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 - Class of 1950

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4 A ,- 5 ,M, I Y, W 1 4 ' I . 1, '-1 I .,. ,. 1 : 'V Nfl: r ia, I I 1 . 4 1 ! f'.1InI.n 4 fs.. 4 'A 'Y mzidh r?"b3' Z 4,31 ,, 1, I 1 f ,QM l, V, ,f N . : fy- JFTQ -, ... -1 1-'.u,-yprf..' .-.1 .1 4" ,. G1 --'H N- J., KTRN fix f'-A Q Q5 ESX R' ' fx' . X JW. M Q- vw 'P- X 1:9533 X! a 40? 9' N 1929+ 'XS 5 s e+"?-339+ if 45,5 5: wo VV 8 62 X " "NNN - ', W JF h A , ,Q-6 .P ,AV ' X X 4 Q, , ' X ' A A P 1 Q M W.- 1 SUUTHEHNEH Y ' 1 1 1 L K S el cw 1'-ffagv 2,56 Q4 1 1 ' 1 E 1 . TMI, 1 1 I 1-+ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 F-MM? 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 'i 1 1 ---1V 1 J 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 I i 2 ... A 1 1 .. 9 a . -1 Q, Q G X . I V ,, 1' 1 , 3711 , , f '- ' I 1 fi, , K, W t, , .m,flf3,vy l 459 Ls- 7 li s -ac "5 ,.-' - . 1- 'g' :Q M 1. A,i ,M A ,u- HL 'fffzi-ii ' ,ll V 4gQ?u?.,:f. 1. ft - I s- es-, ' 7 ' ! Q '15-437 ,, 12. A- ' - 'Y' -- - my 1 - , A ' -- set- gxg ww-A sq P J ' I - are. -211-J'?s-. - - l ' ,. 1 - '.. ' .LY - lf f 1 , , cvs--es - - 1-ata.: ts-f , my L V' J 1 .. ,El ll, , 71. x x,.-L-A.-.f,:",f ' -A A- . , , .,.,. 3 -- , W- Y1.JY.,.,-.4,fA..,, ' ., Q 2 1, Q, f. tt -, 'lf ya, f. ra-, :tp-sg -Q1-:Y H, gf ff: J' ans., W.4,:-,,.- J: 1 A , 3, mrgu A ...:W.-fy L-2.12: V2-4 '1 4, l X l l w 4 1 This year-the Ruby year lor a college that came into being by a 1910 Mississippi legislative enabling act to prepare better eclucateol public school teachers-has seen the name ol Missis- sippi Southern College brought to nation-wide attention in fields ol eclucational progress anol mter-collegiate sports activities. This has been a banner year. Mississippi Normal College operteol its doors in September. 1912. with a faculty of eight men and ten women and an en- rollment ol 20101 stuolents., The course ol study, prescribed by the enabling act. consisted of a certificate course and a diploma comme lltlith the opening ol the l9l5-lti school year adminis- trative determination and the great need for teacher education causecl the emollmertt to rise to an all-time high ol 89141 during the 1916 Summer session. The rapid stri-ales ol state eclucatioh in the lollowirig years and the establishing of consolidated high schools made it necessary to raise the course level ol teacher education. ln l922 the legis- lature authorized the college to grant degrees and two years later the name was ollicially changed to Mississippi State Teach- ers College. By 1929 both the certiiicate and diploma courses were firctppeol irom the college curriculum. g L Q , lfiigsf . ll 7 QQ Q lf?L'?k, L5 ' Y 'YQ 5 ' 'ff.rf4,,. ,112 ' F-' 1422 , ilg 'stiff' '1-1:11 fl .- fi' l . , . ,. ,V-'f.n.a-Agiaiadf ,fit -1 -b- ,fast iagb' I ' aaa jr' .1 , 'w '- Q 9 9 Q Q Q 5 - :ps 1-vw-L Y I n:Il: y-4. Q Illvl 1 f N lille I ,--f.-nl-Ill 'ti , 2 ' A A 1 f Louvuv, . 1 5- I n l L ' , 1' 0' 1 - . P . f . f t.Ha I . f , H. . af 55,1 , "" f ' 1 1 f' , f Although dedicated to service in the field of teacher education, the improvement in the general stand- ards of the college led to expansion in many divisions. In 1934 the Board of Trustees authorized the college to grant the degree of Bachelor of Music, and in 1938 the Bachelor of Arts degree was added. Thus, a new period of growth was undertaken, and in 1940 the college became known as Mississippi Southern College. The final decade of growth has been the greatest period of development, not only in the divisions, but in the physical structure as well. In 1946 the college received permission to grant Master of Arts degrees, and in 1949 had a graduate enrollment of 200. Today the graduate division is fully accredited and grants the M.A. degree in Education with emphasis in many fields. Among the new structures added to the cam- pus during this period include a fourteen apartment building for faculty members: a new brick dormitory for men housing 120 students: a better than 3000 capacity sports arena: and a new Women's Physical Edu- cation Building. Hidden between the lines of this forty year history lies the unwritten story of the efforts of five presi- dents, many faculty members and countless students, all of whom contributed in some manner to the progress that has made Mississippi Southern the gre at school that it is today. This edition of the 1950 SOUTHERNER, published during a great school year, hopes to be recorded in future history as a part of a progressive administration, a learned faculty, and a great student body. L ,,,Z, f fx H335 " ELM Nl, 57 f " ip" fl' W7 A '13 M N A Njfxgliifpi fu A I .Af ?rWZs 662 Qu 'W WRX XJ! Km S X Tx, X, L NL -A, fig? Nj Em QM E, M, n -I---.-Q-T ? 9 V2 :QW , ' as ig' GA 'S if D I f L 'W--jf A , fwy A""-' 1 .f N gggw gy a r g, f' ," ., .- "',f"4-QZT44 'F e Q- 'ft V. S.. , ' ,'f'1'i'if,',.fgf:ff" 4i5'?vf. 24 Y 1559 e zlfii , 15' b ' ' if , Y ' ix 1, v t' 4 -M , .A -pry H .gi . 1 f J . . ,V Q- 4,M,.,,e '44, ,iff-, .M54 M l -i ,.2f,,"f'gy-' . 1- A 42,1 iv' I1 'iw fn V f ' ' ac x --1-a fxfff 51511 HQ,-G, l!1?? H 4926" J ' 7' 9iff5?7?'v?gf3fi F 7 , j f ' iff' "WN 5 x T,if4','f'f.?'f,f'.f 1 1 W 4 r fx Li ll Y 1. 0 i' 1 I X ' vw-L. U I X- X NN ' Y .1 I X ' Q., n on , M 3 i i A 1 2 iff' 3' M af , 931 'Q 3 lu" U ,J A P V 4, ... 5-pqy,-Q-.-5, f., Y 7 1. ve mm 2!! I E25 , 53 ff' N ,H It ' "" I If Q, f f ,s i I 'L X 3 ..,. -1 Vx Y , up 4,J Q A . ,,Qegf2"fSI.-r , J 51:9 Q ff X B 1, E11 , ,X --,AI X"N Q X M 8 -" f ' f 'wW!'N.wa.L+s,,..g- .sys ,gmgihqiwl 'M- f" In 1' ,-. ,.. YQ , s t 't f , g V. , , , ,is , ,- , "of g .fffw -ff-f ' . W- f ' t,,fQff,' .3 X-5 3 t-5 'V Qrf! Rf i iv!-.ISL-7 diff 4 GOVERNOR FIELDING L. WRIGHT 5 I Hattiesburg's Mayor and City Com- missioners Commissioner W. P. "Smoky" Her- rington, Mayor D. W. Holmes, Sr., and Commissioner Sidney Oden I lalntnnlln F tnu Board oi Trustees of the Institutions of Higher Learning, State oi With terms expiring May 7, 1956 I. OLIVER EIVIMERICH . . R. N. HENLEY DR. H, M. IVY MARTIN V. B. MILLER President, Filth Congressional District With terms expiring May 7, 1952 MRS. HAZEL PERRY LEE H. G. CARPENTER R, W, REED . A TUPGIO D I . , Northern Supreme Court District M'SS'SS'PP' R, B, sMm-t, 111. Ripley Second Congressional District McComb . . . Seventh Congressional District with ierms explnng May 7' 1960 - Macon 101-IN W. BACKSTROM . I ' Leakesvtlle First Congressional District Sixth Congressional District Meridian R. D. MORROW Brandon State at Large - . State at Large Mefldlan Rsncrz D. MCLENDQN Poplarville Southern Supreme Court District MRS. IANIE RICE TAYLOR IHCRSOH Central Supreme Court District Bupa,-a PAUL H. BOWDRE . Hernando Fourth Congressional District LaBauve Trustee tDeSoto Countyl E. R, IOBE Iackson Third Congressional District Rolling Fork I Executive Secretary mississippi inuthern Glullege 5hMm'9 Qflaftieslnrrg, Cmississippi nf N10 frnihmk March 6, Mr. Eddie Schmelling, Editor Mr. Howard Wilson, Business Manager THE SOUTHERNER Hattiesburg, Mississippi Dear Eddie and Howard: Congratulations to the editors and business staff of the 1950 SOUTHERNER on this WRuby Anniversary Editionn. It is said that Nlife begins at fortyW and this outstanding volume in the long series of yearbook publications should be the best of them all. In the annals of Mississippi Southern College, it is quite appropriate that the editors of the annual have chosen to name the publication, the WRuby Anniversary Editionn. I have every confidence that it will be an interesting and out- standing volume of which you and the editorial staff will be very proud. On behalf of the administration and faculty of Mis- sissippi Southern College, I congratulate you on this unique edition. RCC : jcm S cerely yours, Q2 Gila President ff fggii If E640 FE ! Goff 4 W S 7- Nfvoiffch 4 7' spec O Aa A7 Orig? l S 4CkS AQ' HDS Gao 42' I 5 If , 10 bSZgt1Y1Z?Q'Qf:? Q SSQYJD bd OI' .v DJ 'PJ' 6 . +P, Q Se Q'QI,. 2' S108 jobsjxgwlbs fn QQ log be Qde 12813 QS O11 Q V QQ 8Qb Q5 Xlh Qp .5 to 9 .sfo 669 Q 563 pasogbs All-YfvQa51'o0b' cz? Sa' 15 de lb 5 'SS 'fs Us 00 to Xbb js its tht Q3PgQAibL,JgQQb sQqQj Ibb 4'Qi37 QTES OQQQQIQ6 Qqb 135. ash Qviy Sobaigs Cb s , J . 20 j o S t QQ Q1 0 -sv QI- . D O de jfsstlb oclzf 'Z-,JS . 0 S1207 'Obs fb AQ' Oowbe 1' QQ' 601- df! -Stan tl tb CQ Q, GSS S edasjboe be oqsffusslbg' Zejfgebzdlbe tif' ge Of 0 In 0 QS J' . Gadgfjoizhlsz-Sb 9 of 5OQ?ZSbSS?ob I Vol, J es 4 12 S-fb 'ld be F5112 1001- lsr- its 1051.3 lb et. 01,1 96-1. fb gf S' 1 Q6 0 gb QW 0' -Y Ol! 'CS GQ. so . Qc- S tae 01421 O98 ge'-Y A e -S . - Sloo 17 Q 6 O-lb 9351? SBQ Qgbbb Qu- Slbo a .rf OQ1-6, . "Q t TRHQEIEIIQSWT-.ig Qt ,. f I rx V',! If iff .xx X 0 1' f f LJMQ I V I , t if , I 5- ' f',,.,..:': ', .ggi U 'Ne-xi' -1 H It i .rg -"-Riva '1 I "' 5 '," ' 5 . K ' 1 - ' 5 ,.J 1- tl It I- 5 1 1 .ian p 3 1 ' 'zz , .2 in I4 it ,l I . Du atm duo -1 Editor's Note-Below is reprinted a message to the student body from Dr. Cook upon the opening of the 1949-50 school year, We believe this message is typical of the all-round cooperation of administration, faculty and students, without which Mississippi Southern College could never have achieved fame in all phases of' college life, We reprint this message in the hope that it will always be cl reminder oi the true spirit of Mississippi Southern. A MESSAGE TU YUII FHUM DR. CUUK Southerners. "New and Oldui This is going to be the very best year in the history of the college. It is going to be the best because you are the largest group of undergraduates ever enrolled at Mississippi Southern and you will exert 'every effort to make this the happiest, the finest and the most wonderful year in your Fives. On behalf oi the faculty. the staff, and the administration I want to welcome you to the campus. This thing of making Mississippi Southern the best college anywhere is a matter oi teamwork between the faculty and the students and the administration. Cooperation and help will be forthcoming from the faculty and the administration and I know you will individually and collectively help in every way in making our college a better place and a happier place in which to work and live. The democratic spirit oi our student body, the friendly spirit between stu- dents and faculty, and the great interest we Pave in each other is and will be characteristic of Southern. Our student publications, our student social, academic, and religious organi- zations will be better than ever this year. I hope each of you will "find a place" for yourself and will develop in knowledge and personality and ln spiritual growth, R, C. COOK, President E ll l l 4 l X l x , 'K V . iv' S? .1 . ,H 'ls ,xx K ' I 3622, tx 5...-..,. J' 'E' Y Lfliw 45.21" W W Q' Aff .5':2li'e 5' ':i1'fi',,,f1:lgr-qt P , Q2 m- X f .g.ifL., Iv'3'fg.Q,jg,-Q. 1" " W F- 5',2P'1-ii-if cf: Q - af:'!giz'?f . - 1 J i3a....312'5: "1 i Z 1 61 , rs 'M l DH. H. A. MCLEIVIORE Ph.D. Dean ot the Colleqe 1 J DR. W. H. SUMRALL Ph.D. I Dean of the Graduate School . t I i l I I I t, Ei 1 DR. R. G. LOWREY Ph.D. l Dean ot Student Welfare . I Mas. LENA Y. GOUGH ' MJX. Dean of Women ,r E gi Ll H 4 1 7 .f..Iif? - UUH X Ni ff, '0 X2 If QW! P' fQ7 if ,Y 1 2272 INEQII I Q IS NS DR. R. G. BIGELOW, Ph.D. Education and Psychology C. O, SMALLING, B.S. . . Business Manager O, B. ADER, Ph.D. . . . . Mathematics ANDREW P. DAVIS, Ed.D, . . Physical Education I. TREDWELL DAVIS, Ph.D. . ..., History CHARLES E. ELKEMA. Ed.D. A . Education PORTER L. FORTUNE, Ph.D, . . History EDWARD E. HALL, Ph.D. . . Geography NORVIN L. LANDSKOV, Ph.D. . . Education MR, IOHN M, FRAZIER. M.A. MISS BERTHA M. FRITZSCHE. M.S. Practical Arts MARY PULLEY. B.S. . I. W. MCCAIN, Ph.D. . LEO R. MILLER, Ed.D. . ELEANORA MOORE, Ed.D. C. L. PELL, Ph.D. . . A. I. PELLETTIERI, Ed.D. HUBERT A. SHANDS, Ph.D. F. A. VARRELMAN, A.M. Home Economics English and Registrar . English Education Education , French Education Language . Biology . Q .wl- ,,,.. 'MIC 'sk . 4 'NM F ,, ii ' -6 , , A- X --I -' J A V Ks, - V' . I Q V 4 Y 7' ---- 7- ---f 7 V- ----H V. H-- --iw YVV. ..-.--- -.-e-. , , .1 ,...4. 'W "J-U W'--if gm?-'vw' -'--'-"'Y--'f:v-'ww --ff-- ' r'-4-, X I- .. ,TI fi A -TVB '. .- :iEfg? 12,621,135 9152 - - -1 c if-,uf f Xia! W 1 F If., Q3 A F yr I ,, .'f:Q'L,,,,.., ,,-A 1 I , AND DEPARTIVIE NTS... .1 G DR. IOSEPH A. GREEN, IR,, Ph.D. DR. I. R, IOHNSON, Ed.D. DR. W. W, STOUT. Ph.D. Commerce Extension English MAUD ANDERSON, B.S. . . . Assistant Librarian MARIE DAVIS, M.A, , . . Mathematics LYLE G. BABCOCK, M.A. . . . . . Music MYRTIS DAVIS. M.A. . . . , Mathematics A, S, BENHAM, M.S, . . . . Chemistry RUTH B. DUNCAN. M.Ed. . Assistant Librarian EDNA G. BLETHEN, M.A, . . . Music VERNON P, ESTES, B.S. . ..... Psychology WANOA BOYLES, B.S. . . . Education W. W, EUBANKS, B.S. . Superintendent of Grounds HERMAN BOROUGHS, Ph.D. . . . . Education VIRGINIA FELDER, M.S. ...,. Mathematics W, L. CARR, M.A ,........ Physical Education ADDIE PEARL GARY, M.S. . . . Education STERLING A. CUMBERWORTH, M.A ....... Music ALTRA H. GU-L. M-S. . . . Home Economics OVERTON CURRIE, B.A. . . . . . Law IOHN E. GONZALES, M.A, . , . History O. N, DARBY, M.A, . . English W. B. HARLAN, M.A. . . , . Commerce 15 , I -l IN MISSISSIPPVS FASTEST A, ...J 'MY "H-. I f-J ALMA HICKMAN. M.A. . . . A English LEARLENE LOWERY, M.A, A A Health and Physical Education IOSEPH HUCK, M.M. eel . -i t . . Piano MARY I AG . is ..... Assistant Librarian EAELEY lc. HUTCHINS hp. self A A organ JANE -3 55 itu A A I A A , A . Speech NETTA lvl. lENKlNs. B.s. .f-A A A A English JAMES E. . lg A Mm E ! , Edueellen EMILY IONES, M.A. .l..,.. . , Education w.w. MOOIlE fi! A it A ---. k A A NOBIE RUTH IONES, B.s .., Home Eeenemlee. G, E, oLlvl:ll,f in -, W f - ladueallon FRANCIS KEARNS, 1vl.A, ADM? A A A Cello DOUGLAS o V gill . 1 . Wm .A . English M. w, KENNA, M.A, A A A A Commerce ELLEN :iw 3.3, ff Aj ,, I I A Educanon IOHN M. KING, M.A. A , . 'y . . A Science 1. T- PALIVLE M ? i 7 , i Q in A English iijgx l 'gi' DR. l. FRED WALK DR. 1. DALE wELscl-I, Ed.D. DE, LEON A, WILBUR. Pll.D. Biological Sciences Speech Arls Social Sciences ff , A... W l ll W Y F . as iq? L GRUWIN G EULLEEE vim, IMWZ, 'v PK: f-79:4 I I N., MILTON O. PEACOCK, M.S ORVILLE L, PHILLIPS, M.A. ELLEN PHILBECK, B.S. . IDA MAE PIERATT, M.A. PAULINE RAVVLINGS, M.S. , ANNA M. ROBERTS, M.A. W. F. ST. CLAIR, M.A. SAMUEL H. SCOTT, M.M, BEDDIE SMITH, R.N. . , S. B. TIDWELL, M.A. . MR. O. V. AUSTIN, M.A. Science and Mathematics . ks. wg, K ' ' , fi , . I --2: ilu.- 3 Biology Mathematics Health and Physical Education 'far ERNESTINE THOMAE, M.A. English ORVILLE M. THOMAS, M.A. Industrial Arts AMELIA THOMPSON, M.A. Home Economics Commerce IRENE WALDEN, M.A, Education . Commerce BENIAMIN Q. WARD, M.A, Bacteriology Librarian MARY HANDSON WARD, B.S. , Commerce Physics IVA O. WILBER, M.A. . . . Assistant Dean of Women . . . Music ANNETTE B, WILDER, M.A. Library Science College Nurse IOHN W, WILLS, M.A. Speech Accounting ANGELINE WATKINS, M.A, Physical Education DR. C, E, MCCARVER, Ed.D. MR, FRANK EARL MARSH, IR., M.A. Health and Physical Education Fine Arts A H Q . X V In Q G .R 17 Q. 5 ,, R Q "1 Y S lf? x 'I I0 'f -in, 'HS ,av 'Y Ur X l Q Av, i,y' , '.t',r,vRtiri 4 fa' V n , si 'fa ,Q I 1 K3 , 1 PAN. A AN -J ' . NT ' - my F' 'N- ,an s z-513 7,-if 6 x, ,J .a if ,D xl 2 '5"'f'."F 4 - ff, uw at 1' V Q 'S 5. ,. ,if P up' z if 61 Y q I 1, pv- . .x X 1' .4' 1'-2 ev 'S -4 PQ' ia? , 'W mi ' U-an ,ies 'M ,ff ri' r V I I IV, jgwf :r 'I' X viii? t ,j54'v u o 5 .. f .,:f 52 2 . Vw .f.4f,,: A. Q-'Q - - " '-.7 ,v , ' '- ' " ww' ., su, ii p QA .. , , -1 ' 3 i"+,.,,-,pf . 4. , ,A ,rf AQ , 4 1f . fp f ., 4 fa' 'ff' 1 . f , . M 'e-,tw-ff, , :K 1 .- iQ M' ffw 2 M " f-fr, ' 'ggi' 5 jf , , sviuqff, 'A - w P. , xy, , 'vhs ., - rg' 9j!v": SAV X? fl Qs, 3' We '- fa.'If.d?r, 'W' x 1 '41, Q 1 , I :fn " .'in.',ffg 4. 2- x. R, -Gai: E 3 , 5' Q',,'A9.fs Ji" p . 'j 'A 4, Q' ' , ' ' ,, ' ' Lg, , fy FV ,Ap . A. QV? .eg-i,, -V W7 rlfwrdsn , t.g,'i?,,t hi Q fs! ,iq ,. lg E., M -.Q ,A Q, 1 ...V . 4 If .. , .2 .K I f, I 5, ., , 0 . , A, Y . . .4 ' ' fx f4'.'ff,, '! ?"Z'?f ,SEM 43? ak? f ' -' ' 1, ' ,F 'g wfmili J :i1!,ff'.,, ' , V 5 -If ll mf! gtg? 'fi .Q ,J 1x'?Q:g ' wwf 'xrgigslv 7: Q, 4 v'V:,f' f'?fv- '1 1 A f "Q 42' - f , mx - ' . , - 5' ' ev' ' Ll 53 "Eff Uw1?' f -K 1 fwwf' ff ff , ? 5 ff ,. f Q 1. ,Q V X", 5 ITA I QR' .4 9.7 ' V if , .wg-" , 'S 9 'r f. f H x . s X I - f .if 4 j gr v l uf ,. A ' 2- : ,if AJ1..,fi,s.v...',2 'ff 1,1 'tffpl ,' 'X Q? Ag, V656 -'ie vm V it -' 4 A f " :fl 4. 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I ,.f C' Y 5" 'L 1- S Qu sv 0 , 'Wu y . .45 ' .il VL , ? gdfx. ge .X iff' , A, J. QMPQQQQ' 5- . ' ? 4 1, -v. YQ ff W1 ,, 7 9T'F'3: Q , , X MP, N Q E Y 5 C 411951 xv ., S ' V ,,f1f?""'f? 5' ' ,, X tv. m g ,. ,f , ,ty , ,9 V . f sf 9 fs 'ffilfqg' ' 1- fi 1' 'ik .-1 6 Qs, , 415, f 4+ ff-Q -gf F 7' K X f N- ,fit iff. Q9 FF x v , -A xg V, v' K5 S . Qfvw X k . , Q, Q N - Q 'F ff- ' ,uf N Q f' ' , 'ngihffk ffjpxfg W' V' I fs A K i K 5 Q X ,vF'w' hy 'X E 4 in fir in M ' ' 'fl if 5 I 7 n GFX f D 5' vv. 3, if , 4 ,q MQ, ' x x x A ... sg -vi , -+ ' , . f Q .-,, , Si J' W 6 5 nu r :ix v A' i . 'fQim,,,- .Q 9 3 'ex 3 " 'QQ . 1 .A Qi xx I 4 W gg My . X Q mf wtf R A gf XA QMQ, 4. A Y ,X 'gh' E Afflfx 'X i,'1"w,,f! 2 ' ai K A 'V ,K-:V- A. . Q A ,S "'f- If Hai., 1 VV ' I .lf 'Q btw M - f in ,. -f A, 4 Mi ,wg x Q, w -:,,, 5: 6 , 4, -Am ,ff X 3 N X, W .P in Kg V ' V . ,:. pf A ., , ,Q T 6 , , -fw .X -s f '3 xg , k,v- Q , - .. i x , .Z gl 4 Q .5 'K ' Q xx S- 5 ' x 5 1 M Q.. Sw, A 1-K V. . .. A ' l 4' f 5' " if y v ,, 'H' - 2 i' ' s. s ' X .-,k. f , NY N H ig'f f fr 4 f ' , ' W A' A 1 . - ' a F W 'Q X if " Q 152 If fi? Q N359 I ' -41.1524 gg . - i 'W"uls5'j?p3Q-' S 2 - ,il .- :,:,., 'zv , X sip y S31 X' f wg Q ,I lg I N X qik. SK ' xii t A A A V ' we 1' q A ,IV I S Ri gigs gg 133' if X 'cr' - ,V 1 g , A . 5 , , 4 W ,f vga ' V G 'gi -' if A-. 'U' gi , ,L,.:.m.. li' mx 4 . ,AWN wsm'i.l.i' .Ml , G1 Wa.. fx af 'qv S A. vi' L mfg -fa Msn 5 L fl T' I - EHAUUATESEHUUL ,t First Row: Second Row: . IOSEPH P. BARICH. Biloxi: lvl.A., Guidance, IAMES B. COBUM, Ponchatoula, La., IVl.A., Education. FRANK BEAM, lf:-Qilfjllllf-, l.T.A., Education, VIRGIL V. CORNELISON, Sccttslzoro, Ala., MA., Physical Educa- tion. WILLIAM F. BLACKLEDGE, Laurel, M.A,, School Administration. X w. B. DAVIS, Hattiesburg, MA., Education. ELDON BOND, itifitatsatt, MA., Education, , HENRY L. D1xoN, Meridian: MA., School Aamrmstfatian, l CHARLES W. BORDE, Eoqalusa, La., IVIJ-X., Physical Education, ' IEHOME DRANE, Hattiesburg, IVl.A,, Education. 5 t t CHARLES H. BRANN, l3'onv'htiitoula, La., MA., Secretarial Educa- Zion. WILLIAM H. ELLZEY, Laurel, lVl.A., School Administration. i' T5 F' -r'.'1"' ,W ax 'Hr A fb" 145 Qu.. t I Graduate Club: Richarcl Iohnson, Ir., Pres.: Otto Phillips, Vice Pres.: Mary Elaine Holliday, Sec.: Perry Waldvoqel, Reporter: First Mcrster's Degrees ot Music Education, Left to Right: Presi- Van Corneilson, Student Council Representative: Dr, Leo R, M. dent R. C. Cook, Wilbur Bullock, Elizabeth Bustin, Mary Harmon, Miller, Faculty Adviser. Kathryn Williams, Dean W. H, Sumrall. N Vxlf ' ff I p-w-1 , ...,. Q Lounginq Lavishly Wm may WWW Miss Hickman Pours First Row: IOHN L. FORTENBERRY, Sumrall, MA., School Administration. MAIORY E. FRENCH, Pass Christian, M,A., Education. M. E, HOLLOWAY, Hattiesburg, M.A., Education. MILDRED E. HORNE, Mossy MA., Fducation. MARK G. HUNTER, Smithville: MA., Secretarial Education. IENNETTE ISRAEL, Boqalusa, La., MA., Education. W! N if as we Q Second Row: IAMES R. IOHNSON, Hattiesburg, M.A., School Administration CAREY E. KELLEY, Clanton, Ala.: MA., Physi ff', a l Education. IAMES ELLIS KELLY, Seminary, MA., School Adrninistration, IOYCE KENDALL. Conroe, Texas: M.A.. Educaticn. MARVIN K. MILLER, IR., Hattiesburg, M.A.. Music Educatiin. SIBYL MYRICK, l-lattieslnurq MA., Education. GRADUATE SE HUUL First Row: HILTON IAMES NUNNERY, Lib-ertyp M.A., School Administration. THOMAS MORRIS PRYOR, Laurel: M.A., School Administration. OTIS B. RAY, Clarap M.A., Business Adminis- tration. ALBERT H. SHOEMAKE, Petal: MA., Educa- tion. Second Row: C. L. SMALLING, Hattiesburg: Education. WYNE M. STONE, Purvisp M.A., Education. ETHEL E. SWETT, Hattiesburg: M.A., Educa tion. MARGARET TIMS, Poplarvillep IVI.A., Educa tion. X , .. W.- GRAUUATE SEHUUL NOT PICTURED Victor Allgood Rufus Amason Lorena Arledge Luther Askew Iacky Aultman Barbara Avera Shellie Bailey Marvin Ball N, E, Ball Hollis Barrett Viola Beall Donald Beaird Mary T, Berry Iames Bickham H. E. Bishop Shelby Bishop C. D. Boyd Rebecca Boyd Wande Boyles W. D, Brewer Ernest Bryan Lonette Bryant Edward Burfkin Vuran Byrd Mary L. Cameron Robert Campbell Clinton Carpenter Edwin Caroll Nancy Chaulder Elizabeth Clark Emily Clark Iames Clark Chester Clay Lomer Cliburn Mamie Cooper Iames Cox Eugene Culpepper Luther Davis Perry Davis Sidney Davis W, I, Davis Iames Denham Eloise Dent Harrnah Dobson Wayland Du Bose I, D, Dumas Ruth Ellis Ynez Fishburn Wyatt Flemming Crystelle Ford Ray Fornea Ernest Fortenberry lack Fortenberry Kenneth Foster Betty Freeman George Fries Marcus Garrett Mable Gaston Iohn Gibson' Bonnie Gooding Annie Grandberry Billie Grandberry William Grant Remert Grice Clinton Grubbs Norman Hall Stella Harper A, T. Harrison Emmett Harvey Arlene Hatten Bessie Herrington Clark Hester Howard Holaday Annette Holeman Albert Hollingsworth Alvin Hollis Charlotte Hood Loyd Hord Iohn Horton Trugen Hudson Will Iacobs Edward Iames Aubrey Iohnson Esther Iohnson I. T. Iohnson Myrtice Iohnson Robert Iohnson Thelma Iohnson Altha Iones Virgie Iones F. M, Kelly Paul Kilcullen Peral King Sheriff Knight Oba Ladnier R. M. Ladnier Elinor Landrum Lillie Lane Daphne Lee Lason Lee Luella Levis William Lipscomb Carl Little Pattie Logan Barbara Loper Beryl McCandless Stella McCormick Emma Lee McDaniel Minnie McDonald Inda Martin Iames Martin Marion Martin Virginia Martin Kathryn Maxwill Iewell Montgomery Charles Moore 3 1 I 5 , Z First Row: PERRY S. WALDVOGEL, Hattiesburg, Physical Education. WILLIAM L. VIERLING, Biloxi: M.A., School Administration G Guidance, CECIL T. WILLIAMS, Laurel, M.A,, Education CHARLES WRIGHT, Ellisvilley M.A., Education Second Row: LOUIS WRIGHT, l-lattiesburqg Education, MARY C. WARD. Hattiesburg, Education NOT PICTURED Billie Myers Nellie Naie Verna Oden Alia Oliver Hattie O'Neal Ellen Olson Ernest E, Pack William Parker Alice Pearson Otto Phillips Francis Pittman Elizabeth Piqott Walter Ratcliif Verna Reber Charles Rials Ella Roberts George Robertson Herman Robinson Asnel Rutland Iohn Rutledqe Iesse Ryals D, W, Salter Robert Sanders I, A. Saucier Leo Seal Herman Shoemake Mrs, E. G. Shows Iames Shows Mrs. C. M. Siqler L, L, Simmons W, W, Simmons Edwin Simpson Iohnnie Simms Charles Smalley Barney Smith Dorothy Smith Iohn Smith Willard Smith Sam Spinks Lesley Stephens A. G, Stewart Ruth Stewart M. L. Strickland Mrs, M. L. Strickland R, G, Sullivan Louise Supinqer Foster Swann Sarah Tatum Willis Terry Mattie Thomas Iamie Turnaqe Iohn Virden Wood Wade Ann Walsh Myrtle Warren Iames Waters Angeline Watkins Iohn Webb Erwin P. Wendel Iames Whatley William White Mary Williams Nell Williams Agnes Williamson Charles Williamson Iames Williamson Robert Winstead Larry Wolf Clotee Womack as ,VK I.. ff? M fr 'Rm lm as ,Ww- "TT, 75 .Hex .up Ao.. f- . 'T' N ..--f'- --dam... CLASS OFFICERS TOM RHEA PHILLIPS . . . President BILL BREWER Vice President IUSTINE CURTIS Secretary BILLY SYKES .,., Treasurer BETTY HICKMAN . Reporter ANSE DAVIS Student Council Representative DR. PORTER FORTUNE , . . Faculty Adviser Q- First Row: IOSEPH WALLACE AIKENS, Luiedalo: Accounting: Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Honorary Commerce Society, B.S.U., Southern Players, REAVIS E. ALLEN. Ctultport: Chemistry. BILLIE ALLRED. Collins: Home EC.: Home EC. Club, Westnrinster Fellowship. GEORGE E. ALLRED, Brookhaven History. BILLY RAY AMMONS. Hattiesburg: Bioloqy: Kappa Siqrna, M.S.C. Band, Honorary Member ot Pre-Med Club. Left to Right: B. Sykes, T, R. Phillips, B. Hickman. 1. Curtis, Dr. P, L, Fortune, A. Davis. nrt? 7 HAYWARD G. ANDERSON, Meridian: Business Adrn.: Honorary Commerce Society, Student Council. Second Row: TOM ANDERSON, Ellisvilleg Bioloqy. DORIS FRANCES ATES, Maqee: History. OTIS F. ATTEBERY, Springhill, Ala.: Accountinq: Phi Kappa Tau, Phi Kappa Tau Chaplain, '49, HULON C, AUSTIN, Pulaski: Chemistry: American Chemical So- oiety. LOUIN L. AUTRY, Hattiesburq: Social Studies. ERWIN L, BACON. Aberdeen- History. Third Row: ROBERT R. BAIRD, IR., Amory: History: I.I'l.C. I. W, BALL, Foxworth: Government ci History: Phi Kappa Tau, Phi Kappa Tau Editor, F.T,A., Student Council, '49 BISHOP BARKER, Hattiesburg: History: Alpha Delta Mu, I.R.C., F.T.A. ROY N. BARLOW, Hattiesburg: History: Ministerial Clulo. THOMAS A. BASS, Basstield: Chemistry: Pi Kappa Alpha, 'Wesley F.T.A., I.Pt.C., Miss, Academy of Science. ANN BATSON, Pe-rkinqstonp Home EC. Home EC. Club, Hulon hawking the book store wares .1 First Row: ARTHUR O. BEARD, Leakesville: Art Education: Kappa Pi, Alpha Psi Omega. WILLIE I, BEARD, IR., Hattiesburg: Marketing CS Merchandising: Kappa Alpha, HILDA BEARDEN, Summit: Physical Ed.: P. E. Club, Women's Athletic Association. ORIE I. BEAUGEZ, Biloxi: Accounting: Miss. Society of Certiiied Public Accountants. Second Row: PHILIP A. BELL, Magee: Physical Ed. MICHAEL BENNETT, Hattiesburg: Iournalism: Kappa Sigma, Kappa Sigma S,ecretary, Associate Editor ot the l95U SOUTHERNER, Social Chairman for Newman Club, Fraternity Editor of "Student Printz," Associate Editor ot the "Southern Belle." VONCEIL BENNETT, Kokomo: Home Ec.: Home Ec, Club, E.T,A., B,S.U,, Y.W.A. DONALD R. BERRY, Picayune: Biology :St Chemis- try: Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pi Tau. Third Row: IAMES C, BERRY, Gulfport: Economics: Alpha Tau Omega, A. C, BILBO, Moss Point: Government, FLOYD E. BISHOP, Laurel: Social Studies, IOSEPH H. BLACKMAN, Richton, Biology, Fourth Row: EVON V, BLACKWELL, Hattiesburg: History, ROBERT R. BLACKWELL, Perkinston: Business Ed. IOE T. BLAIR, Quitman: Marketing G Merchandis- ing: Honorary Commerce Society, IOHN ROBERT BLAIR, Hattiesburg: Biology. Fifth Row: ALVIA G, BLEDSOE, Collins: Mathematics: Pi Kappa Alpha. VIRGINIA BLOSSOM, Forest: Music Ed.: Vesper Choir, Reporter, Madrigallians, Women's Student Government. SALLY ELLEN BODMAN, Hattiesburg: Horne Ec: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Tri-Sig Vice-President, '49, '50, Home Ec. Club, Reporter, '50, Canterbury Club, '48-'49-'5U. EDWIN B. BOLIAN, Summit: Math. Sixth Row: BARBARA ANNE BOND. Laurel: Spanish CS French: Language Club, Secretary, Sigma Delta Pi, Vice-President, Special Dancing Class, Cheer- leader, '49-'50, LYLE BONGE, Biloxi: English: Alpha Delta Mu. GEORGE C, BOSWORTH, Laurel: English. MARY BRADLEY, Hattiesburg: Art: Kappa Pi, Seventh Row: EMMA IEAN BRADSHAW, Liberty: Elementary Ed.: Alpha Sigma Alpha- Elementary Coun- cil, Secretary, '47-'48, Reporter, '48-'49, E.T.A., Student Council, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Chaplin, '46-'47, Treasurer, '47-'48, Kappa Pi. MAXINE BRADSHAW, Morton: Home Ec. HENRY BREAL, Biloxi: Biology. LOIS BREELAND, Perkinston: Business Ed. SENIUHS uvdftly HPV" 4: NW X ,ff-W 'Y f M40 2,2419 A .isp 'f f""'W W...--. I 3 ,V fm 'Ml QHBNW' -4ff"f"'f7l ,m....,,, F198 'Qi .2 'B - Q99 1"t""'-gp 1'-5. YU' WI -C' 'TU' 'fi ff' din' "fb" 2 5 I "" avr X mu A 44" J'- 'C' ff' fi ,,...n4 First Row: WILLIAM H. BREWER, Richton: Biology: Kappa Sigma, Senior Class Vice-President. BEN BRIGGS, IR., Pascagoula: SociolOQYI Alpha Tau Omega, Pi Tau, I.B.C., Pre-Legal Forum. DAVID M, BROCK, Quitman: Marketing G Merchandising: Honor- ary Commerce Society. GEORGE R. BROCK, Hattiesburg: Pre-Med: Alpha Tau Omega. GENE BROWN, Hattiesburg: English: Alpha Tau Omega. HILTON L. BROWN, Columbia, Business Adm, Second Row: VIRGINIA ANNE BRYAN, Hattiesburg: English: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Southern Players, Southern Radio Players, Annual Start. MALONE E. BRYANT. Collins: Pre-Med: Alpha Epsilon Delta, Miss. Academy of Science. Welcome Students ZW f 1. , 1 H 5 Mgt eff I 2 I, 5 I ' Q, IAQ? I ! V M., ., P: WELCOME ia. -. if-.5 9 fi I . ......, t. ' 1' K ' S' 5. -rr' MARY LOU BUCHANAN, Poplarville: Physical Ed. G Health: Chi Omega, W.A.A., Secretary, Physical Ed, Club., Intramural Team Manager of Chi Omega. CRUIT R. BUCKLEY, Columbia: Math. FRANCES BUCKLEY, Enterprise: Business Ed.: Delta Sigma Epsilon, Canterbury Club, Pi Ornega Pi, BOBBY BUFFINGTON, Magee: Economics. Third Row: LEON BURTON, Union: Math. RAYMOND C. BUSH, Ellisville Physical Ed.: Physical Ed. Club. CAL BUTLER, Wesson: Physical Ed.: M Club, Homecoming King. RUTH ANN BUTLER, Hattiesburg: Business Ed.: Delta Sigma Epsilon, Pi Omega Pi, Wesley Foundation, Student Council. WILLIAM HERBERT BUTTS. Raymond: History: I.R.C. CHARLES N. CANNON, Lintwood: History. Farewell Seniors Sal t 1 t r A. l I I t I l t t L First Row: ELWOOD H, CARPENTER, Poplarville: Marketing G Merchandising: Phi Kappa Tau, Pre-Legal. IAMES R. CARPENTER, Booneville: Music Ed.: Vesper Choir, '46-'47-'48-'49, Madrigallians, '46-'47- '48-'49, Opera Workshop, '49-'50. IAMES R, CARPENTER, Hattiesburg: Health G Physical Ed.: Sigma Chi, M Club. RUBY FAYE CARR, Forest: Business Ed. Second Row: HAZEL IEAN CARTER, Noxapater: Home Ec.: Home Ec. Club, WILLIAM D. CHAPMAN, Meridian: Commerce: Alpha Tau Omega: Commerce Society. LEON R. CIRLOT. Moss Point: Biology: Kappa Alpha. LEO M, CLARK, Biloxi: lournalism, Phi Kappa Tau, LEC., Alpha Psi Omega, Editor of "Student Printz," '50, SOUTHERNEH, Sports Editor, '49"50, "Student Printz," '49, Southern Players. Third Row: CYRIL M. CLAY, Noxapater: Science: Miss. Academy of Science, ROBERT A. CLEMENT, Hattiesburg: Voice: Alpha Tau Omega, Student Council, Pi Tau, Vespei Choir, President, '50, Vice-President, '49. IAMES S, COCHRAN, Waynesboro: Marketing 6- Merchandising: Phi Kappa Tau. MANIEL A. COCHRAN, Brooklyn: Business Ed.: Pi Omega Pi. Fourth Row: HAROLD M. COCKRELL, Ouitman: Accounting: Honorary Commerce Society, CLIFFORD COGGIN, Athens: Physical Ed.: M Club, Who's Who, Outstanding Athlete, '49, DONALD V, COLEMAN, Moss Point: Business Adm.: Pi Kappa Alpha. ANNABELLE FOSTER, Gulfport: Violin: Pi Kappa Lambda '50: Pi Kappa Pi, '49-'50, Little Symphony, '48-'49-'50. Fifth Row: FREDNA COLLINS, Meridian: Health 6- Physical Ed.: Women's Student Government. LANGSTON I. COLLINS, Gulfport: Business Adm.: Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Honorary Commerce Society, M Club, Student Council, WALLACE M. CONERLY, Columbia: Marketing 6 Merchandising. IAMES H. COOK, Decatur: Accounting. Sixth Row: WOODIE D. COOK, Leakesville: Commerce: Alpha Tau Omega, President, '49, Pi Tau, Presi- dent, Student Council, I.F.C., l.R.C., 2nd Vice' President, ot Student Body. ELLIS B, COOPER, Laurel: Radio: Pi Kappa Alpha, l.R.C., Language Club. DELBERT H. COPELAND, Philadelphia: English: F.T.A., Wesley. ALBERT I. COURTNEY. Woodville: Social Science, Seventh Row: GWEN COX, Bolton: Music Education. IACK CRAFT, Carthage: History. GEORGE CRONIA, Vicksburg: Physical Ed., Kappa Alpha, M Club, Physical Ed. Club. IAMES H. CROSBY, Laurel: Accounting: Alpha Epsilon Alpha Vice-President, '50. -SENIURS If QW "fi" ly Y .,,...'5 gaw- IV' If W, aan. 0. ,W- wp-f "ff-ll 27 , H i :ffl QYX f' lr, K kwl ' Ly! Ile. First Row: WRIGHT W, CROSS, Petal: General Science: Kappa Mu Epsilon. NARVELLE CRUM, Crosby: Business Ed.: Wesley Foundation, E.T.A. EDWARD ALEXANDER CURRIE, IR., Hattiesburg History: Pi Kappa Alpha, Senior Class President, '49, Student Council, '50, Pre-Med Club, '48, '49, '50, Miss, Academy of Science, '49, Pi Kappa Alpha Editor, Westminster Fellowship, Student Council Representative, American Chemical Society. IUSTINE CURTIS, Biloxi: English G Speech: Kappa Delta, Alpha Psi Omega, President, '49, '50, Southern Players, Southern Radio Players, SOUTHERNER Staff, Newman Club, Womens Student Governnient, Acting President of the Speech Arts Council, Secre- tary of Senior Class, Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. FITZHUGH Y. DABNEY. Iackson: History: B.S.U. Council, '49, "Stu- cient Printzf' '49, Student Christian Federation, '48, Lite Service Band, '48, EDISON A, DALE, Wiggins: Math. "'9 -QQ' ,Q-rw. Second Row: ROBERT I. DANSBY, Decatur: Accounting. IGNATIUS I. D'ANTONI, Baton Rouge, La.: Physical Ed.: Newman Club, Physical Ed, Club. MRS. MARY IANE DAVION, Sumrall: Home EC.: Home Ec. Club, F.T.A. ANSE McKAY DAVIS, Goshen Springs, Economics: Pi Kappa Alpha. IAMES E. DAVIS, Meadville: History. IO ANN DAVIS, Holly Bluff: French: Delta Sigma Epsilon, Modern Language Club. Third Row: GEORGE DAWKINS, Rose Hill: Chemistry 6 Biology: American Chemical Society, Miss, Academy ot Science. EUGENE D. DEARMAN, Meridian: Accounting: Alpha Epsilon Alpha. ROBERT C. DEEN, Bassiield: Accounting, QUINN D, DICKENS, Collins: Biology. EDWARD C, DILLARD, Hattiesburg: Math 5- Industrial Art- Kappa Sigma, Sports Editor of "Student Print:," '5O. EDNA EARL DIXON, Meridian: English. Miss MSC s Holliday '49, Reynolds '50 Pan-Hellenic Plans ,tl fir' S f I aaa 'Qi fllhft' 4 , , -13,4 +:5't.5', 'J I ' ' YE E5,,-Pa ,1 ' ,JU ' ' 1950 First Row: WILLIAM I. DOOLITTLE, lackson: Accounting. DIXIE DUCKWORTH, Mount Olive: Piano: Alpha Mu Chi. CHARLES E. DUFFIE, Biloxi: Piano. IOSEPH IAIVIES DUFFIE, IR., Biloxi: Biology: Newman Club. Language Club, Second Row: DORIS DUNCAN, Columbia: Home Ec. HENRY DUPREE. Louin: Biology, IACK G. EARLY, Ouitman: Accounting: Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Honorary Commerce Club. EUGENE EARP. Fairfield, Ala.: Biology. Third Row: RICHARD W. EDWARDS, Leakesville: English. HELEN L. EKES, Laurel: Dietectics: Home Ec, Club, WINNIE IEAN ELEY, Scooba: Secretarial Science: Chi Omega. NEVILLE ETHRIDGE, Hattiesburg: Commerce: Chi Omega, Honorary Commerce Society, Modern Dance. Fourth Row: MRS. CLYDE N, EVERETT, Magee: Social Studies. HENRY EZELLE, Union: Biology. NORRIS O. FAGGARD, Moss Point' Biology 6- Health, MARTHA ANNE FANCHER. Coiieeville: Home Ec.: F.'T.A., Home Ec. Club, B.S.U., Christian Federation Council. Fifth Row: PAUL T, FERGUSON, Batesville: Health 6- Phys- ical Ed.: Student Council, '47-'48-'49, American Legion Representative, Physical Ed, 6 Health Club, President, '50, lnter-Collegiate Council, '49, GUY F. FLEMING, Waynesboro: History: I.R.C, ERNESTINE FORD, Columbia: Social Studies: Delta Sigma Epsilon, F.T.A., Secretary, '48,-'49, Sophomore Class Secretary, Student Council, '49' '5O. FRANCIS I. FREDERIC, IR., Pascagoula: Account- ing, Sixth Row: CLAUDE H, FREEMAN. Hattiesburg: Physical Ed., M Club, '48-'49-'50, Physical Ed. Club. GILBERT V. FRYANT. IR., lackson: Voice: Kappa Alpha: Vesper Choir, Madrigallians. VERNON P. GAINEY, Tuscola: History. MRS. RETHA GEORGE, DeKalb: Home Ec.: Home EC, Club, Seventh Row: ROMEY GEORGE, DeKalb: History. THAD GEORGE. Philadelphia: Accounting. DEWEY GIBSON, Pascagoula: Pre-Dental: Alpha Tau Omega, American Chemical Society, '50, Alpha Tau Omega Parlamentarian, '5U. OLIVE RAE GIBSON, Collins Business Ed.: Pi Omega Pi, -SENIURS a A -1-ul Q C7 E' QW" gr pa IWW uv .rj X 4' 36 24 qs'--' JP?"'W .a'f'9' ,Q-N", First Row: GERTRUDE IESSICA GIFFORD, Long Beach: Business Ed.: Pi Omega Pi, Treasurer, '49, Wesley Foundation, F.T.A, SARAH GILL, Iohns: Home Ec.: B.S.U., Home Ec. Club, F.T.A. HILTON LAMAR GILLESPIE, Sumrall: Pre-Med: Alpha Epsilon Delta. FRANK GILLETTE, Clara: General Science. AMORITA GORDON. Lauderdale: Art, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Kappa Pi, President of Art Guild, HAROLD G. GORDON, McComb: Social Studies. Second Row: MATTIE SUE GORDON, Heidelberg: Home Ec.: Home EC. Club Treasurer, '49, Wesley Foundation, FRED F, GORDY, Forest: Math. Chewin and Sweatin F Agia fi, YOU CA uAvEA1.L mmm ,W YOUCAN C-SETI' UNI .cg as 'bt-156 mt ui . 