University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS)

 - Class of 1946

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University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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wifi 'a- 5 ALM A K" ,-- g?.19?'f'1?"'?1f?? Tr? W 0 P 1 . A ,.:. ' A . IH .l 'Q I 5111 Nils' UJHJ51 I 5 Wu . ,., .nw of -0 .p ,xx MQ? bi f'iw g?"f'5i1uE'5E l'lfglYfTJflf f'T,Ylrf T Psa-js' I fi ---:1 9 M-fg lxi V?Jv?QFWe4 gL?,'J1Eg ff'f?'1,24 M124 1512153-HQf W wge 'EIC-F132 fi-'F"i"5'i'5"' .ff 2,-Rail? F- if' EF-XP Miss ws F1 ia,igf!f2 1.41 , ffm? .1"3IfW5 fL"2lrJWs1:ff'f12V imfglf' HW iTTlf'gLL Tfl-E5 gfzfnffasnf :dUn9j44ngq WQTIJ' Ei' Lv' ef' 132 DVI lwfai-12391 5-174 eww 9-'Fw gf?ffIxsiP'g1L1VdE1:?'t'f'li-Q-:i'ifF19.E 1 1 N l M A E R Conduc1'or's score arranged b ila Gardner 1g-'T"Nf-- 5 -- 'J5ifDQ'i1M' M, JI-J-xx ' 'J H Q ' '.-11 .L ,, ,A ,' :-- l-'T2SEuiUff W 'FW ? +5'f :TYPE :::I.'. X' S'f'2.. '4- QJ gji4f2'1i5lr' err .L ,9'S.PsgFL U 54 E Q5 wF14f12 FF 5 iFF,+z1iQg Q 2' ,Z+A' JXJA' -SL -fffx' -.l44Flx'f-Jr 7 if if ligrwlff FN-P fn Y V011 35? qdggglg gga 13-1f1i1,F1gJg gm I - MI 1 JPL si 521 iii I I rp 954 Illg iz: S- A ,.- '?'Iv-ffl lf,v?rfiJ,r'gj? H f 1-'1 11 1"r1 1 -1 vfv 'rs' -his i2fif??5f,. ff iff f S f.,Q?i '5e:., rf I TIT FTF if QLT if YY Ziflg, J5 .L JXJAJ fpLw' 3 Q 'gc wffflfg U 4 ffm 'gy iam FQ Bef I? jwgjvfigz 1.2 QM-"N , fx, -- -- - :i1Y3:lLf4fgff"Tlx J ff fr uf fir ff '1 uv f frfgffrlf J FE 23' . 1- -can A JJ fljlfig x ' c Jr fl-D - - P' O ZX... 5 X .vff W x -""U'l.5 xl? XX f if '-"arf f ik X r"" ' X fs YU P ' Q14 '5x5 x O KN fs? Y 76 5 "' Q 4 5 ' 4x'?2,YAf'x '-,!'V 'lv 'Uh I wi vw A E ff QS I I' r. N0 Fx O Q I 'N wx S 292 I QBVXSQ SXQXYNVRSSSXSSW X 1 VX SO Nd I N4 VN C1 x B SW il M695 ES '60 Q GX ll YN Fx 1 K I 'x .il Q D1-.TIC TIVN In litem oriam JOHNNIE BLACK HENRY R. BOLIS BUFORD E. BRANOM ROBERT CARNES WILSON CARRUTH CLINTON DOOLITTLE JAMES FORTE ZED FOUNTAIN MORRIS GARTON WARNER GILL HOWARD GILLIAM CHARLES GUNN GEORGE GUY MURRY LOUIS HUMBERT BERNARD KELLY RIVERS KING EDGAR ALLEN LEGGETT IRA McDOWELL JOHN McKEWEN WILLIAM RUSSELL McNEESE RUFUS McSWAIN DUNCAN F. MATHESON, JR. No Iore of Greece or Rome. No science peddling wi+In +I'1e names of Ihings, Or reading s'rars Io find inglorious faies, Can Iif+ our Iife wi'rI1 wings Far from DeaI'I1's idIe gulf +I1aI' for I'I1e many waifs. JACK MORGAN J. V. NALL JOHN M. POWELL W. D. PRAY BOB WHITE PURVIS CLINTON ROBERTS ERNEST ROCKWELL THOMAS SAUCIER THEODORE SCARBOROUGH LUTHER PRESTON SMITH ANDREW WEBB Harvard Commemorafion Ode Cf NTENTS 14dminiA tration C I 4 A A e A E ,dc fivifm gk - ff Pan-Hellenzc W4 3- sl, A12 vii? '7 ' j"w I' ?e d f lll' 6,6 T mf T, Tu, , T! ' 1 AT THE CENTER OF THE WHITE-WAY FORREST COUNTY HALL, DORMITORY FOR MEN ' 1 W T- T L NT 1 ff, THE LEGAL PROCEDURE OR "SIGNING-OUT" HATTIESBURG HALL, DORMITORY FOR WOMEN , M 1'4" L .-'ff ,f fi 'T ..4"" H ,Q-I A 44" .A-1-" f-if CENTER OF GREGORIOUS ACTIVITIES GRANNY IS A GREAT COMFORT-WHETHER YOU ARE SICK OR NOT 'I T I I i Si, C-A . . ' 2 -b,... 'Tiff'-Yggig, E P T H T l T T T li , T T I V u .-Y. ' Lv -ff -- 1 '11 TTiU"T ' -'--fri-ff if Ll, -i-1111, L , , -4 V 1-1, -::: f-""' 'ff nw- f f-- ,,,, Il 3 T T1 ' iii ei iii 'lllff ' , 5' --, fffif E' ' fu! E-U! fir li U35 3 ,, L E EE H FI 7 tfffii viii'-P' f fir? 641' H ff P ffffawze mfggff., " fi w Q4 - X " f'QI'A',' :ffl "N gf 1 P P 1:,' , 1 11- .Qs , .TL-,QQ if .,,'f ' A fy? FC ,lf my , ij.,-ft " - I yi? .Tlm,1g3.:,g.V, I X? 51.41 - A -:Rf ,al SEL' tvugnix- gf, V, " lx 3 ff ,Q, X X P:3'E,1"w",1'ii-'H 1.11-. I 31 VT I Q, ! ,.. AT THE CAMPUS GATE CAMPUS HOME OF PRESIDENT AND MRS. COOK. fl' 7 A 4 PRESIDENT ROBERT CECIL COOK rx 1 ' rx gg 'Z-Q53 I w - Ii. II H X l DEAN RICHARD AUBREY MCLEMORE IZ LLLQAL- at S 'YL 5 K Y WA. H-ff. g l"' I' if-Xrr ? MRS. IVAH O. WILBER Dean of Women MISS BEEDIE E. SMITH Regisierecl Nurse MRS. ETTIE MAE DANIEL Hosfess, Sfaclium Dormilory MRS. HELEN SINGLETON Hosfess, Haffiesburg Hall MRS. GERTRUDE TISDALE Hosfess, Forresf Couniy Hall MISS DELIA YELVERTON Hos+ess, Mississippi Hall 1 ----H-- ..-L., 1 ,,f"A ,, 1 blue. 1+ 01 , ,NAJSQ 4 Sf M, ,Q ,.,. , TW If 'I , 5 " L 'll iff? ' X IR " 1, Q" A " v m"lii,f,I 3 TEACHER AND MAKER OF MISSISSIPPI HISTORY CHARLES O. SMALLING Financial Secrefary Il W. L. JOHNSON, B.A., M.A. of Men and Professor of Maihemaiics MISS MARY PULLEY, Regisfrar I2 , ,--.1 . 4,'.L 4 n 3 O. V. AUSTIN, B.A., M.A. Professor of Science and Head of +he Division of Science and Ma+hemaIics. MISS BERTHA M. FRITZSCHE, B.S., M.S. Professor of Home Economics and Head of Ihe Division of of Pracfical Arfs. RICHARD AUBREY McLEMORE, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Hislory, Head of fhe Division of Social Sfudies, and Acfing Dean of Insfruciion. H. D. PICKENS, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Educaiion, Head of 'Ihe Division of Educafion and Psychology, and Direcfor of Sfudenf Teaching and fhe Demonsfralion School. WILBUR WHITE STOUT, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English and Head of fhe Division of Languages and Liferaiure. I3 I I I I Firsf Row Second Row MARY BOLINGER ...... . Assis+anI' Professor of Music MINNIE B. FORD ....... Crific Teacher, Fif+h Grade B,A., Mus. M. BS., M.A. WILLA BOLTON ....... s.A., M PEARL CAMPBELL . . . . I . . Professor of Geography LULA MAE FOWLER .... Cri+ic Teacher in Social Science .A. B,A., M.A. nsfrucior of Home Economics MARY LEILA GARDNER .... Assis+anI' Professor of Music B.S., M.S. A.B., Mus. B. FORREST DeLANO ...... Assisfani Professor of Music JOHN E. GONZALES ..... Ins+ruc+or of Social Science MuS. B. B A., M.A. KATHERINE S. FOOTE .... Critic Teacher in Ma+hema+ics WILLIAM B. HARLAN . . . Assisfani' Professor of Commerce B.A., B.S., M.S. B.S. 'P'-Q I4 ini I I I I I I I I I I I MARY S. HAWKINS B.S., M.A. Crific Teacher in English ALMA HICKMAN B.A., M.A., Ph.B. Associaie Professor of English EDITH HINTON B.A., M.A. Crific Teacher, Firsf Grade HA WILLERY JACKSON a.A., M.A. Insfrucfor of Hisfory RRIET JACKSON a.A., M.A. Assisfanf Professor of French and Spanish PERRIN JOHNSTON EMILY PEYTON JONES a.s., MA. B.S., M A. Crilic Teacher, Second Grade Associafe Profesor of Educafion JO HN M. KING B.S., M.A. Critic Teacher of Science and Secreiary of Ihe Alumni Associalion Y x 4 D, f I iv Qin.,-fr :ef ' ix if Q33 Firsl Row PEARL REYNOLDS LEECH ..... . . Crilic Teacher s.A., M.A. ELEANOR LEEK ....... Associale Professor of Music Mus. B., Mus. M. HELEN JANET MacDONALD . . Assisfanf Professor of Music and Crific Teacher Mus. B. SALLIE STEVENS MCLEMORE . . Crific Teacher, Sixfh Grade a.s., M.A. CARLTON L. McQUAGGE . . . Principal a+ Demons+rafion School 8.5. Second Row ELIZABETH MEAD ...... Associale Professor of Music B.E., B.A., M.A. MARGARET MITCHELL ........ lnslrucfor of Piano -'Ev Mus. B. C. S. MOULDER . . ..... Bapfisf Sludenl' Secrefary B.A. MARY DONOVAN PARKER . Secrelary fo Financial Secrelary ANNA M. ROBERTS ........... . . Librarian B.A., M.A., B.S. in Lib. Sc. A . xg, X JUANITA H. ROBINSON 8.5. Acting Crilic Teacher MARTHA RUTLAND s.s., M.A. Assislanl Professor of Child Deve- lopmenf and Direclor of Nursery School FRANCES SIERAKOWSKI B.E., M.A. Associafe Professor of Physical Edu- cafion GRACE W. STARK B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Critic Teacher, Fourlh Grade PAU'LlNE ROGERS STOUT s.A., M.A. Parl-lime Assislanf Profesor of English AMELIA THOMPSON B.S., M.S. Assisfanf Professor of Home Economics ANNETTE B. WILDER B.A. Librarian and Teacher of Lan- guages af Demonsfralion School , g' 4 5 'v:r!1 1 J " 'Nl' A xx M. if Ju! J S ' I J v+ I ' w 1 1 N 1 il W . l w i l L J? 'N i N L I 1 5 -1 . ff , f ,, 6f551l0l'IJ MRS. RUBY CLARK ADCOCK NORMA EARLE ALFORD BETTIE ROSS ANDERSON EARL CECILE ANDERSON 0 'R-- fa I fi, QII-If -If 4' 5--g-a 1- 1 J' .- 1- 5 1.3-.I ,YH I1 fkefksff : 1 . ,Sf Ljif .1-Vw: .- ghit ta? ,e,iu,g,1 .5 WP., X ir fi - " "P iff ' E ,L l "l'l" fl' ' ' '.ff'l A ii ' 'FHS 'fb i MM PM H It is an '14 43 IQT1-HAXJZLIH? . N if .9-1 Ia I, A I Will Z ff-'Af 'Ir I S, I, . I fx ff' If l ' Jill -N X I S-Tlv 11 'Nj 5' v' - I 1 "b" ' 4 f,- D xv I nfll Q 'A-. V , , II l W is IJ , if A,.f"u Q. A .,1.5ri44 -,L it ?"U' .faynvw H' kfgife -: ff f arf--P, ,f-5 W' MRS. RUBY CLARK ADCOCK NORMA EARLE ALFORD MADISON, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Home Economics. BETTIE ROSS ANDERSON HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Commerce. Alpha Sigma Alpha HARPERVILLE, 'MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Home Economics. Home Ec. Club, Wesley Foundafion, Chris Han Federaiion Cabinet EARLE CECILE ANDERSON WAYNESBORO, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Physical Eclucaiion. zo I INEZ BALL HATTIESBURG, MI'SSIS'SI'P'Pl SHUBUTA, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in HiS+ory. B.S. in Home Economics. Della Sigma Epsilon, Secrefary, vice-presi- Veferans Club: Sfudenl' Prinfz, repor+er: denl' presiclenh S'ruclen'l' Prin'rz, Sfaff, assis- Old Souflwerner Sfaffg Home Economics +an+ edi+or, edi+org Old Sou+lIerner, edilorg Club. Wl'1o'S Who in American Colleges. INEZ BALL HUBERT SHELBY BERRY STAR, MISSISSIPPI SARAH, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Elemenfary Educa+ion. B.S. in Social Siudies. O . 6 It l 0 I DOROTHY HELEN ARENDALE OUIDA MAZELLE ATCHLEY HUBERT SHELBY BERRY ,,?.S, S 1 . if . W 5 ,I 1'ff-N T ,qI'QiH, el ,I P- I Et f we-' .Q fI'ILE5?S"'f -1 " . 