University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS)

 - Class of 1949

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University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 196 of the 1949 volume:

4' " ' 1 1m !,,rl'g-z'nr'mwrf -M 1 w ?4iv f'4 4, s' f A V4 .yu , O , - v s ' ' W I , . ' ..'.'yA1' fn:-! fl 1 Q 1 1 I . w 4 4 , , fl 1 . mv: 'llsulnl I W Q n, +.,1 v ,'f.f W K , 4 .' W.. mf' lv Alvlv' ' wi 'M W- 5' .IU 4 x :O In 1 r ,u s :KA , Iii ' 4,6 . :I 4 ii' i l I Wm.. I Q: 1 1 1 , .Irv , 1g!f'1!'f. .rl , 1 ', 1 I, 1-.'1 ' 1 1' ,, 1 . 1 1 615. 1, 'Y 1.1.'g.", .1 ' 1.16, Iv at Y IIN I' 'f' 1,1 IH1 Ill' ' L I II,-' ' I 1 1 11, 1 1,1 ,. 1. 1, 1 - 1 v 1, I 1 1 1 ,r 11 11 ' 1' If 1' H ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 .111 11. In-.1 1 1 111, 'll,' 11- 'I'1 1. Yynd 'I 1 1 r N151' 13 1' A if 'V' VII!! 111. 1, ' Nfeli' 1 I I , ' VI' ' 1 1 14 ' 1 1 I ' 'I ' 'xl' R N I 1 10 I Q1 ' 1 11,1 Wit 1 11N 11'1 4 IMI' if' II1 ' I 5 11111111 GU' ,11'1I' 'MII' 'Sli I fl In 1 IiI"1,'-1-1x'.'1, .I 1:1 5 eh I I1 H1 I.1f7"1 'I' I ,XN fur' 1 . I . I-.-I '-1 " " ai, 1111 4 '1 I' .1, ,I 1 1 11' Q 1 1-'I I Iv. ' WV1. 111.1 I .I 711'lW1"1 j I ,1 I , L.1,111H.'1'p' 1 1' ' 1 1111 1, 1 i 1 1',f11f',' -::1'W,7 ,I 1, T'11, 11 , ygf ' ' A, X 1 f "' 1 .'I '- 1 ,.. 1 I I-'411' 'ff'-ff 'I 1 1-I1'1 K' 5 - I 11111 f ,I 1 II ,I!"1 1, .,.' I , I 111'I. 'I I 1 I VI , 12 ' V Vo. 1 , N N , 'll I X 1 jk1N 1 ' MII I ,raw R, V '11 If. f 1,""' I ' ' N fxi ' 1 1 ' ,1 ' I 111, 11. MN, A2 I 1 V V '11 111, 'II.9'!f' 11 Y 1. A' 1 11' i"'f' ' .. ' 11 ' -11 fl". A". ' 1 ' 'I' '. . 1 "' 1 1 .q h I1,,J?Nf1'1Y 1 I "f1f"1"l'V1.: '- I .,1I1 Y ' ,VIE 1 I 1II1j'l.' Q W 1 . 'IMI 1 '111,.,1 I F 1 Qu, W1Q 14,1 1 1 11111, .'t3L.. 1 K I 1 I 1 1 o I X 1: Ii Y II1,1r," ,1 ' 1 -1 ' I jx W 1 r1viQlS!'f' 1 M 1 , I'1I:"!IA1n 1lr1l1ll.:11W.,i,111., 11 ', ,1xIr!1'1 ,,, If.g"Ii 4 I1 'N X' 'YH 'QAV I1 1 1 ' W O 111' 1,1 1.1 um 'I' 1 1.-11-111 .V 1. Y. h i Q 1 .1 U 6.11 . 111 11 .I 1 I 1 I . i . I 1 'I'11'- JM, l 1 'I L . I x I 1 1 I C 'I I 1. Iv, ' Nil, X 1 .HI - .1 III 1 ' 1.11.I11-1f11.I.., ,fm S aura.. if ,f K3 llli , J Q S . . . . . producer Q 0 QL . . . . . direc'ror C' U assis+an+ direcfor Z in assisfani' direcfor W Q if . assis+an+ direc'ror . assisfani' direcfcr K 44' Y' 1 l I ,.- A 512: K , ' V' 5 1gs,? V,':,,t I 5 'I t -.--EM! GOVERNOR FIELDING L. WRIGHT I I I - ,A . s. ,V -. -. . , V THE INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER LEARNING, STATE OF MISSISSIPPI With terms expiring May 7' I956 J. OLIVER EMMERICH Seventh Congressional District ............... . . . R. N. HENLEY, First Congressional District ....... DR. H. M. IVY, State-at-Large ............,.... MARTIN V. B. MILLER, President, Fifth Congressional District . . . . . . . . . With terms expiring May 7, I952 MRS. HAZEL FERRY LEE, Fourth Congressional District ,............. .... H. G. CARPENTER, Third Congressional District ..... R. W. REED, Northern Supreme Court District . . R. B. SMITH, JR., Second Congressional District . . . . . . . . With terms expiring May 7, l960 JOHN W. BACKSTROM, Sixth Congressional District .................., R. D. MORROW, State-at-Large .............. REECE D. McLl:NDON, Southern Supreme Court District . . . MRS, JANIE RICE TAYLOR, Central Supreme Court District . . PAUL H. BOWDRE, LaBauve Trustee iDeSoto Countyj ..., E. R. JOBE, Executive Secretary ...... .... . . 5 . McComb . Macon . Meridian . Meridian . . Eupora Rolling Fork . . Tupelo . Ripley Leakesville . Brandon Poplarville . . Jackson . Hernando . Jackson DR. R. C. COOK . .July l, l945, was Sou'rhern's greal' "Red l.eH'er Day." A+ lhis lime Dr. R. C. Cook became 'rhe fourlh presiclenl' of our college. Dr. Cook is always an aflable genlleman who excels in progressive leadership, adminislralive dip- lomacy, and deep-rooled lhinking. Our presidenl is forlunale in having nol' one, bul' four dexlerous righl hands. .His four 'deans cons'lanl'ly en- deavor 'ro aid bolh in adminislralive and sludenl' affairs. Dr. R. A. McLemore, Dean of l'he College, familiarly known as Dr. "Mac," possesses lhe unusual abilily 'ro aid wilh all problems. .His keen inleresl in all sludenls and his sincere allilude of helpfulness have won for him our deepesl' admiralion. A McLEMORE, Ph.D. R. G. LOWREY, Ph.D. Dean of lhe College Dean of Men , 4 :R FAX z,, -Q V ' I J Y Dr. W. H. Sumrall, Dean of Graduale Sludies and 'lhe founder of our graduale division, is always available for counsel, His wisdom and his pleasing counlenance have been inspiralional lo l'he sludenls al Soulhern. Dr. R. G. Lowery, Dean of Men, is noled for his keen inlellecl, his wise counsel, and his abalily 'lo keep his boys oul of lrouble. .His door is always open 'lo bolh boys and irls. g Mrs. Lena Y. Gough, Dean of Women, is ever friendly and courleous, underslanding and helpful, and sincerely inleresled in promoling lhe social life of all sl'uden'l's. Her 'raclful diplomacy and her gracious manner make her a favorile al Soulhern. LENAY GOUGH, M.A. W. H. SUMRALL. Ph.D. Dean of Women Dean of lhe Graduale Division 1 Q... ' nv- 4 o. v. AUSTIN, M.A. . R. e. Bneetow, Pho. assistant directors c. c. DAWSON, M.A. BERTHA M. FRITZSCH E. E. HALL, Ph.D . . I, FRANK E. MARSH, JR., M.A. . . . . Music and Fine Arts C. E. McCARVER, Ph.D. . . . , Health and Physical Education W. W. STOUT, Ph.D. . . . . Language and Literature J. F. WALKER, Ph.D. . . . . Biological Science LEON A. WILBER, Ed.D. . . . Social Studies . . . Science and Mathematics . . . . Education and Practice Teaching . . . . . Commerce E, M.S.. . . . . Home Economics . Extension and School Service .,,, ri. I f, K . J Q If Xa,-. ,. .. We kv, X 1 w x Six w 2 ,m!1.'v v. J 1, W 1 . K "' in-x ,, - if 3 ,. 1, X P 14 ff " .' 'Q ,- L. .,,., , reel one 405 M ,Q xi fl, COOK MEMQR L-.- L xi I 1 .N ,. . I---... 1 '- Q SW 5: 3 III, LIBIAIR.. I i I Firsi Row: O. B. ADER, Ph.D. MARY POE BAYLOS, Mus. B. A. S. BENHAM, M.S. HERMAN BOROUGHS, Ed. E. Q. CAMPBELL. M.A. PEARL CAMPBELL. M.A. MARY CODELL. M.S. Second Row: MRS. NAN COOPER, B.S. MRS. ETTIE M. DANIELS J. T. DAVIS, Ph.D. MARIE DAVIS. M.A. D ANNIE LOUISE D'OLIVE. M.A. PATTIE S. DOWELL, Ed. D. WN N Q 3 A f N' 9 we R RUTH B. DUNCAN, M. Ed. ss, - ,..f,. .4-.-r-1,,,..r...,.'--.....-,4.z:L:Q 1 4 :t::J"-'re---1-9'w-v'-w-Q-w-'--sv'-ff ""t3::::2fE:r 6 1355 'LV . 'uf Ig , 2, i Firs+ Row: CHARLES ELKEMA, Eel. D. VIRGINIA FELDER, M.A. GEORGE FLEXMAN, B.M. PORTER L. FORTUNE, JR., PI1.D. JOHN M. FRAZIER, M.A. REED GREEN, B.S. MRS. DEANE GRIFFIS, B.S. Second Row: W. B. HARLAN, M.A. ALMA HICKMAN, M.A. BETTY J. HILL, M.M. EDITH HINTON, M.A. JOSEPH HUCK, M.M. FARLEY K. HUTCHINS, M.Sac.Mus. HARRIET JACKSON, M.A. by I gym? ,fx Ili ,Y . .4 ff' 3 HF- 'I ,W -V M 'my .LT ,.,.. M., . . W if 1 1 'J ,I 1 U I , -' 41.19 ' ' we ,xfig S Y .......... ....g..:.z.,gg5iL-..-'L'::.-1 L1 :t : Livres- -1-9-rf'r':-ge zfzvszg :s:::f:!:f: ':'-':' 5 'r' 1'-2:-'-'-4',.".'."-'-4-' reel three Eirs'r Row: WILLERY JACKSON, M.A. J. R. JOHNSON, Ed. D. M. C. JOHNSON, B.S. EMILY JONES, M.A. JOHN JONES, JR., M.A. JOHNSIE KELL, M.A. JOHN M. KING, M.A. 5. 'ff N 1- I X N'--L 6 ,F -I .mf1X Z? fa Second Row: N. L. LANDSKOV, Ed. D. MRS. D. C. LEECH, M.A. HAROLD LEONE, B.S. WALTER J. LOK, M. Des. MRS. MARY JO MAG-EE, B.S. JANE N. MAGRUDER, M.A. HELEN McDONALD, Mus. B ,qi :T ., . , .. .42 3. , 8 --:rug 2-fff"f-':f:.:::z.1EfE:Ex.:-::r' :-an "' L Q' L 5 ' if !"Q 'Y I. I 1 1634. 'X X lv 1. ,Q 'E f6"1- 5 'Hifi 3131- ' fp e, 5-L1 ,.,. , .U - -'af 95? A 1 94' ,,-.flu FYI? .-53 . 1: S N1 Q, fx. ff LQ. S' ' ,Z ,Q . , L n-.L Y iv. s f ii' fr. in I' in 'I , .Q ,ln .5 4" 1 X. P, . "inn nv, dv '49 -' x wh J E fa . s..' W ly-'s 2 Q Q .av 9 X 1 QQ P H .gl- "QT T" 415 fl 'W-' my A +3 -Pi- g L Q ' s- 'A , asf . s ' ' x w is '+ Qs . 'f - . ,gg , ..,s. .4 'V' 5 I 4 , . ,. . 'W , H., l x x , , Q 1 ,'-' 1 I 2 - , -4 Ax. 1'aig'.' . 4 T ' K v -,4.4'1- 4 :.:a:6I5:.:' .-v-.- ' ' N., ' ,'u.,. 5, ,ab .hfyki -I . , el' my - x K 16 '-xl' 1. , 1, - .5 ' 'b"'N:"' Q2 ,' L "" WN: s 'f ,, ' " -ag Hua' V N. .v' A " N GQ." Ax 13. " .5 f -I .8 Hwlfx ,X -v .N L QA' ' 1-.ji 1 .. ff, uxvj Yagi ,lf-'QX ay '4-I .V , -sag. 'AW ff. ,N U' hr.. , h , 1.4. fuk., v K .. E Xi 'v"33 Y , ' 7 wt. , M. x , ff Y. 5,5 :cg-.s . -. J , v.-- - ,. v- L- ,., Q -,..x-- - x X. P , W4' inf gl, ' .t :ff ffm-.. '4,,ig,-- Q Q' gi.-fv,,,,k-,Q P. . . , ,nh ' -. A M... u Jgslfqkgrarh it K: X xgvi J .NE -Q I, JI: , t 'jx-. yr 4.1 " 1 , g ...Q 5 It .Fil , 1 . ' , ,.-rg 'iffxwo xy' ,fi , ff-,gg F gl - 5. -3 ri L AE.- X 1 N lg!! A , xwv- ' .M -'M - Q . .5 -4- iffff A+.. vs--' Qu- . - - x- Q4 , . -. - rs.-L" ' - - X Q . .", 0. -. s .A tv, - .Q - 5 ' .4 .. 4 Y W v K " . 4 . , . X ,4 x',s .fvf . .I "-.yr xx.-. ' IH -x 1, "' ' Y' .f'f,a.'7' "' , 1 x . ' , QQ. h Q .. ..q. fqij, 1. g Q. '. 33 .A , J N. Q ' I-.,. F 'W 5 nf. V -Q. - .f -Q g M .- f"f' 1 ' , L-1-.'. 2' -,N-Z ',-- lu'i?P""41: IL, -.Y 'K 'gf "lm . .- fy: tr -fu ' G V Y, .hffv AVR. .':.-U ' ' . .As ' .v '1 vu- - ' , 'r x .5 ,- -- JK .uf-.Ax .n, , 9 ,545 K-.fy 'ffuv-xx, nfs! Ni' ' K . . . Y., ,W A p5.aAp5-,,:1f::,fg"5g 3 kk' A' 5,Y,ji 'Hb ' . ' ' "31',3 'E-C: .1-:fn Q5:5.'.'.,"- Q . " 1- . Milfs? -:mimi ,. . ., V-ww wg: :K . - , . qs as-v ,J 3 ,Q M 1 1 , 3 .W ..,.I...,f,E'. . 1 U A tg.,r'w. fps in r , - , 9,33-'gk V ' 403 ' X I N x , 1 INQX s .? 54k 5 " 3 - f ' .', - - .'h'1Q4 ' , f .1 ', 'X n '74 . , 5 ' "ZH-4-ft, iff. ':- - . , ' 'uf gg N 2" x-V, . .. 41 V -.1-. '- 4 xy , Q'I,v,.'-5.31 , k ' sl 1 Q ,.. ' w, -I wi I ,: ' , r , ,f.1fj.xN,?.. Hp.. 5,1 , - , -'JA - 4- A- is X, 1 rh- ' --" 'L Q, , . .JK V -- f .Q , agvrpwfxgy N. Auf, x . , K T Q N a nays ' ' '4 -.. Q a V. N 1 1,1 fin if L V l -".":,-'rf .T 1 li,"-.Sid Nl .Mrs . ' 'mea O W 44 WW N. f ,nj Firsi Row: JAMES E. McKEE, M.A. REV. RILEY MUNDAY, B.D. MRS. FLORENCE B. NEWM MELVIN G. NYDEG-GER, M.A. FANNIE OWINGS, M.S. J. T. PALMER, M.A. A. J. PELLETTIERI, Ed. D. ISS .as .Y W' 2 N 8 A-A Second Row: ELLEN PHILBECK, B.S. ORVAL L. PHILLIPS, M.A. MARY PULLEY, B.S. PAULINE RAWLINGS, M.S ANNA ROBERTS, M.A. W. F. ST. CLAIR, M.A. H. A. SHANDS, Ph.D. 1 f 0 ur if-'Sf Firsf Row: C. O. SMALLING, B.S. BEEDIE SMITH, R.N. J. R. SWITZER, B.S. ERNESTINE THOMAE, M.A. H. M. THOMAS, M.A. ORVILLE M. THOMAS, B.S SAM B. TIDWELL, M.A. W7 6- r X yr S K X ' f Second Row: THAD VANN, B.S. F. A. VARRELMAN, Ph.D. IRENE WALDEN, M.A. P. J. WALKER, B.S. NOBIE WARREN, B.S. ANGELINE WATKINS, M.A. J. W. WILLS, M.A. 'KW X oy v.-. . iw? W NI' J . -'- --- -7--r - -- " '1'- -'V' "7 ':::n7::7:i.',.Vg:-11:,,. . ,:-f .-r .v" ,,""' X "' E -A 4.-.E tg Ev - u x l I -'u x' ,B Q-9 l Q' I l , tclrs Firsi' Row, Leff io Riqhf: Glida Beihea, Mrs. Museffe Forbes, Phillip Grice Second Row: Jeanne King, Murray W. Kenna, 1 GRADUATE CLUB OFFICERS D PHILLIP GRICE .....,..............,........ Presidenf GLIDA BETHEA . . .....,........,..,.,... Vice-Presiden? JEANNE KING . . . ....... Secretary-Treasurer MUSETTE FORBES . . .....,...,.... Reporfer MURRAY W. KENNA . . . Sfudenf Council Represeniafive Dr. Charles E. Elkerna if S.. V my x N RWE' Q, M' Mawr , MMG X Q if ' vm 1. Q S V, fl, ,H kk x. NYv"'N w N., W f f f ffwgw f 2 , Wwup., ,MWF A- nw ws Q we M, graduates Eirsi' Row: EMMITT ROSCOE ANDREWS, BA, Universiiy of Mississippi: MA, Educaiion: Jayess, Miss. M. H. BALL, BS, Mississippi Souihern College! MA, Educalion: Monlrose, Miss. JOSEPH PETER BARICH, BS, Mississippi Souihern Col- lege: MA, Biloxi, Miss. MRS. BESSIE T. BATES, BA, Mississippi Womans College: MA, Edu- calion, Morganlown, Mississippi. Second Row: TRUGEN BEARD, BS, Mississippi Souihern Col- lege: MA, Physical Eclucaiion, Ha++iesburg, Mis- sissippi. G. W. BEEMAN, BS, Mississippi Souihern College: MA, Educaiion: Meridian, Mississippi. PHIL HUNTER BERRY, BS, Mis- sissippi Slale: MA, Educaiion: Laurel, Mis- sissippi, GLIDA LOUISE BETHEA, BS, Mis- sissippi Soulhern College: MA, Educalion, Hairieslaurg, Mississippi. Third Row: VICTOR M. BOUTWELL, BA, Louisiana Poly- fechnic Insliiuie: MA, Educalion, Newion Mis- sissippi. WILBURN WARREN BULLOCK, JR.. BS, Mississippi Soulhern: MS, Educaiion: Colum- bia, Mississippi. MARY ELIZABETH BUSTIN. BM, Mississippi Souihern College: MM, Piano: Meridian, Mississippi. MRS. VURAN A. BYRD, BA, Mississippi Women's College: MA, Educa- lion: Lumberlon, Mississippi. Fourfh Row: ROBERT P. CAMERON, BS, Georgia Tech: Posi- graduaie: Hariiesburg, Mississippi. FALCO ANTHONY CARROZZO, BS, Mississippi Souih- ern College: MS, Physical Educalion: McKees- pori, Pennsylvania. PERRY L. DAVIS, BS, Spring Hill: MS, Educalion: Wiggins, Mis- sissippi. PAUL E. EDWARDS, BS, Mississippi Souihern College: MA, Educalion: Ludlow, Mis- sissippi. Fiffh Row: LEROY V. EVANS, BA, Mississippi College: MA, Educaiiong McNeil, Miss. MRS. MUSETTE BOONE FORBES, BS, Mississippi Souihern Col- lege, MS, Educaiion, Sandy Hoolc, Mississippi. JOHN LAMAR FORTENBERRY, BS, Souiheasi- ern Louisiana: MA, Educaiiong Sumrall, Missis- sippi. PHILIP G. GRICE, BS, Mississippi Souih- ern College: MA, Educaiion: Crysial Springs, Mississippi. Sixih Row: MARY STUART HARMON, es, Mississippi Souihern College: MM, Piano: Halfiesburg. PERCY EDWARD HATCH, BA, Mississippi Col- lege2 MA: Hiclrory, Mississippi. LESTER C. HATCHER, BS, Mississippi Soulhern College: MA, Educaiion: Lucedale, Mississippi. REBECCA HATHORN, BA, Mississippi Souihern College: MA, Educaiion: Haiiiesburg, Mississippi stars ofthe po Firsl Row: ALINE HAYES, BS, Mississippi Souihern College: MA, Haliiesburg, Mississippi. TROY PEARSON HILL, BS, Mississippi Soulhern College: MA, Educaiion: Ellis- ville, Mississippi. HOMER F. HOLMES, BS, Mississippi Soulhern College: MA, Educalion: Kolcoma, Mississippi. LAWRENCE ALEXANDER JOHNSON, BS, Alabama Siaie Teachers College: MA, Educaiion: Jayes, Mississippi. J. T. JOHNSTON, BS, Mississippi Soulhern College: MA, Educafion: Purvis, Mis- sissippi. ISABELLE MOONEY JORDEN, Special: Collins, Mississippi. Seconcl Row: MURRAY W. KENNA, BA, Universily of Mississippi: MA, Educafion: Summii, Mississippi. JEANNE KING, BS, Mississippi Soulhern College: MA, Educalion: Hailiesburg, Mississippi. GRACE TRUMAN LEE, BS, Mississippi Souihern Col- lege: MA, Educaiion, Ha++iesburg, Mississippi. CECIL VERNON LINTON, BA. Mississippi College: MA, Educaiion: Holme-sville, Mississippi. MRS. BERYL F. MCCORDLESS, BS, Mississippi Souihern College: MA, Educaiion: Haliiesburg. Mississippi. MRS. MINNIE B. McDONAlD BS, Peabody, Tennessee: MA, Educa- +ion: Haliiesburg, Mississippi. Third Row: MRS. MARGARET S. NOBLES, BS, Mississippi Soulhern College: MA, Eclucaiion: Laurel, Mississippi. HAROLD TERRY MOODY, BS, Mississippi Souihern College: MA, Educaiion: Laurel, Mississippi. ERNEST BRUCE MORRISON, BA, Wash- burn Universiiy: MA, Education: Hailiesburg, Mississippi. STELLA EVELYN MYRICK, BS, Mississippi Souihern College: MA, Educafion, Haiiiesburg, Mis- sissippi. CHARLES B. NEAL. BS, Mississippi Souihern College: MA, Educafion: Soso, Mississippi. ELLEN MARIE OLSON, BS, Mississippi Souihern College: MA, Educaiion: Lumberlon, Mississippi. Who+5 your blood pressure Sonny? 19 9 graduates Firsl Row: H. T. OVERBY, BS, Mississippi Soulhern Col- lege, MA, Educalion, Lovin, Mississippi. MRS. BLANCHE PARKER, Special, English, Moselle, Mississippi. DAISY REDDING, BS, Mississippi Soulhern College, MA, Educalion, Hallies- burg, Mississippi. MRS. EXIE DEE ROBERSON. BS, Mississippi Soulhern College: MA, Educa- Tiong Halliesburg, Mississippi. Second Row: LOUIS LEROY ROGERS, BS, Mississippi Soulh- ern College, MA, Physical Educalion, Jackson, Mississippi. ROBERT ELLIS SHOEMAKE, BS. Mississippi Soulhern College, MA, Educalion, Ellisville, Mississippi. MRS. EDDIE GRAHAM SHOWS, Posl Graduale, Moselle, Mississippi. MRS. FLORA S. SIMMONS, Posl Graduale, Halliesburg, Mississippi. Third Row: ESCO SMITH, BS, Mississippi Soulhern Col- lege, MA, Educalion, Poplarville, Mississippi. WAYNE MICHEL STONE, BS, Della Slale Teachers College, MA, Educalion, Purvis, Mis- sissippi. ETHEL EMMA SWETT, BS, Mississippi Soulhern College, MA, Educalion, Brookhaven, Mississippi, MRS. THOMAS HAMILTON TED- DER, BS, Mississippi Soulhern College, MA, Educalion, Meridian, Mississippi. Fourlh Row: THOMAS HAMILTON TEDDER, BA, Baylor Universily, MA, Educaliorig Meridian, Mis- sissippi. HARRY THOMAS, BS, Universily of Alabama, MA, Educalion, Halliesburg, Mis- sissippi. CAMALIEL EARL TURNER, Posl Gra- duale, Slidell, Alabama. CHARLES VAN URANICHEN, BA, Mississippi Soulhern Col- lege, MA, Educalion, Wiggins, Mississippi. Fiflh Row: MARTH ANN VINZ, Special Sludenl, Marlcel and Merchandising. ELMO LAVELLE WALKER, BS, Mississippi Soulhern College, MA, Educa- lion, Richlon, Mississippi, WILMA WALKER, BS, Mississippi Soulhern College, MA, Educa- lion, Mendenhall, Mississippi, T. C. WARD, BS, Mississippi Soulhern College, MA, Educalion, Collins, Mississippi. Sixlh Row: CARL P. WELLS, BA, Mississippi College, MA, Eclucalion, New Hebron, Mississippi. JAMES ALEXANDER WILLIAMS, BS, Millsaps, MA, Educalion, Poplarville, Mississippi, OUIDA KATHRYN WILLIAMS, BM, Belhaven, MM, Voice, Vaiden, Mississippi. CHARLES KER- MISE WILLIAMSON, BA, Mississippi College: MA, Educalion, Columbia, Mississippi. A , ,st-.ian W . sis X 4 awe- I 'i' X54 ". ' x 4? 5- Q 1 l i l l leading roles SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS BILL MCKINNEY . . . . . Presidenf HARLAN MCSWAIN .... . . .Treasurer DALTON HILL L . Ivicmpresidenf MARY FRANCES CARPENTER . . . . . Hisforian NANETTE WALKER . . . Secrerary VIRGINIA BARNES . . . . Sfudeni' Council RepresenIa+ive Lefi' Io Righfz Naneffe WaIker, Dalfon Hill, Mary Frances Carpenfer, Bill McKinney, Virginia Barnes, Mr. J. T. Palmer, Sponsor film. K 21 L ui' ,dir nlgvavwmi 5 . r 4 K i I I L 4 i l i I le din Phd Row: ALEX NEWTON ABERCROMBIE, Collins, English. JACK DONALD ALLEN, Magee, Chemislry. WILBUR GRANT ANDERSON, Halliesburgg English. LINNIE MAE ATWCOD, Seminary, Home Economics, Home Economics Club. JOHN L. AULTMAN, Sumrall, Hisfory. EDWARD CHARLES BOEHM, Columbus, Ohio, Biology, WILLIAM THAMES BAILEY, Lucedale, Business Adrniris'rra'rion, BSU, Edilor, "The Beacon", Presidenf, Colonial Club, Re- porter, Pre-Legal Club, lnrer-Fralernily Council, Pi Tau, Debale Club. Second Row: ORION S. BAKER, Ocean Springs, Commerce. LILLIAN PATSY BAKER, Brandon, Heallh and Physical Educafion, Physical Educaiion Club, Vice- President, Mu Omega, Presidenf, WAA, JAMES BALL, JR., Leakesyille, Music. WILLIAM EDWARD BALL, Louin, Accounfing. ALLISON D. BARLOW, Halliesburq, Markeling and Merchandising, Honorary Commerce Sociely. HUGH B. BARNES, Lealiesyille, Pre-Medical, Alpha Epsilon. Della, Siudenl Council Represenlaliye. MRS, VIRGINIA MALONE BARNES, Luce- dale, Secrelarial Science, Della Sigma Epsilon, Sfudenl Council Repre- senlarive. roles.. Thhd Row: ESTON CAIN BASKIN, Jackson, Commerce, Presicieni, Kappa Sigma, Chair. man, lnler-Frafernify Council, Chairman, Wealhersby Hall. ERMA GLORIET- TA BATTLE, McComb, Home Economics. JERRY EDWARD BERRY, Hailiese burg, Hisfory, G-eorgraphy, VFW, IRC, FTA. NORMA CAROLYN BEVERLY, Laurel, Music, Vesper Choir, Soulhern Singers, Alpha Mu Chi, Choirisfer, YWA. OSCAR B. BLACK, Purvis, Mafhemaiics. CHARLES BERNARD BLOUNT, Haliiesburg, Business Adminislralion. KATHERINE K. BOGLE, Baxferyille, Chemisfry. CHARLES WLLIAMS BORDE, Bogalusa, La., Heailh and Physical Educafiong "M" Club, Fooft-all. LOUIS BOTELLER, Raynfond, Physical Educalion. CLARENCE DEAN BOUNDS, Bailey, Biology. JEWEL GIBSON BOYD, Collins, Social Sfudies. BETTY FAYE BRELAND, Raliegh, Piano. MACK H. BREWER, Summifg Marketing and Merchandising. GLORIA HEARD BRIDGERS, Raymond, Music Educalion, Hafliesburg Choral Union, Della Sigma Epsilon. I 45? 'I J 70' K , o 'I as 5 J 2 1 ,.. A GEN 22 'T' th ,f fb me We . ' ' iv' Tf fe an gf' , . ! XJ' S fy! I e seniors We 41 . 'X ' 1 A. ' i 1. V' :vw S K 2 1 3 Si H -l 1 nfs. W "wif s Yr-KN V .K fs ,. I N X, f 1 N. UM5.. I W, v J ff' I i 3 ii, 'i , c 5, Jw,-U" X -I 312. A Lille falher, lilre son. Firsf Row: SARA BETH BRIGGS, Scooba, Commerce. FRANK KENTON BROWN, Miilry, Ala., I-ieallh and Physical Education, Vice-Presidenf of "M" Club, Foofball. W. DAVID BROWN, JR., Halliesburg, Voice, Vesper Choir, Halfiesburg Choral Union. ROBERT CLEVEL- AND BRUCE, Haffiesburg, Education. Second Row: FLORENCE EDITH BUCKLEY, Hallie-sburg, Pre-Medi- cal. CHARLES VARDAMAN BUGS, Halliesburgg Hisfory. VERNON OSCAR BULLOCK, Tylerlown, Dairy Produclion, Foolball. ALICE EARLE BYRD, McCall Creek, Physical Educafioni and Heallh, Physi- cal Educalion Club, Women's Alhlelic Associalion. Third Row: CHARLES G. CAIN, JR., Pensacola, Fla., Heallh and Physical Educalion, Health and Physical Educalion Club. JEANE CAMPBELL, Ocean Springs, Home Economics, Wesley Foundalion Home Economics Club. DOTTIE CHRISTHNE CARITHERS, Charleslon, Home Economics. MARY FRANCES CARPENTER, Hafliesburg, Elemenlary Educaliong Sigma Thefa Kappa, Alpha Psi Omega, Home Economics Club, Hallesburg Choral Union, Hislorian, Senior Class. Fourlh Row: EDWIN JONES CARROLL, Beaumonf, Accounling, VFW, American Legion. PATTIE LOUISE CHAMBERS, McLeod, Social Srudies. JEN-CHI CHANG, Kiangsu, China, School Adminislralion, Graduale Sludenl Club, Weslminisfer Fellowship, I-ulure Teachers Associalion. MARTIN M. CLAPP, Halliesburgg Business Adminislra- lion Fillh Row: JULIAN LEWIS CLARK, Slonewall, Business Admin- islralion, Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Honorary Accounlinq Fralernily, Honorary Commerce Sociely, Treasurer, Miss. Sociely of Cerfified Public Accounlanls, Sludenr Council. OSCAR EUGENE CLEMENT, Halfiesburgg Voice, Presidenr, Vesper Choir, Vice'Presidenl, Hal- liesburg Choral Union, Madragallians, Opera Work- shop. CECIL DE BERRY CLIBURN, Hazelhursf, Malhemalics. STELLA TECOAH CLOY, Bude, Chem- isfry, Treasurer, Alpha Sigma Alpha. Sixlh Row: ADDIE LUCILLE COLEMAN, Utica, Marhemalicsg Maihemalics Club. KENNETH CLAYTON COLLINS, Long Beach, Markeling and Merchandising, Phi Kappa Tau, Weslminsler Fellowship. MAMIE LOU COOPER, Lucedale, English. VIRGIL V. CORNELISON, Scolls- boro, Ala., Physical Educalion. 19, f s lecldi Fhd Row: DWAIN COTTON, Vicksburg, Biology. ESTHER CRAIG, Homewood, Health and Physical Education, Womens Athletic Association. MARY JEAN CREWS, Columbia, Business Education, Wesley Foundation, Womens Student Government, Treasurer, Future Teachers ot America. JAMES HAROLD CROSBY, Laurel, Accounting, RITA CLARIE DABBS, Ouitman, Elementary Educalion and Physical Education, BSU, President, Elementary Council, Vice- Presidcnl, Delta Sigma Epsilon, YWA, WAA. ELIZABETH ANN DALLAS, Little Rock, Arif., Home Economics, YWA, Wesley Foundation, Home Economics Club. LOYD JAMES DAVIS, Stanton, Ala., Physical Education. Second Row: HENRY LINFIELD DIXON, Meridian, Social Science, Publicity Chairman of International Relations Club. WILLIAM J. DOOLITTLE, Jackson, Account' ing. WILLIAM WILBURN DOWNS, Hattiesburg, Social Studies, FTA, VFW. LEON GORDON DUKE, Long Beach, Social Science, Pre-Legal Forum, Wesley Foundation, Student Council Representative, Vice-President, Beta Kappa Tau. WILLIAM FRANCIS DUKES, Hattiesburg, Social Studies, Presi- dent Student Body, Pi Tau, Philosopher's Club, Pro-Legal Forum, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, KATHERYN DUNN, Hattiesburg, Home Economics. ANNIE RUTH ERVIN, Hattiesburg, French, President, Delta Sigma Epsilon, Presijent, Pan-Hellenic Council, President, Foreign Language Club, Who's Who Among Students in Ameri- can Uniyersities and Colleges. 5, roles.. Thhd Row: MILTON EVANS, Hattiesburg, Physical Education and Health. MRS. CLYDE N. EVERETT, Magee, Elementary Education. MRS. W. T. FAIRLY, JR., Hattiesburg, Elementary Education, Assistant Hostess, Program Chairman Elementary Council, Adult Advisor Westminster Fellowship. MARY ALICE FANCHER, Colteevilleg Secretarial Studies, Vice-President, Pi Omega Pi, Secretary, Baptist Student Union, President, Christian Federation, Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges. PAUL THOMAS FERGUSON, Baxterville, Pre-Engineering, JIMMY H. FORD, Laurel, English, Sigma Zeta, Sociology Club, Alpha Psi Omega, Southern Players, Foreign Language Club. LAWRENCE OTHO FORD, Hattiesburg, Sociology, President Kappa Alpha. Foudh Row: GEORGE M. FRIES, JR., Purvis, Physical Education. BARBARA LEE FUGITT, Booneville, Sociology. MARTHA NELL GADDY, State Line, Home Economics. CAROLYN ELIZABETH GANDY, Hattiesburg, Physical Educa- tion and Health Womens Athletic Association, Physical Education. WILLIE ELOISE GOFF, Ocean Springs, Home Economics. PAUL E. GRADY, Seminary, Pre-Law, President Pre-Legal Forum, Vice-President Pi Tau, Philosophe-r's Club, IRC, USNR, Business Manager ot I949 Southerner, Social Committee of Student Council. LANCE L. GRAHAM, Hattiesburg, Social Studies. 151 v f I Q5- X fdix Y Q 7 'X !.', hx Vx I ri N 24 is ll -'Gif' K N the eniors f , . .Q I' .. . - A., MLK "fmt, . , ty , P i ' 5 r ,rt - ' .. A . ' " J' Pi"-5' sie?fi.f rf f I 3 I I is s .2553 Q 3 I 4 9. X Hn in up-II- V- - A-" fit bis . -1 v , F . 5 r is t . ,,. 11:53 A . , . P Wa' UM:-z." 3' -M - ' 'i':li- S .T . A Axjww 'Q ., S: 154. , AT NL- w f f . Htl P A S31 - -if tw? 'tt . AQ WX Qs ' ir. ,. Zr .Q i 2 1 ' f . .1 2 4 t 'YS 1 4 ' Q 1 . I W' ta ...l , ' s, Y 7 ' -tiff ' r , "'-4' lif t. Ariel: 1 """""?" X-my . . . J , ,Z ,Q 'K 'FL A 71' 2 Q Q N, ' f.,afe,s.: . 1 . N' r is A . me if-aes. s t Q N ...eiwkih . 