University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS)

 - Class of 1941

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University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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X u Ar Q 'Lv Tw' J f,,f 1 4 1., W1 1 1 .M-wk A 1 ' '. . .oY, V frm !.,"f'.x1.- ,S ni, ia.. 1 .ok f '1rM', , 11 WW A ,1 ,QW x 1 1 fe. , , ' Mr ' ,1 7.1, 1 111:57 1 wx wk A wwf-.1 W u- -J" 1 1 " 1 -zy ,,. 1 ,x W 1 1 3: 1 .VF j v 1 , , 1 I ,W E. 1 123 Y . 1, , x ,, 11-4' " If ,X1 A 1.1 , H, ., .' P,1"111f. V 1' . Mi. ,,1 1 - L rw . 1 pw' rl A . 1- 1 ,-. 02,1 I1 .. --1,1 rg wiv, ' ' v , I, ' I 1 , . ., 1 , A , A. 1 Y ' ' 1 f , 6 KK-X, 1.1 ', , 11.1 X 1 J 5 1 N111 1 ,MJ . ' w ,-X ' V N - ' 1,11.,.-' . ' r ' J 1, 1 1 -1111.-' x A L. '4 1 u -W r I, 1A , , ki ,v Y 5, . 1 ,IGSVL Jw" . Wy? J f"'Y, ni 1 v.. ..r."' .1n-.:1. nm 4,1 pu ,L Liv , Q " J. f' . - V. U-K P"" ""'1 ' 1 ' .K f p' ' -"A N-. xi, ,XXX 1, M? X I J J. l Q A-1 u 1 s I . 7. ' XX 4 , s fr .Xl X- ,ug 5, ,,w Y glymbi .1 X X 'l4's l Xf 1: Ilia, 1,0 . - . XX X , -, XX V4 T gg I ' , fly vnX X X - 4 17' v v X .'- , . . ",,.4"r-' 1 ,J-,r,. ".' X X ,, , v AQ ' , , X X 1 - ,H XX C ' A ,' 211,- mf- X f- - I - , J . .lr 'w ' 'M Q ..k I' Iyxx' I . .X, XX X,cX,X XX .,.'1' H' , .X . , -X . , X . . V J :yr 1,15 ,X1 L-X ,H- +-N -x' XX , , . , , ,A ,,. ." 5! . XXXXX I. .:' 'V -' 1 Xl X 1 f . I A , , 1 Q ',',,4 M ' .' ,X,, , 4 U f ,XX,X XX ',-f h, A , . Q -,-us. . J4 rf:-' - ' ,,, '.X-: ' - , AX' . X - ul ' Ov -V S ww," A, 3. X X X X .nfl gf , . 1 K.. X, Xnpffsf 1 ' n ,J x f fl, . A- Y X,gX X,,,wX ,XA V r ' xv . 1 1' , f,,1XXXX,. . Q 'X' r ff w. f' ', ' , ' fs IM- WU., -.ur ' XX !XX.'j.p'Xx7X P ,X! ,X 1' N . r. 'n , X ., - , .X fy 'ful Xu: W X'..X X .1 .X , nu ' . X , ,l5+"',"-Q" , , '97 :X . ,M , 1 X MM -. rw 1 -'.Z'.fl- --4' ,-,'u.,' 1' vfjl .A-.f ' X' ,, X XX ,. !iX X .WX .X '1' '.'X.X .., , X ll, Ax Xs X .I 1.6: XX ,XFX f"c'p' 51 l ' , g 4 va, , X 'W JN-Q - Lv. 1 ' . .jr 1,1 v . I . fr ' I , ,. ' . .' ' A I ,. ' . 4 1' Ag wt ., -.r 1' .' -1 S -'Q-A ,s--' ": fl 1 ,-- .jg I1 LJ',- ,- ff-Q Y -'-. Q. , ' I . 1'5" ,Af I ff' xl if I' . 1 '. Y , rn' Z Q'-17, .V Fx l'. ' LQ? F! V1 S. - rail, 5, 'ff ya: , :IE i. gm-,- 5' ws -.2 .1 V, kr ' V- EJ ,Q . . LI' -3-'ZS-5 HP-'QQ ' :Q- f , +3 r , A , Lu ff Y Ffgyf ', 1 ff -, l"5 , -X: Nf L49 4? 1 , .353 ,U ffl' A. ati' Fig? pl. 'T ff J 2? -q,..,.i tl '.Qx't fu , El.: .i' F 4 ss:- 1 ': , 5293'- gii' - "Tr'i. -.71 i. ffix Q en.-. was :fl ' Wm Y , ,. ly,.f - gh' '. 1 4 'THE SENIUH umss ur lvusslssw sn HEHN nomar HHINS HH, Miss. if'GS6f2 5 , -X 'll' ,. 1 vc' ' af' Q v 11' L ' -1 il qs AE! 5 1 V COPYRIGHTED GERALD ADAMS -:- EDITOR-IN-CI-HEE MARVIN BLANKS-:-BUSINESS MANAGER FUH NINHHN FU H IY U N E Q I lA X V1 .M xg! IIIIIIWIIIIII.. IN THIS I94I EDITION OF THE SOUTHERNER IT HAS BEEN OUR AIM TO PRESENT LIFE IN OUR MINIATURE WORLD, THE CAMPUS, JUST AS IT IS, SINCERE AND UNAFFECTED. LIFE IN OUR "WORLD" OF SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY STUDENTS IS A HAPPY, WHOLESOME EXISTENCE. OF COURSE, THERE ARE PROBLEMS AND DISAPPOINTMENTS, BUT FOR THE MOST PART WE SHALL REMEMBER THOSE MORE PLEASANT ASPECTS OF OUR FOUR-YEAR CITIZENSHIP . . . NEW FRIENDS . . . PATIENT PROFESSORS . . . DOZENS OF ACTIVITIES . . . THE "SESSIONS" . . . AND A MULTITUDE OF OTHER PLEASANTRIES. BECAUSE, THEN, WE WISH TO PRESERVE THESE HAPPY EXPERI- ENCES OF WORK AND PLAY, IT HAS BEEN THE SINGLE PURPOSE OF THIS VOLUME TO CHRONICLE THESE ACTIVITIES. IF, IN REVIEWINC- THIS VOLUME MANY PLEASANT ASSOCIATIONS ARE BROUGHT TO MEMORY THE I94I SOUTHERNER WILL HAVE SUCCEEDED ITS PURPOSE. IINIINIS.. TI-IE COLLEGE ATHLETICS F EATURES ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT BODY GREEKS 5 DICATED HH. H. H. lUWHlY... TEACHED, EDTEND AND COUNSELOIQ---WI-IG, THDDDGH HTS PLEAS- NG DEQSDNALTTY, DENTAL NATUQE, AND NEVER EAILTNG INTED- EST IN THE ADVANCE- NENT DE EVERY PHASE DE LIFE AT DDD ALNA NATED, HAS ENDEATQED HINSELE TO SDDTHETQNS STUDENTS. . ,, L . v - .- T'Xf'f"' 'f"'v'-Q' f.1u.5f-.'.- ..--In I I I X . I bykw--,.Xfu,.,..,, I 1 J IX,X:Q X g.a.fwf:s-:I-I-4 I I lp' If '...:j" 3 I : ,I ', . vrffrfdvf'-'A fr-w--1-A-."'-I ' F, ',"' 2M:'rZ'.of PQ"-5.'M'. ', Q I IX I I !:M"U1i':f:1-ff. ,A 1 I , I I X 1 .-I I 3-Jrg','N'w5, IX-5, I I1 .. ,IX I X Nj I f, 5 , .I X . ,X , . X . I X rw.--,fI:: - .' X .mf-,f I -WE ,M ,-' I - rf'- I 4..I,:.--NI I X X, ,141-I.. ' X Y ,-JA'-.. :IQ-:Q :-P ik-:M -- Xf X' YW H I'-LYJL1, .f' I YWWX ' .X45.x.5 ,L, - 23.15,-I - I gg - it1:,':" ' .- .1.,I, -I ' "-- f I- -'E iw I ' - ,- ., W -.M X -I" Xl -" "-, ,, XXII - , II A III It , -.f.'f1, An., . L . ' 4 I T2 'H'-. 'iffi-Q I 1- -I ,I X .. , I 1 I "E I I XII I Y I , , I fu- , , L .Ls I ff I I'-I , I X ., ef -f , - . if - . If -' , ,X . X X X X X f V' IR I I I , ' Q' f I -..Y J 'V "' I, X V E If I V4 I ' I I X E .. , I 1 I .J X X A, ,T1tT,f' 1 IV fx ,. Ninn, -,. , ,X ,., f , II S Xi? V, , 15 L1-fn LIEE AS WE LIVE IT IN IHI IIIIIIII .1 V . 4, 1 FF I y . I . . L L V . Y' , y 1 R I- 5 . 5 H I W . . fi A vm ,V if . F , 1 aw ,. Q 1 .f fl . ,. ., MR. H. M. CRAFT Vice President Sympathetic, agreeable, and reserved, Mr. Craft serves in the capacity of Vice Presi- dent, Dean, and Director of Placement Serv- ice. His friendly understanding of the prob- lems of the students has made them realize that he has their interests at heart. DR. J. B. GEORGE President Quiet, sober, and dignified, Dr. George became president of Missis- sippi Southern College in 1932. Defi- nite, though pleasant, in his manner, President George has made many contributions to campus life by his untiring efforts to secure the most advantages for this institution. 3 Q ,V 6. . ...v 'o. Y -. -if sf' -J '-:::-" . ---g,Y,, .5 ..YY im FH RALPH HAYS MARY DONOVAN PARKER Financial Secretary Secretary to Financial Secretary V. M. MORGAN MARY PULLEY, B. S. Bookkeeper Registrar SARAH F. GRANBERRY, B. S. ANNA M. ROBERTS, M. A. Secretary to Registrar Librarian MARION MEAD MARY LOU WATKINS Secretary to Vice President Secretary to President 12 -H? II l IV BEEDIE E. SMITH, R. N. Nurse MRS. GERTRUDE TISDALE Hostess, Hattiesburg Hall MRS. C. T. SINGLETON Hostess, Mississippi Hall E. M. IVY, B. S. Principal of Demonstration School LYNDA RAMEY, M. A. Dean of Women MRS. SELAH CARMICHAEL Hostess, Forrest County Hall H. D. PICKENS, Ph.D. Director, Teacher Training C. M. MOULDER B. S. U. Secretary GLADYS BINGHAM Instructor in Physical Education n-Q41 13 .Q R. G. LOWREY, Ph. D. Professor of English H. A. SHANDS, Ph. D. Associate Professor of Language R. A. MCLEMORE, Ph. D. Professor of History WILLA BOLTON, M. A. Professor of Geography Zig FH Associate Professor of English ALLIE BILLINGSLEY, M Professor of Language LULA M. FOWLER, M. Associate Professor of History ELIZABETH LOVITT, M. Associate Professor of Commerce DEWEY S. DEARMAN, M. A. Professor of Mathematics Hli J. F. WALKER, Ph. Associate Professor of Science D O. V, AUSTIN, M. A. Professor of Science BERTHA FRITZCHE , M. Professor of Home Economics EMILY JONES, M. A. Associate Professor of Education Y A. .A. JOHN M. FRAZIER, M Associate Professor of Science H. C. STEELE, Ph. D. Associate Professor of Science ANGELA LACEY, M. Associate Professor of Home Economics A. MARY THERESA POE, B. Mus Associate Professor of Music ELEANOR LEEK, B. M. Associate Professor of Music 15 EHMPUS ADMINISTRATION BUILDING JOE COOK MEMORIAL LIBRARY HATTIESBURG HALL AUDITORIUM HOSPITAL DINING HALL J Ez: Sk O MHA 1 go' ,Ns ,Maw THE CAMPUS FAULKNER STADIUM LAKE BRYON BIQIGI-ETENING OUQ CAMPUS LIFE ARE IHE HHIUINS 4' :A . filtfgghf .14 L, 9 ag "IMA .X 5 W - . .J , .. ,. , e ' K - .QW , . , ,X,4 A,,...w uv MISS SUIHHIHNIH 85 filer 90 Y in 1 ,H I L W Le' ' 3. Nd. 'Ga , PM M F .ff HEHHIY EVQ! 30 J y .. . - 'V g f '95 1 1 K. Ji . E , s f ' . '. i ' M y N ' 442 ' H Ji, . 4' i "1 -fl ' gi, i I Aga ,f ' ,S y, 'Q A ,S 3 5 I -' 1, 'Unk' ,,, af' x ff . g Q , 4 ' ,if u 4 ify. .ra Q f s X 5 ' s . ,A ww! 'Z .Miss gjqorezze ford ij 'L ill M M 'S 'Ml 1? The FHVH ETHELDA BEARD TOMMY LOU DABBS VIRGINIA DONALD MARY MATHENY STATIA MCNEESE JEAN DONOVAN HIHS ELLIOT IVY GRACE POWELL ANNE CARTER JANIE GRADY LILLIAN COOPER IDA WEBB LOWREY v sw 'QE' I ,Pram Q.. vliz' . Mb .Miss gfazefiize Qyoocp 26 .Miss .Mae .Mason JOHN M. POWELL POPE HUFF HAZELINE WOOD GERALD ADAMS JEFFIE WINDHAM MARY MAUDE THETFORD HHII CREATED BY THE I94I SOUTHERNER THIS SECTION HAS AS ITS PURPOSE THE REWARDINC OF OUTSTANDING STUDENTS. THE STUDENTS SELECTED ARE FROM ALL PHASES OF COLLEGE ACTIVITY. THEY HAVE BEEN SELECTED BECAUSE OF VARIOUS CONTRIBUTIONS AND SERVICES WHICH THEY HAVE RENDERED TO THE SCHOOL. IHIII PICKED BY AN IIVIPARTIAL APPOINTED BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEC-E, THESE STUDENTS WILL C-O DOWN IN SCHOOL HISTORY AS LEADERS AND SCHOLARS. THIS SECTION, IN CONNECTION WITH THE WHO'S WHO" SELECTIONS. GIVES THE IDEAS OF THE FACULTY AND STUDENT BODY IN RECARD TO LEADERSHIP. O FACULTY COMMITTEE, JEAN JONES C. L. DEWS LEONARD LOWREY RUSSELL RATCLIFF JOE OVCA WINFRED MOORE CNot Picturedl W N. 'PH giddy WHIVS WHU MISS SOUTHERNER ..,... ,,,.. . Esther Downing, Janie Grady, Hazeline Wood MR. SOUTHERNER ,oo.o, ,,,oo..., J oe Ovca, Pope Huff, John Powell MOST POPULAR MAN .,o,o...o .oooooo J oe Ovca, Gerald Adams, Pope Huff MOST POPULAR WOMAN. ,,.,.o Janie Grady, Hazeline Wood, Esther Downing MOST POPULAR FACULTY MEMBER....Dr. R. A. McLemore, Dr. R. Lowrey, Dr. J. F. Walker BEST ATHLETE. ..., aaa,a . Joe Vetrano, C. L. Dews, Dauvard Jones MOST TALENTED.......