'ft C xii: , 4 . L Y L, I I U. i, , PY I II 4 I 4 YA KT. .1 , . Q,f El P' ' .' 'elk , .l ,.,, I 21 Emi, S DOROTHY HELEN ARENDALE OUIDA MAZELLE ATCHLEY I-.I :AJ xg., 1 K xv- ,lIi'iN ' ' .-.,g,,.1. -Y H+- th D ' if "f' '1i..,,X S? Q fl' LALA CARROLENE BROCK MRS. LEONA W, BULLARD ' 'sjggg - T ' . -5. , ' III I ,9,,,.I, . 151-r1i,g,-,AWN S INA LORIS BUCKLEY I ANETTE BYNUM LALA CARROLENE BROCK TYLERTOWN, MISSISISIPPI B.S. in Commerce. I Init - I li ,k. , - , SL:-w -1- .. .... ,K --p,:f7,. II, If H ' -wha ' V1 ,- wifi?-t,,I.,.K 12 I'-Q44 - I ,,. 'I Q I ,SHCI MRS. LEONA W. BULLARD ' HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI I B.S. in Home Economics. .YI jf I 1,i,. 22 QQQWDHB9 f A 3 N . I ,f'E' INA LORIS BUCKLEY I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI B.A. in CIIemisI'ry. DeII'a Sigma Epsilon, I1is+orian, vice-presi dent ANETTE BYNUM HOUMA, LOUISIANA B.S. in Elemenfary Educafion. KATHRYN CAMP KATH RYN CAMP BONITA, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in EIemen+ary EcIuca+ion. Elemenfary Council: Y. W. A. WILEY MITCHELL CAUTHERN NETTLETON, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Ma+I1emaI'ics. IRENE HANSON CARMICHAEL PASS CHRISTIAN, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Elemenfary Educa+ion. DeI+a Sigma Epsilon: EIemenI'ary Council, Secy-Trees.: I. R. C. MARY JOYCE CHAMBERS I-IAITIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI 3: ,iz 61116 I If J. IRENE HANSON CARMICHAEL WILEY MITCHELL CAUTHERN MARY JOYCE CHAMBERS 'Q , ' f'ffJvr3 A g,ZiI?9r'W"F. Q - A II' N J - Qqw 'fx - A 'BH' L- .P 2 - -.,' 55.-"O 12919 '.!:- V' A . :iw ' " S5f5?:,'f-,S . :F K Qklxfsw' J. B. Mus. in Piano. fix, In P- l Sigma TI1e'ra Kappa: Alpha Mu Chi: Junior I- ' I cIass, vice-presideni: Senior class, presi- I A cIen+. I ,. 23 I A I , in Li .... rig-5 ...S Y 3' ' 'V . :Salim Senior-A RACHEL OLIVIA CHANEY MARY ELIZABETH COLE LUTHER CARLOS DAWSON MRS. LOUISE ROGERS DRAUGHN I Nxhmm Q RACHEL OLIVIA CHANEY MARY ELIZABETH COLE LITTLE ROCK, MISSISSIPPI PHILADELPHIA, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Commerce. B.S. in Home Economics. Commerce Club: Chrisfian Feclerafiong Y. Mu Omega W. A. S , .. I If A Ifi if 4 f1'Isg, ', f ,S ":sf'g-I, . ,- T" ". .:.-- ' jf , 5 -"f --. -I .' ' :' .,:, .1-. , -1 f,.- '--1 1-' 1-fe .l i p TQ ,I I fflfjigf' A" .1594 SU- 5 W - 3, 6.1 LUTHER CARLOS DAWSON MRS. LOUISE R. DRAUGHN V - ' A 'hfiipd GLOSTER, MISSISSIPPI MT. OLIVE, MISSISSIPPI 1 f'f'7Tff iEf' ,PMI-'ZIQ I B.S. in MaI'I'Iema'ricS B.S. in Home Economics. S:: iS!!-:'jYiTf"'-r. 'II I 4' , I A L S? in T -vig.- he ' ix-L XR KI! fx 'i' I,-, Ella' ., L il? L 7' 'II I 1 I I Mlf . ' .VMI 24 " R 'Li kn'k 1.3 visas'-. fw. .ex 3' ...--.-.-4 .. 12, ,.'. JUANITA DURR WESSON, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Social Sfuclies. In+erna+ional Relalions Club. KENNETH F. FOSTER I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Music. Zefa Sigma: Alpha Mu Chi. Seniv.fI JUANITA DURR E. J. FORTENBERRY KENNETH F. FOSTER FRANCES COLLEEN GILMORE E. J. FORTENBERRY TYLERTOWN, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Science. Ve+erans Club. J . ll F WN ! :SINE , HUT 'Ni' l l "lx xml! .v I .Ali Y.: . x - tl 4 ' , gl' I W . ' ll' I . J I , ,. Y. ac, , FRANCES COLLEEN GILMORE 4'- 4 ' Y' I- HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI I e 'k I+ B.A. in English. I lg TT F li l T .. in American Colleges. 2 Ag.. Chrisfian Feclera'l'ion, chairman: Siudenf l W Council: Old Sou+herner Slaffg Who's Who r ll Ilggff fx 25 iff 4. .', rgixr 'S I .,- .3-'-iidwiif if-Q5--fr - - P Q i T -,,!f. Ain W abil ij ax: Jn, .Ii if I' WILLIE DEAN G,-INN BILLIE ROSE GRISSOM REBECCA HATHORN TOMMY ELLIS HERRINGTON WILLIE DEAN GINN BILLIE ROSE GRISSOM TYLERTOWN, MISSISSIPPI SUMMERLAND, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Home Economics. B.S. in Home Economics. Home Ec Club: B. S. U. Council, secre- Iary: Y. W. A. .fri S STE-1? fb' I Qayf I yu 'X '?'IffH- REBECCA HATHORN TOMMY ELLIS HERRINGTON '- HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI PORT GIBSON, MISSISSIPPI ' -I .y-5,-t:f'f,1'!'gy P. :l73""'1f.:Q : B.A. in English. B. Mus. Zela Sigma: Gamma lo'ra Alpha: SI'uden+ 1- I 'P ,L lla Prinfz Siaff: Sfuclenl Council, vice-presi- 'gif J 2,19 f l clenI': Senior Class, reporfer: Choral Union: 'W . ' I Vesper Chonr. P- I ,llfr 2 26 ,T ' his SIDNEY LAVERNE HICKMAN WILLETTE HOLMES LOUIN MISSISSIPPI TYLERTOWN, MISSISSIPPI B S In Commerce. B.S. in Home Economics. Sigma TITGIB Kappa: Commerce Club, presldenf S+ucIen+ Council, vice-president House Chairman Mississippi Hall: Pan 4- , e it 1 cr dv SIDNEY LAVERNE HICKMAN WILLETTE HOLMES MARY ALICE HORN BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HUNTER '. I S - . '-'. 'Jf. '. 3-g- 5' 'Q--, Hellenic Council, Ireasurer. A' 4. : ' -295' 95, I 1'f I g '5?-f"- 21-'Ref' "' ' ' -,. ,:t.'.1:..' 'I Q , J, . 0. .?'.. u lg I , . 1 'Ln MARY ALICE HORN BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HUNTER Ir f , sf P BAY SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI PHILADELPHIA, MISSISSIPPI .I : Tift' w .5 y- ' V B.S. in Home Economics. B.S. in Social Sfudies. -:Fx My 'JRE I I' ' Sigma TI1e+a Kappa: Home Ec. Club. Monogram Club. I XII Q , I I 1: '. 27 swf? fi I 'x -Fill . :L- .ASSS1 :PR its-I -W xi. "35- ,f' 'P X I I 555, f I k U .QM ,. BONNIE JEAN MRS. JEANNE KING RICHARD REVAE LANGSTON QQQ FA JOLLY RUTH INGRAM KENNEDY BONNIE JEAN ..l0l.l.Y MRS. RUTH INGRAM KENNEDY LAUREL, MISSISSIPPI PHILADELPHIA, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Commerce. B.S. in English. Della Sigma Epsilon I JEANNE KING RICHARD REVAE LANGSTON Inf HATIIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI OAKVALE, 'MISSISSIPPI ' B.S. in Commerce. B.S. in Home Economics. Alpha Sigma Alpha, president Sophomore 'II Class, president Commerce Club, vice- 1 S WWI .L,! WI president Pan-Hellenic Council, vice-presi- If, . , mlllf dent Old Soufherner, busmess manager. ,I 25 ' ' 'Ryu' I IW' J. W. LEE, JR. J W LEE JR AUDREY ELIZABETH LINDLEY SHIVERS MISSISSIPPI MOSELLE MISSISSIPPI BS In HIs'rory BS In Home EconomIcs AUDREY ELIZABETH LINDLEY DORCAS EARLINE LONGLEY BUFORD LESTER McKENZIE 'I B' Q' :jf 'QLL I DORCAS EARLINE LONGLEY BUFORD LESTER MCKENZIE NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA COLLINS MISSISSIPPI A 3 B S In Elemenfary Eclucahon B S In SocIaI SI'ucIIes It H I,I I f we If Big- N405 Wwgvv I . . , . I I I . . . . I . I . . ,I-" II' ' 3,5 'A-'I VT,-Q III ig., uhm: -' ,q,, -H. 1 ,F IT -MUN i i J, I " . I 1 A -'Ziff .4-3' I. . Iliqi " , A-'6f,I .P I ' I I .gk V47-:J IVTI . . . I I I . . . . . . . . I-I9-I XIII, ,N A I 2 I 'I HI .Aff If 'I Xi- -Ty' 1' '-I 29 A liip,-'-In . -wif I J LI- I Arg. 4, A. 1 4 I 5 If-L Til' LPIYY' :- , 'I If" RUBY JOYCE MOULDER EARLYN MAXWELL MULLINS ERIA FRANCES MURRY ALICE EUGENIA NIX ,A 'lj lx ' -' ' hf!'!l"'1 fin' RUBY JOYCE MOULDER EARLYN MAXWELL MULLINS HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Commerce. ERIA FRANCES MURRY HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI B.A. in English. S'rudenI' Prin'rz sI'aI3I. -NFB? BROOKHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Commerce. Commerce Club: Y. W. A. ALICE EUGENIA NIX MCCALL CREEK, MISSISSIPPI B.A. in English. B. S. U. Council: Chrisiian FecIera+ion CaIoine+: I. R. C., Vice-Presidenf: Dormi- 'rory Council: House Chairman, I'IaH'ies- burg Hall: Colonial Dames Scholarship: Who's Who in American Colleges. ,Q vi. . in BETTYE PARSONS SARA ANN RAMSEY sd' 'W' BETTYE PARSCNS CRYSTAL SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Home Economics. SARA ANN RAMSEY HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Home Economics. MRS. LANITA HURDLE PITTMAN COLLINS, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Commerce. Sigma The+a Kappa, Secrefaryg Junior Class, Secre+ary. g.eniG7'1",. MRS. LANITA HURDLE PITTMAN MARY MARGARET RAWLS MARY MARGARET RAWLS Qi, ff: HATHESBURG, MISSISSIPPI fre '- - ' Lim- ' Q gn,-Ld,-' '1x1g -'veg -147, ., ' B.S. in Commerce. ' ' fQc I ' if.: v ' 4' '- Sigma Sigma Sigma, recording secrefaryg L' ' , fs .sm Commerce Club, corresponding secre+ary, R- 'S ' , I . . 'I x S' ' vice-president If , I ,, jr 'Y' ' h 31 II .Ziff . -g,, ,rm-' 4 , 'L,'I ffl lb its r""n ,P ' I . ,J ,Q K " bij rn' ff 6 -.ff Ii- 'Ii ' A MRS. JIMMY FAY W. SUSHINSKI GRACE MARIE STEPHENSON BONNIE BESS STRINGER MRS. MARJORIE BROWN TEWELL I EE fig - -- . -'i I: wi 'f f .L L X .ut 'F ' .ge . E Q , J, . IW, A- .-,. -'I - ...M I-. . 0. . f...M.5 E .sv .I..,,:: . ,,.. , 5, ' y,.. .14 Cc ,L ...- T '- ' Ir I . K P I Ifvx .- ,. H 1:1 Il ,z I It I',' 'W 'Q' MRS. JIMMY F. W. SUSHINSKI MAGNOLIA, MISSISSIPPI B. Mus. Alpha Sigma Alpha: Alpha Mu Chi, Ireas- urer: Vesper Choir, presiclen+: Soufhern Singers: Trouloaclors. BONNIE BESS STRINGER SUMMERLAND, MISSISSIPPI Sigma Thela Kappa: Home EC. Club. ll' I' 32 ' '. ,I ff -,JI 4 ::, , I .' ' K . V. 1 I TV' -L ' f , . A v,,:, 4 B' -I.. A 5 -1-ov 1,., SA! GRACE MARIE STEPHENSON ACKERMAN, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Home Economics. Home Ec. Club: I. R. C., Weslminisfer Fellowship, vice-president MRS. MARJORIE B. TEWELL MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Elemenfary Eclucalion. Della Sigma Epsilon, chaplain. ' if 'MEI V. .fill I .P . ' -C f--.Pa - ,.... . 