'Jil 4-"W-' V,- . jg: rf . vt 52- . . , ,. .... J., i"s.2sAf4+f:2pI5ssss. :E-EA... .ff grdsernrl. e. ' a 4 .f- fw.. -.sw-.r:::E5::.: r gy m X fisuss I ace M 25 Sparkling Burgundy. First Row: PAUL RICHARD GRAHAM, Moss, Mathematics, Math Club. MINOR LEONARD GRIFFIN, Leakesvilleg Pre- Dental. LOUIS DENBY HALL, Petal, Accounting, Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Honorar Accounting Fraternity. SAM C. HAMMOND, Hattie:Lurg, Business Adminis- tration, Phi Kappa Tau. Second Row: NORWOOD RUSSELL HARMON, Hattiesburg, Busi- ness Administration. MILFS DOUGLAS HARPER, JR., Hattiesburg, English, President, Pi Tau, First Vice- President ot Student Body, Westrninister Fellowship, Pre-Ministerial Association, Who's Who among Stud- ents in American Universities and Colleges. WIL- LIAM EDWARD HARPER, Meridian, Economics. BURNICE ALTON HARRISON, Forest, History. Third Row: HERERT RAIFORD HARTHCOCK, Pascagoula, Chem- istry. EVA JEAN HANES, Ellisville, Elementary Edu- cation. J. K. HEGWOOD, Ovett, History. WALTER THOMAS HELTON, Petal, Health and Physical Edu- cation, Physical Education Club. Fourth Row: CHARLES DAVID HENDON, Newton, History, Inter- national Relations Club. J. D. HERRING Sandy Hook, e.-nets: science. ROBERT RAMSEY HERRING- TON, JR., Hattiesburg, Pre-Medical and Chemistry, Alpha Epsilon Delta. ROBERT W. HESSON, JR., Hattiesburg, Accounting. Fifth Row: MRS. DORA M. HICKMAN, Richton, Home Economics. DALTON D. HILL, D'Lo, Marleting and Merchandis- ing, Student Council Representative ot Weathersby I-lall, Vice-President, Senior Class. JOSEPH BRITNELL HILL, Booneville, Mathematics. TROY STEPHEN HILTON, Star, Biology. Sixth Row: HOWARD HOLADAY, Hattiesburg, History, Interna- tional Relations Club, Sigma Zeta, Foreign Language Club. MARY ELAINE HOLLIDAY, Poplarville, l:Ie- mentary Education-English Speech, Wesley Foundation, Southern Players, Future Teachers ot America, South- ern Radio Players, Alpha Psi Omega, Ways and Means Committee, Marchiwq Band, Delta Sigma Epsi- lon Pledge, Editor, "Wesleyan Spirit", Reporter, Student Printz, Senior Class Editor of Southerner, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Student Hostess, Orientation Week. ALVIN C, HOLLIS, JR., Carthage, History, Interna- tional Relations Club, Pre-Legal Forum, Student Council Representative. ISAAC LOUIS HOLLOWAY, Laurel, Health and Physical Education. leadi Firsl Row: DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS HONAKER, Bogalusa Lag M. Club, Foolball. WILLIE GRACE HORN, Magee, Home Economics, Home Economics Club, Sigma Thera Kappa, Presiclenl' of Slale College Club Secrion of MHEA, Who's Who Among Sluclenls ln American Colleges and Uniyersilies. ROBERTA KAY HOUSTON, Laurel, Home Economics, Hislorian, Sigma Thefa Kappa, Reoorler, Home Economics Club, Wesley Foundalion. LOWERY BUTLER HOWELL, McCombg Economics. JACK HOWLE, Union, Economics. HEWITT EDMOND HUBBERT, DeSola, Chemislry. JOE H. HURLBERT, JR., I-lalliesburg, Business Adminislraliong Treasurer, Kappa Alpha, Band. Second Row: JOSEPH L, HURST, Halliesburg, Biology and Chernislry, Alpha Epsilon Della, Miss. Chaplerg Assislanl' Deparlmenl of Biology. ISHMAEL H. HYATT, Raymond, Accounling. MRS. KATHERINE S. HYATT, Raymond, Social Sludies. WILLIAM G. IKERD, Long Island, N. Y., English. FRANCIS IMBRAGULIO, Ellisyille, Piano, Choral Union, Alpha Mu Chi. DORTHY ANNA ISHEE, Bay Springs, Elemenlary Educalion, Elemenlary Council, Y. W. A. HOWARD D. JACKSON, I-Ialliesburg, Accounfing. Third Row: CHRISTINE ELAINE JENKINS, Uniong Voice, Vesper Choir, Madraoallians, Hafliesburg ,Choral .Union, .Opera .Worlfshop. ,AUBREY .HARRELL f 26 ia. I les.. JOHNSON, Jackson, Sociologyg Presidenl' Phi Keppa Tau, Pi Tau, Inler- Fralernily Council. JAMES RICHARD JOHNSON, JR., Halfiesburgg English, HARRY EARL JONES, Biloxi, Chemislryg Sigma Chi, Alpha Epsilon Delfa. JOSEPH TALMADGE JONES, Meridiang Comrrerce. SONYA REBECCA JORDAN, Columbia, I-leallh and Physical Eclucariong Hisloriar' and Sludenl Council Represenlafiye, Mu Omega, Pan-Helleric lnlramural Captain, "N, A, A., Physical Educarion Club, Cheerleader, Vocalisl' for "Modernist" BETTYE JOYCE KEEL, De Lisle, Voice, Soulnern SIUQEVS. VSSDGV Clwlf. Newman Club, Tennis Team, Alpha Mu Chi, Opera Workshop, Choral Union. Fourfh Row: ELSIE WILLIS KELLY, I-lalTieSburg, Social Sludies. JAMES ELLIS KELLY, Seminary, English, Treasurer, B. S. U., Hislorian Chrisliar- Fedefalion, Phi Kappa Tau. JOYCE MARDELL KENDALL, Bay Cily, Tex., Biology. JERELYN ROSAMOND KENNEDY, I-lalliesburgg Biology. KATHERINE JOAN KENNEDY, Halliesburgg Business Education, Della Sigma Epsilon, Treasurerg President Pi Omega Pi, Vice-Presidenf, Recording Secrefary, Corresponding Secrelary, and Sludenl Council Represenlaliye, Newman Club, Delegale To Nalional Della Sigma Epsilon Conyenliong Delegale lo Nalional Pi Omega Pi Conyenlion. MRS. JOYCE CAUSEY KLUTTS, I-lalliesburgg Health and Physical Educalionj Secrelary and Treasurer, Women's Alhlefic Associaliong Reporfer, Women's I-lealrh and Physical Educalion Club. LETHA ORAL KROHN, Wiggins, Home Economicsg Presidenr, Home Economics Club, the seniors ' I s . . s 'ig f 751' N fftxsxis W 233 31 5 it 1 I ' . 2 s . ff . . A . i 1,32 st gtma i . A Reef sa 'mg 5'6" ,Z 240:-e 4- .. 4 ,A- th 1 7 G- x 'X 't '55-.Ss 465 1 27 Watch thatipunt? First Row: JACK SHANNON LANE, Homewood, Health and Physical Education, Phi Kappa Tau, Future Teachers ot America, Secretary, Physical Education Club, Intra- mural Sports Director, Wester Foundation. HULDAH JANE LEAKE, Woodyilleg Elementary Education, Magazine Representative, Baptist Student Uniong Vice- President, Elementary Council. JOHN VIRGIL LED- BETTER, Lumberton, Business Administration. LUTHER EDWIN LEE, Hattiesburg, Biology. Second Row: THOMAS GENE LEE, Shivers: Business Administration, Aloha Delta Mu, Honorary Ccrnrnerce Society, MRS, KELLY MAXWELL LENCE, Ashland, Home Economics, Horne Economics Club. LOUIS P. LENCE, JR., Ashe land, Health and Physical Education, Physical Educa- tion Club, Men's lrtrarhural Manager, JEAN AINS- WORTH LEONE, Taylorsville, Elernentary Education. Third Row: LEVERN "COOTER" LEWIS, Laurel, Health and Physi, cal Educationg "M" Club, Captain, Football Tearn. SAMMIE JARVIS LINDSEY, Ellisvilleg Chemistry. HELEN CECILE LINTON, Pricedale, Horne Economics, Wesley Foundation, Future Teachers ot America, Home Economics Club. WILLIAM P. LIPSCOMB, JR., New Orleans, La., History. Fourth Row: CARL LAFAYETTE LITTLE, Carriere, History, Church Representative Baptist Student Union, Vice-4President International Relations Club, Future Teachers oi America. WILLIE HERBERT MCCALLUM Mile, Health and Physical Education, GEORGE Mc- CARTHY, Hattiesburg, Social Science, Guard, Kappa Sigma, Newman Club. QI,-INNIE MCCORMICK, JR., Suinrnit, Health and Physical Education. Fifth Row: W, HUGH MCCRANEY, Newton, History, NELLIE WREN MCCURLEY, Crosby, Voice, Chairman, Vesp-fr Choir, Southern Singers, Choral Union, Opera Gulld, Alpha Mu Chi, WILLIAM R. VOYLES MCKINNEY, Tupelo, Sociology and Psyvlclogy, Zeta Sigma' Pre, Legal Forurn, Pi Tau, I. R. C., Sociology Club, Social Cornrnittee, Student Council, President, Senior Class, Who's Who Antong Students In Arrerican Llniversitifs and Colleges, Head Cheer Leader. ARTHUR JAMES MANGUM, JR., lvtendcnhall' Health and Physical Educationg President, "M" Club, Pi Tau. Sixth Row: IDA MYRTLE MARSH, Handsl:-ora, Elementary Educa- tion and Social Studies, Presiderit, Womens Student Government, House Chtirrran, Hatticsburg Hall. LUTHER KNOW MCNAIR, Mt, Olive, Accounting. HARLAN B. MCSWAIN, Hattiesburg, Cormmerce. MARY JO MCNEESE, Foxworth, Secretarial Science. 5? X r Ii X' , L 1523 K Axis! I 2 f -4 I G ,. , ww ii .Qu I in ".Lli5s..'.Qkf lecldin Firsl' Row: WILLIAM EMMETT MARTIN, JR., Wiggins, Malher-ialics. CHARLES EDWARD MATHIS, Beaumonl, Accounting. JAMES B. MAWK, Slafe Spring, Market ing and Merchandising, Commerce Club, Alpha Delia Mu. KENNETH RANDOLPH MAXWELL, Long Beach, Markeling and Merchandising. MARVIN KAVANAUGH MILLER, JR., Harliesburg, lnslrumenlal Music Educa- lion, Vice-Presidenl, Choral Union, Presidenf Lillie Symphony, Presidenf, Band, Business Manager, Vesper Choir, Alpha Mu Chi, Brass Choir, Con- cerf and Marching Bands, Vice-Presidenf, Clef Club. RALPH M. MILLOY, I-Ialliesburg, Sociology, Presidenf, Kappa Alpha, lnler-Fralernily Council. SHIRLEY JEAN MONTGOMERY, I-lalliesburg, Hislory and Ari, Treasurer, Sigma Thefa Kappa, Sludenf Council Represenlafive for Town Sfudenlsq Wesfrninsfer Fellowship, Who's Who Among Sludenls in American Col- leges and Universifies, Social Chairman, Orientalion Week, Second Row: PAUL MOORE, Louisville, General Science. WILLIAM HILTON IBILLI MOORE, Laurel, lvtarkeling and Merchandising and Geography, Presidenl, Sigma Zefa, Pi Tau, Treasurer, Sludenf Council, lnfer-Fralernily Council. OPAL VONCILLE MORGAN, Columbia, Elemenlary Educafion and English, Elemenlary Council. JACK DOUGLAS MUNN, Sumrall, Malhemalics. EDWIN JOSEPH NEVILLE, Haffiesburg, I-lisfory and Pre-Law, Pre-Legal Forum. MARY GUSTAUA NEVILLE, Hurley, Elemenfary Educalion, Fulure all 3 ' 'we' 28 f . in 4- 5' roles.. Teachers of America. CHARES STANTON NEWMAN, Laurel, lnsfrumenlal Music, Librarian and Vice-Presidenl, Liffle Symphony, Third Row: ROBERT EATON NEWMAN, Columbia, Business Adminislralion. DONALD W. NEWTON, Wesson, Hisfory and Speech, Presidenf, Pi Kappa Delia, Presidenl, Debale Club, Pi Tau, Pre'Legal Forum, Alpha Della Mu, Philoso- pher's Club, Sfudeni Council, Assislanl Business Manager, Sfudenf Prinrzg Adverlising Manager of Annual. NELL ZULENE NEWTON, Nefflefon, English, Y. W. A. JIMMIE C. NICHOLSON, JR., Benfonia, Business Ad- minisfraliong "M" Club. LAYELLE A, MORRIS, Columbia, Commerce, HILTON JAMES NUNNERY, Liberlyg Hislory. KATHERINE ODOM, Sana- 'oriumg Home Economics, Treasurer, Home Economics Club, Vice-Presidenf, Sigma Theta Kappa. Fourfh Row: WILLIAM HOWARD PARKER, MI. Olive, Malhemalics. GLORIA JEANNE PATCH, Lurnberlon, Chemislryg Secrefary, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Secrelary, Women's Sfuclenr Government CHARLES YOUNG PATTEN, Halfisburg, Business Adminisfralion. LEE C. PEARSON, Nicholson, Hislory, ANN THOMAS PHILLIPS, Macon, Business Educafiong Secretary, Pi Omega Pi, Delta Sigma Epsilon, Sludenl Council. DORTHY LYNN PHILLIPS, Meridan, English. SHELLEY H. PHILLIPS, JR., Macon, Pre-Denial, Alpha Epsilon Della. cm.. .SRP a if . , .pf 4 4-D r 4- Vmg, N- . 'gf 1 fs. al' 1' iz' X3 What is it? First Row: MRS, JEAN WADE POLK, Mt. Olive, English. WIL- LIAM HAROLD FOLK, Mt. Olive, Accounting, Auxili- ary ot the Miss. Society ot Certified Public Ac- countants. MARY FRANCES POOL, Ellisyille, Ele- mentary Education, Elementary Council, Secretary Wesley Foundation, Vice-President, WAA, Physical Education Club. MELISSA D. POTTER, Hattiesburg, Foreign Language, Foreign Language Club, Choral Union, Vesper Club, Madragallians, Sigma Sigma Sigma. Second Row: JEWELL B. PRAY, Liberty, General Science, ELIZA- BETH MARSHALL PRESCOTT, Hattiesburg, Spanish. EVELYN D. PRESCOTT, Magnolia, Health and Physical Education. SARA FRANCES PRICE, Prentiss, Element- ary Education, YWA, Vice'President, BSU, Elementary Council. Third Row: MONITA PRINE, Petal, Music, Delta Sigma Epsilon, Recording Secretary, Christian Federation, Social Chairman Alpha Mu Chi, Vcsper Choir, Opera Work- shop, Madragallians, Choral Union. WILLIAM HERMAN PURVIANCE, Jackson, Marketing and Merchandising. TOM M, PRYOR, Laurel, Economics. KERMIT WINSTON QLJIN, Columbia, Mathematics. Fourth Row: WALTER R. RATCLIFF, Wesson, Mathematics, Presi- dent, Math Club, American Legion. VIRGINIA CLAUDINE RAWLS, Shivers, Elementary Education, Librarian of BSU, Community Mission, Chairman ot YWA, Elementary Council. J. V. RAY, Drew, Biology and Pre-Medical, Reporter and Historian of Colonial Club, Student Council, Alpha Epsilon Delta. MARY KATHRYN REEVES, Summit, Home Economics, Home Economics Club. Fifth Row: PAUL REEVES REGAN Magnolia, Physical Education. CURTIS LAMARR RHYNE, Meridian, Mathematics, Kappa Alpha. ELVIN CLINTON RICHARDSON, Gholson, Accounting. WESLEY C. RITENBURGH, Muskegon, Mich., Health and Physical Education. Sixth Row: EDWIN JACK ROBERTS, Gulfport, Health and Physi- cal Education. HELEN MAUREEN ROBERTSON, Liberty, Commerce-Busitess Education, President, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Reporter tor Pan-Hellenic Council, Pi Omega Pi, Future Teachers of America. FRANCES GRIFFITH ROBINSON, Prentiss, Home Economics, Home EC. Club. HARMON I. ROBINSON, Atmore, Ala., Accounting. leading First Row: BETTY LYNN ROCHESTER, Jackson, Home Economics. WILLIAM EDWARD ROCKWELL, Hatticlburgg Marlreting and Merchandising, Kappa Sigma. MRS. OBY ROGERS, Collins, Elementary Education. MARY VONDELL ROSS, Hattiesburg, Sociolcgy, WILFORD THOMAS ROWAN, Jackson, Biology, ANNA KENNEDY SALIBA, Hattiesburg, Business Education, MARTHA ANN SAUCIER, Sumrallg Home Economics. Second Row: MARY JOYCE SAXON, Prichard, Ala., Business Education, President, B.S.U., Treasurer, Pi Omega Pi, Christian Federation, Sigma Theta Kappa. SIDNEY SEBREN, Harrisyille, Chemistry. EDDIE JOE SESSIONS, Union, Social Studies. THOMAS MIXON SHIELDS, Wilmington, Calif., Business Ad- ministration, Phi Kappa Tau, Society of CPA. EDWIN WINSLEY SIMPSON, Pensacola, Fla., Health and Physical Education, P.E. Club, Intramural Manager of Forrest County Hall, Sigma Zeta, lvl-Club. JOHNNIE MACK SIMS, Panama City, Florida, Business Administration. MELVIN REGINALD SIMS, I-lou-atom, Economics, International Relations Club, Honorary Com- merce Society, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Psi Omega. roles.. Third Row: JO SINGLEY, Hattiesburg, Home Economics, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Home Economics Club, Foreign Language Club. CASWELL LLOYD SKINNER, Meridiang Sociology, Ministerial League, Wesley Foundation, BERNICE ALVIN SMITH, Wesson, Business Adrninistration, Reporter, Phi Kappa Tau, PrefLegal Forum, Southern Players, Southern Radio Players, LOIS CECILE SMITH, Lealresville, Home Economics, Home Economics Club. DOROTHY DENNIS SMITH, New Augusta, Home Economics, Science, Delta Sigma Epsilon, Home Economics Club. DOROTHY JEAN SMITH, Laurel, English. HOWARD H. SMITH, Philadelphia, Business Administration, Honorary Com- merce Society. Fourth Row: JAMES MELTON SMITH, Petal, Education. JAMES WILLIAM SMITH, JR., Columbia, Business Administration, Kappa Sigma, Pi Tau, Alpha Psi Omega, Honorary Cornerce Society. MILTON B. SMITH, Gulfport, Business Ad- ministration. NEWTON DENHAM SMITH, JR., Purvis, Chemistry, Alpha Epsilon Delta. ROBERT O. SMITH, Tupelo, Business Administration, Pi Tau, Alpha Epsilon Alpha. WILLARD LEA SMITH, Brookhaven, Health and Physical Education. CLOVIS ELTON STEELE, Fulton, History. K t , I I L .QQ K 3, K e fa Q' rg' ,,,,, ' - ' Q --'- - A "-1'-af' f ' wmglglxx Y, ' it . S "S+ N . U ,V W H ms ual Q gp., -, "' 1 Q . I , V .2 . . , ' i II , x. f it . 03 9 I 4 3 as . ig .1 .. K hr I Q ' ,aff .J sal ff- 1. rs 6 I fix I , I 5 RS X . 1 xx, 1 N is QI ,I so- 1-f 30 7- "' K ,ti I if-nge 1 ' x the seniors Y'-e 35-S ee? " ' ..,:.i 'SE is is' as I4 f cv Q I x.-:A i ,fi- s? . , 1 .,.,. .: XA 1' X., iw. 1, ., . ,L -Q" west - , My E2 -i'.VK?2fs Xi ff? 1 31 -W 155' X! K! NYT, Ah, for Ihe life of a freshman Firsl Row: IRENE ELIZABETH STENNETT, Columbia, Hislory, Wesley Foundalion. GEORGE A. STEVENS, Hugolor, Kansas, Heallh and Physical Educalion. HAROLD WALLACE STEVENS, Gulfporl, English, Phi Thela Kappa, Presidenl, l. R. C: The Soulhern Players. VERNA IDELLE STEWART, Halliesburg, French. Second iRow: JANE MARGARET STRINGER, Summerland, Home Economics, Sigma Thela Isappa, Home Economics Club. ROBERT LEE STUBBS, Magee, Accounting. AUBREY EARL SWAN, Puryis, Commerce, ViceePresi- clenl, Honorary Commerce Society, Corresponding Secrelary, Sigma Zela. ANNIE LOU SYKES, Cryslal Springs, Home Economics, Mu Omega, Cheerleader. Third Row: HUELL GREEN TALBERT, Halliesburg, Business Ad- rninislralion, Kappa Sigma. HARRY LESTER TAYLOR, JR., Piilsburg, lex., Journalism, Editor, Annual, Vice- Presidenr, Language Club, Reporter, Sigma Zeta, I-lisroraan, Pi lau, Alpha rsi Omega, Student Printz, Band, Wno's Who among siudenrs in American Col- leges and Universilies. JOE H. TERRELL, Freniis, L,o..irneri,e, Manager, lnlrainural Sporrs. GEORGE K. THOMPSON, laylorsyille, I-lisfory, Foreign Lang- uage Club, Siudenf Council. Fourlh Row: OTIS LEROY TOLAR, Halliefhurg, Commerce. MYRA JEAN IOWNSEND, Lena, Marnemalics, Mallienialics Club. THOMAS K. IRiGG. Isicnron, Accouniing, Alpha Epsilon Alpha. DOROTHY ELLEN TURNER, Harliesburg, Maliiernalics, Treasurer, Della Sigma Epsilon, Vesper Choir, Cnoral Union. Eiflh Row: VARDAMAN VANCE, Union, Business Education. WIL- LIE SAMUEL VAN LANDINGHAM, Vardaman, Busi- ness Educalion. LENA LOUISE VINSON, Hallies- laurg, Chemistry-Biology, Pre Medical Sociefy. JOHN S. VIRDEN, Raymond, Hislory, Hinds Co. Repre- senlalive. ' Sixlh Row: FRED D. WAITES, Billingsley, Ala., Heallh and Physi- cal Educalion. ELIZABETH NANETTE WALKER, Drew, Voice, Presidenl, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Secrelary Senior Class, Alpha Mu Chi, Vesper Choir, Soulhern Singers. LEE HUGHES WALKER, Drew, Biology, Vice- Presidenl, Alpha Epsilon Della, Honorary Pre-Medical Sociely, Modernisl Orcheslra. WALTER NELSON WALTMAN, Haze-lhursl, Business Adminislralion. leading roles . . seniors Firsl Row: GLENN TURNER WARD, Richlon, Music, Reporler Alpha Mu Chi, Choral Union. RAYMOND W. WARD, Lucedale, Bioiogy, Alpha Epsilon Della, Commander of MSC VFW Posl 2406, Sludeni Council. JAMES T, WARE, Hailiesburgg Commerce. ROBERT LEE WATKINS, Canfon, Heallh and Physical Educalion, Malhemalics, Sigma Zela, "M" Club, Honorary Malh Fralernily. LEVI P, WEAVER, Afmore, Alabama, Accounfing. FREDERIC WILLIAM WEBSTER, JR., Sl. Pelersburg, Fla., I-Iislory. THATTIS LAVELLE WEEKS, Puryis, Commerce, Reporter, Alpha Epsilon Alpha, Debale Club, Pi Tau, Sludenl' Council, Sigma Zela. Second Row: MARGUERITE WELBORN, Laurel, Business Educalicn, Sludenl Council, Sigma Theia Kappa, Furure Teachers of America, Vice Chairman of Women's Sluderl Governrnenl, House Chairman of Mississippi Hall. HAZEL RAMSEY WHITE, Ocean Springs, Hisfory. JACK D. WHITE, Ocean Springs, Hisfory. LAMAR LIDDELL WHITE, Newlon, Accounling, Secrefary, Zela Sigma Fraierniiy. FRANCES DALE WILKERSON, Foics+' Business Educaiion, Pi Orriega Pi. OSCAR GLENN WILKERSON, Lake, Mafhemalics and Chemisf- ry, Siudenr Council Represenlaiiye, Treasurer, Math Club, Wesley Founda- tion, JAMES EVON WILLOUGHBY, Carson, I-lisfcry, Minis'erial League, Secrelary, Kappa Alpha. Third Row: HOWARD DON WINSTEAD, Jackson, Commerce Club, Annual Slaff. GEORGE N. WOOD, I-lazelhursf, Pre-Medical. LUCY MARIE WOOD, Har. fiesburg, Social Sludies. CHARLES VERDO WRIGHT, Ellisville, Maihe, malics. HAROLD ARTHUR YOUNG, SR., Rurh, I-lislory. ROBERT J. YOUNG lvlcComla, Hisfory, WALLEY ALSTON, Haifiesburg, Business Adminis- Iraiion, Kappa Alpha. Fourlh Row: MRS. ELIZABETH JORDAN CARROZZA, Colinnbia: Home Economics. MARLAND HUNT MALLETTE, Ocean Springs, Physical Educalion. MRS. ELSIE WILLIAMS ROGERS, Seminary, Social Sridies. GLYN STEVENS SLAY, I-lazelhursrg Physical Education. . X . fel' 45- Q i 0 ., XM 32 41' I 1 -C. x, Q 'I as I.-Ii, rrggmrrnj , sg ,,,. J ' N' fl A .? supporting roles CHARLES DALE . . . . . Presicleni' HARRY ROSS . . . . Treasurer BILL MILLER . . . Vice-Presideni' JOHN DALE . . . . . . . . . HisI'orian PATRICIA POPE . . . . . Secrerary WILLIE PUGH . . . . Sfudeni' Council Represenfafive Seaied: Willie Pugh, Charles Dale, Pafricia Pope, BIII Miller, John Dale, Sfandfnq: Harry Ross, Mr. E. Q. Campbell, Sponsor. 33 """ Firsf Row: O 0 EDWIN C. AIKENS. Haffiesburgg Poliiical Science. JOSEPH J I I n 1 O I S G S WALLACE AIKENS, Lucedaleg Accounfing and Business Eclucaiion. RILEY EDWARD AINSWORTH, Cenlerg Biology. SHIRLEY GAINES ALEXANDER, Union: English. Second Row: GEORGE MARVIN ALLEN. MI. Olive, Biology. BILLIE I MARIE ALLRED. Collins: Home Economics. MARVIN MIL- ' LER ALLUMS, Ellisvilleg Pre-Med. BILLY RAY AMMONS. IIIA K, Z . , " 4- Haifiesburgg Pre-Med. S I Third Row: GALE ROBERT ANDERSON, Ellisvilleg I-Iisfory. TOM AN- DERSON, Ellisvillep Pre-Med. and Chemislry. MRS. VELMA ANDERSON, Magee: Home Economics. DORIS FRANCES ,ff ATES, Magee: I-iisfory. 9 ' I Fourih Row: OTIS FRANKLIN ATTEBERY, Spring Hill, Ala.: Accounling. ROBERT R. BAIRD, JR.. Arnoryg Social Siudies. LILLIAN ALICE BAIRD, Jaclcsong Voice. VERSON M. BALL, Leaks- villg Biology. Fifih Row: CHARLES JEROME BARKS, Mendenhall. REV. ROY NEL- SON BARLOW, Peialg I-Iislory. DOROTHY ANN BARRETT, Ellisvilleg English. JAMES BARRON, Haiiieslourgg Engineer. Sixfh Row: THOMAS A. BASS, Bassfieldq Chemislry. WEITHA ANN E BATSON, Perkinsfong Home Economics. ARTHUR O'GWYNE BEARD, Lealcsvilleq Social Siudy. CHARLES RAY BEARD, RS ' Jayessy Hislory. S Q Seven+h Row: WILLIE IRA BEARD, I-Ialiiesburgp Commerce. JEAN WELLS BENOIST, Colfeevilleg Elemenlary Educalion, DONALD RAY BERRY, Picayuneg Pre-Med. .HENRY CLARENCE BERRY, ' I-Ialliesburgp Business, Shades of Robin Hood. 1 'Y' .ii if I. I u A supporting roles. Firsl' Row: DOROTHY BETHEA, Halliesburg: Eclucalion. OTHO TIPTON BISHOP, Foresl: Mallwemalics. GORDON C. BLACK, Hallies- burg: Pre-Med. HURBERT NELSON BLACK, Halliesburg: Pre- Med. EVON VERRELL BLACKWELL, I-lalliesburg: Social Sludies. JOE THOMAS BLAIR, Ouilmang Commerce. JOHN ROBERT BLAIR, I-lallieslourg: Pre-Med. ALMA GILMORE BLEDSOE, Col- lins: Engineer. Second Row: HENRY K. BLOCKER, Edinburg: General Science. VIRGINIA NARR BLOSSOM, Eoresl: Music Educalion. SALLY BODMAN, I-laliiesburg: Home Ec. LYLE BONGE, Biloxi: Englislw. JOHN FOS- TER BOOZER, Mobile, Ala.: Engineer. GEORGE C. BOSWORTH, Laurel, Journalism. JOHN LINDSEY BOUND, Jr., Halliesburg: B.S. ISAAC HILTON BOURNE, Long Beach: Journalism. Third Row: MARY KATE BOWLING, I-lalliesburg: Commerce. ALVA D. BOY- KIN, Sylvarenag Mallwemalics. YVONNE TAYLOR BRABHAM, Peoria: Elemenlary Educalion. MARY BRADLEY, Halliesburg: Ari. EMMA JEAN BRADSHAW, Liberlyg Elemenlavy Educalion. OSCAR R. BRAGG, Bay S+. Louis: Accounling. JANE BRAND, Decalur: Sec-Sludies. BETTY FAYE BROSWELL, I-lalliesburg: Commerce. Fourfh Row: ROBERT L. BREWER, Summil: Business Adminislralion. BEN L. BRIGGS, JR.: Pascogoula: Pre-Law. DAVID M. BROCK, Quilman: Marlceling 81 Merchandising. GEORGE RUSSELL BROCK, Hallies- burg: Pre-Med. COLON EUGENE BROWN, I-Ialliesburg: Engineer. CRUIT REEVES BUCKLEY, Columbia: Mallwemalics. MARY FRANCES BUCKLEY: Enlerprise: Commerce. BOBBY BUFFING- TON, Magee: Business Adminislralion. S T x ls .1- .f....... ...., xg? 40- . if Q A J .1 . J- . i T' cm? Cm, fr 35 S ea Lg' W Q1 :T 8.5 if .- 'P If I fs 9 , - .. Firs+ Row: FLOYD LOUISE BURNS, Burns: Home Economics. JACK CHARLIE BURT, Halliesburqq Accounlinq. TROY N. BUSH, I-lalliesburqg Plnysical Educalion. CALVIN BUTLER, Wesson: Physical Educalion. Second Row: RUTH ANN BUTLER, l-lalliesburqg Commerce. WILLIAM HERBERT BUTTS, Raymond: Hislory. MALLEY JORDAN BYRD, Hafliesburqg Hislory, BILLY JOE BURNS, Wiggins: Pre-Law. Third Row: MARY LOIS CAMERON, Purvis, Mallm, RACHEL ERNES- TINE CARLISLE, Collins Elemenlary Educalion. ELWOOD HENRY CARPENTER, Poplarvilleg Business Adminislralion. JAMES F. CARPENTER, Booneville, Music. Four+I-I Row: JAMES R. CARPENTER, Halliesburqg I-leallln 8: Plnysical Educalion. RUBY FAYE CARR, Forest Business Educalion. DURL DeWITTE CARTER, Mf:Lauring Commerce. JANE CAUSEY, Liberryg Music. Fiffh Row: WENDELL L. CAUSEY, Waynesboro, Business Aclminislralion. JAMES AUBREY CHRISTIAN, Harliesburqg Clnemislry. JOHN F. CLARK, DeKalb: Hislory. LEO CLARK, Biloxig Journalism. Sixfh Row: CYRIL MANTEL CLAY, Noxaparerq General Science. OPAL MAE CLAYTON, Perlcinslonp Commerce. ROBERT A. CLE- MENT, Harliesburqp Music. ZERA NELL CLEVELAND, De- calurg I-lislory and G-overnmenl. Seven+h Row: JAMES R. COCHRAN, Jaclfsong Hislory, MANIEL A. COCHRAN, Broolclyng Commerce. HAROLD MARIT COCKRELL, Quilmang Accounlinq. DONALD VAUGHN COLEMAN, Kreoleg Accounlinq. WI'1a+ makes Malley mischevious? iw-- -15--. X , juniors as 'Y if . , I cz: . 5 fy Q is I I 6. L, -n 3 Af -s- fN if 'fal 9' 'I Pdf 'RG l 'bv Q it gs 4415 Auf gy' -x A W N I N supporting roles.. Firs+ Row: ANNABELLE A. FOSTER COLLINS, Gullporf: Violin. LANGSTON JOSEPH COLLINS, Gulfport Commerce. WALLACE MORRIS CONERLY, Columbia: Business Adminislralion. JAMES HUBERT COOK, Decalur: Accounlinq. R. C. COOK, JR., Halliesburq: Biology. RONALD L. COOKSEY, Halliesburq: Business Aclminislra- lion. DELBERT HENRY COPELAND, Philadelphia: Hislory. GWENDOLYN COX, Bollon: Voice. Second Row: JACK DOUGLAS CRAFT, Carlhaqe: Chemislry, HOWARD RO- LAND CRAWFORD, Columbia, Commerce. GEORGE S. CRONIA, Halliesburq: Physical Educalion. NORVELLE CRUM, Crosby: Commerce. EDWARD ALEXANDER CURRIE, JR., Halliesburq: Pre-Med. JUSTINE V. CURTIS, Biloxi: English. FITZHUGH VEA- MANS DABNEY, Jackson: I-lislory. CHARLES H. DALE, Luce! y, "JS dale: Pre-Law. .1 , Q' J' Q q 7, X 0 Q. , , ' ' 1 s Q ,.. be is IQ S ' if ., r if 'f '- ' 4 - . E .L .- Third Row: EDISON ALFRED DALE, Wiqqins, Malhemalics, JOHN L. DALE, Lufeclale: Accounling-Business Educalion. ROBERT JACOB DANS- LEY, Decafeur: Accounlinq. JOHN IGNATIUS D'ANTONI. Biloxi: Physical Educalion. ANSE McKAY DAVIS, Ocean Springs: Econ. BETTY JO DAVIS, VVes+ Enlerprise: Home Economics. HAROLD ALFRED DAVIS, Luceclale: Accounlinq. RAY ELLIS DAVIS, JR., Halliesburq: Accounling. Fourfh Row: GEORGE CLINTON DAWKINS, Rose Hill: Agricullure. THOMAS DAWSON DAY, Collins: Commerce. EUGENE D. DEARMAN, Halliesburq: Accounlinq. ROGER LEE DENNIS, Puryis: Malhe- malics. WILSON G. DENNIS, Halliesburq: Business Adminislra- lion. RUBY DELL DENTON, Meridian: Social Sludies, QUINN PARKER DICKENS, Collins: Biology. MELVIN JOSEPH DICKIES, Halliesburq: P.E. 2: IC if it ii' elsif' 7' A Q .5 I ii af. . 