'I F5.L.'s, f-mu I -3' 454' ' HT' -,la V :ara si" -. -iff' fi.. . sp' MARGARET COMBS NEELY, Deia Delia Della Jaclcson Elemeniary Eclucaiion Freshman Counselor: Cheerleader. GERALD RICHARD NICHOLSON, Kappa Sigma Laurel Psychology Guard, Kappa Sigma. Second Row: BOBBY F. OGLESBY, Pi Kappa Alpha Eddiceion lndusirial Arls Hisiorian, Pi Kappa Alpha: Vice-Presideni, Indusfrial Aris Technology Club: Charier member of Ioia Lambda Sigma. THOMAS WINTON PADGETT Laurel Physical Educaiion MARY JO PITTINGER Jackson Elemenlary Eclucaiion Bapfisi Srudenr Union: Vesper Choir: Choral Union. EMILY LANELL POOLE Nafchez Elemenrary Educalion Wesley Foundaiion. S E I R Firsi' Row: BETTY CAROLYN PRUETT Hafriesbu rg Recreafion Dolphin Club: Slaff, Sfudeni' Prinh: Secrefary, WMSU: Choral Union: President Recrealion Club: Phofography Club: Baphsr Sfudenl Union: Rho Tau Sigma: Freshman Senafor: Vice-President Square Dance Club. MELVIN JAMES PULLEY Sionewall HieaII'h and Physical Educalion. WILLIAM EDWARD RAY AIIamon'r, III. Geography MARY JANICE Rl'LEY Halliesburg Library Science and Spanish Bap'ris'r Sfudenf Union: Young Women's Auxiliary. , 2 D, Second Row: MAUDIE G. RIVERS Laurel Elemenfary Educalion SAMUEL ELISHA RUSHING Halfiesburg Hislory Q 5R ' :':i S9323 :g r fi Z ,kv U3 ...KW- ky: ' 6 A? I I K ,, .I ,a,. f . , Q 2- J A I , V- -3, A. 1 .1 M, , b , f :rf ix J' H fl' . Y f S M I 1 5 I ,Pk 4q'jy":,'h"N' """'., SENIGRS Firsf Row: BOBBY WADE SAUCIER Purvis Hislory TRUMAN A. SCHULTZ Bay S+. Louis Physical Educalion Eoolballg Boxinq. WILLIAM KERMIT SHARP Eoresl Elemenlary Educalion BARBARA ANN SHAW, Phi Mu Hisfory Mobile, Ala. Wesley Eounclaliong Pledge Vice-Presidenl, Rifualisfic 81 Alhlelic Chair- man, Phi Mu. Second Row: JUNE KATI-ILYN SINGLETARY l-la++ie-sburg Elemenfary Educalion and Speech Corredrion Eulure Teachers of Arnericag Sigma Alpha Efa. JIMMY SMITHIE Jayess Social Sfudies ,W as ' 1 ,tu-ffl' 3. 1. Q ' mfmibak V .-12, 1 .W A -4- ,E .Q , ef? if , , bl ae W ,ig , ,, . 4, 4- v 6 -A Lx .':I'3lil1'ff':3ri9'.a T: .9 . . I., .QM 1 s af-' fv fv' ,Ninn -ily! .4-fr So wha+ if if is for real? CHARLES STUART SPANN, Sigma Phi Epsilon Raymond lnduslrial Arfs Band. CHESTER L. STATHAM Hisfory a nd Eduucalion McComb ir ,PF "-6 S., I 30' ........-sur ga wr N4' X ! L' NIJ' i SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY x I 'S XR " ' ' If , V Q- 4' ' v 7 'wim Y Xx JIS A, Milf 1 5 if X' 'Nw' IWW? . I --V. , ,. , sy, fx-.ff 'wrsrrdtf iw' Sfwss 'KDE 'SSW' Firsf Row: CARL B. STEWART, Pi Kappa Alpha Vicksburg Induslrial Ar+s President Pi Kappa Alpha: Presidenl, Inlerfralernify Council: Presidenl, Newman Club: Alpha Psi Omega: Induslrial Arls Club: Soulhern Play' ers: Inlramurals: Who's Who. WILLIAM S. STEWART TyIerlOWf1 I-Iislory Ouldoor confusion-for a change. Q ,lii W NR l.,,,,,.,.w v SARAH NELL TAYLOR Laurel Elemenla ry Educalion Kappa Della Pi: Fulure Teachers of America: Nalional 4-I-I Frozen Food Winner: Young Women's Auxiliary: Baplisl Sludenl Union. BILLY B. THAMES Ivlonlicello I-leallh and Physical Educaiion Presidenl, Wesl Sladium. Second Row: ADALYNN DALE Tl-IIGPEN, Phi Ivlu Paplarville Psychology Psychology Club: Wesley Foundalion. ERNEST IZ. THORNE Decalur Elemenlary Educalion Kappa Della Pi. CAROLYN BOSWELL TIMMS, Della Deira Del+a Tunica Speech Correclion Sigma Alpha Efa. KATHLEEN I-I. TOUCI-ISTONE Harliesburg Elemenrary Educalion Kappa Della Pi. ggi'- , 69 I x 2 J ' :I I l X1 1 1 ' gr 'SN A Y . i T J u?J,r ' Q1 'pf X LIN i 1 T 4, YQ Firs+ Row: 'hub Knoxville, Tenn. l Educalion Bay S+. Louis JACK GOULD TONEY Kolcomo Malh ANN KATHERINE TURNER Leakesville Elemenlary Eduucalion Fulure Teachers of Americag Baplisl Sludenf Union. JOCELYN ELEANOR UCHELLO Biloxi Elemenlary Educalrion Dixie Darlinqsg Fulure Teachers of America: Newman Club. v, ELIZABETH L, WALLEY Halliesburg Elementary Educallon And +hen I fried +o explain. Eulure Teachers of America. HOWARD FRANKLIN WELLS Second Row: , Healfh and Physica ALTON FRANKLIN WARE Hollandale Physical Eclucalion JOHN HENRY WESTON CLYDE FRANKLIN WEDGWORTH Pelal physical Educafion Hisfory ANnl'x 'Qin-3' 'wqof Thr- i K . THQ? 5 wi, ! J , .4l' 1- .,.l' I a-'M'-X i N L V fs."-7 SCHOO 907 "M-.-130 il P"-fun L OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY fIvl5ycI:'Z,:'f A L .1 ,,f, l.,',,- ws'W6WQA 4-like ti, wwf' ' 'Wt' ,,..,..--W", V, O, , f , fmf 5 yt g W f W L IYM 3 X? FTM ROW! W. E. WILKINS Sfonewall Physical Educafion JAMES TED WILKINS, Kappa Sigma Mobile, Ala. Psychology and Personnel Managemenl Prlcedale Yellow J,3Cke+5, Child Developmenl' and Home Economics Baplisf Sfuden'r Uniong Home Economics Club. STELLA PARISH WILKINS, Sigma Sigma Sigma Jaclcson Elemenlary Eclucaiion Second Row. Vice-President Sigma Sigma Sigmag Kappa Della Pig Fufure Teachers of ' America. ROY ALLEN WINSTEAD Carson l-lisfory Wesley Foundafiong Circle K Club: Eulure Teachers of America. There ARE ofher -Things beside smoking in class. WAYNE WINSTEAD Pelahafchie 3 Heallh and Physical Eclucalion ,W Baplisf Sfudenf Union. A FRANK B, WHYTE, sigma Phi Epsilon Haiiaesbufg -N Psychology ,fa Yellow Jaclcels. S Pi 'W' BoBBY YARBoRoUeH Keniwooa. La. QB . :Xi Physical Educalion K, il ai fn ,- .. . , 'w-N ,, , g ,Ag Q ii, it A sf' N- T i fs.. si, ,cic 5 1 A - 'T We , .W g I23 "" Y .., ,VVVVV V... if l SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY A-fix ik MW 6, x fvfi , ,- .,., f me fi W, W5 f 1 4 W .Q 1 J f ASK' 4 ENIOR GEORGE K. YEAGER Gulfporf Psychology JOHN WlLLlAM ZIMMERMANN, Sigma Phi Epsilon New Orlean, La. Elemenfary Educafion Pledge Treasurer, Social Chairman, Sigma Phi Epsilong Eulure Teachers ol Americag Vasa League: Sfalf THE SOUTHERNER, I953. Where's your goal, ghoul? fi, il IZ4 wg ,, gt. .31 How are you fixed for blades? 5 is-if iw ilk, 'Buff-,,1, .r i 1 F3 av 1 1, "' ,V v L ' a , v'...v . : - ,-,jg J , x 1:11 - W, 1 f f 5- 4 z 1 T, L h ,I A: M A ,,.,,-KW , 5 ' f'Z'i,5lfi fi i. f' feggssia-nz 955 -I W -f , ' H-. 14' . ,wav :nit ,if lp 1 -fig: give. vfylf s s at f 1 .w ' - ,ff HSC , , , .,.,.,,a H Q5 'f ' ' " . A fi ' " ' l ICHARCE R Ms -- C as 1 ,y 1: TO Vl CTOR7 ai NM' wx ff J 'C 34201 , i All . ,, I ,Q I In zzz: 1 'W mi' I 'K ,. wh 4' A I . . in 7.7 -f 'N-'I I -vw? V ' 'wi -9' ,ef 4, In , 1 M 'I up YIM-fs. C W. ,V in fl so ' K X " ' , I 4 Wf 'W v- ? 3. E' ,, ww, I , ,M . ,A -.Wk A . 5' 2 , I X i if We I rs K of -We M f 4 1, A ' f . " W "" A V ff nl B!-me A 1 sf 4 M 55? we--f-up l,:,4,. . ' ,.I -1, , , Mg, J, .H f I 2-A ff? 34 IM mf .1 ' ' Firsi Row: ALICE FRANCES ARLEDGE BARBARA ANN AULTMAN BILLIE SUE AUSTIN BEVERLY JEAN BAKER NAN ELIZABETH BARRIER VIRGINIA SUE BISHOP MARY LOU BLACKWELL BARBARA ANN BLOUNT Second Row: JACOUELYN PEARL BOLTON SARAH KATHERINE BONNER LYNNE BROCK WALLACE JAMES CAMERON NINA BATSON CAMPBELL JOHN JOSEPH CISTRIANO MILDRED E. COLE ALPHA DELLA CONNELL Third Row: KATHLEEN BRYNE COVERT REBECCA ANN CRENSHAW ROBERT PRESLEY CRUTHIRDS TWILLIPHA MARIE CUEVAS DON L. CURRY MAGGIE JO DALLAS MARIE DIGILIO TROY DOUGLAS DOSSETT Fourfh Row: JANET M. DUKES OSCAR CARROLL DUNGAN MARCIA CHADDOCK EMBT WILLIDORA ESKRIDGE CATHY JANE ETHERIDGE ARTHUR L. EVENS JR. THOMAS GARY EVERETT CECIL W. FARRAR JR. Midniqlil Seminary Kilmicbael Vicksburg Union Clinion Meridian Gillsburg Theodore, Ala. Buclcalunna Bogalusa, La. Dedeaux Wiggins Philadelphia. Penn. Collins Pensacola. Fla. Meridian Collins Mobile, Ala. Pass Chrislian Aurora, III. Union Tupelo Carrier Raleigh Lucedale Gullporl Booneville Meridian Cashmere, Waslw. PeIaI1a'rcl'1ie Waynesboro 'QW EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY 1. 7, s ,. f? mm... 1 Z E ii .., l25 HW MW I -L .. JW". - ws , , ,lf so I ,I 11,1 41 J W fm -. W K My-f f -4 Bmw.. W vugfwn? s M4 vb ri M Ae:- . ' We-qi cifnoex U I -U - sf Whaf did you have for breakfast redslrin7 Firsr Row: GEORGE MARIE ERAISER SHEILA ADRIENNE GEESLER EDNA RUTH GORDON CAROL LILYAN HELBIG SUE HENDERSON JAMES C. HOLADAY CAREY HOLLAND DOROTHY CAROL HOLMES Second Row: HARRIETT REGINALD HOWELL FRANKLIN M. HUTCHINS HARRY KENNEDY HUTSON EMMETT GLEN JACKSON ANCIE RUTH JOHNSON DIXIE JOHNSON BOBBIE MARIE JONES MAURICE O. JONES 4 K., ..-.,-. 1 'Ti-7 f' fb ,ff Jackson Vicksburg EscaIawpa New Orleans. La. Riclnfon Azusa, Calif. BassfieId Escafawpa Decafur Ga. Pensacola, Fla. CI1ieIIancI, Fla. Carfhage Mize Monroe. La. Forest Gulfpori Jil 'QF jp? 1 W ivH?m f, II' 1 I- X ' I fwzgrf. ff- "' ' I A' IC! p-Q.-T No' '27 1: 'j 1, - in ,gfi f Y 1 Q Q it '1 I . . L 1 QM , Sw 2 -F .0 ,yi X ' :Il igf' . I 'I -I. Q ey N 4, I is 'iii Q N I26 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY Third Row: HAROLD RAY KEA KINTA C. KERGOSIEN THELMA LEE KING AUDREY CAROL KOSKI MYRTLE ANN KRUEGER CLEMENTS M. LADNER ALETHIA ANN LAMEY ELIZABETH LEGETT Fourfh Row: BILLY RAY LOVETT TORRIS ANN LYLE CHRISTINE EVELYN MARRIOTT JEANETTE MATHEWS MARY HELEN MAULDIN MARY KEY McCLAMMY J. RAYMOND MQMULLAN SARA MARY NcNEILL 'T' CT 'I-4 'i 1. . ,ffvf if in '1 X I A i 3 - La P9 1 I ,a K 'g-J, A ,-,X f lf!-' ' if-4' , hu' I v ii' fp. r-.' qv-ff QQ sf' ,..-.f f Edinburg Bay S+. Louis Prichard, Ala. KreoIe Haffiesburg Pass CI1ris+ian BiIOxi GUIIDOFI Eoresf Eoresf Foley, Ala. Jackson Waynesboro Meridian Decafur Vossburq 1-f IN 'Q --I ol. X 'Y :' ix Y Sf. 'Q fn , . . X .ef ' . ' ,va vu. 4 3 v W-11 :ii I ' I I fini M-:--. - -- -5.35: 'L v. 3 YE 'Stix w 2 "N if 35 2 5 -rv,-1 Y eil 'XS' 5 - 1:5 N I I D 1 First Row: NANCIE M. MCOUARY BRUCE WILLIAM MERRITT GEORGE THOMAS MILLER SONYA MITCHELL BILLY RAY MOFFETT JOE ERNEST MONEY BILLY MOSS GLENDA PAYE NETHERLAND Second Row: JANE ODOM JEROLD EDWARD OVERBY BILLY FRANK PARKES FRANCES POLK HERMAN PRICE, JR. MARY ALICE RAY RI-IODA ALICE REARDON CLAUDE DWIGHT RENFROE Third Row: LEA RICKS ROY LAVERNE RITCHEY MARGIE ANN ROBERTSON MOLLY ANN ROSS WILLIAM SEMKOW GEORGIA NELL SIMS FRANCES ANN SMITH NANCY CAROLYN SMITH Vardaman Laurel Columbia Meridian Slonewall Manlwaflan, Kan. Soso Brookhaven Meridian Parsons, Kan. Louisville Pren+iss Waveland Gunlown Smifhdale Tlmomaslon, Ga. Jackson Boqalusa, La. Ellisville Mobile, Ala. Colclwesler, Conn. Laurel Meridian Inverness 1-IWW1 'Q-if Fourfh Row: ETHEL GUNN SMYLIE H. LOUISE SOSTES GORDON WILLIAM SPIERS GARY MILTON STOUFFLET GERALDINE STRICKLAND MARTHA JEAN TAYLOR PEGGY ANN TAYLOR ANNETTE TISDALE av-fq 'T if ,f I .45 4 4 1 'W 'ffl' .V 4 I ' L lf y , ,ga A.. , , -ff .O 1 , 5,6 14 Meridian Cleveland Sellers Lalce Shore Riclwlon Lurnberlon Blylheville, Ark. Halliesburq SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY itz? Spirifl I R Firsf Row: O. PAYE TRICE JIMMIE PAUL VALMUS OLA MAE VAN SLYKE DOCK B. WALL RUBY DIMPLE WESTBROOK Second Row: SYLVIA ANN WILSON SARA NELL WINDI-IAM FRED A. WILLIAMS BETTY WILKES GiII3erIown, Ala. Pensacola, Fla. I-Iaffiesburg New+on Foresf Waynesboro Bay Springs Hafiiesburq Biloxi Moorhead Pl' NORENE WHITE 4, ' v, Q 1 N' . ...f N gf fx- xg it 1 I. --v I , I Expressions spealr Iouder Ihan acfions fdg 1 f if ,,-f 'US i 'Tvs Li- Y-.' 'I L-vs Q YW' Gy' Seclusion li N I r ,-.-- V i v 1 3 1 QW" . i lf, i l 1 v 4 K J .vw-. 2 1 5,,. Q ,I A g I af wc. 1, , 1 jf., 1 1 1 ' , ' ' V -M 9 - i 2,1 , , 4 ,-flfifx f rv, N , J 3,14 -- ' f ' 1- . ,ff A 1' . we Swwf A :sn , -SUSE ' X CKY.: -- 5 k gm 'SQLT .pm 'nxi 5: '.-'f-it Sf' N" a fs gn .gd F 5, " x1'.,'5'W-,Q K jf 'T . . 'V " 'Y 5 , . Q, -ga if . , 5 99", QV ., 'BN X .5 is . 22 vi W ' . -. YW9.. . 'V x 5' .NO 1 v- ' u, 4, i ' , 'fy xf 1 . X N f.,,,i1 .W Y H: N5 Q + ' X fi ' x K eh 'Q Y X , kk SM- Q. I ':q'f" x 9 " x 1 in " A' A Y 'N A-Li ' " in " 4 A--5' J -V' X -A " - ' I PH RES 'S' ,Ina . 4? Q 'TV' ,f :wg -...m4' Q r ' , 2 if an mi T , P T E ALI? A Q A ' 3: Q s ,G ,ln ,gs I: X'-75" ' ' A of I wff M5 Sf I 4-If I ' , , . ,Y ,M-f's"1 as , , V 21 S15 'Q QM . - W, if 1 '-2 6' Q . If Q' if ' -...I Elf! 7 yin I l PA' 'I l 4:-1 , V ,K y ,gifs I . - I, -Q I ' 4 I I A fm A , 3 Q , - 'F 'Af' A ' gg -3 N I . xy -7 Ll - I :L -ff A f sz' l - - -' il ,,, 5- ,. cs. D w 'I Dv ,Ju 1,9 'r' -nl f xfx - ij ' 2 7 Mx - T -"' - I .fi ' ,A . A " f o , E Firsl Row: RANDOLPH KIRVEN ADAMS Spring Hill, Ala. JOHN F, ADDISON Osyka WILLIAM THOMAS AGNER, JR. Lake Cormoranl' EDGAR AGUILAR Gualemala. C. A. CAROLYN LOUISE ALDRIDGE Second Row: HARRY P. ALLENDORPH, JR. Pod Gibson Lakeland, La. NUNEZ IGARTUA ALMAH Sanfurce. Puerfo Rico DOROTHY J. ANDERSON Brooklyn JIMMIE JEWEL ANDERSON Bayou La Bafre. Ala. MARTHA LUCRETIA APPLEWHITE Vaiden Third Row: PETER JOSEPH ARATA ROSEMARY ARLEDGE RAYMOND J. ARSENAULT LINDA GAIL BACKSTROM BARBARA ELIZABETH BAIRD Fourfh Row: OLEN BALL PETER ALLEN BANKSTON WILLIE MYRTLE BANKSTON MARY BARNETT WILLIAM GERALD BAUGHN Fif+h Row: ROY C. BAYLIS BARBARA MARIE BEACH GLENN DOYLE BEACH MONTE E. BEALL WILFRED ELTON BEAUGEZ, JR. Slxfh Row: WILLIRIE BEESON OUIDA CHERIE BENNETT W. LYNN BIERBAUM ALLEN BLACKLEDGE WILLIAM ARTHUR BOLLER, JR. Sevenfh Row: HENRIETTA BOND MARY MARGARET BOONE HECTOR LEMUEL BOURG, JR. SALLY ANN BOYER CHARLOTTE ALTHEA BOYET Eighih Row: CASSIE M. BOYETT NEAL AUSTIN BRADFORD JEANNE ROBERTSON BRADLEY GERALDINE BRADSHAW DONALD COLEMAN BREWER Mobile Bay Springs Rumlorcl, Me. McLain Jackson, Tenn. Pelal dlanapolis, Ind. Waynesboro Philadelphia I-lalliesburg Halliesburq Biloxi Purvis Lumberfon Ocean Springs Monficello Halliesburg McComb Laurel Foley. Ala. Baxlerville Hafliesburg Long Beach Sumrall Bogaloua, La. Moss Poinf Foresl Halfiesburq Polkville Halliesburg Firsf Row: CLARICE LAMAR BRYAN F. JACK BUCKELEW CHARLES PATTERSON BUCKLEY FRANCES LAVELLE BURGER GERALD BYRD Second Row: FRANK PATRICK BYRNE LYNDA JANE CALDWELL MARY LOUISE CALDWELL NETT CALHOUN FRANKIE NELL CAMERON Third Row: JAMES FRANKLIN CARNEY FRANKLIN CARTER NORMAN M. CARTER PATRICIA ALENA CERINICH J. CECIL CHAMBLIS Fourfh Row: DAVID JAMES CLARK SYLVIA ANN CLAYTON KAY CLEVELAND BETTY N. CLIFTON BOBBIE LOUISE COLE Fiffh Row: ROGER E. COLEMAN, JR. GEORGE JOSEPH COMEAUX LINDA JOAN CONERLY ATHON E. COOLEY CAROLYN ESTHER COPELAND Sixfh Row: AUGUST JOSEPH CORSO ANN ELIZABETH COSPER MARGARET VANCE COVI NGTON SANDRA GAYLE COVINGTON BOBBYE JEAN COZART Sevenfh Row: BARBARA LOUISE CRAN JAMES DAVID CRAWFORD WILLIAM DONALD CREEL BONNIE FAYE CROWFORD E. KELLY CURRIE EigI1+h Row: LAURIE LOUISE CURET PATRICIA J. CUNNINGHAM DARLENE DAFFIN VICTORIA MQCOY DANIEL FRANK D. D'ANTONI Mobile, Ala. I-Ialfiesburg Slringer Halliesburq Mobile, Ala. Nalclwez Gulfporl' Gulfporf Foresr Collins Halliesburq Sandhill Woodville Biloxi Halriesburq Easl Haven, Conn. Cirronelle, Ala. Opelousas, La. Mobile, Ala. New Hebron Mobile, Ala. Biloxi Tylerlown Lealcesville Ellisville Biloxi Halliesburg Waynesboro Mobile, Ala. Pirrsboro Waynesboro Canfon Pelal Meridian Jackson Kiln Waferford, Ohio Moss Poinf Beaumonr Nalclwez OPHOMO 'Z ,4qr' .ff Ave-M'2"i" 9 'vm asf: - F 1 'wir' MJW., . qui Q 2' N ,4 I .ai I .J ...Q 4 Q R ,mv xii' if" fy M' Q: A 2' f' L SS- IL S ' f S- xx .- .... I3l , Q7 , Le .we A - w X -4 - V? .AW if M i z 15 ,I A f , ,ffl Mx. E, " 'P ev' I .L L " y, . sf' 5 Y ' 2 f, -s -, .,,.. 1 A .Q Y 35? . ,Jw ,L SM: .- 3 if .-gs., .., . px 'QQ 1 ' I f 'gmifi A K 4. -swf 4. , NIP' 'MMS' R E ,E A 4 48 'K A 5 -Y 'SA 69 f A f Li J- jk, I If if ' ,, ' if I .Y 1 si d.. Y. . .H - H7 ' 3 ii wif V - 4- ,W f J i .ve J ' ' I 'X 3, fi' .,4,. V., ,.-v kwa, W T: mf E+, rw fe CK . - - .' I .I N.. .,4..!A fiflfg I W e 1 rw. J Q W wa ' f f vw M rs, N, ,N 'lc' v-ggifi' f' 5 ,,,.. P I , 4 , ' svn- I.-X 2 1- .gn iii Xlbiasg T .4 ,nys ,MAT - ,4,,..L.f. .fa 7w1'g.' ,,,,.- '. Firsf Row: WILLIAM E. DAVENPORT JOHN WARREN DAY MADLYN CAROL DAY ROBERT USEN DELMAS, JR. ALICE CLAY DENSON Second Row: GLORIA DENSON JAMES J. DENSON GERRIE DICKERSON PATRICIA ANN DICKINSON GLENN A. DIETZ, II Third Row: PERCY GERALD DONALD LOUIS A. DOUCET BILL DORE LORETTA L. DORSEY JOSEPH D. DUFEK Fourih Row: ROBERT LERVIS DUKES MYRTLE LOU ELLINS WILLIAM FRED EDMONSON ALBERT COCHRAN EDWARDS RONALD DENNIS EDWARDS Fiffh Row: JOHNNY MACK EVANS MERALYN JOYCE EVANS VERNA ELIZABETH EZELL AL JOSEPH FAUCHEUX LYSBETH ANNE FIEBELKORN Sixfh Row: Mobile, Ala. Halfiesburg Crosby Pascagoula Clarlcsdale Sandhill Mobile, Ala. McComb Mobile, Ala. Lansing, Mich. Heidelberg Opelousas, La. Na+-:hez Hafliesburg Gaulier Prichard, Ala. Bay Mineffe, Ala. Pelal Mobile, Ala. Grolon, N. Y. Gilberfown, Ala. Canlon Mobile, Ala. New Orleans, La. FI. Walfon, Fla. JAMES H. FLANAGAN Kosciusko BETTY LOU FLOWERS Jaclcson RODNEY WAYNE FLOYD Crosby WENDELL J. FLOYD DeFunialc Springs, Fla. PATSY ANN FORD Columbia Sevenih Row: BUNNY JEAN FORTENBERRY Tylerlown GWEN A. FORTENBERRY Halfiesburg SARA JEAN FREEMAN Jackson NOEL RAYMOND FUENTE Picayune CARROLL GASTON FULGHAM Prenliss Eighth Row: ROGGIE VIRGINIA FULLER JOSEPH C. GANDOLF, JR. ELIZABETH ANNE GARNER OLON LEANDER GARNER GLENDA GILLIAM Mobile, Ala. New Orleans, La. Halfiesburg Raleigh Halfiesburg O PH ES f 4 A . J, -.v ig., T' all M Ap ' Q .1 7 6 'VI ew --.0 ,,- ,,,f Y' H-4' I iz? A -7 'V-ei .51 r .. . I - JI' I E. " 433,55 '3 . ' ,S filxgli 3 V xx 3. 1, Q Q I2-f TL Ji f ' - . -I -- ,fa ' , "' I T' C-""' 11 -1' . is jfii . '41 ,4g,.5i1XKEv. ,I X ,- . . A 'L be 135' f -r -sf .Sk .1 'F , AS T' - I ,g sau' P V1 -M I Lf. I -f ,AA . ,,,, A-,WAGE ' , ., 1 ' V ,Q ,Zh '.' . 2 cg ' 'wi Girl.,-ft sf T if I I-Ii 'C' I , 5 'Z A 16 ' - , , A , .Mk . 'I I 1 I .0 6 I 6 ' .X A J w"-ff' D ' -H' , 4"" I .i ,,,, , arf. V 'MFE' . S .. .e ,gf A - 1.6-2 . ,, , fl' lj- A "' M V '17 I . I sf- - ,V if T If 'ii , :H . ff' 4. A 9 - . Fe. S' ' ' I f . , , . if - wr 45 1 2 r I ' ' si' 3 , "7 1-'17 "' -1- S f. I , --7 1 ' F , 'ia NA 7 :- I -v nys --.-L .7 , F R . .1 ,. I X' ' 8 F T ,, L- af? k 1 N. -.A C ,. I : I I I32 v 'Q fkn '-1' . L..-ir" I x pw P . 193: ,-v ,--1 ""' , M- ,, -t,zf- ' WW ' 4 , P" airy, um rf ...fu 7 'wv'l3if'5f wf 5 Q, ,im ,QCII H RES -If I 41 , 2 'wiv A N W 1 ,V Y... J' -I ,TYR Z 'U ,. . . W , f 1 .-, - ,fri If -f -1 -.1 ,. ,J if 6 f 4' f Z7 f . 1 if 1 f lj , 'W x .51 ' 53. 'WA' 3 :Q ggi 5 Q ,J -.w....Z,. I .A+ ,-4, I A JK. I ' i ia, :asm - N-1 'K' Q W . I ' jill at A as .. 4 , .... wa' 14: -..-lf' W' A I ,ga Am. 3-I ,4 ' WNW I . . ff' Z A g., R 1 gm - V . :N jg. 7' Q -W1-ner ff-5 ,, , fm -'UUA' .,,5+'1"' W? -' , ,J X J -f 3 I , YA 1 , N 9 . 'fl ff' . 5 W ,W W V , 221 . - M, +y:.w""R 2 .. f f a ww J' Jrwif' .V , ti, A 1 A 35 A - ig W, , .,.A.,, . g- X' 'K Q, . ,.-1 ia.: I+. ' . Rifi ' . - . gg, - . .L f E . , , . W, Q' 1 f . .- J N V A .Y ., ., ,W x -. 1' -f , . . if if , I .. . . A "fl-" - ff "" - 'X ,s ,, 47515 T . . I, As ., , .. fl - . . -'vx A M fj. A ,fm-'Y 5 ' , ,., . .. E., .4 Lllq ., I A ,fi , 1 , - . A Vw, AA,,, H 5 "' f fff 3 J U .S 5 , ..,v - X ' lily al ff ffgy. 'ff Mix , f 3 x ! ii, ,gf -7.1535 -I ' , 2, ,X , I, j f f, Q I33 Firsf Row: DONALD G. GOODWIN Macon JAMES C. GOODWIN, JR. Macon DAVID GRAHAM Seminary MARILYN SUE GRAHAM Ouilman BETTIE F. GREEN Slonewall Second Row: WINSTON E. GRIFFIN Moss Poinl' RICHARD GRUBER Panama, Canal Zone BUFORD CHARLES GUNN Carlhage JAMES MONROE GUY Tylerlown KEITH R. C. HAGENSON Halliesburg Third Row: EILEEN HAGGARD Shuqualalc SHIRLEY JANE HOLCOMB Poplarville KATHERINE CREW HALL Greenville NANCY JUNE HAiMlLTON Prichard, Ala. LAWRENCE O. HANCOCK Mize Fourfh Row: WINFRED NEAL HANKS Mobile, Ala. CALLA HANSBROUGH Clin+on JIMMY HANSEL Columbia ROBERT JOSEPH HARGIS New Orleans, La. RICHARD J. HARMON Halliesburg Fiffh Row: JOLEE HARPER Sumrall H. ALVIN HARRISON Laurel JEAN ELAINE HARRISS High Poinl, N. C. WILMA ALICE HART Pickens GEORGE W. HAYDEN, JR. Birmingham, Ala. Sixlh Row: FRANCES ELIZABETH HEAD Gullporl NANCY E. HELM Biloxi LOUISE H. "SAM" HENDERSON Greenville DAVID ROSS HINTON Richlon NORMAN WYATT HOLBROOK Magee Sevenfh Row: KAY IZIONEYCUTT Hafliesburg MIRIAM S. HOPKINS Mendenhall CAROL HORTON Bay, SI. Louis RUBY ANN HOWELL Halliesburg NANCY LOUISE HOUSTON New Albany Eighlh Row: RUTH HUDNALL Picayune MACK H. HUDSON Pascagoula ROBERT BRAD HUGHES Magee BARBARA ANN HUNGERFORD Biloxi JANE ELIZABETH HUNT Handsboro .gl V , Jar PH MORES ' 1211 'Q ., .xfff -.,-.V If N 113 Z, Q ' .li Hr A ff- -. ,f -,' ' 1 . g , 5,4 -.. I Ng Q-7 'f . if 7' 'V ,, 2 - ' 'rs .z if is wry' 4 2 'fi fl ll ii Q . X ,R I r V , ,Z Av fm. J , , X . .. .X M, yixdu L. :D , ,wr ..-.4!'. I ,Mr if I 'wa 6 ,Q 'N I A 'Q' ' sl' 'f A-A7 A-ur' I .-,A ' wx ,- 3 at 152 09" , I ,...- fu. 4-gpm .If-X bv xi! Lg' wr , ffl f,,,, - ri I ff- X V' My .. ' L, me X ,V I A 'ag , ,M 'I "'-' I 13. 'T f 51 mf' fill .,,. ,Q 'W' . , " jf' , is -", 1 -.ff 4 ,f ' .fl if Ig vc.,-I .I 1 rf ,,,. S A T G ,AA7 W . A cm- y g 'iw qw - X V- -In I 1 Q A I , f ' N' , 3 ,X S ' 4"" 1 4 'I '- L r -" I ,f A ua. ,. -. fa' 'A 'Q' MSM dv- 4' -Q V .y Jw ' I .30 A f-,Q A f i I ., ,iv S- M "ir ' I. ,ig WJ QA 1 ' A X ,Q I A no I, ,N 'af . I ,T . ' if 'gf 1 L9 f ,L ..- J I A -7 'L' s, 'I 1. Q U " S R- 51 -A 1 J' .ff - I :Q I ff- uf ' . ,A , . ,M -, I l . s Firsf Row: JILL MARGARET HUNT KAY F. HUNT LAWRENCE FRANKLIN INGRAM N. RENEJENE BOBBY JACK JERNIGAN Second Row: BILLYE RUTH JOHNSON EVELYN WEST JOHNSON THOMAS NORBERT JOHNSON KATY JOHNSON TOM LAMAR JOHNSTON Third Row: GENE JOHNSTONE BRAXTON B. JONES, JR. ELIZABETH JEAN JONES GLENDA FAYE JONES NANCY BARKSDALE JOST FourI'I1 Row: ANN ROSE JUE DOROTHY M. JUILLERAT JAMES FRANCHOT KELLEY REGINA KELLY WALTER LEANDER KERLEY Fiffh Row: L. CAROL KINARD JOE KNIGHT ROSE MARIE KOLICH JOY W. KOONCE JAMES ERROL LADNER Sixfh Row: LAFERRYE LYNN LADNER MARY ALMA LANE JAMES WILLIAM LARSON, JR. ANN LASETER GERALD BENARD LASITTER SevenI'I1 Row: CARL CONN LAWRENCE AMY JOE LEE MARION GRADY LEE ANNA MERLE LEGGETT DONALD LEE LEMIN EigI1I'I1 Row: BONNIE SUE LEWIS IMA JOE LEWIS PEGGY ANN LEWIS DIANE MARGARET LITTLE ROBERT H. LITTLE Handsboro Biloxi Seminary Pascagoula Vicksburg I-Ia++iesburg Purvis Vicksburg Selma, Ala. LaureI Jackson, Tenn. Purvis Decafur, Ga. Sfringer Gulfporf Vicksburg Greenwood Orlando, Fla. McComb FI. Wayne, Ind. Meridian Meridian BIIoxi Grenada I-Iaffiesburg Purvis Foresf Pascagoula Morfon Prichard, Ala. Jayess Gulfporf Purvis McComb Reading, Pa. Pachufa Waynesboro Jackson Brookhaven Enferprise u.A..n..-agar 5 -xvnnw ii WI fi I I I Firsi' Row: CARL F. LOCKETT BiIoxi NORMAN JOSEPH LOMBARD Biloxi CECIL L. LONG ROBERT GEORGE LONGORDO JERRY ALAN LOTT Second Row: ROBERT A. LOTT DON LOVE CAROL LOWELL DALE DENVER LYONS LEOLA MANASCO Third Row: MARGARET A. MARTIN OUIDA ELIZABETH MARTIN BEVERLY ESTES MATHIS DONNA MATTHEWS JOHN MAYS Fourih Row: JOHN OSCAR MAYO, JR. LEWIS WI-IIT MQCALL DONALD M. MQCANN Ferriday, La. Somerville, N. J. SumraII Sumrall Meridian Eairlwope, Ala. Van CIeave Leakesville Auqusia, Ga. MiIIry, AIa. Beaumonf Jackson CIarksdaIe Jackson Barafaria, La. Plainfield, N, J. INA JEAN MCCABE GIosIer SADIE ETHA MCCRORY Lake Fi'F+I1 Row: BETTY ANNE MQCUTCHON Bay SI. Louis ELLIE MCDONALD Laurel CAROLYN MQGREGOR Haifiesburg MARGARET ANN MCHUGH Purvis JAMES EDWARD MCINNIS Haifiesburq Sixfh Row: E. TRUMAN MQKENZIE Bay Springs DELBERT HARDIN MQNEASE LaureI WILLIE V. MCRANEY MobiIe, Ala. BERNARD MELTZER Jackson GINGER MERRITT Meridian Sevenih Row: JOHN ANTHONY MIGLIAZZO Kane, Pa. FORREST LANE MILLER New Orleans, La. THOMAS ANTHONY MONTI Bay S+. Louis CAROLINE R. MOORE Tuiwiler JOHN FRANCIS MORAGNE Biloxi Eighth Row: FRANCIS BILL MORAN Biloxi JULIA MORGAN Foresi KEARNEY HALL MORGAN Jackson EARL KELTON MORRIS Harfiesburg JAMES FRANK MURPHY Oveii' VCV MHQIZ4. . 'vT",T?,'gT '32 fp .,r .nf ,hmmm '. W ,,,A" YT, . A I . , s -N I W rss . XZ s WN ul? ' 4 2 4 1 I I35 PHO RES 3, Af 13 .TTT f 14' ...ff X ,gf"?. ,ss 'WV LLM 5 wif' ..j 1 f Si.. we - ul" in .. if ,,- 1... vi 'VT .Ax W ii? T T' ,Y ...IM ii 45 15' Firsf Row: PAUL FRANCIS MYERS ROBERT PAUL MYERS JOHN MITCHELL NASH RAYMOND G. NAZARY MILLARD AMOS NELSON Second Row: SYLVIA ANN NEWSOM BARBARA B. NICHOLSON RIE NORWOOD NORWOOD V. NUTTING Mobile, Ala. Pascagoula Halliesburg Carlbage Foley, Ala. Jackson Laurel Pori Gibson Mobile, Ala. DONNA LENORA NYDEGGER Haliiesburq Third Row: JAMES FRANCIS O'BEIRNE Naicbez E. MARIE O'NEAL Guliporl MARY JO O'OUINN Brookhaven GERALD LAMBERT ORMON EIIisviIIe MARILYN ANN OVERSTREET Brooklyn Fourfh Row: EUGENE KENYON OWEN New Orleans, La. LINDSAY OWEN Gulfporf DEAN T. OWENS Halfiesburg JIM OWENS S+. Louis, Mo. ELIZABETH LYNN OWINGS Terry Fiffh Row: JOYCE MARIE PAYNE Newion JAMES HERBERT PAISLEY Perdido Beach, Ala. REBECCA JACKSON PARKER Florence SANDRA PARKER Pascaqoula WILBUR DONALD PARKER Halliesburg Sixfh Row: JERRY PARRISI-I Laurel BILLIE RUTH PARRICK Haifiesburg PATSY PATTERSON Haiiiesburg ALICE ANN PAV Sumrall BETTY KAY PEAK Pascagoula Sevanflu Row: MARY ANN PENTON Bay Springs JIMMY DARWIN PEOPLES Madclen KELLEY MACK PERKINS Prichard, Ala. ROBERT SIDNEY PERRY Seminary MERRILL ALVA PETERSON Halfiesburg Eighih Row: NELLIE G. PHILLIPS Halliesburg CHARLES I-I. PILKINGTON, JR. I-laiiiesburg BILLY B. PIRTLE Winnsboro, La. YVONNE ELIZABETH POWERS Mobile, Ala. LOIS ANN PRAVATA Slidell, La. P H ' 1 'Q gg' 3 OMR I L we .pg J , 'xi is W Im' if 1 X T 6 if we 'W , ,ral ii, sf ' . - N 7? ' P 17' I 'T 1 , - A 'ii . 5? 1, - 1 fb ,,,.L 90" ' Q. 'W' 2 .-- ' . -,. .4 W-A-' t Q Q I JG- ,, M -.Auf QQQY ' -r if P ' 8" db Y vm' ,kv Q 3 . TT iffy N I f . ii .f""+, PII? J ?P IL ii: Im Q, , ,R AT? 3 P 'T' ,Q .. I f .W,,, I K. ,P , f ,vfvvv Sn' N. pus 'T l36 I ,- 1? 01' ,eo .Q I? gr' ul' ,.,v' .2 ILL 1 a R E x"T N kg, 1 ak? .ii if L . i V! , iw A C P A I, lf? ,Tif '97 'V sfri ,of T I A 4 5 'id'r x I-,N I ,,-,, x WT . ur 7.6: ,rv ,,4 S-K' i,,. ,mb dxf' All PHO . V -:Pm I kj . i -L . in X . -- 16 we f ,gg H A '5- Qu' 1. W " 'W A , 'f ' , af 'v'-' , -' 2.7 ,- , Y xg 1' ' fi: , ' 53 wg f, R1 -.f . A ' -x . ,, 2 ...vs ,saw ,-.4f'N ,wwe of . v, f 'U MII ff' 52 HDV. M RES f I 17 'Q -1' J' ,. v - v .... I ' 'AJ' x- X 1 in 1 A 2 2 , f ff , sv- A V p- 1 , 04 4 107 y T ' 2 ya ? " " 1 , :M Z., y 2 f . ' iw' 'N I J' . ...- . M I rx View i A fa fl I S r ' ' -:': if Q Sw W is fr il. , 6, f H ,ff X' . I ,tary M 'er ii mfg A X V fAf H ., ..,-., 'Z T -,, mv.. .Q an ' V . ,,,,. i Q 13' ,D rv A 'Za 'ln V , T 'R if A I 1' 4. I 1 A E 5 N, 1, .. 'P 4219 ' P' ,I -ff , .5 4? I ' I -N , wit" . ,..., f ' 7 f T + Mawr M' , ' I f ' R-.ff I A W N fl- N S... his Mc -W 1' 'f A 11? I-M' 17 , ,,., ., VV y V Q 2. I gy ii . MWF - ' ,wr MQ fr 1. N , .. N 1. ,N I 'I' . A if-D I' W Tm i- 9 as ...--'A X - T' i if S, A V ,-iw ---O '-f . ' -' of-sr ww' aw A W wg A -..N W ' V V, 35 A 1 . Q ,L To 4 , 'A 5 ,QB I37 Firsf Row: BEVERLY MERLE PRAYTOR Hafliesburq MARGARET ANN PRESCOTT Memphis, Tenn. BARBARA M. PRYOR Pascaqoula CLINTON CRAIG OUEBEDEALJ Church Poinl, La. NORMAN E. RABY, JR. Second Row: Moss Poinl MARSHALL JOSEPH RAHAIM Laurel GENE D. RATCLIEE EI. Wallon Beach, Fla. MARY LINDA READ Bay Springs JOYCE READY Biloxi TONI REED Third Row: FREDRICK REHAGE RODNEY CARL REI-IM ELAINE REYNOLDS BEN RILEY CONSTANCE KAY RIPPLE Fourfh Row: Mobile, Ala. Ocean Springs New Orleans, La, Waynesboro New Hebron Bay S+. Louis SANDRA JEAN RISHER Jackson WILLIAM HAROLD RISHER Jackson PAULINE ROBERSON Mobile, Ala. JOHN SCOTT ROBERTSON Columbia MILES MORGAN ROPER Picayune Fiffh Row: MICKY RUTH ROWLEY Kokomo MADELYN RUFEIN Halliesburg MARJORIE NELL RUTLAND Bassfield JOHN THOMAS RUSSELL Monficello YSIDEO SALINAS Pelal Sixfh Row: LUCY JEAN SALLEY Clarksdale RAYMOND LEE SANDERSON Nalchez BETTY ELIZABETH SCARBOROUGH Biloxi GLORIA KAY SCHWEIZER Hafliesburg ERNEST CLYDE SELLERS Richlon Sevenfh Row: JOHN CALVIN SELLERS Rockford, Ill. FLOYD ALLEN SEYMOUR Haffiesburg HARRY K. SCHIAVONE Arlinqlon, Va. DAVID LEE SHEPPARD Jackson KAY SHIVERS Eigh+I1 Row: BILL SHOWS DOLORES JEAN SIMMONS MYRTLE JANE SIMMONS SUSAN SIMMONS WILLIAM P. SIMPSON Orlando, Fla. Monfgomery, Ala. Pascagoula Magnolia Columbia Gulfporl S O IV' fi, je EZ? -Y . , ,A ' 1 f, ff T" PH RES I Q54 'N , . I.. . 'ak Y , Q uni? 'Va ""::7 .ws '15 19525. 751177 ,fr 'N Q W' 'W N-' '17 'affix' ' I no . J .M A E I LT' A .I VINVQ.. . A' 1 'f'E2' Az: 1 at ,,,.f' 7' 'I . .I . B 4 A W, Clr V ' .,v,:: 5 .,V ' A-ff II , P Q-.9 -Qu 'Q liz A X? is V fv hx fx- ..r'- - .... 