0551 ' MARGARET TIMS FRANCES LORRAINE TUNNELL ANNA LOU WALLACE JEANETTA JUNE WATKINS MARGARET TIMS POPLARVILLE, MISSISSIPPI B.A. in English. Delia Sigma Epsilon, hisiorian: Alpha Mu Ch' ANNA LOU WALLACE PETAL, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Commerce. Commerce Club: Y. W. A., B. T. U.: Chris- +ian Federa+ion. FRANCES LORRAINE TUNNELL PONTOTOC, MISSISSIPPI B.S. in Home Economics. Chrisfian Federaiion, secreiary-freasurer, presiden+: B. S. U., vice-presidenf: Home Ec. Club: I. R. C.: Y. W. A.: Who's Who in American Colleges. 'I 13,51 ,' l, 'I iff, 9 X 'li-N -In"".:'Eu . gi - '-It 4 ,- 1 JEANETTA JUNE WATKINS ' A oIxoN, MISSISSIPPI i B.S. in Home Economics. Sigma Sigma Sigma, vice presiden+: Home Ec. Club, presideni: Sophomore Class, vice- presidenf: Junior Class, president The Summer School graduating C7444 August ia, 1946 BACHELOR or ARTS MARGARET TIMS BERNARD WALTON Poplarville, Miss. Philadelphia, Miss. English and Music History and English LILLIE MAE AYCOCK Hillsboro, Miss. Elementary Education DORA O. BARNARD Lucedale, Miss. Elementary Education VERSIE GERTRUDE BROWN Wiggins, Miss. Elementary Education NORMA KATHRYN CAMP Bonita, Miss. Elementary Education IRENE HANSON CARMICHAEL Pass Christian, Miss. Elementary Education FRANCES HARDEE FATHEREE Prentiss, Miss. Elementary Education MRS. O, E. GINN Kokomo, Miss. Elementary Education NORMA EARLE ALFORD Harperville, Miss. Vocational Horne Economics GENEVA JOSEPHINE BARRON Smithdale, Miss. Home Economics BONNIE JEAN JOLLY CARTER Laurel, Miss. Commercial and Social Studies JACK CLARK Petal, Miss. Chemisiry and Mathematics MELBA JEAN DONALD Lena, Miss. Social Studies ARTHUR BRANTON FORBES Foxworth, Miss. History ARTHUR LAVONNE GILMORE, Hattiesburg, Miss. Mathematics and Chemistry EMMETT L. GOFF Moss Point, Miss. History, Health, and English ELLEN PACE GUTHRIE Forest, Miss. Social Studies ZACK HITT Columbia, Miss. Social Studies J BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IDA LEE HOUCH Booneville, Miss. Elementary Education GLADYS MARIE JACKSON Philadelphia, Miss. Elementary Education OPAL JACKSON Wesson, Miss. Elementary Education EDITH M. KING Wesson, Miss. Elementary Education MATTIE NELL LADNER D'Lo, Miss. Elementary Education GRACE TRUMAN LEE Hattiesburg, Miss. Elementary Education HIGH SCHOOL CURRICULUM MABRIE WILLETTE HOLMES Tylertown, Miss. I-lome Economics and Science HAL ELIJAH JENKINS Waynesboro, Miss. Social Studies WILLIAM DEWEY JOHNSON Laurel, Miss. Social Studies MALCOLM BURMAN KINSEY Ovett, Miss. History and Social Studies RICHARD REVAE LANGSTON Oakvale, Miss. Home Economics and Science LILLIAN B. McNElLL Meridian, Miss, Social Studies MYRA LEWIS MARTIN Philadelphia, Miss. English and History BEN WHITE MULLEN Sontag, Miss. English ancl Social Studies MYRAH NORINE RILEY Hattiesburg, Miss. English EDWIN HAYES ROBERTS Lucedale, Miss. Mathematics and Chemistry 34 ROSALIE SHOWS MATTHEWS Laurel, Miss. Elementary Education NETTIE ROSE McNAlR Mt. Olive, Miss. Elementary Education BEULAH ALMA PARKER Logtown, Miss. Elementary Education BERTHA MAE PATRICK Harperville, Miss. Elementary Education LUCILE A. PENLAND Montrose, Miss. Elementary Education LUCILLE VESTA PETTUS Eden, Miss. Elementary Education MRS. W. L. SMITH Rienzi, Miss. Elementary Education A. W. SAN DERSON Ellisville, Miss. Social Studies HELEN FRANCES SHOWS Lucedale, Miss. Home Economics and Science GENEVA THOMAS Pulaski, Miss. Home Economics and Science BEULAH BELLE W. THOMPSON Pulaski, Miss. Social Studies ERMA COLEMAN THORNE Decatur, Miss. English and Social Studies LAGRONE TUTOR Randolph, Miss. Social Studies MARGARET VICKERS Montrose, Miss. Vocational Home Economics ANNA LOU WALLACE Petal, Miss. Commerce and Social Studies GRACE KATHERINE WILLIAMS Union, Miss. Commerce MARY SALES WILSON Forrest City, Ark. Commerce and Social Studies If F ALEXANDER AVERA BILLINGS Q-I BOONE BRANTLEY BROOKS BROWN BUNTYN BUSH CALHOUN W CLARK ,1 H CRANE l l SYDNEY E. ALEXANDER SARA MARGARET BROWN Gulfport, Mississippi Bay Springs, Mississippi Della Sigma Epsilon EDNA BUNTYN Decafur, Mississipi CHESTER LEE AVERA X Slafe Line, Mississippi 1 Zefa Sigma, Freshman Class, vice-presidenl. RUBY SUE BUSH l Porlerville, Mississippi li Weslminisler Fellowship, presidenfg I, R. C., reporlerg E DEANE BH-I-'NGS Chrisfian Federation, reporler. Sf. Louis, Missouri LOUISE CALHOUN Ml. Olive, Mississippi MARGUERITE BOONE Sigma Sigma Sigma, Vesper Choir, Choral Union, Slu- Brookhaven, Mississippi dem COU"C'lC l- R- C- Mu Omega FANNIE WILL CLARK Columbia, Mississippi CAROL BRANTLEY M dd I M. . . . A sn 'smpp' ELIZABETH CRANE Halfiesburg, Mississippi FREDERICK LEE BROOKS JR Della Sigma Epsilon, secysfreasq Sophomore Class, se x ' ' frees., Junior Class, presidenlg Who's Wlio in American Meridian, Mississippi Colleges, l , l e F- -2-........ .V P l , CURRY DAVIS DAWSON DORSETT ELLZEY ENGBARTH FRASCO GILLIS GODBOLD GRANBERRY HANSON HARDIN 4 ,zf I 1 DORIS RHEA CURRY Halliesburg, Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Mu Chi, Vesper Choir, Southern Singers. BARBARA DAVIS Haffiesburg, Mississippi Delia Sigma Epsilon EDDIE LEE DAWSON Chesier, 'Mississippi Elemenfary Council JOY DO RSETT Haliiesburg, Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigma, recording secreiaryg Vesper Choir, secretary, Alpha Mu Chi, Soulhern Singersg Troubadors. CA RO L ELLZEY Ga ss, Mississippi EVELYN CAROL ENGBARTH Ocean Springs, 'Mississippi Delia Sigma Epsilon: I. R, C. , 1 1:5-1-rel! -hia.r?saf. 'fs NAIDA MARIE FRASCO Long Beach, Mississippi Mu Omega, presidenlg Sfudenf Prinfz, assislanf editor Junior Class, reporlerg Siudenr Councily Old Souiherner editor. BERNICE GILLIS Hafiiesburg, Mississippi Sludenf Priniz, sfaffg Choral Union, Vesper MARY 'ELIZABETH GODBOLD McCall Creek, 'Mississippi Sigma Thela Kappa BI'LLIE RUTH GRAN BERRY Haifiesburg, Mississippi Y, W. A. MARY CATHERINE HANSON Pass Christian, Mississippi Della Sigma Epsilon FAYE HARDIN Brooklyn, Mississippi 36 Choir I I I I ii I I I I I I I I I I r Ili I I I I I It I I I I I I gl I I I I , ii 'av 'Saw Y sx x'-.NRM K LYNTENE KEYS Collins, Mississippi CHARLEENE LIGHTSEY Pachuta, Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigma BETTYE LOTT Wiggins, Mississippi OLIVIA M. l"Peggy"l MCGOUGH Morton, Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigma, vice-president, president, Alpha Mu Chig Student Printz, associate editorg Student Musical Director, Vesper Choir, Pan-Hellenic Council, presidentg Student Body, president, Who's Who in American Colleges. CAROL MARSH Hattiesburg, Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Mu Chi, Vesper Choir, vice- president. MARY GRACE MORRISON Heidelburg, Mississippi Mu Omega, vice-president, Home Ec, Club. .,,.f-'fx Alpha Mini ESSIE RUTH NELSON Hattiesburg, Mississippi Delta Sigma Epsilon BETTY JEAN NEWMAN Meandville, Mississippi Sigma Theta Kappa EARLINE NORDEN Wesson, Mississippi JANE ODOM Hattiesburg, Mississippi MRS. M. E. OLIVER Magnolia, Mississippi Alpha Sigma Alpha RITA POLK Lumberton, Miss. Mu Omega Sigma Alphag Alpha Mu Chi. dig 1 l - A 3, 'I if ii . KEYS LIGHTSEY LOTT MCGOUGH MARSH MORRISON NELSON NEWMAN NORDEN ODOM OLIVER POLK si .lv I f'- .. PORTER REEVES RENFROE ROBERTS, A. L. ROBERTS, N. I. RODGERS ROSS SORADY SMITH STEADMAN SULLIVAN, A. 6. SULLIVAN, M. C. qv? -sf ., J. wnnx, ,pw Z- wwf' PAULINE PORTER McCall Creek, Mississippi U., vice-presidenfg Chrislian Federalion, vice B. S, presiclenfg Elemenfary Council, presidenf. JANE ELLEN REEVES Brookhaven, Mississippi Mu Omega LOIS TRAVISTEEN RENFROE Belzoni, Miss. Sigma Thefa Kappa, Home Ec Club, Vesper Choir, Choral Union. ANNIE LAURlE ROBERTS Haffiesburg, Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigma, secrefaryg vice-presidenfg Alpha Mu Chi, Vesper Choir, Soufhern Singersg Troubadorsg Choral Union, sec'y-Treas.g Who's Who in American Colleges. NAOMI IONE ROBERTS Pascagoula, Mississippi Home Ec Club, l. R, C., Wesley Foundation, Choral Union. DORIS MAE RODGERS Pefal, Mississippi 4-'fee-e5a6',. GWEN ROSS D'Lo, Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigma MARY SORADY Cleveland, Ohio Alpha Sigma Alpha MAURICE WALLEY SMITH Richion, Mississippi Mu Omega ELIZABETH CLAIRE STEADMAN Haiiiesburg, Mississippi Sigma Thefa Kappa ANITA GAY SULLIVAN Mize, Mississippi Alpha Mu Chi MAXIE CHARLES SULLIVAN Mize, Mississippi l i l l i l l l l l i l l i 1 i l l l l r l l l l ' .3152-sv af Sigma Sig BOBBIE THOMPSON D'Lo, Mississippi ma Sigma, Home Ec Club, secretary EUGENIA TOWNSEND Lena, Mississippi Delta Sigma Epsilon NELDA MARIE TRIGG Clara, Mississippi Delta Sigma Epsilon ALENE VALENTINE Laurel, Mississippi JIMMIE NELL WALKER Hattiesburg, Mississippi Delta Sigma Epsilon, corresponding secretary, Southern Singers, Troubadors, Vesper Choir, Alpha Mu Chi, vice- presideni, Made Honor Roll every quarter, FRANCIS JOSEPH WALL Hattiesburg, Mississippi Zeta Sigma, secretary treasurer, Student body, secretary- treasurer. MARY EVELYN WILTSHIRE Magnolia, Mississippi Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Mu Chi, Student Council, Student Printz, editor, Old Southerner, staff. FRANCES KATE WINDHAM Jackson, Mississippi Delta Sigma Epsilon, Home EC. Club, Y. W. A. Tl," kg U i g K .. L THOMPSON TOWNSEND TRIG6 VALENTINE WALKER WALL WILTSHIRE WINDHAM i - 39 e ' L ... J, . X . ADAMS ALDERMAN ALEXANDER ALLRED, D. ALLRED, M. aATsoN BOUNDS BROCK i""' BROULETTE sue-C CARLEY CONNER Cooic CURRY DALLAS, F. P. DALLAS, w. ROBBIE JANE ADAMS Quiiman, Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigmag Home EC, Clubg Wesley Hon, vice presidenf. M RS. RUTH ALDERMAN