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 - Class of 1944

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University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 44 of the 1944 volume:

Mississippi Soutiiern Coiiege YEAR BOOK 1943-44 fsuu-P-F1174 V C xiii-Q2 "-Nix 2 ,N wiki my 'R -F I I - C7 ts viwtt 334' '1 if gltfiyfilxv 2,,,4B'3 If , W.. Y . X ffjlnmu QNX55 Presented By: DORIS FREDENDOLL, Editor DOROTHY PRICE, Bus. Mgr DOROTHY ARENDALE, Asst. Editor IESSEY WAYNE GANDY, Asst Bus Mgr Editorial Assistants: Business Assistants: HARVEY CRAFT, Ir. CAROL ELLZEY IANE MCMATH DOROTHY ONEAL ISABELLE MCCOY -sri v i wk s . T X c- fi "vents: st M A. . is X -Av vx,.,,+ xngy yas, X ' X ,, it w. .ex 4 - Q we To N. , - . . tv sw Sis-ss 239:39 it XY' X X- Y- is-' 13 , X , Egifts- N. , 9:5 is t A . X i 3 - X X .1 ad .v -my . SQ-X'QJ A , ,W " -. ,NQgrj1.i5,s T W :Mig Sf ,, ' h. A 'QQ M " S yn 1 2 :fl if ,gt fig, Q xffsls,-., i- -f 4 , , Q, X i. if- - 5 gag-Ad, S ,if i jg , X' K. Q. -. K. -'bias' Sf' X '41 ' Ng. ii' -.. f ' , ' ,. i X - - L 1 'xrs,"'x-f' X 'lik' , x . E . AU r, x x 'Q fix 'Hg -xl- .f's' ly" A X, Ti' , '19,f,'l-,Q at XL X, 4' O f -1 K ' , Q Y x , ' f . XM X. ti at K" gs -'A -4 Q its Declication . . . Dedicated to the Seniors of the Class ot '44: For their loyalty to Mississippi Southern and its ideals, their contributions to the College and to the students, and their Work toward the goal which they are now attaining. May they continue buildinq upon the records which they have established here at our Alma Mater. To the Members of the Graduating Class of 19414: The standing of this institution today is due iarqeiy' to the tine younq rnen and the tine younq women who have been trained here. You are now qoinq out as a representative ot your Alina Mater. VVhen you leave the cariipus, ao away determined that you will carry the torch a itttte hiaher than it has ever been carried before. Visit your coiieqe whenever possible, become an active nieniber ot your Aiurnni Association, and Work tor a Crreater Mississippi Southern coiieae. i, as president ot our institution, ani wishinq tor each of you the very best that life has to offer. The colieae stands ready to assist you in any way that it can. I. B. GEQHGE, President. if 1 i as Q Qx, ,V If 1 A I ,,,,,,,,,, , ,..,. ,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ff! Above-College Hull Left--loo Cook Memorial Librory. ,K In Highi-DG3I11OI1SUCIli.O11 School. Below-Colle-ije Auditorium. 46 W, ,il Z I-F ip-Y!-4 7-:1,r- ' ' V x ., , W, xx W' n II ll u 7537 v-f nf -, X. V A ur., - , w..:Q,,."- " - ' -'Z"f0""' ' " ' my . .,. . 1,-.. A We Lil - za . ,,,.,. -fJfQiW'T" "43"xAMf?yml -"-'LiX'f59'i V ' "1 f ' P I ax , :gf f if . fir ' ff pg- x . uf' 1- WU ' Af ., 1,1 V W V af V ' V' V, VV' ' -v-- up 42549. ,WW imp 741 V :VW-1.f " 'Z .- vi 111- VV'. Vi' . 2 " ,Li V":ffff,' 4 M2::asz-?f',g4,-,am-H,,wgf:,:,g,-g:g2f-an3fag-5:,:eg::,w5:V555-5327:' gs, "L ', gt , ,aff V , "V I ,,.,, 407, V , , if V,,V 7,1491 .-.. V ..,. A, ?zf'e,w ff V ff' "M", V ' lwiV'13-Vw-V2 6,2-f2'g2Q:,-.'gV,.,.,. ,: , V, V V Va 2 : V 51,4 M., 9 A-V, ,,g1v", 4, , ,715 , . QV V ay af--f1:s5,3s:2-5,.,, 3175- V' V s Q My 1 2, M - 1 , f,V V , , , ,, 1 ' I' "HY rl 1 Z V W V 4 .4143-4V , ,, ..,f,ff , V, i V V ,, ,, VV VV. , ,,,,,,, , V A V , emi Z' ' 4, ,,,f V H' fe' M .1 , ,V ,, , ' V, , M2753 V yfff B V VV 9 fffp:V:a.4WV. V' ' I wf Vffj'Zfw7VVf Milf 'fl Www , 10 f , ,, , V7 V as-V-w,V4,wi 145, ,f, ,, Vwmcfn, f 1 . ZWl:fZ7!4?f'1"l 1 ,MNZV , V'X4fVfVf f WV W5 7' C fake' 'zfrfww-Vv ff W , V , , , ,, , - ,, l 1 f' , QV - Vf WMM 252 " -fun ' V s , , 0 V, V f fVfffyVV 5 'Q fg,V,Q:.M V g s V , , VV ,V . , , , , ,,, .4, 74 lfzaf X V, ,hp fx, ,f VV2AfZuV,,9yV,VMf7,V ,, V -,JV nf V V,,f,,W,V, jf 'V ,fgi , 5 'V Vps, , VV, ffff ,V -VVg6'fgfVV , . ,,y4y5.f., f,,,,, A M ,V 'Milf fffff ,f f,mW7VM,f ,,' if ff ,, V zybfy V V711 H fWWf! V QV f 465' X ffy V V 4' , , ' Wy, gm ! fin V, ' M" " .f T256 4 Q..-afwae .A Left--Between Classes. M 5. -- ,,., --.-.., ,.- Q, ,. Above-Hospital Right--Mississippi Hull. Below-Forrest County Hall. 1 P-,,.L--""': Y .,--fl' I QT"-51? was IEE WEE E 5 f Mg--w i ,f ,is VI. W .. 1, 1 if an ,V . , " . gg"-4 'Fi . ' N31 uf' M -if . an 5 ' 4 M f ,ff 4 . f . + 5,g3f:wgg.f.sQ Vw-Wg " X - H W-,y "' 2 ag! 34 'qgfjivagfv 3 ,, QALIIQLW -f' X Q ',1.,l:qi 3223155215441 fy" , V , .... FJEVQQ' hrpa., ..,l Y. , Af, ,ff r, - f f -1 3, 3, 3, x. L A k A Q? f5:'55fJ'W' U, ,,.f fw" ,QQ A ffl! ' f jf. . ,cw , ,rr . , . ' . ., ,,,.,-..,.4,-I I fi:-:ww -' 'tv ' "" WN ' ' ,,,. , m y ,... .Hz 5 ' f 'N M 'AAAA'-'- 'K W' .:.4.5. awww '. Q-f':,,Ny,,V ,Mm ,jf I .... --,- V . , my 1 M. -n.x..nfa-N. U he Above-Adulinistrqtion Building. Hiqht- Dinmq HGH. .Ad111i11ist1'ai:iVe Staff---19-43-44 I. B. George . H. M. Craft ,,, Mary Pulley 4,,..,.. B. W. Curry ,,4. ..,,,7 B. A. McLemore ..,,e E. M. lvy eeeeeeeeeeeeee H. D. Pickens lohn M. King e.eeeeeee,e V. M. Morgan L ........ Mary Ruth Dickey . Marie Odom ,........ .. Margaret Barrett . ...,. . .. Mary Donavan Parker M. H. Stemme ......... . Mrs. C. T. Singleton Mrs. Selah Carmichael President . Vice-President and Dean Registrar Financial Secretary Dean ot Students Superintendent ot Demonstration School Director ot Teacher Training Director of Teacher Training . . Bookkeeper ..cocc Secretary to the President Secretary to the Vice-President . ..coo, Secretary to the Registrar .. Secretary to the Financial Secretary Superintendent ot Grounds Hostess, Mississippi Hall Hostess, Hattiesburg Hall FaCu1ty---1943-1944 S. E. Bethea, M.D. ,,......... . Beedie E. Smith, R.N. oo.o.. - Ioicie Smith .....,... . ..,.,, . O. V. Austin c.oc..oc...cocc ....... S cience Mrs. S. B. Ballard . ....... ...................... M usic Mary Theresa Baylis ....,..... . .........i........... Music Allie Ward Billingsley Willa Bolton ........................... Foreign Languages Geography Pearl Campbell - ......... ....... Home Economics Forrest DeLano .......... Annie L. D'Olive ......... Mrs. Katherine Foote ...,... 'William H. Ford ........ Mrs. Minnie B. Ford .... Lula Mae Fowler ........... 'lohn M. Frazier ....,. T. H. Freeny ................ Bertha M. Fritzsche ...... Anna E. George ....oo " Reed Green ............. . William B. Harlan . Mary S. Hawkins ...... Alma Hickman ....... i?Beniamin L. Hill ....... Edith Hinton -- ........ Mrs. Betty Hurst ...... Willery lackson ...... W. L. lohnson .....,... Perrin lohnston ,......... Iohn M. King ............. -. Music ........,,..,,...... , Art Mathematics Commerce Fifth Grade History Science Psychology .. ...,.., Home Economics Music, Honorary Physical Education Commerce Fifth Grade English .......... Science First Grade .. .... Fourth Grade History Mathematics Second Grade Emily Peyton lones ' ..... Teacher Training ....., . Education William M. Keller Mrs. VJ. W. Koon ...... Mrs. D. C. Leech ....... Eleanor S. Leek ,..... R. G. Lowrey .......... . . Russell Lyons ............. ....... Frank E. Marsh, Ir. ........ .. Mildred Ann Martin .....,.. . Home Economics Anna Katherine Morrill , .. Helen lanet MacDonald Sallie Stevens McLemore Richard A. McLemore . . Mary Ann Oden - ..... .... .... . A. D. Owings ......... H. D. Pickens .. ....... Anna M. Roberts ..... . Robert E. Schwartz . .... Mrs. R. E. Schwartz ...... L Hubert A. Shands . O. C. Steede ........ . Herd C. Steele Emily Stribling . ..... . 'Thad Vann . . 'l. F. Walker . .... L . Anna Weathersby Mrs. Eugene Wilder . .... . Stephen A. Wilkinson . College Physician - .... ...... . . ...... .- Nurse .. .... Dietitian Music Commerce First Grade ,, ,,.. ,, ,....,.. ,.........., M usic . English Physical Education Music L L ................ Music ,.,.. ....,.. M usic . . . Sixth Grade History . ..... .... .... - - Music .... ....., Science . .... Teacher Training Librarian . . ..... ..... H ealth . Physical Education . Foreign Language . .. . .. .. lunior High , . ..... Science Home Economics . Physical Education . .. Science . Third Grade L L Librarian -- Economics 'Leave ot absence, U. S. Service. T 16 senior Class wsxixx N, XFX 3 X be - Q lst Row: Lewis, Weatliersby, Mason, Brent, Stringer, Price, Langdon. 2nd Row: Glannen, Lane, Lewis, Rhcdes, Brister, Rimes Cunningham, l-lolcomly, Avery, Kflfliite, Cowart, Simmons, Sheppard. 