-, ..LLL LWinfred Moore, Robert Batson, Hazeline Wood MOST STUDIOUS ....L. .LLL..L. Lamar Winstead, Mrs. H. Moore, Bill McLendon BEST ALL ROUND ,....... Joe Ovca, John Powell, Pope Huff BEST ALL ROUND WOMAN aaaaaa.. Christeen Husbands, Janie Grady, Hazeline Wood MOST RESPECTEDL. r..r... . ....... Hazeline Wood, Jean Jones, Esther Downing MOST BRILLIANT ,,,........ . ......... . John Carr, Estelle Cain, Leonard Lowrey MOST ENTERTAINING r.,. .rr. .Winfred Moore, Robert Batson, M. Ellen Smith BUSIEST ,.....r ,...... G erald Adams, Billy Dearman, Mary White CUTEST GIRL r....... .,...,. . Betty Jo Holcomb, Jeanne Donovan, Janie Grady BEST LOOKING MAN. r..rr, . .rrr L rrrr. Armand Crity, Walter Stubbs, Pope Huff, Frank Digilio 30 HSUHIHIHN + MOST COURTEOUS BOYD ,e , John Powell, Pope Huff, Joe Ovca MOST COURTEOUS GIRL. I-Iazeline Wood, Esther Downing, Grace Powell LAZIESTW ,o,,oo Billy Applewhite, Git Wallace, Stapleton WITTIEST ,l.. I, ,,"Hi" Stapleton, Lois Overstreet, Pel Autrey TALKS MOST, SAYS LEASTIIII ooooooo , Herman Harveston, M. Ellen Smith. Jeanne Donovan SCHOOL PESSIMIST eeeeeeeeeeeo Walter Stubbs, Billy Applewhite, t'Hi" Stapleton BIGGEST LIAR LL..,LLLL LLLLLL e IDick Wilson, Marvin Blanks, Hobby Hainniack BIGGEST POLITICIAN., ..,LL. Gerald Adams, Marvin Blanks, John Carr MOST COLLEGIATE WOMAN LLLLLLLLLLLLL L LLLLLL Christeen Husbands, Barbara Price, Esther Downing BEST WOMAN DANCER ,Emilie Olson, Mary Jo Welch, Virginia Donald BEST MAN DANCERLI, ,LLL I Pope Huff, Shorty Tisdale, Howard Gilliam FAVORITE CAMPUS ORGANIZATION I. Christian Federation, Debate Club, K. A. T. FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH e I I,Football, Basketball, Tennis FAVORITE SPORT TO PLAY C , Football, Basketball, Tennis FAVORITE AMUSEMENT, eici Dancing. Movies, Men SPONSOR L.,.II...,, ,Dr. R. A. McLemore, Mr. Dewey Dearman, Dr, J, F, Wallqei' Ill 12010 SHUIS Bull Session Posing Studying or What? The pride of Mississippi Hall Gutter. Roberta, and Let 'er Bella Mu Omega Parade That square-shooting guy They decorate Class is over Prof. Dewey S. Dearman Let's eat! "Policeman" Mack cap- tures heart Last minute study for test and more "bull" Off to the parade She sleeps Looking for evidence for the Social Life Commit- tee Main Street Parade Midnight Feast Who are they? ,1 I -'.' ..- ww' 4 -51.41. .4 , I,..4 H. . ' 1- Ji JL ,wc 1 ' 1 'vpn-40: 3 f' -':- 4 U. as S iff? M Q YT Q.?"vf1,a ' 3' w ' 'wig g 4!q,,,n. X 5133 V t , Q , wi. , iq A f, 5 if 4. ,- N' '.. , Q.. Y' wx fx. wh U ' C ' 5 f-w 1f?g:i:5 5-'fi A I 5121-iff? 44 A .aff I s,. E . I . 1.01-' S ,M . +5 -if I ti ff kibmf L WR: ' Aid? M ay, IZELP SHIHS Listen. keep notes, memo- rize the book, and get an MAH Twelve o'Clock. Noon Dagwood and Toughy Dr. Pickens leads discus- sion Constant Companions Another period over Sleeping in the sun Singing in the rain Six of a kind They pose Ye Student Printz Editor and lady Who is the ugliest? Football Queens A typical scene Wilma "the head waitress" Air view of campus Stemme and Hays Duck on the Lily Pool 6U'lZj0LL5 SNHPS Dress Parade Ain't love grand One. two, three, four, tally Love thy waitress The girl from Sumrall Relic of the older days Shine 'em, Freshy Freshman Baseball game Six of a kind Billy "Hitler" McLendon ' Dynamite Dunn Freshman Paint Janie and Joe Three regular fellows Mom and Pop Want my picture took! Rat Tally Bishop Praise Allah 1Doolitt1eJ Free Haircuts -Gipilixf -X ,T v 'f . W 4 1 ,lxr 2 4 A I I I 1 1 i , 1 1 i LIVED BY... ' w I . Q 'A' IHESIUUEN1 HHH-L . S we-.L Pi! A owl, v M 1' -' 'kk 'Z ik J MA, Sain V nf' WB X ADAMS BOLIS STANDIFER POWELL IHI INI H lH S NESS OFFICERS JOHN M. POWELL - - GERALD ADAMS- - - Vice HENRY "FRENCHIE" BOLIS - Secretary and DIXIE STANDIFER - - DEWEY S. DEARMAN - 39 President President. Treasurer Report er - Sponsor PAUL ABSTON Crandall East Miss. Jr. College LEO ALESSANDRIA Mishawaka, Ind. East Central Jr. College: Football, 3. 43 Reporter of "M" Club, 43 Most Valuable Play- er, 4. J OSEPHINE ALSWORTH Hattiesburg Chez Nouz MARY LOUISE BARKSDALE M orton Home Economics Club: Alpha Sigma Alpha. CLEO BEATTY Pulaski Jones County Jr. College, Home Economics Club, Sketch Club SIBYL BERRY New Hebron W. A. A.g Sigma Theta Kappa. 'HTTP' an 'PWM Cl. S I N GERALD ADAMS Porterville East Miss. Jr. Collegeg Edi- tor of SOUTHERNER, 4g President of Pi Tau, 43 Presi- dent of Zeta Sigma, 4g Vice- President of Senior Classg Debating Team 3, 43 STU- DENT PRINTZ staff, 3, Treasurer of Wesley Founda- tion, 3g Secretary of Wig and Mask Club, 33 Hall of Fame, 4g I. R. C. DOT ALFORD Osyka Hinds County Jr. Collegeg Christian Federation Cabinet, 4g Vice-President of Y. W. A., 43 B. S. U. Council, 45 Home Economics Club. WILLIE V. BARHAM Philadelphia A Home Economics Club EDWIN BEARDEN Summit Southwest Jr. Collegeg Sgt.- at-Arms of Zeta Sigma, 43 Pi Omega Pi. REBA BERRY New Hebron Elementary Councilg W. A. A15 Sigma Theta Kappa. EUNICE BIRD Oma Home Economics Club IUH Q55 MARVIN BLANKS Collinsville East Central Jr. College: Busi- ness Manager of SOUTH- ERNER, 45 Kappa Alpha Tau J ANICE BRADLEY Belzoni LEX BRAME Paulding Bandg Zeta Sigma. BUFORD BRASHER Sarepta East Miss. Jr. Collegeg Foot- ball, "M" Club. NELLIE BROCK Fayette, Alabama Holmes County Jr. Collegeg Home Economics Club. AGNES BURRIS Magnolia Southwest Jr. Collegeg Ele- mentary Council. HENRY BOLIS Crystal Springs Copiah-Lincoln Jr. College Sec.-Treas. of "M" Club, 3, 4 Football. COLEMAN BRADSHAW Morton DOYLE BRAMLETT Jefferson, Texas Holmes County Jr. College Footballg Club. KATHERINE BRELAND Hattiesburg President of Vesper Choir Band: Alpha Mu Chi. MEDIE BUNN Ellisville Jones County Jr. College. ESTELLE CAIN Brookha ren Mu Omega: Vesper Choir Alpha Mu Chi. v 1 Sec.-Treas. of Senior Classg BONNIE BESS CARPENTER Meridian Meridian Jr. College: Home Economics Club, Y. W. A. LORAINE CARR Crystal Springs Copiah-Lincoln Jr. Collegeg Home Economics Clubg B. T. U. J UANITA CHAPMAN Belzoni Sunflower Jr. College: Home Economics Club. HAZEL COX Union East Central Jr. Collegeg Home Economics Club: Y. W. A.: B. S. U. ARMAND CRITY Union City, N. J. Holmes Jr. College, Football, Club. MARCELLE DAVIS Purvis Hillman Jr. College, Alpha Sigma Alpha: B. S. U.: Ele- mentary Council. The S l N JOHN A. CARR Leeds, Alabama East Central Jr. Collegeg Pi Taug Football, "M" Club. ANNE HAUGHEY CARTER Scooba East Miss. Jr. Collegeg Alpha Sigma Alphag Alpha Mu Chig Feature Section, 4. HARRY CLARK Drew Sunflower Jr. Collegeg Foot-V ball, Club. MARY SUE COX Hattiesburg Secretary of Alpha Sigma Alpha, 43 Pi Omega Pi. GEORGE CURRIE Hattiesburg I. R. C.g Kappa Alpha Tau. MARGARET DAVIS Pickens THOMAS DAWSON Gloster Southwest Jr. Collegeg Zeta Sigma. NEELY "RED" DOWNING Sunflower Sunflower Jr. Collegeg Foot- ballg "M" Club. DELIA EASOM Union Sigma Theta Kappag Home Economics Club. FRANCES FELDER Kosciusko Holmes Jr. College: Alpha Sigma Alphag Alpha Mu Chig Vesper Choirg Secretary- Treasurer of Band, 4g Sym- phony Orchestra. BONNIE FORD Philadelphia East Central Jr. Collegeg Home Economics Club. EDITH FRENCH Hamburg Mu Omegag Commerce Club. ll H 6655 HAZEL DONALD Preston East Miss. Jr. Collegeg Ele- mentary Council. LOU NELL DUKES Magee Hinds Jr. College: Pi Omega Pig Commerce Club: B. S. U.g Y. W. A. RUTH EDWARDS Laurel Home Economics Club. EULA MAE FLEMING Crandall Whitworth Jr. College: Ves- per Choir: Secretary of Mu Omega, 3. JAMES "PICKLE" FORTE Pensacola, Fla. Pearl River Jr. College: Foot- ball: Club. ERIN GIBSON Louisville East Central Jr. College. TOMMY GLASS Biloxi Pearl River Jr. Collegeg Foot-- ballg Club. J ANIE GRADY Union East Central Jr. College: President of Sigma Theta Kappa, 43 Feature Section, 43 Football Queen. 3. GLADYS GROSS Carthage East Central Jr. Collegeg Home Economics Club, B. T. U. ENID HARDENER Gulfport Delta Sigma Epsilong I. R. C. MRS. ESTELLE HARPER Laurel Jones Jr. College: STUDENT PRINTZ Staff. 4: Y. W. A.: Wig and Mask. ANNIE DEAN HENSON Meridian Sigma Sigma Sigma 'lllqp ,uw all S l N LAURA GOODWIN Louisville East Central Jr. Collegeg Wig and Mask Club, Elementary Councilg W. A. A.g B. T. U. JOYCE GREEN Louin Jones Jr. Collegeg Home Eco- nomics Club. HAZE B. HAMMACK Scooba East Miss. Jr. College. DOROTHY HARDY Hattiesburg Sigma Sigma Sigmag Alpha Mu Chig Vesper Choir. EDITH LEE HARRIGILL Hamburg Mu Omegag Chez Nous. RUTH HERRING Jasper, Ala. East Central Jr. Collegeg Cor- responding Secretary of I. R. C.: Home Economics Clubg Sponsor of Demonstration Economics Club, 4. 6L MILDRED HICKS Leakesville . E. HORNE Lucedale POPE HUFF Brooklyn Vice-Chairman of Christian Federationg Mgr. of Wimpy's, 3 43 Pi Omega Pig Pi Taug Hall of Fame, 4. CHRISTEEN HUSBANDS Forest Hinds Jr. College: President of W. A. A., 4g Secretary of B. S. U., 43 Head Cheer Lead- er, 43 Sigma Theta Kappag STUDENT PRINTZ Staff, 43 Vice-President of W. A. A. in Miss.g Wig and Mask Club. NANNIE INGRAM Durant Holmes Jr. College: Vesper Choirg Alpha Mu Chig Band: Symphony Orchestra. CLOWER "TOUGHY" JOHNSON Lexington Jones Jr. Collegeg Footballg M" Club. p 55 .5 SUE HOPKINS Louisville Sigma Theta Kappa. ALTRA HOUSE Poplarville Pearl River Jr. College: Home Economics Club. FRANK HUNTER Decatur East Central Jr. College. CLARICE ICE Hattiesburg Alpha Sigma Alpha: Pi Omega Pi. ELLIOT IVY Carthage Historian of Mu Omega. 