Hafiiesburg, Mississippi Home EC Club SARAH ALEXANDER Haffiesburg, 'Mississippi Alpha Sigma Alpha DORIS ALLRED Collins, Mississippi MADGE ALLRED Collins, 'Mississippi Sigma Thela Kappa JOAN BATSO N Haffiesburg, Mississippi THOMAS EVERAN BOUNDS, JR. Haffiesburq, 'Mississippi EVELYN ELIZABETH BROCK Tyleriown, 'Mississippi Pounds' RICHMOND DOUGHLAS BROULETTE Easfhampfon, 'Massachusefis C. v. Buse- Halfiesburg, Mississippi Minisierial Associafion. JUNE CARLEY Richion, Mississippi Mu Omega BETTY CLl'FF CONNER Columbia, Mississippi Sigma Theia Kappa ROBERT C. COOK, JR. Haffiesburg, 'Mississippi Ze-'ra Sigma JEAN MARIE CURRY Haffiesburg, Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigmag Vesper' Choir, FRANCES PAULINE DALLAS LiHIe Rock, 'Mississippi WINIFRED DALLAS Zela Sigmag Commerce Clubg Voled Mos? Collegiafc, LiHle Rock, Mississippi I , f-1,4 -zJaswTuiui3'3i 40 -4? ' W -- P44 ' ri 1 I4 , 3 I J.. 1 iv ,Lis 1 K MILDRED LOUVENIA DAVIS Columbia, Mississippi LAVERNE ERVIN Hattiesburg. Mississippi VERA JO EVERETT Laurel, 'Mississippi DOROTHY AGNES FOSTER Haffiesburg, 'Mississippi LARU E FRASCA Hattiesburg, Mississippi I. R. C. MARJORIE ELAINE FRENCH Pass Chrisfian, Mississippi Delia Sigma Epsilon KATHRYN GANDY Pefal, Mississippi PATRICIA ANN GRAHAM Collins, Mississippi Sigma Theia Kappa MARY DEANE GRAN BERRY Richfon, Mississippi Alpha Sigma Alpha NANCY HARTMAN Hafliesburg, Mississippi ELAINE HALVORSEN Leakesville, Mississippi DORIS MARIE HATTEN Wiggins, Mississippi Della Sigma Epsilon EVELYN HERRINGTON Haffiesburg, Mississippi Alpha Sigma Alpha LOUISE HILL Macon, Mississippi Sigma Thefa Kappa, Ireasurerg Sfudenf Counc Council. LORA JEAN HILLMAN McLain, Mississippi HOWARD HOLADAY Hattiesburg, Mississippi Ze-Ia Sigma, presidenfg I. R. C., pres., Soplvom preside-nlg Pan-Hellenic Council. I qiefivniizi . DAVIS ERVIN EVERETT FOSTER FRASCA FRENCH GANDY GRAHAM GRANBERRY HARTMAN HALVORSEN HATTEN HERRINGTON HILL HILLMAN HOLADAY ilg B. S. U. ofa Class .,,,. .s, . HOWARD ,fd ,L ,. JONES, LADNER McVEY li 6.6 05 M ., 5 5... I 2.2 A 'N X a i i R x HOWELL .5 is 1-. A Q Huaisiz is Y , , 3 S M35 '25 JONES, F. L. J. R, L Nix KELLY A A Kizea ' Koci-i L ,Mx MCCASKEY A MCCORMACK l MCLENDON I l s..I1 ri- MANTON MAYFIELD W MILLOY iq MANITA LOUlSE HOWARD Purvis, Mississippi Mu Omega Sigma KATHERINE ANN HOWELL Kenfon, Tennessee Alpha Sigma Alpha, vicefpresidenlg Vesper Choir, Choral Union, Wesiminisfer Fellowship, secreiaryg Freshman Class, secrelaryg Dormifory Council, Old Souiherner staff. CHARLES RICHARD HUBER, JR. Haffiesburg, Mississippi Veleran's Club FRED L. JONES Morfon, Mississippi Zeia Sigma JAMES ROY JONES Halfiesburg, Mississippi Ze-'ra Sigma, Veieran's Club. YUVETTE KELLY Raleigh, Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigma GLADYS EUGENIA KIZER New Site, Mississippi BOBBIE KOCH Haiiiesburg, Mississippi Delta Sigma Epsilon BETTY ANNE LADNER Haffiesburg, Mississippi DORIS McCASKEY Bucafunna, Mississippi Alpha Sigma Alpha MARY ANN McCORMACK Pachula, Mississippi SUE McLEN DON Collins, Mississippi CLARA SUE McVEY Haifiesburg, Mississippi Alpha Mu Chi, Vesper Choir. NELL MANTON Bassfield, Mississippi MARY CECILE MAYFIELD Haifiesburg, Mississippi RALPH M. MILLOY Hafliesburg, Mississippi Sigma Sigmag Commerce Club. WANDA LOUISE MITCHELL Canion Mlssrsslppl Alpha Sigma Alpha lrea urer Home Ec Club Treasurer MARION MARIE MOONEY Seminary Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigma LORENE MOORE Smithville Mississippi BILLIE JEAN MYERS Hattiesburg Mississippi Alpha Sigma Alpha secrefary I R MAXINE NEAL Grenada Mississippi HELEN ELIZABETH NELSON Hafflesburg Mississippi Alpha Sigma Alpha RALPH MAX NOBLES Halhesburg Mlsslsslppn Zeta Sigma DAHLIA NEELO NOEL Hillsboro Mississippi .- HX . sim I .I I W .'.?'Cli . 4 x 'u MITCHELL MOONEY MORE MYERS NEAL NELSON NOBLES NOEL NORTON OLIVER PICKERING PURVIS, M. N PU RVIS, R. T. RAWLS RAYBURN RIVERS WILLIAM DEWEY NORTON Haihesburgl Mississippi KARL OLIVER Hafhesburg, Mississippi Gamma Iola Alpha JESSE ANITA PICKERING Hafhesburg, Mississippi Omega Vesper Choirg Choral Union MARTHA NELL PURVIS Columbia, Mississippi Sgma Thela Kappa Sfar Mississippi erans Clubg ls R, C. RALPH RAWLS Hafhesburg, Mississippi HILDA RAYBURN Wiggins Mississippi POLLY RIVERS Alpha Sigma Alpha Vesper Cholrg Southern Singers. . . I . MU I , , . .C, . i . - - - - R. T. Punvls Vel 'I 43 Y JW A ia ' ROBIN SCANLAN SELLERS sirrs SPARKS STRONG Srusizs THAMES rooms 91, K ruLLoS I. ,gs S.: ' wmrs ,S WILLIAMS, J WILLIAMS, L. PATRICIA NEAL ROBIN Bay Sl. Louis, Mississippi MARIE ELIZABETH SCANLAN Hailiesburg, Mississippi Alpha Sigma Alpha, reporier, regislrarg Vesper Choif, business manager, Alpha Mu Chi, Sfudenl' Prinfz, busi- I'16SS FUBHBQEF. FANNIE MAE SELLERS Chicasaw, Alabama Mu Omega MARY LOUISE SITTS Hazelhursl, Mississippi HELEN SPARKS Hillsboro, Mississippi JEANETTE STRONG Glosfer, Mississippi Alpha Sigma Alpha - var. .ue fanfiiwsj ERMA LEE STUBBS Magee, Mississippi KATH ERIN E THAMES Haliiesburg, Mississippi IRON R. TOOTLE Hafliesburg, Mississippi LORENE TULLOS Magee, Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigmag Vesper Choir, Choral Union. BETTY JEAN WATTS Canfon, Mississippi Alpha Sigma Alphag Sophomore Class, Secy--Treasurer JUANITA WILLIAMS Pelal, Mississippi Sigma Thela Kappa LOIS WILLIAMS Hafliesburg, Mississippi JP' '-W . 'ii' y' 41 ji is '. R ,I "sf ,If ' AINSWORTH ALLRED ANDERSON BARTON BOOK BON BOUNDS BRENKE 9 BREWER , Z, ,.:,. BROWN i BUNTYN lffs'1 ' f-1 -A.. CLEVELAND EWR ' I ,,rf,'l1. OLOY COOLBAUGH cox CUBLEY JEAN AINSWO RTH Taylorsville, Mississippi ANNE ALLRED Collins, Mississippi JIMMIE ANDERSON Halfiesburg, Mississippi NATALIA MAE BARTON Lucedale, Mississippi Y. W, A., secrefary. ELLOYISE BOOK Hazelhursl, Mississippi NORMAN A. BOTT Petal, Mississippi JOHN L. BOUNDS, JR. Hazelhursl, Mississippi NORMA JEANE BRENKE Hattiesburg, Mississippi Sigma Si SYLVIA KATHLEEN BREWER Sanford, Mississippi Della Siqma Epsilon WESLEY DAVID BROWN, JR. Haffiesburg, Mississippi CLAUDIE MAE BUNTYN Philadelphia, Mississippi BONNIE JOAN CLEVELAND Prenliss, Mississippi STELLA TECOAH CLOY Bude, Mississippi DONNA MARIE OOOLBAUOH Grofon, New York ' , qma Sigma, Vesper Choir: Soufhern Singers? JACOUELINE COX Hattiesburg, Mississippi HAROLD CU BLEY Hattiesburg, Mississippi Gamma Iota Alpha I -S, H .gn , , , ,-.K .I . P 9 ones oAvis DUNN Ecxi-iorr I ERVIN EVANS FANCHER FERTITTA, F. FERTITTA, M. FREEMAN GANDY GIBSON , 'f sirroao GILL J cones A GRANTHAM , 'sg IF' RITA CLAIRE DABBS Ouilman, Mississippi Della Sigma Epsilon, Y, W. A. JEAN DAVIS Rose Hill, Mississippi Delia Sigma Epsilon KATHRYN DUNN Halfiesburq, Mississippi Home EC, Club MONA ORESTE ECKHOFF Wilmer, Alabama ANNIE RUTH ERVIN Halliesburg, Mississippi Delia Sigma Epsilon DOROTHY ELIZABETH EVANS Shubula, Mississippi Delia Sigma Epsilon MARY ALICE FANCHER Coffeeville, Mississippi I. R. C.g Y, W. A. FRANCES H. FERTITTA Hafliesburg, Mississippi .- ' "l4'K'4.-eQf'.Pl!7F Qs xi' Y - MARY FERTITTA Hafiiesburg, Mississippi RUTH JOYCE FREEMAN Halfiesburq, Mississippi Vesper Choir, Soulhern Singers. CAROLYN ELIZABETH SANDY Halfiesburg, Mississippi OLIVE REA GIBSON Collins, Mississippi Sigma Thela Kappa IDA ELIZABETH GIFFORD Long Beach, Mississippi GLORIA GILL Hattiesburg, Mississippi Sigma Theia Kappa PEGGY JEAN GOREE Quifman, Mississippi Alpha Sigma Alpha DANIEL HARRISON GRANTHAM Purvis, Mississippi 3 .ff ig 9 -ssl I I I I II I ii I ,I I I In I I I I wi 141 f . 3 i.QE f, 6' U 'Q CARRIE JEAN GRAY Waynesboro, Mississippi MARY BENTON GRAY Waynesboro, Mississippi BOBBYE RETA HARDIN Taylorsville, Mississippi Sigma Thela Kappa CHESTER B. HAVILAND Halfiesburg, Mississippi SIDNEY HENDRIX Haifiesburg, Mississippi HELEN LOUIS HERRINGTON Sumerall, Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigma FREDNA HU-FF Raleigh, Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigma JOHNYE HUGHES Magee, Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigma: Freshman Class, secrelar B. S, U., reporlerg Y, W. A. elf' AML 'F 'H ., GRAY, c. J. GRAY, M, B. HARDIN HAVILAND 4-'S' za IQ HENDRIX HERRINGTON HUFF HUGHES y-lreasurer ,,,' I ISENBERG g JONES, O. 'sl , I J.-1. -E ,A ' I . Q A, . 4. Q Q J, Y if .- 9 ex as 'if 1" A f, JONES, M. s 4 N ' . ' JORDAN KEEL KENDALL KENNEDY, B D KENNEDY, J. , JV FERDINAND JOSEPH ISENBERG Halliesburg, Mississippi GEORGE W. JONES, JR. Hafliesburg, Mississippi Zeta Sigmag Gamma lola Alpha, MABEL LEE JONES Safaria, Mississippi WILLIE JORDAN Sanford, Mississippi BETTY JOYCE KEEL QQWT' De Lisle, Mississippi Vesper Choir, Soulhern Singers. IV ,Y JOYCE MARDELL KENDALL QLD Lumberlon, Mississippi BERNA DEAN KENNEDY 'iv Magee, Mississippi L' "- E JM Y .M E ,pun 1 JOAN KENNEDY 'Y J- 'f',,i- s,, Halfiesburg, Mississippi 'fl 4 A, Della Sigma Epsilon ,fd -Ji -in -91 r 7 C 114,125- vi LATIMER af. 'ww ' L-.5 T I: F -5 IQIIJQ' 1 '. LINGLE LOGAN McCANN MCCAS KEY MACHEN MUNN MARTIN NORSWORTHY N i Q JZ-1 f ." 'il iw 0' l il I LOTT MCGOWAN McLEMORE MITCHELL MOULDER PICKERING PITTMAN, B. :J X" . 9997 f if ,J ff fff KAROLYN JOAN LATIMER Halliesburg, Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigma EDMUND COOLIDGE LINGLE Pulaski, Mississippi OPAL ELIZABETH LOGAN Meridian, Mississippi JANELL LOTT Seminary, Mississippi Sigma Thela Kappa MARGARET McCANN Hattiesburg, Mississippi MIRIAM MAXINE McCASKEY Bucalunna, Mississippi Alpha Sigma Alpha EMMA CATHERINE McGOWAN Camden, Mississippi Alpha Sigma Alpha RAMONA M. McLEMORE Halliesburg, Mississippi ri --113. 