1 AL, .J XE' Q , ,I ,gina 5- X ' A ia- me 92? ng' A A , ri I? . I' x -- .f f in V' .I ,,. X . Qi my 3' 'K ,E 4 J sf sf ...Af I38 Firsl' Row: BOBBIE CAROLYN SINGLETON CHARLES LYLE SKINNER BETTY SMITH KENNETH LAMAR SMITH MARTHA ANN SMITH Second Row: PATTY GAIL SMITH SHELBY LAWRENCE SMITH JR. THOMAS M. SMITH SUZANNE SNIDER JO ANN SOWELL Third Row: JAMES L, SPEAKE, JR. EDWARD ARNOLD SPENCE ALICE MARIE SPRINGER CHARLES F, STAEHLE FRANCES CAROLYN STAFFORD Fourfh Row: ROSE STANFORD RAE STANFORD JACOUELYN STANLEY COLLIER LAMAR STARKEY CALVIN WARE STEGALL Fiffh Row: KENNETH JOHN STEINER Tylerlown Jackson Puckell Lonq Beach Greenville Lurnberlon Luceclale Pelal Bay S+. Louis Magee I-la+Tiesburo Picayune Lurnberlon Bay S+, Louis I-la+Iie-sburo Laurel Leakesville Jackson, Ala. Semrneg Ala. Halliesburg Mobile, Ala. JON LYNN STEINHOEE Cape Girardeau, Mo. JERRY ALBERT STEWART Tylerlown JERRY SUE STEWART Calhoun Ci+y MARY ANN STEWART Brookhaven Six+h Row: . MARY O. STEWART Yazoo Cily C. A. STOJCICH Biloxi DORIS JEAN SULLIVAN Collins SANDRA VIVIAN SULLIVAN Nalclwez MARILOU SWANEY Laurel Sevenfh Row: ELIZABETH HOPE TALBERT Halliesburg GEORGE J. THERIOT Biloxi KAY THOMPSON Prenliss DELANEY MARK TOUPS Gulfporf GENEVA TUCKER Halfiesburg Eighfh Row: DONALD MARK VASTERLING New Orleans, La. AUDREY T. VAUGHN Laurel LAWRENCE WARREN VILLERET Jackson JERRY RAY VODICKA Omaha, Neb. HILTON WALKER. JR. Waynesboro Firsf Row: DAN CECIL TAYLOR DOROTHY LEE TI-IOMSEN JERRY H. THURMAN HUGH OBRIAN TRAWICK ALDINE MYRA TUCKER Second Row: CLINTON LEE VARNADO PATSY F. VAUGHAN Laurel Halliesburg Pinola Mobile, Ala. Magnolia Wesson Marks BEVERLY KATHERINE WAKELAND Halliesburg JACKIE ELAINE WALDEN JOE V, WALKER Third Row: CHARLES ALBERT WARREN JOHN W. WATKINS ROBBIE C. WATKINS DONALD BART WATSON ALTA LEE WEEFORD Fourih Row: ANN ELIZABETH WHITE JAMES SAMUEL WHITEHEAD WILLIAM WILHELMI ALICE L. WILKINSON BARBARA JANE WILLIAMS Fiflh Row: GUY ALLEN WILLIAMS LaVOYNNE WILLIAMS SYLVIA M. WILLIAMS HOWARD IRVIN WINK GLENN LAMAR WISE Seven'Il1 Row: JAMES KIRK WOOLEY DON A. WYSE Jackson Jackson Orrville, Ala. Moselle Moselle Soullw Shore, Ky. Lucedale Halfiesburg Halliesburg Rockford, III. Halliesburg Prichard, Ala. Wilmer, Ala. Foresl' Columbia Gullporl Mobile, Ala. Arlingfon, Va. Greenville I, , ef" i4 I " , . ,Q '4'ii5!iV Q Y J., gm IN H ffwl F fXl J Ci 39' I 'kj " if 3 f Q 0, f Wm IA X ,,. Q 4 S P RES . L .f'??'rff1'i Y ..Q4-H Tir-6' 'f"7 ,g il .. Ly, : 4-Q' . 7, 'ku 1 Q ,,,, , - ,.., -- fr .4m"iv+7fx I-Gil SOPHOMORE FAVORITES Lynda Caldwell and Billy Hewes I39 ,ov- C -49' Pm fix I -419' H--A if A .r.r F RIES H NIE N Firsf Row: RONALD ABLE DARRELL LOYD ADAMS Melairie, La. Gilberlown, Ala. JO ANN ADAMS Halliesburg CARRIE AINSWORTH Florence OLIVER AINSWORTH Mendenhall Second Row: GAYLE EDWARD ALBRITTON Waynesboro JIMMIE LU ALBRITTON Halliesburg LINDA ALDRICH Nalclwez ALBERT H. D. ALEXANDER Laurel GAYLE ANDERSON Halllesburg Third Row: MARY MARGARET ANDREWS Liberiy WILLIAM ERVIN ARRINGTON Gullporl RICH EMILE ASSAE I-Iaiiiesburg DELLE AVARY Laurel J. THOMAS BAILEY Laurel Fourfh Row: MARY ELLEN BAIRD Pensacola, Fla. LESTER ALLAN BAKER Nalclnez MARGARET CAROLYN BAKER Mobile, Ala. RANDALL A. BAKER Vicksburg THOMAS A. BALDENHOEER Bay Sl. Louis Fiffh Row: MILDRED BALL Ellzabellw Cily, N. C. KENNETH H. BARLOW McComb RAY BARRETT Columbus PATRICIA RUTH BASDEN Gullporl LESLIE R. BEARDEN Pascagoula Sixfh Row: VIRGINIA GAYLE BENEDICT Greenville MELBA ANN BERGER Belzoni ATWOOD BERRY Waynesboro MAMIE JERALDINE BERTAIJT Hallriesburg FRED R. BEVERLY Seven+I1 Row: ROBERT C, BICKLEY ROBERT R. BIRD JOHN DAVID BODDEN SUZANNE MARGARET BOGGESS SANDRA ANN BOLAND Eighih Row: JIM BONNER EUGENE KEITH BOUNDS LARRY EUGENE BRADLEY JERRY LOUIS BRATU HARLENE BRELAND Ninfh Row: LAVETTA VICTORIA BRELAND MARTHA ANN BRELAND DONALD RAY BREWER JERRY LYNN BROWN WHIZZBY BROWN Tenfla Row: CONNIE RUTH BRUMFIELD MEADETTE DIANE BRUMFIELD STANLEY HARVEY BRUMFIELD PAT BRUNSON JANE ANN BURFORD New Orleans, La. Soullwamplon, Pa. Pascagoula Mobile, Ala. Macon Halfiesburg Meridian Raleigh Sumrall Laurel McLain Broolclyn Wiggins Mobile, Ala. Halfiesburg Gulfpori' Tylerfown Tyleriown Magnolia Madden Mobile, Ala. . -lip' "IST i"l ,v .1 1 '4- 'A I ..- ,Qs 3 no " I -MI A I 17 ff' -23' T 'A , E 'z L' , . T1 J 2 ,,. J 1 -.H c9' if !':f'j gm, .-In . hx" ,pu Ir I 1 ' J .A I ,-an 4, 4, -an X-1' ,HRK . ' 5 i ' A-Q 3 .,- I 4 i il T il A , I- Q - ' - '- Q ' Q X 5 ' 01 " " " -f X J LL gg I '41 Q' I f' ,- hw. w.- Q . 4' , - ..- -47 ' "7 J" v ' 3- ? G' I v- .a 6' --2 , . -5 F -if 1 ei ,f I N N 1 ' . -A x -'I 'rf ,lb FRESHMEN Firsl Row: CHARLES NOLON BUSH. JR. MARGARETTE RUTH CALHOUN ANN CAMPBELL BARBARA ANN CANTERBURY SANDRA SUE CARLISLE Second Row: REBECCA ELIZABETH CARR RONALD CHARLES CARTER ENRIOUE CASTELLANO NORMAN WAYNE CATLEDGE Laurel Columbia Ne-w+on Pensacola, Fla, Biloxi Halliesburg Prichard, Ala, Lima, Peru Winler Park, Fla. NANCY LEE CAUGHMAN Magee Third Row: DONNA DEE CAYTEN Long Beach CARROLL CHAPMAN Mendenhall DONALD CHAPMAN Halliesburg FRANK R. CHAPPELL McComb CONNIE RAE CHESNUT Long Beach Fourfh Row: ROBIN CHRISTNER Gullporl' EDWARD ANTHONY CIESIENSKY Baislol, Conn. MARGARET ANN CLINTON Jackson CAROLYN EUGENIA CLOUD Vicksburg MALCOLM PARKER CLOWER Biloxi Fif+h Row: KAY CAMILLE CONWAY Cryslal Springs DAVID I. COOK Pelal ALTON WAYNE COOPER Tylerlown KAY VIVIAN COTH ERN Gulfporr RICHARD KENT COTHREN McComb Sixfh Row: WOODROW D. COWART, JR. Biloxi CHARLIE M. CRAREN Meridian JOE H. CREWS. JR. McComb VIRGINIA MARGARET CROSBY Moselle LYNNDA GAYLE CULPEPPER Macon Sevenfh Row: MIRIAM REBECCA DABBS Sanalorium BARBARA KAY DANIEL Greenville JEAN ALICE DARBY Gullporr MARILYN ELAINE DARBY Halliesburg LEWIS F. DAVIS, JR. Columbia Eighfh Row: MARIE ELIZABETH DAVIS Lumberlon ANN CAROL DAY Long Beach CHARLES BLAIR DEDWYLDER Pachula DOROTHY JEAN DEES Grand Bay, Ala. SHIRLEY FRANCES DEHORITY Laurel Ninfh Row: MARY JO DENICOLA Gulfporl' GERALDINE DERRICK Foresl BETTY JEAN DEVELIN Raleigh RICHARD OWEN DOIRON Greenwood SUZANNE CAROLYN DIX Mobile. Ala. Tenfh Row: HARRY J. DITSCHMAN Upper Black Eddy, Pa. TOM DILLON Tylerlown TOM BERRY DICKSON Jackson DOROTHY DICKSON I'IaHiesburg NORMA DEW Jackson 7, I . A ' ., ,. Tfflli 3 A I ,, K Q' , ' -fa ' ge A 'E' A ' I -If I 'lf E -R.. I' 'M '13 .J if 'R IWW? L I 3 .fly 1 -0 M is fi I Lf ' A X , 1 I It 5 IVA W' A' Qi ,H ,ns nf ff- 1 Rv- ,R ...mfr W . fn af Y A 4 'P d , ' f R , so A .E 1, , , M. ,f E IA .f ., ,wi A -f' O 43 5 I A A ,R Z2 yffjfif af Rig ,L ,, ff-1 0 E or , X ,.,.- X: , ...,..,, ' ' 4 - R aff f AH , mai ' ,L ff' U W A W- 5 -ef' I . va uf is will. 1 if " M uf fl, , ,f 1424 wg, A ..,- - eu- f , " ' Q. ww sw L22 Z 3 N 3 6 .. 043 4 WU' ,A -3 g . , '- ll- I .11 Xa" 'F I E S If -A fl. A J . I 74. LT"'l,P..I , wr" N , n An- 'DK' qv W . 'gif' .er An -a-1 n- H-a N -1" I 9 3' FRESHMEN Firsf Row: VICKY ANN DUNN FRANNIE DORSETT ROBERT MAURICE DORSEY BILL P. DOTY JESSE DEAN DRAKE Second Row: CARREEN E. DRISKELL WILLIAM E. DUKES WILLIAM RUFUS EASTERLING JAMES MADISON EDWARDS JOHN THOMAS ELFER Third Row: BETTY ELIAS FRANCES DUGGER EMERSON JORGE A. ESCOBAR THURMOND L. EVANS NANCY GRACE EZELLE Fourfh Row: MADELYN THAMES EVERETT MAUDELL CELESTE FAIRCHILD PATRICIA FAIRCHILD DAVID ORAN "SAM" FAUGHN LADELL FILLINGAME Fiflh Row: AUSTIN FINKLEY ANN FLETCHER BOBBY PRICE FLETCHER TIM V. FOLEY, JR. JULIA M. FORD Sixlh Row: MARTHA "CISSY" FORD BETTY ALICE FLYNN GARRAL FORTENBERRY WYATT FORTENBERRY DANIEL RAY FREEMAN Sevenfh Row: HARRY JOHN FRERICHS CAMILLE GAMBLIN BEN GANTT BECKY GARDNER JACOUELINE GAY Eighih Row: IRATHLEEN MARTHA GAUTIER HAROLD GECKER LEON GECKER PHYLIS OEIOER JOANNA GEORGE Ninfh Row: THOMAS NICHOLAS GEORGES JEAN MARIE GERMUILLER THERESA ANNE GILLENTINE THAD W. GINN MARION ELIZABETH GLENN Tenfh Row: JAMES GOFF RICHARD GOLDBERG GENE C. GOODWIN SUSAN ELIZABETH GOULD RALPH MOORE GRANTHAM Philadelphia Wiggins Hafliesburg Forresl Cify, Ark. Jackson Jackson, Ala. Magee McLain Laurel SI. Rose, La. Gulfporl' Jackson Huancayo, Peru Collins Vicksburg Magee Woodville Jackson Campbell Long Beach Monroeville, Ala. Pascagoula Haffiesburg Clarksdale Woodville Jennings, La. Rolling Fork Mendenhall Tyleriown Saraland, Ala. Chalawa Meridian Paferson, N.J. Jackson Pelal Biloxi Brooklyn, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. Halliesburg Ha++iesburg Piffsburgh, Pa. Naichez Hallieslsurg Tylerfown Halliesburg Van Cleave Brooklyn, N. Y. Macon Mobile, Ala. Sfringer FRESHMEN we Firsl Row: HOWARD MARTIN GRAY JAMES ERWIN GREEN BRENDA GREEN LAWRENCE GREER ROBERT C. GREGORY Second Row: BEVERLY JO GRIFFIN CAROLYN ELIZABETH GRI FFITH JACKIE CLEBURN GRISSOM MURIEL S. GROUE CHARLES J. GUICE Third Row: JAMES LYMAN GUNN JERRY R. GUNTER JOYCE ELAINE HALAT JUDITH MARIE HALE SHELBY JEAN HANCOCK Fourfh Row: WILLIAM SIDNEY HANISEE ISABEL HANSBROUGH JOHNNIE SUE HARPER CAROLYN LOUISE HARRIS JUDITH ANN HARRISON Fiifh Row: HELEN GAYLE HARROD BARBARA JANE HATTEN MARY ANN HAYS VIRGIL LEVERETTE HAYES RUTH HEARN Sindh Row: JOHN HAROLD HEIDER MARY KATHERINE HERRIN TOXIE ELLEN HERRING ROBERT DAVID HEGWOOD MARY GLENN HIGGASON Sevenfh Row: Halliesburg Jackson Picayune Panama Cily, Fla. Wesl Halliesburg Prenliss Tupelo Biloxi Jackson Mobile, Ala. Greenville Biloxi Vicksburg Mobile, Ala. New Orleans, La. Mandeville, La. Vicksburg Jackson Chalranooga, Tenn. Long Beach Purvis Philadelphia Canlon Mobile, Ala. Harliesburq Halliesburg Canlon Halfiesburg Halliesburg WELDON FRANCIS HIGGINBOTHAM Heidelberg VIRGINIA RUTH HILL CAROL ANN HOBBS ANNE HOLBERG GLORIA NELL HOLCOMB Eighfh Row: BOBBY J. HUDSON JOEY E. HUDSON ROBERT HUGGINS ROSEMARY HUGHS ROBARD YOUNGUE HUGHES Ninfh Row: VERNITA ANNE HURD JERRY HURT ELIZABETH MAE HUTCHINS TEMPLE ARNOLD INNIS JERRY MALONE JACKSON Tenfh Row: NANCY LOUISE JACKSON REX JACKSON THOMAS FRANK JACKSON CHRISTINE JACOBS JANELLE JAMES New Orleans, La. Bay SI. Louis Meridian Halliesburg Collins Sumrall Greenwood Glosler Jackson Moss Poini Lumberion Jackson Halliesburg Mobile, Ala. Barnesville, Ga. Jackson Selma. Ala. Shelby Gulfporr W ,,. my 2 rf I .Vw 4 fp.. lm- . A as 'F' , it va I I I 222 . 'sw Qs ! .A R .,.w W- irvvv' 2 RQ-MK .Q 'WS as Sk. -sfgsgif W 4,-bay' .' - X, inf. if - - ' Q to . ' .LES- ' f s Q 1 1 - if X . . X Y X I X X N X 'Y' W, .J Q' X X . A,u Ni if gy ' gs N gs-. . We 'lg Q32 ' '4 Z 11 . , no ff + I A 1 ' I ' I ' 2 A ,rp 7 .3 3 , , 1 "NV Q -3. at ,gf -f H Cf "lm, li Q ' W, -1-gr '- -if 1 ,. ,Tj V V 'KZ W I4 I . -P ,531 ' 31723 ' 1- I-'EZ g if gf-gn, f i' ,, ,w sz 73, -' .f W T1 - V14-J I 2 fx'-ff' 'Q' fr ' 4, '52, .Z A QW A 1, 5, 5- ,Q 4:9 i f ,., '- ' , V1 f X "" ? . I I 2 ' 2 437.5 an 5-L : . Lf .f 1 I 1 f M If f I VLVW We J ., V . fi . .... A , , , -' , A Q ,M , 1, G ,ff ,f ,,g "W I Q 'Mi I' X72 -If E - ,. fl ,Af Chg ' , g , f 4 -imp V . I I A B-ii-,Evi l X 1 - 42 NP . 0 , V. X X' xl Nic, sw A N , -1 5 Y if :sl X 1 vs iss ,MV , ,,,. Q wld .sal . ....,, . . W ,, 1 Qxksm ' of ' SN 3 , Q I N- A ovfa T . .sa .ss f-Q. . 4" ' SK we I J B 'A ww ' I' -- ' , A F' . I N , ,A sc A ' I 'Mei Him' I I 1 - A'-T - g Je lf! , 4 .am 4 N-asf' A i . .,, .xxx x .Y .ff . - --v :L of ,paul f"'ln -UQ' -.owl -"""'S" .sm Wwrxk X Xxx ies-NSS ,N N ,SEQ X 1. Ya 'E ff N UBI, V5 3: x FRESHMEN Firsf Row: DIANNE JEFFCOAT EAYE RENE JERNIGAN ROBERT HAROLD JIMINEZ BETTY DALE JOHNSON CECIL CARLTON JOHNSON Second Row: JULIANNE JOHNSON MARVIN MYERS JOHNSON CHARLES H. JONES MARY LOUISE JOHNSON MALCOLM R. JONES Third Row: DORIS JEAN JONES GAYE JORDAN PATRICIA ANITA JORDAN DAVID SKOUEL KAHLSTORF MIRIAM KAHN Fourfh Row: MARY RUBY KALIF JACKIE KAZAR CAROLYN ANN KEEL ELLEN SUE KEITH BILL KENNEDY Fiffh Row: ABBY E. KENT ARTHUR F. KERSH THOMAS W. KIDD IRIS LINN KING DON KNIGHT Sixrh Row: WANDA KOSKI ROSALIE KULUZ BETTY LADNER CLYDE A. LADNER LYNDA LAMMERS Severffh Row: ANNA BELLE LANGLEY JUDY ANN LANGLINAIS BARBARA LAWRENCE SALLY JO LAWRENCE RAMONA PAT LEA Eighth Row: AGNES LINDA LEE JERRY MAX LEE PATRICIA FAYE LEE WANDA ANN LEE GAYLA ESTHER LEMON Ninfh Row: SHELBY JEAN LEWIS RALPH EDWARD LIKINS JOE DUBOIS LIPSCOMB LETTIE ALLEECE LITTLETON CAROL GWYNNE LONG Tenlh Row: FLOYD EUGENE LONG SANDRA JEAN LOPER BARBARA ANN LOTT PHYLLIS GAY LOTT JAMES LOWE Pass Chrislian Jackson Biloxi Hailiesburg Rosedale Monroeville, Ala. Prichard, Ala. Raleigh Tylerfown Purvis Prichard, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Laurel Greenville Eerriclay, La. Pass Chrisfian Tchula Gulfporl Hafliesburg Tylerlown Kenfwood, La. Halfiesburg Bay S+. Louis Prenliss Varnado. La. Nalchez Biloxi Picayune Clermonl Harbor Jackson Pascaqoula Biloxi Ocean Springs Lumberlon Lynn Haven, Fla. Jackson Houma. La. Pelal Lumberlon Hazlehurslr Dolhan, Ala. Biloxi Jackson Poplarville Jackson Mobile, Ala. Laurel Seminary Leakesville Lumberlon -u. A: I par-A 'I,,.s: --'V' V xi I "' V f N YY.. ', v ' Tl' A s V . , is Nl V W 5. ., Q V. , L fa' if. J' .. I QM I A .2 4 - ff MSE I -'X son mf ,Wm ' M sg f-.-- , ' -, S1 , f f D Jr, . ' ' ik: x Y V 4 fx S115 iv L S413 fn.. 4 W .Rx wr 5 ,i 'BI SR Q..-I i "1 4? ' ,Tv .EZ fs lv f-Q, t 1 il ' . Ni ,SA KA 4 I I I X X kg. X U1 1 ,Lg .L jk I 1 is J. ,S fs. lx'X' YV- T :J in. 4.1, 3 -45' V. sf Id AQ .4 -n L, N w -v "7 AL 9 Y' f. ik ,ff sl -4 I Q fx l vjf Q-. .aff up , - I7 ln 'HI I -0-f A S ,." 1 .WI . hug.- - IP- I 1 -Q ies? 3 L M1 l '...47 FRESHMEN Firsi Row: MARY JO LUCAS KEN J. LUEKEN JUDITH KATHRYN LUKE EVELYN LUTRICK GEORGE CLARK MABRY, III Second Row: SALLY MANNING TONY MARTIN JO MASON R. M. MATHEWS ANN MATTHEWS Third Row: CHARLIE MAYS PAT MAYS LYNDA LOUISE McCANN ELLEN McCLUNG JAMES ALVIN McCORMICK Fourih Row: BINNIE McCOY INA MCCRIMMON ROSE MARIE McCULLOCH GEARY B. McDONALD JOE P. McGEE Fif+h Row: JULIUS MclLWAIN JAMES EDWIN MCINNIS MILTON COOPER McKAY CAROLYN MCKIBBEN BOBBY T. McLAUGHLIN Sixlh Row: GLEN RAY McMAHAN GLORIA MCMULLAN BETTY JEAN MCMURCHY FONCE MCPHAIL HORACE McOUEEN, JR. Sevenfh Row: JOY McRAE JAMES THOMAS McRANEY ROGER STEWART McVAY MELINDA ARNOLD McWILLIAMS DORIS MARIE MEADOWS Eighfh Row: MARTI'lA MERCER BRUCE B. MILLER DELANE MILLER EDITI-I ANN MILLER TOMMY S. MITCHELL Ninih Row: TRAVIS MITCHELL LEROY EDWARD MORGANTI JACKIE MORRIS JUDITH MORRIS JACK MOSLEY Tenfh Row: DONALD E. MURPHY JO ANN MURRAY DONNA JEAN MYRICK LARRY KYLE NARON RENO NECAISE Halliesburg Meridian Union Jackson Calhoun Cily Anquilla Easl Brewlon, Ala. Halliesburg Vicksburg Jackson Orlando, Fla. Moss Poinf Halliesburg Vicksburg McComb Pelal Robbins, N. C. Greenwood Chickasaw, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Waynesboro Halliesburq Haliiesburq Tchula Clarksdale Halliesburg Decaiur Jackson Halliesburg Crosby Meridian Hafliesburg Moblie, Ala. Halliesburg Ellisville Long Beach Ocean Springs Collins Lauderdale Mobile, Ala. Gulfporr Rosedale Fairhope, Ala. Tylerlown Mobile, Ala. Pekin, III. Pascagoula Heidelberg Housion Bay S+. Louis - X qv ...- .,,. I L fl . 3 .. n - J' ii X ,. fx' .- '27 4' T If 5 'gf ...M 'av 95" 5. ,-- --1 , I-"MN 1 I Q ' ,mv K Q. my I. A, -WV X , ,za , ,., il y ,Aga Q., jx . - ,. Q5 . Ig 4,3 N.. i. ' 3' "fd, f-P" fi ...' gi-. -N W' 1 guy? W .. 3 W X 'Q ' .- I, .mg As M5 A , I- I J I L . f f ' ,I x .4 I . I . K me - 'f ful' I f 5 1 i J 'Q . . ,- 4 as A, , N 31' . .' A D M I I A I . , S ,Jn J 1 .w , "' ,Q 'N' . f '-1.1 4' 'TIP 1 ig uf av Y -N 2 Y - 1 1' war' 4 wav, A. J AA 'Q Q . cy 551 2 35 'gr ca A wa. A-1' 7 X if if 41 A . '21 I i ' 'ik F, N 5 , 4, 4.- 4-1 IL. I' X! I fy Y if .I iw- I -gf . A T 01 i .. ng' -' ' Io A SHM EN WILLIAM N. NELSON WILLIAM T. NETTLES JERRY DEWIN NEVILLE CAROL ANNETTE NEW JANE NEWTON Second Row: PERCY L. NOBLES ANNA OAKLEY MARVIN R. OGLESBY ROSEMARY OTTO MARY ELLEN OWENS Third Row: RITA OWENS JOSEPH MARTIN PABST, JR. SARAH PACKER JERRY L. PADGETT JOE PRUITT PARK Fourfh Row: JIMMY L. PARKS CECIL H. PARMER PEGGY ANNE PARRISH BETTY PATTERSON SAMUEL LAMAR PATTERSON FIHI1 Row: BETTY PAYNE EDWIN LEE PERKINS ALFRED VASOUEZ PERRINS L ANN MARIE PETKOUSEK HELEN CAROLYN PHELPS Sixih Row: CARYLEE ANN PHILLIPPI JANE LYN PIERCE BUDDY PITTMAN DONALD B. PITTMAN JIMMY EUGENE POLK Sevenfh Row: JEFFERY LYNN POGUE DANIEL J. POWERS LINDA NELL PRATT BOBBY OUIMBY JUDITH ELAINE RANDLE Eighfh Row: SAMUEL RAY MARY LOUISE READY SHIRLEY REAVES TEDDY DEES REED N. C. RHODES Ninih Row: CAROLYN SUE RIALS ROSEMARY RICH FRAN RILEY MARY HELEN RISHER JOSEPHINE WARE ROBBINS Tenfh Row: JERRY E. ROBERTS JUDY ROBERTS CAROLYN ROBERTSON E. PEYTON ROBERTSON MARTHA ANN ROBINSON a Lim Jackson Monroeville, Ala. HaHiesburg Pelal Amire, La. Sumrall Pine Hill, Ala. Columbus Lake Worlln, Fla. Semmes, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Van Cleave Naichez Mobile, Ala. Tupelo Haifiesburg Prichard, Ala. Gulfpori Mendenhall Porf Gibson Edinburg Mobile, Ala. a, Honduras, C.A. Nalchez Niflayuma Haffiesburg Mobile. Ala. MI. Olive Mize Ha++iesburg Laurel Mobile, Ala. Wiggins Monroeville. Ala. Hazlelnursl Belzoni Biloxi Pelal Hahliesburg Bay SI. Louis Hazlehursf Tupelo College Park, Md. Hafiiesburg Haffiesburg Smackover, Ark. Gaufier Jackson McComb Jackson FRESHMEN Firsf Row: LANCE ROOKER SANDRA ROSS RUBY MELIN ROWELL SHIRLEY DEAN RUNNELS JOYCE RUSSELL Second Row: LINDA LOUISE RUSSELL WILLIAM RUSSELL SANDRA RYLAND JAMES D. SALTER CAROLYN SANDERS Third Row: NANCY SANDIFER ROSS SA-NFORD GLORIA SAUNDERS CELESTE SAVELL MAXINE SCHRADER Fourfh Row: SCOTTIE SCHWARZ STEVE SCOTT FRANCES SEAMEN SALLY SEE OLIVIA M. SEKUL Fifrh Row: ROSE SETARO JIMMY KEITH SHARP LEON SHARP JERALD L. SHARPE NORMA SHOEMAKE Sixfh Row: MATTIE SHOEMAKER THOMAS SHORTS C. H. SHOWS ROBERT EDMUND SHOWS BARRY SILLS Sevenrh Row: BIENVILLE SKIPPER HELEN JANE SLADE BILLIE JOYCE SMITH FRED JEWEL SMITH HARRY DURWOOD SMITH Eighfh Row LARRY NORMAN SMITH MYRTLE ELOUISE SMITH PAUL RAY SMITH THOMAS HUNTER SMITH, III WILLIAM HEMINGWAY SMITH Ninfh Row: JEAN SMITHIE ARNIE JOE SOWDEN GEORGIA FAYE STABLER DAVID L. STAFFORD ANNETTE STARLING Tenih Row: TOMMY STEELE BARBARA ANN STEELMAN PETE STEGENGA BETTY LANE STEVENS HOWARD R. STEVENS Laurel Gullporr Gullporr I-lalliesburg Springfield, Ky. Hafliesburg Mobile, Ala. Chalom, Ala. Pelerman, Ala. Margarila, Canal Zone Jackson Yazoo Cily Morfon Philadelphia Baxferville Greenville llla Bena Pascagoula Carlhage Biloxi Vicksburg Gulfporl Greenville Halfiesburg Peral Mendenhall Laurel OveH Sanford Kosciusko Macon Jackson Chickasaw, Ala. Hailiesburg Nalchez McComb Richfon Jackson Monlicello Halliesburg Jayess Haifiesburg Waynesboro Buller, Ala. Jackson Jackson Ocean Springs Pass Chrislian Picayune Halliesburg I47 5 r Z' f yr l al M ,f Af . ,Q - 4 ff W 1 ,T R 4-M Y f., if an 'za T1 f Q29 9 vm' . In ,f J X. Q .,. I.. fi A , M I -3-, ,f all Wm' "' ,X iw 5' asv' " 'AA " Tx -.X 1 x....q,w K sf fsx. -3 XJN m A A sf rx sQ 9 wx ww 7 7,8 1 I'-il ff? 'GW of V, Q .- 3 wr' ,ax fin. x T cv W, dir 4. 1 e. sg J- ...S Z ..... , ! J ' A .viii ' ff Qs , 4 N ar- , . ,df ,Q qi., K- 1, n43i A 433. J. LA... WM Q53 0 Huw! -Q X 1 nn 4- x A 1 AF' .2 Q 3, K Q 5 -A - 'il'- -stew 4, cs. i""Qbf X P Nm X, IAQ! .qw x .S Qc' KQ5TF:'.f:'Ix21-512.4-'-.EG-Q'7?3. 715:72-:"f"f" f ' .2 .egg - AM ,-,N ,-an 'F 4- v . up J' G W1 if Y ,, , 2 'rv ' . A fy V4 'M . , . 3' is -4' gf I 4 I 5. s sw? Q, wifi: we may ,nav .Fl , 'i","'! 3: W 5 1 If lang N527 f ef- I , A. ab. ,ua . A , 3 '75NT'f??f"' , 0tN'4P3iNff.'IE. E' ,si V. :WR if S' ' ' W ' , af? 3 Sh aw , , .V ,A fi , LV X ...... 5 ' V21 4. fi ur I I V , , .. QI' -vi X sa' .S ., .-wang sw' ss-,Ps F1 , . I f 'rv up-'I 1 A 17 .,.,-Vx jlsz .gif , Q, A ' i f 1 . 10 , 9-0? , .,,, 'Q', Q , W9 , Za-W., dw, , .rw .T 17 f AA EK . ix ..- ,rf ,QS 5' FRESHMEN Firsi Row: PATRICIA DELLE STEVENS Louisville WILLIAM K. STEVENS Collins GENE STEWART Moss Poin+ JOSEPH STOGNER Tylerlown JOY DEA STOGNER Tylerlown Second Row: SYBIL STOGNER Tylerlown SAMMY WARREN STOVALL Columbia CORA STRAHAN Baxlerville JOYCE STRICKLER Pascagoula DELANE M. STUART Halliesburg Third Row: JOHN THOMAS STUMPH Mobile, Ala. ROYCE EARL SULLIVAN MI. Olive VIRGINIA ANN SULLIVAN Nalchez DOUGLASS SUTHERLAND Jackson JUNE SWETMAN Biloxi Fourfh Row: JANET SWICEGOOD Crislobal, Canal Zone LYNN TANNER Jackson MIKE J. TARANTO Pensacola, Fla. BILLY EUGENE TAYLOR Fernwood ANN CAROLYN TEE Halliesburg Fi'H'h Row: DAVID TELHIARD Pensacola. Fla. CATHERINE DODD TEMPLE Halliesburg CARL THIBEAUX Bay S+. Louis JAMES THOMAS Halliesburg MARY JOYCE THOMAS Halliesburg Sixfh Row: MONA RUSH THOMAS Lumberlon DAISY THOMPSON Hafliesburg CAROLYN "JlTTER BUG" TIDWELL Pensacola, Fla. HARRELL TRICE. JR. DOROTHY TURNER Sevenih Row: JO FERRELL TYNER ELIZABETH VANN THEODORE R. VARNADOE MARY CAROLYN VOWELL JOE J. WAITS Eigh+h Row: JOHN EDWARID WALLACE RUTH WALLACE SHANNON WALLER THOMAS GARY WALLER BRADFORD DANE WALLEY Ninfh Row: VIRGINIA L. WALLEY HAROLD WALTERS WILLIAM REX WALTMAN LONNIE WALTERS JOLY WAMBLE Tenih Row: CHAILLE MARIE WARD ELDRED LYNN WARD SARAH ANN WARNACK MARTHA R. WARREN CAROLYN ANN WATKINS Gilberiown, Ala. RiCI1Ion Jackson Cilronelle, Ala. Chickasaw, Ale. Jackson Halfiesburg Mobile, Ala. Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Yazoo Cily Neely Neely Pelal Hurley Hafiiesburg Jaclcson Cifronelle. Ala. Mobile, Ala. Jackson Selma Ala Jalclcson A4 A el ,av .ad W . . Q, 'Qi 'I' x x .4 , 41 --'Y' ,x- . so X, + S ,.,, sa' W. L -V"""'7 Yay -p f Us . -1- -J , 'Ts ll' -vo 'B Q-Y-rx ' 4 A if r J. do NJ' .4 fs lr' . X 2- A '49 --af' -O 7 New ' a W uf id' H. ...nv"' J' .gg J F uf' A A I . ' ' 7? Q. .7 MLK' I ff .v swf' '-I' , -...W " , . Af 249, . .p 4. 5 fl - f if 'W If 555 X f r . - ' Q s. ww' 3' 'K' fs as A is FRESHMAN FAVORITES Richard Assaf and Ann Tee FRESHMEN Firsf Row: JEFF WEAVER HELEN JANE WEBB PATTI WEBSTER AUDREY WEEMS KELLY WEEMS Second Row: CAROLYN WELLBORN GWEN WENTWORTH NORMA JO WEST REX FERRALL WHITE DARL JENE WHITECOTTON Third Row: CYNTHIA WHITEHEAD FRANCES SUE WILCOX JAMES RAY WILKINSON MARY ANN WILKERSON RALPH N. WILKERSON Fourfh Row: ED J. WILLIAMS, JR. EMILY WILLIAMS FRED EDWIN WILLIAMS JEANELLE WILLIAMS PERCY L. WILLIAMSON Fifth Row: CORA JO WILSON TERRY LEE WILSON PETE WOOLSEY SANDRA PAGE HELEN YOUNG .Six+h Row: SANDRA LOU YOUNG JOYCE ALBERT Jackson Jackson Colorado Springs, Colo, Canfon Biloxi I-Iariiesburg Laurel Gulfporf Guliporf Haffiesburg Woodville Carfhage McComb Long Beacli Biloxi Jackson Mobile, Ala. Meridian Laurel Haffiesburg Bay Springs Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Recl Bay, Ala. Fayelleville, N. C. Cryslal Springs, Miss. Berwyn, III. .,3i..g7e f l -X Q. 's Vx x i 11 VX A i, ,. M 'is 1-7 nw" ff -If 5 ui? ,, 'Q ,,,,, 4' A. 498 iv ' Q 2 R3 f f W 1 'dl' -J WV P .- fl?-'W I 1' 1 I - Z 1 f f f 0 1 ff ff .' . , ,,fy'f1. Y .Q f ,fw X ' 5 5 1. A ,Ag ff L .., LN 5 4 2 - W 55 ,f cf , ,fmyv -ri""f.,, W? fav ff -11,5 WIQQ' gag - , W R,j,-Tifzp ' . rig -ff R 1: , x 'L D , 1, 5, " L -LW ran .1 ul Rf-mf' ,W 1. if R, 'R f A ,f , 1 W , -of N.,J X . , I' f I . sl Our Firsf Row: PASCAL W. BARRON ROBERT L. CAYLOR DENSON E. DEAVERS Second Row: VIRGINIA EDGAR SHADWORTH ELMORE PEDRO FELIPE FERNANDEZ Third Row: MARYE CHARLZA GARNER ELAINE GRAVES GLORIA JOAN HANKINS Fourfh Row: JERRY W. HIGDON JOHN Lewis HIGHSMITH MORRIS M. JONES Fiffh Row: MARIANNA SIMMONS GERALD BUTLER SOUYRES EUGENE JOSEPH STASSI Sixfh Row: BILLY PAUL STUART SHANNON SUAREZ Queen Vi EDITH BARKSDALE VANSLYKE I50 Ne fZ?l Houslon Cleveland Tylerfown HaHiesburg Ellisville Bilbao, Spain Pensacola, Fla. Tylerfown Laurel Pensacola, Fla. Biloxi Hafliesburq McComb Brookhaven w Orleans, La. Morlon Biloxi Haffiesburg X 1 gf X f f xQ:QQ E? A M""-rXq' AWJMQQ My X fg'i,.,9 ' si 2 rf ' 1 ' 6 5 si Q, 1. Q . Aj Jay -W v qi: xr X. Q K f ,pig 1 f l , . 'f 92 6 . 51. ,sf -- -of, M , mvwa-wxwfrw aw- ? , ,Z 3 . I . Lx, '51 NL iqg Q I , 4 'L I ' 'Q 4 ' aff, a - P .3 , A X . 513 A Aux.-Q ,.4l, V wg FM. ' -6 N 1 f MM 5 3 X aggr- mv- 95? THE STUDENT SENATE qv Sealed, Lefl lo Righl: Alice Aitken, Ann Adelle McKay, Llnda Aldrich, Mona Rhea Walkins, Babs Easom, Beverly Prayior, Lynda Caldwell, Barbara Franklin. Second Row Left fo Right: Ed Rasberry, Bill Woodrick, Bob Nahrgang, Calherine Temple, Mary Ellen Baird, Liddell Hay, Floyd Prehoda, Kay Honeycuh, Carolyn Wellborn, Tommy Sfeele Ben Boll, Richard Assaf. Third Row, Lefl lo Right: AI Ellis, Jackie McCullough, Barbara Beach, Willie Dora Eskeridge, Kay Cunningham, "Peanul" Arringlon, Kay Conway Truman Piftman, Donna Mat-rhews, Jane Hunt. l NWN R LAM -gd,-'x . T Lefl fo Righl: Kelion Morris, Bill Corr, Chairman, Iris Michael, Tommy Col. l54 -Els: ,1- P . f OFFICERS HENRY RHODES Presideni PAUL COTTEN Eirsi Vice-Presideni BETTY YELVERTON Second Vice-Presidenf PEGGY TAYLOR Secreiary KEN EISCHER Treasurer i V' f MEN'S AFFAIRS BOARD Sealed, Leff lo Righl: Paul Collen, Board Presidenl, Dean Raymond H. Clegg, Advisor. Sfanding, Lefl' 'ro Righf: Gene Jordan, McMillan Hall, Bill Phillips Wesl Sladium, John Walker, CIegg's Den, Tony Roper, Green Village, John Turner, Easl Sladium, Joe Crews, Forrest Counly Hall. 'Y JI TUDENT COURT x f l L 1 1 s 1 . , ,K y 1, X " ",', 4 1 f I if 5 , s I 5 WOMEN'S AFFAIRS BGARD Lefl' lo Right: Laurie Nixon, Bollon Hall, Louise Ginn, Bollon Hall, Barbara Baird, Mississippi Hall, Carolyn McGregor, Mississippi Hall, Lareldine Lee, Hickman Hall, Molly Ross, Hickman Hall, Belly Yelverfon, Board Presidenl, Connie Chesfnul, Halliesburg Hall, Anne Walkins, Hattiesburg Hall, Rulh Hearn, Mississippi Hall, Mrs. lvah Wilber, Advisor. . R 1 , i f rx X. i i XX Y l i 1 1 r XX , 'R RX , L, is l X .. ' ' .. e Q rf-s i F , i i f 5 1 f 'W j -. ,se Q X s--fi., 2. A 'f' A A 'R ' 7 ' 1 . , xx, ln Ss' '..f - L35 f K A- f . I I I M Wsgxli ls X . .C Ev . 'N' --sir v 5,'s C . ,bs , ,Ii Lefl 'lo Rlghl: Kearney Travis, Mildred Slewarf and Ollie Yales. Jack Slone, rw Chief Juslice, is nol picfured. l55 fy. Af, -1 Members of lhe College Union Aclivilies Commilfee The College Union Aclivilies Commillee is made up ol represenla- lives from social, religious and independenl organizalions and volun- leers who requesl membership. The cornmillee plans and promoles parlies, dances, lournamenls, play nighls and olher aclivilies ol lhe Union, under lhe supervision ol lhe Social Direclor. ll is divided inlo lhree areas: Program, Decoralions, and Relreshmenls. Chairmen ol lhe individual commillees serve on lhe Execulive Commillee wilh lhe commillee presidenl. Through lhe planning and promolion ol lhis commillee, lhe Union is more able lo provide lhe sludenls wilh lhe lype program lhal is bolh wholesome and desirable. Members serving on lhe College Union Aclivilies Commillee in- Execulives, Lefl lo Righl: Jim Valenline, Presidenf, Billy Pirlle, Vice-Presidenl, Mona Walkins, Secrelary, Mrs. Mary P. Ashcrafl, Direclor. , , . , , . if f 1 l l ' l 4 l Q lt 5' l l 5 l l J ' 5 l , L 5 - : y sew. l I l In l clude: Alice Arledge, Richard Slrong, Mona Wallnins, Roggie Fuller. Harry Horn, Billy Pirlle, Kellon Morris, Donnie Seuzeneau, Iris Michael, Richard Gruber, Margarel Neely, Nan Brown, Lucrelia Applewhile. Linda Lammers, Donna Malhews, Nancy Sherrard, Sue Gould, Belly McCulchon, Peggy Prescoll, Carolyn Cloud, Jo Anne Sowell, Yvonne Powers, Rulh Gordon, Sandra Covinglon, Ellen McClung, Jo Ann Mur- rav, Nancy Ezelle, Connie Chesnul, Ken Smilh, Sid l-lanesie, William Risher, Norberl Johnson, Lawrence Smilh, Marie Davis, Belly Mc- Murchy, Donna Caylen, Brenda Greene, Jo Wilson, Belly Greene. Elizabelh Garner, Pal Fairchild, Janelle Williams, Sally Lawrence. Jim Valenline. Mr. Rader Granlham is College Union Direclor, and Mrs. Mary P. Ashcrall is social direclor ol lhe building. Guiding hands, Lefl lo Riqhl: Charles McElveen, Decoralions, Alice Arledge, Refreshmenls, Richard Slrong, Publicily, Donna Mallhews, Publications, Billy Pir- lle, Vice-Presidenl, Jim Valenline, Presidenl, Mona Walkins, Secrelary, Richard Gruber, Arrangemenls, William Risher, and Mrs. Mary P. Ashcrafl, College Union Social Direclor. M! Ji x I . - Vi , , QU3 a I i liz 3'-.+6a.ff:-'I I - 2 "l'SH'y' f' , af I I f h ,I or ffl I v I .LL l M LLM. ML, X , fx hx - ' X' ,xxx T-.,,A,, .., Y.. .ff A-'A'--MMC' DONALD DANA BARBARA EASON Dr- McCain opens flue Meclilafion Chapel which fha S.C.F. helped 'Io Presidenf Vice-Presidenf promofe, The Sluclenl Clwrislian Federalion coordinales all council and represemlalives from eacll ol llle eiglrll religious aclivilies al lvl. S. C. ll has an execulive religious organizalions on campus. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL DONALD DANA Presidenl DAVID WOOD Wesley Foundalion BARBARA EASOM Vice-Presiclervi MONA WATKINS Weslminsler Fellowship ANN PATRICK Secrelary AL ELLIS Canlerbury Club DOT LARROUX Treasurer AL WALENT Vasa League BEVERLY PRAYTOR I-lislorian GENE BENEUENUTTI Newman Club ANNRAE HORTON Publicily KARLEEN WEST Disciples Fellowship KEARNEY TRAVIS B.S.U. DR. JOHN F. NAU Advisor e - W .I I -J ' 'fs-2 I ., ,O I 1 T, wi 1 s . ' yi J 6. E- my aw Vx H - :' 'Fifi' A , 2 ,,,..,: ii I I 4 ' , 1 I E I I I ie I .I K 1' fe ?-s...f " I f 540417 CW" """' A l I A' '45l',f"'5:EEe I I--ikfd l :gil if 'f ' A I 'mfs 'M f 3 1.x Q- I, 'A 'T "" "Ulf" , f " U ,EW xx - ' ' L X X ? k NIL fl ' ' ' -6 Su ' N as Nl- II 'S .L - 1 Officers, Ieff lo righl, are Dol Larroux, lreasurerg Donald Dana, presi- A brealfasf meefing of lhe Commillee of l00 for Religious Emphasis denf, and Ann Palriclr, secrefary. Week. l57 , ,.,, ,WWI Sealed, Lefl lo Righf: Bob Denson, Charles Dawkins, Melda Ford, Sid Davison, Jackie McCullough, Marcia Embf, Arnold DeWease. Sfanding, Left 'lo Righl: Bill Simpson, Meralyn Evans, Susan Gould, Bonnie Lewis, Wilma Harl, Ken Smilh, Leroy Morganli, Charles Martin, David Meriwelher, James Edward Mclnnis, Belly Paflerson. 