41 Secretary of Home Economics Club, 4. HAZEL JOHNSON Sum merla nd Jones Jr. College: Commerce Club. DURVARD JONES Indianola Sunflower Jr. College: Foot- ball: Pi Tau: Club. MAXIE KING Canton Holmes Jr. College: Christian Federation Cabinet: Vesper Choir: Alpha Mu Chi: Band. WILLIAM LEGGETT Shubuta Vice President of B. S. U.. 4: Vice President of Life Service Band, 4: Vesper Choir: B. S. U. Council: Zeta Sigma: STU- D ENT PRINTZ Staff: SOUTHERNER Staff: I. R. C. WILLIAM LEWIS Hattiesburg VARDAMEN LOVETTE Golden Holmes Jr. College: Club: Football. HELEN McDANIEL Hattiesburg in SIN JEAN JONES Hollandale Hinds Jr. College: President of Pi Omega Pi, 4: Christian Federation Cabinet, 4: Hall of Fame, 4. MARJORIE LANDIS Scooba East Miss. Jr. College: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Vesper Choir: Alpha Mu Chi. EVA LEHMAN Oldenburg Home Economics Club. B. S. U. MOLLIE LIDE Meridian Meridian Jr. College: Home Economics Club. J OSEPHINE LUMPKIN Carfriere Pearl River Jr. College: Y. W. A. SARA MCGOWAN Camden Holmes Jr. College: President of Elementary Council, 4: Wig and Mask Club: I. R. C. IHH Q55 JOHN MCKEWEN Jackson Zeta Sigmag Alpha Mu Chig Vice President of Vesper Choir, 45 Band. BETTY McLAUGHLIN Petal Sigma Theta Kappa. LORIS MAJ URE Union East Central Jr. Collegeg Home Economics Clubg I. R. C. SUE MARTIN Picayune Wig and Mask MARY MATHENY Waynesboro Sigma Sigma Sigma. LANDON MITCHELT- Louisville East Central Jr. Collegeg "M" Clubg Football. MARY FRANCES MCKINNON Newton East Central Junior College EVELYN MCQUAGGE Wiggins Pearl River Jr. College: Ves per Choir, Pi Omega Pi. SARA MARTIN Quit in a n Jones Jr. College: Pi Omega Pi: Band: Vesper Choir. KENT MASSENGALE Hattiesburg ANNIE LOU MEADOWS Collins KATIE RUTH IXIOAK Bogus' Clzilto Copiah-Lincoln Jr. College: I R. C.: President of Y. W. A 4: W. A. A. Kill 5 lr E LUCILE MONTGOMERY Durant RACHEL MOORE Stringer East Central Jr. Collegeg Home Economics Club. STELLA MYRICK Richton Elementary Council. FRANCES NICHOLSON Lake East Central Jr. Collegeg Sigma Theta Kappa: Elemen- tary Council. KATYE O'NEAL Saucier Sigma Theta Kappag Home Economics Club. MAI FLOWERS PACE Canton -1' at .vw 'WK W-ff 'OQWQW fha MARY FRANKLIN MOORE Durant Sunflower Jr. Collegeg Presi- dent of Wesley Foundation, 43 Treasurer of Sigma Theta Kappa, 4g Home Economics Club. JESSIE MORRISON Hattiesburg Mu Omega. BEBE NEWCOMB Richton Alpha Sigma Alpha. DORIS O'CAIN Ofahoma Hinds Jr. Collegeg Vice Presi- dent of Wesley Foundation, 4g Reporter of Sketch Club, 43 Elementary Councilg Wig and Mask. JOE OVCA Springfield, Ill. Sunflower Jr. College, Presi- dent of Student Body, 43 Hall of Fame, 4. HAROLD PERLMAN Gulfport Pearl River Jr. Collegeg I. R. C. IHH 6LS5 ROBERT PEYTON Hattiesburg Ministerial League. ROY PHILLIPS Louin Clarke Jr. College: Co-Direc- tor of B. S. U., 4. JOHN M. POWELL Mt. Olive Holmes Jr. Collegeg President of Senior Classg Bus. Mgr. of STUDENT PRINTZ, 4: Secre- tary of Pi Tau, 4: Informal Dance Committee, 3, 4g Presi- dent of B. S. U. Group, 4: Hall of Fame, 4. BARBARA PRICE Bogalusa, La. Sigma Theta Kappa: Vice President of W. A. A., 4. JUSTINE REA Philadelphia East Central Jr. College: Home Economics Club. ELIZABETH RISER Forest East Central Jr. College: Y. W. A.: Secretary of B. T. U.. 4: Home Economics Club: B. S. U. Council, 4. CARRIE WEBB PHILLIPS Water Valley Mu Omegag Home Economics Club: Sketch Club. GRACE POWELL Mt. Olive Holmes Jr. College: Director of B. S. U.. 4: Christian Fed- eration Cabinet. 4g Treasurer of Sigma Theta Kappa. 4: Home Economics Club. ARON PRESTAGE Golden Football: Club. RUSSELL RATCLIFF Wesson Copiah-Lincoln Jr. College: Editor of STUDENT PRINTZ. 4: Treasurer of Wesley Foun- dation. 4: I. R, C.: Zeta Sigma: Chaplain of Kappa Phi Sigma, 3: Hall of Fame. 4. ELIZABETH RINGOLD Water Valley Mu Omega: Home Economics Club: Sketch Club. J. F. ROBERTS Center KATE ROLLIN Meridian East Miss. Jr. College: Delta Sigma Epsilon: Home Eco- nomics Club: Reporter of B. S. U.. 4: Reporter of Y. W. A.. 4. MINNIE LEE ROYALS Summerland Jones Jr. College: B. S. U. MARY EVELYN SHELTON Bruce Mu Omega. AUDREY SINGLEY Columbia Hillman College: Treasurer of Elementary Council, 4: Y. W. A. MATTY LYNN SMITH Poplaruille Pearl River Jr. College: Treasurer of Alpha Sigma Alpha, 43 Elementary Council. DIXIE STANDIFER Hattiesburg Secretary of Pi Omega Pi. 42 Sigma Sigma Sigma: Vice- President of Student Body. 4: Reporter of Senior Class, 4: Vice-President of B. S. U., 4. in SIN EDNA ROLLIN Meridian East Miss. Jr. College: Secre- tary of Delta Sigma Epsilon, 4: Head Waitress, 4. GERALDINE RUTHERFORD Baldwyn Sunflower Jr. College: Home Economics Club. NANCY SHIVERS Shivers Elementary Council: W. A. A. MARGARET ELLEN SMITH Amite, La. Mu Omega: Home Economics Club. ORLENE SMITH Wiggins Pearl River Jr. College: Y. W. A. MARGARET STEELE Union Church B. S. U. Council IHH Q55 MARY FRANCES STILES Swiftown Sunflower Jr. Collegeg Home Economics Club. REGINALD SWITZER Gulfport Pearl River Jr. Collegeg "M" Clubg Football. ALBERT PAT THOMAS Newton East Central Jr. Collegeg President of Jr. Class, 3g Foot- ballg "M" Clubg Student Coun- cil, 3. LODENA WAGGONER Hillsboro East Central Jr. Collegeg I. R. C.g Home Economics Clubg Y. W. A.: SOUTHERNER Staffg Life Service Band. LOVETTE WALLEY Hattiesburg Chez Nousg Elementary Council. FRANK WEST Hattiesburg Kappa Alpha Tau. RUTH STILES Swiftown Sunflower Jr. Collegeg Presi- dent of Christian Endeavor, 4g Christian Federation Cabinetg Home Economics Club. PAT THOMAS Goodman Elementary Council ELIZABETH THOMASSON DeKalb Mu Omega: Home Economics Club. REBECCA WALKER Meridian Meridian Jr. College: Alpha Mu Chi: Bandg Vesper Choir. PATRICIA WELBORN Laurel BILLY WHITE Hattiesburg Mu Omega. SENIUHS MRS. BEATRICE WIGGS - - Hattiesburg Home Economics Club. MARGIE WILLIAMSON - - - Jackson Northeast Jr. College of La.: Alpha Sigma Alphag Recreation Council. THELMA WILLIAMSON - - - Columbia Reporter of Home Economics Club 4. DIXIE WILLIS ----- Edinburg East Central Jr. Collegeg Home Economics Club. ROBERT LEE WILSON - - Monticello Southeastern Jr. Collegeg Footballg " Club. JEFFIE WINDHAM - - - Rolling Fork President of Home Economics Club, 4 Vesper Choirg STUDENT PRINTZ Staff, 4 LAMAR WINSTEAD - - - Pelahatchie Hinds Jr. Collegeg President of Wesley Foundation, 43 Christian Federation Cabi net, 4g Zeta Sigma, Treasurer, 4. HAZELINE WOOD ----- Laurel President of Christian Federation, 43 Presi dent of I. R. C., 43 Vice President of Sigma Theta Kappa, 4: Debating Team, 3, 43 Orator 4g Hall of Fame, 43 B. S. U. Council, 3, 4 REBECCA HARRIS ---- Decatur East Central Jr. College Chez Nousg Ele mentary Councilg Sketch Club. MARY LANE LEIGH - - New Orleans La Sketch Clubg Elementary Council. M51 Jones Jr. College: President of Band, 43 LOWREY OLSON GUNN SMITH IHIJHNQIHHHHSS J. T. "SMITTY" SMITH - - President LEONARD LOWREY -------- Vice President EMILY OLSON Secretary Treasurer DR R A MCLEMORE Sponsor 53 SARA LLOYD GUNN ---------- - Reporter IHI JHNI LUCILE ALEXANDER - CECILE ADDKINSON - EVA ALLEN - - OLIVE ALLUMS ---- LAURENCE ARRINGTON MELVIN AUTREY - MARGARETTE BARNETT FLOYD BARNHILL - MARY K. BATSON ETHELDA BEARD - IMELDA BEEMAN - WILMER BOND - BERTICE BOUTWELL - ROBERT BRANTON - Montrose Louisville Brookhaven Leakesville Hattiesburg Hattiesburg - Carthage Louisville Hattiesburg Poplarville - Meridian - Newton Foxworth EVA LYMAN BREWER - Johnson Station WILBUR BRIDGES ---- Kossuth MAE ELIZABETH BRIGANCE - Mt. Olive ALICE MAE BRITT ---- Wesson WILBUR BULLOCK - - - Tylertown CLAUDENE CAMPBELL - - Bentonia MRS. R. M. CARLISE - - Hattiesburg Hattiesburg HIHHSS ROBERT CARNES - Thazton WILSON CARRUTH - Surnrall JULIA CARTER - Hickory MITCHELL CAUTHERN - - Nettleton CONNIE CLARK ---- Vicksburg MARJORIE CLEVELAND - - Union HELEN RAY COIT - SUE COOK - - - VAN CORNELISON - LEONARD COWEN - EDWARD CROSBY - MARGARET DALLAS CLARA DAVENPORT - DULCIE DAVIDGE - FREDA DEAN - L. C. DEVALL - C. L. DEWS - - - DOROTHY DONALD VIRGINIA DONALD - ' JUANITA DOOLEY - WILBURN DOWNS Newellton, La. - Hattiesburg Scottsboro, Ala. - Baldwyn - Mendenhall Little Rock Port Gibson - Hattiesburg - Tibbett Boothton, Ala. - Hattiesburg - Vossburg New Hebron - - Lessley Hattiesburg IHEJ DIMPLE DREW ---- MATTIE LAURA DUCKWORT OTIS DUNN ---- BILLIE SUE ELFERT - ELMER FILLINGIM - - JOHN FINCH - MINNETTA FLEMING LOUISE FLOYD - ATHALEA FORNEA - CLAUDIA FOXWORTH MARJORIE FRITH - WILMA GADDIS - EUNICE GAMBRELL EDITH GARRISON - HILDA GLASGOW KATHLEEN GLENN - SHELBY GERRY - ELONA GRAY - GLEN GRICE - KAY GRIMES ---- SARAH LLOYD GUNN Little Rock H Taylorsville Duncan Seminary Bay St Louis Laurel Crandall Marietta Hattiesburg Magnolia Morton Summerland Poplarville Scooba Hattiesburg Sarah Dorsey - Crystal Springs - Meridian - Tylertown - Poplarville HH HH LOIS HADDOX - - HERMAN HALVERSEN MARY F. HAMMONS ANN HAMRICK - SS Columbia Leakesville Carthage Mendenhall LORETHA HARPER - - Summerland STELLA MERLE HARPER SYBIL HARPER - JO HARVEY - - ADELLA HAYES - RATA HILBURN - LUCILE HODGES - - MARY IDA HOFFMAN CATHERINE HOLLAND - BYRLE HOOD - - - ARGEL HUNGERFORD J. C. IVY .. - EVELYN JONES - - - JOHN WESSLEY JONES KATHERINE JORDON - GERALDINE KEMP - MYNELL KENNEDY - Hattiesburg - Soso Tylertown Meridian - Soso - Wesson Brookhaven Vossburg - - Goos Hattiesburg - Bruce - Magee Lake Hattiesburg Noxapater - Mize IH! JHNI VELMA KILPATRICK - CLOTHILDE KINCH MICKEY KING - RIVERS KING - BEATRICE LACK - JAMES B. LEE - EDGAR LEGGETT CAMILLE LENOIR - DOROTHY LOGAN - IDA WEBB LOWERY - LEONARD LOWREY - CHARLENE MCCALLUM