1 A -W - . f -we ,ff A . " 3 51355 , . .. N ' I' f , , canal I 'fy " . ' A A, . ' W .. Y-ii' V -.Li ,,- ' wr' i " 'ef ,, ' xx- , .17 . 1 JY'-' .A f fi " . ., Z- " ' . ' M, " A 'Z . 3 A r. hi 9' 'f'3?:"'f': . K 1 " . NX .4 ' - 61' 7: :Jw - ,- ,-" -. .. J H, X, ,-.-Kas-, jugs . - F . ..- z .- . r . X -A f 'fir A., ,, Y , -Q Q., iv- l ', ,.. "- . if Q Q' V r - 3. I7 2 ' X1 0 'fd XX t ,. '-1 H, us ' . "4 'X , ' " 'dz llxx ' f. '-' ' - vo' ' '24, .,ltn WW . .. V dd 1 J" K Q in 1 XXX Ve. ' Y' ' ' ' 1 ' f 'aff V " l Z 7 Y- I - A I. ' X ll X I 0 A ' 1 1 . U ' 6 V 4 L 'G li'2ai'5i32'w a X T49 PEGGY IEAN GOREE, Quitrnan: Spanish 6 English: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Delta Pi. KAY GOUGH. Hattiesburg: English: Alpha Psi Omega. CLYDE W. GRANBERRY, Hattiesburg: Commerce. IEAN GRAY, Waynesboro: Business Ed.: Pi Omega Pi, '50, Hon- orary Commerce Society, Wesley Foundation, Secretary, '48. Third Row: IAMES E. GREGORY, Calhoun City: Business Adm. MARK C. GRIMES, Hattiesburg: Physical Ed.: Kappa Sigma Presi- dent, '49-'5O, Pi Tau, Student Council, Inter-Fraternity Council, IAMES W. GRUBBS. Magee: Biology. IEROME R, GUESS, Hattiesburg: Accounting. ANNIE RUTH GUNNELL, Ruth: Home Ec. LESTER HADDOX, Columbia: Accounting. Home Ec Cookies 2.1 Q tt -:ttf , Y' First Row: HERMAS G. HAGUE, Pascagoula: History. EDWARD E. HALL, Hattiesburg: Physical Ed. 6. Health: Kappa Alpha: Physical Ed. Club. MRS. IESSIE DEEN HALL, Hattiesburg: English. WALTER G. HAMMACK, Summit: Industrial Art. Second Row: CHARLES L. HAMMOND. Columbia: Chemistry G Biology: Pi Kappa Alpha, WILLIAM HERMES HAMILTON, Hurley: Business Adm, HELEN HARRELL, Carthage: English. SIBYL LOU HARRIS, Monticello: Home Ec.: Delta Sigma Epsilon: Home Ec. Club, B.S.U., E.T.A. Third Row: GLADYS PEARL HARWELL, Quitman: Elemen- tary Ed.: B.S.U., Y.W.A. Publicity Chairman. F.T.A., Vice-President of Christian Federation, '48, Elementary Council, CALVIN E. HARVEY, Silver Creek: Biology. DONALD G. HAWKINS, Forest: Health G Physical Ed. ROBERT E. HAYES, Shubuta: Accounting, Fourth Row: HARVEY WILLARD HEDEGARD, Lucedale: Busi- ness Adm, REECE T. HENINGER, Marion, Va.: Health G Physical Ed, DAN HERRING, Laurel: Business Ed. ROBERT W, HESSON. Hattiesburg, Accounting: Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Fifth Row: BETTY TRAVIS HICKMAN, Hattiesburg: Physical Ed. G Health: Kappa Delta, Kappa Delta Member- ship chairman, '50, W.A.A. President, '50, Senior Class Reporter, '50, Physical Ed, Club. FERRELL G. HILL, D'lo: Math. CARL HIRSCHENHOFER, Vicksburg: History. DAN GORE HITT, Slate Springs: Marketing G Merchandising: Alpha Delta Mu, Commerce So- ciety, Sixth Row: DOROTHY MARIE HOLIFIELD, Laurel: Home EC.: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Home Ec, Club. GEORGE W. HOLIFIELD, Ellisville: Math. LAVON HOLLIS, Carthage: History: Pi Tau, l.R.C., Pre-Legal Forum Vice-President, lst Vice-Presi- dent of Student Body, W'ho's Who in American Colleges and Universities, BLONZELLE HORTON, Conehatta-, Business Ed.: Pi Omega Pi, Seventh Row: EVA NELL HUNTER, Amory: Math: Kappa Mu Epsilon, Women's Student Government, '46-'47-'48 '49, Intramural Sports Manager, '47-'48-'49, "Stu- dent Printz" Stait, '47-'48-'49-'50, Student Govern- ment, Social Vice-President, '48-'49, S.C.P, Rep. '49-'50, VV'ho's Who in American Colleges and Universities, '48-'49-'50, B.S.U. Beacon, Life Serv- ice Band, Secretary, '47-'48, Winner of Ioe Cook Award in Freshman Mathematics given by Ki- wanis Club, '47, S.C.F., '47-'50, B.S.U., '46-'50, F.T.A., '47-'50, Y.W.A, '47-'50, Commerce Club Secretary, '47-'48, Honorary Commerce Society. '48-'49, Mathematics Club Secretary, '47-'48, Vice- President, '48-'49, Hall of Fame, '5O. MRS. C. R. HAM, Hattiesburg: Education. ROBERT A. HUTCHERSON, Clara: Accounting: Phi Kappa Tau. V.'ARREN HUTTO, Clara: Physical Ed. :S History: l.R.C, Physical Ed, Club. SENIUBS r' 'V -..., 3Yf!2"d'. fi.. -fffiw agus "Sf ilwx , aes.. K We-f f A0144 MW y"4',y:"R 4- . ,kms ini., nt, BV' BQQX 31 t I Hx Q4 40 vu, 5. it 1 f1'.r "fl" ,Q 195, Q ogy. if H--x f-Ea? IV! fi 'Mr 'f Q-+90 " 'EP an 1-H First Row: MRS. BETTY IO HYMEL, Poplarville: History. GEORGE W. ISRAEL. Boqalusa, Office Manaqement. ARTHUR V. IOHNSON. Carthage: History. DONALD E, IOHNSON. Tylertowrr: History. O-FL I. ERNEST IOHNSON, Hattiesburg: l-listory: Kappa Siqma, Modern- ist, 717- 50, Band, '47-'5O. MRS. W, D. IOHNSON, l-lattiesburq: Education. Second Row: BETTY LEE IONES, lfrcl-:song Elementary Ed, BOBBY E. IONES. lacl-zscn: Geology: Kappa Alpha, l.F.C. GRACE IONES, SoSo: Secretarial Science. CHARLES K, IORDAN. Laurel: Business Adm., Phi Kappa Tau. I. M. IORDAN. Millry, Ala.: Business Adm.: Manager of Wimpy's. ROBERT M. IORDAN, lackson: Physical Ed.: M Club, '47-'5O: Old Southern Club, Third Row: IUSTINE EVELYNE KAZAR, Tchula: Physical Ed. of Health: Sigma Sigma Siqrna, Treasurer, W.A.A., 117550, Physical Ed, Club, '50, Modern Dance Group, '49-'50, MURRAY E. KEEL, Pass Christian: Marketing :Sf Merchandising: Newman Club, EDWARD O. KELSON, Port Arthur, Texas Physical Ed.: Physical Ed, Club. BOBBIE KEMP. Crandall: Science. DAVID E. KENNEDY, Magee: Accounting. ROBERT W. KINGSBERRY, Hattiesburg: Music: Kappa Alpha, Pi Tau, Student Conductor oi Vesper Choir, B.S.U. President, Vice- President ot '46 Freshman Class, Drum Major, '47-'48, Band, '47- '48-'49. I'm a Bitlin, Chum Gallopinq Happy 5 - 1 f r 4 ., f f N' -"TRI 1 f. I -Q., . 'untill ' T ' Q, r -TK . . g X L ..., , ,. Xsfvitw wax!" X r lr', 1 ill. lr: .1-ff' t ,, l i r ,gffff'5ffi'fT.f I'-..' I . I W! 27 A xx ill A First Row: IAMES KIRBY, Hattiesburg: Accounting, DOTTY ERLE KIRKPATRICK, Hattiesburg: Home Ec. G Chemistry: Choral Union, Home Ec, Club, Wesley Foundation, Student Council, Secretary ot American Chemical Society, Christian Federation, Secretary. BUDDY IOE KNIGHT, Taylorsville: Biology 6 Pre- Med. LONNIE KNIGHT, IR., Ellisville Music Ed.: Alpha Tau Omega, Vesper Choir, Choral Union, Second Row: PAUL A, LACY, IR., Gulfport: Marketing G Mer- chandising, DOROTHY LANGENWALTER, Gulfport: Psychol- ogy. GLEN L. LANKFORD, Stateline: Health G Physical Ed.: Physical Ed. Club. NORWOOD T. LATIMER, Gulfport: Sociology: Alpha Tau Omega. Third Row: CHARLES E. LAWRENCE, McComb: Sociology. IOHN V, LEDBETTER, Lumberton: Commerce. EVERARD H. LEE, Hattiesburg: Economics, HELEN LEE, Kokomo: Business Ed.: Wesley Foundation, F.T.A. Fourth Row: VIVIAN LEE, State Line, Business Ed. STANLEY C. LEFEVE, Gulfport: Biology. VELMA LOU LEWIS. Dixon: Biological Science: Westminster Fellowship. DANIEL F. LINDSEY, Kreole: Accounting: Kappa Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Alpha, President, C.P.A., Treasurer, Pi Kappa Pi, Honorary Commerce So- ciety, Fifth Row: EDMUND C. LINGLE. Pulaski: Accounting: Alpha Tau Omega. GUS T. LITTLE, IR., Maplewood, La.: Music Ed.: Little Symphony, President, Band Council. ARTHUR R. LONG, Sardis: Health G Physical Ed.: Physical Ed, Club, ROBIN LONGRE, Hattiesburg Spanish ci French: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Canterbury Club, Language Club, Christian Federation, Student Council. Sixth Row: I. D. LOTT, Collins: History: B.S.U., F.T.A. MONROE R. LOTT, Sumrall: Health. RAYMOND G. LOWE, Columbia: Business Adm. DICK LUNDGREN, Long Beach: Marketing 6. Mer' chandising. Seventh Row: THOMAS I. LUNDY, IR.. Greenville: Biology: Phi Kappa Tau, Canterbury Club, Christian Federa- tion, Student Council, Phi Kappa Tau Secretary, Miss, Academy ot Science, RICHARD F. MCCARTHY, Hattiesburg: Biology: Kappa Sigma, Newman Club, Student Council, Pre-Med Club. IOHN G. MCCARTY, Gulfport: Business Adm. Kappa Sigma, Grand Procurator. DAVID I, MCCLAMROCH. Pascagoula: Governa ment: Alpha Delta Mu, Pre-Law, Debate Club, l.R.C., American Legion. SENIURS 2. Pkg -irq, 1.--o A? ' 'Q ,G W.-if gm E First Row: MARY ANN MCCORMACK, Carthage: Home Ec.: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Registrar, Home EC. Club, '46-'50, B.S.U., '46-'50, ANNE MCGEHEE, Natchez: Marketing 61 Merchandising: Chi Omega, Canterbury Club, Student Council, IAMES K. MCGEHEE, McComb: Marketing G Merchandising. PETER I. MCGOWEN, Hattiesburg: Psychology, IULIA MAE MCHANN. Starkville Home EC.: Home Ec, Club Secre- tary, Westminster Club. IAMES E. MCCAY. Philadelphia: History- l.R.C. Second Row: DEWEY R. MCKENZIE, Hattiesburg: History: Beta Theta Pi: B.S.U. CHARLES G. MCLELLAND. Hattiesburg: BioloQYI Alpha Tau Qnieqa, Sgt. At Arms. Danil Doom 169 ns. Z-0 af C7 iv? ww un-... 493 --r-' 43' HARRY K. MCLEMORE, Hattiesburg: Economics: Guard, Student Council, Swimming Team. Kappa Sigma, HUGH G. MCLEOD. IR., Hattiesburg: Chemistry. IOHN A. MCLEOD. Hattiesburg: Chemistry. FRANK B. MCNEASE, Basstieldf Science. Third Row: LAWRENCE A. MCNEESE. Columbia: Business Adm, IOHNNY LEO MCWHORTER, Decatur: Physical Ed.: Band, IOHN DOUGLAS MANSON, Lumberton: Biology 61 Chemistry. RAY MARCHETICH, DeLisle: Voice: Alpha Tau Omega, Vesper Choir, Madrigallians. CHARLES E. MARDIS, Natchez: Accounting. MYRTLE MARSH, DeLisle, Miss.: Elementary Ed. Must Be Good! 1950 l : i is .1 Tl- 1 i l l I l I 3 i V I I l T i i I i l l I I l First Row: HARRY PAUL MARSINKUS. Hattiesburg: Account- ing: Alpha Epsilon Alpha. LEWIS E. MARTELLO, Hattiesburg: Commerce: Kappa Sigma, Newman Club. LAWRENCE EDWARD MARTIN. Terry: Biology: Kappa Sigma. TILLMAN L. MARTIN, Pascagoula: Spanish Alpha Delta Mu reporter, Modern Language Club, F.T.A. Second Row: WILLIAM F, MASSEY, Meridian: Accounting. MARY FRANCES MATHEWES. Utica: Elementary Ed.: Delta Sigma Epsilon, IAMES O, MAY, Dufiee: Business Adm. WILLIAM F, MAYO, Florence: Business Adm. Third Row: IAMES B. MENASCO. Shubuta: Math. IULIA MAE MIDDLETON, lackson: Chemistry G Biology. WILLIAM G. MILLER, Wiggins: General Science: Phi Kappa Tau, President, LRC., President, Amer- ican Chemical Society, IOE T. MOAK, Boguechitto: History. Fourth Row: ALBERT K. MONROE, Newton Biology. HOWARD A. MORAN. Picayune: Pre-Med: Pi Kappa Alpha, Pre-Med Club. EDWARD MORREN, Hattiesburg: Pre-Ministerial: Ministerial League, President, Westminster Fel' lowship, President. HOWARD MORRIS. Sumrall: Biology: Language Club. Fifth Row: CHARLES E. MURRAY, Gulfport: Chemistry. TRAVIS WAYNE MYERS, Meadville: History: Pi Tau, Student Body President, '49-'50, Pre-Legal Forum, Christian Federation, State Legislature, President of Miss. Inter-Collegiate Council, '50, Who's Who in American Universities and Colf leges, CHARLOTTE ANN MYERS, New Hebron: Home EC.: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Home Ec. Club. WILLIAM M. NARRO. Bay Springs: Economics. Sixth Row: IRMA LOIS ODOM NELSON, Hattiesburg: Elemen- tary Ed. WILLIAM NOLAN NETTERVILLE, Wilkinson: Polit- ical Science and History: Pi Kappa Alpha, Pre- Legal Forum, Annual Staff. TROY NICKELSON, Lucedale: Commerce: Phi Kappa Tau, Corresponding Secretary: F.T.A, IAMES B. NICHOLSON, Mendenhall: Psychology: Ministerial League. Seventh Row: HORACE DON NOBLITT, Columbia: Accounting: Kappa Sigma, WILBUR DEAN NOBLITT, Columbia: Accounting Kappa Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Alpha. H. L, tHAPl NOWELL, Speech: Pi Kappa Alpha, Annual Stafi, Wesley Foundation, Ministerial League, Southern Players, Commerce Club, IANE CAROLYN O'DELL, Hickory: Home Ec, Nr".J 1' QM vw,- Ff- Adfilvi' 4,4 mi' ju YUY ,4-A ""'+w.,,5. fn-...iv .mg ,,,i ,sq IQ '09 35 A3 if CI" -"c-"lf ,,, ' H45 ,.-..--- First Row: IIM RAY OWEN, Nowata, Oklaq Physical Ed.: Kappa Alpha, M Club, Physical Ed, Club, ADILAID PAGE, Hazelhurst Home Ec.g Home Ec, Club, B.S.U., FTA., Y.W.A. EDWARD M, PALMER, l-lattiesburgp Health 6- Physical Ed, IAMES E. PARKER, Senatobia, Math G Chemistry, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Vice-President, '50, American Chemical Society. LILLIAN NELL PARKER, Taylorsvillep Elementary Ed., Elementary Council, KATHRYN PATRIDGE, Lodig Home Ec., Home Ec. Club. Second Row: CHARLOS PENIN, Havana, Cuba: Chemistry, Phi Iota Alphag Newman Club, Modern Language Club, Math Club. LESTER A. PENN. IR., Sandhillp Business Adm.- Phi Kappa Alpha, l.B.C., Wesley Foundation. VAN L. PENTECOST, Biloxip Law, Pre-Legal Forum ,cu P4 1-"1 l 2 ,fd un" f..pI I LEROY PENTON, IR., Picayuneg History. FRANCES PERKINS, Independence, Elementary Ed.: Elementary Council, Wesley Foundation. EVAN L. PERRITT, Crandally Social Studies. Third Row: BURT PHILLIPS. Gulfport: Marketing 5- Merchandising, TOM RHEA PHILLIPS, Hattiesburg, Chemistry G Biology: Alpha Tau Omega, Vice-President Alpha Epsilon Delta, I.F.C,, Student Council, Treasurer oi Student Body, Pi Tau, Senior Class Presi- dent, Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, VAN ALLEN PHILLIPS, Hattiesburgg Ch.emistry Alpha Tau Omega, LEON PICKARD, Forest, Business Adm.: Kappa Sigma, l.R.C. FAYE PIERCE, Collins: Home Ec., Sigma Sigma Sigma, Home Ec. Club. PATRICIA POPE, Columbia: Home Ec., Kappa Delta, Home Ec. Club, Vesper Choir, '47-'48, Lovlie Lovlie M-Club Presents -oh 5- Q15 N-vc ,fa '1 , ..,, , . 'rg ,,,n. F , , .lik , 171I,',l-V ,:??5ElI.f I ' :mfg I tg. ' 'I "X I I I l I I I I I I I I I I I First Row: ARMAND E. PRENTISS. Biloxi: Business Adm.: Kappa Alpha, M Club, Newman Club, WILLIE RAY PUGH, Lucedale: Business Ed.: Phi Kappa Tau, B.S.U., Pi Tau, Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Commerce Club, Christian Federation, IOHN Z. RACKLEY. Columbia: Business Adm, VIRGINIA DALE RAWLS, Bogue Chitta: Home Ec.: Home Ec, Club, Second Row: ELIZABETH ANN READ, Hattiesburg: Dramatics: Chi Omega, President, Panhellenic Council, Presi' dent, Alpha Psi Omega, Speech Council. ROSS N. READ. Louin: English and Psychology "Student Printz" Staff. ROBERT L. REEVES, Natchez: Accounting. ROBERT HENRY REDDELL, Odessa, Texas: Busi- ness Adm.: Pi Kappa Alpha. Third Row: ELSIE M. REYNOLDS, Osyka: Social Studies: Elementary Council. MYRNA V. REYNOLDS, Purvis: Business Ed.: Delta Sigma Epsilon, President, '49-'50, Miss. M. S, C., '49-'50, Pi Omega Pi, President, Student Body Secretary, Honorary Commerce Society, Panhellenic Council, Reporter, Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, Wesley Foundation, Editor of "Wesleyan Spirit," Chorale Union, "Student Printz" Start. HESTER TOMMILINE RHOADS, Holly Bluff: Busi- ness Ed.: Pi Omega Pi, Student Council, "Student Printz" Staff, Honorary Commerce Society. CURTIS L. RHYNE, Meridian: Math: Kappa Alpha. Fourth Row: EARLTON T. RILEY, Bassfield: Accounting. IAMES A. RILEY, Hattiesburg: History: Alpha Delta Mu, Philosophers Club. CHARLINE ROBBINS, Columbia: Home Ec.: Home Ec. Club, RICHARD D. ROBBINS, Ellisville: Math 6 Psych- ology, Fifth Row: BOBBIE N. ROGERS, Hattiesburg: Business Ed.: Pi Omega Pi, Commerce Club. BARBARA B. ROSS, Needham, Mass.: Music, Pi Kappa Lambda, Band, Little Symphony, HARRY A. ROSS, Gulfport: Accounting. MARY ROSS, Hattiesburg: Sociology: Phi Mu, President, Sociology Club, Feature- Editor oi Ari- nual Start, Panhellenic Council. Sixth Row: SAMUEL W, ROSSO, Centreville: Biology. IIMMIE B. ROUSE, Hurley: Business Ed, WILFORD T. ROWAN, Iackson: Biology. CHARLES R. ROWZEE, Meridian: Accounting, Seventh Row: KATHERINE RUNNELS, Magee: Home Ec.: Kappa Delta, Secretary, '50, Sigma Theta Kappa, Presi- dent, '49, Panhellenic Council, Vice-President, '49, Student Council, '50, Homecoming Maid, '48-'49, Senior Class Sweetheart, '50, Hall of Fame, '50, MARY NELL RUNYAN, Collins: Social Studies Elementary Council. IOHN RUSS. Long Beach: Psychology: Westmins- ter Fellowship. RUBEN G. RUSSELL, Union: Social Studies: I.R.C., Geography Club. -SENIURS 1-:ei PTIVL W 1 .t W' ,mmqn is-any, ,nr-'Q ,gpnwmt 3 A, if' ,,.,auaiq, MN P4 4,-3 nk ff ill" 'Q 23i'vf"-Q i w QJ J' ? fl? n -yt gm. rv? , 'f""",-Q A15 I -an - HXIT' 'wr' 'Q 1? ,Wh-f' .V, ew E in 'Lili' First Row: C. B. SANDERS, Laurel: Music: Drum Major, '49, Concert Band, IACK G. SANDERS. Hattiesburg: Math. NELI. SARTOR, Montrose: Math. EDWIN ALLEN SCHMELLING, Biloxi' Psychology, Commercial and Industrial Art: Kappa Sigma, Editor of l95O SOUTHEBNEB, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, '50, President of Kappa Pi, '49-'50, President of Southern Atelier, '49, Student Council, '49-'50, Ole Southern Club Treasurer, '48, Kappa Sigma Treasurer, '43-'49, 1949 SOUTHEBNEB, Fraternity 6- Graduate Class Editor, Canterbury Club, '48-'50, Hall of Fame, '5U. HOUSTON K. SEAY. Pascagoula: Physical Ed. AUSTIN SESSIONS, Forest: lvlath. ley Foundation. Third Row: Foundation, THOMAS O. SISTRUNK, FLOYD E, SIVILS, Forest: IOYCE SKIPPER. Preston: IAN TRIGG SLATTERY, Sigma, Kappa Pi, Student Second Row: MARY ANN SESSION, Forest: Business Ed, FRANK MASON SHELBY, Terry: Accounting: Kappa Sigma. Troy-Wait! Muggin Bugs - 'US BILLY B. SHIRLEY, Ouitman: Physical Ed, PAUL D, SHIRLEY. Forest: Business Ed.: Pi Omega CHARLOTTE H. SHOWS. Ovett: Home Ec. l-lome Ec. IACK SHULTS, lackson: Economics. BOBBIE SIGREST, Benton: Business Ed.: Pi Omega HULON G, SIMMONS, Brooklyn: Business Adm.: Omega, Southern Radio Workshop, Pi. Club: Wes- Pi, Wesley Alpha Tau Sebastopol: Chemistry 5- Math, Accounting. Elementary Ed North Carolina: Council. i at sf. If 'f' ' ' 2 V- 4 - J". . 5-1' 33: I . , ' F511 . -. A I., ,Wm ,H , -I . 5 ' "U--fag 5 fl ' I ' W' ' ft . if , h g -., . , N V ' U ,W 1. , - . U f . " i r" - E ' '4i",7 - -'fl rpg. ii, I -. Q, - '-' , -- .4 9' 6, , IH, - H362 i - .Y 'f ,' 3 t x . Aviv' N .-bg '- ,J , ,, - . at . , .P ,, V, . is I .Ir I 1 r X . N v A . i Unsnfaqr ' ' , 1, 'Q In w f I. . ,vdfp Q., , If Q in N f Y A ld. ' k s 1' PLC, . Y , .- ...-" .-' .... -- - .-.. 't ' 4 f Commercial Art: Kappa F 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,. 1 1 '1 tl '1 1 I l l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I First Row: BERNICE ALLIN SMITH, Wesson: Business Adm.: Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Psi Omega, Student Coun- cil, Fri-Sat. Club President, Assistant Business Manager ot "Student Printz," Pre-Legal Forum. BURNICE L. SMITH, Polkville: Elementary Ed. BILLY RAY SMITH. Pulaski: Health 6 Physical Ed.: Pi Kappa Alpha, Physical Ed. Club. CARL B. SMITH, Biloxi: Business Adm, Second Row: EUDORA SMITH, Perkinston Home Ec. GEORGE S. SMITH, McComb: Accounting. IDA KATE SMITH, Collins: Home Ec.: l-lome Ec. Club, President, '50, Westminster Fellowship, IOYCE SMITH, Pond: Home Ec.: Chi Omega, Home Ec, Club, WSGA. Third Row: LOUIS L. SMITH, Lyman: Business Adm, NANCY SMITH, Collins: Home Ec.: l-lome Ec. Club, Westminster Fellowship. S. O. SMITH, Leakesville: Business Ed. MARY KATE SNELL, Bonita: Home Ec. Fourth Row: EIEESE APE SNELL, Bonita: Physical Ed.g Kappa Alpha, President ot Bock '50, Vice-President of M Club. ROBERT M. SOREY. Louin: General Science. IUANEESE SPEIGHTS, Carson: Business Ed.: Pi Omega Pi. ROBBIE L. SPEIGHTS, Basstield: Home Ec, Fifth Row: IANE M. SPENCE, Ellisville: Secretarial Science: Chi Omega, Treasurer, Annual Staff, Newman Club. WILLIAM L. SPRUELL, Moss Point: l-lealth, Eiol- ogy G Physical Ed.: Physical Ed. Club. FRANKLIN H. SPRUIELL, Lawton, Okla.: Physical Ed: M Club, Sigma Nu, Mr, M.S.C, of '49"5O. EIDSEL C. STANFORD, Fulton: Math: Alpha Delta Mu, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Philosophers Club. Sixth Row: LURA STANFORD, Fulton: Chemistry. ANN ELIZABETH STEVENS. Meridian: Elementary Ed.: President ot Elementary Council. ALVAH T. STEWART, Gulfport: Sociology. FLOY STEWART, Hattiesburg: English: Secretary ot Elementary Council. Seventh Row: MAE BETH STEWART, Lumberton: Home Ec.- Horne Ec. Club. IOSEPH G. L. STOKES, Harold, Fla.: Math. RICHARD M. STRAIN, Marketing 6. Merchandis- ing: Kappa Alpha. ERNEST C. STRONG, Greenwood: History: New- man Club, Language Club, Student Council. LSENIUBS wyv' ,fum WY mf 3' fl 1 M M2769 Awww QM A-wr V,-':""P www HP! fit 1' " rw tv, A E, Al.- . 3751 .f" I d':"'x X "QS, 11-4'Q""'3 Y' tml oy-M'Hszq .,y-tw First Row: ERNEST G. STANLEY, IR., Shuhutta Physical Ed. 6 Scienceg Physical Ed, Club, IAMES C, STUBBS, Magee, Business Adm. IAMES R, STUMPH, Laurelg Physical Ed., Physical Ed. Club, WILLIAM K. SYKES. Iacksong Health G Physical Ed.: Pi Kappa Alpha, Treasurer ot Senior Class, Pi Tau, F.T.A., I.F.C., Men's Prof. Health CS- Physical Ed, Association. PAT TATUM, Iacksong Marketing ci Merchandising, Kappa Sigma, Honorary Commerce Society. WILLIAM N. TAYLOR, Laurelg Personnel Management, Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer ot Pre-Legal Forum and I,R.C, Second Row: IOHN D. THOMAS, Quitmang History, Phi Kappa Tau, I,Pi.C. LAURA LOUISE THOMAS, Pulaskit English. Faculty Entertained a I .QD Q ,a to 4' 4' .W A R 3 T. . IQ Q .fs , r T95 Q' -' f Q 'li' f" a ' ' wif' l" P A F. 'nc J iq .J K' Si" '- ' - at E' r . I5 'N xx 'p-- in ,N 'X --, XS' ,A f K. 'f4"'f" 'M' I T ,Nav ,,1.',,r DAVID I. THOMPSON, IR., Hattiesburg, Accounting G Business Adm, IACQUELYN THOMPSON, D'log Elementary Ed. ROBERT W, THOMPSON, Columbiag Accounting, IOHNNIE T. THRASH, IR., Newton: Economics. Third Row: CHARLES R, TILGHMAN, Hattiesburg: Geography, Geography Club, W. FRED TILGHIVIAN, Hattiesburg, Chemistry. CLYDE E, TOWNSEND, Gulfport: Marketing CS Merchandising. ALPHA N. TURNER. Leakesvilley Commercial Art: Secretary of Kappa Pi, '50, Y.W.A. PHILIP R. TURNER, Cincinnati, Ohio: Chemistry Alpha Tau Omega, American Chemical Society. VIRGINIA TURNER, Leakesvilleg Home Ec.g Home Ec. Clula, Home Ec Too First Row: BILLY EUGENE TYSON, Bude, Business Adm. SHIRLEY L. VICK, IR., Hattiesburg, Business Adm., Phi Kappa Tau, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Honor- ary Commerce Society, Newman Club. TROY VIRDEN, Raymond: English. FLORA WALDRUP, Mobile, Ala., Home EC. Second Row: IAMES WALKER, Collins: Math. GEORGE WARD, Hattiesburg, Accounting. MCINNIS L. WARD, Hattiesburg, Science, Delta Theta Phi, Veterans Club, Pre-Legal Forum, For- eign Language Club, I.R.C., LLB Degree from Mercer University. IOSEPH E. WARE, Sanatorium, History, Manager of Modernist 4 years, Modernists. Third Row: THOMAS A. WASSON, Kosciusko, Music Ed., Alpha Tau Omega, Choir, Band, President, Little Symphony. HELEN WATSON, Hattiesburg, Elementary Ed. LESTER P. WEATHERS, Philadelphia, History. LEWIS WEBB. Pascagoula, Math and Chemistry, Alpha Tau Omega, Pi Tau, Pi Kappa Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Affiliate of American Chemical So- ciety, Christian Federation, Hall ot Fame, '50, Fourth Row: IAMES W. WEEKS, Moselle, Health QS. Physical Ed. ROBERT T. WEST, Waynesboro, Math :S Industrial Arts, Pi Kappa Alpha, Student Council. IOHN U. WHITE, Brazil, Ind., Physical Ed., Phys- ical Ed. Club, WILLIAM K, WHITEHURST, Ellisville, Biology. Fifth Row: BILLY S. WILLIAMS, Gillsburg, Physical Ed., Physical Ed. Club, GERALDINE WILLIAMS. Enterprize, Health Ed, NELL WILLIAMS. Vaiden, Voice. ROBERT ALLAN WILLIAMS, Montrose: History G Geography. Sixth Row: HERSTON WILLIAMSIN, IR.. Oakvale, Marketing 6 Merchandising, RUBY L, WILLIAMSON, Columbia, Spanish, B.S.U., Language Club, HOWARD A. WILSON, Iackson, Accounting, Phi Kappa Tau, Treasurer, '50, l95U SOUTHERNER Business Manager, Southern Players, Alpha Psi Omega, Pre-Legal Forum. INA E. WOMACK, Utica, Piano, Wesley Founda- tion. Seventh Row: R. E. WOODALL, Bogue Chitto, Accounting, Phi Kappa Tau, Student Council, Ir, Aux. of C.P.A, CLARENCE W. WOODS, Hattiesburg' Economics, Kappa Alpha. ALFRED IACKSON WRIGHT. Gulfport, Biology, Kappa Sigma, Modernists, Band, IAMES B. WRIGHT. Water Valley, Math, Pi Kappa Alpha, Kappa Mu Epsilon. SENIURS 1. UI U . Ze1,j,v X f""TTY fn- QW ,....,4- ,,f578 Qrifl' .... .,M,w 'Z' 1 ,fr as fa. no P,O wif 2 w """5f"' fi an K v ..,,.s'x Yew' Q 1 if -M' X X ii .2 1 3 K . M. ' 2 v"c ,w 'iw I SKY 2 gr., Q j : Q Q4 ,W .5 fig v , - e 5 A A 8 ' ffvihwyre.. :5. . An. usb 'sfs-nal is -2 Mrs. Eva E. Adams, Smithdale: Secondary Ed. Everett L. Adams, Koscusko: Social Science. Lemuel G. Adams, Macon: Pre-Pharmacy. W, E. Ainsworth, Moselle: History. Mrs. Edgar S. Allen, Brookhaven: Social Science. Iessie Davy Allred, Collins: English. Malcolm D. Anderson, Purvis: History. Mrs. Helen F. Arendale, Hattiesburg: Social Science. Nvleen F. Atwood, Hattiesburg: Social Science. William M. Atwood, Ellisville: Business Education. Mrs. Gladvs S. Aultman, Seminary: Social Science. Robby Nell Bailev, Ellisville: Social Science. Lillian A. Baird, Iackson: Voice. Olive C, Bankstrom, Waynesboro: History. Mrs. Odie Barter, McComb: NEA, MEA. Robert M. Bass, Moselle: History Mrs. lane L. Raylis. Columbia: English. Eliza Bazar, Clara: Elementary Education. Charles R, Bean. Waynesboro: Social Science. Charles R, Beard, layess- History Hascal E. Beard, Hattiesburg: Economics: Phi Kappa Tau. Gordon C. Black, Hattiesburg: Pre-Med: Pi Tau: AED: ACS: Student Council. Alvie C, Blackledge, Waynesboro: Mathmetics. Mrs. Iuanita Blcrckledge, Waynesboro: History. Mrs. Theresa P. Blackledge, Ellisville: English: PTA: BSU: MEA. Ioseph S, Blaylock, Wiggins: Physical Education. Pres Mrs. Mrs. ton R, Blue, Laurel: History. Ruby S. Boggan, Meadville: History. Kathleen K. Boyle, Baxterville: Chemistry, Mrs, Eva Mae Bond, Nicholson: English. Mrs. P. V. Bond, Perkinston: Social Science. Iohn F. Boozer, Mobile: English: BSU: CF: Modern Language Club, Leo Paul Baudreaux, Biloxi: BioloQlY: Band. Sedgwick Bounds, Hattiesburg: Biology. Oscar R. Bragg, Ir., Bay Sr. Louis: Accounting. Iack I, Brent, Magnolia: History. Mary D. Brister, Ruth: Social Science. Hillr en I. Brown, Hattiesburg: Accounting. F, Louise Burns, Burns: Home Economics. Authur A. Byrd, Picayune: History. Erline O. Byrum, Moselle: Elementary Education. Iames F. Carpenter, Boonville: Music: Vesper Choir. George A, Carr, Mt. Olive: Marketing 6. Merchan- dising. Ioe W. Carr, Ir., Mt. Olive: Pre-Engineering. Wendell L. Causey, Waynesboro: Business Admin- istration, Charles A. Clark, Hattiesburg: History 6- Psychol- Oqy: lRC: FTA. Iames R. Cochran, Iackson: History: M Club: IRC. Ion D. Cole, Collins: Math 6 Biology. llgeiiia N. Cole, Hattiesburg: Pre-Med: Alpha Epsilon e ta. Mrs, C, A. Collins, Bude: Commerce. Robert C. Cook, Ir., Hattiesburg: Biology. Delbert H. Copland, Philadelphia: Social Science: FTA: Wesley Foundation. Mrs. L. M, Costley, Bude: Mathematics. Corbette Craft, Petal: Social Science. Valera W. Cramtord, Hattiesburg: Business Educa- tion. Mrs. D. I. Cravey, Waynesboro: Elementary Educa- tion. Mrs, E, Creekmore, Preston: History. Kenny K. Curtis, Kingsport, Tenn.: Physical Educa- tion, Tommy Dale, Hattiesburg: Accounting: Pi Kappa Alpha: CPA tauxl. Mrs. A. M. Davis, Hart: Social Science. Betty Io Davis, West Enterprise: Home Economics: Delta Sigma Epsilon. Mrs. D. O. Davis, Hart: Social Science. Bill C. Day, Tupelo: Music. Mrs. M, A. Denson, Meadville: English. Mrs, May Deutch, Hattiesburg: Art. Melvin I. Didier, Baton Rouge, La.: Physical Educa- tion, Robert L. Dixon, Moss Point: Commerce. Mayne L. Dodds, Hart: English: Elementary Council. Iames L. Doyle, Hart: Art: Kappa Pi: Newman Club. Gilbert G. Dulany, Fulton: Accounting: Alpha Ep- silon Alpha: Commerce Club: CPA tauxl. Percy D. East, Hattiesburg: Business. Bruce Easterling, Petal: Physical Education. Iohn D. Eatman, Hattiesburg: Marketing 6 Merchan- dising. Iames K. Edwards, New Orleans, La.: Commerce. Mallie G. Edwards, Ir., Hattiesburg: Business Ad- ministration. Patsy R. Edwards, Saucier: Physical Education. Elsie H. Elliott, Magnolia: Elementary Education. Ava E. Eubanks, Lumberton: Music Education. Charles Gerritt Felkins, Biloxi: English St Speech. Wesley F. Gloves, Lake: Mathematics: KME. Neta B. Fitzgerald, Summit: Elementary Education. Charles M. FloYd, Magee: Spanish. Frank C. Ford, Hazlehurst: Commerce. Harris B, Ford, Bude: Spanish. Orville W. Foshee, Seminary: Physical Educatign, Mrs. ,Mary P, Foy, Sumrall: Social Science. Gertrude M. Freeman, Clara: Social Studies. William F. Gay, Forest: Marketing 61 Merchandising. Thomas F. Giles, Clara: General Science. Ann Ginn, Tylertown: Elementary Education. Andrew N. Gipson, Philadelphia: Mathematics. Bobbie K. Given, Hattiesburg: English: Delta Sigma Epsilon, Ieanette B, Gratham, Sumrall: Elementary Education. SENIORS NOT PICTURED Mary B. Gray, Waynesboro: Commerce: Pi Omega Pi: Wesley Foundation, Dixie B, Greer, Ruth: Social Science. Lee H, Groner, Hattiesburg: History. Kenner R, Hall, Laurel: Business Administration. Ladalton Harbour, Philadelphia: Marketing 6- Mer- chandising. Beryle D. Harkey, Clinton, Tenn.: Home Economics: Sigma Sigma Sigma. Norwook R. Harmon, Petal: Business Administration. Robert C, Harris, lackson: Business Administration. Alton Harrison, Forest: Geography. Mrs. P. C. Hart, Brookhaven: Elementary Education. Felder Hartzog, Sandy Hook: History. Mrs. E. W. Hatten, Hattiesburg: Social Science. Luther Henderson, Ir., Preston: Commerce. Fred E. Henley, Picayune: Physical Education. Charles Herring, Petal: Accounting. Mrs. Rhoda F. Herring, Sandy Hook: Social Science. Mrs. Vammie L, Herring, Sanford English Iohn W. Herrington, Collins: Physical Education. Xe-mon Hill, Beaumont: History. Nina Holcome, Purvis: Elementary Education. Carrye B. Holder, Brooklyn: Social Science. Clifford E. Holloway, Dalenville: History. Mrs. F, I. Holloway. Meridian: Mathematics. Mary L. Holloway, Hattiesburg: Science. Annie D. Holmes, McComb: Social Science. Horace G, Holmes, Myrtle: History. Virginia B. Horton, Conehatterf Business Education. Billy I. Houston, Neshoba: Mathematics. Carl L. Howard, Starksville: Marketing 6 Merchan- dising. Roy I. Howard, Hub: History. Mrs. I, Hudson, Purvis: Elementary Education. Eugene C, Hughes, Water Valley: History. Bettie R. Humphreys, Cordova, Tenn.: Home Eco- nomics: BSU: Christian Federation: SPA. Mrs. N. H. Hutto, Waynesboro: Business Education: Pi Omega Pi. Eleanor Hyde, Poplarville: Sociology: Delta Delta Delta. George G. Ishee, Laurel: Commerce. Wayne E. Iackson, Purvis: Physical Education. Mrs. E. A. Iames, Hattiesburg: Social Science. Iames R. Ietcoat, Union: Accounting. William M, Ieficoat, Union: Commerce. Gatha A. Iohnson, Magee: History. Kathryn Iohnson, Hattiesburg: History. Otis E. Iohnson, Hattiesburg: Economics. Oscar S. Iohnson, Purvis: History 51 Social Science. Mrs. W. D. Iohnson, Magee: Elementary Education. Henry H. Iones, Magee, Mathematics: Kappa Mu Epsilon. Mrs. L. S. Iones, Sandy Hook: English. Iames R, Iudge, Hickory: English. Mrs. M. Kelly, Seminary: Elementary Health. Silas Kennedy, Sandy Hook: Education. Sam S, King, Mount Olive: Physical Education. Audry Kirkpatrick, Hattiesburg: History. Mrs. A. L, Knight, Mendenhall: Home Economics. Letha O. Krohn, Wiggins: Home Economics: Pi Kappa Pi. Mrs. Ruby B. Laekin, Brookhaven: English. David D, Larrimore, Lucedale: Commerce. Thomas G, Lee, New Hebron: Commerce. William P. Lee, Biloxi: Physical Education. Margaret H. Leggett, Magnolia: Spanish. Iohn T. LeGros, Mobile, Ala.: Physical Education, Dorothy M. Lewis, Petal: Business Administration: President of Alpha Sigma Alpha: Panhellenic Council. Iohn W. Little, Hattiesburg, Accounting: Kappa Alpha: IFC. Eva M, Lott, Seminary: Health. Willord Lott, Sumrall: History. Iack C. Lowe, Laurel: History. Iames B, Lorve, Glendora: Chemistry. Frances H, Lowery, Seminary: Mathematics. Adrian D. McBeath, Newton: Economics. Arthur D. McCary, Baldwyn: Mathematics: Kappa Mu Epsilon. Ben C. McCleskey, Okolona: Pre-Engineering. Iames A. McCary, Hattiesburg: Social Science. Mrs. A. M. McCullough, Pricedale: Elementary Education. George W. McGehee, Okolona: Physical Education, Winthrop D, McGraw, Hattiesburg: Pre-Dental: Kappa Sigma. Mrs. R. R. McKenyie, Hattiesburg: Social Science. Truel L. McKinney, Waynesboro: Mathematics: Kappa Sigma. Leanord C. McMellon, Moselle: History. Sara B, McRae, Laurel: Social Science. Mattie McRae, Laurel: Social Science. Mrs. Etta Magee, Holmesville: Social Science. Lola F, Magee, Tylertown: Home Economics. Nellie G. Magee, Brookhaven: Elementary Educa- tion. Iohn T. Martello, Hattiesburg: Accounting. Gerald L. Martin, Hattiesburg: Accounting: Kappa Alpha. Ralph Martin, lackson: Physical Education. Kenneth R. Maxwell. Long Beach: Marketing 6 Merchandising. Mrs. M. S. Meadows, Collins: English. Dudly W. Miller, Fulton: Physical Education. Irene Mitchell, Carriere: Social Science. Ruby W. Mohon, Newton: Social Science. Mrs. L. B, Montgomery, Laurel: Physical Education. Iames L. Moore, Hattiesburg: Physical Education. Raytord Morgan, Ellisville: Physical Education. Mrs. E. L, Morris, Seminary: Health. 