3rd row: Buckley, Hearn, Maury, Bridges, Barnett, Bar- nett, McBe-th. Litli row: Ross, Breazeale, Dallas, Rhodes, Cooper, Piqott, Miller, Hart, McKenzie, Mercer. lOl-lN T. BRENT, President KATHRYN MOBLEY, Vice-President WILDA MAE MASON, Secretary-Treasurer MADELON MCMULLAN, Reporter. DR. R. A. MCLEMORE, Class Sponsor. GRADUATE GENEVIEVE AVERETT . I-lattiesbiio Social studies major: I.R.C. IULIUS ODELL BARNETT . I I New Site Lower Elementary and History Major CTERTRUDE BREAZEALE . . Philadelphia Social Science Major IOHN T. BRENT, IR. . .. ccccccccr Hattiesburg Science and Mathematics major: President ol Senior class: Mr. M.S.C.: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, l943. FRANCES HELEN BROOM ri,. L. Columbia Lower Elementary and English Major PAUL MILLER BUSBY I Eici ccccL..i,,,.. M eridign Social Studies Major MARY ETTA CARLISLE . cicci...ccccc,ccc Wesson Upper Elementary and English Major MERLE CARR U. cc,,.-,, I cccccc,vcc Crystal Springs Home Economics Major: President cf Chris- tian Federation: Sigma Theta Kappa: Home Economics Club: Vesper Choir, l942- 43: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1943. GLORIA COLEMAN .,cc ciiccccc cc, H a ttiesburg Social Studies Major: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Vesper Choir. LILLIAN COOPER .... .,,ccI c.I,...,eI,,.I,,c c,.., , . . Purvis Voice Major: President of band, l942-43: Sigma Theta Kappa, Treasurer: Historian: Alpha Mu Chi president: Vesper Choir, Southern Singers: Most Beautiful. WALLINE COWART . . occo.c cc,, . . . Wiggins Home Economics Major: Home Economics Club, Alpha Sigma Alpha. MRS. UNA LEE CRAFT .cc. .c.....c ccc. . . Collins English Major TOMMYE LOU DABBS . . ,c,c. L... . Ouitman Home Economics Major: Mu Omega, Presi- dent: Pan-Hellenic council: Chairman of Informal Dancing: Campus Favorite: Cam- pus Beauty: Home Economics Club. ALICE IMOGENE DALLAS ..,,c,cc-,,, Little Rock Home Economics Major: Home Economics Club. ELENORA DAWSON . Chester Social Studies Major MRS. MARVEL TURNER DRENNAN Leakesville Home Economics Major: Home Economics club, Mu Omega. HARWEDA FRIDDLE I Laurel English and Social Studies Major DOROTHY GENTILE c..c. Gultport Home Economics Major: Pan-Hellenic council, president: Delta Sigma Epsilon, president: Home Economics club, president: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, l943. FANNIE MERLE HART ,,,,ccc ..ccc, , I ,,,,,d,, Puckett Home Economics Major MAUDE HERRINGTON .. ..c.cccc . icc, . ,,,,, Ellisville English Major SIBYL GRACE IOHNSON ,,.... .,,, . ,, .c.. . ..c.... Saucier Science and Mathematics Major MARIORIE LITTLE .,,,.., , .... . .... ,,,, H Clzlehiirgt Social Studies Major: l.R.C. president. f VONDEE LOTT .. ., .. Seminary English Major: B.S.U., president: Y.W.A.: I.R.C,: Bible class. WILDA MAE MASON ,..r r..r.r. I I ...r......,..r, Purvis English and Social Science: Campus Fav- orite: Freshman Class secretary: Sigma Theta Kappa, reporter, president: Senior Class secretary: House Chairman, Hatties- burg Hall: Pan-Hellenic Council, secretary: Chairman of Formal Dancing: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, l943. MRS. CAROLYN HARBOUR MAURY .. ..... . .. . . Daleville Elementary English Major MILDRED C. MAYO . I .... . I . .rr.. Ouitman Home Economics Major: Home Economics club. MADELON MCMULLAN A . , r.r... . Laurel English Major: Delta Sigma Epsilon, cor- responding secretary. ANALENE MEADOWS . , , Magee Elementary Major rg- tr r re . lx:-XT HRH N IVIOBLEY .. MMMM., M...MM . Columbia Lower Elementary Art Major, Alpha Sigma Alpha, editor. IOHN PAUL NIX aaaaa,.,Nr.a,,,,aaaa,, . ,,aaaa Gulfport Social Studies Major MRS. ELIZABETH PLOHETSKI ooooo oooo, T ylertown English Major: Mu Omega DOROTHY LOUISE PRICE .. ,,,,oooooo Hattiesburg Home Economics Majorg Home Economics club, president, Student Printz Business Manager: Sigma Theta Kappa, treasurer, Vesper Choir. MRS. ALMA E. REEDS . ,rr,., , ..rrrr . rrri...,r Senatobia English Major MARY IARIE RHODES rrrr,rro,rrrrrrr,rrr Collinsville Home Economics Majorg Home Economics club. MRS. BROWNIE RITCHIE orr.rrr . orrr.rr,.,rr .... U nion Home Economics Majorg Home Economics club, Christian Endeavor. MRS. IUANITA ROBINSON rrrrorrrrrrr jasper, Ala. Commerce Major MARY LOUISE ROBINSON ,or,r, . ..,rr,,r.,rrr Gloster Home Economics Majorg Home Economics club. NARVELLE SANDERS or ro,r . rrr,,,. . orr,rrrr Harperville Lower Elementary Eine Arts Major AUGUST MATTIE LOIS BARKSDALE rrrr,rro,rrr . rrrrr,rri . Petal Voice Major: Sigma Theta Kappa, Alpha Mu Chip Vesper Choir, vice-presidentg Southern Singers, Eriendliest Girl. MRS. IEWELL BARNETT . .L L. cc,c cccc N ew Site Lower Elementary and English Major VIDER LEE BARNETT L I .. cccc or Philadelphia English and Lower Elementary Major ELORA MAE BEATTY ,c,c .. . cccc c-4ce, , Pulaski Social Studies Major MARY BUSH SHEPPARD .c,,..., Mendenhall Instrumental Music Major: Vesper Choir, Student Directorg Alpha Mu Chi, reporterg Mississippi Hall House Chairmang Student Councilg Band. ELEANOR LEE SIMMONS ,,,,,l,l,,,,,sll Tylertawn Home Economics Majorg Alpha Sigma Alpha, Home Economics club. FRANCES E. STRAIT -- c,, c,,,,.cc, Brookhaven Home Economics Majorg Home Economics club. ALICE CORIAN STRINGER L. .c.cccc Raymond Voice Majory Vesper Choirg Southern Sing- ersg Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Mu Chig Band, l942-43, Most Collegiate: Student Body Presidentg Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. ZELDA STUBBS c.r.,ccccccc, . .ccccccccccc,..cccc,,,,c,., Magee Commerce Majorp Wesley Foundation, Commerce club. ELOIS LEE THOMAS ccccc,,...cccc. Sebastopol Elementary Education Major BEULAH THRASH cccc...,,,..,cccccc..., Meridian English and Social Studies Major CORA ODESSA WHITE c.cccc ...... P hiladelphia Home Economics Major: Home Economics club. BARBARA MORRIS WRIGHT ,cccc Hattiesburg Music Major: Sigma Theta Kappa, Vice- Presidentp Vesper Choir, Alpha Mu Chi. GRADUATES WINNIE MAE BLACKWELL c....cccc.,,cc-.- Collins Upper Elementary History Major MRS. LEE ORA BRIDGES ....,... ..,.. . ..ccc.. I ackson English Majorg Bible class, Library statt. EDITH BUCKLEY .ccc .cc. . . ..cccc...,ccccc...,- Hattiesburg Home Economics Majorg Delta Sigma Epsi- lon, secretary. IOY EMOGENE BURGE .. .,.,.,.c,.ccccc Poplarville Home Economics Major MRS. KA'THLEEN CHIPLEY L Forest Public School Music Major VERA BELLE DOOLEY . . L c,cc, Lessley Commerce Major CARRIE EASTERLING . . .L . . . Merton Home Economics Major MARY ELIZABETH GLANNEN cc.c . Hattiesburst Chemistry Major: Sigma Sigma Sigma MARY FLORENCE GRAHAM .ccc Waynesboro Social Studies Major EUGENIA KATHRYN GRIFFIN L ,Leakesville Music Major: Alpha Mu Chi, Mu Omega, Vesper Choir. NEVA GRIP FIN .....II.IIIIIIIIcc . I..IIII .,.I.,II..,, M eridtan Upper Elementary English Major FRANCES MARIE HERRON IIIIII . .,II., L Courtland English and Social Studies Major IESSIE HELEN HUNT c,acci. L , IIIIIII O ,I,. Saucier Lower Elementary English Major DIMPLE LANE ...I, L .IIIIIII ,,III . I,IIII,IIII.,.IIIII L Forest Home Economics Majorg Sophomore class, secretaryg Wesley Foundation, vice-presi- dentg Home Economics club, secretary: Best Dressed Girly Sigma Theta Kappa. VIRGINIA LOUISE LEWIS . L . . cI,ILLc,IIc. Iackson Home Economics Majory Mu Omega, presi- dent: Pan-Hellenic Council, vice-president: Home Economics clubp Miss M.S.C.p Best Dressed: Campus Favorite. LOIS CHRISTINE MCBETH cccc., , ..cIc.,...ccIc,... Lena Lower Elementary Education Major Avery, Mildred ccccrcccccc Aycock, Lillie Mae .iii.... Bishop, Hazel Slay ,iiiiiii,.,ii Blackwell, Rubie Mae MRS. GERALDINE MERCER Lena Commerce and Social Studies Major MRS. GRACE NESTER Rose Hill Lower Elementary History Major MRS. MARY IANE PARKER Moselle Upper Elementary English Major BILLIE IEAN PIGOTT Tylertown Lower Elementary Education Major ALMA SAUCIER . . . Perkinston Commerce Major VERA SMITH iiiiii I . iiiii . .iii ,,ii, .iiii L ucien Home Economics Major MARGARET KATHERINE STRAIT Brookhaven Home Economics Major MARY GRACE STRINGER iiiii, Summerland Piano majorg Vesper Choirp Band, l942-435 Sigma Theta Kappa, Alpha Mu Chi. ALFREDA LOUISE THOMPSON Holmesville English and Mathematics Major IEPTHY TOUCHSTONE Lciii Crystal Springs Mathematics and Social Studies Major EUNICE ELOISE TULLOS L L Philadelphia Lower Elementary History Major MINNA MARIE VINSON . .. , i,ii Waynesboro English and Social Studies Major MRS. THELMA WHEAT L Columbia Lower Elementary English Major NON -GRADUATIN G SENIORS Batesville Hillsboro Pinola Columbia Blakeney, Sammie Brinkley iii,,,.