University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS)

 - Class of 1957

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University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 316 of the 1957 volume:

i' "Ti P 1 V hx ' Q if. 'O O Q O O 0 , DI Q -af' :V QI' 'G . J 1 - O O . Q 0 s . ' '. o QQ., Z", ff., he ' ffvl J- . 1' 9,1 , A ,M -A r"f'- i' "Ti P 1 V hx ' Q if. 'O O Q O O 0 , DI Q -af' :V QI' 'G . J 1 - O O . Q 0 s . ' '. o QQ., Z", ff., he ' ffvl J- . 1' 9,1 , A ,M -A r"f'- MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN COLLEGE nnmznuno, MISSISSIPPI fa a'!' . " v' Qu I H v " N .- W-skw ' 5 1 Q I 1 xg la ' I, -. K- , Q -wf 'l f""v-' A mln. 4"- 4.4 -.- Jr za .fx .1 V -,gr 34 ,F ,, , ,QI ' R. jf x I I WE BELIEVE IN SGUTIIEBN ' Q ' , . ' ' f 1 . f ,zi,.E 5 . 1 , ,DA .2 rf in AND 04511-31- :ag H I W r r M--4 WE BELIEVE ?l Ei FE 1E E E E E J""' .. at f , Q I E 5 Q Lg E A?:3.x SX, 5 in.. '-1 w l EDUCATIUN JK I 1 I I 5 I' 4 which gives us the knnwlellge to work wisely and trains our minds and our hands to Work skillfully. I if. F s I i 1 X, fi 3 H 'Q f Q and that we can count on only what we earn. Therefore, we believe in work-hard work. -' , P I W E Il E L I E V E TIIAT THIS IS A PRACTICAL WUIILD ' .r. Ageing' - ' if 'Sl 'S ' 'Pi . 3 I, . - 'f.1:Q'?gWf.,'3' ,il D X 1 4' 'W ,I 'Gy iv' F nw- '3 "'-L Mba -LXL X- WJ' V ' 'S+ KN V1 I 9 N My SF MW f M45 af? My gn-qi -ani Ma? i W. sway WE BELIEVE IN IIUNESTY AND TBUTIIF ULN ESS fy , + v rc,Sige3!"lQ! T X Q A W E ei . WCW? WN W W ' 6' 4' 3 'fi K without which we ' -cannot win the respect and confidence of our fellow men. I a I E J I Q in ,,... L X 2 i E UN' my ' W - .iw A7 IN A SUUND MIND. IN A SIIUND BUDY AND A SPIRIT '. -44-::.s .- , . , 1 .. Ill ffqfli Em!!-!l!!!B 931 --5 'ek 1,13 : 3 .. ' f A ' - 'Q 3. ' 5 .. Z ,x.rk.l:, in ,:f,Zil,-,LZ fp' . A : ' g"gfL1'Mf.p"'V"..l:'fjj 33' BTFNAII ! sill! Q . '-,f .43-s.1..',,'1,ixu.. XII: ix X W x fn" H. Ex ..., , .. mg-KA Jilgfsgpil lgglhqfx AXA tw' " - -, '3'g3U' ni, nmmm"'7 , -T' 'K fxxv I 2 1 I fb? l ll. 'V 4 sv in 4 ., l N T4 I ', ' 'DELEYQP-Wfil - 3793 i 3 2 ww ' WW 5 4 7, Q . i 1 Qi ,W 'f' 'if ' 'Q - 4 E l u i E I x i 'Ba 4 I I I 1 IN 0BEmENcE T0 LAW Q E because it protects the rights of all. We believe in the human touch, which cultivates sympathy with our fellow men and mutual helpfulness, and hrings happiness to all. nn, wif' , I 3 2 Vf' ei. E Q I Z' 5 4 E 16:51 C 1 40043 ,gm L- , l Jan.. xx: - A 1 ns . - Q 5 N41-. ig " va., ., qi, ' ,- '41, . ,nn - eff , y o. io, 'V , 5',, .,. . X .4 ' 'K' WE BELIEVE IN 0UB CUMMUNITY AND 0UIl CUUNTBY because it is ka land of freedom and beeau e it is our home, and that we can be t serve that country by Wdoiug justly, lov- ing mercy, and walking humbly with our Goal." v o as "N-1 WS., -.MMI T331 kb QQ' .NL X Q, Q wg ,fwww -wwf vwmw I, . . , ng 3 5 e t XXXX , eh px, QE X. I 2- 9 n , . .,..,.,,, a W, . 5 fl- ::--f: A . -in - X O ' ,I X q M i,1. :ZV A , x , D . Q I A ,' M axi, ,, L 'Q I 2 N 1 3 17? ' ' Q 0 ' ' 'L ' X- i . V . J! X' Xa M Q N I And because Southernis men and ,women believe in these thing , we believe in Southern. ,ns 'N- Qi ,Q . ' ' .r'L'NK1 . , x " I",i"" I tl by , Q L. - Q fq- ,,"" .,. lx I 'ow I -I , ' . df? Q, ,figs ., ,gf A I Lia. ' ' iff'-J' 1 f- ' f ' ag 'fL'zf,?43'fa7 F X. . D ry' ' M' 1 1 f fl X X 3 sf kfd ri diff' Ng WE BELIEVE IN SIIUTIIERN Til Q A jg: 'B Q., 'fi 3' -rag THEGMVEBNUB ,ff rv W qty. I l , ...Vg . THE HONORABLE J. P. COLEMAN BDABD 0 l"l. Chairman Rolling Fark VERNER S. HOLMES J. N. LIPSCOMB S. R. EVANS TALLY RIDDELL CHARLES FAIR THOMAS J. TUBB , McComb Macon Greenwood Quifman Louisville Wes? Poinl F TRUSTEES R. B. SMITH, JR. MRS. J. R. TAYLOR R. D, MORROW DAVID COTTRELL, JR. R. D. M-:LENDON D. B. BRIDGFORTH E. R. JOBE Ripley Jaclcson Brandon Gulfporf Senafobia Nesbiil' Execulive Secrelary DR. WILLIAM D. McCAIN WV is YK .4-af' 'Ye fig! DR. PORTER L. FORTUNE, JR. Dean of 'lhe Basic College RAYMOND H. CLEGG Dean of Men ' ' 'km .R 'H 1 4 .56 X. J' ff f1,,- 5 ' 2' lk l :eff r ! 7:-.xxscu-.La g! .31 DR. W. H. SUMRALL Dean of Graclua+e School of Educafion i if iff!! ' A X b :N . - ' V' Ph, .- - DR. HENRY B. EASTERLING Assislani Dean of +l1e College if 4 4 4 4 . w J 1 N W. f DR. R. A. MCLEMORE Dean of +l1e College 1 ' nf YQ. 'M' f -'aL Mm ,. ruff , ll . Ml ' 5 Q 41 I 1 i K- , 1 .. -1 , 1 -5 Ax" A .,,.,..-"" X. ,Jil R lk -fkifgg. -og MRS. IVAH O. WILBER Assisfanf Dean of Women +- YW.. , 5 uit! Z. ff 4 DR. JAMES R. SWITZER Dean of Sluclenl' Welfare MRS. LENA Y. GOUGH Dean of Women .qgflwkx I ' x V. fr i ' . if il 5 s V- f .M 1 9 :X .X 2 2 1 ... 1 . , , 2 ,el f up ' 1 V 't ' l 3 i 5 .Q 2 3 ,. 2, R WS' e Wy.. ,-Vw," ai:..n', ff . , , dj' ' 'W' - .Q ,' ,,' ' - .1 . 1 - . fr!! . f - ,.-' . , u'vrlxs". -'V i-:N 'A .V JUN' JL" 3' 5? ' ."f J' .,, , . . -h , f ,. , I . . , N -. , -, . w I laugh-L -Q.: 5 ,L .'. N, -- K . -,". -.gqj YW- .1."' , , .,-Q f -' ,D , .3 .WJ , ,, , .-.. I -. V gi-A -..g , v-if ,."-e. 3-jl,..'.1 , - - .- 2 .3 f' - " -- ' .,' 'ff- -'-4-'.1- bfi- C-r -'1.-"- -sr .1 '?.- '. 'w-','?..f'7- 'l 'T' -E"-' v :l'--'gfblf 'w', .L .gi-ikb"ig.,.',f..'.'-' V I fn Q -' P .-5-.f.-:f g.":,g1-'L 1 ,,-.,-., .- i YA-,,-ywv--5, s1...' 'I "1--'x "1 . ,,-- If' ' 'Q' w" !" lar- -'m,f'za " ' - M. - '. 'ri ' -r 1 ' Vu 1""'W x:.f".: xlib-.L .' x -"' ""f.3- " " V . '. Q ,ix'.'T3"3 if "ff:-, Fifi? ' :-f' 'fl ls.. 1 ff: 'K . A , , . N. f +V- V f , - . ff.-5 4 ,,' Q31 if A' ,Lz"51.., Wrgv--. . 19'-.Q - Nat- any.-H ..--al'-,.-::?S.+" ....nC.-....,.f.S.....l.....a..f9".n...!Q ... fe :X,H. 444g ...' .. 4 '3 2 X ROGER B. JOHNSON Administrative Assisianf . X. lla- ' K, .ik ,y Q? R 5 Q-My Lx 2, . X r-'K I F -FK A3 RJ? U 2 W f fi' ,A ,A :V f-91.3 'f I T 5 4 vs .,f x 4 Q i xx, It I rg- i- .f MISS DOROTHY LENOIR MRS. PAULINE STOUT ROBERT H. CLEVELAND Direcfor of Placement Bureau Direcfor of Housing Direcfor of Public Relafions DR. o. N. DARBY ,gf Regisfrar ' Q a iv. DR. JAMes R. JOHNSON, sR. l Director of Counselor Training 4 f' , 5 s , I 'z lf? i ,,, 'A 0 REED GREEN 'N if G M Ni' 'ff Direclor of Alhlelics bv QfmU.q,,,Hf4- i A , M-2: xii i f ff A , -"f' CHARLES o. SMALLING Financial Secrefa ry - x i 1' f A L Z 'x fi I. ALBERT J. JAEGER POWELL G. OGLETREE ROY W. HAINES Assislanf Financial Secrefary Alumni Sacrefary Asslslan? Diredor of Public Relafions I 'fi 'S .5 r E: IQ K , 3 F vo-'ab lv i 545 ' 94, l MURRAY W KENNA Dlrocfor of Admissions MISS ANNA M. ROBERTS Librarian X DR. J. FRED WALKER Biological Sciences H . ,,ff , M aff., 2 ik ,. 9-A --.4 'cr-R. Q. I-lag'--N N- 5 ,V x M. V . r 4-1 If 3,3 ilg 1 .. 51 Xxk I --I .UI X DR. ROY G. BIGELOW FRANK E. MARSH, JR. DR. J. LLOYD MILAM Educaiion and Psychology Fine Arfs ' tif Q' LT. COL. TOM E. COLE, U. S. A. Military Science and Taclics DR. C. E. LANE Physical Sciences Healfh and Physical Educalion Yi?-'-,l J in DR BERTHA M FRITZSCHE DR ZED H BURNS DR T DAN YOUNG Home Economics lndusfrual Arfs Language and Literature I '. .1 'we-su-A 5 . ,es I . r .Cv fri: -Ky? Q , f' ,efji-1l9'L4-' 'Y A 4' N CvIyv"yn"jt3 Ns, I' , , . L, F ' .o4"w IF -a X 1-1 X "' Lgil I - '-,fan I f .I r . g F fir' ' ' H. G. ANDERSON J. G. AUSTIN ROBERT BARNES X A H .. 5 Commerce Psychology English . 6.9 A - Jiffy'-1 . ff ? J . A . 1 , ', . V' .N J mg, I 5 I ,451 ' 5"' is ,645 "H T' X . f 'ft' , . 2 I ' cy Z M' I W, KVM My ,I .. . A -if 1, DOROTHY COLEMAN HARVEY M, CRAFT ELLEN DAVIS Q? ' Q3 V vt A Commerce English English 5 i-Zilrd v I A s 'ijla M .. FRANK W. BUCKLEY DAVID E. BURKE PEARL CAMPBELL Journalism English Home Economics CZ -I an Y , I 1 V - ,lt 4' ALTRA H. GILL A Qi Home Economics ' flu' N . "-f:-:f ' Q gir , r,rr . - . A F. Q, -,f p-4' ', ' - " x ' 1 f ,M 3 ., 1, All Ni 5 I ' VP Q g BEN L. FORBES BONNIE L. CLINTON JOHN E. GONZALES X - A I ACCOUHTIHQ Educalion Hislory I Y Z2 V H. C. EDGEWORTH KATHERINE EIDE SPURGEON EURE an ' Commerce Music Biology Fo . J x , I-K ., I I Ev I . K . W i qw! I I -1 I I f A fs , h y-ffm"-2 -.- 'wh' i W ....5i:fZ" - A I 4' .5 , 5 , ' in I' L. A . ' 5 A ' . 13 16' -fa" . ,RK " I A A ,vw :flig 1 , . .f V I .1 I "' I 'L ' f' ' h -A 'P I Q 1--44 , . ' .' X "' I . I gxfzifx 'Lit -, ' .- 3 : ' A 'Q '+'5'f"'i '1 X ' Qx., I I rfi53lhhQv'1?'A2i A A FERN R. HESSON EDITH HINTON DR. RALPH HITT M. ROY HOOD BESSIE C. HOPKINS GEORGE HURST Home Economics George Hurst School English Bacleriology English Chemlslry I gl I Y I 1-if 'Q I ff. c, l v I A f . rg, me if I HAZEL M. BLACK Elementary Education I DR., J. T. DAVIS History I , "iw X .ixi , l if 3 . I "i?..g."-5 IWW mf' R. E. FAIRBANK George Hurst School X X R ,f5gy' f N X,-pax' by X 1, ' ff, Q ' HERMAN BOROUGHS Education ELOISE C. DENT Education 167+ gg K, ' ,-1 I :A 2 .15 wjjvwj "1 VIRGINIA FELDER Mathematics aut, , 'A'- If, .1 " I r 5' , 4 nr ,x N N-,-fm' 1 SPURGEON BRADLEY Mathematics MARTHA ANN DUKE Librarian -tg 4 an ' Q... JOAN H. CARTER English W W 0-CHM" 4 W- M L 1 if I A . I: .., , .--V M J. A. GREENE ' ' Commerce 'i'A1 ,.'1 'J ,... , 5 MADELINE FLYNT ff' Library V 5 L i 4 L N 'Fe - H. O. JACKSON MARJORIE JACKSON NETTA M. JENKINS Commerce Music Language JAMES R. JOHNSON Latin American Institute ' sv uv ,pm b ,2 -W Q K- ...Jail J ,Q ..., 2 3 I DONALD CHASE Sociology DR. CARL DURKEE Psychology DEANE P. GRI FFIS Education A-"""" linfx'-Q. if BRYCE D. JORDAN Commerce , I ' 4 Ii, an di' vs I I R ELSIE B. CHICHESTER Home Economics pg mikfr Q 1 . 2 X W. B. HARLAN Commerce VN. Q "Ng f""' f': l fi x .fm KN AQ ARTHELL KELLEY Geography .X . Q ' 'Tux M- K ,dh QQ, 'I 'A . fo- vf' sum' ' ' ...,,.. N-' ' -fiqxq, ' I , , 4, Q' "4 - DR. S. L. KNIGHT BETTY KUHLMAN DR. N. L. LANDSKOV A 'rg it 'Z' , Audio-Visual Educafion Music Educafion - wr, V 'gli' 5' ,N - ff? , . . N une, .Nbr 4 gn X YW CJ, I 5 4 nv. -WI 4' 4 ' I ROBERT McCROSKY DR. CARL McQUAGGE WARREN B. NATION 0 ' , Speech Educafional Adminisfrafion Commerce JACK L. LYALL MARY JO MAGEE DR. LEO R. MILLER Music Librarian Educafion gag"-7"""'W'4 5, A A ax f - .S . iv rx, W I . G, A Q , J E" If ,x ' .M ' """9 X K 'IW A A, - X - ..- ' . 'X I- ,f 4 , ,hr Ik DR. RAY s. MUSGRAVE 5 I I AV Psychology , QW A 54!f':g, R-fp ?' .M i n . x. -'way ,-.,,, , A '. . ..'. , " W A ,M 5 mf for .1 56- hy N' - ,E . . MARTIN STEGENGA MAJ. R. G. STEVENS DR. J. H. STOCKER if Commerce Military Science Chemisiry S2 ' A ii Q Y' J, -E., Q-- MINNIE PATTON DR. ROBER PHELPS FRANCES RECK V. ,...,., "'k Home Economics Music Commerce 5 E 21 ,t ' f A-12 ,.. ' - ' 5 3, "4" ' A """""N .N ,Y Q 5' ,Aff 1 . p , bf . I ,V ,f I . T I SH 1 x , rw' - A4 -SV' N M jim. , V I V N A 5 ,,,, - ' " 45 '98 w ' tv- M M A ' N ia: 1, 'K' ,kv I In 9 V Es .A -,575-v A Q9 I 1 .G . Q "K wi 5, I I X . .....- . P-A - dv 45. if 1. X 2 , , f -' A- - ' 'J-E -. .1 L. 'Wm - ., L 3 ' -I I ORVILLE THOMAS AMELIA THOMPSON ROBERT TRESER BARRY D. VALENTINE CHARLES o. vANDERvooRT BENJAMIN o. VAN HOOK Industrial Aria Home Economics Speech Biology Ma,-kefing Maihemaficg 1 V gin., rug 'H' QQ' FN J! r' A 1 ,,,,4 . 1- D. C. LEECH VERNEN LILES DR. R. G. LOWERY " yg V 'E Educalion Journalism English +L , 'Y' 2 G i :G ln r -ef-'N A, ci 'GK' , ' an . ' N J' s.' f . """"' X r-4-.- DR. JOHN F. NAU ELLEN OLSON DR. LINWOOD E. ORANGE - Z 1, Religion and Philosophy George Hurst School English ' . A R A i ' ,i P i N DR. PAUL C. MORGAN DR. CHARLES MOORMAN JACK D. MUNN 'P "3 R Direclor of Correspondence English Mathematics A , Q 4 P .b gi., , fr" N' L ' , lzz ' .,,.. YY .5 na. R. s. owmcss ' ' " Educalion Adminislralion 'V ' ,- .gllfy , , . .av 3, g X 1 ' L f f' ' A A ' L, DR. w. w. sTouT RUTH J. STRAIN ERNESTINE THOMAE Y " English Educalion English SAMUEL W. ROSSO MAUDE A. SMITH DR. RALPH C. STAIGER k Biology Librarian Reading Clinic , , i .gf A- V- , ,x is ' , R,,, ss K1 dh. l u: 2 E 7 s J., 8 ,. i R E 2' ., me M i f fi 1+ 5 R :I Qu ' 0-I I .--Nl" A , M V , W t . I' C in L S . tg if-R A 4' 4 wwf 8,5 E., PY 'R Q F .ink . ELIZABETH VARDAMAN F. A. VARRELMAN DR. PHILIP WALKER DR. ANGELINE WATKINS ALLIE WEBB ANNETTE WILDER Librarian Biology Hislory Heallh English Library i 29 W' S I E7 Cldufllwy -i TUDENT GIIVEIINIVIEN 'fs ' E I 4 f I I .I x 5 A9 Cf? STUDEN 4, NXSM ,E Nf s. Dreyfus, DuKafe, Eskridge, Taylor, Rudder, Mannoni, Carllon, Breland EXECUTIVE COUNCIL FRANK CARLTON Presidenl RUPERT BRELAND Flrs+ Vice-Presidenl MARJORIE DU KATE Second Vice-Presidenl PEGGY TAYLOR Secrelary RONALD MANNONI Treasurer WILLIE DORA ESKRIDGE TERRY ANN DREYFUS LUANN RUDDER Social Chairman Social Chairman Reporler "mi I T SENATE FIRST ROW: Warren Beard, Georqe Hayden, Kay Honeycurl, Barbara Easom, Mona Wafkins, Lawrence Meeks, Donald Nick. SECOND ROW: Kennefh McCarIy, John Eubanks, Roy Tale, Carolyn Alleberry, Bobbye Cozarl, Sandra Risher, Sam Henderson, James Dean. THIRD ROW: Ray Slokes, Knox Broom, AI Ellis, Jackie McCullough, Harry Horn, Truman Pilfman. I z "s ? Z moi, 1 Q I! I! Q' lj I! sf' WOMEN,S AFFAIRS BOABD Firsf Row: Susan New+on, Joy Koonce, Mariorie DuKa+e, Joyce Smilh, Peggy Taylor. Second Row: lris Michael, Frances Formby, Monfe Beall, Mrs. Gough, Frances Head and Carolyn McGregor. MEN'S AFFAIRS BUABD Firsf Row: Mr. Clegg, James Dean, Ruperi Breland, Roger Miller, John Bradley. Second Row: Thomas Sfevens, Harry Horn, Bob Hargis. Roberi' Wilson and Roberi' Garner. STUDENT CUUBT Jordy, Maifinson. Long, Wilber, Clegg and Sfono. OFFICERS KELLUM LONG BRUCE JORDY ANN MATTINSON THERESA CLEGC-3 JACK STONE DR. LEON A. WILBER Chief Juslice Associale Associale Associafe Associale Facully Advisor 'aw CHARLES MARTIN Edifor-in-Chief STUDENT Firsl published in I928 under 'rhe presenl name, +he Sfudeni' Prin+z covers +he "how, who, why. when and where" ol all campus news evenis and nolices of ihe college. H appears every Friday. excepl holidays during +he regular school year. Published by an all-siudenl slall. headed by Execulive Ediior, Charles Marlin, 'rhe Prinfz has received Jrhe Associafed Collegiaie Press "All American" award and lhe Columbia Scholaslic Press Associaiion "Medalis+" award for six con- seculive years. This is a record for scholaslic iournalism in ihis seclion of lhe coun+ry. Thursday affernoon ai' fha prinfers. , 1'ltK KM :J ., xg XQY. N 'M -v ' THE STAFF CHARLES MARTIN Execufive Edifor MAC HAAS Business Manager RENE GONZALEZ AssociaIe Edifor BILLY RAY QUAVE Associafe Edifor JACQUELINE MCCULLOUGH Fearure Edi+or DONALD DANA JO ANN HARPER MIKE MURPHY CHARLES DAWKINS ROBERT BRESSLER PAT LEWIS ' SUSAN NEWTON BOB DENSON GERALD KISH SANDRA COVINGTON SHIRLEY THORNHILL TERRY SPEIGHTS REBECCA COOK JANE BOSWORTH NORMAN HOLBROOK MARY MCGRATH DAVID MERIWETHER BOBBIE MARTIN MARIANNA SIMMONS AUDREY DENSON BILLY FOX JAMES McINNIS MARCIA EMBT CARYL MORSCHAUSER MARY LOU SWANEY BUBBA LILLEY GROVER GALLUP ARNOLD DE WEASE JIM HOPKINS KENNETH SMITH SID DAVISON MELDA FORD JACK MEYER CHARLES MUNN News Edifor Chairman of Edi+oriaI Board Sporfs Edifor Assisranf Sporrs Edifor Copy Edifor Sociery Edi+or Sociefy Edifor Picrure Edifor Desk Edifor Reporfer Reporfer Reporrer Reporrer Reporrer Reporfer Reporrer Reporfer Reporfer Reporfer Reporfer Reporfer Reporfer Reporfer Reporrer Repor+er Reporfer Reporfer Reporfer Reporfer Reporfer Reporfer Repor+er Reporfer Reporfer I' of In ig ,rg sf .s Z + 4 1' I gg We 3 if L Q 2 ,. 'M ' f 'bv Editor, Marfin, discusses plans wifh his sfaff MAC HAAS Business Manager Xl- I ff' 5 'f fm' 1 --we .- - Nfx, 21 V -, Lf: Z' Bx -s.,s,f,: ,R ws Mis Q s r zfiiffir -NGN I5 h5xE5?5sZfs'. f 'Ki 9".'s. 3 ' ,irfikbi 'Q L kgs' 1" ,-sf :MN , f'S.21'gs- .LAX-.Q 'fx R WN Ly! f V' -, 1 ' xig iixisrf QS QS 1 my - --WN, .W Ls. '. JA L ' T. il: 'Y f'3kf",Qf, X ,mg-e 1 'fqsyf' . L W Xb Q f . M'fQ f3iQ:5 jf' K X , ggi, 5543- Riff? fysv in I V5 f 'QMS 1 vsgfgsj Q ' 2' NA azz' ,4 335 .4 .yy s 4 fx 554' 9 X Q ,Xa ez-hx X Q s L :I eq 5 G 5- Q ff s x 4189 R WAHI Bs ,R .M ws rxgsai 'I Y, as M J M f . swf-N? Q 4262531 If 2 ,- amgf--,J , 'ff ' s Iffixv. , ff A Rauf? ' QW f af --ff 2 mm Q' Vf ww Sw If ss- aww, ug me ,ss-,xfffs-, '- Q L sq. ,gs.,N, sm.. WML, , ,. P , , x Q M? 2 I is Sak ,K?Yf'-i,f,-Sri! ff, vm , Qs M 5,55 I fb f, A, . 4, I . .- 1 A 1 ' , ff' 151 If X A as X 35 f' ff ,sn L H l l 'ili T JOHN BEVON Edifor nisxlxf' -.,.-1-1-1 ..l.L - Many hours of planning and work have been pul inlo The preparalion of your I957 SOUTHERNER. I+ is only 'rhrough lhe inspiralion and perspiralion of lhe enlire slalri, and Jrhe cooperarion of Jrhe lacully, adminisrralion and sludenl body Jrhar lhis boolc has been made possible. We have alfemplred To presenl you wi'rh an accuralre picforial record of +he be- liefs and acfivilies of our college. We beg your underslrand- ing for ils shorlcomings. and earneslly desire Jrhaf our ef forfs will rneel wilh your safisfacfion. To 'rhe mass of people who have assisled in 'rhe realiza lion of 'rhis volume, your edilor is deeply indebled. if' W Al John Eubanlrs, John Bevon, Barbara Bafchelor, and Donnie Seuzeneau puffing fha finishing fouches ' on fha SOUTHERNER. Sieve Mifchell plans fhe Athlefic layouis JOHN BEVON JOHN EUBANKS SARA SPOTTSWOOD BARBARA FRANKLIN CLINT DAVIS HELON HOWELL I BARBARA BATCHELOR DONNIE SEUZENEAU EMERSON HARRIS STEVE MITCHELL MARSHALL RAHAIM NANCY SHERRARD MARCIA EMBT MISS VERNEN LILES STAFF 4 Edifor Business Manager Assislanf Edilor Class Edilor Organizafion Edilor Liferary Edilor Sororify Edifor Sororily Sfaff Fralerniry Edifor Sporls Ediror Sporfs Sfafl Fealure Edifor Layouf Eclifor Advisor ai 3 III" V' bf.: -X -----e--sung ,QL ... N.. A Sq, 1 G I ,,,Mf".-f'5:'9Q 4 Helon Howell and Barbara Franlrlin working on the Class Secfion. JOHN L. Business Sara Spoifswoocl planning layoufs. 37 EUBANKS Manager I, I I 'I The SouThern Players is an all campus organizaTion of sTudenTs inTeresTed in any Tield oT drama worlc. Under The direcTion oT Dr. GilperT l-larTwig and Mr. RoberT Treser, sTudenTs produce Tour major produc- Tions each year and a series of original one-acT plays during The "ExperimenTal TheaTre" season. STu- denTs are given an opporTuniTy To acguainT Them- selves wiTh all phases oT drama work such as direcT- ing, acTing cosTume and seT design, make-up, and Technical direcTing. A varieTy oT Types makes up The program oT SouThern Player producTions, giving The sTudenTs an insighT inTo all periods of The de- velopmenT oT The drama. Under The capable direc- Tion oT Dr. l-larTwig and Mr. lreser, The producTions OT The SouThern Players have acquired an air oT proTessionalism. is - 1 , . I lv? xr' g 'RX y ,ff fg se' 'fl ,- 'Q Q 'nl is-fl?".,, A -igfias-9' 1 ' J., Baflalion Ballalion Baffalion Baflalion Baifalion Mississippi Soulhern College was au- Ihorized by Ihe Deparlmenl of Ihe Army Io acIivaIe on April 3, I95O, a volunleer unil of Ihe senior division Reserve Officers Training Corps. Training ohfered was 'Io be a General Mililary Science course. The unil was organized June I4, I95O. The general obieclive of The course of inslruc- Iion is Io produce iunior ollficers who by Iheir educalion, Iraining, and inherenl qualifies are suilable Tor conlinued devel- opmenl as olilicers in The Uniled Slales Army. Bevon, Sfevens, BriH, McDonald, Alfonso. CADRE TOM E. COLE, L+. Col., Arly. PMSSIT ROBERT G, STEVENS, Mai., Inf. Assf. PMS8fT CADET BATTALION STAFF ALBERT F. WILSON, Mai., Arry. Assf. PMS8fT Commander LT. COL. JOHN BRITT HAROLD J. DOUGLAS, SFC, OrdC. Sql. Maior Execufive MAJ. THOMAS STEVENS JOE E. MCFEE, MSgI., Inf. Assf, lnsirucfor SVI CAPT. ANTHONY ALFONSO JAMES F. BURDETT, SFC, Inf. ASSI. lnsfruclor S-2 CAPT. WILLIAM MCDONALD DWIGHT L. GRUBBS, MSq+., Engr. Supply Sql. CAPT. JOHN BEVON GRACE G. MAGEE Clerlc-Slenographer Sfudenfs demonsfraie proper weapon procedures. Cadefs Jeffries and McGill rehearse lesson plan. ' E 1 ' X, is KW Na , . Goldfbrrcj.. M ine E .-'if .' 0 ' fq' ,xv ' mlsazusavi--M . .. 3 Q ' . l .E n',,' - U T ' . .' iq Q'- .-J 7 1 :AT mhz. Q- f 1-- rlough arm Bvo 1 I' , s II Ji ia, A If 1 5 1 x 1, :- Fronf Row: Burdelf, Grubbs, Douglas, McFee Second Row: Wilson, Cole, Stevens :JY ,,m,,,,,...4sv"' n Z P' . -4 9 Cadef Capf. Alfonso demonslrafes operafion of mock-up of M-I Rifle. Presenfafion of fhe Colors. The R.O.T.C. Band The Mississippi Milifary Dislricf inspecfion feam conducfed an informal inspecfion. me 'Y ' .W xt! lil we r 2: e , X T. . X . "' Q X . S I' The sTudenT-operaTed campus radio sTaTion, WMSU, broadcasTs an average oT I34 programs per weelc. The hours oT operaTion are from seven To nine in The morning and Trom 5:45 To l2:OO midnighT six days a week. The sTaTT produces many Types oT programs-dra- maTic scripTs, news, women's programs, music, dis- cussion, inTerviews, special evenTs, and remole broadcasTs of baseball, baslceTball and TooTball. WMSU began operaTions on May l9, I953. The sTaTion became aTTiliaTed wiTh The lnTercollegiaTe BroadcasTing SysTem in August I953 and was granT- ed Tull membership on April I5, I954. WMSU is managed by Lynn Pardue and is under The direcTion of lvlr. Thomas Maclin, YY -L.:-s - ..4n1 . 'H 1 i i 1 I l i l 4 T l E I i 4 1 l I l I A A ! 4 I 4 l l - i we:,,,g-,pq k 5 FACULTY STRING QUABTET , , 'l ' 4 ,, 9' DR. RAYMOND MANNONI The MSC Band oT l957 has mainTained an ouTsTanding record oT service To The college and The sTaTe. Under The direcTion oT Dr. Ray- mond lvlannoni and Mr. RoberT l-layes, The band lenT color and aTmos- phere To aThleTic and comrnuniTy evenTs, and also promoTed and en- hanced The digniTy and repuTaTion oT The college. The band and iTs "IiT+Ie sisTer," The Dixie Darlings, under The direcTion oT Mrs. PaT l-loolc- er, have made a smash hiT across The SouTh. Their snappy TormaTions and unique programs were enjoyed and always vigorously applauded. Direcfor wfe::aiz:.4:..:,,1ffse,gg72.11:ft M9gg g,,Q-5Tfge25??9-iff-QQ9E5"37ffg'?ff"'?!Z'fi'i1ifT 9. E '4 4-2 fe , Rf "' lf"!f'7',fWLi'1L1f ,dl " 'ji-L f"'1 T""'1' 'i,i:T1'jffL1,3c'f' "" :im "N , V . W , U , 421 'YUefgvJ'1'1ef+ fwisfzci U .,,- 5- 'Y' -gp ,. .g . -, M 'fi.3', ., '- . W 'L' I. T ri ,TS A VT 5 2, Him? i fswi, 53 '7' ' -1 H TQ? fi ii I L3 s , T 1 ..,, log, Us ri , . ' .W s.,i,rs,g,,g3 sz -' .,s1,,,1 g.g.,,.,-s.1,,-1 L, s J ff?" 'U V' W' ,Y - - T Ti ,-2 ' vflli ir" T ' i1 1i,f:A "i L -wr ' 1 ' ii i X ' T? Q, , A f X .W , , T V i Q -. iAi-, , .X 'F., - Ji., . V . . - s 6 T i Y z 5' X' , , Y Q 7 is T C iv, .Q s , V r F ' T up Y Y Y 7 Q 'T' Y 'T v we , J 'fa pf , Y 7 - Q' f T 'r T - ,Q fs , ,ff T ' - X ,,- - - :Q . 7..'I--:- K 'i. mar- ,Ff , -ff ii ,,,. :M y Q- - .. j A . -we sf A- a- -if fa , ' T ' ' -1- i - - T as J 4, s 210 . 4' H-'NH In Y-W i uw . U xv JA . i -'11 Vigo 'Wt W W V W! Y fy - V gr . - . , i U 1 I-A A SF, ,A -W - -,-, - ' ,Wil '. ' 'X ,H . 'M' ..-s-:Af - -1---,.,,.....-- ,f-..1,.g :-,,,,,, f- so are 1 . -V -, - ,- L . , , , .. 1-W ,K . 1-f-'-- is---A 1 : X ' dv. ' . Aff 7' . , K , i ...di ' '-' 'ff I"1--Q-if - Tv- f.g' ,- --:.n.- iyfablf- W t uw- ov- f iii. f- -- YL X AA 3- - if w it ' ,, -- ' V f . ,.. 5 8' -,""""'1"":QT fa' ' " s"'1"' ' X M... mi,,,.W.s 1 A 1 . T- 1 i, 1,.,,.....,m, c...-f--1-., b--ffv.T1 'T' r . ' A ,, I 25 A-X A ,Mwfy .,-...-Mwv'- """' "'v,.,f-,--at '1"""'x""' ,rx gaf.-.fees -Q 5 V ,,,,, 1, ' 'dkk 'X -""Nr.' 'AL An-rf '-'J J-'-' 'Tj-,E W:-H-Qi' T ' Y " ' ' I' J T '1 ,,,,f-,.,,.1mwf""' ..,,,,....,nw---1 LLM,-1-""""K, 2.-.-.f--:ini--'-' "LL 4 ' , 1, y V V ..f-Lg - ,Q,"'f ' 'ff .,'- .,c.....f ' .Mm--m' X A .xKj'O't5': V fy' AAT ,. .fulf- I I- The band and Dixie Darlings. The Pride looks proud. The Dixie Darlings display new uniforms. f. , ff ' ' - nf 1 ' V ' - My . if ,lf , in j :pct . .,:.y,, "W ' ' X' M fre I Y ' ., H ,qv Az-'25 , Q X . Q-13351 b-5-W-gli-fiwb i,13a,kQl4m.? 'G K V i- g , --K: ,I .' . qyqx: . slay 'A 'yhiadkfvhglii 'zagsvf in , z. 4 9' H ' sl . I 4 Km 3',2f,',ih,'w? 'HI xx . . ,W 1 finqyg 1 .. ,yi ...I , R - -. - :glial 93, .5 , .,,a?,ii1l25s,ig'3,.,, .aqui -,R ', --::.Q ' ,QT lv If ,yu Q I... ,nf silt' Tag, 3, c..i.-- - f :, N gugfgtiywgh 395141 ,.,.':g, n 1' . . mu, me wg Q- ', ,tgp-J' iw :E,,1,7g'a. k , N fy-ff . "ze-egg sa ,A 401 iff'-g , T ' fi. '?'7'n- 'N V g. ef Hfe3?4-W F " " "1 ' ' ' ' ' , la if A' 4 I 1 -A y l g. f.Qu...-, .. 5 in 1 . -. .i'1k. , wi' . J," T rf- ' rr l' V Y? I ',"g A A -. Ai . Vx . pt g 21.1 -r -.,.,z bi 4 :Nm I N 'if' qsitg A T3 Th . , nl." ' li ' . Jw - T , iff- . 'gm i s A . Y M A, N . .. ,I 5 - . Y ' g A " if T" ' " f ' 'Til F 1 A ::.-:fir-'F' "2 ffrT"f 7' 'P - O if , Q f, , 5 MP9 + 'f:. 5. ' ci..-2. :gf TF " Q f T' - ."l'i' B ,-',, xg"k:"'N, .H-ii"-"'9.. ff? ' .ii '37 '9 .2 'J 'i""'7mM'T- " 1 ' .fmlxim N' ' 2: Q Nh, ev. 1 -l,gL'1s.':',. . NS 5. N .. . .N I . F93 , iitsftgvhi Q, ' le A , X' 3-.sus A s T T' T waxes I LQ", ' ' ff. Q .iw .45 i ' i , L-KST, 9 ' A .. ,.gL'ggQa H A 1 ' A I - y- K J-l U 'acxfg is ,gr :ILA 5 L-B ' N1 V g."'- ,t,2l-li' T " 'wf "iw, ,- " 1 vnu ' 4 . 4 v- f' ' 4..-.1 .. ' 'xi an ' . I ks x .- I A -bg," ' ..,a.M lx i ' 'Vi iiisu- gg, ' Q .1 :N Ml, 'w w ...A 9' , H v 'A A Y A i Q. Q. :.' sf., T T ,Ls T -1 A . The Dixie Da rlings I9 'V-I ROBERT HAYS Assisfanf Diredor WWE 1 'f - :'.-.2 'F 1-f:I'1"1"-.- f . 35"'4-On IUWIQ xx '- f F ,- V ,,,.. - N. if .. ' 3 x -- xxx., .,-A ,.,. if J Q A -L- , - .5 M' WW .xx. ,V ,,, ' ' , y , X. .L NS vp ,mf xy Q 5 wfxM ,, -f I -'r ' ' A ..f. M Q Q.,-,:,: K M , qZ?WI ,.-4.1-, vw- - .. ,,.. . .A - .3 ,, . rj: w Q A 2 -Q X4 ' i " 'X" 'Q Y --'- HK' - ' ' fa' ,A Q ww '- ', R- .Er " Awab? - K I at ML-wwf ax jx 'i ""' "' ' ff ma' ' YT' wmmiv, MRS. PAT HOOKER l pirecfor Dnue Darlinqs XR f X WH W 5 .Q nw 2, A I M 5 1, ,5 545' E -.5 S? 'N U , 5:93 ,. A V 6 351. 3:5 FEATURETTES f' Jacko' Macon and Beverly McKenzie if 2 . " AN? 9 X Q . Q25 45 i is . i - Q 4 .l' - -Fig 'i' .13 , If Af W,-l',1,, .- H. .M ' " ,Z '3: ' I 1- ' ,X If 5 rlflllllll Q57 PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT Z, as T 1 y zzz ff s s fli T 1 X ' if ' X X 0 in 2 Sir-i "V V Q " THOMAS ARNOLD LIGE W MATHIS ANN MATTWSON Vicksburg lnman S Gulfporl' THOMAS ARNOLD Vicksburg Presidenl Commerce Secrelary, Pledge Trainer, Kappa Sigma: Secrelary, Della Sigma Pi: Junior Class Presidenl: President, Inler-Fralernily Council: Yellow Jaclcels: Omicron Della Kappa: College Union Board: Senior Class Presidenl: Eleclions Commissioner: Who's Who Among Sludenfs in American Universilies and Colleges. LIGE W. MATHIS Inman, S. C. Vice-Presiclenl Personnel Managemenl Hisforian, Pi Kappa Alpha: Secrelary, Della Sigma Pi: Circle K Club: Vice-Presidenl, Senior Class: Velerans Club: Baplisf Sludenl' Union. ANN MATTINSON eulfpafi Secrelary-Treasurer Elemenlary Educalion Presidenl, Treasurer, Pledge Trainer, Chi Omega: Secre+ary-Treas- urer, Phi Della Rho: Alpha Lambda: Women's Affairs Board: Slu- denl Courl: Council, Wesley Poundalion: Associale Edilor, Hand- book: Chairman, Hickman Hall: Vice-Presidenl, Kappa Della Pi: Secrelary-Treasurer, Senior Class: Who's Who Among Sludenls in American Universilies and Colleges. - . 9'-gf! L I ty -5. Soufhern digs in again! V W' f.- , Firsi' Row: is JULIA TOY ACKLEN l-lailiesburg W ' gs-451 We J Home Economics-Educa+ion Delia Zela. K .wwf JAMES E. ADAMS Moorhead Music Educafion Qilj y A Band. Second Row: ,, . JERRY E. ADAMS Laurel Accounfing BETTIE J. ADDY Deca+ur Secreiarial Sfudies 1? S Bapfisf Siudeni U nion. 73. Third Row: EEZ M JIMMIE NELL AINSWQRTH Laurel A Elemeniary Educafion , , L V 4 s E Q.-hw, JACK A. AKINS Aimore, Ala. gig Physical Educaiion Baseball: M Club. Fo-urfh Row: .ar was M MELBA KAY ALDERMAN Sfringer A ' Healfh and Physical Educa+ion ' ,M ' A Physical Educa+ion Club. S-are-"':f" y LEWIS E. ALEXANDER Bay S+. Louis Business Adminisfrafion , Kappa Sigma: Del+a Sigma Pi. A 49 will .1511 ,ESS-f 1.751 f WWW M, ,W4,,,,,, ,,,,r,,,, L,,.L,,,,,a...-.,-,c - ..., -.,.. .,.,.-.m....e WA- -L Clllei- -7 my - U, M I 'FMS Q ' . 'K lg . x I 41 arf' 010 ,.,....alv9. ' -1 Q-.Q , A 9.41 , ff ' I . vv'- f ive c ' H 'I ' vu, A, qs.. -fi 5' .i ff I Q2 -...ff Frances and Lynda-in'l'erior decoraiors. ' Firsi' Row: ,Jax ANTHONY J. ALEONSO, JR. Guhfpori' AccounIing Grand Treasurer, Kappa Sigmag Gymnasfics Team: Newman Club. HAROLD KEITH ANDERSON Haiiiesburg Business Adminisrraiion Second Row: LUCILLE ANDERSON Inverness Elemeniary Educafion Treasurer, Furure, Teachers of America: Wesley Eoundaiiong Kappa Delia. MARY HELEN ANGELL Fayefre Elemenfary Educaiion Secrefary, Vice-President Kappa DeI+aq Fu'rure Teachers of America Third Row: 'Nd' ,ll L. CRAIG APKER Long Beach Radio Sigma Phi EpsiIong Rho Tau Sigma. oscmfa B. ARINDER collins Mi i t - gl Governmeni' ,i:"L '3 ' f ,uv -sg R! ! Fourih Row: 'xx-l, -' 'XX N',.-4 M MRS. JULIA D. ARLEDGE Shubuia A EIemenIary Educaiuon my gp' if 3, I GEORGE C. ASTON, JR. Meridian I I li x- A A . Speech B it f Firsl Row: MRS. AVYE S. AULTMAN Seminary Library Science JOHN B. AUST DeKalb Accouniing Della Sigma Pi: Veferans Club. ,,,, - 1' TW X on iii :,.,. v'r f " ii' . , . . V Q A NWA' Winn--. SE IOB VIRGINIA ANNE AVERY Purvis Organ Vesper Choir: Clworal Union: Wesley Eoundalion: Folk Singers: American Guild ol Organisl. LEWIS J. BAKER I-lalliesburg I-lislory U' aw ,X . ,.,, 'fi Z' Q Wi 4' 'lf i... V ,V ,.., . ., - -':' X I2 Q M ,..,,wpv'l""" QQ'-wr Second Row: JOI-IN D. BALTAR, JR. Biloxi Office Managemenl Kappa Sigma: Sluclenl Governmenl Commissioner CHARLES L. BANKSTON I-lalliesburg Accounling "WW g. MARY K. BANKSTON I-lalliesburg Home Economics I-lome Economics Club. DOUGLAS N. BARFIELD Grove l-lill, Ala. Physical Educalion Foofball: Baseball: M Club. SE lon T Firsi' Row: PASCAL W. BARRON l-louslon M rlcelin . I Basebjli M ilub' JAMES R. BEAIRD l-lalhesburg g ADAIR BATES Liberly HiS'fOfv l Malrhemarics Presidenf, Treasurer, Secrerary, Alpha Sigma Alpha: Presidenl, Vice- Presidenl, Kappa Mu Epsilon: Secrelary, S+uden+ Governmenf: Phi Kappa Tau Swee+hear+: Alpha Lambda: Phi Della Rho: Beauly, i954-55, ' I955-56, I956-57: Greek Goddess: l-lomecoming Oueen: Mississippi QUIT-man College Oueen: ROTC Drill Team Sponsor: Freshman Counselor: Wesr- B . Ed Jr. l minsler Council: Who's Who Among Sfudenf in American Universiries Usmess Uca lon and Colleges. Pi Omega Pi. l l l F ,Q fm ,qs 5 ? iv' 2 i Fw '-we g i""mr-"' 'K -Q! jf. f, ,. fl as . K... A . . y w- f 44 f y V4 45:1 lv, 1 Q Q, V 1 -. f ., i me ' .nt . , ,"' ' is . . ' 4 I 12. . l if I T 'L - -V eu... ' if Sk 1 .. if 9 5 r T W Q Q ..,' I 3 f' ' 'iv i A 5' , J' i -. - if - :fi T 1"""""hf T T X 1 r K NW Qi: . gf X 54 9,585 l Second Row: JOAN BEEBE Columbia FRANKLIN BELL Philadelphia Arlr Educaiion Kappa Delia: Kappa Pi. Bap+is+ S+uden+ Union. BILLIE MAC BELDING Heidelburg JOl-lN ANTON BERKE, JR. Dallas, Texas Physical Educaiion Economics Kappa Sigma. Foofball: Alpha Tau Omega. 52 Q ...Q P65 QNX as 11.4 uw , I 0. 1 . Q s 'fi' in ' .- . aww, M- ' 'lr ' Q N. . ' 13, 'f- swab. 59 Q 439 Y L -V .M 41, . if : rs., Q fi i V W , 4: was T V Q., . N Q? 4 ii 'wb '-sqm:-v"F"' Pg. ri W f'---fr 'Q-f-axllw Dormifory blaze leaves dollies in a clilly. Firsi Row: MlLTON J. BERNOS New Orleans, La. Geology Alpha Tau Omega. JO!-IN E. BEVON Hattiesburg Speech President Omicron Delia Kappag Grand Scribe, Grand Masier of Ceremonies Kappa Sigma: President Vice-President Pi Kappa Delia: President Siudenl Chrisiian Federafiony Edi+or, l957 SOUTHERNER: Alpha Psi Omega: Rho Tau Sigma: Pi Tau Chip Newman Club: l-lonor Debale Team: Dis+inguished Miliiary S'+udent Kappa Sigma Junior Scholarship-Leadership Award, l9557 l-lamillon W. Baker Scholarship- Leadership Award, l956g Who's Who Among Siudenls in American Universiiies and Colleges. Second Row: BILLY WAYNE BLACK Prichard, Ala. Business Adminislraiion MYRNA L. BLACKWELL Taylorsville I-lisfory Third Row: ROBERT E. BLAISE Brookhaven Hislory President Circle K Club. BOBBY G. BOATNER Long Beach Business Adminislralion Phi Kappa Tau. Four+h Row: LAURA ANN BOGGAN Meadville Biology Della Zeia: Bela Bela Bela: Baplisl Sludenf Union. MARY BOGGS Halliesburg Music Educaiion Sigma Sigma Sigma: Band: Symphony Orchesfra. i , WH .fi 4 f , 4 1 x 1 l in SBIIOFQMEN W . Q'-Q-9. 1 fi , f ' . f -. - f fl 43 Q V vi '? Q MC ,ff ff- if , X Placemen+ Bureau Aids Sou+hern's Graduafes W 2 fr, I, ,tow i l Firsi Row: 'V A 71' ' WALLACE E. BOND Biloxi Pre-Medical ny , - WANDA LYNN BOND Perlcinslon English 1.4333 alfa? . xgfffii-4 " X Second Row: ,.'iQ's?fg ' ' V RAYMOND l-l. BONONES Calawissa, Pa. fb Business Adminislralion . l SAM L. BQURNE Columbia 1 Business Adminislralion K X' V Kappa Siqma. 'wx ,Q wx I 'uv 3, 4.-4? 'H-gl, , Third Row: AJ Tl-lEA M. BOUTWELL Purvis Business Educalion Pi Omega Pi. ' JO MARGARET BOYD Louin Elemenlary Educalion l Fulure Teachers of America. f Fourfh Row: ai fm- LYMAN P. BRADFORD Biloxi ff x ' 7 Business Adminislralion N Alpha Tau Omeqag Vice-Presidenl, Della Sigma Pi. SYLVIA JEAN BRADLEY Millry, Ala. Home Economics Home Economics Club: Snrrelary, Phi Mug Wesley Foundaliong Cheerleader. all fi V' - II' A P 3 Firsi Row: SE I0ll CAROL JOAN BRAUNER New Orleans. La. BENNY B, BRE!-AND Lugedale Secrefarial Sfudies Phi Mu: Slaff. I956 SOUTHERNER. Business Aclminislralion JAMES H. BREWER Hallrieslourg CHARLES R. BREELAND Tylerlown Music Educafion Pre-Medicine ,. gi, .- 7 za ' Q3 A K ' an nN,,,u,,,,... KW km S wfa 9: X N -lei 5 t.v,, I ,,a--In-. gkx X! 4 .X A Iv ,lg gy., , was 1 . Second Row: MRS. W. H. BRISTER Jayess Elemenfary Eclucafion JOHN M. BRITT Haifiesburg Arf Presicleni, Baplisl' Sfuclenl' Union: Yellowiaclcefs: Sludenf Senafei Vice-Presidenl, Freshman Class: Kiwanis Junior ROTC Award: Kappa Pi: General Na+: Vesper Choir: Disfinguished Milifary Sfudenf. fx f - m,:.1ef',.,. ' -gegg, 111.12 ,-J. Q-.+,.:::-.J Xffx W A I Pi Kappa Alpha: Band: Gold Nofes. X t " ..,. X ,.: A V, 9' 9 1,. 5 Q dwg " H , i z 4- My : V NNW'-vw QQ Q . 7 i -, ,xx 4, 'WV N . aaaa :s J xi Q. vi.-z, ,,.. , 5:15, ,,... I -:. E JOHNIE L. BRITTAIN Harperville Personnel Manaqemenf NORMA FAYE BROGAN Laurel Home Economics Educalion Alpha Sigma Alpha: Home Economics Club. SENIIIBS Firsi Row: ALBERT ALLEN BROOKS Columbia BILLY JEAN BROOME Hazlehursl' lnduslrial Arfs Educalion Eulure Teachers of America. ANNA LENE BROOKS Luceclale Elememlary Educafion J. JEROME BROOME Lucedale Fulure Teachers of America: Wesley Foundallon. Geology 1 ,KNQ-Aw, ---.agus A I 'ff 4 4 Z Q l l l I .4 . a-,Q Z Second Row: JOl-lN LAMAR BROWN Psychology Vice-Presidenl, Wesley Foundaliong Clrcle K Club: Psyc Schola Club. CLARENCE L. BROWNING Business Adminislralion pm fc' Y lk .-.-.Ai Q,-nag, fs:-1 ' - -J-X 'ww 1-r' X -s?,f' ... V W" , ,,,. I 1 l Millry, Ala. EARL J. BROWNLEE, JR. New Orleans. La Speech holoqy Club: Rho Tau Sigma: Sfalf: WMSU. Lomsvglle DERMAN BRUMFIELD Franlcllnlon, La Physical Educafion l 56 'fi 19'-1 1-,vax W X I ,f Q x. , Wx 16 ' ii' i -, 1 ' ' ' f?!'f'4fE 5 ff-fr-was l i Xi 1 "' MW' , I fi i Q AQ aw-ww-'sw 'Ruff' ffl' s 4, zwjg.. g g vf H , I Wm W of M1 1 Y V y ., W' S X 2? Q lg " Ngxsyj if 4 1+ Q , 'X 5 3 ,,., . my C Wm 'H 2 Bevon pushed her. Firsi' Row: FRANCES L. BRYANT Haiiieslourg Elemeniary Educaiion Fuiureuyachers of America. JOE MARION BUCHANAN lnolianola Sociology ' Second Row: JOHN BUCHHOLTZ, JR. Vicksburg l"lisl'ory MARTHA ANN BULLARD Lucedale Biology Bela Bela Bela: American Chemical Socieiyy Alpha Epsilon Delfag Bapiisl Sludenl Unioni Symphony Orchesira. Thircl Row: CRAWFORD BULLOCK Tylerlown Accoun+inq GERALD H. BULLOCK Long Beach Hislory Fourfh Row: DOMINIC BUMBACA Chicago, lll. Hisiory Rresideni, Firsl Vice-Presiclenl, Sludeni Government Omicron Della Kappa: Phi Gamma Mu. ZELLA REE BUNCH WayneSbOrO Home Economics Educalion Home Economics Club: Bap'ris+ Sfudenf Union: Fuiure Teachers of America. llllllllllli alllllllllll lllllixrgasg igiuasiiiniieiil llllllllllllf'lllilllllllllll Y lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll PW Illlllllllllllll iilllllllllllllllll p ABQRHMEHB ggqgw aigi mau f uses asf or new-Eieafwa no 'I wi M fv- T 1., '7Tl' .- rr 33g1f,,sQ,,,,.g1' w.g ..1, , ,,., 15 If 1 5' , W 'A .- Jiga xws N I- P , A A f ' Paihway 'l'o Progress. I I ' fl A, Qeef fi lg! r 1 My .- ,.,. f E as "-If Firs+ Row: R ,w,,,N V- 9 BOBBY JOE BURGE Poplarvllle B ,, is Personnel Managemenl T' "I il? 0 T I' 'S+ I al- T 4 M .T MARY LOIS BURKETT l-lalhesburg Library Science Second Row: ALBERT GEORGE BURNS Bay S+. Louis M a rkefi n Q A 'A . Baseball. Sl ROBERT W. BURRUS lvlerugold pg-:QL ag va Business Adminislralion Phi Kappa Tau: Della Sigma Pi. A Third Row: Q X AL E. BURT FayeHe -- Geology A la l-IUBERT P. BYRD, JR. Lumloerlon Business Adminislralion Fourfh Row: ,fx 41 I K MILDRED ESTELLE BYRD Ellisvllle 1 Business Educalion 0. Q ' -I-T Pi Omega Pi: Fufure Teachers of America. . f-f 1, TB"" T 1 7Q 'U RADIE PAYE CALLENDER Brookhaven xx i wg A xi X Home Economics Eclucalion X t X X Q-HW A PX V Baplisl Sludenl Union: Secrefary, Home Economics Club: Secrefary, L xljivq Q A . l I f I Kappa Omicron Phi. X ? Y ,ff ,T 1 ,Q E, 1 'K BX, I XV is l SE IOB ' Firsi' Row: WAYNE A. CARNEY Columbia THOMAS E. CAMP Heidelberg Ch 'l . . . emls ry Business Adminislralion American Chemical Sociely. FRANK A. CARLTON Greenville l-lislory , Presidenl, Alpha Tau Omega: Presidenl, Vice,-Presiclenl, Sludenf Gov- ANNETTE l-lall-lesburq ernmenl Associaliong President Alpha Phi Omega: Circle Kg Onnicron El E - Della Kappa: Sludenl Senaley Who's Who Among Sludenls in Ameri- emenlary Clucallon ' ' ' Kappa Della Pig Fulure Teachers ol America can Universilies and Colleges: Dislingurshed Mililary Sluclenl. ef' if " P93 ...-me 4 .fr bww ,,,.qamwwW""9' ' ' ' i ,,..:,,- " .Q QQQQ ,I ,I ,l K 5,51 Y , nf, C , ' 5 F V 'rfsmv 4' J "'f ,.,, I ,M 0 . ,,,v PM-aw. 'E V . , 2 ,mr E. "N w fe 15 2 5- , , C " gg Q. , I 45.4. ' 1 S e c o n d R o w : STANLEY M. CARPENTER l-lalliesburq NQRMAN DALE CARR greenwwd Accounling lvlarlnelinq Kappa Siqma. JAMES W- CARR Vidfsburq JAMES W, CARRAWAY ssggiiaia lvlalhemalics Personnel Manaqemenl T 59 SENIIIII Firsi' Row: ROSEMARY CARRIERE Laurel RAY FRANK CARTER Surnrall Home Economics Educafion Pre-Medicai Home Economics Club. MARY LYNN CARTER Noxapafer ROY CARTER MOSS Poinf Hemenfary Educaiion Bapflsi' Slrudenf Union: Fufure Teachers of America. Marlcefing 'Tr ,QQ -W-9' 'QQ' , ya! "-- X Swear 57 X ' ' ' NLF: , 'Y " lik f , 4 , J A 1 ,, Second Row: JAMES CASE Governmonf GEORGE A. CHANCELLCDR, JR. Hisfory ...vw Brookhaven Haflriesburg Viceepresident Circle K Club: Bap1isfS+uden1 Union. 1 lbx A 'No' s X N N 9. , "i!""' FRANK CHANDLER Chebanse, Ill. Business Adminisnafion Baskefball: M Club. JOHN W. CHANDLER Sumrall Business Educahon Fu+ure Teachers of America. 'fly QT. N 3' R .3,.?,,f fsffffz nwsfxx All muff' f,. ., srl- Wm N -f., 2. if .vu-. . "Wins if XA l JR 'A W' 'pw vfdgf, ...A -, 4' - f S 5 ,F 5' umm? 1 The ATO's compare nofes. Firsi Row: RICHARD L. CHAPIN Oullpori Business Adminislralion Newman Club. MARTHA ROBIN CHAPMAN Biloxi Music Treasurer, Delia Della Della: Band: Choral Union: Canlerbury Club: Swimming Club: Organ Guild. Second Row: HARVEY J. CHAUVIN Houma, La. Healfh and Physical Educalion Phi Kappa Tau: Foofballg Physical Educafion Club. JAMES B. CHEEK, JR. Gulfporl' Mafhemalics Phi Elia Sigma: Kappa Mu Epsilon. Third Row: ROBERT B. CLAPP Bay Sl. Louis Biology BERT E. CLARK Haliiesburg Markeling Phi Kappa Tau. Fourfh Row: EDWIN CLARK DeKalb Hisfory OLIVER C. CLARK DeKalb Heallh and Physical Educafion I. --ii-W I. -- My A I Jeff' i 5 gil 44' Y I . so OF course Arban enioys s+udying. Firs+ Row: REYNOLDS CLARK Waynesboro Business Adminislralion WILLIAM I-I. CLARK Shubula Physical Educalion Second Row: Tl-IERESA I. CLEGG Cryslal Springs Physical Eclucalion Alpha Sigma Alpha: Treasurer, Wornen's Physical Educalion Club: Sludenl Courl: Baplisl Sluclenl Union. BETTY C. CLEVELAND Lexinglon Marlceling Della Zelag Slall, Sfudenl Prinfzy Baplisl Sfuclenf Union. Third Row: JOI-IN E. CLEWIS Evansville, Wisconsin Personnel lvlanaqemenl DOYLE L. CLINTON I-lalliesburg French and Spanish Vice-Presidenl, Pan American Sludenl Associalion. Fourlh Row: JOI-IN W. COCHRAN Waynegbgrg Geology Phi Kappa Tau. MARY FRANCES CQCKERHAIVI Liberly I Elemenlary Eclucalion. . 