CATHERINE MCCUNE FRED MCDANIEL J. B. MCDEVITT - MARY NELL MCDONNIEAL HARRIET MCEWEN - CHARLES MCGREGOR DOROTHY MCGUFFEE - FRANK MCMULLAN - STATIA MCNEESE Isola New Augusta H attzesburg Leland M zze Sauczer Brookhaven M agnolza Rose H zll H attzesburg H attzesburg M zze Grenada Columbza H attzesbufrg Summerland Summzt H attzesburg Utzca Decatur Bassfzeld HH HHSS HELEN MANNING - MELBA MATHIS - - ABBIE JEAN MEAD ROBERTA MOORE - - MARY ALICE MORREN FORREST MORRIS - BRASKEL NARON - JULIA NEILL - - - KATHERINE NORMAN MARY BETH ODEN - VERNA ODEN - MARIE ODEN IRENE OGBURN EMILY OLSON - - GEORGE PATTERSON HOMER PEDEN - JEWEL PHILLIPS - - LILLIE REE PONDER SUMPTER PORTER ANGELINE E. PRICE OLLIE DEE PRICE - Tylertown - Petal Hattiesburg - Newton - - Richton Hattiesburg Cleveland Woodville - Newton Bogalusa Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Meridian Lumberton Brookhaven Terry - Meridian Mendenhall Tylertown Wesson - Stringer IH! JUN! SUSAN PRICE - BETTIE RAWLS - DALLAS RAYBORN - GERALD RAYMOND - BURDETTE RICHARDSON MODELL ROBBINS - CLIFTON ROBERTS - JEWEL ROGERS - WILLIAM ROSS - MARILYN RUSSELL - WALTON SATERFIELD - JAMES D. SEGARS - MARVEL SHEPARD - BENNIE SIMMONS RUTH SIMMONS ELSIE MAE SMITH - EXIE DEE SMITH - IMA SMITH - J. T. SMITH - OPAL SMITH - - MAGGIE STARRETT - Hattiesburg Hattiesburg - Sumrall M inter City - - Union Columbia - Hattiesburg Little Rock - Laurel - BTQIIOTL - Collinsville Winfield, Ala. - DeKalb - Brooklyn Bay Springs - Carriere Hattiesburg - Carthage - Newton - Purvis - Magnolia 2. 5 wi if I i f I I 1 l i l l ii pg UH EIHSS WILBUR STELLE - J. B. STEWART - MARJORIE STOKES - MARGARET STRAIT - RETHA JUNE STRINGER JOE STRINGFELLOW MRS. ANNIE MAE STROUP ANITA SUTTER - - ELMESE TATE - JOHN C. TAYLOR - - MARY MAUD THETFORD JEPTHY TOUCHSTONE DORSEY TREVILLION MABLE TURMAN - ARTHUR VAN TONE - MAX WADE - - - CATHERINE WALKER BERNARD WALTON - GRACE WARD - - GRACE WEATHERFORD LOIS WHITE - - - - Fulton Bogalusa, La. - Preston Brookhaven - - Sumrall - Meridian - Hattiesburg - Meridian - Osyka - Decatur - Parchman Crystal Springs Wilkinson - Tupelo - Gary, Ind. Calhoun City - Monticello - Decatur - Poplarville - Baldwyn Philadelphia IHE JIINIUH HHSS BEULAH BELLE WICKER - - Pulaski JOHNNIE WIGGINS RACHELLE WILDER ANDREW WINDHAM LOUISE WINDHAM - M. G. CLEMENTS - - Philadelphia Lillington, N. C. Hattiesburg - Hattiesburg - Greenwood LOVITT CLANTON MONT- GOMERY GAN DY IHI SHPHHMUHI EIHSS OFFICERS JACK MONTGOMERY - - President JOSEPH GANDY - Vice President GLADYS RAY SMITH - - Secretary-Treasutrer CARMEL CLANTON - - Reporter MRS. ELIZABETH LOVITT - - Sponsor G3 FLORENE ALFORD Magnolia ELIZABETH BISHOP Pascagoula FRANCES BURKETT Hattiesburg WESLEY CURRY Hattiesburg NELL EDGAR Hattiesburg BILLY APPLEWHITE Hattiesburg ANNA MARJORIE BLAIN Jackson NELLINE CASE Brookhaven GLYNDON DAUGHDRILL Hattiesburg snvunmnnts DORIS FISHEL BILL COLLIER Hattiesburg Hattiesburg MARY LOUISE ASKEW CHARLES DEFATTA Hattiesburg Hattiesburg MARGE BRELAND MARY FQSTER . Preritiss Hattiesburg THELMA BARKLEY CARMEL LOUISE State Line CLANTON MQRIE ANNA BROCK Waynesboro Quifman BILLIE DEARMAN MONTEZ .COLLINS New Augusta Umon' HARMON FOSTER CEgigKgI6gNN Hattiesburg Bassfield OUIDA ATCHLEY JQSEPH GANDY Qllifmfltl Hattiesburg BILLIE SUE BRENT FRANCES BARRON Hattiesburg Hattiesburg LOUISE BROWN Hattiesburg HELEN CROZIER Hattiesburg CLINTON DOOLITTLE Laurel SARA GARDENER McComb BUEL BELL Hattiesburg H. D. BUCHANAN Hattiesburg EDWARD CURRIE Hattiesburg JOHN DRENNON Tylertowu CAROLYN GIBSON Newton i 1 SHARON GOOCH Toccopola BROWNIE GRAHAM . Union YVONNE HAMILTON Newton MARGARET LEE HATHORN Carson City DOROTHY HARDY Hattiesburg BOBBIE HENDERSON Hattiesburg MAMIE LEE HIBBETT Hattiesburg EVELYN HOCUTT Hattiesburg BETTY JO HOLCOMB Hattiesburg LILLIAM HOLCOMB Hattiesburg MORRIS HOWELL Hattiesburg SARA JACKSON Hattiesburg ARZO JAMES Brooklyn LAVERNE JONES Hattiesburg RUTH JONES Chalybeate MERLE JONES Johns DOROTHY JOYCE Montgomery Ala DENNIS KELLY Hattiesburg ELIZABETH LANGDON Magnolia MARY LEE Baxterville FRANCES LEIGH New Orleans La HILDA LITTLE Hattiesburg ANNIE LOUISE LONG ROLAND LOPER Vossburg JUNE LUNDY Philadelphia THERON LYND Hattiesburg WRENNA McGEHEE Jackson EVA MCHANN Sturgis JEANNE MCINNIS Hattiesburg MARTIN MCLENDON Petal EVELYN MCNEESE Bassfzeld EVA MEADOR Hattiesburg JACK MONTGOMERY McComb CLIFTON FATS MOORE Holly Springs MARY BETH ODEN Hattiesburg , . , . R . yi Y Meridian 1 .. ,, SHPHHMHHIS MILDRED OTIS Logtown LOIS OVERSTREET Pascagoula MARY PICKERING Canton NINA POPE Hattiesburg TED SCARBOROUGH Brooklyn JAMES SENNETT Sheldon, Ill. FRANCES SHOOK Corinth BEVERLY SIKES Hattiesburg MARVIN REYNOLDS NORMA LEE SIMMONS Springfield, Ill. Tylertown HEBERT RHODES ALLETHA JANE SMITH Collinsville Collins KATHERYN ROBBINS GLADYS RAY SMITH Bassfield Hattiesburg FLORAMAE ROBERTSON GEORGE STAPLETON Gulfport Miami Beach, Fla. MAVIS STOCKSTILL Seaford, Del. WALTER STUBBS Collins MILDRED TEW Waynesboro BEATRICE THORNTON Soso FOSTER TISDALE Hattiesburg ARMAND TRAYLOR Slidell, La. CATHERINE VERDEL Bogalusa, La. JOE VETRANDO Neptune, N. J. ELOISE WALKER Hattiesburg MAILANDE WALKER Meridian HARVEY WALLACE Carthage MARY JOE WELCH Hattiesburg WALLACE WIGGINS Philadelphia EVANGELINE WILLIAMS Hattiesburg FAYE YORK Hattiesburg MASON POPE GILLIAM OFFICERS MORAN POPE Preszdent ANN GILLIAM Vzce P76S1d61lf WILDA MAE MASON Secvetmy T1easu1e1 JACK THIGPEN Repol te1 DR H A SHANDS Sponsov b T Swain? 123 IHI HHSHMIN HHSS LAURA AULTMAN lHlSHMlN LYMAN FILLINGAME Hattiesburg Hattiesburg WILDA BRADSHAW MILDRED BARROW Liberty Purvis FLORENCE CARVER GERTRUDE BREAZELE Pascagoula Philadelphia MARY ANNE DEVER JACK CLARK Hattiesburg Petal FRANCES FENN SARAH DOWNING Hattiesburg Hattiesburg DORIS BALL JACK FLEMING Hattiesburg Crandall CHRISTINE BRAME ROBERT BATSON Meridian Lumberton JAMES CHANCELLOR BEATRICE BURKETT Hattiesburg Hattiesburg JEANNE DONOVAN GLORIA COLEMAN Hattiesburg Hattiesburg 68 FRANK EDGAR Hattiesburg ANNIE FORD Woodville JAMES BEACH Hattiesburg JAY BYRD Leakesville LILLIAN COOPER Purvis MARGARET ENSLIN Hattiesburg SARA FULLILOVE New Augusta KARL BISHOP New Orleans, La. MILDRED CAIN Brookhaven TOMMY LOU DABBS Quitrnan SPURGEON EUNE Hattiesburg ELIZABETH GALTNEY Lorman MABLE BONE Gulfport J ESSIE CARLTON Hattiesburg WALTER DEEN Hattiesburg WANDA FEATHERSTONE Petal DOROTHY GENTILE Gulfport 0 ,P QE' KATHRYN MOBLEY Columbia EVELYN OVERSTREET Pascagoula VALDA ROLAND Hillsboro DOROTHY STEWART Picayune LAGRANE TUTOR Rauclolf HELEN MOORE Hattiesburg JUANITA PARSONS Tylertowrt DORIS RYAN Columbia JUSTINE TAYLOR Purvis G. 1 Nm- 3Q'7"' dbh Qs it lHlSHMl LEONA WALKER Woodville MADELYN MOORE Quitmari EILEEN PATTERSON Hattiesburg NARVELLE SANDERS Harpersville MARGUERETTE THETFORD Parchman CHARLES WALLACE Hattiesburg BARBARA MORRIS Hattiesburg MORAN POPE Hattiesburg 70 LAURA SCANLAN Hattiesburg JACK THIGPEN Bay Springs MILTON WATSON Hattiesburg RUTH MOULDER Hattiesburg DOROTHY PRICE Hattiesburg WINFRED SCOTT Hillsboro ROBERT THOMPSON Hattiesburg HAROLD WATTS Purvis BILL OAKLEY Hattiesburg if ,L H I- ORMOND PRINGLE Sims Chapel, Ala. JOYCE SIGREST Hattiesburg WILLIAM TILGHMAN Hattiesburg EVELYN WICKER Pulaski LILLIAN OLSON Bay St. Louis ELIZABETH RISCHER Hattiesburg ELENOR SIMMONS Tylertowri FRANCES TURNER Hattiesburg DOROTHY WOODRUFF Hattiesburg TI-IIQILLS IN OUR CAMPUS LIFE IHE HIHHH S1 .Q 3, l I - lHl EHHEHH Coach Green, a graduate of Mississippi Southern College, has brought credit to this institution in his role of head coach. He has proved that he is capable in every respect by the fine teams he has produced. +843 58' ' 'A Q X PIE VANN, Assistant Coach teams REED GREEN, Coach A great part of the credit of the fine record our teams have made goes to the assistant coach, Thad "Pie" Vann. His pleasing per- sonality has been one of the greatest assets the team has had, but his knowledge of the game has, also, played an important part. M 1 Z' " W fi .. LEO ALESSANDRI JCE VETRANO Most Valuable Player Most Popular Player PETER "JABO" JONES REGINALD SWITZER Honorable Mention, Honorable Mention, Little All American Little All American What was on many occasions a great but at other times only a mediocre Mississippi S o u t h e r n football team won seven games, including one post season contest, and lost four during the 1940 sea- son. Southern 25, Troy Teachers 0 Cutting loose with a devastating running attack, the Southerners opened their season here by roll- ing over the air-minded Troy Ala- bama State T e a c h e r s College eleven 25-0 in a game which cost the team the services of Joe Vet- rano, sensational sophomore back for the next three Weeks. Vetrano suffered a dislocated elbow in the third quarter of the game. Held scoreless by the scrappy Tro- jans through the entire first pe- riod, Southern tallied twice in the second. Dews sparked the first touchdown drive, going over from the three-yard line himself, and "Tuffy" Johnson picked up the second on a short plunge. Southern scored twice in the fourth, one by Dagwood Jones and the other by Leo Alessandri. , lHHl THE SQUAD X I lg - I SOUTHERN STOPS TROY DRUM MAJOR WOOD PARADES BEGINNING OF A SOUTHERN TOUCHDOWN HHH... Q -rr 5 . ,S 3 sa .- H . fl- -1 1' MY, ,- Q , 2 1 af Souflzerrz is Y' HARRY CLARK - - LANDRUM MITCHELL - DICK WILSON - - PAT THOMAS ---- ARMOND CRITTY - - - HENRY "FRENCHY" BOLIS - NEELEY "RED" DOWNING - ART VAN TONE ---- DOYLE "TEXAS" BRAMLETT - JAKE IVY ------ DAUVARD "DAGWOOD" JONES - BUFORD BRASHER - - - Center Guard End End Back Back Tackle Back Guard Tackle Back End . 