-,,,iii Booneville Brister, Roselle I ii..rrr . . ii,,ii . iiii ..ii . i.,.,i,, , West Crenshaw, Ernest rrrrrrrrr rr..rr.r ,.r,... N e shoba Cunningham, Florence ....i.,r .iii.,,,, N ewton Donald, Melba lean ,,..i ..iiiiii,,i,,,ii I. Lena Duncan, Ira Inez r,.. . .rrrr. .iii..,.. T ylertown Dykes, Rebecca iii.iii Fillingame, Ola Tylertown Purvis Hanna, Beulah i.,,.,.,. . .... Walnut Grove Hanna, Viola ,rii,iii,iiiii I, , i,i,i. Walnut Grove Hearn, Florence rr.,i,.,i. iiiii. I , i.,,,i,,,,,, Mileston Hightower, Elizabeth iiiii ,iiii,,i . Hattiesburg Holcomb, Frances ,.r,.,,,iii . iiiiii Waynesboro Houston, Gertrude .. ..,. ,,,iiiii. ,,,-iii U n ion Iohnson, Clementine , ir.I..,,, Poplarville Kyle, Mary ,.i,....iiii....ii i..i.iii G eorgetown Langdon, Mary Lee, Leonard .iii.,,. L Lewis, Eugenia .rrr..iii McKenzie, Buford McRee, Dora Lois . Miller, Almyra iiii L Moore, Myrtle . .iii.ii I Myrick, Ora ,r..iii,. Pettus, Lucille i,..i Phillips, Dean .,.. Purvis, Louise . ,,,i,i, I Rhodes, Thelma I Rimes, Blanche , ...ii L Magnolia Hattiesburg Star Collins Crandall Ouitman . . iiii Philadelphia Heidelberg . ...,i.. Eden Walnut Grove Star Union Church .. .... .rrr..i.. Summit Rutledge, Mrs. lohn O . Sandersville Simmons, Virginia ..ii . .. .,,ii Columbia Smith, Mary Critton . Hattiesburg Stringer, Norma Alice I .I Bay Springs Swan, Hubert I iiii , I Lumberton Turner, Iames H. . ,i.ii. ..iii H attiesburg Vtfeathersby, Margie . Webb, Maudine L .riii,. , I . ..ii I Hattiesburg . .ii.,.i ii,,,. F orest i 7 . History of the C ass o 44 Dear Students and Faculty Members: I am glad you have asked me to relate the history of my graduating class to you because l am sure we have all found it to be the hap- piest and most eventful four years we have ever spent. lflfhen we made our first appearance at Mississippi Southern College in the fall of l94O we had a freshman class of lO5. We were greeted on the campus by the upperclassmen and were taken on a tour of the city, introduc- ed to the mayor and other city officials and then back to school for a robin-hand shake and punch. Our class was just as green as they come, although we at that time disagreed: but of course we changed our minds on freshman day when we found ourselves crawling around the campus at the shout cf an upperclassman. We respected them, however-to the extent that we dressed quite attractively for the occasion. Our dress-all in uniform, incidentally-consisted of short dresses worn wrong side outwards, hind part before, with knee-length black bloom- ers, white cotton stockings, and unmated shoes. 'We also introduced a new coiffure, although we noticed not any of the upperclassmen ac- cepted our style to such a degree that they copied us. l really don't know why-it couldn't be because we complained, because we didn't dare! This new hair-do consisted of several plaits with coat-hangers hanging from them. As for the boys on this day-well, we thought they were very disrespectful. They didn't even go to the trouble to dress-they just came to class with their pajamas on. However, we will admit some were decent enough to wear nightcaps and robes. They all had the familiar hair out that is usually seen around college campuses at the first of the school year. We ended the day by entertaining the student body at the football game between halves. With our class there came a number of new faculty members. They included Miss Allie 'Nord Billingsley, Miss Willery lackson, Mr. S. A. Vlfilkinson, Dr. H. C. Steele, Miss Forrest De- Lano, and three new matrons, Mrs. S. A. Wil- kinson, Mrs. C. T. Singleton, and Mrs. Selah Carmichael. Mr. H. M. Craft was made vice- president and Mr. Balph Hayes, business mana- ger. Some of the events which we will long re- member as freshmen are the wonderful football and basketball games which kept us in such high spirits, and the friendliness of the student body and facultyp the time the student body and faculty members were up at dawn to assist in the registration out at Shelbyg the Bed Cross work that was begun on our campus: then of course the rush week and hell week held by our different sororities nad fraternities are add- ed to our precious memories. Our class was led through a very success- ful year with Moran Pope serving as president: Anne Gilliam, vice-presidentg Sunshine Mason, secretary and treasurer, lack Thigpen, reporter, and Dr. H. A. Shands as sponsor. At the close of our freshman year we were no longer green freshmen but were ready to be referred to as Hupperclassmenf' September, l94l, found us a large lively bunch of Sophomores ready for more work and play. We had to make new adjustments: world affairs were becoming more serious, and by the end of the year many of our boys had entered some form of service or were enrolled in re- serve corps. There was a drop in the student enrollment but even so our school continued with a high morale. We elected as president of our class Billy McLendong he served with Ormond Pringle as vice-president, Karl Bishop as secretary and treasurer, and Elizabeth Rischer as reporter. One new faculty member was added to the staff, W. E. Barksdale as Dean cf Students. Many events took place this year-some very good, some undesirable. We had a girls' honorary fraternity organized, Phi Delta Rho. This year we had an undefeated football sea- son and had one of the l8 unbeaten teams in the United States. This was also the first year for a girl to be the bell ringer and the first year since the name of the college was changed to Mississippi Southern that the school had an alma mater. Also in this year we will always remember the date December 7, and the way conditions changed after then. We will always remember, too, that it was in the spring of this year we lost one of our beloved professors, Dr. Peterson. After Pearl Harbor our school was all out for defense. 'We had organized on our campus a civilian defense school, in which every stu- dent participated. Blackout practices were often held and more students worked in the Bed Cross centers. The atmosphere had almost complete- ly changed by the end of our sophomore year. We had come from the fun and frolic to the more serious state. The girls continued in high spirits but the change was almost a sudden one and it took a student body with a lot of ambi- tion to maintain the pre-war morale. Besides many of our boys leaving for the service, we also had three instructors to go. They were Coach Vann, Mr. W. H. Ford and Dr. I. F. Wal- ker. Among our sophomores receiving honors during this year we find Elizabeth Bischer vot- ed wittiest in our annual Who's Who contest and Bill Mclsendon voted best-dressed boy. Those selected as beauties in The Southerner, our annual, were: Sunshine Mason, Lillian Cooper, Doris Evans, leanne Donovan, Anne Gilliam, and Tommye Lou Dabbs. Before the end of the year our class presi- dent, Billy McLendon, paid a visit to President Boosevelt, and later joined the Navy. The next year brought much excitement to our class as well as the rest of the student body. lt was in the fall of '42 that our college was honored to have an Army Administration school on our campus. lt was about the best morale booster we could have had, and l'm sure all of you enjoyed the good times that we shared together. There also came to us three new instructors this year: Mr. W. L. johnson, Mr. A. D. Gwings, and Mr. 