'Q-,5- Paflerson and Marlin walch lypeselling al +he prinlers in Columbia Reporlers Smifh. Evans and M0f96"Ii5 look Over lhe Sifuafion 4 I ! 3 1 J. PRINTZ The SI'ucIenI' PrinI'z celebrales i'rs 3OIh birfhday Ihis Year as noI' only one of Ihe Iirsl, bul as one of Ihe mosr oulsranding collegiale newspapers in Ihe nalion. Ediled for Ihe second year by Charles Marlin, Ihe Prinh received Ihe Associaled Collegiale Press "All American" award and Ihe Columbia Scholaslic Press Associafion "Medal- isI" awards for six consecurive years. This year il copped a brand new Trophy-The Vincenl Edward Socrales Adver- Iising Award, given for The Iirsr lime in I957 Io one high school or college in 'rhe Unifed Slales. I+ is The official reporler of college evenis and no'rices and appears every Friday excepr holidays during The regular school year. THE STAFF CHARLES MARTIN Execufive Edifor JACKIE MCCULLOUGH Associafe Eclifor CHARLES DAWKINS Associale Edifor DONALD DANA Associafe Edifor ROGER MILLER Business Manager MAC HAAS Associare Business Manager BETTY PATTERSON Associa+e Business Manager C. E. BOGGAN Associale Business Manager DAVID MERIWETHER Associafe Business Manager BOB DENSON News and Piclure Edifor MELDA FORD Eealure Edifor MARSHA EMBT ARNOLD DeWEASE I-IILARY JONES SID DAVIDSON Sociely Edilor Desk Eclifor Copy Edifor Sporfs EcIiI'or JANE BOSWORTH Reporfer MARILYN DARBY Reporler R. GRUBER Reporfer JAMES MCINNIS Reporfer PAT BASDEN Reporfer MERALYN EVANS Reporfer SUSAN GOULD Reporfer CECIL JOHNSON Reporfer REX JACKSON Reporfer BOBBY LEECH Reporfer BONNIE LEWIS Reporier LEROY MORGANTI Reporfer KAY PROTSMAN Reporfer KEN SMITH Reporfer EMILY WILLIAMS Reporfer LOU MATLOCK Reporfer JO MASON Reporier WILMA HART Reporfer NANCY JACKSON Reporfer WILLIAM SIMPSON Reporter ROBERT BOWERS Reporler ALBERT EDWARDS Reporier WILLIAM KEPPER Reporfer THOMAS RICKS Reporfer THOMAS A. BALDENHOFER Reporfer W' I 7 CHARLES MARTIN Execufive Edifor Associafe Edifor Dana assis+s fha priniers ROGER MILLER Business Manager +P' Q:a-W' . J S ,. 4' 'car ,QQ We .,w.-a- '55 ' ,x ' sa ' f ,s:1.i:.-lf 1 I kv sf- h 4 : .QQ 1 .I 5? ' ' 1 na i , I 'r H 5 , 1 f is .. -I+, A45 SI i'i5,fsw f-252 ii I I I I I I Qi i 41 JAMES EDWARD Editor McElveen and McCullough compare picfures PETE PELHAM Business Manager JAMES EDWARD MclNNlS EdiTor PETE PELHAM Business Manager JACKIE MCCULLOUGH AssisTanT EC.liTor CHARLES MCELVEEN Class EdiTor ELLIE MQDONALD LiTerary EdiTor MABLE ANN BOSWELL SororiTy EdiTor DONNIE SEUZENEAU AssisTanT SororiTy EdiTor WARREN DAY Frafernify EdiTor TOMMY COX AssisTanT FraTerniTy EdiTor ROBERT BOOTHE SporTs EdiTor CAROLYN MCGREGOR Feafure EdiTor MARGIE CRANFORD LeyouT EdiTor NANCY SHERRARD AcTiviTieS EdiTor CAROLINE MOORE GLENN MINER LYNDA Mc:CANN ExecuTive AssisTa nT ExecuTive AssisTanT ExecuTive AssisTanT ANNRAE HORTON ArT EcliTor BOB DENSON Campus PhoTographer DEAN RAYMOND H. CLEGG Advisor THE 1958 ATTer hours oT planning, preparaTion and work, THE l958 SOUTHERNER is Tinally in your hands. Here, Thanks To The eTTorTs and cooperaTion of many. is your Mississippi SouThern yearbook. Here is The Triendliness. TradiTion, progress and spiriT oT our college. To each individual who really evaluaTes The book, a cerTain parT oT each porTion oT The Theme may be Tound in every phoTograph and wriHen word on every page. A yearbook is more Than a mere record of evenTs, Tor iT preserves The aTmosphere, TradiTions and inspiraTion of The parTicula.r year Tor which iT is produced. THE SOUTHERNER serves varied purposes: iT is a Training Tield Tor The sTaTl:, a memory book Tor The sTudenTs, a hisTory Tor posTeriTy, a good will insTrumenT, and, perhaps, useful in oTher ways. As wiTh any large and diTFiculT underTaking, This yearbook could be improved. Surely There are misTakes wiThin iT, Tor a yearbook sTaTT is only human. Our one plea in your judg- menT is ThaT you have The paTience and undersTanding ThaT we have Tried To exercise in giving This year's SOUTHERNER To you. qi' 5' Stal-f Members, Seated Left to Right: Jane Morris Bosworth, Annrae Horton, Joly Wamble, Miriam Kahn, Carolyn Smith, Jerry Goss, Marilyn Lane, Betty Develin, Whizzby Brown. Standing Lett to Right: Jackie McCullough, Lynda McCann, Syl- via Newsom, Judy Harrison, Tommy Cox, Rosemary Massey, Betty McMurchy, Donnie Seuzeneau. Staff Members, First Row, Left tc Right: Nancy Sherrard, Mable Ann Boswell, Caroline Moore, Margie Cranford, Ellie McDonald, Jeanelle Williams, Ann Fletcher, Carolyn McGregor, Glenda Gilliam. Sec- ond Row, Left to Right: Carl Voss, Charles McElveen, Donald Dana, Robert Boothe. i . SOUTHERNER bm? "s A...-N - 1--K w. "'+'Iu... 'tr --li, ,Fig 'Air VW Q! all Staff Members Not Pictured: Jiml'f1Y Bonner, Cary Campbell, Kay Daniel, Marilyn Darby, Warren Day, Arnold DeWease, Susan'Hagerman, Ruth Hill, Christine Jacobs, Kelton Morris, Dollye McClain, Floyd Sey- mour, Bill Simpson, Catherine Temple. Terry Wilson, Jane Waggoner, John Zimmerman. ,,,...f....-p-- lui Cranford and Sherrard worlr on layouts while Moore tiles Important matters discussed by Advisor Clegg and Photographer Denson . 'W ooo 1 ,m,, , 'oe .U 9 ye Carolyn Keel and Wayne Caflidge pracfice "My Three Angels" 'lf :mg ewol' Elf- BAC We V ob? W ana BCJWX' ,., -N- . we in M M' Racyb .,.. Xxewva Tom Georges. Carolyn Keel, and Norman Schneider look info 'lhe lying Bid down sifuafion of Barbara Ann Sfeelman in preparaiion for "My Three SCUTHERN I ei A group scene from "The Counlry Girl" includes Charles Van- Devender, Gerald Lassiler, Bob Cade, Len Fallen, and Palfricva Hays. s e fam '71 -Ye fhphned 61701 Len Fallen, Binnie McCoy, James Moody, and Doroihy Juilleraf re- hearse hilarious scene in "PeTer, PeTer Pumplrin EaTer." PLAYERS Mississippi SouThern's Drama DeparTmenT annually pre- senTs Three major producTions, a children's play and an ex- perimenTal TheaTre program oT original one-acT plays. I AgaTha ChrisTie's suspenseTul drama, "Ten LiTTle lndiansf was produced lasT spring under The direcTion oT Dr. C5ilberT F. l'larTwig, head oT The The-aTre DeparTmenT. During The summer, a large group cooperaTed in producing The Broad- way comedy hiT, "The Tender Trap." Mr. RoberT M. Treser, assisTanT direcTor oT TheaTre, direcTed. The I957 TheaTre season opened wiTh The excellenT CliT- Tord OdeTs drama, "The CounTry Girl." ln winTer, The Third annual children's play, "PeTer, PeTer Pumpkin EaTer," was produced under The sTudenT direcTion oT Floyd Likins. LaTer in The season, The delighTTul comedy, "My Three Angels." was presenTed. "Brigadoon," The spring producTion, by Alan Jay Lerner wiTh music by Fredrick l"lvly Fair Lady"l Loewe, is, accord- ing To Dr. l-larTwig, anoTher indicaTion OT The rapid growTh and cuITuraI developmenT of The college. Moody, Fallen, Selvey Johnson, Maudell Fairchild, Frances Seay, and McCoy geT hepped up over "PeTer." "The CounTry Girl" TeaTured This scene wiTh Georges, Fallen, Me- linda McWilliams and Cade. 6 1' Bob yge fl-fel. ads' 6 Hai: :we ----r I ,J sw were 31391 R. O. T. C. Drill Team poses in new uniforms ug sw . ,,.-.........., :1m L 1 Q5 y im sm, ' - RI . was "' sal : 1 nv ll 1 9:3 . R-E , ,... V .... , ' u-'Y . .. , ' K ' : '.T'.: V A jf?" , 57 R 5 amz. .8 ,. Mississippi Soulhern's Army Reserve Olilicers' Training Corps has as ils purposes lo lrain officers lor lhe Regular Army and lhe Army Reserve, and lo have ready in lime of nalional emergency a corps ol educaled, well prepared leaders for our Armies. There are 'rwo phases of The regular ROTC program: a basic course lor freshmen and sophomore sludenlsg and an advanced course for Those who qualify upon complelion of The basic course. ' ROTC is volunlarly al Mississippi Soulhern, and any able- bodied male sludenl is given lhe opporlunily lo qualify. The Cadel' Col. Travis lnlerrogafes Corr s Company as- wr 11 A- of .A fr H ' .- Y" 55- - "' - 'I ,' '.' "3 Corps, since ils inlroduclion several years ago, has grown in slrenglh and aclivily. Upon successful complelion ol one summer ol camp and .lhe advanced course cadels receive commissions as 2nd lieulenanls. CADRE LT. coL. Joi-LN Ei. DALE, SR MAJOR ALBERT E. WILSON, JR CAPT. ROBERT E. MAcRLiN M. SGT. ovvieur L. GRUBBS M. SGT. JOE E. MCFEE sEc JAMES E. BURDETTE, SR src HAROLD J. DOUGLAS 1 l ' x r Q . , 'llwfif' V 1 . N . . f 15257 1451 z ,' '9.."r-e ' J :V - ' E.,..'4L-LW-4 5415" ' .... r E ,j.,,. .----77- ?"",141'V,,,,, ,r 1311, -J V. ,Zi ', V . ' f 1 A V . 5951, 5- l ,'5f:::,:,LT 'Yiilfil i2..f4:.1'.: v----- --l-4 A ,- fa-im r , I - b V, U. I. l - - Q 5 4. Q 4 V- .I H 1 .I -. .risgii . M ,- f . 5 , .r n -P lr,-gr.: ,a l- "FV," ' vf 717' T ' .3 5 ' 51 1 "f "i,"'Zf 'fluff' .- ," ' 5 W. f'.13Li-:J r -Q 'if f 1' -' r A -' Q E' QPR' M, Niw . I A 'v i x , ,, . a, I - I -11 ,5 I ff, . V x. . , A I . " f r" . 1 ,- , ,-, -- -I f , ,. . '. 4 . r , "1 'm ,, ' ., Q , , ' r f" I " f 1 ff "-5 'fi f "5'1fl4C'i5f,--2' 1, -2' Qs .gfhlfl 1 .:'sLA4fl,fzf3y,1,Yf4' K - g A J, ., ,, ,wi S ' f .ld ur. ' t'ir5'4V7'Q" ' ' ' 'Q v2 ' , ' . " '.4f-If W ' " ,W fx ' Cf- iffy t My Sq . .1 is If A I iuwsgf r ' '4 5' -. fry ' 3 0 .xjvaw l , . V .I . ff- 'N ', ' 'Z 1 . if . 1 f 'V 1- r .Nl l ,".vy , .,, .' , . K. ,KA :Wa f 1 ' ' f- 5545, lli-bAx.4EfI5T2rmilZT'i5'f'?.21 3' 3-55 ' .,-J--.5 l .wwb ' The Cadet Regiment of two Battalions, Band and Drill Team I l ff MM V I Mimi: ' ' l f W if t SE-s.. I X fm' 'f, " l V 'X - ' I -. ' " E I I I Q' j i 'S I' X 1 gt. P- M ,,,, . gif .J .. ,VL 1 , , W' . ,nl " 'r r Wi' Zz , , J -, -fi? l ..,A A . ,mf 7, ui' 45522.51 ' 1, l . .. , ,Q ,Y . 1 J Q .-iffw, 1 I , 3. ., 5 1 Inspections are part of ROTC routine Cadets receive commendations for deeds well done ' li l1'll..J"a..?- Z, . -..W .aw-4.-.-.4..a... ,rfidii . 'gi Aw 1 'X sax at li 1' ,. J 54 Un, , 4, K - . , . a 71 .fig-5 1 - A . f , , ,. Vx .. 9 -A rig., ,Nix ' P ,A 4- -r ' 'Ae' . Q h . s. W., 9 .L , - ., First Battalion and Regimental sponsors ever chosen are officially Cadet Staff, Left to Right: Cadet Maior Robert S. Booths, Cadet Maior Henry W recognhed. Rhodes, -Jr,, Cadet Lt. Col. Titus L. Mclnnls, Jr., Cadet Col. James K. Travis. Jr., Regimental Sponsor Vi Tarrer, Cadet Maior William E. Corr, Cadet Cap' tain Robert R. Brewer. l65 X S. U. WMSU is lhe sludeni-operaled campus radio sralrion. I+ provides a variely of programs for Jrhe lislening pleasure of Mississippi Sou+hern's sludenls. The radio slalion is oper- aled enlirely by sludenls, who are lcepl busy preparing some I25 pro- grams per weelc. The slalion operales five days a week. The accenl ai WMSU is on variely, wi+h dramalic scripf, news, women's programs, music and sporls shows be- ing produced daily. Sludenls work Toward gaining ex- perience in conlinuiry, music, Jrrallic, announcing, sales, promolion, news and sporls. Proof shows lhai .sludenls who learn lirsr al WMSU are Jrhe ones mosl soughr lor employmenl on com- mercial sralions. Many of Mississippi Soulhern's srudenls who have been on lhe WMSU slarl are now em- ployed in radio and lelevision sla- lions rhroughoul lhe soulh. WMSU has been on lhe air since May l9, I953, and has been a mem- ber of lhe Inlercollegiale Broadcasl- ing Syslem llBSl since April l5, I954. WMSU is managed by Roger Cole- man. Program direcror is Bill Dore. Mr. Thomas Maclin is lhe direclor of radio in charge of overall slalion lunclions. A general slalif session a+ +l1e sfafion Musm D,rec+o,- Don McCann and Confmulfy D,,-ecfor Bob Perry Seleci- In lhe conlrol room are Chief Announcer Fred Sands and Traffic Direcfor ning ma al Charles P' . ll'H FORENSICS Mississippi Soufhern's forensics program, sponsored by lhe Deparfmenf of Speech in lhe School of Arls and Sciences, is directed by Dr. Don George. Forensics includes Training in debale and discussion, Y-oulh Congress acfivilies and individual speech evenfs such as ora- fory, radio speaking, inferprefive readings and affer-dinner and exfemporaneous speaking. Slalewide and regional lournamenls in each of fhe above areas are entered each year. These lrips give sfudenls expe- rience in meeiing college groups in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and Texas. For fhe pasl lwoyears, Mississippi Soufhern has senl sludenfs fo the Nafional Oraforical Conlesf in Michigan and is lhe only slafe in fhe deep soulh holding membership in lhe lnferslafe Oraforical Association which sponsors lhis lournamenf. At the annual high school Debate Workshop are, Left to Right: Gerard Wagner, assistant director of forensics, James Easom, Bob Cade, and Dr. Don George, director of forensics. W, .ivwwifsi ', Lvikfyfmg A 1 li -V m:x . Ti- ,di ,i i Q , i A- lf' Students who participated in discussion groups at other colleges, Left to Right: Betty Clifton, Joe McCleskey, James Edward Mclnnis, Wayne Catlidge, Lynda McCann, David Stafford. Warren Villeretfe, 7, ,X .,,, i ll A a ll e i zz 1 i Q1 4 E I i 4 , WV V l 2 is , gg 1 Q 51:21. 1 .- V , ,fy , Y V if , s.,, V,-an .fc A X, fy X Youth Congress Participants, Seated Left to Right: Ann Adelle McKay, Dr. Don George, Juli Ulmer. Standing, Left to Right: Bob Cade, Roger Coleman, C, W. Kelly, Rex Jackson. Traveling debaters included, Left to Right: Warren Villerette, Lynda McCann, Gerard Wagner, Binnie McCoy, Wayne Catlidge. . , E , , -- if iw -E il rl- ' ' ' ' ' ' t f ' , t d, L ft t R' ht: G rd W gner, Betty Clifton, Binnie McCoy, Julia Ulmer, Ann Adelle McKay, Lynda McCann, Dr. lnduggii gegfgzligianainsfeiiglgghliightinagggi' Csiernan, TZ. W. lglly, B:lgaCade? Joe McCloskey, Wayne Caflndge, Warren Villerette, Rex Jackson, David Stafford. if Q59 'vs NMI ,Q- Ar' i 5 2 . 4 ,Q ,Qi 3 .. A if A. H X-Q--A .' A -,,-,..,..........,vf- A.. ...ep ........0'-,q,..---,,-,, an -v "' s , ,Q , - , . ,.,E, .I I ,, -..Q A qw '- I - "'.---qvfv -'. - 1 v . , .. in . .--Q OFFICERS GENE FERGUSON PAUL COTTEN ANNETTE MECLUER PRESTON CASTLEBERRY DAVID WALKER JANE THOMAS PresidenT Vice-Presidenf Secrefary-Treasurer PubliciTy Manager Discipline CommiTTee Discipline CommiTTee MARY KING Discipline CommiTTee JANE THOMAS Librarian ADELAIDE FULLILOVE Librarian BILLY PAUL STUART AssisTanT ConducTor PAUL COTTEN Assisfanl Conduclor GENE FERGUSON AssisTanT ConducTor MARCIA THIGPEN Accompanisi' MARY KING AccompanisT BETTY SHAW Accompanisf PEGGY LEWIS AccompanisT VESPER CHOIR PERSONNEL Soprano: Suzanne Boggess, Judy Brown, Joanna George, Jeanie Harris, Ann Harl, Sandra l-'louTz, Sue Keilh, Peggy Lewis, Virginia LaVigne, Julia Morgan, Gloria Saunders, Belly Shaw, Elaine Thomas, Dorolhy Turner, Sandra Yarber. Allo: Margarel Clinlon, Jane Dukes, Adelaide Fullilove, Mary King, Annefle MCCluer. Helen Phelps, Mary Jo Piffenger, Judilh Randle, PaTTy Slephens, June Swelmann, Mary Thigpen, Jane Thomas. Tenor: James BaxTer, Bodie Beard, Tom Dickson, Jesse Drake, Lowell Gilliland, Dale Lyons, Charles PilkingTon, Bill Sluarf. i f I Bass: Ken Barlow, Donald Brown, PresTon Caslleberry, Donald Chapman, Bill Cole, Paul CoTTen, RoberT Cousson, Truesdell DeKay, Larry Elliofl, Gene Fer guson, Doyle Jenkins, James McRainey, David Walker The Mississippi SouThern Vesper Choir is The maior choral organiza Tion on campus. Each Tall, There are audifions Tor membership, This fall over IOO sTudenTs audiTioned and 50 were chosen. This choir appears in concerT ThroughouT The sTaTe of Mississippi and. in some insTances, adioining sTaTes. Every member of The Vesper Choir is also a member of The l-IaTTiesburg Choral Union which presenTs Handel's "Mes siah" each ChrisTmas. One week before The presenTaTion of The Choral Union program of The "Messiah," The Vesper Choir presenTs This greal' oraTorio aj boTh morning and evening services of some church oufside HaTTiesburg. Each Spring There is a sTaTe Tour of The Vesper Choir which lasTs for an enTire week. High Schools, churches, and iunior colleges are visiTed, and programs are presenTed. This is only a parl' of The public relaTion program of The choir. For example, each civic club in HaTTies burg has aT leasT one program from The Vesper Choir during The schocl year. OTher acTiviTies include: Religious Emphasis Week Concerfg Fine ArTs Week ConcerT: cooperaTion wiTh The HaTTiesburg Choral Union in Their Spring Concert This year, lhe Mississippi Soufhern Vesper Choir was Khonored by being represenfed-along wiTh ThirTeen oTher maior colleges-in an album, "American Colleges Sinq STephen Collins FosTer," which is re ceiving naTional aTTenTion. Dr. Jack Lyall direcTs The Vesper Choir VESPER o e -P3 were few WP-M an-we-Q M549 The Mississippi Southern College Vesper Choir standing in background: The Symphony Orcliesfra sealed: solois+s sianding in foreground: Soprano, Frances Benner: Tenor, Leonard Sfoclrerg Bass, Fred Jones: Allo, Gladys Huff. THE MESSIAH-An oraiorio by George Frederick Handel was pre- sen'red for 'flue fweniy-sevenlli conseculive year by Hrie Mississippi Soulh- ern Vesper Choir and Symplnony. Soloisls were: FRANCES BENNER Soprano LEONARD STOCKER Tenor FRED JONES Bass GLADYS HUFF Alfo The group was Trained by William Presser and Roger Phelps. Frank E. Marsh, Jr. conduded. MESSIAH rg! 2 is Q In ' aah, 4' H If: l 1 'ugfw , H-'f',f"' M14 '. ,pf yay? is V+", 41 l"' "' A3'Ab' QYVW '1fT,- 38 .H J 1 Yi ,f,zi'f. A X 'til 3 w ' me iilliifslizfl 1 1 Q ? 4, .X ,- ffffieu-lf' A+-W ' 'S-my Q 'id-f"if-Wim ' A' A A Ji.. f liar Oulslanding formalion ai' Mississippi Sou+l1ern's annual Band Day Scofchmen and band member display new uniforms Marching againsf flue wind io produce fulure oufslanding shows . ,., -. ,Y , ,A K, M., .iiav sxz.-is, ,Af X 1 xx , L-i2l3':ff?'1"'lf,.:51i' Liz, 1fF'?'if 'Iii re -1 :f.:44q.ef Q' 4 W -Fig 4f.::.:f::::,'.lT.f.....L.:g--7:iii df-, rw: i- Q5 , ,,+,s.V..:..,,o,L' .,.-V "Q V Q Wim? ,. -0- 1 , Q, y - - ' u an sl 'T "1 L f 4 . 'Aw . , , f 4 ' M R n . . -'M ff iff 'wtf' . , , V N ' fx ' s . f A fn , 1 y , . N . . nab - Q A fy ,, Q72 V -?f',?'?i: .ff - 1... 4' . A as ' :V - I x y ... , . ,x , . ,Q f 5 :fx i N! LX . Q 1 ... - X- ' V. , " Rf.. . .15 -1 ' , , :K- ' rf' yz ' -f U .haf ,. 7' A " I ' -.fyirfi-X . ' Y J A F 'I s . -3- L-L-:mmf -X 4 A - i + . V . fs h fa-W Y l . p , s :V , A. 'bar , , - . . .1 .G . ' ' if "'-' ppm- '- - w r f 555:-fe" 1 s 1 l-"-'Tl 1 , , - ' ' - ' " 4 -'H 'lf' P? ,-1, -s-."'-',....s ' . ' -'N airtime'-5 I 'A-N -. gf-Q,-"'--,. ,5-. '2- ,. . if. , Q ' fmnits -- ' ' V N, Akvmx-if - . x A .V .f t Q '90 THE M. S. C. " ' ' :f :QQ - J.. F M , L. W1 ff F ' ' it 1 n " l - s . ,. - , de f ' - . - ,. F Q. .+R-'gs 5-4' I f' - Q s ' jx ' if ' . , l -I-1. ' ' , 1 1 , ., 5 -'i' .. " 4' f L ' at A ,nl . 'll .yi .. wf4,-s, -Q .:.Sfx 3,55 4: Yami' Mk Y 1 5 I E, , X K J f s s M sg s 'iv-mf' p as - ,, 1 as N . A ' ' rg. . s A . -.s N 7 "4 5,4 , . xi? w ' M .-1 M -fssgh 'E ' ' f l+'s cold, bul' il's worflw H Feafurelies Carolyn "JiHerbug" Tidwell, Mildred Ball and Julianne Johnson. MSC's Alfred Hifchcoclr biT BAND ATTracTive new uniTorms added To The color and spiriT oT "The Pride oT Mississippi" This year. Led by Three TeaTureTTes, The band equalled and wenT beyond pasT successes. The l957-58 acTiviTy included IOO per- sons in The marching group. Appearances over naTional Television hook-ups and numerous per- formances by boTh The band and DD's TurTher enhanced The repuTaTion of The musical and specialTy groups as well as enhancing The repuTaTion oT Mississippi SouThern. Dr. Raymond Mannoni is band direcTor, and Mr. RoberT Hays is as- sisTanT band direcTor. The "RoclceTTes OT The Gridiron" provided clever and uniquely pre- senTed enTerTainmenT ThroughouT The year. ForTy-eighT comely coeds pracTiced diligenTly To receive well-earned praise under The direcTion oT Miss Frances Jellinek. DD Ofhcers, lefT To righT: Kay Crenshaw, IsT CapTaing Ann Fiebellrorh, 2n'd LieuTenanT'g Vi Tarrer. IST LieuTenanTg LoreTTa Beths, 2nd Ca pTain. 5 , M 11 T if .s ,S , J, T 1 f si T x A, 1 f' F y, 'N ' -if - - ' " L I , r Y I A , av, fs T21 ,T 'sw-T ge? iT, ff iii one 4 4. V, f ' ,es c W1 r 1 ' ,. ei? D I A +2 X 'T -D' T -'VI ' ,gg f ,dsl Sw, X ' ,M ,g ,, A X v X 5 .4 We A, 'ur , Wi' 1 6 T577 . 5 ', T T f 1 , L? ' T A K -QQ' - ,g ' ?'51+,g ,.fl.f T . if ,seg .-ff, f l , T , . fa - X f 1 g 6 A ,s V i ggzfw yfjgx I Q ,Q fa: . -- nv, .v-if ig.. , ,,, V-'way' 'www My ,, 6 Me7w,, ,, Q ' ski t. ge 4547 .- ff f : ,,. 6 . .12-as . , .W vi M. n , A - ' i f T ff' T f gf' E4wzfs.,,T"s' J U, in 1 1':,.sfff" "i ' "W-nr, V ' " - ' A . f r . . in Q , , Presenfing-The Pride of Mississippi Marching Band A picTure full of Darlings, SouThern's own Dixie sTyle assi- ,. fi F49 Fran A vb T an ,Yi Wg - 243 rr R W 42 ei 1 'Q ,, -u X - '30 . Qfisgni mf- .N K 1' 4 , 4:5 ' ..YJ,, . lv' . -Q 2 'J-5' l .1 -c 4 . ,-w' ATN? . 1 . 4 . , , Q l 3 yy :J -1' E 'rf' X W? 3' li' , 1. h I A I 8 THE 1958 SOUTHERNER PRESENTS il BEAUTY ROYALTY WHO'S WHO HALL OF FAME PERSONALTIES On The preceding page appear Miss Marion McKnigh'r, righl, l957 Miss America, and Miss Mable Ann Boswell, l957 Miss Mississippi Soulh- ern College. They are piclured al 'rhe climax of lhe annual Miss Mississippi Soulhern College beauly, personalily, and lalenl pageanl, when Mable Ann was selecled. They embody one of The aspecls presenled in lhe lealure seclion. Beginning on lhe nexl page, lhe len lop beaulies, as elecled by The sludenl body, are shown exaclly as lhey were presenled al 'rhe an- nual beauly ball. The pholographs are 'rhe cul- minalion ol lhe campus beauly seleclion season, and lhe essence of lhe nighl. Cameras, characlerislic of lhe celebrify lhal accompanies each person piclured in ihe 'feafure seclion, snap away. Dr. McCain 'talks wilh lhe Sludenl Governmeni presidenl as several of "+he mosl beeuli- ful women in Mississippi" are phofographed. 'ff , 'X X if ' - , iz fi fl fix- X Lp.. A xg A 1 .Q I , X. WV "Q " fi A N .X L, 4 .ll J, J! - ,yr Ps ' at .N N' .49"f' V - ' f 1 ' i sh 'A 3 'Q 9 ff rec! af Y. -x , ? I i v 1 Q N I 3 I f N W 5 3: Sl i 4 E: 4 N I 1 D I 1 g 2 , 1 1' "4 2 ? . 2 f 'Z 2' 1 l 2 . g 1 T i I X 5 Q i .qi -. v TAYM , QL . '. T . 'Q ww. Q-:frSZ4'xz' X, . . f ..W.!gx15f'1 ax 1? ' X x' Wifwia .gs k X 4.1-if mSr'YW'TY'R IL Wx 1 ' Auf-.z,5gf,, MM ,,, w .', - f mf-.4 wgm,,f..QRq Jmx . , .ggi f:"M1ff' may ' ,Iv . . , 1 1 1 I l ,aa 'm . , n V -'-il A , ,M V V ,..,,,,.41 I Q , ' " 'lf ff 'A , . 'w.",'K'?12T5 E M ii Iv oan err , E oforeffa Olga MMA, ggi? mag e Ann KOJLUQZ x 'v. E I ff' .wx w 'N K xx ,X X X, A .r'x -r--rv g , 1 Y H vpn M Wxfzfw' . , ,-,Xin Q' 2,6 , ywnf ww- 5.-.1-V JN: 2' wwggfz A .ez A -. 4 1 :U 'ig xfw-X gg1fyW ."' L Q43 x ,Q . ff , fi , ' J I 5 I 5 I nf . P ',-,- .XM U I 4? was , -1-1+ -- .1" ',2rg,v,'-mx HQ-: A ' 'bf' f"f1':4 ' - -REQ,2S:'tehu:fL4.,g,.1: . 1 5:1 J R-1' ff. ff-'i'AU. 2 f "' ' 3:"94ffv'a,:1:3?fwfg .jg P 1 1 ':'?12. ff e. . ff 1 41. if hi , Q I 51 ' K Q' fs 1 Q , A ' E' 'af ' vi ' Q , v ' 1' Xb! 5 , A W I ' Ji' ' Q 21,5 Q7 ' P3 Lg ' -,fl 'V l : ' ,x io' s . , , A4 V A ' a '1 if 1 y rg? ? P ' N S fv ww ' I , mx Wwflxfw, ' 14 ,V f f' b 4354 'l:, '- ' 55' ' I 3 ,A V X -.Q .J ,V " ,zijn -, M ' 'PLM ' f :fn 1 ,Wx C 40e,0,,e,., KA 3 2 5 1--4 5 5 J :danced ,jwlecwL X H isuflllxr 5 5 3 5 . s 2 . 2 5 2 L 1 I I 4 i I Y 1 2 I 1 I I 1 1 . 1 I f S E 4 w w '. 'F ' 4 . 1. : 1, Y 1 . 4 f 'T ' 1 I 1 A xx X 3, 21 Q S y, X X , 1 2, AHHA7 1' Q' :frm , ' A-,E-Scibxj? 'vo - mf-fff-s- f Q5KM ivQ-ff 1 Ar' -F5968 nn ofcwfiifer, A A A "l"'y nn .Xgclefe Wlcjgay, . f X x X 4 4-"X " " 2.5.7, 'f.Ia":'fH1"?.i'Q '14 'ff' ,, ff G ' E :S L -, lx V -.,e:-- 'X si x Mei. 1-'X :V-gf-Y W' 1 ,.- Fx 52 ew' f rw? ff, - n -2 C. ,w"w N' ,-,v:s5::k.. ,'1.VMv v:,m41.'? Hg-fgw fk. iv' G 42 V Q13 x. L- :rf-:IVA . gm ,ff A 1 5 ' 4 34. -m' my-Af-:,f: f jf! Sai fly,-4,3 gwgfgfggivi-fs 1-"e ,Nt -nf' :Www x UH 'H' 1:'L5w' ' A-2. J f V, ,Im g -- ,w '- x E Q 1 ....,......s. Q ' T -0' IFB- : YYQQ-. , .. 3 : .IQ x Q 1 V ,i'9'iV M ' 1 . Qfgg , y, T, I H- Y n , , - L. V ,E1'f'E'?.5I 7 rig? 'Qi 'L ? -:mvwx ,D ,F-2 2 5 zqyffbw Nt., 4 0 K 'Q ' . '125fg'jE" ' I U . 'Mfg J as 4 x 9 4 1 v Y , iff!! ' 1 , . . ' , 5, 'Wfs'f,fi,:ff"Q3 f , ,vxwriyfi ,qi mi 'sgwg k , 1 4 1 ,ang .4 1 .1 V X X , 21,3 ef ' VY? ' 'tv 4 'QQ if J ff 5 f 1 2 PA 'ff Za Aff' A ' Wx, 64. W MB 5 5 41 ,1 q nneffe jfibfdi, A l Na Fw EA LN' wi - x.,-Myml F 'hugs N- ,AW as wiv fe -5' , x, 339 if r. an WMM i Mass LORETTA LEE sen-as MR. cumzv JuNEAu l85 QMWW 6'2l'l5A6LLU EEE gafgdfd jI'6Ll'lLAI'l ,MWMQ - 8 -I'-Q. BEAUTIES ,me muff AAA 3 M Sue .Harper AAA Skerry murphy I87 mary Jo olplucafi X9 olivia lgrcwa fa AEA f E s I 1 H z Y I l I Q i I I s I 1 f i 5' ' 1 omecoming ing ana! Queen l vu TARRER LAWRENCE MEEKS l88 L flu Siluvfenf goofy main! ANNETTE TISDALE .jredlaman maid, LYNNDA CULPEPPER . .?t33'," C QT' 'f ' - . ,z4z,,.: . -Ae.: ,I-as T' . , 'iffy " ' wx? Slum W Cz' SHERRY MURPHY fa s O M O M N G . . 4, . c W N W. C O U R T .S3olaAom ore Wcaid FRANCES HEAD unior- mic! BARBARA BLOUNT l89 'ffffm NV, TW .-ff 4.4 , .. , . 13'1g1':f,,f--, ' ,. N Ni Bggm. mf, V :Sa-Q g:Q"' W if ,.. swf fee: Z :qi 'I' Q5 , ,Hmm eggegevf' we 'E . I i 4 MISS MISSISSIPPI CONTESTANTS Lefi' fo Rigl1'r: Frances Head, Gulfport Jocelyn Uchello, Biloxi: Mable Ann Boswell, Miss Mississippi Soufhern College MISS HOSPITALITY CONTESTANTS Leff io Right Carolyn Roper, Bay Springs: Julie McCall, Bly'l'l1eville,Arlransas: Donnie Seuzeneau, Bay SI. Louis: Vi Tarrer, Foresl ,Z I90 W f ,X is -v 2 2 HALLCDWEEN KING AND QUEEN ROSE SETARO, JZ MIKE CARPENTER, A TO Bolh Ihe Halloween and Hungarian Relief Carni- vals were sponsored by campus organizalions Io raise funds for worlhy causes. These organizafions pul Iheir originalify Io worlc in building boolhs ranging from "Egg Throwing" 'ro "Campus Jails" for sfudenl enlerlainrnenf. King and Queen conleslanls were sponsored by all sororilies and lralrernilies. Each penny in Ihe iar counfed as one vo're and climaxing bolh nighfs' ac- +ivi'ries was Ihe crowning of 'rhe Iwo candidales wilh The mos+ "vo+es." HUNGARIAN RELIEF KING AND QUEEN NELLIE FAYE REDD, 222' BOBBY HEMETER. A TO L if -Qi" IH? ' ' ' 6 5' A f X gf N, gf Ilqm.-. I E ar 2s,jf"ElW " f'5,?-fa, ' I "1 . E iv ra r, , ,if 91 ,A 9+ il A ' " ai.. --.L 5 'Il O S F il S? SS Us 1 ww-4- -n 'sm--4-nm 'Q 49 'fi 7 5 2 5 S C7 f, 2: x-E. ROTC SPONSORS BILLIE JOYCE SMITH MABLE ANN BOSWELL Firsf Baifalion Second Baffalion VI TARRER Regimenfal l92 HO' AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES LORETTA BETHS Biloxi: Freshman Counselor, Captain, Lieutenant, Dixie Darlings, Social Service Chairman, Assistant Membership Chairman, Kappa Delta, Phi Kaplpa Tau Sweetheart, Beauty, Three Years, Homecoming Queen, I957, Junior Class Favorite, Southern Play- ers, Future Teachers of America, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, ' Wesley Foundation. . , if Wig. v . .A 17 5, we VIRGINIA AVERY Purvis: Secretary, Southern Players, Phi Delta Rho, Vesper Choir, Choral Union, Folk Singers, American Guild of Organists, Wesley Foundation, R.E.W. Committee of l00 1 F., "TA-"'5 I 1 . ' 'Q I ii W it W' BEN BOLT Pulaski, Va.: President, Pi Sigma Epsilon, President, Stray Greek Organization, Member lnterfraternity Council, Senior Student Senator, Baptist Student Union, Dormitory Manager. I93 ff! 'Q 1 :- If . ' a J' 5 'A .. is 1, X , ,,. if' '?- --f . 1--sid ' .