'I' e Q, L, ' M. l uw ..Y' SAM HOUSTON GAINS JOE ovcA ------- - ARON PRESTAGE ---- CLOWER "TUFFY" JOHNSON JAMES "PICKLE" FORTE - VARDAMEN LOVETTE - - TOMMY GLASS - - JOHN CARR - - LEO ALLESANDRI - PETER JONES - - Back - End Back Center Back Guard Tackle Back Tackle Southern 16, Sam Houston 18 Heart-breaking is the only word that can describe the 18-16 defeat suf- fered at the hands of Sam Houston College of Huntsville, Texas, here October 4. The Texans made their own breaks to rush across three touchdowns in the first two periods before Southern so rnuch as made a first down. The scores came on a 65-yard runback of an intercepted pass, a pass play good for 35 yards, and a blocked punt, respectively. Midway through the second quar- ter, the Southerners started a rally -a 61-yard rnarch resulted in a touchdown before the half ended and a 66-yard advance, clirnaxed by a pass from Dews to Bridges, pro- duced another in the third stanza. 1 1 Harry Clark blocked a Bearcat punt, but a game-winning break 1 was ruined, for the ball went out gan-'F of the end zone giving Sam Hous- 1 ton the victory. , Q fi- 1 JIT' 2 A " 1 ,,.,.,.,- 1 1- 1 coAcH GREEN AND ASSISTANT 1 COACH VANN 1 Southern 13, Southeastern Louisiana 7 A fourth quarter comeback enabled the South- erners to pull a 13-6 victory over the Southeastern Louisiana College out of the fire. Southeastern tallied shortly before the half, and continued to dominate the situation until Dews began heaving passes. He connected with String- fellow for a touchdown and the latter kicked the extra point to put Southern ahead. A few min- 'utes later Alessandri ran an intercepted pass back to the Lions' eight-yard line and Dagwood Jones smashed over for a touchdown. Southern 7, Millsaps 14 Completely outplayed for the only time during the season, the Southerners lost the game to Millsaps 14-7. After a comparatively even first half in which each team missed a scoring opportunity, Millsaps began a 78-yard surge in the third quar- ter which ended early in the fourth with the garne's first touchdown. Soon after this, Millsaps recovered a Southern fumble on the MSC 23 and the Majors soon had another seven points. Southern showed the ever-present ability of the team in scoring its lone marker of the game by its passing and running attack. Homecoming Game Senator Bilbo Speaks to Army Army Day Kickoff in Army Game Camp Shelby Band Parades for Southern SPEECHES AT ARMY GAME :af +522 Q Southern 38, Spring Hill 6 A blocked punt gave the Badgers a 6-0 lead in the first quarter, but Vetrano scored once and passed to Dews for another tally before the half ended. Van Tone score on a blocked punt, and in the final quarter Dagwood Jones, Vetrano, and Johnson scored in a thrilling climax. Southern 21, Southwestern Louisiana l4 The Southerners found the power for a 54-yard touchdown drive with only two minutes left to play. Alessandri scored two touchdowns, and passed to Art Van Tone for the third. Southern 41, Delta State 0 Scoring almost at will, the Southerners swamped Delta State Teachers College. Vetrano and Alessandri starred for Southern. VAN TONE BREAKS AWAY PILE UP VETRANO RETURNS PUNT . KICK OFF IN ARMY GAME SOUTHERN REVERSES ANOTHER TACKLE COLLEGE AND CAMP OFFICIALS SEE SOUTHERNERS SWAMP ARMY Southern 0, Louisiana College 7 Taking advantage of all kinds of breaks Louisiana Col- lege downed Southern 7-0. Statistics read: First downs, Southern 9, Louisiana College 75 yards gained rushing, Southern 230, Louisiana College 123. Southern 6, Louisiana Normal 9 A fumbled punt in the final five minutes of play cost Southern its best chance in history to beat Louisiana Normal on its home field. Dagwood fumbled near MSC goal line, and Louisiana Normal recovered for the touchdown. Southern 27, St. Mary's 6 Continuing their high scoring tactics, the Southerners rolled over St. Mary's University of San Antonio 27-6. A safety and Ve-trano's 30-yard run around end got the Southerners off in front in the first quarter. St. Mary's picked up a marker in the second but Southern won go- ing away as Jones, Crity, and Dews chalked up a touch- down in the second half. .,-2,1 6. K N, 4. H . uf Y gif 1 5 u z, V . LOPER GETS HAIRCUT GOOD LUCK ELMER FILLINGIM MARVIN REYNOLDS BILLY APPLEVVI-IITE RIVERS KING IIILXSIQI-II XM 1 Back Back End Tackle Burl I JOHN DRENNON JOE STRINGFELLOVV C. L, "DlPSY" DEVVS L. C. DUVALI. Guard End Back Back "15U""-'HN I RIDl Southern 26, 37th Division 0 In a special post season game witnessed by a large crowd of soldiers and civilians, South- ern had little trouble in trouncing a 37th Di- vision All-Star team from Camp Shelby, 26-0. The Army eleven never threatened while the Southerners scored twice in the second pe- riod and twice more in the fourth. A pass from Dews to Bolis accounted for the first touchdown, a short plunge by Vetrano for the second, a 29-yard run by the same worthy for the third, and a three-yard buck by Crity for the fourth. "FONTS" CLEMENTS VAN CORNEILSON Guard Guard MELVIN "Pe-I" ATYTREY JOE YENNI, 'l'1'uine1 Center SHSIIIIIHII HI MISSISSIPPI SIIIIIHIHN Mississippi Southern's 1941 basketball season was the most disastrous in its his- tory, 16 defeats having been chalked up against the Southerners while they were only winning 2 games. Hard Luck found the cagers long before the basketball time rolled around and never let up. As the first inkling that everything wasn't going to be all right, Pete McDowell, regular forward in 1940, failed to re-enroll at the beginning of the year. Then, early in December, McDowell's sensational running mate, high-scoring Howard McCarley, dropped out of school to join the State Highway Patrol. On top of these two blows, Joe Ovca, a first string guard of the year before, under- went a nose operation during the Christmas Holidays and his physician ordered him not to play any basketball until February. Thus, the time Coach Reed Green issued a call for practice, he had only Art Van Tone and J. W. Jones left of the five regulars he had hoped at the end of the 1940 season would be able to play another full year together. Also, on deck with previous experience were Joe Stringfellow and Vardaman Lovette, but not one of the remainder of the squad had played any college ball before. Also destined to strike the team before the season was very far gone were a siege of flu, which had Coach Green starting boys in some games who had never even been out to practice, and an epidemic of losing all close games, including two overtime tilts. After only a week of practice the Southerners opened their season against Spring Hill's Badgers, losing 41-36. Then came an ill-fated trip northward which re- sulted in four defeats in as many nights. Millsaps trounced the Southerners 53-22 at Jackson, Delta State Teachers whipped 'em twice at Cleveland, 57-26, and 93-21, and West Memphis Teachers eked out a 46-42 overtime triumph in Memphis. A swing to the South the next week brought the same number of defeats but not by such overwhelming scores. Loyola of the South squeezed out the South- erners 30-28 at New Orleans, Spring Hill won again on its home floor 45-34, and the undefeated Pensacola Naval Air Station outfit tripped Southern twice, 45-26 and 53-36. Playing at home for the first time, the Southerners fell twice more before Spring Hill, 39-33 and 39-34 in an overtime period. Another heart-breaking loss to Loyola, 26-25, followed before the Southerners finally broke their string of de- feats at 12 straight by giving the Camp Shelby All-Stars a neat going over, 43-27, at the Hattiesburg High gym. Three more lickings closed the Southerners' home season, however, Millsaps handing out the first, 48-22, and Southeastern of Louisiana the other two by 45-42 and 41-32 scores. Turning on their final tormentor the Southerners defeated Southeastern in the first of a two-game series at Hammond for their only victory of the year over a collegiate opponent, but lost the season's finale to the same club, 60-42. Players who at one time or another saw action on the Southern team were: Art Van Tone, Joe Stringfellow, J. W. Jones, Vardaman Lovette, Pickle Forte, L. C. Devall, Joe Ovca, Jake Ivy, Walton Saterfield, Wallace Wiggins, Johnny Wiggins. Harry Clark, Billy Dearman, and Manager Frenchie Bolis. S1 The I! 77 M e Z A OFFICERS JOE YENNI ----- - - President FRENCHIE BOLIS - - Secretary-Treasurer LEO ALESSANDRI - - - - Reporter MEMBERS MELVIN AUTREY C. L. DEWS ROLAND LOPER DOYLE BRAMLETT BUFORD BRASHER WILBER BRIDGES JOHN CARR HARRY CLARK VAN CORNEILSON ARMOND CRITY L. C. DEVALL NEELEY DOWNING JAMES FORTE TOMMY GLASS J. C. IVY CLOWER JOHNSON DAUVARD JONES JOHN W. JONES VARDAMAN LOVETTE LANDON MITCHELL JOE OVCA JOE STRINGFELLOW REGINALD SWITZER PAT THOMAS ART VAN TONE JOE VETRANO DICK WILSON 82 x" :Y-,':.f .V b . , , P' yi., 2,7' . ,Xu . ,, , H! I X ' ' .fgbilffgjil-311. '- ,A Q-1 :gr Y' I " ',., Q 5111: . ,L,.'- . . 459 '- X A T -1' 1, 5' -. -V . ij? ' 1 fl. . h , f - , " f' . v rl ' " p , , 1-in fj , Q 1 V I 9 -A . . - ' Q ef- --.X ' 1 37' FEI. -SK Lg Fi Af ,,.-f,. I r M, ,fu 3 .l ', 5. V, J A ' " ' ' ' .fl gi' 5 f- Tl? ' f qi! vyf' if Pe , . 1 4 it M 9. gy an-'5.., J 82,9-glfffx Q ,fx f ,girl i Q' Q42 'f,'ffT':: :SILT 1.-vu-..,. u 3,-,.1 I 1, r 1 '- gg. xp-J-Q1---'J-1-,fi-r , f r'2?f'f . " . . ' 'Fr -- ww- W-- - ' ' " 'L '. LBJ - Q IL' 1'.fTgf':fEp? 