'William V. Harlan. Mr. B. W. Curry was chosen as business manager of the col- lege. Among those teachers who left us were Miss Cora Webb Bass, English instructor who took her place with the Women's Army Auxil- iary Corps: Coach Beed Green, who went to the Navy: lohn M. Frazier, who joined the Army Medical Corps: and Business Manager Ralph Hayes, who entered the State Guard. Members of our faculty to enter the field of matrimony included Mrs. Angela Lacey McConville, Mrs. Gladys Bingham McAllister, and Mrs. Mary Theresa Poe Baylis. Sadness dwelled on the campus on Wed- nesday, September l0, when Dr. W. H. Weathersby, professor of education, died of a heart attack. Among our honor students we find john l. Hibbett, Frances Mclntosh, Moran Pope, Eliza- beth Bischer, and Bobert Thompson represent- ed in Who's Vtfho in American Colleges and Universities. Moran Pope received the good citizenship award. ln our Who's Who contest lohn l. Hibbett was voted as best dressed boy, Merle Carr and Perry Waldvogel as cutest cou- ple, and Bobert Thompson as most handsome boy. We were led through another successful year with President Charles Vifallace, Vice- President Dorothy Gentile, Secretary-Treasurer Sunshine Mason, and Beporter Dot Price. Ah! At last that long-hoped-for year has come! The lowly green freshmen of '40 have become the highly honored seniors of '44. This year has been one of great events. We elected as our leaders lohn T. Brent, president: Katherine Mobley, vice-president: Sunshine Mason, secretary-treasurer: Madelon McMul- lan, reporter: and Dr. McLemore, sponsor. Social life on the campus entered a new phase this year. The cooperation between our school and the Army Administration school offered much entertainment: but by the end of lanuary the Army school had been transferred and we were left almost manless again. Thanks to the Social Life committee arrangements were made for the Social center to remain open on Friday and Saturday nights from 7 to 9:50 p. rn. and on Sundays from 3 to 5 and from 7 to 3:50. The senior girls were also permitted FO have dates in the dormitory lobbies on nights during the week, and outside boys were allowed to come to school socials and date the girls pro- vided they were on the approved list. The enrollment was low but the spirit high. The girls showed their leadership ability. Last year we introduced Mae Elizabeth Brigance as the first girl bell-ringer. This year we have two other girls taking leading positions which have up until this year been occupied by a man. They are Alice Stringer, president of the Stu- dent Body, and Dot Price, business manager of the Student Printz and the college yearbook. lntra-mural sports played an important part this year and brought us all closer together. The night of November 20, l943, became a his- torical one for the sororities on our campus as the finest Pan-Hellenic dance made its debut in the college gymnasium. Later came the stu- dent body's second annual Christmas banquet, which is to be a permanent feature of Southern's social life. Seniors represented in Who's Vtfho in American Colleges and Universities were Me' le Carr, Dorothy Gentile, Sunshine Mason, Alice Stringer and lohn T. Brent. Those represented in our campus 'Who's Vifho contest were lohn T. Brent, Mr. M. S. C.: Virginia Lewis, Miss M. S. C.: Mary Bush Sheppard, girl with best line: Mattie Lois Barksdale, friendliest girl: Alice Stringer, most collegiate girl: Lillian Cooper, most beautiful. Those of our seniors who have married dur- ing this year are: Marguerite Thetford, Marvel Turner, Moran Pope, luanita Herring, and Elizabeth Brumfield. Few changes in the faculty were made. Dr. McLemore was made Dean of Students: Miss Mary Anne Oden, former M.S.C. student, and Mrs. lane Ballard were added to the music faculty: Miss Mildred Anne Martin was elect- ed Nursery School tea Zher, and Mrs. Schwartz became Physical Educatioii instructor. All through our college life improvements have been made on our campus, and this year especially we are proud to witness the beau- tification program which is underway. Vfe are also proud of the wonderful tennis courts given us, the sun-parlors on the dormitories, the new outdoor fireplace, and the new roofs which add much beauty to our buildings. All of these im- provements will remain in our beautiful meincr- ies of M.S.C. We are greatly honored to be a part of the college when it was chosen as one cf three colleges to receive an endowment by the Sloan foundation. These four years have flown by so swiftly and the time has now come for us to step into another world to meet and accept newer and greater responsibilities. lt is with regret that the class of '44 leaves this lovely campus, the students and the teachers, because it feels a cherished love for the college of which it is a part. And for those cf our class who normally would have been with us today we have a prayer within our hearts that God will be with you, guide you and bring you back so that some day in the future we may all get together again. To these boys, Ted Scarborough, Clinton . fy Doolittle, lames CPicl4leD Forte, Howard Gilliam, Rivers King, Wilson Carruth and lohn Mc- Kewen, all of whom were members of our stu- dent bcdy during the past four years whose lives have been taken that we might live, we bow in mernoriam and pray that they rest in peace until we all meet again. COne minute of silencel. As we come to this closing chapter of our lives and as we are able to look to the future with a better understanding of what life ex- pects cf us, may our love, our friendship and the imperishable memories cf our class pass into the history of our Alma Mater. Sincerely, DOT PRICE. , cf,, W W 9 -f MZ?" 4,4 In V' 3 j , ,'1.f,' . ,. Aim y. .- , --1 mv .g Op- ., alll: L g ast: and TCStd111C11t enior Class of: '44 We, the senior class of l943-44 of Mississippi Southern College, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Forrest county, being of shaky mind and un- disposing memory but intending to dispose of all desirable characteristics, envious posses- sions, and unreachable qualities upon depart- ure of this institution of higher learning, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking any former will made. l, Dorothy Mae "Spot" Gentile, do hereby leave my way of falling desperately in love at regular intervals to Mary D. Ford. l also leave my perpetual motion to Maudine Webb. l, Eugenia Kathryn Griffin, do will and be- queath my ability to play the piano to Anita Gay Sullivan. To Dot G'Neal l leave the post office. l, Gertrude Breazeale, leave my sunny dis- position and intelligence to the whole student body. May they use it to build their morale. l, Walline "Sis" Cowart, do hereby leave my home economics worries to lune Watkins and Grace Helen Bogers with the hope that they won't let it get them down. l, Merle Carr, leave my position as Chair- man of the Christian Federation to Lee Walker, but l must take my love for my lieutenant Cnow captain? with me. With a heart full of sadness, we, Gloria Coleman, Vera Belle Dooley, and Harweda Friddle, do give and bequeath our interest in the Demonstration school to all future student teachers. l, Mary Bush Sheppard, do leave my ability to cause the Vesper choir to swing and sway the Sheppard way to lo Miller. l, Tommye Lou Dabbs, hereby leave to lone Boberts a dab of my personality and a few of my men. l, Sybil lohnson, leave my comprehension of every mathematical problem-pure, ab- stract, and applied-to Mattie Charles Bey- nolds. l, Florence Hearn, leave my way of sleep- ing through classes to anyone who can get by with it. l, Marjorie Little, leave the loveseat in the lobby of Hattiesburg Hall to Gene Keebler and Dorcas Longley. l, Dorothy Price-the one-wornan cornrriittee --do will my ability to make soy beans sprout to future Home Ec ZOO classes, but l refuse to part with my love for soldiers and sailors. l, Billie lean Pigott, leave my infectious giggle and growing pills to Agnes Korb and Mary Langdon. l, Eleanor "Baby" Simmons, do bequeath my slowness and baby ways to Bettye War- nock. l, Mildred Mayo, leave all of my nursery school experience to the A.W.S. in the Bock. l, Kathryn Mobley, do hereby give and be- queath Miss D'Olive and the Art Department to Eileen Gordy. ln addition l leave my name, "Polecat" to some deserving soul. l, Madelon McMullan, leave my alertness and love of knowledge to Mary Martin, but l'll take Bob along with me. l, Marie Louise Bobinson, leave my nick- name "Happy" to limmy Faye Wiltshire pro- vided she doesn't giggle all the time. l, Marvel Turner Drennan, leave nothing to nobody-l'm taking it with me. i, term T. Brent, do hereby bequeath my love for iitterbugging to Gene Clark and request