4012 48 SARAH DELL MACHEN Alexander Ciiy, Alabama MARION MARTIN Raleigh, Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigma CARROLL EUGENE MITCHELL Moselle, Mississippi WILLIE HAZEL MOULDER Haffiesburg, Mississippi Soulhern Singers JACK D. MUNN Sumrall, Mississippi ERNEST L. NORSWORTHY Halliesburg, Mississippi DOLORES PICKERING Collins, Mississippi BETTY PITTMAN Collins, Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigma i .' -' ff 'I i ?reAlimen 1 PITTMAN, M. POTTER Prusscorr PRINE Paisocic 1 ROBERTSON if SAUCIER SAXON si-iiei.os sme-Lev 1 Q A STEWART Q, . - f gif.: 6-lg! STRINGER, J. I . 2,::, AAA STRINGER, K. STRINGER, T. , .,,Af' . ,.,. 4 42" ,ta ' E STRONG ffrrrfiilii-fiieltii f'f1".2 fits if I TALLEY TURNER, B. TURNER, D. WALKER wooo MARGARET PITTMAN Columbia, Mississippi MRS. MELISSA POTTER Hattiesburg, Mississippi ELIZABETH l"Betsy"l M. PRESCOTT Hattiesburg, Mississippi Alpha Sigma Alpha: Student Printz, asistant Bus. Mg Old Southerner, staff. MONITA PRINE Petal, Mississippi Delta Sigma Epsilon, Vesper Choirg Choral Union JOYCE E. PRISOCK Hattiesburg, Mississippi HELEN MAUREEN ROBERTSON Liberty, Mississippi Alpha Sigma Alpha MARTHA ANN SAUCIER Sumrall, Mississippi Sigma Sigma Sigma MARY JOYCE SAXON Prichard, Alabama THOMAS MIXON SHIELDS Hattiesburg, Mississippi MARY JO SINGLEY Hattiesburg, Mississippi Alpha Sigma Alpha, Home EC. Club. in Sigma Sigma 49 VERNA STEWART Hattiesburg, Mississippi Alpha Sigma Alpha JANE STRINGER Summerland, Mississippi KATHRYN STRINGER Collins, Mississippi THREASE STRINGER Moselle, Mississippi ERNEST STRONG Hattiesburg, Mississippi NORMA M. TALLEY Columbia, Mississippi BETTY JEAN TURNER Hattiesburg, Mississippi Sigma Theta Kappa DOROTHY TURNER Hattiesburg, Mississippi NANETTE WALKER Drew, Mississippi Sigma, Vesper Choir: So LUCY MARIE WOOD Hattiesburg, Mississippi ufitem SiflQEl'Sk xiii, W. -----l -sta.. if ,K . V 53 N55 i 1 1 i ' rv-il i Qnyrr - 'T iv Pirie + if hz! .lin W JT ,,',3!. 71 Q. u ,vc N gg , ' ,ll r. 1111.1 -E, lf . , ,1' lik,-,, W f' U' t- R .' Qigliil V F- CTIVITIES -v-'V P1 , l 1 1 1 1 1113 ' " "7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ru 1 1 11 '1 4. 1 1 V 1 1 1 1. 11 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I, 1 1 11 1 111 11 11 .1 '1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 STUDENT COUNCIL ' ' 1 1 r N f Vi. .. 'W E L C O M E t'0LUN1E?gifY WWW! W Harrnzsaunc, Miss., FRIDAY. JANUARY 11, 1946 V H NUMBER tl WY Y N k-qw-if ,,A7V -V Vw '1' .-,Y x "" - ,Y ,,,-,M-, Y Allllual Slilll ls Kll0GkIIlg llSBll-Ulll To Give Big, High-quality Yearbook Pictur-c-rnakirig for the annual, xxlixrh was off ll! a slow S the l-sl we-ek of the full envied vxiln ri rush of pc-iplu or more ja' Studia on the fmal was turned away. Individuals will own prints as ready. The an first batches of paste up panels for some time this week. The faculty section u'-,-I-l-:Q-d iirst Not nxofnlnrgrs will be i' dialogue about been running lows? Staff: "Have ture made for the Prof.: "Nope Just go ahead and use last years plate." Staff: "Don't sec how we can. lt's much too small for this year's larger page size. Furthermore it was a cheap zinc plate, and cor- rosion is already pitting the sur- face." Prof: 'Tm satisfied with last year's picture. Get another print from the studio andsgo ahead." Statti "We have rio legal deal- ings with any studio except the successful bidder on this year-'s contract." Prof.: "Oh, red tape, Suppose I get a print and tum it in, Could you use that?" Staff: "I doubt if you would be satisfied when you saw how it looked. because it would not match the others in head-height, face-size, bacl-:ground-color, and cropping." Prof.: "'Hn! Sounds like a Heavy Shop-talk At Delta State The Faculty Study Programs at Delta State Teachers College deals with "internal administra- tion and curriculum change," The program as announced by Dr. William H. Ziegel, dean of the faculty and head of the de- partment of Education, runs as follows for 1945-48. General administrative policies -W. M. Kethley, president. The work of the faculty and of the dean of girls in counseling- Mrs. E. O. Hunt, dean of women and assistant in the department of physical education. Plans for speech and radio work at Delta State Teachers College-Mrs. Mary Jo Thomas, assistant professor of speech, and roiw- Paul R. p sor Cl9P31'f' Somf. tcllectual lar: mth! OUS history. ' CLuTiculum trends: health edu- cation, resource use education, and vocational home economics- fuliss Ethel Cain, associate pro- ffssoi' and acting head oi the de- -afmrnv oi health and physical "ilfflllUllI Miss Carol Brumby, - stunt professor of geographyg and 3.11.11 Minnie Patton, associate Dl'0lr'5f,: Lrvll acting head of the deparunam of vocational home economics. mpg-i mighty fancy job. Doift see how aliord it. l'm sure they my department any waste on such lux- do get the plc- count me out" s will be pasted the deans office official list of con- graduaiion in June All those sched- in l 946 after year, and are graduate, Other class up on the record, since it that some stu ful when they classification. sumed that the cc will show the c names. In so far 3 entire name will be Greek letter organizations will have two pages this year, and a dummy sheets has been issued to let each grou p suggest the arrangement of officers and mem- bers on the pages. Only one such dummy had been tumed in by the deadline. On that one the designer has forgotten to include the name oi the sorority, and had left no extra space that would he used for that purpose. CO! course the annual will do what it can to protect people from their own worst enemy-themselves!! The covers of the book are made by a separate company, and tContinued on page three? Music Programs Are Scheduled choir, wld. Ht the X Q ' 'l das x nz b ing u C '1 3. ", - will be given by the Original Don Cossack Chorus and dancers, with Serge Jarotf as conductor. The Hart House String quartet will give a The on February ll, James Milli- of are Banks, known here May 2. quartet isoom- posed of Alan Adair, first tenorg Albert Barber, second tenorg Bryce Fogle, baritone, and Hil- drolh Martini ham. Lecturer Speak Here Relations Southern Col- the visit to the Taylor recognized American Pres- of the speak on Mon- , . flary 14 at 7:45 in ' ffeoriurn. The sub- rre will be "Pen .. .. .- 4 -f2sXfA?residents". A free lance writer and lec- turer, Dr. Wilson probably ad- dresses more schools, colleges, universities, and civic clubs than any other private citizen in the nation. He speaks to State Legis- latures, summer assemblies and in churches of various faiths. His speeches often appear in the Con- gressional Record, Dr. R.. A. Mcllemora who is sponsor of the IRC announces that this lecture is open to 4' general public and sta "We feel fortunate in an engagement with Dr. as his annual tour is solid." Dr. McLe.more he "hoped everyone themselves of the hear an inspiring thorough research has a master of his Tickets may be members of the lations club, at Wiz: campus and the Ow. in toum. The admiz fifty cents for adults five cents for childre Owings Leaves For Yale Univ. tes A. D. Owings, associate profes- ,sor ot biology at Southern college, granted a year's Yale university by Education board study health Cook, president of closed. Mr. Owings versity, New January 1. Mrs. children will burg until Mr. Owin living quarters in Granted a year'1 sence by Dr. will work toward in the field Cook said The scholl through the School vice, of the Mississippi Depart- ment of Public health, according to Dr. Cook. Mr. Owings has been a member of the M. S. C. faculty for about 12 years. has of left gs A movie, 'The Sun Never Sets" which is a story ol the English Empire before the war was - noted by the Christian in the nuditlxrium Saturdav span nllrnl. I Increase. inter Registration LATEST REGISTRATION IN NUMBER 0F,5TUDE.NTS MSC Group To 'the A party of Structors from ern College Sunday to 'iManon" by Miss Eli. of Music trip which was Music Department of those students ' seen an actual of the opera. The trip wif. .,,, A 1' bus and the 1 ff f 'V . at two in the afternoon and re- turned in the early morning hours Monday. There was much interest in the trip and Mr. Frank Earl Marsh head of the Music Deparunent, reports that many who were not Music majors also took the op- portunity of hearing an excellent performance. Lucille Manners portrayed Mahon with Raoul .Tobin as Des Grieux and Howard Van den Burg as Lescaut. Each gave a very creditable rendition in song and character. . With so many glowing reports coming in, perhaps the next trip will require an adidtional bus. FORECAST over optimistic for next year, have a swell Reed Green. if the phys- have been the campus of a good that you former grid- and will he practice ses- sr March. Among Boland Loper, a I A Pachuta. Al- tnougn rtoland is quiet and unas- suming, he is an excellent varsity tackle. He is a veteran of the Pacific. Jay Smith, who 'played one Millsaps before entering is believed by Coach be one of theffinest ends He is the brother one of South- Bracey's career in 1937 when he known, for his in running end- af. than Loper, who campus attending Rogers of Col- 'Buckyn Waters. campus is Bob- president. A Miss., Bobbie scholarship an out- threej ' MISSLBEKILL ' Miss Eleanor Leek, instructor in the Music Department of Mis- sissippi Southern College, was unable to. retum to school he- cause of illness. -At