'f"7K"'l ' ' -"' -f"'j'. fm- ' -- fx ' 413 ' - . . f --H-.ew 1 3.5-aw -' 'Jx tif rx X Ali ' ff. l'4'.'g', ' 'U ' 5 A X'!ffff'2Aw'i"g.rf,l? "'1,-1, -.izS'i'?A x Y ,A 4- N f X. y . , .51 , gl. 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' 1' fN'1'1'f"37S X 1. zzf ,Qgg 1- .e- ' X -i-,,,-Q .. P- -11:17. A-Q f' Il iff' ' zf. gfsifum WZ? 255' 21 131. 'fV .:f - Nfl 1112? S9511 , '+.P2'A-W1 " if L 53 psf ... v9.1"' 'll e.4'.3.,'-., - X " .r, -Y ,1-'- .' 3 5.-1 -. .Q '1' ' 'I' H1 1 1. . zwilegi Q15 I! "' ' ' ".- . 1- ,. ' .- .V -.21 ,:.-.':'f-' . 1 'ff f I Ill l II -af. L . 0 W lp '1-f!.'f"Cf:'.g- :ihelg U72-"',T'. ' "'x!x:f'f," Ill L uv ., ,- , '!f',-.5'f"f7,. f'!ff-' "-13 if,-'.l, ,! ,..,,r-...fag-r,,v. B Lf 13494 A P- 11,1 1,4 g:fk,',:'Z11 ,IQ 'bu ' '1 '-"',:y5'11-F"-.LV -'p 'Hi' Q- -A . ., .-." ff qw? 5 92, .3 I 1' " " I. it ,f Xhq fi 1 K fy E' ll : ' Nu VIH fn, ,Ig ' 5 M 1-. in . , wgyf Nc . g.,.,,.n,.. , 1- I .I 4 - v--A , T, L x A4 sf , , .f- ,Q . , . , .,- f. .L 44rr..u.,,7f,f7lc 'f' 3 ' N . nm' J. J.,-,,,g,v.. . . M-.L - . ,1,, ..,,..- 1555- , I A., 7 . I . , Aw" H" WX .Law ,. T"-.. 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SMITH - - JACK MONTGOMERY MORAN POPE - - STANDIFER, JONES, OVCA, DEWS SMITH, POPE, POWELL, MONTGOMERY SHIIHNI HUHY OFFICERS S5 - Vice - Senior Class - Junior Class - Sophomore Class - Freshman Class President President Secretary Treasurer President President President President EUITUHIAL STAFF GERALD ADAMS Editor LEONARD LOWERY - Associate Editor LAURENCE ARRINGTON - Assistant Editor DAN YOUNG - Assistant Editor BISHOP BARKER - Staff Photographer EMELIE OLSON - - Classes VIRGINIA DONALD - - Organizations LODENNA WAGGONER - Features GERALD ADAMS, Editor IHI SUI! OTHER MEMBERS WILLIAM LEGGETT MILDRED OTIS SARA LLOYD GUNN HELEN CROZIER BILL OAKLEY SARA GARDENER LILLIAN COOPER ORIVIOND PRINGLE ANNIE LOUISE LONG EDITOR AND BUSINESS MANAGER TALK IT OVER. Q L'2Sw WWE W f - View ', ' QEYWZ5 Qsmft , if 5 hwy M 1 MARVIN BLANKS, Business Manager IHIHNIH BUSINESS STAFF WALTER STUBBS, Assistant Business Manager RALPH HAYES - - Faculty Advisor H. A. CRAFT - - Faculty Advisor MISS ALMA HICKMAN - Faculty Advisor MARGIE WILLIAMSON - - Bookkeeper DORIS FISHEL - - Proof Manager IMA SMITH - Typist ROBERTA MOORE - Typist THE ENTIRE STAFF POSES HH STUD EDITOR RATCLIFF AND BUSINESS MANAGER POWELL RUSSELL RATCLIFF KAY GRIMES - - LEONARD LOWERY JEFFIE WINDHAM HELEN GRAHAM - SARA LLOYD GUNN REPORTERS CHRISTEEN HUSBANDS MARY ANN DEVER MARY MAUD THETFORD MRS. ESTELLE HARPER MAVIS STOCKSTILL EUITUHIAL STAFF students. The official weekly publication of the Mississippi Southern Col lege is published weekly by the Assistant Sports - Art Society Feature Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor BUSINESS STAFF JOHN M POWELL Buszness Manager GLEN GRICE Asszstant Busmess Manager WILLIAM LEGGETT Exchange Manager JUSTINE TAYLOR Typzst HUSBANDS WINDHAM THETFORD HARPER STOCKSTILL GRAHAM LOWREY LEGGETT RATCLIFF GRIMES POWELL GRICE JOHN M POWELL Buszness Manager l PHINH 7 ff' i pl' , 1 M, i, iHi IHHHH OFFICERS BILLY DEARMAN ----- President LAUREN CE ARRINGTON ---- - - - - - - - Vice President ANNIE L. LONG - Secretary-Treasurer FLORAMAE ROBERTSON - Reporter DR. R. G. LOWERY - - - Coach DR. R. G. LOWERY BILLY DEARMAN Coach President With only two varsity debaters returning, the prospects for the 1941 South- ern teams looked very slim. However, Dr. R. G. Lowery built a creditable team around those two varsity members, Hazeline Wood and Gerald Adams. A num- ber of freshmen debaters showed good prospects in the practice debatesg so they, along with the rest of the squad, were carried to Jackson to the Fall Tournament. Gerald Adams and Laurence Arrington were the only teams to survive the first day of competition, only to be defeated by a strong team from Baylor University. Southern Debaters entered the Mid-South Tournament at Conway, Arkansas. Other teams debated were Spring Hill of Mobile and Memphis State. 90 EHIH The State Tournament at Starkville found the men's team weakened by the withdrawal of Laurence Arrington, but Warner Gill agreed to fill his place. The Mississippi Southern Girl's team were successful in capturing second place honors in the Women's Division and Hazeline Wood Won third place honors in Woman's Oratory. Those composing the Southern teams were: Karl Bishop and Ormond Pringle, Hazeline Wood and Floramae Robertson, Annie Louise Long and Mavis Stockstill, Warner Gill and Gerald Adams. Pringle, Wallace, Bishop, Chapman, Gentile, Sigrest, Lowrey, Robertson. Stockstill. Dearman, Arrington, Long, Fishel, Wood, Adams. Wood, Huff, Powell, Walton, Alford, Smith, King, Meadors, Carruth, Pringle, Thetford, Moore, Jones, R. Stiles, M. Stiles, Husbands, Petty. EHHISHHN HIHHHIIHN Chairman - Vice Chairman -------- Secretary 81 Treasurer, B. S. U. President - Methodist Representative ----- Presbyterian Representative - - - Ministerial Association Representative - Chez Nous Club Representative - - Chairman of Committees are as follows: Sunday Night Music - - - Wednesday Night Vesper - Wednesday Night Music - Courtesy Committee - - Forum Committee ---- Social 8: Recreational Committee - Community Service Committee - Arrangement Committee - - Publicity Committee - - - Sponsor - - Faculty Advisor - Other Advisors --------- Jean Jo - Hazeline Wood - - - Pope Huff Mary Maud Thetford Mary Franklin Moore - - - Ruth Stiles - Wilson Carruth - Eva Meador - - - Maxie King nes 8x Barnard Walton - - - J. T. Smith - - Dot Alford - Ormond Pringle Christeen Husbands - - Grace Powell Mary Frances Stiles - - - Mary Petty - Dr. H. D. Pickens - Mr. Wilkerson - - Miss Billingsly, Miss Ramey, Miss Emily Jones, Mr. Dearman, Dr. Weathersby 92 Dr. R. G. Lowrey, Gerald Adams, Dr. R. A. McLemore John Carr Dewey S. Dear man, John Powell, H. A. Craft, Dauvard Jones, Dr. J. B. George, C. Lf Dews, Dr. H. A Shands, Leonard Lowrey, Dr. J. F. Walker. Pl THU 4 OFFICERS GERALD ADAMS - President DR. J. F. WALKER - - Vice President JOHN POWELL - - Secretary and Treasurer The Pi Tau, an honorary fraternity for men, was organized in 1941 for the purpose of rewarding scholarship and leadership on the campus. It has as its purpose the coordination of the administration, faculty, and student body. 93 isanmw S?"'m."3I il M5 waving I 4 King. Moore, Hardy, Felder, C. Marsh, Rischer, Morris, Ponder, Carter, Ingram, Cain, Breland. Cooper, Landes. Daughdrill, MacDonald. Poe, Bullock, McKewer1, Bond, Bradley, Walker, Peden, Leake, Marsh. HIPHH MH IIHI KATHERINE BRELAND - - President WILMER BOND - - - - Vice President MICKEY KING - - Secretary and Treasurer WINIFRED MOORE - ---- Reporter DOROTHY HARDY - Program Chairman MEMBERS WILMA ALBRITTON MISS HELEN JANET MARY LOUISE BRADLEY MACDONALD WILBUR BULLOCK JACK MCKEWEN ESTELLE CAIN MRS. MAURICE MCWHARTER ANNIE HAUGHEY CARTER MR. FRANK EARL MARSH, JR. LILLIAN COOPER MRS, FRANK EARL MARSH. JR. MISS FORREST DELANO CAROL MARSH GLYNDON DAUGHDRILL BARBARA MORRIS FRANCES FELDER MARY ANN ODEN NANNIE INGRAIVI HOMER PEDEN MR- W- M- KELLER Miss MARY THERESA POE MlIfE'm!VK1ifINC.?ELLER LILLIE REE PONDER MISS ELEANOR LEEK ELIZABETH RISCHER IVIARJORIE LANDES REBECCA WALKER D4 Wood Waggoner Currie, Adams, Ratcliff, Maguire, Leggett, Herring, Burris May field McNeil Ross Morren, Gill, Allums, Hardtner, Smith, Donald, Moak, Hamilton uiiffiiiiiilli iiiiiilwniiigii iii His nina HAZELINE WOOD JOHN C TAYLOR - LODENNA WAGGONER RUTH HERRING - - MILDRED BASSETT DR R A MCLEMORE GERALD ADAMS OLIVE ALLUMS LAWRENCE ARRINGTON AGNES BURRIS GEORGE CURRIE THOMAS DAWSON ELLEN DONAHUE DOT DONALD DIMPLE DREW HELEN GRAHAM YVONNE HAMILTON ENID HARDTNER KATHERINE HOLLAND MERLE JONES v 1 s 7 1 1 1 1 OFFICERS - President - Vice President - - Recording Secretary - Corresponding Secretary - - - Reporter - - Faculty Advisor MEMBERS EDGAR LEGGETT WILLIAM LEGGETT LORIS MAJURE MOROLENE MAYFIELD SARAH MCGOWAN EDWINA MCNEIL KATIE RUTH MOAK ROBERTA MOORE MARY ALICE MORROW JOHN POWELL RUSSEL RATCLIFF WILLIAM ROSS MR. WILKERSON 95 Hungerford, Martin, Ice, Jones, Standifer, McQuagge, J. Jones, Dukes, Bearden, Huff, Cox. 