'Rv- Om Q 5751, Y' A 4-11? r, , wwf 7'1- if fi H 9. . 'f ,, 'V V54 1, 4 mm . ,F f W 4 I I Y. so I ,av 54" ,.,-s 5.1-gn yr, I 'x .Mx 46 0- 4 l' K I K I I-r gg? 'T7' Firsf Row: JAMES E. COLE I-Ialliesburq Recreafion Dolphin Club. CLYDE S. COLEMAN, JR. Greenwood Personnel Management Kappa Sigma. , my f xrx ,LW Ss . if . I E . , H, i AN . Y Second Row: SENIUB BE-ITIE JEAN COLLINS Indianola Medical Technology JESSE E. COLLINS I-Ialliesburq Accounlinq and Business Adrninislrahon .. 1 X xr df - nm Wy' 'ldgnwbvvg V In WALTER R. COLLINS Meridian WILLIAM M. CONYERS I-lallieslourq Business Adminislrafion Mafhemahcs Kappa Alpha. Band: Pi Kappa Alpha. TOM CONSTANTINE, JR. Birmingham, Ala. CURTISS I-I. COOK Columbia Business Adminisfrafion Marlxelinq Della Sigma Pi. Vice-Commander, Velerans Club, SE I0ll Firs+ Row: LYNN COOK Columbia WILLIAM O. COOLEY, JR. Halliesburg Home Economlcs Educallon Plwysical Educalion and Social Sludies Presidenl, Kappa Onnicron Plug Bapllsl Sludenl Union: l-lome Economics Club. SARAH ANN COOKSEY l-lalliesburq . FRANK E. COOPER Medncal Technology Secrelary, Alpha Epsilon Della. Recreafion Q sf-L A . Q, 1185. .-"-nk 0"WQ X XS A ,f fl r sf ' new ll -A 4 9' 1 X 'rr .5 .lf ab fx Second Row: JAMES A. COOPER Grenada B'LLY G- COX Hlslory 6e0l0QY Geology Club. CHARLES J. COUEY M b'l , Al . O 'e a CHARLES L. cox Psychology Wesley Eoundaliony Circle K Clubg Psychology Clubg Scnola Club. Geolo'-BY ll 64 Halliesburg farm- Q. N 97" . YR x. m pi , YM- K fi, Nt' , FCRA 5 -iff Moselle Laurel .5 .sw 'g A . We ffm -P Q... X' TTWTQMTTT .f i imf ,K 'Qui A3 Yvvv-mrs N K L I wh... , v X . Wag: Qfgxx , ik ,.,,. . ' ,.,, " ' Z ii lill Gunn-an rdf. 6qy4ux -J Q, L i i 1 ll .. i uf ... ...- Frafernify houses provide luxurious living. Firsf Row: GENE M. COXWELL Jackson, Ala. Chemis+ry DURWOOD CRAFT Magee Geology Geology Club. Second Row: CHARLES R. CRANEORD Columbia Accouniing Baplisi Siudeni Union. JAMES P. CREEL Lucedale Malhernalics Third Row: MARY E. CRUMBLEY Laurel Elemenfary Educalion Kappa Delia: Fulure Teachers of America TOBIE L. CURRY Haiiiesburg Business Adminislraiion Fourlh Row: HAROLD V. CURTIS Oveiie Hisfory GERALDINE DALE Columbia Elemeniary Educaiion Chaplain, Delia Delia Delia: Fuiure Teachers of America: Bapiisf Slucleni Union. ya... 'hm A , - 1" V 1 MS-N. 'inf' X ,q nv fb. . 'ew w, ea. ,,f,..e.,,:, 'ac J,.,.w N . . I X A "Yes, your li++le finger goes righi 'H1ere." Firsf Row: MARTI-IA E. DARBY Piano Pi Tau Chi: Execuiive Council, Bapiisf Sfudeni Follc Singers. MRS. L. C. DAUGI-IDRILL Music Educarion Choral Union. Second Row: DOUGLAS C. DAVIS Geology-Malhemalics Perlcinsion Union: Vesper Choir: I-laiiiesburg Peial Kappa Sigma: Cheerleader: Circle K Club: Geology Club: Rorarian Sludeni of ihe Monlh: Slaii, I957 SOUTHERNER. GERALD R. DAVIS Business Adminisrraiion Della Sigma Pi. Third Row: JOHN E. DAVIS Business Adminusiraiion JUDY DAVIS Recreaiion-Sociology President Secreiary, Kappa Delia: Phi Delia Sophomore Class. Fourih Row: KELLY SUE DAVIS Elemenlary Educalion MILLER DAVIS Marlrelinq i Rho: Pascagoula Bassfield Guliporl Vice-President Seminary Purvis he-edlddul ix ye fm. V . M. . l iii f . if 'M ,Nw i':- , 'K 'Q 11" -ana? 1" 4 'F -J Tw Q-an I 1 A ,arg-. I I .T A diff. I . M 'ID cs., I fi 4? ---LL .. A58 Firsi' Row: CHARLES DAWS DeKalb Music B.M.g B.M.E.: Presideni, Kappa Sigma: Alpha Psi Omega: Vesper Choirg Opera Work Shop: Folk Singers: Choral Uniong Who's Who Among Sludenls in American Universilies and Colleges. EMILY DAY Brookhaven Recreaiion and Physical Educaiion Chi Omega: Slaff, I956 SOUTHERNER7 Baplisi Sfudeni Union Wx ! i MN' 9 , ,,,. ',,:V, , , , " ...f 'I' f 9 VA: 7 A , , Second Row: DENSON E. DEAVERS lndus+rial Arfs CHESTER A. DELACRUZ, II Biloxi SE I0ll VONCILLE DEARMON Slaie Line Elemenfary Educafion BETTYE C. DEATON Thomasville Speech Educaiion Presideni, Pi Kappa Della: Debaie Teamg Execuiive Council, Bapfisi Siudenr Union. W s f 7 0 1 u , . W f g g X , . , , A? W ' e ' 'Q 1 K X., . M ,. , ff SQ Sl.,-A' 5 .. :egg ,mi Q' M X. M 4 .WW . . . "' me Z 5 vi gi, v igjcjfmzwz, ,QA 4 3. .... fqwf-i. ,, K .l 5 Qfmpa.. : ,Fwy- wfm 'W-9-sw. ' ' 4 Tyleriown DOLORES M. DELCAMBRE Biloxi Medical Technology Bela Bela Bela: Newman Club. Ari Business Manager, Alpha Psi Omega: WMSU: Kappa Pig Vice-Pregidem, DEL l-laiiiesburg American Guild of Organisig Ari Ediior, I957 SOUTHERNER' Souih- ern Players: Opera Workshop: Wesley Foundaiion. I 67 Lalin American Siudies SENIIIBS BILLY R. DeWITT I-Iallriesburg T. MILLER DICKSON, JR. Jackson Personnel Managemenr 1 'blccollmlnq Della Sigma Pl: Circle K Club: Band. DARLENE DIETZ Lansing, Michigan VIRGINIA D. DiBONAVENTLIRPx New Yorlc, N. Y. . .. Radio and Television Oral Inrerpreralion Rlni Mu: Secrelary-Treasurer, RI'1o Tau Sigma. jg: as QE ? 'Z ill, , zrlguen ' I I f , fs :sl '::. I ' 'M' M fwwf 5 Second Row: SLATER M. DOGGETT Buller, Ala. Accounlinq CARROLL D. DQNALD DeSo'ro Business Adrninislralion I 68 'Q Wk Ores? . -.J 15' ' f ,. 1 is su 1-.-' I I . ff X I I V fl -A ALTON J. DOUCET Gulfporl Accounling GEORGE DOUGLASS New Orleans, La. Hisfory 3 I 19 X WW he 9 2 un niiii ,pf ur z e. :Y if 'hi Il 1 i f 5 lg? i 3 2 if f Z mi i I 1 5 o l 1 r r , r f 1 i lik, W' -4 P' 'imp at L . 11 1 AMW E ' ff, -P up f ' ' W xfll-.513 VW, sv-f H ig A , A , If being shipwrecked is lilre lhis . . . Firsf Row: SHIRLEY DRENNAN Laurel Business Educalion GENE H. DUBUISSON Pascagoula Physical Educalion Second Row: RALPH DUGGER Longmonl, Colorado Psychology MARJORIE C. DuKATE Biloxi Elernenlary Educalion-Speech Correclion Presidenl, Vice-President Phi Della Rho: Chaplain, Regislrar, Alpha Sigma Alpha: Vice-Presiclenl, Alpha Psi Gmegag Sludenl Senale: Pi Tau Chi: Sigma Alpha Era: Presidenl, Newman Club: Second Vice- Presidenl, Sluclenl Governmenl Associaliong Kappa Della Pi: His- lorian, Sludenl Chrislian Eederaliong Who's Who Among Sludenls in American Universilies and Colleges. Third Row: HENRY E. EADY Cryslal Springs Chemislry American Chemical Socielyg Velerans Club. VIRGINIA EDGAR Palerson, New Jersey Business Adminislrafion Fourfh Row: CHARLES R. ELLIS New Augusla Geology O-lTlCE N. ELMORE Richlon Pre-Medicine Jus! lmoclr Hwree iimes and whisper low . . . Firsi' Row: MRS. SHADWORTI-l ELMORE Ellisville Business Educafion Treasurer, Pi Omeqa Pig Kappa Della Pi. JOHN L. EUBANKS, JR. Knoxville, Tenn. Economics-Marlcelinq Business Manager, I957 SOUTHERNERq Pi Kappa Alpliag Pi Siqma Epsiloni Della Sigma Pig Circle K Club: Sfudenl Senale. Second Row: R. E. EURE l-lalliesburg Business Aclminisiralion Band. JIMMIE EVANS DeKalb l-lisfory Third Row: SHIRLEY A. EVERETT Braxlon l'lome Economics Educalion Execulive Council, Baplisl Sfuclonl Union, Home Economics Club. WYNDOL FAGGARD Moss Poini Rocrealion Kappa Sigma: Traclcg M Club. Fourfh Row: FRED B. FENDLEY Lugedale Elc-menlary Eulufalmn WALTER N. FERGUSON McComb Arls X Wesl3y F-.-undalionq Futura Ti,-aclncrg ol America. I I I, JR 'Z Q -4' - 9 , 1--sv 'FV' ..' 4 vm',.::,' ,,. A fe 'I - i Avg V ii Nl .fag-i ov- f,,y 'Y'-9 xl . 3. u n '?' Firsl' Row: BILL C. FIFE Lawlon, Olclalwoma Physical Educalion JOANNE CAMPBELL FIFE Pascagoula l Arl fi' SENIURS ERSKIN P. FILLINGIM Mobile, Ala. Geology Oeolooy Club. JOHN S. J. FLOYD, JR. Meridian Recrealion Kappa Alpha. . . ll Q.. gf I p fa f ff" J' J! I .li L ll5:::'N iz .,,. L . 1 g H Q Qs? 3:-sw JI' llll x 1. aw- 35,-5 Q Q L 1 Ilf f. I Second Row: MERRITT E. FORD ElDorado, Arlc. DONALD T. FORNEA Vamado, La. PllySlCS'MalllemallCS Business Adminislralion Kappa Mu Epsilon. FRANCES E' FORMBY P M d' I Plcayune LEM B, FoRTf5NBERRY Mendenhall fe' e ICB Wesley Foundalion. Physics-Malhemalics SE IOB Firsf Row: JANE FOR-INER Gulfporl Elemenlary Educalion President Viceepresidenl, Della Della Della: Reporler, Fulure Teach- ers of America: Elernenlary Council: Sludenl Council: Dormifory Presidenl: Baplisl Sludenl Union. JUDITI-I FORTNER Gulfporr Elemenlary Educalion Vice-Presidenr, Eulure Teachers of America: Secrelary, Della Della Della: Secrelary, Kappa Della Pi: BapIis+ Sludenl Union. 43 Us 2.5 M 1-,, Q-..,,:,K "pf ., -gm i .Q . ,H 'X' - 2' P I-4 497 Qs, X 'UW' . . . 1 42. .A f Second Row: LAVON FREEMAN Richlon Geology WILLIAM T. FREEMAN Richlon Geoloqy Geology Club: Veferans Club. In 72 LUCILLE FORTUNE Brandon Physical Educalion Physical Educaiion Club: Baplisl Sludenl Union. AMANDA E. FRANKLIN Lucedale Home Economics Educalion Treasurer, I-Iome Economics Club: Fulure Teachers of America: Weslminsler Fellowship. 2 're f. , 1 f-2:4 . GQ , - :WT X 'UN -5,5 r""Q 7 'C Will, AQ . 'J I. "N-sr ELWIN R. FRIAR, JR. Ocean Springs Indusfrial Ar+s LEONARD E. FULLER Gaufier Elemenlary Educalion Canferbury Club. xi 'Q 433 56 Qi"-G-an-ebb 4Kls-M-m.- Mqkyx 0, ,ff A-ink lk 19 Wjl!"'3aw 'Un-Q MEM ,,,. , W . " iv w, lb., 4 Firsf Row: RODNEY L. FULTON Business Educalion Sigma Phi Epsilon. MURPHY W. GALLOWAY, JR. Business Adrninisfrafion Second Row: HUGO GARCIA-ROMERO Commerce MARGARET O. GARDNER English Third Row: MARYE C. GARNER Elemenlary Educalion ISOM A. GARRAWAY Business Adminislralion Della Sigma Pi. Fourih Row: LUTHER L. GARRETT lnduslrial Arls THOMAS E. GARTMAN Business Adminislralion Mah Mu+her always did hanlcer for one of +hese." Philadelphia Bogalusa, La. Puerlo Rico Union Pensacola, Ela. Brooklyn l-larrisville Brookhaven ...-lie W - i , 'sf , 'N'-q . 'N-K if Q puvulvfll' V -Y 1 " J: lg Q ,.., X F lkl-1, a-s-d-F . . . Corinllu l-lalliesburg Elllsville emi-:al Sociely. Bay S+. Louis Laurel Greenville lvlonlicello Kappa Della Fulure T acne s of Amernca RENE D GONZALEZ Puerlo Armuelles, Panama r ado l an Amerucan Slud nl Ass 5 Edilor, Fealure Edllor Assoc ale Ed lor Plmolograplwer Sludenl Prnlz Newman Club. SENIUB Firsf Row: JACK T. GIEGER l-lalliesburg NANCY GILLESPIE Sunflower public Addmss Elemenlary Educaliwn Fulure Teachers oi fkmericag Phi Mu, ANNE O. GILLESPIE Havriesburq JEAN QWAN Meridian English Elemenlary Eclucalion Pledge Trainer, Chi Omega: Baplisl Sludenl Union: Alpha Lambda. Chi Omega. 3 xg I? i g ii 1 'N--r g A We 1' s N F 'V' , iii it iizr R47 '-----wr' 7 -4 . 'f... ' z ,sk - 5 1.:i . ,. ...Q f Xl, if 'Wi , g . 4 g i f Q ,' i Q f ' 3 ' . g l . 44 ,X 3 ll Second Row: LYNETTE GLAZE Raleigh MARGUERITE GOLDEN lflalliesburg . . . Business Educalion Business kducahon ' - U - A l-llslorian, Pi Omega Pup Kappa Delia Pi. MEI-VIN L- QOH: Lucedale ROBERT R. GOUCSH U Tipron, Oklahoma Marlehng Business Adminislrahon Pi Sigma Epsilon , A75 SENIUB Firsf Row: MARTHA C. GRAHAM Ouilrnan Home Economics Home Economics Club. BILLY JOE ORANTHAM Slringer Bioloqy Veferans Club. ga 1 3 ' H if AZZIAIA ii in 'L . f X 0 wp ,Qt Nur' Nunn' o-fl'u -, BONNIE SUE ORANTHAM Laurel Business Educafiow Pi Omega Pig Bapfisl Sludenf Union CURWYN M. GRANTHAM Heidelberg Marlcefinq Marlcelinq Club. 'P nn - 'Q ,vs T '91 cu 1 ov. . ,ii ,x I :JG 1 i L. rfb' Qwwkgf' Second Row: DUDLEY VV. ORANVIWHAM Halliesburg Enqlislw JERRY B. ORANTHAM Sfringer Busineus Adminisfralion Veferons Club. lima W? 775 3 , P "" A I gd" ROGER D. GRANTHAM Collins Markefinq IRA G. GRAVES Ellisville Hisfory Vefera ns Club. 4 QQ' . Q01 -4"'? na? 5, W 'HD' '03 515 r-Q, 13 41 ww' , Y B 2 U I ,A, V4 f Expose! Firsf Row: BETTY GRAY Pelahalchie Business Educalion Baplisl Sludeni Union WALTER GREEN Luceclale Business Adminislralion Sigma Phi Epsilon. Second Row: BENNY F. GREST-TAM Indianola Psychology JOHN K. GREST-lAlvl lndianola Geology Third Row: PEGGY J. GRIFFEN Viclcslourg Elemeniary Educalion Chi Omega: Chi Della Kappa: Fulure Teachers of America KENNETT-l T. GRIFFIN lvlarlcecl Tree, Arlc. lndusirial Arls Fourfh Row: GEORGIE LGW GRIST-IAM Tupelo Elemenlary Educarion BARBARA GUINN Kilgore, Texas Hislory Della Delia Delfag Pre-Legal Forum. - 'Bu fig' f fr , f' .Q 423227 35,1 X fi' . A 'A f 1' f ' Q'T-1 'W A . Won'f you +ry lpanaf Firs+ Row: JAMES W. GUNN Guhfporl lnduslrial Arls Alpha Tau Omega: Band. ERNEST B. GURMAN Jaclcson Personnel Manaqemenl Kappa Alpha. Second Row: PAUL D. I-IABIG Woodville Arl' EVELYN E. l-lAl'lN Theodore, Ala. l'lis+ory Baplisl Sludenl Union Third Row: RoBERT R. Hfairias soggy Business Adminislralion MARCIA GAY l"lAl.l. Biloxi Physical Educalion Vice-preside-nl, Della Gamma: Recrealion Board: Vice-Presidenl, WRA Fourfh Row: ROBERT D. l-lAM Magee Pre-Medicine EVERETT R. HAMMOND Laurel Accounlinq I I FY? fl'-453 -an-null' f i 'K Wvvv-v., "---Ar B ,fy 'M' ii Navi '-'X 'Hf-ff1"9 'WN FFR "? 'nc -,f VK -1-....,,N R 6 'F' 1 i SE l0ll JOHN W. HARDING Mobile, Ala. KENNETH R. HAND Foley, Ala. G90l0QY Markelinq Sigma Phi Epsilon. SYLVIA L. HARRIS Senalobia JOHN L. HANSBROUGH Halliesburg lnduslrial Arls Ari' Weslminsler Fellowship. Sigma Sigma Sigma. N x I . V ' .,.. ' - '1 .,,, f MQ.- .Q . " W, ., .fx M. 'Y Q' 'Q . 3 E. f 3, fa If W7 14916 1 lf .5 7 2: Second Row: VlR6lL B. l-lARRlS Meridian ROY J. l'lARTl:lELD Rurvis Accounling lVlGVl49lif1CJ MARTHA G. HARTNESS Relal BEVERLY HARTSFIELD Laurel Business Ecluca+ion Microbiology 79 SENIUB Firsl Row: KENNETH C. HARVEY ivlounl Olive CHEVIS R. HATTEN, JR. Guliporl Business Aclminislralion psychology WILLIAM J. HARVEY Liberly PAUL H- HAWKS Escafawpa Business Adminislralion Geology li -i s s f - f . M 'O -'1"'!'Mf 'wwf' .fr i 4 - J' , -f- -mn N.-.M Second Row: KENNETH H. HAYMAN Prenliss Office Managemenl MARY ANN HEBERT Biloxi Music Eclucalion Band: Orcheslra: Slalf, Sfudenl Prinlz: Pi Tau Chi: Alpha Lambda: Phi Della Rho: Alpha Psi Omega: Vice-Presidenl, Newman Club: 'Soufhern Players: Modern Dance Group: Della Della Della Scholar- ship Award. I 80 IK 15 2. ,Q if lg! MAURICE R. HEFNER Kingsport Tenn. Physical Educalion Foofball. ROBERT H. I-IEMETER Prenliss Marlceling Alpha Tau Omega: Della Sigma Pi, Pi Sigma Epsilon. T1 , fag ' lllnflgi' lil U 53, , T'l'-514 31315. nigga 0 ,X I3-, Lwfyf'-,j 'T The maze! Firsl Row: ROSA LYNNE HEMETER hlalliesburq Piano Band: Vesper Choir: Soulhern Sinqersg Wesleyf Foundalionq Choral Union: Opera Worlshop. KAY DOl.Pl-lEN l-lENRY Union Accounlino-Business Adrninislralion Presidenl, Sigma Siqma Siorna: Junior Class Favorile: Culesl Pledqe l953. Second Row: ANNA CAROLYN HERRINGTON Pelal Enqlish l-lislorian, Kappa Della Pig Larnbcla lola Tau, LAWRENCE B. HILBERT New Orleans, La. Enqlish Third Row: JACK D. l-lll.l. Almore, Ala. Business Adminislralion Alpha Tau Omega: Sluclenl Senaleg Delia Siqma Pig Yellow Jackal: Sophomore Class Favorile. JOHN l.. l-lll.LSlvlAN Columbus Bioloqy Ornicron Della Kappa: Weslminsler Fellowship, Circle K Club? Presi- denl, Sludenl Chiislian Pederaliong Alpha Epsilon Della. Fourlh Row: BEN O. l"llNTON Richlon Bioloqy MARY FRANCES l-lOl.l.lDAY Poplarville l-lislnry-Speech Band: Choral Union: Phi lvlu: Rho Tau Siqrnag Wesley Poundalion, WWA R, Y 7:1 3 Y. Q "I'II bel' l'm more unhappy fhan you are" Firsl' Row: JOE E. HOLLOWAY Carson Healfh and Physical Educalion PEGGY HOLT Columbia Home Economics Educalion Second Row: RODA JOY HORD Poplarville Speech Correclion Phi Mu: Presidenl, Vice4Presiden+, Sigma Alpha Elap Alpha Psi Omega: Soulhern Players: Modern Dance Group: Wesley Eoundalion. JOHN G. HORNE Gullporl Music Third Row: MARTHA C. HORNE Laurel Home Economics Home Economics Club. ERIC R. HORNOUIST, JR. Halliesburq Accounlinq-Business Alpha Epsilon Alpha. Four+h Row: BETTY C. HOSEY Laurel Elennenlary Educalion Siqma Siqma Siqmag Baplisl Siudenl Uniong Eulure Teachers of America. LAWRENCE C. HOWELL McComb ' Hislory ,,Ef"f'3'- ' ,I T", nr r' h V, ', 3 t 4 C, f 1 Ox-ft' X x. ff van W fag... X Citi-l" fin. 'fW1'GR N:-r7" ,3 'li .QI-E, ei 'Na 'uv-? .Ni Q- lx. ' a A Y A TF., I' x.. r iv Lif"lffl'r,i, in --, Y fa aw l SENIIIR Firsi' Row: LEW H. HOWINGTON Pelal JOSEPH R. INMAN Floral Geology Personnel Managemenl Geology Club: Velerans Club: Associale Member, Miss. Geological Sociely. MARSHALL A. HUTTO Waynesboro JOHN W. IRVING Kosciuslco Science Geoloqy Q 'R' 1 'N' N 'W "Kk.,,,,,Qf ,..,na-...gawk :f 1mw-' F ff "" 7 ff .WW ow is 'Www Second Row: HOMER R. IVY Laurel RICHARD JACOBS McComb Music Educallon Business Adrninislralion Band: Woodwind Ouinlel: Orclneslrap Opera Workshop. Veferans Club: Newman Club. HARRY B. JACKSON Opp, Ala. DAVID P. JEFFREYS Fayelle Business Adminislralion Geoloqy 83 SENIIIB Firsl' Row: CLAUDE C. JENNINCSS Sardis ALMA L' JQHNSQN Physical Educalion . ' Fresadenl, Kappa Sigma: Presidenl, lnler-Eralernily Council: Sludenl Secrelallal Smence Counselor. RITA J. JENNINGS Kosciuslco HOMER J- JOHNSON Library Science Markefinq Della Ze'ra7 Baplisl Sfudenl Union. Phi Kappa Tau, M-'S' J fain """""fn an . of , l - ' if 4 ' .1 l ,, if 41" . :ak , f? - .M 1 a , . sf ' I N i -f Second Row: MRS. JEWEL P. JOHNSON Sebaslopol ROBERT lvl. JCHNSTON Elemeflldfv Educdfion Business Adminislralion Fulure Teachers ol America Joram W. JoHNsToN lv1obiIe,AIa. BETTY ANNE JGNES Radio-Television Physical Educalion Alpha Tau Omega: Rho Tau Siqmag Vesper Choir. Chi Omega: Women's Physical Educalion Club: l-lalliesburg Long Beach X9 'TT' ' yl . 'Q 9' N y as fs 'sl ,ii , .Q f McComb Belzoni Sludenf Senale. wr' . U.-..., ' Q it 11 'NW his i . ,ai ., Y, , Qf"f" .J I w"B'i?2" .5551 L fir M '5l:.'?'fiv - .Ihr "'fv'f'l"'ii"'ii7' 'X ' ' i"Qf'jiTi.1L3g:y ., f "" 'Exe fm- M K A--W F ' L 'L , , A L A f - W -f K aw we "ss ffm a':5EaW!- M Maw V? ,,fN- 5 -av L 4 -- - S' 1" 0 , Q Z' 29'-v-,.4ajgl,i,7iX ' 1- K wiv? 5'4" I 141 ' P 'Y , ,,""""a' of We , N -- A The 'firemen did save a 'Few fhings. Firsf Row: ELOISE JONES l-lalliesburg Business Adminislrafion HAROLD L. JONES Bridge-Jrown, Brilislw Wesl Indies X Geology Pi Kappa Alplwag Wesley Foundaliont Veferans Club: Geoloqy Club. Second Row: " f ' HENRY E. JONES Pelal Oeoloqy """K A JAMES O. JONES, Il Gulliporl Accounlinq-Business Kappa Alpha: Della Siqma Third Row: 3,5 'X JEAN CLAIRE JoNEs Haiifesbufg 3 X Secrelarial Sludies Kappa Della, Nfff' , ,, 53133 A . 5 LOWREY K. JONES McComb ' Accounfing 4. ... .pump wqs I X Fourfh Row: -ffg-',.."'5' MORRIS lvl. JONES l-lallieslourg Business Adminislralion ANCE A. JORDAN Laurel Marlceling I.. 3X G jjj, f is E,!i,l' lug, 3 f 'X 'G 2 K., .f.lkXm,.i. i llqkxill his 'Z Q' M A S-. , N- faq' XG'-QQO Firsl' Row: .. My 'fY'9Wv, Paiama Game. l-lERMAN L. JGRDAN Laurel Accounling Sigma Phi Epsilonq lEC Represenlafive. CURRY J. JUNEAU New Orleans, La. Physical Educalion Eoolballq M Club: Newman Club. Second Row: OLGA B. KARNOVlCl-l Enlerprise Recrealion MARGARET KEEL Jackson Home Economics Educalion Home Economics Club. Third Row: DENZLE KELLY Seminary Business Adminislralion EMERY A. KELLY l-lalliesburq Mallwemalics-Geology Geology Club. Fourlh Row: l'lLlG'l"l D. KEMP, JR. lv1Ql3ile,Ala, Business Adminislralion Alpha Tau Omega. FRANCES M. KENDALL Canlonmenl, Fla, lqnsfilufion Management Wesley Foundaliong Home Economics Club. YN- like 'Ha r""!f ,l 'WK fi' 41 v-if ni 'Q sl. W Firs+ Row: WANDA KENDRICK l-lazlehursl Piano Choral Union: Weslminsler Fellowship: Pi Tau Chi: Eolksingers: Opera Workshop. GILBERT KERLEY B6SSilGlCl Malhemalics-Educalion ' 1- 'N P ' - 1, I is ,L gg, ,ig A i V4 I 'if s i l T fa Second Row: ROBERT R. KIMBALL Houma, La. Physical Eclucalion Track Team. OVELAR KING Crosby Hislory SE I0ll STANLEY KERVIN Soso lvlarlceling MARY E. KEYES Taylorsville Business Eclucaiion Baplisl Sluden+ Union. fini? "Q - ...,,.. 5 W -V" if --sl In .E Anzul . V ., ' " 2 4- i'1l" L ,Q" 3 nm , iw 1 Q M sr, ' " - -1-Wm ,Q HERBERT O. KITTRELL Beaumonl Accounlinq Della Siqma Pi. JAMES C. KLEINPETER Laurel lviarlcefinq Secreiary, Rush Chairman. Social Chairman, Alpha Tau Omeqa: Presi- denl, Marlce+ing Club: Secrelary, Pi Sigma Epsilon: IFC Represenfafive. 1 SENIUBS Firs+ Row: CLYDE KNlGl-ll, JR. Taylorsville LINDY R. LADNIER Biloxi Music Educalion I choir. H'SlO'V Secrelarial Sfuclies i i i Home Economics Club: Baplisl Sfudenl Union: YWA. Religion and Philosophy Q " rx mess 1, A .A 1 I Second Row: K-3 'QW , v-Wa im. X fxicii X . 1 I X "' S f J fifths s -I' 4-4' N IRENE W. LANDSKOV l-lalliesburg ROBERT S. LARKIN Q Coalopa, Ala. Business Eclucafion Accounimg Sigma Phi Epsilon: Della Sigma Pi. MARGIE M. LANGSTON Silver creek DQAWRENCE LASTER Them Gulfpoff Personnel Managemenl President Alpha Psi Omega: Soulhern Players: Eleclions Commissioner. I ,W-4 I . I QW? ' ' it 'MQ' K Sh. IVR' Blix 'Qi as 'QMS A " As, if I R . any. 7997 M gi fm Dyed? if . ,Q ,fs M-asv El i' Ak , Qi? N X QE' "Well, I can dream, can'+ I?" Firsl' Row: SARA JANE LAW Laurel Elemenlary Educalion Della Della Della: Dixie Darling: Eulure Teachers ol America Canlerbury Club. NELL D. LAWLESS Columbia Home Economics Second Row: suE Lfxwsom ealisiaufq Business Educalion Sigma Sigma Sigma: Baplisf Sludenl Union. GEORGE D. LEGS Pelal lnduslrial Arls Third Row: LORENA S. LEIGI-l Gullporl Elemenlary Educalion MARY E. LEWIS Dixon Home Economics Alpha Lambda: Wesley Eoundafion: Reporfer, Home Economics Club. Four+l1 Row: PATRICIA ANN LEWIS Journalism Tuscaloosa, Ala. Edilorial Board, Sociely Edifor, Sluclenl Prinlz: Correspondinq Sec- relary, Chi Omega: Weslminsfer Fellowship: Secrelary-Treasurer, Sophomore Class. LEON G. LlGl-ITSEY Mobile, Ala. Accounfing f A I 4 "Eelt! An amoeba!" ,S 'HN 91 QQ 'Z-ZR s '19 ,?i',Q QQ-A -4 N . Firsl' Row: FLOYD L. LlKlNS, JR. l-lalliesburg Thealre Disfinquished lvlililary Sludenf. V '14 . I-up-. NEETA LlKlNS hlalliesburg Library Science Alpha Psi Omega: Alpha Bela Alpha. Second Row: HARRY LITTLE Wes? Enlerprise Physical Educalion HOWARD LITTLE wee Enlerprise ', 3 A r Physical Educalion Third Row: DONALD N. LOGAN Laurel Bioloqy Bela Bela Bela: General Na+. HENRY B. LOGAN Pass Chrislian Physical Educalion 1 Fourfh Row: A. KELLUM LONG Tupelo Business Adminislralion Vice-Prezidenl, Treazurer, Alpha Tau Omoqay Della Siqma Pi: Chief . 1 4 ,184 Juslicf,-, Slurlc-r.l Ccurl: Treasurer, Inler-Fralernily Councilg Ornicron Della Vappag Prcaidenl, Desciple Sludenl Fellowshi Q ROBERT P. LONG Ponloloc Markelinq Marlrelinq Club: Velerans Club. SE IIIB Firsi Row: BROCK A. LOPER Jackson FRANK B. LOTT Gullporl Speech Correclion Psychology Kappa Sigma: Vesper Choir: Opera Workshop. BAYARD L. LOTT Poplarville LUTHER W. LO-ll Picayune Personnel Manaqemenl' lnduslrial Arls H... A N2 H i ' W W M W gi .Q ,Tim N Q .A mf.. ,ff V J ,KW s,,V X V. ,x Wg, 'T'ig,4wj?" ulull if MW Q A I ,:f- M, X' 1' ' F A- 'mwah l 'f' ,, V939 iff - mf. N V X i , .., yffffiii f"1f gy- l f? f , i f L ' X A ' i " " V f' 1 ' l A i' S . ,fare M"3"'m ' A We V Wray, ss! i R 0 ii 'Wil' i ,gun i QQ, -'-'v"""'Mk ws Q l 4 ' as , , 5, I K Second Row: LYNUS L. LOTT Purvis JEANETTE LOWE Meadville Hislory-Governmenl Elemenlary Educalion Kappa Della Pi: Fulure Teachers of America. HAROLD D. LOVE Greenville JULIAN LOWTHER Jackson Personnel Managemenl' Kappa Alpha: Veferans Club. Physical Educafion . 9I SENIUB Firsl' Row: LATRELLE D. LYON Ellisville GEORGE MALLARD Biloxi Biology Business Adminislrafion Della Sigma Pi. JACKIE L. MADISGN Eayelle Hslror l-IARRELL lvl. MALLE-ll' Biloxi l Y Baseball. Business Adminisfralion sg V - l A X 1 W we X, ifs.-. . """Qnynunv- N, 5 M N I WN... A K I E! fi 1 'xunf A A fo'-5 fi 1 'X '14 5501! ...qiiyh Second Row: HELEN MALONE Balon Rouge, La. Elemenlary Educalion VONDEE L. MANASCO Leadesville lnslilulional lvlanagemenl Baplisl Sluclenl Union: l-lome Economics Club. SALVATORE T. MANNINO Gullporl' lndusirial Arls RONALD R. MANNONI Pillsburg, Kansas Accounling-Business Treasurer, Sludenl Governmenl Associalion Omicron Della Kappa: Vice-Presidenl, Soulliern Universilies Sluclenf Governmenl Associa- liong Della Sigma Pi: Sigma Tau Gamma: Business Manager, Campus Directory: Sludenl Senafeg Pi Sigma Epsilon: Wl1o's Who Among Sludenis in American Universilies and Colleges: Lambda Bela Bela: Canferbery Club: Velerans Club. I uf ifilflil sa' wr I7 J' i ii i If xxxiggylc ff? QM' f I?"- ""3"' M 4 TT 'WIS ik " 6 Y Toi" All f I ' , 'iz ' gf. I A wh ' ' gig X .. 'I I .W Q 1 QQ y , X 'Xa VW'- or' ,Q bm- I-mtg, "?f xi 1292 I I1 . " , gitirf. A ali' ,W,,,.,,JY 3 ,gf lr' .Ik fm, QM wi s 52", ,s 0 "-.511 Q "' WS!- :QQ v. v 4. ,yn ii' xv' 32"""m'5"'. Q. . KT1Tg!'7w:':.T.'S"J3"ss55-T Z' .-fY.'gvMi .ns -.QL ff-f. , We -. Sv:-1 'f-wr'-we fa fi! , ,sa X: rxiig-Aiivizgfbffi, 'a 'r is EQ. M-use f T 'er Q 9 SMF' Y-Q., H -4 .M F ravi! "Boy, 'lha+'s powerful s+u'ff." Firsf Row: RONALD A. MARION Biloxi Business Adnninislralion ROBERT T. MARLETT Vicksburg Journalism Second Row: BERNESIA MARTIN Pass Chrislian Elemenlary Educalion BILL MARTIN Cullman, Ala. Physical Educalion Foolba I I. Third Row: S. ANN MARTIN Vicksburg Secrelarial Sludies Soulhern Players: Band: Symphoniellag Orcheslrap Woodwind Ouinlelq Opera Workshop. WILMER J. MASON Waynesboro Physical Educalion Four+h Row: JAMES E. MATI'lEWS Cryslal Springs Geology Velerans Club: Secrelary, Geology Club. DOROLYN M. MATTHEWS Jackson Library Science Sigma Sigma Sigma. , ., f 4' ,fillli J I Q, egg ., V, :wth -X X, 'iv 0 "No, Frank, 'Iwo and 'Iwo are four." Firs'r Row: MARY MQCAA I-Iome Economics Vice-President Chi Omega: AIpha Lambda: BapIisI Home Economics Club, JOI-IN LESLIE MCCABE Business AdminisIra+ion Second Row: WILLIAM MQCLELLAN Markewling IRVIN MQCOY Business Adminisfrafion-MarIceIing Kappa Sigma. Third Row: ALBERT MCCRIMMON I-Iisiory JOHN D. MQDILL Geography Kappa Alpha. Fourfh Row: JOI-IN A. MCDONALD Indusfrial Ar+s MARVIN MCDONALD, JR. Music EducaIion I"IaHiesburg S'rucIenI Union: Crosby I-IeicIeII:Jurg I-Iaiiiesburg Carriere Foresf Purvis Najrchez Treasurer. Secrefary, Alpha Tau Omega: Leader, GoId Nofes Orchesfra: Band. iw! F Q mb 'gi 7'-'N all P A2 an - -32 'Y . 'Sv' -...J if I 1 I g K iii SE IOB Firs+ Row: WILLIAM F. MCDONALD Pass Chrislian JO ANNIS MCINNIS I-Ialliesburq Psychology IDIWSICGI IEdUCi1IICir'l Pi Kappa Alpha, Physical Educalion Club: Kappa Della: Pan-Hellenic Pepiesenmliya, WILLIAM J. MCDONALD Pass Chrislian KAY W. MQINNIS Lealfesyille Physical Educalion Business Educalion f lip , ffff?Q:q -.,- f fzlsv , I Q .221 I 3 , D I l N " fi DN-WM MJ fs f 'M' mf ' I fr 1 XF 6 ,W AK? a.. , an Kg. 1 x J X ,-Wm.-.awanw Ia, ,K M R X A' ,W N 4.w-a.faQ"' Z ' , is I Miva 5 ,ff f Second Row: MACCIE M. MCINTOSI-I Taylorsville WILLIS R. MCKEE DeKalb GGOIOQY I-Iealfh and Physical Educalion ..IOI'IN E. MCIVIER Poplarville DANA GENE MCKINNON Laurel Accoun+inq English 95 I 1 .5332 il 'Nl- - 3 'O U' SENIIDII Firs+ Row: LYoNEL MEADOWS Jackson JUANITA MEGEHEE Picawne P I if Music Educalion ersorme Manaqemen Baplisf Sfudenl Union: Choral Union: Vesper Choir: YWA. LAWRENCE 'WEEKS KOSSUH1 EDWARD L. MEYER. JR. Vicksburg Malliemalics l-lislory Eoolballf M Club. Newman Club: Sfuclenl Prinli. A Y! " ji xgl , 'vi , I i ii R A f - A fi """ i if "L rl' W A H in M., Q ny, 'I 4 1 H is 3 x +54 5 X 1 . Ana 1 gy 'J Second Row: STEPHANIE Mll-lQJEVlCl"l Biloxi CHARLES S. MILLARD Pensacola. Fla. Biglgqy Commerce Bela Bela Bela: Alplia Epsilon Della: Newman Club. ANNE MILLER Lucedale VVll.l.lAlvl R. lVllKKELSEN Summerclale, Ala. AH Fgfgiqn Trade Della Della Della. O I O O U xt... 0 Mg' 'l ,qs i . o-. N, ., N"""f'PN j , .. 5 X K .-Kb ,kfx WR H5 I A Sv--.-CHQ?" f Oh! Happy day! Firsf Row: DAVID K. MILLER Halliesburg Accounlinq-Hislory Vice-President Pi Kappa Alpha: Business Manaqer, I956 SOUTH! ERNER: Sludenl Senale: Omicron Della Kappa: Phi Ela Sigma: Pi Kappa Della. JOYCE MILLER Hallie-sburq Elernenlary Educalion Dolphin Club: Fulure Teachers of America: Modern Dance Group. Second Row: ROBERT L. MILLER Hailiesburg Malhemalics GUY MILLIS Pinola Speech Correclion Presiclenl, Treasurer, Siqrna Alpha Era. Third Row: LOUELLA G. MlLNER Halliesburg Home Economics Kappa Del+a Pi: Pi Kappa Pi: Vice-Presidenf, Kappa Omicron Phi. ELEANOR L. MINCHER Long Beach Home Economics Educalion Vesper Choir: Home Economics Club: Wesley Foundalion: Soulhern Singers: Choral Union: Slall, l957 Soufherner: Dolphin Club. Fourfh Row: DONALD K. MITCHELL Ocean Springs Chemisfry American Chemical Sociefy. JOHN O. MITCHELL DeKalb Business Adminislralion 4,-sf The once, or should we say, fwice-over. Firs+ Row: WILLIAM D. MITCHELL DeKalb Business Adminisfralion JOHNNlE SUE MIZE Magee Elemenfary Educafion Second Row: FLOYD MOBLEY Jackson Marlcefinq DAVID B. MOFFETT, JR. Laurel Business Adminislralion Kappa Sigma: Della Sigma Pi. Third Row: ROBERT H. MONTAGUE Halliesburg Government Phi Kappa Tau: Pre-Leqal Forum. JOHN H. MONTANARI Jaclcson Geology Fourfh Row: BECKY MONTGOMERY Halliesburq Aff Educaiion Bapfisl Sfudenl Uniong Pi Tau Chi: Fulure Teachers QT America, EARLINE B. MOODY Poplarville Elemenlary Education Kappa Della: Be-aulyf Sophomore Class lzavorileg Fulure Teachers ol America 43' iv' QM if 4135 f F ,4-unfit U lui, Nr 3 9 's 19 ' 1 'X 96. fi r - SE Illll Firs+ Row: MARVIN D. MOODY Columbia I-QNNIE W. MQQNEY COHIHS l-l'S+OrV Physical Educaiion Vice-Presidenl, Wesley Eounclaiion: Circle K Club: Sfudeni Senaie: Omicron Delia Kappa: Phi Ela Sigma: Who's Who Among Sludenis in American Universifies and Colleges: lnlernaliorial Farm Youfh Ex- changee 'ro Brazil. AUBREY MOORE Presron ROBERT l-l. MOODY Monlrose Sociology Kappa Mu Epsilon. Maihemaiics gr V . ,. Why , H---H115 ' f Q HZV "--maxi f u..s.g..,., , V 4 sq, fm eds . M-ff' au... ,QQ ,, 3'."..."'f"' , Z fff as Second Row: GRADY MOORE. JR. Summil PATRICK M. MOORE Jaclcson English Healfh and Physical Educafion JO ANNE MOORE Silver Ciiy ROBERT E. MOORE. lll Greenville Sociology Personnel Managemen+ Kappa Delia Pi: Bapfisi Sludeml Union: Fuiure Teachers of America. Kappa Alpha: Vererans Club. 99 T SENIIIII Firsf Row: WILLIAM MORGAN Business Adminislralion Della Sigma Pig Newman Club. JERRY O. MORRIS Chemislry Q. IVV A 'HW' umwf-.. Nlrs.. f In A Biloxi ROGER L. MOTT Accounhnq Della Sigma Pi: Ve+erans Club. Columbia BILLY R. MULLINS Business Adminislrafion . Q .?"X p :I wp YS!-993 ' sf -.K fs ' mv-9 ff' .. ,, ' .s 15225 MQ ' 1 Second Row: Q , I . ,,,,. Qi . A K CHARLES R. MUNN l-liclcory ROBERT J. MURRAI-I Personnel Manaqemenf Personnel Manaqemenf Slaff, Sludenf Prinfz. Phi Kappa Tau: Veterans Clubg Della Psi JACK L. MURPHY lndianola LOTTIE K. MURRAY Geoloqy Elemenfary Education Phi Kappa Tau. Fufure Teachers of America. Tibbie, Ala. McCall Creek all ""'U .- ,X IVX -'rfyn Moss Poinr Omega. Nalchez Ot 4' eh wr s'T"2!9" ,rl 'WX g-aus 3 'MQW' wwf he ? 42 A 'Ice i-'H' A 5 , , W-..i"N-- zmwfiwvaf' W J "Jus+ wai+ unfil I see him." Firs+ Row: ROBERT G. MYERS Madden Geology MAX G. MYRIC Heidelberg English.His+ory Second Row: JEAN e. N1-xRi2o Bay springs Home Economics Home Economics Club. GEORGE L. NAZARETIAN Long Beach Geology Third Row: RAY KATHERINE NETTERVILLE Cryslal Springs Elemenlary Educalion Pan American S+uden+ Associaliong Fufure Teachers ol America Baplisr Sludenl Union. HAROLD J. NEWBURN Beaumonl Business Adminislrallon Della Sigma Pi. Fourfh Row: CHARLES L. NORWOOD Ellisville Accoun+ing-Business ROLAND W. OESTERRElCH Chicago, Ill. Theafre Program Manager, WMSU7 Presidenf, Vice-Presidenl, Vasa League? Presidenl, Rho Tau Sigma: Secrelary, Phi Ela Sigma: Business Man- ager, Soulhern Players: Omicron Della Kappag Alpha Psi Omega: Eleclions Commissionerg Associale Edilor, The Drawl. X. 'inn -...i N The never-ending search. Firsi Row: HOMER GERALD Q'NEIL Quilman Music Educafion Band. ROY N. O'NEIL Pass Chrisfian Psychology Second Row: DONALD OWENS SI. Louis, Mo. Personnel Manaqemenl Poolballj M Club: Newman Club. LOUIS OWENS Columbia Clfice Manaqemenf Kappa Alphag Vice-President Sludenl Government Yellow Jaclcefsu Third Row: MARIAN PAINIER Business Adminislraiion Pascagoula LINDLEY ANN PARDUE Jaclcson Radio-Television Rho Tau Siqmag Siqma Siqrna Siqmap S-Tall, WMSU1 Wesley Poundafiona Fourfh Row: LLOYD G. PARNELL Meridian Hislory Velerans Club: Baplisl Sludenl Uniong Pi Gamma Mu: Kappa Gamma Mui Pulure Teachers ol America. BETTY C. PATRICK Pelahailchie Els-nienfary Educalmn Baplisl Sluclc-nl Union: Chorus: Pulure Teachers ol America 41 Q: F' are-. " A 3 """'Nu, X 1"'4R""fnZb jfuvx I if "if I 3 I 1 1 . i -s ll I 3 Gi 1 I I W 64.3-hx 'fad' I s -,u' ll- vw . 4 , -13' f 1 1 W ' sf ffff-IQIL1, '1ff,P f-I av-vs ? kg' -I I I 'n J f, y . ne, ar'-if' WI' I' I , 'rf ' I I I I I I I c I I I SENIIDBS Firsi Row: EDWARD G. PAYNE GUIIPOVI ERNEST B. PEPPER, JR. Leland Chemisq-ry Marlcelinq Rho Tau Sigma: Pi Sigma Epsilon. MARTHA ANNE PAYNE Winlerville AH BILLY G. PHILLIPS Poriloloci Della Della Del+a. 6-I 'TC' Q Geology A , , W av fi-uf" fi A ., as I ff! -ag ,A '? 5 -Ch Second Row: in-mai BILLY P. PIERCE Seminary RAY V. PISARICH Biloxi Accoumin Business Adminislralion Q ROTC Rifle Team. FRANK PIGFQRDI JR- gulfporf EDWIN L, PITTMAN I-lalfiesburg - . 1 1 Governmenl Busmess Admlmslralmn Presidenl, Kappa Sigma: Edilor, Sfudenl Direclory: Social Chairman, Sigma Phi Epsilon: Phi Efa Sigma: Circle K Club: Canlerbury Club. Sludenf Government I03 SENIIIIIS Firs+ Row: JERRY B, PITTMAN Tylerlown JAMES V. POPE Richlon Maflfellnq Physical Educarion Kappa Sigma, Vice-Presidenly Yellow Jaclcelg Cheerleader: Junior Class Favorife. RlCl-lARD G. POPE Columbia Agggunfinq Office Managemenf Baplisl Sfudenf Union. 3. . Av E' ,ffffi-if 1 K+ Y W 1- ,vw I ' X - ' D ? YH, E , f ' 1 m 2.-2 Z-1 Second Row: LOWELL R. POUNDS Waynesboro TI-lAD POWELL, JR. Liberiy Geology Business Adminislralion Phi Kappa Tau. Della Sigma Pi. GEORGE L. POWELL. JR. Theodore, Ala. GENE P. PRESLEY Carfhage Marlceling Geology IO4 n.,,, .faq r ss fd-Ffh ff isif 2 W.,-f WNW' i W' Y l AW 'TT New I .f i Z W. R 'Ns f 'f , ' . T A:A -livv YE . s 1,. 2 .1 .gf V , if? f ,ji f new rf "Q ' ii in ,nas 'fm 2 X ,V 'Naive' 72, .2 qw' J Mwyw 2: ,, , ,. , if Z, ,rf I-1Qlhsua l" ' Z if 'WN may . ..,,--W f as- l A X Lt mx WE., "But all of my clofhes gol burned." Firsl Row: ROSEMARY PRICE l-lalliespurq Bioloqy'Geoloqy Vesper Clnoiri Soulliern Sinqersg Pi Kappa Della. ROBERT J. PURCHNER Pass Clirisliari Business Adminislralion Newman Club: Tennis Second Row: JANE PYLANT Rurvis Business Educalion Clii Omega: Freshman Councellorg Alpina Lambda. JAMES B. QUARLES New Orleans, La. Business Adminislralion Third Row: BILLY R. QUAVE Gaulier Journalism Slaif, Sluclenl Print, LAZ Qufwia Biloxi Business Aclminislraiion Fourlh Row: MRS. BETTY C. QUINNELLY l-lalliesburq Personnel Manaqennenl WILLIAM l-l. QUINNELLY l-lalliesburq Marlcelinq Vice-President Omicron Della Kappa: Kappa Siqmag Pi Siqma Ep' silony IFC Represenlaliveq Della Sigma Pig Marlcelinq Club: Velerans Club: Chairman, Wealliersby l-lallp Vice-Chairman, Men's Aliairs Board? Eleclions Commissionerg Associale Edilor, Tlve Drawlg Kappa Siqma Jr. Scholarship-Leadership Award: Wlio's Who Amonq Sludenls in American Universilies and Colleges. , " i w 9' ' ' ' I R , ,. mf- 1 EIQQ V ,Q ,. - -4' 17" 1 1 1 ' Ya l A 1 . 1 N ,f , . I . .M r -' ",. ,K 'W ' '73 vl'SSSvv-vli ', v .-1 fs., Mefix - . ff V .. rn 1 's f' A ' .. f ,. .4 " 4 ' 'lu ,Q Law- 1 5.5, Y' I . 7 I , ...:,v, , r IHA I Y ' gb f, L' .. ff, 'W f l Y ,, g f,i.,4.,L4 .511 221 , . 3 ' 5... 'F- i 3 .Jr W . X .1?iii25'i"ii"1??gi'SSil3ixiii' -il I s iid: A 2 A 'f -,,. , , ' 'I . 4. f ii' ' ' . Soulhern freshmen help +he needy. Firsl' Row: LLOYD B. RAINEY lvlobile, Ala. Personnel Managemenl Kappa Sigma. JOHN lvl. REED Greenville Business Adminislralion Velerans Club. Second Row: CHARLES A. REEDY. JR. Hallieslourg Geology Kappa Sigma. SARAH RElD Brookhaven Elemenlary Educalion Baplisf Sludenl' Union: Fulure Teachers of America. Third Row: CLARENCE S. REINERTH New Orleans, La. Business Adminislralion HUBERT W. REYNOLDS Purvis Arl' Fourlh Row: BARBARA J. RHODES Rolling Fork Business Educaiion Treasurer, Phi Mu. LARRY RICH Pell Cily, Ala. Physical Educa+ion Foolball: M Club. ii Q ,!"unr SPH-ev, S, wr, A v N , A all C I L. 9 O 2 25 3? ' 1' 'Jr l -. I 'E ,.,.' X lla iii: N A g 'ui' kb x 5 l gf, S Q, f A , f 'ir' ,Pity A if . 125 Yr I. I Nf,f Q4 SE IOB Firsi' Row: WILLIAM lvl. RICH, JR. Jaclcson W. ARNALL RICHARDSON Douglasville, Ga. Spanish Hisfory Pasa Club: Vesper Choir: Choral Unionq Baplisl Sludenl Union. KENNETH W. RICHARDSON Gullporl' RANDOLPH RICHMOND Carjrhage Commerce Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Physical Educalion 'Tka- 7 , fi ,ff N 157 W QA Q M X ,I A Y as our' 42' li aa-Mx an-M 1 C ,., ,., """X --Ia ' . "Q ,, , I ffl! I -...wa-is 3- P-Ilulllla' 4 1 1 -. . i f' -if ' . ' I"'5v I I F' my sq'-psav. Second Row: -MZ 5? X 2 ALLIE C. RICKELS Halfiesburg HERBERT G. RILEY Halliesburg Elemenlary Eclucalion Marlceling Kappa Alpha: Pi Sigma Epsilon. CAROL T- RIGDON Union WILLIAM I-l. RILEY Laurel Home Economlcs Educallon Business Adminislralion-Economics. Wesley Foundalion: Home Economics Club. SE IOB if 3 Firsl' Row: A, QILMER RQBINSQN Hickory WILLIAM RODRIGUEZ Camaguey, Cuba Physical Educahon P'e'MedICa' Baskelballq Baplisl Sludenl' Union. l-IUDSON S. ROGERS I-lalliesburg WILLIAM D. ROBINSON Pass Chrlslian Commercial AVI . Business Adminislrahon Cheerleader: Beau Brumell: Freshman Class Eavorileg No. V, No. IX, Kappa Alpha. ..,, A H 'N' Q. . ty ,MT S-SQM . 1 an 'M f I I I ' A 'S 5 ,' 1, . , adv av ' 1 K iw' it "DT-'Y-,, ,, J E xx -ur f I I will X "VV, 'W I C I 'F ' zil ,Tv nf . mm ay. tk gh I Auf af' 5 ' 'I I . , .A :.,, U ,auf 'J' 5 :VII I X Y , I Second Row: J. D. ROGERS Laurel BARBARA A. ROSS Gaulier 1 Physical Educa+ion l-llslory Physical Educalion Club. OWEN D. ROGERS Leaf BONNIE PAY ROSS Laurel Accounlinq-Business Adminislralion I I08 Malhemafics Kappa Mu Epsilcng Bapiisf Sfudenr Union. 5 i I i 'xmawms 1 'WW' X2 ., . s-fy' f mmf 'ff' 'wwf' ,..,.m4vawi1-W' I i If, ri af' P li ki M'i'l l 'L i.. , , skid fl ill Soda on +he Rocks. Firsf Row: MARY ALICE ROSS Vicksburg Piano Choral Union: Baplisl Sludenf Uniong Vesper Choir: Soulhern Singers: Opera Workshop THOMSON ROTCH Jackson, Ala. Business Aclminislralion Second Row: RICHARD D. ROWE Jacksonville, Pla. Pre-Medical Vice-President Pi Kappa Alpha: Souihern Players. HOWARD L. RUBLE Wiggins Physical Educaiion Third Row: BOBBY F. RUSH Halliesburg Business Adminislrafion DONALD P. RUSHING Columbia Markeiing Four+h Row: HUGH J. RUSH-l'ON Summil' Biology Bela Bela Bela: Fufure Teachers of America. BOBBY J. SANDERSON Crosby Geology -qi P --,5af"gg,,i,f,.g Tl S ' ' M Mr. Frazier's conservafion class. ,A-.N Q is 12 , 1 O O '! g-J I 'Q iv 'Q X J NIXQ 'ST ik if Firsl' Row: ""i. 6 Tommie K. sfwroiw seminary 42 or M "W Business Eclucalion Pulure Teachers of Americap Newman Club l-ll2RSCl-lEL D. SAUCIER Gullporl Elemenlary Educarion Second Row: ROBERT S. SCl-lMlTZ Moss Poinl Chemislry American Chemical Socielyg Wesley Foundation. RUTH N. SEBURN Brooklyn Home Economics Educalion Wesley lloundaliony l-lome Economics Club. -My ,T 1 ...,.....nlqlg 4:-Q' 1 L I H 13' Third Row: i-iARyr5Y seuemfxm Brooklyn, N. Y. Physical Educalion I roi-,ibaiii M club. f .fu A LIONEL T. SELLIER Bay Sl. Louis Geography Fourlh Row: 71 .lEANNlNE D. SEUZENEAU Bay Sl. Louis English Phi Mui CNewman Clubj Fulurc' Teachers of America: ROTC Band Sponsor: Jlall, I956, I957 SfDUTl-lERNERg Dermilory Councilg Lambda lola Taui Sciulhern Players: Choral Unign, CHARLES L. Sl-IARPE Tupelo Music Eclucalion A l r l l I l X . .. .55 ' .Q 9 jr :- I I Firsl' Row: JOHNSON S. SI-IAW. JR. Bay SI. Louis Geology DONALD M. SI-IELTON Roosevelr, Olclahoma Marlceling Presiclenl, Freshman Class: Presidenr, Sophomore Class: Presiclenl, Pi Sigma Epsilon: Alpha Phi Omega: Alpha Tau Omega: Vice-Presidenl, Della Sigma Pi: Secrelary-Treasurer, Pi Kappa Della: Debale Team: Circle K Club. 1 Q ik Q , ,gg-QQ if A,4inniaiiQK xv' ,s f .,,,.,,fg,f , I I I I I I N V.:-44" f. - , iff 1 Ng yawn '--or .X 3 X . ....' -, Second Row: MARIANNA SIMMONS McComb DIANE C. SKINNER English S E I 0 B TI-IAD N. SHOWS Malherville Geology Presidenl, Weslminsfer Fellowship: Vice-Presiclenl, Pi Tau Chi: Ge- ology Club. JULIA A. SIMMONS Soso Business Educalion Pi Omega Pi. Y W1 Q I XX :Jig I A w j M. J -,... , . . ::., ' af I .' 