the latest report she was at the home of hersister in New York. e other members of the inc ry, 'te that-she is improv- eirpeets to return to the some time next week. ul czunnus Dr. R. C. today growth of resident WC V El.GI'8l'lS HIE between the regular students and the Q Men Increase The number of men students on the campus has increased over 10096. The student aim is "to provide at least one man to every girl." In addition to the regular col- lege students there are a number of students enrolled in correspon- dence courses and in extension work. Counting the students en- rolled in the demonstration school it is estimated that approximately one thousand individuals are re- ceiving a service from the college this Quarter. The enrollment in the senior Veterans Get Own Social .Center A veterans' lounge is being established on the top floor of the 'hand building .on the .MSC lcampus, and equipment for the room already has been purchased by the college from the Gulfport Air Base. The equipment at the base, formerly used in the day- .room there, consists of bamboo and maple rugs and other Cook. nad their use the will impossible to keep the Social Center in the Science Hall open during study hour this room has been provided for the convenience of the yeterans dur-- ing groups to Miss of your Dormitories, 'an Federa- and tea N . l 'Basketball practices" svill held on Monday and Wednesday nights from 9:80 to 10:30 begin- ning Monday, Ian., 14-with the actual play-offs scheduled to bezini the middle of February. Southern College to note the con- normal enrollment." from five to seven report from the Regis- stuclents have by next fall." has increased reduced demand of the stu- normally be in college are helping in one school system or another. Night Classes Classes in Business English, First Year Spanish, elementary psychology, and rural sociology have been organized. The classes meet 'on Tuesdays and Thursday night. Two of the classes-frst aid and home nursing--did not materialize, but it is hoped that additional classes may be offered in "S" courses during the last six weeks of the quarter. ' The night classes have not been offered heretofore but the total enrollment of regular students and special students indicates that the idea has been very suc- cessful and will become a regular feature of the college curriculum. Business Course A marked increase in the en- rollment of the commercial divi- sion of the college is attributed to the special business course being offered toveterans. Professor W. B. Harlan oi the commercial depeutment will de- vote half of his time to the new course offered in "the operation and management of small busi- nesses". This course was insti- tuted with the veteran in mind but it is open to civilians also. Additions to Faculty The increased enrollment has made it necessary to make sev- eral additions to the faculty. Dr, Vivian Sweibel Smith of Hattiesburg, Miss., has been se- lected as a part-time Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences for the Winter quarter at Missis- sippi S.o u t h e r n College. Dr Smith will teach one class which was formerly taught by Professor A. D. Owings, who has been given a leave of absence to do graduate She Health work at A, B. was stracis and pamphlets research field. Dr. Smith has a lovely young daughter 13 months old and they have been in Hattiesburg a little over a year with her husband. who is a lst Lt. in the Medical Corps of Camp Shelby. She has done graduate work in the Bac- teriology Department of the Uniq versity of Georgia Medical school Both Dr. Smith and her husband icontimiedmn ease three! lee it H iQ 1 , - NAIDA MARlE FRASCO JEANNE KING Edifor Busi ness Manager 1 J rx ro l ' I' I' X I' S Firsl' Row: PrescoH, Goree, Dr. S+ou+, Gilmore, A+cl1ley. Second Row: Howell, Willshire, Dawson, Nelson, Sparks QF 53 F, -, 'TQ A LEARNING SITUATION OFFICERS JEANNE KING . . . Presidenf DORIS MCCASKEY . . . Vice-presidenf LOUISE I-IILL . . I SeQfe+afy-Ifeasufef JOHNNYE HUGHES . , . Repoffer C' er C16 MEMBERS OF THE COMMERCE CLUB Gi I J gn.- me an ,, .f--W ,. . ., 54 IN nffn OFFICE MACHINES TYPEW RIT ING CLASS I 55 1 Y, SOUTHERN SINGERS VESPER CHOIR mu ic I W, 'QM W ff A, I - , 56 I GIRLS CHORUS lflatla Charm BAND As we go To press, lhe Mississippi Soulhern band-inaclive during Jrhe war years-is being revived under Jrhe direclion of Professor James Byron Pererson, graduale of Jrhe Easlman School of Music, who comes from Jrhe Universily ol Omaha. ORGAN Anolher lale bulle+in reporrs lhe coming of Pro- fessor Frank K. l-lruloy, also a graduare of 'rhe Easlman School ol Music, To be college organisl. l-le will leach courses in lhe new curriculum leading ro a degree in organ and sacred music. TROUBADOURS ROBERTS WALKER SUSHINSKI SCANLAN OFFICERS ANNIE LAURIE ROBERTS . . . . Presidenl JIMMIE FAY SUSHINSKI . . . Secrelary-Treasurer JIMMIE NELL WALKER . . . . Vice-presidenf MARIE SCANLAN .... . . . Reporfer Organized in I933, Jrhe purpose ol Jrhis honorary music club is lo promole among Hs members a berrer feeling ol fellowship, and +o inslill in each . I of Them a desire for high scholarship in music. I CHAMBERS CURRY DORSETT FOSTER MISS GARDNER GRANBERRY HARDIN JONES MARSH MISS MEAD 58 Ai' MISS E if . LEANO Sponsor IIU ODOM Mary Joyce Clwarnbera Doris Rhea Curry Forresf DeLano Joy Dorself Kennefh Fader Mary Leila Gardner Mary Dean Granberry R LEEK MISS FORREST DELANO Sponsor Bobbye Hardin Fred Jones Eleanor Leek Helen Janef MacDonald r. I Peggy McGouql'w MISS MITCHELL MISS MacDONALD MCGOUGH OLIVER SULLIVAN TIMS Clara Sue ll-flilfey Carol Marzln Elizabelln Mead Marqarel Milclnea Jane Odom Karl Oliver Annie Laurle Robert Marie Scanlan Anifa Gay Sullivan Jirnrnie Fay W, Suzhlnfl Marqarel Tirns Mary Evelyn Willglwlre Jimmie Nell Walker MCVEY WILTSHIRE 59 Home fconvmi C1116 OFFICERS JUNE WATKINS , . ..... Presidenl REVAE LANGSTON . . . . . Vice-Presiderw BOBBIE THOMPSON , , . . . Secrelary WANDA MITCHELL . . . . Treasurer Gli- Tlmis is an orqanizalion open Io all who are inlereslecl in The broad field ol Home Economics. Majors in Ilwis cleparlmenl are lo lalce parl in The programs so llwal a closer relallonsluip willm ollwers may be allained. AT A FORMAL MEETING OF THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB 60 Above: HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE .. 'f 'z'- :M.,...., 'ii ,y,4i'17':y, V Below: DOMESTIC LIFE HOLIDAY NIX LANGSTON BUSH OFFICERS HOWARD HOLIDAY . . . . . . Preside-nT REVAE LANGSTON . . . . . SeCreTary-Treasurer ALICE NIX ...... . ........ Vice-PresidenT RUBY SUE BUSH . . . . . . . .... . ReporTer cussion oT world problems. The club is TosTered by The Division oT Social STudies. The member- ship is conTined To sTudenTs oT ouTsTanding in- TeresT and aTTainmenT in The Tield. This group is aTTiliaTed wiTh The Carnegie Endow- menT Tor InTernaTional Peace. IT has Tor iTs pur- pose The creaTing oT a spiriT oT world Triendship among all people Through The sTudy and dis- INFORMAL MEETING OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB In ternativnal felatioiw C7116 4lid flementaf-9 Council PORTER BYNUM CARMICHAEL LONGLEY OFFICERS PAULINE PORTER . . . Presidem' IRENE CARMICI-IALE . . . Secrefary-Treasurer ANNETTE BYNUM . . . . Vice-Presidenl DORCAS LONGLEY . . . . Reporfer Q- This group has lor ils aim lhe supplemenling ol addresses, and a spiril ol aclive inleresl in any 'rraining acquired Ihrough Jrhe usual channels ol new developrnenl in any phase of child welfare sludy. Oulslanding educalors are broughl in lor is Ioslered. BUNTYN CAMP MISS JONES CONNER DAWSON HUFF KIZER NOEL SMITH TEWELL -ry F .1- Z' 63 GILMORE PORTER TUNNELL BUSH OFFICERS COLLEEN GILMORE . . . Chairman FRANCES TUNNELL . . . Secrelary-Treasurer PAULINE PORTER . . . Vice-Chairman RUBY SUE BUSH . . . . . . Reporier Y . -rl ffl N The Chrisrian Feclerarion unires The acriviries ol all religious groups on The campus. Hs execulive council is composed of Jrwo elecred represenra- lives ol The sluclenr body who serve as chair- man and vice-chairman, and 'rhe presiclenrs of all religious organizarions on The campus. The Feclerarion works 'rhrough a number of commil- rees whose chairmen form The Federarion Cabi- nel. CARROLEEN BROCK MILDRED DAVIS JOHNYE HUGHES RUTH KENNEDY Vespers Worship Wimpy's Worship REVAE LANG-STON JOYCE MOULDER ALICE NIX DAHLIA NOEL Music Forum Recreation Vespers 4:55. serrve PARSONS Pubricify 64 MRS. WILBER LINDLEY ALFORD MOULDER OFFICERS MRS. WILBER . . . . . Sponsor NORMA EARLE ALFORD . . .... Wesley Foundation AUDREY LINDLEY . . . . B. S. U. C, S. MOULDER .... . . Baptist Student Secretary F..D- The Christian Federation seeks to provide chan- nels lor worship and religious development on the campus. ll sponsors Religious Emphasis Weelc on the campus each spring. ll maintains Pine Tl N Haven Lodge, amenworial hut, lor the use ol any college group for social and recreational lunc- lions. The Federations operates the Campus store, Wimpy's, and is financed by the proceeds from the store. MARGARET PITTMAN HELEN SPARKS BOBBIE THOMPSON MR, AUSTIN Publicity Courtesy Movies Faculty MR, GONZALES MISS JACKSON MISS JONES DR. PICKENS Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty MISS GARDNER Faculty 65 Q95 OFFICERS Y AUDREY LINDLEY . .... Presidenf LOUISE I-IILL .... . . Third Vice-Presidenf PAULINE PORTER . , Eirsf Vice-PresidenI WILLA DEAN GINN . , . . . . Secrefary JOYCE MOULDER . . . . Second Vice-Presidenf E. J. FORTENBERRY . . . Treasurer REVEREND CHESTER MOULDER . Firsi' Row: Rev. Moulder, Lindley. Second Row: Porfer, Moulder, I-IIII, Third Row: Ginn, Eorfenberry, Clark, Davis. F. ,-- . I I I I I fr IJTIFT FTD gf GBE' WJ 66 DENT UNIV N All srudenls who are idenlified wi+h Jrhe Baplrisl denominalion are considered members of +he general B4alo+is+ S+uden+ Union. This large body chooses by elecfion a B. S. U. Cabinet composed of campus leaders who are qualified lo head lhe , I ..L - 1 vu , , .... -.