43 Frances C. Mott, Menoennan: Social Science, Iames O. Murphy, Ir., Moselle: Mathematics. Mrs. W. G. Musselwhite, Prentiss: Education. Orville E. Musser, Purvis: Commerce. David L. Nix, Bay Springs: Economics. Kenneth Ozborn, Union: Biology. Iames K. Pall, Shubuta: Physical Education: Kaplpa Alpha: M Club. A. C. Parker, Ir., Petal: Social Science. Mrs. W. W. Parker, Laurel: Education. Rosa M. Paschal, Bessemer, Ala: Physical Educa- tion, Iohn B. Pearson, Meridian: Physical Education. Orell B. Pendergrass, Liberty: Mathematics. Mary E, Pettis, Shubuta: Home Economics: Delta Sigma Epsilon. Henery S, Phillips, Newton: English. Mrs. P. I. Hasey, Seminary: Social Scicncc Iohn P. Pouncey, Sumrall: Physical Education William B, Powell, Laurel: Physical Education. Helen I, Price, Moss Point: Sociology: WSGA. Hazel S. Pudgin, Collins: Business Education. William Y. Radd, Penna.: Physical Education. Ershel M. Rainey, Magee: Commerce Education. Boyel Reeves, Laurel: History. Thomas L, Reeves, Laurel: History. Rex Roberts, Richton: Mathematics. Martha Fae Rodgers, McComb: Elementary Educa- tion. Bobbie N, Rodgers, Hattiesburg: Commerce. Mrs, Oley Rogers, Collins: Social Science. William W. Ruble, Gulfport: Chemistry. Loretta Lee Ruthland, Hattiesburg: Elementary Edu- cation. Richard S. Sansing, Gloster: Physical Education. Irwin A. Saucier, Mississippi City: English. Vernon T, Saulters, Sumrall: Physical Education. Gladys Sellers, Laurel: Social Studies. Ioseph C. Seymour, Ocean Springs: Physical Educa- tion, William T. Sharpe, Tupelo: Mathematics :S Physical Education, Burton Sharp, lr., Columbia: Sociology. Herschel R. Shatters, Hattiesburg: Business Admin- istration. Mattie Shattles, Brooklyn: Education, Herbert Shepard, McLeod: Social Science: BSU. Iames V. Shiel, Brookhaven: Physical Education. Mrs. Iimmie Q, Simmons, Louin: Home Economics. Iohnie Mack Sims, Panama City, Fla.: Business Ad- ministration: Kappa Sigma, Rudolph H, Sims, Hattiesburg: History. Mrs. Edna P, Sistrunk, Purvis: Business Education. Dudly Smith, Seminary: Business Education. Mrs. 'Edwin Smith, Waynesboro: Elementary Edu- cation. Evan Smith, Bogue Chitta: History. Ioyce Iune Smith, Pensacola, Fla.: Home Economics. Mrs. Lavada Smith, Auburn: Social Science. Robert N. Smith, Agricola: French. Mrs, Vertio W. Smith, Cartage: Commerce, Walta L, Stamply, Natchez: Physical Education. Iames B. Stanley, Hattiesburg: Chemistry. Charles Steen, Yazoo City: Commerce. Wilburn W. Stevens, Ir., Hattiesburg: Business Ad- ministration. Billy B. Stewart, Brandon: Economics. Mr. I. E, Stewart, Poplarville: English. Mrs, L. B, Stone, Hattiesburg: English. Alma G. Stringer, Columbia: Social Science. Iames L. Stringer, Sumrall: History. Annie Lou Sykes. Crystal Springs: Home Eco- nomics. Claude D. Taylor, Foxworth: Business Administra- tion. Ioanne Taylor, Philadelphia: Home Economics. Mrs. Homa Thompson, Collins: Social Science. Mrs. Addie B. Thornhill, Sumrall: Social Science. Margaret Tims, Poplarville: Home Economics: Delta Sigma Epsilon. Ros Lee Toney, Shubuta: Economics: Kappa Alpha. Theo A. Tudury, Bay St. Louis: Physical Education. Maude R, Turnage, Seminary: Social Science. Frank R. Waits, Hattiesburg: Physical Education. George D. Ward, Iackson: Marketing :S Merchandis- ing: Phi Kappa Tau, Fried bW. Waters, Benton: Physical Education: M u . C. T, Weatherford, Laurel: English. Webster L. Weathers, Hattiesburg: Physical Educa- tion. Earl R. Webb, Sumrall: Mathematics. Fredrick W. Webster, Ir., St, Petersburg, Fla.: His- tory. Thomas Weeks, Laurel: Physical Education. Billy Weems, Tena: Social Science. R. Weems, Hazlehurst: History. Mrs. A. M, Wells, Brookhaven: History. Robert T. West, Waynesboro: Industrial Arts: Pi Kappa Alpha. Ruby C. West, Mize: Home Economics. Virginia Weatbrook, Collins: English. Iames A. Wheeler, Ellisville: Sociology. IohnAU, White, Canton, Ohio: History 51 Biology: FT . Catherine D. Williams, Hattiesburg: Chemistry. Charles B. Williams, Ir., Meridian: Marketing G Merchandising. Mrs, Eileen Williams, Lawrence: Art. Ethel M. Williams, Leakesville: Physical Education. Vera Mae Williams, Columbia: Social Studies. Mrs. L. R. Wilson, McComb: Education. Elma T. Zuielling, Sandy Hook: Social Science. aff' 'Q7 -3,45 'Ui-1 1? -45 fy! ,vw- gyx t A CLASS OFFICERS IESSIE M. BLALOCK , . . President TOMMIE POPE Vice President TOMMIE MORRIS , , Secretary IIM VINCENT . , . Treasurer DURWOOD SMITH Student Council Representative Q- First Row: GLORIA ALLGOOD, Brookhaven, Miss.: Phys, Ed. IDA PEARL APLIN. Hattiesliurq, Miss.: Commeme. ELIAS G, ASMAR, Laurel, Miss.: Mathematics. MRS. HULON AUSTIN, Morton, Miss.: Home EC, HELEN BAIRD. Amory, Miss.: Elementary Ed. W. M. BAR- RETT, Hattiesburq, Miss.: English and Speech. KENNETH BAT- TON, Mendenhall, Miss.: Pre, Med, I, Blalock, T, Pope, T. Morris, I, Vincent untill? WWW sd ..... 3--fl f- R lgswytszx , A it xg: ' Z-fi? . :Q will i -9 if I l 1 x u TJ.-3 is -qua-.., Q-. Q5 '45 "Q Second Row: IOHNNIE RUTH BEALL, Lumberton, Miss.: Chemistry and Biology. ELWOOD E. BENNETT, McGee, Miss.: Pre. Med. ROBERT H. BERRY, Mt. Olive, Miss.: Business Ad. WILLIE R. BERRY, Sandy l-look, Miss.: History. ANNA MAE BIGNER, Summit, Miss.: Home EC. KATHERINE BLAIR, Shubuta, Miss.: Speech. CHES- TER H. BLALOCK, Union, Miss.: Social Studies. Third Row: IESSEE M. BLALOCK, Union, Miss.: Phys. Ed. RUTH H, BOD- REAUX, Moss, Miss.: Elementary Ed. GEORGIA M. BONNER. Meridian, Miss.: Elementary Ed. KATHLEEN BOOK, I-lazlehurst, Miss.: Home EC. DAHLIA BOONE. Poplarville, Miss.: Home EC. KATHRYN I. BOSWELL, Coifeeville, Miss., Commerce Sec. Study. BILL BOURNE, Foxworth, Miss.: Social Studies. JUNIUHS gg ..1f.. 3 QI . I' ,Vu First Row: WESLEY R. BOZONE, Brookhaven, Miss.: Science. IEWELL BRE- LAND. Tylertown, Miss.g Pre. Med. BETTY SUE BRELAND, Wig- gins, Miss.: Home Ec. DAN H, BRELAND, New Augusta, Miss.: Biology. DOROTHY R. BRELAND, Perkinston, Miss.: English. IAYN BRITT, Brookhaven, Miss., Home Ec. IAMES W. BROWN. Summit, Miss.: Phys. Ed. Second Row: NELL BUCKLEY. Hattiesburg, Miss.: Health and Phys, Ed. AGNES E. BURROUS. West Point, Miss.- Elementary Ed. I. B. BYRD, Sumrall, Miss.: English. GLEN CANFIELD, Escatawpa, Miss.: Math. IUANITA CARLISLE, Meridian, Miss.: Business Ed. IESSE C. CASE, Brookhaven, Miss.: Phys. Ed. OTIS A. CASON, Pasca- goula, Miss.: Business Administration. Third Row: VIRGINIA F, CHAFFIN, Doloroso, Miss.: Badio. PAUL CHAP- MAN, Pensacola, Fla.: Phys. Ed. SARAH MAE CHILDERS, Bay Springs, Miss.: Elementary Ed. W. DAVID CHINN, Biloxi, Miss.: History. ROBERT O. CLARK, Petal, Miss., Business Ad. GENE H. COCHRAN. Waynesboro, Missy Social Scienfsf. MARCUS WILLIAM CONNER, Columbia, Miss., Chemistry. Fourth Row: EMILY COOK. Columbia, Miss.: Elementary Ed. DONALD E. COOLEY, Hattiesburg, Miss., Accounting. GASTON M, CORLEY, Mize, Miss., Accounting. LYNELLE CORLEY. Hattiesburg, Miss., Home Ec. DUDLEY COURTNEY, Lumberton, Miss.g Accounting. GLEN L. COWAND. Bay St. Louis, Miss.: Business Ad. GEORGE H. CRAFT, Sylvarena, Miss.: Business Ed. Fifth Row: KENNETH CRANFORD, Columbia, Miss., Phys. Ed. IOYCE CRAWFORD, Mt. Olive, Miss., Home Ec. H, P, CRUM, Crosby, Miss.: History. OTIS C. DAUGHTREY, Petal, Missy Phys. Ed. ROBERT I. DAY, Waynesboro, Missy History. OLIVER T, DEEN. Twins Falls, Idaho, History. BILL DEMORAN, Biloxi, Miss., Biology. 'vu' 4"'., ' fi 'YN E' WWW, 6. ,--wx ,gan '!'17' M.---ev mo 1:7 I4 'M Qc OC' ' an 41 'ref'-1-f ew, 3 'itvw-0-A 45 ll?- Im- fu -in .T YM. I rw IY9 In 4.40: 'i ,nw ff-'wi 1 yi 'Q First Row: DAVID R, DINGWALL, New York City, N. Y.: History. BETTY IEAN DOHERTY, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Sec. Science. IAMES B. EASTERLING, Merrill, Miss.: Accounting. SARA IANE EDDY, Heidleberg, Miss.: Business Ed. MAXINE EDWARDS, Boxie, Miss.: Sec. Science. RALLIE C. EDWINS. Gulfport, Miss.: Market- ing and Merchandising. FRANK L. ELY, Lucedale, Miss.: Social Studies. Second Row: IKIE ETHRIDGE, Collinsville, Miss.: Phys. Ed. PEGGY IEAN EZELLE. Hattiesburg, Miss.: Social Studies. THOMAS H. FERRELL. My Gosh!- , . , Bus. Ad. TOMMY I. FIKE, McLain, Miss. RUTH FIKES, Lake, Miss.: Elementary Ed. Hattiesburg, Miss.: Phys. Ed. MYTLE MRS, SYBIL FIKES, Lake, Miss.: Home Ec. ANNIE IEAN FLEM- ING, Silver Creek, Miss.: Business Ed. Third Row: BARBARA D. FLOWERS, Laurel, Miss.: Phys. Ed. ROSE FRED- ERICK. Oak Ridge, Tenn.: History and English. CLARENCE T. FRENTZ, Biloxi, Miss.: Marketing and Merchandising. HAZEL M. FULTON. Preston, Miss.: Commerce. ANNIE RUTH GADDIS. Raleigh, Miss.: Home Ec. ALICE GARAN, Iackson, Miss.: Library Science. NORMAN LEVERNE GARLOTTE, Gautier, Miss.: lndus- JUNIUHS trial Arts. --.--.., ---1 First Row: ZELIOUS I. GARNER, Columbia, Miss.: Accounting. DELORES GERRARD, Yazoo City, Miss.: Home Ec. GRADY L, GIBBS, New Augusta, Miss.: Accounting. OLNEY GIBSON, B.elzoni, Miss.: Commerce. KATHLEEN GILLIS, Gulfport, Miss.: Home Ec. IACIC L. GILLY, Biloxi, Miss.: Biology. TOMMY GIPSON, Perkinston, Miss.: Science, Se cond Row: MARTHA R. GORDON, Lauderdale, Miss.: Home Ec. AMELIA GRAESER, Meridian, Miss. English. MARY E. GREENE, Bay Springs, Miss.: Library Science. LOUISE GULLY. DeKalb, Miss.: Elementary Ed. HELEN MARIE HALL, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Com- merce. IOHN F. HALPIN, Vicksburg, Miss.: Accounting. MYR- TICE A. HAMILTON, Prentiss, Miss.: Home Ec. Third Row: ELSON H, HAMRICK, Collinsville, Miss.: Business. CECIL I. HARPER, Meridian, Miss.: Business Ed. EARL HARRIS, Laurel, Miss.: Business Adm. IOHN T. HARRIS, Vicksburg, Miss.: Busif ness Adm. PHIL HARRIS, IR., l-'ascagoulfh Miss.: Marketing and Merchandising. TOMMIE W. HARRISON. Pascagoula, Miss.: Af'- counting. HAROLD G. HART, Orange, Texas, Pers, Mgr, Fourth Row: CHARLES B. HATHORN, Prentiss, Miss.: Business Ed. OBIE E. HAWLEY, Moss Point, Miss.: Business Adm. REESE HELMER. SR.. Hattiesburg, Miss.: Business Adm. REESE HELMER, IR.. Hattiesburg, Miss.: Business Adm. CAROLYN HEMPHILL, Oak- vale, Miss.: Elementary Ed. ROYCE HENDERSON. Bichton, Miss.: Social Science. CHARLES R. HERRINGTON, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Pre-Med. Fifth Row: EDNA EARL HILLMAN, Walnut Grove, Miss.: Elementary Ed. HERBERT W. HOLDER, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Economics. IAIVIES B. HOLLAND, Philadelphia, Miss.: Marketing ci Merchandising. WIL- LIAM H. HOLMES, Tylertown, Miss.: Business Adm. CHARLOTTE A, HOOD, Collins, Miss., History. CAROLYN HORNE, Union, Miss.: Elementary Ed. LEWIS D, HOWELL, IR., McComb, Miss.: Business Adm. tins WW' 'R-I .f '-s ,MQW dbg. at M49 ,rs 412. cj 'so gsm 'GT-'Y ...MW -c. . , ffm 0' ,,... 'lg "ml .wk we 'ra nr fx. fx 'xr 47 93 "7 ef r .lf 1 H .-I , 7? avg wi .ni F7 erm ,pau First Row: BOB HUDSON, Purvis, Miss.y Law. ROGER W. HUDSON, Calhoun City, Miss.y Spanish. MRS. HORACE O, HUGHES, Heidleburg, Missy Spanish. HORACE O. HUGHES, Hattiesburg, Miss.y Ac' counting. ROBERT T. HUGHES, Magee, Missy Phys. Ed. RA- MONA M. HUGHLEY, Ruth, Missy Horne Economics. REX S. HULSEY, Hattiesburg, Miss.y Chemistry. Second Row: HUGH O. HUNT, Pass Christian, Missy Psychology. NORMA F. HUNTER, Lucedale, Miss.y Home Economics. RUEL S. HURT, Rainy on the Outside V3-9 QQ Louisville, Miss., History. ANN HUTCHINS, Utica, Miss.y Elernen tary Ed. GEORGE F. HYMEL, Poplarville, Missy Spanish. MAT- TIE ZULCIKA IMPSON, Monroe, Miss. Elementary Ed. BRAD- FORD I. IACKSON, Hattiesburg, Miss.y Business Ed. Third Row: KENNETH E. IACKSON, Carthage, Missy Phys. Ed. NANCY C. IACKSON, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Psychology. PAT IACKSON, Gulf- port, Missy Sociology. BOBBY NELL IAMES, Montrose, Miss.: Piano. LYDA ALICE IAMES, Popeville, Missy English. CARI. IOHNSON, Gulfport, Miss.: Social Science. GLENDON FLEMING IOHNSON, Saucier, Missy Biology, JUNIUHS Fine on the Inside g,....-. ,Pm fr Y U Pi l ff, L.----4 5 V E xl '12 fi First Row: THETA IOHNSON. Seloastopol, Miss. WILTON IOHNSON, Gloster, Miss.: Accounting. ELEANOR F. IONES, Forrest, Miss.: Elemenf tary Ed. ELMA MYRLE IONES, Carson, Miss.: Elementary Ed. LORRAINE KELLY, Utica, Miss.: Elementary Ed. MARY EVELYN KENNEDY, Philadelphia, Miss.: Library Science. ROBERT W. KING. Wasson, Miss.: Math, Second Row: WYVONNE E. KING. Prentiss, Miss.: Chemistry. ERNEST KITCH- ENS, IR., Meridian, Miss.: Accounting. I, L. KITTRELL, Quitman, Miss.: Chemistry. LORENZO A. KROHN, Biloxi, Miss.: Com- mercial Art. DOROTHY B. LACY, Gulfport, Miss.: English. GLENN K. LANDRUM, Gulfport, Miss. WILDA S. LAFTON, Coe lumbia, Miss.: Home Economics. Third Row: MILDRED PAULINE LAWRENCE, McComb, Miss.: History. ANNIE MAE LEWIS. Dixon, Miss.: Home Economics. IOYCE LINGLE. Crystal Springs, Miss.: English. IRIS IOY LIPSCOMB, Mashula- .-'As ville, Miss.: Elementary Ed. WILLIAM I. LOTT, Gull:fort, Miss.: History. EDMUND LOWE, Laurel, Miss.: Social Studi-os. TOXIE H. LUCKEY, Sanford, Miss.: Math. Fourth Row: BOBBYE MaGEE, Columbia, Miss.: Sociology. W, B, MANSELL. Carthage, Miss. Commerce. DUDLEY M. MAPLES, Tiger Brancli, Miss.: Business Ad. I. L. MARTELLO, Hattiesburg, Miss. HILDA MARTIN. layess, Miss.: Elementary Ed. MARTHA MAYFIELD. Columbia, Miss.: Piano. WILLIAM M, MAYFIELD, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Pre. Med. Fifth Row: EDRE F. MAYS. Moss Point, Miss.: Commerce. D, A, MILLER, lVlc- Comb, Miss.: Music. O. I. MILLER, Seminary, Miss.: Chemistry. LOUISE MILNER, Gulfport, Miss.: Home Economics. BEN MIN- Biology. EMILY PAIGE MITCHELL. Sidon, Miss.: Business Ed. MARY LOUISE MOZINGO. Hatties- SHEW, Dossville, Miss.: burg, Miss.: Elementary Ed. ,...-q. fm 'War l . r'-'ui ? Wsswsgf " abw A1-we Y. fri- . If 'M fm? T7 '53, iff! 4' ,, -curl" M, ml ,W rf" 1327 af", ff? 49 'wr fn? 4-.Q First Row: IUANITA MULLINS, Roxie, Miss.: Accountinq. HOWARD MY- RICK, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Commerce. ROBERT T. MCADARY. Iackson, Miss.-, Business Adm. FREDNA MCBAY, Lucedale, Miss.: Business Ed. HELEN MCBETH. Union, Miss.: Elementary Ed. MARTHA I. MCBRAYER, Noxapater, Miss.: Elementary Ed, IOEL W, MCCAA, Chicora, Miss.: Commerce. Second Row: EDITH W, MCDONALD, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Science. BETTY Mc- DONNIEAL. Summerland, Miss.: Home Economics. CLYDE THOM- We'll Take Your Name Q . ivy' ..- ,L ii - ,pq-t E' AS MCGEE, Canton, Miss.: Phys. Ed. IOSEPH C. MCGEHEE, IR.. Hattiesburg, Miss.: Chemistry. GEORGE W, MCKAY. Philadel- phia, Miss.: Social Science. NELLIE McKAY, Philadelphia, Miss.: Business Ed. AUSTIN A. MCLAIN, Lucedale, Miss.: Math. Third Row: REBECCA L, MCLEOD, Hattiesburg, Miss.: English. IAMES H. MCPHAIL, Philadelphia, Miss.: Business Ed. RAY MCPHAIL, D'Lo, Miss.: Business Adm. JAMES R. MCCOMB, Aberdeen, Miss. DIANE NEWSOM, Biloxi, Miss.: Bioloqy and Education. NINA REA NIX, Ovett, Miss.: Library Science. IANE NORMAN, Houlka, Miss.: Home Economics. JUNIURS V li. S..- First Row: SARAH NORTON, Hattiesburg, Miss. Biology. W, C. OAKES, New Albany, Miss., Accounting. IOSEPH A. O'CONNELL, Ovett, Miss. W, N. IBUDDYJ OLIVER, IR., Kosiusko, Miss., Phys. Ed. BOBBIE IEANNE PARK, Iackson, Miss., Horne Economics. IOHN W. PARKER, Petal, Miss., Pre. Med. WILLIAM I. PARKER, Mo- zelle, Miss., Business Adm. Second Row: HOPKINS PHILLIPS, D'l.o, Miss., Sanitation. MRS, DAISY PIERCE, Iackson, Miss., Home Economics. DOLORES ALICE PITTMAN. Hattiesburg, Miss., Speech. MONTEZ POOLE. Gloster, Miss., So- cial Studies. TOMIVIIE C. POPE, Columbia, Miss., Music. SALA- THIEL PRESLEY, Louisville, Miss., Elementary Ed. GEORGE M. PRICE, Laurel, Miss., Accounting. Third Row: KENNETH LESLIE PRIESTER, Stonewall, Miss.: Phys. Ed. CARO- LYN PRIMM, Meridian, Miss., Speech. MERYL RADFORD, Bay St, Louis, Miss., Art. LOUISE READ, Louin, Miss.: Home Ecoa nomics. RAMONA REID, Iayess, Miss., History. DAN RHODES. Hattiesburg, Miss., Pre. Legal. IUANICE M. RHODES, .13.'rri"fvl., Miss., Elernerrtary Ed. Fourth Row: BETTYE RIDDLE, Meridian, Miss., Corrrrnercial Art. ROBERT E. RIEGERT, Buena Vista, Virginia, Marketing 6 Mc-rflrfrrrflisirrg. TOIVIMIE L. RIGDON, Meridian, Miss., Social Studies. BETTY I.. RILEY, Laurel, Miss., English and Psychology. IOHN L. ROBBINS. Oakvale, Miss., Pre Dental. HUGHLENE ROBERTS, Leakesvillrg-, Miss., English and Speech. IVAN P, ROSAMOND, West, Miss., Phys. Ed. Fifth Row: CHARLES W. RUNNELS, Magee, Miss., Psychology. VIRGINIA RUNNELS, McGee, Miss., Home Economics. BETTY MAE RUSH- ING, Columbia, Miss., Elementary Ed. ROBERT C, SANDERS, DeKalb, Miss., History. NORMAN L. SANFORD, Hattiesburg, Miss., Geography. MARY FRANCES SASSER, Bogue Chitto, Miss., Math. LENORE H. SELDEN, Belzoni, Miss.: Home Eco- nomics. .YQ Skis, ,max 448, M1131 by ff in 08' 'CZ I Ybx QR erm Vx 'Q Sidi' Kb .J ar , qs M'-' 51 PV' ,'Q ev?" aio' .lem fr 1-Q., First Row: NORMA F. SHEDD, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Music and Piano. ORA HOPE SHOEMAKER, Bay Springs, Miss.: Home Economics. BILLIE IANE SHOTTS, Taylorsville, Miss.-, Music Education. BILLIE L. SIMS. Bay Springs, Miss.: Commerce. DELLA SIMS, Pass Chris- tian, Miss.: Biology. LOUISE F. SIMS, Bay Springs, Miss.- Business Ed. MARY HILDA SIMS, Bay Springs, Miss.: Chemistry. Second Row: PAYE E. SIMMONS, Tylertown, Miss.: Elementary Ed. ZAN L. SKELTON, IR., Basic, Miss.: English. PHILIP E. SLADE, Hatties- """F"b .ow ..--41-Q . 1 Xi it I fc 2 'fm I b Q Us hurg, Miss.: Chemistry. BETTY LOU SMITH, Calhoun City, Miss.: Music Education. CLARENCE H. SMITH, Carson, Miss.: Business Ed. DONALD P. SMITH, Indianapolis, Indiana: Accounting. DUR- WARD G. SMITH. Lake. Miss.: Health and Phys. Ed, Third Row: EDITH M. SMITH, Laurel, Miss., French. ELIZABETH SMITH. Hattiesburg, Miss.: Commerce. FLOY SMITH, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Business Ed. IOYCE IUNE SMITH, Pensacola, Fla.: Home Eco- nomics. MILDBED D. SMITH, Shelby, Miss.: Art. MILDRED RUTH SMITH, Sandersville, Miss.: English. PATRICK I. SMITH. Biloxi, Miss.: Health and Phys. Ed. ....-..--,.-,-JUNIURS Our Governor and President -6 i 1 I , I ,f Say Please W , .... I t I First Row: SARAH F. SMITH, Meridian, Miss.: Math. CLIFFORD M. STEPH- ENS, Philadelphia, Miss." History. PENNY STEWART, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Spanish. RALPH STEWART, IR., Gulfport, Miss.: Business Adm. WILLIAM S. STILL, Louisville, Miss.: Business. ROGER STUART, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Pre Dental. EDWARD SULLIVAN, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Sociology, Second Row: HENRY R. SUMRALL, Sumrall, Miss.: Accounting. FLOYD C. TEETZEN, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Math. NATALIE THIAC. Biloxi, Miss.: Home Economics. IOYCE B. THOMPSON, Prentiss, Miss.: Music Education. P. A. TIMS, IR., Poplarville, Miss.: Science. ROBERT E. TOUHEY, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Business Adm. WYATT TULLOS, Union, Miss.: Biology. Third Row: HAZEL TURNAGE, Collins, Miss.: Elementary Ed. IAMES O. VINCENT, Meridian, Miss.: Pre Law. I. KENNETH WALKER, Bourge, La.: Phys. Ed. RICHARD H. WALLEY. Richton, Miss.: Biology. RANDOLPH WALSH, Morton, Miss.: History. CARLYNE WARNOCK, Germaina, Miss.: Elementary Ed. BARBARA WAR- RINGTON, Vicksburg, Miss.: Phys. Ed. Fourth Row: SIDNEY WEATHERFORD, IR., Hattiesburg, Miss.: History. NANCY G. WENTWORTH, Meadville, Miss.: Drama. IIM WHITELAW, Hattiesburg, Miss.: lournalisrri. SAM T, WILKES. Petal, Miss.: So- cial Studies. DOLORES WILLIAMS, Petal, Miss. Biology. MARY TOM WILLIAMS, Pinola, Miss.: English. BILLY WILLIAMSON. Kosciusko, Miss.: Phys. Ed, Fifth Row: DON WILLIAMSON, Columbia, Miss.: Science. PAT WILLIAM- SON, Mendenhall, Miss.: Home Economics. RUTH WILLINGHAM. Tillar, Ark., Phys. Ed. MERRIE JUDY WILSON, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Secretarial Science. LAVERNE WING, Liberty, Miss.: Elementary Ed, LOWERY A. WOODALL, Bogue Chitto, Miss.: Accounting. IOHN M. WORTHY, Amory, Miss.: Science. , ss t l all! l ! I . v My .fw- I 4' I f 1... I A fa, N W I -sr- 'ii Z' surf .7 'I f . y M A AX if-X 09s gy., nm, ffm." v f-cr' r l I vt? sol , ,ffl T51 It . w. , 'Q' 1' , 1- ly X First Row: IMMANUEL BEECHING, Edwards, Miss.: Business Adm. IUSTINE V. CURTIS, Biloxi, Miss.: English and Speech. IOSEPH E, HIN- TON, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Business Adm. SAM HOYT LITTLE, Hat- tiesburg, Miss.: Business Adm. LAVELLE PATTERSON, Hatties- burg, Miss.: Education. HARVEY A. PECHEU, Gulfport, Miss., Business Adm. IRIS POOLE, Natchez, Miss.: Phys. Ed. CLEO THOMPSON, Prentiss, Miss. Second Row: PAULINE D. WRIGHT, Little Rock, Miss.: Home Economics. FRED YACONETTI, New York, New York: Accounting. WALTER H. YARROW, lersey City, New lersey: Biology. GWEN YOUNG, l . I I, oi te -P5 ,..--. Taylorsville, Miss. FANNIE LYNN YOUNG, Smithdale, Miss.: Home Economics. HELEN LUCILLE YOUNG, Sumrall, Miss.: Busi- ness Ed. F. VARRELMAN, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Biology. LOUIS WRIGHT, Hattiesburg, Miss. Third Row: BOBBIE WINDHAM, Taylorsville, Miss.: Business Ed. BETTY WINDHAM, Bay Springs, Miss.: Sociology. IOHN H. WOOD, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Biology. RODERICK D, WOODS, Hattiesburg, Miss. TOMMY WOOD, McComb, Miss, Pre Med. GUY E. WOODWARD, Long Beach, Miss.: Phys. Ed. IOHN YORK, Hat- tiesburg, Miss.: Pre Med. FRED CAMP WILSON, Tupelo. Miss.: JUNIUHS Business Adm. CLINIC DORMITORY GOVERNMENT WHITE HOUSE GOVERNMENT I B. Evans, I. I. Smith, Mrs. D. Pierce, Mrs. Wilson Carolyn Hemphill, Fredna Collins, Mrs, Kilpatrick, Ioyce Skipper i 1 7 -,..9 l t l ' w Burch Aldridge, Hattiesburg, Miss. Robert Alford, Tylertown, Miss. Burt Allen, Silver Creek, Miss. Hubert Allen, Silver Creek, Miss. Clinton Arnold, Pensacola, Fla. Thomas Aultman, Sumrall, Miss. Marie Backstrom, McLain, Miss. Calvin Balding, Pascagoula, Miss. Emery Ball, Parkersburg, West Virginia. Walter Banks, Pinola, Miss. Mathew Bankston, Laurel, Miss. Henry W. Barber, Baton Rouge, La. Courtland B, Barker, Hattiesburg, Miss. Archie R. Barlow, Hattiesburg, Miss. Sheldon D. Bean, Peoria, Miss. Danny Beard, Hattiesburg, Miss. Donald S, Benton, Gulfport, Miss. Raoul I. Bernard, Thibodaux, La. Iohn I, Bethea, Hattiesburg, Miss. William P, Blackman, Hattiesburg, Miss Ioseph A, Blake, Hattiesburg, Miss. Billy F. Blankenship, Hattiesburg, Miss. Oscar P. Boyett, Starkville, Miss. Iehu U. Brabham, Peoria, Miss. Boyce L. Breland, Wiggins, Miss. Douglas R. Branlette, Easthampton, Mass Morris C, Brown, Millry, Ala. Charles E, Bryan, Lucedale, Miss. Iames Bryant, Taylorsville, Miss. Marion E. Bullock, Tylertown, Miss. McAdoo Byrd, Richton, Miss. Donald M. Caldwell, Hickory, Miss. Mary lane Calmes, Brooksville, Miss. Homer Campbell, Lewkisville, Miss. Barbara Carden, Meridian, Miss. Aubrey Q. Carlisle, Meridian, Miss. Iames E. Carpenter, Hattiesburg, Miss. Victor W, Castles, Slufiee, Miss. Sidney A, Caul, Columbia, Miss. Lois D. Cochran, Wiggins, Miss. Alfred L. Coleman, Lucedale, Miss. Hugh W. Commiskey, Hattiesburg, Miss I. C. Conner, Columbia, Miss. Edith T, Courtney, Bassfield, Miss. R, Ioan Darville, McComb, Miss. Alice A, Davis, Poplarville, Miss. Mary B. Davis, Seminary, Miss. Thad H. Davis, Wiggins, Miss. Elbert Deakle, Beaumont, Miss. Iames H. Delmas, Pascagoula, Miss. Clarence E. Derrington, lackson, Miss. William B. Dykes, Soso, Miss. Willie Mae Edmonson, Seminary, Miss. Mae R, Edwards, Richton, Miss. Orland C, Everett, Magee, Miss. Betty Ferguson, Gulfport, Miss. Ioel B. Fooshee, Amory, Miss. Helen R, Fortenberry, Hattiesburg, Miss. Barbara M. Fussell, Chickasaw, Miss. Nalon Gambler, Ir., Carnes, Miss. William W. Gibson, Monticello, Miss. Henry D, Goodwin, Laurel, Miss. Bertha R. Grant, Meridian, Miss. Spence P. Grantham, Slfiflqer, Miss. William W. Gray, Ir., Brooksville, Miss. Margaret Hall. WigqiHS, Miss- A Marilyn L. HandleY, Hattiesburqf M155- Paul W. Harris, Moselle, Miss. IUNIORS NOT PICTURED Billye O. Haskins, Brunswick, Miss. Edward Hedgwood, Beaumont, Miss. Iohn A, Henderson, Taylorsville, Miss. Leonard D. Henderson, Richton, Miss. Dan A, Herring, Laurel, Miss. Dallas Herrington, Pachuta, Miss. Martha I, Herrington, Ellisville, Miss. Harlan Hilbun, Pascagoula, Miss. Herbert Ray Holloway, Carrier, Miss. Bobby H. Holmes, Tallassee, Alabama Larry M, Holmes, Tylertown, Miss. Mack Homrick, Hickory, Miss. Louis R. Hord, Hattiesburg, Miss. Wayne L. Howard, Brandon, Miss. Marion L. Howell, Hattiesburg, Miss. Arthur L. Iames, McComb, Miss. Georgae M, Iohnson, Columbia, Miss. Iames R, Iudge, Hickory, Miss. Edward I. Kauchick, Fairhouse, Penn. George P, Kelly, Biloxi, Miss. Iames O. Koyrkendall, McComb, Miss. Robert E. Ladner, Perkinston, Miss. Robert F. Ladner, Kiln, Miss. Hollis T. Landrum, Columbia, Miss. Stanly B, Landrum, Columbia, Miss. Robert N. Lane, Homewood, Miss. Ernest E. Langford, Hattiesburg, Miss. Johnny L, Lawrence, Hattiesburg, Miss. Iackson Lee, Leakesville, Miss. Linton E, Lee, Picayune, Miss. Robert D, Lee, Woodville, Miss. Alene H. Leggett, Collins, Miss. Dorothy M. Lewis, Petal, Miss. Iohn B, Lewis, Collins, Miss. Charles E, Liles, Highlands, Texas Stewart H. Locke, Ir., Hattiesburg, Miss. lean Loper, Waynesboro, Miss. lack C. Lowe, Laurel, Miss. Willis E. Lowry, Moselle, Miss. Bill H. Lucas, Hattiesburg, Miss. Glynn W, Manasco, Leakesville, Miss. Mary F, Mars, Hattiesburg, Miss. less W, Martin, Picayune, Miss. Dorothy B. Mathes, Panama City, Florida Daisy May-Brown, Vicksburg, Miss. Davis V. Melton, Tallassee, Ala, Ierold Morgan, Hattiesburg, Miss. Tommie L, Morris, Gulfport, Miss. Iames P. Moyer, Columbus, Miss. Iohn R. Murphy, Mendenhall, Miss. Rachel Murry, Summerland, Miss. Eloise Myers, Surnrall, Miss. Truett F, Myers, Magee, Miss. Alton L. McCormick, Meridian, Miss. Ibern C, McDonald, Ovett, Miss. Robert M. McKee, Picayune, Miss. Sara B, McLaurin, Ellisville, Miss. Helen McMurtry, Terry, Miss. Wintield F, McNamee, Jackson, Miss. Lela C, McNease, Carson, Miss. Mary L, McRight, Brandon, Miss. Sam I. Nelson, Hattiesburg, Miss. Charles E. Newell, Hickory, Miss. Iulian M. Noland, Bogue Chitto, Miss. Doyle H. Norman, Purvis, Miss. William E. Norman, Purvis, Miss. Flossie G, Nowlin, lackson, Miss. Charles G, Odom, Ellisville, Miss. 55 A, C. Owens, Mize, Miss. Iohnnie H, Page, Poplarville, Miss. Horace C. Parker, Purvis, Miss. lack Parsons, Wiggins, Miss. Hazel M. Patrick, Hattiesburg, Miss. Dorman T. Payne, Hattiesburg, Miss. Theda E, Pearce. Brooklyn, Miss. Hoyle B, Phillips, Clinton, Miss. Iohn M. Phillips, Macon, Miss. Janelle Pittman, Ellisville, Miss. Robert I. Poel, Prentiss, Miss. Iohn H. Polk, Prentiss, Miss Adron A. Pouncey, Hattiesburg, Miss. Iack K, Quinn, Williston, Alabama Murry Quin, Liberty, Miss. Paxton H, Rawls, Hattiesburg, Miss. Dallas RaYb01'n, Hattiesburg, Miss. Charles A, Reedy, Hattiesburg, Miss, Bill Reedy, Tupelo, Miss. Elonzo L. Reynolds, Lumberton, Miss. Frank Roberts, Hattiesburg, Miss. Charles Robinson, Mt. Olive, Miss. Ouida I. Rogers, Pachuta, Miss. Harlan B. Rogers, Collins, Miss. Oby Rogers, Collins, Miss. Eugene A, Ross, Hattiesburg, Miss. Samuel W. Ross, Centerville, Miss. Iohnnie L. Runnels, Laurel, Miss. Charles E. Schuck, Hattiesburg, Miss. Cecil O. Sewell, Picayune, Miss. Sherard R. Shaw, Beaumont, Miss. Cllfde B. Shipley, Kingsport. Tenn. Herman R, Shoemake, Hattiesburg, Miss. BettY l. Smith, Poplarville, Miss. Louie B. Smith, Polkville, Miss. N. C, Smith, Ir., Ellisville, Miss. Preston Smith, Poplarville, Miss. Walter R. Smith, Carthage, Miss Ioseph I. Sarg. Soatepegue, C. A. Clinton V, Sullivan, Mize, Miss. Thomas O, Tanner, Hazelhurst, Miss Albert B. Thomas, Hattiesburg, Miss. Marcel I. Thomas, Scooba, Miss. Frank M. Thurman, Gulfport, Miss. Iohnny Tillman, Ocean Springs, Miss. Margaret H, Toney, Kokomo, Miss. Hershel G. Turner. Harperville, Miss. ley H. Turner, Waynesboro, Miss, Wallace E. Turner, Vinegar Bend, Alabama Halllh UPl0!1. lackson, Miss. Charley H. Ware, Magee, Miss, Richard Watson, Hattiesburg, Miss. Iames K. Watts, Columbia, Miss. Edsel E. Welborn, Harpersville, Miss. Ray O, Welborn, Laurel, Miss. Willie D. Wiles, Kosciusko, Miss. E, Benny Wilkes, Petal, Miss. Ierry L, Williams, Laurel, Miss, Pat Williams, Columbia, Miss. Robert L. Williams, Pinola, Miss. Ted R. Williams, Hattiesburg, Miss Margaret Wilson, Hattiesburg, Miss. Iames Y. Wood, Franklinton, La. Henry W, Wylie, Ir., Ackerman, Miss, Walter H. Yarrow, Hattiesburg, Miss. Robert S. Yates, Polkville, Miss. Gus H. Yeager, Hattiesburg, Miss, Peggy C. Zachary, Meridian, Miss, First Row: IOSEPH R. ABRAMS, Shupualak, Miss., Music Ed. BETTY MERIEL AINSWORTH, Braxton, Miss., Home Economics. NANCY ALSWORTH, Purvis, Miss., Elementary Education. BILL ANDERSON, Hattiesburg, Miss., Pre-Dental. LUCILA M. ARBOLEDA, Manta, Ecuador, Commerce. GEORGE CLIFTON ASTON, Meridian, Miss., Speech. MARY I. AULT- MAN, Sumrall, Miss., Business Education. MERLYN AUTRY, Hatties- burg, Miss., Home Economics. Second Row: DELORES BACOT, Meridian, Miss., Psychology. STONE BAREFIELD, Hattiesburg, Miss., PAULA PAYE BARRETT, Hue-ytown, Alabama, Social Studies, RANDOLPH LEE BARNES, Columbia, Miss., Persondl Manage- ment. L. I. tSONNYt BATES, Picayune, Miss., Commerce. SARAH L. BAXTER, Lumberton, Miss., Elementary Education, ROY L. BENNETT. Hattiesburg, Miss., Pre-Engineering, GLORIA P, BIEHL, Bay St. Louis, Miss., Home Economics, Third Row: RUBY CHARLENE BOGGAN, Mendenhall, Miss., Health. IENNIE DEW BOON, Biloxi, Miss., Voice. BILLY BOND, Hattiesburg, Miss., Speech. BELTON BOURNE, Colurnloia, Miss., Mathematics, SAM L, BOURNE, Coluinbia, Miss., Business Administration. IANIS M. BOVAY, Vicks- hurg, Miss., Music. DORIS BOYER, Sumrall, Miss., Physical Education. IOY BOYER, Sunirall, Miss., Commerce. Fourth Row: PAUL BRADFORD, Laurel, Miss., Social Studies, I. A, BRANT, Hat- tiesburg, Miss., Mathematics, ROBERT BRENT, Biloxi, Miss., Mathe- matics. MRS, MYRL BROWN, Laurel, Miss., Home Economics. C, H. slfvx ,,, df? BROWNING, Gulfport, Miss., Marketing and Merchandising. DONALD E. BRUCE, Hattiesburg, Miss., English. TARVER H. BUTLER, Hatties' burg, Miss., Pre-Med. WINFRED CALHOUN, Bassiield, Miss., History. Fifth Row: BERT M, CAMPBELL, Hattiesburg, Miss., Accounting. IAKE W. CANT- WELL, Tylertown, Miss., Business Administration. WILLIAM R. KCORKYJ CAPPS, Tylertort, Miss., Business Administration. DOROTHY LOUISE CATCHINGS, Hazlehurst, Miss., Physical Education and Health. ELOISE CHAIN, Gulfport, Miss., Physical Education. IOYCE SHIRLEY CHAPMAN, Hattiesburg, Miss., Secretary Science. IEANNE CAAR- BONNEAU, Hattiesburg, Miss., Music Education. CLARENCE L, CLARK, Woodville, Miss., Business Administration. Sixth Row: MARTHA F. CLEVELAND, Meridian, Miss., Music. WILLIAM E. CORLEY, Rolling Fork, Miss., Economics, BETTY LU COSTON, Heidel- berg, Miss., Physical Education. STEWART COVINGTON, Jackson, Miss., Biology. ARVIS V. CUMBEST, Wade, Miss., Pre-Law. LOI5 CURRIE, Hattiesburg, Miss., Commerce. GOLDIE IEAN DAUGHDRILL, Pelhatchee, Miss., Business Education. CHARLES E. DAVIS, Wiggins, Miss., Mathematics. Seventh Row: HELEN R. DAVIS, Seminary, Miss., Elementary Education. RAY E. DAVIS, IR., Hattiesburg, Miss., Commerce. VIRGINIA STEPHENS DAVIS. Columbia, Miss., Elementary Education. STERLING A. DEES. Biloxi, Miss., Marketing and Merchandising, WARREN C. DENNIS, IR., Clarksdale, Miss., Art. MARY ANN DENT, DeKalb, Miss., Physical Education. IOSEPH DICKERSON, Biloxi, Miss., Accounting. BETTY IOE DOW, Jackson, Miss., Educaticn, UP? ,-sq. nw 'Vx ...p r"P fn "" J if' ,qv-. iw- F' -.P ff-v 41 1? 