'Hr' - ' 0415, . sr 'f . .- -.-:w ffi ,.., N s .. M1 'X -. . ..., f gym .WA I 2 I s X W ., Www. -'K p .Vp- jibs, A W .M ' :sg SATL?-F Q ,, Y, Xe Q: . , . si4 .. Ak- .AG 'ug si 4. w as 2 Zfmw for sg WP was if S Balboa, Panama English-Spanish Baplisl' Sludenl Union: Pan American Sludenl Associalion: Slall, Presidenl, Chrislian Science Group: Secrelary, Pan American Sludenl Sludenl Prinlz. I I Elemenlary Educarion I I I I Associalion: Choral Llniong Slalf, I95o SOUTI-IERNER. I BEVERLY SIMPSON Iclallieslourg LARRY I-I. SLADE I'IaHiesIourg Geography SE IOR Firsi Row: CAROLYN C. SMALLWOOD Hallieslaurg Business Educalion Della Della Della: Miss Mississippi I955: Alpha Lambcla. BAILEY E. SMITH Jaclcson Chemislry Sigma Phi Epsilong American Chemical Socie+yg Yellow Jaclcefsz Band. 'W F63 -I-if x BRENT SMITH Business Adminisfrafion CLIFF B. SMITH Religion and Philosophy Wesley Foundafion. I . -'im 35s, 5 4"4n.,,,. - , sy . . .. wil , as . , 3' .ze Greenville Morfon ak Slxl WIT-rff y gg .,1l'i wi ' F Ham ? ' Km In is fm :vue . , V ., A ' f ' I ,J A .9 new -ani? 'A pf' ' 3 b 424. is ffj ,, Second Row: IRA L. SMITH Cilronelle, Ala. JOYCE E. SMITH Wesson Hisfory Physical Educalion Physical Educafion Club, JAMES B. SMITH Poplaryille KIRBY D. SMITH Lyman Biology Raclio-Television j .. V It H my N -.J x muy. iv., 2 ,.....,M i fi YK Q 'wr-""? ffm 'ltr-., f"""7' N E ..,:, ,J ff-' sa ve fm lf Q- Ml 4, M- . A! gf A -l'B'u-'wa .: A , If Z 1 -4w...N Y,- fx .ff H f, we flbh ,J J You go++a Hp I+ iusl right Firsf Row: ,SZ LARRY J. SlVllTl'l lvlcjcornb 'V' Geolooy ,-iw, LESLIE L. Slvllll-l, JR. Slwelliny Geology Second Row: NORMAN H. SMITH Union Geoloqy MAUREEN SNQW Slallo Musuc Educahon Choral Union: Vesper Choir: Wes.ley Foundalion. Third Row: ALFRIEDA SORRELS Glosler Library Science M EDWINA SORRELS Glosler Home Economics .," ...1 :QQ A' Home Economics Club, Four'fl'1 Row: MARJORIE S. SOSTES Cleveland 'vw' ? - M.-EQ Business Educalion """ bulu, Q ' Plwi Mu: Pi Omeqa Pi ' Geolofqv Q Z. .. L f f ALBERT J. SPERIER Pass Clwrislian A J "'k s 3 Newman Club T ... Red 'Iape being saved for +he nex+ regis+ra+ion. , 5-H.: . ,YV if 114 .. 0 fe X . NX 4 9 5 A l!'g. , T'--X 4. . ..... di 11-iQ Firsf Row: 414' ALSTON C. SPIVEY Jackson f N, Geology fxwi in fix WN: WILLIAM H. STANTON Bay Springs 'Ai Geology Geology Club. Second Row: EUGENE J. STASSI New Orleans, La. Speech Correclion Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Elag ROTC Rifle Team. ARCHIE E. STEELE, JR. Jaclcson Mafhemalics-Physics Pi Kappa Alpha Third Row: CHARLES E. STEPHENS Meridian Business Adminislralion LINDA LOU STEVENS Halliesburg Speech Correclion Kappa Della. Fourfh Row: THOMAS B. STEVENS Nashville, Tenn. Accounling Tennis: M Club: Omicron Della Kappag Dislinquished Mililary Slu- denlg Who's Who Among Sludenls in American Universilies and Colleges. WILLIAM T. STEVENS Mobile, Ala. Business Adminislralion 'il me .. N 1 5' .vs- .-4 "2 ' f s fl' .ex Fl I ix . Q K. ff in if X. 1 l.. W , 4'T' 5 'rw qi? 'x K. .XX KS Mgt N lem' ., . SENIGB Firsf Row: BENNIE W. STEWART Gulfporl JAMES I-I. STEWART Poplarville Business Aclminislrafion Business Adminislrelion Kappa Alpha. DORIS JANE STEWART Gulfporl BILLY R. STEWART Brookhaven Piano Presidenl, Della Zela: Presidenl, Pi Tau Chip Secrelary, Wesley Foun- Recrealion clalionp Choral Union: Vice-President Della Sigma Epsilon. ,, ' ' I Qvfwsciw Y, . f'4'Yml , x 1 , :iw S rg In 'ply mu s - Q 4 MVTIX N 509524, fe " :.,": .s suv 'V' ul' 'wh ., -...ff Hi Second Row: WANDA STEWART Biloxi JOE I. STINSON Tylerlown Speech-English Mafhematics Alpha Psi Omega: Soufhern Players. WILLIAM R. STIGLETS I-Ialliesburg EDITH STOCKSTILL Picayune Markeling-Business Adminislralion HOTTTB ECOHOYTIICS ECIUCGIIOU Kappa Alpha, Home Economics Club: Bapfisf Sfudenf Union. i us I SENIIIR Firs+ Row: JANICE STOCKSTILL Picayune Business Educalion Chi Omega: Freshman l-lonor Counselor: Dixie Darling: Alpha Lambda: Pi Kappa Pi: Kappa Della Pig Baplisl Sludenl Union. RAYMOND C. STOKES Meridian Polilical Science Pi Kappa Alpha, -1 ARTl-lUR C. STONE Oxford, Norlh Carolina Pre-Denlal LORNA D. STONE Crislobal, Canal Zone English Kappa Della Pip Southern Players. " X I in v A 6' Yx i E! 11'-"' . Q W , fs ll E..- ,R . Second Row: v. 1 I BILL R. STRAl-lAN Collins ROBERT P. STREIFF Long Beach Mafhemafics-Physics Kappa Mu Epsilon. Business Adminislrafion ALMON O. STRAIN Brewlon, Ala. MlLTON L. STRICKLAND Belzoni Music Educalion Band: Orchesfra. Business Aclminislralion l 5 il . I .5-B, lilly in. A is 'NN 3 im . v 4 QT. , s 1' V ,'Sf.n:rwY gf K W -V . v-af, W, 'ms . 12 Ziff -Q .1 5 - K 'laura :ral it I we 'V' Wi .-we N' Qp l l i , Al 1 1 ' 1 ' .f a ..,, if .' I ' " ll': l H 2552- 1, LA. 'Q f nil lfii llll E555 El? 55525 :: :::: ., . .Q f 3 Eh: 'gg' 55:9 ::': "ff '1:f 3. V. Z4 ':1: 'Q 1 1:Q. :fax :1:t , :L .2 ,, ,,., fu L FWF? ' glial... ' -,, , Y . V fu ' ' .'. - T li ' , V I A T . ,-,,.', P' I gf fp B lx' ... ix' ii 0 if A A l 2 f'?'-. Yam, ' I V "' V T I K- " N, 9 , ,ff an K if .1 - Tl'1ey're iusl playing, really. Firsl Row: MARY ANN STRICKLER Pascaqoula Home Economics Home Economics Clulo. WANDA STRICKLER Pascagoula Elemenlary Educalion Fulure Teachers ol America. Second Row: BILL J. STROSS Park Riclge. lll Accounlinq Golf Team: M Clulo. BILLY P. STUART Morlon Music Educalion Pi Kappa Alpha: Band: Choral Union: Vesper Choir: Folk Sinqers. Third Row: EDNA A. STU BBLEFIELD Speech Yazoo Cily Secrelary, Pi Kappa Della: Secrelary, Baplisl Sludenl Union: Debale Team. SHANNON SUAREZ Physical Ed ucalion Four+l1 Row: VIRGIL T. SULLIVAN, JR. Marlcelinq Pi Sigma Epsilon. MARY L. SUMRALL Home Economics Educalion Vice-Presidenl, Home Economics Club: Treasurer, Phi: Baplisl Sludenl Union. Biloxi Mize Ovell Kappa Omicron Dr. McCain en'Ier'I'ains. Firs+ Row: GLENN R. SWETMAN Biloxi Journalism-English Sigma Phi Epsilong Phi Ela Sigma: Omicron Della Kappa: Soulhern Players: Siafl, Sludenl Prinfzg Sludenl Courlg Sludenl Senaleg VI!ho's Who Among Sludenls in American Colleges and Universilies. CALVINA SWITZER C-Eulfporl Elemenlary Educalion Fulure Teachers of America Second Row: ROY E. TATE, JR. Corvallis, Ore. Accounling EDWIN R. TAYLOR Knoxville, Tenn. Induslrial Arls Third Row: JERRY O. TAYLOR Columbia Physical Educalion HAROLD D. TERRY Slringer Geology Four+h Row: TERRY TI-IIBODEAUX Ocean Springs Chemislry DOLORES TI-IOIVIAS Poplarville Business Eclucafion Bapfisf Sludenf Union: Pi Tau Chig Presidenl, Pi Omeqa Pig Regis- Irar, Phi Mug Young Women's Auxiliary. 1 V I' fig ,Q hg.. 4 'vi i QHQ 'S' EX ! Kg-MPM! , .. wp. S 1 i-.. :iff r .aa 4,1 I-was ,Q .-R r, Iwi, , ull 5: in -is .gp .rx I ,al I I I I I -SEX 5:7 'B X S I I I . ' ' I I II II I Firsf Row: PATRICIA D. SHIRLEY M. T SENIUB TI-IORNE Union ALAN F. TIEGREEN Biloxi EnqIisI'1 AVI Kappa Pi. I-IORNHILL Summi+ RoNALD C. TOIFEL Mobile, Ala. Home Economics Geology Home Economics CIub. Newman Club: GeoIoqy Club. I VSV, I: I - ,. , 2 VXA xl ,fi .::, Ia I ,M , qw- 1 ' L ' 'W HQ 1 'ww ":I . .,... ff? in iii. A ' I I X 4 X 1 '36 I 'www is I 3 ..,,,.,,,,,,m S ,f . 5,12 I IIII , 'f' , Q z QI lg Second Row: JACK L. TOYE New Orleans, La. ALFRED F. TREGLE New Orleans, La. Business Adminisfrafion Physical ECIUCBIIOU CHARLES IVI. TRAYAL Meridian WARREN TREST Louisville Business Adminisfrafion English Phi Kappa Tau. I I II9 SENIIIBS H Firsf Row: JACK S. TROUTMAN Slringer JOHN T. TUCKER Halliesburg Religion and Philosophy Business Adminislralion MARTHA J. TURNER Hafliesburg BETTY TUCKER Halliesburg Ma+hema+ics Chi Omega: Fulure Teachers of America: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Wesley Journalism Founclaiion. i I iiil I - , -sf, fi '- 1 A 5 f as ' P 'fr J' T . ' wr'-f',..f If fi. ef- 1 5 wdffhug 1 . we-emiam . 'i "nv-'I 'Wig-an-ddwlv Second Row: vc.. N 5 1 WALTER R. TURNER A'rlan'ra, Ga. ANTHONY L. USEY Biloxi Recrealion Geology Baseball. P. W. UNDERWOOD Corclova, Ala. JAMES F. VAN NORMAN Cenfreville Physical Educafgon Personnel Manaqemenf Fggfballi M Club, Canferbury Club: Golf Team. ll :zo X 1 4 .fag fgzx mann! '19 , 'N' 4.4, . , Aww se 0 5. mi ' , . . I SSI: '- 5?-Sf: 1 f A Uk! 0 L,4. Q31 I HGH if Y i .--1 The line-up. Firsi' Row: ELIZABETH VAN SLYKE Elalliesburq Elemenlary Educalion STEVEN E. VARVARIS Jaclcson Chemisfry-Psychology German Club: Psychology Club: Alpha Epsilon Della. Second Row: GILSON L. VASCONCELOS Recife, Brasil Business Adminislralion Secrefary, Sigma Phi Epsilon: Newman Club. RICHARD P. VINSON Magee l-lislorv Third Row: ERNEST J. VLAHOS Pascaqoula Psychology ANN lvl. WADDELL Elalliesburg Home Economics Alpha Sigma Alpha: Kappa Omicron Phig Home Economics Club. Fourih Row: ONNIE L. WADE Jaclcson Business Adminisfrafion WILLIAM J. WADE Eoxworlh Business Adminislralion L ,W W,,,.s, . 'fs"35" Jlfiiwc-'11 ff ,J , "Now, if you really wan+ +o malze some money .... ' Firsl' Row: BARTHEL D. WAGGONER Eorlcville Speech Correclion Eulure Teachers of America: Baplisl Sluclenl' Union: Siqma Alpha Efa. JOHN L. WALKER Luceclale Business Adminislralion Kappa Sigma: Band: Velerans Club: Baplisl Sfudenl Union, Second Row: LEW WALLACE, JR. Laurel Business Adminislralion HERBERT E. WALLEY Richlon lnduslrial Arls Third Row: JAMES H. WALLEY Richlon Business Adminislralion WILLIS D. WALLEY Richlon Business Adminislralion Fourlh Row: CHARLES H. WALTERS Halliesburg Geology FRED T. WALTERS Laurel Markeling E' R Ci' IRCCRCR- iiiiiill xi 2 vs. im A2035 .uv Je- -4""':' suv' -gf .ff XVX - ' gbx : N 1 'le 5- X z-'Sf .A W. SUQYM i an X SENIIDII S Firs+ Row: RODNEY WALTMAN Ouiirnan ROBERT E. WATERBURY Noriollc, Nebraslca Geology Accounlinq Circle K Club: Geoloqy Club: Wesley Founclaiion. . FRANCIS J. WATKINS M II LUCINDA L. WARDLAW vmbufg OSS 6' Piano Geoloqy-Malhemafics Choral Union: Accompanisf, Folic Singers: Opera Worlcsliop. Geology Club. fg.i'.i 'i' li-wx 7 NMI- ,I . ji ,.'v f ' . W., fl g ig fy' Q 24375 f 3 vii... 1 'far -JW M ff . X-A I WW., f , ky -Q .V I lltb Q H M Mrk ,ggi --X,, ,, - '- , 4 015' I if AZ? , .. Second Row: w W' I '1s....... .- , MILFORD A. WEAVER Biloxi MAROLYN WEEMS Canion Business Adminislrafion Elemenfary Educarion Velerans Club. Wesley Foundafion: Fulure Teachers of America. JAMES W. WEBB Ocean Springs MONROE M. WELLS, JR. Greenville U Physical Educaiion Geoloqy l23 SE 5 I0ll 'E 1 l Firs+ Row: PEGGY J. WELLS l-lallieslourq Rl-iEBA WESTEREIELD Mendenhall 1 Marlcefinq-Ari English President Sigma Sigma Sigma: Correspondinq Secreiary, Marlcelinq phi Mu. Club: Vesper Choir: Choral Union. EDNA R. WESTBROOK Eoresl VJILLIAM T. WHEELER Kokomo, Indiana Library Science Business Adminisfralion Bapiisf Siudenl Union. Eoolballg Siudenl Council. 4 2 - f I A l I . - 1 .1 V , mlhmim ,mit ' i l 1618 -uh-raven? . f' ll ' . - W . ,ai 'N W, mm ,SNK ,mm , Q 1 Q N - 'FN 'P fx 4 '17 l ' ' i il is I A .,", Q jig Af,' .N Q 4 V i Second Row: VQNCEIL WHITE Philadelphia LAREN A. WIGINGTON lvloselle Home Economics Educaiion personnel Manaqemenf Baplisl Siudenl Union: Home Economics Club. DALLAS Wl-lli-EIELD ' . Pmayune BRYAN E. WILLIAMS Kosciuslco Physical Educalion Foolloallg M Club: Kappa Alpha. Healfh and Physical Educafion I24 'Sim' A'-fish rj lem K 29:5 1 f 4 fd? A 'Y .ma W N 'M Ari" .- I' vf.- fi, . t 394' ,M Akita ' wg 'ww I' ,K yr 3' I -V ? 'W 1035 40? 'mas' Q W Q , '4'f""f 'f""'i F 3 'M' l... ' ':. vf,. ,NYM V V- V VLV4 V, ,V gg L.. I Discussing world affairs. Firsl Row: FLOYD E. WILLIAMS Jaclson Personnel Managemenl-Psychology Phi Kappa Tau. JAMES E. WILLIAMS Tylerlown Foreign Trade Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: JOE L. WILLIAMS Silurin, Ala. Accounling LATRELLE L. WILLIAMS Physical Educalion Bay Springs Third Row: N. SLYVIA WILLIAMS I-lome Economic: Philadelphia Della Della Della? Rho Tau Sigma: Chairman, Civic League. SHIRLEY J. WILLIAMS Business Educalion Prichard, Ala. Wesley Eoundalion: Pi Omega Pi. Fourlh Row: ERNEST S. WILSON, JR. Halliesburg l-lislory JOI-IN P. WILSON Columbia Malhemalics Presidenl, Kappa Della Pig Presidenl, Pi Kappa Pi: Omicron Della Kappa: Phi Ela Sigma: Kappa Mu Epsilong Who's Who Among Slu- denls in American Universilies and Colleges. as , Y 3, 'I i ,F sb", I: A ii I, uf ,I I :,, L. .ml I , Iwi . 'If 'M f Iffipfw I' I ' W" . ,.--mf ? 'Q ,J He had +o draw her a picfure. If, ' ,,,,h': :q Firs+ Row: Q ROSE WILSON Bay Springs 5 Medical Technoloqy 'Dk ' iii I Vice-Presideni, Alpha Epsilon Della: Secreiary, Bela Bela Bela. '- 3. I MYRTLE J. wmoo I-IaI+iesburq I Secrefarial Sfudies Q 3 DeI+a Della Della. Second Row: X New x ,xx 1 SIDNEY E. WOOD, III Prichard, Ala. Pre-Denial Phi Kappa Tau. rw. VERI. I-I. WOOD I'Ia+Iie-sburg Business Adminislraiion Third Row: Q, GUY E. WOODWARD Long Beach Business Adminislralion JAMES M, WOOLIINIOTON Biloxi Bioloqy Bela Bela Bela: Alpha Epsilon Della. as Four+h Row: ' ov! ' WILLIAM v. WRIGHT eulfpafi ' """ I Accounfinq-Business JAMES T. WISE I-Ialiiesburq Sociology If 'J' fvxf 1 Af, .,,,. fl 4? -'11 ?'iv vmgxw 'Ti I I SE AK' ',? W , , WV., lg' ., Wm ,L f,-, 1 ,LA ww: f , lwlfw M,WW Jf ww wwf' ' f Il lf ll ff Q, rf-vw ifw 'auf ,lf-. WW ml . ,, rl, ,Jf 'alll P W , ,W PWM M l ll l "' ' -'lll' ' ,W in Q' f If f ,55mw4li'l. " All 5 f ,.f'ie,-,wr , I 4.1 J' lp 1 MPL. ,' pw J lf! fl IOB ' a 4 Y he ' " QQ " Pun' . 3 .1 lwl' V W af? an 1 W W V' 1 fl . XJ' ,A v ef.. P N. 'az' 7 . - P' 1' f ff li V-Fi 71 ' . ' ' .1 " Wi-'L' -- 53 53, w w' 4 fgry , . fe ,. -' g , , 5 , 91 L' of F- fx? 'jfa u '-FJ .114 if V, 3,1 . n f ,ff ,. , M , all 1 aa. , 1 . -1 L. Tisclale holds-Cleveland lliclrs. AnneH'e receives royal welcome in Jackson. MARILYN YAWN Lumberlon Elemenfary Educalion Phi Mug Baplisl Sludenl Union: Fulure Teachers of America. DAVID W. ZEHNER Chesler, Pa Physics Pi Kappa Alpha: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Newman Club. LEO P. ZIMMERMAN New Augusla .5 ,, . -. .' Urn E 'f W 1' is- f l mga- ' - A '5 K " "h' 'P .-il. pm- .aww 3 --.n."""'Nm"Z 'rf J?" G., L it ' w lncluslrial Aris Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpha Phi Omega Qin M253 lv1lSS?55l?P'lfi -5 ., 96 va-QM. PRESIDENT I+' GQ Q ROBERT H. HENRY Pren+iss Firsf Row: FERREL L. ABEL GERALD W. ADCOX MILTON E, AILES ALICE AITKEN Second Row: PEGGY J, AKINS JOE WA ALFORD LARRY D. AIELRED FRED E. ALSWORTEI Third Row: ANN E. ALWORTI-I DAN R, ANDERSON I-IARRY H. ANDERSON JAMES A. ANDERSON Fourfh Row: MIKE ANDERSON JACIESON C APBAN ROBERT I. ARMSTRONG TERRY ARMSTRONG FiI+h Row: JESSIE R. ARNOLD JOI-IN T. ASI-ILEY NOLAN J. ATKINS MAXINE BACRSTROM Biloxi Picayune Waveland McComb AImore, Ala. Greenwood Summif S'ronewaII Brookhaven EIIisviIIe BoIIon Purvis Ocean Sprinqs Afhens, AIa. Long Beach Twin Falls, Ind. Surnrall HazIeI'1urs'r Columbus New AuqusIa UNIUII VW i VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY-TREASURER ,l "? - ,Z CL? gf ,, 5 xr, 4? F X I If Hur' R' fs R' f xv ,, , I , Q F x I 43 KNOX M. BROOM ROBERT M. MURPHY JGCIIWU Bay S+. Louis W 1, 4' 1 A pa ,T , I w I: ij " ,H JA, 4 A I ' A f ' IW A ' f A In I I E a' 4, II I, H .II',J,IJ'I ,y 'il I .Ai J..- 97 1: ' 1:5 , ' ,QW A E? I X I Q Z. . xl I Q I , I ,. ...aff 4 X-f I I fp., xi , ,P - '-f Q-4' I28 , sv .N . J " " """"' 'six 'Us s 3 , Q', ,... , -,a .r pn: i "'1 T' Firs+ Row: TOM B. BAILEY NEWTON BAKER MAC L. BAKER WARREN W. BAKER Second Row: VIRGINIA D. BALL LLOYD R. BALL, JR. EUGENE BARFIELD HENRY C. BARLOW Third Row: MARTHA B. BARLOW DAVID H. BARON FANNIE B. BARRETT JOYCE BARRETT Four+l1 Row: WILLIAM D. BASSETT HENRY E. BAYLESS LYNN I. BEALL ARTHUR L. BEASLEY Fifl'I'1 Row: CHARLES E. BEASLEY MARION E. BEAUMONT CLIFTON BECKMAN EDMOND R. BELANGER Six+I1 Row: CARROLL S. BERRY GEORGE W. BERRY JOAN BERRY BETTY BERRYHILL Sevenfh Row: LORETTA L. BETHS JANE M. BEVERLY DONALD C. BILBO WALTER B. BISHOP Eigh+h Row: WILLIAM G. BISHOP plugin: New Grlea ns, La. Cenlreville Gullporf Jackson Foxworllw Halliesburq Kosciusko Laurel Gulfporl New Orleans. La. Purvis Toomsuba Pineville Bay Springs Hazlelwursr Seminary Moorhead Pelal Amesbury, Mass. New Hebron Prenliss Prenfiss Nalclwez Biloxi Laurel Purvis Jackson Canlon ELOISE BLACK LINDA S. BLACKLEDGE BURNETT BLACKMON Bay SI. Louis Sandersville Jackson Fa '- 'v-L, 'Nr 'ign- I 'M 45,18 A r, 'A- an LZ r 'PX W WW., K' W '. 'B .2 or .I ,, 22' I . ' - I I -1 fx., H33 X I ' wk ' x I I' I X i I Ii fi Y 9 4F1"h 21. .f 'rl 55.4.54 I F' 'A in an ' I sr' Q , I I ' ,I I , Y by -T,-' . 9 ,I f 'X X ,S 35,33 v Q IQ! , IX .. fi' I I I gina.. if f Z., IE . ' as 'Q I I V. ,ir -I-ggi XL f "' ' ' , A fy f T VT -.JMSV 34: 'ff IW V A R 3 z 'W 9 or 5, ..6?'9"' 1 4 1:9 A, ,LL-W, 5 U, X, V. .A V' ,gm ' '. -4 ' r 3 I ' ",':,,.""' -sk M37 , V4 . 31 Q 'f ,F -"' ti'-2 ' 'Fe , "AH'er serious consideraiion . . . ,-. I T New M Swim: I 4 Q 4 R T qs-4 QFWVVK '3' fwfr. .gf - ' -,fry 38, . Q . ., ,4,, if I 'Q I A Q-JN Vi' tk S O S I 31 ., --v' 5 ..., , f 4.3 'uf K 'ww i 1? ,E f 11 . 1 , if ,L S J in " v' Xi - - R2 '17 -.., , 1-' mv ' M I f ff, 1: -' 1 W"? 'T' "' ' l i R 'cf Rx Q ... 11' AU' gn A pdl 1 i if l 4 ss' x , L17 A -' V5 XX, fig 'T-gf? 'W k p. nw 4.-,Q "' . -, V an - , V , T , I ' ' n fa My A " f . L, is A f 1 11' , , , " , sl i L A L' V X ,,,-HN, ' l i I l I , y , f .a 1, 5 , W 'A' ' ...ff ,,V, If ' ,ps gg N EMM . xx Rx. ,P , QJJ. f , ,I .,. -f Y .W .F 'A ,Q 5 ' 2 E .W r- ,W X 'YE' QQ . s-.L ' -M- QM... .Q , V 491. 1 , fs-1 ww -z -A ,ri F . no K Q Q .QTQ2 is .1-W J -. .XX M, ,Mrk , . X xx 3 Q ull- VJ, an ' g if A. if, . . . 1? 've' 1. Y, ig .B J Q' K. ,. , ui sh, 4' -J N Kk,,,f"' ww' .pg i, X EE '55 'P as-'J 1 I - Q w- al 'N as u 1 v ,gy -AG? lr' of ,, 4 - i I no Firs+ Row: JAMES C. BLACKMON CLARENCE F. BOGGAN JOHNNY M. BOGGAN ROBERT S. BOOTHE Second Row: SARA J. BORKEY JANE M. BOSWORTH JAMES M. BOWMAN ARTHUR E. BRADLEY Third Row: JANELLE BRANNAN KARL BRANTLEY NANCY J. BREHM ROBERT L. BRESSLER Fourfh Row: ROBERT R. BREWER ARDIS BROCK SHIRLEY L. BRONSON GEORGE BROOKS Fiffh Row: DANNY M. BROWN DONALD E. BROWN MARY J. BROWN JOE C. BROWN Six+h Row: JUDY O. BROWN RAMON E. BROWN JACK BRYANT JAMES BUCHHOLTZ Seven+h Row: TROY E. BUNN FRANK BYRD FRED CALCOTE, JR. ELMA L. CALDWELL Eighth Row: ETHEL A. CAMERON ROBERT C. CAMPBELL MIKE CARPENTER LEON L. CARROLL, JR. Laurel Birmingham, Ala. Hickory Jackson Bowling Green, Va. Oullporl Millinglon, Tenn. Buckaiunna Leakesville Madden Nalchez Bay Sl. Louis Halliesburg Tyleriown Peial Halliesburg Ocean Springs Yazoo Cify Riverwood, Ala. Elorna+on, Ala. Halliesburg McComb Pefal Vicksburg Ouliporl' Kreole Brookhaven Laurel Laurel Canion Poplarville Greenville No more smoking in 'the aHic. mmm-N..,-.M,. ..... .. 'gin J"ff he ' X. Ruin , 'WX 'ax 4-uv ff H 1 1, . - ID! E W A I 'Q . . . . -ss I KF- ,Y A 1 , " , ' I 'W 'fuvr I ...Q-A V - .,:1.gQ.g,fi 0, qv- f-A . 551. ' A i 143' 4R7"1A 2 'A I H'f"42 I ,Q .K , . ms 5 i A . . J . J A ws. V Y J' 1. ,Qin QMS? i l I T T L I ,, U, 1. Q, M.. M! Ii' -sms uf -li f J. if 1 ' I I ,Ig I I 5, s , q.- -.A . ' Q, W - ,ar- ,Q aiu- A '. V, -gil .. 2 4 I I X . :wp-I ,W X A . .f .. 5 Y wx .ya igm u x , A I ,i E . af A-2:1 ,... .f.1.f'- J, .W -ab' , , f ,Y . I ' '-Jw 5 R n-df ' 'Y f 'W wg t f S .,,,., ,,,.. , 2: 9 W K .Sl 4 mi ' ,. . M I A 'ASA T ' I ' V5 1' ' If -. .. , I 5, f . Ki U ' X2 z. - 5 I f 1 A If.. ,ibz lg 7157 ' W. A I . v.-:: f Q I0 W LM .ska I3I Hin "Who pinched me?" Firsi' Row: SYLVIA J. CARTER THOMAS E. CARTER JONCIE B. CARR CECIL M. CASE Second Row: WILTON E. CAUSEY RITA CI"IATI'IAM CHANDLER S. CHEEK PATRICIA A, CI-IELDERS Third Row: DOROTHY CHURCHWELL STACY CHURCHWELL LIONEL CLARK NORMAN P. CLARK Four+I1 Row: OUDIA SUE CLARK TOMMY A. CLARK JERRY R. COAKER L. KELLAM COCHRAN Fifih Row: DONALD S. COEFER BILL T. COLE JERRY H. COLE HERBERT H. COLEMAN Sixih Row: DORIS E. COLLINS THOMAS V. COLLINS GARY COMMANDER JAMES E. COOK Seven+h Row: REBECCA A. COOK JACK C. COOLEY JOHN J. COOLEY BILL CORR, JR. Eighth Row: JEAN L. COSPER WILMA J. COTHRAN PAUL D. COTTEN REVIA Y. COWARD UNIO P- .. PopIarviIIe Kosciusko Louin Maqnolia CenIreviIIe Rose Hill OuITpor? LaureI Lake Wor+I1, EIa. LeaIcesviIIe LeaIcesviIIe Mize Mize BeImonI Waynesboro MobiIe, AIa. Bay S+. Louis Ponoioc Carson Canfow I-Iafiiesburq I-Iaffiesburq New OrIeans, La. Meridian New Orleans, La, Haiiiesburq Waynesboro Columbus Prenfiss MobIIe, AIa. McComb Smi+IndaIe Firs+ Row: LILLY COX CAROL COZIAR LARRY CRAIN MARGIE B. CRANFORD Second Row: DONALD L. CRASTO KAY CRENSI-IAW GENE A. CROWDER MONROE E. CUEVAS Third Row: BESSIE CULPEPPER WAYNE CUMBERLAND BILLY E. DANIELS WAYNE B. DAUGI-ITRY Fourrh Row: CULLIE E. DAVIDSON BENJAMIN W. DAVIS EDWIN M. DAVIS JAMES E. DAVIS Fif+h Row: JAMES DAVIS TRACY R. DAVIS SID I. DAVIDSON FRANCISCO DAVILA Sixth Row: CHARLES DAWKINS GAYLON DAY JAMES P. DEAN JAMES W. DENI-IAM Seven+h Row: CYNTHIA DENNIS ROBERT DENSON LELA ANN DEXTER HUGH L. DICKENS Eighfh Row: GLEN J. DICKERSON IRMA J. DODSON WILMER DOSSETT, JR. CHESTER M. DOWDLE in . change, Barbara. I-Iarriesburq Jackson Sandy Hoolc Seminary Bay S+. Louis I-Iafliesburg Kosciuslco Bay SI. Louis Waynesboro Philadelphia Glen Allen Seminary Hallieslourg Ouilman lvlorlon Gullporr Laurel Mobile, Ala. Howard, S. Dalcola Iloarra, Ecuador Fayelfe Polls Camp Corinlh Halliesburq New Augusfa Jackson Gullporl Collins Waynesboro Harperville Halliesburg Columbus UNIIIB N1 .. fy 5 I I I ..A '79 'C' A -zu - ii hs ai. "' I I N, 2 i fr-ag . . . A I .. , . I F ' 'I I I il S fb r - . I E 'YN 'W5 ' fi V 'R . ' -'P Q W II? 'TE' I 1 New -l I D " I ,Q A T I . -J QQ ' ' ' A 1 ' 'L ' w ' . I if Nz-f -ii "ww .Q cs' 'Q x 'A ' L - ,. , ,ah K if I: fi IK : . Yr 1, ' . ' 1 rs P ' ' '-,E ss' N " 5 356 .1 fgi 5 f .Ky hai' 143755 1 4' ff l .. . . , st . 3: W, x . h . Q-v I32 I I 1 3-5, , -' 13 -Q-M' ,JO ' k xg 4, i E -m Ar' y Qu' 1 I 5 ? 1 .., - .Q 4 5 W. Q-, : K - in - 'Z I R A , FQ' 'xv ,I Lam Qffff ,uf -J '27 A5 il 'Az 'I .ca I 'A elmo I C Firsi Row: JAMES N. DOYLE DENIS A. DRENNING TERRY ANN DREYFUS PATRICIA DRUMMOND Second Row: CARL A. DUKES JOHN DUKS ALLAN C. DUNN MINOR C. DUPUY Third Row: MICHAEL DUTTON THOMAS E. EARP JANICE EAVES DON R. EDDY Fourfh Row: OROUS L. ELLIS SUE ERVIN GWENDOLYN O. ESSARY SAMMIE ETHERIDGE Fiffh Row: TRUMAN W. FAIRLEY STELLA FARISH JOHNNIE R. FAYARD GENE W. FERGUSON Sixih Row: CHARLES D. FINCH ARMON H. FIVEASH ROLAND R. FLOYD JEANNIE FOARD Sevenfln Row: MARTHA FORD MELDA FORD JAMES K. FOREHAND CLAUDETTE M. FORNEA Eighfh Row: WILLIAM G. FORTENBERRY JANELLE L. FOSHEE ANN FOX BILLY R. FOX Crislobal, Canal Zone New Orleans, La. Halliesburg I-lalliesburg Jackson Jackson Jackson Greenville Mobile, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. Louisville Callellsburq, Ky. Carllrlage Halliesburg Brooklyn Meridian Lucedale Jackson GuIfpor+ Roanoke, Va. Jackson Brooklyn ,.f'P5"'-Q . ,aw .fs ' 2. 5' "' .3 .C Qt xl fm? 05 i 1 N4 v. w.....J3 X 54, wg, x S A. X il fx KVM! . - ,gg .., . Q.. -A Balon Rouge, La. ft. 'V' M' . r . , Greenville . A' fm' W Buller, Ala. Columbia Gullporl Poplarville McComb Prenliss Meridian Clarksdale Henry has one for fhe road. I Q sr K - -- 'Z 4 - x 3" 1. 1 T X 5 4 Y' ,fl-r-'sk Q. -. Lf.. sa . fi.,-vi 'L- f up V . I ' f N- 'iwiwmi-qE..J gi' f f Fw' un..- . Y - V A154 , . fit, ,-.Q ,vs ,Q -fx -, ,... .-f My rs.. 4 ,yd iwfsfhdi I . ff. J' y f I lil fri" I K I I 'fa-'W J ka .f-an-, s y I . 2? Fl I I .-. I I ! . I , ' I . V i 'xml f Si 3 rr . an I Mfr 1 J I Q. 'J-" - Firsi Row: WILLIAM T. FREEMAN Jackson T' F if 3 N I""'s. i T' A I Qin? . , . ,M R ? I V I'J 5 'al X F' A-qi .VE 3 f,vs"':':-,'5f ,U fy ,, ,.,,f ..,. .A.v'. 1:- Y IW" ' f-,f A "W: ww' I-M. 50' , J I W Iii A Q , I ff' f' I www. I. 'fx ' 7 . url ."' -.,- I T' 2 ,Q , , 1' -- -- iii ,J 2' E 'T' fig M , A ,445 I I f 1 bf ...ti . , E if If I!! S R . ,J n f ' . , V six .4f .1 Q: I nm " -ii , "' I f f ' , MQMWQBI ,,.. 5 f ' T , ff' A' J ' r for 5 4 , -QV '-" fi K 31 fr 5-.f-qv Q L f It ' M. II www ' SS N. WW , -' 1 , . sy, S, 1 '5' x fc? vzz- .6 S 'Navi ,xw' .Ifwwfa 'QL-1' . ' ' 4 Ea! ,L - ,l fa xr abil' 'A .DX .Gif 7 ,I . fl . - KAL .. I I I c nm 'TJ' 4-as tu" .. 35 1-49 Nr 4""' 6 I34 WILLIAM H. FRITH JOAN FRYE BARBARA A. FRYER Second Row: DARNELL FULGHAM WARNER J. GALE GROVER GALLUP JOSEPH T, GARBIN Third Row: AVA D, GARICK LILLIAN GARRETT LEWIS G. GATLIN JERRY B. GEE FourII1 Row: ALEX J. GEORGE JOSEPH GIAQUINQIO WILLIAM GILBERT ROBERT B. GILMORE Fif+I'1 Row: MARTHA L. GINN HEWIE D. GIPSON VERNON GIPSON MARY P. GOOLD Six+I1 Row: ROBERT H. GOOLD OTHO T. GRAHAM GEORGE W. GRANTHAM PATRICIA GRAUER Seven+I'1 Row: RUTH GRAY GLENDA GREEN REBECCA GREEN CAROLE GRIFFIN Eighfh Row: TEIELMA S. GRISSETT LORENDE GUILLOTTE JACK 6. GUNN SADIE K. GUNN "You see, I've been sick." BiIoxi Haffiesburg Lexinq+on Ackerman Haffiesburg Biloxi Biloxi Sanford Mon+iceIIo JoI'1nsIon Siafion Gulfpori Jackson HaHiesburg U+ica Ha++iesburg Kokomo Purvis Poplarville Haffiesburq HaHiesburg Sumrall Jackson Jackson Pascaqoula PI1iIadeIpI'1ia PI'wiIadeIpI'1ia Guliporf HaI+iesburg Moss Poinf Pachufa Millry, Ala. I ni R ' 'MS ,III fe I , I . - , 5 W t diy- J I L , Y. W I A wwe . w 5 r-. Q , ev- A ,gg :N fl' X I H115 ki! A ,E NZ ,Q K V X ,,,, -vit? ,, E I. f 1 if ' l 2 , 'ga A ,Y I I Q' Q ..b 'JWWW' V N I. I , ' I , ,A, .R - QQ' I . fe A TI "" 'Ir 1 Tm "" f -. "'1 ... Q A V XX kk- V ., Q' I S ,. nf. C R ... Q we A I ' If- ,.A. S . J . J . ff we 30 . ,, , .1. .- . .V,, I A 9 1':'1"" ' ' , 1., S A e if xx 1-' 1 - I. , ,,,,A , M C ,,, , :ff X-" 'ltr' . "' Books are iusi' no subsiifufe. ' get 'Y 39' N A6 is A Firsf Row: I 'uf' Y, -J fig 'rj V BOBBY D. GUNTER Aqricola ' A ""' T ' ROBERT E. GWINNER Vicksburg - NICHOLAS M. HASS Bay S+, Louis 1- fm es ' 513,59 L. SUSAN HAGERMAN Hafhesburq t :.. " Second Row: 9' A'V' . 'I POOCHIE HAGUEWOOD Meridian X ' P ' G get JAMES H. HALE Ponrofoc ,gi f "A f 3 rc: .eb SAMMY D. HALL Jackson V fn, , ' fjj ff r Q NELDA HAM Meeee ' 'fag' A . -'EH' R ,.,.-V is ' I A 'Q I ' it W Third Row: .QQ I 2 f MARJORIE HAMILTON Hafriesburq 4:32 A ' JACK D. HAMMACK Halrriesburg ' V U JAMES w. HAMRICR Harfiesburq 1 ff .J P. rw- 4' L Fourih Row: ,W A 6' PATRICK C. HARDESTY Mebale, AIe. -.- S, CLINTON T. HARDIN, JR Calhoun f ,ee X . 1775 CHARLES J. HARRELL Columbia yexe PHYLLIS I. HARRINGTON Haffiesburg . :b' 1 M V Eiffh Row: Q' CAROLYN HARRIS Meridien , I " CAROLYN L. HARRIS Picayune , ,ee Je., EMERSON HARRIS New Oneeee, La, 'E' I EWR 'ff H I A MILTON T. HARRIS Heidelberg ul' S 7 .,,, , -. WR zzb Six+h Row: d. "1e WILLIAM T. HARRIS Tupelo ,J J LERA D. HARRISON Laurel f '::" ANN HART Paeeyune WILLIAM E. HATTEN Haffiesburq Sevenfh Row: 1" THOMAS v. HARVEY Harfiesburq JAMES G. HAUGHTON, I Amory LIDDELL O. HAY McComb JOHN D. HAYES Marqarifa, Canal Zone 'if 'Em -52, . Eighfh Row: A I JAMES A. HAYS Philadelphia I - I PATRICIA M. HAYS Haffiesburq JOHN T. HEARN Laurel W Jw M ex A, ROGER HEITZMANN Bay S+. Louis 'g gi' I if ,S x Q V V.b: ,. I"" 1 ' " A. If I '35 JU I0 4- T55 "You see, my girls always maize good." Firs+ Row: JAMES J. HEMPHILL CHARLES K. HENDERSON HARDEE S. HENDERSON ROBERT E. HENNINGTON Second Row: ANN HERRING JAMES E. HERRINGTON LORENE HERRINGTON WILLIAM HICKS Third Row: MYRTA F. I-IIGGINBOTHAM JACKIE D. HILLMAN WILLIS T. HINTON FRED J. HOGUE Fourfh Row: VICTOR L. HOLLINGSWORTH JOHN W. HOPE PATSY D. HORTMAN ROBERT L. I-IOWINGTON FifI'I1 Row: HAZEL HUGHES PEGGY J. HUGHES JAMES H. HUGGINS WILLIAM E. HUGHES Sixih Row: JULIUS R. HUHN MARGARET A. HURD JESSIE I. HUTCHISON JEAN INGLIS Sevenih Row: BOBBY R. IVEY ELSIE O. IVEY MARLIN J. IVEY NELMA HAYES IVEY Eighfh Row: KATHRYN JACKSON NELL C. JACKSON TEDDY R. JAMES JIMMY N. JOHNSON Meadviiie Laurel RicI'1+on Wesson Lucien Laurel Meridian LeaIcesviIIe Biloxi LeaIcesviIIe Boqalusa, La. Easiabuchie Columbus McComb Laurel Cenfury, Fla. Bailey Meridian Waynesboro Cenireville Tyleriown Moss Poinf Kosciusico Moss Poinf S'ronewaII Ouifman Kosciusko Haiiiesburg Carson Opp, Ala. I-Iazlehursf Mize UNI0ll 'Sw- -'91 A1 5 X is ww . '-4.20. .. ... ,f-Fa. -uf Q'-7 5 WW I , , --xl 'OI .ee . v ,.,.sf '.' , 'fr ,.., , , x.' vsgfw ? Pk I W' 'X ..-.....v I -Mtg, wwf I... if AS fw'x, "',?'. v7 I36 W.. ,.- . w 16' I IIIIIII. 'J mf' ..1-' iff I' it 'W' X. -- ! expr ..4.- .4 1' 5 f '11 ,T -f I , 6 - I-- ,TF 'S xp.-A A , 'Q s I I S ax .L 'ar 'f Q., . 5- , .dife- LII ' 'I ,-Q nn fygg. fo. I . - fr- ' 5 2 -4. a- -' 'V' I If-fe W' 1 TXT L C .,, ZR as X xi?-. . 'Z . ---Q v-"7 Firsf Row: PEGGY R. JOHNSON ALLEN C. JONES JAMES M. JONES JAMIE G. JONES Second Row: MINNIE E. JONES WANDA J. JONES ALVIS JORDAN BRUCE I'I. JORDY Third Row: DONALD P. JOSEPH DONNA R. KENNAN EDWARD G. KEMMERER JOSEPH E. KERN Fourfh Row: JOSEPH J. KERSENAC CHARLES T. KERSH JOYCE KINABREW JANE KING Fiffh Row: JOSEPH KING CAROL J. KINNARD ROBERT E. KINNEY JOE L. KINSEY Six'I'h Row: WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK GERALD R. KISH ELIZABETH KISNER WILEY H. KNIGHT Seven'Ih Row: HARVEY C. KNOWLES KENNETH G. KOCH MARINEL M. KOCH DORIS KORMAN Eighfh Row: MARYANN KREHER JAMES E. KYZAR JAMES W. LANDRUM MARILYN LANE "Mrs. Gough and her Charm Course." Mize PascaqouIa Pe'raI Sanaforium Meridian Haffiesburg BuIIer, AIa. Biloxi Crosby Wesson Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Bay SI. Louis Bay SI. Louis Ellisville Liber+y I'IaHiesI::urg Meadville Philadelphia Mansfield, Ohio Jackson Winfield. La. Freeport III. EIIisviIIe EIIisviIIe FoIey, Ala. Haffiesburg Picayune Biloxi Mobile. Ala. Bogue ChiHo Laurel New Hebron -A P' 1 Q I I! 1 r J I 1:5 I, 'R i Q QIW5 ' y,.'?' ' rf""' QQ., . 57' .mf fa S ,M 1' 'V I 'Q ... ,---1 , 116 'Wk lx' , . 4 ' if ..,..' fs ,M nw, 40354 ,. 2 fx. .hw D, v- K ,na 'W' 'ww 4 sgro- A f ff ,...,g,.- ' , . 'K ' . w x A. A IiIf' . '5f- ' " W W? 'ff Q f Q wus iq Y . S- ? ' ' Q' - - ' ff' .-z:- y - W Q . lj N , if ffl P .,v 'V 7.1. -I .A I t if 1 'V V I ,. -I 1331 s ': 2, ,gy wh. -.W A X47-.,. I ' ., .,., 1 ' Q , .vw ,... C "" N r-,,-Q 1 ,.pwv-- .. g:M . - :fm H2525 I . 2? 'Br' i ,...., ....,, LA . Zi Af A V ' ' .,r'Pn f "L, 7 V 4 , f. 'ir' ,g I -rf'-1' ff lim f Q 'vfwiiff A ,f-. -,, 'l'!"iw- WV" QW 3 ff, AWN 1'-A r 'nf I I f, -P-A ,Jw INT T... st 5 -. W fwgf, 4 as , Ir ffk 22:- ff A we 5 2 ? , I if 4?"Y." 2... ' AQ ' . . fm- ""'x ,. :fa-A ,Av Wx '35 i225 K ' . X- , JE" Eg? 3 GQ , If-up X Y Q 1 .. X At? I+-' I sf 'fi W' TIN ,Q I37 fi If-if Q vw. -K5 M www? 49 . ,r X ""9' RQ, . Q... YO' I '91 f""X,, v-ef-v' . B Y .W fs 2-."" ...-r -ww X X iv. ,rm W i z 'ar 1. 55911.-or - A ' A 'W fm ,L W 'S Q . I AS A .ak ,as ,Q Iwi A L wal. 1 ,.,.h in Fi' 2 . I I 4, . wwf., , A ' ,. nba ., ,nv . W J, f ,Q K? . V ,K ,I Q ,A .. L I ,- Q . , . L.,, X2 ,, f .V . I Q H . . I . , ' I 'V J 'Kr -V 1 A X '4v-' T," 'X ., .. uw Q 1 ,... 1 , .W A If , , f ..- E -C -f ff' 'fi 3214. Il ,, W 'Ynns,,,,,, .fix I ,lp ,R , . ' ,419 W., rf .,. , , . f...,.f Q, .ZW , Ii up :W , ff 4 -. xg,:,,'32f,?? LK -Q, ,X v 1 I N .I 4.x .im ' x S 'Y-If x K 'ZF ww. U ""' J J' dv- xg I 3' -T" 'fi-f I . '17 , 'I fN:..,b V 1 . 1 ' - N2 :' 1 'u T . .e U .1 s IT? 21 ...- '-lit Q --Q Iii 55" '. "' 'ful . ,iv ,.4v I38 Firs'I Row: SHIRLEY R. LANG GERRY E. LAUMAN RAYMOND P. LAWLESS JAMES E. LAWRENCE Second Row: WALLACE S. LEA BETTY R. LEE CHARLINE LEGETT GAIL LEGGETT Third Row: JERRY LEGGETT ROBERT L. LENNON RICHARD H. LEONARD ROBERT D. LEVERETTE Fourlh Row: CAROLYN LEWIS RICHARD J. LINDEN ARCHIE R, LITTLE CARL L. LITTLE Fif+h Row: EMMA LIVINGSTON VALDA LIVINGSTON FRANK I. LLOYD, JR. WILLIAM N. LOFTON Six+h Row: JOAN LOGAN CHARLIE LONG OUINCY A. LONG WILLIAM C. LOTT Sevenfh Row: WALTER S. LOVE BYRON D. LUNCEFORD KENNETH L. LYONS SIDNEY W. LYON Eigh+h Row: JAMES C. MACDONALD HARVEY R. MADDOX LEROY MAGEE OWEN R. MAKAMSON Meridian Jayess Columbia Lumberlon Brookhaven Isola Gulfporl Jaclcson Boque ChiHo New Orleans, La. Pascagoula Greenville Philadelphia Chicago, III. Pinola Pensacola, Fla. Moorhead , Moorhead Halriesburg Philadelphia Nafchez Gullfporl Ellisville Sumrall Laurel Webb Gulfporl Laurel Picayune Hafliesburq Tylerfown Morgan Cily ll , ll Come up and see me somehme. I QF' 4 W?- IVV' ,f-' Z .Im -.ff Q I -N . W . K A 'Nnmxqf s. ' , ...QI wk I .. 2.4. : I . I rm 4. W A I 2 ss?" I if . -Q Jw i lsliilaaxvx .I Q, 'I' ' W A ,...,"'sf i,,,,.,,."' N ' 'kv I vb 2. - ff' E P 5? Mm s-x"'N -H: 'ti' 'I 'I , r M .. . . ,W . .H h, ,. 'I " I I I W , I .A my ,K K, 'V R' ff ,-E. .. I --f' Av ,Ty M , . . ,. .A I1 5, w Ik J 9. .4 ' I 'l Q fx M af, 1 Wkfw . 11" 1-"' .M Jig W r fs IQ I I I KI A A ' ,.,., . lr- sw, ',.. . M. W. ..Af Z . ,l Am M' gg.: .9 I X 1 M ...SQ l ... 'Q Wh - 1 ,f 'I -. .........- QWN. .2 . JW ' . 4 h Q, .,. J 5? V' W I ' .,7,.f?'?ggf 'Ulf 'I 3' .,.. LEM' 'Eg . 'g f 5 1 2 I 'I . 1 '1, Q N' , 1 tg Wa n Q , Q ,. 5 X S-1-ay' ' 1:3 f Zum Q5 f N gg 1 A 3. I ' 1 ips., HY . f- 'wr' Q ' Tr A A? A .SM Q R as ffl 'fav' R523 in lg . N I? I ' fp . ,,,,,' 1": VZ' 39, sa A1 -1 QM . 4 A . 1 1.1 fx! y f t ,,,v It ::,..:. .gf f .... N ' 'f'-E :P i"x 4f'Q"" - vy - i' Lb -A Ms 'W ,VAZ , E N . S MSW 5 .. ,Q 3' I 1 N-fx B if "f, I 'ie' ' '--: I39 "One for my baby, one more for +I1e roa FIrs'I' Row: HOWARD J. MALONE EDWARD MANLEY RALPH H. MANNY ANNIE J. MARTIN Second Row: BOBBIE J. MARTIN CHARLES W. MARTIN RUBY L. MARTIN XEARL MARSHALL Third Row: ANNE MAYFIELD GEORGE U. MAYFIELD GLEN MQBAY JOHN E. MCCABE Fourflw Row: JAMES L. MCCABE CHARLES N. MCCAFFREY JOLLY P. MCCARTY JOSEPH C. MCCLAMMY FIHI1 Row: JOSEF E. MCCLESKEY MARY KEY MCCLAMMY ANNETTE MCCLURER RENZA MCCLURE Six+I1 Row: GLEN T. MQGEE MARY A. MCGEE DOUGLAS K. MQGOWEN MARY J. MCGRATH Sevenfh Row: VIRGINIA MCGUFFEE HOMER E. MCILWAIN TITUS L. MCINNIS ANN ADELLE McKAY ElgI'1I'l1 Row: PEGGY MCKEITHEN BEVERLY JO MCKENZIE BOBBY H. MCKENZIE JANICE MCKINNEY .L I "L'. 7 ..., ' 253 A3 5 X d. Carlhaqe Buller, Ala. EI. Wayne, Ind. Carson Osyka New Orleans, La. Pelal Philadelphia Taylorsville Laurel Ha++iesburq Pensacola, Fla. Crosby Halfieslourq Halfiesburq Mobile, Ala. Ha+Iiesburq Meridian Jackson Waslmlnglon Brookhaven Collins New Auqusfa Pascaqoula Monricello Waynesboro Picayune Louisville Jackson Eoresr Halliesburq Newlon UNIIDB 6 Board of Direc+ors, U. S. S+eaI. Firs+ Row: RAY E. MCKINNEY Halliesburq WENDELL L. MCLEMORE Philadelphia HILLIARD McMURRY Harliesburg BILLY J, MCPHAIL Jaclcson Second Row: CURTIS D. McRANEY Collins SHIRLEY McSWAIN Halliesburq DELL F. MERCIER Halliesburq IRIS MICHAEL Boonville Third Row: B. C. MILES Halliesburg ALOYSIUS B. MILLER Hallie-sburg GAY MILLER Laurel ROGER A. MILLER Wiggins Fourfh Row BECKY J. MILLING Collins SAM A. MILLS, JR. Gullporl PERRY L. MILNER Mounl Olive JIMMIE J. MILSTEAD Slale Line Fif+h Row: EREDDIE M, MINCHER Lonq Beach GLENN R. MINER Gullporl CHARLES A. MITCHELL Greenville DAVID A. MITCHELL Biloxi Sixlh Row: MANLEY L. MITCHELL Greenwood ROBERT L. MOBERLY Pensacola, Fla. EDYTHE L. MOORE Lexinglon BONNY J. MORGAN Vicksburg Sevenfh Row: HAROLD A. MORRIS Pensacola, Fla. RAYMOND F. MORRIS Picavune CARYI, A, MORSCHAUSER Closler, N. J ALVIN F. MOSS Halliesburg Eigh+h Row: BOYD E. MOUNCE New Albany MINNIE O. MOYNIHAN Laurel EARLE G. MOZINGO Pefal JAMES E. MULLEN Jackson UNIIIB I Ti' I-si. ii :?""'-' 'Dx ,f . xx - - . . V r 54" W III f .iI. . ,Wm 'S-.YN 'S-Q' 'UDF I ,Mai Syn in 9 X '?.-.-- S1 ,Q I ,1- 'T-uf' 45? .T 'Snr '23 IV 'J .pf ,..-. -uv I 6? I -0 45' 4 I -5, 1 e v- 8 . N. , --'X f If '34 I '7 feds , 1 - L ' Nei.. 4513 I N A . S- jf' - A A 'IR f. nl -J Y I I 7' 5, C' 'R we SS" rg :L I-Q , A ' .:. 'I Q k-- .. It V, X X I I gg' I ' 'fi 8. ii 'IQ lv-1 'H 63 V T' ,S I f Fixx ff'-5' xi -wr 48 7 "T A I L N' X' 'Tv' AM ., ,A 5 ,,,,, . , .V I R ' 1 I40 4 , I I I I I I I I I I I Firs+ Row: FRANK A, MULLINS SHERRY MURPHY ROBERT NAHRGANG ANITA L. NEELY Second Row: THOMAS D. NEELY JAMES R. NEGROTTO JAMES R. NESTER GERALD R. NICHOLSON Third Row: LILLIE M. NICHOLSON GEORGE D. NICK NARY L. NIX JERRY E. NORRIS Four+h Row: MARTIN J. NOTO JAMES OAKES HARRY T. O'BRYAN SARAH ODOM Fifih Row: BOBBY F. OGLESBY JOSEPH T. OLIVER ELOISE PARENT ANN M. PARKER Six'I'h Row: CURTIS PARKER JAMES C. PARKER AUGUST L. PARKER PHIL PARKER Sevenfh Row: THOMAS V. PARKER JAMES M. PARR LEONEL F. PARRA WILLIAM N. PATTERSON Eighfh Row: ALBERT E. PAYNE BARBARA D. PEARSON ROSS C. PEARSON PETE PELHAM "Aw, shuclrs, ,4- 9 ,ras .1 L. . is if .. , f 1 .pdf 14? Chickasaw, Ala. Carlrhaqe Fairhope, AIa. Tupelo McLain Biloxi DeKalb Laurei Waynesboro GreenviIIe I-Ia++iesburg Jackson Bay SI. Louis Greenville Haiiiesburg Haiiiesburq Ecidicefon Balboa, CanaI Zone Naichez Brookhaven GuIfporI Mobile, Ala. BiIoxi Brookhaven Meridian Boqalusa, La. Coiornbia, Souih America Haiiiesburg CIarksdaIe Carriere Haiiiesburg Dyersburq, Tenn. I ain'f so bad." I my . A .sw QW, .. .. . ll' f.,.... . .. , W ,,,,,, WNW, , .. .4 8 -I W wg l ' K I, . A: I 1 ' if ,, if 4 r ,J if 4 . L an is u I V 1 ," 'ni f I ' SAI I 'Nagy' 'T ' mi I I in It frm, s Au I , 5 xy 'Y-. I Hams' .ski-va, 113 ' Mm Mg: 'Fi 'gf 4 f as 1 gp' Y A an-f Q, N: g 4 A my' I W., . .4 in UQ x Q: a. L' Q S Y im? ,fm W I 'Ia T... ,J 1-f-f ff Jimi" , ' I 3 Z, ef ,ag V 4 '- Q., , . J, S . ,f t ,JET ,- , ,P 0 ' I " Q' Mwff ,, . ,,. M, ., fwfjil. ', I .. Z .2 I in .MW fa L - Q , , 's X if 5, 'Bi 'I ,IAIFTEK .B J 1- 4103- ,p.,.,,4 ...W . 0? A5411 e f .fu 1 A ' "" . H ,, if 'gg ' X , Ig. - I 4' vw "' 4,2 if-5,-v,"'f .4-lj J . mf f N Q I , . ,-,. U 1 a, .1 , 4:-ca, . . ..,. : , st,-,: , 1 4 I Ti . W X . - Q , - I Z' . 'gi Q 3' " 1 , I 'wif ' 1' '-an J 'T D ' J'---A I -...,.,,,,, 1 "'1""". 9' Q "' S 0 - ' .1 akin' .xi I L 5 , f ' W vwvsgf w fp . tnwmzw . ,sei , . . ,H W ' Llgb' A, ,gains- I4l X. is I A , fa Q A, A.. I N , 2 , Q .K I ,.""" 1 W' Y .. , ""'. ' "TP I ff ' A 23115 1 x All :fl I , . Ai 'Q-2 fi-v 3. Q. 4:2 ,-,F Q ,wg I "Ng N.. 'Vi' -gn -f'f Z f. . " fiy . vu as Nwgwf "T "WI - a. . r ,Q"7""f 7 A va 5 1 2 'Q N1 X Q . r ' ,Q E , 1 .aw W- , .,,,7 """' . If 5 Q" -A.-.,f .p-f d .df 11: 'U' ,I wwf "' Txx X gl 1. 1-WJ - like X! .7 x L ' 4. ', " if ' -Q wut, f I .P I' W , 'ag Vi 2' . .-off fag: L . . t ,A . 1 -'I 1' f 1 "N 23' X . x XWVLQ I wax QI I . X wx me ,t .. VM ,,.... i. VV 4 . qs-l 5-T' X106 3, .-1 wi., . 2 My I NJ A QL ,,.A-,,1 , , I 5 ia., ' xfff f- .I v A ' I A 1 I . M A?,' 'Q A I . 2 1 . .. :V I ' in 1 A I ' 42 wt iv l AAF 3, 'R S T , I K ""' N A 15 IX ' 'V ,., . ,sf V. J .M i I I ' 'L I kde. . K eff?