--......... 9' if .21 .,,, --in .L Firsf Row: Hillman, Hughes, Langsfon, Longley. Second Row: Mooney, Neal, Nix. Third Row: SiHs, Trigg. various divisions ol sludeni religious worlc. ln addilion lo cabinel membership, a syslem of commi++ees lur+her divides lhe labor and in- creases +he usefulness of The organizalion. i ...ILL ' CLARK BARTON MRS. E. v, BRIDGES I t , 1 P OFFICERS FANNIE WILL CLARK . . . . Pre-sideni MARIE MOONEY . . , . Vice-Presidenf BOBBIE THOMPSON . . . Treasurer NATALIA MAE BARTON . . . Secre+ary MARY LOUISE SITTS . . . . Reporfer MRS. E. V. BRIDGES . . . Counselor CHAIRMEN BONNIE JEAN CLEVELAND . . . . Sfewardship MILDRED DAVIS ..... . . . Piano LORA JEAN I-IILLMAN . ,... Music DORIS MCKASKEY . . . Mission S'rucIy CLEVELAND DAVIS HILLMAN McCASKEY MOONEY 68 M 1-1 l'5' UAILI i .Ay . MOULDER NIX NOEL PURVIS HAZEL MOULDER . ALICE NIX . . DAHLIA NOEL . . MARTHA PURVIS . . NELDA TRIGG . . FRANCES TUNNELL FRANCES WINDHAM CHAIRMEN . Social . . Devolional . . Communily Program Missions Program Program Publicify The Young Women's Auxiliary is a missionary sociely for llne purpose of Jrraining young women ol college age in Jrlie organized evangelical work of 'rlwe clwurcli. SITTS THOMPSON TRIGG TUNNELL WINDHAM 69 OFFICERS NORMA EARLE ALFORD .... PresicIen+ ROBBIE JEAN ADAMS . . . Vice-PresicIenI I-IELEN SPARKS ,... Secrefary-Treasurer ALFORD ADAMS SPARKS AVERA BYNUM DAVIS DAWSON EVANS GODBOLD GRAY, C, J. GRAY, M, B. KENNEDY LOGAN MACHEN OLIVER PURVIS ROBERTS MRS. WILBER lr WUK 'G' 70 llliniffterial AAociation Each year lhere are a number of men on lhe campus who are minislers or sludying lor Jrhe minislry. They are of various denomina- Tions and have organized Jrhe Minislerial Associalion ro discuss varying problems in lheir field and also Thar Jrhey may be of help in loslering religious life on The campus. 7l 5- f s 'G-.. lin-lm REV. C. S. MOULDER Counselor STUDENT MEMBERS C. V. BUC56 H. L4 DAVIS D. R. DEAN HOWARD FEWELL GRADELL MQRANEY WARREN PITTMAN -a -wwf-n--.sen-'..,,-Ap. PEGGY McGOUGH, Presideni JEANNE KING DOROTHY ARENDALE Sigma Sigma Sigma Alpha Sigma Alpha Del+a Sigma Epsilon J l Q i Q Q xi Mu Omega Sigma Thefa Kappa Ze+a Sigma X , NAIDA MARIE FRASCO LaVERNE HICKMAN HOWARD HOLIDAY 72 ff .xi x mi 3 A 'GX vw--v,, l 4 KING HOWELL MYERS MITCHELL SCANLAN OFFICERS JEANNE KING .......... KATHERINE ANN HOWELL . , BILLIE JEAN MYERS . . . WANDA MITCHELL . . MARIE SCANLAN . . . PVGSId6f'I+ Vice-Pre-sidenf . Secrefary . Treasurer . Reqisfrar Firsi' Row: Anderson. Second Row: Cox, Goree Gran berry. Third Row: McCann, McCasIcey, D., McCasIcey M., McGowan, Nelson. s.- . .. num. 'kqggy Llarlr L T N 1 V I d x S fav HERRINGTON ALEXANDER soRAoY WILTSHIRE Leek OFFICERS EVELYN HERRINGTON ....... . Chaplain SARAH ALEXANDER . . . Edifor MARY SORADY .'."" "... R epmer Firs+ Row: Odom, Oliver. Second Row: Prescolrf, Rivers MARY EVELYN WILTSHIRE A g E E Sfudenf Council Roberfson. Third Row: Singley, S+ewar+, Sfrong, Su- MISS ELEANOR LEEK . . . .... sponsor shinski. Wa++s. X an NX A V 'u r 5 'u I , Ed i S , I 1 r .i d 75 C D I T 1 it Firsf Row: Arendale, Buckley, Walker, Tims. Second Row: Tewell, Ervin, L., French, Windham, Miss Jackson. " 'Faa- A440 SIU' if Q I. 76 Win! l l l 5,5 f"1 Firsl Row: Alexander, Brewer, Carmichael, Crane, Dabbs Second Row: Davis, B., Davis, J., Engbarlh, Ervin, A., Evans M X - fl.. N Firsl' Row: Hanson, Haffen, Kennedy, Koch, Logan, Second Row: Nelson, Prine, Mrs. Slouf, Townsend, Trigg 1 .gg bel 77 The Mu Omega sororHy was organized in I937 by a group OT ThirTeen girls. IT received iTs name Trom Rev. James Sells, Then pasTor of The CourT STreeT lvleThodisT church. Going inTo iTs elevenTh year as an organizaTion, The sororiTy has been a consTanT source oT pleasure To iTs members and H is The desire of every member To conTinue This Trend by TuTure members TiTTing in well wi+h The group and Hs aims and sTandards. During Mu Omega's Time on campus, H has been an ouT- sTanding leader in all acTiviTies. lTs enTerTainmenTs and dances are among The besT given and will long be remembered, noT only by The members, buT Those who were guesTs aT The aTTairs. L db' 78 I ' ' 'mi FRASCO Firsi' Row: Morrison. Second Row: Reeves, Pickering, J. Third Row: Ellzey, Sellers, Allred, Boone. T U ii Q FirsT Row: Brenlce, Corley, Cole, Howard. Second Row: Pickering, D., Polk. Third Row: SmiTh. ' SIERAKOWSKI MEAD 79 qu- The sororiTy was The TirsT on campus To give a cosTume parTy, The TirsT To sponsor an ediTion OT The STudenT PrinTz, and iT is The second oldes+ organizaTion on campus. The STaTe Collegians played Tor Two consecuTive years aT The Mu Omega spring Torrnals buT during The war The dances had To be given up. Among The social acTiviTies ThaT were enjoyed lasT year by The Mu Omega sororiTy were: a comic sTrip parTy aT The lodge, a wiener roasT, a ChrisTrnas parTy, a dinner aT Jules Landry, and dinner aT The Pickwick CaTe wiTh a TheaTre oarTy aTTerwards. ff?IlXX f - ADAMS CALHOUN COOLBAUG-H CURRY, J. KELLY LADNER SWK McGOUGH ROBERTS Presideni Vice-presidenf ?hu"5R J' 9' i '5' oonserr HERRINGTON HUFF HUGHES MARTIN M0 80 ONEY ,W .I f -AX 1 W.-v,,,r,,....-. 1 gg., 62' 4:7- As KY' 53 ul -I WQQHE '.' LATIMER LIGHTSEY RAMSEY ROSS SAUCIER STRINGER CURRY, D. RAWLS WATKINS MARSH Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary K of G PITTMAN POTTER THOMPSON TULLOS WALKER MISS DELANO 81 ,Q-s Mun- HICKMAN CHAMBERS x W HORN RENFROE BROWN ALLRED GIBSON GILL -.., -4 PITTMAN, L. M STEADMAN CONNER GODBOLD HILL PITTMAN, M. ur STRINGER, B. BRANTLEY FERTITLA, F. FERTITTA, M. HARDIN LOTT ww-N A ,aw .W-df' MM, -' ,- 82 H :L rl 1 IV I I I 1 Mlss ANNA ROBERTS I 1 I I 1 OFFICERS LavERNE HTCKMAN ,...,. ....... ..... P P esiden+ MARY JOYCE CHAMBERS . . . Vice-Presidenf , LaNITA PITTMAN .... . . . Secrefary I, LOUISE HILL ...... . . . Treasurer I MARGARET PITTMAN . . .... Reporfer I PATRICIA GRAHAM . . I . . Pledge Capfafn T, MARY CECILE MAYPIELD . .... I-Iisforian I MARTHA PURVIS .,... . Serqeanf-aI-Arms I Mass ANNA ROBERTS . . .... sponsor TT I II I I I if' 'Y I 'M 1 I I . A , GRAHAM MAYFIELD PURVIS I NEWMAN SAXON STRINGER, J. TURNER WILLIAMS as I h PEGGY McG-OUGH Calls To miliTary service during The war years almosT Torcecl ZeTa Sigma To suspend iTs orgar1izaTion. ThaT prospecT was nar- rowly averTeol by The reTum oT veTerans In l945-46. Already iT seems long ago when all The men on The campus could be housed in The Tew vacanT rooms oT The college I-lospiTal. Reopemrmg The Rock as a olormITory Tor men was a memorable occasion, almosT a page in The hIsTory oT ZeTa Sigma. 7" f l FirsT Row Holiday, Jones, F. Second Row. Wall, FosTer. Third Row: HerringTon, Bounds. Fourfh Row: Jones, J., Nobles. r 4 fy, N N-.rd ' 1 l l +A lv l iv ll Li I. ii i l i ii i l fi l l l l il i i i l l l il ll I 'i l i 'i il i l l l ii l 1 l l l i l l i l l l i I i l l l . l 1 l l l I i Lu 9 CIAA ln Those days, allhough 'rhe chapler could well meer in lhe room ol any member, Jrhe War Memorial Building al Jrhe campus gale served as a lralernily house. ln lhose days a lralemily could have any number ol sweelhearls il miqhl choose Jro elecr. ln lhose days a moonlighl hay-ride was some- lhinq lo loolc forward lo and Jrallc aboul lor weeks alrerwards. LING-LE JONES, G. COOK AVERA BETH STEADMAN M R. HARLAN Sponsor 9 J'9'M"x aff! ww' ,f".1""'- FEFTUREJ I-neu-I FOR i s:i , ' ,.f-J OW FORMALITY ARENDALE DAWSON 1 i GILMORE CRANE rm it-' 88 LANGSTON 1 N , I 1 1 4 r 3 Mceouel-1 r i W N H1 w s Nix ROBERTS TUNNELL WATKINS 1 I K i 6 89 IVI NTS' 'P JRMA... The annual winTer Tormal, celebraTing Valen- Tine Day, was The occasion Tor announcing re- sulTs oT The campus populariTy conTesT. From a gianT box oT candy, opened by Peggy lv1cGough, presidenT oT The sTudenT body, emerged Tommy l-larringTon and lvlargareT Rawls as King and Queen oT l-learTs, Tollowed by Their aTTendanTs. lncluded in Their courT were The campus su- perlaTives: C. J. Taylor, besT aThleTe: Wanda lvliTchell, mosT naive: Sawyer Sims, besT dressed boy: BeTsy PrescoTT, mosT versaTile girl: Jimmy Anderson, bes+ poliTiciang June Carley, mosT col- legiaTe girl, l-larrison GranTham, Treshman mosT likely To succeed, Frances FerTiTTa, mosT sophisTi- caTed. l-lonored especially were The winners OT The beauTy conTesT, selecTed by John RoberT Powers. Jean Marie Curry was chosen mosT beauTiTul, and The runners-up were Annie Laurie RoberTs, Laduslci Webb, Joy DorseTT, and Joyce Saxon. The crown bearers were Ii++Ie CharloTTe Frasca and Bill Johnson. The sTudenTs danced To music provided by The Blue Serenaders oT lvlorTon, Miss. The college gymnasium was gaily decoraTed Tor The occasion. The King and Queen 0 liearw TogeTher wiTl1 ATTending BeauTies SelecTed by John Roberi' Powers 'I I I I i I I I QI I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I L+ "NICE LITTLE DANCE BAND!" "PEGGY OPENED THE TEN-FOOT BOX OF CANDY 91 ean marie Curry The Mos+ Beau+iful JOY DORSETT JOYCE SAXON ANNIE