that he begin his practice in the Social Center this 29th day of May. l, Mildred Avery, leave my deep interest in Camp Shelby to Mary Evelyn Lee and Betty lean Saxon provided they promise to never let a man get away. l, Mrs. Lee Ora Bridges, leave my position in the library to Mary Thornton and ask that she carry on in my own style. l, Mattie Lois Barksdale, do hereby leave my ability to sing "l Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray" to Norwood Scarborough. l also leave my pleasing personality and ready wit to Mr. Marsh. l, Edith Buckley, leave my share of the U. S. O. to Doris Fredendoll. Everything else l have, l leave to my sister, so that she can keep it in the family. To Miss Fritzsche, l, Carrie Easterling, leave a vacant seat in class. May it be occupied by some domestic-minded person. l, Mary Elizabeth Glannen, do hereby give my lieutenants to Betty Boss-she doesn't have enough. l, luanita Herring Bobinson, leave my friend- liness to be divided among various members of the student body. Before leaving, we, Dimple Lane and Vir- ginia lewis, would like to give one more demonstration on egg grading to any home economics major. To Frances Holcomb and Virginia Simmons we leave-with much re- gret--our places in the practice home. l, Lillian Cooper, leave my voice normal class with the hope that they will continue to breathe correctly. l would also like to leave my ability to dance-particularly hula and ballet-to Annie Buth Walker. l, Vondee Lott, do leave my sincerity and love for people to Natalia Graham. l, Frances Strait, do leave to the girls the opportunity to use the telephone. l, Alice Stringer, leave my bed in the hos- pital to Mary Kate Everitt. l also leave the presidency of the Student Body and my solo in "Allelujah" to Warren Pittman. l, Fannie Merle Hart, leave to marry my sailor and l take with me my knowledge of stitches, patches, vitamins and minerals for future use. is ' fri " Az' f. -iflwts mw . ' " 'K ,..1 "4 l, Mary Grace Stringer, leave my musica talent to the Mississippi Southern College music department in the event that more is needed. l, larie Rhodes, do hereby give my intelli- gence to some less fortunate. l, Elizabeth Brumfield Plohetski, do give my ability to play bridge to Bevae Langston be- cause taking care of Victor leaves me no time to play. l, Narvelle Sanders, leave M.S.C. to become a permanent party of Bay Stirrup, lnc. I, Imogene Dallas, leave my love for the word "Stupid" and hope l'll never hear it again. l, Barbara Morris Wright, leave my place as pianist for class day to Mary loyce Chambers and Kathleen Bynum. Lastly of this senior class will, l, Wilda Mae Mason, do hereby will this will to all persons concerned who will take this will willfully. ln witness whereof we sign our signature, this 29th clay of May, illegally and without seal, declaring this to be our last will and testa- ment. WILDA MAE MASQN, Co-ordinator. it .im i aw 1. ' 2 .? z ' 9 it ' - . ,M . '?J,??"4?iJR2J25 1 W44PS'.,1Ei,j ,Q 4 Q3 ,Q i L32 3' t. MTE L .tu ,senior C ass Prop lecy To the Class of '44 and Anyone Else lnterested: lmagine it to be May of l954. Do you won- der what has become of the members of the class of '44, what they are doing now? Perhaps the following items that l have gathered here and there will help. Several of the class are teaching. Gloria Coleman and Zelda Stubbs liked their Demon school practice so well that they have contin- ued teaching these past years. Harweda Frid- dle is the only one of the English majors who has taught her major subject. The Sibyl we knew is now Miss Iohnson, head of the mathe- matics department at Poplarville lunior college. Frances Strait is still occupying her first oosi- tion, also. No girl in that school feels ready to graduate until she has had home economics under Miss Strait. Imogene Dallas seems to be the only other home economics major who is teaching--but there is Iarie Rhodes, who took Miss Fritzsches place when the latter left M.S. C. for a husband. Carrie Easterlinq is in the poultry business, l hear. Vifhen the hens became tco much of a job for her alone, she asked Virginia Lewis to buy half-interest in Easterling Egg, lnc. Miss Lewis, after remembering her experiences with poultry in the Home Management house, eager- ly did so. There are a number of the girls who have devoted themselves entirely to the care and bringing-up cf their families. Among them are Brownie Graham Ritchie, Elizabeth Brumfield Plohetski, Narvelle Sanders, and Marvel Tur- ner Drennan. Marie Louise Robinson has also been very "Happy" with her family, and Mar- iorie Little did marry lunior. "Baby" Simmons followed the dictates of her nickname and founded the Kindergarten College for lnfants, which has become a well- known addition to the Demonstration school. Dimple Lane and Flois Thomas are still riv- als, only now it is in the photographic world. They are both models, and one sees their pic- tures everywhere these days. Walline Cowart decided ten years ago to be an old maid. She sang "Don't Sweetheart Me" then, and she's still singing it now. After getting her degree from Mississippi Southern, Sunshine Mason decided to start all over again. She earned her medical degree and is now affiliated with her father. Kathryn Mobley has had several very suc- cessful exhibits of her paintings and sketches. The critics praise her technique quite highly. Gertrude Breazeale's autobiography "The World As l Know lt" has become the best seller of the decade. The All-Girl orchestra has become a new thing since trumpeteer Mary Bush Sheppard took over the leadership. Alice Stringer. as fea- tured soprano, adds much color and charm to the program. Lillian Cooper has won top-flight honors in the operatic role especially created for her by the imminent composer we knew as Barbara Morris. Mattie Lois Barlcsdale has made perhaps the most spectacular success of all the class. While singing one of her famed encores, she was dis- covered by a talent scout from the Grand Ol' Qpry. And she has endeared herself to all Cl' Opry listeners. Someone told me that Merle Carr has fin- ally rnade up her mind and settled down to a life Cf wedded bliss. Another example of Home Economics training put into practice. After working in a laboratory for five years, Tommye Lou Dabbs has opened a swanky night club on the shores of Lake Byron. Dorothy Gentile has organized a dancing school for tiny tots-but all they seem to learn is iitterbugging. We find Fannie Merle Hart still sewing, but now it's sailor suits she's making for her triplets. From her nursery school experiences Mil- dred Mayo has written a standard textbook on child psychology. Vcndee Lott with her winning personality and cratorical ability is making quite a success in politics. Dot Price, back in l948, discovered a secret formula which is popularly known today as "Little Dottie's Hair lztestorerf' Her profits from this produce have made Miss Price a "Million- hairessf' -1' Iuanita Herring Robinson has settled down on a Delta plantation. ln the office of a Congressman in Washing- ton, Ve1'a Belle Dooley can be found pounding away on a typewriter. Mary Elizabeth Glannen is proving that mar- riage and career do mix as she continues to hold her position as a receptionist. Soon the Hattiesburg Concert Association will be proud to present Eugenia Kathryn Grif- fin, famous concert pianist, Cknown to us in l944 as "Kate"l who will play Schumann's Concerto in swingtime. On the corner of Hollywood and Vine there is a small exclusive dress shop-proprietor, Billie lean Pigott. Mary Grace Stringer is still singing the "Ly- manhouse Blues." Mrs. Lee Ora Bridges is capably fulfilling her job in the library of Congress. Edith Buckley, well-known interior decora- tor, has been called back to the campus to re- decorate the home of the president. After spending his senior year at M.S.C., surrounded by girls, Iohn T. Brent decided that he liked it. f-le stormed l-lollywood back in l948 and is now Americas matinee idol. There they are-Mississippi Southern's graduating class of l944. MADELCN McMULLAN, Prophet. i The Iuniors lst row: Eclwarcls, Hardy, McCoy, Fredendoll, McGowan, Roberts. Znd row: Fullilove, Shows, McMullan, Tarver, Nations l-laslzins, Reynolds, Thornton, Alexander, 'VVillinfgbam, Stoner, Craft. 