'RS' PI UMIHH PI OFFICERS JEAN JONES - President CLARICE ICE - - Vice President DIXIE STANDIFER - - Secretary VERLA WILLISON - - Reporter EVELYN JONES - - - - Treasurer MRS. ELIZABETH LOVITT - - Sponsor MEMBERS EDWIN BEARDEN SARA MARTIN 385521 15331353 S MRS. H. o. MOORE SARAH F. GRANBERRY EVELYN MCQUAGGE POPE HUFF BILLY STOKES 9 6 ' Thetford, Leggett, Wood, Rayburn, King, Harper, Gaddis, Carnes, Rollin, Waggoner, Powell Thetford, Phillips, Alford, Powell, Starrett, Smith, Howell, Husbands, Standifer. MARY MAUDE THETFORD WILLIAM LEGGETT - DIXIE STANDIFER - LODENNA WAGGONER - CHRISTEEN HUSBANDS MORRIS HOWELL - GRACE POWELL - ROY PHILLIPS - MARJORIE FRITH - KATIE RUTH MOAK - KATE ROLLIN - - ELMESE TATE - - - MARGUERETE THETFORD BEATRICE THORNTON - CHRISTINE RISER - CATHERINE NORMAN - MAGGIE STARRETT - DOT ALFORD - - - STELLA MERLE HARPER H ISI SIUHINI IINIUN - - - - President - First Vice President - Second Vice President - Third Vice President - - Secretary - - Treasurer - - B. T. U. President Second B. T. U. President - - Life Service Band - Y. W. A. President - - - - Reporter Magazine Representative - - - - Pianist - - Bible Band - Publicity Director - - Prayer Director - Church Representative Church Representative Church Representative it M. Stiles, R. Stiles, Huff, Turman, Coit, Robertson, Smith, Davenport Jones Morren Cowan, Ringold, Phillips, Graham, Smith, Downing. EHHISIIHN INHIHVUH RUTH STILES - - - Preszdent MABLE TURMAN - - - Vice Preszdent FLORAMAE ROBERTSON - Secretary and Treasurer MARY FRANCES STILES ---- Reporter MEMBERS HELEN RAY COIT LEONARD COWAN CLARA DAVENPORT ESTHER DOWNING BROWNIE GRAHAM POPE HUFF JEAN JONES MARY ALICE MORREN CARRIE WEBB PHILLIPS ELIZABETH RINGOLD ALLETHA JANE SMITH ORLENE SMITH 98 WISHY HIHNHHIIHN OFFICERS LAMAR WINSTEAD - DORIS O'CAIN - DOROTHY HARDY RUSSELL RATCLIFF - DR. J. F. WALKER GERALD ADAMS FLORENE ALFORD OLIVE ALLUMS LUCILE ALEXANDER OUIDA ATCHLEY NELLIE BROCK ELIZABETH BISHOP ETHELDA BEARD MILDRED BARROW WILLIE V. BARHAM MARY LOUISE BRADLEY LILLIAN COOPER WILSON CARRUTH MARGARET DALLAS THOMAS DAWSON FREDA DEAN VIRGINIA DONALD JUANITA DOOLEY ATHALEA FORNEA SHERRON GOOCH MEMBERS MARY FRANCIS HAMMONDS LUCILE HODGES WANDA HOLMES MERLE JONES RUTH JONES JOE JORDON IMA JEAN KNIGHT OLGA LAMPKIN EVA LEHMAN LEONARD LOWREY FREDA MCDADE EDWINA MCNEIL LORIS MAJURE ROBERTA MOORE RACHEL MOORE KATHERINE MOBLEY LUCILE MONTGOMERY JULIA NEIL EVELYN OVERSTREET 99 President - Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor EMILIE OLSON HOMER PEDEN MARY PETTY ROBERT PEYTON ELIZABETH PRICE ORMOND PRINGLE VALDA ROLAND NARVELLE SANDERS WINIFRED SCOTT ELEANOR SIMMONS MARJORIE STOKES MARGARET STRAIT MARVEL SHEPHERD JUSTINE TAYLOR CATHERINE VERDELL BERNARD WALTON LOUISE WINDHAM JEFFIE WINDHAM ANDREW WINDHAM , 'E Y., , 'fi x x 7 NX , rt KATHERINE BRELAND - President JOHN MCKEWEN - - - Vice President WILBUR BULLOCK - Secretary and Treasurer WILBER BOND - - Business Manager JOE GIBSON - - - Business Manager DOROTHY HARDY - - - Publicity Manager FRANK EARL MARSH, JR. - - - - - Director SOPRANOS-Anne Haughey Carter. Mildred Cain, Gloria Coleman. Lillian Cooper, Glyndon Daughdrill, Eula Mae Fleming. Dorothy Hardy, Mattie Lois Herrod. Nannie In- gram. Maxie King. Margie Landes, Evelyn lVlcQuagge. Annie Lou Meadows, Winifred Moore, Mary Anne Oden, Geraldine Rutherford. Lee Simmons. Mildred Tevv, Rebecca Walker. ALTOS-Frances Barron. Katherine Breland, Elizabeth Brigance, Moira Anna Brock, Agnes Burris, Mary Louise Bradley. Frances Felder, Sara Lloyd Gunn, Jo Harvey. Betty Jo Holcomb, Katherine Jordan, Hilda Little. Melba Mathis, Barbara Morris, Sara Martin, Elizabeth Rischer, Marylyn Russell. Marguerete Thedford, Jeffie Windham. TENORS-Robert Batson, Wilbur Bullock, J. B. McDevitt, Howard Gilliam, Maurice Horn, William Leggett. Homer Peden. Kimbel Taylor. Edgar Wright. ACCOMPANIST-Mary Estelle Cain. STRING SINFONIETTA HELEN JANET MACDONALD FORREST DELANO Violinist Contralto ELEANOR S. LEEK MARY THERESA POE Cellist Pianist 100 H HAZELINE WOOD WILMER BOND - FRANCES FELDER HNH - - Secretary - President Vice President and Treasurer WILBUR BULLOCK ---- Reporter MR. W. M. KELLER ---- - Director HAZELINE WOOD Drum Major FLORAMAE ROBERTSON WILBUR BULLOCK Twirler Twirler Cornets Clarinets Drums KATHERINE BRELAND WILMER BOND FRANCES FELDER SYDNEY GINSBURG NANIE INGRAM WILDA MAE MASON BILLY WATSON HAZELINE WOOD Trumbones ANNE MARJORIE BLAIN LILLIAN COOPER TOMMIE LOU DABBS COLLEEN GILMORE J. B. MCDEVITT MADELYN MOORE RUTH SIMMONS MILDRED BARROW MORIA ANNA BROCK ANN HAMRICK MILDRED HANCOCK LUCILE HODGES MARY BETH ODEN ELEANOR SIMMONS French Horns WILBUR BULLOCK LA RUE LEE EDGAR LEGGETT HILDA LITTLE Bell Lyre ELIZABETH RISCHER Cymbals MAURICE HORN 101 PETE BAILEY JOE BULLARD JAY BYRD EDWARD CROSBY LAVONNE GILMORE JOHN MCKEWEN MARGUERETE THEDFORD BENNIE SIMMONS Saasophones LEX BRAME SARA MARTIN DOROTHY MCGUFFEE KATHERINE SANGASSAN REBECCA WALKER MARJORIE WEATHERSBY Huff, Windham, Carnes, McLendon. Batson. Hammack, Smith, Cauthen. WIMPHY7S SIHH POPE HUFF ---- ---- M cmager ANDREW WINDHAM BOB CARNES BILLY MCLENDON ROBERT BATSON BOBBY HAMMOCK J. T. SMITH MITCHELL CAUTHEN A cooperative store located on first floor of Science Hall is sponsored by the Christian Federation. Profits of the store are used for the betterment of the social and religious activities of the campus. 102 Taylor, Norman, Price, Kinch, Mobley, O'Cair1, Morren, Boutwell, Adkinson Fornea KATHERINE NORMAN ANGELINE E. PRICE JUSTINE TAYLOR - DORIS O'CAIN - MISS DE OLIVE - CECIL ADKINSON BURTIS BOUTWELL ATHALEA FORNEA - - President Vice President - Secretary and Treasurer - Reporter - Sponsor MEMBERS CLOTHILDE KINCH KATHRYN MOBLEY MARY ALICE MORREN 103 Gilliam, Wise, Naron, Lott, Downing, Stringer, Montgomery, Abston, Traylor Olson McNeese, Gooch, Stokes, Kilpatrick, Jones, Bearden, Watson, Bone, Hamilton Taylor Oakley. Megeheen Foster, Messer, Doolittle, Moulder. Robbins, Crozier, Donovan Hathorn, Enslin, Turman, McDade. OFFICERS ESTHER DOWNING - MABLE TURMAN - BILL OAKLEY - JEAN DONOVAN - - MRS. ELIZABETH LOVITT - - President - Vice President - Secretary - Treasurer - Sponsor MEMBERS PAUL ABSTON EDWIN BEARDEN MABLE BONE HELEN CROZIER CLINTON DOOLITTLE MARGARET ENSLIN HARMON FOSTER HOWARD GILLIAM SHERRON GOOCH YVONNE HAMILTON MARGARET LEE HATHORN MERLE JONES VELMA KILPATRICK LESSIE MAE LOTT FREDA MCDADE EVELYN MCNEESE WRENNA MEGEHEE THOMAS MESSER LUCILLE MONTGOMERY RUTH MOULDER BRASKEL NARON EMELIE OLSON KATHERYN ROBBINS MARJORIE STOKES R. L. STRINGER JUSTINE TAYLOR ARMOND TRAYLOR MILTON WATSON HAZEL WISE 104 vnil iii liirli is 3 n H I H r u n N KATIE RUTH MOAK J B STEWART - MARJORIE FRITH - ELEMESE TATE - CHRISTINE RISER - CATHERINE NORMAN - - - - - President Ministerial League President - Volunteer Band President - Life Service Band President Baptist Student Magazine Rep. - - - Publicity Chairman - Chairman Dormitory Prayer Meeting MINISHHIHI HHHIH WILSON CARRUTH - - - ROBERT PEYTON - J B STEWART - BERNARD WALTON - - - - - President - Vice President - Treasurer - - Secretary C S MOULDER ----- - Facility Member Carruth Peyton, Stewart, Walton. Josi3PH1NE LUMPKIN 105 Scott, Sanders, Ryan, Price, Parsons, O'Cain, Manning, Bunn, Burris, Addklnson Kennedy, Goodin, Roland, Alexander, Allums, White, Donald, McGowan, Norman Thomas Singley. HlMlNlHHY EHHNEH SARAH MCGOWAN PAT THOMAS - AGNES BURRIS - AUDREY SINGLEY HELEN MANNING MISS EMILY JONES CECILE ADDKISON LUCILLE ALEXANDER OLIVE ALLUMS AGNES BURRIS MEDIE BUNN HAZEL DONALD LAURA GOODIN MYNILL KENNEDY SARAH MCGOWAN HELEN MANNING KATHERINE NORMAN - - President - Vice President - Secretary - Treasurer Reporter - Sponsor MEMBERS DORIS O'CAIN JUANITA PARSONS ANGELA PRICE JEWEL ROGERS VALDA ROLAND DORIS RYAN NARVILLE SANDERS WINIFRED SCOTT AUDREY SINGLEY PAT THOMAS LOIS WHITE 106 OFFICERS EVA MEADOR - - - - Preszdent BLANCHE WILKINS - - - Vice Preszdent FAYE YORK - - Secretary and T1'easu1er MISS ALLIE BILLINGSLEY - ---- Sponsor JOSEPHINE ALSWORTH MARY ANNE DEVER JEANNE DONOVAN HELEN CROZIER NELL EDGAR DORIS FISHEL ANNE GILLIAM KATHLEEN GLEEN KATHERINE HICKSON MEMBERS EDITH HARRIGILL ARGEL HUNGERFORD LAVERNE JOHNSON BARBARA MORRIS MARY ANNE ODEN MODELL ROBBINS EXIE DEE SMITH LAURA BELL SCANLAN ANNIE MAE STROUP 107 HHH NHHS R M. ISIHIH HHHIHS HIIMI IEUNHMIES EIUH OFFICERS JEFFIE WINDHAM - President JUANITA CHAPMAN - Vice President ELLIOT IVY - - - Secretary NINA POPE - - - - Treasurer MARY FRANKLIN MOORE Reporter MEMBERS I DOT ALFURD EVA ALLEN M'ARY LIOIIISE BARKSIPALE NVILLIE V. BARIIAINI MILIJRED BASSET ULEO BEATTY EUNIPE BIRD .IANICTE BRADLEY EVA LYN IXREVVER I-IILLIE SUE BRENT MARGARET BARNET A LLIE INIAE BRITT LURAINE PARR B4 PNNIE BESS- UARPENTER 1"LAI'I,1INE PAMPBELL HELEN RAY COIT IIAZEL COX MARGARET CRA FT MARGARET DALLAS FREIPA DEEN MARJURIE IJEGRAFF IIUROTIIY DONALD IPELIA EASUM LUVISE FLOYD BONNIE FORD ALTHEA FURNEA MARJORIE FRITH I H DRI JT HY GENTILLE ANNE GILLIAINI RROVVNIE GRAHARI GLADYS GROSS VVILMA GADDIS JOYCE GREEN ANN I-IAMRICK QIEANETTE HARRIS MERLE HARPER SYBIL HARPER IXIARY FRANFIS HAIXIIXIONIIS RIIT1 HERROD IXIAIQ1' IDA HOFFMAN LUUILLE HO"'!ES CATHERINE HOLLAND BERYL HOOD ALTHA HOUSE GERALDINE KEMI? IIXIA JEAN KNIGHT ELIZABETH LANGDUN EVA LEH MAN MULLY LIIJE LURIS MAJOR MARY FRANCIS- IVICKINNON STATIA Mn-NEESE RAUHEL MOORE MERLE IXIYERS .IULIA NEAL FRANCIS NICKELSON IRENE OSBURN KATYE CVNEAL MILDRED OTIS HIARY PETTY CARRIE VVEBB PHILLIPS .IEVVEL PHILLIPS FACULTY MEMBERS DUT PRICE OLLIE D. PRICE GRACE POVVELL JUSTINE RAY CHRISTIAN RISER ELIZABETH RINGOLD FLURAIXIAE ROBERTSON KATE ROLLIN MODELL ROBBINS GERALDINE RUTHERFORD IVIARVEL SHEPHERD ALETHIA .IANE SMITH MARY EVELYN SHELTON MARGARET STRAIT IXIAGGIE STARRETT RIITH STILES MARY FRANCES STILES ANNIE MAE STROUI' ANITA SUTTER ELMESE TATE ELIZABETH THOMASON ELLIE TOUCHSTONE INIAILAND WALKER LODENA WAGGONER IJARY VVHITE BEATRICE WIGGS BLANCHE WILKINS DIXIE WILLIS THELIVIA VVILLIMSON LOUISE VVINDHAM ELEANOR VVOODRUFF MISS BERTI-IA FRITZ4"HE MISS AIXIELIA THOMPSON MISS PEARL UAMPBELL MISS EMILY STRIBLING MISS ANI ZELA LA! 'EY 108 In 5, s. I 6 A , v 1 4 . 