10 "j.'I7 if-P 1 1 'F ,Ag 1 f? as I ,,, CSP si ui ,-11 Left to Right: B. Reedy, R. Woods. I. Maior, H, Leone. B, Kline CLASS OFFICERS BILL REEDY . , . . President RODDY WOODS . . Vice President MARILYN NEWSOME . . , . Secretary BUDDY KLINE . , Student Council Representative IACKIE MAIOR . . .,,. Treasurer MR. HAROLD LEONE . . Faculty Adviser 0- SUPHUIVIUHES First Row: LYDIA F. DOWNING, Vicksburg, Miss., Organ. ERMYNE DUCK- WORTH, Gulfport, Miss., Home Economics. BETTY DUKES, Hattifizg- burg, Miss., Home Economics. BERRY D, DULIN, Petal, Miss., Geog- raphy. I. L, DUM, Hattiesburg, Miss., Education. VERN E, EASTER- LING, Petal, Miss., Business Administration. FRANK S. EDWARDS, Saucier, Miss., Physical Education. EMILY ELOUISE ELAM, McComb, Miss., Sociology. Second Row: BILL EURE, Hattiesburg, Miss., PrefMed. BOB EVAN, Petal, Miss., Commerce. FRED EVANS, Bude, Miss., Business, ELVEN E, FAIR- CHILD, IR., Moselle, Miss., Pre-Med. IAMES L. FAIRLEY, Biloxi, Miss., Pre-Med. LULA DELLE FANCHER, Coiteeville, Miss., Home Ef'OTlC1IIll"'I1 DAISYE FERGUSON, Woodville, Miss., Elementary Education, IRMA IMOGENE FILES, Iackson, Miss., Physical Education. Third Row: ONA MAY FLURRY, Hattiesburg, Miss., Business Education. THOMAS H, FONDREN, Belzoni, Miss., Business Administration, FAYE L. FORD, Meridian, Miss., Home Economics. SARAH FRANCES FOUNTAIN, Forest, Miss., Home Economics. BILLY FOXWORTH, Foxworth, Miss., Business Administration. IOAN FREEMAN, Forest, Miss., Speech. DOLORES REBECCA FREENY, Carthage, Miss., Art. IERRY FURR. Pascagoula, Miss., Speech. Fourth Row: CAROLYN P. GARNER, Hattiesburg, Miss., Sociology, Physical Educa- tion. KATHRYN GODBOLD, McComb, Miss., Physical Education. WAL- TER R, GORECKI, Chicago, Ill., Commercial Art. WOODMAN E, GRA4 HAM, Biloxi, Miss., Agriculture. EARL S, GRAUER, Okolona, Miss, Instruments. BETTY L. GRAVES, Picayune, Miss., Education. WESLEY N. GRAY, Pre-ntiss, Miss., Pharmacy. GARNETT GRIFFIN, Gultport, Miss., Home Economics. Fifth Row: WILMA GRIFFIN, Pontotoc, Miss., Commerce. CHARLES L. GUNN. IR., Hattiesburg, Miss., Chemistry. KATHRYN GUNTER, Mize, Miss., Music Education, DAULTON W. HARDIN, Taylorsville, Miss., Eco- nomics. MORRIS C. I-IAWKINS, Hattiesburg, Miss., Pre-Engineering. MARY FRANCES HEAD, Gulfport, Miss. lnstruments EVAN G, HEL- TON, Hattiesburg, Miss., Geography. WANDA HEMBREE, Mt. Olive, Miss., Home Economics. First Row: BONNIE M. HERRIN, Surnrall, Miss., Physical Educatiori. RICHARD H. HERRON, Manchester, N. H.y GC-ograpliy. EDWARD P. HEWES. Hot Springs, Ark.y Pre-Dental. CHARLENE N, HOLDER, Bay Springs, Missy Elementary Education. LINNIE RUTH HOLIFIELD, Summerland, Miss.y Home Economics. KATHERINE HOLLIDAY, Poplarville, Miss.y Music. WERNER I, HUBER, Guliport, Miss.: Business Administration. IOHNEEN INGERSOLI., Biloxi, Missy Commercial Art. Second Row: WILFRED GLENN IELEN, Sunirall, Miss.y Chemistry. IACOKIA H. IENEVEIN, New Orleans, l.a.y E-Zorioinics. CLIFFORD LEE IOHNSON, IR., Hattiesburg, Missy Accuinting. BARBARA I- IONES, Richton, Miss.y Home Economics. VIRGINIA IONES, Hattiesburg, Miss.y Elemen- tary Edugauan. BOB L, IORDAN, Kosciuslco, Missy Instruments. RALPH E. KALUSCHE, McComb, Miss.y Pre-Law. EDWARD I, KAU- CHICK, Unioritowri, Penny Physical Education. Third Row: CHARLES L. KELLY, Seminary, Miss.y Pre-Med. ELMER EUGENE KEMPER, Blytheville, Ark.y Business Administration, HOWARD L. KENNEDY, Magee, Missy Pre-Dental. IEAN KENNEDY, Whitfield, Miss.y Commerce. HERBERT KLEIN, Long Beach, Miss.y Physical Education. MELBOURNE H, LAIRD, Carson, Miss.y Personnel Management. AL- BERT A. LAMAS, Biloxi, Miss., Accounting. GILBERT R. LANDER. I-Ireole, Miss: I:lfT'y'4.'llC'l-ft'jY. Fourth Row: ESTER LEE, Biloxi, Missy English. NAN LEE, Petal, Missy Physical Education. NEVILLE I. LEE, Hgttiesburg, Miss.y Pre-Law, ROBERT D. LEE, Woodville, Miss.y Accounting. TOM LeGROS, Mobile, Ala.y Busi- :iess Administration. WINTER ANN LEWIS, Kokomo, Miss.y Pre-Law. ARCHIE R, LITTLE, Pinola, Miss.: Business Administration. IAMES HOWARD LITTLE, Pinola, Miss.: Business Administration. Fiith Row: C. I. LOMBARDO, Brooklyn, New Yorky Chemistry. ANN LONGCOY, Biloxi, Miss.y Mathematics. ROY HOWARD LOTT, Lumberton, Miss.y Accounting, KELLY LOVE, Yazoo City, Miss.y Instruments. PEGGY IOYCE LOWERY, Hattiesburg, Miss.y History. BENNIE IOE MAGEE, Hattiesburg, Miss.y Mathematics. IOY MAGEE, Mount Olive, Miss.: Home Economics. IACKIE MOORE MAIOR, Hattiesburg, Miss.y Com- me-rce. Sixth Row: HENRY DURR MANGUM, Mendenhall, Missy Marketing 6- Merchandis- ing, BERNICE MARTIN, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Home Economics. MARIE MARTIN, Hattiesburg, Miss.y Music. MARY IO MARTIN, Moselle, Miss.y Elementary Education. PATRICIA ANN MARTIN, Laurel, Miss.: Physical Education. IAMES D. MERRITT, Hattiesburg, Miss.y Social Studies. GEORGE D. MILLER, Long Beach, Miss.y Engineering. CLAR- ENCE L. MILLING, IR., Ruleville, Miss.: Accounting Seventh Row: IOHN LOUIS MITCHELL, Gulfport, Miss.y Marketing G Merchandising, NITA MOFFETT, Stonewall, Miss.: Elementary Education. CLARA MAXINE MOORE, Lena, Miss.y Music Education. ROBERT L. MOORE. Houston, Miss.y Art. HERSHEL T, MORGAN, D'lo, Miss.y Engineering. PATSY RUTH MUNN, Mendenhall, Miss.y Mathematics. BILLIE MUR- RAY, Summerland, Miss.y Business Education, MISSISSIPPI HALL GOVERNMENT Seated, leit to right: K, Gunter, K. Blair, K. Godbold, M. Stubleiield, Mrs. Houston, B. Graves, K. Runnels, R. Quinn, M. Bradshaw, Miss D. Yelverton. First Row: PHIL P. MUSMECI, New Orleans, La., Commerce. LAURA IOE MYERS. Hattiesburg, Miss., Education. MARY IACQUELINE MCCAA. Chicora, Miss., Home Economics. EDWARD V, MCCALEB, Gulfport, Miss., Ac- counting. IAMES W, MCCLESKEY, Mobile, Ala., Pre-Dental. RALPH C. MCDANIEL, Hattiesburg, Miss., Business. BOBBY FRANK MCGREW, Seminary, Miss., Home Economics. CHARLES C, MCLELLAND, Hat- tiesburg, Miss., Voice. SUPHUIVIUHES Second Row: MARVIN MCLEOD. IR., Mt. Olive, Miss., PrrAPl'iarrnacy, THOMAS B. MCNAIR. Laurel, Miss., Accounting, WILL H, MCRANEY, Calling, Miss., Business Administration. MARGARET L. NALL, Petal, Miss, Commerce, IAMES H. NEELY, Tupelo, Miss., Marketing 6 Merfltandis- ing. H. A, NELSON, Bunnelstown, Miss., Science, GLENN MARY NEWSOME, Hattiesburg, Miss., Art. MARYLYN IEAN NEWSOM, Biloxi, Miss., Home Economics. Third Row: DOT NEWTON, Meridian, Miss., Business Education, NETTYE MERLE NEWTON, DeSoto, Miss., Commerce. RICHARD L. NORMAND, Gulf- port, Miss., Music Education. IANIS NOWELL, Meridian, Miss., Voi "'if , I. G. ODOM, Hattiesburg, Miss., Mathematics. PAULINE OWEN, Friar: Point, Miss., Elementary Education. R. I. PACE, Prentiss, Miss, Phys- ical Education. LYLE M, PAGE, Biloxi, Miss., Pre-Law. Fourth Row: BARLON E, PARKER, Mos-elle, Miss., Business Administration. CLYDE I. PIGOTT, Tylertown, Miss., History. BIFFLE O. PITTMAN, Mount Olive, Miss., Biology, RUTH PITTMAN, Lake Como, Miss., Commerce. KATHRYN ANN POLK, Prentiss, Miss., Home Economics, WILLIAM H. POOLE, Hattiesburg, Miss., Accounting. IAMES D, PRICE, IR., Wash- ington, D. C., Pre-Med. HILLERY B. QUIN, Columbia, Miss, Business Administration. Filth Row: ROSEMARY QUIN, McComb, Miss., Sociology. RAY PAUL RADDIN, Hattiesburg, Miss., History. ROY D, RADDIN, Hattiesburg, Miss., His- tory. IACKIE C. RANDALL, Gulfport, Miss., Accounting, ROSSIE RANKIN, Sandy Hook, Miss., Business. E. G. RAWSON. Laurel, Miss, Economics. CHARLES R. READ, Bay Springs, Missi Accounting. CHARLINE E, BEDDING, Biloxi, Miss., Music Education. First Row: BILL L, REEDY, Tupelo, Miss.: Marketing :S Merchandising. EDNA B. RICE, Gulfport, Miss.: Viola, ROBERT V. RILEY, New Hebron. Miss.: Accounting. BILLIE ROBERTS, Monticello, Miss.: Home Eco- nomics. H. D. ROBERTS, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Pre-Med. MARY JO ROBERTS, Mendenhall, Miss.: Health. GEORGE EARL ROBERTS, Rule' ville, Miss.: Commercial Art. MERLA ROBERSON, Wiggins, Miss.: Physical Education Second Row: JACK ROBINSON, Taylorsville, Miss.: Pre-Law. FRANCES V, ROGERS, Collins, Miss.: Commerce. MONNA R. ROOKER, Laurel, Miss.: Elemen- tary Education. BONNIE LOUISE ROSS, D'lo, Miss.: English. FRED- ERICK C. ROSS, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Science. MARY JUNE RUFFIN, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Mathematics. SALLY RUSS, Long Beach, Miss.: Elementary Education. MITCHELL E. SABA, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Pre- Law. Third Row: FRANKIE SHOWS, Ctvett, Miss.: Commerce ALICE A. SIMMONS. Magnolia, Miss.: English. CHARLES C. SMITH, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Pre- Med. JEANNE R. SMITH, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Business. LYNDEL SMITH. Decatur, Miss.: Music ELMER L. SUMMERSGILL, Whistler, Ala.: Mathematics. MAXINE STAPLETON. Jackson, Miss.: Education. IAMES D. STARKS, Biloxi, Miss: Business Administration. Fourth Row: RICHARD E, STAUTER, Moss Point, Miss.: Health 6 Physical Education. FLOYD B, STEELE, Fulton, Miss.: Business Administration. CHARLES W. STEIN, Chicago, Ill.: Commerce. CHARLES LINDY STEWART, Lakeland, Fla.: Physical Education. MYRLE F. STUBBLEFIELD, lackson, Miss.: Secretarial Science. JEAN TEMPLETON, Centreville, Miss.: Busi- ness Education. SHIRLEY TI-IIGPEN, Picayune, Miss.: Journalism. JACK W. THRIFT, Tupelo, Miss.: Commerce. Fifth Row: AIMEE J. TINDALL, SoSo, Miss.: English. BOBBY TITTLE, Laurel, Miss.: Business Administration. FRANCIS A, TRAPPEY, Lafayette, La.: Voice. RALPH UPTON, Jackson, Miss.: Accounting. BILLY JOE WADE, Fox- worth, Miss.: Business Administration, JOHN T. WAKELAND, Hatties- burg, Miss.: Accounting. JAMES WILLIAM WARD, Hattiesburg, Miss.: ggemistry. ELLEN PICKERING WALKER, Summerland, Miss.: Business ucation. Sixth Row: JACK M, WARE, JR., Hattiesburg, Miss.: Business Administration. JAMES C, WATKINS, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Conservation. WARREN M. WEBSTER, Mobile, Ala.: Psychology. ROBERT WEEKS, Winfield, Ala.: Business Administration. AUBREY J. WEIL, JR., New Orleans, La.: Economics. ALVIN G. WELCH, Mendenhall, Miss.: Accounting. SID- NEY DAVID WELCH, Mendenhall, Miss.: Marketing G Merchandising. SIDNEY W, WELCH, Mendenhall, Miss.: History. Seventh Row: JACOB W. WHITE, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Civil Engineering. PEGGY N. WILKINSON, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Education. CHARLES K, WILKS, Co- lumbia, Miss.: Geology. BILLIE JOYCE WILLIAMS, Prentiss, Miss.: Nursing. JEAN WILLIAMS, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Home Economics. ROBERT J, WILLIAMS, Pascagoula, Miss.: Personnel Management. R. M. WILLIAMS, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Business. VAL GENE WILLIAMS, Forest, Miss.: Music. 'N fk ,0- av-'40 .1 "I FN ff'-is -ah ""T' an '77 Ja no "Nr ,au .QZY "" 91' ,-or 'TT' sd fl -Q 'O av-,I -In po VS ... fa, A9 1-.1 SUPHUIVIURES Ann Alexander, lackson. Harold Alford, Tylertown, Billy Allen, Vinton, La. Louis E. Avery, Purvis. Albert Aultman, Seminary. lacquelyn Backstrom, McLain, Edwin Baker, Vero Beach, Fla. Oscar E, Banks, Fairmont, W. Va. Gloria Barrett, Gulfport. Ioseph Barron, Hattiesburg. Polly M, Becker, lackson. Robert H. Berry, Mt. Olive. Herbert N. Black, Hattiesburg. Wesley Bozone, Brookhaven, I. C. Broom, Hattiesburg. Stanley Bryant, Poplarville. Nell Buckley, Hattiesburg. Louise Carr, Gulfport. Otis A, Cason, Pascagoula. Robert D, Chapman, Pascagoula. Herman Chattin, St, Clair, Penna. Elizabeth Childers, Lucedale. G, K, Cole, Collins. Billy K. Cooley, Leakesville. Roger P, Copeland, Philadelphia. Maria Cunha, Rio De Ianerio. loe Davis, Hattiesburg. Vivian L. Dearman, State Line. SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Herbert G, Dickerson, Gardnier, Maine. Iewel W, DuBose, Hattiesburg. Winton E. Duckworth, Mt, Olive. Iohn W, Edwards, Mendenhall. Iames C. Evans, Hattiesburg. Fred N. Ferguson, Moorehead. Lzmar C. Ferguson, Weir, William L, Fore, Hattiesburg. lo Ann Fowler, Gulfport. Iohn M, Foy, Laurel. Don M, Francis, Hattiesburg. Edward Frankovitch, East Hartford, loe Gallaspy, New Augusta. Dewey Gibson, Tupelo. Sherwood Gott, Hattiesburg. Robert W, Gordon, Hattiesburg. Iohn A. Grant, Plantersville. Dudley Grantham, Hattiesburg. loe E, Graves, SoSo. Wade H. Grove, Gulfport. Francis W. Guidre, Gulfport, Conn. Rupert N, Haltcrcre, Hattiesburg, Helen M. Hall, Hattiesburg. lacqueline Handy, Brookhaven. Sammie C. Harrel. Miriam W, Harrison, Hattiesburg. Tommie W, Harrison, Pascagoula. Reese P. Helmer, lr., Hattiesburg. Charles P. Harrington, Hattiesburg. loyce Holland, Vossburg. Lewis D, Howell, Hattiesburg. Charles E. Hughes, West Point. Mary G. lngram, McComb. Iames T. Iamison, Vicksburg. Sammy Iobson, Silver Creek. Billy l. lohnson, Hattiesburg. Robert C. lohnson, Hattiesburg. Delores lones, Lumberton. Evelyn Iones, Lumberton. Billy E. lordon, Collins. Iackson Iordon, Hattiesburg, Wallace P, Keen, Mendenhall. Ann Kelly, Hattiesburg. Thomas N, Kern, Hattiesburg. Evelyn Knight, Hattiesburg, Lorenzo Krohn, Biloxi. Howard Knitson, Petal. Grady Lewis, Purvis. Willard Lewis, Hattiesburg. A, B. Lindsey, Taylorsville. Iohn C. Lyle, Morton. Beverly McIntyre, Youngville, Penna. Austin McLain, Lucedale. Will B. McLeod, Leakesville. Radford C, McMilan, Biloxi. Thomas G. McNair, Hattiesburg. Iames H. McPhail, Philadelphia. Naomi C. Major, Hattiesburg. Gladys M. Moritz, Denver, Colo. Luther M, Mason, Keshoba, Wisc. Mary A. Mayo, Ouitman. Edra Mays, Moss Point. Iames T, Melton, Columbus. Iim N. Middleton, Yazoo City. Ben W. Minchew, Dossville. Iames B. Moffitt, Stonewall. lames C. Moore, Hattiesburg. Peyton M, Moore, Meridian. Winston C, Morris, Hattiesburg. 61 HATTIESBURG HALL GOVERNMENT Left to Right: I. Smith, P. Munn, F. Perkins, M, Marsh, T Pope B Magee, V, Blossom, T. Curtis, Mrs Carmichael Gerald Mothershed, Hattiesburg. Harry E, Myers, Madden. Denson C. Napier, Seminary. Lorne R, Nelson, Hattiesburg. Charles Newton, Hattiesburg. William Oakes, New Albany. Glen E, Orr, Ir., Hattiesburg. tall L, Patterson, Sumrall. Ioseph I. Patterson, Sumrall. Carlos Pinzon, Cali, Columbia. George B, Prince, Natchez. Maxwell Rush, Leakesville. Robert L, Salley, Hattiesburg. Edgar T, Seely, Hattiesburg. Shelley A. Simmons, Hattiesburg. Harley L, Sims, Hattiesburg. Zan Lee Skelton, Meehan, Logan Smith, Gulfport. William Smith, Hattiesburg. lack Spence, Purvis. Ralph Stewart, Gultport. Richard Stewart, Hattiesburg. Lyle F. Story, New Orleans. Lavelle Sumrall, Ellisville. lean C, Swinney, Brookhaven. lean Sybrest, Hattiesburg. Rebecca A, Tatum, Hattiesburg. Tommy Thompson, Iackson. Ruth Thompson, Hattiesburg. Curtis M, Tisdale, Hattiesburg. Iarnes E. Turnage, New Hebron. Van B. Vaughn, Picayune, John E, Wallace, Sanford. Thomas E, Walters, Hattiesburg. Charles F. Webb, Hattiesburg. Sam Wilks, Petal, Mary Williams, Prentiss. Marilyn G, Williams, Jackson, Fred C, Wilson, Tupelo. Betty I. Windham, Louin. Bobbie I. Windham, Taylorsville. lohn H, Wood, Hattiesburg. Roderick Woods, Hattiesburg. Emilis A. Yaconetti, Bronx, New York Iohn W. York, Hattiesburg. Lawrence B. Young, Hattiesburg. Marcia Young, Canton. Mary C, Zachow, Lyman. Lawrence P, Zehnder, Hattiesburg l First Row: THOMPSON ABERCROMIE, Gultport, Miss., Pre-Dental. NELL ABER- NATI-IY, Forest, Miss., Home Economics. MARK NOSERY ABRAHAM. Biloxi, Miss., Enfglisli. HERBERT F. ADAMS, Carthaqp, Miss.: Business Administration. WALTER M, ADAMS, Mcicon, Miss., Business Adminisr tration. ALICIA C. ALDAVE, Lim-'1, Peru: Conimerce. DONALD I. ALONZO, Mobile, Ala., Physical Education. IEAN AYCOCK, Hills- boro, Miss., Elwiiie-ntary Education Second Row: DOTY E. BAILEY, l'fos1'1t1sl-co, Miss., Business. FLOYD D, BAILEY, IR.. R-fiyniond, Miss., Adrninistiation. IOYCE BARRETT, Gulfport, Miss.: litrama. HOYT PENN BASS, Lumberton, Miss., Syttifocli. RICH- ARD BASS. Brooklyii, N. Y., Mari:-3-ti1'11,i and Mvrcliandisinq. CHARLES E. BEAN, M1i'Cff111l3, Miss. FRANCES BERRY, Tylertowii, Miss., Pre' Med, MARIORIE BERRYIVIAN, Vicl-isliiurq, Miss., Coiiilrivrcw. Third Row: STANLEY BESSEY, Biloxi, Pr'--MP-d. DALLAS G, BIGGERS, 'I'11r1vlw, Miss.: IZIIEZIIIPSS Ad111111iLat1-'1t1or'1, MILDRED IANE BLACK, Piirvis, Miss.: Biisiriflzzzs Ecliicatifm. CAROLYN E. BLACKWELL, Swiiiinciry, Miss. HUGH D, BOHN, fliilttmrt, Miss. BILLY IOE BOUTWELL, Riulitori, Miss.: Entr- lish. WILLIAM E. BOWLUS, Grcifliiwonicl, Miss.: Prnt'-Mvd. MARY STELLA BOYKIN, Burns, Miss., Illrinit'-ntary ffd1.11'.'1tio11. Fourth Row: ROBERTA BRACEY, l4lytl'11-villt-, Arl-Q.: Elfirtiuiitary Edtitiation. IANET BREAZEALE, Hattit SIJHICI, Miss, BENNY B, BRELAND, lstifwdalo, Miss.: pI'f"'EY1f1lUPF'l'1Ilt.I, CHARLES R. BRENT, Hattivlslwtirq, Miss.: Cliomistry. IACK C. BREWTON, Hattiesburg, Miss., Business Administration. CARL H. BROCKMAN, Pensacola, Fla.: Physical Education. IERALD BROPHY, I'Iattie-sburq, Miss.: Businass. MARY D, BROWN, Brooksville, Miss' Comrnerce. Fifth Row: ELAINE M, BROMFIELD, Colunibiag Business Education. IAMES L. BUCK, Gulfport, Miss.: Advertising, CONNIE I. BUFKIN, Lucedale, Miss.: Coinmerce. DALTON ROBERT BURCH, McComb, Miss.: Biology: Speech, VIRGINIA BURRIS, Hattiesburg, Miss.: English. MARTHA BUTLER, Smitlidaley Accounting. BONNIE SUE BYRD, Pascaqoula. Miss.: Social S-iionce. LOIS L. BYRD, Biloxi, Miss., lournalisni. Sixth Row: IAMIS CALHOUN. Forest, Miss.: Hospital Tcclinician, BRUCE E. CAMPBELL, IR., Hattieslourq, Miss.: History. CRISLER CANTERBURY, Magis-, Miss.: Eusinuss. CHARLES E. CARTER, Bay St. Lcuis, Miss: Speech. TRELLES CASE, Magnolia, Miss., Piano. IOSEPHINE L. CHAFFIN, Woodvillo, Miss.: Eltarncntary Education. MANON CHILD- ERS, IR., Bay Springs, Miss.: Pro-E11-rinoeririq. BILLY CLARK, Petal, Miss., Business Administration. Seventh Row: BETTYE CLINKSCALES, Catcliinqs, Miss., Piano. BARBARA CAROLYN COLLINS. Tylertown, Miss.: Elfaiiiciitary Education. RHETTA LOUISE COOK, Hattifsburq, Miss., Library Science. EDWARD B, CORLEY, Hat- tivsbuiq, Miss.: Pro-Eiiqiiicciiiitr. MARTHA C. COOLEY, Meridian, Miss., Hlwrri-'iitaiy Education. LEE C. COTTEN, Long Beach, Miss.: Art , FAYE COURTNEY, Crystal Stiiiiqs, Miss.: lntlrnallsin. MARY I-OU 4 COWAN, Pascaqoula, Miss: Markstino and lvtercnaiidisiim, . i A t l I 1 CLASS OFFICERS ERNEST MCBRIDE . . . . . President HENRY DeWITT, IR, , Vice President DOROTHY ANN STEWART . Secretary-Treasurer RICHARD IONES . . Student Council Representative MR. I. T. PALMER . ,,... Faculty Adviser C' Left to Right: E. McBride, H, DeWitt, D, Stewart, Mr, I. T. Palmer, R. Iones. oi .. n o ' Riff!! ' . 2353- .. . 63 CECIL O. COX, Doddesville, Miss., Marketing and Merchandising. I. L. CRAFT, Tylertown, Pre-Dental. CLYDE GENE CRYDER, Tupelo, Miss., Pre-Med. CHARLIE DABBS, Hattiesburg, Miss., Business Admin- istration. IAMES C. DALEY, Columbia, Miss., Geology. MARY E. DARBY, Hattiesburg, Miss., Commerce. ROBERT H. DARVILLE, Mt'- Comb, Business Administration ANITA S. DAVIS, Calhoun City, Home Economics. Second Row: FRANCES E, DAVIS, Columbia, Miss., Sociology. IIM V, DAVIS. Pontiac, Mich., Psychology. OUIDA L. DAVIS, Seminary, Elementary Education. PEGGY IOYCE DAVIS, DeKalb, Miss., Education. CHAR- LES A, DAWS, DeKalb, Miss., Piano. WILLIAM H, DEES, Philadelphia, Miss., Business, BETTY DEIONG. Canton, Miss., Commerce. MAE DENTON, Brandon, Miss., Music. Third Row: IOHN W. DIGILIO, Tupelo, Miss., Music. WILMER O, DILLARD. Pachuta, Miss., Pre-Med. MARTHA DORMAN. Hattiesburg, Miss., Business Education. LESTER W, ECKHOFF, Lucedale, Miss., Mathe- matics. LAVONIEL E. ELMARE, Leakesville, Pre-Pharmacy. REBECCA IANE EVANS, Brookhaven, Miss., History, THOMAS GEORGE EVANS, Petal, Miss., Speech. SIDNEY EVERETT, West Enterprise, Pharmacy Fourth Row: IOE P, FAUST, Woodville, Miss., Business Administration. NORMAN B. FEEHAN, Gulfport, Miss., Music IERRY FELKINS, Birmingham, Alabama, Accounting. HULON P. FILLINGANE, Hattiesburg, Miss, Pre-Pharmacy. GEORGE A. FINKA, Biloxi, Miss., Business Adminis- tration. DURWOOD M. FONDREN, Beizoni, Miss., Business Adminis- tration. ROSEMARY C, FORD, Bude, Miss., Art. CELESTE FORTEN- BERRY, Silver Creek, Miss., Home Economics. Fifth Row: KATHRYN FORTENBERRY. Hub, Miss., Commerce. WARREN D. FORTENBERRY, Hattiesburg, Miss., Business Education. LORENA GARRISON, Vicksburg, Miss., Business Education. AGNES GATE- WOOD, Forest, Miss., Business Education. ERIC LeROY GEIGER, Lucedaie, Miss., Pre-Engineering. ESTELLE GIFFORD, Longbeach, Miss., Business Education. BILLIE IEAN GILES, Hattiesburg, Miss Commerce. IAMES D, GREEN, Quitman, Pre-Engineering. FHESHIVIEN 5 3' Ir? ' 4? an ff! fu. ,,..-d 'N 75 0 9 ,QQ M '.-4 -on D 43, --Uv .ag fy f First Row: MARTHA G. GREEN, Plnladelgliia, Miss.: Corninerce. ARTHUR D. GRIMSLEY, Nat-'tif-2, Missy Business Administration. THOMAS C. GUION, li'lioeni3-1, Missy Matlieinatics. THOMAS I, GUERCIO, Natchez, Misra.: Af.'tfOLlI'1llI1'j. LITTLE I. HAMBURG, Enterprise, Miss.: Account- inft, IAMES C. HAMILTON, IR., Vi-:I-zsbuict, Miss.: Enclisli. ANN LENOIR HARGON, M--iiclian, Mins: Connn-'-ifye, IAMES L, HARRELL. firi t nvillu M1 111, lfitil-iffy, Second Row: TOMMY HARRIS, fllittluiia, Missy Music. ANN HASSELL, Hattiesburg, Mi:51-gy Hi:-ztoiy. MARTHA MAXINE HATCHER, Louisville, Miss.: Eng! litzli, WM, D. HAWKINS, Hattieslutir-3, Miss.: Business Adnnnistration. BOBBY B- HEGWOOD. H.'itti-wlitiiti, Miss., Pie-Engineering. GENE HELM, Biloxi, Mi. .'., Vttiitiiit-iw NANCY HENDERSON, Preston, Miss.: Aff'-tiiitiiitt YUBA HENDRICK, l'urvis, Miss: Music Education Third Row: IOANNE H. HENDRICKS, Gtiltytoit, Miss.: Horne- Ecorioinics. AZUCENA HERNANDEZ, llitntlliitinx, C. A.: Pit'-l.te-Iitfil. NORMA HERRINGTON, l'l'l9t1"1-ltttvt, Mix., iii it nfl- WILLIAM HARRY HODGES, Ocean Springs. I!lt.:11y l'it lfn tin' --rum THELMA F. HOLDEMAN, Gtilfport, Miss.: Elern- +-n'ii',' l'flt1f'i'ii't MYRTIS IEWEL HOLIFIELD l mural Miss Einlisli. " 1 -i I , -1 tg, :gy 3 BARBARA A- HOWARD, Puiviu, M11,:1.y lltctstiitttl 'lB'V'l'lI'i1ClEtI'l ADDEMAE HOWELL. Ann l'."li:,:, y llunif- ll w nt-mics. Fourth Row: EUGENIA HOWELL, luv- fl.i!t', Mig., lrittllli-ll IUNE R, HOWELL, Voss l"ll'l, Mimzy H int. lf' 1'-it -nit at VIVIAN G. HOWELL, Pwr-qtis Falls, Minn: Hottie I-it"'Ilt'tlIll'f? WINNIE F, HOWELL, liitvrlale, Miss.: Elementary Education. MARLENE HUBBARD, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Home Economics, MYRRL L, HUDSON, Calhoun City, Miss.: Music-Education, BARBARA ANN HUFF, Collins, Missy Home Economics. WALKER HULON MYERS, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Chemistry. Fifth Row: MARTHA HUNTER, Forest, Miss.: English. NORA FRANCES HUFF- MAN, Okolona, Miss.: Education. NORMA IVERSON, Pascaqoula, Missy 'Music Education PHYLLIS MARY IVY, lackson, Miss.: Physical Education. PEGGY IACKSON, Gulfport, Miss.: Secretarial Science. SUE IACKSON, Gulfport, Miss.: Piano, BOBBY H. IENNINGS, Doss, ville, Miss.: History. LeROY IENSEN, Laurel, Miss.: Physical Educa- tion. Sixth Row: DONNY HUE IOHNSON, Petal, Miss.: Mathematics. RICHARD M. IOHNSON, IR., Gulfport, Miss.: Music. BETTY RUTH IONES, Clinton Missy Elementary Education. BURT IONES, Biloxi, Miss.: Cliennstry EMMA LOU IONES, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Commerce. HAROLD L, IONES, Laurel, Miss.: Pre-Engineering. IACQUELINE IONES, Petal, Miss' RICHARD M, IONES, Gulfport: Mathematics. Seventh Row: GORDON V, IUSTICE, Pascaqoula, Miss.: Business Administration MILFORD RAY KELLEY, Tupelo, Miss.: Business Administration GLENN FRANKLIN KENNEDY, Magee, Miss.: Physical Education EDWIN CHARLES KENNISO, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Business Adnnnislra- tion. MARGARET SHIRLEY KEYES. Laurel, Miss.: Business Adnnnis- tration. ANDREW C. KIRKPATRICK, Hattiesburg, Miss.: Pre-Etiqiiieei1 ing. IAMES F. KNIGHT, Delialb, Miss.: Physical Education, NELL KNIGHT, Brandon, Miss' Elementary Education. g ,af of id fv- YT? nik fy. if 1'8" 4.6 vf-O 4,4-v 0 First Row: PATRICIA KOENENN, Gulfport, Miss., Secretarial Science. RICHARD F. KOLAR, Chicago, Ill., Physical Education. ROBERT I, KOONCE. Hattiesburg, Miss., Spanish. IESSIE ELLEN KREBS, Pascagoula, Miss., Secretarial Science. AUDIE V. LADNER, Beaumont, Miss., Home Eco- nomics. FREDERICK H. LANDER, Moss Point, Miss., Music Education. NOLAN I, LANDRY, Port Arthur, Texas, Business. VANGA E, LASABE, Moss Point, Miss., Accounting, FORREST COUNTY HALL GOVERNMENT C. Murry, H. Anderson, E. Bolian, D. Courtney, M, Williams, and Mrs. Singleton. 65 in fm B' ,mar Second Row: CHARLES E, LEE, LEE, Leakesville, Miss., Commercial Art. PEGGY LEE, Hattiesburg, Prentiss, Miss., Physical Education. MARY IOAN Miss., Elementary Education, ALTON R. LeFEBURE, Gulfport, Miss., Chemistry. GEORGE D. LEGG, Petal, Miss., Business Administration. CORINNA LEWIS, Foxworth, Miss., History. CAROLYN LINDSEY. lackson, Miss., Secretarial Science. HOWARD T, LIPS, Hattiesburg, Miss., History. Third Row: IAMES M. LONGINO, Iackson, Miss., Business Administration. CARO- LYN LOTT, Bassfie-ld, Miss., Commerce. ANN LOWREY, Olive Branch, Miss., Home Economics. BETSY LOWREY, Olive Branch, Miss., Home Economics. DORIS F. LEA, Magnova, Miss. IAMES E. MAGEE. Tyler- town, Miss., Business Administration. BILLY MANGUM, Mize, Miss., Science. IULIUS W. MANGUM, Hattiesburg, Miss., Business Adrninisr tration. Fourth Row: ORZELL MANGUM, Mize, Miss., Elementary Education IACKIE I. MANN, Carthage, Miss., Physical Education. KATHLEEN MASON. Clinton, Miss., English. ANDY MAYFIELD, Hattiesburg, Miss., History. BOBBYE MAYFIELD, Laurel, Miss., English, ANGUS D. MERRITT. Petal, Miss., Pre-Law. IDA MARIE MILNER, Gulfport, Miss., Educa- tion. BETTY MOONEY, Hattiesburg. Fifth Row: DOT MOORE, Hattiesburg, Miss. EVELYN MONTGOMERY, Laurel, Miss., Voice. ROBERT L. MORGAN, Hattiesburg, Miss., History. MARCIA I. MORRISETTE, Chickasaw, Ala., Business Administration. ERNEST R. MOTHERSHED, Mobile, Ala., Pre-Engineering. LEUNA SUE MYERS, Magee, Miss., Physical Education. ERNEST EDWARD MC- BRIDE, Hattiesburg, Miss., Pre-Law. DAVID A. MCCRAW, IR., Hatties- burg, Miss., Pre-Engineering, FHESHMEN ff' -agp Q'-Q ""P f' ' rg 'f-7 10 ,A-t If? l -if frm .5 Wi? A 7'5- First Row: EVELYN MCDONAL, I'IEiil1t,5lJllIfZI, Miss., Piuiio. IOYCE MCGILL, Pai- fliutai, Miss., Ptiysiceil Edlivaitioii. WAYNE MCGRAW, Wooclville, Miss., At'f.wi.iiitiriq. ROBERT E, MCKELLAR, Plnin Dealing, La., Physical Edu- tftilluit. IINIMY F. MCKENZIE, Haittir-sburq, Miss., Pre-Med, W, V. MCLEMORE, Eiitfiprise, Miss. DOROTHY P, MCLEOD, Pachuta, Miss., liuzziiitfg:-1 lglCl1lt'f'tll'tll. DOROTHY E, IVICMANUS, Gulfport, Miss., Elem- '-iitury Edt1t1'ftt1.ti1, Second Row: CHARLES B. MCNEILL, Quitiiifin, Miss.. LILLIAN H, NASIF, Vicksburg, lf'li..:3, iQ'.tlltIt14"1 'ifil Art. MARTHA ANN NETTERVILLE, McLonib, Miss., liltiiiiy 5'.'l4.!l"f', YVONNE NICOLA, Vicksburg, Miss., Accounting. IAMES ELMER NIX, Hiittiusl.n.iitj1, Miss., Pre-Lieiital. GEORGE W. NOE. l'tt1zt-..tVittti1.i, l9'if-Lit-lintttfiiitq, bOBBY G. O'BARR, Houston, M1ss.7 PIG- lftwi IAMES E. OWEN, Hattie-fstmrq, Miss., C-iintrnerce. Third Row: HORACE EDGAR PAGE, IR., Mixfxxaissittyi City, somisqy. Emc E. PP-RDUE. IH.-ml, l!li:.:., t,'lt-ftiitistiy. MARY LOU PARKER, Purvis, Miss., i.l- iii-tittiiiy l'lClxit'fiti it, WILLIAM E. PARKER, Biloxi, Miss., IVlE'Ci1CIIlE'. PEGGY PEEVEY, I-tiftttttn, Mins., lltiwintf- Et:oniitinit:s. IOHNNIE RUTH PERRITT, t,'.f.1rn1,itfit,l, IfIi1.41,, Illi nifntfiiy Edti-,qiti-3i'i. BESSIE M. PHILA LIPS, Vt..1itu: 1, l!li::.,, llttiittt lli'OI't'tIlll'Til. HELEN E. PHILLIPS, Rifhton, lflt..j ll iw- lftttt intra Fourth Row: H- I-YNDEI-L PIERCE. llttniiiitty, Mists., t.Tt'i1t1inf-i'Ce. DONALD IOHN PIT!-U-O. Lil-1lfl'f'Yl, Misra, Btnsirwss Administration. LUCY PITTMAN, 444' -Q0 ri 'Q 46 r"'P Mt. Olive, English. GEORGE A. POLLITZ, Biloxi, Miss., Eiolcqy. FLOY MAE POLK, Picayune, Miss., Medical Technolcqy. BOBBY G. POSEY, Philadelphia, Miss., Business Adniinistretian. IANICE POYTHRESS. Alexandria, V6., Pre-Med. LEON PRINGLE, IR., Hattiesburg, lmss' S-pee-Cli Aits. Fifth Row: BEN R. RAWLS, Hattiesburg, Miss., Cotiiiihico. IOANNE RED, Hat- tiesburg, Miss., Home Economics. PAT RICE, lxleridian, Miss.: Music. LYTLE C, ROBERTS, Hattiesburg, Miss., Gctitqiayliy. MYRTLE A. ROBINSON, M:Coinb, Miss., A-icountinq. MARY FRANCES ROGERS, Hattiesburg, Miss., Home Economics. ARTHUR D. ROSONET, Biloxi, Miss., Commerce. KARO ROUSE, Lucedalti, Miss, Mathematics. Sixth Row: MOLLIE A. RUBLE, Gulfport, Miss., Physical Educstiin. CAROLINE LOIS RUPPEL, Picayune, Miss., Gsvoinnient. NEETA M, SANDERS, Delicilh, Miss., Education. GENE D. SAUCIER, Hattiesburg, Miss., Engi- neering. VICTOR SHIRLEY, Hattissbuiq, Miss, Pre-Eiiqiiieeriiiu IEANENELLE SIMS, Meridian, Miss., Coininerc-5. K. W. SIMS, Hatties- burq, Miss, IIMMY W, SIMS, Tuyicl-3, Miss., Business Adntinistration. Seventh Row: CHARLES G. SINGLETON, Hettiesburq, Miss., Business AClniinistration. HIMBERT I. SINOPOLI, Gully-ort, Miss.: Pie-Mod. AUDREY SMITH, Brookhaven, Miss., Coinmerco. DORIS SMITH, Hattiesburg, Miss, limno Economics. GERALDINE SMITH, Lucedale, Miss., Chemistry. PATSY SMITH, Hattiesburg, Miss., Personnel Management. SYBIL SMITH, Moselle, Miss., Home Economics. EUGENIA STEVENS, ,lack- son, Miss., Elementary Education, 66 i Vu -,119 First Row: CALVIN K, STEVENS, Monroeville, Ala., Business Administration. WALTER STEWART, Hattiesburg, Miss., Marketing and Merchandising. CURTIS STIGLETS, Hattiesburg, Miss., Pre-Dental. KIAH STOCKSTILL, IR., Picayqune, Miss., Accounting, GAYLE T. STRICKLAND, Centre- ville, Miss., Pre-Engineering. IACK STRONG, Biloxi, Miss., Journalism DOROTHY ANN STUART, Hattiesburg, Miss., Spanish. PAYE STUCK- EY. Florence, Miss., Commercial Art. WEATHERSBY HALL GOVERNMENT I. Robinson, Mrs, Daniels, R, E, Woodall, D. A. Miller, B. Stein gre 67 Second Row: ISAIAH SULLIVAN, IR., Bucatunna, Miss., Physical Education. IANE SULLIVAN, Hattiesburg, Miss., Home Economics. VIRGIL SULLIVAN, Mize., Miss. HELEN SUE TANNER, Lucedale, Miss., Secretarial Science. SARA TAYLOR, Union Miss., Piano. MARTHA C, TEMPLETON, Cen- treville, Miss., English, IAMES H. THOMPSON, McComb, Miss, Busi- ness Administration. MARGARET THREADGILL, Big Creek, Miss., Home Economics. Third Row: VIRGINIA TIERCE, Phillip, Miss., Business Education. GLORIA TOLAR, Columbia, Miss., Speech. H, TULLY WILLIAM, Gulfport, Miss., Com- merce. ROSEMARY TULLY, Gulfport, Miss., Elementary Education. CAMILLE I. TUMINELLO, McComb, Miss., Elementary English. YVONNE VANDEVENDER. Gholson, Miss., Accounting. WILLIAM G. VAN PATTEN, Rose, N. Y., Business Administration. WYNDELL ALVIE VARNER, Laurel, Miss., Accounting. Fourth Row: SARA LEE VAUGHAN, Bay St. Louis, Miss., Medical Teclmiciari. MERIDEI. VINCENT, Iacksori, Miss., Elementary Education. IUDY LEE VINZ, Iackson, Miss., Secretarial Science. STENNIS H, WALDON, Columbus, Miss., Piano. DAVID LEE WALKER, Alexandria, La., Phys- ical Education. HAUGHEY D. WALLACE, Petal, Miss., Social Studies, WILL D, WALLEY, Richton, Miss., Chemistry. CLIFFORD A. WAND, Brookhaven, Miss., Business Administration, Fifth Row: SALLY WARREN, Hattiesburg, Miss., Home Economics. IIMMY E. WEBB, Quitman, Miss., Geology. SHERMON MILES WELBORN, Laurel, Miss., Business Administration. SARA WEST, Hamilton, Miss., Secretarial Science. WILLIAM H, WICKER, Burns, Miss., History. DOROTHY WILLIAMS, McComb, Miss, Elementary Education. HENRY E. WILLIAMS, Biloxi, Miss., Business Administration. IANE WILLIAMS, Meridian, Miss., Commerce. fi ,-4 -Z' 'si 'H' ...qv First Row: IERRY L. WILLIAMS, Laurel, Miss, Pre-Dental. MAX N, WILLIAMS, Leakesville, Miss., Business Admmistraticn. PEGGY WILLIAMS, Phila- delphia, Missy Home Economics. RICHARD WILLIAMS, Tallassee, Ala., Physical Education. ROBERT L. WILLIAMS, Pmola, Miss, LOUISE WILSON, Weivelarid, Miss., lcumalism. ROBERT N. WILSON, lackson, Miss. V .