- ,L 5' iiif' J, A Q34 .. fees--fa - sri- ws ROBERT BOOTHE Jackson: Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa Kappa Mu Epsilon, "M" Club, Geology Club Basketball, Baseball, Sports Editor, I95B SOUTH ERNER, Outstanding Freshman Cadet in R.O.T.C, Battalion Commander, R.O.T.C., Distinguished Mil- itary Student, Freshman Counselor. ""iJ6"'5 my , ,A WILLIAM CORR Columbus: Orientation Committee: S.G.A. Adminis- trative Committee Chairman: S.G.A. Publicity Di- rector: Distinguished Military Student: R.O.T.C. Company Commander: Pi Gamma Mu, President: College Union Board: President, Senior Class: Chairman, R.E.W. Committee: Rush Captain, Kappa Sigma: Kappa Delta Pi. wk eww, MARGIE CRANFORD Seminary: Pi Tau Chi: Kappa Delta Pi: Phi Delta Rho: First Vice-President, Deputation Chairman, Recreation Chairman, Wesley Foundation: Opera Workshop: Vice-President, Pi Tau Chi: Publicity, Phi Delta Rho: Chaplain, Mu Phi Epsilon: Chairman, Christian Federation: Committee Chairman, R.E.W.: Student Scholastic Advisor: Layout Editor l95B SOUTHERNER, Annual Staff of I957: Southern Singers: "Brigadoon" Cast. PAUL COTTEN McComb: Omicron Delta Kappa: Pi Tau Chi: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: First Vice-President, S.G.A.: President, Wesley Foundation: Vice-President, Ves- per Choir: Corresponding Secretary, Song Leader, Pi Kappa Alpha: Executive Committee, S.C.F.: Freshman Counselor: Committee Chairman, R.E.W.: Committee Chairman, Wesley Foundation: Opera Workshop: Program DChairman, Circle K: Kappa elta Pi. all 1 WH O'S l . L Q 4 A ,, KAY CRENSHAW Hattiesburg: Sophomore Class Favorite: Beauty, two years: i957 College Queen of Mississippi: Charm Consultant: Cast of "Hey Daze" and "Brig- adoon:" Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl Court, l956: Captain, Lieutenant, Dixie Darlings: Historian, Al- pha Lambda Delta: Secretary-Treasurer, Phi Delta Rho: Freshman Counselor: R.E.W. Committee: Presi- dent, Treasurer, Directory Chairman, Sigma Sigma Sigma. I94 DONALD DANA Columbia: Omicron Delta Kappa: O.D.K. Outstand- ing Male Freshman of l956: Yellow Jackets: Presi- dent, Freshman Class: President, Student Christian Federation: Secretary, Kappa Sigma: R.O.T.C. Color Guard Commander: Associate Editor, News Editor, Associate Sports Editor, STUDENT PRINTZ: Publications Board: Chapel Program Committee: R.E.W. Committee: B.S.U. Greater Council: Elect- tion Commission. A - 4 My A A ,gf xiii? KEN FISCHER ROBERT GWINNER Chicago, ill.: Sophomore Class Favorite: Phi Ela Vicksburg: Omicron Della Kappa: Pu Sigma Epsu Sigma: Omicron Della Kappa: Three Year Leller- lon: Pi Kappa Pi: Secretary, Alpha Tau.Omega man, Baseball: Presidenf, Alpha Tau Omega: Treas- Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Pu Sugma urer, S.G.A.: Secrelary "M" Club. Epsilon. xg ,gif NICHOLAS McLEOD HAAS Bay Sl. Louis: Omicron Della Kappa: Pi Tau Chi: "Mr. Newmanile" of I957: Vincent E. Socrales Adyerfising Award: Business Manager, Assislanl Business Manager, STUDENT PRINTZ: President, Vlce-President, Newman Club: Vice-President, Pi Kuappa Alpha: Freshman Sludenl' Senalor: Second Lneulenanl, R.O.T.C.: Dormitory Council: Circle K. i'N.....,,-r-' CLINT HARDIN Calhoun Cify: Pi Tau Chi: Inlerfralernily Council: Eleclion Commission: R.E.W Commillee' Presi- denl, Pi Tau Chi: Vice-Presiclenl, B.S.U.:' Hisfo- rian, Kappa Alpha. I95 ANN HART Picayune: B.S.U. Grealer Council' Vesper Choir Opera Workshop: Choral Union: Ereshman Coun: selor: Treasurer, Senior Class: Sludenl Chapler ol Music Educaflons Nahonal Conference. A ' 5? f'3i no """"" WWW All LIDDELL HAY McComb: Orientation Committee: Freshman Coun- selor: Charm Consultant: R.E.W. Committee: Chapter Delegate, Kappa Delta National Conven- tion: Secretary, Editor, Kappa Delta: Pan-Hel- Ienic President: Student Senate: Recreation Club: Future Teachers of America: Dolphin Club: Wesley Foundation. ':"v4'-fig PATRICIA HAYS Hattiesburg: Kappa Delta Pi: Tau Beta Sigma: Vesper Choir: Coral Union: Southern Players: Cast of "Country Girl" and "Brigadoon": Faculty Spon- sor, Sigma Sigma Sigma: Sponsor, Tau Beta Sigma: Chairman, Band Pageantry Committee. fme 'F' WHO'S 'U ,fbias JUDITH KINNARD Philadelphia: Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Tau Chi: Vice-President, Phi Delta Rho: Pi Gamma Mu: Secretary-Treasurer, Pi Kappa Pi: R.E.W. Com- mittee of IOO: Recording Secretary, Worship Chairman, Publications Chairman, Wesley Foun' dation: Recording Secretary, Vice-President, Pledge Trainer, Scholarship Chairman, Delta Delta Delta. DOROTHY LAR RO UX Bay St. Louis: "Miss Newmanite of I957": Vice- President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Newman Club: Vice-President, Rush Chairman, Pledge Treasurer, Alpha Sigma Alpha: Treasurer: S.C.F.: Recording Secretary, Pan-Hellen- ic Council: Treasurer, R.E.W. I96 TITUS MclNNlS Picayune: Distinguished Military Student: Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Kappa Pi: Omicron Delta Kappa: Treas- urer, Phi Eta Sigma: President, Pi Kappa. Pi: Vice- President, Omicron DSl8aTKEppa: First Lieutenant, WHO PERRY MILNER Mounl Olive: Alpha Lambda Della: Phi Della Rho: Pr Tau Chi: Kappa Della Pi: Secrelary, Alpha Lambda: President, Phi Della Rho: Secrelary, Kappa Della Pi: Slale Presidenl, Pi Tau Chi: Sec- relary, Firsl Vice-Presidenl, BSU: Library Chair- man, Young Women's Auxiliary. L : l r T - fldggfa., - 1 . L 2' -' 'w , - 411 'Y ' E' V 5 4, ,, , :ti . ' ' an , w ,gg ,S I ., :Q fx" . ' - 'i 5 15 'Ay , : 'R' l 6 f , , Q h , I nk .ll :- Ji E.. X, ' fm AAA! x 5? fl., W 9 fl PEGGY McKElTHEN Jackson: Pledge Treasurer, Aclivilies Chairman, Rush Chairman, Presidenl, Della Della Della: R.E.W. Commillee: Freshman Counselor. f Q f 5 'U 2 , W 1 ..-v' LAWRENCE MEEKS Kossulh: Four Year Lellerman, Foolball: Oulsland- ing Company Commander, ROTC: Homecoming King, l957: Vice-Presidenl, "M" Club: Junior Slu- denl Senalor: Senior Counselor: Company Com- mander, ROTC: Oulslanding Mililary Sludenl: Maier, ROTC. lf ' - ., , ' ,L sm fa' " x, Sw' 'V' Y . , .sg A ' lk 3 1 ,xi - 4: A ., I - 7 5. - .5 , lbvbt -5? - if ell: W Y ,cw S T www 5 3 E Q 'Q , .L .f-sf 7' fsg, M ii ip, ,,.' , fs. 5 -ife ROBERT NAHRGANG WALTER REED Fairhope, Ala.: Yellow Jackels: "M" Club: lnler- ROC:-Myer' N, Y, Alpha Epgilon Den, fralernily Council: lnduslrial Arls Fralernily: Var- sily Tennis: Vice-Presidenl, Guard, Kappa'Siqma Vice-Presidenl, lnlerfralernily Council. I97 '53 2 ,,, , 0, W X WHO'S I -if A. ff "' , A 4 em - 2 f HENRY RHODES Pascagoula: Omicron Delta Kappa: Representative Mississippi Intercollegiate Council: Representa- tive, Southern Universities of Student Government Associations: Secretary, President, Kappa Alpha: Secretary, Interfraternity Council: Student Senate Yellow Jackets: Regimental Staff, ROTC: Chair: man, Mississippi Intercollegiate Council: Presi- dent, Student Government Association. zfififif ,I 'Y if r I L, A, V f ,flu -X I ' A . 1 fa ef -1. W 1,17 5 xxmwwv, , M D, . - i R , l w if ,ch I , BR U CE STEWART Vicksburg: Honor Pledge, Pi Kappa Alpha: Omi. cron Delta Kappa: Alpha Psi Omega: Dormitory Counselor: lota Lambda Sigma: President, Social Chairman, Rush Chairman, Pledge President, Pi Kappa Alpha: President Newman Club: President, lnterfraternity Council: Editor, lnterfraternity Rush Book. CARLOS RIVAS Venezuela: Pi Kappa Pi: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Ger- man Award: Assistant Chemistry Instructor. owe, A? MILDRED STEWART Hattiesburg: Alpha Lambda Delta: Alpha Lambda Delta Scholarship Award: German Award: Pi Kappa Pi: Freshman Counselor: Historian, Marshall, Delta Delta Delta: Vice-President, Pi Kappa Pi: Chairman, World Christian Community Area, Wes- ley Foundation: First Vice-President, Board of Di- rectors, Wesley Foundation: Chairman, REW As- semblies Committee: Assistant Justice Student Court: Delegate to Student Conference on Na- tional Aftairs. I98 'Nr' BILLY STUART Morton: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Vesper Choir: Choral Union: Band: Folk Singers: President, Phi Mu Alpha: Student Conductor of Choir: President, Music Educators National Conference: Cast of "The Mikado," "Cox and Box," "The Merry Widow," "The Messiah," "Down in the Valley." ANNETTE TISDALE GERARD WAGNER WHO Hattiesburg: Freishman Counselor: Miss MS.C. l957: Miss Mississippi, l957: Pi Kappa Alpha Sweetheart: Social Chairman, Alpha Sigma Alpha' Wesle F d ' ' ' ' y oun ation, National Recreation Associ- ation: Mississippi Recreation Association: Chair- man, R.E.W. Hospitality Committee: Chairman, Organized House Conferences in R.E.W. I A in ,,. AL f , JANE SULLIVAN Mile: Pi Omega Pi: Kappa Delta Pi: BSU: Presi- dent, Pi Omega Pi: Treasuurer, Religious Educa- Y. Q . . lon Club, Music Director: Young Women's Aux iliary. Vl TARRER Forest: Beauty, Two years: Campus Queen, l957: "Miss Bathing Beauty," MSC Band Camp: R.O.T.C. gponsol: Vice-President, Delta Delta Delta Pledge a . ss, leutenant, Dixie Darllngs: Freshman Coun- selor: Charm Consultant: Chairman, R.E.W. Hos- pitality Committee: Drama Chairman, Wesley Foundation: Vice-President, Junior Class: Home- coming Oueen, l957. .4-.5 a,,,,,mw-an-uv il' mi' if Hattiesburg: Bert Director Award, Experimental Theatre: Best Actor Award, Experimental Theatre: Phi Mu Award, Outstanding Student in Speech: Alpha Psi Omega: Rho Tau Sigma: Omicron Delta Kappa: Graduate Fellowship Award: Business Man- ager, WMSU: Public Relations Director, WMSUg Chairman, Omicron Delta Kappa Committees. I99 BETTY YELVERTON Hattiesburg: Student Leadership Recognition, I954: Phi Kappa Tau Sweetheart: President, Fresh- man Dormitory, Sophomore Dormitory: Freshman Counselor: Second Vice-President S G A ' Ch ' - , . . ., air man, Women's Affairs Board: Charm Consultant: Freshman St d t S u en enator: Orientation Commit- tee: Publications Board: College Union Board: R.E.W. Committee: Student Social Lite Committee. .Kay GBHJAQW Mississippi College Queen, I957g Charm Consulianh Beauiyg Sophomore Class Favoriieg Dixie Darlings, Capfain, Lieuienanfg Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl Courig Alpha Lambda Delia, Hisforiang Phi Delia Rho, Secrefary-Treasurer, Freshman Coun- selorg Sigma Sigma Sigma, Presidenl, Treasurer, Direciory Chairman. pall! goffen HKA Firsf Vice-Presideni S'fuden+ Governmenl' Associaiiong Wesley Foundaiion, President REW Commiiiee Chairman, Vesper Choir, Vice-Presidenfg Pi Kappa Alpha, Corresponding Secre- fary, Song Leader: Phi Mu Alpha Sinforiag Opera Workshop, Kappa Delia Pig Freshman Counselor: Circle K Club, Omi- cron Del+a Kappa. .-3 14 .-J" Qflfg 06185 KA Presidenf, Sfudenf Governmeni Associa+ion: Presidenf, Mis- sissippi lnfercollegiafe Council: Kappa Alpha, Presidenf, Sec refary: Soulhern Universiiies of Sfudenl Governmenf Associa lion, Represenfalive: Sfudeni Senale: Inierfralernify Council Yellow Jaclreis: ROTC Regimenlal Siaffg Omicron Della Kappa f::',,, ,I ,V IW: G Wifdred Sfewarf Associaie Jusfice, Sludenl Courf: Alpha Lambda Delia Scholar- ship Award: German Award: Pi Kappa Pi, Vice-Presidenl: Freshman Counselor: Wesleyan World Chrisiian Communily Area, Chairman: Wesley Foundafion, Firsl Vice-Presidenf, Board of Direciors: REW Chairman, Assemblies, Commif- fee: Sfudenl Conference on Nalional Affairs, Represenfaiive: Tri-Della, Hisforian, Marshall. f? If if M2 f Z f Z!! ,I ,V I 1 1 4-JI , I I., I I I A I 1II , Jn K I sly , il. , YOU GN Sf?UR al I I OMVUMENI wOU Svfwu' "7 I ' I me IO CWHEN WILL I U--. .i mi! X S J! V I 1, ' I Q Xxg II. X , 5- t , I ,I XX I p-4- , . 1 in x SQQ UQL Y I' '!" I I I ' .N I ,,-' PRESEN' " ' , I . . , M 11 , C A I T I x A X V' K -:mg ' A , X u 4 ff X f X x-1-,X It 7 f 'T gl- 4 I I I f"' Q . Im we TRUTH JM' AND 11111111-1511 MORE You D BETTER Y 2 I . 1 , jf" . I ' 'W III I A I I' ff I- ' -, 2 1 Mnrgy. A 2 L v:f ' I 1 . K 1- f 'Y ' ,, 1 W W df- ,gi-.,..f, 9 S iyx I I . 1 I 1 Q1 1 1 I Q c I I .1 , I' I 1 , fa :I II I I I1 I I II 1IIJ HONE.E' O'O'OKN???2 ,KW .f will .Ill 1 Mya Wan 'NX ,X FLAT FEET, PER:-lAPs???? N f' , .Wm f ,,, X, 1, V fg 54 45 I, f X '31 Hs, ' Qi V' ,f X X I aw Z ,' V u .il-l W! ' :M Nor HARD OF HEARING4 VM Jusf vemomwe You. NK Lg xi! W NO 1 wi Sw DON XYXQQSZ. 203 O O oo SOMQYW gb I K T in 1? fl ci up N fl E E EVE ,Ill Ill k I I Tl f T' TF' , THAT A PUTYXHKWV "' t X Ft- as 1 - Fam' 4. fAT X ll , Ill , T f 'f , 5 fr , I G C 1 C A C 'f' L If . X ,N Q T . T - -F 1 - '75 W HO SAYS I G OTTA SM - f Q- " L' wr, af ' 4 i, fall, 4 N .. F I 1..- T - L. - A x ,K Q, Q I' ," 'I 1 I rj 2 ff ...ggg OUTI-iERN'S TOP ELEVEN' 0 IAN' IF we Jus HA T TALENT, THATS WT-TAT TT, TAKES... T ALlLBlT..- Y " OC' S - A E7, 7 fgszv- 1 15' 1 I i .... i 1- .11 5 r Q O N U O M. NLM. M14- U7 V.V, b W ., -I H WA y S fn '50 Oo R2 A 'xl .44 WERE GONNA UKNWRN9 THXS PRESENT SEE, JUST MY: 'PN HERE UNNERSY NW? XX KEEP CALM 1 S MM L 1 M I , J ' 1 A ," . ' v U , H. 5 . .u' , A 1 ,V V 1 W y 'V ' " C. - , e gf.wmu4fp2r ' ':',w'h" ' "Y A Av J , fp Z' . Q.. f, -' r -' - 1 wifi A , f - . 1 X In . A i?.ZkV.Z::9f1f 1 ...A I I , Sa 2242. f 4 J 'Q 1 , -. V' -tv ' 'f f,.,4: 1 ,4 .11 '43,?,,1,T:, '1 ' QQQQA yfKW,FWY A A ' " fweaff 2 ' 1 , 110 4 6: - f ' 'ram ZF wif-eu' Q 1 ' 1 Sm QW'i'!1,"-.fffif-f. , 1- I r 3, 1 Si ' , 'sf' 'f 'i . X g f 25351 :fr , V 'fri "df if JieSi5?5f 5 iZ2?Zi,4Q'5 I ,- Lj?33y?T?,f , 27 If-' 14' Y. X mv 4T 'S N S QL- ,Q Z: 'Y 1,, ,, , A ,,, . - N" , f ' f , . . 'f,cf1,L. ' ' My vw: , m7'yj',y',,2wffjgWf:fr, f Qifjiziydyibwfa p?5kfZi?5WQW7i? x, rv' 4231 QMS l .M 53 555 W 125 av KW Z3 562 fa 'H B233 F' W5 1 an F W ll WE 15 ri 13254 am E333 , 5 - I, I' , .hy Wh-., S .-1.5 X X 5 X 4 n ' fx? L I i .:,, I 4 , . ' - I K I .xx f x 1 x 1 X I X ' I ' 1 O 0 I I 1 '- I . - ,' -fr' I . ' O .- X nfl xx O M? x 43 X O 'rr W 0 ff, X g 14 X , .IN O ' . ' . 3 .f X Q ' x I ." x o ,X X I - x--' ' 1 . ' ' I .K.-.,.,. ,........ ... ,..1..L.... f-. I-my 1 .1 f x .Q I if' ' f T9 r 4.4 fi-D31 iq w X I .ai ' P , -Al, K ' , fir' ,v ef:-. 1' 2 ,4,. 71 ya-V xx xi, Q' if r x 2-I-I I i 4-'A 'Eifw f 4.1.L.r.a1......l,z.., . .. ,. ., . ,,,,. YW, , 'x 3 , my M. R Q M 3 6 New AXE Officers of lhe Pan-Hellenic Council. Left to Right Mona Watkins, Sara Freeman. Nellie Faye Redd, Liddell Hay, Do? Larroux, Billie Jo King, and Kay Honeyculf, OFFICERS LIDDELL HAY, Kappa Della NELLIE EAYE REDD, Sigma Siqma Siqrna DOT LARROUX, Alpha Sigma Alpha SARA FREEMAN, Della Ze-la BILUE JO KING, Phi Mu MONA WATKINS, Della Della KAY HONEYCUTT, Chi Omeqa MRS. IVAH O. WILBER President Vice-Presidenl Secreiary Treasurer Reporler Couriesy House Chairman Advisor THE PAN-HELLENIC The Panhellenic Council is an organizalion of .sororily women 'frying lo promole infer-sororily cooperalion, co- ordinale' common inleresls and aclivilies, and work wilh 'rhe college adminislraiion. Panhellenic sponsors a workshop on alrernaie years. Each year a scholarship plaque is awarded 'ro lhe sororily wilh ihe highesl average. Each year Rush Week is opened wilh rhe annual Panhel- lenic Tea. In February, lhe Soulheaslern Regional Panhellenic Con- ference was held on fhe Mississippi Soulhern Campus. u .-f . gn ff 4 X' '. 1 1' ' , ... 12: 'nkflfw M .ails x K s , K f ,' 'A mf fi s 'A Y , Y- iff ,5 I ix 'f 5631-:Qj J" F" ' -, W., V fl-Q ff- W X, '. 'Magna ,- f 3 . .. f 1 Uni, f " A'f'T'gr -4 A- Y A M- W 'W' f- - ,.-M.,Wf,n-. .mmf f 75 W .- M , - M , .2 'ff fwf..,mg4j8WW1' 'r "" ' i U 5 Y A f '. 4.f'flff'W" 953 rl'-1 ru- L 2 ,fgf 4 . ,. . Hsf.,-fffAf"'g34, x X, , W v,,' . ,M Y "'df'Lge5,'29i'., ' 'fx . -,zj T f - I- -f -- --f wg 1 , fi, view ywv,:.'NffTY4 'f' f 'W-4'f"Hv 'i X ', 'NV gi, fyf ' A -k L 7 '-"' . , 4, L , 'sb I, ' Q ll -- N 1: 1 'vm , . sf r 1 + f,.g,w:,, ff KL . V , , s I 1 H- W A , s, X. - , ' ' '14 '.T.,. . . - H :nuns W, Q -W 2 5 4 ,, . msn 1 z 1 ' :us ' X 1 s zsqzisf s : s " 5' M - 1 ' X' ' ,. 1. 'I ' V .V . FW J . v Ha .. e . A K f I - - A f W' ' ' B , 1 f ' R H I ,- H W M t, f f 1 1 ' ., , A 1- Q3 . -'gf .J fr, W . V, ,, y f1,sL.vwW+u MM.. . 4 M-+ up , 1..,-- 4 .' 'I .. , -4 The Panhellenic House is Home of sororify acfivifies E as dk COUNCIL Q mm Af X- Lasses are infroduced fo .xfi N-. X v -'K Jin-n-hs W ""'x. ,X .1 X. :gy I A Swim ,yf,yf,zf,fX wg Z ' ff-' .y xy 4 Qgg,fsf,5,,k:,,-2 X- fy 1 2 . V. Jw" yr I N'-'J u' NNK 6 soroifies af 'Hue Panhellenic Tea Mrs. lvah O. Wilber serves as Panhellenic advisor ,"'3x, f"xJp'J ' w ,fs ,RN , xtzbx 5 A A ,X , F i 5 ' X 5 x M ' x X 1 N. w Y' 0 f""' C23 . x x 4. Q X it ...f- 5 -v" K .5 N X X x D. XA X "' 3 l I MARY OTTIS WAITES President Colors: Pearl, White and Crimson Flowers: Aster and Narcissus Founded: Longwood College, Farm- ville, Virginia, November l5, l9Ol Beta Delta Chapter installed May, ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA ,- was fe -B2 gil l938 First Row: Mary Ottis Waites, President, Dot Larroux, Vice-President: Celebration in the Alpha Sig rqgm Second Row: Janice Eaves, Chaplain, Gwen Fortenberry, Editor, amass Betty McCutcheon, Treasurer, Anna Moore, Corresponding Secretary, T li ,, 3 it A ' ae I za unxxssvaxxxwmunxvn Og '70 et os , ps I 'Teva ef ff Judy Bowling, Pledge Mistress. Alpha Sigs began the l957-58 school year activities by entertaining Dr. and Mrs, McCain with a faculty tea. A Founder's Day Banquet, a Christmas party, Spring Formal, Parent-Daughter Banquet, and House Par- ty are highlights on the social calendar, This year, a party was given tor the child the A. S. A.'s sent to the Crippled Children's Camp. Many ot the members belong to Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Kappa Pi, Sigma Alpha Eta, Mu Phi Epsilon, Kap- pa Delta Pi, Kappa Omicron Phi, Future Teachers ot America, Home Economics Club, Physical Education Club, the band, Dixie Darlings, Student Government, Student Printz statt and various religious organizations. Annette Tisdale was a treshman counselor, a member ot Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities, Student Body Maid and a beauty, Dot Larroux was also named to Who's Who, and Lois Pravata was a teature beauty. Southern Belles Wish Well . Future Members of Alpha Sigma Alpha .Rial -v - if r , as ,f-IZ A ,Q-YQ 0 .wfyvx ii N :vm sz' I C2 ,J rx? X 'X +0-WDP N- ---cn' . -1 ug: i 'aegis '7 'r x my i f F i 'hu 'Y--v 4-vy' very' MM P3 Xe' 4 T? "'."1?' x AK' v ,, U -. -,ev ' svfv ff . if 'S M WA M C, N mf i My 9 if ' ""'7" fy ...fs rl A, ' .,,f,-Q? eva. Yi W I we X S ' fi VN, I f .06 44 5 I 7 MEMBERS Firsf Row: Jimmie Lou Albrilfon, Lucrelia Applewhile, Alice Arledge, Billie Banlcslon, Jackie Bollon, Judy Bowling, Nan Brown, Rebecca Albrilrlon Buford. Second Row: Sylvia Carfer, Sylvia Claylon, Carolyn Cloud, Allene Eaves, Janice Eaves, Nancy Ezelle, Ann Flercher, Melda Ford. Third Row: Gwen Forrinberry, Rulh l-lern, Ann Howell, Barbara Johnson, Carolyn Keel, Joy Koonce, Linda l.ancas'rer, Dorolhy Larroux. Fourih Row: Linda Lee, Parricia Lee, Anna Moore, Belly Ann McCu+cheon, Susan Newfon McDonald, Ann Pafriclc, Billie Rurh Pafriclc, Sally Porrer. Fiffh Row: Lois Pravajra, Peggy Prescorf, Sue Spencer, Mona Rush Thomas, Dorolhy Lee Thomsen, Annelle Tisdale, Mary Ollis Wailes, Chaille Ward, Audrey Weems. Noi' Picfured: Gail Chisholm, Anne Coker, Margarel Covinglon, Rebecca Crenshaw, Roma Jean Henderson, Sandra Phillips, Nancy Robinson, Carolyn Roper, Carolyn Simms. 2II MEMBERS -- 'k ' ,,..s, P, .4 A -. a N. ,if 1 si a J' ' Q Q ,J QL 3, 4: 47? 3 A 1' V' , 1 V:-Tr 5 1 V -f JL -N L, . W, C...-7 1 g-4 i I , -44 1 I , V 7 sg A K Y 1 V' A L..-. . E - K 9 -.. V ' 'ap Ji: ,R kgs A on 2: 'S' A ,J-' an ,an 5 1 'L A S I -.W 5 -1 x y I J I V . - aff! -7 '13 9. -..f Z.. J, Q V- K, ,, , 4 Aho' 3 J Xxx, I J .VA -i'Ag " xi ,ii im 4 ..,. " ., iff' .i V 1 eff :-- -vi., l Q We A ' " " ' 'iz S- is-n 'S I fi A 'vs ' L Q' 5' 3 V? 1 4. ,lf i ' ' " "" X' N. X wr ,-V-,V Qf 5.7 My A N, 2' J' ' I '2 A x hr X -- A . " - I 'lil L ,B he ' X , 'j .,.. 4 'x A ' I , Nampa i 1 Q i N if f' ' 6 . I V , 2 J ,rx -fx ,sy X lf aw lv 1, xt Mg 82? , . ,aa an 2. g A: 1 Q! ....fs,. Q 0' N "B , ' rf ' . . A -- Q D B if" " is M' , 4:37 X ff .i -9 E ,iw S 'vi Bti! x iv 1 .1 1 . U. t "f ,A,A 1 'N . ' V. . - 33 , ' lg. we " Q 1 i ig 3' A? ' X li A B i WT", '-We P Q' li M' -Er, LIC? , W ,"Q' B , . A M h -4 1 . - 1 .,.4 A, f 11, - l A WW ' 1 - , ,. 7 vu, 1. ., , 4 X 1, , M... M , ff ,i ,y 6? .J TSC' 'A W' , ,., A .Q ,SQ is ga .Q ,.: is , - .,- 7' , vf x s, . , , XM ,MV 1. .ff H Q-if 1, V nib ix WY ,J ww nf' B W ' " ,Q 1 1 V fa ,. A ' 1 1 ' I V V 4. I , . ' S ew ""'x Q ,,, .- ., fu: . cv.. Z, :S 9' 6. 3 - -1 ,A w Jofxwzfi it mul B, . - , X, . 2 ? , QI' i Vs W ,? 5 ' wwf? vi Y, 2 l 1 NJA' 4 Firsf Row: Gail Baclrslrom, Monle Beall, Ann Campbell, Nina Campbell. Kay Cleveland, Marilyn Darby. Carolyn Dearman, Shirley De l'lorily. Second Row: Barbara Easom, Barbara Franklin, Glenda Green, Susan Hagerman, Sue Harper, Judy Har- rison, Ann Holberq, Nelma Ivey. Third Row: Nancy Jackson, Diane Jellcoal, Judy Kinnard, Ann Lassiler, Marqarel Marlin, Julie McCall, Ellen McClunq, Carolyn McGregor. Fourllw Row: Ann Adelle McKay, Peggy Mclieillwen, Anila Neely, Margarel Neely, Lindsay Owen, Sandra Parlrer, Palsy Pallerson, Beverly Praylor. Fiflh Row:Judill1 Randle, Rouemary Riclw, Mary Helen Rislwer, Jo Ware Robbins, Madelyn Ruflln, Linda Russell, Mioonne Russell, Gloria Saunders. Sixlh Row: Grace J ffri Sclimidl, Susan Simmons, Carolyn Lee Smilh, Pal Speck, Rally Slevens, Mildred Slewarl, Vi larrer, Reqqy Ann Taylor. Sevenlh Row: Call-icrine Temple, Carolyn Timms, Shannon Waller, Mona Wallcins, Pally Websler, Caro- lyn Wellborn, Reqqy Wolfe. Nof Piclured: Pc-qqy Bradley, Robin Esarey, Rebecca Green, Barbara Goddard, Bobby Jones, Diane lillle, Iris Miclnaol,Jane-Wfargqfiner, lf'u1Ar'nn Waqqoner. 2l2 R l "--Q. ii l l - 1 Q l'U"U'X DELTA DELTA DELTA we PEGGY McKElTHEN Presidenl Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue Flower: Pansy Founded Boslon Universily, l888 Phi Epsilon Chapler inslalled May, I95I T5Yl0f THRGS T"0Pl1Y Marg serves Chrislmas buflel Z' pi?-QE X-.. 5 .. . .. Excilemenl and accomplishmenls have lilled I957 lor lhe Tri-Dells. Some ol lhe social funclions were lhe Chrislmas parly, Founder's Day Banquel, Spring Formal and Pansy Brealclasl. Della Della Della mainlains special inleresls in scholarship and service. Many members belong lo Phi Della Rho, Rho Tau Sigma, Kappa Della Pi, Alpha Lambda Della, Alpha Psi Omega, Pi Kappa Pi and olher worlhwhile orqanizalions. Somig of lhe oulslanding Tri-Dells were: Vi Tarrer, Homecoming Queen, beauly, iunior class vice-presidenl, R,,O.T.C. regimenlal sponsor, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies and iunior lavorileg Peggy 19 X Y fs McKeilhen, also named lo Who's Who, and Vi were lreshman counselors: Ann Lassiler and Ann Adelle Mc- og Q Kay were beaulies, Julie McCall was ATO sweelhearlg Judy Kinnard and Millye Slewarl wene named lo I X S7 I Who's Who, 'Millye was named lo lhe l'lall ol Fame: Carolyn McGregor was named I956-l957 oulslancling 65' AQ freshman woman and elecled sophomore lreasurer: Palli Slevens was ielecled freshman secrelary, while Su- Qmlll-PG san Hagerman was senior secrelaryg and Sandra Parlcer was sophomore secrelary. Lefl lo Righl: Peggy McKeilhen, Presidenl: Barbara Easom, Vice-Presidenlg Millye , Slewarl, Marshall, Barbara Franklin, Treasurer, Grace Jo Schmidl, Corresponding Tri-Della l957-58 Pledge Class Secrelaryp Judy Kinnard, Recording Secrelaryg and Glenda Green, Chaplain. , Q 2215? ' - if 'UX Fx 0, l MAUREEN q"Mo"i Mirci-HELL President Colors: Olive Green and Cream Flowers: Cream Tea Rose Founded: Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, September 23, l9I4 Epsilon Mu Chapter installed Septem- ber 23, I956 l f P54 DELTA ZETA if V i 5 5 5 l fl C f' 1 Q? Z s 2 ' 5 l 2 A li A ' l 5 l l 2 5 S , l l i V 5 T l if rm, -'i llfi, 5 . 3 A We l ,, - x r y i i " , ' ' l r if 5 D 5 l i 5 . 1 y 2 , . V g 5 l 2 ' ' 6 Dz'S Place in 'llle Song Fest Crughing the Enemy As a chapter ot the largest national sorority, Epsilon Mu came to this campus September 23, l956. Now in its second year, the chapter has accumulated many honors. Among these are having the I957 Halloween Queen, Rose Setaro, iunior Homecoming maid, Barbara Blount, and winning third place in the annual Song Festival, lndividual honors included membership in such honorary organizations as Tau Beta Sigma, Pi Omega Pi, Al- pha Psi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, and other groups. DZ's are also tound in the Vesper Choir, Choral Union, Debate Team, casts ot theatre productions such as "Brigadoon" and "Country Girl," Student Prinh stall, Physical Education Club and Future Teachers of America. The social calendar this year included a Big-Little Sister Christmas party, Spring Formal, house party, at- tending annual Providence Convention, and other activities. At the annual Awards Day, Delta Zeta presents a trophy to the outstanding education maior. Left to Right: Carol Coziar, Secretary, Glendora Thornhill, First Vice-President, "Mo" Mitchell, President, Betty Clifton, Second Vice-President: and Mary Stew- dff. Tfeaiufef- Delta Zeta Pledges 1 1 me , 1 l f', l l 9, If il 5 x lli 'l 'V A y l l -:lf we li 'l li v,, it ,, ,, . 4 ' T"i., MJ .X 'ai -'Q P45- YF' 'D' ,aw ,QW 45 an I . ,-,am if U VN 5' . I W7 'MW ,um 'T-6? -.-rf' X W-f My 40: 49 ,uw 1'-07' ...vy- A I?" inf? -.1-I-"il" l+s A S fw Q9 4"""'?P iw is of A ., MEMBERS Firsi Row: Anne Adams, Carolyn Baker, Barbara Blounf, Charlolle Boyel, Jane Bur- ford, Belly Cliflon. Second Row: Carol Rae Coziar, Laurie Curel, Frances Emerson, Pal Fairchild, Charlene Farr, Sara Freeman. Third Row: Dorolhy Juilleral, Linda Lammers, Maureen Milchell, Glenda Nelherland. Sylvia Newsom, Mary Ellen Owens. Fo-ur+h Row: Rila Owens, Jane Lyn Pierce, Carolyn Roberlson, Molly Ann Ross, Ruby Rowell, Rose Selaro. Fif+h Row: Mary Slewarl, Lynn Tanner, Glendora Thornhill, Jo Ferrell Tyner, Ann Wal- kins, Emily Williams. Noi Picfuredz Mona Kay Ford, Sharon Grimes, Linda l-lamillon, Lois Walker, Alpha Dell Connell, Careen Driscoll, Delores Simmons, Nela Clark. 2I5 JJ, .T4 -Y . .. 5 3 -:P , Q ' if ".: 3- M , U, C . 1 fl 1 ' ' , "" 1 .. f , 4 'N ,, 4 "" x 2 - ' " ' " , -,,,7f ---up ' J ., l 0 A , L X I Citi "Ek-Q.. N ,- , .ev , gp fi '-49 " . fkliffig. im ' 444' , Q Z 2 Z xi jgf f Q Q ,4-HN '17 I.- W ' i Q af r . Y Q f' - 1 - Fw ' 'R in H W I A.. li? A .in-f - 'W ww-yi' 'V - f' , X 'C . ,S Q . B ' i ive. . L 4 ' - ,A "" V A F ,. , ..-- r Q- J "". ' ' I 'g an gh 'ik' fm ' 'il' "" if 43 i. i X G 40' ' i 'f , Q W... ,. Ji X ,J x .r ,, X -49' A C, 'nv 'T' ' ' 'aff' . 17 .f . ""' A " ,- i i- .ff .5 Xl K iii A i - i I , --,Ai . -- Y i r, i. I s fig I , Q Q lf' , f 0 ,,, f- C -if , fi Q ,. fx., 'il' 3 ,w, :Vw no in L fem - 1 t .,,',e, ,K-s I ww , ,- 'f' '- fy f W f .-- ' Q? .My ! 3 F2 A: 1.51 5 Q -9' V- -if K ,, , 1 CV Wy W -L BQ I - 3 , , ,ie .1 , J W f W' ' ' sv . 1 5 'db ..., 'vs 6 'T Ar 0: 'J ,Q V F: own " ,WY ,L AU: Q x I2 - A "W ' sf 3 ""' sf' oo A i ,-asv ""-7 f 'ff - i A I' QU Egg' ,, li, J li ini-faymr. -V 8 ' kr MEMBERS v Firsl Row: Alice Aillcen, Linda Aldrich, Mildred Ball, lvlarlha Dee Barlow, Barbara Beach, Joan Berry, Lorella Belhs, Suzanne Bogqess, Second Row: Nancy Couqhman, Lynnda Culpepper, Kay Cunningham, Becky Dabbs, Willidora Eslcridge, A ' Madelyn Everell, Jaclrie Gay, Pal Grauer. , Third Row: Liddell Hay, Nancy Helm, Mary Glenn Higqason, Rulh Hill, Shirley Holcomb, Nancy Hous -V' 1 lon, Roce Mary Hughes, Abby Kenl. 1 1 Fourlh Row: Peqqy lfimmel, Judy Luke, Lynda McCann, Chris Marrioll, Ginger Merrill, Lane Miller, ,. .-. Carolyn Hudson Milchc-ll, Jane Odom. :' ': Fiflh Row: Nellie G, Philipz, Lynn Poque, Fran Riley, Elaine Reynolds, Sandra Risher, Frances Seay, Don ' :- nie Seuzeneau, Jerry Schoenich. 'T Sixlh Row: Sue Sirnmonz, Annelle Slarlinq, Ann Tee, Avis Viqnes, Beverly Walceland, Jacliie Walden Marlha Ann Weulbrocilf, Joy Lee Whillinqlon, Sandra Young. Noi Piclured: Belly Bond. Barbara Chisholm, Carol Ann Evans, Julianne Johnson, Jackie McCullough Mona Wall, Evelyn Wallorr., Sylvia Wilson, 2I6 KAPPA DELTA ,si Q 1,59 91.4 ?"XW"'Mc12l i 4 5 if Q? ,Z ,.::E ' F790 ' as if: X "f V7 Second Place Winners The KD Gang Rolls Merrily Along During I957, The Kappa Dellas enioyed such aclivilies as lhe Chrislmas parly lor underprivileged child- ren, chapler birlhday parly, alumni lea, While Rose Spring Feslival and Founders Day Banquel. KD's parlicipale in scholarship-service areas on campus. Some of lhese are Alpha Lambda Della, Phi Della Rho, Fulure Teachers of America, Dixie Darlings, Sludenl Prinh and SOUTHERNER slaiis, Souihern Players and various religious organizalions. Among KD honors This yiear were: Lorella Belhs, Miss MSC, caplain of lhe Dixie Darlings, beauly, seleclion for Who's Who in American Colleges and Universiliesg Lynnda Culpepper, freshman Homecoming maid and beaulyg Mildred Ball, beauly and PiKA pledge sweelhearlg Joan Berry, beaulyp Liddell Hay, Who's Who and Pan-Hellenic Presidenlg Belly Bond, junior class secrelary and freshman counselor: Ann Tele, freshman favor- ile and class Treasurer: and Jackie McCullough, assislanl edilor of The i958 SOUTHERNER and associale edilor of lhe Srudenl' Prinlz. Lefl lo Right: Donnie Seuzeneau, Edilor Avis Vignes Membership Chairman Kappa Della's Fulure Liddell Hay, Secrefaryg Alice Ailken, Presidenf fsealedl Barbara Beach Treasurer Befly Bond, Vice-President: and Carol Ann Evans Assisfanf Treasurer 1 3 E,- KAY CRENSHAW Presidenl Colors: Purple and While Flower: Violel Founded: April 20, I89B, Farmville, Virginia Alpha Sigma Chapler inslalled May I4, I937 A i i SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA qw. sg l'l9lPln9 Nei llie VICi0"Y Loolring Over lhe Silualion This year, Alpha Siqma Chapler is celebralinq ils lwenlielh year, having been inslalled May, I937, on Mississippi Soulhern's campus, Tri-Sigma was lhe lirsl nalional sororily lo be eslablished al lhe college. Tri-Sigma members have Ionq held an inleresl in all campus aclivilies. The sororily is well represenled in such campus orqanizalions as Alpha Lambda Della, Phi Della Rho, Kappa Omicron Pi, Tau Bela Siqma, lhe band, Dixie Darlinqs, Sludenl Chrislian Federalion, Religious Emphasis Weelc Council, Bela Bela Bela and lhe Sludenl Senale. I-Ioldinq individual honors lhis year were: Kay Crenshaw, Mississippi Colleqe Queen lor I957, lirsl caplain ol lhe Dixie Darlinqs, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies, Alpha Lambda Della, Phi Della Rho, and Hall ol Fame: Elaine Craiq, Sigma Phi Epsilon lillle sislerg Pally Holmes, senior lavorile: Donna Male lhews, Alpha Lambda Della, Bela Bela Bela and Nelllie Faye Redd, vice-presidenl ol lhe Pan-I-Iellenic Coun- cil. Lefl lo Righl: Doris Collins, Treasurer, Karlene Wesf, Keeper of Ihe Guard, Ann Marie Sassone, Vice-Presidenlg Kay Crenshaw, Presidenl fseafedlg Palsy Coker, Corresponding Secrelaryg and Billie Jean King, Recording Secrelary. Aspiring fo Be T,-Lsigmas C? S- Y.. f wi , 4- 1 I 5"-4' iv 0 'ff' exe ' m l 'Q wide, R3 Aw-W. ,,,.,,f 'TY jew 'WG' um' ,Nb WWWH -wi? 