9v..,,,,.- .. ,R . ..:.v f W L:- fsl. i W. N, . .5 . '31, ne- I . . f , Qi' .L ,V I . .V ,gl ,, Q I-'V' , Rx 1- . V , J W' X -,gf-:mmf-.. .X .:v " -..:.M4h?'.3:ff A f I A ., 37 I A Gm if n , B Firs'r Row: MARY RUTH DICKSON, Ml. Olive, Music. ROBERT LEE DIXON, Moss Poinlg Business Adminislralion. JAMES C. DARMAN, Halliesburqq Physical Educalion. JAMES L. DOYLE, JR., Ha'l7esl3urgg Ari. Second Row: JEROME HARTFORD DRANE, Halliesburqq Pre-Law. JOSEPH JAMES DUFFIE, Biloxi, Chemislry. JACK GARVIN EARLY, Ouilman: Accounling. BRUCE EASTERLING, Rich- lcinq Physical Educalion, Third Row: MARY IRIS EASTERLING, Richlonf Physical Educalion. PATSYE EDWARDS, Saucierg Physical Educalion. M. G. EDWARDS, Hailiesburqg Accounlinq. HELEN LOUISE EKES, Laurel, Home Economics. Fourfh Row: WINNIE JEAN ELLY, Scoobag Commerce. KATHERYN PAULINE ELLIS, Doddsyilleg Elemenlary Educalion. JEAN ESTES, Louisville, English. NEVILLE DEAN ETHRIDGE, Halliesburq: Commerce. Fiffh Row: ARA ELAINE EUBANKS, Lurnberlonp Music. MARGARET EUBANKS, Lumberlony Violin. MARTHA ANN FANCHER, Colleevilleg Home Economics. ARTHUR L. FERGUSON, Mobile, Ala.: Spanish. Six'rh Row: GLOVER WESLEY FIKES, Lolce: Malhemalics. CHARLES G. FILKIN, Biloxi, Encglish. CHARLES M. FLOYD, Magee: Spanish. MAURICE E. FOREMAN, Halliesburqj Physical Educalion. Sevenlh Row: FRANCIS JULIUS FREDRIC, Pascaqoulay Business Adminis- lralicln. CLAUDE HENRY FREEMAN, Hallieslourqg Physical Educalion. GASTON HOWARD FREEMAN, JR., Meridian? Social Sludies, VERNON P. GAINEY, Tuscolag Hislory. The winnah! itu- -.L-, b ff vid juniors as N 15 ,- 'YL fx 6 P k 1 npr I 1 iilxg 3233? 1 . We IA l QV - Q 1?- i i Zim: Z 5' ,, A . . I 1. .1 I f. - 'K . M 'ff Q I . .. r" 5'r1s4'f' fi -off.: Nr g, ' -sf if .I . igfgiilfig supporting roles.. Firsf Row: BENJAMIN ERSKINE GANDY, I-laiiiesburqi Chemisiry. JAMES FLOYD GARRAWAY, New Augusfa: Business Adminislraiion. JAMES LEROY GASTON, Aclcerman, Physical Educalion. DEWEY WILSON GIBSON, Canloni Pre-Denial. GERTRUDE JESSICA- GIFFORD, Long Beach: Commerce. SARAH LEE GILL, Johns: Home Economics. SARA MAUDE GOLDEN, Delialbe: English. HAROLD GENE GORDON, McComb: Educaiion. Second Row: MATTIE SUE GORDON, Heidelberg: Home Economics. NOBLE A. GORDON, Louisville: Science. CLYDE WILFRED GRANBERRY, I-lafiiesburgg Commerce. JEANETTE BROGAN GRANTHAM, Siringer: Elemenlary Eclucalion. .JAMES EDWARD GREGORY, Cal- hounCi'ry: Business Adminisiraiion. REMBERT RAY GRICE, Colum- bia: Social Siudies. MARCUS CLEVELAND GRIMES, I-Ialiieslourqg Physical Eclucaiion. JAMES WILSON GRUBBS, Magee: Pre-Medi- cal. S fs lp 'Vis 'IQ' H. Third Row: JAMES MORGAN GUESS, Broolclyn: Business Adminislralion. HERMES GAUTIN HAGUE, Pascaqoula: Social Sludies. KERVIN REVICE HALL, JR., Laurel: Business Adminisiralion. MRS. C. R. HAM, Magee: Elemenlary Educaiion. WILLIAM HERMES HAMIL- TON, Hurley: Accounlinq. CHARLES LARUE HAMMOND, Colum- bia: Chemisfry. BERYL D. HARKEY, Panama Ci+y, Fla.: Home Economics. MABLE HARREL, Perlrinsion: Commerce. Fourlh Row: IRA ,L. HART, Haliiesburg: Commerce. FELDER HARTZOG Sandy Hook: I-lisfory. DONALD G. HAWKINS, Foresf: I-lisiory. ROBERT EARL HAYES, Shubura: Accounfinq. CHARLES WAL- TER HERRING, Halliesburq: Accounling. CLARK O. HESTER, Perlcinsfon: Physical Educalion. CHARLES ROGER HEWITT, Sum mil: Physical Educaiion. CHARLES E. DUFFIE, Biloxi, Music. Q'- I ii z 1 J K PY' vi , -'A A X 'Q Q 'X ' fy. .. A wifi 1 ' ' 3254 f J si Q X I " is A is I-4' I fl gas. I . . A 'I X A 'W is . . I B 39 - -u- -.-.Q-. -q- an-Q- -.-W-Q .4...4-..q-....-.-................ ....-.-.-. Firs'r Row: BETTY TRAVIS HICKMAN, Halliesburq: Physical Educalion. FERREL GLEN HILL, Harfiesburq: Maihemalics. BOBBIE HINDMAN, Louisville: Malhemalics. CARL D. HIRSCHEN- HAFER, Vicksburg: Hisiory. Second Row: DAN GORE HITT, Slaie Sprinqs: Marlwelinq and Merchan- disinq. DOROTHY MARIE HOLIFIELD, Laurel: Home Economics. CHARLA DANN HOLLIDAY, Poplarville: Com- merce. ALTON LEVON HOLLIS, Carfhaqe: Pre-Law. Third Row: CLIFFORD ELLIS HOLLOWAY, Lauderlale: I-Iislory. MRS. FRANCES JEAN HOLLOWAY, Meridian: Marhemalrics. WILLIAM BRUCE HOLMAN, Louisville: Hisrory and Physical Educalion. DAVID WARREN HOLMES, JR., Haliiesburg: Pre-Legal. Four'rh Row: VIRGINIA BLONZELL, Harlon-Coneha++a: Business Educa- Iion, BURNICE THOMAS HUMPHRIES, Louisville: His- Iory. ROBERT A. HUTCHERSON, Clara: Accounlinq. MRS. NEOLA HOBDA HUTTO, Clara: Commerce. Fif+h Row: ELEANOR HYDE, Poplarville: Social Srudies. FRED JOSEPH ISENBER6, Palm Beach, Fla.: Pre-Law. GEORGE GILMORE ISHEE, Laurel: Accounlinq. DONALD EDWARD JOHN- SON, Tylerlown, Hislory. Six+h Row: KATHRYN JOHNSON, Halliesburgg English. OTIS E. JOHNSON, Hailiesburq, Economics. CELIA JOHNSON, Lodi: Social Sludies. BETTY LEE JONES, Harliesburq: Elernenlary Educarion. Seven'Ih Row: EDDIE B. JONES, Meridian: Sociology. SYLVIA GRACE JONES. Laurel: Commerce. HENRY HARRISON JONES, Maqee: Physics. CHARLES KELLER JORDON, Laurel, Commerce. Tina needs no weapons. juniors 1+ ,WM . ws A , 61 x I 'Q Q1 . ,. , , -, .gg A hx 1 . , I X 'Lf Q? w '5' , vL.A Y CIS ,vy f. Mi I v ,gg-, , , ww. , W ' 'G-nan... 4 'G- 6- in 1 , ' . ' ' JS-wx! .' X 5 'EF ,A fx .qi supporting roles.. Firsi' Row: J. M. JORDON, Slale Line: Business Adminislralion. JAMES RAY JUDGE, Hickory: Socioloqy. JUSTINE EVELYN KAZAR, Tehula: Physical Educarion. MURRAY ELBERT KEEL, De Lisle: Commerce. EARNEST M. KELLY, Seminary: Heallh. JAMES BAILEY KEN- NEDY, Magee: Hislory. SILAS KENNEDY, Sandy Hoolc: Hislory. DOROTHY DOUGLASS KESSLER, Halliesburg: English. Second Row: GWEN KILLINGSWORTH, Halliesburg: Home Economics. SAM S. KING. MI. Olive: Malhemalics. ROBERT W. KINGSBERRY, Halliesburq: Music. DOROTHY EARL KIRKPATRICK, Halliesburq: Home Economics. BUDDIE JOE KNIGHT, Taylorsville: Pre-Med. PHILIP KNISLEY. I-Ialliesburqg Cher-nislry. LILLIE PAULINE LAM- BERT, Jayess: English. HOLLIS TAYLOR LANDRUM, Columbia: Social Sludies. Third Row: JAMES WALLACE LANGSTON, Columbia: Eleclrical Engineering. GLEN LAMAR LANKFORD, Slale Line: Physical Educalion, COWAN BOURNE LANGSTON, Oalcvale: Enqlish. HELEN FRANCES LEE, Kolcomo: Commerce. VIVIAN LEE, Slale Line: Business Educalion. WALTER M. LEE, JR., Halliesburq: Commerce. WILLIAM THOMAS LEE, Columbia: Physical Educalion. DOROTHY MAXINE LEWIS, Pelalq Business Adminislralion. Fourlh Row: DANIEL F. LINDSEY, Kreole: Accounling. JOHN WALKER LITTLE, Halliesburq: Commerce. EWARD AARON LOGAN, Carlhaqeg Malhemalics. JOHN S. LOGAN, Layerleg Commerce. ARTHUR ROY LONG, Sardisi Physical Educalion. DOROTHY LANGENWALTER, Gullporl: Occupalional Therapy, ROBIN LONGRE, Hallie-sburq: Spanish. DENSON WILLIAM LOTT, Col- lins: Social Sludies. ' ' e '- ,. . ' ' , Q 4' Q, . " A' . ff 1 'J . V 3 . ,,. :,2v5 1,14-i yt? " 1 5' , . T 41 Qi.. W' I I ,... ,E X ff- I ,im va. " Firs+ Row: THOMAS E. LUCUS, Sumrallg Cliernisrry. ADRIAN D. Mc- BETH, Newrong Social Science. RICHARD F. MCCARTHY, Hailiesburqg Engineering. JOHN GEORGE McCARTY, Gulliporr, Business Adminislraiion. Second Row: BEN C. MCCLESKEY, Ololonaq Pre-Enqineerinq. DAVID J. MCCLAMROCK, Pascaqoulap Educaiion. JAMES VICTOR MCCULLOCH, Louisville: I-lisiory. FLOYD CURRIE Mc- ELVEN, Baxfervillet Journalism. Third Row: PETER JEROME MCGOWEN, I-Iailiesburgg Engineering. SHIRLEY MCGRAW, Wciodvilleg Home Economics. JULIA MAE McHANN, Siarlvilleg Home Economics. TRUEL Mc- KINNEY, Wayneslooroq Engineering, Four+I1 Row: CHARLES GRAY MCLELLAND, Halriesburqq Pre'DenTal. HARRY KINBRELL MCLEMORE, Haliiesburqg Economics. LAWRENCE A. MCNEESE, Columbia: Business Adminisira- lion. JAMES ALEXANDER McPHERSON, Mossg Hisrory. Fiffh Row: ROBERT REP MCRANEY, Collins: Pre-Law. JOHNNY LEO MCWHORTER, Decaiurg Physical Educaiion. LOLA FAY MAGEE, Tylerrowny Home Economics. HERBERT LOUIS MAGEE, Mounl Olive, Mailwemalics. Six+I1 Row: FLORENCE L. MANSELL, Carlliaqey Elemenfary Educaiion. JOHN DOUGLAS MANSON, Lumberionq Cliemislry. CARL RAYMOND MARCHETICH, De Lisle, Music. CHARLES E. MARDIS, Naiclnezy Acflouniinq. SevenI'I1 Row: LEVI CLARKE MARSH, Haliiesburqq Business Adminislra- lion, EDWARD AUBREY MARSHALL, Gulfport Business Aidminislraiion. MARION FRANCIS MARSHALL, Narche-z: Commerce. LOUIS EDWARD MARTELLO, Halriesburqi Commerce As usual Mrs. Gough Iisfens wi+I1 closecl mou'rI1. '75 ju11'ors . gg .I ,Q 6 X A .iif g, 1 N ,,,m.,hfQj'-5, i lu-...4 1-if it -G, Is Qu? 4 Y supporting roles.. Firsr Row: GERALD L. MARTIN, I-Iaiiiesburg: Physical Educaiion. LAW- RENCE EDWARD MARTIN, Terry: Pre-Denial. RALPH LEE MAR- TIN, Hailiesburg: Physical Educaiion. MARY FRANCES MAT- HEWS, Urica: Elemenrary Educalion. ARLINE MAY, Philadelphia: Home Ec. GWENDOLYN MAY, Decarur: Elemenrary Educaiion. WILLIAM FRANK MAYO, Florence: Commerce. MABLE DERETT MEADOWS, Richlon: Hisiory. Second Row: JULIA MAE MIDDLETON, Roxie: I-Iospilal Technician. BOBBY JEAN MILES, Pulaski: Elemeniary Educaiion. BIRL BROWN MIL- LER, Glendale: Commerce. WILLIAM GRANT MILLER, Wiggins: Science. MRS. ETHEL M. MILNER, MI. Olive: English. ONI FAY MINTON. Brookhaven: Elemeniary Educaiion. WILTON RAY MITCHELL, Carriere: Hisrory. CHRISTOPHER JOHN MIXON, I-Iarriesburg, Marhemaiics. is W an X Third Row: JAMES MENASCO, Shubuia: Maihemarics. HOWARD A. MORAN, Picayune: Pre-Medical. EVELYN MAY MORELAND, Booneville: Elemenrary Educalion. RAYFORD MORGAN, Ellis- viile: Physical Educaiion. HENRY EDWARD MORREN, Haiiies- burg: Minislerial. BYRON F. MORRIS, Columbia: Commerce. DOW MOSELEY, Jackson: I-Iislory. IRWIN JACKSON MOSLEY, Physical Educaiion. FourI'h Row: CHARLES EDWIN MURRAY, Gulfport Chemisiry. ORVILLE ED- WARD MUSSER, Purvis: Accouniing. JOSEPH NAPIER, Seminary: Accouniing. WILLIAM M. NARRO, Bay Springs: Business Adminis- Irafion. WARREN BUSBY NATION, Brookhaven: Commerce. WILLIAM NOLAN NETTERVILLE, Wilkerson: Pre-Law. MARY WILLENA NIXON, Ocean Springs: Business Educaiion. HORACE DON NOBLITT, Columbia: Accouniing. gi X K. f fy 5 S A Mem.. V, W, 2, :MQ 'x i ' , gtg, 1? I ,I may , tgiy' I ga . g A V N , s A .fix I YIYI s il 43 Firsi' Row: WILBER DEAN NOBLITT, Columbia: Accounling. A. C. OWEN, Mize: Malhemafics. JIM RAY OWEN, Nowala, Olfla.: Physical Educaiion. ROSA M. PASCHAL, Bessemer, Ala.: English. Second Row: KATHRYN PATRIDGE, Lodi: Home Economics. J. BER- NARD PEARSON. JR., Meridian: Music. MAMIE EARLE PENDARIUS, Hafliesburg: Ari. MARY ELLEN PETTIS, Shu- bulag Home Economics. Third Row: LOCKETT PEYTON, Jaclcson: Business Adminisfraiion. VAN ALLEN PHILLIPS, Halliesburq: Che-misiry. EVA NELL PICKLE, Aberdeen: Malhemalics. FAYE PIERCE, Collins: Home Ec. Fourfh Row: RALPH E. PIGOTT, Tylerlown: Business Adminislralion. MAMIE M. PITTMAN, I-lalliesburg, Physical Educalion. PATRICIA A. POPE, Columbia: Home Economics. BUFORD W. POSEY, Philadelphia: I-lislory. Fiffh Row: JOHN P. POUNCEY, Sumrall: Physical Educalion. WILLIE R. PUGH, Luceclale: Business Adminislralion. JACK QUINN, Willislon, Fla.: Educalion, JACK RANDALL, Jackson, Social Sciences. Sixfh Row: JOE WARREN RANKIN, JR., Columbia: Pre-Engineering. VIRGINIA DALE RAWLS, Boque Chillo: Home Economics. ELIZABETH ANN READ, Halliesburqp Speech, ROBERT L. REEVES, Nalchez: Accounlinq. Sevenlh Row: ELSIE MARIE REYNOLDS, Osyka: Elemenlary Educalion. MYRNA REYNOLDS, Puryis: Business Educaiion. HESTER TOMMILINE RHOADS, Holly Blul'l, Business Educaiion. WILLENE REBECCA ROBERSON, Perlcinslon: Home Econom- ics. True 'ro The Dean's rules, a nice parfy. supporting roles.. Firsf Row: CHARLENE ROBBINS, Columbia, Home Economics. MRS. REBA ROGERS. Taylorsville-7 Elemeniary Educalion. .JEAN CAROL ROSENBAUM, Scooba: Ari. MRS. BARBARA ROSS, Gullporii Music. HARRY ALBERT ROSS, Gulfporlq Accounring. KATHE- RINE ANN RUNNELS, Macgeey Home Economics. MARY NELL RUNYAN, Collinsg Hisrory, DELTON L. RUTLAND, Mi. Olive: Commerce. Second Row: THERESA PAULINE RYAN, Biloxi: Enqlislw. CHESTER BEN SAN- DERS, Laurel: Music. JACK G. SANDERS, Harriesburqg Science. MARY NELL SARTOR, Monrroseq Marlwemaiics. FORREST E. SAUCIER, JR., Harriesburqp Business Manaqemenr. ELSIE E. SAULTERS, Prenrissg Elemeniary Educaiion, EDWIN A. SCHMEL- LING, Biloxi: Frl, CECIL G. SCHRADER, I-Iarriesburqg I-Iisrory. .,. : Ml ., X Q i, f .T A gl Q I A 97' fig Third Row: CHOYCE K. SCOTT, Dossvilleg Accouniinq. HOUSTON K. SEAY, Pascaqoulag Physical Educarion. AUSTIN D. SESSIONS, Fore-sl: Marliemaiics. BURTON SHARP, JR., Columbia, Sociology. WIL- LIAM T. SHARP, Tupelo, Mailwemarics. HERSCHEL R. SHATTLES I-Iarfiesburqg Commerce. F. MASON SHELBY, Terryy Accounrinq FLORA M. SHEPHERD, Pass Clirisiiang Science. Fourfh Row: HERBERT SHEPHERD, McLeod, I-Iislory. BILLY B. SHIRLEY, Quir many Physical Educalion. PAUL D. SHIRLEY, Forest Business Edu- carion. BERNICE SHOEMAKE, Oveirq Elemenlary Educarion CHARLOTTE H. SHOWS, Ove-Hg Home Economics. JACK L. SHUTTS, Jackson, Marlcerinq. BOBBIE SIGREST, Enlerprisey Com merce. BLANCHE SIMMONS, Moss Poinrg Music. X ag' . 5 L ' , x- 1 . L. 1. .. iw ig i vim' vm M A - wyg' .5-ssfsfiir. I R ' Ns . ' y X is ' 1 g J ,xx ef, . V- " ' Ti ' I . If vnu Aix is , S' 'NW +1 ,M 3.1. t . ...,f,.g ws 45 rex.- , fa, 1 SP '. 1- E I fr.. fr eds- I x A -'ww Firs+ Row: O SISTRUNK Walnuf Grove' Chemislr JAN T SLAT O O MRS.BARBARASISTRUNK,Waynesboro,i-m+Ofy,THoMAs J 1 0 I S G- S . , , y. . TERY, Cliiiside, N. C.: Ari. BILLY RAY SMITH, Pulaski: Physical Educalion. Second Row: DORIS NELL SMITH, Bassiiieldg Business Adminislralion. DUDLEY SMITH, Carlhageg Elemenlary Eclucalion. DOUG- LAS F. SMITH, Carriere, Pre-Law. EUDORA SMITH, Perkinslong Home Economics. Third Row: IDA KATE SMITH, Collins: Home Ec. MRS. JOYCE SMITH, Lena: Business Educalion. LOUIS T. SMITH, Aqricolag Jour- nalism, .NANCY MAY SMITH, Collins: Home Economics. Fourih Row: J. NEIL SMITH, Tylerlowng Economics. ROBERT N. SMITH, Agricola: Journalism. SAMUEL O. SMITH, Leakesyille: Commerce. WHEELER E. SMITH, Philadelphia: Social Science Fiffh Row: WILLA L. SMITH, Tylerlowng Commerce. WILLIAM C. SMITH, Bassfieldy Geology. JAMES SNEED, Jackson: Physi- cal Educalion. REESE H. SNELL, Bonilag Physical Educalion. "i- Six+h Row: ROBERT M. SOREY, .Louing ,Chemis+ry. JUANEESE SPEIGHTS, Bassiielclg Commerce. JANE M. SPENCE, Ellis- ville: English. WILLIAM L. SPRUELL, Moss Poinly Pre-Med. Sevenfh Row: G. KELDON STANFORD, Fullony Chemislry. ERNEST G. STANLEY, JR., Shubuilag Physical Educalion. JAMES B. STANLEY, Hafliesburqg Pre-Med. CLAUDE L. STAUTER, Moss Poinlg Physical Educalion. Offenders capfured a+ Lake Byron, af nighf yef. f Qi Q9 ' Fwd f . ..," S .3 4 I " ' L ' I Q- 4 5 if X2-.Sf "-'fa f r 1 -'pri -R ll, . supporting roles.. Firsi' Row: E. JEANNE STEGALL, Morlong Music. OLVIN L. STEPHENS, Philadelphia: Social Science. ANNE E. STEVENS, Meridian, Social Sludies. ROBERT E. STEVENS, I-Iazelhurslq Physical Educalion. M. BETH STEWART, Lumloerlony Home Economics. BILLY B. STEWART, Brandon: Merchandising and Marlceling. MRS. GEORGE STEWART, Bogue Chilloy Home Economics. GEORGE STEWART, Harpersvilleg Malhemalics. Second Row: HAYES STEWART, Harpersvilleg Malhemaiics. O. WALTON STE- WART, Collins: Educalion. EDNA EARL STOCKTON, Aberdeen: English. IVYE LOU STORIE, Ocean Springs, Sociology. RICHARD M. STRAIN, Wealherlord, Texas: Commerce, FREDERICK K. STRIBLING, Florence: Pre-Law. ERNEST C. STRONG, JR., Green- wood: Hisiory. HILTON J. STUART, Magee: Commerce, in . . me -1' fx Third Row: JAMES C. STUBBS, Mageeg Business Adminislralion. WILLIAM K. SYKES, Jaclasong Physical Educalion. JOANNE TAYLOR, Philaf delphiap Home Economics. S. PEGGY THERRELI., Florence, Busi- ness Educarion. JOHN D. THOMAS, Ouifman. DAVIS J. THOMP- SON, Gullporlg Business Adminislraiion. ROBERT THOMPSON, Columbia: Commerce. J. T. THRASH, JR., Newlon, Commerce. Fourlh Row: R. L. TONEY, Shuloulag Business Adminislraiion. THEODORE A. TUDURY, Bay S+. Louis: Physical Educalion. ALPHA N. TURNER, Lealcesvilleg Commercial Ari. G. E. TURNER, Slidell, La., Pre-Den- Ial. SHIRLEY L. VICK, JR., Halliesburgg Business Adminislralion. NORMAN G. WALKER, JR., Lucedaleq Chemislry. WESLEY E. WALLACE, I-laliiesburgg Business Adminislraiion. HUBERT G. WALLY, Lealresvilleg Physical Educalion. f 4 - 1, ""' . '5 X f 1 . fq3'C5'fx X X , ,FJ 83? is A X . s..,.,L,., L, - ..... ,my . I Ic- g . A . A 1 ll 6 .,..,., , -ug . , , .fir i ,: H Hx 'Q ,S E . 5 Y 53 ' + ' . 5 E 4 fy ,f . .,... I . A fe, A . f- V,-mis if 1 I .V I ff y si . ew! s, is f I if , ? ,.'i ' ...,., . 5 . X Al 533 i K.. 3 - 1'r -M ISM' 47 Firsl' Row: ROBERT L. WALTERS, Ellisyille: Cnemisiry. ROBERT N. WALTERS, Laurel, Hislory. VIVIAN C. WARD, Luce-dale: Bicilc-ny. JACK WARNER, Lcuisville, Heal+li and Physical Edurialion. Second Row: THOMAS A. WASSON, I-fcisciusliog Music. FRED W. WATERS, Benlcinq Pliysical Educelicin. ROSEMARY WAT- SON, Halliesburqg Business Educalion. THOMAS D. WEEKS, Laurel, Physical Edufalicin. Third Row: TYMAN H. WELLS, Halliesburq, Commerce, ROBERT T. WEST, Wayrnesborog Pre-Enqineerinq. PAUL A. WESTER- FIELD, Ja-:lsong Arcliileclure. EDWIN H. WHITE, Kol-orncrq Srieni H. Eourlh Row: JOHN U. WHITE, Canlcin, Oliiop Plwysicol Educalion. WIL- LIAM K. WHITEHURST, Ellisville, Bioloqy. BILLY S. WIL- LIAMS, Osylfay Physical Educelion. CHARLES B. WILLIAMS, JR., Meridien, Commerce. FIHI1 Row: GERALDINE WILLIAMS, Sosog Social Sludies. JAMES R. WILLIAMS, Sosog Social Sludies. HERSTON WILLIAMS, JR., Oal: Vale, Law. WILEY L. WILLIAMSON, Collins: Cfifrnmfarre, SIXII1 Row: JIMMIE WILSON, Bay Sprinqsg Home Economics. INA E. WOMACK, Ulicag Music. ROBERT E. WOODALL, Boque Cliilloy Ac-gcriinlinq, VERNON E. WRIGHT, Ellisvillej I-lealllm Sevenlh Row: .IOHN P. YATES, I-lamillcin, Texas, Journalism. FANNIE LYNN YOUNG, Smirlndeleq Home Ec. HENRY C. YOUNG, Neslicrloop Social Sludies. RUTH WARNER, Louisville, Ar-frniinlintl. Prevue +o a Golden Anniversary. the juniors Hrs: QC , af II 'ff vm , ? s 3 1' Qs K x r 1 -we an .- 4?- B, 1, .T in K . ,ffsf G. it character roles BILL DEMORAN . . .... Presicieni' TOMMY TINGLE . . . . .Treasurer HULON SIMMONS . . . . Vice-Presideni J. W. BALL ....... . . Reporfer ERNESTINE FORD . . .......... Secreiary MARY LOUISE MOZINGO . . . Hisforian TOMMYE MORRIS ....... Sfudenf Council Represen+a'five Leff fo Righf: Mary Louise Mozingo, Hulon Simmons, Bill Demoran, Tommy Tinqle. m,..,...4. ii E I S I fm s 2 .. l s...vv"'i" wxkwlj . 1 N if Q-an K ,. character roles.. I Firsf Row: ROBERT EARL ALFORD, Tylerlown, Miss.: Business Adminislralion. GEORGE E. ALLRED, Broolcliaven, Miss.: Mallwemalics, HAYWARD GLENN ANDERSON, Meridian, Miss.: Business Adminislralion. IDA PEARL APLIN, I-lalliesburig, Miss.: Commerce, BOBBIE AS- KEW, Poplarville, Miss.: Commerce. LOUIN L. AUTREY, Colume bia, Miss.: Social Shidiei. ROSE MARIE BACKSTROM, McLain, Miss.: Comrnerce. WILLIAM C. M. BAGGETT, JR., Moselle, Miss.: Minislry. Second Row: MRS. HELEN BERNICE BAIRD, Amory, Miss.: Educalion. J. W. BALL, Eovworlli, Miss.: Business Adrninislralion, WALTER JACK- SON BANKS, JR., Pinola, Miss.: Economics. COURTLAND BISHOP BARKER, I-lalliesburq, Miss.: Social Sludies. JOHNNIE RUTH BEALL, Lurnberlon, Miss.: Lab. Iecli, HASCAL E. BEARD, Hallies- burq, Miss.: Commerce, HILDA BEARDEN, Summill, Miss.: Plnysi- cal EducaIion. BILLY EARL BENTON, MI. Olive, Miss.: Commerce. Third Row: ROBERT HENRY BERRY, MI. Olive, Miss.: Pre-Enqineerinq. WIL- LIAM EARL BEXLEY, JR., McLain, Miss.: Pre-Med. AVEN C. BILBO, Moss Poinl, Miss.: Educalion. FLOYD EUGENE BISHOP, ,... 'gh , I , - f ? .. 4 1 I 4 1 5 9 ' s.. .I PM as 1 X I 1 . 5 if . A . Y..- Laurel, Miss.: Social Sludies, GLENDA RUTH BOND, Wiggins, Miss., Eiemenlary Educalion. BILLY BOURNE, Foxworllw, Miss.: Social Sludies. GALEN MORTON BOWERS, Halliesburg, Miss.: Pre-Engineering, MAXINE BRADSHAW, Morlon, Miss.: Home Economics. FourI'I1 Row: NORMA LEE BRAND, Newlon, Miss.: Commerce, BETTIE SUE BRELAND, Wiqqins, Miss.: Home Economics. JEWELL JEROME BRELAND, JR., Iylerlown, Miss.: PresMed, MARY PEARL BRE- LAND, Lealesville, Miss.: Commerce. JACK J. BRENT, Magnolia, Miss.: Hislory. VIRGINIA ANNE BRYAN, Harriesburg, Miss: Enqiisn. MALONE EVERETT BRYANT, Collins, Miss.: Pre-Med. DOROTHY BUFKIN, Lumbermn, Miss.: Elemenlary Eduoalicn. FIHI1 Row: DAVID G. BULLARD, Halfiesburq, Miss.: Ari. DONALD McKAY CALDWELL, I-liolrory, Miss.: Mallwemalics. GLENN AUBREY CAN- FIELD, Escalawpa, Miss.: Pre-Enqineerino. BERNICE BARBARA CARDEN, Meridian, Miss.: Music. CATHERINE CARPENTER, I-lalliesburq, Miss.: Plwsical Educalion, RAY F. CARTER, Collins, Miss.: Commerce. ROBERT EDGAR CAWTHORNE, Jackson, Miss.: Psyclwoloqy. SUE CHILCOAT, Ioccopola, Miss.: Enqlislw, X 9 3' va 5 I I If ,I ' 4 I 'QM 91 50 sophomores wx w i ' Q' isssrs J wg T ii Q, . , is I o,.A -,Q fh' R 'Ss 1 S' ,x r i ,ee S is NM 29" ,QI ssl, :Q .4 fr L an sl IEP s s 1 f sf . 7 , iw , is I 16 .-Q f:--- .. MI"-,LL , 1 ,Q T if V ' 4 ' K . Q . , -rif f-V -: f M' f f .,. . Us 4, iMeEz,,, s fy ' .- ' :.::5 I ' 1 fiiii . if cm A 'T , . . , ,o,, far- -I, f . is ,, -4' Huis: WW' IHAIA fat, 2 . V M , ., 4. 5, J 'If Y fi: 7 - :Sf . S 1 .,. . 5 ' J ' X R W. . sf Q gf s K EI ,i 5 X 'fr- f 5' ii " ff - ' ,, . 1 r r V- - N- . - Q' . ":1 2 . . Q . 4 S 7 gy- SX 'Ax sm. 51 Firsf Row: SARA MAE CHILDERS, Bay Springs, Miss.: Elemen- Iary Educaiicin. MARGARET CLARK, Guliporl, Miss.: Journalism. ROBERT OWEN CLARK, Pelal, Miss.: Business Aclrrrinislraiion. LENA MAE COLE, Hailies- bura, Miss.: Pre-Med. LOUIE EDWARD COMBEST, Wesl Enlerprise, Miss.: Accciunlinq. Second Row: WOODIE DUANE COOK, Lealresville, Miss.: Com- merce. GASTON MONROE CORLEY, MI, Olive. Miss. GLORIA LYNELLE CORLEY, Halliesburg, Miss: Home Economics. BETTY JANE COX, Bilcivi, Miss.: Social Sludies. GEORGE H. CRAFT, Sylva- rena, Miss.: Business Educaiion, Third Row: JOYCE EVELYN CRAWFORD, Mi Olive, Miss.: Home Economics. JAMES WILLIAM CROSBY, Hailiesburg, Miss.: Commerce. JEAN ELIZABETH CROSBY, Hal- iiesburcq, Miss.: Commerce. WRIGHT WILSON CROSS, Peral, Miss.: Aqriculrure. EDWARD JONES CURRIE, Monlicello, Miss.: Hislory. Fourfh Row: JAMES EDWARD DANIELS, Columbia, Miss.: Pre- Med. OTIS GLEN DAUGHTREY, Pelal, Miss.: Pliysi- cal Educaiion, ALICE ANN DAVIS, Poplarville, Miss.: Spanisli. JO ANN DAVIS, Holly Bluii, Miss.: Enqlisli. TRESSIE MARY DAWSON, Glosier, Miss.: Maili. Fifllw Row: OLIVER TERRELL DEEN, JR., Twin Falls, ldalio: Social Sludies. ROBERT C. DEEN. Bassiield, Miss.: Accounl- inq. WILLIAM JOSEPH DEMORAN, Biloxi, Miss.: Science. BETTY JEAN DOHERTY, Halliesburg, Miss.: Commerce, JAIME DOMINQUEZ, Colombia, S, A.: Business Sixfh Row: DOYLE V. DOWNS. Hailiesburq, Miss.: Accouniinq. VONCILE DRENNAN, Soso, Miss.: Commerce. AR- NAL TALMADGE DUCKWORTH, Laurel, Miss.: Pre- Enqineerinq. WINSTON E. DUCKWORTH, Mi. Olive, Miss.: Piiysical Educalion. GILBERT GARYSON Du- LANEY, Euilon, Miss.: Acccrunlinq, Sevenfh Row: Music. GERALD T. EASLEY, Hailiesburq, Miss.: JAMES BILLY EASTERLIN6, Merrill, Miss.: Accciunie inq. SARA JANE EDDY, Heidelberg, Miss.: Accouni- inq. CLARENCE FERGUSON, Weir, Miss.: Music. SYBIL STROUD FIKES, Lake, Miss.: English. Eighi-I1 Row: THOMAS EDWARD FLYNT, Mi. Olive, Miss.: Com- merce. ERNESTINE FORD, Columbia, Miss.: Social Sludies. CAROLYN FORTENBERRY, Hub. Enqlisli. HELEN RUTH FORTENBERRY, I-laiiiesburg, Miss.: Science. EMILY ROSE FREDERICK, Oak Ridge, Tenn.: Pre-Law. Miss.: character roles.. Firsr Row: JOY FROST, Hallieslourq, Miss. HELEN JOYCE FULLER, Ouilman, Miss.: Commerce. BARBARA MARIE FUSSELL, Chiclrasaw, Ala. NORMAN LEVERNE GARLOTTE, Gaulier, Miss.: Pre-Engineering. HILTON LAMAR GILLESPIE, Sumrall, Miss.: Pre-Mecl. MARY KATHERINE GOUGH, Haliiesburq, Miss.: Speech. AMELIA ANN GRAESER, Mericlian, Miss.: English. SPENCE P. GRANTHAM, Sirinqer, Miss.: Economics. Second Row: MARY E. GREENE, Bay Sprinqs, Miss.: Library Science. JULIUS GRUBBS, Haiiiesburq, Miss.: Social Science. FRANCIS W. GUI- Biloxi, Miss.: Social Science. ANNIE RUTH GUNNELL, Rulh, DRY, Miss.: Home Economics. EDWARD EMERSON HALL, Harrieslourq, Miss.: Physical Educalion. MRS. JESSIE DEEN HALL, I-Iarliesburg, Miss.: Enqlish. PHIL HARRIS, JR., Pascagoula, Miss.: Business Adminisrralion. SIBYL LOU HARRIS, Monlicello, Miss.: Home Economics. A Third Row: TOMMIE WILLIS HARRISON, Pascaqoula, Miss.: Business Adminis- rraiion. OBIE EARL HAWLEY, Moss Poinl, Miss.: Commerce. NANCY JOAN HELMS, I-laliiesburq, Miss.: Commerce. DANIEL ' fi- if ,v . ,Aff I :ai ,K ,.. -.--: I X ' . . ,,.?' 2 1 . B 6" . ,, . 4, Q W' ,f f f i,,. AUGUSTA HERRING, JR., Laurel, Miss.: Accounling. DALLAS HERRINGTON, Wes? Enlerprise, Miss.: Business Aclminis+raiion. LOIS LUCILLE HICKMAN, Wiggins, Miss.: English. JOSEPH E. HINTON, Halliesburq. Miss.: Business Adminisiraiion. SEEB EM- MIT, HOLMES, Tyleriown, Miss.: Commerce. Fourfh Row: WILLIAM H. HOLMES, Tylerfown, Miss.: Business Aclminis+ra+ion. ROBERT TRAVIS HUGHES, Magee, Miss.: Physical Educaiion. REX SMITH HULSEY, I-larriesburq, Miss.: Pre-Med. GEORGE HUNTINGTON, Biloxi, Miss., Music. WARREN HUTTO, Clara. Miss.: I-lislory. MATTIE ZULEIKA IMPSON, Monroe, Miss.: Ele- menlary Educalion. BRADFORD JAMES JACKSON, Hariiesburq, Miss.: Commerce. BOBBY NELL JAMES, Monlrose, Miss.: Music. Fiffh Row: GEORGE MURRY JOHNSON, Columbia, Miss.: Social Siudies. ROBERT CARROLL JOHNSON, I-lafiiesburq, Miss.: Accouniinq. ANTHONY JONES, I-laliiesburg, Miss.: Pre-Engineering. BOBBY E. JONES, Jaclcson, Miss.: Business. ELEANOR F. JONES, Forest, Miss.: Elemeniary Educaiion. CAROLYN ANN KELLY, Hallies- burq, Miss. BOBBIE KEMP, Sumrall, Miss., Science. ALETHA ANN KING, Philadelphia, Miss. iw 1, Q-" . 2 v if : Xi I fx .- I ii , ii.. M .1 P I K' Q 5 in ,, i .. asc Jil - i we -s , S Tw' Q Awe I 4 ' EAI! ff 71 Qi A . 1 1:- , V Z. . 