3rd row: Fullilove, Sorey, Holcomb, Muckelrath, lobnsor. Bryant, Carpenter, Purvis. 4th row: Carter, Sumrall, Stewart, MCCardle, lohnson, Maxwell, Stanley, Barnes, Pittman. 5th row Cqletree, '!Vinst':'ad, Eaylis, O'Neal, Walker, Fleming, Gressup, Abercrombie. MARGARET HARDY, President FRANCES HOLCOIVIB, Vice-Presidert ISABELLE MCCOY, Secretary-Treasurer BETTY7 ROSS, Reporter DR. R. G. LOWREY, Sponsor CLASS Abercrombie, Alex D Collins Adams, Edna D D D D Meridian Alexander, Margie D DD D D Hattiesburg Allen, Inez D aaaaa DD DD b,,,a D Wesson Ball, Wynema Louvina D D ooa, Leakesville Barnett, Elizabeth DD D DD D Carthage Baughman, Edna Earle D Preston Baylis, Ophelia D . DD Hattiesburg Bennett, Essie D D D ,,o. Philadelphia Blackman, Dcrothy DD Pinola Blackwell, lllfallace . D Collins Bcggan, Dot Mendenhall Bcykin, Dorothy DD .- D ,aaa State Line Bracey, Mavis luanita D ,,,, D DD Foxwcrth Branatley, Bonnie lean D ..,cc D W'alnut Grove Brock, Carclene o,,. D D o.., D Tylertown Bryant, Lcnette occcoc Baxterville Burnett, Nellie Lee cccccc D Preston Burson, Edna Buth ssss, ss.,. C arthago Campbell, Bettye DD ,,.. Liberty Carpenter, Virginia ssss,.,.sso D Carter, Luvie D D Booneville Noxapate? Chester. Mrs. Anna Mary D D Hattiesburg Clark, Dorothy . DD D sss.,i D sss. Carrollton Cole, Mary Elizabeth ,s,.,. DD ss,,s, Philadelphia Copeland, Carl D ..,,,ss.. s..,,s, Philadelphia Craft, Harvey M. D ..., ..., D ssss.,., H attiesburg Dalton, Virginia ssssssss,.i,,,ss Surgoyneville, Tenn. Davis, Doris Allene ,i.s,sss D ss....,,.i Lucedale Dear, Mrs. W. A. .,c,,.. Harrisville Dillon, Lillian E. ssssss D Dyer, Marguerite ssssss Edens, George ,sss.sss D Meadville Parchman Anadia, La. Edwards, Bonnie ,,.......s ,,.. D DD Philadelphia Fairley, Annie Buth sssss,,.,s,i Lucedale Fairley, Dorothy LLLLLLLLLLL.. ...ssss ,,,,ss L u cedale Fairchild, Dorothy Hugh .ss,..,, Learned Fleming, Doris ........ D t,ii.i...., DD ,,,, Crandall Fredendoll, Doris ,i.s. D ..s,.. Fullilove, Bernice sssssss. Fullilove, Emily D Glenn, Nellie Zula iiii... Gordy, Eileen D ss,,,.ss DD Graham, Edith DDDDDDDDDD Grissom, Mable E. Hardy, Margaret DDDDD. Haskins, Sarah ,DDDDD.D D Hightower, T. E. DDDD D DD D. Holcomb, Bosemary DDDDD Hocutt, Nell DDD.D,,DD DDDDDD Hummer, Eunice DDDD DD lvy, Lucille Kelly lackson, Lillian DD DDDDD.. DD lohnson, lva Mae DD.DDDDD Kemp, Wilda Pearl DDDDD Kirkwood, Nell DDDDDDDDD D Korb, Agnes DDDDDDDDDD Lee, Frances DADDDD Lightsey, Velda DD D DDDDD Hattiesburg Winona Winona D Sarepta Lawrence Ellisville Dorse Y Hattiesburg Philadelphia Meridian . DDDDDDDDD DD DD Collins Hattiesburg D D DDDDD Prairie Point Hattiesburg Raymond Poplarville DD Foxworth Hattiesburg D D DDDDD Taylorsville Satartia Pachuta RQLL Livingston, Purdie D Lctton, lrma Lee Lcng, Leonard D Lynd, Mary Emma McCardle, Laura layne D McCoy, lsabelle McGowan, Dorothy DD McLaurin, Frances D McLaurin, lean McLelland, Mrs. Lettie McMullan, Mary Katherine Mangum, Vlfilliam D D DD Maxwell, Earlyn D D Moore, Betty Mae Morris, Leola D D D DD Muckelrath, Wilcdyne DDDD Mullen, Ben D DD Nations, Aileen DD Nell, Katherine D Neely, Doris Nell D Nester, Myrtle D D - Newman, Mrs. A. M. D D Ggletree, lnez DDDDDDDDD O'Neal, Dorothy DD Parks, Flora DD Patrick, lrma D. Pickett, Marion A. DDDDD D Pittman, Warren E. DDDD D Purvis, Mattie Sue DDDDDDDDD Ramsey, Katherine DDDDDDD Batclitie, Mrs. Floyd .DD.DD Prayborn, Athalee DD DDDDDDD,D ,D Union Brookhaven Louin DD Hattiesburg Hazlehurst Hattiesburg D Camden D McLean DD McLean D D Daleville D Decatur D Star Brookhaven D Hattiesburg Columbia DD Burns D Sontag D Brookhaven State Line DD Mendenhall D D D Lake Meadville Union DDDD Saucier D Wiggins Harperville . Utica Picayune Polkville Wiggins Meadville layess l:l9YI'1OlCl, lVlCIlll9 Cl'1CtI'lQS DDDDAK ,,--4- H gfpgfvjlle Rogers, Grace Helen DDDDD D D Boss, Betty DDDDDDD D DDDDDDDDDDDD D Sellers, Kathleen DD Shows, Helen DDDDDDD Smith, lnez DDDD Smith, Nona DDD.D. DD Sorey, Maggie DD Stanley, Maxine DD Stewart, Myrtis DDDD DDDDDDDD Stoner, Mary Beth DDDD Sullivan, Bertie Mae DDDDDD Sumrall, Mildred Tarver, Elaine D DDDD D Thomas, Grace D Thornton, Mary DDDDD Turner, Beola D . DD Walker, Annie Buth Walker, Lee Ahlin DDDDDDDD Warren, Noble Buth DD..DDD Webb, Tula .D...... D.DDD D D West, Mary lo DDDD D Wicker, lames D . Willingham, Pauline DDDD D W'instead, Agnes D Yawn, Lucy Loraine DDDDDD DD DDDD Collins Hattiesburg Carrollton DD DDDDDD Hattiesburg Brookhaven Meadville Forest DD Shulento Wiggins Hattiesburg DD Shivers Hattiesburg DD Brookhaven Walnut Grove DD DD Ellisville State Line Hattiesburg D DDDDD D Ripley Hattiesburg Betorm Bichton Hattiesburg D Waltham D Carson Collins rrlle OP OIIIOIQS s is,-" NS 22 il Q NQEQUM 3 5 ,wqgwxwww Na, v N x R Ne- AN Still ll-ll A A -. f W W i T vga"-.,., ,wi A f- a X N P SX ', N Q' Q x , x Q lst row: Ford, Vtfatkins, Warren, Bynum, Moulder, Cheatham. 2nd row: Maples, Ellzey, Barron, l-lathorne, Buckley, Are-ndale, Gandy, Hickman, Bynum, Rawls, Sullivarg. 3rd row: Ere-land, Langston, Slack, Kina, Rogers, Skellie, Kina, Chancellor. 4th row: Pinson, Lee, Saxon, Martirez, lohnson, Eldridge, Smith, Levi. KATHLEEN BYNUM, President IUNE WATKINS, Vice-President IEAN FROST, Secretary-Treasurer NOBIE RUTH WARREN, Reporter MISS ALLIE WARD EILLINGSLEY, Sponsor ,,,,, Y , 14 CLASS Anderson, Betty Boss ,,... .. ... . . H CIttiGSlDurQ Arendale, Dorothy M, Barron, Mary .... .,. ,,. Beasley, Bowena B. Bobo, lacauelyn Breland, Pauline .,,..., Brown, loseph L. .,,.,,A.. . Buckley, lna Loris ...,oo Burt, Emma Pearl ..a.. Bynum, Annette Bynum, Floyd uuu..... . Bynum, Kathleen .,.,.. Bynum. Lois u.,.....uuuu. Calhoun, Mrs. C. C. uuuu, B Chambers, Mary loyce Chancellor, Betty lean Cheatham, lack ,o......,..,,,, Eldridge, Carmen - . Ellzey, Carol . B ,u.a..,.uuuu -- Everitt, Mary Kate .,.oo,. Ford, Mary D. .B ,...r.., .. Foshee, Z. A. rrr..rrrr . Foster, Kenneth B.BBBBBBBBBB Frost, lean BBBBBBB. BBBB.BB.BB BBBBBBB Candy, lessey Wayne Gilleon, Mrs. Elaine B..B Hale, Dallie B .- B Hathorn, Rebecca B,.B.BBB Holcomb, Katheryn B B lohannes, Mrs. Doris M. BBBB - Hattiesburg Harrisville .B B Iackson Philadelphia BB BBBBB B BBBBBB Neely Hattiesburg .. Hattiesburg Philadelphia Houma, La. BBBB Magee Mt. Clive Prentiss Mt. Olive - ,,,B ,BBB BBBBBB B H attiesburg Hattiesburg Deemer .B . Wiggins B BBBB,BB B .Goss Quitman Columbia B B Purvis Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg . Lumberton Hattiesburg Hattiesburg B. B.,,, Hattiesburg RCLL Iohnson, Madge BBBBBB.c B Keebler, Eugene B King, Eula Mae ..BB. King, Ieanne .BBBBBB B B BBBB McCool BB ,BBB Picayune B BBBBBBB Mt. Clive B Hattiesburg KOCh, Bobbie B.BBBBBBB BBBBB H attiesburg l..CIl'1QSlO1'1, Hevae BBBBBB Bg,,BB Q akvale Lee, Mary Evelyn .. ,BBBBB B. B. B Canton Lee, Pet Anna ....BBBBBB LBLBB H attiesburg Levi, Arthur BBBB.B.B.BB.... BB BBBB Corsecana Lott, leanne Marie B..BBBB BBBBBBBB S urnrall MCSWCHH, Betty ....,BBB. BBBBB H attiesburg Maples, Alvin .BBBBBB B Leakesville Martin, Mary BBB,BBB .B ......B ...B. H attiesburg Martinez, Roberto B ........ ....... B B Honduras Moulder, loyce BB.....B. ..... B Hattiesburg Murray, Elaine BB B.BB B. B.B.. Iackson Nobles, Balph B .B....BBBB.. B Hattiesburg Pinson, Bertha Patton .B B. B Hattiesbifrg Phillips, Laura ..B. ..... ...... B BBB.. L aurel Poyner, Edna Earle . Hattiesburg Bawls, Margaret ....B Hattiesburg Saxcn, Betty lean B.... B B Waynesboro Sherman, Margaret .....B B. B ...B Hattiesburg Skellie, Dorothy .. BB .. BB..B.. Longbeach Slack, Mary Weatherford B Petal Smith, Sarah BBBB....B B BBBB B BBBBBB.BB. BBBBB. B Union Sullivan, Maxie . B B .. .... Mize Walker, lones BBB. .B Hattiesburg Walker, Willis ...B... ...B. H attiesburg Vtfatkins, lune ........ Dixon T116 FIGS H1611 S lsi row: Graham, Hemba, Miller, Limloauqh, Stuart, McGouql'1. 2nd row: lolly, Saliba, Clark, Rodgers, Be-inea, Tally, F13-,E-19.95, ijqlhonn, Herron, Triqa. Srd row: Sieadman, Carter, Watkins, Morrison, Davis, Windham. 4th row: Carter, Moore, Tullos, McMa'rl1, Everiii. 