-Q ,un Second Row: HUTCHEN T, WOOD, Hattiesburg, Miss. MARGARET WRIGHT, I-Iat tiesburq, Miss. FRANK A. YAWN, Collins, Miss. C. W. YEAGER Hattiesburg, Miss. MARY LYNE YEAGER, lackson, Miss. BOBBY I YOUNG, Sumrall, Miss. IAMES R. STEPHENS, Mize, Miss.: History fy.:-f . Aff? .X ,, ll e gx 1 xx xx .NX I I X I lt Ronald Ainsworth, Saucier, William Ainsworth, Collins. Argerniro Alba, Bogoto, Columbia. Benjamin Alba, Bogota, Columbia, Jacguelyn Alford, Jackson. Williams Allgood, Jackson. Paul Amis, Newton. Merlyn Autry, Hattiesburg. Henry L. Backstrom, New Augusta. Delfiu H. Barcia, Almedo, Ecquador. Frank G. Bass, Prentiss. E, E, Baxter, Columbia. Hubert Bell, Kosciusko. Thomas E. Benefield, Jr., Gulfport. Grace C. Bennett, Hattiesburg. Sandy Berilla, Beckley, W. Va. Dan V. Berryhill, Winfield, Ala. William V. Boatman, Hattiesburg. George M, Booker, Hattiesburg. Ward C, Bourdeaux, Meridian. Marlene Bozeman, Hattiesburg. Bobby R. Bracey, Morgantown. Johnnie Bridges, Hattiesburg. Virginia Brooks, Jackson. Kenneth W. Brown, New Augusta. Vernon Brown, Wiggins. C. H, Browning, Gulfport. Lonas E. Buckley, New Hebron. Thomas E, Buckley, New Hebron. Mary Jane Burkett, Hattiesburg. Dora Bustamante, Torres Pas, Peru. Tarver H. Butler, Hattiesburg. Tolly Cabaniss, Jr., Purvis. Jack Cameron, Hattiesburg. Jake Cantwell, Tylertown. William Capps, Tylertown. William Carpenter, Hattiesburg. Earl W. Chancellor, Tillatobs. G, B, Clark, Jr., Hattiesburg. Shirley Clark, Petal, Donald J. Clemens, Yonkers, N. Y. Wylie A. Cook, Columbia. Martha C. Cooley, Meridian. Frank E, Cooper, Hattiesburg. Charles M. Corne, Chalmette, La. Charles Cox, McClain. Marilyn Cox, Hattiesburg. Wallace Cox, Philadelphia. Jimmie L. Crosby, Hattiesburg. James V. Davis, Pontiac, Mich. Guido Delsante, Peru. Warren C, Dennis, Clarksdale. Henry W. DeWitt, Jr., Hattiesburg. James M. Doherty, Hattiesburg. Paul L, Dossett, Hattiesburg. Doyle V. Downs, Hattiesburg. Benny D, Dulin, Petal. Lynwood R. Dyar, Purvis. George B. Easterling, Port Arthur, Texas. Reita J, Ellis, Bastrop, La. Aeno G, English, Hattiesburg. James R, Evans, Houston, Charles B, Everitt, Hattiesburg. Thomas L. Fagan, Prentiss. Dotsy E. Fillingame, Columbia. Alice J. Floyd, Hattiesburg. Eugene Ford, Hattiesburtg. George T, Ford, Hattiesburg. Alfred R, French, Hattiesburg. Numa J, Gallien, Hattiesburg. Gaston D, Gamero, Lima, Peru. EB? FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED William Gardner, McComb, Frank L. Gaston, Hattiesburg. Beryle Gerald, Franklinton, La. Nathan H. Gillie, Brooklyn. Woodman E. Graham, Biloxi. Samuel C. Green, Spring Hill. Ray Grissett, Hattiesburg. Jack T, Gallagher, lndianapolis, lnd Thomas P, Hall, Hattiesburg. Robert T, Harper, Hattiesburg. Floyd T, Harris, Okolona. James D. Harris, Hattiesburg. Myron L. Harris, Picayune. Jerome C, Harrison, Chickasaw, Ala William, L, Harrison, Pensacola, Fla Henery F. Harvison, Leaf. Celyous B. Herring, Brookhaven. Arthur J. Higmon, Prentiss. Robert B, Higwood, Hattiesburg. French Hillman, Leakesville. Edsel D. Hinton, Beaumont. William E, Howard, Pascagoula. Hugh M. Howell, Hattiesburg. Jimmy H. Howell, Kosciusko. Werner Huber, Gulfport. Wilson O, Hudson, Purvis. Nora F. Huffman, Okolona. Meldon R, Hulbert, Hattiesburg. Bruce Hutchins, Neeoh, Wisc. Cliford L. Johnson, Hattiesburg. Marcus Jordan, Ellisville. Edward M, Kaiser, Hattiesburg. Odom H. Kelly, Seminary. Nell King, Bassfield. Billy F, Laird, Hattiesburg. Janet Landrum, Hattiesburg. Ollie J, Lane, Burns. Jessie E. Lang, Magnolia. Lois B. Lewis, Petal. Bill Linton, Hattiesburg. Charles J, Lippian, Hattiesburg. Cloyd D. Loewen, Hattiesburg. Charles H. Lott, Seminary. Roberta A. Lott, Sumrall. Herlon Lowery, Seminary. Emen McBride, Hattiesburg. Gladys Marie McCarver, Hattiesburg. Gerald O. McDonald, Gulfport. Betty L. McDuf'fie, Hattiesburg. Betty W, McKenzie, Hattiesburg. John D. McNeil, Hattiesburg. Will H. McRaney, Collins. Bernie J. Magee, Hattiesburg. Joe N, Mathes, Panama City, Fla. Emory lack Miller, Wiggins. O. J. Miller, Seminary. Kathelene Mims, Hattiesburg. Carol J, Mobley, Columbia. Hal Moffatt, Pascagoula. William G, Moore, Long Beach. Robert I, Morgan, Hattiesburg. Thomas H. Morgan, D'Lo. Jimmy Munn, Mendenhall. Charles H, Murray, Summerland. Jocephus Murray, Hattiesburg. Hulon W. Myers, Hattiesburg. Stephen M, Nagy, Hattiesburg. Victor H. Odom, Hattiesburg. Marjorie A. O'Neal, Jackson. Eunice A, Parker, Pachuta. John M. Pearson, Lambert. Ann C, Peavy, Muhan. Thomas Ray Phillips, Purvis. Leon E. Pickering, Seminary. Dale Pittman, Hattiesburg. Floyd Mae Polk, Picayune. Dorothy Poore, Hattiesburg. Johnnie G, Price, Jackson. Camille Puminello, McComb. W, A. Quick, Purvis. Lucila Oulvleda, Manta, Eguador. Ranson Rainey, Hattiesburg. Rossie Rankin, Sandy Hook. George M. Reed, Hattiesburg. Joseph Risk, Jr., Hattiesburg. Paul E. Roberts, Hattiesburg. Myrtle Robison, McComb, Hugh C. Rodgers, Greenwood, Ind Mildred G. Rodgers, Petal. William H, Roders, Hattiesburg. Monna R, Rooker, Laurel. Anthony C. Rouchon, Hattiesburg Harold L, Russell, Hattiesburg. Willis R, Schallock, Hattiesburg. Gerald S. Scott, Hattiesburg. Russell J, Sheffield, Mobile, Ala. Joe T. Shows, Hattiesburg. Robert R. Slack, Hattiesburg. John H, Smallwood, Laurel. Dennis D. Smith, Laurel. Everett F, Smith, Leakesville. James H. Smith, Hattiesburg. Ralph Smith, Brookhaven. Nelda Smith, Hattiesburg. James R, Stephens, Mize. Thelma A, Stewart, Gibson. Crowford W. Sullivan, Sanford. Floyd A, Sullivan, Wiggins. Elmer F. Summersgill, Mobile, Ala Carrol Tanksley, Hattiesburg. Mark Tanner, Hattiesburg. James Thomas, Crystal Springs. Tes Thompson, Kokomo. Lewis Toney, Hattiesburg. Martha J, Touchstone, Hattiesburg. Martha J, Townsend, Lena. Jo Ann Trieschmann, Blytheville, Walter Trikosko, Hattiesburg. Rosemary H, Tully, Gulfport. Holland Upton, Kokomo. Luis Vallejo, Guayaguil, S. A. Ark William G. Van Patten, Rose, N, Y. Robert E. Vogel, Hattiesburg. Billy Joe Wade, Foxworth. John F, Wakeland, Hattiesburg. Ernestine Walker, Woodville. David Waters, Benton. Leo L, Webb, Jr., Kreole. Jeanne R. Weishaupt, Columbus, Ohio Kendall West, Hattiesburg. Sara West, Hattiesburg. Thomas B, Whitehead, Laurel. Richard Williams, Tallassee, Ala. Virginia Williams, Ouitman. Charles Williamson, Purvis. Williams A. Wills, Hattiesburg. Edgar Winborne, Magee. Paul Woods, Hattiesburg. Ernest Woodward, Hattiesburg. Grey Woodward, Long Beach. Frank N, Yawn, Collins, George K, Zeager, Hattiesburg. STADIUM DORM. GOVERNMENT James Ray Owens, Coach and Mrs. Floyd and Family, Reese Snell FRESHJVIEN 69 1 if iii! 1 5 44:9 K S nv! NA! y f 1 6 :AW an swf I.. vm, v X, 'vp My 1 2 ,, 'jijwiyf' , ' ,X X A X P", JV , K L 'Xb ,f .W f f , ' Q- f W Of' "' "' ' ' 5 U " M - . ,f f ,F , , . -p M . I , , p , ,f . , R, f if ' ' 1, ba' kv 'V' fv""'x Q af f s f' vga 5 ' v. 'V f ,ff .f , , ,I 1 i R ga as .6 ' Mfg X 1, .Xh - ' ' ' ' ' , fu' , "f 5 ' Ag, f , A Q , ' 5, ' L X- 1 S A ' .Q Aff? an Jag" 1' "S I' ' 29 V M' su' ,I , X 'Y ', -5' X ".-ff? ,. 6 f 3 f I X' Z -'f Q - ' M f 9 Q . .gr , is X, X, 54 ,yy X: ' ,H x sf WA 4 ,fl X , ,, ,ij f, ,A fix gtk ww? , XX bg il 2' 11 ls .qq H, mg 0,1 X , fi I . , 1 I? 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'1' , 'f ' X M V r Z ,, , f 43 x A if 4 X4 is in W, 'ft -2- mgydlf, lg" xi' 1 if , ,nw X 4 , . n 1' , Jig!! A xi If , ' 2' 'Q . Y 0,23 ig' 4 'ff' X J I ' , Qmiw J ,. , X A ,ga .Q X A ,Y Wi L, 8 , 4 , , , X f-. f' 2 5: W vw., f ' . 1- pf . 1 "'w .4 if .fh ,Q 1 rm! 1 A . . l if f 1514 K f I jg, '3 s ! K 1 9' ffl A! Q fy i F A 0 2 'wwf 'gif A M gi fax 'JSP' 4 v H' , A i 5 ff 'RIAA f ,, A tggl' ' 1,65 'E K L! th 4 7 " my f 4? I 1 5 ' " 1 3 J 1 if Q 4 fi 4 9 1 3' ' ' it Ji ,P 9' Q ji' ? an 4, Y aw If I K iid f ff, 'ivan x Mg ,iw 43 Q' 4' rf ft 'E 'Q' if 46 . ff' QI L 1 -Q . fu' 4' Qt' p .Q I 4 5 J 9 a .f ff ' . fi I, ,X f f ,gf X 4 . ,z , 4 ,view , ,f Q2 if W5 in , ,k.5 6 an 5? lbw? .- . Q, Y if iff Sf. 1 7 Ziggy Za. , frrh 21 5,24 'S-La X 391, T 2-gf 3"'.,,g!- ' , Kita: Q 5Q iq! x 'V 9 X ,M V' - 2- Q Was p,-wtf fm' fx 1- ' 5' av' E .ZW Q .j f A 2 Q Q5 ,fy iff , M Lt:, . Q Wgajii fr we A ,gt jf! KKLXNA Kxqiir X . H5-x QR I r w W ' X I , iq 1 J X, 553 XL: ffl' X5 .X wi ,, X5 'f K Q S i' is :gig ' , 4 K1 ' , ,gm QQXXX ii-,X .Q-,fy as i Xxx .'iV xii QX 3 rd XA G X rig: 4: Q ' X XXX Wg ' X if K 5535 XT" x Xi' Vi " . Xi .A X X XXX X s. 5 ak 'SY' is K' X b -Xff. x W cr ' ff raw ' X , X42 X X- n XX , 'a "' -1 Q 4- - fy 'gf , KX J Q5 XX X 'H .4 X PX X :Xt ,X if A ,R wb Q xr .M . Us? Q wth X swift .wr ,X 4 :P w., V XX. 5 My Q fa!! QP' ww' -A X ' . I -J f , X , - Eggs, M. Q X,LL ,K pq A Viy, T X .XX X, , fidffxi 'I X5 gg", ,B 2 ix Xt 35, IPX XxXxf'.Q,x ,XM S51 .X W ,X if iigrydf .ay F' X3f 21, Y ' -Xa gg? X 1 ' " ff f-bf QQSBQ Mm ,X .auf ,divx Q ww X 5 xii, 1 X X ' 4 v ' -X W X 1' if f f' X Nfgrihf gf vw Qs X XffX 4f-3 X.1mii5i5:. ' A .. A-f X MMF' M X.QXXAff31 f v E an 2 I STUDENT GUVERNIVIENT.. .. -- The college has manifested great confidence in its student body by giving the students free rein in the direction and control of their own affairs. Each class selects as one ot the class officers a representative to the Student Council, This is also true of all the organizations whose aims and objectives meet with Student Council acceptance. The Council, in turn, has the power to determine the policies of student government: to recognize and supervise all student activities and their ccntributions to the student welfareq to reward organizations making the greatest con- tribution to student welfare by a merit certiticatey to interpret the con- stitution of the student gcvernmentg and to allocate and supervise the expenditures ot student tees, The l95O Student Government program included many activities, among which were: sponsoring of a name band for a Spring formal dance, the First Annual Beauty Eall, in cooperation with the l95O SOUTHERNER, a Sadie Hawkins Costume Dance, and many interesting chapel programs, MEMBERS Graduate Club, Senior, lunior, Sophomore, Freshman Classes, Wom- en's Student Government Association, Stadium Dormitory, Weathersby, Forrest County, Mississippi and Hattiesburg Halls, Vlfhite House, Clinic Dormitory, Town Girls, Education Club, Pi Tau, Pi Kappa Pi, Freshman Honor Society, Pre-Legal Forum, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Psi Omega, Band, Vesper Choir, Elementary Council, Foreign Language Club, Fuf ture Teachers, Home Economics Club, Commerce Club, International Re- lations Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Pi Omega Pi, Physical Education Club, Pi Kappa Lambda, Pi Kappa Delta, Geography and Geology Club, Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Chi Omega, Delta Sigma Epsilon, Kappa Delta, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Phi Mu, Kappa Sigma, Kappa Alpha, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Kappa Tau, Alpha Delta Mu, Fri- day-Saturday Club, Christian Federation, Baptist Student Union, Cantee bury Club, Newman Club, Westminster Fellowship, Wesley Foundation, Young Women's Auxiliary, Ministerial League, Club, SOUTHERNER, The Student Prints, Women's Athletic Association. x,,. 4-j f ata TRAVIS MYERS Student Body President Student Council Members in picture: Bottom Row, left to right: Ingersoll, West, Hunter, Meyers, Bradshaw, Wright. Second Row Lonqre Reynolds. Butler, Files, Mrs. Gough, Francher. Third Row: Ford, Wade, Ruffin, Buckley, Ammons, Clemens, Kline. Fourth Row Currie Fite Iones, Cook, Dawkins, Hollis, Schmelling. Top Row: Davis, Stanford, Rieqert, Helmer, Kirby, Slattery, Cornielson Dukes ,44 ttttr? W.S.G.A. OFFICERS President Smith, Vice President Quin, Secretary Gunter Endeavoring to be honest and fair . . . to he partial to none . . . to gain full cooperation he- tween administration and women students . . . to formulate and carry out needed rules and req- ulations . . . W.S.G.A. is devoted to serving the needs ot the women ot Mississippi Southern College. OFFICERS IOYCE IUNE SMITH , President EOSEMARY OUIN Vice President KATHERINE GUNTER . , , Stifvretary EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF STUDENT COUNCIL TRAVIS MEYEHS .... . . , , President LAVONNE HOLLIS . . lst ViCe President WOODY COOK , Qnd Vice President MYRNA REYNOLDS Secretary TOM RHEA PHILLIPS . . Treasurer MARK GRIMES , Election Chairman WILLIE PUGH Health and Sanitation Chairman LEO CLARK Suggestions and Complaints Chairman DR. R. G. LOWREY Dean of Student Welfare Right Top: Student Government Officers: Cook, Meyers, Hollis, Dr. Lowery, Phillips, Mrs. Gough, Reynolds. Bottom Right: Sadie Top Lett: Campus Favorites. Bottom Left: Field House Frolic 73 Hawkins Day Dance, X-I' ia! s.. Vx av ,rf 'J 'F' Left: Edwin A. Schmelling, Editor. Right Howard Wilson, Business Manager. Mississippi Southern's first annual was published in 1913, as Neka Camon CThe New Spiritl with less than a hundred pages. Today, forty years later, the staff of the 1959 SQUTHEBNEB has endeavored to make the Buby Left to Right: Curtis, Mr, Palmer, Wilson, Munn, Netterville, Smith, Williams, edition the true spirit of growth and progress that Mississippi Southern represents today. lt is impossible to mention by name all those responsible for this 1959 record of Mississippi Southern College history and accomplishments. S p e c i a l thanks go to Dr. B. C. Cook, the administration and faculty, the student body, Mr. Bill Benson and Benson Printing Company staff, Mr. Bobert See and Staff, of Shreveport Engraving Com- pany, Kingsport Cover Manufac- turers, photographers Waller and Black, Mr. I. T. Palmer, and the SCUTHEBNEB staff who spent long, Weary hours to make this book possible. Bennett RUBY ANNIVERSARY ISSUE gd A 74 E .LJ- XL, SUUTHEHNER a-XX .r 5 EDITORIAL STAFF EDWIN A. SCHMELLING MICHAEL D, BENNETT IACK O. HUNT MARY TOM WILLIAMS Patsy Munn Shirley Thiqpin lane Williams MARY ROSS . . . . . . , , EDITH SMITH , CLAIRE BURT . LEO CLARK . . IACK HUNT . . . IUSTINE CURTIS . Winnie lean Eley Charles Dawsv ED SCHMELLING , Lay-out and Illustrations Ecmor GORDON BLACK Staff Photographer Asgocmie Ediior BISHOP BARKEFZ Staff Photographer Amivmeg HAP NOWELL Stag Photographer Classes BOB WALLER . Portraits Marilyn Newsome I Femmes BUSINESS STAFF F1-afgfmties HOVVARD A, WILSON , . Business Manager goromigs BILL NETTERVILLE , , Assistant Business Manager , Athletics Intramurals SALESMEN Organizations Tommye Morris Eugenia Stevens Dan Rhodes Herbert Kline Garnet Griffin Ruth Ann Butler Betty Dilonct Robert Wilson Faye Stuckey "U!"w BILL NETTERVILLE MR. I. T. PALMER MIKE BENNETT Assistant Business Manager FBCUIIY Adviser ASSOCIBIG Ediiol' 75 i i l STUDENTPHINTZ A it - i i it -1, f in STAFF LEO CLARK , .... Editor TROY NICKELSON , Assistant Business Manaqer BILL CORLEY , . Assistant Editor TACK ROBINSON . ,..... Circulation Manager NED DILLARD , . , Sports Editor GEORGE ROBERTSON , ..... Staff Cartoonist MIKE BENNETT BETTY DOHERTY l-IASCAL BEARD Fraternity Editor Feature Editor Business Manaqer .W ew N-fw 'img REPORTERS-Ruth Ann Butler, Mary Tom Williams, Lois Byrd, Charles Lippian, l. W. Ball, Richard Bass, Lewis Webb, Ed Schmellinq, Nelson Black, lack Hunt, and Bill Lewis. l I 4 f', '.'4 ..l-.-.31 ni' TROY NICKELSON BILL CORLEY MARY COGDELI. Assistant Business Manager Assistant Editor Faculty Adviser 1950 The voice of the students . . . the STUDENT PRINTZ has grown with the school from a tour column tabloid to an eight column paper . . . always pro- vides a medium for students to express views and journalistic talents . . . conducts current polls ot opinion on all matters concerning the welfare of the colleqe and the student body and represents student body opinion in all matters. ...-f' ,..,ununvvv"' N 1+ P f M f LEO CLARK HASCAL BEARD Editor Business Manager hw .. A M' lx f S, kv! J w v l F VUICE UF THE STUDENTS l I MUUERN Piano, Lonnie Knight: Drums, Russ Sheffield: Bass, Charles Hughes. Sax: Lavon Ferguson, Tom Wasson, Iohn DiCvilio, Paxton Rawls, Ernest lohnson. Trornbones: Howard Myrick, Ioe Vfare, Robert Chapman, Kelly Love. Trumpet: Iames Ball, Bob Iordon, D, A, Miller, Dave Larrimore, G, Easley. Modern music in the fash- ion of the modernists. lt's a sweet beat! MIKE BENNETT Editor BETTY DOHERTY Fashion Editor NELSON BLACK Business Manager BETTY READ Greek Editor NOT PICTURED Warren Dennis Iim Davis Mildred DeWier Smith Iarnes Riley Ed. Baker College humor . . . original and otherwise . . . from the best to the worst . . . and some in between. - ---SUUTHEHNBELLE i 1 CHEERLEADERS t I r t l I I 1 t i 4 L S' First Bow, Kneeling, Left to Bight: Peggy Wilkerson, Ann Covington, Iudy Vinz, loanne Bed. Second Bow: Bobbie lean Parks, Francis Davis, Dianne Newsome, Delores B a c o t, Betsy Lowery, Ann Lowery, Lora Baxter, Martha Cooley, Theta lohnson, Third Bow: lohneen Inger- soll, Marlene Hubbard, Meri- dall Vincent, Barbara War- rington, Dot Pourry, Marie Backstrom, Tommie Bigdon, Carolyn Bupple. Fourth Bow: lan Morrisette, Ann Hasselt, lean Williams, Eloise Chain, Faye Stuckey, Bessie Phillips. Fifth Bow: Emily Elam, Bose-mary Quin, Kat Gunter, lean Files, Katherine God- bold, Floy Mae Polk, lanis Poythress, Margie O'Neil, lane Williams. Yellow sweater and a big black letter , . . full of pep and mighty hep , , , South- ern's first Pep Squad cheered the gridders on to victory, PEPSUUEU wwf' Bottom, Lett to Bight: Phye liss lvy, Corky Capps, Bar- bara Bond. Top: lohnny McWhorter, Nell Abernathy, Charles Daws, loyce Lingle, Billy Bond. They yell like "L" tor the black and gold . . . they're tull ot steam when they cheer the team. MM J 79 .4 SUUTHEHN PLAYERS- - - ---- The stars of tomorrow shine today, under the direction of Mr. I. B, Wills, presenting the great comedies and dramas of the mod- ern stage. LABURNON GROVE, Pictured: F. Yaconnetti, R. Den- ton, H, Vtfilson, I. Curtis, li, Gough, H, Taylor. SQUAHING THE CIRCLE, Pictured: G, Daughdrilll K, Blair, H, Wilson, R. Sims, B. Sharpe, A. lfnight, E. Yaconnetti, M, T, Williams, D, Barber, I. Barrett, H. Roberts. GUEST lN THE HOUSE, Pictured: I, Curtis K. Gough, L. Clark, L, Hitt, V. Bryan, lfl. McWilliams, Z, Skelton G, Aikens, I. Barich. Behind the Scenes: Director I, 'Wills I. Murphy, H, Meyers Z. Skelton, L. Simmons, K. Blair, E, Evans, K, Gough, I, Barich P, Yaconnetti, B, I. Smith. J: ' .Hy ' ' l 5 x i I 4 I t I Q Aubrey Knight in "Squax-ing the Circle" Joyce Barrett, K, Gough in "Little Foxes' The "Radio Players": Z, Skelton, B, I. Ma- gee, M, McWilliams, G. Aikens. Iohnson, J. Baxich 80 1 "Messiah" by the Hattiesburg Choral Union, Frank The l95O edition ot the presentation of Handel's presentation were Dr. Leonard Nelson, Bass-Baritone, ot the University ot lllinois, and three Mississippi Southern College faculty rneinbers: Miss Edna Blee- Earl Marsh, lr., conductor, was the best in the history then Soprano, Miss Forrest Delano, CODUGHOI Mr' of the college. Soloists for the eighteenth annual Lloyd Petten, Tenor. The Hattiesburg Choral 'gif Y? Union was composed ot over one-hundred voices and the Festival Crchestra totaled over forty players. First Row-Left to right: Icrnis Nowell, Nell Williams, Janis Bovay, Marcia Young, Ioyce Thompson, Bettie Mc'Dutiie, lennie Dew Boon, Tommie Pope, Marie Martin, Elaine Brumfield, Kay Polk, Marie Backstrom, Gloria Biehl, Norma Shedd, Beverly Mclntyre, Lydia Downing, Rlietta Lou Cook, Betty Lou Smith. Second Row: Ioan Trieschniann, Gwen Cox, lackie Backstrom, Lillian Baird, Elizabeth Bustin, Francis Trappey, Chorles McLel1and, Bill Day, Robert Clement, Peyton Moore, Thomas Wasson, Marvin Miller, lim Carpenter, Richard Norrnand, Ioseph Abrams, Virginia Blosom, Amelia Graeser, Mary Stuart Harmon, Bobby Iames, Martha Mayfield, Third Row: Edna Rice, Pat Rice, leanne Qharbonneau, Mary Louise Mozingo, Evelyn Montgomery, Mark Tanner, Gilbert Fryant, Bob Kinqsbzry, Cecil Harper, Lonnie Knight, Ray Marcnetigli, lgmes Melton, Elaine Eubanks, Peggy Ezelle, Agnes Burrous, Norma lversen, Martha Cleveland, S F: t i Z Z Q 2 E 1 i 'I tl 3 ,: te 2 5 . is I VESPER EHUIH SUUTHERNSINEEHS- -H- Left to right: Bobby Clement. Charles McLelland. Agnes Burros, Ioyce Thompson, Marsha Young, Norma Iverson, Virginia Blossom. Marie Martin, Bobby Kingsberry, Ray Marketich, Iim Carpenter. tt Wx gg? sg gym fl! fri w FCE G at 45 2 1 A if 11 r 2:2 E , Xa ,. , 531511 U B !,m,,,, . 4 G3 ' . a.. V 0 U 1 - pa l P X x C 5 " 2 sr I L 'sr ,Q C ' 4 1 fd" FA 9 9 1157 ,,-an P.-0 X ,flirt 4'--s C girth Left to right: Nell Williams, Betty McDuilie, Tommy Pope, Gwen Cox, Ianis Bovay, Io Ann Trieshmann, Lillian Baird, Evelyn Mont- gomery. Martha Cleveland, Lydia Downing, Amelia Graeser, Martha Mayfield. - MADHAEALLIANS 'Vg' LITTLESYMPHUNY First Row-Lett to Right: Helen Ianet McDonald, Concert Mistress: Ann Collins, Edna Rice, Iames Moore, Florence Kearns. Second Row: Starling Cumberworth, Ann Covington, Charlene Redding, Barbara Carden, Gus Little. Ioseph Abrams, Marvin Miller, Gerald Easley. Third Row: Samuel Scott, Conductor: Marcus Iordan, Richard Iohnson, Mary Frances Head, Thomas Wasson, Kelly Love, Barbara Ross, D, A, Miller, Robert McKee. THE BARTED BRIDE f First Row-Lett to Right: Bob Kingsbery, Eugene Clement, Monita Prine, Iim Carpenter, Robert Clement, Nellie Wren McCurley, Betty Ioyce Keel, Ray Marchetich. Second Row: Thomas Wasson, Virginia Blossom, Bernard Pearson, Charles McLelland, Ieanne Stegall, Richard I Normand, Lillian Baird, Gwen Cos, Tommie Pope, Lyndel Smith, Martha Cleveland, Henry Dupree, Ianis Nowell, Iames McCombs, Norma Shedd, Martha Mayfield. Third Row: Kathryn Williams, Bill Day, Cecil Harper, Marie Martin, Lydia Downing, Ianis Boxay. Melissa Potter, Carolyn Beverly. '- UPEBA WURKSHUP -- y rl v 'r it , 1 4 5- First Row, left to right: Ioyce Chapman, Bobby Abrams, Ichn DeGillio, Richard lohn- son, Billy Williamson, Bill Boles, Mary Frances Head, Charlene Beddin, lesse Krebbs. Second Row: Gerald Easley, Mitchell Saba, Boy David Bad- din, Bobby lohnson, Bettie Lou Costin, lane Smith, Betty Smith, Normon Feehan, Edna Bice, Faye Simmons, Third Row: Tom Wasson, D. A, Miller, Dot Lacy, Tommy Whitehead, Cliff Thomas, Rob ert McKee, limmy Sims, Iames Martello, Billy Shotts, May Denton. Fourth Row: Bobby Kinqsber' ry, Earl Grauer, Fred Lander, Bob Cochran, Hugh Howell, Kelly Love, lackie Randall. Marvin Miller, Mr. Babcock. Band on Parade r x g X, -,U 1 C KK ' i J' Q I 0 2 T1 l l 1 t - W ' 'V' H I' l I ci ' , ,. 2 M i x Oy i 2 TOMMYE MORRIS BETTY LOU COSTON PAYE SIMMONS CHARLENE REDDING Finest band in forty years! The MSC Band repre- Concerts during the college year. Fancy marching, sents the College at all football games, entertains dur- unusual skits and a tour of many Mississippi cities ing halt-time at horne and away and presents regular were all a part of the great band year oi l95U. lr - .A I 55' h-QE fiisle W, gf- , 5.-j'Fi."f W, , 7 I? I 3' A , Q Q-.Aff is H' ls ii . ' :affzf YL5. ML:-' fs 0, Lrslp 5 1 f V14 u ,s I "LVL, QSM!! Q' ' ' 'v ' ' Q'H""? ,v if P' fu f v H - 19: E ' ig 'K iiikizfk ia 5:35 , xg! ,Edie X ' I Su, , , Wg.:-V,V" 'Sf ' ' , , Q' fl' "9 If 3 I QE, ','. ' A ' 54' "VL i.yg,fv',iQ Wig' ' fum, W, 4' Q 1 ' ,wi in 9' 3' f '22,ifi5,i5' 3 Q Y, 'z'v"' v il' f . Q 1 ' 4 'Y ' X 1,34 - L '," If Wg fa .r 6 fi 72 I ' 4 1 6' I fry, 1iiZ?grE jd? :I 9? QQ 32 JSE, ,e 1,5 4 . , 9 , fix , 9 . V -Al,A4zVf" if A Q wi ffl Z mg 121446, ?2,.x'f-v 5 ,4ii' g?..r4xeif frgyxiff' Q M, Q jg' "gif , uw, 3 is fm ' ' -W, 'f ' ' 4 L A , W V- . . ' la Q , , v N ,. ' ' H , ,, A it ' , Z4n.,1 1 my S, ,W ,. , -6 W 4- , . -vu ' 'f ' I' 4 , z ,mm " id'-W, ff' i9 'N ' If ss, 1ff"3i:ff"'As W 3 a' fc N M7 . - J' J' '- , my A ,. , .A X4 4 1 . Q fig? 4 it '1' 'AWB 74 14' ' 'E if -ffl' M AW MW W4 " ' Yi ' wi K' . sk? 544 it Q Q, f nigga? 1 ,ifofn , 1 , Y 5. f .4 , 4 77,46 f,- 4 ,f. 4 581 , , A. 4 , , l t, , , f ' 4 - ,A .. 4 al , ,1 . v K Q 1 5 4 f. 4, 1 V, Q wg 1 4 - I, 'pd ru Y V , 3 .,, y jf :, V 3 45 , lv yy, ,Zi A I , -k I 4 A 9,14 ' s!',:'Vl 11 ff-gin 4' ' if 3 ' i' ' .3 ' fp f ,. x l 41? AZ? W . A 1 Ai! Q ' V' - 1 tw ,5 ' 45 vw ,, . ,v 'I A .YK 4 .1x1, 4 W ,Q Q Q E1 Q' 'gi': , g e ,'T'+', Y If' Q I' ifb If 5354, , , N , ,4 , ,. . ,, ' ' , ,Q , 3,4II,,?v,'f4i,,- ,4.uS,!,i7 ld: kgs f W, fp x ,NFL SQ A Av,vA f I 1,6 ggjgliy .4 fn wif' , . X 'av A 1 Aj 1 i f , . + - N4 1 ff . H W, , .1 4 4 4 f , , ,ff W f 919 . 4 f 4 W f 4. W 4 I ' 1' - ,A .l 3 , 4' ' 'Y '5 1, , f jf' ' X, 'Y " . ' V4 5 f .QQ Awww 4' x X W1 V X , ff. 4 V M WW if ' ' f?f2fW'ff5f44zZ"5'egEf, ig' 4 .ff if 5222 :W , 'Q ' .A ,, 'gain' im.ghI,f'?,J 'Qf' , ML " I FZ I Q . I f lux W' 4 4 nf ' 1, W, ?!6'6,Q-Y' ?'fv"",'A2h, fi 'wg-, I D A 27 Yxq 9' -, 'K Wg' 2' ,' . 1 4,514 f, 5425 .7 L vy 4 W Q, ,vf A ' ty gf 9 l f , ",-f'w.,g+,1, 'fr ., -MM P ?" ' " 4- 2, Q 3 if .4 Q j, ff f. H1 F "1" ' ,f 4, :vw - W ,f ' .f n y ,- iff Q ff 4 ,f ik 4 f if 45? if , Jfgj , f '- 35,6 " 4 ,I ' 4 f ,A 7 my J, Q2 , ,, A ' f" ,if 'Y K' X X f ,,n "IN ' ' . 4, AWS f i' P4 di 457 ,fix he-vw, ' U1 57 I' ,ff 5? ' Aff! ff, 'A-Q 42 ' Q2i4,.i,K 33,5 7 bf ,N ' 4, fy' www ylfwff 0,4 my-. 7 ' 5 AW, f ifzw I Ni' w3' ff AZ '4 gk f f if ' Iggy: x 1 , , x "bf iw, Ql"f'1f ' W iw' i4'42:y--i:?Uff"'e . ' ,4 1. 4 , , f V . ' 4 f fu f . ff, Y 1, f 'M- z l 3 ,xii , Q 3, lwvfgi ff4ff:1if ,lf 5' ff 4 'Q' , "'W f. zW+,,, f 11-, 'ff ,. Q 4 4 f ' A. 4 ' 4 ' 4 , Z 4' 4 5? ,, 4 4 f 41, 4 Aff"f ' f M Nffd' if 2 ' f ,, ffff Z, at .,f1' ' "fir ,4 -2 A . Afffw 1 ,J 'Z 4 if M41 v 4: 4 Q 3 l , HZWZANE. 1 fly., L Z i ji 15 KT' f f, ff-2 ,, , QZHQZM 4 14- 4 4 7' ,'. w if if Zffwufiw H, , '14, 5?-f ,I ,V ' ,, . J Q, 1 flzify i jf in f-44, ' , , 9 ' , 'NNW 'ww - 1 A J 4, 491 4 .,,, jf 4,1 4 , . W, 5 XNXM H w 1 M' I Q x 5 1 7 ,J f I . , "Q, , ' ,W f ,L ' . , ,f . 4 4 5 , V. 9, f, x , , 43' f X Qu. , , , , Fe ' 4 4 I x Jig, V, I , -5 , f 4 N' Q 'NM ' ,4 4 ,f,., ,, I , 4' t 4 . x.,M.,,NNZ 5 Q C ? . If 4, 5- , - W . " 'XTZNNM 'S 1 , M W ,. I f 44 ' 1-AN A. K K 5 A T 5 , ,, I , , A . . 121, 4 4 X : 1 K X A X 9' .. ,,,, A g g Q I fi V ' 0 ,, . ff ,.. . Z I K 7 If Mb' K., M ? 'Qs kg 15 4 7 . Q, 1, ' ff g 4 , ,' , , ,Y N .X V 5 X Ma., , 7 , T 1 T M by X - if V, 6 , - , 4' 9 Q' , , . fy V' K ' ,, , ,nw X ., i . , 1' 'fx 1 ff X, 40 'g, .,, ' 4, X' ,Q ' ,S 4 , , 4,4-ws AVW Q' Q 91... ,4Vax ,yA, ' H" 5 "sf SQ 2 . 4 ,,, 4 4 ,f ,ff '?f,fi,v,sv, ,sw 'X JQQ """3W A K", Wg, M 1, , -4 K v',-'V U sfff M x K' ,ef L. .lf , if X Q 4 w 'y Z 4 J wg, "Q 5 if firm ,'g 74, ta Q92 ' ifzfzf' if Y '+Af?4S 1, , 'QQXJ , if lv M up ' dv O, .54 3 gf , W. 4 J' If ' ,lla " ' 'Q' an Jw Y , x 1 W 23Z ,2V' ii! 5 QQ!!! in If ? yi' -if 2 f Z' 1 1:1 Ai ' 'ff xy X is W? 4' sg 9 1 .v:,, Q, . ,, gf affix ,. if Ky ff 'G 'L YW at A 4, Q A Wa, sf V z 5 I 4 r y an 5 W. 7 5 4 :Li an ig yi Q 2,85 'KL 9 54 ar I git 9 E Q6 if Q Q 6, M Q 4 , ' ,f Ya x Y' ,I Q 4: Q, X Qs A . 5 Jw? 1, 3 , W 'l 'ifi 1 iq 1,555 mf' 4- gg .V ' 1Ij,,g..- If ' 4 if gy f 4 fy x 'E ,: ig, , .eww P 1-'ck ff ff? my 1 av - 4 1 4 xv Q-S i Q f' s.Wf ff 6 4,4 W x3QN1'.g, .F'fi5,'f,! 1, lb". ' Y Q ll 4 Y fry' 4 ge Q X A ' :' i Q ' W Q ix I .4 4515. Q ' va f it ' E f ' '51 we uiffxpg ,ft 5 'Q S' np. af QI mfs X . 4 f. Mi ' Rf QQ 4 QXf ""'Xf VR. 1 -:X 1 gb 1' 5i Q4QE4Egg"Q,m ' Q, , Q -A tiff , Q v ' QA' V 1 1 IL, .P ' Q ' in lr: 'Q v V. V. t , ,VV , Qian, as " ix 1 J A9 u 3 2 I xxx 'i I AUWQW we SU t M Aixiplli R aww AQQSMAQ 5,0-I A AC' wbaxg' Kew :YV -Y' 'N s-fs' YPAHI-KDE Lett to Right: Rose Frederick, Anna Catherine Williams, Glen Mary Newsome, Ianis Poythress, Fredna McBay, Kathleen Mason, Betsy Lowery, Ann Lowery, Student Body President Travis Meyers, SOUTHERNER editor Edwin Schmellinq, Faye Pierce, lean Ken- nedy. Pat Iackson, Polly Becker, Winnie lean Eley, Lois Byrd, Voncille Bennett, Delores Bacot. I are tiif x 4 Y fx. Q , E .7 I 'M 4 K ,,. Y., X si X f, x ws Q ,gm lzxrwxax x 'V 'hiv W :N ,i 53,435 v I L wa Q pmiwxj ff LA!! ..i' .1 V :.' 1 ' 5 , A 7 ,, s,,','. ' ,X ' ' ,,wG2fv2 M I , A sn ,QHWA fi X ka. PULLY BEEHEH VUNEILLE BENNETT 4, Mg ANN EUVINETUN BETTY UUHEHTY v 6 aw -572 f flew? f , 11' 2 . WINNIE JEAN ELEY NEVIE ETHPJDEE 'a .12 4 , f" , .11 4 ,+ M , ,mas ' 'U' A 'r , , N. x X N Lv 2 EHNESTIN E PURE PAT JI-XEHSUN 'EVNT full' V. I, A bl: ' flf, f L z""',, fwiym - W, . , 1 ,J , l ,gn fy , ,, , ,f ,, , rj ykgfvf f'- v 1ff1f5's!","2+"-, fn' A fX,?f,Q.i ft- v -I :5m,'W'p1p T-ffl, , ful 'Q ' . 1 fn, ,. ,I .u',' . px, '-. 2?'a9"iE ftfiylf " , ' 2,,.,,f,4i . It ff"1i'f5f5UffI"' 1' ' f,f'k5,f,,f1 I' .AI-',f .gud I I f' 4 .gm f,' JV! 'l JEAN KENNEDY ANN AND BETSY LUWERY l'iA'1'HLEENE MASUN EHEUNA MUHAY .fi1'f . 1.x 1 -Q ,U .x,v3f1?53.y' A ,Y - - ,,,,. ff. ,5 , 95.92 lm,'.!.g Xx 1 gf -A .1 , WW, . 5 . if ' W V, .Vx 1 X5 Q, W, 1- . . 1 4 I Il f 'I f ., 1 , . . fl, , , ,, l':!,'.l. ' 1 Qui'-I 4'f. , . mf, rl ' I . f V. . ,,,. -, ff, , , 11- ' 'I' .' f 1, . ' ' ' H,, A 'H' '. 1 ' lr ' ,. rf - X V ' 3 , fa-U j. f, : H -1' , ,, , 1: 1 :V 1. Jw. ,V Q :-,K -5-N,-, V 4 N , A I ,, I . Q .,..,:1- . A .5 4, ' ' MN . QW Nm E' Vsxaxh 15.5. 1 ,,'.,,,-1. ' ,, , . - 1. I V' r '4' A: 'l ' , M ,, . ,, 1 1 4. an 1. fx ,". , - , 1 I -:AW J.-I-1' X1,,' uw 'r, 1 GLEN MARY NEWSUNIE PAYE PIEHEE ,W 3 EAYE STUEEEY ANNA EATHEHINE WILLIAMS 14549 km. 4 ga ,flf Q. S - 2 ' ns ,g Q, , ,, , ix A, -X f 1,, :L,.g4 , 1 f X Ufiw if 4 f A 55 ,N ,A . . , , ' " f. ...4 - - A ,, I, 7x X X - .., f. Maw A. -, X W ,N X, ' IGM . 'X-fa -, ., -. 'Hi "nm ,, . J .-,v , . . . ,W ,A vw A A fl Mflfffb ED EURLEY EUHHY EAPPS BILL UEMUHAN l .x L1 -I , " 529' 'X , 17 -: , v MA I 3 . 1 XA 'Q'l 4 Mm V 4 - "'N.,4 1 ' I . Q 1 '-.:3f""fTT.'.?'I'S-s... - 4 1 . V ' A. B if IUYIYE HAHHETT JANIS PUYTHHESS HUGE FREDERICK if FAVUBITES , I. 3 I 1 l NU MISS M vm-wf L mia we? , m-. ,ff ,Q .ff 16' we Mx! damddkzmdd Wfif fzgfifdld, Hgywdffi. EVA NELL PICKLE HUNTER Amory, Mississippi . . . Vice-President of Student Body, 1946-475 H A L L 1947-48 . . . President of Student Christian Federation, 1949-505 Secre- tary, 1948-49 . . . Baptist Student Union Publicity Chairman, 1949-50: Vice-President, 1948-49 . . . Future Teachers of America Reporter, 1949-505 President, 1948-495 Vice-President, 1947-48 . . . Young Wom- en's Auxiliary Reporter, 1949-505 Vice-President, 1948-49 . . . Secre- tary ot Commerce Club, 1947-48 . . . Vice-President of Mathematics Club, 1948-49 . . . Kappa Mu Epsilon, 1948-50 . . . Women's Student Government, 1946-49 . . . lntramural Sports Manager, 1947-485 1948- H'--.X 49 . . . Listed in Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges, as 1948-495 1949-50 . . . Mathematics Major. KATHERINE RUN NELS , Magee, Mississippi . . . Secretary of Kappa Delta, 1949-50 . . . Presi- dent of Sigma Theta Kappa, 1948-49 . . . Homecoming Maid, 1948-495 20, in 1949-50 . . . Honor Roll Student, 1949-50 . . . Home Economics Club, twat? AQ' 1945-50 . . . Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges, 1949- 50 . . . Vice-President ot Pan-Hellenic Council, 1948-49 . . . Student Council, 1948-49 . . . Home Economics Major. EDWIN SCHMELLING Biloxi, Mississippi . . . Editor ot 1950 SOUT1-IERNER . . . Pi Tau Secretary . . . Treasurer oi Kappa Sigma, 1948-49 . . . Student Council Representative, 1948-50 . . . President of "Southern Atelier", 1948-49 . . . President oi Kappa Pi, 1949-50 . . . Who's Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges, 1949-50 . . . Honor Roll Student . . . Canter- bury Club Representative, 1947-485 1948-49 . . . Art Major. LEWIS WEBB Pascagoula, Mississippi . . . High scholastic average . . . Charter member Pi Kappa Pi . . . President Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society . . . President of Kappa Mu Epsilon . . . Vice-Presi- dent ot Pi Tau . . . Alpha Tau Omega . . . Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1949-50 . . . Christian Federation . . . Ewineefinq Major- M1315 EVA NELL HUNTER UF FIIIVIE IIT IVI.S.C. 5'R..fN WN" I 1.7 Iva. , I 1 N A1 lg, P' ' --- ---- ' f'-Ciluuwl QQ I Q 1 E:f'?i"l Q ' rr X X H!-ITHEHINE HUNNEL5 EDWIN SEHMELLING LEWIS WEBB 1 I HU'S WHU---Q, '-"UIQ V 'M ,WEN an f X 1. A5 Q48 ., - - 1... ,, . 6 LEO CLARK CLIFFORD COGGINS WOODIE COOK IUSTINE CURTIS EVA NELL HUNTER DAN LINDSEY BILL MILLER TRAVIS MYERS TOMMIE POPE MYRNA REYNOLDS KATHERINE RUNNELS EDWIN SCHMELLING IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES MARK GRIMES LAVON HOLLIS IOHN PHILLIPS TOM RHEA PHILLIPS BETTY READ LEWIS WEBB LEO CLARK Biloxi, Miss , , , Senior . . . lournalisrri , , . Editor oi "Stu- dent Printz" , . , Phi Kappa Tau . . , Inter-Fraternity Council . . . Student Council . - . Alpha Psi Omega , , , Sports Editor of 1950 SOUTHERNER. CLIFFORD COGGINS Athens, Alabama , , . Senior . . . Physical Education , , M.S.C.'s outstanding athlete 1948-49 . . . "M" Club, WOODIE COOK Leakesville, Mississippi , , . Senior , . , Commerce . , , SGC. ond Vice-President of Student Body . . , President of Alpha Tau Omega . . . President of Pi Tau , . , International Relations Club . , , Inter-Fraternity Council, IUSTINE CURTIS Biloxi, Miss, . . . Senior , . , English and Dramatics . . . President oi Alpha Psi Omega . . , President ot Speech Arts Council . . . Womens Student Government Association . , . Assistant House Chairman of Hattiesburg Hall , , . Newman Club . . . Assistant Editor 1950 SOUTHERNER , . . Kappa Delta . . . Secretary of Senior Class. MARK GRIMES Hattiesburg, Mississippi . . . Senior , . , Physical Education , . . President of Kappa Sigma , . . Pi Tau . . , Inter-Fraternity Council . , , Student Council, LAVON HOLLIS Carthage, Mississippi . . . Senior . . . History . . . First Vice- President of Student Body . . . Pre-Legal Forum , . , President of International Relations Club , , , Pi Tau , . , Student Coun- EVA N ELL HUNTER Amory, Mississippi . , . Senior , . . Mathematics , , . Presi- dent of Student Christian Federation . . , Honorary Commerce Society . . . Reporter oi Future Teachers oi America , , . Pub- licity Chairman ot Baptist Student Union , , , Kappa Mu Epsilon . . . Young Women's Auxiliary . , . Student Council, DAN LINDSEY Kreole, Mississippi , . . Senior , . , Accounting . . . Vice- President oi Pi Kappa Pi . . . President of Alpha Epsilon Alpha . . . Honorary Commerce Society , . , Kappa Sigma . , , Treas- urer of the Auxiliary of the Mississippi Society of Certified BILL MILLER Wiggins, Mississippi . , . Senior . , , Chemistry . , . President of Inter-Fraternity Council , . , President of Phi Kappa Tau . . . Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society, TRAVIS MYERS Meadville, Mississippi . , . Senior . . , History , . . President of the Student Body . , . Pre-Legal Forum , , . Pi Tau . , . President ot Inter-Collegiate Council oi Mississippi , , , Student IOHN PHILLIPS Macon, Mississipi . . . Iunior . . , Physical Education , . . Outstanding M.S.C, athlete 1949-50 . , , "M" Club . , , Kappa Alpha . . . Physical Education Club, TOM RHEA PHILLIPS Hattiesburg, Mississippi . , , Senior . , , Chemistry and Biology . . . President of Senior Class . . . Band , . , Aloha Epsilon Alpha , . . Treasurer of the Student Body , . , Pi Tau . . , Worthy Chaplain of Alpha Tau Omega , . , Student Coun- cil . . , Executive Council . , , Inter-Fraternity Council. TOMIVIIE POPE Columbia, Mississippi , , . Iunior , , . Voice . . . President of Kappa Delta , . , Vice-President of Pan-Hellenic Council . . . Pi Kappa Lambda . . . Women's Student Government Associa- tion . . . Vice-President of lunior Class . . . Southern Singers . . , Vesper Choir . , . Opera Workshop. MYRNA REYNOLDS Purvis, Mississippi . , , Senior , . , Business Education . . . Secretary of Student Body , . , Miss M.S.C .... PTGSICIQUI Of Delta Sigma Epsilon . . , Wesley Foundation , . , Honorary Commerce Society , . . President oi Pi Omega Pi . , , Reporter of Pan-Hellenic Council . , , "Student Printz" Staff. KATHERINE RUNNELS Magee, Mississippi . . . Senior . , . Home Economics . . , Secretary of Kappa Delta , . , Women's Student Government Association , . . Home Economics Club, EDWIN SCHMELLING Biloxi, Mississippi . . , Senior . , , Art . , . Editor oi 1950 SOUTHERNER , . . Kappa Sigma . , . President of Kappa Pi . . , Secretary of Pi Tau , . , Canterbury Club . . . Student BETTY READ Hattiesburg, Mississippi . . . Senior , . . Dramatics . , . President oi Pan-Hellenic Council . . . President of Chi Omega . . . Speech Arts Council , . . Alpha Psi Omega . . . Chairman of Christian Federation Charm School. LEWIS WEBB Pascagoula, Mississippi . , . Senior , . , Mathematics and Chemistry . , . President of Kappa Mu Epsilon , , , President of Student Affiliates oi American Chemical Society , . , Vice- Presiclent of Pi Tau . , , Alpha Tau Omega . . , Pi Kappa Pi. cil. Public Accountants. Council. Council. 5 i 2 1 1 4 4 3 A.. E H E E K S 4, '"4', ' SWE Q5 my Q' ,al , '- . fsuflfkk vr ,l', 2M-gg ' w 1,45 ,Q :gf ,vpiyg 32 .F 912. ' qv Y W . 3,tf,g f ,g',fg w.,1' 4:iez,,4 Q , f Q95+,W?i55?'-3'i ' r gfws " J ,fl - 22,3 ,,i'g3,i,ff11, ?- 7 . 'fi+ ,Q- ,3g+ -' 1 V Q' A - ' , 1 , V ,., ' f 3 f , 7 i il , if... 9 Q Nc' if , -210, ' 4. +. L 1 wQ5ffQs"--'f.fj7'-- Lfgfff ' lflfgvv . ' JI: xv 'li' -ff 97 vw-, 'A ij . ,-'v gy. fr, 'S,Q,,i'9', M' gi' ft S M, 'Q ,jf , V. ,ga - - Mgr ffijy 'f 'W fy ., 2- " 1 0 f f'2S' , '-Qjf :Z V4 , 'W y f','f,'f' 'ww' f Ji M' , f',.,Q-53, i2a1i?:f4 4Qjfgfisff-,gfklff ' bs , W 5 hxgjg p ' M:-,': 51 T 5 P 9, 'Q' , Q, , VfI'lL.'y,f ff. , jk i Q 1, Y - '5' 'fi' 'fi Q' iw '5'4g5?1'g,k5zf fn ,1 4 gg, , ' gif, i a, iivsyym, L JL, ko Y ' X ,ggwur 1 1 vi, if yi, JWZL, , M gg, ,QC if 5 Q X, 3 V, gf' 2 f Ala ir? Q 2 KA V 5-4 yy. ,YV L, r, 9 , ff J' YH ff-W' 1' X1 lf, M - 'M -1 Ay H N ,,i i,i,, g 'T Y ' ' 1-vi! xg z 3. 'A ' ,' sf Q I' .W ,,, ff 9, f Q' W . f ' f57f?3fi 34 ag uf 'fi ,Q f f . VLV, ZQ 44 Q , ,,. . A 1 f, W 'I E 3, 4 .fi if . bl .7 iv, if: A3 I gvgevg AJ it ' I Au- egg 4 , , "y i i ilv ,. I fkyzk j 'gg if f ' ' , 4233, ,M nf P il, 30 K ' Af: f WZ 5' 5' ' 5 ' f X J W' ' f 'wr 2, ji ,N Q W AQ ,QQ X gy 'gk f -fi ',f,gi,,a f, 7, f ,A I by . ly If W 3 Mia, gg? 4 if ' ' saihg ig Wiabfi M 1 L PW! Wfv ig ,pkg , f ff, 4 ,, ' f 'qu YF f. 1 L, 5 1:9 'E - fri f 5 , 4' I W ,Aff M p f 'QM ! , if A V' ,' ff cw "4Q53 "f' -V ff! 4, ,1 ' W4 ' ff 'V' yy ' f 01"- ff vm' 1. ' X1 A , f , ,'f gf' f ef w- 4', ,'., ,fl 4' X, 'sq K? ' QQ MZX if i X, 43 ,K W f an grail Q f ,'y '.?',ml If 'Ji' x n , , 'f ,J 5 Ti ,I M J gi,,ta0,f A W5 I , A ,' V , U5 fr 5:34 Y H Wig? 6 ,gif if Af. 5452 , w., Wi , nv ' I L' - , 1' ff Ziffyjll . 1-32 4' XZ? 91 'v . 4 , ', ,. . 11 1 ,g W V- if , Q , EQ jx S' I I fklgwiail, MW I .. . x .J 1? 6 ,J 4 ' . !",.5?fA1 if fm: 79 , Q Q Q 5 'M if ff' 'W 3 5 if A in 432 ,Q I US i .:,, 'Q 1' M ff? gr! A J HZ! ,fr 1 , my Xi I ,gl 5,1 if rf 32- 5-xw'gv,'ff - M nfs, ' .4 A- ' 1 po It Seated, Left to Right: Ray Vtfeems, Alpha Delta Mu, Bill Miller, Phi Kappa Tau: lim Vincent, Pi Kappa Alpha: Woodie Cook, Alpha Tau Omega. Standing: Iames Riley, Alpha Delta Mu: Dr. R, G, Lowery, Leo Clark, Phi Kappa Tau, Bobby lone-s, Kappa Alpha: Tom Rhea Phillips, Alpha Tau Omega, Tom Bass, Pi Kappa Alpha. Not Pictured: Mark Grimes, Kappa Sigma. Coordinator ot interfraternity activities tor the Greeks . . . declares rules, dates and procedures tor rushing and pledging activities . . . assigns calendar dates for socials . . . composed ot rep- resentatives from all campus fraternities and the Dean of Men . . . sponsors annual formal and other social activities. IO6 Left to Right: Miss Virginia Felder, Dot McGilvray, Alpha Sigma Alpha: Helen McBeth, Sigma Sigma Sigmag Myrna Reynolds, Delta Sigma Epsilon: Betty Read, Chi Omega: Tommie Pope, Kappa Delta. Governing body for Women's fraternities . . . composed of three delegates from each fraternity . . . acts as a forum for the unbiased discussion of questions of interest to the college and fraternity World . . . regulates matters pertaining to local Pan Hellenic life . . . sponsors tea to open formal rush Week and other social activities. iii? : ' E V if eip 7 lit , 7 it , 107 S PAN-HELLENIE CUUNCIL BETTY READ President 1 I Z if it 1 5" 43" t I PHlKllPPllTllU :His BETA EPSILON Qt'PKT,,5I CHAPTER 4 eve Founded: Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1905. 61 Active Chapters. Beta Epsilon installed, October 16, 1948. Colors: Red and Old Gold. Flower: Red Carnation. First Row, Left to Right: l-lilburn loe Brown, Leo M, Clark, I-lascal E, Beard, Thomas l. Lundy, William G, Miller, Fred W. Ferqerson, Aubrey l. Weil, Gene Cochran, Lee C. Cotton, Second Row: Clarence L. Clark, Charles Kelly, Lowery Vtfoodall, lack Miller, Ralph Smith, Iohn D, Thomas, Charles Gunn, Reese P. Helmer, lr., Elwood Carpenter, Billy Corley, Robert Hutcherson, lames S. Cochran, Thad Davis, limrny Lanier Crosby, Third Row: I. W. Ball, Robert E. Woodall, loseph Dickerson, Robert U. Riley, George D, Ward, Stennis Waldon, Troy D, Nickelson, Otis F. Atte- bery, Ralph lVlcDaniels, Howard A. Wilson, Werner Huber. U t I T i t r I l t V W:-L., IU'- ,W , ar gf RW ,, . . S f BILL MILLER . President 5 108 qty' OFFICERS VVILLIAM G. MILLER . . President FRED W. FERGUSON . vice-President THOMAS I. LUNDY TROY D. NICKELSON HOWARD A. WILSON WILLIE R. PUGH . REESE P. HELMER, IR. . BERNICE A. SMITH I. W. BALL . . HASCAL BEARD . RALPH MACDANIELS . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer . Chaplain . . . Historian Rush Chairman . . Editor . . Sgteat-Arms Student Council Repr. t 1. Oldest national social on the campus . . . believes in Christian fellowship and brotherhood . . . members active in Pi Kappa Pi . . . dramatics . . . sports . . publications . . . student government. T st K F I 0 A I L W , . 4,1 ' tx ., Q , im I Lv A Seated, Left to t-tight: Miller, Ferguson, Nickelson, Wilson, Standing: Ball. Beard, I-Ielmer, Corley, MacDaniels. Miller relays orders to first mate Ferguson . . . While ship secretary Lundy put the scoop on paper . . Nickelson Writes to the folks back home . . . and the stamp money comes from the gold bags of Howard Wilson . . . Willie Pugh is official ticket puncher. When the Beta ship is under sail . . . Captain Bill Looks Good! Look at Leo! K1-lPP1lllLPH1l ..,,aoQvu F: QE'KA?o 0 O O 0 GAMMA ZETA CHAPTER 959 Founded: Washington and Lee University, l865. 73 Active Chapters. Gamma Zeta installed, November 7, 1948. Colors: Crimson and Crold. Flowers: Magnolia and Red Rose. First Row, Lett to Right: Monkey Morgan, O, I. Miller, Ed Corley, Moody Reed, Kelley Love, Earl Braver, limmy McKenzie, lohn Mitchell, Corky Capps, Hembert Sinopali. Second Row: Eugene Bailey, limmy lamieson, Charles Singleton, Lindy Stewart, Ralph Stewart, limmy Hamilton, Walter Adams, Billy Williamson, Doc Roberts, Clint Arnald, Bill Bowlus, Clyde Pigatt. Third Row: Reese Snell, Billy Beard, lohnny Little, Wendell Causey, George Cronia, Clarence Wood, Goldie Brophy, Armond Prentiss, Roddy Wood, Tommy Ferrell, Bubber Phillips, lack Robinson. Fourth Row: Carl lohnson, Bobby Kingsberry, Gerald Martin, Dick Strain, Wayne Howard, Oscar Bragg, lerald Easley, Harry Barber, Bert Campbell, Stone Baretield, Bobby lones, Rip Cirlot, Clifford lohnson. IOHN LITTLE President 'Q' "firm-A 4-.5...: X . in "' it' t fl HO X . Q:-' , . tssr' I KA OFFICERS Q I "-,., . IOI-IN LITTLE BILLY BEARD . , , it 'I , f, , i I P0 BOBBY KINGSBERRY III I ,A tg X I ' I TOMMY EERREL , . IV RODDY WOODS . V GERALD MARTIN . VI OSCAR BRAGG i . VII HM OWEN . VIII BOBBY IONES . . . IX Nm Seated, Left to Right: Beard, Little, Kingsberry. Standing: Martin, Iones, Bragg, Strain, Woods, Ferrel. Homecoming float prize-takers of the year . . . intra- When the K.A. regiment Comes to attention Iohn mural football Champs ' Q . Spring fcrmals I U I dances Little Wears the commandant s stripes . . . able aide and assistant is Billy Beard . . . lieutenant bars adorn and house parties . . . hayrides . . . the big red flag the shoulders of Kingsberry, Ferrel and Woods . . ..membersinPiKa aPi..,bad... ht pp U Om es ra sargeants Martin, Bragg, Owens and Iones relay the dramatics . . . varsity football , . . tennis. orders to the troops. Hey Ma! Look at Me! Lee Day 13 ts v tltl fl KAPPA SIGMA n':l?g1:f'-A EPSILON NU CHAPTER Eounded: University of Virginia, December 10, 1869. Traces origin to University oi Bologna, 1400. 119 Active Chapters. Epsilon Nu founded December ll, 1948. Colors: Scarlet, White and Emerald. Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley. First Bow. Left to Bight: Ioe Barron, E. P. I-lewes, Chicken Howard, Edward Hughes, Norman Sanford, Iimmy Dale, Mark Abraham, Charles B. Herring- ton, Sam Bourne, Mike Doherty, Bill Still, Buddy Williams. Second Row: Louis Martello, Charles Beedy, Pete Krohn, Nelson Black, Terry Biggers, lohn Covington, Bill Moore, Charles Daws, Mitchell Saba, lim Davis, ,lackie Mann, limrny Martello, Ioe Bob Murray, Third Bow: Norman Cvalotte, Leon Pickard, Dick Watson, Mason Shelby, Doc Martin, Don Noblitt, Bill Brewer, Dick McCarthy, Ed Baker, Billy Bay Ammons, Richard Stewart, Tommy Wakeland, lames Starks, Dan Lindsay, Mr. Thomas. Fourth Row: Pat Tatum, Randy Barnes, lack Hunt, Iohn McCarty, Truel Mc- Kinney, Don Clemens, Mark Grimes, lan Slattery, Zan Skelton, Bob Riegert, Harry McLemore, Dean Noblitt, Mike Bennett, --J MARK GRIMES Grand Master i l 1 5 52,5 i 1 :f. . 32 .I r iiil vgttl li 5 . A O .3 ,-5 i X s 5 t t im. +R-.J . L ,U . L 5 .. . 1 .mist , Y A I -4- l QM. ,,?.'A.n , ,W .dr E.- . r 3.11-1'!1"2f'.A' :iv -" '-lie. Jars. . "1f.a...nir:-:A-. .wwszfiiff H2 OFFICERS MARK GRIMES ....... Grand Master IOI-IN MCCARTY .,,., Grand Procurator NORMAN GARLOTTE Grand Master of Ceremonies MIKE BENNETT ..,... Grand Scribe DICK MCCARTI-IY . . . Grand Treasurer MR, ORVILLE THOMAS . , , Faculty Advisor HARRY MCLEIVIORE . I I , Guard BILLY RAY AMMONS I Guard The "second-story" boys . . . the crew to beat for Who in American Colleges and Universitiesfp homecoming float honors . . A first prize winners in one member Chosen for hall of fame' '48 and third honors in '49 . . . active in all phases of intramural sports . . . members in various campus honor societies . . . publications . . . dramatics . . . While Mccarthy jmqles 1 h t Shining knights in armor radio . . . varsity sports . . . three members of "VV'ho's at the chapter door are Ammons and "Mao" Sign Here, Men Noblitt Expounds at lf' Seated, Left to Right: Grimes, McCarty, Garlotte, Bennett, McCarthy, Mr. Orville 5. WOODIE COOK ALPHA TAU UlVIEGll Founded: Bichmond, Virginia, September ll, 1865. lO6 Active Chapters. Epsilon Upsilon installed November l9, l949. Colors: Sky Blue and Gold. Flower: White Tea Bose. First Row, Left to Bight: Mr, l. T, Palmer, l-lulon Simmons, Fred Camp Wilson, George Craft, Woodie D, Cook, Tom Rhea Phillips, lr., Charlie Mc- Lelland, Bill Derrioran, Second Row: Gene Cryder, Tommie Woods, Bob Touhey, Norwood Latif mer, Andy Mayfield, Clarence Frentz, Warren Fortenberry, Bill Taylor, Billy Mac Mayfield, Clarence Milling, lr., lack Spence, Lyle Page, Harold lones, Lonnie Knight, lr., Iames Berry, Bay Marchetich, George Brock, Bill l-lodges, Ben Briggs, Ir., Bill Beedy, Bobby Clement. Third Row: Bob Moore, l-lop Phillips, Van Allen Phillips, Buddy Dees, Milford Kelley, Phil Turner, lack Thrift, limmy Neeley, Tom Wasson, Gene Brown, Don Smith, Dewey Gibson, Iimmy Sims, Ierry Williams, Lewis Webb, Mel Laird. '50 .4-14 is ' o A 0 ix. Worthy Master ,sw .. J . V. -., Y , V , - ,.,.. ,- .F , - - , , -4 vpn -+P? s.,,..,, . - L,.-v - t N In 'ghd d4:.Y'fT -- " f-- AT S2 4 ' 2 I ' 1 ,. , OFFICERS ei I WOODIE D, COOK . . Worthy Master TOM R, PHILLIPS . . . . Worthy Chaplain HULON G. SIMMONS .Worthy Keeper ot Exchequer FRED C, WILSON . . Worthy Keeper ot Annals GEORGE H. CRAFT ..... Worthy Scribe DEWEY GIBSON . . . . Worthy Usher CHARLES MCLELLAND . . . Worthy Sentinel IACK W, THRIFT , . Palm Correspondent MR, I. T, PALMER , . . Faculty Advisor Left to Right: Cook, Phillips, Craft, Wilson, Simmons, Thrift, Demoran, McLelland Gibson, and Mr. I. T, Palmer. The fraternity that lives in a barn . . . but what a When the barn is closed and the barn blinds are . . . ' i' ' h d th . . . . bam natural pme mls an 9 rose mom drawn . . . Worthy Master Wooclie Cook expouncls anol Rose smiling from the mantle . . . house parties . . . spring formal . . . sweetheart clance . . . active Wllh WlSdOm . - . T. R. Phillips expounols With mighty U19mb9TS in Pi Kappa Pi - - - Pi T611 - - - mUSiC - - v "Amens" . . . While H. Simmons jingles the silver . . . dramatics . . . sports . . . congenial and friendly . . . a H I I H H A ,, ,, Hes got em Craft is pen man . . . Wilson is cus- hello ior everybody . . . three members chosen for Who's Who . . . one for hall oi fame! toclian of the valuables. Now, Hear This Sweet Sweetheart l""t't .I .. Pl KAPPA I-lLPHl-l DELTA MU CHAPTER 5',.caCf1' Founded: University oi Virginia, 1869. 93 Active Chapters. Delta Mu installed, December 10, 1949. Colors: Garnet and Cld Gold. Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley. First Row, Left to Bight' Iirn Vincent, Bill Sykes, Austin Moran, Harold Nowoll, lfenrreth lacksori, larries D. Price, lohnny Price, Harry Myers. Second Row: Alvin Bledsoe, Mack Harrrri-"lc, Douglas Manson, Van Van-glin, lohn Wciod, Phil Slade, Tom Bass, lirn Whiteliaw, Mack Davis, 1. L. Craft, Frank Mayo, lim Wright, Billy Boll Anderson, Third How: Dr. C. E. Lane, Ellis Cooper, Bob Bedell, Bolvert W.est, Bill Netterville, Teirel Dean, Alexander Currie, Bradford lacl-zsonl Henry Dixon, Billy lohnsori, Tommy Thomas, Bobert Gordon, Billy Bay Sniith, Ed. Smith, Lester Penn, Boy-fe l-lellin, Charles Hamriioricl, Mr. Orville Phillips, Dr. 1, T, Davis. TOM BASS SMC President 'K' 4" 4 fn 14 H6 X E 4 H I OFFICERS THOMAS A. BASS . IAMES VINCENT TOMMY DALE . IOHN WOOD . HM WHITELAW PHIL SLADE , ROBERT T. WEST . BRADFORD JACKSON ANSE McKAY DAVIS DR. I. T. DAVIS , MR. IOHN IONES . MR. O. L. PHILLIPS DR, CHARLES E. LANE . . SMC President IMC Vice-President . . THC Treasurer . Historian and Reporter . SC Recording Secretary SC Corresponding Secretary . MC Sergeant-atfArrns , . , , Chaplain Intramural Sports Director Faculty Member Faculty Member Faculty Member Faculty Advisor 1 'fri I ' ,ff I I 1 r I f I' 5 ' ' K '., '-""" W A K' I? ' i . ' Q f my sa' Y X i ' f A . Z if jf r ff . f.f,fg.W. ,y,3 f a , ff' 3, 3 f .5 ,Z ,, , Lett to Right, Seated: Dr. C. E, Lane, advisorg Bass, Vincent, Slade, Dr, I, T, Davis, sponsorg Mr, Orville Phillips, sponsorg Wood, Whitelaw, Davis, The "baby" of the national social fraternities on the When the shades are drawn . . . the candles burn- campus . . . the boys who live in the "Colonial" mansion . . . joined the campus national fraternity group just last December . . . And what plans . . . a ing low . . . Tom Bass wears the eagle feather of au- thority . . . lim Vincent . . . of the derby and the cigar , , , , . . . helps carry the heavy peace pipe . . . Tommy dream girl dance . . . deep sea fishing trips . . . sum- mer picnics . . . house smokers . . . and continuous Pale Controls the Strings IO the Wampum bag ' ' friendship and brotherhood. and Iohn Wood is custodian of the tribal papers. Installation Speaker Fraternity Report ' 4 1 ALPHA DELTA NIU YN. : ii tr' Ei, Founded: Mississippi Southern College, May l9, 1947. Local Organization. Colors: Green and White. Flower: Magnolia. 1- Seated. Lett to Bight: Bay Weems, Bishop Barker, E. C. Stanford, lames Riley, M, V, Bush, David lVlCClarnroCk, loseph Sarg, Herbert Dickinson, Standing: Wesley Bozone, Mcfidoo Byrd, Vernon Brown, Halton Campbell, Lyle Bonge, Walley Turner, Basil McLeod, Fred Yaconetti, William Boatman, Dan Hitt, lack Lee, qi FRED YACONETTI President ,-gn' 4 v 118 , 1 +1-.W - "- -'Yu 7.- t l l AA 'AK Left to Right: Yaconerti, Weems, Stanford, Riley, Dr. Fortune, Rush, McClamroclc Bonge. "lnspector" Yaconetti is the new chief gavel rapper ot the Alpha Delta Mu clan . . . and Stanford is the man who presents the money bags tor Weekly in- spection . , . Rush rushes in to hold the gavel While the inspector counts the take . . . and Bonge counts the clan . . . McClamrock makes with the margin notes. Chapter Sweetheart E V I 4 5 I l l OFFICERS FRED YACONETTI President M, V, RUSH . , A Vice-President E DAVID MCCLAMROCK Secretary ' E, c, STANFORD ,l,, Treasurer RAY WEEMS , . Inter-Fraternity Council Repr. IAMES RILEY , Student Council Representative LYLE BONGE , Governing Committee I DR, PORTER FORTUNE . Sponsor l l Highest scholastic average among fraternities . . L recognized as gentlemen of learning and gentlemen l as Well . . . members active in campus honorary as- sociations . . . dramatics . . . debate team . . . student government . . . publications . . . destined to join campus national fraternity group. Three Smiling Pledges . 'T I , - 'M' V ll ft' I 1 Y' vfyi,fl'gt- 3 In gf!! ll I I' Q Ai., ll itil U' 'R sff' t"T1. i E ll ...N , . Yi 3' I ' ml E3 gm at tsy an J .- SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA 'Ffa fl, X ALPHA SIGMA A CHAPTER ff A 414-L A J 'X Af- Founded: Chartered as local organization, Gamma Delta Tau, Ianuary 24, IQS7. Became Alpha Sigma of Sigma Sigma Sigma, May l4, l937. 43 Active Chapters. Colors: Purple and White. Flower: Violet. 6 Sealed, Left to Right: Rebecca Evans, Robin Longre, Evelyn Kazar, Myrl Stublalefield, Charlene Redding, Byrl l-larkey, Sally Bodman, Betty Windhani. Standing: lean Kennedy, Bobbie lean Parks, Helen Hall, Carlyne Wornock, Hose Fredrick, Faye Fierce, Helen lVlaCBeth, Louise Simms, lVIae Denton, Lynn Greene. fi 120 - -E2 -1 2 -Q ."",, , A , Q -E ' N - ' . OFFICERS , Civ- "'ivr-yf-uf " HELEN MACBETI-I .... . . President PAYE PIERCE , , ,Vice-President EVELYN KAZAR i . , , Treasurer ROSE FREDERICK . , Recording Secretary 's i JEAN KENNEDY . , ,Corresponding Secretary ROBIN LONGRE Student Council Representative 1 L Supports various charities through coordination of all chapters . . . conducts local service projects ac- cording to the need ot respective communities . . promotes the ideals of sisterhood and scholarship . . . members active in dramatics . . . speech . . . dance . . . represented among lovelies at annual "Beauty Ball' '... two service stripes tor "Best-Dress Convention Bound Left to Right: MacBeth, Kazar, Kennedy, Pierce, Fredrick, Longre. ed Girl at M.S.C." and the "Sweetheart of Alpha Tau Qmegaf' lVIacBeth makes with the gavel during the Tri-Sig shenaghins . . . Faye CB.D.J Pierce is heir apparent to the throne . . . Kazar keeps the treasury . . . Sweet- heart Rose records . . . and lean jams the mail with the recordings . . . and Rapid Robin rambles to the council meetings. Canasta? DELTA SIGMA EPSILUN ' Hx , .X - 1 1'v ALPHA KAPPA 1' CHAPTER r - rx y Founded: Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, September 23, 1914. Alpha Kappa installed May 10, 1940. Colors: Glive Green and Cream. Flower: Cream Tea Bose. Seated: Miss Edna l. Bleethen, Faculty Sponsor, loan Davisg Mrs, Mary lo Maqee, Faculty Sponsory Myrna Reynolds, Nita Moftettg loyce Chapman: Betty Sue Brelandq Sybil Harris, Frances Buckleyg Mrs, W. W, Stout, Fac- ulty Sponsor. Standing: Lillian Nasit, Myrl Newton, Faye Stuckey, Nell Buckley, Yvonne Nicola, Ernestine Ford, Ruth Ann Butler, Mary lane Burkett, ludy Wilson, Goldie Dauqhdrill, Dorothy McLeod, Lorena Garrison, Mary Frances Mat' thews, Betty Ruth lones. 5 MYRNA REYNOLDS 1 President Nl! fl: thx H QI 1 lr 1 MP9 , lt, X l 122 3 R E 5 ,W fi I tl all 4. 5323 OFFICERS I MYRNA REYNOLDS . . President BETTY DOHERTY A . . . Vice-President IOYCE CHAPMAN . , . Recording Secretary BETTY IO DAVIS A Corresponding Secretary RUTH ANN BUTLER . .... Treasurer IO ANN DAVIS . . NELI.. BUCKLEY . . A Editor A A . .Sargeant J' ERNESTINE FORD Student Council Representative MERLE NEWTON ,,.A,.. Historian MRS. W. W, STOUT , , Sponsor MRS. MARY IO MAGEE , Sponsor MISS EDNA BLEETHEN A Sponsor Dedicated to the ideals ot fraternity and service . . . supports various charities through McGui'ley Founda- tion . . . Red Cross . . . hospital donations . . . spon- soring of occupational therapy programs . . . mem- bers active in campus religious organizations . . dramatics . . . publications . . . one member listed in How About Me. Coach? Left to Right: Doherty, Chapman, Butler, Breland, Buckley, Ford. Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges." Myrna CMiss M,S.C.l Reynolds captains the Delta Sigma team . . . VP, is Betty-the beaute eDoherty . . Chapman and Mottitt share the secretarial seats . . . Buckley keeps order in the house . . . and Ford speaks the chapter piece to the student council. Santa Pat ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA 'fl K" ' 4' ff'?4x BETA DELTA 'Q' CHAPTER Founded: Longview College, Farmville, Va., November 15, 1901. 36 Active Chapters. Beta Delta installed, May, 1938. Colors: Pearl White and Crimson. Flowers: Aster and Narcissus. Seated, Left to Riqht: lean Bradshaw, Dot McGilvray, Penny Stewart, Mary Tom Williams, Amorita Gordon, I-luqhleen Roberts, Peqqy Goree, Mary Ann McCormick, Standing: lean Templeton, Shirley Thiqpen, Louise Gulley, Carolyn Lindsay, Patsy Munn, Sue lackson, Betty Clinlcsscale, Pauline Lawrence, lann Britt, Charlotte Myers, Martha Templeton, Dot Holitield, Martha Gordon, Betty Biley, Mildred Smith. Not Pictured: Maurice Bonner and Carolyn Hemphill. I s 'f,1A.- DOT MCGILVRAY President l ln-4 .3.. ws. .. .,,, , ,. 414 mat if fm! 124 'T zz 4 l Q l l T 3 T I i r 4 S r ! A if A J! l ' " J' l ,. V l s 3 Y I y OFFICERS t Q V l M, Y Y, I L? DOT MCGILVRAY , , President V 9' 2 I N WW nf, tg . M' 4I7ff'f I PENNY STEWART Vice-President . ,pi 7 l MARY ToM WILLIAMS secretary 1 -f ff , AMORlTA GORDON , Treasurer 'Q ' 'h e MARY ANN MCCORMACK , Registrar Q . ' f A it I f WSL MISS WATKINS Sponsor It I J ' eqni A A , D A n 5 Left to Riqht: McCormick, Gordon, Williams, Stewart, McGilvray, and Miss Waitizins. To know the serenity of faith . . . to appreciate the life . . . publications, dramatics, art . . . hiqhest schol- . . . , a t' a l l 't'e .. beauty of art, literature and friendship . . . to find true S IC Verage among Oca SOIOUI S 2 Dot McGilVray is head of the floor committee when F fraternity and sisterhood . . . to promote true scholar- 4 Alpha Sigma entertains and Penny is her able assis- ship . . . supports various charities on a nationwide . ,, ,, , . tant . . . little M.T. is the chapter pencil pusher . . . basis . . . members active in all phases of campus and Gordon guards the clan cache. I l Everybody Dances The Chapter Choice t l t t l l hm, CHI OMEGA EPSILON DELTA sitsfeiajf CHAPTER Vg 4,65 f - Founded: University oi Arkansas, April 5, 1895. 107 Active Chapters. Epsilon Delta installed, April 23, 19119. Colors: Cardinal and Straw. Flower: White Carnation. First Row, Left to Right: Ianet Landrum, Becky Tatum, Mary Lynn Yeaqer, loyce Linqle, Martha Cooly, Dorothy McManus, Ann 1-lassell, Eugenia Stevens, Delores Bacot, Anna Catherine Williams. Second Row: Beta Lou Cook, Mrs. Elkema, Nancy laclcson, Mary Lou Buchanan, Mrs. lackie Majors, loyce Smith, Ann Magee, Mary Louise Mozinqo, Winnie lean Haley, lane Spence, Garnet Griffin, Nevie Ethridqe, Betty Bead, Third How: Pat lackson, Kathleen Gillis, loyce Barret, Betty Ferquson, Betty Delonq, loan Treishmann, Betty Lou Graves, lda Marie Milner, Lenore Seldon, Boberta Bracy, Helen Welch, loanne Hendricks, lean Williams, Betty Bidell, loan Fowler, Louise Milner, Peggy lackson, Peqqy Wilkinson. Not Pictured: Lida Belaecca McLeod, Carolyn Primm, Dorothy Stewart. BETTY READ President 126 ,C L H' 'WO OFFICERS X l BETTY READ . . President ', l NEVILLE ETHRIDGE Vice-President GARNET GRIFFIN . Secretary IANIE SPENCE ..,. . . Treasurer MARY LOUISE MCDZINGO Corresponding Secretary MRS, C, E, ELKEMA . , . , Sponsor Q- First national social fraternity for women to be organized in the South . . . largest of the college Greek national social fraternities for women . . . presents National Achievement Award annually to outstanding woman in field of business, arts, letters, science . . . annual candle light dinner . . . members Sorority Supper Seated, Left to Right: Spence, Mrs. Elkema, Griffin, Ethridge, Re-ad, M i Standing: Eley, Magee, Smith. active in dramatics, art, music . . , Alpha Psi Gmega. Betty Clisted in W.W.'s of American Universities and Colleges? heads the Chi Omega household . . . Ethridge takes up slack when the boss is off on busi- ness . . . Ianie Spence is custodian of the piggy bank and Griffin writes the chapter diary. We Made It! KAPPA DELTA- BETA SIGMA CHAPTER Founded: Virginia State Normal School, Farmville, Va., Oc- tober 23, 1897. 77 Active Chapters. Beta Sigma chartered May 14, 1949. Colors: Olive Green and Pearl White. Flowerg White Bose. First Row, Left to Bight: Natalie Thiaclc, Kay Polk, Betty McDuifey, Ginny Bunnels, Iene Helm, Maridel Vincent, lane Williams, Ermyne Duckworth, Ioan Freeman, Norma Iverson, Frances Davis, Gloria Tolar, Marcia Young, lanice Poythress, ludy Vinz. Second Row: Ianis Bovay, Diane Newsome, Tommie Pope, Ruth Thompson, Daisy May Brown, Iohneen lngersall, Virginia Tones, Katherine Runnels, Bobbie Magee, Marilyn Newsome, Betty Hickman, Third Row: Dot Catchings, Mary Lou Cowan, Barbara Bond, Betty lean Smith, Norma Herrington, Rosemary Quinn, Amelia Graeser, Ann Loncoy, Emily Elam, Martha Cleveland, lustine Curtis, Mary Tune Ruffin, Daisy Ferguson. ,,,," Z ,V"'?'4- TOMMIE POPE President aff. .iw X ,,,, , 1, , ly? fx. . febwl ff 4"-17,1 W. fy . , ' V fdfi? Jinx? r'77 ' vi 128 ,arf W A ' . .-gil' K OFFICERS TOMMIE POPE . , President IOHNEEN INGERSOLL Vice-President KATHRINE RUNNELS Secretary BOBBYE MAGEE , Treasurer ANN LONCOY Asst, Treasurer RUTH THOMPSON . , . Editor BETTY HICKMAN . Membership Chairman Founded for the perpetuation of good fellowship, friendship, and sisterly love . . . the encouragement of literature and education . . . the promotion of social interest . . . and the furtherance of charitable and benevolent purposes . . . supports crippled children's hospitals and other charities . . . president and three members listed in Who's Who in American Univer- sities and Colleges' '... members active in student Il el' ISS OVBY Seated, Left to Right: Pope, Ingersoll, Runnels, Standing: Magee, Loncoy, Thomi son, Hickman. government . . . dramatics . . . music . . . campus honorary societies. "Terrible" Tommie is chief Waiter when the KD. cafe is open at the Pan-Hell House . . . second-in- command lngersoll watches nearby . . . Runnels writes the check and takes notes . . . and "Woooo Louuu" collects the moola. O Charter Day! E 1 M' B 44 isis Ex s X s is X l .-K' PHI NIU ALPHA OMICRON 6, CHAPTER 71' A 1' 'V Founded: Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, March, 1852. 67 Active Chapters. Alpha Ornicron colonized, September 1949, installed March 25, l95U. Colors: Rose and White. Flower: Enchantress Carnation. Seated, Left to Right: Betsy Lowery, Glen Mary Newsome, Evelyn Montf gomery, Bobbie lean Mayfield, Meryle Radford, Ann Lowery. Standing: Mary Ross, Kathrine Ann Holiday, Dot Newton, lean Files, Carolyn Garner, Nell Halfacre, Rat Martin. 'D 1 130 ,. o ,...........fI1M "fb Left to Right: Holiday, Ross, Maitin Ross, Holiday and Martin did the qroundworlc that led to the installation of Phi Mu . . . colonization beqan while other sororities were donning national colors and the colony took on the official robes ot the Alpha Gmicron chapter of Phi Mu late in March, to become the sixth national qroup at MSC. Little Mxss Tall Ctory The Way It Looks From Here f ' tk 1 - 1 if! E if 12 EE E! A T H L E 1 T I C S i 1 5 , f 1 1 1 1 I V Y Y 1 F 1 1 ,Q ' 15 ti 1 4ii l,, 1-- -TT 3 yung n nq 1 pq 1' 1 Q .ff " 4 Ae' f , ,aGffm 'ff mi Q , :Af Wy!! 6 2 as is QM WW W , it F, iw 'ff F417 if A Q M ,Y I, A 'v 4 ? ' 'I j 7' A 5 f A Al ,f , 5 'ir ' 1 ' I 4' - aw' if ,W f -Q H '1 K kyggfyifxyk I gy' JM, 1- 'r .h frffvfff, . Q l'A A+ A44 E. . X - 'Y nf, iff 'im ' Y 'W' WE: W LQ' V in ual Ss J min, - V f0f 7 , W W ,A rx JV x ' Q XV fi Q .- , 4, '5 Q '14 9 f Ji W' av ii Q X 1, M A f W- X, , I .eff 15" f, VM X' ff, 3 3' ,A J ,iz f 0- V fs ,gm X M 4' A' + .W . Q, 9- a Z ,K WW 4' ' M ff Q , W be : X .. A K, , gg, X: 9, Y . A . 6 5 0 Q 1 f , ff 1 1 A fl A , 1. at f ,Q ,2f f 1 'wt W .nf . , 1 ' ff ' 'N Q ai 3 ' N KA S af ,: M ,mbwiw Y I . ww an Q . ' ,,,,, L. fi 5 ,fi sv Q Esff J kg " ' if I 25" if W '15"', Q 11+ gf Pft I xi X iw ,Ml Q Q 5 I Q as 'gy A, Fixx Qi S 4 S'l 7fi W 1 in d1gAi? SQ! iQ, gtg 5 '15 Y" A 'gwf ' 'Q ff' Q ff , 41:1 :fy Q , LZAPA, ,955 Q 2 gf-xviv. Q- 6 za 1 M5 X X! as asf X I N ff of gl fximhj 'IIAJN ATHLETICS- In ni. Ig, lt. tit t'f1m"Ylm tllttrttftsi-tier-ff. , V-e.,,5m,,,"ar2,:gmgmn wlS"fE!guall'Q . ttlngmngum , 1 mr 1 - I I ' , Y .' ' :A s, . ' ' .,- Alxlafag- AK... if ,- In the thirties came the "Rock" Mississippi's most modern sports arena by 1950 ln the past forty years the growth of the Athletic department at Southern has been synonymous with the his- torical increase in the size of the rest of the institution. The present intercollegiate program includes seven differ- ent sports that pit the Southerners against such "name" opponents as Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama on the gridiron, Tulane and Ole Miss on the diamond, Delta State on the hardwood, and South Carolina, DePaul and L.S.U. in the squared circle. . This program has sprung from a strong nucleus of football that was the year round talk back in 'l2. Much . of this spreading out has been done through the efforts of Athletic Director Reed Green, who came to the 4 Southern campus as a student in 1930. 5 Four Years later Pooley Hu' Director Reed Green and MSC's outstanding 5 bGfl, l'1951d CO6Cl1 S9lGCl9d Below, Athletic Director Reed Green athlete of '50, Bubber Phillips i Green to stay as backfield coach of the Teachers College team. Green remained, and was ap- qlll pointed head coach when . Pooley resigned in 1936. The A first of the Green years pro- .Tl duced a seven won, three lost 'V A' record, and the record has been consistent through the years. ln l948, after a season record . of seven for three, identical with -WA the record of his first year as . w-- M. A 9 If I -f-.,4r,,5t, 'S iw It rn? v, 'N ,va R l . head coach, Reed Green an- nounced that he had resigned 1 as head football coach to de- l vote more time to his new duties as athletic director. He looked back at a fine record of football coaching and Southern 4 '. looked forward to many Green ll years in all phases of lntercol- legiate Athletics. 134 HEAD CUACHES ANU TEAMS "Wav 'favs THAD IPIEJ VANN Head Football Coach Playing what was considered by experts to be the roughest schedule in the history ot the school the 1949 tootballing Southerners emerged on the long end ot a seven and three Won and lost record, Bottom Row, Left to Right: Zack Lee. "Mutt" Campbell. A, Parsons. O. O'Mara, Captain, Arthur Hays, mascot, Lynn McLesky, Dewey Lane Glenn Vinson. Middle Row: I. Montgomery, R, Williams, "Red' Holleman, "Black" Busby. Back Row: C, Anderson, Coach. G. G Evans, I. R. Iohnson, "Pete" Downer, Will Wood, Warren McLesky LEE FLOYD PERRY WALDVOGEL Basketball Coach Boxing Coach With a runner-up position in the Gulf States Confer- ence. The chase Was a merry one, beginning with the Wildcats of Kentucky and Winding up with the Cardinals of Louisville University. V, C, Cagle, Wilden, Asst, Coach. I Only Freshman Team W 'z , f -M - '------W ff-v -fv-W ----- ' 5 ,,1..efe-.aa U. -fu - -- ...,... . V .Z:'L... Mm .-..-. .. - -. Y- W Y.. -ma- .., I ' ,.. , -' 5---- ..!. -- -:nu LCD- 'e.L..... .aawi i 2, Q, . -32851 .-.m..ATHLETlES ' z FUUTBALLSUUAU N wtf 'lf' pghiiildlvl, M l- gv. IW. I 1 1 Clyde Stewart tBackiieldl: "Pie" Thad Van tl-Iead Coachl and H. A. Smith tEnd Coachl Bobby Holmes and Cliff Coggins PERSONAL RECORDS AND PREVIEWS lf the first year of leadership under Head Coach Thad CPieD Vann is an omen of things to come on the South- ern gridiron, grey hair will be plentiful on the domes of his future rival mentors. Most of the record breaking of the season national record, that is was done by ole "Glue-fingers" him- self, Cliff Coggin. All this converted Alabama flanker did for Mississippi Southern was to catch 53 passes for 1,087 yards and an average of lO8.7 yards per game to set three new national pass reception records. 135- wig '- y 7 t 1 1 , K7 yt' 'im ff' k . 3.2. S 'air X ,mu .,,. 419' 1 ' lx A , K Q: ,Q Front Row. Left to Right: Ed Langford. Carl Howard, David l Lee Walker, Eddie Kauchick, Morris Brown, Perry Boyett. Second Row: Razor Sharpe, Frank Spruell, Iim Owen, Anthony Rouchon, Robert McKellar, Bobby Holmes, Charles Stewart. K 1' S Q E Q, K Q ly f ix 2' "A Zlf QU' " -W0 "' mfs IIIIZ f A , Q Q, ,Q of x A 9 as 'W Y sf K " W' S' JV ZA ,A , Y f ga XY , v ff E WN ff N ,, fi' 11 'W lg, YQ, t 2, 1' 'A by ,.:,, V We ', -A ' 2 I Whm,,,, .. .. li. I if if ..,,A., ,. B ' 15- .ffl B V- B A K:-V' , B K ' .5 1, I .,, vvllzz ',A- , 7 ' ' Q A L '-- B V -H ' ":' A Q V B Z --1-- fi" lg A k --A- LA lm 1 , 2 Z' 13122. , ' f ' , 1"' ' ,--- . 