'R 'P 'x MP5 i ' , M 1. B at ' 3 x -, L, ' A H A ll ii A x A A L 52 Firs+ Row: MACK I. KING, Ml. Olive, Miss.: Plwysical Educalion. JAMES D. KIRBY, Plwiladelplwia, Miss.: Accounlinq. J. L. KITRELL, Ouiiman, Miss.: Cliemislry. LONNIE KNIGHT, JR., Ellisyille, Miss.: Music. PAUL A. LACY, JR., Gullporl, Miss.: Commerce Second Row: GLENN KERMIT LANDRUM, Guliporl, Miss.: Com- merce. WILLIE GEORGE LANE, Mendenhall, Miss.: Business. CHARLES EDWARD LAWRENCE, McComb, Miss.: Socioloqy. ROBERT DOUGLAS LEE, Wood- yille, Miss.: Business. HELEN JEANETTE LEGGETT, Dublin, Miss.: Home Economics. Third Row: JOHN BURKETT LEWIS, Collins, Miss.: Plnysical Edu- calion. EDMUND COLLIDGE LINGLE, Pulaslci, Miss.: Accounlinq. JOYCE LINGLE, Cryslal Springs, Miss.: Foreign Languages. J. D. LOTT, Collins, Miss.: His- Iory. RAYMOND LOWE, Columbia, Miss.: Business Aclminislralion. Four+I1 Row: MONTECUE JUDSON LOWREY, Columbia, Miss.: Engineering. BETTY VIVIAN LUCAS, l-lalliesburq, Miss.: Elemeniary Educalion. OTHA DRATIN LUPO, Halliesburq, Miss.: Enqineerincg, FREDNA LAVERN MCBAY, Lucedale, Miss.: Commerce. HELEN Mc- BETH, Union, Miss.: Elemenlary Eclucarion. FEHI1 Row: JAMES KENNETH MCCOMBS, Aberdeen, Miss.: Music, JAMES ALBERT MCCRARY, Halliesburg, Miss Socioloqy, EDITH McDONALD, l-lalliesburq, Miss. BETTY CAROLYN MCDONNIAL, Summerland, Miss Home Economics. ANNE V. MCGEHEE, Selma, Miss Sixfh Commerce Row: JAMES K. MCGEHEE, McComb, Miss.: Accounlinq. JOSEPH CRAWFORD MCGEHEE, JR., Liberly, Miss.: Pre-Med. LIDA REBECCA MCLEOD, Halliesburq, Miss.: Spanisln. KATE McLEOD, Vernal, Miss.: Home Economics. LELA CAROLYN MCNEASE, Carson, Miss.: Home Economics. Sevenfh Row: BOBBYE LOU MAGEE, Columbia, Miss.: Sociology. ROBERT GRADY MANGUM, Magee, Miss.: Arl. MARY FRANCES MARS, Haliie'3.burcq, Miss.: Social Science. LEVI CLARK MARSH, Halliesburq, Miss.: Business Aclminislralion. TILLMAN L. MARTIN, Pas- caqoula, Miss.: Eclucalion. EigI11'I1 Row: WILLIAM F. MASSEY, Meridian, Miss.: Accounlinq. DAISY MAY-BROWN, Viclrsburq, Miss.: Commerce. MARTHA L. MAYFIELD, Columbia, Miss.: Piano. WILLIAM MCLAURIN MAYFIELD, Halliesburq, Miss,: Pre-Med. EDRE MAYS, Moss Poinr, Miss., Commerce. character roles.. Firs'r Row: D. A. MILLER, Ulica, Miss.: Music. TEMPIE MILLER, Shubufa. Miss.: Social Siudies. DOROTHY JEAN MITCHELL, Nicholson, Miss.: Slocial S+udies. EMILY PAIGE MITCHELL, Sidon, Miss.: English. BARNEL LEE MOORE, McComb, Miss.: Physical Educa- iion. HOWARD ESCO MORRIS, Sumrall, Miss.: Science. ROSE- MARY MORRIS, Pelal, Miss.: Biology. TOMMYE LaNELLE MOR- RIS, Guliporl, Miss.: Sec. Science. Second Row: MARY LOUISE MOZINGO, Haiiiesburg, Miss.: Home Economics. ROBERT C. MULLEN, Dublin, Miss.: Physical Educalion. JOHN ROBERT MURPHY, Hinion, Wesl Va., Engineering. EMMA RACHEL MURRAY, Summerland, Miss.: Commerce. CHARLOTTE ANN MYERS, New Hebron, Miss., Home Economics. TRAVIS MYERS, Meadville, Miss.: Social Siudies. ROBERT HOWARD MYRICK, Halliesburg, Miss.: Commerce: VIRGINIA NALL, Bay Springs, Miss.: Malhemalics. Third Row: GILLIE LOU NEEL, Lealcesville, Miss.: Elemenlary Educaiion. ANNIE LEE NETTERVILLE, Wilkinson, Miss.: Home Economics. TROY D. far , ' Q I fi .JFK I I 5' if As i V II., :Qcjwp ' " 'Y 1ln'-,ji .5 ,w ' , ' I iw: . qs 0 'Q Q. -I Q I 0-- ' X 5 4. 5' If i I I x A - as . .tl . ' Fraz- NICKELSON, Lucedale, Miss.: Commerce. JANE NORMAN, Houlka, Miss.: Home Economics. JOHN HARRY NORRIS, Gulf- porl, Miss.: Biology. SARAH RUTH NORTON, Hafiiesburg, Miss.: Biology. TOMMIE JEAN ODOM, Pelal, Miss.: Commerce. WIL- LIAM NATHAN OLIVER, JR., Kosciuslco, Miss.: Hisfory. Fourfh Row: PAUL PARISH, MI. Olive, Miss.: Maihemalics. JAMES ELMER PARKER, Senaiobia, Miss.: Maihemaiics. JOHN W. PARKER, Peial, Miss., Pre-Med. MARY JOYCE PERKINS, Picayune, Miss., Music. D. HOPKINS PHILLIPS, D'Lo, Miss., Sani+a+ion. DIXIE POLK, MI, Olive, Miss., Piano. TOMMIE C. POPE, Columbia. Miss., Voice. RUBY M. PRAY, Summil, Miss., Elemeniary Educalion. Fiffh Row: GEORGE MADISON PRICE, Laurel, Miss.: Accouniing. HARVEY J. PRICE, Eoxworlh, Miss.: I-lislory. HOLLIS W. PRICE, Foxworih, Miss., Hisiory. HUGH SWINTON PYLANT, Purvis, Miss., Pre- Engineering. THOMAS EARL PYLANT, JR., Purvis, Miss., Pre- Engineering. HILERY BOOTH OUIN, JR., Tyleriown, Miss., Busi- ness Adminisiralion. ROSS NEY READ, Louin, Miss., English. CHARLES A. REEDY, JR., Hahliesburg, Miss.: Pre-Med. 6 3 x I cwxx I 2 fa . fl: gi vi ,x, .. R ' rf' ' A 3. . ,. " A i Is. ? Q x N ' Q .... f . ' v I . 54 n- ...,....----- Q ----A A sop mores 5 53 as N 3 md' 5 N R siv- . -rf ' wa' I ' f f ie' as-0 5 62 iw 7 I by qw' ' q ,T 6' J- ' ' E ., e ' 1 , A f ' g.. r ' My ag f 1 A -ss' . 'G' ., "' g 'f -2' I ,N Wi I I . sr X ,Q S A . K 55 Firs'r Row: BAYWARD REXROAD, MOseIIQ, Miss.: Maiinernafiis. MRS. EDITH ELLEN RICE, LucedaIe, Mics.: Eiemen- Iary Educaiion. EARLTON THOMAS RILEY, Sum- raII, Miss.: Accounfinq. JAMES A. RILEY, JR., I-Iaifiesburq, Miss.: Hisiory. SAMUEL WILFORD ROSSO, Cenireviile, Miss. Second Row: JIMMIE B. ROUSE, Lucedaie, Miss. VIRGINIA RUN- NELS, Maqee, Miss.: Inrerior Decorafinq. JOHN RUSS, Guifpori, Miss.: Pre-Minisieriai, JIMMIE RUTH RUSSELL, Haiiiespurq, Miss.: Spanis-Ii. NORMAN SANFORD, I-Ia'rIiesburq, Miss.: Pre-Enqineerinq. Third Row: JOSEPH J. SARG, Guaiernaia, Pre-Med, CHARLES G. SCHUCK, IIa+Iia-sburq, Miss.: Accounfinq, SHE- RARD R. SHAW, Laurel, Miss.: Business Adminisira- rion. NOMA FRANCES SHEDD, I-Iafiiesburq, Miss.: Piano. NATHAN SHOEMAKER, Waynesboro, Miss.: Music. Eour+I'1 Row: BILLIE JANE SHOTTS, TayIorsviIIe, Miss.: Music Edu- carion. DONALD O. SIMMONS, GuIIporI, Miss.: Pre-Law. EVA FAYE SIMMONS, Tyler-If-Wm, Miss. HULON GENE SIMMONS, Broolfiyn, Miss.: Com- rnerce. WILLIAM DONALD SIMMONS, Wesi Point, Miss.: Business. Fiffh Row: PHILIP EARL SLADE, I-Iaiiiesburq, Miss.: CI'1e-misiry. BETTY LOU SMITH, CaIIioun Ciiy, Miss.: Music. DURWARD GAY SMITH, Lake, Miss.: Physical Edu- caiion. EDITH MONTGOMERY SMITH, Laurei, Miss.: French. ELIZABETH SMITH, HaIIiesburq, Miss.: Com- FVIGFCFE. Six+I1 Row: GEORGE S. SMITH, Mpcornb, Miss.: Commerce JOYCE SMITH, Pond, Miss.: Home Economics. JOYCE JUNE SMITH, PensacoIa, EIa.: Home Econom- ics. ALVAH T. STEWART, Gulipori, Miss: SocioIoqy. EMMA HELEN STEWART, I-IaIIie-sburq, Miss.: Spanish. Sevenfh Row: JOSEPH GEORGE L. STOKES, I-IaroId, EIa.7 MaIIie- rnaiics. LUCY CRAIG STONESTREET, Raieiqii, Miss.: Home Economics. MRS. JO ANN STRINGER, Surn- raII, Miss: Hisrory. CLINTON VIRGIL SULLIVAN, Mize, Miss.: PInvsicaI Educafion. HENRY RASCAL SUMRALL, Surnrail, Miss.: Aiiijounfinq. EigI1'rI1 Row: EDGAR W. SUTHERLIN, JR., HeideIbero, Miss.: Pie-Enqineeririq. LAMAR PATRICK TATOM, Coiurri- Ilia, Miss.: Acigouniinq. CLAUDE DOUGLAS TAYLOR, Eoxworili, Miss.: Business AcIminisIraI'ion. FLOYD CARL TEETZEN, Haiiiesbur-1, Miss.: EIernenIary Edu- Caiimn. ROSEMARY THAXTON, Coliins, Miss. ROBERT DONALD WILLIAMSON, Columbia, Miss.: Pre-Engineen the sopho ores Firsl' Row: ALBERT B. THOMAS, I-lallieslaurq, Miss.: Business Adrninislralion. JOHNNY TILLMAN, Ocean Springs, Miss.: Mallwernalics. JOHN THOMAS TINGLE, JR., Meridian, Miss.: Pre-Engineering. CUR- TIS TISDALE, l-lalliesburq, Miss.: Mallriernalics. ULYSSES TUMP- LETTER, JR., Biloxi, Miss.: Mallwemarics. VIRGINIA TURNER, Lealiesville, Miss.: Horne Economics. WILLIAM EDWARD TYNES, Tylerlciwn, Miss.: Business. BILLY EUGENE TYSON, Bude, Miss.: Business Adminislralion. Second Row: JAMES EDWARD UPTON, Baxlerville, Miss.: Pre-Engineering. RALPH UPTON, l-liclnory, Miss.: Accounlinq. RICARDO ALBERTO VASOUEZ, El Salvador, Pre'Med. JAMES OLIVER VINCENT, Laurel, Miss.: Pre-fLaw, DORIS CLAIRE WALKER, Meridian Miss.: Home Economics. DANIEL RICHARD WALLEY, Lealcesville Miss.: Physical Educali-fn. GEORGE DUDLEY WARD, Columbia, Miss.: Business Aclminislralion. BARBARA ANNE WATTS, Moss Poinl, Miss.: Sociology. ' sf ' S Qs I Q f , ,. - I " -ff-"' I' 'WBT s . ' x' . sf' ' '51 gf' I Third Row: SIDNEY E. L. WEATHERFORD, Halliesburq, Miss.: I-liislory. LEWIS WEBB, Pascaqoula, Miss.: Pre-Engineering, BILLIE WEEMS, Lena, Miss.: Mallwennalics. CAROLYN WEST, Halliesburq, Miss.: Edua calion. EDWIN WHITE, Kolcornci, Miss. SARA CAROLYN WHITE, DeKalb, Miss.: Commerce. JIM AL WHITLAW, I-lalfiesburg, Miss.: Pre-Law. DELORES WILLIAMS, Pelal, Miss.: Biology. Four+l'1 Row: inq. HOWARD A. WILSON, Jackson, Miss.: Accounlinq. MERRIE JULIETTE WILSON, Halliesburq, Miss.: Commerce. CLARENCE WHITFIELD WOODS, I-lafliesburg, Miss.: Business Adminislralion. ROBERT LEE YATES, Pollcville, Miss.: Physical Educalion. HELEN LUCILLE YOUNG, Sumrall, Miss.: Commerce. NATHAN BUL- LOCK, Leaf, Miss.: Business Adminislralion. is I N -. s is i- 4 83 - X ?" W' . ' wr .ei . i l is 4 64 -I 8' x .L iw q 56 l FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS extras LYLE PAGE ..... .......... P residenf GRACE KIRSH ...... . .Secre-fary LULA DELL FANCHER . ......... Vice-Presidenf MARYLYN NEWSOM .... . .Treasurer RODDY WOODS ........ Sfudenf Council Represenfa+ive Lyle Page, Lula Dell Fancher, Grace Kirsch, Roddy Woods, Marylyn Newsom. 'Q J. 120 ang 'QW' Wh- an 'M I Z 2 QM? fff I iv. .M r X1 X30 L ww W' Q 7 L f 'Q Y NR QXXXX fi L, X K - 25 EMDR? ' LX 8, h.,,..w-v"4', fi G Q5 x at , ' wi ff :uumw Firsl' Row: JOSEPH R. ABRAM, Ill, Sugar Loaf, Miss.: Business Educalion. BETTY MURIEL AINSWORTH, Braxlon, Miss.: Home Ec. ANITA ALDERMAN, Mendenhall, Miss.: Commerce, NELL MARIE ALEXANDER, Jack- son, Miss.: Elemenlary Eclucalion. NANCY ALS- WORTH, Pelalialcliie, Miss.: Elemenlary Educalion. Second Row: ROBERT WADDELL ANDERSON, New Orleans, La.I Business Adminislralion. VAUGHANY AFTON AN- DERSON, Purvis, Miss.: Business Aclminislralion. WILLIAM ROBERT ANDERSON, Halliesburg, Miss.I Pre-Denial. DARIO ARANGO, Colombia. S. A. CHARLES STEWART AUSTIN, Foresl, Miss.2 Busi- ness Adminislralion. Third Row: MARY AULTMAN, Sumrall, Miss.: Commerce. JAC- QUELYN BACKSTROM, McLain, Miss.: Music. PATSY HAILES BAGGETT, Mozelle, Miss.: Educalion. HELEN WALLACE BALL, Columbia, Miss.: Elemenlary Edu- calion. LOUIS HARDY BALL, Jaclcson, Miss. Fourflw Row: STONE DEAVOURS BAREFIELD, Halliesburq, Miss.: Pre-Law. HUBERT O. BARLOW, Tylerlown, Miss.: Pre-Plwarmacy. SAMUEL HENRY BARNES, Hallies- burq, Miss.: Pre-Law. JEAN MARIE BARNETTE, Luce- dale, Miss.: Sec. Science. LESLIE JOHN BATES, Moroanlown, Miss.: Commerce. FEHI1 Row: ROBERT BEASLEY, Sumrall, Miss.: Engineering. HU- BERT BELL, Kosciuslco, Miss.: Business Adminislralion. LUIS BERRIER, Peru: Enqlislw. GLORIA BIEHL, Bay Sl. Louis, Miss.: Home Economics. EARL HIGDON BLACKWELL, Monlicello, Miss.: Accounling. Sixlh Row: GEORGE MELVIN BOOKER, I-lalliesburg, Miss.: Cliemislry. JENNIE DEW BOON, Biloxi, MisS.I Voice, SAM LLOYD BOURNE, Columbia, Miss.: Pre-Enqineen inq, JANICE MARIE BOVAY, Viclcsburo, Miss.: Music. DORIS BOYER, Sumrall, Miss.: Pliysical Educalion. Sevenllw Row: JOY BOYER, Sumrall, Miss.: Commerce. BILLYE BRANTLEY, I-lalliesburq, Miss.: Journalism. BERTIE MAXINE BREEDLOVE, Coicleeville, Miss.: Commerce. ROBERT LEWIS BRENT, Biloxi, Miss.: Malliemalics. C. H. BROWNING, Oullporl, Miss.: Commerce. Eigli+l'1 Row: DONALD EARL BRUCE, I-lalliesburq, Miss.: Pre- Enrqineerinq, NELL RUTH BUCKLEY, I-lalliesburq, Miss.: Plwsical Eclucalion. FAITH BURNSED, Pasca- rqriula, Miss.: Enolislw. HERNAN BUSTAMANTE, Peru, Pre-Enqineerinrq. REGINALD BUTLER, Pelal, Miss.: , . . Tic--Eniiqineerinrg, Ninlh Row: TARVER HATTEN BUTLER, Hallieslvurq, Miss.: Pie- Mcid. J. B. BYRD, Sumrall, Miss.: Mallwemalics. RUBY LEE CAMERON, I-lalliigsburq, Miss.: Pliysical Educa- lirin. BERT MCNAIR CAMPBELL, Halliesburq, Miss.: Prrg-Eniiinwj-i'inrg, JORGE CANEPA, Peru, Enqineerinq, f,... x 5 9' F -I+ S i ...wg ,,,, ., Q. ' 'QF-., Q, v. . my . ii? sr , .,,, . - N F. X .3 T Q 7 i ga i 'Q-. F qu: Q Y I! J, 'F 1 il. a 6 ' 1 2 4 W . freshmen Firsi' Row: JAKE WILLIAM CANTWELL, Tyleriown, Miss.: Business Adminisira- Iion. MARIAN POLLYE CARTER, Richion, Miss.: Laboralory Technician. HOLLIS RALPH CARVER, Booneville, Miss.: Com- merce. NICHOLAS D. CERINICK, Biloxi, Miss.: Commerce. ELOISE RUBY CHAIN, Gulipori, Miss.: Social Science. JOYCE SHIRLEY CHAPMAN, Haiiiesburq, Miss.: Commerce. HERMAN GUENSCH CHATTIN, Haliiesburq, Miss.: Business Aclminisiragon. HUGH BERNARD CHRISTIAN, Hafiiesburg, Miss.: Pre-Engineering. ANNE ELIZABETH CLARK, Peial, Miss.: inferior Decoraiing. Second Row: CHARLES HERMAN CLARY, Hafiiesburq, Miss.: Pre-Law. MAR- THA FRANCES CLEVELAND, Meridian, Miss.: Music. BETTYE JEAN COATS, Hailiesburq, Miss. ROBERT BENNETT COCHRAN, Winfield, Ala.: Music. BILLIE KLINE CORLEY, Lealcsyille, Miss. BETTY LU COSTON, Heidelburq, Miss.: Physical Educalion. MARI- LYN EMMA COX, Haiiiesburq, Miss.: Social Science. EFFIE CE- LESTE CUERAS, Long Beach, Miss.: Elemeniary Educaiion. ARVIS VENTIS CUMBEST, Pascaqoula, Miss.: Pre-Law. Third Row: DANIEL MCMAHAN CURRIE, Haiiiesburq, Miss.: Business. ED- MUNDO D'ANGELO, Peru, Pre-Engineering. FRANCISCO D'ANGELO, Peru, Pre-Engineering. GOLDIE JEAN DAUGHDRILL, as extras Pelahalchie, Miss.: Social Science. CHARLES EUGENE DAVIS, Wiqqins, Miss.: Maihemaiics. ELIZABETH VERONICA DAVIS, VVes+ Hariiord, Conn.: Enqlish. HELEN RAE DAVIS. Seminary, Miss.: Eclucaiion. VIRGINIA STEPHENS DAVIS, Columbia, Miss.: Elemeniary Educaiion. SARAH KATHERINE DELK, Haiiiesburg, Miss.: Commerce. Fourfh Row: JOSEPH LESTER DICKERSON, Biloxi, Miss.: Pre-Law. BETTY JOE DOW, Jaclcson, Miss.: Commerce. LYDIA FRANCES DOWNING, Viclrslourq, Miss.: Music. CAROLYN DUBOSE, Laurel, Miss.: Com- merce. MAYBELLE ARLENE DUKES, Haiiiesburq, Miss.: Com- merce. VERA ELIZABETH DUKES, Hallieslourq, Miss.: Home Economics. PHYLLIS VIRGINIA DUNAGIN, Haiiiesburq, Miss.: Commerce. BENNYE CAROLYN DUNNAM, Neely, Miss.: Home Economics. VERN EDWARD EASTERLING, Pefal, Miss.: Pre-Law. Fif+h Row: FRANK STEWART EDWARDS, Saucier, Miss.: Physical Educalion. EMILY ELOUISE ELAM, McComb, Miss.: Ari. FRANK LOUIS ELY, Lucedale, Miss.: Educaiion. WILLIAM RUPERT EURE, Haiiies- burq, Miss.: Pre-Med. PATRICK H. EVERETT, JR., Haliiesburq, Miss.: Pre-Law. JAMES LYLE FAIRLEY, Biloxi, Miss.: Pre-Mecl. LULA DELLE FANCHER, Collieeville, Miss.: Home Economics. JULIUS P. FARRISH, III, Monroeville, Ala.: Business Adminisiraiion. OLLIE DAISYE FERGUSON, Woodville, Miss.: Commerce Qs. 5 N 'AWA 6 We SQ bf he .440- 5 Sf 2 42? X 9, x ,ie l ' X arrive. .- in 'X . Q i J ,W S? s 1- .ee-es 1l"' Firsl' Row: ONA MAE FLURRY, l-lalliesburg, Miss.: Sec. Science. FAYE LIDDELL FORD, Meridien, Miss.: Home Eco' nomics. BILLY FOXWORTH, Foxworlli, Miss.: Business Adminislralion. DON CALLIS FRANCIS, Halliesburq, Miss.: Mellwemalics. REBECCA DELORES FREENY, Carrlwaqe, Miss.: Home Economics. Second Row: JERRY FURR, Pascaooula, Miss.: Business Adrninislra- lion. PEGGY JOYCE FUSON, Halliesburq, Miss.: Commerce. MILDRED LOUISE GARRETTY, McComb, Miss.: Cliemislry, KATHRYN GODBOLD, McComb, Miss. HERMAN BENTON GORDON, Prilclnard, Ala.: Accounlinq. Third Row: JOHN ABNER GRANT, Planlersyille, Miss.: Biology. EARL SELF GRAVER, JR., Olcolona, Miss.: Music. BETTY LOU GRAVES, Picayune, Miss.: Music Educa- liori. SAMUEL COX GREEN, Sprinq Hill, Ala.: Busi- ness Adminislralion. GARNETT LOUISE GRIFFIN, Guliporl, Miss. Fourlh Row: KATHRYN GUNTER, Mize, Miss.: Music Educalion. LINNIE RUTH HALIFIELD, Halliesburq, Miss. HELEN HALL, Hallie-sburq, Miss.: Commerce. CLYDELL HANCOCK, Jaclcson, Miss.: Home Economics. ALBERT HANZO, New Orleans, La. Fif'l'Ii Row: CECIL J. HARPER, Meridian, Miss.: Commerce. MORRIS CLIFTON HAWKINS, l-lalliesburq, Miss.: Pre-Engineering. REESE PORTER HELMER, JR., Halliesburq, Miss.: Business Adminislralion. REESE PORTER HELMER, SR.. l-lalliesburq, Miss.: Business Adminislralion. EVANS GAVIN HELTON, Hallies- burq, Miss. Six+I1 Row: WANDA WILLODEAN HEMBREE, Ml. Olive, Miss.: Home Ec. EDGAR CLAYTON HENDRICK, Enler- piise, Miss.: Physical Educalion. BOBBYE SUE HEN- SARLING, l-lallieslourq, Miss.: Commerce. BONNIE HERRIN, Sumrall, Miss.: Plwysical Educalion. IDA FRANCES HERRINGTON, Feral, Miss.: Commerce. Sevenlh Row: MARGUERITE HESSION, Halliesburq, Miss.: Journa lism. NANCY ANN HINES, I-lalliesburq, Miss.: Spanislw. JAMES MARK HOUSTON, Puryis, Miss.: Pre-Med. LEWIS DAVID HOWELL, JR., McComb. Miss.: Business Adminislralion. WERNER JOSEPH HUBER, Gullpcirl, Miss.: Pre-Opl. Eighlh Row: BOBBY HUDSON, Puryis, Miss.: Pre-Law. CHARLES HUGHES, Wesl, Miss.: Music. HORACE OTIS HUGHES, Hallicsburci, Miss. JOHNEEN R. INGER- SOLL, Biloxi, Miss.: Ari, WALTER JACKSON, Tyler- lovvn, Miss.: Business Adminislralion, Ninfh Row: WILFRED GLENN JELEN, Sumrall, Miss.: Pre-Plwan nm"-,f. JACOBIA HENRY JENEVEIN, New Orleans, La.: Plwysical Edufnlifin. PERCY JISKRA, Peru, Enoi- nc-fi-rinq. BILLY JAMES JOHNSON, Halliosburq, Miss.: Pro-Luw. CLIFFORD LEE JOHNSON, JR., llfillic-sburq, Miss.: Pre-Engineering, 4 ,Vi S M E ifwj iii, in k , mfs, . ' 9 4 if ar 1 sf :- N Q I i A 'Se F :I . A fl . Q11 ef .N 60 T 'B' 4 P? l l freshmen Firsf Row: WILTON JOHNSON, Glosler, Miss.: Accounling. BARBARA JONES, Richlon, Miss.: Home Economics. VIRGINIA JONES, Hal- iiesburg, Miss.: Elemeniary Educalion. BILLY E. JORDAN, Collins, Miss.: Business Aclminislralion, ROBERT LAWRENCE JORDAN, Kosciuslco, Miss.: Music. RALPH KALUSCHE, McComb, Miss.: Pre- Law. CHARLES KELLY, Seminary, Miss.: Pre-Mecl. ELMER EU- GENE KEMPER, Blylheville, Arlc.: Business Aclminislralion. NINA KENDRICK, Gullporf, Miss.: Home Economics. Second Row: JEAN KENNEDY, Whillielcl, Miss.: Commerce. GRACE Vl,RGINIA KIRSH, Gullporl, Miss.: Home Economics. HERBERT HENRY KLEIN, Long Beach, Miss.: Physical Educalion. ALLEN BROOKS KROHN, Wiggins, Miss.: Pre4Law. MELBOURNE HUGH LAIRD, Carson, Miss.: Prespharmacy. ALBERT ANTHONY LAMAS, Biloxi, Miss.: Accounling. ROBERT NORMAN LANE, I-lomewoocl, Miss. ESTHER LEE, Biloxi, Miss.: English. THOMAS JOSEPH LeGROSS, Mobile, Ala.: Business Adminislralion. Third Row: SAM HARLAND LEONARD, Ml. Olive, Miss.: Social Sludies. LOIS BURNELL LEWIS, Pelal, Miss.: Sociology. WINTER ANN LEWIS, Kokomo, Miss.: Commerce. SALE LILLY, JR., Belzoni, Miss.: Pre-Minislerial. JAMES HOWARD LITTLE, Pinola, Miss.: cis extras Physical Eclucalion. HOWARD HILLIARD LOCKLER, Jackson, Miss.: Ari. V. ANN LONGOY, Biloxi, Miss.: English. HERSHEL WOODLEY LOTT, Sumrall, Miss.: English. ROBERT A. LOTT, Sum- rall, Miss.: Pre-Engineering. Fourlh Row: DOROTHY ELOIS LUM, I-lalliesburg, Miss.: Commerce. ELAINE MARIE LUNDGREN, Long Beach, Miss.: Home Economics. WIL- LIAM R. LYONS, Biloxi, Miss.: Educalion. AMARYLIS DORIS Mc- BAY, Luceclale, Miss.: Commerce. MARSHALL EDWARD MCCRAW, Sumrall, Miss.: Chemislry. RALPH CONRAD McDANIEL, Haliies- burg, Miss.: Pre-Engineering. GLORIA JEAN MCINTOSH, Bay Springs, Miss.: Home Ec. AUSTIN ALBERT MCLAIN, Lucedale, Miss.: Engineering. RAFORD CLEMENT MCMILLAN, Biloxi, Miss.: Pre-Med. Fif+h Row: THOMAS GEORGE MCNAIR, Halliesburg, Miss.: Pre-Engineering. M. F. McNEIL, Louin, Miss.: Social Sludies. JAMES HAROLD McPHAIL, Philadelphia, Miss.: Commerce. CAROLYN RUTH Mc- RANEY, Ml. Olive, Miss.: Home Economics. BENNIE JOE MAGEE, Halliesburg, Miss.: Malhemalics. JOY MAGEE, Ml. Olive, Miss.: Home Ec. WILLIAM VERNON MAGEE, I-lalliesburq, Miss.: Busi- ness Adminislralion. JAMES LAWRENCE MARTELLO, Hallies- Ivurg, Miss.: Business Adminislralion. LUCYE BERNICE MARTIN, I-lalliesburg, Miss.: Home Economics. A,-,I . , si' . r . is " S' A is .,.. . .. . .. iq, . .Lax My Niigb. ' ..vv . ' .. . 1 9, . :..! 1 5 , Q gl -if -s , A Q gg .., A xi 1 ll 1 Q , A S, . , Z ' 'ea , ....., S ,BJJ x J S V . x .Q 1 .-., xx .If. :Q X g ,F , my A . mi, fir' . 6' N , in I S , X . I V X Vx ,Z H k A " .,,., 1 Q 1 5 L I V- i Av t1 I x' Q ' it f V Y ' s 'f s c s ' 1 A IRA: P A R .-'22, J' . E I ii iii ,N ii I xi f If . w ifi' ' I, i . i I l l l 61 Firsi' Row: MARIE MARTIN, Haiiiesburq, Miss.: Piano. MARY JO MARTIN, Moselie, Miss.: Eiemeniary Educaiion. ROBERT WALTER MARTIN, Haiiiesburq, Miss.: Pre- Enqineerinq. MARY ANN MAYO, Quiiman, Miss.: Business Educaiiciri. OTTIS G. MEADOWS, Magee, Miss.: Accouniinq. Second Row: MARIAN GLENN MEEK, Vicksburg, Miss.: Ari. JAMES POLK MERRITT, Haiiiesburq, Miss.: Sociai Siiidies. JEAN MERRITT, MoseIIe, Miss.: Home Economics. GEORGE DEWITT MILLER, JR., Long Beacii, Miss.: Pre-Engineering. JACK MILLER, Luce- daIe, Miss.: Pre-Engineering. Third Row: O. J. MILLER, JR., Seminary, Miss.: Science. CLA- RENCE LEE MILLING, JR., Ruieviile, Miss.: Maricei- inq. JUANITA MOFFETT, Sionewail, Miss.: EIemen- iary Educaiion. BARBARA JEAN MONTAGUE, Hai- Iiesburq, Miss.: Commerce. JAMES ORLAND MOODY, Ifosciusko, Miss.: Commerce. FourII1 Row: CLARA MAXINE MOORE, Lena, Miss.: Piano. NAOMI CHARLENE MOORE, Harriesburq, Miss.: Commerce. GLADYS MARIE MORITZ, Denver, Coio.: Commerce. BEVERLY F. MOSELEY, Haiiiesburq, Miss.: PrefEnqin-eerinq. W I L L I A M GERALD MOTHERSHEAD, Hairiesburq, Miss.: Business Ad- minisiraiion. FEHI1 Row: ELIZABETH MUNSON, Haiiiesburq, Miss.: Ciiemisiry. BILLIE ROSE MURRAY, Summeriand, Miss.: Sociai Science. PHILIP PAUL MUSMECI, JR., New Orieans, Le.: Business Adminisrraiion. LAURA JOE MYERS, Haiiiesburq, Miss.: Commerce. JAMES HARMON NEELY, Tupeio, Miss.: Pre-Pharmacy. Six+I1 Row: WINTON HUDSON NELSON, Haiiiesburq, Miss.: Pre-Enqineerinq. RICHARD JAMES NETTERVILLE, NNiIIfinson, Miss.: Maiinemaiics. MARYLYN JEAN NEWSOM, Biloxi, Miss.: Home Econcmics. NETTY MERLE NEWTON, De-Soio, Miss.: Commerce. RICH- ARD LEE NORMAND, Guiipori, Miss.: Music Educa- iion. Sevenfh Row: MARY JANIS NOWELL, Hails, Tenn.: Voice. GEORGE WESLEY ODEN, Haiiiesburq, Miss.: Pre- Med. J. G. ODOM, JR., Haiiiesburq, Miss.: Pre- Enciineerinq. PAULINE OWEN, EarreII, Miss.: Eie- mf-niary Educaiion. BIDWELL A. OWENS, Mize, Miss! Science. EigI1'rIn Row: LYLE MORSE PAGE, Biioxi, Miss.: PrefLaw. BARTON EARL PARKER, Moselie, Miss.: Commerce. JACK DARRELL PARKER, Sumrail, Miss. EFRAIN PERAZA, V11-ne7ueI-a. THOMAS RAY PHILLIPS, Haiiiesburq, Iviizs' Sfirinre Nin+I'1 Row: ADDIE RUTH PITTMAN, Laie Como, fwigg-I Corn. iiisiiff-. .BIFFLE PITTMAN, Mi. Olive, Miss.: pm.. fmiiifi-f-finfi. BOBBYE Jo PITTMAN, iisiiiesbuia, IAAISLI AVI, Vxvfqyriij-gI3iQir0, MISS.: HOWE- I"ini.iniif.s. LOUIS BRYAN POLK, Pieniiss, Miss.: Ai fciuniinq. .IA Q. . 7 . Q X f ef x kv A J, S . Zxzg i I Nm .y -. 7. J if i . , M ,.. , 3, Us N, x 3.1 'if . ,,:.- 'Q is 3 fl?-3' I 4 'RW' ii v . 4 'S we H x Y A L. gh v 6- O - freshmen Firsf Row: HOMER HAYES POWELL, Collins, Miss.: Pre-Pharmacy. ROSE- MARY QUIN, McComb, Miss.: Sociology. RAY PAUL RADDIN, Haiiiesburg, Miss.: Sociology. ROY PAUL RADDIN, Halriieslourg, Miss.: Sociology. PATRICIA ANN READMAN, Gulipori, Miss.: Sec. Science. CHARLINE ESTHER REDDIN6, Biloxi, Miss.: Music BILL L. REEDY, Tupelo, Miss.: Commerce. EDNA BLANCHE RICE, Gullipori, Miss.: Music. ROBERT VERNON RILEY, New Hebron, Miss.: Business Adminisiraiion. Second Row: MERLE ALLISON ROBERSON, Wiggins, Miss.: Maihemaiics. BILLIE DORIS ROBERTS, Moniicello, Miss.: Home Economics. HUGHLENE ROBERTS, Lealcesville, Miss.: English. GEORGE EARL ROBERTSON, Ruleville, Miss.: Ari. JACK EARL ROBINSON, Taylorsville, Miss.: Pre-Law. FLORENCE ELAINE ROGERS, MI. Olive, Miss.: Home Economics. FREDRICK CURRIE ROSS, Haiiies- burg, Miss.: LOUISE ROSS, D'Lo, Miss.: English. MYRL DEAN RUNNELS, Laurel, Miss.: Physical Educaiion. Third Row: SALLY RUSS, Gulipori, Miss.: Educaiion. TRAVA PEARL RUS- SELL, Holdenyille, Olcla.: Pre-Engineering. WILLIE RAY RUTLAND, Columbia, Miss.: Accouniing. DOROTHY JOAN RYAN, Summiif, NF SQ Sl x CIS GXIICIS Miss.: Pre-Pharmacy. MITCHELL SABA, Haiiiesburg, Miss.: Pre- Law. AGUSTIN SANCHEZ, Colombia. S, A.: Business. MARY ELIBABETH SCHRADER, Haliiesburg, Miss.: Inferior Decoraiing. HELEN DIANA SEKUL, Biloxi, Miss. BRUCE V. SHARPLES, Luce- dale, Miss.: Pre-Denial. Fourih Row: CHARLES SHOWS, Sanford, Miss.: Physical Education, SARAH FRANKIE SHOWS, Oveii, Miss.: Commerce, BEVERLY ANN SIE- MON, Biloxi, Miss.: Psychology. ALICE ANNETTE SIMMONS, Magnolia, Miss.: English. JACK SIMMONS, Haliiesburg, Miss.: Pre-Pharmacy. SHELLEY A. SIMMONS, Haliiesburg, Miss.: Com- merce. HARLEY LEE SIMS, Haiiiesburg, Miss.: Pre-Engineering. ZAN LEE SKELTON, JR., Meehan, Miss.: Journalism. ALBERT W. SMITH, Guliporr, Miss.: Vocalional Educaiion. Fif+h Row: CHARLES CAMPBELL SMITH, Haiiiesburg, Miss.: Pre-Med. DONALD PAUL SMITH, Haiiiesburg, Miss.: Business Aclminisira- Irion. JANIE RUTH SMITH, Haiiiesburg, Miss.: Commerce. GEORGE LYNDEL SMITH, Decaiur, Miss.: Music. JACK LARRY SPENCE, Purvis, Miss.: Pre-Engineering. MAXINE ADELE STAPLE- TON, Jaclcson, Miss.: Commerce. JAMES PHILIP STARKS, Biloxi, Miss.: Pre-Engineering, FLOYD B. STEELE, Fulion, Miss.: Business Aclminisiraiion. BERTHA MAE STEVENS, Richion, Miss.: Home Economics. ie: f ' x K? ff fl I 1 X 4. I x A ' , X 3' ar-,f ., 'Q . Q X ' .5 if 'L J 'A 1 s' . 'V . - . ., X . ,- who z a. , , . f fi .. 1 1 s, xc 4: Ii x I .' 'A r , V i 6 QB X A9 3:1 ..- 1 1 . ,, '45- , V 63 freshmen Firsi' Row: WILBURN WILLIS STEVENS, JR.: Halriesburq, Miss.: Business Aclminislralion. JERE FIELD STICKNEY, Halliesburq, Miss.: Business Adminislralion. DORO- THY GORDIN STORIE, Ocean Springs, Miss.: Home Ec. MYRLE FAY STUBBLEEIELD, Jaclrson, Miss.: Com- merce. THOMAS V. SULLIVAN, JR.: Mize, Miss.: Physical Educalion. Second Row: JEAN CLARE SWINNEY, Broolchaven, Miss. DORO- THY MEDORA TAYLOR. MARJORIE JEAN TEMPLE- TON, Cenlreville, Miss.: Commerce. SHIRLEY THIG- PEN, Picayune, Miss.: Journalism. REX THOMPSON, Kolfomo, Miss.: Business Adminislralion. Third Row: JOHN H. THORNTON, Halliesburq, Miss.: Malhe- malics. JACK WALTON THRIFT, Tueplo, Miss.: Commerce. LAVON THURMAN, Oalcvale, Miss.: Pre- Engineerinq. JAMES EARL TURNAGE, New Hebron, Miss.: Business Aclminislralion. HOLLAND UPTON, Kokomo, Miss.: Pre-Med. Four'I'h Row: PAUL W. UPTON, Collins, Miss. PAUL E. VALDIVIA, gs, X Peru. IGNACIO VELASQUES, Columbia: Pre-Enqi- x iii neerinq. BILLY JOE WADE, Eoxworlh, Miss.: Chemis- lry. JAMES RANDOLPH WALDEN, Prilchard, Ala.: Business Adminislralion. Fiflh Row: - EUGENE L. WALTERS, Halliesburq, Miss.: Social Sludies. WILLIAM ALBERT WARD, Columbia, Miss.: Malhemalics. JACK MARTIN WARE, JR., Hallies- burq, Miss.: Hislory. GERALDINE WARREN, Laurel, Miss.: Music Educalion. NORMA JOAN WATERS, Halliesburq, Miss.: Commerce. Sixfh Row: WARREN MYLES WEBSTER, Mobile, Ala., Psychology. i ROBERT WEEKS, Winfield, Ala.: Business Adminis- lralion. ALVIN GEORGE WELCH, Mendenhall, Miss.: Commerce. WINNIE FAYE WELFORD, Lucedale, Miss.: Chemislry, ALONZO THOMAS WHITE, Sum- rall, Miss.: Accounlinq. Sevenlh Row: 'fp c-V1 N, L. 