'mr AA MEMBERS Firsi' Row: Mary Margarei Boone, Jane Bosworlln, Nancy Brelwm, Sandra Carlisle, Palsy Coker, Doris Collins, Sandra Covinglon. Second Row: Kay Crenshaw, Marcia Ernbl, Elizabeili Ann Garner, Nancy l-lamilron, Palricia I-lays, Sue Henderson, Palli Lou Holmes. Third Row: Ancie Ruin Johnson, Billie Jean King, Berry Ladner, Joy Ladner, Delores Lee, Donna Malrfliews, Belly McMurcl1y. Fourfh Row: Yvonne Powers, Nellie Reclol, Connie Ripple, Pauline Roberson, Margie Rulland, Anne Marie Sassone, Ann Srringer. Fiflh Row: Sanclra Sullivan, Virginia Sullivan. Geneva Tuclcer, Ruin Wallace, Karlene Wesl, Slella Wilkins. Noi' Picfuredz Slella Courlney, Frances Johnson, Sylvia Lee, Joann Sowell. 2l9 if is Jw 'vu V Q4 . i F fi 3 ,, sf, U l gi Y' 4' V V ' 5' W A 2 J ..- s 3. ' " gl' '1 ' A ., A 5, -1 -VM , A Av- 1 ,A , 5 X I A, n JM., Pa 5.5 .1 u 1 'ff ,A - A -.f K, ' , gy, W ,f ,,! , 3. fy. I Ii I L1 AAi",1' i A M A K ---- ,A A , Q W4 'FHT7 --- 'A 'fb ' W ,A ...J--fp Q: if WM' T", ,BAA : A W! V A xii , -A 'K - ' B ' ' V J xx-TQ. 1 A ' f is ' 'gixf , .- N-WF' Wh. ,,.i 7 , Je- WB r Aw Q W ' -- .i mm 04,1 A, , M, ' g, ', -Us , af- ' , Q -2 I.vl, I, ,wi 'HN ,M 006 A , A ig K y vi - -f ' 'J P ' N A , ,A fy ,gs ,,. . sf w c, ' V , if em ,A A s 35,3 ,vw I f e, fl M' , .AQ -9 fl Ac' sux xv, - 1..- -'sf s Y , X ' ii is , s.. ,as-QT is Y Sf If ff. "Wy ,, s .:9:, , A , is A A -.,A B f J y , ,F rss vfs A A., . si- A I 4-.AA . A A X V , .31 ' i L , gp yy , ,. PAQ - W ,, A, 4 ,WAN 'Z-fix 1 ' V - Q ' ' im M A Wh - . J 'fl M M "" F V W, as Q A.. .As if ,s 'lm 5' il V A -8 - 5 .. i , fs ff js , - f Q, 'e A A , ' ' W' H, x.,..,. Ks A h , , 'uf' i A:-A , N -1 sg AIQI Q ,.1: Vvv::- XX M W W X 'Q W' A , ' ,U " J X 73 fi' I AAVA A A A , ,,,A.A,AAA , , y , 3 , , X W x ,Qu fv"""s I W N A . "" 'Bk' wa xv, A ,..- 3, ,ai-A.: ,V A f' V , "' 'E' ' , R r ' I 4 Q A MEMBERS Firsl Row: Mary Margarel Andrews, Gayle Benedicl, Melba Berger, Whizzby Brown. Clarice Bryan, Quellyn Campbell, Arden Conway, Kalhleen Coverl. Second Row: Darlene Dallin, Frannie Dorsell, Vicky Dunn, Ann Fiebelkorn, Roma Flem- ing, Belly Alice Flynn, Marlha Ford, Virginia Fuller. Third Row: Camille Gamblin, Gerrie Goss, Brenda Greene, Jolee l-larper, Annrae l-lorlon, Claudelle Jenkins, Glendon Johnson, Kinla Kergosien. Fourlh Row: Joan Logan, Evelyn Lulrick, Guida Marlin, Rosemary Massey, Ann Mal- lhews, Rose Marie McCullough, Carolyn Mcliibben, Becky Milling. Fillh Row: Caryl Morschauser, Sherry Murphy, Jane Newlon, Eloise Parenl, Joyce Payne, Linda Prall, Louise Ready, Barbara Shaw. Sixlh Row-Kay Shivers, Billie Jo Smilh, Barbara Sleelman, Dale Thigpen, Aldine Tucker, Gail Whillinglon, Carol Williams, l-lelen Young. Nol Piclured: Palli Bailey, Eugenia Carlelon, Louise Sosles. 220 Founded: Wesleyan College, Macon, pdfm PHI MU KINTA KERGOSIEN Presidenf Colors: Rose and Wl-iiTe Flower: Enchanfress Carnafion Georgia, March 4, I852 eifii iiifi Alpha Omicron ChapTer insfalled Xl!! Phi Mu'5 Dig In Floal' Building, a la Annrae g 4 Z f Q all - Q 'QQ 4 Q El -Q f AnoTher sTeppinq sTone in Phi Mu's growTh aT Mississippi SouThern was marlced This year, l-lelpinq To puT --1 X an To cross were parTies Tor members and pledqes, The annual ChrisTmas parTy, The Moiher- down anoTher sTone DaughTer Banquef, l:ounder's Day Ceremony and Banque-T, The House ParTy and The Spring Formal. Many oT The Phi Mu's helped malce Their marlc by Talcinq parT in Choral Union, SouThern Players, Dixie Dar- linqs, and various educaTional and religious organizations, Phi Mu's ideals are love, honor and TruTh. IT is These qoals ThaT each member sTrives To aTTain in addilion To academic knowledge, leadership and social and moral sTandinq. Lefl To Righfz Gail Whilfinglon, Treasurer: Roma Rea Fleming, Vice-Presidenr H . , Kinla Kergosien, Presidenfg Dale Thigpen, Pledge Direclorg and Eloise Parent: M' oping To Be Achves Secretary, WW W . I s X-..x. 'hx gil T O ., w-me fi we if Q7 DIXIE JOHNSON Presidenl, Spring and Fall Colors: Cardinal and Slraw Flower: While Carnalion CHI OMEGA Z HELON HOWELL Presidenl, Winler ttf? p f, iw : I lifes' J 'wr he I fi Li Q 1 A 1 x 8 V, U' L91 --'f swf 1 I ' 4 Founded: Universily of Arlransas, April J , M I Y ' Qi' 5, I895 ' Epsilon Della Chapler inslalled April ' 6 5 23, I949. 517552 , c is ai flgi yl iii! Firsf Place Floaf Winner Sponsors of lhe Annual Song Fesl This year, l958, marlcs Chi Omega's ninlh year on Soulhern's campus. There are members on lhe Women's Affairs Board, SOUTHERNER sfall, Southern Players, Alpha Lambda Della, Kappa Della Pi, Alpha Epsilon Della, Kappa Mu Epsilon and Phi Della Rho. Epsilon Della Chapler won 'rhe Pan-I-lellenic scholaslic plaque for having lhe highesl average among soror- ilies. The lnlramural 'rrophy also wenl lo Chi O. This year's social calendar included The annual Chrislmas Song Feslival, a parly lor underprivileged chil- dren, a lvlolher-Daughler banquel, lhe Spring Formal, a Dinner Dance and Bi-annual Eleusinian banquels. ln addilion 'ro giving an award lo lhe oulslanding sfudenl in social sludies, lhe enlire program was climaxed wilh lhe annual weelr-end house parly. Oulslanding members included Frances Head, sophomore Homecoming maid and a beauly, and Lynda Caldwell, sophomore lavorile. Leff fo Righl: Barbara Balchelor, Pledge Trainer: Pafly Smilh, Treasurer, Crew Hall, Secretary, Helon Howell, Vice-President, Dixie Johnson, President Chi O Pledge Group H95 ru 9 Ht' np, EW va 42' Q ,N : Q , ww'-.Wwmug VK, , a mi-,y-, , V i X Q sk 'W' A an.4? .iff - 1 qv xl xc 1 X 7 Q '- ,nv ix X W if XX, ,..a Q15 I ,F 'Hhs ik tw' 'av ll fa? 10" W. aww L .f HM 18 Wa V 4f"f 771 vigrx , 'rw-rr K X f W f C , ' -, .14 4-vw f , X f L f ,,- 4 i, f - i f ri 1 ,mg . ,fm B 4 'f mg 'f 4 - gms er. , , . -.Q-w ff "f lima! vas My vw X if , Ur, if mf if yy-A 1440" , M .ss ' 1 l , V if f y 5.77, K I ,sn f X iw' 9 -N.. K ' , Sgr wwf? -17" Chr , sy X sf ' if ' 1 J 3, 5 , swacxbo' as B ,sim ay QW' sa!" 1"'W' LW, A G , .,., Y L. Q M nn X 'X 1 NW' Q ' i r ki fr fi N1 M' W -wg' -we 5 . l MEMBERS Firsl' Row: Barbara Baird, Barbara Balclfielor, Sue Bislwop, Cassie Boyell, Lynda Cald- well, Kay Conway, Lillian Cox. Second Row: Alice Denson, Gerrie Dickerson, Glenda Gilliam, Crew l-lall, Calla l-lans- borouglw, lsabel l-lansborougli, Palsy l-larringlon. Thircl Row: l-lelen l-larrod, Mary Ann l-lays, Frances l-lead, Toxey l-le-rring. Kay Honey- cull, l-lelon l-lowell, Clirislrine Jacobs. Fourlh Row: Dixie Johnson, Miriam Kalwn, Jaclcie Kazar, Mary Jo Lucas, Melinda Mc- Williams, Marllia Mercer, Palricia Myers, Anna Galcley. Fiffh Row: Mary Ann Penlon, Marllia Robinson, Palli Gail Smilli, Suzanne Snider Rose Slanlord. Belly Slephens, Jolie Wamble, Alice Wilkinson. Noi' Piclured: Rusly Breallw, Robyn Brown, Frances Cargile, Mary Callwerine Dawlcins Nancy l-lulcliison, Joan John, Nancy Josl, Jane King, Carolyn Lueders, Dollye Mc- Clain, Susan Woodyear. .1 J it 4' sf i... '40 J Afmisg-ifwf' .owwff 6, Q ii ji 5 3- I fs...--sf ,f N . 2 . ' ' I Seated, Lett to Right: Bruce Stewart, PiKa, Don Leverette, SPE, Don Nick, KA, Rip Pugh, Kappa Sig, W. F. Stagg, Phi Tau, Ken Fischer, ATO, Ben Bolt, Stray Greeks, Stand- ing, Left to Right: Arnold DeWease, SPE, Billy Puiol, PiKA, Charles McElveen, PiKA, Clint Hardin, KA, Eddie Henson, SPE, Bob Lennon, ATO, Jack Miller, ATO, Jerry Bla- keney, KA, Joe Setaro, Phi Tau, Bob Nahrgang, Kappa Sig, Bill Thompson, PiKA, Bob Hargis, Kappa Sig, O. L. Ellis, Phi Tau, This group composes a large segment of the Inter-Fraternity Council. OFFICERS BRUCE STEWART, Pi Kappa Alpha President BOB NAHRGANG, Kappa Sigma Vice-President O. L. ELLIS, Phi Kappa Tau Secretary DON LEVERETTE, Sigma Phi Epsilon Treasurer MR. RAYMOND CLEGG Advisor THE INTER-FRATERNITY The lntertraternity Council is an organization composed ot the six fraternities on Southern's campus. Each fraternity is represented by three delegates ve.sted with the power to act tor his traternity, and all traternities are bound by the rules and decisions ot the organization, The purpose ot the council is to act as a governing body ot traternities, promote better harmony and cooperation be- tween traternities and advance the interest ot Southern at all times. One ot the primary duties ot the IFC is the establishing ot rules relating to rushing, pledging, and initiation ot traternity men. ln doing this, the IFC tries to insure tairness to the rushee as well as to each individual fraternity. YQ ra X i' arf-f ,MW .-ni i "The Four Fresh . . ."-fypical of fhe hilarious scenes af every IFC slrii nighf, an annually sponsored affair. Dean Raymond Clegg advises fhrough fhe Inior-Frafernily A I X 4 ff- is at V gn f ff 2 Q me nf Qifaimz, ' . ,, , s Aj., . Ja" ,X 1"Ba.,,",f o f if. "'hNf1sn., .Xu-r' 3 J Qu S 'x af-"FWZ ' sm A ,V Q. . fy. J ns us: W4 .. - ll as ave' we-X Prosideni Siewarl' oversees , R 4' K .ff:,QiQNfws.'f V hi- An all-frafernify choir, sponsored by fhe IFC, made ils debul' af The Dan- forth Chapel dedicaiion. Officers, Lef+ +o Right Treasurer Don Levereife, Secretary O. L. Ellis, Council, Vice-Presiclenf Bob Nahrgang, and Presidenf Bruce Siewari. wx,,.....- , .K 4 13 S i' I 4' Q 1.1 . ,Q 'ie Z V 4 ,X si fox X X r -X , ? g X I KEN FISCHER President Colors: Slry Blue and Gold Flower: While Tea Rose Founded: V.M.l.. Sep+ember II, I865 Epsilon Upsilon insfalled November I9, I949 QQDC9 llll l lllm' L I ' B WW ALPHA TAU GMEGA sewn Vigil Z .. Q ,4 f"S 453- X... 46 ef ,fy 6 f Sealed, Lefl 'lo Right: Ken Fischer, Worthy Masferg Roberl Henry, Julie McCall' Sweefhearf Worihy Chaplain. Sfanding, Left fo Righf: James "Buddy" Davis, Worlhy Keeper of 'Phe Exchequerp Roberf Gwinner, Worthy SCfIbEf Gary Prafer, Worfhy Keeper ofuilhe Annalsg Robert Lennon, Worfhy s er. Epsilon Upsilon Chapler has had occasion lo become proud of ils members since ils inslallalion on lhe campus ol Mississippi Soulhern in l94-9. The AlO's lollow an annual schedule of leslivily which includes lhe Orchid Ball, House Parly, olher parlies scheduled accordingly ihroughoul 'rhe year and parlicipalion in campus aciivilies. Ken Fisher was lreasurer ol lhe SGA, and he and RoberlGwir1ner were named lo Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies. Sid Davison served as sporls edilor ol lhe Sludenf Prinh and Bill Sim son was s- - P 5 sislanl sporls edilor. Richard Assai was elecfed freshman lavorire Milne Carpenler ruled as Halloween King. Members ol l'he lralernily were also aciive in such orqanizalions as Pi Siqma Epsilon, Omicron Della Kappa, Della Sigma Pi and Alpha Psi Omega. The Alpha Tau's have several members who play varsily loolball, baslcefball, baseball and lraclc on Mis- sissippi Soulhern ieams. Every year is a -,fear ol progress lor Epsilon Upsilon, and l957-58 was no exceplion. Caplured by lhe ATO Space Girls Kelly Leads lo Second Place Win a i" -6' -,.Q 4. 1'2"- 1 -gif 2 ill' SJW if war lv:-. E ff- 5'-0, 5 -'wif' 'W 'T' 'rsh .,,, f. X 'OF' iw .-.rf K 1 We X7 9 -V4 1 i Q 3 if-gm, ,a--win. sd' ,,..-4-v B -endif , 1' , -.J ,,,s we Y ,jS',,,,, MEMBERS Firsl Row: Richard Assaf Fred Axley Sam Bailey Frank Braham William Burgess Mike Carpenfer James Carraway. Second Row: Donald Craslo, Earl Curry, James Davis, Sid Davidson, Kennelh Fischer, Howard Flelcher, Joseph George, Billy Gibson. Third Row: Roberl' Gwinner, Sam Hall, Roberl Henry, Gene Johnslone, Billy Jones, James Kelley, Gary Kimmel, Roberf Lennon. Fourfh Row: Donald McCann, John Miller, Donald Murphy, Carness Person, Gary Prafer, Bobby Quimby, Marshall Rahaim, Harry Schiavane. Fif+h Row: Sieve ScoH, William Simpson, James Smilh, William Smilh, Kennelh Sleiner, James Sfewarl, Donald Weiss, 'Ralph Wilkerson, James Wooly. N,o'l' Picfuredz Guy Ball, William Beasley, Edward Holland, Harvey Ray Maddox, Kennelh Main, Roberl Moberly, William Slay, Ed Voivedich, Carl H, Brockman, Roberf Couch, William Edgar, Edwin Franlc, Glen McDonald, James Mclieown, Owen McRee, Raymond Niclcisher, Y. B. Pallerson, Joseph Ralda, Richard Smifh, David Tull, James Walls. i 227 .. W -,- . -Y..L ,Z., Ang, ,,,, Ll . Lwirr. 'K .. Qi sy M .1 kg- ,infix 5. "" 5 'Q' -f' L 3 5, W, any M v i 322' 5' Q f ww? 'M' 2 ,fl , Qi i' .109 ' Q 'R' i A "' Nd - in wtf r 1 safssf 'X 'O' V IA,- 5, .nj MEMBERS Firsl Row: Michael Joseph Arban, William Ervin Arringlon, Ray Barrell, Jerry Max Blakeney, Jim Bonner, William Booker, Russell Brandon, Charles Carler. Second Row: Thomas Cox, Dennis Drenning, Jere Eowlkes, Jackie Grissom, Ben l-lagnewood, John Ham- illon, James l-lamrick, Clinlon l-lardin. Third Row: William l-larris, John l-lill, James Holaday, Viclor Hollingsworlh, Temple lnnis, Marlin Ivey, Wade Jones, Charlie Long. Fourlh Row: Rene Lorio, Lawrence Maullray, Jr., Roloerl Merrill, Mike Newlon, George Nick, Dean Owens, Joe Park, Ross Pearson, Fiflh Row: Merrill Pelerson, Wallon Pigoll, Floyd Prehoda, l-lenry Rhodes, William Slroud, Russell Schoreluerg, James Scoll, Jerald Sharpe. Sixlh Row: Esdell Shaw, Tommy Sims, Jack Slone, Sam Tuccio, Douglas Talbol, Mike Trananlo, Cecil Walker, Russell Welch. Nol Piclurecl:Swann Anderson, William Easley, William Hewes, Glover Jones, Enoch O'Shields, William Pallerson, Phillip Shaw, Doyle Snow, Herberl Summers, Donald Wails, William Yearwood, James Weedy, John Ziller, William Arringlon, George Alkins, Earl Bernhardl, Donald Boswell, Johnny Burkholder, Hugh Gillespie, Terry Keelon, Joseph Knighl, Wiley Lewis, Frank Love, Gerald Neyman, Harvey Poole, George Schmidl, John Shannon, John Slaylon, James Slrange, John Thomsen, Wallace Walker, William Warren, Roberl Webb. , 228 KAPPA ALPHA i, ' , . I 'I , Q-21'-fad 7 nl 'I , -1' fi graphs" ZflllllTiQf'hiL"l ' 'is -1 N P T I T! 1 1 -fi.: and 4Hil'4" 5 ii T qirpgiz-,,'H 4.4 ,Eg fluffy, .. NN l .. 1 , 4,-, T1-Jigga Y ,r ,Q . .,. ffbifici-1..a.....' . -- I.,-f' A Dream ls Realized The celebraTion This year oT RoberT E. Lee's BirThday on January l9, which is held bi-annually, was Tollowed by a period oT greaT TesTiviTy in which The Old SouTh Ball was held. This is iusT one oT The TradiTions of The SouTh- ern 6enTleman who make up The Gamma ZeTa ChapTer oT The Kappa Alpha Order. The chapTer members are proud OT Their beauTiTul new home on SouThern's campus. CompleTion of The house was a highIighT This year. This year's KA's have held many responsible posiTions in campus acTiviTies. Henry Rhodes was presidenT oT The STudenT GovernmenT AssociaTion and was named To Who's Who. 'Jack STone, also placed in Who's Who, was ChieT JusTice oT The STudenT Cour'T. ClinT Hardin was presidenT of Pi Tau Chi and anoTher Who's Who mem- ber. Tommy Cox was elecTed presidenT and TavoriTe oT The Junior Class, and "Tick" ScoTT was vice-presidenT and TavoriTe oT The Senior Class. Billy Hewes, Sophmore TavoriTe, and vice-presidenT, and Tommy Co-x were cheer- leadersj The Kappa Alpha's are especially proud oT Their NaTional Scholarship Trophy won aT The 47Th convenTion held in Jacksonville, Florida. Gamma ZeTa was TirsT in scholarship among Kappa Alpha chapTers in The UniTed STaTes. OTher organizaTions in which Kappa Alpha's are acTive include The STudenT SenaTe, debaTe Team Club, Newman Club, Pi Kappa Pi, Pi Kappa DelTa and, Omicron DelTa Kappa. The parTies oT Kappa Alpha include The ChrisTmas parTy, The Old SouTh Ball, House ParTy in Florida, Cos- Tume ParTy, Pledge ParTy, and many oThers ThroughouT The year. Kappa Alpha Takes greaT pride in growing wiTh SouThern To The Top. Seafed, Lefl To Righfz II Don Nick, Vice-PresidenT- I Bill Hamrick, President- Ill Tommy Cox, Recording Secretary, Slandinq, Lefl' To RighT: IX Phil Snow, Social Heil 7--,T 4 V 1 uf' If 'X -N11 - .1 BILL HAMRICK Presidenf Colors: Crimson and Gold Flowers: Magnolia and Red Rose Founded: Washingfon and Lee Uni- versify in l865 Gamma Zefa insTalled on November 7, l948 4. ,J , , .- q' l Aiib "' I GE le ff L55 h Chairman: VII Phil Shaw, Censo 3 V CI'nl' H di , H' Tor'ang VIII Cha Ie C rT , I - - lniiialion Assisfanh IV .llerry Bllakengy, Eorrgspolnding Secrefaryi a er KAS Dm' The R'9hl Number W,3,-,,, "YNY J l ff! Nl if KAPPA SIGMA ii ii We ii ill . i' Lili E ' , f r W i l f i 5' il ,.. - , f ,gs"'?,"'w L , . W. .aa-A..-.........- ,. , , .. -----up---.-----A Y ' ' Left to Right: Carl Voss, Grand Treasurer: Bob Nahrgang, Grand Pro- Slril' Nigh+'s Marching Band curaiorg Rufus "Rip" Pugh, Grand Masferg David "Bubba" Moffeff, Grand Master of Ceremoniesg FgankdMcEacharn, House Manager and uar . Epsilon Nu Chaprer ol Kappa Siqma was born on Mississippi Soulhern's campus on December ll, l948. An enviable record in many phases ol campus life has been mainlained ever since fha? lime. Bill Corr is Senior Class presidenl and has been named lo Who's Who in American Colleqes and Univer- siiies. Anolher Who's Who member, Donald Dana, was presidenl ol The Sludenl Chrislian Eederalion, asso- ciale edilor oi The Sfudenl Prinlz and a member ol ODK, Bob Nahrqanq was also named To Who's Who. Glenn Miner and Kellon Morris were varsily cheerleaders, while Buddy Pirlman was a freshman cheerleader, James Edward Mclnnis was presidenl of 'the Circle K Club and edilor of 'rhe I958 SOUTHERNER. Bob Har- qis was elecled vice-presidenr ol lhe Soulheasl lnlerlrarernily Council. Bill Corr was chairman ol, and Kel- lon Morris a member oi, lhe SGA execulive adminislralive commilfee. Bob Nahrqanq served as a member of lhe Sludenl Senale, Olher Kappa Sigma members parlicipale in such orqanizaiions as rhe M Club. Phi Era Siqma, Yellow Jaclels, Pi Gamma Mur Kappa Della Pi, rhe Colleqe Union Aclivilies Commilfee, vari- ous reliqious qroups and olhers. The Scarlel, While and Emerald Green colors of Kappa Siqma are a conlinuinq symbol of achievemenr on Mississippi Sou'rhern's campus. Dana and Linden Win Scholarship Awards Seminoles Siule in KBPPK3 Sig Skillef Yi- ali' Heats: .Jif 5144- W' ' 'AA1 if ,, V Aff Y- ' ' X f f l an ur 474 -"' 5 ,va ,VP 7 .yn ,.,.,-. ,, I , , , 'Z 5 Q , Q, f xyffy 1' I 4,-'uf K X , , lg My X ff f Q? :Xxx wi .ff 5' 1 f 12 7 If X IZM , X f X f . R ,,, I g A AU.: J 7 I " f 'T f i 'Zh' 'nam . "mf il ,aw my im . J 1 , 4 x -if . 1' 3 W- P' -5... H ff ' 'T 47 ' 'ff H. N , X fi! I if 4. T ia- Awww, 'M ' ii it . A f ll , ,Jr wx fi I f i 1 M , 1? 4 J, 3 V yd, fi I 1 - ,V-4 5:70, . X 5 I is MEMBERS Firs'I' Row: Lewis Alexander, H. C. Barlow, Fred Beverly, John Bodden, Cecil Burnham, Nolon Bush, Oliver Cafchings, William Corr, Richard Corhren. Second Row: Donald Dana, Tracey Davis, Chesfer Dowdle, Tim Foley, Roberl Hargis, Emerson Harris, George Hayden, Roberf Huggins, Jerry Hur'l'. Third Row: Jerry Jackson, William Jackson, C. W. Kelly, Karl Langenbach, Richard Linden, Joe Lips- comb, Jerry Lori, Ralph Manny, Frifz Manuel. Fourfh Row: R. M. Malhews, Joe McClammy, James Edward Mclnnis, James Edwin Mclnnis, Bobby Mc- Laughlin, David Meriwefher, Glenn Miner, David Mofferf, Kellon Morris. Fifih Row: Roberf Nahrgang, Gerald Nicholson, Marvin Oglesby, Alfred Perrins, Billy Pirlle, Buddy Pi'r+- man, Charley Praler, Jackie Priesler, Rufus Pugh. Sixfh Row: Clinlon Quebedeau, Lance Rooker, Floyd Seymour, Sanford Sheffield, Gerald Sims, Bienville Skipper, Larry N. Smirh, Shelby L. Smifh, James Speake. Sevenfh Row: William Slevens, Gene Sfewarf, James Thompson, Carl Voss, Jeff Weaver, Hugh Welch. Roberi' P. Wesl, James Wilkins. Noi' Picfuredz Sonny Gasfon, Duane Hanks, Johnny Harris, Tommy Jackson, Morgan LeBlanc, Frank Mc- Eacharn, Bra'H Rainey. Mike Sullivan, John' Thornhill, John Gourlay, Eddie Felcher, Ed Scarbrough, Allan Baker, Earl Pugh, Robard Hughes, Jimmy Faughn, Francis Kersh. 23I 1 .. ,A . . M, ,. V-ff f vf 1.1 ,N ' , , -1 1 2 1 J f 7 3 far. . ' -5'15f' "A ' " fffssfi , j 1 ff, -' I' M1 Ag TL 2,1 ygf. -,sw x. v 'Y' nh X ' in A! ,fair ' a SB , : ' 'Y . 5 ' Tw A "Z L14 I J -0 : -fit, 'Q' .p i .ff ,.,.4-47 3 ' x Q vp' s, if .V J f f -Q X! -I' . EQSQRM. , P N ' A W -fa si , A: Q -P Y l 5. I ' ex-Q i e . I ' ,sf .lil f ,F 1,3 if-'fr if JN, lf' if. 'T- rai ve i ,fy KZ A 'K y K . ' ir' E 1 ff L ,qi 'J ' . - ,S ,p df V' l ,-' if ' 'M' f fs we . -J' H 'T T" 'TT' 'K' A M' "fi Ll, Ffa-""'if 1 Q-Q' J , . , I ...M.'.,,, 'CN .. A ,,.- K 1 ,..-sl'-7 'f """ id' 1, mia. MEMBERS Firsf Row: Randolph Adams, Kennelh Barlow, Charles Bass, Frank Bells, l-leclor Bourq, Knox Broom, Carey Campbell, Terri Cannon. Second Row: Donald Chapman, John Cislriano, Paul Colren, Ellis Culpepper, Tom Diclcson, l-larry Dilsch- man, Alberl Edwards, James Eorehand. Third Row: Thad Ginn, Donald Glover, Roberl Greqory, James Gunn, Mack Haas, Millon l-larris, Charles Harvison, David l-linlon. Fourfh Row: l-larry l-lufson, Johnny Holcomb, Joseph Kersanac, Thomas Kidd, Charles McElveen, James Mullen, Frank Mullins, Tommy Milchell, Travis Mifchell. Fifih Row: William Nelson, Bobby Oqlesby, William Pelham, Billy Puiol, William Risher, John Sellers, Harry Simmons, Paul Ray Smilh, Roy Sowell. Sindh Row: Tommy Sleele, Carl Slewarl, William Thompson, James Valenline, John Wallace, Cliffon Ware, Jeno Whilecoflon, James Williams, Donald Wise. Noi Picfured: Ernesl Barflelf, Marlin Bolon, John Buller, Paul Charbonneau, Edward Craig, Truesdell DeKay, Johnny Maclc Evans, Shereard Lea, Gail Moore, John Roberlson, Tommy Smilh, Harold Sleven- son, William Thornlon, William Buford, Allen Dunn, John Kern, David Laposer, Arthur Mellen, John Overlon, William Rilihiq, Robcrl Sowell, Billy Paul Sluarl, 232 , N-rgy, X I .3 z .ng , 'IJ' l 1 i i i l f" fan . DA, , -1 s ' i l al .li ax i ir T L.. ' f' - f 1 "e"0"wi,: 1 Pl KAPPA ALPHA J pw.. iw ,. Q, 5 Annelle Tisdale, Dream Girl. On December IO, l949, lhe old Colonial Club ceased lo be, and lhe Della Mu Chapler ol lhe Pi Kappa Alpha Order was inslalled al Mississippi Soulhern. Since lhis lime, lhe "Piles" have made a record ol which lhey are proud. Some ol lhe highlighls lhal go inlo making up lhe "Pile" year include: lhe Dream Girl Dance, lhe Roman Parly and lhe l-louse Parly. The I957-58 Dream Girl lor lhe Della Mu Chapler was Miss Annelle Tisdale. For lhe lirsl lime lhe Pledge Class elecled a Pi Kappa Alpha Pledge Sweelhearl, who is Miss Mildred Ball, Mrs. Blanche Moore. lhe l-louse Molher, is one whom lhe Pilces hold in much honor and respecl. "Pikes" are aclive in such organizalions as Alpha Psi Omega, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Della, Bela Bela Bela, Della Sigma Pi, lola Lambda Sigma, Phi Fla Sigma, Phi Kappa Pi, Pi Tau Chi, Omi- cron Della Kappa, Pho Tau Sigma, Sludenl Senale, American Chem- islry Sociely, lhe Band, Whos Who Among Sludenls in American Colleges and Universilies, Fulure Teachers ol America, and serve on lhe Sludenl Prinlz and SOUTHERNER slalls, Pele Pelham is Bus' ness Manager ol lhe SOUTHERNER, John Sellers is presidenl ol lhe Sophomore Class, Paul Ray Smilh is vice-presidenl ol lhe Freshman Class, Bruce Slewarl is presidenl ol lhe lnlerlralernily Council, Billy Paul Sluarl is presidenl ol Phi Mu Alpha, and Knox Broom is presi- denl ol Omicron Della Kappa. Pikes Win Again xx, l ' 2 2 ,5 2 l 1 s Q Q 1' gi g x l Q: l 5 4 i ' f fs ,,,, i Sf, 53-2 1 fr 1,4 i 2 A f i , ,,,s..ce - was N,-in -M 1' 2 rri r i is- 'Tl Su?" Lefl' lo Righl: Pele Pelham, Treasurer, Mac Haas, Vice-Presidentg Bob- by Oglesby, Historian, Bruce Slewarl, Presidenlg Charles Harvison Recording Secrelaryg Joseph John Kersanac, House Manager. President I949 , QW ,254 www: A ,s J-7 ii: Mildred Ball, Pledge swee+he.sfi Slril Nighl, Too, Finds Pilres Viclorious gc wldefli id J lleali' WDP BRUCE STEWART Colors: Garnel and Old Gold Flower: Lily ol lhe Valley Founded: Universily of Virginia March I, l868 Della Mu inslalled on December IO 1 , '- '--- .. ' ff -. .2 .1-ff' -,, ,. V q..v X ' 'gg' ' H a f - 'NJ f 2' . -. I-.x . Ti is . Y 1: 'vii'-5S., T hiv 1 Qf.::.2f'rg' Ag, 5 ,-, ,wmv ,-1, gyyri lg eff T Nl., i A .. N is V , . ls 1- x ig ,155 f-3 ,xo U .. DON LEVERETTE Presidenf Colors: Red and Purple Flowers: VioleT and American Beauly Rose Founded: November l, l9Ol Mississippi Gamma insTalled May lb, l953 xx hllll IL lil 4 SIGMA PHI EPSIL T ? Syl Sealed: Don Ponder, Secrelaryg Don LevereTTe, Presidenfg Ward Baur- - saw, CompTrollerg Ollie Seale, Vice-Presidenfg STandinq: Bill Will- A Wagon Road of Semmoles Guarded PY helmi, Rush Chairman: Frank Whyle, Pledge Trainer: Augusl Parker, Slg EP Conliederales- Sergeanl al Arms, Charles Falke, HisTorian. Siq Eps have a ToTal QT I46 chapTers ThroughouT The naTion-ranking second in The number of chapTers oT any TraTerniTy in The counTry and The TraTerniTy on This campus wiTh The mosT chapTers. The members oT Sigma Phi Epsilon pride Themselves wiTh being more Than a social TraTerniTy: iT is alTruisTic as well. AcTiviTies include aiding The handicapped, sponsoring TuncTions Tor Boy ScouTs and working wiTh civic clubs on proiecTs Tor The beneTiT OT The CommuniTy. A Queen oT l-learTs Ball is The highlighT of The year: new olzhcers, The TraTerniTy sweeThearT and liTTle sis- Ters are presenTed aT This affair. AnoTher annual TuncTion is a house parTy Tor members, pledges, and Their daTesg lasT year, iT was held aT Panama CiTy, Florida. An average oT one parTy a monTh-Trom picnics To Tormal dances-is ouTlined on The Sig Ep social calendar. The Homecoming parade TloaT won second prize Tor originaliTy lasT year. Plans have been submiTTed To build a 550,000 TraTerniTy house oT spliT-level consTrucTion which will house TorTy men. There are members who are on The varsiTy baseball and Traclc Team. Campus organizaTions in which Sig Eps parTicipaTe are The STudenT PrinTz, Circle K Club, Omicron DelTa Kappa, DelTa Sigma Pi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Psi Omega, Rho Tau Sigma, Vesper Choir, The band, Yellow JaclceTs, and various reli- gious organizaTions. ON SPE's Second Panama CiTy House Parly House Dec'oraTions for Homecoming lndicaTe Seminole Scalping S g X .4 I V V 1. I .,,. g. Arr ,L ' ' ' ., v N . . gifs- . ' ', 'K ilu - '. . 5 fat , T l ' -v gm, ' ,r 4. X Jirdiwml ,T . c i , , iw. X .. L-'Rf' w l , 1 Ghiuotci l'1 -..4 ' .' Sai A., 'd . P- . V 1.-'-'li s 4" .sf-'x"i3.l T' T " - T . ' ' ' ' ' -,: . J.L"!.-a.. :.' . 'T A'-'W-F.,-s. ,gr qw.,,.. .4 4 , 'Lf' -'-ea 1, - 5,,.,. . '-uf. KZ-. FAQAAIZQ. , ,ai rw . 'M ii A f-q:.4""'f 1 "'.' , N3 f l -img! Tw iz' X Q ,MQ f 'K in af MEMBERS Firsl' Row: Pelrer Banlcslon, Millon Bridges, Roberl Cade, Enrique Casledlane, Preslon Caslleberry, Morris Cowan. Second Row: Arnold DeWease, Thomas Georges, Allen Goederl, Edmond l-lenson, Don Leverelle, Carl Loclcell. Third Row: Jerry Padgell, Leonel Parra, William Phillips, Donald Ponder, John Richard- son, N. Rhodes. Fourfh Row: Ollie Seale, Charles Spann, Edward Slephens, William Wilhelmi, Frank Whyle, John Zimmermann. Noi' Picfured: Ward Boursaw, Richard Burns, Charles Eaullc, Waller Eiorenlini, Au- brey Lucas, Samuel Mills, Grilil Nolan, Lloyd Parker, William Parker, Eranlc Whyle, Jim Bowman, Louis Doucel, Roland Figerea, Jim Gasoway, William Simkow, Roberl Thomas. 235 axis. A ,ew-, T 6, A NP QP' ..-I L ff ff 'li W' 2... -ff fa- 'ra F I if gaining ' b .. . .,., Q , x Q f ..-4-'Rf' T X ,.f" Q """"' 'Tx , is E 1 J ff' S! ,l X .J .af 'af Fu 'Ki ii V , W 5. 'su-1" 5 - f A , ' x ist I V V Castia Q if . ,M 'J' f 1 If fi MEMBERS Firsi' Row: William Abney, Gayle Albriilon, J. D. Benson, Aiwood Berry, James Bod- man, James Brown, Luke Caruso. Second Row: Roberi Denson, James Dickerson, James Dosler, AI Ellis, O. L. Ellis, Law- rence Greer, Winlred Hanks. Third Row: Thomas Harvey, Roger Heiizmann, Harry Horn, Joe Kinsey, Paul Lewey. Milion McKay, Roberl Murphy, Charles Marlin. Fourih Row: Jerry Parrish, Robin Penn, John Rasberry, Peylon Roberlson, Joseph Se Taro, Bobby Smiih, William Slagg, Roberl Slrarling. FiHh Row: Charles Swan, Ben Tucker, Lawrence Villerei, Hillon Walker, Louis Wascom Hugh Wilson, James Wilkinson, Bill Woodrick. Noi Picfuredz Thomas Davis, Terry Hinion, Daminon Mercier, Louis Campbell, Wil liam Davenporf, Pal Gray, Ira Lee Hamrick, Brad Hughes, Dan Leech, Jimmy Marlin, Howard Mason, Billy Moran, Mack Perkins, Ed Pierce, Toby Sims, Bill Slanley. 