5111 row: Elynt, Porter, Townsend, McCardy, Walker, Odom, Crane, Mfallace, Holcomb, Thompson. IOE STEVENS, President GILBERT STEVENS, Vice-President IO MILLER, Secreiary-Treasurer CHARLES LIMBAUGH, Reporter DH. l-l. C. STEELE, Sponsor Allen, Mrs. Charles H. Bell, Charla lean .e.. . eeee . Bernich, Marion L. . Bethea, Frances e,eeee4 . Blackwood, Kathryn Brown, Dorothy lean . . Buchalter, Aubrey L CLASS RCLL . Pinola Hattiesburg ,.,,,, Biloxi o,o,o, Hattiesburg . L Morgantown Panama City, Ala. L ........ Hattiesburg Buchalter, Maurice .. .... .... . . . Hattiesburg Calhoun, Louise . Carter, Minnie Louise ..... Carter, Mary Agnes L L Clark, Gene . L .... Clarkson, Bertha Louise Cook, Bridges Melvin Cook, lack Sterling ....., Crane, Elizabeth .,......... Curry, Doris Bhea Davis, Barbara Frances Dorsett, loy . .......r..,....... . Edwards, Colleen ...,. Eidscn, Hattie ......... Flynt, Guida Sue ....... Freeman, Betty C. . Gamble, lanie . .....,r. Graham, Natalia ...,... Gunter, Mrs. Ada ,..... . Harrell, Frances .......... Herron, Martha E. ..... . Hemba, Mildred . Hickman, LaVerne ....... Holcomb, Nina ..... .... Hurdle, Sidney L. ...... L lolly, Bonnie lean ...... Kelly, lames Ellis ...... Koonce, Patrick L ......... L Kramer, Patricia ..... ,.,, .... Kyker, Fannie Lavelle ........ Limbaugh, Charles Lotton, Beba ....,,....... ...... Luther, Cusene . L McCarty, Avis Merle . McGough, PeggY . . . Bernard, Mrs. Dora O. . ..... Mt. Olive Hattiesburg Quincy . ccccc Queensboro Petal Hattiesburg L ..c.. ...... . . Petal Hattiesburg . Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Gulfport . . . Waltham . ...,. Pascagoula Hattiesburg Purvis Newton , Lucedale Hattiesburg Houston, Tex. Hattiesburg Louin L Hattiesburg Holly Springs Laurel Seminary . .c,... Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Brookhaven Randolph Polkville Morton McMath, lane ....c Marsh, Carol .. L Miller, lo. cc.c. . Moore, Lorene .. Morrison, Mary Grace Norton, William Dewey Gdem, lane ..... L Pierce, Madelon . . .. Porter, Pauline .. .,.c . . Pringle, Ruth Virginia . Rhymes, Kathleen ..c.. Prittenhouse, lames L Boberts, Annie Laurie . Proberts, Edwin L .. . L Bcdgers, Doris Mae . .Waynesboro . Hattiesburg Bolling Fork . Smithville . Heidelberg L Hattiesburg . Hattiesburg Hattiesburg McCall Creek Sims Chapel, Ala. Laurel Montgomery, Ala. . Hattiesburg . Lucedale L Petal Saliba, Helen L .... ..cccccc . . ccccc Hattiesburg Sammons, Ethel .. .... .. . . Ovett Scarborough, Norwood ..c. . Gulfport Schwartz, Bobert . L Hattiesburg Sellers, Fannie Mae L . L L . Waynesboro Smith, Bessie George c...,, L ,cccc Hattiesburg Smith, Louise . ................. cc.c . L . Sylvanna Steadman, Elizabeth cccccccc .,.. . Hattiesburg Stevens, loseph - cc...,.c Hattiesburg Stevens, Richard G. ..... L Hattiesburg Stuart, lack ........ . . .... L Hattiesburg Sullivan, Anita .,...,.c... ccccc..,.c . c,....,., M ize Tally, Peggy L ..,. . .... .... ..... L Hattiesburg Thames, Caroline L Philadelphia Thompson, Bobbie Louise L L... . .... .i...... L D'l.o Thoms, Bill L ......,,..,.............. ..... Hattiesburg Townsend, Eugenia ..... L ena Trigg, Nelda .... L ,........ . . ..,......., Clara Tullos, Lorene .... . ..l...,... .... .... .... ..... M a g e e Walker, limmie Nell - cc.c L Wallace, Anna Lou .r...,,. Warnock, Bettye L Watkins, Tommye 'Webb, Laduski ...,.. Wills, Esther ..........,...i. 'Windham, Frances L Winston, Charleen ...... SPECIAL STUDENTS McLean Dailey, Mrs. W. F. . ....... .... New York City Garrett, Mrs. Lilybud Hammer, Mrs. lames E. Keenon, Alice Loraine . L Link, Alice ..,...... , ,.,, Langley, Dorcas Love, lulie .....,......... Hattiesburg . L Boanoke, Va. . ...... Hattiesburg . L . Hattiesburg New Orleans, La. .,,.,,.,,....,,.. Pinola Gtt, Mrs. Elise ..... L . Parker, Mrs. Charles P. Schildroth, Mary Elona Simms, Ernest Sorady, Mary .... Strong, Beatrice . ...... . Toler, Benjamin F. . Wiltshire, limmie Faye Hattiesburg Petal Lauderdale Hattiesburg . ..,. ..... F orest L .... Hattiesburg L ...... L Hazlehurst Waco, Texas . . L Hattiesburg . . L Hattiesburg . Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Cleveland, O. . . Vicksburg . Brookhaven Magnolia HIGH LIGHT' OF 1943-44 tFridc1y, Nov. 5, 19431 Plans for rush week are first and foremost in the minds of everyone at Mississippi South- ern college this week. Beginning on Sunday, November l4, with a Pan-Hellenic tea, and end- ing on Saturday, November 20, with a dance given by the Pan-Hellenic, it will be the high- light of all social activity on the campus during the fall quarter. Bush week will be formally opened on Sun- day, November 14, with a tea given by the Pan Hellenic Council. This tea will be held from four to five at the home of Dr. and Mrs. l. B. George. Members of the Pan-Hellenic council and sponsors of the sororities are to serve in the receiving line. Invitations will be mailed. After the formal opening of Bush week the five sororities will send out invitations to their individual parties, The final feature of Bush week will be the dance, which will be given on Saturday, No- vember 20, in the gymnasium. This dance is given by all the sororities jointly, to close Bush week officially. tWednesday, Nov. 24, 19431 The list of those students from Mississippi Southern college whose biographies have been selected to appear in "Who's Who Among Stuf dents in American Universities and Colleges" has been released by Dr. B. A. Mclsemore, Dean of Students. Ten students were selected. They are: Ophelia Baylis, Hattiesburg, home econom- ics, Kathleen Bynum, Mt. Olive, music, Merle Carr, Crvstal Springs, home economicsg Doris lfredendoll, Hattiesburg, mathematics: Dorothy Gentile, Gulfport, home economicsg Wilda Mae Mason, Purvis, social studies: Grace Helen Bogers, Collins, home economics, Alice Stringer, Baymond, music, lohn T. Brent, lr., Hattiesburg, mathematics and science: Harvey Craft, lr., Hattiesburg, English. This publication is the only national means of recognition for college students which is de- void of politics, fees, or dues. lt is published through the cooperation of over 600 American colleges and universities. tWednesday, Dec. 15, 19431 The second annual Christmas banquet given by the Student body will be held tonight at 5:30 in the college dining hall. Following the banquet a program of violin selections will be presented by Zino Francescatti, one of the world's better known violinists. The Christmas party, held for the first time last year, was inaugurated with the idea of making it a permanent feature of Southern's social life. The job of making this year's party a suc- cess is divided among five committees: Pro- gram, headed by Kathleen Bynumg Menu, Margaret Hardy, chairmang Decoration, Miss Anna L. D'Olive, chairman, Place-card, Kath- ryn Mobley, chairman: Invitation, Frances Hol- comb, chairman. tFriday, Ian. 7, 19441 The last trace of khaki will disappear from Mississippi Southern College campus on lan- uarv 15 when the transfer of the Army Adminis- tration school, enlisted branch No. 2, to Port Washington is completed. The soldiers have been a familiar sight on the campus since the unit was activated in September, 1942, under the temporary com- mand of Capt. Perry Dixon, former director of B.O.T.C. in the lackson city schools. The local unit is the second oldest of its kind, the unit at Ole Miss being about three weeks older. Any coed on the campus will testify to the fact that "things will certainly be a lot differ- ent when the soldiers are gone." fFridczy, Ian. 25, 19441 lohn T. Brent, lr., of Hattiesburg, and Vir- ginia Lewis, lackson, now hold the titles of Mr. and Miss M.S.C. following the completion of the annual Who's Who at M.S.C. contest, spon- sored by the Student Printz. The most beautiful girl and the most hand- some boy, as elected by the students, were Lillian Cooper and Gilbert Stevens. Other winners in the contest were: Mary Bush Sheppard, girl with best line, loe Stevens, boy with best line, Mattie Lois Barksdale, friendliest girl, T. E. Hightower, friendliest boy: Alice Stringer, most collegiate girly Sidney Hurdle, most collegiate boy: Dim- ple Lane, best-dressed girl, Alvin Maples, best dressed boy. Doris Fredendoll, girl most likely to succeed: Bill Mangum, boy most likely to succeed, lessie W'ayne Gandy, most versatile girly Harvey Craft, most versatile boy: Mary Langdon, best girl dancer, Alvin Maples, best boy dancerg Natalia Graham, girl you'd prefer to be with in a blackout, lackie Stuart, boy you'd prefer to be with in a blackout. fFridcry. February 18, 19441 Mississippi Southern college has been chosen as one of three colleges in the United States to receive an endowment by the Sloan Foundation, Dr. l. B. George, president of M. S. C., announced recently. The work to be carried on in connection with this project is "An Economic Experiment." The experiment in Applied Economics is an ef- fort to discover whether schools can actually raise the standard of living in the homes of the communities they serve, by fitting the work of the school definitely to the economic and social needs of the community. A workshop will be conducted on the cam- pus during the summer quarter, it was announc- ed by Dr. B. G. Lowrey, who is director of the project here. Several programs are being worked out in schools in the vicinity of Hat- tiesburg. tFriday, March 10. 