-f . N ' 19 5-V A, .1-,Q at itll , N: JN 6 f I "lf, -..Ni S .T 'r', rj, WEN I . ,H " - N-ff! Q I 4 W""' A ,szh -- 1 ., ,Q L9 ' tg ,N I3 LN, ' ..', an-e-Q IH - l42 Firsi' Row: HOUSTON C. PENTON NORMAN G. PEVEY JACK B. PETERSON WILLIAM H. PHILLIPS Second Row: NANCY LEE PICKERING JANICE E. PIERCE TRUIVIAN N. PITTMAN EMILY L. POOLE Third Row: JAMES S. POOLE KATIE POPE MANUEL J. POYADOU GARY PRATER Four+I1 Row: SHELBY PRESTRIDGE BETTY C. PRUETT RUFUS E. PUGH, JR. JOSEPH V. PULIZZANO FIHI1 Row: MELVIN PULLEY JOHN D. RAWLS NELLIE F. REDD WALTER REED Six+I'1 Row: JON R. REHAGE JERRY C. REID LOUIS R. RENAUD PEGGY J. REVELS Sevenfh Row: CHARLES A. REYNOLDS HENRY W. RHODES GEORGE RICHARDS CLAUDE H. RILEY EigI1+I'1 Row: MARY J. RILEY RALPH P. RILEY THOMAS J. RILEY CARLOS RIVAS The Green Door. 1 . 1+-+......,,, E, I" L F' :lu 1 I. 1 I lv I I 1 Q Gau+ier CIin+on Canfon Jackson Laurel Wefumplca, Ala. Can+on NaI'cIwez Jackson Lealcesville Bay S+. Louis YpsiIanIi, Michigan Magnolia Haffiesburg Mobile, Ala. Bay S+. Louis Sfonewall HaHiesburg Summi+ RocI1es+er, N. Y. Ocean Springs Mon+iceIIo Vicksburg Haffiesburq Liberfy GuIfpor+ McComb Guifporf Haffiesburg Ha+Iiesburg Ha++iesburg Venezuela 'I Y: 9 . Q if X ,fy 5 -J ...Q nf e-.4-I--pg-ig.l"'UB'. .,,-- " .Y ,Aff-on ogy 35393. 'aft . ,gf .Ryo ufoyffofz 5'4ffg. ,7 -Z rife-vffgff . ., 4 1, I A ,. ' ""'If"fIfi""?Ex ' Now "T" 11452 M Iijfful ' 'A 'R " " M W- 7'I"5wQ-3.-YI-f.9'Rao+:'Ie3f:-BT" .f ff-ffrffff-?1i'B' 'Qqgf-:"1I' -- ' I I I . J. ,mo 41 I MCI 3'vn15f,5xeQ,,, g,','j'o.ff',' S. Wg ?"ig,I'9' I' ' ' cfgI74Ii'f B- A ,, 1 Y ' I ,-,En 71 In I . ,ua J. . L, g, . ? QP2Z:hmMx,.AIMLf. .nf-B, JSF' EES . I A' .. on- VS, 4. wifi. IM, 11.145, Mw'if7F.o .F E 4 , lm ADJ, ' 9 7:i ' -f nfl. . .fo-L.f,4..,, T.-I 1 , ' I, 'I ' A I-A L, ,. , - 4" T .HJ-111 , -.I4.3I1l1 iJ.14,Lgl4f ' 5 I f ' Af 'ff --me I' 'fix' , x wq ' L I I W I ,S G.. ,H ,ER A 1191- """ x X If . ... ,, D A fm S M ' -:I f 'J . X' ""f ' S "JI 'NL 'D .IL 'F . , N A x II I ! ZL lx I 995 I ' ' Q, ffvff A ' A The Pride ac+s Proud. ' ' p -.G f . I I X 'zy' Firs+ Row: f I-S ,A I Y- fff i i f, vf- .3 .oz-S lf A 'J JACK A. ROBERTS Purvis on 4 IW r ' W ho -A 1 PEGGY ROBERTS Amory S H-'S A Y of THOMAS D. ROGERS COIIinS qbiil . WILMER A. ROGERS coIIIoo J V.: 1 ,., K , ,f " S I ' I ii F ' . I A ' 'A 5 'K IS Second Row: U f I JAMES N. ROOS CIermOn+ Harbor ' B I w JOHN ROSETTI Hoooobofo ' ' I I-IOWARD L. ROSS Kewanee x My II. MARY I-I, ROSS MerTderII'IaII 'go w' A -an ' om- I . 72" Q . , 2 4:-fo, Third Row. Q"'A ' BILLY H. ROWELL Poplarville Q, I 7 ' JERRY RUEEIN EIIIovIIIo JR LESTER RUSHING Mobile, AIo. In I SAMUEL E. RUSI-IING I-Iaffiesburq Y tx 'W I Q I I ' Fourfh Row: My . . 9 A, f V I , VERSIE RUSHING Brookhaven ' 'M gb W 5 ' A 'R W JOHN T. RUSSELL Moo+IooIIo , GQQQ. R ,,... I NUM, MIGNONNE RUSSELL Jackson ,L ,fy ly R ' Zsn PEGGY J. RUSSELL PODTOIOC S R 3,5551 ' v"1f 2 :Z ',,- " I II D FIHI1 Row: ' I 0 T V M "I WILLIAM T, RUSSELL Hajrfiesburq . ...,,,, 155' DONALD A. RUSSUM Pascaqoula A' I ,. .. V: GEORGE W. RYMER Vero Beach, Fla. L k j pi ANTHONY SACCARO Bo+oo Roooo, Lo. 1... A J T if I . if 4 ' "Wx I Six+h Row: I ' XA oo' JAMES E. SALTER Purvis ' OTIS E. SANFORD RooIofVIIIo E' ROBERT E. SANDERS Soooofovnlo I - B A ff BOBBY W. SAUOIER Purvis . :Lv ,S Sevenfh Row: I J . LEEROY SCI-IAPANSKY BACPIWEFSOH, Kan, m fy oil-S EI my LAMAR H. SOHMITZ RfooIo JW 2 M 3' RUSSELL R. SGHONEBERG GoIIoof+ . oo OLLIE J. SEALE MeacIviIIe 'I" Y 8 A 2, . EIgh+h Row: ,A Q J 1-' EDGAR D. SELLERS LaUreI PAT W. SELLERS I'IaTTIeSbUrq Z k A 1 -'a 2 1 I Q S oi Io. A vw. - J "' A 4 N yw N Y 0 rf 4Ii J ,,., J -xo Y A K Rv 1 'Q RAY E. SESSUMS BOBBY SI-IACKELFORD NaTcIIez Yazoo Cify UNIDB Firs+ Row: PAUL SHAPER CECIL J. SHAMBURGER JAMES L. SHARP KATHERINE SHARP Second Row: BARBARA ANN SHAW PHILIP B. SHAW HELEN M. SHELTON ROSE SHELTON Third Row: CHARLES T. SHOEMAKE JERRY SIMS TOMMY C. SIMS BILLY B. SLAY Four+I1 Row: BILLIE JO SMITH BILLY RAY SMITH BOBBY S. SMITH CHARLES E. SMITH Fif+h Row: FERNAND J. SMITH JAMES D. SMITH RICHARD D. SMITH RUTH B. SMITH Six+I1 Row: WILLIAM S. SMITH JIMMY SMITHIE ROLAND SOLDINIE C. S. SPANN Seven+h Row: ROBERT SPEED NEVIS SPEIGHTS JOHN SPENCER RICHARD SPENCER EigI1+I1 Row: ROBERT STANGER CHESTER STATHAM CHARLES E. STEPHENS "Concerning moraIi+y . . ." GuIfpor+ Meridian GreenviIIe Sebasiopol MobIIe, AIa. GuITpor+ Crysial Springs Haifiesburg Haiiiesburg Har'rweII, Ga. Hafiiesburg Mendenhall Poplarville Tyleriown Aberdeen Pascaqoula Biloxi Foresi Purvis Memphis, Tenn. Peial Javess WaveIand Raymond Collins Preniiss Nesbiii I-Iaiiiesburg Park Ridge, III. McComb Mobile, Ala. UNIIIB .K L I X 4h QA 12 hz . 7 1' QL is ' T ' A f Q I I . ' .I A 75 2' ,A I I 'I' f - -, ' 7 -... I -v . .I .if xXx. . f I3 15- W-I -I 1 is AMAA 4 41 Q5 ' f: 'WA JN 1-"9 1 .,, eff", 'TTCN A , Q A' H. ,Ii ,Q 4 I 2 ,wx If -Q P, I' f - . I I 1 11 I 5 . A I ,ug ' S' A pf- . AR' li fx fo -'gi Q--v 5 I ,i I44 X 'r , . 54 , 3 X, -X IX gr F5 F. w xi - I 'T f., was .I W yn. fm muy.. Q.- A I-. 4, ,+ '4 ,zen-6? 4, X 3 ,X D4 Y Yi' I ga "' iw I 5 wi. IW" 'IIB Firs'I' Row: EDWARD N. STEPHENS JEROME STEPHENS WILLIAM STEVENSON CARL B. STEWART GENE W. STEWART MARSHA ANN STEWART Second Row: WILLIAM S. STEWART RALPH STINSON TOXIE STINSON JACK STONE Third Row: ALICE L. STRAIT JANE C. SULLIVAN JAMES SUMRALL TALMAGE L. SUMRALL Fourfh Row: CHARLES E. SWAN JOHNE TABOR ELTON TANNER, JR. JAMES TAYLOR Fifih Row: JIM S. TAYLOR LEE O. TAYLOR MRS. ROSE TAYLOR ADALYNN D. THIGPEN Sixih Row: MARCIA THIGPEN DAHON THOMAS DOROTHY MAE THOMAS ERNEST F. THORNE Seven+I1 Row: BILLY J. THORNHILL GLENDORA THORNHILL ALBERT H. THORNTON EDWIN THORNTO'N Eighfh Row: MAX W. THORNTON WILLIAM THORNTON JAMES TIMBES CAROLYN B. TIMMS "WI1a1' a college educaiion means 'Ifo me. Meridian Meridian GuIIpor'r Vicksburg Picayune Bogalusa, Ala. McComb Pascagoula TyIerI'own Gulfporf Brookhaven Mize LaureI Laurel Haffiesburg Fores+ Theodore, Ala. Ocean Springs SiIas, Ala. Lumberfon Florence PopIarviIIe Mobile, AIa. Haffiesburg Haifiesburg Decafur Tylerfown Summir Vicksburg Crysfal Springs Carfhage Crysfal Springs Seminary Tunica L . ,fm , 5 ew... N ' ,,., ' . ,... '5 f 1 " W. V ,wr T my 'IM -4' 55 .-1 ,K is vi 0 Zi , 'A' Tw. so f .1 "" W W .e ... ' , . M 1 S , ff, Q G-in-9-,V :mw- JIS-1 ' V. l-. 1 f ,awww Q 'dwg F 5.1 ' NQFHT' -A x ' I ,S S . m .. 7 I pink' 03: -II 1 M 1--' Q If- X J J H X . I ,W 'Hs ,ir .ara-U Q ' "'.F'- - ,Q fi IP? i if X 3. 4. ,yy eu , ,Y ,iii my , , . E, I ,um , 5 ' sf.. ' W .: fn, , I , ...ZLL - I ..:, VV,, ..-V . . R f ' . Ah 'I' ,f iw' 'ff is 5QV"' ,Y . N ,V ,t V-v I 4c:::.:.' A I gf-Q vs. V I I ii I W W aww I Q 114 F U ,M . , -f AW ,X I 4' 5 f f 4 ii' IIS .Q ' "". " ' ,AVI, X ,,.. 3 ii I fax. ii f f "-" P I ,ebb ' IEP is 5713 fmfff' '1 ,, 5 if 'X 3, f .IQ I 45 109 4 X "wwf V-W' . , , , ,. , Ha ,:,g ., V , H' ' .ic wx fc , -Q fs, "5B"l"U'Y' yi :4 ff-L ' 'L .QI , 527 W VT ff' K, - ! ,. ,f. ez , , ...S .A xr bk, ,, .45 1 ygqfw' , I I i I 31"-. 9 , . 4? K,-v inf . , f W W 'jf , fi x., X sf .3 ik . ,. Ing iw'-7 Y, , , ,fa W .f 'J' ,xv Q 'TY fi ef.- 'If A, ZZ-W . ..,. J ,. M k ' Q 1-r ' -nc . I -g WEN f wg ,. ij yi! I f , E - Wg. vw N A .f . . , . I 315. 'PY i f' ' X -is .1-"Fx I X' I-'Q . L ,,, xx R ' --...ay ' --ff I, X H-5' ,nf x2 I is in g I I 54 -.-"' 0 1 J-,LA W . jig, aw - L. I sa 175 ai .. if' 9? I ' Tir. ff ,AN , I A m. T A I 1.1 f,-, ',.a-Q., Kuw- I 'N I .W-m,r 'Q 'W 49' 'Z' ' I ., F I f-li.. I 1 .31 1 v - , E 1, 1 X 'ff A l 1 . V V! 'Xt KJ ef-:R ian 15 ,f " .'::i',I " 'uw Iv, ij ' I Iwi I .Q f J . 5 Il I . lf' . I M 'W eg? xl .LL , 1571 1 ,gm V" Y ga' 1 T A w- ". f""t An -rv 'YDS f J' 4 W page A vu! 1449? 4 A 4.. - - Q f fzfgs- K' " . 'M.2 I ,N 'Q-1 ,re ,X ah- E AZ ,',4v a f Si, 'ij I 'Q' . s Je--fc ' l,,:-,J i Q-0 ks l S . Q ,W -f-1 'Ti " 'Q 33 me . I J 'Jr . -,, ji' 4- ,-,SA a D. N7 A C VX 'Q-7 If I . I f 'xl Q p,o I - - nf X W ,. ac 110' .1 1 169' .. vwwrr'-A .H 54 -4' 1 I - Q. R' N,- if g.- f I 5' -1. C3 ' -Ja' 'G' '- ,sf Eu .'. I X ,J- M:' 'TT' if-'C .f 1 Nr , r X .. . Lg I. :Q if 1' 'T I .,l Firs+ Row: P. A. TIMS KEITH M. TINGLE JAMES A. TIPTON AUDREY L. TOBIAS CHARLES TODARO Second Row: BYRON N. TODD JAMES TODD JACK G. TONEY FRANCIS L. TOURS JAMES K. TRAVIS Third Row: TULLY B. TILLERY RICHARD TURLINGTON ANN K. TURNER CAROLYN TURNER GARNET TURNER Fourlh Row: JOHN F. TURNER GEORGIA TYRONE JOCELYN UCI-IELLO LOUIS C. UCHELLO JOHN A. UNDERWOOD Fiffh Row: STEWART VALADIE JAMES VALENTINE AVIS L. VIGNES DANIEL VIGUERIE MAXINE VINSON Six'Ih Row: THEODORE VINSON CARL E. VOSS MARY O. WAITES DONALD WAITS FRANK N. WAITS Seven-Ih Row: DAVID WALKER ALTON WARE ROBERT WARE JOSEPH WATSON CLYDE WEDGWORTH Eigh+h Row: LEON WEILL LONNIE J. WELCH SAMUEL WELCH JOHN H. WESTON RUSSELL WHIGHAM Poplarville Philadelphia Hafliesburq Jackson Biloxi Laurel Hafliesburq Kokomo Biloxi Halfiesburg Woodville New Orleans, La. Leakesville Summif Buller Chafom Prenfiss Biloxi Biloxi Cordova, Ala. Jackson Jackson Biloxi New Orleans, La. Hallie-sburg Cifronelle, Ala. Naichez Waynesboro Halfiesburg Ha++iesburg Carriere Hollandale Halfiesburg Laurel Pefal Biloxi Halfiesburg Collins Bay SI. Louis Gulfporf N f ., I' Y. -Q"-',:"f-In gl ,..f-'- ,gm X AA,AA E N F V Nysqf 1 . -If . 'Sf' wr' V X .f I xi' lgiy lr 4 :ff L I ' I. 4, w H 'L fl, 1 I I i ' , -2 2 63? vm ..vv q? Ti Q T, me M T 'lx v . V. ,W ' 3 ix, . Sul. I ,A ' ,af , A' nw X, X i -,Amit I '00 1, i A ,... ff IA f . , .., , . M , V X' IN aL if ' IISYQI ' ., i s I QW f f .M ffng . xr p - . ..,. . .::..,y IQ' L .1 --vi 5 H a . f W T S: fir 1. ,E .. X A 21:5 27. wr- ' E, 5 A E - Q . 'X , ,Q .- S nv , J WW . ,V I 5 , .M S, AW. 452 x, I -I S Z - , fi, x, I ' , W QQ r . r wa fy j wmvm ' .V xzl fifr, , I' R ' ' Q . ,,,,, . . . s, J if IQ ' u ' Q ' 1 3 1 . fx a N- X -aww 4 -W-aw ix. W e .A . , 53 ' Xu A g 1 .IQ 1 2 Q . 4 , I X A TX!! X DSW ,,.. .. me 'ST .. .,.,, ' . , . A W1 v-. - 5 f T X i T i T T T . N...:,q l I X, X TT , .,.,. . T 'tg X I WX S A 1 4 X JN A f . 1' .fum R I47 1. , 95' N 'gh' wr a 1, 5 2. 5 I I . f Z I K I .tb r A , ,, A L, xv- I K fi ,M I , ' iff' ' ,,f" ...M I L "And so . . . Li'HIe Red Riding d up her basIre'I . . Firs'I Row: JOE L. WHITE DeKalb LILLIAN WHITTINGTON Halllesburq WESLEY B. WHITTINGTON Drew FRANK B. WHYTE Halliesburq Second Row: J. TED WILKINS Mobile, Ala. WALTER F. WILKINS Sronewall GLENDA L. WILKINSON Pricedale HELEN WILKS Columbia Third Row: DANIEL H, WILLIAMS Brooklyn DARIUS L. WILLIAMS McComb JOE E. WILLIAMS Greenville JOHNNY WILLIAMS Moselle Fourfh Row: LOUIS M. WILLIAMS Prenfiss RICHARD B, WILLIAMS Halfiesburq ROMA E. WILLIAMSON Collins WILLIAM WILLOUGI-IBY Fif+h Row: ALFORD M. WILSON ALMA J, WILSON HERBERT W, WILSON ROBERT E, WILSON Six+h Row: ROY A. WINSTEAD WAYNE WINSTEAD PEGGY WOLFE JOHN T. WONG Seven+I1 Row: ALBERT WOOD BEVERLY A. WOOD FRANKIE I. WOOD VIVIA C. WOOD Eighfh Row: BILL WOODRICK PETE WREN BETTY YELVERTON ROBERT YENCI-IO Boque CI'ii'r'ro Bay Springs Ellisville Aberdeen Blue Mounlain Halliesburg Pelalwalclnie Laurel EI Paso, Tex. Tylerlown Tylerlown Prichard, Ala. Laurel Meridian Lonq Beach Halliesburq Mclieesporl, Term. - UNl0B PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT 'mg' hi I I 14 sg, 4 .V 4 ,mfmm ,If 4 X ' 'fr ff-'M f 4' aging gf? 1 I HARRY E. HORN Mobile, Ala. Firsi Row: WILLIAM W. ABNEY CAROLINE ADAMS CARYE R. ALBRITTON GEORGE ALFORD Second Row: CHARLES A. ALLEN MARY J. ALLEN TERRY ALLEN SWAN E. ANDERSON Third Row: PETER J. ARATA JIMMIE W. ARD ALICE ARLEDGE CARRILYN ATTERBERRY Fourfh Row: PAUL K. AULTMAN JAMES D. AUTER PAUL AVIGNONE WAYMON E. AXLEY Fifih Row: BEVERLY J. BAKER OTIS l'l. BAIN. JR. MYRAL GUY BALL MRS. BUENA BALLARD 0PIl0 5 "s.'N Bay Springs Chickasaw, Ala. I-Ialliesburg Tyleriown Mobile, Ala. McComb Oklahoma Ciiy, Okla. I-Ia'r+iesburq Mobile, Ala. Tylerlown Midniglwl Eunice, La. Sumrall I-lalliesburq Jackson Laurel Vicksburg Kosciusko McComb Ha+HeSburq IIRES 'R E 1 DONNIE SEUZENEAU Bay Sf. Louis I-49 ,.p-n. pn K Qi ' mp xi.,-1.5 , ' I fra , J, -:3 . IA,- 3 li -E? .' ' M Ill ,XXXL . I48 I SECRETARY-TREASURER Q FQ sq.. 1 iii' 4 fic MARY E. COLEMAN Mobile, Ala. 2 4-f? , tr' F-5 I 4. I I I I A I .mana i. -. r ,I , " I . 'W , g. it 6. .I ,gk 2 ga ,Q .Y , If ass . I I ' Jac 0 ' ,oc o OC Y 198 '51 if 1 ?Q aa' 251 ,fr I ' 1 , v si' I an . 49 1 in as '. 3' ', ig' 'Q W . ,,,- I ' A a ,xx ella II. '- 'I 1: Q, ! ,S I. B.w.rf I , Q- 'HAM U. Wt., . MM' f e I 5 I ju Y- V ,. x , V1 'Mai ga 1 5 I 11", .av A L B , 1 M , ,. , I I I If f ,KQV f " " '. ff, as 52' - Ml . Q G-.. K 3 h an 2.1" . Y I WTC' P V ..,,,,.., I fs' f I Q-nl? . I vw .. , .XA Q .: W-4 'W if ,aa im v I P L7 - -'I ' , ff 1 Neff? 015 X-r--gzvfk X 2 , D I Ei f' X' ., 1 I if ,-3 ' N-40' CFA x . vffwffg .ff -gk ""'f I' n I I I I I ,1- 1 Q.-S Wm , A ' x -er' .ix W 'LS Fw? W? lsxf' I ls I R ' Q? M ,Noir N S -xi, I rg 'FH 4?-I P, fi F555 . -v iq 4 4 31 ,- y xl 'Z X gym. 'ua' . ,J Q :sr-. if I , ,W V- it I - 2 X la N' , . x,Q'5 Firsi Row: CATHERINE BARICEV TOMMIE J. BARNETT WILLIAM E. BARNES ERNEST F. BARTLETT WYNDALL BARTLETT Second Row: CHARLES R. BASS BARBARA BATCHELOR HARRIET ANN BAYLOR WILFRED E. BEAUGEZ RALPH P. BECKETT Biloxi Madden Lealcesville LaureI Chunky Poplarville Gulfporf Gulfporf Ocean Springs Brewfon, Ala. Third Row: DALE C. BENNETT Louisville J. D. BENSON Jackson EVELYN EAYE BERRY Newhebron TOMMY G. BERRY Newhebron DOROTHY C. BERTRAM Escalawpa Fourih Row: DORIS FAYE BIVIN Haffiesburg DONALD E. BLACKLEDGE Laurel ROBERT L. BLACKMAN Richlon JAMES R. BLAIR Ouirman JERRY M. BLAKENEY Bay Springs Fifih Row: HENRY L. BLOUNT Harliesburg JAMES F. BODMAN Halliesburq JACOUELYN BOLTON Theodore, Ala. BETTY BOND McComb GEORGE A. BONIFAY Prichard Six+h Row: CLEMENT R. BONTEMPS Bay SI. Louis WILLIAM BURR BOOKER Meridian JERRIES F. BOSARGE Biloxi MABLE ANN BOSWELL Mobile. Ala. JULIA K. BOWLING Hafliesburg Seven+h Row: LIBBY BOYD Columbia EVERETT F. BRADFIELD Indianola CHARLE K. BRADFORD Newhebron JOE B. BRADLEY JOHN BRADLEY, JR. Delhi, La. Eigh+h Row: ROLAND C. BRADLEY Nafchez AMIE G. BRADY Liberfy DONALD LLOYD BRELAND Picayune CARLIE BREWER Jackson MILTON DELL BRIDGES Braxfon A Qu- v.f""""an I I , ' I ' . .J f iv- ' A 7 1 I -,o A br., , sl 'Tifflf I - -. - 1 ie., . 4 ,Ln 'F g g, J fr 22 I 2 Hb. 1 9 xv- " 1, 4 , 1- ! v . fx jx f-" W. my 3' .,, ,.4, Q W- f Q 'UN --- ...ff K fi - . 1675 -1---V I' ws 1- -x "'9 'K 07" -pw 'V- vs., Y. ,YW r' L- 'Fm , Q ,......, H3 Q2- .. A - .-37 If W, AI I , I I , IZ, 1 f K -of . .. , - ' 'W I . 2 V ,P , T .ms Wig. hr , JK ,Q 6:- ' -J' I "' 'ff snr' , ' f .,,..M. , .Amr I I -1 M "' , QI ? -JI , I L :,. I- . -1 ' Www J Q x M . , PM .jw,. 5-4. , . .. , , we-.A 1- M. I ,ian ff: A . ,. ' A 3 ...ul "T I ,f T 'Qu ,- ji I L W M ,AQ fi I I ' " .Mah ,vwc a Lf? I ht IQ A x - V . L 'Q f- X I inns an E . it s W wx "1p...z.. , Q X-'T' 4 1 .Maas - I -xf..i,A' 415 ' -, . . .. . I ,,. yi , . .-. .... , . as I . . ,AO VI, 1 - wr +77 1 ' ' A f .. - 34'Iff'I.. A 'Pr ' ' fb .-fn' 5' an 2251? -'Q WWE.. I -' .f Q5-s . -fix-I . .ff ,ax , 5' - .Q gg .U I . ,.,s I ...W S. A .,. I - f Nl ,.,.,,x I50 Firsi' Row: FRANCES FAYE BROOKS LARRY O. BROOME CHARLES S. BROWN CLARENCE HENRY BROWN ELEANOR NAN BROWN Second Row: HILTON K. BROWN JAMES E. BROWN RUTH B. BROWN WANDA CHERIE BROWN KARLEN JO BRUNER Third Row: WILLIAM F. BUFORD JERRY B, BURKETT MARTHA ELIZABETH BUSH OLEST C. BYRD DON E. CALHOUN Four+h Row: RICHARD A. CALHOUN ROBBIE CALHOUN JACK H. CAMERON BOBBY CAMPBELL CARL CAMPBELL Fif+h Row: NINA CAMPBELL OUELLYN R. CAMPBELL FRANCES CAROILE ISAAC F. CARLEY BILLY E. CARNEY Sixfh Row: BEN CARPENTER JAMES S. CARPENTER NANCY CARROLL WILLIAM CARSWELL MARY E. CARTER Sevenfh Row: CHARLES G. CARTER LLOYD CASE EMMA CASTELLANO PERCY CASTLEBERRY OLIVER CATCHINGS Eigh+h Row: BILLY CHESTAN6 JAMES CI-IURCHWELL CAROLYN JO CLARK JOHN R. CLARK THOMAS E. CLARK Vicksburg Bassfield PInoIa Enferprise Sharon Morron Ha'rIiesburg Ha++iesburg Tupelo Jackson GuIIpor+ Prenfiss Laurel Panama Cify, Fla. Ha+Iiesburq HIaIeaI'1, Ha. MoseIIe Haffiesburg Laurel Picayune Wiggins PascaqouIa TayIorsviIIe Theodore, Ala. Haffiesburg Garland, AIa. Haffiesburg Haffiesburg Jacksonville. Fla. Moss Poinf Gulfporf Laurel Lima, Peru Vicksburg WoocIviIIe Haffiesburq LeakesvIIIe Picayune Gulfporf Shubufa 0Pll0 0BES Firsl' Row: JAMES CLAYTON NANCY CLAYTON RODNEY CLEMENTS WILLIAM COBB PATSY A. COKER Second Row: DONALD D. COLE MARY DEE COLE EDWARD COLSON CAROLYN COMFORT EERRELL CONN Third Row: JOHN CONNIFF ARDEN CONWAY ALTON COOK DAVID COOPER GEORGE COOPER Four+I1 Row: JERRY N. COOPER STELLA COURTNEY KATHLEEN COVERT MORRIS J. COWAN THOMAS D. COX FIHI1 Row: JOSEPH D. CRAFT ELAINE CRAIG BILLY CRAWFORD FRANK R. CRAWFORD HENRY CRENSHAW Sixih Row: E. CARROLL CULPEPPER. KAY E. CUNNINGHAM A. EARL CURRY JANET CURRY DONALD DANA Sevenlh Row: HENRY J. DAOUILLA SYLVESTER DAOUILLA DONALD DAVIS JANET DAVIS STERLING DAVIS Eighth Row: THOMAS W. DAVIS CAROLYN DEARMAN LARRY DEES PHYLLIS DEES MARY F. DICKERSON Haiiiesburq Meridian Laurel Halfiesburq Canlon Bay Sl. Louis Haliiesburq Halliesburq Halfieslaurq Hailiesburq Mobile. Ala. Pascaqoula Vivian, La. Greenville Greenville Baxlerville Halliesburq Meridian Gulfpori Gulfporl Laurel Yazoo Cily Corinllw Laurel Yanlley, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Almore, Ala. Halliesburg Halliesburg Columbia Woodville Woodville Haliiesburg Seminary DeKalb Halliesburg Halliesburq Mobile, Ala, Grand Bay, Ala. Newheloron K A 0Pll0 IIBES ul ,Az 'xl - ,.,,..- V SJ, 3 4? ITM. fm .. , 'fig S--A-aff K. ., ffi. N 4 11 'W ,, ,I as f f Q f Sr!! Q . . ill' If Is' Mg" 1 ., -we fx' ,avg -ff I i i X . 53 , xW .' X wggx- ' vi l5I 3 1433-.A 2 WTA ,D ,tary . , 1 ,uv !a,'mv,x x .xf I "4 XL A Ii ' I I nm- ,Q V - ' Tw ,I ce I , 'Q A A fl- I 'M I 52 M ' J uw 5, ! 4 N' A'-5' ..,:VV Ni A 'N' I . if . If . T . B Y ! n, 3 Il. A, f x N, ,ar '- Ig ,W I lv R. 7 5 - ' E ,VQA rrir I I V MM A 'Ei ! A ug A A nib I T ' It 0 I T -Q 'f . ,lr f ff- Y? -3' qi if I M X ' i A . ., 3 " 14"4q," -. - .,., I f"'Z" 7' K ' I -.. JI A . R' ' or .. 1... 'S --,- . ' I I 1 xv.. 'i" A ' , ' A,.,, ZZZ , . wwf' am, 1 '-wif? '11 I- .. ..,.4: . ge. 31 f-JA s, N QZJJI I "ri X a L 7 I 1 . ' 'asw.Z'A" , N S In fm. 3 I I I v i I ,bw ,. .., s V ::: ,M J : ' I S - I I r Nj' I A af E. he 15 1 -L we M- -4 fi TT f' ' .. Af gf .. q , 16611 r? -4 5' 4 X N I ' W I A S, -K .....,.,, . .. . .. .. Firsf Row: HENRY A. DOBSON JOE DOOGETT JAMES DOHERTY MARY ANN DONALD JERRY DOSSETT Second Row: KIRBY L. DRENNAN MELTON DU BOSE PAUL DUCKWORTH JANE DUKES ROBERT DUKES Third Row: ERIC L. DUNBAR PEGGY P. DUNCAN GERALDINE DUNN NANCY DUNN DORIS DURKEE Fourfh Row: JOHN DYESS VAN REEVES EADY BARBARA EASOM ALLENE EAVES GORDON H. EDDY Fiffh Row: E. W. ELLIOTT ALFRED L. ELLIS PHILIP ELLIS MARCIA EMBT ROBIN ESAREY Sixlh Row: WILLIE DORA ESKRIDGE LARRY W. EUBANKS HAROLD C. EZELL CHARLES FALKE CHARLENE EARR Sevenfh Row: CECIL W. FARRAR REGINALD FARRIS ROBERT FAYARD ROSEMARY FEISHER EDWIN H. FELSHER Eighfh Row: GEORGE P. FERGUSON JOSEPH A. EERTITTA WALTER EIORENTINI KENNETH A. EISCHER ALBERT L. FISHER 0PIl0 Purvis Halliesburq Mobile, Ala. DeSoIa, Ala. Hallieslourq Sumrall Jackson Collins Raleigh Biloxi New Orleans, La. Philadelphia Mobile, Ala. Haliiesburg Biloxi Waynesboro Eoresl Sebaslopol Waynesboro Callellsburg, Ky. Braclenlon, Fla. Jackson Jackson Gulliporl Halliesburg Booneville Sumrall Pascagoula San Anlonio, Tex. Roxie Waynesboro New Orlea ns, La. Biloxi Biloxi Biloxi Wooclville Hafliesburg Oullporl Chicago, Ill. Meridian IIBES f-fb td' li- K.-qv, ' 'vi 1 L 1 xrk- Ak -:mi -I T5 f , M4 i' J-M 4 'P K Mag, ' 'sr J 1 W, ,J l,,fX -Q og- '27 " 'fir I ...- ' ' ,F ggxt fz ,sail S. y Qc 4, .. , -MMA 55 1 .,,,. 3-A r 1 .Vx "ZIP sf 'Nt h5 - 'nd' -1 4,5 ,' S 1 lv 'E' .3 ,qv.. 3 I52 I A Am 's...,.5 'K' 's ---gulf" -"I,".l"" Wa has r i T .4 Xi! ya-ungr 'DDQ ' I A if T' 'I , Wx as ' H 4 'S 7 i VV .1 lffw, - , ":1 . 4, I we MW 'I J eww! my .. VA W war' 5 if W i- Iu f .gs Z2 ka ,A . Mg f ,, ., ,,, JU? I 55" A Sf ,I f Z V gm as !'h 1, 4995+ ob 'ww ,Q we-mm, Q ada' A 92 42.11 2 X , , .,., . f":f' , :" ' . 1 1? +- 1 '.,. ,Els EK si I, 5 R Ms ::-Sv 1 ' ' 5 ,S W" 'hun 5 4 X W.. f ag.. . , K ::, -'ul' I 1'-1 , ' - 5 ff JE , ,R 2 VA x f 5 X g 0 I.,-,.5.g:: ., I., . ,.... ff, .,,,. APU' W f s. 0,0 wir l l: X .. I A 3 ff 4 , BS swf of 12 ' Qs- V, ,on ,, x V .g- 2 1 x . gr XX E . F if I53 Firs+ Row: ROMA REA FLEMING Pascaqoula LAMAR L. FISHER Meridian HOWARD E. FLETCHER Pensacola, Fla. LILLIAN L. FLOYD Crosby LOUISA MAE FORBES Tyleriown Second Row: MONA KAY FORD Pelal ANNELLE FOX Philadelphia EDWIN A, FRANK Pensacola, Fla. BARBARA NELL FRANKLIN Lumberlon LINDA FRANKLIN Hazelhursl Third Row: PETER M. FRANZEN Halliesburg PATRICIA J. FRENCH Collins WOODROW F. FULLER Balboa, Canal Zone ADELAIDE FULLILOVE Ha+Iiesburg MARY C. GAMBLIN Philadelphia Fourfh Row: MARGARET ANN GANDY Jaclcson ORLANDO GARCIA Nicaragua. S. A. ROBERT T. GARNER Halliesburq EPHRAIM S. GARRETT Biloxi CARL J. GATES Halliesburg Fiflh Row: WILLIAM F. GEORGE Brookhaven CURTIS GIBSON Nalchez JACK R. GIBSON Collins RALPH C. GILBERT Long Beach MARSHALL E. GILMER Pascaqoula Six+h Row: KENNETH A. GILMORE ROBERT E. GIVENS VIRGINIA S. GLENN DONALD G. GLOVER ALLEN S. GOEDERT Sevenlh Row: EDNA R. GORDON JANELL GRAHAM JERRY GOSS SARAH L. GRANTHAM LLOYD GREEN Eighlh Row: WILLIAM W. GRIMES MAXINE GRISSETT WANDA GULLEDGE JAMES E. HABIG CURTIS HACKER Winder, Ga, Cilronelle, Ala. Halliesburq Poplarville S+. Cloud, Minn. Escalawpa Halliesburg Columbia Halfiesburg Mobile Chickasaw Halliesburg D'Lo Woodville Gullporl 0Pl:l0 UBES 'Q IV "g::,t i..... 'H' M" . "-'--"--"'--'- -A"- A - r- s --in ..,.,,::...,...,..,. k A '- -fr I Sf A 5,1 IFE?" A I . ' 'LW 5 af' I A .b A A: - :ggi Aw A I A W nh. Y h ET. r . . M 4. V . V., .W I .4 ,ra 6 -I - , 1 Y ' -"W-. -f -rr ai .I za M., www 4? fr I ,V A, :S iff, -8. N Q: ' ,.s. J-EN Q ,. A4653 . 63 6, . W hw Q I f - - ' - - : if 4? 1. V A ,tiny V. '1' f 11" ' A T: , '17 f A 1' I 4 ' ' 1' QQ D I 3" 4 K fff - X 1 A' I- . f535"1.z. Q - ' 3 F v s.' X If.. , la... Y-57 .5 -.av AI I I 4 H .I ' -T .few E . I 1. .-1 W ' ' +- ,ff . Q. M I 4 ' 'M' 1 af.. --7' Nw-417 I EAM Firs+ Row: BARBARA ANN HALAT AUDREY HALL RICHARD HALL J. FLOYD HAMILTON CAROL M. HAMMACK Second Row: IRA L. HAMMACK JAMES D. HAMMOND EDWIN M. HARDIN BOB HARDWICK JO ANN HARPER Third Row: ROBERT A. HARPER JOHN E. HARRINGTON JOE HARRIS CHARLES E. HARVISON ROBERT L. HAVARD Four+h Row: JAMES R. HAWKER DONALD HEMETER PETER B. HENDERSON SUE HENDERSON HELEN E. HENLEY Fifth Row: EDMOND C. HENSON JULIA ANN HERRIN BOBBY H. HERRING SONIA T. HIBOU CHARLES R. HICKS Sixlh Row: FRED HILLE HERSCHEL C. HILLMAN DAVID M. HOBBS JOHNNY HOLCOMB BARBARA A. HOLLI NGSHEAD Sevenfh Row: PATTY HOLMES SANDRA E. HOUTZ HELON HOWELL TROY L. HOWELL WALLY HULL Eigh'Ih Row: MARIE A. HUNNINGS HELEN HURT ROBERT HYDEN ALVA IRBY EMMETT G. JACKSON 6. .fi ' A -,,., V,... .T - A N' . -. . , 1 S4 I nk K1 i v Mauve' I uf A ff-21 6. F' O: A if I V H. I '51 Swv X, F . ' I In 1 . ,, f ' N.. A 'Q I 6 GL Ass L: f-vw ""' r 'R . ,., . Q-1' "di . f ' X--' J LH I ,TX ,, si .L l54 Biloxi Taylorsville Halliesburq Madison, Tenn. Laurel Halfiesburg Biloxi Scooba Hagerslown, Ind. Jaclcson Biloxi Glosler Pascagoula Laurel Glosler Louin Beaumonl Bay SI. Louis Richfon Biloxi Waqar, Ala. Sumrall Halfiesburg Kosciusko Bogalusa, La. Haffiesburg Prichard, Ala. Brookhaven Chickasaw Ellisville Tylerfown Canlon Oulfporl Pass Chrislian Springhill, La. Moss Poinl Waynesboro Pass Chrisfian Ouifman Carfhage 0PlI0 0BES Firs+ Row: OLGA C. JACKSON WILLIAM C. JACKSON DAVID D. JENKINS DON L. JENNINGS ALBERT D. JOHNSON Second Row: ANCIE R. JOHNSON BARBARA JOHNSON BOBBY J. JOHNSTON DIXIE LANAIR JOHNSON GLENDON JOHNSON Third Row: MARY E. JOHNSON MARY E. JOHNSON PATRICIA JOHNSON BEVERLY E. JONES GLOVER W. JONES Fourlh Row: VERMAN V. JORDAN RAYMOND JOURDAN HAROLD R. KEA WILLIAM l'I. KELLY ANNIE SUE KENNEDY Fif+h Row: KINTA KERGOSIEN GARY R. KIMMEL AUBREY KING BILLIE J. KING HELEN J. KING Sixlh Row: THELMA L. KING ERNEST R. KIRBY JEAN B. KIRKLAND SUE P. KISH BEN KNIGHT Seven+h Row: JERRY KNIGHT A, CAROL KOSKI MYRTLE ANN KRUEGER JAMES M. LACK RAY B. LACE Eighlh Row: GEORGE D. LADNER JOY D. LADNER LOUIS L. LADNER LeROY A. LADNIER GEORGE E. LAMBERT Pefal Barnesville, Ga. Laurel Mobile, Ala. Halliesburq Mize Wiqqins Heidelberg Monroe, La. Tylerlown Purvis Mize Pascagoula Cenlreville Foresl Halliesburg Iuka Edinburg Seminary Theodore, Ala. Bay SI. Louis Eagle Bay, N. Y. Bassfield Basslield Magnolia Prilchard, Ala. Mississippi Cily Ouilman Freeporf, III. Hoi' Coffee Ove? Kreole Halfiesburg Jackson Brookhaven Biloxi Picayune Waveland Biloxi Joyess X 0Pll0 0llES , L3 'VB , , - Q 1 Q .. Qu I pw 1 11. 'Eg 'x fp Z .- my mr 2 If CQ? f--......,. ,v . , fl f"N"N. . KE N L. 5 . . 1 K 48. I X li"wfb,a X f AJ Af..- fiih -w -.- ' 'K , J -f .X - ' ' 1 ,Q ., x ,W--wx. 'vim 0 1 V' 3, 5 K X X ws.. S 'E f V ' .-X . 9 I .ml-W f .,. is I ,. . I , , 5 . ,I A . za f-'53 A T i . 'G' 'T i .,, f -, . I , ,k 4 Q 'xr 'N -w lr ' -'zr f . lt.. T if 'wavy -vw, I' f . IJ. as 'T .f 5 .LW ' ii X f X" W ' - , 1, I I AT """G! A ,A L uf W 1, 1 f z ,I,I ' I . 'I ijt -. b f .i Q ,Cf-J -.wh 2? ,,,N,,. . KM P , wr, I I 4 ' Q , .. , ' A h i , I T 'T I , ,I P. 1 If N a :zzz 1 V. 435 '-ef-I .I , mf . ' Wi Q .I . ,. f 5- , . , if ak ., ' 4 " an TT." , . T ' ii ' b I " . fm' , J aw , if f U . I I T , Ph I f" U r v I., V, . K " xg Wye, ,ggi - 4 K . ng L, X M 14615 ' -.31 1,115 , P " -4.53 Q 4 . . u S., N ff. 'r k fc.-ff ' 251' X ' - k .ff ' 1 .J 3. as 'Q fn ' I : 'CT' T' N4 Q-' 2 f if 1 nt J ., 11 " r . ,,. AQ M. in ff I A YW W' ,gg v X T W 'f - :ae 5 'N Q A , ,CMH I I VX ' QL. T - T T 'HX' ' I55 if 'X' 'auf 4 Q Lyn x ef in 5 I 'TI' Firsl' Row: ERMA LANCASTER E. LINDA LANCASTER BOBBY LANCE R. KARL LANOENBACH DOROTHY LARROUX Second Row: WILMA V. LaVlGHE PATRICIA LEACH D. LARELDINE LEE ROSS E. LETY PAUL K. LEWEY Third Row: HILMA A, LEWIS TOM LONG DAVE LOPOSER BOBBY LOTT JACOUELYN C. LOTT Fourlh Row: ARNOLD I-l. LOWE VIRGINIA L. LUCAS CAROLYN LUEDERS MARIANNE J. LYALL WILLIAM MADDOX Fifih Row: JERRY M, MAGEE LESLIE MAGEE MARK E. MANUEL LOUIS E. MAPP CHRISTINE E. MARRIOTT Sixfh Row: FRANK B. MARTIN RICHARD C, MASON FELIX E. MASSEY ROSEMARY MASSEY EVELYN B. MATTINSON SGVGFIII1 Row: LAWRENCE A. MAUEERAY FLAVINS J. MAY JEAN M. MAY OTTIS T. MEADOWS NANCY MECKLIN Eighfh Row: JAMES MELLARD ARTHUR R. MELLEN DAMIAN E. MERCIER JOHN LUTHER MERIC DAVID D. MERIWETHER I-lalliesburq I-lafliesburq Plwilipp I-lalliesburq Bay Sl. Louis Laurel Vero Beacli, Ela. Lumberlon Pelal I-lalliesburq I-lalliesburg I-lalliesburq Gullporl Sumrall Pass Clwrislian Oeorgiana, Ala. Slale Line I-lalliesburg I-lalliesburg I-laffiesburg Ml. Olive Mendenhall Pass Clwrislian I-lallieslourg Foley, Ala. Pensacola, Ela. D'Lo Biloxi Orrville, Ala. Oullporl Bay Sl. Louis I-lalliesburg Weslfield, Mass. Gullporf Louise Laurel Jackson I-lafliesburq New Orleans, La. Mobile, Ala. 0Pll0 0llES an i I T I D fx .su NT3'f X . A' .3 Gb? L, 'J 'AVN A n . ""'-2-YQ' - 'Vxi' r f' 13 31 fur Q " Y 2- 9 Y , 1 'UN ik ,... 234 si! 5 in oy: ww? 1 f ,f Q! ffff 47 ww X . I ,vT f, .. 9. , 1 1 f? 'W ,- f . vel? ".':' . . .: . , ,, X X ,Q 'k :?, ..:f" X f M- -use I . ,x 12" ', -a- V A 'Sf' . rr LT Nab' we A L , A5- g'X I56 'ea- X vx no 'l ,::n.. . 'K .,-f I x -I-'35 7. R 1 L"X f T17 1 I T 1 fi 1, I ' A I W 5-5, ..,, ,...-...,. ,,,. ,,,.. ..,, gn- , NT. wwf V , , of Y 1 ' . I is I . ,. 'Zh wt fi' " ' i I ,B x .ar . V51 ' Q 51 -vs V 1 I a If K I ..-, ,,. : ' I , 4 , .I fi - ,fr "!?""L:v X-N ,Q it wt r 9 A Qi an . M I ilg " -59 'FW 'WA 'll' .. f .5 - . " -:I f' gf I ky? ' Gy 9 We Gi ,Sli 'fre' 'Q"""'1" 'I -wb .af ' . fm I is 'im " : I ' f s , 's Na, . A S 'f Md' X eiffw S f l -.:' ..,.+ im. X g XM 1 .. N K y Wi ' A :fi . . j E S' V:::' Eff . H AA,, ,A4, X "'-'f, . b q I bi : i i I ' , A ,,..fif: f Ezz' -IJ Nm X IAVZ . T I l57 Firs+ Row: MARY C. MERSHON KENNETH MESSER JAMES MIDDLETON DAVID D. MIHLETHALER BONNIE S, MILLER Second Row: ROBERT MIKKELSEN KATHRYN MILLER JOHN L. MILLER PERCY T. MILLER ROBERT G. MILLS Third Row: JERRY MILLSTEAD HELEN MILTON SAM M, MILTON CLEONE J. MITCHELL EDITH M, MITCHELL Fourlh Row: MAUREEN E. MITCHELL RAYEORD E, MITCHELL STEVE MITCHELL JAMES B. MOODY ANNA MOORE Fif+h Row: CHARLES MOORE JOE C. MORRIS KATHERINE MORRIS RoBERT Q. MORRIS BILLY W. MULLEN Six+h Row: NANCY C. MULLINS WILBUR R. MULLINS DOROTHY S. MURPHY EDWARD J. MURPHY PATRICIA ANN MYERS Seven+h Row: JOHN R. MYERS MARY MCALLISTER JACKIE MCCULLOUGH JULIE McCALL BRUCE E. MCCANN Eighfh Row: CELIA A. MCCLURKIN DONALD M. MCDANIEL SUE MQDAVID HUDSON A. MCDONALD HAL D. MCDONALD Eairhope, Ala. Sumrall Wilmer, Ala. Halliesburq Halliesburq Summerclale, Ala. Sprinq Hill, Ala. Greenville Ocean Springs Waynesboro Poplarville Raymond Raymond Blylheyille, Ark. Meadville Bay S+. Louis Meadyille Chicago, III. Whisller, Ala. Halliesburq Halliesburq Columbia Halliesburq Jackson EI Dorado, Ark. Mendenhall Prenliss Brelon, Ala. Biloxi Magee Oulfporl Lumberlon Brookhaven Blylheville, Ark. Balesville Jackson Kenfwood, La. Tylerlown Chickasaw, Ala. Lumberlon 0Pll0 IIBES df? !. - .I-1 ,nw Y f ca- ' -' z '17 "svn 4 13 . . f f ' ff .fn , - . 1" 3 '- vf ' af ' ' ,Jeff -X 1. ,J .J 1. 4' .1 J W A M Z, 1 K 7 4, .. ,f,1,.. 5 . ., , - ff: fy .1 J ff l '1 . . .4 rig.. Kg ir" 1 .. ....... . .. f .. 2 s . JM4 4,1 W V -. f Q iff MY' , -A ff 7,5-f I. ' 43... .MACK 'vw V M??I'wW'I' I P V g- ,. ,vw T' XJ' 'T' f I -1 P' ' N if V 2.1 J, I ,W Q3 gsm "BQ 'qw 5 23 fi , M - gf 6 . ,Z 1. 1 M W Y X f-'E 'MX 1 A I ,A ,' 7'7'n.. it . , W ,X .N V., 4 5, . A, . . .,. -P' W A fi +L .N . V., A Q f 1 if NYPK 51 Tis I '.. " J, r' WH- T ,f"' , V D F' 1 ' 1 W ,sn 4' . I5 f I' f f A ' Sm I . NJ ,J M- - fl is X , ' x ', ,qw 'U'-5.5 it nw? I 1 -savv' .. 3 V-M I ., 1 5 Swv f .I f 14" r M, xxx I w'..Q i-I. : ., ,,A Q ya, xi RT . 1. v 'l'ff"I-'Q .V . ' -J jf' 1 . i ' 'T N ' x I ip' 'T I TTA ' V 'Z gi , - .,. ' -uv'?7 .I .iv V 1 I' L. IGI 5 . 'df' , 3 K5-:,7' A' O0 "ln ,., is - ax , f I 1 41 ff ' 1 3' fi- 3 115 Q' Y I 'Sk . Qi AX L fi- ,lx X I, . ,- ,fS I58 Firsf Row: WILLIAM J. MCDONALD FRANK MQEACHARN CHARLES A. MCMAHAN DELBERT H. MCNEASE JOHN C. MCOUAGGE Second Row: OWEN MCREE CHARLES W. MCSWAIN BILLY N, MCVAY WILLIAM NALL RAYMOND G. NAZARY Third Row: EDWIN NECAISE ELWIN J. NECAISE JAMES B. NESMITH JOHN W. NEVELS YVONNE NEWELL Four+h Row: SUSAN R. NEWTON LAURIE NIXON GLORIA NORRIS JANE ODOM JACK I-I. OGLESBY Fif+h Row: E. WAYNE O'SHIELDS WILLIAM E. OWEN GERALDINE OWENS GEORGE W. PACE MAXWELL PACE Sixlh Row: THOMAS W. PADGETT CARL M. PALMER JOE M. PARDEN CHARLES E. PARISH BILLY JO PARKS Seven+h Row: ANN D. PATRICK BOBBY M. PATTERSON MARILYN PATTERSON ROBIN B. PENN JOHN B. PERSONS Eigh+h Row: TRAVIS V. PEVEZ JAMES E. PHILLIPS H. WALTON PIGOTT JOHN C. PIPER LORENE PITTMAN 0PlI0 Mobile, Ala. Delhi, La. Halliesburq Laurel Halfiesburg Bay Springs Pelal Laurel Pelal Carrhage DeLisIe DeLisle Houma, La. Waynesboro New Auqusla Seminary Ocean Springs Holcomb Meridian Auqusla, Ga. Tupelo Prichard, Ala. Philadelphia. Pa. Halfiesburg Halliesburq Laurel Harliesburg Wilmer, Ala. MI. Olive Halliesburq Halliesburg Kosciuslco Chickasaw, Ala. McComb Mobile, Ala. Pascaqoula Halfiesburg Tylerlown Brookhaven Kokomo UBES Firsf Row: ROSS L. PITTMAN BILLY F. PITTS GLEN E, PITTS JOSEPH M. POITEVIN DONALD PONDER Second Row: MARGARET A. POWELL WONUS C. PRATER FLOYD T. PREHODO JAMES E. PRICE WAYNE PULLIAM Third Row: TERRY RANDOLPH JOHN ED RASBERRY WILLIAM E. RAY DONALD REICH GAINES REYNOLDS Four+I1 Row: JOHN M. RICHARDSON GLENDA F. RICHMOND ROBERT E. RICHMOND BILLY J, RILEY CARROLL RITCI-IIE Fif+I'1 Row: GEORGE C. ROBBINS BOBBY JOE ROBERTS FREDDIE R. ROBERTS JEANNINE ROBINSON NANCY ROBINSON Six'Ih Row: BENNIE A. ROHR ANDREW J. ROMANO MOLLY ANN ROSS WALTER L. ROUSE LUANN RUDDER Sevenih Row: DONALD B. RUIZ JERE K. RUSH GLENN F. RYAN ROBERT E. SABA BETTY A. SALISBURY Eighih Row: ROBERT L. SANDIFER ANN MARIE SASSONE HAROLD B. SAUCIER CHARLES SCARBOROUGI-I EDWARD D. SCARBOROUGH Foxworlh Hallie-sburq Halriesburq Pascagoula Marqarifa, Canal Zone Halliesburg Mobile, Ala. Wiggins Laurel Avera Bay SI. Louis Moss Poinf Allamonl, Ill. Chickasaw, Ala. Waynesboro Hafliesburq Mobile, Ala. Hobarr, Ind. Brooklyn Brookhaven Savannah, Ga. Louisville Mobile, Ala. Pascaqoula Pass Chrisfian Pascagoula Vicksburg Mobile, Ala. Halliesburg Halliesburg Gulfporf Hafliesburg Ocean Springs Halliesburg New Orleans Columbus Osyka Gulfporf Moss Poin+ Bi oxi .2 , Qui-Af,i , Q4 n ow Q . iz ',f 13 e-mi, -. ' I . 4. , 2, Q E Q Q fi , -Q N" .sw Clfwf Y' 5 "-.""' -' '17, ... Q. X I X XS k Fw ' " ' -'j T" 1, ' . 'H- I www' ,v, A Q ff tg: , ,,, an, .vb f 'M . "' L- I .1 f Q -Q' I 0" Q, ff' ..,, . f . .vs A V 61 L 'Aw -vu' Ta- , . ,A ' '-av: " 1, . A. . .. ,Q s 1 ,. . , .1 A I 'fe f.Q , ,Q Q ,Qi ., .I I .Am J. ,. f M' i wifiyx hp' ! 7 ., .Y -I ,ffvm ""M .fri - . M if , ' 9 12,4 V- MW '15 lar , E AN mmf? 1? 4 he W1 X W' X 4 . QQ '1 r 2. Sh Q M, , 2 M :Q "" . 1 QQ Q Q A Q ,K Q QQQ ,X Q N W X ,Q ja ' T-P f ' . yu' 59'- ff 'wa' IIS? I f ' , V -H' - Q .. . Q 41' Q Q' 1-inf Q We..-W ...W QQ N--21 I S I I wr I sfo is Z A YI A . .,.., . Q Q, ,S Q - W if Q1 Li- i,r-2 we fi , , QQ Q QQQQ Q Q ' "" . Q ' " I W' ' N, ' S f ' 4 . V .W QW' I fe W f . Q Q Q LQ, fs r E .Q f '41 ,Q X ,., AI . ,, 'X , 'XM' -nr' M W N? A 4 . ' fn-:V 2:53, Q QQ . N Q- img? . A 5 KW' "., Q' W I ' ":"v 9 J' M - ' Q" F 4 Ti I fi x N TR Q -TT Q25 T I 5 I Y - .1 . I 5 X1 .f fx I 0Plfl0 UBES '59 ,., X.. A if 'R gg if A .Ti I .s . Sri. -5. ff Y i ,- ff ,Q ' Q itz A T: N 5 I m,Q V, 6 , ' . ' ' , - M.: A ' A yfg. -'15 . l I , .J I '0 Q - 'wg 411, J? -A 423' g A 3' 6 Firs+ Row: ' . PRESTON SCARBOROUOH Ha'rTieSbUrg A I WILLIAM C. SCARBOROUGH Boy S+. Louis fy" : WARREN E. SCHLESINGER Wovolood A 5: 4' 51 ,L . 1' gm A 5 GRACE JO SCHMIDT Halliesburg "" f' Ms , . l ' ' ' NORMAN SCHNEIDER Ho++IooIooro ' 'V 'MVP 'fo 'K ""' Second Row: ' .1 - 91 , JERRY SCHOENICI4 Biloxi T To E JUDY SCHOENICR Biloxi I ' " CAROL SCHUPPAN vfokolouro A A f CARL SCOTT Halfiesburg ,,g, Q, A.,,, A h V fav , V R FRANCES L. SEAY Halliesburq -4,, fyggr. it ,om " A Q I-'25 G' My Third Row: 1131,-'j A :lf . NITA ANN SEE Carlhage ' AV . SAMUEL SEHON Halliesburg :T-V PEGGY J. SELLERS Magee is ir . K V l JOSEPH SETARO Vicksburg m 1 A T M JOHN D. SHANNON Halliesburg ' v , ,N , QR. ro: 1 S33 ' f- . 3 'f" fl Four+l'I Row: ' Q, ALLEN SHATTLES Brooklyn 571 -:7 -V, . DON E. SHATTLES Brooklyn I b HX " I In KENNETH B. SHEARER Tulwiler pq 2 555 F f 7' SORY SHEARER Handsboro l Alf?-I . ., Fin. NANCY A. SHERRARD Yazoo Ci'ry , .I J 3 - -s - A .ro 1 Fiffh Row: 4? BOBBY E. SHOULBERS Halllesburg , 3 -B-or Q, Q3 .- 'IT I so ,:. M JAMES A. SHUMATE Allanla, Ga. nr Af YV? --' R .,,. 1 JANE E. SIMMONS CoIorrrBIo of lo T--f' A- Q 47 5 Y. SUE SIMMONS MOnTiCellO W ,L 'Y' ,.'l"l CAROLYN R. SIMS Mobile, AIo. -,Q .. T' if Sixih Row: M. r S' JR r FLETCHER M. SINGLETARY Jackson I 7 X Q S A JUNE I4. SINOLETARY Moraororr lm W 9 R 3, T I A K Ar BILLY C. SINGLETERRY Haffiesburg f" 'N Sw 5 M- J 4' "' M 'H DOROTHY N. SINGLETERRY Woyrrorboro i 4 3 Q l PAT SKlNNER Picayune iqly MN X Q S ' Sevenih Row: D b I Q' x CHARLES W. SLAY Laurel CHARLIE W. SMILEY Laurel .I gig., L ARTHUR SMITH Pe+oI lg CAROLYN L. SMITH Gulfporl 21 . mo. .3 JAMES W. SMITH Laurel , H, 1" -,.,l Eigl'I+l'I Row: 'JP RATRICIA R. SMITH McComb RICHARD C, SMITH Pensacola, Fla. ROBERT E. SMITH MoIozIo, AIo. . --A A ,,. E TERRELL IJ. SMITH Pascaqoula A 'M " L ETHEL SMYLIE Meridian - t F G mn T "r ff! f, pi ' ": :El 1: I '41 ' 1 -.1 -I ' Cf I J ' Afx I L .4 . 4 V I f L' ' . Sl A A X 0Pll0 IIBES I60 l' .X 4 L.. v ,s. f F M. I . x xx A ,.51.,v'I. f if - ' 1 'V ll'l:"'Wla S I S I T . I ...T .1 , f. r 1 I 'R 1 . ' 3 my ,Q an . I nf O-40 . 'rr' I if x. - 'ff Mb gf. fd' A If ,gy . . Lx, f x h gww 1: 9 f '23 .NL V' gi. aw Q I . Q, 'V' A . I ,r - I-mf.. , -If if -- . l X 126' A RIN A 7 I I., ., , AE 1 4 5 aw ,A.A A I ' V I ,,..,. , ., . -,. K .Y i I . 4 ' "fwfr, Q I -sa I N ... . Q. ' . . .. - rd M fw-Q h ms., lv ,,,'1v.: my - NV no SQ , V, X .I .L .XY ., U-,fr N , .--'W .2 ,S "., ,.f if 'nas e l i vi 1 I I I - We , .ef . 5 . ,Q :as 5 ., ,..A - . I f ., . 6 I P' 'F N ,., 29 lm' ami' r 'bm' . V" -W ' , ' 1 ..::.- . Bghf, f 'Ji' ' - ...J "'- 'K ali' Q f A J V i ii Vvznnl ...EQ ' x"VV 'af i n I - ' N " . If I . in .. QR. . - . .5 E l , -V,V:,,, w . I : . 5 4 , - H A ' A wer , l.:,: " A Ii ,fxx kia., - 1 . f . ,,,,, 3 E h 4' fl AAA1.,1 I I Q I.. ' - i f 'J I -'2- . 9 f :" 'su "P 0 .. " P ,.,- :uw X ' --'- . A r' ' ,-,.' 'He I ix zz- :':' . I V . , , , 4 H .,.. . ,ii 'tsl , f N.. M A i A 4, Q I f- ' -T M M A gb .'iA l ' A., I A 'k T ,, Ms., .4 A Q . f 'i , , F X .A an TY'N""" X 4. . I ' '2,V Q1 " Q , ,1 q1 :,,QQ ,. A . ,.AA 'A 1 i . , H H A . Q ' 'gm MR . v N , 'i . ,, ,..,,-,. . L IX KY X. X l .v Q u- . ' f --35 Y 'NM-A .f Y Y fl -45'-. ' 5 , 2. :,, ' " ,. 'IK i "'A " A ixi ...Q .3 .5 ,,f1 I QF? 1 4 W I6I Firsi Row: D. PHILLIP SNOW ROBERT L. SOWELL ROY B. SOWELL PATRICIA L. SPECK VIRGINIA S. SPENCER Second Row: ARLIS S, SPIERS SARA SPOTTSWOOD SIDNEY E. STAFFORD MARY STANFORD BOB STARLING Third Row: KENNETH STEVENS MARGARET STEVENSON C. MILDRED STEWART RONALD L. STOHLER WALTER M. STOUDONMIRE Foiurfh Row: VIRGIL H. STRAHAN ANNIE K. STRINGER RICHARD B. STRONG FREDDIE V. STROO BILLIE A. SUDDUTH FIHI1 Row: CHARLES SUMRALL HOWARD D. SUMRALL HARRY D. SWETMAN VI C. TARRER BILLY W. TATUM Six+h Row: JAMES T. TAYLOR PEGGY A. TAYLOR ROBERT E. TAYLOR SARAH N. TAYLOR RAY H. TERRELL Sevenfh Row: JANET C. TERRESON JANE THOMAS MARTHA E. THOMAS BOBBY G. THOMPSON EARNEST THOMPSON EigI1+l1 Row: WILLIAM C. THOMPSON WILLIAM S. THORNTON BESS M. TILLERY WILLIAMS TIMS FRANCIS TIPTON Meridian Jackson Jackson Blylbeville, Ark. Halliesburq Halliesburq Mobile, Ala. Halliesburo New Orleans, La, Jackson Jackson Columbia Halliesburg Biloxi Halliesburq Collins Mize Halliesburq Halliesburq Carlliage Laurel Sanford Biloxi Fores'I' Halfiesburg Jackson Blyllweville, Ark. Halfiesburg Laurel Selma Ala. Pascuqoula Haffiesburg Union Kosciusko Halliesburg Mobile, Ala. Laurel Woodville Haffiesburg Tupelo 0Pll0 0llES .ff.f....::snn-w..,1,aaLn....-.. ,,,...... waitin... R 'Lffwl .. ' . sh 7'2'l . - , - J If - 6 ' ' 1 as , 2? ' ,. . I 'N . . .. .-., , ., A ' f f .ips r ., I Kiwi, 1 I X vp. Y, .X ., 7. " V f A ff , " I 0 , AZ-1' an ,W A, L 5 -3j...4Z.l.f,V. , - mm.. , 'Q ' , ". . "2 ., ffl? RPN ' I I' I3 if ' I ,ww ZH fe 152' 'ity Q . ,, . Am mimyg j "'2a'- , ,fl 3 5, f '.f.fQf I ' I - ' 'Y' P ' ff- 5 f.. , wi ,X X f , . S' ?"' f , ff "4 ,L f , 'fm K 2 V A 7. ,, gkgqlg I ' . Qs X A Af I A,qy,,-F-'Mail' f- i!,,,w'12.?,g ff .V fl f W? Vzagfiieif f ee ee . ai fe fffs J. za f pine . .,- I A n V f W .,-A-4-def" Z sf.. ffmf ' ' f ,Q R QJW 441 i . J' , is 5 fzff I ' .ff ' N ' ' A - ' .fx , A - -- 'Q 'J I . T . er I V V I M ' an f-1. fi' 'iv A ""'-2? 2.1-H .J 1 ,,, ff K 'T A -J . , ...MA 4 F - . """'f' J 7 'J E '24 W' -' ---V ' ' . ,asap . jf .. ' K ' Q Si J 1. L ef I I , 4? v V ,. Q pf' " i-' . '-i .:ef.ee4r . . . f V ii I EQ - ,Q-ww I "' Ni W K .. ' ,.-3 I f. -fem.f no "' ,yy - .ul I kit, .Q VK xg- , W . I if P L Z.. Me- ' Q ' 'E' fi In An .A r ,gm mb' 4 Q X ,EA gag -1.1-A ua.: ' 5 iw if? 4 eg.. . Y 'B - 'Wei uf. Aw ,W-. 1 -K KD 1. 1' I 'NIV K 4 Qs. HJ' fe 7 X se- sg, as ff I , . 1-riff' - .W Y? T A 'W 'in ,Qs K 'T .fs ,gm Ig ,da 3,3 an ir I ' . ll.. ' "' - - , - -:" . 