'Q J, n . In N v v 'Y K 19, ,. .lx G 6 F N XV, , K4 W '52 115513 1 W sl Hi ' Wi 1 72 Y Q . Qi Y X V m 7 x ' P ' Pdf' 3 ?Mr Huw 1-M 1 rw 4 3 73 EPL1-11 ,H"' " '51 'J ,N , via I Q 'MM' K , 1 F iff 4"' 4 X 4 ' f 1 4 i 1 FOI? A I-IIGI-IER CULTURAL LIFE WE I-IAVE . . IHI PHN HHHNIE HNH INllHlHHllHNIlY EHHNEH KATHERINE J ORDON - - Tfri Sigma BERYL HOOD - - - - - Mu Omega STATIA MCNEESE - - Alpha Sigma Alpha JANIE GRADY - - Sigma Theta Kappa GERALD ADAMS - - - Zeta Sigma LEONARD LOWREY - - Kappa Alpha Tau 113 McNeese. Simmons, E. McNeese, Pickering, King, Lenoir, Ice. Hocutt, Hathorn Rob bins Dickson, Woodruff, Henderson, McDade, Mobley, Leake, Dever, Coleman Brad Newcomb, Smith, Blaine, Williamson, Felder. shaw Langdon, Carter, Landes, Turman, Meador, Barksdaie, Cox, Edgar Davis OFFICERS STATIA MCNEESE - - - - Preszdent MARY LOUISE BARKSDALE - Vice President MARY SUE COX - - - - Secretary MATTY LYNN SMITH - CLARICE ICE - - - MISS MARY PULLEY - MISS IVY GRAVITT - Treasurer - - - Chaplazn Sponsor Sponsor MEMBERS ANNIE HAUGHEY CARTER GLORIA COLEMAN MARCELLE DAVIS MARY ANN DEVER CECIL GLENN DICKSON NELL EDGAR FRANCES FELDER MARGARET LEE HATHORN BOBBY HENDERSON EVELYN HOCUTT MICKEY KING MARJORIE LANDES ELIZABETH LANGDON ADELLE LEAKE CAMILLE LENOIR EVELYN IVICNEESE EVA MEADOR KATHRYN MOBLEY BEBE NEWCOMB VIRGINIA PICKEL MARY PICKERING KATHRYN ROBBINS MABLE TURMAN MARJORIE WILLIAMSON Pledges ANNA MARJORIE BLAINE DORIS FISHEL FREDA MCDADE WILDA NEAL BRADSHAW ELEANOR SIMMONS DOROTHY WOODRUFF ! 114 Bradley Mead Stewart, Frith, Otis, Robertson, Alford, Walker, York, Hickson Gen HHIH SIHMH IPSHHN MARY LOUISE BRADLEY - MILDRED OTIS - - EDNA ROLLIN - - MAILAND WALKER - NELLIE RUTH WILLIS - MRS ELIZABETH LOVITT - ANNIE WORD BILLINGSLEY FLORENE ALFORD DORIS BALL DOROTHY DIMPLE DREW MARJORIE FRITH DOROTHY GENTILE ENID HARDTNER ANNIE KATHERYN HIXON tile, Willis, Hardtner, Drew, Rollin. 11 OFFICERS - President Vice President - Secretary Treasurer - Chaplain Sponsor - Sponsor MEMBERS BETTY HOLLAND ABBIE JEAN ME.-HD WINIFRED MOORE FLORAMAE ROBERTSON DOROTHY STEWART BLANCHE WILKINS FAYE YORK 5 Smith. Gunn. Edwards. Lowery. E. Cain. Ivy. Thomason. French, Shelton, White. Moore. Harrigal. Cain. Brame. Barron. Simmons. Tew. Sikes, Harvey. Hood, Morrison. Fleming. MH HMIHH SHHUHHV OFFICERS BYRLE HOOD - - - - - President JO HARVEY - - - Vice President JESSE MORRISON - - Secretary SARAH LLOYD GUNN - Treasurer EULA MAE FLEMING - - Pledge Captain ELLIOTT IVY - - - - Historian FRANCES BARRON Recorder of Grades MILDRED TEW - Social Chairman MEMBERS CHRISTINE BRAME FRANCES BARRON ESTELLE CAIN MILDRED CAIN RUTH EDWARDS EDITH FRENCH EULA MAE FLEMING SARAH LLOYD GUNN EDITH HARRIGAL JO HARVEY BYRLE HOOD ELLIOTT IVY IDA WEBB LOWERY HELEN MOORE JESSE MORRISON MARY EVELYN SHELTON LEE SIMMONS BEVERLY SIKES MARGARET ELLEN SMITH MILDRED TEW ELIZABETH THOMASON BILLIE WHITE 116 I J 1 Q Standifer, Galtney, Clanton, Finn, Holcomb, Shook, Patterson, Verde-11 Smith Long Matheny, Mclnnis, Cook, Harper, Kilpatrick, Askew, Jordan, Hardy, Moore I Smith Hen son, Grimes, Davidage, Sutter, Jackson, Kinch, Turner, Ogburn. SIHMH SIHMH SIHMH KATHARINE JORDAN - IRENE OGBURN - ANNIE LOUISE LONG - GLADYS RAE SMITH KAY GRIMES - - - - - President - Vice President - - - Treasuier - Recording Secretary - Corresponding Secretary Miss coBA WEBB BASS - ----- sponsor Miss GLADYS BINGHAM - - Sponsor W MEMBERS MARY LOUISE ASKEW CARMEL LOUISE CLANTON SUE COOK FRANCES FINN ELIZABETH GALTNEY DOROTHY HARDY DORIS HARPER ANNIE DEAN HENSON BETTY .IO HOLCOMB SARA JACKSON VELMA KILPATRICK CLOTHILDE KINCH POLLY MCINNIS MARY MATHENY ROBERTA MOORE EILEEN PATTERSON FRANCES SHOOK IMA SMITH DIXIE STANDIFER ANITA SUTTER FRANCES TURNER CATHERINE VERDELL 117 I Elfert, Welch, Foxworth, Berry, McLaughlin, Hopkins, S. Berry, Case, Rischer Mason, Steele, B. Price, Taylor, Cooper, Donovan, D. Price, Morris, Hamilton, Gilliam Donald, Olson, Grady, Easom, Pope, Moore, Powell, Price, Petty, O'Neal, Husbands WQMWIHMH IHHH KHPPH OFFICERS JANIE GRADY - - - President HAZELINE WOOD - - Vice President EMELIE OLSON - - - - Secretary MARY FRANKLIN MOORE - - Treasurer MARY PETTY - - - Reporter NELLINE CASE - - - - Historian CLAUDIA FOXWORTH - Sergeant-at-Arms MISS ANNA M. ROBERTS - - - - Sponsor MEMBERS REBA BERRY SYBIL BERRY LILLIAN COOPER VIRGINIA DONALD DELIA EASOM BILLIE SUE ELFERT ANNE GILLIAM YVONNE HAMILTON SUE HOPKINS CHRISTEEN HUSBANDS BETTY MCLAUGHLIN WILDA MASON BARBARA MORRIS KAYTE O'NEAL NINA POPE GRACE POWELL BARBARA PRICE DOT PRICE SUSAN PRICE ELIZABETH RISCHER MARGARET STEELE JUSTINE TAYLOR MARY JO WELCH 118 Crosby Blanks Batson, Harris, Gunn, Edgar, Deen, Chancellor, Pope, Howell Buch anan Gandy Brown Thompson, McDaniels, Dunn, McGregor, Gilliam, Lowrey Currle KHPPH HHJHH IHU OFFICERS LEONARD LOWREY - - President CHARLES MCGREGOR - Vice President FOSTER TISDALE - Treasurer LOUIE BROWN - - - - Scribe MORRIS HOWELL - Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS ROBERT BATSON MARVIN BLANKS LOUIE BROWN GILLES BRYANT H D BUCHANAN JAMES CHANCELLOR EDWARD CROSBY GEORGE CURRIE WALTER DEEN OTIS DUNN FRANK EDGAR JACK GANDY HOWARD GILLIAM GLEN GRICE CHARLES GUNN FRANK HARRIS MORRIS HOWELL BILLY LIBERIS THERON LYND LEONARD LOWREY DUNCAN MATHESON FRED MCDANIELS CHARLES MCGREGOR MORAN POPE BILLY STOKES FOSTER TISDALE ROBERT THOMPSON FRANK WEST , 119 T1sdale Lynol, Grice: West. Adams, McLendon, Bishop, Chapman, Doolittle, Montgomery, Wiggins, Rayburn 1VIcDev1tt, Smith, Siminons, Brame, Trevillion, Leggett, McKewen, Bearden, Dorsen Win stead Ratcliff, Dearman, Oakley, Gilmore, Hollis, Messer. HIP SIHMH GERALD ADAMS - BILLY DEARMAN BENNY SIMMONS - BILL OAKLEY - LAMAR WINSTEAD JACK MONTGOMERY WILLIAM LEGGETT EDWIN BEARDEN - DR. J. F. WALKER - KARL BISHOP LEX BRAME ARCH CHAPMAN CLINTON DOOLITTLE THOMAS DORSEN LAVONNE GILMORE A. C. HOLLIS J. B. MCDEVITT JOHN MCKEWEN OFFICERS - - Vice President President - Secretary CFirst Quarterj - Secretary fSecond Quarterj Treasurer Reporter Chaplain - Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS BILL MCCLENDON THOMAS MESSER ORMAND PRINGLE DALLAS RAYBURN J. T. SMITH DORSEY TREVILLION LAGRANE TUTOR WALLACE WIGGINS 120 Sponsor IN lPPIlElIlllllllN ln publishing this, the l94l edition ot the SCU-l'l-IERNER, we wish to express our appreciation tor the services and coop- eration you have given us. We are especially grateful to Nino Bologna, President of the Student Association ot Missis- sippi State College, for selecting the beautiesg to Robert Faerber of Alabama Engraving Company tor aid in the layoutg to Durant Finley ot Tucker Printing l-louse for his understand- ing ot our problemsg to Beasley's Studio for its photographic workg and to the student body tor its cooperation. We owe a debt ot gratitude to Governor Paul B. Johnson and the other members ot the Board ot Trustees for making this book possibleg to Ralph l-lays, lit. J. B. George, l-l. M. Craft, and Miss Alma l-lickman for adviceg and to other faculty members who have made invaluable suggestions. We have endeavored to please you, tellovv students, and we earnestly hope that this edition of the SOUTI-IERNER is a success. Qamflcf Ncfaffm I 121 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS ' A Hb r . I I2m.5Ig 5 I. IA I If ,'3:3'7m fi Q11 Q pu-v pun- I fs " I as-K:.g,ee:,'Is W I fffqniu . . . V, , is . aff' I? . - 5W 1w::,f ' - , .2 In-V 1 I- " I,"fY , I. f 51mIa L I EI ,-4? ,-..1....-,-- ff 'Q-I A4 .pgfxf tl, b . I. I I ip I ,,.......-- 'Vi , ..,.i.......-.. TUCKER PRINTING HOUSE -- JACKSON, "Annual specialists for over twenty years" MISSISSIPPI I I I I I I Lf- I If .JI 's v. x fi 4 L r N . L. . V ,. 's -X .Tw , L ff . 0 if r. W. if' "A N Y 1 x lr '. '.. yr 1-.J 411 LfT"M" ' . - A-, V ' A',.l'. , . , my - 411. 1 Sf- ' .,3., ,.. .K "1,,s . H4 n v - f-,J . , . fv',.- 1. V 4, ' V-'nv f . ,-Jw 4. 9 . ' ,' ' .'-1 . . f , A 1 " .H iffy, 40,5 Yfx c Y - , 991, ' 1 "J .. . .' -lf' . N, V ,V X-,L . A -'1bM...r . - ,.. 3-, 4 .v A Q "Q 1 w ' . m- W A .HJ u f a x v V M ' L'-15 .43 . -.L:'f", . f .ml N 1 1 1 s' ,P 1 , ., N. Q, T3 r 1 .A N, Q H, ,PA QF: -I-,3-.4-H., 1 s - . .4 Ll, "L '-," 'Tu M :Mi- V ,,,,5. '. . '41 -,' , ri. 7. N .ig-L Qr. I .I .M .J .J '11' "'. 1-.rr .LQ f '- I ' . .1 1 ' Ou ,,- . , , I. . . . . -.W A .... V ..,. A V 'T-':"i-,-, . .12 . 1 4 '::,, ,' VYZQMAK l ilix. 'ty-Q A' I ,rv 4, f 4 -'U LH' lar' 4..',"V A . ,-LH?" ffflq " JC ' W .f1.,'-J G'-5 '94 'M 1' ':ezban1,.:9f"' . -1 1 v II ui "1 1' 1 9 QI: 1 ,L - A w. , 'wr ..J,,',J:'f4 ' . -I-4. ' , ' .. n., Hu wg' ,"-171 '. A . . v v . 1: -' I 1 ,H , 1 - . .H 1 " TU. 1 -1 ,xv 4 ' LL... X . X 1 , w H1 .'f . u' v' ' x ' 1 , ,., 4 xv Y A my ,. , A , ' ' ,MX Nqr " ,W , 2 A 4 if' Fw fn ' .,.,' , W .. up . -is ' 'B' ' 1 s wf. " r.' W .ru v' v HPV' . K 4 N -. r i i 1 . 1 n A i",.' Y, .TNQ-' 54 5 - 'ff ' ' , 'NM .is,.,. Xax. -ld- v"",'v bfi' , ,.-1 4 Mn I. x vi 'ii u . 'i D .- C L., ..- r.- 'M . ,J .fv i. X rq. . 1, , , --4 5 L' v4,. 'I v . -. 1 f.. n Q n 4 ..Qi l .. wtf. v . J.- . M. J, . f Hx -,411 1--H ,., 4. w 1 Y L ZW". , J " '-IJ Jw. ,. .1 11' .I VA S " 2.1. F, fn 5 .Yr I ' ll X T .lf A" 3. 1 'L X nf ,u l'l vu ' .,.... 'P .-'fm 'T Cf1y,L,q.. ,. xr VNV' ' -1. .j..-N .. ,,,-. ,V W. .fl . .- i:.'.A.1!. ".z n"'i w.. -5, VL v . u' :FM "'. , . .,j' Vt. lf.. fi ' 'N7 ', .1 -' 3- .. .,,, l ,.,,vN A N.. .. 'N Ns. r , . z f" 1 1 1 . ,XT . .- ",3H'1. ' .J ue. '+- . 4- l '.l,.4 , w. v F , 25?--N f'L'ffww,j. - 5'-.... 4. U Y l'f'WX-if 'xsvl x ' - luv-. :Nfl -.,-l ww. w . v -n P yung: ga. 1- f. w 11. , 'M 3' ,WS f,v ,gf-""'-YL ,f .., K., I vu Lv 1,1 E.. .xl X . ' v 1 ' .wa- l . .Q . 'l 1 1 . ' gf n na I I ". X rn 1 -s ,,,-. 1 .j,1l'.- lr - .,,,..-,, - '!. 1. E ' .,fv4'jt. , P1 4 1 . 'Q fl d. 'I' 'S J 1. . . ".1 -'J ' -w. fm Q I ff 4 At'v",'l: 1 , V an-' 'J ' J ,.fQ,,. .1 Ui, . I x .34 o ., , . . af -nl, -. .. 'r" .ll -. 'jhrf' ..,. ,vY...4 ., . bail mg , "" 24.55, 'N ,. M'-.'-.' N , , 4, ,'. ' 4 "Fi 1 L I ,.l X ' 1. m sv '-A .u . 4 .. W. 5 I -. Q, in ' an .P 5 .. L., 1 , V 0 I . 1 vm ,V . x' f -, t fx-" . F". Q nf. l v,. . ,,M, - .-f. T- f F , ds. 1 . . v,.l 6, I. Y f If ,, A s 1. 0 N , U . .I C lsr J 5 I C r . rf H W , u Y '-Ln lp

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