1944i Student government is a reality at Missis- sippi Southern college for the first time since 1925, following the ratification and signing of the new student body constitution drawn up Ly a committee of faculty members and students. Members of the committee were Dr. B. A. Mclsemore, Dr. B. G. Lowrey, Miss Alma Hick- man, Alice Stringer, Warren Pittman, Edna Earle Poyner and lane McMath. At a formal signing ceremony on 'Wednes- day, March 8, the signatures were affixed to the constitution, and student government was formally put into effect. Members of the Student Council who are to serve for the remainder of the year are Alice Stringer, presidentg Xllfarren Pittman, first vice- president: Mary Beth Stoner, second vice- president: Frances Holcomb, secretary-treas- urerg Dot Arendale, Edna Earle Poyner, Eunice Hummer, lessey Wayne Gandy, Mary Virginia Simmons, Mary Bush Sheppard, Mary Thorn- ton, Lee Vifalker, Harvey Craft, Bebecca Hathorne, and Norwood Scarborough. fFridczy. March 31. 19441 Fourteen years before maturity, the bonds on the stadium dormitory of Mississippi South- ern college have been paid, Dr. I. B. George, president, announced today. The bonds, amounting to 9577,000, were bought by the B.F.C., to be paid off over a period of twenty years. The original cost of building was Sl40,000, of which 303,000 was a qrant from the federal government. No money from the state of Mis- sissippi was used to build the dormitory. Dur- ing the month of February, 1944, more than half of the remaining bonds due were retired, now all the bonds have been called in. Dr. George stated, "The building has been paid off in full and has not cost the state of Mississippi one cent. lt is a record cf which we of Mississippi Southern are indeed proud." 7 1 Q7 ,MQ J 2 f " x.,, , I In fl ' fz f , 414' W ' 1, 5 if Y , V- A- ff 'ff ,f .4 X If f Vfflgjrf' by f f if , ,ifaai 2 2333! , , gf ff X fi , mgwf 'Wf ' Nh, f A ,gg va 2712 Q- , 33 In X , 131 , , , A 3 1: I:-E33 1: ' 1 wh. We I 133 , ' W' N +5 A 3 WHY 1- A x"i"1c5+' ,S QRTQQ-xx?-51 , ix A Q31 , if u- 1 ' . f Q, fm fwwvgfx., b My gif, ,w -u 1.1, Y 1 ' ' r 1 ,-,. 1 6' if 5' ' 9 Q. X . + 2 uf M 4 I, v- KK Q -.Kim , ",.x: -v Y X N ,ex R QQ ,fi A ' v - H., . bf gp . ff f +5235 + Q., V-Aw. ,, X W, V 'bw ff,Q'i2S'3 X:-.x -'v x- f - .f A f -f '53 I' wifi' nv Nw ww?-5 i ,- ,g:.j,yV . .V xg :,' fl. ' Q, 5' H ' N f . 1 f ", y Q' s- iggi MIX: MW' " Q i' , 551-,. W M M +' sz N .ALT Q 'Y if ' Q rx x- ws ' " wi U QN- 4 me, W - 'f X 'xv Q Q Ax' ' 4 w N ,X , .M 4 X' me A yitsiii-.' , fp ,g-,. 39 9 X fajsfi'-"' "MW" Tw fi-fi 4 , .. , x V X, 'A v uv M W1 ,Q J x, 3 . if .Ks EMM 8 .M . A M N 1 5 M fw N ,-. A x , ,x , N. v., , , M.. an A A if sYs:1z.wmA:Q2'x..1.: fig,-Q b Ef,.,Z.'ff J...,...,w.f'.,m.- ,tg .459 TZ' .A W, .: , W 3 ' S .fr gg, b 2 M ,....... X N35i4'3'N'1 'wwf-m-wwwbw I A. A ig.22,." J '3 ,255 9' 4, A' .V ,,.. - -Q-P---W-wwx .. , .. IFE: " ' 'f I, .N' 'W 'W"N+Wv - ' " 2. .. 5 :12 '- .4 21 ,mg W- J N fkgvx N , I , af- 'W , Wfffw - 1- gawk ,an t, MW, m,....WW.,,..' - , - , Y Q ' :.:: Z L. fvwaai-rmgq, M, , -.1 ,wma , if Q, 1. ,, M f-iiiiiei' Q fvigfa-'i 'f :,f4x1:1,:? ' ma ' 1- ' 'A Q-fffjwm, .,.,. .F 2' 3,4213 1 -.www , , . x ,23Qfr"-wwf . . . f , . , '7,:'fT' PQ" '3""" - W vw X 55:-,..Q.4 . -s aggy, www an . 'J is " TQ..-.Q. 1 we QW A 'WT' mg -f- sm- 2, , 51.51 .- Ar . ,W , p, X .V L, - X 353' -.. -V ,gg -M . . . . .mn , ' Ng., 3 A ff x 'gg mumm- mun ., , :ix , 5:54. - -,ng-Q, mn . ., . , Q' 5 X , mum wssmw K ' 1 . ' 'g N , 5 ' KF' 'ffm we I ' If .WH , ,' 3 f , , Quran . - .-w iff , , . ' -num grin ' va, . 'AV Q " ., -' T ' M3 . 4 fx M X, , 111 ' Q f -3 suntan " , W Ig. ' f , H W' ' 'W S., ff gggx . , ' -f bw ,mr Y' - 2 , sr X ww. xx-:saw M. -0 QM' If ' ,f V, J f' -burials W w remain' ive Q ff' Q f W.-5 gag: 51 as .Mme z , , ' f - X ' ZW. ' H .M pk 3 W , uw ,Q .- . gl. MM . ,. --f ,mag L , 5 'Q ' J , 3 kg fr-may , Q-ww A ' ' ' 5 Q ' ' "fm, .NW x NH KSN 1 5 X. ... x 1 . N45 U n x 9- ,,. 5 X V - , ' . , , L! t M 1 - .......,M.,X gig - ' gi 3 ' . .al I , + ,N wwf N, . ,gs 3 C Z3 ,, , . vu x :ff if :,, 2. A . sm mx-ww .' 4 , . -. AKWFAK 'Q' gy' Qi? 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PIIUNE 24234 PHONE ZUT 51129 MA COIIIPTIINCIITS of C Il ments of HOLEK AND STEVENS STUDIO WRIGHT FUNERAL HOME LEWIS FOOD STORES C In 1 tq f AND P L io LEWIS FARM SUPPLY co. The Studlo of 2210 MAIN ST. 940 MAIN ST. J' P' 1' IV PINE 2900 HARDY 512 BOUIE .The Most of th B t MAKERS or CLASS GROUP For The L t PHOTOS IN THIS ISSUE ,., .,m.f:... COI'HpllIlIQIItS of THE MERCHANTS CO. MCARTHUR CHEVROLET CO HATTIESBURG, MISS. HATTIESBURG, MISS. Compliments of Com Jlimen S of THE SOUTHLAND FLORISTS I t KLINGAIELGRIST MOTOR INN SERVICE STATION Both Owned and Operated by SUE HALL I 8. x ht Phunes l2f w I r PHONP 80 NT ROCERQ W1 R ll d 6 103 Il b ll 1 1 1 gl 1 1 BLUE RIBBON BAKERY STRIBLING MOTOR CO um1Pi,m11:N'1's mf WALNUT STREET PHARMACY IIIPIIIONES l HNIOIIII SlIII'1 HATTIESBURG HARDWARE STORES, INC. Wholesale Hardware USE - TOP-QUALITY -- PRODUCTS Made In MISSISSIPPI by Mississippians. I"I,OI'R. PORN-NlE.XI,, I'OI"I"I'I' TEA DAIRY FEED, l'Ol'I,'l'RY FEED, HORSE FEEII HATTIESBURG GROCERY COMPANY MANLfmc"1'LTHr:1:S 211111 I7IS'l'RII3ITTOI-iS HATTIESEURG PHOENIX LAUNDRY BOTTLING COMPANY Dyers and Cleaners DR. PEPPER HATTIESISURG, MISS. 7-UP ORANGE CRUSH Hardy St. Tel. 36 a 11 IQ Forrest St. Phone 426 00111 f""'EN 1 Cumplimeuls of Paramount- Richards Theatres, Inc. SAENGER LOMO ROSE BUCK Cpltt MIIIJLINIX IVIODISH MODES 1fu1cI:1f:s'1' 11u'1'1-11, 1:l.1u:. I 1 l l I SOUTHERN STATES IRON ROOFING CO. I 1 1 t T DONAVAN-1ANE Q I f'1IlnpIi1m'11ts ut' K. C. STEAK HOUSE IIA'I'l'II4"4I3UI'f"9 I4'INIl"9'l' I'l"9'l'-XIII'AX'Nl Colnplimeuts I CITIZENS BANK C 11 t I FIRST NATIONAL BANK C 11 I of IJIAMOND SHOP wx 1 I T IIOTI L BI Dc CUIIIIIII I I OWL DRUG STORE COMPLIMENTS UI" Teche Greyhound Lines IET GREYHOUND INTRODUCE YOU TO THE WONDERS OF THE WORLD-HERE IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY iqyi AIR-CONDITIONED COACH ES Be sure Q Q with Pure THE AMERICAN ou. Division HAK, Distributor ol' PURE OII PRODUCTS ' UKE' lfumlvlilm-ills UI' i'w:l11pIi111mnIs ul' DIANA SHOPS IL!!-IBN E. I'i:'v St. HA R'I"S CA FE IVIIIWI' IN S'I'YI,I'IANl1 QII.XI,I'I'Y IN WUNIIGNN .-XI'I'AIlI'II. l1n11,I11m-ms ut f'11npIim1-luis ui' "'I'III'I S'I'OIII'l FUR MEN" II.X'I"I'IICSBUHG, MISS. Compliments of Cmm,1i1m,utS uf CHESTER WARD CRESCENT LAUNDRY CHIIIIIIIIIICIIIS of Cmnplinmunts UI' BLACK CAT PAINT CQRPQRATION SMART 82 THRIFTY Coinplinn-nts of FINE BROS.-MATISON COMPANY COLLEGE CLOTHES FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS HATTIESBUIIG. MISS. Compliments of ANDERSON'S MEN'S WEAR HATTIESBURG. MISSISSIPPI Geiger Printing Fompany, Hattiesburg, Mississippi Qqutogfzap s 111051 umplzs Uqufogfzaplzs I 1 1 11 ' 11111 ", 4' I -1 . .. v 1 1 ,, . , .1 I, 1 'I I 1 1. r., 1 I1 ,I - .3 Kjyr ,P -. I." .J 'I.I1 .1 ., '1' ', 11-1 - ' . r . 11" . .V " 1 fi 1--we .--ji ' II I, , II . . X .k,1?If. 1 .I . J .Lu fi? Icy: .. X if A-'W--Q x I. fi.. 'E -' ' 1 . I 5. L "..n 1 , 1--A f' . II, V ,- . , 11 I. 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University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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