2 ' ,X 6,- 'fi ff -' I Rf I I If I ' ' Q I62 Firs'I' Row: ANNETTE TISDALE AUDREY TISDALE AARON TODD BONNIE L. TOLER NORMAN C, TREVILION Second Row: FAYE TRICE CHARLES TRUSSELL BUBBA TUCCIO BEN TUCKER HENRY TUCKER Third Row: JACK H. TUGGLE BEN TULLOS JON TULLOS LEWIS TURNER JULIA C. ULMER Fourfh Row: ELEANOR F. ULMER JOHN P. UTSEY CHARLES VAN DEVENDER WILLARD VAN DEVENDER MIRIAM L. VANDIVER Fiffh Row: OLA MAE VAN SLYKE HILDA C. VAUGHN EDWARD VOIVEDICH JOHNNY WAGES LOU ANN WAGGONER Six+h Row: ALBERT J. WALENT WOODROW W. WALLACE CHARLES C. WALKER JOHN W. WALKER MARY ANNIE WALKER Sevenlh Row: LOUIS N. WASCOM JOHN W. WATKINS MONA RHEA WATKINS J. DUDLEY WATSON JERRY D. WATSON Eigh+h Row: MARY JUNE WEAVER RALPH P. WEAVER BERNICE WEEKS ROGER WEILL RUSSELL L. WELCH Halfiesburg Halrliesburg Laurel Woodville Porl Gibson Gilberlown, Ala. Hailiesburg Vicksburg Jackson Columbus Pelal Jackson Jackson New Agusla Laurel Columbia Gilberlown Mobile, Ala. Halliesburg Cruger Hafliesburg Halliesburg Ocean Springs Oullporl' Halfiesburg Tarn pa, Fla. Cilronelle, Ala. Hafliesburg Leland Waynesboro Bogalusa, La. Moselle Memphis Halliesburg Heidelberg Moss Poinl Pascagoula Winlield, Ala. Biloxi Long Beach 0PlI0 UBES fu -r-.. mmf' ii' ' v n' ' W H fy' " - , f ""' I 4 f"" A: fn. , 1133 . I "- 1 VW' V . 3 7 fr ,,..... .. ' ef? -ff It 1 xy" -35' I if 1 .-. HG" ' ' ,. V Firsi Row: KARLENE WEST W. JAMES WEST MARTHA ANN WESTBRQOK ROBERT E. WHIDDON JOE K. WHIGI-IAM Second Row: WILLIAM WHITLEY MORENA WHITE CHARLES G. WHITNEY JOY LEE WHITTINGTON BETTY WILKES Third Row: BILLY JOE WILLIAMS FRED A. WILLIAMS JESSE W. WILLIAMS JIMMY RAY WILLIAMS MARILYN M. WILLIAMS Fourfh Row: PARRY S. WILLIAMS PAT WILLIAMS SHELBA J. WILLIAMS HALL W. WILSON JAMIE WILSON Fiffh Row: TOMMY W. WILSON 4 KEARNEY H. WINDHAM SARA W. WINDHAM DAVID WOOD THOMAS WOODFIN Six+h Row: BOBBY YARBOROUGH OLLIE P. YATES ROBERT S. YOUNG TROY R. YOUNG RONALD C. YOUNGBLOM Sevenih Row: JOHN D. ZILLER I-Iafiiesburg New Orleans, La. Meridian Haffiesburg MoI:JiIe, Ala. Biioxi Moorhead Brooklyn Brookhaven BiIoxi LeaIcesviIIe Greenville Meridian Preniiss Preniiss Pefal Haiiiesburg Springhill, La. Naichez Guliporf Haiiiesburg MobiIe, Ala. Bay Springs Champaign, III. Macon Keniwood, La. Haiiiesburg New Augusia Amory Chicago, III. Meridian 0PIEl0 IIBES '. sri A I f . A A ,fwfr 1 lg. X f M fl ai . fm 5 ,F ,ig A ti. 4 ,as , .90 I r Q W .J Eli' I 2 Ja r , f --.1 ' 'S' I if 4, f My . 1 ' ... V' I A A i i " 'Li B - .I vi' ' , ' 35 fag 3 'P W mi y S 3 It wi . wx.jg.,QNg Vvvltt J V A in I, I . ' I if I III I aii 'r , 5 1 . " Ii" " I I ' , 1 'W f' A A , ,L F... I - , ,fr ,. I , 1 E T 'P' ' . S5 ., if ' W I f M 4 I , ,. Q 4 I 'J Hub, gf I VVVVV , Z I , I , , , , f""X.' , . , ' A ,. ! .Q I .v , , ,z-iowa'-I . ,X ff V - . i ,, mmf 'M . I'i' f ' , T gg 0 5 f ,sa ' f"'f 'f' AH 1 riv' 1 W W' ff ' fi' mf- 'TT' M M v A..-iqf' -, 4 Y' Se- I fi W 'L-Xfqg-is sc,-v I 5 .,. . I I I Ii -. .1 E I I PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY-TREASURER A , I ,na do .L nh . , Q 4:, Q- V , Q- Fix. 1 R... A ,xr I NQZLLI "" ,. R5 2. I W V Q, vr A BJLWA' J TM , Z, E BILLY B. PIRTLE JAMES E. MclNNIS MONTE E. BEALL Winnsboro, La. Haffiesburg Lumberfon Firsf Row: , ., ,f-"M-E., 3 M ROY O ACORD Mobna, Ala. 'W I Ja N BETTY F. ADAMS Macon a f BARBARA O. ADDISON Oayka ,ga ,st ,M J, do 6 2- Q- f' aa.. ...,.f JOHN ADDISON Osyko I 'T' M A , ... f -- WILLIAM T. AONER Tunica T ,,"f! Xl, I Q19 CE' Ylff , r V Nur 15" BW' Second Row: ZEEA A L f - 1 M, 1-A ' EDGAR AGUILAR Guafemala, C. A. lp, E ,, JIMMIE L. ALBRITTON Haffiesburg II QR- V CAROLYN ALDRIDGE Pod Gibson ' JAMES W. ALLEN I-Ia'r+ieslDurq X It 0,1 :S A 'N nr ,Q gs HENRY P, ALLENDORPH Lakeland, La. I 'W' 1 ,no M - . ' x DY' E -Q 1 ' 1 n ""'-W" - 'ut' ' IK , M. 5 ' .f-:D 1 Third Row: ' We, XA RHYLLIS ALLISON Bay sf. Louis ' f f ff A' Q' . MARGARITA ALVAREZ Habana, cooa -A ' f iT JOYCE E, AMACKER Ha++iesburg fi I ' ' S . N 9 GERALD W. AMMONS RIoII+on 'N "Q I DOROTHY J. ANDERSON Brooklyn ' . ' f. 5 5,91 , M. xiao .nf Tx 'X "F W' A 'Q Four+h Row: , , xi , f- ' :va ' L I PATRICIA ANDERSON Looan xb ff- if ' . MARTHA L. APPLEWHITE Vaiden hs gf Q A - 5 ROSEMARY ARLEDGE Bay Springs jim gh 4- O I I IRIS J. AVERY Purvis J Q MALJRICIO J. AVILA EI Salvador, C. A. - ' "1 , X 1. . ' ',..' If-' FIHTI Row: fu:-X ,g',Q'-A ' 3 rx N ,Es ' A ,-Ax, LINDA O. BACKSTROM McLain QI, fa Q2 " 'I DELORIS M. MAKER Ha'r+iesburg '.. If ,, Ik. A QL, ELEANCR J. BALL Pascagoula M A C' A 'B I OLEN BALL Pe+aI 'W Y '1 Y . S, JUDITH M, BALZLI Mobile 1 an 0 5 an , -I" Sixfh Row: " Y -- PETER A. BANKSTON Indianapolis, Ind. F' I WILLIE M. BANKSTON Waynesboro 5 3. 3 H it I L3 W ,E ROBERT G. BARLOW Haffiesburg N, , I EDWARD L. BARNETT Onlfood -if -:aff W' ff ' E MARY BARNETT Madden - ' T' ' A A Q K - T X . FRES - E M 'W ' -. ' ' a Y..-V L 'lf ' E 1 I I E Lo? ' , i Q- Tr? -... . -..Y X4 . .ix - I I AB W , YW V A of sg . We S M 'E Qs. ' an AW' I mv , nw? , as' ,-'V ,T f . TQ f x , as ...T -' A 4 ,Q Wi A .., r v I B. b g ,,: 3 ,N M, . A A ' , A,,, V .V ' tb. M A A V IA I f , I Liz, 43 H -as f ig 'R 'M ' , 4: Lrfixf 1 ', 'Ya-f' T f ff' 4 " 33, . MMT I T X 1 T V lm. . 1' 2 ' vw' TT' V .J :V 2 . , K M X9 F. s 5' ,, .ff .ff ' ' A-wx-5 X Qjv ,f-199 Nu "' . -. N K 1... 'fu' s ... SM ... ' 5' S A-'Y . f gr X Q 3, , Aw A Q N 5 , K s.. Pg I A 194 Q yx S2 S. f A fx . :A Y . .. N 6, Q X XA fw A g f Y 5 ff cy ' WSWR ,Q f f N RW J fx f NWX :Z-R:,. Q! qs .- . ' . A X A s X f MSW I A B B 1-f"""""' , . ,-.1 Aww E. y ,,.,, g I -,,-- :I ' ,jf , K .. X J Y 5 , ' .fm-. J NWS f i'.j1.:3i?- M , . .21 :E m V Lf V x in my . We X A T ff' .. QW 'QW ,.....w -'Huw Q, W xgsgg Q VNBMB Y' -1' " af A 1 . f . 1 AB J 'Tak s B. uw .fo W' X 4 6 YI gr.-3, . i . 3 ' 'wufs 5 . ..,.,.-sg., A f 7 x A 'sb if .1 A N, . -. ' E 'Y V- Y H sg A 'V 4- 4 x ...SH .WM ff Q 5 'dd-M 7.5 .. A ' ' W' A ,A ' 221 TN S ' ,ss . ,... ,,., , R- - - ..s..sssV.:: MV -' 'B V- B s . , Av- 4 . :MQW A 1. ff .1 L. ':- . ins , Y. 95 B A-3, . ,R W .s . V . . s Y- Q-s,jLfV'....rX X 'F Y YQ? -if Z '- '9' 'fix ' T mv L, f' 1 , 4 x ..4T"" I B2 A 1 J? iw . , M Firsi' Row: TALLULAH A. BARNES SONJA V. BARRENTINE LOUIE H. BARRETT ROBERT BARRETT WILLIAM G. BAUGHN Second Row: ROY C. BAYLIS BARBARA M. BEACH WARREN B. BEARD BILLY S. BEASLEY CLINTON A. BEASLEY Third Row: WILLIRIE BEESON JOYCE L. BERNIER ARTHUR L. BERTHA WILLIAM L. BIERBAUM CHARLES M. BISHOP FOUFTI1 Row: ROBERT C. BISHOPE REX D. BLAKE ANITA BLANKS CONRAD G. BOLEWARE HENRIETTA BOND FiHh Row: MARY M. BOONE BILLY BOREN HECTOR L. BOUR6 SALLY A. BOYER CHARLOTTE A. BOYET Fairhope, AIa. Eas+ Brew'ron, Ala. Phiiadelphia Biloxi Ha++iesburq Ha'r'rieSIDurq Biloxi Laurel Housfon Sumrall Brookhaven New OrIeans, La. Nixon, New Jersey McComb Pescagoula Mobiie Pe'raI Meridian Prenfiss Baxferville Haffiesburg Tupelo Lonq Beach Sumrall Bogalusa, La. L Six'I'h Row: A In "A' It '--- ---- V... I K I CASSIE M. BOYETT Moss Poinf .., DON R. BRADLEY HaHieSbUrg iiii . JEANNE R. BRADLEY Scramxon, Pa. in AZAVZ MARGARET E. BRADLEY NaShviIIe, Tenn. ""'T of , f SAMUEL E. BRADLEY HaT'riesbUrg J iid' Rf V A. A Q .,..,V Seven+h Row: I WiLToN J. BRADLEY Pass Chrisfian . GERALDINE BRADSHAW Pglkvme , SANDRA M. BRANNAN Luce-dale EAA Z HENRY B. BRASWELL Laurel V A.,.,- in RUSTY BREATH Bay S+. Louis if . "iii 'T Is Eighfh Row: f Lois T. BRELAND Haffiesburq DONALD C. BREWER Heffiesburg I ' K THOMAS W. BREWER Leakesville . V . .... A ..... DENToN B. BRITT Msbals ELIZABETH J. BROADUS Wiggins Ninih Row: . fv,,,...J JERRY N. BROADUS Wiggins " JAMES M. BROOME Pe+aI 1X JOHN R. BROWN Jasper, Ala. . RoBYN D.-BROWN Na+chez . CLARICE BRYAN Mobius Tenfh Row: 16, FREDERICK J. BUCKELEW Haffiesburg EDGAR E. BU RKETT Haffiesburg N V LUCY H. BURNS Jay, Fla. 'S-' - BENNY Y. BURNSTDE Ellzsvaug ALVIN J. BUSCHE Tarenfum, Pa. I A A V A A F ll E S ll M E f ' .f..,,,.fs ...-- E A' .. , WTWUY' b,.. f ' ... s ci " .s..- Q V s A V I ave' vw 2 4. .Wiki 1 L Q . 'VN new ' a V . W.,-Q. . w,, . . ' fa- -.-,- ' N, 1. X Q .. 4, . , ,..--5 ,- J"L' "WW .. As- " A we 1' v- 'V x 4 .. X . ? N... H1 Q! V 45 an: 1, I . 1 B' Wye . . yv A sf .-1 , e I4 V . ...T fi 'v isit guy, T"""' :if gf I ,..-- ' ' L mg.. mv' I my i ,,A ' 'nl .1 rw Q. A I . lfmegc. 2 " A ,.:M .21 .. B , if ,, , is 'f . I .za W En.. 2. .5 -an .., . 2: "'njT I 19" 'WA 2 I.-was ""' V. 'V 3. xr Ob- AW . 3, Wi' 'ff A L.. 4.151 f fm ' ' 'V' if , .L -M . . 1, M mg, p' '. jg we- F. , -f 'X V Y. STV 41 1 1 K , was rr 'B g"'.'f M fra- 5' . 'lx f .Q km xx fn- mu. 'I 1. I .. ".-.ff 4 4.4 ,-.,,,.f-. Alix an X. w-X Q .Qxiililm we , . , . , .111 ,.W, A-....,m5"' ,, . 5 "f .. x I ' MAMA :eu V, . W U we 44... W! 1 .V , . ,f . .. . Q V .M f f 1 A 4' , w . ' 'Q' 13 f i , M-Q. 1. f 1 . 19. M M iff W fam Q v B .wfia ,.:.-., m Q I Ti T Q W X Hx , , ,yr-f ' . .Q 1. fx. ,X Y ww.. v -A 5 Q QM av ' A if Y ,-fm . Q .. 'WN nm h 53 J y ,ff ff,,g,fp F W. 4 .J Aa. ik , 3. A I 91414511 i. I -v- 3 ' x 1 f f 4:3 W ,C ,.. V- X . ., 'ev 5 -f V F x" ew UJXW S -1 ' I. f .ihslv .- av nv' 'I W- vc? N. I "IX 'jf-4"' My ,af X ki Q? fi Nfl V I' r T' 'T' 'Y ...- L . H , ' x ww N. . T? f 'f xg' nr f -- f I ' ' ,a 'lf-N 'M 1 4- -vc I I, sa V, . N, PM - I i 'exu- s'AWm W ' s . 1 it i r , . A-I .114 ' 1' u NT S x sa . , '7 ' . w... N - -l , .. . i 1 Firsi' Row: NANCY C. BYNUM CHARLES C. BYRD GERALD BYRD ROLAND P. BYRD LYNDA J. CALDWELL Second Row: MARY L. CALDWELL MARGARET N. CALHOUN MARCUS E. CAMP BETTY J. CAPPS VICTOR L. CARON, JR. Third Row: BOBBY J. CARROLL FLOYD M. CARTER JOHN F. CARTER NORMAN M. CARTER PATRICIA J. CARTER Fourlh Row: RAY CARTER FRANK D. CASE PATRICIA A. CERINICI-I J. CECIL CHAMBLIS CARL A. CHANDLER FiHh Row: ANNELLE CHENEY BOBBY G. CHESTANG BARBARA L. CHISHOLM BERTHA R. CHUNN DAVID J. CLARK Sixfh Row: OUIDA S. CLARK ROBERT R. CLARK SYLVIA A. CLAYTON KAY CLEVELAND LONNIE P. CLEVELAND Seven'I'h Row: BETTY N. CLIFTON LEWIS D, CLINTON BOBBIE L. COLE JOHN A. COLE ROGER E. COLEMAN Eigh+h Row: JAMES H. COLEY GEORGE J. COMEAUX LINDA J. CONERLY CARIOLYN COPELAND AUGUST J. CORSO Nin+h Row: ANN COSPER JERRY T. COSTON SAMMY L. COULTER JOSEPH R. COVICH SANDRA G. COVINGTON Tenfh Row: BETTY ANN COX BOBBYE J. COZART OBIE CRAIN JAMES D. CRAWFORD RONALD T. CRAWFORD AT il X? of PA PRES I 'Q K 4 3 . f"!'f.. H+ .,. X lvl, J K R A v-..,,r fm Sumrall Moss Poin+ Hailiesburg Biloxi Gullfporl Gullporl Eoresl Mobile Brewion Tylerlown Halliesburq Halliesburq Sandhill Woodville Peial Ha++iesburq Brookhaven Biloxi Halfiesburq Halliesburg Chickasaw, Ala. Halliesburq Mobile Prichard, Ala. Easi Haven, Conn. Sumrall Halliesburg Cilronelle, Ala. Opelousas, La. Mobile, Ala. Mobile. Ala. Sumrall New Hebron Fruifland Park Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Biloxi Tyleriown Ellisville Biloxi Hailiesburq Hallie-sburq Hafiiesburq Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Gullpori Pifisboro Harold, Fla. Canlon Mobile, Ala. J 1 I Quan, ' ," I 4' ug 'ian I , 5 I '5 ,P 13 .Q Q 1 :ar V. A Q' -.Q I M'-f-'QQ 5 Firsf Row: XR " A I -r 3, T A! 'vjzffy WILLIAM F. CRAWFORD Prichard, Ala. E ' gg vi, WILLIAM D. CREEL Pa+aI A ,ad Rl f I LAURIE L. CIJRET Kiln , M I E. KELLY CURRIE JaCIcSOn ' I 'A' ., 1 JOHN R. DAUGI-ITREY Bra-W+aa Q if W I . ' iw ,, W'sf'i2 " 2, 'I Second Row: ' NT " '57 Q ' in 7 In 6 WILLIAM E. DAVENPORT I-IaH'ieSburq I.: HT", 1 1 .M f:', ' Qjjl 1 .A If fa BARBARA DAVIS SumraII ' TWT M X Q sr!! a G L.. JOSEPH H. DAVIS Na+aIaaa A Thur M f Y 5 5 JULIAN D. DAVID Sumrall --iw L. .1 ,,-,--RR.I, Y ,. ' f MARTHA E. DAVIS OuITpOr'r xxx A 'Q I f H t II' 1- r Third Row: . I A ROBERT E. DAVIS Maafaaalla ' ,ga I , ,ss ,aa au I , A 5' , -r: MARY C. DAWRINS Faya++a ' v ff W W I W j ' O f , Q MADLYN DAY Crosby W 23, A-fy . -AII It "MTW all. QI, JOHN W. DAY I-IaTTiesburg 1,, ,L,: 5 rrr .,JJ I, ANNETTE DEAR Vicksburg . . . 2 3 " ,, . - Four+h Row: ' 1 V 5 fd I LOUIS B. DEARMAN I-Iaffiesburq -11.- j I 3 rf M ROBERT LJ. DELMAS Pascagoula ' Aram 6, XE, A I' r,.-- I fm f AAAA M W' I A ALICE CLAY DENSON CIarIadaIa .W ' Za., . .H I GLORIA L. DENSON SaaaIIrIII , f A . I --QA JAMES J. DENSON MaBIIa, Ala. ' 'I'I A W P jf! I X J re :vv ,-.r 5:1 'A ' i RL H5 - .A FIHI1 Row: MW ' ARNOLD C. DeWEASE Blacksburg, Va. I 0 GERALDINE DICKERSON MaCarrrB " W Z PATRICIA DICKINSON MaBIIa, AIa. A 4 A A DAWN M. DICRSON Picayune 'aa ff sea T '25 f BB' W T' T' GLENN A. DIETZ Lansinq, Mich. as QQ --- - -,X L War' 'T " .f A--r fx , "W", Sindh Row: T r ,.,.r '1" 1' , V L . Rf V . I R. GERALD DONALD Vaaabarq IW . aa fIfW 'W" ' PEGGY DOOLEY WOOdvIIIe -I'Y- .. Q RAYMOND V. DOWNEY MaIarIa, Ala. I ITIT f LORETTA DORSEY Haffiesburg ' . A I OERALDINE DIJOAN Macon 'ff A W Aw .. W . 1 ax Sevenih Row: T H ' . 0 WILLIAM F. EASLEY I-Iaffiesburq ,Y . ...,,,,g' CHARLOTTE EASTERLING Hamaabarg .aw -3 A . gl A MYRTLE L. EDDINS Bay Miaarra, AIa. ' BILLY F. EDMONSON Pa+aI 24 I - A A-rf' ALBERT C. EDWARDS MaBIIa, Ala. 'ST' . E' Ir+Ir R I ET 'T 'gf TT I at 'T lg ow: ' N' V, . T' ANNA V, ELLIOTT Ha++IaaBara J ,W I, Mfggr Qin ff'-"bt JANE L. ELLIS Lonq Beach I I CHARLES M. ELLZEY Meridian 'W 1 R A GLORIA J. ENTREKIN EIIIaVIIIa M E q ' I'A- - M. FRANCES ESSARY Brooklyn ' ,... f I Nin+l1 Row: A W ,' . A 0 I, I I THOMAS J. EURE I-Iaflriesburq R f 'W I I '53 Y ' A' A "T .aw mx CAROL ANN EVANS Macomb ' ..fa,x,,, . W ,V ,O - A . VERNA E. EZELL MaBIIa, Ala. "I a JM' ' I H ' T" -' MARTHA F, FARRAGUT Maaa PaIa+ 'A ..J. .....,.. I wvgigti N. ROBERT FARRAGUT MOSS Poinf ' M A '.'v'1i".1f-.'T':-:nfl A ., ,,-L Ten+h Row: I EDWARD P. FERRO Phoenixville, Parrrr. J - M W " I ig W LYSBETH A. FIEBELRORN FI. WaI+aa, Fla. are ' . 5, as ' L MARCEL R. FLEMIN6 Lonq Beach VX 'R A X 55, ROBERT P. FLETCHER Haflriesburg I . Q-gy 1 BETTY LOU FLOWERS Jackson I Y aa., S-, if , If nn. i MA . W f . . I I' ,a I . A B E S Il TT T rr S. A 'T A A F . aa I is -i x W. , l x J L V J . i . Ji v- .T i vw.,,. J . -S... 'I Y ,gr S 'N ' 'A.. r..- ' " .fh..:a R, Firs+ Row: RODNEY W. FLOYD PATSY ANN FORD WAYNE A. FOREHAND BUNNY J. FORTENBERRY JAMES C. FORTENBERRY Second Row: JOSEPH M. FORTENBERRY GWENDOLYN A. FORTINBERRY KEITH F. FOUNTAIN FRANK E. FOWLER SARA FREEMAN Third Row: ROGGIE V. FULLER VIRGINIA J. GANDY WALTER F. GANDY MILDRED L. GARICK ELIZABETH A. GARNER Fourlh Row: SARAH GATES SYDNEY GATLIN MARVIS E. GAVIN NEAL GIBSON GLENDA R. GILLIAM Fif+h Row: FRANK M. GLENN ANN E. GOBER NELLIE GONZALES CARMEN GRAHAM MARILYN S. GRAHAM Six'Ih Row: JANIE M. GRANADE CHARLES E. GRANTI-IAM MARY J. GRANTHAM MARGARET GRAY BETTIE F. GREEN Sevenfh Row: PAT D. GREEN JAMES P. GRIFFIN WINSTON GRIFFIN JEFFERSON GRIFFIS JAMES P. GRISSOM Eighfh Row: RICARDO GRUBER DOROTHY E, GUILLOT JAMES M. GUY MARY A. HACKNEY KATHERINE C. HALL Ninfh Row: ALVAN A. HAMILTON CHESNUT A. HAMILTON NANCY J. HAMILTON EARL E. HANBERRY DUANE R. HANKS Tenfh Row: WINFRED N. I-IANKS JOYCE C. HANNA CALLA HANSBROUGH JIMMY HANSEL ROBERT J. HARGIS Crosby Columbia Halliesburq Tylerrown Columbia Osylra Ha++iesburg Biloxi Vicksburg Jackson Mobile, Ala. Halllesburg Columbia Sanford Halliesburg Lalayelle, La. Boqalusa, La. Laurel Luceclale New Orleans, La. Noxapaler Jaclcson Harliesburg Sumrall Ouilman Mobile, Ala. Halliesbu rg Tupelo Halliesburg Slonewall Moss PoIn'r Ellisville Moss Poinl Halliesburg Tupelo Panama Cify Pass Chrislian Tylerfown Hafliesburg Greenville Oklahoma Cily, Olcla. Silas, Ala. Prichard, Ala. Laurel Evergreen Prichard, Ala. Columbus Clinlon Columbia New Orleans, La. X 4 J ... aa. .f 1 Q D Ave' 'Qi' ' IA in g 7 I vw 1:- - '- FIIESIIME F15 -Us s . .fav-, Lg, Z5 Q' . ,gtg .4 . " . -,. A . A Q -17 I ,' I ' Q. A sf .4 'I Q T A V .,Zii2Ma,I,.a ,J ,X , A f A 'Q A . . X' I , -I R? TP :avr 11195 'P I -'P '1 can V ' ' ' . ,I-fx . ' - I N A .- -5 1--'79 T . Y. H P' ' 'Z' 155 - v 3 ' I ' Le- A I wzewrk 'EW' A I r ,. A fs- ,Q I+-Ns Q- as 17.7 W ' -..- I , , -- D- I , , , I A I. ,J xv Z, E ., A A -U .45 i Q P LNJQ , 95 gE?Z'.:4 . X ,, v VI 'of L , - 5 "' ., . 'ff-7' I A I 4, I 'I A P II ' -rv . shi' .ii I ' I I -8.7 g, gf , x ' I J I , . 1 -ff , L I I I QA. .' , Z2 ig A E+ I V I A . of "A "" aw Z '22 ' .. , '35 I A . '--'msg 'T 'TTS I 4:9 -as fs- 'Se' ' ' ff 'R 5: -.QQ 31 M3 ' S x l jr J ,xv .1 .QI l A F N S AY ' P N-Rf, N' 1' I P f' P '- , F -' ' 'TX A fm ' , ' i. I ..-5' 5: , 1' I I y n -, Ji E - I ,sus X -,. Q S . 1 J AA f.. L fl 5 N . 9 --5 I rv? an Q Q-- 4'-mv X , .QT I Gifggfh , . . fig fs., .L 'rv f W 'fi f .A fwnx-S' -vw 1 M " M XA ,nr 'l'I'l 1. A ' if R M- 1 , g.. ' 1. his A .L ii ' 4-. 'nl..,v , . f . I '72 Q ww I -Q- Ab. -L KY 9 N 1 - . il ,L - L, W , sf ... r n , ..Kk A ,625 .g ,X , I . V .33 145' .rf ,- W jf ,sf ""' .. I L, I -11 I f z. wa, . . -- , ,J A A , A . Af V. W I ..,: I . -' 9 l . -40 . - "-3 ,vans ta 'N 'N . , A f-.,,,.,' Y vffjjgyf ,, . . 7 1, rx' In X , nr? af 4 . ,ew 'wx ww 3 A . ' MQ' Qk ""' 'ms . -A 'xi' ' 1 K 5 4 , Q Q. 45 Z A... ,,,. 147k .,.- .f 4 ?9 r A Z, ,vm ' , M . I Mya 6 .,.. 15 2 A A , ' 2 . g . S , avi' wr' 1 ' . .1 ,J N g f' rwrv Wrf? QQAY Aw X ..,. V, 5 L -A Q fvkgik ' , 3 .-y , ,J ' 54 .. ' L 1:5 '- ' 51 M ? rx -- if s. . 'I . A I ix lk ff ff, -3412.2 . f .Q ,. Viz? ' ii WM... fa-LJ. 5' 5 , ,H , Xkwyj I Q ' ii I K .1 ...,, I . E I If vf .f Q ...ggi 1 , jjj, -, L "L"' " ' 5- A' L33 . I Y. L N U A . at .X2.A 5 Z fi 'Th Sd X - Q-9? I f im I A ,A fe 5 xx--ew? as VA 5 new A Rik xiff Firsi Row: WILLIAM HARLAND RICHARD J. HARMON SHIRLEY HARMON ANITA L. HARPER JERRY V. HARRISON Second Row: THOMAS C. HARRISON PATRICIA E. HART ROBERT V. HART WILLIAM E. HARTFIELD ROLAND CHARLES HAUN Third Row: GreenviIIe Pe+aI Keniwood, La. MObiIe, AIa. Greenville Vicksburg Lonq Beach Pascagoula Haffiesburg CIinIOn, Tenn. GEORGE W. HAYDEN Birmingham, AIa. FRANCES HEAD NANCY HELM HUMPHREYS "SAM" HENDERSON ROMA JEAN HENDERSON Fourih Row: REEDYCE I. HENDRY JOHN KEITH HENRY HARBARD HENSARLING ROSE MARY HERRIN EARL K. HERRINGTON Fif+I1 Row: JAMES D. HERRINOTON JIMMIE R. HARRINOTON BILLY HEWES CHARLES E. HOLBROOK NORMAN HOLBROOK Six+h Row: JIMMIE DELL HOLDER WILTON R. HOLDEN EDWARD E. HOLLAND KAY HONEYCUTT HARRY V. HOOKER Sevenfh Row: MIRIAM S. HOPKINS WALTER D. HOPSON JUDITH ANN HORNE CAROL HORTON NANCY LOUISE HOUSTON Eigh+I1 Row: RUBY ANN HOWELL RUTH INEZ HUDNALL MACK H. HUDSON D. JEANELLE HUGHES ROBERT B. HUGHES Ninih Row: BARBARA HUNGERFORD JANE E. HUNT JILL M. HUNT JOHN R. HUNT KAY F. HUNT ff if 9, SA-C Ji: t A Q ' A Ten+h Row: Y I Q , "'BV' NANCY I-IUTCHISON -K me u k ' Q, f r . ' LAWRENCE F. INGRAM CN-"..f M M .ATr......., ii ..,.. ji I YR mr DORIS J. JACKSON A A-Q 5. 'A ' MLC.. W D.. 1 BILLY W. JENNINGS if - .,.,,A ""' A A BOBBY J. JERNIGAN -' '.., ,.-, .r' f ,il . ii' I Q , 4 3 b ,b:A i ,P Nqr iffix . fxwmy W me A RCTWI 1 ' E mg.-if., 4 is , in Q. .-If-f iw 1-f me 6 "-T A. F B E S . I Sr. Sf ll , .Lf LX . . - ,ilk -L Guliporr BiIOxi Greenville Share Line Laurel Union Haffiesburq I-Iaifiesburg Prenfiss Marble Jayess GuIIpOr'r COIumbIa Magee Haiiiesburg VanCIeave Mobile, Ala. Haiiiesburg Haifiesburq MendenI1aII WOOdviIIe Picayune Bay S+. Louis New Albany Haiiiesburg Picayune Pascagoula Mize Magee BiIOxi Handsboro Handsboro Hafiiesburg BiIOxi Vero Beach, Fla. Seminary Gulfporf KosCiusIcO Vicksburg 1 I I I r I 1 '- lu . I A, .. , L , V -7. p G , 5 'int 'la T X fl 7 1: , 'Q 'at H A I 6 . ' Q, , ,, -I A- , A E- ..,. " , Ly! """ . - J A 4 - I , I ' T , . 1 Q ,QR ii 3 ' D 5' Kg ,Jul in I , ,x ..,,. ga 1 -f R -.' - . , - . 4327 ' 3 '-'ff IA , -A N9 RW-7,11 vwmqy. T V jf K' A , ,, 4 AE , A 4 I A W' ' "-,,'.k.. f ""1: s2Q'g?1.,. 1' 'T ff I . .aw um 'I Q' :T 'TT ig My KT M ' I ,,', 7 -ap., . .J f , Af' -N-H 5' . if , ...,.4 Tidy ,A ' 'i,f'Rmpr" , vi i?,,., s . . ,, or 42-9 . I , ' 1 L 'R Q, ,Q '3 H' , 'sam Af: S 465, 2' .,,, - I 13' N' I x R ' -Q. I AQ ' A YY X tw, H I ,V . I .. , 1, , 5 1 '-T13 ,!'fMT"T - S T ,T'?,,., as ! ' -'Ir , . M.. Ag' I 'pp Wm... A . , nm, W- i Nw ' .E 'Q' 2 4-ls.. 'T ,-Q '23 'T 'Pk' A " i' ' A n . . ,, ,, A z W ' sf' YT 4 S iq I fs fm A 5 W . A X vi . A R. nk 6' ,un new A A nll 4' Q? ' Agigf,-2 I I I :Q I 1 Y A --' ?' -J :J- xf X T T Firsl' Row: BILLYE R. JOHNSON EVELYN JOHNSON JESSIE R. JOHNSON LARRY P. JOHNSON THOMAS N. JOHNSON Second Row: GLENDA A. JOHNSTON MILTON K. JOHNSTON TOM L. JOHNSTON D. GENE JOHNSTONE ARTHUR F. JONES Third Row: BRAXTON B. JONES JEAN A. JONES DOROTHY M. JUILLERAT CAROLYN A. KEEL DALTON A. KEENER Four+l1 Row: JAMES F. KELLEY REGINA KELLY CLARA L. KETCHUM MARY KING JACK H. KIRKLAND Fif+l'I Row: ALFRED L. KIRKPATRICK ROSE MARIE KOLICH GEORGE B. KOONCE JOY KOONCE HOWARD C. KRAMER Sixlh Row: ALBERT J. LACOSTE JAMES E. LADNER LAFERRYE L. LADNER SAM G. LaFEVERE PAT LALLY Seven+h Row: ALETHIA A. LAMEY LINDA E. LAMMERS SANDRA B. LAND LARRY E. LANDRUM MAURICE LANE Eigl'I+l1 Row: BILLY LARSON ANN LASETER GERALD B. LASITTER I 535 1' -5 n X 'I A 11 .4133 GERALDINE LAWRENCE .,.,: 2 ' DAWN LEE ' ,?.:I?f4 flfs A , , 4 ,.. T Nin+l1 Row: ' 'T' K' ,Q A' ""f' , A 63 A A MARION G. LEE Q L35 I , 131, ANNA M. LEGGETT 419' - QS f "' ' MARGARET LEIDIGEI . I yr R., DONALD L. LEMIN A nl L - , MARY K. LEWIS ' -2? ix f T I I-J ,I T ' ' ' 'I - Tenfh Row: R PEGGY A. LEWIS 5 I- , Q, 5- R- fix , ALTON E. LIGHTSEY iv 4 ' sl f"""'5", JIMMY M. LIGNos , "EPB 9 A - ' -- ' WILLIAM L. LILLEY , uv .1 I I X- GROVERNELL LITTLE W Y X, ..s .ax I I 4 A K x, 'v I , , - N . . fs. Q , g ' I G G rw- 1 -1 Q F ll E S 7 I, I. MX? A sl l x L nl - Cf! 'A Yi. 1 Haffiesburq Purvis Ha'r+iesburg Laurel Vicksburg Bay S+. Louis Mobile Laurel Jackson, Tenn. Biloxi Purvis MT. Olive Greenwood Gulfporf McKees Rock, Pa. Orlando, Fla. McComb Waveland Ha++iesburq Brew'ron, Ala. Ha++iesburq Biloxi Halfiesburq Dumas, Texas Duclwess Alberfa, Canada Balfimore, Md. Hahkiesburq Purvis Haffiesburg Biloxi Biloxi Jackson Gilberiown, Ala. Picayune Magnolia Pascagoula Morfon Prichard, Ala. Biloxi Lyman Purvis McComb Saucier Readinq, Penn. Haffiesburg Jaclcson Paclwula Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Andalusia, Ala. Firs+ Row: ROBERT H. LITTLE CARL F. LOCKETT MARJORIE A. LOGAN JACK N. LONDON CECIL L. LONG Second Row: KAROLYN R. LONG ROBERT G. LONGORDO BARBARA J. LOTT JERRY A. LOTT THOMAS T. LOTT Third Row: BOBBIE E. LOVETT CHARLES M. LOWE OLINDA LOWE CAROLYN G. LOWELL HOMER C. LOWERY Four+I'1 Row: EVELYN A. LUCAS MARK A. LUMPP DORIS N. LUNCEFORD VINSON LUNDY PATRICIA R. LUTRICK Fif+h Row: DALE LYONS ROYGENE MALTA CAROL MAI-IAFEEY KENNETH P. MAIN LEOLA MANASCO Six+I1 Row: MARGARET A. MARTIN OUIDA E. MARTIN GERALD S. MASSENGALE JEANETTE MATHEWS DONNA D. MATTHEWS Sevenlln Row: RICHARD T. MAY JOHN O. MAYO VIRGINIA MERRITT CHARLEY MIDDLETON JOHN A. MIGLIAZZO Eighfh Row: JERRY MILLER SHIRLEY A. MILLER ROBERT T. MILLS VELON H. MINSHEW JAN MITCHELL Nin'II1 Row: JOHN M. MITCHELL KAREN MONTGOMERY THOMAS A. MONTI CAROLINE R. MOORE DONALD E. MOORE TenI'I'1 Row: WILLIAM H. MOORE KEARNEY H. MORGAN WAYNE W. MORGAN VINCENT J. MORICE EARL K. MORRIS FRESH W. Enlerprise Biloxi Lorman Tupelo Eerriclay, La. Florence Somerville, N. J. Wiqqins Sumrall Leakesville Yazoo Cily Clarkclale Hallieslourq Eairliope, Ala. Sumrall Gulfporl Shelbyville, Ill. Laurel Wilmer Sylacauga, Ala. Vancleve Brookhaven Jackson Mobile, Ala. Leakesville Augusla, Ga. Millry, Ala. Halliesburg Jackson Jackson Pascagoula Jackson Meridian Laurel Kane, Pa. Pascaqoula Bay S+. Louis Moss Poinf Carllnage Bay S+. Louis MaGee New Orleans, La. Bay SI. Louis Tulwiler W. Enlerprize Fairhope, Ala. Jackson Halliesburg Biloxi I-Ialliesburg A . fs M53 . .. I ii M J at - f il All ' ' it -A-M r far R 'W "" fi ' ' . I -xr' -A I ,f me Z , ,T , f TI I ,. T . - """ 'i T if . ""' Iv . . H ? 'xii A U A ff I Lx? , - W ff f ' ' ' ' 'W 'a 1 Z :Q f. .. H - an ,V iknwl . A ., ww. aa., - 5 Q. ......, M.- 3. "-., f - 14,75 2, f . , ,, . . x yy izmiif , I i AK .f isp J , . ii 5 f T 1 ,sn fan., 4 F A my 1 1 ig 'QQ Q 'vw l. , i .4 MK , Z B5 Q. , , A V, 1 y .... H, ,A X D 4 1 - A A 1 S J" ..gpm.., ' ..,,,, A A exe, 'ae ,. . . 5. V , ,.,,..- N, 1 5 . ,LW4 W,.12f-5. . Mi E - , . .,.,. t Q .Mm - :JJA . , X .9 X . I WK f Y W f A .,,' 'I '. 4 ,, ,. ,N , , If ,I 'P' -f - , T T if W 2' 'ao' fl Q9 -A 'Tvs VY - I 'L . . ff 4 . J M in . he ' . . V x , MN Av M. , H W, exe- ., aff., , - ,. 51 in A '+A--eff M.. J "1s:'fv-rx N ... ,,,. .. , . aku, K Wav I T iw ,.,. W WEA" . , T ' I T . Q. f I -, A . A 'V Ig." ..... .55 . il- ' , "ff" Q I 'M ' 13,17- V .,,, P QIHP , X ,.,.,.,.,, L i .P A A , 'V Z . W' xr.: 'f :ee M ' f A W .I , ,,, .-. 1 V f I at t VY Mar NC '11 -eq , , , Y nu ,, Q Y 'f LP' A VV .ff I I A .EK A ...Il l ' A ' . K ' 5 J VV ,. f VV X J- , I t lx I V is , . , ' A Ig - if f f ,. Q .. f - .-K if if 5:3 g '95 I 'E' 3 I 7 i f 's-fix Q W, , wc, 5, 5 I 1 Nw 5' V.: ...Maya W A I, ff A -ef ., , , W he ' ..,, 6,3 "" Slim AJ ,gf i , 'wf' -.4 35' . VSV KA 1 'Lia X f R 'af' 3 , I X . 'f In 5 is'- A ew an ' I Ri 2 B A A ,I . fi . 5'-1 .S - 4 ., ' A ' ' , ' X fi " .,.., 7 I T ' N I Yi f.,...N , . Q ,M l. F "T N 'I' 3 L ..,.-my ,J M. Y I, Q 'a i ' ,S T -' Ks -- ., sf . , A Q R sf ii' fe, "T M tw. li' iv- N. ,Ki n' T A 'go 1 C --ff N. f r' fi ' - 'Q "' 5 an if gi L wr i M 'S Sk .5 - . ..i . ,W Firs+ Row: ALAN MORRISON THOMAS A. MORROW ELIZABETH ANN MOSLEY WILLIAM C. MOSELEY JAY E. MUMA Second Row: ROBERT G. MYERS CHARLES E. MCARTHUR L. CHRISTINE MCBRIDE INA J. MCCABE LEWIS W. MCCALL Third Row: DONALD MCCANN VICTORIA D. MCCOY SADIE E. MCCRORY BETTY MCCUTCHON BOBBY L. McDILL Four+h Row: ELLIE MCDONALD GLENDA N. MCDONALD JOHN P. MCDONALD JOHN E, MCELVEEN JANICE MCGEHEC Fi'f+h Row: DOROTHY A. MCGINNIS WILLIAM P. MCGOWN CAROLYN MCGREGOR LENORE MCINNES HUGH MCINNIS Sixih Row: WILLIAM E. MQINNIS E. TRUMAN MCKENZIE RODERICK MCMILLON DORIS S. MCRANEY WILLIE VON MCRANEY Sevenfh Row: MARGARET NAGY JOHN M. NASH TROY E. NASH JAMES D. NEAL PATRICIA D. NECAISE Eighfh Row: CLAUDETTA J. NEEDHAM MILLARD A. NELSON FRED J. NETTLES PATRICIA A, NETTLES GERALD E. NEYMAN Nin+h Row: MARIE E. NORWOOD NORWOOD V. NUTTING Ufica Georglana Mobile, Ala. New Albany Chadron, Neb. Pascagoula Laurel Goodman Glosler Brookhaven Plainfield, N. J. Beaumon+ Lake Waveland Sebaslopol Laurel Ouilman Foxworfh Magnolia Magnolia Pe+al Gulfporl Halfiesburg Blyfhevllle, Ark. Leakesville Halliesburg Bay Springs Pelal Basslield Mobile, Ala. Halliesburg Halliesburg Halliesburg Columbia Halliesburg Gulfporl Foley, Ala. Hafliesburg Brookhaven Rosedale Por+ Gibson Mobile, Ala. DONNA L. NYDEGGER Hahliesburg JIMMIE D. ODOM Pelal JOHN D. ODOM Cilronelle Tenfh Row: BERNADINE M. OMAS Biloxi MARY JO O'OUINN Brookhaven MARILYN A. OVERSTREET Brooklyn EUGENE K. OWEN New Orleans, La. LINDSAY OWEN Gulfporf FBESIIME -f- x. . 4.. ,M .My Q Y w 48' A if-1 'mf V . ' L 1 if , ,,l is Sf' ' jg A Ty T ""',X Y -.Q , f J H Q A -I rj r AQ .A I-, -N: xox K A 1 Q ,I -f P . mr W R r, Q 1 X-' ' .. - I J l . ! - . I I , E P I' I Y X, ' 4 J 'I f " J W .j '- .5 5 : EI' 4 ' ' " rem- -. I .AXE :A S ' w Ti", ,, ,.. :Q Sf are FA ,h ,,. -ff .ji f-"' ,q v.- . fi W 'cg ,wx s.' 7, ..... S Y Wx A A 1 iv, I Q , L T ,...., ' ' M. ,T-1, 5: A A IIS? an TT 'T' 'fl 7" AY an .earl -' .Lg A gr.. 2 , Tiff ""Q"..'3" l A , ' 2 ' Q .. z - . K I I . 1- 'A a I ,A I A I I 3 if In C T? 'ff-'jxgg 2: fs 'TR A ' N zz.. , - 6' I . 3,57 ' E T T I Q ,rip Ci" , Qfthf . , -' f X ' ,. 2 J wg' A . I . , 5 . K , 'I 1 I f . TX T L ' 'I ,fe V' V1 I NLE -..X -.lf.f', --I ' ' as -of-ff " 'tar' N 'NTT' "Off x . X. . 'Sv . IN, ON . ' lv.. i wk' ' N. 'S ' I nz : A g 5 ' I QS ' S53 TQ' " 1 AA' 452. gn' vs . lr? R ' Q I . N.-I ' ' 1 Q -C X ' - . D N4 I ev' -so .H .-1 I A ly I . . af f' 5 " 1 ' . A ' If 'F . Q A' M., wa S' , f , -f bu -I 'F .fi . , w , N, X 'TY W' II xr X If - ---"' f 'H -1 2,52 ff . I - ,ff V . L ' x- ,. 1' 5' I we fg YW' W ...qv I 4 , . A gl Ah V, 1 's' . "' 3 ' . A T , 'A QQ f- f--r' 1 NED " h 1 l . " N ,. 1 D-. -- L 'F 1' f. . ...-a"' ' I . f ' 6' Q, 1: A 4-'lf ,ss 5-' I 4... ,lan N' f .14 7 'C 9. ' Of' X.-' 1 v M ' "' T 1 V QXXBNN- . K I I .-1 ff--1.1-vw:-' 'rfwmwg:::'f:'. nn is-2 3-1:' .fe g f ,675 - J . 3 ,V ,af 4. A ,-a s I 7 , M-v-IN' P Q , Z-gr, , Q X , X ,E I: , I ,,.,.w-M P - ' -. - "' ,IN ' r .. 1 f' f' 1 .31 -V I r ,I 'I' , . . nfl x E fi KAR ii . Pi' I AJS' f Lui 1 gf Q? I , .... 4 .9 HQ? AW' in ' ' 'igyy' S V L . "5 ,.g, :1'? . . ,,,,, 'V --'Y WW . , , . -3. ig: , 1 Q 1 , . ry sf 3 if M525 Mm 'As' -+ . '---. W 1 H ai Mm., Z 'ww ! wf-wmv -we v 0-,QQ ww J V.: X ,I . ,,. , . X- 18' ax. f 9 'ef 6+ 9 I 6 f 'Zh Q fQf! "R K K ,,.. S ,sf ,Q K , ,ink Z 4 5 fx' X. if I A www, 2 P! rf 24 --I- ..JfA . I 1 PM X ef .... w...,,,. F in TKT am, . ' ggarg i' I . . I 5 , .. af: C W: 0 3 -' vw . .sf ' or 'Q-x" 'f V . I ' ' I , ff wr V f I ?I AAA,,: . W ' Y I 3 s . JJJ I .. Q ,,,,, A A i V I, .- ,:, . , 'I 4-ws I . 2.5. V AS- I'Ii' Ri? K 5 ff-we S . I M ' g ','-.. E A ,V,, . . .. I E 1 I ak . S Y , fr : 'Wx' . l-GJ . 'X we A 6.35 E7 L-'Q W. . VW- i ' ,... ,N W fa gi n. ,E:, ,. fa aw ave , -.ff "N-.. ' A 7 , A :,.. ..... .,,,: ..:.: . .1,.A TE" 546.5-ff A A ,K V , x 4 he f Z 34' 'via H .mimff 'W r-A fain .. As -..,w.'xf T 'wr' Q ,." 4 ik 56 . "' S ,,,.-fr Mis. Firsf Row: JAMES P. OWENS ELIZABETH L. OWINGS JAMES H. PAISLEY HENRY W. PARKER REBECCA J. PARKER Second Row: SANDRA J. PARKER WILLIAM L. PARKER BILLIE R. PATRICK GORDON W. PATRICK PATRICIA E. PATTERSON Third Row: ALICE A. PAV PEGGY A. PAYNE JAMES M. PEOPLES JIMMY D. PEOPLES MACK PERKINS Fourfh Row: ROBERT S. PERRY FREDDIE A. PETRO KENNETH W. PHILLIPS JOHN J. PIAZZA ROBERT E. PIERCE Fifih Row: JAMES H. PINKERTON BARBARA A, PITTMAN FRANCES POLK ELSIE ANN POPE WILLIE B. PRATEIER Sixfh Row: LOIS ANN PRAVATA BEVERLY M. PRAYTOR MARGARET A. PRESCOTT MAUREEN E. PRIEBE PRENTISS L. PRUITT Seven+h Row: BARBARA M. PRYOR THOMAS L. PURUIS GEORGE D. PYLANT NORMAN E. RABY JIMMIE N. RACHEL Eighfh Row: MARSHALL J. RAHAIM MARY A. RAINER CECELIA L. RAINEY JOSE L. RALDA REBECCA RAMSEY Nin+h Row: GENE D. RATCLIEF LARRY W. RAYBURN MARY L. READ HELEN J. READY HENRY O. REDDING Ten-I'h Row: TONI REED FREDRICK A. REHAGE ELAINE REYNOLDS ERIC G. RICE PAULA A. RICI'IIE FRESH SI. Louis, III, Terry Perdido Beach, AIa. Moss PoinI EIorence Pascaqoula Prenriss Haffiesburq Meridian I-Iaffiesburq Sumrall Vicksburg Madden Madden Prichard, Ala. Seminary Hafriesburg Jackson Bay S+. Louis Biloxi SiIas, Ala. Calhoun Ci+y Prenriss Laurel Nafchez SIideII, La. I-Iaffiesburq Vicksburg Purvis I-Ia'r+iesburq Pascagoula Ferriday, La. Purvis Moss Poinf EIheI Laurel MobiIe, Ala. Hafiiesburg Guafemala Jackson Forr Walron, Fla. Ha++iesburq Bay Springs BiIoxi BiIoxI MobiIe, Ala. Ocean Springs Waynesboro Jackson Meridian r fi I in I 3... , A 4- A if . ..- I ,ggi .Sf V P w'7t f ...fa 1 I 'ISIS Q 5 S A ,I I I .7 gf I ' ' j .- . fla g f If F 5 ,M K ., gd. 1, 4. as ., , 1 kr- . ,Q J K fy - - I 1164, -1- 1, ....-f y g - - if ki - .. 'G ,. 3 . kj I ui p I , f ' ... gg 7 1 f in ' . A. :f nm 61" r if" in 'ag' V Q- m.--I' ' I 1. 'N 2 x -...a I x ' ' I ' -Q 'Kb' , v,.d V. s... ,f if ...Jeff V X 5 Q-,, I xl . I I I I fi- I - I il i f W I .f'd,.4g I V r . pf' 'I 1: . I ----l .J ' , - - X L wr- h""'+. -dsl M X 'jf I "F ' M- , f af? V,A, A fi - x, """'i 3 3,3 A ., --., I' . , I 'IQF-' I f . .I A.. ff' 'N vii I ff ', i mf -' W, . 4 f V, f 2, K, wgf H gf gf, . A A 5 .21 fb I X I .n , . lllv . .V . I . A V. A V J I A A wx Q I 1- 'f F f' " 83' ,M .M ' Vw '- - as M S "' ' er " K . "A xv 'N' ' 1. 9 dv Ah VZ Kwffnwr :-A. 4' 1' fi -Q' " IWW. A , V I 1 K 'A QQ. . ' .f ' ix ' f - .. . z x,.: J Wm i , s I .Z ga," T 5 96' - Q., ' I ...boy . .W X I ,TIA V-f Af, x W A i , Q 1 . . I . an sf -f 'Ci' 4- I F 1 5 W g M Q. G+ 4. , , 3 Q-I ' W ..,,,, - . . I , .ff I ' ' I 1 "jf,b f 1 I 325, X E .I 'fl 2 I s ' f--, 15 ' f' 'W .ar R 3' -ww ' A f-' W fv- an- I . X 5' "' '. 7 . - ----' --at 9 . I4 ..-U If . I . 4' I A I I Q. 1? ,- ' , "D 'Q I . ' . , 1 3 I , fx' 'N , Ov? 'No' 'fyvx -4' .LL I Nt " la A .. 1 ' Q- - . I :LA -JLIVL Firs+ Row: THOMAS A. RICKS DEWEY W. RIDDLE BENJAMIN B. RILEY CONSTANCE K. RIPPLE SANDRA J. RISHER Second Row: JOE L. RIVERS ROBERT C. ROACI-I WILLIAM D. ROACH SCOTTIE L. ROBBINS PAULINE ROBERSON Third Row: HEBER L. ROBERTSON JOHN W. ROBERTSON JAMES D. ROBINSON MARCIA P. RODGERS GEORGE A. ROMANO Fourlh Row: THOMAS J. ROPER ELEANOR C. ROUSE MICKEY R. ROWLEY MADELYN RUEFIN ALBERT H, RUPPERT Fifth Row: KIMBALL L. RUSS NANCY E. RUSS LYNN D. RUSSELL ALVIS B. RUTLAND YSIDRO J. SALINAS Sixlh Row: LUCY J, SALLEY BETTY SCARBOROUGH JOSEPH H. SCHAUB KAY SCHWEIZER VIRGINIA R. SEALE Sevenlh Row: EARNEST C. SELLERS IRVIN E. SELLERS JOI'IN G. SELLERS NEWELL B. SELLERS ROBERT S. SHAW Eighfh Row: DOUGLAS W. SH EARER JERRY E. SI-IEFFIELD SANFORD SHEFFIELD DAVIDIXL. SI-IEPPARD LINDA N. SHIELDS Ninfh Row: BARBARA A. SHIVERS KATHRYN C. SHIVERS Union Biloxi Newhebron Bay S+. Louis Jackson Union Halfiesburq Halliesburg Columbia Mobile, Ala. Columbia Mobile, Ala. Magnolia Richlon Vicksburg Greenville GuIIpor+ Kokomo Halliesburq Daylon, Ohio Picayune Picayune Monlicello T MI. Olive Pelal Clarksclale Biloxi Moss Poinl Halliesburg Purvis Richlon I"IaI'+ie-Sburq Rockford, III. Magee Eorl Wayne, Ind. Tu+wiIer Mobile, Ala. Moorhead Jackson Halliesburg Florence Mobile, Ala. BILL SHOWS Monlqomery, Ala. HILDA E. SHOWS Ove'r+ ALBERT G. SIMMONS Monroeville, Ala. Tenih Row: MYRTLE J. SIMMONS Magnolia BENNIE L. SIMPSON Moss Poinl WILLIAM P, SIMPSON Gullporf EARNEST D. SIMSHAUSER Colorado Springs, Colo. BOBBIE C. SINGLETON Tylerfown FRESH Firsi' Row: BARBARA J. SINGLEY BARBARA SIURLIA HERBERT SLAY ROBERT W. SLAY AMELIA A. SMITH Second Row: BETTY SMITH BRENT SMITH CAROLYN S, SMITH CLAUDE P. SMITH HILDA W. SMITH Third Row: JIMMY R. SMITH JO A. SMITH KENNETH L. SMITH MARTHA A. SMITH MILDRED B. SMITH Four+h Row: PATTY G. SMITH ROSE M. SMITH SHELBY L. SMITH THOMAS M. SMITH WILL A. SMITH Fif+h Row: SUZANNE A. SNIDER JAMES L. EDWARD EDWARD ALICE M. Six+h Row CHARLES FRANCES SPEAKE E. SPEED A, SPENCE SPRINGER F. STAEH LE C. STAFFORD Buckafunna Mobile Haffiesburg Haffiesburg Brookhaven PuckeH Moss PoinI S+onewaII HaHiesburg Sumrall Moss Point Chickasaw, Ala. Lonq Beach Greenville Haffiesburg Lumberfon Bayfown, Texas Lucedale PeTal Brookhaven Bay ST. Louis HaT+iesburg Enferprise Picayune Purvis Bay ST. Louis Ha'rTiesburg 3 IDA J. STAFFORD MARGARET R. STANFORD JACOUELYN STANLEY Sevenfh Row: COLLIER L. STARKEY BETTY J. STEBBINS JOHN S. STEEL JOSEPH T. STEPANSKI HAROLD I, STEVENSON Eigh+h Row: HARMON G. STEWART JERRY A. STEWART JERRY S. STEWART MARY O. STEWART Picavune Laurel Jackson, Ala. GW 'VI 4 YP . MQ M' ' V4.5 Tad! in I B. . 9 Q7-f. Rf' .TW VXI .. .9 A ...ff hi. yzf.-:B fm. fm-fy' h Ex I . . www. -In 3 9. AW V, ,T X --427' f .:" - QL -My . '!,f ,14 ,, - . , 25' ' Ag, A R MA., ' B? .Wo 5. Q 'Wh f If ff fm' W 1 :- , V xx .zasmzq Semmes, Ala. NaTchez Philadelphia Orleans, La. Gulfporf Pefal Tylerfown Calhoun CiTv Yazoo CiTy .1 , .W . v. , Y' . . wma ..-,BQ W .M 9 A M . , 43 A . V W. I . ,af ...I . 1 .gre an al 'ww A-9 7. 'V' X II in . 'sg-ggi 3 0' , Sv' R , -1 I ,I , -1 f' J ' ,V I , ' . T 'L L I 'W' f . 45 'T' "N . Q rf- li I , T Ii 'N AN nf- 'vb y A ,. i . x , . .1 i 'FT' :T , , A . '. ' T E 'fi' ""' MV r f t l 1 ,yn A .Iv , af fi 1" '- W" T 4? 73" I " fgll' IM! ' J ., 3 K, -7 1 ' V' . .. ,.. my I I -4-. U ' - B, 1' ,wigs A 'f .5 AV ' . ' all 4, In f, WR ,. Y' .R ,, .' ' A-if T V: I q , . .A if '. ' ' . WV. as 'fum ,hx V y nr X ' h .afa V Le. . . - .. . ff. ,.., L I . 'Ir ' , - W - V 1 - A gg' ,nr 5. M, RS .I f ,Iv -f--vnf"v - ww jf' ...B , MBR RW R 50" .KX I... M ...I I. V Min" 4 I ' . S f . A , y yi. ,W if 1 . R if maj. Q ,....., P M ' 5 'Q we-N ' V A gf'- Q-N ' NAT-T'l'X , W L. T ...' I A.. I 'TA WRST! is I TL - V. Nz, ,- A X ' T ,gf .Y f , im? 2 rn A 25, L 1 , 5 A, . . 1 , M f T. ,T I 52? f-If I ' 'f-'VV w 'NTT I Q V V B 14 T ' if -3.3. If AV ........ , A XI. .-rl 'I CHARLES A. STOJCICH H HE-sburg V x , Q 1-- , ,, , E I J by 0 R ,Wg Row: In A ga: r :R E IQQ. BWVRR Q Q Qwww . ,..,s.+ Q . CHARLYNE STRIBLIN6 CanTon A I 5 ff I 'W f-A RICHARD STRICKLAND Haffiesburg .1 ...LQ ' ,.,, . . Y A PATRICIA A. SULLIVAN seminary Q asf 'ff ' SANDRA v. SULLIVAN Nafchez Bw TI, X V.. ROBERT B. SULLIVANT, JR. Bafesville 2 ,,,,,, Iuznu I W My A If - 3 ... R.. ,. ff.' 'I" . , Q R: Tenfh Row: I T . IV ' F T I FLOYD L. SLIMRALL Sumrall . , W Q, RONALD E. SWAN Aliquippa, Pa. " an gi, if 'W .T . ,as '53 'H MARILOU SWANEY Laurel , 'X 5 E' BQ i , N, JOSEPH A. TOLAR Columbus 4.2.1, ,,,, . 'I" 2 ...... T , A ..- ,Im ELIZABETH H. TALBERT ' ' A ' V Hafhesburq ,, A... I I lzlaz Euib Y . I x .4 -"' f A IBB-Rm. L., BRE In - I. 5 xr- ' is-A I T FRESH +R T' VIA-VAN A , .A , , ,x :gf , Q' Q il. I .B E .H 4l. l Firs'I' Row: LARRY D. TAYLOR RAYFORD E. TEMPLE JAMES G. TERRELL GEORGE J. THERIOT CARL THIBEAUX Second Row: BALOS W. THOMAS JERE G. THOMAS DAVID M. THOMPSON JIMMY C. THOMPSON DOROTHY L. THOMSEN Third Row: SUE THORNTON JERRY H. THURMAN VERNA C. TILL THOMAS R. TOMLINSON DELANEY M. TOUPS Fourlh Row: MARK TOUPS JAMES A. TOWNSEND HUGH O, TRAWICK GENEVA B. TUCKER ELLEN A. TUNE Fiflh Row: RICHARD C. TURNER BENNIE W. TYNER GEORGE UNDERWOOD CI-IARLES L. UTSEY LUCY UTSEY Sixlh Row: BUENA S. VALENTINE PATSY VAUGEIAN LOUIS D. VICCINELLI ANNETTE VICK RONALD E. VICTORIAN Sevenlh Row: LAWRENCE W. VILLERET DOLORES VITRIAN JERRY R. VODICKA DONALD J. VOSS EVERETTE L. WAITS Eighlh Row: BEVERLY K. WAKELAND JACOUELINE E. WALDEN LUCY ANN WALKER ROBERT S. WALLACE MARTHA E. WALTERS Ninlh Row: RUTH L. WALTERS HERSCHELL WALTMAN PATRICIA WALTON CAROLYN J. A. WARD HARVEY E. WARE Tenfh Row: CHARLES A. WARREN DONALD B. WATSON JANETTE WEBB JON D. WEBB THOMAS E. WEBB FRESH Purvis Hafliesburq Prenliss Biloxi Bay S+. Louis Greenville Halliesburg Pelal Mobile, Ala. Halliesburg Mize Pinola Mobile, Ala. Wilminqlon, Del. Gullporl Biloxi Lena Mobile, Ala. Halliesburg Nashville, Tenn. Halliesburq Halliesburq Cordova, Ala. Gilberlown, Ala. Shubula Halliesburg Marlc Nalchez Laurel Halliesburq Jackson Caracas, Venezuela Omaha, Neb. Hafliesburg Biloxi Halliesburg Jackson M+. Olive Halliesburg Laurel Pelal Mobile, Ala. Biloxi Mobile, Ala. Halliesburg Orville, Ala. Paducah, Ky. Mendenhall Ocean Springs Bay S+. Louis ,I 'J ie I 'l ,pw-.,.. an A A Dm , ,V ' I . ago' ,.,., , , 3. '1 1 ' . f' 'bv 1 if ' 'Y Q ' fr , W M .. fav ,Q ,Q .4 ' ' ' fI 'Z J L 'ar 3 . T, l ' ' Q fjx . V f ,- X 1 AM A vi 1. A MMA rxff I TD w be ,.... , ' 'H - I rl. -3, , . . Q' .V ,QG ' "' .'N x -,1 . I A I - A4 I I R f I ' " 14013-5 -sg: iv 2 np -. NMA W' I ---. J R, W ' Isyxix xg S 'fe Ia A iz' . N' ' ffl- ar ' f""N 1 I I wx 9 '1'11vl " X A ' . Q 1 ff . 3 W , x,.,V, . rg -' " 5 ,gg ' . ' . 2 . . Va' 'We 1 . , 'ur A . ,vis 'v' N x x --f f A rss? "TC I S lx S "' X E s P f 'S , . """' f 'I I A I 1 W x i 'i::: Q 3 1"? - 4 Ao Q. K -f tg Y x ii in 'xl 5, ffl IX 'X A "" af . 15. I A .-, , 9- .Q , C ., W.. FS fv- 'is XA' -5:1 - 3. 7 A' A so . J 4' cl Y"- LL.. f-a' 'lx so 1I i N vim' . 1 .. --,X Q, -fx - -..Q ..,i X 4 ' X Ah .Jag 5 gy' - t l x i if 'h 3 .. no ,,,, N! il 1:7 Q., , . ' yr. -.. A 'x-f: nm 11- T I f gh w sf lx sg., mix . A I .1 rx A' - 'HR' , , 2: iv- new ,- 'H' ff' 1 ' E fri ,Nxt f I ,A .ww 'ji ,, 3 'sm QI Af. Q, I ffevw., . er'-rw X .1 .XV W, R 9. 'hw --' y.. r . 1 f if "'Tf51'?'f'f'Wl 5 444 gg T Af r 49 f , f f if x zu 1 1 f I N. lI I t , :I f ff . ' K A y , , X ...- 'X lr xv fn Q 1,,Jl' 2 2 .1 , f QA Q., f KLA ...Sh If :L 1 'Da MIT " ,Q - H ,I ,j xy' ,fi 10 L "' I ii-I 's Db 'Il' . --. ll 'L 3 Q 1 V 1 e J, . V X X ff XY 1 I I' , -N? 'VX K I w f f' A 5 X , i 'W V ..-..- wx. , ,5 3 T e '. if ,. 17' I A .,- .I Al 1: .- , ksh"'7'm , I bf I :,:, I S T' ,higgwy f' -in, T' ' ' Fila 3 I Qi V '?""" ji,-WR .I ,.,, 2 ...ry "Q, K -.