'f nw? f, wi' fff M af 'N c i X 4 ' X , 'Q 5? I P' i6 N ,. L X Y A f I' S I 'L s if- K' JACOB W. WHITE, Halliesburq, Miss.: Pre-Engineev , , inq. MARY TOM WILLIAMS, Pinola, Miss.: English. . OUITMAN LEONARD WILLIAMS, Saucier, Miss.7 A. Hislory. ROBERT E. WILLIAMS, Collins, Miss.: Com- I A I merce. FRED CAMP WILSON, Tupelo, Miss.: Com- merce. Eighlh Row: BETTY JEAN WINDHAM, Louin, Miss.: Lab. Tech. PATRICIA F. WINNIGE, New Orleans, La.: Sec. Science. JOHN H. WOOD, Halliesburq, Miss.: Pre- Med, RODERICK DOUGLAS WOODS, Halliesburq, Miss.: Commerce. EMILIO A. YACONETTI, Hallies- buro, Miss.: Accounlinq. Ninlh Row: ALICE RUTH YATES, Pollyille, Miss.: Elemenlary Edu- calion. JOHN WILLIAM YORK, Hafliosburq, Miss.: Pri:--Mc-d. LAWRENCE BOYKIN YOUNG, Hallies- burq, Miss. LAWRENCE POLK ZEHNDER, Hallies- burq, Miss.: Pre-Enqineerinq, P s SpOItS Ieel Q www , ..X,. X V 65 Ne AA , gt . , ,....J gg- 1 all nl , 5 111 ' fs ja si" fNfX ,ff I N . FL l r ,W ,X ffdyxf - , 1 I 6' m " C 1 u b Firsl Row: Gus Micciollo, Franlc Sloruiell, Ed Landlord, Don Winslead, Mus Freeman, J. W. iiemnuian, Jim Pace. Second Row: l-looking Phillips, Bulober Phillips, lvlaxie Lambriqhr, Cal Buller, Chuck Borde, Sonny Jordan, Jim Owens, Frank Brown. Third Row: Cliff Coggins, Armand Prenliss, Reese Snell, Morris Brown, James R. Carpenler, Doug l'lonal4er, Bubber Parrish. Four'rh Row: A. J. lvlangum, Vlfayne Jaclcson Vernon Wells, Tom LeC5ros, Mel Didier. Foo'I'ball Queen MRS. CHARLES Bonne X 1 66 cheer eclders Early in The Tall The Cheerleaders were elecTed in Chapel and They Took over Their duTies aT The TirsT game all dressed up in gold and black. The head cheerleader, Bill McKinney, l4epT The Tive girl cheerleaders in line and Toge+her They lceloT The sTudenT body yelling Tor The Team, The cheerleaders were awarded iaclceTs This year Tor The TirsT Time. NexT year we hope ThaT we can have cheerleaders lilce These who can yell and be preTTy aT The same Time. LefT To Right Ann BarreTT, Sonya Jordan, Bll M K y H d Ch I d B T 'TT":"""' f o o t b Cl 1 1 THE GULF STATES CHAMPS Firsl row: Glyn Slay, Frank Brown, Cal Buller, Fred Walers, A. J. Mangum, Co-Capl., Clill Coggins. Second row: Gus Miciollo, Frank Parnell, Reese Snell, Hindu Reynolds, George Sleyens, Maxie Lambrighl, Dick Slrain, Boors McCormick, Jack Jeneyein, Ed Langford. Third row: Sonny Jordan, Doug Taylor, Phil Musmeci, Ernesl Limbaugh, Eugene Kemper, Vernon Wells, Johnny Yales, Carl Howard, Bill Nichols, Roy Smilh, Jack War- ner, Don Winslead. ,g-iq 44-5 W' Wg. ,,,s L W ' I .r-1 w -wi, 5 K " is -- qo'sflfis'qpW ,W 'Q-52' 'S 63,5 1 if fiuylg g vvf X - - fa!! '- Nha' i r I We KW, 3, fi ,',,, , fff ii 'I I x- ii 3 " yr' - 26. J, - Q., s , ., Lf, 3 9-JM72 6 A T' i A A rl l 1 ff' l sf? zwfm f ' .ff is 3513, , Q F. sin g-,,:' . 4 aw, ff ' ' -if H ww, f TSG Four'I'h row: Bob Srevens, Chuck Borde, Vernon Bullock, Waller Slampley, Sherard Shaw, Bill Slewarl, Vaughn Ellender, Al Sanders, Wayne Jackson, Morris Brown, Bennie Ray Nobles, Sonny Carr. Fifih row: Carl Smirh, Joe Morgan, J. P, Farrish, Bill Querner, Razor Sharp, Bubber Phillips, Al l-lanzo, Frank Spruiell, Tom LeGros, Doug Honaker, Barney Moore, Coo- +er Lewis, Ca pl. 31 T29 1 Jw 'fi' COACHES Left fo Right: J. D. Sfonesireef, Thad Vann, Reed Green, Jess Thompson, Falco Carrozza. 11 6 CHUCK BORDE SONNY CARR SOUTHERN. I4 AUBURN ........ 20 FaTher Time and a crippled Auburn halTback named Travis Tidwell erased any hopes The SouTh- erners may have had Tor an undeTeaTed season. YeT iT was in Typical "SouThern" Tashion ThaT The SouTherners, aTTer Trailing by a TourTeen poinT mar- gin, came back To play The Plainsmen oTT Their TeeT ThroughouT The second period. The Tinal play oT The game ended up on The Auburn TourTeen yard line, wiTh buT six poinTs separaTing vicTory Trom deTeaT. SouThern scoring duTies were handled by ends CliTT Coggins and Glyn Slay, boTh on The receiving end oT passes by QuarTerback Vernon Wells. OTher ouTsTanding SouTherners were I-lindu Rey- nolds, Chuck Borde, Red Ivlangum and Fred WaTers. SOUTHERN... .4I AUSTIN COLLEGE. . . O In a Track meeT-like aTTair The SouTherners broke inTo The win column on Their TirsT ouTing aT Faulkner Field. The Kangaroos oT AusTin College iumped once, and ThaT Time in amazemenT aT Bubber Phillips who wenT sevenTy-nine yards Tor a Touchdown The TirsT Time he carried The ball-aTTer which The issue was never in doubT. Wells again passed To Coggins, l.iTTle Ed Lang- Tord ran, Big AI Sanders blocked Two punTs, Frank Spruiell and Cal BuTler Took Turns aT inTercepTing AusTin passes while SpoT "The Shoe" I-Ionaker added six P.A.T. in seven aTTempTs To help divide The in- dividual honors. Top: Bubber's gone again. Above: Bubber romps IO4 yds. Tor T.D FRANK BROWN MORRIS BROWN CAL BUTLER BILL BUCKLES CLIFF COGGINS VAUGHN ELLENDER AL HANZO "SPOT" HONAKER 45' M -sv Q K 5 . I ,F as ": ff i ..1r..i i W .ag . --er' M i I Top: Who's gof The ball? Above: Bennie Ray biTes off more yardage. CARL HOWARD ED LANGFORD . 4 -lam'-iv . .. A Q I .SI ' Z T Q A ff Y i' 1 I., A ' I T A If-1' , . , A .f ,HQ C WAYNE JACKSON COOTER LEWIS 'Q SONNY JORDAN GENE KEMPER ERNEST LIMBAUGH RED MANGUM SOUTHERN. . 9 TRINITY ........ 26 WiTh The excepTion oT The TirsT Tive minuTes in The Third guarTer when guarTerbaclc lvlaxie Lam- brighT passed To Cliff Coggins Tor a Touchdown, TriniTy's Gerald lDuTchl Levermann and ThaT well lcnown opponenT "OverconTidence" sTole The show. The absence oT hahcback Bubber Phillips was TelT Tor The second Time This season and To This was given crediT Tor The low spiriT oT The SouTherners. OThers ouTsTanding even in deTeaT were Hindu Reynolds and BooTs McCormick and Bennie Ray Nobles. Nobles' punTing lcepT The SouTherners in The ball game wiTh an eighTy yard quiclq-kick going as his besT eTTorT. SOUTHERN. .26 S.L.I .......... 6 Taking on The role oT a villain, The Soujrherners snapped a Three game win sTrealc oT The Bulldogs. Coach Green used TwenTy-nine players in an eTTorT To lceep The score down while Bill STewarT and Sonny Carr, boTh oT McComb, proved Their worTh as ball carriers and The already recognized value oT Bubber Phillips shown even brighTer in The oTTensive deparTmenT. BooTs McCormick played a sTellar game aT leTT end and was a consTanT Thorn in The lnsTiTuTe bacldield. ln Topping oTT The show, Freshman cenTer Jaclc Jenevein proved ThaT The scoring isn'T To be limiTed To The bacleTield by inTercepTing a pass on The SLI TiTTeen and going all The way. aa' M Fm 1 'Z ,,. ,-fi' MAXIE LAMBRIGHT BOOTS MCCORMICK SOUTHERN. . 55 O. C. U ......... 20 For The second Time in Three years, in whaT Coach Reed Green called his dream game-when every- Thing we did seemed To go iusT righT, The SouThern- ers scalped The Oklahoma CiTy UniversiTy's ChieTs when They were on The brink oT an undeTeaTed sea- son. They noT only handed The ChieTs a beaTing, buT in running up a 55-20 score, seT a new mark in posT-war scoring againsT The "Okie" school. I-IighIighTed by The Three Touchdowns-runs oT Dick "Bubber" STrain, The splendid passing oT Ivlaxie LambrighT and Zipper Wells, which accounTed Tor Tour more six-poinTers, The SouTherners Took The lead aTTer Three minuTes oT play and never relinquished iT. SOUTHERN... .38 NORTHWESTERN. . . I4 Led by a sTrike oT lighTning named Ivlorris Brown and a series oT buzz bombs who answer To The roll call as Frank Spruiell, Bubber Phillips, Jim Owen and Bennie Ray Nobles, The SouTherners racked up nineTeen poinTs in The TirsT nine minuTes oT play and Then coasTed The resT oT The way. Line play againsT The Demons was perhaps The besT oT The season wiTh such old dependables as AI Sanders, Red Mangum, Sonny Jordan, CliTT Cog- gins, I-Iindu Reynolds, Doug Taylor and Chuck Borde showing The way. NorThwesTern ThreaTened once in The second haIT when They Tallied Twice To close The gap To a Twelve pinT margin, 26-I4, buT Their rally was shorTlived. GUS MICIOTTO BARNEY MOORE JOE MORGAN BILL NICHOLS JIM RAY OWENS FRANK PARNELL BUBBER PHILLIPS HINDU REYNOLDS Top: Eve-rybody's Icnockin' heacls. Above: Where was he goin', Bill? BENNY RAY NOBLES APPLE SANDERS ,Marlin ,,.... 'SX 9 GTS? 'FYI ---..,4.--,...m-mf . -, , - -3,-.1.:5,5.5.5r5,g,, SOUTHERN. . O ALABAMA ....... 27 AlThough unable To sTem The powerTul Crimson Tide The SouTherners IosT no Tace in ThaT baTTIe wiTh a SouTheasTern ConTerence Team which gave all oT iTs opponenTs a good run Tor Their money. The SouTherners played 'Bama preTTy close on The ground buT were unable To geT Their normally good aerial game underway. I3irsT downs were in SouThernIs Tavor by a TiTTeen To Twelve margin while Alabama led in ToTal oTTense coIlecTing IQB yards To I89 Tor The SouTherners. I3ogIighTs in This baTTle wiTh a Typhoon were Frank Spruiell, Bennie Ray Nobles, The Brown broThers, Papa Frank and Uncle Morris, Chuclc Borde. and Red Mangum. SOUTHERN .... . 20 LOUISIANA TECH. 6 Assuring Themselves oT aT IeasT second place in The GulT STaTes ConTerence Tinal sTandings, The SouTherners compleTed anoTher successTul Home- coming TesTiviTy. Sparlced by The brillianT deTensive play oT Tull- baclc Bill STewarT and guard Red Iviangum along wiTh The sTandouT oTTensive eTTorTs Turned in by Bennie Ray Nobles, Frank Spruiell and Bubber Phillips The SouTherners scored The TirsT Time They gained possession oT The ball and led ThroughouT The Tray. The expecTed duel beTween Bubber Phillips and Techs Jimmy I-Iarrison, waging a baTTIe Tor The ground-gaining leadership oT The conTerence, Tailed To maTeriaIize and iT was The Bulldogsl concenTra- Tion on Bubber ThaT enabled The SouTherners To shake loose Spruiell, Nobles and The Brown broThers on repeaTed occasions. RAZOR SHARP SHERARD SHAW CARL SMITH ROY SMITH GLENN SLAY REESE SNELL FRANK SPRUIELL BOB STEVENS GEORGE STEVENS BILL STEWART ,I rf' SOUTHERN. .. .27 SOUTHEASTERN .... O Paced by lhe brillianl line play ol All. Capl. Red Mangum, Ernesl Limbaugh, Al Sanders and Chuck Borde along wilh lhe slandoul ollensive ellorls ol Bubber Phillips, who look lhe opening kickoll some lour yards inside his own end zone and wormed his way lhrough lhe enlire Lion eleven lo score, Frank Spruiell, Bill Slewarl, Bennie Ray Nobles, Vernon Wells and Maxie Lambrighl helped lead lhe Soulher- ners inlo lhe record books as champions ol lhe newly lormed Gull Slales Conlerence. This lille clincher gave lhe Soulherners lheir second slraighl undelealed season in conlerence compelilion. SOUTHERN. .47 UBHON ......... 8 Everybody else had gone home lor Thanksgiving excepl lhe leam, coaching slall, and lhe managers, bul lhey loo were ready lo leave al lhe hall in whal lurned oul lo be a signal drill lor lhose unsung heroes ol lhe gridiron-lhe mealballs. Having compiled a season's record ol seven wins and lhree losses saw a number ol lhe Soulherners laking a linal curlain call on Faulkner Field. And lhey really made a nice show ol il in lhis lasl game. Even lhe second and parls ol lhe lhird slring had already gone lo lhe showers and were back walch- ing lhe game lrom lhe slands belore lhe lourlh quarler was well under way. ll mighl be inleresling lo nole lhal lhe crowd cheered lounder and longer lor Union's lone TD. lhan lhey did lor anylhing else lhal nighl, DICK STRAIN DOUG TAYLOR JOE TERRELL FRED WATERS VERNON WELLS DON WINSTEAD , 3, 6 if . ' ,.. . ,sz L ,Nag T T , ii 'iii i , T 'T , it ,Ani ui 'W ' gy be ,W 2 :rifle Top: Which way clicl he go Bennie Ray? Above: The Mealball's daily fun. FRED WAITES JOHNNY YATES l M955 fl .K rr 3 ...f ' V' S 7 , as ' f xi ax Q I PA V . V 'ie i insults' X 'FT X 1 . A i 4' 3 x 'TZ 2 X , , ., .,,.,V2V y! l Firs+ Row Coach Jess Thomp on James Ray Second Row Mel Didier Al l-lanzo Par Tarum Carpenler George Slevens l-lindu Reynolds Mus Freeman Bubber Phillips J W l-lerringlon Cliff Coogins Bubber Farrish Jim Pace Third Row Paul Uplon Louis Boeller James Dorman Orvis Cumbesl Quinn lvlccormiclc Tom l.eC-Eros In Jrhus Jrhird season of posr war baslce+ball Soulhern fared aboul lilce ir did lasl year. year's rally showed Soulhern wilh 7 wins and I I losses: slhis year's final counl-up showed Jrhal Sourhern won 6 games and losr IO. The wins lhis year wer scallered in 'rwos Throughoul rhe season. And Jrhe season ended up wilh a lour game losing slrelch. The +wo high poinl men for +he season were I-lindu Reynolds, our 6' 5" caplain, who scored basketball ot southern l I g .5 - ' .,A:L.ui1l 'Ms vw 2 3 5 N., f- I E Hindu Reynolds, Coach Thompson, Cliff Coggins BASKETBALL RECORD Soulliern . .... 36: Louisiana College ...... . . 22 Soulliern . . .433 Pensacola Naval Air Slalion . . . . 30 Soulhern . . . 33: Spring l-lill ......... . . . 49 Soulliern . . .433 Loyola ......... . . . 50 Soullwern . . . 393 Norllwweslern . . . 6I Soulhern . . . 331 Cenlinary . . . . . 59 Soulliern . . . 473 Soullieaslern . . . , 45 Soulliern . . . 363 Louisiana Tech ...... . , 34 Soullwern . . . 343 Loyola .......... . . . 35 Soulliern . . . 273 Pensacola Naval Air Slalion . . . . 40 Soullwern . . . 501 Louisiana College ..... . . 41 Soullwern . . . 53: Cenlinary . . . ,,,,49 Soulliern . . . 463 Soullieaslern . . . , 69 Soulliern . . . 467 Louisiana Tech . . . . 56 Soullfiern . . . 343 Norlliweslern . . . , 58 Soullwern . . . 58: Spring l-lill . . , , 75 75 ISI poinls ar cenrer and Bubber Farrislw, a 6' 2" lorward, who scored I47 looinls. Qrlmer boys wlwo played quire a bil ol ball H135 year were Clill Cogqins, George Srevens, Tom l.eGros, James GEORGE STEVENS Q...,,,,.,.....- ,............,. ,., Wx JAMES RAY CARPENTER HINDU REYNOLDS Ray Carpenrer, J. C. Dorman, Claude Freeman and Mel Didier. Wirn our new Field l-louse nexl year maybe our baskerball Jream can Jrurn in a belrer record for irsell. CLIFF COGGINS BUBBER FARRISH l ,avr-fx 7o baseball '9 X . is Ol "I Firsf Row: Ed Langford, Bubber Phillips, J. W. Flerringlon, Flop Second Row: Ray Preislly, Fred Walers, James Hill, Reese Snell, Phillips, Joe Velrano, Mus Freeman. James Ray Carpenler. Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Soulhern Third Row: Jim Cochoran, l-Iindu Reynolds, Evan Ragland, Dan Maras, Clill Coggins, Mel Didier, Coach Vann. SCHEDULE IO: Spring I-Iill . . IOg Spring I-lill . . IpOle Miss... 81Ole Miss . . I52 Naval Air Slalion l4g Meridian , . II: Miss. College , 83 Miss. College . 8: Millsaps . . . . 67 Naval Air Slahon I7 Mis. CoHege . 87 Mix. Cohege . 43 Loyola . . . I3g Keeder Fkld I4I Naval Pdr Slahon 2fLoyoh . .. 3:Spdng HHI . I: Spdng HiH . 6: Keesler Field . 81 Soulheaslern . I47 Soulheaslern 53 NHHsaps . In Ihe second year ol baseball since I933 SouIhern's baseball Ieam made a lair showing under Ihe coaching ol Pie Vann. The Ieam played 23 games and came our win- ner in I2 ol lhem. The leading baller lor Ihe season was Fred Walerrs, who sliced inlo 30 hils oul ol 75 limes up lo bal, ringing up Three doubles, Ihree Iriples, and one homeerun. Dur' ing Ihe season Fred barred in I7 runs and scored I9 runs and ended up Ihe season wilh a .400 barring average. Runners-up on balling averages were Ed Langlord wilh .382 and Bubber Phillips wilh 364. The baseball Ieam losl some ol ils beller men ar Ihe end ol The season Io prolessional baseball Ieams bul should lield an equally good 'Ieam Ihis year. 77 JE Soullnern Soulliern Soullrlern Soulllern ft 45 5 ,Q u It XM Y v .. -yy r Y 0? ff , , W I 4 Q, Ei' Ia 4-f'l'1'l ln Mississippi Soull'iern's second year ol varsily lennis since l939 llle leam played lwo malclles willi Spring l-lill College and lwo rnalclrles willn Della Slale Teacllers College. Tlwey losl bolli malches willi Sprinq l-lnl and came oul even willri one win and one loss aqainsl Della Slole. 'llwe lennis learn was rnade up ol Armand Prenliss, Jim Pace, Ed Sinnpson, George Cronia, Troy Walkins, W. M. l-lendriclc, and Joe Collins. Tliis year llle lennis leam lrlas more rnalclnes sclneduled willn scllools in llle Gull Slales Conlerence and slwould rnalre a much beller slwiwinq llian ll has in llle pasl lwo years. 19' ' 9 , V vw X f Za. Ni ii za? Firsl Row: Slanley Bessy, Jack Manqin, Charles Duffle. Second Row: Marion Marshall, Joe Collins, Armand Prenliss, George Cronia, Jim Pace. George Cronia following lhrough on serve. Firsl serve for Marion Marshall ancl one more lo go. .-ur ' ie. Nm W ,. v , ,gg n K vrf,,,,.w M i In J Yl Qi' , Q, X fix Q 5 ,iq X x 34 V Q. ,gy 'BN an ,N 9' f Q, , N mv S' f .., Xl.. Q r XY 'Tx N N Y H Y w.. QQWV Q My 1 f,!. 5 . 1 1 . ., A 4, Q 1 JR ,, , X Lx, Tig Xa, 'N -K -J r"" v- i T 7- l ri B , -W ,. Q, 'X vodlfezs wal ww oxd X1 5Cf?S3YfD Qi F O O 15 'Ln if-Q-L 543902 Xybiqaiq XBXXX, XQLQ WN . XAMUI 'XaX4Xoi ZAXXQQ , "'XYXa. 5ooXXXu :win XXXSSXSSXQQX SCOXWQQFX C,Oxx2GQ, X6XAXXXa,s'o0i Q, EXXSSXSSXQQX 'Dux rbi . Wa-AXOQ -, XX was Nous a qU1.aX QXQBSOYU, X0 sa,Xa,c,X Xkw, Xaa.wXXa,s Xot 4091 4a,ai'OooX-, 'WXXL 5ouXXw.1 wx .H 'XXXL QYNOXOI Q1 mms QR vw c,amXX5aXa,s, -QIXXXQXX 400 s0XmXXXq,6, uma, AXX so AXXK ecXX-na, XXXaX X Xouvb XX AXXXXQQXX X0 mm-a, za 6q,cXsXov. XX -was :Asc r51XXKr,QXX Xo oak-a, ew saXa.r,XXoo AXXXXOQX sa.a.'wQ, ami XaXx'mo, Xo mach r,o:XX asX MXX . 'XXXa, q1RmXa.1 s , Kham Wloss , XXovc,RXXu, Oi moons, CMOXAQX 'ba,w.iX4 , Y,Xo'v,a Cxw-,XQ amd XNQXQ 5Xu'0'0Xa,XXLX6, -sua, saXa,cXaA ov XXXQ. Xvasks oX Q11 sooaXKN , c,XXa1ac.Xz1 , aod XvXn,XX'Xo,a,oc,a., as +lmXX as X01 vaXu1a,X Xmaow. YN OOOXCI, was XoXXua.oc,v,A, oX couisa, X04 owl qi :LAX 'wXa.1 me-X Xxx ood adxffxi aXXc-v Xoi XXW. Xlaksi 5X QXQX . X, XX XXXL coxXXa,sXaoXs ata. a.-lax 'xo Xlcw Work, XX -n1osXb'Oa. A QXlLbSOXG, Xo ou.X XXWQ. NGXXXX NOQSX 's'xsXw.s Xo XXM. c,ovXa.sXaoXs , Xo XXN, SXAXX oX WXXXQ, 'BOQXXXM ou ,xx B06 xo xw Smemw, GR x1X55x5sx?QX SOQXYXQXXQ- C,OxvQGk, X 66 'a'wf.e.i a,X4 qocxs, XOXXQ V-QUQAX 0-Aus XQR '.a,a I0b i p 1012? 1511 b ow equi? s M Cese OII a ers eqer-9 1, - Pa var. Th whoe b iffgiui igrgwvffiauzes O' 5 C S+ IC er-Q ni ere O 0? widgiig Vienzfai-OHZOVZQQ byjsr ' ' G - O 0 a 'SS' s n S 'u rn p fn nnuciid Wd hoand? Tssredow- S+ 'Wm D6 he G' 5 ag G +59 fhdlrse gr pi Y 'S ' Sm We af' ' ec, u IS l0AS+he as mary ross reunion f i ,, E 1 I I 1 V r 1 Shirley Alexander Ann BarreH Rose Frederick ' ' a ' 'ffl-..: :-1 - Ylg.,J,gYA: .4 ,JJ-..4 voncille drenncln iw-Q E WU'- y Frosf 5 5 C Ann Kelly Fredna McBay Carolyn beverly Verna S'rewar'r 'i Q, I 1 I 1 l l l l Dol' Taylor Mrs. Hillman Taylor l l ,ff I 19" if l i V N I I V i i wf'7i '- eloise chain , Rosemary Thaxfon Joan Wafers I I 'I I I Y I I I I I I I 'I I Helen WaI'son I I I myrle stubblefield -"QF" ,ills mr. cmd miss m. s. c.WWWWWM- Mary Elaine Holliday and Charles Dale ima-'-M QQ Bill Demoran the Julia McHann Douglas Harper Sale Lilly Q ci v o I 1 t e s Mary Louise Mozingo Mairylyn Newsom MW S ..:. ' saggy, 2 ni h o' ho Wi: Uv' I 4. . X2 . W Q ' H S M X 'ir' -::I:::s. ,. -eff ' .... V ' ' V A . . 1 1 f..1.w J , W . . , 2 ...:,-Q 5 f- 7' 5- Q . 1. uw f' f 1 1- A f"f51I"-'FEL - -if fini: V "W 'a'1fi'I5IE::z1 P " A ' . - fs- fi ,.f- fh. ig, ' , ' -. uma., -,- ,- - .. - V-'- i . f Q J 5 ,ZR yy' 0'Y4V"'a .Qc -Q Q Gp- ., MALLEY BYRD, Lealcesville, Miss.: Senior: Hisfory, Journalism, Speech: Edilor of Sludenl Prinlz: Re- porfer for Debaie Club: Sludenl' Council Repre- senlafive for Alpha Della Mu: Pre-Legal Forum: Philosopher's Club: Language Club: Pi Tau: Honor Roll. ANNIE RUTH ERVIN, Haifiesburg, Miss.: Senior: French: Presidenl ol: Pan-Hellenic Council: Presi- denf of De-Ira Siqma Epsilon: Presidem' of Language Club. CHARLES DALE, Lucedale, Miss.: Junior: Pre-Law: Pi Tau: Vice-Presidenf of Chrislian Federation: Mr, M. S. C.: Vice-Presidenl of Wesley Foundafion: Colonial Club: Pre-Legal Forum. JEROME DRANE, Hafliesburg, Miss.: Junior: Pre- Law: Pi Tau: Pre-Legal Forum: Language Club: Philosophers Club: Alpha Delia Mu: Honor Roll. BILL DUKES, Hafiiesburg, Miss.: Senior: Social Science: Presidenl of Sfudenl Body: Pre-Legal Forum: Language Club: Pi Tau. MARY ALICE FANCHER. Collieeville, Miss.: Senior: Commerce: Presiclenl of Chris+ian Federa- iion: Secrelary of B.S.U.: Vice-Presidenl of Pi Omega Pi: Sfudenf Prinfz Sfaht. DOUGLAS HARPER, Halfiesburg, Miss.: Senior: English: Isl Vice-Presidenl of Siudenl Body: Presi- denf of Pi Tau: Minislerial Club: l.R.C.: Wesl- minisier Fellowship: Sigma Chi. MARY ELAINE HOLLIDAY, Poplarville, Miss.: Senior: Elemenlary Educaiion: Miss M.S.C.: Presi- denl of Alpha Psi Omega: Soulherner Slalzl: Priniz Slaicl: Soulhern Players: Ecliior of Wesleyan Spirif. I l i I WILLIE GRACE HORN, Magee, Miss.: Senior: Home Economics: Home Ec. Club: Sigma Theia Kappa: Beauiy af Summer Waler Fesfival. BILL McKlNNEY, Tupelo, Miss.: Senior: Sociology: Pi Tau: Sigma Zela: Presidenl of Senior Class: Head Cheerleader: l.R.C. REX McRANEY, Collins, Miss.: Junior: Pre-Law: Pi Tau: American Legion: Represeniaiive 'ro Siale Legislaiure from Covinglon Counfy. SHIRLEY MONTGOMERY, Haifiesburg, Miss.: Senior: Arr and Hislory: Treasurer of Sigma Thela Kappa: Sludenf Council Rep.: Wesfrninisfer Fellow- ship. WARREN NATION. Brookhaven, Miss.: Presidenl of Alpha Epsilon Alpha: "M" Club: Pi Tau. EVA NELL PICKLE, Amory, Miss.: Junior: Malhes mafics: 2nd Vice-Presidenl' of Sfudeni Body: Presi- denf of F.T.A.: Is'r Vice-Presidenl of B.S.U.: Isl Vice-Presidenl of Y.W.A.: Secrelary of Chrisiian Federalion: Malh Club: Honorary Commerce Socieiyg Priniz Sialil. MYRNA REYNOLDS, Purvis, Miss.: Junior: Busi- ness Educalion: Secreiary of I'he Sluclenl' Body: Secreiary of Honorary Commerce Sociely: F.T.A.: W,S.G.A.: Pi Omega Pi: Delia Sigma Epsilon: Choral Union: Wesley Foundafion. HARRY TAYLOR, Pilfslourg, Texas: Senior: Jour- nalism: Edilor of '49 Souihernerg Copy Edilor of Sludenl Priniz: Reporier for Sigma Zela: Vice-Presi- clenl of Lanquaqe Club: Hisiorian of Pi Tau: Alpha Psi Omega: Band: Southern Players. in american colleges ffm? and universities Q 4,,,,,,W su-way Q5 ull' N . F . A the hcl BILL DUKES Bill is our STudenT C5overnmenT PresidenT and is a hard worlcer in everyThing ThaT he does. l-le is married and he can be Tound worlcing Tor Mr. Eubanlcs when he isn'T in class or busy geTTing Things done Tor The STudenT GovT. or one oT The oTher organizaTions To which he belongs. Bill is an honor roll sTudenT whose ambiTion righT now is To become a lawyer. Bill is also one oT The group ThaT re-acTivaTed Pi Tau, The men's Honor- ary AcTiviTy l:raTerniTy. DOUGLAS HARPER Doug is The big man you see everywhere on The campus who has a smile ThaT's iusT abouT as big as he is. He is Trom l-laTTiesburg and is maior- ing in English. Doug plans To be a minisTer when he graduaTes. He is FirsT Vice-PresidenT oT The STudenT Body and presidenT oT PE Tau. l-le has made guiTe a name Tor himselT by piling up The highesT gualiTy poinT average ever made here aT SouThern. 11 of fame ANNIE RUTH ERVIN Annie RuTh is a l-laTTiesburg girl and is one oT The mosT acTive girls on The campus. She's presidenT oT The Pan-Hellenic Council, presidenT oT her sororiTy and presidenT oT The lvlodern Language Club. ln carrying ouT The duTies oT her many oTTices she has made herselT a Tarniliar personaliTy To pracTically everyone on The campus. Annie RuTh graduaTes This year wiTh a maior in French. 9 HARRY TAYLOR You mighT noT lcnow his name buT iT he geTs To Tallq To you Tor Tive minuTes you'll Tind ouT whaT iT is. l-le's The shorT TaT Tellow whom everybody calls "Tex," And he is Trom Texas, PiTTsburg ThaT is. T-le's The ediTor oT This annual and vice- presidenT oT The Modern Language Club. l-le's hisTorian oT Pi Tau, reporTer Tor Sigma ZeTa, and a member oT The Band. ln The Two years ThaT he's been on The campus "Tex" has managed To geT inTo abouT as many organizaTions as a sTudenT can ioin. l-le's also a charTer member oT Alpha Psi Qmega, The honorary dramaTics TraTerniTy. For The record he's maioring in Journalism. A ' ' ' ' ' 'a..m'-' ''-' ' 5ur.n.nnx.r...- -':.:.:..'...-...v ' Lx--.LL:4:.xg '..m 'JA:.:l:1i', ,. ..-..... ..-... .... ... - ,Q f 1 1 -1 'w is Q ' 4' ji. Ann ' N. , - -NT iso? . 3 v , I Y " . ' ' id L o'Yi'I:1a,a z ' kk , ,3,.C'fk..f""' 'I ' 25 f- . N: 4 , 'I- 1.-N P74 K f 1, Q' 45, . lx. ' ' ' N Q' - 'Q LS 'Y I .Q .5 I M VL l' ! . f t 'fnfff ff xa.xmx:4:Q.n4.L.n4n...x4xnL.4...n44..n xxulnn t 'fir . ,a-. .arngnnx 1 Y i'.'.' tt! 'F 1 1 fini..-4.-.Al-.4' ' ' "' "'.Z'.ILf.fLXg4..4.' ' Z.f.I....4-.'l...' .1-.Lg.I,'. Z ' 'M v4 v 1 X., ' 1 V1 5 X -'11 ,,' , Si' L J if-4 lf .s 4' JW -4. 10, - ,1 I 1 .+T- .4 , . f fi: 15. ,. -v X v. nz A. Q X nnl0lii'HiQi6iiZH?Fi'iYf'I!QLELPQ'il1!1!l:MI'i'1 'if 'f f' ,,,.,.w . W ak 'E "ff Z f 3 Q . I n V fw . , 5' ' , ,I ' 2 , f' X: gf ! If: Q' A 4 f ,Fier- 1 fy ff 22? if ., ,k, '4, A My K LOOK 1 TARGET N ,gm , J 'ea-o6oL3ln-3-"' ' 5 T.-Il.7.7z.I'.X.4' ".2.Z.I... 7. I . .ag-L, -1 . . . --:--naw K i' gn X 1' Ki., ,Xu 1 Y ? 'X I I bf 11 ff k fx.. ' fp, X I-: K . Wg' BOY O M259 Y' X 'x - , -wx if S08 , V Q, 1' y -. ,S fx,-a' xx, AD X , 3g'.j.'u, gin.. ,:..wi, 'Z I f' ff' 1 195 " .ir ,1-1, - H 'ff-4. gf , t -f 4' f mi f I sf, JN V , W 2 117 uns, . -,xv . Nb, 40. , , 3 ! f t , A f 5 fl I 5 1 f ' , 1 V I Q f ,IQ ., is Q ii. , X4 .ff 5 s .1 ff, .af f ? nz 1' ' if 5 , fs' ?' ,gp X I 5 I 4 J ' qf ' ' 'asf V4 I i . , sr-I gi ' F' 5A ""'Nw'., f ,Q wi Y .sl X1 'T g. ,r 'QW gay . , 4 pm.. , 'gd t 7527.3- .C-at H.. Q F 5, af 4 1 Z., 2, 57 Hs, I I x J' - HV -by.. f 47 :- .85 jx, - 1 1 -,,: n 3 H l..u X x 1 Six Q 3 1 XO! n. , , vu 4 WWW iff' Lg i. DUZ DID IT ,, -' ww ..