1 + 2 Q is ! f '- if 15- ,. ... B ,2 Q I -A. V, V, - - We 'LQ V ,. I ,B ...' Q . l S gh x D B If "-.-- 'f .,::.: , Q K.:- " J :f f 5 -f-1 l Ki 4 'ikkfk X as '- A M. Filth Row: Iackie Williams. Cal Butler, Ivan Rosamond, Cliff Coqqins, McGowan Hunt, Bobby Posey, Dallas Biqqers. Doug Taylor. Phil Musmeci, Sixth Row: Bubber Kaiser, Eugene Kemper, Ioel Foshee, Iohn Phillips. Elmo Lang, Buddy Dees, Ken Walker, lack Ienevein, Robert Evans. Bill Blackman. WILDCATS SCRATCH SOUTHERNERS Overconfident Southerners were overrid- den by a flashy Kentucky team to the tune of a 7l-7 defeat. The brilliant passing and guarterbacking of Wildcat Perelli might have doubled the score, had it not been for a su- perlative defensive game turned in by Southerrfs halfback Frankie Spruell, The only offensive spark shown by the Southerners was in a short series of passes to Coggin for the seven points and the line work of Moyer, Kemper, Blackmon and Rosa- mond. SOUTHERNERS WIN AT FAULKNER FIELD Showing an improved offense the South- erners moved into the win column with a 20-13 decision over the Greenies of Delta State. Sparked by the ball carrying of Bubber Phillips, making his first start of the season, due to a question of N.C.A.A. eligibility, Ed- die Langford, Iim Owen and Bobby Holmes, the Vann men came from behind a 6-U deficit at halftime to rate supreme when the final whistle blew. HOMECOMING WIN FOR SOUTHERNERS Not even the standout efforts of such great small college backs as McMurry's Sampson and Rowland could spoil Southern's home- coming. The 55-32 shellacking handed the boys from Abilene, Texas, showed the South- erners in the best form of the entire cam- paign. On offense, the passing of LeGros and Holmes to Coggin and Sharpe, Kenneth Walker and Langford, left little to be desired, especially when coupled with the speed run- ning of Phillips, Spruell, Brown and Owen. DONALD ALONZO CLINT ARNOLD BILL BLACKNION CHARLES BORDE PERRY BOYETT MORRIS BROWN CALVIN BUTLER STEWART COVINGTON IOEL FOSHEE JACK IENEVEIN 'Q SOUTHERNEBS BITE BULLDOGS ln the first half of the 25-O win over S.L.l. the Southerners showed their best defense of the season, turning back three threats outside the 20-yard line. Outstanding play by Sharpe, McCormick, Coggin, Carl Smith, lor- dan, and Borde and newcomer Bill Hadd were the highlights ot the game. CHATTANOOGA WIN GIVES MYTHICAL TITLE The jet-propelled backfield ot Mis' sissippi Southern struck hard from all angles at Chamberlain Field on the night of October Zlst, leaving no doubt as to the "best small college team in the South," and downing the Chattanooga Mocs 33-20. Again it was Phillips and Spruell lugging the mail most ot the way. Owen lent assist- ance with power plunges into the line and LeGros and Holmes made pass yardage to Coggin repeatedly. How- ard made three ot tive conversions. SONNY IORDAN EDDIE KAUCHICK ED KELSON EUGENE KEMPER If at K ' .J I ' ' , '!"V'.fl. ' -2 AS! ?..s . ' - ' -' ' Q M ,:'!1'f:trVVfl "' Q :y'1'f't5jQ,'tfg,'VV5t,y fi' 9 tw 5 fig .VM 'Jn ,,.tw,af 7 5409, 3 3392 gb? P' V gy! 41,4-'aj' Sa'wW,3?5l'f'nf.ff 4 r t PM 'Y I ' , . f ' .,, , , ,.,t A " f ' r V11 . ..h.1L2i-7 .xi .Vt 'V+.'fil Qflrlfiia "3W?i' iii? -it '3-QW .V f . .. ,1,.g,"aH . K , ,,'5fa,,Ln -x A ,V I1-mlb :J 't . A,:.,'MA,atf : 4",'iw1, -4. ,I U", . 4'-HV, ,W I .4 ' ' A, .U,'.1:, ??s:93a.Wt2fY gf Q! nt, ' .":1gYi?'E.,4q.fZflf'gfatf1sFf'r flfmgijik .r ru . .. - . . ' .---1 'L L.. L- : 1' wg 1 ' ' '-,., ft- 1 .. -55.4 fwiswl-ff' :f--?:b1- Vzugg Riu .fvfcttf-2'l?-'4'?-6' , ,Qbntjr igwwsf,1.w't-Hdrit?.i'-1?-'-.,Ms .--.'N- mg-e-1'f. Wfrwr' I4-V' 'aft gf-P -fi-aut A Jt'4.f+.:'?-'5fVF25'7'f.'i rf? V nrt. 'Katt vi' it 9'i..'.f,f-"ff V19 .15 ff, 'Vi -5- .f?3.t' - -mv '. 3" '- 'J ' 'ff ' . -1 --. xrr ' ' VV M ' I. A A, .,. - . A ' , 5 I V., V ' 'x Vs- r -,v in a? .: it- if .ft -4':'9t+'H-'-' VV iv V . .41 . . gil- -V Uq. . 1 f... is .i V .. , ,.... v... 4 .f , , 1. . . Y . " 'Q' V -5 M. W fu ' f7 "...,- f u- -W, u.3f.f,xl, u i2,,, V ,,, a:r, ,. ..,,,,.,,,f., 'U - . , V J ,, . V f t V- V . fV gf V , ,V ' i"' 1 ., V V' V . V ,V ' ,.t. whiz f1..7,gV :gffff V+,6,4V.-f Q 0 , V . . ,W ! . V. Uh TY .. F l ' . Vs .V t . ft 54 1 K ' ' X E5 V- V ' ' ' V 'f r , V Vs ' - gy Vf Q sr ' . NV, - V I V . .. ' .4 4 1 - 2, - . jf A , V 6 . . M , If . ., V. N V VN , A "jfs,-t ' ti Q-js . I U Q1 A H A I' 4, Q . "M V.Vf,34. . "W-A wuts. 'S ': '.., ., ,E W ' 1 7'-' .--, 'mf . -.W . VVVMVVV21vfaf-QV f - X V . , ' 'V M . V.. - , f ..1 ,V L n p. . I 1 44:72 Y .., . VMMVVWZ . . . f ' .,.. Q - . ..m.,,, V V -V V- . - ff'-ll V I V 'fv' Vv.'.- , V .--- H y, ,Vw 'W' X ' M ' ' ' -' I ' V40 , , " 'f 7 A 7. w i ,..V , 11:11 t' '1 " ' ' j f 5,..f"54V1-V',9IW1.''i j ' . ig- ' A 4 1 " Aly' 2 'V.-'- ' ' Nix' 2 -' M, - 5 jx ,J 35V5l'g, Y ,- V. Rf, 751. z 'fy f t vfawV,:4lw - .V ,. - - fi V ,V , . vw 1 f. ' 'V V M-t r .ff-4 V - 0 fftrir-X . M32 .193 I if . 5 .7 ' If -.53 Z'22'?'fg'l79 5'V5:flJf'V: 3'i:4 ' . It 'N 114'?'?J f1 V L- " 4, ,x,s,f :pw V-ff W. - N., V. ,A A., V , , - 2 . , HHN. , '.x., ff ' ' ' .I -W vi' as Syjvggsg T J,f.Q'ff',y' , fy H I " im I -V I .. .- fl! f-V ll xgfzia :Veg V M- Pffvz A i t YV ' 70 f' ' ' 1 ei. View V., , 'Vu' . ' . 1 ' --4 , L " ? Q V5 x yy ,Z 3 I, , ,vs Y . L iw' 1-P , 1.1 Q: VV f - - , . lv I - .. W? ' WMA f X- K, Z NW, V,-1... ,, . ff - -- . f f . -, , ' H' . 'Veer -X ,M J N. g 1 Ngwl t X , 43.3, 3 V, wk E, 1. bridge' i X f -2 in vw ' f . "t.,."w 4 ' F 2 . V Q V V' 5 . ., JWXZW ' E rf 'Qtr V V. .. .V V. "Q tm V ' .ew V V -.Q .. , K V . 1.52 ,- ., ". 1 fe- 5, N V - fr V, ,, 5 Q-:V ' my ,MV -fr' ,e X ...f ' ' 1' V Q '--- V- at Q. . . .,.. 9,1 . V .:,,, if a ji V I I' t V rw .Vg 5 , V' ,lic yi 96 -A , Vi , . f , , 4' MSN IKM' 1 V, is . V . Mews . -fs Q? V 'M 5 - . . - A . - - iii . . . Q, M- ,gg -V Q- 5 -5.2 Q ...Zu S ....,.W.t.Y..V..,.,,,... .. .,,,,,,,,,,,,, V I ' , 'L t trrr Q. at 5 'I WMW'W" wmwwmarw - . - ..., ."' V- V ,V M. XV s . V WW ft S W I ,.,' Q, wi-- YW " -Y,-.ff . JN ,- . :I 'l fl .. C 1 sw' ,, . VM t - X liewtffilfl WV t 5 X ' - , V .- .s , .X 1 ws' . V4 Top: Cheers for a great team Center: Boots and Lightning strike Bottom: Credit Blackmon with an assist Preacher Owen in Career Day Program BOUT NORTHWESTERN AT FAULKNER Coach Vann's red-hot Southerners grabbed old man iinx by the ear and tossed him for a big loss, when the Wildcats invaded Faulk- ner Field. Coming from behind a 7-O deficit, the Southerners took ad- vantage of a pass interception by Sonny Icrdan and Won in a Walk to the tune of 67-28. Phillips travelled ill yards to score on the first play following the interception and the Vann men could do no wrong for the rest of the game. CLOSE OKLAHOMA CITY SERIES WITH WIN Minus the Big lim Wade of by-gone days, the Oklahoma City Uni- versity Chiefs once again fell before the onrushing surge cf the little school in South Mississippi. The 27-20 victory registered by the Southerners marked the end of a series of games with the Sooner school, as Well as the end of intercollegiate fcotball for the Chiefsf' who announced they had dropped football soon after the Southern game. Standouts in the close-out game were Kauchick, Langford, and Arnold in the back slots and Blackmon, Ccggin, and Taylor up front. i- Right, First Row: "Legs" Landry, Tom LeGros. Second Row: Paul McCullough. Moose Musmeci. Third How: lim Owens, Ivan Rosamond. Fourth How: Ape Snell. Frankie Spruell. Filth Row: Lindy Stewart, David Lee Walker. Sixth How: Ken- neth Walker, Willis Wiles. Seventh Row: lack Williams, Houston Oakes. gn, 'R 1 Q ,4- E9 SOUTHERNERS LOSE CONFERENCE TITLE Woe! Woe! Woe! It was the Bulldogs' game all the way. Southern's potent offense was stopped on every play by a ready Louisiana Tech team that doped them before they started. The Vann defense hardly put up a good scrimmage for the title hungry Bayou Boys. The Southerners were willing to play for the title, but the Techsters were ready. The one bright spot for Pie was the brilliant de- fense work of Eddie Kauchick. LATE SOUTHERN UPRISING SCARES TIDE Four last quarter touchdowns by a never-say-die Southern team thrilled l5,00U fans that iammed Tus- caloosa stadium that Saturday, expecting to see the mighty roll to an easy victory. In the absence of Phillips and Spruell, ace passer Bobby Holmes turned Below: Spruell streaks for yardage Bottom: Coggin catches and continues -..FUUTB into a leg man in the fourth quarter and scored touch- downs on 95 and 82 yard runs. Lightning Brown made two more via the first down route with the as- sistance of I-folmes to Coggin passes. Final score: Tide 34: Southerners 26. CLIP CARDINALS FOR FINAL WIN Two things tell the story of the final game of the season with the Cardinals of the University of Louis- ville. One was breath-taking pass receiving of Cliff Coggin who foiled the efforts of a tough Cardinal team to prevent him from breaking a third national record for number of passes caught in one season. The other was the almost perfect line play of the Southern forward wall. The cheers for the pass that broke the record were also cheers for a great team and a great football year. Southern won the game, 26-2l. Below: Praise Allah! Block that point Bottom: Freshmen tend the Homecoming hr I-!LL BASKETBALL F iggif .,,- l ' .Ig "1 U . 1 ' 'T t lx.. it ' Q ,' ' 'K U X X I . .4 f I S l t I E A. T. Bishop, Carl Brockman, Iack Hill, Billy Allgood, lack Gallaqer. Wyatt Tunes Against Spring Hin FRESHMAN-STUDDED SQUAD IS GSC CHAMPS T 321 EDU212 51111 A - Floyd Year number one saw a new hardwood era begin for MSC 592 Pensacola Navy, . 48 Mississippi Southern. Coach Floyd made a flying start by bringing 4 572 S01-1lh9USl9l'1'1 4 L 47 to MSC its first Gulf States Conference basketball title and a right MSC ' giggiarflll ' A ' to enter the NIAB playoff, This first year record becomes even MSC Q 432 Southeastern, i A i 73 more impressive because of the fact that it was accomplished MSC V 56: TFOY Ala. TSGChGrS 51 with a predominately freshman squad and a starting team com- ' Hgugifitern La' ' posed of four first-year hoopsters. MSC f 55? Loyola 4 Q f ' 46 Big game of the year was played at Iackson at the request of MSC 52: S, L, I, . , . 64 the state legislation to decide "unofficial state championship." WSC 5416-,College - 46 S h v MSC 575 Northwestern 54 out ern Non over Delta State 50-39. MSC 52: Deha State 47 MSC 477 Loyola V . 41 THE CAGE RECORD msc c 58: La. Tech , . 64 MSC . 33yPensacola Navy 39 MSC , 607 Centenary . . , 57 MSC 567 La, College , 48 MSC 641 Troy Ala. Teachers 56 VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD First Row, left to right: W. Tullos, I, R. Carpenter, I. Gallagher, B, Kaiser, B, Zimmerman. Second Row: T, Pike, C. Brockman, B. Allgood, T, Bishop, A. Grimsley, Third Row: Coach Lee Floyd, I. Rosamond, I, Hill, E. Lang, K. Curtis. 7 . F' 'Q- so ' gfsf 'xox j l. ' t T X .W its arms Wt aa .Z U A 4 - z Q Q ' , I Souiherners dedicate Field House with win over Southeastern xi A K 33 . fd . V ' 4 r A K je xo e U ,fs W x X X . f do ,gf ,S R N , J e "1 Af 4 if X. X 1: 1 f J 1 5 W L do ff f , ' - - Y .A X-N 0'-x , - - " f, I 4 A . X057 N F X X I 4' H . L R H Q? J o f V :.,- f 1 f 4 ' . e Y , , H BILLY ALGOOD TOM BISHOP IAMES RAY CARPENTER JACK GALLAGHER HINDU REYNOLDS 143 , BASEBALL l X F12 l l .few - Q X. 5 , x ' ' ,ffl fs 1. 2 A' - if N 2 . . 1 f Q x fi Qilx- R r 4 x Sl Bottom. Left to Right: Bill Lee. RabbitWa1ters,Ioe Seymour, David Walker. Bill Baxter, and C. E. Halloway. Second Row: George Kelly, Wayne Iackson, Ed, Langford, Muss Freeman, Hopkins Phillips, Reese Sn ell, I. W. Herrington and Hop Stevens. Third Row: lack Quinn, Bubber Kaiser. Billy Williams. H. L, Ieffcoai, Charles Cain, Tom LeGros and Cliff Coggin. Mississippi Southern's diamond squad wound up the l949 season with an average oi 5070. The base- ball men took twelve games, while dropping a like amount to the other members of the Gulf States Con- ference. Most oi the games in the win column were due to the pitching arms oi Cliff Coggin and Tom LeGros and the power hitting oi George Kelly, Hop Stevens and Eddie Langford. Returning lettermen to the '50 squad include Kelly, Stevens, Hop Phillips, Muss Freeman, Reese Snell, loe Seymour, Wayne lackson, LeGros, and Dave Walker. 1950 SCHEDULE Incomplete as of March 1, 1950 April l5 r- April 17 , . , , April l8 r , . April 22 .. April 29 May 5 May 6 , , May 9 , u 'Doubleheader are pending? Spring Hill' , . , . Mobile Southwestern Louisiana Lafayette Southeastern Louisiana Hattiesburg Loyola' , , , , , New Orleans Spring Hill , , , Hattiesburg Southeastern Louisiana Hattiesburg Southeastern Louisiana Hammond Loyola' . .,,,, r r . Hattiesburg tTwo games with Ole Miss in Laurel rf 4 af: ROD STEVENS DAVID WARD FIRST BOXING TEAM MAKES GOOD Making use of the facilities of a new sports arena, Mississippi South ern branched out into the field of intercollegiate boxing, Under the direc tion of Coach Perry Waldvogel, the fledgling mittmen moved right into the big time, Local boxers, competing for the first time on an inter collegiate basis had, going into a return match with McNeese Iunior Col lege, a record of three wins, two draws and one defeat, At this stage of the season, freshman Georgie Easterling, l35 pounds, was the lone fighter with an undefeated record, The eight man MSC squad defeated such teams as DePaul of Chicago, University of South Carolina, and a tearn from Louisiana State, SCHEDULE Mississippi Southern 4 5 North Texas S, T, C. Mississippi Southern 4 g McNeese College Mississippi Southern . 31f2g L, S. U, 'B' Squa ,, Mississippi Southern . 6 7 L, S, U, 'B' Squa Mississippi Southern . , 41f2f U. of Sou. Carolina 12 Mississippi Southern 51,25 De Paul University . 12 HD!! lbs at 3- 'TV' 'N , f if tum, 1 Bottom, Left to Right: David Ward, Rod Stevens, and George Easterling. Second Row: Clyde McGee, Tony Rouchon and Iohn D'1-Kntoni. Back Row: Coach Perry Waldvogel, Ioel Foshee and Capt. Ed. Kelson. Ed. Kelson Georgie Easterlinq Tony Rouchon Ioel Foshee ..e....aWx fi' 'NJ ff, Ht' 145 sp, ff- Tmtllfil -BUXING , ff rw I TENNIS With eight new courts prepared for use the 1950 MSC tennis direction of Coach Wilbur Carr, Lettermen Charles Duffy, lack team is preparing for a great year, Four returning lettermen and Mangin, Stanley Bessey and Armand Prentiss compose the veterans. three newcomers make up the team that is working out under the Left to Right: Mr, Wilbur L. Carr, Toxie Luckey, lack Mangin, Stanley Bessey, Armand Prentiss, Iim Pace, Fred Minini Vg, , Q, 'I " 5 1 K' s itil Us Wx QQ K fl' K t "' X ' . . -' ' ' ' - 121. lb 05 4 'tg '59 rf c' A 1 -:gg . Fl 64 I, E, I af., sake RA , -a.,,. , . V -1 . f' , -I . hwprr A . . , ,h , .1 - -9' 'EF' ,wtfimag wa. LQ I ' " ',L-'.i- .mmf ,af ..... Left to Right: lack McCurley, Martin Clapp, Warren Nations, Orville Musser, Dean Noblitt Runners-up in the Gulf States Conference tournament played in Most consistent winner for the Southern team was Emmett Gor- Mobile heads the list of accomplishments registered by the local . th N . l d 2 t held d bl b linksmen tor the l949 season. The MSC men split with the winning don' although e O an SPO S were own G Y Y Spring Hill club in their two matches during the regular campaign, Iames Stubbs and Ed. Musser. but tell short in the play olf. 146 STATE A. A. U. CHAMPS Below GIRLS SWIMMING TEAM Lett to Right Betty Lou Coston, Nell Buckley. Norma Harrington, Dot Kemper, Meg Holmes. Bottom BOYS SWIMMING TEAM Lett to Right Paulo Saboyo, Paxton Rawls, Louis Ferguson, Buddy Woods, Gene Hart. 2.3551 . M,,,,,M , , Vi 5-I 5 Y, yi t-Sfqw XA, Ml' Q ' . i Xx5lNXK'i-'nt I , I X .,.. , bk K S ,, fi, ,E '-s ,, ,::f .f. -H--2' .., . R " .k ..,..., If ff X 4' . . ' , Q 'V 5 N ,Y 4 I , ,-. V ., . 2 ' X, S " N- S' we A '- 1 M.: f-ww? , , RQ! xx ga it 4.2, si The Southern Swimmers, paced by the brilliant Brazilian, Saboya, more than made their splash in state competition last Summer by finishing in the runner-up spot for the second successive year in the men's division and the championship spot in the womens division of the state-wide Mississippi A.A.U. meet, Coach Waldvogel's Waders hold two decisions over the Jackson Flying Fish Club of Jackson in dual meets, Saboya brought home the individual high point trophy for men, with a total ot sixteen markers for the two-day meet. SWIMMING INTHAMUHALS AT SUUTHEHN iii J,-f ,,.,. .f nt, 1 Ziff!!! eb' ' . 4.5 .1 ,. .,.1..-1 X X' . Left to Right: Keel. Tennis: Co il Burners BOYS INTRAMURAL CHAMPS Paulo Saboyo, Paxton Rawls, Swimming: Don Noblitt, Golf: Murray Norris Faggard, Forrest County Softball Team: Clinton Sullivan, Shelby basketball team: Ivan Rosamond, Diving: Ed Simpson, Forrest County Hall Football Team. Under the smooth direction of Mr. Wilbur Carr and his able graduate assistant, Ed, Simpson, Southern's intramural sports de- partment has become one of the finest and most comprehensive in the Southr The program has offered the opportunity for voluntary sports activity to several hundred of the general student body, exclusive of the varsity squads. Based around the three seasonal sports-touch football, basket- ball and softball-the intramural program also includes tennis, vol' leyball, boxing, swimming, water polo, badminton and ping pong. The schedule is so arranged that one of these sports is being played year round. Various awards are given the individual and team winners of GIRLS INTRAMURAL CHAMPS Lett to Right: Sonya Iordan, Diving: Mamie Pittman, Golf: Pete Prescott, Hattiesburg Hall Softball Team: Nell Buckley, Swimming: Merla Roberson, Mississippi Hall Basketball Team. the different games. The intramural football trophy went to Kappa Alpha fraternity this year, as did the volleyball award. Kappa Sigma captured the fraternity and intramural basketball trophies and also the water polo cup. Team boxing honors went to "the Rock" fStaclium Dorml, with Kappa Sigma a close runner-up. Women's intramurals are directed by Miss Angeline Watkins of the Health and Physical Education Department under the sponsor- ship of the Women's Athletic Association. The women's program includes basketball, softball, tennis, swimming, badminton and speedball. ln all events, and with all participants, gocd conduct and sports- manship are required in the Southern intramural sports program. BATHING BEAUTIES Left to Right: Patsy Baker, Beryl Harkey, Ernestine Ford, Betty Langson, Helen Hall, Ann Phillips, Sonya Iordan, Katherine Iohnson, Annie Lou Sykes, Goldie Daughdrill, Tommye Morris. Louise Sims, Billie Shotts, Kay Gough, Merle Stubhlefield Katherine Runnels, Imogene Bradshaw, Verna Stewart. , X Q 3 :fi i 7, N K 5 if L Y, ' I Q t l ' N Q lr 1: K. t ll . 1 li,-i"'r,, -el X A . , 'f 1' ' P r- it 'L ' ' g , v as in. a-lui 47, ,y 1 4. :Qui "' 1511 . . I 3 I --ii bkkii Sv -li Q 1 fax f! fr ,M w .IM J Jlllll i i I. s Z U ri 1- g s I A ! l , w v X l S Fw X V 4- ,. x r, X fav!! ., , z HI .. fx R1 N5- f , , f 5 5. ,ff X .- fc If. f 7-,,.,,4. . .f ., ,g4.,.g-y, -.. swf, ---,X ' J A 4 NM 4..3g.'4'sw',yaLZm My .Q Wig", M 4' "bf "' ',.l'7H- -- - xhwf-f.,x4, yy, .WMA ,HY-KM, , 'Q-4 V M, i24r1b"5Y'yLAM5i.z?Via. G. '4 M ' 'H' if - N X... M x x D ., 5,,,LXi7y1 ,Q ,V , -m."':E5?f:"EI'iiZ,: -: YW Q ' -V7 W A ' Q"u3f.,Qpf,N,i211j Ji' 1 w ,W M4 , ry . ., M., f ,?es.,,. , Nw f N 'NX 4- YR .-Q .,.. ., XR ., V 'E ,f K I mf X, 1 x , X Q 55, f 4 f X 4 f 4 x ' if X W Wiz , , f 'if Q 'A M ' 1 'W f f A. ' 4 -J-' x 1 Mififzf 0, IHZE 'rw W Ill -H4 l fiitl .Q J? ww 1 4 , , fx. Q 4 E51 W. H L+ N, ax .X 'Ze :A '1 xxdqmw 'R 1 H, W. f 1 g wif S47 RW wff N, K X x . -Q A QQ Qs X f QSC? : S g S 2 xg z Sui ff Y. - -'frflffis K IM Y 'Ulf LAN mv! , f ,K 0 9 JSP? , if f - 5. f ,. xg. ls, . 34,- .ya it 9 I I Y 3 4- 11.- fl: ., F , ,I L3 'F' fr I vu J www" , . - A ' w A ,X ,, g' V ' 11. Riff ? Y , A-A .412-z. f Q53 Q' ' A 1 V AX 4' ..,, ' ' L' m . vw iff Q W6 M1 , :ww off A 17? ff' f J ff Q 'ff , , f, , ,yum , 'yyfylj ,M f W ff, 410 fg www ' ,W ,..-nj Qu mm qw, ,, , XX fi! , if M .,"' , I b l. , 5 5-V 'LN f ' 1 J I+ A V Q WHY, ,L I V lfflx lfgvs A 33854. 1 wi 1 Y. ffm , ml. I, ,. in my MQ' ml? V , " ' 2 Mvvwiaiiu f A -va, 4,5 2 Q I iw' b j,,,S1 Sv , Q vw ' n e , ' 1 ' . 1 v ii!! ff Q -fig Y 6 ,ef A h Q X' 1. M w J use Z ' ,.. , Ili M ln- PI Rl IDI Fll.1DIl1I'J ,,,, Ml .- j X5 9' A ., 5 X V A ,v ! L'-N Q 3, "' fy 'W-'-'12 , ,V .F 5 ,ETH ,mt -41 Ig 435, in , aww ft b my ullzw? Qu' ,Ju sp, Q x S It ' 'Ag if 3 . 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' an ' 'fl-. aff' A .- 1 .' ff iff' ' ff . ' , 14' 9 ' -fy, ' " ' fl' ff , F ,-I 6 + fx 3 :tj N, I an ig, :I gl. gg. , ,J s if 'QQ ,Jai 7 .:.:: Q Q , " , . ,, -' Q0 Q , " 1 Q. , f'?Q5' W A ' "" ,s,,1-an . vv.: J' L' '- X f Zi i an I 3 Q' V i '34 ,Q 'Q ig f 9 ,, K3 -H? K If ' ,M ff VA - ,.,:h fi ,aw v ., X xy' , Q N ?': A'V,' I 9 2 5 M 3 , A W' Q ,1 V-QA.--'A ' - , Q 'fb , 1 1 f fl wg, " i 5 Q.. ' is Q , ,, it Q 0 , ' 'K V E 35 Sw Q SW QS' "' ZW, 21 , 1 gf nf . ' 1 x 'K . ' " ' A ,X av Mm'A,t,.A EQ VT I WZ QI' ,MSS w mx g Q A 3 gwk ,JV -,Q , 1, Id I I 15 I, 1 fi , may O Li fi' ligymfbii 'i ,- yn,-Q 641-' Vi' ' ' 0 'A K by -16 ,,' 1 "3 ' . - 27. H 5 'fm :fi 14+ 4 , I f, bawwi 25, Jas ivy? 4 j,14'I ,rig A5 !f.,Qi ff, . Q , gi, . Q ' AS!" gait? I X gf is 4' -f wsu, X' ' I . 5 gag: 4.a'.'5'r , fav .ar ,, 9 Q .fa f fc ig.-'ff Ty W' fx' ' 4 f ' Azigvl. 'I ,. Q, ., Af I ,,,',,,g ,A .. fp, , 131- 'Q' vfhatza , 1' 'Sw , -, 4 Qs' ybeyfqf . I x QQ' fb, . 4 Q vga? in "5 'QQ xfi- 3 My fl xi ,, , 'wc x xii , M' Nm as Q W wr.: , -ami 8,13 Y -, , ' - . -' .. .Q V., - Q S ' 8 1 , Q, , "A f J , , , . f f 4 I I 3, ,, A QQ iw 53 1 V3 A l K , 5 , ,N ,A swf , 1 . f ' Q' Ki- . K W if' 'V ,WHA 1 Rug," mf ., 5 x 3 Z .. f , Q x , i . Q .is va X nw , in 4 ' W 91 Q ii ' ' .,,,. X .wh A .,f, f A I 5 Q Y 'wif ' ,, M X , , , ,K , , , .W Q A , ' . ,' . , + A f I L mf - , - sr , 3 an V ff, ,.,, , , imgxx 3 3 ,A g,g,,yv,,gl -a , FS ,fbweii 51 if niuixis uw "' ' Mui' A .wal is . SERVICE OFFICERS WOODIE D. cook , . . LEWIS WEEE . ED SCHMELLING , DON BERRY . . DR. R. O. LOWREY PI TAU . President Vice-President , Secretary . Treasurer . . Advisor First Row, Lett to Bight: Dr. R. G. Lowrey, Ed Schmelling, Lewis Webb, Woodie D. Cook, Don Berry, Dr. Fred Walker, Mr. I. T. Palmer. Second Row: lim Vincent, Tom Bhea Phillips, Iames Parker, Lavon Hollis, Bill Sykes, Mark Grimes, Bill Taylor, Tom Was- son, Bobby Clement, Marvin Miller, and Willie Pugh. Not Pictured: Gordon Black, Ben Briggs, Aubrey lohnson, Dr. B. A. McLemore, Dr. H. A. Shands, Dr. H. V. Vinnedge and Mr, Moran Pope. Q- Organized in 1942 for the purpose of recognizing young men who are outstanding in all phases ot college activities . . . its members have made notable achievements in such fields as scholarship, athletics, leadership, and extra-curricula activities . . . limited to a small percent ot total male students and fac- ulty members. 162 First Row, Left to Right: lerome Drane, Mrs. Annabel Col- P I lins, Norma Shedd, Dottie Erle Kirkpatrick, Margaret Tims, Overton A. Currie. Second Row: Dr. R. G. Lowrey, Dan Lindsey, Dr. R. C. Cook, lames Crosby, Marvin Miller, Winthrop McGraw, Lewis Webb. Those not in Picture: Richard lohnson, Letha Krohn, Olive Roy Gibson, lean Smith. Q- Established at University of Mississippi in 1925 , . . Missis- sippi Southern chapter established March 31, 1949 . . . first chapter to be added under the nationalization ot the organ- ization . . . requires 7070 "A's" for 90 quarter hours work as minimum standard for membership . . . ideals are loyalty, purity, and learning . . . colors are white and deep blue . . . flower is the white rose. Kill Pll Pl OFFICERS IEROME DRANE President DAN LINDSEY . Vice-President DICK ICHNSON , Secretary-Treasurer VVINTHRCP MCGRAW . Reporter l QI 163 -----l-- SCHOLARSHIP ATHLETICS tx" ,i xr 'FV AJ 7 ' tw ,. 2' iff? ' t ef F v, '3' ' 1 . f' , - 4 ., 59' V' A ,V gf ,. gi, 2 is if 3 . l A ' 55, 1 A Z! 4 L 9 I 5. I 3 OFFICERS Seated, Left to Bight: Frank Spruell, Beese Snell, Tom Le- FRANK SPRUELL , President Gros' hm Gwen' TOM l-QGROS Vifepfesidem Standing, Second Row: Ed. Langford, Brew Bhyne, Muss Rgggg SNELL , Secretary Freeman, David Walker, Morris Brown, Phil Musmeci, Bazor UM OWEN y Treasum Sharpe, Melvin Phillips, Eddie Simpson. Standing, Third Row: Hopkins Phillips, Cal Butler, Pete Kelley, Doug Taylor, Henry Beynolds, lack Ienevein, Chuck Borde, lim Cochran, Armand Prentiss. 0 Composed of men Who have earned a letter in one of the ina- jor varsity sports . . . meets weekly and sponsors various speakers and forums designed to give future athletic directors a proper background in the fundamental rules and regula- tions of the sports world . . . sponsors regular social activities f f , , E L II B for both members and the general student body. 1 1 I 164 First Row, Left to Right: Reese l-lelmer, Sr., Ioe Collins, Daniel Lindsey, Iarnes H. Crosby, George lshee. I-lLPHI-l Second Row: lames Kirby, Harry Marsinkus, Edwin Baker, Sam B Tidwell, Charles Rowzee, Gilbert Dulaney, William Poole, W. D. Noblitt, lack Early, Robert Hesson. Not Pictured: Eugene Dearman, Harry Ross, Ioseph Aikens, Willie Pugh. OFFICERS 0- DANIEL F, LINDSEY , President IAMES I-l. CROSBY Vice-President To act as a medium between Certified Public Accountants, ICE COLLINS ' Secretary instructors and students interested in the study or profession HARRY MARSINKUS Reporter of accountancy . . . to develop high moral, scholastic, and ROBERT W. HESSON Student Council Repr- professional standards . . . to foster the ideal of service as the SAM B. TIDWELL . . Sponsor basis of the accounting profession . . . membership consists of students majoring in accounting With average in account- CONSULTANTS ing of "B" . . . candidates required to pass an examination O- D- EMERSON' CPA' ' ' Accounting in accounting theory, practice, and business law . . . installed OVERTON A. CURRH3, LLB- Business Law O1'1ld1'1LlE1I'Y 26, l948. I, A. GREENE , Commerce it 165 ACCOUNTING ART 1--------- -1, P3-573' 'i .LV EDDIE SCHMELLING lAN SLATTERY ALPHA TURNER OCWYN BEARD MR. WALTER LOK KAPP OFFICERS President Vice-President AP Secretary Treasurer Sponsor I .-,,, First Row, Lett to Right: Ed Schmellinq, lan Slattery, Alpha Turner, O'GWyn Beard, and Mr. Walter Lok. A Second Row: Iohneen inqersol, Arnorita Gordon, Pete Krohn, Walter Groeclci, Warren Dennis, Mildred Smith, Emma lean Bradshaw, and Mary Bradley. Q- i-lonorary art fraternity installed at Mississippi Southern in the sprinq of 1949 . . . membership limited to students who have made outstanding contributions to the art depar.ment ot Mississippi Southern . . . purpose: to further the interest ot students excellinq in artwork . . . to provide a forum tor the discussion ot artistic trends and forms and to promote a qen- eral interest in the progress ot modern art. 166 First Row, Left to Right: Myrna Reynolds, Hester Rhodes, Emily Mitchell, Gertrude Crit-ford, Ruth Ann Butler, W. B. Harlan. Second Row: Frances Buckley, Pauline Rawlings, Blonzelle Horton, Ida Mae Pieratt, Maniel Cochran, Paul Shirley, Bobbie Rogers, lean Gray, Bobbie Sigrest, Cecil Harper. Q- A National Business Education Fraternity for teachers of busi- ness and Commerce . . . formed for the purpose of encourag- ing scholarship, leadership, and high ethical standards in teaching and in business . . . confined to juniors and seniors majoring in business education who meet high scholarship requirements. PI UIVIEEI-l OFFICERS MYRNA REYNoLDs EMILY MITCHELL HESTER RHoDEs . QERTRUDE o1FFoRD W. B. HARLAN Pl . President Vicefpresident , Reporter Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 167 COMMERCE OFFICERS IOE BLAIR . , , , . . President EMILY MITCHELL . . . Secretary TACK EARLY , . . Treasurer JOE COLLINS , . Student Council Repr. MR. W. B. I-IARLAN Sponsor CUIVIIVIEHUE SUUIETY First Row, Left to Right: Lucille Young, Elizabeth Smith, Mr. W. B. Harlan, Emily Mitchell, loe Blair, Gilbert Dulaney, lack Early, loe Collins, and luanese Speights. Second Row: Hayward Anderson, Cecil Harper, Fred Wil- son, Bobbie Rogers, George Craft, Nevie Ethridge, W. D. Chapman, Carl Smith, Myrna Reynolds, Dorothy Lewis, Dan Lindsey. Third Row: lake Cantwell, Thomas Kern, Ernest Kitchens, Manuel Cochran, David Brock, Harold Cockrell, loe Green, Albert Lomas, Edward McCaleb, Reese Helmer, lehu Brab- bam, Robert Dans-by, Ioseph Hinton. Fourth Row: Floyd Bailey, Cecil Welsh, Doyle Downs, Dan Hitt, Gaston Corley. 4- To promote interest in the business and professional world and the study of commerce . . . to encourage a social spirit by offering frequent social functions . . . to familarize the stu- dent with modern progressive business methods and systems . . . to create more interest in and understanding of business occupations , . . to develop competent, aggressive business leadership . . . meetings are held monthly. 168 First Row, Left to Right: Edith Smith, lustine Curtis, Zan Skelton, Betty lean Srnith, Kathryn Blair, and Miss lane MC- Grruder. Second Row: Richard Norman, Leo Clark, loe Barich, O'GWynn Beard, Reese l-lelmer, lr., Ered Yaconetti, Howard Wilson, and Mr. lohn Wills. Q- National honorary dramatic fraternity, election to which is gained by earning points in acting, backstage Work, and any related dramatic work . . . installed at Mississippi Southern in spring, l949 . . . purpose: to further the interests oi drama- tics . . . to develop an appreciation of dramatic art . , . and to provide a society ior the recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of college dramatics . . . 230 col- lege chapters. ALPHA PSI UIVIEEA OFFICERS IUSTINE CURTIS , Director and Stage Manager BETTY IEAN SMITH Business Manager EDITH SMITH Reporter X 1555: ,M !n?xm, 169 DRAMA FORENSIC OFFICERS TOMMY WOOD . , , President DALTON B, BUBCH, IB, . . Vice-President BETTY IEANNE SMITH . . Secretary-Treasurer Pl KAPPA DELTA First Row. Lett to Bight: Tommy Wood, Dr. W. H. Sumrall, Dr. B. C. Cook, Dr. B. A. McLemore, and Miss Marvelle Mc- Millan. Second Row: Dalton Burch, Lytle Roberts, Dr. I. D. Welsch, Mr. Iohn Wills, Bishop Barker and loyce Barrett. Not Pictured: Betty Ieanne Smith, loe Davis, David Mc- Clamrock and Frank Barber. 0 National Honorary Forensic Society . . . Founded for the pur- pose of stimulating interest in inter-collegiate oratory and debating . . . limited to those students who have represented their college in speech performances and debates . , . Delta chapter organized at Mississippi Southern in spring of 1949 . . . founded in l9l2 . . . colors: cherry red and White. 170 First Row. Left to Right: lim Wright, Wesley Pikes, Lewis Webb, Mr. Orval Phillips, Henry Iones and George Sistrunk. Second Row: Eva Nell Hunter, Phil Slade, Bud McCeary, E. C. Stanford, Iohn Grant, George Holitield and Lois Wright. Not Pictured: Iames Parker, Miss Virginia Felder, Wright W. Cross, and Lois Wright. -Q- Motto: "To develop an appreciation for the beauty oi mathe- matics' '... installed at Mississippi Southern in May, I949 . . . object: to further the interests of mathematics . . . to help the undergraduate realize the important role that mathematics has played in the development of western civilization . . . to develop an appreciation ot the power and beauty possessed by mathematics . . . and to provide a society tor the recog- nition of outstanding students in the field of mathematics . . . colors: rose-pink and silver . . . flower: wild rose. KAPP1-I MU EPSILUN OFFICERS LEWIS WEBB President IAMES PARKER Vice4President IAMES WRIGHT Secretary HENRY IONES Reporter and Histori n MISS VIRGINIA FELDER Corresponding Secretary ORVAL L. PHILLIPS Faculty Sponsor xr it 171 'Athi MATHEMATICS ta. PRE-MED - - - '37 OFFICERS DONALD BERRY ..,,..,, President REX HULSEY . MALONE BRYANT LAMAR GILLESPIE DICK MCCARTHY CHARLES REEDY LENA COLE DR. I, F, WALKER , , Vice-President , , . Treasurer . . Historian and Reporter Student Council Repr. Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary , , . ,Advisor ALPHA EPSILUN DELTA Back Row, Left to Right: Price, Smith, Myers, McKensie, Kelly, Swinney, McGhee. Middle Row: Sheppard, Black, Wood, Ammons, Dillard, Moran. Front Row: Ward, Walker, Berry, Hulsey, Bryant, Gillespie, McCarthy. No Picture: Lena Mae Cole, Lamar Gillespie, Flora Mae Shep- pard, loseph McGehee, Gordon Black, Donald Berry, Rex Hulsey, Billy Ray Ammons, Charles Reedy. Associate Members: lames Price, Carl Smith, Hulon Myers, limmy lVlcKensie, Charles Kelly, lean Swinney, Tommy Wood, Austin Moron, Wilmer Dillard. Q- To encourage excellence in pre-medical Work by furnishing a goal toward which the medical student may strive . . . to promote fellowship among similarly interested students . . . to aid in bridging the gap between the spirit oi pre-medical school and the school ot medicine . . . installed on October 23, 1948. 172 Left to Bight: Mr. loseph Huck, Miss lean Keck, Mr. Lloyd Patten, Miss Mary Stuart Harmon, Miss Elizabeth Bustin Marvin Miller, Annabelle Collins, Barbara Ross, Miss Forrest Delano, Miss Helen Ianet McDonald, Mrs. Mary Poe Baylis, and Mr. Frank Earl Marsh, lr. Q- National Honorary Music Society . . . Founded at Northwest- ern University, May 17, 1918 . . . Alpha Zeta Chapter installed at Mississippi Southern on May l6, l949 by President Gen- eral, Dr. Earl V. Moore, Dean ot the University oi Michigan School of Music . . . open to those seniors Whose average in all subjects ranks among the upper one-fifth ot the class, any junior Whose average ranks him among the upper one-tenth, and any candidate tor an advanced degree in music who has made an honorable record . . . twenty-nine active chapters in the United States. 