-vv "Affer riches, wI1a+?" ,sa-sf in if 4 I if ,... fx :fa 'S . S v""QnvfQ 1 I "-,. . fi- f 'sf 'K W ,W-sm .N . '- 1 I 4: K M. M 1' KF '3 'gg-S '-LL Qs- V - ,,j ah. bg'-1-vw.. , 5 f I I zrriiififlmw I 'L ' .ff K. 'P E I ' " n ' gn Q I Firsi' Row: JOSEPH W. WEBER SONJA R. WEILL DAVID E. WELBORN ROBERT D. WELCH ALTA L. WELFORD Second Rowf JAMES H. WELLMAN ANN E. WHITE JOE D. WHITE EMERY E. WEIITEHURST DORIS M. WIGGINS Third Row: JOSEPH J. WILBER WILLIAM M. WILHELMI WILLIAM A. WILKERSON ALICE L. WILKINSON AVA JEAN WILLIAMS Four+I'l Row: BARBARA J. WILLIAMS CHARLES A. WILLIAMS GUY A. WILLIAMS LA VOYNNE WILLIAMS ROBERT H. WILLIAMS Fiffh Row: SYLVIA WILLIAMS HOWARD I. WINK ROBERT C. VVINSTEAD GLENN L. WISE EDDIE WOODRUFF Sixfh Row: SUSAN WOODYEAR LUIS E. WOOLCOTT DENISE WRIGHT DON A. WYSE CARLIS S. YELVERTON Sevenfh Row: OBIE LEE YONCE S mms Eorf Myers, EIa. Biloxi Moss BraddyviIIe. Iowa Lucedale Eoxworfh Haffiesburq LouisviIIe CI'froneIIe, Ala. Wiqqins OrIanda. EIa. Rockford, III. Broom Haffiesburq McComb Prichard, AIa. Fairfield, Ala. MoI3iIe, Ala. Foresf McComb CoIumbia Gulfporf Union Mobile, Ala. Moss Poinf TaIIuIaI'1, La. Lima, Peru Jackson GreenviIIe Mobile. Ala. Haffiesburg -aa gf, 5 ,,. - I x. -f' AA" rf ,,. fz wwxlkq .4 A pa ' at ' r I W M' , I I .fa ' ' I n -, . . '11 B lil' . -fi' I Q, X ..., 5. I A II -In 1 3 "'-KN I-:yi f-32' 1 V 2 Q. 1 ..,,, gl J 5 Rx ff? 'Q' ,H ,viqwm 7, uf' qv. 43: I-wr-"' P if 5 .aw 109 al' .,--1' 2 J Nu... 1334-sl Qw- if film' , vt-'aww , SFQQX A- Q K x TVN- li 1 f ,J I .glx 5 hr K ,vvg -v l w 'T' ' . dk 4 A -v. I 6 - 'hr T A SJ A -...p ln' x I aq- Y 3 7 .I A A I 'Af' ft , Q1 I .MX . X V ,.-.7-. '4..f , ' , .5 'Y -'nk " .fgzkg .- I78 "MariIou has poise." Firs+ Row: J. V. ALLEN PEARLINE F. ANDERSON KATHLEEN ARRINGTON SAM S. BAREFIELD Second Row: ROBERT W. BEAM EUGENE S. BENVENUTTI GEORGE W. BILBO MARK E. BLANKENSTEIN Third Row: WILLIAM C. BOONE RUPERT E. BRELAND THOMAS C. BROOKS KATHERINE BROWN Four'fI'1 Row: EMMA M. BRUCE WILLIAM H. CAIN CHARLES N. CANNON JAMES A. CAUSEY FEHI1 Row: J. Y. CHRISTMAS CLAYTON E. MCMILLAN RICHARD A, COLLINS WILLIE E. COOLEY Six+h Row: HENRY CRAIN KENNY K, CURTIS TOMMIE A. CURTIS ROBERT E. DAVIS Boqalusa, La. EIIisvIIIe Seminary Haifiesburq McComb Pass Chrisiian Lumberfon Jackson Biloxi Bogalusa, La. Lucedale Haifiesburq Jackson Mobile, Ala. McDonald Liberfy Wiqqins Enferprise Shaw Haffiesburq Sandy Hook Kinqsporf, Tenn. Hermanville SIonewaII W' Q99- -fx. 1 --:sr ii . ,gn 1-2-Q 'pf-f "'uiF' 'T' Mi ! I Pg.. 35 mf' 5. g Q G'-P v 'f . , ' 45 . '51 """niv 'I 'I I i I I I I I I I AI '. cf' is ,. ,Y Q 5 Y' 'Y gi .w I 'wi' vin' SZ i I 'bw 'fx 'vw-'I f rib ., ' C' WAY.. WAI V Ii 'A A ,Q -5. f- 'rn s-. Q3 if 'I-4 fl , SJR, L 9 M1 -,ww-j 1-M' ' .V ...4 Q an .. . . B Q 1, g sf 2-.. f,,,.tff i - xi' . ,I 4 wi , 1, my M 1 gf' X Z 5 ui N MM' W jx.. i S3 I ff My V 1 N! -157' 2 ' 1-.A I 'QM' wwf Nm. i., A Q Z..-4 I 5. LR ,..,. ia 3- 1 L , I, I.'5Iy . ,M X Fd N Lana I -n.?I"' pun ' W' V -up Na' , 'I I ' Ln ' i I 'Y UH ! " S .A A Nh "He'II gei' Through one of These years." Firs+ Row: KATHERINE C. De VAN LISTON DRAUGHON YVONNIE DUCKWARTH HAROLD S. EDGAR Second Row: JULIA C. EUBANKS LEROY V. EVANS SHELBY FORTENBERRY WARREN D. EORTENBERRY Third Row: DORA L. EORTINBERRY VERA EREDENDOLL CHARLIE W, GAMMILL JAMES H. GARNER Fourih Row: LOIS MARIE GIBSON JAMES V, GORDON FRANK A. GRAVES MARY E. GRAVES FIHI1 Row: WILLIAM A. GRIST MILTON J. HAAB YVONNIE D. HAM EARNEST HARRINGTON Six'fI'1 Row: BOBBY HARRIS DOROTHY B. HASSON SALLY B. HERRINGTON JOHN L. HIGHSMITH Seven+h Row: ROY H. HINTON DANIEL H, HOLCOMB VIRGINIA B. HORTON BOBBY E. HUGHES Eighih Row: FRANCES JELLINEK ROBERT E. JONES DAMIANOS KARANDREAS VERA TRUE KEAHEY MIIEJIIQ, Ala Riclwfon Maqee HaTIiQ3burq Lucedale McNeiII Haffiesburq Haffiesburq Haffiesburq Haffiesburq Aclferman Biloxi Haffiesburq Saucier BoqaIusa, La. Brookhaven Ponfofoc BiIOxi Maqee Hawesburq Vicksburg Columbia Laurel Biloxi Hafhesburq Haffiesburq Meridian Eorf WorII1, Texas Haffiesburq TyIerIown Afhens, Greece Decaiur UATES I 2 I Firs'I Row: WESLEY F. KENT E. AUBERT KNIGHT CYRIL O. KOEPP ALNIA S. LADNER Second Row: JESSE'L. LUMPKIN MAX J. LEE OPHELIA B. LINDLEY EDWIN LOTT Third Row: WILLIAM J. LOTT HERBERT J. LOVE HOMER R. MATTHEWS JEANIE MCALPIN Four+h Row: BETTY JEAN MQCARTY KENNETH 6. MQCARTY WALTER MCGRAW EDNA D. MILLER Fiffh Row: REBECCA MORRISS SHIRLEY MOSER IDELLE L. MURPHY WILLIAM V. MYERS Six+h Row: ETHEDA J. NARRG IMELDA B. NULL OBRA QUAVE CLIFF PADGETT Sevenfh Row: SHIRLEY W. POWELL EMOGENE RAY MARY B. RAYBURN MARGARET M. REDELL Eighih Row: MARGARET REINI-IART I-IILDA REYNOLDS BERT RICHARDSON G. F. ROONEY "Ilia 47' Bobby admires The Big Chief. Meadville Lauderdale Franlclinlon HaI+iesburq Picayune Mendenhall Summi+ Sumrall Perlcinslon Pell Ciiy, Ala. Laurel Memphis, Tenn. San Slrinqer Picayune Ovell Lauderdale Arcola Iuka Poplarville Diego, Calif. Laurel Meridian Gulfporl Laurel Columbia Poniaioc Hallie-sburg Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Decalur Gulfporf UATES Q 1' 'i 5 x A, fr-C 'f ax -UIQQ, - u . --' --wa .iw T' X I E- I I .Meg -. . St N .- ' L ,Y 1 . '. 14.7 Q, X , ij X Z A ' A 9 . I 5 i 5' ' , . ' sax k -. -vi ' ' 1 1 ' -f' W. .X f I , Fi I , . , . 42. 'iz'-'P' . N I 'W 'AI Q Q- 'HQ f 3-Qin. ' , W., ,f' .51 2 C 1 I 'Y er " '44 I 'rf .W fy? , Zi -vu. 1 jx! -Ng gxmue f ,R . TP- -2. ff- , ' 'Qi A Q . fa. sexy? , W A . 5 V"--.,,, I X, r ' mafia 1 I I M Q: I 3. N vsxw l80 fn? pp. VTX YN' Ql:.,, ,H :fm x. I 'Sf EWU' W- 3 uv" Firsl' Row: CLEVELAND C. ROS SALLY RUSS GENE D. SAUCIER JANE B. SCHAUB Second Row: CAROL SCOTT LAWRENCE A. SHERIDAN JACK M. SHOULDERS ALLEN SILLS Tl1ird Row: DELOUS SMITH MIRIAM SMITH BERYL G. STINSON MARY K. STUART Four'lI1 Row: BILLY G. STRAIN WINFRED R. STRICKLAND AMELIA E. SULLIVAN SIDNEY R. SUMRALL Fif+h Row: BEATRICE W. THARP MATTIE THOMAS ORON M. THOMAS SARAH F. THOMAS Sixih Row: W. C. THOMAS WILLIAM O. THOMAS JAMES F. THOMPSON BILLYE B. TINGLE Sevenrh Row: JACKIE WAGGONER SARAH L. WEAVER SIDDIE L. VVEDGEWORTH RONALD LEE WILLETT Eighlh Row: WALTER F. WILLIAMS MRS. O. R. WILSON EUGENE A. WINK RODERICK D. WOODS Mr. Smalling and Mrs. Wilber discuss ne zi. If ifl i Halliesburq Lonq Beach Halliesburq Mobile, Ala. Carriere Anqie, La. Mobile, Ala. Hallie-sburq Poplarville Laurel Summil I-lalliesburg Pascagoula Ellisville Mize Sumrall Halliesburq Angie, La. Lumberlon Laurel Ellisville Collins Lyman Philadelphia Halliesburg Quilman Lauderdale Laurel Prenliss Columbia Gullporl Halliesburg w offices. Q., a 1 Q +4 5 W 9 ? S 3 I 3 - l 1 7 5 , W f., 1' """'f , WW . .M 2 19' Nw ,Mex " Q by 'A 'W NM . x r f-Q. Y ,f my 4 1 x QA QZT' ,I fats-,..m .rxl ' W ig'- s. f-- ,-J' f 1 Y K Q 'lk , 2 lf ? 42 I 5 , ,J ,- if 1. Iwi,-. . 1. K Wi in 'l :ang ar' ,...a-0 X 729 PM aww 'HCV 'M7' 9 3 A: QW ". J 'WV' wa ff - al I, yibz Y , 'n , 'K 4 .Wx fr if 5,33 'K JF' fi I ,. 'ffm mfg X MQW ff X f Ku ai 2' 7 ,V 'W we I 5 'hs' x 1. 3 ,f 4? I . I W 42 fig 1. Av ',Z5m,z.- 4 L . T t U . I is I , 4 . J . , .V 4 ,, l ,, 26" - 135 fn 5? --I ' "' Q -- wg A 1-Q 5:6 W' M .2 ,gym 5 -2 -f , .4-ali' .,.,,f X v 4. . Q bg.. QR A.: was Av is-,K I 4 Ftgbefg, ""'s'Q 'fl , , w W Vi l8I .N-vv n Wpgqgulhgfgnwf F 99 0 X 'Q gg-ff' is- 1 x ,l mix A 9 an nn. f ,- GJ f 'Z cl f K s 1 X Q s J 1' 4' TIIE SGUTHEBNEB PRESEN 1957 adclair afes A Z A 3 s La X 'Nvigxfm f"""ils,gv"w we 1 '-nr f?f'3,':.Yt' if :Ma 54 H '4 I l1""Ef'Y'f-l'i1f-NZ:S'f.2'.5"5Y if. w,':!,:.E:I Lg, QQ'-.:'..,',l'q:'f .,',':1 :-jj: q .' 1:1 115-2"':Q'f!:, Pl: Q?"-,1iLQQ:':-fu MQ I-j v 'Q 3 1' 1 I. V",-,." Q.',"5 xg! " '?',L.:Q '-5' Mg 14, ,,::4 ,,.:V . x l. nd A W Www: ., , 1 wx V- .,f,. M95 aww-. :Q 4 a ff 57 ' fx: ,, 3' f ' f K 1 y I f A, fu . ,,, ,I ' 'ff 1- , ww X , 2. , V 5 7.4 I I OHM effcy KA oreffa ,lgetfs mmfm WWW 130' if NQ:f5?.,.-- QP" 'Ma 'fm Y um-gl, 'W M, CI rens aw Z Z Z V sl 1 K I A :.Z":I:fjgf -- .px - , , . Q X. L..:t,'w 1,1 1 ff? Z' ipmfg wk. 1 -' ..-:'1- :.'-11'f'i- v 5f': IJ 4: ,FV '.1'.1-V1-:"f1T' 4'j. .,,fxl?Q3j? Q.:.,x X-Q-ful, J" . gs '53 . . vb L, 'Milk A .ni ' 515 .- , ,. , . uw: .. , .. ' .1 1.-f.x'. :H 3-jg " ' , I ..x5a.4. 4-1. cm 5, "- ' ' ,V Em - - .P-L. . . ,- 1 -111' ixie joAnson . . I , ' . .,.. . w , w ' f 1 E X K if f w vu-NVQ' x 1 4, 1 m 2, A 'J 91 R ' , X J rr Q' 4 fn, ,f x Q um -x le In f X Sm x' I J 1 f N?" 3 ' s vi JN!! .-, lm A ',,- ,., 1, , uf 'Q .L '1'::-' -' '3 " 4b',Q"5f" iQ2::':Y2- -11 Lv ,yn 'I 'sij3i::',i?2- vip w-2 yafzwgiif 3'1- fv 4.211 ' -fnliif? My K 154 vx.X 1 4,4 ., . ',1,'- nf! - en-In 4-, .. . 1-.Gm--:Q f, T, 474 45" iiff?7??f'.5f21.i4 351 'F f S 2 'f u 55. ' ,Q A , , 1 i , . , : 'a, is ef'-ff , Yi ' ,Zvx ta -. wx N ff! Q 4 if 3 'Nw givq S x SQA ai 49' jache Macon K A ' x '35 I Ax., , ff GH fb ? il fa 0 1 fin W ,f V i- .vw-mfammmm.. Y f JF P gy 1 e N, H A ,3i.'?,' f""'l ll ,i I . 2 2 Ya 4 f . ,W wg., ,W in Q.: -gl 2 fa 1 ,A f y Q 'w,i,.1 f every C enzle A "-.' A V, M 3 V f A A A Vw J M , x, u ,I ' li tk no . tk , I f' W x 1,4-I i Aff ,, My -by ,, kv V. ' " 54 N 9 hx 1 fa . W . if rf ,gf , M lg 4' 4 1 J 'K -S' ' -v Q. if vw Ji Q, . c , Y, " Q I - x f ' Q x I '51 ,-f. S. 3572 .ug Q IM AAA CZYVEI' 990m "fil'733" .fm- 2.Lp'2:'- :QQ fviff .f fqkfi -gtg. ' I-f ,' mf" 141, .f adnnefie rj2sclale A Z A ougfas EWVFCIJ Homecoming King ocoreffa ,jgeijls Homecoming Queen mr. lil. S Cf JERRY TAYLOB lltiu Ill. S Cf BETTY ANN JIINES - f 4 I 3 A l 'RN 1 ! ROBERT HENRY Junior Class LORETTA BETHS PEGGY TAYLOR Junior Class Sophomore Class KENNETH FISCH ER Sophomore Class l l l I l I l I l 1 I BILLY PlRTLE CAROLYN MCGREGOR Freshman Class Fl'BSl!man Class wg Q Wi air . w..,,s' vs'-l 14 " X 46 s . 41.0 WW. l fl 'V ' M f , '-.XM as nun l ,1 : X243 1 Q in ,ll . ,LA 3, gang? ' in 'X Q K- C ., , , I f e ' of THOMAS ARNOLD Vicksburg: Presidenl, Senior Class: Presi- denl, Junior Class: Presidenf, lnlerfraler- nily Council: Secrelary, Della Sigma P51 Secrelary, Kappa Sigma: College Union Board: Yellow Jackets: lnlramural Foolball. g. l l 7' l " l fri Ja MARJORIE DuKATE Biloxi: Alpha Psi Omega: Pi Tau Chi: Kap- pa Della Pi: Phi Della Rho: Presidenf, New- man Club: Sigma Alpha Ela. g ., I I' 1 l i g , - gi f' 'if " f ,. - , 1-all . ' ' P 'cf' ,W -V 1. v .sl Q 'fs Q.. ' -Cew isa , 4'-7 Z! I if QM Q 4 A A X s ?x , , , X JOHN BEVON Hahiesburgz Presidenf, Omicron Della Kappa: Presidenl, Pi Kappa Delta: Presi- denl, Sludenf Chrislian Federafiong Alpha Psi Omega: Rho Tau Sigma: Hamilfon Baker Scholarship-Leadership Award: Dis- linguished Mililary Sfudenl: Edilor, I957 SOUTHERNER. f Q, 'Ss 3: P r ..,... 2 .,,, Z ,. K' Q C- JANE FORTNER I Della Rho, Kappa Delfa Pl, Q N S AZ 1 S '32 RUPERT BRELAND Bogalusa, La.: Sfudenl Senator: Dormifory Presidenl: Men's Affairs Board: Secretary, Geology Club: Freshman Dormitory Coun- selor: Kappa Sigma. U W ,, ar alfa' ' , R X Hall Presidenl: Delegate fo Panhellenic Conference and Della Convenlion: Junior Class Senalor. , 1 .V JUDITH FORTNER Gulfporf: Elemenfary Education Scholar- ship: Kappa Della Pi: Phi Della Rho, Pres- idenf: Presidenl, Panhellenic Council: Pres- MARY ANN HEBERT ndenl, Fulure Teachers ol America. Bl A h bd h Rh New W ll 0 Among Students ln American 4- 1 , ll F333 lg? rl I W ll 0 Universities and Colleges L M W, I X i t V XL' if IQ' 'ge f Mm , . 1 fi' ,I 3 s A f ,. ,f "1 ,-tiff: zi'V:". Hu, 4-lyfx. fm., Zeal? 'Q v ii i ' H gil , . egg 3:3 girl,-,rex " 4 1 .lite f ,f eilliilsl . L fi lliiliti' stifle s. , Ri 4i.? 4. 'ls s5f"35t:f " ryfilw ifgffiyw. 343 :32 fiaggigxigg Q f awk If A Jw Si, ?f,fg'.Rqi.,t s : 2'fxi9vi4"?k25xl ?'f5f9fP "i fffglms s s 44' iq we ' w f 4 Q Axiifbfsf-'gp , "' wifi,-ill: X -,W ,mgggggi , ,UML , Gulfport: Phi Delta Rho: President, Kappa Delta: Membership Chairman and Secre- tary, Kappa Delta: Sophomore Class Vice- President. FRANK CARLTON Greenville: Omicron Delta Kappa: Pnesi- dent, Student Government Association: President, Alpha Tau Omega: President, Pre-Legal Forum: College Union Board. fi V532 wrt: Z ji: l mf ii KELLUM LONG Tupelo: Omicron Delta Kappa: Alpha Tau Omega: Chief Justice, Student Court: ln- terfraternity Council: Delta Sigma Pi: Freshman Counselor. JOHN LEE HILLSMAN Columt Delta Kappa: Alpha Epsilon Chi: Westminster Fellows Club: President, Student Christian Federation. BETTY D EATO N Thomasville, Ala.: Pi Kappa Delta: Pi Tau Chi: B.S.U. Executive Council: Feature Editor of l956 SOUTHERNER: Debate Team. . s :N , ,fi , 2 K CAS, .Q R V ' A' S , rf--,X v .-ag 1 s 35,4 'ff' I ' r. . WN, 4 -sms M A , ,.,:f,:. 5, 'f s, ' Y- Q - - s iWii',SMe Y W i bfi M 5 , 1 ,sms sf Qfvg,:1'w5s,fimZfsis f 1 gf A QV , -rif f , RONALD MANNONI Pittsburg, Kansas: Omicron Delta Kappa' 4 Wmiw Q, "-F,-sis? MILLER DICKSON Jackson: Distinguished Military Student: Delta Sigma Pi: Circle "K" Club: Execu- tive Council, B,S,U.: Band Captain and Member of ROTC Staff. l 52 V l ANN MATTINSON Gulfport: Alpha Lambda: Kappa Delta Pi: Phi Delta Rho: Women's Affairs Board and Student Court Justice: President, Chi Omega. Delta Sigma Pi: Canterbury Club: Treas- urer and Senior Senator, Student Govern ment Association: First Vice-President Southern Universities Student Government Association. DAVID MILLER Hattiesburg: lntertraternity Council, Omi- cron Delta Kappag Student Senate, Busi- ness Manager, I956 SOUTHERNERg Debate Team. DORIS STEWART Gulfport: Vice-President, Delta Siqma Ep- silon, President, Delta Zeta, President, Pi Tau Chi, Secretary, Wesley Foundation, Choral Union. ll 0 9 Among Students in American -fi-Q, f' ,. ' sv : . ROLAND OESTERREICH Chicago, Ill.: Omicron Delta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Rho Tau Sigmag Alpha Psi Omega, Pi Tau Chi, President, Vassa Leaqueg Southern Players. ' DONALD OWENS St. Louis, Mo.: Selection to Eight All-Op- ponent Football Teams, Sports Magazine I All-American, United Press Pre-Season , All-American, Treasurer, "M" Club. ' PETER PELHAM Dyersburg, Tenn.: Delta Sigma Pig Pi Sigma Epsilon, President, Pi Kappa Alphag.Stu- dent Senate: lnterfraternity Council. ..-wwf' NOT PICTURED DOUGLAS BARFIELD Grove Hill, Ala.: Three Year Letterman, Football, Baseball, Homecoming King, Sec- retary, President, "M" Club. JOHN BRITT Hattiesburg: Yellow Jackets, Kiwanis Junior ROTC Award: Cadet Battalion Comman- derg President, Baptist Student Union, Vice- President, Freshman Class. DOMINIC BUMBUCA Chicago, Ill.: President, Student Govern- ment Associationg Omicron Delta Kappa: Dormitory Counselor. JANICE STOCKSTILL Picayune: Alpha Lambda Freshman Schol- arship Trophyg Freshman Counselor, Pi Kappa Pi, Treasurer, Treasurer, Chi Omega, Dixie Darlings. WHO Universities and Colleges FRANK PIGFORD Mississippi Cily: Phi Ela Sigma: Omicron Della Kappa: Oulslanding Sophomore ROTC Cadel: Sio.i1cmacPl'g Epsilon: Circle .. .. lu . R fl ll WILLIAM QUINNELLY Biloxi: Omicron Della Kappa: Presidenl, Wealhersby Hall: Vice-Chairman, Men's Affairs Board: Markelinq Club: Sludenl Eleclions Commissioner. NCT PICTURED MARY KENDRICK Hazlehurslz Pi Tau Chi: Weslminsler Fellow- ship: Religious Emphasis Week Commillee. LO RNA STONE Crislobol, C.Z.: Oulslandinq A c l r e s s JAMES TRAVIS Halliesburq: Debale Team: President, B.S.U.: Phi Ela Sigma: Chaplain, Sludenl Senale: Oulslandinq Sophomore ROTC: Sludenl Award. -.ex . CAROLYN SMALLWOOD Lucedale: Oulslandinq Freshman Woman: Della Della Della: Presidenl, Alpha Lamb- da: Kappa Pi: Wesley Foundalion: Miss Mississippi I955: Beauly, Two Years: Miss MSC Balhinq Beauly Queen. THOMAS STEVENS Taj ii -1 JACK STONE Gulfporl: Phi Ela Sigma: Omicron Della Kappa: Pi Kappa Della: Sludenl Courl: Manager, Debale Squad: Presidenl, Phi Ela Sigma. JOHN WILSON Columbia: Phi Ela Sigma: Kappa Mu Ep- silon: Presidenl, Kappa Della Pi.: Omicron Della Kappa: Phi Della Kappa: Presidenl, Pi Kappa Pi. 'NashviIle, Tenn.: Dislinguished Mililary Sludenl: Presidenl, Wealhersby Hall: Men's Affairs Board. i FRANK CARLTON Am Presidenl, Alpha Tau Omeqa: President, ViceAPresidenl, Slu- denl Government Associaliong Sludenl Senale: Presidenl, Pre-Leqal Forum: Presidenl, Alpha Phi Omeqai Omicron Della Kappa: Dislinquished Mililary Sludenlp Who's Who Amonq Sludenls in American Colleges and Universifiesp Edi+or, Soulhern Drawl: Baplisl Sludenl Union. 1957 LL ADAIR BATES AEA Presidenl, Treasurer, Secrerary, Alpha Sigma Alpha: Phi Kappa Tau Sweelhearh Secrerary, Reporler, Sludenr Governmenf Associaliong Weslminisrer Fellowshipg Beauly, l955, l956. I9577 Greek Goddess: Presidenl, Vice-Presidenr, Kappa Mu Epsilong l-lomecominq Queen: Mississippi Colleqe Queen: Who's Who Amono Srudenrs in American Colleges and Uni- versiliesq RCTC Drill Team Sponsor: Freshman Counselor? Alpha Lambdag Phi Della Rho. l l l 0F FA JOHN BEVON KZ President Omicron Della Kappa: Grand Scribe, Grand Mas- ler of Ceremonies, Kappa Sigma: President Secrelary, Pi Kappa Della: President Siudenr Chrisiian Federarion: Edilor, I957 SOUTHERNER: Honor Debale Team, l954: Rho Tau Sigma: Alpha Psi Omega: Pi Tau Chi: Newman Club: Who's Who Among Srudenls in American Colleges and Universilies: Dislinguished Milifary Sfudenf: Kappa Sigma Junior Scholar- ship Leadership Award: i956 l-lamillon W: Balmer Scholarship- Leadership Award. NX, i. S E Z fi 3 2 CAROLYN SMALLWOOD AAA Ourslanding Freshman Woman, l955: Hisiorian, Freshman Class: Beau+y, I955, l956: Kappa Pig President Alpha Lambda: l-lislorian, Delia Delia Della: Wesley Foundarion: Captain, Dixie Darlings: Miss MSC Balhing Beaufy: Who's Who Among Siudenis in American Colleges and Universiiiesg Miss Missis- sippi l956. UIIHIIE X Gzaalvg. V 1-q4KvQx ' Ks MRS. IVAH O. WILBER Adviser Carol Coziar, Rose Shelfon, Roda Hord, Barbara Bafchelor, Sue McDavid, Peggy McKeifhen, Jimmie Ard, Ann Maffinson 'ls 3 1... 'id "N an 1 x-J Rushees visif 'lhe sororify rooms during lhe Pan-hellenic +ea. BARBARA BATCHELOR, Presicleml JIMMIE ARD ROSE SHELTON CAROL COZIAR ANN MATTINSON SUE MCDAVID RODA HORD PEGGY MCKEITHEN Chi Omega Sigma Sigma Sigma Alpha Sigma Alpha Della Zela Chi Omega Kappa Della Phi Mu Della Della Della S GMA I SI wr 1. G M A S I G ororify in f Mis., t I g 4 5 VV r.. Q A gs Q ,r W.. ' K A f ca ag A 2 -9, 5: g fa' H" -ff ' I A -.r ' - ' , i - . QE, -of J 'cf' K' , ' , 'Sy 9' -2' 3' sw. X-R k K iw ' l v t 0. 2 V ILQE , I '4' i ' ' R g 1 G ies as-f -K H A aff " I vi 1, W -,W .3 ww "TA-'film ' J - ,Qs A -:Qs f ggi an ,QW f xx 'ii '-if? .pfx I s "Ci X I Aivhyz' 4 , gi' sr Z. 27' K x ' . K iii! mi. '- "" 1 2 , C in 1 lg gl f G 4 'K' 4127 Y," x i 4573 , ' Y Y f . ,,,: 1 ii V All . J ii , 2 i ,J iii .. 'rw Quik x s ' A 3 ' I . N 5.5, 1 If ' , ' 'Q ,N i , . i ' GK "'T A-1 5: F fs M 'av 1,1 3 "' , C ' if ,-,-. I n -ig Y, Nt? J .29 57, .T f i J i CX-J 5 C X, 4 ., L Memsrsas fa 3' s r . 4. Firsf Row: Jimmie Ard, Carolyn Affeberry, Mary Boggs, Marinel Koch, Palsy Colfer, Mary Coleman, Ann Cosper, Slella Courlney, Elaine Craig. Second Row: Kay Crenshaw, Janel Curry, Marcia Embl, Slella Farish, Fay Farragut Elizabefh Garner, Ann Sober, Mary l-laclcney, Anila l-larper. Third Row: Sylvia l.. l-larris, Kay l-lenry, Pally l-lolmes, Ancie Johnson, Mary Johnson, Belly J. King. Joy Ladner, Sue Lawson, Lareldine D. Lee. Four1'h Row: Donna Malfhews, Dorolyn Mailhews, Lenore Mclnnes, Jan Mifchell, Lynn Pardue, Nellie Redd, Connie Ripple, Pauline Roberson, Kim Russ. Fiffh Row: Emily Russ, Ann Sassone, Pai Skinner, Beflye Tucker, Geneva Tuclcer, Peggy Wells, Karlene Wesl, l.aVoynne Williams. LJ J1 i 1, i w i,!'fW OFFICERS Nancy Brehm, Kay Crenshaw, Peggy Wells, Sfella Williins, Dorolyn Ma'Hhews, BeH'y Bradley. Colors: Purple and While Flower: Violel' Founded: April 20, I898, Farmville, Virginia Alpha Sigma Chap'I'er insfallecl May I4, I937 Sigma Sigma Sigma, on May I4, I937, became lhe lirsl narional sororily on Sou'rhern's campus. Tri Sigma members have long held an inleresi in all campus aclivilies. They poini wiih pride io members in organizalions such as The Dixie Dar- lings, lhe band, "S+udenl' Prin+z" and SOUTH- ERNER siaicls and Jrhe Sludeni Government Individual honors were won lhis year by Kay Henry as Senior Homecoming Maid, Kay Cren- shaw as caplain ol The Dixie Darlings and a Top Beauiy, and Lynn Pardue as WMSU slalion man- ager. l-lighlighls of Jrhe year included The spring lor- mal, Founder's Day, summer weelc-end pariy and lhe annual regional meer. X 04 ! 'bin ' An easy vic+ory, buf 'lheir suppori helped. The l956-57 pledge class. R V HHN, .V aaa, E i li A if 'YW- r.-i .. - I h ' r Q alnxxsxvuuwsumf Q TL S' if ox o xc 6 I P rr E YA ET 6 fl , C g .V ,L , Alpha Sig Members and Pledges Firsl Row: Nancy Robinson, Recording Secre+aryg Adair Bales, Presi- denfg Rose Shel+on, Vice-Presidenlg Alene Eaves, Treasurer: Second Row: Susan Newfon, Edi+org Anna Moore, Secrefaryg Mary OHis Waiies, Membership Direcforg Janice Eaves, Chaplain. .Lu-Qffl 1 i is iii Wipe 'em up wi+h Alpha Sig Colors: Pearl While and Crimson Flowers: Asrer and Narcissus Founded: Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, Novem- ber l5, I90I Bela Della Chapfer inslalled May, l938 To begin The aclivilies of lhe I956-57 school year, Alpha Sigma Alpha enlerlained Dr. and Mrs. McCain wilh a iacully lea. Olher aclivilies ol ihe year included a Founder's Day Banguel, Chrislmas parly, Spring Formal, a Molher-Daugh- ler Benguel and Spring l-louse Parry on lhe coasl. Alpha Sigs belong lo Alpha Lambda, Pi Kappa Pi, Phi Della Rho, Pi Tau Chi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Lambda lola Tau, Kappa Pi, Alpha Psi Omega, Kappa Della Pi, Fulure Teachers ol America, Kappa Omicron Phi, Sludenl Government "Slu- denl' Prin+z" slaici and various religious organiza- iions. Adair Bales reigned as lhe I 956 Mississippi Col- lege Queen, was a member oi lhe l-lall of Fame and "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universiliesu and served as a Freshman counselor. AnneHe"-lisdale was chosen Miss MSC Baihing Beauly Queen and Miss Mississippi. Marjorie Du- kales was elecled second Vice-Presidenl of ihe SGA and Mary Ollis Wailes was chosen Miss Wayne Counly. Alpha Sigma beaulies were Adair Bales and Annelle Tisdale. fi 0-...N arm, :NM O YL NQQW Yr. L: 'iw I 'Ei' ALPIEI IGMA ALPHA ororify ' " 5 A' "'i7?f:'il . GL' l L' Y -if 1 ' f ' gg QQ, . V 4- f, ,, . 7, M Vey, ' .-.I fm ""' ig ' ' , ,ll ' 4 we ff ,Z 1 KM' 'V ij 1' 'H - . - ' ' , i 1 fi Y , W. F ga, 'fa Y A 'Gt f A ' was 4, '52 , , xx ., - ' my 4 -ag K "' I ,,,, 'W - ' img sy I 1 if 'Q 4 1 5, W' si ALMA A iff i ' si' ..,. i X :L px. . 4 dak ,, , H Q, , ii ,,- in l W .f Y, f , . "U-'M s,, waning' , . 'e ly- A 4, ,NV HW ,N ww. , 1' hr"-'14-MVV , J , K fi? 55, , ,gs 0 f af M se 'limi K as ei we rriJ J A if X, . .1 -J ,'.,' A fa x W WF., ' 3 W i ' V, W M gf 'S W 1543 V z9f 1 A , ff uw. ., J 4, '41 A Y. . Hr, 2 X iii H f A j i -2- xg, ,I ,M of ..,. 1 I f ii E Q I We 3 'Yi if we V 4 Wu , F ,H ,,,1 ., J if , - W ' 'K 57 ,Fav 1 , W "' K ,, '2, dgxxzy 11 A i 1 , ' W- N ff We x , f ., K' 9. X Q we K A 1. F fn M.. u--V' 4 qw . 'Kim' 9""f- . f ,M kk . Y X if fv ,G . , U " M- , 4. ,.,.,. , , A ,ag .. mi A ' M ,.-. -iz: s SQ, 'A ,W A. my i ,X ,ws :vw KM, , s 5, W .mm 'ecf 5,,, .. - ,,,, 5, V c A im. "" ' My y .MW ,,...,,,, ., ,J is .. f g if " f U' . f fl ,, L ., JJ wg k Vx' Q. 4 Z5 'Y " 31' ii ' , I . g g. ' V A 5 , 5 I ' ,Q 45 Kwan' ,i-N. we M A 59 ? Q- A A .M W sf ,..-1' K Q V ' 'X V ' , . N "IV W: ' if 0' , , A an i l I i i i l l il1 , Firsi' Row: Jimmie Albrilion. Belly Faye Adams, Jimmie Ainsworllw, Lucrelia Applewlwile, Alice Arledge, Billie Banlcslon, Adair Bales, Jaclcie Bollon. Second Row: Judy Bowling, Margarel Boyd, Amie Brady, Nan Brown, Sylvia Carler. Theresa Clegg. Marjorie DuKa+e, Allene Eaves. Third Row: Janice Eaves, Melda Foard, Gwen Eorlenberry, Palli French, Mary K. Gen- lry. Spud Guillol. Pai Hari, Roma l-lenderson. Four+l1 Row: Elsie Ivey, Barbara Johnson, Sue Kennedy, Joy Koonce, Dol Larroux, Anna Moore, Susie Newlon, Lois Pravaia. Fiffh Row: Nancy Robinson. Kay Schweizer, Rose Sliellon, Sue Spencer, Annelie Tisdale, Ellen Tune, Ann Waddell, Mary Wailes. 2II MEMBERS A6 --'Mar Q K f 9 ' if 1' 5 'Q nfs W Qi A f x Y , ,f ""'1Y' dVr'.' ix ,,, f"- 2 11 l .l l l 0 1: L T A Z E T A ororz g ' I. i l -H ., f HA y 4 7 fx if 5 Mmm ff f - " 2 ' i 5 , ' 351' l we an 5 1901 60 ws, ,W e, 5 n l A vzll -N , .0 . . I-F -we 1 fear - 5 'rn' - J , ' ' l e f' '73 ii' L 5 " l 1 " X fx? ll ,A'. in 4 Aillllr- L 1' L sg "v1"" i ,5 A X Eff ' I rim ja A E4 M A I A f JK A N if , ,ff i i xx -5 1 1 A-L -ii' Y - - ,f 7' vw by , if , Z fa' 2' 1 1 A 0 i ,fm We 'W ,-1 Xe AZ X X. i Jul L, 'WMQ' ,wikfsfqlndi lx MEMBERS 1, , 31 r, , .s fi, I X s f 1 fb-Q gg. '. .att liz' 'VR 'vi 1 in F J , fe' iq '. L , W 5 i "1:,7"i Ng, NYHJ, y ,Jef if '-Q i A 2 ,Qs fa- S dr l lx? b. ,TS . I - x Firsf Row: Anne Adams, Eloise Blaclc, Laura Boggan, Charlolle Boyel, Annelle Chevey, Berllwa Clwunn, Belly Cleveland, Belly Cliflon. Second Row: Carol Coziar. Laurie Curel, Charlene Farr, Jeannine Foard. Mona Ford. Sara Freeman, Lillie Cvallin, Sydney Gallin. Third Row: Jimmie l-lolder, Joyce l-lanna, Rila Jennings, Dorollwy Juillerel, Linda Lam- , mers, Grovernell Lillle, Molly Ross. Doris Slewarl. I Fourfh Row: Mary Slewarl, Barbara Siurua, Carolyn Till, Maureen Mi+c:l1ell,Ann Mosley. l l i 2:2 I l l . I E 1 : as l me N Q :x 2,, Q , , e M E. is , S 3 L, -l u yas 'rwwzmk 1 . ' .A ?Z.e . . . wK,,, I , gX,i"b, ' 3: fiery ' . , N P Emi: ii1iefT',faf7ei ' ,i " ki A X1 if i5n1l!Hi,'L'1'f'f-AA-upe hx VT-'rib' Li 1' .i Q 5 'Lie if iv " "ll-Wil iMXN1lf5ll.1i -'aff' if-.l l M tj jig A:-,WM The Della Zela's Homecoming conlribulion. 3 , w1':'rwr:rcr:4':i'-r nf 'X ' ' 'ff A l ri fs Colors: Olive Green and Cream Flowers: Cream Tea Rose Founded: Miami Universily, Oxford, Ohio, Seplember 23, l9l4 Alpha Kappa Chapler inslalled May IO, l94O The diamond and lour pearls ol Della Zela came lo Soulhern's campus in lhe lorm ol Epsilon Mu chapler on Seplember 23, I95o. The change ol name lrom Della Sigma Epsilon lo Della Zela The I956-57 Della Zela Pledge eleee. was a resull ol a merger ol lhe lwo, making 'lhe local chapler a member ol lhe nalion's largesl women's lralernily. Della Zela's purpose is lo unile ils members in bonds ol sincere and lasling lriendship, lo slimulale each in lhe pursuil ol knowledge, promole lhe moral and social cullure ol ils members and lo develop plans lor guidance and social cullure ol ils members and lo develop plans lor guidance and unily in aclion. DZ's are lound in lhe Vesper Choir, Choral Union, Pi Tau Chi, Alpha Lambda, Alpha Psi Qmega, Eulure The Della Zela's receive lheir charler. E ? Bela, Pi Tau Chi, American Chemical Sociely, lhe debale leam, and various religious organizalions. l 4,,, Ni, e 'W f i f f W , Je, f 1 .f ee A6 ,X I- , H . .- s 4 ' . .K . e H u l' I .- .... ' -'-' Q - fe 7 -' . fffl' 1'1- ' Q 4 Teachers ol America, l-lome Economics Club, ' Kappa Della Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Bela Bela F N3 5955? TT DW .T A4 xc ef T Lewis, Ann Gillespie, Ann Maffinson, Marfha Turner, Jan SToclcs+ill And We Did SOUTHERN AGA! -J Q Ihllllg flillwfllillll iiillllfs 'red JZ! i "" lilly ,,Tlc'T'!mfi!!i 'Jann 4 -itz, ' ' 'Hwy 4 AVS, 7 T i V i 7 T .7 'ffl +' A fu- 73 WS 2 I4 ' I! . fs 4 ll' -'Xa 'I 1, ll-I-,Q it A , '.l' ., r, 'I ilu' 1 lid 'ig H i g,x:c, T. 'f - - -fa f lf '- 41, Q ,c4'6A,,sr4ul.m gi T X s frffwil' ,ki ' X ' 'Z' 'fi' 'ig I ' . s,1'ef'Q"ii:. .h:i':f:J!c: y wi 1 X - 22,41 , 41- -, gg' T f ' "Lf-arf f ' K .fi 7 ,J g , K J 5 f ru Chl-O Cuhes Colors: Cardinal and STraw Flower: WhiTe CarnaTion Founded: UniversiTy of Arkansas, April 5, I895 Epsilon DelTa Chapfer insTalled April 23, I949 This year, I957, marks Chi Omega's eighTh year on SouThern's campus. They have members in The Women's ATTairs Board, "STudenT PrinTz" and SOUTHERNER sTaTTs, SouThern Players, STudenT Government Alpha Lambda, Kappa DelTa Pi, BeTa BeTa BeTa, Kappa Mu Epsilon and Alpha Ep- silon DelTa. Their social calendar This year included Their annual ChrisTmas Song FesTival, a parTy Tor under- privileged children, a MoTher-DaughTer bangueT, The Spring Formal, a Dinner Dance and Bi-annual Eleusinian banqueTs. ln addiTion To Their giving an award To The ouTsTanding sTudenT in Social Sfudies, They climaxed Their enTire program wi+h The annual week-end house parTy. The mosT ouTsTanding members were Ann MaT- Tinson, "Who's Who," SecreTary oT The Senior class, Class FavoriTe, SecreTary oT Phi DelTa Rho and Vice-presidenT oT Kappa DelTa Pig Sara SpoTTswood, PresidenT oT Alpha Lambda and Freshman Counselor: BeTTy Ann Jones, Home- coming Maid, Miss MSC and head cheerleader, Dixie Johnson, Top BeauTy: and Barbara BaTche- lor, PresidenT oT Pan-l-lellenic. K. CHI 0 EGA s si ororif w, , ,W V.. ' , -Ig, M ' X ii - Q Q2 ' ' V J F fx, :Ny I , MN 6 Qt X . :al K- S. ff? eh -S' ""' 47,3 A su W if-. :E Q ., i " ' 4 . ,V ., , 4 ' i fy, ,Z M" K .X 1 K f 'Z sk S, ff? Y' 'I ,. ,Lf-,VI MA: , . P S i ' A f. 'X was My , I is i S as if V4 A ' " "- ff: ' J V V " , si ' . I ,Ei i e W 'A' we M L -s in fs f 'A 'L 'Q' 'vi ,, A -"' .af L :, .---A J 'c"f .sf ' ,..,-as Nfl W1 , me L M' ' f " L " H 'ff' New ,I f P' W if i -. 1 - f ., 1 ' . ' Q' i --fx ' 'N' u f""i - H 'wifilfs 4 A S ' L, if' if K , 'f .rf ig. Qi ,J'sAQMQ i ef' fi-if . "" -f li A M if J V- 1.,A 1 , f J V 'S Q ,Nl -.,, 5 "..v Q 1 . .. 4 'W 'N M A , a M VAX Nw 3 'fn' " "' K' AIA ,I B 'filer if 1 N A Q W 'M 'fa af 9 ' ' ' yr- v ,,,-: 1 1 x.-. " V J " 1' Q J A . , , , , V "': .:r. A , X R ,ga 2: 57 , v 4 ky. , s, ' L A A ' W C ,iii liiiiii- 1 . gas ' ' ,,,. ,PN .M n "E, Aga? W 'H - Q A Z-R X . in I ff- 'L f A f y X ,W 2 g x vlb ,Q ' ,,,v VV QQ! 1 Va if t 5,41 x i, tv V.,,,, Q - ,,,,. , Q . rl N 1 1 ":: xg ' ' X 'X QA Firsl' Row: Barbara Balchelor. Libby Boyd. Cassie Boyell, Rusfy Breallfi, Karlen Jo Bruner. Linda Caldwell. Frances Cargile, Lily Cox. Second Row: Mary C. Dawkins, Emily Day, Alice Denson, Geraldine Dickerson. Linda Franklin. Sarah Gales, Anne Gillespie, Glenda Gilliam. Third Row: Jean Givan. Peggy Griffin, Kalherine l-lall, Calla l-lansbrough, Frances Head. Kay l'loneycuH, l-lelori Howell. Nancy l-lulchinson. Fourfh Row: Doris Jackson. Dixie Johnson, Palricia Johnson. Belly Jones, Jane King. Carolyn Lueders, Karolyn Long, Palricia Lewis. Fif+h Row: Ann MaHinson. Evelyn Byrd Maflinson. Mary McCaa. Nancy Meclclin, Karen Monlgomery, Palricia Myers. Nancy Pickering. Jane Pylanl. Sixlh Row: Pally Smillw, Suzanne Snider, Sara Spollswood. Rose Slanford, Janice Sloclc- s'rill, Marlha Turner. Alice Wilkinson. Susan Woodyear. 2I5 MEMBERS f . KAPP DELTA ororifg ra i if-cv JSP . I il will ,A 49, 4? , ye- vm 1 5- ,pvx sx I, , , ,L -' ffsilifxzr 'inf- Q? if Qi' i i -,L if ,,., N. 'TJ7' li 'SF' Q 4 i Iago ',l Wa, . el Fla? K 'S-, ' .mm 'rw i 'B M1 A ? 'i.,,.Q Nay, l IW! Q 'nf' I 'QQ f In .,. .Q . 3 ,em ' JW., -an f le .V-f-:W L I yi fw 5- 'lf . 'Xu 'B , ... lf ., ,Z K 4 .xi MEMBERS E 1 rg ' mikey, A I .W ' i MKS . , mf' "" ,-ig.. R '6"' ." - :X x t as '12 3 Alxnx if ' ' V 'sa I 5 i 'v' 1 yy, fa A -Q-5, ., "7x Q A 171 1 ' h 1,- , . ,, - If , 5 V Y gi 4 y . I V as ,nal 'Em 4 V an ff? A me 'jg ', i 1-A v ' 5 ,VX ' 1-:'iiX , 'i ,,x. Y-r' :Yi -"IX l .N . sk W Anna. .1 - --g y ' 07 . W A I. J I y I , Q M WA, if . , ' , , I ,i sat V 3 I -,f i -,f , 3- i P si.. SW' 4 . i A A N .J c be 1 V' qw ' . " B, i , . 1- i Q Q A 1 5 i A 'Qi ,, ,N 4 ,,, 3 k V wg? - , J ,J f ,,,. -n l YF X ff! 4' -f 1 G .- ..,.. . 'i J. 1+, fi isrsr fs all . A L i . A K ,N V is ' V ' 42 WB Us r P 6 i i V i I tw :Ss A A i 'Q s, A ' Q. XL' l O ,Zi 2, T .. A .-eff' I y Nagy -X K 1' ER V. L- , x 4 f i ., f L L L. f . A ,..? A gk ,gf W ,3 fax I: gi r of , gl, . ,f .Q Q4 M 5 , X E W fi '. f' V .ilu Firsl Row: Alice Aillcen, Mary J. Allen, Lucille Anderson, Mary Angell, Marlha Dee Bar- low, Barbara Beach. Joan Berry, Lorella Belhs. Second Row: Belly Bond, Barbara Chisholm, Nancy Claylon, Mary Crumbley. Kay Cun- ningham, Judy Davis, Audrey Denson, Willie Dora Eslcridge. Third Row: Carol Ann Evans, Jean Garner, Gerry Gibson, Nellie Gonzales, Mary Granl- ham, Palricia Grauer, Liddell l-lay, Nancy l-lelm . Fourlh Row: Palsy l-lorlman, Nancy l-louslon, l-lilma Lewis, Chrisline Marrioll, Jacque- line Lee McCullough, Sue McDavid, Jo Annie Mclnnis, Virginia Merrill. Fiflh Row: Kalhryn Miller, Jane Odom. Elaine Reynold, Sandra Fisher, Peggy Roberls, Carol Schuppan, Frances Seay, Donnie Seuzeneau. Sixlh Row: Sue Simmons, Rose Smilh. Marqarel Slevenson, Avis Viqnes. Beverly Wake- land, Marlha Wallers, Marlha Weslbroolc, Joy Lee Whillinglon. 2I6 QU- 55" ' T The KD's helped sway us To viciory Colors: Pearl WhiTe and Olive Green Flower: WhiTe Rose Founded: Longwood College, Farmviile, Virginia, 0cTober 23, i897 BeTa Sigma insfalled May I4, I949 Such acTiviTies as The Pounder's Day BangueT, The Dinner Dance, WhiTe Rose Spring FesTival, The ChrisTmas parTy Tor underprivileged children, The Spring House ParTy, ChapTer BirThday parTy and The Alumni Tea were The highlighTs oT This year. I956-57, Tor The Kappa DelTas. Their membership in Alpha Lambda, Phi DelTa Rho, PuTure Teachers oT America, Dixie Darlings. Choral Union STudenT Government "STudenT PrinTz" sTaTT, SouThern Players, and various reli- gious organizaTions, exempliTies Two of Their ob- iecTives-scholarship and service. Kappa DelTas who have made names Tor Them- selves This year are LoreTTa BeThs, Homecoming Queen, BeauTy, Phi Kappa Tau SweeThearT and CapTain oT The Dixie Darlings1 Jackie lvlacon, l-lomcoming Maid, BeauTy and SouThern Fea- TureTTeg Judy Davis, "Who's Who in American Colleges and UniversiTies," PresidenT of The Wome,n's Physical EducaTion Club and Vice-Pres- idenT oT Phi DelTa Rho: Joan Berry, BeauTy and l-lomecoming Maid: Nell PrueTT, Cheerleader? and Donie Suezeneau, Vice-PresidenT oT The Soph- omore Class. BeTa Sigma ChapTer also won The annual Greek Song FesTival. They claim Three Campus Favo- riTes in addiTion To Three BeauTies, Three Fresh- men Counselors and The now Pan-Hellenic Presi- denT, Sue lv1cDavid. --N-ss-44g,g 9' i X' 'T I fi' wuw- Song Fesi Winners dy Davis, P d T si' Row, leff To righfz Alice Alriens, SecreTaryg Ju lV'Ps'dTBTTyBdT S dR A ary Ange , Vignes, Rush ICE- F6 I eng e on s, reasurer . ECON Cha ang Nancy Clayfon, AssisTan+ Treasurer, d Ld II Hay. Corresponding SecreTa ry. gm Q T S. 8' SUZ 2 X I am- Q L ff 1 tl X ,fx 152,11 'iii Firsf -Row: Vlendon Johnson, Chaplain: Mary McClammy, Presidenfg Kin- la Kergosien, Assislanf Treasurer. Second Row: Carol Williams, Vice- Presidenlg Marylin Yawn, Slandards Chairman: Eloise Parenl, Pledge Misfress: Barbara Rhodes, Treasurer: Sylvia Bradley, Secrelaryg Roda Hord, Membership Direclor. Phi Mu Pledge Class l Uglifsf 2 ii: , '-W 1-.Q -A, X X M- ' gs H . 'A , ii 'l S ' lf v i i' ' X P i i ri - , X'!9,,,:5J?., z T ., W , at , W I v.., ' O 6 ,tt V J' M. 'N 1 6 ' - . 1.. Q- xx, -X N J t .W 4 is .r.. , - , Yo ' N lf! "ii : 7 If .. , X ,- ' s JL' l 1? :A A 5. mf' a Z, 'o 1 . -- - ,va , 4 -g is 'Q x .P 4' i 'E "-Qxfif TT: if? wi ii f' 1 ' MT?" ,,,, ,, 'X' 1' ' 5 fr fo, i i jg? ss- 'J ff K gag . 1,0 ,323 5 W 'fy I J its 5 V i' 'll I Phi Mu "S'lreaks" Colors: Rose and While Flower: Enchanlress Carnalion Founded: Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, March 4, I852 Alpha Omicron Chapler ins'l'alled March 25, l950 This year marked anolher slepping slone in Phi lvlu's growlh here al Soulhern which began in l95O. Helping pul clown anolher slone lo cross were lhe lvlolher-Daughler Banguel, Founder's Day Banguel, Spring lorrnal and annual slyle show. Many ol Their members helped make lheir mark by 'raking parl in Choral Union, Soulhern Players, Alpha Psi Omega, Psi Gamma Nu, Pi Tau Chi, Phi Della Rho. Rho Tau Sigma and various religious organizalions. This year, l956-57, was climaxecl by Phi lVlu's MSC chapler acling as hoslesses lo lhe nalional convenlion. 5 ,s"'13 I' 'I P ll I M U ororify ,L ,f ., Q! "' R ' . ,. p , as sf-fix"-f w f ' uf, - R 'swf r 'N ,Y 'gb " 1 ' " 'ii F' ' f r Q Q ms Q W , Q Q, A ,A j 'QT Q f-- i N Q, M , 9 f N ' 3 .. is W 0- 9, 'Q ma. A .. Q QQ, Q ' M' f ' i ,. ' N- N ..,,. ' ' , Ages ' ' ' . X ,ma-gp 'M - '- ' Q ' ww' ' 5 , . ww- . - - ' ,- - , 'I , v ' alvw- ,. , 'pi , Q-'wr' X , ,y 4 I - -..- sag 1 s, , 1 Q ,, i - We "Y 5 , - ,f f , i f,.f"', i. H . , Q my 2, - 45 A ,. ,ff ,fav-J M M ' ' - 6 i 1 is I I ,. v '37, ..: . A 3 rf Q QQ' .QQ We , - Q ,, Q 1 Y ' if 41 " . -- ' f - .A , 7 Q Qs 34 ,,,,,, ,rw V fQ. . ,.,- Q P 0, Q fm -ibm 6, ,W ,aa , 'N 1: -M , mf f f J "H- J gf , J A' i a B R Q if 7 f Q QQ s 'v-wLfv- X QQ -f K 'Af' A , V f " as Q' ' " 'A' X QQ J Af' , , x J J , J HQ 5 x is .4 n he 2 A Z Q. X Q9 5 :.s3,Qf Sk A. , , . QQ Q Q Q , i-,. ,, , K - f ' ' .f : 1, . 'W' . ' . - K" ' X- - QU, Q Qj -vw fx If -.M 5' 1, ' ' - , ""'l?'- . Q- , ,gif Qs f- ,Eff Q 4, 1 .e . T , s """'1-' i -, ' 96 7 . X ' ' - R .. 'TQ 'Www 3 ,rf ar -' ' A f Q '35, 9 ' . , ' - - 'W . ,,.. I .e "'-if , ', 'ff H-4 4 . -, W Q rar- Q . W W , . ig 'Q ' . ,ga A '-if X we ,M .fi 4 ,. Mirza X 1. , s 'W ' X , ""' ,Q M , ,f ,C B ,J , J ' ' -V fi . - w 1552" - . mi' 'Q 3 1-1' A h Q . D ,Q , i ,, f W' 'Q TA N ' A , W ' A , , v X . . 1 , - ' N...,,,,, wr 'cu' ' X Q , , Q Q , QQ my - 1 f V 'L ' MJ , ,. X ' , awww ag QQ AMR A . Q fag' X4 -f W ' Y ,Q 1 -- ' M ,, , , .. Jw vs w UN f , 'W rw 'va fain vw ,s 5 4- .i qw X - V an sg: YK -f q,,.....,,., . .dk , Q "WP , . Q M! as Q, ,, N7 A s yn 3 ,J 1 -if rf w gfs we .fa ' "-1 ' arf, , - ' .' wks 9 f 5 Qi' i - 'Q , ' ,ff , 5 iz f, , - NN - V JJ . " " ,",l Q ..,, Q N. QQ Q Q . Q. Q .1 ,Q EQ A A-QQ Q , QQQ, Q- Q Q Q V Q Q ' 'WN f K . PM 3 .. Q aw 5 'f ,. is .. .N an its , s Q N Q N .. Q Q , , W' Q, Q , .Q Am . my if . K , -, ' , 'W 1 xv, R ., N Q 1 , , ref ,Q , 'aes' "nz--A W7 ' 'M' R f A r Q 'Q , L M . ww!! Firsf Row: Sylvia Bradley, Carol Brauner, Frances Broolcs, Clarice Bryan, Quellyn Rae Campbell. Carolyn Clark, Arden Conway, Karhleen Coverl. Second Row: Darlene Dierz, Lysbelh Fiebelkorn, Roma Fleming, Robbie Fuller, Mary Gamblin, Jerry Goss, Janie Granade, Mary I-lolliday. Third Row: Roda Joy l-lord, Glendon Johnson, Kinlra Kerqosien, Mary Kreher, Belry Lee, Joan Logan, Marjorie Logan, Ouida Marlin. Four+h Row: Rosemary Massey, Mary Key McClammy, Celia McClurlcin, Shirley Miller. Beclcy Milling, Caryl Morschauser Sherry Murphy, Parricia Nellle. Fif+h Row: Eloise Pareni, Mary Rainer, Barbara Rhodes, Belly Salisbury, Jeannine Seu- zeneau, Kaiherine Sharp, Barbara Shaw, Karhryn Shivers. Six+h Row: Billie Joe Smilh, Marjorie Sosles, Marcia Thigpen, Dorolhy Thomsen, Palsy Vaughan, Jo Anne Ward. Reba Wesierfield, Marilyn Yawn. I. 2l9 i MEMBERS 'Q' . xv",,, X- Wfsrgxfi I.. ij as J DELTA DELTA DELTA ororify A "' A+ r A ff-6 ,,,,, ,Rf 02 'i,,.g V3 cas be g --.. .3 ,Q N, ' 'A 'lx ,4 -X 'X' X f "' X , ,N P" if K -7 E '-3 ,ic , ff' -7 '-ig, fy V1 I . i i W C v . ' ' J 4. is I A -A ? V 13 A A if "' ,,,, 1 er J C fn' ' 5 41 'Q' J 449 as ri ids. J , M 1, NMAA Q I A wi m l ski. 1 ,,:w,v'fv I I-lb' V ' , ' ' J A- ' CI fb la '33 Q- A A vs .. - - Q ., A 'Q ,ff...w' -. J b A ' X Wm ' 1 im.,z: f C3 C za -'I -:J fr I f as as 2 RP 'E 'Fifty N, 5, ' df, N, .v -4 il-c , 1 S' 3 ,,. I 1 f 'E-if A , !'Qs .I i W Mi him qvvb ,WW Xxbf J Ah 1. . g 1 .K - W A--T V if A N6-,c :ff at J ss fa ag.: A ,LIL-ll I - 9' - ,ig I 45' . A Y my . ... L ', I 1 A gauge - A' it 'x A ' .J A .fr .af , D, A - ' 'F - 1 L ,. y It X X fs? T-f 1 ,as Fig. A " H 3 Q H Q J Ks. V1 YM Firsi' Row: Terry Allen, Linda Baclcslrorn, l-larriel Baylor, Monfe Beall, Margarel Bradley, Wanda Brown, Nina Campbell, lvlarfha Chapman, Kay Cleveland, Geraldine Dale. Second Row: Carolyn Dearmon, Barbara Easom, Robin Esarey, Jane Forlner, Judirii Forlner, Annelle Fox, Barbara Franklin, Glenda Green, Rebecca Green, Barbara Guinn. Third Row: Susan Hagerman, Peggy Hughes, Nelma Ivey, Carol Kinnard, Ann Lasefer. Ann Lauman, Jane Law, lvlargarel Marlin, Julie McCall, Carolyn McGregor. Fourfh Row: Ann McKay, Peggy McKeiTl'ien, Beverly McKenzie, Iris Michael, Ann Miller, Anifa Neely, Sandra Parker, Palricia Paflerson. Marllia Payne, Beverly Praylor. Fif+h Row: Paul Richie, Madelyn Ruffin, Mignonne Russell, Grace Schmidt Carolyn Smallwood, Carolyn Smi'rl'i, Palricia Speck, Milley Slewarl, Vi Tarrer, Peggy Taylor. Sixfh Row: Carolyn Timms, Frances Gale Tiplon, Lindsay Owen, Lou Ann Waggoner. Mona Wallcins, Sylvia Williams, Myrlle Wingo, Peggy Wolfe. . Ji. '63 220 I if P 4 A y 1 A , A ' fg,!