LAURIE ROBERTS yy LADUSKI WEBB ft! Keen ?an! PIIRI-IER'S PHUTDGRHPHIC STUDIO FINE PORTRAITS COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY I I2O Wes+ Pine SI I W. D. PARKER REMEMBER US FOR YOUR FUTURE PHOTOGRAPHIC NEEDS SAUCIER'S SHELL SERVICE STATION Hardy ST. af 28+I1 Ave. PHONE 2520 WASHING-POLISHING-WAXING SHELL LUBRICATION-GASOLINE-MOTOR OIL A CompIe+e Line of Au+o Accessories A PERSONAL SERVICE THAT SATISFIES HUB CITY OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY EVERYTHING FOR THE SCHOOL AND OFFICE 2I8 W. Pine STreeT Phones 3380-338I COMMENTS RADIO ELECTRIC COMPANY OF EXPERT RADIO AND APPLIANCE CARBURETOR R IGNITION SERWCE COMPANY Pick-up and Delivery Phone 2568 CONGRATULATIONS COMPLIMENTS FROM THE NEW OF STANDARD DRUG CHECAC-50 SHQE STORE, LTD. REBUILDERS COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF BETSY ROSS BREAD COLLEGE PHARMACY COMPUMENT5 OF DRUGS-PRESCRIPTIONS 5, I0 and 25 Opp M S. C. Ph I58l CONGRATULATIONS Xa BEST WISHES QQMPI-IMENTS FROM GF SOUTHERN MOTOR SALES CASH AND CARRY DRY OLDSMOBILE-PACKARD-AUTOMOBILES G M.C. TRUCKS 318 E. p 5+ T I IYQQ 939 I07 .WaInuI S+. I-Ia++iesb M SANDERSON BROS EIvIILE'S S h S I " ervice wif a mie" SANDWICH SHOP PURINA FEED SEED 81 FARM 303 HARDY STREET SUPPLIES 30l M bl S Ph 38 COMPLIMENTS OF THE MERCHANTS COMPANY OF MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS OF PINE CREST STORE COMPLIMENTS OF COLLEGE GRILL 2600 HARDY STREET COMPLIMENTS 7 OF ' PETAL THEATRE COMPLIMENTS OF BLUE RIBBON BAKERY I29Iv1k Sfreef 2I8S M S+ Ph 88I Ph 2680 COMPLIMENTS FROM THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF K. C. STEAKHOUSE OWL DRUG STORE J. C. PENNEY COMPANY WHILE AT SOUTHERN SHOP WHERE OUALITY ADDS NOTHING TO THE PRICE Q- J. C. PENNEY'S I Where Savings are Grea-'res+ I I DONAVEN 81 LANE I Men's and Boy's Wear COMPLIMEN-IS OF PRAYTOR'S CLEANERS M SI Ph II7 COMPLIMENTS COIVIPLIIVIENTS OE OF WALDOFF3-CSDIEEARTMENT ALLEY II8 E. PINE N Io Ihe Greyhound Bus S 1 N ,Q "Refresh yourse1f".g,jy 3' HATTIESBURG COCA-COLA BOTTLING CC. Ha++iesburg, Mississippi COMPLIMENTS While in Meridian VisiI'- yf ALEX LOEB, INC. Q Where Qualify and Cos+ IIATTIESBIIDGS OUAUTY IZUUNITUDF STOIIS MAKE SATISFACTION AND SAVINGS PGSSIBLE VICTOR-COLUMBIA DECCA RECORDS MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI 1 COMPLIMENTS S OF ICE CREAM MULLINNIX MODISH "Where Friends Mee+ for Good Things Io EaI" COMPLIMENTS "THE GIFT STORE" OF ARPI-ll 5-MF-U'vE THE Love DRUG HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI CONGRATULATIONS FROM CITIZENS BANK Member Federal DeposII Insurance Corporafion Member Federal Reserve Sysfem COMPLIMENTS OF F I N E B R O S. DEPARTMENT STORES, LAUREL, I-IATTIESBURG COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF GEIGER PRINTING LATIMER PRINTING COMPANY COMPANY FARRIOR MOTOR COMPANY Phone 322 and 466 BETTER BUY BUICK 400 Wesf Pine S I-I I In g M pp COMPLIMENTS OF SACKI.ER'S FURNITURE COMPANY I-Ia+Iiesburq's Complefe Furnifure S+ore COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF THE WHITE SYSTEM BUFKIN'S Ins'raIImen'r Loans Men's Wear COMPLIMENTS COMP!-IMENTS OF OF JOY'S CREDIT STORE WALNUT STREET PHARMACY 613 MAIN STREET HOME APPLIANCE COMPANY FRIGIDAIRE DEALER HOUSEHOLD AND COMMERCIAL APPLIANCES 308 Second S'rreeI Phone No. 2I22 I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI S d I Ic+ In g I , and Home Laundry Deparfmenf. The IInesI ppI III I y In y ALL MATERIALS AND WORKMANSI-IIP GUARANTEED R L ANDERSON P d I V L ROGERS S I M g if - IIE! uc + M GRAUEAIII .ff mm HATTIESBURG CREAMERY, LTD. CONGRATULATIONS COMPLIMENTS FROM UE C S SALON GIFTS-GRIEETING CARDS-BOOKS 222 W, pine S+, phone 832 ,ik UAL CoNeRATULATioNs MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN COLLEGE Mississippi Inslrilrufion processing young Men and Women I assume Iheir re- sponsibiliries as Cifizens- We, Too, are a Soifrh Mississippi Ins+i+uIion, and for over 40 years have en deavored To dis+ribu+e+i'1e besr Food Produds available- HATTIESBU RG GRCJCERY CCMPANY Manufacfurers and DisI'ribu+ors "Top QuaIi+y" Producfs COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF THE RELIANCE MANUFACTURING CCMPANY ooNNERs CLEANERS CQMPUMENTS HOME OF BEAUTIFUL QF CLEANING PICKWICK CAFE Courfeous Service Qualify Work i I i i i Ui i i ni i ii i ii ii i -I i i 1 I- 1, L.. TAYLoR RADIO coMPANY QF Aufhorized Dealer MOTOROLA-MAJESTIC Radios for Home and Car COMPLIMENTS FARMERS FEED AND GROCERY COMPANY PHONOGRAPH RECORDS Your Favorife Ariisi Popular--Classic-Jazz RADIO REPAIR SERVICE The Fines? in Repairs on 0 Radios a nd Phonographs Be Radiowise-Taylor Safisfi es P ii o ri e 2 6 O 3 2I5 Second S+. Phone I35I 308 Second S+. I-laifiesburg, Miss. A iiss "When You Think of Quality, Think of Eisman's" COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF FORREST HOTEL GREYHOUND LINES DIAMONDS JEWELRY WATCHES SILVERWARE COIVIPLIIVIEINITS OF EDGAR JEWELRY COMPANY WATCH REPAIRING Phone 2278 4I4 SouII1 Main SI. Haffiesburg, Miss. VENTILATING, AIR CONDITIONING ROOFING, SI-IEET METAL WORK B U R K E T T SHEET METAL WORKS O. R. BURKETT Telephone 260 I2I Newman SIree'r I-Iaffiesburg, Miss. WILLMUT GAS AND OIL COMPANY NATURAL GAS Cheap-Clean-Convenieni' 'Q' DOMESTIC COOKING-I-IEATIN6-I-IOT WATER ALSO FOR COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL PURPOSES YOU SAVE WI-IEN YOU TRADE BARNES AT SEED a FEED co. LQNDQNS GARDEN-FLOWER SIMON LONDON, Manager FIELD SEED COMPLIMENTS OF DIXIE TIRE TREADERS CONGRATULATIONS FROM PHOENIX LAUNDRY BRECK'S SIGN SHOP COMPLIMENTS COMMERCIAL AND OUTDOOR OF DISPLAYS LEWIS FOOD STORES R A ERfK'NR'DGE Ph me I-I bgm n MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN COLLEGE STATION A, I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Member of: The SouThern AssociaTion of Colleges and Secondary Schools The American AssociaTion of Teachers' Colleges The NaTionaI AssociaTion of Schools of Music The American Council on EducaTion LOCATION: Mississippi SouThern College is in The cenTer oT SouTh Mississippi, convenienTly locaTed almosT equidisTanT Trom Jackson, Meridian, GulTporT and Mc- Comb. The buildings are new, clean, and modern in a beauTiTuI seTTing, wiTh pine Trees, waTer oaks, azaleas, camellias, a sunken garden, and a Tropical lagoon. COURSES OF INSTRUCTION: Courses leading To The B.S. and The B.A. degrees are oTTered and several graduaTe courses are oTTered during The Summer OuarTer. Courses are oTTered in EducaTion oT Teachers, Science and MaThemaTics, I-lome Economics, Music and ArT, Commerce and Business, Social STudies, I-lealTh and Physical EducaTion, Languages, English, Speech, Journalism, lndusTrial ArTs, Library Science, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Law, Pre-Engineering and Medical Technician. OPPORTUNITIES FOR VETERANS: Courses Tor VeTerans will be available in all OT The college Tields. A special course in The OperaTion oT a Small Business will begin on June IO. lWriTe Tor special bulleTinl. An inTensive course Tor I-Iomemakers is oT- Tered. OpporTuniTies Tor making up high school uniTs will be given To VeTerans. RECREATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: ConcreTe Tennis courTs, a swimming pool, a nine-hole golT course, a gymnasium, Tours To New Orleans, deep sea Tishing on The coasT, lecTures and dances will be available To sTudenTs during The Spring and Summer OuarTers. MEETING THE NEEDS OF TEACHERS AND SUPERINTENDENTS: Teachers work- ing on degrees may compleTe sixTeen weeks oT work by enrolling on April 29Th and conTinuing Through The Summer OuarTer. Courses in The elemenTary and secondary Tields will be oTTered To boTh Teachers and adminisTraTors. A I-lealTh Workshop and a Reading Clinic and many oTher workshops and comferences will be held during The Summer OuarTer. pf, y ,Q i. COM WHAT JVIAY., CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by Along study, training and experience 0 We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud . . . . 'if fr -k -k -3- COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISIQN ALABAMA E N GRAVI N G C OMPANY B I RM 1 N G HAM. 5 5' -E 'U 5- 1 as 5' Q ll UI IllPAIlY1frIlASHVIllE Q Bama slenuuv 0 710 ted 710 tea F 'I' E-I E A L M A TEN 3435 TEE 'A ' w I digit! 35,1 gms ?' T'n?' "F1f?Yfrq , 1 fda fq J. NJHA Il-,lgjjllg-H 1 . ' u 'sw 4.1 4" Egijg? .wagfffmf f'rlTY'E S-r i ai e?JuPE"fF1IJf ij-fjve fair-at WLQEQ 'HPELQQ iE151M'f1E'q gf?-Qi? 'F 'Th' , ya .r v I 4 iq jwfiig' 5 frlf f F,-i'f.s.-1-.-ki im wi zrflf1JgfJwg"1"1WW:i1ff15i was s U r :df y ef Z!! tgirl Tfif Vs.. fx , - wifi wwf 15441944415 Wager Ir' of i? f'ef U 'zfugiigve-wp-1fV1ff1?1f1 1f?EfIM5'g1L1r:1 el wwf' sdjffue-115 W-F wf IV A' ER j'DQ1?JfJ-al -F1 - IJJJH -af-ig, 43,4 ,- :-- v g5,iU+f ,ff rj ,gwfif ,mga JiC'11gw1lr'Qf"E i,5,lfsgQLI15J a w1FI+-iff? M 5 MQMQH J AZ'4'-9-' M5 4 if-A -.LLJFQQJZ lfUf"Tlr FF rff,,lY11E BAM w'L'i"i' 4 Q - ' 'F-X-1 Q-bf!g,j.,fxlF,Li4,g4f.J I I J. lffJH S-92. Idsf-fx! - if- - EV X I fu . :'N f- is f , --4 L ' fr I +5 1 Q li if f' 2 4 Q L H 1 . 4151943 rl ,TYP V Zi I fl - sew. fl ' " i:::?1 I ' 'L ' ?'r frmjj f 1 'Ix1"h'r'Pw-'v'l1 'r1JX1JX1'b 'IITJXE 3'-fi! H gi: 'c.+i,, pf' r, 6' r,.,f r S r+ci.'53, gg -C- -K 5-Fzwwlv - - -. 5' .L ,Vi ' M' 'Q Eifrg? rg 14 AQYQLQQH GH Ff 'EH I? ff ' ,'.1Z'.Z?' 'P if -ffl .L NUMB r' Jia 4- ' .- 4. ..- wwfaga f'fjf"TIf J I ff I - .4 W'Q.-Wing 6' ID- I l r"fEyf'Ucuc J I? -'IJIILJE

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