-H..- 4- U ,',, ...... ' - '- -':5,7"""g' '3..., ' ., 54. ' rv:-v10:0::0-201 . . 1 ru :--f:-v r--nr fix' ! i 6 L ,, , 4 Wg.. tlizvvvw-" mf,-5' 1 ff- N 1f-d'i"'- mf .5 A.- 'tit .-f-w ' ' I If in 4f'x? 1 1 9, I In :Q 6- '-I .1 Z is-fm ' ! " p. x .,3-7354 ,-2. . -ya Ft' ,f My "' - A -: 'li tix 'gf S' 9 Nr. , f WKNN 4 XX -X ., X xy. ,, W4 0 ous OXGGXN 560 .3 ls, 'EY' ' 21,5 E551 '52 Sixkgviha ,,.ff" fs, .A xx Q vfW!wff2: we lg H 5 'N . X. X K3 ' Mp , 'QE ff ,X .X Q ' . . .mf .ev M' . "'J.Yxf-'ff - ,SA 1 .1 , 0. f- A x ' rwtm - xA ' Sr n'iE, 'l V-x.,1y Er-3 N 'Rx "Q V 1 if 'Q UZ, ,-uf' - 'K x If V' X ,.f',, Y rw- 12 5 46 ,thigh ' ,,, np ' A 5 , if 24 ' ew Y?9?!2'1"70+i?'1zf:e01fgi-5187. , , ng, , Y., I ,Q m 2 , nj- . ,ff -A Sf g 1 ', ...Q- X ,4 fig ,D A V 1 I 2 .L Y n." .-, QQQ-,X 'fy . K , , is 55 5 JY ' , fiew' ' ' w ,F .,' uf- , A v 114' .V - , f vgwfaf w. , W ax 6 V "4 . . 1 ,, ' ,F 1' ' ' '2.Q'Q. F X, ,wwf V- 29' ' , Y, ,- A .-,yy , f,, x " " 2 1 ' ' " l .K R 1. 1 3. -' , F A -N A 32 - lx 54- ' 5 Ltgasx ,S fax 6.355 .-gf, 22245-'x wx Wifi Q.. ' ,km EQ - 59 -, 1- wfnw 7: 45551 -63. -WJ! n ' 1 -uw, .- - A -" . 3,5- , Nj, r .4 Q 2, Rv 7 7'f5"5,,, f TT , ,wf,...z+, n fy,-A x 5 'JCL 1' 'Lf W. 2 1 Jagfcf . I5 " . l .. . 1 I 1 i ' -'V' ' - 3 x A ",'I,j1zf.4.i. f Mio xr :Li . , W. .,,.... , .45 -, rg- ., fl ,V ' ' I fy Kf.',i?i I 1,,,,.,-,N .Sri-I-11l:If. , , Q , gg Fx R -- ' . - - ' , 5,451 '2 . l.A,','A'Elyi9f:A R H w f if J is, I Pi 1 g!",', ."Clbsbv4.,.,-lx , WHERE' AUSTIN FU F . W..,J , I 1 1 1 3 1 gf A '5T?-'i',c'5?6:1:s2?'?'xt??f'v:-f4fgfififFiZ5IfS+2+Q5g3,r+f 1: :-:.:.Q--4.---f - - ' - - - - - ' - 4 - ,X Q 'Q X ' 9' 'K 1 X Q OV X ' 3 4 5' tv' , V3 1 . 5, .N A. 4A if 1, Y Tr . , 4:3 W 4 4 X J Sf! H+.. . ' H ,-fx. ' ' -1 S Q .. ' . , :, ' ' V "f R f f :L - f 43.5 B, I ma 5 ' s K. ' V. MA ' A ,-M' A 1 MW xg 2 E2 Q. MQ. Q , ff 3 'ff gff Vu.f.v, , f 4 nv? '18 I fn, fl.. fzvwfh, -ff-eb ,,,, .pq . H'e:'-1, ' x uf V V hi W . em' ,- , ,. vs -2 -1 ' . -. . A -. ' ' ' - - M- -'hu 4 V frnvege- 1 1 W A -111 A. N, Vff, . ' , .- ' ,Q,4 "' ., .,,..BS:ni'H::f,,,..-.ff.ip'f- v -M- l wx V- v M 01.43-..xml'l,yyums-3" Us 1 i 1 . five i uf x 1 F 'N . ,B ... i .vp 3 -fs IH ,j.!, -4 llif 1 . nil I v I .aullffulllllfi 5 Ar. ' .UL ,,.4 A FEW oo. if f? if "W iii N 5 fl .far '. Zi il.. :l:." Mimi Ex Q Y Qgq -4-4-4-0-h -0 v5?STZ71?'-?!?1?'?f?'f'ff?!g 1'- f 'I I 3? u behind the SCSHSS Leif 'fo Righl: Myrna Reynolds, Secrefaryg Bill Dukes, Presidenh Eva New Piflle. Second Vice-Presidenfg Bill Moore, Treasurer: Doug Harper, Firsf Vice-Presicleni' yu -www rsv1'M" we afqa, 'Eg' ,,. ,. . , 4 ff' K I ff 4 5 l ,Gi T' ll is lhe purpose of lhe Sludenl Council lo prornole Jrhe general welfare ol sludenls Jrhrough rhe losrering ol a democraric spiril, lo promole high erhical slandards, and lo assume responsi- loilily lor lhe proper lunclioning ol sludenl ac- liyilies. All sludenls al Mississippi Soulhern are aulomalically rnernpers of The associalion. The council sponsored many socials during lhe school year lhal conrripuled grearly lo ihe social life ol The sludenls. Cilicers ol Jrhe council were Bill Dukes, presi- denlg Douglas l-larper, vice-presidenly Eva Nell Pickle, second vice-presidenlg Myrna Reynolds. secrelary, and Bill Moore, Treasurer. studen 'I C Q' 1015 Firsf Row, Leif lo Righr: Sally Bodrnan, Robin Longre, Bill Moore, Myrna Reynolds, Bill Dukes, Doug l-larper, Eva Nell Pickle, Charles Dale, Ann Phillips, Marlha Ann Ean- cher. Second Row: Mary Alice Eancher, Verna Slewarl, Dick McCar+hy, Tommy Ferrell, Louis Webb, Tornmye Morris, Shirley Monlgomery, Malley Byrd, Virginia Barnes, Sonya Jordan, Joe Collins. Third Row: Don Newlon, Eddie Schmelling, Claylon Young, Tom Rhea Phillips, Roddy Woods, l-lesler Rhodes, Evelyn Prescolr, Paul Ferguson, Dollie Earl Kirkpalrick. Fourlh Row: Dallon l-lill, Mark Grimes, Oscar Wilderson Lavelle Weeks, A. C. Hollis. ouncil 441 , is-4 X-J' P r X f,,M,, o e 's Firsl Row, Lell +o Righlz Mary Nell Runyan, Grace Kirsh, Marguerile Welborn, Myrl Marsh, Beryl l-larlcey, Jean Palch. Second Row: Helen Price, Tornmye Morris, Mary Kale Snell, Mrs. Lena Gough, Mary Jean Crews, Virginia Blossom, Eva Nell Piclcle. Third Row: Elizabelh Buslin, Myrna Reynolds, Mary Poole, Bobbie l-liclcrnan, Rosa Paschal. .Q WX! sf X.f,s!f ...J student The oriicers are: Myrl Marsh, Presidenig Marguerile Welborn, Vice-Presidenl and Jean Palch, Secrelary. The purpose of The Women's Sludenl' Governmeni Associarion is lo lormulale and carry our Jrhose rules and regulalrions which are delinilely needed and which are lor The besl inieresl ol: The women sludenls. The council endeavors lo be honesr and lair wirh each woman ,sludenl and parlial lo none-regardless of per- sonal leelings or inreresls-and lo gain The lull coopera- 'rion of all sludenls and lhe Adnninisiraiion, The Women's Sludenr Governmenl is lor The women sfudenls, and il lries io aid lhern in solving lheir problems and in helping lhem carry on The rradiiion and cuslorns ol Mississippi Sourhern College. i government clssn. 117 l I 9 -1 Wii? .Six U' ty the '49 I-IARRY TAYLOR , . PAUL ORADY , . MR, J, T, PALMER . B'LL MQKINNEY . . EDDIE SCI-IMELLINO MARY ELAINE I-IOLLIDAY CHARLA EIOLLIDAY . , VIRGINIA BRYAN I Sou+I1erner Sfaff in s'riII Iife , ,Business Manager . . .EaCuIIy Advisor . .Associa+e GraduaIe CIass . Senior Class Junior Class . . , , Sophomore CIass WINERED MONCRIEE, HARRY TAYLOR Ye Olde Edifor. STAFF Edifor KAY GOUOH . I , Freshman CIass EdiIor EDITH SMITH , .Orqanizafion Edifor LEO CLARK I V .... Sporrs Ediifor Edifor BETTY DOI-IERTY ......,.. . Sororiry Edifor Edifor EDDIE SCI-IMELLINO ..4.. EraIerniIy Edifor Ediror MARY ROSS, NETTYE MERLE NEWTON . . . . , Typis+s Edijror DON NEWTON . .AssisIanI' Business Manager Edilror BOB CAWTHORN, CHARLES DALE ....... Ad SaIe-srnen GORDON BLACK, .Sfafwf PIWOTOQVGDIWEFS WI'1a'f is I+, Bill? iisqbxs:-AWK A NC' Nrfw -, -Nxmsrm-'mx rf- w 118 f-4-'fag ,par-4' PAUL GRADY Business Manager. One brighT and sunny morning lasT spring "Tex" Taylor woke up and was Told ThaT he was To be The ediTor oT The '49 SouTherner. IT was a greaT shock buT he lived over iT and This Tall he sTarTed loolcing The campus over Tor people To do The work on The annual Tor him. VVell he Tound The people and The worlc goT done. The '49 SouTherner belongs To The sTudenTs and wiThouT WhaT a busy TypewriTer. southerner Their co-operaTion and worlc The looolc iusT wouldn'T he. The nnempers oT The sTaTT are proud oT The '49 SouTherner and hope ThaT The STudenT Body is pleased Too. IT is The wish oT The sTaTT ThaT The SouTherner will conTinue To grow and ThaT The '50 SouTherner is an even peTTer poolz. Worlc aT lasf. X ' ,fe WWW: 5 wh I Y 15,7 4 wg T. F4 QC FT 929 G xxx I A-X Scoop Clark in acfion. STAFF Mary Elaine hard a+ worIc. M. J. BYRD . . . .ECIIIOV ROSS PEAD . .Assisfanf EcIIIor . .Copy EdIIor HARRY TAYLOR , LEO CLARK . . .Sporf EdIIor JOHN DALE . ..... Business Manager DON NEWTON , , . ,Assisranr Business Manager S. O. SMITH , ..,. Circularion Manager VIRGINIA TURNER, ALPHA TURNER , Asst Circufarkzn Mars. GEORGE ROBERTSON ....... . , ,S+aI'I Carroornsr REPORTERS: Sidney AIIbrIHon, Rober+ Cavyrhorn, Berry DoLwerIy', Joyce EuIIer, Lois Hickman, Frances Mars, Rosa PasqIwaI, Mary WEI- Iiams, Mini Wheless Leo CIarI, Mary Eancher, Mary EIaIr1e HolII- day, Don Newfon, Eva PickIe, RuII'1 Ann BU+Ier, Def KessIer, OIney Gibson, Myrna Reynolds. MALLEY BYRD Edifor and LIHIe Bull. 'WV QW- the student f-L-Q l xl 4 ' -If X I I .J I V' ,. s I-fr l'w"'1n F. 7, A, x Tell her abouT iT, Kay. Tk The STudenT PrinTz is The Mississippi SouThern College newspaper. lT is published weekly by a sTaTT oT sTudenTs wiTh The asisTance oT The Journal- ism lnsTrucTor. The purpose oT The PrinTz is To provide a medium Through which The sTudenTs may express Their opinions on problems relaTing To campus liTe and To provide an agency Tor diseminaTing news oT The college among sTudenTs and alumni. JOHN DALE Business manager and money counier. fX,s"EF1?vF A ,,siK4EN'ImQi5 ..2KN'55'Zs-'vii f T ,G? " 'Z.....:.Iflai" Down aT The prlnhng shop. The PrinTz is supervised by The publicaTions board, oT which The EdiTor is a member. The EdiTor and Business Manager oT The PrinTz are elecTed each year by The sTudenT body. lvlem- bership on The sTaTT oTher Than These Two oTTices is on a volunTary basis. Journalism sTudenTs uTilize The PrinTz in prac- Ticing The various phases oT newspaper worlc such as reporTing, illusTraTing, headline wriTing, news ediTing and make-up. printz v . -Y -ff-- - ,X Band Group Pix. .s.c.bc1nd Firsl Row: Joe l-lurlberl, lvlilchell Saba, Roy Raddin, Ernesl Johnson, Charlin Redding, Leo McWhorler, Bar- bara Corden, Thomas Wasson. Second Row: Janie Smilh, Phil Slade, Joyce Chapman, Bobby Brenl, Billy Ray Ammons, lvlaryin lvliller, Belly Lou Coslen, Bobby Johnson, Wilber Bullock, Gerald Easley, Edna Rice, Bobby Abrams. Third Row: Lyndel Smilh, Sid Albrillon, James lvlarlello, James A. Ball, Blanche Simmons, D. A. lvliller, Barbara Mr. Gilberl T. Saelre, Band Direclor. Ross, John Dale, Poberl McKee, Sammy Barnes, Ray Raddin, Roberl Cochran, Belly Lou Smilh, Leo Boud- reaus, Billie Jane Sholls, Joyce Perlcins. Fourlh Row: Bob Kinqsberry, Earl Graver, Buddy Oliver, Laverl Sherrell, Ralph Pigoll, Joe Ware, Roberl Chapman, Tommye Morris, Joe Davis, Louis Ferguson, l-loward lvly- riclf, Dewey lvlclienzie, Tom Rhea Phillips, Direclor Saelre Faye Simmons. i Fillh Row, Lell lo Righl: Bob Jordan, James Daniels, C. B. Sanders, Charles Newman, Charla l-lolliday. BOB KING-SBERRY 455' i r l i I i i l Band Acfion ShoT. The T948-T949 ediTion oT our marching and concerT Tirinq eTTorTs oT our very excellenT drum major, Bolo Kings- bands was considered To be The TinesT in The hisTory oT berry, and his Tine corps oT Twirlers. our College' The Symphonic band made iTs debuT in a very accepT- The TooTball band made Three Trips wiTh The Team and able Chapei proqram on February 28- Qur "row" of had The honor OT repregenjrlng Vanderbillf 5+ The Vancly' coasT Towns was very successTul, and our second Annual 'Bama game Opening Ladd Memorial Sifadlum in Moblle' ConcerT Tor Fine ArTs Weelc was one oT The year's ouT- Alabama' sTanding perTormances. The Symphonic band was under Much crediT Tor our success musT be given To The un- The capable leadership oT lvlr. GilberT T. SaeTre. TVVIRLERS TOMMYE Moms CHARLA HOLLIDAY BETTY cosron PAYE siMMoNs 123 , l l , l i T misc l i 4 l . T Fir5T Row, LeTT To RighT: CaTherine Williams, NaneTTe Walker, Janis Nowell, DoT Turner, Mel- lisa PoTTer, Janis Bovay, Tommie Pope, Marie BacksTrom, Amelia Graeeser, Norma Shedd, Carolyn Beverly, Lydia Downing. Second Row: ElizabeTh BusTin, Elaine I-lollis. Lil- lian Baird, Nellie McCurley, Marie MarTin, Mary Louise Mazingo, Jean STegall, Virginia Blossom, MarTha MayTield, PaT Pope, Mary STuarT l-lar- mon. Third Row: Gwen Cox, BeTTy Keel, James Mc- Combs, Bernard Pearson, Gene Brown, RoberT ClemenT, Eugene ClemenT, l-lulon Simmons, Jim CarpenTer, Wilbur Bullock, MarTha Frances Cleveland, Glen Ward. The vesper Cho FourTh Row: PuTh Dickson, Shirley Alexander, Earl Grover, Tommy Wasson, David Brown, Bob Kingsberry, Cecil l-larper, Lonnie KnighT, Ray MarcheTich, Marvin Miller, MoniTa Prine, Peggy Ezelle. The Vesper Choir is a choral organizaTion com- posed oT sTudenTs chosen by audiTion. The di- recTor oT The choir is Mr. Erank Earl Marsh, Jr., T-lead oT The Eine ArTs DeparTmenT. This group oT TalenTed sTudenTs makes Two annual Tours, one aT ChrisTmas when iT presenTs l-landel's Messiah ThroughouT The sTaTe, and The oTher during The spring when Misissippi and surrounding sTaTes are Toured. ir' Lefl' lo Righl: David Brown, Eugene Clemeni, Robe-:+ Clemenl, Melissa Polle, Virginia Blossom, Monifa Prine, Marie Marlin, Jennie Boone, Calherine Williams, Jim Carpenter, Ray Marcheiicn, Bob Kingsberry. drcng' The Madragallians is a mixed ensemble of six girls and six boys who perform music ol The slyle oi lhe old English madragals. The lvladragallians were organized in I945 southern Twelve lalenled young girls compose lhe organizalion known as The Soulhern Singers. This group presenls boih lighr and semieclassical music. The associalion, organized lliclns and were lhen called ihe Troubadors. In I946 ihe group was enlarged from eighl lo lwelve. The lvladragallians are under The direclion of Mrs. Belly Jean Davis. singers in I942 by Miss Forresl Delano, has conlribuled greally in enieriaining The sludeni body. ivliss Norma Shedd served as accompanisl lo lhe group. AT Piano: Norma Shecld. Left lo Righl: Nannelle Walker, Janis Bovay, Tommie Pope, Nellie McCurley, Gwen Cox, Joan Walers, Belly Keel, Marllia Frances Cleveland Jean Sfegall, Tad Baird, Marfha Mayfield, Carolyn Beverly. ,V , ,f V. X ., if - , X, -4, S-5 ,fy . , s ,W ifi T ig' 1,4 4 . ,sf gs 4 P f X W nw 4 4,0 ,ef X f X0 il 2 . ' mga ,, X ' - Mr Q , - ,, QS 1.4,-' ' g s 55+ 4 , 9 v' Y. fs vm-:if - my ,.,, f r - - ,- ,f ,MwX.,,W'E' . Y 1 Q., ,Q , W , y i X A Y 1 ax so , Q , ,,. T. Q, i,, has , . , All 'A 1' L gi . T "U :T K - A ' Q -v es, rf' ef --Y Q, r- , tw X' ,S , L , Q, W uMnli3 SMKN N Se 2S5's2-sw ' i."::..':2:t:-ttf .., .. .........,.. I-NF5f ii5f24449.76154-S.5.aaSas.z4:a.:.:4a.z.4..-L.....:......-...-' .:-.-:,:.:-:--,: --gg ,,,, . . , , L v' 5 la! little sy' MEMBERS Firsl Row, Lell lo Righl: l-lelen Janel McDonald, Roy W. l-ledges, Ann Collins, Margie Eubanlcs, Belly Breland, Edna Rice, Mr. Shannon, James Moore, George Elexman, Miss Jean Eason. Second Row: Noah Knepper, Barbara Carden, Thomas Wasson, Bobby Abrams, Al Wrighl, Joyce Perkins, Pal Winnege. Third Row: Barbara Boss, James Ball, Joe Ware, Gerald Easley, Marvin Miller, Wilbur Bullock, Charlie Newman, Gilberl Saeire. mphony The Lillle Symphony, conducled by Mr. Noah Knepper, is an ensemble ol inslrumenlalisls which allords orcheslral experience lo The college. The organizalion furnishes The accompanimenl lor lhe annual presenlalion ol The Messiah as well as any olher choral worlc performed by lhe Deparlmenl. Each year lhe Lirlle Symphony lours Mississippi Tor a weelc during lhe spring. The year is high- lighled by ils annual home concerl which is given upon lhe symphony's relurn lo lhe campus. The symphony reads and performs several worlqs oi lhe classical period, as well as worlcs oi conlem- porary composers. The officers are: James A. Ball, President Charles S. Newman, Vice-Presidenlg Barbara Ross, Secrelaryg andWilbur Builoclc, Assislanl Conduclor. alpha Alpha Mu Chi, an honorary musical club, was organized in IQ33. lls purpose is lo promole among ils members a beller feeling ol fellowship, and lo inslill in each of lhem a desire Tor higher scholarship in music. The membership ol Alpha Mu Chi is made up ol sludenls who have mel cerlain scholaslic reguiremenls. The Alpha Mu Chi Officers are: David Brown. Presidenlq Tommie Pope, Vice-Presidenlg Eugene Clemenl, Secrelaryq Norma Shedd, Treasurer, and Glenn Turner Ward, Reporler. The spon- sors are Miss Foresl DeLano and Miss I-lelen Janel McDonald. mu chi MEMBERS Firsl Row, Lell lo Righl: Calherine Williams, Carolyn Beverly, Norma Shedd, Dixie Polk, Bobbie James, Marlha Mayfield, Mary Sluarl l-larmon, Bobby Ross. Second Row: Tommie Pope, Ann Collins, Monila Prine, Belly Keel, Barbara Carden, Nanelle Walker, Nellie Mc- Curley, Elizabelh Buslin, Glenn Ward. Third Row: Wilber Bulloclc, David Brown, Roberl Clemenl, Eugene Clemenl, Bob Kingsberry, Lonnie Knighl, D. A. Miller, Marvin Miller, James McCombs. 127 Y student christian federation MEMBERS Firsl' Row, Leif 'ro Righlz Eva Piclcle, Mary Fancher, Miss Emily Jones, Norma Shedd, Mariha Pancher. Second Row: Dorolhy Kirlcpalriclc, Marllia Maylield, Bobbye Sigresl, Rila Dabbs, Charles Dale. Third Row: Ellis Kelley, Joyce Saxon, Mr. Riley Munday, Monila Prine, Dr. Leon Wilbiir. The Sludenl Chrislian Pederalion co-ordinales lhe aclivilies of all religious organizalions on Mississippi Sou+hern's Campus. The council is composed ol The lollowing sludenrs: Mary Alice Pancher, Presidenlq Charles Dale Vice-Presidenlg Eva Nell Pickle, Secrelaryq lhe presidenls of lhe live religious organizalionsg commillee chairman, elecled by lhe oul-going council in The spring: a Vesper Chairman: and a Noonday Chairman. The Pederalion sponsors Vespers on Wednesday evening, noon-day prayer service each day and a religious emphasis week each spring. The Fed- eralion also adds lo The social life on Jrhe campus by sponsoring a seasonal pariy each guarler. W ,, 1:17 rfl ll To baptist student union The Baplisl Sludenl Union Council is a represenlalive group ol all Baplisl sludenls. ll represenls all lhe volun- lary religious aclivilies ol Baplisl sludenls promoled by lhe Boards and agencies ol lhe Soulhern Baplisl Conven- lion. The Union serves lhe enlire college communily. ll seeks lo promole spirilual cleveloprnenl ol sluolenls lhrough Chrislian comradeships, Bible sludy. prayer, church membership, denominalional loyally, and King- dom advancemenl. The mollo ol lhe council is "To Know Chrisl and lvlalre l'lim Known" and such is lhe goal which each member slrives lo reach. The ollicers are: Joyce Saxon, Presidenlg Eva Nell Pickle, Isl Vice-Presidenlg Emily lvlilchell, 2nd Vice-Presi- denlq Durwood Smilh, 3rd Vice-Presidenlg lvlary Alice Eancher, Secrelaryq Ellis Kelley, Treasurer: Jean Wells Benoisl, Pianislq Charlolle lvlyers, Reporlerp Claylon Young, Sludenl Council Represenlalive, and olher able members ol lhe organizalion who head various commil- lees. The Baplisl Sludenl Union is under lhe experl di- reclion ol Riley lvlunday, Secrelary. MEMBERS Firsl Row, Lell lo Righl: Rev, Riley lvlunday, Eva Nell Piclsle, lvlary Alice Eancher, Emily lvlilchell, Belly Sholls, lvlarlha Ann Eancher, Joyce Saxon. Second Row: Belly Lou Smilh, Claudine Rawls. Carl Lillle, Lula Dell Eancher, Rila Dabbs, Tommye Morris. Third Row: June Causey, Belly McDonald, Erances Price, Billie Murray, Grace Kersh, Fay Eord, Bill Bailey, Leo Mc- Whorler, Durwoocl Smilh, Fourlh Row: John Boozer, Ellis Kelly, Belly Caslon, Brad- lord Jackson, Claylon Young. 129 -uf"-2-'rf-""--.rf uxfm1fw-'------ f ' .. ' -' ' " '- " '.:.:,:.: - .. , -, - , ,, ,- - - -4 , H - , --s.:...:.....-.,.4.:.4.4-.--:, f.: . , - . . . . . YI4 i is the colonial club MEMBERS FirsT Row, LeTT To RighT: J. V. Ray, Charles Hammond, Charles Dale, ClayTon Young, Bill Bailey, Jim VincenT, Dr. Charles Lane. Second Row: KermiT Quinn, l-lermes l-lague, ErnesT STrong, Charles Murray, Leo McWhorTer, James Weelcs, Louis Webb, Torn Bass. Third Row: S. G. SmiTh, Edwin WhiTe, Edward Logan, Joe Anderson, Clarence Dean Bounds, Joe Blair, Ray Lang. l30 The Colonial Club is The youngesT social organizaTion on The campus: however, iT has already demonsTraTed iTs abiliTy To cope wiTh The older organizaTions. The mem- bers oT The club have capTured a surprising large number oT honors during The school year. WiTh The purpose oT TurThering social liTe on The cam- pus and aT The same Time raising academic sTandards, sevenTeen men banded TogeTher and Tormed The Colonial Club. ForTune smiled on The club aT iTs very birTh when Dr. C. E. Lane, Jr., oT The ChemisTry DeparTmenT, ac- cepTed The Taslc oT being TaculTy sponsor. WiTh only a Tew monThs oT acTiviTy behind The club. iTs members Teel ThaT much has already been accomp- lished on The campus and ThaT iTs bonds oT TraTernal rela- Tions are already sTrong and lasTing. The oTTicers are: W. T. Bailey, PresidenTg ClayTon Young, Vice President Charles Dale, SecreTaryg James VincenT, Treasurer: l-lermes Hague, STuclenT Council Rep- resenTaTiveg Ray Long, SgT. aT Arms: J, V. Ray, Repor- Ter and l-lisTorian, Thomas Bass and W. T. Bailey, lnTer- TraTerniTy Council RepresenTaTives. E' The Canterbury club The CanTerbury Club, a member oT The naTional organi- zaTion oT CanTerbury Clubs, is The organized group oT Episcopal sTudenTs on The campus. IT was charTered on our campus in The Tall oT I946. The aim oT The CanTerbury Club is To serve The mission oT ChrisTianiTy in higher educaTion by TosTering among sTudenTs oT This insTiTuTion a beTTer undersTanding oT The TaiTh and pracTice oT The Episcopal Church. As a body The Club aTTends l-loly Communion Twice a year, and, during The year, selecTed members represenT SouThern aT a sTaTe-wide conTerence oT CanTerbury Clubs, The oTTicers oT The CanTerbury Club are Robin Longre, PresidenT: Mary Frances Buckley, Vice-PresidenT7 Jean SmiTh, SecreTary and Treasurer: Eddie Schmelling, STudenT Council RepresenTaTive. The Reverend R. A. Parks serves as Chaplain. MEMBERS FirsT Row, l.eTT To RighT: Frances Buckley, Sally Bodman, Robin Longre, Ann McGhee, Lydia Downing, Daisy May- Brown. Second Row: Dr. Davis, Eddie Schmelling, Jean SmiTh, Fred Camp Wilson, Rev. Parks. Third Row: Charles Felkins, l-luberT Cowand, George Wood, T. J. Lundy, 131 S rv 1-96- f" 'N , Q 1,1 C fair iffy' 5 vw T541- Q is 'K . fa 2- ,......---'.--"'-'I- , ,,......---" l O W' sf 6:21 1 .,l' the nevvman club MEMBERS Firsf Row, Leil 'ro Righl: l-lelen Walson, Charles Doherly, Dick McCarlhy, Richard Slewarl, Belly Doherly. Second Row: Bob Toohey, S. L. Vick, Jusline Curlis, Mar- gareie Hession, Joyce Perkins, Joan Kennedy, Palher Ed Cralin. Third Row: Richard Sirong, Ricardo Vasquez, James Mar- fella, Cerald Morgan, Mike Bennell, Johnnie Marlello. 132 The Newman Club was founded ar MSC in IQ46, and since Thai lime il has done much Towards crealing a higher degree oi fellowship among The Calholic sludenls on our campus. The Newman Club meers semi-monrhlyi once a monlh The meeling consisls of a discussion by The sponsor, Rev. Edward l.. Craliix. During The currenl year, The Newman Club al- lended a convenlion in Memphis ol all Jrhe New- man Clubs rhroughour The counlry The ohficers are: Richard McCar+hy, President Joan Kennedy, Vice-President Joyce Perkins, Secrelaryi and Shirley Vick, Treasurer. - Wesley foundation Wesley Eoundalion is lhe organized unil ol Melhodisls on lhe campus. lls meelings are held weekly on lhe second lloor ol lhe Science Building in lhe "Upper Room." This year, under lhe leadership ol Dolly Earle Kirlcpalrick and Mrs. lvah Wilber, Soulhern's Wesley Eoundalion has gone lar in reaching ils ullimale goals ol lellowship, deeper underslanding ol lhe Chrislian Eailh, and proclamalion ol lhe gospel ol Jesus Chrisl. Mem- bers ol lhe Wesley Eoundalion publish a newspaper, The Wesleyan Spiril, once a weelc. lls edilors, Mary Elaine l-lolliday and Gloria Biehl, have accomplished much in publicizing Wesley's ellorls lo creale a delinile leeling ol deep lellowship among ils members and among Soulhern's enlire sludenl body. The ollicers are Dolly Earle Kirpalriclc, Presidenl, Charles Dale, Vice Presidenl, Mary Frances Pool, Secre- lary-Treasurer, Glenn Wilkerson and Hermes l-lague, Slu- denl Council Represenlalives: Zane Skellon, Reporlerg and Mrs. lvah Wilber, Direclor. MEMBERS Firsl Row, Lell lo Righl: Ernesl Campbell, lrene Slennell, Gerlrucle Gillord, Gloria Biehl, Virginia Davis, Marylyn Newsom, Mrs. Leon Wilbur. Second Row: Nila Mollell, Mary Poole, Pauline Lamberl, Mallie Sue Gordon, John Dale, Mary Jean Crews, Charla Holliday, Charles Dale. Third Row: l-lermes l-lague, Dolly Earl Kirlcpalriclc, lna Womack, Penny Slewarl, Monila Prine, Mary Elaine l-lolli- day, Glen Wilkerson, l 133 l young vvomen's auxiliary MEMBERS Firsi- Row, LePr ro Righiz l-luldah Lealce, Eva Nell Piclcle, Frances Price, Amelia Greaeser, Fay Ford. Second Row: Marlha Ann Fancher, Mary Alice Fancher, Marlha Frances Cleveland, Emily Milrchelll Grace Kersh, Beiiy McDannieal, Claudine Rawls, Lula Dell Fancher. Third Row: Ray McGee, Belly Cosion, Joyce Saxon, Billy Murray, Jimmie Wilson, Riia Dablos. 134 The Young Women's Auxiliary is primarily inreresled in promoring an inreresi among young women of college age in The church and ils works. Through programs and oiher ourside proiecls of inleresr, The auxiliary Trains irs rnemloers in The organized evangelical work of The church. The officers are: Frances Price, Presidenlg Eva Nell Pickle, Vice-President l-luldah Lealce, Secre- rary and Treasurer: Emily Milchell, Program Chairmanq Billy Jane Sholis, Pianist Beilry Lou Smirh, Chorisrerg and Mrs. F. V. Bridges, Sponsor. U Wff mi111ster The MinisTerial AsociaTion is composed oT Those men on The campus who are already minis- Ters and Those who are sTudyinq Tor The minisTry. The AssociaTion is open To men oT all denomina- Tionsg They Tind in iT an acTiye Tellowship and a source oT inspiraTion. The purpose oT The lVlinisTerial AssociaTion is To permiT The discussion oT various problems ThaT arise and To be oT help in TurThering ChrisTian liTe on The SouThern campus. The oTTicers oT The MinisTerial PxssociaTion are: J. K. l-legwood, PresidenTg W. E. AinsworTh, Vice- PresidenTq and Sale Lilly, SecreTary. 