-:,?'Qi'frf , -6 ' n , ' ' 9 Q ia T . is f 1 f 1 if is ff A , , lf ' 'D 9' ' f TTU .ghigli ivwshiir Q ' ., P L .gas N ' S iii' pak? Z xx X .. 4 , rw! Y i x M '1fY"".5i"-g3':f'i?'iifi,' I I I. 3.2, . ,T 'iqiifziir .W ' 1. 1 - , V ' , V M .im . .cbs ig iii 14" K X J' A X -, W., , N Z 'Q' 1 .. , A , ,V -nfl 6, ,, . 1 , L ', A3451 it P ri X rw! '- M, r- il 'infix nl Lel's Snow Abilene Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue Flower: Pansy Founded Boslon Universily, I888 Phi Epsilon Chapler inslalled May, l95l This year, I956-57, lor lhe Tri Dells was nol only a year ol lun, bul also a year ol progress. Their mosl imporlanl social lunclions were lhe Founder's Day Banguel, Pine parly, Chrislmas Dinner parly, lnslallalion banguel, "lVloonglow" Spring lormal, Della Weelc, Easler Egg hunl lor alumnae children and lhe Pansy Breaklasl. Their busy social schedule is complemenled by special inleresls in scholarship and service. As a group, il has one ol lhe highesl scholaslic aver- ages on lhe campus. Many ol ils members are claimed by Alpha Lambda, Phi Della Rho. Rho Tau Sigma, Kappa Della Pi and Alpha Psi Omega. Tri Dells receiving special honors lhis year were: Jane Forlner, Juolilh Porlner and Carolyn Cochran Smallwoool, "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universiliesug Judilh Forlner, Pres- idenl ol Phi Della Rho and Fulure Teachers ol - America club: Beverly McKenzie, Vi Tarrer, Adele McKay as Beaulies: Mona Vllalkins, Sweelhearl ol Circle K club: Ann Alworlh Lauman, Pike Dream Girl: Peggy Taylor, Secrelary ol SGA: and Bev- oe, 5' ' ' 0l'unCxW"' Tri-Dells To-Be Tri-Dells' parly for underprivileged children erly McKenzie, Fealurelle. ,ff X ' 335 nf! . in iv., 46 The purpose oT The lnTerTraTerniTy Council is To promoTe The inTeresT oT all The TraTerniTies on The campus, To encourage cooperaTion among The Tra- TerniTies and Their members and To insure The Tra- TerniTies will be a crediT To Their members and To Mississippi SouThern. The TraTernal sysTem has grown during The pasT year. Four new houses have added beauTy To Fra- TerniTy Row. lvlembers and pledges have Talcen pride in Their new homes wiTh The Teeling ThaT The "home away Trom home" is a crediT To Their school. Pride is evidenced in scholarship now as never be- Tore. Each TraTerniTy wiThin The pasT Two years has had a scholasTic average above The all men's aver- age. Pride is Talcen in Their service To The school and The communiTy. Adding scholarship To Their many oTher worThwhile underTalcings, The TraTerniTies an- TicipaTe sTeady growTh Tor The TuTure. Donald LevereTT,,Treasurer: Dean Clegg, Ad OFFICERS THOMAS ARNOLD . , . ..... , . . . Presiden+ HENRY RHODES ..... . . .Secrefary DONALD LEVERETT ,,... . . .Treasurer DEAN RAYMOND CLEGG . . . . . .Advisor viserg Thomas Arnold, President and Henry Rhodes, Secrefary. if yu Q Sur fiqx .g M-X," .-.jr , .' if . WSJ .X 9 , , I ,kv .- A , X ,. f .Y A . A V A, ,I ,M , A 1 2' 1. ' , . v 43' "4-' uxL'!fc-+-fg'4,"a--fs'-Mx-10 r 1':'wf.' 'Y M f - , A X.. . ,, ul. ..-. V, "- " ' ,. ffyffrjffryl 1 'Rf' '. '4 3,-mf MJ ff Alpha Tau Omega ' " .lj w 1 1 w yu- Kappa Alpha Sigma Phi Epsilon , , PPa Sf gma 'L' -Wm-N My A . mwffw , 12 , N s , o h va xcapva MP 6 1 fvwn, . 1 I W ' fT:f"'T'1 1355213 F5225 E i Philfa PPG Tau ,W . Ma P1 gf .2 'A xi , 'P Ji PIII 'J KAPPA TAU frdternitq T lvl ai '-.Y 7, -el . I , N2 ., l s il ASX Q , . E 1 m F .. 'NV' 1 I am- 1' ...M ,Q if TWH E Q ' 'S -Qigs i-.. i. 'ii f 73'-Lf 1 , Q' 3.4! -6859 , l I' " -' T' w f ,-fx ...WF ,- .-H 17 e , -Q, ' A ff . M , 3 . Q ,-19' , 1- 3? -s y ful , . va Y- --if .J . ..,, J S Q FY' :Fife B TKT.: , ,N--sf, A w n ...W MEMBERS , W. . gli., -17 - if Y .mi T114- L. Firs+ Row: J. D. Benson, James F. Bodman, Danny Brown, Jimmy E. Brown, Clarence Browning, Berl E. Clarlc, John W. Cochran, Thomas W. Davis, Roberl Denson. Second Row: Glen Dickerson, Eric L. Dunbar, Al Ellis, Orous L. Ellis, Winslon Griffin, Terry Flinlon, l-larry E. Horn, Arlhell Kelly, Joe L. Kinsey. , Third Row: Kennelh Koch, Donald Lemin, Paul Kae Lewey, Lewis McCall, William McDonald, Damian F. Mercer, Floyd Mobley, Roberl l-l. Monlague, Jack L. Murphy. Fourfh Row: Roberl M. Murphy, Roberl J. Murrah, John F. Nau, James B. Nesmifh, Robin B. Penn, John Edward Rasberry, Joesepy Selaro, Charles E. Swan, Bobby S. Smilh. Fif+h Row: Richard Spencer, Warren Tresl, Ben Tuclcer, Warren Villerel, Louis N. i Wascom, Floyd E. Williams, Sidney F. Wood, Bill Woodriclc. l 224 l l I l l l 1 l l 1 l l il? G Colors: Red and Old Gold Flower: Red Carnalion Founded: Miami Universily, Oxford, Ohio, i906 Bela Epsilon inslalled on Oclober Ib, i948 On Oclober lo, I948, Phi Kappa Tau became lhe lirsl nalional lralernily on Soulhern's campus. Their ninlh year on lhe lVl.S.C. campus lound lhe Phi Tau's again aclive in all phases ol campus lile. Their new house has been alive lhrough lhe year wilh parlies, open house, and numerous olher so- cial alllairs. The annual French Quarler parly, The Red Carnalion Ball, lhe Chrislmas parly and lhe Gradualion parly made social life lor lhe Phi Tau's more complele. The Phi Kappa Tau inlramural loolball leam look lhe championship in lhe lralernily league lhis year. ln addilion lo lheir alhlelic abilily, Phi Tau claims membership in such organizalions as Pi Sig- ma Epsilon, Della Sigma Pi, Omicron Della Kappa, and Sludenl Governmenl. Qlher members were recognized lhis year among Who's Who Among Sludenls in American Universilies and Colleges. A r po-v,wy,p4f"" 'vw' 'W 50I7f77' OFFICERS H sh Chalrmang O: L, Ellis, Pledge Maslerg W F.. Slaqq, Vice Harry Horn Ru Presiden 5 o n E Ras err l J h Cochran, Presidenf' James Bodman, Recording Secrelar' d b y C p d g S 1 y GI D lx T , orres on in ecre ar 3 en ic erson, reasurer .A ,n F 4 ,A , r 7 f 1 , 4 b 1 ,gals 12 5 7 fr ' W f f f f T -...I A 4 M Phi Tau lnlramural foofball champs ix ' X QV me i lfimlsfg six x wiki, ' KAPPA ALPHA yrafernlf mf' 'W ,I K A 'Mix I J 1 , 4 l Ah 1S'Y, s gg, 6 , alt , ,ae ,Q fi' , I 1 A. f-gl -sr 55, , A ' ' Q. f s V f V ' , . r N, v , '-,ur nn ' .Q ,A 4 kr gy' fi 'J ,,,. ' ff- 1' ' A X -7:-W V af I 'tj' ' -r-1 '17 Y., I 4, A I , Q, J- 5' f' .ph 1. ef -L J M M-is 2 HT A s ,, se, gfww, gg AM ilk? P ll 'B' A 6- ez- my 1633 gf' .L Q3 it an za- ,e ,.,, ff - , Y ,f y . , l er -7 ,,.A WW if-iff X-K as il ia me . ,rl Q -f N l .ff 'IL W, Z ,s if ' 5 1' , ,f W'f'f 1AQ B 'F X Y' 5 QQQQQEBL ik lllll as da , , .J L rwsislll N l Ir. l'e.. sc. 5 f, 'Mi ' f '29 5? A 5? a."" i Vl ca r f 'i "RW af' G: iw' gn Ajixih N, 1 I , . , la 'T Q Q71 sf" '27 1 , - ,. W ww B- ., . 5 , ,., Q '. ' P 5 P , Njf Y' ' ' f 'WW f' rss, A J J L asf I ,sg f' ' fil l? .eff to rayay- , Mila ,J it is is B... fa rw--1 J. se- if--' .,. ' M I l i a-'ZR ' ss. l QQ 'A ,A I l if MEMBERS X Firsl' Row: Swan Anderson, David Baron, Jerry Blalceney, William Boolcer, Don Bradley, Samuel Bradley, v , A Charles Carler, Thomas Carler, Lonnie Cleveland, Waller Collins. ' Second Row: Thomas Cox, Cullie Davidson, Wilmer Dossell, George Douglass, Denis Drenning, Bill ' '-fgvfr' Easley, Ernesl Gurman, Floyd l-lamillon, Bill l-iamriclc, Clinlon Hardin. "' Third Row: Tommy l-larris, Billy l-lewes, Viclor l-lollingsworlh, Marlin Ivey, James Jones, Wade Jones, Gerry Lauman, Jack London, Charlie Long, l-larold Love. x Jian in A X Fo-urlh Row: Bill Marlin, Larry Mauffray, John McDill, Hudson McDonald, Bobby McKenzie, Don Niclc, Wayne O'Shields, Louis Owens, Bill Pallerson, Clark Pearson. Fiflh Row: John Person, Freddie Pelro, Waller Pigoll, James Poole, Donald Rawls, 'Henry Rhodes. l-lerberl Riley, Pele Rogers, Joe Schaub, Russel Schoneberg. Sixlh Row: Philip Shaw, Tommy Sims, Herberl Slay, Doyle Snow, Bennie Slewarl. Bill Sliglels, Jack Slone, Ray Terrell, Jack Toye, Bubba Tuccio. Seventh Row: Richard Turner, Donald Walls. Russell Welch, John Ziller. B+? 5, 09 226 l x " i Q if Kappa Alpha foes? M.S.C. Colors: Crimson and Gold Flowers: Magnolia and Red Rose Founded: Washingfon and Lee Universi+y in I865 Gamma Zefa insfalled on November 7, I948 On November 7, I948, Kappa Alpha Order founded Gamma Zela Chapler on SouIhern's campus. These Souihern Genllemen have ceriain Iradilions which make up Iheir yearly group aclivi- Iies. The celebraiion of Roberi E. Lee's birlhday on January I9, is followed by a period of feslivily in which Ihey hold Iheir Qld Souih Ball and house parly. Kappa AIpha's are aclive in many campus or- ganizalions and in iniramural sporls aciiviiies. Or- ganizaiions in which members are aclive include Ihe Siudenl Senale, debale Ieam, "M" Club, Pi Kappa Pi, Pi Kappa Della, Phi Fla Sigma, Omicron Delia Kappa, Sludenl Couri, Cheerleaders, and Circle K. Henry Rhodes is presideni-eIec'r of Ihe Sludeni Governmenl Associalion. Jack Sione placed in "Who's Who" and is presidenl of Phi Pla Sigma. Clinl I-Iardin is presidenl of Pi Tau Chi. l K Il 1 I . . Y N CI? if I I I 1' 5 li I fi .3 K.A.'s display fheir Trophies I OFFICERS .I k St II, H y Rh des, Ig Bill Hamrick III: Wayne O'Sh Id Vlllg T y S Vlg Jerry BI keney, IVQ Tommy H rris, Vg Bubba C II ns, VII: Phil Shaw, IX. I 'F-,lg rg. .J 9 Q- 0-1-'ff i im -'A we "id Check Elvis! Colors: Scarlel, Whi+e and Emerald Flower: Lily of 'lhe Valley Founded: Universi+y of Virginia, December IO, IS69 Epsilon Nu insfalled December Il, I948 The Srar and Crescenr of Kappa Sigma rose on rhe Soulhern Campus in The form of Epsilon Nu Chapler on December l I, l948. Since ils birrh, Kappa Sigma has mainlained an enviable record in all phases oi campus life here a+lV1.S.C. Thomas Arnold is now serving rhe Senior Class as presidenl and is presidenr of lhe Inrerirarernily Council. Donald Dana, in addirion lo his duries as news edilor ol The Sludenr Prinrz, is presidenr- elecr of lhe Srudenr Chrislian Federarion. Ruperr Breland, serves as Firsr Vice-Presidenl of The Slu- denr Governmenl. Jerry Pirrman and Clinl Davis were Cheerleaders lhis year. John Bevon serves as presidenr of Omicron Della Kappa and is Edi- Jror of rhe l957 SOUTHERNER. Arnold, Bevon, Breland and Quinnelly were named lo "Who's Who." John Bevon was also named +o lhe l-lall of Fame. The Kappa Sigmas also have members in such organizarions as The "M" Club, Phi Ela Sigma, Pi Tau Chi, Alpha Psi Cmega, Rho Tau Sigma, Pi Kappa Della. Della Sigma Pi, Pi Sigma Epsilon, and rhe Srudenl Senare. The Scarler While and Emerald Green have be- come a symbol of achievemenr on Sou+hern's cam- pus. 'NW f s v , MEMBERS l l 4. 4 E E41 Y , ' 4 . l " PQ L X: Q' I. 1 li '43 :,B-2,5 l s l is sr PPA sm flfdternitq av 'ii L' , FAQ A 2 A ' Q 1 F? v , ,- 'j Aa Lg Q V ,K SR r 'K 1 ' - y I . 3 f A .J 4 1 , ,ms V? .wr 5 V is 'T 1' if . L Q y H...-J ,Y ng! ,N-1 f, ' , ,xy L,,, 'f . A A i" 'i B ' V LH fy 5, yy! 2, K, L 4 , W. if I gf f , , :ff M., A' fi L 5 fr Q f 3 'rn QM I P an 41-if K- ff V. L - f - ' -A f ls-1 1 WCZ:r I, LQ my ry 4 1 M' I V f L1 Q ' , A . x L , ' A H? 'Vs 'f 2 ' Q i .pr.'gj'1.,v4,. MZWQLLQ :y y -5, rss. , , Eff. " f 'W' ff ' ' , 45' XL? . A ,if-,525 , .gg V lr PM y L N , , , ,K f wr . I-Q-gas f - r ah 4 X 'wtf ,E y, 4? ,- K K l .. A . fa 3 .7-gg Q3 2 5 mi , -1 ,Q , E 7 'H+ i In 2 I 'V Z -is is ,,.,,. 3 1 S fi' .ff i 7 f 4 . L "' ' f ff? A lf'-Y ' xr. , L 'n ff ' . My W it lf ,L igglli .L L my MW 'L v L 2 1 l , u - .1 .L 4 lf ,L , , . 43 Gs f !, -"5 iv' R .fm A 'ff . db A. Y. If l A ' -.4 I gal ' I an A - 4 ii' +L' W 3 B fjf,QVgk,Lgf,: 1,,. Wil "" T1'f'5"f"ffYL '- -'J - .Q f, Kg, . . ,I Q" . , -gaming-wx, gf' A L V. R Aim.. .A Firsi' Row: Lewis Alexander, Andy Alfonso, Harry Allendorph, Tommy Arnold, John Balrar, H. C. Barlow, Billie Beldinq, John Bevon, Sam Bdurne, Mac Bradley. Second Row: Ruperf Brelared, Joe Brown, Ed Burlceff, Dale Carr, Oliver Calchinqs, L. K. Cochran, Clyde Coleman, Bill Corr, Obie Crain, Donald Dana. Third Row: Clinl Davis, Tracy Davis, Charles Daws, Gerald Donald, Chesler Dowdle, Polcey Fagqard, Jack Gibson, Robert Harqis, Emerson Harris, Thomas Harrison. Fourih Row: Georqe Hayden, William Jaclcson, Claude "Bi1'l"Jenninqs, Karl Lanqenbaclc, Dick Linden Leroy Magee, Ralph Manny, Erilz Manuel, Joe McClammy, Irvin McCoy. Fiffh Row: Dr. R. L. McCroslcy, Franlc McEacharn, David Meriwefher, Charles Middlelon, Glenn Miner, David Moffell, Kel- lon Morris, Bob Nahrqanq, Warren Nalion, Gerald Nicholson. Sixlh Row: Edwin Pilfman, Jerry Piffman, Charles Prafer, Rufus Puqh, Bill Quinnelly, Lloyd Rainey, Charles Reedy, Lesfer Rushinq, Cecil Shamburger, Sanford Sheffield. Sevenih Row: Jerry Sims, Lawrence Smirh, James Speake, Orville Thomas, Charles Sfashle, B. O. Van Hook, Carl Voss, Hugh We-lch, Ted vWillxins, Ronald WilleH'. x I K I llllh 1 s ll' ali? hi-P The A.T.O.'s homecoming floai' Colors: Slay Blue and Gold Flower: WhiTe Tea Rose Founded: V.M.l., SepTember I I, I865 Epsilon Upsilon insTalled November I9, I949 Since iTs insTallaTion on The campus in I949. Old Alpha has had occasion To become proud oT iTs members. ATO's Tollow an annual schedule oT TesTiviTy which include The Orchid Ball, Their house parTy, and an Old WesT ParTy. Among The ATO noTables This year are Frank CarlTon who has served as presidenT oT The STu- denT C5'overnmenT AssociaTion and as presidenT oT Alpha Phi Omega. Kellum Long served as ChieT JusTice oT The STudenT CourT. Long and CarlTon were named among Those in "Who's Who Among STudenTs in American UniversiTies and Colleges." Franlc CarlTon was also named To The l-lall oT Fame. RoberT Henry served as presidenT oT The Yellow JaclceTs. OTher A'l'O's played varsiTy FooTball, Baseball and Track, were members oT Omicron, DelTa Kappa, Pi Sigma Epsilon, DelTa Sigma Pi and Alpha Phi Omega, and served in The STudenT SenaTe and on The STudenT PrinTz sTaTT. This has been a year oT progress Tor The A.T.O.'s. 'H LPHA TAU QIMEGA frdfernitly l Q f'g"'W'2 J W , 5 'Hi ., A Q . :X 5 1 fn f f, , ', '9 "' -nuff 'B in 'mi' ... .M-, L K 'LS D 'K ZZVPQ ',"if'9 if f V' ,i 3 " M ef L , 'ef' ff' y f ,Q .VV 1" 11 , " ' A A if as J r ' - I . ,,:, vvcv In Z. had N A , si A? 43? I A S.. by , eg, ,H In y V WAAA Q 53 , 2,5 if Qlrl Q . s wg. 'AQ V , r W M' ' fi i 'ge ,ff . f - ,J , B M ,f 'Z"',,V 1 g 'ii i i ""v' l I " 1 "L: 1. my , ,.,A,.,. A 5 1 5 1 1 . I B , V nj , , , ,,,,:,A, B, , ,Ma-me ff' f , ' . -.. f 4 is A l l 2 f , if V ' Q2 HVIVE I V b, .go eh k l in E W mm .,, . N ,...1 ,,- ' ' 'Z" ., X '-'- Q I gf Q, . 4 f -- , ,. ii 1, N an K 1 . 4 . , .. ,,,,, .,:. 1 ,. gf at :il lnlln- ..,:, 1 3 : ,Q. -fi4,f'mZi, A ! vlLQNW,Zf', .3 ' N :ai c W , an New Ms' i if' X.. """' ph is 'M' - I 1 r-f .Q i, ' ii 5 Ainvbb s - 'Q' - l f '- "w--and - ff V :-: V N112 X. g 'heya' ,MZ- , , V " - ""1 1 is ""'w...,f5' f , . W X Wi A be X L A A S ' ' A' 'A' fi 1 H ' uk' I .:".,,Q X 345: I 0 K Y V f ' . -635- 2 . f - , ', 'lil' 'Q 'K' '-We ' , ' ' .gg ,:.,,,,,J- f 'dw :Bm Q .i Z 5 'nie U fr U 'di X ,A , ,. , 2 Q.. ' 'V X-' -W lx I V -.: an A - :gp f -Www X bm. f ' f- 1 "W Q . l S I .-ll, y A x h ' my . . ::::.:.., -.-. ,,, V . i 'B as 5953.5 Q Q ef' 1-:I 'ifixi i-Ee'-Xi, r ' ,J3 '13 M ,HW ,I yin gf' , ? ya A N ' ' s if ,,,,, V i A f 3, -- E Q ,,,V , J -L..: ii , l , f 'T I .' ,eh I X ' ii :V -'Q ' X r E.!3.l,gZ.iff xx hx ii , ...A ., J i 'X . i E ., VAX' AA! x Il' ' 1 - V MEMBERS Q ...- Firsf Row: Roy Acord, Tom Bailey, Guy Ball, Pascal Barron, Billy Beasley, Roberl Bishope, Lyman Bradford, Roberl Campbell, Franlc Carllon, Billy Carney. Second Row: Milne Carpenler, Jim Carraway, l-lerberl Coleman, Na+ Conn, Donald Craslo, Earl Curry, Buddy Davis, Sid Da' vidson, Kennelh Fischer, James Garner. Third Row: Roberl' Gwinner, Sammy l-lall, Earl l"'lanberry, Roberl Hemeler, Robe-rl l'lenry, Jaclc Hill, Edward Holland, John Johnslon, Gene Johnslone, Ance Jordan. Fourfh Row: Currie Juneau, James Kelly, Hugh Kemp, Conrad Kleinpeler, Wiley Kniqhl, James Landrum, Roberl Lennon, Kellum Lonq, Flay Maddox, Kennelh Main. Fif+h Row: Donald McCann, Marvin McDonald, Charles Millard, John Miller, Sieve Milchell, Roberl Moberly, Robert Mor- ris, John Myers, Truman Pillman, Gary Praler. Sixfh Row: James Roos, Warren Schlesinger, Donald Shelfon, Alberl Simmons, William Simpson, Charles Slay, James Slew- arl, J. C. Thompson l-lenry Tuclcer. Sevenfh Row: Bruce Turlinqfon, Charles Vandevender, Ed Voiyedich, Lew Wallace, Jim Wilber, Tommy Wilson, Carlis Yel- verlon, Roberf Yencho. K X PI iv? ml K PPA ALPHA ?rdtel'nitl, 3 1 at w -fgf' 2' Q 48 F 3 ' ' , A at -JQQ rn 9 f,i2 - is 1 ' Nl- V. 1 ml 1 3 'f !'lV . ,Q 1 , ,.-.sw , if if if Q x 2 i- 2 -ii '.- , 's f 'N' Q 'ki S., xv f Sayid - I .V-.- ..,'. .'i ,, .T ,QS , U N I, M' 3 rg 5' se fi .-ul - A fa K r :V , f: ,Q ,, 1 I . 1.- il X' S I W Ama' s., -fi A s A or ' ff new va a Eg ff- 2- . A if . ' f ,ff Cv f 'mfgzri ' ffzizff ' f' , N , A A lf , . l . an t Q . A is .. .Ji f - 5 X 4, 4 , 7 S- D an ', I , ,,. E Y :N 3 :gy , 6 . A 'fql 5 ' -,rv .J 1 1 '-1 1' J d .a -1 1 ' ' I -A MEMBERS Firsi Row: Charles Bass, Euqene Benvenulfi, Marl: Blanlaenslein, James Brewer, Knox Broome, William Buford, Chandler Cheek, David Cosper, Paul Coilen. Second Row: Carrol Culpepper, John Dulcs, Allan Dunn, John Eubanlcs, Jimmie Forehand, Ephraim Garreff, Millon Harris, Jerry Harrison, Charles Harvison. Third Row: Mac Haas, John Hearn, James Hemphill, Johnny Holcombe, Joseph Inman, Harold Jones, Joseph Kersanac, Dave Loposer, B. D. Luncelord. Fourfh Row: Liqe Mafhis, William McDonald, John McElveen, Wendell McLemore, James Mullen, Frank Mullins, Bobby Oqlesbv. Pele Pelham, Carrol Riichie. Fif+h Row: John Roberlson, Andrew Romano, Richard Rowe, John Sellers, Roy Sowell, Roberf Sfanqer, Archie Sfeele, Billy Slewarl, Bruce Slewarf. Sixfh Row: Ray Slolces, William Thompson, James Valenline, James Williams, Don Wyse, David Zehner, Leo Zimmerman. 232 The Pike's homecoming floai' Colors: GarneT and Old Gold Flower: Lily of The Valley Founded: UniversiTy of Virginia, March I, I868 DelTa Mu insTallecl on December IO, I949 On December IO, l949, The Colonial Club pledged eTernal vows To The GarneT and Old Gold colors oT Pi Kappa Alpha and DelTa Mu ChapTer was insTalled aT lv1.S.C. Since ThaT Time, The Pikes have made a record To be proud oT. Pikes are acTive in such organizaTions as BeTa BeTa BeTa, Omicron DelTa Kappa, Alpha Epsilon DelTa, DelTa Sigma Pi, Phi ETa Sigma, Alpha Psi Omega, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Kappa Pi, Pi Tau Chi, Rho Tau Sigma, STudenT SenaTe, American Chemical SocieTy, FuTure Teachers of America, The band, and serve on The STudenT PrinTz and The SOUTHERNER sTaTT. Mac I-laas is Business Manager oT The STudenT PrinTz, and John Eubanks is Business Manager oT The SOUTHERNER. Leige lvlaThis is vice-presidenT oT The Senior Cilass and presidenT of DelTa Sigma Pi. Paul CoTTen is TirsT vice-presidenT oT The STudenT C5overnmenT Asso- ciaTion and presidenT of The lV1eThodisT STudenT lvlovemenT. PeTe Pelham served as presidenT oT Pi Sigma Epsilon. Pelham, Miller and Broom were elecTed To "Who's Who Among STudenTs in American UniversiTies and Colleges." The Pikes won The Scholarship Plaque, The Chi Omega Song FesTival Tor The TourTh year, and lasT spring They were presenTed The Trophy Tor The lnTerTraTerniTy SkiT nighT. li The S.P.E. Homecoming floai' Colors: Red and Purple Flowers: VioleT and American Beaufy Rose Founded: November I, l90l Mississippi ,Gamma insTalled May lb, l953 The youngesT member oT The MSC lnTerTraTer- niTy Council, Sigma Phi Epsilon, was Tounded No- vember I, l9OI aT Richmond College. Mississippi Gamma was charTered aT SouThern on May I6. l953. The highlighT oT The S.P.E.'s social liTe comes aT The annual Queen oT l"learTsl Ball aT which Time new oTTicers. The queen oT hearTs, and The liTTle sisTers are presenTed. AnoTher TradiTional aTTair is a house parTy Tor members, pledges and daTes3 This year iT was held aT Panama CiTy, Florida. The Sig Epsaverage abouT one parTy a monTh-rang- ing Trom weiner roasTs To Tormal dances. AT This year's homecoming parade, The SPE's TloaT won TirsT place Tor originaliTy. Their inTramural baslceT- ball Team capTured TirsT place. Some oT The mem- bers are on The varsiTy baseball and Track Team. OTher acTiviTies in which The members and pledges parTicipaTe are The STudenT PrinTz, Circle K Club, Omicron DelTa Kappa, DelTa Sigma Pi, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Psi Qmega, liTTle TheaTer, choir, band, and various religious organizaTions. Presi- denT Franlc PigTord was recognized in "Who's Who Among STudenTs in American UniversiTies and Colleges." SIGMA Pnl EPSILUN frdternity B n 31 fwwa do S M J , A W 6 Q g ia: 1 Q xy' we -I-P. vis ff x J W- " 3, . Xa N""ur " "5 :.. f' N' , 4 U pp., I .L A N f ll F21 'l it "Q 7 an qw Ll f Gln 5 . ' :gi if 89' , , as - f H -'-frf ei., ' xv N. ,. ij' ,,, C X fdhn AIQ ll 6 5 ,,., f ig Z .Q s , W :Z M .lgzxfis Y , X Q Q A ii, Q , w n 'H' ' ' 4-2 Wi V all , " ' 51? 3 ' 1 4 QQ J A mild F i 348' .,., ki .,.. Z ,,.2 2 , - . Q Y K.: fy , Y V l,.,. :,- :U M V I -V In - 1 .,,,' ,- '--' - ak, 3 ,Q I . -it at is fi A A My V an V. I at 'Q as I "'S'z gal ,jpg R K J , " 1 . if , Q , fa -IL isa Wgf, -Ffa -'Y P i we , 5 A ' AAV ff' 1 A h , A QE Wh Firsi' Row: Nolan Alkins, Millon Bridges, l-luloerl B rd, Preslon Caslleberry, Arnold DeWease, Charles Falke, Waller Fioreniini, Leonardy Fuller. Second Row: Rodney Fullon, Waller Green, Roy Hammond, E. C. l-lenson, Larry Jordon, Roberl Larkin, Roberl Leverelle, Sam Mills. Third Row: Augusl Parker, William Parker, Frank Pigford, Donald Ponder, John Rich- ardson, Thomas Ricks, Dewey Riddle, Ollie J. Seale. Fourih Row: Bailey Smilh, C. S. Spann, Edward Slephens, Glen Swelman, John Wai- kins, James Wellmon, Frank Whyle, Bill Wilhelmi. .gl 5 Q , :Zoe i. "K l ' I Dv x ,V nj. ' 642 235 'mug S 1957 1 3 fi X I REED GREEN LLOYD MILAM THAD VANN C. J. TAYLOR ROLAND DALE CLYDE STUART CHUCK EINLEY CHARLES RHOE C. J. TAYLOR RAYMOND CLEOO CLYDE STUART B. O. VAN HOOK M. C. JOHNSON JAMES TOWNLEY SKEE SCHAPANSKY Vffagzyx. 'xf Direcfor o1fA+hle+ics Eacuhry Chafrman Head Coach End Coach Line Coach Backheld Coach Baskefball Coach Track Coach Track Coach Tennis Coach Baseball Coach Golf Coach Infrarnural Direcfor Inframural Direclror Trainer n MILAM ,-14: N X V 40 Vx, 'S an VISC VISC VISC VISC VISC VISC MSC VISC VISC VISC Won Louisiana Tech ..... O Universily oi Daylon . . 6 Soullieaslern Louisiana . I4 Memphis Slale ..... O Cliailanooga ..... O Abilene Clirislrian . . . 6 Trinily College . . . . I3 Florida Slaie . . . . 20 Alabama . . . . . I3 20 92 Wesl Texas . . . TOTAL. . . . 71 Los+ 2: Tied I Nw-s , , ,V 1 Ad, i x Q -9 N fs? 753.3555 qw "::'i, iv. .:'i' W' ','. . 11,5 x :Vw-1. . L-11 4- ,vip Q-. -. .haf -X. 9"f-'-1.-. Firsi' Row: Dallas Whiffield, Lawrence Meelcs, J. C. Arban, Reese l-lefner, Buddy Supple, Eddie God- win, Joe Baffaglia. Richard Johnsfon, Donnie Waifes, Willie Coafes, Bobby Hughes. Second Row: Ed Speed, Jerry Taylor, Bill Shows, l-larold Clark, Johnny Berlce, Bob Rineharf, Bobby Lance, Tommy Purvis, Son Speighfs, Bo Diclcerson, Burneff Blaclcmon. Third Row: Louis Vincenneli, Arnold Spence, Tom- my Morrow, Thomas Agner, Bill Crawford, Buddy Long, Sam Tuccio, Xearl Marshall, Denam Brum- field, Doug Barfield, l-larvey Sleigman, John Rus- sel. Fourfh Row: Charlie lv1cArfhur, Al Treqle, Willie McRainey, Ted Crawford, Bobby Liffle, Charles Ellzy. Bobby Loff, Billy Larson, l-lugh Mclnnis, Bill Weber, Joe Doggeff. Fiffh Row: Jimmy Taylor, Bob Yencho, Bill Marfin, Curry Juneau, Jaclc Ivlay, Dave Fifzqerald, Larry Rich, Don Owens. 3.11 Jfi"w-le. '?'f-,'i':.s5-'ys,s3:'.- -,-2-f--. c i - - - X ' -. . .' , - ' . A ,- ,, n t N 5, V. fig., 420.31-?51ge'.i,4,Evd. ,sy-K. Fixx, ,- - 1 - W 527 Y:,q""'- te-95935 X is N- A, ,, ,X sen...-s..niNdL-,.- '- swf B' x " f f - , 1' . vin- K W I il mr by , 1. T.. L.. X Wu K T? 17' ,if if W 3 ,ig 'JY Q 4. 'f'.X.vKy.6', V q, A Mu ,.,-- , mmf' MW-4 ,.-, ,..f-f- u 2- . -- -. 4 -I mi, V. S , .M ff 4,4 -Q. ,V 0 ,241 , '1 4 'A I W," 'L .. ,V , 1 ' ' if :fir ig l"'. ' F? ' f-- , I :J , , , 3-L . , fa. ! 'HRV' 5 , it q W, f .A 1 , Q .1 y A-ti .I V lu, , N 'f'+.'z,q . in ' w 1 v x -3, c"f'jJ1? 4 f ,A .. 11, A-A ,. . f- . xg, :M ., 1-"" 'Jw' ', V, , " Az A ,-:,,, f 4 . ,, ,., 5 ,,, , ., ,... B ,. n -f ,U AV,,. , , , ,1 1h ,. 1 JH ' w Q 'J . . - - 2 1 L. -.-1. Mx ,..., ,NW 1, ,i 3, 1 1 ,Z .4 . q.7 ZJgrAj... Q,5f:i4l- A ,,L ? 7.,- gin, I I X ,, V we-ff fa Q ' H , A, fs, .g f'..,, . f -9 , f, ru D f., pf . 1 'wi ' ,5k,,,,',A ' 'W-'-H yi' ' ,A V. . U., , ,, A, .W N M' .N -HQ . . f 4.q"-? . f T19 31 ix: 1 3?L'r . 'I v 'f ' 'LWQJ4 E' 'Q'-4',g2f+g,'1jf,Vt 4 V 'A , X T' 1,5 , 1, pf ' ke W 4 .L-L,-gg if W ffwvzf: 5- . ""1a'?,5.' . ,jk W Yifle I' 1 M Y . 0f,,' V ,.h3,z . i v-J Meelrs carries for SouThern FAULKNER FIELD, SepT. 22-Combining Tierce line play and a pre- cision air aTTaclf, Mississippi SouTl1ern College opened iTs l956 gridiron season TonighT wiTh a I4-O vicTory over powerTul Louisiana Tech. SouThern scored boTh Touchdowns during The TirsT halT oT The game and ThereaTTer made only one serious ThreaT which ended on The Tech Three-yard line. The black and gold scared Their TirsT Touchdown aTTer J. C. Arban had reTurned a Tech punT To Their own 48. Bobby Hughes picked up nine yards wiTh a pass, and Arban added lo more on Two carries. Harvey Seligman carried To The Bulldog I l, buT a penalTy moved SouThern TurTher away Trom pay dirT. Aided by a I2-yard pass Trom quarTe-rbaclc Hughes, The SouTherners moved To The one-yard line where Seligman plunged over The goal Tor six poinTs, Dallas Wh5TTield converred To give ScuThern a 7-O lead aT The end oT The TirsT quarTer. SouThern gained conTrol oT The TooTball early in The second period and in six plays scored anoTher TD, Doug BarTield replaced Hughes in The bacldield and prompTly guided his Team To The score. A shorT pass To end Bob Yencho moved The ball To The Bulldog 28, and a perTecT aerial To Joe DoggeTT on The Zl resulTed in The score. Jack May added The conversion To give SouThern a I4-O halT-Time lead. The second halT was highlighTed wiTh Tumbles, penalTies, and ragged play Trom boTh squads. Joe DoggeTT broughT The crowd To iTs TeeT when he reTurned a Tech punT Trom his own 23 To Their 20. l.aTe in The TOUFTTI quarTer, The Bulldogs moved To The SouThern Two-yard line only To have The cloclc run ouT before They could push across a score. 4.3 HT PR- ---ff DOUG BARFIELD , Souihern sfops a drive DAYTON, OHIO, OcT. 6-Mississippi SouThern showed a briIIianT run- ning aTTack TonighT as They handed The UniversiTy oT DayTon Their TirsT deTeaT oT The season 23-6. Bo Dickinson accounTed Tor Two Touchdowns and one conversion as he displayed Tremendous running. OuarTerback Bobby Hughes accounTed Tor SouThern's oTher score. The SouThern's TirsT Touchdown came in The TirsT period when Dickinson carried Trom his own 33-yard line To The Flyers' Tive. Hughes rolled oTT righT Tackle Tor Two yards, and on The nexT play cuT over guard Tor The score. Dickinson made The conversion To puT The black and gold ahead 7-O. DayTon came early in The second halT To challenge SouThern's lead. ATTer a Tumble gave The Flyers possession oT The ball on Their own 45, - Q +4 WF 64 A-ff' I .af ,- K :- Q, 'Q-in , V X N ,,,, Q N k . 9 ,44 I " 1 :46 .. . 37... Yin f' -2 ' N 'X '1 .. : 0 ' 'I ii' iam A ' f A M' . 2 ' .wb J' 5 lip.-X' . f ., ...,. guarTerback Jim Spoerl compleTed a series oT passes which moved The ball To The MSC 23-yard line. Billy SmiTh carried To The Ten, and Spoerl passed Tor The score. The conversion Tailed, and SouThern sTill led 7-6. The SouTherners quickly scored again. ATTer a I5-yard penalTy moved The ball To The 44, Bo Dickinson Took a pass on MSCS Tamous screen play. picked up downTield blocking, and raced inTo The end zone unTouched. Dallas WhiTTield converTed To give SouThern a T4-6 advanTage. SouThern gained a saTeTy when Al Tregle blocked a punT by KrisTo- paiTis. Leading Io-6, The HaTTiesburg boys Took advanTage oT a DayTon Tumble and cashed in anoTher TD, Doug BarTield piTched ouT To Dickin- son on The I3-yard line where he picked up Two blockers, reversed and raced downTield Tor an 87-yard Touchdown run. WhiTTield converTed again To make The Tinal score 23-6. 'ws -l -Y iuwgm. x 'W SouTI1ern clowns SouTheasTern M.: FAULKNER FIELD, OcT. I3-A deTermined SouTheasTern Louisiana Team Tell beTore The passing aTTack oT Bobby Hughes TonighT as SouThern edged ouT Their Third vicTory oT The season ZI-I4. SouThern's TirsT Touchdown came aTTer J. C. Arban reTurned a Lion punT To The MSC 44. Doug BarTield passed To Dallas WhiTTieId Tor I3 yards and Bo Dickinson gained an addiTional I4 To puT The ball deep in SouTheasTern TerriTory. Arban and Dickinson moved The ball To The Lion's six, buT a penalTy cosT The SouTherners Tive yards. Dickinson Trying The leTT side oT The line was Thrown Tor a loss back To The I7. Hughes passed To end Bob Yencho Tor The score. Lawrence Meeks converTed and The score showed SouThern leading 7-O. SouTheasTern sTarTed Their TirsT drive laTe in The TirsT period. ATTer a series oT plays had moved The ball Trom The Lion's 36 To The SouThern 24, CliTT STringTieId passed II yards To Bob MahTouz. Two running plays and a pass To Russell GauTreaux broughT SouTheasTern To The Two yard Iine. PeTe Morerer Took a STringTieId hand oFT over leTT Tackle Tor The score. STringTield converTed To Tie The game. SouThern scored iTs second TD when Hughes on a Third and I9 siTua- Tion Tossed To end Jerry Taylor who made a briIlianT caTch. Whiirfield converTed To give MSC a I4-7 advanTage aT haITTime. ln The Third quarTer, STringTieId broughT SouTheasTern Tans To Their TeeT when he inTercepTed a laTeraI and scooTed 95 yards Tor a score. His kick Tied The game aT I4-I4. SouThern's game-winning score came IaTe in The game when The black and gold drove 75 yards. Barfield climaxed The play when he Took The ball over Trom The Two. WhiTTieId converTed To give SouThern a 2l-I4 win. vi FAULKNER FIELD, 0cT. 20-UndeTeaTed Mississippi SouThern made iT II consecuTive vicTories in a row TonighT as They eased by Memphis STaTe 27-0. SouThern scored iTs TirsT Touchdown and conversion when Joe DoggeTT dashed Tive yards around righT end wiTh Two minuTes remaining in The TirsT quarTer. Early in The second period Lawrence Meeks wenT over The goal line Trom seven yards ouT, buT a penalTy nulified The play. Memphis STaTe's deTense TighTened, and The SouThern Tell shorT oT a score. The halTTime score showed SouThern leading 7-0. LaTe in The Third quarTer The SouTherners began To move. Beginning on Their 38 yard line Meelcs, DoggeTT, Jerry Taylor, and Harvey Selig- man moved inTo STaTe TerriTory. DoggeTT climaxed The drive when he scored over leTT guard Trom The Three. Dallas WhiTTield lciclced The exTra 'C-'I' iw! Undivww wav' poinT. SouThern I4, Memphis STaTe O. The TourTh quarTer proved The downTall oT a deTermined Memphis ream. SouThern drove down To The eighT only To have a Tumble re- covered by visiTing quarTerbaclc James ArmsTrong. On The second play Trom scrimmage Memphis Tumbled and P. W. Underwood recovered. Lawrence Meelcs scored on The TirsT aTTempT To malre The score 20-O. For The TirsT Time This year, SouThern missed an exTra poinT as Diclcinson's booT was wide. An inTercepTed pass by Jaclf May led To SouThern's TourTh score, Bobby Hughes Tossed a 25 yard pass To Jerry Taylor who made a Time leaping caTch on The goal line Tor The TD. Meeks Licked The poinT To give SouThern a 27-O vicTory. Dickinson charges ahead. ... ,,,., ,,m,.a , , ,. , , ,- .,. g....,,,., J' ,-. an ,u,, fi f ii'-rn. fl ,f A, Q, Viigz f - 45,9 - Ya- . Q, vi 4: FAULKNER FIELD, OCT. 27+ChaTTanooqa, The only Team To deTeaT SouThern lasT year, was shown a rough Time ToniqhT as The Vannmen Scored five Touchdowns To win 33-O, SouThern' TirsT szcire came in The TirsT period when hahfback Dallas WhiTTield wenT I8 yards around leTT end Tor The score. Lawrence Meeks booTed The ball Throuqh The upriqhTs, and SouThern led 7-O aT The end OT The TirsT period. In The cecond quarTer The black and qold hif Tor Touchdowns Three Times. ATTer recoverinq a Tumble before The TirsT period closed, SouTh- ern's J. C. Arban wenT Tive yards on The TirsT play oT The second period Tor The score. WhiTTield kicked his IOTh consecuTive poinT To make The score SouThern !4, ChaTTanooqa O. ChaTTanooqa, Tailinq To advance Tor a TirsT down, was Torced To punT. Greens kick wenTf?L1T-Oi-bOur1dS on The 50 yard line, and SouThern pro- ceeded To score in Tive plays. Jerry Taylorscored The Touchdown on a 23 yard pass from Hughes. The pass Trom cenTer was Tumbled, and The Try Tor poinT was killed. SouThern 20, ChaTTanooqa O. WiTh sophomore quarTerback Tenny CoaTs aT The helm, The So,Thern- ers moved Tor anoTher score beTore halTTime. On TourTh down and wiTh less Than 30 seconds remaininq in The quarTer, CoaTs Taded back Tor a pass. The iiTTle signal-caller could noT Tind a man open and Took oT'T Tor The goal. He was hiT aT The Tive, buT broke away Trom Two Tacklers and Tell backwards inTo The end zone. Jack Mayis kick was wide, and SouThern led aT half Time 26-O. J. C, Arban scored his second TD of The niqhT and climaxed a 99 yard drive when he scored early in The Tinal period from The seven. WhiT- Tield kicked his IlTh placemenT, and SouThern had a 33-O vicTory under iTs belT. -Y., qqrfh' Q ' " 3 - - r..:,'3i"l' , ., . V' 'I N ' . 1, 1 ,.---"f,,.a.u- ' - V- Ni A- ., - X . ...f..,., T. + 1 .- T- .f 6 . - . - ., in 'gg-I " ' V s..-,'An,., ,,, H, . ' V '- i is .ri " 11:5 -f-we-'Fix' '."s. , 4 , . K "'.- IAQ. a A, -,-.2 .,,ssM--r, x . 5 .s . . . ,I V . . . -. f' " Xp A . X ' fl ,. ,- ,4 5- -s - - ' '. 1...-Q2-M ' -f' 2-T' -- -' s ,fx ix'.'l"'5v" 1 -r I Q i ' I L vi... - h KA U Q . - -Q . lr - I- .. . 'J 4 Q ',.-. -- -,4?W.','Lk' 2.3 1, . s V A A ' . , . ' , v xg . 4- ' " A15 . W V ' T . , -- Xa - "" ,-lf' 'fn .ff gf' 13? R . w ' -.. . . . . I ' I' l H l l , if i ,pun ,T 'We J' sf i 5, fl an 2'5" 'x ' 1 5 ,, M f, SON SPEIGHTS . . . . - aa JERRY TAYLQR FAULKNER FIELD, Nov. 3-Mississippi SouThern College rolled up iTs sixTh vicTory of The season and l3Th in a row TonighT as They breezed pasT Abilene ChrisTian College 36-6 before an esTImaTed I4,000 home- coming Tans. The SouTherners wasTed no Time in scoring. ATTer recovering a Texas Tumble on The 35. Bo Dickinson and Joe DoggeTT moved The ball To The six yard line. Dickinson scored over righT Tackle wiTh only 2:40 gone in The opening quarTer. Dallas VVhiTTield booTed his l2Th exTra poinT To give his Team a 7-O lead. WiTh Their backs To The wall, Abilene Took The kickoTT and marched downTield Tor a score. ATTer Taking a penalTy To The MSC 28 yard line, The WildcaTs pulled The Tamous STaTue oT LiberTy play and caughT The enTire deTense oTT guard. l'TalTback Eddie Campbell sTreaked around righT end Tor paydirT, buT The exTra poinT was wide and SouThern kepT iTs lead. SouThern closed The door in The Taces oT The visiTors and sTopped every drive They puT TogeTher Trom ThaT momenT on. The Vannmen quickly scored Twice in The second period. The TirsT score came when Harvey Seligman plunged over Trom The one yard line. Lawrence Meeks' Try Tor The exTra poinT was wide. SouThern I3, Abilene ChrisTian 6. A Tew minuTes laTer Meeks inTercepTed a pass on his own 45. The SouTherners carried To The 25 only To have a Tumble recovered by The WildcaTs' Mac STarnes. Three plays laTer Doug BarTield inTercepTed anoTher Abilene pass and re-Turned To his own 37. ATTer moving The ball To The ACC 45, Bobby Hughes hiT end Jerry Taylor wiTh a pass Tor The score. WhiTTield made The score 2046 wiTh Tive minuTes remaining in The TirsT halT. The only scoring in The Third quarTer was a saTeTy. Fry, back To kick in his end zone, goT a poor pass Tram cenTer, and beTore he could kick end Curry Juneau dropped him Tor Two poinTs. BarTield goT The TirsT MSC score in The Tinal period when he pulled The Tamous "Billy Jarrell BooTleg". ACC halTback AI MerriTT Tripped BarTield on The Tive, buT The deTermined SouTherner Tell across The double sTripe. WhiTTield kicked The ekTra poinT. Hughes scored The Tinal 5ouThern Touchdown aTTer Two successive passes broughT The ball To resT on The one yard line, WiTh a TirsT and goal Hughes broke over Tor The six poinTs, WhiTTield kicked his I5Th poinT To give 5ouThern The 36-6 vicTory, gow re, wk! raw uizx-VC . , , ,. . m4m...m4uA.L.:s....f, u.f,.:L,,.., ,,.... -.. .... . .ni ...,, xnxaew.. . . .. f . s '- .M - z, I K. N Elf SAN ANTONIO, Nov. IO-End Jerry Taylor scored his TiTTh Touch- down oT The season ToniqhT and in doing so gave M.S.C. iTs 20-I3 vicTory over TriniTy UniversiTy beTore a homecoming crowd oT 6,08l. The game winning Touchdown came wiTh less Than Three minuTes leTT in The game. Don Owens, back aTTer a Two-week layoTT wiTh a leg iniury, recovered a Tiger Tumble on The 22 yard line. Arban, on The sTaTue-oT- liberTy play, gained Tive yards To The I7. Then Bobby Hughes, SouThern's Towering quarTerback, Tired a bulleT sTrike To Taylor in The end zone. The TirsT quarTer oT play was Tull oT penaliTies Tor boTh Teams and neiTher could make a serious scoring ThreaT wiThouT Tumbling. SouThern sTarTed iTs TirsT scoring drive on The Tinal play oT The TirsT sTan2a as Lawrence Meeks reTurned a punT To The TriniTy 45. ln Tive plays Dallas WhiTTield, J. C. Arban, and Bo Dickinson moved To The Tour. A pepalTy againsT The Tigers puT The ball on The one where Dickinson dived in Tor The Touchdown. WhiTTield missed The conversion, his TirsT in T5 sTraighT, and SouThern led 6-O. T 'rin " I 'I' 5- 9 I I G? 5 -.S fha- .x. - 1.1 . .g,,L'4,b"jp5':"' 1 . it X 1 LT' ' I E' SouThern qoT The ball again and drove 46 yards Tor iTs second score. A pass Trorn Doug BarTield To Curry Juneau and runs by WhiTTield, Arban, and Meeks placed The ball on The six. BarTield wheeled across on a keeper play Tor The six poinTs. WhiTTield kicked The conversion. SouThern l3, TriniTy U. 0. TriniTy wasTed no Time geTTing back aT The SouTherners. In Two plays The Tigers hiT paydirT. On The TirsT play Trom scrimmage, halTback Jagman hiT end Eamm Knox wiTh a pass aT abouT The 45, and he rambled To The 25 before being sTopped. Jageman Then caughT a pass on The IO Tor The score. Gideon converTed To make The counT I3-7 aT halTTime. TriniTy UniversiTy quickly Tied up The score in The Third period when Dubose Took a pass Trom Sawyer Tor a 30 yard Touchdown. Gideon kicked The evTra poinT. SouThern I3, TriniTy U. I3. The TourTh period quickly passed as neiTher Team could musTer up anoTher score. WiTh 2:40 remaining in The game, The sTage was seT Tor The Taylor game-winning score. AL TREGLE , - . . - . P, w. ursioeizwooo Q," l ,f x .K TALLAHASSEE, FLA., Nov. I7-Florida STaTe UniversiTy capiTalized on penalfies and misTakes This aTTernoon as They handed MSC iTs TirsT loss oT The season 20-I9. The Seminoles wasTed no Time in scoring as halTback Buck MeTTs inTercepTed a pass inTended Tor end Jerry Taylor and scored Trom The 38. John Sheppard kicked The exTra poinT To puT FSU ahead 7-O. ATTer SouThern's Tailure To move on The nexT series, Florida Took pos- session and drove To The MSC one-yard line. SouThern's greaT line sTopped The deTermined Seminoles in Tour downs. The SouT.herners gained only seven yards on The nexT series of plays and were Torced To punT. The kick was Taken on The SouThern 38 where FSU sTarTecl Their second scoring drive. Dobosz and Bill Odom alTernaTed carrying and moved To The nine-yard line where an oTTside penalTy placed The ball on The Tour. ATTer Odom was Thrown Tor a Two-yard loss. quarTerback Len SwanTic hiT end Gerald Philip wiTh a iump pass Tor The score. The exTra poinT was blocked and FSU led I3-0. SouThern jumped inTo The scoring column in The second period as They pushed across Their TirsT TD oT The aTTernoon. SouThern recovered a Tumble on The 4 and in eighT plays had driven Tor The score. Harvey Selig- xx man, Joe DoggeTT. Bo Dickinson and J. C. Arban carried To The Three where an oTTside penalTy moved Them back To The eighT. From ThaT poinT, quarTerback Doug Barfield carried iT over Tor The score. The kick was wide, and The halTTime ended FSU I3, SouThern 6. The SouTl1erners came back in The second half To Tie The game up aT I3-I3 when Doug BarTield scored Trom six yards ouT on The opTion play. WhiTTield kicked The exTra poinT. NeiTher Team could geT a serious scor- ing ThreaT going The remainder oT The Third period. Florida STaTe goT iTs game-winning TD wiTh I2:44 remaining in The game. An oTTsides penalTy againsT The SouTherners gave FSU a TirsT down and scoring opporTuniTy. Runs by SwanTic, MeTz and Renn placed The ball on The MSC Il where SwanTic hiT Renn wiTh The scoring pass. Sheppard puT whaT laTer proved To be The winning poinT Through The uprighTs. and FSU led 20-I3. Two passes To Jerry Taylor and Donnie WaiTs seT up The scoring play which saw Bobby Hughes cross The goal on a sneaker. A bad pass Trom cenTer and a Tumble prevenTed The exTra poinT. Final score: Florida STaTe 20. Mississippi SouThern I3. e UT new g fx 25 sf' ,..,..