236 --I I J? ll' F' l, Q' J .- '3":,L -15 mg aaa? lx-"'i at -..- . "' , -qw 0 Q 2 1 I I f PHI KAPPA TAU fx ,TE ..i - -' mf' QR S.. Sealed, Leff to Righl: O. L. Ellis, Vice-President, W. F. Sfagg, Presi- BETTY YELVERTON denfg James Bodman, Recording Secreiaryg Sfanding, Lefl lo Righlz Jim Dosfer, House Manager, Glen Dickerson, Treasurer, Bob Smith, Sweemean Corresponding Secrelaryg Harry Horn, Rush Chairman, Joe Selaro, Pledge Master. When 'rhe Beia Epsilon Chapier was founded Ociober l5, l948, il became The firsl' nalional 'iraierniiy on Mississippi Souihern's campus. Ever since, Phi Tau's have been aclive in all phases of campus aciivilies, including Sfudenl Priniz, Sludenl' Governmeni Associaiion, Sludenl Chrislian Eederaiion and professional honor organizaiions. Mrs. Fredna Bears is l'he house moiher for ihe Phi Tau house, which is locared adiacem' io 'rhe Soufhern golf course. Socially, Phi Kappa Tau sponsors many iuncfions each year, including 'rhe Red Carnaiion Ball, French Quar- ler Party, Chrisimas Pariy, Chrisimas Parry for underprivileged children, graduaiion dance, Big Brolher Ball and numerous smaller pariies. Miss Beiiy Yelverlon was ihe sweelhearl oi ihe iralernily lhis year. The liiile sislers oi Phi Kappa Tau were Miss Mary Ann Easierling and Miss Bonnie Pridgeon. They are siudenis ai Haiiiesburg l-ligh School. Each year, ihe sweeihearl and lilile sisiers are presenied al ihe Red Carnaiion Ball. Z ffm .f, J, pu, ,U VN XI' N . ft , f' 3 ,fi , , - I W. F. STAGG Presidenl' Colors: Red and Old Gold Flower: Red Carnalion Founded: Miami Universiiy, Oxford, Ohio, i906 Beia Epsilon insfalled on Ociober I6, Winning Homecoming House Decoraiion Phi Tau's Sang Their Way lo Song Fesi , K we M.. ,,,,?,--..,..., is - -u mfs, gr'-set 2, I.: :rv lj . '. ' xx? I Eyuqsi- avi' 1,801-5 ,gym . - . i is f 1 53 FT iff: iam i i Q Ti if 5.132 Rf!-'a 5.3121 e s Maj Q 4 I948 Third Place 1 1 f ' ii pez s, , 1 ' ii 5 . 'Q Q V i , l X W. : 3 M I a .2 3 1 ,g S 'E E -XYTSL i . , in ' s sg 2- f N ' - 1 ,Pi , X , , 1 55 Zi i ! 1. .EE .ni gig? 32? 11, ss -is Hi QA .3 x IL 4, if ilil 1 i 5 VA Q n Q Q Q ' IQ 5 Q If H Y , f A 5' viii v fs -wx wffffaf x 9 . ' -VW Q 'Y 9 Q K f 45W 'N x .-Qndff A 'M m3 M 'wi x wi U Q 'Q " . Q -Q vffx gm M "W, f.1u5Q'4Y,? X W: Q' ,QQ S I , 7 1 I 43 l fx ' 1 -. " M p ,L N 5 UN f X A I .WNW .., .:5'73'5U-.J ""-M X 1- 247' S I.. lllwff1.-fwnn in rm.. R : -.ilz : lx REED GREEN Afhlefic Director ll - sm L X745 Ulf? -1.-...,,,-yr CLYDE STUART ROLAND DALE C J TAYLOR Backfieid Coach-Baseball Coach Line Coach End COBCI1 Track Coach DR. LLOYD MILAM Faculfy Chairman of ' ' ':'.-.-, Athletics f' N " .AQ 1 . 2 ,L L L,LL jf, fuk W' T .' ' ' I, Q, bl. 1 , . - , 'V '7 ' 2 ::: A ,V .E 1 'ggg ,.f ' ' ' f 6 Ill 'QM 5. ' 1 A . ' ... . , F ' X ' ' -' ':: H., -GV i J ' Ti ' E ".' ,., , . A xt JIM TOWN LEY Inframural Direcfor uv Avi! . 5 E. F2 .I lx L L A Qfaffiw 1 L 1 .. -U..-lu 240 I I STAFF , I xf I 'i ,, w M, K I --A-W v filf "'4Qlf ----Q 4 ., wa, gf , v' Q A , I , 5 4 E .wx I 5 THAD VANN Head Foofball Coach ai , '59 ' aj W '75 'Q - ' ' 'f ' Q .I,,,Wa,,,M R ff ,dk I mo If I ri , . W -'ff' I I f X W M if' -Mi . If In 'Nr' XR, . If X X X W If I 1 ,ff .P v , f- 1 FRED LEWIS RAYMOND CLEGG B. O. VAN HOOK Head Baskefball Coach Tennis Coach Golf Coach DR. JAMES BALEY JOHN MELVIN PHILLIPS Gymnasfic Coach Contacf Man 24I f lf. Iv fi 1 IX If .. iqpm B I . .W li L F mk- 44 ,lm 4 1 . 1 , . , .L 'H' l .1 I Ill if 1 I .2 1 f as f .f f ' f 7 1 W . "1 f - -swf I ,, M , - t .-5 'ya may : ,.,. L M. WW W1- q X My. "H 'bl 'll 75' ff!'f'."g ',f.- ? . .W "' A " ' ' .-' I V7 20147171 ff ' W A , V Vg, v' 1 Md L5 - -- , 9 M ,A f b1.,.23.,a.3a4.hl..S . , .j'., ,pl V -,Yr-4,6 H- 7 1 . ' ,,, .1 'K . 1 if ,,z,. 1- , N-, gy? f-.W-1 , ' - . vga, - 25mx,s4' , Jw . 'jr - ' L' A'-wif'-f1'r'Q4 H' ' .1 - f 1. ...QBKWJ ' 5' A LAWRENCE MEEKS Most Valuable Back Co-Caplain Sealed: lell lo riqhlz Donnie Wails, Arnold Spence, George Sekul, Willie Coals, Bobby Lance, Billy Larson, Charles Mc- Arlhur, Tommy Purvis, Buddy Supple. Second Row: Jack lvlay, Claude Renloe, Tommy Morrow, Wil- lie lvlcRaney, Buddy Long, Bill Weber, Charles lfllzey, l-lugh lvlclnnis, J. C. Arban, George Underwood. CURRY JUNEAU Most Valuable Lineman Co-Captain Third Row: John Russell, Bill Shows, l-lollis Wallace, Bob Rine- harl, Joe Baflaglia, Xearl Marshall, Joe Doggell, Bo Dickin- son, Bobby Lillle, Louis Vincinelli, Eddie Godwin. Top Row: Sam Tuccio, Jim Huff, Vinson Sullivan, Burnell' Black- mon, John Perkins, Tom Agner, Jim Norris, Jim Taylor, Bob Yencho, Lawrence Meeks, Curry Juneau. P n ,f 71 t ...J hd, ' -,'-f--'-'-H -, .. 'A ima 4 lr '-Hi :s im-n , ...lin . f.tl1s1!!1 ,. 'ft L1f ' C :J hula-1Qn.l'L-fii-.. '-...,ll'g,' - sw' Ns 'lu1f'f W. wa - I Dickinson l25l and Arban l4Il malle lhe laclrle as Wails l85l and Yencho 182, look on. MSC 7g LA. TECH 0 A 39 yard pass lrom Quarlerbaclc Ollie Yales lo l-lallbaclr J. C. Arban produced Mississippi Soulhern's only louchdown as a delermined Bulldog leam was clelealed 7-O. The scoring play came wilh only live minules ol playing lime gone. Yales slarled lhe drive 'wilh a lair calch on lhe Halliesburq 34 yard line. Two running plays and a penally againsl Tech moved lhe ball lo lhe Bullcloq's 35. However, a penally againsl Soulhern relrealed lhe piqslcin lo lhe Black and Gold's 49. Al lhis poinl Yales hil Fullbaclc Bo Dickinson wilh a pass which moved BO DICKINSON x Soulhern lo lhe Tech 39. On lhe nexl play Yales lossed lo Arban lor fhe score, Yales converled lhe exlra poinl and Soulhern led 7-O. Following lhese opening plays lhe Bulldog! closed lhe door on Soulhern lor lhe nighl. Midway in lhe second period Soulhern lhrealened bul was slopped on lhe Tech live, Twice during lhe second hall Soulhern drove beyond Tech's 20 yard line, bul each lime lumbles cosl lhem a possible score. Louisiana Tech's big momenl came in lhe linal period when lhey drove lo lhe MSC I6. Soulhern's delense slillened and held as lime ran oul. DONNIE WAITS Fuiiback End ,. l le is . -.Q , yi fs. ' in i , r f .ffw K. . ,gf .lwr-M , 1 s 'Az , jlsik f ..l: I F - ? If i 4: uw . N is ? ff Qflihw 544 -va Fi ' jfhnis X v Aff' "Z X KJV J 'I xx' fn. X 'QRQI wx H Dickinson makes yardage in lhe mud. . MSC 135 George Sekul and Tommy Purvis, rwo unknowns, led Pie Vann's Soulh- erners 'ro a I3-O win over Trinily Universiiy in iheir firsf appearance ai home. More lhan 8,000 fans waiched in heavy rain as ihe Black and Gold marked up rheir second viciory ol The season in as many ouiings. Sou+hern's 'iirsl allempf ai a score ended ailer a fumble was recovered by Trinily on lhe Tiger 20. l-lowever, iri The second period Qualerback George Sekul clirnaxed a drive lov culling over Tackle for four yards and a Touchdown. Ollie Yales' lry for exlra poini was wide, bui Soulhern led 6-O. TRINITY 0 MSC! second score carrie in The +hird quarler. The lwo largesl ground gainers in ihe scoring drive were +wo passes from Sekul io Purvis. The second pass was good for The score. Yales' kick was good, and Scuihern led I3-O. Soulhern lhrealened once more, buf ihe drive ended when Yafes' alfempred field goal was no good. Trini+y's only serious scoring ihrear come early in The iourlh period when ihe Tigers moved 'ro Sou+hern's ll yard line on four consecufive passes. Yales ended The drive when he inlercepfed a Trinily pass on fhe 'rwo yard line. BURNETT BLACKMON BUDDY SUPPLE XEARL MARSHALL Guard Fullback End 'F-lc .,- rw x I v V ri the 'x 55 - l X T' i -3-7 Q , , 4 . i I g l .fy f .. ask' . , Q S, . XX x T ...if lj: gf Z x X l i is , I , 4 i in-ts"f, , r A . 'v T ' Y . .4 SM .X 'ri T . .3 . ,A y ,. ,..,, iiiivwf 7, 1 T' 535 ,. . . A 4 M 1 T of' ' xg .f I .. Mm' S wr :X if N , f"'V NLR Q " Xian., JACK MAY RICHARD JOHNSTON JIMMY TAYLOR Halfback Cenfer Guard MSC 34, Mississippi SouThern IiTerally rolled over WesT Texas STaTe 34-0 Tor Their Third sTraighT shuT-ouT win of The season. Many SouThern Tans were doubTTul as To The ouTcome oT This game as They remembered The 20-I4 Tangerine Bowl licking handed Their Team by The BuTialos. However, TonighT was diTTerenT as The HaTTiesburg Team ouTclassed and ouTpIayed The Texans. George Sekul called on T-lalTback Bobby Lance Tor The TirsT score oT The evening. Lance bulled his way over Tackle for 8 yards and The Touchdown. Ollie YaTes kicked The poinT, and SouThern led 7-O wiTh only Three minuTes gone. QuaTerback Willie Gene CoaTs To-ssed a I2 yard pass To Jack May Tor The nexT score. ATTer Lance booTed The poinT, SouThern led I4-O. WEST TEXAS O The Black and Gold made iT Three TD's in The TirsT hali when Sekul Threw a 33 yard pass To End Bob Yencho, who carried Two deTenders inTo The end zone wiTh him. YaTes' kick was blocked, and The halT ended wiTh SouThern leading 20-O. WesT Texas Took The kickoTT beginning The second halT and marched To The MSC six yard line where They were sTopped on a TourTh and one play, SouThern Took over and moved 94 yards Tor Their TourTh score, l'lalTback J. C. Arban wenT inTo The end zone on an oTi-Tackle play. YaTes spliT The uprighTs To give SouThern a 27-O advanTage. Mississippi SouThern's Tinal score oT The game came in The TourTh quarTer when l-lalfback Joe DoggeTT scooTed I3 yards To end a 77-yard drive, Fullback Bill Weber kicked The poinT aTTer Touchdown To make The Tinal score: SouThern-34, WesT Texas STaTe-O. CoaTs is abouT To be Trapped by Two Buffalos X If 4 T X L, I I 'T W ,. fs , f x , AK. Z' qv f f .ffm 1 ,Q x 6 on 4 sf .ellif '54, I ,Z Y ev 2- IT. ff, 'N .. 'i 1 R -:"f2z'www-.1175 , V JOHN RUSSELL OLLIE YATES BOB YENCHO Tackle Ouarferback End MSC 14, Mississippi SouThern won iTs To-urTh consecuTive vicTory oT The season and conTinued To hold opponenTs ouT OT iTs end zone as They edged pasT SouTheasTern Louisiana in I-Iammond. Pie Vann's crew looked overconTidenT as They saw a deTermined SouTh- easTern club press Them ThroughouT The enTire game. The TTrsT period oT play produced very IiTTIe excepT To prove The SouTh- erners were in Tor a long evening. NeiTher Team made a serious scoring ThreaT as The pigskin changed hands TrequenTIy. SouThern's iniTiaI scoring drive began when I-IaITback J. C, Arban re- Turned a punT To his own 49 in The opening minuTes oi The second quarTer. Fullback Bo Dickinson hif The line Tor IO yardsg Then I-laITback Lawrence Meeks broke Through Tor a I3 yard gain To The 28 yard Iine. On Two plays Ollie YaTes and Arban moved To The I4 where Big Bo hiT The cenTer oT The SLI O line Tor The remaining disfance and The TirsT score. YaTe5 converTed To give SouThern a 7-O lead. SouTheasTern Took SouThern's kickoT'T and reTurned To The Black and Gold I8 yard line in a series oT plays. QuarTerback Bill T-Iawkins high- IighTed The march wiTh a IO yard pass To I-IaITback Frankie Bourgeois. WiTh a TourTh and eighT siTuaTion, The Lions eIecTed To Try a Tield goal. End Wayne MiIIer's kick was wide, and SouThern Took over aT The 20. As The TirsT haIT closed SouThern mainTained iTs seven poinT lead. The second haIT opened wiTh MSC Tailing To move aTTer The kickoTT. The Lions, however, began To move. Led by Bourgeois and I-Iawkins. SouTh- easTern wenT To The MSC 32 where They punTed ouT on The II yard Iine, SouThern began a march which carried To The Lion's I2 yard Iine. I-Iere Lawrence Meeks was given The call, and in Two plays he reached paydirT. YaTes' kick was good, and SouThern led I4-O. This was The Tinal score, as Time ran ouT Tor SouTheasTern. Taylor l68l and Juneau l83l Iead The way, buf Meeks is Tacklecl from behind. 'ak .Z 4 I Lance Tries, buT he is Tackled. ' Norris T60T is Throwing a X block. T MSC 14, SouThern won iTs TiTTh sTraighT game as They edged pasT Memphis STaTe I4-6 in Memphis, buT iT may have cosT Them The services oT Fullback Bo Dickinson Tor possibly The resT oT The season. Dickinson suTTerred a serious back injury in The Third quarTer aTTer mak- ing a shorT gain. T-TalTbacks Lawrence Meeks and Charles McArThur, Tackle John Perkins. and CenTer Richard JohnsTon were also iniured, buT noT seriously. SouThern Took The opening kickoTT and marched To The Tiger 28 yard line only To lose The ball on downs. STaTe came righf back and moved To The SouThern 27. WiTh TourTh down and long yardage To go The Tigers Tried a Tield goal which Tell shorT. MEMPHIS STATE 6 MSC's TirsT score came laTe in The TirsT period, Wilh The second uniT in play, Fullback Buddy Supple along wiTh T-Talfbacks Jack May and Bobby Lance moved To The six inch line, Lance dove over Tor The score, and YaTes' kick spliT The uprighT5 To give SouThern a 7-O lead. Memphis STaTe become The TirsT Team To score on SouThern This year when Talarico scored Trom The Two yard line. ArmsTrong's kick was no good and SouThern led 7-6 aT halTTime. SouThern's second score came in The Third quarTer as a resulT oT a Memphis STaTe Tumble on iTs own I3 yard line. Lance hiT Tackle Tor eighT yards, and on The Tollowing play Jack May wenT inTo The end zone, YaTes again added The poinT-aTTer-Touchdown To give SouThern Their I4-6 vicTory. GEORGE SEKUL BOBBY LANCE Jos BATTAGLIA Ouarferback Halfback Guard SQA 2-f"""? ,X B i x fi? my xii! by T tw, . .lg Trmrfy Tj' TLT..-gi we , I Arban caTches Sekul's pass and Then goes over Tor a Touchdown. MSC 20, More Than 5,000 UniversiTy oT ChaTTanooga grid Tans waTched mourne Tully as Mississippi SouThern spoiled The Moc's annual homecoming 20-0. A Tumble in The game's opening nninuTes was recovered by Tackle John Russell on The Moc's 25 yard line, and SouThern began a scoring drive. T-'lalTback Lawrence Meeks gained six yards on SouThern's TirsT play Trom scrimmage. J. C. Arban gained Tive down To ChaTTanooga's I4 Tor a TirsT down, Following an oTTside perralTy, QuarTerback George Sekul Threw compleTe To Arban Tor The Touchdown. Ollie YaTes converTed To give The SouTherners a 7eO lead. ChaTTanooga Took The kickoTT and moved To a TirsT down, Meeks inTer- cepTed a pass To give SouThern possession oT The ball aT midTield. Arban, Meeks, and YaTes moved The ball To The Moccasin 29 where a penalTy puT iT on The 34, YaTes Then hiT Meeks wiTh an aeriel on The 20, and he ran The CHATTANOOGA O disTance Tor The second score. YaTes missed The conversion. In The closing momenTs oT The second quarTer, ChaTTanooga began To move. On a series oT plays They drove To The SouThern 24, only To be sTopped by a Tough MSC deTense. Mississippi SouThern Took The second halT kickoTT and proceeded To march 62 yards Tor iTs Third Touchdown oT The conTesT. The drive was high- lighTed by a I5 yard pass play Trom Sekul To End Curry Juneau, and a 36 yard run by Sekul down To The opponenTs' Tive yard line. Buddy Supple, playing aT Tullback, hif The line To The Three and Then bulled his way inTo The end zone Tor The score. YaTes kicked The exTra poinT To give SouThern a 20-O advanTage. The Tinal whisTle blew wiTh ChaTTanooga moving in midTield againsT MSC's Third uniT. VINSON SULLIVAN JIM HUFF JOHN PERKINS Tackle Tackle TBCHG i- 'N . I, 3 f 9 ,Av W? if ii "F" gil, , .-4 S A ,M x Q gn . X, 1' T JC' f 5- 'J 'y X J H 'si n "rf g' T . X .fipdwa W '- 'fx'-5':1p.a 7 --P' - --1 -fmalr ' '-- 32,4 4 ii if Kf 1 f' T zwefiff , M - , ,sr f yr M ,'-- ',sf.,,.f.-we f, V f' Q 4 8525 T? M , 1 :, MW, Hfffw, '51 V, foxy A vw A sins!! J K f P37 4,2 ' ,Z,f?fI,7, 2 n f git! ,-r'., , 1 7 V 0 9'5 ,.1' fn. 'T iw -555' 1 9 k" in 7-. Y? , ' ZZ' 2 T f 4 W- ff ' - f i'ff!M , X I! 1 'N 1 - f f V104 , la g ,Y 1 .' fd,-if .Kareem , E' ,Vishu 4, Q , ,I-c:z',.'4.'ai :' . ff z 'T WILLIE CQATS J. C. ARBAN SAM TUCCIO Quarterback Halfback Tackle MSC 5 ABILENE CHRISTIAN Mississippi SouThern College, sTill lacking The services OT Bo Dickinson, barely kepT iTs winning sTreak alive as They edged pasT Abilene ChrisTian 7-O in l"laTTiesburg. Considered a breaTher, Abilene combined Tough line play wiTh percision passing To simply ouTclass The SouTherners. The Black and Gold looked sluggish mosT oT The game excepT Tor The Tew brieT momenTs They man- aged To push acrosg a Touchdown and exTra poinT. The TirsT quarTer showed very Ii+TIe in Tavor oT eiTher Team as did mosT oT The second period. SouThern began iTs scoring drive wiTh less Than Tour minuTes remaining in The TirsT halT. SouThern, aTTer Taking a WildcaT punT on Their own 32, began To move when Jack May Took a piTchouT'To The Abilene 45. QuarTerback George Sekul, Taded back To pass, buT Tound a hole up The middle and ran I2 yards To Abilene's 33. ATTer an incompleTe pass To May, Sekul wag chased To The 40 beTore Tossing To l-lalfback Bobby Lance who caughT The ball on The Two and Tell inTo The end zone Tor The Touchdown, Ollie YaTes kicked The poinT aTTer Touchdown To give SouThern a 7-O lead aT halTTime, Abilene made Two Touchdown bids as They drove To The SouThern I8 where MSCS deTense sTopped Them, and They moved To The I7 where CenTer Richard Johnslon inTercepTed a pass To end ThaT drive, The WildcaTs rolled To Three sTraighT TirsT downs beTore a Tumble ended The drive on SouThern'5 34. The Black and Gold moved To The Abilene 44 where a I5 yard penalTy ended The drive. Sophomore End Sonny Tucker was losT Tor The remainder oT The grid season as he suTTered a broken TooT. STaTisTically SouThern Trailed in every deparTmenT excepT yards com- piled Trcm passes, and The mosT imporTanT-poinTs scored, McArThur l33l. Sullivan l72l, Johnson l52l, and Juneau con- verge Tor The Tackle. X f ' A K0 5 J fff 2 Jyfff K '7 XT f 'W 1 V??H A ' Y ... N ti . Q . U . L... 71" T -TT- VW M L- .vs " ' 5 ' T fa in "' ,- i fb'--xfx - ' X ,. -K Q I .3 3 'K A -K p-s.,.-- . K Q y U 1,1 T X ! X - 4 . g I I G- J :Huw T . ,taunt 'fi if-We H' sw:- 1 'Wi 2? ' f .T . T 1' TOMMY puizvig CHARLES ELLZEY CHARLES McARTHUR Halfback Cenfer H-ilfbdck MSC 27, Mississippi SouThern College. Taking a sTep inTo big Time TooTball, goT Tripped up as Tormer Vicksburg high school sTar, Claude King led The UniversiTy oT T-lousTon To a 27-I2 win in Jackson. l-lereToTore, SouThern had been scored upon only once and was yeT To TasTe deTeaT. l-lowever, T-lousTon had iT all To iTselT as They Tell behind only once when SouThern QuarTerback George Sekul scored in The TirsT period To give MSC a 6-O lead. Earlier Ollie YaTes aTTempTed a Tield goal which Tell shorT. SouThern's lead was erased quickly as Claude King climaxed an 80 yard drive when he wenT over Trom The I I yard line Tor The TD. l-lousTon made The exTra poinT and led 7-6. l-lousTon began iTs second drive when a pass by Sekul inTended Tor End Curry Juneau was inTercepTed by Michon. ln a series oT plays wifh Michon and King alTernaTing, l-lousTon moved To The SouThern Three where HOUSTON 12 King wenT over Tor his second score oT The game. McDonald kicked his second conversion and The Cougars led I4-6. Pie Vann's SouTherners rolled back Tor anoTher score when Sekul scored Trom The one yard line wiTh only 2l seconds leTT in The half. The conversion Tailed. This TD march was hiqhliqhfed by a long pass play Trom Sekul To End Bob Yencho who carried To The l-lousTon I8 yard line. The Third period proved To be a baTTle beTween deTenses as neiTher Team was able n'1usTer much oT a scoring ThreaT. LaTe in The quarTer The Cougars recovered a SouThern Tumble on The 34. A series oT plays carried The ball To The one yard line when The Third guarTer ended, On The TirsT day oT The Tinal guarTer, Don Brown wenT inTo The end zone Tor l'lousTon. McDonald Tinally missed a kick, buT SouThern was Trailing I2-20, l-TousTon's Tinal score came when McDonald Tossed a 22 yard pass To The MSC 8. A penalTy moved iT To The one where Brown scored. McDonald's kick made The Tinal score: l'lousTon 27, MSC l2. Juneau and Sekul fI2l make The sTop as Perkins T731 and Lance l43l come To help. addy ,Z 'QWN f' Ya 5! V' XHJ blk tfwll rl24.,, A' McAr+l1ur is Trippecl despiTe The eliforfs of Russell and Shows. MSC ZO, FSU O Mississippi SouThern presenTed iTs hundreds OT alumna a much wanTed vicTory as They crushed powerful Florida STaTe UniversiTy 20-O aT Home- coming. A Tension oT exciTemenT Tilled The sTadium as Soulhern beauTies were presenTed as The homecoming courT, and everyone remembered lasT year's lone regular season loss To FSU. SouThern sTarTed TonighTs exciTemenT early in The TirsT period by sTop- ping a FSU drive on The one yard line, Then in The second quarTer l-lalTf back Bobby Lance broke loose Tora 57 yard Touchdown. AbouT live minuTes laTer a FSU Tumble resulTed in anoTher score when Bo Dickinson 'wenT over Trom The seven. The Black and Gold drove Twice more wiThin a yard oT The goal buf Tailed To peneTraTe a Tough Florida STaTe line, l-lowever, They were noT To be denied a Third Time. WiTh Three rninuTes remaininq in The game, George Sekul dove over Tor The score, Lance led SouThern's running aTTack wiTh 74 yards in seven carries. One ol The key Tigures in The vicTorywa1 Charles lvlcArThur who replaced in- iured Jack May aT halTback, Homecoming Tans were also shown an ouTsTanding halT-Time show by The Marching ChieTs oT Florida STaTe and SouThern's Pride oT Mississippi marching band and Dixie Darlings. ATTer This win SouThern accepTed a bid To The Tangerine Bowl in Orlando, Fla. JOE DOGGETT BOB RINEHART EDDIE GODWIN Halfback Cenler Guard Wa ii . l Wiggle ' ' ii ' Q -r"' 4 ls 5? es "f'1 "' 5 i-"' 'N ' " ,. , M Q X ii ' ',Is,"-H " :':': I i 7 A 1 .wmv--,Fifi A I ,fl nys 51" 'PN A fs.-' 11. sv I l i L ,. f M3 Q up Q, 1 - 4 ,, v T "Z QQ ,, , A ,. .. f,w3fW3?"',R. 'M-i A 'ig' Yencho is +here, buf he can + hang onfo fhe ball. MSC 2, ALABAMA 29 Darlc rain clouds rolling over Denny Sladium proved To be The perlrecr Everwl-ying Seemed fo go Wrong for me Soufhemers While iusf we re, ?aCl4?fOUV1Cl TOY Thi fQ2am9f.5SlI50iJTlf9VU W5RIl3SlT9fed down This field for verse was rhe case for Alabama. Sourhern passers were rushed almosf off Ol-'V Om! QUGVTGVE 9 Ore 'na Y OSWQ T0 5 ami' 29-2 Their leer, and many ol Their plays resulled in penaliries. ,For The Elephanifs Tllls Wag a long and Swemvlcloly fag WMS Tl1e'rT'rfT Fullbaclc Bo Dickinson was Sourherns only briqhf spof, as he qainecl 53 'win over Soufhern an fhe lasl Tour encounlers, Las? year s conlesl ended in Wards in H hies 1.1 I3-I3 lie. , I , . Soufhern was hurl al' halfbacl: before The game qor underway. Lefr hsoglrlem S 09351025 Came GHS' Alabama 5 defense had 5T'Tl?"ed and Half J. C. Arban was iniured in The firsr five rninules of play and didn'f Lek "':'SOnh' e 5 fakes ive' on Tlplew Three Yard lme' 'l'm TGY'Of rerurng and Righr Half Lawrence lvleelcs rehurl his back in The hrsf half rfO+eT mug To Sfop Quader ask Robed Selilfon 'rl The end Zone for 6 and didn'+ see any adion in lhe second hall. SG 6 V' The vicrory seelfinq Elephanls in a period of fwo minules scored l5 In The ClO5lnQ mC'm9nlS OT The game Alabama Clfove To The Soufhefn poinls in a Third quarler explosion rhar lelf Soulhern hapless. Prior fo eiqhl yard line, buf was penalized Tor holding. The game ended one play rhis MSC had held Them 'ro a 7 poinr lead. later, BILL SHOWS BUTLER TUCKER HUGH MCINNIS Guard End End fi , I -if I 7 afnl99"'NQN fig I Q ri i .aj TV ' L Gigs 'ZZ hrs ,W . I 5 ac , l "NI" E A ' , 1 f' x I I .f" ZA? . ,pf .x ., . f ,ii ""f't': Div' I :an I' .CR - ' ' -5 . . -, .- :V , , far I .Q ' x Y in 'Q W' mill' .slug , f,. .. - 1 .. , ft 4 Qilalflif, ' fx' ,f 1 f fi , ii W lf' TQ' N f-'H r ' ?,-. if I so K i iv I X 5 T 'T T f I ' 5, -Q55 T , Y il ll -...WW S wx 'f 5 'ij .fi af wp , I 'fist ' , , V Q 'T "5 i"T'..fV'g.2l TED CRAWFORD BILL WEBER JAMES NORRIS End Fullback Guard TANGERINE BOWL EasT Texas STaTe kepT MSC's bowl iinx alive as They edged The SouTh- erners IO-9 in The Tangerine Bowl. The SouThern deTeaT came wiTh a liTTle more Than seven minuTes re- maining in The game as Neal T-Tinson kicked a wind aided Tield goal To give The Texans The one poinT margin Tor vicTory. UnTil This Time SouThern had led The conTesT '?f7 on a Touchdown, exTra poinT, and saTeTy. - EasT Texas sTruck TirsT blood in The conTesT as Gary Berry scored a Touch- down Trom The Three yard line. T-TinTon converTed To give his Team a 7-O lead. SouThern, however, rolled back laTe in The second period wiTh Their TirsT score. WiTh Bo Dickinson and George Sekul moving Tor large gains To The Tour, Bo-bby Lance scored in Two plays. T-lis conversion Tied The score. ln The Third quarTer, SouThern scored on a saTeTy. EasT Texas' Galliam snapped The ball Too high and McCord was Trapped behind The goal. WiTh rain, high winds, and a weT field hampering boTh Teams, T-Tinson came inTo The game To kick his Tield goal, As Tar as MSC was concerned The game was over. MSC 9, EAST TEXAS 10 A pass inTended for McArThur is baHed away by Hinson. ""'f"WE 'QW' BASKETBALL Combining a iough defense wiih rugged rebounding Jrhe l958 Souihereners compiled a record of I8 wins and 7 loses. No one individ- ual siood our as ihe Souiherners had an ouisianding ieam eilori. Roberi Booihe and Harold Kea led 'rhe scoring for ihe season, bui all of Jrhe players were capable oi scoring on any given nighi. Ken Forienberry led all ihe rebounders. bui he received sirong sup- pori from Booihe, Hollingsworih, and Goold. Team spirii inspired by a new coach, Fred Lewis, paved The way for MSC's besi baslceiball season in four years, The baslceieers were ranked among Jrhe lop 'rweniy small colleges in ihe Uniied Siaies. Leff fo righi: Coach Lewis, Armsfrong, Hollingsworth, Boothe, Younqblorn, Eddy, Kea, Migliazzo, Pulliam Milsfead HaHen Forienberry and Coach Edga Kneel ng Don Brewer, manager, Noi pictured, Bob Goold SS! -4J,. suunisiit SBUTW SWT 5Sl5SlP,Q. x B B M suu1HE 'gf S., ' 'av-'F' 51 1- .132 4 xi ,,,,,F. ., . 'lg an-, W. ,. -ina!-1 -L - -. - Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Sou+hern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Souihern Souihern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern The seniors: Hallen, Eddy, Mils+ead, and Boofhe RESULTS McNeese . Norlheasl La. . McNeese . Soulheaslern La. Norlhweslern La. Tennessee Tech Louisiana Tech Norlheasl' La. . Louisiana Tech Soulheaslern La. Della Slale . . Soulhweslern . Arkansas Slale . . . . Spring Hill . . . . . Loyola ...... . . Chrislian Brolhers Loyola ...... . . Louisiana Tech . Cenlenary . . . . . Norlhweslern La. Della Slale . . . . . Soulhweslern . . Arkansas Slale . Spring Hill . . . . . Cenlenary . OUTLOOK FOR NEXT YEAR Only live boys are losl from The l i958 squad. Coach Lewis has a fine group of replacernenls who are being I elevaied from The ranlcs oi redshirls. i The leading rebounder and lhe sec- l ond leading scorer are bolh relurning nexl year. l Wilh a year's experience ol play- ing logelher under a new coach, 'rhe loaslcelball 'ream should be even TJSTTGF in Jrhe fulure. Five s+ar1ers: Booihe, Ecldy, Forienberry, Youngblom, and Hollings- worih fo 5 Sy! Rx iazv wx ' V ' .. ""' S , , , , kin ,H A... swf' V , is slime F f. T 1 I,- -' V , --5.1-s.. ,:- K ,Ah Pf J yj . X C I Q. ik. u- suurmn 'J ii -.Z in f Y J 3 ',, 3 .3 251 C l 2 l AJ" X p Q BMS' - ' M' 3 55? -- fwfNx ., .pu -asv' ..-V Q.. 4. 'P 1. 1 Q-s"A J xr mv: I r M ' FLL I dei ll! L Q.. IV K , 1 HaHen hiis +he ball, while Armsfrong hifs +he man. Forienberry wanfs H, buf Hollingswodh gefs Hue rebound Eddy and Kea look on as Booihe sais an aHempied shot an 19 ky ly Ge 'Co 0 6,31 " o f 6 nap on 6 f 65, 6f ea 6 I' 11,1- 0 9 D 64-f 4,5 do '2- 0,66 '57 6,7- Forienberry, Boofhe, and a iungle of arms V! is ,w X gy-Jtib.. Q f- j,gQ,f4, 1' an ,. M ,,.n V ,ff .f a-'5Q"1Tff',V'43'wf,afQ, Ll , V W . K mf. 3, 'jx ,.,:..f-:f , -:t'.""'fZv"!'f' , ', fx 44- f '., 1 fx, I ,X :Liege ,wg Buy, Standing: Leff fo Right Bob Thompson, Tom Moniie, Ken Sfeiner, Don Pruis, and Joe Baffaglia. Kneeling: Dick Linden, Bobby Yarborough, Phafon Robinson, Alfred n 2 ,ff 'V c ,dlji ' .- ,M mf 1 N f . I af fy 4-.nn ,W it -,-lr -,,, - ,g "'-4 ig-Zi I . .- fffi-' "'5iQ:":gh ' ..,- 55-jj? , ,X V ,w,. Q ' P' "" I 'K 1- 1 'H ' V - ' fl 1 ,,-ll". 52' , .-1, ,-sq, 2- W- -.- , 5 f " ha, f , -s ., L ,,-P2131 gahnyfi'-':f1', g-5 N coo." .. V Y '--w' 1- Y.- ' 1 ff- P,-W -- -v:" Xi., . . - - 0 L' .., -5 - , 1 0' - 9519, af 'Y -. fa' ' ..,. . , 4.- 'l"."',' 4 , ' f' A. .- 'Q ' 13,5 A j'-,'-f L ,, 1 ew. , - x" L 5-1 xl' 'N ap- it r- T' . - . . - . - 170: f"1"'-'Nfiw , ' ,uf -,swf-3, z-5?'1'QQ,4 - sfffffw . , , ,A -, If '?"4yg'953'f'?3:i7?':5 Wsqg 54 ' A L' 4 - Y Q 11-,gf,,"4-'N A- , f F A - Q. 5 - i - '. Y . 