1Cl1 Club MEMBERS FirsT Row, LeTT To RighT: Charles McClelland, William l-larrison, Ray Radden, Roy Radden, T-lenry lvlorren, Sale Lilly. Seconczl Row: Caswell Skinner, Charles Bugg, l-l. T, Land- rum, J. li. l-legwood, Douglas l-larper. Third Row: Oscar PeTTy, R. N. Barlow, G. I-I, Freeman, Denson Napier, Paul l-larris, George Thompson. l 135 'Shi TK ff? vcr Westminster fellowship MEMBERS Firsf Row, Leff fo Righf: Carolyn Beckman, Norma Shedd l-lenry lvlorren, lvlarfha lvlayfield, Dr. R. C. Cook. Second Row: lda Kafe Smifh, Nancy Smifh, Sally Russ Florence lvlansell, Rey. R. D, Lifflefon. Third Row: Carolyn Whife, Julia lvlcl-lann, Beverly lvlosely, Alex Currie, Jr. Fourfh Row: John Russ, Doug Flarper, Dr. lvloore, Jen Chi Chang, Edward Lee, Frnesf Johnson, 136 The Wesfminsfer Fellowship is fhe campus organizafion of fhe Soufhern Presbyferian Church and is a member of fhe sfafe Wesfminsfer Fellow- ship Crganizafion. The purpose of fhe organizafion is fo bring fogefher in fellowship all Rresbyferian sfudenfs and fhose inferesfed in fhe Presbyferian Church. lf also aids in bringing Chrisfianify info fhe life and ideals of fhe campus. Officers of fhe organizafion are Norma Shedd, Rresidenfp Edward Morreri, Vice-Rresi- denfg lvlarfha Mayfield, Secrefary and Treasurer: and Ida Snnifh, Sfudenf Council Represenfafive. future teachers of america The George G. l-lursT ChapTer oT The EuTure Teachers oT America, which was organized in I947, is a naTional organizaTion which gives The sTudenT a parT in The sTaTe and naTional proTessional organizaTions which largely deTerrnine eclucaTional policy. Some OT The speakers Tor The programs This year were Dr. PaTTie S. Dowell, Dr. Charles E. Elkema, ancl Mr. Jen- Chi Chang. Mr. J. M. Tubb, STaTe SuperinTendenT oT EducaTion was The chapel speaker when The E. T. A. was in charge oT The program. Members oT The E. T. A. plan To go To Jackson during The Mississippi EducaTion AssociaTional MeeTing in March oT This year, A banqueT was held on May 4 Tor The observance oT l-lorace Mann's leducaTorl birThclay. The oTTicers oT The EuTure Teachers oT America are. Eva Nell Pickle, PresiolenTg Emily MiTchell, Vice-PresidenTg Erne,sTine Ford, SecreTaryq Mary Jean Crews' Treasurerg Billie Jane ShoTTs, ReporTerg Charles Clark and Sibyl l-larris, CirculaTion Managersg Dr, N. L, Lanclskow anal Dr, PaTTie S. Dowell, Sponsors: and MarTha Anne Eancher, 5TudenT Council RepresenTaTive, MEMBERS FirsT Row, l.eTT To RighT: Mabel Meaolows, Emily MiTchell, Mary Jean Crews, Eva Nell Pickle, l-lerberT BuTTs, Earnes- Tine Eord, Billy Jane ShoTTs, DelberT Copelancl, MarTha Ann Eancher. Second Row: Ruby Dell DenTon, Dr. Dowell, Lula Dell Eancher, BeTTy AinsworTh, Mary Elaine l-lolliclay, Myrna Reynolols, Carolyn EorTenberry, Donalcl l-lawkins, Dr. Bigelow, Jen-Chi Chang. Third Row: Dr. Lanclskov, William Downs, Troy T'lilTon, Troy Bush, Tillman l.. MarTin, Jack Lane, Bernice Hum- phries, Oscar Vlfilkerson. l 137 - a...... .... . ,. , .,., ..,,-...------.- .15----n ---f-A-N M - . .- "' ...f'2'f'f'rv-rfzffevvfh -o-..-H.a...s.s.-.4.....-.-3.:.:-:...5.:.:.' ' ' '-' :-g --2 ,-, ,., , f. - e - elementary council MEMBERS FirsT Row, l.eTT To RighT: RiTa Dabbs, Frances Price, Miss Emily Jones, Jean Bradshaw, Mrs. W. T. Fairly. Second Row: Claudine Rawls, Clara King, Pauline Owen, Maybelle Meadows, Virginia Davis, DOT lshee. Third Row: Ann STevens, JeaneTTe GranTham, Mary Poole, EdiTh Rice. 138 The membership oT The ElemenTary Council is com- posed OT sTudenTs who are maioring in ElemenTary Educa- Tion. The general purposes oT The organizaTion are: To TurTher The cause oT ElemenTary EducaTion and To esTab- lish a closer bond oT Triendship among iTs members. The groups supplemenT The Training acquired Through The usual channels oT sTudy. OuTsTanding educaTors are broughT in Tor addresses, and a spiriT oT acTive inTeresT-in any new developmenT in any phase oT child welTare is TosTered. The organizaTion is one oT The Two in Mis- sissippi which are aTTiliaTed wiTh The NaTional AssociaTio'n oT Childhood EducaTion. The oTTicers oT The Council are RiTa Dabbs, PresidenTg l-luldah Lealce, Vice-PresidenT, Emma Jean Bradshaw, SecreTary7 Frances Price, Treasurer: Oni Fay MinTon, Social Chairman: Mrs, l-lelen Fairley, Program Chairman and Miss Emily Jones, Sponsor. 1 T T '12 re-le al club Under The leadership oT Dr. H. A. Shands and Dr. J. T. Davis, The Pre-legal Forum has enioyed iTs mosT ouT- sTanding year since The club was organized. Members Trom The Forum have claimed high honors in The various aspecTs oT college acTiviTies. The Forum gave one oT The ouTsTanding dances oT The year Tor The sTudenT body wiTh The "ModernisT" playing: and, aT The same Time, Lady WinTred Moore, an ouT- sTanding personaliTy Trom The Vieux Carre, presenTed The inTermission program. During The l-lome Coming acTiviTies, The Pre-legal TloaT, porTraying a courT room scene, was winner ol: The second prize. WiTh The inTense inTeresT already in The organizaTion, iT is evidenT ThaT The organizaTion will conTinue To grow and Thereby develop The TraTernal spiriT among The poTenTial lawyers oT Mississippi. The oTTicers are: Paul Grady, PresidenT: Lavon l-lollis, Vice PresidenTg Travis Myers, SecreTary: Jim VincenT, Treasurer, Bill Bailey, ReporTerg C. l-l, Dale, STudenT Coun- cil RepresenTaTive and D. W. l-lolmes, Jr., Chairman oT Ways and Means CommiTTee. MEMBERS FirsT Row, LeTT To RighT: Francis Guidry, Lavon l-lollis, Paul Grady, Reginald Gray, Dr, Shands, Jim VincenT, Travis Myers, Ben Briggs, D. W. l-lolmes. Second Row: Bill Bailey, A. C, Hollis, Orvis CumbesT, Bill Dulces, Jim Cochran, KenT STribling, Woodie CarpenTer, Bill NeTTerville. Third Row: Don NewTon, Bill McKinney, John Dale, Charles Dale, Malley Byrd, Jerome Drane, Rex Mcllaney. Fred Bowden, l-Tillman Taylor, David McClamroclc. 139 -45-fil l ZQEPL vs 5.1 alpha epsllon delta MEMBERS Firsl Row, Lell lo Righl: Dr. R. P. Priddy ol Millsaps: Roberl l-lerringlon, Jr.: Lena Cole: Dr, J, E. Walker: Dr. l-l. E. Sellerlield, Nalional Presidenl. Universily ol Ohio: Louise Vinson, Soulhern Secrelary: Erskine Sandy: Gor- don C, Black, Presiclenl ol Soulhern Chaplerg Palli Ann Pralher ol Millsaps: Mary Cowan ol Millsaps. Second Row: Weir Conner ol Millsaps, Spurgeon Eure, Raymond Ward, Rose Ann Roeslein, Annie Rulh Sills, Edilh Buckley, Miss Willie D, l-learsl, l-lonorary Member. Third Row: Marion Parker ol Millsaps, Dick Neil ol Mill- saps, Joseph l-lursl, Lee l-l. Walker, J. V, Ray, Dr, B. D. Blackwelder, l-lonorary Member, Mr. W. E. Sl. Clair, Honorary Member, l-lugh Barnes, Denzil Prince ol Mill- saps. Fourlh Row: Prank Boswell ol Millsaps, Rex l-lulsey, Donald Berry, Prenlice Walker, Tom Rhea Phillips, Shelley Phillips, G. E. Turner, Kennelh Farmer ol Millsaps, Dr. J. B. Price, Eacully Advisor lo Millsaps Chapler, Waller Berryhill ol Millsaps. Fillh Row: Lamar Gillespie, Ricardo Basguez, Lulher Lee, Mr. O. V. Auslin, l-lonorary Member, Norman G. Walker, Jr., Joseph Megehee, l-larry Jones, John Wolford ol Millsaps. 140 ln Seplember IQ46, a group ol sludenls, under lhe leadership ol Dr. J. E. Walker, organized lhe pre-medical Club wilh lhe purpose ol incouraging excellence in pre- medical scholarship, promoling co-operalion and conlacls belween medical and pre-medical sludenls and educalors in developing an adequale program ol pre-medical edu- calion, and binding logelher similarly inleresled sludenls. Laler lhe club pelilioned Alpha Epsilon Della, lhe Na- lional lnlonor Pre-Medical Sociely, and was nolilied in June IQ48 lhal il would become lhe Della Chapler ol lhe sociely. The Charler was presenled on Qclober 23, I948, al a banguel by Dr. l-l. E. Sellerlield, A.E.D, Na- lional Presidenl. Pres. R. C. Cook in his welcoming address proclaimed Oclober 231948, as a "red leller day" lor M.S.C., and lhe Alpha Epsilon Della became lhe lirsl Nalional l-lono- rary Sociely al M.S.C. gir1's health and VVomen's l-leallh and Physical Educalion Club is open lo all maiors and minors ol lhe l-leallh and Physical Educalion Deparlmenl. The aim ol lhe club is lo aid in lhe developing ol a beller underslanding ol lhe lield and lo creale an inleresl along lhese lines ol worlc. The club holds regular monlhly meelings wilh inler- esled relaled programs. The ollicers are: Nell Buclcley, Presidenlg l-lilda Bearden, Vice-Presidenlq lvlrs. Joyce Klulls, Peporlerq and lvlisses Walkins, l-lill, and Philpeclc, Sponsors. MEMBERS Firsl Row, Lell lo Pighl: lvliss Wallcins, l-lilda Bearden. Evelyn Kazar, Palsy Edwards, Joyce Klulz, Belly Coslon, Belly l-liclfman, Bonnie lvlyrle l-lerrin, lvlyrle Robinson. Second Row: Mamie Pillman, Belh Slewarl, lvliss Phil- beclc Lennie Pulh l-lollilield, Rila Dalops, Sonya Jordan, Nell Buclcley, Dol lvlilchell, Palsy Baker, .lean lvlclnlosh. Third Row: Eranlae Shows, Rosa Paschal, Eslher Craig, Calherine Carpenler, lvlary Poole, Evelyn Prescoll, Alice Byrd, Palsy Sandy, Kalhryn Godloold. physical education club l4l L. l l l home economics club MEMBERS Firsl Row, Lell lo Righl: Mary Kalherine Reeves, Arlene May, Miss Pearl Campbell, Pal Pope, Roberla Houslon, Lelha Krohn, Kalherine Runnels, Cecille Smilh' Nobie Rulh Warren, Lula Dell Fancher, Belh Slewarl. Second Row: Marlha Saucier, Marlha Ann Fancher, Con- nie Bower, Cecille Linlon, Kalhryn Dunn, Mallie Sue Gor- don, Gloria Biehl, Bernice Marlin, Kalhryn Palridge, Grace Laird, Frances Robinson, Mary Frances Carpenler, Miss Amelia Thompson. Third Row: Miss Berlha Frilzsche, Annie Rulh Sills, Grace Kersh, Erma Ballle, Louise Burns, Elizabelh Dallas, Julia Mcl-lann, Billie Roberls, Jeannelle Leggell, Sally Bodman, Belly Ainsworlh, Nina Kendrich, Miss Fannie Ownings, Mrs, Allra Gill, Joy Magee. Fourlh Row: Belly Dulres, Fannie Young, Virginia Rawls, Charline Robbins, Charla Shows, Mrs. Smilh, Charlolle Myers, Dollie Earl Kirlcpalriclc, Nancy Srnilh, Jean Mc- lnlosh, Ida Kale Smilh, Akwood. 142 The l-lome Economics Club, having been or- ganized in I926, is one ol lhe oldesl organizalions on lhe Mississippi Soulhern Campus. All home economics maiors or sludenls who lalce courses in home economics are eligible lor membership. The purpose ol lhe club is lo slimulale inleresl in lhe lield ol homemalcing and lo promole a leeling ol prolessional unily. lThe yearboolc given lo each member in lhe lall announces lhe pre-planned monlhly programs 'lor lhe coming year.l The l-lome Economics Club is allilialed wilh lhe American l-lome Economics Associalion and lhe Mississippi l-lome Economics Associalion. Willie Grace l-lorn lrom lhe local club served as Slale Presidenl ol lhe sludenl club seclion ol lhe M. l-l. E. A. lhis year, and Miss Pearl Camp- bell served as slale sludenl club advisor. A modern language club The Foreign Language Club is vilally concern- ed wilh promoling an inleresl in languages and in loreign counrries, Their cusloms, arls, and ways ol lile. To obrain This purpose, many inleresled relaled programs have been presenled during rhe currenl year, among lhese were a ralk on Mexican arl by Mr. Lolc, movies on France and Canada, and Talks by sludenls who have visiled places of inleresr. The club meels rwice a monlh and lalces as one ol ils oulside proiecls The Pan-American Day on which Jrhe members presenr a program in chapel. The officers are: Annie Rulh Ervin, Presidenlg l-larry Taylor, Vice-Presidenl: 'da Pearl Aplin, Secrelaryf Robin Longre, Sludenr Governmenl Represenlaliveq and Edilh Smilh, Program Chair- man. MEMBERS Firsl' Row: Leif lo Pighl: Percy Jinl4a, Melissa Porler, Robin Longre, Maruia Ruiz, Lucilla Arboleda, Beniamin Alba, Ann Davis, Nancy l-linds, Dora Buslamanle, lda Pearl Aplin, Argemiro Alba. Secon-al Row: Jorge Camepa, Miss Jaclcson, Violela Cor- dova, Gloria Biehl, Ernesr Slrong, Barbara Bond, Annie Purh Erwin, Monly Lowry, Penny Slewarl, lgnaco Velas- quez, Belsy Prescoll, Mr. Nydegger. Third Row: John Merani, Edilh Smilh, Pabiola Picalde, Louis Fergerson, Tillman Marlin, Alexander Abercrombie, George Thompson, John Boozer. fi? f swf-I H .32-Q29 honorary commerce society MEMBERS Firs'r Row, Leil lo Righrz Willie Pugh, Myrna Reynolds, l-lesler Rhodes, W, B, l-larlan, Bill Smilh, Aubrey Swan, l.. J. Collins. Second Row: Calherine Hyarl, Nevie Elhridge, Wally Ailrens, Eva Nell Piclcle, Marlin Clapp, Cecil l-larper. Third Row: lshmael l-lyall, Lovell Morris, Hayward Ander- son, Eugene Dearman. 144 The purposes of lhe l-lonorary Commerce Sociery are lo promole inleresl in The business and professional world and in lhe sludy of commercial subiecls, lo encourage a social spiril by orclering opporiunilies for wholesome social conlacr, and lo become familiar wilh modern progressive business melhods and syslems, endeavoring by such means lo raise and mainlain a higher slandard of lraining for business. Programs ol educalion films and oulslanding spealcers on various subiecls have been seen and heard by 'lhis group. Membership inlo The Sociely is limiled lo iuniors and seniors and is based on lheir scholaslic record. The olllicers are: Bill Smirh, Presidenlg Aubrey Swan, Vice Presidenl, Myrna Reynolds, Secrelaryg Willie Pugh, Treasurer: l-lesler Rhodes, Reporler and Joe Collins, Sludenr Council Represenlalive. f 'Fi 2 alpha epsilon alpha Alpha Epsilon Alpha was organized on January 26, l948, lo acl as a medium belween Cerliiied Public Ac- counls, lnslruclors and Sludenls who are inleresled in lhe sludy or profession of accounlancy. Membership consisls ol sludenls maiorng in accounling whose average grade in accounling is "B" or more and whose general average in all subiecls is "B" or more. Candidales are re- quired lo pass a lour hour wrirlen examinalion. This year's oulslanding acliviles include assisling in The crealion of lhe Slale and The Halliesburg Chapler ol lhe Auxiliary of The Mississippi Sociely oi CPA's and acling as hosi io lhe Mississippi Sociely of CPA',s and ils auxi- liary al lheir annual spring meeling, May I3 and I4, al Mississippi Soulhern College. The officers are:Warren B. Nalion, Presidenl: Clinlon l-l. Carpenler, Presidenlp Clinlon l'l. Carpenler, Vice Presi- denlg Joseph W. Aikens, Vice Presidenlp Julian l.. Clark, Secrelary-Treasurerg Warren B. Nalions, Secrelaryflreas- urerp Roberl W. l-lesson, Reporlerg T. Lavelle Weeks, Re- porler and Sam B, Tidwell, Sponsor. MEMBERS Firsl' Row, Leif lo Righl: Mr. O. D. Emerson, C. P. A.: Reginald Gray, Warren Nalion, Roberlr W, hlarllord, Presidenl ol lhe Mississippi Sociely of Cerliiied Public Accounianlsp Louis A. Miazza, Secrelary oi Mississippi Siale Board of Public Accounianlsg Dr. McLemore, J. S. Albrillon, C. P. A., Mr. Dawson. Second Row: Mr. Tidwell, l. D. l-lall, Jack Erly, Joe Aikens, Julian Clark, Joe Collins, Clinlon Carpenler, Willei Pugh, l-loward Jackson. Third Row: Thomas Triggs, Roberl l-lesson, A, K, Kelly, Marlin Clapp, Lavelle Weeks, W. D. Nobliil, Knox Mc- Nair, l-larry Ross, George lshee. , i the debate club MEMBERS l.eTT To righT: Bob CawThorn, Don NewTon, FiTz- hugh Dabney, Malley Byrd. 146 The primary purpose oT The DebaTe Club is The developmenT oT The logic oT persuasion and oT individual abiliTy in Thinking and speaking beTore audiences. This year The organizaTion parTicipaTed in The UniversiTy oT Alabama Dis- cussion TournamenTg The UniversiTy oT Mississippi YouTh Congress: The Azelia DebaTe TournamenT and oTher inTer-collegiaTe debaTing conTesTs. Several members oT The debaTe club are mem- bers oT Pi Kappa DelTa l-lonorary Forensic SocieTy, a naTional debaTing TraTerniTy. The subiecT Tor debaTe Tor The year was "Federal Aid To EducaTion." The DebaTe Club is under The supervision oT Dr. W. W. STouT. The oTTicers are: Donald Newlon, PresidenTg Bill Bailey, SecreTary and Treasurer: RoberT Caw- Thorn, ReporTer1 and Malley Byrd, ParliamenTari- rin. ...ii 'mm' international The International Relations Club tunctions to activite an interest in social studies. The pro- grams are planned to bring about an understand- ing ot national and international problems and happenings which are ot importance. During the current year, the club has had as its guests, Dr. Shoel, a noted authority on Europe, and Dr. Eyre, an authority on Far Eastern happenings. Other interesting programs have been conducted by students and taculty members. The otticers are: David McClamroclc, Presi- dent: Carl Little, Vice-President and Program Chairman, Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Secretary: James R. Williams, Treasurer: A. C. l-lollis, Student Council Representative: and Dr, L. A. Wilber, Sponsor. Z ik 2-'2 2 'r'f rf? ,, nog .,:, Q "" A W5 my 3 W - """"m f 2. yy ' ff vplflf. lk 3' , fy Ek M X ,Ziff 'I Q' 9 " x 1? C A fa. relations club MEMBERS First Row: Lett to Right: David McClamrocl4, l-lenry Turner, Edith Smith, Earl Little, James Williams. Second Row: Charles l-tendon, Bill McKinney, Herbert Butts, Paul Grady, A. C. l-lollis. 147 l m f.,f'7 ,glf or IIIC1 MEMBERS Firs'r R-zuiw, Leif To Righlz Nell Sarror, Louis Webb, Waller Riley, lfva Nell Piclcle, Mr. Phillips, Addie Coleman. Seconczl Row: James Parlcer, Mrs. Poole, Monly Lowry, Donald Bruce, Roberl Wesl, Miss Felder. Third llow: George Srewarl, R. D. Buller, Chris Mixon. Edward Logan, Wrighl Cross, Mr. Leone, Mr. Jones. Fourfh Row: Carlos Wrighl, Paul Graham, Marcus Con- nor, Oscar Wilkerson. 11 The Malh Club was organized al M. S. C. in Oclober IQ47. ll was formed lor Jrhe purpose of slimulaling inleresl in The field ol malhemalics. All sludenls maioring in malhemalics or who lalce courses in malhemalics are eligible for member- ship. The sponsors are The Teachers in The Malhemalics Deparlmenlz Mr. Orval Phillips: Mr. John Jones, Jr.: Miss Virginia Felderg Mr. l-larold Leone: and Dr. 0. B. Ader. The officers ol The Malh Club are: Waller Ralclill, President Eva Nell Pickle, Vice-Presi- denrp Joseph l-lill, Secrelaryg Cscar Wilkerson, Treasurer: William Marlin, Reporlerg and Lewis Webb, Sludenl Council Represenlalive. p1 om Pi Omega Pi is a Nafional Business Educafional Frafernify open fo people who infend fo become Commercial feachers. The purposes of fhe frafernify are fo encour- age and recognize scholarship in fhe field of com- mercial educafion: fo promofe, creafe inferesf in Business Educafionq fo encourage and fosfer high efhical sfandards in business and professional life: fo creafe a fellowship among Commerce feachersg and feach rhe ideals of service and leadership as fhe basis of all worlhy enferprise. Officers of Pi Omega Pi are: Joan Kennedy, Presidenfq Mary Alice Fancher, Vice-Presidenf: Joyce Saxon, Treasurer: Ann Phillips, Secrefaryg Myrna Reynolds, l-lisforiang and W. B. l-larlan, Sponsor. ego 1 Seafed: Miss Pieraff, Ann Phillips, Bobbie Sigresf Myrna Reynolds. Joan Kennedy, Dale Wilkerson Jean King, Joyce Saxon, Miss Rawlings. Sfanding C. C. Dawson, l-lesfer Rhodes, VV. B. Harlan. Q, .Q-..,4-... l E MEMBERS Firsi Row, Lell 'ro Righl: Dr. Vinnedge, Don Newlon, Dr. Wallcer, Doug l-larper, Dr, Lowry, Bill Smilh, Ben Briggs, Dr. lvlcl.emore. Second Row: Bill Bailey, Gordon Blaclc, l-larry Taylor, Rex McRaney, Roberl O, Smilh, Bill McKinney, Jerome Drane. Third Row: Malley Byrd, Charles Dale, George Slevens Marlc Grimes, Bill Dulces, Bill Moore, Warren Nalion, Bobby Kingsberry. Fourlh Row: l.avelle Weelcs, A. J. Mangum, Aubrey John- son, Paul Grady, John Dale. ISO i tclu Pi Tau was organized on The Mississippi Soulh- ern Campus in l942 and reaclivaled in l94-8. ll is an honorary lralernily composed ol young men who are oulslanding in all lields ol college lile, such as scholaslic achievemenl, alhlelics and leadership. Among olher oulslanding achievemenls made by Jrhe members ol lhis lralernily, nine of lhem made Who's Who in American Universilies and Colleges. The lralernily is sponsored by lour of 'rhe aclive members, who are also on lhe facully, Dr. R. G. l.owrey, Dr. R. A. Mcl.emore, Dr. J. F. Wallcer, Dr. l-l. B. Vinnedge, Dr. l-l. A. Shands. The oiflicers are: Douglas l-larper, Presidenlq Paul Grady, Vice-Presidenl: John Dale, Secre- laryg Ben Briggs, Treasurer: l-larry Taylor, l-lislori- an: and Lavell Weelcs, Sludenl Council Repres- enlalive. ...H X have - Qs is, it ' l s Y ' 1 5. in vvomen's athletic association The Women's Athletic Association was or- ganized on our campus during the tall ot I9-48. Members ot the W.A.A. take a great deal ot interest in various athletic activities on the campus, such as intramurals, extramurals, and Career day. The otticers are: Patsy Baker, President: Mary Poole, Vice-President: Joyce Klutz, Secretary and Treasurer: Angleine Watkins and Ellen Phil- beck, Sponsors. MEMBERS First Row, Lett to Right: Miss Watkins, l-lilda Bearden. Evelyn Kazar, Patsy Edwards, Joyce Klutz, Betty Coston, Betty l-lickman, Bonnie Myrle Herrin, Myrle Robinson. Second Row: Mamie Pittman, Beth Stewart, Miss Philbeck, Lennie Ruth Hollitield, Rita Dabbs, Sonya Jordan, Nell Buckley, Dot Mitchell, Patsy Baker, Jean Mclntosh. Third Row: Frankie Shows, Rosa Paschal, Esther Craig. Catherine Carpenter, Mary Poole, Evelyn Prescott, Alice Byrd, Patsy Sandy, Kathryn Ciodlaold. 151 l l i l l l l l l i .N ...--....m . alpha della mu y MEMBERS Firsl Row, l.ell lo Righl: Dr. Forlune, Jose Sarg, James Riley, David McClamroclc, Jerome Drane. Second Row: Bob Cawlhorn, Travis Myers, Ray Weems, James Moclc. Eddie Boehm, Malley Byrd. Third Row: Thomas Lee, Cecil G. Shrader, Bill llce-rd, Dan Sullivan, John Curley. Alpha Della Mu was lormed in IQ47 as a local social lralernily. ll is a small, bul selecl group which promoles scholarship and lellowship. Members are accepled on individual meril, ir- respeclive ol creed, and lhe organizalion is lree ol dogma. Alpha Della Mu Fralernily proposed and was inslrumenlal in lorming lhe lnler-Fralernily Council. ll has lhe highesl scholaslic raling ol any social lralernily on lhe campus. ll has receiv- ed bids lrom live nalional lralerriilies, bul is nol yel allilialed wilh any nalional organizalion. ln lhe recenl l-lomecoming Parade, Alpha Della Mu sponsored a Sadie l-lawlcins Day lloal which received honorable menlion. Sponsors are Dr. Forlune, Dr. Walker and Mr. Jones. Colors are Green and While. The llower is lhe Magnolia. greeks in the news PAN-HELLENIC AND INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCILS Sealed: Dr. Lowrey, Annie Rufh Ervin, Maureen Roberis, Be'Hy Read, Kafherine Runnels, Sally Bodman, Sonny Baslcin. Slanding: Tom Bass, Bill Bailey, Ralph Milloy, Cecil Shracler, Dan Sullivan, Aubrey Johnson, Wooclie Cook, Bill Moore, Bill Smiih. 9 Q' ., 7 X MQ Z 3,01-i,e'ZgS'f . 'Q' -1 K e A l - i I mu omega 4X ss N"-mw - N 1-'v-uv., 3,5 - c.,,w--?egm.,Ng'U A - x ' , snvxr, wc. First Row, Left to Righi: Nevie Eihridge, Beffy Read, Sonya Jordan. Standing: Rosemary Thaxion, Befty Lucas. OFFICERS Belly Read slands in fronl of Mu Omega, and Pa+sy BETTY READ , , A Presrdenf Baker follows as Vice President Nevie Elhridge holds 'rhe PATSY BAKER . . . .Vice-Presidenl office of Secrelary and Treasurer, Rose Mary Thaxlon is NEVIE ETHRIDGE . , , , , , 45eCre+ary.Tfea5Uf9,- Reporler, and Sonya Jordon is Sludenl' Council Repre- SONYA JORDAN , , . . Sludenl Council Represenlalive senlalive. RQSEMARY THAXTQN 4 ,,.,, ,,,, R eporfef Mu Omega had ils slarl in l937, when if was organized Mu Omegas can read. l'II raise you Ten. 51 A 1 gn igggg i H 'F-W-f f J 'Q w r?" i l l Ql.A4 'rl' l 1 l i 'gf Q by a group ol lhirleen girls. ll received ils name lrom lhe Reverend John Sells, lhen paslor ol lhe Courl Slreel Melhodisl Church. The sororily has been on lhe campus lor lhirleen years and is second only lo lhe oldesl. The pasl summer lhe sororily conlinued lo lunclion wilh bridge-supper parlies al lhe Pan-l-lellenic l-louse. ll had rallle-dances and enlerlained il alumnae wilh a colce- parly. The palronesses ol lhe sororily have also enler- lained al lheir homes in honor ol lhe girls. Mu Omega has always lalcen an aclive parl in parades and all school lunclions. Sponsors ol lhe sororily are Miss Ellen Philbeclc and Miss Jane Magruder. 'E' 'S ll.. X 4 sf :rs ef' U K' . -vs 'Cliff' , ,",'u A X . A 17" T, -1, MEMBERS Firsl Row, Lell lo Righl: Mrs. Orville Thomas, Sonya Jor dan, Belly Read, Nevie Elhridge, Miss Magruder. Second Row: Belly Lucas, Bebe Mozingo, Beclcy McCloud Annie Lou Sylces, Belly Baylis. Third Row: Ann Magee, Garnell Grillin, Jane Spence Carolyn Wesl, Ann Kelly. mu omega I alpha sigma alpha l OFFICERS MAUREEN ROBERTS A....... VERNA STEWART . STELLA CLOY , Alpha Sigs . . Presiclenl Vice-Presldenl . . Treasurer wailing for men. As leacler ol Alpha Sig There IS Maureen Rob- erTS wilh Verna Slewarl ably asslshng her. Jean JEAN PATCH ...4T.. . .S + . . we Gly Palch IS SecreTary, Slella Clay IS Treasurer, Emma EMMA JEAN BRANDSHAW . . TCTTETplf,Tn BETSY PRESCOTT .... , .RQQTSTTGT I . ppggy LTQHNQN A I , ,gdgmf Jean Bradshaw as Chaplain, Belsv Prescoll as Coffee and poslers. Pep 'rallc from Miss Cogclell. 7ll'! 3l 2-3' v ju Q 'QNX X4 +34 if' J . 