173 ff I :rf Q.,'7 .'l""iCHEMISTRY I I it tl 1 ! i , 1 ll l L orrrcrzas l LEWIS VVEBB . . THOMAS SISTRUNK .,,, DOROTHY ERLE KIRKPATRICK PHIL SLADE , . , MR. O. V, AUSTIN . . DR, E, E. LANE, IR, . , is ,t L 1 T 'L STUDENT AFFILIATES ,E 1 AMERICAN CHEMICAL , SUCIETY President Vice-President , Secretary . Treasurer . . Sponsor , Sponsor First Row, Lett to Right: lames Parker, Abbe Hammond, Phil Slade, Lewis Webb, Thomas Sistrunk, George Dawkins, Dewey W. Gibson. Second Row: Dr. C. E. Lane, Ir., Iohn Lewis, Alex Currie, Phil Turner, lames Stanley, Hulon Austin, I. L. Kittrel, and Mr. O. V. Austin. Not Pictured: Dorothy Erie Kirkpatrick, Geraldine Smith, Bill Urey, lohnnyilaawrence, Lamar Gallespy, Iohn York. 3 lnstalled at Mississippi Southern on April 6, 1949 . . . pur- pose: To encourage in the broadest and most liberal manner the advancement ot chemistry in all its branches . . . the en- couragement of high schclastic achievements . . . and to acquaint the students with modern chemistry . . . sixteen charter members. I74 First Row, Lett to Bight: lim Vincent, Bill Taylor, Ann Lewis, Dr. T. H. Davis. Second Row: Aubrey Weil, Arvis Cumbest, Elwood Carpen- ter, Balph Kalusche, Lavon Hollis, Bobby lennings, Ben Briggs, lr. Not Pictured: lim Cochran, lohn Edwards, Francis Cfuidry, Wallace Keen, David McClarnroclc, Travis Myers, Lyle Page, lack Bobinson, Floyd Sullivan, Bob Hudson, lames Harris, Bill Netterville, and Dr. H. A. Shands. Q- Organized on the campus in September, l946 . . . dedicated to the interest of the future lawyers oi Mississippi . . . asso- ciation of all pre-law students along legal lines . . . monthly dinners given at which time outstanding lawyers speak on phases of law and the various courts. 3 175 PHE-LEGAL FUHUIVI OFFICERS IIM VINCENT , HM COCHBAN . ANN LEWIS BILL TAYLOR . DAVID MCCLAMBOCK BEN BRIGGS . DB. H. A. Sl-IANDS DB, I. T, DAVIS 55555 it get . X X' :P President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Publicity Manager Student Council Bepr. Advisor Advisor Kg f 5 2 2 sg! Q l fl s 3 X , ' is Q ln ff ,MA 1 C Q ' . it f yr P R E - L A W EDUCATION Xslff OFFICERS ANN STEVENS , President PEARL l-IARWELL , Vice-President MRS, FLOY STEWART . Secretary-Treasurer EMMA IEAN ERADSHAW . , Reporter EMMA IEAN BRADSHAVV Student Council Repr. MISS EMILY IONES . Sponsor ELEMENTARY EUUNEIL - if l ,ff hw if it First Row, Left to Right: Ann Stevens, Pearl Harwell, Emma lean Bradshaw, Mrs. Floy Stewart and Miss Emily lones. Second Row: Elsie Reynolds, Laverne Wings, Carolyn Hemphill, Tommy Rigdon, loan Darville, Maurice Bonnar, Carol loy Mobley, Loraine Kelley, Virginia lones, Mrs. Ara- dale, Myrtle Fikes, and Betty Mae Rushing. Q- t, Composed of students expecting to teach in the elementary grades . . . Purpose: To further the cause of elementary edu- cation and to establish a close bond of friendship among its members . . . a student branch of the National Association for Childhood Education . . . outside educators are brought in for lectures and forum discussions . . . sponsors such proj- ects as the sale of Christmas seals for the benefit of the tuberculosis fund. 176 First Row, Left to Right: Helen Lee, Emily Mitchell, l. D. Lott, Delbert Copeland, Lula Dell Fancher, Eva Nell Hunter, D1. Pattie S. Dowell, Adalaid Page. Second Row: Betty Mae Rushing, Faye Ford, Estelle Gifford, Gertrude Gifford, Vonciel Bennett, Virginia Tierce, Sybil Harris, Bradford lackson, l. G. Odom, Mrs. Dahlia Boone, Pauline Lawrence, Emma lean Bradshaw, Narvelle Crum, Edgar Page. Not Pictured: Iesse Blulock, Herschel Blulock, Bobby Darvell, Kenneth Cranford, Dan Breeland, lames Kuyrkendall, Royce Henderson, Hoyt Walley, Billie Murray. -3 To interest the best young men and Women in education as a life-long career . . . to acquaint teachers in training with the history, ethics, and program of the organized teaching pro- fession . . . to give future teachers practical experience in working together in a democratic way . . . to develop among young people an organization which shall be an integral part of state and national education associations . . . organized in 1946 . . . received national charter December ll, 1946 . . . local chapter named in honor of George G. Hurst, a former professor at M.S.C. 177 FUTURE TEACHERS UE 1-lNlEHlEll EMILY MITCHELL , I. D. LOTT . . . DELBERT COPELAND EVA NELL HUNTER LULA DELL FANCHER BRADFORD IACKSON . President , Vice-President , Secretary-Treasurer . , , Reporter Student Cc-uncil Repr. Distribution Manager EDUCATION SOCIAL SCIENCE OFFICERS lDA KATE SMlTH President DOROTHY EBLF KIRKPATRICK Vice-President IULIA MCHANN A , Secretary MATTIE SUE GORDON Treasurer SALLY BODMFN Reporter BETTY DUKFS S'udent Council Repr. HUIVIE EU. CLUB - QA-1 First Row, Left to Bightt Martha Gordon, Ann Lowery, Betsy Lowery, Dorothy Poore, Marlene Hubbard, Carolyn Lott, Beatrice Martin, Eudora Smith, Gloria Biehl, Faye Ford, Betty Ainsworth, Barbara lones, Sara Foun- tain. Second Row: Helen Ekes, lane Norman, Tlieda lohnson, Fay Lea, Helen Phillips, Miss Pearl Campbell, Mattie Sue Gordon, lulia McHann, Ann Bat- son, Ida Kate Srnith, Betty Dukes. Sally Bcdmen, Dctty Frle Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Nobie lones, lean Carter, Virginia Turner, Pat Pope, Miss Berthe Fritzsche, Mrs. Altra Gill. Third Row: Francis Hunter, Anita lane Davis, Lula Dell Fancher, lune Howell, Bessie Mae Phillips, Mrs. Della Boone, Doris Duncan, Aidlaide Page, Voriceil Bennett, Margaret Threadgill, Ann Lou Sykes, Betty Sue Breland, Katherine Pattridge, Beth Stewart, Miss Amelia Thompson, Fourth Row: iacgueline McCaa, Natalie Thiac, Kathleen Gillis, Mrs, Daisy Peirce, Adda Mae Howell, Martha Ann Fancher, Peggy Williams, Leatha Krohn, Ann McCormack, Rita Ellis Iirrtmie Simmons, Fay Magee, Miss Fan- nie Owings, Charlotte 'Meyers Fifth Row: Katherine Ftunnels, Charlene Robbins, Burnell Lewis, Edith McDonald loan Davis, Nancy Smith, Celeste Fortenberry, Barbara Ann Hutt, Sybil Harris, Virginia Dell Rawls, Margaret Tims, Annie Mae Biggner, Louise Burns. -3 To stimulate interest in the field of homernaking . . . to pro- mote a feeling of professional unity . . . affiliated with the American Home Economics Association and the Mississippi Home Economics Association . . . membership open to all home economics majors or students taking courses in home economics . . . founded in 1926 . . . one of the oldest organ- izations on the campus. 178 First Row. Left to Right: Clirnaeo Angel, Manuel Palidura, George Maras, Milton Gerhim and Newton Alvin. Sealed: Asucena, Dr, Pell, Robin Longre, lim Whitelaw, Edith Smith, Penny Stewart, Mr, Melvin Nydegger, and Carolyn Ruppel. Standlng, First Row: Angela Perez, Ulises Barrera, Ruby Williamson. lgnacia Chanez, Billy Iohnson, Raul Bandela, Ernest Iohnson, Charles Floyd, Hulon Myers, Rocho Ferro, Francisco Franco, Luis Mantero, Enrique Arro- spide, Benigno Alcides, Dora Bustamonte, Elvira Caroya. Standing, Last Row: Ignacio Chrestlieb, Iuvenal Alvin Netto, Nelson Silva, Franklin Barrientos, Alfredo Arcos, Ellis Cooper, Ahilio Fercero, Hector Ross, Gaston Gamera, Walter Claudio Gardalti, and Blanco Villanuevo, -Q Composed ot language students-French, Spanish, and Ger- man . . . programs include films, records, and talks on cul- ture, customs, literature and language of France, Spain, Ger- many, and Latin-American countries . . . meets every second and fourth Wednesday in South American Lounge . . . Win- ner of carrer day booth contest, Spring, 1949. IVIUDEHN LANGUAGE CLUB EDITH SMITH HM WHITELAW NANCY IACKSON ERNEST STRONG HELEN WELCH NANCY IACKSON MR, NYDEGGER DR. PELL . . President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Student Council Repr. , Reporter , Program Chairman , Sponsor Sponsor 179 Strata LANGUAGE PHYSICAL EDUCATION 1 'if ' 'M-1. 1 lv nut Q! ,Mx lsngiw , nn , T751 FQYJLQ XXX x X X 1 xx X OFFICERS PAUL FERGUSON BARBARA FLOWERS . NELL BUCKLEY EVERART LEE . VAN CORNEALISON PHYSICAL , President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Repr. EDUCATION CLUB XX First Row. Lett to Right: Dr. P. Davis, Carey Kelly, lames Kirlcendall, Merle Robinson, loe Blaylock, Barbara Dell Flowers, Edward Kauchick, Betty Lou Coston, Mike Kelson, Ed Kelson, Evelyn Kazar, Iohn D'Antoni, Tommie Morris, Sam Little, Second Row: Katherine Godbold, Richard Sansing, lean Loper, Allen Mangum, Barbara Warrington, Billy Williams, Gloria Algood, lames Brown, loyce Kendoll, Buddy Oliver, Dot Catchings, Eugene Hughes, Nell Buckley, Guida Rodgers, George Cronia, Patsy Edwards, Ed Simpson, Third Row: Emerson Hall, Monroe Lott, Bill Sykes, Malcolm Courtney, The-da Pearce, Robert Hughes, lris Poole, Dot Boyer, Warren Hutto, loyce McGill, lames Whatley, Nan Lee, Anne Ruth Willingham, Miss Angeline Watkins. Fourth Row: Frank Waites, lack Moore, Reese Snell, Dr. C, E. McCarver, Melvin Didier, Pat Smith, Toney Fikes, lack l-lill, Paul Ferguson, Henry Bankston, Paul Kilcullen, Van Cornealison, T, l. Tudury, Wayland Du Bose. -3 To foster closer personal relationships between physical edu- cation majors . . . to stimulate professional growth . . . to develop useful citizens for the home and community . . . open to all students majoring in this phase of education. 180 First Row, Lett to Right: Dot Catchings, Patsy Edwards, Eve- lyn Kazar, Iris Poole, Ioyce Kendoll, Theda Pearce, Iean Loper, Merle Robinson, Fredna Collins, Hilda Bearden, Ioyce McGill, Bonnie Herring, Betty Hickman. Second Row: Miss Angeline Watkins, Ouida Rodgers, Ruth Eillingham, Betty Lou Couston, Nell Buckley, Myrle Iones, Celeste Eortenberry, Katherine Godbold, Virginia Chaitin, Barbara Ann Hutt, Io Chafiin, Nan Lee, Mary Lou Buchanan, Barbara Dell Flowers, Doris Boyer, Miss Lerlene Lowery. -3 Stresses importance of sportsmanship . . . members try to live up to the standards of good conduct while participating in a sport as well as being a spectator . . . composed ot girls who are interested in athletics and recreation . . . sponsors basketball game with the women faculty members as op- ponents . . . organized during the tall oi 1948. IIVUIVIEN'S ATHLETIC I-ISS'N OFFICERS BETTY HICKMAN I BETTY LOU COSTON . MARY LOU BUCHANAN PAT MARTIN . NELL BUCKLEY , BARBARA FLOWERS MISS ANGELINE WATKINS MISS LERLENE LOWERY President , Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . Reporter Intramural Manager Sponsor Sponsor ISD! 181 ATHLETICS RELIGIOUS OFFICERS EVA NELL HUNTER MARTHA MAYFIELD MARIE BACKSTROM MARTHA GORDON IACK STRONG ROBIN LONGRE CHARLES DAWS DR, I. F, WALKER , MISS EMILY IONES DR. L. A. WILBER DR, H. B. VINNEDGE MRS, LENA Y. GOUGH MR. IOHN E. GONZALES MRS. MARY IO MAGEE MISS ERNESTINE THOMAE . President Vice-President , . Secretary , . Treasurer Reporter Historian Property Custodian Facuhy Facuhy Facuhy Pacuhy PacuMy Facuhy Facuhy Facuhy Advisor Advisor Advisor Advisor Advisor Advisor Advisor Advisor CHRISTIAN FEDEH1-ITIUN First Row, Left to Right: lack Strong, Marie Baclcstrom, Eva Nell Hunter, Martha Mayfield, Martha Gordon, Marie Fulton, Billy Bob Anderson. Second Row: Rev. Riley Munday, Maxine Hatcher, Ed. Mor- ren, Martha Ann Fancher, Billy Bond, Charles Dawes, and Dr. l. F. Walker. Third Row: Dr. Leon Wilber, Mrs. Leon Wilber, and Dr. H. B. Vinnedge. -9 Purpose: to bring about co-ordination and unity among all religious groups on the campus . . . to promote religious activities oi interest to all faiths . . . and to provide a society in which common problems to all denominations may be discussed . . . to serve as a planning committee for all campus religious activities . . . sponsors the annual religious emphasis week and supports the World Student Service Fund. 182 First Row, Lett to Bight: Kathleen Mason, Emily Mitchell, Betty McDonnieal, Amy Tindell, Thelma Holdeman. Second Row: lonnie Buth Perritt, Lula Dell Eancher, Mrs. E. V. Bridges, Bobbie Windham, Kathleen Brook, Tommie Morris. Third Row: Addie Mae Howell, Myrle Newton, Gloria To- lar, Eaye Ford, Billie lane Shotts, Betty Buth lones, Virginia Tierce, Billy Murray, lane Britt. Fourth Row: Billie loyce Williams, Betty Humphries, Mona Buth Rocker, Dot McLeod, Pearl Harwell, Linnie Buth Holli- tield, Marilyn Williams, Betty Lou Costin, Evelyn Mont- gomery. -3 To promote an interest in the church and its work among young women on the campus . . . a Baptist organization that seeks to train its members in the evangelical work ot the church . . . meetings are designed to offer spiritual enlighten- ment and to prepare women students tor an active part in all phases of church activity. CFFICERS BETTY MCDANNIEAL President EMILY MITCHELL . Vice-President BILLIE RUTH MUBRY Secretary LINNIE RUTH HOLIPIELD Treasurer LULA DELL FANCHEB Community Missions Chairman EUGENIA HOWELL . Pianist BlLLlE SHOTTS , Chorister 183 RELIGIOUS BAPTIST OFFICERS BOBBY KINGSBERRY . . President IOHN BOOZER , Vice-President BILLY MURRAY . . Secretary MARY TOM WILLIAMS . Reporter EMILY MITCHELL , . Student Council Representative MR. IOHN WILLS . , . . Advisor MR, RILEY MUNDAY , Student Secretary B.S.U. Firs Row, Left to Right: Lula Dell Fancher, Betty Humphreys, Billie Mur- ray, Mary Tom Williams, Buddy Oliver, Bob Kingsberry. Second Row: Fay Ford, Eva Nell Hunter, Emily Mitchell, Rev. Iohn E. Barnes, Rev. Cecil Lea, Mr, Bob Scovill, Third Row: Mr. Iohn Wills, Rev. Riley Mundy, Celeste Fortenberry, Bar- bara Ann Huff, Frances Rogers, Bobby Smith. Fourth Row: Adelaide Page, Linnie Ruth Hollifield, Sybil Harris, Dahlia Boone, Ruby Williamson, Kathryn Boswell, Filth Row: I. D. Odom, Patsy Munn, Willie Pugh, Floy Smith, Mark Hunter, Bobby Brent, Sixth Row: I. D. Lott, Estelle Gifford, Voncille Bennett, Virginia Tierce, Boyce Hawthorne, Leon Pickard, 1. Seventh Row: Eugenia Howell, Tommie Rigdon, Martha Ann Fancher, Eric Geiger, Bradford lackson. -i To promote spiritual development of students through Chris- tian comradeship, Bible study, prayer, church membership, and denominational loyalty . . . serves as a link between the individual Baptist students on the campus and the local churches . . . meets weekly in Science Annex . . . sponsors religious and social activities. 184 les Felkins, Carolyn Rupple and Lydia Downing. Standing: Mrs. lean Felkins, Mr. I. T. Palmer, Ermine Duck- Seated, Lett to Right: Robin Longre, Buddy Williams, Char- C A N T E R B U R Y Worth, Rev. R. A. Park, Lytle Roberts, and May Denton. 0 Organized group of Episcopal students on the campus . . . chartered on our campus in 1946 . . . Purpose: to serve the mission of Christianity in higher education by fostering among students oi this institution a better understanding ot the iaith and practice ot the Episcopal Church . . . attends Holy Communion twice a month as a body and represents Southern at a state-wide conference ot Canterbury Clubs. OFFICERS CHARLES FELKINS BUDDY WILLIAMS CAROLYN RUPPLE . , DR. TREADWELL DAVIS MR. 1. T, PALMER A THE REVEREND H. A, PARK KV" 185 President Vice-President etary-Treasurer , Co-Sponsor Co-Sponsor Chaplain EPISCOPALIAN CATHOLIC T OFFICERS First Row. Left to Right: Reverend lohn Robinson, William IAMES STARKS A V president Chinn, lanice Poythress, lames Starks, loanne Hendrix, Bob IANIS PoYTHREss . Vice-President Rieqerl' IOANNE HENDRICKS Secretary Second Row: Richard McCarthy, Helen Watson, Mike Ben- RICHARD STEWART A V I Treasurer nett, Eugenia Stevens, Aubey Weil. DAVID CHINN Corresponding Secrewy Third Row: Iimmy Martello, Bill Hodges, Pete Krohn, lack Billie, Norman Feehan, Mike Doherty. 4 To create a high degree of fellowship among Catholic stu- dents . . , to promote better understanding of teachings and N E A N practices of the Catholic church . . . organized i946 . . . mem- ber Newman Club Federation . . . meets twice monthly in C L U B Science Annex . . . religious and social meetings. 186 First Row, Left to Right: Iames Esterling, Iackie Backstrom, lean Templeton. Second Row: Esther Lee, Ina Womack, Helen Ray Davis, Virginia Davis. Third Row: Harold Nowell, Helen Phillips, Denson Napier, Martha Gordon. Fourth Row: Gilbert Lander, Rita lean Ellis, Anna Mae Bigner, Mary Boy- kin, Fifth Row: Kay Polk, Sara Baxter, loyce McGill, Marie Backstrom, Sixth Row: Ann Hutchins, Maxine Hatcher, Pauline Lawrence, Wilmer Dulard. Seventh Row: Hermes Hague, Gloria Biehl, Ieanne Charbonneau, Dilbert Copeland, Eighth Row: Rev. N. A. Dickson, Winfred Calhoun, Loraine Kelly, Corinne Lewis, Marie Fulton, -i Fellowship . . . deeper understanding of the Christian iaith . . . proclamation ot the gospel of Iesus Christ . . . meetings weekly in Science Hall "Upper Room' '... religious and social discussions and programs under the guiding hand of Rev. N. A. Dixon. 187 WESLEY FUUNDATIUN OFFICERS WINFRED CALHOUN . IEAN TEMPLETON BETTY AINSWORTH HERMES HAGUE , IAMES EASTERLING . INA WOMACK . . . IACQULINE BACKSTROM . IIMMY DELMAS . . . GLORIA BIEHL . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer , Reporter . Pianist . . Pianist Song Leader Song Leader METHODIST PRESBYTERIAN . 7 I , i ,. sf'!'?f". uw' 4 ' ,P Q ,I . Q7 ' Q ? . . sw l ff OFFICERS EDVVARD MORREN . President IOHN RUSS Vice-President SALLY Russ Secretary-Treasurer NANCY SMITH Reporter ED7NAPtD ALEXANDER CLPtRlE, IR. Student Council Representative REV, W1 W. MOORE . Sponso WESTIVIINSTEH FELLUWSHIP First Row, Lett to Right: Rev. W. W. Moore, Dr. W. W. Moore, Edward Alexander Currie, lr., Edward Morren, Iohn Russ, Sally Russ, Rev. W. H. Mclntosh. Second Row: Martha Mayfield, Laverne Wing, Sara lean Taylor, Velma Lou Lewis, Annie MacLewis, Nancy Smith, Iames L. Harrell, George W. lsrael, lda Kate Smith, Charles Dawes, Overton Anderson Currie, and Mrs. Overton Ander- son Currie. Not Pictured: Tommie L. Rigdon and Edmund C. Lingle. -Q 1 Organized in l946 tor all Presbyterian students . . . Campus organization ot the Southern Presbyterian Church . . . Mem- ber ot the state Westminster Eellowship Organization . . . Purpose: to bring together in worship and fellowship all Pres- byterian students and those interested in the Presbyterian Church . . . Represented Mississippi Southern at the State Westminster Fellowship Conference at Ole Miss, February lO-l2. 188 Back Row, Lett to Right: Winitred Calhoun, Robert Slack, Roy Raddin, Ray Raddin, Iimmie Delmas, George Yeager. Iames Nicholson, Howard Lips, Harold Nowell. Bottom Row: Cfilbert Lander, Winston Tanksley, Elven E. Fairchild, Ir., Edward Morren, Hollis Landrum, Ray ludge. -Q To promote the discussion of various religious problems . . . to help further Christian life on the college campus . . . mem- bership composed oi ministers and pre-ministerial students . . . all faiths represented . . . meets weekly in Science Hall Annex. MINISTEHIAL LEAGUE OFFICERS EDVVARD MORREN . . . President HOLLIS LANDRUM , . . Vice-President ELVEN E. FAIRCHILD, IR. , Secretaryflqreasurer PEYTON MOORE ...,. . . .Reporter 'WINSTON TA NKSLEY . Student Council Representative BILLY BOND . Student Christian Federation Repr. RAY IUDGE . , . Extension Chairman MINISTRY MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN COLLEGE STATION A, I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Member of: The American Associafion of CoIIeges The Soufhern Associa'rion of Colleges and Secondary Schools The American AssociaIion of Colleges for Teacher Educarion The Na'rionaI Associaiion of SchooIs of Music The American Council on EcIucaI'ion 0 LOCATION:.Mississippi Souihern College is in Ihe cenier oi Souih Mississippi, convenienrly Iocaied aImosI eguidisrani from Jackson, Meridian, GuIIporI and Mc- Comb. The buiidings are new, and modern in a beauIiIuI seiring, wiih pine Irees, wafer oaks, azaleas, cameIIiais, a sunken garden, and a 'rropical lagoon. COURSES OF INSTRUCTION: Courses Ieading Io The B.S. and BA. degrees and Ihe MA. degree in Educaiion and Ihe M.M. degree are offered. Courses are oT'Iered in Educarion of Teachers, Science and Marhemarics, I-Iome Economics, Speech and Dramaric Arrs, Geography and Geology, Music and Arr, Commerce and Business, Social Srudies, I-IeaI+h and Physical Educaiion, Languages, English, Journalism, Indus- IriaI Aris, Conservaiion and Naiure Srudy, Library Science,, Pre-Engineer ing, Pre-Medicine, and Medical Technician. OPPORTUNITIES FOR VETERANS: Courses Ior VeI'erans are avaiIabIe in aII oi Ihe college fields. A speciaI course in Ihe Operarion of a Small Business begins each IaII. Opporiuniries for making up high schooI unirs is given Io Veierans in 'rhe Demonsira- Irion School of Ihe College. RECREATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Concreie Iennis couris, a swimming pool, a nine-hoIe goIi course, a gymnasium, an air condiiioned Iibrary, Iours Io New OrIeans, deep sea fishing on The coasf, Ieciures and dances wiII be avaiIabIe Io siudenis dur- ing Ihe Spring and Summer Ouarrers. MEETING THE NEEDS OF TEACHERS AND SUPERINTENDENTS: Teachers work- ing on degrees may compIeIe sixieen weeks oi work by enrolling Ihe Iasr six weeks oi Ihe Spring Quarier and coniinuing Ihrough Ihe Summer Quarier. Courses in Ihe eIemenIary and secondary fields and Graduaie work wiII be ofiered Io boih Ieachers and adminisiraiors, A Reading Clinic and many oiher workshops and conierences wiII be heId during Ihe Summer Ouarier. CRO BY LU BER AN ANUFA TUBING COMPANY lllanufacturel-A and ?oreA tem crzossv, Mussnsswpu We recognize that the future of our Nation and also of our own business is dependent upon a program of conservation. Tree farming is Our Business, Your Business and Good Business. Wo yijafion, or pegion fliiereofq iff Sfrorzger fgan ifii lgesourcej ' C Z3 omlagmen fd of SANDERS INDUSTRIES ?Y3 QUAUTY ' ' ' VALUE ' ' ' SERWCE When in need of flowers or anyfhing in y fhe floral line, be sure and call us. ' POTTED PLANTS ' FUNERAL DESIGN IO? E. Pine Halliesburq 0 WEDDING DECORATIONS Phone 2990 0 USE OUR LAYAWAY AND FREE DELIVERY S ' CUT FLOWERS "The Slore You Tell ' SPRAYS Your Friends Abou?" ' WREATHS ,,,, T., ' ROSE BUSHES 'll ' 'Lil 0 AZALEAS -fiigige g i , - CAMELLIAS n 4 E 1 -1: L 4 sim Iii i1 Try Our Delicious jA7l'i5f SANDWICHES COMPLIMENTS Flowers for any and all Occasions THE ' FZIISEDS Phone l825 0 GOOD COFFEE 0 PROMPT SERVICE 8I9 l-larcly S+. l-lalliesburg, Miss. Cl Q "Across From Demon School" 3000 HARDY ST. PHONE 93l3 COMPLIMENTS OF FAULKNER CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY Your Friendly Ford DeaIer" BARRON MOTOR COMPANY Aufhorized S I S I'I dy SI Ph 268I I-I +I b g M pp W , , PEERLESS LAUNDRY g AND IHATTIESBIIRG, Miss MENS WEAR SAVE BY CASH AND CARRY I I4 Wesi Froni SI reef Phone 929 for Pick-up and DeIivery Convenienf Curb Service 4I2 Wesi Pine NATURAL GAS 360 .!4f!!Qll'lJOJl3 al!! COOKING - HEATING - WATER HEATING - REFRIGERATION WILLMUT GAS AND OIL COMPANY DOMESTIC - COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI GEIGER PRINTING COMPANY I DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS DODGE PASSENGER CARS ..Every+hing for ,the Office.. PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS Q Bldg. Ph 2588 4IO WCSI Pine Sir I HAIIIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI yay -... puffy Sriwv f ll? HDUTHFNF IIEAMIIK - -MREAM HATTIESBURG CREAMERY, LTD. COMPLIMENTS OE 7 wf,.f.wm Mfffffffppl SHELBY WHOLESALE GROCERY, INC. .il- Pause for Coke HATTIESBURG COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. HATTIAESBUR6, Miss. COMPLIMENTS OF CITIZENS BANK OF HATTIESBURG, MISS. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM COM PLIMENTS THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporalrion COMPLIMENTS OF THE MERCHANTS COMPANY OF MISSISSIPPI FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION or HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI IF YOU WANT . . . 0 ACTION 0 CONVENIENCE 0 ECONOMY In Your HOME LOAN I.eJr US Finance or ReFinance Your I-Iome NEW SAVINGS AND INVESTMENT ACCOUNTS INVITED 47, Dividends Paid Since Organizafion Organized Under Federal CI1ar'rer No. IOO DaIed OcIober 3I, I934 HUB CITY OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Everyihing For 1'I1e School and OFFice 2I8 WeSF Pine S+ree+ Phone 3380 COMPLIMENTS OF BEN SHEMPER "The GIH' SI'ore" FURNITURE STORE "The Couri' House Is Nex'r Io Us" COMPLETE HOUSEHOLD J E IC' FURNISHINGS I-IATTIESBURC5, MISSISSIPPI Telephone I847 Main S+fee+ QUALITY APPLIANCES COMPLIMENTS FOWLER OF BUTANE GAS co., INC. EVANSDRUMMGND I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI DRUG STORE I I3 Newman S+fee+ Phone 2362 PIIOHS 4' WHEN SHOPPING IN HATTIESBURC5 MAKE PENNEY'S YOUR HEADQUARTERS Phone 3308 I22-I23 W. Pine S+. CQIVIPLIIVIENTS IKIIVIBALL GULBRANSEN ROSEBEPRY BARNES PIANO HOUSE SEED AND FEED co. Izeahniing . "The SeecIieS+ PIace in Town" The Nahons FInes'r PIBHOS Fresh Teded Seed SPINETS -- GRANDS - UPRIGHTS QUAKER OA-I-S-FUL-O-PEP FEED WIIRLITZIER WINTER Fernlizersl e+c. I34 flronf S+' HGH-iesburq Telephone 840 302 Second S+ I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI I MCARTHUR CHEVROLET COMPANY FOR ECONOMICAL TRANSPORTATION SALES fCHEVRQLETf SERVICE S PHONE 2000 24 hour Wrecker Service 306-3I8 E. Pine NigIwI Phone ISOO COMPLIMENTS OF lg 1 WEQB 50 gp, AM and FM 'T "Your NBC SIaIions" CONGRATULATIONS MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN COLLEGE FDR TI-IE BEST BUYS IN FURNITURE I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI VISIT M I I d D I b I ADLER FURNITURE CO. I2O W, Pine I-Ia++iesbUrq "TOP QUALITY" PRODUCTS I ,. . , . COMPLIMENTS OF Heaclquar+ers for THE DIAMOND SHOP McGREGOR'S SPORTSWEAR Forresl l-lolel Building 220 W' Pine HaHle5bU'g HaH'iesburg's largesl' credif Jeweler FARRIOR MOTOR OO. COMPUMENT5 lncorpora'red OF BETTER BUY BUICK SEARS PPMS 322 and 466 ROEBUCK AND COMPANY 400 W. Plne Sl. l'lallleSLDUrq, Mifssi HATTIESBURGI MISSISSIPPI HATTIESBIIRG HARDWARE STURE 7 Olll' eEl'flAl'l" J Everyihing in HARDWARE AND GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES 300 Mobile Sl. Phone 366-367 CLUB SUUTH UF THE BORDER U. S. Highway bl-65 Befween Sain+ Francisville, La. and Woodville, Miss. CLINTON LUMBER COMPANY THE BRASS RAIL YELLOW PINE AND HARDWOOD "I+'s a Nighi' Club" Phone 52 PETAL, MISSISSIPPI COMP'-IMENTS VISIT ElSMAN'S FIRST FLOOR OF JEISMANS' SESS' 3592. ?E'AEN.,f?vf-1:4 CASH AND CARRY CLEANERS POF GXCIUSWG Sfvle MR, AND MRS. W. L. CURTIS Shoes, bags, cosmefics, hose, Cosiume Jewelry Owners and accessories - ONE OF SOUTH MISSISSIPPI'S LARGER Walnui SI. Hafhesburg SHOE DEPARTMENTS . Ir I N, ,. I. I I I I I E 5 I I I I I I I I I, II II I ll li A CHALLENGE I I-Iere is a challenge Io Ihe sludenls Ol Mississippi Sournern College and fhe readers of Ihis Annual, Read Ihe Declaralion ol' Independence and lhe Federal Conslilulion wifh ils Bill of Righls al leasl once a year, and wrile your Senalors and Congressman al Ieasl Twice a year urging Them Io malce whaleyer sacrifice is necessary leven at Ihe ex- pense oI polilical expediencyl in an efiorf Io sfop Ihis greal nalion of ours on ilg presenl course down 'rhe road Io +l'e IeII Toward banlrrnplcy, colleclivism and socialism. Urge our represenlalives al Washinglon Io Ialce a look al whal is I happening in England under Ihe leadership of a 'llabor socialislicu government and remind our represenlalives Ihal if this nalion ol ours conlinues Ihe presenl course Io The same cleslinalion There will be no Uncle Sam Io donale five cr six billion dollars Io prolong Ihe life of a socialislic governmenl. MISSISSIPPI CENTRAL RAILROAD COMPANY L. E. FAULKNER, Presideni' and General Manager COMPLIMENTS OP S. H. KRESS PERSONAL FINANCING Monllnly Repaymenl' WHITE SYSTEM OF HATTIESBURG, Inc. Phone 246 W, Pine S PHOENIX LAUNDRY Hardy Slreel DYERS 8: CLEANERS Serving you since I898 FIATTIESBURG, MISS. Telephones 36 and 97 SEVEN PAY TREPPENDAI-IL WHGLEEQERTSPOCERY DEPARTMENT STORE Mo+l1er's Besl' - Gold Chain - Omega-While GENERAL MERCHANDISE Ring - LiI"lIe Flare and FLOURS HARDWARE DEPARTMENT Jack Spral - Leaclway - Delhaven CANNED GOODS WOODVILLE, MISSISSIPPI WOODVILLE, MISSISSIPPI Our Growfh a Reward for Service REIDMCOEE REAL ESTATE - PROPERTY MANAGEMENT I '7 r . ' 'T O zf' .-7 "'. I A I I MORTGAGE LOANS - INSURANCE 5 SI6 E. Capi+oI PI1oneS-745I I-f1I53I55if'PI'5-I 'inliln BEST SIURE JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI JACKSQNI Mlgglgglppl "A Mississippi Insfi+u+ion Operafing S+a+ewide" SMITH MOTOR COMPANY T. S. SMITH, Owner GLQS-I-ER, MISSISSIPPI CHEVROLET FRIOIDAIRE PONTIAC Sales - Service DiaI 398I Day and NIQIIT Wrecker Service NATCH EZ LAUNDERETTE EQUIPMENT COMPANY CLOTHES WASHED 202 FRANKLIN AND DRIED INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Open From 7200 A-M. QUALITY PRODUCTS UNH' 6100 PM- Phone 346 Nalrclfwez, Miss. MIG Hardy SI' Phone IMI gg .mf Zovdwaff S96 ics enum . I 1'r's cox 'r n c on H JACKSON. MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF SOUTHERN CLEANERS W I1VIPY'S R. I-I. BRASWELL Owner HI'Iea"I' 0f+I1e S0U'I'I"e"T' C'3mP'-'SH 2708 I-Iardy Srreer Phone I873 rowing . . . MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN COLLEGE Where your Fashion dollars mus+ make sense LINGERIE - SPORTSWEAR - DRESSES - COATS - SUITS S d FI 5 I 7 ' O C nv ' 'I R5:::.+o,::gi 21,26 ,llILi" l S COIVIPLIIVIENTS SHELL SERVICE STATION I-Iardy Srreef ar 28+h Avenue OF Phone 2520 Washing-Polishing-Waxing Shell Lubricarion-GasoIine--Mofor Oil A Complere Line of AuIo Accessories A Personai Service Thar SaIisIies GENERAL DISTRIBUTING CO. TOM HOUSTON PEANUT CO. Tom's Toas'recI Peanuis-Tom's Peanu+ BuH'er Sandwiches-Tom's Delicious Candies P. O. Box 272 Harfiesburq, Mississippi DO YOU KNOW? The average college graduaTe earns 5ISI30,000.00 MORE during a liTeTime Than The average un- Trained man, A college ecIucaTion is The TinesT pi'eparaTion Tor success ThaT parenTs can plan Tor Their chilcl. YeT, in I93O only 7 ouT oT IOO young men 22 years oT age helcl college diplomas! BeTore The war 8070 oT parenTs sTaTed ThaT They wanTed Their children To have a college educaTicn. YeT only abouT 270 cleliver-largely because The parenTs' Tundis aren'T adeguaTe. LeT uis give you all TacTs abouT our EcIucaTional Plan wiThouT obligaTion, oT course. THE LAMAR LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Serving human needs since I906 Jackson, Mississippi 2IO-2I4 MARKET ST. PI-TONE 972 COMPLIMENTS COMPI-'MEN-I-S OF OF GULF STATES CIGAR AND STANDARD DRUG roBAc:co coMPANY WHOLESALE Cigars, Tobacco, Candy, and Sundries 6I9 Main STreeT Phone II I-IATTIESBURO, MISS. H. l. UQIHITE UIITIBER CU., IIIC. Quagfy gaifvkng Waferiag Phone I3I7 W. Pine ST. I-IaTTiesburg I MARTIN MOTOR SALES Aufhofized Agency STUDEBAKER REMiNeToN RAND Sales 8: Service MAGNOLIA OFFICE EQUIPMENT OO, "America's MosT Popular Car" 606,10 EaS+ pine Sifreei. 3I9 W. Pine ST. I-laTTiesl3urg , COMPLIMENTS OI: manufacfurers BANDSAWN SOUTHERN HARDWOODS 8: PINE LOUIS A. WAX WOODVILLE, MISSISSIPPI "HELLO AND WELCOME" CGIVIPI-IIVIENTS When school is oul and your days worlcs clone, OF Come 'ro The Coa-5+ Io have your Tun The besf in food ancl in cocklails 'foo We wanl you Io lcnow lhal we welcome you FIRST IN OUALITY 81 STYLE HARRY S IN WOMEN'S APPAREL DRIVE INN 8: COCKTAIL LOUNGE LONG BEACH, MISS. I244I26 Easl Pirie Slreef Every visil Io our slore will be warmly apprecialed, and our salespeople will welcome Jrhe opporlunily of showing you The famous name brancls merchandise. May we have Ihe pleasure ww 1 Hattiesburg's Quality Department Store of seeing you oflen in our slore. LYONS 81 ISHEE AUTO J- R. SHIRLEY. JR. REPAIR p:ii:'Lz23 Complefe Au'romo'rive Service f ,, Feafuring T OQQ BEAR FRONT END ALIGNMENT 5 aoov AND PAINT womcs Q1 mamonsl MoToR TUNE-UP College Service Cenler Phone 26I I I I8 E. Eronl S+. HATTIESBURG, MISS COMPLIMENTS OF J. C. CLCWEP RICE'S POTATO CHIPS FURNITURE COMPANY CHEEZ TWISTS "The Furniiure Men" M de in G II IVISS. PIT 99 HATTIESBURG RYAN SUPPLY CGIVIPANY . . . Eibirifriguforfi . . . AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND EQUIPMENT GAS AND ELECTRIC APPLIANCES JACKSON - I-IATTIESBURG - MERIDIAN I HUB W!-ILLEH Commercia f!QA0f0gral0Aem TeIepI'Ione 4OI6 I-IATTIESBURC5, MISSISSIPPI l I I I T l I I "Mee+ me al' 'rhe Drug S'rore" CQMPLIMENTS COLLEGE PHARMACY OF PRESCRIPTIONS Soda Founfain-School Supplies Cosmelics "your campus cleaners" Opposile M. S. C. Phone l58l BEST WISI-lES FROM I MclNNIS MEN'S WEAR Main 81 Pine Phone 3006 SOUTHERN SUPPURTERS COIYIPUMENTS AUTO SERVICE COMPANY OF L. O, BALFOUR JEWELRY CO. ROGERS JEWELERS CRESCENT LAUNDRY Your Headquariers for HOME APPLIANCE CO DISTINCTIVE DIAMONDS MARCUS LONDON REALTOR SILVERWARE MERCEIANTS CAEE JEWELRY GIFTS MONTAOLJE AND SIOLER, Insur EREE FINE WATCHES PICIQWICR CAFE by ROYAL THEATER BULOVA - ELGIN SACKLER FURNWURE CO GRUEN - LONGINES - HAMILTON WAYNES VERY CONVENIENT TERMS D. w. HOLMES, MAYOR W. R HARRINGTON, COMMISSIONER O. S. ODEN, COMMISSIONER 606 Main Shea Designed, prinled and bound by BENSON PRINTING CO., Nashville, Tenn. Engravings by SHREVEPORT ENGRAVIN6 CO., Shreveporf, La.

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