1-,ggi 3 , ' '..'g -,- , f ' Z --A 'nf .,'f'ff':' f,-- 3, ."i-,fj -.fp , ' 1, .' V- Q ' . ,A "f if ,- 5 f 'Ai ' A W-wcfi'f.3"J QF: .-,-,yw:"'?S.,3?g.., t A 1, ,J ',Q,:-W5 , VA". 513 . ...Qi- I x K H 3 rk of 'ch e reXa1 Ream. Nl atbor ouqh a nd Gas Kon. ED VASQUEZ Ns 'i oxci X,WXOEYx 261 X l i .:5. ,, K lv Q A-ng? 4-nn. n J Re+urning Squad Members: Lef+ fo Righ+g Bob Longordo, Bill Davenport Jerry Vodicka, Bill Haflen, Les Mcln+yre, Augusf Corso, Teennie Coats, and Bill Crawford. , , J S37 x aff I LL V 'W R "':'i 1. -nii 1 f f 1 ir Coach Clyde Sluarl laces a lough baseball schedule wilh a small group of relurning lellermen, around which he nnusl build his squad. Coach Sluarl laces a problem which is alrnosl unigue wilrh The baseball coach. Besides losing players by gradualion, he loses players io professional baseball learns. Many lorrner Soulherners are now playing professional I l l l l L V ' if l i'm,,,,,g! l M l Anil qw ' IX L 'W ' l i f T b They will provide llie power af +he plale for lhe Soufherners l 262 baseball. Some of ihese players who developed al Soulhern are: Fred Walers, Laurin Pepper, Mickey l-larringlon, Jim Davenporl, Ken Fischer, and Sieve Milchell. Coach Sfuarl has developed 'rhese professional players while he has coached successful baseball Jreams here al MSC. Dur- ing lhe year of I958 he should confinue 'ro be as successful as he has been in Jrhe past Q- reacly for iheir opponenis. X Jwllm X Bill HaHen and his baffery male, Les Mclnfyre are r-' ,-ul ZR Floyd Hamilfon, Jimmy Ladner, Coach Clegg lholding 'rhe s+a+e championship +rophyl and Bob Nahrgang. Lasl year's Tennis 'ream wen'r To The s+a're Tour- namenl' in Jaclcson ranlced as anyfhing bul' fhe lavorife. They broughl lv1SC's firslr s+a're champ- ionship baclc wilh Them. Tom Slevens, Don Voss, and Danny Currie are los'r from lasl year's Jream, Bob Nahrgang, Jimmy Ladner, and Floyd l-lamillon relrurn To form a srrong nucleus for This years squad. The '58 group of nelmen musl play wilh The added burden ol being defending champions. However, if Coach Clegg is able 'ro find adequale replacemenls The Jrennis championship may well remain a+ Soufhern. DEFENDING STATE C FLOYD HAMILTON BOB NAHRGANG HAMPS :If 'Q ii ' .-if-' , . wg. .. E3 55 , - 1 61,5 2.6 H I. J K ' .-- if' . ,. . ., f ff .. " 's" 5.-7 fwmfff few: X E , :w1'-f- ZR 'W " -- m.1s.1m fwfr?-.v , W ff gf.. ' i Z' ek . 'FQF5 . f , . . - n , ' , KY al. ff - f ...gif " W , ,gi . . .X . - ,V H . In . 1. 1 ' Y " .,. . I .,.. , i Fwy-E?w,,.l, - 1 U V: ? QL. - Y M, Y ' 6' yi g u 1 . . S 5 .A f if - -A A .' .-'- 'M -..-5 e : -Q fi? ,, y Qian' W XS-Y. ' Q , W 55 1' Egwgm-cf' -f f I ,J--'Q . . T' A 'wx . , " . Z , -A-...H 51" Iwfffw-: fv-- .. H "M ' . ..m:ms21. . ,. H ka - 4 xx xiygvqli, my J Ks' Liv? r . qi Ning.. .. . r ,,, ., ,S Q f yy -Q . Tig? wg-,ga-1 2 Q f ' 43' ,. -1 . H ' . 'N' W' " . , '- . ' , ' wg' - . , . f . v ..., J .. ., . F 1 4, V' - - . Ji if EQ 22 T " is :T ' if :, lg s V f T , , -,K . ' ' ' ' ' E ' P VS f 'K li H - ff E 11 , ' M S X i f. . - "'- W -T - -' N- ' A E - , "'- 7 , ,, .o .A A A .s .. w i Vx Z - WY' I f f A., , E f i QQ h ,f :ig-. -'+ - A-rv 5, .M so .c . ,I 1, Nz .Wg I ,,', Q yi V . , aw ay, T R 55 2. . ,cl - .. - -i 'f J m g" A .A .Q gi 'W 'W-Q .- , Q, f ' - ' 'X . 'oxfzwswegsff -ia , .,, . ..., vf"i" 'L tw... r , , in W' W' ai a ww 4,3- , -1 - T ff ' mf -1 1' f- M.. -' Y , . ,, if w ' W V l j i, ff 45. Q 4. 'V ' T . - :org " R .N 4v,...,,q-A A ,.....- -Mx X Q x. , N .1 u. 5 V n A - M My 'f g , . 1 , ... N .... M ' ?, . A 2. . if . ' - I ! 1 s A -T if ' M T 1' . ,.. 'T' ' ii li 5 JE f ll - ski' ' '-"' A-.-Mm, . H ' T IN: , A a ' Q' Q ' ' S' X , 1 ps 5 ' T W - - ' ' Q X . . . " '- - i ,ff XX W- W . ,. , . . gf.. , sm . N . ,. WM, . we . ,. A may N 1 M 1 M as x vnw-N Z 0 'sy - .Q , ,. , Ei +4 2 nf ' ' K if W .Z 'ti' ,...A,,. ,if-sm- ' 4 f I L lf. .ih,..,, f , .dl - .H ff Iffavefvive ,i - lgitf, ' in " PW' , A f-1 ,111 e L , KJ f 1 A -. I I I I I I I u ' my "jf: z-gg I , Il r r fi f l III , gh- , ll 5, 4.1 .Q ig .,,I . fy-uf ,Q I- Z' I ' "II if L Y am? :vu . swf' 1 F I ,I 5. l ' A ' . " f W A 7 5 ,I ' .1 A, I 1 .' e - ,L 4 I .-ar'-. . 22 ' ' - ' . 4 K iff-N, 'Lfl I X- I I? 4 5 fl I , , ,, y , g 5 i I ff' uf- ' Top: Robbie Webb comes ouf of a sandfrap. Boffom: John McQuagge sfrolces a puff. GO L II . ", WG- , ', fs. - -. Q A ,,,l . 6::,.f... X we asm, ig.: " "-' ' We , 1' ' f -qfivw an . vg- .., .1816 1 cz fl. I ', 41,34 ' ,J srmk ty yli-iq! , 3 JA -F'2f3?Ki2,?'3 ll ' A A -. , Q , Roy Smifh belfs a drive. I I ,, Coach Van I-look loolcs forward fo fhe golf mafches of I958 wifh pleasanf anficipafion. I-Ie has finer falenf assembled fhis year fhan ' he has ever been able fo gafher in fhe pasf. Refurning veferans are forfified by The presence of fhree freshmen who were oufsfanding in high school circles lasf year-Roy Smifh, Rob- , bie Webb, and Buddy Davis. Coach Van I-Ioolc has enlisfed fhe aid of Counfry Club pro, Davis I Love. Under fhe able guidance of fhese fwo rnen, Soufhern's golf 1 I feam can expecf fo enioy a very successful year. ' I I I 9 I , il 9 f 3 v. In I-I l lv' ii Le Kneeling: Leff fo righ+-Sam Hall, Robbie Webb, Jim Parr, Buddy Davis, John Mcquagge, P. J. Arafa, Roy Smifh. Sfanding-Coach B. O. Van Hook and pro Davis Love. 4 11 N Ron Heun on 'Phe parallel bars. Leff fo righh Ron Heun, Wall Kerley, Murrel Groue, Ron Edwards, and Coach Baley. GYMNASTICS Ron Edwards on free exercise. 'NFB YN AX 05 To a Some "hard knocking" in Touch Toofball. xkxf X Q9 The inTramurals had TighT races in all oT The sporTs This year. The 'lvl' Club won The playoTTs Tor The TooTball championship. The Shrimp Pickers Took on all comers in The baskeTball play- oTTs, and They Tinishecl The season unde- TeaTed. Spring quarTer opened The soTTball sea- son. The Shrimp Pickers were The deTend- ing champions, TJUT They meT sTronq op- posiTion This year. lnTramurals aT SouThern are a way in which sTudenTs make ancl meeT Triends Through Trienclly compeTiTion. .svix WaTch The ball! l x,,X5 'KLTDP GENERAL NAT GENERAL NAT lor I957-58, personilicalion of Soulhern spiril, was Ed Rasberry. During I957, Jrhe good Gen'l promoled school spiril al sporling evenls and was lhe recognized symbol of lhe loyal Sulherner-lull of vim and vigor-always ready 'ro supporl Jrhe local leam. DERS CHEERLEA CHEERLEADERS, The peppiesl people on campus, are imporlanl 'ro every srudenl because of rhe lead They false in promoling supporr for ajrhleric funclions, especially during loolball season. Pic- Tured are, bollom 'ro lop, lell: Kellon Morris, as- sislanl head cheerleader, Gail Baclcslrom, Tommy Cox: bollom To lop, righlc Billy l-lewes, Carolyn McGregor, head cheerleader, Glenn Miner, head cheerleader. NOT PICTURED: Lois Pravanla. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS were Norma Dew and Buddy Pilfman. .uw HWY . An Z.........- 252 -f an plagw lf' Nr' aifff in ii .za ll I xx X A 3 -- .Q ik ! 4 - sm 1 .wwf in fz,Q,i,M.i 4 4 Fx, 'ifg 1' ' , , .W 1 i -' 'QPQW 1 31-3' 4"-1' 5 355.-FU, ' 'h ,- A .2 3' .qv ' ' " 1 ' , . -jx T43-'Z-if, A:- 'twf 7 2 ', 4 'K' 'I .xi . . It .ry-.Z 1. ,r Af N515 if i I AL ,.... -.ia- ' ' 'ww uivt' . .x'x'W!vf :NIH N3 1' ., Nil W ,m Nix l-1. - , 4-1- gn .Y ' W Q n X1W'lx'E"1'gl'1 Xi, M Q imma? H J 'MNH , x ML LY. lm WI H . ,M . :. ,ix X W W W w , X , . W X, 11 ev 4' nh 41 w l X 'L w I , iv' - 11" M! U W' 'f , , M N , LW . X fum' .xbw lx Ugg, N px ,ff N Mr' Q N M Sk lx N W X MK My - :Q gy XWH lx X X 1 N ll V Mmwt u X1 W'.cXN' W XV . wh , lx: IW Ml Q! Wy Q V 1 -,iv Q QW? 1 E 1 2 x I f fm Q WN l ALPHA EPSILON DELTA OFFICERS PETER B. HENDERSON Presidenl SHELBY THAMES Vice-Presiden+ GEORGE D. LADNER Secrefary-Treasurer DR. J. F. WALKER Faculty Advisor Alpha Epsilon Della is a nalional honor sociely for pre-medical sludenls. Founded al lhe Universily of Alabama on April 28, l926, 'rhere are over l5,5OO members in 66 aclive chaplers al schools lhrough- oul lhe Uniled Slales. ll is an aflilialed sociely ol lhe American Associalion lor lhe Advancemenfl ol Science, lhe American Council on Educalion, and a member ol lhe Associalion of College Honor Socielies. The obiecls of Alpha Epsilon Della are: lo encourage excellence in pre-medical scholarship: lo slimulale an apprecialion ol lhe imporlance of pre-medical educalion in The sludy of medicine: 'lo promole cooperalion and conlacls belween medical and pre-medical sludenls and educalors in developing an adequale program of pre-medical educalionq and lo bind loqelher similarly inleresled sludenls. Sealed: Lucy Salley, Dr. Walker, advisor, Peler Henderson, Shelby Thames, George D. Ladner, Gloria Saunders, Fonce McPhaiI. Sfanding: James Buckley, Roberf Hargis, Walfon Piggoll, Joseph Sefaro, Clifton Beckman, Russell L. Welch. - 1 ' S' A VV ,ni X sew 3 :rf 270 ik F. I .I A ,sf-vs PETER B. HENDERSON Presidenf fisfix , x .vp 1?-'GR' E-- J Y ni' l gr "' ts' wp., 43' PATTY GAI L SMITH President M ,vm X. Front Row: Jimmie Lu Albritton, Alice Wilkinson, Donna Matthews, Ann White, Gloria Denson, Mildred Stewart. Second Row: Mrs. Lena Y. Gough, Jane Hunt, Patty Gail Smith, Kay Honeycutt, Lynda Caldwell, Mrs. Ivah O. Wil- ber. Third Row: Marilyn Lane, Elaine Graves, Perry Lou Milner, Kay Crenshaw, Carolyn Jackson, Jill Hunt, Madelyn Day. Fourth Row: Judy Kinnard, Gloria Norris, Frances Head, Nancy Sherrard, Alice Arledge, Gwen Fortinberry, Phyllis Dees, Peggy Sellers, Lois Breeland, Gail Backstrom. Not Pictured: Betty Bond, Shirley Louise Bronson, Mary Louise Caldwell, Doris Faye Collins, Mona Kay Ford, Virginia Sherrill Glenn, Helon Howell, Mary Frances Johnson, Christine Marriott, Dorothy Sue Murphy, Jane Elizabeth Simmons, Janet Terreson, Molly Ross. OFFICERS PATTY GAIL SMITH President KAY HONEYCUTT Vice-President JANE HUNT Secretary LYNDA CALDWELL Treasurer MRS. LENA Y. GOUGI-I Advisor MRS. IVAI-I O. WILBER Advisor Alpha Lambda Delta, installed at Mississippi Southern in I956, was established at the University ot Illinois, May 3I, l924. It was founded to interest treshman women in the pursuit ot learning and in high scholastic achievement. Eligibility to membership depends upon a scholastic average ot 3.5 or higher. The society has proved a stimulus tor study and high scholarship among freshman women in institu- tions where chapters have been installed. Membership in Alpha Lambda Delta is not a goal to be worked tor by students and attained by means ot high scholarship alone, but is a reward tor genuine interest in things intellectual and tor conscientious worlc well done. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA BAPTIST STUDENT UNION OFFICERS KEARNEY TRAVIS, JR. p,eS,de,,f cum T. HARDIN, JR. v,Ce.p,eSgde,,+ PERRY Lou MILNER genefaw BOB SMITH Enlislmenf Chairman JERRY WILSON Social Chairman BENNY ROHR Devofional Chairman BILLY FOX Vuherd Edilor OLA MAE VAN SLYKE Missions Chairman HELEN HURT Music Chairman IRIS MICHAEL BARBARA EASON Publiciiy Chairman Program Chairman JANE DUKES First Bapfisf Represenlaiive GLENDA WILKINSON Main Slreef Bapfisf Representative JAMES HALE Temple Bapfisi Represenfaiive LERA HARRISON Y. W. A. Represeniative MR. POWELL OGLETREE REV. LOUIE FARMER, JR Advisor BSU Director The Baplisl Sludenl Union has many acliviiies available for The I7OO Baplisi sludenls on Mississippi Sou+hern's campus. Baplisl Sludenl Fellowship, meeling every Tuesday evening in The Jaclcson Room, iealures varied programs such as Bible sfudy, devorional Talks, symposiums on love, courlship and marriage, Ialenl shows and socials. Morning Waich, a shorf period of devolion and prayer, is held each school-day morning from 7:45 unlil 7:55. In addilion 'ro ihese aclivilies, BSU sponsors a Fall Re-'rreai off campus, Y.W.A. for girls, a iiily-voice choir, inlramural Ieams, an annual banquel, special socials, and olher aclivilies. The Baplisl Siuclenl Union is siudenl-led, church relaled, and Chrisl-cenlered. BSU Direcfor Louis Farmer, Jr. direcis and supervises ihe enlire program. All BSU acliviiy is free 'ro sludenis, as Mississippi Bapiisl' Convenlion and Haliiesburg Baplisl churches finance Ihe BSU program and supporl BSU in all iis aclivily. Some Baplisl Sludenl Union members Chrisfmas caroling KEARNEY TRAVIS, JR Presidenf 272 .r :J spa Y L rig . .-, av- 1, ,f WE? 'JV s if W iii ff? 1 iiswff illlg -ar -5 1'- QU l NCY LONG Presidenl' BNvs1 72.3- .nr .5 'W' FirsT Row, Leff To RighT: Beverly Jones, Dr. Roberl' Woodmansee, Dr. J. Fred Walker, Maxine Grisseff, Quincy Long, Benny Rohr, Mary McAllisTer, Mr. Samuel Rosso, Nan Brown, Second Row, Left To Righiz George Ladner, Bill Rogers, Janef Cross, Kay Morris, PaTricia Holden, Marqaref Sumrall, Clara Lee Asher, PaTsy HarringTon, Sylvia Whitfield, Carolyn Thomas, Alberi Wood. James Carpenferg Third Row, Leff io Righi: Joel Pearson, Carrol Howze, Peter Hen- derson, Russel Welch, Clifton Beckmon, Walton Piggofl, Shelby Thames, Billy Joe GranTham, Glenn McBay. Not Pic- Tured: Hilary Jones, Larry Broome, Jack Ainsworih, Mr. John Frazier, Mr. F. A. Varrelman. OFFICERS QUINCY LONG PresidenT MARY MQALLISTER Vice-Presideni MAXINE GRISSETT Secreiary-Treasurer BENNY ROI-IR HisTorian MR. SAMUEL ROSSO Advisor The BeTa Chi ChapTer oT BeTa BeTa BeTa, NaTional Honorary Biological FraTerniTy, was Tounded aT Mississippi Souihern on May 29, l95,0. This TraTerniTy serves To recognize ouTsTanding sTudenis in The biological sciences and To bind Them TogeTher in closer Tellowship. Since iTs Tounding, The chapTer has rapidly grown and now has The largesT membership in iTs hisiory. Membership in BeTa BeTa BeTa is resTricTed To only Those sTudenTs who have made above a 2. average on 20 consecuTive hours oi biological science and who show a deTTniTe inTeresT in This Tield. BETA BETA BE TA CANTERBURY CLUB OFFICERS AL ELLIS Presidenl CAROL HORTON Secrelary JACKIE WALDEN Secrerary CHARLES ROBERTSON Treasurer REV. RICHARD A. PARK Rector Charlered on Mississippi Soulhern's campus in I946, 'rhe Canlerbury Club is The organized group of Episcopal sluclenls on campus. ll is a member of lhe diocesan and nalional associalions of Canler- bury Clubs. Worship, fellowship and sludy are promoled lhrough lhe weekly meelings of members. Conferences, relreals and olher acliviries, bolh wirh members of olher colleges in The slale and as an individual organizarion, are parl of 'lhe yearly Canlerbury calendar. The Canlerbury Club srrives lo serve The mission of Chrislianily in higher eclucalion by foslering among sludenls of Mississippi Soulhern a beller underslanding of lhe failh and praclices of lhe Episcopal Church. A porlion of lhe Canferbury CIub's aclive membership-Firsl Row, Lefl 'lo Righl: Marlha Ann Smifh, Charles Roberl- son, Jackie Walden, AI Ellis, Patsy Harrington. Second Row, Left lo Righl: Carol Horlon, Ann Cameron, Yvonne Powers, Robyn Brown, Carolyn Phelps, Mary Joyce Thomas, Rosemary Rich, Sue Spencer. Third Row, Left fo Right: Harry Allendorph, Norman Bowne, Charles Guice, Troy Young, Rev. Richard A. Park. 501' Tx if " 1 4WQS1Q'Q12g3 . f.........J vs. . ,,,.-....L......,...,... -,m,-.,,,,,l,,-i,..-,,,, fi ' L.: . W, 2 I J .-ravi 3, T, . 4 'wp i 1 T' ' we ,sf T ls, 2 , i 2 I 1 Q , 2 A if A ,. i , fi.. 'J , V, J .. , Qfry iy, ,,,, , if - 1 fe. f' yi T - H N Yfl f If' N- .-'Q :gf 'R ., f jf 1 W-...Q f if f fs' V' C-33- Q. 23- X 'Zigi , .,,e ,. if A A--f ,Q 4-1 4, First Row, Leff To RighT: Floyd Likins, Billy Nelson, James Edward Mclnnis, Margaref Martin, Carroll Culpepper, Presfon Casfleberry, Sonny Edwards. Second Row, Lefl' To Righfz Dr. Leon Wilber, Benny Rohr, Charles McElveen, Mac Haas, Bobby Gregory. Third Row, Lefl' To Righfz Norbert Johnson, Bud KirkpaTrick, Ken Owen, Buddy Piflman, Lamar Sfarkey. OFFICERS JAMES EDWARD MclNNIS PresidenT BENNY ROHR Vice-PresidenT ALBERT "SONNY" EDWARDS SecreTary KEN OWEN Treasurer DR. LEON WILBER Advisor DR. RAY MUSGRAVE Advisor MARGARET MARTIN SweeThearT AT Mississippi SouThern, Circle K. a club devoTed To service, has been in exisTence since l954. IT is a member oT The lnTernaTional Circle K Tamily sponsored by Kiwanis lnTernaTional. The HaTTiesburg Kiwanis Club sponsors The local uniT. Through an idea TosTered in I936, special service club work wiTh college men became a realiTy wiTh The Tounding of The TirsT Circle K aT CarThage College in Illinois in I947. Since ThaT Time. The move- menT has grown in number. acTiviTy and irnporTance. Circle K on our campus parTicipaTes in numerous proiecTs and acTiviTies ThroughouT The year, such as presenTing rose buds To each Temale clinic paTienT on Friday, selling ChrisTmas cards, disTribuTing Tood baslceTs To The needy preceeding The holidays, blood drives, annual sweeThearT presenTaTion and parTy and book drives Tor deserving foreign colleges and universiTies. M' CIRCLE CLUB 275 DELTA SIGMA PI OFFICERS OWEN IVICREE Pregidenf ROMA WILLIAMSON Firsl Vice-Presidenl IVIARCEI. POI-IIVEN Second Vice-Presidenl Segre-Iary FRANK D'ANTONI Treasurer CI-IARLES IvIcEI.VEEN Changellor DON DAVIS I'Iis'Iorian MR. TOM BROCK Advisor Della Sigma Pi, a prolessional organizalion of commerce and business adminis+raIion maiors, is in Hs eighlh year on MSCS campus. II was Iounded on Iour main obieclivesz Io sfrive Io encourage scholarship, social aclivily and Ihe associalion of sludenls Ior Iheir mulual advancemenlq Io Iurlher a higher slandard of commercial elhics and cullureg Io prornole closer aifilialion befween Ihe commerce world and sludenls of com- merce: and Io promole civic and commercial welfare of The communi'ry. Gamma Tau Chapler sponsors yearly school programs, quarlerly commercial Iield Irips, and par- Iicipale aclively in oI'her school aclivilies. Dr, Greene, IvIr. Jordan, Mr, Ivlaxey, Ivlr. Forbes, Mr. Anderson, IvIr. Sanla Cruz, Mr. Broclc, and Mr. Wehling have served as Iacully counselors and advisors. Fronf Row: James Walley, Kennelh Slevens, Dalfon McKinley, Richard Larson, Donald Davis, Frank D'Anfoni, John Hope, Ben Tullos, Vernon Gipson, Tom Brock, Advisor, Second Row: Owen McRee, Bill Thornfon, Harold Anderson, John Underwood, Bill Gilberf, Marcel Poifiven, John Turner, Richard Slrong, Billy Tatum, Jere Rush, George Berry, Charles McElveen, Jerry Walson, Third Row: Jon Tullos, George Rymer, Wallace Lea, Garnel Turner, Joe Pulizzano, Jerry Blakeney, Ray Sessums, Sam D'An+oni. 3'7eg.wM...w-war-f wwf my I N X S Y ' f-2 r 'I 276 N7 X TI' .fix f ' , -r- -5 OWEN MCREE Presidenf I ,!, I ,I I ,I I r I 'I I I I, I LI. fi I I I I I I Ii E. I in I .I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I II il I. I I I l JN... rg ,Q ,Q 17" Gb ...Al H y -cgi' A , Vw!-N04 o 'Wei ' 'Q as K- N e , 4-.,2' ,Q-.. . A f 34' LINDA LEE Presidenf l rl' 9'- 1 Firsi' Row, Leff lo Righl: Linda Lee, Jean Dees, Truman McKenzie, Amie Brady, Anne Hurd, Margarel Covingion. Second Row, Leff 'lo Righf: Elizabeth Ann While, Phyllis Dees, Sara McNeill, Mrs. Vera Barnefl, Adelaide Hurd, Bobbie Cole. Noi Picfured: Gail Chisholm, Joanne Posey. OFFICERS LINDA LEE Presidenl JEAN DEES Vice-Presiclenl TRUMAN MCKENZIE Secrelary AMIE BRADY Reporler ANNE HURD Hislorian Advisor MRS. VERA BARNETT 4-H Clubs are organized groups of young people who learn scieniilic farming and homemalring by firsl-hand experience. They carry on proiecls in lhese aclivilies under 'rhe guidance of Cooperalive Exiension Workers and local leaders lrained by ihem. The Mississippi Soulhern 4-H Club was organized for 'lhe purpose of coniinuing inleresl in 4-H Club work by 4-H Club boys and girls. Each member is affilaied wilh his home counly club and carries projecls which develop leadership, ciiizenship and a well-rounded personalily. The expression "4-l-l," used in conneciion wilh lhese clubs, lypifies lhe 'rraining of l-lead, l-learl, Hands and l'leal'rh. The nalional emblem is a four-leaf clover wilh a lelier "H" on each leaf. ii A rouse ciu i 277 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS Pregident RUTI-I GORDON Vice-President MARILYN LANE Secretary LOUISE GINN Treagurer McCLU RE Reporter DR. LEO MILLER Advisor Organized in l94o, the Mississippi Southern chapter ot the Future Teachers ot America is named alter George O. l"lurst, a Iormer professor at the college. lt interests young men and women in education as a lite-long career and gives practical experience in working together in a democratic way to those who plan to be teachers ol America. FTA is an organization which gives the student a part in the state and national professional organiza- tions which largely determine educational policy. It serves to tamiliarize students with the history, ethics and program ot the organized teaching protession. Programs teaturing outstanding speakers and other varied activities highlight the organizational year tor the Future Teachers ot America. First Row, Left to Right: Renza McClure, Marcia Embt, Marilyn Lane, Louise Ginn, Ruth Gordon. Second Row, Left to Right: Sonya Mitchell, Alice Aitkin, Jackie Bolton, Lareldine, June Singletary, Perry Milner, Wanda Gulledge, Nancy Smith, Lou Ann Rudder, Ann Cameron. Third Row, Left to Right: Aldine Tucker, Faye Trice, Noreen White, Carol Holmes, Mary Mauldin, Mary Saucier, Alpha D. Connell, Jane Bosworth, Jocelyn Uchello. Fourth Row, Lett to Right: Linda Blackledge, Sue Bishop, Pat Bracey, Lois Breland, Betty Berryhill, Alice Arledge, Laurie Curet, Betty Flowers. Fifth Row, Left to Right: Sandra Covington, Martha Bush, Phyllis Dees, John Zimmerman, Tom Collins, J. H. Talley, Jamie Jones. Sixth Row, Left to Right: Dr. Leo Miller, Erwin Hall, Tommy Clark, Allen Winstead, Robert Cruthirds, Frank Hutchings. Not Picturued: Betty Lou Flowers, Helen Henley, Bob Mills, Howard Malone, Hazel Hughes, Malcolm Ezelle, Becky Milling, Donna Keenan, Ralph Manny, T. T. Gilmore, Elmer Bailey, Arthur Evans, Jr., Carol Helbig, Mary Ottis Waits, Liddell Hay, Louis Doucet, Mrs. R. H. Rivers, Elizabeth Walley, Argie Burstein, Mariorie Hamilton, Maurice Jones, Mrs. Gwen Evans, Kay Ford, Calvin Vogle, Sara Nell Taylor, Mrs. Kathleen Touchstone, Mrs. Luther Dorsey, Robin Esary, Carolyn Mitchell, Terry Dreyfus, Wanda Jones, Troy Dossett. e ,FSEFQI , 'I MARCIA EMBT President TW 'v es L 278 I I I I I I I. I I I I I I I I i I I I I I I I .yy I Firsl Row, Lefl lo Righl: Dol Thomas, Sue Ervin, Billie .loe Smilh, Willie Faye Andrews, Marlha Duncan, Maggie JO Dallas, Mary Cole, Gloria Denson, Jane Newlon, Meadelle Brumfield. Second Row, Left lo Righl: Joyce Payne, Jerry Wilson, Sadie Gunn, Roma Jean Henderson, Barbara Dell Pearson, Cynlhia Dennis, Ann Palrick, Truman McKen- zie, Rulh Hudnall, Barbara Easom, June Weaver, Mrs. Minnie While. Third Row, Lefl lo Righl: Lera Harrison, Bar- bara Hallen, Carolyn Jackson, Ann While, Virginia Milslead, Anna Moore, Belh Carr, Louise Johnson, Janel Dukes, Mallie Shoemaker, Ann O'Cain, Karlene Wesf, Sally Porler, Ann Tee, Miss Fannie Owings, Miss Pearl Campbell, Mrs. Vera Barnelf. Fourlh Row, Left 'lo Righl: Carolyn Smilh, Anne Brady, Jacqueline Gay, Viva Wood, Linda Lee, Doris Meadows, Cyndia While, Edilh Miller, Ann While, Mary Ellen Owens, Pal Fairchild, Jean Dees, Geraldine Bradshaw, Mable Ann Boswell, Vi Tarrer, OFFICERS CYNTHIA DENNIS Presidenl ROMA JEAN HENDERSON Vice-Presidenl TRUMAN McKENZlE Secrelary RUTH HUDNALL Treasurer CAROLYN JACKSON Sludenl Council Represenlalive MRS. ELSIE B. CHICHESTER Advisor The Home Economics Club slrives lo promole professional unily among home economics maiors. ll is alililialed wilh lhe American Home Economics Associalion and encourages girls lo become mem' bers upon gradualion. ll is a serivce club organized on Soulhern's campus in I926, and membership is open lo all home economics majors. The aclivilies ol lhe club lhis year included a gel acquainled parly lor lreshman and lransler sludenls, dislribulion ol Thanksgiving boxes lo needy families, a Chrislmas parly lor underprivileged children, a parly lor Lalin American sludenls, a Career Day boolh and The annual club banquel. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB KAPPA DELTA PI OFFICERS DANA McKlNNON PresidenT ERNEST Tl-IORNE Vice-PresidenT PERRY LOU MILNER Segrefary MRS. WILLIE EARL COOLEY Treagurer MARILYN LANE Higfgrian DR, R. G. BIGELOW Counselor Kappa DelTa Pi is an honor socieTy Tor Those in any oT The Tields oT educaTion. The orqanizaTion was Tounded March 8, l9l l, aT The UniversiTy oT lllinois, and TheTa Gamma ChapTer was organized on The Mississippi SouThern campus May 28, l954. The ToTal membership oT 437 includes 27 TaculTy and sTaTT members and 4IO sTudenTs and alumni members. The purpose oT The orqanizaTion is To provide Tellowship Tor like-minded persons inTeresTed in The eclucaTion profession and To promoTe The hiqhesT ideals oT The proTession by service To oThers and personal improvemenT. In order To promoTe The general welfare oT The Mississippi SouThern campus, Kappa DelTa Pi has had Two maior proiecTs, a conTribuTion To The DanTorTh MediTaTion Chapel and The esTablishinq oT a scholarship which is awarded quarTerly. Wanda Jones was The TirsT recipienT oT This scholarship award Tor The winTer quarTer oT l957. Firsf Row, LefT To Right Mrs, Louise B. WrighT, ErnesT F. Thorne, Marilyn Lane, Dana McKinnon, Perry Lou Milner, Dr. R. G. Bigelow. Second Row, LefT lo Righf: Dr. Leo R. Miller, Elaine Graves, Miss Kafherine Brown, Mrs. Frances Leigh Bryant, Miss Ellen Davis, Sue Murphy, Caryl Morschauser. Third Row, Leff To Riqhl: Laurie Nixon, Ann Adelle McKay, Jane Carolyn Sullivan, Lewis J. Baker, Martha Bush, Mrs. RuTh B. Brown. r.-u Qf' in ZX in 'ns C-.1 MN X, i 280 is if f"'z 'I T71 ...X Qs.. DANA MCKINNON Presidenf l-in JAMES E. MUULEN Presidenf ' 'r Wy,-i jf 1, 3-535 2 O . ' -"gfi'i,g'135fQx1k5 1. W so I . ,v. iof feb -an R iii .,-4. l ,, , l f l ' s 5 .X , y i -.rite P " -an .. . X me aa.. .. ,........,...,.. A Fronl Row: Roberl L. Ware, James E. Mullen, Henry H. Pope, Byron D. Lunceford. Second Row: James Bradley, Roger Weill, Fred J. Hogue, Brian Preen, Charles Harvison, Tommy Ricks, Edward Sfephens. Third Row: Cecil Johnslon, H. Vernon Hooker, 'Sr., Carroll Rifchie, Jerry Gee, Marvin McDonald, James Willman. Fourth Row: Lawrence F. Kea- ling, James D. Smilh, Glen Jackson, James H. Brewer, Tays Mclnlyre, Herbert Wilson. Fiffh Row: Roberl A. Dowdy, Homer lvy, John Walker, Bobby Pal-ferson, James Crawford, Gerald O'NeiI. OFFICERS JAMES E. MULLEN Presidenl HENRY H. POPE Vice-Presidenl ROBERT L. WARE Secrelary BYRON D. LUNCEFORD Treasurer Kappa Kappa Psi is an Honorary Fralernily lor college bandsmen operaling exclusively in lhe field of The college band wilh 'rhe following purposes: ro promole lhe exislence and welfare of The college band: lo honor oulslanding bandsmen lhrough privilege of membership: lo fosler a close relalionship loelween college bands and promole a high average of allainmenl by lhe performance of good music and seleclion ol worlhwhile proiecls, KAPPA KAPPA PSI 28I . Flu KAPPA MU EPSILON OFFICERS LARRY D. PARKS Presidenl VIRGINIA GLENN Vice-Presidenl Kappa Mu Epsilon is a Nalionai Honorary Ivialhemalics Fralerniiy. I+ provides a socieiy Ior 'the recognilion of oulslandinq sludenls in lhe field oi malhemalics. The irarernily was founded for lhe purpose of Iurlherinq lhe sIudenI's inleresl in malhemalics by helping The underqraduale realize The imporlanl role maihemalics has had in lhe developmenl of Weslern Civiiizaiion. Through Ihe organizalion, a deveiopmenl of apprecialion oi Ihe power and beauly possessed by rnalhemalics may be achieved. Sealed, Leff Io Right: Monroe Cuevas, Larry D. Parks, Donald Cole, Jr. Standing, Left To Righlz Wilton Causey, Slerreff Van Devender, William E. Hughes. Noi' Picfuredz Virginia S. Glenn, Carlos Revos, Virgil S. Sfrahan, Wil- liam E. Tims, Knox Broom, Danny R. Carler, David D. Jenkins, Donald Voss, Joel Wakeland. fm.-gr ,ug we avg .1- 343 9 X l l I I I A ' K K. - ',.