1,51 T l T T l T T T T T l l 5 1 ll T l l l l Regisler, and Peggy Johnson acls as Edilor. Alpha Sig was lounded in Farmville, Virginia. lr began ils career al Soulhern In IQ38. Since coming lo lhe Campus, Jrhe sororily has proved very aclive and has sponsored many aclivilies. The Alpha Sigs are looking forward lo The Nalional Convenrion lo be held in Delroil, Michi- gan, lhis year and are making big plans 'ro go lo The big cily. Sponsors of lhe sororily are Miss Mary Cog- dell and Miss Johnsie Kell. Firsl Row, Leif lo Righl: Peggy Johnson, Emma Jean Brad shaw, Maureen Robinson, Verna Slewarl, Jean Palch. Second Row: Clidell l-lancoclc, Slella Cloy, Miss Cogdell Charla l-lolliday, Maryln Cox, Miss Kell, Belsy Prescoll, Dorolhy Lewis. cllphcl sigma cllphcl C7 """"1""'1""-if 'Q Treasurer Hisforian . Edifor senfaflve Chaplain T Annie Rulh Erwin is head boss ol Della Sig and has Rila Dabbs lo help her craclr lhe whip. Dol Kessler and Monila Prine as well as Belly Sue Breland hold ollices ol Corresponding, Recording and Alumnae Secrelaries. Joan Kennedy handles lhe money, while Dol Turner acls as Hislorian. Rulh Ann Buller is lhe Edilor and Ann Phillips is Sludenl Council Represenlalive. As Chaplain lhere is Oni Faye Minlon, and Mary Ellen Pellis is Sergeanl-al-Arms. Long years ago on Seplember 23, I9l4, Alpha Chapler ol Della Sig was born al Miami Universily, Oxford, Ohio. The lirsl lhirly years showed lorly chaplers in leading colleges lhroughoul lhe Uniled Slales. The pasl year has seen one gala affair aller lhe olher. This summer lhe Dixie Conclave was held al Biloxi, Mississippi,-and Soulhern's chapler was hosless lo approximalely 300 girls lrom all over lhe counlry. Moonlighl cruises, seafood iambories, banquels, dancing, and swimming were enjoyed. Sevenleen lrom Soulhern's Alpha Kappa chapler were presenl lor lhe conclave. Rush week broughl many new pledges bolh lo work and enler- lain. This means lols ol aclivilies such as hayrides, progressive and spagelli suppers, coke parlies and collee hours. Della Sigs were also hoslesses al a supper lor a sisler chapler lrom Soulh- easlern Louisiana lhis pasl lall. The Della Sigs proudly boasl ol having lhis years Miss M.S.C.. Mary Elaine Holliday, as a member ol lheir sororily. Co-Sponsors of lhe sororily are Mrs. Mary Jo Magee and Mrs. W. W, Sloul. A R27 ,gy , W V7 Firsl Row, Lell lo Righl: Joan Kennedy, Belly Doherly, Rila Dabbs, Annie Rulh Erwin, Monila Prine, Ona Faye Minlon. Second Row: Mrs. Magee, Dol Turner, Carolyn Eorlen- berry, Rulh Ann Buller, Dol Kessler, Belly Jo Davis, Mrs. Sloul. Third Row: Frances Buckley, Ann Phillips, Mary Ellen Pellis, Jo Ann Davis, Virginia Barnes, Belly Sue Breland, delta sigma epsilon sigmcl sigma sigma ,- Seafed: Marfha Saucier, Robin Longre, Melissa Pcffer. Sfandings Sally Bodrnars, Naneife Walker. OFFICERS NANETTE WALKER . , . . Presidenf ROBIN LONGRE . . ,Corresponding Se-crefary SALLY BODMAN , . .Vice4PresEden+ MELISSA POTTER . . . .Treasurer MARTHA SAUCIER , . .Recording Secrefary JEAN SMITH . . .Piedqe Cap+ain Tri Sigs read, foo. Tri Sig Faye in snow and fur. 5.' 'Wt' ' '57 v 4 -1 1 T 4 ' 4 " A , . I ': 41 ' 'n s?iuNuu:'I .b,XAIAI1IlI4IA15!- Naneiie Walker is Jrhe leading lady ol Tri Sig wilh Sally Bodman helping. Marlha Saucier is Recording Secrelary, Robin Longre is Corresponding Secrelary, Mellisa Porler Jralces care of +he funds and Jane Smilh handles lhe pledges. Tri Sig had Hs slrarl on April 20, I898, in Farmville, Virginia. The Alpha Sgma Chapler came lo our campus on May 14, 1937, The Nalional lnspecror of Tri Sig visiled lhe local chap- ler This year and was enlerlained loy many lunches and suppers in her honor. The Tri Sig Backward Dance is an annual arlair and is enjoyed wilh much enlhusiasm every year. Rose Fred- ricl4s, one ol Jrhe Tri Sig's many beau'rie,s, was chosen as Sigma Zera Sweelhearl al ils annual Sweelhearr Dance. Sponsors lor Jrhe sororiry are Mrs. L. A. Wilber and Miss Jean Eason. Firsl' Row, Leif 'fo Righlz Faye Pierce, Jean Smilh, Melissa Poller, Nanellre Walker, Sally Bodman, Robin Longre. Second Row: Mrs. Wilber, l-lelen Hall, Nell Henderson, Helen McBe+h, Jackie Rogers, Joyce Crawford, Jeanelrle Leggell, Jean Eason. Third Row: Charlene Redding, Marian Meelc, Edilh Smilh, Alelha Ann King, Barbara Fussell, Rose Federiclc. sigma sigma sigma sigma theta kappa .-5. 1' Left fo Righiz Shirley Monfgomery, Befiy Hickman, Lynell Corley, Bobbye Magee, Kafherine Runnels. OFFICERS KATHERINE RUNNELS . . . .Presidenr SHIRLEY MONTGOMERY . . , .Treasurer KATHERINE ODOM . . .Vice-Presidenf LYNELLE CORLEY . . .Repoder TOIVIMIE POPE . .......... Secrefary BOBBYE MAGEE ..... . .Pledge Capfain MARGUERITE WELBORN .... SIudenI Council Represenfarive S. T. K. float S. T. K. officers pIaying "Mirror, mirror". "lone-4 I A-I '- 1: KaTherine Runnels leads The S.T.K's and has KaTherine Odom Tor a helper. Tommie Pope is SecreTary and Shir- ley MonTgomery is Treasurer. Lynelle Corley acTs as Re- porTer and Bobbye Magee is boss oT The pledges. Mar- gueriTe Welborn siTs in on The STudenT Council as Repre- senTaTive. Sigma The+a Kappa was organized loy eighT girls on November 23,I935. Being The TirsT sororiTy To pop up aT SouThern, iT is composed oT girls wiTh high ideals and sTandards. The pasT year has shown various parTies, such as Teas and weiner roasTs. Rush season broughT Them sevenTeen new pledges. ATTer The iniTiaTion oT all pledges, The S.T.K.'s will malce Their annual Trip To The GulT CoasT or To New Orleans Tor a weelc-end oT Tun. Mrs. Anna RoberTs is Sponsor, and Miss Douglas Olsen is Co-Sponsor. Firsi' Row, l.eTT To RighT: Johneen Ingersoll, Beverly Simon, Shirley MonTgomery, KaTherine Runnels, Bobby Magee. Lynell Corly, Julia Mcl-lann. Second Row: Carolyn McRaney, RuTh Thompson, PaT Reddman, Ann Longcoy, Mary Nell Runyan, Billie Alread, BeTTy Jones, Daisy May Brown, Miss Olsen. Third Row: BeTTy l-liclcman, Mary Frances CarpenTer, CaTherine CarpenTer, Joyce Saxon, Joy FrosT, Virginia Runnels, Wanda l-lembre. sigma theta kappa kappa sigma SONNY BASKIN MARK GRIMES BILL SMITI-I . EDDIE SCHMELL BO ROCKWELI. NED DILLARD H. 6. TALBERT, rich Seated, Left fo Right: Bill Smifh, Sonny Baskin, Mark Grimes, Eddie Schmellinq. Standing: Bo RockweII, H, G. Talberf, Mr. Thomas, Sponsor Advisor, Ned Dillard. OFFICERS , , .,.,.. . , .presideni I . . Vice-Presideni , , . . . Se-creiary ING . . ..... Treasurer . . . . .... Sergeanf-ai-Arms . . ,....,..,... Reporier . V Siudenf CounciI Represeniaiive Born af I'raIy's Universiiy oi Bologna in I400, The Kappa Sigs Irace Iheir recenf ancesiry Io The Universiiy of Virginia Dec. IO, I8o9. Nineiy-nine years and 24 hours Iaier Ihe I I7Ih chapier inhaled IiIe's breaih on Ihe Souihern campus as Epsilon Nu, All day Thai Saiurday "Big Wigs" of rhe Naiional oriice and Ihe IocaI alumni Ride 'em Bill! Kappa Sigs and MarIr's wife, Louise. 'vgzlzr I aw ' own 'U A-'bs - fm.- I . X L chapTer helped Three iniTiaTion Teams change The "Ole SouThern Club's" TwenTy-Three members inTo Kappa Sigs. Sonny Baskin holds The scarleT, whiTe, and emerald reins, and Marcus lGrand ProcuraTorl Grimes weilds The "Lily oT The Valley" sTudded whip. Then There is This guy "Bo" Rockwell whose duTies as Grand MasTer oT Ceremonies are wholly undeTined, and Bill "The Man on The 48 Home- coming Paradeis FirsT Prize FloaT" SmiTh is Grand Pencil Pusher. Ed Schmelling's coTTee and cigareTTe money no doubT comes Trom The Grand Emloezzler's Cache. The dual weapon weilders Take The sTrucTural Torms oT Ned Dillard and Bill McCarThy. We'll only menTion The "Ole SouThern Clul:n's coasT Trip in The spring oT '48 and The TraT's '49 spring Tormal and Then go on To The lnTerTraTer- niTy Council PresidenT Baskin, ThaT's no ioke, son! FirsT Row, LeTT To RighT: Bill SmiTh, Eddie Schmelling. William Rockwell, Ned Dillard, lvlark Grimes, Sonny Bas- kin, Bill lvlcCarThy, lvlr. Orville Thomas, Don Nol3liTT. Second Row: Charles DoherTy, Billy Ray Ammons, Reggie Simms, Dick lvlcCarThy, Mickie BenneTT, Johnny Simms, PeTe Avery, Dock lv1arTin, Mason Shelby, Jim STarks. Third Row: W. D. NobliTT, PaT TaTum, Louis Ferguson, Jack l-lunT, John lvlcCarTy, Jan SlaTTery, Joe Barron, Billy Spruiell, Dan Lindsey. Four-Th Row: Warren NaTion, l-l. G. TalberT, l-larry McLe- more, Truell McKinney, l-luberT Cowand. kappa sigma c-Ov. kappa alpha RALPH MILLOY JOHN LITTLE JOE HURLBERT R. L. TONEY BILLY BEARD . -i And lhe bull freely flows. 9-'2..."' Firsl Row, Lefl lo Rlqhl: Tommy Ferrell, Johnny Liflle, Ralph Milloy, Billy Beard. Second Row: R. L. Toney, Jim Owens, Joe Hurlbert, Emerson Hall. OFFICERS . A .pfesadeni TOMMY FERRELL vice-Pfesidenf EDWARD HOSE . A . .Treasurer JIM OWENS , Pledge Manef EMERSON HALL , .Reporler BILLY BEARD . As l v , . . , . Corresponding Secrelary . . . , Recording Se-crelery . ,Serqeanl-affirms . . ,,... . ..,. l-lisforian , .Sludenl Council Represenlalive well as 'rhe chow. F l KA. was Tounded aT WashingTon College, LexingTon, Virginia in December oT I865. The K.A.'s appeared on The SouThern campus on November 7, I948, as Gamma ZeTa chapTer. ScaTTered ThroughouT The U. S. are 70 acTive chapTers who Tie Their bouqueTs oT Mississippi Magnolias and Red Roses wiTh ribbons oT Crimson and Gold. From whar we've been able To dig ouT oT The deep dark conTines, l-lead Man Ralph Milloy is BroTher No. I. From There we progress via John LiTTle No. 2, R. l.. lTudl Toney No. 3, and Tommy Ferrell No, 4. l:iTTh and sixTh posiTions are claimed by Edward l-lose and Joe l-lurlberT respecTively, while Will Beard poliTicl4ed himself inTo posi- Tions No. 7 and No. 9. lnbeTween bellows Jim Owens. FaculTy Advisors posT claims Dr. E. E. l-lall. The big wheels oT NaTional l-leadquarTers presenTed Their bless- ings wiTh The chapfer charTer one Sunday around The 9Th oT January amid shouTs and cheers Trom alumni and mem- bers Trom nearby chapTers. P.S.-True SouTherners aT hearT are These boys, suh! They claim RoberT E. Lee as The TraT's spiriTual adviser. "PuT someThing in The poT, boy!" FIRST ROW, l.eTT To RighT: Joe l-lurlberT, CurTis Rhyme R. l.. Toney, Johnny l.iTTle, Billy Beard, Roddy Woods Bubber Phillips. Second Row: Bob Kingsberry, Lindell Causey, Burl Miller, Jim Pace, Bob Jones, Gerald MarTin, Franlc Parnell Tommy Ferrell. Third Row: Ralph Mulloy, Bob Cameron, Milce Morrison, Reese Snell, Jim Owens, Wallie AlsTon, Emerson l-lall, ErnesT Limbaugh, Armand PrenTiss. kappa alpha 167 sigma zetci rr SeaTed: Mr. J. T. Palmer, Bill Moore, Ben Briggs, Lidcell WhiTe, Mr. E. Q. Campbell. Slandingz Tom Rhea Phillips, Woodie Cook, Bill Demoran, Aubrey Swan. CFFICERS SouThern's TirsT born OT The TraTerniTy Tamily enTered This Blu MOQRE - T -444-- r - - Pfeildefli cruel world in I'-737 as Kappa Phi Sigma. Blue and Gold WOODlE COOK . . .Vice-PresidenT AUBREY SWAN b b A I lsecrejrary sTandarcl unTurled in The breeze To The Tune OT Ze a 5 ' T LIDDELL WHITE . .... Treasurer Sigma in I94I, anoTher TirsT, This Time in The naTional edu- BEN BNGGS ' ' ' ' Palllamenlarlan caTional Tield. These boys have iTchy TeeT, and in l947, HARRY TAYLOR . . ............ Repoluler . . . BILL DEMQRAN l ' I I '5,rUden+ Council Represemame They became once more a local social TraTermTy wiTh The rom RHEA PHILLIPS , . ....,... Pledge Masrer iilrle of Sigma ZeTa. Summer Cosfume parTy. Merry ChrisTmas! . Mgj' 'YM' X As l-gi. ...hir All The breThren cry "Ugh" To The GreaT WhiTe l:aTher, Bill Moore, aT The weekly pow-wows. When Bill is aTTend- ing To more urgenT business, namely porTioning ouT STU- denT Council Tunds, Woodie Cook mans The presiding axe. Aubrey Swan keeps Track oT The pow-wows and helps Liddell WhiTe collecT sea shells To pay Tor The monTh- ly socials. Up comes The iron hand oT parliamenTarian Ben Briggs, and Harry "Tex" Taylor lYep! he's Trom Texasll handles The propaganda angles on The spring coasT Trips and The Annual SweeThearT Ball. OTher Than The posiTions named above, This TraT hasn'T made many misTakes. BuT Their claims To glory would Till volumes. FirsT Row, LeTT To RighT: Bill McKinney, Mr. J. T. Palmer. Aubrey Swan, Bill Demoran, Woodie Cook, Bill lvloore. Liddell WhiTe, Tom Rhea Phillips, Ben Briggs, Mr. E. Campbell, l-lulon Sommons. Second Row: l-l. L. Taylor, Sonny Brock, Jim Ford, l-loward l-loladay. LaVelle Weeks, Jim Cochran, Bob WaTkins, Van Allen Phillips, Ed Lingle, Billie lvlack lVlayTield, Jim Neeley. Jack ThriTT. Third Row: Fred Camp Wilson, Shelby Simmons, Charlie McClelland, Paul Lacy, George CraTT, Lyle Page, Jack O'Neill, Dewey Gibson, Gene Brown, Bill Reedy, John Simmons, Melvin Laird, sigma zetcl 169 phi kappa tclu 'Wie ALIBREY JOHNSON L. J. COLLINS . . J. W. BALL .,.. WALLACE AIKENS OTIS ATTEBERRY . , JOHN DALE . BOBBY SMITH . . B. A. SMITH , . J ff 1 ,Y OFFICERS ..,-9' Aubrey Johnson, B. A. Smilh, L. J, Collins, Wallace Aikens, . . . .Presiclenl . . . . .Vice-Presiclenl , Corresponding Secrelary . ..... Treasurer , . . . . Chaplain . . . Pledge Caplain . . Recording Secrelary . . . . , . , Reporler Eorly-lhree years aller lhe eslablishmenl ol Phi Kappa Tau al Miami Universily, Oxford, Ohio, Bela Epsilon Chapler bursl lorlh in a haze ol Gold and Harvard lWowll Red Io sellle on M.S.C.'s campus, on Oclober I7, l948. Phi Kappa Tau became lhe lirsl Nalional Social Eralernily in our midsl. This nalionalizalion ol lhe one-lime Bela Kappa Tau local lralernily seems Io have Happy Charler Day! And a swing and sway. ,X been greaTly due To The eTTorTs oT P.K.T. alumni, Dr. l-lewiTT B. Binnedge, and Mr. Sam Tidwell, who are also TaculTy advisers Tor This Team. WiTh Red CarnaTion in place, Audrey Johnson com- mands The Hungry Greeks and Joe Collins eagerly awaiTs his Turn aT The gavel, Bobby SmiTh records The goings-on and J. W. Ball Tells The oTher ol chapTers all abouT iT. Wallace Aikens sees To The conTribuTions while OTis ATTe- berry spiriTually guides paddler KenneTh Collins. Willie Pugh deTecTs likely prospecTs Tor Pledge CapTain John Dale. The "PrinTz" and oTher publicaTions are served wiTh iTems of inTeresT by "Chuck" SmiTh. One claim To glory is The Red CarnaTion Dance which we're promised will conTinue wiTh each year's acTiyiTies. "You goTTa pay aTTenTion, boy, +ha+ one slid righT pasT you!" ph FirsT Row, l.eTT To RighT: J. W. Ball, Bill Miller, KenneTh Collins, l.. J. Collins, Aubrey Johnson, Willie Pugh, Troy Nickelson, Joe Aikens, John Dale. Second Row: ForresT Saucier, CurTis Tisdale, Ellis Kelly, Jack Lane, Fred Ferguson, l-loward Wilson, George Ward, R. E. Woodall, Tommy Shields. Third Row: B. A. SmiTh, Aubrey Weil, G. D. lvliller, Louis Polk, l-lerberT Klein, Sam l-lammond, Leo Clark, Joe Brown, Ralph McDaniel. FourTh Row: Charles Kelly, Elwood CarpenTer, Bernice l-lumphries, Charles Lane, T. J. Lundy, i kclppcl tau I I . I A I H I 1 I I I i I I I I I y. I. I ll N h-L... la MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN COLLEGE STATION A, I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Member of: The Soufhern Associafion of Colleges ancl Secondary Schools The American Associafion of Colleges for Teacher Eclucafion The Nafional Associafion of Schools of Music The American Council on Eclucafion LOCATION: Mississippi Soufhern College is in fhe cenfer of Soufh Mississippi, convenienfly locafed almosf equidisfanf from Jackson, Meridan, Gulfporf and Mc- Comb, The buildings are new, and modern in a beaufiful seffing, wifh pine frees, wafer oaks, azaleas, camellias, a sunken garden, and a fropical lagoon. COURSES OF INSTRUCTION: Courses leading fo fhe B.S. and B.A. degrees and fhe M.A. degree in Educafion and fhe M.M. degree are offered. Courses are offered in Educafion of Teachers, Science and Mafhemafics, I-Iome Economics, Music and Arf, Commerce and Business, Social Sfudies, I-Iealfh and Physical Educafion, Languages, English, Speech, Journalism, Indusfrial Arfs, Conservafion and Nafure Sfudy, Library Science, Pre-Law, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medicine, and Medical Technician. OPPORTUNITIES FOR VETERANS: Courses for Veferans are available in all of fhe college fields. A special course in fhe Operafion of a Small Business begins each fall. Opporfunifies for making up high school unifs is given fo Veferans in fhe Demon- sfrafion School of fhe College. RECREATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Concrefe fennis courfs, a swimming pool, a nine-hole golf course, a gymnasium, fours fo New Orleans, deep sea fishing on fhe coasf, lecfures and dances will be available fo sfudenfs during fhe Spring and Summer Ouarfers. MEETING THE NEEDS OF TEACHERS AND SUPERINTENDENTS: Teachers work- ing on degrees may complefe sixfeen weeks of work by enrolling fhe lasf six weeks of fhe Spring Ouarfer and confinuing fhrough fhe Summer Ouarfer. Courses in ihe elemenfary and secondary fields and Graduafe work will be offered fo bofh feachers and adminisfrafors. A I-lealfh Workshop and a Reading Clinic and many ofher work- shops and conferences will be held during fhe Summer Ouarfer. PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE I949 SOUTHERNER BELK'S PHOT0 STUDIO w. D. PARKER, Mgr. fea+uring porfraifd Ay ,gal-Aer Second Floor, Belk's Depar+men+ S+ore I09 E. Pine Phone 2990 089640000 B 6 I k "The S+ore you fell your friends abou+" ' Clolhing, furnishings and accessories lor The enlire family ' Piece goods, drapery and upholslery fabrics, linens and curlains ' Household ilerns and gills ' lnlanls' wear and lurnilure. Quadfg . . . lljxfue . . . eruice ".. he loves me!" i e C i i 'i I 'l i it aomso uuosn Auruonmr or ms com-com comrmv av HATTIESBURG COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. HATTIESBURG, Miss. , 1 i r EI "Your Friendly Ford Dealer" BARRON MOTGR COMPANY Aufhorized Sales Service i i III Hardy S+. Phone 268i I-lafiiesburq, Mississippi iii i rn..L- growing .yaffierigurg ana! fke Soufu MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN COLLEGE When you Ihinlc ' P I 0 Shoes, Ready-Io-W of QuaIi+y J Lingerie. Cosme+ic Come +0 Eisman's MAEN sT""'I" ff MiIIinerY- Accessor iNE.Blzos.- ATISON HATTIESBURG-LAUREL HaH'iesburg's Mos'r Moclern Deparlmenl SI'ore E ry visir 'ro our srore will be warmly appreciared, and our salespeople will welc 'rhe opporlunily of showing you 'rhe famous name brands merchandise. M y we have 'rhe pleasure of seeing II 'n our sf COMPLIMENTS OF SEARS ROEBUCK AND COMPANY COMPLIIVIENTS OF THE RELIANCE MANUFACTURING COMPANY "MeeI' Me A+ +I1e Drug S'rore" COLLEGE PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS Soda Founfain School Supplies Cosme'rics Opposife MSC. Pho I58I COMPLIMENTS OF FAULKNER CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY COM PLIMENTS OF CITIZENS BANK OF HATTIESBURG, MISS. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM COMPLIMENTS OF 7 1647715530001 nfffsfssfppf LYOMONBC SgaHon,, . l400 KC SAUCIER'S COMPLIIVIENTS SHELL SERVICE STATION OF I-Iardy Slreer al 28Ih Avenue Phone 2520 CG' Shell El:ET'i1ciElTg1lElgal:c3gvlT:1lZIPlor Oil A Complele Line of Auio Accessories A Personal Service Thai Salisfies , , coMPL:MENTs fHA7'7'l5sBunG, Miss. OF MEN-5 WEAR SOUTHERN CLEANERS I I4 Wesl Fronr Slreei R. I-l. BRASWELL Owner 2708 I-Iardy Slreef Phone I873 KIMBALL GULBRANSEN RQSEBERRY conprinmrs PIANO Housa OF Feafuring The Nafions Fines+ Pianos SPINETS -- GRANDS - UPRIGHTS THE DIAMOND SHOP EZILITILI S+. Hsrflflfj COMPLIIVIENTS MURRAY ENvELoPE co. OF f RoLLlNe JEWELRY ooMPANY HUB PRINTING CO. 6I7 MAIN STREET II I II I f I I I I I u 1 II I iz I coMPLlMENTs COMPLIMENTS OF or DIANA SHOP STANDARD DRUG FIRST IN OUALITY 81 STYLE IN WOMEN'S APPAREL I24-I26 EasI Pine SIree+ ol? Main SIreeI Phone II COMPLIMENTS OF WALNUT STREET EMILE'S DRIVE-INN - Air Condifioned - Phone 2I29 PHARMACY 30. Hard, SI, Hamburg, MISS. FORREST MOTOR CO. CGMPLIMENTS DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS DODGE PASSENGER CARS PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS 4IO WesI Pine SIreeI HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI WIMPY'S "Hear'r of I'he Soufhern Campus" BE WISE AND ECONOMIZE WITH ECONOMY CLEANERS "Your Business Is Our PIeasure" IOOQ I-Ierdy SI. I'IaIIIesburq Phone 2096 Personal Loans Ins'raIImen'r Repaymeni' WHITE SYSTEM OF HATTIESBURG, INC. WHEN SHOPPING IN HATTIESBURG MAKE PENNY'S YOUR HEADQUARTERS Phone 3308 I22-I23 W. Pine S+ Igor fke EJ in gagerg igroolucfd D S1VIITH'S HOLSUM BAKERY, INC. fvff fry riumgf Moon, my Z AIIIIK IREM HATTIESBUR6 CREAIVIERY, LTD. I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI DOSSETT'S G-ROCERIES -k MEATS if PRODUCE BAKERY if CAFE ' Hady SI. aI Corner I IIII Ave. I-Iaffiesburg, Mississipp s II I I I I ,ii i i H I I I ji la I I I I if COMPLIMENTS THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposir Insurance Corlooraiion GENERAL DIST, CO. 309 Easr Pine S'rree'r Phone 2482 I-IaI'riesburg, Mississippi Disfribufor "TOM'S" TOASTED PEANUTS Fine Candies and Peanu'r Bu'H'er Sandwiches "The GiH SI'ore" SIIQEEIE MARTIN MOTOR SALES STUDEBAKER Sales 8: Service "America's Mos'r Popular Car" 606-I0 Easr Pine Sireelr ALEX LOEB, INC. MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI 0 SPORTING GOODS 0 ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 0 MEN'S WEAR 0 MEN'S FURNISHINGS 0 WOMEN'S WEAR 0 COSMETICS Use Your Charge Accouni-Cash-Lay-A-Way or Order by Mail GEIGER PRINTING COMPANY "EveryI'hing for 'rhe Office" Geiger Bldg. Phone 2588 L f i , JQHEVROLQJ 1 - V I McARTHUR CHEVROLET COMPANY -Super Chevrolef Service- Phone 2000 306 E, Pine SI. WILLMUT GAS AND OIL COMPANY NATURAL GAS Cheap - Clean - Convenient 'Q DOMESTIC COOKING - I-IEATINO - I-IOT WATER ALSO EOR COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL PURPOSES KAY NASH MOTORS Select A favorite everywhere with Hotels, Air lines, Clubs 1 and Restaurants. Sales Service l H lmsgxgm BJ 1:4 ki H G ' , -' "W , F' XE- ' ' L I 'ltr K . hx lzrx K '- "Yes, Nash Goes All the Way" My ip 1 1 anno urchose this in your hom - ri e us-P.O. Box J. S., Chicago C909 Phone 2692 BIO E. Pine St. Hattiesburg, Miss. ' s D Mint Jelly gl I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I 3 2 a 3 I I I v I In JI Iv I I I I FARRIOR MOTOR COMPANY lncorporafed BETTER BUY BUICK Phone 322 and 466 400 Wesf Pine SI. Hefhesburg, Miss. Goo IS' 705 I IVORD FOR COMPLIMENTS OF THE COLLEGE GRILL Where Your Business Is Appreciaied Phone 3865 27I0 Hardy SIreeI HUB CITY OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Every+hing for The School and Office 2 I 8 WesI Pine S+reeI Phone 3380 REPAIR SERVICE ON ALL MAKES HOME AND AUTO RADIOS RADIO SERVICE CO. T. JONES HERRIN, Owner Pickup and Delivery l8I7 Hardy SI. Phone 64 SANITARY CHEMICALS 81 ACCESSORIES E 81 N PRODUCTS Indusfrial Lubrican+s ROAD MACHINE BLADES P. O. Box 764 New Orleans 2, La. COIVIPLIMENTS SIX-O-TAXI Phone 60 and 80 CHECKER CAB Phone 4000 and 400I COIVIPLIMENTS OF COBB HUDSON SALES IO0 Broadway Drive I-IERE'S I-IOW NO. I I SANDWICH SHOP "Bes+ Barbecue in Sou+h" PEERLESS LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING SAVE BY CASH AND CARRY Phone 929 for Pick-up and Delivery Convenienf Curb Service 4I2 Weslr Pine Phone 47I2 Broadway Drive IVICLAU RIN MOTOR SALES Re27IgI'pone Busi4I2hIone COLLINS, MISSISSIPPI COIVIPLIIVIENIS OF 4I2 W. Pine SI. Phone 3327 BARNES HATTIESBURG SEED AND FEED CO. "The Seediesi' Place in Town" Fresh Tes+ed Seed QUAKER OATS--FUL-O-PEP FEED Fer+iIizers, efc. 'I' ephone 840 302 Second Sfreei I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI APPLIANCE CO., INC. KeIvinaI'ors for Household 8: Commercial Refrigerafion "Thor" Washing Machines "Chrysler Air+emp" Air Condifioning 8: Hearing COMPLIMENTS OF THE MERCHANTS COMPANY OE MISSISSIPPI FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION oi: HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI IF YOU WANT . . . 0 ACTION 0 CONVENIENCE 0 ECONOMY In Your HOME LOAN LeI US Finance or Refinance Your Home NEW SAVINGS AND INVESTMENT ACCOUNTS INVITED 470 Dividends Paid Since Organizafion Organized Under I3ederaI CI1arIer No. IOO DaIed OcIoI:aer 3I, I934 , I I I HATTIESBURG HARDWARE STORES i Nt Incorporafed CONGRATULATIONS MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN COLLEGE Evemhing in CO- Hardware and General EIec+ric HATIIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Appliances Manufacfurers and Dis'IribuI'ors 300 MobiIe SI. Phone 366-367 "TOP OUALITY" PRODUCTS CASMO DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT Fine Foocl and Foun'rain Service LEAF CANDY 81 SPECIALTY CO. Wholesale Disrribufors 3l6 HARDY STREET IO8 Agnes SI. Phone 2250 2IO ZI4 MARKET ST. PHONE 972 LYONS EELSXLEE AUTO COMPUMENTS OF CompIe+e Au+omo+ive Service GULF STATES CIGAR AND Fea'ruring BEAR FRONT END ALIGNMENT WHOLESALE and Cigars, Tobacco, Candy, and Sundries MOTOR TUNE-UP College Service Cenfer Phone 26I I EIATTIESBURG. MISS. CONGRATULATIONS X4 BEST WISI-IES FROM OF SOUTHERN MOTOR CITY NEWS SALES OLDSMOBILE-PACKARD-AUTOMOBILES G.M.C. TRUCKS Phone EW '26 From SE' 318 E. Pine S+. Tel. 1700-989 "Be Radio-wise and TayIorize" COlVllEEllVlElXlEES OF TAYLOR RADIO SALES EEEVIEE RICE'S POTATO CHIPS d . Sou'rh Mississippi's Larges+ ME E In Radio Repair Service HAT-I-IESBURG I I I I I 3 II 'E H. II J I I I COMPLIIVIENTS OF "TI-IE OAKS" STEAKS, CHICKEN, BARBEOUE AND DRINKS CURB SERVICE I805 HARDY STREET MODERN RECAPS CURRYS Q INC. COMPLIMENTS EXPERT REPAIRS 602 OF 0 Bouie S+. SHELBY WHOLESALE GROCERY, INC. NEW AND USED TIRES O. K. RUBBER WELDERS Complefe Tire Service Coasi +o Coasf TALBERT LEIGI-I CPMPQIFMENIS PONTIAC-CADILLAC Sales and Service ' Goodrich Tires, Ba++eries, 8: Texaco Gas 406 EAST PINE STREET Phone 4' KIRKWQQD COIVIPLIMENTS FURNITURE STORE OF "The Couri House ls Nex+ Io Us" COMPLETE HOUSEHOLD FURNISHWGS DR. PEPPER-7 UP Telephone I847 Main Sfreef ORANGE CRUSH I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF P A R R I S ST. E I e DejiIj!EfLEITin Diamo cI SERVICE STATION Sfandard Oil Producfs FINEST WAT 3I4 Bay SI. Pho 9309 228 WesI Pine CGMPUMENIS COIAPLIIAEIXITS OF OF NU GRAPE COMPANY OF MISSISSIPPI BEN SHEIVIPER 8: S S ANDERSON O REMEMBER TO PATRONIZE ALL OF OUR ADVERTISERS LOVE DRUG CO. LIBERTY CAFE DIXIE TIRE TREADERS HARDY'S BOARDING HOUSE S. H. KRESS SCOTT'S DAY 81 SHOEMAKE MOTOR CO., COLLINS RYAN SUPPLY CO. - Disfribufors - COMPLIMENTS AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND EQUIPMENT GF GAS AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES JACKSON HATTIESBURG HATTIESBURG LUMBER QUALITY APPLIANCES AND FOWLER BUTANE GAS CO. INC. SUPPLY COMPANY ' GAS APPLIANCES I I3 Newman Sireei Phone 2362 BEST WISHES FROM J. T. PALMER . . . . Faculfy Adviser HARRY TAYLOR . . . . . Edifor PAUL GRADY . . . . . . . Business Manager AND THE ANNUAL STAFF Designed, prinfed, and bound by BENSON PRINTING CO., Nashville, Tenn. Engravings by SHREVEPORT ENGRAVING CO., Shreveport La.

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