-f-P' TUSCALOOSA, ALA., Nov. 24-An affempfed field goal wifh less fhan 30 seconds remaining in fhe game ruined MSC's chances of de- feafing fhe Universify of Alabama fhis affernoon as bofh feams foughf fo a I3-I3 deadlock, The Soufherners, vicfors over fhe Tide in l953 and I954, beaf Ala- bama in everyfhing buf fhe score and passing yardage. Coach E. B. Whilworfh of Alabama commenfed affer fhe game fhaf "fhey lSoufhernl definifely oufplayed us." Soufhern wasfed no fime in scoring againsf The SEC foe. Affer neifher fearn could musfer a serious scoring fhreaf in fhe firsf period, Bo Dickin- son, faking a pifchouf from Doug Barfield, scored from fhe 37-yard line. Whiffield kicked fhe exfra poinf and if looked as if Soufhenr was on ifs way. The Crimson Tide quickly fied fhe confesf when Bobby Smifh, who per- formed so well aqainsf Tulane earlier in fhe season, hif Comsfock wifh an aerial for fhe 53-yard fouchdown. Reeves made if 7-7 as fhe firsf period came fo a close. Alabama made fhings real fough for fhe Soufherners in fhe fhird period when fhey wenf ahead on a lo-yard fouchdown pass from Blalock fo Smifh. Owens and Arban broke fhrough fo block fhe all-imporfanf exlra poinf fry. Soufhern fook fhe kickoff and wenf 74 yards in IO plays for fhe score. Dickinson carried for fhe 'touchdown when he gof a key block from Curry Juneau. Guard Billy Rains blocked Whiffield's fry for The poinf. The Haffiesburg crew came close fo winning fhe game in fhe closing minufes wifh a drive lhaf carried fo lhe l3. Soulhern fans were on fheir feef as fhe clock showed less fhan 30 seconds. A hush fell over fhe en- fire sfadium as fhe field goal affempf was made. The final score: Alabama I3, Soufhern l3. ORLANDO, FLA., Jan. I-Mississippi Soulhern Colleges posl-season bowl iinx reappeared lor The lhird lime lonighl as a powerful and defer- mined Wesl Texas Slale handed The lvlississippians a 20-I3 deleal. Going inlo lonigh+'s game, Soulhern was a seven-poinl lavorile lo win The bowl game. I+ looked as lhough The experls had picked il righl as lhe Mississippi leam wenl oil The lield al halllime leading I3-O. ln The final hall Soulhern gave our. and Wesl' Texas pushed across lhree Touch- downs lor 'rhe well deserved viclory. Sou+hern's scoring came in The lirsl lwo quarlers, Doug Barlield hif pay dirl lirsl as he scored on a hall-yard keeper play, The conversion failed. Laler in The 'lirsl hall, Bobby Hughes hil end Jerry Taylor wilh a 53-yard line pass play lor The second score. Dallas Whirlield added lhe exlra poinl' lo give Soulhern a I3-O lead al halllime. Came The Third quarler and disasler. Soulhern was deep in Wesl' Texas lerrilory when quarlerback Bobby Hughes lhrew a pass lhal was infer- cepled by Roland Mills who raced 75 yards lor The Texans' lirsl score The +ry for The poinl was nol good. From 'rhal lime on Wesl Texas dominaled play. The Texans wenl on lo score lwo more 'louchdowns and an exlra poinf lo win +he bowl 'game 20-I3. Soulhern oulgained Wesl Texas in nel rushing and passing, 3I4 lo 206. They also held a I4-I2 edge in firs+ downs, The black and gold ended +he regular season wilh a 7-I-I record. 1 E l 4 i l AJ' Q,, pliv-""' 7 'SA CHARLES FINLEY Head Coach Firsr Row: Don Eddy, Franlr Chandler, Roberf Boolh, Jim Milsfead, Harold Ray Key, Ron Youngblom. Second Row: Bob Hardwick, Charles Beasley, Bob Kinney, Terry Armsirong, Bren? Smiih, Billy Ed Haflen. IR! lf' '33 fp 'Ti 47 -ki MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC MSC 47' Oklahoma Cir . . . - Y 33 Tulsa ....... 3 Memphis Slale . . . 70 75: Texas A. 84 M. . . 69 3 Wesl Virginia . . . 631 Alabama . . . . . 72 3 5ou+hweslOklahoma . 673 Forl' l-laysS+a+e. . . 78 3 Peru Slale ..... 542 Soulheaslern Louisiana 733 Arkansas Slale . . . 79' Cenlenary ..... 5 li Louisiana Tech . . . 72: Soulheaslrern Louisiana 621 Spring Hill ..... 633 Loyola ...... 48' Louisiana Tech . . 3 Arkansas Slale. . . 86' Cenlenary ..... 54 75: Chrislian Brolhers Col. 903 Mississippi College . 781 Miami lFla.l .... 72 3 Florida Slale .... 3 Spring I-lill. . . . 62 793 Loyola .... . Won, I23 Losl, I3 5 O Hai. leur!- 9 QW , 4 24 fa 22? XQSISSX 1 L 9 slwfflgf V CHARLES BEASLEY FRANK CHANDLER CHARLES BEASLEY 255 if f 3 SCIDIEIING jr 1 I , MW fu vu' ,, fi BOB WEATHERS Coach Kneeling: Jimmy Thompson, Don Jennings, Franlr Carfer, Jerry Vodica, John Migllaz1o.Slanding: Doyle Odom, Roland Haun, Bill Wilkerson, Henry D'AquilIa, Jay Muma. KT' s J na' ff, .,, 'full J 'N- J 5 'SJ' awfe 1 S 5 9 X 4'W'3"""' wp: 3 Q 4 a xl 5 S ff 'Z 'f 5 ,, az, , MQW ' 1 , gf? Y I ? B. O. VAN HOOK Coach Kneeling Jolln McQuagge Bill Slross. James Van Norman, Charlie Gillis. Sfanding: B. O. Van Hoolr. X X XE ,.. fi r, A ' 4 . . . v:.sE' ' ' ""' FS' K ' Q ' , ' - fffifhf , ' 30,55 f' i ' f N af' " 'Q 'W I l f M .,.- I I I AR , . , X ,Q Ak t 4 , ,9,. . Q, figf , 1 S 7 Ai , . .X - 4 :I 4' Q29 A :mf Qgffwfe, Q Q ?, f ' A . my V' W Q i Q, - - ' ' - .1 2 , , V , p ,A -V X. WWW--f Mai ,, W r V W ' mf, 1? , 5 . S X ...A X 1 ' wx W' 14 - QF' f" :QQ 1 r fi" - 'A , it ff as-. N1 fm" .. r' 5 'f"'5?'h"5r.1 'V . 'A' 4 .,-X, vi if-Y f-T3 ' 'i' . rg. '. -f -7 4 flmf,-" . ,vc1fi?- - g .,i .ay ,, . 'wwf A . r , - ,.. . , ,qv . K .. f - .: ,L , . .,.1 X -.' X1 ,Af . A 1 ' 'Q' I .. ,-2. 4 ,, - . - 1 J' Y ,, . , ,f 1 1 - A 7 1 , N:?4':,- C 1 1-f ff M ':, ..: , ' . ., d.,.,5,M , . ,,.. .r 3-'V 'WS M'-lr,-:ff f , , . 5, lil ,ifmg 'N' f'f"5'2?1 ,. FTSZ il K ,m'5.j S5 ' J 'aim fu lr' asf' - gem :sim ...,. f ,V 1.3, tg? A if rg .. ,.,, ff l 4 N - ' A M , - 'W' -fi - ' Ms. ' 72,2 i -fgfuf 1,4-" . Furs? Row Bobby Klmball, Jerry Taylor, Muff: ZX. 1 YQ-N 'Y :V XV fafx vagal! wg. N. 1 x, CHARLES RHOE Coach Dave Baron Harry Hudson Delln Case Terry Bass Don Jenmngs Ted Crawford Second Row Charles McAr'll1ur Richard Smiilw, Diclx Linden, Tony Sacarro Brll Weber Joe Doggeff Thlrd Row Arnold Spence Joe Walson Bobby Yarboro, Pokey Faggard Thomas Monfe, Renfro, Dan Vnguerne 'W 'at- s-gs. f"S 26 y ff ,,,. may ws. f Cha' C. J. TAYLOR JERRY TAYLOR Q? R '3 -.Nagy F W, ,ff f wr, V if imc 'ao X 35,409 ""' and CLYDE STUART Coach F R T U B 'Ir' ' hll I nrsf ow ony sey, o Dlc mson, Jlm Brown Sfeve Mrlc e Bob Longordo Smnley RBTCII fe Ken Shearer Manager Second Row Tlclr Scoff Doug Barfield, Jaclr May, Billy Belding, Ken Flscher John Snderns Bull HaHen Thurd Row Slcee Schapanslu Trarner Jacl: Macllson Glen McBay Pascal Barron Bull Marhn Jack Aflnns Ron Youngblom Clyde Sfuarf Coach gwfbffff 71 fifw L ' 3 Y if ...- l A fff 57:1 :wil 'EIT' sa L-Q - Q . , 'Qc , x a I7 1 1' , wf 7 NZM I, IW '7 M nf! 4' .!, vfifwif Q? v !ll 'mi ,Q Q? X 4 wk L, x ISN xx it I 1 ,rf as fi 'f T4 1. we , 5 I T ' ,Qi M N32 minifw 'kipwf' , ,,,w, ,away - RAYMOND CLEGG Coach Kneeling: Robin Penn, Bob Nalirgang, Bill s. fl? iw? lf' 33 ' 3 QQ: , i Z V 72 ff 41:64 .T e- vw .fm A .K ., i -,. -'5' K H- QT-T .T -'J up ' T li 'ww A, . 0 sf' 7Yvf 'Visas X 4: qs ,., , sw L - A ' .AN ,"v .a 1 1 i, if ,' 14- ' 1 -57' '- so "f - 'fag Y' 1, -rf.: Vo 'ff if Qi' 1 . ef-14' .1 The i956 Tennis Team, under The coaching of Raymond Clegg, finished The season wiili a .666 record ol 8 wins and 4 losses. The Mississippi Souilwern Tennis Team placed Jrlwird in +l'1e slale meelr. Six varsiiy leliers and Jrwo lreslwrnan numer- als were given. Mason, James Cameron. Slanding: Charles Harvison, Danny Currie, Floyd Hamillon, Tom Sfevens. 4 nqswss., .Lk ' ivy smwwi af e sa f , 1 Qi, ' J. ww C 1 .. lk, x .x 1 ff' - 334532 ." ix 6. " Wm f. ,, li , V x ' vf . Alesis? 4,5 K " 5 if A ' if :Q ' .. .W , . ai , W -'41s-A Q mi ,. . . 7,1593 xlf .' 'e N3 y .3 'TT ,, is -4? 'ss' -' if ay .. x W V,-r,,,,,,.,.. 'Amis ---- - , . Y - 6 , 4 ,T T 1 :' T" " f: 'Npd' QL-Qin A L- W' Q , . . T Q '-v2i' fQ' if ' - f - , J v 3,,x.4 5?XT'i6,'r gl i .g ,J A K xg.. .1 ,za sk! K g Y . gm R .A .ff I .3-, 3 L , , r 3 '.'x',k' F x Q X 3 1 , 'NME as .. .5 . X. - 5 S s. 'X -.,,, 9 - ,. r 'IV A, ,.' " It s - 3, 5 ind' ,v ek Q X Nj ' 3 Coach Clegg presenfs frophy +o Jimmie Ladner and Donald Voss Clegg gives poinlers io Nahargang, Penn, Harvison, Tiegreen and Laclner f AP' W 4 ' , . x , A an . X W V ff ,. 1 S vq ff? ,,l l 'f 1' 5 "TVN xiii MENS E E nmmmmumw 5 -E A ' ww, lnframural Swimming Meef GEORGE WALKER Inframural Coordinafor Kappa Tau. grmamural foofbajg champs The Shrimp Packers, inframural sofiball champs L? E 4 534' g 1 , QW ' Q ivy! 1 A ..A, A . v -nf ' ' - A - ,,,1 266 . nw I1 . fun P1 s von ,TW -.1 mu, , ,,, L -. -.+ fe' -v.-1, 5 s GEN EBAL NAT DONALD LOGAN CHEERLEADERS Firsf Row: Nell PrueH. Second Row: Belly Ann Jones, Rosemary Massey, Sylvia Bradley. Third Row: Pele Rogers, Wayne O'Shields, Jerry Piffman. ,I Q Q 1 V .,., wwf A E 4 Ms-is 5 'Q' rf gg 19 RW! 5 5? Q poi W or X , Ea, H ' H u 1 y Nf.,.,.,.- Scaulluzfmw? Ozqcuuguhmw- Q1 LPII EP ILO DELTA OFFICERS Alpha Epsilon Della, Nalional Honorary Pre- SMWH CHEEK President Medical Fraiernily encourages excellence in pre- CAROLYN WINK Vlcegliigifi medical worlc by furnishing a goal foward which Eg.SE'lfilb5',?LlX,iER Faculiy Adviser The siudenl may sirive, and by providing fellow- ship among siudenis with common inleresis. The iralernily bridges gaps belween pre-medical school and ihe school oi medicine. Alpha Epsilon Delia, insialled al Mississippi Souihern on Ocio- ber 23, I948, lakes parl in school activities such as Career Day. First Row: Shelby Thames, Frances Formby, Smith Cheek, Rose Wilson, Joe Setaro, Delores Delcambre, Ava Garick. Second Row: Dr. J. F. Walker. Cllfion Beskman, Wallace Bond, George Ladner, Peter Henderson, James Woolington, Martha Bullard 'VM 5' 1 9' fx N 270 OFFICERS SARAH SPOTTSWOOD President HELON HOWELL Vice-President BETTY BOND Secretary-Treasurer GLENDA RlCHlv1OND Historian MRS. GOUGH Faculty Adviser Alpha Lambda, a six-year-old Freshmen's Wom- en Fraternity on our campus, is both a service and honorary organization. Its members are those stu7 dents who have attained at least a 3.5 average for two consecutive quarters. During the year, each member helps whenever possible those women students who have made failing grades in their academic studies. The fra- ternity also assist the administration the annual orientation program, Homecoming and Career Day. They conclude their year's projects by ush- ering for the Baccalaureate and Graduation exer- cases. Alpha Lambda will become allliliated with Al- pha Lambda Delta, national Freshmen's Women Honorary fraternity this spring. First Row: Carolyn Smallwood, Glenda Richmond, Sara Spotswood, Helon Howell, Adair Bates, Anne Gillespie. Second Row: Ann Mattinson, Carolyn Jackson, Gloria Norris, Perry Lou Milner, Chris Marriott, Kay Crenshaw, Marilyn Lane. Third Row: Billie Bob Currie, Margaret Powell, Alice Arledge, Dorothy Sue Murphy, Jane Simmons, Mrs. Gough, Judy Kinnard, Nancy Sherrard, Buena Ballard. E Sk' QW C? Q7 X. 'Q'7 2.1 4 -, gg-1-ur.. First Row: DeLawrence Lasler, Roda Hord, Wanda Jones, Gloria Norris, Molly Ross, Nila Likins, Chesier Delacrui. Second Row: Mr. Roben' Treser, Wanda Slewarl, Mr. John Gonzales, Mariorie DuKate, Dudley Watson, Mary Ann Herbert, Dr. Gilbert Harlwiq. OFFICERS DeLAWRENCE LASTER MARY ANN HERBERT CHESTER DELACRUZ DR. GILBERT HARTWIG MR. ROBERT TRESER Direcfor Slage Manager Business Manager Facully Adviser Faculfy Adviser Lambda Casl of Alpha Psi Omega, Nalional Honorary Dramalics Frarernily, was charlered on 'rhe Mississippi Soulhern campus in I949. The fra- lernily promores inleresl in drama and apprecia- lion of dramalic arl al Soulhern, and recognizes oulslanding achievemenls in college dramalics. Membership is gained by earning poinls in acr- ing, backslage work, and olher relaled dramalic work. The members also assisl 'rhe facully in lhe maior dramaric produclions al Souihern. LPII EG ff' Y . , -II f 7 Q rl 2 iff Q7 QMQ5 9 lirsl' Row: Smilh Cheek, Cliflon Becknam, Rose Wilson, Dolores Delcambre. Second Row: Dr. J. F. Walker, James Woolinqlon Peter Henderson Wilmer Rog- ers, Billy Joe Granlham, Dr. Woodmansee. ' ' OFFICERS CLIFTON BECKMAN Presidenl SMITH CHEEK Vice-Presidenl ROSE WILSON Secrelary DOLORES DELCAMBRE Hislorian Facully Adviser Facully Adviser DR. J. F. WALKER DR. WOODMANSEE Bela Bela Bela, Nalional Honorary Biological Fralernily, encourages and recognizes scholarship in biological science. The Fralernily was founded al Mississippi Soulhern on May 29. l95O. Mem- bership in lhe fralernily is open 'ro sludenls who havee made above a 2. average on lwenly hours of biological science, ancl serves as a goal 'rowarcl which inleresled sludenls may slrive. BETA BET BE I 1 ANTEBB OFFICERS EPHRAIM GARRETT PresidenT AL ELLIS Vice-Presidervr I-IUSTON PENTON SecreTary-Treasurer CHARLES O. VANDERVOORT Faculfy Adviser CHARLES MOORMAN EaculTy Adviser REV. RICHARD A, PARK RecTor CL The CanTerbury Club is The organized group oT Episcopal sTudenTs on The campus. The Club is a member oT The diocesan and naTionaI associaTions oT CanTerbury Clubs. and was charrered on SouThern's campus in The Tall oT I946. ITS aim is To serve The mission oT ChrisTianiTy in higher edu- caTion by TosTering among sTudenTs oT This insTi- TuTion a beTTer undersTanding oT The TaiTh and pracTices oT The Episcopal Church. CanTerbury promoTes worship, Tellowship and sTudy Through iTs weekly meeTings oT The members and Through conTerences and reTreaTs wiTh members oT oTher colleges in The sTaTe. Seafedz Judy Balzi, Joyce Miller, Dorofhy JiIliraT, Ephraim Garreff, AI Ellis, Joy Hanna, Crew Hall, Jackie Waldon. Sfandingz Mr. Vandervoorf, Burns Dauqhfry, Jim Van Norman, Charles Roberison, Jo Ann Smith, Suzanne Snider, Rev. Park. 1,5 fa 5 QN . fs A -wnui YQ 1 I I l I I I I I 4 I i I I . I 1 l I I I I .I I I 274 I DEL IG A PI LIC-E MATHIS CHARLES McELVEEN T. MILLER DICKSON TOM EARP ROBERT BURRUS W. B. HARLAN OFFICERS Presidenf Vice- Presidenf Treasurer Chancellor Correspondent Faculty Adviser Delfa Sigma Pi is a professional frafernify in fhe field of commerce and business adminisfra- fion. Founded in l907 af New York Universify, fhe organizafion has four main obiecfives. They sfrive fo encourage scholarship, social ac- fivify and fhe associafion of sfudenfs for fheir mufual advancemenfg fo promofe closer affiliafion befween fhe commerce world and sfudenfs of commerce: fo furfher a higher sfandard of com- mercial efhics and culfurep and fo promofe civic and commercial welfare of fhe communify. On Soufhern's campus, fhey sponsor various school programs, commercial field frips and par- ficipafe acfively in ofher school acfivifies. Firsl Row: Owen McRee, Charles McEIveen, Millon Haab, Lige Mafhis, Miller Dickson, Lyman Bradford, Jack Hill, Mr. W. B. Harlan. Second Row: Harry Jackson, Robert Burrus, James Valentine, Billy DeWil1', Marcel Poilevin, William Stevens, B'yce Jordan, Thad Powell, John Eubanks. Third Row: Donald Coffer, Delmer Lard, Obie Crain, Jere Rush, Shelby Roinerlh, Don Davis, Thomas Earp, Herberl Kitfrell, Roger Moll. rm? Y if it 1' f i l 1 3 f f l - x 1 i r f Firsf Row: Elsie Chichesfer, Minnie PaHon, J. N. Fallon, Joyce Marlin, Barbara Pearson, Carolyn Jackson, Gloria Denson, Chrisline Cole, Mary Sumrall, Fay Berry, Radie Faye Callender, Amanda Franklin. Second Row: Carol Rigdon, Doris Powe, Chrisline Horne, Ann Pafrick, Mary Johnson, Glenda Wilkinson, Bobbie Single- lon, Cynthia Dennis, Anna Moore, Frances Kendall, Rene Jane, Carolyn Graham. Third Row: Mary Sfrickler, Roma Henderson, Rulh Hudnall, Truman McKenzie, Dorolhy Thomsen, Edwina Sorrels, Louella Milner, Nanga Garraway, Shirley Everell, Beverly Wood. The Home Economics Club. whose member- ship is open lo all home economics maiors, is a service organizalion. Begun in I926, il is one ol Soulhern's ololesl orgenizalions. Annual highlighls oi The club are parlicipalion in Career Day, preparalion of lhanlcsgiving boxesl LAI aclivilies ancl a Chrislmas Parry. Al lhe be- ginning ol each year, ihey enlerlain all Freshmen and lransier siudenls lo acguainl lhem wilh lhe cleparlmenl. lvlSC's Home Economics Club is aiiilialed wilh lhe American l-lome Economics Associalion and lhe slale associalion. ln adolilion lo ils service program, ii slrives io slimulale inleresl in lhe lield oi homemalcing and lo promole a feeling oi professional unify. H0 ECO CHRISTINE COLE MARY SUMRALL RADIE PAY CALLENDER AMANDA FRANKLIN PAYE BERRY MRS. E. B. Cl-HCHESTER UMICS OFFICERS CL President Vice-Presidenl Secrelary Treasurer Reporler Facullv Adviser pig. ll v 1 3 E ,. ., r h A iz r h z VTP? 9-f-Li A if -gm 'L-Hr of '. ts 4 f i, . fy , a W- 1, f 1 5 M i First Row: Faye Finley, Irene Landskov, Shirley Russ, Jan Stockstill, Louise Wright, Amelia Sullivan, Jeanie McAlpin, Judith Fortner, Judy Davis, Mildred Phelps. Second Row: Betty Deaton, Mary Ann Herbert, Ellen Olson, Sarah Thomas, Pearl Leech, Eloise Dent, O'Fallon Wilson, Jane Fortner, Lorna Stone, Willie Cooley Bessie Ho kins. Third Row: Jo ce Miller A M tt'nson Lou' D k ld N bI'n V' ' ' M Elh L Il 'I ' ' ' JOHN WILSON ANN MATTINSON JUDY FORTNER MARGUERITE GOLDEN DR. EASTERLING DR. BIGELOW p y , nn a i , use ur ee, a o i , irqinia c aney, oue a Miner, Mag Sumrall, Ellen Davis, Winifred Mc Elhaney, Calvinia Switzer, Juanita Megehee. Fourth Row: William Myers, Dr. Easterling, Dr. McLemore, John Wilson, Ken Mc arty, Aubrey Moore, Harold Hinton Dr. Miller, Franklin Bell, W. F. McDonald, Dr. Bigelow, Lloyd Parnell. President Vice-President Secretary Historian Treasurer Faculty Adviser Kappa Delta Pi, National Education l-lonor So- ciety, was tounded at the University ot Illinois, June l9l l, to promote a closer bond among stu- dents ot education and to enter into closer tellow- ship with those dedicated to the cause ot teaching as a protession tor which specialized preparation is deemed imperative. The traternity was chartered at Mississippi Southern on lvlay 28, l954. lt strives to encourage high protessional, intellectual, and personal stand- ards, and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. BELT I KAPP EP ILO Kappa Mu Epsilon, Nalional Honorary lvlalhe- malics Fralernily, was founded for 'rhe purpose of furlhering 'rhe inleresl ol malhemalics by helping The undergraduale realize lhe imporlanl role malhemalics has played in lhe developrnenl of weslern civilizalion and developing an apprecia- lion of 'rhe power and beauly possessed by marhe- malics. . The fralernily provides a sociely for 'rhe recog- nilion ol oulslanding sludenls in lhe field of malh- emalics. EDWARD BURGESS WILTON CAUSEY LILLIE GATLIN JACK D. MUNN Sealed: Knox Broom, Adair Bales, Bonnie Ross, Llllie Blackwell, Edward Burgess, Marlha Turner, John Wilson. Slanding: Ber,l Stinson, Jack Munn, Bill Slrahan, Wilton Causey, Merrill Ford, John Irving, William Hughes, Carlos Rivas. OFFICERS Presidenf Vice'Presidenl Secrelary Facully Adviser VXA. AS' I 1 278 I OFFICERS EUGENE BENVENUTTI n Presiderrr MAC HAAS Vice-Presndenl JOE KERSANAC Treasurer DOT LORROUX Recorder DR. WILLIAM LaFORGE Fr-culfv Advrser REV. PAUL GILLIS Chaplrrr The Newman Club is a religious, educaTiOnal and social OrganizaTiOn Tor CaThOlic sTudenTs. The Newman Club was esTablished aT Missis- sippi SOuThern in The Tall OT I946, and is a member OT The NaTiOnal Newman Club FecleraTiOn. The OrqanizaTiOn is dedicaTed To The principles OTJOhn Cardinal Newman and cares Tor The needs OT The CaThOlic sTudenTs On The campus. IT sTrives TO pro- mOTe among iTs members a beTTer unclersTanding OT The Teachings and pracTices OT The CaThOlic Church. Firsl Row: Thomas Stevens, Thomas Arnold, Dr. Swifzer, Dr. P. A. Walker, John' Bevon, Bill Ouinnelly, Dr. Fortune, Dr. McCain, Dr. Nau. Second Row: Waller Lok, Dr. Brandes, Roland Oeslerrich, Dr. Young, Jerry Wagner, John Wilson, Frank Pigford, Spurgeon Bradley. Third Row: Dr. Moormarn, Dr. LaForqe, Kellum Long, Frank Carllon, John Hillsman, Paul Colfen, Jack Slone, Henry Rhodes. ,, -. tw., .. ' .LT , JL. A , , , agffirxf, . ,S 'QS W , Firsl Row: Thomas Slevens, Thomas Arnold, Dr. Swiller, Dr. P. A. Walker, John Bevon, Bill Ouinnelly, Dr. Forlune, Dr. McCain, Dr. Nau. Second Row: Waller Lok, Dr. Brandes, Roland Oeslerrich, Dr. Young, Jerry Wagner, John Wilson, Frank Piqford, Spurgeon Bradley. Third Row: Dr. Moorman, Dr. Laliorqe, Kellum Lonq, Frank Carlton, John Hillsman, Paul Colfen, Jack Stone, Henry Rhodes. Omicron Della Kappa, leadership honor so- ciely for Junior and Senior men was founded De- cember 3, l9l4, al Washinglon and Lee Univer- sily. The lralernily recognizes men who have al- lained a high slandard ol service in collegiale ac- livilies. ll also serves lo bring logelher members of The lacully and sludenl body on a basis of mu- 'rual inleresl and underslanding. lnslalled al MSC in 'rhe spring ol I954, ODK recognizes and encourages achievemenl in schol- arship, alhlelics, sludenl governmenl, social and religious affairs, publicalions, and speech and mu- sic arls. The gualilicalions for membership are: Characler, leadership and service in campus life, scholarship, fellowship, and consecralion lo demo- cralic ideals. OFFICERS ,104-iN BEVQN Presidenf BILL OUINNELLY Vice-Presidenf DR, P. A. WALKER Secrelary-Treasurer DR. DAN YOUNG Faculty Adviser ICBO BELT K PP I i l Sealed: Ann Malfinson, Judith Forlner, Judy Davis. Slanding: Jane Forfner, Adair Bales, Mariorie Duliafe, Billie Bob Currie, Mrs. Gough. Phi Della Rho, Honorary Senior Women's Lead- ership Fralernily, recognizes scholarship and lead- ership among women sludenls al Mississippi Soulhern. Requiremenls for membership are al- lendance al Soulhern a minimum of five guarlers, and mainlaining a "B" or beller average, wilh no grades lower lhan Organized on This campus in l94l and reor- ganized in I95l, lhis group has sleadily grown in bolh membership and aclivilies. Aside from em- phasizing leadership, scholarship and personal qualifies of women, il lakes parl in numerous cam- pus aclivilies. Among lhese are lhe Orienlalion program, l-lomecoming and Career Day. An oul- slanding proiecl of I957 was lheir sponsoring lhe sale of lvlSC's Commemoralive plales. JUDITH FORTNER JUDY DAVIS ANN MATTINSON MARJORIE DuKATE MRSGOUGH III ELT OFFICERS Presidenl Vice-Presidenl Secrelary-Treasurer Publicily Direclor Faculfy Adviser Pi Omega Pi, a Nalional Honorary Business Ed- ucalion Fralernily lor leachers of business and commerce, was formed al Ivlississipi Soulhern lor lhe purpose of encouraging scholarship, leader- ship and high elhical slanclarcls in business. The membership is confined lo juniors and sen- iors majoring in business educalion who Jmeel lhe high scholarship requiremenls. DELORES THOMAS BARBARA RHODES SHIRLEY WILLIAMS SHADWORTH ELMORE MR. STEGENGA OFFICERS Sealed: Willie Ewell, Dolores Thomas, Rulh Gray, Jean Beckman, Amelia Sullivan, Thea Boulwell, Marguerile Golden. Slanding: W. B. Harlan, J. O. Cox, Bon- nie Sue Granlham, Mary Deyes, Frances Reck, Dorolhy Coleman, Shirley Drennan, Shirley Williams, Marlin Slegenqa. Presidenl Vice-Presiclenf Secrelary Treasurer Facully Adviser . .-v C7 S. 282 I ICMA LPII ETA GUY MILLIS RHODA HORD PEGGY REVELS EUGENE STASSI DR. MCCROSKY DR. PETERS OFFICERS Presidenf Vice-Presidenf Secrelary Treasurer Faculfy Adviser Faculfy Adviser Sigma Alpha Era is a nalional professional so- ciely for prospeclive speech and hearing Jrhera- pisls. This organizalion is The only sJruden+'s na- lional organizalion in 'rhis field in Jrhe coun'rry and The only siudenl' group Thar meels annually wilh lhe American Speech and Hearing Associarion in nafional convenlion. The Chief purpose of Sigma Alpha Ela is lo provide a medium for enriched professional and social experience and lhrough co-curricular aclivilies. Seated: Linda Lou Sfevens, Rhoda Hord, Guy Millis, Gloris Norris, Peggy Revels. Standing Henry Blount, Robert Howington, Eugene Stassi, Carolyn Timms, Mariorie DuKaie, Bart Wagner, Dr. Robert McCrosky, Dr. Robert Peiers. I Vg' if fv- Sealed: Mona Wafkins, Glenda Richmond, Thad Shows, Nan Brown, Ray Sessums, J I' Ulm , B bb S Il' f. S1 d' : M ' E bl' ' ' Hillsmifl. Annelle Fox, Norman Holbrook, Delmer Lard, iRci?ema.rFrArlgdgg, Burui:v:TAcC:riin,IT?hris Tsfaliiiolrn ' Elizabeth Owings' John Wesfminsler Fellowship is an organized group of Souihern Presbylerian Church siudenls. The local Fellowship, a member of The slale Weslmin- sler Fellowship Organizalrion. represenls Soulhern in The Slare Weslminsler Fellowship Conference. The purpose oi Jrhe organizalion is lo fosler fel- lowship for Presbylerian sludenls and 'ro aid in bringing Chrislian ideals lo Mississippi Soulhern's campus. THAD SHOWS GLENDA RICHMOND NAN BROWN RAY SESSUMS REV. PREER OFFICERS 531' Wilt? -.4 V, Q: . President Vice-Presidenf Secrefary Treasurer Adviser WEST NSTEB FELLOW IIIP 1.1 . ' K, Il 4 , , E :fer f I ' I 5 f L 'i ' -a- - as I Q it I E 2 ff I ' I ffi' ' S Iii 5 " I ,i i l I- It W? I iii? is 2 ff 'i 'S il- ij ii Iii V - 55 E112 5' ggi l I A 1 29' fs 1 e ' it 'I 5 ' ' I - '24 M' if 1 ' , v 2 I ' ' . c., .: if -f , I -uv A l is I ca' I I f it - ' ' ' T " ff' 'f In l. ' Q I 1 f T I uf WI ' if is , K , ., fi I, is ff I I I sf if ' 4, Q .,:-l My f . , lj a I ' I ya ' 'g 5 i I I ig A A N V V, f 1 3 , V I S - ff!! ' KA I I , K Q 1:3-f' I if 'u 'fi ., "' S 2 P I i Q A sg u , J rf , 'Q' -I I ,, V, .s :him 4, M, 13 :P 5: A mx M Z' P' t I J .S 'C I Q 1' s' Q T I ' I I . ', ! 7 5 ' i 73' 1 . f 5 I f' I 1 I I Q ' T, -Q .A .ff - Nusvwsxgv iszirfwi, it ,qqu , I I V I BF! A , x:Av Uv V g se- 3g Y . ,Aiea f s ,,,. I s We "WAN I bgg, ' ef" ff-ff, he ff4' I r lzn , ,.,q .U I ,W . ec, S ,MMA V. A Q , f ,. G' is, L A A . K, X v' ,. XV 1- A 5 JO ANNIS MCINNIS SUE ROSS KAY ALDERMAN VIRGINIA BALL DR. WATKINS OFFICERS Seated: Marcia Hall, Betty Ann Jones, Peggy Bradley, Pat Hart, Barbara Pryor, Annelle Fox, Eslander Guillot, Mo Mitchell, Patsy Cerinich, Joyce Smith. Stand- ing: Dr. Watkins, Shirley Bronson, Sue Ross, Jo Annis Mclnnis, Kay Alderman, Virginia Ball, Rose Kolich, Dorothy Anderson, Leola Manasco, Billie Bankston, Emily Day, Shirley Russ, Frances Jellinek. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Facuity Adviser The Women's Physical Education Club stresses the importance ot sportsmanship. Organized at Mississippi Southern during the taII ot I948, the organization is composed ot girIs who are inter- ested in athietics and recreation. The members try to Iive up to the standards ot good conduct while participating in a sport as weII as being a spectator. The club sponsors intramural sports and basket- ball games with the women taculty members as opponents. WOMEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATIIIN CLUB THE FORREST COUNTY BCDARD CDF SUPERVISCDRS "Sou1'hern's Hearfiesf Backers" SELBY C. BOWLING, Presidenf . . . . Beai Three HARRY H. BELL . . . . Beal' One LUTHER G. LEE . . . '. Beaf Two J. A. P. CARTER . . . . . Bea'r Four HERBERT H. LEE . . . . . Beaf Five We wish io exfend our sincere promise of conlinued suppor+ and cooperafion 'ro Mississippi Sou+hern College. Mississippi's fines? and largesf college and one of Forresf Coun+y's mosi valued assels. Congraiulafions on your splendid growfrh and fine spiri'r. We hope lhalr Soufhern and Forresi Counly will conlinue lo march side by side in sefiing Jrhe pace of progress and developmenf in Soulh Mississippi. The people of Forresf Couniy exiend 'rheir besl wishes fo +he adminislraiion, facully, and siudenis of M.S.C. Besi of luck 'ro lv1ississippi's friendliesf college from lv1ississippi's friendliesf counfy. lfliormsit Qu-unity 'E A good place fo go lo school and a good place lo live I I I I I I I I I I I BEST WISI-IES FROM I I MCINNIS THE IIEIDELBERG MEN'S WEAR H 0 T E I' Capilol Slreef In Downlown MAIN AT PINE , JACKSON. MISSISSIPPI lvI.S.C.'s Jackson I-Ieaclquarlers For Ilmaf hospilable almosplwere join The crowd of Soufherners who already make 'rlwe Heidelberg Iheir home while in Jackson. Enioy 'I'I'1e Roof and +I1e Vicfory Room COMPANY ' S2522 ae fi-Xfvlfvff FM . I II II IX I 3 f I I C HOTEL counr Qnfia Qgeaci I I EAST BEACHIHWYI-QDOIILOXI,MISSISSIPPIOPHONIIDLIWOOD -5535 . . . I I I I I I I I i g.H,, A, JIMMY FAUGI-IN'S RESTAURANTS COLLEGIAN 3000 Hardy SI'ree'I' La FAUGHN 2704 Hardy SI'reeI BROADWAY DRIVE IN SPEED'S SOUTHERN GULF SERVICE 24 HOUR SERVICE Washing-Polishing-Waxing Gulf LubricaI'ion-Gasoline-MoI'or Oil Phone JU 3-25I9 M. D. Speed Q A GEIGER PRINTING AND W , if OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY ff A "Every+I1ing for 'rhe Office" ' 'I f , I Geiger Building Phone JU 3-260i I . K C? Q I" .-ff' ,W is I l d+EIA++d+d gI+I1 I U COIVIPLIIVIENIS OF FAULKNER CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY - " :'--- "'5 'SYS' I I-x"'S f?':-f x , 3 ,I ' Q1:1 -. -3 J fs . 1 n X -11 -:.1: f:s:s:ae..- ..,Q '- - Arf ' ...f12:f:1:f-M15 If IIIRR SM' 5 'N,""f1'E5!j,.?5if535f 'ff 53,535 jigig " '-ff-gig,-A5E5i N1 1 r 1 l lf I f XXI I ""' SMITH S BAKERY CQMPLIMENTS THE DIAMOND SHOP HaHiesburg's Iargesl' credil Jeweler JOHN SEXTON 81 CO. NaIionaI Wholesale Grocers P.O. Box 4I24 Federal Annex ATLANTA, GEORGIA AMERICAN SAND 8: GRAVEI. CQ. 021,225 HATTIESBURG BRICK WORKS SOUTHEASTERN MATERIALS co. ON ofncez Ross Bldg. Tel. JU 4-6436 I-IATTIESBURC5. MISSISSIPPI A bank accounl eslablislwed early in your career will serve as a foundalion for fulure busi ness operafions and prove valuable in many ways . . . Lei us serve you! CITIZENfS BANK HATTIESBURG Hafiiesburg -:- Mississippi "The Friendly Bank" Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporalion Federal Reserve Syslem WILLMUT GAS AND OIL COMPANY y , K , ,QQ - V' r W, C ., Qi J ryvfj MSC Sfudenl Learning fo Cook in Home Economics Building Use Nafural Gas, +l1e all purpose fuel, for cooking and l1ea+ing Serving Soulln Mississippi in l-lalliesburq, Collins, Easl Jackson, Magee, Mendenhall, and Mi. Olive COMPLIMENTS OF Colonial Baking Company THE HOT SPOT ON YOUR RADIO 950 WBKH "500 Wa+Is of Genuine Service" HATTIESBURG. MISSISSIPPI 5c I0c S. H. KRESS 25C 31.00 C II g Iaff decore es QQ J AQTISTS -f pI1o to9RapI1eQE- COLLEGE HEIGHTS TEXACO SERVICE 24 hour service WASHING-POLISHING-LUBRICATION TIRES-TUBES-BATTERIES Road Service DAYTON GILLESPIE, Owner By Pass X1 I-Iardy SI. Ph JU 4 8523! STANDARD DRUG STORE WALGREEN AGENT Phone JU 3 4381 619 MAIN HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS GQOD LUCK OF and GOOD DIGESTION PHGENIX LAUNDRY cl-loc:TAw DRIVE-IN I RESTAURANT 8' W "Best Hickory Bar-B-Q Ribsinihe Sou+h" V-C f rf MEMBER OF FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LUAN ASISUCIATISUIN I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI A muI'uaI savings and home finance ins+i'I'u+ion serving o er I4,000 people. Saie+y of your savings insured +o Sl0,000.00 A Currenf Dividend 3'f2 7, Asse+s over I7,000,000 IQ ! i , r Q . ' v p N X N N 1 1 , k i w r I l I I N U. SHEET MUSIC TEACHING MATERIAL MUSIC ACCESSORIES STATIONERY CO. RQSEBERRY PIANO HOUSE PRINTERS - LITHOGRAPHERS - STATIONERS u . I Feafuring 312 Forrest Sf. Hofhesburg, MISS. The Nanons pineg pianos Phone JU 3-2913 SPINETS-GRANDS-UPRIGHTS I34 E. Fronf SI. Haffiesburg COMPLIMENTS A x I I OF ' ODEN CONSTRUCTION " I7 COMPANY LOOK TO THE FUTURE I . 4,41 HI-ITTIESBURG SAVINGS 3: LUIIN F I re If g , Tj I T' S f ff iff ng f , ASSOCIATION Sf"'? 'Q A COMPLETE HOME LOAN SERVICE 3If2 '70 on Savings IIO E. Fronr SI. Hafriesburg, MISS. V I Dr. Darby enierfains at Hue Halloween parly COMPLIMENTS OF DIXIE PINE PRODUCT COMPANY HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI THANKS FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP AND PATRONAGE WIMPY'S We are looking forward Io serving you in our new Iocarion-The R. C. Cook Sfudenl Union Building-wlnere we will be-as always- "TI1e Heari' of +I1e SouI'I1ern Campus" IIUOI' QQIZES 1 PERSONAL FINANCING MonI'I1Iy Repaymeni wi-MTE SYSTEM OF HATTIESBURG, Inc. Phone Ju 4-5474 W- Pine A pref EXPERT DRY CLEANING ONE-HOUR SERVICE COLLEGE CLEANERS Laundry Service-QuaIi'ry Work l Lb good disquise I Q NATIONAL BANK OF HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Main Office 523 Main S+ree+ Hardy Slrreelr Branch Pe+aI Branch Member of Federal Deposi+ Insurance Corp. ' Wi bs'III'uI uunfs. non 5 vlsnaasw. nuns I nexi play. l A Soufhern Company Through and Through SDUTHEIISTERN INSURANCE 00. Assefs in Excess of S575,000.00 R. C. COOK, PresIc:IenI' HATTIESBURG. MISSISSIPPI COMPLIIVIENTS OF SOUTHERN CLEANERS R, I-I. BRASWELI. Owner Across From Lake Byron Phone JU 3-4071 you go thru life... CDIITIIIEIITAL TRAILWAYS COMPLIMENTS 7 K OF HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Mississippi's Finesi LaboraI'ory Confroiied urn ""5 IIK GRAUEAM Dairy Prociucis PIanI 'CE LIIEAM II7 Walnui S+. Dial JU 3-2646 I John seems saiisiieci wiih his worIr "The Mosi' Tas+y Food on Highw-ay I I" Z . I' 'ali iii SPEEDS RESTAURANT we I PS FOUNTAIN SERVICE BANQUET ROOMS V i . ,,I , M A I'11 W. Highway I I I-Iaiiiesburg, Miss. E I PlIII"1'Q I"I' 5 9' K" II' ' j f fi -fm I W Soo I wr w " I sour:-ILAND FLORISTS ff W4 I 5 200 SI. Paul Sireei NN! I? ,, ::'1 - V ef, . I-IATTIESBUR6. MISSISSIPPI X I Member F.'I'.D. I I H ,ri.i, f I :IP Flowers by Telegraph Anywhere MMQN, Sf' Phone J U 4-754 I I KOMP EQUIPMENT COMPANY, INC ...,- - DISTRIBUTORS OF INDUSTRIAL 81 PLUMBING SUPPLIES HATTIESBUR6, MISSISSIPPI Everyfhing buf men COMPLIMENTS 6. H. McELHANEY 81 SONS My WHEN SHOPPING FOR THE PARTICULAR MAN i SHOP AT DONAVAN-LANE ll 71 In I a , 's ..f I The Mos? Complefe Deparfmenf X Sfore In Sou1'I1 Mississippi Qs 5 WW, L I 4- fhwf-2 Roeaucic AND COMPANY WN Q, . 0:3355 I I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS I X OF I FORREST HOTEL O Feafureffes-Jackie Macon and Beverly McKenzie V WI Refreshment to You Through the Years ff"-if Q V sotnso uuoea Aumonnv or me cockcou couumnv sv HATTIESBURG COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY V, ,, , in-' 'Q' ' 'is ' 'ig ' " ' l lg ' if K F71 V C2-1 f 1 M, - ,, ,. 1, VL, 12:5 - Jzgaa 9- I 1- i 1 M, 'n HUB CITY I OFFICE SUPPLY CO 'X I I ' 'f ROYAL TYPEWRITERS I, I , j , A.B. DICK MIMEOGRAPI-IS :12 ff I I4 I I 'W I' I F ,'!Y . 218 Wes'I Pine SI'ree'r Phone JU 3-036l V Aa, ,f,1,f 0, , Y .1 I g Q ' YY 4' Y 4 A X - , l COMPLIMENTS , , OF 2 I ..4x - -W My i f , OWL DRUG CO. Q fl T-in ff T ,wg 1 X' M 4, 1 f ,A -I X I I ii I I Ld- ,G..H-77? 3 les ol' em 210-214 Marke1S1. Phone JU 3-3014 - n , en --'JS COMPLIMENITS ,Q or X' -5 -' I IJDAF ea V SI GF "M ff" it il .. X A 'v lx ff, CULF STATES CIGAR AND eeee ,y i 4-af , ' 42' TOBACCO COMPANY is Agia, j ,G WHOLESALE " ,,f,,,pE7 fr' 'F D Cigars, Tobacco, Candy, and Sundries I -5 .f,1ff-'Q' I-IAITIESBURG, MISS. ' COMPLIMENTS sv. OF fi . F3 -A , 2" A ' rf. .I Beverly Drive-In1heatre "The Family Favori+e" JU 3-1914 Highway 49 South -'fm ' x Compliments Hattiesburg Auto Dealers Association AUTO SERVICE COMPANY BARRON MOTOR COMPANY FARRIOR MOTOR COMPANY JOE MORRIS MOTORS McMULLAN EOUIPMENT COMPANY MOORE PONTIAC 81 CADILLAC, Inc. PARKWAY MOTORS POLK CADILLAC MOTORS RYAN-MCARTHUR MOTORS SOUTHERN MOTOR SALES Wlmwrzzfe Firs'r in Scholarship ai Soufhern Firsi' in Ihe Consfrucfion World PRODUCTS 'E I S In PECK OIL COMPANY, INC. Disfrib ufors cI'd SINCLAIR a. GOODYEAR PRODUCTS nf' I -i I-IATTIESBURC5, MISSISSIPPI W. R. FAIRCHILD CONSTRUCTION CO.. LTD. GENERAL CONTRACTORS HATTIESBURG. MISSISSIPPI J ki "We are a+ Your Service" COLLEGE PHARMACY 2900 Hardy Slreel PIIOFIS SAUCIER'S STANDARD SERVICE STATION THE HOME OF HAPPY MJLEAGE AND FRIENDLY SERVICE Phone JU 3-II47 24-Hour Service Washing-Polishing-Waxing Gulf lubricafion-gasoline-molor oil A Complele Line of Aulo Accessories A Personal Service Thai Salisfies .fl IITYL 1 4 'Is I I 25 FX I S I 1 ,. .ff, M .,c.,, , rwvmw-,,k .,,,, ,V A Y Lu fi f,s,I:,f Qf ' 'M I . 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Main S+. 'II III- E I III.. DR. JOHN E. BARNES - -...1 'I I ' FIA Pasfror ,, w ml PARKWAY HEIGHTS METHODIST I II I III Hardy STree'r ' IIIHEI' II I REV. .I. E. SMITH IIIII I PaSTor I BROAD ST. METHODIST REV. JOHN NIX-Pasfor FIRST BAPTIST SIO W. Pine S+. REV. CLYDE BRYAN PaS'ror FIRST PRESBYTERIAN 840 Main ST. REV. WILLIAM STANWAY Pasfor W i- G? Lf -IIE A A A FRICK 'ik i , G fih M Perf THE 1957 SOUTHERNER Was designed, prinied, and bound by BENSON PRINTING COMPANY Nashville, Tenn. 1 171 A gL'...

Suggestions in the University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) collection:

University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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