- W. A for ,ia I i wwf' T F A ., we. New , . Firsf Row, Leff To Righf: Ken Fischer, Donnie Waifes, Lawrence Meeks, Bob Yencho, Jorry Vodicka, Ted Crawford, Bobby Longardo, Curry Juneau. Second Row, LefT1o Righh John Russell, Tony Usey, Ron Youngbloom, Charles Beas- ley, Scrap Hallen, Terry Armstrong, Brent Smifh, Joe Bafaglia, Bo Dickinson, RoberT Boofhe, Pascal Barron. Third Row, Left To Righlz Jimmy Taylor, Dick Linden, Arnold Spence, Sam Tuscio, Floyd HamilTon, Bobby Yarbrough, Lesier McInTyre, Ken Shearer, Gary Prafer, STeve Mifchell. OFFICERS STEVE MITCHELL PresidenT LAWRENCE MEEKS Vice-PresidenT RON YOUNGBLOOM SecreTary DICK LINDEN Treasurer ROBERT BOOTHE Chaplain BO DICKERSON SergeanT aT Arms Mississippi SouThern's M Club is composed oi men who have earned a leTTer in one oi The varsiTy sporTs. As members, These men enioy The beneTiTs oT a club and aT The same Time are oTTered' The op- porTuniTy To supporT worThwhile campus acTiviTies. The M Club room, locaTed on The Third Tloor oT The College Union Building, has been The scene OT much acTiviTy during The pasT year. Regular meeTings are held on The TirsT and Third Thursday OT each monTh. One oT The chieT proieclrs oT The year has been To TormulaTe an aTTracTive and varied schedule oT acTiv- iTies and a general reiuvenaTing oT The enTire club program. Among The eTTorTs in This direcTion was a public dance sponsored by The club and TeaTuring a rhyThm and blues band and recording vocal group. A cordial welcome is assured any visiTor who wishes To drop in on a meeTing oT The M club. an organi- zaTion devoTed To encouraging muTual Triendship belween all campus groups. U " CLUB 283 MU PHI EPSILCJN A OFFICERS SARAH ODOM Presidenf JUDY BROWN Vice-Presidenl' THELMA SAUCIER GRISSETT Recording Secreiary SUE MURPHY Corresponding Secreiary NITA SEE Alumnae Secreiary JANE SIMMONS Treasurer MARGIE CRANFORD Chaplain SYLVIA CARTER Hisiorian JANICE EAVES Warden SANDRA HOUTZ Chorisler MISS FRANCES BENNER Advisor Mu Phi Epsilon is a Naiional Honorary Music Sororily eslablished in I903. Ils purpose is 'ro promole musicianship, sisierhood, scholarship and Ioyaliy io lhe Alma Maier. Alpha Gamma Chapler was inslalled al Mississippi Soulhern in April, l957. Firsf Row, Leff 'ro Righlz Judy Brown, Thelma Saucier Grissefl, Sarah George Odom, Jane Simmons, Dorothy Sue' Murphy. Second Row, Lefl fo Right Janice Eaves, Margie Cranford, Julie Morgan, Peggy Lewis, Rebecca Ramsey, Virginia LaVigne, Helen Hurl, Sandra Houlz. No? Picluured: Sylvia Carler, Edyfhe Moore. .ai '0- if SARAH ODOM Presideni' ' is 1 YZ? Z V ,Epile- Weak Rf-an In L,- K W . ? I S S 7? 3 I I :Vg I mwaw' it f"r ,A1.1 A. , ch M s 4 T 3'- MAC 'HAAS President .pai 'VPs I levi 'fur hh- V 1? if FirsT Row, LefT To Riqhiz George Romano, Danny Viguerie, Donald A. Brown, Ralph E. Likins, James O'Beirne, Fred- die PeTro, Frank D'AnToni, Sam J. D'AnToni, Jr., John Heider, Joe Kersenac, Calvin Sinclair. Second Row, Leff To RighT: Margaref McHugh, Carolyn Baker, Ann Tee, Linda Lammers, Carolyn Keel, Marie Davis, Tina Giani, Carol Ann Hobbs, Ann PeTkovsek, Lois Ann Walker, Kay Hunf, Lois PravaTa, Doi Larroux, Mac Haas. Third Row, Leff To RighT: Ben L. Forbes, Par Ladnier, CelesTe Sayell, MyrTle Krueger, Joseph PoiTevin, Joseph M. Pabsl, Jr., Roberl' Ji- minez, Ed Henson, AlberT Necaise, Joe Rahaim, Nolon Bush. FourTh Row, Leif To RighT: Joseph Dufek, Eugene Sfassi, Wallace Cameron, Carl Thibeaux, Hollis Ladner, Gerold Moran, James Illich, Roy Sowell, Travis Milchell, Tommy Kidd, Speedy Rhodes, Jack CisTriano, Tom Collins, Teddy Reed, Bill Dore, Rev. Paul Gillis. OFFICERS MAC HAAS PresidenT DOT LARROUX Vice-PresidenT KAY HUNT Recording Secreiary LOUIS PRAVATA Corresponding SecreTary SAM J. D'ANTONI, JR. Treasurer JAMES O'BElRNE Marshall REV. PAUL A. GILLIS Chaplain PROFESSOR BEN FORBES Advisor The Newman Club was esTablished ai Mississippi SouThern in The Tall oi I946, and is a member of The NaTional Newman Club FecleraTion and The Gulf STaTes Province. Three main poinTs The Newman Club siresses in sTudenT liTe are religious, inTellecTual ancl social developmenT. The organizaTion is dedicaTed To The principles oT Cardinal John Henry Newman. a converT To The CaTholic TaiTh. During The year, programs include speakers, dances, discussions, group aTTendance aT mass and com- munion Three Times a year, socials, and special proiecTs. This year, The Newman Club held a "TalenT NighT," To which all sTudenTs and TaculTy members were inviTed. Oiher acTiviTies included The consiruc- Tion of a NaTiviTy scene on campus. A larger membership was acquired and mainTained by The club This year Than ever before, NEWMAN CLUB OMICRON DELTA KAPPA OFFICERS KNOX BROOM President TITUS MCINNIS Vice-President DR. P. A. WALKER Secretary-Treasurer PROFESSOR BEN L. FORBES Advisor Omicron Delta Kappa, iunior and senior men's leadership honor society, was installed at Mississippi Southern College in l954. ODK recognizes college men who have attained a high standard ot service in tive collegiate activities: scholarship, athletics, student government, social and religious attairs, publications, and speech and music arts. Founded at Washington and Lee University December 3, l9l4, ODK is considered the highest honor paid a college man. lt brings together members at the taculty and student body on a basis ot mutual interest and understanding. Character, leadership and service in campus lite, scholarship, tellowship, and consecration to democratic ideals are its qualitications. At Mississippi Southern, ODK sponsors a Hungarian student to study on the campus. This year in- augurated a series ot campus-wide lectures teaturing outstanding Mississippians and national tigures. ln all phases ol campus lite can be tound the ODK man. First Row, Left to Right: Paul Colten, Ken Fischer, Dr Paul Brandes, Mac Haas, Knox Broom, Second Row, Lett to Right: Dr. P. A. Walker, Dr. Porter L. Fortune, Dr. J. Fred Walker, Kearney Travis, Robert Gwinner. Third Rowf: Left to Right: Henry Rhodes, Roland Oesterrich, Dr. J. R. Switzer, Donald Dana. Fourth Row, Lett to Right: Gerard Wagner, Mr. Raymond H. Clegg, Robert Booth, Mr. Aubrey Lucas, Dr. W. D. McCain. Not Pictured: Ken McCarty, Titus Mclnnis, Marvin Moody, William Quinnelly, Bruce Stewart, Jack Stone, Professor Ben Forbes, Professor Walter Lok, Dr. R. G. Lowery, Dr. Charles Moorman, Dr. John F. Nau, Professor B. O. Van Hook, Dr. J. Treadwell Davis. eh. "" 'M' f -f-ew.-- if-..,-. 'LT' xf KNOX BROOM President IQ. V l l I ' ' 1 , x . .. i J Y i l , l pcs. " , ,r Q l f lid i i l l 165 ek. -TL, in ,.,- -1 ai. , .e lc. ' ' Q 'lk- -LS E! L GUIDO DEL SANTE 'viii' 1 r ! si! al' Acling President Q f, , Q fl, Y. ,..,,f' -mv 4- . i if " iff Acfing Board of Directors, Lefl' to Right: Jorge Escobar, Perug Guido del Sante, Peru: Ricardo Gruber, Panama. OFFICERS EDGAR AGUILAR LUIS WOOLCOTT BARBARA CRAN JORGE ESCOBAR RICARDO GRUBER GUIDO DEL SANTE ADAIR PALACIOS Presidenl Vice-Presideni Secrelary Treasurer Execufice Assislanl Program Co-ordinafor Ediior of "Que Pasa" The Pan American Sludenl Associarion lPASAl is nearly fwo years old. Composed of sludenis from bolh norlh and soulh of The border. ihe associalion is designed lo achieve lhe following obiecfives: lo promore lhe free exchange of ideas and information among Pan American siudenlsg lo provide a closer associalion befween Pan American sludenlsg lo bring aboul beller working relalions and grealer friendliness loelween Pan American siudenfs and Q13 olher s'luden'ls groups, agencies, and inslifulions wiih whom rhey associalep fo promoie more and belrer social acfivilies among Pan American siudenisg 'lo encourage The policy of infernalional lravel, language sfudy, and direcl confacr befween peoples of 'rhe Americas: 'lo prolecl' lhe Pan American sludenls' righis as an individual and his repufalion as a group. PASA holds monlhly meelings in 'rhe Larin American lnsfiluie building, holds programs of various kinds and en'rers a floaf in +he annual Homecoming Parade. PAN-AMERICAN STUDENT ASS'N 3 E . 5 ii Q i 5 ,.,a. PHI DELTA RHO OFFICERS PERRY LOU MILNER Presidenr JUDY KINNARD Vice-Presidenr KAY CRENSHAW Secreiary MARGIE CRANFORD Reporfer MRS. LENA Y. GOUGH, MRS. IVAH O. WILBER Advisors Organized ai Mississippi Sourhern College in l94I, Phi Delia Rho has as iis purpose The recognirion of scholarship and leadership among senior women on The campus. Phi Della Rho slrives lo prornoie high siandards of democralic living, lo encourage service lor oihers and developmenl ol Jrhe finer qualifies of ils members, and lo emphasize leadership, scholarship and admirable personal qualifies oi womanhood. Sealed, Leff fo Righf: Kay Crenshaw, Perry Lou Milner, Judy Kinnard. Standing, Leff fo Righf: Mrs. Lena Y. Gough, Margie Cranford, Virginia Avery, Ann Adelle McKay, Mrs. Ivah O. Wilber. .U is H-3 ,' A PERRY LOU MILNER QD Presidenf ML HOWARD WI NK Presidenf 'UN- yg..--f X 431' 4.4. WM 'SMP' Seaied: James Edward Mclnnis, Howard Wink, Lamar Wise. Sfanding: Charles Warren, Dr. Ralph Siarger, Danny Carfer. NoT PicTured: Norwood Nufiing, Tommy Purvis, Cecil Long. OFFICERS I-IOWARD WINK PresidenT JAMES E. MCINNIS Vice-Pre-sicIenT LAMAR WISE SecreTary NORWOOD NUTTING Treasurer TOMMY PURVIS, DANNY REED CARTER Co-I-IisTorians DR. RALPH STAIGER Advisor JACK STONE Upperclassman Advisor Phi ETa Sigma is a naTionaI scholasTic honor TraTerniTy Tor freshman men. ITs members are chosen solely on The basis oT high gracles, Those sTudenTs who aTTain a 3.5 average during The TirsT quarTer, or a 3.5 average during The Treshman year being eligible To ioin. AT SouThern, Phi ETa Sigma sTarTs The year by helping To geT freshmen sTarTecI properly in Their sTucIy habiTs. This is done Through Talks on how To sTudy and The disTribuTion oT The socieTy's naTionalIy known "I-low To STudy" booIcIeTs. PHI ETA SIGMA Pl PPA Pl OFFICERS TITUS MclN'NlS Presgdenl, C. MILDRED STEWART v,Ce,p,e,,de,,, JUDY KHXTNARD SecreTary-Treasurer DR. JOHN H. ALLEN Advisor DR. R. 6. LOWERY NaTional SecreTary Pi Kappa Pi, NaTional Honorary ScholasTic FraTerniTy, was Tounded aT The UniversiTy oT Mississippi in I925, in order To maniTain honor, and exTend sound learning, high scholarship and inTellec+ual achieve- menT. The Mississippi SouThern chapTer was insTalled on March 3l, I949. Membership in The TraTerniTy is open To sTudenTs who have mainTained sevenTy per cenT "A" grades Tor nineTy consecuTive hours in residence aT Mississippi SouThern College. This sTandard malces Pi Kappa Pi The mosT demanding oT all scholarship TraTerniTies. Less Than one per cenT of The sTudenT body is iniTiaTed each year. Since Pi Kappa Pi recongnizes high scholarship in any Type of slucly Tor which a recognized academic degree is auThorized, membership in The organizaTion becomes a goal Toward which many sTudenTs may sTrive. Seafed, Left To Righl: Elaine Graves. Dr. John Allen, Mildred Sl'ewarT, TiTus Mclnnis, Judy Kinnard, Dr. R. G. Low- ery, Kay,Crenshaw: Sfanding, Lefl' To Right Roberl' Gwinner, Sidney Slafford, Ken Fischer, Ruby L. Marlin, Lois T. Breeland, Phyllis Dees, Alice Arledge, Sherrill Glenn, Gloria Norris, Jane E. Hunl, James R. Hawker, Jerry N. Broadus. Nol' Picluredz Marion Harris, Kearney Travis, Alan Tiegreen, Carlos Rivas, Warren Arbogasf, Gerald Bul- lock, Virginia McEIhaney, Faye Finley, Jack Sfone, Shirley Bronson, Carolyn Smallwood, Shadworfh Elmore, Helon Howell, Janef Terreson, Jene Simmons, Raymond Curfis, James HaughTon, James BuchhoITz, SlaTer Doggefl, Johnny Wong, Waller Reed, Darnell Fulgham. 9 L 4 'N -. 1- uf. 290 ,, 1 'EFX Pu? ' TITUS MclNNlS Presidenl' Q 'FT ! 3 ff? 'fm v 'Q"2f'-we--.. JANE SULLIVAN Presidenl fig. ""'T"' skim ' . ,, ,L N ,S , Sealed: Jane Sullivan, Elaine Graves, Ouida Sue Clark, Miss Willie Ewell, Peggy Johnson, Miss Frances Reck. Sland- ing: Mr. Howard Jackson, Anne Fox, Miss Dorolhy Coleman, Phyllis Dees, Miss Molly Welborn, Nelda Ham, Anne Mayfield. Noi Piclured: Mr. Marlin Slegenga, Mrs. Peggy Kimmel, Nancy Robinson, Fannie Bell Barrell. Barnell. OFFICERS JANE SULLIVAN Presidenl ELAINE GRAVES Vice-Presidenr PHYLLIS DEES Secrelary NANCY ROBINSON Reporler FANNIE BARRETT Hislorian MISS WILLIE 'EWELL Advisor M-ISS MOLLY VVEIJBORN Advisor Alpha Sigma Chapler ol Pi Omega Pi was inslalled on lhe campus ol Mississippi Soulhern College April 27, l94O. Pi Omega Pi is a nalional honorary business educalion lralernily lhal was founded al Kirksville, Missouri in l923. The aims of Pi Omega are: lo creale, encourage, promole and exlend inleresl in scholarship: 'lo aid in aclivily for civic bellermenl in schoolsq lo encourage and losler high elhical slandards in business and professional life, lo 'leach 'rhe ideals of service as lhe basis of all worlhy enlerprise. Pl MEG Pl il J Pl SIGMA EPSILON "Lu -J- OFFICERS 'E+' BERL D. IBENI BOLT Presidenl BUDDY DAVIS Vice-Presidenl Jllvl CARRAWAY Secrelary A JACK PIPER Treasurer BEN POI-T Presidenf CLARENCE BOGGAN Sergeanl al Arms Cl-IUCK BASS Pledge lvlasler Pi Sigma Epsilon was Iounded in Allanla, Georgia, by lvlr. L. L. Anile on November l, l95l. ll has an ullimale aim ol malcing successful and energelic salesmen. During llie l95o-57 school year, Pi Sigma Epsilon was slarled on lliis campus. lr allained 'rlie honor in ils Iirsl year al Mississippi Soulliern, of winning llne nalional sales Conlesl lor subscriplions lo a na- lional magazine among college sludenls. Firsf Row, Leff Io Righlz Gary Prafer, Buddy Davis, Berl D. Boll, Chuck Bass. Slandinq, Lefl' To Righl: Kenny Main, Ed Franks, Clarence Bogqan, Bill Burgess, Al Miller, Corness Persons, Rolland Floyd. - ,. 5 : W, Q 'Nl 75 ev- II I , lo' iv" 'S 'i l i 'Wi X M, y H., 1 Ep 'Vx M TP' MIM A represenfalive group of fhe Wesley Foundalion including a large number of Ihe Wesley Council. Front Row: Sherry Murphy, Mildred Sfewarlg David Wood, Judy Kinnard, Roger Coleman, Annefle McCluer. Second Row: Denson Na- pier, direcforg Beverly Jones, Barbara Franklin, Marilyn Grahma, Vi Tarrer, Carol Day, Louise Ginn, Carolyn Smilh, Anna Moore. Third Row: Sonny Edwards, Tommy Clark, Allen Winsiead, Paul Colfon, Preslon Casfleberry. OFFICERS DAVID WOOD Presideni MILDRED STEWART Firsl Vice-Presiden+ SONNY EDWARDS Second Vice-Presidenl JUDY KINNARD Secrelary ROGER COLEMAN Treasurer Wesley Foundalion is lhe local orqanizalion of lhe Nalional Melhodisl Sludenl Movemenl. Ils pur- pose is lo offer a irue and vilal Chrislian fellowship lo all Melhodisl and inleresled on fhe campus. This is done by weekly meefinq, gel-logeihers, relreals, house-parlies, and many vilal service proiecfs. Mississippi Soulhern's Wesley group is al all limes willing and ready lo parlicipale in campus-wide proiecls, bul serves ils purpose primarily in ils daily conlacfs, formal and informal, wiih ils members in all places of campus aclivily, WESLEY FOUNDATION WESTMINSTER FELLGWSHIP OFFICERS Mom wfxmus PresidenT JULIA ULMER Vice-Presidenf CHRIS MARRIOTT Segrefary BRUCE MCCANN Treasurer DR. TOM PREER Advisor WesTminsTer Fellowship is The organizaTion Tor college sTudenTs sponsored by The PresbyTerian Church in The UniTed STaTes. lTs purpose is "To conTronT The academic cornrnuniTy wiTh The TacT oT Jesus ChrisT." IT serves sTudenTs, TaculTy, and adminisTraTors. The local minisTer To sTudenTs is The Rev. G. T, Preer, A.M., Ph. D. WesTminsTer Fellowship aT SouThern has been on a Tull-Time basis Tor Three years. The PresbyTerian Churches oT l-laTTiesburg, who srill lend Their help Tor The campus work, conducTed worship Tor Presby- Terians aT SouThern Tronn The year iT was Tounded, in I9l2, unTil The presenT. The group is now largely supporTed by The Synod oT Mississippi. For each oT The lasT Two years There have been abouT 250 PresbyTerians enrolled in SouThern as sTu- denTs, and abouT 20 PresbyTerians on The TaculTy and among The adminisTraTors. The 60 acTive parTici- panTs in The acTiviTies oT WesTminsTer Fellowship are led by a council OT elecTed oTTicers. IT sponsors a weekly worship service on Tuesday evening in The College Union, a weekly news bulleTin, reTreaTs, aTTendance aT Synod's WesTminsTer MeeTings, several benevolenT proiecTs, and Bible STudy Groups Through The year. lTs work is coordinaTed wiTh oTher religious groups on The campus in The STudenT ChrisTian FederaTion. Fronf Row: Julia Ulmer, Chrisiine Jacobs, Mona Wafkins, Gail LeggeTT, Libbo Owings, Jane NewTon, Marcia EmbT, Ann Adelle McKay, Chris MarrioTT. Second Row: LucreTia Applewhiie, Sara Freeman, Nan Brown, Kay GauTier, Su- san Hagerman, Pafsy PaTTerson, Carolyn Wellborn, Judy Harrison, Roggie Fuller, Rosemary Arledge, BeTTy McCuT- cheon, Dr. Tom Preer. Third Row: Fred Beverly, Charles McElveen, Ken Owen, Charles Skinner, Norman Holbrook Tommy Sfumph, Buddy Sfrahan, James Edward Mclnnis, Hollis Arban. I r 1--,, , X , bi Fl fi as 'NJ T? MONA WATKINS Presidenf cr- C ref... T C W-09 -A --wats - I his H -" ii A. I f M X nl . .sf 77 V Q 'uw ' 294 Y l ,ga , ff l 'L zy- , , , N f" ff? XHWXSN 4ii'm '- -........W.....,,.--so , RICHARD STRONG President xr' l l l l l li First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Raymond H. Clegg, Richard Strong, Norbert Johnson, Fred Lockett. Second Row, Left to Right: David Sheppard, Whit McCall, Lawrence Smith, William Risher, Warren Vilerette, Hilton Walker. Third Row, Left to Right: Bill Parker, James Denson, Bob Harqis, Peter Bankston, John Sellers. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Lamar Wise, Glenn Dietz, Norman Holbrook, Kelton Morris, John Mayo. Not Pictured: Butch Bourq, Jimmie Crawford, Billy 'Hewes, Gerald Lassiter, Kearney Morgan, John Robertson, Jim Speake, Billy Fred Edmonson, Grifi Nolan, B. B. Jones, Lamar Starkey, Kirk Wooley, Harry Schiavone, Kenny Main, Norwood Nutting. OFFICERS RICHARD B. STRONG President T. NORBERT JOHNSON Vice-President O. FRED LOCKETT Secretary NORWOOD V. NUTTING Treasurer MR. RAYMOND H. CLEC-56 Advisor The "Yellow Jackets Organization" is a men's service organization tormed by the social traternities and the student senate to act as student hosts ot campus guests. The organization also assumes the responsibility tor promoting the college traditions ot triendliness, school loyalty and student respon- sibility. The Yellow Jackets assist in the orientation ot treshmen and ot transter students and sponsor Freshman Day. YELLOW JACKETS ,I y THE FORREST CCDUNTY BGARD CDF SUPERVISCRS "Sou1'hern's Heariiesf Backers" SELBY C. BOWUNG, Presidenf . . . . . . Beaf Three HARRY H. BELL . . . Bear One LUTHER G. LEE . , . '. Bear Two J. A. P. CARTER . . . . Beal Four HERBERT H. LEE . . . . Beat Five We wish fo exfend our sincere promise of confinued supporf and cooperafion To Mississippi Soufhern College, lv1ississippi's finesf and largesf college and one of Forresf Coun+y's mos'r valued assels. Congrafulafions on your splendid growlh and line spiril. We hope +ha'r Soufhern and Forresf Counfy will con+inue 'ro march side by side in selling 'rhe pace of progress and developmenf in Soulh Mississippi. The people of Forresl Counfy exfend 'rheir besl wishes +o +he adminislralion, facully, and sfudenls of M.S.C. Besf of luck fo lv1ississippi's friendlies? college from Mississippi's friendlies? counfy. - v Q iliorresl H ail Qounig A E. A good place fo go To school and a good place 'ro live Compliments Hattiesburg Auto Dealers Association AUTO SERVICE COMPANY RYAN FORD, INC. FARRIOR MOTOR COMPANY JOE MORRIS MOTORS McMULLAN EQUIPMENT COMPANY MOORE PONTIAC 81 CADILLAC, Inc. PARKWAY MOTORS POLK CADILLAC MOTORS RYAN-McARTHUR MOTORS SOUTHERN MOTOR SALES 11 H 1 I 1 I 7 5 U Y E H S B U H E P 1 EUTTU PHIHII FTS A I ! Y QEWWH5 xw E www 1 WEEE i ' ' g R s j E O 1 JPG? 0 G 000 3 E HOTEL counr 014556 Kwai, . ASTlflcNOHWY,-900lll.0xl.MUSSISSIPPIUPHONIIDLEW S505 . . n i V' evra -f- -.f E, - 1 ,K I' HATTIESBURG HARDWARE STDRES YOUR G E DEALERS Everything in Hardware ancl General Electric Appliances Mobile Sireei Phone JU 3-3525 HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI BEST WISHES FROM 1 MclNNlS' MEN'S WEAR T MAIN AT PINE l Since l9l4 ANNETTE STEMME FLOWERS Member of Florisls' Telegraph Delivery Phone JU 2-l927 or JU 2-I4OI I25 Wesl Fronl 808 l-lall Ave. The era of ihe franquilizer QQMPLIMENTS OF JOHN SEXTON 8k CO. Na+ional Wholesale Grocers THE DIAMOND SHOP Forregf Hue! BUHCMQ P.O. Box 4l24 Federal Annex , ATLANTA. GEORGIA HaHlesburg's largesl credil Jeweler ff . . -.-J .-.- "" - WV' 'TT"?f'ff'11:',.., iffy QHVPA A -'x -IX X .S ,fa . ,T 'E . , Q i -Sgffgiifl 3, O f i T kia SW 64? E f W , un D .3 : - :Xtra ..-A ' . ,' 'X -'-. ::g.g::.' '2' . xx, , 'Xe"'w T SMITH'S BAKERY THANKS FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP AND PATRONAGE VVlfNIP'Y'S Campus Hangouf We are looking forward Io serving you in The R. C. Cook Sludenl Union Building-where we will be-as always- "The Hearf of fhe Soufhern Campus" "The Ipa na smile" NATIUNAL BANK OF HATTIESBURC-5, MISSISSIPPI Main Office 523 Main Slrreel Hardy S'rree'r Branch Pefal Branch Member of Federal Deposilr Insurance Corp. W2 KOMP EQUIPMENT COMPANY, INC. I I 'T , xy, Y DISTRIBUTORS OF INDUSTRIAL 81 PLUMBING SUPPLIES I-IATTIESBUR6. MISSISSIPPI 7. COMPLIMENTS S ldrk MIPI PPII ' OF j 'II I-0IIOI1e5ZEjZI51II11C ! :S when will von SIA . .. . I 4 I -Lax A ' F311-.P G. H. McELHANEY 8. soNs ' I ff QQ? ix X Xi 0,16 'Qt 1 X? X I X . WHEN SHOPPING FOR THE A 612,52 if, , X X Sf 22 PARTICULAR MAN SHOP AT DONAVAN-LANE 9. . Z, ff. JL .44 x X II1 I Ed I Dd fdf y COMPLIMENTS OF HATTIESBURG CREAMERY Mississippi's Finesi' PA5 I.abora'I'ory Con+roIIed urit GRAUEA Dairy ProcIucI's PIanI' 'ff LREAM II7 Walnuf S+. Dial JU 3,2646 "The Mos+ Tas+y Food on Highway I I" SPEEDS RESTAURANT FOUNTAIN SERVICE BANOUET ROOMS "'2f I' SC Highway I I I-IaHiesburg, Miss. I I! '14 .,,. Q ' 2 SOUTHLAND FLORISTS 200 S+. Paul Sfreef IX S, fi I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Member F.T.D. FIowers by Teiegraph Anywhere Phone JU 4-754I 1 ,. .Six is .....' L ' -Alf' sf- I fifbfif Pledge meefings are heIcI in 'Ihe sfrangesf pIace Ih d y v. JIMMY FAUGI-IN'S RESTAURANTS COLLEGIAN sooo Hardy s+ree+ Le EAUGHN 2704 Hardy S+ree+ JIMMY FAUGHN RESTAURANT SPEED'S SOUTHERN GULF SERVICE 24 HOUR SERVICE Washing-Polishing-Waxing Gulf Lubricafion-Gasoline-Mofor Oil Phone JU 3-25I9 M D Speed GEIGER PRINTING I ,fix if I L If I I I I ,II OFFICENISUPPLY COMPANY I "Every1'I1ing for I'I1e Office" I I FAULKNER CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY I' I .-.-I Highway ESDSHKP IUIIISE- STAURANT Q LOUNGE' "2fonzeof5oudeJuv?laa,aLZQ' I.ocA'rSD ON THE BEAUTIFUL. I MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST 90' Vw: ufp ' Ah yG on' flzloxl FQWIS . X, We . I X fr H. I. B of Greeks b ' g Hs' X COMPLIMENTS GOOD LUCK OF and GOOD DIGESTION PHOENIX LAUNDRY CHOCTAW DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT 8 "BesI' Hickory Bar-B-O Ribs in Ihe Sou+h" IY' f"f, 2? 'Le Zi ff-'W E? L gi A if il git QQ 'V' an I P br ui' U S nbrjj A 'CN e I Sou'Ihern's homecoming parade MEMBER OF FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LUAN ASSOCIATION I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI A mu+uaI savings and home finance insIiI'u+ion serving o er I4,000 people. SafeI'y of your savings insured Io SI0,000.00 Currenf Dividend alffyo Assefs over I7,000,000 S 'S Zi 1 xi 3 '1 3 3 Q L 2 R E fl E E si Z 1 x .-.7 v'. ,qs All EK L ! 1 z a V 5 2 1 1 I ! E 2 i 5 E 5 5 , 1 5 I 3 , '5 3 Lf 2 1 ,3 I 12 1 I , f , 2 Z , E f 1 Q f I . g , 2 5 'E Q I E 4 9 r 5 2 3 2 L 6 E i 31 E 3 3 P Q - 'l"-me-'A " W EISMAN'S SIO Main S+. HEADQUARTERS FOR THE COLLEGE GIRLS Lingerie-Ready-1o-wear-Millinery-Shoes-Accessories Second Floor-Ready-+0-wear Open a Convenienf Charge Accounf A Soufhern Company Through and Through SDUTHEASTERN INSURANCE 00. Assefs in Excess of S575,000.00 R. C. COOK. Presidenf HATTIESBURG. MISSISSIPPI I 0 COMPLIMENTS SGUTHERN CLEANERS R. I-I, BRASWELL Hkiddin- high" Across From Lake Byron Phone JU 3-A071 u you go ihrullfe... eff' .--v"""x CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS THE IIEIDELBERG HERCULES Capifol S'rreeI in Downfown JACKSON. MISSISSIPPI M.S.C.'s Jackson I-Ieadquarfers For II1a'r Iwospifable afmosphere ioin Hn crowd of SouIIIerners who aIready make In Heidelberg Iheir home wI1iIe in Jackson Enioy fhe Roof and Ihe Vicfory Room COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF Colonial Baking Company I c AMERICAN SAND 81 GRAVEL CO. ,552f,f!1q:, HATTIESBURG BRICK womcs s.,.,'Ii..1?..?.:t.i?Z..,I?fo. SOUTHEASTERN MATERIALS co. Office: Ross Bldg. iIeI- -IU +6436 I-IATTIESBURC5, MISSISSIPPI WILLMUT GAS AND OIL COMPANY ,., Z, X if ly J I Mable Ann Boswiell, "Miss Mississippi Soufhern I957," learns +o cook wifh gas in Home Economics class. Use Nafural Gas, +l1e all purpose fuel, for cooking and l1ea+ing Serving Soulh Mississippi in I-Ialfiesburg, Collins, Easl Jackson, Magee, Mendenhall, and MI. Olive A bank accounl esiablislwed early in your career will serve as a Ioundalion for fulure bus ness operalions and prove valuable in many ways . . . Lei us serve you! CITIZENFS BANK HATTIESBURG Haffiesburg -:- Mississippi "The Friendly Bank" M.ember Federal Deposil Insurance Corporalion Federal Reserve Syslem COMPLIMENTS OF I DIXIE PINE PRODUCT COMPANY I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI COMMERCIAL STATIONERY CO. PRINTERS - LITHOGRAPHERS - STATIONERS 312 Forrest St. Hattiesburg, Miss. Phone JU 3-2913 The Most Complete Department Store In South Mississippi SEARS ROEBUCK AND COMPANY HATTIESBUR6, MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS OF OWL DRUG CO. PERSONAL FINANCING Monthly Repayment WHITE SYSTEM OF HATTIESBUR6, inc. PEOneJu 4-5474 W- Pine 5+- 21O-214 Market St. Phone JU 3-3014 COMPLIMENTS OF GULF STATES CIGAR AND TOBACCO COMPANY WHOLESALE Cigars, Tobacco, Candy, and Sundries HATTIESBURO, MISS. COLLEGE HEIGHTS TEXACO SERVICE 24 hour service WASHING-POLISHING-LUBRICATION TIRES-TUBES-BATTERIES Road Service DAYTON GILLESPIE, Owner By Pass 31 Hardy St. Phgne JU 4.858l 5C STAN DARD ioc s. H. KRESS 256 DRUG STQRE Phone Ju 3-4381 619 MAIN 1 I 1 Mi , HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Firs'r in Du'ry a+ Soufhern Firsf in fhe Consfruchon World 56 ei? Refreshing remembrance Qi, AUTO G RAP HS 1 1 fi A A 'Q ff JN? f if Qt .we ti 1 Ar Ipgll 1 xy - 'Aff were If Ms gfdigig f X iff' ff' T use I K... . . .rx MQ I M MW DRINK "We are af Your Service' COLLEGE PHARMACY 2900 Hardy Sfreef Phone PERFECT VIDEO 504 Corinne S'rree'r HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Telephone JU 2-l98I SAUCIER'S STANDARD SERVICE STATION THE HOME OF HAPPY MJLEAGE AND FRIENDLY SERVICE Phone .IU 3-'II47 24-Hour Service Washing-Polishing-Waxing Kyso Iubrica'I'ion-gasoline-moior oiI A Compleie Line of Au+o Accessories A Personal S.ervice TI1a+ Salrisfies COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND HUB CITY OFFICE SUPPLY CO. ROYAL TYPEWRITERS A.B. DICK MIMEOGRAPHS EXPERT DRY CLEANING ONE-HOUR SERVICE COLLEGE CLEANERS Laundry Service-OuaIi+y Work ZI8 Wesf Pine Sireef Phone JU 1036! HATTIESBURG PECK OIL COMPANY, INC. TYPEWRITER COMPANY DiS+ribu+ors UNDERW,gIC4III8rSE1IxSgI?R3gZnELECTRIC SINCLAIR 81 GOODYEAR PRODUCTS HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI TYPEWRITERS, SUNDSTRAND ADDING AND ACCOUNTING MACHINES Sales-Service-Renfals-Supplies I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI 2I0 Broadway Drive JU 4-548I ATTEND THE CHURCH OF YOUR CHOICE WHILE AT SOUTHERN .II III' II MAIN ST. BAPTIST H IIOI N, Main S+. 'III mn' Il III.. DR. JOHN E. BARNES 1 'IIII 'I i' 1 ' IIA Pasfor I M I II . 13:1 , l '. r PARKWAY HEIGHTS METHODIST . II 1i,',IfII1ITIR'IIIIII I I Il ' II"'I 11 I - , Hardy S'rree'r - Irvs-I I Y - REV. J. E. SMITH I-III ' PasTor I BROAD ST. METHODIST REV. JOHN NIX--Pasfor FIRST BAPTIST 5IO W. Pine ST. REV. CLYDE BRYAN PasTor FIRST PRESBYTERIAN 840 Main ST. REV. WILLIAM STANWAY Pasfor PLANNING A PARTY?f We have C PRIVATE PARTY ROOMS .IM ff? if E52 T' 'TXXJF Facilifies for 0 PICKNICKING I .7 0 FISHING 9 BOATING 8: SKIING IOn SuncIaysI Call uA now " FOR RESERVATIONS HeniIIQtoII's Lake Shady S , ,I Highway 98, WesI', 5If2 MI. Phone JU-30695 or JU-30356 'H H' "Cool Man" G , 2 wi -- K 14? A 51, fl Q swqg 2 2,2 "TI'1anIzs for anofher fine annuaI"' '-Dream gals-- CGMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND BLUE RIBBGN KUNG FLORIST BAKERY .-...- Call JUniper 4-8146 NigI'1I's, Sundays, Holidays CaII JU-4-7757 JU 4-8635 THE 1958 SOUTHERNER Was designed, prinfed, and bound by BENSON PRINTING COMPANY Nashville, Tenn. . ...AND EVERY YEAR AT AAIfSESIESSI PIJI SICILIT'FIE . . .IS FILLED WITH S Y IVA I Ar f f V I , IKM I I I ,,,, 1 ,m,,' my I 1 7, 7 2 Z I .V,. Z I i Y A YQ IWQWW 9. fwwgfvwmmw I M I . Aff I, -1, I ,g.I.'I. I I I Tl W gg f' 5 ' A f " Sufi, 3 1 f , - ' 1, If 3 - I "" , If WWE' ' Q- ' I -SX ' If ' 15537 I sf 5 ' ,Il ' if ,5 53 'X f I I I , -f I Imy g ,H I I N' I I I, I I I. , R4WwwwmwQm.I ' IIgfW1 Im+eIgII f 3-,N 'X I , , ..., I I ' I - , ,- U X, NV J W mx I W k I f - H I I N X ,1Il!.,i:f.. 11.151,-f I I I' IX- A ' 'II A SVI: f "4 . IX in V p-ff' Q. FRIENDL I A A X , -f If If I ' -f . f :I gf. I . ,I 'f I 'SIII I X I " H14 '-' YI ,I ,lf aff' I 5- Ir , I ,, ' A I A .,,, V ,I H IIAI I I3 I - I f 1 Xi . 09-',f,f I A II E 333,33 X ' 1, .:' A . q T '15 Lv, ' -If.. V 'Iii 1 V L - I I I'0'31. s'e"'II I Gfesi ' I 1' fin, iw' f L' I wa TR A blk' N. N V" 3 A D1 Tl 1 fl ON I A + QI' PROGRESS RIPI

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